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Hyperopia and Presbyopia Progression

For and about anyone having difficulty seeing near/reading.

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Cactus Jack 18 Mar 2018, 11:01


Here are two simple tests. The first is for Astigmatism. Here is the link to an Astigmatism test chart.

The instructions are pretty clear. Please let me know the results of this test.

The next test is to estimate your refractive error, if any.

You will need the following items:

1. A pair of inexpensive Over-the-Counter (OTC) +1.50 or +1.75 reading glasses.

These glasses will actually simulate being mildly nearsighted. The purpose is to get the target's focus in to a conveniently measurable range (less than arms length).

2. A "target" which is a book or newspaper with small print.

3. A tape measure calibrated in either cm or inches (your preference). Unless your refractive error is very large, the OTC reading glasses will make the focus distance less than 66 cm or 26 inches, which is easy to measure fairly accurately.

Procedure with each eye individually.

1. In a location with good, but not BRIGHT light, put on the OTC reading glasses.

2. Hold the target close enough to see the text clearly (usually around (30 cm or 13 inches).

3. Slowly move the target away from your eyes until the text JUST begins to get fuzzy around the edges of the text.

4. Note the distance.

5. Repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 three times and average the distance.

6. Let me know the results for each eye and the power of the OTC reading glasses you used.

Note: Please do not use prescription reading glasses for this test. They could have some Cylinder correction for astigmatism, which would introduce unknown errors in the results. I don't know where you live, but you may be able to find some inexpensive OTC reading glasses in what we call "dollar" stores in the US. They may not be optically "wonderful", but they are good enough for this test.


Morgan 17 Mar 2018, 18:36

Sure CJ, am interested.

Cactus Jack 17 Mar 2018, 12:51


Quick answer. What you WANT to believe does not count. The idea that a person does not need close focusing help until 40 is a MYTH. It is common for a person with uncorrected Hyperopia (far or longsightedness) to have problems focusing close at an earlier age.

Hyperopia is the ONLY refractive error that you can correct internally, often without your being aware that you are doing it, using some of your ability to focus close.

The culprit is Presbyopia, which happens to almost everyone. Presbyopia is the gradual stiffening of your Crystalline Lenses. It starts in childhood, but typically does not become nuisance until the 30s or 40s, but if you do a lot of close focusing it can even happen to teens who spend a lot of time texting on smartphone.

There is a simple eye test you can do to get an idea of your refractive error, if any. All you need is a book or newspaper, some OTC Reading glasses (+1.50 or +1.75 preferred), and a tape measure. Interested?


Morgan 17 Mar 2018, 09:12

Quick question-----Recently, I have been having difficulties with focus when working on the computer, phone, etc. Am 34 years old and really don't want to believe that I need reading glasses. Any persons out there who needed readers at my age.

Lou 16 Mar 2018, 00:59

Hi Curt

Thanks very much, but the post on 3rd March gives Danielle's prescription, and I was enquiring about Vicky's.

Thanks again.


Curt 15 Mar 2018, 13:47

Lou: They are on this thread dated March 3.

Soundmanpt 15 Mar 2018, 09:53


After Danielle had her eyes examined and was given her new prescription which is even stronger than your old glasses did she continue wearing your old glasses while her new glasses are being made or did she wear her own glasses? It would have helped her if she continued wearing your glasses since they were only slightly weaker than what her new glasses will be. But even doing that she still might notice that he right eye is a little bit blurry until her eyes adjust to her glasses. The assistant was correct in telling her that once her eyes adjust to her glasses she is going to notice the difference a lot more now whenever she takes her glasses off. Before she was seeing equally blurry with both eyes now the blur is going to unbalanced to her. So I guess the big question is she going to wear glasses or contacts as her main way of correcting her eyesight? I'm sure that you and Vicky are hoping that she decides to wear her glasses all the time and maybe saves her contacts for special occasions when she may not want to wear glasses. Recently she has been pretty wearing glasses full time since her contacts weren't strong enough for her unless she wore Vicky's old glasses over the top of them. So maybe she has finally gotten comfortable wearing glasses? Personally Clubmaster glasses are a favorite of mine on young women anyway so even with seeing Danielle i'm sure she looks amazing wearing those glasses.

