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Strong Glasses

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Cactus jack 30 Nov 2016, 16:44


Sorry, I am not familiar with any makers of RGP lenses.


Peter 30 Nov 2016, 13:33


Any idea which type of RGP go up to -28 or even -30?

Number 5 is a possibility, the GOC glasses seem to make everything bigger.

Cactus Jack 30 Nov 2016, 11:38


To wear +20 glasses, you would probably need CLs of about -28, but the actual prescription is very touchy in the Vertex Distance department. About 0.4 diopters per mm.

Better be careful or you may have 5. That could be a hidden cost associated indulging your fetish. Enjoy, but be careful.


Cactus Jack 30 Nov 2016, 11:28


The most important thing about wearing CLs of any type is Oxygen and Tear delivery to the Cornea. The Cornea is living tissue, but it DOES NOT have a blood supply. That means that it must get its Oxygen from the air and Oxygen, nutrients, and lubrication from tears.

Modern, high moisture, soft CLs have a lot of benefits from both an ability to pass Oxygen and tears to the Cornea and from a comfort point to view, but there are limitations. RGP hard CLs solved one of the big problems with older hard CLs, nonexistent Oxygen transmission. Older CLs used several techniques for maintaining tear delivery. One was to have some slight indents in the surface that contacted the Cornea that allowed much better tear delivery to the cornea. The indentations filled with tears so there was no apparent distortion. Hard contacts also have the advantage of slightly reshaping the Cornea to temporarily eliminate Astigmatism.

Many hard CL wearers experience Spectacle Blur when they take out their hard contacts and put on their glasses. This is caused by the Cylinder correction in the glasses not matching the actual (corrected) Astigmatism at the moment. As the Corneas gradually resumed their natural shape, the Blur went away because the Astigmatism and the Cylinder correction were matched.

Contact lenses also need to be able to move around on the Cornea as you blink. This help keep the tear film under the contact lens, refreshed. Sometimes, in moving around, CLs rotate. That is one of the reasons Toric CLs are very hard to get right. If the lens rotates out of it correct alignment, the Axis of the Cylinder correction is wrong, and often it is worse than not correcting the Astigmatism at all.

I need some Cylinder correction. Many years ago, I tried Hard contacts, but could not wear them comfortably because my eyelids are tight and I never could get used to the edge effect of the CLs. Later, I tried RGPs with much improved edge design, but I really preferred soft CLs. I tried Toric CLs when they became commonly available, but was never able to get them too be stable enough for daily wear, probably because of my tight eyelids. All that is why I like the idea of GOC with Sphere Only CLs and the Cylinder correction in the glasses.

That is a lot of explanation to try to make this point. Soft CLs are very forgiving, Hard CLs are not. It is VERY important that RGPs be professionally fitted to make sure that the Cornea gets adequate Oxygen, nutrients and moisture. Also, if you have Astigmatism that the RGPs will correct, your glasses prescription needs to reflect that.

Very high prescription GOC with RGPs should be done with the assistance of an understanding ECP.


Arthur 30 Nov 2016, 06:52


I am 20 years old. throughout my education I have been to normal schools and colleges with the help of a teaching assistant. When in familiar situations I fold up the cane. So at school I was happy.

The stick on prisms are not easy. Distortions and also colours appear. But better than awful double vision which I hate.

Peter 30 Nov 2016, 05:27


You are a wise guy, you have a great understanding of what and how OO's enjoy their lenses. I am blessed with a fantastic wife who has accepted this new component into our lives. Having explained to her the reaction I have when wearing or even thinking about thick plus glasses she has helped me by talking about the lenses and playing with them when I am wearing them. We already have four children but this week there has been an extra dimension in our love life.

Do you know anything about increasing the power of the contact lenses. I have found a company who will supply RGP contacts at higher powers. Would this be a good move? I would like to reach plus 20 lenticular glasses.

Thank you.

Cactus Jack 29 Nov 2016, 20:24


People have different reactions to satisfying their fetishes. There is often an Erotic component. If you or your wife find that useful, take advantage of it and you may get more encouragement.

