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Induced Myopia

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mp3311 29 Mar 2017, 14:17

im 20 years old and slightly farsighted +1 in each eye is there any chance of inducing axial myopia?.

OopsI 29 Mar 2017, 12:49


I did get an email, yes. Also on the website it said they will be shipped directly from Hong Kong to Europe, which is probably why the shipping time isn't much longer than it is when they are shipped to the US.

I'm really excited. Today I walked outside when it was dark already and discovered something interesting. There was A sign with a blue and a red word. Out of interest I took my glasses off to read it and was surprised to notice that the red word was pretty clear while the blue word wasn't readable at all. With glasses on it wasn't as much off a difference, I could read both words, the blue one wasn't as clear, though. Just thought I'd share that :D

Soundmanpt 29 Mar 2017, 11:55


So I know you're already counting the days for your glasses to arrive in the mail. When you placed your order Zenni should have sent you an confirmation number by e-mail saying that your order had been entered. Did you get that? By now your glasses should already be made and somewhere in the process of having the lenses checked for accuracy. Then they will be sent to their shipping department. They will be sent to California where your glasses will again have the lenses checked. Then they will be mailed to Austria and then to your mailbox. Give it another couple days and then you can that confirmation to track exactly where your glasses are.

Likelenses 29 Mar 2017, 00:52


Those frames are very nice, and -6.00 in 1.50 index should have some nice power rings, and cut in.

Very sexy!

Maxim 28 Mar 2017, 15:28

I should say, these -6.75 lenses can do no harm to Rebecca's eyes. It is true, that they could be too strong that her eyes would adapt to them. But it could be, that they don't accommodate these 3 diopters, but instead of that over the development of myopia a certain (myopic) astigmatism might develop from the tension these strong lenses produce in her eyes.

Soundmanpt 28 Mar 2017, 08:13


I don't think the difference between -6.00 and -6.75 is going to make any difference in adding any myopia. If you there hasn't been any change in your eyesight wearing your -3.75 glasses for well over 6 months then wearing even stronger glasses won't work. But I am concerned that you could cause serious damage to your eyes. If in fact there has been no change in your vision that will mean that you're going to forcing your eyes to focus through glasses that are 6 times stronger than they need. So I urge you to be extremely careful with wearing these glasses. I'm sure when you first got your -3.75 glasses and started wearing them you felt quite a bit of strain to your eyes and you're likely going to feel even more strain to your eyes. Just don't push your eyes too hard. It is a much better, and safer, plan to go up in small steps not big jumps. So I suggest that you test your new glasses in private by only wearing them for short periods to see how your eyes react. You can always place an order for glasses about -4.75 and hold onto your -6.75 glasses for down the road a bit.

Rebecca 27 Mar 2017, 21:09


I ordered -6.75, opting for increased potential myopia over lens thickness. I really like the idea of going up 3 diopters. They will arrive in 2 weeks; I'm very excited. Thank you for the valuable information on spring hinges; I think you are right that they will be good on this frame.

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 20:15


The -6.00 lenses will be thicker than using the 1.50 lens option than -6.75 would be with the 1.57 lens option.

The glasses you have selected should look very nice on you. I always think having adjustable nose pads are much more comfortable sitting on your nose because they are moveable. The answer to your question about spring hinges opposed to non spring really depends on how the glasses fit to start with. I see that these glasses aren't very wide, only 132mm. If the frame is too wide to start with then the spring hinges aren't much help in keeping your glasses in place like you want. But I think this frame is small enough that they should fit you very well to start with and that will make the spring hinges work the way they should in keeping your glasses in place. Also I like the idea that you are getting an all metal frame. That should make your glasses feel nice and sturdy. If there is any downside sometimes the paint on metal frames tend to chip off after sometime. But I have a feeling you will probably be considering new glasses within a year anyway so that shouldn't be a problem for you.

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 14:10


I know I'll (probably) eventually need them to see, that's what I'm trying to accomplish. I've tested this out a good bit and I'm certain I want this (I wanted it for the past 8 years).

