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Glasses are Sexy

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Dan 13 Nov 2017, 06:47

Has anybody ever found a fellow optic obsessive by scrolling through Tinder or using a dating app?

The Glasses Lover 23 Oct 2017, 20:03

Glasses are very sexy. I have a fetish for licking thick myopic glasses. If anyone else does, then you can email me at:

Gerry 02 Sep 2017, 08:32

Where are all those sexy ladies who have high RX magnification glasses, i find those big warm loving sexy eyes a real turn on. I would love to date such a lady. If your interested please contact me at Lets get to know each other first. Have fun Gerry xx.

281 29 Aug 2017, 23:20

Fictional story

Gabrielle : These are the glasses I had before. Looking through both of them is like drunken vision for me. They drove me nuts. I hate these glasses. (But she was wearing her new, moderate minus glasses at 6.5 diopters )

281 10 Aug 2017, 02:21

I normally prefer to be dominant.

Short story begins.

Object came in to my room, with her submissive atmosphere emanating.

Object is a gwg wearing minus glasses.

I said, "you are beautiful today" .

Object does not reply. I love her silence.

I said, "glasses are good for you. "

I remove objects glasses , gently , quietly , with her submissive personality, she agreed to remove for me.

I said, " So you have moderate minus "

Object provided a childhood image without glasses via email, before entering my room.

I said, " So you can see without glasses back then"

I said, " You watched too much TV , here is the result"

I press her glasses on her nose, back and forth her nose, varying the vertex distance by 10 cm every second.

I said, " See the effect of your glasses ? "

I said , " You watched too much TV that night , now this is you so blind "

Object have blissful tears on her face.

I said, " Well done."

I place her glasses which she wears every day since January 2016 , onto her "entrance" , rubbing at her "entrance" ,

I said "You now have your glasses moving at your entrance"

I said "Now you can sense your miopia at entrance"

I said , " Miopia Alta , you are so lovely "

Johnny 02 May 2017, 10:54

I've recently started wearing my glasses during sex, rather than whisking them off straight away. I'm -2.5 in both eyes, so I don't need to wear them, but it definitely adds an extra thrill (plus my girlfriend seems to like it too "it's like having sex with a different person"). Am just wondering - who else keeps their specs on during lovemaking?

Glasses Lover 21 Jun 2016, 03:08

Glasses are very sexy. I have a fetish for licking thick myopic glasses. If anyone else does, then you can email me at:

Likelenses 12 Apr 2016, 19:17

My girlfriend Cheryl is coming up on a year since getting bifocals,and a small increase in her distance Rx.

She has said that she thinks that she needs more in the bifocal,but I think,and hope she gets a bit more minus also.

Lately she seems to prefer wearing her over minus glasses,and there is a little squinting going on ,for both near and distance,similar to before her last exam.She says she is not squinting though.

Although she is OK with wearing strong glasses,she still is upset with needing any increases,as she feels defective,and that goes back to her early days in glasses.She is embarrassed when she can not see the eye chart,that she thinks the doctor expects her to see.

Within the next few days we are going to test her eyes with my trial lense set.We did that about six months ago and at that time, it appeared that she needed about -.50 in her better eye.Perhaps that will relieve some of her anxiety,over getting the exam.

Pablo 24 Jan 2016, 21:06

I have a similar story as Tom. My wife is 33 years old. I started dating her when she was 20. She has perfect vision. Her sister is 3 years younger than her. When her sister was 18, she (her sister) was prescribed with -0,50 glasses. She was very shy about wearing them and used to wear them only when studying or reading at home. By that time my wife (who was my girlfriend), lived with her. Frequently her sister studied in the living room. After studying she used to leave the books, notepads and her glasses over the table. Many times, after having dinner with my girlfriend, I used to go to her house to watch a movie together, play card games or just to have some intimate moment. I've always have had a glasses fetish. But I've never told anybody about it. I remember watching those black rectangular frame with wide arms over the table dreaming about my girlfriend wearing them.

