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Sightings of people wearing glasses with corrective lenses.

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Crystal Veil 27 Mar 2017, 13:30

Yes and yes

Colin 27 Mar 2017, 12:09

Yes and yes

 25 Mar 2017, 11:36

I saw an old friend who used to wear ugly glasses. She recently had Lasik, and is lovely.

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2017, 10:29


Nice that Danielle and Vicky came by to give you a lift home. They really are good friends. And good that she was wearing her glasses. You had to love that your coworker and friend happened to walk by at that time and and noticed that Danielle was wearing new glasses since she last seen her. Little things like getting a nice complement on her glasses has to boost Danielle's confidence level up. Danielle's answer when she was asked if she needs them all the time was really interesting. It's really the same thing she has been saying for a good while now but I wonder how much she really believes her own answer. That the optician told her she could wear them full time but if she chooses not to then she should wear them whenever her eyes feel strained or tired when looking at any distance. Then she goes on to say that she chooses not to wear them all the time but she was wearing them then because she finds that her eyes feel tired after work even though she wears them at work. The truth is she puts her glasses on as she leaves her house because she needs them for driving, she keeps them on all day at work and they stay on even when she gets off work because she needs them to drive back home. The truth is by then her eyes are completely adjusted to her glasses and everything is very blurry without her glasses. So maybe after she gets home and she isn't reading she might take her glasses off around the house before she goes to bed and she can probably go without glasses on weekends if she isn't going anywhere. I totally understand that she just doesn't want to feel dependent on her glasses but i'm pretty sure that now anytime she isn't wearing her glasses she is straining her eyes to see anything now. Maybe seeing your work colleague wearing her glasses and seeming to mind that she needs her glasses all the time might be some encouragement to Danielle. I remember very well when your co worker got her first glasses. I think she liked her glasses but she probably assumed that they would be something like a new ear rings that she could wear when she wanted to and not wear if she didn't want to. She had no idea that it wouldn't take long before her eyes would start to see double vision without her glasses. But she seems to have accepted the fact that she can't go without glasses anymore. Yeah i'm sure you will just have to wait for a perfect time to ask Vicky is if she is planning on getting her eyes checked anytime soon. I'm really surprised that Vicky didn't enter into the conversation at your dinner party when the subject of glasses came up.

Carrie 25 Mar 2017, 06:29

Danielle and Vicky met me at work on Wednesday, shortly before the end of my shift. Danielle had her glasses on when she came in and they stayed on. Her new glasses are only +0.25 stronger than her old ones but look more than that. I think it's the slightly thinner frames than her old ones had that make the lenses look stronger. My friend and colleague, the one with the prism prescription, always seems very happy to see Danielle and always greets her warmly even though they don't know each other very well. On Wednesday she said to Danielle "Ooh, I really like your glasses are they new?" Danielle thanked her and told her they were new. My friend then asked if Danielle needed them all the time. Danielle replied that her optician said she could but if she chooses not to she should wear them whenever her eyes feel strained or tired when looking at any distance. Danielle also explained that she chooses not to wear glasses all the time but was wearing them now because she finds that her eyes feel tired after work even though she wears her glasses at work. My colleague said that she doesn't have much choice about wearing her own glasses all the time as she gets bad double vision without them as well as not being able to see very clearly near or far. Danielle said that she has most trouble seeing clearly close up and distances aren't too bad but her glasses do sharpen up distances even if she hadn't noticed it isn't as clear as it should be. Danielle complimented my colleague on her glasses, saying they went very well with her face shape and good looks. This made my colleague blush.

As you can imagine I enjoyed hearing that conversation very much!

Danielle drove me home and she and Vicky stayed for a few hours. The glasses stayed on. Danielle said she is sure my colleague was flirting with her, pointing out that my colleague couldn't take her eyes off her and possibly used the conversation about glasses to get closer. I told Danielle that my colleague has not shown any interest in women and is very interested in men, especially her boyfriend, but I would discretely ask the next time I saw her. (I didn't tell Danielle that my colleague told me she has slept with another woman once to satisfy her curiosity)

Unfortunately there was no more glasses related chat and I couldn't find a reason to ask Vicky if she was planning on getting her eyes tested this year.

Murky 25 Mar 2017, 05:36

So there are 13 of us, that is 1.4 X 10 (-9) of the world population

And so to my daily sighting, while walking my dog

Elderly lady, on a park bench, tartan jacket, with gorgeous matching big oval red and brown specs, about -4/5, and stunning white side arms, red hair to set it all off

She opens

Nice dog you have there, mister..

Quick as a flash "Not as nice as those specs you have ,madam "

Oh you like them..

A wonderful match with the tartan jacket..

Well thank you, no one has commented before

( I guess because you are not a trendy chick..I think)

They look like you matched them up at the glasses shop?

Well, the optometrist thought they looked good, with my red hair, they were a tad expensive

But well worth it, I think

I like yours too, mister, that gold goes well with your grey hair

Wearing my pale gold beige cat eye Versace specs.. see them at

Thank you, hope to see you again..

Galileo 23 Mar 2017, 09:20

I do visit this thread (yes) but stopped posting some time ago (no) - I think the quality of Mister Mild's postings on Seen on the Web outclass anything I see in my life these days :)

specs4ever 23 Mar 2017, 07:17

I visit frequently, but no longer post here.

Edmund 23 Mar 2017, 07:16

Yes & Yes

EyeTri 23 Mar 2017, 04:45


Every day

Yes & Yes

Val 23 Mar 2017, 01:30


Yes Yes

murky 23 Mar 2017, 00:00

That is seven posters/lurkers so far.thought there would be a few more, maybe later, when they check back

Here is a fail contact from this morning..

Local art shop,it always attracts smart dressers, and I am perusing the latest exhibitor,\when in she walks, WOW..

Late 20s 180 cm tall blondish BMI 18 stunningly dressed, heels, tight mauve skirt, matching blouse, AND huge black Ray-bans, ( obvious, with their expanded terminal pre auricular arm), dashing round the paintings to confront her, walking confidently across the gallery, I see she is about +1 ( maybe less), a discretionary latent hyperope wearer, and a recent one too, as the spex are a gleaming black. Not a scratch on the lens, either.. but does not give a glance, or opportunity to talk

She passes behind the counter, so is staff, and sits at the computer, pecking away, with me trying to engage her to no avail.I see no glasses case on the desk, so she has opted for full time wear..

Me Peering intently at the paintings, she stubbornly refuses to come over and enquire as to my wants, then another staff member emerges, to serve me.. Drat, plain old wiry specs, grey circular and bifocal, boring ++

but I shall be there again (its on the way to work) ..

Soundmanpt 22 Mar 2017, 09:26


Yes yes

murky 22 Mar 2017, 05:00

Post office this morning..

She is About 45 BMI 21 approx beautifully dressed, fortunately I am the only client in the shop

She has as gorgeous pair of green acetate cat eye Gucci spex, mother of pearl side arms, about + 2 and varifocal ( I can tell by the way she adjusts her head) Looks a tad alternate, with crew cut hair

Post my package

That will be 15 dollars please

Ouch, thats a lot for just over the border,

Sorry but its 15 grams over the lower price limit,I have to charge the higher price

Ok by the way, I really like those specs you wear

Thank you ( with a mild blush)

They match your jacket so well, and look so good , what brand are they?

Takes them off ( ooohI swoon,,) I can't read the brand without them on..,so she hands them to me, (find it hard to keep standing)..

They are Gucci,(I read) a top brand, they must have been expensive I venture

My partner paid for them, as my last pair were pretty ordinary, and wanted me to look smart

( Oh God we are on great ground here)

Then I think he has done very well, are you pleased?

Well its a she actually (oops, basic flaw, don't assume heterosexuality)

But you are the first person to comment

Then she has impeccable taste, give her my congratulation for a brilliant choice

( "does she tickle your clitoris with them on", but no I restrained myself)

Goodbye and thanks...

Nearly faint as I exit the shop, have to take six deep breaths on exit

At home, found them on a USA website for 450 dollars.. her leso mate must be a gold digger, and fond of fondling her with spex on, methinks

 22 Mar 2017, 04:38


lentifan 22 Mar 2017, 03:25

Murky, the answers are yes and yes.

I also visit this site almost every day (sometimes twice) but don't post unless I've something to say.

 22 Mar 2017, 03:17

Yes and Yes

Plus Tony 22 Mar 2017, 02:55


Yes and yes.

I read eyescene everyday even though I don't have time to post as often as I would like to.

rafa 22 Mar 2017, 02:12


I love your sightings. Keep posting them please.

Likelenses 21 Mar 2017, 19:45



Murky 21 Mar 2017, 19:11

How many real people are reading this three, I wonder.

There are about 10 regular correspondents

I find it therapeutic to post my better sightings, what about a poll, just post yes,

wither without your username, and lets see ( as we all do, with our glasses on) and maybe add if you wear glasses..

i.e. I am Murky

yes & yes

Soundmanpt 21 Mar 2017, 15:03


Yeah I also remember that you used to wear fake glasses at school and since she knew you back then she wouldn't have been at all surprised that once you got your glasses you would want to wear them full even if you didn't really need to. I think you might be wrong that she doesn't know know you like girls wearing glasses. She just say anything since she trusts you and you have never given her any reason to not trust you. I wouldn't at all be surprised if that wasn't a big reason she started wearing her glasses shortly after you met up again. Remember you were encouraging her to wear her glasses around the same time.

Well Danielle is certainly a head strong young lady isn't she. She is still determined to somehow not to just put her glasses on everyday and keep them on and forget about it. She is actually working hard trying to avoid wearing glasses as much as possible. But yet she really knows that she pretty much needs them all the time now. If she needs to see to drive then that means that her vision is blurry at a distance constantly not just when she is behind the wheel of her car. But sadly i'm afraid that once she finally realizes that she needs to wear them full time she will then go back to wearing contacts again. I think the only hope is if you and Vickie can keep telling her how good she looks wearing glasses. Speaking of Vickie next time you're around her i hope you can figure out a way to ask her if she plans on getting her eyes examined anytime soon? Don't you think that she still wants her eyesight to get a little worse so she needs stronger glasses again? This is the longest she has wore the same pair of glasses isn't it?

Carrie 21 Mar 2017, 14:26

Soundmanpt - Gemma sort of guessed that I have wanted to wear glasses for a long time. She remembers me wearing fake glasses at school. She doesn't know that I like girls with glasses. She just knows that glasses don't put me off, much to her relief of course!

We've been together for 6 years now! Love her more than ever!

Danielle has sort of gone back to her old ways a little bit. I did manage to bring up the subject of glasses when we saw her at the weekend. She said she does actually wear her glasses more than used to as she has realised how much she was straining her eyes. She wears her glasses all the time during the week, even when socialising, so her eyes don't feel so tired in the evening (when she began wearing her glasses for driving she used to take her glasses off after getting home but now doesn't bother). At weekends her glasses are just for reading and driving but if needed she would wear them if her eyes felt like they were straining. She said that she's gone from someone who sometimes wears glasses to someone who sometimes doesn't! She would rather not have glasses but obviously can't deny her need for them. She would never go for surgery but did give some serious thought about getting contacts again. She decided not to get contacts this time but will certainly consider getting them in the future. So she isn't full time but she is wearing her glasses a lot.

murky 21 Mar 2017, 05:56

Restaurant tonight, hot 30+ yo with light blue metal frames, yellow earpieces,

Very thin lenses, looked about +1, so, on the way back from the bar

Great glasses, I like the blue metal frame..

Oh thanks, got them last week

First pair?

Yes, but I had glasses at school for a while, but they didn't help

Enjoy then now?

Yes, they are trifocals, and great for reading

Need them for driving?

No, but I just like them on my nose

Good for you, welcome to the world of glasses wearers...

Thanks I like yours too


Gorgeous red hair a beautiful complement to the frames, sitting alone too

Sigh...very aroused I venture back back to the wife and my table, but shoot her sidling glances all night, not returned.

Likelenses 18 Mar 2017, 21:38


Opps, forgot to post my username. this is twice now, sorry.

 18 Mar 2017, 21:34


Julie said that the reason she was interested in ordering online is because she has eye exams every two years, and her next one would be a year and a half away, and also she liked the idea of saving on the price of glasses.

We did discuss the thickness of her lenses, and she said that that does not bother her at all.Her current lenses are high index, but she said in the past she usually wore the thicker lenses, and applied the savings to buying better frames.

Yes, we went with the lined bifocals in + 1.50 add.

She said that she never owned a pair of rimless, and is excited about their look. Cheryl had her rimless lined bifocals in her purse as her backup,and modeled them for Julie.She did not try them on, because when she tried Cheryl's other pair she could not see at all due to Cheryl's high Rx.

Oh yes Cheryl gave her the full rundown of being a new bifocal wearer. The two of them really got along so well.She seems to bond better with women that wear fairly strong glasses. I guess it is a we are in the same boat kind of thing.

Cubicle 17 Mar 2017, 07:12

I also saw a hot woman with blonde hair up. I only saw her from behind, and her glasses had earpieces going straight down, like they only do for strong prescriptions. Then i saw super strong plus lenses in big frames, shining light atound. She walked down the street in heels and mini shorts. I couldn't talk to her as I wasn't alone.

Hot !

Cubicle 17 Mar 2017, 07:08

The other day in the subway, i was sitting in front of a sexy myopic blonde. She was reading with her glasses sliding down her nose a lot. She wore a mini skirt and flats with a red coat. She was -10 I'd say, lots of power rings. Her glasses went down her nose in less than a minute, then she pushed them up and crossed her legs. Pretty hot.

Soundmanpt 16 Mar 2017, 14:53


Honestly I am surprised that she called you. Nothing personal but generally speaking it usually takes a bit more of getting to know someone before they will accept your offer to help. But if she is really struggling with trying to see to read that may have pushed her a good bit. Whatever i'm sure you were happy to hear from her, I hope that she is going to be happy with her new glasses. She has a fairly strong prescription as i'm sure you are well aware of and with rimless glasses even more noticeable. Did you tell her that her lenses are going to be quite thick? So did you go with +1.50 for her add? It was a very good idea that she picked out something with adjustable nose pads in case they need to adjusted for her eyes to use the bifocal properly. I assume that she got lined bifocals? Based on what her total price was for both pairs of glasses. Nice that Cheryl was giving her pointers about things she will need to adjust to with bifocals. I would assume that high on the list was steps and curbs?

 15 Mar 2017, 23:35


The woman ( Julie ) that I spoke with on Saturday about reading glasses called me yesterday afternoon,and asked if we could meet,so as to order her some online glasses.

I took Cheryl along,and we met her at my friends shop.She did have her Rx from six months ago. I was not far off, it is RT.6.50 Lt. 6.75.I had to measure her P.D.

She and Cheryl hit it off, and Cheryl helped her to navigate the Zenni selections, and pick out some frames.She decided to get a pair of rimless bifocals with the standard lenses,and because she realized the bargain prices, and free shipping for an additional pair, ordered a pair of roundish plastic $13.00 frames with a reduced prescription to use as readers.Her total was $ 53.95.Since Cheryl has been in bifocals for some time now she explained all of the things a newbi to them needs to know.Julie asked Cheryl if she could try hers on, and when she did, she said , " Wow, I thought that his were crazy strong, but yours are even more ".

She promised to take us to lunch in a few weeks, in thanks for our help, and to show us the new glasses.

Soundmanpt 15 Mar 2017, 11:05


Sounds like Gemma and you had a great time on holiday and you both seemed to notice some nice looking young ladies wearing glasses as well. Just curious since you and Gemma are a couple and have been now for a good while, most people in a relationship claim they don't keep any secrets from their partner. So have you ever told Gemma how you always wanted to wear glasses and how thrilled you were when you found out that you actually needed a weak prescription which you only needed for reading but you wore them full time just because you wanted to wear glasses so much? I'm pretty sure even if you haven't said anything about your feelings seeing other young ladies wearing glasses she has to know. But being the good woman that she is as long as you don't touch she is okay with it. By the way how long have you been a couple now? Nice that no one in Portugal seemed to care or notice you were a couple. Too bad the whole world isn't as excepting. So now that you're back home what's the latest with Danielle? The last report was that she was told to wear her glasses full time for a couple weeks so her eyes would adjust to her slightly stronger prescription. She was doing as told but still not liking it too much. So has she returned to old ways of trying as hard as ever to avoid wearing her glasses or after wearing them full time for a couple weeks has she decided that she really needs to be wearing glasses all the time now? I'm sure that the glasses wearing Vicky would love to see her wearing her glasses all the time too. When you were all together at dinner and a glasses discussion came up I wished you would have thought to ask Vicky if she plans to get her eyes examined anytime soon. Welcome back home!

Carrie 14 Mar 2017, 14:34

Gemma and I were on holiday in Portugal last week. So many sightings! First one was a member of the cabin crew. She was a very good looking brunette wearing Wayfarer style frames with a prescription of around -2 to -3. Gemma took quite a liking to her too! Gemma also pointed out a woman passenger who looked quite a lot like Kristen Stewart but didn't wear glasses, but then Kristen only wears glasses in public occasionally. Could it have been her?! Probably not, but how lovely is Gemma pointing out someone that I will probably fancy? Very thoughtful and trusting. Once we were in Portugal I noticed that of the women that wore glasses, and there was quite a lot of them, most of them had a minus prescription. I think I only saw about 5 women under the age of 40 with a plus prescription.

Portuguese women are gorgeous and the people in general are very friendly. They had no problems about us being a couple (I didn't think they would) Of course the best looking woman there was my own gorgeous girlfriend.

Another thing I noticed was that most of the regular sunglasses I saw people wearing had mirrored lenses that had a gold or rose gold tint. It was very sunny in Portugal last week so there was a lot of sunglasses to be seen. I did see a few prescription sunglasses, although they just had dark lenses not mirrored lenses.

We had a lovely holiday in a country of beautiful countryside and architecture. The food is fantastic too! We would love to go back again but we will have to save up our pennies first!

Londoner 13 Mar 2017, 10:51

The last time that I saw a lady wearing a pair of really strong plus lensed glasses was close to two years ago. On that occasion, on the same day, but in different locations I actually saw two ladies with strong glasses. The same thing happened again today.

A meeting in the morning overran so I was late having lunch and slipped into a small café for a sandwich and a coffee. At the next table were a mother and daughter. The daughter had her back to me initially and with long dark hair, I could not see that she was wearing glasses. After a few minutes, for some reason, she changed seats with her shopping and sat side on. She was wearing plus lenticular glasses. the light was striking at the perfect angle for me to get a really good look for about 10 minutes before they finished and left. They were small and neat, but the bowl only filled the inner two thirds of each lens and was at least one centimetre proud of the metal frame. Her vision did not seem to be an issue, using her phone, going to the Ladies or moving through a crowded café.

Later in the afternoon, I joined the queue for a bus. Immediately in front of me was a small lady of about 40. She had a disabled bus pass hanging from her back pack, but it was a couple of minutes before she turned side on and I realised that she was wearing one of the strongest pairs of plus lenses I have ever seen. They bulged out nearly 2cm and were heaving ground back at the top, bottom and at the bridge. Again, she seemed not to have a major problem boarding the bus or finding a seat. She was only on for two stops, but I could see her well all of the time even though I was standing.

Soundmanpt 11 Mar 2017, 19:25


Sounds like you had an interesting day for sure. Even with your help and explanation i'm pretty sure she would have no idea how to place an order for glasses on line without your help. By simply telling her that she needs to order glasses that are +1.50 weaker than her current glasses most likely went right over her head. First of all you and I both know that she doesn't have a clue what her prescription really is to start with so she would first need to go back to either where she had her eyes examined or where she got her glasses from and get a written copy of her full prescription. And even then she probably wouldn't understand how to subtract the +1.50 from her prescription either. So if she doesn't contact you i'm sure she will just muddle along as she is now. If her optometrist has already suggested that he would be prescribing her with bifocals at her next visit that is really the best way to go anyway instead of fooling around with 2 different pairs of glasses.

Likelenses 11 Mar 2017, 19:02

More than a sighting.

A good friend owns a small store that sells unique items.She has a display of reading glasses, with decent frames, and priced $ 12, to 15 dollars.I on occasion work for her when she needs to take a Saturday off.

While working today, a very pretty blond lady of about 40 with a prescription of about-7.00, was browsing, and stopped by the readers.She took her phone from her pocket, and removed her glasses, and was trying on various pairs. She then ask me how to go about picking a pair , because her glasses were about six months old, and she was having trouble seeing her phone, and reading small print, unless she held it quite far away, and without her glasses, had to hold it uncomfortably close.

She said at her last exam. that her optometrist mentioned that reading glasses, or bifocals would probably be coming her way at the next exam.

She said that none of the readers that she had tried seemed to be even close, and did we have some that are stronger.She of course did not understand the difference between plus, and minus glasses, and then to my amazement she said to me, " your glasses look somewhat stronger than mine, would you let me try yours on? " My Rx is -10.5 for each eye, so I knew where this was heading. I removed them and handed them to her, and she put them on,and tried looking at her phone.I had to contain my laughter, as she said, " these are crazy strong, what kind of glasses do I need?"I put mine back on and while hers were still off, I ask if I could look them over. They were about - 7.00 with the left perhaps a bit more,and no astigmatism, or prism correction.I them gave them back to her and suggested than she take some + 1.00 readers, and try looking through them held closely to her glasses,with the arms folded.As she did this while looking at her phone, she said it was better, so we then tried + 1.50, and + 2.00.She said that the +1.50 seemed good but said that she could not see well in the distance.

After a lengthy explanation about the difference between plus, and minus lenses, and how her lenses need to be reduced for near, I suggested that she look at her Rx, and order on line, either a pair of bifocals, or reading glasses that are + 1.50 weaker than her Rx.

She seemed to like the reading glasses idea, better than the bifocals, so I said why not get both.

I gave her my number and said if she needed help ordering,to please call.

Needless to say, this made my day!

Carrie 25 Jan 2017, 14:16

To the person who commented at 09:00 25 Jan - Danielle is one of my closest friends and regularly see each other for a good chat, which is what we did at the weekend. I think she wanted a good moan about her glasses and didn't want to subject her girlfriend to any further moaning :-)

To "OMG" - we don't swap glasses as that would be worse than not wearing glasses at all!:-D

Soundmanpt - I have been quiet on Eyescene because I felt I was spending too much time on it. As I have said before Gemma doesn't care what I look at but she does mind being neglected. She is not clingy or an attention seeker just very loving and affectionate and wants to snuggle up on the sofa with me and watch tv or chat if we are not going out somewhere or having friends over. If I've got my face buried in my phone or tablet for too long she feels lonely.

Soundmanpt 25 Jan 2017, 11:38


That's the problem when you are putting on and taking off your glasses quite often. What she has actually doing is wearing her glasses out. The worst thing s you can do is opening and closing and on and off and then often putting them on top of her head. The advice she was given about not putting her glasses on top of her head was dead on. At the very least it will stretch out her glasses so they won't stay in place whens she does wear them. I assume that her glasses were a plastic frame and that is even worse because a metal frame may bend but won't break as easily. Even though her lenses were okay finding a frame that her lenses would fit into would be nearly impossible. Since she didn't get new glasses when she had her last eye exam that means her glasses were probably nearly 2 years old and the optical shops change inventory about every 3 - 6 months. They do that for style change and nearly everyone gets new frames when thye get new glasses which is often every year. It would be too costly for stores to inventory frames say for 3 years. Besides they would rather sell you a complete new pair anyway. Actually I think Danielle really should have gotten her eyes checked before buying new glasses. Her eyes have gradually been changing every year and and I don't recall exactly when she had her eyes checked last but it has to be getting close to a year. I know that her and Vicky both got their eyes examined at the same time and I think Vicky has had her (prescribed) glasses for close to year. Generally once you pass the half way point, 6 months, then you should go ahead and get an eye exam because it is likely there has been a change in prescription. You and Gemma have had glasses for some time now and I don't recall you or her having any issues with your glasses breaking. A very simple reason is because you both wear your glasses full time. So your not opening and closing your glasses all the time. When you take them off at bedtime you likely leave them open so their easy to slide on in the morning. You're right though that you can't tell her to wear her glasses full time. But you can laughingly point out that you have never had any of your glasses break because you keep them on so they aren't as likely to get broke.

You've been very quiet in here, I was wondering where you have been. I know you can only come in here at certain times because Gemma doesn't know anything about "eyescene" and you want it to stay that way.

OMG 25 Jan 2017, 10:51

Let's go back to Carrie's sex life with Gemma, which was discussed here some time ago.

Carrie, do Gemma and you ever wear each other's glasses in bed or while you're snuggling at home?

 25 Jan 2017, 09:00

omg "carrie" how do you know such intimate details and private thoughts of this woman? are you pyschic or making this up?

Carrie 24 Jan 2017, 16:20

My friend Danielle's glasses broke last week. She said she was wearing them at work and they fell apart as she pushed them up her nose a bit. One of the arms fell off and her glasses fell off her face. Luckily the lenses didn't get damaged. She couldn't find the arm hinge screw that had popped out so had to tape the arm back on. She went to her optician after work to see if they could fix her glasses. Unfortunately they couldn't be fixed because the screw thread in the hinge was damaged and wouldn't hold the replacement screw. She ordered new glasses. She said the optician said she didn't need an eye test as she had one less than a year ago and they would use that prescription (very slightly higher than in the glasses that just broke at +1.75 and +2.00. She didn't bother getting new glasses at the time of that eye test as the difference in prescriptions was so small). She was also told that she should avoid putting her new glasses on top of her head as this puts a lot of strain on the hinges and was highly likely the reason her current glasses broke.

They taped her glasses again for her so she could still use them until her new ones are ready. She said they asked if she would also like contacts. She said that she actually thought about saying yes but thought she would get too dependant on them as she nearly did the last time she tried contacts so said no. She added that if, in the future, she needs to wear glasses full time she would also consider getting contacts then.

Because her current glasses are taped they can't be folded to go in the case and she isn't putting them on top of her head any more (the tape would probably break if she did) so she has actually been wearing her glasses a lot of the time. She doesn't want to put them down anywhere in case she forgets to pick them up again! She doesn't really want to wear them so much but she would struggle to read without them and doesn't like to drive without them on, especially at night.

I still think she might as well go full time but I'm not going to tell her that.

gwgs 24 Jan 2017, 08:08

Chrisb - I was amazed at the amount of gwgs on public transport when I got the underground yesterday. I normally drive to work but had meetings to attend elsewhere in town so got the tube and was surprised at the amount of myopic women on board - it certainly made the journey pass quicker!

chrisb 23 Jan 2017, 16:33

another sighting on north london's transport system of the new trend in round metal frames. A girl, mid 20's southern eurpean I would guess. She had what looked like very new perfectly round wire frames in a dull silver colour. Her rx was very low and it took me a while and some repeated discrete glances to work out if it was a plus or minus prescription. But during this process I did get a smile from her. It was I decided a low plus. I think she was a new wearer as she kept pushing the frames up. But spent a lot of time looking at her phone. As we neared my station and an announcement came over the tannoy she took the glasses off to read the signboard indicating the next station. This clinched it she was a newly converted glasses wearer and had not yet got used to middle distance vision.

As I left the carriage I hoped she was getting off at the same station so I said "great glasses' but alas just at that point she looked down and her phone and didnt hear me (earbuds too).

The tragedy is that because the trains are so frequent, every 6 minutes or so, it's rare to see the same GWG two days running. Nonetheless, before christmas I did strike up a conversation with a lovely german lawyer, 30 something GWG who I met on different trains. As we parted on our first journey she gave me her business card, but I think I;ll keep it just as a 'brief encounter'. I'm beginning to think that the part of my job I like best is the getting there and the coming back. Or is that a bit sad ?


Soundmanpt 11 Jan 2017, 10:24


You're on the right track as for my name / title. For many years I ran sound for my friends band. I did that full time for about 15 years and then part time after that. The band was formed with 4 high school friends that just happened to be musicians. Two of them were brothers after about 6 months a fifth member was added and as it turned out that person awas A 16 year old Michael McDonald. He only stayed for about 2 years but he left as a friend A few short years later he became the keyboardist and lead vocal of The Doobie Brothers. If you go on YOu Tube you will find a good number of osngs by them. Most all of them feature Michael singing. Including "What a Fool Believes" and Takin it to the Streets. Oh and the "pt" part of my name is based on my car . I drive a PT Cruiser

Cactus Jack 10 Jan 2017, 21:47


You new friend probably had to have the older type of Cataract Surgery where the Crystalline Lens Capsule and the clouded Crystalline Lens are removed completely. That is sometimes necessary even today under some circumstances where the Capsule cannot be left in place and Intraocular Lenses (IOLs) installed.

The Crystalline Lens is a fairly powerful PLUS lens typically around +18 or +19. Because of Vertex Distance effects, her glasses mush have much more + for her to be able to see. However, strong PLUS lenses have all kinds of optical problems. In many ways they act like Binoculars with very limited peripheral vision in all directions. She is very smart to use the cane to help her avoid objects in her path.

Strong - glasses act like wide angle lenses which reduces the size of the image on the Retina, but have better peripheral vision if there is not too much retinal damage.

One of our members who needs very high PLUS glasses described what he sees sitting in a compartment on a train. He said he could see the person sitting directly across from him, but could not see the person sitting on either side of the person across, unless he looked directly at them.

Who knows, to quote Humphrey Bogart at the end of the movie Casablanca. "This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship". Good luck.


T. 10 Jan 2017, 15:40


12 years; gosh. Im surprised to see sites like these still around. Has it always been as active as this?

Admittedly i'm not particularly knowledgeable on glasses and vision simply just an admier.

Also this is ridiculously off topic but i had to ask, you go by 'sound man' so I take it your into sound stuff?, i study acoustics so only only ask out of coincidental crossing of interests; outside of glasses of course.

Soundmanpt 10 Jan 2017, 15:00


First of all welcome.

It is not uncommon when someone is that nearsighted that they often can function better without their glasses that they can with them for seeing small print such as an I-Phone even though it may appear that way to you since you can clearly see her squinting as well as holding her phone very close. But she may not be able to see it at all with her glasses. Simply put she really should be wearing bifocals.

There are a good number of very nice people in here. Personally I have been coming in here for about 12 years or so.

T. 10 Jan 2017, 12:39

Only just discovered this forum and figured i might try post something.

There's a minus 7-8ish who frequents a computer room at my uni who tends to sit in the same corner in the mornings around 8pm. They don't seem particularly heavy, they're just standard rectangular wire frames but she almost never pushes them up so when she's looking down at her phone (often for great lengths of time i might add) she pulls it right up to her face looking over her glasses tapping away and squinting at the text. I've always wondered why she never bothers to push them up she even continues to look over her glasses most of the time when using the computer leaning forwards quite far in her chair.

I'll try and be on here often, seems there's a great little community here :)

Danny 10 Jan 2017, 12:13

This is a concersation rather than a sighting.

Yesterday the London Underground was shut meaning for blind people like me (-35, retinal detachments etc) I had to use three buses to get to and from work.

At one of the bus stops I heard the click click click sound of someone else's long cane. When a female voice asked for help, I offered as much help as I could give. So two bus journeys later, I've learnt that she has imensley strong glasses, that bulge out and she has to have stick on bits to help her read. She also has nystagmus and had cataracts removed when she was a teenager.

I am rather jealous as she could see the bus earlier than me,however, I could read the menu better, apart from the curly font.

We are meeting again on Thursday.

Counterpoint 09 Jan 2017, 21:15

Speak for yourself! Some of us like gwg's with light prescriptions too.

 09 Jan 2017, 17:50

Not interesting at all. Very light rx...

Carrie 09 Jan 2017, 17:06

The TV show "First Dates" has swapped the usual London restaurant they use for a beautiful hotel in the south of France. As well as the usual two beautiful waitresses, the waiter, the barman and Fred the Maitre d' the "First Dates Hotel" has a receptionist who wears glasses with a minus prescription in large dark plastic frames. She is beautiful and French! Unfortunately I can't find any photos of her but if you are in the UK you can watch the show on catch up or wait until next Monday to see the next episode.

Adam 04 Jan 2017, 11:17

I know a nice blonde blue-eyed nearsighted girl who has very bad vision. When I first saw her I immediately that her eyes are a bit turning out but she has no lazy eye. Besides that, her eyes were always a bit squinting. She wasn't wearing glasses but it was easy to notice that her eyesight is not good. She is always wearing contacts, I have never seen her in glasses because she was shy to wear them because of bad experiences with her primary students classmates. Once we had a plan to meet but some hours before she refused it because her eyes became red and she had to wear glasses. I couldn't convice her to come.

Later, I could get to know and experience more about her eyesight. Once she needed to read something on the wall which I could see easily but for her it was a big challenge, she was squinting hard.

But the most shocking moment was during one of our facebook conversations. She told me that she is never watching their TV in the living room because she can't see it. She also told me that she tried a stronger prescription but it was even worse. Maybe her eyesight reached a point when it can't be fully corrected. I don't know why I didn't ask her prescription...

I had one more shocking moment with her. A photo was taken from us in a camera in whick you have to sit in (and two other girls with perfect vision). These machines are not big, so we had to focus on the camera from about 1 metre. However, her eyes were turning out with quite big angle and she was squinting. Okay, it was in the evening with less light but 1 metre is a very short distance, it is easy to just see on a camera, don't have to read anyting, just looking at.

And the last time we last met was also interesting. Once I just read someting on the side of the bus from about 20 metres. It is not close but the letters were quite big. She told me that she can't read it.

According to these experiences, she can be very blind without her glasses/contacts. Even she is blind wearing them. Once I saw a picture about her younger sister, she is not as nice as her but her eyes are even more turning out and more squinting so it's a family heritage.

What do you think, how strong are her glasses/contacts? I have tips but I am interested in your opinion.

Pietro 02 Jan 2017, 09:18

Going back to London after the hols spotted loads of Asians with very high prescriptions on the tube, most peering at their i phones from about 3 inches. One family had a child of about four yrs with one of the highest prescription I've ever seen in one so young - about -10 by the looks of it.

Many Korean groups of school students with strong glasses in Leicester square - fun to watch the glint off the thick lenses.

Pietro 02 Jan 2017, 09:18

Going back to London after the hols spotted loads of Asians with very high prescriptions on the tube, most peering at their i phones from about 3 inches. One family had a child of about four yrs with one of the highest prescription I've ever seen in one so young - about -10 by the looks of it.

Many Korean groups of school students with strong glasses in Leicester square - fun to watch the glint off the thick lenses.

Pietro 02 Jan 2017, 09:17

Going back to London after the hols spotted loads of Asians with very high prescriptions on the tube, most peering at their i phones from about 3 inches. One family had a child of about four yrs with one of the highest prescription I've ever seen in one so young - about -10 by the looks of it.

Many Korean groups of school students with strong glasses in Leicester square - fun to watch the glint off the thick lenses.

Soundmanpt 01 Jan 2017, 17:01


Your memory is good I don't have any family left to celebrate Christmas with and it used to bother me quite a good bit but as time has gone on I have tried my best to move along. Sorry to say it's still not my favorite time of the year and I am glad once we get to January 2nd. You would be amazed at how much outdoor Christmas decorations I have. For years I would start decorating my yard and house with over boxes and boxes of lights and things around mid November. Now they are all stored in the attic portion of my garage. I don't even bother with a tree. I do chat with my friends and I think they are checking up on me because they know I used to get quite depressed at Christmas time. But honestly it's much better now than it used to be. It's funny when you think about it. As a child you look so forward to Christmas time but as you get older it can be the time you want to not even come.

I am not at all surprised that you have been receiving lots of complements on your new glasses. It's nice to have glasses that are fun to wear and I have a feeling that is the way you feel about them too. They have to be light on your face and nose which that alone would make them very comfortable to wear. No surprise that Vicky was impressed with your glasses. I have feeling that she is very much like you in that she notices every attractive young woman she sees wearing glasses. I'm sure she probably found your glasses very comfortable when she tried them on. I bet they looked really good on her as well didn't they? Do you think she might want to order a pair for herself? Only problem for her is that she couldn't see very well since your glasses are much too strong for her eyes. She was probably happy to put her own glasses back on wasn't she? Danielle is determined not to give in and just keep her glasses on all the time isn't she? But she is facing a losing battle. It probably won't be long before she is needs to get her eyes examined again and she is going to need another increase and this time her distance vision is sure to be worse if she now needs her glasses for driving. She may be told that she needs to start wearing her glasses full time. I wonder if Vicky will also get her eyes checked since it has to be close to a year since she got her current glasses. You know she has to hoping to get an increase soon. I need to go and start practicing on writing 2017 on things. haha

Carrie 01 Jan 2017, 15:52

Hello Soundmanpt

Yes we did have a good Christmas thank you, and have just about recovered from celebrating new year! I remember you said you had no family left to celebrate Christmas with but I hope you managed to see some friends though.

I wasn't too sure how much someone at -3 could see. I thought she might end up at the wrong table!:-D

I don't like to ask Gemma what she could see when she had weaker prescriptions as she gets a bit worried about needing stronger prescriptions and she also might think it strange if I keep asking questions about her eyesight.

I've had a lot of compliments on my glasses. Vicky does like them and has tried them on, getting me to take a photo of her with her phone.

Danielle is still wearing her glasses only when she really needs to but does always wear them when driving. She still avoids wearing them otherwise.

Soundmanpt 31 Dec 2016, 11:00


First of all I hope that you and Gemma had a very good Christmas and that you both enjoy a Happy New Year.

That attractive woman you saw at the pub first with her glasses on top of her head and later wearing them probably hasn't gone to full time wear with her glasses yet. If you are correct with your estimate that her glasses were around -2.00 or -3.00 her eyes may not be dependent on her glasses yet. You get much more dependent on your glasses the more you wear them. Remember Gemma wasn't dependent on her glasses until she started wearing hers full time. And at -2.00 certainly she wouldn't be able to see things clearly but she would be able to see well enough to walk safely back to her table. And even at -3.00 she could manage if her eyes aren't always fully corrected or if she only recently got an increase in her prescription. But i'm not surprised that she was soon wearing her glasses when you saw her last. She could be just trying to hold form becoming dependent on her glasses. A battle she is likely to lose.

So by now i'm sure all your friends have seen you wearing your new glasses. What comments did you get. You know that Vicky is as big of a glasses freak as you are so I have a feeling she really liked them and probably wanted to try them on. A short while ago you said that Danielle was starting to wear her glasses more and more often including full time at work now. Is she still appearing to be getting closer to going completely full time. I know she is one that doesn't want to become dependent on her glasses but because of the type of work she does which is based on small detail and requires her eyesight to be as good as possible she has no other choice but to wear her glasses and the more she wears them the more she is going to need them. I have a feeling Vicky would love for Danielle to be in glasses full time. I know you love Gemma with all your heart no matter, glasses or no glasses, but i'm sure it's an added bonus that she wears glasses all the time.

Carrie 31 Dec 2016, 08:18

I was in a pub with a bunch of friends just before Christmas. We were at a table near the bar. At one point I looked up at the bar to see if there was many people waiting to be served as we are were going to need more drinks soon and I saw a woman with a great figure standing at the bar with her back to us. I then noticed that she had a pair of glasses on her head that appeared to have a minus prescription in them. Not a weak prescription, I would guess at least -2 but probably nearer to -3. Obviously I couldn't watch her for long but I did manage to get to see her walk away from the bar to another part of the pub. I only got a side view so I couldn't see her face properly but I could see that her glasses were still on her head. I don't know how she managed to find her way back to where she was sitting without her glasses on!

I saw her later on as we were leaving and she was coming towards us, probably to go to the bar again. This time she was wearing her glasses on her face. She was fairly attractive too.

John 31 Dec 2016, 03:58

Three bifocal sightings in London yesterday.

First, a teenage girl with her family on a train, she wore her plus bifocal glasses on the top of her head. She did wear them for about 30 seconds looking at her phone. But then returned them to the top of her head for more texting.

Second, in a lunchtime pub, a group of 5 mid-twenties playing charades. One of the females, short brown hair, slim wore fairly strongish plus lenses, probably around +5. When it was her turn to read the card for the next charade, she swapped those glasses for a pair with a single much more powerful lens in one eye and a bifocal lens in the other. Once she had finished reading, she swapped back to the original bifocals.

Finally, a boy of about 9 or 10; he had -2 ish glasses but the bifocal reading section was very strong. Interestingly, he spent the time on the tube looking over the top of his glasses to read the list of stations in the tube.

Murky 30 Dec 2016, 00:28

Thanks Tom.yes.after a few years practice, I find it easy to engage, when the moment is right, need some eye contact, so I get into a frontal position, open quickly, and have a follow up sentence ready.

Best is when we both are fixed, either in a queue, sitting at a meal table,or watching the same event. Supermarkets are good, as all are wearing them to read labels.

But, they need to be specs that she has thought about, not black acetate shiny onion rings, $15 at the discount store, ugh! No comment..

Versace, Prada, Dior Mui Mui ( oh how I adore them) never fail to impress.

Its good to wear something smart yourself, I have purple Versace frames( $250 on there net) to impress, and often get,"I like yours too!"in reply.

Last week, supermarket, gorgeous 18 yo with iridescent blue slight cat eye half rimmed nose pads; Dior, low minus (way less than 1, about 0.5 I guess), and clearly new, as so low minus is not necessary in the supermarket ( or anywhere else really). She has been told to wear them maybe, or liked the Fashion accessory.

She is reading the label on Tomato sauce bottles , here goes

"Checking for sugar content Eh? I venture

How did you guess?

Its times like this we glasses wearers are better equipped, I think they write it so small so most can't read it! But we can..

I can read it without my glasses, they are new last week.

Thats interesting, are you short or long sighted

Not sure, the eye doctor didn't say, just said I would see better, and be safer if I wore glasses all the time.

Is there better vision with then on... ( this is getting exciting)

Not sure, I think the street signs are a bit clearer, my Mum got me tested and paid for them, and she wants me to wear them.

What did your Mum notice?

Nothing really, but I am off to University next year, and Mum though it best to get checked, I did not want to go, but Dad said its probably worthwhile to find out, as he is a medical Doctor.

What does your boyfriend think of them?

He is not too sure, he came to the shop and helped mum choose them.

( Busting to ask whether she has sex with them on, but, more cool)

Oh well I think you look smashing, they suit you well, and I wish you lifelong happiness as a glasses wearer, welcome to our world.

Thanks, nice chatting to you, "bye..


Cubicle 29 Dec 2016, 10:07

No chances of pictures. Anyway some of her colleagues make fun of her saying things like "oh but she has her glasses in her hand".

On an unrelated side, I went ice skating. It was pretty crowded. At some point a middle aged woman falls and glasses fly away. Everybody says "The glasses! The glasses!". She quickly retrieves them. Very low minus. No harm done.

There were some cute young women in skirts and thick glasses (plus or minus) though, all of them pushing their glasses up constantly and having their butts protruding in fear of losing them or falling.

Very nice !

Puffin 28 Dec 2016, 06:25


Your subway sighting is very similar to one I saw last year, woman of similar age, I think plus 9 or 10 (?) looking down at the doorway and picking her way carefully aboard.

limited field of view again.

Likelenses 27 Dec 2016, 17:33


Any chance of getting a photo of them on the desk,and posting it.

Likelenses 27 Dec 2016, 17:30


You need to get to know her,and get the scoop on her vision / glasses,and please relay the info here.

Tom 27 Dec 2016, 17:19

Murky, great experiences, thanks for sharing with us.

I now always try to have the owner's consent when trying on specs. I am quite positively surprised at how much ladies appreciate my commenting on their good looking glasses, and are most happy to let me try them on... Some time ago I did not dare to engage in a conversion with a stranger about her eyeglasses.

But I have experienced so many positive reactions lately, and glasses are being looked at as an accessoire increasingly often. It is quite amazing how many pairs of sexy specs, owned by stunning ladies. I was able to hold and/or try on since. As both the owner and myself are happy, why not?

I must admit I sometimes tried on glasses without the owner knowing/agreeing I was doing so, but it never became a sour story. I always ask myself afterwards why I could not resist the temptation, but that's probably what a fetish is about... Fingers crossed.

Cubicle 27 Dec 2016, 10:01


Yes, she leaves her glasses at her desk most of the time. She then walks with a soft soft gaze. She wears them only to read someone else's screen or her own.

She can see certainly well enough to go around it seems.

Eyestein 27 Dec 2016, 08:37

Just a further thought on the subject of the plano-concave on one side. I have seen a pair of glasses with a prismatic dish in the front of one lens. Obviously it was for a serious amount of astigmatism. So flatness on the front might in some cases reduce the amount of cylinder required at the back geometry of the lens. So the high myopic asian girl I saw might have had high astigmatism in one eye.

Eyestein 27 Dec 2016, 07:52


Do you mean every time she walks away from her desk she leaves her glasses behind? That's something I would like to see. It's very likely that everything more than a foot away is blurred. She must have memorized the floor plan well.

Eyestein 27 Dec 2016, 07:39

@Puffin and Likelenses

I couldn't really estimate the Rx. It might have been near -10 on the flatfronted side which I think was the strongest. It wasn't the first time I have seen one only flatfronted lens on a young person. I have also seen obviously unbalanced Rx's where both lenses were the more common divergent meniscus. So I am not sure of the reason for just one flat front. It might have something to do equalizing image sizes where the difference in lens strength is large.

murky 26 Dec 2016, 22:27

At thew airport, GWGs everywhere, but alas, I faIL TO find a contact point, but as i move to my aisle seat, there in the middle seat, a trendy, classily dressed 35 wish lady with a stunning pair of acetate multicoloured specs, about +1 to + 2, no add.

I take my seat, admiring to sinusoidal side arms, encrusted with small glowing glass stones, multicoloured.