Thank you for your concern, though.

Rebecca 27 Mar 2017, 13:57

I think I will have to get -6 because anything higher than that is only available in 1.57 lenses. Which would be thicker, -6 in 1.50 or -6.75 in 1.57? The first one, right?

Here are the frames I have chosen:

Are spring hinges looser than normal hinges? I have normal hinges right now and they are nice and tight. I don't want them to be loose.

abtonio 27 Mar 2017, 13:41


I guess if you wear one of these for longer periods of time

you will really start to need them to read far,

how do you feel about that ?

best regards, antonio

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 13:33


thank you.

I think 0.75 is enough and I'm hoping it's not too much and I'll end up not being able to wear them, but I think I'll be okay. I can see clear up to 10 cm from my face and working on the computer for hours straight's not a problem (no headaches, I do get dry feeling eyes sometimes) , so I guess my accommodation's still good enough to handle the increase.

I'm worried about customs here, because if I'm unlucky I have to pay import duty (Which isn't that much money, but it's annoying, because I'll have to go and pick the glasses up at customs.

antonio 27 Mar 2017, 13:30

OopsI, no I´m not sure,

seems okay to me your step,

but on the whole that´s so much more than you need now,

I can´t yet imagine you in them :-)

keep us informed how you feel in your new HD world to come :)

or discuss with us on

especially your 2 stronger ones have really nice frames - I like your style 8-)

best regards,


Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 13:19


I really like all 3 that you ordered and I think that you will love them as soon as you open the package and see them. You seem very determined and that is what you need to be if you want to induce myopia. I tend to agree with you that you may not be wearing the -1.00 glasses all that long before you're ready for the -1.75 glasses. I think going with increases of -.75 is enough of a push to your eyes.

I know you're looking forward to getting your glasses so you can get started wearing them so of course you don't want them to held up in customs. But it doesn't happen very often and when it does Zenni must get notified because they will quickly remake your complete order at no charge to you and it will be resent within a couple days. So the delay may only be a few days and the bonus is you end up an extra set of glasses. In my 12 years of ordering from Zenni it only happened to me once and delay was only like 2 days longer. But as luck would have it I have a very good friend that manages a Sam's Club Warehouse Optical Center. I would visit with her about once a month and I knew she wore glasses fro driving. So every visit to see her I would bring in 3 or 4 pairs of Zenni glasses to show her. Sam's Club doesn't give their employees glasses free. They only get a 10% discount. Anyway after doing that a few times one day when i went in to see her she quickly told me that she didn't want to see any more glasses from me. She told me that she had ordered 3 pairs and was currently waiting for them to arrive. She was a little concerned because it was a couple days past the 2 weeks they promise. I told her what likely happened and assured her there was nothing to worry about. I called her 2 days later just to see if she had heard anything about her glasses and she said they came in the following day of my visit. She said she really liked them and had already wore one pair driving to work. So of course the next day she got her 2nd order so she ended up with 2 of each that she ordered. She told me that a worker in the store really liked one of her new glasses so she gave her the glasses and put that girls prescription into the frame. I'm sure that you much rather have you glasses arrive early and only get the one set rather than taking a little longer and getting 2 sets.

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 13:13


First and foremost thank you, I do love the two more "expensive" frames

what do you mean? Do you think the steps I increased the prescription in are too large?

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 13:10

Also before ordering from Zenni's today I decided to test if I actually want this one more time, by walking around outside in the +1.5 glasses. It's odd, I do seem to react strongly to my minor astigmatism, because I (subjectively) see worse in them than I do with the +2.5 over my actual prescription. The ghost image seems more prominent with a higher spheric prescription, too.

I quite enjoyed it, though. I felt a little nauseous after some time, but I think that's because the change occurred so sudden and it wouldn't be like that if my prescription was to go up slowly.

antonio 27 Mar 2017, 13:04

hi OopsI,

increasingly nice glasses,

but aren´t those increasingly a little strong for you ? :-)

best regards, antonio

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 12:29


Sorry, I didn't see the questions you asked.

