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Going Without Glasses

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Ignored 08 Aug 2018, 12:55


Apple77 18 Jul 2018, 14:30

And here is the sequel to the previous video:

Apple77 17 Jul 2018, 21:48

Here's another video about going without glasses:

LeeHasang 21 Jun 2018, 07:13

It was unavoidable at some occasions, We had to remove glasses for maybe ONE MINUTE. I assume She was a Minus or Miopia aged 10 to 20 , then after removing glasses, we girls all had 10 cm or 4 inch of reading distance . Obviously girls would not be able to read texts unless you place 10 cm from her. Possibly we needed one similarly miopia girl to help other miopia girl , that was Life.

LeeHasang 21 Jun 2018, 00:23

I experienced the same, knowing some kids ... That was the time I was a child.

Quote Likelenses.

Growing up, I knew some kids that got their initial pair of glasses, but due to family financial conditions, went many years with the same outdated prescription, as every year they seemed to squint more, and many times the teacher would move them to the front row.

On occasion, some of them would actually get out of their front row seats, and walk up to the board to see what was written on it. Some had frames that had home made repairs with tape or glue, or did not fit properly due to growth.

A few when they did finally get new glasses, seemed to have a significantly stronger prescription, that they seemed to have trouble getting used to.

LeeHasang 20 Jun 2018, 23:48

For reference, this can be an approximate example of the traditional writing posture, that is in Oriental World such as Japan , Ancient China . This posture can be taught by their teacher. When children SKEW (OBLIQUE) their body SIDEWAYS, CHILDREN can be planked by the teacher. Teacher may order you : Sit STRAIGHT (Zuo Zheng, Bu Yao Tuo Bei). Some other directions from teacher can include "Tou Zheng , Shen Zhi ". "Shen Zhi" means, Sit STRAIGHT (Zuo Zheng), CANNOT curve your BACKBONE (Tuo Bei is not allowed, at least for normal children). "Tou Zheng" means HEAD STRAIGHT. Cannot be OBLIQUE (SKEW or OBLIQUE is the same, OBLIQUE not allowed) , Swaying SIDEWAYS are not allowed, at least for normal children . NO curve BACK is allowed , for DISCOURAGE CHILDREN MIOPIA OR BACK PROBLEMS. In Ancient World, Children may develop into next generation of teachers. Good posture is important, otherwise children may be DISABLED with BACK and VISUAL problems at EARLY AGE before age 10 .

Distance between paper and eyes. Traditionally, at least 35 cm or 1 feet . When writing larger text , Paper can be more than 70 cm below eyes.

Below . Traditional Posture , Modern Imitation.

Below . Leftmost girl has that posture showing distance between eyes and paper.

Antonio 05 Jun 2018, 08:31

Hi Amber. Oh what a cruel new job for you!!

As I was for years going shortsighted and uncorrected in my youth like you,

I.m the one who is very interested to know how you decided to go on ???

All the best, Antonio

Joe West 01 Jun 2018, 12:42


You can always get a job as a baseball umpire like me, Angel Hernandez, or CB Bucknor.

Soundmanpt 01 Jun 2018, 09:45


The decision about how much or when you should wear glasses is something that you need to decide. There is no glasses police. The only thing you are restricted is when it comes to driving. If your eyesight sn't good enough to pass the DMV vision test then you, by law, need to wear glasses when driving. Otherwise it is totally up to you.

Now the situation you'r in now with your job is interesting because you clearly can't see well enough, without glasses, to do your job as good as you should. Your boss of course has every right to fire you if you choose not to go and get glasses and wear them at least while you're at work. He doesn't want to lose customers because you're walling right past tables with their food because you can't see the order number on the table. So i guess the question is, how bad do you want to keep that job. If you make good money from tips it might be well worth giving into wearing glasses at least while working. Sure beats eating out of a trash can.

