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Induced Myopia

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Cactus Jack 18 May 2018, 22:10


Yes, if you do 8 BO in each eye and wear the prims glasses full time.

May I ask a few questions?

1. Your age?

2. Your complete prescription?

3. Your Occupation?

4. Where do you live? (country)

Would you consider doing the Simple Prism Test"?


Sebas25 18 May 2018, 19:58

Sorry Sorry.. Is it enough, 8 diopters of the Base Out prism, to make it develop a prism need in my eyes?

Cactus Jack 18 May 2018, 15:19


Oops the post below was from me.


 18 May 2018, 15:17


For the convenience of those who do not speak Spanish, the question in English is:

Are 8 diopters of the Base Out prism enough to make me develop a prism need in my eyes?

Is the 8 diopters Base Out in each eye or is it the total prism?

ŅSon las 8 dioptrŪas Base Out en cada ojo o es el prisma total?


 18 May 2018, 15:09

Ben Victor,

I don't remember exactly. I can ask him if it is important. Remember, he was highly motivated.

He was about 26 or 27 when he started. His Axial Myopia was about -4.50. It took about 18 months for him to get to the point where he could read and study wearing the -20.00 glasses. Vertex Distance effects reduced that to about -16 at his cornea or about -11 to -12 of over correction . That was very important because he understood that most of it was Pseudo Myopia. During the 18 months he had several dilated exams to gauge progress.

The Official eye exam he needed to "flunk" involved dilation with one of the strongest agents available. The exam was done using a retinoscope. To be exempted, his total refractive error had to exceed -10 diopters. If I remember right, even with the powerful dilating agent, his total error was about -12.00.

He needed the exemption so he could immigrate from his home country.

He is now about 34 and is involved in work that requires excellent visual acuity. I believe his prescription is about -5.00 to -5.50 with a bit of cylinder.

We chat frequently.


sebas25 18 May 2018, 12:13

ŅSon suficientes 8 dioptrŪas del prisma Base Out para hacer que desarrolle una necesidad de prisma en mis ojos?

Ben Victor 18 May 2018, 11:42

(1) Was he emmetropic before he started inducing myopia by being able to work up to wearing -20.00 thereby inducing permanent myopia of about -4.50?

(2) Did he have true (or axial) myopia (of about -4.50) before he started inducing more myopia?

(3)If he had an actual sphere prescription of about -4.50 (which could mean that he had true myopia) and was able to induce more (permanent) myopia by being able to work up to wearing -20.00 glasses, what's his current sphere prescription?

Ben Victor 18 May 2018, 11:40

(4) Do you think his eyeballs had become axially elongated or ciliary muscles had become weak permanently, thereby making him permanently myopic?

Ben Victor 18 May 2018, 11:38

(5) How old was he when he started and was done inducing myopia?

Ben Victor 18 May 2018, 11:35

Greetings, Cactus Jack.

You made mention of one member, who had an actual sphere prescription of about -4.50 and that he was able to work up to wearing -20.00 glasses by studying in the university.

I have a few questions regarding his success in inducing permanent myopia.

I'm going to post the questions one by one, this website won't let me post everything at once.

Thanks for your response in advance!

Cactus Jack 15 May 2018, 14:29


Thank you for the information. It is very helpful for me to offer suggestions that fit your circumstances.

I am not clear on what you would like to do. If you would like to discuss this privately, you may contact me at


spartacus 15 May 2018, 10:19

Cactus Jack

My age: 40

Occupation: Computer scientist

Country: France

Current Fix: OD: -3.00 (+1.00 to 22 į)

OG: -3.75 (+1.00 to 176 į)

No, I do not see double now.

Soundmanpt 15 May 2018, 09:18


I was surprised to find that I had posted a comment when I opened up my computer this morning. I think you meant to send it to me and not be me.

