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Glass Lenses 19 Apr 2018, 22:59


Those myo lenses would make great desk top paper weights for OO people .

Owlish 18 Apr 2018, 21:10

For those interested in myodisc lenses some with unusually tiny bowls are shown here:

unfortunately they aren't set in frames.

I, Glasses 30 Mar 2018, 14:40

Assuming the use of CR-39 plastic, which of these will result in thicker lenses -- maximum center thickness or safety lenses?

Paul 28 Mar 2018, 17:08

I just ordered a semi-rimless pair from Firmoo in my prescription of -7.75, in their standard 1.5 index. I do have a glasses fetish but I'm pretty new to this site. Will these glasses be hideously thick? I am looking to expos thickness but not to the point of ice cubes.

Brett 27 Mar 2018, 11:09

This is similar to what Likelenses put up on 12 March, but a little more detailed.

Likelenses 24 Mar 2018, 21:53

I purchased a phoropter on ebay, and it arrived today.

I fabricated a bracket so that it can be used from a small table.

Cheryl, and I spent the day playing around with it, and refracted each other several times.

Then Cheryl wanted to watch TV through it. She found that she liked viewing the TV best with a 1.25 over correction.

hyperaficionado 15 Mar 2018, 07:44

@jay: here they say from +6.5dpt until +20dpt



Jay  15 Mar 2018, 07:11

Can anyone tell me what strength omega lenticular lenses ( for + vision ) star at ?

Likelenses 12 Mar 2018, 23:05

This is pretty cool.

Likelenses 12 Mar 2018, 22:53

How about these babies ?

Lou 11 Feb 2018, 11:54

Hi Weirdeyes

Thanks very much for the clarification.

Take care


High Myopic 11 Feb 2018, 07:21

Glass Lenses You can email me at Then you will not get weird replys.

Glass Lenses 10 Feb 2018, 23:57

High Myopic

Right after posting my email address to you at this sight, I received some very bizarre, and sick emails,

I am not blaming you for them, but because of them I closed that email account,

Sorry, but as a woman, I do not need to be spoken to like that.



High Myopic 10 Feb 2018, 17:13

Glass Lenses, I still could not send you a email. Your email address that you showed me did not work. Can you confirm that?

Glass Lenses 10 Feb 2018, 16:59


So now the fiddling has jumped over to this thread.

High Myopic 10 Feb 2018, 12:37

Have you guys ever seen a pair of glasses like these?

Back view.

Close up.

Very close up.

Weirdeyes 10 Feb 2018, 12:12


I kind of do like that frame. It just doesnít fit my face the best. With that frame I even noticed some facial distortion with my +1.25 right eye. I also donít like that itís a clear frame. I still love the way clear frames look with minus or plano, but high plus and clear frames just donít mix well. I still gravitate towards clear frames, but every time I do I remind myself high plus and clear frames donít mix! I guess Iíll have to embrace the coke bottle look for a while. The OO in me kind of likes it. I just donít like asymmetrical lenses. It kind of takes the fun out of things. If both my eyes were like my left eye Iíd probably order some glasses in CR39 when I want to wear thick glasses. I currently get my glasses and contacts at Costco. Which is a discount place, but I get the advantage of having a relationship with them. I think theyíre willing to change the lenses in both my glasses for free if I get a new prescription next month. Thatís the perk of being a regular customer.

Lou 10 Feb 2018, 09:54

Hi Weirdeyes

When you mention your most recent pair of glasses, I'm presuming that you mean your most recent distance pair with the +0.75 Sph -0.75 Cyl right eye prescription, and that since your new prescription is for reading and you are not sure whether you will eventually be able to wear it for all distances and hence need to keep your existing distance prescription for now, that you have had to have an old frame re-glazed with your new reading prescription.

I'm not sure about the cost of frames in Canada, but they are very variable in the UK. Specsavers are generally quite a bit cheaper than the other chains.

Personally I wouldn't pay for presumably fairly expensive lenses (or are they covered by insurance?) in a frame I didn't really like, but I fully understand about having to keep the cost down.

I have no idea whether this frame would exaggerate the strength of a prescription above +5.00 too greatly, but since you don't know if/when you will need a stronger prescription than +5.00, I'd try not to worry about it.

It may very well be the case that your distance vision clears with your reading prescription, that you return to one prescription, and you end up with your most recent frame which you like, spare for future re-glazing, since it contains a distance prescription which is no longer sufficiently strong.

Building up a good relationship with your opticians sounds a good idea.

