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Sightings of people wearing glasses with corrective lenses.

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Crystal Veil 16 May 2018, 12:53

Hi Lou,

singer-songwriter with a 12 string guitar since 1965. Also active in Irish ballad groups since 1970. Traditional Irish music since 1975: uilleann pipes, tenor banjo, tin whistle and also a bit on fiddle and harp. All by ear, no need to read music on stage.

Mike (-16) 16 May 2018, 10:35

Iíd prefer not to say where I saw him. He uses a long white cane in the stations and in the street. Hence, it would be unfair for me to give details.

If you have seen him, please give some details. I know that biconcave lenses are incredibly rare, but in a city the size of London, it is possible that there could be multiple people that match that description.

Lou 16 May 2018, 07:59

Hi Crystal Veil

Thank you very much, but I wasn't talking about my colleague's distance vision when they looked up whilst wearing glasses for reading their music, rather expressing my surprise that they were only wearing glasses for music, when their vision at around the 5 feet mark also appeared to be blurred without glasses, the way that they were squinting to see the notice.

As a matter of interest, what instrument do you play?

Soundmanpt 16 May 2018, 07:37


Thanks for the update on Vicky's work colleague. Since she just got her glasses and isn't wearing them very often her eyes really haven't had a chance to adjust to the prescription of her glasses yet. So it's understandable that she is still able to read her phone as well as other things without them. But she admits that it is much easier to see her phone with her glasses on. So because she can see her phone better with her glasses she will probably slowly start putting her glasses on more and more often when she needs to see her phone. It's very possible that she will soon get tired of having to put on and take off her glasses so much to see her phone. Of course that depends on much she uses her phone. Since she has no trouble seeing distances wearing them it could lead to her keeping her glasses on more and more. If you're close to being accurate about the prescription of her glasses it means that her glasses are about the same as your first glasses. Only difference between you and her is that you went to full time wear as soon as you got your glasses because you wanted to wear glasses. I wonder if Vicky will try encouraging her to wear her glasses more often. We know that Vicky has a thing for glasses on herself and I would assume for others as well. It should help that she got prescription sunglasses as well and that she plans to wear them anytime she wears sunglasses. So if she wears sunglasses very often her eyes are going to get more and more used to seeing things through her prescription lenses. So if she is a book reader and enjoys laying out on a sunny day reading for hours that may help with getting her wearing her regular glasses more as well. In a way it sounds like she might be just a little bit shy about being seen wearing glasses. what do you think?

Crystal Veil 16 May 2018, 06:25


I am one of many musicians who prefer a bit of blur when performing on stage. No need to see the audience crystal clear.

Lou 16 May 2018, 04:51

This isn't a very interesting sighting, only a confusing one, which cross references with my thread on the Hyperopia and Presybopia forum.

I'm a musician and play in bands and orchestras. It is pretty common place for people over 40 to be wearing glasses for the intermediate distance of reading music/changing from their distance glasses to music distance glasses.

Let's consider my Mum for a moment, who since she doesn't use a computer/play a musical instrument, has no real need for an intermediate prescription, and wears bifocals, so that she can knit in front of the TV. She wears her bifocals for reading, tv and driving, but not full-time. I've tried on her glasses, and her distance prescription must be around +1.25 or +1.50, and her reading add around +2.50. I can never understand since she wears glasses for TV, saying that she can't see people's faces without, and also for reading, how she can't find everything annoyingly blurred between TV and reading distance, which would encompass most of the activities/tasks she does in the house.

Going back to the boring sighting. I have a band colleague around 60 years old, who wears glasses only to read their music (quite possibly they have a stronger pair for reading). In the break time, I saw them really squinting to read a notice around 4-5 feet away, which I could easily read, almost definitely without my admittedly small prescription glasses. What I couldn't understand is that if music at around 3 feet away is blurred and so is even a notice around 5 feet away, wouldn't most of the contents of the room and people in it be blurred, and why would someone not be bothered by it?

I suppose the answer is that the blur must be insignificant enough to be tolerated by that particular person when they do not specifically need to read text or see specific details, but I know without doubt that I would not want to walk around/chat to people with that level of blur.

