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Glasses Over Contacts (GOC)

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Cactus Jack 27 Feb 2017, 13:01


Here are the calculations assuming a Vertex Distance of 12 mm.

20^2 = 400 /1000 = 0.4 diopters per mm x 12 mm = 4.8


I made a mistake. I should have added the 4.8 to the +20 for PLUS glasses VD effect. I do so many calculations for MINUS glasses that I inadvertently subtracted. The CLs for +20 glasses should be -25.00. Theoretically, it should be about -24.8 assuming a VD of 12 mm. The VD is a SWAG and with +/-20 glasses it is a major factor. If a person is not too old, I suggest a little more MINUS or a little less PLUS that I think you will need because your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses should be able to add a little PLUS to compensate.

Thanks for calling this to my attention.


Please note the change in the suggested GOC combination. Please DO NOT buy any glasses or contacts until we discuss this further.


Brit 27 Feb 2017, 12:21

Cactus are you sure about the previous posting?

Cactus Jack 27 Feb 2017, 10:57


To answer your specific question, you need approximately -15 contact lenses to go with +20 glasses, assuming you have perfect uncorrected vision and have enough accommodation range to compensate slightly for any errors. If you don't know why there is a difference between the power of the Glasses and the Contact Lenses, you probably need some serious coaching.

If you want to do successful GOC we need to start with answers to these questions:

1. How old are you?

2. Where do you live?

3. What is your latest glasses prescription?

4. Have you ever worn Contact Lenses?

You need to approach high prescription GOC slowly, carefully and with planning.

Based on the answers to the above questions, there will probably be more questions.


 26 Feb 2017, 20:33



can any one suggest me what would be an ideal pair of contact lens power ,if i want to wear +20 glasses

Soundmanpt 26 Feb 2017, 10:51


Okay now I get what you did and why. So she avoided even wearing her own prescription glasses because her eyes appear slightly smaller under her glasses. And her prescription is only a -1.50 which to most people would hardly be noticeable. So you first needed to get her started wearing glasses and you were able to convince her by getting her emerald green minus colored contacts which she must have liked because they enhanced the color of her eyes and then had her pick out glasses that suited her with plus lenses to match up with her contacts. And of course she likes seeing her nice big green eyes so she has been more than willing to wear her glasses and has found out that doing GOC hasn't done any harm to her eyes. But your real goal is to get her wearing stronger minus glasses for GOC. But for whatever reason finding plus colored contacts is much harder to find in plus than minus prescriptions. So that is one problem. But even if you do find them I think your wife would be disappointed as soon as she put on the -5.00 glasses over her eyes. The green contacts would hardly be noticeable to her under her glasses. There would be a huge difference for her seeing her eyes wearing +4.00 glasses and then seeing her eyes wearing -5.00 glasses. Maybe have her pick out glasses if she already hasn't that she likes and just find clear +3.50 contacts to see if it is worth looking any harder for the green color. As you know the glasses won't be very expensive and if you can order just one box of lenses they shouldn't be much either. And maybe she won't be happy at first but if she likes the glasses enough she might decide to give it a try after a while. Other wise you still have the option of seeing her wearing the combination she has now and she seems to enjoy wearing. Also if she wears the GOC often enough she will find that she needs to wear her own prescription glasses when she isn't doing GOC.

Hasan 26 Feb 2017, 05:03


Plus glasses was the first step in my plan. The only way not to make her eyes look smaller with glasses was GOC. We`ve made it using emerald green colour lences - big green eyes was necessary requirement. Now when she had understood that there is nothing harmful in GOC and she got used to it with "her" combination", I`m gonna convince her to try "my" combination with minus glasses. The only problem - I didn`t found colour plus lences yet.

Soundmanpt 25 Feb 2017, 10:38


Sorry about that. It's just that it is a bit unusual for someone already a bit nearsighted to want to want plus glasses. But it makes sense if she didn't want her eyes to look smaller under her glasses. But now it seems that she is going to try wearing minus glasses if she is wanting to get +3.50 lenses and -5.00 glasses. Is she now okay with her eyes appearing slightly smaller under her glasses?

