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When I was at school...

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 13 Sep 2017, 04:45

seeing murky beaten up by a bunch of women, delicious.

murky 13 Sep 2017, 00:06

My taste at school was in corrupting a girl or transforming an uptight bespeckled female bookworm into a wild, crazy nymph because eyes are the windows to the soul,and glasses frame its desires.

While the glasses are a turn on for me, I like several sources for arousal these days including:

watching women struggle - either with losing their glasses ( as I have hidden them) or adjusting to a new pair, as they cruise the supermarket aisles.

spectacles slipping down the nose, then getting a push back up.

the cleaning of smudged lenses, because i have smeared them, delicious.

seeing a person wearing or manipulating high quality glasses

Andrew 06 Sep 2017, 15:08

After the fight she put her glasses on and said to her friend. It's ok I can still see. One lens looked very cracked on the the outside half but the cracked pieces stayed in the frame. After a few days the broken pieces had disappeared and only the intact half was in the frame. She said her brother had taken them out to protect her eye from splinters.

Most teachers asked her if she could manage ok but this only seemed to annoy her.

Andrew 06 Sep 2017, 12:36


That's very perceptive of you. I wish I'd taken more notice of her at the time but I was infatuated with Debbie (the tall blonde)! I think neither would have given me a second glance at the time.

Pat, the tough girl who had the fight wore her glasses all the time. I think even some teachers were afraid of her. I don't think it entered her head that someone would dare to break them. It was the only time I saw her without them and her eyes looked very small. She was short with fairly muscular legs, broad shoulders slim hips and massive boobs. She beat the s**t out of the other girl after they got knocked off.

They were clear plastic NHS glasses with wire springy sides that curled round her ears. The hinges were bent so the lenses always sloped slightly backwards.

To be continued.....

Galileo 06 Sep 2017, 12:34

And that last post reminded me of yet another school incident. A guy who had a really high prescription, he must have been well into the teens if not nearing -20.

He didn't look much, flabby even, but he got into a fight with a really muscular guy who also wore glasses around -6.

They both took their glasses off and gave them to their seconds before hammering each other. The guy with the really high Rx just didn't stop pounding at the other until Mr Muscles just crumpled with a bloody nose and what turned into a load of bruises on his face over the next few days.

Afterwards they both retrieved their glasses and life went back to normal. Neither seemed to find being blind a problem when fighting.

Soundmanpt 05 Sep 2017, 16:02


Since she knew she needed her glasses to function you would think she would have first taken her glasses off to fight. She clearly didn't need her glasses to fight the girl she was fighting with. Would I be right to assume that even without her glasses she scored another win? If her lens broke that easily shes lucky that her glasses got knocked off her face and they were broken while she still was wearing them If the lens had shattered in her eye she could have been blinded. You didn't say how she looked without her glasses? You pointed out her nice legs and big boobs pretty well.

Andrew 05 Sep 2017, 14:54

Again I thought I should complete the story. The "tough" girl's name was Pat. She wore clear plastic NHS glasses with wire handles that hooked behind her ears. The lenses had a circular lenticular section that magnified he eyes which you could only see if she looked straight at you. If she turned her head slightly you only saw reflections from her lenses. She had a kind of 6th sense that people with poor eyesight have and kind of knew if you were looking at her. She'd turn her head and stare straight back. She usually screwed up her face and peered through her glasses. She wore a very short mini skirt and had big boobs. Her friend picked up her glasses and said "I've got them" as she continued the fight. She didn't stop to find out how badly they were damaged.

One lens was cracked at the side but she seemed to still look through the undamaged section. She wore them like that for several weeks but returned to school with new ones next term.

Andrew 01 Sep 2017, 23:19


Its true that in those days certainly in the UK people had to wait for glasses. I saw Debbie during the time she was without her glasses standing alone at a bus stop! I couldn't help her as I was on a bus going the other way! She was just standing there staring down at the ground. I don't know how much she could see but must have had to ask if it was the right bus and where to get off!

There was another girl in my class with strong plus glasses with lenticular lenses. She was a kind of "bad girl". Always in trouble with the teachers and bad mouthing them back. I thought she was great!

She had a fight in the corridor with another girl (possibly over a boy). We all crowded round in awe of this and she had the other girl bent forward holding the back of her bra and pulling it up. The other girl reacted up and slapped her on the head several times. Her glasses went flying hitting the wall before falling to the tiled floor. One of the lenses got broken.

She wore those glasses wilt one lens cracked for the rest of the term.

