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Sightings of people wearing glasses with corrective lenses.

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281 20 Aug 2017, 13:06

Girls in their twenties wearing corrective glasses are more commonly found in those "small, local offices". By more common, we can expect entering the front office with a few strong glasses wearers meeting you, the several staff at front office has age not necessarily in the twenties, but they would give you an idea, even the front line girl wears glasses. Usually the front line girls are more "attractive" for normal people. But it was the back office we can find some "beasts" for normal people, that was the paradise of abnormal body shapes, such as obese or lack of body curve , also the extreme glasses loving girls who are usually wearing frames that are much outdated for current trend. Even if there was revival of fashion you can tell their glasses frames that have old metal joints or screws, yellowed nose pads, or rather worn out frames.

The most typical history of these girls was, grew up as obedient child, as a teen they are typically followers who are often shy, family centered, tend to be conservative

281 20 Aug 2017, 06:58


There are girls who are confident for wearing less than 2 or 3 diopters , but finding the look of strong glasses "not desirable" . Such girls can be at 3 diopters at age 15 , maybe 8 diopters at age 20, 10 diopters at age 22 . Despite their reluctance, they either wear contact lenses or reluctantly wearing glasses. They also feel disappointed for the average yearly 1 diopter increase of prescription. Feeling disppointed, can be shy to talk about their change, can be wearing lower rx glasses for example needing minus 10 but wearing minus 8 .

281 20 Aug 2017, 06:44


The majority of Girls wearing strong glasses can be confident "similar to average girls", they choose the same fashionable or colorful clothing and fashionable glasses frames, they can be extraverted and confident girls.

But there are girls reluctantly wearing strong glasses. They can be shy.

Normally the most confident girls are those who wear glasses since childhood , have experience wearing strong glasses or contact lenses before age 15

281 20 Aug 2017, 06:30


I am also shy. I tend to avoid talking about glasses. I dont want those girls know I have obsessions about their glasses or about girls or about miopia. I try to pretend a low profile girl who loves to quietly follow them.

Did I find girls with strong glasses to be shy ? I would rate "slightly shy" on average, but individual difference exists. Girls wearing strong glasses are mostly insecure about losing their eyesight or losing their strong glasses, or insecure about their look wearing their strong glasses.

281 20 Aug 2017, 04:39


I did utilized installed security camera for several occasions.

But most frequently, I used a digital camera. No special settings. I was never skillful.

But after 2015 I stopped my camera sightings practice because I no longer owns such devices. So my camera sightings was my memories of my teens or twenties .

Resulted some snapshots of my university classmates. I love they are quite typical. Not special beauties but they are average age 20 girls.

I thought she had minus 10 and try to take photos.

Other girls who celebrate new year. Happy 2014. As there are about 10 girls I post only two of them now.

Also there was snapshot of the minus 10 from the back 45 degree angle, the thickness of her lenses stick out of her sturdy plastic frame. It was not special for me, it was expected, but it was simply, i loved to snap such sightings in university.

I feel very respectful for their choice of these glasses instead of contact lenses. They often use plain black frames that may be considered cheap. But that was average girls ! You can meet them at university dining halls

NNVisitor 10 Aug 2017, 10:08


Did you make small talk with or make friendships with girls who wore strong glasses? Did you find girls with strong glasses to be more shy?

NNVisitor 10 Aug 2017, 10:04


How did you secretly set up your camera?

Soundmanpt 10 Aug 2017, 07:15

That post on 08 2017 23:27 was not made by me.

281 09 Aug 2017, 22:49

My usual practice in 2010s.

I spot other girls wearing mostly, moderate or high prescriptions,

Choose a seat at back row to these girls.

Pretend to observe around. Pretend to look at hairstyles.

If possible, remotely photo their face from their front. This provides me a digital image of their cut in and power rings.

Obsessively viewing the acquired digital image.

Guessing their prescription

Includes kissing on the acquired digital image

281 09 Aug 2017, 22:31

I have much admire to girls who insist to wear her glasses with corrective lenses every day.

