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Cactus Jack 26 Jun 2017, 10:19


Don't worry about all the numbers. I was concerned that they might cause you a problem.

It is likely that you will still need glasses, but they will probably be much weaker than your present glasses. With the weaker glasses, you will not be able to adjust the focus by moving them closer or farther from your eyes. You will probably need bifocals, trifocals, or progressive power lenses to allow you to focus at all distances.

The biggest benefit would be that text would be much larger and easier to read, because the weaker glasses do not make things as small as your present glasses do.

The second biggest benefit would be that the glasses would be much lighter in weight and much easier to make.


Mervyn 26 Jun 2017, 09:59

Cactus Jack

Just read your answer. I am still not sure if I will need these glasses still. I got confused with all the numbers. Sorry.

Cactus Jack 26 Jun 2017, 07:52

Erica's Guy,

There are several factors that can affect a person's prescription after Cataract Surgery. The most important factors are their actual prescription prior to the surgery, their wishes, and the availability of IOLs that will result in their desired prescription.

There are many options available today including multi-focal IOLs, that supposedly eliminate the need for bifocals or trifocals. However those lenses are optical compromises. When I had Cataract Surgery in 2001, I was offered bifocal IOLs. However, the ophthalmologist suggested that because of my engineering occupation, I should either choose single power IOLs for both eyes or different powers for Mono-vision for the best possible vision. Mono-vision is where one eye is used for distance and the other eye is set to focus at about 66 cm or 26 inches. I selected Mono-vision because it allows me to function pretty well with out my glasses if I need or want to. I wear trifocals, for the best possible vision (sometimes better than 20/20).

One tip. It is no longer necessary to wait until cataracts get "ripe", for removal. In fact, it makes modern Cataract Surgery more difficult. These days, the clouded lens is removed by making a tiny incision in the side of the Cornea and emulsifying the clouded lens and sucking it out. Then, a rolled up IOL is inserted thru the incision. Your body heat causes the lens to unroll and expand to normal size of about 6 mm and it is inserted in the lens capsule. The whole procedure takes about 10 minutes and is typically a medical "non-event".

If you wait too long, the clouded lens becomes harder and is more difficult to emulsify and remove which may introduce complications. Sometimes it is necessary, because of insurance or other rules, to wait until vision become so degraded that it is difficult to function. However, the general rule is: If you are going to need Cataract surgery, the sooner the better.

Of course there are some Psychology issues related to any eye surgery. I was scared to death before my first Surgery on one eye, but it was so easy and successful, I could hardly wait until the other eye was done.

Hope this helps.


Specs4Me 25 Jun 2017, 21:27

Tom1 - I'll try to explain what I see with a lazy eye or amblyopia.

In my case, my right eye is the lazy one. If I close my left eye, the vision is not blurry as such; however, the image does not get properly processed by the brain. Thus, in most cases I can't recognize what I'm looking at. It's very hard to explain. I have reasonable peripheral vision to my right side, that is to say that I am aware of movement or objects to the right side of my face. Again, I can't distinguish what they are.

I have extremely poor depth perception and basically see things in 2 dimensions as opposed to 3 dimensions. 3D movies are a no go for me. I play golf, for many years it was especially challenging the first time I played a golf course because even with yardage markers on the course I struggled to understand how far out I was from my target. As I learned the course that improved and I must say that the new GPS distance finders are wonderful because I don't have to hunt a sprinkler head and count yards from there to my ball.

I hope this helps.

Tom1 25 Jun 2017, 15:06

Can someone describe the vision that one has through a lazy eye? I mean, how much does one see and which are the symtpons if he/she closes her good eye? Is it a blur similar e.g. to shortsightedness? Is it something different? Can he/she read well to a Snellen chart? I'm very curious about this and would like to understand.

Thanks to who will decsribe/explain/share.

Erica's Guy 25 Jun 2017, 13:25

My partner is severely short sighted and at her last eye examination was diagnosed with the early stages of cataracts. I have a very strong fetish for short sighted women which my partner is aware of and has been (much to my delight) willing to indulge throughout our relationship. She has solely worn glasses since I've known her, although she did wear contacts in her twenties and thirties before we met. She is, at 61, more than twenty years older than me, although she looks considerably younger and people tend to think we're about the same age.

My question is what are the options for her? Will they inevitably remove the cataracts and implant lenses taking away the need for glasses altogether? I admit I'm very torn by this idea. I love her dearly and if she wants 20/20 vision then I'm fully supportive but I have to admit that for purely selfish reasons I would love her to remain needing glasses.

Cactus Jack 25 Jun 2017, 11:30


Why will you likely have a lower prescription after cataract surgery, if you don't have implants, has to do with the optics of the eye.

Myopia or nearsightedness is often caused by a mismatch between the total optical power of the lenses in the eye and the distance from the back of the lenses to the Retina.

The eye actually has 4 lenses inside it, but we typically only concern ourselves with two of them. The Cornea is the lens you see at the front of the eye, it has a fixed power of about +40 diopters. The Crystalline Lens is at the back of the lenses and it has a variable power of about +19 to maybe +25. When a person is young, it is the Crystalline Lens that allows a person to focus close to read. It is also the lens that becomes cloudy when Cataracts develop.

In a normal eye, the total power of the eye’s lens system is about +59 diopters and it is about 17 mm from the back of the Crystalline Lens to the Retina. In your situation, as it is for most people who are nearsighted, your eyeballs grew too much, as your were growing up. The typical cause is your genetic inheritance from your parents, but we think there can be other causes, we just don’t know what they are, yet.

Please try to stay with me on the next part. It can get a little complex.

You are NOT as nearsighted as you think, based on your glasses prescription. That will have a significant effect on what happens to your vision after Cataract Surgery.

The reason you are not as nearsighted as your prescription would indicate has to do with an optical phenomenon called Vertex Distance (VD). VD is the distance from your Cornea to the Back of the Lenses in your glasses. It is the VD effect that causes images through your glasses to be much smaller AND for you to be able to focus close by moving your glasses closer or away from your eye.

I won’t try to show you the calculations for VD effects, but please trust me that with a prescription of about -36, VD effects are about 1.3 diopters per mm. If we translate the -36 from the glasses back to the Cornea, it is about -20 diopters. The -4 for Astigmatism and other factors such as insufficient tears, makes it difficult for you two wear Contact Lenses, but have a minimal effect on Vertex Distance.

We are getting close to the answer to your question.

Cataract Surgery, involves what happens, optically, when the cloudy Crystalline Lens is removed. The numbers only demonstrate the principles of optics involved, and may not apply in your situation.

If your Crystalline Lens is a +19 and your actual prescription at your Cornea is -20. The result would be +19 from the Crystalline Lens and -20 from your eyeball length = -1.00 final prescription after Cataract Surgery.