Galileo 01 Sep 2017, 00:41

This was a feature of the 60s and 70s when it took a long time to get new glasses.

There were three girls a couple of years below me at school who had noticeable prescriptions. During the course of a year all three went through periods where they had no glasses which lasted up to several weeks.

The one with the highest script was an attractive blond who was without glasses for more than 3 weeks. She could be seen standing staring blankly into space or walking with one hand lightly touching the corridor wall or, outside, the railings alongside the path in and out of the school. Seeing her through a classroom window she also had her nose buried in her books when reading or writing and on one occasion when internal exam results were published on a glass fronted notice board I saw her standing on tip toes on a large book with her nose actually touching the glass trying to find her results on the list behind the glass.

I also took advantage of her limits to take a close look at a great pair of legs. The days of the miniskirt.

Andrew 31 Aug 2017, 23:12

The NHS pair she got were kind of pink skin colour. Later she got a more fashionable round tortoiseshell pair which had the bridge much lower down the frame and they seemed designed to sit on the end of her tiny nose which looked very small just sticking through the frame. Her glasses really suited her and seemed part of her face and personality. The weekend she was without them she looked really strange and you could see that her nose had been really squashed flat. She must have worn glasses as a baby. Just the very end and bottom of her nose looked normal. The thick lenses rested on her cheeks.

Andrew 31 Aug 2017, 15:59

Wow. She did really well for such a long time without her glasses. I don't think Debbie (the girl in my class) would have managed for long without hers. She had to hold books so close to one eye to read and put her eye really close to the pen as she wrote. It looked very difficult for her. She said "stay close to me" when we walked to the next class and mostly held on to her friends arm. She kind of held out her other arm as she walked so as not to bump into things. This was the 60's and her very short skirt showed off her lovely long legs. I couldn't help staring cos I knew she couldn't see me! Her small nose must have been squashed by constantly wearing heavy glasses, it seemed to slope straight down but the end was slightly up turned. Even her new glasses always seemed to rest on the end of her nose despite her constantly pushing them up. They slid down almost instantly. Sometimes she'd walk along holding them up with one finger.

NJ 31 Aug 2017, 10:53

Andrew, when I was in college I befriended a pretty Asian girl who wore fairly strong minus glasses. Not quite double digit, but still thick because they were big frame drop temples. She used to complain after long hours of studying that her eyes 'were permanently focused up close,' by which she meant with her glasses. I had wonderful fantasies of her progression over the next few years.

One day she appeared without her glasses, and told me they broke and she didn't have a spare pair. Somehow she finished out the semester, which was over a month, without any correction. She seemed to do ok, other than reading the board, and oddly never complained.

Sadly, she disappeared after that semester, dropped out, and I never saw her again.

Andrew 31 Aug 2017, 10:43

It seemed wrong to leave this girl without her eyesight so I thought I'd continue the story! She had to manage without glasses for about a week until an emergency NHS pair were rushed through. During this time she was able to read and write (just) but said she couldn't see who we were although she could see that someone was there if we came close. She attended all the lessons but couldn't see the board. At PE and games she just sat on the side sometimes reading or just staring ahead. Long shapely legs crossed under her short skirt.

She seemed to quite quickly get used to very little vision and joined in whatever we were talking about easily. She was a very confident girl and usually the centre of attention she never hesitated to say what she thought.

Her new glasses when she got them looked even stronger than her old ones.

Andrew 30 Aug 2017, 22:12

A girl in my class wore very strong minus glasses. Im not sure of the prescription but the front of her lenses were slightly dished in and although the edges were bevelled there was a lot of ground glass both in front and behind the frames. The lenses seemed to consist almost entirely of power rings. They got looser over time and were always slipping down to the end of her nose which seemed too small to support her thick heavy glasses.

She was tall with long curly blonde hair and by the 5th year a very nice figure.

One day she came to school without her glasses which had got broken. She stayed very close to her friend sometimes holding her arm as we walked between lessons and in the classroom held the book about an inch from her eye. She was able to write with her head practically touching the page. Felt so sorry for her but the sight of her gorgeous hair tumbling over her face and book still remains with me.

281 29 Aug 2017, 23:36

School holiday. In brief. I remember once in year 2001 when we were the graduating class of the school. A girl that was normally having minus 1.25 at one eye minus 0.75 at the other. That was the rx she told me. She only wore these to see the board. Her prescription was dated from year 1997 , it was used for 4 years, mostly part time usage. But things changed at the graduating trip I noticed her wearing her glasses full time . Attracted me.

