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New Glasses

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High Myopic 04 Jan 2018, 10:55

Wieirdnewglasses, Can I talk with you vs email? I have myodisc glasses too.

Weirdnewglasses 04 Jan 2018, 10:53

Hi, I just got new glasses, and they look so different than any of my old glasses. The optician said they are called myodisks. Apparently they are all my insurance would get because of my prescription. Is that true? My prescription is -16.50, -10.75, 120 and -19.25, -11.5,145. Also, contacts are a no go for me.

Lou 23 Dec 2017, 13:14

Hi again

Hubby has commented on my change of glasses.

He said that he prefers the Superdry pair, because they are smaller (They are narrower rather than smaller overall) and more brightly coloured. Although my Karen Millen pair have a pattern, he reckons that the pattern isnt noticeable and they just look dark and plain.

Anyway, since he likes my Superdry pair better, I've swapped back. In my opinion, the Karen Millen pair are a little more sophisticated, so I think I'll wear them with smart outfits, keeping the Superdry pair for everyday wear.

Best wishes


Lou 23 Dec 2017, 12:40

Hi SoCal

Nice choice of frame, and I particularly like the emerald colour. Enjoy your new glasses.

Best wishes


Lou 22 Dec 2017, 08:02


Not exactly new glasses, rather a return to a previous style.

I've been wearing this style since February:

Although I really like the dark tortoiseshell colour with a deep pink behind, I've never thought that the shape is quite right for my face shape, and have had my old glasses reglazed.

I'm now therefore wearing this style again:

I've always really liked this style, and they are so light and don't keep slipping down my nose like the Superdry pair, despite having had them fitted loads of times.

All the best


SoCal 20 Dec 2017, 16:37

Just ordered a new pair of glasses because we needed to use our FSA $ before we lost it. I'm excited about these new glasses because they are fun and colorful. They are going to be a nice departure from the standard black or tortoise I always choose. I decided to stick with Moscot again but this time I went with emerald green. They will be fitted with poly lenses so I hope they look okay with the crystal frames.

Here are the frames I chose in the color Emerald.

Glasses Lover 20 Nov 2017, 20:56


my actual prescription is:

OD: -4.25 -0.25 109

OS: -4.75 -0.50 171

My glasses I've worn for the past couple years:

OD: -5.00 -0.25 109

OS: -5.75 -0.50 171

And latest that I received from Firmoo a couple weeks ago are:

OD: -6.50 -0.25 109

OS: -7.00 -0.50 171

+1.00 read

Sarah 20 Nov 2017, 20:48

Glasseslover my real Rx ia L -4.75 0.75 85 R -5 -0.25 15. What's yours

I wonder how much farther over I could go... I'm waiting on -2.25 over pair from hoping I can wear comfortably.

They are these in black:

The Coastal ones giving me trouble, in white clear:

And the others:

I have so many pairs...

Sarah 20 Nov 2017, 20:48

Glasseslover my real Rx ia L -4.75 0.75 85 R -5 -0.25 15. What's yours

I wonder how much farther over I could go... I'm waiting on -2.25 over pair from hoping I can wear comfortably.

They are these in black:

The Coastal ones giving me trouble, in white clear:

And the others:

I have so many pairs...

Glasses Lover 20 Nov 2017, 16:34

Sarah, that's very exciting to hear that you're wearing-1.75 over!!! If you look at my recent post, I'm doing the same thing! I absolutely love it and love having a lens that has a good amount of thickness and power rings! (It makes me look super nearsighted...or at least I hope it does!). I'm curious to see what your real Rx is and what you're wearing now and what you're glasses look like.

Sarah 20 Nov 2017, 15:37

I recently got a couple new pairs from My glasses collection is ridiculous - but that's another story! One pair gives me a slight headache - a sort of "pulling" feeling at the back of my eyes after a couple hours. I wonder if they made a mistake with that one, or theres some other reasons. They are both the same Rx - bumped up -1.75 from my "real" Rx. I wear that overcorrection more than my "real" one so I don't think thats the issue. But they are different frame styles, slightly different lens sizes...

Cactus Jack 24 Oct 2017, 13:58

Glasses Lover,

Enjoy while you can.


Jamie37 24 Oct 2017, 13:33

Cool glasseslover,

It's awesome those new glasses work so well for you!!!!