I'm pretty sure that Danielle must be fine with Vicky wearing glasses full time or she wouldn't have left her borrow a pair of her glasses when she first started wearing glasses herself. and then when Danielle wanted her glasses back Danielle even went on line and ordered Vicky a pair of glasses. So even though Danielle has had a problem with accepting the fact that she needs to be wearing her glasses ore often and now full time she must like the way Vicky looks wearing glasses.

Lou 14 Mar 2018, 10:04

Hi Carrie

I don't remember Vicky's prescription details/history. If it is ok with her, would you mind posting her old and new prescriptions, as I am interested since I wear a very small prescription and changed my glasses in Feb 2017 owing to a +0.25 Sph -0.25 Cyl reduction in just my left eye, what sort of difference she has between her old and new prescriptions, which has meant that there is no need to change her glasses. Admittedly in my case, the reason I got new glasses with only a small change in prescription in just one eye, is that this small change was the reason I went for another eye test eleven months after my previous one, because I felt that my left eye was out of focus when driving at night.

Thanks very much


Carrie 13 Mar 2018, 12:37

Danielle picked up her glasses on Saturday. As the assistant handed over the first pair of glasses to Danielle she was told that she might find the vision through the right lens is a little blurry but she should soon see clearly. When Danielle put them on she did have a little blurriness in her right eye so the assistant suggested concentrating on a distant object. Danielle did this and she said it became clearer. Reading with them was "super HD". She asked the assistant why she needs to wear glasses all the time. Part of the reason is the difference between the prescriptions for each eye. Wearing the new prescription all the time will make her eyes work together properly, giving better depth perception and her eyes will feel more comfortable. It seems she has probably been straining her eyes for years but she is getting to the point where she can't compensate any more. Her prescription has been increased gradually to allow her to get used to it.

She decided to wear the Clubmaster style glasses in which she looks very sexy and I told her so. Vicky and Gemma agreed. I can tell the right lens is stronger but I doubt if most people will notice. Later on Danielle said her eyes were getting used to the glasses but it still felt a little strange in her right eye, especially if she takes her glasses off on puts them on again. A little dizzy for a few seconds and she can feel her eye focusing. I told her I got the same feeling every time i got a stronger prescription and she is probably noticing it more than previous increases because of the amount the right eye prescription has increased but the feeling will soon go.

She has reluctantly accepted that she should wear her glasses full time. The positive comments we gave her helped. She knows that I wasn't just saying it because we're friends.

I haven't seen her since the weekend but I am guessing she's getting on ok. I have no idea how she feels about Vicky continuing to wear glasses full time.

I hope to see Danielle wearing her clear plastic framed glasses soon. They looked really pretty on her when she tried them on in the shop.

Soundmanpt 12 Mar 2018, 16:09


So how is Danielle doing with adjusting to her new glasses? Did she mention anything about getting a slight headaches after wearing her glasses for a short time? It wouldn't be that unusual for her glasses to cause her a slight headache as her eyes are trying to adjust to the change in prescription. I know that both you and Vicky would prefer her to wear her glasses full time and only wear her contacts on special occasions when she might feel more attractive if she wasn't wearing glasses. Carrie the best thing you could have f=done was constantly tell her how good she looks wearing her new glasses. Which you said you really do like the way she looked when she was picking them out.The more you boost her confidence the more likely she is wear them. I remember when you first started wearing glasses for the first time and even though you always wanted to actually need glasses and you were excited to finally be prescribed with glasses you said it was very helpful that your boyfriend supported you and didn't have any problem with his girlfriend wearing glasses full time. I'm sure he hadn't been as supportive that would have made it much more difficult for you to wear your glasses full time. Vicky's eyes didn't change enough for her to need new glasses, but were you surprised that she didn't get new ones anyway? She must really like the glasses she's currently wearing or they must be so comfortable that she is happy to continue wearing them. Even though Danielle isn't crazy about waving to wear glasses full time now she seems to like the idea of Vicky wearing glasses full time.

Weirdeyes 10 Mar 2018, 02:54


I donít think she has to worry about a 1.00 difference between her eyes. My first glasses had a 1.25 difference which didnít have a visible difference. The difference wasnít visible until 3.25. Even then when I got high index only I could notice the difference.

