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Glasses Over Contacts (GOC)

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NNVisitor 15 Jun 2017, 15:49


Wear your correct prescription and if anyone should ask saying you had vision correction surgery should end their inquiry. If they ask more questions such as whom the doctor was or was it PRK or Lasik just say you really don't wish to discuss it. You are entitled to your privacy.

sparta 15 Jun 2017, 13:24

Yes I know it is because I approach the age of presbyopia unfortunately.

I could not keep the same mount, I do not have 2 models almost identical.

I know the phenomenon of pseudo-myopia but, I see myself unevenly explaining at one stroke so much difference of correction.

When changing from -7 to -2 even with the same mount it will be seeing the correction difference.

I thought of one thing I could say is that I was operated on my myopia, but as this one was very strong and the cornea was fine, I still have a myopia of -2? This is probably the best solution for me? What do you think ?

I already know zenni optical ..

Cactus Jack 15 Jun 2017, 07:48


Presbyopia is creeping up on you.

If you keep the same or very similar frames, few people will notice the gradual decrease in your prescription.

Many people have a combination of Axial or True Myopia, which is considered permanent AND Pseudo or False Myopia, which is considered temporary. Pseudo Myopia is the same exact phenomenon as Latent Hyperopia. They involve the Ciliary Muscles and the Crystalline Lenses. They can change over time and often decrease as a person gets older.

You crated some Pseudo Myopia by overcorrecting and you may have created a bit of Axial Myopia, but you won't know how much until you Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses fully relax. It could take months or years.

If not already, I suggest you get acquainted with Zenni Optical or other online retailer.


sparta 14 Jun 2017, 23:06

I've always liked to wear stronger glasses than I really need.

From my 24 years I started to wear -8 diopters, my real prescription was then about -2.00.

However today I have more and more difficulty to bear the strong over-correction so that I had to get off my glasses at -7.00. (I am 39 years old).

I have had a pair of glasses at my sight which is -2.00 (-1.00 to 88 °) and -2.75 (-1.00 to 90 °), I would like to wear this true correction and no longer wear my -7.00.

But the problem is the entourage, the friends, the co-workers ...

How to explain that my myopia could have improved, we all know that it is impossible? And the difference of corrective glasses is too blatant, it will be seen that there is something not normal.

It's good to want to wear strong glasses but when you want to go back it's more complicated.

sparta 14 Jun 2017, 23:06

I've always liked to wear stronger glasses than I really need.

From my 24 years I started to wear -8 diopters, my real prescription was then about -2.00.

However today I have more and more difficulty to bear the strong over-correction so that I had to get off my glasses at -7.00. (I am 39 years old).

I have had a pair of glasses at my sight which is -2.00 (-1.00 to 88 °) and -2.75 (-1.00 to 90 °), I would like to wear this true correction and no longer wear my -7.00.

But the problem is the entourage, the friends, the co-workers ...

How to explain that my myopia could have improved, we all know that it is impossible? And the difference of corrective glasses is too blatant, it will be seen that there is something not normal.

It's good to want to wear strong glasses but when you want to go back it's more complicated.

specs4ever 05 Jun 2017, 17:01

What part of no cylinder required either in contact lenses or glasses did you not understand Tyrion? If your eyes do not require cylinder you do not need it. And of course with no cylinder there is no axis required either.

The glasses would be -20.00 for the sphere in both eyes and the cylinder and the axis would be left blank.

The contact lenses would be +16.00 for the sphere and there is no cylinder or axis. You should have your eyes checked by a doctor to see if you can get a pair of contact lenses with no prescription in them - with the excuse that you want to change your eye color or something like that. Contact lenses come in a base curve(BC) and a diameter (DIA) and should be measured by an eye care professional to make sure you do not damage your eyes by wearing contact lenses that do not fit properly

Tyrion Lannister 05 Jun 2017, 10:12

@NJ, @Specs4ever

Thanks for reply.

I am 25 in age.