Glasses Lover 24 Oct 2017, 12:14

Where do I start? Wow! Just experienced my first foray into bifocals; and I must say the experience is exhilarating! Let me start by going over my background. Failed my vision screening in the 5th grade and subsequently went to an optometrist and was diagnosed with nearsightedness. No surprise there! I wanted glasses so bad I was so happy on the inside that my eyes were nearsighted. Was prescribed glasses for distance only and parents did not want me wearing them. This went on for about 18 months when my mom made a comment about me squinting at the tv and told me I should consider wearing my glasses. Even though I wanted to so bad I was reluctant to wear them outside of the house. I continued to struggle with reading the blackboard at school but did finally get another exam and needed a stronger prescription. I finally had to use them part-time at school now. This went on for another couple years and in between wearings I found myself squinting heavily to see. Finally, before freshman year I got contacts and wore those for many, many years and still do today when doing any physical activities, although I still have a fetish for glasses. Especially, thick, strong glasses. I loved my annual exams knowing I would get a stronger prescription and thicker glasses. Unfortunately, I plataeued around -4.5. I longed for for eyes to get more nearsighted and necessitate Coke bottle lenses but that did not happen. Then came the experiments with over correction and I quickly found out I can tolerate quite a bit of minus and still see just fine. After several pairs and half a decade at age 39, I found myself able to accommodate over correction of minus but when doing so close vision became increasingly poor. actual prescription:

OD: -4.25 -0.25 109

OS: -4.75 -0.50 171

My glasses I've worn for the past couple years:

OD: -5.00 -0.25 109

OS: -5.75 -0.50 171

And latest that I received from Firmoo yesterday:

OD: -6.50 -0.25 109

OS: -7.00 -0.50 171

+1.00 read

Vision is perfect! Distance has been the clearest I've ever remembered! Almost HD like and bright and vibrant! Read add makes print easy to read. Bifocals we're easy to adjust to as they sit on my face now and I'm looking thru the add portion of the lens as I write this on my mobile device.

The lens are a regular 1.50 index so there is decent thickness to them and they stick out of the frame quite a bit with plenty of power rings and the lined bifocal is pretty obvious as well!

I'm hooked and already thinking about another order with more minus. I'm able to tolerate this just fine and thinking about bumping my next script to:

OD: -7.50 -0.25 109

OS: -8.00 -0.50 171

+1.50 read

What is everyone's thoughts? I'm excited and for the first time ever I can walk around with a fairly substantial lens thickness that would indicate to most people that I'm very nearsighted (which is what I want to portray.) The thought of having a -8.00 thickness is making me feel anxious in ordering it already!

NewGlassesSuccess 09 Oct 2017, 22:22

Cactus Jack,

My new prescription is -10.00, -1.50 090, 10, out, 11 up; and -10.25, -2.75, 005, 10, out, 11 down for the distance glasses. For the reading glasses it is -8.50, -1.50, 090, 10, out, 13 up; and -8.75, -2.75, 005, 10, out, 13 down. I wear different glasses for reading. My prescription is so long now.

Cactus Jack 09 Oct 2017, 14:25


I think you should change your nickname. NewGlassesSuccess, maybe. I am glad you got some glasses that work for you. Not being able to see well or comfortably is miserable, particularly in an environment where vision is critical to your success.

May I ask your new prescription?


NewGlassesTrouble 09 Oct 2017, 12:50

Hey, I'm back with new glasses, and these ones are not only helping me see well in the distance, but now they hell me see only one image and help me see close up. This time I was completly honest and straight forward during the exam. I told the doctor about my double vision and how I could not see most of the close chart, and I told the doctor about how sometimes the words on my page go in and out od focus or seem to switch up. I just got the new glasses, but will keep you guys in the loop on how theh end up workibg for me and my eyes.

NNVisitor 12 Sep 2017, 23:26


The distortion is caused by three things. The power of the glasses, your astigmatism correction and because the front of the lens is flat instead of curved the distortion is much worse.

Because you have double vision you need to go back to the person who tested your eyes and tell them about your double vision and the distortion problems with the glasses. In high prescriptions the only clear vision is through the center of the lenses. If you were to wear contact lenses you would no longer see everthing as small nor would you have the distortion you experience now. As far as I am aware contact lenses won't correct double vision. Only glasses will. This means that if you wore only one contact lens at a time you would only see one clear image but it is difficult because your clear vision is limited to one eye. You could alternate which eye you wear the contact lens in. With two contact lenses both eyes would see things much larger without distortion but you would still have double vision.

If you get your glasses redone with prisms to end you double vision things would still appear small and you would still have distortion.

It is rare to have glasses these days that are flat in the front. That is how they used to be made for about -9 or higher but these days even prescriptions much higher are still curved in the front but only a little curvature. Making the front of the lenses flat has made the distortion much worse.

