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Acuity and Prescription II

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Soundmanpt 12 Dec 2016, 10:44


I have been following your comments with Cactus Jack about your dryness problems when wearing contacts. You do understand that one of the main reasons you need to get your eyes examined and fitted for contacts is of course to determine what prescription your eyes need and even more important to check your eyes to be sure that they are healthy enough to wear contacts. And for the doctor to fit your eyes with the right type of contacts that should work best for your eyes. But even a doctor isn't always sure which ones will work best and that is why they provide you with trial lenses to wear for a couple weeks to see how they work for you. Then in most cases you come back for recheck and if your happy and the doctor is happy after checking your eyes then you get your supply of lenses. But not everyone is a perfect candidate for wearing contacts. It's very possible that your eyes just aren't compatible for wearing contacts. It really seems that your eyes are too sensitive as well as too dry to wear contacts comfortability for more than a few hours. I'm sure you don't want to be trying to use drops every few hours in order to wear them. Even worse if your eyes are constantly getting dry that isn't healthy for your eyes either. Admittedly I am not a big fan of contacts, but even less of a fan when someone is forcing themself to wear them. I'm sue you must have your reasons for wanting to wear contacts instead of glasses. But by wearing your glasses they won't cause you any of these dry eye problems you are having with contacts. Your glasses are only -1.25 so they certainly aren't very strong, so your lenses are nice and thin and your eyes should look very natural through your lenses.

Cactus Jack 11 Dec 2016, 11:48


The flatter BC CLs may allow more tears under the lens, but they can't create tears that are not there. Typically, dry eyes are more of a problem in winter and in low humidity environments because the tears that are there evaporate more quickly.

I am not sure, but the ECP may have been trying to get an idea of your ability to accommodate for near and quickly relax to distance.

You did not mention your age, but one of the symptoms of Presbyopia is the speed with which your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses can change focus. When you are very young, your Crystalline Lenses have the consistency of freshly made gelatin dessert. As you get older, the Crystalline Lenses gradually become stiffer and it become harder for your Ciliary Muscles to squeeze them and they also become slower to relax. This slowness can result in intermittent blurriness, until the correct focus is achieved. Ultimately, your Crystalline Lenses will get so stiff that your Ciliary Muscles are not strong enough to change their power and you will need some focusing help, in the form of bifocals or progressives.

The idea that Presbyopia does not happen until around 40 is a myth. It can happen at any age depending on your genetic makeup, your visual environment, and the strength of your Ciliary Muscles. For their size, the Ciliary Muscles are the strongest muscles in the body, but like all muscles, if you don't use them, they get weak. Sometimes is tempting for a person with moderate Myopia to take off their glasses to read or do other close work. That is convenient, because people with low to moderate Myopia effectively have built-in reading glasses, but it has a downside risk. It reduces the amount of exercise your Ciliary Muscles get and speeds their de-conditioning, which makes the progression of Presbyopia faster.


curious 11 Dec 2016, 11:00

thanks cactus jack for your comments, you confirmed my suspicions regarding my eyesight in contact lenses. I am new to wearing them and guess I am more sensitive to how they feel, but they certainly feel like they get tight and dry after a few hours of wear. I went back after doing some more research and found that a flatter base curve contact lens may offer more relief for dry eyes. It took some convincing to get the optician to order a flatter size in. I have been trialing acuvue trueye 8.5 bc and will now try the 9 bc. what are your thoughts on triaing the flatter base curve?

also do you have any idea what test the optician was trying to perform getting me to look up and down repeatedly, im not sure what he was trying to achieve when I told him my problem is lens blurriness as the day goes on (drying lens).

Cactus Jack 11 Dec 2016, 10:09


Tears are VERY important for the health of your Corneas and the functioning of Contact Lenses. Dry eye problems are a big reason for contact lens problems.

Most contact lenses have some water content and some have very high water content, which is considered to be very beneficial. Insufficient tears can affect both your cornea and the optical power and characteristics of your contact lenses.

When you take out your daily wear contact lenses, don't though them away, but leave them where you can see what happens when they dry out. Then put a few drops of lens solution or water on them and watch what happens. Same thing happens in your eyes, but to a lesser extent.

