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Maxim 25 Apr 2017, 22:54

To Madeline

I just reread your post, and there is a good thing: at least you are not blind.

For example: look out of your windo into the street.

You might see something like a big green ball - that is a tree. When you put your -2.75 glasses on, you might see the leaves, without your glasses just the green ball - but you're not blind.

Without glasses, you can see a car in the street, the shape of the car, the colour (= not blind). And when you take your glasses, you can read the license plate, the maker's badge, the faces o driver and passengers.

It's like a coin having two sides:

... the good thing is, that you can see ... (compare your vision with a blind person's vision)

... the other side of the coin/medal is, that you need glasses for a certain precision of vision, like many of us, but -2.75 is really not very much.

My best wishes, and enjoy your good vision with your glasses, and don't worry too much!

Maxim 25 Apr 2017, 16:26

To Madeline

Don't worry, -2.75 is nearly just nothing.

Mathematically, it is, that your distance vision point is just at the reading distance, you are a little bit nearsighted. If you're choosing just the right frames, it that kind of nearsightedness, that makes women beautiful.

Best wishes.

Soundmanpt 25 Apr 2017, 14:20


Do you know what your previous prescription was since you say your glasses are now much stronger? Actually -2.75 is what most would consider a fairly decent necessary prescription for glasses. I'm sure if you wearing a much weaker prescription that now you probably do feel somewhat blind without your glasses now. If you weren't already wearing your glasses full time you probably need to be now.

Madeline  25 Apr 2017, 09:00

My glasses have become much stronger :(

How bad is -2.75. I feel blind

Catwoman 24 Apr 2017, 04:36


I have worn glasses since age 6, and my husband of 27 years has worn glasses since he was 7. We have strong prescriptions, although mine has diminished over the past 10 years. As I told Jen, I went from single-vision to progressive lenses at once, just having to remember to keep my line of vision straight to avoid distortion.

Remember, Dorothy Parker was totally wrong when she said, "Men don't make passes at girls who wear glasses." True, it sometimes depends on the frame (that was from a 1970s commercial), but the vast majority of women I know who wear glasses are married. Glasses worked for me, and my bespectacled two daughters have never had much trouble getting dates.

Catwoman 24 Apr 2017, 04:31


I'm glad things were finally able to work out for you in your first experience with glasses.

I jumped right into progressives in the middle of the last decade after having worn single-vision lenses for over 30 years, and it was relatively easy. Even with them, I sometimes have to look over my glasses if I need to see something very small (like super-fine print) or deceptive (like a piece of garlic that needs some skin peeled off). And of course, putting on makeup or eye shadow presents the same problem.

And as for that baseball game you went to on Thursday, I would be happy if it was in New York, because that would have meant my favorite team was victorious, which it was. :)

Noreen 23 Apr 2017, 15:22

Thank you to all that replied with kind comments to my post.

I will have to come here on occasion to learn more about eyesight, and glasses, and to learn more about how men feel about women like me that wear strong glasses.

Maxim 23 Apr 2017, 14:38

To Josh

I'm sorry, I cannot answer your question, I'm not a doctor. I only wanted to give you the info, as there are two interlinked groups of sources of vision problems: refraction and the muscle balance and coordination.

I was quite impressed, what they could find out with these measurements.

Best wishes for you, that you aregoing to find a solution for these problems.

NNVisitor 22 Apr 2017, 20:06


I sure can relate to being self consious wearing my glasses in public however I have come to realize after many years that to most people seeing a person wearing glasses even strong ones is no big deal and that I have been needlessly oversensitive about the whole issue. Glasses wearers are so common these days that they are considered a normal part of one's attire. Myself I have had high myopia and astigmatism for many decades. My glasses are very strong. My vision has been stable since my early adult years. I did have a significant increase in my prescription then both for my myopia and my astigmatism. My previous glasses had been from a few years earlier so perhaps thats why. That was my last increase as after that my vision stabalized. The glasses that were made had major distortions and I could not adjust to them. So after two weeks I went back to the opthalmologist who tested my eyes and he wrote out a change in the prescription. The new lenses had distortions but not as bad as the previous ones. I had already decided to get contact lenses which I could only take homr after five weeks of appointments as the contact lens fitter was trying to get me to use an impossible technique to center the lens from the white part of my eye to the cornea. I found a different method which worked. Over the years wearing gas permeable contact lenses I've been able to increase my wearing time to most of the day so typically I wear my glasses when I wake up for an hour or two and then in the evening. Some days I just wear glasses all day. At work I don't use computers. I actually have to fill in work forms on paper which later on someone else inputs into the computer system. I do carry reading glasses which I use for very small print. If I would normally wear glasses at work instead of my contacts then I probably would get bifocals or progressive glasses.