How do you rate the new glasses that you are trying to adjust to? 1 You're disappointed with them. 2 You are very disappointed with them. 3 You utterly hate them.

If you are unhappy with the person who examined your eyes you may be better off going to a different one who works in a different place to explain your double vision and your new glasses problems.

NewGlassesTrouble 12 Sep 2017, 16:55

I am not sure if I have completly adjusted. Other than the smallness making it hard to read everything still looks distorted especially when looking through the sides. I have had these glasses since Friday. I have never worn contacts. The double vision is always there, and everywhere does not matter of I am reading, or looking at a board. From what I remember it started sometime around the second year with my old glasses so about 4 years ago. It was before that second missed appointment.

I hope I answered all your questions.

NNVisitor 11 Sep 2017, 22:56


Have you yet adjusted to your new glasses for seeing objects and people at a distance? Can you list any problems you still have wearing your new glasses other than the smaller image size?

My own prescription is somewhat similar to yours and I also wound up with a large prescription increase because I waited years before getting new glasses. My increase was large but yours is an even greater increase. I completely understand your adjustment problems. May I ask how long you have now been wearing your new glasses? Also have you ever worn contact lenses?

Do you have double vision every day? Seeing distant objects and people? Is it just temporary for less than a minute or all day long? How many years have you noticed having double vision?

One more thing. If you have worn your new glasses for over a week or two weeks and you feel you cannot adjust to them they can redo the glasses for the same prescription using a curved front and a more curved backside of the lenses. They may not want to and will say the prescription is correct. If you are unhappy with these glasses then you should adamantly stand up for your rights and say that you did some research and found out that the base curve used is causing your problems and that the glasses are impossible to adjust to. Before you make this request, if you absolutely feel you cannot adjust to these new glasses, please let us know here about whether your double vision problems last more than briefly each day as you may also need a prism correction.

NewGlassesTrouble 11 Sep 2017, 19:22

Cactus Jack

The double vision is kind of just always there, has been for some years now. It is like what I described happened after about a minute of the doctor opening both my eyes in the exam.

If the reading will get better on it's own I will probably just wait it out.

Cactus Jack 11 Sep 2017, 14:48


Are you having any trouble with double vision now, with your new glasses, for distance or when you focus close?

If you are having any discomfort when you focus close for using the computer or reading, the obvious thing is to consider bifocals or trifocals. I would like to suggest a temporary alternative that you can easily stop using as your Ciliary Muscles regain their strength.

The alternative is Clip-On Magnifiers. They are not very expensive. I suggest checking out the web site. Look under Reading and Magnifying>Clip-on Magnifiers. They come in two sizes depending on your frame size. They are available in powers ranging from +1.00 to +5.00. I suggest getting 3 powers +1.00, +1.50, and +2.00. The idea is to use the least power you can for the close task you are doing and and the distance to the target. The clue is comfort. While a stronger lens may be the most comfortable, ou don't want the magnifiers to do all the work for your Ciliary Muscles. You need to start with the muscles doing a little work and then gradually increase their workload until you not longer need them. It may take a few weeks or a month.

Rx-Safety had a special running with a 20% discount in you used the promo code MIDSUMMER17. The Ciip-on magnifiers are regularly about $15 each and with a 20% discount, 3 pair would be $36.


NewGlassesTrouble 11 Sep 2017, 11:31

Cactus Jack,

Thanks for getting back to me. To answer your questions, I live in the US, and my exam was with a local doctor, and I know of a few sites to order glasses, thanks though. As for the helping with reading, what do you suggest? Should I call the doctor and tell him about how I saw two charts? What do you suggest? What happened was it was like I saw one with each eye for about a minute, and then they mostly came together and it was like one image with another right next to it and slightly overlapping.

Cactus Jack 11 Sep 2017, 08:37


The optical power of a lens is the difference in the curvature of the front and back surface of the lens.

Minus lenses of less than -8.00 (it varies a little depending on the complete prescription) are typically made with a + front surface to minimize the apparent size of any reflections, others see. The reflections will appear smaller than actual size. If the front surface is +1.00 and the Sphere correction is say -6.00, the back surface will need to be -7.00.

Somewhere, along about -8.00, It becomes desirable to reduce the curvature of the front surface to 0.00 (flat front) minimize the amount of - curvature needed in the back surface of the lens. As the curvature of the front surface of the lens becomes less, the reflections from that surface become much larger and more noticeable to others. The best solution for the reflection problems with flat front lenses is an Anti-Reflective coating. (more about that later).

It is likely that your glasses were made correctly, but it is possible that there was an error. It does occasionally happen.

