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Glasses Styles

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Soundmanpt 20 Mar 2013, 15:35

In commenting to "til" over in the "actresses" thread he posted a picture of a Rosie Huntington Whiteley wearing a pair of what appeared to be vintage glasses from the late 50's. Anyway I commented that I well remember that style of glasses and I even kept several pairs when I came across them in the donation boxes. They are so nice and I think they would be a big hit today.

It got me thinking about one pair of glasses that I just couldn't part with and still have them. They are a pair of glasses made by a company called Artcraft and I was surprised to find they are still in business today. The glasses came in a hard shell metal case with a small cleaning cloth and a business card inside. The business card had the date the glasses were sold and the name of the patient they were for. The date was 1941. Very small and light weight. They were 16 crt gold filled, they were semi rimless and the lenses were held in by just one screw around the bridge area. the lens were made of glass not plastic and the nose pads were made from ivory. The etching that was on the very narrow temples was hand etched and they were cable temples. Cable temples are the springy type that wrap around behind the ear. The real odd thing was that when I checked them out they were only +.25 in both eyes. In 1941 a war was going on and money was very short in most cases and I am surprised that anyone would feel the need to spend money on glasses that did so little.

I checked into Artcraft and they actually still have that very same style of glasses as the one I have, but I am sure it is not made with a gold filled frame or ivory nose pads and no hand etching etc. But that said they still look quite good and I am a bit surprised that I don't see them in any optical store as i would think they would sell. My only guess is that most optical stores don't like dealing with drill mount styles and that is what these are.

independent optician 23 Feb 2013, 01:55

A video response to the 60 Minutes segment on Luxottica. 60 Minutes forgot about the independent sector of the eyewear industry but here is what they have to say:

Soundmanpt 09 Oct 2012, 02:11

Thanks Wurm I saw that it was on the TV while at a sports bar but the sound was turned down as everyone else was watching a football game. I was sorry I had missed it. So I am glad you linked it.

I already knew about what was beings aid and I totally agree that it is no more than a monoply. I didn't know that they also had gotten into the insurance business as well.

I have a very good friend that is an optician at the local Pearle store and they always runt the same sale, but change the signs colors every couple months to make the sale appear new. But even worse is that not long ago they did make a revision on the sign in very small print. The sale used to be simply buy one and get a 2nd pair free. Now at first glance it still says the same thing but in very small letters it says right below get a 2nd pair free (up to $250.00) Well the problem with that is that it is nearly impossible to purchase any glasses with lenses for much less than $400.00. So by taking advantage of the so called 2 nd free pair it will still add an additional $150.00 or more to your total bill. I told her that it is a bout as close to misleading as you can get and maybe even fraud. She just smiled and said "well they don't have to take the 2nd pair" So my point is not much of a deal. By the way this young lady of course takes advantage of getting her yearly free pair of glasses, but she also has purchased 5 pairs of glasses on-line as well and makes it clear if and when she quits she will never be a customer of Pearle and her glasses will be come from on-line.

nzoptic 09 Oct 2012, 01:02

Plays perfectly in New Zealand, preceded by a 30 second advertisement for insurance!

Thanks Wurm

Wurm 08 Oct 2012, 22:50

60 Minutes ran a segment on Luxottica yesterday. It's an interesting look behind the scenes, hosted by Lesley Stahl.

I wasn't really sure where to put this. It deals with fashion, the business and affordability (among other topics). So I thought I'd 'necro' an old thread.

I'm not sure how viewable this will be outside the USA.

Jim 30 Jun 2010, 05:22

Emma. I have seen a girl in her 20s wearing some lovely glasses this morning. They had plastic frames with black rectangular fronts and silvery white wide sides. Her lenses weren't too thick, but she had one or two lovely power rings around both edges. An altogether perfect combination, and she looked very content wearing them.

Emma 12 Jun 2010, 05:59

Yes, probably mild plus I'd guess?

Soundmanpt 09 Jun 2010, 11:45

Emma and Jennifer - Looking at the picture I would say it is something very light.

Emma 09 Jun 2010, 11:01

Thanks for the link Andrew. I may make a bid.

PS not sure why my other post was deleted. I am not a troll!

Jennifer 08 Jun 2010, 12:28

Andrew, wonder what the rx is?

