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Going Without Glasses

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varifocals 06 Jan 2017, 06:37

Thanks KL. It must have been difficult on stage with no glasses. In the past it was quite a problem. The opera singer Maria Callas was very short sighted & the comedian Harry Seacombe & they groped round in a blur in the pre contact days.

varifocals 06 Jan 2017, 06:37

Thanks KL. It must have been difficult on stage with no glasses. In the past it was quite a problem. The opera singer Maria Callas was very short sighted & the comedian Harry Seacombe & they groped round in a blur in the pre contact days.

varifocals 06 Jan 2017, 06:37

Thanks KL. It must have been difficult on stage with no glasses. In the past it was quite a problem. The opera singer Maria Callas was very short sighted & the comedian Harry Seacombe & they groped round in a blur in the pre contact days.

varifocals 06 Jan 2017, 06:27

Thanks Soundmanpat for your comments & it shows how things have changed. My friend was one of 3 sisters, her Father Irish & Mother Lebonese. A familar story trying to read the board at school & could not. It was only after the school threatened to take the parents to court for child cruelty was when she gor her first glasses at 11. Now schools do regular eye tests & locally they are very hot on it & so thats why so many wear glasses now & of course they are now "Cool"A lot of plussies are about & not so much myopic squinting either. In her case she met in a pub a guy with glasses too, more myopic than her , they hadsex & then there was a wedding.So she had several years of full time wear & it is when you suddenly have no glasses the blur seems worse. She is about -5 now & her husband -7. Glasses are not a problem as she has beeen the local mayoress.Are there any strong plussies who have been bare eyed?

Adam 04 Jan 2017, 11:20


My new story is at Sightings thread because it is more connected to that topic. I think that's also a good story.

Later I will have new Going without glasses stories, too.

Bensmith 04 Jan 2017, 04:18

Thanks for your story, Adam. I for one would love to hear more.

Soundmanpt 01 Jan 2017, 10:15


For any bride to be if she wears glasses often becomes a topic of discussion. If you look about you will find places where a woman asks if she should or shouldn't wear her glasses at her wedding? Of course only the bride and possibly the groom should answer. But she will ask the question I assume to see what other glasses wearing women did on their wedding day. So what I found of interest, even though I am a single man and have never been married, was the replies that were given. There was no clear choice. Some said that weren't yet married said that they intended to wear wear glasses on their wedding day because that how everyone has come to know her and they probably wouldn't even recognize her without her glasses and said that they would have to wear their glasses because without them they couldn't see well enough to walk down the isle. And some of these same ladies said that they might get new glasses that would go better with their wedding dress. Some said they would learn to wear contacts for that day. A few said that they hadn't been wearing glasses all that long and that they could still see well enough without their glasses so they planned on going without glasses for that day. Many could see a problem down the road when they would look back at their wedding pictures and she would be wearing dated glasses that were many years out of style. And just as you brought up many of the mothers entered into it by trying to convince their daughters to not wear glasses at their wedding. I found this most interesting because in the past mothers always seemed reluctant about their daughters starting to need glasses because they feared that that by wearing glasses it would ruin her looks and she would never find a man. But that seemed to have gone away and mothers were much more accepting their daughters need for glasses. But it seems to still pop up on the daughters biggest day of her life. I forgot to mention that some had pictures taken with and without glasses. It was interesting gto see all the different opinions and reasons.

varifocals 01 Jan 2017, 09:06

I found your comments on going without glasses interesting. Now of course glasses are more acceptable & I wonder why people endure the suffering. I am long sighted so my distance vision is not too bad. I did suffer with cronic headaches & it was only after an eye test I was told I was long sighted & now wear full time. I did try a bit without them & the cronic headaches returned. I have a friend locally who rose to be the local Mayoress. She always wears glasses now. She has 2 sisters who have perfect vision but was always made to feel the odd one by her family. She met this fellow myopic in a pub & they had sex then the bump!