Since this seems like the prescription you have pretty much settled on as your full time everyday glasses it's worth spending a little extra on them since you're going to be wearing them so much. I'm sure that their already comfortable to your eyes since they are much weaker than the stronger ones you were wearing when you were working hard trying to induce myopia. But at the same time they are a good deal stronger than your actual prescription. So you shouldn't have any problem at all with your eyes adjusting to them. So for now you can put your actual prescription glasses in their case and put them somewhere safe because you will need to wear them when you go back for your 3 month eye exam at the end of July. Can you describe what your actual prescription glasses look like as well as your new -3.50 glasses. I'm sure that you must like you r actual prescribed glasses since you were able to hand pick them and even try them on first.

Soundmanpt 15 May 2018, 08:01

My -3.50 glasses have arrived! Theyíre more expensive than others I have and Iím enjoying wearing them already

Cactus Jack 14 May 2018, 19:42


The spell checker (or maybe clumsy typing) got me on question 1. It should read

1. Your age?

3 should read

3. Your occupation?


Cactus Jack 14 May 2018, 09:07


I don't understand your question. If you are asking: "Is 5 diopters of Base Out prism enough to cause you to develop a need for prism in your glasses, where you see double with out prims in your glasses?" The answer is maybe. It depends on many factors.

May I as a few questions?

1. Your fe?

2. Your present complete prescription?

3. Your oaccupation>

4. Where do you live (country)?

5. Are you experiencing any episodes of double vision?


Soundmanpt 14 May 2018, 08:23


I have 9 doctors so I certainly know how easy it is to get dates mixed up tryin g to keep up with all of them. I use a calendar and mark which doctors I need to see so i don't get mixed up. This week is one of my better weeks and I go today for physical therapy on my shoulder due to "frozen shoulder syndrome" Then I do the same on Wednesday this week and right after I finish that I have an appointment with my primary doctor to be okayed for cataract surgery I have coming up in June.

I'm not surprised that you were okayed for wearing contacts full time because your eyes should be healthy enough because you're only 19. I'm glad that you declined the idea of going full time wearing contacts at this time. I'm surprised that you would even consider it since you seemed so interested in wearing glasses full time. I do understand that you might enjoy getting dressed up and not having to wear glasses. Also if you play any sports sometimes glasses can get in the way and contacts is a better option then. But you worked too hard to make contacts your everyday look now.

Well that might be why your eye doctor where you have been going for eye exams is so sure that your going to need further increases. He could be under prescribing you thinking giving you your full prescription might be too hard for your eyes all at once? In your case your contacts should be exactly the same as your glasses prescription. But if you're getting contacts don't you want them to be in the same -3.50 that your planning on wearing once your glasses arrive. Now I know you can't get that prescription from this doctor. So I assume that you will go where you have been getting your contacts from to induce with? So you should only get a few from this doctor.

I'm not sure if you really need to wearing a stronger prescription you're able to see perfectly with your current glasses. Even more odd because your eyes are used to wearing much stronger glasses than even what you seem to actually need. If anything your glasses glasses should feel on the weak side to your eyes. And of course you're right he doesn't know that you have been wearing much stronger glasses already for sometime.

Soundmanpt 14 May 2018, 07:56


No problem, you certainly have your right to disapprove as do I just didn't see anything in that report that applied to MROP inducing her myopia which she clearly did. Without a driving force of continuing wearing over correction the increasing would slow down and stop shortly after stopping over correcting. This is also why if you want to end up wearing -4.00 glasses you need to about double that and wear -8.00 glasses to get to -4.00. Wearing -8.00 won't get you to a real -8.00 prescription. Usually about half that or slightly more.

spartacus 14 May 2018, 03:54

Hello, I would like to know if a correction of 5 prism base out on each eye is enough to get used to the bezel with prism and not happen to happen without it?

MROP 14 May 2018, 00:05


I thought so, thanks!

I got my dates mixed up and instead of being today like o thought, my contact lens fitting was yesterday! Luckily I checked the time yesterday morning and was able to go that day.

The fitting was fine. He said I could be a good candidate to wear contacts all the time if I wanted, however I declined this at the moment.

He also said that my real prescription is higher than the glasses Iím wearing at the moment, and that he just doesnít want to give me too much correction too fast. I then asked what my real prescription is and he said it was L -2.50 and R- -1.75. Plus my astigmatism correction. I was surprised at this and asked for my real prescription in my contact lenses, however he said that he didnít want to put my eyes under strain and wanted them to get used to lenses altogether since he thinks I only got them about 7 weeks ago. Of course he doesnít know that Iíve been wearing much stronger glasses for months.