Once they were over the couch. When my gf was almost seating over them I told her to be careful. So she grabbed the glasses and joked about that if she had broken them, her sister would be happy because she hates wearing glasses. After that she tried them on and was surprised of the weak prescription. She thought her sister was more myopic. I told her that her green eyes looked even better with glasses and that I really loved her look wearing them. Since that, every time we were alone in her house, she used to wear the glasses. Even once, when her sister was on a trip over Europe, and her glasses at home, my girlfriend stayed in my house and wore the glasses for a whole week.

Time passed and gradually she stopped wearing the glasses.

Last year when her mother was cleaning her house, my wife went to see if she wanted something of the packed boxes she was about to dump. And when we were opening a box, she found those glasses. She put them on and asked me if I remembered those. I answered I could never forget that lovely glasses girl. So she smiled, took them off and put them in her purse. Since then, she is wearing those glasses again sometimes when we are alone at home and I love it!

Rick 23 Jan 2016, 09:26

I personaly always found glasses sexy. My wife was nearsighted, and she had astigmatism. Her prescription was -8.5 in both eye, and I her astigmatisim was around -1.75 and -2.25. I loved how they made her eyes look. I mean her eyes were do pretty already, but when she put on her glasses, they got prettier. I loved the rings in her lenses. For me they made her and her glasses look that much more sexy. While I do think glasses are sexy, I also thought it was so sexy when she would take them off or would not have them. One time our then youngest son broke her glasses and she always gave away her old glasses, so she was squinting and holding stuff up to her nose. When we would go out she was dependent on me, and it made us closer.

Likelenses 06 Jan 2016, 01:21


Since you said that your wife's sister's glasses are from twenty years ago,that would date them to about 1995.

The glasses that Cheryl has go back to the late 1920's,to 1930's.They are 12K Gold,and have very thick glass lenses,and are very close to Cheryl's minus nineish actual Rx.We found them at an antique show last summer,and initially Cheryl liked the frames,but was elated that she could see very well through them.She affectionately calls them her " Goldies ".

This past Thanksgiving Day holiday weekend we went to her mom's home,and like your wife mom,Cheryl's gave her all of her old glasses,complete with all of their prescriptions, way back to her first pair.I am in the process of making a nice display case for them.

When Cheryl tries on her old glasses,she can not believe how weak they are,and it makes her a little sad that her Rx is as strong as it is now,and that several months age she went into her first bifocals.

Tom 03 Jan 2016, 13:34

Likelenses, fully agree, those "12k gold" frames are very special.

When my wife's parents sold their house a few weeks ago to move to a new flat, they asked their children to come to the house where they grew up and collect belongings their parents had found and packed for them.

I helped my wife carry her boxes into our house, and together we started unpacking and found old schoolbooks, photographs, dolls,... Much to her surprise she also opened a box in which she found several pairs of glasses she had worn since her youth, all of them in excellent state. By mistake her parents had also packed some of her older sister's glasses in the same box, and one pair was very delicate metal gold looking frames with rather thick lenses in them (before the hi-index lenses were launched). My wife laughed as she immediately recognized those as Amy's (her sister, who is 5y older) when she went to college, and told me she had been jealous at the time about her sister's high-end frames. She took off her own glasses to try on her sister's from 20y ago, told me "wait, those are reaaaaally strong", but was surprised and bit shocked at how well she could see through them, while she had always thought her sister's prescriptions were much stronger than hers. She came to the conclusion that her own eyesight deteriorated over the past 20y to the same level as her sister's 20y ago. But the frames fit her really well and she looked very sophisticated in them.

Later that evening she called Amy, told her about finding her old glasses and asked whether she could keep them and fit them with her own prescription, which her sister readily accepted!

Likelenses 01 Jan 2016, 01:15

Cheryl and I went to a great New Years eve party.

When I went to pick her up,she was just putting the finishing touches on her makeup.

She was in a dither as to which glasses to wear.She looked lovely in a little black dress and heels. She was wearing her rimless bifocals,but was not totally decided that they were right for the occasion.Her blue cat eyes myos were out of the question,and her Wayfarer type didn't cut it as far as I was concerned.I suggested she wear her antique 12 K Gold ,with the original glass lenses that are very close to her Rx,but are not bifocals.She slipped them on,and it took my breath away how beautiful she looked.

