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When I was at school...

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 29 Jan 2018, 21:03

If it isn't that big a deal, as you say, then why do you keep insisting that Amber get glasses? Isn't it her choice? You must be wonderful at parties where a kid needs brtaces.

Soundmanpt 29 Jan 2018, 10:24


I am not going to lecture you but don't you think that was very wasteful of you breaking your glasses on purpose just so you wouldn't have to wear them. Your parents were no doubt trying to help your poor eyesight. Even with insurance glasses can still cost quite a bit out of pocket. If you want to walk around in your blurry world that's your choice.

Wearing glasses doesn't make your eyes as you say really really bad. Look how bad your eyesight is now and you don't even wear glasses. You can expect that your eyesight will likely continue to get worse no matter if you wear glasses or not. I think what you really mean is that you don't want to feel dependent on glasses. which honestly if you wore them you would get very dependent on your glasses. Yes and wouldn't that be terrible to see everything clear and sharp all the time? I'm sure it has to be so much better seeing everything fuzzy and blurry all the time. Don't you see that everyone already knows how poorly you see and they even make fun of it. Looking back when you were out with a few of your female friends and one of them was wearing a pair of what you even admitted wear nice looking glasses. At some point she took off her glasses and some of your friends started trying them on.of course your friends all found them too strong for their eyes. But you were able to see perfect wearing them. With her glasses on you everything became nice and clear. You must have enjoyed being able to see because toy tried her glasses several more times after that. That surely wasn't the worst thing being able to see so well was it? Wearing glasses isn't that big of a deal like you're making it out to be.

Amber 29 Jan 2018, 09:37

i think you guys are getting confused. i buried my eyes behind different pairs of glasses for a minute in life, but I always broke them on purpose so I wouldn't have to wear them. i didn't like how sharp everything looks when I wore them. i had glasses only because my parents would force me. i didn't want them.

omg the eye test. my blur level has blown up since my last pair! the doctor made it seem bad. you guys think I am blind! but It isn't as bad as everyone thinks. I think when I always see this way, it's what I expect. but some days if it is dark or the light is bad, i can only past a couple waves in a sea of blur.

when I wore glasses and would take them off because my eyes couldn't see. i think glasses make your eyes really really bad. i had to take off my glasses when i did my hair and the mirror got too blurry. i have some friends who get off seeing all the very tiny small details so they wear glasses. but notice they always get thicker glasses everytime they see the doctor. i don't want that.

some guys get off making jokes about my eyes watching me squint. can I read this. can I see that. lol. but I'll do anything to avoid getting glasses again. ok so I can't drive because I can't even come close to reading the signs. i take buses. i change my life around to make it work. but we do that for everything in life.

Hate me. I know.

Soundmanpt 18 Jan 2018, 09:20


"Plus Tony" has done a very good job of explaining what all the numbers in you prescription mean. But i'm not sure that you understand that the higher the numbers are the more things are for you without glasses. At -4.00 / -4.50 you're already in the moderate /strong range. If you're wondering they consider anything -7.00 or more to be "strong" glasses. Like "Plus Tony" stated the reason you were prescribed an add is because with these really being your first glasses and your distance being as much as it is your eyes would have a very hard time trying to read small print with your glasses on. So the add is just to make it easier for your eyes to read. comfortably. Now I know you're not keen on wearing glasses, but trust me as bad as must think wearing glasses I can tell you that your working so much harder trying to make out things than wearing glasses will ever be. Wearing glasses these days isn't a big deal anymore because nearly everyone wears glasses and or contacts. Many young women are even wearing glasses they don't need just because glasses have become a sought after fashion accessory. Like "Plus Tony" suggested you can and should order a pair of glasses on line. Personally I recommend Zenni ( to get your glasses from. They have hundreds of really cute glasses that i'm sure you would look really cute wearing. They have prescription glasses starting at $6.95. (single vision) But if you were to choose a pair in the $13.00 range and add on the Ar coating (anti-reflective) which is $5.00 and since you have an add you would need progressives, no-line bifocal,which is about $34.00 more. and shipping which is $5.00 the total cost of your glasses would only be $57.00. Not too pricey. Then you could at least start off by wearing them around your house to get used to wearing them until you're ready to wear them in public. You need to face it, your eyesight is more than at the point where you need to start wearing glasses.