Jen 22 Apr 2017, 13:35


Glad you finally got new glasses and are now able to see comfortably! Enjoy your better vision, and wear your glasses with confidence and pride! I now think it is faulty thinking that makes us think glasses will make us unattractive. I'm beginning to believe that glasses are like a bow on a present: they draw attention and make people want to see what's inside.


Stefan 22 Apr 2017, 04:04

Welcome to the site, and the thread, Noreen. It's good if it's made you marginally more self-confident about your specs!

Noreen 21 Apr 2017, 21:38

Interesting site, and thread.

Like Jen,I am in my early forties and have recently been prescribed bifocals.I have worn glasses for nearsightedness since age seventeen.I do not know my prescription, but it is very strong, and I have always been self conscious about my glasses.Even with my glasses, I do not have perfect vision.

I had been fighting off the bifocals for at least two years, but because I had to hold things so far away, and could no longer read without glasses,I had to give in and get them.

It is so nice to be able to read comfortably now, but I am even more embarrassed by my need for strong glasses.

I do not have vision insurance, so due to the high cost of my lens, I could not even consider progressives.

Ir is heartwarming to read here that so many men enjoy seeing women wearing glasses.I am single, and always thought that my glasses were a turn off to men.

Jen, your posts have given me a little more confidence. Thank you.

Jen 21 Apr 2017, 17:55


I live in Minnesota and of course I'm a Twins fan, although I can't say I'm a huge fan because I don't follow closely enough. :-)

I'm coming due in May for my drivers license renewal and I think we renew ours every 4 years. I do remember last time I went to have it renewed I wasn't able to see the letters, but since there were several people in line ahead of me I was able to pass just by overhearing them and remembering. And now come to think of it, the time before that I barely passed by squinting very hard at the letters, and if my memory serves me correctly I got some of the letters wrong....I chalked it up to being tired or having a bad day.

It sounds so funny now that I really thought that my vision was OK, I mean I knew it wasn't perfect or anything, but nobody really has perfect vision right? Plus I seemed to function just fine, but the reality was I was not functioning fine. Lol! For as long as I can remember, I have always been stressed out about vision tests, and now I'm wondering how long ago it's been since I had 20/20 vision? I'm just happy I do now!

I'm happy that things are clear no matter what the distance is and I'm finding it pretty easy to find the "sweet Spot" for most anything I look at. It was a little difficult at first especially when looking down and to the sides, but now it almost seems natural. I really feel like my eyes are so comfortable now, and I don't even seem to feel like my frames are in my way anymore. The only complaint that I have, is when I'm looking at something close and go to distance, it takes several seconds for things to come into focus. Once they do its no problem though. I'm still amazed at how well I see and still realizing how life changing it is!

Soundmanpt 21 Apr 2017, 12:51


So nice to hear from you.

Once you start wearing glasses it's surprising how much of a difference they really made in your life. I'm sure if you hadn't gotten glasses you not only wouldn't have been to see the ball but even the players would small blurry blobs from your nosebleed seats. But if yo7u saw a game last year i'm sure that you probably thought that everybody was seeing the same blurry blobs on the field. It's funny, i'm sure that every so often you're still finding something else that you need to adjust to with your glasses. Yes of course because you were sitting up high and looking down now that you have gotten much more used to only moving your eyes when you look down that is your normal reaction now. But your add is only about half as strong as your distant part. So that area would be too weak to be of much help to you as you quickly found out. So yes that meant that you had to keep your head down to see clearly. Next time you go to the game or anything that might require distance vision only that is when that extra pair of glasses that you bought when they broke your glasses. Their only single vision but unless you normally read a book at the ballgame you shouldn't have any reason to need a reading segment. That was why I suggested that you should keep the spare pair in the glove box of your car. When your driving those single vision glasses should be just fine because you should still be able to see things in your dash such as your speedometer and gas gauage with just your single vision glasses. And for things like ballgames and going to concerts they should be perfect for those things as well.

So has it gotten easier now when you go from looking at something in the distance to looking at say a table menu? What I mean is are your eyes finding those "sweet" spots that you need to use in order to read small print or see your computer monitor? I know whe yhou first gt your progressives tat was the only small problem you were having was tying to find those spots that give you the best vision for the mid range as well as the full add. But I have feeling you're doing much better with that by now as well. I'm sure now that you're wearing glasses for close work it has to be much easier on your eyes, but are you even able to see whats on you computer monitor or read small print without your glasses anymore? By the way what is your team's name? I am a huge fan of the Cardinals. They also lost last night so we have that in common.I live about 40 miles west of St Louis.

Just curious do you live where you have to renew your drive's license every so often? In Missouri we have to renew every 6 years. To renew you also have to do a short vision test and you have to have 20/40 or better vision or you fail and can't get your license renewed until you get glasses. When did you last get your driver's license renewed and did you have to take a vision test as well?