The nosepads with heavy metallic frames must be heavy.

I want to carry her frames using my hands. Why leaving your nose with red marks ? Why not hold the frame using one hand ? It is more comfortable to the nose.

I despise wearing contact lenses. I thought, you want to hide your glasses that you wore yesyerday ? You must be wearing contact lenses , and dont want me to observe your lovely prescription lenses shifting on your face . Be true to yourself, if miopia, show your cut in and power rings to the world. If hyperopia, show your magnification and cut out to the world.

281 09 Aug 2017, 22:15

My practice at late 1990s to early 2000s

Get a copy of class name list

Guess their strength of glasses, by looking at lens thickness or Images through her glasses corrective lenses

Record the guess on the copied name list.

Update the record after I observe new changes.

When the observed object, that is, glasses wearing girls , they look at me, I pretend I am viewing around.

281 09 Aug 2017, 22:03

In the decade of 1990s, 2000s

I occasionally stare or stalk girls wearing glasses with corrective lenses. They can be so attractive.

Partly because girls normally expected to hide themselves in contact lenses.

I thought, if you girls, now you wear glasses , show your glasses to me, instead of hide your WHATEVEROPIA in your contact lenses.

I was delightful to follow girls wearing corrective glasses.

As childgirls, we had to attend assemblies. listen to boring speeches in church or school halls.

I got curious about the girls wearing new glasses.

But I did not ask the girl directly.

I will be scanning for girls next to me.

I thought, oh, you have new glasses ?

Stare from her back at angle 45 degrees. Angle 135 degrees from her face front.

Stare at her glasses.

Her glasses has a lenses that sticks out of her metallic frame.

Stare for one minute .

The boring speeches still does not end.

Stare for another five minutes.

The boring speeches still continues.

Stare. Observe the girl. Seeing her lovely face into new unknown heavy nosepad glasses world. Seeing her ear going to be scratched by her frame and her ear turns red . Seeing this girl will probably never remove her glasses to show her original beautiful face.

Waiting for her adjust her frames. Waited for 10 minutes. Her cute little hand adjust her heavy nosepad metallic frame lenses.

At 1990s they rarely have much adjusting compared to later when I became exposed to girls with higher prescriptions.

281 09 Aug 2017, 21:32

I am a old girl in my thirties. I have some obsession into stare or stalk girls. Following girls closely is my occasional wish.

Soundmanpt 08 Aug 2017, 23:27

Blah, blah, blah, blah...

This is my site to comandere and bore the backside off everyone else.

What do you think Carrie?

(Swaps his glasses, gets a bit riled about lesbian fantasies)

Oh yes, I'm a pretend character, bore, bore, bore, bore

And so on

Soundmanpt 08 Aug 2017, 09:28


Pretty sure your colleague had a "burr" or a small rip in her contact that she didn't notice because it is usually too small to see. It could have been dirt or something could have blown in her eye and got under her lens but not as likely. I'm sure when she was in pain because a scratched cornea with her lens pushing on it really hurts. Each time she blinked her eye had to be quite painful. After this I am surprised she is even planning on wearing contacts again. You mentioned that she wears a bit too much makeup, actually you said "loads of makeup" So she must wear more than enough eye makeup as well? That isn't a good idea if she wants to continue wearing contacts. Sometimes mascara can get brittle and beak off and that can even get under her lenses. She needs to decide which she wants more. All the makeup or her contacts. If she wants to continue with the makeup then she needs to be wearing glasses. She should get her new glasses in a few days and maybe if she picked out a really nice pair of glasses that really suits her and she wears them for several weeks she may find that those boys are still chasing her even with her wearing glasses she may forget about wearing contacts. You say she is a sweet girl maybe when she gets her new glasses you should complement her on how good she looks wearing glasses. Maybe a little extra self confidence will help her decide to continue wearing her glasses.

