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Puffin 15 Nov 2017, 14:59

I wish I had time to write more stories, and in particular another "Dear Diary"; they are so much fun to write.

LiP 27 Oct 2017, 07:29

Has GWG left the eyescene ?

Slit 26 Oct 2017, 10:49

@Dieter, thank you so much for the reply and yes, it's an interesting thing how hyperopia takes over the control of life!

I hope you will get some time to do quality writing soon!

Dieter 23 Oct 2017, 17:18

Guys, you flatter me beyond belief. It's odd that most people seem to enjoy my hyperopic stories. I'm mostly attracted to the look of myopic women but there is something about the idea of the somewhat sudden dependence caused to hyperopes - not the fact that they can't see but the fact that they can't function without glasses.

The demands of work have been frustrating the last few years and I have tried to focus on writing mainstream work but there hasn't even been time for that. I miss writing something, however. I had meant for the "Peyton" stories to be a whole series but only got through Friday and Sunday. The stories that I enjoyed writing the most were "Entrapment?", "Field of Vision", and "Addison's Add". "Taylor's Train Wreck" was actually inspired by a train derailment that occurred near my house so that was fun, too.

You have inspired me to get going again. Give me a little time .....

hyperaficionado 23 Oct 2017, 03:07

@Slit and @Dieter

I miss Dieter's stories too. Many of them evolved around hyperopia which is usually not the case in glasses stories from our regular contributors.



Slit 23 Oct 2017, 00:29

Hi Dieter, glad to hear from you. I miss the stories from you such as "Fantastic Friday", "Super Sunday", "Madison". I really love to do some writing but I always feel my writing is not as good as yours. I can send you some storyboards if you can spare some time to write a new story or two...

Dieter 20 Oct 2017, 19:35

Slit, I'm still around.

Slit 19 Oct 2017, 02:59


are you around?

specs4ever 18 Oct 2017, 19:56

Apologies are in order. Specs4me has advised me that I already posted It's Time back in 2016. I forgot to mark it as published in my listings.

As a penalty I have now posted a new one called The Spies.

Specs4ever 14 Oct 2017, 12:49

New story posted over on Visionandspex called A Time for Glasses.

Lou 26 Sep 2017, 10:26

Hi Val

I believe that you are right, and I had clicked on an ad for antivirus software that tried to induce panic.

I've received your email, and emailed you back to let you know that I have been able to sign on fine. I will ensure that I do not click on the ads.

Thanks very much again.


Val 25 Sep 2017, 13:37

About Vision & Specs:

As Cactus Jack mentioned it below, the first thing to click is the Discussions tab. You will see the posts in reverse order. The most recent one is on the top. This works even if you are not logged in.

If you log in, you will see also if there are new posts. A red dot will appear near the UNREAD tab, and the post will appear with a blue mark on the left.

You can subscribe to a thread, and you will receive an email notification if their is a new post. This also happens when you post in one thread, you will be notified if you have a reply.

If you click on PARTICIPATED tab, you can see your own posts.

For Lou

About the viruses, it is possible the you clicked on an ad that leads you to a antivirus software that tries to induce panic, that your PC is infected. But is a hoax. Please don't click the ads.

I've just sent you an email with a new password.

Please let me know if it is OK.

Lou 24 Sep 2017, 09:03


Last time I tried to go on vision and spex, it wouldn't recognise my log in details. I clicked on a link to notify the administrator or something along those lines. I wonder whether I was on the genuine site because suddenly loud klaxons came out of my pc and a warning came up that my pc had been infected by spyware. I shut the link quickly and ran my anti-virus software. Luckily my pc was pl.

Maybe I was on a phishing site, but I am wondering whether anybody else has had this happen, as to be honest, I haven't tried going on there again, in case the same thing happens.

Best wishes


specs4ever 24 Sep 2017, 06:07

Since it is no longer quite as easy to find new posts on Vision and Spex I will now, and in future, announce here when I post a new one. Hope that meets with people's approval and will realize that I am doing this for peoples convenience.

I have just posted a new one called: "A Lust for Myopia."

Soundmanpt 21 Sep 2017, 09:45

Cactus Jack

Thanks for your help. It used to be an attachment to "Eyescene" but that was what I first noticed. Then I was misspelling it as well.

Cactus Jack 20 Sep 2017, 09:10


There was a revision by the server owner that has made Vision and Spex much harder to use. You will need to log onto the site.

I have not got everything figured out yet, but here is what I have learned.

The initial Forums screen is not very useful. There is no indication of which of the Forums have anything new (e.g. different color). You can scan the date and time of the most recent post in the column on the right.

A better choice is to click on the Discussions tab.

Near the top of Discussions screen are a 4 choices:


If you click on UNREAD, it will give you a list of the posts you have not read. I don't know what the last to do.