Josh 01 Jun 2018, 08:49

Amber i guess it´s time to get glasses for you, at least for work, you could still enjoying living in blur when you´re outside, but functionally it´s very necesary, at least you could try, your boss will be glad to pay for them, there´s a few jobs where you don´t need good vision, tell us what you decide

Amber 01 Jun 2018, 07:48

Well here is an update. I have no problems with living in a blur. I like it 100 percent. But my job ran into money problems and cut some of us. So I had to make a decision about eating from trash cans or getting a new job. A friend of mine told me about this pizza place that was hiring so I applied and got an interview. But I felt some worries in my gut. So to make a long story longer, I got the job and day one my nightmares came true. When people order food, they get little numbers and put them at the table. I don't care, I know where to bring food. But it wasn't that way. If you are not busy, you bring food to other tables too. The small problem with that, with my blurry eyesight, I couldn't even begin to read those numbers from any normal distance. I was walking around the restaurant with hot food bending down to read the number and squinting hard. I also didn't see numbers I thought I saw and went right by people with their food. omg it was an incredible struggle to do anything. My boss saw me squinting hard and asked me if I have problems with my eyes. First I wanted to tell him to mind his own business but then he asked me what a couple of signs said. I told him I can't lie because I need glasses bad. My boss said sharp vision is required for the job. I was so pissed when I left work that night, but then I realized omg I have to work until late and my eyes suck so bad in bad light. I had to make a decision. I will leave you in suspense if you want to hear what I did let me know.

Apple77 05 May 2018, 10:30

Well, right — I never said it was pathbreaking. Also they could have just used plus lenses to achieve the same result more easily.

 05 May 2018, 09:43

omg that is the MOST stupid video i have ever seen. a couple of clueless fucks spend half the video trying to figure out what to do, talk about having sex with each other, and then it's a big, big let down.

Apple77 05 May 2018, 08:37

Here’s a video about simulating being bare-eyed:

Cactus Jack 04 May 2018, 00:56


oops! The spell checker got me. The Ciliary Muscles in your eyes are very tiny and potentially very strong for their size.


Cactus Jack 04 May 2018, 00:53


I would like to suggest that you are not doing yourself any favors by not wearing vision correction. Let me explain why.

There may be important elements in your prescription that you did not mention, but you are actually "wearing" built in reading glasses with a power of +3.25 all the time. Reading glasses with that power focus at a distance of approximately 30 cm or 12 inches, if you don't have any astigmatism as indicated by Cylinder and Axis in your prescription. Everything beyond those distances is blurry.

Built in reading glasses of that power is great for reading and focusing close. It even works for a computer if you can get close enough to the display.

Here is the snag. The "auto-focus" system (your Crystalline Lenses and Ciliary Muscles) in your eyes is not getting ANY exercise. Your Ciliary Muscles are probably very weak. You know what happens to a muscle if you don't use it.

Normally, the Ciliary Muscles are the strongest muscles in the body for their size (very time), but I suspect, when you put on your glasses, you cannot focus close to read or use a phone, tablet, or computer. If you can not easily and comfortably focus at intermediate and close distances with your glasses, you have the symptoms of a 40 - 50 year old with Presbyopia.

You did not mention your age, but but I suspect around 20 +/- a year or two. If you experience what I described above, you need to understand that your experience is more common than you may think and typically it is not too hard to re-condition your Ciliary Muscles, unless disuse has caused other problems.

Sometimes, several steps and prescription changes are necessary to recondition your Ciliary Muscles. The first step that may have been done by your Eye Care Professional (ECP) is give you less MINUS than you actually need. Sometimes more significant things are necessary before you vision will function as it is supposed to.

I won't bore you with any more thoughts or suggestions unless you want me to. I would like to ask you some questions, if I may?

