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Wurm (permapost)

Thanks everyone!

Crystal Veil 06 Nov 2016, 10:55


not sure where to post this but this nostalgia thread may be the best. You requested me several times to contact an amateur model who posed for me back in 2010, and ask her to do another shoot. I tried to answer your request but the message came bouncing back, hence this message on Eye Scene in the hope that you will read it. The model is in her fifties and happily married. I only see her perhaps once a year or even once in two years. If I see her, it's always in a large group. But if the occasion arises, I will ask her if she is interested. You also ask me to post higher resolution pictures on my weblog (like I used to do) but the problem is the capacity of my PC.

Soundmanpt 21 Feb 2015, 21:42

Thanks right after i asked the question I too was able to get back in. It does look different though.

Pete 21 Feb 2015, 14:03

This should get you to the new location.

HELPFUL 21 Feb 2015, 13:38

Here in the UK if you hit Lenschat a notice comes up that it has move and is now combined with Bracefan or something similar. A notice says in 10 seconds you will be transferred and that happens, You log in the normal way aftet selecting which you want of the two. Numerous chatters having had no difficulty reaching the new site.

Not a computer expert to help you solve your problem but rest assured Lenschat is still with us

Soundmanpt 21 Feb 2015, 12:38

Not really sure where to ask this. Has anyone else had any problem getting into "Lenschat" I keep getting a message that it isn't available.

eyyees 01 Feb 2014, 08:53


spexfan 23 Dec 2011, 08:53

Hey Wurm.

Thanks for all of this. I've been checking this site since 1997(?) and it's been a revelation. Great site, very fairly and transparently moderated, and simply and effectively organised. It's a great example of the www at its most functional. What a great archive it will become.

And to the ensemble cast that's accumulated over the years: let's continue to post on the new site and keep up momentum. Remember, it's all about the people, not the html.

Wurm, be sure to drop by every now and again and keep us updated with your thoughts. You're a legend!

Thanks again.

Rayray 22 Dec 2011, 17:06

I have been coming here on and off for 8 years - only posting occasionally in the last couple. As a young guy with high myopia and a strong attraction to gwg this sight both imparted lots of excellent information, led me to many beautiful pics (and latterly vids) and showed me that I was almost normal. Thanks to Wurm and all the excellent contributors - if the the new site lasts half as long it will be a great success. It is weird feeling nostalgia for a website but I will always remember this great little piece of cyber history.

Astra 21 Dec 2011, 22:19

Re John S,

"But, I do pay attention their rx and how they wear them. Barely hanging on the end of their nose, distorted frames, frames completely out of style, frames discolored from dirt/sweat, yellowed lenses. "

You described my actual interest.

John S 21 Dec 2011, 20:53


By looking at the archived messages, I guess I been around here for 10 years or so. I am not "obsessed" (tongue hanging out) when I see people wearing glasses. But, I do pay attention their rx and how they wear them. Barely hanging on the end of their nose, distorted frames, frames completely out of style, frames discolored from dirt/sweat, yellowed lenses, looking over the top or not using the reading segment. Then I quietly/secretly form an opinion about the person. I guess that is a form of obsession...

I would be interested to know if anyone else is like that.

Over the years I have tried to pass along knowledge I have learned from my early accommodation problems, and general optical stuff. I have realized that a lot of people seeking help were fakes, but it did not bother me. I enjoyed reading the posts and attempting to help out. I also wonder in the past few months there seems to be a large influx of people posting about early presbyopia. Fakes? Who knows... If someone got some useful information, that is what counts.

I discovered this BBS from a posting on the vision group (SMV) on Usenet. I don't remember exactly how it was worded. The jist was, Can you believe they are talking about inducing myopia? Then of course Otis got in the middle of it. nothing new there. A old man with a one track mind. All eye doctors are evil, they exist for only self preservation. If I started a rant about him, I would exceed 1200 words.

Back to why I started this post. Until I found your BBS, I would have never dreamed anyone else would have had similar views/feelings/ideas (not sure of the correct word) as me. You certainly changed that! And I thank you for creating and supporting this board as long as you have.

Since this is a Nostalgic thread, I have mentioned Usenet and BBS intentionally. OT - I started calling the BBS's with a Silent 700. Can you say Fidonet?

Thanks again for a good run.

Plusheavy 21 Dec 2011, 02:38

Why? Why? Why?

Somehow I suddenly remembered the following lines from Oscar Wilde:

"Yet each man kills the thing he loves

By each let this be heard,

Some do it with a bitter look,

Some with a flattering word,

The coward does it with a kiss,

The brave man with a sword!"

Can somebody explain why to me they seem to be relevant?

Soundmanpt 21 Dec 2011, 01:58

Well I guess it is nearing the end of an old friend which I will miss very much. I check in to "eyescene" at least 10 times each day. But as so many has already said, thank you for providing this wonderful place to be a part of. I whatever your next adventure may be I wish you well with it.

And if by some chance you miss it yourself I think everyone here would welcome you back with open arms.

Astra 20 Dec 2011, 20:29

I was first introduced to this site into the "Lots of links" thread. I liked the amount of links over there.

hillbilly 16 Dec 2011, 23:19

Have been out there lurking for the past 5 or 6 years, I have subscribed to the new one, but I will miss this site.I ,too, have learned that I am not abnormal because I have almost a fetish for women in glasses. The thicker the better.

Astra 16 Dec 2011, 02:19

Re: 16 Dec 2011, 01:15

Duplicate user-names , may you share the details ?