Insufficient tears can also cause the corneas to have problems. The corneas are living tissue, but have no blood supply. They must depend on exposure to air for Oxygen and tears for Oxygen, moisture, and nutrients. Ideally, Contact Lenses float on a film of tears. The CLs transmit Oxygen and some moisture to the cornea, but it is less than what they would get if you didn't have the CLs in.

At some point, you may have to give up on CLs. I did, because of dry eye problems. Some dry eye problems can be helped by medications such as Restasis, but it doesn't work for every dry eye problem. Your ECPs are the best source of advice for your particular situation.

Hope this helps some.


curious 11 Dec 2016, 06:18

Hello, I have recently started trialing daily contact lenses and went back to the optician to have a check up of the trial lenses. I am intrigued to understand what the optician was doing and why and also to seek your opinion on whether my vision complaint is related to my dry eyes. I have been told by a previous optometrist that I have dry eyes and dry patches on my cornea and advised to use sodium hyaluronate eye drops. My prescription is -1.25 both eyes.

I explained that on the whole my vision is good in the contacts but it can go a bit blurry during the day and then clear up, I forgot to mention to him that it clears up after i put drops in but the optician decided to check my vision in more detail after I made the comment about vision going blurry in the day as I wear them, I had already read out the letters on the chart earlier and he seemed happy with that. He put the large electronic device over my eyes that changes lenses, couldn't really tell much of a difference as he was changing the lenses so fast! Then he gave me a handheld chart with different size print on , then instructed me to look at that for a few seconds then look at the distance eye chart whilst he held a lens mounted on a stick to my right eye whilst looking at the screen and handheld chart, he kept asking me to look at the chart and then up at the distance screen over and over again, again I couldn't really tell a difference and said so, what was he trying to do as I've never had that done before in any test?

I tried to tell him that my vision is clear but can go a bit blurry as the day goes on but clears up and that this doesn't happen when I wear my glasses so I'm led to believe it's the contact lens causing interacting with my eye/drying out?

Imogene 04 Dec 2016, 14:03


Thanks again! I guess when I get my new glasses I should wear them a few days in a row to really get used to them (?). I've mostly only worn my glasses at home after removing my contacts at night, but I think it's time I became more used to wearing them out in the world, and more able to easily switch between contacts and glasses.

Soundmanpt 02 Dec 2016, 11:27


You're welcome. It would make sense that you probably do notice even a small change in your prescription more now especially for seeing close up. Most likely you have had very little little change in your eyes over the past 10 or 15 years and your eyes were able to adjust to those small changes without any problem. But you are approaching the age where even a small change might be more difficult for your eyes to accept so easily. It may not be long before you might be looking at needing your first bifocals. Because you're only 37 you would likely want progressives so your glasses would continue to look the same as your single vision glasses.

I think you're going to find that your glasses are going to be slightly better for seeing than your contacts with the addition of the astigmatism correction. But your contacts should still work okay but you will notice that they don't provide you with the same sharp vision as your glasses. Now when you first put on your glasses don't be surprised if they make the floor look slanted or you feel a bit dizzy at first. That feeling will rather quickly go away.

Imogene 02 Dec 2016, 08:23

Thanks very much for your input, Soundmanpt. Makes me feel better that it wasn't something really odd going on. It was just strange to me b/c I've never had any problem adjusting to a small change in my prescription before. But I also wonder if it's partly b/c I'm getting older -- I'm 37 -- and think my near vision/ability to accommodate is starting to change a little bit. The dr also had me try a contact for astigmatism in my left eye (-.75) but it was really uncomfortable and also seemed to make things close up a little blurry, but not give me a headache (not sure if the contact was slightly too strong or if the toric contact just wasn't working well for me). So he said it was fine to go w/out for now, but did include a small correction for astigmatism for each of my eyes (-.5 for both) in my glasses prescription, which I've never had before. So, I'm curious to find out if things will be a little clearer with my glasses compared to my contact, once I get them.