Itís funny though because even though he says my actual prescription is higher, I can see perfectly with my glasses! Any idea why?

Likelenses 14 May 2018, 00:02


I respectfully disagree with your post.

If MROP's induced myopia is true axial myopia, then eye length has taken place, which can only be brought about, by the growth hormone generated by the retina, and that is triggered by an out of focus condition on the retina,caused by her wearing a minus over correction.

This is not the hormone that begins at puberty.

There is another possibility, that she has only induced pseudo myopia, in which there is no eye elongation.With this condition, if she stopped wearing glasses her eyes would in time return to normal.

Because her first prescription is stronger than to be expected, and has an astigmatism component, and then followed by an increase, it is most likely axial myopia, and the above mentioned hormone has become activated.

Soundmanpt 13 May 2018, 10:06


So no I don't think there is any chance at all that if you never wear anything stronger than the -3.50 glasses you plan on wearing from now on that you would ever get anywhere close to being -5.50 naturally.

Soundmanpt 13 May 2018, 10:02


In reading what "Likelenses" posted it seems to be about the natural development of myopia. Your myopia clearly wasn't natural. I'm not sure if anyone has done any studies on any further developments of increased myopia once over correction has stopped. But it makes sense that those that develop myopia naturally will see continued changes in their vision until around their mid twenties because we have seen this happen to nearly everyone that is younger and are prescribed glasses to correct myopia. It's because the eyes are continuing to lengthen as part of the growth process. Your eyes weren't lengthened as a result of growth but as the result of wearing over correction. There in is the difference. I'm NOT a doctor and never claimed to be one, but once you stop over correcting I don't believe your eye will continue lengthening because there wouldn't be anything pushing them. When you first started wearing glasses even though your eyes adjusted very quickly to the prescription of the glasses you were wearing you still had perfect vision when you took off your glasses which had to make you wonder if you were ever going to induce any real myopia. It took weeks and month of wearing glasses and contacts until you started noticing some changes in your eyesight that wasn't going away when you took off your glasses. It took that much time to lengthen your eyes. So if you were to only wear your actual prescription from now you most likely would still get an increase in 3 months because your eyes are still reacting to the -6.00 glasses you have been wearing until your recent eye exam. But after that 3 month increase I don't think if you continued only wearing your actual prescription you would see any further changes in your eyesight. Natural and unnatural are two completely things when it comes to your eyes.

Likelenses 13 May 2018, 02:29


Here is a rather in depth article of what I had explained in my previous post.

Page 519 has some good illustrations that somewhat summarize the information.

Hope you find this of interest.

MROP 13 May 2018, 00:07

Interesting point Likelenses.

Do you agree, Soundmanpt? That I may have triggered the growth hormone and my myopia will continue naturally?

Likelenses 12 May 2018, 20:33


True myopia is due to a growth hormone, which is triggered by an out of focus condition on the retina, and then causes the eye to elongate, which then continues through the teen years into the mid twenties.

You have jump started this hormone, so even without wearing a minus overcorrection, your eyes will continue to become more myopic until your mid twenties.

Assuming what is somewhat normal myopic progression,of between -.50, to -1.00 annually, my guess is that your eyes will now stabilize at about -5.50 or there about.

Your astigmatism final correction will depend on whether your eyes become misshapen as they continue to elongate.

Soundmanpt 12 May 2018, 13:42


Even though you're not likely to ever get to a point where your eyes can't be corrected to 20/20. I think not going more than say -2.75 or -3.00 would be a nice place to stop at. You already know that you can't see very well without your glasses now. And you know that your eyesight is going to continue to get worse in the next few months if you're wearing -3.50 glasses. Just not as fast as your eyes have been changing. I would suggest depending on how much change you see in the next few weeks and months that you might want to stop inducing. You can continue wearing your -3.50 glasses because your eyes won't get to that point anyway.