Soundmanpt 25 Feb 2017, 10:28


Since your husband wears -14.00 glasses i'm not at all surprised that he is loves seeing you wearing glasses nearly as strong as his glasses and of course supports you fully. I'm sure that your glasses look really nice in that frame you chose as well as your nice thick lenses. So i'm sure you must really enjoy wearing them every chance you get. It's always interesting how wearing glasses effects some women. Certainly for many wearing glasses seems to change their whole additude and they way thye see themselves. And for some like yourself it is more like an empowerment and provides you even more self confidence. I can only assume it's because you have wanted stronger glasses for so long and now that you have them you feel like you could conquer the world. Did you go with the combination that Cactus Jack suggested to you? I did notice that he was suggesting you order +10.50 SPH only contacts to go with -9.00 glasses but then you asking where you might be able to order +10.25 contacts? Not that much difference if that is what you actually ordered. Where were you able to get your contacts from? It has gotten more difficult recently to order contacts without a doctor's approval. Your friend seemed impressed enough at your glasses that after trying your glasses is wanting to try it herself. Of course i'm sure you would help her in getting a combination that will work for her. Does she currently wear glasses or would this be her first time wearing glasses? If so she probably needs to start off much weaker.

Hasan 25 Feb 2017, 03:14

Soundmanpt, I`m really excited, but there is no mistake - now she wears -4.0 lences with +2.5 glasses. All this story started long time ago. My wife always was little bit nearsighted and even she had glasses, she never used them. Sometimes I succeded to convince her to put them on for me but she always said that she don`t like her eyes look smaller in glasses. GOC become a good idea in this situation. Plus glasses makes her eyes look bigger and we both like that.

antonio 24 Feb 2017, 14:41

Hi Juliette,

just curious, what Kombination do you war now?

Thanks and Best regards, antonio

juliette 24 Feb 2017, 11:05

Rafa , thanks for your post. My partner supports it, & is pleased to see me in these stronger glasses. I chose a roundish frame in a tortoiseshell finish. I find I look great in them, & somehow feel more self assured, but maybe that's because, I have wanted thicker, stronger looking glasses for some time now. Friends, also find I look good in them, & one of them is going to give GOC a try, as she had the same good feeling when she tried my glasses. I will when the time is right try to go up to a higher level. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the experience as it appears so many other here do!

Soundmanpt 24 Feb 2017, 08:54


I think that you were so excited seeing your wife wearing stronger glasses that you made an error about her current combination? You said that she is now wearing -4.00 lenses with +2.50 glasses. I think what you meant to say was that she is wearing +2.50 lenses with -4.00 glasses? It's clear that you appreciate her looks wearing stronger glasses and I would assume since she didn't go overly strong her eyesight should be very good with her -4.00 glasses and +2.50 contacts. The one thing she need to be careful with is changing from one glasses frame to a different frame in a short time could lead to extra unwanted questions about her glasses, not the lenses. so if she is considering going stronger anytime soon she should try and order the exact same frame as her -4.00 glasses.

Hasan 24 Feb 2017, 04:16

Finally it happaned! My wife started wearing GOC. Her real prescribtion is -1.5 on both eyes. She sometimes wears -4 lences and +2.5 glasses. In this glasses she looks really great! Now we are thinking about combination of +3.5 lences and -5 glasses.

rafa 24 Feb 2017, 02:36


Welcome to the club! I'm glad GOC is working good for you.

I myself started GOC'ing around june last year, and after a few dizzing problems in the beginning, I've adapted really well. I started with -9 glasses and have now worked my way up to -20. So I'm sure you too will adapt well to stronger lenses soon.

Tell us more about your experience. How's the feeling of seeing youself in those thick lenses? What sort of frames did you choose? And how is your husband reacting to it? Does he like it? Has anybody aside your husband seen you and noticed something different?

juliette 24 Feb 2017, 02:01

In the later part of last year, I came across this site, & the section 'Glasses over contacts'. As I explained, I didn't know at the time this was possible. With the feedback I received, it was a chance for me to get stronger, thicker more powerful glasses that I had wanted for a long time. I have now been doing GOC for around 6 weeks. The first few days it felt a little strange, but with perseverance, I can now wear the combination all day with really works well. I now feel & look as though I need glasses, & I feel great in them. I intend to persist with them which at present is not a problem, & before the holidays try to increase to somewhat stronger lenses if possible. It is really a nice experience & I can now fully understand those who like & want these stronger thicker glasses.

NNVisitor 19 Feb 2017, 22:13


You are best off just wearing your own prescription. I've had really bad eyesight and wore strong glasses. If people took notice of that fact they rarely showed it. I wore thick glasses before there was the thin option. I hated wearing them and was selfconsious. I did get some comments about them and my eyesight but not very often. I did get contact lenses which I've mostly worn for many years.

