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Glasses Over Contacts (GOC)

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gwgs 19 Jan 2017, 02:25

This should probably go in the Glasses for Auction or Sale thread, but I thought it was as equally, if not more relevant here.

Yesterday I went to great lengths to go and collect my first order from Firmoo from a couriers depot. I'd ordered a pair of -15's in a fairly big frame (52mm) that I had been told would be produced with myodisc lenses - just what I wanted.

I was out when the courier tried to deliver and when I contacted them, they wanted a further delivery fee for attempting redelivery so I agreed to meet them at their depot instead and it was well worth it as it was a tiny little out of the way office that they had and were subcontracted by a firm that deals with the majority of Zenni and Firmoo orders coming into the UK. Their depot/office was just moments away from Heathrow airport.

When I got into their office, he asked me for id and said he had to take copies of this as customs was clamping down on international orders like these as they had realised how much money the UK industry, and customs were losing in people ordering glasses from the Far East! I said I was amazed at this, and he said, "just look over there", under a desk to his right were probably 3ft high by 2ft wide of packages all of a similar size and shape to mine! He said, "I'm presuming they're all glasses, similar to what you've got...but they're the lucky ones.". I asked why and he said "today Customs have stopped every single plane (cargo planes I presume) coming in from Hong Kong, China, Singapore, everything from the Far East they've offloaded all the cargo from the plane and confiscated it as they're sick and tired of people paying 10 for something that would be 120 on the high street, or not paying tax/duty upon it coming into the country."

He continued. "They've been doing the same with custom made suits, every single one they find that's coming into the country on these cargo consignments, they're slashing the arms off the suits and repackaging them and releasing them onto their recipient, as they're only meant to be samples but people are saving so much from buying them online. I can see the same thing happening with these glasses."

I was astonished that Customs would be interested in this, but he said they've got their fingers into every little thing and don't miss a trick. Watch this space?!

NJ 12 Jan 2017, 09:32

gwgs, I don't think most people notice thick glasses unless it is apparent that the person really has trouble seeing. A high myope with only a refractive error can actually function perfectly well, so probably to most people they don't seem impaired. High hyperopes struggle a lot more for the same absolute prescription strength, mostly due to the lack of peripheral vision, and I think it is evident. Although no one makes comments, I do notice that cashiers often take special care to place the change in my hands in ways that they don't when I'm not wearing my thick glasses. It's by no means all the time, but several times a week.

gwgs 12 Jan 2017, 07:55

Interesting observations NJ, I have tended to wear mine is what people would refer to as "working class" areas, so not at all wealthy, but nevertheless, no comments.

As you say, I think the fact that myodiscs are SO rare that people may perceive them to be a disability, and not related to high myopia, and this maybe why they haven't been stares, glances or conversation makers / breakers as people are lot more aware now than they used to be of being politically correct and don't want to step over the line.

NJ 11 Jan 2017, 13:53

I'll make one other observation about people who notice and make comments about thick glasses. It's inversely proportional to economic status. When I wear my thick glasses in poor neighborhoods, I hear lots of comments, in wealthy neighborhoods, not so much. Not sure why this is true, but I've noticed it for as long as I've worn thick glasses.

NJ 11 Jan 2017, 13:33

@gwgs, I started doing GOG in college back in the early 80's and I have made a number of observations on how much others notice, or at least make it obvious they notice, thick glasses. For calibration purposes, I'll say that most of my GOC work was with high plus, +15 to +20, but I've done even higher on both the plus and minus sides on occasion.

My first observation is that the older I get, the less people seem to notice the glasses. When I was young I constantly heard comments and saw people staring at them. When I moved to a new town for grad school and did GOC as often as not, essentially adopting the identity of an extreme hyperope, there was a fellow grad student, but different department, who constantly made comments on the size of my eyes, how I had to look through them in a certain way to see anything, how I used the bifocal part, etc. She never ceased to find them humorous. Too bad I didn't really find her that attractive, despite her low minus glasses.

On the other side of the spectrum, there used to be a cheap chain optical store in the area. I walked in there one day wearing +20D lenses and asked for new glasses. The sales lady showed me a number of pairs, from which I chose my favorite. When she was starting to write up the order she saw my script and told me they didn't make plus glasses higher than +8. Despite being a professional, she didn't even notice how strong my glasses were.