Carrie 15 May 2018, 10:01

We saw Vicky's colleague on Saturday at the coffee shop. She showed us her glasses. She admitted that they make the text on her phone extremely clear. She pointed out that she can still read her phone (and other things) without them, it's just a bit easier with them. "Probably won't wear them much", she said. Looking at the lenses her prescription is probably about +0.75 to +1.00. She said when went to pick up her glasses she double checked that she didn't need to wear them all the time. She was told that is correct, although she can wear them as much as she likes if she wants as she has no trouble seeing distances with them. She said that was a good thing as her 2nd pair are prescription sunglasses and being able to use them as normal sunglasses and not just reading glasses for reading in sunny weather is a bonus. She has no plans on wearing the clear lens glasses any more than absolutely necessary. The frames are sort of Wayfarer style in black and the sunglasses are in a similar frame.

Steve 15 May 2018, 01:32


I may know this guy. Where in London did you see him?

Mike (-16) 14 May 2018, 03:14


Just realised that my phone has auto-corrected my message.

The man a saw had bi-concave lenses with fresnel vertical prisms.

I saw him again this morning, waiting for a tube train. He was using his phone with the phone in front of his let eye. The phone was closer than the end of his short, turned up little nose.

After we boarded the same tube train, I noticed that his right eye was turned in an almost random direction, pointing outwards from his nose.

It would appear that he couldnít see the whole phone screen, as he kept moving the phone left and right when he was reading. Although, when he was typing, he coped ok; I guess the qwerty keyboard on an iPhone is easier to read than the text on the screen.

As I said, London is amazing.

 07 May 2018, 01:17


Has Danielle attempted to hit on Vicky's colleague now that she will be in glasses?

Carrie  06 May 2018, 03:49

Last weekend Vicky's colleague did wear the glasses just for the few minutes she was looking at her phone but not at any other time when we were in the coffee shop. She mentioned she was getting her eyes tested the following Thursday.

This Saturday she again wore Vicky's old glasses when looking at her phone during her break. I asked her how the eye test went. She said that unsurprisingly she does need glasses for reading. She doesn't know her prescription but does remember being told it was slightly stronger than Vicky's old glasses. (She took the glasses with her to the eye test.)

She will get her glasses in about a week and is supposed to wear them for reading and any other close up activities. She isn't very keen to wear glasses but accepts she needs them. She also said that she will only wear them when her eyes start to ache.

Danielle looked the most feminine I have seen her since I have known her. Dressed for the warm sunny weather we're getting at the moment and wearing Clubmaster style prescription sunglasses. Of course my Gemma was looking stunning.

murky 04 May 2018, 21:02

A new departmernt store has opened in town, and, as usual, the cosmetics section is on the ground floor, and must be traversed to get to the menswear, up the escalators.

I have often found the best spec wearers in the cosmetic section, and yesterday was no excepition.

The Maybelline area, a middle aged very slim shortish lady, immaculately dressed in black, with stunning over large glasses, squarish, slightly tinted gray, with minimalist frame in gold, and a Jewel on the outer corner, leading to fine filigree arms, all just shouting 'look at me", and so I did

Can you show me where the menswear section is please

Yes, over there, take to lift to floor 2.

Thanks, and i do like those glasses of yours

Well thank you, they do the job.

The job? How do you mean, I think they are a wondeful fashion accessory, who is the maker?

I am not sure, why do you ask?

Because my daughter is always on the lookout for something different, and she would love a pair of those. Where did you get them?

Last time I was in Sydney, my partner offered to shout me a new pair.

( thinks, how can I get her to take them off)

Are they by Versace, they look like their style.

Not sure..

May I have look at them please?

( Gives me an odd look, but I smile at her) Then it happens..

She slowly peels them off, hands them over the counter to me, and I note, in the smallest script " D squared"

I see they are by D Squared, I have not hears of that label before.

Looking through the lenses, I see she is about _1, with about +1 of Add, as things look the same through the lower half.

Thank you, as I hand them back, and head for the lift

Steve 03 May 2018, 06:53


Which underground station di you see this man?

Mike (-16) 02 May 2018, 10:58


Just seen my first ever person with no-concave lenses.