Carrie 10 Mar 2018, 02:43

I just got a text from my friend Danielle asking if we would like to go with her when she goes to pick up her new glasses today. Obviously I said yes! I think she needs some moral support because despite being a very confident women I have detected some slight nervousness in her since her eye test. She hasn't said but maybe she's worried how her glasses will look with +1.00 difference between lenses.

 09 Mar 2018, 09:57

2 Plus Tonys = ! +add

Plus Tony 07 Mar 2018, 15:00

I'm the real Plus Tony. I haven't posted recently because I haven't had anything interesting to say.

I certainly haven't got a bifocal add of least not yet.

Plus Tony 07 Mar 2018, 13:12

Great news---am finally wearing bifocals. Had my eyes examined last week and was given an add of +1.50 for each eye.

Weirdeyes 04 Mar 2018, 00:04


Interesting that she got way more of an increase in one eye. How was it for you when you got more of an increase in your right eye? Was it temporarily more blurry? I have a lot of personal experience with one eye getting more of an increase. I found it wasnít that hard for me to get used to. I just enjoyed the more vivid vision. Recently I got some reading glasses that are .75 stronger than my regular glasses. I find my right eye can almost see perfectly at a distance with those glasses at times while my left eye has more distance blur. I wonder if this means Iíll get more increase in my right eye for my next prescription. This would work in my favor because my left eye is worse.

Soundmanpt 03 Mar 2018, 11:47


Thanks for the update about Danielle and Vicky. Interesting results with Danielle's eye exam. She only had a very slight increase in her left eye but a big jump in your right eye. So your old glasses were perfect for her left eye and only about half of what she needs for her right eye. So until she gets her new glasses and contacts she would be better ff wearing your old glasses than her own glasses. I looked back and found that her own glasses are only L +1.75 / R +2.00. So much better for her eyes to start adjusting to your glasses than staying with her glasses since they are way too weak for her now. I'm sure she wasn't happy being told that she now needs to wear either her glasses or contacts full time, but she probably was expecting to be told that so she wasn't surprised. It sound like the glasses he picked out are really cute. I know exactly what the Clubmaster glasses look like so I have a pretty good idea what they will look like being clear. I know you have always considered Danielle as being very attractive and even more attractive when she wears her glasses. I know that you're hoping she decides to wear her glasses more often than she wears her contacts. Maybe once she gets her glasses and people complement her enough on how good she looks wearing her new glasses she may just wear her glasses and save her contacts for special occasions.

I wonder if Vicky was disappointed that her vision only changed very slightly? So apparently the change must have only been +.25 in her SPH or -.25 in her CYL. So Vicky doesn't need new glasses. This will really be the longest that she has been wearing the same glasses. I'm sure that Vicky probably takes good care of her glasses so they are probably still in very good condition.Of course they will have whatever her new prescription is written on her chart in their files so if she were to decide that she wants new glasses in few months she can always have her glasses made with whatever the small change was if she wants. I'm not sure how Vicky feels about not having enough of a change in her prescription for her to need her glasses changed but her eyesight will never be perfect again, so she will still be wearing glasses when she dies.

Lou 03 Mar 2018, 10:56

Hi Carrie

Thanks very much for the update.

Best wishes


Carrie 03 Mar 2018, 09:55

We did go with Danielle and Vicky to the opticians, even though it is sooo cold outside! Vicky's sight has only changed very slightly. No new prescription needed. Danielle did get a new prescription. She showed me the print out and her prescription is now L+2.00 and R+3.00. It was recommended that she wears glasses or contacts all the time at least until she gets used to new prescription and continuing to wear her current prescription all the time until she gets new glasses or contacts will help her adjust to the new prescription. She already knew which frames she was going to pick as she had seen them a few weeks ago. She tried both frames on just to make sure. The same assistant as before was at the counter. I am now even more sure she fancies Danielle and Danielle was enjoying the attention! Difficult to explain but you can usually tell when one person finds the other person attractive. Obviously the assistant had to stay professional but some actions are made unconsciously. The frames Danielle chose were a Clubmaster style and a clear plastic style. The Clubmaster ones made her look very cool and sexy. The clear ones make her look more feminine than the Clubmasters and suit her very well. Her glasses will be ready in a week to 10 days.