When we got to the event all of the women that were bespectacled were envious,and wanted to know where she got those glasses.The lighting was subdued,supplemented by candlelight,and the Gold frames,and thick glass lenses made her face radiant.

I had to read the menu to her because they are single vision lenses.Even though she had her backup bifocals in her purse,she did not want to wear them and tarnish the image that she had created.( How vein is woman )

Everyone on the dance floor was sneaking a peek at her.She was truly the belle of the ball!

Marco 08 Nov 2015, 18:42

Post deleted - spam

The Glasses Lover 24 Apr 2015, 21:55

Here is a link to a site showing some of the thick glasses I enjoy.

murky  04 Apr 2015, 00:22

At a local opshop I found a gorgeous pair of Hary Lary ( brand Invady)made in France big bold womens red and blue glasses, by coincidence they are +1 with +2.0 for reading, multifocal, must have cost well over $1000, got them for 20 dollars, fantastic things. I can see perfectly through them.

Went overseas for 3 weeks are wore them everywhere, on the plane the Stewardess called loudly," and now to serve the gentleman with the wonderful glasses!"

To see people looking at me with vague wonder, shop assistants hesitate, wide mouthed, was so exciting, and to put them on, and go down to a meal was arousing++. Sadly when I came home, had not the courage to wear them to work, or with family.

High Myopic 20 Dec 2014, 19:42

@Likelenses, You said you have a pair of glasses that you can sell me? I cannot afford to pay 350 dollars for that pair. I will be much much more willing to pay like 40 or 50 dollars for your pair. Can you accept preloaded gift cards?

Likelenses 09 Jul 2014, 18:06

I think that it is a fair question due to the fact that Carrie seems to enjoy flaunting her lesbian affair with a great amount of detail.So she has created some questions.

I have wondered what role she plays in this affair.

Dave 09 Jul 2014, 01:37

Anonymous Troll:

I couldn't agree more with Curt, you bitter s.o.b. It's as if something grotesque crawled up inside of you and died leaving you with a toxic residue which you feel a need to spread.

Carrie's posts are insightful, charming, and grammatically correct. (Please note, I used the Oxford comma.) Go away and stay away if you've nothing positive to say.


 09 Jul 2014, 01:20

It is a legitimate question, Curt. Does Carrie wear a strap-on? But never mind about that. I really don't want to suffer through three paragraphs of rambling to get a bullshit answer from some grammatically challenged flunkie. Let's discuss something more pressing such as this site does not have better controls to vet stupid discussions like whether a lesbian likes a fake cock inside her?

Curt 08 Jul 2014, 20:58

Assh@le...go away!

 08 Jul 2014, 00:44


Your last post,with all of the details,got me curious. Is it your girlfriend that wears a strap on,or is it you,or do your switch?

Mark 05 Jul 2014, 07:53

It was Tom's wife the one who sneaked around the house.

My sister in law glasses were -1,50, she used to wear them only when studying because she was a little shy about them. I remember once I was driving and she was in the car that she was squinting a lot to see through the window. After some time, my girlfriend (who also was in the car) suggested wearing the glasses. She put them on, but as soon we arrived the family meeting we were going she took them off.

As time passed and she became more myopic (I think around -2,50) she became a full time wearer, but most of the time she wears contacts.

The glasses I bought for my wife are not all OTC readers, she has a range going from -5,50 till +3,50. Obviously, the ones she prefer are a -0,25 black cat eyes with orange inside. When we go to the movies she always takes those glasses because she enjoys driving me crazy in public spaces.

Soundmanpt 04 Jul 2014, 15:50


Clearly your wife has much more than a passing interest in glasses and it doesn't even seem that she is only trying on and wearing glasses for your pleasure, but more for her own pleasure. We have seen in here from time to time where people will often nosy around someone else's bathroom maybe checking the prescription of unopened contacts or even trying on a pair of glasses left in the bathroom. But your wife is way more daring by actually going into some of her friends handbags and drawers looking for glasses to try on. If she were ever caught it could be very embarising and she could even be arrested for stealing because they would probably think she was looking for money. No doubt since you know about these things your wife has told you about doing these things? Since she does know how much you enjoy seeing her wearing glasses have you ever suggested getting her her own glasses to wear so she maybe would stop going through other peoples things before she gets caught. Nowadays many people have video equipment all over their house in case of robbery. I'm sure she wouldn't want to end up a star in such a video.