Dark brown short hair, a few grey hairs at the temples, black suit, white shirt, pink tie.

Not only did he have no-concave glasses, but there were vertical lines in both lenses. Is that prisms?

It seemed that his head width, viewed through his glasses was about 3 inches, including his cute nose.

At the next tube station, he got his phone out, and adjusted his glasses down his hose. He still needed to have gone phone closer than the end if his nose to read.

London is amazing.

Soundmanpt 02 May 2018, 07:46


Did you you go to the coffee shop over the weekend where Vicky works? If so, was her work colleague working and wearing Vicky's old glasses? I agree that if they benefited her with seeing her phone i'm sure they would benefit with working as well.

Good to hear that Danielle admits that her eyes feel more comfortable now wearing glasses and that her depth perception is better as well. When she's sitting and just talking she can still take her glasses off if she chooses to. Her eyesight isn't so bad that she can't see across the table without her glasses being on. The longer she holds off getting contacts the more likely she may not get them at all. I'm a bit surprised that if she planned on getting them she didn't already get them. There's little doubt that when she doesn't have her glasses on now she really notices the imbalance between her eyes which has to bother her.

Carrie 27 Apr 2018, 17:52

Soundmanpt- Vicky's colleague probably would benefit from wearing glasses for work and not just for looking at her phone. We are likely to visit the coffee shop this weekend and it will be interesting to see if Vicky's colleague wears Vicky's old glasses at all.

Danielle would still rather only need glasses for reading or not need them at all but she has admitted that her eyes feel really comfortable with them on and, as her optician said, her depth perception is better. She hasn't got contacts at the moment but did mention she might get some at some point. I think she's still a little shocked about the increase in prescription for her right eye. She is fully used to the new prescription now, I think. The term "grudgingly accepted" perfectly describes how Danielle has agreed with the optician's recommendation of full time wear. I'm pretty sure that over the coming weeks and months she will understand better why full time was recommended.

30calcat 25 Apr 2018, 15:09

When I played in youth soccer leagues a strap was mandatory for all glasses and if you did not have one during pregame equipment inspection you did not play. I could not get used to the idea of heading the ball and tended to instinctively protect my face by blocking with my arms instead, which usually resulted in a foul called.

Needless to say I liked basketball and volleyball a lot better. Still, I like my glasses secured. Once I spent a week at a convention playing a bit of 3 on 3 and one of my friends wore thick minus lenses that looked like bricks in the metal rectangular frame. They must have been at least -13, and the frames sat very loose on the head. Even just sitting around chatting they would constantly slide down the nose. My friend liked to do fast layups and pivot around defenders, and frequently when taking the shot the glasses would finally slide right off the face and onto the floor. Despite this happening multiple times per game they never broke, but I never understood why you would take the risk of throwing your glasses on the floor like that over and over. Maybe my friend was hoping a foul would be called, but nobody touched the glasses, they just fell off!

 25 Apr 2018, 08:49

There was another girl wearing -4 glasses playing for the same team. A little older, tall and blonde- she used sports goggles for a very brief period but has since gotten lasik. There are 2 other girls that are mild plus wearers who goes without them while playing- a luxury the 2 shortsighted girls don't have with their level of myopia.

It's very interesting to find high myopes playing sport although judging by the recent comments none of them are particularly great due to the fear of breaking their glasses

Colin 25 Apr 2018, 08:14

Re Fooball (soccer) playing girls wearing glasses.

My daughter (17) wears very strong plus glasses (plus 26) and plays in our towns ladies football team. Although she usually wears bifocals she wears a normal pair of single vision glasses to play in. Iím not really sure how she manages it but she doesnít seem to have a problem heading the ball although they do slide down her nose and she constantly has to push them up. She wont wear a strap! She is short, slim and fast and usually plays forward and is the only girl in her team that wearing glasses.

There is a team she plays against fairly often with another glasses wearing girl. Hers are minus and also look pretty strong, Iíd guess around minus 15 possibly even more. The edges of the lenses look quite thick even though her frames are quite chunky plastic. She plays quite carefully when going in for a tackle and Iíve never seen her head the ball. When other players get too close she holds up her arm to protect her precious specs.