Astigmatism is typically caused by uneven curvature of the front surface of the Cornea, and It may be possible to correct SOME of your Astigmatism during the surgery. If that is possible, your final prescription would be much less, overall. Another benefit, would be that the images through the weaker glasses would be larger and you might find reading much easier, but you would likely need bifocals or trifocals after the surgery. I had Cataract Surgery in 2001 and I wear Trifocals, most of the time. My prescription before the surgery was about -4 and -3. Today, with implants, it is close to 0.00 and I can function without my glasses, but I function much better with them.

The decision to remove ONLY the Crystalline Lenses and do implants (IOLs) or completely remove the Crystalline Lens and its capsule (the old way of doing Cataract Surgery) depends on your situation.

implants, with IOLs, is a very simple and easy procedure. Recovery is very fast, in most situations it is a day surgery procedure and in some situations, the patient can see pretty well, without glasses, immediately after the surgery and can function very well the next day without glasses.

Modern surgery with IOLs involves a very tiny incision (3 mm) in the side of the Cornea. The cloudy Crystalline lens is broken up into tiny pieces, using a very tiny ultrasonic “jackhammer”. the pieces are washed out and a new lens (rolled up) is inserted thru the incision, and your body heat causes it to unroll and assume its normal size of about 5 mm. It is positioned inside the Crystalline Lens capsule. The big advantage to leaving the Lens capsule intact is that it provides a barrier between the two types of fluids (called “humors”. Which minimizes the possibility of the Retina becoming inflamed.

The old type of Cataract surgery, with complete Crystalline Lens and capsule removal, is a much more serious surgery. Recovery can take weeks or months, with the head held absolutely stationary, primarily because of the risk of Retinal problems. Often the surgeons wanted to wait until the Cataract got “Ripe” or very hard before removal. I often thing the real reason was that they hoped the patient would die, before that was necessary. For the modern type of Cataract surgery, it is not good to wait. If the Crystalline Lens is still soft and pliable it is easier to break up and remove with the ultra sound device.

With the modern type of Cataract surgery, doctors want to wait about two weeks between surgeries on the two eyes.

I suspect you may have had Retinal Detachments or your doctors are concerned that you are very susceptible to them because of the stress on your Retina attachment to the back of your eyeballs. That could make the decision to do any type of eye surgery more difficult.

You are very fortunate that you live in England. Moorfields Hospital in London is one of the best in the World for treating eye conditions. I urge you to investigate using them if you can.

I hope this helps some. Please let me know if you have more questions.


Mervyn 25 Jun 2017, 05:54

Cactus Jack,

Why will cateract surgery make my prescription lower if I don't have implants?

I have had two times trouble with the back of my eyes. Now I have to be very careful not to knock my head. I didn't follow the doctors reason but the shape of my eye causes the problem.

Cactus Jack 22 Jun 2017, 20:11


Thank you. I have a reputation as a pretty good "explainer" of complex subjects.I will try to answer your questions in ways that make sense to you.

I have done a lot of teaching over the years and I tend to be a bit long winded. The reason is that I want you to understand. I you don't understand anything, please let me know. You won't hurt my feelings.

Many people read our exchanges and they may need a better explanation also.


Mervyn 22 Jun 2017, 13:29

Cactus Jack,

I am 55. A man. I live in England. I did not do well at school, best at rural studies. I work as a storeman in a local factory.

Cactus Jack 22 Jun 2017, 08:39


Working on a response.

May I also ask your age, gender, where you live, familiarity with everyday math, and occupation?

I want to be sure that the explanation I provide is easy to understand. The more you understand about how this stuff works the better decisions you can make about your vision. Remember, you have to live with the results every waking hour. The Eye Care Professionals do not.

I also plan to offer some thoughts about cataracts. Been there and done that. These days, cataracts are nothing to get very concerned about, except in rare instances where IOLs cannot be used. If IOLs cannot be used, both the clouded Crystalline Lens and Lens Capsule have to be removed, as they did before IOLs were developed. This results in longer recovery time and increased risk of Retinal inflammation.

Have you had any problems with Retinal Detachment?


Mervyn 21 Jun 2017, 11:50

RE -36.5 -4.0 120

LE -35.0 -4.5 95

Hope that makes sense. I have worn glasses all my life. For reading I adjust the position of the glasses and use a magnifying glass.

I don't really understand the workings of the eye, but I know there are three points always mentioned, axel length, lens and cornal shape. I have not been able to wear contact lenses at all.

Cactus Jack 21 Jun 2017, 10:18


May I ask your present complete prescription? I may be able to help.


NNVisitor 20 Jun 2017, 22:38


Cataract operations are done by Opthalmologists who are trained to perform such operations. An Opthalmologist is a specialist MD.

Typically the cataract lens is removed and an artificial lens replaces the removed lens. After the operation patients see well enough to either not require glasses or need glasses that are much weaker than those they wore if they previously had a strong prescription. Each eye operation is done separately on different days.

It is best to discuss your situation with the doctor who will operate on your eyes so that the best solution for your vision needs are met.

Mervyn 20 Jun 2017, 13:50

Last Friday I went for my annual eyetest. The optician said I had early stage cateracts. No surgery as yet but talk about when it's done to have the cateracts removed and no implants, this should help reduce my very strong prescription.

I found this site at the weekend through google as I am trying to find out what options are available to reduce the strength of my glasses. I am confused by what I read, can anyone help please.

Plus Tony 20 Jun 2017, 13:11


It may be that you have some uncorrected astigmatism or could benefit from a reading prescription that is not quite as strong as your distance script. If you are able to share your age, full prescription and occupation and how you use your eyes (e.g. do you do a lot of computer work, driving, reading etc.) there are some good people here who will, I am sure, be delighted to offer suggestions.

How do you find reading with your glasses on?

Plus Tony 20 Jun 2017, 13:05


I have been following your daughter’s situation with interest and would like to offer some thoughts about the prescription that she has been given. I apologise in advance for the length of this post.

Before going any further I should add that I’m not an eye care professional (ECP). I’m just an occasional ES contributor who has developed a keen interest in the subject of hyperopia since discovering that I had a small amount of uncorrected hyperopia a couple of years ago in my early 40s. I now wear specs full time mainly because of visual comfort. Like most long/far sighted people I can still see OK in the distance without glasses but it is more comfortable to leave them on (my ‘worse’ eye is +2.00). We have a regular contributor here called Carrie who is also longsighted and she has a prescription of (if my memory is correct) +3.75. She is in her early 20s and is also a full-time wearer. Your daughter who is less than half Carrie’s age has been prescribed +7.25 and +9.50 which is a very high first prescription.

The reason for comparing your daughter, Carrie and me is because despite the considerable difference in our ages and prescriptions the reality is that we can probably all see reasonably in the distance without our glasses on (even if it isn’t very comfortable). Given the effect of age and the eye’s ability to accommodate to deal with long sightedness it wouldn’t surprise me if what we see without glasses at distance is broadly similar. As Cactus Jack has already explained, hyperopia is the only refractive error that can be corrected internally although our ability to do it well decreases with age. If that was the only issue, your daughter might be able to cope without glasses for some time to come (although I doubt if it would be comfortable). That said the consensus among ECPs seems to be that hyperopia of greater than +2.25 in children of your daughter’s age requires corrective lenses.