Take care


Weirdeyes 10 Feb 2018, 09:28


Because the frame is a bit decentered and wide, it actually looked stronger than my other glasses. My most recent pair is very centered, so it looks quite a bit weaker. Iím not too crazy about using that frame for that reason, but I had to save money. I know Iíll also have to use that frame if my reading prescription increases. That frame might be okay with +5.00, but would it be okay with anything much stronger? I actually bought it on clearly contacts, so I couldnít try it on. The frame is decent quality, so the optical place had no problems using it. It helps that Iíve nearly used that place for ten years. So they know me.

Lou 10 Feb 2018, 03:08

Hi Weirdeyes, since you've gone for aspheric lenses in a higher index, especially in the same frame, I don't think that anyone will notice the stronger prescription. Possibly the reduced magnification of the aspheric lenses could make the prescription look weaker. I don't know, as I have can't see both lenses to compare.

Trying your new prescription full-time seems a good idea, but and I'm sure you know this already, you really must make sure that you wear just the one prescription, put your glasses on the minute you wake until you go to bed (obviously you are not going to wear your glasses in the shower), so that you eyes are relaxed as much as possible, and do this for at least a month.

All the best


Weirdeyes 10 Feb 2018, 02:11

Iím getting my previous glasses frame reglazed with my ďreadingĒ prescription. I wonder if it will look noticeably stronger to other people. The old prescription was R +1.25 -0.75 L +4.00 -1.25 in 1.61 and not aspheric. The new prescription will be R +1.50 -0.75 L +5.00 -1.25 in 1.67 aspheric. Iím planning on trying this prescription full time to see if I adjust to it for distance since my current distance prescription gives me terrible eye strain. Iím willing to put up with a bit of distance blur for a bit if a lot of my eye strain goes away.

High Myopic 08 Feb 2018, 18:22

What diopter do you think the right lens loupe is on this pair of glasses? The loupe looks like it is in a plus carrier in the right lens.

Lou 30 Jan 2018, 05:58


You are very welcome. I'm very glad to hear that my post has been of some help.

Best wishes


CH 29 Jan 2018, 19:20

Thanks a lot for the answers. Lou, I think you are right and I should just get the glasses without caring too much about what other people might, or might not, think about them. Your post has made me a lot more confident about this, so thank you!


Lou 29 Jan 2018, 05:31

I've been thinking about CH's post and the idea that glasses need to look sufficiently strong that they are not mistaken for plano glasses worn for fashion. It seems to be the idea behind a lot of the posters on the induced myopia thread (I have no interest in this topic, but occasionally read other threads when browsing on my phone when waiting to pink the kids up), who want to increase their prescriptions so that their lenses look stronger.

Is this a new phenomena, caused by glasses becoming fashionable and some people wearing them as an accessory?

If it is the case, I think that it is a real shame that young people are trying to increase their refractive error so that their glasses look stronger, and are not mistaken for a fashion accessory.

I have a few pairs of glasses, and like to wear different ones to match different outfits etc. This probably goes hand in hand with the fashion of people wearing glasses as accessories, but I don't see anything wrong with this. We wear shoes to protect our feet, but we still like to wear different ones for different purposes/to match different outfits.

I am the only person I know in the circles I mix in, who seems to switch between a few pairs of glasses. Combined with my prescription also being small, this could make people more likely to think that my glasses are a fashion accessory, but I doubt it, and even if they do, they can think what they like and ask me if they want.

Not one person has ever asked me why I have more than one pair of glasses, and since one pair are bright red, I imagine that they have noticed.

I wear my glasses because I don't like burning uncomfortable eyes, and glasses which don't work so well for me when worn intermittently, as my eyes get so strained without that they don't easily relax when I put on my glasses later in the day. I've learned that for me, wearing a very small prescription full-time prevents eye strain and gives good consistent clear vision throughout the day and into the evening. If the flip side, is someone thinks I wear glasses for fashion, so be it.

All the best


Lou 29 Jan 2018, 03:56


I wear the following prescription full-time, owing to severe eye strain:

R: +0.50 Sph -0.50 Cyl Axis 92

L: +0.25 Sph -0.25 Cyl Axis 85

If I take my glasses off and hold them in front of me, you can see that both lenses are prescription, more so naturally my right lens, but you can see that the left lens is not plano.

I'm not sure what the lenses really look like to others when I'm wearing them, but I strongly believe that it ultimately does not matter.

Nobody has ever mentioned my very small prescription, except my sister who tried them on and commented that they are such a small prescription, they make no difference, so why do I bother wearing them. Since she comments equally about everything, I didn't take any notice of her, and said that the prescription is probably wrong for her eyes, and that if it was correct she would notice the improvement.