Jen 21 Apr 2017, 11:53

Hi all.

Went to a baseball game last night, first time I've been to a game since getting glasses. Even though our team lost it was so exciting to watch now that I can see the ball! Took a little getting used to how to watch because we had nosebleed seats and looking though the bottom of my glasses made it a little difficult to see what was going on on the field. In no time I was tipping my head down and looking through the top for a crisp view of the game. Actually became a little weepy about being able to see the game! Lol, I'm such a sap!

Still grateful to live in an age when glasses are available! BTW, still no headaches!


josh 21 Apr 2017, 09:46


thanks. that helps. interesting. but you think that it might be possible that i have heterophoria even though i don't have the symptoms with my old glasses or without glasses?

anyone else has experiences with heterophoria?

Maxim 20 Apr 2017, 12:27

To Josh:

Key Words:

Switzerland - Suisse Romande? Deutschsprachige Schweiz?

An Eye Doctor from Switzerland - you probably understand German? His leaflet for patients' information:

Germany / Munich:

There are only a few practioners working with these methods.

josh 20 Apr 2017, 11:09

sounds interesting. i m from switzerland...

Maxim 20 Apr 2017, 11:03

Hello Josh, sorry that the cause cannot be found so easily.

In which country do you live, by the way.

I know about a method, where the optometrist makes an examination for about 90 minutes instead of 5 minutes in the usual.

I did it 8 years ago, and she found out for a vision acuity of 200 per cent instead of 120 per cent I usually could reach with glasses. Only the specially crafted lenses were too expensive for me (800.00 $ approx.).

I am going to look for this method, in the moment I'm short of time, give me 1 or 2 days.

josh 20 Apr 2017, 09:15


no, not really any changes in environment. and if i change back to the old glasses or sunglasses, after a while everything is fine again. so i guess it has something to do with the glasses. with the old glasses i can focus on different distances without delay and vision is always good

Soundmanpt 20 Apr 2017, 08:25


Most likely the reason your eyes cross when you don't have your glasses on is because you have something called "strabismus" which means that you have a lazy eye. You didn't state your age but I assume that you're older than 10 years old? For young kids the doctor will often have them wear a patch over the good eye to make the lazy eye work more and strengthen the eye muscle. But as you get older the patch doesn't work as well. So your glasses probably has "prism" correction in them which works to hold your eyes in place. But whenever you take your glasses your eyes are going to rather quickly cross.

Soundmanpt 20 Apr 2017, 08:17


I assume that is what your new glasses are after an increase? So yes i'm sure that is more than enough for you to notice that your eyes now look smaller through your lenses. Your previous glasses were slightly weaker so your eyes didn't look as small. Next year if you get another increase your eyes will even smaller. But at -2.50 I doubt that to anyone looking at you that they will notice any change in your eye size. Of course if you got new glasses they will notice that.

Nicky 20 Apr 2017, 06:39

My eyes sometimes cross without glasses. Why?

Reina 20 Apr 2017, 06:24

I'm -2.50 I think

Jen 19 Apr 2017, 12:30


Nothing new to report, just feeling like my vision is almost natural now and no headaches!

Like NNVisitor eluded to, I'm just grateful to be able to see so well and so comfortably now!


Carrie 19 Apr 2017, 11:14

Nina - my friend Danielle has a prescription pretty much the same as yours except she doesn't have any astigmatism correction in hers and I don't know which eye requires the slightly stronger + power. Despite not having astigmatism she has found she needs to wear her glasses more than she used to. She needs them for distances now and not just for reading. In fact she is very nearly full time but does like to take them off when she isn't reading/working and her eyes don't feel tired.

Of course it is entirely up to you how much you wear your glasses but do follow the suggestions you are given at the optican's.

I am a little more long sighted (far sighted) than you and Danielle and I do need to wear my glasses all the time but I am not blind without them.

Soundmanpt 19 Apr 2017, 09:55


Actually even with a rather weak nearsighted prescription your eyes will appear very slightly smaller but yes it becomes more noticeable as your lenses get stronger. What was your old glasses prescription and what is your new one? You're more likely to notice your eyes looking smaller than anyone else will.

Reina 19 Apr 2017, 03:03

At what prescription do glasses make your eyes look small?

I thought it only happened at very high prescriptions but my new glasses are making my eyes look smaller!

Likelenses 18 Apr 2017, 23:32


Anything new to report about life behind lenses ?