Plus Tony 18 Jan 2018, 03:46

Hi Amber,

That is a fairly high prescription so you have my respect for managing your life through the blur so far! Whether you decide to give yourself the option of taking the blur away is of course up to you but this is what you might expect if you take the plunge and get glasses.

I suspect your eye doctor/optometrist has given you the add (+1.50) to make it easier to adjust to wearing glasses all the time (which is obviously what the person who tested your eyes would expect you to do).

In prescription terms you've got a bit of everything going on there. You're shortsighted/nearsighted/myopic (depending on where you live). That is the -4 and -4.50 bit. There is a slight difference in your two eyes but nothing to get excited about. You also have astigmatism which means that your eyes are shaped more like a rugby ball/American football instead of a soccer ball. A lot of people have this. To be honest the amount of astigmatism in your prescription is probably enough for full time wear by itself. The effect of astigmatism is to make things unsharp at all distances.

What they are saying with the add of +1.50 is that you need less power for doing things close up like reading (so if you had glasses for reading only they would be -2.50, -3.00). I'm not an expert but I don't think for sure that you need the add. How old are you if you don't mind me asking? That could make a difference.

Ultimately whether you get glasses is your choice. They might be a better option than contacts actually because of the astigmatism but I realise that you aren't keen on being framed. If you want to try glasses, your best option might be to order an inexpensive pair online. That way you can give glasses a try without breaking the bank (which optical stores will be very keen to help you to do). There are lots of people here with experience of that who will be happy to give you advice.

All the best.

Amber 17 Jan 2018, 17:52

oops i forgot to add something. my prescription also says add +1.5

Amber 17 Jan 2018, 17:50

okay here are my prescription numbers maybe you can read my future with them lol. tell me what it means. od sph 4.0, cyl -1.0, axis 43. os sph 4.5, cyl -1.5, axis 145.

NNVisitor 17 Jan 2018, 00:05


You can use your prescription to get contact lenses from a contact lens specialist. Your eyes will be checked to determine the shape of each cornea which will be used to determine the right contact lenses for your eyes. You will be given instructions for inserting, removing the lenses, proper hand hygene to prevent infections and which solution or solutions you need for your contact lenses. If you're able to follow the instructions this may be a solution for your situation. With proper contact lenses you will see clearly without wearing glasses. Of course when your contact lenses are removed the blur will return. If you decide to go this route follow the instructions. Do not overwear the contact lenses and never sleep with them. Best of luck going forward.

Tony 16 Jan 2018, 19:57

Amber, i found this image for you, it´s about the same you will look with -4 -4,50 glasses, she has high index and small frames, what do you think?

Tony 16 Jan 2018, 19:51

Amber, you´re wrong, -4, -4,50 is higher prescription than -3,25, and of course much more than -2,00, you are very nearsighted, but i undrestand you because i was like you years ago, squinting didn´t work, and somehow i did hide my bad eyesight for years, what i used to do to see better is pushing a bit my right eye, (is my best eye) and things get in focus, but if you do that too much things start to have a little light around is annoying, but it works for emergencies, i spend almost 5 years since i notice my bad vision without glasses, but finally gave in, and now i´m very confortable in them, but it´s up to you, if everybody know that you´re blind, they won´t be surprised when you start to wear, or they maybe say... finally! an advice from someone who lived the same, get glasses now, you don´t know how much you are missing with that bad vision

Weirdeyes 16 Jan 2018, 16:13


Just list all of them. Sounds like you have astigmatism, which is also important.

Josh 16 Jan 2018, 15:43


i guess you´re wrong if you think when your eyes are -2 is worse, you are very nearsighted with -4 and -4,50, if you get worse you´ll get -5, -6, -7, etc. but when you decided to start to wear glasses maybe will be hard for the thickness of the lenses, your current rx is serious but not so thick, if i were you at least would buy the pair you´re prescribed and then think about wear them often or not... enjoy blurriness but enjoy glasses with shap and clear vision too

Amber 16 Jan 2018, 15:09

There are a bunch of numbers all over the place on the prescription. I have no idea which one is the most important so I'm going to pick the biggest one. I read the message from a guy here in December that thinks my eyes are really bad and -3.25. haha wrong. If I am reading these numbers right, my eyes are much better than that because they are only -4 and -4.5. I am not that blind yet!

