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Sightings of people wearing glasses with corrective lenses.

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Soundmanpt 23 Jun 2017, 09:54


Sorry to hear that you're having another boring day. But at least you have "eyescene" to make time pass.

I'm sure you're probably right that Danielle for some reason thinks going without her glasses or contacts is keeping her from being completely dependent on vision correction. But really all she is doing is straining her eyes unnecessarily. Like you say once you get to the point where you need your glasses for distances as well as for reading that is when you really need to start wearing your glasses full time. When she was told that she needs to start wearing her glasses when she drives it was because her eyes are no longer able to focus at a distance anymore. So even though they only used driving as the main point they were really telling her that she can't see distances very well anymore without her glasses meaning she needs her glasses for everything from going to concerts, sporting events, the movies, and even watching TV at home. As far as her inability to read without her glasses I don't know if it is maybe due to her being a bit older than you or if it is because of the type of work she does. Her job involves a lot of detailed close work which has no doubt contributed to her need for glasses.

I didn't remember when or for what you wore the contacts for but I just remembered that you had contacts and I didn't think you wore them very often. I can see where working out at the gym would be better wearing contacts rather than glasses for the very reason you mentioned. Honestly the fact that you wore contacts at all surprised me because you were so happy to be a glasses wearing young lady. Funny once you get used to wearing glasses i'm sure you did feel a bit naked without your glasses being on your nose. So getting the strap solved the problem of your glasses sliding down your nose and you were more happy as well.

I also read the stories in "Vision and Spex" I like Zennia's stories even though I am as you know a straight man. I really liked the one she wrote about the band and the girl singer. I enjoyed it because of all my days working with a band which featured several different girl singers over the years. Much of what she wrote about the way bands get along on the road is so very true. I personally enjoy the stories by "nic" I like that his characters seem very real and the prescriptions of the characters is very realistic and not off the charts.

So have fun at work.

Carrie 23 Jun 2017, 04:26

I'm glad my daft joke amused a few people.

I think Danielle just likes to prove to herself that she isn't completely dependent on glasses or contacts which is why she doesn't wear them when she feels she doesn't need to. I would have thought that when you get to the point that you need your glasses for distances as well as reading it would be easier just to go full time. Even though her prescription is weaker than mine she can't read without her glasses any better than I can without mine. I'm guessing it's probably because her accommodation isn't as good as mine possibly due to the fact she is a few years older than me. She would never drive without glasses even though her distance vision isn't too bad but bad enough for her optician to recommend her to do so (she had been wearing her glasses for driving a little while before that eye test as she had discovered it made her eyes feel more comfortable).

The contacts my college friend gave me were comfortable but I didn't wear them for long periods. They were useful for when I went to the gym as my glasses would slip down my nose so I would end up tilting my head back to look through them or take them off completely. So with the contacts I could still see properly when exercising. I can't remember if the contacts expired or if I used them all up but I did get a strap for my glasses so they didn't slip. I just felt naked without glasses on my face.

I have been reading Eyescene but just haven't bothered posting anything. I have been reading a lot of the fantasy stories on Vision and Spex. A lady whose nickname is Zennia is particularly good, not just because her story lines often, but not always, include a lesbian relationship but her writing style just appeals to me.

I'm a bit bored again as I don't start work today until 1pm and it's about 12:25 now. Starting late means finishing late 😣.

Soundmanpt 22 Jun 2017, 10:31


First of all I was wondering where you have been recently? Nice that you're back. Sorry to hear that you're bored.

Yes i guess that does make you a "low plus" both ways.

Danielle has to be wearing her glasses out just by so much taking them on and off and switching between contacts, glasses and sunglasses. The more you take off your glasses and fold them up the looser you make the screws on the hinges. She does seem to be getting closer to full time wear with each passing day. I know she doesn't want to be dependent on her glasses to see but the truth is she really can't see well enough to function without some form of vision correction anymore. Not surprising that her eyes get too dried out wearing contacts in the air conditioning at her work. So maybe she will soon decide that buying contacts is a waste of money. I remember a long while ago your college friend gave you a supply of dailies which was close to your prescription and you never said much about them but I think you did wear them a bit instead of your glasses. Were they comfortable enough to wear? I'm sure it had to feel strange to you not to be wearing your glasses. I doubt that you hardly used any of the contacts because you prefer wearing glasses.

Plus Tony 22 Jun 2017, 09:43


Well it made me laugh (but them I'm also a low plus... in both senses!).

It sounds like little by little Danielle is edging closer to becoming one of us (a full time wearer I mean) however hard she tries to avoid it.

Thanks for bringing a smile to the faces of those of us who are still at work!

Carrie 22 Jun 2017, 07:58

I am short and have hyperopia. Does that mean I am a low plus? Lol 😆😅

Sorry, crap joke. Bored. Finished work early today. Gemma's still at work and so are my friends. It's not even sunny today so I won't bother trying to sunbathe.

