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Cactus Jack 17 Jan 2017, 15:09


You are pretty much there. If you need -1.00 glasses that means that everything beyond 1 meter or about 40 inches is increasingly blurry. When you wear them is pretty much up to you with one exception. If you drive, you should absolutely wear your glasses.

Vision actually occurs in the brain. Your eyes are merely biological cameras. Your brain can correct blurry images IF it knows what something is supposed to look like. Your brain can even generate images with no external input. Ever had a dream?

I suggest that you wear your glasses full time for about 2 weeks and then make a decision about when to wear them. It will take a few days for your brain to get used to the fact that what you see is being corrected optically, by your glasses and it does not need to correct the images. When that occurs, you will think that the glasses have made your vision worse, but that is not really true. All that has happened is that your brain has stopped expending effort and energy correcting the the poor quality images and is using its considerable processing capacity on more productive things.


Andy 17 Jan 2017, 14:31

Hi all,

I just got my eyes tested and my prescription has gone from -0.5 to -1. I'm 30. At what point to people usually start wearing glasses full time. I currently don't wear them that often, but when I get my new glasses tomorrow I might wear them more often.

Soundmanpt 17 Jan 2017, 11:39


Right now you're still getting used to having glasses and you still getting used to wearing them. That is very normal for most everyone. So it's not surprising that you haven't been wearing them out much yet. There is no big rush in getting started with wearing your glasses in public. I'm pretty certain that you have needed glasses for a while so a few more days isn't a problem. But even wearing them in your house you already know how much better your able to see with your glasses. Of course once you start wearing them outside and your able to see so many things in the distance your going to be even more impressed with your glasses. I don't think you have many suggesting that you should get surgery. But I do think you can expect to get many complements on your looks wearing glasses. And some will want to try your glasses on as well. So have a cleaning cloth with you so you can wipe all the fingerprints off your lenses when they finish trying them on. Let us know how your first day goes wearing glasses in public and around your friends that haven't seen you wearing glasses yet.

Josh 17 Jan 2017, 05:22

Welcome to the glasses club Sara, i bet you look amazing in glasses, your rx isnīt so high so you can wear as you wish, but you notice the difference now, hope you enjoy being a girl with glasses.

George1968 16 Jan 2017, 23:06


I think the question is: how do you feel about wearing glasses? Do you feel good in them, or are you not crazy with the look?

It's how you feel. If you like the fact your eyes are not bothering you and you feel fine in terms of how you look in them, what does it matter what others think?

Is there a romantic interest that you will think will object?

Sara 16 Jan 2017, 16:55

I haven't been wearing them out much but I need to wear them now so just going to have to take the comments. It's more aceptable to wear glasses now or people will be telling me to do surgery? I was thinking of wearing contacts but is it better to see with glasses? It can't be a bad thing getting a new prescription because it feels great wearing the glasses

 16 Jan 2017, 16:51

Soundmanpt 15 Jan 2017, 10:25


You first posted back on Dec 5th that you had gotten your eyes examined and posted your prescription as well. It seems that you only now got your glasses. You may recall that "George 1968" as well as myself told you back then that you would be amazed at how much difference wearing glasses would make to your eyes. Based on your recent post it seems you now also agree. It's very normal for things to appear much brighter with your glasses on. I would assume that aching and stinging feeling you used to get was caused by how hard you were straining your eyes trying to see things. Now of course they aren't straining so i'm sure that your eyes and head feel much better. How much you wear your glasses is completely up to you except for driving which your eyesight is not nearly good enough to be driving without glasses anymore. But even though your glasses aren't really all that strong as you can see they do make a world of difference to you. You're prescription is certainly one that many if not most people would wear their glasses full time, So if you're comfortable wearing your glasses, which it seems you are, then you should wear them full time. As I said back in my comment on Dec 6th because you're 26 you're eyes shouldn't change all that much. You should expect that you will need at least a slight increase in about 12 months as your eyes adjust completely to your glasses. But after that it's very possible you won't need any further increases. What comments have been getting since you got your glasses? Were you slightly shy about wearing them the first time?

