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Soundmanpt 26 May 2017, 10:38


I'm sure the past few days have been a real adjusting period for both of you getting used to seeing each other wearing glasses. That's why she was insisting on you wearing your glasses more often as well so she wouldn't be the only one that would be looking different. You seem a bit surprised that she is wearing her glasses nonstop and even wearing them when you go running together. Even though she has only had her glasses few days when she takes her glasses off now she really can't see well enough even to go running without her glasses anymore. She first now is getting used to how blurry her vision really is. She never noticed it until she got her glasses. Now she doesn't want to be without them. This is much different for her then when you first got glasses. When you got your first glasses they were only -1.00 / -.50 so you could still see pretty well without glasses because when you were looking at something at a distance you were really only using your -.50 eye which barley needed correction. Her being -1.75 right away she isn't able to clearly more than a couple feet in front of her without glasses anymore. That's a big change for her. So for you all you're trying to do is readjust to wearing glasses instead of contacts which since you normally didn't wear glasses much does take a little re getting used to. But she is getting used to wearing glasses for the first time in her life and at the same time having her eyes adjust to seeing with glasses. Your girl has shown quite a good bit of self confidence about wearing lasses but she clearly was as confident about going to dinner with her parents and younger sister wearing glasses. That's why and when she needed your support and you gave her the support that she needed. Your advice to her was completely right when she was deciding whether to take her glasses off when going in and putting them on later on in the evening once she had told them that she had gotten glasses. She would have been miserable because her eyes have adjusted enough now that everything would have been so blurry for her and she might nit have been able to get up enough nerve to finally tell them that she got glasses. The best way was for her to simply go in wearing her glasses and be done with it which is what she did. Like you told her i'm sure her parents and sister gave her plenty of complements on her glasses and how nice she looks wearing glasses. I'm sure they were probably surprised to see her wearing glasses when she came in. But that would be expected since she didn't tell them that she was getting or had got glasses. That might have made it easier for her if she had called he mom the day she got her glasses and told her. Then they would have expected to see her wearing glasses. So what did her parents have to say and were they surprised to see her and you wearing glasses? She is really going to enjoy going to the baseball game now that she has her own glasses. I wonder how many games she already went to and couldn't even see the scoreboard let alone the ball in play. Even squinting wouldn't have helped her for either of those things. I have a feeling she will be doing a lot of testing her eyes by trying to see things without her glasses just to compare the difference. Actually since you both have nearly the same prescription you will already know what she is able to see and not see.

You seem determined to want to return to wearing contacts and that of course is between you and your girlfriend. I think she is going to be very disappointed if you go back to wearing contacts instead of glasses. Even more so since she in a way paid for glasses for you because it meant that much to her. One thing I would say is maybe hold out long enough that she is completely comfortable wearing glasses and completely self confident.

She probably would have liked for you to be with her too when she went to pick up her glasses so you could have maybe asked some questions that she wouldn't know to ask. But i'm sure sh understood that you had to be at your job. The only thing you might have helped her with is making sure that when they were fitting her glasses for her that they were doing a good job fitting her. Now that she has had her glasses a few days have you noticed her not fiddling with them as much as the first day or two? From what you can tell are her glasses staying in place pretty well? I mean she isn't having push them up every couple minutes is she? Aside from the first day when she said they hurt her nose a little bit but that went away later that same day. Has she said anything about her glasses hurting behind her ears or anywhere else? Does she seem like she is getting more and more comfortable wearing glasses? I'm sure you have asked her how her glasses feel on her? If she says anything about behind her ears check and see if there are any red sore marks behind her ears caused by the earpieces of her glasses. If so she needs to get them adjusted before the sores get worse. It's perfectly normal that her vision seems much more blurry now when she takes off her glasses than it was before she got glasses. That's because her eyes are slowly getting fully adjusted to the prescription of her glasses. You often hear people claim that getting glasses caused their eyes to get worse but that's not the case it's just the eyes adjusting to their glasses. Like I said before it's very likely that she won't make it a full year before she needs an increase in her glasses because she probably was under prescribed with her current glasses. But I don't think you should mention that to her. Lastly has she looked anymore at glasses on line? Even though she just got her glasses because she needs them full time and she is showing signs that she is quickly going to be dependent on her glasses she really needs to consider getting a backup or spare pair in case something were to happen to her glasses. Right now if something were to happen to her glasses she would be in trouble because there is no way she could see to drive anymore and even doing her job might be impossible for her without glasses now. And she can't wear regular no prescription sunglasses anymore so if you have the same seats at the ballgame if the sun bothered her enough that she even borrowed your sunglasses to watch the game she may have to let you wear your contacts so she can again wear your prescription sunglasses again. So she should be considering rx sunglasses as well.

Soundmanpt 26 May 2017, 09:02

new wearer

You simply discovered that you needed glasses like so many tend to do, by trying on a friends glasses. in answer to your question when you were trying on your gfs glasses they were just a little bit stronger than your eyes required. In other words her glasses were over correcting your eyes. But even being over corrected you were still able to see better wearing her glasses than you were able to see without any glasses. By being over corrected that is why even though everything looked nice sharp and clear to you things appeared smaller. now that you have your own glasses in the prescription that your eyes actually need your still seeing everything clear and sharp only now your seeing everything I their actual size. If you had continued wearing your gfs glasses after a wearing them for a while your eyes most likely would have adjusted to them and things wouldn't have looked small anymore.

new wearer 26 May 2017, 08:17

I've never needed glasses but enjoyed wearing my gf's around the house. When putting them on everything got sharper and smaller. When I tried a stronger pair, things got even smaller. When she went for her recent exam I tagged along, and got my own prescription, for the first time, of -.75. When I put them on I was surprised that they made my vision so sharp, but also seem to make things a bit bigger. Does it make sense that proper glasses magnified and too strong made things smaller?