At least the last couple of weeks have been good for sightings of prescription sunglasses (it's been very sunny in eastern England and very hot as well over the last few days) I've seen both plus and minus prescriptions. Some prescriptions were probably full time others probably usually part time but a couple were worn be people I know but I didn't know that they wore glasses. A lot of the sightings were customers in the shop who hadn't taken their sunglasses off and the rest out and about.

My friend Danielle mentioned the other day that she can't wear contacts at work on hot days because the air conditioning irritates her eyes. She is probably wearing prescription eyewear for longer periods at the moment than she would in the winter. She has to wear glasses or prescription sunglasses to drive to work, then she will wear her regular glasses when working, then probably changes to prescription sunglasses if she sits outside for lunch. Back to regular glasses after lunch for the rest of the working day. Glasses or prescription sunglasses for the drive home. Then prescription sunglasses for the rest of the evening in her garden or our garden or a pub garden. She does tend to be bare eyed indoors unless reading something or watching tv, so perhaps doesn't wear glasses as much at the weekend just prescription sunglasses when outside.

Brett  21 Jun 2017, 16:34

We are definitely seeing more of the browline frames on the opposite side of the United States as well. It's nice to see those with a high - prescription too kind of cool

Stingray 21 Jun 2017, 13:01

Spent a weekend in New York City, the capital of eyeglass sightings. I found that most of the young women are wearing large totally round glasses, what we used to call "John Lennon" glasses. The other popular style is what are called browline glasses that are plastic on the top and on the temples with a metal round rim and metal bridge. Of course there was the usual sea of black glasses as well.

Brett 21 Jun 2017, 10:33

to ChrisB,

That's a funny sighting you posted about.

murky 20 Jun 2017, 17:39

What a joy to see the return of the larger size frames, with better views of eyes, and more real estate to work patterns on

But why are 80% of frames on "Seen on the web" still black?

How I wish for the return of the whiteb frame , see this gorgeous model

out of stock, and no wonder..

As to sightings

At the farmasy yesterday, getting my prescription, and the counter girl had on large brown 4 sided polygonal glasses,longer along the top, short base, almost triangular, with beautiful plain gold side arms.wide, tapering towards the ear, just gorgeous,slight cateye, worn high on the nose.Exact eyebrow line followed. matching her blouse perfectly I initially could not find my words

"That is a stunning pair of glasses...I venture

Gee thanks..

Had then long?

Nearly 3 months

They look so good, must be fun to wear, matching your blouse.

Hmm .. never thought of it like that. Had glasses since I was 6.

By whom are they made, if you dont mind me asking ( no other clients in the farmasy)

Not sure.. ( now for the delicious bit) takes then off, no maker on the arm, but she looks inside,holds the arm close about 10cm from the eyes.. "D Squared" it says here..Now.. what can I get you?

And so she puts them on again, about -4 I estimate, and we get on with the transaction. Sigh, as I linger at the counter, joyously observing.

chrisB 19 Jun 2017, 14:39

Out visiting a customer on Friday, and there all day, I got chatting to their two pretty receptionists as I went about my meetings.

I noticed the prettier of the two was always swivelling a pair of glasses in her fingers as she spoke on the phone. Passing, I said "don't those work better when they are on your nose?"

'Ohh" she said I should wear them but i keep forgetting.

As I came to leave she was actually wearing them but took them off to sign me out. "no don't take them off" I said and added, "did you not know that 51% of men prefer girls with glasses?" adding 'and many of the remaining 49% are gay anyway. (in parenthesis - apologies to Julian)

'OMG' she said, I never knew that, is it true"

'Yes" I said, "you can google it"

her colleague was laughing , as she said ' Right, I;m never going to be without them now"


chrisB 19 Jun 2017, 14:39

Out visiting a customer on Friday, and there all day, I got chatting to their two pretty receptionists as I went about my meetings.

I noticed the prettier of the two was always swivelling a pair of glasses in her fingers as she spoke on the phone. Passing, I said "don't those work better when they are on your nose?"

'Ohh" she said I should wear them but i keep forgetting.

As I came to leave she was actually wearing them but took them off to sign me out. "no don't take them off" I said and added, "did you not know that 51% of men prefer girls with glasses?" adding 'and many of the remaining 49% are gay anyway. (in parenthesis - apologies to Julian)

'OMG' she said, I never knew that, is it true"

'Yes" I said, "you can google it"

her colleague was laughing , as she said ' Right, I;m never going to be without them now"


Cactus Jack 08 Jun 2017, 10:07

Jack in London,

It would be very difficult, if not impossible to make bifocal biconcave lenses. The best solution would be two pair of glasses with different prescriptions. What you witnessed is how amazingly adaptable human beings are and the indomitable human sprit.


