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Sightings of people wearing glasses with corrective lenses.

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Crystal Veil 27 Mar 2017, 13:30

Yes and yes

Colin 27 Mar 2017, 12:09

Yes and yes

 25 Mar 2017, 11:36

I saw an old friend who used to wear ugly glasses. She recently had Lasik, and is lovely.

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2017, 10:29


Nice that Danielle and Vicky came by to give you a lift home. They really are good friends. And good that she was wearing her glasses. You had to love that your coworker and friend happened to walk by at that time and and noticed that Danielle was wearing new glasses since she last seen her. Little things like getting a nice complement on her glasses has to boost Danielle's confidence level up. Danielle's answer when she was asked if she needs them all the time was really interesting. It's really the same thing she has been saying for a good while now but I wonder how much she really believes her own answer. That the optician told her she could wear them full time but if she chooses not to then she should wear them whenever her eyes feel strained or tired when looking at any distance. Then she goes on to say that she chooses not to wear them all the time but she was wearing them then because she finds that her eyes feel tired after work even though she wears them at work. The truth is she puts her glasses on as she leaves her house because she needs them for driving, she keeps them on all day at work and they stay on even when she gets off work because she needs them to drive back home. The truth is by then her eyes are completely adjusted to her glasses and everything is very blurry without her glasses. So maybe after she gets home and she isn't reading she might take her glasses off around the house before she goes to bed and she can probably go without glasses on weekends if she isn't going anywhere. I totally understand that she just doesn't want to feel dependent on her glasses but i'm pretty sure that now anytime she isn't wearing her glasses she is straining her eyes to see anything now. Maybe seeing your work colleague wearing her glasses and seeming to mind that she needs her glasses all the time might be some encouragement to Danielle. I remember very well when your co worker got her first glasses. I think she liked her glasses but she probably assumed that they would be something like a new ear rings that she could wear when she wanted to and not wear if she didn't want to. She had no idea that it wouldn't take long before her eyes would start to see double vision without her glasses. But she seems to have accepted the fact that she can't go without glasses anymore. Yeah i'm sure you will just have to wait for a perfect time to ask Vicky is if she is planning on getting her eyes checked anytime soon. I'm really surprised that Vicky didn't enter into the conversation at your dinner party when the subject of glasses came up.

Carrie 25 Mar 2017, 06:29

Danielle and Vicky met me at work on Wednesday, shortly before the end of my shift. Danielle had her glasses on when she came in and they stayed on. Her new glasses are only +0.25 stronger than her old ones but look more than that. I think it's the slightly thinner frames than her old ones had that make the lenses look stronger. My friend and colleague, the one with the prism prescription, always seems very happy to see Danielle and always greets her warmly even though they don't know each other very well. On Wednesday she said to Danielle "Ooh, I really like your glasses are they new?" Danielle thanked her and told her they were new. My friend then asked if Danielle needed them all the time. Danielle replied that her optician said she could but if she chooses not to she should wear them whenever her eyes feel strained or tired when looking at any distance. Danielle also explained that she chooses not to wear glasses all the time but was wearing them now because she finds that her eyes feel tired after work even though she wears her glasses at work. My colleague said that she doesn't have much choice about wearing her own glasses all the time as she gets bad double vision without them as well as not being able to see very clearly near or far. Danielle said that she has most trouble seeing clearly close up and distances aren't too bad but her glasses do sharpen up distances even if she hadn't noticed it isn't as clear as it should be. Danielle complimented my colleague on her glasses, saying they went very well with her face shape and good looks. This made my colleague blush.

As you can imagine I enjoyed hearing that conversation very much!

Danielle drove me home and she and Vicky stayed for a few hours. The glasses stayed on. Danielle said she is sure my colleague was flirting with her, pointing out that my colleague couldn't take her eyes off her and possibly used the conversation about glasses to get closer. I told Danielle that my colleague has not shown any interest in women and is very interested in men, especially her boyfriend, but I would discretely ask the next time I saw her. (I didn't tell Danielle that my colleague told me she has slept with another woman once to satisfy her curiosity)

Unfortunately there was no more glasses related chat and I couldn't find a reason to ask Vicky if she was planning on getting her eyes tested this year.

