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Dating Sim

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marsh 28 Feb 2009, 16:07

revive this thread ?? we have good participants

sourgrapes 22 Nov 2007, 16:59

I'm interested in a glasses-themed dating sim or hentai game, or something. Does anyone know if any such game exists? I know this thread originally started as someone wanting to make one...

Martyn 11 Jul 2007, 17:12

Hi Amy, rather surprised you can,t have myodisc lenses, technology has moved surprisingly quickly over the last few years, I,m sure you could have myodiscs lenses and they would be much thinner, and not be so uncomfortable as your present glasses.

I wonder if you have considered lens inplants this is a very successful operation for someone like you. I hope your rx settles down soon, still if your happy with your glasses thats all that matters, and I hope your never judged on your glasses rather as a normal loving human being with feelings.I don,t wear glasses myself, I don,t have a fetish for glasses, my interest I once worked for an optician.

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Adam 24 Aug 2005, 13:56

Some people here cannot understand irony even if it jumps and bites them on the bum.

 24 Aug 2005, 13:47

Good advice from someone who cannot spell or cannot type: "not"

Adam 24 Aug 2005, 12:15

Apart from nnot being able to spell 'slide' there's nothing wrong with you!! Enjoy the view!!!!

Drew 24 Aug 2005, 10:54

I`m heavily attracted to girls with really thick minus lenses! It almost drives me mad seeing them how they push up their glasses after they slode down their nose. I dont think this is normal! Am I ill?

Herb 20 Jul 2005, 14:09

After having found this site, i think I can second the plus-guy before.

Beeing a rather nearsighted (-12 dpt.) guy wearing glasses in the

age of 39/190cm/85kg, interested in arts & crafts and foreign cultures,

I would be very pleased to find my female counterpart, and of course

I love highmyopic ladies with glasses!


Herb (

Plus Eyes 16 Jun 2005, 07:00

The question is asked why do we find ladies attractive and sexy wearing thick glasses, well I think behind the thicck glasses, is a shy person who knows about the cruel jibs they had to endure because of their glasses, yet for all that they have become very attractive warm caring people, and behind the glasses there are usually the most beautiful eyes, when the glasses are slipped off reveal the true beauty of the eyes.

About 10 years ago I dated a lady with an Rx of +14 she was so shy and withdrawn when I first met her, she had never socialised, did not like going to clubs or being the company of men because men never ever asked her out.

After dating her for 2 years she gained confidence realising her glasses were not a hinderance to her enjoying life and socialising. Unfortunately she went off to college, far from where I lived, she meet a nice guy married has children, I think there are guys like me who see beyond the thick glasses, she the real person and personality behind the glasses, and why should glasses be an issue when dating a lady.

So to all ladies who have to wear very high Rx glasses either plus or minus you will always have a special place in my thoughts, because of the adversity you have overcome because of your glasses.

AA 14 Jun 2005, 05:58

Amy looking forward to your next post to see what your new RX ism Amy you say your lenses are an inch thick, are those high index lenses, or just normal glass. or maybe High index lenses are too expensive. I always have a soft spot for anyone who has had to wear strong glasses such as yours, because I,m sure you had to put up with cruel jokes about your glasses in your younger days, I,m sure socially you never considered yourself attractive because of your glasses, well I,m sure behind the glasses is a lovely lady with a beautiful personality, and i,m sure your also physically attractivem this compliment from a guy who does not wear glasses. AAx

AA 12 Jun 2005, 17:55

Hi Amy you seem a real nice lady warm and gentle, of course your glasses would attract guys like me, after all looks do count, some guys go for other attributes I happen to like ladies who wear strong glasses, will it surprise you if I tell you I don,t wear glasses myself. I hope your eyes stabilise soon and they don,t get much thicker, you seem to have picked a nice pair of glasses I,m sure you look beautiful glasses or no glasses. I hope one day you will be confident enough to post a photo of your glasses. Look forward to reading your posts. Take care AA x

Amy 11 Aug 2004, 01:56

Nancy, are you trying to hit on me?

Nancy 07 Aug 2004, 06:50


What is yopur new prescription?

Guest 3 06 Aug 2004, 16:03

Hi Amy, fantastic your RX has not increased,maybe by your next eye test your astigmatism will be stable, wonderful news so pleased for you, it would be nice to see a photo of your glasses if possible. Look forward to more posts.

Don 06 Aug 2004, 12:32

Hi Amy, I'm really glad your eye exam went well.I hope your increase's slow down for you.Talk to you later. Don

Amy 06 Aug 2004, 00:14

Had my exam, and things went well. Only needed to increase the astigmatism part of my prescription. As the lenses were applied to the machine the clarity was awesome, but it felt like my eye muscles were being tweaked. Never had that sensation before.I asked about myodisc lenses, but due to the astigmatism they are not doable.The optician said that the new lenses will be only slighty thicker than the ones I wear now.

Guest 3 04 Aug 2004, 05:01

Hi Amy, you would be surprised how many guys like ladies wearing glasses, a survey over here was done recently and the results found 80 percent of guys found ladies wearing glasses attractive and sexy looking, but the survey also showed guys would not admit to their male friends they would rather date a lady in glasses, so Amy the next time a guy makes eyes at you he is saying I find you attractive.I hope your eye exam goes well and the increase is small, because even though we love you and your glasses, would not want you to have your sight impaired further. Thanks for answering my post says a lot for your genuineness and personality. goodluck.

