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Induced Myopia

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Soundmanpt 14 Jun 2017, 12:15


I thought you understood that in order to get to around -2.00 that it is necessary that you wear considerably stringer glasses. But you seemed a bit disappointed in how strong your glasses look now compared to your -1.75 glasses. I think the prescription (-2.00) which you really want your prescription to become is a perfect prescription for you. Not too strong and not too weak so your glasses shouldn't look too strong or too weak.

What exactly will you be doing in that class? Are you still a little worried about it? Will it involve refracting your eyes?

Yes your advice is better than your parents for your sister. She certainly doesn't need her glasses for seeing anything close which of course means things like reading and doing homework. But her prescription is strong enough that i'm sure she can't see distances very well at all. Of course there is no way to know when her eyes started becoming nearsighted but she would have had a real problem seeing the board at school if she didn't get glasses. If she wears them at school I think she will soon start keeping them on most all the time. Her eyes are going to adjust to them and she won't like how blurry everything is when she takes them off.

oopsI 14 Jun 2017, 09:08


I'm aware that I need a higher prescription in order to increase to a level I want and I don't mind the -3.5's a lot or anything. But this confirmed that I do want to stick to my original plan, which is nice to know. Also I know -3.5 is still moderate, what I meant to say was that I like the look mostly up to -3's which would probably be low to moderate, I don't know.

The objective refraction will happen in a class and I'm hoping to partner with a friend whom doesn't know much about glasses, lol.

I'm not telling my sister to take her glasses of for anything, don't worry. She wears them in school and when she's on her bike and takes them off any other time. Parents wanted to make her wear them all the time, but I told them that it really doesn't matter at her age and prescription and if she feels comfortable without them she should just take them off.

Soundmanpt 13 Jun 2017, 18:32


I'm sure compared to your -1.75 glasses in the very same frame, your -3.50 glasses do look considerably stronger now. The lenses are thicker and your eyes appear much smaller now. But there still really only considered as "moderate" power. Remember the whole purpose of wearing stronger glasses now is to accelerate the process of inducing real myopia. Wearing your -1.75 glasses won't ever get you close to being at -2.00 which you want to end up at. You can only induce approximately half of the value of the glasses your wearing. So that would be right at -1.75 or maybe even -2.00. But either way you could certainly wear -2.00 glasses if you want. So I just went back and looked up a few things and back in may you were concerned about objective refraction and said that it could be awkward. has that come and gone or is that coming up? Is that a class or a vision check?

Well it seems we were both about right about what prescription your sister might need for her glasses if she in fact needed glasses. She is off to a pretty good start considering she is only 13 and she is almost certain to be needing an increase every year from now until she is in her mid twenties. She's really not far off from needing her glasses full time now even. I know you're trying to keep her eyes from getting worse by telling her not to wear them except when she needs them. But it really isn't going to change anything if she were to wear her glasses full time, that is with the exception of when she is reading or doing other close work which would be better for her to remove her glasses for, or if she does as you have encouraged her to do. So only wearing them in school isn't really enough because she can't see very well outside of class without glasses. And the more her eyes adjust to her glasses in class the ore she is going to notice how blurry things away from class are going to be. You really don't want her to be straining her eyes either. Let her decide if she is more comfortable wearing her glasses or not. Like I said wearing her glasses isn't going to make her eyes get worse, but the truth is her eyes are going to get worse and you can't do anything to stop it from happening. Does she seem okay with wearing her glasses? Has she adjusted to them yet or is she still getting used to them? She almost certainly is going to be more nearsighted than you will be.

oopsI 13 Jun 2017, 12:19


I'd actually like the glasses to look a little less strong, I must admit. As I stated in the beginning I like a low to moderate prescription best. I know -3.5 isn't super heavy or anything, but I think I'd like it best to wear something around a -2. I loved the look of the -1.75's.

I thought my vision hadn't really changed yet, but that was because I haven't compared my actual prescription with the -1.0's recently. When I take the -3.5's off it feels like I have perfect vision after a few seconds, but I think that might be because I'm getting more used to blurry vision because with this amount of overcorrection my vision does get more blurry when I'm not trying to focus on anything. I don't mind, though, because pseudo myopia's not what I'm trying to achieve in the long run. Anyways, I compared my old glasses and the -1's today and it was obvious that I'm seeing better with the -1's now. I think I might be at a -.5 or something by now, which would be nice.

