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Sightings of people wearing glasses with corrective lenses.

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George 17 Mar 2018, 18:11


You know if you were to order yourself a nice looking pair of glasses with a weak prescription of say -.75 or maybe -1.00 which your eyes shouldn't have any problem tolerating it would give you something to talk to these men at your sales meetings instead of just looking at them. You could do some fiddling with your glasses and comment about how you just recently got glasses and how you're trying to get used to wearing them. Maybe even ask for pointers from them.Glasses are fairly cheap online.

M2 17 Mar 2018, 15:42

Anonymous poster, you're mostly right. I am a mom and I enjoy seeing men in glasses. No glasses for me yet. I'm in my mid-30s and have good vision but I know presbyopia will come in due time.

Another sighting while I'm here and it's another presbyopic man. Must be the crowd I hang out with. I was at several days of sales meetings for work this week and saw a guy who I see periodically. He's in another region but I see him a few times a year at large work events. Mid- or late-40s, shorter, nice build, dark brown hair thinning a bit but styled well to embrace what he's got without looking silly (side note, men: comb-overs and attempt to hide hair loss are not fooling anyone. lots of guys with little hair look great, just own it).

But back to the glasses. He is definitely dependent on this pair for anything up close, they are rectangular, maybe +2, bronze frames. A nice match for his coloring. He's had them as long as I've seen him at these meetings, at least three years. But the last couple times I've seen him, he doesn't always whip them off to look into the distance. There were a few instances this time when he left them on to look up at a power point or something in the distance. Of course, once he realized he was looking through those lenses, he slid them off. Or onto his forehead, which was really kind of cute.

 16 Mar 2018, 06:57


You sound like a glasses wearing mom that enjoys seeing men wearing glasses as well as enjoying wearing her own glasses.

Slit 15 Mar 2018, 23:15

Saman 26 Feb 2018, 09:00

which city? what super market?

M2 14 Mar 2018, 16:43

This is a near-sighting that became a sighting.

About a year and a half ago, I would see this same dad at my daughter's soccer practice, trying desperately to hold his phone far enough away to see it to text or email. It probably didn't help that it was dusk. I would notice him and wonder to myself if he was living deep in denial or just too vain to put his readers on.

The season ended and I forgot about it, until this weekend when I was at a different sporting event and I saw him again, but now with a nice pair of black rimmed glasses that he wore the whole time. He's a good looking guy, probably late 40s, salt and pepper hair, tall and broad, and they suited him well.

I was across a field from him, but my guess is they're progressives. Wonder if he started with readers or went full-time from the start, and just how long after those fall nights that he held out, trying-and failing-to see his phone screen clearly.

pete-it 08 Mar 2018, 09:44

I went into a small coffee shop in south London this morning. To my delight the lady barrista, maybe about 40 years old had a pair of stunning glasses, they were a very large frame and the left lens was square with a red frame and the right was round with a white frame...guessing in the region of - 4...all very nice and made the coffee buying even sweeter

Adam 28 Feb 2018, 11:10

Two sightings this week in Tesco hipermarket:

On Monday, I saw a cashier with about -10 glasses and I think she had some astigmatism, too. Behind the lenses I saw that she has nice big brown eyes.

Today, I saw a girl with light blue eyes. Her eyes were squinty all the time and she was squinting hard even looking at closer distances, too. I think she has glasses but she doesn't wear them.

Both girls were very nice, not just their eyes.

Saman 26 Feb 2018, 09:00

Hi. Today I went to a shopping mall and went to the payment i saw the cashier girl wearing a glasses with very strong lens in her right eye (looks - 10 or - 12) and weak lens for a left eye (maybe - 2 or - 3).

I think she is around 25 years. When she turns her head we can clearly see the thickness of her right lens. It's around 10mm thick came our from the frame. When she turns forward her right eye looks very tiny.

I was So excited. I'm thinking her vision without those glasses...

