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NNVisitor 19 Mar 2018, 20:33


I first needed glasses in grade 2 for myopia. My father had one bad eye from a young age. He had excellent vision in his other eye. His brothers and sisters never needed glasses at all except much later in life due to cataract surgery. My mother and her brother never needed glasses. All these people grew up in an age before TV, computers and smart phones.

I grew up in the TV age and as a child watched a lot of TV. My vision got worse and worse over the years. Today it's video games, computers, smart phones and TV for the younger generation. I've seen 2 year olds looking at smart phone and tablet screens. Myopia rates are skyrocketing. There has to be a strong connection for many people between nearsightedness (myopia) and these very bright screens be it computers, smart phones, tablets, TV's etc.

 19 Mar 2018, 19:48

bRIEF and to the point GUYs!!! text diahreea overload!!!!!!!!

Soundmanpt 19 Mar 2018, 11:12


So when she first mentioned to you that she was having trouble seeing at night did she say anything about her glasses being too weak? If that was already a few months ago she had only had her glasses for about 6 months when she noticed a change in her vision. You may recall I said that she would probably need an increase in her glasses somewhere around 6 to 8 months after she got her glasses. I'm sure that you never told her what I said because you didn't want to cause her any concerns about her eyes getting worse so fast. I'm glad that once she started having trouble reading street signs even during the day with her glasses on she realized it was time to get her eyes checked. She doesn't seem like her need for stronger glasses already is bothering her at all. She just seems happy to be able to see everything clearly again with her new glasses. Plus i'm sure she liked being able to get new glasses even though she liked wearing her previous glasses. If she really likes her previous glasses she can have her new prescription put into them if she wants. For a backup pair she or just to have another pair to change into when she wants she doesn't have to get the blue light option on those glasses. By the way does her lenses look any different with that coating than her previous glasses that doesn't have that coating. In other words is there a slight blue tint on her lenses or do they look the same as her other glasses? Getting that coating on her glasses with the type of work she does was a very good idea. I wonder how much that coating would have helped her eyes if she would have gotten a pair of glasses with just that coating while her eyesight was still perfect? I notice on You Tube that a number of people that are constantly staring into screens with perfect vision are ordering glasses with just that coating to reduce eyestrain. So you noticed a noticeable difference after wearing your girlfriend's glasses in how your eyes felt after being on the computer wearing them. I'm sure they would help your eyes too. I'm sure your girlfriend did find it funny that less than a year ago it was her borrowing your glasses and now it was you borrowing her glasses. Just curious while you were borrowing her glasses what was she doing while she was without her glasses? Did she pull out her first glasses and wear them? If she did i'm sure she had to notice that things were pretty blurry wearing them now. Since she got her new glasses has she commented about how much more blurry everything is now when she takes her glasses off. She was already pretty dependent on her glasses shortly after she started wearing glasses. I know you said at first she would take her glasses off, but then she rarely took her glasses off except when she was sleeping. At first she was just getting used to wearing glasses, which even though she really didn't mind that she now needed to wear glasses still took some time getting used to. But at first i'm sure she loved how well she could see things at a distance with her glasses but things up close were probably a little bit blurry with her glasses. So she would probably take her glasses off if she needed to read something. I'm sure her first few days at work wearing glasses she had her glasses off quite a bit because it was still easier for her to read small print without her glasses. But the more she wore them the more her eyes were adjusting to her glasses for reading too. If her monitor is that far away from her i'm sure she can't see it very well anymore without her glasses. Plus i'm sure she is more comfortable wearing her glasses all the time anyway.

I don't remember her sister's prescription but I know it was pretty weak. Certainly not enough where she would have to wear her glasses all the time if she didn't want to. But it's more likely that once she got her glasses she liked how she looked wearing glasses and by going away to college would be the perfect time if she wanted to wear her glasses all the time because no one would know her so they wouldn't know that she just got them and that she barely even needs glasses. So anyone seeing her wouldn't know if she had been wearing glasses for years or only a few days. Now I agree once she started wearing them all the time now when she takes them off it's very likely that she does get a headache because of the difference between her eyes and because her eyes are adjusted to her glasses. No she probably never did wear fake glasses like your girlfriend did. But that doesn't mean that she didn't think glasses were cute. And seeing her sister wearing glasses may triggered her to want to wear glasses herself? She sure seemed fascinated by your girlfriend's glasses because she tried them several times as I recall you saying. Usually when you try someone's glasses you try them once and tat's all. I'm betting if the 2 of them went off to the ladies room like girls tend to do I am sure she probably tried her sister's glasses on again in their as well. She will probably get her eyes examined when she comes home on summer break. I will be shocked if she doesn't need an increase when she goes.

