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Sightings of people wearing glasses with corrective lenses.

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Carrie 25 Jan 2017, 14:16

To the person who commented at 09:00 25 Jan - Danielle is one of my closest friends and regularly see each other for a good chat, which is what we did at the weekend. I think she wanted a good moan about her glasses and didn't want to subject her girlfriend to any further moaning :-)

To "OMG" - we don't swap glasses as that would be worse than not wearing glasses at all!:-D

Soundmanpt - I have been quiet on Eyescene because I felt I was spending too much time on it. As I have said before Gemma doesn't care what I look at but she does mind being neglected. She is not clingy or an attention seeker just very loving and affectionate and wants to snuggle up on the sofa with me and watch tv or chat if we are not going out somewhere or having friends over. If I've got my face buried in my phone or tablet for too long she feels lonely.

Soundmanpt 25 Jan 2017, 11:38


That's the problem when you are putting on and taking off your glasses quite often. What she has actually doing is wearing her glasses out. The worst thing s you can do is opening and closing and on and off and then often putting them on top of her head. The advice she was given about not putting her glasses on top of her head was dead on. At the very least it will stretch out her glasses so they won't stay in place whens she does wear them. I assume that her glasses were a plastic frame and that is even worse because a metal frame may bend but won't break as easily. Even though her lenses were okay finding a frame that her lenses would fit into would be nearly impossible. Since she didn't get new glasses when she had her last eye exam that means her glasses were probably nearly 2 years old and the optical shops change inventory about every 3 - 6 months. They do that for style change and nearly everyone gets new frames when thye get new glasses which is often every year. It would be too costly for stores to inventory frames say for 3 years. Besides they would rather sell you a complete new pair anyway. Actually I think Danielle really should have gotten her eyes checked before buying new glasses. Her eyes have gradually been changing every year and and I don't recall exactly when she had her eyes checked last but it has to be getting close to a year. I know that her and Vicky both got their eyes examined at the same time and I think Vicky has had her (prescribed) glasses for close to year. Generally once you pass the half way point, 6 months, then you should go ahead and get an eye exam because it is likely there has been a change in prescription. You and Gemma have had glasses for some time now and I don't recall you or her having any issues with your glasses breaking. A very simple reason is because you both wear your glasses full time. So your not opening and closing your glasses all the time. When you take them off at bedtime you likely leave them open so their easy to slide on in the morning. You're right though that you can't tell her to wear her glasses full time. But you can laughingly point out that you have never had any of your glasses break because you keep them on so they aren't as likely to get broke.

You've been very quiet in here, I was wondering where you have been. I know you can only come in here at certain times because Gemma doesn't know anything about "eyescene" and you want it to stay that way.

OMG 25 Jan 2017, 10:51

Let's go back to Carrie's sex life with Gemma, which was discussed here some time ago.

Carrie, do Gemma and you ever wear each other's glasses in bed or while you're snuggling at home?

 25 Jan 2017, 09:00

omg "carrie" how do you know such intimate details and private thoughts of this woman? are you pyschic or making this up?

Carrie 24 Jan 2017, 16:20

My friend Danielle's glasses broke last week. She said she was wearing them at work and they fell apart as she pushed them up her nose a bit. One of the arms fell off and her glasses fell off her face. Luckily the lenses didn't get damaged. She couldn't find the arm hinge screw that had popped out so had to tape the arm back on. She went to her optician after work to see if they could fix her glasses. Unfortunately they couldn't be fixed because the screw thread in the hinge was damaged and wouldn't hold the replacement screw. She ordered new glasses. She said the optician said she didn't need an eye test as she had one less than a year ago and they would use that prescription (very slightly higher than in the glasses that just broke at +1.75 and +2.00. She didn't bother getting new glasses at the time of that eye test as the difference in prescriptions was so small). She was also told that she should avoid putting her new glasses on top of her head as this puts a lot of strain on the hinges and was highly likely the reason her current glasses broke.