Andrew 08 Jun 2010, 11:50

There's a few available on e-bay:

Emma 08 Jun 2010, 11:33

post deleted - troll

Lee 07 Jun 2010, 12:22

Post deleted - troll

Crystal Veil 03 Jun 2010, 15:40

Talking about pince nez - I use pince nez in my photo shoots whenever a model has the appropriate Rx. None of my models ever saw a real pince nez and it's always a hilarious moment when they try to put them on. But they all liked the experiment and some of the portraits are really nice. I posted a couple of photos of two models (in their fifties) in pince nez. The ladies enjoyed that minute and it was a very special, rewarding moment for the three of us.

(Mieke and Margriet)

Melyssa 03 Jun 2010, 12:54

The only times I've ever seen pince-nez have been on Hogan's Heroes and the Three Stooges. And considering the literal translation into English, and my love for big, bold, and beautiful plastic frames, I certainly will never use pince-nez.

Soundmanpt 03 Jun 2010, 08:56

Jennifer and Emma - About 7 years ago I came across a pair of the pinchers in our collection box of donated glasses. They were really pretty cool, they had spring loaded nose pads that you had to pich above the nose to make them stay on. I would think if you were to wear them for very long you would have deep marks on your nose where the pads hit. I made the mistake of letting a girl borrow them to show to her friends, when she returned them one lens was broke as they were made of glass. I wish I still had them.

Jennifer 03 Jun 2010, 08:39

Nice find, Emma. It's always good to see historical items make a comeback.

Emma 03 Jun 2010, 03:18

Maybe a new trend in pince-nez could be starting...........

Tim 02 Jun 2010, 21:28

My father had a wooden monocle. I've seen a painting of one of the Flemish composers wearing wooden pince-nez, but that was in the 15th century, and I haven't seen any more recent ones.

ehpc 02 Jun 2010, 14:55

Wei - are pince-nez and monacles available with wooden frames? I am sure we would all love to know.

Wei 02 Jun 2010, 14:22

I recommend style of glasses: pince nez!

lazysiow 20 Jul 2007, 00:56

Okay about sunglasses (maybe a sunglasses topic is required). Has anyone else spent a lot of money (well lots of small sums anyway) on sunglasses that looked fine in the little mirror on the stand with the tag hanging off, badly pushed out of the way, then when you got home they looked entirely different and usually ugly?

I have. I've only ever had I think two pairs I've ever liked and I've lost one and broke the second. I just got some clipons that finally fit and look nice I bet after I say this something bad will happen to them

Smudgeur 28 May 2007, 09:23

Some modern drop-temples available to order online from:

DWV 21 May 2007, 15:01

Lovers of drop-temples may want to check out Season 3 of "Wonder Woman". At least in the first episode, Lynda Carter wears metal-framed drop-temples in some scenes. It looks like she has two pairs with the same frame, one with plano tinted lenses, the other with a real prescription.

Smudgeur 21 May 2007, 12:07 still have some large frames available like these Christian Dior beauties in a 67/20 eye size!:

These drop temples in a smaller eye size:

Other than that I think you'll have to scour the 2nd hand market on eBay for frames like these:

gwgs 21 May 2007, 09:17

fyi, this web address has now been replaced with the more memorable;

You can also check out my photos online at

gwgs 21 May 2007, 07:59

I too LOVE drop temples, the larger the frames, imo, the better. I have some pairs of drop temples in my collection which I was contemplating auctioning off

Here are some photos of them, let me know if you're interested and we can maybe strike a deal. You can email me at:

I also have contact lenses for sale, sold quite a few on here before in strengths of -9, -10 and +8 and +8.5

Melyssa 23 Mar 2007, 04:20

Drop-temple lover,

Unfortunately, the pictures of our favorite style that were on the web of glasses that I have are no longer there. I'm disappointed, to say the least. I do not own a digital camera, so I don't know of any way to upload any photos of my frames. The last drop-temple frame I bought was over 8 years ago, as no place carries them anymore. :(

Drop temple lover 22 Mar 2007, 01:44

Christine - where can you still buy drop-temples? I'd love a pair!

Melyssa - would love to see some pictures of your frames. Can you put them on the web somewhere?


Emily 21 Mar 2007, 19:01

Sorry, I meant Christine.