0. Would you like some help with this? If you are not interested, please say so.

1. Your age?

2. Your gender?

3. Year in University?

4. Desired course of study?

5. Where do you live? (country)

6. Have I described your situation with glasses correctly?

7. How is your experience different, when focusing close with your glasses?

8. Have you studied any of the Sciences or Math?


jamesgg 03 May 2018, 22:06

got glasses a month ago with a prescription of -3.25 in both eyes. first time and the doctor was shocked.

however, i only wear them when necessary such as seeing the board in college classes-otherwise, i just go without glasses. i'm used to it because prior to a month ago, that's how i went around anyways.

who else does this?

Likelenses 05 Mar 2018, 22:25


I sure hope that things are different for you today, and that you can afford glasses that you like, and that make you feel attractive.

Growing up, I knew some kids that got their initial pair of glasses, but due to family financial conditions, went many years with the same outdated prescription, as every year they seemed to squint more, and many times the teacher would move them to the front row.

On occasion, some of them would actually get out of their front row seats, and walk up to the board to see what was written on it. Some had frames that had home made repairs with tape or glue, or did not fit properly due to growth.

A few when they did finally get new glasses, seemed to have a significantly stronger prescription, that they seemed to have trouble getting used to.

Weirdeyes 05 Mar 2018, 19:06


I didn’t have to deal with a super bad blur, but I did and still do deal with uncomfortable vision. When I was nine years old I noticed there was something off about my vision. I didn’t know exactly what, but I suspected I needed glasses. When I got my eyes tested I didn’t end up needing glasses. Two years later I did get glasses, but I had no prescription in my right eye and +1.25 in my left eye. I was surprised I supposedly only had bad vision in one eye and that I’m farsighted. I remember having a bit of issues with distance vision. Eventually those glasses felt too weak, but my glasses weren’t getting much stronger. I also noticed issues with fine details like threading needles. Eventually the prescription in my left eye jumped up way higher, but the right eye stayed close to zero. Right now I still have a weak prescription in my right eye and a strong-ish one in my left eye. I struggle a lot with eye strain, but at least my astigmatism is corrected properly so I can see pretty well in the distance with my glasses.

Kelly 05 Mar 2018, 17:39

I thought I would share my store here. If you don't believe me, that is your personal choice. I have no reason to tell such a humiliating story. Yes as I said my teachers and friends did try to help me out. Teachers would let me sit in the front of the class and often sent me to the nurse for eye exams. Of course I failed more and more lines over the years, and the nurse would send home letters to my parents. Some of my girlfriends would let me borrow their glasses for some classes. I was always so amazed how different the world looked through their glasses.

But my parents always told me they could not afford glasses and I had to deal with it. I think there was another reason too because my mother grew up needing glasses for a very long time and she always told me she learned how to live with bad eyes and I could do it too. I really did try my best to do that because I felt like she was counting on me. Many times I would pretend to see things that I could not see so she that would not realize how bad my eyes really were. I started to feel like giving in and getting glasses would be admitting a personal failure. So I struggled hard to see. I thought when I was young that if I struggled hard enough I would always be able to see, but every year my eyes just got worse instead of better. After a few years there were some things I could not see no matter how hard I squinted my eyes.

Yes I know there are places where you can get cheap glasses. But they didn't exist in my younger pre-glasses days. I grew up in the 60s-70s and there were no cheap glasses options. People who did not grow up during that time frame don't understand that healthcare access was not the same back then as it is now. I think some people today might be surprised how many people need glasses but cannot find a way to afford them.

Did anyone else here have to struggle through blur for a long time?

Lou 05 Mar 2018, 06:04

Hi Likelenses

Re. Yes, even with low prescriptions the eyes become VERY used to the lenses.

I completely agree.

Best wishes


 05 Mar 2018, 06:02

Hi Soundmanpt

Thanks very much. Yes, I'm perfectly comfortable being a full-time glasses wearer. Although I previously found my glasses useful for music, the computer, tv and driving, particularly long distance and at night, I found that once I'd worn them, I didn't like the slightly blurred vision I'd notice once I took them off, and would get also get eye strain. I'd therefore not wear them at all some days when I was doing less visually demanding tasks, and on the days when I did wear them, I would then wear them for the rest of the day.

