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Sightings of people having difficulty seeing far without glasses.

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Adam 04 Jul 2018, 09:35

28 Jun 2018 16:20 post was not me. I think trolls should go away from this site.

Of course, I could deal with the situation, that's a very silly comment.

JC 29 Jun 2018, 06:17


Yes! I work in the airline industry and I like to hang out around the flight information display systems for just that reason. I notice a lot, maybe most, squint at them just because they are concentrating on them -- maybe not because it is hard for them to see.

Bensmith 29 Jun 2018, 02:27


I've been thinking about that. Teachers and professors must witness a whole lot of squinting. When I think about my time at school and at the university, there were squinters in nearly every group. Or at least it was not that uncommon.

It would be strange to have an occupation like that when squinting is such a big turn on for me. I guess the same goes for working in fast-food restaurants where people have to read menus on the walls.

Adam 28 Jun 2018, 16:20

I forgot to mention that immediately after my presentation, I went off to the nearest bathroom and unloaded.I barely got my pants down before I spuged all over the stall,and even got my shoes.

Adam 28 Jun 2018, 11:06

About 2 years ago at the university, I had an experience with a squinting girl during my presentation. She was squinting hard to read the ppt and it was quite difficult for me to concentrate on the presentation as squinting is a huge turn on for me (as huge as seeing a naked girl). She is never wearing glasses and she also squinted at other one's presentation, too. She was also a bit cross-eyed.

Trent 18 Jun 2018, 20:33

Nice sighting in the park two young ladies walking both wearing black tights. One with a rather large fanny wore black frames with significant edge thickness. Maybe minus 12.

Tom 11 Jun 2018, 02:19

Interesting times as an increasing number of my wife friends start needing reading glasses. At every new gathering there seems to be an additional woman showing off her new reading glasses, mostly when reading a menu at the restaurant. Or when showing stuff on their smartphones. Most are in their early forties, and whilst 1-2 years ago everybody was still trying hard convincing the others they could still perfectly reading small print, the specs now go around the table, are tried on and compared.

I must say some have found very sexy frames, in bright colours or with other flashy details. Reading glasses often sit atop their heads, there is clearly no shame anymore in showing them.

Last Saturday, I also eavesdropped on a myopic friend telling another invitee she had recently switched to progressive lenses as reading became too much of a hassle with her previous lenses.

 08 Jun 2018, 21:19

05 Jun 2018, 16:12

So apparently Yoyo is not one of the characters played by Soundmanpoo.

Antonio 08 Jun 2018, 20:02

Hi Yoyo,

I appreciated your video link and even didn.t know it.

Many thanks and best regards,


 05 Jun 2018, 16:12

Don't disillusion yourself, Yoyo. There have only been like 10 people reading and writing in here for the past several years. They are making up all the other names.

Yoyo 04 Jun 2018, 23:13

Yes, I know that video has been posted before. There might be new people reading this topic who weren't around back then. Imagine that!

Daaaaaaaaay Yo DAAAAAAAAAAY YO 04 Jun 2018, 16:33

Yo, yo yo. That video is played out, yo. We've seen it many times here, yo. Just sayin' yo. hey yo, by the way do you play with a yoyo, yo?

Yoyo 04 Jun 2018, 09:11

Not the first time Ariana has been caught squinting during this game.

 03 Jun 2018, 10:10

Ariana doesn't wear contact lenses. It's been revealed before. She said she wears them to avoid questions about how badly she walks around in a blur.

Bensmith 03 Jun 2018, 03:35

For a change, a lovely clip of Ariana Grande getting close to the teleprompter to read it. Perhaps she has an issue with contact lenses?

Bensmith 17 Apr 2018, 06:44

A lovely gif of the South Korean singer Seulgi squinting:

gerry 18 Nov 2017, 13:42

HI Specsforever, Its nice there are others like you and me in here, we can tell the ladies truthfully we accept their thick glasses as part of their attractiveness, infact ladies who need to wear their glasses all the time because of poor vision, are much more genuine, have warm caring personalities, and their is real beauty in their eyes behind the glasses. Thanks for your reply have fun Gerry.

Six 16 Nov 2017, 23:58

I work 3rd shift at a local gym. Tonight, I had an interesting nearsighting. I saw a girl walking towards the front desk, squinting hard as she was trying to clean her glasses with a paper towel. I could tell that she was not having much luck since dry paper towels are not the best thing to try and clean glasses with. I happened to have one of those moist towelettes that are made to clean glasses with me.

I told her that I had a glasses cleaning wipe with me and asked her if she would like one. I reached into my pocket, got the moist towelette out and offered it to her. At the same moment the girl held out her glasses towards me. She asked me if I could clean them for her because she could not see clearly to do so.