With that much of an increase in your Sphere correction and the length of time you have been wearing your old prescription, I suspect the examiner expected you to have some problems focusing close. I can guarantee that you are NOT becoming farsighted, but you could be experiencing some of the symptoms of Presbyopia with your new glasses.

I mentioned that in a previous post, but let me expand on that a little. Almost everyone develops Presbyopia (literally Old Eyes) at some point in their life. Presbyopia actually starts in childhood, but typically does not become a nuisance until your late 30s or early 40s where you need some additional PLUS or LESS MINUS in your glasses to help you focus close.

True Presbyopia is caused by the gradual stiffening of your Crystalline Lenses to the point where your Ciliary Muscles can no longer squeeze the Crystalline Lenses to increase their PLUS power. You Ciliary Muscles and your Crystalline Lenses are the variable focus ("auto-focus") elements in your eyes that allow you focus at all distances. Assuming your distance vision is corrected to 0.00, you actually cannot see anything closer than 20 feet or 6 meters without some additional PLUS in the optical system from somewhere.

The formula for calculating the additional PLUS was developed by Sir Isaac Newton (of gravity fame) around 1700. The formula is simple, but it ALWAYS applies, there are NO exceptions. Lens Power = 1 meter, 100 cm, or 39.37 inches divided by the Focus Distance (in the same units of measure). To focus at a typical reading distance of 40 cm or 16 inches requires +2.50 diopters from somewhere. If your auto-focus system still works properly, you can easily supply the +2.50 internally. But, if Presbyopia has reared its head, you may need some external PLUS (e.g. Reading Glasses or Bifocals) to supply some the PLUS needed.

At your age, it is unlikely that Presbyopia has progressed enough to cause focusing issues. However, the idea that focusing help is not needed until 40 is a myth. Close focusing can become a problem at any age. How rapidly your Crystalline Lenses become too stiff to do their job depends on genetics.

A more common reason for needing close focusing help in people who are Myopic, is de-conditionong of the Ciliary Muscles. A person who is Myopic effectively has "built-in" reading glasses. The PLUS power of those built-in glasses is approximately the opposite sign of the glasses power. IOW, if a person needs -2.50 glasses for distance, his built-in "eye power" is +2.50. Vertex Distance effects alter that statement a bit, your built-in PLUS is about +9.00 (astigmatism makes it a bit more) so your focus distance without glasses is about 11 cm or a bit over 4 inches.

Because you avoided getting an eye exam for so long, it is very likely that your Ciliary Muscles are very weak. Making it seem like a strain to focus to read right now. The good news is that by using your Ciliary Muscles they will get stronger and close focusing will be easier. However, the weigh lifting thing I mentioned is applicable here and you may need a little help until the muscles get stronger. I can help with that if you are having problems.

It was a mistake to not mention that you were seeing double, even briefly. You could have some muscle imbalance or eye alignment issues that are complicating your situation. I suspect that any mis-alignment is small and your Eye Position Control System (PCS) (my name) can easily deal with it, without any correction in your glasses. However, the EPCS needs good images at its primary input so it can track properly. Blurry images make it difficult. If a person has some mis-alignment, it may be desirable to prescribe a bit of prism correction to help keep the images fused. It depends on several factors that are too complex to discuss here.

I hope this has helped answer some of your questions.

It may be desirable to get a re-check of your glasses and a prescription check to ease your mind about your glasses. Before you get another eye exam, I suggest reading a piece I wrote "Hot to Study for an Eye Exam". It might be helpful.

I am in the process of updating and editing it and I should be able to post it in the next day or so.

Another couple of questions.

1. May I ask where you live (country)?

2. Did you get your exam at a large chain or an independent ECP?

3. Would you be interested in learning how to order glasses online for a lot less money?


NewGlassesTrouble 10 Sep 2017, 20:37

Cactus Jack,

I am a female, in my second year of college studying History and Psychology. I got my last glasses early in the summer before my freshman year of high school. For the next two years something either came up with me or my doctor and I had to miss my appointment and never rescheduled. Also around this time I started becoming very self conscious about my glasses and eyesight, and did not want to be told my eyesight got worse or that I needed an increase in my prescription, so I was glad when I missed those appointments and never wanted to go again because I was scared. I was fine until spring of last school year I started noticing I was having some trouble seeing the people sitting next to me's notes without hardcore squinting, glasses pushing, and moving closer. I never had problems with boards until this school year which is why I finally got my eyes checked, plus glasses were way outdated style wise and they were dirty and the color was coming off. I transferred to a new school and even sitting second row I had a really hard time seeing what my professors were writing and no amount of squinting or glasses pushing was helping. Before that I was in a small college where the fornt row and the board were usually within 5 feet of each other, and I am a front row to third row sitter.