Sounds like you girls had a great weekend together. Sorry that you were banned from the kitchen. I also love pizza so I would have been banned as well. Like you say no surprise that Vicky was wearing her glasses. It would only be news if she wasn't wearing her glasses. But I am sure you were surprised that Danielle came wearing her glasses and more surprised that she never took them off except to change to her prescription sunglasses. It has taken a long while but it appears that Danielle has finally given into the fact that she needs to wear her glasses full time now. You know that once she had to start wearing her glasses to drive that meant that her distance vision was no longer perfect or she wouldn't have been told that she needed to start wearing them when driving. Her glasses are only slightly weaker than your glasses I think. So you know that she can't see much better than you can without your glasses. And you have no desire to go without your glasses. It was probably just as well that nothing was said about glasses. I have a feeling that Vicky loves seeing Danielle wearing glasses since we both know she has a glasses fetish.

Carrie 07 Aug 2017, 14:15

My colleague who had the contact lens problem last week was at work today. She was wearing her glasses again. She said her optician said she has a tiny scratch on her eye and mustn't wear contacts until it's healed. She also needs a slightly stronger prescription. She's ordered new glasses but won't get new contacts until her eye is healed. She's not unattractive, in fact the younger boys at work think she's great, but she's not my type - loads of makeup. I don't like to use the word but I would say she was a bit tarty. Hopefully she'll grow out of it. She is a sweet girl. Looks like she'll be wearing glasses for the next few weeks.

Danielle and Vicky came over to ours on Saturday afternoon and stayed until Sunday afternoon. Plenty of food for all of us. (I was even banned from the kitchen on Saturday until our guests arrived in case I ate any more pizza before they arrived!) Of course Vicky was wearing her glasses but what was unexpected was Danielle wearing her glasses the whole time apart from when she was wearing her prescription sunglasses. All of us had prescription sunglasses on for a while on both days. Unfortunately there was no discussion or even mention about glasses. It is VERY unusual for Danielle to wear her glasses so much at a weekend. I don't know if she has finally gone full time or just felt she needed to wear her glasses all day both days.

Soundmanpt 05 Aug 2017, 06:41


I honestly don't know all that much about contact lenses and the various types either. The daily lenses I know require far less care than the bi-weekly ones and monthly ones. But I would think you still need moistening drops of some type if your eyes get dry or you need to remove or replace your lens for any reason. I'm not sure how good the eye wash in first aid boxes work with contact lenses. Maybe better than tap water? If she came into work the next day wearing her glasses and her eye was still red and sore looking I think she most likely had a small rip or burr on the edge of lens when she put it on that morning and it scratched her cornea a little bit. A small rip or burr is hardly noticeable but can be very painful. She maybe wearing glasses for a few days depending on how long her eye needs to heal. For someone that loves seeing other young ladies wearing glasses you clearly weren't very impressed with how her glasses looked on her. Is she not very attractive or is it just that her glasses don't suit her very well? So I have a feeling, since I know you have stated several times how nice your manager looks wearing glasses you must have thought that she looked better wearing your managers glasses than her own glasses? If your managers glasses are -3.00 something and your colleague's glasses are only -2.25 her eyes were considerably over corrected for the day. But depending on how long she has had her current glasses they could be on the weak side by now. But even if she needs an increase it probably wouldn't be that much. Her eyes just adjusted to your manager's glasses and she was enjoying the over correction. I'm sure she was seeing everything razor sharp clarity. By the time she got home that evening and put on her own glasses i'm sure her glasses seemed too weak for her eyes and she would have rather kept wearing the borrowed glasses. I think she was tempted to take your manager's offer to borrow her glasses for the weekend. Probably a good idea for her to get her eye checked out just to make sure there is no permanent damage to her eye. I would suspect that she will be told not wear contacts for several days or more. Depending on how long it has been since her last eye exam will depend on how much if any increase she might need in her glasses and contacts.