Jack in London 08 Jun 2017, 09:27

Just been on a tube train sitting opposite a red-headed girl with a book on European law held so close to her face that I couldn't see her face.

Even when she turned the pages.

After a few stops, the announcement came for a stop and she put the book down, her glasses were myodisc with both lens faces bic on cave - she quickly removed those and replaced them with another pair of biconcave lenses, put the book in her rucksack and produced a white cane and a small telescope that she placed around her neck.

She was able to exit the station independently but she was met on the road by a few friends who spent ages asking "how did the exam go"

I don't know how strong biconcave myodiscs are, but she seemed as if she had many years of practice travelling.

NNVisitor 07 Jun 2017, 17:30

Earlier today I was out and went to have my lunch that I brought with me. I sat at an unoccupied large table in an indoor public place. While eating and on my IPad two youngish near thirty year old females came and sat down. Across from me and a couple seats over I noticed that the woman who sat down there had very very thick minus glasses. My guess is -19 or in the -20 range. Beautiful plastic frames. Her friend did not wear glasses. I only glanced across once in a while so as not to make her uncomfortable. After five or so minutes she said hello to me and introduced herself.I told her my name and also said hello to her and her friend. She thought she knew me. I've never met her before. We had a chat for a while. She made eye contact during our chat. They left after spending about twenty minutes. Interesting day. I almost never see anyone anymore with such high prescriptions. This day was different.

murky 30 May 2017, 23:59

At the weekend, I visited the liquor store, for some wine, and WOW there behind the counter...about 25 BMI 17, wearing all black, and some gorgeous Dior petite blsack round frames, black sidearms, with a jewel at the articulation.

Quite shiny, and obviously new, without a scrsatch. Prescription looked like small +, probably about 0.5, with a touch of astigmatsm

I buy a bottle, approach the counter,

Wow they are really beautiful glasses, and siut you so well

Gee thanks mr. They help me to see.

Great, and double as a fashion accesssory too, your first pair?

Yes, and I am getting used to them after two weeks.

Where did you get them, as my daughter likes fashionable frames.

Over at the mall, george street, my partner helped pick them for me.

Then, she rings up the wine, and attends to the next customer,, Sigh...

Later, at the homewares store, tow pretty youg things serving, both wearing high fashion specs.

Can I help yopu sir?

No just looking, you have a good sale going

Yes, as you see we are overstocked

Oh, those are beautiful glasses you are wearing, well dome

You could guess that my partner is an optometrist

Then I am so pleased he has not put you up for laser surgery, as you look so good

Thanks I shall be sure to tell him tonight.

Again, black, but full rimmed, slightly square, and set well back on the nose bridge,

close to the eyeball, about -3 to 4 a delightful full timer.

Trent 22 May 2017, 19:49

I went into a drug store to purchase some things and noticed a young lady assisting at the counter. She was wearing rectangular shaped black frames. It was obvious the glasses were high minus because when she walked by I could see the lenses sticking out the back of her frame. Lots of concentric rings, my guess the power was between minus 12 and 14. I made some small talk while paying at the till just to get an extended look.

Carrie 22 May 2017, 12:02

Danielle said that she wears contacts or glasses all day at work is because she needs them more for work than anything else. She kept her contacts in until around 6 on Saturday evening when they began to bother her. We were sitting at a pub table when she put her thumb and finger up to one eye and removed the contact then did the same for the other eye. She blinked a few times then looked quite pleased with herself for getting them out so easily. She held off putting her glasses on until a bit later when she had to read the menu in the pizza restaurant we went to. She took her glasses off after she made her choices and put them upside down on the table. Her glasses stayed there until we ordered dessert then she kept them on. She said she could feel her eyes beginning to ache. She now avoids wearing her glasses as much as possible again after work whether she's been wearing glasses or contacts all day. She thinks she's been wearing her glasses and contacts too much and was getting too reliant on them. She was annoyed with herself for putting the contacts in that morning.

Soundmanpt 20 May 2017, 08:14


Sounds like Danielle has maybe given up on trying to keep from becoming dependent on some form of vision correction. If she's wearing contacts on a daily basis it's the same as wearing her glasses full time. Now after wearing contacts for 10 - 12 hours a day i'm sure that when she takes off her contacts she will be quickly putting on her glasses. She isn't going to be bare eyed anymore I don't think, Her eyesight had gotten bad enough that she not only needed her glasses for seeing close up but even her distance isn't that good anymore. I'm sure that you much prefer seeing her wearing glasses and maybe after a while with messing with contacts she may go back to full time glasses. Also as you know she really shouldn't wear her contacts more than 5 days at time. So she really should wear her glasses the other 2 days each week for good eye health. So the good news there is that it seems that she prefers wearing contacts for work so that could mean she might start wearing her glasses over the weekend which is when you generally see her and Vicky anyway. Speaking of Vicky, how is she getting along with her new glasses?

