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News Personalities

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Pseldonymov 25 May 2017, 20:19

Margarita Urbanovskaya

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Newshound 25 May 2017, 12:02

It's been a while but Milissa Rehberger was in glasses last night on MSNBC. Very pretty!

Pseldonymov 25 May 2017, 11:23

Ekaterina Spasova Gecheva-Zakharieva (1975) is a Bulgarian former interim Deputy PM and Minister of Regional development from 2013. She became the Foreign Minister of Bulgaria on 4 May 2017.

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Pseldonymov 18 May 2017, 18:53

Tatiana Felgengauer with new glasses

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Pseldonymov 15 May 2017, 20:30

Kara McCullough, Miss USA 2017


Pseldonymov 15 May 2017, 12:18

Mariia Varfolomeieva


Pseldonymov 14 May 2017, 23:06

Anastasia Deyeva, 24, has been appointed a deputy interior minister


Pseldonymov 13 May 2017, 05:58

Ekaterina Gordon

Pseldonymov 13 May 2017, 05:46

Olga Ivanova with other frames

Pseldonymov 13 May 2017, 05:45

Olga Ivanova, Estonia

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Pseldonymov 13 May 2017, 05:33

Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson, Estonia

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Speximann 11 May 2017, 20:47

DR. Jennifer Ashton MD-GMA

Pseldonymov 11 May 2017, 10:19

Yulia Timoshenko has new glasses

 03 May 2017, 15:15

Newshound 02 May 2017, 16:45

No glasses on Melissa Rehberger the past four times I've seen her on MSNBC. She still has the great smile, does a fantastic job, but I love how she looks with her glasses.

 30 Apr 2017, 18:01

Any pics of Putin wearing glasses?

Pseldonymov 30 Apr 2017, 15:19

Ksenia from Kemerovo

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 28 Apr 2017, 12:28

President Trump is 71 years. Where are his glasses? No wonder he squints.

Pseldonymov 27 Apr 2017, 13:13

Anastasia Zadorina

and Europa Plus DJ

Pseldonymov 26 Apr 2017, 14:21


Pseldonymov 26 Apr 2017, 14:11

Amy Sciarretto


Slit 26 Apr 2017, 10:49

Adrienne Bailon

Slit 26 Apr 2017, 10:44

Tamar Braxton - can be seen with various frames

Slit 26 Apr 2017, 10:41

Tamera Mowry

Slit 26 Apr 2017, 10:34

Debra Messing

Slit 26 Apr 2017, 07:56

@newswatcher 23 Apr 2017, 16:49

thanks for the update! any links of such appearances?

Speximann 25 Apr 2017, 21:18

Lv2c4i, I looked for the clip but I don't guess it's available on line yet. I'll keep watching, my interest is growing.

Lv2c4i 25 Apr 2017, 09:22


Dr. Ashton was again bespectacled this morning on Good Morning America. The main host made a one-word comment, "Glasses." and that was the end of it. But, at least now, there is a video clip on the GMA website--her piece was commenting on Elton John and a mystery illness (an infection from travel) that caused him to alter his concert/touring schedule.

newswatcher 23 Apr 2017, 16:49

There have actually been a lot of sightings, particularly for those that watch American news. Here I include not only news presenters but also actresses appearing on cable news in the current activist/politically charged environment.

During the week approaching the inaugural, both Debra Messing and Patricia Arquette appeared on political news shows, probably on MSNBC. Both are clearly hyperopic and presbyopic and wore their glasses continuously, discussing their upcoming appearance in the women's marches.

Another actress, Marisa Tomei, posted a photo of herself in glasses in her Twitter feed, indicating her march plans as well. She is also likely both presbyopic and hyperopic.

Because NYC has often been in the news (both because of the president's home and because of the various protests), Julie Banderas has provided news packages from the Fox NYC newsroom to Fox affiliates nationwide. She is bespectacled occasionally or sometimes.

During Charlie Rose's recent absence for surgery during February, various guest hosts filled in for him. Allison Stewart subbed twice, both times in glasses. She is nearsighted but apparently presbyopia hasn't yet set in. In the past decade she wore contact lenses while anchoring. Gillian Tett sat in for Charlie as well. She just began wearing glasses quite recently and I would guess she is presbyopic with very mild hyperopia. Maybe not the greatest sight, but she always appears on TV with glasses now.

Now, some have gone the other way, first wearing glasses at least intermittently, no longer now.