Sara 15 Jan 2017, 01:49

I got the glasses and can't believe the difference they make. Everything is brighter clearer and my eyes don't ache when I'm wearing glasses before they use to string. I think I'm going to have to wear them all the time. It feels great getting a new prescription I see why people wear glasses now

Jamie 03 Jan 2017, 12:37

Hi CJ,

Perfect, thanks.

It is mainly for Circuit training and running.

Got to get rid of these Christmas pounds somehow!

I will get some ordered.


Cactus Jack 03 Jan 2017, 10:05


It is not unusual for a moderate minus prescription to go down as we get older. Often, people with myopia actually develop a combination of True (Axial) and False (Pseudo) Myopia over time.

When you throw Presbyopia into the mix and start wearing an Add, it minimizes the amount of focusing effort that your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses have to provide. The result is that your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses gradually relax reducing the False Myopia component. Sometimes that takes a surprisingly long time. The True Myopia component doesn't change much because that would require you eyeballs of shrink some, but like most body structures, once they have grown, they typically don't "ungrow".

For sports wear, I would suggest not bothering with Toric Contact lenses to correct your astigmatism. They are expensive and often hard to keep in the cylinder component in correct angular orientation. It they rotate out of position your vision will change at the most inappropriate moments (Murphy't Law). Instead, you might try a technique where 1/2 of the Cylinder is algebraically added to the Sphere correction and Sphere only contacts are worn. In your case 1/2 of -0.75 is -0.375. Unfortunately, that is not a choice because contacts only come in 0.25 increments in your Sphere prescription. I would suggest considering 1 day disposable contacts Right -3.75 Left -2.75. That is a slight over correction, but I doubt that will cause any problems and your distance vision will be a bit sharper.

You didn't mention the sport you prefer. Your near vision will not be as good as with the Add in your glasses. If you need close vision while involved in sports, we may need to re-think that suggestion.

Also, as we get older, often there is a reduction in tearing action. You may need occasionally use Artificial Tears with a Lubricant to keep your contacts and eyes moist while wearing the contacts.

If you haven't worn contacts in a long time, do not self prescribe and fit. You probably need some refresher training.

Hope this helps.


Jamie  03 Jan 2017, 04:09

Hi CJ,

I have just had a new prescription which seems to be going down rather than up, I am 49 years old.

Old prescription

Right -4.00 -0.50 30 add +1.00

Left -3.50 -0.75 10 add +1.00

New prescription

Right -3.25 -0.75 20 add +1.50

Left -2.25 -0.75 10 add +1.50

I am looking to get some contacts for sport to help me work off Christmas.

I had contacts a long time ago with no issues.

Can you help with converting my new "glasses" prescription into a contacts prescription?


Cactus Jack 22 Dec 2016, 23:02


There is no way to tell how much effect glasses will have except by trying them. Normally, good vision in both eyes makes driving at night or vision in low light conditions significantly better and less fatiguing. BTW, don't get concerned about the fact that you have a different prescription in your two eyes. The eyes do not grow or develop at the same rate. having the same prescription in both eyes is not very common.

You did not mention where you live. Glasses can be rather expensive in some locations, however, it may be possible for you to order glasses online. I don't usually suggest ordering first glasses online, but the difference in cost might make it worth while to consider it. That would be a low cost way to see if the cost / benefit is acceptable.

Many of us have ordered from Zenni Optical. The lenses are of excellent quality. The primary cost driver is the frame you choose and the lenses, They offer frames as low as US$6.95. There are not very many at that price, but there is a pretty good selection for just a few dollars more. An Antireflective coating is only $4.95 and shipping is about $5.00 in the US.

All you need to order is a credit card, your prescription, and your Pupillary Distance (PD). You PD is easy to measure with a rule marked in mm and a bathroom mirror.