Soundmanpt 26 May 2017, 07:19


You and your, at the time, girlfriend had to be quite shocked the first time you put on your glasses? Much like David's girlfriend. David's first glasses. -1.00 / -.50, was what most get for a first prescription so of course his glasses changed how he saw things but not as much as his girlfriends -1.75 or you and your partner at -2.50 and -1.50. For you and your wife both being prescribed glasses it had to make it a bit easier adjusting getting used to wearing glasses in front of friends, family and co workers. You really had each other as your support team to lean on. If only one of you had needed glasses i wonder how much that might have changed things for either of you? This is only my opinion but I think it is much harder for a woman and even more so if she is younger, to suddenly become a full time glasses wearer. Looks I believe is far more important to a woman than most men. I base this on how women often take hours to get ready and a man can be ready in half and hour. But after they have wore their glasses and got used to seeing themself in glasses they often begin to feel just as beautiful wearing glasses as they did before they had glasses to wear. I have a feeling that your wife now prefers how she looks wearing glasses more than she likes seeing herself without glasses anymore. If she didn't like wearing her glasses all the time i'm thinking she would also be wearing contacts. Interesting how wearing glasses even changed your personalities. Because now that you were both wearing glasses your friends thought you had a more professional or academic look you both actually became more serious minded as well.

Rob 26 May 2017, 05:45

Hi David, we decided to get our eyes tested because we used to commute home together, and there was one day where neither of us could read the train departure boards. When we got our glasses, we both settled upon a then-fashionable rimless style, which meant they both looked almost identical. I didn't think this was a problem until people started posting photos from our friend's wedding on Facebook! I think my girlfriend adapted quicker to being a full-time wearer than I did (she seemed to love the novelty of having a new look). In the first few days, our friends kept on telling us the glasses made us look more "professional" or "academic". Am sure this subconsciously seeped through into our personalities and the way we acted - within a year we definitely became more 'serious' people (i.e. less messing around).

David 25 May 2017, 15:09

My girlfriend and I have been wearing our glasses for the past couple of days and its been a bit of an adjustment for both of us. We are both having to get used to not only wearing glasses but seeing each other in glasses which was a bit strange at first. My girlfriend has been wearing her glasses nonstop since she picked them up on Monday morning, in fact she has even been wearing them when we go running. I have no idea how she manages to keep them clean and prevent them from fogging up, I was never able to feel comfortable wearing glasses while working out so I always wear my contacts for running or going to the gym. She is still absolutely in love with her new found eyesight and even after a few days she will point out to me signs that she couldn't read without her glasses. It's pretty funny to me as I'm sure that I did the same thing when I got my first pair of glasses because I still remember what it was like to suddenly be able to see clearly again. I actually think that she has adjusted to wearing glasses quicker than I have. I think the reason for this is probably because she can now see much better than before whereas I was already able to see perfectly with my contacts so switching to glasses is a bit more of a hassle/annoyance for me, but for her wearing glasses is a huge convenience and benefit. My girlfriend seems to really enjoy wearing her glasses and loves how she looks in them but I think she is still a bit self conscious about wearing them sometimes. Yesterday we met up with her parents and younger sister for dinner and she hadn't shown them her glasses yet. My girlfriend is usually very confident and outgoing but as we were pulling into the parking lot she was getting a bit nervous and kept playing with her glasses and asking how they looked on her. She was debating whether or not she should take them off at first and then put them on later once she had told them that she got glasses. I told her that they would be complementary anyways so there would be no point in walking around with blurry vision for part of the night. We have plans to go to another baseball game next Wednesday and we have similar seats but this time it will probably be a bit more enjoyable for my girlfriend with her new glasses.


That is a pretty similar experience, especially like you said showing our glasses to family/friends. My family knows that I wear glasses and contacts but like I said it was a bit difficult and strange for my girlfriend to show up to dinner with her family wearing glasses all of a sudden. I'm still deciding whether to go back to contacts as my everyday choice, they are convenient when working out or driving but my girlfriend keeps trying to talk me into sticking with glasses. What made you and your wife decide to get your eyes tested initially?


My girlfriend was also really happy that her glasses were ready to be picked up before work. The whole night before she kept telling me that she couldn't wait to pick them up. I kind of wish that I was there with her when she picked them up to see her reaction to putting them on but unfortunately I had to work as well. We did go and pick up some cleaning supplies for our glasses since we are both adjusting to wearing glasses and smudges and dust on the lenses drives both of us nuts. Thanks for the tips, especially not closing the hinges at night. I would always fold them up and put them in the case and I used to have terrible problems with screws falling out so it may have been due to this. I also liked to play with my glasses during class so that may have been part of it too lol. Also, my girlfriend has mentioned that after a few days of wearing her glasses that everything looks a whole lot more blurry without them just like you said. As for her new appearance, sure she looks different than before but she chose the perfect pair to complement her face and I think that they make her look even cuter and sexier than before. Now that I'm wearing glasses instead of contacts I think we are both getting used to seeing each other in glasses but it is kind of a cool experience for both of us.

Rob 25 May 2017, 01:01

She started on -2.50 back in 2007 and is now -3.50. As for me, I began on -1.50 and am now -2.50

Rob 25 May 2017, 01:01

She started on -2.50 back in 2007 and is now -3.50. As for me, I began on -1.50 and am now -2.50

Sam 24 May 2017, 19:50

Rob, what was/is your wife's prescription?

My girl is a -6.50, I'm a lucky guy!

Rob 24 May 2017, 07:45

Hey David, your situation is very similar to the experiences of my girlfriend (now wife) and I 10 years ago. We both visited the opticians for a check-up and were prescribed glasses. We both decided to bite the bullet and go full-time (her prescription was stronger than mine). Reinventing our look and identity at the same time was a very strange (but exciting) experience. The strangest thing was coming out to our friends/family as a glasses-wearing couple. I remember we attended a wedding not long afterwards, where we were the only glasses-wearers under 30. I lapsed into contacts around five years later, but my wife still wears her specs all the time

Soundmanpt 23 May 2017, 09:42


It was good that they had her glasses ready so she was was able to pick them up on her way to work. I was a bit afraid that they might not be ready until later in the day and she wouldn't be able to get her glasses until after work. Without a doubt i'm sure everything looked so bright, clear and sharp to her as soon as she put her glasses on. It really helps that she is only nearsighted and doesn't have any astigmatism issues to deal with. Even though she seems completely fine with wearing glasses she still has to get used to wearing glasses At first she is going to notice them more. She has to get used to the way they feel behind her ears and on her nose which she admitted bothered her a bit. And more importantly looking through lenses in front of her eyes is completely new to her. So she is going to notice every tiny little smudge or fingerprint on her lenses. I'm sure she probably cleaned her glasses quite a few times during the her first day wearing glasses which is very normal. Also i'm sure she is still testing her vision with and without her glasses Because her monitor sits far enough away from her eyes i'm not at all surprised that her glasses will make her job easier and she won't be straining as much to see her screen. Getting a box of cleaning wipes is a good idea but as she gets more used to wearing glasses she probably won't be cleaning her glasses all that much. Right now she is forgetting that she is wearing glasses when she is wiping or brushing her eye and she's smudging the lens of he glasses. And she might even be without thinking fiddling a bit with her glasses. The more she gets used to wearing glasses the less she will be cleaning them. But for now having a few in her bag is probably a good idea. As far as tips about wearing glasses I only have a few for both of you. When cleaning your glasses never use anything made from paper such as paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, or rough clothing. Use the micro cloth that should have come with your glasses or a very soft cloth. Warm water is good for cleaning your glasses. Never use window cleaner either. When you take off your glasses never lay them down on the lenses. At bedtime since you both need your glasses full time it is a better idea to leave your glasses open and sitting on the bedside table than closing them. The more you open and close glasses the faster the hinge screws will loosen.