As glasses have become more common and people more sensitive to those with disabilities, I think it's just far less common for people to take any obvious notice of thick glasses. I still occasionally get asked about my glasses, but usually by people I've known for a while. I can't remember the last time a stranger made a comment or even gave me an unusual look or stare.

gwgs 09 Jan 2017, 03:09

I haven't posted on here for a while as I'm more of a reader of this section now in picking up tips but having GOC'd quite seriously now for several months I thought I'd post my weekends experience here;

I GOC'd with my selection of myodiscs (I have 6 pairs, but perdominantly wore 3 different pairs over the weekend) for pretty much the entire weekend, I was left feeling disappointed by the weaker glasses (if you can call them that, as in everyday life, an optician would call you partially sighted if you needed them!!) after I watched some football on Sunday afternoon with a friend, I obviously didn't GOC with him around, but after he had gone, I decided to pay some attention to -9.75 / -10 glasses I have in my collection and what I found interesting was when I was cooking, I couldn't make out the small print / cooking instructions on the packaging whilst wearing them and had to resort to having a pair of bifocals in this prescription handy in order to read, yet I didn't have any trouble with close up work wearing the myodiscs, two of which are -20.5, and -21.5. Whether this was reading the newspaper, browsing various things on my phone, reading the tv guide and descriptions of programmes etc, my vision was remarkably crystal clear!

I decided to be brave and wore the -21.5 myodiscs out for my first extended time ever - I've worn them out for a walk up and down the road late at night, but never during daytime for shopping etc so left home bright and early.

I drove to a shopping centre a little distance away and put in my contacts in the carpark and then did my supermarket / household shopping, taking a break in the shop's cafe for some late breakfast but was amazed at the lack of looks and response! Before when I've worn the -10's and -13.75's I've had a few glances that you can guess are people checking out the unusually strong lenses, but with these -21.5 myodiscs I didn't get a single look. I took a couple of selfies - which I never normally do - and to my surprise I looked remarkably good in them and they blended in very well with my outfit.

When it came to time to pay, I deliberately picked a checkout where there was a female clerk wearing glasses. There was only one of these, despite there being a number of tills so I had to wait.

She was Afro Carribean, probably 40-45 years old, her glasses were very weak, but I was hoping as a fellow glasses wearer they might be some intrigue and provoke a little conversation.

In the queue I thought this had worked as she looked over in my direction several times whilst scanning through the other customers items.

When it got to my turn she smiled at me and asked how I was doing, I greeted her in a friendly manner also and asked how her days was going. She seemed for a moment to be like a rabbit in headlights when I made direct eye contact with her, this probably lasted for about 4-5 seconds, and I'm guessing it was her not knowing what to think or my glasses and maybe it was me reading what I wanted into it, but I think she probably wanted to comment on or ask about my glasses, but didn't have the courage to do so. Sensing this, I responded by saying I liked her choice of eyewear - truth is, they couldn't have been more bland! black hexi frames with a couple of + dioptres, hardly setting the world alight.

Anyhow, despite me trying to make conversation with her, she seemed in her own world and I paid and that was that. I continued to wear these frames for the majority of the day whilst visiting a couple of other shops, being confronted by a couple of direct marketing girls on the street who I engaged in conversation with and then went back to the carpark, and went home (taking the contacts out). I wore these

It certainly made me think that I will be GOC'ing with the myodiscs more often than not now!

David 04 Dec 2016, 05:29

Chino, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Care when giving out the clinic details which you hope to use in the future. It is a rare find to have a doctor willing to do such surgery, guard their name carefully.

well happy 03 Dec 2016, 06:39

Good luck Chino, you have succeeded with the most difficult part, finding a willing surgeon.

Chino 03 Dec 2016, 03:43


Oh, I'm no longer hunting for a surgeon. I found one who is willing to perform the procedure at Eagle Eye Centre in Singapore ( I'm fortunate in that English is one of their official languages. They no longer post their fees on the website but, at the time that I inquired, I think it was either $3200 or $3600 per eye to have this done.