May I ask a few more questions?

1. Where do you live? (country)

2. What is your major? (some require a lot of reading)

If you want to try ordering from an online retailer, we can help you. Please let me know what you would like to do.


martian1 22 Dec 2016, 19:44

cactus jack,

im 24 and im still a student. i went for an eye checkup last yr and i dont need glasses that time. a few wks ago i noticed that my right eye is blurry thats why i went for an eye check up again. will the glasses really make a difference? and is my prescription affect my driving? Thank you for answering

martian1 22 Dec 2016, 19:44

cactus jack,

im 24 and im still a student. i went for an eye checkup last yr and i dont need glasses that time. a few wks ago i noticed that my right eye is blurry thats why i went for an eye check up again. will the glasses really make a difference? and is my prescription affect my driving? Thank you for answering

Cactus Jack 22 Dec 2016, 19:24


You have natural Mono-Vision. It is likely that you are using your Left Eye (OS) for distance and you are using your Right Eye (OD) for close things. The answers to your questions depend on several things.

1. Your Age?

2. Your Occupation?

3. Do you need to have good depth perception?

I had a similar prescription when I got my first glasses at 14, except the my Right Eye had the Plano prescription and my Left Eye was -1.50. I don't know for sure how long the condition existed before I got glasses. The primary way it was manifest was that my depth perception was not very good and I could not play baseball because I could not tell there the ball was until I heard it hit the catcher's mitt or it hit me. Of course no on wanted me on their team.

You probably should get glasses and wear them full time, so your eyes learn to work together.


martian1 22 Dec 2016, 17:24

Hello everyone, my prescription is OS plano OD -1.0 should i get glasses? if yes should i wear it full time?

George1968 18 Dec 2016, 15:12


What is your prescription? Do you feel you need your glasses for fulltime wear, or do you want to wear them fulltime because of the look?

Cactus Jack 18 Dec 2016, 13:48


Your experiences are typical of the difference between a chain and an independent ECP. The chains are OK for most people and the exam they typically offer is better than just looking into an Auto Refractor. I often suggest a more through exam for a "Baseline" eye and overall health assessment or if there appears to be a need.

I have relatively frequent (annual) dilated Retinal exams because I have Diabetes. A dilated Retinal exam is considered the Gold Standard for Retinal exams, but the Optomap is nice for a quick intermediate check, without dilation. Fortunately, my Diabetes has been well controlled for many years and I have no Retinal damage .

Many "silent killer" health situations are first discovered during an eye exam. The eyes are windows into the body.


Amelia 18 Dec 2016, 13:09

I went for an eye test the other day, I spent quite a bit researching reviews for local opticians as I have not had great experiences at high street chains. I have always felt very rushed and anxious during the exam and never given clear advice on what my prescription means. I went to a family run independent place and it was the most comprehensive test I've had, felt very listened to and the optometrist wasn't afraid to give me clear advice about wearing my glasses more and even reassuring me not to worry if I start wearing bthem more and wanting to wear them all the time. It was the green light I needed to finally feel it's ok to wear my glasses as previous high street chains have never told me what it means or have been quite dismissive of my prescription. He also assessed my retinas using an optomap which was incredible seeing an exceptionally detailed photo of most of my retina, better than those standard retina cameras. Has anyone else had an optomap done? What are other people's experiences of using independent places over chains?

george1968 17 Dec 2016, 21:19


Forgot to ask -- how do you like yourself in glasses? Are you comfortable wearing them or are you self-conscious?

I was very self-conscious about wearing mine even with a much stronger prescription than yours. Finally, my eyes got to the point that I had no choice but fulltime wear. After a week, I realized how silly I had been so self-conscious. If I had to do it again, I would have gone fulltime years earlier.

george1968 17 Dec 2016, 16:41


Glad you find the glasses are working out for you. Let us know what your friends have to say about your glasses.

