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HighMyopic 21 Feb 2017, 20:11

What glasses website can you buy + 15 diopter or more glasses?

Zenni only goes up to +12 diopters. Eyeglassesfactoryoutlet costs over hundred dollars for very strong lenses even though they do not say so. Opticals4less is like about 400 dollars, I think for -40 diopter glasses. Ebay is a total gamble for very strong plus glasses both price wise and availability wise.

Mevis 09 Jan 2017, 18:18

fyi: optical4less 20% off coupon: ROADTO2017 expire in few days. link:

Diego 09 Jan 2017, 12:36

Wanted to follow up about finding an online retailer for contacts who doesn't require a RX for GOC use? Wanting to try some new glasses but can't find a way to get matching contacts.

 21 Nov 2016, 12:10

I'm looking for a company online who sell a wide variety of contact lenses, and don't require any prescription or Doctor's information. I use CooperVision/Preference and am having trouble finding that brand with a company who don't require Doctor authorization. Thanks in advance!

Mevis 14 Nov 2016, 22:46

Just ordered a pair of progressives glasses from the lenses are perfectly spot on. Will definitely go back next time.

Query 12 Sep 2016, 12:58

Did you get caught for custom duty and a Post office handling charge as it was imported from USA. That has always been my experience and you have to go to the Post Office to pick them up and pay the charges which are hefty.

John London 12 Sep 2016, 12:03

Sorry, i meant that I ordered them from

John London 12 Sep 2016, 12:00

Ordered two pairs of glasses on 26th August; arrived in London on 9th December. Exactly two weeks. Incredible considering that my prescription is -16 and -18 with -3.5 cyls.

Likelenses 29 Aug 2016, 22:08

Firmoo is an online optical.

If you sign into their website,they will on occasion send you a free eyeglasses offer.The last pair I got were FREE, $ 33.00 frames with single vision minus 18 lenses,and the cost was $ 11.90 for shipping,and handling to the U.S.Arrived in less than two weeks.

I have taken advantage of this twice now,and can tell you that the quality of the frames,and lenses is outstanding as is the shipping time.

They offer up to minus 18 lenses.

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2016, 09:16


What your asking won't work. A good example of this is people that want to wear contacts and they have a small astigmatism and their CYL is -.50. The doctor will often times add an extra -.25 to the SPH and ignore the CYL completely. The idea is to try and compensate for the lack of CYL by increasing the SPH. But even with just such a small difference the person doesn't see quite as well as they do with their glasses which has the real full prescription in them. So if it doesn't work very well for even a small change from CYL to SPH it certainly won't work for what you want.

Your much better off paying the extra $9.00 so your able to see properly. Remember even with the added $9.00 your glasses are still much cheaper than buying them at your local optical store.

Sam 21 Jul 2016, 08:52

Just want to bring this thread up, so hopefully someone can help me out with my wuestion in the previous post.

Sam 16 Jul 2016, 10:31

I was trying to order glasses fron Zenni, becauze theh are so cheap, but sadly my prescription is "high," so they are charging me 9 extra dollars. My question is kind of weird, but I know that spehere and cylinder numbers are addative, so I was wondering if there is any way to minipulate my prescription to be heavier on cylinder and bring down the sephere to a low number? Also, would doing something like this harm my vision?

I know it is just 9 dollars, but I feel like it is a bit unfair to ask someone to pay extra because their vision is worse.

HighMyopic 10 Jul 2016, 18:59

I want to get this pair with this rx from eyeglassesfactoryoutlet.

Chief - Black

- Choose your frame size: 56-20-145-44-145

- Lens Type: Single Vision Readin..

- Will these glasses be used for safety glasses or by a child under the age of 18: No

- SPHOD: +30.00

- CYLOD: +8.00

- ADDOD: +3.50

- PRISMOD: +10.00


- SPHOS: +30.00

- CYLOS: +8.00

- ADDOS: +3.50

- PRISMOS: +10.00


- Right PD: Right PD

- Left PD: Left PD

- Far: 63.0

- Lens Thickness Material: Standard Plastic CR ..

- U.V. Protection: No

How would the +30 diopter lenses with 10 base out prism each look? Like halves of balls?

Glasses Lover 07 Jun 2016, 02:55

Can anyone please recommend an online retailer where I can order a pair of thick glasses in a large frame, say minus 15 or higher?

I've tried Zenni but they never listen to their customers' requests. If you ask them to make the lenses thick they shave them down or give you something that looks like a myodisc. If you ask them not to polish the lens edges they'll do it anyway. I used to buy from but they won't do anything over minus ten now.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


Karot 29 May 2016, 11:33

I do not like glasses from Zenni. I go to Walmart for eye exam and then buy from http://coastal - cheap and quality + 1 day shipping.

If I need contacts I just compare prices from all stores with to find where is the best price at the moment cos no difference in quality as its one brand.

Maxim 30 Apr 2016, 11:37

Glasses from 6.99 Euros, postage limited to 5.99 Euros, a total of approx. 13,00 Euros, that looks good!