I ended up with three pairs, because I couldn't decided what to get and I found a promo code that gave me ten percent off, so one pair was actually free as well as me being a little worried that my orders will be held by customs which would mean it I'd have to wait quite some time for that.

I ended up with those

(Prescription (sphere) -1, no AR as I'm hoping that I don't have to wear that pair for long I thought I could go cheep here. I like them enough to wear them full time if needed, though)

(Prescription -1.75 +AR. I know you said I shouldn't do that, but again, I couldn't decided if I wanted this or the next pair and ordering the same Prescription seemed silly, this felt like the right thing to do, so I went with my guts. If I never end up wearing those I still really like the frame, so I'd probably have my optician put in my prescription in, once it's stable. )

(Prescription -2.5 , AR and additional clip on shades.)

The last two were the ones I've been always getting back to, so I thought I should get those.

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 12:17


okay, thank you :) I placed the order, I really hope this isn't going to take long, I'm really excited!

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 12:03


So based on your question it seems like you're about to place your order for glasses? I'm sure this is exciting for you. Be sure to let me know which glasses you order and the prescriptions you decided to get for them. Now you will be watching the clock as well as you're e-mails. You know that you can track exactly where your glasses are if you want.

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 12:00


You did good in dodging that one, because I thought that your mom had to notice that your glasses looked a lot stronger than your other glasses looked. Mom's tend to notice things even when you don't think they do. But it will be much harder to convince her if you do go to -6.75. Your lenses would be nearly twice as thick as they are now. For that reason you really need to hold off ordering anything until you get your eyes examined. Then if still are determined to go that strong you can simply tell your mom that your eyes got a lot worse since your last eye exam and that your glasses are going to be a good deal stronger than your current ones. I asked you about what type of work you are doing hoping that maybe it was an office job and you could blame your job for ruining your eyesight.

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 11:48


Trust me you can ignore that. That has been on there for some time now. I remember the first time I saw that and i was a little concerned like you are. Place your order it will be fine.

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 11:06

Hey, I'm a little concerned with the Terms and conditions from Zenni's. It says they require a copy of my prescription, do they actually need that?

Rebecca 27 Mar 2017, 10:35

Yes, she noticed the thickness, but I said it was just the way these lenses were made due to being low index. I work at Value Village in Vancouver, BC. I will be quitting when I turn 18 on June 7 so I can get the maximum welfare amount.

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 10:29


So what you're saying is that of course you want your eyes to change but you also like the looks of wearing stronger glasses. And you want to enjoy the reactions when someone tries your glasses on and they will think that you can't see anything without your glasses. But even now with your current glasses i'm sure they can't see much of anything through your glasses now. So you have to enjoy it when someone tries your glasses and they comment on how strong your glasses are and how bad your eyesight must be. Of course you go right along by saying that you can't really see anything without your glasses. From the pictures you posted of yourself wearing your glasses they clearly show a nice bit of cut-in and i'm sure that your eyes are noticeably smaller looking at you through your lenses. When you got your current glasses I assumed that you used your mom's credit card then to too? Didn't she notice how strong your glasses suddenly got from what they were before? What type of part time job do you have?

Rebecca 27 Mar 2017, 09:41


Yes, it's mostly about the look and thickness of the lenses. I want everyone to see my strong prescription. And when they try them on, they will think I'm really blind without them. Even the thought of it gives me such a buzz.

I can always get more glasses after my eye exam. I have a part time job so my mom will let me use her credit card online.

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 09:33


Before you order any new glasses I suggest that you at least wait until you get your eyes examined and see if there has been any change in your vision since your last eye exam. I'm sure you understand that even though you're wearing -3.75 glasses when you take your glasses off for the first few minutes your eyes are going to be seeing the way someone would that needs -3.75 glasses. But then your eyes start to regress and your vision is soon much better. But not perfect because you do have an actual prescription. For that reason it has to very hard for you to determine if your eyes are returning to what your natural vision is without glasses or if it is somewhat worse and you just don't realize it.

