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Frame Style and Personality

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Lv2c4i 21 Sep 2017, 04:50

This post could fit into several threads (news personalities, Psychology of Glasses, or here).

Last week, ABC's Good Morning American had a brief report on an article in Reader's Digest suggesting a relationship between personality and frame choice. This is not real news to folks frequenting this site.

The information was simple: colorful, quirky frame choice showed a creative, independent personality; dark, conventional frames a more business-like personality; and so forth.

One interesting sidelight was the way the four hosts showed/shared their spex "illustrating" (or perhaps testing) the article's premise.

George Stephanopolos wore his businesslike glasses the whole time. On the other end of the spectrum, Robin Roberts, who has appeared with her head shaved bald during and after her cancer treatment, put on her glasses, always there on the desk beside her, only very very briefly, quickly snatching them off almost before the camera "caught" her wearing them. Lara Spencer put hers on a bit, but she too took them off as soon as the story was concluded.

I found it an interesting snapshot of the way, not only choice of frames, but also approaches to wearing the chosen spex also reveals something of a person's personality.

PF 10 Nov 2016, 22:50

Wow... the things you find at random...

My name is Preston Fassel and I wrote the story for 20/20 that was mentioned a few posts ago. It's a sort of spinoff of a series of short stories I wrote for my college's literary magazine. I had the privilege of getting to write 20/20's fortieth anniversary story, and my editor was kind enough to suggest putting my literary talent to use for a first-of-its'-kind feature in the magazine. I was and remain forever grateful for his suggestion and support. There's more than a bit of autobiography to that story (as there always tends to be with fiction), and looking back on it now only two years later its' amazing how much of my own life is in it-- and how, in so many strange ways, that particular glimpse is so unrecognizable from my life now.

If anyone is still interested in reading it, it is indeed in the 20/20 archives online:

I've always loved glasses-- not just for helping people to see, but the other things they do for them: Allowing an individual to change his or her appearance and identity, to give the wearer a new sense of confidence. That's something it was important for me to infuse in the story. I hope it came across.

I'm very glad you enjoyed it.

Lv2c4i 27 Oct 2016, 03:46

Some time ago there was an offer of "bifocal-on-top" lenses and glasses designed for people who work, for instance, in retail stores and do stocking of shelves. Because of this activity, they do not look down to read, but rather need to look either straight ahead or above to read both product labels and markings on shelves.

Crystal Veil 26 Oct 2016, 16:08

I, glasses,

Over the past decades I had a few sightings of men and women wearing the lens type you describe. The glasses were all rimless and the interesting thing is that there were two lens types. The simplest type (chosen only by men) was a matter of cutting the lens in a straight horizontal line, giving the owner the effect of executive bifocals. I still see one of the men occasionally and I will ask him how he got his optician to make lenses like his. But I also saw a woman wearing the second lens type in which a half circle was removed, leaving two sharp downward "teeth" of the lens intact. She was an interesting (slightly eccentric) looking lady in her sixties. Good luck with your quest. No doubt, a good independent optician can do the job for you if you are prepared to pay him for the additional job.

I, Glasses 26 Oct 2016, 13:22

Quite some time ago, a magazine article about glasses showed a photo of a frame that was configured exactly the opposite of 'half-glasses' readers. The lenses were at the top of the frame; nothing was at the bottom, no lenses, no frame. They were designed for nearsighted people to use instead of bifocal glasses. Corrected distance vision through the lenses above, no correction at all, not even plano glass at the bottom. I am trying to find a frame like that. Does anybody know where I might look? Have any of you ever seen such a frame? Thanks.

Fifi Babifi 30 Mar 2016, 21:23


I think I saw a guy at a vegan restaurant wearing pierced glasses. There's all sorts of interesting characters at vegan restaurants. :)

Likelenses 30 Mar 2016, 18:48

Now I have seen it all!Pierced glasses.

It would be nice to see a beautiful girl, with strong minus wearing these

Fifi Babifi 28 Mar 2016, 22:36

I've never worn glasses that are actually black. My first glasses were dark purple and my next three glasses were brown. My current glasses are translucent and pink.

Milton Banana 28 Mar 2016, 21:11

Tell me, are there any glasses frames out there that aren't black?




Revolver 03 Apr 2015, 09:57

Have been meaning to post this for awhile, but....The Oct issue of 20/20 mag was devoted to it's 40th anniversary, and there was for the first time a fiction piece "a short story based in part on literary impressions of advertising and editorial from the very first issue", it's written by a pro named Preston Fassel and is great. The theme is a 17 year old boy and a rebellious 18 year old girl who plan to run away from their small town Oklahoma home and go to NYC. They're both glasses wearers and she wants a new pair. He's an OO, she's myope, and go to a 1 hour optical.