Your doctor is basing his opinion on what your first prescription was and how much and fast your eyes changed since you got your first glasses. Because your only 19 and your eyes have only recently started changing he has to think you have more changes coming. He would be right if you got your glasses naturally. inducing is completely different because if you were to stop now and only wear the prescription you just received I don't think your eyes would change hardly at all anymore.

If you have been following Nora in here she is different because even though she hadn't even started inducing or even wearing glasses at all. She was surprised to find out that her eyes were starting to change naturally. She just turned 18 so most likely she is going to need an increase maybe as soon as 6 months from now and for sure in 12 months time. She's planning on ordering stronger glasses to push things along so she will likely be getting an eye exam in 6 months or sooner.

You're a young girl so i'm sure there maybe times when even as much as you like wearing your glasses when you might want to go without glasses. So getting contacts for those times is a great idea. Maybe a special date or if you enjoy playing any sports glasses can get in the way. I'm surprised that they are't more expensive than the contacts you have been buying.

MROP  12 May 2018, 06:41


I'm happy with any amount of blur as long as it's fully correctable back to 20/20 vision! I honestly don't mind how much blur I see or how much worse it gets. Your comment before about faces being difficult and being closer to signs is accurate at the moment, however I can already see a difference without my newer prescription glasses, things that were a little closer before and clear are more fuzzy. Id say more than half a metre away are blurry, but I'm not great with measurements. I wear my glasses constantly so its always corrected anyway.

During my eye exam he did test me with my glasses and then without yes! It was interesting to see how I couldn't read the bottom two lines, and struggled with the third, even whilst wearing my old glasses! I'm not sure why he believes my astigmatism could get worse, it'd be interesting to know if being off with PD was responsible, but I guess I'll never know that. He also seems to think that my myopia is going to continue to decline for a few more years which is interesting. I'll monitor that and see how it goes.

Yes, you're right. I now need my glasses to find them! I never thought I'd be in that position but I do like it. I now keep them super close to my bed so I can just grab them.

I forgot to mention I'm also getting fitted for toric lenses for special occasions. I have to go back next week for a contact lens fitting. I get one pair as a free trial then after that, I get them whenever I want, I can just go in and order! They're not that much more expensive than other lenses.

My -3.50 glasses still haven't arrived so I'm wearing my current prescription until they do.

Soundmanpt 11 May 2018, 12:17


Getting new glasses or getting new (stronger) lenses put into your glasses you probably only noticed the difference now because everything is nice and clear and sharp again. And of course you like that. But no surprise that you notice the difference more now when you take off your glasses because things are a little more blurry than they were with your previous glasses when you took them off. So the stronger your prescription gets the blurrier things are going to be when you take your glasses off. So in determining what you feel like is the perfect prescription you want your eyes to be you really need to decide how much blur you want to see when you have your glasses off. Because unless you go totally crazy and try to get to a prescription somewhere past -10.00 their won't be any problem with being ale to correct your eyes to a perfect 20/20 with glasses. it's only when you start getting past -10.00 that sometimes your eyes can't be fully corrected to perfect anymore and you could end up seeing around 20/25 or 20/30 with your glasses. But I don't think you have any intention of wanting your glasses anywhere close to being that strong anyway.

It was a little different this time when you when in for your eye exam wasn't it? This time you were wearing glasses when you went in so this time they checked your eyes first with you wearing your glasses and then had you take your glasses off and tested you that way as well didn't they. Did they do anything else different this time because you were wearing glasses? I assume someone took your glasses and checked the prescription? I can understand why he thinks your distance vision may get a little worse yet but I wonder why he thinks your astigmatisms could also get worse? Usually astigmatisms don't change very much if at all. Since you always had perfect eyesight until you started wearing glasses to induce myopia I wonder if being off on your PD measurement could have caused you to develop your astigmatisms. A reasonable number for astigmatisms for someone getting their first glasses would normally be around -.25 or maybe -.50. And you are at -.75 and -1.00. Those numbers are more than enough to cause headaches if you take your glasses off for more than a few minutes now. Getting your eyes checked at another optical shop in 6 weeks based on how approving your eyes seem to be with anything you seem to put in front of them and how willing they have been to changing for you I am pretty sure your eyes will be ready for an increase by then if you are going to be wearing your -3.50 glasses full time when they arrive. That's still enough over correction to change your eyes. And as you know they seem fine with being changed. I'm sure "denden" wishes she had started inducing when she was only 19 instead of 23. No comment form her in a while. I hope she is still trying though.