She ended up a high achiever at later years after year 2001. Most likely, she will get her contact lenses . She was Not a very special prescription for my year 2001 class , but I did wish her a good future, since I and her, certainly have almost no chance to meet again. I have not meet her afterwards, but I know her ended up in a good grades at school, ended up a high paying occupation .

lentifan 29 Aug 2017, 13:11


Your holiday memory prompted one of mine.

I would have been in mid to late teens, holidaying in Devon or Cornwall with two or three male friends. One evening we were in a crowded bar and had to share a table with a middle-aged couple and their teenage daughter who you just felt was their only child. The girl wore glasses with black plastic frames which were then (as now) ubiquitous, with a very obvious minus prescription - thick outside edges and lots of power rings. I would guess over 15 dioptres. Naturally I thought she was gorgeous and couldn't keep my eyes off her. If you ignored the lenses of her glasses, I think most people would have said she was pretty. Unfortunately my friends were not prepared to ignore her glasses and made a point of stressing her (to them) unattractiveness as soon as they were out of earshot.

Sadly, i had not the courage to stand up for her.

Soundmanpt 29 Aug 2017, 11:52


I often wonder how often with identical twin girls if one of the girls is prescribed glasses if mom makes the other girl also wear glasses to keep them looking identical. Years ago back in my dating days I dated an identical twin. Honestly they looked so identical that I couldn't tell them apart. They both wore identical glasses black plastic frame cat-eye glasses which were popular at the time. They were really very pretty girls. To this day I don't know for sure if I was only dating one of them or if I might have been been dating both of them. The only problem dating them was that they lived about 70 miles away from me.

Puffin 29 Aug 2017, 08:40

I've just been reminiscing about a holiday in Cornwall in 1982. Technically it's not a school memory, but it was during my school holidays.

In the guest house we stayed at the couple who ran the place had teenage twin daughters: they both wore glasses, although I think only one of them full time.

I just remember them because the glasses made my holiday: they weren't very strong nor were the girls much more than averagely pretty, but it sure was something to look out for a meal times because they helped out.

There was one occasion where there was some event on the beach - something to do with swimming or with water sports - and we saw one of the girls taking the other's glasses back to the hotel so they didn't get broken. I'm not sure that makes much sense, nor did it at the time.

I cannot recall any other GWG's working in hotels that caught my eye.

281 20 Aug 2017, 23:20

School was a place, where girls wears similar uniforms.

But glasses was an item, that was not included in uniform.

So there was at least several glasses frame styles which gives much individuality to the girls.

This was not including the variety of lenses.

But my school life was quite mundane when compared with videos I saw on youtube . I was not a girl that love to party together, fetish can be part of the reason, but not all of the reasons . In brief, I can be very self absorbed, a strange friend for them.

I can think of one silly game that I never played.

Matching the girls glasses, with other items (wallet, books clothing , etc)

281 09 Aug 2017, 20:19

If I can read the 20/20 line through minus 2.0, this public optometrist was quick to determine minus 2.0 was the prescription .

At year 2011 I have made several visits to different private optometrists. The private optometrists tend to provide a more complete procedure that includes pre screening, phoropters, fixation tests . The procedure typically takes 1 hour .

At year 2011, I was having much optical obsessions, that I tried to order Several pairs of different spherical lenses. If I respond to the private optometrist normally, at year 2011, no prescription was recommended. At a late afternoon when eyes are tired, the private optometrist determines Spherical plus 6.5 diopter as my prescription . It was Sph +6.50 , Cylinders and Prismatic are 0.00 .

At year 2011, I also managed to control my eye muscles, and end up at Sph -4.25 Cylinders 0.00 Prisms 0.00

Why I mentioned Cylinders and Prisms was, The glasses I received at year 2000 was having an un necessary cylinder of 0.25 diopter that I have tricked the public optometrist at year 2000 to provide for one of my eyes. I wore this year 2000 glasses to optical store, pretending this was my old glasses. The sales did not comment much, but that 2011 optometrist verified for several trial. The 2011 optometrist commented "when did your old glasses made ?" I answered "10 years ago",

Optometrist answered "You dont need that 0.25 cylinder now "

281 09 Aug 2017, 19:29


After I have several visit to various private optometrists since year 2011 . I am convinced that optometrist who was employed by public healthcare, was cutting the procedure short to meet the long waiting queue. It was a poorly funded public healthcare system.