Her daughter ( probably) is sitting on the window seat, so is hard to find a point where conversation can begin.

Its a short 50 min flight, and soon we are preparing to land, and she takes the off, briefly sitting on the tray, whilst she grovels for the case in her bag underfoot

" beautiful glasses" I exclaim

Oh you like them...

Yes quite exquisite, where did you get them ?

In Japan, we are on our way home.

Can I see there brand?

Yes, but there is none

Thats unusual.... I venture

Its what I liked, along with the adorable colours, thank you for noticing..

Back to her daughter, and the specs go into a case, and to the handbag.

Landed, goodbye.. why don't hype ropes with beautiful glasses leave then on? Hiding them in a spec case is churlish

Cubicle 26 Dec 2016, 14:44

New girl at work, brunette, sexy legs always in tights and skirt. Decent boobs. Wears thick black plastic frame with strong flat front minus glasses. Or rather wears them only at her desk and squints like crazy the rest of the time. No heels though. Reminds me of an ex girlfriend.

Brett 26 Dec 2016, 14:43

@Mike: That is a great Rx your Girlfriend has, you are very lucky. You should be able, online to get aspheric or flat lenses. Just curious does she wear progressives or bifocals?

Cubicle 26 Dec 2016, 14:39

The other day I saw a cute 20 something blonde in the subway. She was sporting very very thick plus lenses. She must have had a very small field of vision (tunnel vision) because she exaggerated lifting her foot a lot to get in and off the car. She could use her phone just right though.

In boots and a skirt.

Mike  26 Dec 2016, 01:39

My girlfriend is R -6.25 -2.50 180 L -4.25 -2.00 180 ADD 2.00 could we order flat front lens for her she is 24years old

murky 25 Dec 2016, 23:04

Thanks Tom, I love those temptations and borrow episodes, I was at the hairdresser, and when I went to pay there right in front of me, a gorgeous pair of Prada, black cat eye gasses, with gleaming gold side arms,looks about +1 or 2, obviously discretionary glasses of on of the hairdressers,they did not belong to the cashier, and sat there so i just put them on,immediately felt aroused,as the distance prescription was about right. she handed me my change, and I went to walk out , while she still fiddled with the computer ( as they do these days), my own specs were still looped in my jumper, from there haircut, it was that easy, so after a minute of pure joy walking the street,, I returned, and apologised to the cashier,

'I seem to have picked up someones specs,sorry"replacing them on the counter.

"Oh they are Karens, she only got them last week, she is on a break, thanks "

Puffin 25 Dec 2016, 04:08


I've seen glasses with one flat lens before, on an older woman in IKEA once.

It's little odd because you get all that flashing but from one lens only.

I'm not sure it's worth it for just a little less thickness on one side, which from most angles is invisible.

Likelenses 24 Dec 2016, 23:57


Interesting that only one lense was flat front.Could you estimate the power of either of her lenses?

Eyestein 24 Dec 2016, 18:39

An very affectionate young Asian couple were waiting at a bus stop. They would have been in their late teens or early twenties. The girl was wearing very strong glasses. One of her lenses was flat-fronted. It flashed light around like a mirror. She was as horny as hell and seemed to be oblivious to any onlookers standing around. He seemed less enthusiastic but I think he was more conscious of the public exposure. She took her glasses off very briefly. I mean for about two seconds! I am not sure why she did that. She actually put them back on before landing her lips on him again. It might have been intended a sexy gesture to take off the only thing she could take off in the situation. It might have taken her only two seconds to decide she needed to leave her glasses on.

Tom 23 Dec 2016, 15:39

Went to an electronics repair shop today, had to take a seat as the two sellers/technicians were helping other clients already. A lady in her mid forties then entered the shop, looked around, and quickly realized she also had to take a seat (next to me) and wait for her turn.

She was quite slender, nice haircut with blonde hair just above her shoulder, and wearing very flashy slender barbie pink plastic frames with noticeable minus prescription. It did not take long before she started complaining to me about the waiting time, her car being parked off-limits, problems she had with her phone,... She just kept talking and I did not have to say much as she changed subject every minute herself. I had noticed she was carrying a Pearle Vision bag with her, so I decided to compliment her about her choice of pink frames (which suited her really well) and asked whether those were Pearle Vision. She was charmed by my comment, and told me yes indeed she had just picked up those new frames, as she had used a buy-1-get-2 promotion last week and, because of the good deal, she had chosen for a bolder color. She kept talking and explained how she was now using glasses more and more as an accessoire, to match outfits, look different on different occasions,... I asked whether she was happy with the lenses also, suggesting they were somewhat stronger, and enquiring about how shz felt about Pearle quality of the lenses. She agreed it was key to a good a pair of glasses, especially because she was -5.5, did want slim lenses, and this was her first time with Perale.

Given her ease to talk to a stranger, I asked whether I could have a closer look at her frames because I (truly) liked them and would enjoy my partner also picking a flashier color. She said waow you really like them, took off her specs, handed them over to me and asked what I thought of them. I inspected her glasses from different angles, insisted I wanted to be very careful as they were brand new, and then handed them back saying they looked great for a 79 EUR frame including lenses. She laughed, put them on, said now she could see again, ans said my comments were a relief to her as she would see friends over lunch and was not sure whi they would react to her pink frames. We continued to chat about diffrent subjects, but what a great lady!

Londoner 19 Dec 2016, 10:55

Sitting in a Charity Christmas Concert. Amazed by the number of women of all ages wearing glasses - significantly over 50%.

As you would expect the older ones are mainly plus, mostly readers, though a lot stayed on during the interval, but a couple of stronger plus included - definitely long term wearers. Also one 10 yr old with a strongish plus prescription. A few young low plus as well.

The younger portion of the audience are mostly myopes, but surprisingly most in this group have quite significant prescriptions - few low minus. One or two close to double figures including the young mum (30ish) with baby in front of me who is wearing small metal frames with serious cut in.

A good concert!

Tom1 15 Dec 2016, 15:18

Intriguing sighting yesterday at a working meeting abroad. I was introduced to a new member of the local team, a nice and young engineer around her mid 30. Immediately wondering if she had perfect vision or not, but no glasses on her eyes or around her, no squinting, so I concluded she must lack that nice plus that a vision defect represent for me, although she was quite cute.

At a certain point she wanted to see a document I was preparing and came close to my laptop screen. After a short chat on technical stuff, I found myself looking straight into her brown eyes and.... bingo! She had contacts!!!

I look forward to meeting her again in the future (our teams meet about every 2 months) and I hope to have opportunity to see her bespectacled or at least to enter into a vision related conversation to discover her prescription!

gwgs 01 Dec 2016, 02:21

Interesting sighting on the way home yesterday of a bit of glasses sharing. Three young girls (probably 18-20 years old), two brunettes, and one stylish black girl walking down the road, I could see from behind that one of them was wearing gold aviator glasses with myopic / short sighted lenses. Nothing unusual there one thinks!

As I walked along they greet their friend who is further down the street walking towards them, as they get within a few feet of her, the young brunette takes off the aviator glasses and passes them over to her trendy black friend who upon putting on her (?) glasses hugs her friend and they walk the other way from which I was going.

I wonder who the glasses belonged to originally, I suspect the latter, the large gold aviators went very well with her dark skin, but I wonder how well the brunette saw with her friends glasses and for how long she was wearing them, or was it the other way round? Anyhow, an interesting sighting.

Soundmanpt 30 Nov 2016, 12:34


It's great to finally have my computer back and working great. It was a terrible 3 weeks being without it.

I knew I forgot about replying to another comment you posted and in reviewing I see that it was you and Gemma bumping into one of your former teachers. How long ago was it that you last saw her or had her as a teacher? At least she still recognized both you and Gemma considering the number of students she has probably taught and the fact that both you and Gemma are now wearing glasses. Were you surprised that she commented that your prescription didn't seem to be a weak one? She must have thought that your glasses look pretty strong to her. Plus lenses do often appear to be stronger than they really are. That is likely why she was wondering if your eyesight may have caused problems in school? But you clearly didn't go without glasses for very long before you got your first glasses and they were on the weak side. Even though you wore them full time you were still able to see quite well without them. Oddly enough when you had her in school she wore glasses and now she wears contacts. Sadly by now all the teachers I had i'm quite sure have died by now.

Soundman 28 Nov 2016, 14:51


If your wondering where I have been lately my computer died and is currently in the shop. So i am at a nearby library which has computers available.

The two customers you mentioned clearly sounds like that less attractive young lady may have recently been prescribed with glasses and her friend the more attractive one was only trying them out. The logical reason her friends glasses may have started bothering her eyes most likely was because they had some astigmatism correction in them.

Not surprising that Danielle is slowly starting to wear her glasses quite a bit bit more. Without a doubt by her wearing hr glasses full time while at work is having an effect on her distance vision now. Yes of course being a graphic designer she needs her glasses for all the close work she does but i'm sure she is also looking at things in the distance as well and she eyes are adjusting more and more to her glasses. So by the end of her work day taking off her glasses to drive home has to getting more difficult for her. I'm sure she probably is starting to realize that she really needs to start wearing her glasses all the time now.

Carrie 26 Nov 2016, 12:20

Just noticed that I missed a word out in my 2nd sentence. "It was very late..."

Puffin 26 Nov 2016, 11:53


Fascinating, as usual

Carrie 26 Nov 2016, 06:38

Danielle did put her glasses on again. It was very and she put her glasses on to read something on her phone and then kept her glasses on for the rest of the evening. She also wore them for a short time when we all got up this morning (actually nearly midday😄). She also put them on again when she drove home.


Vicky's prescription is Sph +0.75, Cyl -0.25 in both eyes. She wears her glasses full time. Danielle's glasses are Sph +1.50 and +1.75, I don't know which eye requires which prescription and I can't tell by looking as the difference between the lenses is so small (her most recent prescription was +0.25 stronger but her optician said there was no need to get new glasses unless she wanted new frames) Danielle wears her glasses mainly for reading and close up. She wears her glasses all day at her work as she is a graphic designer.

High Myopic - no orgy, just 2 couples who are really good friends having a lovely meal made by my super talented girlfriend (with a bit of help from me) and having a good chat. When we went to bed Danielle and Vicky had a separate room with its own bed. I know they had sex in there because I heard noises just as Gemma and I were getting started 😉.

High Myopic 25 Nov 2016, 21:31


Orgy Night

antonio 25 Nov 2016, 14:34

Hi Carry,

how strong are Danielle's and Vicky's glasses?

just curious, best regards, Antonio

Carrie 25 Nov 2016, 12:43

Our friends Vicky and Danielle have just arrived. Danielle was wearing her glasses! She said she has found that her eyes feel better if she wears them for driving especially at night. This is a new thing for Danielle. She has been avoiding wearing her glasses for distances as much as possible. It seems that she has given in. Probably a good idea to wear glasses for driving even if they only make your eyes feel more comfortable.

Unfortunately she took her glasses off a few minutes after arriving but put them on top of her head instead of in the case. This makes me think that she might wear them again this evening. Danielle and Vicky are staying the night so there is a good chance Danielle will put her glasses back on.

Mot 18 Nov 2016, 03:54

Tom is truly a psychotic stalker. enough said.

Beachin' 16 Nov 2016, 22:03

Soundman and Suzan D,

I apologize for the delayed response. My post in response to the troll a few weeks ago was a bit sarcastic. My story was true and I agree the content on this thread should be non-fiction.

That being said, I don't know if i'd say the friend I talked about has a fetish - maybe more like a strong interest/prefers guys with glasses.

Hope that clears things up!

Crystal Veil 15 Nov 2016, 16:34

Hi Carrie and Tom,

this reminds me of a girl at school who forgot to bring her glasses (circa minus two) one day. She made the wise choice to move next to a full time GWG (circa minus four) that day and throughout all the lessons they were sharing the minus four glasses. Each girl used the glasses for about half a minute looking at the black board, then gave them to the other girl. When not wearing the glasses, they wrote down notes. It all went like clock work. This happened fifty years ago so your messages had the effect of a time machine. Thank you!

Tom 15 Nov 2016, 15:20

Hi Carrie

Good sighting. Really one of my preferred sightings when women try on each other's glasses, with always a weaker and a stronger prescription shifting users, or a non-glasses wearer trying on a friend's pair.

I often observe this in restaurants, when lights are dimmed and people struggle to read the menu. Either a woman says "I forgot my glasses can I use yours?", or (much better) a lady spontaneously takes off her own specs and hands those to another lady commenting "You really seem to struggle, try those". Some women vigorously protest and refuse to try on the glasses, while others do try and happily exclaim how well they can see with the specs and they will buy a pair themselves the day after.

It is a good sighting when such happens with readers, but so much better in a sports stadium or movie theater when (strong) minus prescriptions change hands.

Carrie 14 Nov 2016, 14:30

Today at work two young women came in. One very attractive the other not so attractive and both vaguely familiar to me as occasional customers. The better looking one was wearing large plastic framed glasses with a low minus prescription. But within a couple of minutes the better looking one said to her friend "Here, you can have these back now they're starting to give me a headache." and took the glasses off and passed them to her friend who put them on. They then continued with their shopping. I didn't see them after that as I was restocking the shelves.

I'm glad I saw them come in. Such a disappointment that the glasses didn't belong to the better looking one but the brief time I saw her wearing them was good. Obviously I couldn't look for long anyway in case they, or someone else, saw me and also I was busy. I haven't seen the woman who owned the glasses wear glasses before. Maybe they are new.

Tom 14 Nov 2016, 10:18

Dear Anonymous. At least I post using my name... I did nothing else but try on her specs, look through the lenses, have a very good look at them. And, yes, there was a very remote risk of her waking up, but that's part of the excitement for me. Very low probability when asleep on a longhaul flight after a few glasses of wines... I also tried out glasses of women when at their places for a drink or sleeping there. No more no less. I still cherish the moment, she never found out and will never do so, so what?

 14 Nov 2016, 02:33

I'm all for tales of sightings here, but this one is creepy Tom. You went to the lavatory with her glasses?! What you did with them in there God only knows.

What would have happened if she woke up whilst you were in the loo and she saw her glasses weren't there.

There's one thing reporting on attractive women that have been seen in public places and other doing this sort of thing

Tom 13 Nov 2016, 15:11

Another great night flight. Sat next to a nice Italian woman, flying business class, we chatted before take-off and during dinner. After dinner the cabin light s were dimmed, she put her seat in the bed position, took off her glasses and went to sleep. I had of course noticed her glasses as soon as I had take my seat: slender black round plastic frames, gold metallic temples, prescription about -3 my best guess. She was deeply sleeping wihin 30 minutes, and I couldn't help but look at her specs that lay opened upside-down on her tray table wihin "grabbing" distance. As the cabin was now almost fully dark, and the lavatories' sign was green (vacant), I quietly stood up, took her glasses with me and went to the lav. I made sure the door was properly locked behind me, and I had all the time to try on her glasses, which I felt extremely exciting. It looked she was a pure myope, with no cilinder, and very similar prescription in both eyes, maybe even weaker than -3. I made sure her glasses and lenses were bright and shining before returning to my seat, and putting her glasses back in exactly the same position as they had been.

Carrie 12 Nov 2016, 11:47

We were out shopping earlier today and we happened to meet an old teacher of ours. We haven't seen the teacher since we left school but she still recognised us. She said "It's Carrie and um Gemma, isn't it? I thought you looked familiar but there was something different about you both. I realised that it was the glasses!" She couldn't remember either of us wearing glasses at school even though Gemma wore glasses to see the board in all lessons and I wore fake glasses quite a lot for a while. I reminded her about that and quickly explained that Gemma has got more short-sighted since school and I discovered that I am long-sighted and have some astigmatism and we both need to wear glasses all the time.(our old teacher knew what astigmatism is). She commented on my glasses, saying "I don't wish to sound rude but your prescription isn't a week one. Do you think you would have done better at school if you had realised much earlier that you needed glasses?" I replied "Maybe. I possibly didn't do as much revision as I could have done because I got tired when reading. I didn't realise then that I was tired because my eyes were working so hard to focus." She noticed the way Gemma and I looked at each other and, along with how much I knew about Gemma, worked out that we were more than just friends. She was impressed how long we have been together and that we have our own place together. But she was surprised that I ended up in a same sex relationship as she often saw me flirting with boys at school. I explained that I was just joining in with what my group of friends were doing and I was unconsciously in denial and I only had feelings for the boy I was dating before I fell in love with Gemma after leaving school. It was during our chat that it suddenly dawned on me what was different about the teacher - she wasn't wearing glasses. When we were at school she wore glasses full time. If I remember correctly her glasses were a medium minus. She said she wears contacts now and it must have been after we left that she got them.

It was really nice to see our old teacher again and hopefully she is thinking the same about us.

Puffin 06 Nov 2016, 15:05

Just had a hilarious game of poker with three presbyopes, one who didn't have glasses, one who'd forgotten them and one who'd brought theirs.

The cards had small numbers.

So there was lots of holding glasses out at arms length & squinting.

Lots of "can I borrow the glasses?"

I offered to read them for them (!)

BTW I won.

Carrie 05 Nov 2016, 20:37

On Friday night Victoria Coren-Mitchell was guest host of the BBC1 satirical news quiz Have I Got News For You. She put her glasses on several times during the show to read the autocue but always took them off when she had finished reading. She is also the host of another quiz show, Only Connect, but I haven't seen her wear glasses on that. She is quite attractive and also quite intelligent with a very dry sense of humour. Intelligence and a dry sense of humour are big turn ons for me.

Puffin 03 Nov 2016, 07:44

Carrie - I noticed that too. It got me interested in the show. And it gets me interested in other shows if there's a GWG.

Carrie 02 Nov 2016, 13:09

Winner of the Great British Bake Off 2016 Candice Brown wore glasses a couple of times during the series. I couldn't work out her prescription but it could be for weak astigmatism.,h_374/95a126_94cc8d6186d44617920b8acc53baf09d~mv2.jpg

Gemma fancied her from the beginning but I didn't at first but she grew on me. She was quite sexy but I found her Cockney/Essex accent rather unsexy. Candice is 31 I think.

iDetective 30 Oct 2016, 13:26


Yes, it is LikeLenses.

I'm glad that he said he would never respond to me anymore, and then tried to pretend to be me using my own name. I guess he even lies to himself.

LikeLenses is a pretentious antagonistic asshole with an identity crisis. I can't wait to see what he turns into when he grows up. He has so many phony fake lives, he probably doesn't even know which is the right one.

Thanks for pointing out his falsehoods. He truly believes all his detractors are simply one person.

This guy needs psychiatric help... not joking.

Michael 29 Oct 2016, 09:58

Soundmanpt- That is another Michael in case you don't know.Not the Michael who writes a lot here and whose roommate is Chris. Anyway I don't work. I have been retired for a number of years and think I mentioned that here before.

Soundmanpt 29 Oct 2016, 08:19


When your co-workers were having their conversation about glasses I know you musy have wished you could have entered into it as well. But sadly you could only be an observer. But what you observed was very interesting. Not surprising that when the one that only wears -1.25 glasses tried on the -3.50 / -3.75 glasses i'm sure they felt much too strong for her eyes. Now if she had left them on for a longer period her eeys may have started to adapt to them better. But i'm sure she only had them for just a few seconds and her eyes had chance to adjust. Interesting what she was saying about not having her own glasses so she wore her sister's glasses that are -2.00 but they gave her a headache after only wearing them for about an hour. Wearing her sister's glasses of course was over correcting her eyes a bit. But really her eyes should have been able to adjust to them after a few minutes of wearing them. Most likely her sister's glasses also has astigmatism correction in them and that was what gave her the headache. The one that doesn't wear glasses I assume if she tried on the -3.50/-3.75 glasses very quickly returned them because they were much too strong for her eyes. But when she tried on the -1.25 glasses because they aren't that strong she was able to see quite well with them. Of course as she noticed everything in the distance was clear but smaller. Now if she would have continued wearing them they would have gotten even more comfortable for her. However if her job is a desk type job where she is looking at small print that may have been a more difficult for her to do wearing those glasses. Did she seem surprised at how well she could see wearing her co workers glasses? Often times borrowing or trying on a friends glasses is how people find out that they might in fact need glasses themselves. Now if the young lady, you didn't say what the ages of these ladies are, has a previous pair olf glasses at home with a slightly weaker prescription they would probably work really well for the one that doesn't wear glasses now. Of course it's very possible that those -1.25 glasses are in fact her first and only glasses. It does make you wonder after being able to see so well with glasses if she might go and get her eyes tested.

Michael 29 Oct 2016, 01:39

Sighting in our company yesterday:

Three female collegue talking about glasses. One wear glasses for myopia, one sometimes specially for driving or TV, one without any glasses.

The fulltime wearer gave her specs the other for trying. She said her prescripion is -3,5 and -3,75. The part time wearer tried them first, wear them for a minute and said that her prescription were only -1,25 in each eye. She can`t wear stronger glasses. Wearing her sisters glasses with only -2,00 watching tv for one hour because let her own in her flat she got terrible headache.

The girl without glasses put them on said nothing but walk to the window look outside came back and said that she can easily read all signs outside. There are no problem wearing the specs, everything is smaller with them on. Then she take a photo with her smartphone before returnrd the glasses to the owner.

rafa 27 Oct 2016, 15:11

Suzan D

Yes, I agree with your assumption that there are men here who write as women.

But I'm not at all persuaded that there are no womem who are glasses fetishists, that it's only a male thing to be aroused by inanimate objects. It'd be interesting to read the studies you mention. But I have come across many times women who respond to glasses in a way that makes me believe that they share the same "thing" I have with glasses. It's easy for us, glasses fetishists, to identify those signs.

And I, for one, believe that Carrie, is real. It's true that when I came across this website I was hoping to find more (real) women who share my passion. Perhaps it's the fact, as you say, that the site is buried under pages and pages in Google. But I still believe that there are many women out there who are 0-0.

 27 Oct 2016, 09:12

Some time ago I saw plus gwg girl at Target near San Francisco.

Interesting thing that I'm checking her Instagram for some time because the link was posted here. Very rare when you are following someone online and then apparently meet IRL. She mentioned her visit in twitter

From her instagram it seems that her glasses mainly only for reading or for fashion, for example

But in fact she is farsighted and using glasses not for close up, but also for distance a lot.

Was a big surprise for me to see her!

SZ6 26 Oct 2016, 11:26

"iDetective's" post at 25 Oct 2016, 20:31 is clearly LikeLenses. The giveaways are the run-on sentences and the lack of a space between a comma and the next word.

Tiresome and transparent.

iDetective investigations 26 Oct 2016, 10:46

iDetective  25 Oct 2016, 20:31

I would like to apologize to all here,that I have offended.

I first came here because I have a huge attraction to men that wear strong plus glasses,and wanted to learn more about eyesight,and optics.

I then became very angry over your term plussie,because I too wear very strong plus glasses.

In addition you need to know that the root of my anger is that I have a very low IQ, and learning disability,and find your Information almost impossible to understand.

I also suffer from my male sexual identification,which angers me toward you that are normal.

I reside in a group home,and since I am unemployable,and have no income,my pass time is using the home's only computer,when it is available.

I am extremely jealous of all here,that have things to share,and I have nothing.

My doctor has prescribed a new medication,that hopefully will help me with my mental health problems,and anger toward others. Hopefully the effect of this medication will help me long term. We will see.

Suzan D. 25 Oct 2016, 16:53

fyi. from a real woman. despite all the fantasy writings here, it is rare for women to have fetishes for inanimate objects. we may have likes, but not fetishes as men do.

you might want to read some studies. even with such rarity, the odds are incredibly amazing that so many women have gathered on this one small website.

A website that does not advertise anywhere and is buried in pages and pages if you do a google search.

As a woman, I can easily spot the fakes. A man writing as a woman does not a woman make.

Soundmanpt 25 Oct 2016, 11:41


I don't really agree with you. No one should be able to use more than one title or name. There is no reason or point for that. And the "storytelling" well there is a site called "Vision and Specs" and they have thread for makeup stories. That is the place for made up stories.

So your friend is also a co worker of yours. She knows you wear glasses but she hasn't asked to try them or offered to clean them for you? But like you say she maybe on her good behavior because you're both at work. Maybe the next time you go out drinking with her you should make a point to wear your glasses and after awhile take you glasses off an put them on the table while you pretend to be wiping something from your eye. If she grabs your glasses then you know she has a glasses fetish for sure. If she doesn't it could be only with men's glasses that she takes an interest.

Beachin' 24 Oct 2016, 22:14

I guess my "encounter" was so amazing it sounded to good to be true or was it my amazing storytelling? I'm kidding of course. I'm sure many people on here embellish a little after all we want other people to read what we write and try to avoid being a snoozefest. That being said, if someone does create multiple characters/personas oh well, at least it's preferable to a troll.

 24 Oct 2016, 12:25

likelenses can't respond to iDetective because he is too busy making up "play girlfriends" like Cheryl, June, LauraC, and several more. he refused to answer any of the ridicule against him because he fucked up his stories so many times. such an obvious obsession with fraud.

you need a doctor, boy.

Michael 24 Oct 2016, 03:36

Likelenses- Those people are trolls and the best thing we can do is neglect them and if we do they will hopefully go away. They are looking for a reaction and if they don't get one it defeats the purpose of them wanting to being here.As they say don't fed the trolls.

Likelenses 24 Oct 2016, 00:16

Soundmanpt and Michael

I agree with both of you that it is best to just leave the idiots babble on,and not respond to them.

I have just ignored them,and will continue to do so.

Michael 23 Oct 2016, 14:13

Soundmanpt- I agree with you 100%. Just ignore those people who choose to post without using a name and don't contribute anything other than accusing other people of being fakes. And how can people makes judgments as to who is a fake and who isn't based on writing styles?I write intelligently and so do you and maybe our posts go way beyond what their brains can comprehend so they call us fakes. And if people don't like what we post nobody puts a gun to their faces to force them to read it.

Soundmanpt 23 Oct 2016, 13:58


I'm sure it angers you the same way it does me but as long as the moderator doesn't seem to care I guess all we can do is try to ignore those few that their only contribution is to accuse people of being other people or being fakes.

Michael 23 Oct 2016, 13:47

Soundmanpt- I know you are legitimate and so am I. But some people think that a bunch of us are fakes like you and me.But there isn't anything we can do about it. I am still thinking back when we were both accused of being the same person because we have the same writing style whatever that means. But it is a pet peeve of mine that some people write and don't use a ES Nickname. Couldn't something be done by the moderator to prevent that from happening? If nothing else it is gutless. When I write I have no problem attaching a name to my post and I have always done that and I know you have as well.

Soundmanpt 23 Oct 2016, 12:20


Just for your information I have not responded to any of your posts for several weeks now and if I had I would say it was from me. But you're really not worth my time. So you need to investigate further because it wasn't me Mr. Know-It-All. When I have anything to say to you I won't go unnamed.

 23 Oct 2016, 08:14

The real False Face:

iDetective 22 Oct 2016, 19:28

it's so funny watching ALAIN, SOUNDMANPT, and LIKELENSES try to imitate me. always vile nasty comments. spitty, snappy, and snarky.

you crazy three stooges ought to get a sitcom together. Maybe call it "The False Facers?"

i'll never tell you how i find out my secrets about you. but i have access to more information than you might think.

Cubicle 22 Oct 2016, 17:20

New girl arrived at work

Shy 25yo brunette, wears glasses instead if contacts somedays. Glasses are flat front plastic frames, at last -10. Yummy

Hope she gets heels.

Eyescene 22 Oct 2016, 02:24

First dinner with old high school mates yesterday after 26 years (!).

Lot of interesting surprises between the womens....

One who had perfect vision is now wearing weak plus glasses, maybe multifocals... I didn't see her close enough.

One who had also good vision had very weak minus glasses, most time on her head.

One who was nearsighted and astigmatic had weak minus glasses only part time. She told she had surgery, was 20/20 for 8 years, then nearsighted again.

One who has -1.25 part time glasses in the first clas of high school, then got -3 after a couple of years and finally contacts by the fifth year, was yesterday wearing a nice pair of glasses with, I'd say, -8 prescription or so.

One who wore glasses for a strong astigmatism (I remember I was fascinated by how the lenses that seemed positive enlarged and distorted the things including her beautiful green eyes) was clearly wearing contacts.

Finally, one who had weak minus glasses but never wore them that much, was yesterday full time around -3.

Great evening!

 21 Oct 2016, 23:12


That trailer park is filled with million dollar motor-homes,but the problem is the location is right next to the BLM ghetto where you live.

All of us motor home owners will be motoring on to Florida,for the winter,and leave the ghetto all to yall.

iDetective 21 Oct 2016, 04:35

Nameless one,

I didn't know you could get the Internet in your trailer park.

 20 Oct 2016, 20:30


I thought that you were the old pants suit hag having another seizure.

iDetective 20 Oct 2016, 07:35

Especially me, because I am really Donald Trump in a dress.

iDetective 20 Oct 2016, 06:35

Everyone grab a shovel. The BS fakes are getting real busy on this site again.

Beachin' 19 Oct 2016, 16:19

To answer your question she knows I wear glasses and complemented them but has not asked me to try them on. I was at work at the time so it may have been different then if we were at a bar.

I agree she was definitely flirting but what really tipped me off was when she said she liked trying on other people's glasses and actually "assessed" his vision.

In retrospect I recall a few comments she made a work. We joked about dressing extra professionally/acting really serious when one of the company executives came to our office. She sent me a reminder text the next morning of with a little glasses emoji to remind me about our conversation the day before and tell me she was wearing her glasses that day. I think that was her way of encouraging me to wear mine too.

Soundmanpt 19 Oct 2016, 10:13


It does sound as if your friend maybe has a thing for guys in glasses but it's also possible that is just her way of flirting? Does she know that you wear glasses at times? How does she react to seeing you wearing glasses? If she is really a glasses 00 I would think she would wanting to try your glasses on.

Beachin' 18 Oct 2016, 17:54

I was out drinking with a freind the other day and discovered she is likely a closet OO. Two guys from the table next to us, both in glasses, came over and struck up a conversation. After a few drinks the guy I was talking to placed his glasses on the table for a moment and she picked them up, cleaned them, looked through the lenses, then above them, then through them several times. She replied, oh, you are not that blind and admitted that she liked looking through other people's glasses. I could tell the guys were both enjoying the show, ha. When she returned his glasses the guy she was talking to promptly took off his glasses and smudged the lenses and offered them to her to clean and try on. I think he regretted the bold move momentarily but she took him up on his offer and told him she knew what she was doing and wore glasses too (for reading). I couldn't hear the rest of the conversation because he moved in so close but I could tell they were both into it. I left the bar shortly after that but found out my "little OO friend" went home with the guy from the bar :).

We chatted the next day about the guys but I didn't have the nerve to ask her about her OO tendencies. She was pretty hammered but in vino veritas right?

Bensmith 18 Oct 2016, 07:43

Just at the library, two twentyish girls chatted about glasses. One of them said something about her glasses that I didn't quite catch, and the other replied: "Oh yes, you're wearing your glasses now." The first girl said: "I've had these for years but I almost never wear them. I really should wear them all the time but I can actually see fine, it's just that I can't see anything far away." The second girl said: "I know, I have that too, I always wear contacts." The first girl said: "I should wear these at school but I always forget." She took her glasses off, looked at her laptop about a feet and a half away and said: "I have such a horrible vision. Especially when I've worn them a few hours like now everything looks so blurry." The other girl said: "I really had to get contacts when I couldn't see without my glasses anymore. I recommend that, it's so much easier when you can see." The first girl put her glasses back on. The glasses didn't look that strong when I took a better look later.

gwgs 14 Oct 2016, 01:22

Jes - this sighting sounds like heaven. What a sight.

JES 13 Oct 2016, 09:34

Yesterday at the FairCentre. Short, slim middle-aged blonde beauty with ponytail. Enormous golden aviator-frame on ger nose. Plenty of minus-power, in the -9 range, I would guess. Lenses thinned to planos at front with no greater success. Edges thick as coke-bottles and cut-in on her narrow face clearly noticeable. It just can't get any better than that, can it?

30calcat 11 Oct 2016, 18:42

The styles featured in this article feature only big frames, and I hope the trend stays this way a while:

Modern takes on retro cat eye shapes seem to be the thing now, but it will be interesting to see if round shapes gain representation in the near future. I have a pair ready to see more wear if that happens.

Either way It will be interesting to see the real high minus scripts in these new big frames. I doubt we will see anything like the blended myodisc of previous eras, but we will have hi index lenses with large bowl myodisc-like rings on the outside where the lens runs out of blank to finish the curve to the edge.

 09 Oct 2016, 15:23

eyeshadow. YUCK. that's for clowns. current trend is NO eyeshadow which looks much prettier.

gwgs 07 Oct 2016, 01:38

Chrisb and others, here are some examples of round frames seen around the web;

chrisb 06 Oct 2016, 15:43

I'd like to confirm more sightings of round frames. The first ones i saw a few months ago were large and mainly on males.

On my journey to work I have seen a quite a few 20 something girls with round frames, mostly thin silver wire but the occasional thin black metal frame. The latter is inevitably head turning.

I work mainly in a large studio multi office building in North London's most trendy area and i'm trying my best to be on smiling or nodding or chatting acquaintance with the GWGs I encounter., without of course being creepy. But probably being the oldest person working there i can avoid that. I'll report back on the first pair of round frames I spot.

A few weeks ago i reported an encounter with a nice eastern european girl in Sainsburys. She was there again tonight and I resumed the conversation. She said she remembered me and said she had bought new frames - her RX seemed to have increased. I wanted to ask my if advice of wearing the glasses out and about had solved her lack of a boyfriend. But hesitated to volunteer myself, if she didn't mind being seen with someone so old. So I just said how lovely she looked. Parting smiles again.

murky 06 Oct 2016, 04:45

Off interstate, so to my favourite spot, the airport

Case 1…Tracking to the departure lounge, WOW she walks past me, huge aquamarine squarish frames, silver strait arms, disappearing into gorgeous blond hair. About 30, BMI 22, 175 cm Makeup 10/10, with blue eye shadow.

I fell my heart rate approach max at 180, slight dizziness, quickly tour to follow her, she stops at the airline schedule board,,e peeping through the right lens, about +3 or 4, same on the other side. I bump her gently also inspecting the schedules.

Oh so sorry, I venture, as she looks at me, a slight smile,

You have such astonishingly beautiful glasses, I blurt with a full frontal view. Whew.

“Why, thank you”, and turns away. I need to sit for a few moments, at a café seat, and who should sit opposite, BUT a brunette, no makeup, slightly fishy face, all features receding fron the nose, chinless too BUT big black extreme cat eye planos as I can see through both lenses to the table behind.

Those are wonderful glasses ( again)

Oh Thanks

Where did you get them? My daughter likes black cateyes, and that is the best pair I have seen, who made them? ( no logo on the arms, unusual)

I got them in Hungary, last year, at a specialty shop.

Wel done they suit you very well

Conversation runs out as she returns to her magazine, could not think of a polite entry into why wear planos.

Cas3 After the game, go to the bar for a celebratory beer, fairly congested, and as I approach the bar, there she is, in the next line, Squarish tortishell frames, framing brown eyes, similar arms, reverting ito gorgeous tousled golden hairs a perfect match for the frame. D & G on the arm. About -1 to 1.5 L & R mid 20s

I follow her after the beers are bought, very close contact in the crowd, bump her gently, and get a full frontal view,

Great glasses, what a match!

Thank you sir, and its all over

What a day..

gwgs 02 Oct 2016, 03:37

Fascinating story Soundman, even more so that you converted a non gwg into a gwg wearing someone else's prescription! What a sight it must have been to see her wearing her 'new' glasses

Soundmanpt 01 Oct 2016, 12:21


I am very familiar with glasses like the ones worn by the girl in the picture. Remember I am and have been a member of a non profit vision group for well over 45 years. Back in the 90's I came across a number of glasses exactly like the ones she has on. They were gold frames with very tiny temples. They had plastic around the earpieces. Very light weight frame. Often time the lenses probably weighted more than the frame. Back then there wasn't high index lenses. Nearly all the ones I came across the lenses were exposed even with a rather weak prescription.

It was during that time while I was often at the local shopping mall that at the time had 5 optical stores in it where I made pickups of donated glasses from. I knew quite a few people working in the mall and one was a young blonde girl working at a jewelry store. She always dressed and looked nice but she often wore long dresses. with her hair wrapped up on her head. Sometimes she had it down and it was very long. Anyway one evening when I stopped by to chat with her, I had just made my rounds of glasses pickups, she asked me what was in my bag? I told her I had just done my pickups of donated glasses. She seemed interested so i put my bag on the counter and pulled out several to show her. I mentioned that sometimes I get really old ones. After a bit she started describing glasses that she would really love to have. The reason she wanted glasses like that was because her mom was a hippie and even attended Woodstock and she saw several pictures of her mother wearing glasses like that. And she herself has a bit of hippie in her. What she described was the glasses you posted. I had several boxes of glasses at home that I hadn't been able to turn in. I went home and started going through several hundred glasses and found 3 that matched what she had described. Next time I went to the mall i took the 3 to show her. As soon she saw them she sid they were exactly what she always wanted. I told her that she could have all if she wanted. She tried each of them on and as she did she was looking around as well. I have no idea what the prescriptions were on any of the glasses. Two of them she said were too strong but she said that the one she could see pretty well with. I did tell her that she could get her own prescription put into them, but she only said she might do that. After that I saw her wearing the glasses several times at work and all she was missing was a flower in her hair. Sadly all the others were turned in. Honestly at the time they weren't glasses that i liked all that well. I was till more into the 50's style.

gwgs 01 Oct 2016, 10:05

Not keen on that one Carrie, but each to their own :)

The frames ive seen a lot of are bigger than this, and predominantly plastic frames. This girl I'm presuming is a fan of John Lennon hence the style of frames

Carrie 01 Oct 2016, 09:16

I'm going to try that again to get the links to work properly.

Carrie 01 Oct 2016, 09:12

Crystal Veil and gwg

I have seen a few ladies with round glasses with metal frames. I really like the look and think it can be very flattering. A good example is this lady. I find her very attractive

gwgs 01 Oct 2016, 06:31

Cv - i have posted on here before that the big round trend is live and kicking here in London and throughout England. Its wonderful to continue to see bigger frames with a variety of prescriptions being embraced

Crystal Veil 27 Sep 2016, 13:00

The latest development in glasses frames seen in the streets of Holland is a return (on a small scale) of young ladies sporting round frames. One of them was a girl in large round hippie glasses with a mild minus prescription, early 1970's style. Any sightings of this "trend" in other countries?

NJ 27 Sep 2016, 05:46

gwgs and calcat30, high index materials can make a -16 look pretty good, especially if the frame covers some of the edge. I see people in even higher scripts without myodisks. CR39 was more of an issue, as the lower index means much more thickness. Back when glass was still used, weight was the real issue. Glass has a high index and is not too thick, but is much heavier than any plastic lenses.

As much as I'd be straining my marriage vows if I saw those lenses on a pretty woman, I just can't imagine any optician actually dispensing them. At least his newer glasses stayed up better.

30calcat 27 Sep 2016, 03:07

I have taken my -16 script into a few different opticians now and no one has ever suggested myodisc. In detailed discussions with ECPe they tend to think the myodisc look is ugly despite the potential to be much lighter and thinner than the go-to 1.67 hi index lens. Most probably don't know how to order a myodisc lens or what a blended myo is. I wouldn't be surprised if myodisc lens blanks have disappeared off catalogues by now due to poor demand.

gwgs 27 Sep 2016, 01:17

NJ and 30colcat - I can agree with 30colcat that the power rings do multiply and expand if you like the higher up the myopia scale you go, and the power rings will also be more severe with bigger frames hence why you have said you can barely see his eyes.

I have a pair of -15 myodiscs that are in a big gold aviator frame and the lens thickness does pretty much extend into the middle of the frame despite them being ground into a plano base (as opposed to a plus carrier where you expect the lens thickness to be in the middle), and I can only imagine that with twice the prescription and approximately the same, or similar size frame holding non myodisc lenses, they would be very heavy and thick. I know we all like thick lenses here, but I think we would also choose for practicality's sake, and you would think the optician, or even the wearer would choose to go with a more practical and cosmetically friend lens than this.

Puffin 26 Sep 2016, 16:03

Saw a pair of aviators on a woman in a supermarket today

uncannily similar to those currently worn by our friend Sonia.

Beyond that there was no other resemblance, alas.

30calcat 20 Sep 2016, 21:56

NJ - Did the lenses look something like this:

The power rings really start piling up in the -20s. I have worn both myodiscs and thicker full field lenses, though not quite that high power. I tend to get a lot more comments wearing myodiscs on how different they look, so I can see how some opticians and high myopes try to order steep biconcave curves and hi index materials as a more "modern" approach to high minus powers. But lenses in this power are still relatively thick, and hi index can even introduce more infernal reflections and rings than lower indexes.

NJ 20 Sep 2016, 12:38

A very unusual sighting, intended mostly for the ladies and gay guys.

Twice now I've seen this guy who works at Tom's Bar & Grill in St. Louis, who has about the worst myopia I've ever seen. I'm guessing he's in the -30 range, but the odd thing is that he does not wear myodisks. Instead, he has biconcave lenses with a severe front curve and fairly large frames, or at least much larger than he should be wearing. The edge thickness is enormous, and the power rings extend almost into the center of the lenses. He holds his head in that way people with extreme prescriptions do, tilted back and turning constantly to see. Even when he's a few feet away it's almost impossible to see his eyes, just the power rings.

He's in his 40's, trim and fit looking, black and casually dressed. I've never talked to him, he's not a server, but he seems friendly enough.

Just wished he were the opposite gender!

memories 16 Sep 2016, 11:23

Even as a young boy i had more and more experiences being attracted to people wearing extremely thick glasses, and I secretly "saved" the wonderful sightings for later. Both - and + , though my favorites still are very strong plussies.

I wish to meet other 00 persons to chat and exchange memories and experiances, please mailto

Carrie 16 Sep 2016, 02:21

The "Carrie" immediately below was not me.

To answer gwg's questions - she could see better with her right eye with my glasses. I only have a very small astigmatism correction of -0.25 which I doubt made much difference to what she could see (I sometimes wonder if it makes much difference to what I see but it doesn't affect the cost of my glasses so I'm not bothered). Also my right eye prescription is +0.50 stronger than what she ended up being prescribed but this didn't appear to be much of a problem for the short time she was wearing my glasses. My left lens was just too strong for her left eye to focus at normal reading distance and she had to bring the menu closer to her face to focus.

We came to the conclusion that she would need glasses with a prescription that was reasonably different in each eye but we assumed that she would only need reading glasses rather than full time glasses.

Carrie 15 Sep 2016, 17:19


Her vision was much better with my glasses,

and as I said her right eye must have been straining to see with my +3.00 lens.And then there is the fact that my glasses also correct for astigmatisms.

gwgs 15 Sep 2016, 04:16

Carrie, how did she feel / react when she wore your glasses?

She has quite a difference in her prescription between her two eyes but given your prescription of +2.5 is the same as she has in one of her eyes, she must have had crystal clear vision in the that eye when she wearing your glasses whilst being overcompensated in the other eye, but I'm sure after wearing your glasses she probably thought its time for a check up

Carrie 15 Sep 2016, 03:41

Soundmanpt - I don't think she really wanted glasses and seems to have been putting off getting her eyes tested for years despite knowing her near vision wasn't as good as it should be. Her accommodation must be pretty good to get to her early 20s without getting glasses. I think being unable to see the restaurant menu very well and finding that she could read it more easily with her boyfriend's glasses and then my glasses made her realise that she really should get her eyes tested.

Antonio - I thought that was a great way to describe the clear vision a pair of glasses give you, whether your first glasses or ones with a new prescription. I didn't even think of it as a female quotation.

Gwgs - my left eye is +2.5 and my right is +3.00 so I know what her right eye is like. I couldn't function very well without my glasses on all the time. I presume that her left eye was doing most of the work and her right eye was straining, especially when reading.

Soundmanpt 14 Sep 2016, 10:21

You really consider "honest dialogue" the crap that someone that doesn't even use a name as being honest? Really?

The best thing that could ever happen to Eyescene would be for Val to take it over and set it up like Vision and Spexs where you can only sign in once.

Concerning 14 Sep 2016, 09:58

"Sightings" is a great thread. It usually is one of the legitimately truthful threads on Eyescene. I, for one, would like to see the thread actually return to actual sightings.

This debate would be more appropriate under the "Site Feedback and a News" thread. This honest dialogue needs to take place, however.

gwgs 14 Sep 2016, 08:40

Who knows who is real here anon, aside from us regulars, but until you start to post a consistent name here none of us know if you are real or an imposter :)

I am pretty sure Carrie is real, as she has been posting on these threads for quite a while now

 14 Sep 2016, 07:02

I hope you realize "Carrie" is not real either, gwgs.

Or are you the last one here who hasn't figured that out yet?

Posting a long time doesn't make the fiction any more real. her stories of constant wandering lust for random strangers and lesbian sex are quite obviously the fictional work of a horny old man.

gwgs 14 Sep 2016, 01:01

Wonderful post Carrie, thanks for posting. That is quite a considerable difference between the left and right eye, god knows how she functioned before with being +2.5 uncorrected!

As for every other timewaster / anon / madeup name on here, please stop, you're only wasting your time as no one cares what you are saying, nor do they frankly give a damn so jog on to some other forum and waste your time there.

Whilst on the subject, would it be possible for a moderator to remove all the insults / trolling posts on here to clean it up so we don't have to scroll through all this rubbish.

antonio 13 Sep 2016, 22:55

I always enjoy to read Carrie's posts in here.

Wow great saying: Getting glasses is like someone has cleaned the windows.