Puffin 23 Apr 2018, 05:46

I'm seeing more variety in frame styles than of late. It's always an interesting time when fashion is in flux.

And there's more metal frames, often rectangular. Thankfully there's no return to those ridiculous tiny frames we endured about a decade ago.

NJ 23 Apr 2018, 04:11

Noname, your soccer sighting reminds me of two sightings I had back when my daughter was playing soccer. I may have posted these before.

The first was a girl about 14, who trained, but didn't play, on my daughter's team. She wore fairly strong, -8 or so, lined bifocals, and never wore contacts. She was a pretty blonde, friendly and warm. Both parents wore strong glasses, her mom well into the double digits. Her kid sister wore slightly weaker minus lined bifocals, and was always studying during practice, clearly looking through the bifocal part to read. The funny thing is that the mom refused to wear bifocals, even through she really needed them. It was fun to watch her take off her glasses to see things close up, like her phone, holding it just a few inches from her eyes.

The other was a girl about 16 I saw at a soccer tournament. Her glasses weren't that strong, I'd guess -3 or -4, but they kept slipping down while she played. She had to push them up constantly. Don't know why she didn't get a strap for them, though I never saw them fall off.

Glass Lenses 23 Apr 2018, 01:30


Vicky may be playing second fiddle to her new colleague if she gets glasses. Danielle may hit on her.

 23 Apr 2018, 01:02

exploding elongated eyeballs? omg such a dork.

Soundmanpt 22 Apr 2018, 09:00


That was an interesting sighting. I think the blue-light glasses are probably helpful to anyone that spends their day staring at computer screens in reducing eyestrain. But I think too many are getting them instead of first getting their eyes examined to see if they might need prescription glasses. That seems to be the case with Vicky's co-worker. Now that she has Vicky's old glasses she should probably start wearing them instead of putting them on just to see her phone. As much as most young girls use their phone that would seem a bit annoying to constantly be putting on and taking off glasses every time she needs to check her phone. And working the checkout at the coffee shop she needs to be looking at small print quite often their too.

So since you were with Danielle, as well as Gemma and Vicky, how is Danielle doing with wearing her glasses? Has she finally accepted that she needs to wear her glasses full time now? Did she decide not to get new contacts when she got her glasses?

Carrie 22 Apr 2018, 02:40

On Saturday Danielle, Vicky, Gemma and I were in the coffee shop where Vicky works (Vicky wasn't working). Vicky's new colleague was in there and was on her break. She put on the same blue light blocking glasses that she wore the last time I saw her to look at her phone but took them off after a couple of minutes to rub her eyes and continued to look at her phone for a couple more minutes without the glasses before she rubbed her eyes again. Vicky asked her if she was ok. She said she was but her eyes still felt achy with or without the glasses. Vicky said "Perhaps it's not the blue light affecting your eyes. Try these." Vicky passed her a pair of glasses that turned out to be her old +0.5 ones. Vicky's colleague put them on looked at her phone and said "Wow, that feels better already!". Vicky told her that she doesn't need blue light blocking glasses she needs reading glasses and she can borrow her old glasses until she gets her own glasses. By this time her break was over, so she thanked Vicky and promised to look after Vicky's old glasses and get herself an eye test.

Vicky had seen her colleague straining slightly to read her phone on several occasions over the last couple of weeks so decided to dig out her old glasses to see if they helped her colleague.

Likelenses 21 Apr 2018, 20:56


I agree , with Dasha's massive Rx, her elongated eyeballs must be about to explode.

MisterMild 21 Apr 2018, 14:59

In fact, the most recent posting by Dasha - my all-time Russian myodisc favourite GWG - shows her riding a horse. It's a rather distant view, not worth reposting here, but I wonder how ill-advised that activity might be? She must surely be vulnerable to retinal detachment. Dasha has never previously posted about anything more vigorous than jogging on a cycle path.

