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Guys in Glasses

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GreginColo 16 Jan 2017, 23:01

Thanks tinyeyes; yes I am also usually too shy but this guy just seemed too good to pass up an opportunity to chat about his glasses, and it worked out well as described in the original post. I am actually getting a bit more comfortable in complimenting guys about their glasses, kind of like complimenting on their hair, or their shirt, or their vehicle or whatever. Sometimes they just say thanks with nothing to indicate a further interest in related conversation, and sometimes they engage a bit more as did this guy.

tinyeyes 16 Jan 2017, 21:43

Greg, thanks for sharing your experience. That's great--good for you for talking to him and even getting a discount since you were so friendly! I am usually too shy to say anything to guys in situations like this, especially about glasses.

GreginColo 15 Jan 2017, 20:42

Interesting sighting today that I thought worth sharing. Was at a retail store today where the customers are in a single que and then the next cashier to open up calls for for the next customer in line to come to their station. I wasn't paying too much attention until I was called to the cashier stand that just freed up and saw the cashier could be out of my dreams. Middle aged guy, cute, clean cut, nice smile, and glasses that would cause an immediate reaction for me. They were square plastic, tortise shell, with some metal accents, and myopic lenses appearing to be at least -10.

After a little bit of small talk I complimented him on his glasses, and he thanked me for noticing, since they cost him so much and he had just gotten them a few days earlier. I asked him why they cost so much and he took them off and showed me the side and said he is so blind that his lenses are usually very thick, but he paid extra to get very thing lenses that were not much thicker than the side of the frame. I said they looked great, but didn't mention that I have a preference for the thicker lense look.

He put them back on and said he also had to pay extra for the transitions (light/dark) feature and for them being progressives fir different distances. I asked him how the progressive feature was working for him and he said he was getting used to and it was working pretty well. But then he took his glasses back off and put his hand about 3 inches for his face and said he still had to do that to read something very small, such as the printing on a medication package. It was so hot to see him do and describe that.

He put his glasses back on and continued to finish my transaction. When he told me the total it was less than what I was expecting. He mentioned to me that it looked like the packing of what I bought had a little damage and they could discount up to 30% for that if a customer asked for such. He said he went ahead and gave it to me without my asking. I thanked him for the good service and for the conversation and he said he enjoyed and wished we could chat more but there was still a que of waiting customers.

It was specialty store that I don't have reason to frequent too often, but will likely be stopping in there more frequently in the future, and some nice and useful memories in the meantime.

 13 Jan 2017, 11:32

GreginColo 02 Jan 2017, 14:19

Very handsome, and smart, Ari Melber, who is an attorney, writer, and MSNBC journalist was host of one of the MSNBC afternoon news shows this afternoon (01/02) and was wearing glasses today, the first time I had ever seen him in specs. He really looked great in what appeared to mid-range minus lenses in black frames. I hope we see him in glasses more often in the the future. He must normally wear contacts as he would probably not be without correction based on the look of his glasses today.

Apple77 25 Dec 2016, 05:43


I found them on the Tumblr site. I wouldn't know where they came from before that.



DNBursky 24 Dec 2016, 13:05


Where do you find the boys and the blurs photos originally?


Apple77 22 Dec 2016, 20:45

Boysandtheblur is back at it, too, with some adorable new pictures!

GreginColo 20 Dec 2016, 22:03

A friend of this thread who hosts the blog spexyandheknowsit has treated us from time to time with posts about Jon Tyler, the super myopic super hunk who stars in a somewhat offbeat series called Paradise University. Despite needing high myopic correction most of his life, Jon is an accomplished actor and from what I hear, a genuinely nice guy. who has been very open to sharing about himself on the afore-mentioned blog, and hopefully we'll be seeing more of him. The series in which he stars is evidently somewhat low budget as they are having a kickstarter fundraiser. The link to this is on the blog, but one of the highlights is the opportunity to buy the glasses that Jon wore while seasons 1-4 was being filmed. My recollection that these were in the high -20's, so quite enticing for those of us with this fascination. I think in more recent days John has also started combining -20 contacts with lower powered glasses to get the rest of his needed correction. It appears this may be the case in the video made for the kickstarter campaign. Anyway, I thought I would post this in case any of you had not seen the spexyandheknows it blog recently. It worth a look.

minusglassesguy 10 Dec 2016, 03:36

Correction to my last post...

