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Soundmanpt 19 Mar 2018, 12:46


Ariel Winter sure looks different wearing these glasses than the ones she wears on "Modern Family"

In this picture her glasses appear to be a very small minus prescription and I have seen her a few other times away from the set and she is also wearing glasses then as well but she claimed not that long ago that she doesn't need glasses in real life. So did she only recently start needing real glasses or has she always needed them and just didn't want to admit it? The other girl that plays her sister on the show I see quite often on various shows and she now seems to be wearing glasses full time.

Pseldonymov 19 Mar 2018, 10:38

Marina Zudina


Her husband died on March 12.

Pseldonymov 16 Mar 2018, 18:49

Ariel Winter


Pseldonymov 10 Mar 2018, 08:46

Dilorom Kambarova

 09 Mar 2018, 08:10

Emma Stone is around a -8.00 muppets.

Slit 08 Mar 2018, 19:35

Cute Actress!

Kiki 08 Mar 2018, 10:04

Any guesses to Emma Stoneís prescription?

Carrie 06 Mar 2018, 13:50

I love Cici's new glasses. I've never seen her wearing glasses on the show. Her and fellow waitress, Laura, are so pretty. Such a shame you can't go on the show as an existing couple as we both fancy Cici and Laura, but the whole point of the show is for 2 single people to meet for the first time at the restaurant! Even though the show is recorded in a real restaurant none of the waiting staff on the show really work there when they are not making the show, so no chance of seeing Cici or Laura. I will continue to watch First Dates just in case Cici does wear her glasses!

Yoyo 06 Mar 2018, 08:51

Not sure if this has ever been discussed here (I know I've never seen the movie), but here's a scene from The Honeymoon Machine (1961).

Lots of comic business with Paula Prentiss taking off her glasses and finding it hard to see things. (Yes, the lenses are clearly plano.)

Yoyo 05 Mar 2018, 14:53

Not an actress, but a young filmmaker, Minhal Baig:

Looks like a pretty strong minus, and she seems to be a full-time wearer.

Pseldonymov 05 Mar 2018, 10:14

Cici Coleman


Her older glasses.

In the 1990s, I liked a lot the frames like this one. I am glad those frames came back to the fashion.

Glassesforeveryone 03 Mar 2018, 02:03

Cici fro First Dates

Pseldonymov 02 Mar 2018, 14:58

Maria Ageeva

Small minus

Pseldonymov 27 Feb 2018, 23:01

Viktoria Romanets


Slit 27 Feb 2018, 06:43

Locket Chatterjee - 44 year old actress and politician

Significant minus rx, the cut-in effect is beautifully photographed

Pseldonymov 23 Feb 2018, 19:42

Laia Costa


Thak you, rafa!

rafa 23 Feb 2018, 09:12

On Netflix it's worth checking out the film "NEWNESS", starring Spanish actress Laia Costa, who in some scenes wears her prescription minus glasses, whose rx I estimate between -4 or -5. She looks gorgeous in them. It's a pretty good film, actually.

Blind Without 'Em 20 Feb 2018, 08:12

Brenda in Adventures in Babysitting, having her glasses stolen, wanders around the bus station blindly and mistakes a rat for a kitten. (The bag lady who steals them is actually able to see better with them; ironically, in Real Life she'd likely be even blinder trying to wear glasses not prescribed to her.)

Adventures in Dinosaur City: Jamie has her glasses knocked off in a bar fight and is left to crawl around trying to find them. Subverted when one of her friends accidentally steps on them before she can find them; while she's clearly troubled by it, it's not a massive deal to her.

Sheriff Albert Earp in Carry On Cowboy ó although he is not really much better with them on.

Delicatessen has a woman who removes her glasses in order to look better for a man she's about to see. She is almost completely blind without them and many times knocks something over or overpours tea. We are given a view of her vision a few times and she's pretty blind.

The title character of Dr. Cyclops. He can't see at all without his coke-bottle spectacles; that's why he summoned the team of scientists to his island, because he needed to use a microscope to perfect his shrinking device, and couldn't use one while wearing them. His miniaturized victims try to take advantage of this by breaking them. They only manage to break one lens, but that blinds him enough for them to trick him into chasing them to a mineshaft, where he plummets to his death.

A mall employee from Eight Legged Freaks, who proved himself Too Dumb to Live by repeatedly taking off his glasses, even when on the run from giant spiders. Eventually, he blindly walks up to one and is killed.

Olivia in Final Destination 5 appears to be this. When she loses her glasses on the bridge she is unable to do anything but stumble around and cry for help. The audience is also shown a brief glimpse of her vision ó it's pretty dire.

Sinistra, the bikini-clad temptress in the '60s beach-party film The Ghost in the Invisible Bikini.

Gattaca has Vincent lose his contacts and is thus utterly helpless when he tries to cross a main drag (which is plain dumb in the first place).