The glasses she "borrowed" for a week, were they weak enough that she could wear them and see okay with them or weer they a bit too strong for her eyes? Maybe sit down with her and have her look at all the great glasses she could get from Zenni. They even have an option she may enjoy playing with as well. She can post her picture in there and actually try on glasses that way to see how they look on her.

Crystal Veil 04 Jul 2014, 04:36


a small contribution to your survey. The word "fetish" is never used in my relation. To me, glasses are the proverbial cherry on the cake - I simply love it when my life partner wears her -12 glasses during the day. It's great to have a partner with two entirely different faces (daytime vs night time). There is nothing like a fetish from her side but she enjoys the luxury of having the choice between half a dozen glasses nowadays. When we first met, she simply used her glasses because dry eyes made the use of contact lenses problematic. She was reassured that I liked her in glasses. When my photography project started, she was my first model and she never stopped supporting me. Gradually I noticed that the project gave her a more self assured attitude towards her looks in glasses and she now says that she would never switch back to contact lenses. She will have her 60th birthday on Sunday, a big garden party with a lot of live music, and she asked me to bring along a nice pair of green cat eye glasses to match her green dress. So far, these cat eye glasses are only used for photo shoots but they have her prescription for long distance. She now uses half a dozen Zenni pairs in daily life and enjoys having so much choice, a luxury unknown to her before the project started. I look forward to see her in the extravagant cat eye glasses at the garden party, especially as she requested me to bring them along. Nice!

Tom 04 Jul 2014, 03:14


My wife does not exactly have a glasses fetish herself, in the sense that she is especially attracted by guys in glasses, but she gets very excited by trying on other people's glasses. Either by commenting ladies on their glasses, and eventually be in a position they are handed over to her for a try, or by doing so more secretly.

For example, when at friends of whom she knows they wear glasses, she always looks for spare glasses in the houses (handbags, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms are the best places) to quickly try on. Now that some friends of hers are in their late thirties or early forties, reading glasses become a more common item also.

A good friend of hers, who is a full time wearer of moderately minus glasses, is very fashion conscious and buys a new pair almost every year. She van be seen in different pairs often, as she also still uses her older specs. Meaning her house, handbag, car,... are good places to find glasses, and because there are so many of them, my wife even managed to "borrow" a nice pair of glasses recently for a week. She returned them of course, but her friend never noticed. We had some fun evenings with those specs at home :)

Soundmanpt 28 Jun 2014, 11:42


From what you described back when you were still dating your future wife it seems like you both had a glasses fetish and still do? But having her wear over the counter readers i'm sure only blurs her vision for anything more than a couple of feet away. If you like how your wife looks wearing glasses and want her to even wear them more often you should probably go on line and order her some glasses in either a -.75 or -1.00 prescription. Her eyes would have no problem at all adjusting to them.

Was she sure her sister's glasses were -1.50 and not +1.50? If she only wore them when she was studying they were more likely +1.50. A -1.50 she would need for distance and certainly for driving.

Carrie 28 Jun 2014, 10:11

Mark - my girlfriend doesn't know about my fetish although she knows that glasses certainly don't put me off a woman as she wears glasses full time. She uses her glasses as a signal to me that she wants more than just cuddling on the sofa! She will just give me a certain look and then the glasses come off. Sometimes she takes them off quickly sometimes it's slowly. Then she goes a bit feisty and assertive (quite unlike how she is the rest of the time) and I have to quickly take my glasses off as we don't always bother to wait until we get to our bedroom! She knows all of that is a massive turn-on for me. I do a similar thing to her except I go all submissive (I am quite a feisty lady, so I've been told) and she loves that!

Most of the women I fancy wear glasses but no one seems to have noticed that so I do deliberately get seen checking out non-glasses wearing women just make sure the balance of glasses to non-glasses seems about right.

I consider myself very lucky to have a beautiful and sexy girlfriend who wears (and needs) glasses. As I've said on Eyescene before, I'd still fancy her as much if she didn't wear glasses.

