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Induced Myopia

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Soundmanpt 20 Jan 2018, 09:59


The only difference by telling your new optometrist that your last eye exam was a year ago as opposed to telling him the truth that it was 2 months since you had your eyes examined is that it's not at all unusual to need an increase of -.75 in your glasses after a years time. So the doctor only thought that your eyes were simply going through normal progression. After all being a nurse you're probably doing a fair amount of reading small print and doing reports and other things that would have an effect on your eyes. But a change of -.75 in only 2 months isn't normal except in you cases because you went from wearing glasses that barely even had a prescription in them to your current glasses which as you now know are a good deal stronger. You didn't say when you started to notice that with your previous glasses things were beginning to be more more and more blurry to you. You really should have gotten your eyes examined much sooner than you did. But i do understand why you didn't. I'm sure you didn't really think that your eyes were getting worse but put it off as you're imagination. Your current glasses are really what most people would be getting prescribed as their 3rd or 4th change in glasses. Not really their first. Not counting the glasses you wore with barely any prescription in them your first real glasses should have been something like -1.00. And your next glasses maybe -1.50 or -1.75 and so on until you be at your current glasses. Going slightly stronger each time would have allowed your eyes to not only adjust to your glasses each time but also for your eyes to become relaxed each time as well. But by going from hardly any prescription to your current glasses in a way was a shock to your eyes. So if he had known that before before examining your eyes he may have wanted to dilate your eyes to be sure that your eyes were as relaxed as possible.

As for as cost if they don't have that 90 day policy in Germany or Switzerland then since you're going to be living in Switzerland anyway it was a good idea to get your eyes examined their as well. Even better for you if the pay for nurses is even better in Switzerland. Who doesn't want to make more money? I am glad to hear that you weren't driving with your previous glasses or even your current glasses once you found out that their a little bit weak for your eyes now.

I don't think you're going to have any problem with reading small print when you get the new lenses put into your glasses. You were much more likely to have a problem with reading when you first got your current glasses and you didn't seem to have any problem at all. So you should be just fine with your change in prescription.

Funny thing, if you hadn't found that eye chart at your hospital and tested your eyes with your glasses on I wonder how long it would have been before you might have realized that you weren't seeing as well as you should with your glasses? Once you knew that you couldn't see the 20/20 line with your glasses you then tend to start to notice it more. I'm not at all surprised that you're squinting to see something in the distance now even with your glasses. But if you didn't already know by testing your eyes that your glasses were a bit too weak I don't think you would have noticed that you were squinting. Now that you know it bothers you more because you know that you're not seeing perfect with your glasses. I love the fact that you couldn't be happier that you're getting stronger lenses put in your glasses. With your current glasses you said that you could still function without your glasses even though things are much more blurry without them. Once you get your glasses changed it is going to be harder for you to function without your glasses than it is now. You will have to let me know once your eyes have a chance to adjust to your glasses if you're still able to function without your glasses.

I'm a little surprised for several reasons that you went out partying without your glasses being on. One reason i'm surprised is because you are so thrilled to really finally need to wear glasses. I would have thought the only way anyone would ever get your glasses off of you would be forcibly removing them from you. Of course you're still a young woman so you want to look your best when you go out. but you don't seem the type that would feel any less attractive wearing glasses. In fact you seem more like how you look wearing glasses more than without them? And even though you say that you're still able to function without your glasses that is probably true in familiar environments maybe, but not in unfamiliar places. Your distance vision is very limited now without your glasses. If you don't want to wear your glasses when you go out partying you're going to have to get fitted for contacts. Otherwise i'm afraid you need to plan on wearing your glasses when you go partying. I'm sure you were glad that you had your glasses in your purse. Yes when you're nearsighted night time is always worse as you're finding out You don't really think that your wearing glasses will stop any guy from approaching you do you? Your glasses don't have to match your outfit. Why did you think your glasses didn't match your outfit? What color and style of glasses are you wearing? you must like your frames because you're keeping your frame and just getting new lenses put into your existing frame. Did you ask the opticians how long they would need your glasses for when you go back to have them change your lenses out? I hope they have a lab that they are able to cut your lenses in house. What they are going to get is what they call "lens blanks" lens blanks are lenses in your new prescription and when they come in they will be around 4" in diameter and they will be round shaped. They will take your glasses from you. They will remove your lenses from the frame and use your lenses as templates to grind your lenses down exactly the same size as the lenses that were in your glasses. Once they finish that they will put your new lenses in your frame and put your glasses on you. But even with them having a lab you can expect to be without your glasses for at least an hour and maybe much longer. If they don't have a lab they are going to take your glasses and send them off to someplace that does. Then you might be with your glasses for several days. As much as you need your glasses now you really do need to have at least one more pair as a backup and just so you have a choice of which glasses to wear.

Since you're using the same frame I doubt anyone will notice that your lenses are stronger. Honestly even if someone that had tried your glasses on with your current lenses and they try your glasses with your stronger lenses they won't notice the difference because they already thought your glasses were strong as they are now. I'm a little surprised that anyone really noticed just by looking at your glasses that your current glasses are noticeably stronger looking than your previous weak glasses. Most people do notice when you get new glasses but only because the frame is new and different than before. Your eyes look smaller wearing your current glasses than they did when you were wearing your weak glasses. Maybe they noticed that if they looked closely at your eyes.