The Goonies. Stef loses her glasses early on in the adventure. While she complains a few times about not being able to see, she doesn't seem to have much of a problem throughout the rest of the movie.

Geek Charming: It is revealed halfway throughout the film that Dylan secretly wears contact lenses. However, she accidentally loses one of her contacts and is forced to wear her glasses to school. She tries to not wear them resulting in this trope.

In Guest House Paradiso, Richie donned Eddie's glasses as a disguise. They were both rendered nearly blind as a result.

The film Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban averts this trope nicely when Harry gets his glasses knocked off by the Whomping Willow. This leads to a fuzzy but still somewhat intelligible P.O.V. Shot that's pretty close to what the world looks like through myopia.

In How to Marry a Millionaire, Pola (Marilyn Monroe) is blind without her glasses, and vain enough to always take them off around men. This leads to scenes like pretending to read a book, which she's holding upside down.

Averted in Jurassic Park. At one point, Dennis Nedry loses his glasses. He looks for them for about a second before saying "I can afford more glasses", being in a hurry to catch a ship. His sight is not drastically affected. However, not having his glasses leaves his eyes vulnerable to the spat venom of the Dilophosaurus.

Major League: Pitcher Ricky Vaughn can't make out the strike zone until he's fitted with an embarrassing pair of glasses.

Minority Report has a man say this to very creepy effect. He is standing over his bed (that he caught his wife with another man in) and as he puts his glasses on he's raising a pair of shears about to stab them. Thankfully Precrime foresaw this and arrived in time to stop him.

Done very scarily in The Mummy (1999). When Mr. Burns' glasses get broken in the tunnel, he must feel his way in the dark. He sees the mummy ahead of him, but his eyesight is so bad he's not sure he sees anything. He looks away, then back, only to be sure that someone/something was there because it's now gone. The mummy appears right behind him, so now he can see the mummy up close. He can only scream before he gets his eyes and tongue ripped out. Which then means that the Mummy, having his eyes, is short-sighted. No wonder he later thinks the lead female is his lover. Word of God says this was the idea in the original script, although they never drew explicit attention to it.

My Cousin Vinny: Subverted when the inept defense lawyer tries to discredit a witness by claiming the man couldn't have seen the perps' faces because he wasn't wearing his vital glasses. The witness replies that they're reading glasses.

Also subverted with another witness, who was wearing her glasses when she saw the crime. In this case, though, she's half-blind even with the glasses.

Sorority Boys contains what is probably the stupidest example of this trope ever. It's a drag comedy that expects us to believe that a character without her glasses can't tell the difference between a naked man and a naked woman.

The Spider-Man Trilogy. Pete before getting his powers, and when they start failing.

Donald Sutherland's character in Space Cowboys says he only needs glasses for a few things, like "reading, driving, seeing movies, walking..." He nonetheless passes the NASA eyesight test by memorizing the letters: "I may be blind, but I have a perfect memory!"

In a reversal, although not really a subversion, in Strangers on a Train, Alfred Hitchcock wanted the actress who played Miriam to wear glasses with thick lenses so he could show her murder reflected in them, and to make her resemble another character. The actress, Casey Rogers (billed as Laura Elliott), didn't need glasses, and couldn't see at all with the costume glasses on. She wears the thick lenses for close-up and medium scenes, and plain lenses for long shots, but there are still several scenes where she has to depend on other people to make sure she doesn't trip or stumble when she's wearing the glasses. In the scenes where Miriam goes to the amusement park with two men, she is holding both their arms most of the time because she can't see where she is going.

Straw Dogs (2011): the male protagonist, although it's done poorly and not even referenced until his glasses are knocked off during the climax.

Turkey Shoot has a particularly glaring example: Ritter removes one prisonerís

glasses before setting him out on the field.

An important plot point in 12 Angry Men (and the play on which it was based, of course): Juror #9 recalls that a key witness in the murder case had marks on her nose suggesting that she usually wears glasses, though opted not to in court. He points out that she was unlikely to be wearing them in bed late at night when she claims to have seen the murder from all the way across the street, thereby making her less than credible as a witness.

Black Comedy example in Wild Wild West. Artemis Gordon has a device that can project the last thing a murder victim saw before he died, but to do so, he has to mount the victim's decapitated head onto the device. Anyway, at first, the image is very blurry (they can see someone who's obviously General McGrath, but not a paper he's holding) until West notices the victim's glasses on the table and puts them over his eyes. Then they can see the document clearly.

Belgian Bril 20 Feb 2018, 03:38

Bonnie E Clyde All'Italiana :

Pseldonymov 19 Feb 2018, 12:37

Bonnie e Clyde all'italiana (1983) is one of the funniest comedies I've seen.

Teo 19 Feb 2018, 10:40

I agree with last post from Jhonny and I also like movies where ladies lose contact lenses or they needs them desperately to see.