Your daughter also has a relatively significant degree of astigmatism. My understanding is that an eye doctor will generally give a full astigmatism prescription (cylinder correction) to a school age child if the refractive error is greater than 0.75. As your daughter’s astigmatism is -1.75 that is what he has done. Combined with the degree of hyperopia that has resulted in a substantial first prescription.

The biggest concern, given your daughter’s age is probably the difference of 2.5 dioptres between each eye in the spherical part of her prescription and aside from the basics of the refractive error that is why I think she really needs to wear her glasses. A difference of more than 2.00 dioptres between the two eyes is known as anisometropia. If this is not corrected the brain could stop processing the signals from the weaker eye and the result could be a condition called amblyopia (where the weaker eye cannot be corrected to 20/20 vision and the strong eye becomes dominant, meaning a person does not have binocular vision). Most professionals believe that anisometropia can only be successfully treated up to about the age of about 9 years old. I suspect that your daughter’s eye doctor thinks there may be a chance of avoiding amblyopia by giving your daughter the full prescription for hyperopia and astigmatism. This is also why patching was mentioned as a potential treatment option both to strengthen her ‘weaker’ eye and prevent it from turning in (which is particularly likely to happen under visual stress).

I absolutely do not envy you your task but I think your daughter really should be wearing her glasses all the time to try to address the anisometropia issue. The eye doctor should have made this very clear when she had her test. Did he try to explain things directly to her or did he ignore your daughter and talk only to you? I ask because although she is only 9 your daughter is the patient (and being told you have to do something you don’t want to do usually works slightly better if you are told directly). It is by no means certain that your daughter will require such a strong correction forever. Hyperopia often decreases as children get older (it is difficult to predict) so it is by no means certain that your daughter’s prescription will increase or even remain the same. There is a tendency to become less farsighted as children reach their teenage years. Given the level of your daughter’s prescription I think it is unlikely that she will get to the stage where she doesn’t need glasses at all (particularly because of the astigmatism) but her long term vision prospects could improve if she wears her glasses now. There is no guarantee that she will avoid amblyopia but I think it is worth a shot while she is still young enough to have a chance.

I wonder if a return visit to the eye doctor so he can explain what he is trying to achieve clearly might help? Maybe she thinks being prescribed glasses is some sort of punishment, which it absolutely isn’t. Cactus Jack also mentioned the possibility of contact lenses. Your daughter may be a little young for these but if she is mature enough to deal with them it could be an option for correcting the hyperopia part of the prescription at least and it might help to address her concerns about lens thickness. It is possible to get contact lenses that correct both sphere and cylinder but I believe they are very fiddly and might be a challenge too far for one so young.

As I said at the start I am not a professional nor even an experienced amateur like Cactus Jack but the difference between the two eyes struck me as something that needed further consideration so I had a look at various academic and prescribing resources that are available online. I am sure that Cactus, whose wise counsel we all value, will put me straight if he thinks my interpretation is incorrect.

Mandy 20 Jun 2017, 10:54

I wear glasses for my nearsightedness but I take them off when I read. However, I get very dizzy and cannot read well without glasses. Do I need reading glasses or should I keep my glasses for nearsightedness on while I'm reading?

Andrew 20 Jun 2017, 08:16

I tend to work on the principle that people are used to seeing me in thick glasses, so however thick the lenses come out, that's fine by me. I've also tended to find that lower index lenses give me slightly better vision, because they also have a lower aberration index rating - and the glasses are there to help me see, rather than what I might look like.

Ric 20 Jun 2017, 08:14

NNVvisitor, getting 45, i started notticing it. Mostly for cellphone. Wearing almost always contacts, i ve found that i was not able to see mails, etc on the phone, so finally opted for multifocal contacts. By the way, when im wearing my current glasses, i have not problem, dont need neither taking them off.

Taking my glasses off, im able to read all, of course pretty pretty close.

Ric 20 Jun 2017, 07:15

In 1.60, depends on the size of the glasses, for -7,50 will not be thin...

Jess 20 Jun 2017, 06:04

What's the cutoff for semi-rimless/rimless in terms of thickness and prescription? I'm around a -7.50, longtime lurker and browsed around a bunch on this site and seen a bunch of questions like this but answers seem conflicted. My current glasses are full rim, but my prescription increased slightly and I want to get semi-rimless in something like 1.60. What would I be looking at in terms of thickness?

NNVisitor 18 Jun 2017, 23:32

Myopia correction and reading

For many people reading small print, computer screens, phones and books becomes more difficult when we reach our 40's. For some people with myopia even at a younger age. Of course taking our glasses off typically makes the smaller print clear. Being very nearsighted by doing I need to be very close to see. To read a book this way about 5-6 inches from my eyes. As I typically only wear my glasses at home I don't mind. In public I'd be a bit embaressed. As I wear contacts mostly I just use reading glasses or sometimes a magnifying glass. In fact using the latter on public library computers people actually came over to show me how to enlarge print on the computer.

The following on this topic is what I have read elsewhere by another highly myopic person. "If I'm home I take off my glasses and stick my face in the phone or book." The person goes on to say they never discussed the problem with an eyecare specialist.

I have spoken to eye doctors about this issue and thus why I usually use reading glasses when my contacts are in. So far I've been very hesitant to get progressives or bifocals as I hate the idea of using split screen glasses.

Courtney 16 Jun 2017, 12:01

To the opticians: What is the highest first prescription that you've seen in an adult?

Would it be -3? Are you surprised when you see this? Do you tell the patient how unusual it is?

NNVisitor 15 Jun 2017, 22:57


It's so simple but so important. Consider this statement in the context of your daughter.

Your perception=your reality.

For everyone who thinks they look great in glasses or utterly hates to wear glasses the above statement applies. We are all to some extent slaves of our self perception. Even knowing this it's still often difficult to change as self perception is etched into our minds and is the basis of many decisions which we make daily.

Soundmanpt 15 Jun 2017, 22:15


Your girlfriend's sister is probably okay to drive without her glasses if the doctor didn't actually tell her that she needs to wear them for driving but only suggested that they might be helpful for her with driving. Like i said earlier if her prescription is really only -.25 / -1.00 then based on her -.25 she should be able to pass the DMV vision test okay still without her glasses. But as long as your girlfriend has already told her that she needs to wear her glasses driving maybe leave it that way since she has glasses now and that is when she needs them the most anyway. And it seems like she might be planning on wearing her glasses all the time anyway which isn't a bad idea because of the imbalance between her eyes. You should ask your girlfriend how she was able to stop wearing her fake glasses without some interesting questions? The only thing I can think of is she could have simply told everyone that she got contacts. Without a doubt a big part of why she has taken so well to wearing glasses is because she really has never stopped wanting to wear glasses and because wearing them she can see so much better now than she has for a while anyway. I think if you were to ever suggest that she should get contacts she would be greatly hurt and upset with you. Is she still looking on line for at least another pair of glasses? I wonder since she tried on her sisters glasses if she is considering getting a pair like hers now that she is has gotten reused to wearing glasses?