Best wishes,


HighMyopic 29 Nov 2016, 16:49

Can I email Arthur and see pics of his +35 glasses? I would love to see pics of his very strong plus glasses. My strongest plus glasses are +15 diopters. The lenses are rare biconvex lenses.

Peter 29 Nov 2016, 12:16

I thought of your situation Mark so last night I told my wife about the GOC. She took it better than I thought and asked me to show her. I put in the contacts and put on the glasses, I expected ridicule but got support. Infact I kept them on all evening.

Tonight my wife has said to put the GOC glasses on again once the children are in bed in about an hour. I explained the effect strong glasses have on me and she smiled, so good may come from all this.

Stan 29 Nov 2016, 06:03


With your vision through childhood did you go to a regular school?

I used to play football, now I cycle tandem with a friend for exercise. A bit of footie with mates but they are basically passing a ball to me in a controlled way, I appreciate their help.

Cactus was saying stick on prisms are difficult, how do you find them?

How old are you?

Stan 29 Nov 2016, 06:03


With your vision through childhood did you go to a regular school?

I used to play football, now I cycle tandem with a friend for exercise. A bit of footie with mates but they are basically passing a ball to me in a controlled way, I appreciate their help.

Cactus was saying stick on prisms are difficult, how do you find them?

How old are you?

Arthur 28 Nov 2016, 11:44


+35D and +35.5D, astig 4 and 4.5, add 3.5D, prism 35 BO, 20 ground, 15 Fresnel

As a child I just got on with life, lots of bumps. As I said, I have known no other vision, so for me it is normal. It must be difficult to suddenly need these type of glasses.

Stan 27 Nov 2016, 16:29


It is good to share experiences with you.

What was your childhood like if you wore such strong glasses? What is your prescription? You say higher than mine. Grief!

Peter 27 Nov 2016, 14:32

Cactus you were spot on about what the GOC would be like. Thankfully I was sitting down in the hotel room soon after I arrived. I took out my normal contacts and put in the GOC ones. As soon as I put on the glasses I knew what you meant. I saw reasonably clearly, more so than hoped. As I moved my head the room , enlarged room, rushed before my eyes. I felt quite sick. As you suggested I had taken stugeron, travel sick pills and when they kicked in all improved. When I felt better I stood up and walked around the room. Distances were all wrong, everything looked so close. I grabbed the bathroom door handle but missed it. Once in the bathroom a glance in the mirror gave a fantastic rush, I am an OO. I felt apprehensive about going through the doorway, the doorframe was not straight.

Determined to get used to the new vision I walked around the room for a bit then ventured to the reception. Wow what a crazy walk. I had brought a walking pole as you said and that steadied me.

The hotel is next to the river and I usually walk by the water each visit. It took a long time this time but I managed, even the footbridge over a stream.

Dinner was clumsy. Not knowing distances I knocked over a glass of wine. I needed to slip the glasses down my nose to read the menu.

I met a new customer for lunch on Saturday. Wearing the GOC glasses was fun, and at times exciting. Basically I have been excited all weekend.

Now home and desperately thinking of how I can tell my wife, I need to GOC regularly.

Mark, you have been experiencing a fantastic feeling for 4 years ahead of me.

Arthur 27 Nov 2016, 11:22

Reading Stan's story is not dis-similar to my own. Nanophthalmos is common but in my case cataracts were congenital. For me surgery was at six weeks and thick aphakia glasses from a few months.

I know no different so my vision is normal as far as I know. I need stronger glasses than Stan and have developed coping skills over the years.

I found the possible reasons for being so crosseyed interesting. As is not uncommon I need severe BO prism correction which continues to change over the years. I have a combination of prisms, ground and Fresnel, it was when I started with the stick on prisms difficulties started.

Cactus Jack 26 Nov 2016, 20:24


They will look exactly the same becase the lens maker used the same conversion procedure I did, to make the glasses you have. As I mentioned, the conversion procedure I used can be used for conversion in either direction., from + cylinder to - cylinder or - cylinder to + cylinder. If we start with the - cylinder prescription of:

OD +28.25, -6.75 x 175 18 BO

OS + 28.00, -5.50 x 155 18 BO

and algebraically add the cylinder to the sphere +28.25 -6.75 = +21.50

Then change the sign on the cylinder from - to +6.75

then 175 -90 = 85

we are back to your prescription for your Right Eye for distance

OD +21.50, +6.75 x 85 18 BO

The prescription for your Left Eye (OS) is done the dame way.

