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Sightings of people wearing glasses with corrective lenses.

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Soundmanpt 19 Oct 2017, 14:09


Thanks for posting that. Shes not bad. Not the best looking aviator style glasses shes wearing.

Gordon 19 Oct 2017, 10:25


Michaela Wain is the most interesting bespectacled candidate. Check out these aviators! What do you think?

Soundmanpt 19 Oct 2017, 08:43


The US version of the Apprentice was canceled last year due to poor ratings. Can you post some of the pictures of the women that are on the that wear glasses.

Carrie 18 Oct 2017, 10:28

The next episode of the UK version of The Apprentice is on BBC1 tonight. Around half of the participants wear glasses. Roughly the same number with both the men and the women. The women's glasses are fairly normal looking and so are most of the men's. But one of the men has some round glasses that make him look like a cross between Harry Potter and a Minon!😅

Tom 16 Oct 2017, 05:18

I was standing along the football pitch last weekend, watching my son play a game. It didnít take long before I noticed a soccer mom standing 20m further down the side line, talking to another woman. I saw how the sun reflected in her glasses, and I eased my way closer to her. To me delight she wore my all-time favorite Chanel 3221Q frames, those in which Emma Watson looked so exquisitely cute.

I noticed her lenses had sizeable minus prescription were still remarkably thin. I was clear from her overall classy appearance that she could afford not only the expensive frames, but also the thinner high-index lenses.

She really made my day when she took off her glasses, held them with both hands 40cm from her face up in the air, blew on the lenses, and squinting hard she was trying to find the small smear or bit of dust that clearly bothered her. She then patiently rubbed her lenses with a tip of her scarf, put them back on, adjusted them other nose, but they came off again. The same ritual was done two more times before she was happy with the clarity of the lenses. I the meanwhile she didnít stop talking to her friend besides her, who didnít seem to have any interest in glasses or vision, and tried all the time to continue to follow the game, which treated me to several great squints.

She had her hair in a tight pony tail, which allowed for a great view onto the full length of the delicately ornate temples of her glasses. Quite an afternoon I must say!

Soundmanpt 14 Oct 2017, 10:37


I'm no expert on the matter and I never had kids but I think it's because baby's have small hands so they can't really grab onto your face but glasses are much easier to grab onto. Also they could be attracted to the shinyness of glasses as well. You and Gemma were quite smart in taking your glasses off before holding her baby. I get the idea you may have already experienced having a baby grab your glasses off your face before which is why you knew to take them off this time?

Carrie 13 Oct 2017, 14:31


She had them on the top of her head and then put them on the table when she picked her baby up. I don't know how much she actually needs them, that was all she said. She didn't use them when we were there.

I meant to also say in my last post that Gemma did the same as me when she cuddled the baby. She wasn't going to risk her glasses with a baby that doesn't seem to like seeing them on people's faces!😃

Miku 12 Oct 2017, 16:05


That is such an interesting story. Sometimes it happens to discover such things and at times, I am the subject of such a discovery myself.

May I ask how you ended up discovering that your friend is a glasses wearer? And any idea, how much she actually needs them for fine print? Could it be that she can read just fine without any correction, but feels her eyes straining? That's pretty much my case and I have a stronger RX than what you estimated she does.



Cubicle 12 Oct 2017, 11:21

The other day in the subway I saw a beautiful young woman. Late 20s, long brown hair, beautiful face and big black plastic glasses. The lenses were at least -12. Lots and lots of cut-in.

I wanted to ask her out and try them on but she was with a guy.

Carrie 12 Oct 2017, 00:09

I've just discovered that one of my friends has worn glasses for reading since she was 15. She is now 30 and I've never seen her wear them until now despite knowing her for at least 5 years! She said she only wears them for looking at very fine print or long periods of reading and still has the same prescription as her first glasses. At her last eye test, a few weeks ago, she asked about ready made reading glasses. She was told that they would be fine for short periods but should wear prescription glasses for longer periods because of the slight difference between each eye. She uses a cheap pair of ready made glasses if she is holding her baby daughter because her daughter likes to try to grab glasses and managed to break her previous pair of prescription glasses! I wanted to cuddle my friend's baby so I gave my glasses to Gemma for safe keeping.(Neither Gemma or I want kids, either adopted or via a sperm donor and pregnancy, but other people's kids are fine for short periods especially when they are as cute as this friend's baby)

My friend's glasses looked around +1 or +1.50 (she didn't say and I didn't ask).