Yeah forgetting where you took your glasses off at before going to bed can be a problem when you want them the next morning and don't remember. You should get a nightstand and when you take your glasses off put them on it so in the morning your glasses are right next to your bed ready for you to put on. So what you're really saying is that you need your glasses so you can see to find your glasses.

MROP 11 May 2018, 08:03


Yeah they told me to go back in and swapped the lenses, it didnít take long! Itís definitely nice to be seeing clearly again! Iím noticing even more of a difference when I take them off now, but I just love the blue that I get!

When being fitted this time he reminded me to come back in three months again, so Iíve booked an appointment for the end of July. He said that he thinks my eyes could still get a little worse and wouldnít be surprised if my astigmatisms got a little worse too.

Iím thinking of going to a different optician store In around 6 weeks though just to see if there is any change there. Or if I notice one, Iíll go back again!

Being around -2.50 would be nice, hopefully Iíll get there! I honestly donít mind how bad my eyesight gets as long as itís correctable with glasses!

The only thing that annoys me is taking them off at night and sometimes not remembering where I put them in the morning! I do love the blue for a bit but it gets annoying when I physically canít see where I put them! Good job Iíve usually got a few pairs lying around.

Not sure when my -3.50 glasses will arrive. Theyve been dispatcjed so not too long. Iíve ordered some sunglasses in this strength too ready for my holiday.

Soundmanpt 11 May 2018, 06:45


Glad to hear that you have your glasses with your increased prescription in them. Nice to be able to see clearly again again isn't it? Since they used your existing frame from when you got your first pair from the opticians did you have to leave your glasses at the opticians while they ordered your new lenses and swapped them out? Or did they just order your lenses and have you come in after your new lenses arrived so they could swap them out? I don't think they would have wanted you to be without your glasses for several days. Or did they still have your exact frame in stock and just made you all new glasses and put your frame back in stock when your glasses were ready? Of course your optometrists doesn't know that you have several pairs of glasses you could wear until your glasses were ready. So for now your just enjoying the increase in your glasses until your -3.50 glasses arrive. That's a nice prescription for you to be wearing as your full time everyday glasses. Strong enough to show some power rings and a nice bit of cut-in. And you already know that your eyes won't have any problem adjusting to them since your eyes have proven to be more than able to tolerate much stronger glasses than that without any problem. I would expect they will still be more than strong enough to induce a bit more myopia in the next 3 months. Your optometrists didn't seem at all surprised that your eyesight had changed that much in such a short time. However he was expecting you would need an increase around June. You got your eye exam back on March 23rd and your first glasses on March 27th (I went back and looked it up) So your eyes changed that much in just a few weeks time. So he now wants to re-examine your eyes around early August. He must assume that you are going to need an increases again around that time. By having you come in within 3 months time you can get your lenses changed out at no cost am I right? Your new lenses this time didn't cost you anything did it? So be sure to go back withing the 3 months period because you're almost certain to need an increase by then anyway. He must think by then your eyes should be stable enough that you won't need any changes in your glasses for about a year after that. And if you continue wearing your -3.50 glasses your eyes should be finished changing anymore by then and your prescription might be close to around -2.50 or -2.75 or so. As you probably already know your eyes won't ever get to -3.50 as long as your wearing -3.50 glasses. I agree with you since you wear your constantly anyway it really doesn't matter how bad your eyesight gets as long as your able to see perfect with your glasses on. Since you don't have any intentions of wanting really super strong glasses your eyes will always be correctable to a perfect 20/20 vision with glasses. Now of course the stronger your glasses get the blurrier your eyesight will be without your glasses. So for you the only question will be how blurry do you want your eyes to be when your take off your glasses. That's where the difference will be. Not in your ability to see with your glasses, but your inability to see without your glasses.