I am trying to think of a way you could inexpensively experiment with slightly more + in your glasses without ordering, new expensive glasses. Three ideas come to mind.

1. Vertex Distance effects are VERY significant with your prescription. Approximately 0.80 diopters per mm in Sphere. You might move your glasses very slightly away from your eyes. That has the effect of increasing the effective Plus power of your glasses

2. You might be able to get some +1.00 Press-on lenses. They are similar to Press-on Fresnel Prisms, but they do not introduce distortion like Fresnel Prisms do. If the back surface of your lenses are flat or almost so, they could be applied to the back surface. They are not very expensive and come off easily if they don't help.

3. A supplemental +1.00 lens. They are available a Clip-on magnifying glasses or over-the-counter reading glasses. The problem is that because of the shape of your glasses lenses, I don't thing you could wear them over your glasses.

At this point, I don't think the additional small amount of + in your glasses would have much effect on your need to BO prism. However, it might make your distance vision more comfortable.

I hope this is understandable and helpful.


Stan 26 Nov 2016, 14:47


Thank you for the explanation, I sort of understand now.

Stan 26 Nov 2016, 14:45


Thank you for your messages. I misunderstood the higher Rx values. Will the revised values make the lenses look different?

Cactus Jack 24 Nov 2016, 21:17


YOU might find this link interesting.


Cactus Jack 24 Nov 2016, 20:57


I am working on a detailed response. Please bear with me.

The short version is:

The conversion I did is the prescription you provided, converted to - Cylinder notation for easier understanding by me and other members who are used to prescriptions with - Cylinder. I also provided both Distance and Reading prescriptions for additional clarity because you prefer reading glasses rather than bifocals.

Let me clarify how Cylinder Axis angles are measured. By convention, 0 degrees is Horizontal and 90 degrees is Vertical. The degrees are numbered as if you are looking at the patient. The numbers start at 0 (horizontal) and increase in a Counter-Clockwise direction through 90 degrees and on around to 179. 0 and 180 degrees are the same Axis so it is not necessary for the Axis numbers to exceed 180. The Long Axis of your Astigmatism is very close to Horizontal. More about Astigmatism, Cylinder and Axis, in my detailed response.

The test you did with the book that yielded approximately 40 cm indicates that the +3.00 Add for reading is having the approximate effect of a +2.50 Add. That means that you could probably use an additional +0.50 in your distance glasses. The actual reading glasses Add depends strictly on your preferred reading distance. With no accommodation ability, you can easily change your reading distance to focus, but you have no way to compensate for distance. You may be slightly under corrected for distance as I mentioned in my previous post.

I urge you to reject any offer of Press-on prisms, unless they are for testing purposes only. Press-on Fresnel lenses introduce significant distortion that cannot be corrected. I have been dealing with double vision and prism issues for about 30 years. High prism glasses are hard to make, fit, and get the correction right. I tried 20/20 BO with Fresnels and the distortion was so high, I could not read with them. Fresnel Lenses were developed for use as relatively compact Beam Formers in nautical Lighthouses. They work very well there.

I have very high Fatigue Esophoria. More about that later, if you are interested.

I had successful Cataract surgery with IOS in 2001. I am thankful every day that it was successful. I have a friend, about your age, who was born without Crystalline Lenses. He needs glasses that are even stronger than yours by about +10 diopters.

I have some understanding of your situation. The prism issues personally and the extreme Hyperopia issues based on his experiences.



Cactus Jack 24 Nov 2016, 19:05


Be very careful. Sit for a while after you try the combination and look around. Do not be surprised if you experience some of the worst symptoms of Motion Sickness. The difference between the high apparent rate of motion you see, as you move your head and what your semi-circular canals, sense, can cause nausea. Have a trash can handy, just in case or consider some motion sickness pills.

When you decide to move around, be extra careful of stairs, curbs and objects in front of you, particularly on the floor. Reduction or loss of peripheral vision occurs in all directions, including down.