Mark, you should also consider yourself very lucky that your wife understands your fetish and is happy to wear glasses she doesn't need for you. Several people on Eyescene have partners who wear glasses because they need them but I don't know if anyone else has a partner like your wife. May you both have a very long and happy marriage!

Mark 24 Jun 2014, 04:04

Little survey: Does your partner knows about your glasses fetish? How did she/he reacted when you told him/her about it?

In my case, both my wife and I have perfect vision. She knows I love how she looks in glasses but the word "fetish" was never mentioned.

It all started years ago when we were dating. We were in her house where she lived with her parents and sister. Her sister wore -1,50 glasses and used to wear them when studying.

It was about 2 AM, my girlfriend and I were watching a movie in her house. I told her I had my sight a little tired and she replied that maybe I needed glasses. In the table near the couch were her sister's glasses so I took them and tried them on. My gf told me I looked funny, so I replied her to try them and she answered that her sister didn't want anyone to try her glasses. I said "come on!" and put them on her. I remember her saying that she thought the glasses were weaker. When she was going to remove them I told her I loved how she looks with them and asked her to leave them. We watched the movie till the end with my girlfriend wearing those glasses. The next times we were alone in her house she used to have fun wearing the glasses. After a few weeks I bought her some OTC readers. I remember her saying I was crazy but she liked them.

Since then, time has passed, we married, we have a collection of about 10 glasses and she sometimes wears them when we are alone.

GL 25 May 2014, 23:47

Glasses are sexy. Licking thick myopic glasses is 'fun'. If you agree, then you can email me at:

Mike 30 May 2013, 06:38


sexy sighting yesterday. Young girl about 18 years in sexy clothes and 4 inch heels borrowed glsses from a friend in a cafe. I sit the table next to them. The power of the glasses were about -3/-4. She try them on for more than five minutes and she looks very nice in them. She said to her friend that they made her sighting not very comfortable but she was able to see things in distance very clearly.

Very sexy.


smithie 20 May 2013, 01:23

same for me, jak

Bill 18 May 2013, 01:23

jak, I certainly have one!

jak 17 May 2013, 10:41

matthewson, it's not unusual to have a fetish, a glasses fetish, many on here are the same

matthewson 17 May 2013, 10:36

ordered a pair of bifocals online, i don't need them but I LOVE wearing them when I don't know anyone. Don't know why that's such a turn on, but being around strangers wearing lined bifocals is a good feeling

Astra 15 May 2013, 05:28

previous post is by me.

 15 May 2013, 05:28

Re: Cactus Jack 27 Mar 2013, 11:50

I agree it is nothing mysterious. We can calculate the value using this online calculator, the method is the same:

If my post before felt like a bit mysterious, it's because I described the feeling seeing thru the image. my feelings are subjective , varies with time and not always rational.

lazysiow 06 Apr 2013, 12:18

I've started using this line ;)

"Your glasses are not a bug, they're a feature"

Chad 27 Mar 2013, 13:31

That's why progressives are so good. You don't have to slide the glasses down and your eyes and brain coordinate as to what part of the lens to look through. I think they were an inqenious invention.

Cactus Jack 27 Mar 2013, 12:00

Come to think of it, sliding your glasses down your nose can also help a person who wears plus glasses read also, again if the prescription is high enough. Anything to avoid the dreaded bifocals or, horror of horrors, trifocals.


Cactus Jack 27 Mar 2013, 11:54

Another thought. Letting minus glasses slide down your nose has the same optical effect as wearing the dreaded bifocals to help you read, IF you have a significant MINUS prescription.


Cactus Jack 27 Mar 2013, 11:50

If your prescription is more than +/-5.00 vertex distance (the distance from your cornea to the back surface of your glasses) begins to play a role in the "effective" power of your glasses. The magnitude of the effect is the square (^2) of the sphere prescription, though cylinder can come into play if it is over 5.00.

When your glasses slide down your nose, you are increasing the vertex distance from the usual 12 mm or so, which is pretty close to the vertex distance for either trial lens frames or phoropters, you are DECREASING the effective power of your glasses if you wear minus lenses and INCREASING the effective power of your glasses if you wear plus lenses.

You can calculate the approximate power change by squaring the sphere power and dividing the result by 1000. This number is the amount of the effective power decrease or increase per mm.