You might find that with your astigmatism that your glasses will help, esp. When they get tired at the end of the day.

Good luck.

georgie 17 Dec 2016, 15:08

They were ready a lot quicker than I thought so picked them up yesterday

georgie 17 Dec 2016, 15:07

Hi yes I have picked them up, I've not worn them much until today, I decided to put them on and head into town to go shopping, what a difference it made, everything was just crystal clear and just felt so much easier to pick out fiber detail of things in distance, felt more confident walking around if that makes sense. I am going to wear them again tomorrow when I am out with friends. First time they will see them. Not sure I will wear them at work though as I am on a computer all day.

george1968 17 Dec 2016, 00:26


Did you get your glasses yet? If so, what has been your experience with them?

Soundmanpt 11 Dec 2016, 13:35


You don't have to spend a lot of money on glasses for them to look good on you. Most often expensive glasses are designer glasses anyway and your only paying for the name of the designer. If you already knew that your eyesight wasn't perfect anymore you must not have been too surprised to be told that you need glasses now? As I said before your prescription isn't strong at all, but i'm sure once you get your glasses you're going to notice the difference rather quickly when you put them on. Now as for not wanting to be reliant on your glasses. Your eyesight isn't nearly so bad that you won't be able to function without your glasses anymore. But wearing glasses is a choice and it will be up to you how well you want to see things clearly. In other words you should expect that as your eyes adjust to your glasses things at even a short distance is going to seem much more blurry than they do now. But even without your glasses you will still be able to see quite well, just better with your glasses on. I consider someone as being reliant or dependent on their glasses when they can't see to do hardly anything without their glasses. That won't be you. You're not unlike most about being nervous being seen for the first time wearing your glasses. just remember that everyone that wears glasses has had to go through the exact same thing. One thing you should be doing now is telling everyone you know that you're getting glasses. That really helps rather then just suddenly showing up wearing glasses. That way by they will be expecting to see you wearing glasses when you get them. This really does make it easier.Also have you not noticed just how many people now wear glasses? I'm sure you have lots of friends that wear glasses. So your wearing glasses isn't really going to be so shocking to them anyway. If you do lots of work on a computer they probably you will be wearing glasses at some point anyway. What you can expect is getting lots of complements on how nice you look wearing glasses. And after the first couple days and everyone has seen you wearing glasses no one will even pay any attention to you wearing glasses.

georgie 11 Dec 2016, 11:56

I am due to pick glasses up next week mid week approx, I didn't spend a large amount on them but tried my best to choose a frame that I thought complimented my face. I am apprehensive about wearing them as I do not want to become reliant on them, its been a shock hearing that I do need glasses, I always thought my eyesight wasn't perfect but not to the level that I need glasses. I will make an effort to wear them but feeling nervous as no one knows that I have been for an eyetest

Soundmanpt 11 Dec 2016, 11:31


The advice you have been given by "Likelenses" and "Maxim" is exactly right. Since you have never wore glasses before i'm sure at first it is going to feel strange wearing glasses. So you need to get used to the way glasses feel for one thing. And even more importantly your eyes need to adjust to the prescription of your glasses. Even though your prescription isn't a strong one, your eyes are used to not seeing things as clearly as they should. So at first your eyes are actually going to be trying to ignore the prescription of the glasses. So you need to wear them full time so your eyes can slowly start to relax and allow your eyes to be helped by your glasses. Then after a couple weeks of wearing your glasses full time you will be able to tell when you need to wear your glasses and when you can can get by without them. Your doctor's advice to wear them for distance activities is correct. So as he suggested they will help you see the TV better, even if you think you are seeing it fine now without glasses, but your not. So I know for sure your glasses will be useful for going to sporting events and concerts. If you enjoy reading books you probably won't need them for that but you mentioned that your job involves a good deal of work on a computer. Because a computer monitor is usually about 24" away from your eyes you may wearing your glasses helpful for that as well. Remember the whole idea of getting glasses is so your eyes aren't straining. With your name being "georgie" it is only a guess that you are a female. So like Maxim said hopefully you took your time and chose glasses that look good on you. many times people will be thinking in terms of money and that they likely won't be wearing their glasses very often so it doesn't matter what their glasses look like. But since you don't really know how much you will be wearing them you want your glasses to look nice and flattering when you do wear them.