So nice to hear that your having a girls weekend. I assume since there will be drinks they will be spending at least one night at your place? It will be interesting to hear how much Danielle will be wearing her glasses if at all. Of course Vicky we know will have her glasses on constantly except when she goes to bed maybe. I of course hope that at some point the topic of glasses comes up. Vicky has had her current glasses for a while now i wonder if she is considering getting her eyes checked anytime soon? Like you she has a glasses fetish so she probably enjoys getting her eyes tested as much as picking out new glasses.

Carrie 04 Aug 2017, 13:38

I'm not sure how long my colleague has been wearing contacts. She possibly did have some solution with her but I didn't go with her when she went to wash the contact and her eye. Do you need solution for daily disposable lenses? I don't know the type of lenses she has.

She said she rinsed her eye with eye wash from the first aid box that someone gave her when she was in the staff toilet and then again at home with some Optrex eye wash.

She came to work the next day wearing glasses because her eye was still sore. It looked a bit red as well. Her glasses were ok, fairly basic. Didn't really do much for her. She said she hardly wears them as they are just a back up for when she isn't wearing contacts but stupidly left them at home the first time she gets something in her eye!

She gave back our manager's glasses that she borrowed and asked her what the prescription was in them as she could see really well with them. Our manager said they were -3.something. My colleague said she probably needs a new prescription as she could see clearer with the manager's glasses than her own glasses which are the same prescription as her contacts, although the manager's glasses did feel slightly too strong but maybe that was because she wasn't used to them. She said she checked her contacts box to see what her prescription is and it's -2.25, same in both eyes. Our manager said she could borrow the glasses again over the weekend but my colleague thanked her and said that although she is tempted she will stick with her own glasses. She also said she had managed to get an opticians appointment on Saturday to check the eye and to have a sight test.

I've got a busy weekend ahead with Danielle and Vicky coming over. We'll try not to disturb the neighbours but we do tend to get a bit loud sometimes when we are all together and have had a few drinkies! My lovely Gemma is making food for the weekend and has now banned me from the kitchen for the rest of the night because I kept eating pieces of the home made pizza that is for all of us tomorrow! I took a couple of pieces when her back was turned and the next time I took some she caught me red handed even though her glasses were steamed up from when she had just checked on something in the oven. If she catches me again I'll be sleeping on the sofa tonight!

Soundmanpt 03 Aug 2017, 08:25


I wonder how new your colleague is to wearing contacts? It seems like she may have only got them recently other wise he would have had a small bottle of solution in her bag just in case something were to get in her eye or under a lens. Using tap water isn't what you want to do because tap water isn't safe to use. Like "NNVisitor" said by the time she got to work her eye was already irritated which meant her lens was still uncomfortable to wear. Also it's possible that she may have accidentally caused a small tear or nic on the edge of her lens when she was putting it on. That can be very painful as well. So was she back wearing her contacts the next day? If so then it was probably only something on her lens. By wearing your manager's glasses all day was the best thing she could have done. That allowed her eye to recover. Even with the glasses being slightly stronger than what she needs i'm sure her eyes were able to make the adjustment quite easily. Actually i'm sure her eyes enjoyed being over corrected.

NNVisitor 02 Aug 2017, 23:16


As a contact lens wearer I understand what happenned. She got some dust particle stuck under her contact lens. It caused pain but because she was on her way to work she may have put up with it for 10-30 minutes waiting to use the washroom at work to take it out. Pain and probably corneal swelling resulted.

This event reminds me of one from many years ago when I worked for a stock brokerage company. Each morning two of us would go to the bank safe and open a large safety deposit box to file and take out stock certificates. A young lady about 23 years olds and myself were doing that duty together for a week each day. She came to work one day and was holding papers closer to her eyes than normal. When asked about it she said she couldn't wear her contact lenses that day. The supervisor said well don't you have glasses. Her reply was that she threw her glasses out. A strange reply but I thought then and still do that she absolutely would not wear glasses in public or at work. She still had to go down to the bank safe with me that day. We had the large metal drawer open and she had to look close to see. She bent down one time and hit her forehead on the metal door by accident all because she had no contacts in nor glasses to see clearly with.

