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281 20 Aug 2017, 03:54

They end up with ciliary muscles poorly accustomed for glasses correction. They also lack awareness about visual defects. Soundman the missouri optometrist would know, clients who have better visual health awareness often have better outcome because they tend to follow the instruction from the optometrist. Clients who lack awareness about visual defects, may frequently have difficulty to follow instructions.

281 20 Aug 2017, 03:42

Quote soundman

"I wonder why she is claiming to have good eyesight when her glasses clearly have a rather decent prescription? And her job clearly doesn't require protective lenses."

I find her claim not typical for such girls who love to tag their work .

This happens very frequently for some situation, usually not from instagram users. Instagram users tend to be highly self conscious about details, tag their photos orderly.

When there is a lack of object for comparison. What is "Good" , what is "bad" , some girls have "interpretation" differ from optometrist or optical industry. Some girls may consider, needing minus 5 or minus 10 does not mean "bad eyesight" .

Typical situation for such girls can be, the girl never had 20/20 eyesight in childhood . The girl may wrongly think, needing minus 10 but the uncorrected eyesight is still acceptable.

I had met a optician talked about dealing with such client, who are typically never wore glasses until age 30 40 50 etc , tend to very stubborn, refute opticians advice about their severe prescription, claim they see only slight blur. Such client are very difficult to deal with, because they typically have poor correction with glasses, having lived without glasses for 30 40 50 years. The optician worked in an area which had widespread poverty until recent years, that is in Sichuan Province, at a second tier city at supposedly fertile Sichuan Plain area. The population there can be families of farmers who typically believe glasses are for the higher social class. They, from the lower social class and isolated from large cities, believed they deserve not able to afford glasses, they often heard glasses was expensive and not affordable.

Cactus Jack 19 Aug 2017, 14:19


It is very likely.

There are two kinds of Myopia. Axial or True Myopia where there is a mismatch between the length of the eyeball and the total PLUS power of your eye's optical system. It is considered permanent. There is also Pseudo or False Myopia. That is caused by your Ciliary Muscles having difficulty fully relaxing. It is considered temporary, but temporary can be a long time in an environment where you constantly focus close (e.g. in University). A person can have both and the effects are additive.

If you are 24 and serious, you can probably wear glasses with more Minus. Just order some glasses online with this prescription:

OD -3.25

OS -3.50 -0.25 022

(I am assuming that the prescription was listed in the traditional order of Right Eye (OD) first.

Wear them full time. When those get comfortable, bump the sphere another diopter. DO NOT make any adjustments to the Cylinder and Axis.

May I ask your Major?


Natty 19 Aug 2017, 10:35

Today's a big day for me. I look forward to your comments!

Natty 19 Aug 2017, 10:33


I'm not sure I'll ever have another increase at 24 but I'm studying very hard so it is possible. My only remaining vision dream is to become a true moderate myope (worse than -3) so that I can have the pleasure of being told that my glasses will be too thick if they're made using CR39 lenses. Can't believe that somebody with perfect vision has gotten to the point where their glasses need to be thinned. Love it. Thought I'd share.

Let me know if you think I'll ever get past -3...

Natty 19 Aug 2017, 10:31


From no glasses to near moderate myopia in only 4-5 years (in my early 20s not in my teens!). Better still, no manipulation (other than demanding absolutely perfect vision during exams). Unfortunately, my pupils are large so I find reading the 20/20 line difficult even with glasses but I managed at today's eye exam!

Natty 19 Aug 2017, 10:30

My vision success story. PART 1

I've wanted glasses ever since I was a child but I had good vision. Fortunately, when I was 19 I got my first glasses at -0.50 and -0.75. Next upgrade came 10 months later. I was now in the -1 range. Soon I moved up to -1.25 and -1.50. By late 2015, I was -1.75 in both eyes (the optician was quite stunned because I told her I wasn't a glasses wearer!).

Had an online test earlier this year (self administered) and ballooned up to -2.25 and -2.50. Thought it was impossible. I bought the -2.25 and -2.50 glasses for fun (low cost) and wore only when I needed absolutely perfect vision (very, very rarely). Since my other glasses were broken or scratched, I wore a -1.25 and -1.50 as my regular glasses for a long time. Then, I decided to get a legitimate eye exam because I'm about to start a new academic program. That was today.