Since I was wearing my glasses all day quite a few days of the week anyhow, the switch to full-time has been easy, and nobody has really noticed any difference, since my orchestra colleagues are used to seeing me in glasses, and just probably didn't know that I previously didn't wear glasses on non orchestra days.

I am enjoying having good vision all the time, but even more, I'm enjoying no longer having intermittent inconsistent vision, particularly in the evenings, when I do a lot of night driving and orchestral concerts.

Regarding, "I bet even in the pouring rain you missed not having your glasses on didn't you? Besides not seeing as well.", other than the slightly blurred vision, I wasn't really bothered. My only slight regret is that I don't also have a more subtle frame, as I chose my previous glasses before I started wearing them full-time.

I have a three pairs of regular glasses (two are my previous prescription pairs re-glazed) and a pair of reactions. They are all a similar style, plastic in a slightly shallower depth than some of the current styles.

These are the pair I wear most:


I think that these bold plastic frames suit me, but I don't think that they would go with a nice dress for a social function.

For smarter occasions, I tend to wear my reactions pair, because they have a slightly slimmer frame in plain black:

I previously have had semi-rimless frames, and think that these or even a rimless

All the best


Bensmith 05 Mar 2018, 05:05

A nice little sighting. In the break room, two students were having lunch, neither wearing glasses. Suddenly the other stood up and walked to the recycling bins below the sink asking her friend if they were for rubbish. At the same time as her friend said "no", she hunched down to read the signs on the bins, getting quite close to them. When returning to the table, she quickly said something like "I can't read those" and her friend just said "yeah" and changed the subject. A while later, when they were about to leave, her friend said "the rubbish bins are over there" because of course the shortsighted girl hadn't been able to locate them and had just sat there not knowing what to do. Next to the rubbish bin, she again leaned closer to read what it said but didn't say anything about it.

Likelenses 05 Mar 2018, 00:00


Yes, even with low prescriptions the eyes become VERY used to the lenses.

Soundmanpt 04 Mar 2018, 12:27


Like you know, your eyes haven't gotten any worse since you started wearing your glasses full time, they have just gotten used to seeing everything through your glasses. Like you know your prescription is really very weak but even a weak prescription is sure to make a difference when you wear your glasses all the time. That's exactly why your optometrists suggested that you wear wear your glasses full time so your eyes don't have the problem they were having with adjusting back and forth when you were only wearing your glasses part time.Look at this way, you wouldn't need glasses at all if you didn't notice a change without them now. Yes even though you could legally drive without your glasses because your eyes are so used to seeing with your glasses you are right to keep your glasses on when driving because there is no doubt you see better with your glasses than you do without them. Now if oyu were to stop wearing your glasses for a few days your eyes would again get used to not seeing with them and you would probably be fine without them. except for having the issues you were dealing with before return. but I think you're happy being a full time glasses wearer now and because you enjoy seeing everything perfectly with your glasses. I bet even in the pouring rain you missed not having yur glasses on didn't you? Besides not seeing as well.

Lou 04 Mar 2018, 09:41


As I said quite a few times, my prescription is very small:

R: +0.50 Sph -0.50 Cyl Axis 92

L: +0.25 Sph -0.25 Cyl Axis 85

My prescription was the same in 2012, went up to +0.75 Sph -0.75 Cyl and +0.50 Sph and -0.50 Cyl in between, and then down again.

As I said on one of the other threads, although my prescription had gone down, my eye strain had gone up, and I was sometimes having difficulty with my eyes relaxing sufficiently when I put my glasses on later in the day, when my eyes were already strained.

In June, my optician recommended wearing my glasses full-time, to stop this cycle of over accommodating without my glasses, and then finding it difficult to fully relax my eyes when I put my glasses on.

