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New Glasses

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Soundmanpt 19 Feb 2017, 17:16

eye czech

Yes i'm sure there are fake in here but I also feel confident about the ones that I don't believe are fakes. Of course you have every right to believe whatever you wish but constantly making claims without any proof at all is so wrong. If you only look back a few comments ago one of the accusers said that Carrie had made comments that were contradictional to herself. All I asked was for him /her to prove it by pointing out any such comments by listing the date and time these inconsistencies occurred. I'm still waiting for that so called proof. Is it too much to ask you simply show proof of all these fakes. Remember your the accuser so it is up to you to prove them as fakes.

eye czech 19 Feb 2017, 14:56

I agree with the person who said we all. yes we all are tired of fakes like rafa maria carrie katie melissa rafa. gobs and gobs of gushing diarrhea spewing up eyescene with singly post probably I must say 4000 words per. its obvious the fakies stand up for the other fakies. it is odd that soundmans always the one to strike up a chat with these fakies who all know their precises eyeglass prescriptions including sphere and axis. maybe create a category called soundboard and he can carry away with the fakie lasses. i believe this board has only 10 bloody real people at this point. cheers.

Soundmanpt 17 Feb 2017, 16:58


Glad to hear that you got your new glasses from the optical shop and that you again are back seeing 20/15 again. I think that was what you said they planned on correcting your vision to. And I think it was a good idea to get another pair of glasses as well as a pair of prescription sunglasses because based on how much you're already able to notice the difference from your previous glasses to your new ones you wouldn't be happy if anything were to happy to your new glasses and your previous glasses were all you had to wear. I'm sure the more your eyes adjust to your new glasses it will be even more difficult if you had to get by wearing your previous glasses. And probably both pairs cost less than what contacts would have cost you. Yeah I have never ordered glasses from Coastal so I was a little surprised when you said that you HAD to get your glasses with 1.61 lenses. So I went in to their site and pretended to place an order for glasses with -4.00 lenses and sure enough just as you say it simply doesn't allow you to order the thicker lens which should not cost as much. As you know I am a big fan of Zenni and with Zenni it will RECOMMEND a 1.61 lens but you aren't forced to order it if you don't want it and you simply click on either the 1.50 or 1.57 lens option which both are free lenses. If you want the 1.61 lens it is a $19.00 option. But I do like the glasses you ordered and you should be happy wearing them and that is important. And since you wear your glasses full time getting the thinner lenses will make your glasses look really nice and also they will be lighter in weight as well so your nose may thank you by the end of the day for getting the lighter weight lenses. Nice to here that you're still with the same boyfriend because he really was a big help to you when i'm sure you really weren't all that confident about having to start wearing glasses. He clearly made let you know that your wearing glasses didn't change how he felt about you and how he must still feel for you. Two years sounds pretty serious to me. Could wedding bells be very far off? "Just sayin" Not a bad idea having him help you picking out your glasses since he is the one that sees you the most and of course you want to please him as well with glasses that flatter your looks. You're right that it can be a problem trying to see how you look wearing different glasses if you can't see very well without your glasses. Next time you get your eyes examined go in wearing your glasses but after the exam ask for a trial pair of contacts so you can see yourself better.

That was what i seemed to remember with your sister. I'm sure when she got her first glasses she was probably like many others a bit on the shy side about being seen wearing glasses. And of course her first glasses were probably weak enough that she was still able to see pretty well without them. But once her eyesight got a little worse and she saw you wearing your glasses all the time gave her that same confidence that you had. And as long as she has no intention of sticking tiny pieces of plastic on to her eyes she doesn't have much choice if she wants to see. She seems to have even made wearing glasses fun by making her glasses just another fashion accessory. but to that of course you need more than just one pair. So good for her. Just curious if you were unhappy with your Zenni glasses? Seems to me from what I saw Coastal is a bit more expensive, but if you like their glasses more then that's understandable.

Katie 16 Feb 2017, 18:14

I just picked up my new glasses after class today and its great to be able to see perfectly again. I did compare my glasses on the way home and it was a huge difference particularly for my left eye which makes sense as the doctor said it was catching up to my right. It's nice to know that my eyes are changing much slower now and I'm hoping that they don't get too much worse from now on. You're right that since I'm not spending anything on contacts I can order another pair of prescription sunglasses since I'll need them without my contacts anymore. Also I did order those glasses from coastal and they required that I order 1.61 index lenses, I guess because my prescription is higher now so that kinda sucks. The 1.67 are much more expensive so I hope my vision never gets bad enough to need those. My boyfriend thinks I look good with the semi rimless glasses but since I've had problems with the wires in the past I didn't want to get them as my main pair but I should get them sometime next week and it will be nice to have options. I am still with my boyfriend, we've been together for over 2 years now. I love having him help me pick out my glasses since I'm a bit indecisive when it comes to getting new glasses, that and it can be hard for me to see what I look like in new glasses without my glasses on.

You're right about my sister, I think that right about the time when she got her second pair of glasses she started needing to wear them all the time. However, she can't stand touching her eyes or even eye drops so I'm not surprised that she never went for contacts. Besides I think she enjoys using glasses as an accessory now and has ordered a bunch of pairs from coastal, she actually recommend them to me over winter break.