Carrie 02 Aug 2017, 15:49

A colleague at work had major contact lens problems this morning. She had only just got in when she complained of discomfort in one eye. She said a bit of dust had probably got under her contact (I didn't know that she wore contacts). She went to the staff toilets to wash the lens and her eye but her eye was still uncomfortable. She didn't have any spare lenses or her glasses with her but was prepared to go the whole day with just one lens in. Our manager had a good idea. She asked my colleague if she she knew her prescription. My colleague said she wasn't entirely sure but knew she was short sighted. Earlier this year our manager bought herself some glasses with a weaker prescription than her regular glasses to wear when she is on the computer at work. She finds these more comfortable to wear for long periods at the computer than her regular glasses which are no-line bifocals. Our manager suggested that my colleague borrowed these glasses rather than trying to get around with one contact. My colleague was very grateful and removed her other contact and put the glasses on. She said that they seemed stronger than her contacts but not too strong. She wore them for the rest of the day and was going to give them back to our manager at the end of her shift but our manager said she could keep them until tomorrow so she could see properly to get home.

My colleague is about 18 or 19 and is a student on summer break. I don't work with her very often as she usually does evenings and weekends.

oscar 31 Jul 2017, 17:39

Tonight on the British TV quiz University Challenge, the brilliant Lorna Frankel, captain of the Southampton team, wore glasses with quite a strong minus prescription. Here's a link to the iPlayer version that can be watched in the UK (though not, I think, anywhere else):

Episodes usually turn up on youtube a few days after transmission.

Colin 30 Jul 2017, 13:23

Well I hope I'm not too creepy either!

But if a pretty girl speaks to me it's only polite to reply.

NNVisitor 30 Jul 2017, 13:10

Not sure if that last anonymous posting was directed at me. No I do not stare at people's faces except when we both are talking to each other. Yes I glance at women with and without glasses on. I'm an observant person. In a public place I have to look somwhere or close my eyes. It I'm looking out a window on a bus and people are sitting in front of the window I will often glance at them too. Yes I do listen in on public conversations. Sometimes they're interesting.

I do not follow or stalk people. If women wear low cut tops with cleavage showing men will look. That's often the reason many women wear such clothes. Tatoo's as well I often look at for their artistic style or trying to figure out words tatooed. When we go out in public people see us, look at us and at times may stare at us.

 30 Jul 2017, 04:25

I am not surprised. Most of your antics that you post here involves heavy staring stalking type behavior. One of these days someone is going to catch you and report you to authorities. I know if you followed me around so intensely I would kick your balls through your teeth.

Bert 29 Jul 2017, 16:28

Are lenses with a slight tint coming back into fashion? In the tube this week I was opposite a girl with minus glasses in a nice tortoiseshell frame. Her lenses had a black tint, lighter than prescription sunglasses. The tint cannot have been photocromic as we were in the tube.

I recall these tints 30-40 years ago, before the days of photocromic lenses, and very attractive they were too, making the glasses and their wearer more attractive. I used to go out with a red head whose tint in her plus glasses (rimless in those days) perfectly matched her hair.

NNVisitor 29 Jul 2017, 09:58

Sightings 3

I was at a coffee shop yesterday and a super attractivive young 20ish Indian looking lady (as in from India ancestry) was sitting with her very muscular boyfriend or husband. She wore really nice glasses probably -5 or -6. I would have written about her from the coffee shop but as the free wifi was not encrypted and her male friend looked like he could without effort split me in two I decided to write about her from elsewhere. I wound up sitting at a behind a semi barrier where I could see her backside. Those two appeared very romanticlly intertwined.

Two young women walk in to order drinks. One was very attractive with plastic plus glasses that suited her very well. They weren't at the coffee shop more than seven minutes and then left.