So you are suggesting to go with -20 with +16 lens with no cyl value on glasses?

Can u exactly write down the prescription with sphere, cyl, axis please

NJ 05 Jun 2017, 09:41

Tyrion, CJ is right about the cyl. Just forget the astigmatism part. It will be very hard to get good vision with that combo.

And S4E is right, just go for it. The first few hours will be difficult, but you'll be surprised how quickly your visual cortex compensates and adjusts for the different visual experience. It's a whole lot cheaper than working your way up in power, and it isn't that hard. Just don't plan to drive right away ;-)

specs4ever 05 Jun 2017, 08:49

Tyrion, if you have no need for glasses, and you wish to wear -20D glasses you will need +16.00D contacts to enable you to wear them. There is a bit of flexibility here. If you are under 35 I suspect that you could get away with +15.00D contacts. But if you are an old guy like me, the ability to focus is lost and you have to be more precise. The tables call for +16D at a vertex distance of 12.5mm. If you wear your glasses closer then you need more plus power. If you wear your glasses further away then you need less plus - for example the table calls for +15.75D at 13.5mm. But the higher power contacts generally only come in 0.50D steps.

When you get your combination and put the contacts in for the first time the feeling will blow your mind. It will be a little like being seasick and you will probably get a bit disoriented and dizzy. However the more you wear the combination the easier it becomes and after a few days of doing this you will put the contacts in and the glasses on and you will feel just like normal. Even the minimization will become normal.

I probably would suggest starting off with a lower prescription, but the experimentation is expensive. This will work, and you will adapt to it after a few trips(and it really does seem like a bit of a trip). Good luck.

Tyrion Lannister 05 Jun 2017, 05:16



But i want to do this badly.

I found that -20 also available in zenni.

I beg you, kindly give me an exact combo, with full prescription of glasses and plus contacts... But -20 should be the myopia value. Cyl and axis, and plus contacts prescription, please suggest


റ്റീരിയോൺ ലന്സിസ്റ്റർ

 05 Jun 2017, 01:51



But i want to do this badly.

I found that -20 also available in zenni.

I beg you, kindly give me an exact combo, with full prescription of glasses and plus contacts... But -20 should be the myopia value. Cyl and axis, and plus contacts prescription, please suggest


റ്റീരിയോൺ ലന്സിസ്റ്റർ

Cactus Jack 04 Jun 2017, 18:26


Yes, but I strongly suggest that you should NOT start GOC at that level, particularly if you do not presently require vision correction. High prescription GOC, requires sophisticated calculations and even then it is NOT an exact science.

When you get glasses with a prescription above about +/- 5 you have to adjust contact lens powers for Vertex Distance effects.

For example, a plus contact lens for work with -18 glasses WOULD NOT be +18. You are welcome to order some -18 glasses and some +18 contacts, but your vision with the combo would be worse than trying on a pair of +3.50 Over the Counter +3.50 reading glasses.

How about letting us teach you how to do this right.


TyrionLannister 04 Jun 2017, 14:09

@Cactus Jack

Thanks for reply.

If i change the cylindrical value, i mean if i buy new glasses with same minus power and reduced cylindrical power and axis, will i be able to purchase plus lenses which gives almost good vision?

can you suggest a good prescription combo with -18 ?

Cactus Jack 04 Jun 2017, 11:16


The first sentence in the second paragraph of my previous post should read:

It is theoretically possible, but practically impossible to get or fit a contact lens that would compensate for glasses with that prescription of Sphere -18.00, Cylinder -4.50 x Axis 100 and give you functional vision.


Cactus Jack 04 Jun 2017, 01:24


Bad move for GOC.