Maxim 11 Dec 2016, 07:55


With full-time wearing you will soon find out, in what great detail you can see, and you will forget about those reflections of wearing or not wearing the glases.

I hope, you have choosen nice frames, because wearing glasses is "to see and to be seen".

Best wishes, ...

georgie 11 Dec 2016, 01:04

I am 30 years old and work as a housing officer for a local authority, involves interviewing people who make housing applications so a lot of time is spent on the computer. Oh I didn't know you should wear them full time when you first get them. I am waiting for them to be made should be ready mid week next week.

Likelenses 10 Dec 2016, 22:18


Your prescription is pretty much what a first prescription would be.

As you have perhaps read in some of these threads,it is best to wear a new prescription full time for about two weeks to get used to them,and then determine what, and when you want to wear them for.

If you can tell us your age, and occupation we may be able to tell you more.

Are your glasses on order, or do you already have them?

georgie 10 Dec 2016, 11:50

I went for an eye test today just out of interest and also because I haven't had an eye test in many years, haven't had any problems but I've been working with people who have had quite serious sight problems and prompted me to get checked out. Wasn't expecting to be given a prescription for glasses but I was! I thought my eyesight was ok, not perfect but good enough not go need glasses but as soon as he put the electronic chart up and covered my left eye I thought uh oh this is not starting well, it was blurry after the first few lines. I tried my best to read further down but he said I can see you are struggling let's put some lenses in and help you out. He said I should wear them for distance activities such as watching the TV, however apart from.reading the TV guide which is ever so.slightly off focus, I don't think I need them for the tv, I don't drive but he said if I do start driving then I should wear them as I am borderline driving standard without. My prescription is -.75 sph, -.50 cyl, 10 axis left eye and right eye is -.75 sph, -.25 15.

Soundmanpt 06 Dec 2016, 09:33


Everything that "George1968" told you is completely correct. I'm sure that when you get your glasses and put them on for the first time you will be amazed at the difference you will see. You just don't realize how much you have been missing and not seeing properly. With your glasses everything is going to look so much brighter and your vision will be clear and sharp. I'm sure at some time you have likely heard someone say that wearing glasses made their eyesight worse. But in reality their glasses didn't make their vision worse at all, but instead what really happened is just what George said, by wearing their glasses their eyes aren't straining anymore to see things and they became much more relaxed with their glasses on. Then when they take off their glasses their eyes are really seeing things as they really appear without straining. So for some they just think that wearing glasses caused their eyes to get worse. There is no way to predict how much your eyes might change over the next couple years, but since you're already 26 I also would doubt that your eyes will change much. Actually I would think that it is likely after about 12 months you might need a slight increase in your glasses and probably not need any more changes after that.

The best way to adjust to your glasses when you get them is to make a point to wear them full time from the time you get up until you go back to bed for about a week or 10 days and then you can decide how much and when you need to wear your glasses. You're the only one that can tell how much blur you're willing to tolerate without your glasses. You may decide that you really like being able ot see everything nice and clear and continue to wear your glasses full time or you may feel like it isn't necessary to see things so clearly and only wear your glasses for driving and other distant things. By the way when you choose to wear your glasses is totally up to you except for driving. Your eyesight isn't good enough to pass any driver's test for driving without glasses so driving without glasses is not only putting you in danger but others as well. Please give us an update once you get your glasses about what you think of wearing glasses.

George1968 05 Dec 2016, 20:58


The first number for each eye measures how nearsighted you are. You are nearsighted enough that glasses will make a difference, but, except for driving, it would be up to you how much you want to wear them.