Until you get used to wearing the high Plus glasses, consider a cane or something similar to sweep the area in front of you. A fall could be disastrous if you are alone.

Good luck and please tell us what you experience.


Maxim 24 Nov 2016, 15:26

Hello, Stan,

there seems some misunderstanding, when you write ...

"Cactus that is a really big increase in the power of my lenses. Will I be able to see with them?"

I hope I'm right, but there is NO increase, this is just a different method of writing.

Opticians have the choice to write, e.g.:

+28.00 sph / - 6.00 cyl at 0 degrees

OR (physically optically identical)

+ 22.00 sph / + 6.00 cyl

then at 90 degrees

The 'degrees' refer to the degrees of a circle, as the east/west and north/south degrees on a globe

0 degrees east/west: Greenwich (London),

180 degrees east/west: somewhere Pacific or Asia

0 degrees north/south: the equator line

90 degrees north: the North Pole

90 degrees south: the South Pole

+ 22.00 sph / + 6.00 cyl at 90 degrees means:

power of + 22.00 horizontal,

and + 28.00 (=22.00 + 6.00) vertical 90 degrees in this lens

Peter 24 Nov 2016, 12:46

I ordered the -18.5 contacts and as promised they were delivered today along with the strong plus glasses. I am desperate to try them together but my wife and children are home tonight. Tomorrow I will start GOC, any tips?

pad 24 Nov 2016, 11:31

stan,have you any old glasses you dont want,i will buy them off you

Stan 24 Nov 2016, 11:23

Cactus that is a really big increase in the power of my lenses. Will I be able to see with them?

I quickly tried the reading test and as a rough estimate 40cm.

Yes I had three weeks lying still in quite a dark room, they did the second eye a few days after the first so to minimise the time lying down. I was wheeled to the eye testing room in darkened glasses and couldn't see anything. My first glasses were temporary hospital issue as my Rx needed to settle. I cried when I saw myself in the mirror for the first time and found life very hard. I couldn't get used to the new vision and felt very sick and disorientated. The hospital gave me rehab sessions so I got a bit better , up to now everyday is a learning experience. it is the norm for me to trip up things and walk into objects. I tend to go to places I know or have visited before.

I don't have prisms which stick on, my lenses are ground and obviously odd in shape.

Thank you for your help and advice.

Cactus Jack 24 Nov 2016, 09:15


Thank you for the information. I have obverted your prescription to - Cylinder format to help understand it better.

OD +28.25, -6.75 x 175 18 BO

OS + 28,00, -5.50 x 155 18 BO

Reading Glasses would be

OD +31.25, -6.75 x 175 18 BO

OS + 31,00, -5.50 x 155 18 BO

I don't know if you are familiar with the conversion between + Cylinder and - Cylinder, but lens makers do it if they receive a + Cylinder prescription. Algebraically add the Cylinder to the Sphere. Change the sign on the Cylinder, and add or subtract 90 degrees to the Axis so that the Axis number is between 0 and 180 degrees. The two prescriptions are optically identical.

It really must have been a shock to wake up from cataract surgery and discover that our vision was worse than before. It does happen occasionally that the Crystalline Lens capsule must be completely removed, as was necessary before the development of IOLs. The Crystalline Lens capsule provides a barrier between the watery Aqueous Humor and the gel like Vitreous Humor and its removal allows the two to mix. Sometimes the Retina becomes inflamed an complete loss of vision occurs. You have to keep your head still for several weeks to minimize the risk of further complications.

I suspect that most Ophthalmic Surgeons would be very reluctant to consider any type of IOL or ICL elective refractive surgery because of the risks.

Your high Cylinder also complicates using Toric Contact Lenses.

I think that your mention that your reading glasses are relaxing to wear. It is normal for distant things to be blurry with them because that is the way reading glasses work. With your reading glasses, you are actually slightly myopic. The question is how much. It is very easy to find out how much and that would give you a clue about how much more + might be helpful in both your distance and reading glasses.

With your reading glasses, hold a book closer than normal and then move it away until the text just becomes clear. Measure the distance. If it is more than 33 cm or 13 inches, it is likely that you could use a little more +. If you will tell me the distance, I can calculate the approximate additional + you need.

