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HighMyopic 11 Mar 2017, 18:55

Is there anywhere online I can get glasses stronger than +48 diopters? VisionEnhancers.UK goes up to +48 diopters but no higher. Pat told me that his glasses are +56 diopters. I now need to get glasses for me that are +56 diopters or more!! My glasses collection now must have glasses that are +56 diopters since I thought I have worn the strongest plus glasses ever at +48 diopters. But I was wrong.

30calcat 10 Mar 2017, 15:27

SPQ, I think if you asked a random sampling of people around you if they thought your glasses are thick they would probably acknowledge it, though a 1.6 index does a pretty good job of compressing it to a common looking lens.

SPQ 10 Mar 2017, 11:49

Interesting. Would you say 6.5 or so in a semi-rimless is enough to reach coke bottle status/make the glasses look truly thick?

30calcat 07 Mar 2017, 19:18

SPQ, based on lens calculators, you will probably get another 1mm of thickness, but some other unknowns may vary your results, such as aspheric lens curves. In theory, going from 1.67 to 1.6 will cause your lenses to look about 12% stronger in the same power, so your -7.25 will look like a -8 in 1.67 all else being equal.

SPQ 07 Mar 2017, 17:35

Thanks for the feedback, calcat. Yes, I do plan on using these frames, I like them a lot and I think they expose the thickness really well.

If I have a -.75 increase or so, that will bring my prescription up to -7.25 or -7.50 (I also have -.75 of astigmatism).

I'm thinking of doing 1.60 index -- if my current glasses are 5.5 mm or so thick on the edges in 1.67, what do you think the new thickness will be? Ideally I'd like to hit the sweet spot of 8 mm but not go over 10.

30calcat 07 Mar 2017, 05:24

SPQ, I think a lower index will look great. I have worn lenses much thicker than that without anyone taking enough notice to say anything. Are you going to get the thicker lenses filled in these frames?

SPQ 06 Mar 2017, 20:46

Out of curiosity, would you say these edges are thick?

These are my current glasses (-6.50 or so), definitely need a small increase and am trying to figure out whether a lower index would look ridiculous.

Like most here, I'm turned on by thick glasses but I want to strike a balance.

Would appreciate input on whether these would attract attention :)

Aubrac 05 Mar 2017, 03:36


Thanks for the info CJ.

The Axis is R 0.90 L 0.92

Despite the 2.50 cylinder I can see well at close and distance,maybe I have acquired some more cylinder in the right eye!

 01 Mar 2017, 20:27

It appears they have some Base Out prism in the 5 BO range.

HighMyopic 01 Mar 2017, 17:30

Are these thrift store glasses prism glasses?

Top down view.

Front View.

Cactus Jack 01 Mar 2017, 09:31


The partial prescription in - Cylinder notation is:

OD (Right) -4.50, -2.50 x ?? Add +2.50

PS (Left) -4.50, -0.75 x ?? Add +2.50

The Cylinder in the Right eye is pretty significant. I suspect you are primarily using your left eye because it is closer to your actual prescription. The Axis is important in the Right eye and less so in the Left because the Cylinder is less. The higher the Cylinder, the more important it is that the Axis be accurate.


rafa 01 Mar 2017, 02:24


I think that first you should go to any optical store and ask them to check out the prescription of the glasses for you. It would take them a minute and normaly they don't charge for that.

The chances are that, as you say, the sphere isn't as high as that. It wouldn't be the first time that the prescription alleged on Ebay isn't right.

Aubrac 01 Mar 2017, 02:15

A question I think for Cactus Jack.

I bought some great Silhouette rimless glasses very cheaply on Ebay.

My prescription is now about -4.5/4.75 both eyes with a little left eye cylinder and +2.50 add, and by luck I find the glasses absolutely fine for me, and the varifocal lenses useful.

In the case is a printed prescription that reads R -7.00 sph +2.50 cyl add +2.50, L -5.25 sph +0.75 cyl add +2.50.