Try this - more or less for weak prescriptions: for Europe, or for the US, for French-speaking people,

I'll try it soon, only have to wait for a new refraction (eye test).

Lance 06 Apr 2016, 06:11


Thanks for the info. We are sending the glasses back so we'll see what they say.

Likelenses 05 Apr 2016, 21:37


Perhaps this explains it better.

Likelenses 05 Apr 2016, 20:32


I believe that Zenni used lense blanks that are used in safety glasses.

Here is some info that I copied from a web site talking about required marking for safety equipment.Lenses that comply with the impact testing of safety glasses ,must be marked with a cross ,and a manufacturers mark,which is most likely the Z.

Page 2




testing on all externally expo

sed materials is now required but ignition tests of textiles or

elastic bands are





there was no specification for the soft tissue

area around the eye that was to be protected

by safety glasses. It was assumed that the position of

the test “shots” would define this issue. This was

found to be inadequate. Therefore, the new standard now has a

minimum coverage

area defined by a

space of 40mm in width by 33mm in height in an ellip

tical shape centered over each eye and centered on

the geometrical center of the lens

. For smaller heads, this dimension changes to 34mm by 28mm and

testing for the smaller size must be performed on th

e 54mm PD headform. Frames tested to the smaller

size will require a special mark of the letter “H”.


Marking requirements

have changed significantly: issues su

ch as what marking is required, where

the marking should be located and how it should

be sequence


apply to both lenses and frames.


markings for Rx:


All lenses will have the manufacturer’s logo


Coverage for small heads will have: “H

” (this pertains to rimless designs)


Impact rated will have a “+”


Specific lens types will need to be marked as noted:


Clear: no mark


Welding: “W” shade number


UV Filters: “U” scale number


Visible light filter: “L” number


IR Filter: “R” scale number


Variable tints: “V”


Special purpose: “S”

Frames and shield

markings for Rx:


All frames will have the manufacturer’s logo.


Size markings will be in a

ccordance with ANSI Z80.5 –

2004 and will include the “A”

dimension, DBL on the fronts with temple length on the temples.



Impact rated frames will be marked “Z

87-2+” on the front and on one temple.



Small head tested frames will

be marked with the letter “H”.



All detachable sideshields are to be marked “Z87 +” if impact rated.


Sequence of markings:



for Rx spectacles that are impact rated will

be: manufacturer’s logo (“ABC”), Standard

mark (“Z87-2”) and impact mark (“+”).



for Rx that are impact rated will be: Manu

facturer’s logo (“ABC”), impact mark (“+”)

and other special marks as in

dicated by lens type.


Aftermarket components

not sold with the original device must

be tested on the device for which it

is intended.

For example, sideshields must be tested with test

documentation made availa

ble upon request. The

entity making the claim for the aftermarket device

is responsible for the testing and documentation.

Soundmanpt 05 Apr 2016, 10:09


Like you I have placed orders for several hundred pairs of glasses over the past 11 years. I have only had a couple minor problems in all that time and Zenni was great about taking care of very quickly as well. Things like opening a package and having the temple unattached Oddly the screw was even in the package and nothing as broke so I just replaced the screw myself. Now i assume the glasses your wife found the registration marks on were her newer ones. Of course her feeling like they constantly needed cleaning was her seeing those marks. Like you say someone goofed and either they didn't remove the marks or they were as you say a test pair of lenses. I'm sure once they see them your wife will have a new pair of glasses coming her way. you or your wife don't seem to terribly upset about this so i assume you will still be ordering glasses from Zenni in the future?

Lance 05 Apr 2016, 09:37

About a month ago my wife ordered a new pair of progressives from Zenni (this is her 3rd pair from them). She has been working a lot on the computer and had noticed that the mid range on the lens was giving her problems so she switched back to her old pair (same prescription just +.25 less in the add). She also was constantly trying to clean them.

On Saturday we were out at a basketball game and she went to clean her glasses. She held them up to the light and noticed a set of 2 registration marks on each lens. It was a cross with a Z underneath it. The marks were etched on the lens. I recognized them as registration marks from my years as a graphic designer.

She contacted Zenni and they are having her send them back so they can inspect them. Between the 2 of us we have had at least a dozen or more glasses from Zenni and have never seen this marks on the lenses before. And to be honest this is the first problems we've had with their products.

My guess is that this was a test and they just left the wrong lenses in.

Anyone ever come across something like this?

Likelenses 26 Feb 2016, 00:09

Interesting new concept for those in New York,and according to them,soon to expand elsewhere.

PlusWearer 20 Feb 2016, 07:29

I just realized that Zenni does not offer progressives with prism correction. Does anyone have suggestions for online shops that offer this combination at similar price levels?


Cactus Jack 26 Jan 2016, 11:06


No. You can convert between + cylinder and - cylinder (or vice versa) using a simple procedure. Lens makers covert + cylinder to - cylinder and make the glasses. The results are optically identical.