This is what the legitimate prescription was:


-2.50 -0.25 022

Natty 19 Aug 2017, 10:30

Test :)

Soundmanpt 11 Aug 2017, 15:59

On the way to get glasses

Just about what I expected she would see wearing your glasses. Based on what she said it sounds like her eyesight is still perfect or at least very close to being perfect. When she seeing through your right lens she was actually seeing the way she would if she had 20/15 vision. So her saying that things appeared brighter and sharper is the way she should see with your glasses. And when ehe was looking through your left lens i'm sure she could feel the difference to her eyes right away.Things would be even sharper or more detailed but also look smaller Having her do the same test at night she should see even better through your -.50 lens than she does without glasses. Not sure what she will say about seeing through your -1.00 lens at night.I'm not sure where you plan on testing her eyes but the darker the better. Maybe find a nice dark road somewhere with road signs at a distance. . Based on this little test it doesn't seem like she needs glasses and she doesn't seem to think so either. Maybe after doing your next test you should tell your wife that you're going to go on line to get a spare pair of glasses to keep in the car and a pair of prescription sunglasses and you ask her to help you pick out glasses that would look good on you. Most of the on line retailers you can put in your picture and do virtual try ons. Then convince her to put in her picture so she can try on glasses too. She will almost certainly find several pairs that she will admit she likes. Make a point to write down tee number of the ones she likes. Then without her knowing you simply order the one she liked the most with -.50 in the SPH areas. If she liked the way the glasses looked on line she would wear them because like she found out trying your glasses she didn't have any problem seeing just fine through your -.50 lens.

swimmer 11 Aug 2017, 15:44

Thanks. I'm 34 -so not so young!

Soundmanpt 11 Aug 2017, 15:26


So I assume you mean your prescription is R -1.00 -.25 / L -1.00 -.25? if this s correct your actual vision is then around -1.13 in each eyes. You can take about half the value of your astigmatisms which is the -.25. So the goggles are going to be a little stronger than you need but you will be able to see better than you can without any correction. Being a competitive swimmer I assume that your rather young? So your eyes are still probably changing anyway so the -1.50 in the next 6 months or so might be pretty close to what your prescription will be by themn.

swimmer 11 Aug 2017, 15:07

My prescription is -1 -0.25 in each eye. I find it quite hard to see markers in open water races so looking to get prescription googles. The ones I like start at -1.5. Is this likely to be too strong or would they work?

On the way to glasses 11 Aug 2017, 07:12

Ah..she finally tried my glasses. The -.50, she says, brightens and sharpens distant letters, but the -1.00 sharpens but makes distant letters a bit smaller. But she insists she can see fine without them.

For me I notice much more of a difference now when I wear them for a while and then take them off. I have't had the courage to wear them full time..just around the house and when driving. When I first got them I think they made no difference during the day, but now there is a small difference in improved clarity. The difference at night is much more noticeable. I'll try to get her to try them more at night.

Soundmanpt 08 Aug 2017, 07:53

On the way to glasses

Your prescription as you know is rather weak. But as you're finding out even though you're able to make out road signs and store signs pretty well without your glasses your glasses do make them easier to see especially at night. When your looking over your glasses your actually only seeing those signs with your right eye. Your brain is automatically ignoring your left eye. If you were to cover your right eye with your hand and without glasses those signs will be much harder for you to make out what they say. Hard to say how well your wife will see wearing your glasses. It really depends on how good her eyesight is to start with. But even if she has perfect eyesight she should still be able to see pretty well wearing your glasses. You may need to have her test each eye separately since your you have a different prescription for each eye. I would suggest that you have her first cover her left eye with her hand while wearing your glasses. She should be able to see signs at a distance slightly better than she sees them without glasses. A -.50 is just enough over correction to provide her with 20/15 vision. Now have her reverse it and cover her right eye with her hand. If her eyesight is perfect she is likely going to comment that your glasses feel a little strong but if she keeps them on for several minutes her eyes should start to focus pretty well but things may appear a but smaller than her normal vision. Now of course if your wife's eyesight isn't perfect your -1.00 lens may make a bigger difference to her. So depending which way she sees better will determine if she needs glasses or not. Again I think she is going to like how she sees through your right lens for sure. If you're wanting or hoping that your wife might need glasses i can tell you that even if she has perfect vision if she is willing to start wearing glasses she could easily wear -.50 or -.75 glasses without any problem and see perfect wearing them. I'm surprised that your wife hasn't asked to try your glasses just to see how well see can see with them and to see how she looks wearing them.

On the way to glasses 08 Aug 2017, 07:08

I am 35. I don't read a lot but do use computer a lot. Got the glasses. They really don't do much during the day, but I can see how a night signs are much clearer with them. When I look over them I can see ok to drive, and can see the print on most store signs and street signs, but can read them easier looking thru them. I haven't had a chance to have my wife wear them yet..I wonder how she will see with them or what she will say.