David 18 Mar 2018, 15:22


Yeah, I did let her use my glasses until she got her appointment and glasses made so she did have an idea of what she would be seeing with glasses on when she got her first pair. She had mentioned a few months back that she was having a little trouble seeing at night but ended up putting off the exam. More recently she was having trouble reading street signs during the day too so that was what made her go in for another exam. So I think she realized that her vision changed but maybe not the degree of change. The doctor told her that she probably won't need a drastic change next year, probably just a bit of fine tuning is what she said. The blue light lenses seem to do a pretty good job of preventing eyestrain too, she let me try them out on the computer yesterday and it made a noticeable difference so I may get my own pair. My girlfriend found it funny since I was trying on her glasses which was the opposite of last year when she was trying on and borrowing mine. They are also as bit stronger than mine which is the exact opposite too. Also, at work she sits pretty far from the monitor since she has a drawing tablet along with the keyboard on her desk between her and the monitor. She said that when she first got her glasses she would sometimes take them off to work but recently she needs them to see the screen clearly, especially the small details that she has to see for her job.

I think her sister said she was going to wear her glasses all the time because without them she got a headache from her one eye being worse than the other. She probably likes her glasses but as far as I know she never faked having poor vision before like my girlfriend did lol. My prescription changed the most when I was in college so I wouldn't be too surprised if hers does too.


My girlfriend started her job about 3 years before she got her first pair of glasses. She had done a bunch of graphic design course work in college before that too but never wore glasses. She even renewed her license without glasses around the same time she started working. When she was in college she always had excellent vision and sat towards the back of most of the classes we had together so I think most of the change probably happened after that. Though she had a lot of coursework she spent a lot of time outside doing her drawings or working on her projects and didn't really spend a lot of time on the computer until she started working. There are days where she doesn't really leave the screen from 9-5 now.

That's really interesting, I guess I had never considered that. I think my vision started changing when I picked up programming/computer work as a hobby so all the time in front of the screen could be the culprit. Especially since neither of our parents need glasses.

Soundmanpt 17 Mar 2018, 12:23


I forgot to mention, thank you for the update on your girlfriend's sister. I know she commented when she got her glasses that she was going to wear them all the time even though she only had a weak prescription. But I remember when you and your girlfriend was at dinner with her their parents and they were seeing your girlfriend wearing her glasses for the first time and her sister was extremely interested in your girlfriends glasses and asked to try them several times. So if she has had her glasses on every time you have seen her since she got them she must enjoy wearing her glasses as much as your girlfriend enjoys her glasses. With her being in college and likely doing a considerable amount of reading and studying she is likely going to need an increase in her glasses when she gets her eyes examined in few months.

Are we ready for baseball?

NNVisitor 17 Mar 2018, 11:58


When did your girlfriend first start working at a job where she spends long hours looking at a computer screen? Her vision probably started getting worse three maybe four years before she got her first glasses. Does that time frame coincide with when she first had to spend long hours in front of a computer screen? It's best for people to take small breaks to look away at far objects for 20 seconds or more every 20 minutes. Doing constant close work reading is often associated with myopia and increases in myopia particularly in young people. Somtimes myopia begins during the teen years and for some in their twenties.

When one sees photos or videos of remote tribes such as in some isolated and semi-isolated parts of Africa or Brazil the tribesmen don't wear glasses and can spot animals far away. They don't do much close work and probably can't/don't read, use computers or watch TV. They aren't nearsighted.

It seems that how we use our eyes can affect our eyesight over time. For some people long hours staring at a computer for years can bring on myopia or cause increases in one's prescription if already myopic.

Soundmanpt 16 Mar 2018, 19:16


I'm sure your girlfriend is noticing the difference between her first glasses and her new ones. She's right it isn't nearly as much of a change for her as it was when she went from not wearing glasses to wearing glasses full time. But as I recall at the time you were still wearing contacts daily so didn't you let her borrow your glasses while her glasses were being made? so she was adjusting to wearing glasses by wearing your glasses quite a bit which had to make it easier for her eyes to adjust when she got her glasses. But as you know with your own eyes once you start wearing glasses even a small change will make a difference in how you see things. She just needs to get better at recognizing when her vision changes and not hold off with getting her glasses changed when they start getting too weak for her eyes. I knew when she got her first glasses that they would only be temporary because she was almost certainly under prescribed and would soon need a stronger prescription. This wasn't the optometrists fault or your girlfriends fault. Her eyes just simply weren't relaxed enough when they examined her eyes. So she without realizing it had the help of her own compensating still trying to help her eyes see things along with her glasses. Now her compensating ability is gone so when she got her eyes examined this time her eyes were much more relaxed. She may need a very small increase in about a year or maybe not at all. Otherwise any future changes maybe caused by her job. That blue-light coating on her glasses should really help in reducing eyestrain for her. I don't think the change in her prescription is why she said her glasses make a noticeable difference for eyestrain on her computer. Remember your girlfriend is nearsighted so she really doesn't need her glasses for reading or even for seeing her computer screen. But even with her first glasses they mainly helped to relax her eyes and to somewhat reduce eyestrain for her. But now having that coating on her glasses should help even more. If you do much work on a computer than I suggest that you also get a pair with that coating as well. Most all of the on-line sites offer it and I personally wouldn't be afraid to get it from any one of them. I think on line it is around $35.00 extra depending which site you go to. Your local optical store is going to charge much more than that and I don't think insurance covers that coating? Anyway i'm glad that your girlfriend has her new glasses and her vision is back to being good again.