Now the sphere cannot be -7.00 as I would not be able to see with them, and I remember a while back CJ saying that in some notation the plus cylinder can be subtracted from the minus sphere, so in this case what would the normally written prescription be, and why is it sometimes written in this way?

Any comments CJ gratefully received.

 26 Feb 2017, 09:45

Rafa and others

Did you made any new experiences ordering glasses over -20 desciption from ?

I want to order over -20 but ha en't got any experiences. Thank you

 26 Feb 2017, 09:42

Rafa and others

Did you made any new experiences ordering glasses over -20 desciption from ?

I want to order over -20 but ha en't got any experiences. Thank you

HighMyopic 22 Feb 2017, 17:27

I am Trying to order a pair of Coil Aspheric Hyperocular Microscopic 12x Magnifying Spectacles.

I am trying to buy them from the UK and have them mailed to the USA. The UK based website does not recognize Virginia. It says that it is NA instead of VA for Virginia. Then when you go back to edit the order, it cancels the order. I saw on eBay that the price would be 199 dollars if I bought them there instead of 65 dollars plus shipping. That is for the +14 diopter pair. I am trying to buy the +48 diopter pair.

Here is the pair that i am trying to buy.

Cactus Jack 22 Feb 2017, 07:37


I am pretty well convinced that most people don't notice differences in lenses, unless the appearance is radically different. They seem to notice frame changes, much more quickly. That is why we often suggest that people who are seeking to Induce Myopia order several pairs of glasses with increasing prescriptions, at the same time, all with the same frame. Once they get past the initial glasses comment period, they can change glasses without any further comment or notice.

The same thing applies to GOC if the first GOC combo is not a huge increase in the glasses prescription.


HighMyopic 21 Feb 2017, 18:39

Where can you buy glasses with +20 diopter lenses for cheap? Zenni only goes up to +12 dioters. I have +15 diopter glasses currently and want +20 diopter or more glasses. I have plenty of around -20 diopter myodisc glasses.

30calcat 21 Feb 2017, 11:44

Has anyone else here ever experienced that just changing the frames you wear is an effective way to draw attention and invoke conversations about your glasses? I usually wear these thick glasses into the office:

Last week I switched to these glasses, but no one said anything:

This week I decided to change things up with my browlines

I got some of the expected "are those new glasses?" questions that are fun to answer, but I also had multiple people asking about my lenses all of a sudden. "How strong are your lenses?" "Don't they have ways of making lenses thinner now?" This is interesting given that my "new" glasses are not thicker than what I usually wear, and are in fact more hidden behind the full-rimmed frame versus rimless. Perhaps these people have always noticed my thick glasses, but had no "excuse" to bring up the topic, especially if they were meeting me for the first time, but now that we are more familiar colleagues, the change in frames provided an opportunity. Do you all seize on these opportunities?

Another theory I have is that the bolder frames, or perhaps even just a change in frames, directed people's attention towards my glasses in general and they started noticing my lenses for the first time. Do the "new" glasses make my lenses look thicker?

minusglassesguy 19 Feb 2017, 04:03

Hi Edward & Myodiscs

I would really like to see what your glasses look like. I would really appreciate it if you sent me a picture. I wouldn't share on my tumblr blog unless you asked me to.

My email is

HighMyopic 18 Feb 2017, 14:49

Edward, Do you have Facebook? I'll friend you. I love to wear and collect very strong glasses.

Edward 18 Feb 2017, 12:41

Inglasses 18 Feb 2017, 09:21

Hi Edward

Not very often that I have seen a myodisc wearer here, would like to ask a few questions about them via email if poss?

Cactus Jack 17 Feb 2017, 04:44


I don't know why the lenses were experimental. Maybe a new manufacturer of the lenses seeking FDA approval.

The young man I mentioned, is a church organist and a teacher in a parochial school. I don't think either one pays a lot.

He lives in a city with a large medical school and teaching hospital. He was able to have the surgery at very low cos, if any, by agreeing to participate in a study that is part of the FDA approval process.

I may see him tomorrow and I will ask him why the lenses were experimental.