Cactus Jack 04 Aug 2017, 13:43

On the way to glasses,

Welcome to the group. It is much more common than most people think because they don't know how vision works. Vision actually occurs in the brain, your eyes are merely biological cameras.

Your brain has the ability to correct the images it receives IF it knows what something is supposed to look like. Your brain can also produce images without any visual input. That is what happens when you dream or have hallucinations.

When there is a difference between the image quality from your eyes, which you have to a small extent, your brain will select the sharpest image and use that image as its primary source of data and supplement it, where possible with data from the other eye.

The -1.00L and -0.50R means that everything you see beyond 1 meter with your Left eye is increasingly blurry and everything beyond 2 meters you see with your

Right eye is increasingly blurry. For reading, you brain is probably using mostly your Left eye. For distance your brain is probably using mostly your Right eye.

I suggest that you consider wearing your glasses full time for 10 days to 2 weeks and then decide how often to wear them. A few things will happen.

That will give your brain time to develop an improved image processing algorithm and get used to a reduced image processing workload. This may cause you to initially think the glasses have made your vision worse. That is really not true. Really all that has happened is that your brain has become accustomed to working with quality images from both eyes. One of the benefits with having two high quality images is improved 3D vision and depth perception. If you decide to not wear your glasses, which you can, except maybe for driving, your brain will go back to using the old algorithm.

From the brain's point of view, your glasses are labor saving tools. I don't know about you, but I pretty quickly get attached to my labor saving gadgets and don't like to not be able to use them. A good example is electric screwdrivers. When they first became available, I turned up my nose, until I got one. Now I look for the electric screwdriver, even for 1 screw. I guess you could case that dependency.

With your low prescription, glasses will probably be optional, with the exception mentioned above.

You may have more questions and please feel free to ask them. May I ask your occupation and how much reading or close work you do, including using a computer?

One other item, sometimes the ES server is slow. When you click on the "SUBMIT" button and it turns Blue, your post is acceptable, but it may take a few seconds for it be uploaded. If you click a Blue SUBMIT button again, you will get a double or triple post.


Soundmanpt 04 Aug 2017, 13:29

On the way to glasses

Your experience is really very normal. That same thing has happened many times before. You take or go with someone to get an eye exam. Many times because they will dilate the eyes and it helps if someone else is driving. Next time have your wife take your son maybe she will find that she needs glasses just like you did.

On the way to glasses 04 Aug 2017, 11:46

My wife made an appointment for an exam for our 10 year old, but I had to take him. I went in with him for the exam. He did well, and doesn't need glasses, but when he read some of the lines I couldn't make out I asked the Dr if his vision was 20/20 or better than that, he wanted to know why I asked. I told him that my son could see better than me. He suggested I have an exam and scheduled me for this morning. I was prescribed glasses for distance, -1.00L and -0.50R He said I will see clearer with them, especially at night.

I am new to this glasses thing. Is it unusual for someone to find out accidentally that he needs glasses? How dependent will I be on them. (34 years old)

On the way to glasses 04 Aug 2017, 11:46

My wife made an appointment for an exam for our 10 year old, but I had to take him. I went in with him for the exam. He did well, and doesn't need glasses, but when he read some of the lines I couldn't make out I asked the Dr if his vision was 20/20 or better than that, he wanted to know why I asked. I told him that my son could see better than me. He suggested I have an exam and scheduled me for this morning. I was prescribed glasses for distance, -1.00L and -0.50R He said I will see clearer with them, especially at night.

I am new to this glasses thing. Is it unusual for someone to find out accidentally that he needs glasses? How dependent will I be on them. (34 years old)

Maxim 01 Aug 2017, 12:13

to newglasseswearer


You will be very happy with your glasses, and I wish you the very best!

Don't bother, your eyes will definitely NOT detoriate with glasses on, honestly, for sure!

