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MinusDude's Borrowed Glasses Tales

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ric 17 Dec 2017, 04:50

I hate people try on my glasses, but when it happened, always comments "omh, you must be blind" or "how could you see with this..."

Weirdeyes 16 Dec 2017, 05:06

How do people generally react when they try on your glasses? Most people say they have an instant headache when try mine on. They never call them strong or say I'm blind though. I assume it's the difference between my eyes that causes the headaches. Since most people are probably right eye dominant they probably mainly see through the mild right lens and don't consciously notice the stronger left lens. So they don't really register my glasses as "strong", but they still get a headache. My RX is currently R +0.75 -0.75 L +4.25 -1.50.

Stan 31 Jul 2017, 23:54

Here's one that happened to me quite recently about a week ago. There's this new girl at work who's cute, a little younger than me, and wears glasses. We went out for coffee the other day, and as we were sitting down and talking I told her I liked her glasses. After telling me where she got them I asked her if I could see them. Thankfully she wasn't one of those people who get weird about that. She took them off and handed them to me, they were strong enough that I couldn't see any details on her face. I really wanted to wear them for more than a few seconds so I asked her if I could take them to the bathroom to look in the mirror. I walked across the blurry coffee shop to the bathroom. I observed myself in the mirror with them on, they were somewhat feminine but I liked the way they looked on me. I went back to where we were sitting and was pleased to see that she was on the phone because I knew she wouldn't ask for her glasses back. I sat down and played with my phone, still wearing the glasses. After a few minutes she hung up and apologized. She seemed upset, so I asked what it was about (and also to distract her from asking for her glasses back). She vented a bit about family drama, before laughing and realizing I was still wearing her glasses. I jokingly told her they were my glasses now and she responded by saying in a false sad voice "fine I guess I'll just be blind from now on". I then gave the glasses back to her. I had a bit of a headache afterwards, but hey, who on here hasn't experienced that.

Soundmanpt 26 Jun 2017, 08:23

Years ago when I was around 19 or 20 my friends band was booked to play at the neighborhood movie theater between movies. Of course we had to come in and set up earlier in the day well before the first movie came on. After getting setup I went to use the bathroom and as i past by the front desk area I noticed happened to notice the "Lost and Found" box. It was just a small cardboard box with various items in it such as a single glove various pins sunglasses and a few pairs of glasses. One of the glasses was clearly from a teen girl based on the style at that time. They were in a pink glasses case that opened at the end. I couldn't help myself so i put them in my pocket and left with them. I couldn't wait to get home and really have a good look at them. Once at home I put them on. They weren't very strong I could even see okay wearing them. I always wondered what the girl looked like that the glasses belonged to. I did feel bad because I knew that this girl probably only put her glasses on to watch the movie and after the movie she must have taken them off and tried to put them maybe in her pocket and they fell out without her noticing. Now she can't see things as well because she doesn't have her glasses anymore. I always wondered if she ever came back to the theater looking for them? I kept those glasses for a really long time and I had to hide them because I was still living at home. I don't even know whatever happened to them. I think I hid them somewhere and accidently threw them out.

Ty 25 Jun 2017, 20:01

Growing up I was always attracted to my friend Tony's sister, Katie. She was about a year older than us and wore glasses. One time when I was about 18, their family were out of town for a week and they asked me to come over avery day to feed their cat and bring in their mail. The first day I did so I went into Katie's room and found an old pair of glasses in her desk drawer. I know it was wrong, but I couldn't resist. I put them on and they were pretty blurry. At first I put them away but I didn't want to stop wearing them so I wore them while I fed the cat and then put them back carefully. The next day I took them out of the drawer again, only this time I hung around the house for about an hour while I wore them.

On the third day however after wearing them for awhile, instead of putting the glasses back I pocketed them. Once my parents went to sleep I put Katie's glasses back on and wore them for the rest of the night. I even took them off and set them on the bedside table as if they were my glasses.

The next day I went across town to where I knew that nobody I knew would run into me. Once I got there I started wearing Katie's glasses. It wasn't until I wore them outside in broad daylight that I realized how bad her vision really was, everything was really blurry which was even better. I probably walked around for about four hours wearing them. By the time I got back, my eyes had gotten so used to the glasses that everything was blurry after I took them off.

I wore them a few more times that week until they got home. I've looked in the drawer since, but the glasses weren't there anymore. I sometimes wonder if I should've just held on to them.

Stan 12 Apr 2017, 16:25

Here's another more recent one. About a year ago I went to a party with Kenny and his new girlfriend Amy who had glasses, but only really wore them while driving or for distance. Afterward we went back to my apartment and hung out, I ended up letting them spend the night because it was late and we had all been drinking. The next morning they had to leave early for work. Shortly after they left I noticed a glasses case next to my bed, I opened it and lo and behold Amy's glasses. I immediately put them on, they had almost no strength but enough to notice a difference. I got a text from Kenny an hour later asking if I had seen Amy's glasses. I lied and told him that I would be gone all day, but would check when I got home. I ended up wearing them pretty much all day, walking around the park near the river with them on. At first I was nervous that someone I knew would see me wearing them, but I quickly got over it and just enjoyed myself.

At the end of the day, I texted Kenny and told him I found the glasses. I was hoping he would wait to come and get them the next day, but they stopped by only a half hour later.

Since I've known Kenny all my life, he knows about my glasses fetish. I've wondered if he ever suspected that I lied about not finding Amy's glasses until later, but he's never said anything about it.

Stan 11 Apr 2017, 00:22

I have a few more stories. One time when I was about 15 I spent the night at my friend Kenny's house. Kenny's mom was the young hot mom all of us had a huge crush on, she was only 18 when she had him I think. She wore a really sexy pair of glasses that I was really drawn to. Anyway, I remember that night Kenny and I were playing video games. It was about 10 and she had already gone to sleep. I excused myself to the bathroom and to my immense pleasure, there were her glasses sitting on the shelf. I picked them up and tried them on, they were pretty blurry which made it even better. I probably spent about 20 minutes in the bathroom just wearing those glasses. After awhile I went back to Kenny's room feeling embarrassed at having been gone so long, but he didn't seem to notice (he gets like that when he's focused on his games). We played for another hour, the whole time I wanted nothing more than to wear the glasses more. Eventually he fell asleep while I continued to stay up. After making sure he was fully asleep I went back and wore the glasses some more. I even chanced bringing them into Kenny's room for awhile, wearing them as I played video games. I probably wore them for another two and a half hours before falling asleep. I had returned them to the shelf in the bathroom very reluctantly.

I remember the next morning we were in the kitchen eating breakfast and was pleasantly surprised to see Kenny's mom walk in without her glasses. She was squinting pretty hard, something which turned me on, and asked Kenny if he'd seen her glasses. She eventually found them about ten minutes later when she went into the bathroom, but it was really enjoyable watching her go without glasses especially after knowing how bad her vision really was.

I've spent the night at his house many other times, but that was the only time she left her glasses for me to play with.

Stan 03 Apr 2017, 01:15

I've definitely had my experiences with these. I've always had a weird obsession towards glasses that I couldn't explain.