It is theoretically, but practically impossible to get or fit a contact lens that would compensate for glasses with that prescription and give you functional vision. The problem is the Cylinder and Axis correction in the glasses. It would require custom made Toric Contact lenses which are expensive and typically hard to fit. A spherical lens is shaped like a section from the side of a glass ball. A cylinder lens is shaped like a section from the side of a glass rod. The axis is the angular direction of the long axis of that section. Cylinder and axis ALWAYS go together. The angular direction of the axis is specified by tradition. 0 degrees is horizontal. 90 degrees is vertical. Looking at the patient, the numbers increase in a counter clockwise direction from 0 to 179 or 1 to 180. 0 and 180 are the same horizontal axis. Numbers above 180 are never used.

You have a bit to learn about how vision and optics work. Vision actually occurs in the brain, your eyes are merely biological cameras. If you have never required vision correction, suddenly going from no correction to a very high prescription is extremely difficult, but it can be done. People with natural high myopia did not get that way suddenly. It typically required years starting in childhood and ultimately getting to -18 or more in their late teens or early 20s at a rate of about 1.00 diopters per year.

Poorly executed GOC can be uncomfortable and expensive. Well planned and executed GOC can be very pleasurable and while not cheap, not unbelievably expensive either.

If you are serious about wanting to do GOC, we will be happy to help you do it the right way, but you have to follow the procedures exactly.

If you are still interested, I need some preliminary information:

1. Your Age?

2. Where do you live? (country)

3. Your occupation?

4. Have you ever had an eye exam?

5. If so, what was your approximate prescription?


TyrionLannister 03 Jun 2017, 00:35


I bought a glasses of following prescription

OD -18.00 -4.50 100

Can somebody please guide me, what should be the plus contact lens prescription i should buy to do this.

I have no actual glasses

 02 Jun 2017, 15:36

i have a doubt.

if i go to an optical shop, and act like i cant read the lines, will they be able to find?

Cactus Jack 01 Jun 2017, 11:54

Oops, the last post was from me.


 01 Jun 2017, 11:04


You might find using +5.50 contacts or increasing the glass prescription by -0.25 will provide crisper vision. That will be a slight over correction, but at your age, you should be able to easily compensate.


Miku 01 Jun 2017, 10:27

Cactus Jack,

My apologies. I have rushed into messaging without giving enough details. I have -0.25 cylinder in each eye, which I will keep unmodified in the glasses. And I am in my mid-twenties and do not actually rely on my eyesight correction, yet.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Cactus Jack 01 Jun 2017, 09:56


With +5.75 contacts, I suggest ordering low cost glasses with the following prescription to see if you like them:

OD -4.50

OS -4.00

You have not mentioned your age or if the:

OD +1.50

OS +1.75

is your COMPLETE prescription.

Both can affect my suggestions. Also remember that GOC is a very inexact science.


Miku 01 Jun 2017, 07:25

Cactus Jack,

That is great advice, thank you! And no, I haven't purchased the glasses yet. I am also inclined to take your suggestion and wear the same strength in each contact lens. So if I were to only order +5.75 contacts, what would the RX of the glasses need to be?

Thank you!

Cactus Jack 31 May 2017, 14:11


I am assuming that you have no or very little Astigmatism and that you have some Accommodation available to compensate for a slight bit of extra MINUS. Also, I am assuming that the GOC glasses already exist and that they have little or no Cylinder correction.

The -4.50 in the glasses has the Vertex Distance (VD) effect of -4.25 at the cornea. The -3.75 in the glasses has the VD effect of -3.58 or approximately -3.50 at the cornea.

GOC contacts to consider for the glasses you specified:

OD +1.50 +4.25 = +5.75

OS +1.75 +3.50 = +5.25

I typically suggest using the same power contacts in each eye and adjusting the glasses prescription accordingly as being a lower cost and low hassle solution because you don't have to remember which eye get which power contact.

If you have plenty of accommodation, you might decrease the power of the contacts by +0.25 each. The important thing is to not have too much PLUS in the contacts because that causes the effect of being slightly Myopic and you cannot compensate for that.


Miku 31 May 2017, 09:36

Cactus Jack,

I am sorry to bother you. I am planning to wear glasses over contacts with a stronger RX than I have done in the past. Would you be able to help me with the calculations, especially given the Vertex Distance variation?