David 16 Mar 2018, 16:05

My girlfriend picked up her new glasses before work this morning and she called me afterwards to tell me how amazing everything looks with the new prescription. She was so happy to be able to properly read street signs again and said that it makes such a big difference that she needs to update her sunglasses prescription too. She said that she stood in the parking lot comparing her glasses for probably about 5 minutes after leaving the doctor's office. They showed her the difference when she got her exam but I don't think she realized how big of a difference the new prescription would actually make. I had told her that it would probably be similar to when she got her first pair of glasses and she didn't believe me because it was a smaller change. But since she was used to seeing well with her glasses even the smaller change would be a big difference, I know speaking from personal experience lol. I was really curious to hear how the blue light blocking lenses worked and apparently everything looks completely normal through them. I had expected them to actually block blue light but according to my girlfriend, everything looks normal color wise. She said that they did make a noticeable difference for eyestrain on her computer though. Before she would get pretty bad eyestrain towards the end of the day and would find herself squinting and straining at her monitor. With the new glasses she didn't have any problems or eyestrain, though some of that is probably due to having the right prescription as well as the blue light blocking lenses. I think I'll let her try the glasses out for a whole week or so before I decide if I want to get a pair myself. I saw that some sites online have the lenses but I think if I'm going to get them for a specific purpose then I should probably get them from the eye doctor to make sure that they actually help.

David 13 Mar 2018, 16:15


You are right, time really does seem to fly. It does seem like it wasn't that long ago that my girlfriend got her first pair of glasses. The new baseball season is about to start though so it really has been almost a year since then! I had my yearly exam and for the first time in years I skipped the contact lens exam. I haven't really used my contacts at all for months now and I figured it would be a waste of money for the additional exam and lenses if I wasn't going to use them. I think my doctor was a bit surprised since I had been wearing contacts almost exclusively for years but I think she was glad to see that I was giving my eyes a break from contacts. It wasn't a surprise to either of us that my girlfriend needed to get a stronger prescription since like I said she had been complaining about having trouble seeing while driving at night or in the rain. I think when they tested her vision with her glasses on she was seeing right around 20/40 like you guessed. When she finished the eye test they showed her the difference between her old prescription and her new one and she was pretty amazed at the difference. She even jokingly asked if she could keep the trial lenses because it was so much clearer. I think you are right about her job, the doctor did recommend the blue light blocking lenses after my girlfriend brought up her job. We are both hoping that the coating makes a difference with the eyestrain and maybe makes her work easier on her eyes. Even though she already had a pair selected before we went in she was still like a kid in a candy store when it came to looking at frames, the novelty of getting a new frame and changing up her look had her really excited. She told me that she is a bit sad that she has to "retire" her current frames but I bet she'll use it as a chance to order a different style online pretty soon.

I think it was about a month or so after that her sister got glasses. I've seen here a few times since then and she has always had glasses on. I think my girlfriend said that her sister gets a headache without them now since her eyes are pretty different. It probably helps a lot in class too, I know that I wouldn't have been able to pass my classes in college without glasses since the lecture halls are so huge, especially for most freshman courses. My senior year of high school and college were when my vision changed the most and I started having to wear glasses or contacts all the time so it seems pretty normal to need stronger lenses around then.

Soundmanpt 12 Mar 2018, 18:10


Nice to hear from you again. When you said that your girlfriend wasn't due to get her eyes examined until May it surprised me because usually they schedule eye exams every year and it seemed like she got her glasses not that long ago. So I went back and sure enough it in the middle of May when she accidentally wore your prescription sunglasses to the ballgame one evening and she discovered she could see nearly perfect wearing them and she quickly made her own eye appointment and got her first glasses. Time really does fly bye. Anyway so you were actually due this month to get your eyes examined and your girlfriend decided to get her eyes examined a couple months early. You're eyes didn't hardly change at all. just a -.25 in one eye and I agree not enough that you would even notice any change. If you're still wearing contacts every so often you should go ahead and upgrade the one eye but I wouldn't bother getting new glasses at this time. Your girlfriend got a pretty good increase from her current prescription. You may recall that I thought she would need an increase probably within 6 - 8 months time and she made it 10 months. But her glasses already needed to changed several months ago. Right now if she were to try and renew her driver's license I doubt that she would be able to pass it with her current glasses because they are too weak for her eyes to even see 20/40. No wonder she has been complaining about driving at night, it's because she can't see even with her glasses on. Daytime is better for her with driving but not perfect. She'll notice the difference when she gets her new glasses. I know when your girlfriend got her first glasses she was able to take her glasses off and still she pretty well at first until her eyes completely adjusted to them and then she pretty much kept her glasses on all the time. Things are going to much more blurry now whenever she takes her glasses off now. That is what she is going to notice the most. But she's going to love being able to see clearly again when she gets her glasses. I remember that she is a graphic designer which is almost certainly why she is wearing glasses now. And being a graphic designer is really hard on her eyes. So getting the "blue light" coating on her glasses is a very good idea. It should help reduce eyestrain for her. If I recall she did order some extra glasses on line? Her prescription has changed enough that all of her current glasses are going to be useless to her as backups. She should take them all and donate them to the Lion's Club. She needs to go on line and order another pair of prescription sunglasses as well as a backup pair of regular glasses. Since she already has the glasses she picked out as her everyday glasses the ones she orders on line don't need the "blue light" coating.