My sister got her eyes checked and got a pair of glasses that she uses in school (she's at sph -1.25 and -1) and said they make a big difference when looking at the board. She doesn't wear them when she doesn't need them which is something I encourage in order for her prescription to not go up a lot. We'll see.

love, Linda

Soundmanpt 12 Jun 2017, 12:28


So good to hear from you again. I was wondering about you since you weren't around for a while. I was wondering how your eeys were doing with adjusting to the stronger glasses. You were basically wearing your -1.75 glasses as your everyday glasses so going from -1.75 to -3.50 is quite a jump for your eyes to adjust to. So i'm really glad to hear that your now fully adjusted to them and you don't get any headaches or distortion wearing your new glasses. I'm sure your eyes probably do look smaller now through your lenses. At the same time I have a feeling you liked it that some people noticed that your glasses looked stronger. How do you feel about that? But so far you're not noticing any change in your real eyesight?

Did your sister get her eyes examined yet?

oopsI 12 Jun 2017, 12:05

Sorry for being absent for a while, I was really busy.

I'm doing well with the -3.5's. I've gotten a few comments on them (that my eyes look smaller (friend whom I told that I got my prescription changed), that they do look thick (the frame is very thin and the lenses are pretty big, so it makes sense. the sunglasses don't even go over the edge of the frame)) but that was alright. I'm fully adjusted to them, don't get headaches or anything.

My vision doesn't stay blurry, I've been spending a lot of time outside since the weather is nice, so I'm guessing they won't have much effect at the moment, anyway.

Love Linda

-25 09 Jun 2017, 08:45

-17.25, -4.5, 110, 24, out and -12.25, -5.00, 040, 24, out and an add of +2.

I live in Ohio, just completed my 1st year of college, and I am the worst at math and am not a fan of science.

Cactus Jack 06 Jun 2017, 16:09


It might be possible, but you DO NOT "just get some -25 glasses". It does take some "training"

May I as a few questions?

1. What is your Complete prescription?

2. Where do you live?

3. Are you still in school or soon starting University?

4. How did you do in math and science in school?


-25 05 Jun 2017, 23:19

Hi, I am nearsighted and some other stuff, about -17 and -12 and I really want to get to -25. I am 18 years old, is there any way? Also do I just get -25 glasses and make mys lef used to them?

Soundmanpt 26 May 2017, 15:48


Just checking to see how you're doing with your new glasses? I know you have only had them a few days? I'm sure your eyes are still working hard to adjust to them.

Soundmanpt 22 May 2017, 16:36

Glad to hear that you got your glasses. So how do you like your prescription sunglasses? I'm not really surprised that your glasses feel a little bit weird. It would have been helpful if you could have wore your -1.75 glasses along with your -1.00 contacts while you were waiting for your glasses to arrive. I know you have been wearing your -2.50 glasses around the house but that's still not the same as wearing the stronger prescription full time. So what you're really doing is almost doubling what your eyes are used to. I am glad that your headache didn't materialize. Maybe by getting a fresh start tomorrow morning will help a bit. I'm sure things do look small now, but as you know as your eyes adjust to your glasses everything will soon appear normal size to you again. Try not to walk into any bike racks. lol

oopsI 22 May 2017, 12:55


my glasses arrived. They feel a bit weird, but I see pretty well with them on. Not much distortion or anything. Stuff seems a bit small, though. I felt a headache come on about half an hour ago, but it didn't come, let's hope it stays that way.

I'm interested to see how my sisters appointment will go. I don't expect her prescription to be much higher than a -1, because she hasn't been complaining about not seeing the board well or anything. We will see, though.

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 18 May 2017, 14:28


I assume your still waiting for your glasses to arrive? I'm sure it must be different in Austria as for as delivery service than here in the US. Here I always knew that once he shipped out of California I would have them in my mailbox within 3 days.

I'm glad to hear that you have been wearing the -2.50 glasses during this time. It's too bad that your eyes don't seem to be able to tolerate wearing contacts for very long. Since you really favor your -1.75 glasses for comfort and looks having the -1.00 under your glasses would have been perfe4ct all this time. But if you were able to wear your -2.50 glasses for nearly a full day inside and outside quite comfortably that should help when your new glasses arrive.

