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Pseldonymov 17 Jan 2017, 15:03

Anastasia Akatova

eyesnap 17 Jan 2017, 13:21

Jennifer Aniston

Yoyo 11 Jan 2017, 13:02

Not sure who the actress is in this ad, but looks like a medium-minus prescription:

Andre 08 Jan 2017, 22:41

Hayden panettiere

Soundmanpt 08 Jan 2017, 08:07


On Friday night Hayden was on a late night talk show and she wasn't wearing glasses but when the camera got close you could see marks on her nose from where her glasses must have been on just before she was introduced. I agree she is very pretty.

Carrie 06 Jan 2017, 16:07

Lv2c4i I just found these photos of Hayden.

She's so pretty!

Myopeinhere 06 Jan 2017, 05:25

Sorry that was my post about the 'Death in Paradise' episode

So excited forgot to add my name


Lv2c4i 06 Jan 2017, 04:47

Hayden Panettiere is making rounds of U.S. talk shows as her series, Nashville, returns. Yesterday she appeared on Good Morning America and then the Live with Kelly show. Sort of curious or interesting that she was bare-eyed for the first show but then wore her spex for the Live show.

gwgs 06 Jan 2017, 03:04

P.S. Great find Trent

gwgs 06 Jan 2017, 02:51

Will definitely download this on catch up. Thanks for the tip!

 05 Jan 2017, 15:16

BBC tonight 'Death in Paradise'

A glorious GWG Natasha Little is the actress, plays a geologist called Victoria Baker

Proper prescription lenses, a real sight

Should be on catch up

Owlish 04 Jan 2017, 16:19

Parvathi Menon

eyesnap 04 Jan 2017, 14:16

Oprah in her big glasses

Pseldonymov 02 Jan 2017, 19:57

Alyona Babenko


Trent 02 Jan 2017, 12:59

Grandma glasses are in this year

Pseldonymov 31 Dec 2016, 21:13

Uma Turman


Pseldonymov 31 Dec 2016, 21:05

Nicole Kidman


Interpreter (2005). Minus rimless. Anisometropia.

Right eye Rx is stronger than left one.,1.jpg

eyesnap 29 Dec 2016, 11:30

Rumor Willis

Lv2c4i 29 Dec 2016, 05:23

Though she has a line of frames branded with her name, pictures of actress Sofia Vergara wearing glasses are seemingly unfindable. Is anyone aware of such pix, caps or other photos of her in glasses?

eyesnap 28 Dec 2016, 10:45

RIP Carrie Fisher

eyesnap 27 Dec 2016, 13:37

Courtney Cox

 27 Dec 2016, 05:52

If she falls down an elevator shaft, hopefully she will land on a Trumpanzee like the one who suggested it.

 26 Dec 2016, 23:33

Katie Couric is a real piece of shit. She needs to fall down an elevator shaft. Please do not post any more about this reprobate of a person.

 26 Dec 2016, 23:33

Katie Couric is a real piece of shit. She needs to fall down an elevator shaft. Please do not post any more about this reprobate of a person.

murky 26 Dec 2016, 22:35

F M look at the button and her hand through the lenses, third pic, I can't see any deviastio, unless she has a small add in the lower section...

murky 26 Dec 2016, 22:35

F M look at the button and her hand through the lenses, third pic, I can't see any deviastio, unless she has a small add in the lower section...

Faux Myope 23 Dec 2016, 00:16


Katie's red glasses are not plants. If you look closely, there is distortion from both lenses. You're right, she looks great.

murky 22 Dec 2016, 15:46

Scroll down, and look at the red specs, Katie has planos! Surprising? But does she look good!

 21 Dec 2016, 18:36

and little bit more of Christian Serratos (she even acts in glasses)

 21 Dec 2016, 18:24

couple of videos with Christian Serratos in glasses (+)

eyesnap 21 Dec 2016, 10:36

Diane Keaton

Pseldonymov 19 Dec 2016, 20:55

Nikki Reed. Minus

Pseldonymov 19 Dec 2016, 20:40

Christian Serratos. Plus

Newer glasses

 19 Dec 2016, 20:40

Christian Serratos. Plus

2008 and 2015

Soundmanpt 13 Dec 2016, 11:21


Rachel Harris is one of the first to be seen wearing glasses on many TV shows. Honestly i don't even recall seeing her without her glasses.

eyesnap 13 Dec 2016, 11:09

Rachael Harris

gwgs 13 Dec 2016, 02:34

Soundman - I've registered on several sites, two of which have mobile apps and despite both the mobile apps having numerous photos on the profile - one has 5, the other has 7, I've found that the majority of the girls on there aren't glasses wearers. I had thought the same thing as you - they think they're more attractive without glasses - so had swiped through an image or two more of the girls I thought were attractive, but probably only 1 to 3% of the women on there have 1 photo of them in glasses out of the 5-7 photos! More often than not, the glasses also like the dreaded planos!! I've had two "matches" so far and messaged them so we'll have to see how we go although from friends comments, and looking online it says the majority of people don't respond to every match/message

