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Pseldonymov 16 Mar 2018, 09:16

Kenya Hunt

Small minus

 13 Mar 2018, 22:12

Alexandra Makhova

Small minus

Pseldonymov 12 Mar 2018, 14:41

Katy Tur

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 09 Mar 2018, 19:50

Vera Kichanova

Minus. About -6.

New frame

Pseldonymov 09 Mar 2018, 10:35

Olga Churakova


 06 Mar 2018, 20:11

you're a wee bit TOO psychotically stalky obsessed with Robin Meade, wouldn't you say?

Pseldonymov 06 Mar 2018, 16:02

Liza Kaymin

Small minus

Lv2c4i 03 Mar 2018, 06:27

Before she took the last two days this week on holiday, Robin Meade left a speccy memory (and set of caps on tvnewscaps). After 2 weeks of being totally bare-eyed, she wore her spex for all but a few minutes of her show. Not only that, but she began the broadcast wearing her old (original) frames, but then she switched spex, so the caps have her wearing 2 different pairs that day. And her side-kick, Jennifer Westhoven also sported her spex a bit as the week went on.

Pseldonymov 02 Mar 2018, 16:41

Olga Stefanishina

Small minus

Pseldonymov 02 Mar 2018, 15:21

Cara Louise Santa Maria


Pseldonymov 28 Feb 2018, 14:31

Yulia Vorontsova

Small minus

Pseldonymov 28 Feb 2018, 07:42

Yelena Malysheva (plus) and Yana Yutskovskaya (minus)

Pseldonymov 23 Feb 2018, 18:12

Liza (Elizaveta) Kuzmenko, Ukraine

Pseldonymov 23 Feb 2018, 18:03

Natalia Lomayeva and Maria Skatova


Pseldonymov 23 Feb 2018, 17:55

Liza Kuzmenko, Ukraine

Small minus

Slit 18 Feb 2018, 23:01

Кристина Суворина is a good looker!

Pseldonymov 18 Feb 2018, 12:41

Kristina Suvorina


 13 Feb 2018, 15:48

Let's put Trump into deportation

 13 Feb 2018, 11:26

Unfortunately, the ship has sailed in regards to Hillary ever running again,..too much heartache for her. I couldn't care less if Trump ever wears glasses in public,..even a nice pair of think glasses on him wouldn't make him any more appealing.

to city 72 13 Feb 2018, 05:09

Soundmanpt, Thanks for your posting regarding TMZ about the pretty blonde lady in the aviator glasses. I noticed right away the glasses were likely a prescription as I noticed a significant bend in the images through the lenses. You are probably right that it is a minus prescription. And yes, after watching several episodes now, I do see her contributing more on the show (but perhaps a lot of these people also contribute behind the scenes and off camera as well). But what surprises me is my difficulties finding out her name, especially when someone is at "celebrity" status, so to speak. In this day of Internet and information, I seem to be coming up blank on my Google searches in terms of making a positive identification on her name.

 12 Feb 2018, 13:54

Let's put them in something else.

 12 Feb 2018, 12:48

Rumors are starting about Hillary Clintonís 2020 presidential run.

Letís put her and Trump in glasses for this run

da 11 Feb 2018, 02:26

Shevonne Sullivan from TMZ

Speximann 08 Feb 2018, 07:28

Robin Meade Rockin her Glasses this morn on HLN.

Soundmanpt 07 Feb 2018, 10:47


I have been watching TMZ for several years now they have always had several young attractive glasses wearing young ladies on their. I know exactly the young lady you're asking about. When she first joined the newsroom she wasn't wearing glasses at all. Then one night I was pleasantly surprised to see here wearing glasses for the first time. For a while after that it was kind of hit ad miss. Some nights she wore her glasses and some nights she didn't. At first because they are so big I thought her glasses were fake but she does contribute to the show and her glasses definitely are prescription. They appear to minimize things so i'm guessing that she is nearsighted. More recently she is mostly seen wearing her glasses. But occasionally you will see her without her glasses. I would also love to know more about her.

rkcity 72 07 Feb 2018, 05:38

I have never really watched TMZ When It's On before, but I am now tuning in more since I accidentally noticed the blonde haired woman on the newsroom cast with the clear aviator glasses (she often has been on the lower right hand of the screen. Also see Hopefully I got the link right.) To me, about the hottest sighting is a pretty woman in aviator glasses, especially a blonde. I am also seeing some of the other female cast members in aviators on some show as well. Anyway, does anyone know the blonde lady's name? I would like to Google search more photos of her. She hasn't seemed to really say anything on the show on the episodes I've seen, but she is the reason I watch TMZ's 1/2 hour format.

Lv2c4i 02 Feb 2018, 12:32

No sooner had I observed that Robin Meade was wearing the same old frames, than she shows up this past Tuesday with new frames. They are quite similar to her previous plastic frames but look to be metal and have almost a modified semi-rimless look. She had them off and on on Tuesday, another day she was holding them in her hand, and a couple of days they were nowhere in evidence. The eagle-eyed capper/poster on tvnewcaps spotted the new frames.

Pseldonymov 01 Feb 2018, 20:15

Yulia Zagorulkina


Pseldonymov 01 Feb 2018, 19:59

Yulia Zagorulkina

Russian teacher


Pseldonymov 30 Jan 2018, 08:42

Katerina Abay

Small minus

Without glasses

Lv2c4i 29 Jan 2018, 06:29

Off and on and ... This past weekend, Paula Faris had her spex on the desk both Saturday and Sunday, and there on the desk they stayed. Meanwhile Erica Hill is wearing her glasses somewhat more regularly on her HLN midday news show but either wears them or not the whole day. And Robin Meade is all over in her wearing patterns. Sometimes she wears them not at all, lately she's often worn them for a few minutes in segments of the show that recur every 30 or 60 minutes, and on Friday she wore them for much, but not all, of the show. But Robin wears her original pair of spex rather than any of the several newer frames she's shown over the months on FBk.

Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2018, 13:45

Oksana Ivanytska

Small minus


Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2018, 13:27

Oksana Ivanytska, Ukraine


Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2018, 10:54

Anna Smilevich (Pakholko), Belarus

Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2018, 10:34

Oksana Dumska, Ukraine

Small minus

Pseldonymov 26 Jan 2018, 15:06

Anastasia Melnikova, Russia Today

Moderate minus

Soundmanpt 21 Jan 2018, 09:40

Well it seems that Paula Faris isn't wearing wearing her glasses anymore on air. In fact today her glasses were nowhere in sight. So it mkaes me wonder if she has switched to wearing contacts and if it was her decision or the station that has her no longer wearing glasses? She didn't seem to mind wearing glasses when she first went on air wearing them. It really makes me think that someone had talk with her about her glasses.

Is their anyway to send her an e-mail? Maybe if enough of us sent her e-mails telling her how nice she looked wearing glasses she might be back wearing them.

Maurice 13 Jan 2018, 13:21

Any signs of Dan Harris of GMA wearing his glasses on air?

Soundmanpt 13 Jan 2018, 12:07

I woke up enough this morning to turn on Good Morning America and sadly Paula Faris wasn't wearing her glasses again. She has then right in front of her at first but it seemed like after every commercial break her glasses were in a different spot when they came back on. So she must put them on to see something during the breaks and takes them off right before they go live again. Some one at the show must be making her reading material in larger print so she is able to read it without her glasses. Since she first started wearing her glasses on air as her eyes should have continues adjusting to her glasses the more she wore them. in other words she should be needing her glasses more now than when she first started wearing them because her eyes should much more adjusted to them. But she seems like she now needs them less than before and the only way that could happen is if her reading material is in larger print now. She keeps her glasses close by in case maybe something is handed to her that might be breaking news that just came in an no one was able to retype it in a larger font for her.

Pseldonymov 10 Jan 2018, 13:42

Ksenia Pakhomova


Soundmanpt 08 Jan 2018, 09:00

I overslept on Saturday so I completely missed Good Morning America. I did wake up slightly before it came on Sunday and was a bit disappointed that Paula Faris wasn't wearing her glasses. She of course did have then on the desk in front of her right hand. I noticed when they came back from a commercial break that she was just putting her glasses down. So I assume she must have had them on while they were away but quickly took them off as the were coming back on. So I wonder why she wears her glasses most times when she is on the air but every once in a while she leaves them off? I'm assuming that her prescription must be pretty weak if she is still able to read small print without her glasses. Or is it possible that she maybe gets her script printed in large enough letters that she can get by without her glasses? But when it copy is in normal size print she needs her glasses to see it? I guess we will never know?

Speximann 07 Jan 2018, 22:14

Ginger Zee

sedes2000 07 Jan 2018, 06:22

43-years-old Polish politician, main candidate for the Ministry of Finance.

Lv2c4i 05 Jan 2018, 06:33

Looks like Ginger Zee has some new frames. On her FBk page she's posted a couple of reports on the recent weather (very wintry) in the eastern U.S. wearing them. One, shot at her home, shows clearly the frames are blue. In another perhaps due to poor lighting it is hard to tell the color--could be the blue frames or another frame, same shape, but more of a grayish color.

Lv2c4i 31 Dec 2017, 06:24

Paula Faris also was substitute cohost all this past week long on Good Morning America (regular hosts were on holiday). Her glasses were on the desk but she never put them on. Now on the weekend, they are, as soundmanpt noted, 'back where they belong.'

On Bloomberg, Julie Hyman was holiday host for the late afternoon "What did you miss" show and she was sporting her spex at least several of the days.

Newshound 30 Dec 2017, 10:33

Erin Delmore from Axios was on MSNBC this morning and wearing glasses. Very pretty!

Soundmanpt 30 Dec 2017, 09:30

Happy to report that Paula Faris of "Good Morning America Weekends" was wearing her glasses again this morning. She had them during the whole show. The only time she didn't have her glasses on was during a pre taped segment where the whole anchor team was in a baking competition. But even then she had her glasses in her hair on top of head so they would handy if she needed them.

Interesting that ever since she started wearing glasses on air they never show a close up of her anymore. In the past before she ware glasses they would often do a close when either of the anchors was doing a report. Not the camera just stay showing both of them.

Also in past weeks right after she started wearing her glasses at the very end of the show she was taking her glasses off. Only for the final goodbyes. Today she left her glasses on for the goodbyes. Maybe shes getting more comfortable about wearing her glasses.

Someone said that she stated that she's farsighted. What I find odd is that when she is doing a report she seems to reading from a teleprompter and not reading form a script on her desk. I wonder if her eyes have adjusted to seeing distances with her glasses or if she is wearing bifocals or progressives or if her glasses are just weak enough that her glasses don't bother her distance vision that much?

Curt 28 Dec 2017, 15:28

Has anyone ever seen Linda Cohn from ESPN ever wearing her glasses?? She holds them, twirles them, has them on the desk next to her, but in several years of watching the network regularly, I have never seen them on her face. Yes, they are readers (pretty strong too), but still...

Curt 28 Dec 2017, 15:27

Has anyone ever seen Linda Cohn from ESPN ever wearing her glasses?? She holds them, twirles them, has them on the desk next to her, but in several years of watching the network regularly, I have never seen them on her face. Yes, they are readers (pretty strong too), but still...

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