Soundmanpt 30 Nov 2016, 11:17


You're nearsighted so you really shouldn't need your glasses or in your case contacts so much for close work. This is the one big drawback with contacts. You put them on in the morning and they remain on until yu are close to getting ready for bed. Your eyes don't need so much correction for seeing close up as they do for seeing distances. So most likely in order for your eyes to be comfortable when doing close work your eyes are going to be slightly under corrected for distances. If you were a glasses wearer you would do well by wearing your -2.25 glasses for close work and your -2.50 glasses fro distance. You may recall that when you first started wearing glasses you were able to see things close up quite well without glasses, but once you started wearing glasses, or contacts full time your eyes adjusted to seeing close up with your glasses / contacts.

If you had continued wearing the stronger -2.50 lens after a while your eyes would have adjusted and you would be fine. But there is no harm in wearing the -2.25 lens as you can tell yourself.

Imogene 30 Nov 2016, 09:40

Hi...About a week ago, I had an eye exam, and my prescription for my right eye changed from -2.25 to -2.5. The left remained the same...just a small amount astigmatism (-.5). When I tried the new contact the dr gave me for the right, my distance vision was ok, but after reading/using the computer/staring at my phone screen awhile, I developed a huge headache. This happened several times, sometimes on the left and sometimes on the right, and with a little blurriness as I was reading. Tried my old contact in the right, and the headache slowly dissipated. Went back to the dr yesterday, and he changed the contact prescription back to -2.25, but didn't have much explanation for the headaches/blurriness with the new one; he seemed to think it was strange b/c I consistently chose the -2.5 lens in the exam, and I, too, remember feeling like things were notably clearer during the exam w/ the stronger lens. Just wondering if anyone has an explanation. I also changed contact types/brands -- the new one is definitely more comfortable -- this couldn't be a factor, could it? (I'm using the -2.25 in the new brand now, but haven't done much near work w/ it in yet.)

Giovan 26 Aug 2016, 14:50


can you please provide a followup on your meeting with laurac from 2011?

it seems no one believed you and you told them to wait until you give her glasses.

i think you also said the name of the pub in italy. can you give it?

pelase. thank you.

Likelenses 25 Aug 2016, 22:06

Although this is a supposed eyesight improvement site the test seems accurate.

Astra 08 May 2016, 06:00


It is an unacceptable practice, for that doctor to discard your glasses. Even if the glasses is unnecessary or does not perform correctly, your glasses is your private property. she needs your consent before donating your glasses away without your consent.

That doctor is so bad , it looks like she thought oh -0.5 was not a high rx , but after she record so much data about acuity she did not seem to have a second thought on that

There are indication on that sheet. DVA stands for Distance visual acuity. your uncorrected acuity 20/25+3 which should be considered as 20/30 compared with corrected acuity (DVA) of 20/15. it is not only a slight difference on distance visual acuity . it is not uncorrected 20/15 with corrrected 20/15 .

Soundmanpt 04 Jun 2015, 07:20

Some more poor typing on my part. that should start out "Like the others have said"

Soundmanpt 04 Jun 2015, 07:14


Like the bothers said I too am glad they were able to find your glasses for you. You were really lucky they found them.

So you went back to the place you went to 2 years ago in the mall to get your eyes examined? And the outcome of that exam turned out to be exactly the same as it was 2 years ago? So you found out several things anyway. First of all that other doctor did a very poor job of examining your eyes. Also if there hasn't been any change in your vision for the past 2 years your eyes must be pretty stable now and likely won't be changing until later on when you may start to find a need for bifocals. And it never hurts to have 2 pairs of glasses to change into for a change in looks.

Julie 03 Jun 2015, 15:04

Thank you for your responses. It is nice to have a choice. I really like both frames. I wore my new glasses to school today. ( I am a teacher in an elementary school.). My students noticed right off the bat and said that they approved. I also. Got nice compliments from several people that I teach with.

Melyssa 03 Jun 2015, 04:28


I'm glad everything worked out for the best with your original glasses. And it never hurts to have a spare pair or 50. :) I always carry several pairs with me; granted I do wear 6-7 pairs a day. With the same prescription, you can alternate glasses by day, or wear one at work and the other elsewhere, or one in the morning and one after noon, etc.

antonio 02 Jun 2015, 16:53

really nice to hear Julie,

how strong are they and do you plan to wear them and if so whatfor ?

best regards,


Julie 02 Jun 2015, 16:27

I would like to thank all of the nice people on here. I have my glasses back. Unfortunately, I got the message as my other glasses were being made after my appointment. I have two pairs of glasses now. The new pair has the same prescription as my old pair.