I took her advice of putting my glasses on as soon as I wake, and keeping them on all day, and it has solved all my issues.

Since I am wearing my glasses other than in the shower, I don't really see what my uncorrected vision is like, at any distance other than the shower.

Today, my parents visited, and I went with them to walk their dog. It absolutely poured, and I eventually took my glasses off, owing to them misting up and not clearing.

I reckon that I walked around a mile home, and I was pretty shocked what my uncorrected distance vision is like, especially since my prescription is so small.

Although I can legally drive without glasses, I don't think I'd want to.

I don't think that my vision has really changed, since I can still see well with my glasses, but it definitely seems worse than I remember.

All the best


Maxim 04 Mar 2018, 07:16

Re: Kellys story

Is this story true, or just a story?

I cannot believe that. In many European countries, glasses for children are provided by Social Security structures, and vision test are in Kindergartens and schools. In the US, Zenni sells glasses for 6.95$, the price of three hamburgers or two packs of cigarettes. No teacher, or community employee or parent of school mates saw this problem and could help out? A child - left alone by the parents, the greater family (a greater family might be non-existent), the teachers, the community?

A sad, sad story - and I do hope it is not real, that it is a fake story! But my fear is, the story is true.

So, every story needs a good outcome: and here the outcome is, let us all keep our eyes (and our hearts, and our money bags) wide, wide open, that stories like this don't repeat!

Likelenses 03 Mar 2018, 20:13


What is your prescription now, and how old are you?

Kelly 03 Mar 2018, 16:58

I grew up in a poor family that could not always afford health care. I started noticing blurriness when I was in about second grade. My parents could not afford glasses and my eyes got worse every year. There were things I could see one year but next year they were blurry. The teachers knew my eyes were bad so they tried to help. Sometimes in school friends would let me borrow their glasses for a class because they knew how bad I couldn't see and felt sorry for me. I think it was junior high school when I finally got glasses. By that time I couldn't recognize people fifteen feet away. The eye doctor said I had a very high prescription for getting my first glasses and told me if I got glasses sooner maybe my eyes would not be so bad. It was truly a different world for me with glasses. Every single thing in my life changed. I would call myself almost blind. But there was nothing I could do. Sometimes you grow up in a family and situation where you just have to learn to live with really bad eyes.

Paul in Chi town 22 Feb 2018, 16:05

Adam..I was prescribed -0.75 for distance and sparingly wore them, mostly for night driving. I think my distance vision was mostly good, and didn't really need them during the day. I decided to try them during the day for about a week, and noticed a distinct blur when I took them off that certainly wasn't there before I put them on. Because I can see clearly with the glasses on, I interpret that as meaning my "acuity" did not get worse (if it did then the glasses would no longer be "strong" enough) but that visual processing changed as my brain got used to them. So I conclude that while wearing the glasses did not make my vision worse, I unfortunately am becoming more dependent on them for clear distance vision. I have to have a vision screening for my DL, and expect a restriction that I likely wouldn't have gotten if I didn't wear the glasses so often.

Adam 21 Feb 2018, 12:48


Of course, the biggest reason is genetics but I think straining your eyes and squinting without glasses can make eyes worse, or at least make them tired and red.

About the other part of your comment, I think the ones who are starting to wear glasses will be uncomfortable without glasses earlier than their eyes get worse, it is just about 2 months. If I imagine a more severe situation that someone's eyes are worsening 1,5 diopters a year, it is just 0,25 diopters in 2 months, it is nothing (okay, I know it is not totally linear but I think it's a good example).

NNVisitor 20 Feb 2018, 23:28

Wearing or not wearing glasses won't stop our eyesight from getting worse. People who wear glasses have seen their eyes get worse and worse. People who limit their glasses wear as well and people who don't wear glasses when prescribed. Close work and long hours of studying or reading may make our eyesight worse. That's why it's good to take breaks from continuous close work or reading and focus on things far away.

