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When I was at school...

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Colin 21 Jul 2017, 05:57

I was at school in the UK in the 60's. I wore very strong plus glasses NHS round kids frames with the curl round the ear handles. I kept them on at all times for PE and games.

There was a boy in the year above me with similar glasses except his were terribly bent. The side handles bent up from the hinges at about 45degrees and the curly spring metal bit was bent down again to his ears. So the sides of his glasses went right up then down again. The bridge was also bent and it looked like the lenses were hanging down either side of his nose. He tilted his head right back and screwed his face up when he walked.

They looked very fragile and precarious. Both lenses got broken playing football.

Cactus Jack 21 Jul 2017, 02:25


He probably thought denial was a river in Egypt and that no one noticed that he could not see very well.

I had a similar problem when I was in school, in the 1940s and 1950s. No denial issues, but I had natural Mono-Vision. I had 20/20 vision in one eye and was nearsighted in the other. Back then everyone thought I could see just fine (including me).

I had poor depth perception and I could not hit or catch a baseball, because I really had no idea where it was. That is, until I heard the thunk of if being safely ensconced in the Catcher's Mitt or hitting the ground. No one was interested in having e on their team for good reason.


Bensmith 20 Jul 2017, 23:45

We never had to take our glasses off for sports but I have memories of sports classes with my classmate who never wore glasses despite being shortsighted. Once he was the team captain and he had the pick the members for his team. The others, me included, stood in a line on a stage a couple of feet above him and suddenly it was obvious that we were too far for him and he couldn't see who was who. He had to make his hardest squint to see, then act as if there was no problem and pick someone, then squint again.

In baseball he apparently had trouble seeing the ball and was oddly hesitant when playing it.

ric 20 Jul 2017, 02:28

In my school days this was the usual. Kids let their glasses off for sports. I remember it was being harder and harder every year until i finished not playing sports when my eyesight got finally as bad.

murky 19 Jul 2017, 16:12

I remember at school about 10 yo, and we were to play a mixed sexes martial arts game, in the gym, and the mistress in charge asked all the kids to take their glasses off, and leave them on the table, to avoid damage.

About six pairs were gathered there, I recall marvelling at them, during the game, then the joy of watching them be reclaimed

Oh I cant see through these, or thses, as they were mostly the cheap bare horn rimmed frames.

Tom 18 Jul 2017, 13:52

I remember when I was at the university. Reading in the library one evening, at the closest table to the door, a girl I knew entered the room (not a large room with few people sit here and there), had a look around, then came close to me asking if another friend of us was in the room. I should have looked puzzled by the question since she got even closer to me and whispered she didn't have her contacts. I was really astonished since I didn't ever had a suspect she could not see properly. Very interested in the topic I noticed that if she was not able to spot a friend in the room her vision must have been very bad. She got red and answered she was actually blind as a bat without contacts since she was -4. She told also she did not have intention to put glases on before the next day. She went out and I didn't see her again that evening. The next morning she had her contacts her usual.

Murky 26 Jun 2017, 21:41

Emerging from the supermarket last night, a gorgeous six footer,late 20s, thin, exquisitely dressed lithe was wearing a huge pair of grey frames, with thin white lines horizontally each few mm. Big lenses, from eyebrow to cheek, about +1 or maybe less I estimated.

She was wheeling a trolley, so I bumped the trolley

Oh so sorry she called

Dont worry, no harm done, as I eyeballed those specs

What a smart pair of specs you have..

Oh Thanks

They look expensive. There is no makers mark on the side either.

Well, I found them in an op shop would you believe

What! and the prescription was just right for you?

Yes, isn't that amazing

And are they your first time in glasses?


What a great story, you must enjoy wearing them, do you see better/

Not sure, things look a bit bigger though

By now she is at the car, and we bid farewell.

Murky 20 Apr 2017, 21:58

School findings..

When I go to pick up grandchildren, from primary school, I am struck by how many kids wear glasses these days. By year 5/6 at 10-12 years old, about 25% of the kids are in specs, far more than in my day, about 1 in 20 or less then, is this because of increased screening, or is something happening to eyesight?

( I have seen data from South KOrea with 80% myopia at 18)

I note that a greater number seem to be low plus ( up to +3) would not kids be able to easily accommodate up to +3, and its overservicing by the optometrists, as each client will be woth a few thousand dollars by maturity? Anything over -1 is obviously therapeutically OK

Seems to me that people ( inc children) get used to glasses, and even though vision is acceptable bare eyed, glasses become a habit,and a personal add-on.

Some years ago, one of our neighbours daughter had glasses from about 6 yo,very fat girl and they were than -1 L and plano right ( tiny astigmatic correction) but she wore them for years, till one day at Uni,about 20 yo she decided thery were not needed, never wore them again..I once asked her father about her need for glasses, and he said she was screened at school and glasses recommended, and her mother had had glasses since primary school too.

The local newspaper has had an add running on page 1 for fashion glasses for girls, for months, with a pigtailed 5 yo wearing pink fashion frames,and sexy clothes, unfortunately being sexualised early, an unfortunate trend, once however, glasses were a turn -off Dorithy Parker style..( Men dont make passes...)

Seen on the web..

These below are available for less than 100 dollars, reduced from about 400, as the style is 23 years old, quite stunning, dont you think, also come in brown.

Worth a try on Eyetri?

Murky 20 Apr 2017, 15:22

Eyetri,I bought this pair of french Hary Lary frames in NY last year,on 5 the Ave,( 450 dollars) with prescription fitted same day wore them all 3 week holiday, wife thought they were quirky , but could not bring myself to wear them at work,

They sit on my desk, to admire, and work up courage to wear them again.

Murky 20 Apr 2017, 15:17

Those polettes look excellent, Eyetri, tortisshell, some cat eye, and definitely female.