Julie 01 Jun 2015, 17:27

After reading this yesterday, I decided to bite the bullet and go to the place in the mall that I went to two years ago. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon after I get off of work.

Soundmanpt 30 May 2015, 07:41


Being a member of a Lion's Club I hate to tell you but the chances of them finding your glasses now is very remote. I know because I have been picking up the donated glasses myself for many years. When I make my pick ups I have about 35 locations I pick up from and I try to hit all 35 locations within a couple days around the same time each month. So some locations may only have a few in the box (10 - 20), but others may have 40 - 50. So I had a rather big box in my car and would dump what i picked up in the big box so by the end of the day i would have several hundred pairs of glasses in the larger box. Even worse if the person that works in that area goes directly to the main drop off point now they will be mixed in with collections from all over town and it could be many hundreds there.

At this point I think you should demand that she compensate you in some way. Maybe see if she will refund you the cost of the eye exam you got. Anything would be better than nothing. You seemed to know what the prescription was in your glasses that she decided to donate. My suggestion is since you felt like your vision was still quite good with those glasses I can help you order a nice pair of quality glasses from Zenni. You have well over 800 women's glasses to choose from for under $22.00. The site is and the price I gave you is fro a complete pair of glasses including the AR coating (anti-reflective)I have ordered several hundred pairs of glasses from them in the past 11 years or so. I can help you with making sure you get the proper size glasses that fit your face well. Honestly it is really very easy and you will have your glasses within 2 weeks time.

Julie 30 May 2015, 06:56

Thank you all for your advice and support. Alas however, the Lion's Club had come by that morning to collect the glasses that were donated. The doctor said that she would contact the club to see if the glasses could be returned. I sent off an e-mail also but have not heard back from either this week. I wasn't especially pleased with how the doctor discussed my request in front of a room full of patients in the waiting room. That is another story though.

I hope that you all have a fantastic weekend. Thanks again!

Maurice 25 May 2015, 14:58

Julie, this is really a strange story.

astigmaphile 24 May 2015, 21:07


Go demand your glasses back. Donating old glasses to Lions is voluntary. Taking them from you is theft. They are your private property.

Cactus Jack 24 May 2015, 01:17


You need to supply the PD when you order glasses online. Your PD is pretty easy to measure if you don't know it. Some people can see well enough without glasses to make the measurement, but others need someone to help them.

Could you provide your complete prescription? That would help me suggest an appropriate method of making the measurement.


miku 24 May 2015, 00:30

Thank you, Cactus Jack!

I am a little worried, because I always got glasses online. I became a little paranoid when my PD reading showed 59, 61 and 63 on different occasions.

Cactus Jack 23 May 2015, 23:23


Yes, but it depends on the difference between what the PD should be and if it is too much or too little. Incorrect PD causes Induced Prism in the glasses and is often used for small prism corrections.

The actual amount of Induced Prism depends on several factors. Look up Prentice's Rule for the details.


miku 23 May 2015, 14:46

Hello again,

I apologise if my question comes across as a little stupid, but does getting glasses with the wrong PD affect the health of my eyes? I mean, would it hurt the muscles or deviate my eyes and cause strabismus?

Thank you!

Julie 23 May 2015, 12:32

Thank you so much for your explanations and advice. I really, really appreciate it.

I will go and try to retrieve my glasses after work on Tuesday. I think that she will be closed for Memorial Day on Monday if I remember a sign in her office correctly. I hope that they are still there.

Pseudomyopia? Did she think that I was pretending to need my glasses? I really do see better with them on.

Thank you again and I hope that you have a fantastic weekend. I will let you know if I get my glasses back.

Answering your other question, I teach first grade and I live in New York State in the United States.

Likelenses 22 May 2015, 21:51


I strongly agree with the others here,that the doctor had no right to take your glasses,and donate them. If I were you,I would demand their return,and if they are not available,demand that the doctor provide you with a pair for free.

