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 21 May 2018, 00:53

Very soon now Hillary Clinton will be hung for treason.

Would anyone like to bet on whether her glasses fly off, or stay on, as the sudden stoppage of the rope breaks her neck?

minus5wholuvsgwgs 20 May 2018, 23:39

some early pictures of Megan Markle show her in glasses as a child

Soundmanpt 20 May 2018, 10:35


The last 2 seem to gone? Only the first one is still up.

Carrie  20 May 2018, 04:11

I don't know how widely this was reported around the world but a few months ago a former Russian spy and his daughter were deliberately poisoned in Salisbury, England a few months ago. They have since recovered enough to be released from hospital. The daughter is quite attractive and sometimes wears glasses.

No glasses but very pretty

Pseldonymov 19 May 2018, 15:59

Olga Shariy


 15 May 2018, 01:16

No, you are the retard here. Everyone knows who you are. You are the only person who has ever posted such racist bullshit here over and over and your grammar betrays you easily. Would you like me to provide your real name for the community here?

 14 May 2018, 19:10

Monkey, Apes, and Gorrilas Association

Shame on you for referring to the Obama family in such a way.

You are such a racist.

 14 May 2018, 01:39

You have a tiny dick and suffer from severe impodence unless you whack off with gun oil to your sordid collection of hot steamy pictures of your family wearing KKK outfits. Yes, you completely belong to the Monkey, Apes, and Gorrilas Association (MAGA)

 12 May 2018, 20:00

Hillary is not going to prison. She is heading for the gallows,along with America's first mulatto President. MAGA

 12 May 2018, 19:07

Hoping that Trump has his 72 pt. font with him in the cell beside Hillary. He'll need that for reading his continuing indictments. MAGA

 08 May 2018, 14:07

01 May 2018, 20:48

Take your MAGA bullshit and shove it up your ass.

guest 08 May 2018, 12:49

Oops, now clickable:

guest 08 May 2018, 12:48

This one takes her contacts out after the shoot:

 01 May 2018, 21:22

Maybe Her & Chump will have side by side cells !

 01 May 2018, 20:48

Hillary will not be needing her coke bottles, or contacts, because very soon now she will not have a need to see farther than her 8'x10' jail cell.

Make America great again! Lock her up!

 01 May 2018, 13:31

Hopefully with the lobotomy he needs.

 01 May 2018, 13:11

When is Trump's cataract surgery scheduled?

Josue 27 Apr 2018, 12:49

What's the concern about Trump squinting, closing one eye, using extremely large print and refusing to wear glasses. History teaches that dictators do not wear glasses as this would make them appear weak. I guess orange skin, strange hair and long, long times do not fit into the equation.

 25 Apr 2018, 17:09

Trump isn't cockeyed, he's vagina-eyed.

 25 Apr 2018, 15:45

Old man who has presbyopia. 72 point font is pretty severe. I agree, put readers on the President. +3.00 might take care of his need for extremely large font.

Mr Cockeyed 25 Apr 2018, 07:40

WOW, Trump must be pretty cockeyed, to need 72 point type, I guess he don't want readers

 25 Apr 2018, 07:36

Trump uses 72 point for close reading

 19 Apr 2018, 18:51

i read here that it means a fat ass chick with fat ass glasses.

 19 Apr 2018, 18:13

Kaitlan Collins from CNN -

 19 Apr 2018, 04:25

Trump might be wearing contacts----one contact for distance and one contact for close-up. Might be why he is closing one eye to read distance and then closing the other eye when reading from close-up documents. Closing an eye is how he copes.

 18 Apr 2018, 20:43

18 Apr 2018, 17:23

Could be a fat girl,but most often called a fatty.

Here it is a girl wearing bug eye plus lenses.

 18 Apr 2018, 17:23

wtf is a plussy?

 16 Apr 2018, 18:28

Does any one have any idea what Rx Amber Rudd, the U.K. Politician is? She seams to have a large collection of frames, I think she is a Plus, but maybe some one can clarify?

+ 16 Apr 2018, 12:15

she's Meszes Boglárka

old glasses -

+ 16 Apr 2018, 11:59

Very cute plussy presenter from Hungary

Anyone knows her name?

Pseldonymov 15 Apr 2018, 19:53

Ksenia Pakhomova

Small minus

 15 Apr 2018, 18:55

If only Trump was acting in a long-cancelled sitcom instead of today's reality. Squint, squint.

 15 Apr 2018, 09:12

He should have worn a monocle like Colonel Klink.

 14 Apr 2018, 12:38

Last night when Trump announced the missile strikes, he was reading off a teleprompter with his right eye shut.

gk 14 Apr 2018, 03:15

LK2 14 Apr 2018, 03:15

LK 14 Apr 2018, 03:06


Amy tries on Savannah Guthrie's Glasses:


Savannah Guthrie Putting on Glasses:

Lv2c4i 13 Apr 2018, 04:29

New style frames for a couple of our news ladies. Erica Hill had new frames earlier this week. She'd opted for a thicker frame style. Meanwhile, Alisyn Camerata went the other way as she is now wearing a much more subtle frame style, looks to still be plastic but almost as thin as wire rims. Different styles for different folks--likely why most eyewear stores/offices have racks and racks and racks of choices.

Brian 12 Apr 2018, 15:58

Hollowed said on Twitter she is getting LASIK.

Soundmanpt 12 Apr 2018, 11:06

About 2 weeks ago the female co-anchor of our morning CBS station KMOV-TV has been wearing glasses for the first time. I even checked her past bio and before now she has never been seen wearing glasses. her name is Marissa Hollowed. So since she never said anything about why she is now wearing glasses I don't know if she normally wears contacts and maybe had an issue with her contacts or if she recently got an increase causing her to need glasses to see the prompter or if she maybe only recently was prescribed glasses. Her glasses don't appear to be even have a slight cut-in so they must be rather weak.

Anyway just curious how many other cities have young women anchors wearing glasses these days. It seems like the female national news anchors are being seen wearing their glasses more and more often. So if your city or town has attractive young women anchors wearing glasses please post the city, the station and the time she is on air.

 10 Apr 2018, 15:03

Myopic Grant---just think that he is old and probably needs cataract surgery, bifocals and other vision aids.

 10 Apr 2018, 14:22

Myopic Grant

Not anywhere near as disgusting as a sodomite, or one that practices perverted sex .

Myopic Grant 10 Apr 2018, 09:47

He learned it from his wife who used to be a formal model. Haven't you noticed that she, and A LOT of models do that; squint their eyes to look more sexy and alluring? Models, along with her, always suck in their cheeks's kind of a 101 thing models learn. Trump is disgusting, so it really doesn't help.

 08 Apr 2018, 13:50

Can't President Trump do something about his squinting? Glasses, contacts, etc.

Pseldonymov 01 Apr 2018, 13:08

Ksenia Pakhomova


Pseldonymov 31 Mar 2018, 13:26

Aleksandra Suslina


Pseldonymov 30 Mar 2018, 13:25

Jenia Kotorova




Pseldonymov 16 Mar 2018, 09:16

Kenya Hunt

Small minus

 13 Mar 2018, 22:12

Alexandra Makhova

Small minus

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