Enjoy seeing Wonder Woman tonight. Your girlfriend will be happy to find that Wonder Woman wears glasses as her cover of her true identity. Not the most fashionable glasses but their glasses at any rate. I'm sure she is going to enjoy being able to actually see the movie clearly and you will enjoy not getting a stiff neck.

David 15 Jun 2017, 16:10


I had no idea that it wouldn't have been a legal issue since my girlfriend hadn't had her eyes checked before. I guess it makes sense because they wouldn't be able to really do a "field test" for vision too easily. I think that I already had glasses when I started driving and even though it was a low prescription I took the vision test with them on so I had a restriction even if I didn't need it at the time lol. Also, neither of us knew that getting prescribed glasses was the same as failing the DMV test and my girlfriend let her sister know too since she has a pair of glasses now. Thanks for the information about that, it was pretty helpful, not like my girlfriend was ever going to drive without her glasses anymore but it is good to know the legal aspects all the same. Yeah, she really did have to plan out how to fake needing glasses and even worked out how to hide it from her family but make it look like she needed them to her friends. I asked her what she did when friends came over and she said that she would always just tell them that she didn't need them around the house. Like I said before, she was pretty embarrassed about the whole thing and for years never told anyone, she said that she never even told her family. I'm not too sure how she explained to her friends how she stopped wearing glasses all of a sudden though lol. You're probably right, she adjusted to wearing glasses extremely fast and has really owned her new look. Tomorrow we are going to go see Wonder Woman and my girlfriend is really excited because it will be the first movie that she will actually be able to see clearly, at least over the past couple of years or so. I'm just looking forward to being able to sit further back so I don't leave the theater with a stiff neck lol.

Delilah 15 Jun 2017, 09:47


My boyfriend wears glasses and contacts and he has a very interesting prescription. He asked me to order him new glasses and this is his prescription. I have never seen a prescription like this. Will someone please explain to me what this all means.

OD: SPH +2.50 CYL-0.50 AXIS 150 ADD1.50

OS: SPH +4.00 CYL-1.25 AXIS 135 PRISM1 6 BASE1 BO ADD1.50


Curt 15 Jun 2017, 09:38

Puzzled: The process is called "fogging". They put + lenses in front of your eyes so that you cannot use your own accommodation to make things clearer. It allows them to see what your true refractive error is.

Puzzled 15 Jun 2017, 07:55

I had an exam for the first time in years. After looking in to my eyes he put the lenses in front of me, blocked one eye, and as I read the letters changed lenses and kept asking which is better, 1 or 2 etc. Then he said "I am going to make things blurry for you" and went through the same process. He then repeated this whole process on my other eye. Why did he do this twice, and why start the second set of lens options by deliberately making it blurry?I didn't think to ask.

Soundmanpt 15 Jun 2017, 07:43


Okay maybe I can be of some help with a couple suggestions on getting your daughter to start wearing her MUCH NEEDED glasses. One way I always suggest is the "reward" What I mean is i'm sure you know the things your daughter enjoys doing, going to or eating. So for example if she likes going for pizza. Tell her if she wears her glasses for the full day you will take her for pizza that evening. Maybe she likes going to the local mall? Again have her wear her glasses the whole day and then take her to the mall. Also does she relate well with her mother, your ex wife? You said that her mom got glasses about a year and a half ago. Suggest to her mom to make sure that when her daughter is around that she keep her glasses on as well around her. trust me by even getting her to wear her glasses for a few days all day long she will very quickly discover how much difference her glasses make in how she sees things.

Cactus Jack 15 Jun 2017, 07:38


If written in standard format your daughter's prescription is:

Right Eye (OD) Sphere +7.25, Cylinder -1.75, Axis 120

Left Eye (OS) Sphere +9.50, Cylinder -1.75, Axis 150

What that means is that she is very Farsighted (Hyperopic) with Moderate Astigmatism.

Because of her age, she can probably easily compensate (accommodate)for most of the Farsightedness, but she cannot compensate for the Astigmatism. The most significant effect of Astigmatism is that small text can be difficult to read, but by holding the text close the letters will be large enough on the Retina to read, if the Farsightedness is corrected internally by accommodation. That makes some people think that the child is Nearsighted.

The biggest issue with internally correcting that much Hyperopia is that is can cause the eyes to try to turn inward or cross. On the "plus" side, there is some unproven evidence that internally compensating for Hyperopia MAY cause it to DECREASE.

My thought is that your daughter is VERY USED to getting her way. I think the only real downside of her not wearing her glasses is discomfort and possibly inconvenience. The discomfort will probably increase.

My suggestion is to drop the subject. I strongly suspect that at some point, in the not too distant future, she will decided that enough is enough and ask to see the eye doctor. Wait for it because time is on your side.

In the meantime, you can casually demonstrate the benefits of good vision by casually mentioning small interesting things you see such as birds, stars in the sky, wild animals, flowers etc. Just don't emphasize it. She is missing a lot, but she does not know, what she does not know. Her mind is made up, don't confuse her with the FACTS.

When she gets a bit more mature and able to deal with the care of contact lenses, she should probably get them. Contact lenses require good hygiene and care to prevent permanent cornea damage and she needs to understand the importance of doing it right.

I don't envy you for the task you have ahead.


Randy 15 Jun 2017, 07:07

I redid my self test by not wearing the glasses during the day for 3 days, and I think I did ok without them. I really didn't think I needed them. I only wore them for short periods will driving at night. Then I wore them all day yesterday. On putting them on in the morning there was minimal difference but I kept them on anyways...ALL day. When I took them off at about 6 pm, while still light and bright outside, everything dimmed on me. So I think that if I didn't wear them all day my evening vision would have been much better. So I am inclined to only use them at night.

SC 15 Jun 2017, 03:40


I can't quite understand your daughters situation.

You mentioned in a earlier post that your daughter held things really close to read - that isn't consistent with the prescription you gave - if she had a -7.25 prescription that would be the case, but unlikely for +7.25 as the temptation is to hold things further away.

You mentioned that she couldn't see in the test - was she dilated (eye drops)? That would explain a complete inability to see near or far and would be consistent with +7.25 but would not indicate how she sees normally. I'd imagine a 9yo with +7.25 would see distance pretty well and would be good for close up unless tired - however this may gradually get more difficult as age weakens the ability to compensate. I have a friend who got to almost 40 before getting glasses and he is +4.00 to +5.00 for distance

I'm not a fan of + lenses for young children when they can mostly accommodate anyway and wearing glasses will make them dependent. I'm also wondering whether the natural process whereby at least 30% of teenagers become more myopic should also imply that many others become less hyperopic so someone who has perfect vision at age 9 can be -4 by the time they are 20 then someone who is +7.25 could be +3.25 by the same age. I'd like to know if there is any research that says wearing + lenses actually inhibits the start of myopia (or the lessening of hyperopia).

