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.... 06 Jul 2018, 14:53

It's a shame.

I repeat ...

This website has always been a meeting point, where people asked questions and are nicely helped by experienced peers like Cactus Jack or Soundmanpt, and it should continue in this social function ...

WHY ...

... can people try to destroy this fine meeting point?

Soundmanpt 06 Jul 2018, 07:36

Sorry I posted the wrong time it should read "05 Jul 2018 17:18"

Soundmanpt 06 Jul 2018, 07:35

Once again the comment posted as me on "05 Jul 2018 14:18" isn't by me.

Weirdeyes 05 Jul 2018, 20:50


That is not Soundmanpt. This site isnít too useful with all the impostors. Try reddit instead.

Dad 05 Jul 2018, 20:48

Thank you Soundmanpt for your honesty regarding your fetish.

I at this time will bow out from this fetish site.

I will disregard your advice to not allow my daughter to wear glasses, and will go with her eye doctors advice to get the stronger prescription.

Soundmanpt 05 Jul 2018, 17:18

To be honest, Glass Lenses does raise a small valid point which I should clarify. This website is for people with a strong sexual fetish for glasses wearers. I actually do find your stories quite arousing, Dad. I am especially interested in hearing more. Normally I would not say these things in public, but I am an honest man and believe you should know the truth. I don't think you should let your kids wear glasses. It is bad for their eyes at this age. They have no need for glasses right now because they have nothing important to see. Just forget about it because they will break them too often and it will be expensive. I am only being realistic with you. When your children truly need glasses, then you will know it is the right time to buy them.

This post is from me.

Soundmanpt 05 Jul 2018, 06:27

Once again the imposture is using my name and posting as me. I did not make that comment posted " "04 Jul 2018 00:42"

Carl 05 Jul 2018, 05:47

This website has really deteriorated. :(

.... 05 Jul 2018, 02:44

Soundmanpt 03 Jul 2018, 06:09

is the real Soundmanpt - this as a result of the language and error analysis I recently presented.

This website has always been a meeting point, where people asked questions and are nicely helped by experienced peers like Cactus Jack or Soundmanpt, and it should continue in this social function.

 04 Jul 2018, 01:36


Oh WOW, Soundmanpt is really telling you what he thinks you want to hear.

As he suggested, go back through his posts, especially the ones where he asks if the girls were aroused when their optician wisk back their hair to adjust the ear pieces of their glasses. One can only imagine his arousal doing this as an optician.

A lot of other creepy stuff there also.

Soundmanpt 04 Jul 2018, 00:42


Please disregard what was written by Glass Lenses.

As a retired optician, I can assure you that my posts have nothing to due with a glasses fetish.

If you read back through some of my prior posts, two many of the threads hear throughout the years, you will see that their is nothing related to what Glass Lenses is true, at least concerning my posts.

Antonio 03 Jul 2018, 22:17


if your daughter reports to see fine in them and as she needs only -0.5 more you don.t have to buy necessarily new glasses to her.

But stay ready she will really need new stronger ones in 1 or 2 years as it is likely or possible her eyes proceed for a while in her youth this way and at -1 more she will be really on need of them to see the board.

From Dad to Dad, best regards, Antonio

Glass Lenses 03 Jul 2018, 21:22


You need to know that this is a glasses fetish web site.

People here get off sexually, talking and thinking about women, and young girls in glasses, especially for nearsightedness.

They love to talk about the progression of nearsightedness, and how prescriptions increase.

If I were you, I would ask your questions at Web MD, or some other site.

As a Dad, I think that you would be appalled at the thought of guys here masturbating, or getting aroused by information about your daughter.

Soundmanpt 03 Jul 2018, 06:09


When you daughter got her first pair of glasses 2 years ago when she was only 10 years you needed to expect then that her eyes were just starting to change and this wouldn't be a one time thing. She did good by making it 2 years without needing her glasses changed and she must still feel that her glasses are still working fine correcting her eyesight, but it isn't. The increase she needs isn't very much but enough that with the new prescription it will sharpen things up for her. Be prepared because she is almost certain to need her glasses changed all through her teen years and until sometime in her twenties when her eye will become stable and stop changing. If the cost of glasses is a problem you need to check out some on line sites. Their are a number of very good ones out their that won't cost you an arm and a leg. The one I always recommend is Zenni ( They have a very nice selection of glasses starting as low as $6.95 for a complete pair in your daughter's prescription. And they have several hundred for under $13.00. Other sites that are good is Eye Buy Direct ( and Frimoo (frimoo,com). But you do need to upgrade her prescription because her eyesight should be very important to you.