I would be very pleased if someone suggest also this kind of movie.

Thanks a lot!

Jhonny 19 Feb 2018, 09:44

Maybe you can help me. I often enjoying viewing movies where glasses are involved. I like the movies view where a woman needs glasses and the glasses get misplaced or broken. The movies make me excited to show a vulnerable side of the woman when her eyeglass wall has broken down. I like to view the Netflix often. Please tell me what movies I should Netflix view with women needs glasses and get misplaced or break. Gracias.

Pseldonymov 18 Feb 2018, 19:45

Tierra Valentine

Pseldonymov 18 Feb 2018, 08:21

Jenny Lee-Gilmore


Pseldonymov 07 Feb 2018, 21:05

Anna Orlova





Pseldonymov 07 Feb 2018, 17:09

ChloŽ Grace Moretz

 02 Feb 2018, 09:21

Seems very, very, very weird and bizarre that you are so scared of your own son witnessing you being an adult.


for peace in the world

with all the love

with flying dove

best regards

feed the fishes

my loving wishes


koombaya my Lord ohhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh

Lou 02 Feb 2018, 02:07

Hi Bud

Re.: Bud 01 Feb 2018, 01:39

what are you so afraid of your son seeing? pictures of a woman wearing glasses?? what is wrong with that? i guess i don't understand your heightened state of fear.

I'm not so much afraid, than not wanting my privacy invaded. My son is the sort to question everything I do and why, and I didn't want to explain why I was looking at the photo.

Best wishes


Pseldonymov 01 Feb 2018, 16:29

Yekaterina Parmonik, Belarus


Bud 01 Feb 2018, 01:39

what are you so afraid of your son seeing? pictures of a woman wearing glasses?? what is wrong with that? i guess i don't understand your heightened state of fear.

Pseldonymov 31 Jan 2018, 21:04

Lyubov Zaytseva

Lou 21 Jan 2018, 02:54

Hi again eyegyuru

My son is engrossed in a film, so I've had a quick look at the photos in your links, and see what you mean. On a fairly small laptop screen and without enlarging full body photos, I'd presumed that these were the same frames, owing to them being very similar.

Thanks very much for pointing this out.

Take care


Lou 21 Jan 2018, 02:25

Hi eyegyuru

Thanks very much. My lap top screen is rather small, and I only had a quick look at previous pictures, but thanks very much for your links.

My teenage son who lives with his Dad is round at the moment, and tends to creep up behind me and look over my shoulder whilst I'm on my laptop, so I'll enlarge the pictures in your links and look for the details you mention, when I'm on my own.

Thanks very much also for the Stephen Colbert link. I've seen this one before, but thanks very much for posting it again.

Best wishes


eyegyuru 20 Jan 2018, 15:32

Hi Lou

You are right that she has worn glasses most likely for fashion since 2013. However, the frames that she wore back then are different than the ones she has now, as denoted by the dots near the top left and right of the frames.

2014: (Notice how there are two dots in a row on her frames)

2018: (There are three dots in a triangle on her frames, and appears to be a cut for a prescription)

Here is the link to her interview with Stephen Colbert:

Lou 20 Jan 2018, 13:32


If you google Emma Roberts and glasses, you will see photos of her wearing what looks like the same glasses at least as far back as 2013. I'm guessing that she has therefore at least previously worn them for fashion.

All the best


 20 Jan 2018, 10:05

Any chance anyone can put the Emma Roberts interview with Stephen Colbert up to see where she talks about maybe needed to start wearing glasses?

eyeguru 19 Jan 2018, 15:47

Some larger photos of Emma

eyeguru 19 Jan 2018, 14:30

Emma Roberts

She mentioned on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, she mentioned that she might be starting to need glasses, so maybe she ended up needing them recently.

Anime Fan 16 Jan 2018, 11:47

Amy Acker

Pseldonymov 15 Jan 2018, 17:54

Amy Acker


Pseldonymov 15 Jan 2018, 16:51

Sarah Shahi


Pseldonymov 15 Jan 2018, 16:21

Eliza Dushku

Pseldonymov 13 Jan 2018, 11:39

Emma Stone


Pseldonymov 13 Jan 2018, 09:09

Tatyana Lyutayeva

Pseldonymov 12 Jan 2018, 11:15

Gal Gadot


Pseldonymov 12 Jan 2018, 11:05

Jennifer Garner as Sydney Bristow in Alias


This photo was posted before.

I watched few episodes of this sci-fi movie. I remember famous Russian actor Alexander Kuznetsov as a member of Russia mafia. In USSR, he played a guy who got in the USA and came back to Russia.

Soundmanpt 10 Jan 2018, 10:10


Yes! I think that was the name of the show.

Yoyo 09 Jan 2018, 17:58

I think you mean Alias.

 09 Jan 2018, 17:28

Jennifer Garner was in FELICITY.

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