Murky 25 Mar 2017, 05:36

So there are 13 of us, that is 1.4 X 10 (-9) of the world population

And so to my daily sighting, while walking my dog

Elderly lady, on a park bench, tartan jacket, with gorgeous matching big oval red and brown specs, about -4/5, and stunning white side arms, red hair to set it all off

She opens

Nice dog you have there, mister..

Quick as a flash "Not as nice as those specs you have ,madam "

Oh you like them..

A wonderful match with the tartan jacket..

Well thank you, no one has commented before

( I guess because you are not a trendy chick..I think)

They look like you matched them up at the glasses shop?

Well, the optometrist thought they looked good, with my red hair, they were a tad expensive

But well worth it, I think

I like yours too, mister, that gold goes well with your grey hair

Wearing my pale gold beige cat eye Versace specs.. see them at

Thank you, hope to see you again..

Galileo 23 Mar 2017, 09:20

I do visit this thread (yes) but stopped posting some time ago (no) - I think the quality of Mister Mild's postings on Seen on the Web outclass anything I see in my life these days :)

specs4ever 23 Mar 2017, 07:17

I visit frequently, but no longer post here.

Edmund 23 Mar 2017, 07:16

Yes & Yes

EyeTri 23 Mar 2017, 04:45


Every day

Yes & Yes

Val 23 Mar 2017, 01:30


Yes Yes

murky 23 Mar 2017, 00:00

That is seven posters/lurkers so far.thought there would be a few more, maybe later, when they check back

Here is a fail contact from this morning..

Local art shop,it always attracts smart dressers, and I am perusing the latest exhibitor,\when in she walks, WOW..

Late 20s 180 cm tall blondish BMI 18 stunningly dressed, heels, tight mauve skirt, matching blouse, AND huge black Ray-bans, ( obvious, with their expanded terminal pre auricular arm), dashing round the paintings to confront her, walking confidently across the gallery, I see she is about +1 ( maybe less), a discretionary latent hyperope wearer, and a recent one too, as the spex are a gleaming black. Not a scratch on the lens, either.. but does not give a glance, or opportunity to talk

She passes behind the counter, so is staff, and sits at the computer, pecking away, with me trying to engage her to no avail.I see no glasses case on the desk, so she has opted for full time wear..

Me Peering intently at the paintings, she stubbornly refuses to come over and enquire as to my wants, then another staff member emerges, to serve me.. Drat, plain old wiry specs, grey circular and bifocal, boring ++

but I shall be there again (its on the way to work) ..

Soundmanpt 22 Mar 2017, 09:26


Yes yes

murky 22 Mar 2017, 05:00

Post office this morning..

She is About 45 BMI 21 approx beautifully dressed, fortunately I am the only client in the shop

She has as gorgeous pair of green acetate cat eye Gucci spex, mother of pearl side arms, about + 2 and varifocal ( I can tell by the way she adjusts her head) Looks a tad alternate, with crew cut hair

Post my package

That will be 15 dollars please

Ouch, thats a lot for just over the border,

Sorry but its 15 grams over the lower price limit,I have to charge the higher price

Ok by the way, I really like those specs you wear

Thank you ( with a mild blush)

They match your jacket so well, and look so good , what brand are they?

Takes them off ( ooohI swoon,,) I can't read the brand without them on..,so she hands them to me, (find it hard to keep standing)..

They are Gucci,(I read) a top brand, they must have been expensive I venture

My partner paid for them, as my last pair were pretty ordinary, and wanted me to look smart

( Oh God we are on great ground here)

Then I think he has done very well, are you pleased?

Well its a she actually (oops, basic flaw, don't assume heterosexuality)

But you are the first person to comment

Then she has impeccable taste, give her my congratulation for a brilliant choice

( "does she tickle your clitoris with them on", but no I restrained myself)

Goodbye and thanks...