You clearly seem to prefer wearing contacts which would be fine if your girlfriend wasn't going to be wearing glasses full time from now on. Before she found out that she needed glasses she was fine with you wearing contacts all the time. But now she clearly wants you to wear your glasses as well. She needs to know that you really are okay with her having to wear glasses now. So you should really make sure to wear your glasses anytime that you're going to be with her. When your out with the guys or at work and you want to wear contacts that's fine. Interesting that she even wanted to drive when you when went out that evening and even more interesting since it was at night which i;m sure was extremely difficulty for her before she got her glasses. Now she was excited to see just how well she could see with her new glasses. She only probably hated driving because she couldn't see very well and she didn't realize that it was because of her eyes. So I think you will find that she might start driving more often now that she cane see.

After wearing her glasses all day i'm sure that by that evening when she took off her glasses everything was a lot more blurry without her glasses than it ever was before. That;s because her eyes were already starting to get adjusted to her glasses. After a few days of wearing glasses she is going to wonder how she was able to get by without glasses. She will be seeing nearly the same as you see without your glasses now. So yes she is going to feel half blind when she takes off her glasses. I'm sure her co workers were a bit surprised to to see her wearing glasses when she came into work. But i bet they all knew it was just a matte of time before she would also be wearing glasses. Since all of her co workers wear glasses and also need them full time she isn't the odd one out anymore. I'm sure she enjoyed all the complements she got on how she looks wearing glasses now. Was it strange sitting at dinner across from your girlfriend and seeing her wearing glasses now? I'm sure she looked different to you since you have never seen her wearing glasses before. Just understand even though she seems fine wearing glasses i'm sure she is still getting used to seeing herself wearing glasses which has to seem very strange for her as well as you. But she will get used to her new look and hopefully you will get used to her new look as well. Remember you're her boyfriend so you will still get to see her without her glasses.

ahve a few for both of you.

ric 23 May 2017, 00:10

Megan, i can get enough accuity for driving. With contact lenses can get 20 20.

NNVisitor 22 May 2017, 21:54


My prescription is close to yours but I have astigmatism as well. I cannot see 20/20 with glasses. I've had problems with distortion wearing my glasses which translates into not having real peripheral vision with them. I wear mostly contact lenses and with them usually see 20/20 or close to it. Peripheral vision is great with my CL although I frequently get flashes off the edges due to pupil size changes and the movement of the lenses on my eyes as they are gas permeable lenses. You are very lucky to see 20/20 with your glasses.

David 22 May 2017, 20:16

My girlfriend got the call from the optometrist that her glasses were ready this morning and picked them up on the way to work. She called me immediately after she picked them up saying that it was amazing how clearly she was able to see. She mentioned that she would have to get used to wearing them but that she really enjoyed the clarity that they provided. She also let me know that my glasses were ready as well, I guess they put a rush order on my pair too, and that she had picked them up for me. When she got back from work she was wearing her new glasses couldn't wait to show me how they looked on her. I told her that she looked amazing in glasses and that they were the perfect compliment to her outfit. She seemed really happy and then she gave me my glasses that she had picked up earlier. I took out my contacts and tried them on to make sure the prescription was correct and they fit properly. My girlfriend then asked if I could keep them on when we went out for dinner instead of switching back to my contacts which of course I did. She kept talking about how great it was to be able to see properly and that she was comparing her vision with her glasses and without her glasses all day. She even said that it made her job easier and that she was getting less strain from staring at her screen all day. I asked how she was doing adjusting to her glasses and if she had kept them on all day. She told me that she did keep them on all day and that at first they were a little annoying and she could feel the pressure on her nose but around lunchtime she was already starting to get used to wearing them. She did mention that she needed to buy cleaning wipes since she kept accidentally touching the lenses when drawing and the smudges were distracting. She asked if I had any tips for wearing glasses but I've been wearing contacts for so long and even when I did wear glasses it was only for a few months before I switched to contacts. I joked that I would probably have the same issues and things to adapt to if I started to wear glasses more often. She seemed really intent on getting me to wear my new glasses more and said that she was really attracted to how I look with my new glasses on. When we went out for dinner she wanted to drive to test out her new glasses at night which I thought was funny since she always used to complain about having to drive anywhere. I think that it will probably take some getting used to for both of us but I feel like this experience has brought us even closer together.


We were also surprised that her vision was that bad and that she ended up with -1.75 as her first ever prescription. I was sure that she needed glasses but thought she would have been more around 20/40 or 20/50, closer to what I was when I got my first pair. When the doctor said that she was seeing 20/80 uncorrected and would to wear a -1.75 prescription full time I think I was probably more surprised than she was. After she got back from work she mentioned that after wearing her glasses all day everything seemed so much blurrier without them and that she had never realized how fuzzy everything normally was. Also, she didn't seem too upset that the BOGO offer didn't cover prescription sunglasses. She had been looking at glasses for me while trying on her frames and once she found out that sunglasses weren't covered I think she saw it as a chance to accessorize me too lol. I didn't have to have an exam since I had just had one about a month ago and I actually had a copy of my prescription in the car for some reason, I guess I forgot to take it out, and they were able to use that to order my glasses. She had mentioned that she was the only graphic designer at her company that didn't have glasses and now all five of them wear glasses and all of them need them all the time. She also mentioned that her co-workers were really supportive and complimented her glasses when she got into work. She hadn't told anyone since she just found out that she needed glasses so nobody was expecting it but they gave her nothing but compliments. So I think that you are probably right that her work has had the biggest impact on her vision since she hadn't started work yet when she renewed her license a few years ago. I really like the way she looks in her new glasses and I'm going to be as supportive as I can, I'm even going to switch from contacts to glasses for a time while she gets comfortable and confident with her glasses. She has mentioned how she thinks I look great in glasses too so I may end up not switching back to contacts depending on what my girlfriend thinks lol.

