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 09 Feb 2018, 04:08

Johnny Depp doesn't seem to have been photographed in public wearing his glasses recently. Does anyone know the reason for this?

Mark One 11 Dec 2017, 00:47

Wil Wheaton recently joined the ranks of the bespectacled.

None of the shots on his Instagram provide particularly good clues about his Rx but since he's 45 this year, I'm guessing progressives of some sort.

brynn 18 Oct 2017, 05:12

Ryan Reynolds - weak plus

SoCal 10 Oct 2017, 09:08

Kit Harington from 2014

GreginColo 09 Oct 2017, 22:38

Thanks te for making us aware of him; he surely is very accomplished as seen by his list of credits as an actor, producer, writer and director. Lots of nice pics of him out there, mostly in glasses, but some without. so presumably in contacts. Has some different looks to him depending on glasses or not, choice of frames, facial hair or not, etc, but all very handsome. Thanks again for the post and link.

tinyeyes 09 Oct 2017, 19:55

Have you guys seen Jay Duplass in his glasses? (He's in the show "Transparent" and I'm not sure what else.) Google Jay Duplass glasses to see him in his strong RX, and you won't be disappointed.

 13 Jul 2017, 08:32

I would say Matthew Gray Gubler's prescription is around -5 or -6.

LaraRussell 12 Jul 2017, 19:57

Hello to fellow specs-lovers!

I would like to ask for a favour:

Can anyone please guess Matthew Gray Gubler's script?

I'm not good at such thing.

He shows up with his glasses regularly and all I can tell is that he has kinda strong minus lenses.

Here are some photos for you:


Thank you for your time ^_^

SoCal 03 Jul 2017, 05:54

Paul Rudd

SoCal 02 Jul 2017, 21:39

JJ Abrams link.

SoCal 02 Jul 2017, 21:38

Let's not forget this hottie director, JJ Abrams

*scroll down to his photo and zoom in. If I'm not mistake he's wearing contact lenses and rx glasses*

Ben Franklin 26 Jun 2017, 15:04

Long time since i posted, I think the last time was when wurm was moderator.

I saw "The Lobster" which had been released in 2016 starring Colin Farrell. Lots of talk about whether characters are nearsighted or even had astigmatism. Fascinating.

tiff 10 May 2017, 11:38

Jonathan Rhys Myers hold his plus glasses in his hand:

oopsI 10 Apr 2017, 07:50

As I was watching fantasic beasts I looked for pictures of Eddie Redmayne is glasses. I think they are plano, though.

antonio 30 Mar 2017, 14:38


yes, it´s fascinating sometimes to see someone halfblind

without his glasses,

if you like that feeling,

why don´t you try GOC,

wearing some plus lenses on your eyes

and minus glasses on your nose ???

best regards, antonio

oopsI 30 Mar 2017, 08:34

At a little over 1 minute Emma Robert tries on Stephen Colbert's glasses and they talk a bit about them

antonio 20 Mar 2017, 16:23

oh yes, OopsI,

one can see, he doesn´t know where to look without glasses it seems, right ? and he can´t see the interviewer´s face clearly I guess, funny situation

He´s delighted, when he puts them back on, right ?


best regards antonio :-)

oopsI 20 Mar 2017, 16:11

Hey antonio :D

Also this video of Darren is really interesting, when he takes off his glasses you can see he can't focus.

antonio 20 Mar 2017, 14:35

:-) to OopsI :)

oopsI 19 Mar 2017, 15:09

I love Darren Criss' (I think) new glasses.

DNBursky 18 Feb 2017, 20:14

Someone said it's rare to see bifocals with the obvious cut in period for the bifocal nowadays, unless it's someone over 65+ years old. Then I saw this photo of actor Gregory Harrison.


Sydneycider 22 Dec 2016, 00:58

Forgot about this hunk Josh Lucas (Sweet Home Alabama)

RandomUser 27 Jun 2016, 16:53

Watch the video. Such eye candy.

RandomUser 27 Jun 2016, 16:51

hyperaficionado 04 Apr 2016, 05:36

Can anyone tell me what rx Richard Gere has got in his glasses? I think his rx has increased substantially over the years. Not only for far but also for close up. Obvious that he has multifocal lenses.