Adam 20 Feb 2018, 12:56

It is quite hard to tell what is the truth but I don't agree with those who say that wearing glasses will make your eyes worse. On the other hand, and that can be the reason of that theory, someone who starts to wear glasses will be uncomfortable without glasses even within 1-2 months. But I think the reason is that they get used to good vision and they will feel their original vision bad.

By the way, I love to see girls squinting and struggling to see, it is strange even for me to accept it, but for me it is a big fetish.

Soundmanpt 20 Feb 2018, 09:40


I completely agree with you. Eyesight is most often determined by the genes that you receive at birth. Then vision continues to change due to growth. Most people's growth doesn't stop until their in their early to mid twenties. So by holding off form getting glasses when you first need them isn't going to change anything. So instead of getting glasses early when they are first needed at say -.50 or -.75 holding off for 2 years would maybe result in then needing -1.25 or -1.50 glasses. The very same result would happen if that person got their glasses when they first needed them at -.50 or -.75. In other words not getting glasses early on wouldn't change anything in regards to making your eyesight worse and getting glasses and wearing them would yield the same result.

So if your girlfriend would have gone to full time wear when she was 18 instead of only wearing her glasses to see the board, drive and at the movies her eyes would changed the exact same way as they did. I always find it amusing when someone tells me that they try to wear their glasses too much because they don't want to become dependent.

Tom 20 Feb 2018, 00:47


I do not agree with anonymous.

I'd say most people experience their worst prescription increases between 12 and 20y of age, and such has not much to do with wearing their glasses. A girlfriend I had started college at 18y needing glasses only to see the blackboard, drive her car, and go to the movies. But 4y later she had become fully dependent on specs, and she put them on first thing in the morning. I remember her telling me once that her prescription increased by 1 to 1.5 diopter per year. Even though she had always tried to wear them only when strictly needed.

 19 Feb 2018, 20:13

wearing glasses actually makes your eyes worse. she would not have eyes so bad now if she never got them in the first place.

Adam 19 Feb 2018, 13:53

This story is about a girl who was my classmate and refused to wear her glasses for 3 years but became dependent on glasses then.

She started squinting when she was 11 years old. A bit later she got -0,5 glasses. She almost never wore them, she was squinting to see the board instead. As time has passed, it seemed obvious that she is not comfortable without glasses but didn't want to use them.

After three years of squinting during the lessons, she became a fully glasses wearer. Her eyes worsened and maybe she admitted that she needs them. She got totally used to her glasses in some month. She took them off only during PE classes and it became more obvious that she needs to wear glasses, her eyes were always squinty without them. I think this prescription was about -1,5. At the swimming pool she started to struggle realizing us, her vision started to be poorer.

After some months, she swiched to contacts but once I have heard a talk about her eyes. It was two years after she started wearing glasses full time. She said that her left eye is -3 and her right eye is -2,75.

I don't know the reason why her eyes became worse quite fast but it is maybe because she refused to wear her glasses for three years. What do you think of it? We haven't met for years but I saw a picture about her wearing glasses and her eyes became worse than the last time I saw her.

Lou 23 Jan 2018, 10:27

Hi again Austin

Sorry, I meant to add that I don't really know whether contact lenses would be a better choice for your wife. Probably multi focal contact lenses would give her worse vision than with glasses, and since she is happy to go without her glasses in the house, she probably sees no need for contact lenses. I suppose it would depend on her individual reason for taking off her glasses. If she is fed up with wearing glasses but wishes that her vision was a little sharper without, maybe multi focal contact lenses or mono vision with contact lenses would be worth a try.

Best wishes


Lou 23 Jan 2018, 10:21

Hi Austin

Re.: Thanks yet again Lou. Am I right in understanding that for most of her close work, her vision is not as clear as with glasses and that she simply finds it easier to go without glasses rather than putting them on and off regularly? Would contacts be a better option?