The reality is that many people wear glasses and that some people wear strong glasses. As most people are concerned about their own problems it's really no big deal if they see others wearing strong glasses. I doubt that if you wore -4 or -6.50 that people would take special notice. So why go through all the effort? You are best off wearing the prescription you need.

gwgs 18 Feb 2017, 03:44

You could also try Firmoo- they do regular 1.5 index lenses which are the thickest option available to you, I don't know how they compare on price though but they often have offers available especially for new customers

Soundmanpt 14 Feb 2017, 11:11


Okay now that you have made it clear what your wanting for glasses that is a big help. So if you want the cheapest and thickest lenses possible I think you want Zenni. You will find a good number of glasses for $6.95 and that is including prescription lenses. It will ask you "Prescription type" and where it says "Select" you will be given a choice of single vision, bifocal, progressive, non-prescription, and frame only. Of course you want to click on "Single Vision" Then if you want -4.00 glasses you simply click on the -4.00 in the SPH column for both eyes and the next step it will show you various lens options. The first being 1.50 which they call a standard single vision lens and is no additional charge. Then you see a 1.57 lens which they call mid index single vision and it si also no additional charge and then there are other lenses as well. Zenni is suggesting for best looks and thing lenses that you get the 1.61 high index lens which is an additional charge. But you don't have to got that and you simply click on the first option of 1.50 and that should be a rather thick lens. The reason they offer both a 1.50 and 1.57 lens is because for someone getting glasses with just a a -.50 prescription a rimless frame would be extremely thin if they only offered the 1.57 lens. So I don't think you are going to find any glasses cheaper than $6.95 and shipping is only $5.00. So that adds up to $12.00.

But once again I am reminding you that to do this right and so you're happy once you get your glasses and contacts you really do need to get your exact current prescription. I'm sure Cactus Jack will agree with me and he will also tell you that you need to get a fitting done for contacts. By the way it has gotten much more difficult buying contacts anymore without a real prescription. Have you done any research on getting the contacts you're going to need?

Cactus Jack 14 Feb 2017, 10:27


Check out Optical4less. I don't know their current policy, but they used to have a special makings department. They would make glasses of any reasonable thickness with almost any prescription. They are not cheap, but their quality is excellent.

Also, check out what Zenni will do. They may suggest a thinner lens, but you may be able to select a lower index lens material.


Diana 14 Feb 2017, 10:04

I want the thickest, cheapest glasses possible. Preferably without losing my natural vision.

I was planning on purchasing a -6.75 prescription from Swift Eyewear but they forced me to pay for thin lenses. I don't want to do that. That's why I decided to get the -4s with a 1.49 index lens. I was hoping that they'd still be very thick because I want to look like I'm wearing cokebottles.

gwgs 14 Feb 2017, 02:20

Amy, -4 won't be anywhere near coke bottle status, but an easy way / general rule I've found is that for ever dioptre, i.e. every -1, the lenses will be about 1mm thick. The bigger the frame the thicker the lenses at the outside edge, but generally you won't be looking at anymore than a maximum I would've thought of about 3mm thick at the edge.

The following website is a good way of working out how thick lenses will be, but it can vary slightly. As you will see, you will need to know the measurements of the frame to work this out and your pupillary distance which if you don't have it / haven't had it measured is on average between 60 and 62mm.

Hope this helps.

Soundmanpt 13 Feb 2017, 15:28


What exactly are you wanting to wear stronger glasses for? My first thought was that you just want your glasses to look more necessary than they are. So if anything you would be happier if your lenses did look thick and strong. But you actually would be happier to wear even stronger glasses as long as the lenses aren't too thick. And you don't seem to want to cause your own natural eyesight to get any worse but want people to think your eyesight is poor.

Where are you planning on getting your glasses from and what style of glasses do you plan on getting? Many in here use Zenni ( for their glasses to induce myopia with or for doing GOC. They do offer two lens thicknesses at no additional cost 1.50 and 1.57 the 1.57 is a slightly thinner lens which is what you're asking about. They do offer several options for hi index lenses as well they are 1.61 for an additional $19.00 and a 1.67 which is a $34.00 option.