Some days if it is rainy and cloudy everything feels like a fluffy blur and I can get dizzy. I make sure I am at home then. But I am not a girl for glasses right now. No way. Not happening to me. I really don't mind the blur. You sound like my friends calling me nuts, but I think I will probably wait to get glasses when I am -2!

I am sorry. please don't hate or judge me.

Maxim 11 Jan 2018, 10:32

Amber - I think that's a girl's name. Try some nice glasses from Zenni, you might get them at 6,95 US-Dollars + a maximum of 10,00 Dollars for postage. Try them, hidden, secretly, in front of a mirror. Forget everything what you thought about glasses. Look into the mirror, and say to yourself: What a good-looking girl I am!

How good, that I can see properly, everything crisp and clear.

Repeat that for 5 minutes, and then go downstairs, out into the street, and your family and your friends will say, how good you're looking! By the way, you don't have a friend or a collegue wearing glasses?

Obviously you should wear glasses, and I think it is your right to wear glasses! All the best for you ...

Weirdeyes 10 Jan 2018, 17:10


What’s your prescription?

Amber 10 Jan 2018, 16:36

i am sorry but i got caught up in other things for a minute and forgot about getting back here. so the eye guy said i needed glasses. i knew that. but the biggest mindblower for me was putting the flippy optic thing in front of my eyes and realizing how badly i need glasses! so he rattled on about how blind i am and how i need to see, but that all fell into background noise for me. i didn't care. i was so embarassed about my blurry eyes and how he said i need to be wear glasses for everything. things look amazingly different. when we ended our time, he told me to go next door and choose glasses. but there was no way i was getting glasses from this eye guy. omg he knows how blind i am.

it's been a few weeks now and i am used to my blur level again. i don't know why but i just realized today that i still have the glasses prescription in my purse. i thought i burned it lol. i'm going to stay blurry for another minute because i don't have enough money for glasses anyway. hey maybe that is a sign that i shouldn't get glasses? i can be honest here since i am anonymous and say that i think glasses ruin my face. mr eye guy and all his talk about how bad my eyes are makes me think i will have thick glasses falling down my nose all day long. no that is not for me.

i apologize that i did not get glasses.

Soundmanpt 09 Jan 2018, 09:32

I remember my first real crush. It really started in the 6th grade when I first started noticing girls. Of course like any boy tat age i was much too scared to even talk to her. My interest was always their though. She had 2 girlfriends and they seemed to always be together. One of them was Jeanie and she wore glasses pretty much all the time. but once in a wile she would take them off and sit them on her desk. The other girl was Mary Ann. She had only recently started at out school. And the girl of my dreams was Linda I even remember all of their last names which is odd since I have trouble remembering what I ate for breakfast most days. Anyway in the 8th grade Jeanie and Linda manged to be seated across from one another close to the back of the classroom. I was closer t the front of the classroom so it was harder for me to try peeking at Linda as much as i really wanted. But around 3 months into the school year I turned around enough to take a peek at Linda and I was shocked to see her wearing glasses. Of course now I didn't want to take my eyes off of her. She seemed to somehow look even better to me with glasses on. It didn't take long until I noticed that her glasses looked a lot like Jeanie's glasses. Then I noticed that Jeanie wasn't wearing her glasses and they weren't on the the corner of her desk like they sometimes were. Linda had the glasses on for quite a while and the next time I peeked back she wasn't wearing glasses and Jeanie was. Even being in 8th grade I quickly figured out that Linda was wearing Jeanie's glasses. But why? Did she maybe need them to see the board? Or did she just notice Jeanie's glasses sitting on the corner of her desk and she was curious what it was like to wear glasses. But as good of friends as they were she must have tried on Jeanie's glasses long before that. But from that day on Linda seemed to be wearing Jeanie's glasses more and more often. I even would see them walking home together after school and Linda was wearing her glasses them too. As it turned out after 8th grade Mary Ann, Jeanie and Linda all went to a different high school then I did so I pretty much lost track of her. But about 5 years later I was playing softball at a ballfield and I saw her with her boyfriend. At least by this time I wasn't too afraid to talk to her so i went over and said ho to her and she seemed happy to see me. She wasn't wearing glasses but it was possible that she might have been wearing contacts. She still looked amazing to me. I guess your first crush never goes away.