The Spex Dating app that was linked here previously is utterly useless as they literally have only about 5 women on there even when conducting a broad search, and one of them is the founder of the site who isn't single and merely shows her bio!

eyesnap 12 Dec 2016, 10:45

Alison Pill

Soundmanpt 12 Dec 2016, 10:13


There is a free dating site that I have checked into and you're right. you see very few young ladies wearing glasses for their main picture. But the site I was in often allowed for several pictures and their you would often see that same woman wearing her glasses. It is only a guess but I suspect that there maybe several reasons why women aren't seen wearing glasses their. One reason is that even though glasses have become much more popular and women are wearing glasses more often many of them still probably feel they are more attractive and thus more appealing to the opposite sex if they aren't wearing glasses. Plus I have seen a good number of young ladies that even though they wear their glasses full time will take their glasses off if they are getting their picture taken. It could be because they figure their eyes can't be seen as well with their glasses on or maybe just a habit they still have.

Pseldonymov 12 Dec 2016, 09:48

Mai Kadowaki

Small minus

gwgs 12 Dec 2016, 02:20

This is true, Soundman and Chris, and whilst we have definitely seen a huge rise in women feeling they are now more socially able to wear glasses instead of contacts / going bare eyed, and wearing their glasses on a day to day basis, I have been surprised by the LACK of girls with glasses on the regular datings apps / websites. When you put in your search perameters and are shown the results, there is probably only 1 out of 30 women that is seeing wearing glasses, and they won't have that as their primary photo. I'm also yet to see someone with strong glasses on any dating app - which on a day to day basis you are likely to encounter 2 or 3 times in a busy city like London.

There must therefore still be some sort of hang up /pre-conception that glasses still aren't as 'cool' as they should be and for 0-0 lovers this is a real disappointment and disappointing to see that despite the leaps and bounds we've made in glasses being more acceptable, they're still not thought of as something that should be featured on profile pics for dating. OR, it could be all of the girls with glasses in the world aren't single!

Soundmanpt 08 Dec 2016, 16:39


I think what you have been observing is becoming more and more common now. There is almost certainly a link between people's use of I-Phones and the many other devices with small print on the eyes. Before these things were available even when someone may have needed glasses they were able to get by since their eyes were never exposed to so much small print. And at that same time in history wearing glasses for women wasn't at all a popular thing. So really it seems that all these things just came together at the exact same time. The I-Phone came out, texting became the new way to communicate, people were drawn more and more to these devices and for many trying to see so much small print simply took its toll on their eyes. Now glasses were more than just an option but rather a necessity in order to read all those text messages. Along with more and more people now requiring glasses the glasses companies started providing many more options of frame styles. Glasses now had become fashionable and more accepted as being a normal part of life. Anyway that's the way I see it.

chrisb 08 Dec 2016, 14:08

We can but hope that Emma Ishta's chain sets a trend. It's not often acknowledged but there has been a massive increase in the number of young GWG's. I've remarked before that I believe this and the other Glasses sites we know and love have contributed to this effect.

In my daily journey across the trendy parts of North London I am always amazed by the ratio of GWG vs non GWG among 20-30 year olds (and younger) Perhaps the pervasive smart phone has also contributed. Many seem to have such a low rx and before today's fashion tastes would gone without.

It's also not unusual to see the part time, or perhaps ambivalent wearer with her glasses stuck in her hair.

Of course in the media, glasses on a chain are the antithesis of cool and present a very negative impression.

But lets hope Emma's quite logical mode of glasses / not glasses wearing is going to overturn those negative associations. Come on masters of digital media manipulation, set to work. Let Emma Ishtar be your poster (sic) girl.

eyesnap 08 Dec 2016, 10:08

Anne Heche

Soundmanpt 07 Dec 2016, 15:03

What I think is interesting is that you mostly only ever saw people that needed reading glasses use those type of chains on their glasses. Her glasses are clearly for distance which is easy to tell through her left lens by viewing the words in the background. But I guess it is just her way of having her glasses handy when she needs them rather than just wearing them all the time. By the way I really love her glasses. They appear to be from a company called Artcraft if memory serves me right and I know they are still in business and making the same type of glasses that they made back in the 1940's. I actually have pair just like the ones she is wearing. But mine are actually gold filled and the lenses are glass and the nose pads are made from real ivory.

 07 Dec 2016, 13:04

Slit, love her chain! super hot. only pity these are not plus

Slit 07 Dec 2016, 10:32

Emma Ishta's glasses can be seen well enough to judge the rx here

eyesnap 07 Dec 2016, 10:05

Jennifer Aniston

eyesnap 05 Dec 2016, 10:31

Shelly Long

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