In high school there was this girl I had a crush on named Miranda who wore large hipster glasses. She also had a crush on me, but nothing really happened for some reason. Anyway, one time we were hanging out during study hall when I asked if I could try on her glasses. She took them off and handed them to me, they were reasonably strong, but not too bad. A few minutes later the bell rang and she asked for them back, but I told her they were mine now. I left still wearing her glasses. What surprised me is that she didn't really protest. For a good chunk of the day I wore Miranda's glasses. I enjoyed the slight blurriness they gave to everything, though since I sat in the back of my math class I had trouble reading the board. Strangely none of my teachers commented on the glasses. My fun came to an end three periods later when Miranda approached me at my locker (squinting) and asked for her glasses back, which I gave back to her. By that point my vision had gotten so used to the glasses that everything looked blurry for a few seconds after.

This wasn't the last time Miranda let me wear her glasses, though she always made sure to get them back before leaving. I still find it strange that she was so willing to let me wear her glasses for half the day, but I was really pleased that she did.

Michael 23 Nov 2016, 09:22

I told a short story about Nicole and Jenny in July.

Yesterday I met Nicole (unfortunatly not with Jenny), but she told me that Jenny wear glasses more often. But not her old one`s.

She wanted to get a more stylish pair, so she asked family and friends for glasses she could try. So she got a pair from a cousin with some minus powers. The cousin she told, that she need them for school-theatre.

Now Jenny wear them sometimes after school or in the evening.

I hope I will meet her soon.

Tom1 13 Aug 2016, 08:37

When Anne opened her eyes she didn't want to think to what she was seeing. The strong blur all around meant both her contacts were fallen out when she was sneezing! Everyone around her was in the blur, the signs were disappeared from her sight, the people around her were only coloured spots moving here and there. She was really afraid, it never happened to her to be forced to manage without glasses since her vision had deteriorated so much. She tried to look for her contacts on the floor but neither the eyes, nor her hands helped hem finding them. With her glasses inside the registered luggage, there was no way for her than managing finding her connecting flight in the blur, walking through an unknown airport. She took all of her courage and went walking in the direction she was walking before when she was still reading the signs. Her eyes was good enough to avoid her walking into walls, for sure, but not to the point of allowing her to read signs in the distance. She was walking strongly squinting here and there from time to time to recognise a sign, a direction, something that could help her finding the gate she was heading to. A couple of times she walked close to advertisements on the walls thinking they were signs, while there were not. Finally she spotted a white panel that seemed promising. A dark spot in the middle of the sign seemed a text to be read, but no way of figuring out the letters from there. She walked closer and closer and the blur was gradually disappearing, but when she realised she was ridiculously close to the sign, with her head pointing up to the ceiling, she was still unable to read the sign. She had to squint as much as she could and concentrate for several seconds on the text before realising it was exactly what she wanted to see: a pointing arrow with the text "connecting flights". She felt a little bit relaxed and took that direction, trying to look around the people in the blur to hide her enormous troubles navigating like that in the airport. After all, she was managing in some way and was sure no one around her was realising she coukd not see a thing. After few other signs read more or less in the same way, she finally got to the right terminal. Now another challenge was waiting for her: finding out the number of the gate where her plane was expected to leave from. The screen was completely out of her range even squinting hard. She had a look around thinking of what could be the best thing to do, when her eyes noticed a figure quite close to her that seemed a guy looking at her. For a few seconds she wondered what she could do, then she decided she needed to understand more about the guy that apparently could not take his eyes off her. She squinted gradually to obtain some details on his face and finally she recognise a very nice boy, with brown hair and eyes, tall. He thought the see he was bespectacled, but didn't have time to elaborate all the information her nearsighted eyes were gradually providing when she heard him gently asking: " may I help you?" She was astonished an unknown boy could talk to her in that way, but she had no doubt he was talking to her. Did he notice she could not see a thing?! She was too much shy to admit and decided to pretend everything was fine so replied with a smile:"no, thanks, I'm OK". She was even more surprised when she heard him going ahead, ignoring her answer : "it seems you are nearsighted, aren't you?". There was no doubt she saw her squinting and realised she could not see properly. She was caught. No need for her to go ahead lying, he had perfectly understood the situation. After all, she needed some help, so she gave up and walking towards him to see his face better she admitted:" I'm nearsighted and lost my contacts, I don't see that much". He asked about her glasses, she explained they were in her suitcase and he asked what was her prescription. She was a little bit irritated by this personal question, she didn't want to reveal exactly how nearsighted she was to an unknown guy, but he insisted so at the end she told him she was -6. "Wow - replied the boy - that's a good defect! I understand you can have some troubles functioning without correction. Do you want to try these on?" and in the meantime he took his own glasses off and was handing them to her her. He seemed so resolute and she didn't have nothing to loose, at the end, so she accepted. She put them on and "Oh my God - she thought - this is the vision I need! Why on hell I can't see like this without correction?! My damned eyes are badly rotten and pretty unuseful without glasses or contacts. How I wish I had good or even much better eyesight..." but she didn't say to him but "I can see OK now, thanks. Just checking the screen than I'll give them back to you". He asked if she could read the screen (she replied yes, of course) and when she took out her boarding card from the purse to check the flight number he asked again if she could read properly with his glasses on and she replied they perfectly fit her eyesight since she was seeing really sharp with them. When she gave them back after checked the screen she thanked him so much and admitted she was really lucky to find another person with her same prescription to help her since she was quite helpless without correction. He answered she had been even more lucky than she thought since she also discovered she actually needed stronger glasses than she actually had. She didn't understood what does he meant until he revealed his glasses were -7. She was astonished since she never realized she could not see well with her present lenses. When she got home she went to her optician to get new contacts to replace the ones she lost that day in the airport and had confirmation that she had lost one diopter more since her last prescription. She never forgot the boy met at the airport and the unexpected way she got help when in the deep blur that day.

Soundmanpt 18 Jul 2016, 09:20


What happened between Nicole and Jenny you might be surprised is not that unusual with teen girls. There are many reasons but one is that they are often experimenting with their looks wearing makeup and such. Glasses is no exception. If their best friend happens to wear glasses and she thinks her friend looks really cute wearing glasses you know she is going to want to try her friends glasses on to see if she looks cute wearing glasses too. Of course her friend will tell her how cute she looks wearing glasses and now that girl wants glasses herself even though she doesn't need them. The friend if she has been wearing glasses very long might tell her that she can have her previous glasses if she wants or that the glasses she's wearing when she gets new ones in a few months. Anyway it was a nice gesture fro Jenny to offer to wear glasses herself, even though she didn't need glasses, if Nicole would go with her to the party. But I have a feeling a part of her wanted to wear glasses anyway. At first the glasses would have felt rather strong to her but after a few minutes her eyes would focus with them and her eyesight in the distance would be razor sharp and crystal clear. But if she had tried to read from a book that would have proven nearly impossible if not impossible, but going to a party she wouldn't be doing any reading anyway. once at the party and getting some nice complements on how nice they both looked had to help her feel very confident about wearing glasses. While at the party and having a good time her eyes got very comfortable wearing glasses. If she has been wearing them more often now in public it seems Jenny enjoys wearing glasses now.