They taped her glasses again for her so she could still use them until her new ones are ready. She said they asked if she would also like contacts. She said that she actually thought about saying yes but thought she would get too dependant on them as she nearly did the last time she tried contacts so said no. She added that if, in the future, she needs to wear glasses full time she would also consider getting contacts then.

Because her current glasses are taped they can't be folded to go in the case and she isn't putting them on top of her head any more (the tape would probably break if she did) so she has actually been wearing her glasses a lot of the time. She doesn't want to put them down anywhere in case she forgets to pick them up again! She doesn't really want to wear them so much but she would struggle to read without them and doesn't like to drive without them on, especially at night.

I still think she might as well go full time but I'm not going to tell her that.

gwgs 24 Jan 2017, 08:08

Chrisb - I was amazed at the amount of gwgs on public transport when I got the underground yesterday. I normally drive to work but had meetings to attend elsewhere in town so got the tube and was surprised at the amount of myopic women on board - it certainly made the journey pass quicker!

chrisb 23 Jan 2017, 16:33

another sighting on north london's transport system of the new trend in round metal frames. A girl, mid 20's southern eurpean I would guess. She had what looked like very new perfectly round wire frames in a dull silver colour. Her rx was very low and it took me a while and some repeated discrete glances to work out if it was a plus or minus prescription. But during this process I did get a smile from her. It was I decided a low plus. I think she was a new wearer as she kept pushing the frames up. But spent a lot of time looking at her phone. As we neared my station and an announcement came over the tannoy she took the glasses off to read the signboard indicating the next station. This clinched it she was a newly converted glasses wearer and had not yet got used to middle distance vision.

As I left the carriage I hoped she was getting off at the same station so I said "great glasses' but alas just at that point she looked down and her phone and didnt hear me (earbuds too).

The tragedy is that because the trains are so frequent, every 6 minutes or so, it's rare to see the same GWG two days running. Nonetheless, before christmas I did strike up a conversation with a lovely german lawyer, 30 something GWG who I met on different trains. As we parted on our first journey she gave me her business card, but I think I;ll keep it just as a 'brief encounter'. I'm beginning to think that the part of my job I like best is the getting there and the coming back. Or is that a bit sad ?


Soundmanpt 11 Jan 2017, 10:24


You're on the right track as for my name / title. For many years I ran sound for my friends band. I did that full time for about 15 years and then part time after that. The band was formed with 4 high school friends that just happened to be musicians. Two of them were brothers after about 6 months a fifth member was added and as it turned out that person awas A 16 year old Michael McDonald. He only stayed for about 2 years but he left as a friend A few short years later he became the keyboardist and lead vocal of The Doobie Brothers. If you go on YOu Tube you will find a good number of osngs by them. Most all of them feature Michael singing. Including "What a Fool Believes" and Takin it to the Streets. Oh and the "pt" part of my name is based on my car . I drive a PT Cruiser

Cactus Jack 10 Jan 2017, 21:47


You new friend probably had to have the older type of Cataract Surgery where the Crystalline Lens Capsule and the clouded Crystalline Lens are removed completely. That is sometimes necessary even today under some circumstances where the Capsule cannot be left in place and Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) installed.

The Crystalline Lens is a fairly powerful PLUS lens typically around +18 or +19. Because of Vertex Distance effects, her glasses mush have much more + for her to be able to see. However, strong PLUS lenses have all kinds of optical problems. In many ways they act like Binoculars with very limited peripheral vision in all directions. She is very smart to use the cane to help her avoid objects in her path.

Strong - glasses act like wide angle lenses which reduces the size of the image on the Retina, but have better peripheral vision if there is not too much retinal damage.

One of our members who needs very high PLUS glasses described what he sees sitting in a compartment on a train. He said he could see the person sitting directly across from him, but could not see the person sitting on either side of the person across, unless he looked directly at them.

Who knows, to quote Humphrey Bogart at the end of the movie Casablanca. "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship". Good luck.


T. 10 Jan 2017, 15:40


12 years; gosh. Im surprised to see sites like these still around. Has it always been as active as this?

Admittedly i'm not particularly knowledgeable on glasses and vision simply just an admier.