I'm not planning to have the procedure done for another 8 years. I'm waiting for the new Visian ICL with CentraFLOW to be approved for market over there. The CentraFLOW feature allows for aqueous flow through the lens. Because of this, it's no longer necessary to get a peripheral iridotomy (burning a small hole in your iris to permit aqueous flow).

I know it may seem like a long time but, if life has taught me anything, it's that time will absolutely fly. Those 8 years will fly by in no time.


well happy 03 Dec 2016, 03:22

Emailing and writing to prospective surgeons for refractive surgery is unlikely to be a success. Doctors are likely to be struck off and so why would they agree in writing.

After building up my GOC spex for a few years I took a six month career break and went to India. I chose India as they speak English whereas Mexico does not. I visited many clinics in person before I found a guy who agreed. It wasn't cheap (2600 total) but he did as I requested.

Final Rx is close to my old GOC of minus 21D. I returned home wearing the new spex in public as friends and family already knew me in GOC. The only difference was that I now use blended myos in a plus carrier, there have been absolutely no comments.

juliette 01 Dec 2016, 23:50

Thank you Likelenses & Maxim for the sounds very interesting with the flat front lenses. I now just have to find where I can get +10.25 contacts so I can order the glasses.

David 01 Dec 2016, 16:53


I have only used opticians at a clinic in Mumbai. If asked I say the implants help me to see. There have been no follow up questions. The less discussion the better.

How is your hunting for a surgeon going?

Chino 01 Dec 2016, 04:34


The interaction with the optician or optometrist would be a concern to me. What did the optician ask about the IOL? What excuse did you use?

Thank you very much for answering these questions. I have learned a lot from you, and have much to consider before going through this.

Likelenses 30 Nov 2016, 20:51


If you decide to go with the -9.00 glasses,you will most likely want the lenses to look thick,and strong.

Most lense blanks that are used for prescriptions at ,and above -9.00 have flat front surfaces,and all of the lense power is ground into the back side.These are really sexy looking lenses,but you can do more to enhance their look.

The larger the frame lense size,the thicker the lense.

Also for the thickest lense go with plastic CR-39 ,or even glass if it is available.

Happy shopping !

Maxim 30 Nov 2016, 17:25

To Juliette:

High quality contact lenses, not expensive - the man claims, to be one of the inventors of soft CLs:


They are really good (+ values up to +8.00).

Good luck!

David 30 Nov 2016, 08:43


You sound a good candidate for refractive surgery. From my experience,just keep a few things in mind.

If you are still working chose an Rx which will give you useable vision. I cannot read print now, I can read news headlines but not much else. I manage with the computer as zoom is a godsend.

Take someone with you when you have the surgery. I was alone and felt low and lonely for the five weeks as I waited for my new glasses. I stayed in a family run hotel in Mumbai who looked after me very well and even escorted me when I ventured outside.

Have one eye done at a time. One mistake I made was to agree to having both eyes together. Thankfully there were no complications but there could have been. Also with one eye at a time you have good vision from the other eye.

Think final Rx. I was already doing GOC with very high 30s and simply wanted more and more. My present Rx does handicap me at times.

The Iris IOL is visible I am told but not by me. Without glasses I cannot see a thing, literally. With glasses my eyes look so small that nothing can be seen. The optician I use asked about the IOL and accepted my excuse.

I don't regret the surgery. At times I get frustrated but never want to reverse it. The kick you will get from it is fantastic, very exciting.

juliette 30 Nov 2016, 00:20

Thank you CJ for your reply. I am pleased to see it is possible for me to try GOC! Yes, I have worn contact lenses for many years without any problem of dry eyes. I have details of the sizes on file, but cannot remember the make. I can check this.

I am 54, retired, & live in Belgium. I am ready to try GOC!!

HighMyopic 29 Nov 2016, 16:42

Can I please see a pic of Davids -54 glasses? I would love to own a pair of -54 glasses. My strongest pair of glasses that I have is a -38 diopter.

Chino 29 Nov 2016, 16:24

Hi David,

I'm 35, and still working. I'm in the USA, living in Florida at the moment. I have considered doing what you've done for quite a few years.

My immediate goal is to have a prescription in the -40s. Given your visual acuity in the -54 glasses, I'm not sure I would be able to get my driver license here in Florida. I may need to move out of state.