I have a thinnish mid face, and fit the smaller female frames well, in earlier pre net times, it used to be a struggle to get the optometrist to give me female frames.

About 5 years ago, I was doing a project for a primary school, and had on my best purple versace fromes, and a schoolby said

"Hey mister, you have the same glasses as my Mum, they are womens glasses!'

What a frisson of excitement, as I agreed with him. Then

" Someday I hope to get some glasses too". Go to it O-O in the making.

I have a collection of about 50 pairs, picked up at bargain stalls, never high fashion.

My next project is to find a late middle aged lady wearing something spectacular, complioment her, tell her I am a collector of high fashoion frames, and does she have a drawer ful of old pairs i could buy?

Meanwhile..Eyescene provides food for my fetish.

EyeTri 20 Apr 2017, 07:59


I was glad to see your reply to my post. Looking at the link you posted with all the vintage glasses, if you look at the 4th and 5th glasses from the left in the top row, this is the frame I had for my first glasses. My first glasses were black. ArtCraft made this frame from the early '50s to 1999. I have my current prescription (exec trifocals) in a black Leading Lady that I bought in 1995.

Currently I am wearing a pair of glasses that I recently received from To see this frame, go to their website, click on "vintage" at the top of the page and scroll down to a frame called "Kathie". I got mine in black. I have several pairs of glasses, but these are the ones I wear most of the time.

I checked the link to your current glasses frame. Very nice - I can see why you got this frame.

It has been a long time since 1961, but it is still a turn-on every morning when I put my glasses on.

Murky 19 Apr 2017, 20:38

Have alook here Eyetri

Can you identify your first frames? I have bought about 10 pairs from this etsy site

I once at UNI had a pair by Safilo. from Austria, very femine, brown acetate, used to wear them to the cinema, they were -1 and plano on the other side, so could easily accomodate with them on. Very aroused all film long, as girlfriend would say "I didnt know you wore glasses, and I would leave them on on the way back to her fl;at ( on one occasion)

And try to kiss her with glasses on, exciting stuff. " Gosh I had forgotten my glasses were still on"

The library had a lost and found box,where i got them from, along with some others.

murky 19 Apr 2017, 20:24

All now a year old here, thanks Eye Tri...I reaaly get a frisson of excitement from cross dressing with glasses.

Here is my current pair, with enough cat eye to look female, but bold enough for a male.

What do you think of them?

I occasionally visit the HQ of our firm, where there are about 50 mostly women, in a large open office, I love to wander round with my security badge on, and will encounter at laest 10 pairs of specs between -1 and plus 2, on the I.say

Wow such beautiful glasses, mind if I look at them? never a refusal

I see they are made by "Gucci", you have excellent taste, are they comfortable? Yes always

Can I try them on ( taking mine off) please? Always yes

Ooooh, they are the same or close to my prescription ( +1), and I put my specs down for her to try them on Occasionally do, and a stimulating chat ensues..

Can I borrow these for a minute, and look at myself in the mirror please?

mostly yes

Off to the tiolet for a squint at my new visage, take a selfie, and return, heart rate about 200. Have 100s of pictures to enjoy.

Its a strange, rare and delightful harmless fetish!

Anyone other than Eyetri to the keyboard?

EyeTri 23 Aug 2016, 12:54


Your post of 07 Jun 2016, 17:54.really hit home with me. I especially liked the last sentence.

I can't remember when I didn't want to wear glasses, especially girls glasses. While in high school I grabbed a few pretty pairs from my careless female classmates and I wore them whenever I could.

After graduation I got an assembly line job where I had to look at a machine at a distance of about 15" for 8 or 9 hours a day. The resulting eye strain got me to an optometrist's office at the age of 19 (1961). The doctor said I needed glasses (approx +1D), so I got my first real glasses. The frame was made by ArtCraft and their name for this frame was Leading Lady. It's been a long time and quite a few pairs of glasses since 1961, but none of the glasses frames have come from the men's side of the optician's shop.

When I read your post it made me glad to see that I'm not the only optical crossdresser in the world.

Shaz 05 Aug 2016, 08:53

Like a few previous posts I remember starting school at 4 and the teacher saying, 'put your hand up if you cannot see the board',I couldn't see the teacher, let alone the board! So, my Mother got a letter advising her to take me for an eye test as the school eye test would not be for a few months. She took me and after the test, the optician told her I had very poor eyesight and a significant squint and he was surprised no one had picked up on this earlier. I was quite excited to get glasses and loved them. Even though they were heavy and constantly slid down my nose but I could see things I had never seen before.

However, whenever I did anything wrong, my Mother took away my glasses which was the worst punishment she could ever give me.

As I got older, I became more self conscious and was embarrassed by my glasses so I stopped wearing them.

Now, at 50 I wear them all of the time, especially because of the uncorrected squint. My left eye is 3+ more than my right!

murky 08 Jun 2016, 20:44

Oh Tom, how true, waiting at reception, with a gorgeous pair of low plus, just sitting on the desk, waiting to be fondled, caressed, worn.. if only.

One technique I use is to pick them up, look through the lenses, usually not perfectly clean, so start polishing them, and at the end, remove ones own specs, put then on, and declare they are much the same as ones own ( I am +1.5) prescription, say how nicely they fit and feel. Just leave them on, walk about a bit, then return them, with thanks.

Takes a few minutes for the heart rate to revert to normal.

Murky 08 Jun 2016, 20:28

last year, whilst in New York, I went to MOMA, and Lo! there in the shop were some pairs of the most outrageous looking art deco /noveau frames, and for 50 dollars.

I bought a pair, oversize red, made of acetate, and from Italy.