At the top of the screen are some icons, If I remember right, the "envelope" will allow you to compose a post.

I really prefer the previous version. As our friends in the UK say, "This version is too clever by half".

I have been in the Computer Hardware and Software creation business for many years. I leaned the hard way that every program is "User Friendly" to the person who wrote it. Ordinary mortals are sometimes SOL. Newly hired programers hated it when I insisted that any programs we wrote and published be intuitive. We wrote manuals, but assumed they would not get read.

This new version of V&S misses that mark by a mile or a kilometer, at least.

Good luck!


Soundmanpt 20 Sep 2017, 06:02

Anyone else besides me having any problem getting into "Vision and Specs"?

 14 Sep 2017, 15:41

Before saying stupid things. Be a little bit clever or don't be lazy and learn what is an affiliation program...

 14 Sep 2017, 15:22

Chaturbate and other sites have started putting up DMCA notices on their feeds. Which means they can't be rebroadcast or used without their permission. That probably ruins the whiny little fuck's business, unless he wants to get sued. I'll be the first in court to watch that little dick get his own for raping this site so many years.

AHMG 14 Sep 2017, 11:37


I can't say that because I don't get paid for click. Yes, I get paid but not with clicks. You can click millions time, it doesn't make me richer.

Glasses Lover 14 Sep 2017, 06:59

All I (and others here as well) wanted was for AHMG to disclose that he was getting paid for clicks on his links. That's all. If he discloses so up front I have zero issues with his links or his contributions. I get his paid site, that's fine. If I were setting up shoots I would expect to get paid for them too. Again, all I want is for him to say "hey, I get credit for clicks on some of the links I post" that's all. Zero issue with him or his content.

REd 13 Sep 2017, 11:19

I would miss you Alain, if you stopped posting. . You are the greatest contributor to this site. Your critics contribute ZERO, RIEN, NIL. But, as you say, "The caravan moves, the dogs bark"

AHMG 13 Sep 2017, 10:55

I'm still here "Glasses Lover" get ready LOL

Glasses Lover 12 Sep 2017, 22:38

Nope. Don't miss AHMG at all. Glad he's gone and his posts too. I click on all links except his. Good riddance.

I'm a teapot 12 Sep 2017, 19:55


I miss the HMG site where you list all the eBay deals. How come you don't update it anymore?

AHMG 12 Sep 2017, 14:53

Missing me?

 12 Sep 2017, 14:37

whatever happened to AHMG? did he finally take his business elsewhere?

Kang R. Rue 10 Sep 2017, 03:08

NNVisitor, you mean it became eyescene too? your words accurately describe the wankers on this site.

Cactus Jack 08 Aug 2017, 04:13


V&S appears to be back up, but my login does not work properly using Cactus Jack and the PW you provided some while back.

Any suggestion?

Please reply to


Soundmanpt 06 Aug 2017, 09:33


No need to apologize. We should be thanking you for keeping V&S up. You are the one paying out of yur pocket to keep it going and for that I thank you.

Val 06 Aug 2017, 07:56

Sorry, sorry

I forgot that in august expires the domain for V&S.

It wasn't set for automatic payment. Because in 2015 they charged me twice.

I am doing the payment now manually.

I hope that in a few ours V&S will be back...

NNVisitor 05 Aug 2017, 23:13

That site has become almost dormant except for the fantasy stories where people always end up wearing glasses. And surprise surprise other family members and friends wind up wearing glasses and love doing so. I wonder if it will continue or not.

Erik 05 Aug 2017, 18:17

It looks like the vision-and-spex domain name expired. I wonder if he decided to give up because of the lack of activity.

Soundmanpt 04 Aug 2017, 13:31

It seems that Vision and Specs is down.

Puffin 31 Jul 2017, 05:34

Perhaps anonymous posters should be banned.

Also ban people from posting from the same url with different names within a few hours or days. If possible, it would stop all this "they're the same person" nonsense.

astigmaphile 30 Jul 2017, 19:34


I know that you and Carrie are both real people and have never doubted either of you. Some people need to find somethiung more constructive to do than be trolls.

Soundmanpt 30 Jul 2017, 11:42


Interesting that you mention "Vision and Specs" because I am signed up in there which Val can atest to and so is Carrie. So since you have to register there that would seem to prove that I am not Carrie as has been suggested by "non name" quite often.

I have no problem at all with this site having that same sign in as V&S has.

Reader 30 Jul 2017, 10:30

Happy Birthday, Tatinha!

astigmaphile 30 Jul 2017, 09:50

I think it is time that a user name and password are required to post on Eyescene. It is that way on vision and specs and I don't see much in the way of rude remarks over there.

lentifan 30 Jul 2017, 08:28

To the last, anonymous, poster

You seem rather obsessive, to put it mildly. To quote yourself, I suggest you get a life. If, as you say, this site is so hard to find, then just accept that no-one is being harmed, go away, and leave us in peace.