So it was only about a month after your girlfriend got her glasses that her sister also got her first pair of glasses. Her prescription was much weaker but she seemed to like wearing her glasses anyway. You helped her pack when she was leaving for college. I'm sure that you have seen her since then. Is she still wearing her glasses or did the newness wear off? So it won't be long before she is due for her eye exam. She is younger so she might also need a bit of an increase this time too. Oh and agree with the doctor about your girlfriend not needing too much of an increase next year.

David 12 Mar 2018, 16:13

It's been probably 6 months since I've posted but my girlfriend and I just had our annual eye exams. I was sue for mine this month and even though my girlfriend had hers originally scheduled for May she decided to move it up so we could both get our exams done at the same time. I had my appointment first and as I expected my eyes didn't change much, I went from -2.25 and -1.75 to -2.25 and -2.00 and the doctor said that I'd be fine sticking with my current prescription for now since it was such a small change. My girlfriend however, had a larger change. She went from her original -1.75 in both eyes to -2.25 -0.25 x 086 and -2.50 and she ended up getting a new pair of glasses. The doctor told her that she probably won't have another big change like this given her age and current prescription which she was happy to hear. She had been complaining a bit about driving at night over the past few months which is one of the reasons she wanted to move her exam up. At least this time she knew what style of frame she wanted so we didn't have to look through the entire selection like last time. I think she was secretly excited when the doctor said that she should get a new pair of glasses (she has been eyeing some online sites for a while now) and was super bummed when they said that it would take a few days to get her glasses made this time. She also made sure to order the blue-blocker lenses this time since she has to wear her glasses when on the computer and at work now and I think that is why it is taking the extra time to process the lenses. I'll have to ask her if those help once she gets her new glasses because I may order a pair with them in my new prescription too.

Buckeye 06 Mar 2018, 11:04

+1.00 -2.50 84 1U

+ .75 -2.75 77 1D


Also note if lenses are removed from frame and held closer together vision is improved and progressive channel is line up better. Pupilometer always mismeasures at around 34/32 when it's actually the other way round I believe.

Weirdeyes 05 Mar 2018, 21:09


It sounds like you need less minus or more plus. Whatís your prescription?

Buckeye 05 Mar 2018, 20:22

When I hold glasses away from face 2" or 3" vision improves significantly. Same if I sit back away from the refactor.

Can anyone suggest why. Actual glasses never as good as when held away. Optometrist just looks blankly when I describe. Appreciate advice.

Buckeye 05 Mar 2018, 20:22

When I hold glasses away from face 2" or 3" vision improves significantly. Same if I sit back away from the refactor.

Can anyone suggest why. Actual glasses never as good as when held away. Optometrist just looks blankly when I describe. Appreciate advice.

Lou 24 Feb 2018, 02:19

Hi Paul in Chicago

Please don't take my comments as interfering, but if I remember correctly, you said that your prescription was -0.75. Is this for both eyes, and do you also have a cylinder and axis for one or both eyes? I'm asking, because you have a different uncorrected visual acuity for each eye and what appears to be the same prescription.

It is possible that although your uncorrected visual acuity is different in both eyes, that the same prescription gives you the best corrected visual acuity for each eye, but I believe that it is more likely that you would need a slightly stronger prescription for your worse eye.

Therefore without meaning to interfere, if your prescription is the same for both eyes, it may be worth having a re-test to see whether there has been some change, especially since you feel that you need your glasses more. I fully appreciate that you put this down to having worn them more, but if your prescription is the same for both eyes and your uncorrected visual acuity is different, I honestly feel that it would be worth having your prescription checked.

Additionally, without meaning any offence, even though you won't have a restriction on your licence, I would have thought that if your uncorrected visual acuity is 20/40 and 20/50 respectively, that it would be safer to wear your glasses for driving in all conditions.

Best wishes


Paul in Chicago 23 Feb 2018, 08:13

Thank you Cactus Jack! I hardly wore the glasses the last few days, and did almost no reading this morning. First thing went to DMV. When I looked in the machine, at first I couldn't read line 5 on the left. She said to try line 4, which I could make out, and then I could read line 5. The middle section (both eyes) was easier to read, but the right side was all a blur. The smallest I could read was line one, which I did. Then we slowly worked our way down and I was able to squint and make out most of the letters thru line 4. Even squinting couldn't get to line 5. From the lines I could read, I don't know for sure if I got them all right. All done, she said I am at 20/40 left and 20/50 right, and don't require correction to drive! Thank you!

Likelenses 17 Feb 2018, 17:27


As you know, you have a very high prescription for both myopia, and astigmatism, and have been in glasses most of your life.

Earlier in your glasses wearing history , depending on how much astigmatism you had, you may have been able to read without glasses, but had to hold the material very close to your eyes.

But at the prescription level that you are at now that would not be possible.