Thanks for that quite female quotation, Carrie.

Best regards, Antonio

antonio 13 Sep 2016, 22:14

I always enjoy to read Carrie's posts in here.

Wow great saying: Getting glasses is like someone has cleaned the windows.

Thanks for that quite female quotation, Carrie.

Best regards, Antonio

 13 Sep 2016, 19:55

@ Soundmanpt you definitlely proved worth repeating's statement was accurate.

Soundmanpt 13 Sep 2016, 12:00

Worth Repeating

You see it that way I see it that you don't go around accusing people without solid proof that you're right. Maybe you should try that yourself. It is very easy to accuse anyone of anything but then you need to be able to back up your words unless you just don't give a damn if you're right or wrong. Funny thing, I have been on this site for well over 10 years and I have only seen "Worth Repeating" here for a week or so as well as all those no name cowards. maybe the answer is for everyone to come in and not use any name at all.

Worth Repeating 13 Sep 2016, 11:43

"the best way to figure outl who made up the fake is to watch the person most often corresponding with them. but they have a strange code: they will never ever call anyone a fake here. they don't want to out someone because they would also be outing themselves."

So be wary of those who are afraid to call out other fakes...

Soundmanpt 13 Sep 2016, 10:13


Nice to hear that your friend's friend got her glasses. So you must have guessed about right when you said her bfs glasses appeared to be around +1.00. Only being +1.00 in her left eye that is weak enough that she hardly notices any difference with seeing distances with her glasses. But her right eye is considerably worse and i'm sure her distance vision in that eye is as she says "a little out of focus". Right now when she is looking in the distance i'm sure she is mainly seeing with her left eye. But like the optician told her, wearing her glasses full time she will soon be able to see distance perfectly with her glasses. I wonder if she realizes that her once distance vision won't be very good without her glasses anymore for a couple of reasons. First because her eyes are so out of balance with each other and second because her eyes will be adjusted to seeing with her glasses. She seems to be okay with the idea of wearing glasses now. And now that she has her own glasses which probably fit her better than her bfs glasses they should be very comfortable for her to wear. You even said that her bfs glasses were slightly bigger so they probably didn't stay in place very well and she was likely pushing them up quite often. Now with her glasses being a little bit smaller they probably fit her nose as well as behind her ears much better. And of course now she can see perfectly with her glasses as well which also should make wearing glasses easier for her.

Didn't Vicky seem so much more excited when she was prescribed with her own glasses for the first time? She of course loved wearing Danielle's glasses but getting her own glasses was like she was vindicated for wearing glasses because she actually needed them. Don't you agree?

Soundmanpt 13 Sep 2016, 09:32

So name name what you're saying is that you're improving this site by calling a post made by "Carrie" as "bullshit"? And if anyone says anything otherwise we are arguing with your point of of view? Yep that really makes perfect sense to me. It's okay for you call anyone you don't like a fake or to accuse them of using other names or making up stories. So by making it better what you mean is that you want to be the judge an jury.

Actually i'm sure your right that there have been and still are fakes coming in here. I have suspected several myself, but without real proof I am not going to accuse anyone of being a fake. I have been one that has stated more than once that I too wish there was a much better system of entering this site. Maybe your time would be better spent if you developed a better system to eliminate all the fakes instead of jsut accusing people falsely.

 12 Sep 2016, 20:18

Carrie can you stop your bullshits?

 12 Sep 2016, 17:16

Puffin. Expressing criticism over where eyescene is going is not "arguing." It's presenting points of view noting where things could be improved. Sadly things have fallen to an almost irrepairable state. If that's "arguing" to you, you should readjust your way of thinking.

Carrie 12 Sep 2016, 16:49

My friend (friend of a friend) got her glasses on Monday afternoon. The frames are, as she said they would be, similar to her boyfriend's - plastic Ray Ban style. Just a bit smaller and more feminine. 1 pair dark, possibly black (Difficult to tell from the photos on Facebook), the other pair tortoiseshell.

She wrote "Can't believe how clear everything close up is! It's like someone's cleaned the windows! Left eye is ok with far distances but right eye is a little out of focus with far distance but the optician said it will be clear in a few days as long as I wear my glasses all day. I thought that if I'm supposed to wear them all the time everything would be clearer straight away. Not with my sort of prescription it seems. The right lens magnifies so much more than the left. Shows how bad my right eye is. I asked the opticians what my prescription was and they showed me on their computer (and I also discovered I had a print out of it at home that they gave me when I had my eyes tested. I hadn't even looked at it!). My left eye is +1.00 and my right is is +2.50. I'm not really sure what that means. The numbers for each eye don't look very high or very different from each other but the right lens feels strong to me. Oh well. Officially 4 eyes now!"

That is quite a difference between each eye. The prescription for her right eye is the same as for my left eye so I have an idea what her vision in her right eye is like. In her photos on Facebook her right eye does appear to be slightly larger than her left but it's only noticeable if you keep comparing the left and right eyes. I commented on her post that her glasses suited her perfectly.

Puffin 12 Sep 2016, 03:10

Can't we get back to the subject of this thread?

It's about sightings, not arguments.

Concerned 11 Sep 2016, 18:45

Worth Repeating (Anonymous) and those you address,

I am reluctantly writing to actually support much of what you wrote below. I have appreciated Eyescene since I have discovered it. However, even I have noticed that it is extremely obvious to anyone with half of a brain who the imposters are. They really are not fooling many of us. It is amusing and pathetic at the same time.

From here, many on here go over to other sites that offer optical threads. They stick out there too. Jim Boice, retired optician, on Yahoo sound familiar to anyone here? That is just one of many examples.

I won't name or embarrass the imposters. We do know though and you shame yourself and disrespect the rest of us with these shams.

Worth Repeating 11 Sep 2016, 16:50

there are quite a few long term members here (i won't name them but they know i am talking about them) who constantly make up nearsighted characters to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Let's call them the fakes. They've been doing it since the Jennifer days on usenet.

i guess they get off on that sort of thing. you will see their work on eyescene everyday. the best way to figure outl who made up the fake is to watch the person most often corresponding with them. but they have a strange code: they will never ever call anyone a fake here. they don't want to out someone because they would also be outing themselves. but at least one member openly admits that he makes fake characters just to promote his own website to yank money from the wallets of members.

fakes always know their precise eyeglass prescription including sphere, cylinder, axis, prism, and base. while in the real world many people can't remember any of it. maybe just the sphere. if they wear glasses, fakes know the precise year they started wearing glasses when many people who have worn glasses for years couldn't even remember.

fakes always know which forum to join. they always found eyescene when trying to learn more about eyeglasses. but reality is that if you google eyeglasses, eyescene is buried deep, deep in the results. or they say they come here to understand their eyeglass prescription. try googling that. eyescene still doesn't show up for pages and pages. and if that wasn't their first clue that it's a sexual fetish website, some of the forum topics including an XXX one should cause them to raise an innocent eyebrow and take notice.

fakes never show pictures of themselves. the internet is flooded with people wanting to show off their new glasses. videos, pictures, all over the place. but for some strange reason, the characters visiting eyescene believe strongly in their own privacy and never ever want anyone to see what they look like. of course this is very abnormal. and of course it is because they are fake.

fakes pick some random name to go with. and appear suddenly out of nowhere. once the eyescene member has grown tired of the fake or people here have figured out the fake, they start a new one following all the same patterns.

it is most likely you were corresponding with one of the many female fakes they chose to portray. i venture to guess that at least 85-90% of the new users you see here are fakes. one day someone will hold an eyescene convention, and then suddenly realize it's just five old horny guys sitting in a room together. No women, no lesbians, no troubled adolescents.

AJ 11 Sep 2016, 11:18

Saw a kid at the fairgrounds today wearing Ray Ban square plastic full rim frames. He was about 10. Maybe -.25 sph or cyl. I was wondering why he was even wearing them. They obviously didn't improve his vision much.

Then I noticed he had low add, round segment bifocals. I guess his parents, or the kid wanted to hide the fact that he had bifocals. It actually worked until I had a really close look. They were set so low in the frame I didn't notice them at first.

The combination of the low seg height, low add, and round segs did work for hiding them. But the reading power couldn't have been very easy to him to use as low as the bifocals were set. I'm sure it was the kid's first pair of glasses, and he didn't know any better.

Soundmanpt 11 Sep 2016, 09:43


Since you wear glasses yourself I don't think she would find it strange or out of place for you to ask what her prescription is.

I wasn't aware that in the UK they are required to provide you with a copy of your prescription even if you don't ask for it. Here in the US I would say that at least 75% of the time if you have to ask for a copy. Funny thing, you would be surprised at how many people are afraid to ask for a copy of their prescription.

Plus Tony 11 Sep 2016, 01:29


I'm looking forward to finding out exactly how strong your friend of a friend's stronger lens is going to be. I guess that 'much stronger' could mean 1 diopter or it could mean a lot more than that. It is all down to individual perception of what is strong.

I remember thinking when I got my glasses (which have a difference of one diopter) that everyone would notice that my right eye needed a stronger lens than the left. The reality is that nobody at all noticed apart from my partner and that may have been because she knew my prescription in advance. Now I can't see any difference at all. Of course if it is more than a diopter in your friend of a friend's case it could take some getting used to (a bit like June's daughter Susan) but we will have to wait and see until the 'big reveal' takes place.

I think one thing that we can be certain of is that we are about to welcome a new recruit to the plus division of the full time wearers club!

Carrie 11 Sep 2016, 01:20

I'm tempted to ask her what her prescription is. Every time I have had my eyes tested I have been given a copy of my prescription without me asking and I believe opticians are obliged to do this in the UK. She should already have a copy of her prescription but if nobody has asked about it she probably hasn't bothered to look at it. She ordered her glasses from the same place she had her eye test so she didn't need to show them her copy.

Soundmanpt 10 Sep 2016, 18:56


Computers are great when they work right, but if they have a problem not so much fun. I have no idea how it was working just fine on Thursday the 25th of August and then on Friday morning the 26th not allow me access and only say I couldn't logon. Foe me it was like losing a good friend.

Anyway back on topic. Yeah i'm sue you are wondering what her results might be> I really hope she asks or that they provide her with what her prescription is in writing. I am willing to bet that even her left eye needs a stronger lens than the prescription of her bfs glasses. It's really good that she is at least getting used to wearing glasses all the time by wearing her bfs glasses. That will help since she is still likely to be shocked at how strong her right lens is going to be when she gets her own glasses. Even with her bfs weaker glasses she is already finding that she can't read very well without his glasses anymore and her glasses i'm sure are going to a good bit stronger than his. I wonder how long before she realizes that she won't be able to see distances very well anymore either without her glasses?

By the way don't you love it when someone calls you a fake after you have been in here as long as you have? Most people with any common sense would know that fakes come and go rather quickly.

Carrie 10 Sep 2016, 14:47

Soundmanpt - I had noticed you hadn't been around on Eyescene but I presumed you were on holiday and didn't have internet access.

Yes her right eye must be a lot worse than her left so I suppose that her left eye has been doing most of the work close up for some time. I presume she hasn't had her eyes tested before if she had so little knowledge of eye tests. Maybe she thought they only check your near vision if you tell them you've had difficulty reading and only check your distance vision if you tell them you have difficulty with that.

She's not a close friend, rather a friend of a friend but we have known each other for a while.

I have never checked Facebook so much as I have over the last few days hoping to read that she has got her glasses. No news yet so I expect it will happen sometime next week.

I hate stupid shits 09 Sep 2016, 17:31

Carrie has been on here for at least the past 5 years which I am willing to bet is about 4 years and 10 months longer than you. Why don't you go pester another chat room, your comments are getting old.

 09 Sep 2016, 05:13

Yes, a typical fake...

 09 Sep 2016, 04:58

she forgot to mention the most important part... "and I am fake."

Carrie 08 Sep 2016, 22:52

Murky - Yes I am female and I am gay and live with my girlfriend. The "boyf" in my previous posts is my friend's boyfriend. I copied and pasted the text from her Facebook post.

Soundmanpt 08 Sep 2016, 22:26


It's great to be back. My computer suddenly wouldn't allow me to logon.

Anyway it seems a lot has been going on with your friend since you were at dinner with her and her bf. I guess not being able to see the menu when everyone else could must have been that final push to get her to go for an eye exam and glasses. So it would seem that she was only getting by, by being somewhat able to read with her left eye and most likely that eye has slowly been getting worse to the point where that wasn't working very well for her anymore either.I would bet that she probably even needs a stronger lens for her left eye than what she is seeing with using her bfs glasses. And her right eye must really be bad if his glasses are hardly any help to her. I think you're probably right that her bfs glasses must not be any stronger than +1.00 because she is wearing his glasses and she doesn't seem to be having any problems seeing things at a distance with them. If they were stronger I would think she might have some difficulty seeing distances wearing them. Interesting that she was surprised that the doctor also checked her distance vision which as you know they are always going to do anyway. Her distance vision maybe okay now but once she gets her own glasses and starts wearing them all the time her distance vision won't be so good much longer. Not surprising that she is somewhat excited about wearing glasses and at the same time nervous as well. If she has been wearing her bfs spare pair all week that should be a really big help to her when her glasses are ready. If she says that she feels like her eyes are even worse now than before when went for her exam that means her eyes have adjusted to her bfs glasses and i'm sure that she probably can't read anything now without his glasses.

Soundmanpt 08 Sep 2016, 21:55


I have been in here and over in "Lenschat" for quite a few years and the only person I can think of that you might be talking about was Emily and she was sometimes in here and she was the moderator of "Lenschat" for several years. I wish she still was considering what a mess it is these days. Anyway she was quite nearsighted and even worked in some large optical center in New York. As I recall she was somewhere around -20.00 or more. She had several kids and she just dropped off the planet. I also had he re-mail address and corresponded with her that way as well. This was maybe 5 years or more ago?

murky 08 Sep 2016, 21:26

sorry Carrie, I see from the post below that you are female, ( wearing the boyfs glasses) though, I guess, you could be a trans, its the new age fad!

Are they very male frames, or uni sex? Bold square and black?

I often wonder if women ( who occasionally wear mens frames, looking very authoritative, is a pantsuit, often) get a buzz from that?

murky 08 Sep 2016, 17:10

Took me a while to get the technique, you have to find the moment, get casual eye contact, close enough to keep it quiet and between the two, smile a lot, and look respectful. Then, have the followup line ready.

I only do it women wearing something special, I think, did she really spend time ( and money) finding these

Another opening is to find women wearing low plus, or better still plans, as they are obviously a fashion item, and crave compliments

I use Soundmanpt comment, "I am a retired optometrist only when stuck, or if they don't say anything initially. Just once I had a young woman look away, so abandoned the cause.

The best (posted here 3 months ago) was the middle aged lady with the blue ferrovantis, who took them off for me to fondle, as I had asked who made them, and as she was a plussie, could not read the brand bare eyed..a moment of sheer joy ( I had to restrain myself from running off to try them on somewhere!)

So there, give it a go..and let me know how you go..

What sex are you? Carrie could be either?

I think it would be easier for women.

Carrie 08 Sep 2016, 10:59

My friend has posted on Facebook about glasses again. "Been wearing the boyf's spare glasses all day every day this week as suggested by him. I can see everything just fine with my left eye with his glasses on, especially reading but I can only get the right eye to focus up close if I really concentrate and keep the left eye closed. The glasses only help my right eye a little. Didn't realise how bad it was. I swear it wasn't so bad before my eye test. It's like it knows it's getting help next week and really can't be arsed to strain anymore. I hope the lens isn't going to be really thick! It's going to be weird wearing glasses all the time! It felt weird enough wearing the boyf's glasses for reading and then weirder still wearing them all the time this week but that is going to help me get used to wearing my own all the time. I am going to have to practice doing my makeup differently. The boyf said my right eye will be a bit more magnified than the left. I will try making the left eye seem bigger and then try making the right eye seem smaller and then I will stick with whichever method looks better. Obviously I will have to refine it once I get my glasses and see just how much my right eye is magnified. I feel really nervous now but there's no going back as I have paid in full and they have probably already started making the lenses so I can't cancel."

I commented that there was nothing to be nervous about and everyone is already used to seeing her in glasses because she has been wearing her boyfriend's glasses so won't get loads of 'You got glasses' comments as she has had them already 😁.

Carrie 08 Sep 2016, 09:13

She sounds lovely Murky. Hope you've recovered now😁 That is so nice of you to compliment complete strangers about their glasses. I only compliment friends and family on what they are wearing including glasses. I am very honest and will tell them if something they are wearing or want to wear just doesn't work for them. Sounds harsh but then they know I am telling the truth when I say I like something. I'm no fashion expert and it is just my opinion.

murky 08 Sep 2016, 05:04

Strolling round town, waiting at the pedestrian lights, and up she comes...

25ish 180 cm tall ( close to six feet for the troglodytes) BMI about 19 AND

Gorgeous huge tortoiseshell speckled brown and clear frames, almost circular, arms same colour, receding into soft matching brown hair. Make-up score 9/10

About -1 l and R

. My pulse at least 120..

I venture " Lovely specs, well done."

Yes, hardly know I am wearing them,

Oh, then you don't see the frame?

Not at all

Your first pair then?

Had them six months, didn't release how bad my sight was till I got them

They look so good on you, well chosen.

Enjoy .... and the lights change Sigh had to wait another change of lights to recover .

Walked to the coffee shop next block,,and.. there she was, just finished ordering coffee

"Why hello again", she offers, and I am too flustered to venture a reply

Moves to a table with a bare eyed companion.

gwgs 07 Sep 2016, 08:23

An interesting post iDetective, some serious thought has gone into that! I have before suggested previously that we should be able to login to this website which would then force people to register and their email address would be associated with their user id but I suppose, as we have seen before, this wouldn't some as they would just set up a fake email address to.

For those that have time to have fake aliases, well, they should try going out there and getting a job and a life to occupy their time!

If the 'fakes' bother you, just ignore the posts, no one is telling you to read them, just the same way as the many years I've been on here I haven't looked at quite a few of the threads as I'm not interested in them.

iDetective 07 Sep 2016, 06:56

there are quite a few long term members here (i won't name them but they know i am talking about them) who constantly make up nearsighted characters to fulfill their sexual fantasies. Let's call them the fakes. They've been doing it since the Jennifer days on usenet.

i guess they get off on that sort of thing. you will see their work on eyescene everyday. the best way to figure outl who made up the fake is to watch the person most often corresponding with them. but they have a strange code: they will never ever call anyone a fake here. they don't want to out someone because they would also be outing themselves. but at least one member openly admits that he makes fake characters just to promote his own website to yank money from the wallets of members.

fakes always know their precise eyeglass prescription including sphere, cylinder, axis, prism, and base. while in the real world many people can't remember any of it. maybe just the sphere. if they wear glasses, fakes know the precise year they started wearing glasses when many people who have worn glasses for years couldn't even remember.

fakes always know which forum to join. they always found eyescene when trying to learn more about eyeglasses. but reality is that if you google eyeglasses, eyescene is buried deep, deep in the results. or they say they come here to understand their eyeglass prescription. try googling that. eyescene still doesn't show up for pages and pages. and if that wasn't their first clue that it's a sexual fetish website, some of the forum topics including an XXX one should cause them to raise an innocent eyebrow and take notice.

fakes never show pictures of themselves. the internet is flooded with people wanting to show off their new glasses. videos, pictures, all over the place. but for some strange reason, the characters visiting eyescene believe strongly in their own privacy and never ever want anyone to see what they look like. of course this is very abnormal. and of course it is because they are fake.

fakes pick some random name to go with. and appear suddenly out of nowhere. once the eyescene member has grown tired of the fake or people here have figured out the fake, they start a new one following all the same patterns.

it is most likely you were corresponding with one of the many female fakes they chose to portray. i venture to guess that at least 85-90% of the new users you see here are fakes. one day someone will hold an eyescene convention, and then suddenly realize it's just five old horny guys sitting in a room together. No women, no lesbians, no troubled adolescents.

Longtimer 07 Sep 2016, 01:35

Hi folks,

I'm not sure which thread to post this in, so I'll give it a shot here:

I'm your run-of-the-mill OO and a longtime lurker. A few years back, there was an individual who called herself NearsightedEmily; she was very active on Yahoo Answers, and she claimed that she was around 18 years old, very nearsighted, and her responses oozed OO :) I'm sure many of you know/remember her.

Anyway, she provided her e-mail address in several responses and eventually I reached out. We corresponded for a while, then I became weirded out when she became extremely inconsistent with her age on other answers (suddenly she was 26?!) so I broke it off.

My question: has anyone else corresponded with her, and know of her current whearabouts/more about her identity? I'm not looking to stalk her, just very curious.

Puffin 02 Sep 2016, 17:46

Carrie, the advice given to your friend by the optician seems not unreasonable to me. Once the eyes get used to doing things one way, they find it difficult to shake the habit. Depth perception can get lost quite easily and be difficult to get back.

Best to nip problems in the bud in my experience.

Carrie 02 Sep 2016, 11:59

Update about the friend's eye test. She put up a Facebook post a few hours ago but I was at work so I have only just had a chance to check Facebook while Gemma cooks our tea. No wi-fi in the shop and I can only check my phone when I'm on a break anyway. I was too busy chatting during my break to check Facebook (as usual!). Anyway this is what she wrote -

"Had my eyes tested this morning. It went just how the boyf said it would. I could read up close so well with the test machine in front of me and the other chart that was projected on to the far wall wasn't too bad, slightly more difficult for my right eye looking through the machine than the left. At this point I was wondering why he was checking how far I can see when I only have trouble close up. Optician said my eyes are healthy and my left eye is slightly long-sighted but my right eye is a lot more long-sighted and I do need glasses. I was expecting him to say that and I expected him to then say "You should wear them for reading." Except he didn't. He said that because there is quite a difference between the left and right prescriptions he recommended that I wear glasses all the time! He said my depth perception will be better and my eyes will generally feel less tired. I picked out 2 frames. 1 similar to the boyf's if you've seen his and another one slightly different. I'll do a big reveal when I get them, which will be in a week to 10 days. Until then I can use the boyf's spare glasses because my left eye prescription is exactly the same as his (I took the glasses with me in case I had to read something, and the optician measured the lenses so he could get some idea of what power of lenses to start my eye test with he said. I told him I could read much easier with them) Both of the boyf's eyes are the same so his right lens will only help my right eye a little bit. Still can't believe I have to wear glasses all the time!"

She didn't put her prescription but I would guess her boyfriend's glasses are no more than +1.00 so her left eye is about that but it would be interesting to know what her prescription is. I wonder if her boyfriend minds just being referred to as "the boyf"?😁 She hardly ever puts his name in her Facebook posts, mostly "the boyf"

 31 Aug 2016, 12:02

LIkelenses.... um... I mean Carrie... you could be labeled a sexual predator.

Carrie 31 Aug 2016, 10:09

The friend of a friend who had trouble reading the restaurant menu the other day posted a message on Facebook today "I seriously need reading glasses. Been wearing the boyf's spare glasses for the last week and a half and they really do help make everything sharper but now it's even more difficult to read without glasses. Very thoughtful of him to lend me his glasses. Might get some similar 'cos I look quite good in them, even if I do say so myself! Got some very nice comments at work when I put them on. Eye test booked for Friday morning so I can find out how sh*t my eyes are. Going to the same place the boyf has his eyes tested. He says they are really friendly and helpful and have a good selection of frames to choose from. He has told me that there is nothing to worry about and it's painless, just the puffer that tests the pressure in your eyes is very slightly uncomfortable. He also told me that once I get my reading glasses I won't believe how clear things are, it'll be even better than when I wear his and my eyes will feel more relaxed. I'm a combination of nervous, excited and looking forward to being able to see properly. The boyf is also looking forward to me getting my own glasses so he can get his spare ones back from me. He's worried they'll slip off my face and break. They are a little bit big for me but they only slip a little bit when I am reading and don't slip at all when I walk around with them on."

No photos of her in her boyfriend's glasses but it's good to read he is putting her mind at ease by explaining the eye test and telling her from personal experience how friendly the staff are.

Carrie 30 Aug 2016, 10:01

Vicky is younger than Danielle but a bit older than me. She has never been in a sexual relationship with a woman before Danielle, but has with men. She is very independent and was actually a challenge for Danielle. Playing hard to get to see how interested Danielle was. Danielle actually saw her as a potential girlfriend rather than a one night stand and really had to work her charm once she had established that Vicky might be interested in a date with a woman. Apparently Vicky secretly wanted Danielle to ask her out as she took a fancy to her straight away when Danielle walked into the coffee shop. They did not have sex on their first date and Danielle was quite romantic (she had no intention of attempting to get Vicky in to bed on the first date anyway). So she definitely wasn't preyed upon and actually Danielle was on the verge of giving up before Vicky agreed to go on a date. Danielle feels that Vicky's tactics made their relationship stronger. I doubt very much if Danielle would have succeeded in trying to get Vicky for just a shag. Vicky has never done that and had no intention of doing it. They both wanted a lover and that's what they got and they are very happy together. Vicky told me ages ago that parents were a little bit worried when they met Danielle for the first (she didn't look like the sort of person you would want to meet your mother. They probably thought she was going to rob them) but they are quite fond of her now.

Sorry this is off topic again but it really annoys me that someone is suggesting things about very good friends of mine that aren't true. Hopefully we can get back on topic now.

 29 Aug 2016, 07:59

Yeah, third world shitholes like Saudi Arabia various african countries and the USA.

 28 Aug 2016, 18:26


You just proved my point in your post,regarding Danielle preying on Vicky.

Danielle is 30 years old,and Vicky at least 10 years younger,and never had been in a sexual relationship.

You stated that Danielle could talk her way into any ones bed.

A highly experienced homosexual older woman recruiting a young girl into a homosexual relationship is indeed preying on that girl,and could even be considered criminal in some countries.

 27 Aug 2016, 16:28

sorry guys, posted below in wrong thread

 27 Aug 2016, 10:57

moderate minus fitness girl

murky 26 Aug 2016, 22:37

Tom, that story of all the old glasses strikes a chord..

My wife has a lille box in the bedside drawer, with her 6 previous pairs,all high end fashion frames.

They are all plano( tiny bit of astigmatism) in the top, with variable 1to 2 add for reading.

When she is away for a while, Like to pull them out and try on .

One pair, white, vogue, rectangular , nose pads, gorgeous things, I wear them round the house, and jaywalk the dog in them, with a frisson of excitement, they just feel so good on my face.

Another pair, from 10 years ago, Nini Ricci, all gold, with floating lenses, fit me beautifully. Wear them to the supermarket, as can read the labels with them on.

Nice , its classic low grade fetish...anyone else get this, pure serotonin effect?


In town today, stunning 20ish blonde walk past me.. gasp..gorgeous big blue acetate frames, with gold arms, DIOR writ large there, about -1.5,so about turn, follow at a discrete distance ogling at the optical beauty, she turns into a bookshop, and disappears behind the counter, to re-appear about 2 mins later, behind the sales bench.

Heart a-flutter, I approach her with the cheapest book ( $5) I can find,

Id like to purchase this please,

"Cash or card" she coos, looking directly at me through those swishy frames, I can't take my eyes off them, starting to choke..

Oh... cash, handing her 20 dollars. Fumbling badly with all the excitement

"Thats a smashing pair of specs, just lovely."

Thank you, I bought them for my birthday.

How long ago was that?

Last month, my birthday is in June, but it took two weeks to get the lenses fitted

Your first pair then?

No Had glasses for about 2 years, my boyfriend wants me to try some contact lenses.

Enjoy wearing them?

Yes, this is the first pair I have worn all the time, before just for driving and cinema..

New customer approaches, so I drift away, mind in a dizzy spin

No time to tell her to dish that silly boyfriend

Omi 25 Aug 2016, 15:15


No, they definitely weren't myodisks, they seemed very well crafted probably high index.

Soundmanpt 25 Aug 2016, 11:32


Your night out at the restaurant with your friends and partners seemed like a fun night and a good way to get together. I assume it is for "mood" that restaurants are so often dimly lit. Personally I hate it because actually I kind of would like to be able to see what I am eating and I never remember to bring my reader in with me and that makes it a real struggle trying to read the menu and even the bill which for some reason always seems like they ran out of ink several weeks ago and to make matters worse it is printed in blue ink which is even harder to see. Sorry personal rant. Anyway nice to know that even a young lady like you with your glasses on had to wait for your eyes to adjust in order to read the menu. It probably just takes me longer for my eyes to adjust? But one young lady in your party clearly was having a much bigger problem seeing the menu. I assume she must either be in school or working but in better lighting she is able to see better. But she almost has to be straining even in good lighting. If her boyfriend's glasses were only okay for her left eye and too weak for her right eye she has been putting off getting glasses and she has to know she really needs them. I would think after what happened at dinner she will now be getting glasses very soon. If she was able to see nearly perfect with your glasses on for her right eye she must really only be suing her left eye when she is reading anything. I would be willing to bet that when she gets her glasses even her left eye is going to be stronger than her boyfriend's glasses. If you're friends with her on Facebook if she doesn't comment soon anything about getting glasses you might just have to give her a little push if you know what I mean. She's clearly been reluctant about getting glasses when i'm sure she has known for some time that she really needs them. I hope when she was using her boyfriend's or your glasses people told her how nice she looked wearing glasses. Those things can be helpful.

Soundmanpt 25 Aug 2016, 11:04


I know you have been waiting and holing for that nice customer to come in again so you could chat with her. It's so easy to get a glasses conversation going when you notice that they are wearing new glasses. So you complemented her by telling her that you liked her new glasses. By the way do you really like her new glasses better than her first pair? I ask that because as i recall when she got her first glasses she got glasses that were similar to the glasses you wearing at the time. What do her new glasses look like? I mean are they a full plastic frame or semi-rimless? Anyway just as you thought her prescription changed and her glasses are indeed a little stronger than her first ones. Most of the time when someone gets new glasses it's because they needed a change in their prescription. Even better that she proceeded to tell you that her first glasses were only one something, so we can assume most likely -1.25 or maybe -1.50 and that she was only wearing them for distance. I am sure that she was probably starting to wear her glasses more and more often and also starting to notice that even with her glasses on things weren't as sharp as they were she first got her glasses. You didn't say what her age might be but I get the idea she is at least in her mid to late 20's. So her eyes aren't likely to change very much, but she was probably needing glasses for a while even before she got her first glasses. That can often mean that she was slightly under corrected with her first glasses. So it would almost be expected that she would need an increase after a year for sure. I'm sure she thought that even getting stronger glasses she would still just need them for distance. But once the prescription gets at or over -2.00 she really needs to be wearing her glasses full time. Not what she planned on but she doesn't seem to mind wearing glasses and your complement had to make her feel even better about wearing glasses now. I would not expect her to much more than maybe a very small increase of maybe -.50 next year just enough to sharpen things up for her.

Carrie 25 Aug 2016, 09:45

Back on topic now.

The really nice, attractive female customer came into the shop on Tuesday looking really good and wearing the new glasses again. It wasn't busy so we had a quick chat (she's so lovely to talk to, I feel like she's a friend even though I don't know her that well). We chatted about holidays and also what each other had been up to since the last time we saw each other. I casually mentioned that I liked her new glasses. She thanked me and told me she needed a stronger prescription (as I thought). She was only going to wear them for distance like her old ones but after comparing her vision with and without the new glasses she decided she would prefer to wear her new glasses all the time. Without me even beginning to ask her what her prescription is she said "I think my old glasses are one point something and these are two or maybe two point something. I can't remember exactly but I do know I can see so incredibly clearly now!"

That was really good and now I now the next time I see her she is going to be wearing glasses again.

Last Saturday a whole bunch of us (old friends + partners) went out for a meal. The restaurant was quite dimly lit. The menus were handed out and after a few seconds your eyes adjusted to the low light and you could read the menu, although I could feel my eyes working really hard to focus. Perhaps I need a slightly stronger prescription. I managed to read the menu but I noticed that girl sat opposite me was really struggling to read it. She asked if anyone else was having trouble reading the menu like she was. Everyone said no. She said, sounding a little bit down, I think I need reading glasses then. Her boyfriend had just taken off his own reading glasses that he had used to read the menu. He offered her his glasses to try, which she did. At this point I became even more interested. She put them on and they did look good on her even though they were a little on the large size for her face. They were dark plastic Ray Ban style with quite a weak plus prescription. She had gone from someone who I found only very slightly attractive to someone I found very attractive. She tried reading the menu with the glasses and said it was much better especially her left eye. The right eye was still struggling. I said to her that maybe she needed a stronger lens for her right eye and passed my own glasses for her to try. She gave her boyfriend's glasses back to him and then put mine on and tried reading the menu again. This time it was much better for the right eye than it was with her boyfriend's glasses but not so good for her left eye unless she got closer to the menu than is normal for reading. My glasses (the frames called "Carrie" that I got about a year ago) looked ok on her as they were a better size but I feel that the style of her boyfriend's glasses looked better on her than the style of mine. Her boyfriend said to her that he is pretty sure she needs glasses and can borrow a spare pair of his until she gets her own. She admitted that she probably should have got glasses when she was still at school but has been able to see just well enough not to bother getting her eyes tested. She agreed that she really should get her eyes tested asap.

I don't see her very often as she's not a close friend, rather a friend of a friend but she seems pleasant enough and we are Facebook friends so I am more likely to read about her experience of getting her eyes tested and getting reading glasses on Facebook than hearing it in person. I am looking forward to reading that hopefully very soon.

Carrie 25 Aug 2016, 08:33

To the anonymous person 17 Aug 2016, 01:11

Danielle is 30 years old so it wouldn't be too surprising that she has had several sexual partners especially as Vicky is her longest relationship. She is also very attractive to gay/bi and bi-curious women and can be very charming with the ladies (actually a lot of men find her attractive despite her efforts to put them off) so can easily talk her way into someones bed. I suppose you could say she is a little bit dykey, if I must use that word. She has told me in the past that she would get herself checked regularly. Before she had sex with Vicky for the first time she got herself checked and so did Vicky. Both clean. She did not "prey" on Vicky. She took a fancy to her and tried chatting her up (after being distracted by me but luckily for Vicky I wasn't available) without knowing if she was into girls or not. Vicky is open minded and had never considered herself gay or straight or bi. She had never been in a same-sex relationship but did find some women attractive. She found Danielle very attractive and, as she was single at the time, decided very quickly that she would like to go on a date with her when Danielle asked her.

Sorry everyone else that this is off topic but I needed to defend my friend.

minus5wholuvsgwgs 25 Aug 2016, 08:08

Did the mum have myodiscs?

Omi 25 Aug 2016, 06:27

Yesterday my boss asked me if i could do him a favor and pick his wife and dauhter and take them to the doctor because he got called in a last minute meeting. It turend out it was to take them to the eye doctor, his daugher around 16 and wife early 40s both wearing extremely high prescription glasses. So making some small talk with the wife she told me she flunked her eye exam for the drivers licence renewal. Waiting for them to get her eyes checked i chatted with a very nice girl with moderate minus. On the way back the girl was very dissapointed that her new prescription had jumped -2 to -14 her mother said to expect more as she was 42 and had just jumped to -22. A very exiting day for gwg fan.

Francois 22 Aug 2016, 04:31

Sorry silly error. Should have said the cylinders were +6 and +4.

Francois 22 Aug 2016, 01:36

I was on a flight from Bordeaux to Paris yesterday which was fairly empty. Annoyingly the crew squeezed everybody together and I was joined by a mother and her 10 year old daughter who was wearing strong plus glasses which had an odd look.

The girl kept adjusting them every couple of minutes which annoyed her mother.

Eventually she told me that she had got a new prescription. The doctor had said it was only slightly stronger. Unbelievably she got out the two prescriptions and said " all the numbers have changed, I can't understand the difference". The first prescription was for +12 and +10 with +1.5 cylinder. The new one had reduced the spheres to +9 and +8, but with +6 and +4 spheres on approx the same axes. I could see why the child noticed the difference.

Tom 17 Aug 2016, 15:38

Yesterday evening my wife decided to sort through boxes still unopened from before she moved to my place 12 years ago. I watched the Olympics while she did so, and after about 30 minutes she came downstairs and said "look at what I found here". I was captivated by the cycling on TV, so I only gave her a brief look, but what a stunner! She had found several of her old pairs of glasses, that she wore as a teenager and young adult, which I had never seen before, and she had now put on wireless frames with thin golden temples. The lenses were, even if of much much prescription rhan she has today, substantially thicker that her current ones. She knows about my glasses fetish, so we spent the remainder of the evening fooling around with her in different pairs of older specs, quite a good time we had together!

 17 Aug 2016, 04:47

To all of the spammers who post here:

"I do desire that we be better strangers." (AS YOU LIKE IT, ACT III)

 17 Aug 2016, 01:11


It sounds like Danielle has had a lot of partners sexually.

I wonder how many sexually transmitted diseases she has,or has had,and passed on to others.

I hope that poor young Vicki who has been preyed on by her, has not been on the receiving end of any.

murky 16 Aug 2016, 23:54

oops, post slow to respond.sorry

murky 16 Aug 2016, 23:52

Sorry for the typos, courtesy of the spellchecker 30ish 20 you Lithe

murky 16 Aug 2016, 23:52

Sorry for the typos, courtesy of the spellchecker 30ish 20 you Lithe

murky 16 Aug 2016, 23:52

Sorry for the typos, courtesy of the spellchecker 30ish 20 you Lithe

murky 16 Aug 2016, 23:52

Sorry for the typos, courtesy of the spellchecker 30ish 20 you Lithe

murky 16 Aug 2016, 23:46

Wine show at the weekend, and several sightings

One, at one wine vendor, 30 wish very attractive lass, with exquisite canal type purple and white frames, really big, with gold side arms, Versace logo. About -2.0 L & R . No wedding ring

I tried her cabernet sauvignon, 2013 vintage,

"Lovely wine, great nose and firm mouth feel, but not as great as your glasses" I venture

Oh, you think so? I got them a month ago

"Fun to wear"?

Hm, never thought of it like that

"First pair/

No ., had specs for about 5 years now.

Wear them all the time?

Do now, might take them off at night, at home.

Id like to try your tawny port please...


Having a snack, in comes a litre 20 something, 2 girlfriends, brandishing an outrageous pair of huge plastic frames, gray and white, massive arms.

Site down and puts them on to read the menu, from 2 tables away, I can discern they hey are L about +1 R is a plano! Optional glasses a fashion item.

During the snack she took them on and off, with fair affectation, each time she did, I felt a stirring inn y loins, wanting an excuse to saunter over with my retired optometrist line, but no such moment. Still drooling....

chrisb 16 Aug 2016, 21:44


I stand by my spelling, if admittedly something of an affectation. There was no standard expression of his name until the 18th century.

Sorry if it offends the eye.


Bill Shakespeare 16 Aug 2016, 15:25

Not such a buff that you might spell Shakespeare's name correctly?

chrisB 16 Aug 2016, 14:51


(and Soundmanpt indirectly)

Are Carrie and Soundmanpt the same person - here is absolute proof they are not

But I hope to the rest of the ES regulars this does not end up seeming like a private conversation.

I was reading back over the Carrie/Soundmanpt controversy posts when I reached your reply from the 9th August.

Some people may, from previous posts, remember that I;m something of a shakespear buff. (its my other vice, beyond work and GWG watching now I;m too old for the other vices in life.)

your comment >>"As I've said before,I just write how I talk (talking is something I am very good at! so my posts sometimes ramble on a bit."

This suddenly reminded me of a scene in Shakespear's As You Like It, (where the main character Rosalind spends most of the play dressed as a boy 'Ganyemde').

In Act III scene two Ganyemede is talking to her female companion Celia and replies:

"Do you not know I am a woman? when I think, I must


( in most productions only 50% of the audience laugh at this line, I wonder why?)

That's it, Carrie cannot be Soundmanpt. Shakespear proves it.

Carrie - nonetheless, you underestimate yourself, to be able to write intelligible english ' as you speak' is a rare skill.


Tom1 16 Aug 2016, 07:40

I have un update about a sighting I reported one year ago, namely 20 Aug 2015, 15:00.

The baby girl is till here (as well as I am, both of us one year older) but her glasses have become way stronger than last year!!! Maybe it's also due to the wider frame, but the plus lenses seem incredibly strong, early the strongest I've ever seen. When she is wearing them, magnification effect is so strong that you can barely see the edges of her eyelids through the lenses!

Nonetheless, still mostly bareeyed without any evidence of poor vision.

Unbelievable either how she is able to function in the massive blur or how her eyes can struggle to the point of compensating so many diopters of hyperopia. Probably a combination of both.

Puffin 14 Aug 2016, 08:08

I long gave up caring whether this or that person is really the same person here.

But I think Carrie & Soundman are different people.

Does it really matter that much?

Carrie 14 Aug 2016, 03:25

Soundmanpt - the woman's comments were a joke. She could see we didn't mind wearing glasses. Even Gemma doesn't mind wearing glasses so much now, but would rather have good eyesight. I'm not a big fan of aviator frames but they do look good on some women, Sonia the gorgeous French blogger and also the woman from Friday are the only ones I can think of at the moment.

Maybe the woman did wear her glasses full time after her experience with Danielle but she didn't say. It doesn't surprise me that she ended up in bed with Danielle as Danielle has this 'aura' that I have mentioned before that attracts gay/bi women.

The nice customer with glasses is away on holiday. She came in to the shop a couple of weeks ago when I was on holiday and left a message with one of my colleagues for me. She will be away until next weekend so I probably won't see her until next Monday at the earliest.

Soundmanpt 13 Aug 2016, 19:59


Thank you for respecting my freedom of speech. Yes I probably do post with some longer comment s than most and in the future I will try to cut them down some. But does it really matter anyway since as you say anyone uninterested in reading my comments can simply pass right past them.

Just for the record if you look back in time in Eyescene you will find that there are only a few that have been in here longer than me. And in all that time I have only ever used my own name from day one. All these johnny come latelys can call me a fake but there is no reason at all I would ever bother doing that for so many years.

As I have stated numerous times now Carrie and I are NOT the same person. I think because often times I am the first one to maybe comment to Carrie, good ol' Mr No Name being the bright guy that he is assumes that means I first post a comment as Carrie and then post a comment as myself. But the genius that he is has never bothered to notice how much time there usually is between our comments. The reason is simple. She is in the UK and I am in the US. There is a time difference of 6 hours between us so if she happens to post something at 10 AM her time it is only 4 AM here in the states and I am sound asleep at that time. Now of course if someone looks really hard they might find a time or two that if she posted something at say 3PM her time I might be still up and at my computer at 9PM and reply to her. But I don't think there are many to be found if any. At any rate I wouldn't ever bother going to that much trouble just to pretend to be someone else anyway.

Tom 13 Aug 2016, 14:06

To the decider and others complaining about Carrie and Soundmanpt: nothing prevents you from NOT raeding what those 2 specific persons keep posting on this blog. Freedom of speech is valuable, so let them use the blog as a medium for their thoughts/fantasies/...

I am a long time reader and poster on eyescene, and I now know that I could not care less about some posters' messages, so I just ignore them and I only read what I want to read. Agree that some posters' long messages and musings are boring and sound fake, but if they want to spend their time in the fake eyescene cloud only, looking for likely minded, then just respect their choice. We all have our preferences and let us tolerate what others think, write,...

Soundmanpt 13 Aug 2016, 11:04


Back on July 27th you mentioned about the nice attractive young lady that came to your aid when you were stocking shelves and a co worker was more interested in watching your boobs then help you. Anyway you noticed that this customer was wearing new glasses since the last time you had seen her in your store. So no surprise since I know you tend to notice someones glasses before anything else, that you noticed her new glasses appeared to be a little stronger than her first glasses were. She said that she was working out of her home and that she said she would be more often when your working. I take it you haven't seen her recently or you would have commented about it? You said you intend on trying to get her into a conversation about her glasses.

Soundmanpt 13 Aug 2016, 10:54

Sorry for the double post. It didn't appear to be sent and I didn't want to retype it.

Soundmanpt 13 Aug 2016, 10:52


That's really quite funny. But a nearsighted woman without her glasses on, then the fact that this woman had probably had several drinks too many which made her already blurred eyesight even a bit more foggy. And if Danielle at the time had rather short hair this woman probably did view her as a guy. It didn't help that when this woman heard the name Danielle she was thinking Daniel. But it didn't end up a wasted night for either of them as it turned out. In fact that woman it seems enjoyed sex with another woman enough that they saw each a few more times. Don't you think after that mishap this woman may have started wearing her glasses full time? Her parting comment to Vicky, Gemma and you wasn't necessary at all. She need not worry that the 3 of you would be too vain to wear your glasses.

Soundmanpt 13 Aug 2016, 10:51


That's really quite funny. But a nearsighted woman without her glasses on, then the fact that this woman had probably had several drinks too many which made her already blurred eyesight even a bit more foggy. And if Danielle at the time had rather short hair this woman probably did view her as a guy. It didn't help that when this woman heard the name Danielle she was thinking Daniel. But it didn't end up a wasted night for either of them as it turned out. In fact that woman it seems enjoyed sex with another woman enough that they saw each a few more times. Don't you think after that mishap this woman may have started wearing her glasses full time? Her parting comment to Vicky, Gemma and you wasn't necessary at all. She need not worry that the 3 of you would be too vain to wear your glasses.

