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Strong Glasses

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Groot 17 Nov 2017, 09:43

Plus Tony

I think my glasses do look pretty strong from the side. I just barely see myself like that. They also create a strong halo that gives them a coke bottle effect even when I pay for thin lenses. But in flattering lighting and from the front they look relatively mild. But other people probably see me from other angles. When my sister was at the DMV they asked her if her +1.00 glasses are just for reading. I never got the same question. When I took off my glasses to try the test without them they acted weird about it. I ended up failing because of astigmatism. I wonder if they can subconsciously tell my glasses are pretty strong or if it was just because they saw me wear them more.

Plus Tony 17 Nov 2017, 08:25

I think it is very much in the eye of the beholder and depends on their knowledge of lenses and preconceptions. Someone with perfect vision who knows nothing might look at a -2 or +2 lens and think "wow that is strong".

As for looking at lenses it depends so much on the size of the frame and the index of the lens that it is almost impossible to say. I have a friend with a prescription of +4.25 but her high index lenses look no thicker than my standard index +2.00 and her eyes are only a little more magnified. However if you look at her lenses from the side you can see that it is a relatively strong prescription.

There are also plenty of posts on instagram where the wearer tags their glasses as cokebottlelenses that don't look particularly strong to me. I also wonder if people who describe themselves on instagram as 'blind' or 'blindasf' who quite clearly aren't do so to justify to others their need or desire to wear a relatively mild prescription when frankly in my view no justification is needed because if you need glasses of any strength to see clearly and you are comfortable wearing them the only person you should have to justify it to is yourself!

Groot 16 Nov 2017, 22:05

At what point does the average observer start describing glasses as thick, coke bottles or strong? In fanatasy stories it seems to be +4.00, but that hasn't been my experience in real life. I think for plus glasses it's +5.00. For minus I think it's even higher. I think minus glasses tend to look weaker.

Colin 27 Jul 2017, 09:32

Hi David,

I got my first contacts in my mid 20's. I was a rep at the time and they made a huge difference to driving. They were also hard and very uncomfortable! Everyone said I was always blinking and they were prone to popping out.

David 27 Jul 2017, 09:16

Hey Colin,

So my dad's ex uk military so I moved around a lot, wasn't back in UK until 6-7 years old. At that point, I got contacts for playing sport on the weekend at first and very quickly changed over to them for the school day and back to glasses at home.

That's about as early as I can remember realising the big difference between glasses and contacts.

The other memory was they hurt like hell for the first few weeks and were hard. It was much easier when my RX dropped and soft contacts came around.

Colin 26 Jul 2017, 23:24

Hi David,

I meant to ask if you had any problems because of your glasses at school or if you got on with them ok.

I don't think mine actually stopped me from doing anything but I wasn't very good at games anyway!

Colin 26 Jul 2017, 23:01

Hi David,

I also had my glasses from a very young age. I had cateracts removed at 6 weeks old and had glasses with elastic round the back of my head. I don't know what prescription they were but I don't think it has changed very much over the years. I was at school in the 60's and had round NHS kids glasses with the curl sides. The ones I had in Secondary school had full frame lenses which were very thick. In those days they were glass and very heavy.

Colin 26 Jul 2017, 11:56

Hi David,

It's just the standard lens. I've been told high index is not available in my prescription.

David 26 Jul 2017, 11:02

Hey Colin,


Looks like the bowls are quite a bit smaller than mine, what index are they?

Colin 25 Jul 2017, 16:41

This might work better than Imgur

Colin 25 Jul 2017, 11:42


I think I messed that link up.

Try this

Colin 25 Jul 2017, 11:31


I hope this works

David 25 Jul 2017, 10:31

Hey Owlish,

I did have them from a very young age, the first RX I think I was given was around +16, very quickly jumping to almost 19, it stayed around there until I think 3-4 years old at which point it dropped year on year until it hit a low of around +12.

In the last few years it's risen by around 0.25 to 0.5 per year, the glasses you're seeing are the ones I use for my computer and I prefer something a little stronger as it helps with eye strain.

@Colin, i'd be interested to see a picture of your glasses to see how they compare to my older ones.

Colin 25 Jul 2017, 10:09


My prescription is plus 27ish and also find a huge difference between wearing glasses and contacts. I am used to both and am sure the brain "switches" between glasses mode and contacts mode. I am also told that I move my head a lot even in contacts.

