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Cactus Jack 12 Dec 2016, 21:52


Depending on where you live and your prescription you may want to consider some new glasses from Zenni Optical. Their glasses are excellent quality and the cost can be very reasonable.

Fundamentally, the cost depends on the frame, the lens material, the complexity of the prescription, and any protective coatings you want. They offer glasses here in the US for as low as US$6.95, but the frame selection is limited. I often suggest ordering a low cost pair to see if you like the results and then ordering a more expensive pair with more frame choices. I recently helped a friend order some trial glasses for $6,95 + 4.95 (Anti Reflective Coating) and $5.00 shipping. The total was $16.90 and he received them in about 2 weeks.

If you are rough on glasses, I think they offer an anti scratch coating.


Soundmanpt 12 Dec 2016, 12:31


Very simple answer is that there isn't anyway to remove scratches form your glasses lenses. They have advertised a product that claimed to remove scratches but it has been proven that it doesn't work and those ads no longer run on TV. You need to replace the lenses provided the frames are still in good shape. If they are plastic and more than 3 years old the frame may even be too brittle to swap lenses.

Stepti 12 Dec 2016, 02:01

Hi. Does anyone know of a way to remove scratches from lenses?

Stingray 07 Dec 2016, 09:45

30calcat: Yes, I ordered them with anti-reflective coating. But you may be right. That coating could have worn off I guess from cleaning the lenses over a period of a year.

30calcat 07 Dec 2016, 08:14

Stingray - Do you have any coatings on the lenses? They could have gotten smudged/scratched/worn out over time compared to the other pair that has not see as much wear.

Stingray 06 Dec 2016, 14:00

Recently while driving at night, I notice that oncoming headlights have a starburst effect. I wear glasses with progressive lenses and was a little alarmed by this event. Right away I thought it was my cataracts ripening. Last year I ordered 2 pairs of glasses from glasses in one of their buy one get one free promotions. One of the frames I ordered was black with blue on the inside of the frame, the other a brown plastic frame. When I showed the new glasses to my wife,she remarked about the black and blue frames, "those are women's glasses". I decided never to wear them unless the other pair broke. Just as an experiment, I wore the black and blue glasses while driving at night and the starbursts were gone. Makes no sense. Both glasses were made by the same company, same prescription at the same time. Why would this be happening? Other than the starbursts on headlights and tail lights, my main pair of glasses are fine. Does anyone have an explanation?

Soundmanpt 04 Nov 2016, 15:55


You seem to have a pretty good understanding about vision and how the eyes work. I agree with you that it would seem like he might see better with the addition of some prisms added to his glasses. But I wonder why if he has mentioned this problem twice when getting his eyes examined and the doctors did nothing why they didn't do that? If he only got an eye exam recently it might not hurt for him to go back and again explain the problems he is having. If it wasn't that long ago they shouldn't charge him for a re exam. This time he should just come and ask about prisms with the doctor.

Probably not advisable for him or you to try ordering glasses with prism without knowing how much is needed.

eyescener 04 Nov 2016, 12:29

Wonder if anyone has any ideas on what to do here. My boyfriend age 29 has pretty strong astignatism correction in his glasses. With his glasses he sees pretty well except his right eye turns out at times. He says its most bothersome when trying to see signs or distant things. This was mentioned on his last 2 eye exams at different places. They offered no help. Wouldn't a prism help in this case in the problem eye? He is even afraid to drive. We dont have money or insurance for surgery. Also wonder if we could add a prism on our own. Any help or thoughts appreciated.

Mark 04 Nov 2016, 09:57

They allow you to place an order with high prescriptions however they then contact you to let you know what it actually costs, which is far higher than displayed.

Owlish 04 Nov 2016, 03:32

hyperaficionado I just did a check through at +14 and the price was excellent. Do they boost the price later or insist on high index lenses for high Rx glasses? Are they easy to work with or do unexpected complications crop up?

rafa 04 Nov 2016, 02:43


Thank you!