Ric 17 Feb 2017, 00:35

That s the worst thing, at first, i could not stop to look by the sides. Getting used to contact lenses, i felt clumsy and dizzy. Was pretty worried thinking on the amount they costed...

Edward 16 Feb 2017, 12:49


I know it seems daunting now but you will soon adapt to wearing myodiscs. When I was 16 I was devastated at the thought of wearing them, I deliberately chose to make the change as I moved from secondary school to sixth form college. Students were older, the teasing stopped and I just moved on. Yes people must notice my glasses but comments are few and far between. The myodisc lenses are thinner and the edges much thinner, just the edge of the bowls gives them away.

Like Patrick I wore blended but found the area between the bowl and carrier was a distraction. Now with regular lenses in a plus carrier I have learned not to look outside the central area, also plus carriers give very thin edges.

Cactus mentioned internal implants. They are not an option for me, as my Rx soared due to a quickly elongating eyeball my retinas became a problem, now no surgery unless it is absolutely necessary.

You have many choices of the type of lenses. You can chose.

astigmaphile 16 Feb 2017, 10:30

Cactus Jack,

I had cataract surgery on my left eye on 27 January 2011. There were IOLs with cylinder in them back then, but I would have had to pay for it myself. The monofocal IOL that I got was paid for by Medicare.

Cactus Jack 15 Feb 2017, 21:41


ICLs and IOLs go inside your eyes so dry eye is not a factor. Normally, IOLs do not correct Astigmatism. However a 30 YO acquaintance, who has diabetes, developed Cataracts and had surgery on both eyes in the last 3 weeks, He was offered was offered some experimental IOLs with Cylinder correction for his Astigmatism. Because they were single vision IOLs, he needs glasses to focus close. I spoke to him today and he is thrilled with the results.

The reason IOLs with Cylinder can correct Astigmatism is that the Axis of the Cylinder can be molded into the lens very accurately and the lens can be positioned in the Crystalline Lens Capsule very accurately. I don't know what his description was prior to the surgery, but hope to speak to him on Saturday.

I think you should strongly consider myodisc glasses and I urge you to learn as much as you can about vision and optics. You are going to be dealing with vision issues for many years in the future and you should take an active role in its management.

There are amazing vision developments occurring all over the world. IOLs with Cylinder correction is just one of them.


Myodiscs 15 Feb 2017, 20:46

Thank you all for responding. When it comes to contacts, my eyes really cannot tolerate them at all. I have really dry and sensitive eyes. I have tried contacts a few times, and it never ends well. It seems I really am headed to myodiscs.

Patrick B 15 Feb 2017, 16:28


I think you will enjoy wearing myodiscs in the future. My prescription is -26 with an insignificant amount of astigmatism, and my corrected vision is about 20/30, like yours. My corrected vision with contact lenses is around 20/25. Because myodiscs are thinner, they can be fit closer to your face which helps overcome some of the problems associated with vertex distance. They can also accommodate larger more fashion forward frames because they're thinner. To minimize their somewhat unusual appearance, I always get a negative carrier and have the myodisc bowl blended into the carrier. Most people don't notice them as being different unless they really take a look and actually consider what it is that makes the lenses different. Frankly, they're better-looking that my conventional lenses in their 45mm-wide frames, 1.9 high-index glass lenses and heavy bi-concave lens fronts. Good luck and let us know you get on with myodiscs when the time comes.

Ric 15 Feb 2017, 01:43

For not contact lenses wearers, sure would be easier to get used.

NNVisitor 14 Feb 2017, 16:31


Contact lenses can be uncomfortable when first trying them on. They have to be properly fitted for your eyes by an expert contact lens fitter. I've worn RGP lenses for years and typically only felt them on my eyes upon insertion. It takes time adapting to them. Uncomfortable at first which should go away within two weeks. If you do not have a problem with dry eyes then it's quite possible that you can adapt to them.