I had been on a bus earlier. A woman with plastic sort of rectangular plastic frames walked by my seat. I only noticed her again when going to the back exit to leave the bus at the next stop. It was then I noticed that her glasses were a high minus. At the doorway I turned for one last look and so did she staring at me with an if looks can kill type of stare.

NNVisitor 29 Jul 2017, 09:42


Over the last month or so I've seen several youngish people reading their phones quite close without glasses on. Same what Ive been known to do. Some of these women were Chinese. Some Caucasian. Some later put their glasses on but not all of them.

Curt 29 Jul 2017, 09:14

Also seeing a lot more low-to medium plus wearers than before. I like it!

Puffin 29 Jul 2017, 06:47

I'm starting to see rectangular metal frames - interesting.

ToniS 29 Jul 2017, 02:44

The other day I was on a bus and I watched a maybe 18 to 20 yr old girl / woman of asian origin using her smartphone. She held it closer to the face as you would usually do and I thought, wow, she might need glasses.

After a while she put her smartphone away and put her glasses on that were stored in her bag. I guess they were about -6 or more. Then she left the bus at the next stop.

I wondered why she didn't wear her glasses all the time.

Nice sighting anyway.

Colin 28 Jul 2017, 23:02


My last view was of her walking away moving her head down to see the leaflets, up to see the people's hands as they took the leaflets, right up to see their faces then right down to see the ground in front of her feet before cautiously walking forward lifting her lovely legs quite high as she did so.

It must have been obvious to my wifey who I was staring at!

Colin 27 Jul 2017, 15:23

We've just had Carnival night in our town. Lots of floats with people handing out leaflets, freebies etc as they walked past. As I was watching I saw the flash of light off a girls glasses in the distance, as she came nearer she looked towards us and her dark eyes were magnified enormously. She was handing out leaflets. Looking right down at the leaflets then up at the people lining the route offering them out. She was wearing extremely short cut off jeans with a few threads hanging down her shapely legs and a short sleeveless top showing her slim figure and tummy. Her whole body was beautifully tanned. I couldn't help looking even though I was with my wife and daughter. As she approached her eyes were hidden behind the lenses the top of which showed a big chunk ground back to the frame. They bulged out wonderfully. She looked up and stared straight at me. Perhaps she noticed my similar glasses? I said thanks as I took the leaflet and she looked right down again to see the ground in front of her feet before walking off and looking up again at the crowd. He lenses had that really strong look from behind.

When I looked at my wife she was shaking her head! I think I'm in trouble!!!

 24 Jul 2017, 15:20

Soundtwit/Carrie are back, selling Zenni, chinese crap.

Soundmanpt 24 Jul 2017, 07:44


I'm pretty sure he was "hitting" on you. Not sure if that is what they call it in the UK but that is what it is called in the U.S. But still every young lady enjoys being complemented. And for you being told how good you look wearing glasses was the perfect complement for a girl that loves wearing glasses as much as you do. Even better he commented on how he liked seeing your eyes slightly magnified behind your lenses. It didn't hurt that this came from what you described as a "good looking" man. If Gemma had never come into your life I think you might have accepted his offer to go for a drink with him. You could be right that he has a thing for girls wearing glasses. So you thanked him, showed him a picture of Gemma and told him this is the person you're in a relationship with. Nice that he found Gemma to be pretty and he again complemented both you and Gemma when he said "another bespectacled beauty" But i'm sure that really made your day. I know how much you love wearing your glasses and i'm sure sure you feel very pretty wearing glasses but having a total stranger tell you how good you look wearing glasses confirms it.

Nice to hear from you. Don't allow yourself to be "bullied" by the no name cowards that continue to accuse me of being you. If they weren't so busy accusing and would go back and look at some of your early posts in here they would see that you have not only referred to various shows that are only available in the UK but you have even tried to post some that couldn't be opened on this side of the pond. And I have referred numerous times to late night talk shows about guests and such that aren't available in the UK.

NNVisitor 23 Jul 2017, 12:14


He either has a thing for women wearing glasses or fasttracking it to the bedroom and having hot sex. Or both.

