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Pete 03 Oct 2013, 00:53


I would like your email address.

I lost it in a computer change.


Wurm 15 Dec 2011, 09:11


Wurm 06 Nov 2010, 15:44


Wurm 06 Nov 2010, 13:19

Test 3

Wurm 06 Nov 2010, 12:56

Test 2

Wurm 06 Nov 2010, 12:55


Wurm 17 Aug 2010, 20:04

Test 5

Russian 04 Dec 2008, 02:44

Wurm, please, delete r.o. message

Wurm 18 Aug 2008, 15:15


focused.eye 11 Aug 2007, 06:49

thank you

Wurm 10 Aug 2007, 20:17

Sure, go ahead and promote your board whenever you think it is relevant. If you want to take on stuff that doesn't seem to work here, that's great. I also understand that there will be overlap, and that's no problem either.

Just don't overdo it. Maybe a post every week or two is OK with me.

focused.eye 10 Aug 2007, 15:18

Wurm, should I offer the board I opened as an option for long winding discussions? I mean, as in the way the conversation with Rachel is very interesting to some, but others begin to feel uneasy and attack her. The board I opened would be best for that kind of thing. But I wouldn't offer it without your consent (I will not even post the link to it here).

Also - I'm thinking about giving some other users (long time Eyescene collaborators) Admin privliges, so that it could become a shared project. I must emphsize again, that my aim is not to replace Eyesce, but to enable a place for private discussions between several users, which don't match the static thread topics in Eyescene.

You can answer me here, or mail me if you want, at Thank you.

Wurm 06 Jul 2007, 10:31


Wurm 06 Jul 2007, 10:24


Wurm 01 Oct 2006, 03:02


Wurm 01 Oct 2006, 03:02


Wurm 01 Oct 2006, 02:45


Wurm 24 Sep 2006, 06:19


Wurm 24 Sep 2006, 04:53


Wurm (test3) 04 Sep 2006, 04:03 - -

Wurm (test3) 04 Sep 2006, 03:59

Wurm (test2) 04 Sep 2006, 03:46 - - - - -

Wurm (test) 04 Sep 2006, 03:36 - - - - -

Cactus Jack 12 Jul 2006, 05:49


Excellent point. I used a website just yesterday to order something and the font was almost unreadable. The font was one of those where the stroke in one direction was 1 pixel wide and about 10 pixels wide in the other. It was nearly impossible to differentiate between an "X" and and "N". Maybe that is necessary for very clever "bots". Apparently, they were aware of the problem because they had a feature where you could LISTEN to the characters if you couldn't read them.

Having very hard to read fonts would not be a good thing on a site devoted to vision.


Puffin 12 Jul 2006, 04:29

But please don't make them too unreadable.

 12 Jul 2006, 00:44

Cactus Jack 11 Jul 2006, 17:27


Maybe, you could add a feature where you must enter the characters displayed in a variable graphics field to submit a post. I believe that is what a number of sites use to prevent machine submissions.


LikeGlass 11 Jul 2006, 16:23

Yes on the Bot.

Someone seems to be using a "forms" bot, that seeks pages with form entry. It's popping up on othe sites.

unknown if anyone has to help it along.


Dave 11 Jul 2006, 16:05

I wonder if it's some kind of 'bot' that's doing it automatically.

Puffin 11 Jul 2006, 15:08

I wonder what the point of dumping all this poker stuff here is. Could the originator please enlighten us?

Ted 11 Jul 2006, 14:42

Wurm, it may be a minor inconvenience for us, but the advantages of this site far outweigh the posts made by a few idiots. Please keep up the good work.

Wurm 11 Jul 2006, 12:25

I'm aware of the spam flooding that's going on in GOC, and in Site Feedback and News. It may be a couple of days before I can clean up the posts and institute some simple blocks. And it may be a couple of weeks before I can implement a more thorough solution.

So far it is not creating a bandwidth crisis that might take the site offline. I recommend using the index rather than the post index, for now.

My apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this.

JB 04 Jul 2006, 23:15

A 4 E

In reply to your meaning of life, here is mine....

Life is all about keys.

You are born, you have no keys.

You get your first bike and a padlock key.

Your parents trust you enough to give you house key.

You go to college and get your own front door key.

Buy a car, get some keys

Buy your own house, get more keys.

Your employer gives you office keys.

You put up a shed, more keys.

Then you retire, no office keys.

Downsize your house. no shed / garage keys.

Too old to drive, no car keys

Move into retirement home, no house keys.

The end has come, no need for keys where you are going...........

Life is ALL about keys

All4Eyes 04 Jul 2006, 16:57

It says here we can talk about anything on this thread (even nonglasses-related), so I thought I’d share my Most Recent Theory on the Meaning of Life, which is that Life Is… all in your head. When we experience a person/ place/ thing/event, it is not really the thing itself we are experiencing, but rather our perception of it. We tend to think the physical world outside of us, the world of things we can sense, is the real world and the “imaginary” world inside our minds is not and that our minds exist primarily to allow us to act to alter the world around us. But, if you think about the fact that human minds can contain everything we know to exist in the physical world PLUS things that have never been seen, heard, or otherwise sensed by anyone, but only imagined, this idea becomes questionable. Maybe the real world is inside of us and the physical world (including, btw, our own bodies) exists primarily to affect us. Perhaps true reality is in our perceptions, thoughts and feelings. Which means that it is everything (including nothing) and much more unstable and readily alterable than we are accustomed to think. On a glasses-related note, this makes me think of something interesting-If my Most Recent Theory is correct, then maybe the world really is blurry and it is the (large but still minority, at least here in the US) group with perfect vision who are not seeing things correctly. Thanks for listening and now I shall return to contemplating my navel (hmmm, I wonder how long that popcorn kernel has been in there?).

LikeGlass 24 Jun 2006, 08:47

Getting a little Testy?


Wurm 23 Jun 2006, 22:45


jer 04 Oct 2005, 21:24

Check nout these sexy eyewear photos

Wurm 26 Aug 2005, 04:26


Wurm 26 Aug 2005, 04:25


Wurm 26 Aug 2005, 04:23


spexman the original one 18 Jun 2005, 12:57


I´m just wondering...There was a tread before with stories...Hmm called fiction or something where have they gone ?? There was some good ones I never downloaded and saved...



jerry 19 Dec 2004, 12:41

Some sexy eyewear pix

Puffin 11 Dec 2004, 02:56

I don't think it's one of mine.

Wurm 10 Dec 2004, 21:49

Hi gr8,

I have a list of all the old story threads, and I didn't find that one. About the closest was "The Hypnotist". Maybe that was a short story on one of the multi-story threads? Or maybe it was on another site?

Perhaps someone else will remember that tale. If I had to guess I'd say the title sounds like one of Puffin's creations.

gr8lenses 10 Dec 2004, 18:08


I know that most of the fiction has been removed from the site. I'm looking for some one the old stories that were posted there and wondering if you can help. There was one called "The Mad Optomitrist" (maybe the Mad Optician) that I've been looking for. Perhaps some one could send it to me at


Wurm 29 May 2004, 15:48


Admin 29 May 2004, 15:38


Admin 29 May 2004, 15:36


Admin 29 May 2004, 15:33


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