Cactus Jack 22 May 2017, 19:55


You really did not provide enough information to answer your question. If you could answer the following questions, we might be able give you some answers:

1. Your Age?

2. Your Occupation?

3. Your Complete Prescription?

4. When was your last eye exam?


Cactus Jack 22 May 2017, 19:49


It depends on several factors. The condition of her Retinas, her, Complete Prescription, and what form of vision correction she needs.

Many times a person who was born very Myopic has quite a bit of Astigmatism and she could have some Retinal issues or internal Lens issues,as well.

If her ONLY refractive error was pure Sphere and her Visual Acuity decrease was only while wearing glasses, it is possible that image minification is the issue. Image Minification is cause by Vertex Distance effects. Normally, there are about 120 million Rods and Cones in the Retina, but only about 1 million nerve fibers in the optic nerve. That means that the Retina must compress the signals from the Rods and Cones and if a image element gets too small. It may not stimulate enough Rods and Cones to cause a signal to be delivered to the Visual Cortex in the brain. Vision actually occurs in the brain and if no signal gets delivered you can't "see" the object.

If she can wear contact lenses, that might help some because they significantly reduce the Image Minification effects because the Vertex Distance is Zero (0).

BTW, Vertex Distance is the distance from the front of the Cornea to the Back of the Lens in the glasses.

Will you get as Myopic as your friend or not be able to see 20/20? It depends on your age and your genes. If you could provide your age and complete prescription we might be able to give you a better answer.


Megan 22 May 2017, 17:37

Can you see 20/20 with extreme myopia? Something like -18.25/-19.00?

My friend has that prescription. She was born with -12 and has been wearing glasses since she was 4 months old. She can't see 20/20 unfortunately.

I got my first glasses at 5 or 6 (I think they were -2) and I'm now -9.75 and -10.50 but I can still see 20/20 (no peripheral vision with glasses though).

Will I stop seeing 20/20 soon?

Elle 22 May 2017, 13:31

Is there some way to stop getting shortsighted or no? I think i got shortsighted when I started using a smart phone and computer. Is it better to wear glasses when looking at the screen. We all spend too much time looking at our phones now no

ric 22 May 2017, 09:34

Being nearsighted, used to be able to read without my glasses or contact lenses. Now, of course i have to put the book much more closer than in my teens. Since 2 years ago, had to start wearing multifocal contact lenses for computer, phone, etc, but wearing glasses i can read small prints just sliding my glasses 2 mm.

NNVisitor 21 May 2017, 11:29

Cactus Jack

I have high myopia and astigmatism. I typically wear contact lenses most of the day and use reading glasses when needed for books, reading on my cell phone etc. while my contacts are in. When my contacts are out I have my primary glasses. For reading I either use a magnifying glass for small print reading or just take my glasses off. Doing so means reading very close for me. I'm decades older than the lady I mentioned. Usually I see younger people just wearing their glasses reading. It's not always necessary to do so. Personnaly I think this woman was correct not to use the computer wearing her glasses as nearsighted people do have that one advantage of being able to see things close up.

Cactus Jack 21 May 2017, 10:06


It is not uncommon to see a person who has low Myopia and little or no Astigmatism to take off their glasses for close work. In the low minus region, where Vertex Distance effects are nil, a persons "eye power" is the opposite of their glasses prescription for distance. For example, if a person needs -1.50 for distance their "eye power" is +1.50, which yields a focus distance of about 66 cm or 26 inches. Effectively they have built in low power reading glasses. Occasionally, you will see an older person who has low myopia wearing glasses with the lower portion of the lenses in their glasses cut off. If they have rimless or semi-rimless frames, it is a cheap way to get bifocals.

Now wearing their low minus glasses to read is not necessarily a good thing. It allows the Ciliary Muscles to work and exercise less than normal and can lead to early onset of Presbyopia.


Soundmanpt 21 May 2017, 09:51


Sorry for making that so long.

Soundmanpt 21 May 2017, 09:50


The fact that she needs glasses isn't at all surprising to you or her. But I am a bit surprised that she needs glasses nearly the exact same prescription as your glasses. No wonder she was able to see so well wearing your glasses. I honestly thought that she would be getting glasses with around -1.00 or -1.25 prescription and that her eyes were just enjoying a bit of over correction from your glasses. I'm sure she wanted you to be with her during her eye exam for a bit of support since this is all new to her. Also since you're her boyfriend i'm sure she wanted your help in picking out her glasses since you're the one that is going to be seeing her wearing glasses most often. The doctor must have wondered when she told him that she has never wore glasses before and she is sitting their with glasses on. Based on your description of how the eye exam went it doesn't sound like they dilated her eyes. By not doing that I wonder how accurate they were able to get her prescription? By not dilating her eyes her eyes weren't as relaxed as you would have liked them to be for the exam. But for now close enough anyway. But she may find that her glasses starting to feel on the weak side before a year is up. They likely suggested that she plan on coming back in a year to be examined again. So it had to be shocking to you when you found out that her vision was 20/80 and somehow she was able to see to drive when she needs to be wearing the same prescription as you. She can thank the fact that she had very good accommodation which is what helped her get by. After she has had her glasses for a couple of weeks and her eyes have adjusted to them i'm sure she is going to be asking herself how she managed to drive without glasses. Since she is going to wearing glasses full time even though sh had to try on nearly every frame in the store she was right in taking her time to find that perfect pair and knowing that you also approved of how they looked on her. The whole idea of a BOGO sale should be to allow a person to be able to get a pair of regular glasses and a pair of rx sunglasses. Most people don't really need a 2nd pair of regular glasses because if they already had glasses they can use their previous glasses as a backup pair. And generally someone getting their first glasses don't usually have to wear them full time so a backup pair isn't necessary. At the very least i'm surprised they wouldn't just charge the difference to make them up as rx sunglasses which should be a minimal charge. Anyway it was nice of her to give you her free pair. You didn't have to get an eye exam did you? Since you wear contacts and you are require to go every year for and eye exam even though you're going for your contacts they do write in your chart what your glasses prescription is as well. So all they needed to do was call where you go for your contact exam and get that information for your glasses. Anyway it seems very clear that your girlfriend is determined that she isn't wanting to be the only one in the relationship wearing glasses. She seems to be pretty self confident about the idea of wearing glasses but she still needs and wants your support. Remember wearing glasses is going to be a big change for her and you. You're going to have to get used to seeing her wearing glasses all the time now which is going to take some getting used to for you as well as her. At least the store is rushing her glasses so she can pick them up on her way to work Monday morning. I'm sure she will be in a rush to get to work but tell her to be sure to make sure her glasses feel nice and comfortable when they are fitting her with her glasses. She doesn't want to spend her first day wearing glasses that she is pushing up constantly or that might be hurting her ears or nose.