The strength of your lenses makes everything smaller, so to enlarge the print, you need weaker lenses. This can be done by putting a bifocal in each lense, and then you will be viewing the print through a weaker lense, which does not make things as small, thereby actually magnifying the print.

There is another way, and that would be to have a second pair of glasses with the weaker prescription, which you would have to change into to do close work. If you have an older pair of glasses, they may work for close tasks, but that would depend on how much your prescription has changed, but worth a try. I would say that if your astigmatism part of the prescription , { the part that says cyl. } has not changed much, and the number is -13.0 and -11.0 or close to that , then you may be able to use those glasses for reading only.

Has you prescription gotten any stronger in the last two years, and with the newest prescription were you able to attain 20/20 vision with these glasses?

I might add that many guys here find women with prescriptions similar to yours very attractive.

Hope this info to be helpful

NNVisitor 17 Feb 2018, 16:21


Being nearsighted I understand your situation with reading. For some people the glasses for nearsightedness make reading especially small print difficult. It means your glasses which help to see far away more clearly can make it more difficult to see things close up like small print. It's not your imagination.

Soundmanpt 17 Feb 2018, 08:23


Yes it is very possible to be both nearsighted and farsighted in the same eye. Maybe better put you probably need a different prescription for reading now than you do for seeing distances. If you feel like your struggling with reading and you must be squinting as well your glasses aren't working as well as they should be for reading anymore. I would suggest that at your next eye exam you point this out to your ECP ( eye care professional). I am quite sure the result will be include an add in your glasses. in other words you're going to be prescribed with bifocals or progressives to make reading easier for your eyes. You're only 25 so you might want to get progressives so there si no bifocal line showing in your glasses.

Gina 17 Feb 2018, 06:48


My prescription is -14.00, -4.25, 120 (then empty squares) and the next row (which I assume is the next eye) is -12.25, -6.75, 095 (just like the top row there are empty squares). At the bottom under recommendation it says polycarbonate lenses.

I have worn glasses for almost 20 years now. I got them when I was 6 and am now 25.

Likelenses 16 Feb 2018, 22:15


Before answering your questions. If you would provide us with your current prescription, how long you have been wearing glasses, and your age, we can more accurately answer.

Gina 16 Feb 2018, 21:39

Hi, I have a question. Is it possible to be nearsighted and farsighted? I currently wear glasses because I am kind of nearsighted. About a week ago a friend of mine pointed out to me that she thinks I may need new glasses because I squint and seem to struggle when I read. When I said she must be mistaken because I wear glasses for seeing far away she was surprised and said she would for sure think I need them for reading.

At first I dis not give her comment much thought, but as the week went on I began noticing that she is right. I do struggle reading. It is like when the page is too close I cannot make out anything. As I move it further out it gets more in focus. However, even with my arms completely extended out the text is still a little hard to focus on unless the lighting is great, which it usually is not.

How is this happening. I am nearsighted. Close things should be clear to me. They used to be. Do you think my mind is playing tricks on me? Could it be a mind over matter thing, and hearing someone say something about my eyesight is making me think they are right? Because I never thought one could be nearsighted and farsighted in same eye at the same time. Can they?

Cactus Jack 15 Feb 2018, 09:13

Paul in Chi town,

Just wear the glasses when you absolutely need them. About 3 days before your screening. Don't do anything that requires wearing your glasses. Go to the screening as early as possible and try to avoid any close work before the eye test.

If you are lucky, your brain will correct what you see, but there are no guarantees.

One reason your vision is better in bright light is that your pupils contract which causes an optical effect that is very familiar to Photographer. Photographers call the effect "Depth of Field", which is the range of useful focus. You can duplicate the effect by looking through a button hole.

In low light conditions, your pupils open up and your range of useful focus decreases.

The cold reality is that if you need -0.75 vision correction, every thing beyond about 53 inches is increasingly blurry. Bright lighting conditions improve that, but in low light conditions, your vision is pretty close to what it really is.

If you don't like wearing glasses, consider contact lenses, but hat won't work for the DL eye test.


Cactus Jack 15 Feb 2018, 09:13

Paul in Chi town,

Just wear the glasses when you absolutely need them. About 3 days before your screening. Don't do anything that requires wearing your glasses. Go to the screening as early as possible and try to avoid any close work before the eye test.

If you are lucky, your brain will correct what you see, but there are no guarantees.

One reason your vision is better in bright light is that your pupils contract which causes an optical effect that is very familiar to Photographer. Photographers call the effect "Depth of Field", which is the range of useful focus. You can duplicate the effect by looking through a button hole.

In low light conditions, your pupils open up and your range of useful focus decreases.

The cold reality is that if you need -0.75 vision correction, every thing beyond about 53 inches is increasingly blurry. Bright lighting conditions improve that, but in low light conditions, your vision is pretty close to what it really is.

If you don't like wearing glasses, consider contact lenses, but hat won't work for the DL eye test.