A number of other states, including Georgia, allow people to drive with visual acuity as low as 20/200, as long as they wear bioptic systems that allow them to see at least 20/60 or 20/40. I found a wealth of information on the subject at

Florida is odd in that bioptics are allowed for driving, but not to pass the vision screening. I suppose I could wear contacts for the vision screening, and use a bioptic system when I'm actually driving.

The public transportation system in my area of Florida is absolute rubbish. The ability to drive is a bit of a necessity over here.

My current Rx is -5.00 D in both eyes, with -0.25 D in each eye, at different angles. I actually induced my myopia. I remember being curious about glasses when I was probably 6 or 7 years old. I liked them, and wanted to need them. I didn't understand why someone would need to wear glasses...what blurry vision looked like.

I was fascinated by nearsightedness. When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I started reading up as much as I could about the subject. I learned about the habits that supposedly led to the development of myopia. I then implemented those habits.

I found a pair of my grandfather's glasses (minus lenses), and wore those when no one was around. I would watch TV and read with my eyes as close to the material as I could tolerate. After a while, I started noticing things in the distance growing fuzzy. I was so excited! I remember being thrilled when I noticed that the carpet beneath me looked fuzzy.

I was able to get by in middle school and my freshman year of high school by sitting in the front row. By the time I reached my sophomore year, I couldn't fake it anymore. Even from the front row, the chalkboard was too blurry for me to read. I told my Mom about it, and got my first pair of glasses with an Rx of -2.00. I kept trying to induce more myopia over the years, but my prescription finally stalled out at -5.

I've been trying different experiments to induce more myopia, but am running out of options. Getting lens implants is pretty much my only realistic option at this point.

David 29 Nov 2016, 14:52

Chino I do not drive anymore, my current vision doesn't allow it. I am at present living in the UK not USA.

Please tell me more about yourself.

Chino 29 Nov 2016, 14:25


Are you still able to drive in your state? I know some states allow bioptic systems for drivers with low visual acuity.

David 29 Nov 2016, 13:57

The typical optician in Mumbai cannot dispense minus 54 glasses, the clinic ordered some lenses and five weeks is not an excess amount of time to get them made. The minus 39 GOC glasses helped but still I was needing support.

To have an uncontrollable need to be mega myopic is a curse and blessing. I love the result but tormented by the desires. VA of 20/80 is difficult at times, clarity of vision is good, size is very small.

Cactus Jack 29 Nov 2016, 09:45


It is possible. I would suggest some relatively inexpensive experimenting with single vision distance glasses and contact lenses to see if you are comfortable with -9.00 glasses, before proceeding.

Frankly, I think the jump from +2.50 to -9.00 is too large for a first experience with GOC at your age.

Here are the results of some basic GOC calculations to give you an idea of what a GOC combo would look like for -9.00 glasses:

OD (Right) -9.00/-0.25/140 Add +3.00

OS ( Left) -9.00/-0.50/40 Add +3.00

Sphere only Contact Lens +10.50

I won't go into the calculations right now, because that is NOT what I suggest you order for your first experience with GOC.

May I ask a few questions before making suggestions?

1. Have you ever worn Contact Lenses?

2. If so, do you know the Brand, Base Curve, and Diameter?

3. Have you had any problems with Dry Eyes?

4. Where do you live? (country)

5. What is your occupation?


juliette 29 Nov 2016, 00:10

I am new to this site,& had no idea that it was possible to do GOC, but I really would like to try this.

My husband & I are in our early fifties & both wear glasses. His prescription is -14, & I have always liked the boldness, & thickness of his lenses of his glasses, & wished mine could be the same. I like to try his glasses but see very little with them... he says that I look great in them. I have told him that I would like my glasses similar, & he supports the idea, saying that the stronger lenses really suit me.

I am used to wearing glasses &from time to time contact lenses. My glasses prescription is....Right +2.50/-0.25/140 and Left +2.50/-0.50/40..with an addition of 3.00. They are progressives.