Have you tried them? Are they any good? Do they do regular lenses or myodiscs for that kind of prescription?


hyperaficionado 04 Nov 2016, 00:33


They go up to +/- 30 dpt!



rafa 03 Nov 2016, 04:18

Does anyone know of an online retailer that do lenses for prescriptions higher than -20?

Zenni only does to up to -20.

Likelenses 22 Oct 2016, 21:05

An interesting application of minus lenses for children.

30calcat 05 Oct 2016, 20:33

I got my Adlens variable focus glasses today and it turns out the explanation in the link I posted earlier is totally backwards. Slide it towards "-6D" and you see that it is actually a double-convex lens, which is of plus power +3. (Each side of the lens is about +1.5 I suppose). Slide it the other way and the high minus area of the "wave" lens overlaps the convex plus area to produce a net of up to -6.

In full minus mode, they are essentially -6 myodiscs with a plus carrier:

I need way more minus that what these glasses provide by themselves but they are still fun to play with. They are effective when piled behind glasses with old prescriptions that are a few diopters short of what I need.

30calcat 26 Sep 2016, 17:21

Great find Cactus! The same product seems to be sold as Adlens and the website has a nice interactive widget showing how the sliding lenses produce the range of powers:

Cactus Jack 25 Sep 2016, 19:04

I was shopping this evening and was looking at a display of OTC glasses. Included in the display was some glasses called Dial Vision glasses. They are adjustable from -6 D to +3 D. They were only US$20.00 so I bought a pair just to check them out.

They are pretty flimsy, but they work for Sphere ONLY in the above range. It is very interesting to watch the image size and sharpness change as you adjust them through their range. In a pinch, they are probably better than nothing.

They can't correct Astigmatism, but might be useful at the beginning stages of Inducing Myopia.

Google: Dial Vision if you want more information.


Crystal Veil 21 Sep 2016, 14:58


fascinating rotations. Thanks for posting!

til 21 Sep 2016, 12:21

Hi guys,

Does anyone have experience with aspherical lenses? I'm thinking about changing my everyday glasses from -3.50 (1.6 index) into -6 and would of course like to avoid questions. Same frame of course but still there is quite a bit of a change in outer appearance even to the 'untrained'.

Any input is greatly appreciated.

Owlish 03 Sep 2016, 23:14

Very interesting presentation of extreme lenses by an optical lab. After clicking on a lens be sure to hover on the pic to see it rotate.

JES 27 Aug 2016, 22:26

Gor my new glasses yesterday. I was very happy placing my order on the internet, where I could choose the thickest possible lens, index 1.50. I only have mild myopia -3.50, but I wear a large aviator frame to get as thick a lenses as possible. 20 years ago I had a similar, same size frame with a prescription of only -2,50. These old lenses were thicker than the new ones, even though they had a weaker prescription. Seems to me like even the thickest lenses on the market have become thinner..

GreginColo 25 Aug 2016, 21:07

Thanks Trent, interesting to watch a pair of high minus Rx glasses being made. In the days before the computer aided manufacturing, it must have been quite an art to make glasses, especially high RX ones.

Trent 24 Aug 2016, 10:19

Seiko Az 1,74 lenses -16.00 diopers

Inglasses2000 20 Aug 2016, 13:05

Hi Brian

You can email me at


Brian 20 Aug 2016, 12:04

Inglasses2000...sure give me your email address....

Edmund 20 Aug 2016, 09:55

I was similar to Brian where I started at 2 BI and now am at 8 BI.

Here are pics of my first 8 BI glasses:

Inglasses2000 20 Aug 2016, 06:30

Would it be possible to email me if I provide my address?

Brian 19 Aug 2016, 16:59

Inglasses2000....the times I've tried to log on I always seem to have issues with the forum...what would you like to know?

inglasses2000 19 Aug 2016, 16:10

Thank you for responding. Do you ever use the 'lenschat' site? would love to ask more about your situation

Brian 19 Aug 2016, 15:56

Was having double vision from time to time while reading and on the computer prior to getting prisms in my glasses. Had it slowly introduced and a gradual increase from 2 prisms in each eye around 7 years ago to 6 prisms in each eye now.