There was a hurried catholic wedding & her mother nagged her not to wear her glasses to show off her nice almond shaped eyes. When she got into the car she saw the blur & of course nothing to help. her husband saw her comming down the aisle squinting like mad. He had a big row with her

varifocals 01 Jan 2017, 09:03

Hi Adam. A bit seems missing. My friend was nagged by her Mother not to wear her glasses for her wedding. He husband also myopic was livid seeing his bride squinting badly & this came up in all the pictures.

varifocals 01 Jan 2017, 09:01

Yes Adam I found your comments about your friend interesting. Now the mother later. The day was in the blur -5. All the wedding pictures showed her squinting badly & she had a massive headache. Not good.

Adam 31 Dec 2016, 22:41

I have a story about a girl who is one of my formers classmates. The story is about from 8-year-old until now (24-yrs-old). If you would like more stories like that, I can write more, I have some stories about girls going without glasses.

I realised at the first time she has unique shape of eyes which means a bit like Asian. I liked her eyes but her vision was okay until 11-yrs-old.

That was the time when I realized she is a bit cross-eyed and she was always complaining about her vision. The interesting thing is that I can"t remember any squintings. The other thing I realized is that she looked very cross-eyed when looking at near. About a month later than I realized these things, she got a -1 glasses.

As months were gone, her eyes looked straining more and more when she took off her glasses. I think that was because of accomodations. But squinting didn't come. About a year after she got her first glasses, I was in the swimming pool with her (without her glasses). We were in the buffet when she said she hardly can see the menu on the wall (but also can't remember squinting).

A bit later she got -2 glasses and after that she always told me that she can't see without her glasses.

She had that glasses for about 3 years. During these years she was squinting very hard without glasses (finally). During the last months she started squinting very hard even with glasses. We were 15-yrs old at that time so that was more and more exciting for me (and that was the start of my 'squinting fetish"). Besides that, her very cross-eyed look at near distance remained.

After that she got a -2,5 glasses. She had these glasses for about 4 years. During that time her squinting without glasses became worse and worse and even with glasses her eyes were a little bit squinting.

We haven't met too often during the last 5 years, but I know that her eyes are about -3 now and her slightly crossed eyes are the same. And her lower eyelids also show that she was squinting also during the last some years.

antonio 30 Dec 2016, 12:41

Neesa Jane,

could your good idea for next year be

to wear your new glasses out in public ?

How are you doing ?

best regards, antonio

KL 29 Dec 2016, 16:37

Varifocals - I take my glasses off on stage, which might last an hour or two at a time. It's most annoying and generally noticeable at first, then I kind of get used to it.

Last time I had to make an entrance down a flight of stairs partnered with a guy with a moderate plus prescription. I'm like minus 2.50 - 3, and I'd guess he's more than that.

Waiting in the wings the first night he asked me if I was wearing contacts, which I haven't done for the past 15 years. So we were quite the pair! Thankfully you can't actually tell when looking at us.

varifocals. 29 Dec 2016, 09:10

Yes like lens, interesting. I wonder if the pictures showed a lot of squinting as this is what has happened in 2 instances I know of & also a headache with the stress. Non glasses people do not seem to think of the problems this can cause. I my case I am long sighted & get headaches without glasses.

If I had a choice I would rather be myopic , like my wife.


Likelenses 28 Dec 2016, 17:50


Not for as long as a wedding, but last summer while at Cheryl's family reunion, she and I and other glasses wearers were asked if we would remove our glasses for photos. The reason given was the reflections.

When we removed them,we set them on a table,but then the photographer had us moving around a very large property,and home,for all of his various shots,while our glasses lay there abandoned on the table.

The whole ordeal lasted about forty five minutes,and when it ended we had to navigate back to the table to find our glasses.

We probably had the highest prescriptions ,so we were a sight to behold.

We were sent copies of the photos,and we both think we look ridiculous in those bare eyed photos.

KNIFE 28 Dec 2016, 16:27


Varifocals 28 Dec 2016, 09:10

Has anyone had to go through the trauma of no glasses, at say a wedding.