The optometrist referred to the acuity readings recorded at the clinic. After this step, the optometrist set the trial lenses and eye chart. There was no dilate pupils or any Pre Screening at year 2000, which I received after year 2011. There trial lenses of minus 2.0 was placed on the nose, then i have to read the chart. The problem was, I can read the eye chart through this minus 2.0 trial lenses.

I later verify, at year 1998 1999 2000 2001 , Normally, I can read the chart without any prescription. But at some late afternoon I was unable to focus normally , after one night of sleep , at 04:00 I can focus normally again , then at 15:00 the eyes are likely tired and unable to focus . A one hour nap can be sufficient to restore the focus.

Tom1 09 Aug 2017, 06:55


I perfectly understand you, your reasons are exactly the same why my gf doesn't want to wear glasses nor contacts. Her eyes are worse than yours since she also has strong astigmatism which causes troubles with her close vision, too.

She basically uses glasses only at work. Recently she started taking them with her some time (not always, often she leaves them at home!), but very rarely uses them, she prefers to ask someone than to out glasses on.

Do your acting mates know you don't see? Didn't they comment about your eyesight or the need for glasses? What about your other friends or family? Do you try to hide your defect or admit and ask for help when you need to see and cannot without glasses?

281 09 Aug 2017, 06:48


The optometrist from the clinic, provided prescription to my parents. The optometrist was taking forceful position about the need for glasses. My parents accepted this prescription, took me to an optical store. Place the prescription on sales table. Sales ordered this glasses to be assembled. This sounds acceptable until the glasses arrived.

Sales was forceful. Sales give no response to a child girl that reported heavy glasses and not sharp image.

The minus 2 glasses , at that day. does not cause any noticeable effect except minification and headache. Also painful nose.

School was a big promoter of glasses. Difficulty are not accepted until you need medical assistance.

I may be wrong about some part of story, poor memory for this event many years ago , also i am running out of time this night.

antonio 08 Aug 2017, 08:24

Hi 281,

thanks for writing back, so when you got a prescription of -2,_did you get appropriate glasses, too? Did you wear those ? If so only at home sometimes or did you give them a try outside, too ?

I guess you don't wear any glasses today?

Best regards, Antonio from lenschat

281 07 Aug 2017, 22:32


You have asked about my glasses past .

I have normal eyes. In my knowledge, at least 4 girlfriends with normal eyes at age 18 .

I have failed at eye screening in year 1998 2000. I received prescription of minus 2.0 , for both eyes. The same optometrist did that to me.

In year 1997 1999 2001 2004. the nurse tell me my prescription is not required, because i passed the eye screening.

But this shaped my obsession. I can use minus glasses with sharp images, but it was not necessary. When parents was not around, I love to wear minus glasses.

281 06 Aug 2017, 23:09

Asia . Maybe high school graduation ? I am not sure about which event, but i guess not in lesson. Several girls wearing glasses. Wearing uniform. Style of glasses are, more likely to be dated ten years ago maybe 2005 or earlier.

Typical or not typical ? Maybe more glasses than typical.

Normally, girls wear the same glasses every day for about 1 or 2 years. This frequency is similar to shoes.

I am still amazed , Some girls including me, are not bored with the limited variety, every day, every week, the same glasses.

Partly, glasses are expensive. 50 dollars you can have one pair of ordinary rimless or metallic frame glasses that can be used for 2 years. And you dont want to afford more expensive glasses because they can get stealed.

antonio from eyescene 06 Aug 2017, 15:41

You have good experience and good observation ,

281, best regards, antonio from eyescene

281 06 Aug 2017, 14:42

Recent 100 years, there are many internal migrations that dilute internal difference in China. But difference persists between South Korea , China , Japan. Social status appears slightly more diverse in Japan, where children normally inherit the job and culture of their parents.

Some youtube videos such as Yejin jo. reported South Korea high school girls study until 23:00 or later. But in Taiwan or Japan , normally dont have such long hours

Yejin jo video

But at my childhood, when at school, girls are not allowed to wear makeup . Makeup are discouraged.

 06 Aug 2017, 11:00

Pretty half Caucasian half Vietnamese young girl

NNVisitor 06 Aug 2017, 10:36

Not far from where I live there is an area that is now 90% to 95% Chinese population. Majority affluent. Several children per family and manners, dressing and appearing neat and presentable and education are stressed. So many glasses wearers among the Chinese. High rates of high myopia. Some wear absolutely beuatiful well chosen frames. Probably expensive. Sometimes groups all in black plastic frames. Among older people metal frames are common. Among the young probably many in contact lenses too. Much study and sky high rates of myopia.

