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Speximann 16 Dec 2017, 21:20

While combing thru the archives I stumbled onto these caps of 60s actress Barbara Luna, from an old Mission Impossible episode from 1967.

Possible Plano Alert

Speximann 06 Dec 2017, 22:53

Another Hot GWG from the CW Network, Emily Betts Rickards as Felicity in "The Green Arrow" series. Possible Plano Alert -sometimes her glasses appear to have a lens distortion but I'm a novice.

Speximann 06 Dec 2017, 22:43

My habitual monthly Supergirl post- Possible Plano Alert.

Pseldonymov 30 Nov 2017, 10:51

Anne Hathaway

Moderate minus

Yoyo 22 Nov 2017, 16:57

Hayley Atwell is probably most famous in the U.S. for playing Agent Carter in the Marvel movies and TV shows. She originally appeared as Captain America's love interest in his first movie, then later got a spinoff series dedicated to her character.

Yes, a very attractive woman!

Badeyes 22 Nov 2017, 14:19

The BBC weather girI Kate kinsella complained that people said she was too plump, too busty or too short-sighted!

Soundmanpt 22 Nov 2017, 13:57


Thanks for the info on Hayley. Of course being in the US we don't get the same shows as you get on the BBC network including "Howard's End".

I will be watching for her ot show up on one of our network shows.

Carrie 22 Nov 2017, 12:33

Hayley Atwell is half English and half American and is currently one of the main characters, Margaret Schlegal, in the BBC period drama series "Howards End" (Gemma and I love a good Sunday evening BBC tv drama.) I wasn't that aware of her until now although her name did sound vaguely familiar. I didn't know she wore glasses until I Googled her. The 3rd photo is from her Instagram page and is dated October 2016.

Apparently, when she was in a film or a tv series a few years ago the director told her she was fat! Looking through loads of photos of her taken over the years she has been acting she is not fat in any of them! She has got quite a big bust but not a big belly. Rude man!

She doesn't wear glasses in Howards End, so I presume she wears contacts or doesn't need glasses full time. The drama is set in early 20th century England which obviously means she couldn't wear her own modern glasses as they would look far too modern.

Soundmanpt 22 Nov 2017, 10:02


I don't know who Hayley Atwell is but she is attractive for sure. As best as I can tell her glasses appear to be a very weak minus prescription which usually means she may have only recently been prescribed glasses. Have you seen wearing glasses for a while or only recently?

Carrie 21 Nov 2017, 16:22

The talented and beautiful Hayley Atwell (she is also a great role model for us curvy girls!)

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 15:53

My obsessive SuperGirl post for this period, possible Plano Alert

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 15:49

Kelly Rippa- Oct 17

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 13:00

Madchen Amick from Riverdale, possible Plano Alert.

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 12:56

Kristen Alfonso- "Hope" from soap Day of Our Lives

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 12:33

Ellen Woglom -Louise from Marvals Inhumans, Possible Plano Alert

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 08:03

Ellen Woglom from Inhuman's, Possible Plano Alert][img]

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 07:51

More Emily

Speximann 18 Nov 2017, 22:33

Emily Bett Rickards from Arrow Possible Plano Alert[/img]

Speximann 18 Nov 2017, 22:29

Ellen Woglom from Inhumans TV series, Possible Plano Alert

Eye Guru 05 Nov 2017, 13:25

Emma Roberts (Video)

Pseldonymov 27 Oct 2017, 20:30

Maria Valverde

Pseldonymov 26 Oct 2017, 10:43

Paulina Andreeva

Most people supported her new look.

eye guru 21 Oct 2017, 10:57

Lucy Hale

Slit 19 Oct 2017, 20:34

January Jones

(-) rx

Pseldonymov 18 Oct 2017, 11:49

Christy Carlson Romano


Pseldonymov 18 Oct 2017, 07:47


Pseldonymov 17 Oct 2017, 14:51

Sayora Safari


Tom1 15 Oct 2017, 13:15

I recently viewed the old movie Mercury raising featuring Bruce Willis as an FBI agent protecting a boy who discovered a secret code.

One of the minor members of the cast is Carrie Preston as Emily. Very surprising to see her playing with real prescription glasses, I'd say -2 or -3. Very nice views of the rings and of the scenes minified by her glasses. I think they were her eeal glasses at that time, otherwise she woud have used plano glasses.

Crystal Veil 11 Oct 2017, 01:31

So Cal,

as a child, she prayed to become shortsighted and later she wanted to become an optometrist. She is the only shortsighted member in the family. A pity that there are no pictures of her in prescription glasses.

SoCal 10 Oct 2017, 23:22

Vera Farmiga 1:05 mark talks about being a spectacle collector.

Pseldonymov 05 Oct 2017, 10:28

Antonina Papernaya


Pseldonymov 05 Oct 2017, 10:26

Olga Sumskaya, Ukrainian actress, Antonina's mother


Pseldonymov 05 Oct 2017, 10:16

Antonina Papernaya

Pseldonymov 04 Oct 2017, 20:25

Jessica Lowndes


Dre 01 Oct 2017, 05:35

Reese Witherspoon real rx

Pseldonymov 30 Sep 2017, 12:18

Jennifer Lopez


Pseldonymov 30 Sep 2017, 12:17

Mandy Moore


Pseldonymov 30 Sep 2017, 05:39

Emilia Clarke

Small minus

Pseldonymov 25 Sep 2017, 07:55

Dakota Fanning

Small minus

Pseldonymov 25 Sep 2017, 07:49

Elle Fanning

Moderate minus


Crystal Veil 25 Sep 2017, 06:18

Pseldonymov (Sept 5th),

Apologies for the long delay. Anna's photo shoot is on my previous weblog:

There are 120 photos of her, most of them in front of a large mirror in a trendy boutique. She was one of five models who posed for me in Paris, January last year (see index on top page). Unfortunately Blogger has changed something, maximizing the column on the right to 100 photos. The best way to get access to Anna's photos is to click the year 2016, then the month (either February or more likely, March) and then scroll down the page and click "oudere berichten"). You may have to repeat this procedure 20 or 30 times to reach Anna's photos. But don't worry, they are there.

Best of luck!

Curt 25 Sep 2017, 05:43

Jessica specs...cute!

Pseldonymov 13 Sep 2017, 10:27

Mandy Moore, Clair's "sister"


Pseldonymov 13 Sep 2017, 10:16

Сlaire Holt


Speximann 12 Sep 2017, 19:32

Kelly Rippa -8-17

Speximann 12 Sep 2017, 19:29

My habitual Melissa Benoist-Supergirl post - Possible Plano Alert.

Speximann 12 Sep 2017, 19:25

Sarah Habel from TV series "Riverdale" Possible plano alert

Pseldonymov 12 Sep 2017, 19:04

Stella Baranovskaya


Pseldonymov 12 Sep 2017, 18:20

Margot Robbie

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