Now,about the test numbers.It looks like the first few sets may be the eye chart numbers you read,and also the ones you missed. This could have been a computer generated analysis by an autorefractor.

The thing that I find most interesting is that some of the latter numbers show a small minus ,and small cylinder correction,and then later numbers appear that a small plus correction is required while your eyes were dilated.

I believe that the final analysis is that you have a small amount of pseudo myopia due to close work,and they are suggesting plus lenses for reading to help with that.

I think that because of this part of your test.

C1. Dilation Time: 1:35 PM


OD: +0.25

OS: +0.50

Dx: DV- WNL, D/C WRxGl STAT, PsoM, Emmotrope, F/U 2 yrs.

Notice the notation PsoM,Emmotrope, F/U 2 yrs

I believe that means pseudo myopia,and Emmotrope means normal distance vision,and then they want you to have a follow up exam. in two years.

If I am correct,you would have better,and more comfortable distance vision,with your old glasses,especially since you are used to them,even more reason to demand their return,or replacement of their prescription.BTW, I would select a very expensive frame when demanding replacement glasses,if they can not produce your original ones.If they refuse threaten then with a report to an optometrist ethics board,and The Better Business Bureau.

Cactus Jack 22 May 2015, 20:03

Julie and Soundmanpt,

It looks like you (Julie) had a very through eye exam and there is a lot of information there to establish a vision and overall health base line. Many silent health problems are first noticed on an eye exam. Frankly, I don't fully understand some of the abbreviations, but it appears that you and your eyes are healthy.

Based on your Date of Birth, you are in your early 30s and it is unlikely that Presbyopia will be of much concern for a few more years, but as a teacher, you use your eyes a lot for close work. At some point some functional close help may be useful for comfort. You can get some low cost, low power (+1.00) clip on magnifier/readers, to make extended close work more comfortable. We can tell you where to get them.

I agree that you should demand your glasses back. They belong to you and the ECP had no right to forcefully "donate" them to any cause, no matter how noble.

I believe your refracted Rx, which gave you slightly better than 20/20 with both eyes was:

OD: -0.50

OS: plano x -0.50 110

Even with this low prescription, it indicates that your vision is quite good out to about 2 meters or nearly 7 feet, but I believe you really need to be to see what is going on at the back of the class room, effortlessly.

Classroom vision is a two way street, if a student required this prescription, they would likely need glasses unless they were seated on the first row. A teacher needs to see the entire classroom with excellent vision all the way to the back.

I am not certain, but I believe your existing glasses Rx was:

OD: -0.50

OS: plano

If new glasses were to be purchased from a Main Street Optical Shop, for several hundred dollars, I would not recommend it. There simply is not enough difference to justify spending that much money. A new pair from an online retailer such as Zenni, might be worth the low cost, particularly if you want a new frame style. I would suggest at least the low cost Anti-Reflective coating, but no other options until you find out if they suit your needs.

Actually, Zenni's $6.95 glasses are of such quality and so reasonably priced, I would be tempted to order a pair just to see if I liked the optical difference and also learn how to order my own glasses. If you like the results, you can order any frames and options you like and still save a ton of money. We'll help you do that also if you wish. Soundmanpt has considerable experience in Optical retailing and has ordered many pairs of glasses from Zenni with good results. I have also ordered glasses from Zenni, but Soundmanpt is the expert. Either of us can tell you how to easily measure your PD, which is the only other number you will need to order glasses. Traditionally, the Eye Care Professional (ECP) does not furnish the PD. Normally, the dispensing optical shop does that when they order the glasses made.

I hope all this helps. Please let us know what you decide to do and don't hesitate to ask more questions if you wish.

May I ask where you live and what grades and subjects you teach?


Soundmanpt 22 May 2015, 18:08


Are you kidding me? She really did that? That takes quite a bit of nerve to do that. I guess you were stunned. The irony of that is at least they went to a good cause because I am a member of my local Lion's Club and have been for years.

But even if your glasses were only -.50 in both eyes that is still enough to make a difference in your vision and if your driving at night even more so. Honestly if I were you I would go straight back in there and tell her you want your glasses out of the box locked or unlocked. If she needs to call the person that put the box in so be it and while your there ask for a simple written prescription not that information sheet she gave you. But it's not right that you may have to wait 2 years now just to get any glasses.