Crystal Veil 20 Apr 2018, 01:20

anonymous and Soundmanpt,

This sighting reminds me of the football World Cup final in 1970 between Feyenoord (Rotterdam) and Estudiantes de la Plata (Argentina). Pinch hitter Joop van Daele scored the only goal. He did not wear contact lenses but prescription glasses. A frustrated Argentinian player then ripped off his glasses and another Estudiantes player smashed the glasses with his feet. The Argentinians declared later that it was forbidden to wear glasses in the tournament as they might be dangerous for the opponent in physical duels. The broken glasses were immortalized in a Dutch song that reached the charts. They are on display in the Feyenoord Museum. After the incident, Van Daele wisely switched to contact lenses.

Glass Lenses 19 Apr 2018, 23:02

That soccer player needs to talk to her doctor, to see if she has a risk of retinal detachment

Soundmanpt 19 Apr 2018, 19:36

No name

Interesting sighting for sure. Good for her for not letting her poor eyesight stop her from wanting to play sports. She really needs either contacts or sport glasses so she can fully compete. I instantly thought when you were describing her and saying that it was soccer that she was playing how risky that is with her wearing glasses. She was smart to avoid heading the ball but she was still at risk of someone kicking the ball in her face and breaking her glasses. Their is no fear anymore of lenses shattering like they did years ago but the frame of her glasses could easily get broken and metal or plastic could cut her face or even worse cut her eye.

Years ago I managed my own women's softball team. Their ages ranged from 17 to 32 but most were around 21. I always worried because I had several girls that wore glasses and of course a softball isn't really soft. One of the girls wearing glasses was my 2nd baseman. We were having practice and I was hitting infield practice ground balls to them. I diodn't hit the ball as hard as I could but as hard as any other girl would ever hit a ball at them. When I hit one to my 2nd baseman it took bad bounce and came up and hit her right in the face. Her glasses went flying and she was hurt. Her glasses were a small rectangle style and the the nose pad cut the side of her noose so it was bleeding but she was okay. Her glasses were fine except I had to bend the nose piece back slightly. But she shook it off and it ddin't seem to scare her very much. I had the team for 12 years and as the girls were getting older I also lost interest.

 19 Apr 2018, 18:41

Unusual sighting last weekend. Was watching a local girls soccer game and one of the girls was wearing high minus glasses. Pretty cute late teens with long brunette hair wearing small metal frames bursting with thick lenses. I'm guessing -9. She was a bench warmer and sat down right infront of us after her warm ups. Kept turning to talk to her friend and her lenses showed ripples of power rings everytime she does.

What made it more interesting was mum and dad came down halfway through and it was clear why she had such poor eyesight. Mum wearing round metal frames and dad in clear lensed aviators showing plenty of thickness. Both nearing double digit prescriptions.

Very odd to seeing extremely nearsighted athletic girls. She shied away from heading the ball a lot probably in fear of breaking her much needed glasses much to the detriment of her team.

Soundmanpt 12 Apr 2018, 03:28


You had a very nice sighting with that young lady. I know it made your day, but your complements also made her day as well. Nice line by the way saying that your daughter is always looking for high fashion frames. In the past I know you have often borrowed my line about having been an optician to chat with young ladies about their glasses and even get a look at them. It would make sense that with her job in pharmacy trying to read the small print on medicine bottles with long names and tricky spelling she was likely straining her eyes reading them. So a weak plus prescription is probably very helpful to her eyes with relaxing her eyes. Having her wear her glasses full time for a month so her eyes can get fully adjusted to her glasses should be enough that at the end of full time for the month she won't be able to read the small print anymore without her glasses. So if and when you go back I am pretty sure she will still be wearing her glasses. At work for sure and she may continue wearing them full time anyway since she will be quite used to them by then and if she's comfortable wearing her glasses then their is no reason to not continue wearing them.

My local Costco store I have been friends with one of the opticians working their for several years. Over those years I have never once seen her wearing glasses. But Costco multi trains their people. As I was walking past the pharmacy department I noticed that she was working in that department. She was wearing glasses. I waved at her and pointed at her glasses. She came over to the order window and she was laughing. She said that she was asked to help out in pharmacy because one of the other girls was on maternity leave. She said that after the first week her eyes were killing her and she was getting headaches. So she went to her own department and got her eyes examined. She was prescribed with her first glasses. She said that she needs them for seeing close up and that she also has astigmatisms. She said that now that she was going to continue wearing them when returned to her optician job. True to her word when she returned to her own job she was still wearing her gasses. This was a few yeas ago.

