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Choosing Frames

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NNVisitor 30 Aug 2017, 23:01

For the past two years large frames worn by women, usually but not always plastic have become much more popular. I'd say very popular today. Mostly rectangular. A few round usually a combination of metal arms and what looks like plastic fronts holding the lenses. Up until recently very few with strong prescriptions. Lately more women with strong prescriptions are wearing them typically with high index lenses and antireflection coating.

Regardless of frame size or type it seems that eyeglasses are viewed as very in fashion among young women these days.

Of coarse there are young ladies with smaller plastic frames that look absolutely great on them.

Since glasses wearers do wear glasses every day out in public. Or they wear their glasses often but not all the time it is worthwhile to take the time and effort to get suitable and hopefully frames that look stylish.

I, Glasses 06 Jul 2017, 18:01

I am looking for some tortoiseshell-colored frames, as thin as possible, almost as thin as wire-rims, but not metal. I'd like for the lenses to be neither round nor square, but a blend of those two shapes. Do any of you have any advice where I might find such frames? If you have photos you could share, that would be great! Thanks.

lazysiow 01 Jul 2017, 14:04

These are the boldest and most elaborate frames Ive seen in awhile

sam 29 Apr 2017, 05:23

The second seems not bad.

 06 Apr 2017, 06:06

please choose for me... $95 vs $29 vs $19 ?

shanshan 31 Dec 2014, 18:37

If we regularly collect images online, we can notice which type of frames are trendy.

shanshan 31 Dec 2014, 18:20


Opticians can measure the "strength" that is the rx of lenses, even a casual observer can notice the rx. It is not possible to hide that. We can notice that easily if we are required to do so.

Likelenses 23 Dec 2014, 18:45


From what I am seeing in the US,larger plastic frames,and more people seem to be choosing CR 39 plastic lenses, over the more expensive polycarbonate.

Actually the CR 39 give better visual acuity,and look better in the larger frames,especially with higher prescriptions.

Melyssa 23 Dec 2014, 12:36

If it were up to me, they would be large, plastic, drop-temples and cat's-eyes. :)

lucy 23 Dec 2014, 10:05

what type of frames would be trendy next year?

SoCal 05 Nov 2014, 23:31

Jaybe: You should try L.A. Eyeworks. Their frames are definitely on funky and loud side. Personally, I have two pairs and always get compliments on them.

jaybee 01 Nov 2014, 01:19

sorry......should say funky frames,

jaybe 01 Nov 2014, 01:17

Finally got overdue eye test yesterday, came to get new frames and ended up leaving shop without ordering anything. After 40 years of plain,normal ,boring everyday frames, i had decided to go for something more unusual ,bold, funky and was prepared to even try the outrageous......sadly only the usual wayfarer types or generic plastic / metal frames you see everywhere.....anyone got any ideas for fury frames ?

jaybe 01 Nov 2014, 01:15

Finally got overdue eye test yesterday, came to get new frames and ended up leaving shop without ordering anything. After 40 years of plain,normal ,boring everyday frames, i had decided to go for something more unusual ,bold, funky and was prepared to even try the outrageous......sadly only the usual wayfarer types or generic plastic / metal frames you see everywhere.....anyone got any ideas for fury frames ?

Weirdeyes 24 Jul 2014, 21:23

I just ordered this pair.

 24 Jul 2014, 14:11

Glasses obsessed Certified Optician talks glasses.

A. P. 22 Apr 2014, 12:38

To Melyssa:

Hi Melyssa. I thought you might be interested in some large cats-eye frames which are now listed on the "new arrivals" section of Zenni Optical's website. They're available in both blue and purple. I don't know if these glasses will bowl you over, but they just might strike your fancy. The frame is #203916. I'll spare you the further details. Cheers to you! A.P.

Sam 17 Feb 2014, 09:25

Have seen these frames in Specsavers:

They're from their female range and are called "Samantha" but I think they look OK on a bloke.


ric 08 Feb 2014, 02:26

Im looking for metal frame with small lens width, not neccessaryly small in total widht for hiding the strenght of the lenses.

s 07 Feb 2014, 20:11


When you say small, could you be more specific about size? I mean if you have a apir of glasses already to work from by measuring across the face of them and providing an "overall width" in millimeteres I can likely suggest several locations to check out. Zenni always provides an "overall width" for all of the glasses they sell. One just today popped up in a sidebar that was pretty small look at #485021 it is only 125 mm wide so certainly on the small size for most. That's ""

Spexman 07 Feb 2014, 16:36

Hi check here. They have a clasic collection

Othervise I have tried som flea/charity shops to find something..