You are again very welcome.

If you add your wife's near add to her distance prescription, her reading prescription is:

-0.25 / -1.00 x 100 and -0.75 / -0.75 x 95

Her vision is at its worst in the distance, and gradually improves with closer distances, until it is at its best close up.

Her -1.00 x 100 and -0.75 x 95 cylinder values suggest that she has significant (this is probably subjective, but astigmatism probably starts becoming a nuisance for most people around the 0.75 mark) astigmatism, which will distort/blur her vision at all distances

Regarding the sphere values on your wife's prescription, when you add her +2.00 reading add to her distance prescription, as shown above, she only needs -0.25 and -0.75 respectively for her right and left eyes for close work. Therefore considering her sphere values alone, since they remain negative numbers, taking off her glasses, is equivalent to someone with no refractive error putting on +0.25 and +0.75 respectively reading glasses. I would have thought that this would have been offset with her -1.00 and -0.75 respectively uncorrected cylinder, but things are further complicated by her choice of reading distance. If she prefers to read closer than what the optician presumed, her reading add requirement could be +2.50, which would alter her reading prescription to:

+0.25 / -1.00 x 100 and -0.25 / -0.75 x 95

As you can see now, the sphere values are getting very low, and since astigmatism often has a greater effect in the distance than at near (I have a small amount of long-sighted astigmatism, so you would think that it would effect me more at near, but in reality, I find my vision more blurred at intermediate and far distances than at near), maybe she can see so similarly at near, that after forty years of glasses, she is enjoying being able to manage without glasses around the house. I just don't know. My guess is that now that he is older and needs a +2.00 reading addition, that she can now see well enough at near and intermediate to manage without glasses, and it is her choice to only wear them for distances rather than full-time, simply because this has become a possibility for her as her reading add has increased with age.

I hope that this will be of some help.

Best wishes


Austin 23 Jan 2018, 01:31

Thanks yet again Lou. Am I right in understanding that for most of her close work, her vision is not as clear as with glasses and that she simply finds it easier to go without glasses rather than putting them on and off regularly? Would contacts be a better option?

Lou 20 Jan 2018, 05:41

Hi Austin

You are very welcome. Thank you very much for the clarification that she does wear multi focals.

Regarding how well she sees, I'm sorry but I can't really answer that.

Since her near add is the same as my husband, I'm guessing that the intermediate section of her multi focals probably equates to the +1.25 intermediate add he has for his separate computer glasses.

If you add this to her current script, it comes out as, -1.00/-1.00 x 100 and -1.50/-0.75 x 95

I'm not sure about the size of your table, but I would have thought that sitting opposite someone at dinner would be a greater distance than that used for viewing a computer.

On paper, I would have thought that she would see you as slightly blurred, but she obviously feels that she can see well enough, or she wouldn't keep taking off her glasses.

And no, since her near add will probably increase a little yet to +2.50 or maybe even +3.00, depending on how close she likes to read, I wouldn't have thought that she would become more reliant on glasses again.

I hope that this will help. Having only a small amount of long-sighted astigmatism myself, I have no idea how well someone with myopia and astigmatism sees.

Take care


Austin 20 Jan 2018, 04:41

Thanks for the info Lou. She does wear multi focals. So how well does she see? Am I blurred to her when she sits opposite me at dinner? Is she likely to become reliant on glasses again?

Lou 19 Jan 2018, 03:34

Hi Austin

I believe that the explanation is her age and near add of +2.00. My husband is 59, so not that different in age to your wife, and also has a near add of +2.00. Owing to his age, he also needs an intermediate addition, and his is +1.25. If your wife had an intermediate addition on her prescription, it would likely be much the same as that of my husband. Since he is a lot more near sighted than your wife, he wears varifocals all the time, taking them off only to read. I'm not sure whether your wife has varifocals, but if she has separate or only distance glasses, since her near prescription cancels out a lot of her distance prescription, she probably finds that she can see better without them near and intermediate, which is why she only puts them on to watch telly in the house. Even if your wife wears varifocals, maybe she finds that she can see almost as well without them within the relatively close distances within the house, so doesn't bother to wear them.