So how did you come up with your SPH equivalent being -2.50? It almost sounds like you did some type of on line vision test? So if that is accurate then the contacts would be +1.50. That isn't all that much more to get to -4.00. Have you given any thought to just buying -4.00 glasses or even maybe -3.50 glasses and wearing them without the contacts? Your eyes should be able to tolerate wearing -3.50 glasses pretty well

Diana 13 Feb 2017, 14:22

Found out that my spherical equivalent is actually -2.50

Wanted to go higher than -4.00 but don't want to have to pay for the thin lenses. They don't give you the option of buying higher prescriptions in CR39. Would -4 in CR39 be cokebottles?

Soundmanpt 12 Feb 2017, 11:28


In order to provide you with an accurate answer for the contact lens power that you would need to go along with -4.00 glasses you really need to be exact with what your current glasses are. Based on your glasses being between -1.75 and -2.25 it could be any of these.

If your glasses are -1.75 then you would need +2.25 contacts

if your glasses are -2.00 then you would need +2.00 contacts

if your glasses are -2.25 then you would need +1.75 contacts

Now if you decide to guess that your glasses are -1.75 and order +2.25 contacts and your glasses are actually -2.25 then your eyes are going to be over corrected wearing the -4.00 glasses. Not the worst thing that could happen because your eyes would probably adjust okay to wearing the stronger over all prescription. But it could be a bigger problem for you if your glasses are -2.25 and you order the +1.75 contacts and then find out that your glasses are only -1.75. Now wearing your -4.00 glasses your eyes would be under corrected and that would mean that your distance vision would be somewhat blurry and you probably couldn't wear your -4.00 glasses for driving. So I really recommend that you first find out what prescription you're currently wearing before buying anything. If you have had your eyes checked in the past 12 months or so then if you go back to where you either had your eyes examined or where you got your current glasses from they will gladly provie you with a copy of your prescription. If it has been much longer since you had your eyes examined then you probably need to get your eyes examined anyway because it's possible your eyes have changed a bit since your last exam. Its even possible that you might have a small astigmatism and don't know it. All this information will make it very easy to then suggest what you need for contacts so you can wear -4.00 glasses in comfort and be able to see perfectly as well. I have feeling since your not trying to go to extremes you are only wanting your glasses to look more necessary and plan on wearing them quite often once you get the right combination of glasses and contacts.

Diana 12 Feb 2017, 10:40

Current prescription: between -1.75 and -2.25

Want to wear: -4.00

What contacts should I get?

nuts 06 Feb 2017, 21:05

hi there. I'm getting some plus contacts in the power of -8 and -25 online. They require a prescription to be sent over by email. How do I fake a convincing prescription with no cylinder? Can someone help?

Ps... I'm a seasoned GOC user. Have done with contacts of -5 up to -22 so do not worry about my experience with GOC. It's just that so far I managed to get contacts without a need for prescription.

Soundmanpt 03 Feb 2017, 14:50

Cactus Jack

Once again I stand corrected. I now see that he was also planning on having the cylinder put into her glasses and not her contacts. As always i am blaming it on old age.

Cactus Jack 03 Feb 2017, 09:50


Absolutely! Good point. Til was asking about GOC with +5.00 contacts and the proposed GOC glasses had the Cylinder and Axis part of the prescription in them.

If you are going to do GOC there is no point in messing with Toric contacts.


Soundmanpt 03 Feb 2017, 09:38

Cactus Jack

Shouldn't she get her cylinder put into her glasses rather than deal with the more expensive and less comfortable toric lenses? I also agree with both of you that at least for her first attempt at GOC going with -3.00 glasses would not only look very nice for her glasses but probably easier for her to adjust to for frequent wearing. I assume she is considering making these her everyday glasses?

Cactus Jack 03 Feb 2017, 07:55


That sounds about right for GOC contacts and -3 glasses. If the glasses are less than - 4 to - 4.5, they will have almost no Vertex Distance effects. You can just algebraically add the GOC CL prescription to their GOC glasses prescription. Just remember that corrective lens prescriptions are the reverse of the actual refractive error.

The nice thing about a good GOC combo is that little or no accommodative effort is needed, If she goes for a GOC combo with glasses above -4.50 in Sphere, you will need to consider VD effects of the glasses. Just remember that VD INCREASES the effective power of MINUS glasses at the Cornea so you need LESS power in the contacts and DECREASES at the effective power of PLUS glasses at the Cornea so you need MORE power in the contacts.

Sounds confusing? Yes it is, and that is why those of us who understand it make the BIG MONEY and/or get nice Birthday presents. Enjoy!