If it is idea of wearing glasses that puts your daughter off then this won't last long - while many can put up with distance blur (sit at front of class, ask a friend) not being able to see close up will be intolerable. If it is the idea of having a strong + prescription then you could consider much weaker lenses that would correct the astigmatism and give a little boost for close up and gradually increase over time

NNVisitor 14 Jun 2017, 15:56


As someone who mostly did not wear my glasses when I was a child I think I have some insight into this issue. As a first step I think you would feel happier if your daughter at least would wear her glasses some of the time. You can go out with your daughter and try a fun and challenging expiriment. A sort of game. Ask her in a calm friendly manner to try wearing her glasses and tell you what she sees. Have her alternate between wearing and not wearing them. At least then you will both be able to tell how well she sees with the glasses. She's now not wearing them at all so a first step is to get her to wear her glasses at least some of the time and then see how things proceed from there.

Bell 14 Jun 2017, 15:15

Hey guys

My daughter is still refusing to wear her glasses, I do not know what to do. She says she sees finw without them, and for some reason I am begining to believe her. Should she really be wearing her glasses? Or is she fine like this? If she should be wearing glasses how can I make her without forcing it?

Puffin 13 Jun 2017, 04:22


No, glasses don't make your eyes worse, especially for adults.

What happens is that the eyes adapt to the correction and the fact that they are getting help. It could be that your "real" prescription is say minus 3, but you start off with minus 2 because that gets you to 20/20. Then the visual system adapts, and then you need minus 3. The eyes haven't got worse, it's just a case of getting to where they should be, which is not an instantaneous process.

NNVisitor 12 Jun 2017, 15:54


A few comments here. If you have been driving a motor vehicle you should have had your vision checked at least every two years to be on the safe side. You believed your vision was perfect. Apparently it wasn't. How often to wear your glasses, other than driving a motor vehicle, is your business. Not sure how many decisions your wife makes for you or the reason(s) why. You know her and she knows you and apparently she was correct in having you get your vision checked.

I really don't think that wearing glasses make's ones eyes worse. The reason is that many people who need glasses wind up with a relatively weak prescription. Their eyes don't get worse and worse. Other people see their myopia (nearsightedness) get worse and worse whether they wear glasses, contact lenses or neither for years. Usually these people first need glasses at a young age. Most people who first become nearsighted in their 20's or older don't typically wind up needing stronger and stronger lenses. No need to worry about glasses making your vision worse.

Soundmanpt 12 Jun 2017, 10:55


I'm sure it scares your girlfriend now that she realizes how much she needs her glasses to see. Luckily she wasn't involved in an accident. But you brought up an interesting point about it even being a legal problem for her. Actually since her eyesight was still good enough when she last renewed her driver's license and she hadn't gotten her eyes examined since then it wouldn't have been a legal issue. But something many people don't realize is that if she had gotten her eyes examined since she renewed her driver's license and had been prescribed glasses and was told by the doctor that she needed to wear glasses when driving then if she were to have had a bad accident and injuries were involved and she wasn't wearing her glasses then it could be a legal problem because she was told she needed to wear glasses when driving by a doctor. So even though your girlfriends license doesn't show a restriction for glasses she is still required to wear glasses. Of course when she renews her license next time her new license will have the requirement on it. In Missouri the indication is an "A" under restrictions. Your girlfriend really had it all figured out when she was in high school on how to go about becoming a glasses wearer. So according to what she told you if she was putting them on as she walked to the bus stop each morning and then take them off when she got off the bus going home after school. I'm sure getting caught even though her friend didn't tell anyone had to be embarrassing for her and probably was whys she soon stopped wearing her fake glasses. Without a doubt the fact that she never really got over her desire to wear glasses has made it so easy for her to adjust to wearing glasses now.

Glad the photo tips helped. You knew they were going to be swapping glasses and they would both be wanting pictures wearing each other's glasses. I'm that both you and your girlfriend complemented her sister on how nice she looks wearing glasses. I'm sure her sister is still getting used to wearing glasses as well as her eyes adjusting to the prescription. I'm sure her glasses do make a big difference in her vision. It makes sense that they are reducing stress from her eyes. Before she got her glasses anything more than a few feet away she was only seeing with her -.25 eye and her brain was shutting down her -1.00 eye. So she is over working her -.25 eye. Now if she continues wearing her glasses she will be seeing everything with both eyes. Now once her eyes are fully adjusted to her glasses she is going to really notice things being blurry when she takes her glasses off because her brain won't be shutting off her -1.00 anymore. So even though her eyesight isn't very bad at all she will be better off if she decides to wear her glasses full time like her big sister.

Cactus Jack 12 Jun 2017, 07:44


What is happening is typical and common. Vision occurs in the brain, your eyes are merely biological cameras. They work like high end cameras, with auto-focus capabilities (until Presbyopia eliminates most of that, typically around 40). Your eyes also have adjustable Iris (pupils) that control the amount of light entering the eyes. The Retina is the film or digital sensor that captures the image.

The difference in sharpness between day and night is an optical phenomena that is well understood by photographers. It is called "Depth of Field" or range of useful focus in photography. The effect is that in bright light the Iris or Pupils close down to reduce the light entering the eye and that produces a greater range of distances where images are in good focus. At night and in low light, the Iris or Pupils open up to let in more light, but that also reduces the range of useful focus. You can achieve the same effect, in low prescriptions like yours, by squinting.

As I mentioned above, vision occurs in the brain. The brain has amazing ability to do image processing and what you "see" is not necessarily what was delivered to the Retina. If the brain knows what something is supposed to look like, it can correct the image, but it takes a lot of work and energy.

Wearing vision correction, performs the task externally so the the images delivered to the Retina require no correction. It typically take a few days of wearing corrective lenses for the brain to realize that you have provided a labor saving device with the glasses and has stopped internally correcting what you "see". If you stopped wearing your glasses for a few days, your brain would go back to the old way of doing things, but there may be some complaints.

Think of glasses as labor saving devices. You probably have other labor saving devices that you use every day. How would you react if you were used to using a power screwdriver and suddenly had to go back to driving screws by hand.

As further proof that vision occurs in the brain, Your brain can produce images with NO input. Ever had a dream?

Your wife did you a big favor. I hope this explanation helps. If you have more questions, feel free to ask.

May I ask your age, occupation and where you live?


Randy 12 Jun 2017, 07:16

So about 3 weeks ago my wife is scheduled for an eye exam, having worn glasses (nearsighted) since high school. She says he will likely dilate her eyes, so wants me to come with. Was interesting to sit in the room and watch her first say she couldn't read the chart and then as lenses were flipped watch her vision "improve". When they were done, the dr says he will increase her by -.50 on each eye. She gets out of the chair, looks at me, and says "you are next". I told her it wasn't necessary as my vision is ok. She says that since we were married 12 years ago she doesn't recollect me having a vision test. So I sit, and can basically see ok..some lenses better than others, but when finished he says I am nearsighted, borderline, and suggests I get glasses for distance; driving, movies, etc. So I got them. Left eye is -.50, and right is -.75. During the day they make little difference although at night there IS more sharpness. Yesterday morning she suggested I wear them ALL day and I did. After a while I forgot I had them on. As we both got in to bed, with the TV on, I took mine off, and the blur was very striking..I could not read any of the smaller print on the screen. I know that previously I was able to read small print on the TV. If I could see the small print ok before the exam, why is it now such a blur after taking off the glasses. Wife couldn't comment as she could never read even larger print on the screen without her glasses. As a test we put the "guide" on the screen, which she could read with her glasses. I could make out some of it, but it was fuzzy till I put on the glasses and it really popped in to focus.