Inglasses2000 19 Aug 2016, 15:21

Nice lenses Brian. What issues were you experiencing prior to your prism add?

Brian 19 Aug 2016, 15:06

I have 6BI prism in each eye, here is what they look like up close, I uploaded a couple of images.

I first got prisms about 6 or 7 years ago.. Started out at 2BI, slowly increased to 5BI, was steady there for a few years and jumped up another prism this year.

Patrick B 19 Aug 2016, 04:27

Hi Sam 12744 -- Thanks for the input. I'd thought of getting the plano carriers at some point. Maybe my next pair. I wear contacts almost exclusively and probably have never got 100% used to looking straight ahead through the bowls when I'm wearing my glasses. I'm glad to hear that it can be done.

sam12744 18 Aug 2016, 17:48

I've only ever used plano or plus carriers, because I find it distracting to be able to see anything outside the bowls. My brain concentrates solely on what is in focus through the bowls, rather than on something blurry, but discernable as being less blurry than without any correction through the carriers. Mine are -30 in both lenses.

 18 Aug 2016, 08:58

Hi Sam 12744 -- Thanks for the information regarding myodisc prisims. I don't need prisim correction, but it's nice to know that it can be done. My prescription is -25/-26 with 25mm bowls and negative carriers. Have you ever used the negative carriers? I've always like them because the plus carriers are quite distracting and the cosmetic difference between the negative bowl and the plus carrier is so dramatic. What is your prescription?

 18 Aug 2016, 08:58

Hi Sam 12744 -- Thanks for the information regarding myodisc prisims. I don't need prisim correction, but it's nice to know that it can be done. My prescription is -25/-26 with 25mm bowls and negative carriers. Have you ever used the negative carriers? I've always like them because the plus carriers are quite distracting and the cosmetic difference between the negative bowl and the plus carrier is so dramatic. What is your prescription?

sam12744 17 Aug 2016, 17:44


I do not have a reading add and suspect that would be difficult to achieve in myodiscs. I can read happily in myodiscs, but I would slide them fractionally down the nose, if it were a problem. They are unblended with a plus carrier.

Doubledouble 11 Aug 2016, 20:36


Thank you for clarifying that. What do you do for reading? Do you need an add? Do the myodiscs have an add? Or do you have seperate glasses for reading? Also, last question, what type of myodiscs do you have?

sam12744 11 Aug 2016, 18:21

Patrick B and doubledouble,

I have myodiscs with 11 BO in each lens, so, yes, it can be done.

Cactus Jack 11 Aug 2016, 10:51


There is a company in New Jersey, USA called Rx-Safety Glasses. They offer some very high quality Clip-On Magnifiers (Readers) in different powers from +1.00 to about +5.00. They cost less than US$15.00 plus shipping. They will clip on most glasses and are very handy. I have several powers to help with various close work tasks. They flip-up out of your vision when need to look at something more distant.

Their web address is Look under Magnifying Products and then Clip-on Magnifiers. The come in two lens sizes. They may be on sale right now at 20% off.

Let me know if you have any trouble locating them.


Doubledouble 10 Aug 2016, 14:01

Thank you for sharing, Patrick.

Cactus Jack,

The pare where you staryed talking about add and magnifiers.