Okay so it is about 10:15 AM here in the US so I assume in the UK it is around 6:15 PM? Are you and Gemma going out for the evening?

Carrie 20 May 2017, 06:36

Our friend Danielle popped in a short time ago and is going to drive us in to town. Her girlfriend and our friend Vicky is working at the coffee shop today so we'll meet her there.

When Danielle arrived she wasn't wearing her glasses (she often keeps them on for a bit after driving) so I presumed she had taken them off before getting out of her car. A short time later she received a text from Vicky. She read it and replied without her glasses. I asked her how she managed to do that. She said that she was wearing her contacts. She has been wearing them every day this week for work and has already got into a routine since getting her contacts. She wasn't going to wear contacts today but automatically went into the routine this morning and put them in. As they are one day contacts she decided to keep them in rather than waste them.

I asked her how she was getting on with the contacts. She said she was getting on quite well with them and has no trouble putting them in or taking them out now. "Most of the time I can't feel them but after 7 or 8 hours I start to notice them a little bit. After 10 to 12 hours I want to rip them out of my eyes so I always take them out before I get to that stage."she told me.

Crystal Veil 20 May 2017, 03:57


they are not rare in Ireland and Scotland if that is of any use to you. They are rare in the Netherlands. I saw some more in the Mediterranean. In my youth there were many more girls with strong + glasses. This was before contact lenses became available in 1967. There were also quite a few ladies in cataract glasses as IOL implants did not exist either. Most of these ladies gave me the impression of being handicapped by their poor eysight. As a result, they were quite shy when you looked at them.

Tommy 19 May 2017, 04:50

Where are all the ladies who wear high magnification glasses. I would date such a lady in a flash. Those big sexy warm eyes are a turn on. I hope no ladies will be offended. Have fun take good careTommy

Soundmanpt 16 May 2017, 14:13


That would be great if I lived in the UK. Thanks anyway though.

Aubrac 16 May 2017, 09:51

If you are in the UK, the quiz show 'Absolutely Pointless' has had on 15 and 16 May three GWG finalists - and lovely they were - enjoy

Adam 14 May 2017, 15:13

I don't know what happened during the last 2 weeks but I see more and more girls with strong minus glasses, somewhere between -5 and -10. The growing number of people with eye problems is one reason but I think the main reason is that glasses is becoming a fashion again against contacts. I'm very glad to see that they don't want to hide their glasses.

Carrie 12 May 2017, 12:03

The woman we saw last week who's eyes looked a bit bloodshot does wear glasses!

Gemma and I were in the garden of our local pub on Wednesday evening as it was a lovely sunny evening and just about warm enough to sit outside. The woman came in to the garden and sat down at a table near ours joining another woman (a friend of hers it turned out) who was already sitting at the table. The friend did a double take and said "I didn't recognise you at first! The hair! The glasses!" The woman with the glasses explained her new look to her friend. She had got bored of her natural hair colour and decided to go for something completely different and got it cut very short and bleached it. The glasses are new. She had got her eyes tested recently and got a new stronger prescription. It was strongly recommended that she wore her new glasses or contacts as much as possible. She got a contacts trial but her eyes couldn't get used to them despite changing to a different brand and using eye drops. She didn't want to wear glasses but she had actually started liking them now. Her friend asked her what was wrong with her sight. She said she was a bit long sighted and has a bit of astigmatism​. Her friend said that she looked fabulous with glasses. A short time later I went in to the pub to get some more drinks and the woman with the glasses came in a few seconds after me also getting more drinks. As I waited to be served (the person in front was buying several pints including a Guinness which takes ages to pour) I casually looked around and saw that the woman was looking at some local events posters displayed at one side of the bar. This gave me the opportunity to look through her glasses from behind. I could see there was some magnification but she was a lot less long sighted than me and probably a bit less than my friend Danielle. I would guess at between +1 and +2. I could also see the distortion caused by the astigmatism correction. Her prescription didn't seem very strong but I am guessing her eyesight at all distances is affected much more by the astigmatism than the long sightedness.

Her frames were very nice - dark tortoiseshell plastic ones. Quite thin and delicate. Very feminine in total contrast to her hair! I had to stop looking as it was my turn to be served. She got back to her table shortly after I got back to mine. I managed to sneek a few looks at the woman with being noticed but then I got distracted. Gemma had moved even closer to me, any closer and she would have been on my lap, and wanted cuddles and kisses. Obviously I was more than happy to oblige! I don't know how long it had been when I looked around again but the woman and her friend had gone. Bit of a shame but I can't complain when I have a very affectionate and beautiful girlfriend to look at.