Also this is ridiculously off topic but i had to ask, you go by 'sound man' so I take it your into sound stuff?, i study acoustics so only only ask out of coincidental crossing of interests; outside of glasses of course.

Soundmanpt 10 Jan 2017, 15:00


First of all welcome.

It is not uncommon when someone is that nearsighted that they often can function better without their glasses that they can with them for seeing small print such as an I-Phone even though it may appear that way to you since you can clearly see her squinting as well as holding her phone very close. But she may not be able to see it at all with her glasses. Simply put she really should be wearing bifocals.

There are a good number of very nice people in here. Personally I have been coming in here for about 12 years or so.

T. 10 Jan 2017, 12:39

Only just discovered this forum and figured i might try post something.

There's a minus 7-8ish who frequents a computer room at my uni who tends to sit in the same corner in the mornings around 8pm. They don't seem particularly heavy, they're just standard rectangular wire frames but she almost never pushes them up so when she's looking down at her phone (often for great lengths of time i might add) she pulls it right up to her face looking over her glasses tapping away and squinting at the text. I've always wondered why she never bothers to push them up she even continues to look over her glasses most of the time when using the computer leaning forwards quite far in her chair.

I'll try and be on here often, seems there's a great little community here :)

Danny 10 Jan 2017, 12:13

This is a concersation rather than a sighting.

Yesterday the London Underground was shut meaning for blind people like me (-35, retinal detachments etc) I had to use three buses to get to and from work.

At one of the bus stops I heard the click click click sound of someone else's long cane. When a female voice asked for help, I offered as much help as I could give. So two bus journeys later, I've learnt that she has imensley strong glasses, that bulge out and she has to have stick on bits to help her read. She also has nystagmus and had cataracts removed when she was a teenager.

I am rather jealous as she could see the bus earlier than me,however, I could read the menu better, apart from the curly font.

We are meeting again on Thursday.

Counterpoint 09 Jan 2017, 21:15

Speak for yourself! Some of us like gwg's with light prescriptions too.

 09 Jan 2017, 17:50

Not interesting at all. Very light rx...

Carrie 09 Jan 2017, 17:06

The TV show "First Dates" has swapped the usual London restaurant they use for a beautiful hotel in the south of France. As well as the usual two beautiful waitresses, the waiter, the barman and Fred the Maitre d' the "First Dates Hotel" has a receptionist who wears glasses with a minus prescription in large dark plastic frames. She is beautiful and French! Unfortunately I can't find any photos of her but if you are in the UK you can watch the show on catch up or wait until next Monday to see the next episode.

Adam 04 Jan 2017, 11:17

I know a nice blonde blue-eyed nearsighted girl who has very bad vision. When I first saw her I immediately that her eyes are a bit turning out but she has no lazy eye. Besides that, her eyes were always a bit squinting. She wasn't wearing glasses but it was easy to notice that her eyesight is not good. She is always wearing contacts, I have never seen her in glasses because she was shy to wear them because of bad experiences with her primary students classmates. Once we had a plan to meet but some hours before she refused it because her eyes became red and she had to wear glasses. I couldn't convice her to come.

Later, I could get to know and experience more about her eyesight. Once she needed to read something on the wall which I could see easily but for her it was a big challenge, she was squinting hard.

But the most shocking moment was during one of our facebook conversations. She told me that she is never watching their TV in the living room because she can't see it. She also told me that she tried a stronger prescription but it was even worse. Maybe her eyesight reached a point when it can't be fully corrected. I don't know why I didn't ask her prescription...

I had one more shocking moment with her. A photo was taken from us in a camera in whick you have to sit in (and two other girls with perfect vision). These machines are not big, so we had to focus on the camera from about 1 metre. However, her eyes were turning out with quite big angle and she was squinting. Okay, it was in the evening with less light but 1 metre is a very short distance, it is easy to just see on a camera, don't have to read anyting, just looking at.

And the last time we last met was also interesting. Once I just read someting on the side of the bus from about 20 metres. It is not close but the letters were quite big. She told me that she can't read it.