Dad 02 Jul 2018, 18:48

My 12yo daughter who has been wearing glasses for about 2 years recently had a checkup and her script changed. Her old prescription was OS -1.00 -0.50 OD -1.25 pl. Her latest script: OS -1.25 -0.75 OD -1.75 pl. Is it worth it for me to buy new glasses. Will it make a huge difference for her? She said she sees fine with her old script. Any guidance would be helpful. The doctor thought we should definitely get new glasses,but I wasnt sure if he was just trying to get us to spend more money at his store, thx.

Cactus Jack 19 Jun 2018, 09:43


It may be a little late for this, but you don't need to be too concerned about comments about your glasses. It only lasts a day or two. It is normal to be nervous about what others will say, but it really isn't much different than a new hair style or a new suit or in my case, seeing and old friend who remembers when I had hair and has not seen me since most of it fell out.

One thing you might experience if the pub is dimly lit, is that the menu is hard to read with your glasses. Don't be shy about lifting your glasses up to read the menu, unless it is posted on the wall. If it is on the wall, it will likely be easier to read with your glasses.

Don't be surprised if your friend needs glasses also.


Simon39 19 Jun 2018, 08:46

Thanks CatusJack for your advice. Collected my glasses today. It is quite exciting wearing them. I can't believe how sharp everything is - bus numbers, text, bricks on buildings, eye colours, leaves on trees etc. I'm meeting a mate in the pub later will wear them then. Bit nervous...

Simon39 19 Jun 2018, 08:46

Thanks CatusJack for your advice. Collected my glasses today. It is quite exciting wearing them. I can't believe how sharp everything is - bus numbers, text, bricks on buildings, eye colours, leaves on trees etc. I'm meeting a mate in the pub later will wear them then. Bit nervous...

Cactus Jack 18 Jun 2018, 22:31


Whenever you want to, is my probably surprising answer. You glasses prescription which in the common format is:

OD (Right Eye) Sphere -1.00, Cylinder -0.25 x 88

OS (Left Eye) Sphere -1.00

are glasses for distance. Your vision is almost perfectly matched to your visual IT environment. You actually have built in "computer" glasses. A Sphere correction indicates that you have -1.00 diopter of Myopia in each ey and an almost inconsequential amount of Astigmatism in your Right Eye. With out correction your eyes have a built in +1.00. That means that when relaxed, your eyes focus at 100 cm (1 meter). With just a small amount of focusing effort you can focus closer if a display is less than 100 cm from your eyes or you want to read something at say a typical reading distance of 40 cm. The equation that relates lens power vs. focal distance is:

Lens Power = 100/ Focal Distance or Focal Distance = 100/Lens Power.

Because you don't drive, your glasses will be very helpful at the Cinema, Watching TV, Identifying friends at a reasonable distance, or simply enjoying having good vision beyond 1 meter. Depending on where you live, you may also enjoy seeing stars in the sky or individual leaves on trees.

Because of your age, it is likely that Presbyopia is creeping up on you, but because of your Myopia, you may not have noticed. You may notice that it take s some extra effort to see small text clearly, up close, with your glasses. Don't get excited, that is pretty much normal. If you experience that problem, just lift up your glasses or look over the top of them, whichever is more convenient. More about this if it becomes a problem.

Please let us know your experiences, what you decide to do, and If we can be of additional help.


Simon39 17 Jun 2018, 17:34

Hi, I'm 39. I did not bother with glasses since my university days, I don't drive and I with in IT. I got an eyetest yesterday and I'm -1.00 -0.25 88, -1.00 - -. I was shown the difference and recommended to get glasses, which I'm collecting tomorrow. How often do you think someone with this prescription would wear glasses?

Lou 13 Jun 2018, 02:17

You are very welcome.

Likelenses 12 Jun 2018, 15:08


Eyes easily adapt to a minus prescription.

You may actually need a small minus in that right eye, along with the cylinder correction.

Ben 12 Jun 2018, 14:00

So I picked up my glasses and must admit they feel strange. The left eye seems perfect, the right feels a bit odd I think my vision might be worse with it. Been told it will take a while to get used to it

Lou 05 Jun 2018, 12:59

You are very welcome.

Ben 05 Jun 2018, 12:53

Thanks for your replies. I am 29 and live in the UK

Lou 05 Jun 2018, 12:50

Hi again Ben

I meant to add that astigmatism is common, especially a small amount like you have, and that it effects vision at all distances.

Lou 05 Jun 2018, 12:47

Hi Ben

Yes, I can help with this:

R +0.25 Sph -0.50 Cyl Axis 74

L -0.75 Sph

You have astigmatism in your right eye, as shown by there being a cylinder (cyl) value on your prescription. Astigmatism simply means that your eye has two points of focus, at axes 90 degrees from each other.