I took my driving test in the UK in 1969 wearing glasses and drove for several years before getting contacts. My optician said I passed the driving sight test. He did give me a prescription for driving so I could wear the glasses very close to my eyes. It felt as though my eyes almost touched the back of the lenses and my eyelashes brushed against them. This gave me a wider field of vision. I was conscious about my eyesight and drove carefully but I don't think I was a danger to myself or other road users at the time. I wouldn't drive in specs now though!

Owlish 25 Jul 2017, 04:50

Great pics David, thanks for putting them up. It's clear to me that the lenticular lenses look better and must be much lighter and more comfortable to wear. My impression is that opticians are trained to believe that full-view is better but of course they want to sell expensive high index and aspheric lenses.

Another question if you don't mind. I guess you had pretty strong glasses from an early age. Did your prescription remain roughly stable or have you had increases over the years?

David 24 Jul 2017, 12:29

Hey Cactus,

I have one bit of info that people that have known me a long time have said. Apparently I look around a lot from side to side and down when we're out, say going to get lunch.

I know I need to do it when wearing glasses but I don't notice that I do it when I'm not wearing them, I guess just programming from when I was young as I wore glasses for most of that time.

For peripheral vision, there's a huge difference, object size too.

So as an example, on my computer right here, sitting in the same seat, with glasses, a good 80-90% of my vision is the screen / keyboard, without, looking at what i'm typing here, i can see the edge of a chair that's to my right and the light switch to the left, if I had to guess, i'd say that's about 150 degree arc.

Regarding sports, as I only play with contacts, when I tried some table tennis recently, I found I just couldn't hit anything, when normally i'm quite good. We had a good laugh about it but ended up just keeping score.

Cactus Jack 24 Jul 2017, 10:29


My engineering background leads me to believe that the brain is truly a biological computer. Vision actually occurs in the brain. It appears that once the brain figures out how to process images with several different types of correction, it can "load" the appropriate algorithm for the situation very quickly.

Your experience with switching between contacts and glasses, pretty much confirms it. I suspect the image size on the Retina is substantially different with the contact and with your glasses.

Do you notice much difference in your peripheral vision between your glasses and your contacts?


David 24 Jul 2017, 09:35


Firstly, I don't have problems switching, I'm so used to it by now, though I do live differently with each, for example I never drive in glasses, don't do sport etc. but equally, I don't tend to read in the evenings in contacts.

There's the other images

Owlish 24 Jul 2017, 05:16

David it's perfectly understandable that you don't want to put your face out there to be misused on the internet. I wouldn't either.

No I just thought some pics of the glasses from the front would be interesting.

Also, do you encounter any difficulty in switching from contacts to glasses or are you completely used to the change in optical effects?

David 23 Jul 2017, 23:06


I was born fairly early and from parents both with strong plus prescription though neither as high as mine.

My eyes are just too small, no other issues which makes my prescription entirely sphere and very easy to wear / find contacts.

What more pictures do you want? (I won't be putting up any that show me wearing them as a previous one was used to create fake profiles and post some quite disturbing comments)

Owlish 23 Jul 2017, 16:28

Hi David, your prescription is an interesting one; just into the level at which lentis are appropriate. Are you extremely hyperopic or have you had surgery to remove cataracts?

More pics would be appreciated.

David 22 Jul 2017, 10:34


My eyes look noticeably larger than with the lenticular pair.

Peter 22 Jul 2017, 08:23


Both glasses look good to me. How do your eyes look in the full frame pair?

David 22 Jul 2017, 08:13

Hey guys,

So I ordered some new glasses, so when I placed the order I asked for the usual, low index, lenticulars as this keeps the weight down, I only use them for when I can't wear my contacts and I really dislike the high index aberrations at night (I often have to do long hours at work)

It seems however that the message for lenticular wasn't passed onto the lab so they just made them as low index glasses, full field.

This is a bit crazy for a +14.5 prescription!

Needless to say, when they turned up, I let them know that's not what I ordered and they immediately apologised and remade them, allowing me to keep the others in the mean time and as a back up pair. My old ones were about to fall apart so they knew how badly I needed them.

I figured you guys would all be interested to see the difference in thickness between the 2. This is the same frame, same prescription, same index of lens:

Cactus Jack 31 May 2017, 20:37


Maybe your wife put two and two together about the effects of GOC and wound up with 5. You are truly fortunate and blessed.