Edward 14 Feb 2017, 15:53


Do not be concerned about changing to wearing myodiscs. I had a very similar Rx to you before I left secondary school. Seven years further on my Rx is still increasing albeit at a slower rate now. The myodiscs are lighter to wear and as suggested there is a choice of styles, type of carrier and blended or regular. Once my Rx got even higher I chose a plus carrier and have got used to the refractive effects around the outside. As Cactus suggests looking through the centre of the bowl is best.

I cannot wear contacts due to prism correction and refractive surgery has been ruled out therefore I will have to wear this type of glasses. I see well enough but as time passes I cannot make out the distance detail as well.

Cactus Jack 14 Feb 2017, 15:20


I am not surprised and I understand. You may have tried Toric contacts that correct astigmatism, but they are very hard to get right. My prescription was and is nothing like yours. I tried several types of contacts, but could not tolerate them very well. I did not have much trouble with Sphere only Disposable, Daily Wear, soft contacts, they are very thin.

I have esophoria where my eyes want to cross and I wear glasses with Base Out (BO) prism. The optical characteristics were not very good, when I needed more than about 10 BO om each eye. I discovered that if I wore a +1.00 contact with my trifocals (with prism), I could see acceptably.

I'm 79. A few years ago, I developed dry eye problems and had to give up on the contacts and have to use clip-on +1.00 reading glasses to see OK.

You might be able to use either Internal Contact Lenses (ICL), that go between your Cornea and your Iris or the Visian ICLs by Staar Surgical that goes between your iris and your crystalline lenses. Both are implanted surgically through a tiny incision in the side of your cornea and they can be removed and replaced if needed.

The surgery is very similar to modern Cataract surgery where Intra Ocular Lenses replace your Crystalline Lenses, except the Crystalline Lenses not disturbed. Cataract surgery is scary to think about, but modern cataract surgery is almost a not event. I have had cataract surgery on both eyes and it took about 10 minutes for the actual surgery on each eye, it was totally painless. I was scared when I had the first eye done. The surgery and the results were so amazing, my first question, when the doctor checked my first eye, was "when can we do the other eye?". He said: Two weeks, to make sure there are no problems". I instantly said, "Please schedule it". That was 15 years ago and I have never regretted it for an instant. The IOLs for cataract surgery are permanent and can't be changed.


Myodiscs 14 Feb 2017, 14:22

I cannot wear contacts. My eyes fo not tolerate them. As for math and physics, I have taken up to Calculus 1, and no physics.

Cactus Jack 14 Feb 2017, 11:19


Yes, at some point, just increasing the prescription won't help. It may improve the sharpness of the focus, which you want, but the human eye cannot resolve image elements that are smaller than a certain size.

Other animals have better resolving power than humans. I saw this explanation on Wikipedia:

It is hard for us to image an animal seeing better than we do. But, many do. Raptors, or birds of prey, including the eagles, hawks and falcons can see up to 8 times more clearly than the sharpest human eye. A golden eagle for example can see a hare from a mile away.

Remember the biggest factor in image minification is the distance from the eye to the lens. At high prescriptions, a little bit goes a very long way because of the exponential power (square function) of Vertex Distance effects. The closer you can get the corrective lens to your eye's lens system, the less the minification and the better you can see.

It is possible that Myociscs may improve your VA, but the only way to tell is to try them. However, the Cylinder and Add in your prescription may complicate making Myodiscs.

May I ask if you have studied Math and/or Physics in school?

Myopia and Hyperopia are caused by a mismatch between the total power of your eye's lens system and the length of your eyeballs - distance from your Crystalline Lens to your Retina. Typically, Myopia means that your eyeballs have grown too much. The distances are pretty small, about 0.3 mm per diopter. If you need -22 glasses, your eyeballs are about 6.6 mm too long. Unfortunately, that places serious stress on the attachments of your Retina to the back of your eyeballs. If you do experience a Retinal Detachment, it can usually be repaired using a laser.

Astigmatism is usually caused by uneven curvature of the front surface of your Cornea. It is likely that the physical stress on your Cornea by the excess growth of your eyeball caused your Astigmatism.