Myla 27 Dec 2016, 14:24

Neesa Jane

I think you should just start wearing the glasses all the time. I don't know how long ago you bullied those girls about their glasses, but there's a chance some of them have gotten over it. Just be prepared to be the geek with thick glasses for awhile. If they get broken, just tape them back together if you can and get by until you can get a new pair. You could also try wearing a strap to help prevent them from getting snatched off your face. You can't undo the past, you can only endure the consequences of your choices, then move forward. School doesn't last forever anyway - one day, you will never have to see your classmates again.

Soundmanpt 26 Dec 2016, 17:05

I am a forgiving type of person and I would feel bad for Nessa Jane if she had only teased other girls about their need for glasses but taking their glasses away and then even worse yet breaking them was a terrible thing to do. She left those poor girls to struggle until they could get new glasses and in some cases i'm sure the cost of new glasses was a hardship on her parents. Honestly it isn't for me or others to judge her. But it seems that her judgement has come from above. Now Nessa Jane's eyesight seems to have gone from being good to quite bad in a rather short time. So now she sees what it's like when your eyes don't work so well anymore. But now for her she has to be concerned that once she starts wearing glasses things are sure to be even more blurry then it is now when she takes her glasses off. And she will be living in fear that someone she abused before will grab her glasses off her face and she may not even be able to see who the person is that has her glasses. If they decide to break her glasses it will be that much worse for her because she will be without glasses for at least several days. At some point though she is going to have to get glasses because it seems someone higher up is taking away her eyesight.

antonio 26 Dec 2016, 12:13

Neesa Jane,

you are right, not all people here are nice,

but some really are.

If you like to chat about your eyes, vision and your new glasses, just email me to

feel free and happy Christmas,

cu, antonio

Likelenses 25 Dec 2016, 23:07

Deutschland Damon

It has long been known that a persons intelligence,and character,can be determined by how they express themselves verbally.

Those that use profanity,and vulgarity,are on the low end of the scale in these traits,unless of course there is mental illness,in which case it is understandable.

Deutschland Damon 25 Dec 2016, 08:51

moonshiner, please remove this longtime jackass from here.

I think it's quite funny watching someone who supposedly thinks they are the grammar police. likelenses uses run-on sentences, incorrect use of capitalization and punctuation, doesn't know how to use commas, and more.

I am not the same person as neesa jane. So typical of this racist asshole to think all his attacks come from a single person. But it is very obvious that you are the anon poster below. I have watched you in the past and this is your modus operadi.

Look at that, likelenses. My grammar is better is better than yours and English is my second language.

moonshiner - ban likelenses PLEASE. His only apparent joy is to create hostility and mock others. He consistently violates the rules of your forum.

sorry, but I must say this. Get rid of this asshole.

Likelenses 25 Dec 2016, 00:35

The poor command of the English language, as well as the failure to use capital letters,along with the vulgar language, tells me that Deutschland Damon and neesa jane are the same person.

Likelenses 25 Dec 2016, 00:16

Christmas eve Cheryl,and I drove around looking at the outdoor Christmas lights.

I was driving and after a while she removed her glasses,and said that she enjoys the lights blurred.She did the same thing last summer,while viewing fireworks.

The funny thing is when she does this she squints like crazy.Before getting her bifocals,she would never squint without glasses,but had a blank unfocused look in her eyes.Perhaps now with her eyes used to bifocals,they want to hunt for a clear view,when the glasses are removed.

Deutschland Damon 24 Dec 2016, 19:36

moonshiner, i add my hat to the people who want this likelenses retard banned.

on christmas eve he continues to attack neesa jane and call her dummy. it is obvious the anon postings are from him as well. yes i have seen his other racist postings about mexicans and other racists.

we have enough problems with history of racists in my country. why does your country allow an openly racist jerk stay on this forum. he is clearly violating the rules.

forgive my language, but i must say, can someone please kick this asshole in the nuts and throw him out off the gangplank? i think we all would cheer his goodbye.

antonio 24 Dec 2016, 15:34

Neesa Jane,

I.m glad to hear you found out some glasses can make you see again clearly

Nearly all of us here are thankful every day when we put them on that glasses exist to clear up our foggy sight that much.