Your right eye has a prescription of +0.25 at the 74 degrees axis. At the opposite axis to 74 (i.e. 164), your prescription is the Sph (sphere) value - the cyl (cylinder) value, which is +0.25 -0.50 = -0.25.

You therefore have a prescription of +0.25 at the 74 degrees axis, and -0.25 at the opposite (164) degrees axis. This is called mixed astigmatim, as you are far-sighted on one axis, and near-sighted on the other. A plus sphere denotes far-sightedness whereas a minus sphere denotes near-sightedness.

Your left eye is simply near-sighted, owing to the minus sphere. You have no astigmatism correction in your prescription for your left eye.

Overall you have a small prescription, as denoted by the low values.

I hope that this will help

Cactus Jack 05 Jun 2018, 12:43


Actually, you are very slightly farsighted with some Astigmatism in your Right Eye and mildly nearsighted in your Left Eye. It is not unusual for there to be a difference in the correction required for each eye. Yours just happen to be on each side of 0.00.

While the difference is not very large, it does make it hard for your eyes to work together, as a team, to provide good depth perception.

I will be happy to give you a more detailed explanation, but I would like to ask a few questions.

1. What is your age?

2. Where do you live? (country)

I may have some more questions after you answer those.


Ben 05 Jun 2018, 12:13

I was recently prescribed my first pair of glasses but am not sure if I am nearsighted or farsighted. My prescription is:

R +0.25, -0.50, 74

L -0.75

The eye doctor said there is quite a difference between my 2 eyes and they don't work together that well. I already knew my left eye was worse than my right.

I was told the glasses would help with distance vision and also when using a computer. But seen as I have a +0.25 in my right eye, isn't that what people use for reading. But, the cylinder is for distance. I'm a bit confused. Can anyone clear this up?

Soundmanpt 11 Apr 2018, 07:01

Curious Fiance

Reading between the lines I would bet that your nearsighted and mostly wear contacts which is probably why you were ordering your fiance's contacts for him. So i'm sure that you're comparing how your own eyes work with contacts or glasses to his eyes. You're probably able to read pretty well without the need for contacts or glasses. But your distance vision is probably pretty blurry without contacts or glasses. So you're wondering why he needs his contacts or glasses in order to see both closeup as well as distance? Just because his prescription is a plus prescription meaning he is farsighted he needs contacts for close and distance. Also he has rather strong astigmatism correction and astigmatisms effects vision at all distances.

CuriousFiance 11 Apr 2018, 02:04

Can someone explain to me my fiance's prescription, he wears contacts and glasses sometimes. He recently had me order him contacts and it was really hard understanding.

OD Sphere +2.50 Cylinder +3.50 Axis 100

OS Sphere +2.50 Cylinder +3.00 Axis 85

His glasses magnify his eyes a lot and he has trouble seeing close and far, never seen that before.

Neville 24 Mar 2018, 14:07

Lara I hope I can answer your question.

Until I had cataract surgery I was hyperopic +9. Without glasses all was a blur but I could make out vague shapes and colour especially in good light.

The cataract surgery wasn't straightforward and implants were not fitted. Now I have extremely strong lenses and my vision without glasses is so blurred I cannot function at all.

Jamie37 24 Mar 2018, 07:07

So the glasses I ordered from Zenni arrived and actually took the bifocals for a public outing today. I can see what doc said about not being necessary for full time, but Def can tell there will be occasions when I will want to be wearing the add for comfort. So basically depending on what I will be doing will determine what I wear.

The bis I ordered are lined which I understand is not the most cosmetically amazing but like how much I can see through them which I know can be issue in progressives.

Weirdeyes 20 Mar 2018, 09:10

I have 1.00 base in prism for each eye. I sometimes notice pretty bad double vision and I sometimes donít. I remember when I got tested once they said I needed 8 diopters of prism. I assume they meant 4.00 for each eye. Cactus Jack, you mentioned that doing close up work as a myope can sometimes make you cross eyed. Could doing the same thing as a hyperope do the opposite? I do A LOT of close up work and always have. No one knew I was farsighted until I was eleven years old. Even then they only noticed it in my left eye, but I know both eyes are farsighted because I canít really see details up close.

Cactus Jack 19 Mar 2018, 23:01


Oops, the post below was from me.


 19 Mar 2018, 23:00


Yes, it is normal for a person with only a tiny bit of measured strabismus (eye misalignment). A total of 3 prism diopters Base Out is not very much prism. Each eye is turned inward less than 1 angular degree. Unless there are other problems, that should be well within the capture and fusion range of your Eye Position Control System (my name). If you don't notice any double vision without prism correction in your glasses, I would not bother.