Emily 21 Mar 2007, 19:00

Christina -- I have a medium sized face and medium sized frames and their size is 48-17-135, for whatever that's worth. They're proportioned just right for me.

daffy 21 Mar 2007, 17:20

the first number descibes the maximum lens diamemter.

the second number describes the bridge width (the part that sits on your nose)

the third number describes the length of the side arms.

All measured in millimeters. It all depends on your head size for a good fit.

Melyssa 20 Mar 2007, 10:15


As the "Diva of Drop-Temples," I would venture myself to be an expert on those frames. But for any frame, the 54-15-140 frames are longer (140-130) on the sides and wider (15-11) than the 54-11-130's. Personally, I prefer the larger frames for a better fit and for a better range of vision.

Christine 20 Mar 2007, 09:19

The other frames I am looking at are listed as

54 15 140

Would these be much larger than the first ones?

Again... thanks

Christine 20 Mar 2007, 09:17

I am looking to get some new frames online and I have a question about the size. It is listed as

54 11 130

These are retro low temple glasses. I expect them to be pretty big, but am wondering just how large they will be. I am not familiar with the numbers and waht they represnet. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

daffy 17 Mar 2007, 05:48

Here are some interesting stats that was sent ot me via email from a vision/eyecare professional bi-monthly e-newsletter. It's really interesting...

Eyeglass Resurgence Leads to U.S. Optical Industry Growth

After a precipitous decline in usage during the calendar year 2005, there was a revival of eyeglass usage in 2006 with more and more Americans utilizing eyeglasses as a means of vision correction. In December 2006, about 65.1 percent of the American adult population was regularly wearing Rx eyeglasses, representing a total of 146.6 million adults. The percentage of the population wearing Rx eyeglasses has crept up recently and the total number of adult eyeglass wears has increased by 3.4 million during the year 2006. This recent increase in eyeglass usage can be attributed to American men and Americans between the ages of 18 to 44, two groups that have historically used eyeglasses less frequently than other demographics.

This increase in eyeglass usage has led to an increase in eyeglass sales in the U.S. during the 12 month ending period December 2006. During this period of time there were 69 million pairs of frames sold in the US (+4.9% over the previous year) valued at slightly more than $ 8 billion (+4.3% over the pervious year). Simultaneously, there were 76.3 million pairs of Rx lenses sold during the 12 month ending period December 2006 (+3.4% over the previous year) valued at $7.7 billion (+1.1% over the previous year). The strongest growth markets during 2006 were high-end frames priced at more than $150 per pair, single vision lenses, photochromic lenses and A-R coated lenses.

groovylicious 10 Mar 2007, 15:56

Yeap, I wear glasses. I've been togged up in them ever since primary four and my earliest frame were made from some hideous plastic thingy and it was huge. Made me looked like a dork but yeah, I was a dork. I was a nerd back then and every body hates me and now they couldn't believe what I have turned into. They even still gossip about me.. How could a nerdy misshapen into such a harebrained character. Whatever.. Like I care..

I hate wearing them coz it kinda restrict me from moving freely. The frame keep sliding down my nose [sebab tak cukup mancung, obviously] so my credit go to who-ever-invented-contact-lenses for the reason of his or her genius invention, I can now act as if I have perfect vision like everybody else. But my eyes, they are quite sensitive so I have to use my glasses more than lenses.

I always heard that guys are less-attracted to girls who wear glasses. In fact in any movies, to illustrate the role of an unattractive girl, she will always be wearing glasses. What's wrong with people who wear glasses? It's like a statement everywhere and when I'm with it I'll feel..self concious..Like muke aku mcm tak siap..Padahal dah siap-siap dah tadik..weird..Lasik?No thanks, I don't like the idea something poking my eyes. I dunno but to me I do find certain girls with glasses are attractive, if the frame is right. For guys..I find no problem with guys who wear glasses. I think it's cute. You know back in uni, I'm quite attracted to guys who were nerdy and wear glasses. I'll like ..try to find any excuse to talk to them even it's obviously lame, like asking for a piece of paper coz I like to see them menggelupur even the fact that I rarely talk to people. Kiut dowh. Terkemut-kemut koyakkan kertas. And the next time I see them, I'll flash them a smile and they'll smile back sheepishly. Totally cute. But according to my friends, that kind of behaviour was mean.. And I just don't understand why.