Pyrofan 15 Feb 2018, 07:57

Great sighting at a work function earlier. A lady walked in wearing very bulky sunglasses that looks like those VR goggles. Thought it was a very odd choice of sunglasses but soon found out why- she took them off and revealed a second pair of small plastic rimmed glasses perched on her nose with very strong minus lenses in the -10 range. She is quite overweight (but quite pretty) and those glasses barely fit her face. She took them off a few times during the afternoon to rub her eyes and the red marks on her nose tells us how heavy those myopic glasses must be!

Lou 14 Feb 2018, 03:02

Hi Colin

Yes, I imagine that sellotape wouldn't be very successful with thick glass lenses. I saw someone recently with plastic glasses with both arms sellotaped on, and surprisingly this was a woman in her early twenties.

Since the Specsavers glasses range start at £25 including lenses, and they have modern styles, I can't see much need nowadays for people having to resort to sellotape for other than a temporary fix. Maybe this young lady had broken her glasses very recently.

All the best


Colin 12 Feb 2018, 16:42


I think the sellotape wasnít up to holding the glasses together. Lenses were glass in those days and Cherylís thick lenses were really heavy. I think their weight made them slew round at an angle on her nose despite her continually adjusting them. She really seemed to be struggling that day.

Lou 11 Feb 2018, 11:49

Hi Colin

You are very welcome.

Best wishes


Colin 11 Feb 2018, 08:16


Cheers for that.

Although I was glad that Cheryl got her nice new glasses and could obviously see much better I really loved seeing her walking around with the old repaired glasses on the end of her nose tilting her head right back to see. Her magnified eyes looked lovely. It lasted about a week till she got the new tinted spex

Lou 11 Feb 2018, 07:04


Yes, Sellotape is a brand name.


However, since we generally refer to vacuum cleaners in the UK as hoovers, we use the word sellotape to describe clear or slightly goldish/yellowish tinted sticky tape.

Best wishes


Colin 11 Feb 2018, 06:53

I think sellotape is a brand name in the U.K.

What I found so fascinating about Cheryl (the typist)

was that she treated her glasses as reading glasses even though she had difficulty seeing in the distance without them. I donít think she liked them. She must have had them for some time as they looked pretty old and she didnít have a spare pair, perhaps at school she had enough accommodation to use them for reading only.

Her new glasses were slightly tinted, perhaps to hide their strength, and much more fashionable. Everyone in the office told her how good they looked and I got the feeling she didnít mind wearing them quite so much. She certainly grew in confidence as time went on.

astigmaphile 10 Feb 2018, 19:32

Cellophane or Scotch tape.

 10 Feb 2018, 15:48

what is sellotaped?

Colin 08 Feb 2018, 16:47

The posts about young ladies wearing reading glasses reminded me of a girl I worked with in the late 60ís. She was a typist in our office and although I didnít ask her age I guess it was similar to mine, late teens.

She was quite shy and wore strong plus glasses to read with lenses that bulged right out, on the end of her nose. She didnít put them on until she got to her desk and took them off when she finished typing. They were brown plastic roundish, just loose in her bag which sheíd rummage through to find them and looked as though sheíd had them some time. The side pieces seemed loose and bent out and back where they were bent almost vertically behind her ears. Sometimes she looked over the top of them but whenever we spoke she lifted her head back to look through the lenses which magnified her eyes enormously. She also looked through them to see out of the window.

One day I noticed one of the side pieces sellotaped on, the hinge had broken and they were angled across her nose. She was really struggling.

I had repaired my own glasses before with an epoxy resin and suggested that I could try it on hers. At the end of the day she gave me the glasses and asked if I could sort them out for work tomorrow.

The following morning she was really grateful for the temporary repair and said she hadnít realised how bad her eyes had got as she couldnít really see to eat her dinner and couldnít see the telly! She kept the glasses on all the time until she got her new glasses which looked slightly stronger and which she contined to wear all the time. These glasses were more fashionable, the lady in charge said she had got more cocky since she had her new glasses!

Weirdeyes 03 Feb 2018, 16:58


Itís likely sheís in her 40s or 50s. A lot of Asians look young for their age.