Off to the glasses store in 5th avenue, loaded with my prescription,picked up next day for 35 dollars, and wearing them in the avenues of NYC. Hardly got a second look, , but at the check in airport desk, I said to the countermaid, "nice glasses" response,

yours are pretty speccy too sir"

& on the way home, on the plane, the stewardess said, out loud, "now to serve the man in the most gorgeous glasses ever!"! And all the surrounding passengers were giving me compliments, what a surge of pleasure it gave me. but had to take them off when getting off the plane, too outrageous for the small town and office.

Currently wearing Versace purple and blue.

Tom 08 Jun 2016, 14:07

Great stories Murky!

I also find one of the most exciting things is when being presented totally unexpectedly with the opportunity to try on a girl's glasses. Happened to me when walking through the office at lunch time, when being at someone else's place, waiting at a reception desk, sitting next to a sleeping neighbor on the airplane,... It is especially thrilling when you know there's only little time to act, and chances are you can get caught while performing the trial.

I sometimes dared to snatch the glasses with me for a quick trip to the bathroom, for a full try-on (and some other stuff with them)), hoping the owner would not come back in the meantime and start looking for her specs. Think I am in a position to furtively try on a girl's glasses about once a month on average, and effectively do so about 7 chances out of 10. Still have fond memories of some great specs owned by beautiful ladies. The best thing is when you see the rightful owner putting on the glasses again, and not knowing you tried them on only minutes before.

Galileo 08 Jun 2016, 02:51

Murky's post brings back two memories.

At university there were women who left their glasses on the library tables whilst they did other things. I remember one girl in particular who had thick minus lenses, maybe as high as minus 6. She nearly always came in bare eyed, put on her glasses to work and always took them off to go to the toilet. More than once I saw her stretch up on tiptoe and squint to see the sign on the door before entering.

The other memory is a bedside drawer full of glasses. About 8 years ago I was sharing a house with several people one of whom was a woman with a prescription of around +6. We dated for a short period and I was surprised to find that her bedside table had around 30 pairs. Her justification was that she could not see anything at all without her glasses and therefore carried around all her previous pairs just in case. But they were of limited use since many were single vision and she had progressed onto varifocals. Even with those I had to help her increase her screen fonts as she could not read her emails on the usual font.

Murky 07 Jun 2016, 17:54

Although not when I was at school, its University..

When at Uni, I used to patrol the library, as that was a good place to spot GWGs, cruising the booths, I would come across some specs left sitting in a cubicle, often low plus, ( readers for latent hyperopes) or low minus, where seeing close was better without.

If unattended, and no one close by, I would put them on, with a frisson of excitement, fondle them, retire to the toilet to look at myself in them, female frames always preferred, and then return them to either the booth, or if the owner had returned, and looking for them, then give them in at reception ( "found these on a shelf") or put then in an easily found spot nearby. Risky, but satisfying.

At weekends ( as I lived in a residential college)I would cruise the op shops for used glasses, rare to find any, and mostly old, but an occasional good find, female, low plus or minus, , but I could not bring myself to wear obviously female frames among friends, or home, so they remained a secret, worn in my room.. I soon realised I had a fetish, but like rafa, thought I was the only person in the world with such an odd obsession.

My mother had several friends who wore glases, and I surmised that people probably stored their previous prescriptions in the bedside table drawer.Like my old and dead gran did

So I hatched a plan

At one of mothers glasses wearing froends houses, for a lunchtime BBQ, I asked to go to the bathroom,when O knew the main toilet was occupied and the lady of the house showed me to the nearby ensuite, and left, so quickly I raided the bedside draws, presto, there they were,about 10 cases, all lovely fashion frames, so I whipped two out of the older cases into my pocket, presuming they were obsolete,unlikely to be bifocal and not likely to be noticed as missing.

My heart was pounding, could not wait to get home and try them on. Wow,one pair equal power less than plus 1, no astigmatic or add in the script, perfect, I could see through them OK.Gave them a polish mad eby Silhouette in Austria, brown and white,gold edges and hinge broad enough for my face, and a beautiful fit behind my ears. Could I wear them at Uni? No cat eye shape, so they may pass as male?

The other were an acetate crystal blue pair, nose pads, obviously female, about +1-1.5, reading well, but just a tad blurry in the distance,they were probably her second or third pair ( I judged her to about + 3 at present), an exciting find, made by Cartier, cost over $500 I found out later..

I spent an evening walking about town, wearing pair one, nobody seemed to be noticing me wearing anything unusual.

Back at uni, I tentatively put them on in the library, and an acquaintance said "Gosh what nice specs, how long have you been wearing glasses?" Here was my chance, leave then on my face, and proceed to philosophy class ( where glasses are almost the norm), hardly a comment, so back to college, evening meal, a few complimentary comments at the table, and, wow, I am I a permanent specs wearer?

Wore them full time for a week, so exciting, then came time to go home for the weekend, and they had to come off, as my parents would start asking questions, as I had no money to buy glasses.

Mum I asked, can I get my eyes tested please, I am having trouble seeing in lectures. Off to the optician, test normal,

"I would really like some glasses please, I get some eyestrain at UNi, so she gave me a script for 0.25 L & R.

" can I get there made up at Uni please Mum, they have a student discount. Of course.

And so I migrated into my lovely Silhouettes. All kosher. and I could see perfectly through them, not planos either.

I still have those Cartier ones, keep planning to wear them 25 years on , thye stay in my drawer.

So that's the story of my first pair, and now I always choose my specs from the female rack.

Murky 03 Jun 2016, 22:36

When at school , I used to look for the GWGs to date. One Merrilyn, had beautiful red cat eye glasses, and her sister Stephanie had Blue square frames, their mother has wonderful big bold black frames, all were between -1 and -2, i.e. could see with out, but preferred to be with.