NNVisitor 18 Apr 2017, 15:53


The good news is that your glasses are working out well for you. I'm not sure what beginners glasses are. Many people do not get their vision tested each year. Or know they need glasses but don't wear them. When I was young my mother had my eyes tested and I got glasses in grade two. I mostly did not wear them. My vision got worse and worse and I only began full time wear when things were very blurred. I didn't have a problem getting around. I developed a great memory mapping system whereby I adapted to my much less than good vision. When I did finally go full time I actually was happy as I didn't have to put up with the blur. Life is a learning system. When it comes to needing, wearing glasses not everyone deals with it in the same way. Anyhow the past is the past. Every day is a new day thus all we can do is appreciate each day and be happy and appreciative for what we do have.

Kevin 18 Apr 2017, 15:09

Nice story Matt. Are you from the UK?

Matt L 18 Apr 2017, 13:25

I'm not sure if this is the best place to put this. Iíve always been interested in glasses, and notice when other people change their frames. I also like watching and observing their wearing habits and how they become full time wearers, as it took me several attempts to become a full time wearer. So I thought now might be a good time to tell my story.

I always wanted glasses, until I actually got them. I was fourteen when I first got glasses, but I donít think I wore them at all. As was to be expected, I got more short sighted as time went on and every year to eighteen months when I went back to the opticians I was prescribed new, stronger glasses. My second pair I did use in class to see the board. To begin with I would only wear them if something was on the board or screen and then I would take them off, but after a while once Iíd put them on, I usually left them on until it was time for the end of the lesson, but I never wore them outside the classroom. Whilst I could still cope most of the time without glasses outside the classroom, some things were getting difficult by this stage, such as reading bus numbers. By the time I got my third pair of glasses, I was thinking I probably needed to be wearing them all of the time I remember going to pick up this pair of glasses very clearly. It was a Saturday afternoon, after the glasses had been fitted, when I was asked if I was going to keep them on and I said yes, I felt I had made a good decision. I had to get my mum a birthday present, and it was good being able to see things in the shops clearly. I think I wore the glasses all weekend, but on Monday I remember not wearing them to school. The opticians never really told me how often I should be wearing my glasses: I think if they had told me to wear them all of the time I would have done as I was told. I never really felt happy wearing them. However, I did wear them more often in school, I remember that at times I would forget to take them off at the end of the lesson and would end up wearing them at break and lunchtime. That summer I started wearing them in sports lessons for cricket because I couldnít see without them. However, I still would not wear them at home or for anything other than school.

When I went for my next eye test, I didnít want the optician to tell me off for not wearing my glasses, so I put them on before I went for my eye test, and put the old ones on again before I left the opticians. Again, when I went to get my new glasses I left the opticians wearing them. This time I managed three days as a full time wearer putting them on before I left the house and only taking them off at bedtime. However, when it got to the weekend, I didn't bother wearing them and from that point I give up on full time wear going back to the routine of putting them on when I needed them in school and leaving them on until the end of the school day; the only time I wore them outside of school was for driving lessons, but once Iíd passed my test I wasnít insured on my parents car, so I didnít have to wear them. I donít know why I was so stubborn about wearing glasses full time, I was quite happy to wear them all day in school, but as soon as it finished, I would take them off.

I had that pair about 18 months but I broke them just after my A level exams. Again so I didnít get told off by the optician, I wore my previous pair of glasses to the test. He said the pair he was prescribing were quite a bit stronger. I am not sure if he meant than the pair I was wearing or the pair I had broken. On the bus into town to collect my glasses, II remember thinking I really should wear the new pair all the time and be done with it. This time I lasted a bit longer. I did wear them pretty much full time for the first three weeks. The night after I picked them up, there was an 18th birthday for somebody from school and I wore them for that. I did get a few comments from my friends, but most of them were positive. I remember them passing my glasses around and wanted to get them back so I could see again. That weekend I went away for a week to Spain with some school friends, I wore them pretty much all time time, whenever we were in the hotel or bars, even some of the time on the beach. However, a week so later, I was going to my cousinís wedding and I decided I didnít want to wear them for that, I donít think I wanted the comments from my relatives. So from that point I wore them on and off for the next month. I knew that going to university was the perfect time to try again as a full time glasses wearer and from that point there was no looking back.