How strong do you planning ?

ric 07 Feb 2014, 10:08

Hello. Does anybody knows where could i get small frames? im looking for a frame with small lense size for putting very strong myopia lenses.

Guest0x0x0 18 Jan 2014, 16:56

I have a dilemma in that I prefer the appearance of wire frames, but I have a slightly neurotic fixation that the nosepads are getting out of line; this causes me to constantly make adjustments, few of which are necessary.

To get around this predicament, without paying a fortune for designer saddle-bridge specs, I bought a pair of really cheap, generic-looking metal glasses online and then snapped off the nosepads; I then blunted down the sharp edges left by removing the pad holders.

This has resulted in a very comfortable, if idiosyncratic, pair of glasses that at-once satisfies my need for comfort whilst preserving the ... sleekness I prefer in wire frames. The only problem is that I can't quite get up the nerve to go out in public wearing these frames, as I fear the ridicule of others; they do look a little eccentric on close examination.

For now they make a good pair of *comfort* glasses for hanging around the house. What would you think if you saw metal frames which had obviously had the pads removed? Do you think people outside of this forum in the general public would notice such things? Should I really care?

sam012744 25 Nov 2013, 12:30

Sorry to reply so late, but this site seems to have been deserted for so long.

Which did you choose in the end? The frames all have their merits and both sites are legit; I have bought from o4less many times. The only downside is that you might get caught for import duties, I suppose.

Joyrich 02 Oct 2013, 00:07

Guys I'm choosing the frames between 2 companies, I'm -11 and -10, both companies look legit for me:


- WarbyParker THEO


- Optical4less P152

- Optical4less P154

Those @ WarbyParker look cooler but the 2 from O4L are cheaper. Suggest me please.


Danyang South Optical 01 Nov 2012, 01:01

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Today, we mainly describe optical correction for children 。

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We have no dust workshop,the air’s cleanliness is very high,so we can produce the perfect lenses; We also import of advanced equipment,such as full automatic ultrasonic cleaning and harding machine,and automatic vacuum coating machine.They suit for different index and membrane coating.All the work is controlled and finished by the computer after the parameter is setup, insure the coating of every lense is uniformity.No dust work and real time monitoring make the coating compact and hard,prolong the lenses’ working life greatly.

We have complete producing machines and high quality workers,it also can be ordered by clients’ special requests.We unremitting pursue technology advancement, dares to innovate, diligently pursues the product quality, made the product quality unceasingly to enhance, has won the domestic and foreign customers favour.

Astra 18 Sep 2012, 01:57

I would like to see, any suggestion of black rectangular frame with wide sides ?

(the type that ehpc usually mentioned)

Mr Cockeyed 08 Jun 2012, 08:49


Excellent response, thank you

Astra 08 Jun 2012, 08:00

It is problematic, when the colors are not formed in the acetate material.

Astra 08 Jun 2012, 07:59

Re: Mr Cockeyed 07 Jun 2012, 10:24

For acetate or PVC frames, there are 2 types of fabrication process:

(1) type are produced from acetate sheet , not injection molding. colors can be formed within the sheet.

(2) type are produced from injection molding. afterwards, colors can be injected on the exterior. colors can not be formed on the material itself.

(2) is less common in the market. cost of material are lower than (1).

(1) is typical in the market. cost of material are higher than (2).

Mr Cockeyed 07 Jun 2012, 10:24


I am almost positive most plastic. or as they say in the optical trade zyl frames are injection molded.

Astra 07 Jun 2012, 03:59

following the previous post, images of sample, provided by

Astra 07 Jun 2012, 03:56

following the web page of

there are frames available.

however, the frames appear to be injected .

can soundmanpt, or cactus jack determine whether it is injected material ?

Soundmanpt 13 Apr 2012, 00:09

John S.

Yes some very nice frames in that collection for sure. But the buyer needs to be careful as I read a description on one of the plastic pairs and it indicated that the frame had become discolored which means it could be very risky to heat up and remove the existing lenses and replace it with your own rx. But there are some very nice Ray-Ban metal frames that should be fine for re fitting.