Toric contacts are notoriously hard to get right so they don't rotate on the Cornea and make Astigmatism effects worse than not having any Cylinder correction.


til 03 Feb 2017, 03:08

I had the most exiting been birthday present by my girlfriend this year. She is a hyperope and knows I very much like the look of minus lenses so she is gonna go for GOC now:)

She has a glasses prescription a little less than a year old

L +1,50 -0,5 148

R +2,00 -1,0 54

She is currently getting fitted for contacts (takes quite a few appointments for a hyperope who only occasionally wears glasses and refuses dilation). It looks like her contacts prescription is gonna be

L +2,0 -0,75 150

R +2,75 -1,25 60

The sphere may go up by another 0,25. She's getting fitted for toric lenses as she obviously couldn't tell her ecp of GOC.

She wants to go for different glasses prescriptions for different occasions, not too high as friends and coworkers would notice. Let's say -3, -4.5 and -6 range.

Am I right aiming for (-3 range):


+5,00 both eyes


L -3,25 -0,75 150

R -2,50 -1,25 60

She is 28, and can easyly accommodate 3 diopters. She already has a variety of low to moderate minus glasses based on her old astigmatism values.

Happy to hear your thoughts.

GregV 02 Feb 2017, 20:43


I recently got a prescription for glasses

OD -0.25 -0.50x005 and os -0.25. Do you think id be able to get contacts with this, or would i need to make up a story and what could i say?

Cactus Jack 30 Jan 2017, 12:03


I suggest getting some +12.00 Contact Lenses. With them, your uncorrected Sphere "eye power" at your Corneas would be:

OD Right Eye +8.75

OS Left Eye +8.25

Assuming a Vertex Distance of 12 mm, your calculated glasses prescription would be:

OD Right Eye -10.00, -0.25 x 30 Add +1.25

OS Left Eye -9.25, -0.25 x 30 Add +1.25

Please remember that there is no guarantee of accuracy. You might want to consider ordering some very low cost, single vision glasses, from an online retailer such as Zenni, with NO options, If your distance vision with this combo is satisfactory, then order some bifocals or progressives with the frames and options you desire. It may be necessary to adjust the Sphere prescription in each eye slightly (+/- 0.25), but you may get lucky.


 30 Jan 2017, 10:43

I've recently ordered 4 pairs of glasses, in 2 separate orders.

Had no issues with shipping and customs, there was even a customs check registered on the tracking.

sparky 30 Jan 2017, 07:30

hi guys i need some advice again.i posted last on 31 october glasses prescription has increased again.left eye +3.75 -0.25/30 right eye +3.25 -0.25/30 add 1.25.could you advise me what strength contacts and glasses i should order for goc .i would like the glasses to be in the minus 8 to 10 range .thanks in advance

squint lover 25 Jan 2017, 13:26

Crystal Veil,

I think we should be safe for now in Europe. I am currently wearing my new -19.50 D combination which I just picked up two days ago. If anything I was having the impression that it took less time for the Zenni glasses to arrive than last time I ordered from them.


30calcat 20 Jan 2017, 12:04

30calcat 20 Jan 2017, 12:03

Shuron still makes the same old frames in the USA which is great for those of us who like vintage frames:

lentifan 19 Jan 2017, 17:29

Crystal Veil

I think it depends whether this new approach is EU-wide or just UK customs. My guess (I do not know) would be that it is just UK customs acting alone. It would be typical of our current awful government which claims to govern 'for the many, not the few' to do just the opposite and protect the interests of big business.

If it was a new EU-wide policy might we not have heard about it?

Anyway, I hope you don't have problem with your delivery and look forward to seeing the results of your next shoot in due course.

Crystal Veil 19 Jan 2017, 12:21


this is alarming news indeed. It makes me wonder if my latest order from Zenni (Jan. 11th) will arrive in time for the purpose I had in mind. They always send a message within a couple of days that the glasses are ready and sent on the post. So far, no such message. I live in the Netherlands and perhaps they start to apply the same policy on my country as well. It would be a blow to my photography project if the supply would come to a halt.