Tom 28 Sep 2017, 11:37

Walked to my car after a meeting this late afternoon, the pavement next a cobblestone street with tram tracks imbedded. I saw how a young woman tried to cross the tracks while riding her bike, but her front wheel got stuck, and she fell off her bike. Luckily she didn't really hurt herself, and there were no cars or trams at that very moment. I helped her to get up and recover her bike, satchel, and handbag together with another pedestrian.

While doing so, I also noticed a pair of bright red glasses on the street next to her bike. I picked them up and handed them back to her. She took them and was very thankful they were not broken (probably because the frames were of a thicker plastic, and I guess polycarbonate lenses). She told us she hadn't even noticed she had lost them while falling. Indeed, the lenses didn't seem to have very strong prescription, but she put them on again before resuming her ride.

Carrie 19 Sep 2017, 10:58

I'm too short to use my knees to hurt a man in the right place but I can punch or even squeeze very hard to cause pain!

Soundmanpt 18 Sep 2017, 16:58


I really hope that Swap was only having some sort of weird dream and he didn't really take that girls glasses and pop out one of her lenses and made her go without it overnight or that he broke off the temples of her glasses.

I'm sure he would have been extremely sorry if he had ever tried attempted to even take your glasses from your face without your approval let alone start to pop out a lens from your glasses. I'm thinking your knee could do major damage if you kneed him in a certain spot.I think there is probably only a few people you would allow to remove your glasses.

Yeti 18 Sep 2017, 04:06

Dear Friends,

did anybody have a chance to travel in Taiwan and check if there's a lot of high myopic people there as it's reported ?

Just thinking about travel destination :)


Weirdeyes 17 Sep 2017, 17:41

I think Swap is just a pathetic virgin making up dumb stories.

Carrie 17 Sep 2017, 17:29

I don't know if situations described by Swap and Swap Supporter are real but if someone did that to me they would regret it! Luckily for me I am not helpless without glasses, so if someone did take my glasses and didn't give them back or deliberately broke them I would still be able to see them to hurt them enough to make them give my glasses back. I may be petite but I am not weak and have been told that I get quite scary when I get really angry.

I don't mind friends or family taking my glasses for a short time for a joke as I know I will get my glasses back fairly soon and in one piece.

Sick  17 Sep 2017, 14:22

You guys are sick !

swap supporter 17 Sep 2017, 10:39

swap bravo! i fully support you and understand why you did that. but i think you gave up too quickly. i did this once before, but i was not sure the woman would see me for another date. so i popped out of the thick lenses and put it in my pocket. i gave her back her glasses and said tomorrow when we date i will give it back. the next date when i said i would give the lens back, she told me she struggled alot trying to see through one lens. how difficult it was because her blurry eye kept trying to take over and gave her headaches because of the large difference in vision between both eyes. i told her i can fix that. so i took her glasses and put her lens back in. but just before i gavbe them to her, i broke both arms off her glasses. she was really in tears, but it was an incredible sexual moment watching her struggle from that point on. omg one of the best incredible sexual rushs i ever had.

unfortunately she did not call me for another date. which makes no sense because i exposed her eyes to the way she should be seeing.

Plus Tony 16 Sep 2017, 07:45


I agree. If it isn't made up it is more or less abuse. If I did that to any of my glasses wearing friends never mind someone I'd just met I think I might expect a kick somewhere painful.

Weirdeyes 16 Sep 2017, 06:24


I think he did. Sounds like a fantasy a guy who has no guts to approach a girl would make up.

Puffin 16 Sep 2017, 05:46

Swap, I hope you made that up.