Georgie 07 Jan 2018, 14:05

I rest my case, your honour.

specs4ever 31 Dec 2017, 12:25

I have enjoyed your post Georgie, and I certainly hope that you go on with them. Thanks.

Georgie 31 Dec 2017, 07:44

Well Guest I didn't get much feedback. I assumed it was because I mentioned the "b" word. I've often found that talking about my blindness can be a bit of conversation stopper so I tend not to mention it unless someone shows an interest. People are, quite understandably, terrified of going blind and prefer to push the subject to one side. I'm very lucky, I'm a million miles away from what people tend to think of as blind, i.e. having no light perception. I cope well with my restricted vision and have developed strategies which allow me to do pretty much everything I could do before. The only thing I really miss is being able to drive, it restricts my freedom somewhat but I manage.

Guest 20 Dec 2017, 07:42

We have not heard from Georgie for over a month - if youre still out there, please post more stories

antonio 19 Dec 2017, 21:59

Hi Glass lens,

that would mean, she is in decent blur meanwhile or how to describe?

Best regards, antonio

Glass lenses 18 Dec 2017, 23:15

I will guess Amber needs -3.50, perhaps some cylinder thrown in for good measure.

antonio 16 Dec 2017, 01:27

Hi Amber,

wow sounds really interesting :-)

I´m curious, too.

What did they find out about your blur level as you call it ?

Please let us know.

As always all the best wishes for a great Christmas time


Colin 12 Dec 2017, 00:23

Hi Amber.

What happened! Did you get an eye test? What was the result. Can’t wait for the next instalment.

Amber 11 Dec 2017, 18:56

i was on my own today, no one around i knew and the mall was quiet early in the morning for a weekday. so i sat down squinting to check my texts, and when i look up, glaring in front of me was an eye exam place. okay no one is around i thought, let me get a quick exam and see how messed up my eyes really are. i'm used to seeing blurry but i was curious. i wondered if they would take walk ins.

Antonio 01 Dec 2017, 15:54

Hi Amber,

yes dimmed light can be awful to us myopic people. I once had to find a house before it got dark after my glasses got broken while jogging and tumbling done. So I know what you mean :-)

A litte sorry,it feels like "someone reached into your head and dialed the blur level up", but really cool description of what all of us have experienced several times. Guess it's not your first time either ?

Besides I like your style of writing things :-)

Cu antonio

Antonio 01 Dec 2017, 15:45

Hi Amber,.

I.m pretty sure I won't get ever bored listening to your interesting blurred stories :-)

Welcome back here.

If you like visit some of us like me :-) at

Cu. All the best, antonio

Amber 01 Dec 2017, 14:49

I haven't posted in a minute because of all the holiday things. I see someone tried to get cute and post as me down below. Rest easily it was not me. Thanksgiving was definitely different. My eyes were quite bad during dinner because my stupid sister decided to dim all the lights. I realized that I've reached a point where faces sitting directly across from me at the table can become just blurs if the lighting is bad. I think this is the point where everyone usually says it's time for me to get glasses. But I don't think so. They were blurry but it was okay with me.

I did make a fool out of myself when my sister and her friends went to our spot on Saturday night. I really couldn't see well. I mean really bad. I bumped into tables and people all night. I think someone reached inside my head and dialed up the blur level... lol. No glasses to borrow that night. None of her friends wear glasses. Well one needs glasses, but her eyes seems like angel eyes to mine. She was reading signs across the bar that were only smudges and blurs to me. Who does she think she is. I think she wears glasses to tell people she needs glasses not because she needs glasses. Does that make any sense?

Let me know if I am boring you. I could go on with silly stories of my blurry life, but I know some people get bored and upset when I say I'm not getting glasses.

 25 Nov 2017, 02:06

And you are a geeky lesbo who hasn't shaved her legs since the Carter administration.

Amber 23 Nov 2017, 02:45

Antonio is probably a creep jerking off in his mother's basement to my posts here. Meanwhile he can't talk to women in real life.