Don't be too surprised once she gets her glasses that she may start to enjoy driving more often. Even though she probably didn't realize it she had to be really struggling to see to drive. Now that she will be able to see she might find driving a lot easier. She has simply been making adjustments in her life because if her eyesight and not really understanding the real reason. Things like leaning in closer to the counter was probably so she could get as close as possible to seeing the menu board. So if she renewed her driver's license about 3 years ago and she was able to pass that means her eyesight had to still be at least as good as 20/40 or she wouldn't have passed. It has been since then that her eyes have changed. Being a graphic designer I would say is the biggest reason her eyes have changed. I worked in printing for well over 25 years and we had 4 or 5 graphic designers at all times. We were a medium size company so we had a graphic designer manager and she would hire young grads fresh out of school because they were willing to work fro less money to get started. most were young girls and some came in wearing glasses already but several got their first glasses while working at our shop. I can't remember even one that wasn't wearing glasses by the time they left and went on to a better paying job. The detail in graphic arts is so much more critical than just typing reports on a computer. You said that her new glasses will look both cute and sophisticated on her. Even though she is exited about getting glasses you still need to tell her how cute she looks wearing glasses. You don't want her to doubt her looks wearing glasses.

You're right it is soooooo much cheaper getting glasses on line and they honestly are every bit as good of quality as the glasses she is getting on Monday. Have he take a look at "". All she needs to do is look for a nice rather large pair of regular glasses that she thinks would make great looking rx sunglasses. DON'T have her look in pre made sunglasses. Once she finds the frame she likes she simply goes to "tints" and adds on the color lenses she wants for sunglasses. If she likes her sunglasses on the dark side then she wants the 80% grey tint. She should be able to find something under $13.00 for glasses and they charge $5.00 to make them sunglasses in her prescription. So a total of $18.00. Also since she is going to be wearing glasses full time right away she really should find a pair of regular glasses in case anything were to happen to her Kate Spade glasses. As you well know once her eyes get completely adjusted to her glasses she isn't going to be able to go without glasses anymore. So she needs a backup pair and she probably might enjoy being able to switch from one to the other depending on what she is wearing. The only thing she still needs is her PD measurement which isn't a big deal. You can do that for her when she finds glasses she wants. All you need is a ruler with millimeters on it. Then have her take her glasses off and look straight ahead and you measure from the center of one pupil t the center of her other pupil. Do it several times and take the number that comes up most often. It should be somewhere between 57 and 63.

NNVisitor 20 May 2017, 22:33

I was sitting in a coffee shop today and a young lady was using her laptop computer two seats over from me. After about 35-40 minutes she closed her computer and collected her possessions to leave. I noticed that she was suddenly wearing glasses. Minus lense glasses which were not too strong. She did not wear glasses looking at the screen. She's in her twenties so I am wondering if it's easier for her to see the screen without wearing her glasses which if so is a bit of a surprise to me as She's quite young.

GreginColo 20 May 2017, 15:26

Thanks for the update David. Since you are getting new glasses also with an updated Rx, it probably good that you start wearing yours more often when you are with her,as it may make her feel less awkward about wearing hers, and when you are both bare-eyed you will have great appreciation for how the other sees. I know you say you eyes are bad, but your RX is actually considered fairly mild myopia, and there are guys whose Rx is 10 times or more yours, and are basically helpless without vision correction. Best of luck to both of you.

David 20 May 2017, 15:16

My girlfriend just had her eye appointment this morning and as we both expected, she needs glasses. She wanted me to come with her to help her pick out a pair since she felt a bit overwhelmed by the selection she had see online. She actually went in wearing my glasses and when she told the doctor that she has never worn glasses before he looked really confused lol. I had to chime in and say that she was borrowing my glasses until she got her own pair. They tested her vision without glasses and she was able to see about 20/80 with both eyes which is apparently twice the legal limit for driving so that was a bit shocking for her to hear. The doctor seemed pretty surprised that she was able to hold out so long without getting glasses. I got to sit in while she had her exam and it was a bit odd seeing the tests from the other side. When it was complete the doctor told her that she really needed glasses and that she shouldn't drive until she has a pair. He also recommended that she wear them all the time which I don't think she expected to hear. I did tell her to ask for her prescription and it turns out that she is -1.75 in both eyes so pretty much the same as me, although my right eye is a bit worse. We went and looked at the frames and she must have gone through just about the entire stock before deciding on a pair from Kate Spade that she really liked. The place was also running a BOGO special and she wanted to use if for a pair of sunglasses but unfortunately none of the sunglasses were included in the promotion. She also had me try on some frames since my glasses have an old out of data prescription and she didn't want the deal to go to waste. I've never really liked how I look in glasses but she found a pair that she thought looked great on me and said that I could use the BOGO offer if I promised to wear them more often instead of using contacts 24/7. After she picked out her frames the optician offered to put in a rush order free of charge since she really needs them to drive so her glasses should be ready by Monday morning and she can swing by and pick them up on the way to work. So it looks like my girlfriend is going to be wearing glasses full time starting Monday and she seems pretty excited to be able to see properly for the first time in a while.