The second number measures the amount of astigmatism you have. You might have less eye strain if you wear your glasses, but that is up to your comfort level.

Your eyes will not get worse by wearing glasses. Now, your eye muscles have been straining, and wearing glasses will help them relax. So, it might seem that after wearing your glasses, your eyes will seem worse, but it is just the eye muscles relaxing. There is a possibility that your eyes will need a slight increase in strength in the next 6 months to a year. At 26, though, your eyes won't change much more, if at all.

Hope this helps.

Sara 05 Dec 2016, 17:10

I finally went to the opticians and got my eyes tested and I'm shortsighted -1.50 -0.25 110 -1.25 -0.50 120 I've been told I should be wearing glasses all the time. I was having a lot of eyestrain so decided to get my eyes checked. They have told me my eyes will get worse so would need glasses anyway. How bad will they get, will I really not be able to see without glasses if I wear them all the time? I'm 26 when does shortsightedness and astigmatism stop?

Michael 24 Oct 2016, 15:30

Mike-That is what I thought. But you can see that even a weak add is going to make a big difference. But unfortunately you will find in a year or two you will need a stronger add as small print will become more and more difficult to read.

Mike 24 Oct 2016, 14:15

Hi Michael

The readers are +1 and only been using them over my contacts to read for about a week. The new glasses have been ordered and should be here in the next ten days.

Michael 23 Oct 2016, 13:35

Mike- How long have you been wearing the drugstore readers? But you are definitely right around the age when presbyopia begins setting in. It sometimes happens a little earlier or a little later but it eventually gets everybody so it shouldn't be surprising or depressing.But you will find out every year or two until your eyes lose all of their elasticity reading small print will become more and more difficult so you will keep on needing stronger adds. I am 63 years old and wear progressives and my add has been 2.50 for a number of years now so I don't expect it will ever be higher. I think 2.50 is about as high as most adds go although it can go up to around 3.00 if you like to hold your reading material very close.

What strength drugstore readers are you wearing now? You are wearing them with your contacts am I correct? My guess is they are probably +1.00 which are the weakest you can buy and the weakest most doctors will prescribe.But even though they are weak they still are strong enough to make a difference. But unfortunately you will likely need stronger adds every year or two for a number of years. And there is really nothing you can do about it. It is something all of us have to eventually deal with.

There are some other options but I don't know how good they are. Bifocal contacts are one option. And some people might do mono vision and have one contact correct their near vision and the other one correct their distance vision. But since you have astigmatism as well not sure how well that would work. You can always wear readers with your contacts like you are doing now. But when you decide to wear glasses instead of contacts you then will need multi focal lenses like you are getting.

Mike 23 Oct 2016, 12:41

Thanks Michael for your reply. I'm currently wearing what you would call drugstore readers and the difference with and without is them is notable and if I'm honest, very surprising and a little bit depressing

Michael 23 Oct 2016, 11:31

Mike- You seem to have the very beginning signs of presbyopia given your age and an add of 1.00. That is the lowest add I think any doctor will prescribe.And even if you checked out drugstore readers I think you will find that 1.00 is the lowest power they have.But your add figures to gradually go up each year or two until all the elasticity in your eyes is gone. You probably will never need an add of more than 2.50 or 3.00 at the most unless you like to hold your reading material very close. And once you reach that point the chances are you won't ever need any more reading help unless you develop some other eye problems.

Mike 23 Oct 2016, 01:01

New prescription

Right -3.5, -.75, 90 with +1 add for near vision

Left -4, -.75. 90 with +1 add for near vision

First pair of varifocals ordered and on their way.

I'm 43 and been wearing contacts since I was 18.

Cactus Jack 18 Oct 2016, 21:28


The old prescription is written in - Cylinder notation. the new one is in + Cylinder notation. The first step is to convert the new prescription to - Cylinder to make the comparison.