Carrie 13 Aug 2016, 06:23

Sorry for appearing to dominate this section but I have a sighting from last night. We were in a pub with Danielle and Vicky and I noticed an attractive woman who I guessed was in her late 30s to early 40s. She was wearing gold aviator style glasses with a prescription of around -4/-5. Danielle also noticed the woman and recognised her. "Sort of an ex." Danielle said. She went on to explain. At least 10 years ago she had gone to the same pub we were in now hoping to find a possible girlfriend or at least a one night stand. She was standing at the bar looking around the room when a woman came over and introduced herself and was very flirty with Danielle. They had a quick snog and a couple more drinks and the woman invited Danielle back to her place. Once they got there the woman took Danielle straight to the bedroom and they got undressed. Danielle said she was standing near the bed struggling to undo her bra and the woman was naked on the bed when the woman squinted hard and moved closer to Danielle and exclaimed "Oh my god, you're a woman! I thought you were a man called Daniel!" Danielle said she replied saying "My name is Danielle. Yes I am a woman, I'm really sorry if you thought I was a man. Would you like me to leave?". The woman thought about it for a few seconds and then said "I should have been wearing my glasses but I was too vain. We both went to that pub with the intention of getting a shag later on, we're both here now and both still want a shag. I've never been with a woman but if you show me what to do I'll try to pleasure you." Danielle said she wasn't going to miss the opportunity and they ended up having a great night. The woman was a quick learner! They saw each other occasionally for a few months after for "no ties casual sex" rather than proper dates. Danielle said "I think the phrase is "F**k buddies"."

If that woman had been wearing her glasses and was more sober she might have realised earlier that Danielle was not a man. Although, looking at photos of Danielle from the time she did look a bit boyish so I'm not surprised that the woman was mistaken. Danielle is more feminine now which I find more attractive.

As we sat chatting the woman saw Danielle and recognised her. She came over and greeted Danielle like an old friend, both of them saying how good it was to see each other after so many years. She said something like "I could see you properly this time because I actually wear my glasses so I don't pick up random women! If I hadn't been wearing my glasses 8 years ago I wouldn't have seen him!" (She pointed to an attractive man at a nearby table). She went on to ask Danielle how she was and then Danielle introduced us. Just before she went to join her boyfriend the woman looked at Vicky then Gemma and then me and said, jokingly "Don't ever be too vain to wear your glasses or you might get off with a man!" We all laughed at that.

Carrie 11 Aug 2016, 21:32

Yesterday I saw 2 different people wearing what I was fairly sure was exactly the same frames. I was having a quiet evening walk with Gemma when I saw them. The first one was a girl of about 15 who was with a group of her friends of a similar age. I felt Gemma squeeze my hand as they approached. She still gets nervous when she see groups of people as it reminds her of the group of girls that bullied her at school. She had nothing to worry about with these girls. Only one of them was wearing glasses and the frames were very similar shape and colour to these with a minus prescription that was probably around -3 to -4.

A few minutes later, also walking in the opposite direction to us, there was a man and a woman in their mid to late 20s who were obviously a couple. Both quite attractive (I may be far more interested in women than men but occasionally a man does stir something) but it was the woman that really caught my attention. Not only was she attractive but she was wearing a pair of glasses that looked incredibly similar, if not identical, to the ones that the teenage girl was wearing. The only obvious difference to me was that the woman had a plus prescription that looked around +2 as they looked weaker than mine but not much. The couple smiled and said a polite and friendly "Hello" as they went past and we did the same.

Soundmanpt 09 Aug 2016, 15:39

the decider

Well at least you're smart enough to know that Carrie and I are in fact 2 different people. And as I have said more than once if I am boring and long winded which I will even admit to. Feel free to skip right over my comment. I ALWAYS use my name so when you see Soundmanpt just ignore me. I'm fine with that.

Soundmanpt 09 Aug 2016, 15:34

No name

If Carrie and I were standing right in front of you, you would still insist we are one the same you dumb ass. So as far as I am concerned you can go right on believing what ever your simple brain wants to. You're so stupid you don't even have a name.

the decider 09 Aug 2016, 14:43

I don't think Carrie is Soundmanpt. s/he sounds too much like a Brit. He is, however, extremely boring and long-winded.

But that's another story...

 09 Aug 2016, 14:05

Carrie is Soundtwit.

Carrie 09 Aug 2016, 10:35

Chrisb - thank you so much for saying such nice things about the way I write and about me. It made me blush a bit. As I've said before I just write how I talk (talking is something I am very good at!😁) so my posts sometimes ramble on a bit.

I could have gone to uni but the thought of 2 or 3 more years of essays and lectures made me feel sick. If I had gone to uni may I could have got a more academic and higher paid job but I might have hated that job. It might have been very stressful. I love my shop job. The pay isn't brilliant but it's not that bad either. The customers like me and my colleagues like me and I like them (well, most of them anyway) My manager says I am an asset to company, not just the shop, and my customer skills are perfect. I will be getting more responsibilities soon which means more money.

I am happy with my life.

chrisb 08 Aug 2016, 14:40

I have to agree there soundmanpt. Carrie's grammar and expressiveness is what makes her contributions a joy to read. She must have had a good teacher.

In fact, if I were to have any doubts about Carrie being a real person (and I don't) it would be because of the quality of her contributions as she says she works in a shop.

But to be slightly political, the legacy we old people have left to 20 somethings has really screwed up the job market .

It would be ageist t and paternalistic for to advise Carrie to aspire to something better - I'm sure she's doing very well in life on her own merit.


Soundmanpt 06 Aug 2016, 11:11

Well "no name" seems to think we both write the same way or whatever. Maybe my poor use of grammar is a good thing if that helps prove to "no name" that I am not Carrie. I think I said it before but English was my worst subject in school and even caused me to graduate a year later. Funny thing I just never enjoyed reading and really still don't.

 06 Aug 2016, 10:35

LOL that's the truth!!

 06 Aug 2016, 09:48

And Carrie has a better command of spelling and grammar.

Soundmanpt 06 Aug 2016, 08:49

no name

You just won't give up will you? It seems useless to continue telling you that I am not Carrie and Carrie is not me. First of all I have been coming in here for about 12 years even before "moonshiner: took it over. Carrie has been coming here for at least 5 years. I honestly would get way too bored trying to keep up being 2 people for that long. Also Carrie has said that she is in the UK and I am in the US if you want to be so damn smart start looking at the times that Carrie and I post. Their is a 6 hour time difference between where I am and the UK. Many of our posts or on different days and even when they are the same day they are hours apart. I am not going to sit and wait several hours just to pretend to be someone else so I can post something under a different name. Now of course you have your simple little mind made up and no matter what I say or even prove to you won't change your mind because you know your right and have never been wrong in your life. Your the judge and jury.

Puffin 06 Aug 2016, 08:07

Saw a girl about 20 on the underground yesterday, low minus with bifocals, using phone.

murky 06 Aug 2016, 00:18

Great sighting at Sainsburys chris b...

and a fun narrative line.

I get very few refusals to comment, after compliments.

Supermarkets are great places for spotting and commenting, as people aren't in a heuury, and are paused at the shelf too. Its possible to cruise the other side of the aisle, to get a better look. Everything is in the 0-0 favour.

about me, I am only me,no one else... despite the appearance of my posts.

They ( my posts) come up in double space( whereas Carrie and soundmanpt come up close spaced) without and help from me, I think its my Mac does it .

Is Caroline still lurking, she also comes up in double space, maybe its her prisms!

And how are they going, with your ADD as well as prisms.

 05 Aug 2016, 18:16

particularly since Carrie/Soundmanpt are the same person...

chrisb 04 Aug 2016, 15:32


well, they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

I don't believe you are suggesting that we are all one and the same person?

What you are commenting on is an eyescene house style. I read Soundmanpt and Carrie's posts, and others and when i come to relate the encounters I have with GWGs its easy to fall into that 'voice'.

I'm not sure I even do it deliberately here on ES.

Carrie and Soundmanpt keep it up, i'm only an occasional poster and imitator.

An even better detective 04 Aug 2016, 14:55


Well nice to see you have name now instead of being a ghost. Yes I think your on to something Sherlock. Still further proof were all one in the same is that we all speak English. That has to be the finishing point. Yes Soundmanpt, Carrie, murky, maxim, chrisb, rafa gwg and many others ass well in fact the truth is there is no one else in here except you and me.

iDetective 04 Aug 2016, 14:02

Oh i forgot to note that Soundmanpt and Carrie also have the same writing styles and almost identical formatting.

iDetective 04 Aug 2016, 14:00

question: why do murky, maxim, chrisb, rafa and gwgs all have the same writing style and message formatting? it's uncanny. check it out below.

Puffin 04 Aug 2016, 13:38

Carrie & chrisb, very interesting sightings. Thanks for sharing them.

What I do a lot is go to the local Costa, not only for the coffee, but also to watch the people go by. And then there's the Baristas. Marvellous.

chrisb 04 Aug 2016, 13:23

Tonight at Sainsbury's self service checkout, a tall thin, slightly goth looking girl, mid to late 20's. She was wearing largish rectangular frames back metal and perhaps a bit too much makeup. When the checkout rejected one of my items she came over to sort it (self service checkout attendant must be the most boring job in the world).

Thank you I say, then 'nice glasses' (more than a slight minus rx) I think. Looking fully at me, she replies with a deprecating shake of her head. 'Oh do you think so', these are new and i hate wearing them. I've only had to have glasses for 2 years (ago) and my old pair were rimless but my prescription got stronger. It wasn't so bad when people didnt notice I had them.

I am thinking 'Oh another case of late onset myopia'.

I then realise from her accent she is eastern european or Romanian probably the latter.

No, I say, you look very nice, the complement your look.

Oh she says, they dont seem to, i am still single,,,, at my age.

At this point she drifts off but comes back as I am finishing giving me an opportunity to reopen the conversation.

"You do realise," i say, "that more than 51% of men prefer women with glasses than without. "

Oh, she replies, someone else told me that but I said it was rubbish.

'No, you should believe it, its been surveyed properly'

She smiles and I again say she looks very nice.

No she says, I still dont believe it, I've been wearing glasses for 2 years now, and its done me no good I am still single.

I am then trying to decide whether to say "well I would invite you out for a drink anytime (even tho I am possibly old enough to be your grandfather.)

Still with a lovely smile, she then adds 'oh my goodness, but I never wear them when I go out in the evening'.

The only answer is 'Well thats the problem then, you must wear them out.' .

She's thinking about this but to attempt to close (as a salesman would say)

'Look, I will be coming back here again at about this time in a few days or next week. You can tell me how you get on.

I leave looking back at her smiling

Soundmanpt 27 Jul 2016, 17:46


I of course was only joking and I should have added that he really should have been a gentleman and helped you after he put his tongue back in his mouth.

Also the other day in commenting with Melyssa she didn't seem too thrilled about getting her eyes dilated because going out into the sun isn't much fun when you can't see. I know you said that you enjoy getting your eyes examined but have you ever had your eyes dilated and if so how much did you like that?

Carrie 27 Jul 2016, 16:31

I could see the funny side of my boobs knocking stuff over and I don't mind too much someone having a quick look at them as they do look big compared with my height. It was the fact he just stood there watching me struggle. A bit of teamwork would be nice. If I was tall I would be happy to help a shorter colleague.

Yes, that is the customer. I can't remember the last time I saw her. I will certainly mention her glasses the next time I see her. I am more sure now that her prescription is stronger.

Soundmanpt 27 Jul 2016, 16:09


I hate to be the one to tell you but what guy wouldn't find it entertaining to watch your boobs knock off those rolls of paper towels I assume you were attempting to put up? I'm pretty sure Gemma doesn't have any problem with your big boobs. But really what's worse having nice big boobs or being height impaired? I better stop there while were still friends.

Okay now is this the young lady that when she first came in she was with her husband and you were wearing your rimless glasses and she apparently really liked them and said that if she needs glasses she wanted glasses like yours? At the time she must have been about to get her eyes checked and was thinking that she might need glasses. The next time you saw her she came in alone and she was indeed wearing glasses, but I don't recall if she ever came back in other time or not? I'm not even sure if this is even the favorite customer your referring to? But if it is I think it has been at least a year since you last saw her so not surprising that her glasses appear to be stronger. I'm sure you're hoping she stops back in again very soon and you get a chance to chat a bit with her. I'm sure by you just saying "I see you got new glasses, I really like them" should open the door for a short glasses chat.

Carrie 27 Jul 2016, 12:15

I was at work stacking shelves, or at least attempting to. I was trying to put some kitchen roll on shelf almost too high for me to reach but every time I reached up my boobs would knock things over on the shelf level with them (having big boobs can be a real pain sometimes). The only colleague who was free and could have helped was seemingly mesmerised by my boobs for a few seconds and then he just stood watching me while I struggled as if I was just there to entertain him. Before I had the to have a go at him a slim tanned woman with her hair tied back came from behind me and said something to him. I could see from the back she was wearing glasses which had a minus prescription. Still looking at my colleague she told me that he would finish off here and I was on a break now. The women turned round. She was gorgeous. Then I suddenly realised that the woman was the customer I referred to in my mind as my favourite customer! I hadn't seen her for ages. She recognised me and she took my arm and led me to a different part of the shop and she said how lovely it was to see me and asked how I was and how my girlfriend was (apologising for forgetting her name, I reminded her) and was very happy that Gemma and I are still very much together. She said she has been working long days and only managed to get to the shop in the evenings but has now began working from home and can do her shopping when she likes which is likely to be when I am working. Then she said she had better let me get back to work and she should do the same. She went off and paid for her shopping leaving me feeling very happy. Her glasses are different from last time. Large light brown frames. The prescription looked stronger than I remember, as there was a small cut-in now whereas I think the cut-in was barely noticeable before. As I am likely to see her more often now I will try to casually find out if her prescription is stronger and if she is still just wearing them for distances.

I don't know what she said to my colleague but he was very apologetic and very helpful for the rest of the day. Also, I have never seen someone make such an effort not to look at my boobs. I deliberately showed more of my cleavage and stood quite close to him at one point (I am very petite and he is quite a bit taller than me) and I could see he really wanted a quick look but he just looked everywhere else except down. He didn't even look me in the eye! It was a bit cruel on my part but serves him right.

Maxim 24 Jul 2016, 15:37

Business travel to Brittanny / France last week tuesday to saturday. One day off for touristic attractions.

Scene: Castle on an isle - the famous Mont St. Michel. So many US tourists, female, in their early twenties or even teenagers, with smartphones in their hands, and .... wearing bifocals (!), even not varifocals. Mostly slightly myopes with the typical reading/smartphone add section.

Bifocals seem to be state of the art in the US!

Maxim 24 Jul 2016, 15:37

Business travel to Brittanny / France last week tuesday to saturday. One day off for touristic attractions.

Scene: Castle on an isle - the famous Mont St. Michel. So many US tourists, female, in their early twenties or even teenagers, with smartphones in their hands, and .... wearing bifocals (!), even not varifocals. Mostly slightly myopes with the typical reading/smartphone add section.

Bifocals seem to be state of the art in the US!

Soundmanpt 23 Jul 2016, 09:45


No not really monovision, but much the same way monovision works. As to your question as to why she needs prisms in her glasses if she is only suing one eye to see distance and the other eye to see close up? But she is still actually using both eyes to see distances and both eyes to see close up. The eye that she wears the plus lens over is using the plus prescription for distance and is correcting her vision in that eye. But that lens is more useful to her for seeing up close. And her nearsighted eye is of course being corrected for distance but her eyes by now are so adjusted to her glasses that her distance lens is helping her see close up as well now. So even though her lenses are opposite each other completely they still need to function together. Hence the need for prisms.

I'm sure now that she's had a couple increases since she started wearing glasses she's not very happy about her ever worsening eyesight. If I recall when she got her first glasses she seemed quite excited about getting glasses. She started wearing them all the time even though they were actually very weak. She had to enjoy all the attention she was getting because she was now wearing glasses and from what you said when she started working their she was already getting a lot of attention from all the guys working their even before she got her glasses. Her glasses were helpful to her but far from necessary because she was able to see quite well without her glasses, just better with them. Now however when she takes her off glasses off her vision has to be more than a bit blurry, maybe because she can't focus on anything without her glasses due to double vision she really notice how blurry things really are. I was wondering if you got a chance to try her glasses on. I had a feeling that once you had her glasses in your hands you couldn't resist trying them on. I'm sure you did feel like you were high on drugs trying to see with her glasses on. And feeling dizzy would be understandable as well. You may recall when you got your current glasses and was prescribed with just -.25 CYL in both eyes that I warned you that it would be possible for you to get that type of feeling when you first put your glasses on. But you never even noticed any effect from having astigmatism correction in your glasses. But she has quite a good bit of astigmatism in both eyes and anyone surely notice that very quickly by putting her glasses on. Even though I know you enjoy trying other people's glasses i'm sure you were happy to put your own glasses back on. Just be thankful that your eyes are pretty normal compared to how messed up her eyes are.

As for her sister eyes and her need for glasses I think if one sister gets glasses the other sister is likely to need glasses as well. Most likely she is a bit like her sister in that her astigmatism numbers were probably on the high side when she got her first glasses. Seldom does SPH cause headaches. Many opticians and doctors will recommend that you wear your glasses full time for the first 2 weeks so your eyes get adjusted to your glasses. That way at the end of the 2 weeks you can determine much better what and when you need to wear your glasses. She may have been surprised that at the end of the 2 weeks of wearing her glasses that she needed to continue wearing them or she would get a headache. Her headache was without any doubt due to her astigmatisms.

Carrie 23 Jul 2016, 09:43

I was going to write this last night after my previous post but I was so tired and a little bit drunk I was virtually falling asleep!

Danielle, Vicky and Gemma met me at work just as I was about to finish my shift. Like before they were wearing their prescription sunglasses when they came in, all looking cool and sexy. A male colleague said I should encourage my hot friends to come to the shop more often! Gemma and Vicky changed to their regular glasses while Danielle just took her prescription sunglasses off. My colleague and friend, the one with the prism prescription, seemed very pleased to see Danielle saying "She's so cool". I don't know if Danielle heard her but she gave her a smile. Danielle headed over to the wine section and picked up a bottle to look at the label. I saw her look very hard at it for a moment before muttering something quietly. She put the bottle down and got her glasses out of her bag. "Just can't read a bloody thing without them!" she said pointing to the glasses that were now on her face. Sort of mildly annoyed and sort of laughing about her eyesight. She kept her glasses on as she selected a few more bottles and brought them up to the checkout. I had finished my shift by then and we said bye to my colleague before heading off to my flat with all of us wearing our prescription sunglasses looking like an all female version of the cast of Reservoir Dogs

We sat in my little garden chatting and drinking. Gemma made some lovely food. Sunglasses stayed on until the sun went down and we went inside to continue chatting and drinking (we didn't want to disturb the neighbours, especially my parents). Regular glasses back on(apart from Danielle again) we continued until the early hours of this morning when we couldn't stay awake any longer.

This morning we were feeling a bit delicate and Danielle was wearing her regular glasses and just an over sized t-shirt when she came in to the bedroom where Gemma and I were still in bed.(very nice to see first thing in the morning) She plonked herself on a chair and said quietly "Good morning. I knew you weren't shagging because it was too quiet!" Cheeky but true. After we had all showered and dressed we had coffee and breakfast and Danielle was wearing her glasses again. Gemma asked her why she was wearing her reading glasses. Danielle replied "I hate to admit it but it does feel more comfortable to wear my glasses when I'm tired or have a hangover." Gemma said/asked "You wear prescription sunglasses when you aren't tired or hungover, do you think you might need to start wearing your glasses all the time?" Danielle said she could do but doesn't feel the need to just yet. She wears prescription sunglasses because they are the only sunglasses she has.

She took her glasses off a bit later after the effects of the night before had worn off and her and Vicky headed home.

Carrie 22 Jul 2016, 17:24

Soundmanpt - you think her glasses are monovision? I hadn't thought of that. But why would she need prisms if she was using one eye for distance and the other for close up? As far as I am aware she uses both eyes for distances and close up.

She's still OK about wearing glasses but I think she was a little bit down at first about her prescription increasing again. She's said she can still see without her glasses on but it's a bit blurry which makes the double vision seem worse because she isn't focusing on something. I tried her glasses on and it was what I imagine taking an illegal drug must be like! I felt quite dizzy.

Her sister is actually long/far sighted with astigmatism and no prisms.I remember her saying, when she got her first glasses, she thought she was only going to need them for reading and was rather surprised when the optician advised her to wear them all the time for a couple of weeks to get used to them. She was even more surprised that she found she needed to continue to wear them full time after getting used to them. She would get a slight headache if she didn't. I don't know what her exact prescription is or what her new glasses look like as I haven't seen her for ages. All I know is that she also got a stronger prescription.

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2016, 07:37


I'm sure your probably right that her doctor fitted her with glasses that were weaker than she really needed for her first glasses so it would be easier for her eyes to adjust to them. And of course her eyes have also probably gotten a bit worse as well along the way. You work with her, has she ever complained to you about having to wear glasses? From what I recall in your past comments about her she seemed to embrace the idea of wearing glasses without any problem as soon as she got them. But I don't think she expected that her eyesight would become so bad that she wouldn't be able to see without glasses anymore.

Funny thing when you posted about her handing you her glasses to hold while she was switching to her sunglasses what you think her current prescription is now, that the only thing she didn't have in her glasses was a bifocal add. But it occurred to be that actually because she is minus in one eye and plus is the other in effect she is wearing mono vision which is what many wear instead of bifocals.

Am I right about her sitter getting glasses about a year after her? I don't think her sister's eyes are anywhere near as messed up as her sister's eyes are as I recall I think you said she was only nearsighted. Hopefully she doesn't have prisms in her glasses.

Carrie 20 Jul 2016, 23:02

Soundmanpt - Maybe her optician has gradually increased her prescription to help her get used to it. She probably wouldn't have been able to handle this prescription as her first. Quite a complicated prescription. It seems that the only thing missing is bifocals as she already has plus, minus and astigmatism!😀

Soundmanpt 19 Jul 2016, 17:40


Actually she hasn't been wearing glasses all that long for her eyes to be so messed up. I'm sure when she got her first glasses as weak as they were that she wouldn't ever get so bad that she couldn't see without her glasses anymore. Now you and I both knew that because she had prism correction in her glasses that she was destined to be wearing glasses full time to keep from seeing double. But her glasses are much stronger than I would have guessed they would ever become. Suggesting thinner lenses should help make her glasses look better. But as I recall her wearing glasses hasn't done anything to make her any less attractive to the guys where you work.

Carrie 18 Jul 2016, 16:39

Soundmanpt - My friend from work says that her eyes seem really bad without her glasses now. I happened to mention that both Gemma and me would get thinner lenses if our prescriptions went up. She said that the assistant at the opticians store asked if she wanted thinner lenses but she declined as she thought they were just trying to get more money out of her. She will definitely get thinner lenses next time, especially if her prescription goes up, and is thankful that the lenses don't stick out any more than they do in her current glasses.

Soundmanpt 16 Jul 2016, 16:54


Am I right that the girl from work you're referring to is the one that when she first started working with you didn't even wear glasses? You said she was really quite attractive and all the guys around work were hot for her. Then she got her first glasses which were pretty weak but she did have prisms in her glasses right from the start am I right? Not too long after that her sister got glasses and even came by work to show her sister her new glasses? If you're even close to right about her prescription her eyesight is really a mess now. I can't even imagine how things must to her when she had her glasses off. You did mention several times about her getting increases and new glasses. That thickness you saw was most likely the prisms that you were noticing. If you had taken your glasses off and put her glasses on i'm sure her glasses would have felt extremely weird to you with one lens being a plus and the other one a minus lens and then she has quite a bit of astigmatisms as well. Whenever she gets new glasses i'm sure she has to wait a while to even get them because of the complex lenses she needs.

Thanks for the update on Danielle and Vicky. Danielle is an interesting young lady. She's trying so hard to only wear her glasses when she absolutely needs them because she doesn't want her eyes to become dependent on them. In other words she doesn't want to wear her glasses full time. However she doesn't seem to mind wearing her prescription sunglasses quite often. Now we all know that prescription sunglasses are much better quality than most off the rack non prescription sunglasses, but if she is really so worried about becoming dependent on needing her glasses full time she is going about it the wrong way. For just hanging out when she isn't reading anything she could be wearing non prescription sunglasses. But you're not about to tell her that because you really want her to wear her glasses full time anyway. So just look at it this way, the more you see her wearing her sunglasses the closer she is getting to full time wear.

 16 Jul 2016, 14:48

Thanks Carrie/Soundtwit.

Carrie 16 Jul 2016, 12:03

Earlier this week, after work, I was with my friend from work - the one with the prism prescription - and she wanted to change from her regular glasses to her prescription sunglasses. She only had the case her sunglasses came in with her so had to take them out before she could put her regular glasses away. She took her regular glasses off and handed them to me to hold as she put her sunglasses on. I took the opportunity to have a quick look at her glasses. There was the expected slight minification in the minus lens at the slight magnification of the plus lens as well as the stretching/distorting effect of the astigmatism prescription. What was noticeable was the thickness of the lenses - one lens was sticking out the back of the top of the frame and the other was sticking out the back of the bottom of the frame. I presume this is caused by the prism. I remember her saying when she got these glasses that all the numbers in her prescription had gone up by 0.5 and if that included the prism her prescription would now be (based on her previous prescription that I had copied and posted on Eyescene back in December 2014) R Sph -1.00 Cyl -1.50 Axis 95.0. L Sph +1.50 Cyl -1.75 Axis 83. Below that it says RPrism V-Dist 2.50 Down. LPrism V-Dist 2.50 Up.

She put her sunglasses on and I gave her regular glasses back for her to put away in the case.

As I am on the subject of friends, just thought I would mention that my friend Danielle still only wears her glasses for reading and close up but does wear her prescription sunglasses quite a lot now we are finally getting some sunny weather here in the uk. She looks very cool and sexy wearing them and knowing they are prescription gives me an extra little thrill. Her girlfriend is still wearing the low plus with low astigmatism prescription glasses full time. She has also been wearing prescription sunglasses a lot. While she is very attractive she doesn't have the same effortlessly cool and sexy 'aura' that Danielle seems to have.

My own sexpot, Gemma, looks irresistible in her prescription sunglasses and I really struggle to control my urges when she puts on her bikini to sunbathe in the garden! Yes, I know I go to bed with her every night but seeing her like that in the garden is a rare summer treat. We've been together for over 5 years but never had sex outside. Anyway, enough about that or I'll get moaned at for going off topic!

murky 14 Jul 2016, 21:37


Standing at the end of the queue are

Grandmother, attractive 55/60 yo grey hair snappy coiffure, And on the nose, gorgeous large translucent almost circular blue glasses, skirting the eyebrows, and a fluid lower curve, neatly matching her chin line. Blue arms with gold tinges, expensive, well fitted, no pads. About +2 progressive lenses.

BUT best of all beside her, 6 yo twins, sporting identical beautiful specs, low plus(between 1 & 2)

"What a spectacle,lovely glasses," I coo, moving to the end of the queue, well done you three. Oh Thank you, gran calls.

Says to the twins. " that man likes your glasses"

They busy themselves with small talk, as I admire the scene.

Clearly gran had organised the frame fashion, to match her own. Brilliant.

Soundmanpt 12 Jul 2016, 08:26

I don't often post on this page but I had an interesting sighting on Saturday evening of all places, church. Because I have a bad knee I always get their way too early because I want the closest parking spot. Like many others I am creature of habit so I always sit in the 2nd to last row in the far back corner. As usual there wasn't anyone anywhere close to me. But just a few minutes after I got seated a mother and her 2 teen daughters came and sat 2 rows in front of me. I go every week and this was the first time I ever saw them in church. Mom was quite attractive and she was wearing a pair of nice looking glasses that suited her very well. I could see that her glasses was to correct her nearsightedness. But her lenses looked thin and I don't think they were very strong. The girls just sat there very quietly as mom started to read the church bulletin. She suddenly stopped and she took off her glasses. She held them noticing a spot or smudge or something. As she was holding them she was starting to look in her bag for something to clean them with. Then the older of the 2 daughters suddenly reached over and took her mom's glasses away from her. It was clear that she must either have glasses herself or she has cleaned mom's glasses before. She knew too hold the glasses by the bridge was the best way to clean glasses. She proceeded to pull out a cloth I think just a hanky and started cleaning them. Every few seconds she held them up to check if they were perfectly clean. Judging by how wiping she was doing I have a feeling mom's glasses had more than one smudge on them. Mom sat patently waiting for her to finish cleaning her glasses. When she was finished a nice surprise she put the glasses on as if she was going to wear them. Mom gave her that mom look of disapproval but she only smiled at her and kept the glasses on. Mom never said anything and only watched her daughter as she testing her eyes by looking off in the distance and then pulling the glasses down her nose slightly. The other daughter was just quietly giggling at her sister. She finally took off the glasses and handed them to her mom. I heard the daughter say tell her mom how much she likes her glasses. Her mom replied telling her that "it looks like were going to have to see about getting you some glasses", The daughter just smiled back at her. I am hoping they are maybe new to my church and I will see them in the future to seeif the daughter in fact does get glasses or not. The problem is our church is very large and they have the one mass on Saturday evening but they have 6 masses on Sunday including an evening mass. It's possible they usually go on Sunday normally. This was nice for me because mostly older people attend that mass. Never very many young people in there.

aviator -oo- 10 Jul 2016, 13:43

My same friend with a RX of -4.5 is still staying with me. Today we went for a walk, and then mid-way I reminded her that we should talk to someone who we were expecting to see en-route. Only then did she say "I haven't got my eyes in" and asked if I would help her to identify the person when I first spotted him. I think that's quite adventurous but she seems quite happy to be in blur, and I have never noticed her squinting.

ric 10 Jul 2016, 00:25

Lentifan: at the moment, i can function with my current glasses, just slowing down a little bit or with old glasses if im doing long close works. Doctor told me about progresives, but optician says i should have to get bigger frames.

cubicle 06 Jul 2016, 08:55

Interesting sighting in the subway, a young woman chatting on her phone, and wearing glasses.

The lenses were fairly large and thick heavy plus, around +8, in a frame not designed for heavy lenses. So the poor girl's glasses were sliding way down her nose every 5 seconds. Had she missed a pushover or someone bumped into her, they would have fallen over.

Tom 06 Jul 2016, 05:34

To Swapn: interesting story.

Reminds me of an aunt whose glasses also used to slip down her nose, especially when it was hotter or she was cooking for example. We're talking 25 years ago, when lenses were thicker and heavier than today. She was very good looking but had those large round brownish plastic frames, and a chain attached to the earpieces to "break" the fall of her glasses when they totally slipped off, or when she let them dangle off her neck. She must have been around 40y bold back then. I once asked whether it wasn't annoying that her glasses always slipped, and she had to push them back so often, but she said no, she was so used to it. I always felt attracted to her because of her thicker glasses.

Tom 06 Jul 2016, 03:19

Had to catch a very early flight yesterday morning, and many young families with kids waiting for boarding at the gate areas. Among them several beautiful young moms in glasses, more than on average, probably because of the early hour, having to rush to get the kids ready and thus easier to put on glasses than contacts, also with a flight ahead an the dry air on airplanes.

I picked a seat nearby a very attractive blonde, in short pencil skirt, high heeled sandals, and wearing thin ocean blue plastic frames showing noticeable power rings. I'd say she must have been around -5 or a bit stronger. Probably a regular contacts wearer as she was also gently squinting with her specs on when focusing on distant objects or people. She took off her glasses every few minutes, fiddled with them, rubbed her eyes, put them on again, then off to clean the lenses, back on, adjusting them, off and leaving them on her knees for a while, then squinting real hard to see where her kids were but quickly resolving to use her glasses again as she was obviously unsatisfied with what she could (not) see bare-eyed. Quite a show early in the morning!

swapn 05 Jul 2016, 19:22

I n India it's quite bit difficult to be with glasses wearing girl. But I have an aunt. She is now in her 30s and married. Last night there was a function at her home so she invited me to help her. I went there and we did all, decorated her house. She wear glasses which maybe of -6.00 proscription, she needed them but she never wear thwm full time as I know. But now she was wearing them. During whole doing her glasses kept constantly sliding down on her nose. And she kept pushing them up. Finally we done. She said I would like to show you my new saree which I will wear tonight. We sat together and she showed, e her new saree. I kept looking at her thick glasses. I asked her aunty why do you wear glasses you never wear it before? She said I needed them so long but I didn't wear. So now prescription has been increased so I need it every time. I asked her to show me them, she removed them slowly and gave me. They were pretty thick. And my aunt was squinting. I asked aunty can you see she said not so much. I gave them back and she felt relaxed. ?

maxim 05 Jul 2016, 05:47

I'm sorry, I was too tired and produced an error:

Some very old people claim, that they would not need glasses -


... they typically have one eye around zero or with a weak myopia, and the other eye hyperop at 2.50 or 3.00 - during their lifetime. So the hyperop eye is the 'reading eye' then.


... they typically have one eye nearsighted (myopic) around -2.50 or -3.00, and the other eye at zero or slightly hyperop at max. +1.00 - during their lifetime.

So the nearsighted eye is their 'reading eye' then.

gwgs 05 Jul 2016, 03:13

I actually bought a pair of glasses on ebay that had this sort of prescription - I bought them as I/ my other half liked the frame, and was surprised to see this prescription when we received them but never got round to reglazing them, and so they still have a plus lens in one side, with a little lens thickness protuding out of the middle of the frame, and a minus lens in the other with the lens thickness coming out of the other side!!

Anyone who's interested in buying these I'll let them go for next to nothing as I had completely forgot about until now, and could be an interesting collectors piece

Puffin 05 Jul 2016, 01:31

I've only ever seen a couple of people like this. The first time I had to look twice to be sure of what I'd just seen.

I've seen more myodisks than this.

Maxim 04 Jul 2016, 15:45

This phenomenon is called 'anisometropia' - one eye is nearsighted, the other one is farsighted.

Also with relatively weak prescriptions, it is difficult to have a good vision sufficient for everydays requirements. So these people have it often from childhood on, and they are mostly fulltime wearers.

This comes often together with other inequalities, e.g. different size of the eye.

Very often, they had one eye patched as children. And, they are the lucky ones, as their parents or teachers discovered these shortcomings. The less fortunate ones developed a 'lazy eye' (the strong eye not patched), and one day at the age of ten or twelve it was too late for the development of the weaker eye (amblyopia then).

Most of us have a low anisometropia, that is an existing difference between the two eyes (e.g. R -2.00 / L -2.50 etc.). But anisometropia around zero (one plus, one minus) are interesting cases.

Some very old people claim, that they would not need glasses - they typically have one eye around zero or with a weak myopia, and the other eye hyperop at 2.50 or 3.00 - during their lifetime. So the hyperop eye is the 'reading eye' then.

Carrie 04 Jul 2016, 15:06

Interesting sighting at the weekend. A girl in her mid to late teens wearing large plastic frames in dark purple. One lens was around +2 and the other was either no prescription or very very weak minus. I'm pretty sure she was a full time wearer as she was wearing them the whole time I saw her - only a few minutes but she wasn't reading anything.

gwgs 04 Jul 2016, 06:16

Just had an amazing couple of sightings that have left kind of weak at the knees.

Hot young brunette, probably about 5ft 2in, mid 20's slender frame with long hair. I walked past the bus stop and noticed her thick lenses in her Ray Ban Wayfarer's that were sticking out quite a bit from her frame - they are probably the most noticeable protuding lenses I have seen in a while, at were protuding by at least 3/4cm. I stood beside her looking at the bus stops hoping she may look at me and I could then maybe start up a conversation, but alas, she was very focused on the stops and times of the buses, and adjusted her glasses a little presumably to focus on the small print, pushing her glasses up against her eyes. She then walked off and sat down on the bench at the bus stop which was crammed full of people so chance of making subtle small talk. Damn.

Second sighting was only a few minutes later when I walked out of a shop having bought lunch and saw a stunning tall blonde, probably early 30s with her long hair held up in a pony tail, wearing a preppy outfit of white buttoned shirt slightly unbuttoned, with a blue sweater drapped over her shoulders, and skin tight jeans with boots. She wore stunning big round horn rimmed / light tortoise style print glasses with quite a few power rings going on in her frames. Maybe a -6/-7 and was looking helplessly at her phone, looking lost. I glanced at her momentarily from a few paces away as her utter beauty stopped me in my tracks as she gazed up and down from her phone into the distance, I was wondering if she was looking for directions to somewhere but the moment passed :( Carpe dieum has never been my motto unfortunately!

DS 03 Jul 2016, 18:38

Traveler-- Did you see the DNA test results?

Soundmanpt 03 Jul 2016, 08:31


Sounds like you had a nice encounter? Perfect timing with complementing her on her specs since she has only had them for 2 weeks. The fact that she has gotten lots of complements has to make her feel good about wearing glasses. Interesting that she was only wearing her first glasses for close work and apparently she must have gotten her eyes examined before getting new glasses, which is always a good idea, and her eyes must not have changed much if at all according to her. But there is no doubt that her bf wants her to wear her glasses all the time now. A good question you could have asked her is if her distance vision has cleared up or if things at a distance are still a little bit blurry? Most likely as you were talking to her, she was still adjusting to them for distance. But of course you only had a few seconds to chat with her before a customer came along. She didn't get a chance to answer you if her bf prefers seeing her in glasses? But I think you already knew the answer anyway.

Traveler 03 Jul 2016, 05:30

I have seen several articles in the press recently describing how scientists are sure that heredity is the primary factor in detrrmining how a child's eyes will develop. I would generally have agreed but yesterday saw a family who really brook that rule. Mom -3, Dad -5, three kids of about 12, 10 & 8 who wore +4, +5 and +8 respectively.

murky 02 Jul 2016, 23:38

Back at the airport

Lass, early 20s, running a sunglasses stall, Raybans mostly, bit mousy, brown curly hair flowing over her ears, BUY on the nose, beautiful cat eye ray bans, blue iridescent with gold and blue horizontal broad arms, nose pads, and half the lower frame in a gold band, just crfyibg out look at me look at me, Im am in glasses

Possibly +1 tp 1.5, so quite discretionary.

Oh I do like those specs, they look new too.

How did you know, they are 2 weeks old.

Do you like wearing them?

Yes I have had a lot of compliments

Your first pair?

Second, but the last pair were cheap & for close work only,

.Oh so have your eyes got worse?

Not really, but my boyfriend wanted me to get some fashion glasses.

Did he pick them out for you then?

We both liked these, and he paid half

Does he like you better in glasses then?

I am really getting aroused, wanting to snatch them off her pretty nose,

what an encounter

and she half turns away to focus on another customer, with those lovely DKNY frames...

Ahh airports..

Crystal Veil 29 Jun 2016, 14:51

aviator- oo,

it even happens in high places. I remember a member of the Executive Board at the university. He always wore strong glasses, perhaps minus nine. One day he appeared in glasses with a very weak prescription, -1.50 or so. As it happened, we had a talk about some business problems and at the end I complimented him about his new glasses, saying that they looked quite different than all his previous glasses. He smiled (a bit shy) and then told me that he really needed progressive glasses but was unhappy with the idea. He then explained that he got contact lenses at his Rx for close work and that the glasses were just for the finishing touch in the long distance. "I'm experimenting a bit, you know". The experiment did not last long.

rafa 29 Jun 2016, 14:28


Yes, those of us who are nearsighted and have presbyopia find ways of playing around with our glasses and contact lenses. It's actually fun.

When I wear contact lenses I have to either a) wear reading glasses for near distance or b) use less power in one of the lenses. I actually do that quite often. I wear one lense with weaker power. I sometimes even wear only one lense!

Now I have progressive lenses on the glasses I use the most, and have another pair with bifocals (which I prefer, but I don't dare wear them in public). But there was a time when I used reading glasses over my regular glasses when I was working on my laptop!

lentifan 29 Jun 2016, 11:43


Why not wear multifocal glasses for your full Rx rather than contacts plus multifocals? It would be better for your eyes. Just curious.

ric 29 Jun 2016, 06:05

Aviator: it happened to me also. 2 years ago i started needing less power for small prints, so tried different multifocal cls. Finally, wearing my multifocal, feel comfortable for close wrks, cell phone, etc, but loosing distance sharp, so finally i ordered a pair of -2 glasses for wearing over my cls for driving, etc...better than getting readers, cause most of the day i work with close vision.

ric 29 Jun 2016, 06:05

Aviator: it happened to me also. 2 years ago i started needing less power for small prints, so tried different multifocal cls. Finally, wearing my multifocal, feel comfortable for close wrks, cell phone, etc, but loosing distance sharp, so finally i ordered a pair of -2 glasses for wearing over my cls for driving, etc...better than getting readers, cause most of the day i work with close vision.

aviator -oo- 28 Jun 2016, 15:41

I have a friend, female, about 50. I know her distance prescription to be -4.50 in both eyes. She usually wears contact lenses but, on visiting the bathroom, I noticed that she has contact lenses with both -4.5 and -3.5 power in her wash bag. She also has three pairs of glasses. The first I know to be -4.50 L+R. The second are 'readers' (approx +1.00) which she wears 'over' her contact lenses. The third pair have moderate minus lenses, which I have noticed her wearing to read close-up when she doesn't have her lenses in. I assume these to be -3.50. The one thing she is missing is some frames with a -1.00 RX to enable her to see well long distance when she has her -3.5 lenses in.

I have often come across people with a range of different glasses, but never before a choice of different powered contact lenses. Is it common for myopes who also have presbyopia to have such a combination of visual aids?

jack 26 Jun 2016, 00:07


murky 25 Jun 2016, 23:31

Wandering about the mall this afternoon, I developed a useful introductory knack.

Stand a little away from the escalator, and when a suitable ( and they have to be remarkable) GWG mounts the stair, stand behind her, and just nudge forward, as if to pass, and I get a full on look,from a foot away,so easy to say

Great Glasses!

And there is all the passage to the top to discuss further.

No 1

slender 6foot 2 lass, mid 20s wearing sporting gear, basketball, huge head of fluffy ginger hair framing a really large pair of thick tortoiseshell squarish frames, occupy half her face, clearly deliberately chosen to scream

"look at me Im wearing glasses."!! Looks about -3or4 or so

So .."Great glasses" I offer

Oh Gee thanks...

Great to see someone happily wearing specs..

A break...whats coming I wonder then

"Do you really think so? I usually wear contacts for sport".

But you look great in those, they fit your face so well.

Why have contacts, when you look so good in specs?

Ahh at the top.. Bye, and thanks..

Next, 20 ish, brown eyes, roundish face, slim figure, bit spotty,prominent roman nose, BUT on it are a gorgeous pair of Gucci lemon/lime thinnest frames, solid silver arms, with embossed filigree, stunning pattern, look well over $500, and no more than +1,David Henderson written there,probably discretionary glasses on a 20 yo, so I hop on the elevator, and gently nudge forward

Oh Excuse me, Im sorry

That's OK

Wow, lovely glasses, I like them, well done

Gee thanks.

That pattern on the arms is sublime, and they fit you so well.

Yes, the eye doc talked me into them, they are new last week

Your first pair then!

Yes, and you are the first person to notice, I like them too

Had to get my dad to help pay for them

unfortunately AT THE TOP Good bye, and thanks..

Two more tales, maybe later, if the crowd are interested.

What a way to pass a dull sunday afternoon!

gwgs 22 Jun 2016, 01:45

Interesting glasses reference at work - an ex client was looking to place some more business our way having worked with us a couple of years. She is in her early 20s, Greek and very charming and personable with seemingly expensive taste. When we worked on a project previously we had to stay overnight in a hotel and when I went into her hotel room for a chinwag I saw a packet of contact lenses with a remarkably strong prescription of +7.75. Wow I thought but could never think of broaching the subject, and I never saw her in glasses (probably not surprising given how strong her glasses would be). It was so nice to hear from her out of the blue a couple of weeks ago and we met up to go over work matters then went for a few drinks. We both have the same breed of dog so we agreed to go for walks with them sometime soon.

On a follow up call yesterday and today she has organised a couple of her colleagues to meet with me to look at a couple of potential deals and when I asked for their name she texted me saying "the one without glasses is ... and the one with glasses is..." I texted her back saying "nice detail reference" wanting to acknowledge this reference but not be overtly detailed on but was surprised that someone would point that out! I'm meeting them in 45 minutes so I'm intigued to see if these glasses are a standout piece.

Specs4ever 21 Jun 2016, 05:47

On Sunday MAin St in Vancouver was closed to cars between 12th and 30th street and there were vendors and performers set up along the curbs. People were milling about in abundance, and since there is a fairly high Asian population there were a number of fairly attractive young ladies who's racial backgrounds were very diverse. I enjoyed myself immensely with the wide range of viewing. There was a wide variety of the learger frame sizes and styles that are popular today and there were some reasonably strong prescriptions for my viewing pleasures. A pretty young lady wearing attractive looking frames is still pretty, but a pretty lady wearing the wrong pair of glasses can have her looks spoiled by her unfortunate choice. Sometimes it makes me wonder what the optician was thinking. I really did wish that I had been able to wander about on my own, as I was only able to comment on the frame choice of one very pretty young lady wearing an oversized pair of 50's style gold cat eye glasses. They looked great on her and she told me that she had gotten them from our old friend Clearly Contacts.

Soundmanpt 20 Jun 2016, 15:13


I have been looking since Friday to see how your dinner went with your ex-bf and his gf. Sounds like you all enjoyed each others company. You did the perfect thin by complementing his gf on her new glasses. She is no different than any other young lady in that she loves getting complements on her looks which includes how she looks wearing new glasses. And of course in doing that she was almost certain to comment about her prescription changing. Both you and I suspected that was most likely the reason she got new glasses. When she says her prescription went up by one point she must mean it went up a full diopter which like you probably know is like going from say -1.00 to -2.00. That's not a terrible increase for a year, but it is substantial considering she should be nearing the age where her eyes really shouldn't be changing very much. It doesn't seem that it was that long ago when you first met her and she wasn't even wearing glasses at all. But one would suspect that she was probably already needing glasses then, but she may have been holding off. So did I do the math right that her new glasses are her 3rd pair of glasses? You would have think that her first glasses were most likely in the -1.00 range which is about when most get their first glasses. Once her eyes got more relaxed by wearing her first glasses it would make sense that when she broke her first glasses she would need an increase. Hearing both her and Gemma talking about how blurry everything is for them now when they take their glasses off had to be a bit of a turn on for you. Was she surprised that you are still much more able to see things in the distance pretty well without your glasses? But at the same time she should still be able to read small print without her glasses better than you can. Do you know what type of work she does? I mean does she do a lot of close things such as being at a computer all day? Things like that could be taking a toll on her eyesight. Anyway i'm sure you enjoyed yourself more ways than one that evening.

