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Glasses for Auction or Sale

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Stephan 24 Sep 2017, 04:28

very good peripherical vision with this oversize pair ! If a woman doesn't care about very thick lenses, it is perfect !

Stephan 24 Sep 2017, 04:14

a light weight pair with high myopic icecube lenses :

Stephan 23 Sep 2017, 10:31

a pair with very thick lenses - stylish for men ( Business- or Casual style) and women ( evening style , nerd style)

, tiny eyes behind a wall of glass :

ST.. 22 Sep 2017, 20:41

Stephan 21 Sep 2017, 08:08

...and a peerfect pair for all 24/7 user of high myopic eyewear - thick lenses but so comfortable to wear - if all glasses would be so comfortable even with extreme myopic lenses, most high myops would prefer glasses instead of contacts !

Stephan 21 Sep 2017, 08:05

A rare pair with frosted myodisc lenses - my wife very likes them, because so easy and comfortable to wear after some hours of adaptation to this very special kind of lens:

Stephan 21 Sep 2017, 08:04

Big and strong but very harmonic with female and male faces. Thick lenses, striking and interesting pair :

Stephan 07 Sep 2017, 03:19

if greek singer Nana Mouskouri would be really high myopic, she would probably wear glasses like this :

Stephan 07 Sep 2017, 03:16

and this extreme pair im oversize style... Eyes look so tiny and melancholic behind theses walls of glass :

Stephan 07 Sep 2017, 03:14

a large business style pair with very thick high myopic lenses :

phwoar your eyes 05 Sep 2017, 07:41

One last pair for now;

Fendi bifocals with thick lenses;

phwoar your eyes 05 Sep 2017, 07:40

Various high myopic glasses for sale, having a long awaited clear out;

Vintage coil arm myodiscs with approx -22 lenses;

-18 myodiscs in semi rimless frame;

Thick highly myopic aviators;

Tommy Hilfiger prescription sunglasses with thick lenses;

Stephan 22 Aug 2017, 06:47

soory, forgot the link :

Stephan 22 Aug 2017, 06:47

a paerfect pair for men ( possible for women, too) who like this "icecube lense look" , very thick lenses in a metal frame grey and blue - very tiny eyes behind the bowls...

Blurry Boy 18 Aug 2017, 23:50

Some high prescription glasses to follow also.

Stephan 18 Aug 2017, 08:04

an last but not least : a perfect very thick pair of glasses for everyday use - very comfortable even with these thick myopic lenses

Stephan 18 Aug 2017, 01:14

I like these bold frames combined with thick thick lenses... I remember a very shy high myopic woman who talked about her glasses and mentioned that the strong lenses are like a wall between her and others to keep them out of her world...

Stephan 16 Aug 2017, 01:07

...and the missing link of last post :

Stephan 16 Aug 2017, 01:06

a modern but vintage style pair of very strong myopic glasses - reminds me of the earlier times before common use of contacts when severely myopic women were forced to wear their coke bottle glasses out of house - even for a date...

Soundmanpt 11 Aug 2017, 15:14


Thank you so much. You are correct. I for the life of me couldn't think what they were called. I remember picking up a number of them years ago for the non profit vision group I was with. Some of them were really fancy. I was told the reason they didn't stay around long was because they were so difficult for the lab to cut and drill them. I was told that they ruined many lenses while making them. Some even had stones embedded in the lenses. Even back then they were expensive glasses. They cost as much as $500.00 and at that time that was expensive.

I remember on Thursday evenings I would make a point of stopping in at the Pearle Vision nearest my house. They had hired a new young female optician an she was left to close that night. She was the only one their. So we always had nice chats. One night just before I was leaving for a 3 week vacation i stopped in as usual. She wasn't very happy because her manager told her that she needed to pick out whatever glasses she wanted to wear and get them sent to the lab. The reason she was upset was because she didn't need glasses and thought it was stupid to have to wear something she didn't need. For spite she told me that she was going to get a pair of the drop temples with the fanciest faceted lenses she could get. Anyway of course by the time I got back from vacation she not only had her glasses but she was wearing them when I went in to see her. After being told that she missed me I finally had to comment about her glasses. She really looked really cute wearing them. Anyway I told her "I see you got your glasses while I was away" I was halfway expecting her reaction to not be very good at all. but instead she just said that she was still getting used to wearing them but she liked wearing them. That completely surprised me considering how unhappy she was about being forced to wear them. then she told me why she okay with wearing glasses. In the 3 weeks I was away she had sold 3 pairs of the exact same glasses she was wearing. In those days an optician got a pretty nice commission check every month. So because those glasses were so expensive her commission was very good because of those 3 pairs she sold. So she never complained again about wearing glasses. In fact a few years later she got her own store and like her manager did with her she made her employees wear glasses at work too and she made me promise to never tell any of them about how she didn't want to wear her glasses.