According to these experiences, she can be very blind without her glasses/contacts. Even she is blind wearing them. Once I saw a picture about her younger sister, she is not as nice as her but her eyes are even more turning out and more squinting so it's a family heritage.

What do you think, how strong are her glasses/contacts? I have tips but I am interested in your opinion.

Pietro 02 Jan 2017, 09:18

Going back to London after the hols spotted loads of Asians with very high prescriptions on the tube, most peering at their i phones from about 3 inches. One family had a child of about four yrs with one of the highest prescription I've ever seen in one so young - about -10 by the looks of it.

Many Korean groups of school students with strong glasses in Leicester square - fun to watch the glint off the thick lenses.

Pietro 02 Jan 2017, 09:18

Going back to London after the hols spotted loads of Asians with very high prescriptions on the tube, most peering at their i phones from about 3 inches. One family had a child of about four yrs with one of the highest prescription I've ever seen in one so young - about -10 by the looks of it.

Many Korean groups of school students with strong glasses in Leicester square - fun to watch the glint off the thick lenses.

Pietro 02 Jan 2017, 09:17

Going back to London after the hols spotted loads of Asians with very high prescriptions on the tube, most peering at their i phones from about 3 inches. One family had a child of about four yrs with one of the highest prescription I've ever seen in one so young - about -10 by the looks of it.

Many Korean groups of school students with strong glasses in Leicester square - fun to watch the glint off the thick lenses.

Soundmanpt 01 Jan 2017, 17:01


Your memory is good I don't have any family left to celebrate Christmas with and it used to bother me quite a good bit but as time has gone on I have tried my best to move along. Sorry to say it's still not my favorite time of the year and I am glad once we get to January 2nd. You would be amazed at how much outdoor Christmas decorations I have. For years I would start decorating my yard and house with over boxes and boxes of lights and things around mid November. Now they are all stored in the attic portion of my garage. I don't even bother with a tree. I do chat with my friends and I think they are checking up on me because they know I used to get quite depressed at Christmas time. But honestly it's much better now than it used to be. It's funny when you think about it. As a child you look so forward to Christmas time but as you get older it can be the time you want to not even come.

I am not at all surprised that you have been receiving lots of complements on your new glasses. It's nice to have glasses that are fun to wear and I have a feeling that is the way you feel about them too. They have to be light on your face and nose which that alone would make them very comfortable to wear. No surprise that Vicky was impressed with your glasses. I have feeling that she is very much like you in that she notices every attractive young woman she sees wearing glasses. I'm sure she probably found your glasses very comfortable when she tried them on. I bet they looked really good on her as well didn't they? Do you think she might want to order a pair for herself? Only problem for her is that she couldn't see very well since your glasses are much too strong for her eyes. She was probably happy to put her own glasses back on wasn't she? Danielle is determined not to give in and just keep her glasses on all the time isn't she? But she is facing a losing battle. It probably won't be long before she is needs to get her eyes examined again and she is going to need another increase and this time her distance vision is sure to be worse if she now needs her glasses for driving. She may be told that she needs to start wearing her glasses full time. I wonder if Vicky will also get her eyes checked since it has to be close to a year since she got her current glasses. You know she has to hoping to get an increase soon. I need to go and start practicing on writing 2017 on things. haha

Carrie 01 Jan 2017, 15:52

Hello Soundmanpt

Yes we did have a good Christmas thank you, and have just about recovered from celebrating new year! I remember you said you had no family left to celebrate Christmas with but I hope you managed to see some friends though.

I wasn't too sure how much someone at -3 could see. I thought she might end up at the wrong table!:-D

I don't like to ask Gemma what she could see when she had weaker prescriptions as she gets a bit worried about needing stronger prescriptions and she also might think it strange if I keep asking questions about her eyesight.

I've had a lot of compliments on my glasses. Vicky does like them and has tried them on, getting me to take a photo of her with her phone.

Danielle is still wearing her glasses only when she really needs to but does always wear them when driving. She still avoids wearing them otherwise.