If you notice difficulty keeping the two images from your eyes fused into a 3-D image hen that is another story.


spartoo 19 Mar 2018, 22:27

Hello, I had glasses with prism of 1.50 right and left eye, horizontal base outside.

I do not need it and I never wear it.

But I would like to know if this is normal that I see as if there was no prism?

Cactus Jack 18 Mar 2018, 11:30


As Jared said, it is up to you.

R: -0.25 -0.50 101

L: -0.50 -0.50 107

Is not a very strong prescription, but optically a little bit of Myopia goes a short distance, visually.

Your Astigmatism correction is likely the major factor in your visual comfort, but lets look at the first number, which is the Sphere correction.

-0.25 means that everything beyond 4 meters or about 13 feet is increasingly blurry.

-0.50 means that the blurry distance is more than 2 meters or 6.5 feet.

There are lots of things that you are missing without correction.

Astigmatism as indicated by the 2nd and 3rd numbers, which are Cylinder and Axis. Cylinder and Axis ALWAYS go together. Astigmatism is typically caused by uneven curvature of the front surface of your Cornea. It is steeper in one direction than it is in another like a slice from the side of an american football. The difference in curvature causes images to have two different focus distances. It is most noticeable on small print where the lines that make up the letters will focus at one distance and other lines will focus at a different distance, depending on which direction they run. This confuses your Focus Control System (auto-focus system), but there no way your eye can focus at two different distances at the same time, but it tries.

You may think that you have pretty good vision, but you actually don't. Vision actually occurs in the brain, your eyes are merely biological cameras. Your brain has the amazing ability to correct slightly blurry images, IF it know what something is supposed to look like. The problem with that is that it takes a significant amount of effort and energy.

If you correct the images optically with glasses or contacts, your brain can devote its efforts to other tasks. However, it takes a while for your brain to realize that when you wear your glasses, it has less work to do. Think of glasses as labor saving tools. That is why we typically suggest wearing your glasses full time for about two weeks before making a decision about when to wear them.

With one exception. That exception is that you should wear your glasses when driving.

If you are apprehensive about what your friends and relatives will say about your wearing glasses, remember that you don't wear vision correction for THEIR benefit. Wearing glasses is no different than a new hair style or some new clothes. The comments or questions only last a day or two and then it is old news. The only time after that that your glasses will get a comment is if you change frame styles. Few people notice prescription changes.

Hope this helps.


Jared 18 Mar 2018, 09:04


Only if you want.

Kevin 18 Mar 2018, 08:45

First time poster here; is a prescription of R: -0.25 -0.50 101 L: -0.50 -0.50 107 warrant full-time wear?

Cactus Jack 17 Mar 2018, 04:37


You can get a pretty good idea of what a very farsighted people see without their glasses by wearing an older pair of your glasses over your current glasses. It won't be exact, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.


Galileo 16 Mar 2018, 21:41

@Lara - I think it is worse for very longsighted people. I have known two cases personally; a woman who was early 60s and Rx of +6. She could not see near or far without her glasses. Could not read a school size clock across a room and could not find her glasses if she had not put them down herself. She could not read a book at any distance.

The other was a woman in her early 20s with a Rx of around +10. She said all she could see without glasses was patches of colour, no detail at all near or far.

Lara 16 Mar 2018, 20:21

What is it like for farsighted people with very high prescriptions, even lenticulars? Is their vision usually blurry both near and far without glasses? Iím nearsighted, around -6.50 left and -8.75 right. I canít see crap far away without my glasses but I can read without them.

Jamie37 10 Mar 2018, 07:16

During the exam, the eye doctor and I discussed the add and bifocals. He recommended with me being in retail and what i do on a daily basis, to not do full time use yet in bifocals.

Which is why he did the rx the way he did. I am getting my main pair in single visions.

However, I will also be going online and getting a pair of bifocals to experiment with.

Curt 09 Mar 2018, 08:28

So, are you going to get the bifocals or not???

Jamie37 08 Mar 2018, 17:57

So the verdict is in after my exam.

My new rx is

OD -6.25 -3.25

OS -6.75 -4.50

and also given optional add of 1.00

Likelenses 06 Mar 2018, 19:26


Considering your current prescription, those symptoms will certainly result in a bifocal prescription.

Jamie37 06 Mar 2018, 18:29

Just did paperwork for upcoming test.

Admitted that been experience eye strain, occasional burning and redness after prolonged close work/use of phone

Lou 06 Mar 2018, 11:24

Hi Jamie37

Thanks very much for the clarification. I'm very sorry, but although I now understand what you are experiencing, I can't offer a reasonable explanation. Hopefully somebody else will be able to.

Best wishes


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