Of course, I could not pass up the opportunity like this! The frames were the popular plastic framed glasses. The myopic lenses were thick and had several power rings inside. More power rings in the left than in the right lens. I took out my cleaning cloth and began to clean her thick minus lenses for her. There was a deep curve and the sides were noticeably sticking out of the frames.

I cleaned them more thouroughly than needed and I chatted up her and her boyfriend while I was cleaning them. If her boyfriend was not there, I may have worked up the courage to ask her to exchange glasses. I even cleaned her frames for her. I held them up to the light. They were perfectly clean, but I pretended that they needed additional cleaning anyways. She was squinting hard at me, even though I was not even three feet away. I finally offered them back to her.

Now this was the first time that I had seen the glasses on her face. The thick myopic lenses made her eyes look smaller, yet brighter and clearer. She was no longer squinting but had a focused stare. I could not help to to stare at her thick, clean myopic glasses, knowing that I was the one who had just cleaned them.

gerry 27 Sep 2017, 05:08

Hi specs forever, I can get into posting an email my al does not work something to do with the company i am with. It was really nice to see your reply sometimes like you i thought i was an odd ball I do not think its an obsession with glasses,I think its more about seeing the whole person and not the glasses. I do love and i find i,m attracted to ladies wearing glasses, with designer frames and hi index lenses they can be a fashion statement.

If you would like to be in touch your welcome.

specs4ever 11 Sep 2017, 07:26

Hi gerry. It has been a long time since I posted my e mail address on here, but over the 20 years I have been reading the postings in this group I have made a few friends here. At first, like probably everyone else here who has an obsession towards glasses, I thought I was the only one, but eyescene has helped me realize that there are a lot more of us out there than we think.

gerry 10 Sep 2017, 12:30

I left my email address in here a lovely lady contacted me.she has really strong glasses which i love she herself is beautiful. Sadly she is only 17 years old, i,m almost double her age. I,m sure we can become good friends, but i would consider it inappropriate to date such a lovely beautiful young lady i adore her in glasses. Atlas i have found a lovely friend. Have you fond a friend in this site.

NNVisitor 07 Sep 2017, 14:55

I went to a place I frequent for lunch today. The have a huge blackboard with chalk written menu items. A lot of the writing is in small letters. My corrected vision is 20/25 or better so I know what a reasonable distance is to see the menu items on the board with proper correction. While at my table a couple both wearing glasses comes in. The woman walks much closer to read the menu items. Later two pairs of women walk in. The first pair walk really close to the menu to read it. The second couple seem to have no problem reading it from a distance. One of them suddenly goes closer to see something on the menu.

The woman from the first couple had a low myopia prescription. She needs stronger glasses now. The couple that went really close did not wear glasses but must be nearsighted in need of correction.

Judging from their distances to read the menu I'd say the three of them probably see anywhere from 20/50 to perhaps 20/80.

Bensmith 23 Aug 2017, 21:55

At the airport grocery store, two beautiful Russian 20-year-old girls had probably left their contacts and glasses in their bags, as I noticed they were both both squinting at the products. They would slowly lean closer to the shelves - closer than people normally would - with a squinty look and pick up products to examine them closer to their eyes. So hot.

2hard2see 20 Aug 2017, 10:07

I loive nearsighted girls more than anything. i remember watching a tv when i was a kid with this girl who needed very strong thickies, but bullies uses to take her thickies. she was so hot hwen she was blurred. i watched shows in secret to masturbate from it. i love the erotic look of girls eyes when she needs thickies and cant see good. if her eyes baddest they are even more attractive. omg i love movies where thickies get crushed and girl is vulnerabel and trapped in blur. i love seeing her distoriented, dazec, condfused from no more thickies. please oh please oh pleasue of please girls do not wear thickies, crush them!!!!!!! i always think of these girls when they masturbate how cummy it must be for them to live with no thickies and blur.

Jake 10 Apr 2017, 17:36

Is there any "natural" way to become nearsighted? (Like reading with little light, etc.) I've heard of numerous ways but Im not sure which ways work, if any. Thanks!

Soundmanpt 27 Jan 2017, 11:04


So you were first prescribed glasses / contacts about 2 years ago when you were 17 years old. At that time you only needed correction for astigmatisms. Now 4 months ago one eye required a -.50 correction for SPH (distance) Was there any change in your astigmatism correction at this time from 2 years before? Generally speaking astigmatisms don't usually change much if any over time. But in the last 4 months you are noticing some problems with seeing distances even with your glasses or contacts on and you're concerned. It would seem that it is the myopia that needs to be increased. It's likely that you were just under prescribed at the time you had your eyes examined. Since it is not much past 90 days which many doctors and optical stores will usually offer to re examine your eyes and even change the lenses in your glasses and replace your contacts with new ones you should not waste anymore time and call where you had your eyes examined at and got your glasses and contacts from. Just tell them that you have been noticing this problem nearly from the time you got your new glasses and contacts. Thye should at the very least do a re exam at a very reduced rate or at no charge to you.