 20 Jan 2018, 08:05

Hi Ginny

Thank you very much for the update/clarification. Good luck if you do decide to move to Switzerland. I don't think that it would have affected your prescription if you had told the truth about it having only been two months, and about your eye history, but if you had been regularly choosing between two lenses in the exam, one slightly stronger than the other, or if the optician used a retinoscope and he/she found a slightly stronger prescription, knowing that it had only been two months, and your eyes are obviously in a period of changing quite a bit, they may have given a slightly stronger prescription to save you having to pay out for new lenses again too soon, whereas thinking that you had last had your eyes tested a year ago, they may have prescribed the lower prescription, not wanting to increase your prescription anymore than necessarily.

In all honesty, even if this was the case, I don't think that it would really have mattered, as long as you can see the 20/20 line with your new prescription.

My optician discussed the retinoscope with me. She said that if people report difficulties with new glasses after a prescription change, she refers back to her retinoscopy findings to see whether she could have prescribed them a little differently.

All the best


Ginny 20 Jan 2018, 05:11

I know I probably shouldn't have lied about my latest eye exam. I really don't know why I did it tbh. Do you think that would've changed the results of the exam? They don't do that refund thing in Germany. But we have great health care and since it is already a new year, they will probably pay for it. Also, I am actually moving here to Switzerland, this is why I did the eye exam here. They are looking for a lot of nurses and the country is really great :). Plus you make more money than back home.

Just to ease your mind: I do not drive :). Public transport is excellent around here!

I think my myopia has developed rather quickly, this is probably why I didn't have any issues with reading close up. But maybe this will be an issue once I get my new prescription? I have ordered new lenses for my current frames and they should be ready sometime next week. Since the eye exam I seem to notice the not-so-perfect vision with my glasses more than before. I catch myself squinting a lot even with my glasses on. I am of course still super happy that this is happening to me - i never thought it would! And you are absolutely right, it is crazy when I think that a few months back I still thought my vision was okay. Last friday was the first time I tried to go without glasses when I went out partying as I felt my glasses did not match my outfit (again you are right and I should get different styles;)). Luckily I was smart enough to put them in my purse as I could literally not see a thing without them. I was super shocked, bc at night it seems even worse. So they came on rather quickliy again.

I have mentioned this earlier, but I am still surprised on how many people notice the change in prescription. I have worn glasses continuously for the past few years but I guess they have always looked weak. I love telling them about how I needed stronger glasses :) Also when they put them on now, they say stuff like "wow you're blind" which is super exciting for me.

Really looking forward to getting new lenses put into my glasses! I mean it's nearly one diopter more than I have now, so they must look stronger, right?

MROP 19 Jan 2018, 15:50


Yeah I think Iím doing quite well with overcorrection. the contacts Iíve purchased are said to be wearable for continuous wear for 30?days and nights and whilst I definitely wonít do this, one or two nights wonít hurt, as they are very oxygen permeable and designed for this.

My friends say that my glasses suit me, however theyve only seen my black framed ones. I go back to uni next week though, so then theyíll see me in my navy metal pit and sometimes my semi-rimless pair.

Soundmanpt 19 Jan 2018, 15:39


Your eyes seem to tolerate quite a bit of over correction without any problem. That is probably why your eyes seem to be changing without any effort. You want your eyes to feel some slight pulling. That means that your eyes are being strained which you want.

Even though you're getting extended contacts i'm glad to hear that you plan on taking them off at bedtime. And I hope you don't fall asleep too often with them on. I really don't think that is very good for your eye health. You're doing so good with making your eyes myopic you don't want to do anything to cause any harm to your eyes.

So has the girl part of decided which style of glasses looks best on you yet? Since you started wearing glasses what has the reaction of your friends been to seeing you wearing glasses? Has their been one pair that they seemed to like best on you?

MROP 19 Jan 2018, 09:57


I thought Iíd update you on my glasses and contacts. Iíve become super comfortable with my -3.50 glasses and am really comfortable wearing them over my -3.25 contacts, which I have done all day today. There is no headache pain and I am holding reading material as close to my eyes as possible. At first the blur was pretty bad but Iím beginning to be able to hold my phone and books etc closer and closer to my face and feel little strain with it. Currently I am holding things close enough that I feel a little pulling.

Iíve ordered my -4.50 extended wear contacts, and some more glasses in -4.00 and -3.50 as I fancy a slight change in frame!

Soundmanpt 19 Jan 2018, 09:48


No doubt being younger was a help to your eyes in making the adjustment to your current glasses. Also the fact that needing stronger glasses has been your wish for so long made it easier for you as well. I am sure that your eyes quickly adjusted to your glasses for seeing distances clearly and sharp.But i'm surprised you didn't have more of a problem at first with reading small print with your glasses. You're an ER nurse so it's critical that your eyesight is near perfect when reading the small print of dosages of medications and such. But again your still young age was probably an asset to you with being able to read with your glasses on. Remember you're nearsighted so your glasses are now strong enough that they aren't really helping your eyes to read small print. In fact they should be making it slightly more difficult for you to read with your glasses on. But by not taking your glasses off to read your eyes will completely adjust to them for reading and your eyes will be more comfortable wearing your glasses for reading and more uncomfortable and difficult for you to read without your glasses anymore. But I agree with you that's it's best that you keep your glasses on when reading.