Murky 11 Apr 2018, 22:08

An exciting encounter.

Collecting my pillls at the chemist ( drugstore), and carefully avoided the bareyed assistant, to get the other one; 25yo brunette beauty with the specs matching her purple shop tunic. An obvious Versace wheel at the angle on the arm, with a sparkling jewel at the center, and a clear aquamarine arm dissappearing behind shiny brown hair. Frotal view perfect, with gorgeous acetate lucent blue and red whorls, shoewing eyebrows above and high cheekbones below. 10/10 for choice.

Prescription hard to judge, as hair blocks a distant view through the lens, but no power rings, and eyes look normal size, Are they planos? I wonder.. So

Thanks for the pills.. how much do I owe?

25 dollars please, we gave you a discount on the blood pressure one.

Oh Thanks, and they are lovely glasses you are wearing, they suit your face so well..

Gosh, thanks.

If you dont mind me asking, who are they made by? My daughter is always looking for high fashion glasses, she would love those.

Hm I dont konow who made them, not sure ( a short pause, then.. the moment )

She peels them off, looks at the arms

I see they are Versace.

Can I have a look please at the model number?

Hands them across the counter, I look through the lenses, to see that she is less thasn +1 L & R. Maybe +0.5.I Note the serial number inside the arm.Caress them gently, and hand them back

They are truly lovely, your first pair?

How did you know? I have had them about 3 weeks, my boyfriend suggested I get tested, as he though I was squinting. He is a doctor.

Do they help you see better?

I cant notice much difference, but the eye doc said to wear them all the time for a month, then go back and talk to her. She said it was a weakprescription,and would help when I am tired and in bad light. They go dark in the sun, so double as sunglasses.I have a little bit of astigmatism., she said. I think the TV is a bit clearer.

They look expensive.I venture

Yes, just over 800 dollars with the lenses, but my boyfriend is a hospital junior doctor, and he paid half. My boss here, she paid the 180 dollars for ther lenses, as she said I needed to see well, reading labels all day.

Another customer enters the store.. so.

Well, welcome to the world of the glasses wearer, you have chosen well, when I come back in a month, I hope to see you still using them.Goodbye.

Brett 27 Mar 2018, 11:16

The house behind ours is a rental, and we share an alley access with it. For about the last year there has been a college student living there, and I've never seen her with glasses. However, over the weekend, we were both outside and she was wearing what appeared to be really strong glasses so I went over closer to the alley where we would have a reason to chat/say hi.

1 eye was very strong it almost looked like a myodisc but couldn't actually tell if it was or just thickness. The other lens was definitely double digits but not as strong. Said hi, and didn't want to bring up, but as a responsive to how she was doing, she said not good because of having to wear glasses.

She mentioned that her eye doctor had just basically not given her any new contacts, said she had been wearing them too much/sleeping in them too much and said only glasses for at least the next couple months. She was also saying she was having hard time getting used to the glasses, being seen in glasses, and self conscious about the whole ordeal. I'm sure it is a big change.

Lou 27 Mar 2018, 06:43


Sorry, my last post was posted on wrong thread.

Have now re-posted it on Hyperopia and Presbyopia progression thread.


Lou 27 Mar 2018, 06:32

Hi Carrie

Thank you very much for the clarification.

Without meaning to or trying to interfere, I'm very surprised that Vicky didn't get a new prescription this time.

I would have thought that her previous prescription change from +0.50 Sph to +0.75 Sph - 0.25 Cyl would have been less significant, since as you know, +0.75 Sph - 0.25 Cyl equates to a prescription of +0.75 on one meridian and +0.50 on the other, which is not very different to a prescription of +0.50 on both meridians.

As you again know, the new change however to +0.50 Sph - 0.50 Cyl and +0.50 Sph - 0.75 Cyl, equates to +0.50 on one meridan/plano on the other,and +0.50 on one meridan/-0.25 the other.