Back to my original post, do you think the glasses are made correctly because the lenses look different and are not curved? Also, do you know why my doctor would check my near vision, am I also farsighted now? And lastly, the almost before the end of the end of the examinatiin the doctor opened both my eyes and asked if I saw one or two images. I felt like one was the correct answer so I said one even though I saw two for about a minute before they mainly became one. What is the point of that question? Why was I never asked thag or to read the near chart before?

Sorry for being so long and boring yoh with my story. I know it's pretty silly, but that's the truth.

Cactus Jack 10 Sep 2017, 16:42


It is amazing that you were able to go for 5 1/2 years without a prescription change. As I said, it is like getting your first pair of glasses and it is going to take some adjustment and getting used to them.

Vision actually occurs in the brain, your eyes are merely biological cameras. Your brain has the ability to correct the images delivered to it, IF it knows what something is supposed to look like. In many ways, your brain is a biological computer and it develops Algorithms to do image correction. Your brain is used to working with the images corrected by your old glasses. With that much increase, images will look smaller and if there was a change in your Astigmatism correction, images will look distorted until it develops a new image processing Algorithm.

I am not the least surprised that you are having some difficulty with reading. If this prescription is correct, your old glasses were like wearing very strong reading glasses with about +4.00. It is very likely that your Ciliary Muscles (focusing muscles) are VERY weak and are having difficulty focusing to read. For their size (very tiny) your Ciliary Muscles are the strongest muscles in the body, but like all muscles, they get weak if you don't use them. With your old glasses you probably have not been using them hardly at all.

You can get them in condition simply by using them to focus, but it may not be pleasant. In some ways it is like going to the gym and starting weight lifting with very heavy weights, it is painful and there are much better and more effective ways.

Some while back we had a 17 YO poster who had just received his first glasses of about -3.50. He could not focus enough with them to use a computer or read. The solution was temporary trifocals of moderate Add. That allowed is Ciliary Muscles to go to work, but not work as hard, until they became stronger and eventually he was able to just wear single vision glasses.

May I ask a few questions?

1. Your Gender?

2, Your Occupation? If a student, what are you studying?

3. How were you able to go for so long without new glasses?


 10 Sep 2017, 16:07

I am 19 years old.

NewGlassesTroubles 10 Sep 2017, 16:07

My new prescription is -9.75, -1.75 and 095 and -10.25, -2.25 and 005. The last one was about -6 and/or-6.5. Hope that helps.

Cactus jack 10 Sep 2017, 15:52


You did not provide enough information for us to be of much help. If it has been 5 1/2 years since your last eye exam, you likely had enough change to be almost like getting your first pair of glasses.

Could you provide the following:

1. Your complete new prescription?

2. Your previous prescription if you remember it? A guess is OK.

3 Your age?


NewGlassesTroubles 10 Sep 2017, 15:34

I finally got new glasses after about 5 1/2 years, and I thought everything would be good because during the exam I could see the chart well, but everything looks so small, and kind distorted. Also, I tgink theh messed up with the lenses, they are sticking out the fornt instead of curving like they should. This doctor I went to was new and did some different checks that my old doctor had never done, so I thought I liked this office, but these glasses are causing me problems eveb with reading my books.

Soundmanpt 05 Aug 2017, 18:22


I'm sure if you have continued reading all the comments you have noticed that I have been attacked more than anyone. OF course you know for sure that I am not you or Carrie or anyone other than myself. But I have thick skin and I do my best to ignore all the crap, otherwise they win. I have been here way long to be bullied away.

I only believed that May 1st post because the photo of the glasses was in fact taken in front of that same amplifier in several other pictures of glasses that you did post earlier. But some just reposted one of those older pictures of a pair of glasses. I am really glad to hear that post wasn't from you because I had promised you that wearing all those stronger glasses wouldn't have any effect on your actual eyesight. So it really made me feel bad when I read that wearing those glasses had caused a rather big change in your eyesight and you were wearing glasses full time. It was surprising because just as I had told you because of your age wearing stronger glasses shouldn't have had any effect on your actual eyesight. So I am very glad to hear that you recently got your eyes examined and their was no change in your prescription.

Now that you moved it should be no problem at all with wearing whatever glasses you want anytime you want without anyone having any reason to question you about your glasses. You had already gotten pretty brave about wearing them even before you moved.