Weirdeyes 22 Nov 2017, 22:53

When I first got glasses at age eleven I was worried and confused about my prescription of R 0.00 L +1.25. As an optically obsessed kid I was worried about image size difference. That was the first question I asked. They assured me it would look the same size to me. I didn't know how it would be possible. I was also confused about the only one eye needing glasses situation. I thought my vision was off in general. Now with a 3.00 difference between my eyes I still don't notice an image size difference. Probably because things look tiny through my left eye. I think things look pretty small through both eyes which makes it hard for me to tell if I'm really seeing 20/20 or not. I think that's a sign I have some latent hyperopia. I don't think the vision in my right eye is all that great to be honest. It just looks good next to my left eye.

antonio 17 Nov 2017, 17:08

hi Amber again,

oh yes, I know how it is when squinting just doesn´t help that much as it did before !! Happened to me too,

I guess it happens if you reach the -2 region and above, I think today.

For me this led to get me some glasses only for such "emergencies" like sitting in a cinema on the last rows without a clue what was going on :-), imagine me there bareeyed :-) or in case to find my way through a big railway station or even an airport having to read signs, oh nooo :-)

but mostly carried in my pocket for yrs that pair :-)

have you also hated to put glasses on in front of people when you once had some ? how strong were they ? your first pair ? ...

but I understand your point loving the blur too a bit, for me I loved also the challenge to see about okay through my blur, do you feel the same ? :-)

Shortsighted life is full of surprises, isn´t it ? :-)

funny you saw that gal squinting for you :-), wearing hers :-)

best regards, antonio

antonio 17 Nov 2017, 14:28

Hi Amber,

thanks for answering, yes, I know that wow effect too

from my bareeyed shortsighted times when I tried on some minus glasses and suddenly I could see clearly and I even knew why :-), but I denied they helped me normally and sometimes even said, wow those are strong, my eyes hurt, although they didn´t ?

What did you comment on the pair you wore ? :-)

What do you usually comment in such cases ?

best regards, antonio

Amber 17 Nov 2017, 10:57

It's funny you should ask what is blurry at bars. The other night I was out with my gals at our bar and she had a friend in town who wears glasses. It was hard to see her well in the bar, but because they turned the heat up it was dripping hot inside. Our new girlfriend took off her glasses at our table because they kept sliding down her face in the heat. So my bestie picked up her glasses and tried them on because she said they look cute. I think they did look awesome on her, but she complained they were so strong only her friend from out of town and me could see through them. My other friends got a laugh on me over that and called them Amber strength. Yeah ha ha. So I reached over and put them on. Now it is one thing to know my eyes are blurry, but wow these strong glasses made everything like super HD and I could see everything. I think my eyes have become super blurred or I had too much to drink because it was a really big difference. I could see our new girlfriend squinting hard to see what I look like in her gorgeous glasses. It was very weird seeing all the facial expressions and details that I am so used to not seeing. My friends were all talking about me with her that I am so blind and how her glasses probably aren't even strong enough for me after all. One of my other girls tried them on and called them instant headache glasses. So when the the night was over, I had tried on her glasses a few times and got no headaches. I always talk to people that I think are other people because they are just too blurry to tell the difference. I think I got stupid trashed that night but the next day I am fine living in my blurry world. Yes my friends always say Amber is the blind one. My blur makes me feel comfortable and warm, so I am ok with that. I just squint alot when I need to see but that doesn't work as well as it used to.

oscar 17 Nov 2017, 04:58

One nice memory from school. There was a pretty girl-next-door in my class, bookish, with a lovely smile and a nice athletic figure that was just starting to fill out in a good way by the time she was about 16. Anyway, the thing was her glasses. They were attractive (especially the reflections from them) but nothing exceptional on first look. But then I realized that her medium plus lenses had a bifocal add. After noticing that, one of the sexiest things in English Literature class was when she read. Watching her looking through the reading segment like that was always such a turn on. And if we were sitting close together she'd sometimes look through the stronger segment during a conversation too. Wow. I wish crippling shyness hadn't stopped me from asking her out. She was gorgeous.

antonio 16 Nov 2017, 13:57

Hi Amber,

what was blurry for you at your school dances or when you hit the bars ?

Best regards, Antonio

antonio 16 Nov 2017, 13:24

Interesting story, Amber

I too went to school for some years needing glasses , but not wearing them, so I can understand how you feel in some ways. But I always tried to hide it and when my eyes got to a point where it got obvious I couldn.t see far i started wearing them.