I.m sure there exist worse things in life than our need for glasses.

I wish at Christmas that you feel encouraged to wear yours more than you have done so far.

I think when wearing them you also could show to the world,

you have learned now how precious our lenses can be

for their wearer and I.m sure this experience will make you a much more valuable, decent and honourable character than you might have been before.

So maybe these lenses will clear up your sight

in future and clear your soul for the things that are really

important in life. It's strange that Sometimes even an imperfection

Can make us more perfect, honourable and better in another way, isn.t it?

I.m glad you came here and hope we could help you a little and clear up your way. If you like come to to discuss. Happy Christmas!

 24 Dec 2016, 09:31

Neesa Jane = Trumpanzee

Likelenses 24 Dec 2016, 03:19

neesa jane

It looks as though you have a choice to make,to either be known as the new nerd with thick glasses,or if you refuse to wear them,the dummy that cannot see in school.

If you decide to sport glasses,you better have a back up pair, that when the day of reckoning comes,and those girls that you picked on pick you off,and smash your jam jars.

 24 Dec 2016, 01:16

neesa jane

Enjoy your new life of viewing the world through coke bottle lenses,that will get thicker every year.

neesa jane 23 Dec 2016, 23:12

i thought i would share my story with you. but i keep getting comments about how it is justice. maybe i deserve it. i put this in a different story for you. Say a prostitute comes to you who has been stealing extra money from her clients. She gets raped. this forum would say it is poetic justice. this forum would say she deserved it. this forum would ask why are you afraid to go outside, are you afraid an attacker might see you?

nevermind. there is much story to tell. but i don't feel comfortable here anymore. to people who have been nice. to the constant accusers, fuck off.

Likelenses 23 Dec 2016, 00:13

Neesa Jane

Are you afraid that some of those girls that you smashed their glasses,will smash yours?

What is your prescription,and did the doctor recommend when you should wear glasses.

Faux Myope 23 Dec 2016, 00:10

Nessa Jane,

I so wish that I was sitting next to you in your class. The thought of you squinting and feeling discomfort while your glasses that you so sorely need are tucked away at home is justice. I would sit there smugly with my glasses on that I don't even need and just smile. I would enjoy wearing my unnecessary glasses while you struggled without yours.

Soundmanpt 22 Dec 2016, 10:51

Neesa Jane

Everything "George1968" has told you is right. No one is there to force you to wear your glasses and as mean as you were to others maybe its justice that your eyesight is less than perfect now. You're right to be scared to be seen wearing glasses after all the grief you gave others. That has to be a part of why you can't bring yourself to start wearing your glasses and instead you're going around only seeing everything in a blur now. Trust me your glasses hasn't ruined your eyes Your eyesight was already ruined before you ever got your glasses and you know it. Oh yes i'm sure now that you have glasses and when you do seek around your house wearing them you have to be amazed at how well you can see. But I don't blame yo for not wanting to walk out of your house wearing glasses. You be seen by one of those that you were mean to about wearing glasses. That sure wouldn't be good for you now would it? At some point like it or not your not going to be able to go outside without your glasses becasue your eyesight is almost certain to continue to get worse. As far as i'm concerned i don't care if you ever wear your glasses. But i do hope that you don't hit by that car that you can't see coming down the road.

George1968 22 Dec 2016, 09:55

Neesa Jane,

BTW, you really are going to need to bite the bullet and wear your glasses in class. If you can't see the board, it is going to affect your ability to do well in class.

I know that such a move is scary for you, but letting your grades slide because you can't see the board when all you need to do is put your glasses on is a bit silly.

That doesn't mean you have to wear your glasses all the time. I think, though, once you find out that wearing your glasses in class will turn out to be a much smaller deal than you think, you might keep them on.

I refused to wear my glasses full-time for years even though I needed to. Once my eyes got so bad I had no choice but to go full-time, it was not that big a deal.