I don't know my sister's exact prescription now, I only knew before because I ordered her a pair of glasses and since she is in college now she has been buying her own. She mentioned over winter break that her glasses were stronger than before and I think she said something like -3.50 but I don't know much more than that. As for the Christmas photo, I didn't even think about taking my glasses off for it and didn't notice that we all had glasses until we were sending them out to relatives, I just thought it was kinda interesting. When I first got my glasses I was always taking them off for pictures partly because I didn't want everyone to see me in glasses and partly because I just thought I looked weird wearing glasses in a photo. Even when I was used to seeing myself in a mirror with glasses somehow seeing myself in a photo with glasses just seemed strange so I'd take them off. Once I started wearing them all the time I left them on for pictures and now I think I look really different without my glasses although it is always a bit odd when I get new glasses and have to get used to a new look.

Reality Check Indeed 16 Feb 2017, 08:46

I am a bitter, virgin troll, living in Mommy's basement in the trailer park. While I enjoy my girlfriend once she is inflated, I would really like to get to know actual girls like Carrie and Melyssa and Maria so they could show me what girls with glasses could do to make me happy.

rafa 16 Feb 2017, 02:50


You're entitled to believe that Carrie or anyone who posts here is a fake, but don't GENERALIZE. Don't say "we ALL know". It's very tiresome.

I've only been visiting this site for about a year. And there's no doubt in my mind that Carrie is real, the same way Maria isn't.

(of course you might now think that I'm not real...)

I think fakes have a way of discrediting themselves over time - their stories become inconsistent and devoid of personality, which is clearly not Carrie's case. And fakes eventually get tired of faking and suddenly disappear.

Maybe you don't like the stories Carrie tell, or the way she tells her stories. I, for one, like them, and I have a feeling I'm not the only one.

Soundmanpt 15 Feb 2017, 15:20

Reality Check Indeed

Seems to me a terrible way to go through life with the idea that "Everyone who posts here must be presumed to be fake or full of shit" The rest of your statement I don't disagree with because the president has at the very least made up stuff. So I have no problem if you choose to ignore anything from those that you believe to be fakes. You certainly have every right to believe what you want to believe or not believe.

Soundmanpt 15 Feb 2017, 15:01


You have every right to believe what you want to believe or not believe and so do I. For one thing the main reason I do believe is because she has never shown at anytime any changes in her stories as you call them. In fact since you are so sure and you're the accuser then show these changes you claim. point out the exact day , time and year. A good accuser should have that information on hand don't you think?

Reality Check Indeed 15 Feb 2017, 14:44

Everyone who posts here must be presumed to be fake or full of shit, not unlike an orange-faced pathological liar who somehow was elected president. Unless Carrie starts live streaming her encounters, or the long-vanished Melyssa returns to showcase her supposed drop-temple collection in real time, etc., we would get along better if we treat these threads as pure fiction and nothing more.

you 15 Feb 2017, 14:34

It's not that simple. Haven't you noticed something yet Soundmanpt? You are the only person to have discourse with "Carrie." The rest of us figured out a long ago that she's been a long-time fake. It is sad really. I think it's sad really. You want to believe so much that you can't see past the love blinders. You missed the changes in her stories. The heavy handed explicit descriptions of lesbian sex. And even how "Carrie" knows the deep intimate thoughts of everyone she meets. I hope some day you will see what we ALL have seen for years. Til then... as PT Barnum said... awww look it up.

Alexandra 15 Feb 2017, 12:10

Hey Katie,

Nice to hear from you. How are you doing with your new glasses ?Does it makes a big difference?

Your sister had -2.25 and -2.25 -0.25 x 150°

What is exactly her new prescription ? Does she still have some cylinder correction ?

Thank you for the update and congratulations for the Christmas photo. I took my glasses of for our Christmas card!

Soundmanpt 14 Feb 2017, 10:44

First timer

Well that's because their glasses are a stronger prescription than what your eyes need. The prescription you got is really about the weakest that a doctor will prescribe anyone. If you were only -.25 in both eyes the doctor would have only suggested that you come back in a year for an exam. So for most -.50 in both eyes is usually the weakest glasses they will prescribe unless you demand it. I'm sure you were probably only told that you should wear your glasses when driving and anytime you feel like you need them when looking at something in the distance. Now of course if you like wearing your glasses and want to wear them more often that is perfectly okay to do and it won't do any harm to your eyes. Anyway so now you understand that by looking through both pairs of your glasses most likely is about the same or close to what some of your friends glasses were that you were trying on.

first timer 14 Feb 2017, 10:28

Thanks. When in the past I looked through other's glasses things were typically smaller and further away. That is why I was at first surprised that when I got mine that they made things a tad bigger and moved things a bit closer.