I'm sure the world looks a lot different to you now when you take your glasses off than it did 2 months ago. It's amazing how much accommodation will help when you're still young. Your eyes had to be straining like crazy to see things even a short distance away from you with your previous glasses. If you drive a car you have no idea how dangerous that was. I'm sure that you're still pretty shocked at how fast you went from being able to see what you still probably thought was "pretty good" to only being able to read close up. Even though you're able to function without your glasses it's much more difficult than it was before with your previous glasses. Now even though you have been wishing to need stronger glasses for so long i'm sure that you knew that if you were ever going to need strong glasses your vision would be pretty blurry without your glasses as a result. Is this pretty much what you expected your eyesight would be like?

I knew as soon as you said what your prescription was when you got your current glasses that you would be needing your glasses made stronger in less than 3 months time. Then when you didn't mention getting your eyes dilated and going from wearing glasses with hardly any prescription in them to -2.75 that as your eyes adjusted to your glasses and became relaxed that you wouldn't be seeing as well as were when you first got your glasses. And your own vision test you did at the hospital you at confirmed that in less than 2 months your glasses were already too weak for your eyes. Now I wish that you had told the truth when you went for your recent eye exam so the doctor would have dilated your eyes. That is the best way to get a more accurate refraction(prescription) so your glasses would be perfect to what your eyes need to be wearing. You're going to need to order new glasses soon because 20/50 with your glasses on isn't very good. In fact even with your glasses on you're considered unsafe to drive a car. You only recently tested your eyes at your hospital where you work and at that time with your glasses on you were able to read the 20/40 okay but said that it was slightly blurry. Now you could only read the 20/50 line with your glasses and the 20/40 was more blurry than when you tested your eyes. So I wonder if your eyes are still not fully relaxed which means you're eyes are still adjusting and haven't settled down yet. But you can't keep going every couple months to get your eyes examined either. I would suggest that you go on line to get your glasses. It's much cheaper than the optical stores and you may need another change in your glasses in 6 months anyway until your eyes settle down. You know what prescription you need to order and I can help you with getting your PD measurement you need in order to place an order. Actually the are cheap enough that you really should order 2 pairs when you order. I don't have to tell you that you're unable to get by without glasses anymore. So right now if something were to happen to your glasses you would be in big trouble. You wouldn't be able to see to drive to work and even if you were able to get to work you wouldn't be able to see well enough to do your job as a nurse very well without your glasses. Nobody ever plans on their glasses getting broke but it happens all the time. You need a spare pair of glasses. besides your a young woman don't you want to be able to change your glasses from day to day anyway?

Lou 19 Jan 2018, 08:58

Hi Soundmanpt

Thank you very much. I have already read the whole of Ginny's story, thanks, and your suggestion. Since she didn't seem to have responded to your suggestion, I thought that I'd re-post it at the top of the thread. Sorry, I should have referred to your suggestion and said that I agreed with it, rather than re-posting it. I'm a little confused for how long Ginny is in Switzerland and presumed that it was for a short period for work, and was thinking that she could return to the place where she got her glasses on her return.

Best wishes


Soundmanpt 19 Jan 2018, 08:12


You're always welcome to join in that's what this forum is all about. I wasn't aware if they had the same return policy in other countries or not, but I knew here in the US that most optical stores do have that return policy. If you look back to my post on "17 Jan 2018 10:47" I suggested the very same thing to her . But she said that she was now in Switzerland. So I assume that is why she had her eyes examined their. I am not sure why she didn't tell the truth that she only got her current glasses prescribed to her only 2 months ago instead of claiming her last eye exam was a year ago? She doesn't understand that what is happening with her eyes is not unusual for someone getting such a large increase in their glasses. But that was her own decision to make.

Ginny's glasses story is very interesting. It starts on "17 Jan 2018 4:34"

 19 Jan 2018, 02:51

Hi Ginny

I fully appreciate your last post was to Soundmanpt, but in the UK where I live, you generally have three months to return if you feel that your glasses are wrong in either prescription or fit/comfort. Since it has been only two months and you now have confirmation that your prescription is significantly too weak, I would telephone the place where you got your glasses from, and without mentioning your eye test yesterday, say that you think your prescription is too weak, as you are really struggling to see in the distance, and could you please come in for a re-test. I think that it is quite likely that this will result in them changing your lenses in your current glasses at no cost to you.

Best wishes


Ginny 18 Jan 2018, 13:31


No, I was fine with wearing them from the beginning. I guess it is probably because of my still young age, so my accommodation is still okay. Reading with them now is no problem and even without them I can read just fine. But I never take them off, it is simply too much of a hassle to do so.

I mean it is scary when I take them off now, besides reading there is nothing much I can do. I can still function normally though, it's not like I am "really" blind. It kinda feels like worse then before though, it is like you said - my eyes have probably relaxed now and that is why I experience the blur as worse then before. I actually am really happy with my glasses, partly because they do look a lot stronger than they actually are. I think this is bc of the fairly large frame size :).

However, I was bored today and a had a full eye exam again! I admit, I said my last one was a year ago bc i feared they would send me away if they knew I had been prescribed my current ones only 2 months ago.

As you figured Soundmanpt, my current glasses are too weak for me! I am somewhat surprised about how much too weak they actually are tbh. I thought it would be around -0.25 or - 0.5, but apparently I need -3.5 in my sphere which means -0.75 more in both eyes. Astigmatism stayed the same. I managed to read only to about the the 20/50 line and was already struggling with the 20/40 so -0.75 more seems appropriate.