Taking big increases is very hard on your eyes and this can cause retinas to detach. When your -3.75 glasses arrived and you put them on for the first time didn't they feel very strong to your eyes? Those first few days wearing them your eyes must have felt like they were being pulled out of your head. Your eyes were likely bloodshot from the strain of trying to focus with them on and reading couldn't have been very easy or comfortable to you. You did very good just by pushing through it until your eyes slowly adjusted to your glasses. Honestly if there isn't any change after wearing your glasses this long then going up another -3.00 isn't going to change anything either. Now if you just want your glasses to look a little stronger that's fine, but you really need to be careful.

Rebecca 27 Mar 2017, 09:05

Sorry, that was me. Not intended to be anonymous.

 27 Mar 2017, 09:04


Thank you very much for the well wishes; I wish you the same.


Unfortunately, you may be right. But my eyes do accommodate better than they used to. Wearing -3.75 is no problem at all.

I am thinking about going up to -6.75.

NJ 27 Mar 2017, 08:36

Rebecca, I would respectfully submit that there's no evidence that wearing minus glasses above one's natural prescription will induce any additional myopia in those not otherwise predisposed. It's essentially the same as doing a lot of close work, like most young people do in school. And even among those who are predisposed, all the evidence suggests that reducing the accommodative demands of close work have only very modest effects on reducing progression; so modest in fact that there's no widespread consensus in the optometry community about prescribing bifocals to children who have early myopia, despite the considerable risks that accompany more severe myopia.

Just keep in mind that this is a fetish/fantasy website, and the needs and desires of the participants, including myself, often color the beliefs and claims that appear on this forum.

You're more than welcome to keep trying, though. I sure did in the past!

NNVisitor 27 Mar 2017, 08:22


Factoring in my astigmatism probably near 11.50. I did not have a retinal detachment. My vitrious pulled away from my retina in one area. An opthalmologist has found some scarring on my retinas. It can mean many things so I don't worry but I am concerned.

I've had opthalmic migraines and I know the flashing colour pattern is not a retinal detatachment. What to watch out for is flashes of light when going from a dark room to a lighted room or the opposite. Or flashes that look like a fluresant light flickering. Or a curtain type covering in one eye. Abdolutely head to a hospital emergency room for any of these three.

I'm amazed at how you can tolerate a higher prescription. 20/10 is fantastic visual accuity. I've had trouble tolerating prescription increases which I felt were too strong. I really didn't wear my glasses all the time when I was growing up so that could be why I had adjustment problems. My eyesight got worse and worse. Yours may be stable as stronger lenses are not worsening your myopia. I think genetics play a strong role in myopia progression and that you will not become more myopic or at the most slightly more so. Best of luck to you going forward. You are still young and living at an exciting time of technological, scientific and medical advances. I wish you a great future filled with happiness.

Rebecca 26 Mar 2017, 20:26

Sorry to hear about your retinal detachment. What is your Rx?

I have been stacking glasses to get an idea of what I can tolerate. I can see fine with -5.50 so I'm thinking about increasing by 3 diopters to -6.75.

NNVisitor 26 Mar 2017, 16:03


The higher the myopia the greater the risk. It doesn't mean it will happen but who wants a heightened risk?

I've had retinal problems that had to be fixed. The last time it was 10 minutes of laser treatment. I will have to get my retina's checked again. Sure I am concerned. It's important to learn the signs. A pending retinal detachment is an absolute emergency.

Rebecca 26 Mar 2017, 11:41


How likely is retinal detachment? Does the chance increase with more diopters? I at least want to do -5. Or is that too high? How is retinal detachment treated?