In fact the very very few people who have mentioned my eyes over the years, have presumed that my eyesight is a lot worse than it is. Four people have mentioned my glasses in eight years of wearing them, one asked me if I was long or short sighted since her husband had just started wearing glasses, another joked when I remarked that a piece of band music (I'm a musician) was rather small, that that was what the things on the end of my nose are for, one asked me if I was wearing contact lenses or could see without my glasses on the one occasion I didn't wear them to an orchestral rehearsal, as they had never seen me without glasses, and the last one when I was having a chat with a fellow mum about her daughter's glasses (the mum initiated the conversation not me). Her daughter had been born very prematurely and had had her natural lenses removed and replaced with implants as a baby owing to cataracts. She wears bifocal glasses and has lots of eye appointments. I asked whether the little girl had normal vision, and the mum said as well as anyone else who wears glasses, I don't know what you can see without your glasses.

I therefore have a feeling that most people don't notice the lenses of people's glasses and simply presume that you need them to see.

I hope that this will help.

I'd get the glasses if you notice the difference. They are your eyes and it is your choice. If anyone does comment on the small prescription, you can just say that they stop eye strain and headaches, whether this is the case or not. Nobody wants headaches, and this sounds a perfectly reasonable explanation even if you aren't really getting headaches.

Best wishes


Billy A 29 Jan 2018, 03:00

Glasses with this RX will look like plano (fake) glasses...

Likelenses 29 Jan 2018, 00:57


You could bump the sphere part up by -.50 for each eye, and order the glasses online.

Leave the cyl part of the prescription as it is .

The glasses will look like a normal prescription, and you will have the benefit of super sharp, high definition vision.

CH 28 Jan 2018, 18:20

Hey there,

I recently had an eye exam because I felt that my left eye was weaker than my right one. My prescription turned out to be: L Sph -0.25 Cyl -0.25 and R Sph 0.00 Cyl -0.25 (I don't know the Axis values right now but I can look them up if it is important).

As there definitely was some noticeable improvement even in my right eye, I do consider ordering glasses.

However I have one question: Will the power of the lenses be visible to other people? The reason I ask is that I wouldn't like everyone around me to think I'm wearing non-prescription glasses for fashion reasons or whatever. I wonder if especially the Sph 0.00 Cyl -0.25 lens would look like it didn't have any optical power at all when I wear the glasses.

Your help would be greatly appreciated,


High Myopic 23 Jan 2018, 13:08

What do you think is the Rx of these glasses.

Lip 22 Jan 2018, 18:24

Cactus Jack

Thank you !

Cactus Jack 22 Jan 2018, 12:30

Oops, last post was from me, intended for Lip.


 22 Jan 2018, 12:11



R Sp +0.25 Cyl -0.25 Axis 80 Prism 5 BI

L Sp +0.50 Cyl -0.50 Axis 102 Prism 5 BI

PD 66

BI Prism will cause the inside edge of the lenses to be thicker. It will cause your eyes to turn outward about 3 angular degrees for distance.

If you want glasses for close work, with the +2.50 add incorporated in the Sphere, try.

R Sp +2.75 Cyl -0.25 Axis 80 Prism 5 BI

L Sp +3.00 Cyl -0.50 Axis 102 Prism 5 BI

PD 63

The lens maker should adjust the PD for the Prism

Note: I added the - sign for the Left Eye Cylinder.

No guarantees about comfort under all conditions. I suggest ordering the lowest cost frames and lenses with minimal options. Only consider the low cost A/R coating.


Lip 22 Jan 2018, 07:56

Cactus Jack

I posted a request(under Lenses) on 17 January for some help with Prism glasses, wondered if you could please help?

Lip (Leo in Perth.

Lou 22 Jan 2018, 02:50

Hi Weirdeyes

All sounds pretty possible and reasonable.

Take care


Weirdeyes 21 Jan 2018, 10:48


Iím pretty sure my right eye sees 20/30 without correction. Not terrible, but not too sharp. Since the axis is a bit wrong and I could still see 20/20 maybe I can see 20/15 with the correct axis. Iíve been told my left eye can see 20/20 by a few optometrists. I think the drops made my left eye need a bit more plus which made me not see 20/20 at the time. It just looked too high contrast to see properly which is a sign of too much minus or not enough plus. When my eyes are very strained my left eye sees a bit more sharply. Maybe I have a BCVA of R 20/15 L 20/20 which could confuse things. Visual acuity testing isnít as precise as people think anyways.