Soundmanpt 14 Feb 2017, 09:59

First timer

Yes, that's very normal. Of course as you know what you're really doing is doubling the power of your glasses. So with both together it's the same as wearing -1.00 / -1.50 glasses. And the effect should be that things look smaller but they should also appear very sharp, clear and intense as well. It is common that nearly everyone's eyes enjoys having their eyes slightly over corrected. What you did might be just a bit more than your eyes wanted but if you were to go on line today and order a pair of glasses in -.75 / -1.00 you would probably love those glasses more than the ones you just got because instead of only being corrected to 20/20 you would be seeing 20/15.

Enjoy your new glasses.

First timer 14 Feb 2017, 08:17

Just got first glasses, -0.50 and -0.75. Been playing around with them. When I put them on things appear a bit bigger and closer and I like that. When I put my second pair on over these, everything got smaller and more distant. Is that normal?

rafa 14 Feb 2017, 04:38


Great choice!! Love the frames, big and bold.

Go for it!

SoCal 13 Feb 2017, 22:15

Well the time has come for some new specs. It's been 5 years with my beloved Oliver Peoples and it's time to branch out and go more bold (and use my insurance benefits). Although this time, not as bold as my L.A. Eyeworks phase some time ago, but still but still fun and bold, nonetheless. What do you all think about these?

Carrie 12 Feb 2017, 17:27

Thank you Soundmanpt. I'll probably get accused of being you now that I have commented after you.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but there is no need to be so rude. Personally it doesn't offend me but it may offend others. As has been said before if you don't like what I write then don't read it. Swearing so much in just a few lines of text makes you look very immature or lacking in intelligence. Maybe it is because you are not very intelligent that you don't like reading so much. Too many long words? Maybe I should use words that don't have more than two syllables so you can understand the words more easily. English is clearly your first language as someone whose first language isn't English wouldn't use the F word so much.

Apologies to everyone else for being off topic.

Soundmanpt 12 Feb 2017, 11:44

When someone comes in here and their a fake they seem to make comments for maybe a couple weeks or even a month or two and then they just disappear into thin air. They have their fun and move on. If you go back in "Eyescene" you will find that Carrie has been here for well over 6 or 7 years now. And she has always been very clear and accurate about some of her college friends and about their glasses and when they got them and many other facts as well. I really don't think anyone would bother taking that much time to go back and research things they said from so far back. Also she has been on numerous threads so that would make even that much more difficult to go back and find details just to keep up the surrade.

So your entitled to your opinion but if theirs one person I completely believe to be real it's Carrie. And just like I have said before I am not ever going to accuse anyone of being a fake unless someone shows me "solid" proof. But of course like Carrie I get called a fake quite often as well and I have only been coming in her for over 10 years now.

Curt 12 Feb 2017, 08:19


 12 Feb 2017, 03:08

can we stop with the fucking walls of text? how long is it going to take before you realize carrie is fake so we can move the fuck on?????????

Soundmanpt 11 Feb 2017, 17:27


Glad to hear that you and everyone had such a great dinner and evening together. Nice to hear that you still have feelings for your ex even though you are both very happy with your new mates these days. You know I would be surprised if he doesn't feel the same way about you as well. Were you surprised to see his girlfriend wearing new / different glasses since you last saw her? So I know how much attention you pay to attractive women wearing glasses so which glasses does she look better wearing? The ones she had on Friday night or the ones you saw her wearing before? She must thing that the ones she wore Friday are abetter choice for an evening out than the other pair. So you must have asked her about her glasses. Did she notice or complement you on your glasses? You said the main talk all evening was about glasses which i'm sure 2 people at that table were enjoying. Of course you and also the lovely Vicky. I'm not at all surprised that Vicky "nags" Danielle making sure she is wearing her glasses as instructed. Vicky i'm sure wants Danielle to wear her glasses full time just like you do. Vicky is glasses crazy herself so of course she wants her partner to be wearing glasses as well. And Danielle just doesn't get it does she? When the girl slides her glasses down her nose and looks around just an average size room and she admitted that "everything looked sharper and the colors more defined" then slides her glasses back up and says that "it's just not enough to need glasses for all the time" The point is if she did that and said that there was no difference at all or that it was better without glasses then yes she doesn't need her glasses full time. At one time she was able to say exactly that, but her eyesight isn't that good anymore and she simply can't see as well without them now. What does she think her glasses are for? At the opticians they did almost everything except tell her to wear her glasses full time. She didn't have much of a change in her new glasses that you and I both know she shouldn't need as much as 2 weeks for her eye to adjust to a small change. They are hoping that after she wears her glasses for 2 weeks that she will decide that she can see better, which she can, if she continues to wear her glasses full time after the 2 weeks. but she is so determined that I have a feeling once the 2 weeks are over she will go back to wearing them as little as possible.