I am not sure about ordering new lenses again .. maybe I will just keep my current ones and wait a little longer. Will that have any effect on the further progression of my prescription? I would like to see 20/20 though, and also the thought of having stronger glasses (even though not by much) is kinda interesting.

MROP 18 Jan 2018, 13:00


Yeah I know. Itís all good.

Yeah I know with contacts. I have solution and know how to clean them properly. I want extended wear as if I happened to fall asleep in them one night it wouldnít be as bad as in dailies, however I will remove them at night.

Soundmanpt 18 Jan 2018, 12:13


I would expect for you to be completely dependent on your glasses by now. For some time you were hoping and wanting your eyes to get bad enough for you to need stronger glasses. But now that you have the stronger glasses you have been wanting are you okay with everything being so blurry when you take off your glasses now? And being so dependent on your glasses now. Before with your weak glasses they hardly made any difference, if any at all, in your vision. I think you might be perfectly happy if your eyes hardly change anymore at all.

When you got your glasses and started wearing them Did wearing them give you any headaches at first while your eyes were adjusting to them? Did they seem to feel like they were pulling your eyes out of your head? And how well were you able to see to read wearing your glasses? I would think that might have been the hardest part adjusting to. At first were you taking your glasses off when you needed to read small print? Are you keeping your glasses on now when reading? Now that your eyes are fully adjusted to your glasses is reading as easy now with your glasses as it is without your glasses? I assume that your still able to read without your glasses? I'm sorry for all the questions but I am asking because you went from barely needing glasses to needing them full time with your first real prescription. Even though you were probably thrilled to be wearing what i'm sure you were considering your first real glasses. But I have a feeling that first week wearing your new glasses by the end of each day your eyes were pretty tired from working so hard adjusting to a much stronger prescription then your eyes were used to.

Soundmanpt 18 Jan 2018, 12:13


I would expect for you to be completely dependent on your glasses by now. For some time you were hoping and wanting your eyes to get bad enough for you to need stronger glasses. But now that you have the stronger glasses you have been wanting are you okay with everything being so blurry when you take off your glasses now? And being so dependent on your glasses now. Before with your weak glasses they hardly made any difference, if any at all, in your vision. I think you might be perfectly happy if your eyes hardly change anymore at all.

When you got your glasses and started wearing them Did wearing them give you any headaches at first while your eyes were adjusting to them? Did they seem to feel like they were pulling your eyes out of your head? And how well were you able to see to read wearing your glasses? I would think that might have been the hardest part adjusting to. At first were you taking your glasses off when you needed to read small print? Are you keeping your glasses on now when reading? Now that your eyes are fully adjusted to your glasses is reading as easy now with your glasses as it is without your glasses? I assume that your still able to read without your glasses? I'm sorry for all the questions but I am asking because you went from barely needing glasses to needing them full time with your first real prescription. Even though you were probably thrilled to be wearing what i'm sure you were considering your first real glasses. But I have a feeling that first week wearing your new glasses by the end of each day your eyes were pretty tired from working so hard adjusting to a much stronger prescription then your eyes were used to.

Soundmanpt 18 Jan 2018, 09:51


Once again I want to remind you not to over do it by trying to go too strong with glasses and contacts. What you're going to be doing is in effect the same as wearing -6.75 glasses. That's very strong considering only a few months ago you hadn't even started wearing glasses yet and you still had perfect eyesight. In the short time since you have started wearing glasses and contacts you no longer have perfect eyesight and your eyes have continued to be weakened by wearing over correction to the point where you no longer able to see well enough to drive without either glasses or contacts anymore.So you already know that what you're doing is working very well.

Getting extended wear contacts is a good idea but remember even though you can wear them for 30 days you still need to take take them off at bedtime and you need to clean them each night as well. The main thing is you're not replacing them as often. But you can't put them on and leave them on for 30 days straight or you will almost certainly get an eye infection which i'm sure you don't want. Are you thinking of the extended lenses because of you're upcoming stay with your friend while you're staying with her so yo don't get caught wearing your stronger glasses around her. By the way how did she find out that you're now wearing glasses? Is she in uni with you or did you just decide to tell her so you could wear glasses around her?

MROP 18 Jan 2018, 02:08

Soundmanpt (and anyone else haha),

So Iíve started to wear my -3.50 glasses over my -3.25 lenses for close up work a few hours a day to push my eyes a little. Iím hoping this will make a big difference in inducing myopia.

Iíve also decided to invest in some extended wear lenses, so that I can wear lenses that I plan on wearing for a week straight, then a break, then another week and so on for a bit just to induce some more myopia. Iím thinking Iíll order these in -4.50.

Weirdeyes 18 Jan 2018, 00:12


It did shock me that I was farsighted. I thought for a while I was nearsighted, but not enough to need glasses. Turns out that was astigmatism. My astigmatism is -0.75 and -1.50 which actually is bad enough to get glasses. My prescription is also strong enough to be concerned about thick lenses. At least the left eye. I do get thinner lenses, but mainly because Iím scared my lenses will look visibly different. If both my eyes were like my left eye I probably wouldnít be as scared of thick lenses.

Ginny 18 Jan 2018, 00:02


Yes, that was exactly what happened. I mean the glasses I had before were really week - so it didn't take me long to realise that they were not very useful to many anymore.