Michael 18 Jul 2016, 07:59

A short story I heared from a friend (Nicole):

Nicole is shortsighted since she was ten y/o and her eyes get bad and bad since then. Now the prescription reached around -5 diopters. In public she don`t wear glasses, only contacts for a few years.

Two month ago, she was told by her doctor to gave her eyes a rest for contacts. In this time, she was invited to a party but she didn`t like to with her glasses on. Her friend Jenny was invited too. Jenny wanted that Nicole came with her and said to Nicole that she will wear glasses too, if she come with her.Jenny don`t wear glasses by herself but she wanted to borrow a sparepair from Nicole.

Nicole told her that her glasses are very strong for someone who don`t need any glasses, but gave Jenny the pair she got two years before. Jenny put them on and first her sight was only a lot of blurry. She said that was impossible to wear them at the party.

Nicole remember that she had an old pair in an old bag she never saw last five years. After searching a long time she found it, the glasses were a little bit out of fashion but the lenses had a weaker prescription, only round -2,5 diopters.

Jenny put them on and after a while she managed to see quite good. So she decided to wear them just for her friend to go with her to the party. Both girls got a lot of compliments for her look in glasses. And both girls decided to wear the glasses more often when going in public together.

I hope I will meet Jenny by myself to have a look how the borrewd glasses looks on her and how good she can see with them on....

Apple77 25 Jun 2016, 05:50


Any more borrowing stories? You're the pro!



MinusDude 17 Jun 2016, 15:46

I did not ask to try them on, they are probably -.75 and I already know how that feels

Apple77 16 Jun 2016, 20:19


Does he really need them much? Have you tried them?

MinusDude 15 Jun 2016, 16:05

One of my coworkers recently got glasses for nearsightedness and in a short time decided to wear them full time. He mentioned that some of his friends who tried them on didn't think there was much to the prescription and wondered why he wore them mostly all the time. He explained he'd simply lost his patience in hunting them down from where he'd taken them off to where he needed them again. What a smart kid!

Soundmanpt 10 Jun 2016, 09:56

no name

Sadly your probably right. Honestly English wasn't a very good subject for me. When someone is right there is no point to argue.

til 10 Jun 2016, 01:25


I live in Germany, distances aren't the same here as in the US;-) Anyway you wouldn't be well advised taking the car home after a few beers.

I don't require vision correction anyway, I just wear the glasses for the sake of it. But I should probably go back to something like -2 as these would be a lot easier for beautiful girls to try on;-)

I will try to keep you updated on her but I don't see her very often.

 09 Jun 2016, 16:05

omg jesus christ. have you ever heard of punctuation and paragraphs?!?!?!?!!!! This looks like it was written by a 5th grader.

Soundmanpt 09 Jun 2016, 08:48


She obviously liked the looks of your Ray-Ban glasses and many Ray-Ban frames are unisex so she already probably knew your glasses would look good on her. So your suggesting she needed a handicap gave her the perfect excuse to ask for your glasses to wear meaning that by wearing your glasses her vision would be somewhat impaired making it more difficult for her to win if she wasn't able to see so well. Of course her wearing glasses wasn't going to stop her from winning even if she wasn't seeing perfect. Now if you had been throwing darts where she would need good eyesight in order to see the dart board wearing your glasses would have likely blurred her vision enough that she wouldn't be nearly as good at darts if her vision were off a bit. But for a dice game even if she couldn't make out what numbers she had when she threw the dice others were there to tell her and see her roll. But she clearly just wanted to wear your glasses. The fact that she continued to wear them even after the joke was over clearly meant that she had a desire to wear glasses. I'm sure you expected her to return them rather quickly after everyone had a laugh. But i'm sure you didn't mind at all letting her continue to wear them. I'm sure she enjoyed the complements on her looks wearing your glasses and almost every woman looks great wearing Ray-Ban for some reason. They tend to look great on every woman. When she was commenting on her vision with your glasses were you surprised that she was able to see pretty well with your glasses considering that your glasses are not what you would call weak and she apparently has perfect eyesight? But several things are important here. First of all having had a few drinks would surely relax her as well as her eyes. And even someone not drinking with good eyesight if they were to keep your glasses on for a short while would soon find their eyes slowly beginning to adjust to them. So at first i'm sure she found your glasses rather strong, but by the end of the evening she was seeing nearly perfect with your glasses. When she admitted to you that she would like to wear glasses that wasn't the beer talking but what she really wanted. She did say that your glasses were a little too strong for her eyes to always wear them. So when you told her that you had a another pair of Ray-Bans, which she clearly probably already liked the looks of Ray-Ban glasses, that were more narrow, your glasses were a bit too big for her face, with a weaker prescription she was more than ready to head to your house with you so she could try them. So if she was still wearing your glasses so you didn't have your glasses so who drove to your house or was it in walking distance? No surprise that if they were a better fit on her face and she loved how they looked on her that was the most important thing to her and the prescription didn't matter nearly as much. It would have been nice if you had gotten the lenses changed to a weaker minus but as long as the distance part is just a weak plus and if she in college she must be still young so her eyes should be able to adjust to them pretty well. Almost certainly whens she's spending long hours reading and studying she should find the add to be very relaxing to her eyes. So she wore them to her university this morning and has already texted you telling you she loves wearing her glasses, so she must not be having any problem with her eyes adjusting to them. I'm hoping you will be providing follow up on her wearing glasses and how she is doing wit her glasses. Giving her those progressives reminds me about something that happened about 30 years ago or more. Being a member of a non profit vision group part of what I did was make pickups at optical stores of donated glasses. One stop on my list was a Macy's Dept. store optical area. They had a very attractive young college girl working their in the evenings. I would be stopping their on my home from work. Anyway we became friends and with no doctor she wasn't busy so we would always talk for a good while until she closed her area. Anyway one evening when I stopped by she was busy trying on frames. She was glad I came by because she wanted my opinion on what glasses she should get. I was thrilled to her that she was getting glasses and would soon be wearing glasses when I came in. I asked her what her need for glasses was and she said that she had just gotten her eyes examined by their doctor earlier that day and her vision was perfect. But because she had been working their for a year she was entitled to a free pair of glasses. So she needed to pick out the frame she wanted to wear. After trying on about 20 frames that she had narrowed down to we both agreed on a very nice looking gold metal frame that went well with her dark her and dark eyes. I asked her how much she thought she would actually wear her glasses when she got them? She said that she would for sure wear them at work since they would help promote sales by her modeling glasses on her face. But she said that she really thought glasses look very cute and she would probably wear them when she went out as well. Anyway I stopped in the following week hoping to see her wearing her glasses but was disappointed when she wasn't. She told me that when she sent her order in for her glasses they rejected it because she didn't have a prescription lenses. It seems the company has a stupid rule that you only get free glasses as long as the glasses have prescription lenses. Even her manager didn't know about that rule and felt bad for her. They talked about what kind of prescription they could fit her with that wouldn't maybe cause her to need glasses. As it turns out this was about the same time as progressives were starting to be made. Her manager suggested that she should order her glasses with the new progressive lenses and jsut have the add segment way down in her lenses so she wouldn't hardly even notice it being there and the top part as plano (no prescription) So she sent her order in that way. But when her glasses came in as soon as she put them on she could tell the add segment was not down like she requested. On the paperwork that came back along with her glasses the lab had decided that the position of the add must have been a mistake so they corrected it. At first she was going to return them and try and have them do it as she had requested, but her manager convinced her that if she sent them back she might not even get them back at all. So the first time i saw her wearing her glasses she was wearing them down her nose a bit, not way down but they just looked like they had slid down slightly from where they really should sit on her nose. Anyway the next time I stopped by to see her I noticed that she had her glasses up in the correct position on her nose. I quickly pointed out that she was wearing her glasses like they were supposed to be worn. She said that was finding that replacing screws on glasses was easier to see if she used the add portion of her glasses. And she said that being slow she usually did a lot of her college reading while at work. Fun y thing for an optical store but the lighting really really wasn't very good. She started noticing that reading was also easier using her glasses, so she decided to wear them properly. Several years went by and I had a doctor's appointment at a medical center. as I was getting on an elevator i looked up and recognized this young lady that I hadn't seen for years. They had closed the optical center where she was working so I never saw her again back then. But here she was on the same elevator as me. She also recognized me and we both hugged each other. She was wearing glasses and still looked amazing. She asked if I was still doing the thing with the vision group which I told her I was and she said needs to send some of her old glasses. She took off her glasses and said how she really needs her glasses now. She said after the optical store closed she still wore her glasses nearly all the time because she really did like wearing glasses. She said after the optical store she worked at a retail store. While working there she started having trouble seeing things at a distance and she went and got her eyes examined and she needed -.75 SPH and her add had also increased a little as well. She said her current glasses were -1.50 both eyes and +2.75 add.

