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Sightings of people having difficulty seeing far without glasses.

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lazysiow 28 Aug 2016, 20:33


Sounds similar to this movie about an optician in the wild west who becomes a reluctant hero and prescribes Wyatt Earp eyeglasses

Tom1 05 Aug 2016, 08:28

Two wonderful sightings in the past weeks.

One at the airport: young lady around 30, long brown air, brown eyes, good body, squinting here and there while walking to the gate. Wanted to see something in a shop window and got there squinting then getting really close. I followed her as much as I could and a certain time while looking around searching for the rest room (which she finally located) we crosses our eyes and she gave a deep and prologuend quint at me. She was clearly unable to see my face even I was really close to her. Must have been not less tha, say, -4. Unfortunately I was with a colleague of mine so I could not have the opportunity to chat with her and ask her prescription.

Second sighting in a holiday village on the seaside. Very cute tall brunette around 18th always wearing a pair of very strong glasses (more than -10 for sure). No evidence of contacts or even prescription sunglasses during the holidays. She only removed glasses when sunbathing or swimming. Astonishingly she was able to do even alone and bareeyed. I'm wonderng how she could see her steps.... very very attrative.

 03 Aug 2016, 14:25

@Broken Glasses Have you tried squinting? I hear that works.

 02 Jun 2016, 01:18

"Seriously,if you have a moderate to high prescription,and have an old pair of glasses, that is what you should be wearing" Boy you "seriously" need a writing class. your sentence structure makes you barely comprehensible.

Likelenses 31 May 2016, 23:51

Broken Glasses

A white cane,or seeing eye dog may help.

Seriously,if you have a moderate to high prescription,and have an old pair of glasses, that is what you should be wearing.

Broken Glasses 31 May 2016, 20:56

Any tips for getting around without glasses when they break? Mine just broke and it'll be about a week before I can get new ones. It's pretty frustrating so far! I can only see my computer screen because I zoomed it way in.

JJJ 31 May 2016, 05:16

Treasure hunt without glasses:

Guess the object without glasses:

Likelenses 29 May 2016, 19:38

I drop into some chain optical stores from time to time.Places like Sears optical, Lenscrafters,Walmart,and pretend to be looking at frames.

I always hang around the eye doctors area,and have scored some hard squinting,when the optical assistant takes the patients glasses,to measure the Rx.

Tom1 29 May 2016, 13:08

I also share the same attraction: squinting women are much better than bespectacled ones. Have a llook to the dahl46 channel on youtube, you'll like it.

 28 May 2016, 15:05

No not alone. I join you with that type of excitement, especially myopic guys.

 28 May 2016, 14:45

where are the best spots to find people squinting hard who need glasses? I love to see the struggle when someone cannot see well. this forum seems to loves glasses wearing people but i love people who need glasses but don't have them.

i also enjoy movies or tv shows where someone loses their glasses and has to struggle with blurry vision. plus xxx videos like this.

am i alone.

A.P.E. 08 Jan 2016, 13:02

Four Star Playhouse from 1955. A very nearsighted cowboy comes to town because he's been living in a blur. Tries to get glasses, but things don't turn out so well for him. Lots of scenes through his very blurry eyesight.

Marco 21 Nov 2015, 18:34

Terry and other guys with very cool glasses

Marco 21 Nov 2015, 18:19

Terry is nearsighted and got his first pair of glasses.

He is so very happy he can see again and feels a bit like Superman.

 20 Nov 2015, 20:47

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 20 Nov 2015, 10:17

Please block ip as spam postings

Marco 20 Nov 2015, 06:02

totally nearsighted actor and coach Bret with his cool glasses

Marco 19 Nov 2015, 08:11

guys with cool glasses

Marco 16 Nov 2015, 14:55

Guys with cool glasses

 10 Nov 2015, 14:49

Please stop sending the same posts to every thread.

Marco 10 Nov 2015, 14:41

a great guy with cool glasses

Marco 09 Nov 2015, 18:25

New glasses

Marco 08 Nov 2015, 18:15

Guys with cool glasses

Tom1 13 Oct 2015, 14:14

Squint from around 1:12

Carrie 10 Oct 2015, 18:01

Bloody auto-correct or predictive text, whatever it is! Yes it should say "Grande". I didn't re-read what I had written before submitting.

She's quite pretty but I find her and her music a bit annoying. Her need for glasses is the only thing I find interesting about her. I am not being nasty or bitchy about her personally, just about the rather commercial product she comes across as to me.