Soundmanpt 11 Feb 2017, 16:38


You may recall that I told you shortly after you got your first glasses that you would likely be needing some increases in your glasses but your eyesight would never become all that bad. But i'm sure you were concerned at the rate your eyes seemed to have gone almost overnight from you're not wearing glasses at all to needing your glasses full time in such a short time. I think you now understand that what happened was that you actually needed glasses much sooner than you actually got them and the result was that your first prescription was a bit stronger than most first prescriptions. So in effect your glasses were just trying to catchup to your eyes. So now they pretty much have caught up. What you decide about getting a second pair of glasses of course is totally up to you. What you might want to do is wait until you get your new glasses, wear them for a week or so and then try wearing your current glasses for a day just to test how well your able to see with your weaker glasses. But I have a feeling you won't like the results of that test. Since you started wearing glasses it seems that your eyes are more sensitive now if they aren't seeing as clearly as they should be. That was the case when you noticed the Christmas lights not looking right and as you know your eyes had changed but so slightly they even suggest that you get new glasses. Look at it this way, you said that you don't bother with contacts anymore and you wear glasses full time so what you're saving on the contacts should more than pay for a second pair of glasses but also a new pair of prescription sunglasses as well. Besides isn't it kind of nice to change from one pair to another pair just to change your looks a bit? The glasses you posted look very nice and you may even recall me telling you when you ordered a pair of semi-rimless form Zenni a couple years ago that I really like that style on young women. So either from Coastal or Zenni that is up to you which you prefer. As far as lens thickness goes I don't much about Coastal's lenses, but I have ordered semi-rimless from Zenni in the past and I have even only go the 1.57 lenses and they looked fine. But going to the 1.61 for sure should be fine for your prescription.

I remembered when your sister got an increase to -2.25 she seemed to be getting more dependent on her glasses too and was beginning to wear them a lot more. But I know she was very reluctant when she got her first glasses about being seen wearing glasses and you even thought that was why she didn't go for her driver's license right away. So there was always the possibility that she would opt for contacts. But she apparently has found out what you already had found out, that wearing glasses really isn't all that bad. But to be fair I know you weren't too thrilled about wearing glasses either at first but you're bf was a lot of support and encouragement to you and that had to be a huge help knowing his feelings for you didn't change just because you were wearing glasses. Are you still with the same bf?

I remember you mentioning about the difference from your family Christmas photo from 2014 where you or your sister either one were wearing glasses and the 2015 photo you and your sister were both wearing glasses.

Carrie 11 Feb 2017, 11:33

What a lovely evening I had! The food was delicious thanks to Gemma (I did help a little bit but she always prefers to do most of it herself). My ex boyfriend and his girlfriend arrived first. He looked very handsome and I have to admit that I got a little tingle inside that told me that I did still fancy him a bit! His girlfriend looked as beautiful as ever. She was wearing different glasses from the last time I saw her. They weren't new but were the other pair she got when she got the ones I saw her wearing. Danielle and Vicky arrived a short time later and I was pleased to see Danielle was wearing her glasses. She kept her glasses on all evening. To my delight the conversation was about glasses and eyesight for a while when my ex complimented my glasses (one of the pairs of round ones I got online) and then asked Danielle how long she had been wearing glasses. Danielle explained that after having glasses for reading and close up work for a few years she now also needs them for distances. My ex said "So I take it you wear them all the time?" She replied "Not exactly. I have to wear them for a couple of weeks to get used to the stronger prescription then it's up to me when I wear them." She looked at Vicky and said "This gorgeous woman nags me if she catches me without them on!" My ex asked how the 'getting used to them' was going. Danielle said that she did seem used to them now but will give it another week to make sure. She looked over her glasses for a moment before looking through them again. She admitted that everything did seem sharper and colours more defined with her glasses on but not enough to need glasses all the time. My ex's girlfriend asked why Danielle didn't want to wear glasses all the time. Danielle said that the more she wore her glasses the worse her eyes seemed to get. My ex's girlfriend said "I know what you mean and I used think the same but my optician told me that my sight would still have got worse without glasses." My ex added "You have chosen a good frame that really suits you!" Everyone agreed and Danielle thanked us.

There was a bit more about glasses and eyesight we talked about that I might put here another time.

We didn't get too girly with our chatting, luckily for my ex!

Knowing that Danielle is borderline needing her glasses full time and seeing her wearing them is fantastic. Gemma looked incredibly sexy and sophisticated in her lovely dress. All the ladies (including me!) looked very glamourous. It was so good to see four very fanciable glasses wearing women in one room. By the time the evening was over and Gemma and I went to bed I was feeling very frisky. Without going into any details we didn't go to sleep until much later! We didn't get up until about midday after....Well you can imagine! We forgot that our guests had also stayed the night but I don't think they heard us. They all had only just got up when we emerged. Danielle was wearing her glasses and was still wearing them when her and Vicky left after we had some brunch.

Katie 11 Feb 2017, 11:24

Looks like the link didn't work in my last post, here are the glasses I was looking at last night:

Katie 11 Feb 2017, 11:10

Yeah the doctor said that I shouldn't really expect any large changes in my vision from now on especially once I finish school. You are right that I had an updated prescription but I didn't fill it at the time since it wasn't a large change from what I was wearing at the time. Since then my eyes got a bit worse and it became more noticeable (not just the blue lights at night) but overall not as big of a change as the last time I got new glasses. I haven't decided whether I want to order another pair on line yet although I probably should since I can't really see much without my glasses and if I lost or broke my new pair I'd have to use an old prescription. I did look a bit online last night and my boyfriend really liked these: since I got a pair of larger plastic frames from my eye doctor this time. He said I looked good in my old zenni glasses that were a similar style so I may order those. It did say that I need either 1.61 or 1.67 index lenses with my prescription though I'm not entirely sure which one would be better.