When we had combined sports day, when our boys only school went o a meet with the girls only schools, the best time was seeing who had scored some spex in the past 3 months, problem was with cash strapped parents, many had those dreadful wiry things, most unattractive.

Staph and merlons mother used to say

If they have to wear glasses, may as well improve the beauty, then I know they are on the nose. not in the bag, and the girls are learning.

I desperately wanted glasses, but on test (by the school doc), I was always normal

We used to lark about and fail to read the chart, seeing only the E at the top, but sharp words to not be stupid improved our vision.

lentifan 03 Jun 2016, 13:31

I echo rafa's comments about your courage in your teens, Crystal Veil. Like him, looking back I wish I had more courage, too.

In our town there was a girl of about my age who wore lenticulars, which fascinated me. She went to a different school so I had little opportunity to make social contact with her and on the few occasions I saw her she was just a silly teenage girl. Later, when both of us had left school I would occasionally see her. Her glasses were no longer lenticular (hi-index lenses?) but still obviously a high plus prescription and she had good taste in frames (I never saw her in black plastic). What with her thick plus glasses, her cute squint, blonde hair, flawless complexion and neat figure, I thought she was beautiful, but I was fairly sure neither my friends nor family would have thought so.

Some years later, after I was in a steady relationship with a reluctant glasses-wearing girl (and nearly 40 years later she's still reluctant!)I happened to see this girl's wedding photograph in the local newspaper. She still looked gorgeous and was wearing her glasses. I sometimes wonder if that should be a sort of touchstone of a true GWG - wearing her glasses for her wedding whether through necessity or choice.

AAlex 02 Jun 2016, 11:41

When I was a senior in high school my prescription was OD -1.75, OS -2.00. I hated glasses and never wore mine. The day they were voting for various silly senior titles like "best dress", "most likely to succeed", "class clown", etc. it was announced that I'd won a math scholarship. I won "most intelligent male".

A few weeks later without notice they were taking pictures of the winners. Of course the "most intelligent" needed to wear glasses and I didn't have mine with me. My friend Mike was about the most nearsighted guy in the classroom I was in at the time so I borrowed his approximately -8 glasses for the photo. So I have a photo in my high school yearbook wearing -8 glasses and only 2 people remember that they weren't mine.

Crystal Veil 02 Jun 2016, 07:39


this thread is about our school days so I will try not to write too much about later events related to my fascination with GWGS. You write that you wish you had been braver in sharing your passion with other people. I certainly kept my fascination to myself at the age of fifteen. What really helped was the greatly added exposure when invitations came in to do gigs as a singer-songwriter in 1967. There was no need to draw the attention of girls anymore. The girls came to me instead. It was a pleasant change of affairs. What also helped was that after only two gigs my initial nerves on stage disappeared. This also had a positive influence on my ability to chat with people off stage. Call it a change from introvert to extrovert. Of course one can never tell how this would have evolved without the gigs but the change was sudden and marked. What really helped was the feeling that I had stories to tell aside from the song lyrics. This in turn helped me to come out with my fascination for GWGs and glasses in general. By the way, my own glasses played no role in this development. I never regarded them a problem but they were no asset either. Another difference with your story is that I never came across a girl who was fascinated to make love in glasses. And if a girl kept her glasses on during our trip to heaven, it did not add anything sensational to me. Sorry is this sounds boring but it's the truth. What you write about the rise in popularity of glasses since our school days is obvious and the difference was even bigger in the mid 1960's than it was in the early 1980's. Contact lenses only became available in Holland around 1967 / 1968. Before that, a GWG was widely regarded handicapped, especially when the glasses were strong, no matter how beautiful she was in other respects. This did not help them with their self esteem and I always liked independent, strong women with an opinion of their own. My first love was one from this minority. Strong glasses (above minus seven) soon almost disappeared from the streets and the frames got larger and larger. The good thing about this change was that generally speaking, a GWG did not hate her glasses enough to switch to contact lenses. Many years later I approached a lady who wrote on a dating site that she had a large collection of glasses to have a match with all of her outfits. It would be nice to meet her at least once and talk glasses if there would be no click. And guess what, she refused to see me as the dating site stated that she and I had nothing in common :). We on eye scene are a minority and it's nice to read about our differences in the common field of interest. Time to get back to the editing of the five photo shoots from Greece and England. Thank you for the kind comments on my photography project, much appreciated! Feel free to write and just ask away if you have any questions.

30calcat 02 Jun 2016, 07:06

Yes great story Crystal Veil. There seem to be a small group of glasses wearers in the world who appreciate regularly switching between multiple pairs of glasses. When I was growing up I loved the fresh feeling of a new pair of glasses on my nose, which I only had the pleasure of enjoying every few years. Each pair sits on the nose at a different place and curls around the temples and ears at different pressure points. Different lens shapes frame the visual field differently. The feeling and visual changes reflect and change my mood, and I find myself switching between 5 different pairs of glasses reguarly, sometimes multiple times a day.

Perhaps I should write up details of these different glasses in a story. I feel like those who don't wear glasses miss out on this enhancement to life.

rafa 02 Jun 2016, 04:10

Crystal Veil

I've loved reading your story. I hope it's inspirational for some of the younger lurkers of this site. You have been very brave finding an artistic outlet for your passion for glasses and standing up to your father and assembling your collection. I would love to hear the rest of the story. And I really like your photos. I think they are great. You obviously have a knack for making your models feel very comfortable and they truly look like the real wearers of those strong prescription glasses. I can't wait to see the photos of the new sessions.

I wish I had been braver in my life to show my passion for glasses. I'm 48 and when I grew up it wasn't that cool wearing glasses. I always liked GWG's and particularly those with large and bold glasses. But I've also liked wearing large and bold glasses myself. And there was also (and there still is) the element that wearing bold glasses and getting new glasses often is something women do, but not men. So there was always the underlying fear of being regarded as not masculine enough. But I believe things have changed significantly, and glasses are now very cool. So when I see younger people acting out their fascination for glasses, I take delight in their unabashed enjoyment of glasses... and I also feel a touch of envy.

