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How did you get started doing GOC?

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Wei 29 May 2010, 15:43

So yes i post of mysodisc. Lenses of thickness greatly! Of bifocal of line is good! frames of multicolor! I fear is mysodisc of frame of plastic!!

Puffin 29 May 2010, 12:59

I didn't realise Yoda was into glasses :-)

Wei 29 May 2010, 12:04

Of contact is rx very high? I of many lens is mysodisc! If lenticular of contacts?

woodframes 07 Oct 2005, 21:44

Good day,

I am a maker of hand carved wooden glasses, each being specific in design and construction to the desires of the customer. I personally pick all my woods to ensure uniqueness and quality. If anyone is interested in a one in a kind pair of eyewear, feel free to contact me as we could discuss further the possibilities of custom wooden frames.

Scott Urban

Hansel 20 Aug 2004, 10:07

How did I get to start GOC?

Simple really, I wear CLs most of the time, my optician suggested that reading spex would help. Initially I bought a pair of +1.00 "ready readers" rom the optician. Then I bought a pair of +1.00 from him that were made up. I feel these are better quality lenses. This process began about two years ago, although I have to say that I have now a concern about the business practice of this particular optical establishment.

Electra 11 Mar 2004, 07:07

May I please have your attention! I've been beavering away at

Would you guys be kind enough to take a look and maybe

1) Give me some requests as to what you'd like to see on there, and/or

2) Offer me something, maybe astory or a pic for the site, and/or

3) Tell me what I'm doing wrong?

girnur 03 Dec 2003, 14:38


I´m living north of lake Vänern in Sweden.

I´ve finally got my first GOC set. :)I ordered the glasses from optical4less. Albert was very friendly and it took only 12 days for the glasses to arrive.

I will definately buy from them again.

Jesper 20 Nov 2003, 15:28

Copenhagen area. West of Copenhagen.

Lisa 20 Nov 2003, 01:58


I was also a little confused by her prescription, but that is what she said it is!?

I don't know that much about prescriptions, and by the sounds of it, she doesn't even know her own!

I'm seeing her tonight so i'll ask her.

girnur 20 Nov 2003, 01:38

Hello Jesper.

I´m from Sweden. The west of middle Sweden actually. Where´re you from?

Alan 19 Nov 2003, 10:54

Lisa -- I think the question about your 'natural' prescription came because you said you do glasses-over-contacts and it was a little confusing. Could you verify/clarify the prescriptions you mentioned in your post before (+18 and -3.75) -- they don't really make sense, or something didn't make sense.

Lisa 19 Nov 2003, 08:57

Hi Newish, I thought i wrote my RX down, it's -10.25 +0.75.

I'm from Tonbridge in Kent, what is your rx?

Newish 19 Nov 2003, 07:45


What is your 'natural' rx and what part of UK are you from? I am from Wales.

Jesper 19 Nov 2003, 04:26

Any GOC wearers in Denmark, Sweden or Northern Germany?

Lisa 19 Nov 2003, 03:31

Sorry, i meant to write i watched TV in the latter part of my last post.

Lisa 19 Nov 2003, 03:30

hi, my name is Lisa and i'm from the uk.

My prescription is -10.25 +.75

i got started on GOC when i was wearing my contacts one evening and a friend who i hadn't seen for a long time was wearing large plastic frame glasses with a pinkish rim, the lenses looked thick and i was quite suprised in the two years i hadn't seen her, her eyesight had got so bad (she never used to wear glasses or contacts when i was at college with her).

We got talking about life and she asked me if i had got lasik done as she was used to seeing me wearing glasses. I told her that the opticians were making new faceted lenses for my glasses so they stick out so much and i was giving contacts a go.

She revealed her prescription and i couldn't believe it was +18, she also said her vision was that good for distance and had been prescribed a -3.75 prescription for. God i thought, those lenses looked thick, but what had happened to her over the last two years to make her wear varifocals with such strong prescriptions for both near and farsightedness. I didn't ask as it would have been rude but was very intrigued.

Anyway, she stayed the night round my house a few days later and when she was asleep i went into her bedroom to find her glasses on the bedside table.

I put them on and i could see extremely clearly, clearer than i could with my normal glasses. I sat and watched for an hour or two then went out to get some milk (still wearing her glasses) and couldn't believe how clear everything was.

I put her glasses back when i got home and she never knew.

Now i'm hooked on GOC and so glad i've found a place i talk about it!

Andy O. 17 Nov 2003, 09:05

- still no answer to my lst posting. That´s a bit schade - because I am still searching for a lovely "Glasbaustein"-lady from germany, even better from NRW, where I live. wenn es Dich gibt, please let it know me.

Schoene Gruesse, Andy O.