I had never really noticed her squinting probably because I am usually the one driving. She has never really cared for driving and tries to do it as little as possible and with some of the drivers on the road I can hardly blame her. Apparently she last had her license renewed 3 years ago so it makes sense that her eyes changed over that span. As for her job, she is a graphic designer so she spends almost all day on the computer staring pretty intensely at her art so I can imagine the strain that has on her eyes. The only thing I really remember noticing is that at Starbucks she usually leans onto the counter when figuring out what to order. I had always thought that she was just trying to decide what to order but she may have been having trouble seeing and just subconsciously tried to move in closer. The glasses I lent to her had an older prescription since my insurance only covers contacts or glasses and I use my contacts all the time. I'm not sure what the exact prescription in them is but probably a fair bit weaker than what I have now since it has been a few years since I updated my glasses prescription. I really like how she looks in the glasses she chose I think they make her look both cute and sophisticated depending on the rest of her outfit. I think that we are going to keep looking for prescription sunglasses for her but we are probably going to look online since all the pairs in the store were super expensive, even more so than the regular glasses. All in all, I think she is rather pleased with her frame selection and has been saying all day that she can't wait till Monday when she gets her glasses and can start to see the world in focus again.

Soundmanpt 20 May 2017, 07:49


Even though she's your girlfriend it's very understandable that you never noticed her squinting. At some point even without her really noticing it, if she isn't able to make out what a road sign says she doesn't bother trying to squint to read it anymore. Her eyesight didn't change overnight. Her eyesight was still at least good enough to pass the DMV test when she either got her license or renewed it. Her eyesight has changed since then. What type of work does she do? It could be that if she has an office job that she is staring at a computer screen constantly has had an effect on her eyes? In most cases it is a very slow decline in ability to see things clearly but almost unnoticed to themselves. So her wanting to sit up close at the movie theater the other week was indeed likely due to her eyesight and if she is in a sports bar she probably tries to sit closer to the TV's their as well. But she doesn't think anything about and only assumes that it is the same for everyone else. Remember until she wore your sunglasses, only because she had forgotten her own she has never had anyway of comparing her eyesight before.

Funny thing what you said about how you needed your first glasses with the -1.00 / -.50 lenses so you could see the scoreboard and the ball. Many years ago a girl I was dating had -.50 glasses which she very seldom ever wore except when we went to ballgames. She complained that she couldn't see the ball without her glasses. The fact that your girlfriend made her eye appointment the very next morning after being at the game means that she must have been totally shocked at how well she could see wearing your rx sunglasses during the game and continued to wear them even after the sun had gone down. were you surprised that she asked to borrow your glasses until she could get her eyes examined? Did you loan her your current glasses to wear (-2.25 / -1.75) or I would assume that you have some that are slightly weaker that might even be closer to what she will be getting. She seems to be fine and almost looking forward to getting her own glasses if she was even checking out glasses on line. Now that your girlfriend is going to be wearing glasses and very possibility full time are you going to be okay with her new look wearing glasses? You seem to favor wearing contacts more than glasses. It might be nice for you to start wearing your glasses more often as a show of support for her and to let her know your fine with her wearing glasses now.

If you see this before she goes for her appointment you should suggest that she get the optional AR coating (anti-reflective) on her lenses. Since these are her first glasses it is a good idea to get her first pair from a local shop so she gets a pair that fits her perfectly. That way if she soon wants a nice pair of prescription sunglasses or maybe a backup pair of glasses she will be able use that pair to measure so she can order on line and get glasses about the same size. I am looking forward to seeing the results of her eye exam.

David 19 May 2017, 11:49


I can't say that I've really noticed her squinting or asking me to read signs but then again I don't think I've ever looked for it. We did go see Guardians of the Galaxy 2 last week and she insisted we sit up front even though there were were seats available in the back. At the time I though that it was because she is rather petite and hates it when people in front block her view however, now that I think about it it may be that it was much clearer for her up front since it was a pretty long theater. If her uncorrected vision is as poor as mine then I don't know how she has managed to put up with it though as NNVisitor said she may just be used to it and since I have glasses I'm not. I do usually wear contacts everyday since glasses can be a bit of a hassle especially when I go for a run or a bike ride during the day. I don't think she has ever tried on my glasses before as I don't really wear them that often and they are usually in my backpack in case I have a problem with my contacts during the day and have to switch.


My girlfriend and I are big baseball fans too and I don't know how she has been going to games without being able to see properly. I remember before I got glasses that I could hardly make out the ball and had problems reading the scoreboard and my first prescription was -1.00 and -0.50, I don't think that I'd be able to see the ball at all now without my lenses. I was surprised that she was able to see so well with my prescription since my eyes are pretty bad. I'm pretty sure that my girlfriend knows that she will be getting glasses especially since she made the appointment first thing the next day. When we got back she actually asked to borrow my glasses until she has her exam and has been wearing them a lot since. She did remark that she never knew that everything was so blurry until she put on my sunglasses and that she can't ignore it now that she knows. As for driving, she does have her license but the license is good for 6 years so I'd bet that it has been a while since she had a vision screening at the DMV and she has probably been driving around half blind for a while now. That was one of the reasons that I was happy to lend her my backup glasses until she can get a pair of her own. It sounds like she is looking forward to getting her eyes checked because she keeps asking me what the tests are like and has been browsing the internet looking for a cute pair since we got back from the game. Her appointment is tomorrow morning since it was the earliest that the doctor had an opening so she will probably have her prescription and glasses sometime tomorrow.

NNVisitor 19 May 2017, 08:48


People adapt to the vision they have. It's often easy for a nearsighted person to get around if they do not wear glasses or they only wear glasses in certain circumstances.

No harm is done provided they are not driving a car or other vehicle among the public. In that case they need the best vision with glasses or contact lenses.

When a nearsighted person wears glasses full time their brain adapts to the clearer vision. That's why full time wearers sometimes say they can't see without their glasses on whereas a non glasses wearer with the same or worse vision has little or no problem getting around. It's all about what the brain has adapted to.

Soundmanpt 19 May 2017, 08:05


Being a baseball fan myself (St. Louis Cardinals) I know when you say that your seats were in the middle deck near a foul pole that your seats weren't very good and in fact quite a distance away from home plate. So trying to see a baseball that is about 3 1/2" in diameter from about 340 feet away can be a nice test test for the eyes anyway even with good eyesight.

Were you surprised that your girlfriend was able to see so well wearing your prescription sunglasses? I'm sure that your glasses are probably stronger than she really needs but she will almost certainly going to be getting glasses when she gets her eyes examined. A part of of the prescription form your glasses she actually needs but another part is just her enjoying her eyes being over corrected. Please be sure to have her ask for a copy of her prescription when she goes. If she doesn't ask they likely won't provide her with a copy. Also if she gets glasses an she apparently likes wearing sunglasses she might soon be wanting prescription sunglasses. As long as she has her prescription in hand she can easily go on line an order a pair of rx sunglasses for under $20.00. I'm sure once her adjusted to your sunglasses she was able to see better than perfectly. So after a few innings wearing your glasses when you told her that she was wearing prescription sunglasses and she stated testing her vision with and without your glasses everything looked quite a bit more blurry without your glasses.