Good luck.

George1968 22 Dec 2016, 01:12

Neesa Jane,

First, there are no glasses police. You can wear your glasses as much or as little as you want.

Second, the glasses are not ruining your eyes. What has happened is that your eye muscles were working harder than necessary to accommodate your vision issues. Now that you have glasses, the muscles have relaxed to the point that your vision is now what it actually is.

It appears that you are realizing you need to wear glasses all the time, though that ultimately is up to you. It all depends on how much blur you can stand. Your comments suggest that the blur is too much to function with.

Neesa Jane, your present eyesight without glasses is as good as it is going to be. Is that good enough for you? Or, would you rather see clearly even if it means you have a day or two of feeling self-conscious?

I think you know the answer.

neesa jane 21 Dec 2016, 21:13

i've got glasses now. it sucks. i don't wear them often because they look thick and i get dizzy wearing them. i had gotten them about two weeks ago, but i still can't bring myself to wearing them outside my house. in my bedroom like now i need them badly to work on my laptop. my mother keeps sayiing i need to wear them and sometimes makes me wear them at home. but she doesn't believe me when i say i don't need to wear them all the time. but you know why she does not believe me. it gets hard faking it. the house has become so blurry with my glasses off now. i think they ruined my eyesight and i avoid wearing them as much as possible. if i wear them a long time watching netflix with my parents, i get dizzy as hell wihtout them. many times i will sit in blur watching tv because i don't want them to know how bad my eyes really are. but at school my eyes really suck now. probably because the glasses ruining my eyes.

Soundmanpt 13 Dec 2016, 09:14

Bloody Rubbish

You are correct I don't have any solid evidence of this but rather just the words of several that claimed to have tried faking an eye exam for the purpose of getting glasses and were given glasses that they claimed was much too strong and they were unable to see with. But I am quite certain any doctor worth his or her salt can easily determine when someone is faking an eye exam. So I probably shouldn't have said "without a doubt" when I suggested how a doctor might handle the situation. I should have said that "in my opinion" this is what could happen. Bianca isn't the first one I have heard this same thing from.

Bloody Rubbish 13 Dec 2016, 00:18

Soudman what you barfed is no not only illegal, it's utter rubbish and lies. Any doctor would get in serious legal trouble for doing what you suggested. There is no difference between that and a doctor saying how dare you pretend to get sick and come here, I'm giving you giant painkillers that will knock you out. preposterous and stupid that you would even suggest such a thing without evidence to back it up.

Faux Myope 12 Dec 2016, 19:18


I know several women who confided n me that they wanted glasses and lied at an eye exam so that they could be prescribed glasses. Women wear clothing and accessories to make hem feel sexier. Why not glasses, for some?

I am a male btw.

rafa 12 Dec 2016, 10:37


I found your story very interesting and I can relate to it. The fact that you were so fascinated by glasses that you wore them secretly at 40 when you still didn't need them and now at 52, when you do need them, you can't still wear them in public because you feel it's wrong to wear them, as if there was something "tainted" about them.

May I ask you? Was there a sexual element when you used to wear them secretly? That would explain the feeling of wearing glasses being "something wrong".

I'm very curious, as normally (from what I've read in previous posts in this website) the sexual element with glasses fetishism is something only experienced by men. But from my experience of years observing how women relate to glasses, I'm not at all persuaded that women can't experience that sexual element too.

Soundmanpt 10 Dec 2016, 08:48


I would bet that the doctor knew very quickly that you really didn't need glasses and were only trying to be prescribed glasses. Without a doubt some doctors will then proceed to write you a prescription anyway and they will intentionally make it something that is too strong for you to wear comfortabllity knowing that you won't come back complaining about your glasses since you lied. I have seen this happen in quite a few people. I think the doctor does that because they feel like you're wasting their time. Of course he really could have been nice and simply wrote you a weak prescription that you would have had no trouble adjusting to since you wanted to wear glasses. But had he done that with you being still rather young the glasses would have likely ruined your eyesight and he didn't want to knowingly ruin your eyesight.