Presuming that the axis is similar to before, Vicky's old glasses have a +0.50 prescription on the meridian that now requires a plano/-0.25 prescription, and surely the change in her prescription on this meridan, at +0.50 and +0.75 respectively, is equal to the size of her whole prescription, and therefore very significant in comparison to the size of her whole prescription.

Presumably however Vicky feels that her current glasses are ok, or she would have chosen to update her prescription anyhow.

All the best


Carrie 26 Mar 2018, 22:56

On Saturday we were in the coffee shop where Vicky works and I noticed a very attractive new member of staff behind the counter. A bit later on when she was on a break she sat near us and got her phone out and then put on a pair of glasses. Vicky said to her "I like your reading glasses.". The new girl said "Thanks. They are actually blue light blocking glasses. I sometimes get headaches when looking at my phone, especially for long periods." She then held them up to the light before polishing the lenses and putting them on. I could see there was no prescription in them, sadly. I asked her if they worked. She said she's only had them a week so she's not sure as she still sometimes gets a headache. I asked her if she had got her eyes tested recently. She said she hasn't done since she was at school but doesn't think she needs glasses and doesn't particularly want glasses.

We let her get back to her phone and carried on our chatting.

Soundmanpt 26 Mar 2018, 12:09

I just came from my doctors appointment for my sleep apnea and I was just their a month ago because they had to adjust my cpap machine and they wanted to check the results with me to the new settings. Anyway the nurse was the same one that cane in last time to take my vitals and go over medications and such only this time she was wearing glasses. I couldn't help but notice her fiddling with her glasses as she was asking me questions. So when she was finished I asked her if she had just recently started wearing glasses? She smiled at me and asked how i could tell? I told her that I remembered her form my past visit and she wasn't wearing glasses then and now she was and she seemed like she was still getting used to wearing them because she was fiddling with them as she was asking me questions. She said I was very observant and that she had just got them last week and she is still getting used to wearing glasses. She said that she doesn't really need to wear them all the time but she wants to wear them all the time because the fluorescent lights bother her eyes and the AR coating on her glasses really helps with that. She said that in the few days she has had them she already feels like her eyes are getting dependent on her glasses. She said that she took them off while she was driving to wipe a smudge off of them and she was surprised how blurry everything was with her glasses off. I told her how nice she looked wearing glasses and she said that her husband likes how she looks wearing glasses too. I have to go back in 2 weeks so I hope to see here again and see how she is doing with getting used to her glasses.

Galileo 23 Mar 2018, 20:09

In south east Asia and using public buses. A group of school girls all in uniform and looking to be about 15 years old get on the bus. There are six of them and five wear glasses for myopia ranging from -2 to -6 in my estimation. No NHS frames here though - all wearing modern designer looking frames but with a predominance of large round and black designs.

Same bus a group of younger girls in a different uniform get on, four this time of which 3 wear glasses. About 13 years old. Two of the three wear noticeable bifocals. The most extreme has frames which are almost round and the bifocal is a diagonal across the centre of the lens. Noticeable minus in the top segment, maybe -4 and powerful plus in the bottom segment. The other girl is unusual in that she is positioning her glasses so as to read her phone through the upper minus segment and not the bifocal reading add.

It's a small sample but seems to confirm the myopia epidemic in the region.

M2 21 Mar 2018, 20:54


You're too sweet to offer that, but what makes you think I need prop glasses to talk to men? Besides, I think both men I mentioned are in relationships. I'm a good many things, but a woman who flirts with taken men isn't one of them.

While I'm here, a sighting from the past couple a restaurant, eavesdropping on a conversation behind me while waiting for my dinner companion. Guy and woman, second date maybe? Both in their early to mid-30s. Guy says something about the NCAA tournament game on tv, woman replies, guy admits "I can't quite see the score, I wear glasses sometimes, I'm a little blind." This, of course, piques my interest and I make sure to take a look when I get up to use the bathroom. Guy has gray wire-framed glasses,very low minus but some cylinder, lying on table. He must've been keeping them in a pocket earlier in the date.