My current glasses RX is OD: +1.50 and OS: +1.75. I want to wear OD: -4.50 and OS: -3.75. In the past I have worn GOC with -1.25 and I adjusted easily to it.


JC 10 May 2017, 08:26


Thank you for the suggestion regarding motion sickness medication. I'll keep that in mind if I decide to go stronger. Unfortunately I had to work later that day. My job is very safety sensitive and taking anything which might have a sedating effect is not allowed.

I was walking around an unfamiliar city with the +5 combination and decided to take the glasses off and keep them in my shirt pocket for a "bare eyed" experience (not really bare eyed as I was wearing strong minus contacts). After about a mile and half of walking I reached in my pocket and found they were gone. I retraced my steps twice looking for them to no avail, so unfortunately they are a write off. They were about $15 total on Zenni so no big financial loss but I would have liked to use them for more then 2 days. Later I thought of another advantage farsighted people have over nearsighted... OTC readers for emergency use. I got a pair of +3.25 for $1.50. My vision is perfectly comfortable with them, at least for the short time I have been using them.

Cactus Jack 09 May 2017, 08:42


Sorry to be so slow in responding to your last post. I missed it. If you are still having dry eye problems, I suggest considering a lubricating eye drop that contains Carbxyomethylcellulose sodium 0.5% as an active ingredient. I don't know what is available where you live. The Refresh Plus brand in the US is available in single use containers that are very handy and also small bottles. You may find a "house" brand with similar ingredients at a lower price.


Cactus Jack 09 May 2017, 08:27


Motion Sickness is primarily caused by a difference between the motion you see and the motion you feel. Minus glasses act like Wide Angle lenses and Plus glasses act, like you said, as binoculars. With Minus glasses relative motion is slower and with Plus glasses relative motion is faster. The motion sickness will go away with time as your brain adjusts itself to the difference. Curiously, it is almost like your brain has the ability to "store" several different vision processing programs and "load" the appropriate one for the GOC combination you are wearing.

You might find that Motion Sickness pills help you deal with the nausea symptoms.

Some years ago, I had Medial Rectus Muscle Recession surgery. They moved the attach point back on my eyeballs to try to fix an Esophoria problem. As I woke up from the anesthesia, the nurse reached for a trash can. I asked why. She commented that they tried to have a trash can or other container handy just in case the patient experienced severe nausea after some eye surgeries because of the vision differences. Fortunately, I did not need it.

I wish you well with your GOC experiments. High Plus GOC seems to be worse than High Minus GOC for causing initial nausea. If you go higher, you might consider having some Motion Sickness pills, handy.


JC 09 May 2017, 06:49

My actual prescription is about -4 with insignificant astigmatism in both eyes, and for years I have switched between that and a GOC combo with -9.5 glasses. I decided to do something different and got a combination with +5 glasses to see what the farsighted world is like. When I first wore them my initial impression was wow, everything is so huge. It is easier to make out details both near and far -- far vision is like looking through binoculars and near is like looking through a magnifying glass. The downsides are the field of vision is smaller, and when I move my head objects seems to jump around very quickly. It took maybe an hour for me to adjust to this affect and for it to mostly go away, but even later in the day it still made my stomach a little unsettled. Walking on stairs I have to be careful because the stairs look so big to me I sometimes almost miss them when I put my foot down. When I took the contacts off and put my real glasses on things seemed to be moving around oddly again as I readjusted, but I have worn minus lenses for most of my life so this time the adjustment took a minute at most.

What amazes me is that people outside of our community don't notice me going from -4 to -9 to +5, as long as the frame is the same. For me and for most everyone here this is a glaring difference. My wife knows I switch between -4 and -9 but still can't tell which is which. I didn't tell her about the +5 to see if she sees a difference and so far she hasn't. If she ever does, or more likely when I tell her, she'll shake her head and say "there you go again"

JES 13 Apr 2017, 13:36

Did my first GOC yesterday. I am -3 and wear a -8,5 large aviator frame with 1.59 and +4,5 contacts. Thank you, CactusJack, for calculating that for me.