 15 Sep 2017, 20:34

add yet ANOTHER jerk to the increasingly overflowing stack of creepy eyescene stalkers!

Slit 14 Sep 2017, 04:53

Swap -> Idiot!

murky 14 Sep 2017, 00:16

Plus Tony has a point, there is so much close work, these days, that the latent hyperope has been eliminated, even see youg (mostly) girls with +1.5 or less, who could happily manage till early forties, noe wear specs, but the big draw is that th ehigh fashion houses have produced a must have ( and wear) product to the delight of us O-O s

NNVisitor 13 Sep 2017, 21:10

swap You're a complete asshole. It's too bad that she didn't learn Krav Magna before meeting you. If she had you would have been the one doing the crying.

swap 13 Sep 2017, 20:34

Yesterday I met a girl we had been chatting for long... She was tall beautiful, wore thick glasses prescription -9.5 for both eyes.. In India girls don't prefer glasses. She also don't like them.. But she had no choice.. We went for juice shop. She was really beautiful.. We just sat there.. And I gently removed her glasses. She said give me back please.. I said you are fine without them.. Then I asked her to order something she complained she couldn't read well without glasses.. I placed her glasses on her nose ... And let her order and again I removed them.. She was little bit uncomfortable..... We talked many things... Finally on leaving she asked me return her glasses... I said I will keep them with me and return you tomorrow... She was visibly on the verge of cry... She said how can spend a day without them it's impossible.. Give me back please.. I placed glasses back on nose and we left from there....

Plus Tony 11 Sep 2017, 11:54


Interesting sighting. I don't know whether it is just because we notice these things more but I have a feeling there are more full time low plus wearers than there used to be (probably because we all live on our phones these days).

I wonder if opticians (the ones that actually give proper guidance that is) have started to change their advice. It probably makes sense for a teenager who is a little bit longsighted and lives the whole of his/her life through their phone just to leave their specs on rather than taking them on and off like a yoyo.

Carrie 11 Sep 2017, 05:23

I've just noticed that auto correct has changed "walk to work" to "walk to school"!😄 Obviously it should say work.

Carrie 11 Sep 2017, 05:19

I was in town on Saturday and I saw a girl, who was probably late teens or very early 20s, wearing some dark plastic frames that I initially presumed were fake but turned out not to be. From what I could work out she had just been to the opticians to pick up her glasses and she had just met up with the bunch of friends that she was with when I saw her. Her friends were very complimentary and also wanted to try the glasses on. One of her friends said she felt dizzy with the glasses on, another just said everything was blurry with them on and another noticed that they magnified things like her mum's reading glasses did but a bit more. That last friend handed the glasses back to their owner asking if they were reading glasses. The original girl said she it was recommended that she wore them all the time. Unfortunately I couldn't get to hear any more of what they were saying as they moved off but I did manage to get a quick look at the new glasses wearer as the group walked past me. It was difficult to work out how strong her prescription was but I would guess between +1 and +2. I couldn't tell if there was any astigmatism or prism correction.

A regular sighting for me has changed her look. There's a woman I quite often see waiting at a bus stop as I walk to school. Before her new look she reminded me of the singer Carly Rae Jepson with glasses (Here's a pic of CRJ with glasses on ) The woman has an attractive smiley face and used to have a similar low straight fringe to CRJ and her glasses were similar to the ones in the photo. The woman has a new haircut which looks very nice on her. The fringe has gone and she has new glasses. Thanks to the new haircut and the new larger glasses I saw that she has a mild minus prescription. It might be minus with astigmatism or just astigmatism correction because of the distortion I can see behind her through her glasses. We always say hello to each other even though we don't know each other so I have been able to get a few good looks. Her old glasses and hair style prevented me getting a look to see what sort of prescription she had so I can't compare her old and new prescriptions.

Plus Tony 10 Sep 2017, 11:29

Kang R. Rue

No I am neither creepy nor a stalker. People who 'know' me on here would perhaps agree that like many of them I have an obsession with glasses (and the subject of hyperopia in particular) but where I come from observing things that are going on in a public place is quite a normal activity and discussing them on this board is a thing that we do.

