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 21 Jul 2018, 02:41

naked with around +5

A. 20 Jul 2018, 09:24


xx75 20 Jul 2018, 09:16

A. 20 Jul 2018, 07:05

Minus girls on livejasmin ( direct movies links ):!modelgallery/MirandaMiller/videos!modelgallery/KatyStewart/videos/2

livecross 20 Jul 2018, 00:44

Galileo 17 Jul 2018, 21:11

moderately high minus

Eyestein 17 Jul 2018, 02:17

High plus. At 4:54, 9:00 and elsewhere we get brief glimpses of open eyes through her glasses. I get the slight impression of visual impairment which is not fully correctable.

terry 14 Jul 2018, 09:45

Beautiful mature

N 14 Jul 2018, 01:19

Nickey Huntsman

Jake 13 Jul 2018, 23:59


Eyestein 13 Jul 2018, 08:30


Eyestein 13 Jul 2018, 07:11

Jenna Shadow is supposed to have -15. They certainly look closer to -20.

Eyestein 13 Jul 2018, 06:39

Older plus girl.

Eyestein 13 Jul 2018, 06:30

High plus. The glasses hang precariously at many points starting from about 5:33.

 12 Jul 2018, 07:26


Nice Find. Thanks !


Why is he idiot? What so idiotic he has done?

Max 11 Jul 2018, 14:55

AHMG is an idiot.

AHMG 11 Jul 2018, 14:26

A New Pretty High Myopic Woman with Very Thick Glasses around -20.00


Daily updated Portals with real GWG Live!! and

xx75 11 Jul 2018, 12:20

Jon 11 Jul 2018, 07:14

Very thick minus

lesbians 10 Jul 2018, 01:46

hahahaha and ..... 'lesbians'

WARNING DISCLAIMER 09 Jul 2018, 15:23


This thread is posted to by sexually perverted people, sexual deviates, sodomites, and lesbians.

A. 06 Jul 2018, 23:14

minus online now:!chat/MaryHant

Eyestein 04 Jul 2018, 06:36

Two new videos from the high plus girl. They are getting better.

Yes I am aware that "legally blind" means vision no better than 20/200 with correction. Actually I wasn't being strictly accurate about what I was getting at. I had previously read a story about a very hyperopic teenage girl who was told she might not be able to get a drivers licence. The cut-off for that is around 20/30 or 20/40 with correction - depending on which country you are in. Anyway, she had an Rx of +12.

A. 04 Jul 2018, 00:32


A. 04 Jul 2018, 00:26

beeing myopic makes women more sensual and sophisticated lovers:

A. 04 Jul 2018, 00:25

beeing myopic makes women more sensual and sophisticated lovers:

REd 03 Jul 2018, 09:06!chat/Priscillaaa

-4 with radiant smile

Likelenses 02 Jul 2018, 16:21

02 Jul 2018, 12:30 poster

You are the dumbass.

Legally blind is 20/200 or worse with correction.

 02 Jul 2018, 12:30

LEGALLY BLIND means she can't see 20/20 WITH glasses, dumbass.

Jon 02 Jul 2018, 09:20

Eyesein, interesting how she never opens her eyes, with or without her glasses! It would be nice to see how they look behind her lenses.

Eyestein 01 Jul 2018, 23:38

She gets tired of her heavy plus glasses slipping down. She removes them at about 12:16. I wonder if the girl is legally blind.

Max 01 Jul 2018, 19:17

No I didnt

 01 Jul 2018, 03:22

did you know recorder2018 installs a zombie virus on your computer when you are waiting for the log-in and registration screen? it is extremely hard to detect or remove. basically it allows another user to remotely view everything you do on your computer.

Max 01 Jul 2018, 02:38

May be this video contains what i'm talked about. I tried to register to this site but my card have not access to view this video.

Glass Lenses 01 Jul 2018, 02:29

Max 01 Jul 2018, 02:27

I'm sure that Wholle73 have this video

Max 01 Jul 2018, 02:26

I've never saw before so sexual myopic view

Galileo 01 Jul 2018, 02:18

Regarding Emmi_lovee - did you also notice she has that condition where her eyes move independently and often goes cross-eyed even when wearing her glasses. Wow.

Galileo 01 Jul 2018, 01:49

@max - sorry no video, at least you were lucky enough to see the dance, that must have been something

Max 30 Jun 2018, 03:01

Wolle73 I know you are have it. Lets exchange. I will give a links to another videos of her

Max 29 Jun 2018, 19:56

Galileo have you video of Emmi_Lovee_ 28.06.18? She danced sexually without glasses. It was incredible but my connection was fucking bad. I have bad record :(

Somebody share the video of this beauty pls

A. 29 Jun 2018, 08:16



A. 29 Jun 2018, 08:13


A. 29 Jun 2018, 08:08


Eyestein 28 Jun 2018, 07:26

High plus. Another video from 4ehole.

AHMG 28 Jun 2018, 03:47

AHMG 28 Jun 2018, 02:09

That post was not from me.

AHMG 28 Jun 2018, 02:09

Last post wasn't from me... I never use "Alain HMG" in this thread

AHMG 27 Jun 2018, 19:15

I am the real Alain HMG, and I approve this message.

REd 27 Jun 2018, 14:23

Hey anonymous poster pretending to be Alain HMG

You contribute zero apart from lies. The actual Alain HMG has contributed in major ways for many years. So just stop or you know where to stuff your comments.

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