Need to think a bit about your prism situation. Sometimes, prism correction is done with "Press-on" Fresnel prisms. They leave a lot to be desired as far as Visual Acuity is concerned in adults. They typically introduce uncorrectable distortion. Do you have Fresnel prisms in your glasses?

Also, because you live in the London area, I suspect you are familiar the Moorfields Hospital. They are considered to be one of the best Eye Hospitals in the World.


Stan 24 Nov 2016, 06:53

Cactus and Mark

I live in south London and work in the city of London at an insurance office. I spend most of my time on the telephone talking to customers.

My latest prescription is as follows

OD +21.5 +6.75x 85 18BO add 3

OS +22.5 +5.50x 65 18BO add 3

When I wear my reading glasses I often keep them on if in a smallish room, I find they are relaxing to wear but distance is not so clear. I dislike bifocals as my field of view is already reduced.

I am happy to chat on eyescene Cactus but have noted your email address, thank you.

Fitting implants is not simple with my eyes. The intention had to have implants and not need glasses at all but during the surgery there were complications and I to lie very still for three weeks. It was big shock to me when they wheeled me to the eyetest and fitted new glasses.

Cactus Jack 23 Nov 2016, 20:42


A bit more Plus might be helpful for both distance and close, to minimizing convergence tendencies. Probably not much more Plus than maybe +1 or +2 diopters. I don't think there is any way to predict what might be helpful, without actually trying some things. The idea is to try to keep the Ciliary Muscles from trying to squeeze your nonexistent Crystalline Lenses, to focus close.

The interconnection I mentioned previously, is actually two way. When your eyes converge to look at something close, that also triggers the focus response. I suspect that your eyes try to converge when you are not wearing your glasses. Your brain may detect a really blurry image and try to correct for it. Of course, that is impossible, but the "try" causes your eyes to turn inward. If you do that enough, your EPCS gets reprogramed to just keep your eyes crossed.

BTW, I am NOT an Eye Care Professional. My background is Electronic and Computer Engineering. I tend to approach problems as engineering problems rather than medical problems. To talk engineer talk for a moment. The EPCS appear to me to be what is called an Open Loop Servo System. Servo systems are used for positioning things. There are two major types. In addition to the Open Loop system there are also Closed Loop Servo Systems. The difference is that in the Closed Loop System, the computer knows EXACTLY where something is to a tiny fraction of an inch or mm. Computer Controlled mills and lathes are Closed Loop systems. Open Loop Systems are not as accurate, but use a comparison between desired events and observed results. The EPCS uses the Images from your two eyes to control your eyes and get the images close enough to fuse in your brain. The "servo motors" are 3 muscle PAIRS on each eye that work in opposition, against each other.

It appears that the EPCS uses Vertical edges for horizontal fusion and Horizontal edges for vertical fusion. If the images are not clear, the EPCS has trouble getting the eyes in the proper position. You may have noticed that it is pretty common for the eyes of people without sight, to wander as the EPCS tries to fuse nonexistent images.

I also have double vision problems. I need Base Out prism to help me fuse images. I have been dealing with it for about 30 years. My eyes tend to cross when I am tired. I have been diagnosed with Fatigue Esophoria and have had muscle surgery to try to fix it. (BTW, It didn't work very well). When the prism got above 7 in each eye, I started having Visual Acuity problems with my glasses. I didn't get satisfactory answers from my ECPs and stated researching and learning as much as possible about vision and optics.

I would like to ask more questions about your experiences, but I understand if you feel uncomfortable discussing any of this, publicly. If you would prefer, please feel free to contact me privately at

The immediate questions are:

1. What is your complete glasses prescription?

2. What kind of work do you do?

3. Where do you live? (country)


Mark 23 Nov 2016, 14:19

Stan, I don't suppose you'd be able to go for implanted contacts?

Stan 23 Nov 2016, 13:23

Mark and Cactus,

When I was younger contacts allowed me excellent vision and so football was possible. Since surgery I cannot tolerate contacts so rely on glasses only. I found the new glasses incredibly difficult to wear, my student life was put on hold and as a 20 year old I needed to relearn how to get about.