Soundmanpt 26 Mar 2017, 11:16


That's amazing that they are still able to return to your natural vision so quickly after wearing glasses that strong. Now i'm sure that you're aware that even by wearing -3.75 glasses at most your eyes were likely only going to change to around -2.00. So are you quite certain that there has been no change in your vision in the past year? Maybe wait until you get your eyes examined and find out what prescription you get this time without any type of cheating to alter anything. As far as any suggestion for ordering stronger glasses it is very hard to say how much more over correction your eyes can tolerate. The glasses that your currently wearing is much stronger than I would have ever recommended to you last April. Do you remember how long it took for your eyes to adjust to your glasses back then? I really wouldn't expect that going any stronger is going to have any effect on your eyes as far as making them anymore myopic than they are now. You just want to be careful not to go too strong and cause your retinas to detach. From what you have said it sounds like your eyes are very comfortable wearing your current glasses and needless to say you are able to see incredibly well with your glasses. But I wouldn't try and push them too hard by going overly strong again. Maybe order your new glasses with -4.75 lenses. I know you are wanting better results than you so far haven't seemed to get as far as actually needing stronger glasses based on written prescription. But at least your eyes aren't so stubborn not to allow you to wear fairly strong glasses. And while your wearing your glasses your eyes are happy to be relaxing with the help from your glasses.

Rebecca 26 Mar 2017, 09:06


It's just a few minutes. What would you recommend for my next prescription? How much do you reckon my eyes can tolerate? I remember someone a long time ago recommend going up 3 diopters each time, so that would be in the -6 range which is my goal.

Soundmanpt 26 Mar 2017, 08:56


Well if you have been wearing your glasses constantly for the past 6 months like you say that you have then I have to agree wit you that you have very stubborn eyes and they are refusing to be changed for some reason. You're certainly still young enough for you eyes to be changed and your glasses are more than strong enough for your eyes. In fact I would have suggested you go much weaker for your glasses, but your eyes don't seem to have any problems with seeing with your glasses since your able to see 20/10 wearing them and you probably are seeing even better than that. So there is no doubt that your eyes have adjusted to your glasses which is why if you take your glasses off during the day everything should be a blurry mess to you. Once you have your glasses off how long does it take before your natural eyesight returns to you? Is it only a few minutes or more than an hour. If you're hoping to see at least some change in your eyes I would suggest that you try and get a late afternoon eye appointment and not an early morning exam. Your eyes should at least me much more stressed later in the day.

Rebecca 26 Mar 2017, 08:03


For the past 6 months I really have worn them constantly, from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. I only take them off in the shower. So I don't know why my eyes are so stubborn. :(

Soundmanpt 26 Mar 2017, 07:36


Your response wasn't what I was hoping and expecting to hear. Your vision when you awaken should be considerably worse by now after having wore your -3.75 glasses for nearly a full year. You;re certainly still young enough for your eyes to be changed and the glasses you're wearing are more than strong enough as well. So it makes me question how much you wear your glasses? Being the right age and wearing the right glasses are both important but it is also critical that you wear your glasses constantly from the first minute you open your eyes each day until you go back to bed at the end of the day. Wearing your glasses for 15 hours a day and then having them off for an hour is the same as not wearing glasses at all. You have have done nothing to induce doing that. I'm not sure what trying to fool the machine or doctor would prove to you? You know of course that the whole process from the time you enter the doctor's office until you leave can take slightly over an hour. I don't know how long your vision stays blurry after you take your glasses off but if starts returning to normal during your exam that could lead to some interesting questions from the doctor if your vision is slowly returning during the exam. Fooling the doctor or the machine isn't going to prove anything for you. You want to know if there has been any real change in your vision in the past year. You can only find that answer by not cheating for the exam. Ordering stronger glasses isn't going to change anything that your current -3.75 glasses shouldn't have already done to your eyes. I think that you do probably wear your glasses quite often but you take them off to give your eyes a break too much.

oopsI 26 Mar 2017, 02:13

Thank you Cactus! Glad to hear your retina's doing good.