My regards to your mom, she should be happy with you, - it is important that you have good vision now!

newglasseswearer 01 Aug 2017, 09:07

Hi everyone,

Yesterday, I got my first pair of glasses and I cannot believe how clear everything is! Now I actually want to watch TV because I can see everything on it! Also everything is so bright and colors are so vivid. Like i know everyone says this when they get glasses but can you believe it... there are leaves on trees?!!! It usually is all just one giant blob for me. School was one of the hardest times of my life as I literally could not copy down what the teacher was writing on the board even from the front row no matter how hard I squinted. Sometimes I would have to literally walk up to the board like about 6 inches away to see it clearly and it was really embarrassing but I didn't know how to copy down the notes another way. But anyways, I got my first pair yesterday around 4 pm. And when I tried them on in the store, I was BLOWN AWAY! I could see all the glasses around me in FULL detail! Then I took them off because my mom says that if I wear them often, my vision will deteriorate. Ugh it sucked when I took them off cause I literally could not see anything again. Then we went outside to walk to my mom's car and I put them on for a quick second and again I WAS BLOWN AWAY! (This was when I noticed the leaves on trees and people's faces from miles away!) My mom then said I could wear them on the way home to see what I was missing out on and I did and OMG in the car ride, I could see the time on the screen up front from the BACK ROW! I could also see road signs and wow it was quite an awakening. Then, when I got home, I took them off and everything was a BLUR! When I went to watch the TV, I decided to test out my glasses, and WOW IT WAS AMAZING! I could actually see letters on the screen and details of EVERYTHING! And I looked around my house and I could see so many details like the lines within my wooden floor! Went for a walk myself and everything was so clear and detailed and ughhhh I didn't realize how much i was missing out. But then I saw my friend from school and I was a little embarrassed to be wearing my glasses as I have never worn glasses till now. I can't wait to test them out at school on Monday but I'm a little afraid. I think I'm going to have to break the news to my mom that I will have to wear my glasses full time because I literally CANNOT see anything. I even have to wear them to see my computer clearly and in HD.

BTW, the doctor said my prescription is -3.25 in both eyes. Don't really know what that means but he said it was a super strong prescription for a first pair of glasses and now I can see why he said that!

Carrie 31 Jul 2017, 14:10

Cat I am so sorry to hear about your vision problems. I can't imagine what it must be like. I'm afraid I am unable to give you any advice even though I would if I could. I hope things don't get any worse.

Cat 30 Jul 2017, 10:59

Hi, I had another eye exam on Thursday. It did not go so great. My eyesight has been deteriorating for a while now. I had been a low vision patient, and on Thursday I made the jump to legeally blind. I am still in shock, and do not quite know what comes next. Does this change anything, I don't know. I don't know what I am supposed to do with this new piece of information. I did not have the best feeling going into Thursday's appointment, as the last few months have been especially hard for me. Just normal everyday stuff was harder. Reading, getting around, and doing normal stuff was getting harder. In the last month alone I bumped into so many things and people and eveb fell down a few times. Has anyone else gone through this? How did/do you get by? Also, does it get easier because right now I feel like everything is against me, and I am alone.

30calcat 23 Jul 2017, 13:33

It would be incorrect to call EyeQue's measurement a prescription because a prescription would have to be prescribed by a doctor.

The measurement is taken at some distance away from the eye, similar to the arbitrary vertex distance a phoropter is positioned in front of you at the doctor's office. If you need a zero vertex distance power for contacts, I believe ECPs today already calculate this by reducing the power from the phoropter measurement. I don't think there is a practical way to physically perform a refraction right on the surface of your eyeball. Seeing that you cannot order contacts without a prescription EyeQue doesn't help with that anyway.

One possible improvement of EyeQue would be to add another adjustment on the scope that would change the vertex distance. With my high minus lenses, the vertex distance difference in my frames easily changes the effective power almost 3 diopters. But taking a vertex distance measurement, especially on a pair of glasses that you don't even own yet, is not intuitive, and is probably more trouble than it is worth for a majority of people who have less than a quarter of my lens power.

NNVisitor 23 Jul 2017, 12:03


I think that a lot of young people will be interested in purchasing the EyeQue device. They'll figure it's cheaper and more conveniant than an appointment with an Optometrist. For low nearsightedness or farsightedness with no or a tiny bit of astigmatism it probably will work well though I doubt many young people will be patient enough to do the test many times before ordering glasses. I expect the ordering will be mostly online for which they will need their correct PD.

Anyone with a moderate to high plus or minus correction requirements and those with a lot of astigmatism should still have regular checkups with an optometrist or an opthalmologist to check eye health and to obtain a precise prescription.

At about $30 for the device it should sell reasonablly well. They may possibly up the price to $35 to $40 if sales are really hot because that's how capitalism works.

Even if some people are dissappointed by the resulting eyeglasses that wind up at less than accurate prescription equivalent they'll conclude that they only spent $30 plus got a cheap online deal and it didn't break the bank.