For example, with Astra's -5.5 it would be (5.5 x 5.5 = 30.25 / 1000 = .03025) 0.030 x 20 mm or effectively 0.60 diopters LESS if the glasses slid down the nose 20 mm or -4.90 diopters. With JD's -10.75 the effect is significantly greater because of the square function at work. Here is the math. 10.75 x 10.75 = 115.5625 / 1000 = 0.116 per mm. If JDs glasses slid down the nose 20 mm the effective power of the glasses would be -8.43 (0.116 x 20 = 2.32).

Remember when doing the calculations the - or + on the prescription is lost and you have to reapply the correct sign on the final result. Just apply the vertex distance effects to the original prescription as described above by DECREASING or INCREASING the number as appropriate.

BTW, this is the same calculation used for determining the difference between a refracted or glasses prescription and a Contact Lens prescription and the reason CL prescriptions are LOWER for minus prescriptions and HIGHER for plus prescriptions.

Probably more than you wanted to know, but there it is anyway. Nothing mysterious going on, just optics at work.


varifocals 27 Mar 2013, 11:44

JD very true.

Much easier with minus lens too.

JD 27 Mar 2013, 10:09

Astra, I agree with you. I really like to let my glasses slide down my nose often to notice things get blurry. I find it very stimulating as well (I'm -10.75). I wear my glasses fairly loose just so they will slide down. I also like to see other people (women) that do the same. Obviously the higher the Rx the better, as it is obvious to me how much different the acuity of their vision will be. Fascinating!

Olek 26 Mar 2013, 15:28

Smoking GWG from Norway

Astra 26 Mar 2013, 05:19

Have not talk about my own fetish for a while.

we all know when myopia increases we would become more dependent on the lenses. When we have lower rx we can have the lenses farther away and still see okay (maybe still 20/25 or 20/30) ...

I have around -5.5 right now it is a lot more restricted (dependent) , even pulling the lenses 2 cm away the image are already noticeably distorting and shifting in position, with the acuity drops down to roughly 20/50 , and i can feel the lenses become a lot weaker by positioning it 2 cm away, or simply let it slide down and sits at the nose tip.

We have seen in some slutty poses, gwg sliding their frame to the nose tip, or adjusting lenses deliberately..

but some gwg use low minus rx or plano lenses, most important is the image shift being very mild. also the wearer can see more than 30 cm good enough without their glasses.

when the rx is higher we can have more image shift with the minus lenses.

onlookers may be unable to experience the feelings of the wearer. when the rx is higher even a slight push around the lenses the image would shift a lot, also with some peripheral distortion.

so that the gwg herself would feel like her vision are really distorting, when her glasses is shifted (either by herself or her partner) it is such a "massage" to her eyes. In my own experience I feel very stimulating, I feel surprised and excited, as if pulling my eyeballs away from and back to my body, and threatened to be back to the unfamiliar blur.

most people at such rx would not be familiar with the blur unless they spend a lot of time without glasses. it is such an emotional shock or stimuli ...

Soundmanpt 15 Jan 2013, 18:30


So they were going for a sisters look it sounds like. Yeah i'm sure her eyes were able to adjust to the glasses without any problem. By the end of each day i'm sure when she took them off everything was blurry at least for a while. At least she knows that if she wants to wear glasses her eyes can tolerate that much prescription, Maybe her friend will let her just keep the glasses if they are a past pair for her?

By the way what you witnessed happens quite often that someone likes the glasses that a friend is wearing and when that person gets new glasses will pass them on to her friend.

gwg-lover 15 Jan 2013, 17:30


I think she wanted to look like her friend because she also wore the same kind of clothes like her. I don`t know if she got glasses herself after wearing her friends but I know that she had no problem with her vision while wearing the glasses.

Soundmanpt 15 Jan 2013, 10:39


You didn't say, but any idea why she wore a friends glasses for 3 days while on of town. It sounds like she kinda wanted to be able to wear glasses but didn't want family and other friends know of her desire? Too bad -1.00 is a very good prescription for someone with perfect vision to wear as first glasses. At the end of 3 days her eyes should have been completely adjusted to them.

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