Nearly faint as I exit the shop, have to take six deep breaths on exit

At home, found them on a USA website for 450 dollars.. her leso mate must be a gold digger, and fond of fondling her with spex on, methinks

 22 Mar 2017, 04:38


lentifan 22 Mar 2017, 03:25

Murky, the answers are yes and yes.

I also visit this site almost every day (sometimes twice) but don't post unless I've something to say.

 22 Mar 2017, 03:17

Yes and Yes

Plus Tony 22 Mar 2017, 02:55


Yes and yes.

I read eyescene everyday even though I don't have time to post as often as I would like to.

rafa 22 Mar 2017, 02:12


I love your sightings. Keep posting them please.

Likelenses 21 Mar 2017, 19:45



Murky 21 Mar 2017, 19:11

How many real people are reading this three, I wonder.

There are about 10 regular correspondents

I find it therapeutic to post my better sightings, what about a poll, just post yes,

wither without your username, and lets see ( as we all do, with our glasses on) and maybe add if you wear glasses..

i.e. I am Murky

yes & yes

Soundmanpt 21 Mar 2017, 15:03


Yeah I also remember that you used to wear fake glasses at school and since she knew you back then she wouldn't have been at all surprised that once you got your glasses you would want to wear them full even if you didn't really need to. I think you might be wrong that she doesn't know know you like girls wearing glasses. She just say anything since she trusts you and you have never given her any reason to not trust you. I wouldn't at all be surprised if that wasn't a big reason she started wearing her glasses shortly after you met up again. Remember you were encouraging her to wear her glasses around the same time.

Well Danielle is certainly a head strong young lady isn't she. She is still determined to somehow not to just put her glasses on everyday and keep them on and forget about it. She is actually working hard trying to avoid wearing glasses as much as possible. But yet she really knows that she pretty much needs them all the time now. If she needs to see to drive then that means that her vision is blurry at a distance constantly not just when she is behind the wheel of her car. But sadly i'm afraid that once she finally realizes that she needs to wear them full time she will then go back to wearing contacts again. I think the only hope is if you and Vickie can keep telling her how good she looks wearing glasses. Speaking of Vickie next time you're around her i hope you can figure out a way to ask her if she plans on getting her eyes examined anytime soon? Don't you think that she still wants her eyesight to get a little worse so she needs stronger glasses again? This is the longest she has wore the same pair of glasses isn't it?

Carrie 21 Mar 2017, 14:26

Soundmanpt - Gemma sort of guessed that I have wanted to wear glasses for a long time. She remembers me wearing fake glasses at school. She doesn't know that I like girls with glasses. She just knows that glasses don't put me off, much to her relief of course!

We've been together for 6 years now! Love her more than ever!

Danielle has sort of gone back to her old ways a little bit. I did manage to bring up the subject of glasses when we saw her at the weekend. She said she does actually wear her glasses more than used to as she has realised how much she was straining her eyes. She wears her glasses all the time during the week, even when socialising, so her eyes don't feel so tired in the evening (when she began wearing her glasses for driving she used to take her glasses off after getting home but now doesn't bother). At weekends her glasses are just for reading and driving but if needed she would wear them if her eyes felt like they were straining. She said that she's gone from someone who sometimes wears glasses to someone who sometimes doesn't! She would rather not have glasses but obviously can't deny her need for them. She would never go for surgery but did give some serious thought about getting contacts again. She decided not to get contacts this time but will certainly consider getting them in the future. So she isn't full time but she is wearing her glasses a lot.

murky 21 Mar 2017, 05:56

Restaurant tonight, hot 30+ yo with light blue metal frames, yellow earpieces,

Very thin lenses, looked about +1, so, on the way back from the bar

Great glasses, I like the blue metal frame..

Oh thanks, got them last week

First pair?

Yes, but I had glasses at school for a while, but they didn't help

Enjoy then now?

Yes, they are trifocals, and great for reading

Need them for driving?

No, but I just like them on my nose

Good for you, welcome to the world of glasses wearers...

Thanks I like yours too


Gorgeous red hair a beautiful complement to the frames, sitting alone too

Sigh...very aroused I venture back back to the wife and my table, but shoot her sidling glances all night, not returned.