Interesting story, if you like you can discuss with us on

Welcome here and best regards, antonio

Amber 16 Nov 2017, 12:22

I was the girl you always saw sitting in class squinting hard to see through the blur and read the board.

I always needed glasses but never wore them. The teachers made me get an eye exam because I couldn't read things far away. But I still avoided wearing them as much as possible. I know some people here will hate me for this, but I likeed the way I look without glasses. And blur makes me feel comfortable. After awhile I would have a hard time recognizing people far away. But I always liked that. That probably makes me an enemy on this website because I think everyone wants to see us ladies wear our glasses as we are told. And people tell me I am crazy. lol.

My eyes did get worse, but my gals helped me out because they knew I couldn't see. Things were very blurry at our school dances and when we hit the bars, but I never tried to hide it. I just tell everyone that's too blurry for me to see.

I would always lose or break glasses when I got them. Sometimes on purpose. But I feel that my blur is part of me. I like seeing this way. I avoid things where I would need to see clearly becuase like I never got a driver's license. There is no way I could see good enough.

I don't know if there are other women like me. So I am posting here to find out. I've watched this website for awhile but never had the courage to stand up and say this. But today I finally decided to tell my story.

Georgie 14 Nov 2017, 04:40


You misunderstand me, I have no desire to be blind whatsoever. It was a phase I went through when I was very young. Since then I've been terrified of going blind and unfortunately my worst fears were confirmed in my mid forties when I was assessed as having "low vision" after a couple of retinal detachments and other complications associated with very high myopia. My situation is currently manageable and I cope quite well but I live in daily fear of further deterioration in my vision.

I've been extremely myopic since birth but my vision was always well corrected and I derived enjoyment from not being able to see well but was always grateful that with glasses my vision was pretty much as good as my glassesless peers. To give you an idea of my vision now, my optometrist refers to what I see without glasses as "count fingers at two feet". With glasses it's 20/200 but my field of view is restricted, more so in my right eye than left.

Please don't do anything to inflict permanent damage to your eyes. You have no way of knowing whether the novelty will wear off and you'll come to regret it and there'll be no going back. I'd give anything to have my old vision back.

Weirdeyes 14 Nov 2017, 01:33

Back when I was in my dumb phase of making fun people who wore glasses(I was jealous) this kid defended himself by saying he only needed it because of one bad eye. I pitied him. I thought it would suck to have bad vision in one eye. Karma bit me in the ass after that. I'm guessing the difference between my eyes is far worse than his.

 09 Nov 2017, 13:43

To those of you who supposedly wanted to be blind, you should have become a sports referee.

Davey 09 Nov 2017, 13:04

Georgie, I,ve been following this post with keen interest, I share like you the same interests in strong glasses and the need to be blind. My own eyesight is alas quite good, only slightly short sighted but I,ve always wanted to wear thick myodisc glasses, I do glasses over contacts and my glasses are -27.50 ,I also go blind simming and use a white cane and have used blackout blind contact lenses, I,ve also thought of ways I could cause myself to go blind, and experimented with strong prism lenses, my best times are when I,m out in strong glasses and white cane ,and love the feeling when I,e been helped to cross a road or assisted by a nice lady while trying to shop with poor vision, I,m also fascinated and attracted to ladies in glasses ,the stronger the better. D

Colin 09 Nov 2017, 06:54

The post dated 30 Nov was from me! I was trying to address it to Calcat! Sorry for the confusion.

This correspondence has triggered more memories from my school days.

As I’ve said it was the 60’s and I wore the round wire NHS kids glasses with cable temples. My prescription has always been approaching plus 30. The lenses weren’t quite an inch thick but one of my mates measured them in science with a micrometer and they were over 3/4”. They were extremely heavy. Both other kids and teachers seemed fascinated with them. The woodwork teacher borrowed someone’s glasses and peered through them in my direction waving his arms saying “Baldwin, I’m over here”.

Other kids were always asking to “try them on” sometimes they didn’t ask just lifted them off my face. I secretly loved all this!! It was never done roughly, I think perhaps because they looked quite delicate.

Once when play fighting a boy had me pinned to the ground sitting astride my chest with his knees on my arms. He reached for the glasses, put them on and raised his arms in triumph. Kind of like they were the trophy.