Thanks for your feedback but unless you have something constructive to contribute I would advise you to hop along.

Kang R. Rue 10 Sep 2017, 03:05

omg mate you are quite an obsessive creepy stalker. you should really seek professional help!

Plus Tony 08 Sep 2017, 12:52

Continued from previous post...

Although I was running out of time, I walked in that direction and although I didn't hear everything it was obvious that she was talking to whoever had been with her when she had her eye test and picked the frames. It also became clear that the dispenser who had fitted her glasses was not the same person who had served her when she picked her frames. I've tried to recall as much of the one-sided conversation as I can although it was obvious that whoever was on the other end of the phone was not filling her with confidence. I don't know but suspect it may have been her mother...

"Honestly she was lovely...said I'd picked well. The only thing is... I'm not allowed to take them off... except in bed or the shower. Did you know that? I don't remember them saying anything about that before"

pause while the other person replied...

"What? No. I'm serious. That's what she said. Straight away when I get up" ...

"Yeah it was a bit of a shocker but she looked like she knew what she was on about"...

"Yeah she was. I do like how they look. She said glasses were an upgrade."...

"I think so. I don't think it works like that"...

"Yeah, every day."...

"All day, yeah permanent"...

"Heavy? Not really. Things look a bit bigger. Good like"...

"Yeah that's the point isn't it"...

"A bit, yeah but its alright"...

[At this point she stubbed out her cigarette and immediately reached into her bag to get another one and carried on talking...]

"Yeah, hang on I'm just lighting a ciggie"...

"Second one, well I'm you know. What? Yeah well its still quite a big thing. A change like."...

"Yeah I know. Not now though. Don't go on"...

"What? Not that many really"

"Course its OK. What have fags got to do with glasses?"...

[Not that I would have said anything anyway it occurred to me that now was not the time for a newly bespectacled and increasingly nervous young woman to hear about the potential effects of long term smoking on the eyes]

"Sarah's always had glasses and she smokes way more than I do...what? and Bethan and Kasia too. Yeah you know the Polish girl at work"...

"I don't think smoking has anything to do with it. Leave it"...

"Beth's 18 now. I don't know but she's had glasses since she was little"

"What? I don't know. About the same time as me probably. I have no idea if her mother knows. It's up to her isn't it?"....

"Yeah, they wear theirs all the time too. At least I'm pretty sure they do. I don't remember seeing them not wearing them "...

"Yeah its just the way it is. I'll just have to get used to it. What?"...

"Yeah she wears glasses too. Eh? No she doesn't smoke. Barry? No he doesn't smoke either."...

"See it has nothing to do with it. Anyway I've got to go and walk round for a bit to make sure everything's all right with the glasses"...

"Yes of course I've got them on. That's what it means"...

"Yes, immediately. Obviously. Right look I'll see you later"...

"Ha bloody ha. I've got to do this"...

"Yes from today. Look I'll see you later"

[At this moment, the dispenser and a male colleague walked out of the opticians but went in opposite directions, the dispenser moving purposefully in the direction of her recent customer, smiling broadly with an unlit cigarette in her hand]

Dispenser "Oh hello again. Everything ok?"

Woman "Yes fine I'm just getting used to things. Sorry I probably shouldn't be smoking should I?"

Dispenser "Well should any of us really? but when I saw you standing here I knew Iíd be able to ask you for a light. I loaned my lighter to a colleague and she isnít back from lunch"

Woman "Oh yes of course. I didnít think youíd be a smoker. It probably isnít good for the eyes is itĒ

Dispenser ďWell it probably isnít good full stop but it isnít why we need to wear glasses just in case thatís what youíre thinking. Iím just going to get a coffee. You can join me if you likeĒ

Woman ďYes why notĒ

Dispenser ďGreat. Then we can go back the shop and make sure everything is OK with those lovely new glasses of yours.Ē

And that was the last I saw of them as they headed off to Costa Coffee puffing away. Although I am a non-smoker and generally disapprove of smoking it occurred to me that the cheerful dispenser and her customerís shared habit was a handy coincidence. After having her confidence in wearing glasses somewhat eroded by whoever was on the phone I have no doubt that by the time theyíd finished their coffee the woman would be much more confident in her new eyewear and almost certain to follow the dispenserís wise advice to wear her glasses full time. If there were more enthusiastic people like her working at the retail end of the optical profession I canít help thinking there might well be more people who should be wearing specs actually wearing specs! I shall definitely call in for a browse next time Iím in that town.