Patrick B 10 Aug 2016, 13:49

Hi Doubledouble -- You've certainly been the recipient of some excellent advice re your visual situation. My sphere prescription at -25/-26 is very close to yours without the prism and astigmatism corrections. That makes mine "easier" to fabricate than yours. Nevertheless, I also have problems with minification and generally wear contacts most of the time which provides me with a very good visual correction of about 20/30. I have had biconcave myodisc lenses for a long time and do like them both for their better cosmetic appearance and their ability to provide better acuity. The bowls are only 25mm which is typical for lenses of this sort and cannot accommodate a reading add like other eyeglasses which don't have the necessary height to accommodate multifocal lenses. I don't know if a prism correction can be ground into myodisc lenses but rather doubt it. Maybe that's why you have never been prescribed myodisc lenses. (I don't think an astigmatism correction poses that sort of problem.) I'd see if you can do what DS suggested and see if you can get contacts for the bulk of your prescription with the prism correction handled independently with glasses. As you probably know, a prism correction can't be handled by contact lenses so you will always be wearing glasses which shouldn't be a problem for you at this point. If your prescription has stabilized, there are other options such as IOLs. That, of course, is within the purview of a medical doctor and not a layman like myself. Let us know how things go at your next exam. I'm sure you would like to improve your visual acuity and need to find a specialist who thinks outside the box.

Cactus Jack 10 Aug 2016, 12:33


Which bit did your mean?

I am not particularly concerned about privacy except when it comes to sharing private contact information. I don't think that should be posted on a public forum. Over the years I have developed a procedure that seems to protect everyone's privacy. I never share contact information without specific requests and permission from all parties involved.


Doubledouble 10 Aug 2016, 09:50

Cactus Jack,

Thank you for sharing. Could you elaborate some more on the last bit. There is also a site that I found, we could chat on there if you want privacy.

Cactus Jack 10 Aug 2016, 09:10


Here is a link to a paper on the eye that you might find interesting and educational.


Cactus Jack 10 Aug 2016, 09:07


My latest prescription is:

OD Sphere-0.50, Cyl. -0.75 x 95, Prism 13.00 BO, Add +3.00 Trifocal

OS Sphere+0.75, Cyl. -1.00 x 80, Prism 13.00 BO, Add +3.00 Trifocal

but that does not really tell the whole story. I am almost 79 and have been dealing with double vision problems for the last 30 years. I have had cataract surgery that worked and eye muscle surgery that didn't. It is a long story, that I don't have time to relate, right now. Suffice to say, that when I am very tired, 13/13 BO is not nearly enough prism to keep images fused and i have to wear glasses with substantially more prism, but reduced VA or an eye patch.

I have some thoughts on your situation that might help some. I suspect that you have probably been able to avoid Physics, so far, in your educational pursuits. I will try to not get too deep into that, but I think it would be in your interest to study a little Optical Physics and Vision so you can be a knowledgeable active participant in your vision care.

Your prescription is very complex, but the idea offered by DS of using a combination of Glasses and Contacts could pay dividends in the VA department by increasing the image size on your Retina. The basic idea would be to wear very strong, Sphere ONLY, MINUS contacts and the rest of your prescription in your glasses. Because of Vertex Distance effects, CLs in the -16 to -18 diopter range could correct most of your Sphere. The key question is, could you wear the CLs and be able to deal with inserting and removing them.

It sounds like your Myopia increases are slowing. One of the things we don't know is the actual source of your Myopia. Myopia is caused by a mismatch between the Total PLUS power of your eye's lens system and the length of your eyeball from the back of the Crystalline Len to the Retina. Usually, Myopia is caused by excessive eyeball growth, but it can be caused by too much PLUS power in eye's lens system or a combination of both.

There are two types of Myopia. Axial or True Myopia that involves eyeball growth. It is considered permanent. Pseudo or False Myopia that is caused by failure of the Ciliary Muscles to fully relax to minimum PLUS power in the crystalline lens. Even fully relaxed Crystalline Lenses have a lot of PLUS. A person can have both types of Myopia, simultaneously, and the effects are additive. Pseudo Myopia is considered to be temporary, but temporary can be a long time.

Long term over correction can cause Pseudo Myopia and people with high Myopia often will choose lenses that over correct, in an attempt to improve VA.

You are on the right track with the Add, but it might be beneficial to minimize focusing effort to hopefully slow increases. Have you ever considered some Clip-on magnifiers (reading or computer glasses). They are inexpensive and available in powers from +1.00 to +5.00, if I remember right, from RxSafety Glasses. Let me know if you are interested.