And it does kind of excite me that my prescription still isn't perfect and I like the thought of seeing even better a lot :).


Okay, thank you. I might just have an eye exam today here if I find the time! You are right, I am absolutely dependent on my glasses already and I have a gut feeling that my prescription will keep increasing as I do still a lot of close work. And if I take after my mother I am likely to end up getting stronger glasses anyways so I am not pushing it.


I know, and for me this is still very weird. I imagined things like this happening to me but never thought it might actually happen. For me it has always been minus glasses though ;)

Soundmanpt 17 Jan 2018, 14:14


After wearing your glasses for the past 2 months your eyes should be fully adjusted and relaxed by now. So once you get that small increase you now need you should be good for at least the next 6 months and maybe even the year. But if you're still doing many of the same things you were doing, reading holding everything close in dim lighting, before you got your eyes examined then you will likely need another increase sooner rather than later.

I'm glad that you're not planning on over correcting your eyes at this point anyway. Actually I think you're wearing a very nice prescription right now. You're going to be wearing -3.25 with some astigmatisms when you get your eyes rechecked. So you already can't see all that well now without your glasses now. Their's really no point in trying to make your eyes any worse in my opinion anyway. And I think you're very happy just the way you are now.

Weirdeyes 17 Jan 2018, 12:06


You kind of remind me of me. When I was a kid I pictured myself wearing strong glasses. I didnít know what kind I would wear. Sometimes I pictured myself wearing minus glasses and sometimes plus glasses. Sometimes I tried to think about astigmatism glasses. I couldnít understand them, so I just assumed they were very trippy to wear. That excited me. I once remember this dream where I wore some glasses that had strong plus and cyl correction. I had fun taking them off and everything looking trippy and putting them back on and seeing everything clearly.

When I couldnít see some objects in the distance my dad could see at around nine years old I got excited. That meant I needed glasses. I assumed they would be minus glasses. Especially since I loved reading so much. I got my eyes tested and they said I didnít need glasses. I probably strained too much to see the letters. I didnít know you were supposed to relax. I was very disappointed.

A few years later I got my eyes tested again. I turned out to have poor vision in my left eye. That confused me because I thought my vision was off in both eyes. He made a big deal out of the poor vision in my left eye, but I only ended up with a weak prescription at first. That confused me. Later on the left eye prescription did get way stronger while the right eye prescription stayed pretty weak.

I eventually got astigmatism correction in both eyes. It doesnít look as trippy as I thought it would. Probably because itís still relatively mild. Iím getting my eyes dilated tomorrow. Iím hoping to have significant latent hyperopia because I have terrible eye strain. It would also be nice to stop all the monocle jokes as well. I think the difference between my eyes will be less obvious if both lenses are ďstrongĒ instead of just the left one.

antonio 17 Jan 2018, 11:26

Funny, Ginny,

So you got halfblind behind your own first -0.25 glasses ? :-)

Did you like the challenge to see through your already too weak lenses ?

Best regards, antonio

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 11:07

Thanks you guys!

Yes, the difference between my old and new glasses is really huge. I would say the old ones are close to useless to me now.

I will definitely not get any stronger glasses right now in terms of over correction! But I just my have my eyes re-tested here in Switzerland. I might move here soon anyways.


I don't know, I really struggled and squinted a lot. Also my friends kind noticed I guess. Many of them were not at all surprised when I told them about needing stronger glasses.

The explanation about my eyes not fully relaxing makes sense to me. Do you think it could get even "worse" once the truly relax? I am just so excited to know if I need a stronger prescreption already!!! I might really just have my eyes retested tmrw :)).

antonio 17 Jan 2018, 10:50

Hi Ginny,

How could you cope with reading the board at school and all else when you couldn't read the bus numbers any more ?

Did you wear your first glasses ?

Did others got to know you were slowly going halfblind ?

Did you ask "silly" questions as I did that everyone could answer but not me ?

Best regards, antonio

Soundmanpt 17 Jan 2018, 10:47


Based on everything you have said and described I think there is no doubt that your glasses do need to be stronger already. Most likely when you were tested the prescription you were given was accurate at that time. But because there was such a big difference between the weak glasses you went in wearing and how much your eyesight had changed your eyes weren't as relaxed as they needed to be. Also you idn't mention anything about them dilating your eyes which also helps relax and provide a more accurate prescription. So now by wearing your new glasses full time everyday you're eyes have fully adjusted to your glasses in the past 2 months and your eyes are now relaxed as well. So what you're seeing by testing your own eyes is no doubt accurate. Your glasses are in fact a little weak for your eyes because you shouldn't have any problem reading the 20/20 line with your glasses on.

I would suggest since you have only had your glasses 2 months many if not most optical stores will exchange your lenses within the first 90 days after you get your glasses at cost to you. Some will even do that even if you're not happy with the frames you got. but a change in your prescription is something they shouldn't have any issue with doing at no charge. Honestly I don't think the optometrist would be surprised at all that you need your lenses changed out. Now I would first call and ask about what their policy is in regard to a change in your prescription as far as replacing your lenses. If they don't have this policy then as long as you're wanting to wear rather strong glasses anyway you can always go to my favorite place for glasses. Zenni ( and order your glasses on line. They have several hundred for under $13.00. And don't forget to order the optional AR coating which is only $5.00 more. If you're only wanting to get back to 20/0 or slightly better then order your glasses by -.50 SPH stronger than your current prescription. I wouldn't try going too strong if I were you until your eyes have time to settle down Your eyes are barely adjusted to your current glasses which are a lot stronger than your old ones were so going up another -1.50 is quite a big change in a very short time. And remember what your mother told you. Your eyes might be just beginning to change and who knows how strong your glasses might get naturally. Now that you finally really need your glasses you should probably order a nice pair of prescription sunglasses at some point once you get things worked out with your glasses now.