Soundmanpt 31 Dec 2016, 11:00


First of all I hope that you and Gemma had a very good Christmas and that you both enjoy a Happy New Year.

That attractive woman you saw at the pub first with her glasses on top of her head and later wearing them probably hasn't gone to full time wear with her glasses yet. If you are correct with your estimate that her glasses were around -2.00 or -3.00 her eyes may not be dependent on her glasses yet. You get much more dependent on your glasses the more you wear them. Remember Gemma wasn't dependent on her glasses until she started wearing hers full time. And at -2.00 certainly she wouldn't be able to see things clearly but she would be able to see well enough to walk safely back to her table. And even at -3.00 she could manage if her eyes aren't always fully corrected or if she only recently got an increase in her prescription. But i'm not surprised that she was soon wearing her glasses when you saw her last. She could be just trying to hold form becoming dependent on her glasses. A battle she is likely to lose.

So by now i'm sure all your friends have seen you wearing your new glasses. What comments did you get. You know that Vicky is as big of a glasses freak as you are so I have a feeling she really liked them and probably wanted to try them on. A short while ago you said that Danielle was starting to wear her glasses more and more often including full time at work now. Is she still appearing to be getting closer to going completely full time. I know she is one that doesn't want to become dependent on her glasses but because of the type of work she does which is based on small detail and requires her eyesight to be as good as possible she has no other choice but to wear her glasses and the more she wears them the more she is going to need them. I have a feeling Vicky would love for Danielle to be in glasses full time. I know you love Gemma with all your heart no matter, glasses or no glasses, but i'm sure it's an added bonus that she wears glasses all the time.

Carrie 31 Dec 2016, 08:18

I was in a pub with a bunch of friends just before Christmas. We were at a table near the bar. At one point I looked up at the bar to see if there was many people waiting to be served as we are were going to need more drinks soon and I saw a woman with a great figure standing at the bar with her back to us. I then noticed that she had a pair of glasses on her head that appeared to have a minus prescription in them. Not a weak prescription, I would guess at least -2 but probably nearer to -3. Obviously I couldn't watch her for long but I did manage to get to see her walk away from the bar to another part of the pub. I only got a side view so I couldn't see her face properly but I could see that her glasses were still on her head. I don't know how she managed to find her way back to where she was sitting without her glasses on!

I saw her later on as we were leaving and she was coming towards us, probably to go to the bar again. This time she was wearing her glasses on her face. She was fairly attractive too.

John 31 Dec 2016, 03:58

Three bifocal sightings in London yesterday.

First, a teenage girl with her family on a train, she wore her plus bifocal glasses on the top of her head. She did wear them for about 30 seconds looking at her phone. But then returned them to the top of her head for more texting.

Second, in a lunchtime pub, a group of 5 mid-twenties playing charades. One of the females, short brown hair, slim wore fairly strongish plus lenses, probably around +5. When it was her turn to read the card for the next charade, she swapped those glasses for a pair with a single much more powerful lens in one eye and a bifocal lens in the other. Once she had finished reading, she swapped back to the original bifocals.

Finally, a boy of about 9 or 10; he had -2 ish glasses but the bifocal reading section was very strong. Interestingly, he spent the time on the tube looking over the top of his glasses to read the list of stations in the tube.

Murky 30 Dec 2016, 00:28

Thanks Tom.yes.after a few years practice, I find it easy to engage, when the moment is right, need some eye contact, so I get into a frontal position, open quickly, and have a follow up sentence ready.

Best is when we both are fixed, either in a queue, sitting at a meal table,or watching the same event. Supermarkets are good, as all are wearing them to read labels.

But, they need to be specs that she has thought about, not black acetate shiny onion rings, $15 at the discount store, ugh! No comment..

Versace, Prada, Dior Mui Mui ( oh how I adore them) never fail to impress.

Its good to wear something smart yourself, I have purple Versace frames( $250 on there net) to impress, and often get,"I like yours too!"in reply.

Last week, supermarket, gorgeous 18 yo with iridescent blue slight cat eye half rimmed nose pads; Dior, low minus (way less than 1, about 0.5 I guess), and clearly new, as so low minus is not necessary in the supermarket ( or anywhere else really). She has been told to wear them maybe, or liked the Fashion accessory.