Also my sister has been wearing her glasses full time for quite awhile now and has never even tried contacts. She just started college last fall and when she came home for winter break she had new glasses. She is doing pre-med so lots of studying and reading and she couldn't read the board towards the end of the semester so she had to get new glasses. I think she said that she was something like -3.25 or -3.50 in both eyes now so we are just about as blind as each other now. Before she would go around the house without them sometimes, especially in the mornings, but over winter break she had them on as soon as she got up and with her new prescription I can definitely understand why. My sister, my cousins and I also took an extended family Christmas photo and everyone had glasses this year so I guess bad vision really runs in the family.

Soundmanpt 10 Feb 2017, 21:02


Your right it has been a very long time since you were in here. But I honestly didn't think it was 2 years. It didn't seem quite that long, but sure enough I went back looking and it was even more than 2 years. You got your eyes checked on Aug 26 2015 and you got your current glasses on Sept 8th 2015. Then while looking that up I first came across when you're glasses broke and while there you had your eyes checked because you were having some issues with the blue Christmas lights. You were actually given a slightly stronger prescription at that time of R -4.00 / L -2.50 .-75 170 but since the difference wasn't that much you didn't upgrade your glasses. So what all that really means is that actually your eyes really haven't changed much at all from that eye exam back on Dec 5th 2015. So since that date your eyes only changed by -.50 in both eyes or even better put less than -.25 each year. Are you going to order a backup pair from Zenni again? And even that change most likely was caused by all the close reading you are doing in college.

How is your sister doing with her glasses? I know she wasn't all that excited about having to wear glasses in the first place but she reluctantly finally was pretty much wearing them full time once her prescription reached -2.25 in both eyes. Anyway always good to hear from you.

Katie 10 Feb 2017, 17:04

It has been forever since I last posted here but I've been really busy with school and then moving over the summer so I haven't had much time lately. I did get my yearly eye exam today however and I thought I'd post an update real quick. I had been noticing that it was a little difficult to read the board from the back of the lecture hall and that street signs were a bit blurry at night so I figured that I'd probably need to get my glasses updated. My new prescription is R -4.25 L -3.25 -0.50 x 163 which the doctor said was definitely a large enough change to warrant new glasses since my current glasses were still R -3.75 L -2.25 -0.75 x 170 from two years ago. I decided to skip getting contacts this time since I found myself hardly ever wearing them and just spend a bit extra on a nicer pair of glasses. The doctor said that my right eye hadn't changed much but now my left eye was catching up a bit and balancing out with my right but that once I finish college my vision will probably start to settle and change a lot slower and that my eyes are healthy and just need a little extra to get back to 20/15. I should be getting my new glasses early next week and it will be great to see in perfect HD again.

Soundmanpt 09 Feb 2017, 15:08


I'm surprised that Danielle went this long without replacing her broken glasses. I just looked back because it seemed longer than just slightly over 2 weeks since she broke her glasses. It was lucky for her that she was able to tape them well enough that she was able to wear them. I assume she must have tried her previous glasses and found them to be on the weak side. Considering her current glasses were already slightly weaker than the prescription she was given at her most recent eye exam when she chose not to get new glasses. Were you somewhat turned on watching the assistant do the fitting of each pair of glasses as she was putting on and taking the glasses glasses off of Danielle? And it had to be music to your ears when she asked Danielle which pair she wanted to leave on? I forgot that since Daniele was getting new glasses she was getting her most recent prescription put into them. So i'm sure even with a slight increase Danielle's eye's still needed a little bit of time to adjust to the difference. And just as you know with your own glasses your near vision is perfect right away but distance can be a bit blurry at first. The assistant did probably assume since Danielle came in wearing glasses that she likely wears her glasses full time but she also saw on the paperwork what Danielle's prescription is and that also was a why she though Danielle wears her glasses full time already. An assistant knows pretty well just by seeing what someone's prescription is about how much they wear their glasses. Carrie your smart young lady and i'm sure you took note that not only is Danielle supposed to wear her glasses most of the time for the next week or two so her eyes can get used to the prescription. But we both know that with just a small increases Danielle isn't going to need that long for her eyes to adjust. You've had bigger increases than she apparently got and I have a feeling it didn't take anywhere close to that long for your eyes to adjust? I think she was just trying to encourage Danielle into wearing her glasses full time after that week or two. That was also why she was told that besides wearing her glasses fro driving she now needs to start wearing the for other distance things such as going to the cinema. But if she is now supposed to wear them for the cinema then she also need to start wearing them to concerts or sporting events or even watching a TV at a pub. So really she should be wearing the all the time now. You mentioned that one pair of her glasses are Bay-Ban Clubmaster and that is a favorite of mine for young women. Those glasses look hot on every woman I have ever seen and I have little doubt that Danielle is no exception. So now I am really rooting for her to go full time wearing her glasses too. I know you can't say too much to her except to encourage her by letting her know that wearing glasses full time isn't a big deal and will always know where her glasses are and that by wearing them it is far less likely for them to get broken. Maybe being in a room with 4 other very attractive glasses wearing ladies will help her to see that she isn't the only young lady that wears their glasses full time. I'm really jealous of your ex He is one lucky guy to be sitting not only with his own hot glasses wearing girlfriend but you other ladies as well. So I guess as far as Danielle I guess we will first have to see if she does what the optician suggested she do and wear her glasses all the time for the next week or two and then what she does after those weeks are past. By the way do you remember when Danielle and Vicky got their eye examined? It really seems like it has been close to a full year. I am asking because I think Danielle and Vicky are both due eye exams very soon.