Well at least he turned out to be a gentleman as he didn't suggest a threesome after you showed him a picture of Gemma.

 23 Jul 2017, 11:30

queue Soundmanpt reply in 5... 4.... 3.... 2...

 23 Jul 2017, 11:28

(rolls eyes....) "Carrie" is back. lol

Carrie 23 Jul 2017, 08:39

I was at work the other day refilling the shelves when this man came up to me. He was about my age perhaps a bit older and I have to admit he was good looking. He asked me where he could find a particular item and I told him. He was looking into my eyes as we spoke. He then said I looked good with glasses and liked how the lenses slightly magnified my eyes. He made some other very complimentary remarks about me and then asked me if I would like to go for a drink with him. Obviously I explained that I couldn't go on a date with him but thanked him for his lovely comments which had really made my day. I think he was in to girls with glasses by the way he looked at me. I showed him a photo on my phone of Gemma which he clearly liked and he remarked how pretty she was "Another bespectacled beauty!". I was very flattered. He thanked me for my time and continued with his shopping.

murky 21 Jul 2017, 21:18

Hello Tony

I enjoy seeing people who want to extress themselves, through their glasses, and they are the ones I complement, and its always well received, have a look at this website, and see some of her clients. If youger, this is a businedd i would love to start.

Matching clothes and specs is always a good conversation piece!

Plus Tony 21 Jul 2017, 08:02


What a pleasant sighting. I am quite envious. From my perspective it sounds like your Dior lady ticks nearly all the right boxes - Short, attractive, permanently bespectacled with a moderately high plus prescription and early 40s...shame about the husband!

The fact that she had gone to the trouble of matching her specs to her coat suggests that like so many of us here she wants to make wearing glasses a pleasurable experience rather than just a medical necessity.

murky 17 Jul 2017, 01:41

My usual volunteer day today, showing folks around our center, and next visitor, early forties, shortish, stunning red and blue overcoat, with a white collar, AND gorgeous Dior glasses, gold squarish fronts, with mettalic sidearms in modigliani style exact match of PATCHES OF RED BLUE AND WHITE.

High Plus, with varifocal, at least +5, possibly some prism, with thick outer edges.

. and so it goes

Wow, they are a spectacular match, your jacket and glasses, madam.

Oh Thank you.

Which did you buy first, coat or specs?

I have had the coat for many years, and my husband spotted the glasses downtown. in a window of an optometrist, so I had to have them .

Are they new? Expensive I guess?

No, they were reduced to sell, only about 100 dollars, had them a year or so now.

A real bargian, being Dior, and they probably were waiting for the lady with the matching jacket.

..Could not get her to take them off, as she could not see much sans specs. Could not take my eyes off her during the tour. Wow , not much change from $400 I think.

NNVisitor 06 Jul 2017, 23:20

I was taking a bus ride today on a limited stop express bus. One or two stops after I got on five young ladies who looked 20-21 years old got on. All dressed summery wearing shorts as it was hot today. Three sat accross from men. One wore nice rectangular black glasses which really suited her. She's wearing mild minus lenses in her glasses. Perpendicular to me one of them wore large rectangular glasses which I guessed were -4 or maybe -5. The lenses protruded outside the frame on the backside. They were multicolored. Next to me sat one of the young ladies wearing dark brown frames. A bit plainer looking than the other two had on. Her prescription was probably near -2. She was the hardest to observe as I was very discreet and did not want to draw their attention. All three with the glasses did not have antireflection coating. They were all talking away when one of the two not wearing glasses noticed an advert above me for discount contact lenses. Then her and the other not wearing glasses were discussing the add. Three out of five wearing glasses as glasses seem to be quite popular these days with young women.