Weirdeyes 09 Nov 2017, 02:26

When I was in school I always thought I was slightly nearsighted. I didn't have the sharpest distance vision, but I could still read the board. I thought I maybe had a very low prescription like -0.50 that didn't quite need glasses yet. I expected to maybe get my first glasses when I was around -1.00 or something. Instead my first glasses were R 0.00 and L+1.25. I didn't understand why I was farsighted if I had distance vision issues. I later got a prescription to correct astigmatism which explained my "mild nearsightedness".

30 Calcat 09 Nov 2017, 00:49

Probably only style. I’ve had several glasses over the years with cable temples and you’re right they do keep the specs on snugly. However even they weren’t up to the weight of the heavy thick glass lenses that I wore before plastic lenses were available.

Was constantly pushing them back up. Fell off completely once when I jumped over a vaulting horse in PE!

30calcat 08 Nov 2017, 16:48

I have always wondered why cable temples that hook around the ears fell out of popularity, even among full time glasses wearers. They are so effective in keeping glasses snug on the face. Was it for some style reason that they fell out of favour?

Colin 08 Nov 2017, 12:48

Wow Georgie,

Our experiences in many ways seem similar. Even when quite young I loved the feeling that I needed strong glasses and was also fascinated by the glasses that other people wore. It definitely turned into a sexual fascination as I reached puberty. I was scared that anything might happen to my glasses but that thought also excited me as well. The thought that at any moment I may be almost blind excited me. I deliberately never carried a spare pair with me. I was able to do games and PE although I was never much good! The teacher was definitely concerned about their safety, this was the 60’s and my glasses were the round wire NHS kids ones with wire hooks round the ears. The lenses were glass and very thick and heavy. They jumped around if I wasn’t careful when I ran. I always wore glasses for swimming but handed them to the teacher if we had to use the diving board. I seemed to get special attention from other teachers too, some made me sit at the front so I could see the board. I didn’t really need to but loved the attention. I also loved it when anyone wanted to try them on.

I think my lenses must be similar to yours but a high plus, having a circular Centre section that bulges out.

Let me know if you’d like to know anything more. My email is

Georgie 07 Nov 2017, 05:25

Hi there. That’s interesting Colin, I thought I was exceptionally unusual in feeling an attraction for someone with strong glasses while needing such glasses myself. I assumed obsessions were born of something you wish for but have no direct experience of and can’t actually have. Seems you enjoyed your poor vision and others’ reactions to it just as I have always done. I’ve done a lot of thinking and soul searching on this over the years and I think it may stem from the attention I got as a child because I couldn’t see. I was always protected and treated differently and this extra attention became something I craved. I was always prevented from doing sports that involved physical contact or ball sports where the ball could hit my eyes. Swimming lessons were out too as I just couldn’t see well enough in a pool full of kids. It was a double edged sword really, I did at times feel I was missing out but also felt good as a result of the special attention I received.

I still wear myodiscs today, I’ve had them for around 40 years. However I’m now registered blind. This was the point of my story really, the irony of me wanting to be blind when I was a child isn’t lost on me. I’m not totally blind of course but my visual field is somewhat restricted and my vision isn’t completely correctable with my glasses which are over -30 dioptres in both eyes. It’s hard to describe what I see because I’m quite used to it and get around fine. Driving is out of course but I can walk down a crowded street without bumping into people, I watch TV, albeit sat very close to the screen, I can type on a PC and phone held closer than normal. It’s amazing how the brain adapts and I just use coping strategies without consciously being aware I’m doing anything out of the ordinary. Without the glasses I would definitely describe myself as blind though, there’s light perception and colours and movement but no shape to anything, particularly in poor light. I have a cane but rarely use it, for one thing I can get about perfectly well without it in good light, although I have admittedly tripped on many occasions as I can’t really see my feet while walking. The thing about the cane though is that it advertises my vulnerability which I certainly don’t want to do if I’m travelling alone at night.

I can write more later. There are numerous instances where my eyesight has brought me pleasure but occasionally embarrassment and even downright fear. My life followed a particular route in no small part because I have never been able to see well but also because I’m attracted to others like me and I often wonder how my life would have turned out if I had been born with normal vision.

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