Plus Tony 09 Feb 2017, 14:47


Yacking or not, I can think of few better ways to spend an evening than with five beautiful bespectacled ladies!

Seriously though I wonder if Danielle is finally going to realise that the best place for her glasses is on her nose permanently? We'll look forward to hearing how it goes. The fact that she has invested in a pair of Raybans must surely be a good sign!

In a way it is a pity that the lady in the shop didn't say something like "Well most people with your prescription would probably wear their glasses all the time so I assumed you would" but she did give her a definite nudge in the right direction. Hopefully if she follows the advice she'll realise after a couple of weeks that she'd be better off leaving them on.

Carrie 09 Feb 2017, 13:10

We went with our friend Danielle to pick up her new glasses last Saturday. As I mentioned in Sightings a couple of weeks ago, the glasses she was replacing were still taped at the hinge and couldn't be folded to go in their case so she was wearing them. Luckily the tape was barely noticeable so her glasses didn't look too bad. We got to the opticians and Danielle was served almost straight away. She had ordered 2 pairs of glasses. The lady serving put the first pair on Danielle and checked the fit was good and comfortable after adjusting them a couple of times and checked how well Danielle could see with them. She did the same with the second pair. Danielle said she could see perfectly close up with the new glasses but the distance was just very slightly out of focus at first but got better if she concentrated. She took the second pair off and commented that she could see across the room slightly better with the glasses on but it wasn't a huge difference. The lady gave both pairs of new glasses an extra polish on the lenses and asked Danielle which pair she would like to wear now. Danielle was a little bit surprised and said "I wasn't going to wear either of them. Do you think I should?" The lady replied that she assumed Danielle wore glasses full time because she came in wearing her old ones. Danielle explained why she had her glasses on when she came in said that she normally only wears her glasses for reading and working and more recently for driving because driving makes her eyes feel tired and she found that her glasses stop them feeling tired. The lady suggested to Danielle that it might be a good idea to wear her glasses most of the time for a week or two so she could get used to the new prescription and then she if she isn't going to continue to wear them most of the time she should wear her new glasses as she did with her old ones but also to wear them for looking at distances such as watching a film at the cinema. In fact she should wear her glasses in any situation that she feels her eyes straining or feeling tired. Danielle put the first pair back on, which were Ray Ban Clubmaster frames, and put her old glasses in the empty case (the tape came off the frame when Danielle folded the arms closed). The other pair of new glasses were large plastic frames. Danielle put them in their case and put both cases in her bag. She thanked the lady and we said goodbye and left.

Danielle kept her new glasses on. I told her I was rather jealous that she looked so good in the Clubmaster frames because that style just doesn't suit me. She got me to put her glasses on and she looked at me with a big smile and said "You're absolutely right, they don't suit you! They don't look ridiculous just not right for your face. But you look fantastic in yours!"

A bit later in the day I casually asked her how well she could see in the distance now she had been wearing her glasses for a few hours. She said it was certainly no worse than without glasses, about the same. She concentrated on a shop sign up the street for a few seconds before pulling her glasses down her nose to look over them. She admitted that, like in the opticians, if she concentrated it was actually clearer but she could still read it without glasses.

Just before Gemma and I went home I asked Danielle if she was going to do what the lady in the opticians suggested. Danielle replied laughing "Yes mum!" but added more seriously that she would.

That was a great day seeing Danielle wearing one of her new pairs of glasses all day and knowing she is probably going to wear them full time for several days.

Danielle and her girlfriend Vicky are coming to dinner on Friday night. My lovely ex boyfriend and his gorgeous girlfriend are also coming. So it will be 1 man with no glasses and 5 women with glasses! Lucky boy! (It might actually poor boy stuck in a room with 5 women yacking away!)

Soundmanpt 04 Feb 2017, 22:37


You have not posted since Nov 2nd. You are making the "nar sayers" appear right that you are not who you say you are which also makes me and a few others who defended you. Now even I am beginning to have doubts.

Cactus Jack 14 Jan 2017, 00:26


When I was getting ready for the surgery, they used an ultra sound probe that very lightly touched the Cornea to measure the structure of my eyes after administering anesthetic drops so I would not feel the touch. The reason for the very light touch to avoid deforming the Cornea by any pressure. The dimensions of the structures of the eye are small and the lenses involved are very strong. For example, a 1 diopter refractive error is typically the result of a 0.3 mm error in the distance from the crystalline lens to the Retina.