Likelenses 18 Mar 2017, 21:38


Opps, forgot to post my username. this is twice now, sorry.

 18 Mar 2017, 21:34


Julie said that the reason she was interested in ordering online is because she has eye exams every two years, and her next one would be a year and a half away, and also she liked the idea of saving on the price of glasses.

We did discuss the thickness of her lenses, and she said that that does not bother her at all.Her current lenses are high index, but she said in the past she usually wore the thicker lenses, and applied the savings to buying better frames.

Yes, we went with the lined bifocals in + 1.50 add.

She said that she never owned a pair of rimless, and is excited about their look. Cheryl had her rimless lined bifocals in her purse as her backup,and modeled them for Julie.She did not try them on, because when she tried Cheryl's other pair she could not see at all due to Cheryl's high Rx.

Oh yes Cheryl gave her the full rundown of being a new bifocal wearer. The two of them really got along so well.She seems to bond better with women that wear fairly strong glasses. I guess it is a we are in the same boat kind of thing.

Cubicle 17 Mar 2017, 07:12

I also saw a hot woman with blonde hair up. I only saw her from behind, and her glasses had earpieces going straight down, like they only do for strong prescriptions. Then i saw super strong plus lenses in big frames, shining light atound. She walked down the street in heels and mini shorts. I couldn't talk to her as I wasn't alone.

Hot !

Cubicle 17 Mar 2017, 07:08

The other day in the subway, i was sitting in front of a sexy myopic blonde. She was reading with her glasses sliding down her nose a lot. She wore a mini skirt and flats with a red coat. She was -10 I'd say, lots of power rings. Her glasses went down her nose in less than a minute, then she pushed them up and crossed her legs. Pretty hot.

Soundmanpt 16 Mar 2017, 14:53


Honestly I am surprised that she called you. Nothing personal but generally speaking it usually takes a bit more of getting to know someone before they will accept your offer to help. But if she is really struggling with trying to see to read that may have pushed her a good bit. Whatever i'm sure you were happy to hear from her, I hope that she is going to be happy with her new glasses. She has a fairly strong prescription as i'm sure you are well aware of and with rimless glasses even more noticeable. Did you tell her that her lenses are going to be quite thick? So did you go with +1.50 for her add? It was a very good idea that she picked out something with adjustable nose pads in case they need to adjusted for her eyes to use the bifocal properly. I assume that she got lined bifocals? Based on what her total price was for both pairs of glasses. Nice that Cheryl was giving her pointers about things she will need to adjust to with bifocals. I would assume that high on the list was steps and curbs?

 15 Mar 2017, 23:35


The woman ( Julie ) that I spoke with on Saturday about reading glasses called me yesterday afternoon,and asked if we could meet,so as to order her some online glasses.

I took Cheryl along,and we met her at my friends shop.She did have her Rx from six months ago. I was not far off, it is RT.6.50 Lt. 6.75.I had to measure her P.D.

She and Cheryl hit it off, and Cheryl helped her to navigate the Zenni selections, and pick out some frames.She decided to get a pair of rimless bifocals with the standard lenses,and because she realized the bargain prices, and free shipping for an additional pair, ordered a pair of roundish plastic $13.00 frames with a reduced prescription to use as readers.Her total was $ 53.95.Since Cheryl has been in bifocals for some time now she explained all of the things a newbi to them needs to know.Julie asked Cheryl if she could try hers on, and when she did, she said , " Wow, I thought that his were crazy strong, but yours are even more ".

She promised to take us to lunch in a few weeks, in thanks for our help, and to show us the new glasses.