When I came back from the bathroom, he had the glasses on and was watching the game but the woman had passed me coming back from the bathroom. He looked good with the glasses on and I wanted to tell him she probably wouldn't mind if he just wore them so he could really see the game. He was decent looking, thinning gray-brown hair, neatly trimmed beard, tech-bro casual outfit. Noticeable cylinder in the lenses, enough that I suspect he probable wears them more than "sometimes".

George 17 Mar 2018, 18:11


You know if you were to order yourself a nice looking pair of glasses with a weak prescription of say -.75 or maybe -1.00 which your eyes shouldn't have any problem tolerating it would give you something to talk to these men at your sales meetings instead of just looking at them. You could do some fiddling with your glasses and comment about how you just recently got glasses and how you're trying to get used to wearing them. Maybe even ask for pointers from them.Glasses are fairly cheap online.

M2 17 Mar 2018, 15:42

Anonymous poster, you're mostly right. I am a mom and I enjoy seeing men in glasses. No glasses for me yet. I'm in my mid-30s and have good vision but I know presbyopia will come in due time.

Another sighting while I'm here and it's another presbyopic man. Must be the crowd I hang out with. I was at several days of sales meetings for work this week and saw a guy who I see periodically. He's in another region but I see him a few times a year at large work events. Mid- or late-40s, shorter, nice build, dark brown hair thinning a bit but styled well to embrace what he's got without looking silly (side note, men: comb-overs and attempt to hide hair loss are not fooling anyone. lots of guys with little hair look great, just own it).

But back to the glasses. He is definitely dependent on this pair for anything up close, they are rectangular, maybe +2, bronze frames. A nice match for his coloring. He's had them as long as I've seen him at these meetings, at least three years. But the last couple times I've seen him, he doesn't always whip them off to look into the distance. There were a few instances this time when he left them on to look up at a power point or something in the distance. Of course, once he realized he was looking through those lenses, he slid them off. Or onto his forehead, which was really kind of cute.

 16 Mar 2018, 06:57


You sound like a glasses wearing mom that enjoys seeing men wearing glasses as well as enjoying wearing her own glasses.

Slit 15 Mar 2018, 23:15

Saman 26 Feb 2018, 09:00

which city? what super market?

M2 14 Mar 2018, 16:43

This is a near-sighting that became a sighting.

About a year and a half ago, I would see this same dad at my daughter's soccer practice, trying desperately to hold his phone far enough away to see it to text or email. It probably didn't help that it was dusk. I would notice him and wonder to myself if he was living deep in denial or just too vain to put his readers on.

The season ended and I forgot about it, until this weekend when I was at a different sporting event and I saw him again, but now with a nice pair of black rimmed glasses that he wore the whole time. He's a good looking guy, probably late 40s, salt and pepper hair, tall and broad, and they suited him well.

I was across a field from him, but my guess is they're progressives. Wonder if he started with readers or went full-time from the start, and just how long after those fall nights that he held out, trying-and failing-to see his phone screen clearly.

pete-it 08 Mar 2018, 09:44

I went into a small coffee shop in south London this morning. To my delight the lady barrista, maybe about 40 years old had a pair of stunning glasses, they were a very large frame and the left lens was square with a red frame and the right was round with a white frame...guessing in the region of - 4...all very nice and made the coffee buying even sweeter

Adam 28 Feb 2018, 11:10

Two sightings this week in Tesco hipermarket:

On Monday, I saw a cashier with about -10 glasses and I think she had some astigmatism, too. Behind the lenses I saw that she has nice big brown eyes.

Today, I saw a girl with light blue eyes. Her eyes were squinty all the time and she was squinting hard even looking at closer distances, too. I think she has glasses but she doesn't wear them.

Both girls were very nice, not just their eyes.

Saman 26 Feb 2018, 09:00

Hi. Today I went to a shopping mall and went to the payment i saw the cashier girl wearing a glasses with very strong lens in her right eye (looks - 10 or - 12) and weak lens for a left eye (maybe - 2 or - 3).

I think she is around 25 years. When she turns her head we can clearly see the thickness of her right lens. It's around 10mm thick came our from the frame. When she turns forward her right eye looks very tiny.

I was So excited. I'm thinking her vision without those glasses...

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