Peter 31 May 2017, 18:12

Cactus Jack,

Two sets of twin girls. Eldest are five and a half the second set two years younger. Number five is a single girl. Looking after a young family is fulltime work. My wife has given up her job to be at home.

I am able to fit in GOC with work and family. Sundays I GOC with +13 glasses and soft contacts after Saturday night with no lenses in bed so as to rest my eyes. Once the kids are all in bed I change to the RGPs and +22 glasses. The RGPs I keep in until Wednesday afternoon which is free. Back with the weak GOC I am able to play normally with the girls. They see me in both glasses.

Then the cycle restarts Wednesday evening once they are asleep. I keep in the RGPs until after work Saturday lunchtime. I don't drive in the +22 glasses but feel confident to do so in the other pair.

My boss and work colleagues know me only in +22 glasses. There have been no comments or questions so I assume, as you say, they think I have had cataracts. My job involves a few face to face interviews in my office, also quite a lot of telephone work. Computer work is on a laptop as I find it comfortable to read the screen with the glasses slightly pulled down. I am not sure why this works but I can read print with slightly more sliding down.

Viagra has nothing on GOC! I am lucky my wife has encouraged me so much. I cannot imagine doing this in secret.

You have been instrumental in getting me to this point. Like many other people I am very grateful for your help and encouragement.

Cactus Jack 31 May 2017, 17:01


I am not the least surprised that #5 is on the way, congratulations. Apparently, GOC is better than Viagra. Just wait until they are all in their teens. May I ask their ages?

I understand they are "Cheaper by the Dozen".


Peter 31 May 2017, 14:38

Cactus Jack,

Like you mentioned I also wear a baseball cap. Recently we have had a lot of very bright sunshine and I find that difficult.

I am an insurance underwriter.

4 now, 5 in September!

Cactus Jack 30 May 2017, 20:58


Another suggestion. One of our members, who was born without some lenses in his eyes and also had some other issues, had to wear glasses in the +40 range. He found that wearing a base ball type cap helped some.

Apparently, the bill on the cap minimized light entering his glasses and eyes from above. He never commented on why, but it might be worth considering if ambient light from overhead is causing you any problems.

I suspect your boss and customers believe that you have had Cataract surgery and they were not able to use an IOL.

May I ask you occupation?

Still 4 and holding?


Peter 30 May 2017, 17:37

Cactus Jack,

When I first dreamed about wearing high plus glasses I thought the peripheral vision loss was at the side. It is of course a 360 loss. For me the main problem is not looking down enough so missing steps and curbs. It is not unusual for me to walk into low objects.

I went to an optician and got an RGP prescription for my true myopia of -3. It was very easy to add the extra 0 to get my desired cls. No one has challenged it when I order.

It would be untrue if I said +22 glasses present no problems, they are not easy. But with continued use I have adapted, by moving to a new town and workplace allowed me to wear them everyday.

Cactus Jack 30 May 2017, 16:03


Thanks for the update. Is the loss of peripheral vision with the high plus glasses giving you much problem?


Peter 30 May 2017, 13:25

It's taken me six months and too many 's to count but I have achieved my aim.

Eventually I found a supplier of -30 RGP contacts and with patience I am able to wear them for extended periods. I had to tweak my GOC glasses power but now can see well with +22 glasses. My family have moved and so I took full advantage and wear the combination most of the time. It's a struggle at times. My new boss knows me with thick glasses. My wife has made it possible, she knows how I need to do this. My young children have just accepted me as I am now.

Without encouragement from members of this forum I don't think I could have done this.

Cactus jack 30 Nov 2016, 16:44


Sorry, I am not familiar with any makers of RGP lenses.


Peter 30 Nov 2016, 13:33


Any idea which type of RGP go up to -28 or even -30?

Number 5 is a possibility, the GOC glasses seem to make everything bigger.

Cactus Jack 30 Nov 2016, 11:38


To wear +20 glasses, you would probably need CLs of about -28, but the actual prescription is very touchy in the Vertex Distance department. About 0.4 diopters per mm.

Better be careful or you may have 5. That could be a hidden cost associated indulging your fetish. Enjoy, but be careful.


Cactus Jack 30 Nov 2016, 11:28


The most important thing about wearing CLs of any type is Oxygen and Tear delivery to the Cornea. The Cornea is living tissue, but it DOES NOT have a blood supply. That means that it must get its Oxygen from the air and Oxygen, nutrients, and lubrication from tears.