til 09 Jun 2016, 01:30

Last night I went to a bar with a friend for some beers. She's rather good looking and attracted other people's attention right away. At one point we were playing a dice game and she was just always winning so I jokingly said she might need a handicap. Let me wear your glasses then was her answer. I wore some black -3.5 ray bans last night. I don't need them and was fine without but she couldn't know that. Now -3.5 is pretty strong for someone who has never worn glasses but she seemed eager to give them a shot. The glasses were a bit too wide for her face but she nevertheless looked quite hot in them. I complimented her on her looks and she seemed pleased and admitted that she had already thought about wearing plans glasses for fashions sake. She commented that seeing things close up was not a problem at all and just the medium distances challenged her eyes. As they are moderate minus lenses I have no explanation for that. Anyway we continued the dice game with her taking down the scores while wearing my glasses. Other guests complimented her on the glasses as well what probably made her eager to keep them on. I was in heaven. After an hour or so the game was finished with her winning and I expected the glasses to come off straight away as it only had been a joke. No such thing happened, she just kept them on for the rest of the night. I was truly amazed, -3.5 D too strong and wrong pd on top of that. She kept commenting on her vision and asking glasses related things what made it easy to keep making her compliments. At some point (and after quite a few beers) she stated that she would really like to wear glasses but these would be too strong for her to always wear them. I told her I had another pair of black ray bans, much more narrow frame and lighter prescription. They actually are very weak plus progressives I bought on ebay some time ago. Suddenly she wanted to go to try them on so I paid and we went to my house with her still wearing the glasses. I found them and told her they belonged to an ex ex girlfriend of mine and she may as well have them if she wanted to. She tried them on and looked marvellous in them, especially with slightly magnified eyes. I had once intended to have then reglazed with -2 lenses and now regretted to not have done it. But anyway she was fine with the prescription and even found it appealing that the lower part of the lenses made letters even bigger.

End of the story is she went to university with the glasses on this morning and texted me thank you and she loves wearing them.

I guess that only happens to me once in a lifetime.

Carrie 09 Apr 2016, 08:50

He put minus or plus, not minus only. My sexuality makes no difference. Anyone would find it weird if someone only found them attractive because they had a strong prescription.

 09 Apr 2016, 08:43

Carrie, you are a lesbian with a plus prescription. He is referring to straight women with a minus prescription. You have no experience with that.

Carrie 09 Apr 2016, 08:16

Gerry - it's probably not very unusual as there seems to be several men who use Eyescene that have a preference for women with a strong prescription. I think most women with a strong prescription would find it weird if the only or main reason you found them attractive was their strong prescription. They would probably find it flattering if you found them attractive despite the prescription that they might be slightly embarrassed about. Anyone who felt less attractive because they wore glasses would feel much better about themselves if someone told them that the glasses didn't make them any less attractive.

When we were first dating my own girlfriend was worried I wouldn't find her attractive if she wore her glasses. Her prescription wasn't strong but even if it was I would still find her as incredibly attractive and sexy. She clearly doesn't think glasses on me are unattractive either. I would class her prescription as moderate and mine as borderline low-moderate.

gerry 09 Apr 2016, 06:53

Hi Ladies do you think its unusual if a guy adores the look of a lady in strong minus or plus glasses. I do not wish to be disrespectful but i would love to date such a lady, but where i live their are no ladies who wear your type of glasses. If you would like to get in touch with me, my email address is

arnoldmartinjock@hotmail .com/ Have fun take good care. bye xx

josh 05 Apr 2016, 12:38

great story!

grimon 04 Apr 2016, 16:31

When I was about 12 years old, i participated in a theaterproject. My part was to play a fuzzy professor. To give me the right looks our teacher suggested to get some glasses for me. I asked my aunt Priscilla, she was shortsighted, if she had some old glasses that she could borrow for this purpose. She gave me one of her too weak glasses, that she wouldnt need anymore. Wearing these glasses for the first time on a rehearsingdate was quite difficult, they were that strong, I could hardly see a thing. But everybody said, that this was perfect for my role and so I wore these glasses practically all the time I spent with the theaterproject. My eyes got used to the glasses the more I had to see the world through them. On our premier public date I put them on when arriving backstage and dressing as professor. Arriving on stage my eyes had adapted almost perfect to the strength of the glasses. For the first time I experienced to get sexual arroused by wearing the glasses.

My aunt never asked me to give back the borrowed glasses and I kept on wearing them whenever my family and friends werent around.

Through summer I was sent to a holidaycamp at the sea, where nobody knew me. for 3 weeks I had my aunts glasses on from morning to evening. Coming home I had to take them off and found out, that I was unable to see clear without the glasses. This was a shock. The blury seeing didn't go away and I had to tell my parents, that I needed to go to the ophtalmologist.The glasses I got prescribed were not as strong as auntis glasses, so I went with these on to an optometrist in a neighbourtown and asked to make new glasses with the same prescription which looked like my weaker glasses. Throgh this I found out, that auntis glasses were -4.75 left and -4.5 on the right lens, almost double to what I got prescribed.

From then on I wore these glasses constantly.

