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Owlish 17 Sep 2017, 03:57

This cute high plus girl has been posted before.

Here she is on instagram singing:

Owlish 12 Sep 2017, 16:19

I like this video even better: Lindsay Lou!

Great smile, big glasses, real Rx and enjoyable music.

Owlish 12 Sep 2017, 16:03


Forgot to remove the "s"

Owlish 12 Sep 2017, 16:02

Lindsay Lou

Pseldonymov 01 Sep 2017, 09:06

Tetyana Mazur

Pseldonymov 22 Aug 2017, 15:48

Hugh minus

Moderate minus

Ukrainian girl

Moderate minus

Old (2012)

Newer, stronger (2016)

Pseldonymov 22 Aug 2017, 15:43

Demi Lovato

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 22 Aug 2017, 15:42

Lady Gaga


Marko 30 Jun 2017, 06:30

The glasses of Liam Payne surely are prescription,it looks like a plus one,on the low/medium range,i'm not very good in guessing the prescription.

I guess he used them for long time,but this is just the first time he uses them in a public appearance,which is nice,it's so rare nowadays to see young male celebrities wearing prescription glasses.

guest 29 Jun 2017, 22:21

Liam Payne met the Queen yesterday and sported some glasses that appear to be real prescription:

Pseldonymov 28 Jun 2017, 14:39

Elle Varner


Pseldonymov 28 Jun 2017, 14:34

Elle Varner


Chinese Soup 21 Jun 2017, 10:26

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters has reached middle age. Who saw that coming?

 17 Jun 2017, 19:44

Interesting video. It seems Emma Bunton has some good + prescription, at least +2

Pseldonymov 16 Jun 2017, 21:47

Natalie Imbruglia

A. P. 15 Jun 2017, 10:21

Aimee Mann --- "Goose Snow Cone"

Pseldonymov 13 Jun 2017, 19:42

Vanessa White

Pseldonymov 13 Jun 2017, 19:39

Rochelle Eulah Eileen Humes (née Wiseman; born 21 March 1989)

oopsI 13 Jun 2017, 12:33

Harry Styles has recently been seen wearing glasses. I think they are prescription (as he's traveling I doubt it would be a fashion thing, anyways)


Very old picture

I hope he wears them more soon :)

Pseldonymov 09 Jun 2017, 12:25

Olga Seryabkina

Pseldonymov 07 Jun 2017, 15:47

Ariana Grande


Pseldonymov 23 May 2017, 16:23

Sasha Spilberg (Aleksandra Balkovskaya)


Pseldonymov 22 May 2017, 18:46

Sasha Spilberg (Aleksandra Balkovskaya)

Minus before she got LASIC.*hhtSjXf54s9ZreeOE6O3M_6pyMI

Sorry, her singing is horrible.

Pseldonymov 04 May 2017, 22:27

Sarah Brightman

Kevin 30 Apr 2017, 08:17

Has anyone heard of Aidan James. A 15 year old from Hawaii who is already pretty myopic - anyone think he has potential for double figures?

AlainHMG 12 Apr 2017, 09:21

I am Karla, and Karla is me. Often times even I don't know who I really am.

AlainHMG 12 Apr 2017, 04:42

And don't forget, I am also Karla!

AlainHMG 11 Apr 2017, 13:06

If you can't agree with him anymore, then stop agreeing. Ok? keep it brief. to the point.

you are messing up my advertising revenue!!!

Step right up!! HOOT HOOT HOOT. Come one, Come all. See the links I have stolen from you! New girls added daily!!!!


Pseldonymov 11 Apr 2017, 10:37

Gwen Stefani

 25 Mar 2017, 08:27

A singer who smokes? Must sound like Fred Blassie, "you pencil-necked geeks!"

Crystal Veil 25 Mar 2017, 07:31

Dutch singer-songwriter Merle Kuipers

Pseldonymov 23 Mar 2017, 15:45

Sarah Blackwood

Soundmanpt 19 Mar 2017, 09:41


I couldn't agree with you more. In most pictures I have seen of her she doesn't look even slightly attractive. So seeing these 4 pictures of her looking this attractive is s nice surprise. And not just because she is wearing glasses. but even her choice of glasses are a nice look for her. They really showcase her eyes, In these pictures her eyes look amazing as well. She should stay with this kind of look all the time. She did look rather nice in a video I saw of her signing with Tony Bennet.