Big difference now when you take off your glasses compared to your old weak glasses isn't it. I'm sure that your glasses look very nice with that prescription.

antonio 17 Jan 2018, 09:35

Hi Ginny,

Yes test your eyes there. Why not.

But I don't advise you to spoil your sight on purpose.

I found out I need -1 more every decade.

And you still habe many decades to go.

So please don't spoil your eyes now.

If you like you can try GOC on another thread herein

Just for the feeling of needing strong minis glasses over plus contacts.

Interesting story yours by the way. Thanks.

Visit many of us on

Or als Gast in German

Best regards Antonio

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 09:25

@specs4ever & Josh, thank you for your answers!

I am still very happy with my glasses, but I keep wondering if I might have been under corrected.

As I work in a health related field I have asked around and it seems that it is (as least here in Europe) not uncommon to give a weaker than actual prescription to a patient that has had a fairly big increase in his or her prescription.

Being an "optically obsessed person" (as you call people like me, right ;)) I have of course tried to check my vision even now that I have my new glasses already. I found an eye chart in the hospital where I work and a quick vision check by myself.

I found that with my glasses I still can not see the 20/20 line. 20/40 is quite alright but also slightly blurry, however I have no trouble recognising (i.e. reading) the letters on the 20/40 line, even though they are not completely clear. Does this mean that I might need an additional -0.5?

Even though I am happy with my current prescription, I find the idea of needing even stronger glasses quite fascinating and wouldn't mind at all.

I cannot go back to the place I had my eyes tested in November, as it has only been 2 months since I got them and I believe they'd might suspect something's up. However I am considering going to another optician's and have another exam. I am seriously interested if I have been under prescribed.

Do you think I should do this? I am currently staying in Switzerland for a while. Nobody knows me here and I am really tempted just to pop into a optical shop and tell them it has been a year since I had my last eye exam.

And I admit, I have been thinking of ordering stronger glasses sometime down the road.. but I am really not yet sure about that. Do you really think I could tolerate -1.5 more? Wow, that would bring me to -4.25 which sound really crazy :D.

specs4ever 17 Jan 2018, 06:20

Congratulations Ginny on achieving what you have always wanted. Your story sounds quite plausible and if you do want to increase your myopia a little more the people of this community will certainly be able to advise you. But you already know about ordering glasses online with stronger prescriptions. You don't want to end up with too high a prescription so you probably shouldn't try to order glasses with any more than a 1D increase at a time, and actually, if you wait a month or so you might find that by then you will have adapted to your new glasses so well that the clairity you first experienced is no longer there. If that is the case you might bump your glasses by -1.50D, but that is a decision only you can make. If you ever do choose to increase your prescription, do not play around with the cylindrical numbers, only increase the spherical(the first number). I wish you all the best in obtaining your goal.

Josh 17 Jan 2018, 05:30

Nice story Ginny, you could chat with lot of people in glasses in hope to see you there soon, enjoy your glasses!

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 04:40

Even now I love how they feel on my face and every day is super exiting wearing them. I was surprised, how many people noticed the difference in the lenses Ė probably because my old ones really looked week.

And, I learned something even more exciting. My mother, who has been myopic with around -5 but had LASIK two years ago, told me that she did not get her first glasses until she was 22. She warned me, that if I ďhad her genesĒ my eyes would probably get worse every year! I am not hoping for this as my prescription is already severe enough for my taste and I have never been anyone that liked super high-myopes (not that I am judging). Anywhere between -2 and -6 or 7 is fine for me.

I hope you enjoyed my story Ė I have only recently discovered eyecene and I am so happy to have found people that think just like me and share my fascination.

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 04:39

I was in heaven!! She handed me the prescription and said I could go and pick up new frames. I thanked her and went outside. But before out of the waiting room and out back to the shop where the frames were, I looked at the prescription she gave me.

And I nearly fainted. I think I might have actually gasped in excitement. Luckily I was her last appointment before lunch so the waiting room was empty. The prescription slip read (and I really am not kidding you): Right: -2.75 Ė 0.75 A72, Left: -2.75 -0.25 A157. That was it for me. I had become seriously myopic and I could not wait to get my glasses.

I picked up a similar frame I already had. It was a classic, black rectangular frame. As I have a somewhat wide face It was also rather large. I was like in a dream, I donít remember a lot of what the salesperson told me about lenses, but I was educated enough through my fetish to know not to get thin lenses and crap like that ;). I had to wait for around 5 days for my glasses to arrive and when I finally received the text saying they are ready a few days later, I was just before my lunch break from work. I literally did not get anything to eat that lunch and headed straight to the shop. It seemed like ages. The assistant took his time looking for them and for a second it seemed like the had got it wrong and my glasses were still not ready. But thankfully they were.