The old prescription Is in - Cylinder and I have expanded it for clarity

OD Sphere -5.25, Cylinder -1.00, Axis 20

OS Sphere -5.00, Cylinder -1.50, Axis 162

The new one was in + Cylinder. I have converted it to - Cylinder for easier comparison :

OD Sphere -5.25, Cylinder -1.50, Axis 20

OS Sphere -4.75, Cylinder -1.00, Axis 160

The conversion procedure is to Algebraically Add the Cylinder to the Sphere, change the sign on the Cylinder, and add or subtract 90 degrees to the Axis to keep the value between 0 degrees and 180 degrees.

It really does not matter which notation is used. Typically, Optometrists and Optician use - Cylinder and Medical Doctors use + Cylinder, but the one they use depends on how their instruments are set up. Lens makers convert + Cylinder to - Cylinder, as I did, and make the lenses. If the conversion is done correctly, the resulting glasses will be optically identical no mater which notation is used.

The primary difference is in the Cylinder correction for Astigmatism. It is change is well within expected results.


Cork 18 Oct 2016, 19:43

My wife's old prescription was:

-5.25 -1 20

-5.00 -1.50 162

The new one is:

-6.75 +1.50 110

-5.75 +1 070

Is this a big difference? She says these

glasses are much better.

Dan 18 Oct 2016, 11:52

That makes sense Tony, just a bit confusing with being in the prism column. Thanks.

Plus Tony 18 Oct 2016, 11:31


My guess is that the M means minus and the P plus. Optometrists and eye doctors usually highlight the fact that someone has a plus sphere correction in one eye and a minus sphere correction in the other by writing something like this. This helps avoid confusion in the lab when glasses are being made up.

Dan 18 Oct 2016, 04:48

Can anybody help, my 23 year old daughter has just had a routine eye exam, the optician said she had a mild prescription and only needed glasses if she felt she wanted them. (She's declined for now) however in the prism section on the prescription the right eye has a capital (M) in brackets and the left eye a (P) does anybody know what these mean, her full prescription is

Right, sphere -0.25, prism (M)

Left, sphere+0.50, Cyl -1.00, axis 160, prism (P)


Motard 04 Oct 2016, 03:54

Thanks CJ , I know pd already , you helped me with a goc combo in Oct 2014 I can tell in the 2 years since, my rx has crept up since then . I can now while difficult and taking a lot of effort I can accommodate to the combo with out the + CL

Cactus Jack 03 Oct 2016, 23:53


Using a Vertex Distance of 12 mm I suggest the following glasses prescription:

Calculated by successive approximation

R -7.75d -2.25c 20x

L -6.50d -2.25c 170x

or, for a little more crispness

R -8.00d -2.25c 20x

L -6.75d -2.25c 170x

Normally, contact lens prescriptions are derived from the refracted prescription. Phoroptors and trial lens frames have about the same vertex distance as glasses. However, the actual Axis numbers on the Phoroptor and In glasses can be in increments of 1 degree. Toric Contact lenses are available in 5 degree increments. Your Cylinder correction, while significant, is low enough that no Vertex Distance correction is required.

The best source of a glasses prescription would be from the Examiner that did your refraction and then calculated the CL prescription. If you order glasses from Zenni, you might consider ordering the lowest cost frames to make sure which prescription you like and then ordering nicer frames, lenses and options.

If you don't have your PD or don't know how to measure it, let us know. Also, which prescription you like best.


Motard 03 Oct 2016, 23:13

Hey everyone, been a while since I posted . I got a new CL rx a few months ago but noticed the glasses rx was unchanged or not updated for a few years ago as I use insurance for contacts and buy zenni's online.

Most recent CL 8/2016

R -7.00d -2.25c 20x

L -6.00d -2.25c 170x

Last Glasses Ex

R -6.75d -1.75c 20x

L -5.50d -1.75c 170x

Can CJ or Sndmnpt vertex the CL up to glasses as I don't see the glasses working very well as I was under impression glasses are higher rx on the minus side.


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