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ES 10th Anniversary!

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JP 21 Mar 2007, 13:25

Happy birthday Eyescene! I've been following the site since it was a few months old, and have marked the birthday by getting my first genuine Rx requiring glasses.

Fred 19 Mar 2007, 16:41

Susanne DK, if you would like you can join Lenschat as well. Would be great!

Tom 19 Mar 2007, 07:59

Susanne DK: which is your life and job now? Are you able to work without glasses? Do you still swap glasses with friends of you, as you often reported in the past? Or had you success in make other people try functioning without glasses as you do? Did your myopia increase in the last years? Please tell us e.g. in "vision" thread.

Susanne DK 18 Mar 2007, 14:48

Hi Tom and Squint Lover,

Please let me know what you like to know about my fancy for bareeyedness?

Squints from

Susanne DK

Squint Lover 16 Mar 2007, 07:19

Happy birthday ES.

I hope to speak with SuzanneDK about her bareeyed experiences.


Tom 16 Mar 2007, 06:48

Susanne DK: I kept on reading eyescene for years without contributing, up to last year. It seems that you did the oppposite, contributing largely at the end of 90's, then stopped. Why don't you report us more about your determination in going without glasses depite of nearsightedness? I'd love to exchange experiences with you, why don't you join Eyescene again in another thread?

Julian 15 Mar 2007, 06:33

Hey I missed the big day! (Still not connected up, another week of borrowed computers!) I first discovered the original ES sometime in 1997, and I can honestly say that it got me really going on the internet! Congrats and thanks, Chris/Wurm!

Love and kisses, Jules


Spexy guys are sexy guys

hooked 15 Mar 2007, 00:20

This is still my first site to go to when I go in the Internet.

This should be enough to say.

Thanks for this biotope you made for us, Wurm.

All4Eyes 14 Mar 2007, 20:57

I see I'm a bit late to the party, but anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, EYESCENE!!!!! And a million, zillion thanks to Chris/Wurm for creating this site; forget that first page that comes up when I go to the Internet, this is my real "home page". And to think I could have spent my whole life thinking I was uniquely weird and not having a soul in the world to talk about this stuff with. I first came upon ES back in March 2000 (I was 15), I believe when it was temporarily shut down and everyone was taking refuge at Vision World Forum. I'd made a couple posts at VWF and the "old" ES then, then was silenced by familial misunderstanding (translation: my Mom didn't take too kindly to the idea of me hanging out with you weirdos ( 8-) ) let alone the idea that I might be one too!). But last February (has it really been over a year? My how time flies when you're having fun!) I began posting again and even started writing some stories, like Puffin I would never have pictured myself here a few years ago. I feel very lucky that I found this site so young, as opposed to some of you who grew up and went through young adulthood pre-Internet. I join Tom in the request for a "Bare-eyed Adventures" thread (we promise to keep it going with frequent posts of our own, don't we Tom?), this could also be used to report specless squinting/struggling to see sightings and fantasies.

And Chris, you say you'll keep ES going as long as it's "relevant and helpful", well it will be as long as I'm alive! I think that would be one of the saddest days in my life, if ES went away. I eagerly await the day when we gain Publically Recognized Fetish Status, like the leather people or the feet people and we are all free to "come out" and everyone else will understand when we do instead of getting weirded-out and/or confused. BTW, I've been considering having another go at telling my mother about my OO (don't worry, I'll leave ya'll out of it, for your sake and mine!), maybe starting out with a conversation about how we each fancy different things in guys, she already knows I kinda have a preference for short guys (I mean like close to my height (I'm 5 feet even) not that I have a midget fetish) and then perhaps go on to "It seems like a lot of the guys I've liked have worn glasses, too" and then depending on what she says, maybe explain a bit about what I like about them, being careful to avoid getting too technical or bringing the Internet into the discussion. What do ya'll think, good idea or bad idea and any tips on how to go about it?

daffy 14 Mar 2007, 17:59

Congrats and thank you. Thanks to all those contributing. I've been around for probably 7-8 years...reading mostly... experimenting with Rx's, but still haven't done GOC yet.

My best memories was Larissa with her prism Rx. Whatever happened to her?

Anyway, enough reminising...congrats on the tenth!