Plus Tony 08 Sep 2017, 12:21

The second event that I mentioned in my previous post occurred while I was browsing frames in an optician one lunchtime while I was killing time on my way to a work meeting. I've not mentioned the names of the main protagonists involved, just in case, although I've named those mentioned in passing otherwise it wouldn't make sense.

A young woman of about 20ish was sitting waiting to receive what I took to be her first glasses as she wasn't wearing any. The dispenser who was probably in her late 20s and wearing very stylish blue acetate specs came to sit down opposite her carrying a tray containing the woman's new glasses.

Their interaction started in a very unusual way. The dispenser asked the woman what her normal morning routine was. She replied somewhat sheepishly that she usually started with a mug of coffee and a cigarette before going to the bathroom. The dispenser replied "OK we're going to need to make a little change from now on. First thing you need to do every morning, the very first, before you have your caffeine and nicotine is put your glasses on and after that leave them on except when you are in the shower or swimming. Its very important" The woman laughed nervously but did not make any protest and the dispenser then went through the ritual of polishing the lenses before fitting the frames. Then she said, "OK take a look in the mirror before we upgrade to the new you" The dispenser then handed the glasses to the woman who put them straight on and looked again in the mirror. I noticed that the prescription was a mild plus, maybe +1.50 or so and the frames were black plastic with metal sides.

The dispenser continued "You look fantastic don't you think. Your face was made for those glasses" The woman who now had a beaming smile asked her if she really thought so and the dispenser replied that she did before adding "You know it is really important for girls like us who need our glasses all day to look great and you've made an excellent choice. Now how is your vision?"

The woman replied that it was generally fine before commenting that things in the distance weren't 100% sharp (as you'd probably expect). The dispenser gave the standard explanation about getting used to the prescription for a few days and muscles relaxing, not losing a further opportunity to remind her not to take her glasses off. She then checked the fit and made a few adjustments and suggested to the woman that she should go for a walk around for an hour and if possible she should return to check that everything was ok. The woman said that was OK and she left the shop. The dispenser then walked through the shop past me and for the first time I got a good look at her own lenses which were also plus but probably about double the prescription of the ones she had just dispensed. I must admit that as someone who appreciates long sighted ladies it was a very pleasant experience all round.

I thought the dispenser's unorthodox and very friendly style worked really well. She used the perfect tone of voice so that everything she said sounded like confidential advice between a couple of close friends. Not once did the woman who was getting the glasses make any comment or complaint about the suggestion that she should be wearing them all the time... which brings me to the next stage of this happy tale of good customer service.

Unfortunately I had to leave the shop as it was nearly time for my meeting but as I did I noticed the newly bespectacled customer standing a little up the road already half way through smoking a cigarette and talking on her mobile. My first thought was "well she's still wearing them so that is a good start" It then occurred to me that the clever dispenser hadn't given the woman her glasses case (another good move I thought because if the glasses stay on for the first hour...).

To be continued...

Plus Tony 08 Sep 2017, 09:43

Carrie and Soundampt

It is certainly good news that Danielle is moving towards constant wear. It is interesting how views differ about when a plus prescription should be worn full time. Personally I think that, as an adult, if a plus prescription gives you clear vision at all distances glasses should be worn full time.