Paul in Chi town 15 Feb 2018, 08:15

I am 32 and work in an office. I have been "playing" with the new glasses to determine how they work. When I wear them during the day, they only brighten by vision a bit and make things just a bit clearer. But after wearing a while if I look over them distance is much more blurry and some signs are not readable. I really got them for night driving with an option to use them during the day, but I think that if I wear more often the option will no longer be an option. I have to have a vision screening for my license within a month and am concerned that now that I have worn the glasses so much during the day that I might have a restriction on the license. I think that if I wore them less (only at night for example) that I would have easily passed the screening. My other conclusion is that you are likely very right that there is really no change in my acuity, because I do see fine with the glasses...if my acuity changed then I presume I would have noticed that the glasses were no longer strong enough. I guess I am just not yet ready to become dependent on them.

Cactus Jack 14 Feb 2018, 17:56

Paul in Chi town,

What you are experiencing if fairly common. You vision is not actually worse, but it seems that way.

Vision actually occurs in the brain, your eyes are merely biological cameras. Your brain has the ability to correct images as long as it knows what something is supposed to look like, but it takes a lot of energy and processing power. The glasses correct the images optically. It takes a while for your brain to realize that the glasses are easing its workload and stop processing the images. That is what has happened and your vision is much closer to your actual needs.

You did not mention your age or occupation, but those can be factors. I would urge you to read "How to Study for an Eye Exam" and schedule another eye exam.

I have posted How to Study here and on the Vision and Spex site. If you can't locate it, I will post it again here or send it to you privately if you contact me at


Paul in Chi town 14 Feb 2018, 16:12

A few ,months ago I thought that at night in particular signs weren't very clear so I went for an eye exam. I was prescribed glasses that are -0.75 right and left. I only wore them when I thought I needed them, usually driving at night or when I was tired. During the morning/day I didn't use them because I could see OK. Recently I have worn them more but also notice I seem to need them night I really can't see clearly without them, and I find them more and more helpful during the day. Then I started noticing that my clear vision distance was shrinking to the point that often I now can't even clearly see signs across the room. Is my wearing the glasses more often making me more dependent on them? Am I becoming more nearsighted as I wear them more? It seems to be a remarkably fast degradation. Is this normal? Advice will be appreciated.

Cactus Jack 10 Feb 2018, 11:55


A good suggestion. You should occasionally give your Cornea a rest by wearing your glasses instead of the CL


Louis 09 Feb 2018, 17:32

Cactus Jack and Weirdeyes,

I'm quite comfortable with my contacts, I just was told by my optician that I should have a pair of spare glasses and the old ones didn't help much.

Weirdeyes 09 Feb 2018, 15:49


I agree itís because of the difference. I have a farsighted version of your prescription. I had the same problem when I first got glasses. I had double vision when I moved my eyes. But eventually I got used to it and the double vision went away. When I look over my glasses I always have double vision until my eyes readjust.

Cactus Jack 09 Feb 2018, 15:18


It is hard to say exactly why, but I suspect is may be related to the difference in image sizes on your Retina. Apparent image minification with - lenses is one of the effects of Vertex Distance, which is the distance from the front surface of the Cornea and back surface of your glasses lenses. Minus Contact Lenses have very little minification because the Vertex Distance is Zero.

Image fusion is one of the jobs of the Eye Position Control System EPCS) in your brain. It seems to use the horizontal edges of elements in the images from each eye to fuse images vertically and vertical edges of elements in the images for horizontal fusion.

It is possible that because of the smaller image from your left eye, your EPCS is having trouble fusing the images vertically. Typically, the ECPS does not seem to work as well for vertical fusion as it does for horizontal fusion. That may be because it gets lots of exercise and practice with horizontal fusion because it has to do that all the time when looking from distance to close and much less experience with vertical fusion.

Many people, who have a significant difference between their eyes, wear a contact to make fusion easier. It is possible that some vertical prism (BU or BD) might help, but you need to consult with your ECP.

May I ask why you decided to wear glasses? If you just wanted to wear glasses, which is fine, you might consider wearing a +3.00 CL on your Right eye and glasses with -3.00 in the Right eye and -3.35, -0.50 x 90 in the Left.


Louis 09 Feb 2018, 13:14

Hi everyone, I'm new in this thread.

I recently got new glasses (after 4 years wearing contacts) and found out that I see double when looking up and down. What could it be?

My rx is:


L:-3.25 -0.50 90

Yes, I do wear only one contact

I'm 17 yo

Light 04 Feb 2018, 14:51

I posted here ages ago about me hating bright lights, getting eye strain and losing focus despite needing glasses for distance only when driving.

Well I got eyes tested and I have gone to minus 1.5 and minus 1 plus stigmatism of 0.5 in both. I am 30 but I suppose i never got tested since I was 25 (old glasses were minus one in one eye since I was 17).

I guess I thought blurriness (which has increased dramatically at night) was the only indicator for stronger glasses but it seems that I was compensating and living in sore eye hell. I think I was very accepting of just "getting by".

I was told that it was surprising I wasn't wearing glasses other than driving and would I consider driving. I haven't been seen by anyone except partner and people driving with me in glasses much, kind of dreading comments and having to explain? I am also surprised you can get more short sighted at my age!

Weirdeyes 01 Feb 2018, 03:25

Interesting paper.

It explains why I can still see 3D movies without glasses.