She is reading the label on Tomato sauce bottles , here goes

"Checking for sugar content Eh? I venture

How did you guess?

Its times like this we glasses wearers are better equipped, I think they write it so small so most can't read it! But we can..

I can read it without my glasses, they are new last week.

Thats interesting, are you short or long sighted

Not sure, the eye doctor didn't say, just said I would see better, and be safer if I wore glasses all the time.

Is there better vision with then on... ( this is getting exciting)

Not sure, I think the street signs are a bit clearer, my Mum got me tested and paid for them, and she wants me to wear them.

What did your Mum notice?

Nothing really, but I am off to University next year, and Mum though it best to get checked, I did not want to go, but Dad said its probably worthwhile to find out, as he is a medical Doctor.

What does your boyfriend think of them?

He is not too sure, he came to the shop and helped mum choose them.

( Busting to ask whether she has sex with them on, but, more cool)

Oh well I think you look smashing, they suit you well, and I wish you lifelong happiness as a glasses wearer, welcome to our world.

Thanks, nice chatting to you, "bye..


Cubicle 29 Dec 2016, 10:07

No chances of pictures. Anyway some of her colleagues make fun of her saying things like "oh but she has her glasses in her hand".

On an unrelated side, I went ice skating. It was pretty crowded. At some point a middle aged woman falls and glasses fly away. Everybody says "The glasses! The glasses!". She quickly retrieves them. Very low minus. No harm done.

There were some cute young women in skirts and thick glasses (plus or minus) though, all of them pushing their glasses up constantly and having their butts protruding in fear of losing them or falling.

Very nice !

Puffin 28 Dec 2016, 06:25


Your subway sighting is very similar to one I saw last year, woman of similar age, I think plus 9 or 10 (?) looking down at the doorway and picking her way carefully aboard.

limited field of view again.

Likelenses 27 Dec 2016, 17:33


Any chance of getting a photo of them on the desk,and posting it.

Likelenses 27 Dec 2016, 17:30


You need to get to know her,and get the scoop on her vision / glasses,and please relay the info here.

Tom 27 Dec 2016, 17:19

Murky, great experiences, thanks for sharing with us.

I now always try to have the owner's consent when trying on specs. I am quite positively surprised at how much ladies appreciate my commenting on their good looking glasses, and are most happy to let me try them on... Some time ago I did not dare to engage in a conversion with a stranger about her eyeglasses.

But I have experienced so many positive reactions lately, and glasses are being looked at as an accessoire increasingly often. It is quite amazing how many pairs of sexy specs, owned by stunning ladies. I was able to hold and/or try on since. As both the owner and myself are happy, why not?

I must admit I sometimes tried on glasses without the owner knowing/agreeing I was doing so, but it never became a sour story. I always ask myself afterwards why I could not resist the temptation, but that's probably what a fetish is about... Fingers crossed.

Cubicle 27 Dec 2016, 10:01


Yes, she leaves her glasses at her desk most of the time. She then walks with a soft soft gaze. She wears them only to read someone else's screen or her own.

She can see certainly well enough to go around it seems.

Eyestein 27 Dec 2016, 08:37

Just a further thought on the subject of the plano-concave on one side. I have seen a pair of glasses with a prismatic dish in the front of one lens. Obviously it was for a serious amount of astigmatism. So flatness on the front might in some cases reduce the amount of cylinder required at the back geometry of the lens. So the high myopic asian girl I saw might have had high astigmatism in one eye.

Eyestein 27 Dec 2016, 07:52


Do you mean every time she walks away from her desk she leaves her glasses behind? That's something I would like to see. It's very likely that everything more than a foot away is blurred. She must have memorized the floor plan well.

