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Collectible Eyewear

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30calcat 07 Aug 2017, 20:18

Does anyone here collect eyewear nostalgically? I still have all the glasses I wore as a child but I stupidly destroyed a couple of the frames. Thanks to the internet I get a second chance and came across an almost identical frame for sale!

Tortoise and speckled patterns on metal frames are so distinctly 1990s! These frames are such an exact match in shape that my old lenses even fit perfectly:

It is interesting how even a pair of old -6 lenses can overwhelm intricate details of a thin metal frame. It might be interesting to get much thicker current lenses fitted to these old frames, and be able to see while wearing them nostalgically.

 14 Sep 2016, 01:33

Ha! Before starting your childish and stupid trolling, at least learn how to copy and paste, you idiot.

High Myopic 13 Sep 2016, 21:22

Mistake on the previous post .Here are the weak ones.

High Myopic 13 Sep 2016, 21:17

Here is a pair of weak ones that I have added to my collection.

Also some plus ones.

HighMyopic 11 Sep 2016, 12:31

I will be getting this -8 diopter lens snorkeling mask in about a week. I bought it off ebay.

View 1


HighMyopic 29 Jul 2016, 16:43

I will be getting these glasses in the mail soon.

The lenses look really thick!

antonio 29 Jul 2016, 12:42

Hi Cara,

I think she isn't blind without her glasses as her good eye would take over making her see quite ok. She could either clode her bad eye or her brain would have to ignore the image from her bad eye in nearly all situations, especially looking far. On the long always going uncorrected she woul risk becoming her weak eye a lazy one because her brain wouldn't make use of that much more blurred image

I wear about -6 myself, so I know what I.m talking about, you?

Best regards , Antonio

Cara 26 Jul 2016, 12:05

I was talking to a lady today she was nearly 60 and wearing glasses for shortsightedness but only one of her lenses had cut in when was looking direct at me. Is -6.00 and -1.00 is that normal? or would of she had catract surgery so she has not much prescription in one eye?

How would she see without glasses still blind?

A. P. 06 Jul 2016, 16:43

vintage cateye frames collection

High Myopic 05 Jul 2016, 00:51

I got these ,but I am disappointed that they are so weak.

HighMyopic 04 Jul 2016, 11:04

I will be getting these very strong glasses in the mail soon.



Pics of the very thick lenses.

High Myopic 19 Dec 2015, 00:14

I got these really nice cokebottle glasses in the mail yesterday.


Big powerings.


Lenses almost a half a inch thick.


Big refraction and powerings.

EyeTri 06 Dec 2015, 03:54

High Myopic,

The lenses in the glasses are lenticular, probably made of CR39 plastic with a prescription of about +12 to +14. By the frame style I'd guess they were made in the 70s. In the pictures in the eBay auction, they appear to be in good condition and I think $65.00 was a reasnable price for them.

High Myopic 05 Dec 2015, 17:06

My mother bought these for me. Why would the value of these glasses be more like 55 dollars lower?

Likelenses 05 Dec 2015, 17:02

High Myopic

I don't think that is a good price for those,in fact I would say that you overpaid by about $55.00

LXW 05 Dec 2015, 09:29

High Myopic,

i think the rx of these glasses is about +25D. In germany this kind of glasses are called "Star-Brille".


High Myopic 04 Dec 2015, 11:49

What do you think is the rx of these lentictular glasses? I will be getting them for Christmas this year.

The lenses are very very thick. The frame is metal and the lenses are probably glass since they are from the 50s to the 60s.

High Myopic 17 Apr 2015, 18:18

I think I may have a second package this year of myodisc glasses that will be sent to me soon from a guy in England.

High Myopic 08 Mar 2015, 19:22

Greg Colo Whats your email? I want to talk about very strong glasses with you.

GreginColo 08 Mar 2015, 19:14

Thanks HiMy for sharing photos of your exciting collection of high minus glasses. I've picked out my favorites....

High Myopic 08 Mar 2015, 14:47

I just got in 9 pairs of glasses for my collection last night in the mail. Three other pairs came in the box too but they are not going to go into my collection.

Different angle.

Here is the rest of my eyeglasses collection.

High Myopic 09 Feb 2015, 13:44

No I really want to keep them. I am not selling them. I just need to get the lenses in a new frame that does not have a broken off arm.

Xyz 09 Feb 2015, 13:28

To high myopic

Would you maybe consider selling those biconcave -29 specs you posted in June 2014

High Myopic 09 Feb 2015, 12:58

Here is my current eyeglasses collection.

HighMyopic 21 Jun 2014, 00:06

I will be getting this -29 diopter pair of biconcave myodisc glasses in the mail soon from Murdock. I do wear strong glasses since I am defiantly nearsighted. He said he could not use these glasses for reading anymore. They were too weak for him. I told him that I would be happy to wear these -29 diopter glasses since he could not use them anymore.