Actually, when I say a bit annoying I mean very annoying.

 10 Oct 2015, 13:09

I thought she was Ariana Alabama or Ariana Northern Mariana. Maybe she moved to France. It's easier to spell.

guest 10 Oct 2015, 12:56

Who is Ariana France? The singer's name is Ariana Grande-Butera.

Curt 10 Oct 2015, 07:09

Probably contacts and readers...

Curt 10 Oct 2015, 07:09

Probably contacts and readers...

Lv2c4i 10 Oct 2015, 05:32

Time has passed since her Olympic days and Dorothy Hamill is well into "that age" where the need for near vision assistance has arisen. Wonder if there are any pictures of her in her current spex?

Carrie 10 Oct 2015, 03:56

Ariana France's glasses don't look particularly strong but everyone is different with how much they can see. Two people with the same prescription could see differently without their glasses.

Here's a pic of Ariana in glasses showing a bit of minification of an object behind her

Likelenses 09 Oct 2015, 21:37

This article says that Hamill's nick name was Squint,and that her coach got her large frame glasses for better side vision.These large glasses started the large frame trend in the seventies.

Likelenses 09 Oct 2015, 21:14


Dorothy Hamill in glasses.

Tom1 09 Oct 2015, 15:05

This is new to me

Around 7:45 she quints trying to read bareeyed at the longest possible distance from her face.

ice nice 09 Oct 2015, 15:05

I have probably watched the Ariana Grande video 50 times now. It gives me so much incredible pleasure. In the 50, women tried to hide very bad eyesight. in the 2105, Airana squints hard directly at the camera several times. Time is does change.

Tom1 09 Oct 2015, 14:08

Here it is. Very old and linked already years ago

Squinting from 4:25 up to the very end of the video.

Dahl 09 Oct 2015, 14:02

Tom1, I didn't see her prescription anywhere, but there are some pictures of her with glasses on the web and I think is not very high.

If you see any other girl squinting like this, post the link!

This thread is a little dead and I think it's my favorite

Tom1 08 Oct 2015, 14:31

Dahl: absolutely hot!

Does she state her prescription somewhere? I don't understand while some showgirls don't use contacts and prefer to squint. However... I love them!

Dahl 08 Oct 2015, 11:10

And she joked about it on instagram:

Dahl 08 Oct 2015, 11:08

Ariana Grande squinting hard. She looks really sexy!

Tom1 07 Apr 2015, 13:23

Guesst: oh my God, she is really blind! She squints even to read at a small distance, she must be severely nearsighted. No mention of her eyesight on the videos? Maybe we should ask her to tell about her eyesight and prescription...

guesst 02 Apr 2015, 11:34

Interesting video of a young twenty something reviewing Forever 21 lipstick. On her website, she says "Please don’t laugh at my squinting. LOL. I need glasses bad" but the comment isn't on her Youtube page.

After watching the video, YES she does need glasses BAD.

Tom 26 Feb 2015, 14:30

Post deleted - Please feel free to post again in English

Likelenses 25 Feb 2015, 16:37

Post deleted - Off topic - Please keep on topic and avoid derogatory and/or sarcastic comments.

francy980 25 Feb 2015, 15:47

Post deleted - Please feel free to post again in English

Ed U. Cated 13 May 2013, 11:36

A Spanish musical about a girl lost in her blurry world because she needs glasses so badly but refuses to get them.

antonio-o 08 Sep 2012, 08:42

yes Blurry in Boston,

you probably developed a tolerance for glasses by wearing them, but this actually means you now need glasses to see far clearly, thatīs what it means developing a tolerance for weaker or stronger glasses,

your eyes accoustom to see through glasses and wonīt work as good as before without them for you, I guess.

Do you think, I could be right ?

In fact, if you like it so much to wear glasses, sounds as you have now the chance and the need to get your own pair at an eyedoc and to wear your own pair if you like.

best regards, antonio

antonio-o 08 Sep 2012, 08:34

Blurry in Boston

Nobody can tell when examining your eyes

why they got as worse as they are.

So you donīt have to tell you wore such glasses.

Please tell us how far you are from that poster of Justin

Bieber when you canīt tell itīs him,

and please tell us from which distance you can see itīs him

and from which distance you see it perfect and it doesnīt get any better when you come nearer.

if you wear glasses secretely, donīt wear so strong ones, so they donīt make your eyes worse

best regards, antonio

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