Actually I have a smaller frame before, a DKNY frame. I love that frame because at times I felt like me and esther canadias are alike [hahaha, I don't have to say it]. But after an aghast occurrence somewhere between end of August and beginning of September, I decided to revamp my look so I purchased this frame without thinking twice. My heart was breaking like you-don't-know-how-bad-it-was and I need to buy something to cheer me up. A new pair glasses seemed appropriate. So, no more making weird faces on seeing me with my glasses on ok? And don't ask me why I wear them coz the answer is simple..

Stingray 07 Mar 2007, 08:18

Continued from last post:

2. Laura Biagotti frames. Thick ovesize plastic frames, multi-colored fronts with black temples. These frames were sheer beauties. Came out about 1987.

3. Present day small rectangular plastic frames with wide temples. These look good regardless of the prescription.

What do you like?

Stingray 07 Mar 2007, 08:16

Thinking about all the eyeglass frames I have encountered over the years, here are my favorite 3 types of frames in this order:

1) A tie between the first rimless glasses held together with screws and facet lenses. I was mesmorized in the early 1980's at the sight of rimless glasses, especially when the outer edges were highly polished. Same for the facet glasses which shined like jewels. I especially liked clear lenses, with many highly polished edges.

Will continue in next post.

Visitboy 12 Aug 2006, 04:45

Thanks Filthy. I haven't come across pantoscopic tilt before. However, I can see that this would be useful for a snooker player, for example, but why for a guy wearing single vision lenses like these?

It wasn't the effect of the way the lenses fitted. It was a distinctly angled frame. The reason I put this in under Glasses Styles is that I've noticed that a lot of my grandparents' generation wore such angled frames. Great for seeing downwards, or just changing fashions?

Filthy McNasty 11 Aug 2006, 16:17

Alternatively, where thick lenses are fitted such that the optical center is significantly either above or below the vertical center of the frame, the difference in thickness between the top and bottom edges of the lens can make it look like the lens is tilted, when in fact the plus curve (or plano surface, in the case of something around -8) should be about parallel to the frame.

Filthy McNasty 11 Aug 2006, 15:53

It sounds like you are describing pantoscopic tilt.

Visitboy 11 Aug 2006, 15:28

Has anyone noticed changing fashions in the angle of the lenses in glasses. I saw a guy in London the other day who wouldn't usually have grabbed my attention, but for (inevitably) a pair of nice thick minus lenses. They were in a light gold frame, rounded rectangular design, with great lenses sticking out well around the frame. I'd guess around -8.00 at least.

Anyway, the lenses were angled out about 30 degrees from the vertical. Frames just bent (Didn't look this way.) or is there adesign benefit to the wearer of lenses at this angle?

Well he was cute with those frames, anyway!

Wei 26 Oct 2005, 14:30

Yes I agreeing large frame give more good view area and also is looking very nice on girl in dropped temple style i think. Is great shame not in fashionable time now.

Melyssa 20 Oct 2005, 04:13

Absolutely, Frances. My Mom (may she rest in peace) wore metal frames the last 30 years of her life, and they were large so they could accommodate her executive bifocals.

Frances 19 Oct 2005, 14:08

good for you Mel, they still look great, for good vision you cannot beat a large lens, and for bifocal wearers, they must be really great, large reading area and large distance area.

Melyssa 19 Oct 2005, 12:50

To respond to Puffin and Lazysiow from the "Seen on the Web" thread, as one of the few women in this vast wasteland of a universe who still wears large and midsized drop-temples, I believe the frames (pardon the pun) "dropped out of sight" because they became very popular among senior women in the mid-1980s, causing my contemporaries to stop wearing them because they "looked too old" as some said.

It's true that how a frame looks depends upon the wearer. I still get lots of compliments about mine, and they are my favorite style.

As for those new little drop-temples, I actually saw one our local NFL players wearing them as sunglasses. He's over 6 feet tall and 300 pounds, so I guess no one will make fun of him. It was odd seeing it, though.

Eye Tri 07 Jun 2005, 15:07


There are a couple of books you might want to look at. They are titled "Eyeglass Retrospective" and "Specs Appeal".They both have information and pictures of frames from that time period. I found my copies on

Forest 07 Jun 2005, 05:58

I don't know if you

allready know this one.

It's worth looking at it



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