When I was doing research a little while ago I discovered that broadly the consensus seemed to be that pre-teens with +3.25 and teens with +2.25 or more should be prescribed glasses for full time wear (exceptions being where the child also has astigmatism, alignment issues, potential amblyopia etc. where lower thresholds would apply). However there seems to be very little guidance about adults with low hyperopia who are not presbyopic and the approach seems to vary wildly between different countries. In fact it probably varies wildly depending upon your eye doctor and who dispenses your glasses and the information that you are given at the time your glasses are dispensed. Fortunately when I first got glasses the dispenser was very clear that it was a distance prescription for general wear rather than reading glasses and although I was not told to wear them all the time I did anyway and when I had my second test it was suggested that I should (even though my prescription hadn't changed).

Two things recently reinforced my view that slightly long sighted adults benefit from full time glasses. I was at a social event a few weeks ago where I was introduced to a friend of a friend who is an Optometrist. She was a lady in her mid 30s who was wearing glasses with a mild prescription (no more than +2). After a while we got on to talking about glasses and I asked her what criteria she used to advise people about when to wear their specs. She told me that for adults with hyperopia she always explained that the prescription was for all distances and that usually if the patient had more than +1.00 she would encourage full time wear just as she would with short sighted people. She also mentioned how irritating it is when patients complain of headaches at their eye tests when they arrive not wearing the glasses that they have previously been prescribed. I was really encouraged by her attitude and the fact that unlike so many British optometrists she actually tells her patients how they should be using their glasses. Although her practice is some distance from my home I am tempted to go to her for my next eye test which is due at the end of the month.

I'll talk about the second incident in another post.

Soundmanpt 05 Sep 2017, 12:44


Oops! I was a bit off in my thinking that Danielle and you had about the same prescription. Her glasses are considerably weaker than yours. But still enough that she needs to be wearing her glasses full time. Her Facebook post really says it all. Yes when her glasses were weaker and her eyes were stronger she was able to see pretty well without her glasses except for reading and while at work. But her eyes were still changing and she was needing her glasses more and more often and her glasses got a little stronger as well. It wasn't that long ago that she was still able to drive without glasses but she admittedly needs her glasses to drive now as well as watching TV It was bound to happen because her eye were getting more and more used to seeing with her glasses on. Just by wearing them at work was making a big difference in her need for glasses. I'm sure at work she wasn't taking her glasses off every tiem she looked up from doing close work to see something in the distance. At first when she did that things were slightly blurry for her and out of focus. B ut the more she wore her glasses the clearer everything started to get with her glasses on. Now since she was able to distances with her glasses she stopped taking them off while at work because it was easier to just keep them on all day at work. But after wearing her glasses for 8 - 10 hours a day at work taking her glasses off to drive home was far more difficult because her eyes were fully adjusted to not only seeing things close up at work but also things at a distance as well.No wonder she was told to start wearing her glasses for driving.She knows she now needs her glasses to drive because she can't see well enough anymore without them to drive safely. I'm just glad that she isn't in denial. Her worst fears are now true she is now dependent on her glasses to see clearly. You have always wanted Danielle to wear her glasses full time. I don't think you will see Danielle without her glasses anymore except she takes them off to clean them. She seems to be reluctantly accepting that she can't see well enough without glasses anymore. I have a feeling Vickie is thrilled that her mate is now wearing glasses full time because we know Vickie has a glasses fetish as much as you if not more.

Carrie 01 Sep 2017, 17:31

Soundmanpt - Danielle's prescription is around +2.00 with no astigmatism and my prescription is L+3.25 and R+3.75 and -0.50 L&R for astigmatism, so a bit stronger than Danielle's.

One of the comments on Danielle's Facebook post asked her about her eyesight including if she is Long Sighted or Short Sighted. Danielle replied "I am long sighted. I used to only need glasses for reading and work but then I found I needed them for driving and watching tv. I have to admit that putting my glasses on does making everything at all distances sharper (obviously much more noticeable close up). Currently my eyes ache slightly if I don't have my glasses on. As I said, I hope it's just temporary but in the back of my mind I'm thinking it might not be."

Soundmanpt 31 Aug 2017, 13:31


I was just about to head out to clean my garage when I saw your post. So of course I am looking for every reason possible to avoid doing that.