My father in law whose near sighted distance prescription is a lot lower than my husband's and only has distance glasses, has started taking his glasses off in the house over recent years, just wearing them for driving and when out and about. I believe it for the reasons which I suggest above.

I hope that this will help

Best wishes


Austin 19 Jan 2018, 03:02

My wife, aged 62 has worn glasses for over 40 years until about a year ago. Since then she rarely wears them inside unless watching tv. Out side and when driving she wears sunglasses other than at night when she reverts to glasses. She also rarely wears them at restaurants and when eating meals. Her current script is -2.25 / -1.00 x 100 and an add of 2.00 and -2.75 / -0.75 x 95 with an add of 2.00. She started taking her glasses off to read and then extended the time without them to the point today where she rarely wears them. Is this usual? How well does she see without them? Any thoughts as to how to convince her to return to wearing them? She does squint on occasions but surprisingly not very often.

Cactus Jack 26 Sep 2017, 21:35


Vision occurs in the brain. The eyes are merely biological cameras. The brain has amazing ability to generate images with poor input, IF it know what something is supposed to look line. In fact it can generate images with NO input at all. Ever had a dream?

Everyone is different. Some people are better at functioning without vision correction than others. You have no way of knowing what your gf perceives without her glasses. A description of her prescription as being in the -6 range is not very helpful. She could have significant astigmatism that makes her vision worse than yours without any astigmatism, we just don't have enough information to make a reasonable judgement.

Do you know how to check a lens for a Cylinder component?

If there is no astigmatism involved in her glasses, her ability to function could be related to the visual environment. If you are in a familiar environment and she is not very familiar with that environment, functioning without vision correction could be a big part of the problem.


Weirdeyes 26 Sep 2017, 16:50


I'm not myopic, but I definitely notice a lot of variation between how people describe their vision vs their prescription. My prescription is R +1.00, -0.75 L +4.25, -1.50. I've noticed a lot of people with a similar prescription to me describe themselves as blind without glasses. A lot of them don't even have astigmatism. I don't think I'm blind without glasses. Especially because my right eye prescription is so mild. I don't have the best depth perception, but I have no trouble showering and doing regular everyday tasks without glasses. I think my brain has adapted pretty well to my lack of depth perception, so I don't bump into stuff or have trouble grabbing stuff. My vision does get pretty wonky if I go without glasses for too long, so I do wear them most of the time.

Tobias 26 Sep 2017, 13:52

I am 35 yo male wearing R -8.5 L -8.25 glasses (no astigmatism). Since I am the only one in my family and my circle of friends with strong-ish myopia, I was really surprised to learn that my new gf (with rx in -6 range) literally cannot function without her glasses at all, while I can put them on in the morning only to check my facebook account (rather uncomfortable to look at my phone from 5cm) and than obviously to leave the apartment. How come she needs her glasses more than I do?

glassesforeveryone 21 Jul 2017, 18:44

Post deleted - false accusations. Soundmanpt and sylvestria’s IP’s are in two different continents. IP also blocked.

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2017, 13:27


Sadly you're a bad position because your agent is from the "old school of thought about glasses" it used to be that if being a model or an actress you either wore contacts or you struggled without your glasses. But glasses have become much more popular now for models as well as actresses to wear modeling and on screen. You need to sit down with your agent and tell him that you really can't function very well without glasses anymore. It sounds like it would be unsafe for you to do any type of runway modeling if you're unable to see you could fall off the runway and get badly injured. Have him try and get you modeling jobs with eyeglass companies if possible. That way you could even get your own glasses and be borrowing glasses from a friend anymore. But even modeling other things such as clothes wearing glasses should be accepted by many companies these days.

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