Soundmanpt 09 May 2017, 09:23


Okay! Don't be getting any ides. Remember you only want to be a little bit nearsighted. Any idea when you're going to be ordering your glasses and sunglasses?

antonio 08 May 2017, 11:34

Hi OopsI,

just interested: What was sitting on your nose in that bus :-)

Best regards, antonio

oopsI 08 May 2017, 11:15

Today I think I actively noticed the first myodiscs in a real live person. It was an elderly lady in the bus. It surprised me a little, because I rarely see high minus glasses in a person over the age of forty (usually they wear plus lenses or something maybe up to a -5). The glasses looked awesome, as the frames looked very unique, too.

Stingray 08 May 2017, 10:26

I just came back from a trip to Paris a few days ago. I noticed a lot of 20-40 year old women and would say about 6 in 10 were eyeglass wearers. The most popular frame seemed to be tortoise or black frames that were rounded at the bottom and had a key hole bridge. Those were the most prominent frames, though there were the usual Ray Bans and the like as well as 1960's large round metal frames which in my opinion were not too flattering.

Soundmanpt 05 May 2017, 14:41


A couple weeks ago as I was searching for something to watch I came across that new version of Mythbusters you're referring to. Apparently it is or was airing first here in the US? I haven't really looked for it since then but I will start checking the listing for it. Actually when I came across it I was thinking it was a repeat of the original show that knew had went off the air.

The competitor is okay but that scientist, Dr. Tracy Fanara is gorgeous indeed, with and without glasses. So would I be right to assume that she going to be regular on the show? I sure hope so.

Carrie 05 May 2017, 11:47

Just me again!😁 I was watching the UK version of the Discovery Channel when I saw a trailer for a show called Mythbusters:The Search where various scientists and engineers compete to become the new presenter of Mythbusters. The trailer shows each of the competitors. Two of them caught my eye. One of them is called Sarah who has a pleasant face and wears large black plastic framed glasses . The other one to catch my eye is possibly one of the sexiest scientists in the world! After a bit of Googling I discovered she is called Dr Tracy Fanara. I find intelligence sexy so that combined with good looks and a great body is something I like very much. She is also petite - about the same height as me (Yay for us shorties!). She doesn't wear glasses in the trailer but after more Googling I discovered she does wear glasses. Here's a photo of her looking glamorous and wearing glasses and here's a photo of her looking a bit scruffy but equally gorgeous

Carrie 04 May 2017, 23:01

Gemma and I were out walking yesterday evening when this woman came the other way. She looked about our age and was walking a cute little dog. She was quite striking to look at with very short blonde, possibly bleached, hair rather like Kristen Stewart currently has her hair (I did get a bit excited for a moment as I thought it was Kristen!). Gemma asked her if she could stroke the dog and the woman stopped and said "Of course, he's very friendly." I noticed the woman was blinking a lot and her eyes were a bit bloodshot. I think she was wearing contacts and they were bothering her eyes. Obviously I couldn't look closely enough to try and see them. We didn't want to hold her up any longer so we said goodbye to her and the little dog and we continued our walk.

Definitely one to look out for. I would love to see her in glasses!

Murky 03 May 2017, 07:04


It taks a bit of practice, and courage, but there are a few principles I use

do it to women wearing something thast is quite special, they have thought about the purchase, and spent money, so they will appreciate comments. Rarely I will coment on a really good match of frames to face.

Can be a bit more discretionary with girls ( women ) wearing low prescriptions, between -1 and +1,or planos ( always works there) as they are wearing for cosmetic effect, and will like compliments

Lokk for women that have matching clothes and specs, they have really thought it out, and may have multiple pairs at home. Specoholics!!

Best to only do it with women on their own, too risky if with a male partner, who may take offence. Ok with female partners I have found.

Find the moment, create a visual confrontation, and open with a bland comment , then have several followups ready, if they show interest, " by whom are they made" invites them to take them off, as most dont know the maker, and follow on from there, if they are plus, cant read the label, and there is your brake to get your hands on them, and play it by ear from there. " Mind if I look through them, as remove ones own specs. Once I said like to try mine?

Today, at the airport again, 40 yo, svelte figure, wearing outrageous huge oversize grey and white acetates, about +2, taking them on and off. Partner with her, he was glued to his phone, and she walked a few paces away

Hello, I collect amazing glasses, and yours are quite something, could I buy them when you finish with them please?

They were sunglasses, and i had my prescription added, they are rather special arent they!

Do you have a drawer full of similar frames at home?

No, just these, they are my first pair, and mostly for reading.

Can you see distant objects then with them on?

Yes, but I dont need them for distance.

Had them long? About a year, lots of people comment.

Here is my card, text me when you tire of them please....


Dont forget, they will be pride of my collection.

Partner calls her over...and they join the boarding queue..