Glad to hear that your work colleague got nicer looking glasses. Nice to her that she is considering wearing her glasses more often. Maybe she has gotten enough complements on her looks wearing glasses to cause her to think about it more? It does sound like her new glasses must be fairly close to your manager's glasses she was borrowing.

I think Danielle has finally decided that she really can't see well enough anymore to go without glasses or contacts. Her eyes get tired because without her glasses she is straining constantly to see anything. Now that her eyes are fully adjusted to her glasses she knows that when she takes her glasses off now everything is more blurry than it was before. If she has been wearing her glasses as she says "constantly for the past few weeks" she may not want to admit it but she is now dependent on her glasses even though that was what she didn't want to happen to her. it won't be a temporary situation for her. If I recall you and her have about the same prescription so I know you consider yourself dependent on your glasses. So she needs her glasses as much as you need yours and you know how much you need your glasses. She needs a kind word from a friend. Since she posted that on Facebook you might want to console her by letting her know how attractive she is wearing glasses and that wearing glasses really isn't a bad thing at all.

Carrie 31 Aug 2017, 11:16


I've been busy too!😀 To answer your question her new glasses are better. She got nicer ones as she has to wear them instead of her contacts for a few weeks. She said she actually likes how she looks in them so might not wear her contacts as much. Her glasses were the same prescription as her contacts. She first got glasses for for distances at about 15. She got contacts a couple of years later when her prescription went up. She hadn't realised her sight had changed so much since then. She doesn't know her new prescription but thinks it must be close to the prescription in our manager's computer glasses as they felt similar to look through at first but she is used to them now.

My friend Danielle has been wearing her glasses every time I have seen her recently but I haven't said anything to her. Yesterday on her Facebook page she wrote "Been wearing my glasses constantly for the last few weeks as it's the only way to relieve tired eyes. I blame working too hard for the tired eyes. Hopefully it's a temporary situation!" So it looks like she has gone full time, for now anyway. I would guess that she is annoyed by this and would avoid wearing her glasses if she could.

Soundmanpt 30 Aug 2017, 17:09


I intended to comment to you and got busy and totally forgot. Anyway I know you said that her previous glasses were "rather basic" and you didn't think they did anything for her. So does her new glasses look any better or still not a good look for her? You said her new glasses are noticeably stronger than her previous glasses. If she's like most she likely only upgrades her contacts every year since she normally only wears contacts and doesn't bother upgrading her glasses. So her glasses could be 2 or 3 prescriptions weaker than her contacts. You should maybe tell her about ordering her glasses on line. She might appreciate that. Besides you know you love getting into a conversation about glasses.

Carrie 22 Aug 2017, 23:15

My colleague that had the contact lens problem a couple of weeks ago has got some new glasses now. I could tell just by looking that the prescription was stronger than her old glasses. She said they were stronger and she's still getting used to them as everything is super HD clear. Her prescription was "bumped up quite a bit" but can't remember it. She was advised to stick to glasses for a bit longer to ensure her eye has healed fully and to get used to the new prescription. Her new glasses look to be a similar prescription to our manager's glasses that she leant my colleague on the day of the contact problem.

NNVisitor 20 Aug 2017, 23:50


Interesting observations. Some people have a natural tendency to be introverted and shy. Introverts usually don't talk about their feelings and if wearing glasses say nothing about them. This is especially true if their glasses are strong.

Extroverted girls often pick brighter colored more stylish and more noticeable clothes. They are more likely to wear revealing tops and sexy clothes. Some wear very stylish glasses. They are more likely to talk about their glasses or even their vision. If they are self conscious about wearing glasses or wearing thick glasses then very likely wearing contact lenses.

Being self conscious about wearing strong glasses has more to do about their personality and past experiences such as mean comments or teasing about their glasses. This applies no matter what their race is.

In the Chinese community many people have myopia thus many glasses wearers. Among Caucasians in some families everyone or most of them wear glasses. This usually makes wearing glasses quite normal and acceptable.

I've noticed in the Chinese and Korean communities sometimes there are groups of young people all wearing black plastic frames. A lot of other young Chinese particularly young women wearing very stylish expensive eyeglass frames of different colors or multi coloured.