The thought of wearing even stronger glasses makes me worried. Would I need to do that for both close up and distance also? How much stronger?

Cactus Jack 23 Nov 2016, 07:27

I apologize for the unidentified post time stamped at 22 Nov 2016, 13:08, before my reply to Stan. I suspect that most people familiar with my style realized that the post was mine.


Mark 23 Nov 2016, 03:19


As I don't normally need glasses, I would probably say that my vision with +13s is probably as good as yours was before surgery.

So, as you were able to play football before, that's similar to how I can walk faster around people wearing them.

I have tried +17 before and it was too much, so for +21/22, especially when there are other complications, it's completely understandable why you leave work early and go slowly.

I don't think I'll ever go higher than 13 except some glasses for close work to make it easier on my eyes at the computer.

Cactus Jack 22 Nov 2016, 13:23


It is possible that your Focus Control System (FCS) is trying to use your Ciliary Muscles to squeeze your nonexistent Crystalline Lenses, to add some Plus. There is an interconnection, in your brain, between your FCS and your Eye Position Control System (EPCS) that causes your eyes to converge when you focus on something close.

It is possible that you might actually need a bit more Plus in your glasses to minimize the attempted focusing effort.

It appears that the EPCS is programable to some extent. You might be able to do some therapy to minimize the tendency to cross with a little more Plus in your glasses. Prism correction can reduce your Visual Acuity (VA) because the Central Axis of Vision (CAV) does not impinge on the back surface of your glasses at 90 degrees and it may be difficult to have the CAV and the Optical Center of your lenses co-incident. With very high power lenses, the closer those things are together the better the VA.

May I ask how much Prism you need?


 22 Nov 2016, 13:08


+13.00 glasses with a VD of 12 mm have an effective power of very close to +15 at the Cornea. VD effects are about 0.17 diopters per mm.

If your actual prescription is about -3.00, I would suggest -18 CLs.

You haven't mentioned your age but if you can tolerate it, I would suggest considering -18.50 CLs and let your Ciliary Muscles make up the difference.

To some extent GOC is an art rather than a science and you may have to try different powers to get it just right. One thing i typically suggest is using one power of CL in both eyes and adjusting the glasses prescription as necessary. Also, any Cylinder and Axis needs to be in the glasses exactly as prescribed, unless the Cylinder is more than +/- 4.00. I suggest not using Toric CLs for GOC.

Unfortunately, CLs above +/- 8.00 are only available in 0.50 increments.


Stan 22 Nov 2016, 12:37

My present glasses do not lend themselves to walking fast, just the opposite. You are lucky Mark that you can do that. I only pick up any speed when out with friends and they keep an eye out for me.

Before the surgery I wore plus 8 and 8.5, now I need plus 21.5 and 22.5 with an extra 3 for reading. The new glasses took me a long time to adjust and I became depressed for several months. I used to play football but not anymore. At the weekend I may go out with a few mates and they play a bit of footie with me, I know they are being extra careful to pass me the ball and call out to warn me.

There seems no reason why my eyes have begun to cross so much, initially they were reluctant to prescribe prisms but now there is no choice.

Peter 22 Nov 2016, 11:17

Cactus and Mark,

Thank you for your help.

I ordered plus 13 lenses in the glasses as the price jumped up after then. I should have ordered weaker contacts by the sound of it. I can get next day delivery if I order tonight or tomorrow they will be delivered before I leave on Friday. What would be a suitable contact to order,-18 or -19?

Mark I am staying in a hotel I have used many times so know my way about. I am very excited and will be so disappointed if the glasses have not arrived.

Mark 22 Nov 2016, 10:33


As CJ said, the contacts / glasses seem off but we'll see.

As for doing it, find somewhere quiet and familiar, don't try and do anything where you could potentially hurt yourself, (driving, cooking) and be careful in others like going up and down stairs.

Everything will look very different, take time to get used to it, I wouldn't be surprised if you said you felt a little nausea the first time.

