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Guys in Glasses

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 07 Nov 2017, 10:15

 07 Nov 2017, 10:12

 01 Nov 2017, 10:17

 29 Oct 2017, 09:32

 24 Oct 2017, 10:09

Director Mike Mitchell

 24 Oct 2017, 08:50

 23 Oct 2017, 21:43

 23 Oct 2017, 21:42

 15 Oct 2017, 12:03

Myopic Grant 14 Oct 2017, 11:50

 08 Oct 2017, 18:54

Lots going on here:

 03 Oct 2017, 09:31

Myopic Grant 01 Oct 2017, 09:43

 28 Sep 2017, 17:09

GreginColo 28 Sep 2017, 11:41

Yes, I am

andy 28 Sep 2017, 10:33

Greg how could we chat, email?

GreginColo 28 Sep 2017, 09:26

Thanks Andy for your response to his Rx, I think you are likely right high 20's at least. And thanks for your first hand experience explanation of why is is holding the phone close, makes sense now that you mention it. If you are inclined to more chat about the subject, let me know. Thanks.

andy 28 Sep 2017, 07:49

Greg and James , I would think his Rx is late twenties, maybe more. He is holding the phone close as what he sees is so small and this gives the best view possible. I've had the same problem all my life, crisp image just often too small to be of any use.

GreginColo 27 Sep 2017, 21:23

I agree James, the recent post on GWTG is incredible, certainly some of the strongest lenses we have seen in a long time, and I think your Rx est is pretty close, rivaling the -27 of hunky actor Jon Tyler. I also noticed how close he is holding his phone, even with his glasses on. Sometimes you hear low to moderate myopic guys say they are blind without their glasses. This guy truly is, probably only see total blur with no correction. Hope we see more of him.

James 27 Sep 2017, 19:29

Yesterday's post on the guyswiththickglasses Tumblr is incredible. Has to be -24 diopters at least and he looks like he's still struggling to see. He's holding the phone very close to his face! Also big thick hairy arms to match!

ThickMinusSix 26 Sep 2017, 18:08

For those of you who use Chaturbate...

He is a guy in his 50s with a nice cut in

Myopic Grant 26 Sep 2017, 13:45

 22 Sep 2017, 11:45

 20 Sep 2017, 09:52

tinyeyes 20 Sep 2017, 06:27

Here's another handsome guy who sometimes wears his strong glasses.

GreginColo 20 Sep 2017, 06:11

A second thanks, TE, for finding and sharing this very handsome and active myopic guy who seems to alternate between glasses and contacts.

Dave 19 Sep 2017, 22:27

Thanks, tinyeyes!

tiny eyes 19 Sep 2017, 20:50

Many of the guys I've posted on the guyswiththickglasses Tumblr come from Instagram.

Here is one to watch who has a prescription that's hard to beat!

Carl 19 Sep 2017, 09:06

Any ideas what Damon Albarn's prescription could be? He's increasingly seen wearing glasses and looks very hot in them!

Greg Bruny 18 Sep 2017, 20:09

You may be right James. I could be low on my Rx guess. It seems harder to guess these days with the advent and popularity of high-index lenses.

James 18 Sep 2017, 14:53

@GreginColo You think that low? The cut-in is intense. I was going to say more like -14 or -15. Another one on Instagram @ryan_da_twin. How strong do you think his prescription is?

 18 Sep 2017, 09:35

GreginColo 14 Sep 2017, 22:51

Thanks James, -10 or thereabouts would be mu guess.

James 14 Sep 2017, 13:37

This guy "jotodaflow" on Instagram has a serious prescription. How strong do you guys think it is? He is a great find.

Jay 07 Sep 2017, 17:55

Did anyone catch Ricky Schroder this morning in the third hour of the Today Show? Full beard and glasses.

 03 Sep 2017, 09:47 YUM!

GreginColo 03 Sep 2017, 09:41

Thanks anonymous poster for the clarification of your thoughts. I am guessing there is pretty unanimous agreement with the sentiments of your second post.

 03 Sep 2017, 08:59

I shouldn't have said what I did about the 15 year old boy in the post below, regards to the Jeffrey Dahmer reference. After watching more of it, it seems he was victimized and abused by his father, which is probably what led him to commit whatever crime he was guilty of. Hopefully he can be reformed and rehabilitated.

 03 Sep 2017, 00:01

Not glorifying what this 15 year old has done, but he has a nice script for his age. Probably could be the next Jeffrey Dahmer in script and behavior...

Dave 22 Aug 2017, 15:25

Nice spot, Greg!

ric 22 Aug 2017, 02:52

Myodisc are not thick

GreginColo 21 Aug 2017, 21:41

Thanks MG for the link; very nice looking guy.

While I am here, will share a sighting of today. Was at a local DIY today buying some lumber for a project. A couple of guys ahead of me, one older, one not as old, at checkout also had two cart of lumber. When the younger of the two, probably mid 30 to mid 40's turned around, I saw some of the thickest myopic lenses I had seen in a long time. The frames were small so hard to tell the cut-in, but they looked like he was looking thru ice cubes. They were definately bio-concave, but with the small frames, hard to tell if they were myodiscs. The Rx was probably not above -20, but also probably not far below it. Had he been alone, I would have complimented him on his glasses, and maybe started more of a conversation, but since he was with an older gentleman I didn't want to interfere, since they were also chatting about their purchases. The ages looked like they could be father and son, but nothing else indicated that to me.

While their transaction was still in process, the next lane opened up, and motioned me over, wood and all, so now I was able to get a more frontal view of the myopic guy. So hot, and when the checker asked him a question about one of his items, he held it up pretty closely to be able to answer whatever the question might have been. I doubt I will ever see him again, but certainly enjoyed the sighting.

Lastly, welcome back to "Spexy and He Knows It" after some time away from making his weekly blog posts. His post of today, a nearly -7 guy who mostly wears glasses, was certainly a good away to reinvigorate his blog followers.

So thanks to everyone who takes the time and effort to make interesting and stimulating topical blogs for the rest of us to enjoy.

Myopic Grant 21 Aug 2017, 10:32


DNBursky 18 Aug 2017, 04:00

People on the group want it to be secret which means people will have to email me at David Bursky there on facebook to join. The only other option is having it not secret but then others can potentially know they are part of the group. I'm torn by the choice. You can email me there.


LXW 17 Aug 2017, 23:18

DNBursky, your link to the facebook group is not working :-( Would be a pleasure to join the group.


 17 Aug 2017, 19:55

DNBursky 16 Aug 2017, 13:26

I have revived the facebook group

It is a secret group so people can have privacy. Hope you'll all consider joining


DNBursky 15 Aug 2017, 17:23

Is there anyone who is on here who's on facebook and wants to chat? I'd love to create an active group on facebook for those of us here who want to chat but am uncertain how do do so.

David (Bursky is my last name on Facebook)

GreginColo 12 Aug 2017, 16:38

Thanks Minus7 for the posts. I don't recall either of those being posted before. The guy really does have a love/hate affair with his glasses, and hates the "tiny-eyed" effect, which some of us find so adorable. Thanks again.

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