If you can ever get her to provide you with a REAL prescription we can help you buy glasses on line for less than $20.00 and very nice as well.

Julie 22 May 2015, 17:34

Thank you so much for responding again. Btw, I hope that your impending surgery goes well. I just saw that.

At the end of my exam, she told me that my glasses were unnecessary and deposited them in a clear plastic Lion's Club donation box that had a little padlock locking the top opening. I thought that was really nervy but at that point I was stunned. I don't have any glasses to wear.

Thank you again and may all go well.

Soundmanpt 22 May 2015, 16:44


That is one of the most confusing prescriptions I have ever seen. But the one thing that is clear none of the numbers are much at all from what I can tell. Maybe "Cactus Jack" can better understand it than I can. My best guess is your just a little bit nearsighted based on the O.D. -.50 and the O.S. -.50 I see. There are some other numbers down lower that might indicate a very slight plus prescription for close up, but it is so weak I doubt it would make any difference in your vision. For the time being if you have glasses and they seem to work for distance then I would continue wearing them and with your doing close work take your glasses off. That is as good as wearing a weak reading prescription just doing that.

Otherwise you might want to return and ask her to write out your prescription in simple terms.

Julie 22 May 2015, 14:18

I absolutely disagree with the doctor. It is true that I could see okay without glasses but my vision was a lot better with my glasses. She said that she could prescribe computer glasses for close work but I wore glasses for distance. That make no sense. I don't think she knew what she was doing. My insurance will not pay for another appointment for another two years now. I should have gone back to the place in the mall instead of seeing her.

Julie 22 May 2015, 14:18

I absolutely disagree with the doctor. It is true that I could see okay without glasses but my vision was a lot better with my glasses. She said that she could prescribe computer glasses for close work but I wore glasses for distance. That make no sense. I don't think she knew what she was doing. My insurance will not pay for another appointment for another two years now. I should have gone back to the place in the mall instead of seeing her.

Julie 22 May 2015, 14:11

Here is what is on the sheet. I don't think you need my name, insurance numbers. I was seen last Friday afternoon.

I will do my best to write the rest of this down because it may or may not be pertinent.

DOB: 5/18/83

Occ: teacher

FMHx: MGM-D, Stk., PGF-D, C, MGF-A, GH, PGM-A,GH, F-A, GH, M-A, GH, HyT, S- GH

FOHx: MGF- Glc., Cat, Gl- FTW, PGM- Gl - NV, F-Gl-NV, M-Gl-NV

PtMHx: BP 112/80, RxM 0, OTC DVit, NKDA, NKA

PtOHx: Onset M- 5/2013, Gl-SM, SV, PRN- MV/PM but Pt-FTW

c/o: HA, ES-OU, DV- MV/PM

aWRx: Per focimeter

OD: -0.50

OS: -0.50. SM, SV, DORx

BCDVA: OD- 20/20+3, OS- 20/15-2, OU- 20/15

sRxDVA: OD- 20/25+3, OS- 20/20, OU- 20/20+1

NV: OD- 20/20, OS-20/20, OU-20/20

IOP: OD 17, OS 16


OD: -0.50

OS: Plano


L: Cl/H, Cl/H K: Cl/H, Cl/H. Conj: H/wt, H/wt. ACh: D&Q. I: H/Nl

PERRLA: R/R, good mobility

RO: V, ON, Ma, FR, Ra- H/WNL. VG. A/V: 2/3


OD: -0.50 DVA 20/20-2

OS: plano x -0.50 110. DVA 20/15

OU. DVA 20/15

R/O PsoM, CRx

C1. Dilation Time: 1:35 PM


OD: +0.25

OS: +0.50

Dx: DV- WNL, D/C WRxGl STAT, PsoM, Emmotrope, F/U 2 yrs.

Julie 22 May 2015, 10:36

Thank you so much for responding. I will get back to you after 2:30 today. My students are coming off the playground now but the day ends at 2:30. Thank you again!

Soundmanpt 22 May 2015, 10:12


Okay a prescription slip should read something like this, just replace your numbers where i have numbers placed. Where I have minus signs (-) you might have (+) signs.