Tom 03 Feb 2018, 16:05

At the airport this week, seated at the gate waiting for my flight to board.

Sat next to me a business woman, Asian features, very well dressed in a slim black suit, white blouse, black heels, beautiful long hair, carrying a briefcase. Not older than 35 I guess.

What I noticed most of course where her glasses, which sat steady on top of her head. Larger round semi transparent light pink plastic frames, clear temples, they did not look very expensive but still very nice. I was reading some papers myself, and her glasses stayed on her head until after about 5 minutes, when she took her iphone and started surfing google, facebook,... Only then did I notice that the lenses where a very clear plus, and when looking at the screen showing all flights a few meters from us, she pushed her glasses halfway down her nose and looked over the lenses to read the flight announcements. It was very clear the next 10 minutes that she could read nothing on her iphone, neither from papers that came out of her briefcase, without the help of her glasses. But whenever she watched something further away, she either peered over the lenses, took off her specs, or pushed them up her head.

Very sexy and amazing thqt such young woman is so dependent already upon reading glasses.

NNVisitor 01 Feb 2018, 23:35

I was on a bus about 12 days ago. A woman in her twenties got on and I immediatly noticed that she was wearing plus glasses with a very noticable astigmatism correction. She stood on the bus with her back towards me the rest of the bus trip. Before I had to get off I noticed a small round message pin on her daypack. At first I had trouble reading it. Then I was able to read the pins inscription. It said "fuck you your stare". Quite surprising indeed. So everyone reading this please don't stare at strangers wearing glasses. It's one thing to glance occasionally but lets face it no one wants a stranger staring at them.

Soundmanpt 01 Feb 2018, 13:18


It's been a while since I saw any comments from you. You had an interesting sighting didn't you? Always nice to see a newly prescribed glasses wearer. I guess we could even call her a "virgin" glasses wearer since these are her first glasses. I really like seeing a young woman wearing a nice pair of aviator style glasses. But i'm not crazy about the way over size ones. I am more into the smaller style. Because these are her first glasses I would think they the prescription might be closer to -.75 but not more than -1.00. Without maybe trying on her glasses it would be difficult to tell if there was any astigmatism correction in her glasses. If she only got them on Saturday and you saw her on Monday or Tuesday she was probably told to wear them for about a week or 10 days so her eyes would have some time to adjust to her prescription and so she could get used to wearing glasses. Then it would be up to her as to when she feels like she needs or wants to war her glasses except that she is now required to wear her glasses whenever she is driving. Even with -.75 glasses she wouldn't be able to see the 20/40 line which is where see needed to able to see without glasses in order to not need glasses for driving. if her glasses were closer to -1.50 she might have been instructed to wear her glasses full time. That's about where many people do start wearing their glasses all the time. But even -.75 as her eyes continue to fully adjust to them will make enough of a difference that when she takes her glasses off now things are noticeably more blurry to her then they were on Saturday before she got her glasses. It will be interesting for you to see if she comes back in wearing glasses or not. Remember if drives to your store theirs a very good chance that she won't bother taking her glasses off if she is just making a quick stop at your store. But if she does take them off do you think you would able to recognize her without her glasses?

On another point. I must have missed a comment from you at some point because I didn't know that you finally convinced Danielle to take your old glasses. I just saw Lisa asking you if she is now wearing your old glasses full time instead of her own glasses and I wonder the very same thing? I'm sure your old glasses are much closer to what she should be wearing. Her own glasses are probably fine for driving still because she probably doesn't need an increase for distance just close up. That's why she should really consider getting progressives so her distance vision won't be forced to continue getting worse with stronger single vision glasses.Has she said when she plans on getting her eyes examined again?

 01 Feb 2018, 01:35

all the best, "Lou." lol

Lou 30 Jan 2018, 17:02


Let's make this very simple. My name is Lou, I post as Lou, all posts with a name other than Lou are not from me. It's not that difficult to understand is it!

Anyway, I have no intention of feeding a troll any further, so this is the last post on the subject from me. Accuse me of being who you like. I know who I am and what I have written.