Marķa 05 Aug 2017, 14:11


Haven't been around in a while. I had a few hard times, also moved home, have been working a lot, and didn't have any urge to share my experiences with glasses, as I got a little tired of all the accusations and insults being almost the only feedback to my comments. I've been reading a bit, but haven't posted for a while. I see the hostile climate around here keeps going on, but fuck it.

That "Marķa" that posted on May 1st isn't me. The photo they used I uploaded it on October 2016. It's way older than the posting. My vision remains stable at -0,5 -0.75 (I had an exam last month), so I just keep wearing every now and them some of the glasses I bougth.

About that, my collection has grown up, but lately I've been donating some of the pairs I didn't like using an app where people share stuff that they don't want but can be useful to others. I even bought, out of curiosity, a cheap used lensmeter so I could know the prescription of the glasses I buy... and the ones I have been giving away. I have some nice stories about that, I expect to write about it as soon as I have a little time. Also, I'll post photos of my new pairs. There are very nice ones.

I've been using a -4.50 -4.00 pair, not full time, not everywhere, but for a few hours some days, and I love them. I also love a pair of +6 round glasses that I bought, my eyes look huge. Can't see a thing, but they are a huge turn on. Almost everyday, I read in bed for almost an hour wearing +2 or +3 glasses. I love the feeling.

Anyways, I expect to return and post every now and then. Hope everyone is doing ok!

Cheers, Marķa.

Crystal Veil 04 Aug 2017, 00:41


In the Netherlands we have a new chain called Eyelove. Their glasses are just below 50 euro and there is no extra charge if your prescription is high. They use 1.67 lenses for high prescriptions at no extra cost. Another advantage is that they can measure exactly what your lens thickness will be. It worked perfectly for a -12 prescription and the lenses (in a fairly large frame) were 6,7 mm thick, exactly as calculated. Eyelove is worth considering if they are active in your country as well.

antonio 03 Aug 2017, 22:11


as you probably know edge thickness increases with width of your lenses. So another possibility to reduce it would be to choose a frame with a width of less than 53 mm. Probably you don't want to, I see :-)

Best regards, antonio

Soundmanpt 03 Aug 2017, 08:01


I have quite a bit of experience with ordering glasses from Zenni. Over the past 13 years or so I have ordered well over several hundred pairs of glasses in various prescriptions. Mostly under -3.50 but several higher than that. One young lady I recall very well that wanted a semi-rimless frame and her rx was -4.50 in both eyes with some CYL as well. She insisted that she was only going to wear her glasses at night after taking her contacts off. So she didn't want to pay extra for high index lenses. I was surprised at how nice her glasses turned out even with the 1.56 lenses. Now of course you're a full diopter stronger. Have you considered going with the the 1.61 option which is only $19.00 extra? That should keep your lenses from looking like Coke bottle bottoms. I have have never had even one bad experience with Zenni's accuracy for the prescription being perfect. When you are placing your order it is going to recommend that you get the higher index lenses but you simple over ride it and click on the 1.61 option or the 1.56 if you decide to go that way.

JMB 03 Aug 2017, 00:31

Hi guys,

I'm ordering glasses online (Zenni) and would like a bit of guidance. My prescription is -5.50 in both eyes. I'd like to get a half-rim frame, as my current ones are full-rim metal and I look like a geeky high-schooler. I have my eyes set on a frame that has a 53 mm width. I plugged in the numbers, and 1.56 index would end up around 6.5mm thick -- but it is really cheap and I'm on a limited budget. However I don't want to walk around in coke bottles (yes, I'm a lurker on this site but want to look presentable). Will that thickness look awful? Should I shell out some more for high-index? And generally, can Zenni be trusted for prescription accuracy, measurements, etc? Thanks a lot in advance.

newglasseswearer 01 Aug 2017, 09:09

Hi everyone,

I posted this on the VISION thread but thought I might as well post it here too because the title of this thread is NEW GLASSES.