Now that your wearing glasses that you actually need to see with now i'm sure there has to be some things that bothers you about wearing glasses. So what are the things that bother you about wearing glasses? I know many complain about keeping them clean as being a problem and other hate going from the cold into a warm house and having their glasses fog over. Others hate the rain getting on their glasses and some women hate their makeup coming off on their nose where their glasses sit. Now I know you're very happy to be wearing glasses that you actually need now but even so there must be something that annoys you?

When are you expecting your -3.50 glasses to arrive?

MROP 10 May 2018, 07:48

Yeah so I got my updated glasses from the optician, then the -3.50 online with my astigmatism included.

I picked up my actual prescription pair today and everything is crystal clear with them again! He wants to see me again in about 3 more months, then a year after that!

Iím happy where Iím at now but if my eyes were to get worse I wouldnít mind. I wear glasses constantly anyway so whatís the difference going to be!

Soundmanpt 10 May 2018, 07:38


So you must have been home again. I just know when you were before you were pretty much unable to wear glasses because no one at home knew you were wearing glasses at school. So you only wore contacts while at home. Did I understand you right that you're getting the glasses you got from the local optical shop updated with your newest and actual prescription? The glasses you ordered on line will be with the -3.50 SPH (both eyes) and you're -.75 / -1.00 CYL values included? When you went for your recent eye exam you wore your glasses with the prescription you were given and you will need to do that the next time you go for an eye exam as well. You had to notice that your (actual) glasses weren't providing your eyes with perfect vision anymore. So you pretty much knew going in that you were going to be getting an increase in your glasses. The only question was how much? I think dropping back to -3.50 should slow down the changes in your eyesight. Have you decided on about what prescription you want your eyes to at when your stop inducing? Early on you talked about wanting to be at around -2.00, which you're pretty close to now. Since your eyesight had always been perfect until you started wearing stronger glasses I think your eyes won't change when you stop wearing over correction and only start wearing your actual prescription. I'm sure that you would agree with me that if you hadn't started wearing with rather strong prescriptions your eyesight would still be perfect today. But you clearly want to be a glasses wearing young lady from now on. When are supposed to get your eyes examined again?

MROP 09 May 2018, 01:12

Thanks everyone!


Yeah they know Iím wearing glasses and are fine with it. Theyíve already seen me in my other glasses and my -3.50 ones are the same frame so they wonít notice a difference!

Likelenses 08 May 2018, 15:41


Congratulations on your accomplishment in becoming myopic.

Your recent increase is proof that you have truly upset the balance of your formerly normal eyesight,and now as the growth hormone has kicked in , it will be interesting to see where your myopia ends up at. Since you are only nineteen you can at least look forward to increases until about 23 years old.

You are legitimately a girl with glasses.

Antonio 08 May 2018, 15:31

Hi MROP how strong is the new prescription you need now to see clearly?

Best regards antonio

Antonio 08 May 2018, 15:31

Hi MROP how strong is the new prescription you need now to see clearly?

Best regards antonio

Jared 08 May 2018, 10:47


Nicely said to uoᴉʇɐɔᴉʇuǝɥʇn∀,

Jared 08 May 2018, 10:47


Nicely said to uoᴉʇɐɔᴉʇuǝɥʇn∀,

Soundmanpt 08 May 2018, 09:31


I'm pretty good at knowing about how well you're able to see without your glasses both your first prescription as well as what your new prescription will be. Without your current glasses you're able to function pretty well, but you can't really make out faces of people until there quite close to you now and you're unable to see details and you need to get very close to signs in order to read what they say. Am I about right. The reason you get headaches when you don't have your glasses on isn't because your nearsighted but because of your astigmatisms. It seems worse now to you because once you got your glasses and your eyes adjusted to them having your glasses off for even a few minutes is sure to bring on a headache now. It seems like you intend on just wearing glasses full time from now now? But if you were to ever want to wear contacts for maybe a special occasion you need to know that contacts for your full prescription would be very expensive. You would need special contacts for astigmatisms which cost about 4 times what regular contacts cost. Their called "toric lenses"

I think going with -3.50 glasses as your daily wear glasses from now on is about a perfect prescription for you now. It's just enough over correction to keep your eyes working and shouldn't increase your prescription much at all.