Last year during the election campaign, Nia-Malika Henderson of CNN wore her glasses at least some of the time during regular studio appearances, but I haven't seen them lately. She is likely hyperopic, maybe presbyopic as well. Perhaps the glasses are now on the table behind her laptop while she is on the air, or she is now in contact lenses.

While on Bloomberg TV Stephanie Ruhle used to wear her glasses when she needed them to read, but took them off otherwise. She is now on MSNBC and they are gone. She probably in contact lenses now. Stephanie is most likely hyperopic, maybe presbyopic as well. With her rather small beady eyes and smallish, wrinkle-prone face, she actually might look much better in her plus glasses, even to a general audience watching TV, but I doubt she would consider going in that direction.

BBC presenter Katty Kay first appeared in glasses a new years ago, hyperopic and presbyopic, but she seemed to quit them and go to contact lenses soon after. Quite honestly she is looking older and more weathered, and glasses would actually enhance her appearance at this point.

More recently the syndicated series The Doctors seems to have a new female doctor, Jennifer Berman, a glasses-wearing urologist, and she appears to be hyperopic and presbyopic.

Speximann 20 Apr 2017, 16:02

Ginger Z that was, or the Doctor.

Soeximann 20 Apr 2017, 16:00

Actually caught her on the evening news a year or two back wearing glasses.

Lv2c4i 20 Apr 2017, 05:10

Dr. Jennifer Ashton on again minutes ago: again bare-eyed.

However, Ginger Zee. weather reporter on the show, has several bespectacled videos on her FBk page, almost as if she wears her spex everyday, except when she's on-the-air?

Lv2c4i 20 Apr 2017, 04:38


she was speaking about some of the health considerations of the growing number of states that have legalized recreational use of marijuana.

I did notice that when she reappeared on Good Morning America yesterday, she was bare-eyed. So, when (if ever) will the spex reappear? However, on either Twitter or FBk, she did post a pik labeled something like "first glasses ever..."

So, happy hunting and thanks for the piks and caps you do post.

Speximann 20 Apr 2017, 00:41

Lv2c4i , I have been searching for that clip of Dr. Ashton with glasses on GMA for about an hour to cap it , but sadly can't find one.

Newshound 19 Apr 2017, 17:43

Milissa Rehberger was stunningly beautiful tonight on MSNBC. She looks great wearing her glasses. No glasses last night though.

Lv2c4i 18 Apr 2017, 05:13

Monday, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC's Good Morning America medical consultant, appeared wearing glasses--for the first time ever, I believe. Caps may appear? She's chosen dark and very "no-nonsense" frames that I don't find particularly flattering for her, but, they don't look all that bad either. And, in her role as expert, that may be the "look" she was after.

Maurice 14 Apr 2017, 17:26

Even without my glasses, the physiques of Kim and Trump certainly are similar

 12 Apr 2017, 12:48

Certainly Trump and Kim win for the worst hair

 11 Apr 2017, 07:49

Trump, Putin, Kim-Jong Un, they all have terrible vision(s).

 11 Apr 2017, 07:43

Which dictator has the worst vision? Trump or Putin?

 08 Apr 2017, 03:03

old video from Today Show that features Savannah, Erica, and Dylan

Therouteur 06 Apr 2017, 16:12

Arpine Ashot Hovhanissyan

Newhound 04 Apr 2017, 17:04

Milissa Rehberger looked great last Thursday and last night. She wore her glasses both nights and looked fantastic. Sadly, no glasses on tonight though.

Newshound  29 Mar 2017, 18:58

Milissa Rehberger looked great on MSNBC tonight and was wearing her glasses.

Pseldonymov 23 Mar 2017, 17:03

Lyubov Sobol with new glasses

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SoCal 18 Mar 2017, 20:46


I just thought she went bareeyed for the longest time until I read in an article that she wears contacts for the show only.

I am also curious about her rx, care to make a guess?

Soundmanpt 18 Mar 2017, 18:10


I have also wondered the same thing. She was just on The Steven Colbert show and she was like you say wearing her glasses. But she is never seen wearing glasses on her own show for some crazy reason. I'm sure someone has asked her about so maybe someone has seen a reply from her.

SoCal 18 Mar 2017, 17:46

Never understood why Rachel Maddow wear her glasses in every possible show but her own.

SoCal 18 Mar 2017, 17:43

Never understood why Rachel Maddow wear her glasses in every possible show but her own.

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