Soundmanpt 10 Dec 2016, 08:35

Fuax Myope

For years I have been telling people that trying to fool the optometrist by faking that you can't see the ey chart really doesn't work. But it is very easy to come awy with a small prescription for glasses by simply doing what you did. Claiming that you have trouble seeing at night when driving always works . You didn't say but I am almost certain that the prescription you received fo glasses was -.50 for both eyes as well as getting an AR coating (anti-reflective) put on your lenses. Nearly every doctor I know uses this when they have a patient thatis perfectly able to see the 20/20 line on the eye chart but has this type of complaint. As you know it is a very weak prescription but even being weak they still make a difference to your vision. I'm sure after you have wore your glasses for several hours when you take them off things are slightly more blurry without them.

Now of course if you just want to wear glasse with a prescription you can go to quite a few on line retailers that will make glasses for you in any prescription you want without any questions being asked.

Bianca 10 Dec 2016, 08:34

I have always wanted to wear glasses, from being around 8 years of age when my best friend had them. However, I always had perfect eyesight. At 16 I had an eye test and lied and was prescribed glasses which I couldn't see properly when wearing them. When OTC glasses became available I had numerous pairs and wore them in secret. At 40 I was prescribed reading glasses and was too embarrassed to wear them. Now at 52 I am struggling without readers and am too embarrassed to admit it. I think this is because I have been fascinated by them for so long that it still feels wrong to wear them.

Faux Myope 09 Dec 2016, 21:10

Nessa Jane,

Ha Ha! I wear glasses that I don't even need. I love them too. All it took was to lie to the eye doctor that I could not see at night when I drove. Irony? I am my wearing glasses but don't need them . You need glasses but don't want anyone to know.

Faux Myope 09 Dec 2016, 21:09

Nessa Jane,

Ha Ha! I wear glasses that I don't even need. I love them too. All it took was to lie to the eye doctor that I could not see at night when I drove. Irony? I am my wearing glasses but don't need them . You need glasses but don't want anyone to know.

lazysiow 09 Dec 2016, 14:20

Nessa Jane,

Probably not an option but what about transferring to a different school in a different area and starting new with glasses out there?

Upset Lithuanian  09 Dec 2016, 11:51

Moonshiner Liklenses attacks are out of hand. is there way to block LikLenses ip address? he attacks many people with no sorrow and admits to being racist. we need to find way to block this kind of filth. thank you.

Plus Tony 07 Dec 2016, 16:18

Nessa Jane

We all make mistakes in life but the important thing is that we learn from them. None of us are perfect and we've all done things that we are ashamed of.

Now the important thing is to help get you seeing right because you'll feel much better. It is not such a big deal to have to wear glasses but it may take some getting used to. It could also be a good chance for you to apologise to the girls you upset in the past. One way would be to say that your attitude to the other girls glasses was because you were jealous, you secretly knew you needed them yourself but didn't know how to deal with it. They might forgive you more easily than you think.

Anyway that is in the future. If you can tell us all the numbers on your prescription card we can tell you what to expect. We'll do our best to help because most of us here just want to see well and help others to do the same.

antonio 07 Dec 2016, 13:55

Neesa Jane,

I was a bit like you, when I was in deny to wear glasses in my youth, I had gotten shortsighted, too, like you and made mistakes too: I even confused a friend calling them a wrong name. What mistakes did you make ?

After years I gave in, my eyes had gotten so worse that I had to squint so often, so more and more people got to know I couldnīt see far and it got ridiculous to tell them I could when I could in fact not.

So I finally gave in and put on my first glasses.

To Likelenses: You Jane now understands what she has done to those girls when she snatched her glasses off and wouldnīt do that any more, so we all should get more friendly to her and help her as far as we can. Thatīs Christian.

How far can you see far without squinting, Neesa Jane ?

Please tell us your prescription , then we could try to explain it to you.

Or come to to chat about vision there,

best regards, antonio

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