Eyestein 27 Dec 2016, 07:39

@Puffin and Likelenses

I couldn't really estimate the Rx. It might have been near -10 on the flatfronted side which I think was the strongest. It wasn't the first time I have seen one only flatfronted lens on a young person. I have also seen obviously unbalanced Rx's where both lenses were the more common divergent meniscus. So I am not sure of the reason for just one flat front. It might have something to do equalizing image sizes where the difference in lens strength is large.

murky 26 Dec 2016, 22:27

At thew airport, GWGs everywhere, but alas, I faIL TO find a contact point, but as i move to my aisle seat, there in the middle seat, a trendy, classily dressed 35 wish lady with a stunning pair of acetate multicoloured specs, about +1 to + 2, no add.

I take my seat, admiring to sinusoidal side arms, encrusted with small glowing glass stones, multicoloured.

Her daughter ( probably) is sitting on the window seat, so is hard to find a point where conversation can begin.

Its a short 50 min flight, and soon we are preparing to land, and she takes the off, briefly sitting on the tray, whilst she grovels for the case in her bag underfoot

" beautiful glasses" I exclaim

Oh you like them...

Yes quite exquisite, where did you get them ?

In Japan, we are on our way home.

Can I see there brand?

Yes, but there is none

Thats unusual.... I venture

Its what I liked, along with the adorable colours, thank you for noticing..

Back to her daughter, and the specs go into a case, and to the handbag.

Landed, goodbye.. why don't hype ropes with beautiful glasses leave then on? Hiding them in a spec case is churlish

Cubicle 26 Dec 2016, 14:44

New girl at work, brunette, sexy legs always in tights and skirt. Decent boobs. Wears thick black plastic frame with strong flat front minus glasses. Or rather wears them only at her desk and squints like crazy the rest of the time. No heels though. Reminds me of an ex girlfriend.

Brett 26 Dec 2016, 14:43

@Mike: That is a great Rx your Girlfriend has, you are very lucky. You should be able, online to get aspheric or flat lenses. Just curious does she wear progressives or bifocals?

Cubicle 26 Dec 2016, 14:39

The other day I saw a cute 20 something blonde in the subway. She was sporting very very thick plus lenses. She must have had a very small field of vision (tunnel vision) because she exaggerated lifting her foot a lot to get in and off the car. She could use her phone just right though.

In boots and a skirt.

Mike  26 Dec 2016, 01:39

My girlfriend is R -6.25 -2.50 180 L -4.25 -2.00 180 ADD 2.00 could we order flat front lens for her she is 24years old

murky 25 Dec 2016, 23:04

Thanks Tom, I love those temptations and borrow episodes, I was at the hairdresser, and when I went to pay there right in front of me, a gorgeous pair of Prada, black cat eye gasses, with gleaming gold side arms,looks about +1 or 2, obviously discretionary glasses of on of the hairdressers,they did not belong to the cashier, and sat there so i just put them on,immediately felt aroused,as the distance prescription was about right. she handed me my change, and I went to walk out , while she still fiddled with the computer ( as they do these days), my own specs were still looped in my jumper, from there haircut, it was that easy, so after a minute of pure joy walking the street,, I returned, and apologised to the cashier,

'I seem to have picked up someones specs,sorry"replacing them on the counter.

"Oh they are Karens, she only got them last week, she is on a break, thanks "

Puffin 25 Dec 2016, 04:08


I've seen glasses with one flat lens before, on an older woman in IKEA once.

It's little odd because you get all that flashing but from one lens only.

I'm not sure it's worth it for just a little less thickness on one side, which from most angles is invisible.

Likelenses 24 Dec 2016, 23:57


Interesting that only one lense was flat front.Could you estimate the power of either of her lenses?

Eyestein 24 Dec 2016, 18:39

An very affectionate young Asian couple were waiting at a bus stop. They would have been in their late teens or early twenties. The girl was wearing very strong glasses. One of her lenses was flat-fronted. It flashed light around like a mirror. She was as horny as hell and seemed to be oblivious to any onlookers standing around. He seemed less enthusiastic but I think he was more conscious of the public exposure. She took her glasses off very briefly. I mean for about two seconds! I am not sure why she did that. She actually put them back on before landing her lips on him again. It might have been intended a sexy gesture to take off the only thing she could take off in the situation. It might have taken her only two seconds to decide she needed to leave her glasses on.