Soundmanpt 19 Jan 2017, 11:34


Wow! That's interesting to say the least. If there doing that in the UK I fear the same thing may soon stat happening here in the US. You no doubt have heard Mr. Trump saying he plans on taxing things such as cars coming in from Japan. I never considered that he may also go after all the on line sites as well for buying glasses. But one thing might stop him. There really isn't any frame companies based in the US. I know for a fact that nearly every frame is now being made is Japan anyway. Only a very few come in from Italy. Luxottica I believe is based in Austria and they own and supply Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, J.C. Penny Optical, Sears Optical, Target Optical and even Sunglass hut with all their frames and even own many of the designer companies such as Ray-Ban and Oakley. So it would seem they couldn't very well charge a tax on sites like "eyebuydirect" or "Zenni" because of this. That leads me to question if therre are any frame companies based in the UK? If there isn't it would seem they are wrong in trying to charge a tariv or tax on the cheaper on line sites for the reason I stated. In other in fairness if the frames glasses and frames being sold in the high end stores are coming in from other places how are they being allowed into the UK? They have no right to protect the high price shops unless the frames and glasses are being COMPLETELY made in the UK.

gwgs 19 Jan 2017, 02:25

This should probably go in the Glasses for Auction or Sale thread, but I thought it was as equally, if not more relevant here.

Yesterday I went to great lengths to go and collect my first order from Firmoo from a couriers depot. I'd ordered a pair of -15's in a fairly big frame (52mm) that I had been told would be produced with myodisc lenses - just what I wanted.

I was out when the courier tried to deliver and when I contacted them, they wanted a further delivery fee for attempting redelivery so I agreed to meet them at their depot instead and it was well worth it as it was a tiny little out of the way office that they had and were subcontracted by a firm that deals with the majority of Zenni and Firmoo orders coming into the UK. Their depot/office was just moments away from Heathrow airport.

When I got into their office, he asked me for id and said he had to take copies of this as customs was clamping down on international orders like these as they had realised how much money the UK industry, and customs were losing in people ordering glasses from the Far East! I said I was amazed at this, and he said, "just look over there", under a desk to his right were probably 3ft high by 2ft wide of packages all of a similar size and shape to mine! He said, "I'm presuming they're all glasses, similar to what you've got...but they're the lucky ones.". I asked why and he said "today Customs have stopped every single plane (cargo planes I presume) coming in from Hong Kong, China, Singapore, everything from the Far East they've offloaded all the cargo from the plane and confiscated it as they're sick and tired of people paying 10 for something that would be 120 on the high street, or not paying tax/duty upon it coming into the country."

He continued. "They've been doing the same with custom made suits, every single one they find that's coming into the country on these cargo consignments, they're slashing the arms off the suits and repackaging them and releasing them onto their recipient, as they're only meant to be samples but people are saving so much from buying them online. I can see the same thing happening with these glasses."

I was astonished that Customs would be interested in this, but he said they've got their fingers into every little thing and don't miss a trick. Watch this space?!

NJ 12 Jan 2017, 09:32

gwgs, I don't think most people notice thick glasses unless it is apparent that the person really has trouble seeing. A high myope with only a refractive error can actually function perfectly well, so probably to most people they don't seem impaired. High hyperopes struggle a lot more for the same absolute prescription strength, mostly due to the lack of peripheral vision, and I think it is evident. Although no one makes comments, I do notice that cashiers often take special care to place the change in my hands in ways that they don't when I'm not wearing my thick glasses. It's by no means all the time, but several times a week.

gwgs 12 Jan 2017, 07:55

Interesting observations NJ, I have tended to wear mine is what people would refer to as "working class" areas, so not at all wealthy, but nevertheless, no comments.

As you say, I think the fact that myodiscs are SO rare that people may perceive them to be a disability, and not related to high myopia, and this maybe why they haven't been stares, glances or conversation makers / breakers as people are lot more aware now than they used to be of being politically correct and don't want to step over the line.

NJ 11 Jan 2017, 13:53

I'll make one other observation about people who notice and make comments about thick glasses. It's inversely proportional to economic status. When I wear my thick glasses in poor neighborhoods, I hear lots of comments, in wealthy neighborhoods, not so much. Not sure why this is true, but I've noticed it for as long as I've worn thick glasses.

NJ 11 Jan 2017, 13:33

@gwgs, I started doing GOG in college back in the early 80's and I have made a number of observations on how much others notice, or at least make it obvious they notice, thick glasses. For calibration purposes, I'll say that most of my GOC work was with high plus, +15 to +20, but I've done even higher on both the plus and minus sides on occasion.