Vodkaboy 07 Nov 2003, 01:41

Hi there

If there are any GOCers or OOs in UK that would like to get in touch, please feel free, my email is

please put eyescene in the subject initially so that the email will NOT be filtered as junk.

It would be a great achievement to meet some cool friends on here.



John 05 Nov 2003, 23:39

Are there also GOC-wearers in the Netherlands? I hope it!


Andy O. 05 Nov 2003, 07:58

Hi Mark, Hi Britta!

here is a third german GOC wearer, who lokes myodisc glasses with plus contacts!

I would like to send you a message, but I don't have your e-mail-addresses.

So ein Pech aber auch...

Meine lautet jedenfalls: Bin mal gespannt, ob ich da demnächst tatsächlich was finde, That would be great, ideed.

So long, Andy O.

Bobby 23 Jul 2003, 12:53

Mark, everybody wants to meet a female GOC wearer. but they probably hide from us on some top secret place. hehe

Mark 23 Jul 2003, 06:24

Hi Bobby,

you are right I am a German GOC wearer. The problem is my english is very bad.

I wear GOC for a long time. At the moment I have to combos. Are there any other GOC wearer who like to correspond. I would like to meet a female GOC wearer.

Bobby 22 Jul 2003, 03:17

As an old member of this community, a moderator (i.e. one of several) of Glassesovercontacts Yahoo group, and a founder of two such groups in another language (the project failed twice) I can say that there are some women who are interested in GOC and a few of them probably occasionally wear GOC for recreational purposes (for fun). I do not count those, who wear GOC as a real optical aid that helps them see and enables them to wear thinner glasses, of course.

I cannot tell any number as it would be a pure speculation. There are female GOC wearer, but they are very scarce. They should be protecte by UNO.

Otto 21 Jul 2003, 17:53

I've been visiting the Eye Scene Website for about 4 months. Quite interesting information here; i.e., the Chats, Posts, Stories, Photos, and the various Subjects discussed.

I am just curious about one item. What percentage of the universe of GOC wearers/fanciers are female. The percentage would seem to be rather low. Would someone in the know here care to offer an informed guess? Thoughts appreciated.

Mark 20 Jul 2003, 13:38

Hi Britta, schön das es auch Frauen gibt, die Interesse an GOC haben.

Wie wollen wir uns austauschen ??

Bobby 15 Jul 2003, 15:33

If the ruins of my German knowledge are correct, we have discovered the first German GOC wearer!!!

Please, tell us more, preferably in English.

Christy 15 Jul 2003, 14:35

Shock! horror! Warning from the GOC!

But hey - don't let me spoil your fun!

firefighter 15 Jul 2003, 10:16

Hi britta

hätte nich mehr gedacht das es Frauen gibt die interesse an goc haben



Britta 15 Jul 2003, 01:10


nz 15 Jul 2003, 00:07


Mark 14 Jul 2003, 23:57

Welche Frau aus Deutschland hat Lust sich mit mir über GOC auszutauschen ???

UK Lad 02 Jun 2003, 12:14

anyone in the uk wanna contact me, email me on

would be interested in the possibility of meeting up with some people in the uk with the same interests as me

ebay fan 02 Jun 2003, 12:13

hey, you can sometimes get new + and - contacts on ebay, they are normally 'dailies' but I have cleaned dailies for a few days and they are still fine... Thought this may be an idea for some people

specs4ever 21 May 2003, 21:15

Well, SC, I doubt that anyone has a supply of unopened contacts. And to trade lenses that have been worn by someone else is downright dangerous, and irresponsible. However, if some of us were to get together, and say we discovered a common brand, and eye size - like 8.9 base curve, and 14.5 or 14.8 diameter, well then I could see no problem in exchanging unopened lenses. One of my problems in the past has been the ordering of many different prescription contacts once I found a supplier. So, it would be easier if you and I had the same eye size, and I could use my address and a different prescription for each eye to order 2 pairs of different powered lenses. Then you could do the same, and we could trade the unopened bottles. Although, right now I am pretty well supplied, so I am not in the market, but I am sure there is likely others. The best place for this discussion might be on Bobby's Yahoo groups glassesovercontacts.

UKoo 21 May 2003, 14:02

Does anyone know of an optician in the UK where glasses and contacts for GOC can be purchased via an understanding optician?, even if under the guise of for film theatrical work etc.I have plus 6.5 approx presc, but would like to do GOC with say minus 15 to minus 20 with CR39 lenses in large frame so as to maximise effect! Any and all suggestions gratefully received

SC 19 May 2003, 09:42

I have thought of doing GOC too. The problem of finding contacts is difficult though as many people have said. If people from this wonderful site have contacts which many do and perhaps like me have daily disposable ones etc people may want to share/trade some to make life easier. Anybody willing to do this - help out our fellow eyesceners?