JC 23 Jul 2017, 09:02

The EyeQue device sounds very interesting and I would love to get one to try out, but unfortunately they don't yet support my phone model. One thing I am curious about is they call their output eyeglass numbers, or something similar to avoid the term "prescription", and they hint at using them to order glasses from Zenni. Since they seem to be marketing towards eyeglasses rather then contacts I wonder if the device makes a correction for an assumed vertex distance? If not and it is giving 0 vertex distance numbers then some with higher "eyeglass numbers" (prescriptions) won't be happy if they order glasses based on it.

30calcat 22 Jul 2017, 18:39

As a basis for ordering glasses, you should definitely do multiple "full tests" to give the app sufficient data points to reach the "score" of 100. It is a fairly time consuming test compared to using an auto-refractor - plan to sit down for at least 30 minutes to take the 80+ readings required. It takes patience and some getting used to, to align the scope exactly perpendicular on all planes so that both green and red images are coming in equally and consistently. You don't have the benefit of having a chassis to set your chin and forehead up to like proper ECP equipment.

Also, the way the app is set up, you might not be able to go through the full test with multiple people. Your tests and data are stored and aggregated in a user account registered to the serial number of the EyeQue scope, You can't delete data from your account, so each new person would need a new account. I am not sure how many times EyeQue will let you use the same serial number to create a new account. I would think they would allow more than 1 to allow families to use the same scope but they might cut you off at some point.

Soundmanpt 22 Jul 2017, 17:05

Crystal Veil

You are correct I also remember seeing them for $19.95. It seems they must have found a big demand so they have raised the price. I am considering ordering it. I often come across young ladies that don't have health insurance meaning they don't have vision insurance either. If the "EyeQue" really works that well for simple prescriptions it will be well worth the $29.95. Right how all I can offer these ladies is several places That I have setup that will do a "take-along" prescription for that very same $30.00. But this of course could be used over and over for everyone.

"30calcat" based on your tests do you think for just doing tests for very simple prescriptions the "EyeQue" works well enough to order glasses using it?

Crystal Veil 22 Jul 2017, 16:40

Cactus Jack,

I just checked the links again and this time the price was $29.95 everywhere, including Zenni. No sign of the $18 anymore. I'm sure it was there in one post. Anyway, the new price is still OK.

30calcat 22 Jul 2017, 14:53

Eyeque was a few dollars less than $29.95 on Amazon, or you can get a 15% discount by joining their mailing list on their website.

To get quantitative cylinder output you have to do the "full test" multiple times to gather enough data points. It saves each test with a "score" that tracks how consistent your responses are getting. It seems that the app uses some aggregation of your responses to average out small variations in your responses, This makes sense to me, since I found myself hitting the + and - button back and forth trying to figure out "which is better: one, or two?" and they looked about the same. I finally sat down and did the test 4 times without wearing any lenses and saved all the results, and it produced a full readout including cylinder, Amazingly, the cylinder power indicated is exactly what I got at my eye exam, and the axis was different by only exactly 15 degrees.

NNVisitor 22 Jul 2017, 12:53

I was reading the latest postings here on my smartphone with my distance glasses on. Usually I need to take my glasses off to see the small print. I forgot to do so and I increased the print size. And surprise surprise to my amazement I can read it clearly. My add would be +2.50 if I had it so my eye muscles must be working amazingly well today.

Cactus Jack 22 Jul 2017, 11:23


Thank you for that excellent review of the EyeQue. It will be interesting if they can come up with a way to accurately measure Cylinder and Axis. Still, for the price, it seems very useful.

Crystal Veil,

I am curious about the $18 price in your last post. Everything I have found indicates the price as US$29.95.


30calcat 22 Jul 2017, 09:36

I received the EyeQue and it is intriguing. Some official documents say it is good for measurement up to -12. The app will take measurements up to -19.75, but if you are as nearsighted as I am when you look through the scope without lenses the red and green boxes are out of focus so results may not be as accurate as you get into the upper teens in refractive correction. It's like when you go to the eye doctor and you are asked to look through the autorefrator at the picture inside. For me it is a big blob. EyeQue also claims to measure astigmatism, but as of now it just provides a qualitative indicator of "low", "moderate", or "high" without a cylinder and axis reading, so you don't really get a full set of numbers for ordering lenses.