And nice that your sister has an eye appointment scheduled for next month. So what prescription do you think she will come away with? I have already said that I think maybe something like -1.00 or maybe -1.25. I really don't think she is going to need any stronger.

antonio 17 May 2017, 21:35

How much Astigmatismus correction do you wear currently, OopsI ? Just interested, habe a nice day,

love, Antonio ;-)

antonio 17 May 2017, 15:19

Wow Oopsi,

sounds funny Ehen you said you felt drunk without then :-)

Do you know it feels normally Mord difficult to give away your glasses the more the stronger your lenses get?

Guess you Start really needing Them to See? :-)

I sometimes like to look oder my lenses, toojust now I found out doing it I read the clock at the wall in this chamber wrong bareeyed, not a surprise With my -6.5 :-)

What do you like to look at over your lenses?

I had a female friend wearing glasses maybe like -2 who looked at me like that if I weren't too far :-)

Best regards, Antonio

oopsI 16 May 2017, 15:58


One of my friends loved the so much I told her to go on Zenni and order a pair. She's one of the people that had tried my old glasses and she nearly fell over because she couldn't handle the astigmatism (back then it was +.25-.5 in both eyes). Some people just seem very sensitive (she wears a light minus without cylinder herself).

I'm still going -1.75's outside and -2.5's at home and recently when i spend most of the day studying i wore the -2.5's for everything (including going for a walk and stuff) I barely notice them anymore.

My sister has an appointment about a month from now.

love, Linda

Soundmanpt 16 May 2017, 14:10


That's one thing that must make you feel good when people complement you on how awesome your glasses look on you. And didn't you simple love when they tried your glasses on that they said they felt really drunk wearing them? When people tried on your old glasses I think most hardly even noticed that they even had a prescription in them. Just think when you get your new glasses how much more drunk they will feel wearing them? And of course you're going to feel a lot more drunk as well when you take your glasses off. It doesn't sound like you have been wearing your -2.50 glasses very much at all recently? Don't you think that might make going from -1.75 to -3.50 pretty hard on your eyes? That's twice what you're wearing now you know. You might have to wear the -2.50 glasses for a few days so your eyes can better adjust. What do you think? Do you think your eyes can handle it okay straight away? Has mom or dad made an appointment for your sister to get her eyes checked yet? Is she out of school now and if so when does she go back? If she is going to be nervous about having to wear glasses i'm sure getting them just before starting back at school would make it that much harder for her if she barely even had them long enough to get used to wearing them. If she didn't say anything about your glasses feeling even slightly strong to her eyes i'm thinking that she probably need about -1.00 or even -1.25 glasses. I'm sure she liked the over correction just like you. But -1.00 or -1.25 is still about enough for full time wear. Too bad your -1.00 glasses have astigmatisms in them or you could let her try those for a while to see how they work for her.

oopsI 16 May 2017, 12:55


no, I'm wearing the -1.75's. I just like to look over the lenses sometimes.

Today a bunch of people told me how awesome the glasses looked and a few even tried them on. They all said they felt really drunk in them. I felt drunk without them.

Love, Linda

antonio 16 May 2017, 11:19

Hi Oopsi,

does that mean you are going around sometimes bareeyed again or do you use your old glasses then, those you have worn for a year now ?

Best regards, antonio

OopsI 14 May 2017, 13:20


Hey :)

No, the test is going to be at the end of June, I was just looking at two schedule and saw that there will be objective refraction done. I'm not sure if everyone will be doing it, though.

As I'm expecting the new glasses I have been a bit sloppy with wearing the ones I have at the moment and I've been testing my eye sighed all the time. I know, not effective, but as it still seems to be working and the changes will be more rapid with the stronger glasses I guess it's okay.

Soundmanpt 14 May 2017, 13:02


Okay so if they already shipped out of Hong Kong they should arrive this week sometime I would think.

Based on your own testing you're eyesight isn't as good as it was just 2 months ago before you started.

This is what you were expecting to come up but just a bit sooner than expected? Do you know what day they will be doing this? Well it shouldn't be too awkward. You certainly can't go in wearing your -1.75 glasses because your eyes could be slowly changing the longer you have your glasses off during the testing. So I would suggest that you pull out your old -.25 -.50 / -.25 -.50 glasses and wear them that day day at least until they finish testing you. Then you can put your -1.75 glasses back on. It would have been better if they were testing you next month.

oopsI 14 May 2017, 12:26

Just looked at my classes. We will be doing objective refraction... That could be awkward...

oopsI 14 May 2017, 09:45


I don't quite remember when it was that I placed the order, but tracking says it has left Hong Kong.