We could tell you that messing with cylinder correction is not a good idea, unless you have lots of headache medicine handy. There are some ways that you can compensate for refractive errors, but cylinder is not one of them.

That said, I know that you must experience the effects of incorrect Cylinder and Axis for yourself. However, you can get an idea of the kinds of effects cylinder lenses have, in the extreme. by filling a clear glass of water and observing various objects through it. The glass is a cylinder and it and the water make a very high PLUS cylinder lens.


Weirdeyes 25 Jan 2016, 23:48

Some online retailers like to charge extra for prescriptions over +3.75. Will I still get charged extra if I write my prescription in plus cylinder?

Weirdeyes 22 Jan 2016, 01:16

Guess I'll get them adjusted tomorrow. I have some real rayban glasses, so I won't seem too cheap.

Likelenses 21 Jan 2016, 22:18


Don't worry,any chain optical shop will do it for you,no questions asked.

Weirdeyes 21 Jan 2016, 12:36

How do I get over my anxiety about getting my online glasses adjusted? I bought some glasses online. They fit pretty well, but they keep sliding down. I once got my vision tested and they were checking my online glasses. I swear I heard them say online glasses. I also bought some glasses at Costco. I'm thinking of getting my online and Costco glasses adjusted at Costco.

HighMyopic 14 Jan 2016, 18:40

How big are the frames of the black pair? Like the lens holders are 3 or so inches tall and 4 inches wide? What is the frames of the other pairs like? Chunky or oversized?

Colin 14 Jan 2016, 18:20

Well I will do my best.

HighMyopic 14 Jan 2016, 18:18

Colin, Can you get pics of your very strong plus contacts too? I would love to see pics of them.

Colin 14 Jan 2016, 18:11

Plus 34 which is my current reading prescription.

HighMyopic 14 Jan 2016, 17:32

Whats the strongest pair you have ever worn? I have worn +17 diopter glasses before many times.

Colin 14 Jan 2016, 17:28

I just have one pair to wear and I keep one spare pair in my bedside cabinet. I have had quite a few pairs over the years but when they either got broken or too scratched I got new ones. I wear each pair for several years as my prescription doesn't really change. It's always been this bad! As we recently moved house all my old glasses got packed away and I am not sure where they are.

HighMyopic 14 Jan 2016, 17:15

How many pairs of glasses do you have in total? Like 5 or so pairs? Or more?

Colin 14 Jan 2016, 17:13

Cateracts when I was 6 weeks old. Seeing the world through strong glasses / contacts since then.

HighMyopic 14 Jan 2016, 17:09

You have severe hyperopia or did you have your natural lenses removed?

Colin 14 Jan 2016, 17:08

I have no other camera. I last wore the full frame glasses with inch thick lenses about 30 years ago and I will do my best to find them. If I can it will be worth the wait!

HighMyopic 14 Jan 2016, 16:54

You have a digital camera or anything thing else like a Ipad that you can take pics of the glasses that you have at home? Until you can get a new phone? I am absolutely dying to see the black pair with the inch thick lenses!!

Colin 14 Jan 2016, 16:49

High Myopic

Yes. Everything was just so magnifyed that I was unable to make anything out.

HighMyopic 14 Jan 2016, 16:07

Have you tried wearing your plus contacts under your +34 diopter glasses pair?

Colin 14 Jan 2016, 16:05

High Myopic.

You definitely should not wear other people's contact lenses. Trying other people's glasses is one thing. I have often done it myself but the size and base curve of a contact lens is specific to the individual. Your corneas are very delicate you should be careful not to damage them. C

HighMyopic 14 Jan 2016, 15:55

Are they hard or soft? If they are soft then I should be able to wear them if you have a pair or two that I can have to keep. If they are hard then I cannot wear your contacts.

Colin 14 Jan 2016, 15:50

I wear Hydrasoft sphere aphakic contact lenses.

HighMyopic 14 Jan 2016, 14:19

You wear soft, very strong plus contacts, Colin? I have worn soft contacts before.

Colin 13 Jan 2016, 13:32

Have ordered high plus glasses (plus 33) from. Just emailed details of the prescription and PD.

Have ordered contact lenses from Just completed the on line form. Didn't have to send prescription.

NJ 13 Jan 2016, 12:07

Tom, I've ordered prism glasses from Zenni, with no questions. They seem to be pretty thorough about getting it right, but not about confirming the provenance of any given prescription.

Unfortunately they don't make glasses in my current prescription.

Tom 13 Jan 2016, 05:39

Hi there, long-time browser, first-time poster here. I've had a look around here and it looks like, from people's experiences, Zenni doesn't ask any questions regarding prescriptions, but does this include prism?

Stingray 04 Dec 2015, 17:04

I just recently purchased 2 different pairs of glasses from Their prices were really low and the prescriptions were right on the money. The turn-around time from order to receiving them was 2 weeks. I would say their prices as far as frames go are equal to Zenni, but the lenses are better quality. I just got Wayfarer style frames with photochromatic progressive lenses for around $60. That's a great deal and they always have great sales as well.

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