So by now I assume that you have told your parents that you're wearing glasses now? Even though when you were home and gave hints that you thought you might need glasses were they surprised to hear that you're wearing glasses now? When do you go home again and when you do are you planning on wearing your glasses with your actual prescription or the ones with the -3.50 lenses? You know for sure when you get home there is going to be much interest in your glasses and some are going to want to try your glasses on. Even your actual prescription glasses is going to seem strong to them.

MROP 08 May 2018, 08:37

I wore my actual prescription glasses for a week before returning to overcorrecting. I didnít buy new glasses, just wore my actual prescription ones over some higher contacts.

I was shocked at the increase I needed and Iím more than happy with where my eyesight is at now. Iíve realised that it is possible to function without my glasses but it causes headaches very quickly, so I do obviously wear them constantly. I enjoy things like going to the cinema, walking in without my glasses on and experiencing the blur for a second before putting my glasses on!

Iím only getting my pair In my new prescriptiom as my optician offered them for free in the same frame. Iím currently wearing an old pair I have with no astigmatism. Iím getting pretty poor headaches but I can pick up my new glasses tomorrow.

Iím also treating myself to am expensive pair of -3.50 lenses as reward for my hard work, as these will be my glasses going forward now!

Iím very happy as a short sighted person and I still get a thrill every morning waking up and sliding my glasses onto my face so I can see the world.

Soundmanpt 08 May 2018, 08:02


So nice to hear from you again. I was wondering how you were doing since you got your eye exam and your first prescription for glasses. I knew you were over the moon with excitement when you were told that you needed to start wearing glasses. The results of you eye exam turned out to be much better than you expected because you were considerably more nearsighted than you thought you were with the bonus of astigmatisms as well. Clearly being only 19 years old your perfect eyesight was more than willing to be changed by wearing over correction. Based on the results of your recent eye exam your eyes seem to be changing rather easily still. Changing by -.50 and -.75 in less than 7 weeks time is a pretty good increase in such a short time. But your eyes were probably still in the process of changing when you were prescribed with your first glasses. I know at first when you got your glasses in your actual prescription you were really enjoying the clarity of your eyesight. Because before this all of the glasses and contacts you were wearing only had SHP in them. So your eyesight was never perfectly clear because of not having your astigmatism correction which of course you didn't know you needed. So it had to be nice to be seeing everything so perfect once you got your glasses. And you really did need to wear them for a while so your eyes could fully adjust to having astigmatism correction in them. How long did you wear your actual prescription glasses before you started over correcting again? Were you surprised after wearing your -6.00 glasses and contacts that when you tried testing your eyes with your actual prescription glasses they no longer gave you perfect vision? So did you only order your new glasses with -3.50 prescription plus your astigmatisms or did you order a pair of glasses in your actual prescription of R -1.50 -.75 / L -2.00 -1.00? If you only plan on wearing the -3.50 from now on there really isn't any point in getting a pair in your actual prescription. You already know that your eyes won't have any problem with seeing perfect wearing the -3.50 glasses since your eyes are already used to wearing -6.00. I agree with you that you probably should back off a bit because you're about where you said early on that you wanted your eyes to be at. As I recall you wanted to be at around -2.00 and you're pretty much their now. Are you still as happy as ever about the way your eyesight has changed? Your once perfect eyesight is gone and the only way you will ever see perfect is with glasses or contacts. Are you still okay with that? No regrets?

MROP 08 May 2018, 02:17

Hi everyone, jus an update!

So I got my first real prescription around 7 weeks ago now. I've been wearing -6.00 glasses or contacts/combination of both constantly to push a little more myopia.

My next eye exam was scheduled for the middle of June but the last two weeks or so I've noticed that with my normal prescription things aren't as clear again.

I went back for another exam and sure enough my prescription went up by .50 in my right eye and 0.75 in my left. I'm shocked at what a big change this is, but am pleased with the results! I'm still wearing over correction at the moment but just until my new glasses come, with my new prescription. The eye doctor said he wasn't surprised at such a jump in a short time and wouldn't be shocked if my myopia got worse naturally. I'm not sure this will happen now I'm going to stop majorly over correcting but there we go.