With those dimensions they can calculate the IOL power needed to achieve the desired prescription. However, IOLs only come in 0.50 diopter increments and the measurements are not super precise. They can get pretty close, but they don't always wind up with the exact target prescription. Sometimes the prescription is fine tuned using Lasik.


SC 13 Jan 2017, 11:00


My mother has developed cataracts. Her best eye has gone from +2.25 to around -1.00 - I can tell because I'm hyperopic and can see distance through the reading segment. Her worst eye (+2.75) is quickly heading in the same direction.

She was offered the chance of the op last year but said no (I don't know why) but has gone back this year and been given a wait of 4 weeks for the op on NHS in UK.

Seems to be 3 parts:

- first consultation - explain the procedure and risks

- meet with the guy who is going to do it - lots of eye drops

- then the op itself

I'm not sure how they get an accurate rx - I assume the crystalline lens has puffed up to go from +2.25 to -1 and I don't know how much it will reduce again after the cataract material is removed

Cactus Jack 12 Jan 2017, 18:54

Glasses questions,

In the -4.00 to -4.50 range for distance.


Glasses questions 12 Jan 2017, 17:30

I think I hold a book about 12 inches away but I find myself holding my IPhone closer - more like 9-10 inches when I am reading things on the internet or text messages. If I got IOL's for perfect close up vision at this range - what would my distance prescription look like??

Cactus Jack 12 Jan 2017, 17:19

Glasses questions,

The important thing for determining the the final refractive power you need is the distance from your eyes to what you want to see clearly. If you will measure the distance from your eyes to what you want to see clearly, I will do the calculation and suggest what you should ask for.


Glasses questions 12 Jan 2017, 16:30

Thanks for the information. I live near Cleveland, Ohio. When I have cataract surgery at some point I would not go for the multi focal IOL's. I tried multifocal contacts once and did not like them. I get better vision from wearing my progressives. I wear them pretty much full time. I'm minus .75 for distance and have slight astigmatism. My add is now plus 3.0 and I find I can't see much of anything close up. One question I have is if I went for single vision IOL's and had them set for perfect up close vision -I understand I would need glasses for distance and I'm fine with that. I would rather have the perfect close up vision. If I did that - how myopic would I be?? I tried mono vision once and decided that it's not for me. I work as an esthetician doing lots of close up tasks with facials, waxing eyebrows and makeup.

helpful 12 Jan 2017, 02:05

Cactus jack

If the contributor is living in the UK then he can wait a long time for an operation for cataract surgery although the operation is easily done. This is due to pressure on the National Health Service so they delay many people treatment unless you pay to go private. This applies to other forms of simple surgery like hernia

Cactus Jack 11 Jan 2017, 22:18

Glasses questions,

By the way. With Mono vision I can function pretty well with out my glasses. One eye is close to 20/20 distance vision without glasses and the other eye is mildly nearsighted at about -1.50. When I want to see really well, I wear trifocals because I the type work I do. My vision with glasses, after the Cataract Surgery, is better than 20/20. On a good day I can read most of the letters on the 20/15 line and one or two on the 20/10 line. Not bad for a 79 year old.

Good luck.


Cactus Jack 11 Jan 2017, 22:12

Glasses questions,

+3.00 is not a particularly strong add, if you are developing Cataracts. Presbyopia is really the gradual stiffening of the protein that makes up your Crystalline Lenses, that are part of your Auto-Focus system. Cataracts just make that stiffness happen quicker. At some point, your add is really determined by your preferred reading distance. +3.00 focuses at a distance of about 33 cm or 13 inches. You many have noticed that OTC Readers are usually available up to about +3.50, which focus at about 28 cm or 11 inches. Stronger prescription glasses or "clip ons" are available.

If you are developing Cataracts, is there any real reason for waiting to get Cataract Surgery? In the old days, before IOLs, they used to wait until the Cataracts got "Ripe" or get very hard before removing the lens and lens capsule. That operation was a very serious one that required months for recovery. I really think they were hoping the patient would die before they actually had to do the surgery. When the lens and lens capsule are removed, you have to wear very strong PLUS glasses.

Today, Cataract surgery with IOL replacement lenses is almost a non-event. The surgery takes about 10 minutes IF the Crystalline Lens is still soft enough to be easily emulsified and sucked out. It takes longer if the lens is harder. The Capsule is left in place and the new lens is actually inserted in the old capsule through a very tiny incision (3 mm) in the side of the cornea. The surgery is so safe and easy that some people are opting to have their stiffening Crystalline Lenses removed and multi-focal IOL lenses installed, long before they actually need Cataract surgery. The operation is exactly the same and Cataract surgery will never be necessary. Be aware that multi-focal IOLs are not for everyone.