What EyeQue is particularly useful for, however, is measuring how effective your corrective lenses are. The app instructs you to remove your glasses and contacts before the test, but it you keep them on, you are able to see how close your lenses are to ideal correction. I did a test wearing my current glasses, and the result was R -0.25 and L 0.00, indicating that they are right on. For high lens powers, EyeQue can reveal the huge impact vertex distance can have on effective power. I tried the test with another pair of glasses with the same power, but the lenses sit further away from my eyes. The test result showed I am -1.75 undercorrected in those glasses. You can imagine the frustration those of us with strong lenses deal with when ECPs don't bother to measure vertex distance of the exact frame that they are dispensing and we wind up with glasses that we can't see well with.

For another test I pulled out an old pair of glasses with weaker lenses and did the test, and it produced a result of R -2.5 and L -1.5, which corresponded exactly to the increase in lens power I was prescribed since then. For fun, I switched to a pair of -20 glasses that are too strong for my eyes, and the EyeQue test produced R +6.5 and L +5.5, indicating how many diopters too strong the glasses are. This can also be useful to verify GOC calculations. I popped in +5 contacts and did the test for fun. The rectangles were pretty blurry but in spite of that I got a reading of -18.75, which is about right.

30calcat 12 Jul 2017, 17:41

With EyeQue it appears that you provide feedback to the application by adjusting the distance between red and green rectangles until they completely overlap. The distance of deviation from the focal center that you select to produce the perfect overlap is used to calculate correction required for your eye. It's similar to adjusting a phoropter to find the right diopters to produce the perfect image, but instead of providing feedback on the clarity of a chart 20 feet away you are looking at rectangles.

NNVisitor 12 Jul 2017, 11:25

When I'm asked to look into a phoropter it adjusts until everything is clear. After when my eye doctor tests my vision all different lenses are used to obtain the correct prescription I need for my myopia and astigmatism. If the phoropter cannot show the correct final refraction then how can this $18 EyeQue device obtain one?

Crystal Veil 12 Jul 2017, 03:46

Cactus Jack, Trent,

the price of this EyeQue device appears to be only $18. So far, I have been unable to find any reviews by customers. A "must have" for some of us here (myself included) if it works well. Thanks for posting.

Cactus Jack 11 Jul 2017, 21:00


It looks very interesting. I may order one to try out. If I do, I will let you know my thoughts.


Trent 11 Jul 2017, 19:37

Has anyone heard of this device called "EyeQue"?

David 11 Jul 2017, 16:40


It has been awhile since I posted last, I've been really busy so I haven't had a chance to reply. We are both fully adjusted to wearing glasses now and its pretty much second nature for both of us at this point. Personally, my eyes feel so much better now that I'm not wearing contacts for 18+ hours a day and after a few weeks of wearing glasses I think I'm actually starting to prefer glasses over contacts. My girlfriend absolutely loves her glasses and her new found ability to see clearly lol. Like I said before, after the first few days she was already comfortable with her glasses and it didn't take her long to order a few new pairs to go with different outfits. You're correct, she wears her glasses 24/7 and almost never takes them off now and since we have almost the same prescription I know just how much she needs them. Actually, last week we went on a trip and went to the beach a few times to swim and snorkel. Neither of us wanted to wear glasses in the water or while swimming so we left them with our stuff on the beach and just had to make do without. Surprisingly we could actually see okay underwater but everything else was pretty blurry especially since we both took our glasses of right before getting in the water. It wasn't great when we tried to find each other after we split up while snorkeling and if you squint while wearing those masks it tends to let water in. Luckily we found out that there are prescription masks for rent so we grabbed two of those the next time we went out lol. Also, my girlfriend is still really happy with her glasses, I'm sure that the novelty has worn off a bit but she loves how she looks in glasses and of course they are still functional. She is always on the lookout for cute glasses too, if we are out shopping and she sees some frames she likes she will almost always try them on so there is some additional novelty in that lol. I think I'm actually liking my glasses more now that the "newness" has worn off since I'm now used to seeing myself in glasses and adjusted to having them on.

Soundmanpt 10 Jul 2017, 14:52


It has been nearly a month since your last post. So just curious how you and your gf are doing now that you're both wearing glasses full time. For you it was just getting used to wearing glasses again instead of contacts, but for you gf she was adjusting to wearing glasses, real glasses not the fake ones she wore in high school, for the first time. By now she should be completely adjusted to her glasses and she probably feels very dependent on her glasses to see much of anything clearly now without her glasses. Does your gf still seem to be as happy about wearing glasses as she was when she first got them or has the newness of that wore off a bit? I doubt that you know anything new about your gf sister and and how she is doing with her glasses?