I suspect that your ECPs are reluctant to do much more than change your glasses prescription, until your Myopia stabilizes in a few more years. Correcting part of your Myopia with a contact lens does not involve anything that cannot be reversed, but it does require a little imagination.

BTW, I am not an ECP. My background is Electronic Engineering and Computers. Fundamentally, I am a problem solver. My knowledge of Vision came from trying to find a solution to my own vision problems. My problems were much easier to solve than yours.

Here is a link to a paper you might find interesting.


Myodiscs 14 Feb 2017, 09:11

Cactus Jack

Okay, so just increasing my prescription won't help me see better?

I am 18, and I kind of live in both USA and Canada.

So, will myodiscs be a good option for me?

Ric 14 Feb 2017, 01:04

As Cactus Jack said, i found my AV improved, but i had long time to get used.

Cactus Jack 13 Feb 2017, 21:34


I need to get a bit technical to answer your question about your Visual Acuity (VA) with your new glasses,

I suspect you are encountering several problems with very high minus glasses.

Vertex Distance (VD) (the distance from the front of your Cornea to the back of the glasses lens) cause the majority of the minification effects of high minus glasses. The resulting elements in the images on your Retina much smaller than normal. While your Retinas have about 100 million Rods and about 6 million Cones, your optic nerves have only about 1 million individual nerve fibers. Most of the Cones are concentrated in the central area of the Retina, called the Fovea, where your HD vision occurs. The Retina does some image processing (compression) to combine the signals from the millions of Rods and Cones on to the 1 million optic nerve fibers.

As the elements of the image get smaller and smaller as a result of VD effects. Some image information may be lost during the compression process and your practical VA decreases.

Also, because of VD effects the effective prescription in your glasses varies very significantly as the VD changes. VD effects are the mathematical Square of the glasses power. In your case, it is more than0.50 diopters per mm.

Unfortunately, your significant Astigmatism makes the situation worse because your Cylinder prescription adds to the Sphere prescription in the Axis that is 90 degrees from the Long Axis of the Cylinder, listed on your prescription.

There is really nothing that can be done about the VD effects because they are dictated by the laws of Optical Physics. However, there may be a trick that might improve the situation. The trick is actually a variation on Glasses Over Contacts (GOC). The technique is actually used by one our local Ophthalmologists when preparing a High Myopic patient for Cataract Surgery to eliminate VD effects in determining the strength of the Intra Ocular Lens to be installed.

He temporarily fits the patient with a Contact Lens of enough Minus power to be able to use low power trial lenses in say the -2 to -3 range to complete the refraction. VD effects of glasses less than about -4 are almost insignificant.

It might be possible to correct most of your Myopia using Sphere Only Contact Lenses or most of your Myopia and some of your Astigmatism with an Internal Contact Lens or one of the Visan lenses that go behind your Iris. Of course another possibility is to consider an IOL as is fitted in modern Cataract Surgery.

Unfortunately, many Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) are rigid in their thinking and something innovative like I described above, may be "impossible" to contemplate.

May I ask your age and where you live?

Myodisc lenses are high Minus lenses where the prescription is ground into the back AND occasionally into the front of a "carrier" lens blank. The prescription part is called the bowl and the diameter of the bowl depends on the lens power. The higher the power, the smaller the bowl. The Power of the carrier can be Minus, Plano, or even Plus. Many people who wear Myodiscs find their VA improved with them. You have to learn to always look straight ahead thru the center of the bowl. If your eyes stray outside the bowl, you are looking thru the carrier and the sudden loss of correction can be disconcerting.

Hope the above is clear and is helpful.


Myodiscs 13 Feb 2017, 18:33

Cactus Jack,

My new prescription is -22.5/-5.25/110/+1.00

And -21.25/-5.25/135/+1.00

Cactus Jack 13 Feb 2017, 18:11


May I ask your prescription?


Myodiscs 13 Feb 2017, 15:18

I had an eye exam last Friday, and something the doctor said cought my attention. At the end, after checking my vision the doctor told me my prescription went up, and with my new glasses I will see, 20/30. He then went on to say, "Next time, we will look into fitting you with a pair of myodiscs." I have two main questions.