Soundmanpt 15 Mar 2017, 11:05


Sounds like Gemma and you had a great time on holiday and you both seemed to notice some nice looking young ladies wearing glasses as well. Just curious since you and Gemma are a couple and have been now for a good while, most people in a relationship claim they don't keep any secrets from their partner. So have you ever told Gemma how you always wanted to wear glasses and how thrilled you were when you found out that you actually needed a weak prescription which you only needed for reading but you wore them full time just because you wanted to wear glasses so much? I'm pretty sure even if you haven't said anything about your feelings seeing other young ladies wearing glasses she has to know. But being the good woman that she is as long as you don't touch she is okay with it. By the way how long have you been a couple now? Nice that no one in Portugal seemed to care or notice you were a couple. Too bad the whole world isn't as excepting. So now that you're back home what's the latest with Danielle? The last report was that she was told to wear her glasses full time for a couple weeks so her eyes would adjust to her slightly stronger prescription. She was doing as told but still not liking it too much. So has she returned to old ways of trying as hard as ever to avoid wearing her glasses or after wearing them full time for a couple weeks has she decided that she really needs to be wearing glasses all the time now? I'm sure that the glasses wearing Vicky would love to see her wearing her glasses all the time too. When you were all together at dinner and a glasses discussion came up I wished you would have thought to ask Vicky if she plans to get her eyes examined anytime soon. Welcome back home!

Carrie 14 Mar 2017, 14:34

Gemma and I were on holiday in Portugal last week. So many sightings! First one was a member of the cabin crew. She was a very good looking brunette wearing Wayfarer style frames with a prescription of around -2 to -3. Gemma took quite a liking to her too! Gemma also pointed out a woman passenger who looked quite a lot like Kristen Stewart but didn't wear glasses, but then Kristen only wears glasses in public occasionally. Could it have been her?! Probably not, but how lovely is Gemma pointing out someone that I will probably fancy? Very thoughtful and trusting. Once we were in Portugal I noticed that of the women that wore glasses, and there was quite a lot of them, most of them had a minus prescription. I think I only saw about 5 women under the age of 40 with a plus prescription.

Portuguese women are gorgeous and the people in general are very friendly. They had no problems about us being a couple (I didn't think they would) Of course the best looking woman there was my own gorgeous girlfriend.

Another thing I noticed was that most of the regular sunglasses I saw people wearing had mirrored lenses that had a gold or rose gold tint. It was very sunny in Portugal last week so there was a lot of sunglasses to be seen. I did see a few prescription sunglasses, although they just had dark lenses not mirrored lenses.

We had a lovely holiday in a country of beautiful countryside and architecture. The food is fantastic too! We would love to go back again but we will have to save up our pennies first!

Londoner 13 Mar 2017, 10:51

The last time that I saw a lady wearing a pair of really strong plus lensed glasses was close to two years ago. On that occasion, on the same day, but in different locations I actually saw two ladies with strong glasses. The same thing happened again today.

A meeting in the morning overran so I was late having lunch and slipped into a small café for a sandwich and a coffee. At the next table were a mother and daughter. The daughter had her back to me initially and with long dark hair, I could not see that she was wearing glasses. After a few minutes, for some reason, she changed seats with her shopping and sat side on. She was wearing plus lenticular glasses. the light was striking at the perfect angle for me to get a really good look for about 10 minutes before they finished and left. They were small and neat, but the bowl only filled the inner two thirds of each lens and was at least one centimetre proud of the metal frame. Her vision did not seem to be an issue, using her phone, going to the Ladies or moving through a crowded café.

Later in the afternoon, I joined the queue for a bus. Immediately in front of me was a small lady of about 40. She had a disabled bus pass hanging from her back pack, but it was a couple of minutes before she turned side on and I realised that she was wearing one of the strongest pairs of plus lenses I have ever seen. They bulged out nearly 2cm and were heaving ground back at the top, bottom and at the bridge. Again, she seemed not to have a major problem boarding the bus or finding a seat. She was only on for two stops, but I could see her well all of the time even though I was standing.

Soundmanpt 11 Mar 2017, 19:25


Sounds like you had an interesting day for sure. Even with your help and explanation i'm pretty sure she would have no idea how to place an order for glasses on line without your help. By simply telling her that she needs to order glasses that are +1.50 weaker than her current glasses most likely went right over her head. First of all you and I both know that she doesn't have a clue what her prescription really is to start with so she would first need to go back to either where she had her eyes examined or where she got her glasses from and get a written copy of her full prescription. And even then she probably wouldn't understand how to subtract the +1.50 from her prescription either. So if she doesn't contact you i'm sure she will just muddle along as she is now. If her optometrist has already suggested that he would be prescribing her with bifocals at her next visit that is really the best way to go anyway instead of fooling around with 2 different pairs of glasses.