Yesterday, I got my first pair of glasses and I cannot believe how clear everything is! Now I actually want to watch TV because I can see everything on it! Also everything is so bright and colors are so vivid. Like i know everyone says this when they get glasses but can you believe it... there are leaves on trees?!!! It usually is all just one giant blob for me. School was one of the hardest times of my life as I literally could not copy down what the teacher was writing on the board even from the front row no matter how hard I squinted. Sometimes I would have to literally walk up to the board like about 6 inches away to see it clearly and it was really embarrassing but I didn't know how to copy down the notes another way. But anyways, I got my first pair yesterday around 4 pm. And when I tried them on in the store, I was BLOWN AWAY! I could see all the glasses around me in FULL detail! Then I took them off because my mom says that if I wear them often, my vision will deteriorate. Ugh it sucked when I took them off cause I literally could not see anything again. Then we went outside to walk to my mom's car and I put them on for a quick second and again I WAS BLOWN AWAY! (This was when I noticed the leaves on trees and people's faces from miles away!) My mom then said I could wear them on the way home to see what I was missing out on and I did and OMG in the car ride, I could see the time on the screen up front from the BACK ROW! I could also see road signs and wow it was quite an awakening. Then, when I got home, I took them off and everything was a BLUR! When I went to watch the TV, I decided to test out my glasses, and WOW IT WAS AMAZING! I could actually see letters on the screen and details of EVERYTHING! And I looked around my house and I could see so many details like the lines within my wooden floor! Went for a walk myself and everything was so clear and detailed and ughhhh I didn't realize how much i was missing out. But then I saw my friend from school and I was a little embarrassed to be wearing my glasses as I have never worn glasses till now. I can't wait to test them out at school on Monday but I'm a little afraid. I think I'm going to have to break the news to my mom that I will have to wear my glasses full time because I literally CANNOT see anything. I even have to wear them to see my computer clearly and in HD.

BTW, the doctor said my prescription is -3.25 in both eyes. Don't really know what that means but he said it was a super strong prescription for a first pair of glasses and now I can see why he said that!

Soundmanpt 25 May 2017, 15:34


Everyone sees differently even with the exact same prescription. I can only answer you by saying that many if not most usually go to full time wear at about -1.50. And you need to also take in consideration the astigmatisms you also have which also adds on a bit. But like you know there is no glasses police so how much you decide or feel the need to wear your glasses is totally up to you with the exception of driving of course which you already were doing anyway.

SB 25 May 2017, 13:10

Just got a new rx with a pretty significant increase. I was only wearing glasses to drive but not much else. Would you recommend wearing these all the time?

-1.50 -0.75 180

-1.50 -0.50 180


everything's fuzzy 24 May 2017, 20:24

I was at a nightspot a few years back. There was this blond about 25 y-o and 5'5", a tad overweight but very attractive and wearing plus prescription eyeglasses. An female acquaintance of hers came over to her to ask "Jill, why are you wearing glasses"? Jill replied: they're a new prescription. The acquaintance then asked "what do you have to wear them for"? Jill replied: for seeing. Acquaintance now asks "how do you like them? Jill replies "I hate them" Later that evening I noticed Jill pulling the glasses down her nose trying to see by peering over her frames.

A few weeks later Jill was back at the nightspot with several of he girlfriends. But this night she was not wearing glasses. I wondered if she decided not to wear glasses or whether she had contact lenses on. A few minutes passed by and I observed Jill reading a menu without any glasses. I assumed she hated her new glasses enough to get contact lenses. But as I recall from the earlier time that her eyeglasses Rx fairly strong, at maybe +3.00 and she likely had always wore contact lenses in public which is why the acquaintance was so surprised to see Jill wearing Rx glasses. And when Jill informed her that her glasses were a new prescription. That this was not her first time wearing vision correction. She likely wore her new glasses that night because her new contact lenses, the vision correction she prefers, were still on order. So she had little choice when going out that evening but to wear her new but dreaded prescription glasses.

antonio 24 May 2017, 16:02

Wow Maria,

welcome to the Club then.

Are you happy vor unhappy to have joined our Club of full time wearers so suddenly ?

Seems it was a surprise to you suddenly really needing Thema to See?

Hope they don't geht wer too offen Ehen you are gardening in summer, ? :-)

Still strange to need Them now?

Was it difficult for you to show up suddenly wearing Thema everywhere ?

Best regards, antonio

Soundmanpt 14 May 2017, 12:43


Sorry Stacy! But it looks like you better get used to the idea that you're going to be wearing glasses like it or not. The fact that they are having you come back in 6 months to examine your eyes again means that you have probably been in need of glasses for some time already. usually a first prescription is pretty weak and you only need to come back after a year. So it sounds like either they didn't give you your full prescription or they feel like your eyes are in transition and you may need an increase by then. But one thing I can tell you is that if the eye chart was blurry now you can expect it to be even more blurred at your next exam.

And no there is no way to cheat to not need glasses. There are many things that are far worse than having to wear glasses. Look around at how many of your friends wear glasses. Glasses are really quite popular with many young ladies these days. Have you been into a fashion boutique recently? If so have you not noticed the racks of fake glasses? That's because glasses are now considered a fashion accessory. Just instead of being unhappy about having to wear glasses to take your time in picking out glasses that look good on you. Don't go in with the attitude of just settling for whatever because you're angry.

Remember after your eyes get settled down more if you still hate wearing glasses you can always change to contacts.