1. Why did he not correct me to 20/20?

2. Why myodiscs? I looked a little into then online, but could not find much about them.

Astra 30 Jan 2017, 22:13

Yes I did not count those surrounding the edges. I tend to have some minor scratches near the edge of lenses easily when I touch the frame

Astra 30 Jan 2017, 22:04

30calcat, Scratches do have some varieties, if minor enough they do not affect much. I have some pair of plastic lenses made 15 years ago. There are some deep scratches because I somehow scratch the lenses by my nails. Right in the middle of lens, so I understand it can be very noticeable at that position. But currently in question is, I receive some scratches on both of 6 year plastic lenses that appear to be less deep across the middle of lens , I can only find the scratches on the presence of light .

I frequently receive heavy smudges on my lenses which clears easily by cleaning machine, but scratches on plastic lenses I am less familiar. I do receive many scratches on my frames but that has less impact than now I have some on the middle part of lenses. I still considering whether to discard the lenses, because otherwise I see no major defect on these lenses

Astra 30 Jan 2017, 22:04

30calcat, Scratches do have some varieties, if minor enough they do not affect much. I have some pair of plastic lenses made 15 years ago. There are some deep scratches because I somehow scratch the lenses by my nails. Right in the middle of lens, so I understand it can be very noticeable at that position. But currently in question is, I receive some scratches on both of 6 year plastic lenses that appear to be less deep across the middle of lens , I can only find the scratches on the presence of light .

I frequently receive heavy smudges on my lenses which clears easily by cleaning machine, but scratches on plastic lenses I am less familiar. I do receive many scratches on my frames but that has less impact than now I have some on the middle part of lenses. I still considering whether to discard the lenses, because otherwise I see no major defect on these lenses

30calcat 30 Jan 2017, 12:08

The effects of scratches on lenses is as subjective as the effort of dirty lenses. Any measurement would have to be subject to a number of observed factors. One of my favorite lenses developed a tiny scratch that is hardly measureable, but it is right in the middle line of sight. When you look at a computer screen, the light hits it just right so that it is noticeable and hard to ignore. It is more of an irritation than an inhibitor, since it really has no effect on visual acuity. On the other hand, I can have numerous larger scratches near the edge of a lens and never notice it.

Astra 30 Jan 2017, 02:00

My lenses are plastic mr8

Astra 30 Jan 2017, 01:58

Now I have some enquiry about scratches.

How much scratches are considered "not suitable for wearing" ?

Are there any criteria for scratches, how much scratches are tolerated ?

I have read your posts dated 20161212 . Currently I have several pairs of plastic lenses exceeding 3 years . So I can safely assume my plastic lenses are all brittle now. The newer pairs have been used for 1-5 years are scratch free .

But one pair have been used for 6 years. Now I tend to use this pair in bathroom or some locations because this is the pair I intend to discard. I inspect the lenses today 20170130, both lenses show minor scratches , mostly on the posterior face, not easily noticeable when wearing . I am not certain how much scratches that can be tolerated . I lack the experience because I managed to keep some pairs of lenses scratch free for 1-5 years.

Should we check the reflection of the lenses ? When reflection from scratches exceeds a level, it is time to discard the lenses?

Cactus Jack 12 Dec 2016, 21:52


Depending on where you live and your prescription you may want to consider some new glasses from Zenni Optical. Their glasses are excellent quality and the cost can be very reasonable.

Fundamentally, the cost depends on the frame, the lens material, the complexity of the prescription, and any protective coatings you want. They offer glasses here in the US for as low as US$6.95, but the frame selection is limited. I often suggest ordering a low cost pair to see if you like the results and then ordering a more expensive pair with more frame choices. I recently helped a friend order some trial glasses for $6,95 + 4.95 (Anti Reflective Coating) and $5.00 shipping. The total was $16.90 and he received them in about 2 weeks.

If you are rough on glasses, I think they offer an anti scratch coating.


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