John S 12 Apr 2012, 19:27


There is a seller on eBay that has a bunch of retro frames.


A.P. 12 Apr 2012, 15:22

Who new? Who gnu? Who KNEW?

A.P. 12 Apr 2012, 15:16

Who new that there were ever frames which were both cats-eyes and drop-temples at the same time? Here's proof from 1948.......

Melyssa 22 Mar 2012, 15:02

SoCal, there's no such thing as having too many pairs of glasses -- especially when there are some frames I still want.

Soundmanpt, I tried wearing multiple pairs -- couldn't see a thing. LOL

Soundmanpt 22 Mar 2012, 00:16


You are a woman right??? Then you know the answer to that question. The same as is it possible to have too many pairs of shoes or too many purses. Why would you even bother to ask. Just go for it. lol

But at some point you will need to decide that it is time to chuck the contacts and go full time glasses only. But of being trendy like Melyssa and wear multiple pairs.

Only kidding you can keep the contacts too, but only limited use.

SoCal 21 Mar 2012, 19:56

Is it possible to have too many pairs of glasses. I currently have my eyes on these bad boys.

Soundmanpt 14 Mar 2012, 22:19


No I was not meaning anything at all bad or wrong. I have several friends including my Godson that are cops and I know from them just what you say to be true. Like you say one hand washes the other is a good way to put it.

Stingray 14 Mar 2012, 17:41

We never favored anyone who gave us free lunches and stuff over anyone who didn't. But restaurant owners always fed us for free especially diners. We would get rid of problem customers who gave waitresses a hard time or were drunk and caused situations at night. We would also let them slide on traffic tickets. You know, one hand washes the other. But that was in New York, things are different in other parts of the country. It was not like taking a bribe if that is what you are thinking.

Astra 14 Mar 2012, 12:00



the "authorities" such as high-ranking officials, police, can order a small amount of items for free each visit. For a business, relationship with the authority is important.

Let's say for a optical store, If you are lucky, you may be able to get some potential clients from these authorities. Such as school officials, may be able to help the school children to get glasses when required, and you can gain some sales of frames.

Soundmanpt 14 Mar 2012, 10:46


I don't know about Russia either, but I am in the US. I think it is just a way to say thanks to the police for the job that they do, I don't think that they demand something for free. But I am sure they all soon find the shops that give them food and drink at no charge etc.

Astra 14 Mar 2012, 05:04

Re: Soundmanpt 12 Mar 2012, 17:28

I have never heard of "police protection" in this method, until I am involved in operating a store in China.

I thought it is usual in China, did not know it is the same in Russia too.

Soundmanpt 12 Mar 2012, 17:28


That's very interesting. That name sounds very familar for some reason. I wonder if he stayed with the company that bought him out maybe? Sounds like he was pretty much a friend as well as someone under your watch? It's never a bad idea to do a trade off of your product for a little extra police protection. That still happens today, most all food and drink places never charge a cop anything. If I owned a shop I would do the same.

Stingray 12 Mar 2012, 16:01

In the mid 1970's I worked as a cop in Roslyn, New York. Silhouette had their manufacturing plant and sales room in my sector. The owner, Barry Levine wanted to always be a cop and was always checking out my radio car and asking me questions about my gun and other equipment. I let him drive the police car, put on the red lights and blow the siren every now and then. In return, he gave me my choices of eyeglass frames. They were either plastic full frames or all metal frames. None of them were rimless. I recall one metal frame that actually folded up over the bridge and in 2 places on the temples. By the 1980's, when I was transferred out of that town, ten years had passed. I went back to visit guys I worked with and found that the Silhouette building was empty. I guess he sold the name and eyeglass frame line to whomever owns it today.

End of story.

Revolver 11 Mar 2012, 09:03

Well, CV, I thought I was sure but you raise some issues. So, will have to dig back into the archives and find out for sure. I notices that they now have a full sunglass line, they are drill mounts but not the very thin wires, wide temples and bold mountings on the lenses at both the temples and the bridge.

Julian 11 Mar 2012, 05:13

I got a pair of glasses (my first bifocals) with Silhouette frames in about 1980. They weren't rimless or semi-rimless, they were full frames in black metal with white detailing - very smart in the fashion of the time and very expensive1

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