Because your already 19 and only have a weak prescription now I wouldn't expect that your eyes are likely to change all that much over the next few years. And actually your already very close to the time when your eyes could be starting to become stable. I really don't think your eyesight will ever become very bad. I base this on the fact that you apparently didn't have much change in the 2 years between eye exams.

Adam 27 Jan 2017, 09:20

Last year I spent a day in Karlovy Vary when I saw a Chinese girl with strong minus glasses, about -8. Once she gave her phone to his girlfriend to take a photo and also took off her glasses for the photo. She wasn't squinting, maybe just a bit, but I saw in her eyes that she can't see anything. Her look was like 'seeing to nowhere'.

Janelle 23 Jan 2017, 14:35


I have had glasses for 2 years, and also contacts. Prior to four months ago, I had correction for astigmatism only. I now have a small (-.5) myopia correction in one eye. However, I am lately noticing difficulty seeing in the distance again, even with correction. I'm a little concerned that I'm having trouble seeing already. It makes me worry about how much my myopia could progress in the long run. I'm a 19 year old female so I think I'm likely to experience more vision changes? Any thoughts?


lazysiow 28 Aug 2016, 20:33


Sounds similar to this movie about an optician in the wild west who becomes a reluctant hero and prescribes Wyatt Earp eyeglasses

Tom1 05 Aug 2016, 08:28

Two wonderful sightings in the past weeks.

One at the airport: young lady around 30, long brown air, brown eyes, good body, squinting here and there while walking to the gate. Wanted to see something in a shop window and got there squinting then getting really close. I followed her as much as I could and a certain time while looking around searching for the rest room (which she finally located) we crosses our eyes and she gave a deep and prologuend quint at me. She was clearly unable to see my face even I was really close to her. Must have been not less tha, say, -4. Unfortunately I was with a colleague of mine so I could not have the opportunity to chat with her and ask her prescription.

Second sighting in a holiday village on the seaside. Very cute tall brunette around 18th always wearing a pair of very strong glasses (more than -10 for sure). No evidence of contacts or even prescription sunglasses during the holidays. She only removed glasses when sunbathing or swimming. Astonishingly she was able to do even alone and bareeyed. I'm wonderng how she could see her steps.... very very attrative.

 03 Aug 2016, 14:25

@Broken Glasses Have you tried squinting? I hear that works.

 02 Jun 2016, 01:18

"Seriously,if you have a moderate to high prescription,and have an old pair of glasses, that is what you should be wearing" Boy you "seriously" need a writing class. your sentence structure makes you barely comprehensible.

Likelenses 31 May 2016, 23:51

Broken Glasses

A white cane,or seeing eye dog may help.

Seriously,if you have a moderate to high prescription,and have an old pair of glasses, that is what you should be wearing.

Broken Glasses 31 May 2016, 20:56

Any tips for getting around without glasses when they break? Mine just broke and it'll be about a week before I can get new ones. It's pretty frustrating so far! I can only see my computer screen because I zoomed it way in.

JJJ 31 May 2016, 05:16

Treasure hunt without glasses:

Guess the object without glasses:

Likelenses 29 May 2016, 19:38

I drop into some chain optical stores from time to time.Places like Sears optical, Lenscrafters,Walmart,and pretend to be looking at frames.

I always hang around the eye doctors area,and have scored some hard squinting,when the optical assistant takes the patients glasses,to measure the Rx.

Tom1 29 May 2016, 13:08

I also share the same attraction: squinting women are much better than bespectacled ones. Have a llook to the dahl46 channel on youtube, you'll like it.

 28 May 2016, 15:05

No not alone. I join you with that type of excitement, especially myopic guys.

 28 May 2016, 14:45

where are the best spots to find people squinting hard who need glasses? I love to see the struggle when someone cannot see well. this forum seems to loves glasses wearing people but i love people who need glasses but don't have them.

i also enjoy movies or tv shows where someone loses their glasses and has to struggle with blurry vision. plus xxx videos like this.

am i alone.

A.P.E. 08 Jan 2016, 13:02

Four Star Playhouse from 1955. A very nearsighted cowboy comes to town because he's been living in a blur. Tries to get glasses, but things don't turn out so well for him. Lots of scenes through his very blurry eyesight.

Marco 21 Nov 2015, 18:34

Terry and other guys with very cool glasses

Marco 21 Nov 2015, 18:19

Terry is nearsighted and got his first pair of glasses.

He is so very happy he can see again and feels a bit like Superman.

 20 Nov 2015, 20:47

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 20 Nov 2015, 10:17

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Marco 20 Nov 2015, 06:02

totally nearsighted actor and coach Bret with his cool glasses

Marco 19 Nov 2015, 08:11

guys with cool glasses

Marco 16 Nov 2015, 14:55

Guys with cool glasses

 10 Nov 2015, 14:49

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