Am I making myself more nearsighted by wearing them? If I stop wearing them will it be less likely that I need them full time? Should I only wear them for driving? I wonder what the result would be if I would wear them full time for a day or two and go for another exam...would they result in a stronger prescription? I am new to this and so not sure what is going on.

David 11 Jun 2017, 18:09


My girlfriend was in real shock when she found out just how bad her vision is compared to how well she thought she could see at her eye appointment. I think that she realizes how lucky she was to not have been in an accident when driving because it would have almost certainly been determined to be her fault once the insurance companies found out how poorly she is seeing not to mention potential legal troubles. In my opinion, the ability to see perfectly is a good trade off for loosing your blur tolerance. I remember that I was perfectly happy tolerating blur with a low prescription but once I hit about -1.50 and started wearing my glasses 24/7 seeing clearly all the time was preferable to being able to interpret my blurry vision, not to mention it got a lot harder to do right around that point as well. Yeah, she told me that it took quite a bit of effort to pull off her glasses stunt in high school. She had to not only figure out when the vision screening was but also had to go behind her parents' backs to buy a pair of glasses. She said that she wouldn't wear them at home and would put them when she was on the way to the bus stop every morning and take them off once she got off the bus. It was apparently pretty convincing until her friend tried them on after getting glasses like I said and my girlfriend said that she was really embarrassed to be "found out" like that lol. She never told me that story until she got her glasses so it must have still been a pretty embarrassing story for her but now that she actually needs glasses she can look back on it and laugh a bit. Also, when the doctor told my girlfriend that she needed glasses her response was basically "that's great, I've always wanted some cute frames". Like I said before, she really jumped at the chance to look for frames and even was doing "research" prior to her exam so I think she was pretty excited about the whole thing. You're right, aside from the first day she hasn't complained pretty much at all about her glasses. On the contrary, she really likes how well she can see and how they look on her. I also don't think she was too concerned at all when the doctor said that her vision could still change, her mentality is basically that "I'm going to wear them all the time anyway so it doesn't matter". I know that if the doctor had told me at my first exam back when I was 15ish that my vision would get worse I probably would have freaked out a bit lol.

Yeah, the camera tips really came in handy, it didn't take too many attempts to get some good shots. The did swap glasses for a picture or two and I liked how she looked with the wayfairer style so I think she was going to order a pair as her backup or second pair pretty soon. Her sister didn't say much other than it makes a big difference and seems to take the stress off her eyes a bit and wore them the entire time we were there. We didn't really talk much honestly, we were all too busy trying to pack up the truck with all her stuff.

Yeah that was a really bad road trip, it seems like bullpen management has been a huge problem since Duncan and LaRussa retired and the offense has been suspect for awhile now so it isn't too surprising that they've had trouble this year. I grew up following the Rays (the Devil Rays back then) but my girlfriend is from Stl so I follow the Cardinals more now lol.

Soundmanpt 11 Jun 2017, 08:39


Trust me i'm sure your girlfriend is still in a bit of shock at how bad her eyesight is now, of course it really isn't all that bad but to her it is. Like she said she was walking around and driving without glasses just a few weeks ago and now she can't see well enough to do that anymore without glasses. Once she got her glasses and started wearing them she was then rapidly losing the ability to for her eyes to compensate her and allowing her to see somewhat better than she really could. Now all she can do if she doesn't have her glasses on is squinting to see things which helps her some but still not nearly enough that she is able to see anything clearly. Remember even though you both have nearly the exact same prescription you both got their in different ways. You started off with weak glasses and have slowly gotten increases every year or so to where your at now. Your girlfriend went from no glasses straight to where your at now with her first glasses. So no surprise that she hardly ever takes her glasses off anymore. When she first got her glasses i'm sure she took them off quite bit because she was still adjusting to them and getting used to wearing glasses and i'm sure she was trying to determine what she might still be able to see without her glasses. Now that she knows everything is blurry without her glasses there is no reason to take them off anymore. So I kind of hit it dead on when I suggested that she seemed to have quite an interest in glasses even when you first met her. What she did when she was freshman took a bit of planning. It wasn't something she just did on the spur of the moment. She had to first go to I assume a boutique and pick out just the right glasses and then wait for the vision and hearing screenings to come and go and then she was smart enough to know that she still needed to wait another week to show up wearing her fake glasses. Apparently she was convincing enough that no one doubted her need for glasses. But the problem is if anyone asks to try on your glasses. Then you can feel really foolish. She was lucky that it was a rather good friend that had gotten glasses and quickly determined that your girlfriend's glasses were fake. But she was nice enough and kept her secret. But she still managed to wear her fake glasses for several months before as she claims she grew out of that phase. But the truth is when anyone has that desire about wanting to wear glasses it never really goes away even if she made it sound like it did. I bet when she found out that she needed to get glasses and she was trying on frames she was like a kid in toyland. She told you correctly that getting glasses is a sort of fulfillment of a childhood dream a dream that never went away. I don't think she really minds wearing glasses at all. Aside from the first day when her glasses bothered her nose a bit has she ever complained about her glasses or having to wear them? I'm glad the doctor told her that she could see some changes in her vision over the next year. That is going to happen for sure. Her next glasses I would expect to be around -2.25 or even -2.50 depending on how long she is able to hold off getting her eyes examined. But like the doctor said she is 23 so she is pretty much past the real changing years. However since it seems rather clear that her job is what likely ruined her eyesight that could still effect her eyes a bit too. And you're 24 and you are probably close if not already at the stable point with your eyes.

I'm glad my suggestion about not using the flash worked so well for you. I hope you got some really nice pictures of your girlfriend and her sister wearing their glasses. I'm sure they wanted some wearing each other's glasses. So now that your used to seeing your girlfriend wearing her own glasses how did she look wearing her sister's glasses? Of course i'm sure your girlfriend couldn't really see much of anything wearing her sister's glasses. What did her sister have to say about wearing glasses? Even though her prescription isn't very strong the difference between her eyes is enough to for her to notice for sure. Does she seem to be wearing them quite a bit or did she only put them on for the pictures to be taken?

Yeah we sort of get used to being at least in the playoffs every year so last year was bad enough but nobody was going to stop the Cubs so it didn't matter too much. But this year has been pretty bad as well. Really good starting pitching but only 3 guys in the bullpen to count on and a bad defense and poor run scoring. But were in the worst division and even the Cubs are under 500. Who is your home team?