Carrie 30 Jan 2018, 16:41

Hi Lisa

She's told me she is actually only wearing my glasses if her eyes feel tired at work. She's still wearing her own glasses full time. I feel she would be better off wearing mine full time as her next prescription will probably be very similar to the one in those glasses, but I certainly won't try to pressurise her to wear my glasses more.

 30 Jan 2018, 14:49

now "lou" is posting as "lisa?"

best regards

best wishes

all the love

kumbaya my lord

Lisa 30 Jan 2018, 14:24

Hi Carrie!

How is your friend doing wearing your old glasses fulltime now?

Best Regards Lisa

Lisa 30 Jan 2018, 14:24

Hi Carrie!

How is your friend doing wearing your old glasses fulltime now?

Best Regards Lisa

Carrie 30 Jan 2018, 12:13

I saw a new wearer today when I was at work. She was probably just a few years younger than me. Her glasses were thin metal Aviator style frames with mild minus lenses. Her prescription was probably about -1 to -1.50 as there was very little cut-in, although I only got a brief look when she paid for her shopping. I couldn't tell if there was any astigmatism correction in the lenses. She saw a friend just before leaving. The friend commented on the glasses saying she didn't know the first woman wore glasses. The first woman replied that she only got glasses for the first time on Saturday and should wear them at any time she wants to see clearer but must wear them for driving. She is still getting used to them. Her friend asked if everything was much clearer with glasses than without. She said it was surprisingly clearer than she thought it was going to be and was told she could wear them all the time if she wanted to. The friend asked if she was going to wear them all the time but the woman replied that she probably wouldn't. I was disappointed to hear that she wasn't going to wear her glasses full time. I wondered how long she had been driving while needing glasses and how she managed to pass her driving test, but I suppose her vision had probably deteriorated since she started driving.

 17 Jan 2018, 10:59

Seen a Indian mother daughter sighting today at the doctors- both high myopes. Mother in her 50s wearing semi rimless glasses with a -8 prescription, as expected they were quite thick and very visible with. She played with her granddaughter a lot on the ipad and shifted her glasses right to the tip of her nose to read like they were reading glasses which these clearly were not.

Her daughter, stunning lady in her late 20s had a pair of black oval shaped frames with at least a -10 prescription

Flat fronted with a little edge thickness off the side, power rings galore and her face minimized from each side when looking at her straight on. She was struggling to control her children who were running around and at one point her very young son started hitting her and caught her glasses and fell onto the bench. Immediately very concerned, she groped for them and inspected them for damage (with the glasses held very close to her face so her poorly functioning eyes could see) before sliding them onto her nose. Grandma then explained to the boy to not hit or play with mummy's glasses as she cannot see without them. The poor mum just held her head in her hands in frustration. The high myopia genes seem strong in this family so the young boy and daughter will probably end up being blind as a bat too like mum and grandma!

Slit 12 Jan 2018, 05:45

@Tom: I think Lou is correct.

I also have noticed one lady I know (about 27 years old) who wears a not so thick glasses for myopia, lifts up her glasses everytime she wants to read the phone.

Lou 12 Jan 2018, 05:31

Hi Tom

Even though she is only in her late twenties, maybe her glasses are progressives whereas her contact lenses are only single vision.

Just a thought.

All the best


Tom 12 Jan 2018, 04:37

This Monday a new young lady started a new job within our Legal Department. Not older then late twenties judging from her past working experience of a few years only with a law firm. Stylish, slender, shoulder-long blonde, and nice looking light-brownish round tortoiseshell glasses.

As we spent some time together at my desk when I also introduced her to what I do at the company, I could have some good looks at her specs: her lenses are thin but have very noticeable power rings. When standing behind her, queuing for lunch at the cafeteria, I could see that everything through her lenses looked truly small, meaning her prescription must be rather strong.