Here are a picture of the -29 diopter glasses.

Here is a pic of the inch thick lenses.

gwgs 30 Apr 2014, 05:06

@HighMyopic - dream on my friend, $10-20 you must be having a laugh! I've listed a few pairs from my collection, three of which are between -21 and -23 - - I would expect them to go for at $100 a pair given previous sales

specs4ever 29 Apr 2014, 20:43

Well, I suggest that you don't hold your breath waiting for someone to sell you a pair at that price High Myopic. Even if you were to buy new from SGS's website I think the lowest price would be around $40.00 USD

HighMyopic 29 Apr 2014, 11:59

@gwg I want to spend about 10 to 20 dollars per pair. I have a lot of other things right now that I want to spend my money on.

gwgs 29 Apr 2014, 04:49

@HighMyopic - How much do you want to spend per pair?

HighMyopic 27 Apr 2014, 17:30

Does anyone have any extra pairs of very strong glasses that they can mail to me so I can add them to my eyeglasses collection? I also love to wear thick and very strong eyeglasses.

I am looking for eyeglasses with very thick lenses and very high rx. Like from -15 to -40 diopters.

EyeTri 27 Nov 2012, 10:36


Shuron still makes a frame that they've made since the 50s and fits your description. Just go to your favorite search engine and put in Shuron Nulady Deluxe. I did a quick check, and sells this frame in a varity of sizes and colors for $86.40.

Also, you might want to check

aviator -oo- 24 Nov 2012, 07:05

Here are some nice frames (probably expensive, too:

They are handmade in Italy - although I'm not sure what 'hand made' really means in the context of glasses manutacturing.

Revolver 23 Nov 2012, 10:14

In the not-to-distant past, on some of the more current threads (Choosing Frames, On-Line Retailers, etc.) there were some postings linking to websites that specialized in collectible stuff including clothes, shoes, and of course eyewear. Decided to post here because the thread name accurately describes what I'm looking for.

If anyone here can save me some time, do you know what those links are and if so, will you post them. Not interested in e-bay or other auction-type sites, but actual businesses. Am specifically looking for 50's cateyes with rhinestones or other temple and frame front decor.

Thanks in advance.

Lunettes 21 Jun 2012, 03:39

Manufacturer Kraakraa and Trendoptic is reseller.

By the way Trendoptics have nice fashion blog.

Crystal Veil 20 Jun 2012, 23:59


for new glasses: Urban Spectacles in Chicago (custom wooden eyewear).

My own collection hosts two pairs of wooden glasses. One pair is from the 1990's (called Gold and Wood), the other pair was made in 1966 and has no brand name. The Gold and Wood pair was used during my third photo shoot with a Mayhem model (Astrid 445) and the 1966 pair can be seen in many of my photo shoots (e.g. Lucy, Douce, Farishta and Astrid).

Bubba 20 Jun 2012, 23:06

I collect unusual frames and am interested if anyone has tried wooden frames or knows a good stockist?

Wes 13 Jun 2012, 13:11

Just wondering if there's any reason why pince-nez shouldn't get popular again? I guess they could be a little uncomfortable but surely technology has moved on nowadays so this could be improved?

Bubba 12 Jun 2012, 13:06

Interesting site there. I'm trying to bring pince nez back into style

OttO 12 Jun 2012, 00:33

For general information on pince-nez try this web site link

Bubba 12 Jun 2012, 00:10

Any recommendations for new pinze nez? Having trouble finding a good stockist

Lee 04 Jun 2010, 11:12

I have gotten hold of some pince nez at an antique emporium. Surprisingly comfortable, i can see them catching on again!

Wei 02 Jun 2010, 12:39

Is many special polish for none splinter. And wood fine! Cedar. Yes i think many time of mysodisc. Lenticular of many rx! Is lens of many power!

 02 Jun 2010, 08:59


Splinters can usually be eliminated by running the lenses

through a turboencabulator. The hylog wheel must be kept in contact at all times when doing this.

ehpc 02 Jun 2010, 08:17

Py in the sky...............

 02 Jun 2010, 02:45

Just collected my new glasses yesterday. The frames are made of a revolutionary new material: heat tempered pie crust. My Rx remains at its usual -3.141593

Soundmanpt 02 Jun 2010, 01:11


Your right that did work better than the sandpaper. Any idea how to stop the splinters?

 01 Jun 2010, 15:28

Soundmanpt, wooden lenses can be made clear is seconds with ammomium biflouride.

elizabeth 01 Jun 2010, 14:12

There was a maker of wooden frames some time ago, dont know if they are still making them....Dakota Smith.

and if you want real Gold and animal horn, try...Gold&Horn

Wei 01 Jun 2010, 14:04

Frame very wooden. But lens not wood! Lens mysodisc! Very nice!

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