My vision without glasses was quite good when I started, I hardly noticed blurriness in good lighting using both my eyes. When it was darker/when I closed one eye there was some blur (in the dark) or ghosting (when closing one eye in good lighting). Now I think there is some blur when I wake up when I look out of the window. That's pretty subjective, though. I used an online eye exam thing this morning in good lighting to test it. My vision was better with the -1 glasses (instead of my regular glasses) for my left eye for sure, I think it was better for the right eye, too, but it's wasn't an obvious difference.

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 12 May 2017, 15:00


You seem to be noticing some changes in your eyesight since you started wearing over correction. Were you able to see the leaves on a tree without your actual prescription glasses being on? And it's a very good sign that when you take off your glasses now it is taking longer and longer for your vision to recover and even then only partially. Apparently your left eye must be slightly weaker than your right eye. Interesting since your actual prescription is the same (-.25 -.50) in both eyes, I had to look that up to sure all the way back to March 14th) in both eyes. You mentioned recently that your vision is a bit more blurry in the morning than it used to be which is another good indicator of change. Once you get you new glasses it should even speed things more for you. How long ago did you place your order for them? Have you checked the tracking to see where they are? I know you said that you wear your -1.75 glasses as your everyday glasses but are you still wearing the -2.50 glasses around your house so it won't be as shocking to your eyes when the -3.50 glasses arrive and you start trying to wear them.

Have a great weekend Linda.

antonio 12 May 2017, 13:46

OopsI, seems to me, you are More in need of wearing a lens in Front oft your weaker left eye than you have been before ?

If you like we can discuss in lenschat.

Cu and Best regards, Antonio

antonio 12 May 2017, 13:35

Oh okay OopsI, I know your left eye has Bern your weak one before. So how strong will be your New pair?

Best regards, Antonio

oopsI 12 May 2017, 13:24


I haven't tried doing that without wearing the overcorrection for a length of time.

When I now take off the glasses it takes a while for my eyes to adjust. My left eye stays pretty blurry, though (cannot make out leaves on a tree at all, while with both eyes they are there, just not perfectly clear). It also only takes a few seconds of wearing the overcorrection for my vision to become blurry again (but that's also mostly for the left eye, when I look at things with both eyes I can still see quite well, not perfect, but okay).

I'm exited for the new glasses!

antonio 12 May 2017, 05:21

Hi Oopsi,

habe you ever tried again to wear only your original -0.5 ones and how you see in Them now in different situations? Or even gone bareeyed anywhwere?

Just interested, best regards, Antonio

antonio 12 May 2017, 05:20

Hi Oopsi,

habe you ever tried again to wear only your original -0.5 ones and how you see in Them now in different situations? Or even gone bareeyed anywhwere?

Just interested, best regards, Antonio

antonio 09 May 2017, 14:55

To OopsI,

so glad to hear you aren't going mad, girl :-)

Best regards, Antonio :-)

oopsI 09 May 2017, 10:13

Soundmanpt and antonio

I'm gonna respond here to keep it in one thread.

I was wearing the -1.75's and don't worry, I don't want to be that shortsighted. Far from it, my goal is still in the -2 range. I was just interested to see a person with glasses that looked terribly strong.

I actually just ordered the glasses and am excited to get them :)

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 01 May 2017, 10:52


If the contacts are bothering your eyes or making the itchy then you're right in not wearing them. The last think you want is an eye infection. Besides you are doing fine with just wearing your -1.75 glasses full time. And you said that you are planning on placing your order for stronger glasses very soon anyway.

oopsI 01 May 2017, 09:48

I think I can't wear the contacts, I wore some yesterday and my eyes are still itchy ...

oopsI 30 Apr 2017, 02:21


Yes, I figured. Happens when you don't have to register in a forum.

Soundmanpt 29 Apr 2017, 19:04


Just so you know, that post on "29 Apr 2017 15:32" wasn't from me and I think most of the ones claiming to be posted by Antonio aren't by him either. There is a troll that is finding great humor in posting comments under other peoples name. As you know I wouldn't post a comment like that since I know that you in fact have some astigmatisms already.

antonio 29 Apr 2017, 17:35


Perhaps both of you will be wearing mason jar lenses within a few years.

Myodiscs rule! :-)

best regards,

antonio :-)

antonio 29 Apr 2017, 15:39


interesting to think who of you both will need stronger

lenses to see okay :-)

best regards,

antoniio :-)

NNVisitor 29 Apr 2017, 15:34

Noreen asked why anyone would want to create an eyesight problem they don't have.