Among Caucasian young women and girls some wear bright colored frames. Usually plastic ones. Brown is also a popular color both among Chinese women and even more popular among Caucasian young women plastic frames of course. Also some with metal frames but most prefer plastic or are just wearing contact lenses.

Anything above -10 to -12 myopia correction is a very rare sighting. I guess most with very strong glasses are self conscious and wearing contact lenses. That's true no matter what race they are.

I am an introvert with a strong prescription so my glasses frames are more subdued. I'd never ever wear bright colored frames. Typically when out of my home I'm wearing contact lenses. Just once in a while I go out wearing my glasses. At home sure I'll wear my glasses a lot. I think a lot of people are like me in this respect.

281 20 Aug 2017, 13:06

Girls in their twenties wearing corrective glasses are more commonly found in those "small, local offices". By more common, we can expect entering the front office with a few strong glasses wearers meeting you, the several staff at front office has age not necessarily in the twenties, but they would give you an idea, even the front line girl wears glasses. Usually the front line girls are more "attractive" for normal people. But it was the back office we can find some "beasts" for normal people, that was the paradise of abnormal body shapes, such as obese or lack of body curve , also the extreme glasses loving girls who are usually wearing frames that are much outdated for current trend. Even if there was revival of fashion you can tell their glasses frames that have old metal joints or screws, yellowed nose pads, or rather worn out frames.

The most typical history of these girls was, grew up as obedient child, as a teen they are typically followers who are often shy, family centered, tend to be conservative

281 20 Aug 2017, 06:58


There are girls who are confident for wearing less than 2 or 3 diopters , but finding the look of strong glasses "not desirable" . Such girls can be at 3 diopters at age 15 , maybe 8 diopters at age 20, 10 diopters at age 22 . Despite their reluctance, they either wear contact lenses or reluctantly wearing glasses. They also feel disappointed for the average yearly 1 diopter increase of prescription. Feeling disppointed, can be shy to talk about their change, can be wearing lower rx glasses for example needing minus 10 but wearing minus 8 .

281 20 Aug 2017, 06:44


The majority of Girls wearing strong glasses can be confident "similar to average girls", they choose the same fashionable or colorful clothing and fashionable glasses frames, they can be extraverted and confident girls.

But there are girls reluctantly wearing strong glasses. They can be shy.

Normally the most confident girls are those who wear glasses since childhood , have experience wearing strong glasses or contact lenses before age 15

281 20 Aug 2017, 06:30


I am also shy. I tend to avoid talking about glasses. I dont want those girls know I have obsessions about their glasses or about girls or about miopia. I try to pretend a low profile girl who loves to quietly follow them.

Did I find girls with strong glasses to be shy ? I would rate "slightly shy" on average, but individual difference exists. Girls wearing strong glasses are mostly insecure about losing their eyesight or losing their strong glasses, or insecure about their look wearing their strong glasses.

281 20 Aug 2017, 04:39


I did utilized installed security camera for several occasions.

But most frequently, I used a digital camera. No special settings. I was never skillful.

But after 2015 I stopped my camera sightings practice because I no longer owns such devices. So my camera sightings was my memories of my teens or twenties .

Resulted some snapshots of my university classmates. I love they are quite typical. Not special beauties but they are average age 20 girls.

I thought she had minus 10 and try to take photos.

Other girls who celebrate new year. Happy 2014. As there are about 10 girls I post only two of them now.

Also there was snapshot of the minus 10 from the back 45 degree angle, the thickness of her lenses stick out of her sturdy plastic frame. It was not special for me, it was expected, but it was simply, i loved to snap such sightings in university.

I feel very respectful for their choice of these glasses instead of contact lenses. They often use plain black frames that may be considered cheap. But that was average girls ! You can meet them at university dining halls

NNVisitor 10 Aug 2017, 10:08


Did you make small talk with or make friendships with girls who wore strong glasses? Did you find girls with strong glasses to be more shy?

NNVisitor 10 Aug 2017, 10:04


How did you secretly set up your camera?

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