She wants flamboyant cat eyes, he's more conservative.

Here are a few phrases from the article: "she puts on the first frame, sharp-edged, corners like sickles, the ebony plastic a striking contrast toe the strawberry blonde of her voluminous mane". And, "the next pair, sleeker dark at the top and fading into translucent white, the edges softer, more modish, a severe look with her skin tone but a comfortable fit on the bridge of her aquiline nose". And, "eyes shining bright with life through the lenses of her thick Cat Eye glasses".

Could have been written by a member of this community. You may be able to find it in the archives of

presby L 17 May 2010, 18:51

I, Glasses. Try They have a great array of frames for every style and need.

I, Glasses 17 May 2010, 08:56

I had meant for this post to go to 'Frames,' but I accidentally posted it on 'Sunglasses.' My apologies for the double posting.

In the Age of Presbyopia, I use readers with half-glasses frames for close work. I prefer for the lenses to be slightly below the bridge of the frame instead of level with the bridge. However, because I've gotten used to contacts and rimless mountings for glasses, I do not like the frame around the top of the readers' lenses; I prefer that the top of the lenses have no rim. Also, I would like to find a traditional-looking half-glasses frame that is thinner and less noticeable than my current horn-rimmed ones. I have pored over 'Focusers' and other optical Web sites but haven't found what I'm looking for. Do any of you have any suggestions? Thanks.

stefanstar2003 04 Nov 2007, 22:45

Alain Mikli, Paris :-)

frank the tank 04 Nov 2007, 18:55

someone know this brand ???

Julian 07 Oct 2007, 12:12

Ivan: I take your point; that system is useful. But my last experience of Dollond & Aitchison was that there wasn't a frame in the shop I'd be seen dead in, and the prices were atrocious! Do you have a digital camera? If so, take it and a friend along with you to help you choose.

Ivan 07 Oct 2007, 12:05

Now I'm miss keying! I meant "cant see" and not "can" re the camera/screen thingy.

Ivan 07 Oct 2007, 12:02

thanks for that Julian- I just used that link as an example for the style.I'll prob use Dolland & Aitchinson as they have that handy camera/screen system where you can see how they look when you have your glasses back on-otherwise I have to rely on the judgement of the dispenser (not always a good thing as they can sometimes get carried away with off beat styles) and of course cus i simply can see anything without my glasses on!Oh the fun oh yes.At least I have a week or so to look at other guys out and about and see they appear and what looks best.

Julian 07 Oct 2007, 11:38

Don't know where that A came from - I'm talking pounds sterling!

Julian 07 Oct 2007, 11:37

Ivan: I have just got glasses in that kind of style and like them very much; I haven't had many comments but those I've had have all been favourable. I think they're a reasonable 'next step' after classic semi-rimless. Mine cost a lot more than £55, but then again they were progressives - no problem with getting them in that lens shape - and photochromic. Go for it!

Ivan 07 Oct 2007, 08:16

Hi every one. I'm currently trying to figure out whats what with current frame trends as I have to take an eye test in a couple of weeks and no doubt will need to get some new frames as well as lenses.My current prescription is a relatively high -6.25/-7.00 with some Gant semi-rimless frames.I'm not keen on the full-on thick dark emo type frames but nor do I want really another pair of classic semi's. I have seen some guys wearing frames with this sort of style which seem to be getting quite popular.So then,being a 44 year old tall dark guy in reasonable shape with nice brown eyes (i'm told)should I stick with the tried and tested semi-rimless look or are they now "out" so to speak.Ivan,uk.

THE theme 06 Oct 2007, 18:52

Please enjoy!

Clare 09 Feb 2007, 13:39

Julian - I work with Europeans and I find my Nordic and Dutch colleagues have particularly interesting choices in frames. I presume they're not buying them in the UK!

Julian 08 Feb 2007, 22:43

Yes, I used to see a guy at dances wearing glasses like that with quite a strong minus Rx. Dark red plastic, then later on dark blue. Rather effective. Now when I see him he isn't wearing glasses at all ::( Contacts? Lasik? I don't know him and have never spoken to him, you understand, we just go to a lot of the same (Scottish dancing) events. I'd like to know where people find interesting specs like that; when I go shopping the range is much more boring.

cut-in UK  08 Feb 2007, 15:34

Yes, they are hingeless and rimless and come in a variety of colours. Very lightweight and currently very fashionable.