I had Cataract Surgery with single vision IOLs for Mono Vision in July of 2001 and have never regretted it for an instant. I can fully understand any reluctance about the surgery. I was very nervous about the surgery, but didn't have much choice. As I said the surgery was a non-event. I was moderately nearsighted before the surgery, but that was pretty much fixed by the choice of the IOL power for that eye. I took the lens out of my glasses for that eye and drove myself to the doctor's office the next day. He was pleased with the results and my big question was "When can you do the other eye"? He said two weeks. My response of That Long?? If he had said tomorrow, I would have been happier. I really didn't want to wait, but he wanted to make absolutely sure everything was OK before doing the other eye.

Based on my experience, if I needed Cataract Surgery in 18 months, I would want to do it next week so I could enjoy 18 more months of good vision.

May I ask where you live?

Please feel free to ask more questions if you need to.


Glasses questions 11 Jan 2017, 20:34

Hi - I have some questions that I'm hoping I can get some help here. I'm 49 years old and first got glasses at 45 - progressives with a plus 1.0 add . Last year my ECP said I now needed an add of plus 3.0. I was having a difficult time reading smaller print. I was also diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. Will my add continue to go up?? He wanted to see me in 18 months. I feel like I am again beginning to struggle with small print. But is a 3.0 add already quite strong for my age??

Cactus Jack 11 Jan 2017, 02:20


I believe you have it backwards. It is the eye (Ciliary) muscles of a person who is very myopic, that are already relaxed. They are often so weak that they have trouble focusing close, when they get Minus glasses to correct their distance vision.

It is people who have Hyperopia or Latent Hyperopia, who need for their Ciliary Muscles to relax when they get Plus glasses.

CotGlasses needs t strengthen his/her Ciliary Muscles. We do not know if he/she has the full prescription. The +1.00 add is about right for the distance from his/her eyes to the computer, but it is a little awkward to tilt the head back to look thru the segment for the computer, but the +1.00 is not nearly strong enough to enable focusing at a normal reading distance.

In this situation, the ECP should probably have prescribed "functional" trifocals that are a little weaker than would be prescribed for an older person with advanced Presbyopia. Something like a reading Add of +2.00 and an intermediate segment of +1.00. As the Ciliary Muscles get stronger over a few weeks, the Add powers could be reduced and eventually eliminated.

A really good and inexpensive solution is to get some Clip-on Magnifiers from RxSafety Glasses. They are available in a nice assortment of powers and, if you do have the ability to focus, you can work your way down in power as your Ciliary Muscles get stronger.

I have no ability to focus after Cataract Surgery and normally wear trifocals. I have both Clip-ons and single vision Reading Glasses. GotGlasses should not need focusing help for very long, but Clip-on + lenses might slow Myopic Progression that is sometimes exacerbated by extended periods of focusing on a computer display or reading.


George1968 10 Jan 2017, 17:32


You will have a period of adjustment because this was quite a prescription to start with! I have no idea how you were able to function, particularly in school. Your eye muscles have been straining hard for years to see, and now they have to relax.

It won't take long - a week or two. Your eye muscles have to relax and your brain has to be re-trained a bit to interpret the new visual stimuli.

There is good news and bad news. Eventually, you will be able to see and to get rid of the bifocals (at least until you are in your 40s. The bad news is that you will likely need stronger glasses in six months. Once your eye muscles relax, your sight will go to its true prescription. So, you will likely go to about -6.00.

How old are you? Are you male or female? Besides enjoying the new clarity, how are you adjusting to wearing glasses full time? What have been the reactions of people to seeing you in glasses?

Good luck and be patient.

GotGlasses 10 Jan 2017, 15:28

I am using the bottome part, under the line to read, but it is still difficult. The bottom part is great for seeing the computer screen, better than the top, but none are working for reading.

Soundmanpt 10 Jan 2017, 14:50


I think what you may not be doing is using the add segment of your glasses and instead you're trying to read using the distance part of your glasses. What you should be doing is not moving your head down when you are reading something, but only moving your eyes downward like your trying to see the very bottom of your lenses. So that means your head should be looking straight out ahead of you, but your eyes looking down through the lowest part of your glasses. That is the area you need for reading small print. Does this make sense to you? It takes a little bit of practice but in a very short time learning what part of your glasses to use for distance and for reading will become very natural and you won't even have to think about it. But for now you will have ot thinks when you start to read from a book.

GotGlasses 10 Jan 2017, 12:47

If it is only going to be for a week, I will tough it out. Hopefully it gets better.

Cactus Jack 09 Jan 2017, 18:00


I think I may have mentioned that you might have that problem. Because of your prescription, your Auto-Focus has not had to do anything to help you focus close. It will take a few days for your Auto-Focus system to re-learn how to do its job.

One thing you can do is get some over the counter reading glasses and wear them over your new glasse. I would suggest the lowest available power, but you may need to try on something in the +1.50. Hopefully you will only need them for a week or so.

There is a company in New Jersey, RxSafety Glasses that sells Clip-On Magnifiers (Reading Glasses) in powers as low as +1.00. The are about $15.00 each. You might find them useful on a temporary basis.

If you need more suggestions, let me know.


antonio 09 Jan 2017, 15:06

Thatīs a bit of training only hopefully,


itīs because you waited for so long to get them,

best regards, antonio

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