David 10 Jun 2017, 13:06


You're correct, my girlfriend has mentioned that she can't believe that she was walking around and even driving just a few weeks ago without glasses. She hardly ever takes them off now and if she doesn't have them on she is constantly squinting which she never did before. Also, she actually told me a funny story shortly after getting her glasses. When she was a freshman in high school she thought glasses were really cool and she actually really wanted a pair of glasses to wear in class. So She waited until they had their vision and hearing screening in school and then bought a fake pair of glasses and waited a week or so before taking them to class and telling her friends that she got glasses. I thought that it was hilarious because at the same time I actually had to get my first pair of glasses and absolutely refused to wear them at first. She said that it worked for a few months until her best friend had to get glasses and wanted to try on my girlfriend's glasses. Her friend found out right away that my girlfriend's glasses were fake but she didn't tell anyone, eventually she kind of grew out of that phase and stopped wearing the fake glasses. She said that having to get glasses reminded her of that and that needing glasses was sort of a fulfillment of a silly childhood dream lol. When she went in for her exam the doctor mentioned that her prescription was a bit high for someone who had never worn glasses before and mentioned to her after the exam that she still could see some changes in her vision over the next year. He did say that because of her age and relatively low prescription that he doesn't expect any significant changes perhaps just a slight tweak and suggested coming back in a year or so to fine tune the prescription. She didn't have her eyes dilated for the refraction but did get them dilated later for an eye health exam by the way. As for me, my prescription hasn't really changed over the last couple of years. I had the biggest changes in the two years after I got my first glasses when I was 16. Also the colorblindness information was pretty interesting, my cousin is blue/purple colorblind but his sister isn't. My girlfriend is actually a synesthete and she associates sounds with colors which is pretty cool and she said that it helps her when doing her design work and trying to come up with cool color schemes.

Your suggestion did help out a lot, at the graduation I was using flash which made the glare really hard to manage. I turned it off this time and just found better lighting and had significantly less problems getting a good photo. My girlfriend did actually suggest getting the lens coatings since she was so happy with her's. She also went for a bigger style and got a pair of the rayban wayfairer style glasses. As for college, she is staying in state but it is a bit of a drive from where we currently live. I must have missed that you are also a Cardinals fan, they aren't looking too great and may end up missing the playoffs for two years in a row. I don't know if I can ever remember that happening.


I've found that the styles that male and female opticians pick out are often quite different. I've had more luck with female opticians helping me find frames that suite me. In my experience the women tend to give a better explanation of how the glasses look and why the work or don't while the men usually gave a yes or no and left it up to me to decide what exactly didn't feel or look right. As for my girlfriend's prescription, I don't think she is too concerned about it. The doctor told her that she may experience a small change in the next year or so but that it wouldn't be significant and since most of the glasses she is looking at are for either backup or specific outfits I don't think it would be a big deal if her vision changes slightly. I'm not sure how often she would end up changing her glasses anyways, I think it is like shoes, it's always nice to have options but you will usually go with what is comfortable and familiar.

Soundmanpt 10 Jun 2017, 08:50


In my area we have a very well known family owned business that is a very high end glasses shop. They actually have 3 locations. The grandson is now running the business and I know him from a number of years ago. They only hire the most attractive young ladies to work in their stores. About 3 years ago best friends daughter got hired to work their. She got the job because a friend of hers was already working there and the owner asked her if she had any girlfriends that might be interested in coming to work their? She is a very pretty young lady but she isn't one to dress up all that much. She is required to always wear heels and makeup and hair neatly brushed and dress nicely. but she makes very good money because she gets paid a salary as well as commission from her sales. Her commission alone has to be quite good considering the price of the glasses they sell. She gets to pick out new glasses at least 3 or 4 times a year from the store and she often gets free glasses from the frame manufactures that come around. But all stores have found that customers / patients are more likely to want help from a woman rather than a man working in the store.

The optometrists did nothing wrong when she came in for an eye exam. As we all know most people will notice something is wrong with their eyesight than she realized it. So doing a dilation eye exam takes longer and usually isn't really necessary to prescribe glasses. And because her eyes were so strained and she was being helped by accommodation which is how she was able get by as long as she did without glasses that is why she was still able to see to drive, well sort of anyway. So I have no doubt that with the -1.75 lenses in front of her eyes she was perfectly able to see the 20/20 line which is all the doctor can prescribe for. But I am quite sure if you were to ask the doctor he knew right away that as her eyes become more and more relaxed she isn't going to be seeing 20/20 for very long before she needs an increase. This is why when she takes her glasses off now everything is much more blurry to her than it was before she got her glasses. Because glasses can be bought from places like Zenni for under $20.00 getting several pairs is fine to do and since she really needs her glasses she should have at least one extra pair as a back up anyway. And a pair of sunglasses as well. So probably when she does need to go and get new glasses she would be better off just donating all of her current glasses to the Lion's Club and buying all new ones rather than changing the lens in the ones she has now.

NNVisitor 09 Jun 2017, 23:30


Yes women are usually much better at picking out glasses than men. Women are very fashion conscious and many look at glasses as a fashion accessory. I remember well a female optician who was so helpful to me in picking out both the frames and lenses. Women also communicate differently than men do. Both verbally and non verbally. When someone communicates with us in person we not only hear what they say but are influenced by their body language. The latter often in an unconscious way yet nevertheless it can influence our decision making. As a man I always prefer dealing with female opticians/optical assistants when picking out glasses. Probably due to both their fasion acumen and their communication style.

You also brought up another interesting point. David's girlfriend may wind up with a prescription change. As she's keen to have several pairs of glasses she may wind up needing to change the lenses in each pair. Certainly something for her to keep in mind.

Soundmanpt 09 Jun 2017, 07:41


Your girlfriend has only been wearing glasses for about 3 weeks now, but i'm sure even for only having glasses for such a short time she couldn't go without her glasses for even a day anymore. But she has adjusted to wearing glasses very well and from what you say she really hasn't had any problem at all with getting used to wearing glasses. I wonder if she has always maybe been interested in or even wanted to wear glasses and just never considered that she might actually need glasses? And she has made her glasses a fashion accessory which is exactly how she should consider them since glasses can be very fashionable these days. So with being able to order glasses on line for so much less than the optical shops sell glasses for it makes perfect sense that she wants to get several more pairs that can be a fun pair and something to go with other outfits. But i'm not sure sure how or if you even want to tell her this. She shouldn't order too many because like I said earlier I really think the doctor wasn't as able to give her an accurate prescription for glasses and that she was probably slightly under prescribed as a result. If I recall they didn't dilate her eyes which would have really helped but at the time they had no idea how bad her eyesight really was. When most people get their first glasses as you know it is generally much weaker so there is no need to dilate. But when she got her eyes examined they were badly strained and that makes it much harder to refract someone. My guess is that she will be slowly starting to notice that things aren't as clear and sharp after about 6 - 8 months time. I don't think she will be able to make it a full year wearing her current glasses. So she doesn't want to invest too much money in glasses now. Now i don't think she is going to be needing a big increase but enough that she will be needing new glasses. You said that she is 23 and you're 24 so you both shouldn't need increases too much longer before your eyes become more stable. Something I learned years ago that I found very interesting and I wonder if your girlfriend has ever heard this. Women can see color much better than men and it is very rare for a woman to be color blind. After I heard that I started doing my own research and to this day I haven't found one woman that is color blind. But women are far more likely to be nearsighted. Print buyers almost always have women go out on printing press okays for that very reason.