Soundmanpt 06 Jul 2017, 07:43


No need for thanks, i'm just glad that you're taking good care of your eyes now. I'm sure your new lenses has sharpened things up for you. Also i'm sure you were at least slightly worried that they might somehow break your glasses again making the change in lenses. Hard to say how long you have been watching fireworks and really not able to see them so clear. Of course since you had nothing to compare to you had no idea they were blurry. Actually you now have 2 different ways of viewing fireworks. With your glasses of course and without your glasses the fireworks have a complete different look as well.

When I went back looking for exactly when you got your glasses I read several of your early posts and it was interesting because even though you seemed to know that you needed glasses and were likely to get glasses you very clearly didn't want glasses at all. Then when you were told that you needed glasses you wanted to go straight to contacts. But once you got your glasses it was amazing how fast you not only adjusted to wearing glasses but you quickly feel in love with them and still are. Now you don't really like even taking them off anymore. It doesn't hurt if your friends think you even look younger wearing glasses.

Jen 04 Jul 2017, 21:10

Thank you Soundmannpt and NNvisitor for the kind words! Got new lenses for my glasses, I can see more sharply than ever! I'm so excited by the clarity in which I'm able to see! Just got back from 4th of July fireworks and I can't believe how impressive they are when you're able to see them! I must have been in my teens when I last saw fireworks do sharply! I don't even care anymore about being a nearsighted "old lady" with bifocals/ progressives...... I can see! And I've noticed that people actually think I'm younger when I'm wearing glasses than when I'm not....kind of a nice benefit!

 04 Jul 2017, 09:33

Typically the cataract lens is removed and an artificial lens replaces the removed lens. After the operation patients see well enough to either not require glasses or need glasses that are much weaker than those they wore if they previously had a strong prescription. Each eye operation is done separately on different days.

NNVisitor 03 Jul 2017, 09:40


Welcome back. I truely admire your positive attitude and your determination. It's amazing how when we don't really see clearly and don't wear glasses that we can adapt and sweep admission to ourselves of a vision problem under the rug. You had probably known on some level in the months prior to finally getting your first eye exam earlier this year that you had a vision problem. Maybe quite a bit longer. Your adaption skills took over so you probably felt your vision wasn't really that bad until it became apparent that "I think I might need glasses" evolved to "I really believe I need glasses".

Your eye doctor did the right thing by first giving you a reduced prescription. When I was young I had to edure a full prescription which I found just about impossible to tolerate. Which seemed too strong and I simply did not wear them most of the time.

In your situation you have suceeded due to admitting to yourself that you need glasses, your positiveness and determination and your optometrist who allowed you to go through stages of adjustment. Best of luck to you Jen going forward. Very nice to read your updated entries. Have a great summer.

Soundmanpt 03 Jul 2017, 06:48


There wasn't any doubt in my mind that your were going to be getting an increase if you were noticing that your distance vision wasn't as good as it was when you got your current glasses back in April. Your eyes are far more sensitive now to how you should be seeing things with your glasses. When you first got your eyes examined back in early April and got your first glasses your eyes were so badly strained and used to straining to see things that you were able to see the 20/20 line on the eye chart sooner than you really should have been able to see it with the lenses the doctor was inserting in the refractor. You might recall that even only after wearing your glasses for about 10 days when you went back to get progressives you already needed an increase of -.50 in that short time. But that was because your eyes were already becoming more relaxed wearing glasses. Now you are going on 90 days since you got your current glasses and you wear your glasses full time. So your eyes have now gotten much closer to be fully adjusted to your glasses and relaxed as well. Now I can't say if this might be your full prescription or if you might need another increase in a year or so. But I don't think you will be needing an increase in 3 months either. Are they going to change your lenses at no cost to you or are they charging you for new lenses? Let's hope they don't break your glasses making the switch this time. I assume you plan on waiting for them to make the switch while you wait? Be careful driving because even with your glasses on you wouldn't be able to see well enough to pass the DMV vision test. You're needing a -.75 increase and that is enough that your eyesight is slightly worse than 20/40 with your current glasses.

Your near vision didn't really change. If you were want glasses just for reading this is what your prescription would be. OD -1.75 -100 145 / OS -1.50 -1.25 90. So pretty much the same as you were at +1.50 for your add.

Your prescription did change enough that your backup glasses aren't going to be of much use to you anymore. Now might be a good time to try out Zenni for a nice pair of backup glasses as well as a pair of prescription sunglasses. I think you will be able to find a very nice pair of progressives for around $55.00 - $65.00 and a pair of rx sunglasses in single vision for under $20.00. You don't need to get progressives for your sunglasses unless you really want to. But just for things like driving and being outside single vision should be good.