My first observation is that the older I get, the less people seem to notice the glasses. When I was young I constantly heard comments and saw people staring at them. When I moved to a new town for grad school and did GOC as often as not, essentially adopting the identity of an extreme hyperope, there was a fellow grad student, but different department, who constantly made comments on the size of my eyes, how I had to look through them in a certain way to see anything, how I used the bifocal part, etc. She never ceased to find them humorous. Too bad I didn't really find her that attractive, despite her low minus glasses.

On the other side of the spectrum, there used to be a cheap chain optical store in the area. I walked in there one day wearing +20D lenses and asked for new glasses. The sales lady showed me a number of pairs, from which I chose my favorite. When she was starting to write up the order she saw my script and told me they didn't make plus glasses higher than +8. Despite being a professional, she didn't even notice how strong my glasses were.

As glasses have become more common and people more sensitive to those with disabilities, I think it's just far less common for people to take any obvious notice of thick glasses. I still occasionally get asked about my glasses, but usually by people I've known for a while. I can't remember the last time a stranger made a comment or even gave me an unusual look or stare.

gwgs 09 Jan 2017, 03:09

I haven't posted on here for a while as I'm more of a reader of this section now in picking up tips but having GOC'd quite seriously now for several months I thought I'd post my weekends experience here;

I GOC'd with my selection of myodiscs (I have 6 pairs, but perdominantly wore 3 different pairs over the weekend) for pretty much the entire weekend, I was left feeling disappointed by the weaker glasses (if you can call them that, as in everyday life, an optician would call you partially sighted if you needed them!!) after I watched some football on Sunday afternoon with a friend, I obviously didn't GOC with him around, but after he had gone, I decided to pay some attention to -9.75 / -10 glasses I have in my collection and what I found interesting was when I was cooking, I couldn't make out the small print / cooking instructions on the packaging whilst wearing them and had to resort to having a pair of bifocals in this prescription handy in order to read, yet I didn't have any trouble with close up work wearing the myodiscs, two of which are -20.5, and -21.5. Whether this was reading the newspaper, browsing various things on my phone, reading the tv guide and descriptions of programmes etc, my vision was remarkably crystal clear!

I decided to be brave and wore the -21.5 myodiscs out for my first extended time ever - I've worn them out for a walk up and down the road late at night, but never during daytime for shopping etc so left home bright and early.

I drove to a shopping centre a little distance away and put in my contacts in the carpark and then did my supermarket / household shopping, taking a break in the shop's cafe for some late breakfast but was amazed at the lack of looks and response! Before when I've worn the -10's and -13.75's I've had a few glances that you can guess are people checking out the unusually strong lenses, but with these -21.5 myodiscs I didn't get a single look. I took a couple of selfies - which I never normally do - and to my surprise I looked remarkably good in them and they blended in very well with my outfit.

When it came to time to pay, I deliberately picked a checkout where there was a female clerk wearing glasses. There was only one of these, despite there being a number of tills so I had to wait.

She was Afro Carribean, probably 40-45 years old, her glasses were very weak, but I was hoping as a fellow glasses wearer they might be some intrigue and provoke a little conversation.

In the queue I thought this had worked as she looked over in my direction several times whilst scanning through the other customers items.

When it got to my turn she smiled at me and asked how I was doing, I greeted her in a friendly manner also and asked how her days was going. She seemed for a moment to be like a rabbit in headlights when I made direct eye contact with her, this probably lasted for about 4-5 seconds, and I'm guessing it was her not knowing what to think or my glasses and maybe it was me reading what I wanted into it, but I think she probably wanted to comment on or ask about my glasses, but didn't have the courage to do so. Sensing this, I responded by saying I liked her choice of eyewear - truth is, they couldn't have been more bland! black hexi frames with a couple of + dioptres, hardly setting the world alight.

Anyhow, despite me trying to make conversation with her, she seemed in her own world and I paid and that was that. I continued to wear these frames for the majority of the day whilst visiting a couple of other shops, being confronted by a couple of direct marketing girls on the street who I engaged in conversation with and then went back to the carpark, and went home (taking the contacts out). I wore these

It certainly made me think that I will be GOC'ing with the myodiscs more often than not now!

David 04 Dec 2016, 05:29

Chino, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Care when giving out the clinic details which you hope to use in the future. It is a rare find to have a doctor willing to do such surgery, guard their name carefully.

well happy 03 Dec 2016, 06:39

Good luck Chino, you have succeeded with the most difficult part, finding a willing surgeon.

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