She wasn't exactly pleased that she needed a stronger prescription or that she should wear it full time but she wasn't surprised. I don't know how much she knows about her prescription but she will certainly notice the +1.00 increase in her right eye and that will take some getting used to. The +0.25 increase in her left eye will hardly be noticeable.

Although Vicky didn't need an increased prescription I have a feeling she will be happy that she still needs glasses.

Danielle and Vicky have come over to our place and we are about to have some crumpets and some of Gemma's home made soup to warm us up. Yum!

Lou 03 Mar 2018, 08:18

Hi Carrie

I'm sure you will, but please let us know the outcome of Danielle and Vicky's eye tests. Thanks very much.

Best wishes


Hi Soundmanpt

I posted what I'm about to say in response to the last time you discussed Danielle's vision. I know that you understand this yourself, but without meaning to be critical, you never seem to clarify that when increasing a plus prescription for near, that the distance vision will only clear if the increase in prescription allows further latent hyperopia to be uncovered.

I can't quite remember Danielle's age. From memory, I believe that she is in her early 30s. If she does require an increase for near, it probably is a case of her still having some latent hyperopia, but it could be presbyopia, and if so, her distance vision will not clear past the point when all latent hyperopia is uncovered.

Like I said, I know that you know this, but without specifically saying so, your post implies that every time a near prescription is increased, the distance vision will clear in a short time, when in reality this is only the case if a person has latent hyperopia.

Anyway, I hope that you are not offended by me challenging you on this. I just feel that this is a subject that requires clarification.

Regarding your advice for Danielle to get progressives, if you don't mind me asking, I'd like to ask your opinion on something. I can fully understand why you are suggesting progressives, but if Danielle still has some latent hyperopia and her full distance prescription is really the same as she requires for near, although I can understand that keeping latent hyperopia masked would result in better distance vision without correction, in reality, surely this better distance vision would occur in association with over accommodation and quite likely eye strain, and what will happen when the eye becomes less able to accommodate with age? Won't the distance prescription then go up anyway, as the eye will be less able to accommodate over it?

I would have thought that a person would experience less eye strain and better eye comfort, if their latent hyperopia was uncovered, even if it resulted in a stronger distance prescription whilst they still had sufficient accommodation to accommodate over their hyperopia.

What please are your thoughts regarding this?

Best wishes


Soundmanpt 02 Mar 2018, 17:59


I'm sure this time time Danielle is going to be told that she now needs to be wearing her glasses,or contacts, full time. But I think she probably already expects to hear that so maybe she will except it pretty well. You know Danielle pretty well over the past few months does she seem more accepting to the fact that really can't see very well without either her glasses or contacts anymore? I know her biggest fear was becoming dependent on her glasses and she has gotten to that point now where she is pretty dependent on her glasses or contacts if she wants to see clearly. Since she seems to be hating ta fact her distance vision is getting worse as well every time she needs new glasses, I wish she would consider switching to progressives so her distance vision wouldn't need to be effected each time she needs an increase in her glasses. Every time that you have gotten new glasses it has been because your eyes needed your lenses to be stronger for seeing close up, not because you couldn't see distances just fine. After you get your glasses your distance if usually a bit blurry for a few days until your eyes adjust to your glasses for distance. When Danielle gets her new glasses she is going to see distances a bit blurry for several days while her eyes adjust to her glasses. And of course her distance vision is going to be more blurry than it is now whenever she takes her glasses off.

As much as Danielle hates getting her eyes examined i'm sure Vicky totally loves having her eyes examined. With all the talk between you ladies it seems like Vicky ha been very quiet about her eyesight. I will interested to see if she needs her glasses changed or not. I wonder if Vicky will try and convince the doctor into giving her an increase? Didn't Danielle want you to go with her to help her pick out her new glasses? So are you and Gemma going with Danielle and Vicky tomorrow? I know you enjoy going to optical stores as much as kids enjoy going to a toy store. Maybe find the cutest glasses wearing optician to adjust your glasses for you. Are the temples just a bit tight on your glasses? haha!