Visiting aunt Priscilla later that year, she wondered, why I got so shortsighted. In a four eye-talk she wanted to know, what I did with the glasses she borrowed to me. I am a bad lyer and she found out what happened and was very unhappy about this. I told her, that I am absolutely glad to have changed to be shortsighted and asked her if she had some stronger glasses for me. After longer discussion she gave in and gave a stronger(-5.5/-5.25) pair of glasses to me. Over the years I managed to become used to -9.5 glasses and I'm very happy to live as a shortsighted person

Soundmanpt 15 Feb 2016, 08:47


Who knows you could be right. I do every so often think about some of the people I have encountered through the years and wonder about them today. Like this young lady it was interesting because she didn't seem to have great desire to wear glasses and she never ever said anything about always wanting to wear glasses like others I have come across. Honestly when I first suggested that it might help her in getting hired if she were wearing glasses I think her main thought was in getting a better job that would better herself. I'm sure she realized that working in a medical profession was a big step up from working as a server at a bar & grill and retail sales. Even when I went and brought in the sample glasses for her to try on she never did seem very excited about wearing glasses, but she did like any young lady would do took some time in picking out the ones that she thought looked the best on her. She told me about going to her mom's a few days after she had met me to do some laundry and her mom was shocked to see her wearing glasses. She told her mom all about me coming in at her work and informing her about the optical job and that her wearing glasses might be a big help in getting hired. Of course mom wanted to try them and noticed they had a prescription. Of course mom wanted to know if she could see okay with the glasses and she told her mom that she actually sees better with the glasses on. She told her that she was wearing them because she had her final interview coming up with the regional manager and if she got hired she would be starting work within a few days and she would be wearing her glasses all day long so she needed to get used to having them on. She said her mom was very pleased to her that she might be getting a much better job and not working so many hours. She told her that she really did look cute wearing glasses. I guess by now mom has gotten used to seeing her daughter wearing glasses.

Likelenses 14 Feb 2016, 21:14


Perhaps she increased to -3.50,or more,married an optometrist,and lives happily ever after.

Soundmanpt 14 Feb 2016, 15:53

Anyway she was still happy about being able to pick out new glasses. I actually thought she looked really cute with the semi-rimless pair I gave her. But with women I think the idea of something new is the big thing and even better when it won't cost anything. No surprise that she decided on a really expensive pair of designer glasses with the best AR coating. The only thing that was driving her crazy was how long it took to get her glasses. Just like eye exam the glasses for employees get done last, customers first. So it was well over 10 days to get her glasses, but once she got them she loved them. She noticed the increase in her prescription but said it wasn't anything that would cause her any problem adjusting to. I must admit when i saw her wearing her new glasses they really did look nice on her and fit her face great as well. She made a very good choice. It turned out that she was one of the best employees they ever had. In fact the company was so happy with me for not only finding this jewel but the others before her also all worked out very well that I was invited to dinner as a thank you. Sadly this young lady was so good that she moved up the racks in the company and was soon an asst. manager at one of their larger stores and then she was hired away by another company out of town making much more money. But I have a feeling where ever she is she must be very happy that I helped her get into the optical business even if it meant that she has to wear glasses as a result which I don't think she even minds at all.

And yes I do always wonder what happens from here on out with someone like her?

 14 Feb 2016, 15:31

She said that a few days earlier she was filling the frame board with new frames that had just come in and she really liked some of them. So she took her glasses off and tried on several to see how they would look on her. Her manger saw her trying on the frames and told her that after about 90 days she would be able to get her eyes examined and a free pair of glasses. The manager asked her if she had any idea what her prescription is and she said no and that her glasses were her first glasses and she needs them for distance. With the manager had her come over with her glasses and she put the lenses in the lensometer which indicated what the prescription of each lens is. The manager wasn't too surprised that her glasses were really quite weak. She told her that her glasses are only -.50 and that she doesn't have any astigmatisms so they are really quite weak, but even being weak they still do make things nice and clear for her. She already knew that after she was there for a while she would be given an eye exam and glasses but she was sure by that time she would need at the very least the same prescription she was already wearing which was perfectly fine with her because she already loved her new job and the manager was very nice to her as well. Now she was worried if she were to get her eyes examined and be told that she doesn't need glasses at all. How would she explain that? I told her not to worry and that maybe when she had been there for 2 months she should test her eyes by seeing if they still go back to her normal vision if she leaves her glasses off for a while. I continued to see her every so often over the weekend at the bar & grill and after she was trained and was working one day week alone when there was no doctor I visited her at the optical store. I had not paid much attention to the calendar but on one visit to her at the bar & grill she told me that she had done as I suggested and on the day she worked alone she left her glasses off from the time she got to work until after lunch time and she tested her eyes on the eye chart in the contact room. She couldn't manage any better than the 20/50 line without her glasses and she missed several of the letters on that line as well. She put on her glasses and she could see everything perfect including a few letters on the 20/15 line. So she was actually happy with the results because she now feels confident that she won't do any better when she gets her real eye exam which was now only about a month away. It was funny because only a few months before she knew nothing about glasses and now she was actually happy that she is going to be told that she needs glasses and she is having fun trying to pick out her new glasses. That month seemed to come and go and she wasn't sure when exactly she would be called in to get her eyes examined because if your an employee they just work you during an open appointment time. When the doctor came an d got her she was a little bit nervous but at the same time excited as well. She was hoping that her own self test was at least close to being right. But she relaxed as soon as her glasses came off because she could tell things were blurry. At the end of the test the doctor told her that her eyes are nice and healthy and that there was only a little change in her prescription. He said her new prescription was -.75 in both eyes. She was a little bit surprised that she needed slightly stronger glasses when she was working hard just to get to where her eyes needed her -.50 glasses. I convinced her that the extra -.25 isn't a big deal and that she wouldn't hardly notice any difference in her glasses. I told her the doctor was probably just trying to help you thinking tat you have likley had the same -.50 glasses for about a year and the extra -.25 would just be a nice little bump to sharpen things up a bit for you.


 14 Feb 2016, 14:33

She called me and she so excited. I asked her if she was going to continue working at the bar &grill and she said they were okay with giving her a Saturday night as long as she worked the Sunday day shift too. It was a couple of weeks before I had the chance to go to the bar & grill to see her and I was interested in hearing all about the training she was getting at the optical store. It was great as soon as she saw me come in she came running over and I got a really big hug from her. It was so much different from the first time when I met her and she just looked like she was very down and very unhappy with life. Now she was bubbly and so full of life and she couldn't stop smiling. She had other customers to take care but said she would be back as quick as possible to tell me how everything has been going. I was pleased to see that she was wearing her glasses, the ones I had given her, and she really did look good wearing glasses. They really looked very natural on her. After a short while she came over and she began to tell me all about what she has been learning about vision and glasses. She was impressed with how much there is to know. I told her that she must be pretty used to wearing her glasses by now and she said she hardly notices them anymore and she said at first when she saw herself in the mirror wearing glasses it really seemed very strange, but now she really likes how she looks wearing glasses now. She said that vision must have changed some because the night before on her way home from working the Saturday night shift as she was driving home there was some smudges on her glasses so she just took them off rather than tio stop and clean them, but road signs were much more blurry without them and she jsut didn't feel safe driving without them so she pulled over and cleaned and put back on to finish her drive home. She said she knew at some point her glasses would start to have an effect on her eyes. I told her most likely if she had kept her glasses off her natural vision would have soon returned. I told her that she right that at some point your eyes may need that prescription but even with wearing your glasses as much as you are you still haven't had them long enough to have really changed your eyesight. I explained to he that her eyes have adjusted to her glasses but after she has them off a few minutes they go back to her normal vision.