Modern, high moisture, soft CLs have a lot of benefits from both an ability to pass Oxygen and tears to the Cornea and from a comfort point to view, but there are limitations. RGP hard CLs solved one of the big problems with older hard CLs, nonexistent Oxygen transmission. Older CLs used several techniques for maintaining tear delivery. One was to have some slight indents in the surface that contacted the Cornea that allowed much better tear delivery to the cornea. The indentations filled with tears so there was no apparent distortion. Hard contacts also have the advantage of slightly reshaping the Cornea to temporarily eliminate Astigmatism.

Many hard CL wearers experience Spectacle Blur when they take out their hard contacts and put on their glasses. This is caused by the Cylinder correction in the glasses not matching the actual (corrected) Astigmatism at the moment. As the Corneas gradually resumed their natural shape, the Blur went away because the Astigmatism and the Cylinder correction were matched.

Contact lenses also need to be able to move around on the Cornea as you blink. This help keep the tear film under the contact lens, refreshed. Sometimes, in moving around, CLs rotate. That is one of the reasons Toric CLs are very hard to get right. If the lens rotates out of it correct alignment, the Axis of the Cylinder correction is wrong, and often it is worse than not correcting the Astigmatism at all.

I need some Cylinder correction. Many years ago, I tried Hard contacts, but could not wear them comfortably because my eyelids are tight and I never could get used to the edge effect of the CLs. Later, I tried RGPs with much improved edge design, but I really preferred soft CLs. I tried Toric CLs when they became commonly available, but was never able to get them too be stable enough for daily wear, probably because of my tight eyelids. All that is why I like the idea of GOC with Sphere Only CLs and the Cylinder correction in the glasses.

That is a lot of explanation to try to make this point. Soft CLs are very forgiving, Hard CLs are not. It is VERY important that RGPs be professionally fitted to make sure that the Cornea gets adequate Oxygen, nutrients and moisture. Also, if you have Astigmatism that the RGPs will correct, your glasses prescription needs to reflect that.

Very high prescription GOC with RGPs should be done with the assistance of an understanding ECP.


Arthur 30 Nov 2016, 06:52


I am 20 years old. throughout my education I have been to normal schools and colleges with the help of a teaching assistant. When in familiar situations I fold up the cane. So at school I was happy.

The stick on prisms are not easy. Distortions and also colours appear. But better than awful double vision which I hate.

Peter 30 Nov 2016, 05:27


You are a wise guy, you have a great understanding of what and how OO's enjoy their lenses. I am blessed with a fantastic wife who has accepted this new component into our lives. Having explained to her the reaction I have when wearing or even thinking about thick plus glasses she has helped me by talking about the lenses and playing with them when I am wearing them. We already have four children but this week there has been an extra dimension in our love life.

Do you know anything about increasing the power of the contact lenses. I have found a company who will supply RGP contacts at higher powers. Would this be a good move? I would like to reach plus 20 lenticular glasses.

Thank you.

Cactus Jack 29 Nov 2016, 20:24


People have different reactions to satisfying their fetishes. There is often an Erotic component. If you or your wife find that useful, take advantage of it and you may get more encouragement.

Best wishes,


HighMyopic 29 Nov 2016, 16:49

Can I email Arthur and see pics of his +35 glasses? I would love to see pics of his very strong plus glasses. My strongest plus glasses are +15 diopters. The lenses are rare biconvex lenses.

Peter 29 Nov 2016, 12:16

I thought of your situation Mark so last night I told my wife about the GOC. She took it better than I thought and asked me to show her. I put in the contacts and put on the glasses, I expected ridicule but got support. Infact I kept them on all evening.

Tonight my wife has said to put the GOC glasses on again once the children are in bed in about an hour. I explained the effect strong glasses have on me and she smiled, so good may come from all this.

Stan 29 Nov 2016, 06:03


With your vision through childhood did you go to a regular school?

I used to play football, now I cycle tandem with a friend for exercise. A bit of footie with mates but they are basically passing a ball to me in a controlled way, I appreciate their help.

Cactus was saying stick on prisms are difficult, how do you find them?

How old are you?

Stan 29 Nov 2016, 06:03


With your vision through childhood did you go to a regular school?

I used to play football, now I cycle tandem with a friend for exercise. A bit of footie with mates but they are basically passing a ball to me in a controlled way, I appreciate their help.