Carrie 02 Mar 2018, 10:53

My friends Danielle and Vicky get their eyes tested tomorrow (Saturday). I asked them if they had thought about cancelling and rebooking for another day when it's not going to be so cold and snowy outside (we're having a late, hard winter at the moment in the UK). Danielle said she had thought about it but unless the weather gets even worse and the opticians has to close they are still going.

Lou 27 Feb 2018, 08:50

Hi Tom

My prescription is similar to yours.

Mine is:

R: +0.50 Sph - 0.50 Cyl Axis 92

L: +0.25 Sph - 0.25 Cyl Axis 85

My perception is that my eyes need a slightly weaker prescription as the day progresses.

I maybe wrong, but I have a feeling that the general trend is to need very slightly more minus/less plus in the evening than in the morning.

Since I'm a musician and do a lot of gigging at night, and hence a lot of driving at night, I always schedule my eye exams as late in the day as possible.

I suppose the best time to schedule an eye exam depends on your life style. I'd go at the time of the day, when you feel that optimum vision is most important to you.

I hope that this will be of some help.

Best wishes


Tom 27 Feb 2018, 01:58


Wondering if there is a best time of day to have an eye test? Would wearing/not wearing glasses in the lead up effect the result?

I only have a weak prescription of +.5 in both eyes with a small astigmatism of -.25.


Lou 24 Feb 2018, 13:43

Hi again Weirdeyes

I meant to add, that I will of course refrain from discussing prescriptions. You'll have my email address when I reply. Please feel free to ask me any questions about the treatment I received, and I'll do my best to answer.

Take care


Weirdeyes 24 Feb 2018, 13:41

One thing I noticed is that not wearing glasses actually made my prescription increase in the past. It seems like not correcting my vision during non-visually demanding tasks kind of relaxes them. Maybe this is a sign of binocular vision issues.

Lou 24 Feb 2018, 13:40

Hi Weirdeyes

I don't mind sharing my experience of vision therapy. I'll email you over the next couple of days if it is ok with you, to give me chance to think what best to say.

Take care


Weirdeyes 24 Feb 2018, 13:22


How was your experience in vision therapy? I think it will help me because even at higher or lower prescriptions my eyes fluctuated weirdly. I also got consistently low prescriptions(under +2.00) in my left eye for a while even though my optometrist was perfectly competent. After that it suddenly jumped to +3.50. Before I got glasses I knew my vision was off, but I never remember experiencing all this weird stuff. I think correcting my left eye unmasked binocular vision problems. Letís try to keep discussions about prescription off limits. My email is Thereís some things Iím curious about that I want to keep more private.

Lou 24 Feb 2018, 13:00

Hi Weirdeyes

You are very welcome.

What you are saying all sounds very reasonable.

Please continue to post updates.

All the best


Weirdeyes 24 Feb 2018, 09:33

Jack and Lou

Thank you. For now Iím going to try to stop focusing on getting the right prescription. Itís obvious my eyes consistently want the same prescription I have now at the moment. It doesnít mean itís correct, but what it means is it doesnít matter how many second opinions I get. Iíll keep getting the same rx. Iím going to focus on vision therapy. Theyíll figure out why my vision is uncomfortable. Iím pretty sure I have visual processing issues in general. They seem to run in my family. Iím hoping theyíll also make my vision more consistent. Iím planning on rechecking my rx next year. I also want to get into more ebooks because thatís a time I can rest my eyes and stop thinking about them.

Jack 24 Feb 2018, 03:00

Weirdeyes, I'm sure there are a lot of us here that would like to hear about your vision. Do not stop posting, as maybe we could stumble with a solution. Hope you get it solved soon.

Likelenses, I didn't know that you were a mental health expert. Maybe you could stick to talking about things you actually know or understand, instead of making assumptions about people?

Jack 24 Feb 2018, 03:00

Weirdeyes, I'm sure there are a lot of us here that would like to hear about your vision. Do not stop posting, as maybe we could stumble with a solution. Hope you get it solved soon.

Likelenses, I didn't know that you were a mental health expert. Maybe you could stick to talking about things you actually know or understand, instead of making assumptions about people?

Lou 24 Feb 2018, 01:49

Thank you everybody for your kind words of support. Yes, all is going well with me.