Doing so is a form of self harm. It's beyond the scope of rational thinking to plan to harm oneself.

Soundmanpt 29 Apr 2017, 15:32


I forgot also to mention that the blurriness that you are having may be due to some astigmatisms beginning.

How would you feel about needing cylinder correction for astigmatisms?

antonio 29 Apr 2017, 15:31


for most of us the decision was taken somewhere else :-),

you are an exception there :-)

sorry for the "elderly", :-)

cu in lenschat perhaps,

a little myopic regards,


oopsI 29 Apr 2017, 15:27


Elderly? I should probably sort out my retirement plans ;)

With me it's a decision, with her it's more like bad luck and too much instagram, lol. If she needs glasses already, she's probably going to end up in your prescription range.

Love, Linda

antonio 29 Apr 2017, 15:03

Hi OopsI,

"Poor thing will probably end up with quite a bit of myopia",

like her elderly sister will probably :-)

myopic regards, antonio

oopsI 29 Apr 2017, 11:56


That my eyes were relaxing when looking at stuff in the distance only lasted for about two days, I'm guessing it was because I was because I slept less than usual. I read somewhere that the eyes get the "command" to grow when they get blurry vision/hyperopic defocus, I don't know if that's just a theory, though.

Today I ran out of contacts (wore some -1's under my glasses today because I spend a good bit of the day outside) and decided to buy new ones (-4's this time to wear under my old glasses and some -2's) I'm actually considering getting some monthly lenses at one point as that would be a good bit cheeper, but I'm worried that I might damage my cornea by doing that. Maybe I should get some fitted at some point...

I'm gonna remind my dad to make an appointment for her. My sister seemed not to bothered by her possible need of glasses, and I'm guessing she's old enough to get contacts if she hated wearing glasses. Poor thing will probably end up with quite a bit of myopia by the time she's all grown up.

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 29 Apr 2017, 10:01


I forgot to answer your question about your eyes losing focus or seeming to be "lazy" when looking at things in the distance. What's happening is your eye muscles are in fact relaxing. So in effect your eyes are simply trying to ignore the prescription in your glasses. So even though your vision is somewhat more blurry that way your eyes are going to be more comfortable because their not being forced to stay focused. You're trying to train your eyes to see naturally wearing -1.75 glasses.So you want to force your eyes to stay focused as much as possible.

I don't know when high school starts in Austria but if your parents haven't made an appointment for your sister to get her eyes checked you probably need to remind them. And since she almost certainly will be getting glasses she might need or want a little time to get used to wearing glasses before she starts back at school. When she was trying on your glasses did she seem okay with the idea of wearing glasses herself? Since you wear glasses full time i have a feeling she would probably be fine with it.

Rich 29 Apr 2017, 05:57

Thanks for explaining, Cactus Jack. I've always wondered why I've had some (relative) success with inducing myopia during my 30s and other people on this forum haven't.

Cactus Jack 28 Apr 2017, 19:54


You have most likely induced some Pseudo Myopia and maybe a very little Axial Myopia. Pseudo Myopia is caused by the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses having difficulty relaxing to minimal PLUS power after either focusing close or wearing glasses with more MINUS than you actual need for a very long time. It is considered "temporary" but that is a relative term. As Presbyopia creeps up on you, the Pseudo Myopia may decrease. There is no way to predict how much of your Myopia is Pseudo and how much is Axial Myopia or where you will finally wind up.

Enjoy it while you can.


oopsI 28 Apr 2017, 13:36


thank you so much for your advise. Right now I feel like it's working for me anyways, but if my prescription isn't going to change significantly by October I'll surely try your method, it sounds like it's working out well.

It's good to read success stories :)

Love, Linda

Rich 28 Apr 2017, 09:31

In 2008, I was 30 and a pathetic -0.75 in both eyes. In summer 2009, I started wearing glasses/contacts ordered online (a -2 prescription) full-time. In April 2010, I walked away with a -1.5 prescription at an eye test. By 2012, I was at -2.5. Now, it's -2.75 (and unlikely to rise - am nearly 40) but I wear -3.25 glasses/contacts daily. Any possible reasons why this has happened?

Maxim 28 Apr 2017, 07:55

to Wisior

Very good ideas indeed, and nicely written. Very helpful in my opinion, thank you!

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