Soundmanpt 14 Feb 2016, 13:54

For someone I had just met you have thought we were long time friends. When i went to leave she couldn't stop thanking be and I got a very nice bear hug as well. I had given her my number to let me know how everything went. I was very happy that only a few days had past when i got a call from her. She had met the manager and she said the manger seemed to like her and she was to meet with the regional manger the following week, but it looked as if she was going to get hired. She said she was sure that wearing glasses did in fact help because the manager even commented that it was nice that she wears glasses. Apparently the girl before must not have been a glasses wearer and didn't like being told to wear a pair with clear lenses. She wanted to know if she needed to return the glasses or if she could continue to borrow them? I told her she should keep them as a gift from me. She told me that she was wearing them quite a bit just so she could get used to having glasses on. I agreed with her and told her that if she gets the job that she will be wearing glasses everyday she works from open to close. She said that she was wearing them at both jobs and of course her co workers were very interested seeing her wearing glasses, but she just told them all that she just found out that she was a little bit nearsighted and that was why she got glasses. But everyone complemented her on her looks in glasses which she admitted she enjoyed hearing. Anyway her interview with the regional only lasted a few minutes and she was hired.


Soundmanpt 14 Feb 2016, 13:31

She loved the fact that the hours were Monday - Friday 9 - 5 except on Tuesday and Thursday which was 9 - 7. Saturdays were 8 - noon and no Sundays. And i gave her and approx. of what the job pays which she loved even more. But she was still concerned and again was pointing out that she didn't have any type of experience for that type of job. She said again that she doesn't even wear glasses. With that I said that I might be able to help her with that. I went to my car and brought in several of my sample glasses that I use for the vision volunteer group I am with. Nearly all my samples have very weak prescriptions of -.50 or -.75 bit I do have a few with -1.00, -1.25 and -1.50. I only brought in the ones with -.50 lenses. To be honest I wasn't sure how she would react when she saw the glasses. She seemed to like the samples I brought in and I told her that it probably would be a help if she were wearing glasses when she was interviewed. I told her I was nearly positive that she went in and told the manager that I had sent her she would probably be interviewed at the same time. She tried on all the samples and the one we both seemed to agree that looked the best on her was a nice semi-rimless pair. She did notice that the glasses all had the same prescription but she said she could see just fine with them. I told her the best days to go was when they didn't have a doctor because she would be slow and more likely to give her an interview on the spot.

Soundmanpt 14 Feb 2016, 13:12

Reading Cooper's story reminds me of a true story that happened about 4 or 5 year ago. I was at a local bar & grill. As it were I was the only customer in there at the time. The young lady that was waiting on me seemed happy to have company and so she sat down and we talked about all sorts of things. She wasn't very happy and said that she was really tired because she was working 2 jobs at the time. On top of that she was a single mother so it was clear life wasn't all that good for this young lady. besides working at the bar & grill she also worked at a retail store at the mall. That job only paid minimum wage and the bar & grill she got less than $2.50 an hour and really depended on tips which weren't all that good either considering she didn't get the busier days to work. I had just been at one of the optical store locations where I picked up the donated glasses from and the manager and i were rather friendly. She asked me if I knew of anyone looking for a job? She was short a person that she needed to replace. I told her I would see what I could do. So when this young lady was clearly not happy with the long hours and poor pay I decided that this might be the perfect young lady for that job. The hours would be so much better and since they closed early on Saturday if she wanted she could even still keep her job at the bar & grill. I had already found a several others that were hired from the same company but different locations so I knew about what the starting pay was and it was considerably more than she was making at either job put together. I told that I knew of an optical store that was looking for a person to train as an optician. Of course her first words were that she nothing about glasses and didn't even wear glasses herself.


 14 Feb 2016, 12:26


Great start! I will be looking forward to the next installment. I assume this is a fiction story and not someone in real life?

Cooper 14 Feb 2016, 09:42

Belinda was looking for a new job. She heared about that a big optician shop are looking for employees.

Her mother said that it could be better for her to wear glasses in the interview with the manager. She offered her a pair of her reading glasses, but Belinda had very bad eyesight with them on. So Belinda asked her friend Betty, who wear glasses since childhood for trying a pair of her glasses. Betty said that her glasses are quite strong, but she had three older pair with a little bit lower power for trying.

Belinda first tried the oldest one, Betty said there had 2,5 diopters. Betty could manage them quite good but she didn`t like the color. The next pair had 3,00 diopters and it was a rimless pair that Belinda liked very much. But the power was a little bit stronger. The third one are the nicest but with a power of 3,75 diopters too strong for her.

So Belinda asked Betty for borrowing the second pair and she did. Belinda now wears this pair every minute to train her eyes to see well in the interview.

Continued next days...

Apple77 05 Jan 2016, 08:08

Does this count as a borrowed glasses story? My friend Thomas had his first overnight last with a new guy he's been seeing. Both are glasses wearersóThomas is a moderate myope, probably around -3 or -4, and the new boyfriend is an occasional wearer (around -1), but I know he always wears them on dates at Thomas's request. They both have pretty similar, black plastic "nerd" frames.

When Thomas told me the story, I could already see where this was going: The boyfriend overslept his alarm and had to get ready in a rush (leaving Thomas behind in the apartment to sleep in and let himself out later). Being in such a hurry, the boyfriend grabbed the wrong pair of glasses off the nightstand, shoved them in a case in his briefcase, and dashed off to work. Then when Thomas was getting ready about an hour later, he realized that the glasses on the nightstand were not his, and were too weak to do much for him. By then, the boyfriend was already at work, arriving late for his meetings, so there was no way to rendezvous and make the exchange until that evening.

Of course the boyfriend could get by okay for a day with no correction, but I sort of love the idea of Thomas navigating Brooklyn all day with only the boyfriend's glasses to use. He told me it brought him back to memories of high school, back when he was -2 and he broke his glasses in a skating accident, leaving him to muddle through a few days at school without. When he told me the story, I wondered if the boyfriend might have had contacts he could have borrowed to do GOC to get a little more correction.

Anyway, this is a new variation on Cinderella leaving her glass slipper behind so the prince will have to find her. Here the boyfriend took the wrong glasses (Thomas assumes by accident?) so they'd have to meet up again that night for another sleepover.

Apple77 05 Jan 2016, 08:08

Does this count as a borrowed glasses story? My friend Thomas had his first overnight last with a new guy he's been seeing. Both are glasses wearersóThomas is a moderate myope, probably around -3 or -4, and the new boyfriend is an occasional wearer (around -1), but I know he always wears them on dates at Thomas's request. They both have pretty similar, black plastic "nerd" frames.

When Thomas told me the story, I could already see where this was going: The boyfriend overslept his alarm and had to get ready in a rush (leaving Thomas behind in the apartment to sleep in and let himself out later). Being in such a hurry, the boyfriend grabbed the wrong pair of glasses off the nightstand, shoved them in a case in his briefcase, and dashed off to work. Then when Thomas was getting ready about an hour later, he realized that the glasses on the nightstand were not his, and were too weak to do much for him. By then, the boyfriend was already at work, arriving late for his meetings, so there was no way to rendezvous and make the exchange until that evening.