A very different community with few anywhere near I live but elsewhere are the ultra orthodox Jews where the men study fir 8 or 10 hours daily and the myopia rates are sky high among the men and boys. Also many with high myopia. The women and girls do much much less study and reading of the prayer books and the numbers of females that need myopia glasses is much lower than the males.

Conclusion is that much study, reading, close work for many hours daily can trigger the onslaught of nearsightedness and increase the strength of glasses required by those who already wear glasses. Two separate distinct cultures yet the same myopic outcomes. No genes alone do not cause today's high rates of myopia. It's the stress on much education, reading and time stuck in classrooms that are behind the huge rises evident today of myopia.

281 06 Aug 2017, 07:16


Those old photos,

There are 30% girls can survive in plus lenses for their first 30 years of life. The other 70% girls may get minus then lasik . Lasik is a bad idea, but unfortunately very common.

Low plus girls that only wear plus glasses to read, are mostly girls who prefer more exposure to sunshine, have their skin tanned. Frequently their schedule have daily 2 hours of sport training. They are mostly in sport teams.

antonio 06 Aug 2017, 05:23

Same here in Europe,

really many of them got glasses or contacts,

best regards, antonio

281 06 Aug 2017, 02:33

Viewing photos of the past, i think, at that age (maybe 15 ), i did not know , how girlfriends will all become blinder and blinder. More squints and squintier .

281 03 Aug 2017, 06:50

It was 1990s and 2000s, most girls preferred contact lenses instead of glasses . Partly there was much influence from family. Peer pressure yes, but peer pressure was also influenced from their families, because when most girls are the only child, by tradition normal for East Asia, elder members in the family exerts much influence. This tradition appears to come from earlier Buddhist or Taoist/Confucian influences. In parents generation, Girls are not expected to study in school. Girls are not expected to correct their visual defects using glasses, because girls are expected to be submissive to the elders, including mothers and fathers, and submissive to the male authority. Male defined the tradition, preferred girls to only do the chores and wear makeup that please the males.

So this ends up 30% girls prefer wearing glasses at age 20

 02 Aug 2017, 04:39


You should know about mental imbalance. And 2.81 is your I.Q.

281 02 Aug 2017, 02:10


I have known your lenschat page for many years. But here at eyescene appears more user friendly

281 02 Aug 2017, 00:34


I encourage you to do eye exercise. These websites may provide you some instruction for the eye exercise.

the body is a delicate system. A finely tuned machine that needs to be in balance. Itís made up of various systems that also need to be in balance.

What Causes Miopia?

Mental/emotional imbalance causes miopia

NNVisitor 01 Aug 2017, 10:40


Having blurred vision can be stressful. Glasses with the correct prescription lenses in them do clear things up. Do glasses wearers become dependant on the glasses if worn full time day after day? Yes. Our brain adjusts to the sharper clearer vision and with the glasses off things looked blurred. Does wearing glasses make our eyesight get worse? No. Myself I only wore my glasses in class at school when I was a child. My eyesight got worse and worse. Not wearing my glasses did not stop my vision from getting worse. Like you I adapted to blurred vision. Eventually I did wear my glasses full time. Things had become way too blurred.

I really don't think that if you wore your glasses full time it would cause your vision to get worse. If wearing glasses as little as possible prevented getting more nearsighted it would have worked for me and others who didn't wear glasses that they needed.

As for contact lenses if you are apprehensive about them and don't want to wear them then don't. I mentioned contact lenses as I thought it would solve the problem. You can wear your glasses for these acting troupe events and then see who's making eye contact with you. Doing so will not make your eyesight get worse.

ggirl22 01 Aug 2017, 09:15


I am very afraid of contact lenses and there has been a common thread of bad reactions/outcomes to contact lenses that I have read about online. Also, if I wear contact lenses, I am afraid I will become a full time wearer and dependent on vision correction at all times so I would rather not.


I go without my glasses because I do not my vision to become worse. I only use my glasses for driving and that's it. I have learned to tolerate the TV and anything else far away as a blur. As for class notes or menus in fast food restaurants, I use my phone to take a picture of it and that solves my problems. One day, I accidentally wore my glasses the whole day and I didn't even want to take them off and when I did, everything was SO BLURRY. I didn't want to do that again because it showed me how dependent I had become and how bad my vision was.

Soundmanpt 01 Aug 2017, 08:16


Just curious, why do go without your glasses in the first place since it is only "acting exercises?" Maybe a few years ago if you were a young female wearing glasses was acceptable, but theses days you see more and more females wearing glasses on screen.