I know because your girlfriend needed her glasses so badly they put a rush on them o she was able to get her glasses the next day. But her sister of course didn't need her glasses so quickly so I figured they put them through as a normal order. But even then they often can be made in a couple days depending on the lab. So I hope my suggestion helps out. Using natural or good lighting is much better than using a flash because the flash is too bright and spotty. You need to hope that her sister did get an AR coating on her glasses. Sadly I have a bad feeling that your girlfriend may nit have thought to recommend that to her, Doing a test run with your girlfriend ahead of time is a really good idea. I think you will find doing closeups much easier for seeing their eyes through their lenses rather than being further away. I'm curious what style glasses her sister got? If she maybe went for the bigger style or something more like what your girlfriend got. If her sister is already packing to head off to summer college I guess they won't get to see much of each other. How far away is she going?

By the way if you think your baseball team is doing bad have you checked on how bad the Cardinals are doing lately. They just finished a road trip to Chicago and to play the Reds and they lost all 7 games. Were not used to that here.

David 08 Jun 2017, 18:32


Yeah, like I said, I was pretty similar and only really started to notice other people's glasses and how they looked once I got my first pair. My girlfriend did an excellent job picking out her frames but she always keeps an eye out for new looks and fashion ideas. Even though she has to wear glasses full time she pretty much treats them like another accessory and is already planning on ordering more pairs to go with different looks. She has pointed out a few guys with glasses and told me that she thinks I'd look good with those frames and stuff like that, I always joke that she has to compensate for my complete lack of fashion sense lol. Like I mentioned earlier, when we first met I was wearing glasses and I would wear them pretty often back then since I didn't have contacts. I had a really ugly pair of glasses that were both too small for my face and not the right shape, that coupled with a lack of AR coatings made for some really ugly glasses that I was a bit embarrassed to wear in public. Our first date was at the movies and I had to wear my glasses and god was I afraid of what she'd say when she saw them lol. She told me that she really liked glasses on me and at the time I just thought she was being nice about it but she has since admitted that she finds glasses really attractive. I think now that I have an actual fashionable pair, and ones that she chose too, she likes how I look in them even more. When she was looking for her glasses she tried on a bunch of the larger plastic and chunkier frames but said that they all felt like too much pressure on her nose to get used to. I tend to agree as I've never really cared for the larger frames or the plastic bridges. She also mentioned that the plastic frames touch more of her face and would probably smear her makeup especially since she has to wear them all the time. She certainly thought of pretty much everything before finding her frames and besides everyone has those types of glasses now so I think she wanted something a bit different too. And as far as her driving is concerned, I feel very relieved that she has glasses now, not just for her safety but for everyone else's too. Her driving improved almost immediately and greatly after she got her glasses and got used to the prescription. We both may have dodged a bullet when she was driving around half blind for a few years lol.

According to my girlfriend, her sister did get her glasses already and we'll be seeing them tomorrow night because we are all going to help her get packed to move into her dorm for summer classes. Also, thanks for the photo tips, my camera skills are awful enough without having to try and figure out how to avoid glare on people's glasses. I'm sure that I'll be asked to take a bunch of photos so maybe I'll ask my girlfriend if I can practice on her tonight so it doesn't take forever tomorrow lol.

Soundmanpt 08 Jun 2017, 10:22


It's not that unusual that your girlfriend now really notices and pays much more attention to people wearing glasses than she ever did before she started wearing glasses. I'm sure she wants to feel that she looks every bit as good as everyone else wearing glasses. And she probably now really enjoys seeing how nice other women look wearing glasses. She is also probably checking out men wearing glasses as well but not mentioning it to you. But not because she is interested in them but only in how good they look wearing their glasses. You're a guy and we tend not to pay much attention to those things over all. But your girlfriend clearly must have thought you looked really nice wearing glasses if she even tried to get you to wear your glasses when you first met and way before she knew she was going to be getting glasses. And that was as you say even with a very unflattering pair of glasses. So it's really not just because she has to wear glasses that she is so insisting that you wear your glasses also, but that she really does like how you look wearing glasses. Your girlfriend is a very smart young lady which I guess you already know. She was right in her thinking that the bigger style glasses might be a bit heavier on her nose. Also most all of those bigger plastic frames have the pre formed nose pads. Her glasses have the adjustable soft nose pads which I think are a lot easier on the nose, certainly considering these are her first glasses which she needs to wear everyday full time. You probably first now must realize just how dangerous it was for her to be driving at night before she got glasses. But i'm sure when she had to pull out in traffic and she was looking both ways to see if cars were coming all she saw was blur. Any street lights only made things worse. If a kid on a bicycle had been passing by I don't know know if she would have been able to see him in time to stop or not. This of course is why she would drive slowly because she felt like that gave her more time to see anything in front of her. If she is like most young ladies being able to carry her sunglasses in her bag shouldn't be a problem. But I only suggested that because she is most likely going to be needing her sunglasses when she is driving to or from work so that is when some people often leave their sunglasses in the car rather than taking them into work with them. But if she often goes out to lunch with friends she might like having them if they are sitting outside. So mom and dad weren't given glasses but both know that the day is around the corner for both of them. Her sister is getting glasses which like I said before I think she was actually hoping for anyway. If her prescription is only -.25 / -1.00 her vision is still good enough to pass the drivers test without glasses. You are only requited to be able to see 20/40 with one eye. So her -.25 eye is probably only 20/25 or maybe 20/30 but still better than 20/40. Her other eyes she isn't good enough for her to pass. She is probably only about 20/60 in that eye. But even though she doesn't really need to wear glasses for driving its still a very good idea for her to get glasses and wear them when she drives. If she is driving with her windows down and something blows in her -.25 eye she isn't going to be able to see very well until she gets vision back in her better eye. Also wearing glasses should actually help prevent anything from blowing in her eyes. Her eye are a little bit out of balance so if she really does intend on wearing her glasses quite often like she says she is going to notice the difference much more when she isn't wearing her glasses. I'm just guessing but most likely her eyes are just starting to change and by next year her -.25 eye will be closer to -1.00. Nice that she was able to get rx sunglasses with her parents insurance. Is she currently waiting for her glasses to come in or does she already have them? I have a feeling that your girlfriend is going to want to see her as soon as she gets her glasses. I'm sure your girlfriend is going to want to try her glasses on and see how her sister's glasses look on her. They are going to have glasses in common now. So be prepared to be asked to do some picture taking. try getting in a light enough area and close enough ot nit use the flash that should really help with glare. Oh did her sister get AR coating on her glasses? If insurance doesn't cover it she may not have gotten it. But if she didn't she can always order a pair on line with AR for hardly anything.

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