Soundmanpt 18 Apr 2017, 11:37


I don't think you you were at all surprised to find out that you do really need glasses now. You probably are blaming yourself for buying those readers and wearing them that they have ruined your eyes. but like I told you before I don't really think so. Actually if had never bought them and had gone for an eye exam even though you could still read your phone perfectly you would still have gotten the same prescription for glasses. But the doctor would have told you that it would be up to you if you wanted to get glasses or mot because your eeys were still able see small just fine without glasses. But he would have warned you that it was only going to be a matter of time before you would start to need glasses. Now how long you could have still been able to see fine without glasses no one knows. But the more strain you would be exposing your eyes to such as a job where you would be doing close work all day your eyes would very soon be needing glasses. But if you weren't doing much close work then you may have been fine for several years. But because you bought those glasses and started wearing them your eyes easily adjusted to them because they were very close to the prescription you actually need, your eyes weren't going back to the way the were before you started wearing those glasses. But I repeat again they didn't really ruin your eyes. The prescription you got for glasses is actually a little bit stronger for both eyes than the readers you bought. You also have some astigmatisms in both eyes as well. Because of those astigmatisms the doctor might have recommended that you wear your glasses full time when you get them? Do you remember how well you were able to see the eye chart? Were you able to see the 20/20 line okay or was it too blurry for you? I know you said that you were wearing the readers full time. Close up was fine with them and distances was only a little bit blurry. Did you eyes ever adjust to them for distance so you could see without any blur? So I know you only bought those readers for fun and because you liked how you looked wearing glasses. So now that you're getting glasses that you actually need how do you feel about wearing glasses? Did you manage to find glasses that look even better than the readers you bought?

Soundmanpt 18 Apr 2017, 11:00


Yes that is why I was hoping that you would get progressives instead of bifocals. Actually if you hadn't gotten progressives you really then should have gotten trifocals. Of course that would have meant that your glasses would have two lines going across the lenses. Because your job has you in front of a computer monitor so much I think you will be using that mid section even more than the reading segment. You have to be thrilled not to be getting anymore headaches as well?

I'm not surprised that most of you family and friends thought that your glasses really finished off your look. Glasses in many cases as long as they suit the persons face shape will often enhance their looks. Women seem to have discovered this and that is why some are even wearing fake glasses just because they like the way they look in glasses. There will always be a few that will comment about being a sexy librarian. Nothing really wrong with that look either in my book. Honestly even though these are your first glasses and I guess that does make them your "beginners" glasses your glasses are more like what would be expected as your 3rd or 4th pair of glasses. just like your friend that wears the -1.25 glasses her glasses might be her "beginners" glasses but most likely they are her 2nd pair. If you think about you should ask her if they are her first glasses or not? I have a feeling that you expected that at least all the women their and maybe even some of the men would be tying on your glasses. And of course some were sure to make comments about how "blind" you are. Of course this was something i'm sure you probably thought after you started wearing glasses. Your far from blind of course but compared to how well you see with glasses without them you probably do almost feel blind now. I don't really think you were being vain you just didn't think it was so bad to bother getting your eyes checked. Your sister-in-law is still able to accommodate which is why she doesn't feel the need for glasses yet. Like you know, and yes you have learned quite a bit about glasses and how the eyes work, she is farsighted but her left eye is just bad enough that her doctor thinks she should be wearing bifocals or progressives. If she were to get glasses and start wearing them for close work her eyes would very quickly adjust to them and she wouldn't be able to read her phone anymore without her glasses. She probably doesn't realize just how tired her eyes are by the end of the day now or she would get glasses. Next time you're out shopping and you see a rack of the over the counter readers you should pick out a pair that you think would look really good on her and find a pair in +1.25 power. Then give them to her and suggest that she try them when she is doing close work to see if they help her. And your cousin's wife must have been quite surprised that she could see so well at a distance using the add segment of your glasses. Since she tried them 3 different times it might be enough to cause her to get her eyes examined and most likely she will be wearing glasses at your next family gathering. After the 3rd time trying your glasses you should have suggested that she should get her eyes checked. The add segment of your glasses is -1.50 so anything -.75 or over means she should at least be wearing glasses for driving. the whole time everyone was looking at your glasses and trying them on you were just sitting there trying to see whatever you could make out without your glasses. And of course by the time you got your glasses back i'm sure they needed a good cleaning from numerous fingerprints. I'm sure that you very glad to put your glasses back on so you could see things again clearly. You've got to be shocked at fast you went from not wearing glasses to being so dependent on your glasses in such a very short time. The world looks a lot different now when you take your glasses off then it did before you got them. But it also has to look so much better with your glasses on then it has for sometime. One thing i'm sure about is that you're in no way a vain woman. You may have been with getting glasses but I don't thing it was because of vanity. Once you put your glasses on for the very first time i think you pretty much knew that you needed glasses all the time and you were a real trooper when all of us kept telling you that to keep wearing them while you were suffering from headaches caused by your glasses. And yet you still made every attempt possible to continue wearing them. And you had to be at least a little bit nervous wearing glasses for the first time around friends and family. Were you nervous on Sunday knowing that your wearing glasses was sure to be a topic of conversation? But you now seem very comfortable wearing glasses and if anything you're very uncomfortable when you don't have them on now.

You already know that in about 6 months or so your glasses are probably gong to start to feel on the weak side for seeing distances. I'm sure that extra -.50 isn't what you needed for your full prescription or you would have gotten that right away. But once you get your full distance prescription I don't think you will be getting an increase for that anymore but you might need changes in your add a few more times.