Cactus was saying stick on prisms are difficult, how do you find them?

How old are you?

Arthur 28 Nov 2016, 11:44


+35D and +35.5D, astig 4 and 4.5, add 3.5D, prism 35 BO, 20 ground, 15 Fresnel

As a child I just got on with life, lots of bumps. As I said, I have known no other vision, so for me it is normal. It must be difficult to suddenly need these type of glasses.

Stan 27 Nov 2016, 16:29


It is good to share experiences with you.

What was your childhood like if you wore such strong glasses? What is your prescription? You say higher than mine. Grief!

Peter 27 Nov 2016, 14:32

Cactus you were spot on about what the GOC would be like. Thankfully I was sitting down in the hotel room soon after I arrived. I took out my normal contacts and put in the GOC ones. As soon as I put on the glasses I knew what you meant. I saw reasonably clearly, more so than hoped. As I moved my head the room , enlarged room, rushed before my eyes. I felt quite sick. As you suggested I had taken stugeron, travel sick pills and when they kicked in all improved. When I felt better I stood up and walked around the room. Distances were all wrong, everything looked so close. I grabbed the bathroom door handle but missed it. Once in the bathroom a glance in the mirror gave a fantastic rush, I am an OO. I felt apprehensive about going through the doorway, the doorframe was not straight.

Determined to get used to the new vision I walked around the room for a bit then ventured to the reception. Wow what a crazy walk. I had brought a walking pole as you said and that steadied me.

The hotel is next to the river and I usually walk by the water each visit. It took a long time this time but I managed, even the footbridge over a stream.

Dinner was clumsy. Not knowing distances I knocked over a glass of wine. I needed to slip the glasses down my nose to read the menu.

I met a new customer for lunch on Saturday. Wearing the GOC glasses was fun, and at times exciting. Basically I have been excited all weekend.

Now home and desperately thinking of how I can tell my wife, I need to GOC regularly.

Mark, you have been experiencing a fantastic feeling for 4 years ahead of me.

Arthur 27 Nov 2016, 11:22

Reading Stan's story is not dis-similar to my own. Nanophthalmos is common but in my case cataracts were congenital. For me surgery was at six weeks and thick aphakia glasses from a few months.

I know no different so my vision is normal as far as I know. I need stronger glasses than Stan and have developed coping skills over the years.

I found the possible reasons for being so crosseyed interesting. As is not uncommon I need severe BO prism correction which continues to change over the years. I have a combination of prisms, ground and Fresnel, it was when I started with the stick on prisms difficulties started.

Cactus Jack 26 Nov 2016, 20:24


They will look exactly the same becase the lens maker used the same conversion procedure I did, to make the glasses you have. As I mentioned, the conversion procedure I used can be used for conversion in either direction., from + cylinder to - cylinder or - cylinder to + cylinder. If we start with the - cylinder prescription of:

OD +28.25, -6.75 x 175 18 BO

OS + 28.00, -5.50 x 155 18 BO

and algebraically add the cylinder to the sphere +28.25 -6.75 = +21.50

Then change the sign on the cylinder from - to +6.75

then 175 -90 = 85

we are back to your prescription for your Right Eye for distance

OD +21.50, +6.75 x 85 18 BO

The prescription for your Left Eye (OS) is done the dame way.

I am trying to think of a way you could inexpensively experiment with slightly more + in your glasses without ordering, new expensive glasses. Three ideas come to mind.

1. Vertex Distance effects are VERY significant with your prescription. Approximately 0.80 diopters per mm in Sphere. You might move your glasses very slightly away from your eyes. That has the effect of increasing the effective Plus power of your glasses

2. You might be able to get some +1.00 Press-on lenses. They are similar to Press-on Fresnel Prisms, but they do not introduce distortion like Fresnel Prisms do. If the back surface of your lenses are flat or almost so, they could be applied to the back surface. They are not very expensive and come off easily if they don't help.

3. A supplemental +1.00 lens. They are available a Clip-on magnifying glasses or over-the-counter reading glasses. The problem is that because of the shape of your glasses lenses, I don't thing you could wear them over your glasses.

At this point, I don't think the additional small amount of + in your glasses would have much effect on your need to BO prism. However, it might make your distance vision more comfortable.

I hope this is understandable and helpful.


Stan 26 Nov 2016, 14:47


Thank you for the explanation, I sort of understand now.

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