Carrie 20 Jun 2016, 12:00

It was lovely having my nice ex boyfriend and his beautiful girlfriend over for dinner. As I thought, her prescription has gone up. I did manage to ask her about her glasses without sounding unusually interested. I complimented her on her new glasses and she thanked me and said her prescription had gone up again. She had noticed that she wasn't seeing so sharply so booked an eye test. Her prescription has gone up by one point, as she put it. So I subtly asked what her prescription was and she replied she is -4 in her worse eye and -3. something in the other eye. She said it's a bit annoying that the prescription has gone up every year but it does give her a reason to get some new frames. Gemma agreed with her and said her own previous prescription was about the same but is a bit higher than that now and thinks it might go up again at her next eye test. Our friend asked if Gemma found everything rather blurry when she took her glasses off even with the previous prescription. Gemma said yes, like looking through a camera that's focused on something near to it rather than further away. Our friend said "Yes! Just like that!" Our friend asked me what it was like for me without my glasses. I said it's like someone's tried to focus the camera on a distant object but hasn't quite got it. I went on to say that my distance vision wasn't as bad as hers or Gemma's but still annoying - I could get around for a bit if they suddenly broke or got knocked off - and then increasingly difficult to focus the nearer the object is. Our friend also said that she doesn't like the way the lenses stick out the back of the frame and next time she'll ask for the thinner lenses. Gemma said "Me too!". At this point my ex said, jokingly, "3 beautiful women and all blind as a bat!" Pretending (very poorly) to be offended I said "So you're saying we're all old bats?" He just replied sarcastically "Yeah." and then we all laughed and the conversation moved on.

So I estimate that my ex's girlfriend's prescription has gone by around -2.00 since her first ones, which she got a couple of years ago. I remember seeing her in her second pair that she got about a year after her first ones. She had broken her first ones and got her eyes tested before ordering new glasses just in case her prescription had changed. She got a stronger prescription then, so that was probably the previous one to this.

murky 18 Jun 2016, 18:23

Saturday,, what aday for the O-O

Around the galleries, first one, an avant garde modern art store, and wow there she is, about 30, 6 foot tall, crew cut ( bats for the other team, methinks) and on the face, oh, a huge pair of translucent slightly yellowish white frames, with side arms to match,perfectly fitting behind the ears,

Look at me. I'm wearing glasses, they say

I wait till she leaves the counter, walks up to asking to help me

"wonderful glasses, " I venture

Glad you like them, they were my mothers..

Why did she not like them"

She did not like the yellow tint, it came when the lenses were installed, so she gave them to me. ( may have heated them, I wonder)

Oh do you have the same prescription as your mother"

Don't know, but I see through them fine

I glance through the periphery of the left lens, less than +1, maybe o.5 ( about where I started).

"Well done they look lovely on you, and I move on, again Heart rate 130.

Next gallery, avant garde bric a brac, modernist paintings, a 20-25 you, beautiful figure and classic roman symmetrical face, with, on the nose, another pair of transparent frames, orthodox, roundish, but classical,about -1- 1.5

LOvely glasses, I say

Thanks I am getting used to them, did not like them at first, but now, my boyfriend likes them too.

First pair?

No second, had glasses for 2 years.

A full time wearer then?

Yes mostly with this pair, I am happier with them on, take them off at home.

To the markets again, great spots, as so many folk passing, and easy to engage,

First, middle aged 40 ish, with vivid green acetate medium sized frames,and a matching blouse. quite rare

So just stand close, gently brush against from the side, which draws a look, and an I'm sorry, then,

"They are beautiful glasses, and I like the matching blouse"

Oh Thanks

Did you get the glasses to match the blouse, or vics versa?

Saw the glasses in the shop, and realised I had the blouse at home ,

Well , you are a feature of fashion here.

Glad you like it.

I see Coming up the aisle,and I go into heart failure, dizzy spell coming on TWO late adolescents, one about -3, stunning deep blue plastic frames, nose pads, glasses projected off the face, large lenses, slipping down the nose a bit, looking over the top ( just) and the other, bold black acetate, silver sheen arms, Gucci on the side arm shining in the sunlight, about +4, owlish green eyes behind.Perfect pair, so beautiful

Have to be quick here, pick myself up, fix them with a fascinating stare,

Wow girls, great frames!

Get a one second glance from Myopey, Gee thanks,

So I double back, follow them, taking in the opscene.

Then to the football,not such a great range, as all sitting down and mostly men, then

Up the aisle she comes, carrying four Beers on a tray, BMI less than 19, blond bossy hairdo, radiant smile, and on the face, delicious smallish glistening black half framed Dior written so large I can read it 3 rows away, made the day, just looking at her, imaging her in bed ( about _2). Esp as delivers beer to the boys.

Home via supermarket, not much about, then, at the self serve checkout, some unbranded, fine framed black/gold plastic frames, golden arms, a perfect fit for a triangular

Face, so quickly get my milk, come alondside, gently brush her arm on the congested path to the next checkout station, she fixes me, a perfect full on close view, sorry I say,then

"what beautiful glasses you have there, perfect fit for your face

Thank you she replies with a ? Spanish lilt

I liked that they don't carry an advertising logo, nice and simple, not advertising

I got them in Italy.

We finish checking at the same time, walk together to the mall exit.

" Like glasses", I venture

Never thought about it, just need them

I think you look really good in them

You think so?

Yes those frames are just right for your face shape, I was an optometrist, and we use to strive for that, aiming to make people want glasses as a fashion item,. not just a help to vision.

That must have been a good job, but glasses are so expensive.

You can halve the price by using the internet, carefully.

And we part at the car park.. Arriverderci..I call.

Head home, heart still racing, brain dizzy from hyperventilation.

Soundmanpt 17 Jun 2016, 12:45


In regards to the young lady that came into your store wearing glasses that you were doing your best to try a determine about what prescription might be. First of all you have gotten very good at being sneaky as well as good about making a pretty good guess about other peoples glasses. So I was trying to think of a way you might have been able to have a conversation about glasses with her. There is nothing wrong with simply commenting to her, "I really like your glasses" Followed by a "Are they new"? and then "May I ask where you got them from"? Coming from another glasses wearer that wouldn't seem out of line at all. She would appreciate the complement i'm sure. After all you know much you like it when someone tells you they like your glasses. You know the very worst you would get is a thank you from her.

Soundmanpt 17 Jun 2016, 11:16


I was wondering if you still were staying in touch with your ex-bf and his gf? It's really nice that after breaking up with him that you can still be friends and I think you both still care about each other just in a different way now. He was your bf when you first started wearing glasses and i'm certain that his support of you wearing glasses had to mean a lot to you back then. If he had not liked seeing you wearing glasses i'm sure that would have hurt you badly. So you have to know that when his new gf got glasses and started wearing them he was probably very supportive of her as well. If she got new glasses she almost certainly got her eyes tested and probably needed an increase which as you well know is usually what happens. If I recall the glasses you first saw her wearing were her first glasses and she went to full time not long after getting them. So she was probably in need of glasses even before she got them. This can sometimes result in her being slightly under prescribed and of course her eyes are probably still changing bit as well. Your not Carrie I know if you don't ask her about her new glasses if she doesn't say anything about them on her own. I'm sure if you ask her if her glasses are new she will not only tell you probably provide you more details as well. Of course swapping glasses with will do neither you or her any good since she is nearsighted. Gemma's glasses are going to be too strong for her and hers will be too weak for Gemma. Sadly I doubt that she will know what her prescription is so you may have to guess. I know you said when you first met her that she was really very attractive before she got her glasses and knowing how your attracted to young ladies wearing glasses she has to be even more attractive to you now since she's wearing glasses. I look forward to a report tomorrow. Enjoy dinner. (which I know you will)

Carrie 17 Jun 2016, 09:46

Just got back from work and I have got a little bit of time before I need to start preparing for dinner tonight so Gemma doesn't have so much to do. My last boyfriend (the nice ex boyfriend) and his girlfriend are coming over for dinner. We haven't seen them for a while so we invited them over. I know she has got newish glasses as she posted a photo on Facebook not long ago of herself wearing them. I can't tell from the photo if her prescription has changed as she is directly facing the camera and not close enough to it to see any cut- in. I sometimes forget he used to be my boyfriend as him and his girlfriend are so nice individually and as a couple they are just like some of our other straight couple friends. Anyway that's something I can look forward to seeing later.

About an hour before I finished work today a very pretty brunette girl of about 18-20 came in to the shop. She wore brown or possibly tortoiseshell glasses that were sort of rectangular/square shape. As she had her hair up in a ponytail I could see through her lenses that they were a very weak plus with possibly some cyl. in them as well but difficult to tell for sure as it was only for a couple seconds from behind and about the same from the front before she moved on to another part of the shop. I was shelf stacking so I knew that would be the last I saw of her. If I'd been on the checkout I might have had a better look. Never mind, my own girl-with-glasses is much better looking anyway😍.

 17 Jun 2016, 03:39

Misusing the word you're, makes one sound stupid.

Soundmanpt 16 Jun 2016, 17:40


I'm glad you are using my line and finding that it really works to put a young lady at ease. The only problem is if your quite young saying that your retired might not work so well. Then you may be better off by saying that you used to work as an optician. I am 67 years old so easy to believe I would be retired by now. Just a suggestion here, I don't think I would say "they must be fun to wear" you may recall in one of your earlier encounters when you said that to the young nurse she seemed to get offended at that comment. In your description of her glasses you said they appeared to be a low minus, so it's very possible she hasn't been wearing glasses very long and she might even still be getting used to wearing them and to her they may not be so much fun to wear. Needless to say she didn't seem to like your comment. Probably better to stay with nice glasses, are they new or those glasses look perfect on you. By the way have you considered sending me a dollar for each time you use the line I provided to you? haha!

murky 16 Jun 2016, 17:00

Buying beer in the liquor store, on the way home from work, there she was, about 30, beautiful figure, and on the nose, wow, translucent black acetate cateyes, with oversize sweeping upper borders,to just above the eyebrows, never seen anything like it,"D squared" branded on the arms, hard to get an encounter going, as she is moving fast along the shelves, then, with full basket, she joins the checkout line, here we go,so I stand right beside her, with my beer, she is about +4, and the fit is exquisite, tight behind the ears, hard to see through the lenses

Those are beautiful glasses you have

Yes I like them, the optometrist talked me into them they are a bit retro.

Yes, that is what makes them so special, must be fun to wear

I have had glasses since I was 19, hardly notice them now.

I am a retired optometrist ( what a line that is), you must have been pleased to get your first pair, being farsighted.

Yes, I struggled reading for a few years, then I looked through my mothers reading glasses, what a difference I thought,,and next week I had my own pair, never looked back.

Then she was at the desk, game over...pity,I was really aroused, wanted to catch her on the other side,and ask to see the brand, but she got into a car.

Sigh, my pulse about 120..thinking about her bedside drawer..

gwgs 15 Jun 2016, 01:21

Interesting encounters Murky - very brazen of you to approach so many women and comment on their glasses. Bravo!

Your comment of almost being able to smell the oversized tortoise frames had me laughing. What a line

Murky 15 Jun 2016, 00:12

Visited a friend in hospital yesterday, what a place for an o-o. Nurses all having to spend hours reading complex formulae, like to wear prescribed low plus, and get eye protection simultaneously, and al the female docs seem bespectacled

First, a visitor, in the lift, a captive, dumpy rather obese 25 yo, beautifully dressed on Beige cardigan and skirt, white blouse, and perfectly matching ray bans about _3. Slight cat eye classic r.b. Style. Rare, as most r/b styles are black.

Lovely glasses,I like the match with your outfit I open...

Oh thank you,

Do you have a pair for each outfit? I counter

Yes three pairs.

Well done.....and a stranger enters the lift

Goodbye, I call, as she exits the lift.

Corridor, on the way to ward, passing a nurse, low minus, probably a half,no astigmatism,discretionary glasses,esp. Indoors

half rimmed black, clear nose pads,keeping them well off her nose lenses projected into space. black arms,with the unmistakeable Versace logo

THats a lovely pair of glasses nurse,I like them, are they fun to wear?

Walks past with total ignore, as if I am trying to pick her up!

at the nurses station enquiring as to the location of my friend and the ward clerk a 50 ish bookish woman in bifocals, red, cat eye extremes,with black liner round the lens, fcuk on the wings, expensive++methinks. Plus 1.5. Add 2 l &or I guess,probably constant, the confident way she wears them

I like your glasses I venture, as she directs me to the room.

Thank you,

They look lovely on you

Gee thanks, that the fist time anyone has noticed,thanks

Thought of saying " they are fcuk img good". But..ah well keep it short

The joys of hospitals,think I will apply for a job there,a dizzy day,every day

murky 12 Jun 2016, 19:21

A productive weekend, went to the local markets, brilliant sunshine, to aid the sightings.

First, the riverside, and a middle aged woman , with daughter, She wearing gorgeous purple Nicola Fanetti delicate rimmed with hyperbolic ( sine wave) arms, canted 30 degrees to the lens.

Oh! I say what beautiful glasses you have there

Thank you, I got them last week.

By whom are they made!

( as there was no logo on the frame, where the optical companies brazenly allow you advertise their wares, and pay dearly for the privilege)

Oh JOY she takes them off, hands them to me, and I squiz my eyes to read the brand on the inside of the frame.

About +1, with varifocal.

First pair? I venture

Yes, how did you guess?

I am a retired optometrist, I reply( courtesy of Soundman) and they look fairly low power.

Well fancy that, I see so much better now.

Yes, glasses are wonderful things, aren't they! I reply.

Hmm never thought about it...Good day to you

Next case

A 25yo lady selling home made jewellery, exquisite stuff, wearing Prada about -2-3 getting at lot of interest, so I stand away, previewing the passing O=O parade, after 5 mins, she is free, so I sidle over, and engage, then buy some cards she has on the side, pay, then

I really like your spex,

Thank you, I see well with them too.

They fit you face so nicely, must be fun to wear

Never thought about that, but they are 2 years old probably time for another pair

I cant imagine a better pair for you, were they expensive?

Just over $550,

Wow, that must knock a hole in the budget, why not just get new lenses, if the prescription has changed.

Can I do that? What will I do in the time between changes?

I am a retired optometrist ( thanks again Soundman for the line), either wear your previous pair, or go to one of the larger chains, where they will take the measurements and do it next day.

Oh thanks, that's helpful, I have to watch every cent, living off my craft.

Might call by again,Goodbye

Three stall along, 40you elegantly dressed, Italianate woman, selling upmarket sunglasses, in branded cases. She is wearing a knockout rimless, gold studded pair of +2s, blue plastic nose pads, and a faint blue tint in the lenses.

My mouth falls agape, on encountering her, catching my breath

" Oh what gorgeous specs you have"

Well.. thank you

And they suit you so well, matching you blouse, in the sea of black frames we must endure nowadays, you are breath of fashion sanity.

Nice of you to say so, Mr. Thank you.

Didn't need to optometrist bit there.

Finally, home via the supermarket, best spot, later in the day, where lovely yonug business types with spare cash for fashion glasses hang out, and there she is! Stunning large tortoiseshell full plastic frames, occupying half the face, screaming

" cant you see I love wearing Glasses!"

Looked about -3, maybe more

In the washing detergent section,she is uncapping bottles and smelling the washing liquid...What a target

Hmm, cant buy without the smell test eh

Yes, need the washing to smell nice

What amazing glasses you have, wow

Ah you like them? You are the first person to notice them I got them last week

Where from?

The high st optometrists shop, they were on special.

Then well done, they look so good on you, first pair

No, been wearing glasses since I was 7.

I was standing so close, could almost smell her spex, what a find, wondered how many other gorgeous pairs she had in the bedside locker?

Markets, supermarkets, not quite the class of airports, but fun nonetheless for an O-O

Soundmanpt 12 Jun 2016, 07:14


Because this is a clinic and it seems they have more than one optometrists will you be seen by Great again are just whoever is available at the time? Greta seems very competent as she not only refracted your eyes from +1.00 to +1.25 glasses as well as finding your need for prism correction. Almost certain that they will increase your prisms from 4 BI, but I am not sure if they will want to go up to 10BI this fast since you have only had your glasses for such a short time they may feel like your eyes aren't fully adjusted to them yet.

Caroline 11 Jun 2016, 23:21

Brian I have 4D. Each side. Base in

Caroline 11 Jun 2016, 23:16

Thanks all, I have all the advice I need. Rebooked for review at optom next Tuesday,quite happy to see me,they offer free review up to 3 months if not happy,and replacement lenses if appropriate. Wii come back then on the vision site

Trent 11 Jun 2016, 15:44

Three of us attended a trade show the other day. All of us wear glasses. I'm -8.0, my friend is -10.0 and her acquaintance about -9.0. I wonder if anyone took notice as together we made our way through the show.

June 10 Jun 2016, 13:48

Likelenses I thought we had a date. You said I was number one. Now you are with Cheryl again?

Soundmanpt 10 Jun 2016, 09:37


I had a feeling that Greta may not have taken the time to really explain to you that getting prisms is really a big difference than just getting a small increase in your glasses every so often. Prisms as your finding out has a much bigger effect on your eyes than just getting an additional +.25 added to your glasses every few years. For that reason Greta needed to really take a few extra minutes so you had some idea about what your eyes were about to go though. Apparently she didn't even mention that as your eyes adjusted more to your glasses you were soon going to be seeing everything with double vision when you take your glasses off. That is something you needed to know about before you got your glasses. I don't how or why she might think that your going to need 10 BO prisms at some point? I don't think there is anyway to predict how much you will end up with. But I don't think anyone will prescribe you with 10 BO right away. I'm pretty sure they will want to only increase that slightly as you need it. So I would hold off as long as possible but if you find that even with your glasses keeping things as one is getting too hard then of course you need to go for a checkup. I would think they will maybe increase you to 6 BO when you do go back. They are going to want to take things slowly.

I agree with "Likelenses" even though your glasses will likely be changing in the near future you still really do need to get a pair of glasses as a backup. This is something you never had to worry about before because if you ever would have lost or broke your glasses you were able to see nearly as well without your glasses as you could with them. But your a nurse and i'm sure there have been times when you were working with a patient and they flopped their arms and accidentally almost almost knocked your glasses off or hot your glasses. Now if something were to happen to your glasses while you were working your double vision would make it impossible for you to see to work. I would suggest an inexpensive pair on line that you can keep in your car so they would be handy to get if you ever needed them. You've wore glasses for a long time have you ever lost or had your glasses get broke or any other mishap with your glasses? I'm glad this forum is providing you information as well as a good place to talk. Your daughter is still young enough that none of this would make any sense to her anyway. Prisms is hard enough to explain to someone that has some knowledge of vision. It isn't like being nearsighted or farsighted and not nearly as common. Even all your nurse friends which i am sure probably many of them wear glasses would not be of any help to you, but they being in the medical field they might find what you have to say about prisms interesting. But i'm sure you would get more questions than answers from any of them.

You might be right about going over to the "Vision" thread.

Brian 10 Jun 2016, 07:56

Caroline, How many prisms are in your current glasses? Are they Base In or Out?

rafa 10 Jun 2016, 04:25


I love your stories and your sightings! Great sense of humour. Where do you live that you get to sight all those amazing gwg's? I wish my city was that fun...

Likelenses 09 Jun 2016, 23:47


I would strongly suggest that you get a back up pair of glasses with the prism.

If your glasses were to break,you would really be in trouble.

I had a friend that started on a small prism correction,and he said that he thought he could still function without glasses,but then said that after a few weeks,he woke up one day,and found that his vision was double,and he could no longer clear it unless he wore his glasses.He said that shortly after that event he began to have double vision even with glasses,at which point he returned to the optometrist,and was prescribed more prism.

Murky 09 Jun 2016, 17:27

Went to the supermarket, to buy for evening meal, and loitered in the fruit & veg section, where one can see all the new arrivals, and clear across the racks.

A 20s woman appeared, with gorgeous red flared round the temples spex, largish arms, about -2 to 3 . Watched her for a bit, she was one of those naturals, looked better in glasses, we used to try and find them when I was briefly working in Advertising, some years ago,as 1/3 of women wear glasses, then 1/3 of our ad actors should wear them, but they must not be a distraction from the product, and most ( all) models don't like modelling with glasses, so its rare to see one in an Ad.

Anyway, I walked up to her, and complimented her on the glasses, "Gee, thank you", she replied, and moved on.

Home via a bar and beer, and there, a 30s tall elegant woman, huge round black Tommy Hilfiger glasses, about -1, watched her for a bit,and an older bespectacled woman ( her mother) appeared, with green lucent acetate glasses,bifocals matching blouse, quite stunning,sat down THEN..both took off their glasses, and laid them on the table, mother was also also about -1, so both see better at close range bare eyed. I was going wild with joy at the next table. Waiting for one of them to return to the bar for a drink, then it happened, mother moved to the bar buy drinks. Looking over there I cooed, "lovely glasses, well done both of you". She picked hers up, put them on, " thanks" was all I got, and proceeded to ignore me.

Then, on the way to carpark, standing at the traffic lights, along came an 19-20 you, with gorgeous art noveau feathered brown half frames. nylon on the bottom, with wafer thin silver arms, rather oversize, stunning sighting, and low minus, less than one I estimate, probably mostly a fashion accessory..

Said I "I love those glasses".

Yours are pretty speccy too " she replied, the lights changed, off to the car.. what an encounter..Evening TV was rather dull after that

caroline 09 Jun 2016, 14:50

Soundman, here are my replies, with your questions, it would be nice if the forum allowed italics..

.. you didn't have any understanding exactly what you got added to your recent glasses when you got them.

That’s correct, I just went for my annual check ( free from my insurance),I usually buy my frames on the net, or quote the net price, and she matches it, and I get my new specs. I keep the prescription, so I can buy anything nice in the interim.

… didn't take the time to really explain what prisms actually are and how they effect your

No, you are correct, she just said, I think you will get some help from correction of your esophoria, to help your eye muscles. I had never noticed a problem with double vision, although I could drift my eyes apart, when reading, quite easily, then pull the images back together. I would get more troublesome when tired, late at night, but I thought that was normal with tiredness. I does not occur now, although I can still drift them apart ( probably because I have 8/20 corrected). That why I wondered about going for 20, if that was not leading to even more esophoria. She said, I will correct about half your esaphoria.

…….. It seems the first time you really noticed something different about your glasses was when you said you were driving and took them off.. I'm assuming you were maybe taking your glasses off to put on sunglasses?

I have photochromic tint, but it does not work behind the windscreen, so yes Soundman, I was going to put on my old sunglasses, and had no correction for about 15 seconds, till my eyes cam back together, with a little effort, as I had become used to having the prism. As S/M writes, all my lovely collection are obsolete now, over $6000 worth, but they can be reglazed, so will keep them, maybe start a museum, like crystal veil!

Something you probably often did with your previous glasses. But being able to see to drive without your glasses was something you never before had any problem with since your previous glasses were never stronger than +1.00. So your glasses then were more necessary for seeing up close than for seeing distances. When this happened I am thinking that your eyes were probably tired so by taking your glasses off they weren't able to auto focus as fast as they needed to.

Yes, exactly

That is why your vision was off and you were seeing double. When your eyes are more rested they still were able to auto focus pretty quickly but now the more your eye are adjusting to your glasses the harder it is for them to auto ficus anymore. I'm sure taking a shower, of course without your glasses, seeing 2 cakes of soap was something new for you?

Could see four feet as well! Quite alarming, and felt a little unsteady, as balance was affected, probably through altered reflex eye stabilisation, as occurs after a carnival wild ride, or a spin on the swings..

But i think from now on you can expect that more and more things your going to be seeing double without your glasses. And even with your glasses on when your eyes get relaxed you might be seeing double as well. That's clearly a sign that you need more prism added to your glasses, but you maybe able to hold off for a while or at least until it becomes a bigger problem to you.

Yes as I wrote, why not go for the lot,all 20, see better, be happier, and accept that glasses are there to help, as well as a fashion accessory!

Seeing a specialist is not a bad idea but they do cost more and really i doubt they will do anything different than Greta is already doing. Greta may not wear glasses (yet) but she seems like she is a smart cookie and knows her job very well.

Agreed, she made a diagnosis, worked out the solution, provided it to the patient, who took the medicine, evaluated it, it worked. That’s the hierarchical paradigm of health care we nurses use all the time,also called linear logic.

I'm glad to see others are starting to provide you with advice now as well.

It’s a fine thread, I am enjoying it, learning lots, and it helps to talk. I have only one daughter at home, and she is just not interested, and its not appropriate to discuss it at the hospital, so I like the forum. Maybe we should be on “Vision” I see there is prism discussion there too.

Soundmanpt 09 Jun 2016, 12:45


It seemed pretty clear to me when we first started chatting that you didn't have any understanding exactly what you got added to your recent glasses when you got them. I had a feeling that either the lovely Greta didn't take the time to really explain what prisms actually are and how they effect your vision or you weren't paying a lot of attention to what she was telling you and didn't ask any questions. Even though you've had your current glasses for a little over a month the prisms have only started to have an effect on your eyes in the past few weeks. It seems the first time you really noticed something different about your glasses was when you said you were driving and took them off. You said it was terrifying because your distance perception was gone and the road was double. I'm assuming you were maybe taking your glasses off to put on sunglasses? Something you probably often did with your previous glasses. But being able to see to drive without your glasses was something you never before had any problem with since your previous glasses were never stronger than +1.00. So your glasses then were more necessary for seeing up close than for seeing distances. When this happened I am thinking that your eyes were probably tired so by taking your glasses off they weren't able to auto focus as fast as they needed to. That is why your vision was off and you were seeing double. When your eyes are more rested they still were able to auto focus pretty quickly but now the more your eye are adjusting to your glasses the harder it is for them to auto ficus anymore. I'm sure taking a shower, of course without your glasses, seeing 2 cakes of soap was something new for you? But i think from now on you can expect that more and more things your going to be seeing double without your glasses. And even with your glasses on when your eyes get relaxed you might be seeing double as well. That's clearly a sign that you need more prism added to your glasses, but you maybe able to hold off for a while or at least until it becomes a bigger problem to you. Seeing a specialist is not a bad idea but they do cost more and really i doubt they will do anything different than Greta is already doing. Greta may not wear glasses (yet) but she seems like she is a smart cookie and knows her job very well. Like you stated as soon as you first put on your current glasses your vision was very good instantly so she put you in glasses that were perfect for your eyes or you wouldn't have been able to see so well. Now that your going to be wearing glasses with prisms in them one thing you need to do for sure is be sure to keep any of the glasses that have prism correction in them separate from all your previous glasses that don't have the prisms in them. That's just in case either of your daughters would maybe decide to accept your offer of having any of your previous glasses. You don't want them to happen to like the way a pair of your prism glasses happens too look on them and choose those glasses to wear. The prisms would very quickly ruin their eyes and they would be seeing double like you without glasses. All your previous glasses you can sell or give away as they won't do any harm to anyone's eyes.

I'm glad to see others are starting to provide you with advice now as well.

Brian 09 Jun 2016, 11:44

Caroline, I usually don't close one eye to see with my specs off, I hardly ever have them off aside from showering or sleeping and I could generally manage in the shower, even if I'm seeing double. My optometrist did mention something about vision therapy as well, but she said at my stage, it would more likely be done to make my prism correction more stable. At the range I'm at, she didn't seem overly confident that eye exercises would eliminate my need for prisms. If you have any other questions let me know.

Likelenses 08 Jun 2016, 23:30


Your condition may not be due to weak muscles.

It could be that some are too strong,or even a combination of some too weak,and others too strong.

caroline 08 Jun 2016, 21:07

Yes Brian, interesting stuff, and do you also close one eye sans specs, I am not at that stage yet, but under the shower last night, I had two cakes of soap!

If we think about it, when one goes to the doc with a weak muscles, you usually an exercise program, not a pair of crutches! If the exercises don't help then maybe so crutches, or an operation? I am an ED nurse, so know a few things here.

So if eye muscles are weak, which is why we strain to keep images together, then vigorous eye exercises are maybe a better way to in the long term.

I find the prism so satisfying, at the cinema last night, for the first time post prisms its a pleasure to look thru them, and the world is just a better place to see. But I have 40 + years to live, and from the anecdotes here, I don't think the axes will stabilise, and we may just chase the tail.

I am thinking of getting an opinion from an ophthalmologist, or maybe an orthoptist, as they specialise in the mechanics of seeing.

So pleased that I came onto this site, with such supportive people.

Brian 08 Jun 2016, 12:33

Caroline, I started at 2D Base In Prism in each eye back in 2010.. I had slowly increased to 5D Base In by 2013, thought it had stablized, but when I went back this spring, I saw another increase and am now at 6D Base In in each eye, so I have 12 total prisms. The doctor for the 1st time this year, told me if it continues to increase I might want to consider surgery. Like others, I am now completely dependent on the glasses to not have double vision.

Carrie 08 Jun 2016, 10:21

Another beautiful day here in the UK (well it is where I live anyway). Some of my regular customers have come in to the shop wearing prescription sunglasses during the sunny weather. Some I know to be full time or part time regular wearers but some I have never seen wearing glasses before. There's 3 or 4 with mild/weak minus lenses and a couple of low plusses. One of the plus wearers I didn't know wore glasses is a quite attractive late 20s early 30s woman - one of the yummy mummys - so to see her in some prescription sunglasses was very nice and left me hoping she would come in wearing her regular glasses sometime.

Edmund 07 Jun 2016, 08:23


I have 8 BI prism per eye for the last 6 years. I started at 2 BI per eye 10 years ago, and over 4 years it increased to the current 8 BI.

I find it impossible to be without glasses. I also find that when I do have my glasses off, I involuntarily close my right eye to stop the double vision.

caroline 06 Jun 2016, 21:26


No no one noticed, but from my reading, 1 D of prism is less than a degree ( 1 cm @ 1 metre) and even 4 d would be hard to see.

Frankly I was so concerned, that I left the party, and called my daughter for the lift. Told her I was a bit too drunk to drive.

caroline 06 Jun 2016, 21:17

Thanks Soundman,

That correspondence twixt Jan, Kris, and Frank, with CJ moderating in 2015 is most useful, and describes much of what I am experiencing now. "There is no going back" as they say, but the issue of long term stabilisation at 10 years is not discussed.

I am scanning the airports and supermarkets for people with high prism, comparing the Rx with lens thickness to try and detect it. Have not seen any in 3 days. Will be hard to spot, but a few family have commented on how thick my lens is, but its on the medial side, so can only be seen when I take my spex off, shower and bedside.

I now better understanding my Zing, its that the eyes are relaxed when looking, rather than working to keep images together.

I think my ECP was pretty canny to detect it, prescribe, and the proof was that I walked into the first prismatic correction ( at total 8) a month ago, and have not looked back. Can only get 5 a side from an internet optical store I read, why?

My mild intoxication was a shock, with diplopia after 5 drinks, but the safe level for women is 2 drinks a day, and will keep it to that in future. Otherwise will need to carry an eyepatch to parties,as Caroline the pirate!

Are Jan, Kris, or Frank reading this? Hows prismatic vision a year later?

That link to the prism calculator has been taken down.

Soundmanpt 06 Jun 2016, 16:05


I have no doubt that without your glasses your distant vision isn't nearly as bad as Gemma. Of course that's mostly because your need for glasses is completely different than Gemma's. But your still able to enjoy the fact that you can't see nearly as well as you can with your glasses. What I am trying to say is before you started wearing glasses you never got to enjoy seeing things out of focus. You only saw the world one way perfectly clear. Now you get the the option whenever you want by simply removing your glasses you get to see the world differently and Gemma even more so. Too many people just think that the only purpose of getting glasses I to see everything perfect which they do, but they also provide the opportunity to see things in a different way as well by simply taking them off. of course most people will just say they are resting their eyes when they take off their glasses, but I am sure more than one actually enjoys seeing things out of focus and blurry? You may have put it best when you said that "you love wearing glasses, but you also love needing them." Your probably by far not the only one that even likes taking your glasses off to clean them even if they don't need cleaning. Rubbing the lenses with a cloth between your fingers and feeling the thickness of your lenses and remembering how your first lenses were almost paper thin. I'm sure that is a turn on for you as well. You have to wonder if some of your work colleagues don't feel much the same way but don't want to tell anyone how they feel. You have to know that your friend Vicky without any doubt has to feel the way as you do. If anything she is more obsessed than you are about her glasses.

Carrie 06 Jun 2016, 10:46

Soundmanpt - I can see without glasses. Everything is slightly out of focus so I could probably tell what sort of bird it was if it was on the grass not too far away. You're right about Gemma, birds in the garden are just blobs of different colour without her glasses on.

Yes I love wearing glasses but I also love needing them. I love how what I'm looking at sort of jumps when I take my glasses off and when I put them on again and how things go from slightly fuzzy or very fuzzy, depending how close the object is, to clear. I like feeling the thickness of my lenses when I clean them (not very thick I know but thicker than my first glasses.) I also like holding my glasses at arms length and seeing how my lenses magnify things. All these things do get me turned on a bit and I'm sure several other Eyescene users also get turned on by their own glasses too. I think it increases my enjoyment of sex because often I'm already buzzing with sexual energy by the time I'm in bed with Gemma if I've been thinking about glasses and then seeing her just drives me wild. My sex life would be more than satisfactory if I wasn't turned on by glasses.

Sorry if anyone finds that inappropriate but to be fair I wasn't graphic and we're all adults.

Soundmanpt 06 Jun 2016, 08:21


Oh okay I didn't realize when you were talking about 20 units you were adding them together. So she is thinking your likely to soon be needing 10 units per eye for your prisms. Very interesting what happened to you at the party. If your eyes started seeing double even with your glasses on the drinks no doubt relaxed you as well as your eyes which means that even with your glasses your now still needing do a little extra work in fusing your eyes so you don't see double. So your probably going to start to notice that anytime you allow your eyes to relax your going to see double. This isn't what you want o hear but your probably going to be needing to see Great much sooner than a year. I can tell you that this is really very normal and that was why I asked you when you were to return to get your eyes examined again. You were interested in chatting with others that have prisms in here. I remembered a short while ago a young lady in here that like you was just getting started with having prisms added to her glasses. Her prescription is only slightly stronger than yours but she does have an add (bifocals) which you don't have in your glasses. unlike you she preferred to wear contacts because she is quite athletic and enjoys playing many sports. So the she wasn't happy finding out that she wouldn't be able to wear contacts anymore and have to deal with glasses for sports. Anyway I went back and found her comments and her experiences are much the same as your just starting to go through. Her name is Kris and if you go back in the "Vision" thread you will find where she first came in on March 14 2015 14:26 her glasses prescription at that time was R +1.75 -.50 / L +1.00 with an add of +2.25. She was first told she might need prisms because she was getting eye fatigue and headaches. reading on she was first prescribed with 2 BO each eye. Like you at first she was still able to wear her contacts but her glasses with the prisms soon became more comfortable for her eyes. Be sure to read her comment on October 3 2015 12:21 she has some things that should interest you in there. There are many more comments from her which you can follow from then on. One thing she says is that even with her glasses on she started to notice that anytime she relaxed her eyes she would see double. Pretty much the same thing that happened to you at the party. I'm sure this all must be a little scary for you. Over the past 24 years you have clearly enjoyed wearing your glasses much more than you ever really needed to wear glasses. You still knew that if you were to ever lose or break your glasses you could easily still see well enough to drive home without glasses. Double vision is going to prevent you from ever being able to drive without your glasses again. I would suggest hat for the time being you pay close attention to see if you find it increasingly difficult to hold fusion before you call about your eyes. You might want to check where you bought your glasses from because many if not most optical shops will remake your lenses if there is any change in your prescription within a certain time frame. For many that is 90 days.

Was your daughter surprised when she had to pick you up from the party because you couldn't see to drive even though you had your glasses on?

rafa 06 Jun 2016, 05:36

I went to a restaurant/bar the other day for lunch work meeting. I arrived slightly early, as I usually do.

I sat at an empty table and waited for the person I was to meet.

And sitting at the next table to my right was this beautiful GWG in another lunch work meeting. She was in her late thirties, early forties, about minus 4 or 5 and wearing these really large, vintage, square frames, very original frames that really made her look stunning and showed a lot of personality. She was talking non-stop to what was obviously her workmate, really concentrated on her work, very assertive.

I couldn't keep my eyes from her and was really hoping that the person I was to meet would arrive as late as possible.

I tried to be discreet so she would not notice me.

And I did something I had never done before. I pulled out my smart phone and, pretending that I was looking at it, took a few photos of her for posterity. I knew I was never going to see her again, since I rarely go there. And she wasn't alone, so I couldn't approach her and say something to her. So I had to do something...

She did not notice me at all, as she was so engrossed in her work meeting.

Was I wrong in "stealing" some photos of her?

Likelenses 06 Jun 2016, 00:06


Interesting that you were seeing double after a few drinks.

Did any of your friends say that you looked cross-eyed?

Caroline 05 Jun 2016, 22:58

No you did not say 20 units, that is what she measured with the frame,looking an eye at a time, and telling her where the arrow is, it was on 10 with each eye. SHe said that they like to correct about half , or the minimum acceptable, hence starting me on 8 (4@4) for the first year, and retest. she said I could call anytime, I have paid them thousands over my spectacular 24 years! see how it goes.

I went to a party, and had about 5 drinks last Saturday, a lot for me, but it was a special girls night out, and at midnight, I was seeing double! Fortunately had left the car, and picked up by younge gaughter!

interesting point about an 0.25 d increase being an incremental 25%, a sizeable increase, but the smallest measurable.

I note some insurers won't pay for glasses less than 1 d (mine does) or increments less than 0.5. Seems a bit churlish.

No one else has come online with a prism correction, is it unusual?

Soundmanpt 05 Jun 2016, 18:27


I figured that you probably didn't meet up or you would have provided an update about Vicky and her new glasses. I'm pretty sure when you ladies all get together again Vicky will be more than happy to tell more about how her eyes are reacting to her glasses and if she noticed much of a difference now that she has her own glasses.

Actually I get it that Gemma and you enjoy laying out in the sun with your glasses off listening to the birds sing. Without glasses yoiur sure to notice the singing of the birds more sense your sense of vision is somewhat limited. More so for Gemma since i'm sure she can only see a few feet clearly without her glasses. With some squinting and straining you can probably still make out slightly blurry image of a bird. Don't you enjoy seeing things slightly out of focus and blurry when you take off your glasses. Yes of course you love wearing your glasses and seeing everything nice and clear but the whole idea of wearing glasses is how different everything looks without your glasses. I'm sure you almost enjoy that as much as you enjoy wearing your glasses. Anyone that has perfect eyesight only gets to see things one way. You get to see things in different ways by just removing your glasses. If you were to sit and have a nice long chat with Vicky I bet she would tell you that she not only loves wearing her glasses but she too probably enjoys the fact that now without her glasses she doesn't see things clearly like she did when she still had her perfect vision. Yesterday I was researching something and had to back in some of the threads looking for it and never did find what I was looking for. But I came across some of the early posts from you when Vicky had just started wearing Danielle's glasses the first time and she had to constantly take them off because she couldn't see anything at a distance with them and they even gave her headaches from trying to wear them. It was back in 2014. Finally Danielle sat down with her and together they ordered her some glasses on line with +.50 lenses and they were better but still not perfect at first but she was able to see distance somewhat better with them and slowly her eyes adjusted to them. Seemed strange re reading those comments form you about her struggles trying to wear glasses.

Carrie 05 Jun 2016, 14:55

Hi Soundmanpt

No, didn't meet up with Danielle and Vicky this weekend apart from a quick "Hi" to them as we passed the coffee shop but we didn't have time to stop, sadly. Big family get together on Saturday evening so we had to rush to do the shopping we wanted to do during Saturday daytime.

Since being with Gemma one of our favourite ways to relax on warm spring and summer days is to lie in our little garden without glasses or prescription sunglasses on and just listen to the birds singing. Simply wonderful. Gemma says taking her glasses off helps her to concentrate on the birdsong because everything is in various states of being out of focus if she opens her eyes. My distance vision is much better than Gemma's but it is nice to have nothing on my face sometimes even though I like the feeling of glasses on my face. If we are feeling brave and it's warm enough it won't just be our glasses that come off!😉 Being in England that doesn't happen very often!😀 Today was a day for summer clothes and no glasses.

Does anyone else like to relax in their garden without glasses?

Maxim 05 Jun 2016, 14:02

I can't find this nice story from a sunday on the flea market somewhere in the U.S. from two or three weeks ago. There was a 'GWG spotter' (like train spotter, plane spotter etc.) telling us his sightings of that day.

I had a comparable experience today (Sunday late afternoon - early evening in our little town).

All this took place at the outside chair of an Italian 'Gelateria' (Ice Café) on the market place of our town. I was more concentrated on my family, but I couldn't help seeing two interesting things:

1. A young couple - I presume, just new acquaintances, these are rituals of the first two weeks: she had really nice Wayfarers with an estimated -4.00 on both eyes. I am sure, he asked her, and she asked herself ... how well she could see: glasess up (5 seconds), glasses down again (5 sec.), glasses up ... . ... how well she could see with and without her glasses. He seemed not to wear glasses (zero sunglasses obviously) and seemed curious about these questions (seemed not be be an OO), and this was a nice conversation topic for them. (I am sure, he will soon go for an eye exam for reasons of 'solidarity'). They sat relatively far away, and I could not hear any word of their conversation, but I could READ the conversation like a 'pantomime play', when you know what I mean.

2. Nearly immediate neighbours was a very young couple as well. I knew the girl from seeing her, in ahop, in school, or from certain public events. She was at an estimated 20-25 yrs of age, more 20 (between my youngest daughter 17 and one of my daughters in law 27). I don't want to be unpolite or uncorrect. But what surprised me: in her very elegant designer frame (could be at 100, or at 300 Euros) I could - without any doubt - identify the typical deflection structures of varifocal lenses, very thin high index AR etc., with obviously less than -1.00 or even zero in the distance section, and a very low plus prescription in the continous zone and then reading section.

I was really surprised, I have heard and read, that US, Japan and Korean optometrists are prescribing reading sections to very young people or even kids, but I have never heard of that in Europe! It helps - most the optometrist going away with an estimated 600-900 Euros instead of 100-250 only. But I can imagine, that bi- or varifocals are great f. smartphone

Traveler 05 Jun 2016, 12:49

Another great sighting tonight.

I was about half way thru my starter when the waiter came over and asked if I would mind sharing my table as they had a big party booking. He was indicating a twenty something lady who had her face turned away so I said Sure.

Je motioned her over and she was beautiful with long dark hair and a significant plus prescription in a slightly oversized dark plastic frame. She was European with not much English unfortunately but she really brightened up my meal with views of her beautiful dark eyes magnified behind the glints and gleams of her stong glasses.

Traveler 05 Jun 2016, 12:41

Sunday breakfast at hotels is a great place to see lots of gwg. Today was particularly special as I could count 11 at one stage. All minus, no readers at all.

Some significant prescriptions. One clise to double figures, drill mount with half inch polished edges and loads of power rings highlighting tiny eyes at the table 6 feet away. A Japanese family with mother and beautiful 16 yr old daughter wearing similar black eliptical frames with at least -8.Two upper teen sisters with the standard oversized lenses with a lot of power rings and cut in.

A great mornk g.

Soundmanpt 05 Jun 2016, 10:18


Since you didn't post any comment I must assume that you and Gemma didn't meet up with Danielle and Vicky over the weekend. Just curious about any updates now that Vicky has her own glasses to wear. The last update was when all 4 of you met up and Vicky had gotten her glasses earlier that same day. She said that she could see really clearly with her new glasses. But now that she has been wearing her glasses for over a week and her eyes should be adjusted to them by now i wonder if she notices any differences between Danielle's glasses which had been wearing for close a year and her own glasses which has some slight differences in the prescriptions. Even though her prescription is slightly weaker than Danielle's glasses the fact that her glasses has astigmatism correction should actually make her eyesight slightly clearer wearing her own glasses. I wonder if things look slightly more blurry to her now when she takes her glasses off than before? Having astigmatism correction in her glasses now probably means she can't focus as well without her glasses. That is likely a bigger difference for her than not having the extra +.25 in her glasses like she had with Danielle's glasses. Simply put her eyes didn't need the extra +.25 SPH but they do need the -.25 of CYL she now has. Since her glasses are considerably weaker than your glasses she is more likely to notice the astigmatism than you did. I'm sure Vicky is still very excited because she is finally wearing her own glasses prescribed for her eyes and her eyes only. Like you said this has to the justification she wanted.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

 04 Jun 2016, 14:58

Likeliness: You need to tell her about your affair with JUNE....