I also feel I wish I had been braver in telling my "significant others" about my passion for glasses. I particularly regret (as I said in my previous post) the chances I had with girls who seemed to share, to a certain extent, my fascination with glasses. I recently read in the GOC thread of this site a post by someone called Lucia who had been initiated by her boyfriend in GOC and how they were both doing it together and loving it. That sounds like a dream scenario to me. Perhaps it's a sign that the new generations have less obstacles in realizing the fantasies that make them happy.

Crystal Veil 01 Jun 2016, 05:39

rafa (May 18),

I returned from England a couple of days ago so here comes the delayed reaction on your post. My fascination with glasses started at the age of six with my rather eccentric grandmother who used mild minus glasses for distance and many different plus glasses for close work. She had mood swings, sometimes extrovert, then all of a sudden introvert and distant as if she wanted to push the world away from her. When I asked her why she used all those different glasses, she allowed me to put them on and asked me to describe what difference they made for my vision. I noticed that the glasses for distance made everything knife sharp but smaller and further away. By contrast, her reading glasses created a blur in the distance but everything close to me like looked magnified and much closer. She was satisfied with my description and there was no need for further talk about the matter. What I did not tell my gran is that what I saw seemed to explain her mood swings. I thought that she was a magician, able to draw the world towards her or push it away from her, depending on her mood of the moment, and that there was some sort of magic in her glasses as well. Walking the streets, I saw other ladies in glasses and it made me wonder whether they were magicians as well. Back then, there were no contact lenses so all high myopic girls and women had to wear myodisc glasses. I noticed that the stronger the glasses, the more shy the lady owner seemed to be when I looked at her. My granny was long dead when I learned the basics of optics in the mid 1960's but the newly acquired knowledge did not change my fascination for GWG's. They had an extra dimension that girls with good eyesight did not seem to have. By this time at the age of fifteen I was of course interested in girls for many other reasons than glasses. I was curious how it would be to sleep with a GWG and discover her "second" face, without glasses. My horizontal initiation was with a blonde GWG two years my senior and her glasses had an orange frame and lenses of circa minus four. It was great to see that she had to keep my head close to her face for good eye contact. She did not hate her glasses and she was in no way handicapped by her myopia and this made her even more attractive to me. I kept the new experience to myself as my parents would not have approved at all and besides, I felt a bit uncertain about this preference for GWG's as other boys clearly did not like glasses on a girl. After graduating from school in 1969, there was the traditional father / son discussion about my plans for the future. I told my father that I wanted to become an optician but he refused as this was not academic and I clearly had the potential to succeed at the university. I told him that I would go to the university and start a collection of glasses to make up for the dream he took away from me. My father thought that I was off the head but he could not withhold me so that was the start of my glasses collection. After several relations with GWG's I finally decided to come further out with my fascination by constructing a large soft board paper panel showing the variety in frame style of the early 1970's. The photos were taken from magazines, newspapers etc and I avoided using promotion pictures by opticians and brands as there was no power in the lenses and often the frames had no lenses at all. I arranged the various styles in two ways. Each style got its special segment but the center of the panel was deliberately kept open. the closer a photo was positioned towards the empty center, the more attractive the lady (in my opinion). There were six or seven different frame styles and the center had to be kept open as this was reserved for the "ideal young lady" who could look great in any style under the sun. Instead of being rejected, the panel was accepted by most of the other students and it could lead to nice debates about what makes a woman attractive in general. None of the other students shared my fascination with glasses but that did not bother me anymore. After all, each of the other students had some preference or other - hair colour, size, clothing style and so on, so why not glasses? I met my future wife at a music party in 1975 and she was a GWG, minus seven. After finishing my gig, I walked up to her and we soon had a nice chat. She turned out to be an art student so I felt on safe ground talking about this large panel on the wall in my student room. This did the trick and she went with me after the party. When she saw the panel, she was a bit disappointed as the photos were not taken by me. But she stayed and that was the main thing. In fact, she moved in with me straightaway and we only separated fourteen years later. At first she did not like her glasses but that gradually changed as I bought her a new pair each year and she discovered her potential to look great in each style. So far for now.

NJ 31 May 2016, 05:35

gerry, I am another guy who prefers the ladies in high plus glasses. Too bad they're not nearly as common as high minus.

gerry 31 May 2016, 04:17

I see there are few ladies in the cut room who wear high magnification glasses, seems guys prefer ladies who wear high minus glasses. I hope i,m not some unusual guy i love to see a lady in high plus glasses, maybe i have a soft spot for them as i used to date a lady with very high plus glasses. I loved her beautiful enlarged eyes they seemed so beautiful. I dated her for 5 years, then I moved to London, long distance relationship seldom work.

Crystal Veil 20 May 2016, 16:39

rafa, Puffin, lentifan, Soundmanpt,

interesting exchange here - I will join in after returning from the short trip to England.

lentifan 20 May 2016, 15:56


In fact I didn't always date GWGs. At that time I think I was a bit afraid of my attraction to glasses. Like many of us, I suspect, I thought I was the only male in the world who had this weird fetish and was reluctant to admit it. At that time, girls were beginning to pay quite a lot of money and suffer considerable discomfort to wear contact lenses, so there must have been something wrong with someone who was turned on by glasses, mustn't there? Dating a girl who wore thick glasses (not that there were many about in the rather rough industrial town I grew up in) would, I thought, have looked a bit suspect. So I dated a few girls who had mild prescriptions and some who did not wear glasses. The few pretty girls who wore thickish glasses were spoken for, so maybe unknown to me, there were OOs about.