Cant wait for the text message..

Tom 24 Apr 2017, 11:31

Past weekend we rented a beachside house with another couple, good friends of us. As there was only bathroom, we let our friends use it first, and when they were finished I went in together with my wife. As we undressed and changed into nightwear, I noticed our friend had left her glasses on a cabinet next to the washing basin. Her glasses were most of the on top of her head instead of her nose, and she only really used them when driving, watching television,... I had always wondered what her prescription was and here came my chance.

While standing behind my wife who was cleaning her face, and applying moisturizing crème while looking into the mirror, I carefully took the specs, unfolded them and asked my wife to close her eyes. I delicately slid the specs onto her face, which came as surprise to her and she exclaimed "what are you doing?" while opening her eyes. I told her I was curious to see how Cath's glasses fitted her, and being a glasses wearer herself, she quickly commented that she in fact liked the frames, while turning her head and observing herself in the mirror. She said the lenses were probably around -2.5 and asked whether I liked the frames. Of course I did, we started kissing, got really excited and went into our bedroom with her still wearing Cath's glasses :) I put them back 30 minutes later where we had found them, as we both felt a bit guilty of what had happened, but we had a good time.

cubicle 24 Apr 2017, 10:37

Earlier on I saw a very pretty 30 something brunette with blue eyes wearing quite strong plus glasses. High index in a round in a big metal circle frame.

Made her blue eyes very googly. From the front you couldn't see the sides of her face as the magnified eyes took all the lens area, and from the side the lenses were quite thick in the middle.

She didn't seem self conscious at all.

We got off at the same stop and walked side to side for a while in the crowded hallways as she starred at her phone. So crowded that I almost brushed her hand a couple of times and I was very careful not push her and make her fall (she would certainly lose her glasses and people would trample them).

How do you talk to a woman in such a situation ?

Do you stumble upon the girl and help her pick her things up (cliché) ?

I really wanted to try her glasses ans also see her without them.

Do you just say "hi, can i try your glasses ?", i've seen a couple of times where a girl asked to try a guy friend's glasses in a bar, it works, but the reverse ?)

Cubicle 24 Apr 2017, 10:21

I was in the subway, standing in a crowded car holding the handrail. Next to me a 20something brunette was sitting on the foldup seat, wearing oversized plastic -7 glasses.

My stop arrived and I need to get down so I let go off the handrail and turn away to start walking off. But my hand brushed something. Not knowing what I turned back and saw the girl pushing her glasses from way down her nose where they shouldn't have been.

I'd almost knocked the girl's glasses off on the floor of a crowded subway car !

I then apologized and got off.

Puffin 23 Apr 2017, 05:51

I'm just thinking about all those women who, if they didn't wear glasses, would not get a second look from me.

Soundmanpt 22 Apr 2017, 12:39


I was hoping to hear from you soon, but I figured it wouldn't be until Vicky got her new glasses. So i'm sure you enjoyed watching her get fitted with her glasses. She has wore glasses long enough now that she knows when they her glasses adjusted just right for her so they are completely comfortable on her. Was she rather picky about that or did she seem easily pleased with them? No surprise that she felt a little drunk when she put them on for the first time. Like the optician told her that the feeling she got was very normal. And it will likely take a few days for her eyes to fully adjust to them. I'm sure you had at least a smile on your face when she was told that it would be a good idea for her to wear her glasses full time until her eyes adjust. They don't that she only takes her glasses off when she goes to bed and she would probably wear them then as well if she didn't think they would get broke. She makes a point of always getting prescription sunglasses when she gets glasses which is nice since she is never without glasses. If she really likes her old glasses frames you're right she should get her new prescription put into them. I know the optical stores hit you pretty hard for just lenses but there are several places on line where you can send your glasses in and have the lenses changed that aren't too bad price wise. She has nothing to lose by doing that because once her eyes get adjusted to her new prescription her old glasses will be useless to her as they are now.

I'm sure you enjoyed watching her as she was comparing her eyesight with her old glasses, no glasses and her new glasses. Were you surprised when she said that she said that distances were about the same with her old glasses and without glasses and perhaps slightly better without glasses? I know the reason she wanted to get her eyes checked was because she thought she needed her glasses stronger for seeing distances. Did she give any idea as to how well she could see things at a distance without her glasses? Of course as it turns out she was right that her glasses did need changed but it was because her astigmatisms had gotten worse. So i'm sure she has to be happy that everything is better with her new glasses on and at the time her eyes were still adjusting them so it could even get better after she wears her glasses for a while.