Don 04 Aug 2004, 00:56

Hi Amy,Yes it sounds like he likes women in glasses just as much as I do.Hope your exam go's well.Talk to you later. Don

Amy 03 Aug 2004, 23:43

Guest 3 and Don, Until a friend told me about this site,I always thought that guys found glasses like mine unattractive. Glad guys like you exist. I did have a boyfrind that always wanted to go with me to my eye exams.He would ask the doctor if he could watch the exam, and always wanted to look thru my glasses. Do you think he is like you guys at this site?

Don 03 Aug 2004, 08:40

Hi Amy, I just want to tell you that I'm sorry you need a increase in your Rx.But I think ladies in strong glasses are very Attractive. I prefer a women with glasses over one with out glasses.I look forward to reading your reply. Don

Guest 3 03 Aug 2004, 03:56

Hi Amy, gosh at 27 and your ever increasing RX and thicker lenses must be concerning you, it all very well for we guys who love ladies wearing glasses especially if they are as short sighted as you Amy. I,m sure I speak for all guys there is no way we would wish your RX to increase, rather the opposite and have your RX stablilises. Amy lets pray and hope the increase in your Rx is very small and gives you some hope for the future, I would love to be in touch with you to give you moral support, unfortunately not wise to give e mail address out here for reasons I,m sure you understand Amy. Look forward to your next post Amy and lets hope you have some good news. Guest3

Amy 03 Aug 2004, 00:13

Yeah, I'd like to play too! I'm a 27 year old female who wears strong glasses for myopia . Rimless frames with lenses that are flat on the front, and about one inch thick at the edges. Need more correction again, as things are getting blurred again. Have an appointment Thur. so hopefully will be seeing better after that. New glasses are very hard for me to adjust to.Find it hard to get used to everything getting smaller, but the upside things are sharper.

alex 02 Aug 2004, 20:52

where do i play the damn game?

guess_who 30 Jun 2004, 03:40

why r all of you so obcessed with glasses anyway!?!

 02 Mar 2004, 06:08

Satin: Go back to hell where you belong!

SATIN 02 Mar 2004, 05:05

What do these girls look like ? wearing nothing but glasses??

not that i care , im just thrying to picture what they are doing.

I WANT ANSWERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Truman 12 Jan 2004, 09:08

Jack my boy,

that's not writing. that's typing!

Marni 12 Jan 2004, 05:19


Ok, I got ya.



BICK JOHN 11 Jan 2004, 05:52

JACK: Your punctuation is atrocious. Go back to school,

Electra 10 Jan 2004, 21:47

Sorry, can you repeat that?

Jack 10 Jan 2004, 18:55

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Electra Neglecta 21 Dec 2003, 14:06

Sorry, should have pointed out that it is ADULT CONTENT. I don't want to be accused of anything untoward. It's a Yahoo group that enables you to play The Sims with a glasses fetish. Etc.

Electra 21 Dec 2003, 14:04

Hey! Try it MY WAY! LOL.....Ok, I know I couldn't pass up the chance.....

Here's what you do. Buy the Maxis PC game "The Sims", and the expansion pack for it "Hot Date" (and as many other expansion packs as you like, they're all fun.

Then join my Yahoo group Electra's Sims here:

Presto! A real (well, virtual, anyway) Dating Sim.....

me 21 Dec 2003, 11:42

hey how do i play a cool game of dating sim????

Puffin 29 Nov 2003, 15:40

I doubt it.

myodisc 27 Nov 2003, 14:27

can some literary genius ressurrect this thread?

lol 06 Nov 2003, 08:32

Dez 16 Dec 2002, 09:13

Nah, not write the game for me, just rive me some RX for all of the girls according to my broad specifications...

It's the only thing I can't do by myself :(

Dez 16 Dec 2002, 09:11

Nah, not write the game for me, just rive me some RX for all of the girls according to my broad specifications...

It's the only thing I can't do by myself :(

SZ6 07 Dec 2002, 11:38

Uh, well, you asked for suggestions, and people gave you some. You weren't really that clear about what else you wanted help with. Do you want us to write your game for you?

Dez 07 Dec 2002, 10:43


Nobody cares :(

I really wanted to make something that would give girls with glasses more exposure on the net...

oh well

blubb 15 Nov 2002, 10:24

can u make that sometimes the glasses fell off their faces or that they break em and that they have to search for em.....?

Dez 13 Nov 2002, 13:35


Well I guess nobody has something to add :(

If any of you feels like dropping me a line instead, my email is i also use MSN Messenger...


Dez 05 Nov 2002, 06:15

So, nobody has other ideas?

Lazysiow 03 Nov 2002, 07:06

you could still have the prescription info in there. Just have in a a separate screen like a popup where people can click on it if they want to see the girls' prescriptions. Otherwise just in their bios, describe what they cant see just so people who don't care about the technical stuff can still get an idea (and a kick out of) their bad eyesight i.e. "she once stubbornly tried to go around outside not wearing her glasses and couldnt see anything to cross the road and was nearly hit by a truck"

Dez 31 Oct 2002, 10:37

Oh... and none of these girls should be embarassed about their glasses or try to go out without them, since it is a boarding school where all the girls wear glasses... Teachers, staff, students, everyone.

The only males around are the hero of the game and the janitor, and they don't wear glasses.

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