Cactus Jack 22 Nov 2016, 08:02


I think the GOC combo of your prescription, -20 contacts and +13 glasses is off by about 1.50 diopters, but as they say, "Proof of the pudding etc"

My calculations came up with needing about +14.50 in the glasses to neutralize about -17 at the Cornea. If that is correct, you will need some more Plus from somewhere. Depending on your age, you amy be able to supply the additional Plus, internally. A temporary alternative may be some OTC reading glasses in the +1.50 range, over the +13s for distance and maybe as much as +3.50 for reading.

High prescription GOC is a very inexact "science". The culprit is accurate Vertex Distance effects in high + or - glasses. Because the VD effects are the Square of the glasses prescription, a 1 or 2 mm error in the VD means that the combo will be hard to wear.

Please let me know how the combo works or how close I am on my estimates. Really, estimates is all they are. In doing GOC, it is better have a little too much Minus at the Cornea or not quite enough Plus in the glasses, IF you have enough Accommodation Range to compensate, comfortably.


Peter 22 Nov 2016, 06:33

Hopefully this weekend I can start GOC. I am naturally shortsighted with a weak Rx of -3.25/3.00 which I usually correct with contacts. I have ordered and have now got some -20 contacts and I am waiting for some glasses to arrive from Hong Kong which they tell me are on their way. I have ordered plus 13 glasses and I am desperate for them to arrive. This weekend I am away on business and if the glasses arrive I will try GOC.

Any tips for my first try.

Mark 21 Nov 2016, 16:35


Well, firstly, when wearing the new ones, I actually have very good vision just restricted in area, they're only +13s compared to +17 and higher which becomes a lot more noticeable. They are also low index which means there's almost 0 aberrations at the edge of the bowl area meaning I have good vision there too.

I also walk very quickly, so instead of having to take care of those around me, I tend to be able to cut through it all without that many issues. Stan how strong are yours?

In regards to my wife, I just told her what I wanted to do, just had a long talk about it, there's no other way to approach it really.

Why do I want to wear them? I feel like I should need them, it's a strange thing to explain and feel complete when wearing them.

I'm not full time no, how much I wear them varies wildly, last week, it was 5 days out of 7 but the week before that was 0. How tired I am does matter as the contacts dry out very quickly when I'm tired and the constant blinking and adjustment gets very annoying.

I used to have reading glasses for when I had +10s, didn't like the frame and very rarely wore them. I'm thinking about doing it again, last time I did it, adding +2 to my prescription worked out about right.

Stan 21 Nov 2016, 11:23

I just got home from work and as usual checked here amongst others. The journey home on the Tube is never easy for me. So I am amazed others wish to share this experience. Mark and Peter I would be interested why you would like to wear these glasses. I have a set route through the stations and try never to change . The crowds don't seem to get any easier to cope with and this is five years after the surgery. I leave work at four so as to avoid the worst of the crush and then I can get home before it is too dark.

Peter 21 Nov 2016, 10:10


How I explain to my wife is still a problem. I do not want to be a closet GOC wearer but cannot think of a suitable excuse. Any suggestions?

Now do you wear the lenticular glasses in public, you mentioned a move, are you now fulltime?

Do you have separate reading glasses?

Mark 21 Nov 2016, 09:45

Hi Peter

To Mark,

When I started, it felt good, like I was completing myself but there was a nagging feeling that it wasn't right and I just ignored it at first.

My vision was good, 20/30 at worst and I could do anything I could do normally, however, I was very clumsy, even beyond the first day or 2 getting used to them. I'd misstep on curbs, clip doorways, eating was.. interesting as hand eye coordination wasn't easy either. Anything where I didn't have to move like gaming or watching TV was no problem.

When I first got them, i'd wear them all day at weekends and sometimes in the evenings and the only person who really saw it was my wife.

My wife doesn't really like it but tolerated it but would immediately point out when I made mistakes and blame it on the "stupid glasses" (even though everyone occasionally just doesn't see something)

Peter 21 Nov 2016, 08:27

To Mark,

Your comments were very interesting. You are 4 years ahead of me.

When you started with the very strong 16/17 what did it feel like? What was your vision like? Did you wear them all day to start with? What did your wife and other people say to you?

I have so many questions.

Mark 19 Nov 2016, 19:09

I was a little concernend about it myself and im usually able to spot them easily.