My vision is perfect when I look through the middle of the lens. I felt very happy being a hi-myope and very attractive in my thick glasses.

Rick 12 Apr 2017, 20:40

Also, I presently do not have contacts/glasses. Sorry for forgetting this part in my previous post.

Rick 12 Apr 2017, 20:39

Cactus Jack,

I'm unsure if anyone else named Rick posted before, but this is my first time. My eye color is blue. I was just looking for basic info that's all. Time is of no factor. Thanks!

Robert 12 Apr 2017, 11:41

Cactus Jack

Finally had an opportunity to try GOC last night. I followed your suggestion and used sterile saline solution, which had a so-so effect. I believe you were right on the money when you said it sounded like my eyes might be on the dry side.

Perhaps I should try some sort of over the counter artificial tears and see how that works. There should be a brand that is user friendly towards extended wear contacts.

Or, do you have a different suggestion?


Cactus Jack 10 Apr 2017, 19:24


One more question. What is your Eye Color?


Cactus Jack 10 Apr 2017, 19:22


It is not hard, but not all ECPs fit color changing contacts. You need to call around. The most important thing is, of course, the power of the lens, followed by the Base Curve and the Diameter. Sometimes people get funny contacts around Halloween, but that is a long time to wait.

I did not look back in the posts to see if you had previously posted. I think you have, but I just can't remember all the details of every member.

The exam for color changing contacts is the same as a regular contact lens exam so you should ask the fees.

Do you presently wear any vision correction?


Rick 10 Apr 2017, 17:43


Just wondering, how simple is it to be fitted for contacts? If I were to schedule an appointment or something to be fitted for contacts that change eye color, is that something typical optometrists accept? My real reasoning behind such an appointment would NOT be for colored contacts, but would the measurements be somewhat the same if I were then to purchase prescription contacts?

Tonylids 10 Apr 2017, 03:55

I've put this on the 'For Sale' page too but, just in case, I've got one unopened box of 6 CooperVision Proclear +11.5 monthly lenses and also 1 further +11.5 and 1 only +12 all in their sealed containers. (BC is 8.6 and diameter is 14.2)

Please email me at if you are interested in buying these as a 'job lot' for £30

rafa 07 Apr 2017, 07:46


It's great that you can GOC for the entire day. That means that you don't have any problems of dryness in your eyes.

I myself have been GOC'ing with a -20 pair of glasses for the past few months, but unfortunately I can only endure the contact lenses for a few hours because of dry eyes. Since the prescription of the lenses is so high (+14), I can only use monthly lenses to GOC with my -20, and they don't have as much water content as the daily disposables. And the dailies can only be made to +8 tops.

What is your actual combo now, and what lenses do you use?

Likelenses 06 Apr 2017, 17:54


Based on what you had posted,I assume that you are presently in -9.00 or -10.00, and more than likely they are flat fronts.

What is your regular prescription?

juliette 06 Apr 2017, 15:25

Its interesting to see more people having a desire for stronger, thicker glasses, & wanting to try GOC. I came across this site by chance in the latter part of last year, & the advice I received has helped me to be able to wear stronger/thicker & more prominent glasses, which was my wish.

It was maybe made a little easier as I had been wearing glasses for many years & was also used to wearing contacts.I took the decision that once I started, there would be no going back, & I would try to work up over a period of time to even stronger lenses. The first few days I felt a bit dizzy adjusting to the minification, but after a few days of full time wear around home, the adaption was ok. Since the end of last year, I have from morning to night worn them full time every day. I pop in the contacts in the morning, & then on with the glasses, & I am ready for the day. I have no problems with the combination, & see perfectly, & have totally adapted to the minification. I will try before summer to move up to -12/-14 which will be the same as my partner.