I plan to wear -3.50 glasses constantly now, with my astigmatism included of course which hasnt changed.

Cactus Jack 07 May 2018, 18:38


It might help if you tried being a little less clever, starting with your nickname. Authentication, upside-down and backward may demonstrate your computer skills, but that is about all. It certainly demonstrates your immaturity. Most members won't take the time to decipher it, so they can reply and have no idea how to type a word upside down and backward.

Most of us also have a policy of not dealing with children, except to help them understand how their vision works and how their glasses can help correct any refractive errors.

We might be able to suggest how you approach your parents to get an eye exam, if we know a bit more about your situation.

Please try for an easier name to type and avoid a verbal tantrum with the online equivalent of YELLING! CAPS are only good for emphasis of a word or two.


uoᴉʇɐɔᴉʇuǝɥʇn∀ 07 May 2018, 13:55

uMMMM can anyone help mee?? I'm literally clueless on what to do ):

uoᴉʇɐɔᴉʇuǝɥʇn∀ 04 May 2018, 19:12

HELP MEEE I want glasses! i WANT TO BE ABLE TO HAVE BLURRY VISION AAAAA !!! Okay so I'll cut to it. I'm 13, both my parents need glasses BUT I don't think it matters since they got them just like two years ago.. ALL THIS STUFF SCARES ME I WANNA DO IT RIGHT bbut I mean I just don't have the confidence to go up to my parents and ask to go to the eye doctor SOooo yeaah?? please help )):

Soundmanpt 04 May 2018, 13:59


I somehow completely missed seeing your comment from the other day. Sorry about that. I really didn't think that you had gotten sick of wearing glasses and I don't expect that you will considering how much you had been wanting to wear glasses. So who got you your prescription sunglasses? I was going to suggest that when you ordered your stronger glasses that you should order your sunglasses in the stronger prescription as well. You do understand that when your new glasses arrive and you start wearing them, after a few days of wearing them your current glasses and your sunglasses are going to be too weak to be of much use to you anymore.

By the way Happy Birthday. So I guess your getting glasses was already the best birthday present you could have gotten. yes you're an adult now. Congratulations on that as well. Nice that you now have you're own debit card. So did you tell mom or dad that your order4ed a pair of glasses? When you got your current glasses did your mom ever ask to try your glasses on? Of course your glasses would be way too weak for her eyes but she still might have wanted to see how she looked wearing your glasses? But even if she were to try on your new glasses because her prescription is so much stronger I don't thinks eh would notice that they are stronger than your current glasses. Of course as you go stronger with glasses there won't be as much of a difference between her glasses and your glasses.

So is Anna the girl that tried on your glasses and found that she could see pretty well wearing them or this someone else? Kind of nice being able to compare glasses wearer isn't it?

So you like seeing the world through lenses now that you have gotten used to it? Until you started wearing glasses you never noticed that things were blurry. But now when you take your glasses off you really notice things being blurry. Does squinting seem to help when you don't have your glasses on? Has everyone pretty much gotten used to seeing you wearing glasses that nothing is ever said about your wearing glasses anymore? I know you said that your bf said you that you looked nice wearing glasses. But now that you're wearing glasses all the time is he still fine with you wearing glasses all the time now?

Comment when your new glasses get in. I don't think you're going to have any problem adjusting to them very quickly.

Ben Victor 02 May 2018, 23:27

Cactus Jack,

I will do just as you have suggested, thank you!!! :)

Cactus Jack 02 May 2018, 18:40

Ben Victor,

I suggest that you wear the -3.00 glasses all the time you are awake for the next month or two. When you get to the point where wearing the -3.00 glasses is so natural, you don't even notice them, consider switching to the -4.50 glasses. Wear them until they become natural. Then switch to the -5.00 or -5.50.

When they get very comfortable, you will need to make a decision about your next step. You may want to go a bit higher or drop back to around -3.00. The jump from -5.50 to -10 is a probably a bit much. If you want to go higher, it needs to be in smaller steps of maybe -1.00.

Good Luck,


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