I've seen them on many optical sites. You just need to search under 'prescription glasses' and the choice is almost endless.

DNBursky 08 Feb 2007, 14:43

Has anyone seen rimless frames that are plastic or something similar? I saw these frames years ago that were for rimless glasses. They were plastic/acetate or something and came in many colors. Can someone help. I don't know of any brands.


nickweymouth 13 Nov 2006, 22:57

Julian and hansel am still here and actuley posting now in variuos forums take care nick

Tod 27 Oct 2006, 19:36

I am wondering if most people today wear or prefer others to wear eyeglass frames that are unisex in style "gender nuteral" or glasses that are "gender specific" especially made for men or women. Intrestingly, eyeglasses frames were not made gender specific until about the late 1940's. Before this time they were viewed strictly as an optical aid much like a hearing aid or crutches. In the prosporus 1950's was when eyeglasses became a fashion statement. During the late 60's early' 70's there was a return for a while to unisex styles with the metal framed "granny glasses" being in vogue.

SplitTemples 01 Sep 2006, 21:27

I like wearing my retro-looking eyewear, especially with the split temples. Is this style hot right now ?

Nickweymouth 23 Aug 2006, 17:27

Julian and hansel thank you for your warm welcomes greetings to the north of england and stafordshire from down yere in darzet ogh argh Nick

Hansel 23 Aug 2006, 16:06

Welcome, nickweymouth

Hansel, (in the north of England)

Julian 23 Aug 2006, 14:38

Yeah, you just choose one and put it down, hoping you aren't duplicating anyone else's - and you aren't ::)

Jules (from Staffordshire)

nickweymouth 23 Aug 2006, 13:55

think ive workded out how to do it

 23 Aug 2006, 11:43

hi been a lurker for a long time jsut wnatded to say hi i love this site thank you to everyone im a 47 male from the uk who prefers women who wear glasses how do i get a es nicknmae

thanks again Nick

Guest 23 Jul 2006, 16:42

Could someone please tell me who is the manufacturer of Police Frames? And is there an online catalogue that I can look up?

ehpc 09 Jul 2006, 05:24

Suzie...................the coolest thing for blondes is these new black rectangular plastic frames with very wide sides................they look sooooooooooooo hot on blondes:) Are you minus GWG? Pete

Suzie 08 Jul 2006, 15:27

I saw someone with a really nice pair of D&G glasses the other day and I browsed on ebay to have a look, and I am pretty sure these are the same. Do you think they would look good with blonde hair and pale skin, or a little bit too heavy?

ehpc 07 Jun 2006, 09:39

Melyssa, you really keeo the spirit of the great 1980s going :))) Pete

Melyssa 07 Jun 2006, 07:35

And thank you for the compliment, George.

Melyssa 07 Jun 2006, 07:35


Like all other 29 pairs of plastic frames in my prescription, I wear them once a week for several hours.

My RX is -9.00 & -8.25, and you can check out the other numbers from my post from "Post Your Prescription" in 10/2004.

George1968 07 Jun 2006, 06:24

Those specs are pretty cool. How often do you wear them and what's your prescription?

Melyssa 07 Jun 2006, 05:54

This is what my white cat's-eye glasses looks like:

Original tony 28 May 2006, 05:37

Does anybody know the manufactures website for "Face2Face" glasses frames.

I guess this a different brand to the Frech "Face a Face"?

The actual info. on the temples reads " FF1078 F2F by DG CE"

Smudgeur 15 Apr 2006, 12:43

Vivienne seems to be a fan of drop temples as she has these in her 2006 collection too:

Smudgeur 15 Apr 2006, 12:40

I love these nouveau drop temples by Vivienne Westwood. Anyone know where they can be bought in the UK? I can only find them on Asian websites (They're called Royal Albert Hall, the frame number is VW027)

Cactus Jack 11 Apr 2006, 09:13


That should be OK for ordering online. O4L has an excellent reputation for quality.


Devin 10 Apr 2006, 19:26


I think I got my PD pretty accurate - I measured two or three times to check my accuracy and came right around 59 each time - so it should be good.

And I'm in VA.

Wei 10 Apr 2006, 11:26

I think also AR coating can be remove. Is rx high? I think for high index need AR for good vision for lenses?

DWV 07 Apr 2006, 23:52

don't like my glasses:

An optician should be able to remove the coating for you.

Cactus Jack 07 Apr 2006, 05:12


PD is not as critical with low Rx such as yous ss it is with higher or more complex Rx. No matter what your Rx, PD acuracy is good.

BTW, where do you live?


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