My blog is minusglasseslover !!

minusglassesguy 10 Dec 2016, 03:30

Looking for the new face of my tumblr blog, minusglassesguy. to replace Kit Harrington.

If you would like to show off your hot looks, please send a pic to or submit through the blog.

DNBursky 20 Nov 2016, 00:28


I am acquaintances with the guy who was on Hotel Impossible, Austin. He's sincere and sweet.


tinyeyes 16 Nov 2016, 19:00

Cute younger plus guy.

Kev 16 Nov 2016, 14:41

Finally a dating site for people like us:

MikeL23 15 Nov 2016, 13:12

Sorry about the post below. Photobucket kinda sucks. Gotta look for another free pic-hosting site.

 15 Nov 2016, 11:32

MikeL23 15 Nov 2016, 05:16

Guy(?) from last night's new episode of "Hotel Impossible" wearing plus glasses...

Kevin 14 Nov 2016, 15:40

Two cute guys with low minus RXs - I would bet money on their RXs being with one dioptre of each other's

Steve 08 Nov 2016, 03:42

I've seen this guy's pics online for years. I have such a huge crush on him and would love to meet him and try on his thick plus glasses...

Kevin 02 Nov 2016, 13:03

Just came across this online, I think we are all in agreement that his 'new' glasses are better

James 02 Nov 2016, 11:33

Jake Gyllenhaal making a brief reference to his bad eyesight and disposable contact lenses:

tinyeyes 28 Oct 2016, 19:18

Does any one know how to link directly to an instagram post? This cute guy's latest post is a video clip of him dancing with glow-in-the-dark glasses. Cut-in visible.


DNBursky 23 Oct 2016, 20:05

I mentioned the below guy in the prior message. I am curious, what are his glasses for?

DNBursky 22 Oct 2016, 22:39

This guy is cute.

JP 19 Oct 2016, 13:20

This journalist refers to his adolescent self wearing "bottle-bottom glasses" and now there's nothing of him at all in specs. A shame, as it would have been good to have some clues about how he progressed.

sam12744 09 Oct 2016, 03:59


I've noticed a few 'sites' vanish for no apparent reason in the last few weeks and months, but in the case of 'the Boys and the Blur', he's always gone for lengthy periods without posting anything, then has a sudden flurry, so I wouldn't read anything into it yet.

Apple77 06 Oct 2016, 20:27


It hasn't been updated in a while, so I'd wondered whether he'd perhaps found a new place to post pictures. I'd wondered if he was the creative force behind, which suddenly disappeared a few days ago.



sam12744 06 Oct 2016, 15:54


 04 Oct 2016, 10:28

 02 Oct 2016, 00:02

Apple77 01 Oct 2016, 20:53

If boysandtheblur is reading this, are you posting your collected pictures somewhere new these days? I hope you are and would be grateful if you would point us in the right direction.

 23 Sep 2016, 09:06

JP 22 Sep 2016, 14:02

A great set of photos of the chef Jase Grimm....

Glad he kept his specs on for most of these. A shame not to have some better close-ups.

NJ 21 Sep 2016, 07:29

Patrick B, it's possible that this guy's glasses were made on the cheap. I think he just buses tables at this place, so he probably doesn't earn very much. I'm sure they're expensive enough already. He actually got new glasses recently. His old pair was really old, with the lens edges yellowing, not bevelled, and they tended to slip down a lot. His new glasses, black plastic rectangular frames, stay up much better and the edges have some bevel to them.

Since I too wear very thick plus glasses, I suppose I'd have an excuse to ask him about his glasses and make some suggestions.

GreginColo 20 Sep 2016, 22:27

Thanks NJ for sharing your sighting and also Patrick for your constructive response. I would love to see, and maybe even meet, a guy like this, but doubt I'll ever have that chance.

Patrick B 20 Sep 2016, 18:09

NJ -- Yes, that's quite a prescription you describe and could easily be in the mid-twenties. So many optical outlets don't have the sophistication to know that there are alternative lens materials and designs which can produce a far better cosmetic and optical result. They just produce something that fills the prescription tendered and leave it at that. That said, he may not have been able to afford a more advanced pair of glasses, especially if he ordered them in the U.S. where the cost of Zeiss 1.9 lenses can easily top $500. If you ever have a chance to strike up a conversation with him, you might tell him about Optical4Less in Hong Kong which specializes in well-priced myodisc lenses. Perhaps you can say you know about these things because your brother has a high prescription like his. Thanks for sharing.