Maxim 28 Jan 2018, 09:29

Are you a guy or a girl / young woman? Do take special alimentation (e.g. vegan) that could cause mineral deficits or iron deficits in the body? Do you drink sufficiently during daytime?

Maxim 28 Jan 2018, 09:25

P.S.: Your glasses prescription (respectively a myopia of 7 .. 10) is in my opinion not a reason in itself for this problem, a certain percentage of our population has this myopia. There is a certain risk of retina problems - higher than without this myopia - but it might be general health problems - and as you say, twice ove many, many years.

Good luck, but see the doctor - promised??

Maxim 28 Jan 2018, 09:20

I don't know, in which country you're living.

In our country a complete body check is a great thing, but it is not a great thing in terms of money (completely covered by the social insurance system). In this case, we would not hesitate to see the doctor. Just to make s u r e what it is. In most cases, it could be very well something not very dramatic. But I would say, could be more a problem of the body than a problem of the eyes. It's something like 'fainting' (I hope I got the right word in English). If you would be in the military, or a firefighter or a pilot, you would get this body check as well. The body check doesn't make you suffer, but a hidden problem might make you suffer in the long run.

Take all you courage, and see a doctor - you're going with my sincere best wishes, and then, tell us, what the doctor found out.

Question 28 Jan 2018, 08:35

I am 21 years old, and my prescription is quite high. It reads -7.25, -3, 110 and -7.25, -3.25 015.

Do you guys really think it is something serious? It has only happened twice with a 3 to 4 year gap.

Maxim 27 Jan 2018, 12:32

Yes, definitely see an ophtalmologist (Eye Doctor) and a General Practioner as well.

There could be something wrong with the eyes, or something wrong with the body (e.g. hidden diabetes, blood circulation problems, low/high blood pressure etc.). I feel, the diagnosis will be made rapidly, but it is important to know what it really is!

How old are you, and, as you are wearing glasses, can you tell us the prescription? The age is interesting here, as there are specific problems in the bigger periods of our lives.

Val 27 Jan 2018, 12:18

Question, you need to go see an ophtalmologist right away.

You need a complete exam of your eyes.

I am not an Eye Care Professional, but what you describe looks like a serious problem.

Question 27 Jan 2018, 08:50

I have a question about something that happened a few days ago. I was at a friends house, and all of a sudden I could not see clearly, it was as if I could not focus on anything, and rainbow little dust particle looking things were fogging up my vision. I know they were not actually there because no one else seemed to have a problem. Also, while this was happening it kind of felt like there was extra pressure pushing in on my eyes.

Also, I thought I should point out I had my glasses on this whole time. At first I thought there was something wrong with them, so I cleaned them, but it did not help.

Lastly, as this was happening, I remembered it had happened once before about three or four years ago. Then it was at home after I got back from school.

Lou 13 Jan 2018, 13:07

Hi Soundmanpt

You are very welcome.

Best wishes


Soundmanpt 13 Jan 2018, 10:43


You're not interfering at all. I'm glad you corrected me. I don't want to post anything that is wrong.

Jamie 13 Jan 2018, 08:03

Cactus Jack,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I will definitely be keeping an eye and record of the boys prescriptions. I already have been, but did not really know if it would be helpful. Good to know it might be.

Lou 10 Jan 2018, 16:20

Hi Soundmanpt

Without meaning to interfere, Jamie said on 10th November, that the +0.50s are add values rather than cylinder.


Jamie 10 Nov 2016, 18:57


The +0.50s are under add.

Best wishes


Soundmanpt 10 Jan 2018, 10:44


I was curious why you were told that you no longer needed to wear glasses at your recent eye exam. In looking back to November of 2016 I found your post and you had just been prescribed with your first glasses. The prescription was only:

OD .000 +0.50

OS -0.25 +0.50

A doctor won't prescribe glasses for the -.25 in your left eye and the rest of your prescription is astigmatisms. Astigmatisms are interesting because they tend to come and go. So overt the past year they seem to have gone away or at least reduced enough that glasses weren't necessary anymore. However there may be times when you might feel like you need your glasses. There is no harm to wear them anytime you might feel the need for them or if you just want to wear them for fashion even. Don't be surprised the next tiem you go for an eye exam they may have returned and you will be prescribed glasses again. But once again you would only have a very weak prescription much like you id with your first glasses.

Cactus Jack 10 Jan 2018, 07:46


I apologize for the grammar, punctuation, and spelling in my previous post. It was late, I was very tired, but I did not want you to fret about Caleb. He definitely has some vision problems and you are right to be concerned, At 1 year old, his vision with glasses is likely better than he actually needs at this time. Just keep an eye on him and if he seems to be struggling to see and recognize his favorite toys and individuals who are more than a few feet away, make an eye appointment for him.


Cactus Jack 10 Jan 2018, 01:13


Don't worry about the questions. I will try to answer as well as I can. Remember, I am NOT an Eye Care Professional.

Philip will probably come around. He is right, things do look funny when you start wearing glasses. He is too young to understand the reason why and the fact that that will go away if he wears his glasses for two weeks.