There was one girl who wore myodiscs who I thought was ravishing, but she had a reputation for being a 'bit of a slag' so I had not the courage to try my luck there.

 20 May 2016, 13:17

why are you talking about Melanie Griffith in this thread about school? can you please take it to actresses? thank you.

Soundmanpt 20 May 2016, 09:16


You and I must be close to the same age. I am 67 and like you I also remember well when the wire frame glasses came around and I think it did help make at least a few girls that were reluctant to wear their glasses start wearing them more. Something I have to admit to which i'm sure every glasses wearing girl must have hated with those glasses was when they would take off their glasses they always had dark red marks on their nose where the nose pads sat. Those early glasses of course always had the adjustable nose pads and back then they were made out of hard plastic. Now they are made with very soft rubber. But you correct because with the thinner metal frames now you could really get a much better look at the lenses and back the they didn't have hi index lenses so you really could tell how strong or weak a girls glasses were. Yes indeed those were the days. I assume like myself you must have made a point to only date the girls that wore glasses?

lentifan 20 May 2016, 04:10

I'm a bit older than you, Puffin, and what I remember from my schooldays in the 60s was the change from universal black plastic frames, which I found boring (but better than bare-eyed, of course!) to much thinner metal frames, usually gold in colour, sometimes disparagingly referred to as 'granny glasses'. This was a very welcome change for two reasons. Firstly, you could see the thickness and strength of the lenses much better and I have always found ladies more attractive the stronger their lenses. Second, since there was now more choice of frames which did not dominate the face, I think more girls were persuaded to wear glasses rather than contact lenses which were just becoming widely available at that time.

I remember one girl who lived nearby who was pretty in a 'girl next door' way who suddenly became gorgeous when she got a pair of lovely gold framed glasses, not granny glasses but a fairly robust rectangularish frame, but not thick enough to hide the lens thickness. I'm guessing she was about -6d and I coveted her, but unfortunately she had a boyfriend, a big cool-looking fellow.

GOCer 19 May 2016, 10:32

And in googling Melanie Griffith, I came across this blog post:

It is true, there are gals agree with us...

rafa 19 May 2016, 05:59


Yes, if you mean the oversize frames, like Melanie Griffith on Working Girl, I totally agree. The large frames are thankfully back, but I wish they would be bolder in size and shape.

rafa 19 May 2016, 05:51

Thank you, Crystal Veil, for your kind words. Your photos are wonderful. I can't wait to see the new shots. And would love to hear how my story resonates with yours.

Puffin 18 May 2016, 17:37

When I was at school, it was during the early 80's, which I consider the "golden age" of glasses. Nothing else before or since comes close.

I keep hoping for hints of a revival. And sometimes seeing them. Oh, please, please let it happen. I've waited so long and there's been some real crap in the meantime.

Crystal Veil 18 May 2016, 17:17

Hi rafa,

welcome to Eyescene. Your story rings a bell (or two, although a bit different). Right now I'm in the middle of preparations for a couple of photo shoots with models in prescription glasses in the UK. I will react on your story after returning home. Meanwhile, I hope that you will get many reactions here.

rafa 18 May 2016, 14:13

Iíd like to share with everyone here how exciting it has been for me to come across Eyescene.

Iím 48 and a glasses fetishist/lover and I have been keeping it under wraps since my teenage years. I always had this feeling that I was some kind of weirdo, that there was something wrong with me, as there clearly was a sexual element involved, and thatís why I have been unable to share my passion for glasses with anyone.

Over the years Iíve been trying to find ways of detecting if there were other people like me, particularly women, as I have always loved GWGís and my dream was to find one who would share my passion. And so I was always very alert to any signs from other people that would betray their love for glasses. I wonder if anyone in this forum has also developed a sixth sense for detecting other potential glasses fetishists. I would love to hear your stories about it. So I would immediately pick up on those signs, like people wearing sunglasses even when itís dark, people who like try on other peopleís prescriptions glasses and keep them on for a bit, people who would always make comments on my glasses or who would glance more at me when I would wear them than when I wear CLís, people who like to continuously emphasize how blind they are despite being only very mildly myopic, people who would start using reading glasses far too early on in their lives, or simply people who would change their frames or sunglasses very often. I have all my life been alert to those signs hoping to find a ďtwin soulĒ.

Iíve had many relationships in my life and I have never been able to tell my partner what glasses really did for me. And so itís been a bit of a lonely voyage of self-discovery in that respect.

There was one time when I was 17 that I came across a twenty-one year old girl who showed clear signs of being a glasses fetishist. We were on a trip to the US (from Spain) along with many other young students who were going to spend a month in San Francisco to learn English. She was wearing some very large prescription glasses on what seemed to be sunglasses frames. Clear lenses. I thought she was incredibly attractive. She was probably in the region of minus 3. But of course, she wouldnít notice me, because I was 4 years her junior. At that time, I would seldom use glasses, because my prescription was very mild and it didnít seem cool. I chatted her up several times, and we became friends. But it was obvious she wasnít interested in me. She thought I was kind of sweet, but I was too young for her. Until one day when we went with some friends to a rock concert and I had to wear my glasses to see properly. She suddenly was around me all the time, giving me so much attention. I couldnít believe it.

After the concert, she and I shared a car ride with other friends and we sat together in the back seat of the car. I wasnít wearing my glasses then, but she couldnít stop giving me all her attention and smiles. She was all over me. And then she concocted an excuse to start tickling meÖ until she found what she was really looking for: my glasses in my inside pocket. Of course she pulled them out and tried them on and wore them for a bit, made comments on my prescription, hers, etc. And thatís when she finally got satisfied. I would have sworn that she was a glasses fetishist herself. But I could never dare to ask her.