SPH CYL axis

O.D. -1.25 .50 60

O.S. -1.50 .25 130

If you have ab "add" then you will have a plus number like say +1.50.

Julie 22 May 2015, 10:05

The printout that the doctor gave me after my eye exam seems to be a lot of gobbledygook. It is mostly numbers, letters, or sets of letters. I showed to a few of my friends and co-workers and they were not sure of what to make of it.

At the time that I got it, I had just had eye drops and could not really focus on it. I am not sure what information that I should write on here if you are still willing to help explain this.

Thank you

jason 17 May 2015, 11:31

Hi. My gf is 22 years old. Last year she told me she is having difficulties in precieving words of the class room white board even from the middle. And every day she is having headaches in the afternoon.

First when we check doctr gave

L -1.00 -0.50 60

R -1.00 -0.50 170 didnt use glasses much

After 6 mnths we went as per doctr.It was

L -0.75 -0.75 60

R -1.00 -0.50 160

Again after 6 mnths she is teling blur is more than previous and couldnt read any thng in the fast f00d resturants as s00n as she put her glasses though.After few mnts she can

then we went again to sheduled eye exam after 6 mnths.

without glasses she couldn't read the 3rd line of eye chart. Secnd was also dificult. With glases last 2 lines was fuzzy.

Doctrs prescriptin was

L -0.75 -1.00 60

R -1.25 -0.50 180

She is cute girl who doesnt like to wear glasses. Bt nw she put them as s00n as you get out the bed and at night she fell sleep with glases on. When going out she dsnt like to where in the morning bt when she is cming back galases in the face.

Bt the thng is i have some night parties cming up and also some wddings. I dnt want to see her with glasses. Please let me knw how her eye sight without glases and why it is increasing like this. Even her family doesnt wear glassen. I need advices guys and girls.

Thank u

Soundmanpt 17 May 2015, 09:32


Just as "Likelenses" said no one here can help you unless you post the numbers or verbage on the printout you received. Also you said this doctor didn't agree with your previous doctor, but I assume you must have gotten glasses based on that doctors prescription? Your the best one to tell how well you were able to see with the glasses you got as the result of that exam. Also it might be helpful if you can provide what the problems your having with your vision that seems to be causing different opinions from different doctors.

Likelenses 16 May 2015, 19:25


If you tell us what is on the printout,we can explain it to you.

Julie 16 May 2015, 12:15

I had my eyes examined yesterday and I am confused. I questioned the doctor's diagnosis and she said that she that she thoroughly examined my eyes and that her diagnosis was correct. She questioned the previous doctor that I had seen previously. She seemed upset and had the receptionist give me a printout of my exam and told me to go ahead and get a second opinion but the result would be the same.

I don't understand the printout. I looked around your threads but I don't see anything like this. Is there some place online that I could get the printout explained.

Thank you!

Cactus Jack 19 Oct 2011, 12:02

country girl,

Image size reduction primarily applies to glasses and is caused by what is called Vertex Distance which is the distance from the front of the cornea to the back of the glasses lens. Contact lenses have a Vertex Distance of Zero. Image size reduction does not particularly affect acuity until you get into very high minus Rx. The reason for this is that the retina has many millions of rods and cones (light sensors) so a small reduction has little almost no effect. Curiously, many people like to be slightly over corrected because the images seem sharper.

You will see best if the astigmatism is accurately corrected. Glasses provide the best correction and you really want it corrected. Contacts are different. Sometimes, a compromise sphere only contact lens Rx is used to avoid toric contact lenses, which have their own set of problems. The compromise is to increase the sphere by 1/2 the cylinder. Sphere only contacts only come in 0.25 diopter increments in your Rx range. Toric contacts are not available with cylinder less than -0.75.

Your optician probably used a trial frame and there is probably a tiny knob on the outside edge of each lens holder that is used to adjust the axis.

You didn't mention where you live, but opticians in some countries tend to under correct. It seems to be pretty common in the UK. If you think you are slightly under corrected, you can get a new exam and order the glasses on line with a slightly stronger Rx, we can tell you how.


country girl 19 Oct 2011, 10:32

thanks cactus jack for replying back, this is the first time i have posted a question on here.