This morning however, I saw she was not in glasses. She must have contacts in and she clearly functioned well. During a meeting she was surprisingly squinting real hard but only when reading papers in front of her, or when looking at her iPhone, but not when watching the presentation on screen in the meeting room. How can this be? I never noticed this when she was in glasses the other days, but today very noticeable. Anyway, good she joined the company :)

Colin 11 Jan 2018, 09:10

Just seen two girls wearing the strongest myodisc glasses Iíve ever seen!

Our building firm sponsor a Boxing Club and weíve been helping to do up their new premises. We were carrying some materials in the front door and they stopped to let us pass. They both looked in their 20ís but one younger than the other. I thanked them and noticed that both their glasses had a tiny myodisc circle in the middle of their lenses. Iím really not exaggerating, at most 20mm diameter. They asked what the building was going to be and I jumped at the chance of a chat! I think they might have been impressed with several of the fit young lads around.

We showed them round the club. Their eyes looked so tiny behind the thick lenses but they could both obviously see ok as they looked around.

They had Eastern European accents and a slightly tanned skin. Both were extreme well dressed the older girl wearing thigh length suede boots and shirt skirt a designer suede jacket. The younger wore jeans and a leather jacket.

I said the club was opening shortly and suggest they might like to join the ladies section. The older one laughed and said she wouldnít be any good because of her glasses. I also wear quite strong plus glasses and said I know what you mean and explained that I was just doing the building work there. As we walked round the older girl kept pushing her glasses up which continually slid down her nose.

 10 Jan 2018, 10:05

Saw a mid 20s girl at the food court earlier. Quite pretty, short with long black hair tied up and wearing a large black glasses with around a -9 lenses. She sat at a table and immediately started taking out some stuff from her bag which I noticed to be contact lens paraphernalia- fresh from the visit to the eye doctor, and proceeded to take her glasses off to put in some eye drops. Interestingly, she was in no rush to put her glasses back on and played on her phone.

She had her fresh contacts ready to put in but was called to pick up her food in which she decided not to worry about putting her lenses in and put her glasses on instead (probably a wise decision as she would've probably struggled to find the counter, let alone navigate her way there and back carrying a tray of food at her level of myopia). Glasses was off and on as she needed to put her eye drops in throughout the meal. Managed to sneak in a few peeks at the thickness and power rings of her glasses knowing that she couldn't see me without her corrective lenses!

murky 09 Jan 2018, 17:22

What is the maximum that a 20-25 yo can accommodate? I see the post below can make +5, maybe Cactus Jack or S/M have a table for us of age vs

Murky 09 Jan 2018, 17:15

Agreed Bert,

at the local supermarket, one of the youg cashiers wears at least +4, she puts them on the work the register, then on to the forehead to patrol the shelves, and i see her sqauinting at the products and prices. Anything beyond +3 is better worn constantly, I think, but then, as withthe case below, if they can accommodate and see, they they prefer to be bare eyeed. Her glasses are tranparent acetate, highly fashionalbe too, and she looks so good in them, I am always loking for a conversation about it, but the moment has not arrived yet

Puffin 09 Jan 2018, 08:51


Unless you've got significant astigmatism it should be possible to manage without. Having some spare accommodation due to being young (ie twenties) helps.

plusglasses 09 Jan 2018, 07:01

@bert. I am hyperopic myself with a prescription of +5.25 dpt and some astigmatism. I'm 32 years old. Although my eyes feel like receiving a wellness treatment when I have my glasses on I often go without or have them on my sweater collar and put them on whenever I need them (for close up i cannot see anything without my glasses for longer than maybe 10 seconds) but for far I see well, not super-hd-well but ok to get around without them on my nose all the time.

So I agree - we farsighted people do have the ability to accomodate (hopefully for many more years :-) ).

Bert 09 Jan 2018, 03:41

I never cease to be amazed by the apparent ability of hyperopic people to accommodate and manage without their glasses.

On the train yesterday I was near a girl who wore heavy plus glasses to read and use her iPhone. At least + 5, possibly more, as the lens stuck out noticeably in front. Too young to be merely presbyopic. She kept them on to look round the train car. However when she stopped using her iPhone she pushed her glasses onto the top of her head, where they stayed when she got off the train. Fascinating. I did wonder how well she can see in the distance, but I've seen other women in their 20s and 30s make only occasional use of plus glasses with quite high prescriptions.