Lou 21 Jan 2018, 06:03

Hi Weirdeyes

I fully understand. I have 6/6, equivalent to 20/20, vision in both eyes, but how my optician explained it, is that 6/6 is considered minimum normal human vision, and for some people 6/6 is their best correctable vision, but many people can be corrected to 6/5, and some 6/4. She said that if your eyes are capable of being corrected to greater than 6/6 but you are only seeing 6/6 owing to a refractive error, the refractive error can cause eye strain, owing to your eyes trying to correct the refractive error. She said that small amounts of astigmatism commonly cause eye strain in patients who have 6/6 vision and are capable of seeing 6/5 or even 6/4 with their astigmatism corrected. This is the case with me. I have 6/6 uncorrected vision in both eyes, which can be corrected to 6/5 + 1 in both eyes with glasses.

It sounds like your vision in your right eye is along the same lines as both my eyes.

Thanks very much for the clarification regarding the accommodation tests.

I'm not sure of the general view regarding cycloplegic exams on adults. I've never had or been offered one.

Regarding doing your job, I think that you need an optometrist rather than an ophthalmologist, and I'm not sure that there is any particular indication that you really need a dilated exam, just a good thorough exam from someone who is willing to discuss your changes in prescription and work with you to find a good accurate prescription that works well for you on a daily basis. Personally I would not wear you contact lenses for 24 hours of so before the exam, in case they are temporarily effecting your prescription for a period after removing them.

I'm not surprised you are concerned regarding he accuracy of your eye prescription, as you seem to be getting a lot of variation.

Best wishes


Weirdeyes 21 Jan 2018, 04:49


I guess they thought I didnít need glasses because I could see 20/20 with glasses on with my right eye and my autorefractor reading was low. They think I can get by without glasses because of how perfect my right eye is. I guess I can, but I donít care for double vision or terrible depth perception. I did some rough accommodation tests by measuring how close I can focus with my distance rx. Based on charts it seems like Iím on the upper end of end of normal for my age. This is assuming I have no latent hyperopia. What I mean by being grouped with 30 year olds is that some people think itís pointless to do cycloplegic exams on adults. They consider me an adult. I wouldnít have to do self-diagnosing if people did their job. I have a fairly simple overbite no one ever really has trouble dealing with, so I never self-diagnose issues with my teeth. If my eyes were that simple Iíd probably have a bit of interest, but no OCD obsessions about my eyes.

Billy A. 21 Jan 2018, 03:10

Such a beautiful lenses, very interesting and unbelievable. Who the hell needs -21 cyl?? I'm wondering, how the eyes must look like behind this lenses. Any ideas?

Lou 21 Jan 2018, 02:49

Hi Weirdeyes

I fully understand what you are saying, and it should be perfectly possible to find an eye care professional who cares. I think that you should ask around friends and family for recommendations of a good optician, who seems genuinely interested in doing their best to help their patients.

I agree that your glasses prescription is complicated.

I think that your left eye values and big difference between your eyes mean that you do need glasses, but I'm not an eye care professional.

Sorry, I have no idea how well tropicamide is supposed to work, never having had a dilated exam.

Also, I'm sorry but I have no idea about your accommodating ability and how it compares to most 21 years old. I'm 44 and still have enough accommodation to have to wear a very small prescription full-time, otherwise I get bad eye strain accommodating over it, and my eyes find it hard to fully relax when I put my glasses on for the first time later in the day. It could maybe be argued that if I was younger my eyes could maybe relax their accommodation quicker when I first put on my glasses, but that I still don't need a reading add at 44, suggests to me that I still have a reasonable amount of accommodation left.

I think one problem, without meaning any offence at all, is that you do a lot of self diagnosing. How do you know that your ability to accommodate is more similar to a ten year old than an adult? I'm not being rude or unkind and obviously do care, considering the amount I've written trying to help you, I'm just querying whether you have the evidence to back this idea up, or whether it is just your presumption because you can still focus quite well with dilation drops. My intention is to try to help you to evaluate your thoughts, and separate those you know to be the true from ones that are presumptions and guesses.

I wouldn't have thought that an eye care professional would group a 21 year old with 30 year olds. Why would they, as it makes no sense?

Take care


Weirdeyes 20 Jan 2018, 13:41


I notice a lot of people value efficiency over accuracy. They just donít care. I want to find someone that does. It really sucks to have OCD and a complicated glasses prescription. You really canít tell whatís what. A lot of people donít even agree on whether I need glasses or not. They think tropicamide is good enough for me. I could still accommodate pretty well with it! Like a lot. I could still read my phone screen if I help it armís length. The ďproblemĒ I have is that my ability to accommodate seems more similar to a ten year old than an adult. Iím only 21 anyways. They seem to be grouping me with 30 year olds.