Nina 18 Apr 2017, 05:14

Confirmed, i really need glasses, just go out from eye test, doc gave me this prescription +2,00 -0,50x110į left eye +1,75 -0,25x80į right eye, new glasses will be ready tomorrow

Likelenses 17 Apr 2017, 20:59


Wait until a about six or eight months and you will begin having some distance blur again, at which time you will get your full prescription. You will again be amazed at how sharp your vision will be.

That will repeat a few times,and then your eyes will stabilize.

We myopes love to get new prescriptions.

Jen 17 Apr 2017, 20:44


Yes you are right, I spent most if my day at work looking through the add portion of my lens, but not the very bottom while looking at my computer screen. The very bottom I only use while reading small print on paperwork or the screen on my phone. Best of all, no headaches!

It was nice to see family for the holiday, and most people were surprised to see me wearing glasses. Most people thought that my glasses looked great and really finished off my look. There were also a few librarian comments. Some thought that they didn't look like "beginners" glasses and of course wanted to know when I was so sneaky to start wearing contacts. What?! (I think maybe the lenses look so thick because they are big frames and my eyes are pretty close together...) After I explained the whole story to them, that lead to passing them around and everyone taking turns wearing them. It was all in fun when they were all making fun of me for being blind and poking fun at me about being vain and not getting glasses sooner. lol!

My sister in law put them on and wrinkled her nose and squinted her eyes and took them off immediately. She then admitted she had recently had an eye exam and was told she needed to start wearing glasses full time but she hadn't gotten any yet as she doesn't really feel she needs them. I asked her if she knew what her prescription was and she pulled it out of her purse and showed me.(now that I'm so smart about glasses, lol) It read, R +.25 add + 1.25; L +.75 -.25 X 170, add +1.25. No wonder mine didn't work for her. She was a little elusive when I asked her why she went to get her eyes checked, I suspect someone else is in denial too.

My cousin's wife on the other hand tried my glasses on 3 times and mentioned that it was surprising that they were helpful in the distance while looking through the bottom; the top she said was way too strong and the bottom still seemed too strong but nevertheless still helpful. I think she'll be getting glasses soon.

Anyways it took me an hour to get my glasses back, and I hated not having them on. Shocking that I used to walk around that way until a few weeks ago and that that was normal. I've already gotten to the point that the first thing I do is put them on in the morning and the last thing I do at night is take them off. I'm amazed how dependant I've become in such a short time!

Maxim 17 Apr 2017, 11:13

Did you have changes in your living or working environment, did you change your car, or are there different painting chemicals in your office or in your home?

I am suffering from dry eyes, when driving during rain - I need the heater to get the windshield clear, and this warm dry air hurts the eyes, as an example.

After your description, I would not believe, that the problem lies in the correction lenses - the 0.25 differences could be tolerated - I think, it's something hidden.

Another idea is checkinig changes in cosmetics, shower gel, skin & body lotions, clothing - check everything for being the cause of sore eyes!

Maxim 17 Apr 2017, 11:06

Are you very much working (e.g. more than 1 hour during the day, and more than 5-10 minutes at a time) ..

.. with computer or laptops screens,

.. or even (worse) with smartphone screens,

do you do general office & paper work, or close-up work (repairs of small items),

or do you experience the new problems during distance vision (walking in the street, public transport, driving the car etc.)?

Josh 17 Apr 2017, 10:33

Hi guys!

Iím 32 years old and iíve been wearing glasses for 14 years now. Iíve had different frames (including prescription sunglasses) and Iíve never had any troubles adjusting. This time itís different...

Last summer I ordered glasses online. The eye exam was made by a partner optician. It was:

R: -1.75 / -0.75 / 92

L: -2.75 / -0.75 / 53

My further prescription was:

R: -1.25 / -1.00 / 90

L: -2.00 / -1.00 / 55

I also had sunglasses with a slightly different prescription:

R: -1.50 / -0.75 / 90

L: -2.00 / -1.00 / 58

With the new glasses I had problems right away. On one hand, my eyes got tired and dry, and on the other hand, I had the feeling that my vision wasnít quite right when focusing on different distances. When focusing on a point for a longer time, it was ok. Three weeks later, i got another eye exam. The optician slightly lowered the prescription as he thought that the glasses were overcorrected:

R: -1.50 / -0.75 / 88

L: -2.25 / -1.00 / 54

Thereafter it was a bit better, but far from perfect. I still felt kind of a dizzy when walking around and my eyes got dry and tired. Another eye exam was made and lenses were adjusted:

R: -1.00 / -1.00 / 90

L: -2.00 / -0.75 / 65

Because the prescription was now weaker, i chose 1.5 as refractive index (1.6 before). Unfortunately I still wasnít happy. I didnít get dry and tired eyes anymore, but vision wasnít good. Besides I had the feeling that I saw worse than with my old glasses because of the weaker prescription. The online retailer took the glasses back. So I went to a coventional optician and chose new glasses. The result of the eye exam was:

R: -1.50 / -0.75 / 89

L: -2.00 / - 1.00 / 61

That was exactly the prescription my sunglasses have and Iíve never had problems with my sunglasses. Besides the prescription of my old glasses was very similar, just 0.25 diopters less on the right eye. The refrective index was 1.6. Unfortunately i had the same problems. Two weeks later the optican tested all again (incl. PD, BVD, alignment). The result of the eye exam was the same. The optician made new lenses with the center on a different point. But I had the same problems. A few weeks later, the optician made new lenses with refractive index 1.5, as he supposed that it could be the reason for my problems. Iíve had those glasses for 5 weeks and it was by far the best result but still not good. Eventually my optician told me to choose new frames. He did another eye exam; same result.

So these are the glasses I got now and Iíve been wearing them for a month now. I still have the same troubles: Dry and tired eyes, vision is not perfect and I got headaches from time to time. I donít know what to do anymore and my optician eitherÖ Is it possible that the prescription is too strong although I have the same prescription in my sunglasses that I wear without any problem? And can 0.25 diopters change that much and is it possible not to accommodate to them? Or could it be because all of my further glasses were squared and the ones Iíve tried now are all round? Or do you have any other ideas? I would really appreciate it! Thanks a lot!

Soundmanpt 17 Apr 2017, 10:18


Thank you! I think you must have had a very nice Easter as well now that you have your glasses and you're finally not getting constant headaches wearing them. The best thing you could say was that you LOVE your glasses. You're still getting used to remembering to only moving your eyes when you need to see something up close. Right now you have to think about it when you start to read something but it won't be long until your eyes will just make the change from distance to seeing close up naturally. Over the long weekend you have probably mostly been using the distance part you you glasses which it sounds like increasing your prescription has made your distance eyesight with glasses even clearer. Once you go back to work you will be using the add much more. I think you're going to find that now going to see close up much better as well. You should start to find that your eyes won;t be nearly as tired at the end of a work day Remember what the doctor told that the reason you became so nearsighted was likely due to all the close work you do.

I'm sure you enjoyed the complements you got on how nice you look wearing glasses. Were any of them surprised to see you wearing glasses? I'm sure that most of if not all of the women tried on your glasses. Did you get any comments about how strong they are? Your glasses really aren't that strong but to anyone that doesn't wear glasses your glasses will seem strong to them.

Jen 17 Apr 2017, 05:54

Hi all. Hope you had a great Easter!

Well I've spent the weekend now wearing my new progressive glasses and I must say I LOVE them! I'm still learning where to look and how to use them but it's getting easier.

With the slightly increased prescription for distance, I can't believe that things in the distance could be even sharper! With the close up part of the prescription, now things up close are clear too, and everything in between.... When I had my first glasses I was so pleased with how well I could see in the distance, that I didn't realize I had trouble seeing near. Without glasses I couldn't see anything more than a foot away from me clearly and with them on I was having a hard time seeing things inside 3 feet clearly without straining. Now everything is crystal clear at all distances! Without squinting or straining!

Thank you all for helping me through this process.

I'm so happy! :-)

BTW, I received lots of compliments from extended family at our Easter gathering about how nice my glasses look on me.:-) When I explained they were progressives, the conversation outed a few others in the family that could maybe use a little visual help too. Yay! I'm not alone.

NNVisitor 15 Apr 2017, 21:02

I have never had bifocals or progressive eyeglasses. When wearing my contact lenses I typically would carry reading glasses with me for reading small print. When not wearing my contact lenses I would be wearing my glasses. To read smaller print I would either take my glasses off or use a magnifying glass.

I have a few mobile devices. The latest has a blue light filter which I use. I have an IPad and a cell (smart) phone as well both of which do not have the blue light filter. Apparently I am sensitive to bright light thus I typically keep the screens at a low light setting. I notice when looking at the screens of other cell other users that they are kept on a bright setting.

I'm wondering if blue light can actually harm ones eyesight? Also is the high brightness setting harmful to our vision? Or is the setting just indicative of one's visual sensitivity level?