I could see the black material and the lenses shining in their case. How strong would they look? How would my vision be. When he put them on to adjust them, I intentionally closed my eyes. I wanted him to fix them first before I looked through them. After bending the temples a little he handed them to me and I put them on. OMG I was even more in a dream than ever before. Everything was soo clear! I could read even the furthest traffic signs outside the shop Ė something I wasnít able to do in years. I looked in to the mirror and was more than satisfied. My glasses looked really strong!! Because they were a really large model and had huge lenses you could see substantial cut-ins and power-rings. I left the store and headed back to work. How easy it was now! My eyes seemed to relax. And my co-workers noticed quickly. Some of them even commented, that the glasses looked stronger then my old pair. And how happy was I when they tried them on and all the comments came like ďwow youíre really blindĒ etc. When I came back home in the evening and took them off the blur seemed even worse then before. Ofc I did not think one Moment of not wearing them full-time. My dream had finally come true!

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 04:38

I continued this up until late November of last year, when I finally decided it was time. Indeed, it had become a challenge to function normally, the blur was becoming nearly unbearably. Watching TV was impossible and even recognising peopleís faces was nearly unmanageable. Also, my glasses from when I was 16 (which by then was nearly 8 years ago), did not seem to help at all.

So on a Monday morning in November I went to an optical shop to have my eyes tested for the first time in around 4 years. I was excited as I was sure I would get a prescription of around -1 at least. I was hoping for -1.5 but I did not want to get my hopes up.

So I made an appointment and showed up wearing my old glasses. The assistant of the optician was very nice. It waited not for long. They took my glasses, measured them and then had me look into the auto-refractor. I hoped the girl would say something but she seemed unimpressed. After a short while I was called to the optician and set in the famous chair. First she said that my eyes were healthy, after she had looked at them with a really bright lamp. Then she asked me to look through the machine (what I now know is called a phoropter) and put my lousy prescription in it. She did mention that she could see from the auto refractor that I would need a stronger prescription, so I was already safe. However, she said nothing about whether it was substantial or just a slight increase. I relaxed and decided to reply truthfully to her questions and not try to cheat to get a stronger prescription. With my current prescription, I could only make out the first two rows!! I could feel getting more and more excited with each click she made. I knew by now, how eye xams were conducted as I had read a lot about it on the internet to satisfy my obsession. The picture became clearer and clearer every time it clicked. Finally, we were done. I could not hold my excitement anymore. I wanted to know my prescription. And boy was I in for a treat. The optician looked at me with a serious face and said something like: ďyou have become substantially myopic, Ginny. It is not too bad, but the new glasses will surley make a lot of differenceĒ.

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 04:37

Back then I didnít know anything about inducing myopia or I might have ordered a stronger pair just to get more myopic. Because I soon learned, that I really would have liked to really need those glasses. Still, my eyes seemed to be fine. And boy I tried everything just to convince somebody to get stronger glasses. I went for eye exams every three months, even went to different cities and of course different optical shops. I lied and tried to cheat on the eye exams, got my eyes dilated but nothing helped. My prescription stayed the same or changed to -0.5 sphere at the most. I was frustrated. Again, back then I did not even know I could order glasses online with a prescription I liked. So after I had turned 20 I gave up my desire to get stronger glasses. I wore the once I had as often as I could but with no intention or hope that I would ever need stronger glasses.

Around that time I started nursing school. I had long shifts and had to study hard. As you have to work and go to school at the same time, those years were not easy and money was tight. And, to be honest, I kinda forgot about the whole glasses thing.

Around two years ago, I started noticing my vision was slightly off when looking at distant objects. Suddenly, it all came back to me. Was this my dream coming true? I did not dare to think about it. I read up on the topic and heard about pseudo-myopia and how close work could, temporarily, make people myopic. I didnít want to get my hopes up so I decided to wait as long as I could before testing my eyes. Additionaly, I did a lot of near work in dim lights and at night in order to make myself more myopic. And I could tell that it was apparently working because I could notice my vision getting worse and worse. Boy was I happy when I couldnít read the numbers on the bus anymore. But I did not have my eyes tested as I wanted to get a real, substantial prescription.

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 04:34

This might sound like a crazy (or even fake!) story to some of you, but it has happened to me and I think some of you might enjoy reading it.

I am 24 years old, half German, half British and I live in the southern part of Germany, where I am currently working as a ER-nurse.

Since my teenage years, I have been fascinated by glasses. And as I matured and got into puberty I developed what you might call a fetish (which many of you might be familiar with ;)). I got my glasses in first grade. They were for slight long-sightedness and some astigmatism. However, as I was still young, I forgot about them and did not wear them at all.

Sometime around my 16th birthday, I decided to get myself new glasses. I knew about my fascination back then. Plus, it was really fashionable to wear those big nerd glasses and everybody was doing it.

I hoped for a stronger prescription so I was full of excitement to have my eyes tested. I thought maybe I had some latent hyperopia and would get some kind of decent prescription. However, I was really disappointed that day. Not only had my hyperopia completely vanished, but the optician even suggested I need not to wear glasses at all and I should just get plane lenses if I wanted them for fashion purposes. I managed to convince her to give me a prescription nonetheless. It was, however, a ridiculous one. I had -0.25 of sphere in both eyes and an astigmatism of -0.5 in one and -0.25 in the other eye.

Still, I got those glasses and it felt wonderful to wear them. I wore my glasses as much as I could, even though the lenses looked like they had zero power in them. And most people trying them on could not even notice they were prescription. But I was firm in wearing them and soon everybody knew me as the girl who wore glasses without really needing them.