Vision actually occurs in the brain. Without correction, his eyes are delivering mildly blurry, slightly distorted images to his brain. The brain has amazing power to correct what you see, IF it knows what something is supposed to look line.

When you get your first glasses, it takes about two weeks for your brain to realize that your glasses are optically correcting the images and it no longer needs to work so hard. At 7, sharp distance vision is not very important, but that will change. Also, I suspect Chris' refusal may be a factor.

Chris really need to wear glasses. His prescription of:

-4.00, -1.25, 90

-4.50, -1.00, 055

Means that everything beyond about 8 inches or 20 cm is increasingly blurry. Too blurry, for his brain to be able to do much correction. I wonder if some of his refusal could be related to David, not wearing his glasses. Of course, David has a completely different problem that Chris. David can easily correct his mild Hyperopia without his glasses, using a small amount of his likely abundant, focusing resources. I wonder if David could understand enough of Chris' vision problems to be able to help.

Chris can probably function pretty well by holding books very close, but TV and Cinema probably just look like Blobs. Reading something on a board in a classroom is pretty much out of the question. One of the things that not wearing his glasses WILL cause is that his ability to use his Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses (his Auto Focus mechanism) will not develop properly. For their size, the extremely tiny Ciliary Muscles in your eyes are the strongest muscles in the body. Because of Chris' Myopia, I can almost guarantee that they are NOT getting ANY exercise and are probably VERY weak. Chris' glasses may be very uncomfortable for him to wear.

Often, if a person who is as Myopic as Chris and has never worn glasses, it is necessary to train the Ciliary Muscles. In some ways it is like strength training at a Gym. You don't start with heavy weights, unless you want to hurt a lot or even strain a muscle.

The way you strengthen very weak Ciliary Muscles is by prescribing LESS minus than the person actually needs or by prescribing bifocals or even trifocals. In extreme cases, a lower distance prescription and bifocals or trifocals are used. In young people, those measures are usually needed only for a few months until their Ciliary Muscles get in condition and then they can wear single vision, full prescription glasses.

More about that later.

Please don't freak out about Caleb. I did not mean to scare you. Here are some answers, but remember, I am not an ECP. Use my answers to help pose probing questions to your ECP.

1. It is extremely unlikely that Caleb is anywhere close to the point where his brain would completely ignore one eye and have it become a problem. Amblyopia can become a problem if not caught before 5 or 6, but your doctor is well aware of that. That is why he mentioned patching, but not yet. The idea behind patching is that you patch the best eye to force the "weaker" eye to develop.

2. Your doctor knows when patching would be most effective. At some point you may be referred to a Pediatric Ophthalmologist. Dealing with things like this is their specialty.

3. The difference in image size with different power lenses is one of the optical effects of what is called "Vertex Distance" (VD). VD is the distance from the front surface of the Cornea to the back surface of the glasses lens. Minus lenses have a MINIFYING effect. Plus lenses have a MAGNIFYING effect. The amount of the minifying or magnifying effect depend on the POWER of the lens and the distance from the Cornea. The VD effect winds up affecting the image size on the Retina so in Calebs case the image on the Retina of the -8,75 eye will be a bit smaller than the image on the Retina of the other eye.

If that becomes a problem, it can usually be fixed with a contact lens to make the glasses prescription pretty much the same size, but that is a long way off.

BTW, Contact Lenses have a VD of Zero.

4. Progressive Myopia is a much more rapid increase in Myopia than typically occurs in children. Myopia typically increases in children as they grow (Hyperopia sometimes decreases as they grow). Both Asial or True Myopia and True Hyperopia are caused by a mismatch between the total PLUS power of the eye's lens system and the length (size) of the eyeball. Children are tropically born with small eyeballs. The eyeballs have to fit in the bony eye socket in their small heads. If the eyeball grows faster than their head does, the bones of the socket prevent it from growing outward, so it elongates. If it gets too long, then Myopia is the result. If it does not grow enough, Hyperopia is the result. The numbers are amazing until you understand more about optics. A good approximation is that 1 diopter of refractive error is caused by 0.3 mm of length error, That means that Caleb's -8,75 eye is about 3 mm longer than it should be for the power of his eye's lenses and David's eyes are about 0.3 mm too short.

5. There is no such thing as Progressive Hyperopia. Either Trenton's eyeballs have not grown enough or he does not have enough PLUS in his eye's lens system. Growth is likely the issue which, we believe is ultimately regulated by his genes.

With all the genetic research going on, it may be possible to encourage his eyeballs to grow a bit faster which would reduce his Hyperopia. Normal growth could even reduce it some.

There was some research done at the Johns Hopkins School of Ophthalmology done several years ago on extreme Hyperopia. There was some evidence that eyeball growth was caused by a hormone produced by the Retina (as regulated by the genes, which are in charge of everything). They were not able to isolate the hormone or prove that it existed, but it is an intriguing idea.

Both Trenton and Caleb may benefit from the research that is going on all over the world. We must use the best tools and methods to address these problems now, to promote development of the best possible vision. That will be the foundation to make future breakthroughs applicable for your boys.

I hope this helps. Don't be hesitant to ask more questions if I can help.


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