Lou 20 Jan 2018, 13:29

Hi Weirdeyes

Thanks very much for the further clarification.

I still think that an accurate prescription needs to be found for you, as they vary too much in my opinion.

I would be interested in other people's opinions of how best for you to proceed.

All the best


Weirdeyes 20 Jan 2018, 12:34


Iím currently wearing R +0.75 -0.75 L +4.25 -1.50. The interesting thing is that the autorefractor readings in the left eye dropped to +4.50 -1.50 when I went without the +3.25 contact lens. So my left eye seems to accommodate a lot without correction. Which might explain why my first prescription is R 0.00 L +1.25.

Lou 20 Jan 2018, 12:11

Hi Weirdeyes

Thanks very much. I meant your recent autorefractor reading along with the prescription you are currently wearing, which was unchanged at your eye test before your ophthalmologist appointment.

However what you are posting is very interesting. If I understand correctly, with a +3.25 contact lens in your left eye, the autorefractor result from several years ago was equivalent to the following without glasses/contacts:

R +2.25 -0.75

L +5.50 -1.50

This is very different to your recent reading without glasses/contacts, which when converted to minus cylinder form is:

R +0.50 -0.25

L +3.50 -0.75

I think that these different readings plus your right eye glasses prescription values also continuing to decrease, are reason alone for an optician to be happy to see you to help to explain what is going on.

I wouldn't keep putting this down to anxiety. You are receiving very different results in the period of only a few years, and this needs looking into.

Good luck with getting this sorted.

Best wishes


Weirdeyes  20 Jan 2018, 10:16

Here are my autorefractor results I got several years ago. With a +3.25 contact lens in my left eye I got.

R +2.25 -0.75

L +2.25 -1.50

My recent reading without glasses was

R +0.25 +0.25

L +2.75 +0.75

I know for sure my astigmatism is pretty much the same.

Weirdeyes 20 Jan 2018, 10:08


I have heard autorefractors vary a lot on cyl. I think this one overminuses and undercyls. I definitely see better with -0.75 cyl. Without it a lot of text is unreadable. I could read the 20/20 line with it and the doctor assumed my right eye naturally has 20/20 vision naturally because of the low autorefractor reading. But I know I definitely canít see the 20/20 line without correction.

Lou 20 Jan 2018, 05:21

Hi Weirdeyes

Obviously I can't be sure of the reason for your eye strain.

If I was in your situation, I would be concerned that the autorefractor at your last eye test gave a prescription that differed quite a lot from your last eye test. I fully understand that the autorefractor is just a starting point, but the cylinder values in particular, were significantly different in my opinion. Now I don't personally know much about autorefractors, having only looked into one the first time I went to my current Opticians (Specsavers) in around 2010. My last two eye tests have been by one of the directors. I was booked into see her originally because I was having some slightly non standard issues, and I requested her the second time. Anyway I digress. Going back to autorefractors, I wouldn't have thought that one would have given such a different prescription to your last prescribed one.

I'd be interested in other people's opinions in whether your last autorefractor and eye tests results are too different. Would you therefore mind please re-posting the two prescriptions one after the other, for this purpose, thank you very much.

Yes, I agree with not wearing extra plus. I feel that a lasik consult should finally get you an accurate prescription, but feel that you shouldn't have to go to this extent, unless you are definitely considering lasik to get rid of your glasses/contacts.

In your situation, I'd take your previous prescriptions and the autorefractor results to a recommended optician, and ask them to please determine your accurate eye prescription, as you have become very worried that you may be wearing the wrong prescription. I think that any reasonable eye care professional could understand someone being worried by differing prescriptions, and a patient's desire to have an accurate prescription.

Good luck at finding a solution to this.

Best wishes


Weirdeyes 19 Jan 2018, 22:46

Iím trying out just wearing contacts and not wearing extra plus. I feel like Iím getting eye strain now. Donít know if itís OCD, not being used to my rx or latent hyperopia. Hopefully a lasik consult can solve this. While image size difference does seem to be a factor I donít think itís the easy explanation a lot of people immediately go to. Just like latent hyperopia might not be the easy explanation Iím looking for. Iíll mention eye strain at the lasik consultation.

Weirdeyes  19 Jan 2018, 20:42


Nice to know Iím not the only one with fluctuations in best corrected vision. Sometimes my left eye is actually clearer than my right eye. Maybe that test was weirdly done. Iíll just call my left eye borderline amblyopic. Even if it can be corrected to 20/20 my brain will still favor my right eye. Iíll be sure to research it. Iím just going for a consult. Iím also hoping for more through eye tests which will help me out even if I donít get LASIK. Just trying to calm down my OCD.

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