Likelenses 11 Mar 2017, 19:02

More than a sighting.

A good friend owns a small store that sells unique items.She has a display of reading glasses, with decent frames, and priced $ 12, to 15 dollars.I on occasion work for her when she needs to take a Saturday off.

While working today, a very pretty blond lady of about 40 with a prescription of about-7.00, was browsing, and stopped by the readers.She took her phone from her pocket, and removed her glasses, and was trying on various pairs. She then ask me how to go about picking a pair , because her glasses were about six months old, and she was having trouble seeing her phone, and reading small print, unless she held it quite far away, and without her glasses, had to hold it uncomfortably close.

She said at her last exam. that her optometrist mentioned that reading glasses, or bifocals would probably be coming her way at the next exam.

She said that none of the readers that she had tried seemed to be even close, and did we have some that are stronger.She of course did not understand the difference between plus, and minus glasses, and then to my amazement she said to me, " your glasses look somewhat stronger than mine, would you let me try yours on? " My Rx is -10.5 for each eye, so I knew where this was heading. I removed them and handed them to her, and she put them on,and tried looking at her phone.I had to contain my laughter, as she said, " these are crazy strong, what kind of glasses do I need?"I put mine back on and while hers were still off, I ask if I could look them over. They were about - 7.00 with the left perhaps a bit more,and no astigmatism, or prism correction.I them gave them back to her and suggested than she take some + 1.00 readers, and try looking through them held closely to her glasses,with the arms folded.As she did this while looking at her phone, she said it was better, so we then tried + 1.50, and + 2.00.She said that the +1.50 seemed good but said that she could not see well in the distance.

After a lengthy explanation about the difference between plus, and minus lenses, and how her lenses need to be reduced for near, I suggested that she look at her Rx, and order on line, either a pair of bifocals, or reading glasses that are + 1.50 weaker than her Rx.

She seemed to like the reading glasses idea, better than the bifocals, so I said why not get both.

I gave her my number and said if she needed help ordering,to please call.

Needless to say, this made my day!

Carrie 25 Jan 2017, 14:16

To the person who commented at 09:00 25 Jan - Danielle is one of my closest friends and regularly see each other for a good chat, which is what we did at the weekend. I think she wanted a good moan about her glasses and didn't want to subject her girlfriend to any further moaning :-)

To "OMG" - we don't swap glasses as that would be worse than not wearing glasses at all!:-D

Soundmanpt - I have been quiet on Eyescene because I felt I was spending too much time on it. As I have said before Gemma doesn't care what I look at but she does mind being neglected. She is not clingy or an attention seeker just very loving and affectionate and wants to snuggle up on the sofa with me and watch tv or chat if we are not going out somewhere or having friends over. If I've got my face buried in my phone or tablet for too long she feels lonely.

Soundmanpt 25 Jan 2017, 11:38


That's the problem when you are putting on and taking off your glasses quite often. What she has actually doing is wearing her glasses out. The worst thing s you can do is opening and closing and on and off and then often putting them on top of her head. The advice she was given about not putting her glasses on top of her head was dead on. At the very least it will stretch out her glasses so they won't stay in place whens she does wear them. I assume that her glasses were a plastic frame and that is even worse because a metal frame may bend but won't break as easily. Even though her lenses were okay finding a frame that her lenses would fit into would be nearly impossible. Since she didn't get new glasses when she had her last eye exam that means her glasses were probably nearly 2 years old and the optical shops change inventory about every 3 - 6 months. They do that for style change and nearly everyone gets new frames when thye get new glasses which is often every year. It would be too costly for stores to inventory frames say for 3 years. Besides they would rather sell you a complete new pair anyway. Actually I think Danielle really should have gotten her eyes checked before buying new glasses. Her eyes have gradually been changing every year and and I don't recall exactly when she had her eyes checked last but it has to be getting close to a year. I know that her and Vicky both got their eyes examined at the same time and I think Vicky has had her (prescribed) glasses for close to year. Generally once you pass the half way point, 6 months, then you should go ahead and get an eye exam because it is likely there has been a change in prescription. You and Gemma have had glasses for some time now and I don't recall you or her having any issues with your glasses breaking. A very simple reason is because you both wear your glasses full time. So your not opening and closing your glasses all the time. When you take them off at bedtime you likely leave them open so their easy to slide on in the morning. You're right though that you can't tell her to wear her glasses full time. But you can laughingly point out that you have never had any of your glasses break because you keep them on so they aren't as likely to get broke.