It just happened that by that time Ėsince she hadnít been interested in me at all before I wore my glasses- that I had started a relationship Ėa successful one- with another girl, and so I let this girl, this great opportunity, pass me by. She was clearly still interested in me and tried to hit on me several times. But I was with another girl and soon enough the month in the US got to an end.

Months later, back in Spain, I realized my mistake, and I tried to get in contact with her, but couldnít find her anyway, since we didnít exchange numbers or addresses nor did we have common friends.

Iíve never forgotten her. Because she could have been THE one.

Now Iím about to become a GOC wearer and Iím incredibly excited about it . And also very excited to be able to share my feelings and experiences with other glasses lovers. Iíve been reading treads of years and years of posts on Eyescene, particularly those of GOCís, and itís been a great experience. And got really excited when I read Markís post of 29 October 2015 about finding a mildly myopic girl in the supermarket, while he was doing GOC, who kept glancing at him and eventually wanted to try on his glasses. How did that story end, Mark? Because itís a dream experience for any GOC wearer.

Anyway, I just wondered if anyone has any story to tell about detecting other potential glasses fetishists.

Soundmanpt 15 May 2016, 15:21


Not at all surprising since she was in that age bracket where her eyesight was almost certain to be changing every year. Evy's first prescription was most likely a very normal -.50 or -.75 which meant that she only barely needed her glasses to see the board at school. So with average increases of around -.50 or -.75 each year it would make sense that her glasses were probably just about what you estimated them to be when you tried them on. Clearly you have never forgotten about her. Things like that I don't think we ever forget or even want to forget.

Tom 15 May 2016, 13:45

I spent 6y of high school in the same class with a girl named Evy. After the Xmas break of our first year, she first came to class with glasses, which she only put one during class itself to watch the blackboard. We were good friends, often sat close to each other, and I remember her telling me a year later, spunding annoyed, that she got stronger lenses. But still with the same frames. When she turned 15, she got another increase, with new frames, and that was the last year she managed to wear glasses during class only.

When we came back to school after the summer holidays, she started to wear her glasses full-time. The year after, 5th year of high school, both of us 16y old and pretty much into the boy-girl thing, we had a first affair. We spent much time at each other's place, got quite close physically, and her specs were often the last item of clothing to fly off. At the time she had thin metallic gold rimmed frames that were quite fashionable then, and her lenses that had grown quite thick already (no hi-index then?) nicely protruded from the edges. I will never forget one afternoon that we spent together in her bedroom when her parents were out of town. Time came when her glasses came off, and she then unexpectely shoved them onto my nose and said "no both of us cannot see much". I had always been intrigued by her specs, but never really dared to ask about them or her vision. However, this time, I fully enjoyed and she must have noticed immediately with my body reaction. From then on her glasses often became part of our "playing" fogether, and we spent another great year together! Recollecting her glasses at the time, and my wife's current prescription, I'd say Evy must have been around -5 when we were 16y old.

Soundmanpt 15 May 2016, 09:18


Your high school years with the lovely Lila were very interesting and exciting for a young boy that must have liked seeing cute girls wearing glasses. To be honest I must have been a lot like you when I was in high school because I pretty much made it a point to only date the girls that wore glasses. Anyway I think I have a pretty good idea what Lila was up to. I think as much as liked seeing cute girls wearing glasses, Lila must have had a friend that wore glasses and Lila liked how her friend looked wearing glasses. Girls were always having sleep overs and such and with her being a very popular cheerleader on top of it she had to have had plenty of friends. Over that first summer before school started she probably was at this girls house and asked to try her glasses on. Her friend likely told her how good she looked wearing glasses and the friend probably had her previous glasses before she got her current ones that she gave Lila to wear. They were probably weak enough that Lila could nearly see perfect wearing them. So over the rest of the summer Lila probably wore the gifted glasses when she was out with some of her friends and just claimed that they were prescribed to her. So when school started she put them in her bag and would wear them when she felt like wearing them. This might even explain how when she was asked to read from the board and she had her glasses she misread one of the numbers. She then took her glasses off and said "oh yeah" She misread it because she really couldn't see it that clearly with her glasses on. So they were probably still a little too strong for her eyes and she must not have ever wore them long enough for her eyes to adjust to them. It could be that the glasses had a little bit of astigmatism correction in them and that would mean she could only tolerate them for a short time or she would start to get a headache. Her story about barely passing the vision test to get her learners permit to drive sounds strange as well. If she really needed glasses to see distance she almost certainly would have failed the vision test without her glasses and then with the clerk even asking her if she wore glasses and she said she did but had forgot to bring them with her and yet she was still passed. But the biggest thing was the vision screening she had to do. She must have felt that she could see well enough with her glasses that she could read the letters okay that when she was asked if she wore glasses and she said she did and was told to put them on and read as many lines as she could. But her vision with her glasses must not have been so good because she must have missed quite a few letters. Then she was told to take her glasses off and read it again. Now without her glasses she could read every line without any problem. I'm sure when the nurse called her house she almost certainly asked them about their daughters need for glasses. Most likely the parents had no idea that she even had any glasses and were shocked to hear that she was somehow wearing glasses around school. She probably got a good talking to when she got home and that was the end of her ever wearing anyone's glasses again. Maybe by now she has her own real glasses if she really wants to wear glasses. This sort of thing happens more often than you would think. This was happening in my days back at school and now with glasses being so popular I am sure it happens far more often now.

Comet 07 May 2016, 16:11

I was one of the smart kids in high school and took accelerated classes. On the first day of school, in math class, a beautiful red headed cheerleader named Lila in the class announced to us that she was prescribed glasses over the summer.. She was a part-time wearer and only needed them for distance. She had minus lenses with a faint prescription.