NNVisitor 31 Jul 2017, 22:27


If you can wear contact lenses at acting activities it could solve your problem. If you do just follow the correct procedures for safe wear.

Best of luck.

ggirl22 31 Jul 2017, 22:19

I am part of an acting troupe at my uni and we do acting exercises everyday. Lots of them require my troupe and I to stand in circles and make eye contact with others without speaking. I usually go around bareeyed and my vision is -3.25 in both eyes so you can imagine how hard this is for me. There have been many times in which a person across the circle makes eye contact with someone next to or near me but I always mistake that person for making eye contact with me. It is always such an awkward situation when that happens! I simply cannot see who is making eye contact with me though! I can barely see a foot ahead of me so 15 feet ahead is the biggest struggle!

antonio 31 Jul 2017, 04:06

Hi 281,

interesting story of yours and facts presented.

Just I.m interested to know, do you wear glasses yourself and if so how strong in the past and now ?

If you like you can also chat with us on

Thanks and best regards,


281 31 Jul 2017, 02:24

Not surprisingly. i was surrounded by other girls , which, except for 3 girls which seem to go for plano sunglasses. The other 20 girls, at least i have seen her wearing prescription glasses , or knowing she was wearing contact lenses .

There were also 1 moderate plus glasses wearer that i have spend 1 year , i was assigned a seat next to her. Reputedly she was not beautiful , but i suspect she have her hobbies and several close friends . Secretly i dont think she is not beautiful after all she wears glasses full time and has a reserved, somewhat quiet personality which i obsessed about her

281 30 Jul 2017, 23:07

So, Parents spend the after school hours monitor their only child , ensure they spend time according to parents wish.

This was , more commonly found at some small towns that looks slightly similar to suburbia or exurbs in North America.

But girls still develop some hobbies that reduce their eyesight. Mobile phones are common. Also there are various indoor activities which can be girls hobbies.

In my school, there were guidelines that i received near the end of my compulsory schooling. Girls are expected to spend 6 hours daily to study at age 17 18 19. Probably 3 to 4 hours for age 15 16 or below.

281 30 Jul 2017, 22:47

The optometrists in that town , my guess , they try to make money from every children and parents, by ensuring every children receive the screening . The optometrists, then , can sell glasses, contact lenses to the children . They possibly hope the children can become dependent on their service , and visit the optometrists preferrably every month.

But it seems , demographics played a role.

In my generation. In East Asia. Each family tend to have one child. Families invest much to the girls , including education and other items.

Parents tend to be strict and protective, especially when we are their only child. It was the norm. This means other parents may also comment on their neighbors parents. Not unlike Murky wrote about Merrilyn and Stephanie mother.

Parents would probably love their children to wear glasses, so the parents know they are learning. Not spending time on bags !

281 30 Jul 2017, 22:19

If South Korea have 80% myopia at age 18

I lived in East Asia . In the town I have lived in , the school itself, has no screening for vision.

Schools are mostly gender divided. Girls-only school and Boys-only school are the norm.

It was the Clinic. that provided free screening for school girls.

But that was not mandatory. I choose to opt out after a few years, filling in the form intended for parents . That means parents can opt-out.

But the free screening was a good thing for my obsession. After such screening we have 50% of age 11 wearing glasses to school.

Colin 21 Jul 2017, 05:57

I was at school in the UK in the 60's. I wore very strong plus glasses NHS round kids frames with the curl round the ear handles. I kept them on at all times for PE and games.

There was a boy in the year above me with similar glasses except his were terribly bent. The side handles bent up from the hinges at about 45degrees and the curly spring metal bit was bent down again to his ears. So the sides of his glasses went right up then down again. The bridge was also bent and it looked like the lenses were hanging down either side of his nose. He tilted his head right back and screwed his face up when he walked.

They looked very fragile and precarious. Both lenses got broken playing football.

Cactus Jack 21 Jul 2017, 02:25


He probably thought denial was a river in Egypt and that no one noticed that he could not see very well.

I had a similar problem when I was in school, in the 1940s and 1950s. No denial issues, but I had natural Mono-Vision. I had 20/20 vision in one eye and was nearsighted in the other. Back then everyone thought I could see just fine (including me).

I had poor depth perception and I could not hit or catch a baseball, because I really had no idea where it was. That is, until I heard the thunk of if being safely ensconced in the Catcher's Mitt or hitting the ground. No one was interested in having e on their team for good reason.


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