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Minus 20 Aug 2017, 17:32

A.Non 20 Aug 2017, 11:15

Dasha without glasses... but the video quality is rubbish, and she doesn't open her eyes : (

Eyestein 20 Aug 2017, 06:28

Plus. Her eyesight was the least of her problems 3 years ago when she stopped posting on instagram.

A younger anorexic Grace

Eyestein 20 Aug 2017, 06:13


Same lady

Jim H 19 Aug 2017, 19:50

Big high minus frames!

More minus

Lovely hot mom. Wore glasses for her wedding!

 19 Aug 2017, 15:28

 19 Aug 2017, 15:27

 19 Aug 2017, 11:03

 19 Aug 2017, 10:41

 19 Aug 2017, 10:39

Ray Bans:


 19 Aug 2017, 10:26

cat eyes

 19 Aug 2017, 10:24

cat eyes

 19 Aug 2017, 07:48

Ray Bans

murky 18 Aug 2017, 21:58

Runway spectacular

murky 18 Aug 2017, 21:49

Wow, se the ultimate

murky 18 Aug 2017, 21:49

Wow, se the ultimate

murky 18 Aug 2017, 21:43

The fall look, wow

murky 18 Aug 2017, 21:40

Another runway model, Sound,\man, arent they just gorgeous, as the designer has an unlimited budget

Jim H 18 Aug 2017, 17:38


Jim H 18 Aug 2017, 17:36

High Plus'

Jim H 18 Aug 2017, 17:33

Cute minus

With her retainer

Jim H 18 Aug 2017, 17:29


Aviators Has many more pair

Jim H 18 Aug 2017, 17:24

Beauty high minus'

guest 18 Aug 2017, 15:44

what a Beauty (scroll down ...)

Eyestein 18 Aug 2017, 09:41

Time for bifocals...or longer arms.

Eyestein 18 Aug 2017, 06:55

This near-blind lady must have a hot and sexy attitude. Of course she is perfectly entitled to live with the same desires and passions as any other lady of her age. She wants people to know and understand that.

Eyestein 18 Aug 2017, 06:36

It's just a phenomenon that a small number of myopic girls (and older women) like to understate the reason why they wear glasses. They feel shame or embarrassment about not seeing well. It's like when some girls call their minus glasses reading glasses. They actually need to wear them while driving so they can read street signs.

Soundmanpt 18 Aug 2017, 06:03


Very interesting! I wonder why she is claiming to have good eyesight when her glasses clearly have a rather decent prescription? And her job clearly doesn't require protective lenses.

Eyestein 18 Aug 2017, 02:54

Obviously myopic but see the comment at the bottom.

Her job

Eyestein 18 Aug 2017, 02:09

Megan Fox

Eyestein 18 Aug 2017, 01:33

Minus with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. All her selfies help to convince her that she doesn't look repulsive.

Yoyo 17 Aug 2017, 14:17

Moderate minus doing a makeup tutorial, really pretty:

Nick Name 17 Aug 2017, 11:01

strong minus beauty

Soundmanpt 17 Aug 2017, 08:06


Great to see runway models wearing glasses during a fashion show.

murky 17 Aug 2017, 00:52


Pseldonymov 16 Aug 2017, 08:54


everything's fuzzy 15 Aug 2017, 23:01

everything's fuzzy 15 Aug 2017, 23:01

a(-), a(+), and a(-)

NNVisitor 15 Aug 2017, 20:57

Jim H

The one you wrote "love her" from Slovakia is such a beauty.

Jim H 15 Aug 2017, 19:35

Pretty moderate Plus'

Doesn't like to show her braces

Love her

Jim H 15 Aug 2017, 19:30



Jim H 15 Aug 2017, 19:20

More high minus

Hot minus'

Jim H 15 Aug 2017, 19:12

High Minus ladies


Puffin 15 Aug 2017, 17:32

Well, Saffron Barker is new to me. But... interesting.

everything's fuzzy 15 Aug 2017, 17:14

everything's fuzzy 15 Aug 2017, 17:13

Cute British girl worried about being safe in today's crazy world and other stuff.

Soundmanpt 15 Aug 2017, 09:44


I didn't go back far enough in her videos to find her "I'm Getting Glasses" video. But in there she says that she had glasses quite a while before and and lost them 2 days after getting them. So Since she lost her very first glasses that quickly these glasses were pretty much her first glasses. In her "My Glasses have Arrived" video she gets her glasses and she points out that she doesn't have to wear them all the time, but that she will need to wear them when watching TV. At 1:42 she holds her glasses up to the camera and you can tell that her glasses are quite weak by looking at things in the background. Very slight minification. She even said that she didn't like wearing them at all and that she was getting contacts. Based on the video caps she was true to her word because only a couple videos shows her wearing glasses over the next year. Like you said ever since she got her new aviator glasses she seems to be wearing glasses far more often. I would assume for 2 reasons. One just as you noticed her new glasses appear to be a stronger than her previous pair and she seems to really like the aviator glasses. She's clearly wearing her lasses much more often and even when she isn't wearing them they are often seen on top of her head.I just googled her and found out that she is only 17 so she is still very much in that age group where her eyesight is still changing and probably will be for a few more years. So based on how much more she seems to need her glasses now than she used to I agree with you that she most likely will be needing new stronger glasses around Jan 2018. If she in fact got contacts she doesn't seem to wear them very often.

In looking in Google I was surprised at how well known she is in the UK. She even had a hit record when she was 15 with an all girl singing group. She has amazingly beautiful blue eyes and look even better under her aviator glasses.

everything's fuzzy 14 Aug 2017, 23:56

Off beat but interesting

Carrie 14 Aug 2017, 22:38

Saffron Barker got her first glasses in January 2016. She had them for a few months and then lost them. She only wore them occasionally. It seems that by January this year her eyesight had got worse as you can tell by looking at the lenses she has a stronger prescription. She probably would have got new glasses even if she hadn't lost her other ones.

She has also got contacts which she wore more than her glasses in her videos for a while but seems to be wearing her glasses more again.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if she needs a stronger prescription in January 2018.

She wasn't very keen to wear her first glasses but was very happy when she got her aviators.

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