You've been very quiet in here, I was wondering where you have been. I know you can only come in here at certain times because Gemma doesn't know anything about "eyescene" and you want it to stay that way.

OMG 25 Jan 2017, 10:51

Let's go back to Carrie's sex life with Gemma, which was discussed here some time ago.

Carrie, do Gemma and you ever wear each other's glasses in bed or while you're snuggling at home?

 25 Jan 2017, 09:00

omg "carrie" how do you know such intimate details and private thoughts of this woman? are you pyschic or making this up?

Carrie 24 Jan 2017, 16:20

My friend Danielle's glasses broke last week. She said she was wearing them at work and they fell apart as she pushed them up her nose a bit. One of the arms fell off and her glasses fell off her face. Luckily the lenses didn't get damaged. She couldn't find the arm hinge screw that had popped out so had to tape the arm back on. She went to her optician after work to see if they could fix her glasses. Unfortunately they couldn't be fixed because the screw thread in the hinge was damaged and wouldn't hold the replacement screw. She ordered new glasses. She said the optician said she didn't need an eye test as she had one less than a year ago and they would use that prescription (very slightly higher than in the glasses that just broke at +1.75 and +2.00. She didn't bother getting new glasses at the time of that eye test as the difference in prescriptions was so small). She was also told that she should avoid putting her new glasses on top of her head as this puts a lot of strain on the hinges and was highly likely the reason her current glasses broke.

They taped her glasses again for her so she could still use them until her new ones are ready. She said they asked if she would also like contacts. She said that she actually thought about saying yes but thought she would get too dependant on them as she nearly did the last time she tried contacts so said no. She added that if, in the future, she needs to wear glasses full time she would also consider getting contacts then.

Because her current glasses are taped they can't be folded to go in the case and she isn't putting them on top of her head any more (the tape would probably break if she did) so she has actually been wearing her glasses a lot of the time. She doesn't want to put them down anywhere in case she forgets to pick them up again! She doesn't really want to wear them so much but she would struggle to read without them and doesn't like to drive without them on, especially at night.

I still think she might as well go full time but I'm not going to tell her that.

gwgs 24 Jan 2017, 08:08

Chrisb - I was amazed at the amount of gwgs on public transport when I got the underground yesterday. I normally drive to work but had meetings to attend elsewhere in town so got the tube and was surprised at the amount of myopic women on board - it certainly made the journey pass quicker!

chrisb 23 Jan 2017, 16:33

another sighting on north london's transport system of the new trend in round metal frames. A girl, mid 20's southern eurpean I would guess. She had what looked like very new perfectly round wire frames in a dull silver colour. Her rx was very low and it took me a while and some repeated discrete glances to work out if it was a plus or minus prescription. But during this process I did get a smile from her. It was I decided a low plus. I think she was a new wearer as she kept pushing the frames up. But spent a lot of time looking at her phone. As we neared my station and an announcement came over the tannoy she took the glasses off to read the signboard indicating the next station. This clinched it she was a newly converted glasses wearer and had not yet got used to middle distance vision.

As I left the carriage I hoped she was getting off at the same station so I said "great glasses' but alas just at that point she looked down and her phone and didnt hear me (earbuds too).