As I said in my previous post, I feel great in them; & very self assured, & only received positive comments about the new look.

JohnnyB 06 Apr 2017, 10:56

Hello everyone,

I received an email yesterday April 5 2017 that will close May 19 and account info transferred to Walgeeens. I tried ordering contacts from them a few yrs ago without luck.

It mentions that the change also affects, and

Werner 05 Apr 2017, 22:47

Cactus Jack, thanks for the Info.

I will try the +9,5 contact Lens and See what will happen.

Yes i had some experience with contacts. I sometime wear a dayly contact lens for sports.



Cactus Jack 05 Apr 2017, 14:52


Ideally, you should order GOC glasses with the EXACT Cylinder and Axis as your regular prescription. Fortunately, your actual Cylinder is not very high. However, if the -20.00 glasses have ANY Cylinder that DOES NOT exactly match your actual needs, it will reduce your Visual Acuity.

The +9.50 may not be the exact power you need for the -20.00 glasses, but you can adjust the effective power of the glasses by moving them a mm closer or further from your eyes.

It is probably worth a try.

Do you have experience wearing Contact Lenses?


christopher 05 Apr 2017, 14:38

Cactus Jack - thanks for the info. Is it possible to build up enough pseudo myopia to fail an eye test. Would wearing my current GOC combination in which you say I'm over corrected help?

Werner 05 Apr 2017, 13:24

Hi GOCer,

yes-i've a powered lens on the left side. It's about -3,75. i changed only the right Glass in the last 3 years when it wenn from -3,75 to -6,0

GOCer 05 Apr 2017, 13:14

Werner, out of curiosity, in your glasses, do you get a powered lens fitted on your left eye so the two lenses look balanced?

Back to the GOC topic, your situation actually makes GOC easier, because I find one of the challenges in adjusting to large changes in glasses power is the convergence adjustment of images between the two images from the eyes,

Werner 05 Apr 2017, 12:35

Hi C.

thanks for your quick and long answer.

My actuell prescription is -6,0 Sphäre -0,5 cylinder and 161 axle on my right eye. My left eye is unfortunately unable to see because of a macula defect.

The glasses i bought i only know that the have -20 Dioptrien in both lenses. I'm 46 years old. I don't know the VD and i can' measure it buti think 12 or 13 mm is right.

I tested the -20 glasses at's really exciting :-)

Should i try the +9,5 contacts?



Cactus Jack 05 Apr 2017, 08:21


Going from -6.00 to -20.00 is probably too much for you to tolerate very well. Vision occurs in the brain. Your eyes are merely biological cameras. People who are naturally very Myopic and need -20 glasses had that happen gradually. We typically suggest GOC increases of about -4.00 diopters maximum. We also suggest that you DO NOT buy high minus glasses online with a prescription much different than yours and then try to find some contacts that make them work. If you need Astigmatism correction that is different from what it in the glasses, it MAY NOT be possible to find Contact Lenses to make the glasses wearable and still function.

However, I suspect you are determined to try the -20 glasses. I need your actual complete prescription for your glasses and the complete prescription in the -20 glasses to even begin the calculations or determine if they are even possible to wear comfortably. I also need your age. That will tell me how much your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses might be able to compensate for any inaccuracies.

Here are the basics to give you an idea of what is involved.

Vertex Distance (VD) (the distance from the front surface of your Cornea to the back surface of the glasses) is important with your -6.00 glasses and extremely important with -20.00 glasses because it is necessary to calculate the effective power of both glasses at the Cornea. Actual VD is extremely hard to measure accurately. It is typically 10 to 13 mm. I use 12mm in my calculations. The VD problem is that the effects are the Square (^2) of the Glasses Prescription. With -6.00 glasses the VD effects are 0.036 diopters per mm. That is why the perfect Contact Lens prescription would be about 0.43 diopters less than your glasses prescription. The perfect Contact Lens prescription for a person with 0.00 refractive error and -20 glasses would be about +15.00. VD effects with -20 glasses are 0.40 diopters per mm. Because you need -6 glasses, GOC Contact Lenses for -20 glasses would be considerably different. A rough calculation indicates about +9.50 with a VD of 12 mm.