GreginColo 23 Mar 2016, 22:44

Thanks tinyeyes for the Adam Rodriquez video about his lasik surgery. As you said, a bummer that he had the surgery but the end of the video where he removes his glasses for the last time is certainly worth the watch, as you mentioned. It was also interesting to hear him talk about doing his scenes bare-eyed. Thanks for the post and link.

tinyeyes 23 Mar 2016, 18:47

I knew sexy Adam Rodriguez was a myope, but I didn't realize he had lasik. Bummer, but here's a video about it that is nice to watch. I think you'll agree the end of the video is the very best part, so wait for it....

Femke 15 Mar 2016, 12:35

Theo James

Carl 29 Feb 2016, 15:41

Were there any glasses-wearing sightings on the Academy Awards last night? Any actors needing glasses for the cue cards? I didn't get to watch it.

Ron 24 Feb 2016, 16:09

Does anyone watch "Grandfathered" with John Stamos? He wears glasses for reading in the show and they are obviously his own glasses. You can tell he can't see a thing close up without them because he automatically pops them on as needed.

astigmaphile 28 Nov 2015, 09:42

Two of Bieber's pictures look like they have plus sphere in the glasses.

ksnl 28 Nov 2015, 09:21

@Julian: He is a musician, but I feel that mainly female musicians are posted on the musician thread, and the people who would be interested in a male celebrity are on this thread :)

Julian 28 Nov 2015, 08:37

ksnl: As Justin Bieber is a musician, why not post under Musicians?

More to the point. Ive always understood he wore plano glasses for effect. However, I've just done a Google search on 'Justin Bieber glasses' where there are some statements that he has perfect vision and wears plano glasses for effect, and some that he wears plano glasses over the contacts he needs. Who can tell?

Still more to the point, I think those Harry Potter-ish glasses suit him much better than any others I've seen him in; and the lenses in them look much less like plano.

ksnl 28 Nov 2015, 07:21

I know he's a musician, but I'm putting him here... Justin Bieber:

Melyse 20 Nov 2015, 00:24

They discuss Andy Samberg's vision from about 2:18. His prescription doesn't seem as strong as Chuey Martinez makes it out to be.

And in this one they discuss Andy's glasses from 2:35.

Melyssa 08 Nov 2015, 09:32

If works, Craig Bruderlin and Barbara Streisand, "perfect together:"

pietro 04 Nov 2015, 05:36

I've been into a lot of esports where there are loads of guys with really strong glasses - always good to watch. there's one Korean guy called Reignover who has a strong prescription but often in interviews puts in lenses and then wears spex without lenses at all!! I mean - what's that about? Just go into Youtube and google his name. It pisses me off as well when people wear frames with clear lenses. As someone who needs his spex those who don't should back off and leave they eyewear to us!!!

ksnl 01 Nov 2015, 14:53

John Hamm from around 2:30

ksnl 29 Oct 2015, 13:36

More Tom Hiddleston

ksnl 29 Oct 2015, 13:32

Tom Hiddleston

ksnl 29 Oct 2015, 13:12

Chris Pine

GreginColo 09 Sep 2015, 05:30

Thanks tinyeyes for bringing this guy to our attention.

tinyeyes 08 Sep 2015, 22:26

Also you can see pictures of Austin I posted at

tinyeyes 08 Sep 2015, 22:17

I just discovered the hunky wrestler Austin Matelson, on the Big Brother 17 reality show. He goes back and forth frequently between contacts and significant minus glasses (at least -6, I would guess). And as a bonus there's another player on the show who's cute and nerdy with a slightly weaker RX.

Julian 08 Sep 2015, 07:55

Cactus: you speculated last month about why, in the world of Harry Potter, anyone needs to wear glasses when you'd think eyesight could be corrected by magic. I've thought about this on and off ever since; but I think the real reason is that Joanne Rowling herself is quite myopic and wanted to provide spexy kids with a spexy hero as a role model. It occurs to me that on two occasions Harry's glasses were *repaired* by magic, the first time by Hermione on the train before they ever got to Hogwarts; and there are quite a few characters in the series who wear glasses - see No mention anywhere of Harry or anyone else getting new glasses, or of an optical store in Diagon Alley.

Julian 27 Aug 2015, 23:09

I think I preferred Kit Harington's previous, slightly geeky, glasses.

ksnl 27 Aug 2015, 15:11

Kit Harington

ksnl 24 Aug 2015, 02:47

YouTube video of Colton Haynes

ksnl 21 Aug 2015, 08:57

Here's an article where Andrew Lincoln talks about fake blood getting behind his contact lenses... it's under the heading "It must have freaked you out a little bit when Andy had you in a headlock and just kept whispering, “F— you” in your ear."

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