Is it possible to adjust the contact lense power so I could wear -9.00 glasses & the after a time work up to something higher? any information on this would be greatly appreciated

David 28 Nov 2016, 06:55

gwgs, where do you live?

gwgs 28 Nov 2016, 04:51

David - an interesting tale, and it's fascinating to read how far some will take their love of being myopically induced! Why did it take a few weeks to get glasses to suit your requirements? Surely you could've walked into any opticians and done an eyetest which would have given you prescription or if you had GOC'd with this prescription prior to your operation, you would have been prepared with the correct glasses?

Chino 28 Nov 2016, 03:51


Thank you for posting this. It's great to hear from someone who has already done what I, eventually, plan to do. What is your glasses Rx now? What is your visual acuity with your current glasses?

One concern I have had is getting eye exams. Since having the lens implants, have you had any difficulty getting your eyes checked? Have optometrists or opthalmologists asked about them? If so, what do you tell them?

Do you have light or dark colored eyes? How easy is it to see the Verisyse Aphakia IOLs with the naked eye? I know they can be easily seen in a clinical setting, with a bright light shining right in your eye. How easy can they be seen in normal, everyday lighting?

Thank you.


David 27 Nov 2016, 13:25

After I retired my GOC became fulltime and extreme. Then my natural RX was just under minus 10 but not high enough for my desires.

I spent the last year of work researching and contacting refractive surgeons all over the world. Not one positive reply. Then my luck changed. After retirement I was travelling through Asia and scoured Delhi for a possible doctor to make me a serious extreme myope. Again no luck. Except one put me in touch with a surgeon about to retire in Mumbai. Basically he agreed when a fat fee was discussed.

This was ten years ago. The doctor had a supply of implants from years of service. Many were issued only in Asia and not available in the west.

The procedure was risky as both eyes were done together. He acquired some sample lens replacements which were unusually high. I was alone with no commitments so I requested a maximum Rx,he also fitted verysyse aphakia iols to my irises.

The operation was done with me asleep. I woke up rather than excited but in a panic. Guys remember GOC is in your control, you can take out the cls. Suddenly I felt at risk, I couldn't see. My old GOC glasses, late minus 30s didn't help very much. It took five weeks to get the first glasses made for me. Very lonely frightening weeks.

LXW 27 Nov 2016, 07:16

Chino, thank you very much for your lines, i am very excited! I will let you know if the people in singapore will perform the procedure to my eyes. My favorites are the lenses from Visian but i think other lenses will do a good job too.

Yes Cactus, you no about my problem and we have exchanged some lines in the past. Lets wait what will happen...


Chino 26 Nov 2016, 21:58

That's an interesting idea, Cactus Jack. I had not considered seeing a mental health professional for BIID. I'll have to keep that in mind if the need arises.

As far as I know, the high plus Visian ICL is only available overseas. I'm very excited about the newer version with "CentraFLOW." They basically put a channel in the center to allow for aqueous flow. This makes it unnecessary to perform a peripheral iridotomy.

LXW, I did find a place that was willing to perform the procedure on "good" eyes. The facility is called Eagle Eye Centre. They're located in Singapore. Here is their website:

I have not contacted the people at Eagle Eye Centre in about 6 years. At the time, they were willing to implant the Visian ICL, Acrysof Cachet IOL, AND perform LASIK on me. Since then, the Acrysof Cachet is no longer available in Singapore due to excessive endothelial cell loss.

It would be interesting to learn if they are still willing to perform these procedures to induce myopia. Please keep us informed. I look forward to hearing what they say about your request.

Cactus Jack 26 Nov 2016, 13:16

LXW & Chno,

If you really want to be "permanently" extremely Myopic, the Visian ICLs seem like a good way to do it. I was not aware that they now make high Plus lenses. For a long time they only did Minus lenses. The really good thing about them is that they can be removed, so the procedure is somewhat reversible, but not as easily changed or reversed with GOC.

The thing you are running into with finding a surgeon willing to do the surgery is the Hippocratic Oath to "first do no harm". The intense need to be very Myopic or very Hyperopic is thought to be a mild form of BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder). In severe instances of BIID, the individual may want arms or legs amputated.