Rebecca 25 Mar 2017, 22:36


Unfortunately, my natural vision is quite good when I wake up. It's only really bad right after I take off my glasses. So for the eye exam, I'll wear my strong glasses as much as possible and then switch to my prescribed glasses at the last minute. I hope that will work to fool the machine.

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2017, 21:40

Cactus Jack

I know I can always count on you to provide a much better and more accurate explanation than I can.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 7 years ago. I honestly don't watch my diet very well at all. At first I was told to check my blood sugar 3 times a day but since then I am checking and reporting my numbers at my 6 month doctor visits. It ranges between 118 and 138 mostly but every so often it spikes up to around 165 or so.

Glad to hear that your exam seemed to go well. I actually have to see my endocrinologist on march 28th. My 6 month checkup. He always asks about my eyes and I am telling him the truth that so far i don't notice any change in my eyesight.

Cactus Jack 25 Mar 2017, 21:25

Soundmanpt and oopsI,

Night Blindness can have many causes. Some relate to Retinal problems, Glaucoma, clouding of the Crystalline Lens by Cataracts, and Insufficient Rhodopsin (or “Visual Purple”) that is necessary for the Rods to do their job.. A more subtile cause is simple uncorrected Myopia.

At night or in low light conditions, you have two things working against you if you are Myopic. The first has to do with the characteristics of complex lens systems. The eye’s lens system is very similar to a high end camera lens. It has multiple lenses and an Iris (pupil) that can be adjusted for the lighting conditions. The Iris is “closed down” (higher “f” stops) and the pupil contracts to let in less light, so the film, image sensor, or Retina is not over exposed to light. This has a secondary benefit, It increases the Depth of Field or the Range of useful focus of the image. If the Iris or pupil opening is small enough, even blurry images can get pretty clear. That is why people often squint to improve their vision or ECPs us a pinhole “lens” to see if correction is even possible.

The second thing is that if looking at a dim light source (a star in the sky is a good example) there are a limited number of Photons arriving from the distant source. If they are NOT in good focus, the few Photons are spread over several Rods in the Retina and their may not be enough Photons to trigger a response so no signal is delivered to the Visual Cortex and you can’t “see” the star. If the image is not sharply focused, you may also see a halo or similar effect around a brighter light source because there are more Photons. If they are not properly focused and are diffuse, they can activate nearby Rods that should NOT have been activated and you see a halo or starburst of light around the actual source.

BTW, I had a Retinal exam yesterday where my eyes were dilated and my Retinas checked for Diabetic damage with a very bright light and a High PLUS magnifying lens. With my eyes dilated, I had no defense against the bright light and it was pretty rough. Fortunately, no Retinal damage was found. No change from previous exams (I watch my Blood Glucose levels like a hawk), but the bright light temporarily bleached out the Visual Purple in the Rods of my Retina. It took several minutes, while the Visual Purple regenerated andI could see well in the dim exam room. I have fairly frequent (every 6 months) Retinal checks and I knew what to expect.

A little bit of extra MINUS, over correction or a bit of PLUS under correction can sometimes help significantly with Night Vision issues, as it did with the friend who was having trouble driving at night


Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2017, 21:25


When your -3.75 glasses arrived and you put them on for the first time didn't they feel much too strong for your eyes? Would I be correct to assume that everything looked extremely intense and mall but very clear and sharp? But very difficult to see anything close up with them on. How long did it take before your glasses began to feel normal to you? I am not at all surprised that now with your glasses you have no problem at all seeing the 20/10 line on an eyechart and much worse without your glasses. That would be about what I would expect when you first take off your glasses. But what you really want to know is if your eyesight is really that poor. Almost certainly your eyesight is worse now than it was before you started wearing your current glasses. How much of your natural eyesight returns to you after you have your glasses off for a while is the only way to really know. If your curious to know try testing your eyes in the morning before you put your glasses on. You had a slight prescription before but lie you said it was mainly astigmatisms. But just by looking at things from a window in your house should give you some idea of how much you need your glasses now.