Soundmanpt 04 Jun 2016, 08:36


Prisms is referred to as units not diopters. As you may have noticed unlike your SPH and CYL which always has a + or - in front of the numbers prisms is just a number. That is because prisms is just the angle of your lenses in the way your eyes are seeing through your lenses. If you look closely at your previous glasses and compare the lenses you should notice that the glasses with the prisms lenses are slightly different than your previous glasses lenses. When you were talking with Greta about your eyes and the prisms did she say that she plans on increasing the prisms to around 10 in each lens? Personally if you weren't told to come back for 12 months she must not expect you to have any problem with your eyes with just the 4 base in. You will be the one that will determine if you need to go back sooner. If after a few months you start to find that even with your glasses on your having to force your eyes to not see double. If that happens then you will need to go and get more prisms added to your glasses. Considering that you have already had your glasses for over a month and with a little effort your still able to wear your previous glasses without a problem. Even better since you did get a small increase in your SPH from +1.00 to +1.25. Yes that isn't much of a change but it is considering your prescription is really quite weak to begin with. For someone that is +3.50 and they go up to +3.75 for them that is hardly noticeable. So fro them it is like a 3% increase, for you it's more like a 30% increase. It's nice that you can still see so well with your first +.50 glasses, but if you were to try reading a book for several hours wearing them I have a feeling your eyes would soon give out on you. I know this because I wear readers myself and my readers are considerably stronger than your glasses are and I can still read small print without my glasses, that is as long as i'm in good light and i'm not going to be reading for a long time. and my eyes are much older than your eyes are since next month I will be 68.

It would be a good idea to get a backup pair because at some point the double vision isn't going to go away anymore and all your previous glasses will just be for looks on shelf. But since there could be a change needed in your glasses after only a few months or you may be fine for a full year I would suggest go on line to get a backup pair. Zenni optical makes glasses with prisms up to 5 units. So perfect for you. I think they only add $9.00 for the prisms which i'm sure is much cheaper than your local optical shop. So you should be able to get a pair of really nice glasses for less than $30.00. I wouldn't change anything from your actual prescription. I'm not sure where you saw me say anything about getting 20 units of prisms? I know it wasn't me. Until now I didn't even know how much prism you were given. I had only said that it is common that they start you out with less and then increase it after your eyes adjust.

Likelenses 03 Jun 2016, 22:09

Cheryl,and I have a great relationship,and she fully understands me. But she sometimes gets annoyed,and has a wicked sense of humor,and clever ways of getting even.

I should have seen that one coming,but she completely caught me off guard.

I told her later that the downside of her joke was that I missed seeing her lovely face across the table,and could only discern the reflections off of her fantastic plano front lenses.

She as all women do, love compliments,but she ask if that was supposed to be a compliment.She knew it was,as she knows how sexy I find her in her glasses,but she just wanted me to say so.Which of course I did.

caroline 03 Jun 2016, 22:09

Thanks Soundman(pt) .

She gave me 4 ( what units are they dioptres too?) each side, base in, as you correctly surmised. 10 a side may be what she has planned when I have adjusted.

My insurance only pays one visit a year, so am seeing her in a 12month.

I can call anytime, but its $75 a consult.

The prescription for 1.25 was changed from previous 1.0, hardly a noticeable difference.

When I go back through the old pairs, from 0.5 to 1.25, there is hardly any difference in the seeing, which I would expect at 44. I can still wear the old first Rodenstock drop temples, at 0.5 each side, and see perfectly well. Except the prism which I now enjoy helps. No double vision with the old pairs yet, maybe coming. I can relax my eyes and drift the images apart quite easiy though,in old spex so its coming to me.

When getting new glasses, frames is the thrill, and the prescription change is just part of the fun.

It occurred to, re reading your post, that if my double vision becomes permanent, then I shall urgently need a backup pair ( oh goody) as to lose or damage them would mean wearing an eyepatch! That would look great at work. Make putting in IVs challenging too,let alone placing and cutting sutures with one eye.

But then, maybe I could get them with 20 prism, as you suggest, as these comfy yellow/gold Guccis may be a temporary, till next year.

As I know the prescription, could get them via internet for much less than retail.

I am listed for a sunday night shift in 3 weeks time, it pays double, so 500 dollars will drop into my account, and I may buy those lovely French acetate Harylary frames I noted in post 29/5 at 23.19 .Stylish ++ and with 20 prism?

 03 Jun 2016, 18:32

Likeliness: You need to tell her about your affair with JUNE....

Carrie 03 Jun 2016, 14:25

Poor Likelenses! At least your lady wasn't that cross with you and you both had a laugh about it later. I try to be descreet but I will get jabbed in the ribs by Gemma if she catches me checking out other women too much. I sometimes deliberately get caught checking out non glasses wearing women to balance out any time I get caught checking out a gwg.

Soundmanpt 03 Jun 2016, 06:55


Did you consider breaking up with her for doing that? That was was not very nice of her to take your glasses so you weren't able to enjoy the view. Doesn't she have a policy of "you can look but don't touch?" You may need to work on that with her.

rafa 03 Jun 2016, 04:43


Great story!

I guess we normally are less discreet than we think we are when we glance at GWG's!

Likelenses 02 Jun 2016, 20:45

Yesterday evening since it was so hot,Cheryl,and I decided we would eat out at a family restaurant that has a great salad bar.

The hostess seated us right next to the salad bar.

There were several girls coming to get things on the salad bar,and they all had nice figures,and were wearing short shorts. Three of them had moderate minus glasses,so I was enjoying the scenery,which I thought that I was doing discretely.

Cheryl said to me very casually let me see your glasses,for a second.I thought that she had noticed something wrong with them,or that they were smudged,so I handed them over to her.She then said," If you can't keep your eyes off of those girls,then I will hold on to these until we finish eating."

Consequently I spent the rest of our meal eating in a blur,while my glasses rested in her shirt pocket.

She gave them back so that I could drive us back home,and we both had a laugh over this event.

Soundmanpt 02 Jun 2016, 09:48


Thanks for your replies. If at any point you feel as if I am asking too many questions please say so. You seem like your very open about talking about your glasses, eyesight and prisms. The fact that as soon as you put your new glasses you were able to see so right away means that Greta must be perfect with the exact prescription that works best for your eyes. The fact that she is the youngest doctor at the clinic bother you in anyway? Interesting that you mentioned that she wasn't wearing glasses. If you would have gone in and had the choice between a doctor that was wearing glasses or one not wearing glasses which would you have chosen to go to? I'm betting you have gone to the one wearing glasses and that would be the same decision many would make. Of course it is very possible that Greta maybe wears contacts or she only need her glasses for seeing at a distance, but at some point she will find that she will be more trusted if she is wearing glasses. This is much the same with opticians as well. When a patient comes in they almost always head to the optician wearing glasses rather than one not wearing glasses. Also I see that I made a mistake when I suggested that the axis being off could have caused your eyes to pull apart. What I was meaning to say was a wrong PD. If your PD is say 60 and someone made a mistake and made your glasses for a PD of 68 that would be forcing your eyes outward. But for that there is no way you can look at your previous glasses to see that. That goes along with why I was asking if there was any one pair of glasses that when you wore them you just happened to get headaches more often? Besides getting the prisms correction did you need any increase in your glasses for reading or distance? I ask this because if the only change was the prism part then that was what gave your vision "Zing" But if your glasses also went from say +1.00 to +1.25 that would also be a reason you could see so well. You have only had your glasses for about a month, but with each passing day now when you take your glasses off it is taking a little longer each time for the double vision to go away? Of course when your sleeping your eyes have 8 hours or more to recover from the effects of your glasses. That's because when your asleep your eyes are completely relaxed an your eyes aren't seeing anything. In time even 8 hours of sleep won't stop you from waking up to double vision. If your eyes are slowly going apart they won't look cross-eyed when you take your glasses off and might not even be noticeable to others. Did Greta say when she wants to see you again? I would think they would want to do a follow up to see how your doing in about 3 months or so. I assume you got "base in" prisms? Do you know what the number is? maybe a 3 or 5? they generally start you off with something a little less than what you will really need so your eyes can get used to it. Then when you come back they will increase it to what you really need. Now it could be almost hardly anything or double what you have now. You mentioned about maybe getting a second opinion from an ophthalmologist, but really I think that would be a waste of money. The fact that as soon as you put your new glasses on and could see so well and you haven't had any problems seeing with your glasses at all suggests to me that Greta was dead on in her prescription for your eyes.Now if your glasses didn't feel right and your vision was off then maybe you might want a second opinion. Next time you see Greta you might want to suggest to her that she should consider getting some glasses to wear so her patients will trust her more. Oh and as far as others maybe being bored or uninterested in our comments, the fact that both of show our names anyone that isn't wanting to read them can easily skip right past them.

caroline 01 Jun 2016, 19:13

Replies are in your text, thanks Soundman

caroline 01 Jun 2016, 19:12

. I assume that this is the same doctor you have been getting your eyes examined by over the past few years or more so i'm sure you trust her with your eyes.

It’s the same clinic, she is new and by far the youngest there

Greta smile, and does not wear glasses .

It is hard to say what has caused your eyes to suddenly need prism correction after wearing glasses for 20 years.

It could be that a pair of your glasses was made with an incorrect axis which could have been forcing your eyes apart?

That is an interesting suggestion, Soundman, so I took them all out, and looked through the lenses, as one can see the prism effect by the displacement of the image. None of the glasses are anything but correct prescription.

. Is there any one pair of your glasses that tends to give you headaches or don't feel comfortable to your eyes when you wear them?


And of course it could be something totally different. When you got your glasses with the prism correction how long did it take for your eyes to adjust to them and feel completely comfortable wearing them?

No time at all, it took a week for ther glasses to be made up, I put them on in the clinic, and presto, things looked good. I walked out into the street, and that indefinable feeling, that my vision had Zing

When did you get your glasses that your wearing now?

A month ago

I have a feeling very recently because your eyes are still not completely adjusted to them if when you wake up you don't see double yet. But once you put your glasses on you are able to see perfectly, but after only wearing them for a few minutes if you take them off your eyes are seeing double and it isn't easy to bring things back together as one without your glasses. But you can expect that it won't be long until you wake up seeing double and anytime you take your glasses the double vision will remain.

And that is what I wonder about, having my brain tell my eyes that they have a new track, and the drift out getting worse with age, ending up looking cross eyed, something to talk to her about next visit perhaps, or maybe get a second opinion from an ophthalmologist ( they are fearfully expensive)

Once you get the rest of your full prescription

are you suggesting it might be good to ask her for the full 20 correction?Wow, that really would put a king into my vision.

The article talks about half correcting it .

Good to write about it, Soundman, thanks, hope we are not boring all the lurkers.

Does anyone else out there have prism correction, and want to give me their opinion, and some tips please.

Mr Cockeyed 01 Jun 2016, 15:30

Schlockhouses Schlockmills are all inferior cheap optical houses. I actually first started in a schlockmill. Yes it's Yiddish, and most of the old timers spoke Yiddish. A very bye gone era. Some of the old frame vendors actually spoke Yiddish

 01 Jun 2016, 12:44

So that makes you a schlockmeister!

Shlock man 01 Jun 2016, 09:48

I sell shlock glasses from China, with crappy lenses.

Soundmanpt 01 Jun 2016, 09:16


Yes I agree that prisms are complicated that was why I used the comparison of your car and how the wheels can go out of alignment to keep it simple. I assume that this is the same doctor you have been getting your eyes examined by over the past few years or more so i'm sure you trust her with your eyes. It is hard to say what has caused your eyes to suddenly need prism correction after wearing glasses for 20 years. It could be that a pair of your glasses was made with an incorrect axis which could have been forcing your eyes apart? But I would think that wearing those glasses would have been somewhat uncomfortable and even give you a headache from wearing them. Is there any one pair of your glasses that tends to give you headaches or don't feel comfortable to your eyes when you wear them? And of course it could be something totally different. When you got your glasses with the prism correction how long did it take for your eyes to adjust to them and feel completely comfortable wearing them? When did you get your glasses that your wearing now? I have a feeling very recently because your eyes are still not completely adjusted to them if when you wake up you don't see double yet. But once you put your glasses on you are able to see perfectly, but after only wearing them for a few minutes if you take them off your eyes are seeing double and it isn't easy to bring things back together as one without your glasses. But you can expect that it won't be long until you wake up seeing double and anytime you take your glasses the double vision will remain. I'm sure this is something new for you since you have always enjoyed good eyesight without your glasses even though you love wearing your glasses and wear them most all the time anyway. Once you get the rest of your full prescription and your eyes get back to being stable again you can always have the lenses changed in some of your favorite glasses. Otherwise I have to think that there are at least several that your daughters might like to wear. Look at it this way getting them to go and get their eyes examined and take time to pick out glasses is one thing, but if they can simply go through your glasses collection and pick out glasses without any hassle I think they might be inclined to pick out a couple each. Then once they have glasses even though they don't feel like they really need them yet they might just start testing the waters if they like the glasses they pick out. Remember the more handy the glasses are the better the odds of them wearing them. Then all it will take is for some nice comments about their glasses from friends and even better if a bf were to tell them how nice they look wearing glasses. Funny how fast that would change their attitude towards wearing glasses.

Likelenses 31 May 2016, 20:02


Ha, I got a kick out of your comment about being cross eyed in your eighties.

Women that are a bit cross eyed are quite sexy!

caroline 31 May 2016, 19:22

Soundman, I found this link, which explains a lot. Prism is quite complicated, it seems , and it seems she was correct, to put half correction,as she had me walk around the clinic with the trial lenses, and see how I felt.

From what I read here, without symptoms of eyestrain, and have it discovered on test, I should maybe not need a prism correction, yet she explained that my eye axes were straining apart, and the prism would help. It does, but it locks me into prisms forever,already, I find that I wakeup with single vision, spex on, and instant correction, and within a few minutes, double vision if I remove them, taking a real effort to get the images back together. As you note, my gorgeous 31 pair collection becomes redundant, yet being top end, maybe my daughters can cherry pick the collection, or I can start a studio like crystal veil.

So thanks for your patient explanation. That anon post about the checkout girl reminds me my own experience, "you can lead a filly to water, but you can't make her drink" . In my opinion, she looked better with glasses than without, they created a focus of interest!

astigmaphile 31 May 2016, 17:33

Schlock is indeed Yiddish and means inferior goods. I love Yiddish. It is so expressive.

Soundmanpt 31 May 2016, 16:29

It's really a shame that this forum isn't fixed so other people can't assume someone else's name. Maybe someday it can fixed and that will stop those fools with more time than sense.

Cactus Jack 31 May 2016, 12:29

I also found "schlock" in a printed Webster's New World Dictionary, Second College Edition, from 1982 (remember those). It gave a similar definition and indicated that it was derived from Yiddish.


Cactus Jack 31 May 2016, 12:20

Definition of schlock as found in the Dictionary included on my iMAC.

schlock -SHläk- (also shlock)

nounN. Amer. informal

cheap or inferior goods or material; trash: they peddle their schlock to willing tourists - [ as modifier ] : schlock journalism.

Perhaps the poster meant "schlock [optical] chain [store] as a derogatory term..

Soundmanpt 31 May 2016, 10:40

I am just kidding of course. That comment was from me. I forgot to add my name.

Soundmanpt 31 May 2016, 10:04

That last comment wasn't from me. i know exactly what you mean.

 31 May 2016, 09:54

Couldn't find sclock chains or schlock chains anywhere on the interwebz. no such phrase. no such definition. personally i think you made the phrase up in your pretty little head.

Soundmanpt 31 May 2016, 09:18


May I ask how long you have had your glasses with the prism correction in them? I assume for sometime before you got your current glasses your glasses only had the +1.25 prescription in both eyes? Not many changes in your prescription in the 20 years you have been wearing glasses. Your certainly proof for those that think wearing glasses will cause your eyes to constantly worsen. So when you went for your recent eye exam were you experiencing any vision problems or was it just an annual eye exam checkup? Were you surprised to find out that you needed prisms? I'm not sure how much your optometrist explained to you about prisms but it is a little different than just needing a small increase in your prescription which you hardly ever was told. Prisms are in a way very much like a car when it needs a wheel alignment done. When you have a car at some point after hitting a few potholes your wheels are no longer going straight down the road. One wheel maybe going out to the left a bit and the other off to the right. Driving like this is putting a strain on your tires and and it can make driving the car a little more difficult as well. So you have to take your car in and get the wheels aligned. This is the same thing with your eyes. Who knows why or how but your eyes have slowly become out of alignment. So this means your eyes aren't able to converge very well anymore so your constantly straining your eyes trying you make your eye converge in order for you to see properly. With the prisms in your lenses your glasses will not only be helping you see like they have been but now they are also pulling your eyes so they converge now as well. So even though you were still seeing okay with your glasses before you got the prism correction added now like you say your seeing in HD. So even though you probably didn't need any other change in hour glasses your seeing somewhat better now with the prism correction added. But as your finding out as soon as you take off your glasses your eyes quickly go back out of alignment and your seeing everything double for a few minutes but your still able to strain your eyes enough to bring everything together again so the double vision goes away. But the reason you see double at first is because your eyes have gotten relaxed with your glasses correcting the alignment issue. So when you first take your glasses off your eyes aren't converged. After a while when you take off your glasses the double vision isn't going to go away anymore. You clearly love wearing your glasses even though you could actually see quite well without them and really only needed them to help you see small print. But I think you also liked the fact that you could still see so well without glasses if you wanted to. Now i'm afraid with the double vision your sure to have your not going to be able to see well enough to go without your glasses anymore. You mentioned that a few weeks ago while you were driving you took your glasses off and it terrified you because your depth perception was gone and the road was double. You said that you didn't give your brain / eyes time to adjust. You said that your distance vision is still quite good without your glasses so I assume this wasn't the first time you took your glasses off while driving? But this time you weren't able to see well enough to drive. No doubt the prisms was why the road was double but did that also effect your ability to see distance as well? Oh and it's a good thing that you don't have any use for contact lenses because prisms can't be corrected with contact lenses. So you have only got half of what you need for your full prism correction? When are you go for the remainder?

As for as your daughters maybe needing prisms, it is possible but the only way to find out is for them to be tested. Since neither pf them seem to excited about the idea of wearing glasses I think just getting them to get their eyes examined probably isn't easy. But when they tried you glasses they probably didn't have them on long enough for their eyes to even notice the prisms. One thing you may find interesting is that if you were to ever loan your glasses to a friend to wear the +1.25 prescription wouldn't have any permanent effect on their eyes but the prism would likely cause them to need prism correction after only wearing your glasses for about a week or so. Those 30 pairs of glasses you have collected over the years are soon going to be useless to you unless you get the lenses updated with your prism correction. But hang on to them in case eithr or both of your daughters would suddenly decide that wearing glasses is "cool" Most of your glasses should be very close to what they already should be wearing.

Mr Cockeyed 31 May 2016, 08:06

Schlock chains are cheap optical stores, but in reality when you get out of there, you have paid lots of money

 31 May 2016, 07:48

"sclock chains???"

Soundmanpt 31 May 2016, 07:21

Mr. Cockeyed

Were both on the same page really. Yes I guess I should have pointed out that the salespeople and optician's will always try and sell every option possible such as transitions and the best coatings and so on, however I think most may show the more expensive glasses but they also know it is always best ot let the customer/ patient choose the frame. Most don't give much oif any commission on the actual sale of the frame.

Mr Cockeyed 31 May 2016, 07:08


I must totally agree with you, that optometrists usually just write a rx, but a lot of sclock chains push their sales people to sell high end items, and the salesperson usually gets good commissions. I know this is true, because I was a lab technician before retiring, and when the staff pushed items, they got rewarded. This doees not apply to individual optometrists who are ethical.

Soundmanpt 31 May 2016, 07:01

No name

What makes you think that some optician or salesperson are too blame for selling this young lady such expensive glasses? First of all a doctor examines he eyes and determines if she has any need for glasses. Without knowing her exact prescription you oo I can't say for sure that the doctor recommended she get glasses or not. Most doctors are independent of the stores they work out of so have no vested interest or profit from any sales of glasses. But even if she was prescribed glasses no one was forcing her to buy $400.00 glasses. If the store she was at was high end and only sold the pricier glasses she should have simply taken her prescription and headed of to stores that sell less expensive glasses. But there is no way to for anyone to know if this young lady wanted very nice glasses to wear. After all just as you did, she seems to get complements on her glasses which could make the price she paid for her glasses worth every penny.

 30 May 2016, 22:05

Went to the supermarket this morning, and the checkout girl was about 20, quite hugely obese in body and face with multiple double chins too.

BUT she had on a gorgeous pair of the latest Prada blue spex. Probably well over $400 and lenses more too.

They transformed her, so I said

Wonderful pair of glasses Chiquita ( on the name badge), had them long?

Second day, thanks so much

Enjoy wearing them then?

Not sure, things don't look so different .

Moved on

Whilst packing my groceries, I looked thru the side of the right eye, about 0.5, or less could not see thru the left because of her hairdo but also looked low plus from the front .

Wonder why the eye doctors prescribe such low power spex at enormous cost, to someone young on a low wage too. Market forces? The need to sell a product?

caroline 30 May 2016, 20:47

Its hard to explain, Sandman, but I can see OK without prisms, but with the prisms on, it just sort of more satisfying vision, and when I look over the top, things are double for a minute or so, then the brain seems to snap the images together.

I took my glasses off whilst driving a few weeks ago, and it was terrifying, as all distance perception was gone, and the road double. I did not give the brain time to adjust! Never again.

I looked through a metal box at the clinic, that occluded an eye at a time, and read the number in the middle, it was 10 each so I have 20 of exaphoria, and he corrected it for 8, you can see it, as the inside of the lens is much thicker than the outside, and the lenses are a bit heavier, so they slide down the nose a bit, a problem I have never had before, but trivial . I look forward to my next encounter with a stranger, and let try my glasses and see if she sees double.

Both daughters have tried them on, and don't see double, so maybe they have exaphoria too, they were not tested at the eye exam i arranged few years ago.

Does anyone else reading have prism correction, and what do you think of it?

Rather fun chatting about this.

Soundmanpt 30 May 2016, 08:21


I just popped in as usually do each morning and it was a nice surprise to see you had posted several comments. Very interesting that the first rather expensive thing you bought after graduating from nursing school was your first pair of nice glasses. So I assume you had been wanting to start wearing glasses for some time before you were finally in a position to buy a pair. You must have been excited about wearing your glasses if you even wore them in bed with your then boyfriend. Weren't you a little afraid that when things got really passionate your glasses might have gotten broken? It doesn't seem like your, as you say, then boyfriend was too happy that you were now wearing glasses all the time? This was the beginning of a rather nice glasses collection since you now have some 30 pairs of glasses. But sadly now due to your need for prism correction you must only have a few pairs including your prism correction to wear. If this is your first experience with having prism correction I think you may have a few changes with that over the next year or so but then it seems to go pretty stable. So you may want to hold off buying too many glasses until your glasses get more stable with the prisms.

caroline 30 May 2016, 00:55

This is my last pair,note the gold lacing. $720 ex lenses in the shop, $399 with lenses on internet.

I seem to me monopolising this thread, so will go quiet for a while.

caroline 29 May 2016, 23:30

When you click that link go NEW then the first one in the acetate range, thats my next pair

caroline 29 May 2016, 23:19

This is my next pair,(link below) hand made in France, acetate, very expensive, but just gorgeous, my best pair yet when they sit on my nose (sigh!).

I shall put my name down for some weekend shifts next month.

I often think about wearing frames with plain lenses, but its not the same as with the + and prism, although its about $200 cheaper, as they charge more with the prism.

Its possible to buy +1.5 glasses from the dime stores, but they are never high fashion, I wonder when the fashion houses will start putting out their fashion frames in standard prescription, say -2 to +4 in 0.5 increments? Must be a market fro it, don't you think? Even put out +/- 0.5 ( or O.25) for the O-O crowd ( us?)

See there, what do you think, crowd of lurkers?

caroline 29 May 2016, 23:01

When I finished Uni ( nursing) and started earning money, the first discretionary purchase was glasses, I still recall walking out of the optics store, with my lovely Rodenstock drop temples,all of 45 dollars, and looking at the world anew and having palpitations with the joy of it all.

My boyfriend at the time was perplexed, as I wanted to wear them in bed with him! .

Gucci, Versace, Prada are my favourites now, and I try for a new pair at least annually, or 6 monthly if I can afford it. Internet purchases make it all possible.

Staff love it "Oh my another pair Caroline!"

Sometimes I pull a pair from 10 years ago, and still get compliments,

I worry a bit about the prism correction, as I read that it may get worse if corrected,as the eyes axis will drift apart and there is some evidence that eye exercises may be better for to in the long run..

I don't want to end up with a huge prism correction, and looking cross eyed in my 80s!

So, good to correspond with you

Soundmanpt 29 May 2016, 08:55


Well I am really glad you decided to stop just lurking and join us in some open discussions about glasses. Your glasses must be really nice so you must get plenty of complements on your glasses while you complementing them on their glasses? For having worn glasses for over 20 years your prescription really hasn't changed that much from when you first started wearing glasses. Interesting that you didn't get your first glasses until you finishing university. Would I be correct that at the age of 24 you could see just fine even though you were prescribed with +.50 glasses? So the question is were you already somewhat interested in glasses and hoping to get glasses? It sounds like as soon as you put your glasses on for the very first time they became a permanent fixture on your nose from then on, am I right? You asked what I do now, well I am retired. I only mentioned about being an optician because it might be something you might want to use when your complementing these ladies on their glasses. If you think about it doesn't it make sense that if you worked in optics that you would certainly take notice of other people wearing glasses. Now your not as much of a perfect stranger because you have good reason to give a complement. I assure you that it will put them even more at ease in talking about their glasses as well. I'm sure your disappointed that neither of your daughters are willing to start wearing glasses even though it seems they both have slight prescriptions. But I have to assume they must be about the same age as you were when you got your first glasses? But as you may remember when you first got glasses you really didn't need them because you were seeing just fine without glasses but you really wanted them. Sadly your daughters like you are still seeing just fine without glasses and they just aren't ready to start wearing glasses as long as they can see okay without them. I'm sure you love to see them both wearing glasses and someday you will. Give them both a few years and they will both find it harder to see their I-Phones and will give into wearing glasses. You never know it is always possible that when one of them happen to be around one of their friends that just got new glasses and everyone is giving her so many complements it coudl cause your daughter to decide to start wearing glasses as well. So don't give up on them wearing glasses.

caroline 28 May 2016, 22:19

Rafa, D squared are a great brand, I they tend to go for the oversize shapes, hence the (diameter) squared brand.

caroline 28 May 2016, 22:03

I have lurked on this thread for about 3 years. Enjoy reading others opinions.

My glasses are GG 4281 4Z6, they are listed at $420 at the optician, and I got them for $220 on the internet, with $150 for the lenses, I am only + 1.25 L & R, but have enjoyed wearing glasses ( I am 44) for over 20 years, can see well without them for distance, but needed for close up now, can't understand folk wanting contacts). Last exam, the optima found an exaphoria ( spelt like that?) of 10, so gave me a half correction, it puts a sort of excitement into vision, like the world is in extra 3D, and I don't like it when spex are off. Old pairs see OK , but, can't explain it, vision ism just better, more satisfying, when sex are on .Does that seem credible to you? If you were an optima, what are you now, if I may ask?.

Got my first pair and end of University, and from Day 1, ( when I was +0.5) I just loved them on my nose, still do. Have over 30 pairs in the cupboard.

I tried to get my daughters to wear glasses, even offered to buy them, but they refuse ( both are less than +1.0 to test like me at their age).

I guess I am an O-O as one of the posters calls it.

Soundmanpt 28 May 2016, 11:00


I went to my computer first thing this morning, being in the US it is only 12:00 noon here at this moment, thinking that you might have got together on Friday evening with Danielle and Vicky. I was a bit disappointed when I opened up "eyescene" and saw nothing from you. I then went to my e-mails and was busy in there for a while before making one last check in here before going showering and heading off. It was a nice surprise to see that you had posted a comment. Am I correct that it is now around 6 in the evening in the UK? Anyway i'm sure Vicky must have been in a very good mood since she got her new glasses earlier in the day. Even though she has been wearing glasses full time now for about the past 2 years or more this time it was much different for her. In a way I was a little surprised when he said that she was going to tell them that she is able to see perfectly with Danielle's old glasses. And knowing that she has been wearing Danielle's glasses for 9 months to a year already I just assumed (something I guess I shouldn't do) that she was going to be wearing Danielle's glasses when she went for her eye exam as well. I am a little surprised that she went back to her own +.50 glasses to wear to her exam. But she may have thought there might be some questions asked of her since they would have on their records that she was prescribed with +.50 glasses. So in testing her eyes they found that her eyes were fine with +1.00 glasses for reading but a little stronger than she really needs for her distance. So the best she can see on the eye chart without glasses now is maybe the 20/35 line or the 20/40 line. So So the 20/20, 20/25 and the 20/30 lines are too blurry for her to see anymore. So she in fact did get an increase from last year and even though her new glasses are slightly weaker than Danielle's old glasses because she now has a small astigmatism in both eyes that actually makes her glasses very close to the +1.00 anyway since that it is a power value as well. She apparently isn't having any problem adjusting to her new prescription if she says she can see so good with them already. Even though she was told that she mainly needs her glasses for reading but she can wear them to make distance clearer if she wants I think we both know that Vicky has every intention of wearing her glasses full time anyway. I'm sure Vicky can still see her phone messages without her glasses but it isn't as easy as it is with her glasses on. I wonder when she last tried to read a book without glasses? She can do it but after just a very short time the words in the book would soon start to get more and more blurry. Your first glasses were very close and not a problem when you first got your glasses but fter you had them for around 6 - 9 months didn't you find your close vision got blurry very quickly if tried reading without your glasses? Her glasses sound really nice and she probably look very attractive wearing her glasses. I was pretty sure she would more than willing to tell you everything she could about her eye exam and getting her own glasses finally. It seems like she really enjoyed the whole getting her eyes examined process. She seemed to be taking it all in and enjoyed all the tests on her eyes. Now that she has astigmatisms that is another part of the tests where she is a big part of getting her prescription as close to perfect as possible. She doesn't seem to even notice the astigmatisms which is great. Nice that she even got prescription sunglasses as well. after her eyes have a chance to fully adjust to her new glasses she should try wearing Danielle's old glasses just to see if she can see any difference between them. She should still be able to see really good with her old glasses but I think her focusing might be slightly blurry with Danielle's glasses. But they would still make a good backup pair in case something were to happen to her glasses. But she seems to take good care of her glasses anyway.

Danielle decided not to get contacts. I find that interesting but she must have figured that when she was wearing her contacts she was making her eye much more dependent on needing correction than by simply wearing glasses when she needs them. But she is clearly heading towards full time wear even though she is trying so hard not let that happen. She just needs enough people to tell her how good she looks wearing glasses and that will make it easier for her to start leaving her glasses on even more. But she seems like she I wearing them quite often anyway based on what you have said. Don't you see it that way as well? Thanks for the update!

Carrie 28 May 2016, 09:30

We met up with Danielle and Vicky today. Vicky picked up her new glasses this morning and was wearing them. She said she could see really clearly. She showed me the prescription card and it said +0.75 for both eyes in the sphere column and -0.25 for both eyes in the cylinder column with the angles for eye in the next column. She said she wore her +0.50 glasses to the eye test but told the optician that she could see with Danielle's old glasses. That prescription (+1 in both eyes) was fine for the near reading part of the test but slightly too strong for the distance part. She said the optician changed the lenses a few times and the letters got clearer and then he did some others tests before going back to the distance chart which seemed clearer. He then checked her near reading sight again. He told her that she should wear the new prescription mainly for reading but could wear them to make distances clearer if she wanted. She was also told she didn't need to wear them all the time but wouldn't do any harm if she does. Her glasses are black plastic frames with shiny metal arm and look really good on her. She also got the same frames made in to prescription sunglasses.

Danielle was wearing her own prescription sunglasses. She mentioned that the opticians wanted to sell her contacts again because she is on their records of having them last year, but she declined. She said she might buy a cheap pair of glasses in her new prescription online to see if they make any difference but is in no hurry to buy a more expensive frame.

Soundmanpt 27 May 2016, 08:04


You seem like a young lady that has about the same "put it out there" attitude as i have. By that I mean when you see something you like you don't have any problem expressing yourself to that person. That's the same with me. So in your case when you see a person of interest and she is wearing glasses you don't have any problem letting her know you like her glasses. We actually have something in common in that like you I only do this with women and not men. But to be completely honest I have no interest in how any man looks wearing glasses, but your right in that for the most part men don't usually have special looking glasses anyway. Women are far more likely to be wearing very stylish glasses. I also think because women are so into fashion and looks that it is much easier for another woman complementing another woman on her glasses or even her looks for that matter. But even being a guy I have made it a point that when I see an attractive young lady wearing glasses I will do everything possible to complement her on her glasses. Of course I never do this if she is with a date. But if she is alone or even better if she is with another young lady. If she is with friend or even several young ladies it is better because she going to feel safe. I usually just tell her that she looks really nice wearing glasses. Like you I always get a nice thank you and smile back in return. I mention that I used to be an optician so I tend to notice people and their glasses. So that is something else you might want to say to show why you have an interest in their glasses.

So when you ask to see their glasses and even try them on do you offer them your glasses to either hold on for you or try on if they want? Your glasses sound very nice and very expensive. When they try on your glasses are they likely going to find your glasses much weaker than their own or stronger than their glasses?

rafa 27 May 2016, 07:39


I’ve got myself some new big Dsquared 2 glasses, which I think are really cool, way bigger and bolder than the classic wayfarers, and I’m still waiting for some woman to approach me and say something about them, ahahaha. I get the odd glance sometimes but that’s about it. Maybe I should go more to airports…

caroline 27 May 2016, 05:34

I have not tried it on men, as its rare to see a man with something special in glasses fashion.

I picked it up from an eye scene correspondent called Murky, a few years ago.

I have never had a cold shoulder from this approach.

I really like to see children wearing fashion frames, showing their parents care about making them happy in Spex.

Likelenses 26 May 2016, 21:28


Do you only use these tactics on women,or do you hit on men also?

caroline 26 May 2016, 18:07

shopping centres and airports are my best spots for sightings. Airports are frequented by people who have money and style, and with time on their hands, its easy to sidle up, wait for an engaging look, and say

"Wow great glasses"

"Gee thank you", always comes back, and then I try either

"where did you get them, as my sister loves blue/green/yellow/large/cateye glasses, and she would love that style.

If really lucky, she will take them off to see the brand, then I ask occasionally

" can I hold them" and what a frisson of excitement,i may even ask to put them on, its rare to get that far.. Once I asked her to take a picture of me, wearing them, to show my sister..

Wearing Gucci frames myself, occasionally get a"I like yours too", and I reply

"Cant understand folk wanting contacts, or worse still surgery, when we can have the priveledge and fun of wearing glasses"

Soundmanpt 25 May 2016, 12:44


I could be wrong but since she clearly planned on wearing Danielle's previous glasses to her eye appointment and even though they went back to where they both got their eyes examined last year. So they would both have a vision history record on file. Even seeing that she was prescribed with +.50 last year i'm quite certain that they when they took her glasses from her and read the prescription on them that was what they put down as her current prescription and the starting point for her exam as well. They would have no idea if she may have gotten her eyes tested somewhere else during the past year and no reason to question her about her change in glasses since last year. Also Vicky seemed pretty determined that she wasn't going to leave their with anything less than +1.00 she was already wearing. Also if she would have been prescribed with +.75 glasses then just like Danielle they would have probably told her that she didn't need new glasses either because going down +.25 isn't enough to have her get new glasses and with her need for some astigmatism that extra +.25 would actually take the place of that +.25 as well. So I don't think she would have been happy being told that she only needs +.75 now even though she has astigmatisms now which is something new for her. I'm thinking they went off her glasses she came in wearing and upped that by +.25 along with her newly acquired astigmatisms. So if i'm right she has to very proud of herself for not only making her eyes need +1.00 glasses but even slightly worse than that now. Your about right in that like you her eyes now need some added help with focusing, so her glasses will now be fine tuning her eyes a bit. I'm sure she can't wait to get her glasses because just as you say she is going to feel completely justified wearing her glasses now. These will be her first real glasses that are going to hers. Her previous glasses were glasses that Danielle and her ordered on line for her to start wearing and then she wa wearing Danielle's glasses, but now these will really be her very own glasses made for her eyes. She should be able to adjust to her new glasses rather easily once she gets them If she notices much at all it will most likely be due to her astigmatism correction and not the added +25 she's getting. I'm sure you will be making a point to see her and Danielle as soon as she gets her glasses and I hope Vicky is very talkative about her glasses. If she is excited as I think she might be I think she will be more than happy to talk about her glasses. I'm sure you don't have any idea when her glasses are due to be finished but I would assume about 4 days to a week at most.

Carrie 25 May 2016, 10:34

Oops! Sorry about the multiple identical posts! I tapped "Submit" too many times.

Carrie 25 May 2016, 10:31

I read Danielle's reply again and I realised that she didn't actually say what Vicky's new prescription is, just that it had gone up by 0.25. I just presumed that it is now +0.75 with the astigmatism correction, up from her previous and real prescription of +0.50. You could be right that the increase is on the prescription in Danielle's old glasses that she wears. Either way I'm sure she will be happy that she can actually justify wearing glasses full time.

Does -0.25 astigmatism correction make much difference? I got the same at my last eye test. I can see clearer with my newer prescription than my previous one but I also got +.50 increase in my sphere prescription so I'm not sure which part of my prescription made my vision clearer or if it was a combination of both.

Carrie 25 May 2016, 10:31

I read Danielle's reply again and I realised that she didn't actually say what Vicky's new prescription is, just that it had gone up by 0.25. I just presumed that it is now +0.75 with the astigmatism correction, up from her previous and real prescription of +0.50. You could be right that the increase is on the prescription in Danielle's old glasses that she wears. Either way I'm sure she will be happy that she can actually justify wearing glasses full time.

Does -0.25 astigmatism correction make much difference? I got the same at my last eye test. I can see clearer with my newer prescription than my previous one but I also got +.50 increase in my sphere prescription so I'm not sure which part of my prescription made my vision clearer or if it was a combination of both.

Carrie 25 May 2016, 10:31

I read Danielle's reply again and I realised that she didn't actually say what Vicky's new prescription is, just that it had gone up by 0.25. I just presumed that it is now +0.75 with the astigmatism correction, up from her previous and real prescription of +0.50. You could be right that the increase is on the prescription in Danielle's old glasses that she wears. Either way I'm sure she will be happy that she can actually justify wearing glasses full time.

Does -0.25 astigmatism correction make much difference? I got the same at my last eye test. I can see clearer with my newer prescription than my previous one but I also got +.50 increase in my sphere prescription so I'm not sure which part of my prescription made my vision clearer or if it was a combination of both.

Carrie 25 May 2016, 10:31

I read Danielle's reply again and I realised that she didn't actually say what Vicky's new prescription is, just that it had gone up by 0.25. I just presumed that it is now +0.75 with the astigmatism correction, up from her previous and real prescription of +0.50. You could be right that the increase is on the prescription in Danielle's old glasses that she wears. Either way I'm sure she will be happy that she can actually justify wearing glasses full time.

Does -0.25 astigmatism correction make much difference? I got the same at my last eye test. I can see clearer with my newer prescription than my previous one but I also got +.50 increase in my sphere prescription so I'm not sure which part of my prescription made my vision clearer or if it was a combination of both.

Soundmanpt 25 May 2016, 09:42


I was hoping you would also be curious enough to get in contact with Danielle to see what the outcome of their eye exams were. Actually I think they both came away pretty happy. Danielle should be happy that her prescription hardly changed at all over the past year. And even though she was told that she should wear her glasses anytime her eyes feel tired or if she is having any trouble focusing which it seems like she has already been doing on her own anyway. But at least she wasn't told that she needs to wear her glasses full time yet. It was good to hear that the optician was honest with her by telling her she didn't need to get new glasses unless she wanted new frames and of course the with only such a small increase she wouldn't even be able to tell any difference if she did get new glasses. And somehow I have a feeling that Vicky is thrilled with her results as well but for a completely different reason. Danielle said that she needs an increase of about +.25 as well and she now has some astigmatisms. But I wonder if that increase is based from her eye exam last year when she was given a prescription of +.50 or if they increased her from the glasses she came in wearing this time which were Danielle's old glasses. I would assume that means her new prescription is now +1.25 with some astigmatisms as well. So i'm sure had to be extremely excited trying on all the different frames until she found the ones she can't live without. Whenever you all get together I hope you get a chance to ask Vicky exactly what her full prescription is now. I wouldn't think she would need more than either -.25 or -.50 for her astigmatism correction but even -.25 will make a difference to her in how she is able to focus now with her glasses.

Even though Danielle feels good about her results I really think your going to see her wearing her glasses more often as each month goes by. So just because she wasn't told that she needs to start wearing they probably know that she is going to find that her eyes will be tiring out faster and her focusing isn't going to be very good without her glasses so she will likely be wearing her glasses more often on her own. Doctors don't often like telling a patient that they should wear their glasses full time. In your case when you were told that they could tell that you were already wearing your glasses full time when they recommended that to you. Really they were just telling you that it was okay to wear your glasses all the time if you felt comfortable wearing them. And of the fact that you could see distance better with your glasses also played a big part as well. In Danielle's case she can still see distances pretty well just not as good as she can with he glasses on. Of course her distance is slowly going to continue to get worse to the point where she won't be able to make out what a sign says without her glasses and I would think she is smart enough that she will decide that she needs to start wearing her glasses full time.

Likelenses 24 May 2016, 22:43

Plus Tony

At one time,I dated a girl that had moved to the U.S. from Poland.

During our short dating period,she went to her optometrist one Sat. afternoon.

She was already wearing a pretty hefty Rx that was perhaps -7. or there about.

She was complaining that she wanted a stronger Rx,and the optometrist was reluctant to give her one.She said that in Poland if she wanted a stronger Rx, her optometrists always would comply.

She was a very persuasive girl,and she did come away with a stronger Rx that day.

Carrie 24 May 2016, 15:37

I texted Danielle and in part of my message I asked her how their visit to the optician went. It turns out that she was given a prescription that is only +0.25 stronger than her current one. The optician said she didn't need to get the prescription made unless she wanted to get new frames as the difference is so small. Like before, she was told her glasses are mainly for reading and for long periods of concentrating on distant objects. This time she was also told to wear her glasses at any other time her eyes felt tired or were having trouble focusing. She was relieved that she wasn't told to to wear glasses all the time.

Vicky also had a small change to her prescription. Going by Danielle's description Vicky's prescription went up by the same amount as hers but she also got a small correction for astigmatism.

Danielle decided not to get new glasses but Vicky did. Vicky's glasses should be ready by this coming weekend.

It's about 11:30pm here so I must go to bed now or I will get told off! (A grumpy girlfriend is not a good thing!)

Cactus Jack 24 May 2016, 15:27

Plus Tony,

Smartphones may have a lot to do with it. We have long recognized that there is a genetic component to myopia in asian populations and I have suspected that other populations may be genetically disposed to hyperopia. In the past, there was a cultural issue with young people wearing glasses with any prescription, but that seems to be rapidly disappearing.

Mild Hyperopia is easily corrected internally by a young person, for reading normal sized text at normal distances, but the tiny text on Smartphones is a "game changer". It is so small that you need to hold the phone closer then normal reading distances, maybe 6 to 8 inches or 15 to 20 cm. Focusing at those distances requires +6 to + 5 diopters on top of any internal distance correction using accommodation resources. The result is that glasses don't seem to be such a bad idea after a few viscous headaches or more importantly, inability to read a vital text from a friend. Vanity goes out the window.


Plus Tony 24 May 2016, 15:00

I was on a business trip to Poland last week and noticed something that I thought was interesting which suggests that Polish optometrists have a different approach to prescribing than here in the UK. I noticed a considerable number of younger people (15-25) wearing low plus prescriprions full time. My impression is that here in the UK most opticians would not suggest full time wear to most young hyperopes with prescriptions of under +1.5 unless they also had a complication such as lazy eye or astigmatism. However in Poland it seems that a prescription of +1 in both eyes could easily result in a suggestion of full time glasses. Of course it could be a fashion thing but the incidence seemed to be too high for that to be the only explanation - especially as it seemed to apply equally to boys and girls.

Less surprising but equally welcome was the number of full time plus wearers in the 35-45 age group, some with varifocals but many with single vision lenses.

I wonder what the explanation for the high incidence of young plus wearers is. Could it just be the incidence of smart phones and other devices with small screens?

Savian 21 May 2016, 14:59

Today I atended a workshop and had some interesting sightings. Of the 12 girls present 6 wore glasses. On top of that was the instructor in her early thirties, ten years older than the rest of us and absolutely gorgeous. She had a delicate face and wore thin, big plastic frames with lenses around -3. Of paricipants five had minus prescriptons and one was farsighted. The interesting part began, when the instructor wrote something on a flipchart and the girl next to me - tall, blonde, fashionable - complained that she couldn't see it that well. I became keen-eared, but only when another bespectacled girl joined the two of us she started talking about her glasses. Apparently the glasses she was wearing have been too weak for a rather long time and she's getting new ones next week. The current ones have a prescription of -3.00 for the right eye and -3.25 for the left. Then she said - and I kid you not - that her left eye jumped up to -5.00! No wonder she got problems seeing the flip chart...On this point the other girl intervened, proclaiming that she sees nothing at all without glasses as she was -8. To be honest I would have guessed even higher because of the mighty power rings in her round, tortoise shell, plastic glasses. My personal highlight of the day though, was the plussie girl. It was very bright outside, and when she came back from the lunch break and took off her sunglasses (plano, I think) she went bare-eyed for a minute, before she took her normal glasses back out, which I'd estimate to be a +4 script. All in all a very good day.