It's almost the end of 2011 .

Many names throughout the year 16 Dec 2011, 01:15

Thank you Eyescene.

Thought I was the only one.

Puffin 15 Dec 2011, 18:40

Wurm, do you have an actual date in mind for closedown?

optix 25 Nov 2011, 05:12

Yes, it will be strange not comeing here anymore.

Found eyescene in 1998 I think from a link on a german newsgroup. (de.alt.augenoptik)and was a frequent visitor, occational poster since then.

Thanks Wurm!!!

Millhouse 21 Nov 2011, 10:52

Its been 7 years since I found the site, learnt A lot too- about myself as well as others.Information, advice, some naughty links,and more. And My self confidence for example -and, as others have said knowing I'm not alone with my O^O interest.

- Melyssa,

I agree, for me know Im very happy to wear my -7 /-7 rx and feel confident out and and about whereas I used to try to hide the edge thickeness with plastic frames I now wear semi-rimless, sort of "flaunt the imperfection" you might say.

I too have never mentioned about my interest or this site to anyone at all-but we all know were not alone & I find that very comforting.

Thank you Wurm for being a good host.

Long live the lens!

minus 5 who luvs gwgs 21 Nov 2011, 00:24

the new site is different to eyescene and takes some getting used to It is not helped by very few posts but in time we will get to like it .Yes I will miss eyescene found it by chance a few years ago was amazed that my secret liking for high minus girls was shared by others why do we like them who knows but we do Thanks Wurm for creating it

myopeinhere 20 Nov 2011, 14:55

Oh,think I've been here since 99 I think

Enjoyed the comments the sightings and even the frauds

Chatted to a few on here off eyescene, Aliena especially,

Won't be the same when it's gone but thanks Wurm for letting us have our own little place.

JCH 20 Nov 2011, 10:52

For me it has been a 14 year course. I do NOT like the "replacement" and hope that this site can continue. I am sure many (including myself) would readily make a reasonable contribution. Happy Thanksgiving to ALL.

Puffin 19 Nov 2011, 19:06

It's going to be mighty strange not coming here every day.

I've just had so much fun seeing photos, talking with others about glasses in a way I would never dream of doing otherwise, and writing stories. I never would have done that but for eyescene, the centre of the glasses universe.

Galileo 15 Nov 2011, 11:00

I'm grateful to Wurm in so many ways. I found Eyescene around 1997 and my first reaction was "Oh my god there are other people like me out there!" (OO)

Then I found there were people who shared my fantasies, people of both sexes which eventually resulted in me having the courage to broach the subject with women who wore glasses and finally having three bespectacled girlfriends during the last 10 years, and making some fantasies into realities.

Then there is the wealth of technical knowledge on this site and the numerous real experts who have contributed over the years. I have learned so much about optics and vision. Wow - I wouldn't know where to start.

Even the fakes, dual personalities etc provided entertainment. And I will long remember Julian's tales and Filthy's cutting wit.

I will follow this site to the last and thank you Wurm for the service you provided for so long.

Melyssa 15 Nov 2011, 07:14

For me, Eyescene has been a great source of learning about vision. As an example, I never knew that double-digit diopters existed, even with my -9.00 RX, as I never knew anyone who qualified. And this website has allowed me to tell the world how beautiful large, plastic frames look. I was usually self-conscious about the thickness of my lenses, but not any more.

Yuen-Ming 14 Nov 2011, 17:09

Hello all,

I am one of the originals. I've had friends and detractors here. I am a high myope who had surgery, and I still wear glasses. I am married now and have a little boy who is also nearsighted.



glassesforeveryone 14 Nov 2011, 16:19

Wurm, what a legacy you have left us. As a Brit I should quote Churchill. "Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning."

I hope that statement fits and you participate on the new eyescene. You are a member of the family, whether we come around to yours for a chat or you come to ours.

I have so many nostalgic moments here. Weirdly, having visited here nearly every day for so many years, I've still never told anyone about this site. I guess it's my guilty secret.

I've loved the stories and the shared belonging. Being into glasses doesn't make me a complete weirdo and I like the comfort of seeing the same names with the same views.

You've introduced me to Bobby's story telling and so much online. I thank you for that and hope we can keep the magic of this site going elsewhere.

CurX 14 Nov 2011, 15:55

More from the Jennifer story. Sorry I shouldn't have omitted how she suddenly needed stronger and stronger glasses. Loved that "story" too.

CurX 14 Nov 2011, 15:53

Been around a LONG time. Even before EYESCENE was born, there was a scattered set of people sharing stories on the newsgroup scene. Who can forget the story of Jennifer who didn't wear glasses at her wedding on the old newsgroup?

I think Jennifer eventually showed up here. Whatever became of that story? Was she fake or real?

JP 14 Nov 2011, 13:13

Well, Eyescene! I've been visiting for 13 or 14 years, and am glad of a community of understanding. I was glad to find you, and find I was not alone.

From a childhood dream of a having my own pair of brown/tortoiseshell NHS glasses, to my longing for the black aviators of my teen companions, to first obtaining a round metal frame - encouraged as I was by Eyescene - going public with ovals and full-time with a brown semi-rimless pair in a then contemporary rectangular style.... I increased my lens power significantly and wore this with determination, and gradually made myself a low myope with a moderate Rx. I passed the test when I failed!

Wurm 14 Nov 2011, 12:30

OK, here's one last new thread for the road. Post your sentiments about ES and your most memorable sightings and glasses experiences from years past.