The tragedy is that because the trains are so frequent, every 6 minutes or so, it's rare to see the same GWG two days running. Nonetheless, before christmas I did strike up a conversation with a lovely german lawyer, 30 something GWG who I met on different trains. As we parted on our first journey she gave me her business card, but I think I;ll keep it just as a 'brief encounter'. I'm beginning to think that the part of my job I like best is the getting there and the coming back. Or is that a bit sad ?


Soundmanpt 11 Jan 2017, 10:24


You're on the right track as for my name / title. For many years I ran sound for my friends band. I did that full time for about 15 years and then part time after that. The band was formed with 4 high school friends that just happened to be musicians. Two of them were brothers after about 6 months a fifth member was added and as it turned out that person awas A 16 year old Michael McDonald. He only stayed for about 2 years but he left as a friend A few short years later he became the keyboardist and lead vocal of The Doobie Brothers. If you go on YOu Tube you will find a good number of osngs by them. Most all of them feature Michael singing. Including "What a Fool Believes" and Takin it to the Streets. Oh and the "pt" part of my name is based on my car . I drive a PT Cruiser

Cactus Jack 10 Jan 2017, 21:47


You new friend probably had to have the older type of Cataract Surgery where the Crystalline Lens Capsule and the clouded Crystalline Lens are removed completely. That is sometimes necessary even today under some circumstances where the Capsule cannot be left in place and Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) installed.

The Crystalline Lens is a fairly powerful PLUS lens typically around +18 or +19. Because of Vertex Distance effects, her glasses mush have much more + for her to be able to see. However, strong PLUS lenses have all kinds of optical problems. In many ways they act like Binoculars with very limited peripheral vision in all directions. She is very smart to use the cane to help her avoid objects in her path.

Strong - glasses act like wide angle lenses which reduces the size of the image on the Retina, but have better peripheral vision if there is not too much retinal damage.

One of our members who needs very high PLUS glasses described what he sees sitting in a compartment on a train. He said he could see the person sitting directly across from him, but could not see the person sitting on either side of the person across, unless he looked directly at them.

Who knows, to quote Humphrey Bogart at the end of the movie Casablanca. "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship". Good luck.


T. 10 Jan 2017, 15:40


12 years; gosh. Im surprised to see sites like these still around. Has it always been as active as this?

Admittedly i'm not particularly knowledgeable on glasses and vision simply just an admier.

Also this is ridiculously off topic but i had to ask, you go by 'sound man' so I take it your into sound stuff?, i study acoustics so only only ask out of coincidental crossing of interests; outside of glasses of course.

Soundmanpt 10 Jan 2017, 15:00


First of all welcome.

It is not uncommon when someone is that nearsighted that they often can function better without their glasses that they can with them for seeing small print such as an I-Phone even though it may appear that way to you since you can clearly see her squinting as well as holding her phone very close. But she may not be able to see it at all with her glasses. Simply put she really should be wearing bifocals.

There are a good number of very nice people in here. Personally I have been coming in here for about 12 years or so.

T. 10 Jan 2017, 12:39

Only just discovered this forum and figured i might try post something.

There's a minus 7-8ish who frequents a computer room at my uni who tends to sit in the same corner in the mornings around 8pm. They don't seem particularly heavy, they're just standard rectangular wire frames but she almost never pushes them up so when she's looking down at her phone (often for great lengths of time i might add) she pulls it right up to her face looking over her glasses tapping away and squinting at the text. I've always wondered why she never bothers to push them up she even continues to look over her glasses most of the time when using the computer leaning forwards quite far in her chair.

I'll try and be on here often, seems there's a great little community here :)

Danny 10 Jan 2017, 12:13

This is a concersation rather than a sighting.

Yesterday the London Underground was shut meaning for blind people like me (-35, retinal detachments etc) I had to use three buses to get to and from work.

At one of the bus stops I heard the click click click sound of someone else's long cane. When a female voice asked for help, I offered as much help as I could give. So two bus journeys later, I've learnt that she has imensley strong glasses, that bulge out and she has to have stick on bits to help her read. She also has nystagmus and had cataracts removed when she was a teenager.

I am rather jealous as she could see the bus earlier than me,however, I could read the menu better, apart from the curly font.

We are meeting again on Thursday.

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