 30 Jul 2017, 04:17

NNVIS reminds me of those people who always twist the meaning of words to fit their own situation. What is going on here really? Someone is clearly making up identities so often this has simply become a fictitious writing board and no longer value to anyone. All the real users have left. So a few others decided to make a name, have a conversation, then the name disappears forever and a new one shows. The situations are non-sensical and clearly fake postings generated to satisfy a fetish desire. Bullshit explanations have been offered like how easy it is to find eyescene with a simple google search. Try it sometime. I searched a few minutes ago on eyes and glasses, and after thirty pages, eyescene still doesn't show up in the results. Most people don't go flip beyond thirty pages looking for results, so the conclusion that they find it on google is incredibly naive. If you want to talk about bullying, let's talk about the serious harassment from hot-headed eyescene users who shit over anyone who dares to get to the bottom of this problem. Spewing mouthfuls of diahhrea at the person, enough to fill six toilets. There is nothing wrong with finding out whether this is a fiction board or not. There are categories for fiction stories and fiction should go there. Many of the users who have left were looking for real stories until users started making up bullshit for their fantasies. Stop trying to pass off as sixty different people and get a life. If you think trying to investigate a situation is bullying, I bet you really hate cop drama shows. Stop being a bully and interrogating him. Waah. My feelings are hurting. Grow up. We all want the truth here, you naive wankers. Let's get it. Put all the fiction in the fiction topic. Stop bullying people who raise questions about the fake people posting. I have said enough and I say it anonymously. It is funny how some people here think every single anonymous poster is one person. I know I am not those other people. Accept the fact there are other people who hate what is going on here too. Grow up. Sift out the bullshit fiction and move forward.

NNVisitor 26 Jul 2017, 10:13

There's a word for what the anonymous poster is doing. It's called bullying. It's a tactic used to demean and smear someone's reputation. Dear anonymous poster there is world wide web for you to spend your time on. Lengthy conspiratoral videos. There's Twitter where you can find people to fight with 24/7. We're actually not interested in your bizarre absurd false denigrating accusations. They have nothing to do with how our eyes work, vision and vision correction.

Soundmanpt 26 Jul 2017, 06:42

I Have no problem at all with "Moonshiner" posting my or checking my name in IP address. As I have stated numerous times I have nothing to hide.

Danny 26 Jul 2017, 05:56

The great advantage of a site that does not require password identity log ins is that new people can access information quickly and for free.

As a legally blind poster, this website has been hugely beneficial for me. I'd go as far as life changing. However, moonshiner and Telemann may cemoe big headed.

If you choose to read the posts here then, by default, you also choose to read fiction, half-truth and supreme honesty.

If you do not like the content please go elsewhere.

No one forces you to visit this site.

As adults you choose to click here. Please let moonshiner ban people/Ip addresses as he chooses. He pays the bills.

If you don't lije his decisions, please find a new pastime

And it's raining in London, so I'm being atdacked by umbrellas.

Puffin 26 Jul 2017, 05:27

In Defense of S

I was merely attempting to show how it is possible to make all sorts of ludicrous and baseless claims about someone else here.

The only evidence seems to be that they talk to each other!

Wow! People never talk to each other here...?

gerry 26 Jul 2017, 04:54

HI Owlish, do you have any problems socially do dates ignore you because of your glasses, do you think your attractiveness to guys is based on your glasses. I hope not, because behind many thick glasses wearing people are lovely personalities. Take good care Martin xx

In Defense of S 25 Jul 2017, 17:49

Puffin. It's time to refill your meds.

Sound. I think you should tell Moonshiner to post here every name that has been posted to eyescene by your ip address. That seems like a very simple solution. If you do this, all the disbelievers will see they are wrong. But if you have something to hide you will probably reject this suggestion and everyone still won't believe.

I trust you. But you should know it is very easy for you to spoof post things under a virtual ip address. Telling people you can't be that person because it is two continents is useless. you will find luck with my suggestion.

I think it is best way for resolution. you have told many people here that you have never posted under a new name. i think therefore you should have no fear requesting Moonshiner to do this for you.

Soundmanpt 25 Jul 2017, 14:20


This person doesn't even have "flimsy evidence" He has none at all, only what he wants to believe. Yes I reply to Carrie as well a lot of other people. I have provided more proof that I am who I say I am and only me. But you can only beat a dead horse so much. How much more of a "fake" can you be then when you constantly post with no name much like a snake in the grass.

Soundmanpt 25 Jul 2017, 14:09


Thank you for your kind words of support.

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