Jim H 06 Jul 2017, 19:25

Over the Canada day long weekend, I attended a pool party that was catered. One of our friends got glasses with a low minus and looked very nice walking around in her swimsuit with her specs on, but took them off to go swimming. My wife kept her glasses on in the pool while holding our daughter, and placed them on the pool edge to go for a proper swim but promptly put them back on after. There were two very nice looking women in their early 50's (short brunette and a taller blonde) both with reading glasses that were constantly on and off, all while pool side. One of the servers was a very pretty petite and tanned mid 20's with long hombre hair, wearing a black sleeveless shirt, black skirt and black wedge heels. Here glasses were a metal half frames with the arms high on the temples and was about -6. Very fun time, but had to be careful with all the nice gwgs and me just in swim shorts!

Tom 29 Jun 2017, 14:49

I needed to change my mobile's SIM card today, so went to a phone shop over lunch time, took a ticket and sat down waiting for my turn. A few minutes later a lady entered the shop, and took the seat next to me. Professional attire, nice heels, and wearing very flashy glasses: thin neon-pink plastic frames, no designer label, and lenses with visible power rings.

She took her iPhone and started reading her mails. But had trouble doing so, pushed the glasses up her head, and it looked like she could read more easily without her glasses.

Five minutes on she sighed deeply and complained to me about the waiting time. I agreed, and took the opportunity to compliment her about her bold choice of frames which I thought fitted very well with her blonde hair color. She thanked me, and explained she only dared to pick the pink frames as a back-up because she could do so as part of a "1+1 free" sales action at her optician. She told me her regular frames were classical dark frames, but those were now with the optician for a new prescription, which was why she had to use the pink ones. She had never worn those before to the office but had received many compliments already this morning and yesterday.

murky 27 Jun 2017, 19:13

Yes Puffin, there does seem to be a trend back toward larger frames and adding colour, hopefully the boring black ordinary frames time has come.

One of the eye shops here has a sign " Life is too short for boring glasses", which reminds me of that lenscrafters logo ' Aren't you lucky that you wear glasses".

I just love wearing my new expensive white and gold Gucci's( from the female rack), and enjoy seeing the white frame in my peripheral vision. I just love popping them on in the morning, and putting them by the bedside at night.

Puffin 27 Jun 2017, 05:49

I'm seeing a lot of variety in frames now.

Not just black cat-eye variants, but metal versions of same and even round metal.

All good news.

murky 26 Jun 2017, 22:05

Middle aged lady getting oranges in the greengrocer, wearing an exquisite pair of multi-coloured frames, large patterned white red and blue, moderate cateye, side arms in the same pattern, about plus 3 I reckon.

I reach across her to collect oranges (I don't need), catch her gaze.

What a smart pair of glasses, I venture

Never seen anything like that before

I got them in Ipswitch, where I live..

Must be fun to wear

Yes, I need them because I get double vision without them, and the prescription corrects for it.

How much power does it take to correct that?

I don't know, but its a lot more comfortable with them on, and I like yours too, very smart

At this point I am tempted to ask her if I can take a closer look, but she moves to the bread stall Sigh


Going home in the airplane, magic. A 30 ish very smart lady sits beside me, expensive clothes and a huge engagement ring. Smallish oval lenses in s translucent green thin frame, perfectly matching her dress. Neat thin green arms with a filigree pattern I have not seen before, about -1 to 1.5

We don seat belts, and hers has been tangled in mine ( by me)so we have to lock eyeballs when sorting it

Pretty glasses I say

Gee thanks

They look expensive, by whom are they made, I see no makers mark on the side ?

Removes them deftly,Looks intently inside the arm.. Oroton its written here.

Oh they are jewellery makers, I did not know they made glasses, can I have a look, they are really beautiful

And she hands them across ( heart rate 200+)and I gently fondle them

They are truly beautiful, as I fold in the arms and hand them back


Had them 2 years now

Time for a new pair?

not yet, the optometrist says my prescription is stable, and they cost over 1000 dollars.

Wow.. as well I did not drop them! And she puts in her earplugs...specs on nose, and wore them like a well seasoned glassologist, my heart palpitating all the way home.

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