Of course the boyfriend could get by okay for a day with no correction, but I sort of love the idea of Thomas navigating Brooklyn all day with only the boyfriend's glasses to use. He told me it brought him back to memories of high school, back when he was -2 and he broke his glasses in a skating accident, leaving him to muddle through a few days at school without. When he told me the story, I wondered if the boyfriend might have had contacts he could have borrowed to do GOC to get a little more correction.

Anyway, this is a new variation on Cinderella leaving her glass slipper behind so the prince will have to find her. Here the boyfriend took the wrong glasses (Thomas assumes by accident?) so they'd have to meet up again that night for another sleepover.

bensmith 28 Dec 2015, 01:37

Heather's story, part 3/3

Jamie encouraged me to visit an optician. He told me I looked cute when peering at things but enough was enough, he didnít want her girlfriend suffer for such a ludicrous reason. It took me a few months to give in. During this time, I often secretly wore his glasses when I was alone, since he mostly had his contacts in. I enjoyed watching TV and being on the computer without squinting and craning my neck toward the screen. I'd examine the faces of people passing by the window in the street. It was amazing - I'd become used to only imagining what people farther away looked like. I'd examine myself naked in the mirror with Jamieís glasses on, as I hadn't seen myself clearly in the mirror for about ten years. His glasses were such a guilty pleasure.

Then I got glasses of my own. Black, square plastic frames. They didnít suit me especially well: I chose them hastily because I felt very uncomfortable leaning into the mirrors at the optician. After all, I had found myself in the situation I had avoided and dreaded for years. At the eye exam, I lied that I had lost my previous glasses, since I could not bring myself to confess that I had walked around half-blind since childhood. I had just turned 18 and my first prescription was -4.25 and -4.50. The thought of contacts made me ill at the time and I was very timid about wearing my glasses after such a long period of denial, so I only wore them when I absolutely had to. At first I even had to remove them when reading up close because the clarity made me dizzy. However, I immediately noticed that I was becoming dependent on the clear vision.

"Wow, finally!" Anna exclaimed when I hesitantly put my glasses on at school. I had to let her try them on, it was only fair after all. "Don't worry, Heather," she said, "the frame is awesome. They donít even look that strong. I think I might need new glasses myself." I know she tried to be encouraging, but I was depressed to hear that my glasses indeed looked strong. That was the worst part. I hated how they made my eyes dismally small. I even avoided looking in the mirror whenever I had them on. If anyone asked, I told that my prescription was "around minus three.Ē

Yet it was amazing to see everything so easily and in such detail, without the tiring struggle. During my relationship with Jamie, I often swapped glasses with him just for the fun of it. Sometimes I made him go without glasses or contacts to experience what I had gone through. He became so helpless then, completely reliant on me. We often made love with our glasses on. It was strangely unfitting, arousing in a strange way. I loved it that I now had two other people, Jamie and Anna, who I could confide in about things related to vision. Anna began wearing her glasses all the time after getting her second, slightly stronger pair. I maintained my ability to go bare-eyed for a long time. Later I found out that contacts didn't get along well with my eyes, and I hadnít even started saving for Lasik. However, I rarely went anywhere without the glasses in my purse anymore. I missed wearing them whenever I didnít have them on my face.

bensmith 28 Dec 2015, 01:33

Heather's story, part 2/3

Once, when we were alone in her house joking around, she told me to try on her glasses. I would never have admitted it, but I had been waiting for the moment. I put them on, avoiding her gaze. The lenses took away some of the usual blur. Things in the distance were still fuzzy, which was disappointing, but I could see clearly almost two feet in front of my eyes. I enjoyed it more than I wanted to. Hesitantly, I told her that the glasses probably were probably a little weak for me. When looking in the mirror, I though the slightly round frame made me look nerdy and unsexy. They looked all right on Anna, but she wasnít very pretty anyway. Glasses, I thought, werenít really an option for me. We spent the evening talking about getting contacts and Lasik in the future. It turned out that with Annaís glasses on, I could see about as far as she could see without correction. My vision was that bad.

I began wearing Anna's glasses now and then when we were alone - on the computer, shopping downtown, cooking, playing video games, whenever Anna didn't need them. With them on, I didn't have to lean in unbearably close to things, and it was a welcome break from my daily blurry world. When Anna handed her glasses to me, she often referred to me as "her blind little friend." Initially, I was embarrassed by this arrangement, but I could still publicly keep my "no glasses" image, and that was most important. The only restriction was that I couldn't wear her glasses when I had to read something actually far away, as they didn't help me that much. That was when Anna needed them herself, and I resorted to pulling my eyes or seeing fuzzy blobs.

However, at some point my borrowing of Anna's glasses started getting on her nerves. She said she was getting dependent on them and wanted to wear them more. She didn't always give them to me anymore when I struggled to see and told me to get ones of my own. She could even get mean, discussing things in the distance which she knew were difficult for me to see while wearing her glasses. Once she got back at me by offering her glasses to me publicly in class, which she knew was awkward for me for two reasons: first of all, in public I pretended I didn't need any glasses, and secondly, her glasses were far too weak for me.

By then my half-blind state was known to pretty much everyone, even if I preferred not to think about it. I hated to admit it but I had become dependent on Anna's glasses. I was jealous of her opportunity to simply put them on when she couldn't see something. Wearing them, she could make out everyone's face, which was something I sorely missed. I mostly talked to vague blobs, not seeing if people looked at me when they were more than six feet away from me. Unlike Anna, I also had to endure the constant fear of being found out and ending up in embarrassing situations. My only consolation was that at least I didnít wear glasses. I thought I looked much prettier without them - as ridiculous as it sounds now, especially with all the squinting I did.

Things finally changed when I met my first proper boyfriend, Jamie. I couldn't hide my nearsightedness from him for long. He actually wore glasses, too, even though he mostly had contacts in. His prescription was -3.50 in both eyes with a little astigmatism, and he was appalled to find out I didn't wear any correction. I thought his prescription was awfully high and I was apprehensive about trying on his glasses - I knew even they would be too weak for me. We had compared our vision bare-eyed and he could read things a little farther away than I could. And true enough, I couldn't see perfectly with his glasses, but they were pretty close to what I needed. Jamieís glasses didnít suit my face at all and made my eyes awfully small, but his frame was too large for me anyway.

(to be continued)

bensmith 28 Dec 2015, 01:30

Heather's story, part 1/3

As a teenager, my vision was terrible but I absurdly resisted getting glasses for years and years. I didnít even tell anyone and just coped the best I could, pretending I didnít need glasses. I donít know why I was so much against them. I guess it was mostly embarrassment. And I managed rather well, although as I said, it was pretty bad. When looking at people on the other side of the room, I could only guess their identity based on their clothing and walking style. I had to bring things 10 inches from my face to see them clearly. Therefore, I spent my days looking at blurry people and objects, getting close to signs whenever possible. I could improve my eyesight momentarily by squinting, and when I had to see far away in detail, I could focus by painfully stretching back either of my eyelids. My plan was to avoid glasses until I was 20 and then get Lasik.

When I was 15, I was thrilled to make friends with Anna, a new classmate of mine who turned out to be nearsighted like I was. She didn't have glasses yet but squeezed her eyelashes almost closed to see the whiteboard at school and often complained how she couldn't see. I thought she could actually see enviably well - she could sort of read the board from the front row or use the computer without leaning noticeably close to the screen, both of which had been impossible for me for years. When I sat in the front row, I had to pull my eyes into slits to see anything. Compared to me, she had the eyes of an eagle.