Pseldonymov 18 Mar 2017, 09:05

to Soundmanpt

I was surprised that Lady Gaga did not look ugly as usually. Her glasses look great on her.She looks smart. I hope she will finally get rid of her "Masha Rasputina" style.

Soundmanpt 16 Mar 2017, 15:37


Thanks for posting the pictures of "Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta" otherwise known as "lady Gaga" With a name that long it now makes sense why she goes by Lady Gaga. Anyway I have seen pictures of Gaga wearing glasses before but was never able to tell if they were prescription and if so what her glasses might be for or if they were just another part of some her often strange outfits. But the very first picture when enlarged clearly shows some nice minification in the right lens of her glasses. So she is without a doubt nearsighted. She even looks quite attractive in these pictures and not just because she is wearing glasses, but even her glasses look very nice on her as well.

oopsI 16 Mar 2017, 11:35

Ed Sheeran Not wearing his glasses here, but talking about not seeing :

Pseldonymov 07 Mar 2017, 18:11

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, 2016


Soundmanpt 28 Feb 2017, 08:26

Alos seeing getting a better look at her glasses I really like that style of glasses on her. Reminds me of the glasses see back in the late 50's and 60's. I hope that might be a new trend in glasses.

Soundmanpt 28 Feb 2017, 08:23


Yes seeing seeing those pictures enlarged her lenses do appear tobe a bit stronger than -2.50 for sure. I couldn't get the pictures to enlarge which would have been a big help.

Pseldonymov 27 Feb 2017, 19:21

to Soundmanpt

Pixie Lott

I can see cut-in in her left lens.

I do not think it is just -2.50. Looks stronger than my wife's glasses (-3.75).

Pseldonymov 27 Feb 2017, 19:16

Polina Gagarina

Evelina Negru

Pseldonymov 27 Feb 2017, 19:14

Pixie Lott in 2016

Soundmanpt 27 Feb 2017, 13:46


Sadly I don't think she is very well known here in the US. She is indeed very attractive. Really hard to get any idea what her prescription might be since the pictures don't enlarge. But from the different angles her glasses do appear to be rather necessary, but i'm not sure they are as strong as -4.00 or -5.00 maybe more around -2.50.

Carrie 27 Feb 2017, 12:08

Pixie Lott is so pretty! She seems to have new glasses again. Quite unusual frames. Possibly a stronger prescription, too. I'm guessing around -4 or -5.

DRE  25 Feb 2017, 13:25


Pseldonymov 23 Feb 2017, 17:10

Liza da Costa ex. Captain Jack band

Soundmanpt 13 Feb 2017, 16:28


She looks really good wearing those glasses doesn't she? The glasses she is wearing looks like a pair of Art Craft or Shuron glasses. I have a very old pair that looks exactly like the ones she is wearing and they were made in 1941. They are in perfect condition and many things you don't see with glasses today. They are 14ct gold filled. The lenses are real glass. the nose pads are made from ivory. All the etching on the thin temples was done by hand. They have cable temples which you seldom see anymore. And the oddest part is that the prescription is just a +.25 in both eyes. This was during the war and I can't imagine why anyone would even prescribe anyone glasses for such a small prescription and the cost was probably more than a weeks pay in those days. I intend to keep them but I several years ago I did loan them to young lady that really loved them. She was an optician at a local optical store and her manager was getting on her because they had a rule that everyone working in the store had to wear glasses. She didn't need glasses and even worse she was very petite and she really was having a terrible time finding glasses that fit her small face. But my old glasses fit her perfectly and she since she loved them I agreed to let her borrow them to wear until she found glasses that fit her. It turned out she did order a pair the next week but as luck would have it they were on back order and they didn't come in for well over six weeks. When I went in to get my glasses back she tried hard to get me to sell them to her because she liked them that much. She wore them everyday she worked she said. She said they were comfortable and she soon hardly even noticed that she was wearing them. Her glasses looked very nice on her as well and she was good about wearing them at work. I'm sure your glasses must look really cute on you as well.

Carrie 13 Feb 2017, 14:25

Katy Perry wearing round glasses.

I was so happy when I first saw this photo because not only is she a beautiful woman wearing glasses but the glasses she is wearing are very similar in shape to my round ones!

Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2017, 12:55

Larisa Lusta. 2010

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