Murky 08 Jan 2018, 17:19

A new years eve party.

A waitress, serving canapes, immaculatey dressed in Black, with diamong drooping earrings, wore a gorgeous pair of Black dior frames, smallish lenses, wide arms, with gold braid liad along. I noted that she knew a lot of customers, and always took off her glass to kiss them on the cheek, a sure sign of a recent wearer.

Moving to behind her, I estimated about +1, a touch of astgmatic correction for ther left eye too. About 40, but still beautiful face, and top figure, size 10 perhaps.

I stood close to the kitchen door, admiring a picture, and just obstructing entrance, she returned to the kitchen, and the following took place

"Scuse me, need to go into the kitchen

Oh, sorry, (and I turn toward her)fixing her in my vision

What a lovely pair of glasses you are wearing, Wow..

Thanks, she makes to move on

I am a retired optometrist,( the Soundman line, rarely fails) and am always interested in people who know how to wear glasses well, where did you get them, please?

At OPSM, in the mall,

They look expensive, so fashionable too.

Are they your first pair?

Yes, how did you guess?

I saw you taking them off to greet your clients, its a sure sign of a new wearer, because you probably like people to see you without them, being a new wearer.

Do I? Oh yes, so I did!

She puts down her tray...ah here we go, as I ask

"Do you mind showing me who made them , please."

She deftly removes them, and hands them across, as i gently fondle the frames,

I study the Dior Label, then look through the lenses, noting about + 0.5 L & R with about +1, or less Add.

So you are a little bit long sighted, and have some trouble reading then?

"Not really, I went for an eye exam, as I failed an eye test for my work, not able to read the really fine print, and the optometrist said i may benefit from some glasses, and asked me to wear them constantly, and call back in a month, I am not sure they make much difference, what do you think"?

"Well, the prescription is quite weak, but I think you look so good in them, they are perfect for your face, and you are sure to need then full time in the next few years, as your eyes age, so I would get used to them now, and rejioce in joining the happy glasses wearers,like me,and get some transitions soon, and enjoy sun protection, not needing to put on sun glasses. What does your husband think of them"?

"Oh I am single, divorced actually, but my son likes them, says i look like his teacher. I must go, more food to deliver, nice talking to you.."

Swooning so much I had to sit down..what an encounter. Always good to talk to women with low power lenses, thye have a story.

Puffin 08 Jan 2018, 15:44

A couple of days ago I ran across a couple of young women in the local shopping mall. One wore attractive tortoiseshell plastic frames, the other less interesting black frames.

I didn't have time to catch more than a glance as I was with someone else, and anyway I don't want to stare. But for some time afterwards I was running the variables of thickness, base curve and possible lens materials through my head in search of an estimated level of myopia.

Such is the life of an OO.

Carrie 08 Jan 2018, 12:13

At work today a fairly regular customer came in. I've seen her wear glasses occasionally before and recently more often. She used to wear quite simple metal framed glasses with a weak minus prescription. Today she was wearing dark brown, slightly cat-eye shaped, plastic frames. The lenses looked slightly stronger. I complimented her on her new, pretty frames. She thanked me and said she needed a stronger prescription as things just weren't as clear as they should have been when she wore her old glasses that she's had for several years and only wore for distances. When she put her new glasses on she realised how clear everything should be and thought it might be a good idea to wear them all the time.

She is around late 20s early 30s and fairly attractive with straight brown hair down to just below her shoulders. Her glasses match her hair colour. Her best feature are her blue eyes which seem to sparkle more behind her new glasses than with her old glasses or no glasses at all. She is a little bit curvy.

Soundmanpt 31 Dec 2017, 14:53


Things like that do bring back memories. In this case very good memories of Gemma. Was this before you or Gemma was wearing glasses? Actually Gemma, as I recall had glasses, but she wasn't comfortable wearing glasses yet and her prescription was still weak enough that she could get by without her glasses. Was this the party right after you had started wearing glasses yourself?