Soundmanpt 15 Apr 2017, 10:43


So you were just looking at the over-the-counter readers that they sell at quite few stores and you found a pair that you liked how they looked on you, so you bought them. You're not the first young lady to do that. Glasses are very popular now so many young ladies want to wear glasses just for fashion sake. I doubt that you even paid any attention to the power of the lasses which you now know is +1.50. If you had you might have been able to find the same glasses in a weaker power of +1.00 which would have been better for your eyes and easier to see with as well. And of course you weren't going to buy glasses if you didn't intend on wearing them. But surprisingly they were comfortable to you for seeing close up and even tolerable for distance if not almost perfect. So of course by wearing them your eyes have adjusted to them and so anytime you were looking at your phone you had your glasses on because you had started wearing them full time. So I assume that wearing glasses was becoming more and more comfortable to you and you enjoyed wearing glasses. Did you ruin your eyes by wearing those glasses? Well yes and no. You're almost certain to be prescribed glasses when you get your eyes examined on Tuesday. But even though you didn't show any indication of needing glasses before you got those readers I think you probably would have been surprised before this if you had gotten your eyes checked because you likely would have been told that you needed a prescription, but because you're only 19 you still had enough accommodation left so you didn't show any signs of needing glasses. But by wearing the readers it quickly took away that accommodation and now you can't see your phone without glasses anymore. be sure after you get your eyes examined to ask for a copy of your prescription. That way we can tell you what the numbers mean. I will warn you to plan on picking out glasses after your exam.

Soundmanpt 15 Apr 2017, 09:46


Finally! I'm sure that is what you must have said when you finally got your glasses. I hope the optician did a good job of fitting your glasses on you. With progressives fitting is far more important than with single vision glasses. When you're looking at anything in the distance such as driving you should only be seeing through the distance part of your glasses unless you look down with your eyes you shouldn't see any part of the mid range area you now have in your glasses. Sounds like your eyes didn't have any problem with adjusting the added increase they gave you for your distance. You said that they made you deal on a pair of single vision glasses I assume so you could see to drive home. Actually for what they put you through they really should have just given them to you at no charge. Every optician I know will tell you that they have broken customers frames, it happens, but not with a new frame. It usually happens with an older frame because the plastic gets brittle with age. But even then it's rare to happen. I assume they put your updated prescription for distance in them? Since they will only be for distance you probably should keep the in the glove box of your car since that would be when you might ever need them. And you might even want to wear them just for driving since they will be perfect for that.

Yes i'm sure it's much different adjusting to progressives than it was with your single vision glasses. Now your lenses are really in 3 parts, or segments. At least your eyes were already adjusted to seeing distance with glasses so nothing new their except a slight increase which your eyes seem fine with already. But now you have to learn to only move your eyes when you need to see something like your computer monitor. And if you are reading from a book your eyes will need to move even lower to the reading area or add segment. I'm sure right now your eyes are having a hard time finding those areas or "sweet" spots in your lenses. But it seems like once your eyes find the sweet spot for close up you're able to see easier with much less effort. Trust me it won't take long at all before everything is going to be completely natural and your eyes will instantly go straight to where they need to be depending on what you need to see.

It certainly has been an interesting couple weeks for you that's for sure. You got prescribed with your first glasses something you really didn't want and were trying hard to avoid. Even worse you quickly find out that you really need to be wearing the full time. Your distance wearing glasses is great and you actually seem to love your glasses. But you're constantly bothered with headaches caused by doing close work because your glasses are too strong for seeing close. Then the unthinkable the optical shop breaks your glasses and of course they don't have your frame in stock. But let's hope everything gets better now.

Curt 15 Apr 2017, 09:06

Jen: the trick most people quote is "point you nose at what you want to see". Try not to look through the edges of the lenses; that is where all the distortion is.

Nina 15 Apr 2017, 05:04

I get the glasses, just for fun, like doing close things in them was nice, i kept wearing them full time, i have 19 years old and like the look in glasses, but before glasses i can read small prints, now i canīt, iīm a bit worried, i have an eye test tuesday

Likelenses 14 Apr 2017, 21:18


Be careful about posting photos of you in glasses with comments about your glasses on social media ,or you are likely to show up here sometime, on the thread Seen On The Web.

A few months back someone here found and posted photos of my girlfriend. She is very nearsighted, and also wears bifocals.

I never told her that she showed up here,and until now never acknowledged it here either.

If she knew, she would be very upset.She had some comments from people that she did not know, asking questions about her eyesight, and prescription, which kind of freaked her out.

Jen 14 Apr 2017, 20:09

Hi all. I finally got my glasses with progressive lenses in them. So far I think I like them. They definitely are going to take some getting used to. It's nice they put my stronger distance prescription and things are even sharper than before. (just a little)

It is now much easier to see things closeup, seems like much less work. It s weird though to try to find the right part of the lens to look through. I keep bobbing my head around. :-) I also feel like there's lots of distortion while looking around, which I'm sure will seem normal soon. Best part though is I didn't have any headaches today! Yay! Hopefully things normalize soon.

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