NJ 20 Sep 2016, 12:40

I posted this in the Sightings thread, and reposting here.

A very unusual sighting, intended mostly for the ladies and gay guys.

Twice now I've seen this guy who works at Tom's Bar & Grill in St. Louis, who has about the worst myopia I've ever seen. I'm guessing he's in the -30 range, but the odd thing is that he does not wear myodisks. Instead, he has biconcave lenses with a severe front curve and fairly large frames, or at least much larger than he should be wearing. The edge thickness is enormous, and the power rings extend almost into the center of the lenses. He holds his head in that way people with extreme prescriptions do, tilted back and turning constantly to see. Even when he's a few feet away it's almost impossible to see his eyes, just the power rings.

He's in his 40's, trim and fit looking, black and casually dressed. I've never talked to him, he's not a server, but he seems friendly enough.

Just wished he were the opposite gender!

Jarred 02 Sep 2016, 11:43

This looks like its a fun game to play!

Dave 02 Sep 2016, 10:03

James -- I agree with you 100%. Fun is fun until it isn't. Nobody wants anybody to suffer one of the major downsides of high myopia like macular degeneration and/or detached retinas.

tinyeyes 01 Sep 2016, 20:32

Damn cute find, Grant! Furry, blue eyes and nice strongish glasses!

Myopic Grant 01 Sep 2016, 10:07

James 30 Aug 2016, 15:53

For me it's a fine line. I want my guys to be ridiculously nearsighted and need crazy thick glasses to see, but then I want them to be able to see properly/well with their correction (whether glasses or contacts). When there is any sense of low vision or disability, for some reason it's an immediate turnoff to me. I know the same isn't true for many others. Obviously I'm not saying the -108 guy is visually impaired or disabled, but you'd kinda have to figure that the minification and tininess of the central lens in his myodiscs alone would make his visual acuity pretty low.

jo 29 Aug 2016, 22:12

why do i even get a hardon watching the glasses making process.... i which i could try on the glasses.. i which i could be as nearsighted.. i wish i could sxxk that guy... i'm obsessed. anyone feeling the same?

GreginCOlo 25 Aug 2016, 21:18

Thanks Dave and James for the interesting sightings you shared. I also have one to share but if have to wait for a later time. Thanks also Jarred for the clip of the making of a pair of glasses with an astonishing Rx greater than -100. The viewing area of the lenses looks to be the size of a quarter or smaller, possibly even dime sized. And if I remember correctly the guy is a very skilled photographer. Thanks guys!

Jarred 25 Aug 2016, 14:26

Looks like he got a new pair a few months back.

Dave 24 Aug 2016, 11:37

Nice sighting, James! I recently saw a very high myope who had his glasses held in place with a discrete strap which his hair pretty much covered. I'd estimate his prescription to be in the high teens and I suspect he was having a problem with his glasses moving down his nose and then leaving him in a blur. His glasses were very small and mildly biconcave. Not a bad-looking guy, too!

James 24 Aug 2016, 02:25

A wonderful sighting at a restaurant high in the Italian Dolomites. The cashier was a dark, mid 30's Italian guy with a shaved and maybe slightly balding head. He was wearing small modified oval glasses (a bit square at the sides)in a plastic frame with some kind of tint on the lenses (i.e. darkish even inside). I knew I had hit paydirt as I walked in and saw him from behind and caught sight of his teeny tiny view of the world through the lenses.

I'd estimate he was somewhere from -12 to -15 (and I'm no exaggerator of Rx's). I'd be surprised if he wasn't in full-time glasses by age 5 or 6.

Here's the part that really interests me: the temples did not fit properly over his ears! I've seen this before with high myopes, albeit rarely. The glasses were staying securely in place, but that has got to be uncomfortable. Surely in the case of a high myope, where the placement of lenses in relation to the oh so myopic eyes is super important, the issue of fit must come up when getting glasses? How are high myopes able to be dispensed glasses that don't fit their faces properly? Honestly, I'm not even being rhetorical here, I have no idea how this happens. Even if this guy wears his glasses once in a blue moon and contacts all the rest of the time (although I got no indication that this guy doesn't wear glasses all the time, i.e. none of the awkwardness and fiddling of the mostly contacts crowd), the glasses should fit his face.

JP 12 Aug 2016, 09:26

Those specs are extraordinary, Rk. Too strong for me to judge.

Rk 30 Jul 2016, 07:52

What do you guys think about the RX of tacko fall in this picture, looks like -20 or so?

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