I'm shocked to hear you say that any woman looks better without her glasses. But to be honest sometimes it seems like people have no taste in glasses. It sounds like the frames i have seen recently that are very thick, bold and big and they cover way too much of the face area. She said that she took her glasses off because her prescription had changed and with her glasses being stronger her eyes were still trying to adjust to her stronger glasses. But I winder if it could also have been because her glasses are heavier than her previous glasses so nose needed a break as much as her eyes did. Her answer as to how badly she needed her glasses to see with was interesting as well. If you're anywhere close to guessing her prescription and you seem pretty good at doing that then when her eyes are fully adjusted to her glasses I doubt that she would be able to see people's faces across the table from her. Now if she had only had her glasses for a day or so and her previous glasses were considerably weaker than her eyes wouldn't be fully adjusted to her glasses yet and it's possible that she was still able to see across he room without her glasses slightly better. but I totally agree with you that it really does make a difference which glasses a person is wearing as to how good the look wearing them. But were both not overly picky when we see an attractive woman wearing glasses are we,

What;s the New years Eve plans for Gemma and Carrie? Do your plans include Danielle and Vicky? Whatever you do be safe and have a good time.

James X. 31 Dec 2017, 13:16

Eyestein...Thank you for the link to that picture of Lauren Elizabeth. Sad to see she went back to smaller frames, but happy she is still out there.

Eyestein 30 Dec 2017, 23:08

I might have mentioned this sighting previously but it would have been years ago. The subject is a high plus check-out girl who once served me in a shopping centre.

I found myself in her queue and I was quite happy to wait there and watch while not obviously staring. Her general appearance was average but nice. She had blonde hair but brown eyes. As I got closer her glasses really caught my attention but not only because they were high plus. Her lens material had an unusual clarity and intense sparkle. It was like looking at lead crystal or diamond.

I got the immediate impression that it was not polycarbonate or any kind of plastic. Her frames were small and had kind of a heavily rounded off heart shape. In spite of that her lenses were still fairly thick. One lens was thicker than the other. I still reckon that what I saw that day was 1.8 or 1.9 ultra-high index real optical glass. Her glasses were obviously heavy because they frequently slid down her nose and she had to push them back up whenever she had a free hand.

Her narrow field of vision was obvious because she could not look up or down or sideways without moving her head up and down and sideways. She did that constantly. Her prescription must have been very high - like one would normally associate with legal blindness. She obviously was not legally blind as her occupation demonstrated.

Anyway, when it was my turn to be served I said very little to her because of all the people around and the place was busy. I did learn she had a sweet voice and nice manners. I understand that 1.9 optical glass is banned for glasses in the US because of it's brittleness. This sighting was in Australia

Eyestein 30 Dec 2017, 21:18

@James X. Lauren Elizabeth is still on facebook at least. This is a recent picture.

I'm pretty sure her prescription is a little less than +15. I think it has been well established that she wears progressive lenses (aphakic).

Carrie 30 Dec 2017, 17:36

We went to a party just before Christmas. 7 years ago at the same location with the same host and a lot of the same people attending I got chatting to someone I remembered from school. That person was Gemma, so this particular party always brings back very special memories for both of us.

At this year's party I a woman of a similar age to me, perhaps a bit younger. She was wearing glasses with a very thick tortoiseshell frame. The lenses were probably no more than -3. At one point she sat down at a table and took her glasses off. I hate to say it but she was prettier without her glasses. Maybe a different style would have looked better on her. There were a few other people at the table but there was room for me (Gemma had gone to get me a drink). Someone asked her if glasses were strong. She replied with an Italian accent that they weren't strong but needed them to see far away. Someone else asked how badly she needed glasses. She replied that people on the other side of the room were difficult to see properly. The same person asked why she had taken her glasses off. She said that she was resting her eyes as the prescription was stronger than her old glasses and seeing so clearly was taking some getting used to. I didn't hear any more as Gemma phoned me as she had forgotten which I was in, so I went to find her!😄

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