Please understand that even with the most accurate information, GOC is a very inexact "art". The very best way to to High Prescription GOC is with the cooperation of a friendly Eye Care Professional. With a refraction done with the Contact Lenses in place. Even with that, the effective power of -20 glasses will vary by 0.40 diopters per mm of vertex distance.

You may be in for a very big surprise at the distortion in -20 glasses and the effects of the small image size on your Retinas. Be VERY careful going down stairs or crossing curbs (cerbs?) you may not see them and may fall.


Cactus Jack 05 Apr 2017, 07:45


Yes. There are two kinds of Myopia that have the same effect. Both can exist at the same time because they have two different causes. If both are present, their effects are additive.

Axial or True Myopia is caused by a mismatch between the total PLUS power of your eye's lens system (somewhere around +59 diopters) and the length of your eyeball, specifically, the distance from your Crystalline Lens to your Retina (typically around 17 mm). Unfortunately, at 28 it is very unlikely that your eyeballs can grow any more than they already have. Your genes probably won't let that happen or if it does happen, it won't be very much (there are very rare exceptions).

Axial Myopia is considered "permanent" because once your eyeballs have grown to a certain size, like most body structures, they will not shrink.

The other type of Myopia is called Pseudo or False Myopia. It is caused by your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses having trouble fully relaxing. Your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses are the physically ACTIVE part of your Auto-Focus System. Both are inside your eyes.

The Ciliary Muscles are extremely tiny muscles that squeeze your Crystalline Lenses to increase their PLUS power, so you can focus close. For their size, the Ciliary Muscles are the strongest muscles in the body.

The way the Auto-Focus system works is that the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses are fully relaxed for distance vision. When fully relaxed the Crystalline Lenses have about +19 diopters of focusing power (it varies with the individual), but when you focus on something closer (or wear vision correction with more MINUS than you actually need) your Ciliary Muscles squeeze your Crystalline Lenses and INCREASE their PLUS power to focus the images on your Retina. Generally you are not even aware that you are doing it. The amount of extra PLUS you need depends on the distance to the "target" or the amount of excess MINUS you are wearing. The mathematical relationship between lens power and focus distance was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton (yes, that one) back around 1700.

At 28, it is very likely that you can Induce some Pseudo or False Myopia. Pseudo Myopia is considered "temporary", but temporary can be a long time if you nurture it.

It is easy, to Induce Pseudo Myopia. Believe it or not, you are already doing it a little bit. If you spend 7 hours a day working with a computer. It is likely that the distance from your eyes to the display is about 70 cm or 28 inches. Using Sir Isaac's formula: Lens Power = 100 cm / Focus Distance, your Auto-Focus system is adding about +1.4 diopters of power to your Crystalline Lenses.

If you have ever noticed that distant objects or signs are NOT sharp and clear at the end of a day of working with your computer, You have actually Induced a bit of Pseudo Myopia. All you have to do is encourage that by getting some Minus Glasses and wearing them full time. You can start with low minus and increase it at whatever rate you can tolerate.

How high can you go, it depends primarily on your motivation and how far your Presbyopia has progressed. Yes, you have Presbyopia and have probably had it since childhood. Almost everyone has, but it has not become a nuisance yet and problem will not for 10 or 15 more years.

Here is a link to a Paper titled "The Eye" that you might find educational.

I hope this has helped. We can help you with either Inducing Myopia or GOC or both.


Werner 04 Apr 2017, 23:44


I'm new to the goc theme and i would need your help.

I wear usually Glasses with -6,0 Dioptrien and bought now glasses with -20 Dioptrien. How strong should the +contact lenses be to see clear?

Thanks for your answers


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