BIID is usually handled as a Psychological issue and you might consider that route. If a Psychiatrist or Psychologist recommends Refractive Surgery, I think you are more likely to have some success. Consulting with a Mental Health Professional (MHP) is a big psychological leap and a difficult decision. Looking around for an MHP who specializes in BIID, might be a good place to start.

Regarding Visual Acuity (VA) with high Myopia. Wearing very strong glasses with Minus lenses results in significant image minification on the Retina. At some point, the elements in the image get so small that they will get lost in the image processing by the Retina and transmission to the Visual Cortex by the Optic Nerve. While the Retina has a about 120 million Rods and Cones, the really important ones for VA are in the Fovea, around the Optic Nerve. The Retina must do some image processing to combine signals from the Rods and Cones and deliver them to the approximately 1 million nerve fibers in the Optic Nerve. When that occurs, very small image elements (i.e. small letter on a Snellen chart) may be unreadable. It may not be possible to pass a drivers vision test with corrected very high Myopia.

At least people with high Myopia have an advantage over people with high Hyperopia - better peripheral vision. High Minus glasses tend to act like Wide Angle camera lenses. High Plus glasses act like binoculars with very limited peripheral vision.

I have no experience with very high Minus glasses. However, we are fortunate to have Specs4ever, who has personal experience driving with high Minus GOC. Perhaps he will comment.


LXW 26 Nov 2016, 04:24

Hi Chno, i am also doing GOC for some years, but in a lower range (-8 to -14 glasses). And i also want to get Visian ICL implants too!!

Can you please tell me if you found a hospital who will do this procedure to "good" eyes? I come from germany and have sent a lot of mails around the world, but my search was without success. Getting short sighted is my biggest dream and in the last months i am getting more and more desperated from day to day... Would be thankful for tipps, thank you.


Chno 26 Nov 2016, 03:29

Is anyone on here doing really high GOC? I'm thinking -30 diopter glasses and up. If so, how is your visual acuity with the glasses?

I'm thinking of getting Visian ICL implants in the next 8 or 9 years. I did some calculations with the highest plus Rx they make (+22), and found that my glasses sphere correction would be about -42.75. I just want to make sure I can pass the vision screening for my driver license with this amount of image minimization.

Cactus Jack 24 Nov 2016, 09:30


It is very unlikely that your old glasses would be wearable with normal Sphere only contact lenses. The problem is your Cylinder correction. It is theoretically possible to find some Toric contacts that would enable her to wear your glasses, but it is practically impossible.

It would be better and probably less expensive, to design a GOC combo with contacts and inexpensive glasses from an on line retailer such as Zenni.

The place to start is with her complete glasses prescription. If she wears CLs that is good, but often CL prescriptions are compromises, if she has any Astigmatism. Toric Contact Lenses can be problematic and often to avoid them, a compromise Sphere only CL prescription is used.

if you can provide her complete glasses prescription and her age, I can offer some GOC combo suggestions.


Ric 24 Nov 2016, 07:14

Hello, last days talk with a friend about eyesight, vision, etc. She maked me questions about my eyesight, how bad is, etc, and i told her she could know if she get contacts with the opposite grade. She wears glasses with -3.00 R -2.75 L Could she try my old glasses with any contact lenses?

My old glasses are -17.00 -3.25 R and -15.50 -3.25 L

Cactus Jack 17 Nov 2016, 12:36


Even at its best, doing GOC is a very inexact science. The calculations work pretty well below low double digits, but become more uncertain as you approach +/- 20 because of Vertex Distance effects, which are a square function of the glasses prescription. Vertex Distance is very hard to measure or estimate and the number is very important in the calculations.

It is likely that you are in the process of learning an expensive lesson about doing GOC. Try some +4.50 contact lenses. You might get lucky. If they don't work very well, try something different.

Let me know if you decide to start over.

To start over, the first thing needed is your complete actual prescription. The second thing you need is to decide your desired glasses sphere prescription. The third thing YOU need is your Contact Lens Brand, Base Curve, and Diameter for the most comfort.

The final glasses prescription may not be the exact desired prescription because the most desirable contact lenses selection is to use the same Sphere Only prescription for both eyes and adjust the final glasses prescription, in the combo, as needed.


JoeS 17 Nov 2016, 10:43

Hi! I am into my first GOC-experience having received my -8,5 large aviators. Thick they are with standard lenses. First time in my life I look the way I want to.