Soundmanpt 21 May 2016, 10:41


Several nice sightings. I know you commented a long time ago that this coffee shop must be close to a school and tends to cater to the local students. So I guess it's not too surprising to see a number of students wearing glasses when there in there. There's something very arousing about watching an attractive young lady clean her glasses on her clothes. Sometimes if you watch closely you can even see them squinting while I assume they must be just testing their eyes without their glasses. At any rate a nice sighting for you. Even better that you didn't get caught. I have been hoping for an update about Danielle and Vicky since you were last with them when you were all wearing your prescription sunglasses and doing a fair amount of drinking as well. I was surprised that Vicky had prescription sunglasses but I assume Danielle must have gotten a pair when she was still wearing +1.00 glasses so of course she would give them to Vicky since they were pretty much useless to her since her own prescription had changed. Clearly Danielle is slowly getting closer and closer to wearing her glasses full time even if she doesn't want to and is trying desperately to avoid getting dependent on her glasses. If she is now keeping her glasses on all day while she is at work that is at least 8 hours her eyes are looking through correction. I'm sure when she takes her glasses off after work her eyes not nearly as comfortable as they were all day long. No wonder she gives in to sometimes wearing them while watching TV. Just like when she was testing her eyes with and without her glasses with seeing things in the distance and seeing her phone. She seemed really proud of the fact that she could still read a poster without her glasses but at the same time admitted that it was much easier with her glasses. I'm sure she was straining her eyes badly when she was trying to read that poster. So without straining her eyes most likely it would have been too blurry for her to see it well enough to read it. And she already knows her ability to see close up without her glasses is pretty much gone now. Even though she feels like her eyesight hasn't changed much if at all I honestly think it has and she will be getting at least a small increase again. You didn't say if Vicky also tested her like Danielle did or not but I really wish she would have. If she had i thinks she might have said about the same thing with reading the words on that poster as Danielle said. But Vicky should still be able to see her phone pretty well without her glasses. But now she is probably only able to see close up for a very short time before things start to go blurry on her without her glasses. You had about the same glasses as she has and after you had your first glasses fro about a year I think you were at the point where you could still see mall print but only for a short time. Now Vicky is probably right in that her glasses are most likely perfect for her eyes much like when she went in wearing her +.50 glasses last year. I wouldn't think that she will need stronger glasses than the ones she is wearing but I don't think she is going to have to talk them into letting her continue wearing her glasses either. She is going to find the eye chart a much bigger challenge than it was last year without her glasses. With her glasses she should be able to see it perfectly. Just like you, they may tell her that she needs to wear her glasses all the time now. Depending on what notes they took from her eye exam from last year may play a part as well. if they noted that she came in wearing glasses then even though they weren't prescribed to her and now she comes in wearing even stronger glasses and again not her own glasses they should get the idea that this girl just wants to wear glasses and they might go a long with her and give her an increase thinking that must be the reason she is getting her eyes examined even though she is seeing perfectly fine with her glasses. I guess you won't know until you have a chance to meet up with them again? But I have a feeling your also going to be curious enough to want to have that meeting very soon. Also the sooner the better because they are both more likely to remember what was said at their exams while it si still fresh on their minds. As more time goes by things get forgotten.

Carrie 20 May 2016, 15:00

We went to see our friends Danielle and Vicky on Wednesday evening. We met up at the coffee shop where Vicky works to wait for her shift to finish. At the next table were 3 female students, 2 very attractive and one a bit plain looking. I suddenly realised by the way one of the attractive ones was sitting that she was polishing a pair of glasses on her jumper. She put them on and I could see she had a moderate minus prescription in dark rectangular plastic frames. As I was looking at her (without getting caught looking by anyone, especially her or Gemma!) I noticed the other attractive one was also polishing her glasses on her clothes and put them on shortly after her friend. She had thin gold colour frames with a much weaker minus prescription than her friend. The plain looking one didn't wear glasses at any point but I was half expecting her to put some on.

Vicky joined us when she finished her shift. We got a bit loud and giggley and got some disapproving looks from some students revising on another nearby table so we quietened down but not before Danielle said, not quite loud enough for them or the other customers to hear, "If they want to revise in a quiet place they should f**k off to their library!" which made us laugh loudly again.

A bit later Danielle put her glasses on to find something on her phone to show me. She kept them on for a bit after that and compared how well she could see the letters on a poster across the room with and without her glasses and then compared reading text on her phone with and without her glasses. She said the poster was a bit sharper with her glasses on but could still read it all without glasses. The phone was a different matter - difficult to read without straining hard without glasses but fine with glasses. She said that she and Vicky were getting their eyes tested on Saturday morning as they had a reminder letter each from their optician saying that it has been a year since their last eye test and they were due for another one. Danielle doesn't think her eyes have changed much if at all but checks at different times of the day to see if tiredness affects her sight. She said she needs her glasses more the more tired she is but tries to avoid wearing them too much outside work so she doesn't get dependant on them. She also said she keeps her glasses on all day at work now and occasionally wears them to watch TV. Vicky said she also thinks her eyes haven't changed but will tell the optician that she can see perfectly with Danielle's old glasses on. I will be very interested to hear how their eye tests went.

Moonshiner 16 May 2016, 23:38

I deleted several inappropriate posts. Keep it on topic and respectful. If you don't like something, don't read it.

This thread is for sightings of glasses being worn. For posts about no glasses, use the "Going without glasses" thread.

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 15 May 2016, 01:45

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Likelenses 14 May 2016, 19:07

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Likelenses 14 May 2016, 19:04

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 14 May 2016, 17:13

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 14 May 2016, 17:11

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astigmaphile 13 May 2016, 18:16

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Soundmanpt 13 May 2016, 12:40

no name please ignore the post below because you wouldn't be interested and I don't want you to waste your precious time reading it.

Soundmanpt 13 May 2016, 12:38


Yeah now that you mention it I do remember when you first commented about a new girl and you were excited that she was getting glasses for the first time and even happier when she got them and was wearing them full time straight away. Am I right that she wore her glasses for a couple of weeks and then wasn't wearing them for a few weeks but then she soon was back to wearing them full time. You assumed that she maybe only wore them the first week or two so her eyes could adjust to them and then she tried to go without them but she likely missed the good vision they gave her so she went back to wearing them full time. I'm not sure exactly when it was but I do recall that she got an increase at about the same time as her sister got her first pair of glasses. I could be wrong but it seems like your colleague hadn't even had her first glasses a year yet. So most likely when her sister was talking about getting her eyes examined she directed her to her doctor and while she was there with her sister she maybe decided to get her eyes checked again even though she wasn't due to get her eyes examined yet. I know you were excited to see her sister come by showing off her new glasses because you said she was every bit as hot if not hotter than her sister. Again I know time really does seem to go by fast but I don't either one of them were due to get their eyes examined this soon, I don't think it has been a year already that they both got their glasses? Your colleagues first glasses I recall were really very weak except that she had the prisms in her glasses which meant that she needed to wear her glasses even though she could still see pretty well without them. So I think at first she just liked the idea of being able to wear glasses to give herself a different look. Now with her 2nd increase her glasses are probably a lot more necessary to her. Without them now everything has to much more blurry and with her need for prisms she almost certainly gets double vision if she has her glasses off for more than a few seconds now. Good thing she doesn't seem to mind wearing glasses because she is going to be wearing from now on as well as her sister. If either of them try going without their glasses besides the double vision they now get headaches. When they get married which is almost certain at some point they will both be getting married wearing glasses. There is an interesting question not only for you but one you might want to ask your glasses wearing friends. Would they wear their glasses to get married in or not?

Carrie 13 May 2016, 11:10

They don't care or like what we post but they still take the time to post their own comments. Very odd.

Well we don't care that you don't care. You can continue telling us that you don't care but we will continue posting about glasses.

Soundmanpt 13 May 2016, 09:44


I couldn't agree more. That is exactly what I do and I have no problem if anyone chooses to ignore my posts.

lentifan 13 May 2016, 09:38

Clearly you do, anonymous poster, otherwise you would do what the rest of us do when we don't care about something. We ignore it.

 13 May 2016, 06:08

Post deleted - inappropriate

Carrie 12 May 2016, 15:05

Soundmanpt - these are the 3rd pair of glasses for my colleague but I'm pretty sure it's only the 2nd pair for her sister. My colleague mentioned today that she feels almost completely used to her new glasses and she really notices the difference when she takes them off.

I haven't seen her sister in her new glasses yet.

Soundmanpt 10 May 2016, 16:30


Pretty normal for your work colleagues prescription to increase as well as her sister's. You need to remind me, but weren't they both first time glasses wearer's? I think it is almost 100% that anyone after getting their first glasses can almost expect that they will be needing at least some kind of increase once their eyes have gotten adjusted to their glasses and settled in so to say. I would assume if she said everything went up by - or +0.5 she is referring to her SPH and her CYL and maybe her prism changed as well but that number usually runs as just a number such as a 3 or 4 or 5 or whatever. Her axis could be different and that number usually is anywhere from 0 - 180 but it is not a power number, so being say 155 isn't any stronger than being a 31. Generally speaking if they both went back to the same doctor that examined their eyes before I would think the axis number should be about the same as before.

I'm not sure why I took the time to explain all this to you since according to some jerk in here you and I are both the same person.

Carrie 10 May 2016, 14:15

My friend and colleague who has the prism prescription has got new glasses. She said she had noticed that she wasn't seeing quite so clearly so got her eyes tested and was given a stronger prescription. She said "If I remember correctly everything went up by 0.5". She only got her new glasses on Saturday and is still getting used to them, especially the left eye but everything does seem clearer now.

She also said that her sister got her eyes tested immediately after her and also got a stronger prescription. She also picked up her new glasses on Saturday. I look forward to seeing her sister wearing her new glasses!

I haven't seen my friend's new prescription written down so I am not sure exactly what parts of her prescription have gone up. I am guessing it is probably the sphere and cylinder and possibly the prism (can the prism go up by 0.5?). I presume that the axis wouldn't change by 0.5, only by a whole number and only by a very small amount if at all?

I didn't ask about her sister's prescription but I will try to casually ask her sister the next time I see her.

Likelenses 07 May 2016, 21:43

Post deleted - inappropriate

eye-catcher 07 May 2016, 18:47

too bad about your mood. that's your problem, not mine. but just fyi i would wager you $10,000 that your real name isn't Soundmanpt. duh.

Soundmanpt 07 May 2016, 17:19

Post deleted

Eye-catcher 07 May 2016, 07:34

Post deleted - Posts from Soundmanpt and Carrie are from two different IP addresses in different geographical locations

Carrie 07 May 2016, 06:10

We all woke up this morning feeling a bit 'delicate'. Danielle actually wore her regular glasses this morning. She said they make her eyes feel better when hung over or tired. My vision seemed worse than usual this morning before I put my glasses on. When I put my glasses on they seemed to give even better vision than usual but I'm guessing it's the same and just seems even better compared to my un-corrected hung over vision. 😃

Soundmanpt 07 May 2016, 06:01


It sounds as if you might wake up with a slight headache if your drinking too much wine. A small price for having a good time with friends. Anyway I didn't know that Gemma or Danielle and even Vickie had gotten prescription sunglasses. I suppose Gemma and Danielle got theirs maybe when they got their last regular glasses, but how did Vickie get hers? On line maybe? It could be that they all went on line to get their sunglasses. Happy hangover!

Carrie 06 May 2016, 15:31

It was nearly the end of my shift at work today when 3 gorgeous women walked in and all 3 of them were wearing prescription sunglasses. The 3 women were my girlfriend Gemma with our friends Danielle and Vicky. I bought a few bottles of wine (staff discount!) and we went back to my garden to enjoy the lovely weather we're having in the UK at the moment (at last!). I put my own prescription sunglasses on and I must say I think we looked rather cool and sexy! Shame there was no one else around to see. When the sun went down and we went inside we changed back to our regular glasses, except Danielle who just went bare eyed. Actually I would have been surprised if she had put her regular glasses on.

I can't write any more as I am a little bit drunk and Danielle and Vicky are staying the night and we haven't finished the wine yet. Got to get back to the girls!

Plus Tony 01 May 2016, 02:36

I found myself on my last local train home on Thursday night with only three other people. Unusually we were all wearing glasses and plus wearers were in the majority. There was a woman of about 30 with a nice acetate frame and about -3. To my right an older lady who took out her readers and wore them the whole journey. A very stylish Police frame also plastic/acetate. The star of the show was a young woman in her early 20s with frames from the Gok Wan specsavers collection that were (I would guess) at least +5. They looked fabulous on her and she was very attractive with gorgeous eyes that looked fantastic with the magnification. If it had been a daytime train I might have been tempted to strike up an eyesight related conversation but I didn't think it was appropriate at nearly midnight. I must admit that I would have loved to try her glasses to see (or not) what I might have been able to see with them. However that is not really the way I behave so I put the thought out of my mind.

Carrie - your pleasure at the hairdressers reminded me that three of my female hairdressers in recent years have had specs. My current hairdresser wears glasses but mainly on top of her head. She is about my age and they are a plus prescription but initially I thought they were just plain lenses for style. When I first walked in wearing specs about 7 months ago she asked to try mine and commented that they seemed a little stronger than hers. She was surprised that I needed mine all the time. A colleague of hers wears a big frame with about +2 when cutting hair but I don't know if she wears full time or not. My previous hairdresser who sadly moved away started wearing full time immediately after she had a baby. She was about 35 at the time with somewhere between +1 and +2 and a very stylish frame with the edges of the lenses visible at each side. She was stunningly pretty anyway but her glasses were so stylish that they acentuated her beauty fantastically.

Carrie 26 Apr 2016, 13:07

Soundmanpt - she didn't actually say if she was supposed to wear them all the time or just for close work and reading. I just presumed they were for close up because they didn't look very strong. I would guess her prescription was no more than +1.00.

I think she was quite excited about her glasses but we soon got chatting about other things. She's so sweet, she always asks how my family and Gemma are. I know it's part of the job being polite and friendly, like my job, but she always sounds genuine and remembers Gemma's name rather than just "your girlfriend".

I would love to go more often but I just can't justify it financially! She is attractive but isn't the type I would go for if for some horrible reason I found myself single.

Soundmanpt 26 Apr 2016, 07:42


I'm pretty sure you were quite excited when you went in and saw that she was wearing glasses for the first time? It kind of sounded like she was almost excited about getting glasses as well? Did you get that idea from her willingness to talk so easy about getting glasses? In her chatting did she say if she was advised to wear her glasses all the time or just when she is doing close things such as hair or reading? because she was having problems with her eyes feeling tired at the end of the day it kind of sounds like she may have some astigmatism issues as well as being slightly long sighted. Anyway I guess now you can look forward to going and getting your hair done now that she will be wearing glasses.

Carrie 25 Apr 2016, 13:40

My hairdresser got glasses! I went for a trim on Saturday and saw that she was wearing roundish dark plastic frames with a very low plus prescription. Just like most hairdressers she is very chatty and was more than happy to tell me about getting glasses when I complimented her on her eyewear. She said she had been noticing her eyes felt tired at the end of the working day and mentioned it to one the other girls who suggested she her eyes tested. She did and was told that she is slightly long sighted and glasses would help with reading and close up work. She can't remember her prescription but does know it isn't very strong. She said that her eyes feel much better now especially when she is doing a fiddly style. She's just a few years older than me and quite pretty.

 22 Apr 2016, 19:53


.... 22 Apr 2016, 11:52

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 22 Apr 2016, 06:36

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gwgs 22 Apr 2016, 03:50

I had a truly wonderful sighting last night in the pub of all places! A hot young attractive blonde in her late 20's to early 30's was standing at the bar wearing a stunning pair of big high gloss black aviators with contrasting gold arms and bridge detailing which really stood out - her prescription wasn't significant at all, but that doesn't matter in my opinion when the wearer and the frames are as on point as she was.

I waited behind her and her friends to order the next round of drinks and her friend asked if I wanted to get to the bar and moved out of the way to let me through, I was then standing next to this blonde beauty and we exchanged glances for what felt like several very long seconds. Her friends then all picked up their drinks and moved off to find a table, I thought I was in luck as they put their drinks on the table next to where I was and I thought I could then start a conversation with her, for them to then see a friend outside and move there. The friend I was with thinks she works round the corner from the pub so I might have a walk down and see if I can see her.

Before anyone says why didn't I say anything when we standing next to each other - as you may know from previous posts it takes quite a lot of dutch courage for me to chat to people in these situations, maybe if I'd had a couple more pints inside me I would've done :(

Squint Lover 20 Apr 2016, 14:34

Post deleted - off topic

Carrie 20 Apr 2016, 10:22

Soundmanpt - I don't think it was the glasses Gemma noticed but rather the very attractive woman wearing them. I compare how strong a prescription looks and the type of prescription to how prescriptions look on people I know, such as Gemma and my cousin as well as my own prescription. I have also learned a lot from reading Eyescene over the last 5 and a bit years.

I don't know if any of the students I mentioned were full time wearers as they were still there when we left still revising for their exams. I'm sort of glad I didn't go to Uni as I pretty much had enough of education by the time I finished college. Maybe if I had gone on and got a degree I might have got a higher paid job but I love my job and the people I work with and anyway having a degree is no guarantee of a well paid job or a job you love.

astigmaphile 20 Apr 2016, 08:22

The people who frequent this website like women in glasses. It's time anonymous arsehole is blocked from posting here.

 19 Apr 2016, 20:23

Is it possible to delete the links to pics of woman wearing glasses? They generally hide good looks.

 19 Apr 2016, 14:42

Moonshiner 28 Mar 2015, 01:46

I deleted several unacceptable posts from this thread, including some from two IP address using multiple user names.

The first of these used the names “Show Thyself” then “Rob” then “Melyssa”.

The second posted with user names “A.J” and “Melyssa” and with no name.

The link to the photos in question was also posted from this IP, there were no posts from these addresses prior to mid March.

Both IP addresses will be blocked if there are any more inappropriate posts from them.

Melyssa 19 Apr 2016, 12:27

Several years ago I purchased this frame:

On the professional bowling show Sunday from Portland, Maine, in the crowd was a woman with long gray hair, and she wore this frame.

Also, top female bowler Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, who was supposed to have had Lasik when she and her sister, Cathy Dorin-Lizzi, had a makeover that was shown on TV over 10 years ago, was wearing a new pair of glasses, with a little hint of cat's-eyes in the shape. This replaced her rectangular frames from the instructional videos she does.

Soundmanpt 19 Apr 2016, 10:30


Sounds like a nice multi sighting of student glasses wearers. It seems like even Gemma tends to notice other attractive females if they are wearing glasses now. These students even managed to cause you to not even mention Danielle's gf working behind the counter, the lovely glasses wearing Vickie. You have come a long way over the past 5 years or so. Back then you always wanted to wear glasses but didn't need them and you had a bf. Then you got your first glasses and soon after met and fell in love with Gemma and now you're so into glasses that you have gotten very good at determining if their glasses glasses are for distance or close up and even about how strong they appear to be, You only get good at that by looking very closely at people's glasses which you surely pay close attention to.

Carrie 18 Apr 2016, 12:50

I saw several students with glasses in our favourite coffee shop. I couldn't see all of them properly but I did see 2 that were mild minus or astigmatism prescriptions and 2 low plusses. One of the low plus students was very attractive and I noticed that Gemma had a second look at her. Another student I saw was wearing a much stronger plus prescription. It looked stronger than mine, probably at least as strong as my cousin's. She was also good looking but not as good looking as the other student. I presumed she was a full time wearer but at one point she pushed her glasses on top of her head and got up to buy another coffee. When she sat down again she put her glasses back on and had a couple of sips of coffee. She briefly chatted to the people she was sitting with before turning her attention to her laptop again.

 18 Apr 2016, 10:15

some of us think nearsightedness is highly attractive, cubicle.

OnLooker 18 Apr 2016, 06:43

Airports are just great for sightings...

gerry 17 Apr 2016, 13:21

I would love to chat to any lady with a high magnification RX. Does your RX keep increasing or dies it stabilise in time. Or after a while do you also need bi focals. Can you have high index lenses for thick magnification lenses and are they expensive. Have fun take good care Gerry xx

Cubicle 17 Apr 2016, 07:25

She was cute but being so nearsighted is not attractive.

Eyestein 17 Apr 2016, 01:06

Sorry. I meant regarding Cubicle 14 Apr 2016, 15:57.

Eyestein 17 Apr 2016, 01:01

Do you mean the small asian girl was not sexy or the sight of her texting was not sexy?

 16 Apr 2016, 21:19

I saw a soman with glasses. Whoopty fu ming doo.

Melyssa 16 Apr 2016, 08:30

Last night at ye olde bowling alley, a woman in our league who wore glasses through the 2013-14 season and then no longer did, put glasses on when getting ready to bowl each time, and she took them off immediately upon finishing her frame (bowling, not glasses -- LOL). She was a number of lanes over from where I was, but it looked as though the length of the frames was a bit short, as her glasses looked like straight drop-temples based on how she was wearing them, even though the sides connected midway at the front, unlike my favorite styles of drop-temples and cat's-eyes. Several days from now, when the results are posted, I will know if the glasses helped her bowling or not.

Cubicle 14 Apr 2016, 16:18

I came across a cute girl in the metro (good place for sightings). She was sporting big black glasses with very thick minus lenses. Huge cut in, at least minus 10. Long black hair, mini skirt and classy heels. She walked towards me looking at me, and walked in. The she was looking at her phone up close. Sexy legs walking with her heels clacking on the floor. I came off the metro and by chance saw her again as I was going to my rendez-vous.

She was such a fantasy with her sexy legs, nice ass, high heels and sexu coke bottle glasses. Mmmm

Cubicle 14 Apr 2016, 15:57

I was riding the subway the other day when I came across a small and cute Asian 20 y/o girl. She wore at least -15 black wayfarers. She was texting on her mobile phone and she had to look at the screen without her glasses, with her eyes 2cm from her phone. Not sexy.

Poor girl,

MIchael 10 Apr 2016, 07:30


Likelenses 09 Apr 2016, 22:08

While browsing in an indoor flea market yesterday,I spotted a fairly tall very attractive blonde,probably early forties.

She was sporting large amber colored frames,containing huge lightly tinted brown minus lenses ,estimated to be about -14.

As she wandered about the store,she would pick up various items,and rather than look down at them,she would lift them up to eye level,and peer at them over the top of her glasses.She would slowly move the item nearer ,or closer,and when she found the proper viewing distance,would stare at it.

She spent about fifteen minutes in the store,then thanked the owner,and left without buying a thing.

Defiantly a great fifteen minutes of fun for me.Good thing that Cheryl was not there,as she would not have found it amusing.

Soundmanpt 06 Apr 2016, 17:44


It has to make you feel good when someone like her totally appreciates how your glasses look on you as well as on her. There is no better flattery than that. It's nice when your able to talk so freely with someone that very clearly has decided that she likes wearing glasses all the time now. You kind of share a common bond now. Like you she is very open about discussing her eyesight with and without her glasses and somehow don't you think she likes how she now really needs her glasses even for seeing distances. You have to wonder when she first started to notice that her eyesight wasn't as good as it used to be for seeing distances? Was those early days whens she first got her glasses and was wearing them full time or was it later on after she had gone to part time wear? Needles to say it never hurts when the boyfriend, or in your case, enjoys seeing their partner wearing glasses. I'm sure you have made that very clear to Gemma many times how much you like how she looks wearing glasses. Kinda fun for you wearing her glasses while she was running to show her mom how your glasses look on her. All this had to make your day a very pleasant one?

Carrie 06 Apr 2016, 11:39

My colleague's daughter came in again today. She noticed that I was wearing a different pair of glasses from when she saw me the other day. She asked if she could try them on to see what they looked like on her. She took a selfish and was quite pleased how she looked. She then went to find her mum to show her in person and left me with her own glasses to wear so I could still see. She came back a few minutes later and we swapped back to our own glasses. She said her mum liked the look of the frame on her but would rather she waited until next year before getting another pair as she already has two in her current prescription. As we were already talking about glasses I took the opportunity to ask her about her eyesight without glasses. She said she can read normal size text but it's quite tiring trying to focus and smaller text is just too much of a struggle. She took her glasses off at this point and looked around before putting them back on again. She said that looking around was like a photo that is slightly out of focus - you can see what it is you are looking at but the fine detail isn't there. When she puts her glasses on everything is clearer and her eyes feel more comfortable. I told her that it's pretty much the same for me. I asked her what her boyfriend thought about her glasses and she said he likes how they magnify her eyes slightly. I showed her my "Disney cute character" look (imagine any cute Disney animal with big soppy eyes and that's the look!) which will probably make a lot of boys melt when she does it.

Soundmanpt 03 Apr 2016, 10:31


You tried to do the right thing by being nice to him thinking that with being a little older he should have matured some. Sadly I think some people never grow up. This seems to be the case with him. Yeah and since he made comments about both you and Gemma wearing glasses maybe he doesn't fancy a girl wearing glasses. His comment to Gemma was clearly meant to get her to take off her glasses but she made it clear she had no interest in taking off her glasses for him. you now have quite a few female friends that wear glasses and I have not heard you ever say that anyone of them doesn't look as good because she is wearing glasses. I have never seen any girl not look as attractive wearing glasses as she does without them. Like you said your brother doesn't seem to have any problem with how Gemma looks wearing glasses. Then he proceeded to question you about your glasses. Even doing a childish eye test that small kids might do by asking how many fingers am I holding up. How stupid! Every girl likes that one i'm sure. I'm sure when you with someone and your talking about glasses your fine if someone were to ask you how well you can read a sign across the room without your glasses? I suggest if you ever happen across this guy again you don't even slow down and just walk past him as if he isn't even there.

As for your work colleague's daughter it is hard to say why she started off wearing her glasses for a few weeks and them only for reading. But you could be right that they told her to wear them so her eyes would adjust to them. Like you say maybe thinking that after her eyes got adjusted she would just continue to wear them all the time. Not counting on the fact that at 16 here eyes were still strong enough that she able do without them after a few weeks. Then later on realizing that it was easier to just keep her glasses on and not be taking them off all the time when she wasn't reading. Only she knows the answer to that. Anyway I agree with you that since her eyes are still changing and she even knows she is going ot need stronger glasses next year getting expensive designer glasses is kind of a waste of good money. Her mom works with you so you know she doesn't make a lot of money and with her daughter only being 16 I doubt that she has much of an income to afford expensive glasses. You probably should pass along the idea to her or her mom about getting extra glasses if she wants them on line would not be so bad.

Carrie 03 Apr 2016, 03:57

Soundmanpt - I thought I would give my ex a chance to show that he'd matured into an adult now we're all in our 20s. If he had been my first boyfriend I might well have tried dating a girl back then to see if I got treated better and if the sex was better. He didn't like the fake glasses I wore at school. I don't think he likes women to wear glasses, especially after hearing the comment he made to Gemma. One of my brothers fancies Gemma and he has said that her glasses don't make her any less beautiful. Which is true.

I believe my colleague's daughter was told to wear her first full time for a few weeks to get used to them. She probably thought she could stick with just wearing when really needed and didn't realise that the optician probably thought she would stick with full time. I'm guessing that she remembered that she could see clearly at all distances when she used to wear her glasses full time so tried it again and discovered that everything was clear again. It does sound like she could well end up with a much stronger prescription if she started at +2 something and then up + 3 something and already knows she is getting a stronger prescription next year.

She is very confident and has decided to embrace her bad eyesight by wanting multiple pairs. If were here I would wait a few years before spending a lot of money on designer glasses but she could get some nice looking pairs at a lower cost online.

Carrie 03 Apr 2016, 03:57

Soundmanpt - I thought I would give my ex a chance to show that he'd matured into an adult now we're all in our 20s. If he had been my first boyfriend I might well have tried dating a girl back then to see if I got treated better and if the sex was better. He didn't like the fake glasses I wore at school. I don't think he likes women to wear glasses, especially after hearing the comment he made to Gemma. One of my brothers fancies Gemma and he has said that her glasses don't make her any less beautiful. Which is true.

I believe my colleague's daughter was told to wear her first full time for a few weeks to get used to them. She probably thought she could stick with just wearing when really needed and didn't realise that the optician probably thought she would stick with full time. I'm guessing that she remembered that she could see clearly at all distances when she used to wear her glasses full time so tried it again and discovered that everything was clear again. It does sound like she could well end up with a much stronger prescription if she started at +2 something and then up + 3 something and already knows she is getting a stronger prescription next year.

She is very confident and has decided to embrace her bad eyesight by wanting multiple pairs. If were here I would wait a few years before spending a lot of money on designer glasses but she could get some nice looking pairs at a lower cost online.

Soundmanpt 02 Apr 2016, 11:56


Your other sighting was a much better one. The daughter of you work colleague getting new glasses. Not unusual at all for her to need an increase in her prescription after having her glasses for a bout a year. Interesting what she said about how she wore her first glasses. When she got them she wore them full time for the first few weeks and then only for reading. I am curious if she was wearing them full time so she could get used to wearing glasses and to let her eyes adjust to them? Or was she wearing them because they were something new and she maybe liked how she looked wearing glasses? You said she looks more like she is 25 instead of only being 16. She may have thought that wearing glasses helped give her an older appearance? If your at close to being right about her first glasses being around +2.00 I would think her distance vision must have been pretty blurry with her glasses on. But then she went to part time wear just for reading. Then a few months ago she found that she needed her glasses not only for reading but distance as well. This should sound almost exactly like what happened with your cousin when she started wearing glasses. Nice that she has no interest at all in getting contacts. She seems perfectly fine with wearing glasses. She must be extremely confident in her looks wearing glasses which is great to hear. I'm sure she is every bit as attractive wearing glasses as she is without her glasses. Nice that you could swap glasses with her and find that her glasses are about the same as yours in fact her glasses must be slightly stronger than yours if she said your glasses seemed a little bit weaker. With her only being 16 and her glasses are already at least as strong as your glasses are by the time she is your age her glasses might be really strong.

Soundmanpt 02 Apr 2016, 11:25


You had a couple of interesting sightings for sure. That ex-bf was a piece of work back when you dated him in school and he seems at least as bad now as he was then. Honestly the way he was acting I am surprised when he started up by saying that Gemma was hot but he would prefer her without glasses, that would have been enough to give him the finger and walk away. Gemma did come back with a great reply by telling him that was a good reason for her to keep her glasses on. Of course the fool still didn't let up and continued to say and do stupid things. When he insisted on you taking off your glasses i'm not sure why you would even do that? Your way too nice. You should have just told him "no" as you walked away. Then when he started with the holding up fingers routine You were much nicer than you should have been. You should have just taken your glasses back and said "I'm not blind, sadly I can see you only too well without my glasses" He was acting more like a bully than what should have been an old friend. If this jerk were your last bf I could easily understand why you became a lesbian. I knew it wasn't your last bf because you are still good friends with him and his new gf. I know you said that she is beautiful and now that now that she wears glasses full time i'm sure you think she is even more beautiful than she was before she got glasses.

Carrie 02 Apr 2016, 09:46

A better sighting than my previous post -

I mentioned a few weeks ago that a colleague of mine mentioned that her daughter was getting a stronger prescription after wearing glasses for a year. The daughter is on Easter holidays at the moment and came in to the shop during the week. She is quite stunningly beautiful and looks about 25 instead of her actual age of 16. I can't remember exactly how her lenses looked the last time I saw her but I remember estimating her prescription as around +2.00. This time I estimated her prescription to be around +3.00. She spoke to another of my colleagues that she knows better who commented how nice the new glasses looked. My colleague's daughter thanked her and said she needs them all the time. She said she wore her old ones all the time for a few weeks after getting them but then used them mainly for reading. But went back to wearing them all the time a few months ago as she was having trouble seeing clearly at all distances and the glasses helped a lot. Her new glasses are stronger and she can see even better now and she definitely needs them all the time as her eyes are quite crappy now and she can see everything so much better with glaases than without. My colleague asked how strong her glasses are and she said "3 something, I think. I have to get a stronger prescription next year once I have got used to this one." I was pleased with myself that I had estimated the prescription so well and interested to hear that she was going to get a stronger prescription next year. I then introduced myself and she said she did remember me. I pointed out that her prescription sounded very close to mine of +2.50 and +3.00. She offered her glasses to me so I offered mine to her. I couldn't really tell if they were much stronger than mine but I could see just fine with them. She said she couldn't tell much difference but thought that mine were very slightly weaker. She said that the optician said she could have got an even stronger prescription this time but it would be too strong for her eyes to adjust for far distance so she has to adjust a step at a time. I even asked her if she would ever get contacts or surgery and that was a definite no to both. She said "I quite like glasses now and I would like to get several different pairs so I can mix and match them with different outfits!"

I have to admit I am more attracted to her than before. Not just her looks but her personality also seems older than she is. Very nice to talk with. Just occasionally she would say something in a way that reminded you that she was only 16. But even if I was single and she was gay I wouldn't go for her. Too young.

Carrie 02 Apr 2016, 08:27

Wasn't sure which section to post this in so I am posting it here.

I was out with my girlfriend and a few of our friends when an ex boyfriend of mine spotted me and came over. We haven't seen each other since I left school. Not that I wanted to - We were only together for a few months and he basically used me as a sort of trophy that he could parade in front of his mates. I regret all the times we spent together especially the sex (which he enjoyed far more than I did. I just lay there and made the right noises). On the plus side he was never really nasty to me. He dumped me for another girl that he treated the same way. Anyway, he came over and seemed at first like he had grown up. He looked at me and then Gemma and said "I heard you'd gone lezzy! Is this your girlfriend?" I said yes and Gemma just smiled politely. Then he said "She's hot but I would prefer her without the glasses." Gemma instantly came back with "Well that sounds like a good reason for me to keep my glasses on!" He then turned his attention to me. "Do you need those glasses? You didn't have them at school, well not ones with proper lenses" he said. I explained that the ones I had at school were fake and I wore them to look different. The ones I wear now are very real and I need them all the time as my eyesight has got gradually worse. He then insisted I take my glasses off and he did the whole "How many fingers am I holding up?" thing. I explained to him that I can still see it's just a little fuzzy. He then insisted on trying my glasses on and obviously couldn't see anything. He then held them at arms length and noticed that the lenses magnified things. "I remember that your tits were big but I bet they look massive through these. Even with your clothes on they look bigger than I remember." I'm a bit self-conscious about my boobs and him drawing attention to them didn't help but somehow I came back with "They probably do but I expect that your dick still looks tiny even though my glasses!". Then one of my friends said "Maybe it was you straining your eyes to find his dick that made you eventually need glasses!" We all laughed at that but he didn't. He just gave my glasses back and tried to work his 'charms' on my friends. It didn't work and he walked off after saying that they were all a bunch of lezzies. I don't know what he really wanted but it wasn't just him being polite and sociable. If he thought he could charm his way into my knickers he had set himself a challenge that was destined to fail. As for my friends - well none of the ones there were lesbian (apart from Gemma) but they are all good at spotting a sleazy bloke who needs avoiding. He may have managed to get his way with me before but I was much younger and rather suggestible then.

I would like to make it clear that this man was not my last boyfriend. That ex is lovely and I don't have any regrets over the time I was with him. Even the sex with him was enjoyable. He is the only ex I keep in touch with and not just because he has a rather hot girlfriend that wears glasses!

Sorry if there wasn't enough about glasses.

gwgs 23 Mar 2016, 03:02

Melyssa - I know!! Note in down in history!! :) Today, overcast and cloudy. Go figure!

WOW 22 Mar 2016, 06:09

Last night I was ordering at Fudruckers a young teen wearing very high minus was having trouble seeing the menu above the counter when her mother replied "not again!" refering to her daughter's eyesight.

Melyssa 22 Mar 2016, 05:00


A "gorgeous spring day with bright sunshine" in the UK? Is that possible? :) Actually, here in the Philadelphia region we have bright sunshine this morning, which is why I had to wear my sunglasses over my red cat's-eyes that are clear at the bottom, while driving to work. And I am the only woman I have seen thus far today wearing glasses.

FYI, it may not be National Glasses Day, but according to my calendar, today is National Goof Off Day. As my husband likes to say, "Everybody take a one-hour rest period!"

gwgs 22 Mar 2016, 04:06

I don't know whats up with the lovely ladies of London today but it's a gorgeous spring day with bright sunshine and I've never seen so many gwgs in my life as I've wandered around and driven to work this morning, its almost like its National Glasses Day (which it isn't), but the number of sightings of women wearing glasses I've spotted is unusually high

JC 19 Mar 2016, 04:48

I have worked in the airline industry for many years, and I can assure you that any uncorrected vision requirement is very dated information, at least for US based carriers. Of course corrected standards are very high but there is simply no uncorrected standard. I know very many pilots and flight attendants with very strong corrections -- the highest I know of personally is a very attractive female pilot in the -11.5 range. As for pilots when flying in international airspace a spare set of corrective lenses is required, but when flying domestically even that is not required, although it may be a good idea.

Richard 19 Mar 2016, 03:42

i was in the Navy Carrie and had quite sever long sight, +7 range and i was instructed to always have a spare pair of glasses on a ship. I also had a small round harry potter type frame for use with a gas mask.

Carrie 19 Mar 2016, 03:34

The Michael family were on "Gogglebox" again last night and the beautiful daughter (who is about 20) wore her glasses to watch the tv. (Gogglebox is a tv show where the people taking part are filmed in their own homes watching various tv shows on various channels and they make comments about what they are watching. It's like you are inside their tv looking at them. They are free to give their honest opinions as if the camera wasn't there, so it can be very entertaining.)

Another tv show I watched was about the Royal Navy training school. This week the show concentrated mainly on one female student. She was 20 but looked younger. She had a moderate to strong plus prescription in largish plastic frames that often slid down her nose especially when doing physical training. I didn't find her attractive but she wasn't ugly. It surprises me that anyone who needed full time correction would be allowed to join one of the armed forces. I presume that they would have to carry spare glasses with them at all times. If their glasses broke in the middle of nowhere they would become a liability and a burden to their colleagues if they didn't have a spare pair to put on immediately.

Soundmanpt 17 Mar 2016, 10:17

Talking about this subject reminds me of some thing I told in hear about 7 years ago or more. At the time was would often go to the local mall to walk and also chat with some of the people working at various stores. One store the manager was a young lady that used to work at the company I worked for so we were pretty good friends. So when ever I was at the mall I would go into the clothing store she worked at to chat with her a bit. One visit she introduced me to a new employee of hers. As we chatted she told me that she also works as a flight attendant for American Airlines. But this was till during the time when airlines were recovering from 911 and business was off quite a bit so she needed a 2nd job to pay her bills. Her route was always St. Louis to South Carolina. Anyway my friend told her about how I get glasses for people around the mall including herself. A week or so later I stopped in to see if my friend was working and she wasn't but the new girl was working. She wanted to know about me getting glasses for people and she told me she was interested in seeing some of my samples. She really liked one pair a lot but all my samples have slight prescriptions in them because they are also used with the volunteer vision group I work with. I told her that I would place an order for the pair she lied but since she didn't need a prescription I would get hers made with no prescription and she would have then in about 2 weeks. But when I went on line with Zenni they were no longer available. So I told her that they weren't available anymore and she asked if she could just buy the sample. She said she was fine with the prescription and really couldn't tell much difference. They were only -.50. I told her that was fine with me and since they aren't available anymore II would sell them to her for half price which was only $10.00. She said she mainly wanted them to wear when she goes out of town on a flight with her co workers from the airline. Anyway not longer after that I was again at the store and she was working. While we were talking a very attractive petite blond came in and it was like 2 school girls that hadn't seen each other for a while. They started hugging each other and almost screaming. The blond had on Daisy Duke shorts which are really short and low cut top. the only thing out of place was her glasses which looked dated. They were very simple wire frame glasses. I could tell they weren't very strong. Anyway after they stopped the hugging the flight attendant girl introduced me to her friend as one of the girls she flies with. Of course the first thing I say is "so your also a flight attendant"? This got very quick response that no she is one of the pilots. Right now she is the co-pilot of the team and she was in line to pilot her own plane but with the slow down she was being held back. My friend introduced me as the guy that she got her glasses from. With that the blond pilot said that she needs to get new glasses and she would contact me. I gave her information but never heard from her. Soon after that the airline business was improving and the flight attendant girl soon was not working in the clothing store anymore.

Soundmanpt 17 Mar 2016, 09:36


Thank you for your all your work and finding so many videos as well as even the standard requirements. That requirement list you found where it said that uncorrected vision had to be not worse than 20/200 I assume that isn't a recent requirement list? I looked for a date as to when it was published but didn't see one. But based on the price of what a uniform was costing ($600.00 - $800.00) I don't think it was that long ago?

Melyssa 17 Mar 2016, 04:59

Well, even though I qualify on the weight/height, attractive, conservative appearance, and hair-length requirements, it would seem that my vision (including so many pairs of big, bold, and beautiful glasses), and my tell-it-like-it-is approach would not go well with Frank Borman and friends, or whoever owns whatever airlines are still around. Oh yes, there's that $$$ thing, needing to corner the market on Dramamine, and I do not care much for traveling to be a stew -- uh, flight attendant. :)

Likelenses 17 Mar 2016, 00:34

Several airlines training videos,one after another

I can see why poor vision without glasses could be a major problem

Likelenses 17 Mar 2016, 00:18

Try this one

Likelenses 17 Mar 2016, 00:16



Likelenses 16 Mar 2016, 23:55


According to this,their uncorrected can be no worse than 20/200,which would be about -2.50 glasses.

Likelenses 16 Mar 2016, 23:29


This has been several years ago,but at that time most U.S. airlines had to meet certain physical minimum standards for pilots,and flight attendants.

If after being hired those standards could not be met,by FAA regulation they could not perform the job ,and were sometimes offered office or administrative positions,or some went on disability.

Soundmanpt 16 Mar 2016, 14:39


It sure would be interesting if they had video taped all the would be flight attendants trying to do this without their glasses being on. There had to be a lot of them that were unable to to it and even the ones that managed probably quite a few of them were struggling trying to see without their glasses. To be hones it almost seemed a cruel thing to put them through but I guess in the name of safety it was necessary to do. But I wonder how often they were tested? If they were only tested when they were hired they could have had decent vision and was able to pass the test okay. But most of these flight attendants are rather young girls and that same flight attendant a few years later and after a few increases in her prescription may not have been able to pass the test without her glasses. So I wonder if any flight attendants ever were let go after working several years and maybe being unable to pass the test a few years later?

Jim H 15 Mar 2016, 20:28

I have to agree with everyones observations. I have seen a quite a few more flight attendants with glasses, however none close to the prescription I encountered. Even without the glasses, she would have been very attractive. She may have usually worn contacts but recently got new glasses as they seemed like they needed adjustment.

Likelenses 15 Mar 2016, 20:25

I forgot to say that she had to demonstrate this every year during her recurrent training.

Likelenses 15 Mar 2016, 20:23

A number of years ago in the U.S., if a flight attendant wore glasses ,she would have to demonstrate that she could do a proper cabin emergency evacuation,in reduced lighting,without her glasses on.

This was to simulate a smoke filled cabin ,and in the event that her glasses were knocked off,or broken.

Myopeinhere 15 Mar 2016, 10:44

I work for British Airways amongst others and they now have Flight attendants on what they call 'mixed fleet' cheaper contracts etc, etc and some of these wear quitestrong glasses,was talking to one the other day about a snag she had in the cabin and she was at least a -6, lovely looker,and they're all shapes and sizes as well,makes a refreshing chnge

MisterMild 14 Mar 2016, 20:31

What a treat, Jim H! How rare it is that a lovely GWG is positioned 'front of house' where you can really get an eyeful. I suspect this lady normally does wear contacts, but that you perhaps caught her on a 'bad eyes' day when she had to resort to the glasses. However, there's little doubt the airline recruiters have had to ease off on their original high standards.

Crystal Veil 14 Mar 2016, 09:15

Times have changed, or at least so it seems. Over the past few years, flight attendants are allowed to wear glasses, even if the lenses have a substantial prescription. Last year I saw a drop dead gorgeous black beauty in flight attendant uniform on Schiphol Airport and her glasses were at least minus ten, if not minus twelve. And in 2014 I saw another incredibly beautiful GWG in uniform at work in the perfume department of the duty free shop at the airport of one either Tenerife of Grand Canaria. Her glasses were at least minus eight. So yes, they are out there nowadays. Not many but still, it's an encouraging development.

Soundmanpt 14 Mar 2016, 08:46

Jim H. and Puffin

I am old enough to remember that at one time a flight attendant wasn't allowed to even wear glasses and had to have perfect or near perfect vision if she wanted to be a flight attendant. I can only assume that airlines thought in an emergency a flight attendant would be quickly become rather useless to passengers if her glasses were to come off or be broken and unable to see properly. This was also just before contacts started to become available.

Puffin 14 Mar 2016, 05:25

Jim H

It seems to me unusual to hear about a strongly corrected GWG in such a customer-facing job where conventional attractiveness is usually deemed important.

I've seen a few GWG flight attendants, but none with any more than light RX.

Jim H 13 Mar 2016, 18:37

Had a nice sighting on a flight home yesterday. The flight attendant assigned to the rear of the plane where I was sitting was around 37 years old, tanned skin and a nice body with great curves. She was about 5'6" with thick brown wavy hair pulled back in a high pony that transitioned to dirty blonde hanging down just past her shoulders. A decorative scarf was tied around her neck, and she had a white blouse under her tight blue vest which matched her tight pants, and nice black patent leather wedges. Her glasses were a moderately large slight cat eye Coach frame in brown tortoise and her lenses were a high minus with plano fronts! Her brown eyes looked amazing with nice cut in and power rings. The sun was coming in through the windows and reflected beautifully of her lenses, which stuck out slightly from the back of her frame. She had a great smile, perfect bright white teeth and was friendly, and was constantly pushing up her glasses. During the safety demo, the oxygen mask caught on her glasses and almost pulled them off. Plenty of opportunity to watch her as she served the drinks and fantasize! Stood with her in the back for a minute waiting for the bathroom and said to her that her company always has the most attractive attendants. Not usually like me but couldn't resist. She at least smiled and said thanks. GWGS always make for better travelling.