We became best friends and she soon noticed my poor eyesight. I didn't admit it at first, but she could tell from the signs. After my vision problems had become totally obvious to her, I told her my vision was "sort of crappy far away." It felt so good to be finally able to share my embarrassing secret with someone who could relate to it. Anna seemed delighted, too. We used to compare how far we could see, bemoaning how people were supposed to see things in the distance and why our teachers bullied us with colored fonts. My vision was always way crappier than hers.

The fact that we both needed glasses wasn't a secret for her, though. She often complained to others how we were "blind as bats." I was so embarrassed. I thought the whole point was not to tell anyone. "Boy, my vision is bad," she would tell our friends, "but not nearly as bad as Heather's." She used to tease me, probably thinking it was good-natured. "Look at that, Heather - oh, never mind, I forgot that you probably can't see it anyway."

It was true that I often could not see what was going on. Anna's vision was so much better that I gradually learned to rely on her. She'd recognize people for me and guide me in unfamiliar surroundings. I, on the other hand, could read her the whiteboard at school and make out distant signs with my special squinting trick. It was sort of fun, helping each other out.

Unfortunately, unlike me, Anna was desperate to get glasses since she couldn't really see the board at school. We were 16 when she eventually got them. I was devastated and thought it would be the end of our vision companionship. But she said she'd only wear them in class: she told me she only needed them for distance and didnít think they looked very good on her. I thought they looked like glasses - not flattering but not ugly either. And actually, from that on, things only got more interesting. She told me her prescription was -2. I was intrigued about this piece of information and at the same time embarrassed because I thought Iíd probably need stronger glasses. She often made fun of my leaning blindly into things, and she was astonished about my resistance to get glasses. She said I probably needed a hefty prescription, ďlike minus five or something.Ē I feared that indeed was the case. I didnít even want to imagine it.

(to be continued)

Tom1 14 Nov 2015, 17:04

The blond girl girl needed to know if the boy she invited to the conference was in the room, too, between tens of unknown people from the same college. She was so nervous in missing him, since she took opportunity to go to that conference mainly to see him again. However, she was aware that since her eyes have gone that bad, she would have never able to recognise his face. And this made her more nervous, since she had no intention to go to an eyedoctor and start wearing glasses. Since then she had been lying to herself for years pretending to see, but that afternoon she realized for the first time how bad her eyesight was, and simpler it would have been for her with a damned pair of glasses.

She noticed a girl sit close to her which was cleaning a pair of glasses, took her courage (after all she didn't know her) and said to her neighbour: "could you please borrow me your glasses? I forgot mine and need to look for a person around the room". The bespectacled girl replied "my dear, unfortunately my glasses are quite strong and I doubt you could see through them, for sure you are not as blind as I am". The poor girl was really helpless, so insisted to try and so she did. When she put the glasses on, she was really astonished since she could see just a little better, but most of the blur was still there! She tried squinting strong behind the lenses, but even doing so all the room and the people, but the closest ones, were still very blurred. The neighbour saw her struggling and told her:"as I told you they are strong, don't struggle so hard if you don't want to become as shortsighted as I am. You are lucky in doing without your glasses, I can't since years".

The poor girl was really astonished and felt so worried and humiliated about her eyes. She didn't admit the glasses were far too thin for her, but decided to have her eyes tested soon. At the age of 19, after about 4 years since when she noticed she could not see the board as well as her mates did, she discovered her eyesight was as bad as -4.25!

Tom 20 Oct 2014, 14:20

Laura was walking together with her best friend Maddalena, the only one person who knew she was very nearsighted. Often, Maddalena borrowed her -3 glasses to the poor shortsightded friend to allow her to read a sign recognise someone in distance or spot something in a shop window, but only when they were alone! No one must know how nearsighted Laura was...

That time something happened: behind a shop window Laura noticed a couple of guys she knew approaching and suddenly removed the glasses. She had not time to handed over back to the friend so she put in her pocket and smiled at the guys. Both girls were now in the blur... the guys took the two girls to a fast food and queued in front of them. When was Laura's turn she just ordered the same thing the previous guy did, as she was used to do when she could not read the menu. Maddalena was in turn used to a clear vision behind the lenses and remained in front of the blurry menu, squinting and struggling to read, without success. One of the two guys asked her which was the problem and she admitted she could not see without her glasses. He helped her and once sit at a table he went on commenting: you are crazy going around bareeyed despite you need glasses. How can you survive without glasses?!?! My sister is doing the same and I always tell her she is stupid. You two are destroying your vision struggling like this, you should wear fulltime! As you can imagine Laura was astonished and very embarassed since she knew the only times when Maddalena took off her glasses was to borrowed her, so she was rsponsible for the very bad opinion of the boy. When they were gone, Maddalena wanted her glasses back and was really furious with her best friend. Useless to say that was the very last time she borrowed her glasses to her shortsighted friend.

minusdude 18 Oct 2014, 10:19

Thanks, Apple, the stories have been in shorter supply in recent years since the dominant gay club closed. Here's one from about a year ago - I decided to go as a hipster to a Halloween dance club party last year at a bar predominantly strait. I ordered a pair of hipster glasses from Zenni to do GOC - if they were too bad I could ditch them and still see. So I ordered -.75 each eye and wore a pair of contacts a little shy of my actual prescription. They were quite nice so I wore them all evening. One of my acquaintances from back in the day was there and I showed them to him. He tried them on and looked around and said "I can see better!" I wasn't surprised, he'd made a comment a few years ago that led me to believe he was a bit nearsighted, which I could share later. He looked good in them, despite the costume, and I asked him if I could take his picture if he'd take mine, too, but since the camera didn't have a flash neither turned out well.

Apple77 13 Oct 2014, 20:45

MinusDude, I'd love to hear another borrowed glasses tale, for old time's sake! I wish I had more stories to share.

MinusDude 12 Oct 2014, 19:30

This thread is active again?

 08 Oct 2014, 19:08

I new I needed glasses when I was in high school, but was to shy and self conscious to tell my parents I needed them.

After HS I went on to college and was having a lot of trouble seeing the board in the large lecture halls and I was usually sitting in one of the first couple rows. This guy who would become a good friend always sat near me new I was having trouble because I was constantly asking him what the professor was writing on the board, so one day he took off his glasses and said put these on and see if they help. They were a little too strong, but I could see the board better with them than without. After class he told me I needed to get my eyes examined and I told him about the trouble I had telling my parents and he said he went thru the same thing and new what I was going through.

The next day he gave me an old pair of his glasses and told me to see if they helped, I put them on and could not believe how clear and sharp everything was and he said: "try wearing them and see what you've been missing and give them back when you get your own." Long story short I ended up wearing them for the rest of the semester and was finally able to tell my parents I needed glasses and get my own. If it hadn't been for Tim, I don't know how long I would of gone without getting glasses.

dan 15 Jul 2010, 09:37


Sure, I did not see it as a post of fiction, hence my disbelieve. Sorry, my mistake.

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