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Glasses for Auction or Sale

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John 26 May 2017, 05:56


Strong en thick minus eyeglasses!

Myodisc fan 25 May 2017, 21:56

-16 lady thick glasses myodisc.

Stephan 24 May 2017, 11:05

and last pair for the moment - a pair with large thick lenses for those who are not afraid of wearing cokebottle glasses in public :

Stephan 23 May 2017, 09:09

A perfect thick minus pair for men , but of course women can use them, too . Very thick lens and extreme cut in, but so comfortable to wear !

Guest 21 May 2017, 10:15


Stephan 20 May 2017, 12:32

and these icecubes in slightly blue clear frame... She says very comfortable to wear...

Stephan 20 May 2017, 12:31

and this oversize pair with striking thick lenses , heavy but cute !!!

Stephan 20 May 2017, 12:13

...and this extreme minification :

Stephan 20 May 2017, 12:11

I like these white curtains around tiny, tiny myopic eyes:

 18 May 2017, 07:41

Round metal glasses with very thick minus lenses!

Stephan 15 May 2017, 09:36

this pair deserves the attribute "cokebottles !!!

Large pair with a lot of power rings !

Stephan 15 May 2017, 09:34

A wall of glass ... tiny tiny eyes behind, extreme pair for high myopics :

CraigB 13 May 2017, 15:10

Check out these myodisc glasses for high minus rx:

Stephan 12 May 2017, 09:36

...and last but not least - my favourite for every day "myopic life... for shopping, fitness center, go for a walk in afternoon. Thick biconcave lenses, but so easy to wear. Tiny eyes , a lot of cut in , framed with crystal...

Stephan 12 May 2017, 09:33

...and a parfect 24/7 pair for high myopics , so easy to wear, so comfortable, even with thick biconcave lenses. People will love your tiny eyes...:

Stephan 12 May 2017, 09:31

and so much "cut in" with this biconcave pair ... Even some people in restaurant noticed this - and usually "common people" without attraction to high myopic women don't react very much to strong glasses , but with this pair it's a little bit different :

LIP 10 May 2017, 06:49


I have to admit, your choice of frames and lenses are beautiful!

Stephan 09 May 2017, 06:53

and another princes from this universe of thick myopic glasses :

Stephan 09 May 2017, 06:51

a pair , not from this world , from planet myopia ... very extreme lenses :

Stephan 07 May 2017, 11:45

all what a high myopic pair needs for me : a lot of cut in , striking minification of eyes , a lot of rings around a strong lens center , thick lenses with plano front reflexions

Stephan 06 May 2017, 10:14

and this pairs has all what i like in extreme minus glasses ... thick lenses, loads of power rings , tiny tiny eyes, a lot of refelexion on CR39 lens :

Stephan 05 May 2017, 09:42

...or this really thick and heavy beauty :

Stephan 05 May 2017, 09:41

If you need to wear extremeley strong glasses , why then not wear a really striking pair ? ...

Stephan 04 May 2017, 03:14

And how this pair looks in reality, worn in public , very thick lenses but a good pair for going out :

Stephan 02 May 2017, 06:43

And I love this clear pair... Wall of glass :

Stephan 02 May 2017, 06:42

Loads of power rings in these beauties... :

CraigB 28 Apr 2017, 10:50

Glasses for extreme myopia, half inch tick, minus 18 lenses, great shape, very extreme looking:

Stephan 27 Apr 2017, 06:15

and this huge pair with loads of power rings :

Stephan 27 Apr 2017, 06:13

...not very ofte to see now, but I saw some similiar large metal frames coming back with latest styles of modern glasses .

ZThis one is really thick :

AlainHMG 26 Apr 2017, 03:32

Sales List Update! 23 New interesting glasses found for sale on Ebay:

Stephan 23 Apr 2017, 02:19

and last but not least , a very extreme pair :

Stephan 22 Apr 2017, 06:24

... and this myopic Butterfly.. like a beauty from another galaxy :

Stephan 22 Apr 2017, 06:23

This pair very much reminds me of my teacher of music in school, she ha a bold black pair of glasses, a wall of lenses and tiny grey eyes far behind this wall... I guess she was about same range of prescription :

Stephan 19 Apr 2017, 10:21

a wall of glass... high myopic pair of glasses :

AlainHMG 15 Apr 2017, 15:27

Sales List Update! Almost 40 New Minus and Plus glasses for sale on Ebay:

Stephan 12 Apr 2017, 06:54

and last but not least :

tons of "white" in these lenses . I very like these "white curtains around far away tiny eyes..."

Stephan 12 Apr 2017, 06:52

and this big and striking thick pair :

Stephan 12 Apr 2017, 02:13

and this thick wall of glass... this pair always reminds me of this beautiful high myope from brazil...

Stephan 12 Apr 2017, 02:10

A very very stylish thick myopic pair - unisex and stricking thick lenses ( about 12mm on edges) :

Tonylids 10 Apr 2017, 03:53

Hi, I've got one unopened box of 6 CooperVision Proclear +11.5 monthly lenses and also 1 further +11.5 and 1 only +12 all in their sealed containers. (BC is 8.6 and diameter is 14.2)

Please email me at if you are interested in buying these as a 'job lot' for 30

Stephan 07 Apr 2017, 02:42

and this gorgeous thick pair with a lot of powerrings :

Stephan 05 Apr 2017, 09:54

one more of my pairs which is perfect for high myopic GOC :

Stephan 01 Apr 2017, 03:05

As the "buyer" didn't pay for this "wall of glass" , I relisted it in ebay...

An extraordinary thick pair of high myopic glasses :

Stephan 27 Mar 2017, 09:39

Some "walls of glass" , hiogh myopic pairs which I offer for sale :

Markus 08 Mar 2017, 07:07

A collection of high minus glasses for sale:

AlainHMG 05 Mar 2017, 15:22

List Big Update! Almost 50 New Minus and Plus glasses for sale on Ebay:

Peter 27 Feb 2017, 11:56


High minus glasses

Tonylids 22 Feb 2017, 02:22

I've listed these glasses for sale, they have had little use and contain a +10 bifocal prescription with a base in prism of (I think) 18 in total. I've got a couple of other pairs that I could sell as well if these go without a problem

AlainHMG 10 Feb 2017, 20:14

A new batch of Great and Rare High Minus glasses for sale on Ebay:


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