I however have dark brown eyes and the edge of the lens lines up nicely with the edge of the pupil making it virtually invisible

Owlish 19 Nov 2016, 16:14

Question for Mark: aren't your contact lenses visible to others magnified as they must be through your glasses? I understand that most people wouldn't notice them but some might, especially those who have contacts themselves, I think. Has anyone ever asked you about this?

Mark 19 Nov 2016, 10:42

I've been wearing high powered + glasses with GOC on and off for about 4 years now.

I'm going to recount a lot of things that I have found along the way, both good and bad.

To start at the end before going back, I am currently wearing +13.5s with lenticular lenses.

When I wanted to first do this, I decided to jump right in, I ordered the strongest contacts I could find after getting measured for contacts with a fake prescription and then ordered the corresponding glasses, something like +16/17 small bowl lenticulars if I remember correctly.

I kind of regret that now as I wasn't really ready for the change, I wore them as much as I could and it did make me very happy however the change was a lot. I couldn't drive in them, I would walk into things, burn myself when cooking etc. I almost quit completely with that.

I decided to bring it right back, so I got some new contacts and got some +8 glasses and tried again. This was much easier, the full field lenses helped as well as losing a lot less peripheral vision meant I could do things like normal but it still took me a couple of weeks to get used to it properly.

The full field lenses however didn't really do it for me so I upped the contacts and the glasses to +10.5 and found a place that could do lenticulars. These were amazing, it felt right and I wore them on and off whenever I could but I knew my limitations far better. I have made a rule to myself (and to make my wife feel a bit better about it all, she still doesn't really get it) that i'll never drive or do anything where having limited vision would be risky and I would VERY STRONGLY recommend the same for anyone who wants to try this.

I wore those glasses for almost 2 years before I only recently moved up to these +13s. I did this because I wanted a little stronger but also because I was starting a new job abroad and none of my new coworkers would have know they weren't real. I am walking distance from my new job so am able to wear them all day long.

This was a very hard step to do but I really enjoy it.

Some general points

Start low and work up the power over a number of months, test your limits but never put yourself in danger, the blind spots are much bigger than you think

The glasses are VERY obvious, even with +10s so imagine if you really needed them and hated them and spend time and money getting the right frame, don't just order one off the internet. It helps your confidence as well as vision quality. (less non stop adjusting)

Aspheric lenses are amazing compared to non-aspherics, since trying them, im never going back.

Find an optician who is willing to work with you. I used the "I need them for an acting part" to get a first appointment before eventually telling the optician. She's understanding and a little curious but doesn't really get it.

Take very good care of your contacts, if you're away from the house and they start messing you around, you don't really want to have to take them out, this point is massively increased if you're with people you know but don't really know what you do in public.

I hope these points help, if you have any more questions, I'll be happy to answer them when I'm next on here.

Stan 19 Nov 2016, 07:11


Cactus and NJ are describing what it is like to wear aphakia glasses.

After several years of slowly clouding lenses the surgeon decided to remove them. The planned implants did not go ahead due to damage to both lens sacs. It took several weeks to recover and my prescription increased by plus 13. As I had always worn glasses due to what my mother called small eyes my final prescription jumped to early plus 20s. As NJ described these are not easy to wear. I was at college at the time and took several months off studying to get used to my new vision. The main problem was and still is being in crowded places. When there is movement around me I get disorientated very easily, the glasses exaggerate any movement and people seem to jump into view as I am about to bump into them.

As hard as I try I seem to have a stare with what friends call my ping pong ball eyes, they look massive. I am now needing a lot more prisms in my lenses and my eyes are very crossed, more so since surgery. More surgery could help the turning in but I do not want that.

I am unsure whether GOC gives the same problems with strong lenses, it is certainly a challenge wearing such glasses.

Peter 18 Nov 2016, 16:46

Thanks NJ and Cactus for your detailed replies.

I am very keen to experience the full effect of wearing very strong plus glasses. Will I get the full effect from GOC? What does it feel like to walk on a crowded pavement or into a busy shop?

NJ I am unsure if you GOC or not. What strength plus glasses do you wear?

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