Thank you Weirdeyes for your apology. I'm not going to try to help anymore, as you were not finding it helpful. Regarding people not wanting to hear about your problems, I'd be happy to read the outcomes of your future opticians appointments, if you'd like to share them. Have a nice day also.

Take care everyone


Weirdeyes 22 Feb 2018, 22:44


Sorry about that post. You were very patient with me. Iíll stop posting here since Iím obviously not popular and people obviously donít want to hear about my problems. I donít think anyone can help me to be honest. You tried your best. Have a nice day.

Likelenses 22 Feb 2018, 22:33


I am entitled to my opinion, as you are to yours.

Enjoy your name calling !

NNVisitor 22 Feb 2018, 22:18


You gave plenty of your time to try and help someone who appeared to be having vision/glasses problems. I certainly noticed that you were responding out of kindness. I hope all is going well with you.

Freud 22 Feb 2018, 21:11


Just because someone struggles with mental health doesnít mean everything is in their head. How can you be such an idiot? Maybe you should spend more time with your fabulous high minus girlfriend instead of mocking people about their mental health.

Likelenses 22 Feb 2018, 21:00


I always thought that you were trying to be very helpful to Weirdeyes, and you were always patient, and understanding.

But at the same time I was suspicious of weirdeyes , due to the fact that she jumped all over the board regarding symptoms, prescriptions, doctors, and her own analysis.

My take on all of this is that,

1. She was seeking attention

2. Over analyzing her symptoms.

3. Projecting things that she had read into her own vision / correction.

Since she openly admitted that she has obsessive compulsive disorder, and other mental problems, I still believe that most of her vision problems are more in her head, than in her eyes.

Her rudeness to you, and others that were trying to be helpful, and her use of vulgarity, are some additional signs of her illness.

 22 Feb 2018, 19:55

Why is Lou the problem?

spexfan 22 Feb 2018, 17:55

Sorry. Wrong thread....

spexfab 22 Feb 2018, 17:54

I use Dailies AquaComfort plus MF. They're +1.75 with a MED add. I agree with the comments below. Distance vision is not as good as I'd like. However I do find that my vision improves with them as they settle in, takes about an hour, and then continues to improve slightly throughout the day/night, I think it's because the brain adjusts to reading the image that the contacts produce (the optics of MF contacts are more complicated than standard MF glasses)

That being said, they are still never as good for distance as glasses. I did note, however (and my OD has heard this from other patients) that it's easier to adapt if you mostly wear the contacts. I guess switching between glasses and contacts all the time makes it hard to adapt to the compromised distance vision as your brain is always switching back and forth.

I've used them quite happily for driving and meetings. Would only really find the distance blur a problem and night and even then, I find that if I've worn them all day it doesn't really matter. Sometimes I even forget I'm wearing them late in the day.

So a tenatative thumbs up from me. Different brands are different also. see if your OD will do a free trial with the Dailies.

 22 Feb 2018, 15:44

Lou is about 65-75% of the problem. He just doesn't realize it.

Lou 22 Feb 2018, 10:44


I'm not sure why you feel you have to warn people against me. What have I done, other than patiently and kindly continue to reply to somebody who seemed very anxious regarding their eyesight and prescription?

I don't remember being rude, hostile or uncooperative.


Ruenelle 22 Feb 2018, 06:17

I warned everyone about Weird Eyes and Lou a few weeks ago. I just ignored their posts for the longest time.

Lou 22 Feb 2018, 02:34


William 21 Feb 2018, 12:31

It is relief I read that the Weirdeyes dialogue with Lou has come to an end.

Hi William

I'm relieved too. I was spending my time out of genuine kindness and willingness to help, only for Weirdeyes to be ungrateful.

If you however don't mind me saying, if you were bored with our posts, why didn't you either stop reading them, or contribute to give another perspective and end the two way discussion?

Best wishes


Lou 22 Feb 2018, 02:31


A 21 Feb 2018, 10:27

Lou, well you certainly were right, looks like it was the real Weirdeyes. How ungrateful and rude little brat. Sorry that you had to endure all of that.

Hi A

Thank you very much for your kind words of support.

Take care


William 21 Feb 2018, 12:32

Sorry should have read Weirdeyes in previous post

William 21 Feb 2018, 12:31

It is relief I read that the Wierdeyes dialogue with Lou has come to an end.

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