It's pretty common for people to discover that they need glasses much the way your girlfriend is finding out. Simply by trying on a friends glasses and finding the can see so much better. I don't think your girlfriends eyesight can be too bad if she drives a car or she wouldn't have been able to pass the vision test to get her license or renew it. Is her appointment today?

GreginColo 19 May 2017, 07:47

Thanks David for sharing about your G/F and your sunglasses. Had you noticed her squinting or asking you to read to sings, etc. As you know first hand what her uncorrected vision might be like, that's probably an interesting scenario. Do you typically wear contact when with her or had she ever had occasion to try on your regular glasses? Hope she's not driving too much until she has her exam.

Holy Cow 19 May 2017, 07:45

My wife just had her second cataract operation, and I went with for her follow-up exam. She is doing great. She asked if she can drive, and was told that if she is at least 20/40 she is legal. So the tech puts letters on the screen, and she just rattles off the letters. Then she does a second line, and on down with smaller and smaller letters. I almost chuckled when the letters were so tiny I couldn't read them, but she could..and then even two smaller lines. The tech said she is 20/30 and good to go. When I mentioned that I couldn't read from 3 lines bigger, she said that I might not be legal and suggested that I schedule an appointment. Holy Cow! Next week I'll find out.

David 18 May 2017, 16:14

Yesterday my girlfriend and I went to a baseball game and we had seats in the middle deck near the foul pole. It was an evening game and since the sun was setting it was shining right on our seats, directly into our eyes. When we got to our seats my girlfriend mentioned that it was really bright and hard to see and she pulled out a pair of sunglasses. I didn't really think anything of it until she remarked that my sunglasses had amazing HD lenses. I looked over at her and noticed that they were my sunglasses that I guess she had grabbed from my car. I was really surprised that she was wearing them since they are prescription sunglasses and I have a decently strong prescription at -2.25 and -1.75. I asked her why she was using my sunglasses and she said that she had forgotten hers at home and since I was already wearing a pair of sunglasses she stuck them in her purse in case it was bright out. I don't think she realized that they were prescription lenses initially since I normally wear contacts and regular non-prescription sunglasses. I asked her if she could see out of them and she said that they made everything really crisp and wished that hers did the same. When I told her that they were prescription sunglasses I think she was a bit stunned, she kept comparing her vision with them on and off throughout the game. There was even a sponsored event between innings by a local optical chain where they put up questions on the scoreboard that got progressively smaller and she couldn't read a few rows without wearing my sunglasses. The game went to extra innings and even though the sun had long since set she kept wearing the sunglasses. It turns out that she has never had an eye exam before apart from the vision screenings in high school a while back. She called to set up an appointment first thing this morning so it looks like my girlfriend is going to be getting her first pair of glasses soon.

Trent 17 May 2017, 17:13

Cactus Jack

Thank you for your insight. Yes, I have the posting entitled "How to Study for an Eye Exam".

Recently I have had three eye exams. I returned to the Dr. a second time complaining about my near vision. He got a different Rx result than the first exam. The third visit was a dilation exam. I answered truthfully trying to get the best acuity possible. Still not happy but I will allow myself more time to adjust to the new Rx.

Cactus Jack 17 May 2017, 14:26


No, but you may need a change in the distance prescription for that eye.

There is a point in a typical eye exam, when both shutters are opened and you are shown two separate images. This is really a check for muscle problems, but it is an opportunity to compare the clarity of each image, separately. If there is a difference in the clarity, be sure and tell the examiner. The examiner will likely change the sphere power in the clearer eye so that it is the same as the less clear eye. What you want is for them to be the same. The overall clarity issue will be corrected in the final stages of the exam where the examiner is changing the power of both lenses to hopefully allow you to read the 20/20 or 6/6 line easily.

Your Add prescription is always referenced to your distance prescription.

I have posted a piece I wrote, "How to Study for an Eye Exam" several times. It might be helpful. If you can't find it, I will post it again.


Trent 16 May 2017, 18:31

I wear progressives. Does the add power always have to be the same in both eyes? The reading power in my R eye does not seem strong enough. If the Dr reduces the sphere in the R eye my distance vision suffers. I am reading only with my left eye now, the Right side is blurry.

Xiao 13 May 2017, 17:31

NNVisitor and Maxim

It is true what you say. All of my family, grandparents, parents and brother wear glasses to correct myopia. Each generation seems worse than before. I am very much worse than my brother, probably as I studied a lot when young.

NNVisitor 13 May 2017, 08:42


That 20% is an estimate. There are estimates today of today of myopia rates in eastern Asia as high as 90% (Singapore) which is mostly a Chinese population.

I live in a region with a very high Chinese population and just by observation I can tell that the rates of myopia and high myopia are very high in the Chinese community among all age groups except the under five year olds. Among younger Chinese it's a mix of glasses wearers and contact lens wearers. Some have had vision correction surgery.

Among Caucasions I also notice a sharp rise in glasses wearers. Myopia rates are rising. We can disagree on estimates but the fact is myopia and high myopia rates keep rising. This is true of very diverse ethnic and racial groups.

Maxim 13 May 2017, 04:42

To NN visitor

Your quotation:

"In China the myopia rate was about 20% in the early 20th century ...." .

I am in doubt about these statistics. They pretend precision, where precision cannot exist due sociological turbulence and demographic measurement deficits.

China was very much in trouble through hunger, analphabetism, development status and poverty, the occupation by the Japanese, the 'Long March' and Mao coming to power, later the 'Cultural Revolution' etc.

Who, I ask this very seriously, who should have bothered about a myopia statistic in that times?

Nobody with smaller vision deficits would wear glasses, as glasses were not available, the workers or the farmers could not afford them, no eye tests etc., etc.

The Chinese in those years were living and working with excellent or poor vision, as God had created them!

NNVisitor 12 May 2017, 21:18


In China the myopia rate was about 20% in the early 20th century. Today it is over 50%. In other developed nations the myopia rates have been rising from about 25% in 1970 to close to 40% now. Myopia rates are projected to keep increasing. High myopia is projected to increase 500% by 2050 from the rate of high myopia today putting more people at risk of serious eye conditions. We have a myopia epidemic. Genetics alone are not causing these increases in myopia.