I can see hardly anything with them on my nose. I am a -3 so my overcorrection is -5,5.

What strength should I order contacts?

I am 43 years old.

Tnank you

Cactus Jack 13 Nov 2016, 17:20


You might just call and ask the receptionist if the doctor is interested in assisting you in doing Glasses over Contact Lenses. The receptionist may not know what GOC means. You may get a lot of NOs!, but all you need is one YES!, though it would be nice to have more than one.

The nice thing about a call, is that there is no embarrassment or rejection issues. You may have to wait for a call back from the doctor.


Rupert 13 Nov 2016, 13:16

Thank you, Cactus Jack, for your response. I always enjoy your postings on this site. Yes, I'm around -4. I live in a very large metro area and there are lots of independent shopping center optometrists in the region, at strip malls, etc. I think lots of them take walk in appointments. So maybe I can work up some courage and stop by one of them one day and see what happens.

Cactus Jack 09 Nov 2016, 17:24


That may not be easy with an older ECP. GOC, done right, is essentially harmless. Your actual prescription must be around -4.00 for the GOC combination to work.

The very best way to do higher value GOC is with the help of an ECP. It is easy, just put in the contacts and do a refraction. One thing that can be beneficial, cost wise, is to use the same PLUS contact value for each eye and do the refraction. The compensation will be automatic.

You may have to find another ECP and just ask if they will help you do GOC. If the selected ECP does not sell glasses and contacts, they might be more willing to help and not be upset with the fact that you will order the glasses and contacts where ever you wish.

In some states, the rules require that the OD be independent. If you live in a larger city in the US, you might check your local Wal-Mart if it has a Vision Center. Most ODs associated with a W-M will provide you with prescriptions and you can get them filled where you want.


Rupert 09 Nov 2016, 14:52

Hello. I do GOC with +4.75/+5 contacts and -10/-9.75 glasses and it works well. I do it for short periods because the plus contacts aren't as comfortable as my minus ones.

My question: have any of you worked with your eye doctor to perfect your combo? I have an appointment coming up and would like to get tips on how to bring the topic up without seeming too weird. I'd like to go up to -12 or so and it's hard to get contacts online now without a prescription. Plus, I'd like to do it safely and accurately. I'd even agree to buy everything from him.

BTW, I am in my late 40s (yes, bifocals) in USA and have had the same eye doc for about 20 years.


Soundmanpt 06 Nov 2016, 10:32


What is your actual glasses prescription or do you have perfect eyesight and only do GOC so you can wear glasses? When you wear your -10.00 glasses what contact power do you wear with your glasses? Were you able to read close up wearing that combination or were you unable to read with that combination? Now that you have gotten new glasses with -15.00 lenses what is the prescription are you wearing for your contacts? If you were unable to read the price tag at the bakery your glasses must be over correcting your eyes too much and you probably need to increase your contacts a bit more. Were you able to see well enough to drive to the bakery wearing your new glasses? I'm sure you were probably thrilled that the lady at the bakery noticed your glasses and commented on them. That's what makes doing GOC even more fun.

Trent 06 Nov 2016, 10:16


I enjoyed reading your posting. Big jump from -10 to -15 diopters. They must be thick given people's reaction.

Pattie 05 Nov 2016, 15:48

Hi, I have started GOC a few years ago and have been wearing -10 glasses so far. Today, I have gone out in public with my new -15 glasses. They are really thick. Felt a bit dizzy at first but after a while I got more used to it. In the bakery, the lady asked me if I have new glasses and that they look really strong. I admitted that my eyes have become really sore recently and that even with those glasses, I could not see the price tag for the bread in the display. She helped me out by saying the price again while looking intensely at my glasses. Felt awesome!

Hope to experience it more often. What is your favorite experience?

Cactus Jack 02 Nov 2016, 04:20


Not just people who do GOC. Contacts can be hazardous if you don't use good Hygiene and if they are not properly fitted. Fundamentally, they are a foreign object in the eye. Albeit. if properly selected and fitted, a mostly comfortable one, good wearing practices MUST be observed.