We soon had a seating chart and Lila was assigned a front seat and I was assigned a seat in the row next to her on the right side but one seat back. We had three walls with blackboards on them and we would be randomly chosen each day to put our written work for the various assigned homework problems on the boards. Lila would usually, but not always, take her glasses case out her purse, remove the tortoiseshell rectangular glasses from the case, and don them. I was smitten. Sometimes she would hand them back to her best friend, Debbie- another cheerleader, and Debbie would meticuously clean them for Lila. I never understood why Lila never cleaned her own glasses or why she chose Debbie. Debbie did not even wear glasses.

I lived for these moments when Lila wore her glasses. These moments were cherished because Lila did not always wear them. One day in January, Lial announced that she got her permit. She said that she almost failed the vision test but told the clerk that she wore glasses. Apparently, she did not have them with her which I thought strange and the clerk passed her. No glasses would be seen on her if she drove by. Later in the year, the teacher chose her to explain one of the solutions on the board while she was wearing her glasses. She explained the problem but misread one of the numbers. The teacher corrected her and she removed her glasses, looked at the back board and said, "oh yeah". I don't remember if she put them back on after that or kept them off.

The following year, eleventh grade, I was pleased to see that she was in my math class again. She sat in the second seat this time next to the wall and I sat in a row to the left of her but two seats back. It was my pleasure to see the tortoise shell glasses worn again for another year.

Every October, the school nurses would use the physical education classes to screen vision and hearing. Classes were usually separated by gender but on this day, the dividing wall in the gym was opened up and everyone was screened. I made sure to get in Lila's line. We were in the line with harder machine to fake out because it was the letters and not the directional E's.

Lila was asked when it was her turn if she wore glasses and she said yes. The nurse asked her to put them on and asked Lila to read as far down as she could. Lila did so. I am not sure what her vision was with her glasses. The nurse asked her to remove her glasses and read as far down as she could now. Lila read line after line and read them all. The nurse asked her to do it again and Lila did again. The nurse then told Lila that she did not need her glasses and that the nurse would be calling home to tell her parents. My heart was pounding!

Lila talked about it in math class that day and seemed to not believe that the nurse was correct. She did not wear her rectangular tortoiseshell glasses though that day. I never would see Lila wear them ever again. The last time that I saw her with them on was that gym class in October.

Julian 06 Mar 2016, 05:59

Back in 2008 someone's post included the words, 'it is difficult to cut a cool or tough figure in NHS glasses' but as I and others have mentioned more recently, frames that look just like the old NHS plastic type seem to be very much in fashion these days, especially black and tortoiseshell - though flesh-coloured and clear examples are not unknown.

Malina 28 Jan 2016, 05:09

Here's another cross-eyed person :)

I got my first pair of glasses when I was 3 years old, I developed a squint after having a high fever. I remember having to wear eye patches and I hated it although I was only 3 or 4! My doctor finished the treatment with patches when I started school, but I still had to wear my glasses which were about +5 in each eye. On my first day at school we all chose our seats in the classroom, I chose one somewhere in the middle. When we all sat down, my teacher called my name and said: Come to the front row, you can't see anything from your desk right now! I was too shy to argue although I could see perfectly, otherwise I wouldn't have chosen this seat... but I had to move to the front. Next to me sat a girl, and she hated me at once because I had to change seats with her best friend. From this day on I was bullied for wearing my strong glasses. It got much worse when I had to wear patches again at the age of 8!

Today I still have to wear glasses and when my squint came back, I chose to wear patches over my strong eye again. The difference is that I really like them now.

Likelenses 25 Sep 2015, 17:29


The woman that you spoke of reminds me of a guy that went to college with me.I barely knew him,but he was in many of the same classes as I.

His glasses were quite strong,but at that time I knew very little about prescriptions.I believe that they were hefty minus,but perhaps a lot of prism.

Whenever he took them off,which was actually very often,both of his eyes would roll around in their sockets.Now that I think about it,it was the strangest optical thing that I have ever seen.When they went back on, his eyes were normal.

Not to his face,but some of the students knick named him Rollem

Soundmanpt 25 Sep 2015, 15:59


I have a very good friend that has her own insurance company but when I met first met her she was working for AT&T selling cell phones. Very pretty blonde girl with the most beautiful big blue eyes. I was rather surprised one time visiting her to see here wearing rather strong plus glasses. Of course I complemented her how her looks wearing glasses, but she made it clear that she didn't much enjoy wearing glasses and much preferred her contacts. She told me that when she was very young she had eye surgery on both of her eyes. But the surgeries still left her needing glasses or contacts all her life. She told me that she was very concerned because her ECP had told her at her last eye exam that she about at the end of the line for wearing contacts much longer. But worst of all was her left eye. Without her glasses or contacts she told me that it pulls in right up by her nose as soon as she takes them off. After a bit of persuading I convinced her to take her glasses off. She wasn't kidding, as soon as her glasses were off her almost jumped inward. Needles to say she quickly put her glasses back on and her eye went back in place. As much as she hated it I actually thought it was pretty interesting. I told her I thought it was really cute and not something gross or horrid. Of course she didn't think so. She was very open and even told me about how she was always very careful when she was intimite with a bf that she always made sure she was awake first so she could put her glasses on before he saw her "funky eye" as she called it. Then she could switch to contacts after she got up. She went on a camping trip with one guy and she got caught before she could put her glasses on and she said she was horrified by him seeing her that way, but like me he jsut thought she was being silly because she was so beautiful that even a flaw was not so bad on her.

Debs 25 Sep 2015, 10:15

I didn't think to ask about prescriptions then and don't ask about them now. My eyesight was a big , secretive part of my childhood, one which I need to forget. When I look back at photos, I always looked cross eyed and I cannot understand why my parents didn't see this.

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