I have read somewhere that the image size is reduced by 2% for every 1 dioptre of prescription, so in the eye that I am not seeing as well out of, does the reduction in image size only play a arole with glasses and is it minimised or eliminated when wearing contacts seeing as they are right on your eye? if so, would the approx 6% make so much of a difference combined with the potentially off astigmatism correction account for why i cant see the 6/6 line?

Also at the next test, am i able to request the optician not to put any astigmatism correction in , or is that not an acceptable thing to do? I know that they are qualified in diagnosing and correcting eye defects but if i feel that i could see better without that astigmatism correction, do i have any input as a patient?

im not quite sure what you mean by placing my own hand on a dial of some sort , as the last test i had i had those big glasses frame put on my face and he was doing all the lens moving.

Cactus Jack 18 Oct 2011, 19:58

country girl,

It is easily possible that the astigmatism in your glasses is not right. Low astigmatism correction is very hard to prescribe because its accuracy depends on your skill more than the skill of the optician. I know it sounds funny, but to get it right, you have to be able to judge relative degrees of blurriness. Letter with straight lines make that hard to do. I usually do two things. One, concentrate on an "O" if possible. Also, I ask the examiner if he/she will let me fine tune the axis for sharpness at the appropriate time. Often they will place your hand on the axis adjusting knob and you can move it back and forth a few degrees - like fine tuning an old TV - for the sharpest image. Remember, the examiner can not tell what you see only what you tell him you see.

Astigmatism is generally caused by uneven curvature of he front surface of the cornea. The amount of unevenness is extremely small for small amounts of astigmatism. For-0.25 it would be a fraction of a mm. Hard contacts can easily correct the unevenness and soft contacts can smooth the unevenness some and -0.25 doesn't take much smoothing to fix so it is easily possible that you see better with the contacts.

Mention the difference to the examiner at your next exam.

You are pretty close to the Rx where there is a difference between glasses and contact Rx. That Rx is between -4 and -5 in your glasses. It should not be necessary in the -2.75 to -3 range.


country girl 17 Oct 2011, 18:34

hello just need some advice, I have a glasses prescription and a contact lens prescription for -3.00 and -2.75, the only diference is the glasses has a -0.25 astigmatism correction for the -2.75 lens, I had an eyetest about a year ago and couldnt read the 6-6 line out of my -2.75 -0.25 eye but could see the 6-6 line with the -3.00 eye,

i shortly got contacts, without the astigmastism correction in it and i found that i could easily see the 6-6 line with the -2.75 eye

is it posible that the astigmastim correction isnt right for my eye and causing me problems to see, i also mentioned this to the optician that i am able to see things with much more shaprness and clarity when i wear contact lenses and he said that people in my eyesight range tend to see better with contacts, what are other peoples experiences of this, can you see better with contacts and is it becasue of the reduced minification( i think thats what the optician called it)

iv got a test coming up soon and its causing me a bit of worry that im not going to be abkle to read the 6-6 line, even though i know that my eyes are capable of it in contact lenses

Soundmanpt 16 Oct 2011, 10:40


If it has been as long as you say it has been since your last eye exam, I think much has changed. Expect the exam to take about 35 - 45 minutes and now eye exams can even determine if you have diabetes or even heart trouble. And of course it cover all phases of your vision.

Computers have become eye doctors best friend over the years. It is not surprising that working at a computer for long hours each day for the past year is having an effect on your vision. What you described is very normal, the burning of the eyes, feeling tired and noticing that car plates and other things after dark are increasing more difficult to make out. what happens to most is you become transfixed on the monitor and your eyes get set at looking at the same distance for long periods of time and you tend to not blink enough. Everyone that spends their day at a computer should make a point to take breaks and look away from the monitor and off into the distance so their eyes have a chance to refocus every so often. It is almost certain that you will be prescribed glasses for distance and since the computer is a factor I would suggest that you also wear them while on the computer as well.

Do let us know the results of your exam and be sure to ask for a copy of your prescription as well.

By the way will you be okay with wearing glasses or a little shy about it? It may help now if you mention to friends, family and co-workers that your going for an exam and you think you may get glasses. That makes wearing them much easier for the first time.

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