Stacy 14 May 2017, 10:10

Well, found out I need glasses yesterday. If only my dad did not make that appointment I would be fine. And the doctor was kind of rude too, and just had to tell my dad to make sure I wear the glasses all the time. I don't understand why I need glasses. It is not like we look at eye charts all the time, or have to stand 20 feet away from everything we look at, or read at a certain distance. I get along just fine without them, so what if I could not see the letters on the charts. I have to go back in six months, is there anyway to cheat the exam, so that I won't get glasses?

Soundmanpt 02 May 2017, 09:43


First off i'm sure that i'm going to once again be accused of being you but so be it. You know that you are not me and that's all that really matters. I know that you are for sure the same person that was in here several months ago that was buying glasses on E-Bay I believe or other places maybe? I recognize the same amplifier in the background.

It was becoming clear that you really enjoyed wearing many of the glasses that you were buying and that you getting more and more daring by wearing various pairs even around your own area. At first you would only wear these glasses while in your house and when you got a chance to go to a different town where no one knew you. I remember that your own glasses were only -.75 and you only wore them for driving. You really didn't want your vision to get any worse than that. I know early on you mentioned your age which I don't recall but I know you were past the age where your eyes should have been affected by wearing stronger glasses. I sincerely feel bad for telling you what you were doing was okay and it wouldn't do any harm to your eyes. Apparently by wearing -3.00 glasses constantly during the winter and doing lots of work on your computer and reading was enough to change your eyesight. Were you putting your glasses on each day as soon as you opened your eyes and not taking them off until you went to bed that night? I know you didn't intent to ruin your eyesight when you started buying and wearing those glasses but you seemed to get a thrill out of wearing them as much as possible. Now that you have become a GWG are you okay with wearing glasses full time now?

Maxim 01 May 2017, 15:19

to Maria:

your 'Pierre Cardin' glasses are super, and you must be superpretty with them!

Corrected - sorry for the typos, it's after midnight here and I have been listening to the 'Foodrevolutionsummit'.

Maxim 01 May 2017, 15:16

to Maria:

your 'Pierre Cardin' glasses aresuper, and you msut be superpretty with them!

Marķa 01 May 2017, 14:07

I have not posted recently, but here is my latest development.

Throughout the winter season,I had not been working much, so I spent many days indoors wearing some of my glasses constantly.I got to the point of wearing a minus 3.00 pair, and used them for close work on the computer, and for reading.

Last month it became apparent that when I awoke in the morning,my vision was very blurred unless I put on these glasses.My weaker pairs just did not help at all.

As you know I was always reluctant to wear glasses out and about, but now I had to.

This prompted me to seek an eye exam, and I now have a prescription of right eye -2.75 with -.75 cyl. at 142, and left eye -3.00 with - 1.00 cyl. at 154

So as you folkS here would say I am now a full time GWG.

Here are my glasses.

Cactus Jack 10 Apr 2017, 19:03


I have a bit of news that you probably will not like. Your prescription means that you have built in reading glasses with the strongest power they sell over the counter.

What that means is that your Focusing Muscles are probably very weak. The Focusing Muscles are called the Ciliary Muscles. The inside your eyes and are very tiny. For their size, they are normally the strongest muscles in the body. Their job is to Squeeze the Crystalline Lenses to increase their power, when you need to focus closer than about 20 feet.

The reason I wanted to mention this is that I strongly suspect that you will have trouble using your computer screen or reading until your Ciliary Muscles get used to going to work. In some ways it is like lifting weights to strengthen your arm muscles. When you start you use very light weights and even with that your muscles get sore. Your Ciliary Muscles will get sore, but that usually causes headaches.

Forewarned is Forearmed. There are several solutions when someone of your age gets their first glasses. Sometimes the Eye Care Professional will under correct by prescribing LESS Minus than you actually need. Other times they will prescribe bifocals or in extreme cases trifocals, to let you function until your Ciliary Muscles get strong enough that you no longer need them.

There are some other temporary solutions that we can help with.

From a practical standpoint, it will probably take a month or two to get your Ciliary Muscles in shape, but it is important that you not get discouraged.

If you are mathematically inclined, I can get into the math and physics of what is going on. Let me assure you that what you experience is very common for people with first prescriptions over about -2.00. The good news is that once you get your Ciliary Muscles in shape, you probably won't even need to think about bifocals or progressives for many years.


Maxim 10 Apr 2017, 13:53

to EMS (just very short):

The lower numbers of your collegue's prescrition mean, that she needs less correction than you need. Your vision is more blurry than hers.

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