Jen 03 Jul 2017, 03:10

Good morning,

I was able to get my eyes checked yesterday and get my new RX. As expected I got an increase for my distance, but I also got an increase for near. I suspect the near increase is only to compensate for the distance.??

Anyways here's my new RX.

OD -3.75, -1.00 x 145

OS -3.50, -1.25 x 90

Add +2.00

Seems like more of an increase than I thought it would be, but maybe that's normal....

Going later today to get new lenses for my glasses. Yay! Can't wait to have things sharpened up. So glad I don't have to deal with the whole adjusting to glasses thing again, as well as seeing people for the first time.

Anyways, have a great day!


Soundmanpt 29 Jun 2017, 09:35


I just went back to see exactly when you got your current glasses. Like you well remember after struggling with headaches with your first single vision glasses you got your eyes examined for progressives and you planned on having the lenses put into your current frame. That was on April 13th. They took your glasses from you and while they were making the change you were wandering around the mall half blind, according to you, without your glasses. When you git back to get your glasses you told that they broke while making the switch and of course they didn't have another frame like yours in stock. But luckily they did have one at another location in your town which they could get in so you could have your glasses the next day. So the glasses you're currently wearing you got on April 14th. So based on mt math July 14th will be a full 3 months since you got your glasses. The reason that is important is because, even though you say I think you must have gotten your glasses at a Lencrafters and they have a policy that if for nay reason you need your glasses changed or even just don't like them you can get them replaced or changed including if you need a change in your prescription. So don't hold off going and getting your eyes checked because if you feel that your glasses aren't as sharp and clear as they were back in April almost certainly they need to be changed. What's happening is that your glasses are still trying to catch up your eyes. Your eyes aren't really getting worse but rather they are are just getting in a much more relaxed state now that they are constantly seeing through your glasses. After this increase I would think your glasses won't need any changing for another year and even then probably just a very small increase if any thing at all. Like you know you may remember me telling you before. Your first prescription was about what the average person would be getting for their 3rd or 4th change in prescription. So even though you could see fine with your first glasses their was no doubt that you were under prescribed because your eyes were so strained and unrelaxed. So do make that appointment to get your eyes checked because you only have 90 days to get your lenses changed at no cost to you.

I think you have done very well with adjusting to wearing glasses full time. Even more so considering that you really didn't want glasses in the first place which i'm sure explains why you held off so long with even getting your eyes examined. But once you got your glasses you were shocked at how much you had been missing seeing for so long that you quickly decided that you didn't want to take your glasses off. You even wore them full time while they were giving you headaches doing close work. Now your glasses feel vert natural to you and lie you say you hardly even notice that your wearing glasses anymore. That's exactly the way you want your glasses to feel.

Nice to hear from you. Let us know the outcome of your eye exam and if they do in fact change your lenses at no charge to you. (they should)

Jen 29 Jun 2017, 04:46

HI all.

I've not visited for a while but thought I'd check back in. Over the past few months I've adjusted well to wearing glasses full time and I don't even notice that I have them on anymore. My vision seems pretty good but not as sharp as it did back in April when I first got glasses. Distance vision seems to be slipping. Thinking of going back and getting my eyes checked again. The Dr thought I would probably need a bump in rx after 6 months or so but I'm only at about 3 months, maybe I'm just extra sensitive or a little OCD. I guess I'll know soon.

Hope you all are well!



Specs4Me 28 Jun 2017, 20:50

The last time I was tested and given an acuity number, it was 20/400 in my lazy eye..

I can sort of make out the big E, that is mostly because I know that it is there. If I look at things with my lazy eye and I know what they are, I can sort of make them out. I can't explain how it is that I can see clearly and yet not be able to know what I am looking at. That is beyond my ability to explain. The fact is that as a very young child I had double vision because my eyes were not lined up correctly; thus, my brain chose to accept the vision from the dominant eye and not that of my weaker eye. The image is there but the brain doesn't accept and process it properly.

I was living in a foreign country at the time and it was not discovered right away, when it was discovered or at least when an attempt to treat it was undertaken, my good eye was patched and I was to use my bad eye. The unfortunate part of this was that I was in school by this time and was not able to function very well. Effectively, I was legally blind which was not conducive to being in school. I soon refused to wear the patch and therefore it was not corrected.

As I understand it, I have some kind of muscle imbalance which could possibly have been corrected with surgery or I suppose I could have worn prism lenses to make my eyes converge properly.

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