Billy A. 16 Jan 2018, 22:07


Just because he ruined his perfect eyesight. Now he is little bit cross-eyed and very unhappy..

Alex 16 Jan 2018, 13:33

Thanks for the info, Billy. Why was your friend crying? Did he end up noticeably cross-eyed or was he lamenting the fact he couldn't wear contact lenses?

Billy A. 16 Jan 2018, 12:45


First time, he was happy. But when he found he has really double vision and cannot recover, he way crying all the nights. For him, wearing prisms was fun, but now its necessary. He hates himself because of this...

 16 Jan 2018, 12:31

In answer to your questions

1) I'm 30 years old

2) I'm currently -2.50 in both eyes (no axis or cylinder)

3) I work for a small engineering firm (but at a computer all day)

4) I live just outside of London in England

Billy - is your friend happy having induced prism or does he regret it?

Cactus Jack 16 Jan 2018, 12:03


It is easier to Induce the need for BO prism than it is to Induce Myopia. How much and how fast depends on the amount of BO prism and how much you wear them.

Could you provide the following information?

1. Your age?

2. Your complete prescription?

3. Your occupation?

4. Where you live? (country)


Billy A. 16 Jan 2018, 12:00


It depends on your eye condition, age, power of the lenses and many other facts. Every person is different.. I have one friend who wore BO prisms every day, sometimes "from bed to bed", sometimes just a few hours... Now he has double vision and needs prisms fulltime. It doesn't take a long time. But as I said - everyone's different.

Alex 16 Jan 2018, 11:43

Would wearing prism glasses (base out) for around 2-3 hours in the evening (the only time I have available) result in me becoming dependent on them? If so, how long would this take?

denden 16 Jan 2018, 07:46


That would be ideal for me, but looking at how old I am I'd be quite happy with even a -0.50 increase from my current prescription. I could have actually gone all out like you when I first started uni as it was a new social circle that wouldn't question my new glasses and I wasn't living with parents anymore. However I wanted to try and grow out of this desire to no avail. Now I wish I tried wearing strong glasses back then when my eyes were still versatile enough!

Anyway, you are at a slight advantage to me as you're two years younger. Hope your attempt goes well!

MROP 16 Jan 2018, 07:42


yeah same here. I'm ultimately aiming for around -1.75 to -2.00. But currently I wear -3.50 glasses and -3.25 contacts. Not together of course though haha.

Why not try some higher lenses and take strong tablets like painkillers for the headaches? I did that the first 2 days with my -3.50 glasses and after that I got used to them, so no more headaches!

I used to think I'd grow out of wanting them to be honest but never have!

denden 16 Jan 2018, 07:37


I've been trying to get rid of this obsession but it's just not going away! No matter what I can't stop wanting more blurry vision. That being said, I only want it to a certain extent; anything over -3.00 would be annoying, between -1.00 and -2.00 is likely the sweet spot for me.

My right eye is a bit worse and I often simulate a blurry vision by blocking my left eye. It feels nice!

I'd gladly exchange my eyes with someone who is mildly myopic and hates glasses/contacts :)

MROP 16 Jan 2018, 07:30


Not offended at all haha! Yeah most people would think weíre weird but Iím fine with it!

I love the feeling I get from it. The idea of actually needing some kind of lens correction is just nice to me. And the blur is like proof that I need these extra lenses! A long day of contact lens wear then taking them out is my favourite, because the blur always seems so much more noticeable and takes a lot longer to go!

denden 16 Jan 2018, 06:56

PS: Please don't get offended by the weirdo thing, I don't judge you at all, just acknowledging the fact that most people would find us strange for shunning the near-perfect vision we were 'blessed' with.

denden 16 Jan 2018, 06:34


That's great to hear! I'm so happy I'm not the only weirdo who is trying to induce myopia on herself haha

Unfortunately my parents are really anti-glasses which prevented me from wearing strong prescriptions full-time back in high school. Maybe that's why I couldn't tolerate these glasses back then, as taking them on and off makes it much harder to get accustomed to them.

My prescription only got worse by -0.25 in each eye in 8 years, which is pathetic considering how long I've been trying for this, albeit on and off.

Just hope it's not too late now that I'm 23 already!

MROP 16 Jan 2018, 06:30


I suppose so, I understand what you mean! If you look close enough you can notice!

It's about that for me too, I actually really enjoy a bit of blur and not being able to read some things at a distance. I've not got to the point where anything is a complete blur to me yet but things are certainly starting to become less clear and fuzzy-isa which I'm liking a lot!

denden 16 Jan 2018, 06:19


It's actually easy to spot a contact lens wearer if you have an eye for detail - I certainly can. I will try ordering slightly stronger glasses again and see how I get on.

Interestingly, my desire for becoming more nearsighted isn't just about wearing glasses, but also I like being able to alternate between blurry and clear vision. As I said, I really enjoyed being able to do that when I was doing GOC. Do you enjoy blurry vision as well, or is it just about wearing glasses for you?

MROP 16 Jan 2018, 05:40


I don't really know where mine began, I've just always wanted glasses as long as I can remember. I'm shocked you can't tolerate any higher prescriptions, I'm fine with -3.50 all day long with no headaches or extra eye strain!

Glasses over contacts wouldn't be too bad for you though, I'm not sure how your friend noticed this! Maybe try it again with higher values.

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