Danielle I think she is starting to understand that she really can't go very long anymore before her eyes start to feel tired. What that means is that from the time she opens her eyes in the morning she is straining her eyes. She doesn't even need to be doing where she needs to see close up anymore. Everything from short to long distances are straining her eyes. You were right by not saying anything to her. I'm not sure why she is resisting wearing glasses so much. She already has a great girlfriend and she knows that without a doubt Vicky doesn't have a problem with her wearing glasses in fact she has to know that Vicky wants her to start wearing her glasses full time because she is such a glasses freak herself. All of her co workers knows that she need glasses and most if not all of her friends. I now she insists that she doesn't want to be dependent on her glasses but she really is and just doesn't want to admit it. You and Gemma are probably her best friends and you both wear your glasses full time. Thanks for the update.

Carrie 22 Apr 2017, 11:14

We met up with our friends Vicky and Danielle in town today shortly before Vicky picked up her new glasses. We went with her. When she put them on she commented how intensely clear everything was but did feel as if she was a little bit drunk. The lady fitting Vicky's glasses said that was normal and the feeling would go away within a few days. She also told Vicky it might be a good idea to wear her glasses all day for those few days and then as she felt necessary. I thought to myself "As if she needs a reason to wear them all the time!" She also got a pair of prescription sunglasses in which she looked very cool. Later on she compared how well she could see with her new glasses to how well she could see with her old ones. Distances were about the same with or without her old glasses, perhaps slightly better without and close up was better with her old glasses than without. With her new ones everything was better. She said she was going to miss her old frames, so I pointed out that she could get new lenses put in them.

Danielle had resisted wearing her own glasses most of the day but put them on to look at her phone when we stopped for a coffee and a bite to eat in the coffee shop where Vicky works (she got a discount for us). Danielle kept her glasses on after she finished with her phone. She took them off to clean the lenses and then put them back on. She complained that her eyes were tired already and it was only mid afternoon. The only way she can relieve her tired eyes is to put her glasses on. I was going to ask how she got on wearing contacts for work this past week but she didn't seem like she wanted to talk about her eyesight any further at that point.

? 21 Apr 2017, 10:05

Then off to the toilet Murky ran to sexually relieve himself.

Soundmanpt 21 Apr 2017, 09:09


Your encounter with the attendant seemed to go very well. And your welcome for borrowing my excuse, but I usually only say that I am a retired optician. You seem to have promoted yourself by saying that you're a retired optometrist. That's fine but you could be exposed if the person should ask you a technical question that a doctor would be expected to know. You did very well by pointing out that Ray-Ban is a famous maker of frames and that they have been popular for years and by pointing that her glasses were a good fit for her. And you made yourself even more believable when you commented that you could tell that she was longsighted by looking at her lenses. So well done. Because she had already told you that she had gotten them 2 weeks before and that she was still getting used to them. You could have asked her if seeing distances was still a bit blurry for her with glasses? But you did very well with what you did say. And of course I have a feeling you might be returning there in the near future. So if you see her again you can still ask her if she has gotten used to wearing glasses and if her distance vision has cleared up or if it is still a little but blurry?

to her for seeing small

Murky 20 Apr 2017, 22:00


Another briliant sighting at the art gallery this afternoon, my favourite attedant,about 35 black hair, about 180 cm tal BMI 18-20 in her black oversize raybans, with moderate cats eye, and expaned aural ends, about +1 to !.5,maybe +2 but worn so confidently, shiny black, so newish, I tracked her round the exhibits, but could not get a contact moment, till she Knelt to adjust the door stop, and I delibersately brushed against her as she stood up..

Oh sorry Sir, please forgive me

Not at all, my fault, did not relise you were about to stand ( put my hand out to steady her, and can read RayBan on the spec arms)

Those are great glasses for a gallery, very gallant, and arresting big and black.

Well thanks,sir glad you like them..

First pair? I venture

Got them 2 weeks ago, still getting used to them. (Makes to leave)

Do you ming me asking who made them, my daughter loves black frames, and those are rather speciaL

AND THEN SHE TAKES THEM OFF and looks at the arms, squints a bit, "here you can read it as I cant, the print is too small."

I almost faint as she hands them over, and I roll them in my palm,

" I see they are by Ray Ban, a famous maker, I am a retired optometrist,( Thanks for that one Soundman PT) and they have been popular for years, they fit you perfectly too, well done." Long sighted I see, so they must be a big help?

"I can see Ok without them, but at the computer, they make a wold of difference, I think I have needed them for a while. My mum sent me to get tested, but I did not want glasses till I tried them."

By now I am almost fainting with euphoria, look through them and see a few dust marks,

"Can I give them a polish for you", as I have a spec cleaner in my pocket, reaching out my small tissue box.

No its OK I can do it in the office.

Ok so I hand them back, and off she goes, my saliva is flowing, loins aroused, and heart rate pushing 200,

" perhaps see you again here? Goodbye."

have to steady up on the park bench prior to driving home.

?!?!?!?!?!?!!! 20 Apr 2017, 14:08

I Guess You Find Toilets Stimulating? To Each His Own.