That is enough for now. At some point, it might be useful for us to chat privately or on the phone. If you have any interest, please contact me at


Stingray 09 Aug 2016, 11:36

Is there a way to remove the sunglass tint from plastic lenses by using some homemade method?

Doubledouble 09 Aug 2016, 09:07

Cactus Jack,

Thank you for your response.

1. It was -26.25 and -22.25

2. 6 months

3. Yes.

4. I have been alerted ahout the possibility.

5. America

6. I am in graduate school for business.

I cannot believe you also have prisms. I have never meet anyone else who needs prisms before. What is your prescription?

Cactus Jack 08 Aug 2016, 15:36


Thank you. That is very helpful. I have taken the liberty of expanding it for easier reading.

OD: Sphere-26.50, Cyl. -6.00 x 120, Prism 17BO, 5BU, Add +2

OS: Sphere-22.75, Cyl. -5.50 x 85, Prism 17BO, 5BD, Add +2

I have a few more vision questions.

1. What was the Sphere correction in the prescription before this one?

2. What was the time interval between that prescription and the one above?

3. Based on your history, do you expect to need an increase in Sphere at your next exam?

4. Have you had any problems with Retinal Detachment or been alerted that it is a possibility.

Some other questions that help me know how to phrase my comments and offer suggestions.

5. Where do you live (country)?

6. May I ask your educational background?

Speaking from a purely optical standpoint, you have a very complex prescription. It may be very difficult to make “wearable” glasses using Myodisc lenses, particularly bi-concave Myodiscs.

There are many factors that affect Visual Acuity (VA) with corrective lenses. You have significant minification with your glasses. That means that the image details projected on your Retina are very small. While there are many millions of Rods and Cones (pixels) in the central part of the Retina, where you see detail, the signals from those Rods and Cones get compressed into about 1 million nerve fibers. If an image detail is too small, it may get lost in the compression process. But even before the image gets to your Retina, the light has to pass through the lenses in your glasses.

The “sweet” spot in a pure, sphere only, lens is the Optical Center (OC), where you get the least possible distortion and chromatic aberrations. The higher the lens power the smaller the “sweet” spot. Ideally, the Central Axis of Vision (CAV) will pass through the optical center and it is very important that the CAV impinge or strike the surface of the lens at a 90 degree Angle of Incidence (AI) (more about that in a moment). One of the things you learn with high power lenses is to not let your eyes stray very far from the “sweet” spot. That is particularly true with Myodiscs. When you introduce significant Astigmatism correction (Cylinder) that makes looking through the “sweet” spot even more important for the best VA. Then, when you introduce significant Prism into the prescription, it is very difficult to make sure that CAV passes through the OC of the lens and that the AI be as close to 90 degrees and possible.

If you need significant Prism correction as you do (I also have to wear significant BO prism) it is almost impossible mount the lens where you get the AI even close to 90 degrees and at the same time have the CAV pass thru the OC. The result is apparent induced cylinder which causes VA to decrease as Prism increases. Been there and done that, unfortunately, there is no tee shirt!

There may be some ways to improve your situation, but it is going to take some creative problem solving and few Eye Care Professionals have the time or inclination to be very creative. In general, they are trained to NOT be creative, but do what they have been taught. There are also limitations on what can be done without risk to your vision, which is a major consideration. The Oath of Hippocrates applies to all of this: “First, Do No Harm.”

Please remember that I am NOT an Eye Care Professional. My background is Engineering and Problem Solving. All I or any of us can really do, is offer some ideas and suggestions. Some suggestions will likely be impossible to implement. I try to limit my suggestions to what is practical in your situation.

If you feel you would like to discuss any of this privately, please feel free to contact me at

I note that DS has responded while I was writing this. DS is an Eye Care Professional and not as long winded as I am. Combining Contact Lenses and Glasses is one of the things I thought would be worth exploring, if you can wear CLs. Pay more attention to DS' suggestions than mine.


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