Clare 16 May 2003, 22:27

GwGs - small matter of a dot! Trying this URL I copied when I went into the site just now ...

GwGs 16 May 2003, 05:07

Hi Clare,

Thanks for your message, i can't get the website that you mentioned, are you sure that's the right address?


Clare 15 May 2003, 14:44

GwGs - I just ordered some from

Although I have a current prescription, it would be easy to get a fake one because all they ask is if you have a current prescription but they make no request for optician's details. They were quick and cheap too, delivered to my house within 4 days. I'm only ordering -2 though, if you went with a big rx they might need to check. Anyway, good luck

GwGs 15 May 2003, 09:16

I've seen some lovely -14 glasses that would be ideal for doing GOC, but i don't know where to get contact lenses on the net from.

Does anyone know where i could get them on the net?

Mark 09 May 2003, 01:13

Hi Gast aus Deutschland !!!

ich bin GOC-Fan und aus Deutschland.

Können uns gerne über diese Thema austauschen. Sag deine Email und ich melde mich !

Bobby 09 Mar 2003, 09:35

Guest from Germany:

yes there are, and also some just next door, from the neighboring Czech Rep.

Gast aus Germany 08 Mar 2003, 00:27

Gib es auch GOC Fans in Deutschland ?

Myodisc 15 Feb 2003, 15:36

William UK

I like a girl in glasses too, I wear glasses myself,and live in central Scotland e-mail me on

William UK 15 Feb 2003, 15:07

47 yr old hetrosexual male from UK posting after lurking here and reading posts with interest for nearly 2 years.Always been very attracted to girls in glasses esp VERY VERY high minus types, alas there are not enough of them!.....although I have courtred one or two throughout the years!Still looking for the right one and one day I hope to find her!.....Yup a real optimist! My own prescription approx plus 6.5, any ideas how I could achieve GOC for approx minus 20 or even more anyone. ALL HELP APPRECIATED as I would really like to do this!

v_max74 13 Feb 2003, 06:20

Hi HardCL & however-else-who-like- contacts,

now you can find different groups on yahoo (like:

) that speak about contacts, colored contacts, hard contact lenses & vintage contact lenses.

Everyone is welcome!



The OGL 18 Dec 2002, 09:12

Re the "kick" out of GOC, here are a couple of other reasons. Yesterday went GOC shopping, and then stopped at a nice upscale mall bar for a pint. Lots of X chromosomers there,and it's easy to take of the glasses and clean them, make a comment about "I just got these and boy do they make a difference far away" etc. which usually sparks a good conversation about our favorite subject. It's for that reason I usually wear low minus for those occasions, more than once they've asked to try them on and been able to see better.

Or, my favorite ploy, worked perfectly yesterday. Was only operating around 2 to 3 diopters overplussed and found a discount chain with only one female working and which had a Snellen chart on the wall. Squinted at the chart, asked how far away I was supposed to be and how far down I should be able to read, etc. (of course wasn't wearing the glasses, a wonderful blur) and she gave me the whole distance screen bit. I then asked if any of the glasses around the store had "distance" lenses and she said no, but that I was probably like her (she wore contacts) and could try hers. She disappeared into the back room and came back with her old round gold metal frames, -2.75 and -2.50 and said I should try them. Of course, I oooooohed and awwwwwed about the clarity, proceeded to read the Snellen down to the 20/15 line, and a good time was had by all.

Stan 13 Dec 2002, 02:51


weird (wîrd)

adj. weird·er, weird·est

1) Of, relating to, or suggestive of the preternatural or supernatural.

2) Of a strikingly odd or unusual character; strange.

3) Archaic. Of or relating to fate or the Fates.

I'd have to say GOC is odd and unusual.

Hey OGL, I hate to break it to you brother, but we're weird. ;-)

Stan 13 Dec 2002, 02:32

S4E, I think I would have my Rx at about -10 to -12 plus a couple D of cyl. This is my favorite look in a scrip, where it is very strong, but not yet biconcave, just thick and/or strong plano base curve lenses. I actually like even more myopia than that, but that is the Rx range of glasses that I prefer.

On topic, I got started in GOC as a natural progression of the search for blur. First I tried overcorrection to my limits for years. When that did not produce the desired amount of natural myopia I went to reading glasses, then combined multiple sets of plus lenses. That gave me the blur I was looking for, but could not be worn out of the house. That gave me the idea to use plus contacts, and once I had those it was just the next logical step to "correct" it with stronger minus glasses.

I was always pretty close at guesstimating the GOC Rx combination needed, but after I started reading ES, the Dr. M spreadsheet proved helpful.

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