Susanne DK 14 Mar 2007, 13:26

Hey Tom,

Amazing you still remember my postings. I'm still around, and still bareeyed most of the time at my -3,75 RX.

Congratulations with the anniversary to the founder and us all.

Squinting greetings,

Susanne DK

Chrisb 14 Mar 2007, 12:10

I'd like to echo all the comments made in the last two days and regret that yesterday was one of the few days since 1998 when I haven't logged in.

It's odd that there are few people in the corporeal world from 1998 with whom I am still in touch, family apart.

Many thanks to chris/wurm for all his hard work.

How many other non commercial web sites can claim to be 10 years old?


Tom 14 Mar 2007, 09:19

I think it was 1999 or 2000 when I discovered Eyescene. At that time it was only a long strip without threads, as it is well documented in the archive of very old posts.

There are a few discussions I can perfectly remember, especially the one started by a Danish girl whose nickname was SusanneDK who loved going without glasses despite of a myopia around -4. I remember two other women joined the discussion that went on for several months and gave us very lovely posts about how they went around without glasses. If there are still people interested in this topic, I'd like very much to have a dedicated thread for what they called at that time "bereeyed experiences" and found (as I do) really exciting...

Galileo 14 Mar 2007, 09:02

I've been a follower since 1998, how time flys! Thank you Chris before I found Eyescene I thought it was just me

GlassesLover 14 Mar 2007, 00:58

All I can say is a huge THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to express ourselves and exchange views on this topic of optics and glasses...

lazysiow 14 Mar 2007, 00:01

Yup can't believe it's been 10 years and hell I've been visiting for.. 7 of it. I feel old now lol

Mark One 13 Mar 2007, 23:44

Let me add my voice to the chorus. Thanks Wurm. I find it hard to believe that 10 years have gone by. So many great characters. So many hours of reading pleasure.

billsled 13 Mar 2007, 20:22

Excellent site. I discovered it in late 2000 and have visited regularly. Thank you Wurm for creating this site.

rumbling ruse 13 Mar 2007, 20:04

u r in big trubble 4 cutting out my comments but i will not go way, i'll b here 4ever.

Specs4ever 13 Mar 2007, 18:43

My how time flies. Sure doesn't seem like I have been visiting here for 10 years. BUt I do remember the withdrawal symptoms when there were a few unscheduled glitches, and I am glad that you have come up with this format Wurm. Congrats, and thanks.

oscar 13 Mar 2007, 17:37

Happy 10th anniversary. I've been visiting eyescene since 1999 and it's a wonderful place. Thank you!

spexfan 13 Mar 2007, 17:32

Oh lord. Excuse the typos....

spexfan 13 Mar 2007, 17:30

Wurm.....thank you.

I remember discovering this sometime in '97 and it was a total revelation. Your mananagement of it has been discrete vand savvy ever since.

And it's attracted some good peeps as well! Long may it continue.

Puffin 13 Mar 2007, 17:16

Like many others, I thought I was the only one in the universe who liked girls wearing glasses, and of course I never dared say it because I felt it was weird and silly. Now these past 6 or 7 years I have had a place to talk about these things with like-minded people with no fear of ridicule. I never would have dreamt say ten years ago that such a community would existed, that I would have been writing stories, looking at pics, etc etc. Thanks... and carry on!

cut-in UK  13 Mar 2007, 15:45

As a relative newcomer, I feel totally outclassed by the warmth and loyalty echoing around this site. It has obviously made a lot of likeminded people very, very happy.

Long may the wonderful mix of humour, wit, technical expertise and friendly camaraderie continue.

It seems to be 'Chris' we are toasting today, hats off to the Maestro !

Highmyope 13 Mar 2007, 15:14

I found this site in 1999. Before then, I had no idea there were others with my "strange" obsession. Finding I wasn't alone has changed how I felt about my

"OO-ness," about myself, and about what is possible (I'm now nearly a full-time, -24 GOCer!). *Thank you,* Chris!

Jennifer 13 Mar 2007, 11:21

Thank you for such a great site! We love it and it's definately worth visiting! Keep up the good work.

pete 13 Mar 2007, 11:00

Thanks for making it all happen, Chris! Where else could we turn to?

VFL 13 Mar 2007, 09:08

Congratulations, Chris and THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for creating this forum.