Rebecca 25 Mar 2017, 12:38


Thank you. Yes, I wore them full time. I had a vision test (trying to read the letters) but not an eye exam. I got 20/10 vision with glasses on and did poorly with them off.

Here is a picture for proof of who I am:

oopsI 25 Mar 2017, 11:17


From what I've gathered night blindness is actually a different condition that cannot be corrected with glasses (the rod's are not working properly). Here needing a higher prescription at night is called nighttime myopia (might not be the term in English, though). It is caused by the pupils being wider at night.

oopsI 25 Mar 2017, 11:04


thank you a lot for your concern, I'm happy that people care enough to mention it in this kind of forum. But I really doubt that what I'm doing will do any damage to my eyes, that cannot be corrected by glasses/ other vision aid's. In most of the surgical jobs you work with some kind of magnification method anyway, which is usually just adaptable to a prescription (I'm certain I don't want to do any kind of orthopedic surgery where you don't do that) and most doctors I know are myopic (at least some of them are at about -6D) and I have never heard from anyone that they had a problem with patients.

Also again, I'm going to check on the progress regularly and if I notice all of this working too well I'll stop immediately. My plan right now is to go through with what I've discussed here on the forum and then go for an eye exam in October (not wearing the glasses before that for a day or two to see my real prescription) and if my prescription was any higher than sph -1.25 I'd stop wearing too high of a prescription.

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2017, 10:53


Why am I not surprised to hear that you already are holding reading material close to your eyes? Like I said before, you clearly have done your research on inducing myopia haven't you? And yes I think your new glasses will improve your night vision. You might have the same problem others have with driving at night. Funny thing if yo had mentioned that at your last eye exam I think you might have even gotten a slightly stronger prescription for your glasses. It's called "night blindness" or at least that is what I have been told doctors refer to it being. A really good example is my best friend's wife. About 5 years ago we were all together heading home for a ballgame and we were in my friends car. My friend had been drinking so he asked his wife to drive because she doesn't drink. It was quite dark and she was complaining about not being able to see very well. i could see that she was squinting quite a bit. I asked her if he had the same problem during the day and she said she didn't. that she could see just fine. I told her that she should get her eyes examined and to be sure to tell the doctor about the night driving problem based on what I had heard. About 2 weeks later I was at their house talking to her husband and she heard me and she came out wearing glasses. She thanked me and said that she took my advice to get her eyes examined and she made a big point about the driving after dark thing. It was a good thing because her vision checked out as being perfect. But because of the night problem the doctor wrote her a prescription fr glasses. She asked for a copy so she would be able to tell people why she needs glasses. She showed it to me and it was only -.50 SPH for both eyes with a good quality AR coating (anti-reflective). And it was written on the slip Must be worn at night for driving. She said that she had already tried them out and they made a big difference for her.

I am not surprised to hear that you're considering optometry I really thinkyou would be very good at that because you clearly have an interest in it.

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2017, 09:24


Actually if you look back to her comment on "17 Mar 17:08" she said that she likes the looks of glasses that are -2.00 to -6.00. But right below that she says that her goal is -2.00. You're likely right that with so much reading and studying her actual eyesight would slowly change over the next 3 or 4 years. But by wearing stronger glasses she is going to reach her goal much faster and it is impossible to know if all the reading will surpass her goal prescription. I think the reading will mostly bridge the gap between her actual eyesight and the glasses she will be wearing, not exceed it. She seems to be a very intelligent young lady and I think she will know when she is happy with where her eyes are at. She may decide to stop before she gets to -2.00 or go a bit beyond that point. Just because she'll be wearing glasses shouldn't in any way mean that if she won't be a very good surgeon. And I seriously doubt that there would be any patient confidence lost because she's wearing glasses.

I assume Julie is still waiting for her glasses to arrive? looking back it appears she placed the order with the help of you and Cheryl back on the 18th so that is only about a week ago. She was getting bifocals and I know Zenni says that can sometimes delay them a few days.

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