Murky  19 Apr 2017, 21:42

Here is the pair I bought in NY last year, and wore full time for 3 weeks,on holiday in USA but did not have the courage to wear once home. My wife thought they were quirky

Walking up to the toilet was so stimulating, with several pairs of eyes following me

The air stewardess coming across the Pacific said "And now to serve the gentleman with the stunning specs"

and four rows of Pax turned to see me, a wonderful moment, but I felt that I could not be taken seriously at work, in these.

Any comments?

murky  19 Apr 2017, 21:28

Jaydat that pic of those Paradise spex is the best I have ever seen, what a sighting!

Murky  19 Apr 2017, 20:53

So, about 16 of us currently visiting here.ALL BUT 2 WEAR SPECS.

We ought to orgaise a convention, and meet at a glasses commercial exhibition, like Silmo, in France, what do you all think? I am in Australia, any others?

I have never spoken to anyone about it, but my wife recognises my choice of spex as odd.

She has a gorgeous pair of Nini Ricci gold frames, transitions, plano in the top,+1 in the bottom, when we were on a cruise, I got up before dawn, put on those glasses from the dresser, and walked about the ship, very aroused, and no one said anything, re entered the cabin after a few hours, wife noticed, Oh silly me, I said and changed to my +! glasses, have coverted them ever since.

Have a look at When I was at school post for kmore of my antics.

Soundmanpt 15 Apr 2017, 15:44


Thanks for posting that. Very interesting indeed. So Vicky is actually slightly less farsighted but she has had a sizeable increase in her astigmatism correction. Since astigmatisms effects eyesight at all distances that is why she was feeling like her glasses needed to be stronger. It's good that she enjoys wearing glasses because her glasses are going to be more necessary to her than they have been. As you know her current glasses are actually weaker than your first glasses were. And even after your eyes were fully adjusted to your glasses you could still see well enough without them if you needed to. But the addition of astigmatisms is going to make her eyes very uncomfortable anytime she has her glasses off. She might even find adjusting to her new glasses a bit difficult until her eyes adjust to them. They could make her feel dizzy and nauseous while the floor appears to be slanted. From what you have said she has her glasses on pretty much all the time she is awake which is good because now if has her glasses off more than a few minutes she would almost certainly get a nasty headache.

Honestly I am surprised that Danielle's eyes hasn't changed since last year when she got her eyes checked. Maybe her eyes aren't going to change much anymore. As I recall her last increase was only +.25 so in 2 years that is not much of a change. But interesting that the optician point blank told her that her eyes aren't going to ever get any better and that she shouldn't try and resist wearing her glasses when she needs them even if that means she needs to wear them full time. That is about as close as you can get to telling her that she really should be wearing her glasses all the time now. The fact that she got a couple boxes of contacts to wear at work I think means that she just doesn't like how she looks wearing glasses. Sadly I think she could be getting close to going to full time wear with contacts.

Anyway you and Gemma have yourselves a very happy Easter.

Carrie 15 Apr 2017, 11:12

My friends Danielle and Vicky had their eye tests today. They are staying over tonight so we can have a good old girly night in with some wine and good food. They have just popped out to get some wine and snacks which gives me a chance to look at Vicky's new prescription that she has left on the table. She got it out earlier when she told us she does need new glasses and read out the prescription. Getting a chance to read it was an opportunity not to be missed. Vicky's prescription is now L Sph +0.50, Cyl -0.50 and R Sph +0.50 Cyl -0.75 . Looking back at an earlier post of mine here on Eyescene I found her last prescription was Sph +0.75, Cyl -0.25 in both eyes. So it's not surprising that Danielle's old glasses at +1.00 made things worse, she needed less +sph not more. Interesting that her astigmatism has got worse and her long sightedness​has got better.

Danielle was right when she said she was sure her prescription hadn't changed and the advice from the optician was pretty much the same as before by what Danielle said. Interestingly she did buy a couple of small packs of contacts (1 pack for each eye presumably). She's going to use them for work. She also said that the optician was very honest with her and told her that her vision wasn't going to get any better and not to resist wearing her glasses if her eyes feel uncomfortable without them even if it means that she has to wear them all the time.

Vicky did seem pleased that she still has a genuine need for glasses. Her new glasses will be ready in a week to 10 days and I am in no doubt she will wear them full time. I don't know what she thinks of the fact that Danielle is going to wear contacts during the week.

Danielle wore her glasses to drive here but put them on the table when she sat down. She grabbed them when she and Vicky went to get wine and snacks so she could read the labels.

My own gorgeous gwg is in the kitchen making something for us all to eat. She loves cooking but gets annoyed when her glasses steam up if she gets too close to a pan when she takes the lid off or too close to the oven when she opens the door.

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