I recently saw a piece on TV about a young man in University, who somehow acquired an Amoeba in his Cornea, under his CLs. It nearly destroyed his Corneas before he sought medical attention.


Cactus Jack 02 Nov 2016, 04:11


This will sound a little strange, but with your prescription change and Vertex Distance effects, my calculations suggest getting some +10 contacts. With + 10 contacts your glasses will need to be:

OD Right Eye Sphere -8.75

OS Left Eye Sphere -7.50

Note that I have reversed the order you listed your eyes. It is traditional to list the Right Eye (OD) first

You need to append the appropriate Cylinder and Axis for each eye, if any

According to my calculations, the above combination will give you a smidgeon too much minus (about -0.15 diopters) in each eye.

The reason I asked your age is that as Presbyopia approaches, you have less ability to add extra Plus internally to compensate for calculation errors.

Please remember that GOC is a very inexact science. There are NO guarantees that this combination will work for you. I suggest ordering the least expensive glasses you can from an online retailer such as Zenni Optical. If the combination is satisfactory, consider ordering some more expensive glasses with AR coatings etc,

Please let me know if you have any questions.


gwgs 02 Nov 2016, 02:42

Thanks CJ, I realise you're not an eye professional, but seem to have the most knowledge around here, and I thought this article and a response may be useful, and a warning / heads up to some of those who regularly GOC on here as it's an awful incident that happened to this poor girl.

Sparky 01 Nov 2016, 22:14

Somewhere in the minus 7 to 10.which ever is easier.

Cactus Jack 01 Nov 2016, 22:01


As I have said many times, I am not an Eye Care Professional. I must defer to our ECPs for an "official" answer. However, I can offer these thoughts.

Tears and the tear film between the CL and the Cornea play a vital role in the successful wearing of contacts. I did not read the whole article, but on the surface, it seemed to me that they sensationalized something that is tragic for the young woman that should not have happened.

I do not believe that 8 hours or any specific time period for contact wear i a hard an fast rule because everyone is different and even the difference is not constant.

When offered an opportunity, typically when advising someone about GOC, I discourage self prescribing contact lens Brand, Base Curve and Diameter. I strongly suggest an exam for contacts, even if it cosmetic contacts, to get an accurate measurement of the corneal curvature and a matching CL to make sure that the contacts move around on the tear film. Even if the contacts are high moisture, with high oxygen permeability, tears carry oxygen and nutrients to the Cornea, which has NO blood supply.

Another important element of a professional exam for contacts is training on insertion, removal, and what to do if you go to sleep with CLs that are not designed for overnight wear.

The most likely cause of a CL being stuck to the Cornea is forgetting to take them out before going to sleep. While sleeping there is, of course, no blinking and the pressure of the eyelids can force soft CL against the Cornea. I have know it to happen to one of my associates. He was smart enough to go to his ECP on an emergency basis. I can no longer wear CLs because of Dry Eye problems, but I had the same thing happen to me over a Saturday night. I am not one to panic about anything, so I thought about the situation and used either Sterile Saline Solution or Multi-Purpose Solution (preferred) or Artificial Tears to bathe and re-moistureize the CL and my eye. I dribbled the solution into my eye for a minute or so while very gently trying to move the CL on my Cornea with my finger tip (washed and rinsed my hands first making sure there was no soap residue). After a couple of minutes, the CL released its grip and I was able to remove it normally. I used Artificial Tears to fully re-moisturize my eye and didn't wear CLs for a few days.

The biggest clue that you have worn your CLs long enough is discomfort. Also, you need to consider the environment. In conditions of low humidity, you SHOULD use Artificial Tears with lubricant. In extreme low humidity conditions (e.g. a 3 hour plus trip in a jet), you probably should not be wearing CLs at all.

If appropriate, put them in when you reach your destination.

The important thing is to follow your ECPs instructions about how long to wear CL. They are the most familiar with your situation. Modern, high moisture, soft contact lenses are very forgiving, but NOT 100% forgiving. Even the best contact lenses cannot forgive sheer stupidity.

If they were not reserved for the most egregious cases. the woman in the Sun article might get a casual mention at the Darwin Award ceremonies. If you don't know what the Darwin Awards are, look them up on line.

I wold appreciate comments from our ECPs.


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