You are wonderful...

still 13 Mar 2007, 08:17

Congratulations, Chris! Thanks for doing this for us. We reaally appreciate you and your efforts. This is one of the great websites.

Leon 13 Mar 2007, 08:04

Congratulations and thanks, Chris! I wonder when I wrote my first post. Probably late 1997.

Melyssa 13 Mar 2007, 06:12

I would also like to say "Happy 10th Anniversary" to Eyescene, my favorite place to visit on the Internet. Congratulations, Chris/Wurm!

nickweymouth 13 Mar 2007, 03:51

dear worm thank you for ten wonderfull years of eyescene

heres to ten more

myopeinhere 12 Mar 2007, 22:29


remember Christmas 1997,my trusty Pentium 233mmx,first website I found was this one,and now been stuck here 10 years!!!!!

Is there no hope for us!

Thanks Wurm,for a wonderful 10 years,long may it continue!

Kokopelli 12 Mar 2007, 22:13

Happy 10th anniversary

Specs4Me 12 Mar 2007, 21:55

Wow!!! Happy Birthday Eyescene and congratulations to Chris(Wurm) for such an outstanding job in providing us this great site. JOB WELL DONE!!!

Filthy McNasty 12 Mar 2007, 19:45

Holy crap. 10 years. Thanks Chris/Wurm for everything. I echo your comment about Julian.

Bobby 12 Mar 2007, 19:42

Long live Eyescene!

JC 12 Mar 2007, 19:27

Congratulations Wurm, and thanks for your long support of this community.

Wurm 12 Mar 2007, 19:14

Well, here it is. Today (13 March 2007) marks the 10th anniversary of Eyescene!

All those who have helped, contributed and otherwise participated in the success of ES are too numerous to mention individually. However, I would like to give Julian a particular word of thanks as his lively wit and calm demeanor have been of tremendous value.

For years I approached the future of the BBS with 10 years as an ultimate goal. I can't promise another 10 years, but I certainly will try to keep this going as long as it is relevant and helpful.

GWG's Rule! 20 Apr 2002, 14:46

I have lurked on this site for a year or so and only recently began posting. What's amazing is how many GWG admirers there are out there, or to put it another way, how many folks there are who are into it as much as I am. Not to mention, you know there are thousands more out there who haven't found this site. Hopefully, more will discover it soon!

Kokopelli 19 Apr 2002, 12:15

congratulations Wurm and everybody making this board interesting

Rattler 12 Apr 2002, 10:32

Wow, five years is a long time; I haven't even been a part of this for five months. I discovered this in February 2002, and I don't even know how I stumbled upon this website. I have enjoyed hearing the stories and hope to hear more interesting sights. Thx.

Singa 12 Apr 2002, 07:21

Thanks for all who make this site, with your site I know, that I'am not alone with my interests. Many people here help me a lot. Thank you very much, also for accepting my bad english.

Grreetings from Singa

bob^2 06 Apr 2002, 15:25

Ever since I searched the terms "Thick Glasses" on Google and came about this site in late 2000 I have been a fan.


Patrick 06 Apr 2002, 15:18

Wow, five years already. I haven't written anything in a couple of months now, but I come by every once in a while.

I first started posting here at poll number 52 which I think was about three years ago. Keep up the good work Chris.

hopper 04 Apr 2002, 08:22

hallo wurm

congrats and thanks. i read lots of stuff from 1997 untill now. i was very relieved finding out that i'm not the only one with my love-hate relationship to (specially my own) glasses.

please never give up enabling this platform.

ChrisB 23 Mar 2002, 13:42

Congratulations Chris/Wurm on 5 years of the site. I only found the site at the start of year 1, but like many others I thought my affection for GWG was embarassing and aberrant.

Thanks ever so, chris for keeping us going and keeping the site going.

I would certainly never have done GOC without it. And never otherwise believed people could enjoy some fiction written by me.

Thanks too to Spexgerl (L) for keeping you on the straight and narrow.

here's to another 5 years.


Puffin 19 Mar 2002, 05:09

I would never have imagined that these things existed:

Somewhere to discuss sightings of girls in glasses....

A place where I can pass on my dearest dreams and thoughts of beautiful bespectacled ladies....

All this info and talk about glasses, lenses, RX, frames, etc etc

A place where I feel at home, really...

Yet here it is.

Is this heaven or what????



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