Many diseases have been linked to insufficiet vitamin D which our bodies make when exposed to sunlight reaching our skin. We can also take supplements of vitamin D. It is as yet unknown whether lack of sufficent Vitamin D plays a role in the development of myopia.

NNVisitor 12 May 2017, 21:06


This and my earlier post are responses to what you wrote.

In my family my father had a problem in one eye. When he was young he lived during a very backward era in Eastern Europe. A time when many small children died from diseases that today most children are vaccinated against. He said he had a lazy eye. Nothing was done such as wearing a patch. As a result he had poor vision in that eye. He had excellent vision in the other eye. My mother and all grandparents were not nearsighted. My sister was born myopic. Myself I had great vision when very young but by grade two I was prescribed glasses for the first time.

Soundmanpt 12 May 2017, 07:33


The comment by "NNVisitor" is very interesting and it does make you wonder how much effect the changes in the foods we eat might be effecting eyesight. No doubt genetics has always been the primary reason for children needing glasses, but that doesn't seem to be the case for you or your sister. However vision has been known to skip a generation, So it is possible that your less then perfect eyesight could have come from grandparents. But more and more it seems that kids are needing glasses without any background in their genes. That almost certainly means that other things are contributing to needing glasses. Children are spending less time outdoors enjoying doing sports or other activities. Instead they far too often inside playing video games, watching TV and it seems kids are being given more and more homework than ever before. And lastly and probably worse of all like "NNVisitor" pointed out so many devices that use small screen print has to be taking it's toll. It is nearly impossible to see a kid, teen or woman without a cell phone in her hand. Males for some reason don't seem to use their phones nearly as much. Forty-five and fifty years ago in high schools it was almost rare to see anyone wearing glasses. A few boys maybe but hardly any girls wore glasses because that was considered the "kiss of death" for a teen girl if she expected to get any dates. That's far different today.

Maxim 12 May 2017, 00:37

I forgot younger low hyperopes.

In school, it used to be an effort for them to read, and they went home every day with headaches - but never wore glasses!

Parents, teachers, doctors - all did everything to avoid and to refuse glasses correction!

And today, we have never heard about that and think they had healthy eyes, and we don't know about theier sufferings!

Maxim 12 May 2017, 00:32

to Elle

I think, glasses wearing is about habits and beliefs.

Fifty, sixty or seventy years ago - who was prepared to wear glasses?

A farmer's wife, melking the cows? Was she nearsighted, was she farsighted, did she have astigmatism?

Her husband - did he go for a vision test in an occupational health institute? This applies to nealry all professions.

And a child with a somewhat poorer vision? He or she was placed in the first row (when nearsighted), and the teachers, the parents and the doctors said, this poor vision would "grow out" - whatever growing out means, glasses wearing would only accelerate these vision problems. And later the girls squinted and were not prepared to go as 'four eyed'.

And not to forget - many of those lost vision on one eye, when they had been cross eyed or had a weak vision on one eye only - 'growing out' meant that in childhood the weaker eye just 'switched off'.

I'm am not sure, that so many glasses wearer today are only the result of small screens, part of it, we are more responsible today about vision and correction of vision defects.

NNVisitor 11 May 2017, 20:44

In my parents generation few people wore glasses before they were old. My generation grew taller than my parents generation. The generation that grew up with plenty of dairy foods, processed foods and TV. Lot's of reading and other close work in schools and many children became myopic (nearsighted). There is certainly a correlation between lots of close work, reading and higher rates of myopia. Eating more nutritious foods resulted in growing taller on average than the previous generation from the early 20th century. Myopia is usually an eye that grows longer between the cornea and the retina. Growth may be good for height but for the eyes when it creates myopia and high myopia it certainly isn't.

Today's generation has plenty of fortified foods, computers, video games and cell phones which are mineature computers. We wind up getting too much of some vitamins and minerals but not in their natural form and worse yet these foods typically lack other nutrients. All the screens viewed up close appear to be contributing to the ever increasing rates of myopia.

Elle 11 May 2017, 18:03

My parents have perfect eyesight and didn't need reading glasses until in there forties. Me and my sister are shortsighted and always need glasses and contacts. I'm blind without glasses at -4.00 my sister is worse. Is it more younger people are shortsighted because of computers or read to much. I'm 25 years old and stuck with needing glasses all the time

Soundmanpt 09 May 2017, 09:14


A +.75 prescription is on the weak side so it makes perfect sense that the small print appeared to be a bit clearer as well as slightly larger to her eyes. So even though she can still read small print she isn't seeing it as clearly as she should be. If she were to get glasses she would become more reliant on them. But even not getting glasses she is likely to have it on her mind every time she is reading a book or doing other close work since she now knows her eyesight isn't perfect anymore. Kinda like being told by your dentist that you're wisdom teeth are going to need to come out at some point even thought they aren't bothering. It's always going to be on your mind until you get them pulled.

Steven 08 May 2017, 14:12

Oh ok I understand.

She did say the smaller writing looked clearer, but she said it probably would do having 'magnifying' lenses in front of her eyes. Would this be true for everyone.

I think as she feels she doesn't need them at the moment, the prospect of getting some and becoming more reliant on them is a bit daunting.

Soundmanpt 08 May 2017, 13:03


Technically she needs glasses based on her eye exam, her eyes just don't realize it yet.

It isn't for me to say if she should get glasses now or wait. That is something between you and her to decide. If insurance is going to pay the biggest cost of glasses and she is undecided about wearing glasses then why not get them to see if they make reading somewhat better. Remember what the optician told her, if she gets glasses and wears them when reading her eyes will quickly adjust and she soon wouldn't be able to read small print or even her phone as well without her glasses anymore. But a +.75 prescription is not very strong at all so her glasses would be very easy for her eyes to adjust to. Getting glasses later on she is then going to need a stronger prescription so it could make it a bit harder for her eyes to adjust to. When the doctor put the +.75 lenses in front of her eyes they made the small print bigger and easier for her to see so that would be what her glasses would do as well. So if she liked being able to see small print easier then she should get glasses.

I'm sure she values your opinion quite a bit so you need to tell her what you think. Are you thinking that she should get glasses or do you think she should just wait until she actually feels a need for glasses? She doesn't need to wear glasses full time only when she is reading or doing anything that 0requirees close vision. Her prescription is weak enough that if she ever wanted to wear them for fashion she could.

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