Tom 23 Dec 2016, 15:39

Went to an electronics repair shop today, had to take a seat as the two sellers/technicians were helping other clients already. A lady in her mid forties then entered the shop, looked around, and quickly realized she also had to take a seat (next to me) and wait for her turn.

She was quite slender, nice haircut with blonde hair just above her shoulder, and wearing very flashy slender barbie pink plastic frames with noticeable minus prescription. It did not take long before she started complaining to me about the waiting time, her car being parked off-limits, problems she had with her phone,... She just kept talking and I did not have to say much as she changed subject every minute herself. I had noticed she was carrying a Pearle Vision bag with her, so I decided to compliment her about her choice of pink frames (which suited her really well) and asked whether those were Pearle Vision. She was charmed by my comment, and told me yes indeed she had just picked up those new frames, as she had used a buy-1-get-2 promotion last week and, because of the good deal, she had chosen for a bolder color. She kept talking and explained how she was now using glasses more and more as an accessoire, to match outfits, look different on different occasions,... I asked whether she was happy with the lenses also, suggesting they were somewhat stronger, and enquiring about how shz felt about Pearle quality of the lenses. She agreed it was key to a good a pair of glasses, especially because she was -5.5, did want slim lenses, and this was her first time with Perale.

Given her ease to talk to a stranger, I asked whether I could have a closer look at her frames because I (truly) liked them and would enjoy my partner also picking a flashier color. She said waow you really like them, took off her specs, handed them over to me and asked what I thought of them. I inspected her glasses from different angles, insisted I wanted to be very careful as they were brand new, and then handed them back saying they looked great for a 79 EUR frame including lenses. She laughed, put them on, said now she could see again, ans said my comments were a relief to her as she would see friends over lunch and was not sure whi they would react to her pink frames. We continued to chat about diffrent subjects, but what a great lady!

Londoner 19 Dec 2016, 10:55

Sitting in a Charity Christmas Concert. Amazed by the number of women of all ages wearing glasses - significantly over 50%.

As you would expect the older ones are mainly plus, mostly readers, though a lot stayed on during the interval, but a couple of stronger plus included - definitely long term wearers. Also one 10 yr old with a strongish plus prescription. A few young low plus as well.

The younger portion of the audience are mostly myopes, but surprisingly most in this group have quite significant prescriptions - few low minus. One or two close to double figures including the young mum (30ish) with baby in front of me who is wearing small metal frames with serious cut in.

A good concert!

Tom1 15 Dec 2016, 15:18

Intriguing sighting yesterday at a working meeting abroad. I was introduced to a new member of the local team, a nice and young engineer around her mid 30. Immediately wondering if she had perfect vision or not, but no glasses on her eyes or around her, no squinting, so I concluded she must lack that nice plus that a vision defect represent for me, although she was quite cute.

At a certain point she wanted to see a document I was preparing and came close to my laptop screen. After a short chat on technical stuff, I found myself looking straight into her brown eyes and.... bingo! She had contacts!!!

I look forward to meeting her again in the future (our teams meet about every 2 months) and I hope to have opportunity to see her bespectacled or at least to enter into a vision related conversation to discover her prescription!

gwgs 01 Dec 2016, 02:21

Interesting sighting on the way home yesterday of a bit of glasses sharing. Three young girls (probably 18-20 years old), two brunettes, and one stylish black girl walking down the road, I could see from behind that one of them was wearing gold aviator glasses with myopic / short sighted lenses. Nothing unusual there one thinks!

As I walked along they greet their friend who is further down the street walking towards them, as they get within a few feet of her, the young brunette takes off the aviator glasses and passes them over to her trendy black friend who upon putting on her (?) glasses hugs her friend and they walk the other way from which I was going.

I wonder who the glasses belonged to originally, I suspect the latter, the large gold aviators went very well with her dark skin, but I wonder how well the brunette saw with her friends glasses and for how long she was wearing them, or was it the other way round? Anyhow, an interesting sighting.

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