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Crystal Veil 19 Jan 2017, 07:35

astigmaphile (Jan. 14th),

my sincere thanks for your compliments about the latest photo shoot with lovely Emma. Two years ago, I saw her at a restaurant terrace and grabbed my courage together. I told her that she has a model face and that I would like her to pose for me. She had no experience in modelling but she is highly motivated, trying to make each new photo shoot better than the previous one. Emma is a hard worker, blessed with looks and brains. She is also a highly civilized, caring person and pleasant company. In short, a real gem. I shared your praise with her and she will be pleased, producing that million dollar smile. Emma already agreed to do another photo shoot, preferably on a warm summer day. Thank you!

Jim H 19 Jan 2017, 07:06

Working link

Jim H 19 Jan 2017, 07:05

I think we would all agree with this article!

Crystal Veil 19 Jan 2017, 06:58

Lip (Leo in Perth, Jan. 14th),

I just shared your praise with beautiful Emma. Knowing her reaction on previous occasions, she will be delighted. Emma did so well that I offered her a free pair of glasses with her own mild prescription and suggested the frame in 331. It's doubtful if she will accept the bonus offer. She hates her own glasses and never brought them along to her photo shoots. Perhaps your reaction will make her change her mind. Thank you!

Yeti 19 Jan 2017, 05:57

Hair worn in a bun makes me hot:

hooked  18 Jan 2017, 15:09

I like these comparisons:

MisterMild 17 Jan 2017, 20:49

Brazilian hi-minus beauties

Jim H 17 Jan 2017, 15:22

Cute minus



Lonny 17 Jan 2017, 13:02

Nice collection

Eyestein 17 Jan 2017, 07:40

Plus lens glow.

Eyestein 17 Jan 2017, 05:48

Purrblind says she has +7 and +7.5. I would have guessed a little higher. She is adorable.

gwgs 17 Jan 2017, 02:23

Still, they looked quite strong to me, and didn't look minus. From the images shown on there they appeared to magnify her eyes so in this case would be + or -.

gwgs 17 Jan 2017, 02:22

Google Translate is a wonderful tool

Liam 17 Jan 2017, 02:01

I don't understand french, do you know if she'll buy all of them and wear them ?

 17 Jan 2017, 00:10

hi Jim,

Thanks for posting high plus ladies and especially purrblind, she is adorable. (almost 3 hours video)

Jim H 16 Jan 2017, 20:44


High plus BBW Think she used to be on livejasmin

Jim H 16 Jan 2017, 20:42

High Plus

Jim H 16 Jan 2017, 20:41


Jim H 16 Jan 2017, 20:39

Moderate Minus Swimming with glasses

Jim H 16 Jan 2017, 20:37

More minus

Jim H 16 Jan 2017, 20:33

High minus

still 16 Jan 2017, 18:58

Hi gwgs - with respect, Cate Blanchett's glasses don't appear stronger than -1.5.

lazysiow 16 Jan 2017, 16:27

Amazing frames and hair

Pseldonymov 16 Jan 2017, 15:09

Moderate minus. 20-years old Russian

eyesnap 16 Jan 2017, 10:04

Sawdust Girl

gwgs 16 Jan 2017, 09:01

Cate Blanchett wearing what look like quite strong aviator glasses;

Yeti 16 Jan 2017, 03:33

Minus girl talking about laser surgery:

Lovelly close ups on her glasses and throught her lenses:

Yeti 16 Jan 2017, 03:19

Nice myopia come with gens in this familly :)

David 16 Jan 2017, 01:43

An old friend resurfacing?

Pseldonymov 15 Jan 2017, 20:40

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 15 Jan 2017, 14:53

Samll minus

Pseldonymov 15 Jan 2017, 14:52

Small minus

Jim H 15 Jan 2017, 13:06

Minus Nice Tiffany frames


Eyestein 15 Jan 2017, 06:34

Here's an amazing similarity.


Iskra Lawrence

Eyestein 15 Jan 2017, 05:54

I got that wrong didn't I. It's someone else.

Eyestein 15 Jan 2017, 05:21

@Jim H and HyperHope. One of the high plus sisters has good curves.

Jim H 14 Jan 2017, 21:10

High Minus Milf

Jim H 14 Jan 2017, 21:07

Yes Crystal Veil, I also love the minus lenses with fancy frames on a beautiful woman. Emma looks great in the wide variety of frames. I agree with Slit, she looks very natural and has a great smile.

Hyper Hope, you're right the sister has a stronger script. I do have weakness for a cute redhead with freckles!

still 14 Jan 2017, 16:33

Dear CV, Thanks for the Emma pictures. My first thought was, how does he do it?? Such a relaxed and cheerful model, it shows through in every pose. Happy New Year!!

astigmaphile 14 Jan 2017, 10:13

Crystal Veil,

Your photo shoot with Emma is wonderful. She is beautiful and has a million dollar smile. She also has plenty of ability as a model.

 14 Jan 2017, 09:04

About 14-18 seconds into this video, "said no one ever."

Lip (Leo in Perth ) 14 Jan 2017, 07:32


Thanks for those beautiful pictures (Emma )

What a beautiful Smile, From a beautiful Lady !

I think she looks great in most pairs of glasses ,especially

Nos. 317 , 288, but I have to agree with you,331 upwards , is stunning !!

Hyper Hope 14 Jan 2017, 05:35

Jim H, thank you for the high plus sisters!

The second sister actually has a much higher prescription

Crystal Veil 14 Jan 2017, 01:12

Jim H,

thanks for posting the "pretty minus" teacher from Beirut. She is fantastic. My educated guess is that the Rx is about minus seven. She reminds me of a full time pro model from the same area who used the nickname Katie when I had the pleasure of working with her near Dublin in 2013. She now poses under her real name which translated into English means "The aroma of the flowers". Beauties from the Middle East.... Keep them coming!

 13 Jan 2017, 23:40

moderate minus russian vloger

Jim H 13 Jan 2017, 20:35

Moderate Plus

Jim H 13 Jan 2017, 20:31

High plus sisters



Jim H 13 Jan 2017, 20:27


Jim H 13 Jan 2017, 20:25

High minus

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