30calcat 11 Aug 2017, 14:37

I am too young to have seen anyone wearing faceted lenses in person, but they are indeed fascinating, especially in high powers. There is a minus pair in the bottom row of this lot:

Not particularly strong, but no where near plano either.

I keep thinking my next pair of glasses will be a drilled frame. Perhaps I can talk the optician into doing facets too.

Tom 09 Aug 2017, 15:23

Great find 30calcat

sweet memories for me ... When I was a teen, I used to babysit for 3 children whose mom wore frames like that, mix of metal and red plastic.

She was very very myopic, thick lenses, and one day I arrived at their place ans she wore black plastic frames instead. After she left and the kids were asleep, I quickly stumbled upon her "red" glasses in the kitchen, and of course could not resist but try them on. I must have spent about 90mim playing with those specs (try to watch tv, read a book, walk around with everythimg spinning because if the string lenses) befote I heard her car stop in front of the house. I believe my glasses fetish started, or really took off that evening.

Stingray 09 Aug 2017, 14:44

The lenses you were referring to SoundmanPT were called facet lenses.

Soundmanpt 09 Aug 2017, 13:48


Those are nice but what I miss and thought were the best looking glasses was the "drop temple frames with the fancy cut lenses. I'm having a senior moment so I can't think what they called the cut of those lenses.

30calcat 09 Aug 2017, 13:05

Stumbled across these coke bottles while shopping vintage frames:

So big, thick, and 80s! Do you all miss this era, or do you like more minimalist contemporary frames?

Stephan 09 Aug 2017, 02:00

rare style of extreme aviators with thick myopic lenses.

Only worn for some city trips last year :

Blurry Boy 08 Aug 2017, 07:25

A pair of Black 60s - 70s NHS glasses Merx Major

Blurry Boy 08 Aug 2017, 07:17

Some vintage tortoiseshell folding glasses, similar pair just sold on eBay

Blurry Boy 08 Aug 2017, 07:05

Blurry Boy 08 Aug 2017, 06:53

Blurry Boy 08 Aug 2017, 02:13

Stephan 06 Aug 2017, 11:07

...two icecubes in metal frames... tiny eyes behind a wall of glass !

Stephan 05 Aug 2017, 00:15

thick myopic lenses in bold frames - this is a parfect evening pair for high myopic women. I very like to see women wearing those heavy cokebottle glasses when going out for dinner together...

Stephan 03 Aug 2017, 07:41

and this pair of cokebottles , Striking thick lenses isn high quality dark red metal frames :

Stephan 03 Aug 2017, 06:27

...and this stylish bold frame which perfectly fits to the thick myopic lenses . I like the combination of bold frames and thick lenses :

Stephan 03 Aug 2017, 06:25

We listed some high myopic pairs which we don't use anymore. F. e. this one which really deserves the name "cokebottles" :

a 03 Aug 2017, 06:24


Stingray 02 Aug 2017, 11:54

Just reduced the price on this scuba diving prescription mask with -9.50 lenses.

Blurry Boy 01 Aug 2017, 01:25

Stephan, please ignore those who criticize you and insult you. You are doing great keep up the good work and many thanks. My regards to you and S****a.

Blurry Boy.

Blurry Boy 01 Aug 2017, 01:25

Stephan, please ignore those who criticize you and insult you. You are doing great keep up the good work and many thanks. My regards to you and S****a.

Blurry Boy.

Blurry Boy 01 Aug 2017, 01:10

Blurry Boy 01 Aug 2017, 00:45

Some frames for sale, will be listing some with strong prescription lenses soon.

Stephan 30 Jul 2017, 23:18

and a very interesting interpretation of the aviator style - strking pair with those strong thick lenses !

Stephan 30 Jul 2017, 23:07

myopic icecubes ;-)

-20 dpt in clear frames :

Stephan 30 Jul 2017, 23:05

a lot of minus glasses in very good condition

-3.50 dpt.

 30 Jul 2017, 04:29

Those aren't power rings. What a silly name. Those are the edges of the glasses compressed to create the prescription lense. They are not rings. They do not have power. Grow up.

Stephan 27 Jul 2017, 22:19

a very harmonic pair - frame and strong lenses fit togehter very well - a perfect thick and strong everyday / all time use pair for high myopes . A lot of power rings and thick lens edges but very comfortable

Stephan 26 Jul 2017, 10:07

extremely thick white power rings in this pair for extremely myopic people. But comfortable to wear :

Stephan 18 Jul 2017, 10:11

a very rare "frosted myodisc" / mattierte Lenti pair, very strong -20 lenses , for people who shall not move eyeballs very much ( f.e. short after retinal detachment surgery for high myopes). High myopes who had severe damage on retina are not allowed to move eyes a lot for some weeks... glasses like these can help to heal

This is a cute pair, even with those special lenses !

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