Tom1 13 Mar 2016, 14:34

Dinner with old friends yesterday, between them three womens in their late 40s.

When they opened the menu, comments were 1) why they printed it that small??? Hard to read... 2) that's impossible to read, need to put on my reading glasses 3) I cannot see neither the pictures and I don't have my glasses with me! So woman 2 took out of her purse a pair of weak reading glasses, they seemed to be around +1. She read the menu then handed her glasses to woman 3. She put them on, squinted and struggled to the menu commenting: lucky girl you are, these are weak. I'd need much stronger but still better that nothing since my purse is to small for my glasses, too. Then the two looked at woman 1 and asked what did she choose. She looked very embarassed and admitted she could not read the menu. She added "do you really need glasses to read? My eyes are ok but this is still too small for them, maybe it's the low light..." The glasses owner smiled and gave the glasses to her friend saying "my dear, your eyes are not younger than our ones... try putting my glasses on" Woman 1 tried and... "oh my God, what kind of a miracle is that... everything's so sharp with these!!!! What does it mean??? Shall I put glasses, too?!?!" I'm afraid so, concluded woman 3. Woman 1 didn't look very happy but had to admit she really needed glasses and thought they could make her life much easier at work, too.

lentifan 12 Mar 2016, 17:32

It must be several years since I've seen a pair of myodisc glasses 'in real life' as it were, but I saw one today. Rather surprisingly, it was a young male, about 20 year-old, rather studenty in appearance, tallish, thinnish, with unflashy clothes, long hair and moustache. The glasses were in a robust-looking tortoiseshell-coloured plastic frame and the lenses looked strong. I only got a glimpse and not quite head-on, but there appeared to have been no attempt to cosmeticize them. Certainly more than -20d, possibly up to -30d.

I hope they don't prevent him pulling the birds. I am not into young men but I was quite envious.

Carrie 12 Mar 2016, 12:37

Just an observation rather than a wish to sleep with her (apart from my girlfriend, I am in to older women). Admiring a woman's beauty for me is the same as admiring a man for being handsome and I have no desire to sleep with a man. This is what she looks like, except my colleague's daughter has darker hair. This is not her but Hannah Reid the lead singer of British band London Grammar.

 11 Mar 2016, 11:54

Control yourself, Carrie. She is just a little girl. Not a sexual object.

Wyn 11 Mar 2016, 03:40

Two sisters got on the bus and sat in the seat in front of me. Both wore significant minus lenses. The younger kept fiddling with her glasses and was then told off by big sister. She replied that she had come to the conclusion that she needed a stronger Rx. Her sister said "Impossible you only got those glasses 3 months ago". The younger said that she could not read the screen at school or any car numbers, and looked at a poster across the bus pushing her glasses tight to her face and said she could only read it that way.

Older sister said helpfully "You'll be in double figures now and probably need special glasses in a couple of years.

Melyssa 07 Mar 2016, 13:59


The way McGuire feels about #87 with Pittsburgh, well, either way, I would like to know what lipstick Cindy uses so I can avoid it. :)

As for other members of the national TV crew, I did not mention their nicknames earlier -- "Schlock" Emrick, Eddie Upchuck, and Mike Milbury Doughboy. Emrick looked okay 25 years ago.

Back when he played for the Flyers, my being a rather young lady at the time, I thought that Bobby Clarke looked cute with his aviator glasses (and his dentures in place -- LOL).

REd 07 Mar 2016, 12:47


I'm a hockey fan so I get the reference Pierre the 4th McGuire Sister. Hilarious and slightly naughty! Luv it!

June 06 Mar 2016, 05:23

Hi Carrie, my Daughter looks lovely in her plus glasses even if she is a bit cross eyed without them. Sure your friends daughter will look the same.

Carrie 06 Mar 2016, 04:26

I was chatting to one of my colleagues on Friday about varous things including weekend plans. She mentioned that her and her daughter were going to the optician on Saturday to collect her daughter's new glasses. I remembered that her daughter got her first glasses about a year ago and wore them full time straight away. My colleague said that her daughter had to get a stronger prescripton as her first prescription was lower so she could get used to it easier. I've only seen her daughter a few times and I remember that she is quite a beauty and looks older than her actual age, which would be 16 now. I also remember that her first prescription was around +2. My colleague didn't say what her daughter's new prescription is and I didn't ask.

Melyssa 03 Mar 2016, 12:35

A number of television sightings yesterday:

1. Mike Emrick and Pierre the 4th McGuire Sister on the NHL broadcast.

2. Doris Burke on the NBA pre-show (just to see what teams were playing, not to watch any of the game – the 76ers are boring enough).

3. Two contestants on “Press Your Luck” from 1986 – including an old woman with small drop-temples.

4. “Super Password” from 1983-84 – Fred Grandy (of Love Boat) wearing clear plastic frames, and a female contestant wearing large plastic frames with an upsweep between the sides and the front.

5. “Match Game ‘79” – a female contestant (Nancy Lowe) wearing large brownish plastic frames with even more power rings than I have.

Likelenses 03 Mar 2016, 00:35

When I am caught,my girlfriend simply stares at the gwg,and taps on her own thick lense,with her index finger.

I get the message !And then we both have good laugh !

Galileo 02 Mar 2016, 17:47

@Therouteur - that is why I got divorced :)

gwgs 02 Mar 2016, 02:28

Similar things happen around my other half too, she notices the gwgs at a similar time to me, and sometimes likes to comment on then in a rather overt manner "oh look, your dream, thick glasses". :(

Therouteur 01 Mar 2016, 19:50

Interesting one this morning.

I was sitting down at the beach sipping my morning restorative double shot cappuccino (Early morning of course: nobody, but nobody would be caught dead with cappuccino, fat or skinny, passing their lips post 10 am). Mrs Routeur was in excellent form enumerating with joy, nay with great gusto, my many shortcomings.

I should've been taking notes but sadly my attention was elsewhere. But a few yards away, her shapely bum planted firmly in a rock, her feet playing in the sand, was a goddess. Lithe, even sportive, a tight navy tank top which showed just a hint of nipple, frayed denim shorts which clung to her torso for dear life, hair which you just knew would, with a deft click of that clasp, come cascading down on you. And a pair of thin brown going on black frames with a respectable rx. Was this the woman for whom the acronym "OMG" was invented.

Unfortunately she was draped around some bemuscled goose wearing the Surf Club's t-shirt.

I may need to take out a contract.

"And you can never keep your filthy eyes off those girls with glasses......."

Yes dear, your every whim, your every desire is my command....

gwgs 01 Mar 2016, 06:30

Carrie and Soundman - we have talked about Emma Bunton before on here, if you look on her Instagram feed, or on my Flickr website - and search for her, you'll see quite a few photos of her - she must have hit presbyopia early, that or she wore contact lenses for years and years.

A couple of interesting sightings aside from that today - one when I just popped out to get a sandwich for lunch, there was a blonde lady in front of me in the queue for the checkouts who was holding her black Wayfarer type frames in her right hand, swirling them around by the arm. I could quite distinctly see the power rings and a little lens thickness protuding out of the rear of her frames, yet she only chose to put them on when she was rooting through her handbag for her purse!! A very mixed up sighting!

Coming back into the office, I walked into 2 of our girls discussing various matters and one pulled out a stationary invoice she has received via email and said "I've asked them to email me in future by pdf as the writing was just far too small to comprehend, or even see". For several years she seems to have been in denial about the onset of the aforementioned presbyopia, as whenever I've gone to work on her machine, she has every programme and browser zoomed in to 150% of its original size, and the text size is therefore HUGE! She finally bit the bullet a few months ago and bought a pair of reading glasses but I'm yet to see her wear them - this previous point verifies this perfectly, as instead of wearing her glasses to read the stationary receipts, the glasses are sitting in their case on her desk whilst she asks companies to send her electronic receipts instead of paper ones so can zoom in on what they say!! Madness

Tom1 29 Feb 2016, 13:24

Wonderful sighting today, actually one of the bareeyed sightings I love most!

Walking in front of a bank office, which has large windows along the street. A young clerk at her desk, around mid 30s I'd say. No customer, she was looking at her PC screen squinting and pulling the lid of her left eye with the left hand! She clearly had troubles focusing. I have seen her few times before (got into that bank sometime in the past to withdraw or change money), never without glasses nor without sign of being bareeyed as today. My guess is that she is mild nearsighted and always wears contacts. She didn't have contacts in today for some reason and she has been trying to cope without correction. I'm sure she managed in some way (I don't want to think she is more than, say, -3 or so) but not without being catched by a trained spotter as I am.

Carrie 28 Feb 2016, 04:02

Sadly she only wore her glasses to read a question from a card for one of the chefs to answer. I think she must mainly need glasses for reading and can get away with not wearing them full time all the time.

For those Eyescene readers in the UK she is co-presenting a new TV show on BBC2 at 6:30pm every weekday evening starting tomorrow. Maybe she will wear her glasses on it.

Soundmanpt 27 Feb 2016, 08:11


Nice! The bad thing is over here we don't get that show. It wasn't all that long ago that Emma Button commented about here wearing glasses saying that she had only started wearing glasses within the past 2 years but loves how they feel. This was of course in regards to something for Spcsavers but it's nice that she must have been telling the truth since she was wearing glasses on that show which had nothing to with glasses.

Carrie 27 Feb 2016, 04:10

Emma Bunton wearing glasses on "Saturday Kitchen" now. (She's a guest, not cooking)

Weirdeyes 26 Feb 2016, 19:40

I had an interesting sighting at the library today. I saw a Russian/Slavic family sitting across from me. The mom didn't wear glasses at all, the dad wore low minus glasses and the son wore thick plus glasses. When he was reading a book I noticed the lense thickness in the center of the lens. It looked like it was around the +6-10 range. When he finally looked up I saw that they were lenticulars. That means they're closer to +20.00.

kuki 26 Feb 2016, 08:18

The most amazing encounter last night at restaurant down town a young 20 something girl with a pixie hair cut in a table in front of mine wearing black ray-bans with very strong minus -15 or more, great way to end my day.

MisterMild 26 Feb 2016, 03:19

Therouteur, we haven't heard from you in so long that I had begun to imagine myself the only surviving OO on our side of the Pacific. Your blonde shelf-stacker sounds sumptuous, but Erina Fair is just a little too far removed from Australia's most liveable city (sic) for me to refuel the Holden and head north. But do keep us posted, anyway. Good on yer, mate.

Therouteur 25 Feb 2016, 17:32

Quick, Coasties! Get to Chemist Warehouse Erina Fair before she disappears.

Yes, a quick guest appearance by our favorite blonde blue-eyed shelf stacker. Yes, perfect minus in both eyes, I'd say -3.75 or so. A smile to charm even the hardest bitten. Is that steam rising from my keyboard? Oh be still my beating heart!

Conrad 25 Feb 2016, 00:16

Sitting at a group of chairs in Doha airport lounge waiting for my flight when I was joined by 3 girls as there was not much spare seating. Two were Chinese and the third was English. All 3 were myopes wearing glasses. The English girl commented favorably to one of the others about her new glasses. She replied that she was visiting the retina clinic at the hospital when they found that her R eye needed a big increase and her L a small one. She said I am now -14 and -10, that's why I got new smaller frames. They were very high index but the R in particular stuck out both front and back. The others who were only in the -3to -5 territory wee shocked.

Galileo 22 Feb 2016, 17:26

Thanks Tom1, I have not seen her for a few days now, and you are right I should move any future encounters to going without glasses

Tom1 21 Feb 2016, 15:18

Galileo: the bareyed sightings are so hot! Go ahead reporting about your colleague and consider post something in the "going around without glasses rhread", too.

Likelenses 21 Feb 2016, 00:56


Since bioconcave lenses seem to come in lower powers in Malaysia than seen elsewhere,I am wondering if anyone knows of any Malaysian online optical sources.

Years ago,I had a girlfriend that was in her twenties,and her myopia was still increasing.

One Sat.after her eye exam.,she stopped by my place,and was really down,as her optometrist had told her if she had one more increase,that she would no longer attain 20/20,and that she would not be able to wear contacts.

When her new glasses arrived about two weeks later,they were very thick bioconcaves. I later learned that her Rx was now -14.0 Previously she had flat fronts.

She looked stunning in the bios,but sadly,shortly after she moved out of town due to a job transfer and,we lost track of one another.

Weirdeyes 20 Feb 2016, 15:40

I think the strongest glasses I've seen are -20.00ish myodiscs on a bus(I couldn't get close enough to see) and strong lenticular plus glasses that were above +20.00. They looked like Collin's glasses and a little girl was wearing them.

Traveler 20 Feb 2016, 07:49

Puffin - I should have said that the strongest lenses I have seen were yesterday breakfast when a Malay Chinese Mom and her 12yr old were both wearing bi concaves. The Mom had bi concave myodisks with a half inch bowl. You could not see her eyes for power rings and reflections. I would not guess the Rx but she buried her face in her fruit bowl - probably less than 6 inchs from it. Her daughter had bi concave lenses but only mid teens Rx. The edges of the lenses were about three quarters of an inch thick because she wore quite wide rectangular plastic frames with wide sides.

Traveler 20 Feb 2016, 07:34

Puffin - they were in an eliptical plastic frame. They were quite shiny and looked to be not more than a few months old.

Here in Malaysia they seem to do plano fronts sooner than N America, similarly these bi concaves were not that strong -guessing perhaps -12 as overall the edges were not much over a half inch thick.

As quite strong prescriptions are common here, I have seen several bi concaves.

Puffin 20 Feb 2016, 04:59

Traveler - I'm envious about the bi-concave lenses. Were they in a plastic or metal frame?

I've never seen any in real life, whereas I've seen a very few myodisks.

Traveler 20 Feb 2016, 02:56

To finish our Malaysian Conference, the Delegates were invited to a Concert last night in the KLCC. The performers were almost all local schoolchildren with a couple of TV stars to compere the show.

I had a really good seat with a great view of the stage and the whole performance of singing and dancing mostly of Malaysian songs and dances, but, to finish with some international favorites including Beatles numbers. It was really well done.

It also showcased just how myopia progresses with age. The youngest groups (about 10/11) had few glasses wearer, but these rapidly increased until the oldest groups were mostly bespectacled. In general more girls than boys were wearing glasses, even in the oldest groups and the soloists, who were about 18 to 20.

On the way out of the hall, all of the Delegates were presented with a preserved national flower by the performers. I was presented by a girl of about 16 with a beautiful smile, who was wearing a really strong minus prescription in a large heavy frame (lenses showing proud both back and front - bi concave). A great end to a great concert.

Traveler 20 Feb 2016, 02:56

To finish our Malaysian Conference, the Delegates were invited to a Concert last night in the KLCC. The performers were almost all local schoolchildren with a couple of TV stars to compere the show.

I had a really good seat with a great view of the stage and the whole performance of singing and dancing mostly of Malaysian songs and dances, but, to finish with some international favorites including Beatles numbers. It was really well done.

It also showcased just how myopia progresses with age. The youngest groups (about 10/11) had few glasses wearer, but these rapidly increased until the oldest groups were mostly bespectacled. In general more girls than boys were wearing glasses, even in the oldest groups and the soloists, who were about 18 to 20.

On the way out of the hall, all of the Delegates were presented with a preserved national flower by the performers. I was presented by a girl of about 16 with a beautiful smile, who was wearing a really strong minus prescription in a large heavy frame (lenses showing proud both back and front - bi concave). A great end to a great concert.

Galileo 18 Feb 2016, 18:53

On 21 January I posted about a young woman where I'm currently working who seemed to be a high myope who walks around bareyed

I'm convinced now that her prescription is around -6 and yet she continually wanders round the office without glasses. Outside she has a coping mechanism, the space beyond the office door is wide open and uniformly white concrete and I notice that when she goes out there without glasses she is always walking behind someone who is going the same way she is.

At her desk or at the photocopier she always has her glasses on but other times she often has them off. Today she came down to the area where I sit, bare eyed and squinting through the glass partitions into different offices. The guy in the office next to me does not put his lights on, he works by the light coming through the glass from adjacent offices. He was in there working, dark skin, dark shirt in a dark room but with his door open. She squinted towards his office then walked over to the receptionist who sits outside where I was working and asked her where the guy was. Receptionist looked a bit surprised and said he's in there. She walked over to the office again, squinted some more then tapped on the door and went in.

I'm amazed she manages to function at all with a Rx that high and no glasses.

gwgs 18 Feb 2016, 07:27

Interesting encounter Tom, made pick up all that more interesting!

Traveler 18 Feb 2016, 07:23

In Malaysia this week for a conference. Lovely country and friendly people. A great place if you like GWGs. Between 30 and 40 percent of girls wear glasses, virtually all minus. Few wear low minus, most wear -3 to -7, quite a few wear up to double figures and a few wear really strong ones.

On the MRT tonite, went 4 stops surrounded by 6 girls who had gotten on together. All wearing large plastic frames with flat fronts over -7.The smallest and bubbliest had the strongest - into double digits.

Tom 18 Feb 2016, 04:19

I was waiting at my children’s school yesterday for the bell to ring and the day to end. A mom came to me and asked whether my youngest one had enjoyed a birthday party of another girl the past weekend, where her daughter was also invited.

At first I had not recognized her, but then I realized she was wearing a very different pair of glasses than when I had met her at the end of the birthday party. I told her “hey, apologies, I hadn’t immediately recognized you, but now you have these smaller red glasses while over the weekend you had the larger black Ray-Ban frames?”. She laughed and said indeed, and she was surprised I had noticed they were Ray-Bans on Saturday. I told her I had, and they fit her well, but I complimented her also on the red frames she was wearing, which I said I found very nice and feminine. She thanked me, and said she was not yet fully used to her new Ray-Bans, which is why she had yesterday afternoon switched to her previous frames again. As she had clearly no issue to discuss glasses, and we were still waiting for the school bell anyway, I said I did not know it was so difficult to get used to new glasses. She told me it was not about the frames, but the lenses, which were stronger in her new frames. I concurred that her lenses looked like they were quite strong indeed, and I felt sorry for her, saying “I guess you must be minus 5 or so?” She told me her new glasses had minus 7.5, and she thought he red frames she was then wearing were minus 6 is she remembered well, but she had gone for an eye doctor appointment because she felt – especially when in the car – that she really needed a check.

Then the bell rang… I will for sure look for her again another day!

Weirdeyes 15 Feb 2016, 11:54


I see my mom and my younger sister lose their reading glasses all the time. I'm so happy I just wear glasses fulltime and don't have to worry about that.

Carrie 15 Feb 2016, 11:09

I was in my parents house yesterday and my mum spent at least 5 minutes, probably more, looking for her reading glasses. She eventually found them about 4 steps away from where she was sitting when she got up to look for them! They were actually in their case on a side table. She said she saw the case when she started looking for her glasses but couldn't remember putting her glasses in there. Instead she goes around the entire house before coming back and actually checking her case! I laughed so much! Mum laughed as well. She said "Just you wait until you get old like me and your dad then you'll find yourself doing things just like that!" I suppose an advantage of being a fulltime glasses wearer is that your glasses are always on your face. Of course if you get up late and rush around not concentrating you can still forget to put your glasses on in the first place even if you are only in your early 20s (you might remember my post a week or 2 ago telling you I did exactly that).

Likelenses 12 Feb 2016, 16:26


Perhaps we could sneak up behind her for a few peeks through the lenses,so that we could determine the power.

Likelenses 12 Feb 2016, 16:20

To the person posing as LauraC

Cheryl told me she knows you and you are a disgusting person that is into felching.

Puffin 12 Feb 2016, 15:29

Surely not Dale Arden?

 12 Feb 2016, 13:58


His real first name is Dale.

LauraC 12 Feb 2016, 09:50

I am having a sexual lesbian relationship with my lover Cheryl. We both wear thick glasses. Nobody knows but Likelenses that we are fake. Because once he gets tired of pretending to be one character, he invents a new one. One clue for the clueless here: none of his characters have last names. and when you try to talk to him about these "entities" later, he gets angry and highly defensive.

LauraC and Charyl sitting in a tree, k i s s i n g and we love it.

It's time to call a spade a spade.

gwgs 12 Feb 2016, 05:45

@likelenses - if she does, I'd sure like to see them - wink wink :)

Likelenses 12 Feb 2016, 02:04


I wonder if Jacinta Beaner wear glasses.

gwgs 12 Feb 2016, 01:40

I walked past a lady earlier. I didn't know where to look so stared at the ground in case it was Jacinta Beam in disguise. Pmsl.

 11 Feb 2016, 15:07

i like how anyone who disagrees with you is a troll. do you call mommy about it too? grow up. everyone has a right to their opinion. it's nice to see your true colors of only listening to yourself. be proud. HA.

Puffin 11 Feb 2016, 11:24

I was out this morning and saw a young woman wearing glasses, gentle myopic ones too in fairly old-fashioned frames. I didn't look for too long: I was worried the sky might fall in.

Soon thinking about glasses will be disapproved of.

gwgs 11 Feb 2016, 10:16


Lots of ladies out in the sunshine today wearing their glasses - not sunglasses like the majority of other people. So many now wearing the larger round shape that has become so fashionable - oh what a sight to behold compared with the smaller dire hexi frame we had to endure!

specs4ever 11 Feb 2016, 10:14

Best to quit feeding the trolls. Moonshiner will get rid of them when he has the time.

Soundmanpt 11 Feb 2016, 08:22

Jacinta Beam

You are entitled to your opinion, but I looked at all the responses to you and no one "attacked you".

gwgs 11 Feb 2016, 01:53

As I said Jacinta, if you've nothing better do, go and play with traffic instead of posting antagonistic comments on here - if you understand what that words means. Bye.

Likelenses 10 Feb 2016, 22:43

Jacinta Beaner

If you don't like it don't bother coming here.

Jacinta Beam 10 Feb 2016, 17:17

i guess you can't recognize the difference between casual observing and sitting for over an hour meticulously studying women with glasses, trying to look behind their lenses, trying to formulate their prescription, and this weird stranger bending over to hear every single word of their conversation, and apparently taking copious notes to repost.

It isn't just stalky. It's SCARY too. Thanks for the attack back. I guess that's easier than explaining your own actions.

Soundmanpt 10 Feb 2016, 12:06


I don't think you did anything wrong and certainly not even close to stalking. Observing and listening is not stalking someone. Stalking would be if he were to have followed her and yes that would be a different story. Tell me that a woman in most cases doesn't dress extra nice not to get attention and noticed. Is that stalking? I don't think so. If a woman pays several hundred dollars for a nice pair of glasses don't you think she wants them to be noticed? I am very sure that every woman appreciates a nice complement on her glasses even by s stranger because she knows her friends will always lie to her and tell her how great her glasses even if they think they look terrible. A stranger's complement is much more real to her and she has to feel even better about her glasses.

Plus Tony 10 Feb 2016, 09:55

While I think it is true that sometimes people can go too far I think the vast majority of postings in sightings are perfectly reasonable and brighten the day of those of us who are in one way or another bespectacled or spectacle obsessed.

As I write this I've just completed a train journey where I was sitting opposite a woman with a beautiful pair of readers which she kept moving between her eyes and the top of her head. I couldn't help thinking how attractive she looked with them on. Unfortunately a crowded train was not the appropriate place to offer a compliment. I appreciate some may take offence at this thought but is it any different from noticing and appreciating any other aspect of someone's appearance? A nice shirt or a pair of earrings for example? Provided we are respectful of our fellow human beings I think it is perfectly reasonable to notice things and, if relevant post them here. We live in an age of suspicion (some of it entirely reasonable) but it would be a poorer world if we were no longer able to share our observations of it to brighten the day.

gwgs 10 Feb 2016, 09:35

Precisely Puffin - I seem to recall that the nature of this thread is also about reporting on what one has seen that is of interest to them, which is what I did.

I don't recall "Jacinta Beam" posting anything relevant or contributing anything here, or anywhere else for that matter.

When one stops commenting / posting on 'sightings' this part of the board will become redundant, and that will be a sad day.

Puffin 10 Feb 2016, 05:02

Speaking for myself, mostly I see these people only once or perhaps twice in my entire life, probably just for a brief moment as they walk past. How that's "stalky" I don't know. I don't go out of my way to see them. Often I sit in a coffee shop near the window and watch people go past, if they wear interesting glasses then that's a bonus.

gwgs 10 Feb 2016, 02:42

Its hardly gathering details when you're in a supermarket queue and someone is standing behind you talking openly

Jacinta Beam 09 Feb 2016, 16:36

gwgs has some very detailed sightings which creep me out. very very stalky. i wonder how strange it must have looked for him to be listening so closely to that conversation to get every word. i noticed earlier posts where he sits in a coffee shop oggling women with thick glasses, thinking incessantly about the woman. gathering the most minor details. it is strange and creepy.

gwgs 09 Feb 2016, 02:37

Anonymous poster - I do love these keyboard warriors who are so confident in writing these witty one liners that can't even post their username. If you managed to get past the first line or two of my post you'd note the location. Now jog on and bother someone else

Soundman - me too! She couldn't have been less forthright if she tried!!

Magician as alcoholic 08 Feb 2016, 21:44

Get a leg up.

astigmaphile 08 Feb 2016, 19:16

I am sure that soundmanpt is a gentleman. Anonymous poster, are you the one hiding in the bushes messing with your self?

 08 Feb 2016, 16:56

were you huddled behind a bush listening.. and doing other things?

Soundmanpt 08 Feb 2016, 09:52


Sometimes those "geeky mousey" type girls can be real sex kitten when their glasses come off. You never know she very well might be one of them. She clearly was letting him know what she wanted and this poor guy needed a brick to hit him in the head because he was surely not getting her intentions. Something tells me that her glasses have been off several times before with a partner?

gwgs 08 Feb 2016, 09:41

Another interesting conversation overhead, this time in the supermarket checkout queue yesterday. For a couple of years now I've seen the same fairly highly myopic girl wander up and down one of my local streets, and always by herself. She has small oval silver rimmed glasses with - considering the size of the frame - some decent lens thickness, and noticeable cut in. She's quite a geeky looking girl, so was surprised to hear what I heard yesterday!! She's probably in her mid to late 20's by way of background

For the first time yesterday, I saw she was with a guy and the conversation turned to a glasses related matter. It seemed as if they must have just met, 1st date / 2nd date maybe sort of thing. He said he couldn't wait to get home to take out his contact lenses as they were bothering him.

She said "You wear lenses, ok, what about glasses?" He responded saying "only when I'm at home", she said "I don't mind if you wear glasses with me. You see me, I'm wearing glasses and wear them all the time, except for somethings at home I don't wear them. You know." He said "Really? What sort of things?" She responded by saying "I'd kind of like it if you couldn't see for a bit and were blind like me, without my glasses. You could borrow my glasses. I'd like that". He obviously wasn't getting the hint of what she was saying, and I was rather surprised at how forward she was being!! He said, "that would be strange, as how would I see through your glasses?". She responded by saying again, "Well I'd like it, acting all blind." He looked confused and look over at the chocolate bars. She then giggled to herself! She then asked if he would like any chocolate given all the chocolate bars were next to them in the queue. He said he was trying to be good to which she responded "good's boring, chocolate's good, you know you what it. It can make things interesting!!!".

Unfortunately I was no at the front of the queue and ready to pay for my goods, all be it rather flummoxed at what I'd just heard from this geeky mousey looking girl!!

Soundmanpt 08 Feb 2016, 08:55


In Tom's wife case I suppose for her that could be a part of the problem in her mind because even though she is a little bit myopic she isn't at the point where she wear's her glasses full time. But yes I completely agree with you that if she was already wearing her glasses full time going to progressives wouldn't be much of a big deal at all for her. And I guess if she wants she can of course still get progressives and only wear them when needed. Or go with 2 pairs of glasses. Actually for her it might be a better idea for her at first to just buy a weak pair of over the counter readers so she can find out how often she will use them.

SC 08 Feb 2016, 02:42


Yes reading glasses do accelerate dependency. They make life easier at the cost of not being reversible.

I needed readers at 41/42yo but held-off until I was almost 44. With hindsight this was pointless. I'm hyperopic and now wear full-time anyway.

With myopes who already wear for distance, I'd go straight to progressives - dependency really doesn't make any difference then.

 07 Feb 2016, 15:03

Legal definition of LEGALLY BLIND

To determine which people qualify for special assistance because of their visual disabilities, various governments have specific definitions for legal blindness.[59] In North America and most of Europe, legal blindness is defined as visual acuity (vision) of 20/200 (6/60) or less in the better eye with best correction possible.

This means that a legally blind individual would have to stand 20 feet (6.1 m) from an object to see it—with corrective lenses—with the same degree of clarity as a normally sighted person could from 200 feet (61 m). In many areas, people with average acuity who nonetheless have a visual field of less than 20 degrees (the norm being 180 degrees) are also classified as being legally blind.

Approximately ten percent of those deemed legally blind, by any measure, have no vision. The rest have some vision, from light perception alone to relatively good acuity. Low vision is sometimes used to describe visual acuities from 20/70 to 20/200.[60]

Likelenses 07 Feb 2016, 12:52


You are correct.That is the definition.

yogi 07 Feb 2016, 10:49

I thought legaly blind was 20/200 with correction

not 20/20

Soundmanpt 07 Feb 2016, 10:14

No name

Very true. But how many times have we heard someone say that?

 07 Feb 2016, 09:53

EXCEPT for the fact that they don't know the legal definition of "legally blind." The true definition is someone cannot see 20/20 WITH glasses.

Soundmanpt 07 Feb 2016, 09:15


Everything she is going through is very normal. She is and has been at the point for a while now where her distance vision has become quite stable and even the -.50 increase she got in the last 5 years probably was only to sharpen things up for her and maybe unnecessary. But she has entered into the period of time where small print is becoming harder on her eyes to focus on. Trying to get by without any help, reading glasses, is only going to cause her eyestrain and headaches. And to be perfectly honest she can almost expect her eyes to react much the same way as her friend's eyes have. Right now if she were to try getting a pair of readers she would probably be with only +1.00 or +1.25. But her eyes will feel so much better reading with her readers that she would very quickly hardly be able to read anything without her glasses. And then she likely will start to find that her readers aren't allowing her to see the small print nearly as good as when she first got them and she will be looking for stronger ones. Depending on how much close work your wife does she may at some point tire of all the switching from one pair of glasses to the readers or even just doing a lot of the on and off with readers. She doesn't seem to be too fond of wearing glasses except when she really needs to but she may decide that having just one pair of glasses with both her distance correction and her close up prescription in it is a better idea. Holding off with trying the readers isn't going to do any good.

Tom 06 Feb 2016, 18:02


My wife is not anxious about her distance vision, which did not change much the past 5 years, she only had an increase of .5 in both eyes since 2010. It is more about her short vision.

She says a friend had long delayed buying her first readers, but after having a first pair for "emergency cases", it took only 3 months before she could not read the newspaper at all without readers, and now, a year later, her friend already needs +2. My wife thinks the longer she tries to do without reading glasses, the slower her short distance vision will deteriorate. Thus starting using readers = quick decline of eyesight.

And oh yes, as you asked, my wife is 40, so is her friend (a few months older only).

Likelenses 06 Feb 2016, 17:10


Just to play the devils advocate,perhaps when the lens popped out it was damaged,and a new one had to be ground.

I one time had a lense pop out,and it landed face down in coarse gravel,resulting in a few fairly large nicks right in the center.

Soundmanpt 06 Feb 2016, 07:57


I get what you're saying but to be honest if she has been wearing glasses for years now she probably does feel very dependent on her glasses. It is not at all uncommon to hear some with even much weaker glasses than hers claim to be "legally blind" without their glasses. I have friends that are only -1.50 and they claim that they can't see a thing without their glasses. I think for some once things become blurry they feel like there somewhat blind. Many people might be afraid of breaking their glasses trying to pop a lens back in. And if the frame is a thin style plastic frame it is very easy to break the frame. If you ever notice the opticians will usually always heat the frame to soften the plastic and make it more flexible when they reinsert a lens. But I agree that she was exaggerating things by saying that she went in at 10:00 and had to come back at noon to get her glasses. Every optician I know can reinsert a lens in a matter of a few seconds. Also since she has been wearing glasses for so long i'm sure she must have her previous glasses which for a day she could have easily gotten by with since I doubt her prescription changes much anymore if she is now 30. Her eyes have probably been pretty stable for at least the pat 5 years. Yes it's very possible that when she gets her eyes examined that they may offer her an increase "to sharpen things up" but probably not needed at all. But they know that people will often get new glasses even with an increase of just -.25. Of course this makes more money for them as well.

Soundmanpt 06 Feb 2016, 07:32


No I think you misunderstood what I was saying to "gwgs" I didn't mean to imply that this woman had become shortsighted but rather because she was wearing her readers nearly full time if not full time that her eyes had adjusted to seeing distances with her plus glasses. And because so often the case the first readers seem to be under prescribed. So after only a few of wearing them she was finding that the small print had become a bit harder to see with her current glasses, but her distance is just fine with her glasses as they are. Her next glasses the optometrist since she is seeing so well at a distance with glasses now may keep her distance part (segment) the same but give her and increase in the lower area for reading small print. But I wouldn't expect there would be any change in her distance vision if she finds that over the counter readers in fact help her with seeing small print. In fact the idea of having her buy a cheap pair of readers is the best way to test her eyes for reading. I suspect that she is very likely to find that the readers will allow her to see the small very nicely. But none of this should have any effect on her distance vision. But if the readers do in fact work then she want to consider getting bifocals or progressives so that way she will have her prescription for distance as well as close up all in one pair of glasses. Otherwise she will be carrying 2 pairs of glasses everywhere she goes and at times even switching from one pair to the other. So if you're hoping that your wife will maybe start wearing her glasses full time this may help push her in that direction. You didn't say what age your wife is but if she is nearing 40 her need for readers would be very normal.

gwgs 06 Feb 2016, 02:52

Hi soundman, her boss has just turned 30 this year and has worn glasses for many years but as I alluded to in my previous post, like most glasses wearers, she exaggerates how bad her eyes are - one example is a couple of years ago I remember she phoned in saying she couldn't come to work as one of the lenses had popped out of her glasses and the optician wasn't open until 10am and then they her glasses wouldn't be ready for collection until lunchtime!! I know full well first of all that popping lenses back into glasses is a fairly simple job, and not something an optician would necessarily have to do, I have done this several times with glasses before. Secondly, her prescription at the time was no more than -3 so she was hardly "blind as a bat" and has worn contacts before but I am intrigued by her prescription revisions as this happened quite a few times but she is still only approx -4 unless she has some complicated astigmatism.

Tom 05 Feb 2016, 14:23

Hi Soundmanpt

From your mail below, it seems as if starting to wear reading glasses will accelerate shortsightedness? My wife has a weak minus prescription, not full time wearer, but for the past 6 months she hs been experienced increasing trouble to read fine print.

Now she cannot read small text on food packagings anymore, or the small print of the papers that come with syrups, aspirines,... I suggested and encouraged her to buy some off-the-shelves readers for when she really needs them, but she won't as she believes that once she starts using those, het eyesight will go downhill even faster. True?

Soundmanpt 05 Feb 2016, 11:09


Well since she is 46 it is very reasonable that she would be needing at least reading glasses by now. In fact i'm surprised she didn't need them even sooner. My guess is that when she got her glasses they almost always tend to under prescribe for glasses. I think in part it so that the wearer's eyes are more able to adjust to them. Then working in an office doing mostly close work such as paperwork she probably quickly found that it was much easier to just keep her glasses on all the time sine she was supposed to wear glasses for close work anyway. Her prescription was likely pretty weak so even though she didn't really have any need for glasses to see distances by keeping them on so much her eyes soon got used to seeing distances with her glasses on as well. Now that she had been wearing her glasses pretty much all the time and her glasses had relaxed her eyes even more she soon found that her glasses were actually a little too weak and she needed stronger glasses. But her distance was probably fine with the glasses she had but now her eyes were more comfortable wearing glasses for distance as well so she was given varifocals o her distance was still the same or close and they gave her a stronger reading area. So yes I do believe with the type of work she is doing that she probably needed all the changes she got.

Hopefully the boss lady will be okay with her new glasses but if these are her first glasses she too may find that after only a short time she will be needing stronger glasses as well. You didn't say what her age is?

gwgs 05 Feb 2016, 10:39

Not really sightings, but discussions / or glasses related conversation that has gone on in our relatively small office over the last couple of days that has explained the unfit state of 2 female members of our staff!!

One who is 46 only started with us about 5 months ago doing paperwork / admin jobs but within a couple of months she had gone from wearing her glasses as reading glasses (i.e. worn when dealing with paperwork as any presbyopic person would) to wearing them full time, then when I mentioned that she had given me the wrong paperwork, and had made a couple of errors documents she apologised and said it was down to her glasses. I enquired with interest as to why she it was her glasses fault and she said she was waiting for varifocals, and the optician had fitted a prescription that was seemingly too weak in her glasses that was wearing and until she got her varifocals at the end of the weak she was struggling. Not being knowledgeable at all about these sorts of matters, is it normal for someones eyesight to go downhill as much as hers has over the space of 3 months or was do you think she maybe hadn't done as much close up / desk / pc work before and this has flagged up the revision of her prescription a couple of times, and change from reading glasses to varifocals?

On a similar note, her boss has suffered from sickness, migraines and "stress" over the last few days and took a day off a couple of days ago as she couldn't get out of bed. Today she came into work and said that the doctor advised her to take a week off. I asked if there was any medication she could take, and she said that there wasn't and the only thing which would make her better she thought was her new glasses with her new prescription which she waiting for and this was mainly contributing to her migraines and stressed eyes. She has complained about her eyes for some years now and often makes out that they're a lot worse than they are (she once said her prescription changed 3 to 4 times in one year), yet her prescription is still only approx -4.

HighMyopic 22 Jan 2016, 18:05

Colin, have you been finding any time to look for your old glasses for me? I am still hoping you can find them and then mail them to me.

Colin 22 Jan 2016, 17:56


Have just seen "first dates" and wholeheartedly agree with all you said. Her glasses did seem a mild plus and she seemed such a nice person who had a really bad experience with her ex. I hope she finds someone to share her life with. If I wasn't happily married I would love to try also.

Carrie 22 Jan 2016, 17:41

On "First Dates" (tv show where people are filmed in a special restaurant on a blind date arranged by the show) tonight there was a 43 year old divorced lady on a date with a 49 year old divorced man. She certainly didn't look 43, I would have guessed at mid 30s at the most. She was pretty with her blonde hair tied back in a pony tail. She wore dark coloured plastic framed glasses that were slightly cat eye shape. She seemed to have a mild plus prescription possibly with astigmatism correction too.

I won't say how her date went in case any UK readers want to watch the show on catch-up.

If I was single I would be very happy to go on a date with her - attractive and intelligent with glasses. But I'm very happily taken and she was after a man close to her age.

Cubicle 22 Jan 2016, 16:39

Saw a tall brunette walking down the street in small rectangular metal glasses. High index with lots of cutin, around -10. She was blinded by the winter sunlight and squinted a lot.

Then a sexy 20yo student with black curly hair, skirt, stockings and big plastic plus glasses, at least +7. Very sexy with blue eyes, pushing her glasses up frequently.

Could it be that dry winter air isn't too good for contacts ?

KL 22 Jan 2016, 10:20

I saw a cute woman at the mall today, early 20ies with a +3-ish prescription (maybe more. Not sure; I always find plus harder than minus to estimate) in a huge black and clear two-tone frame that was mainly round but with defined cat-eye like corners. She had long, straight, dark blonde hair hanging down her back to waist level or so, and was wandering around while looking at her phone.

I also came across someone at work the other night, with a low minus prescription in a super cute teal fade acetate frame.

Does anyone else ever try to find out what frames it is they see people wearing? I almost asked what kind hers was.

Galileo 21 Jan 2016, 13:29

There is young woman where I'm working at the moment who wears minus glasses, which of course made me notice her. she is actually quite attractive and the glasses were puzzling me. At first I thought they were pretty high Rx, maybe in double digits as the front faces were definitely plano and sometimes looked concave. Plenty of cut in on a relatively small plastic tortoiseshell coloured frame. I once saw her pull the glasses forward to check the lenses and she did not move them further than the end of her nose.

Over the weeks I decided they were probably low index lens material and more likely around minus 6 than minus 10.

Then when I arrived at the office last week she was standing outside chatting to a guy, maybe a potential boyfriend. She had taken her glasses off and had that vacant eyed look plus some squinting and she was keeping close to him. I wondered if she was trying to impress him. I said good morning and she replied, probably recognising my voice.

Then today I met her in the office and she was not wearing her glasses again, instead she was polishing a pair of sunglasses. She squinted at me and asked if she could have a lift with us downtown. I said yes and we were leaving in a few minutes. When I came back she was sitting polishing the sun glasses and did not see me until I spoke to her. We went out to the vehicle and I watched her fumble to find the door handle.

Once on the road I asked her if she was wearing contact lenses, she said no and she wore glasses. I said I was used to seeing her in glasses and was surprised to see her without. She said the sun was bothering her eyes so she had to use the sunglasses instead. We dropped her off and she walked off down the street, it must have been a real struggle for her and I have no idea if she got where she was supposed to be going or not.

Oscar 17 Jan 2016, 11:46

On Saturday night I had a really delightful and completely unexpected sighting. I sat down in the theatre and was talking to my friend when the person sitting in the seat in front turned around and said a warm hello. She's a young woman I know quite well (we've worked together professionally) and she's a striking blonde. I had no idea she wore glasses at all, but it turns out she has a very strong prescription. Thick lenses were "disguised" in a frame with wide side-pieces, but the prescription was at least -12, possibly even more - very thick glasses, and very lovely to see, as this young woman is very attractive indeed. Since I was sitting right behind her, I saw a lot of the lens edges throughout the evening, and we talked for a while at the interval, and at the end. It made what was already an enjoyable evening into a pretty unforgettable one!

Cactus Jack 14 Jan 2016, 18:15


Thank you for the explanation about how you deal with the contacts. I will try to pass that on. I would like to tell you more about my young friend and if possible tell him about you. However, I also try to protect his privacy and also protect yours.

If it is convenient, I would appreciate it if you would contact me at


Colin 14 Jan 2016, 12:04

Cactus Jack.

I forgot to mention that my lenses are difficult to remove as they tend to stick to the eyes. I have found that squirting saline solution into the eyes and gently rolling the lens down off the centre helps. You still have to pinch the lens firmly but slowly.

I am not sure if all this helps as his lenses will probably be quit a bit thicker than mine.

I always thought I was on the edge of glasses/ contacts being able to work effectively but the fact that he manages with glasses in the plus 40s is testament to how well he has adapted.

I do wish him well.


Colin 14 Jan 2016, 08:28

Cactus Jack

Inserting contacts by the Braille method!

The best advice I can give is to take it carefully. Sit at a table with a towel spread over it and have everything to hand. Put the lens on the index finger of the same hand as the eye. (right hand right eye) Rinse the lens keeping some solution in the bowl. High plus lenses are pretty thick and don't easily turn inside out. I guess his lenses will be thicker than mine. Keep the lens upright an look straight down. Slip your glasses up onto your forehead

Pull the lower eyelid down with the middle finger of that same hand and the upper eyelid with the other hand. Gently place the lens on the centre of the eye. I can feel the lens with my eyelashes and it gets darker the closer the lens gets. Blink a few times and there you are. It usually takes a minute or so for the vision to settle down so pop the specs down to get the other lens ready.

Being pretty thick the lenses do tend to dry out and can get a bit sore. It is critical for the optician to measure the eyes carefully as the lenses can sit low on the eye. You can feel them when you blink. It is a relief to take them out after a day.

My advice is to definitely persevere with them but be prepared for everything to look very different. Move around carefully to begin with.

Best of luck. C

Colin 14 Jan 2016, 00:43

I have a foolproof method!! I will post it tonight when I get back from work. He should try the contacts if he can.

Cactus Jack 13 Jan 2016, 19:37


Thank you for sharing your experiences with us. We have a member who was born without Crystalline Lenses and wears glasses with a prescription in the +40 range. He has tried Contact Lenses in the past with very limited success. One of the problems he had was inserting and removing the contacts without help. He has an opportunity to try some experimental Contact, but dealing with them is of concern. I was wondering how you manage inserting and removing your contact lenses.


Trent 13 Jan 2016, 19:08

Interesting sighting at Costco today. A young Caucasian guy with an Asian girl. I could see from a distance there was a significant cut-in effect to her lenses. Getting closer, her Rx was easily -15 diopters. I wondered if this guy is optically obsessed like I am.

Colin 13 Jan 2016, 17:14


Thought of a couple of extra things. Some things are better with the glasses. I am a builder and find that working at height on roofs easier. I don't worry so much about the height but just concentrate on the job. It's probably that what I see appears larger than it would normally and I have no periferal view. I also see things in much greater detail with glasses than with contacts. I do have to be careful when working as the glasses bend straight lines. I rely on the spirit level whatever it looks like to me.

This may sound strange but when I was a young man I always wore my glasses to pubs and clubs. I loved it when anyone asked to try them on especially if it was an attractive girl! The slight panic of not knowing if they would be given back was exciting.

Colin 13 Jan 2016, 16:44


Well I guess I am used to wearing them. Compared with contacts the field of vision is much much narrower and you just naturally turn your head very much more. It is just adapt to looking about differently. I didn't get contacts till I was about 25 and they certainly give a very different visual experience. However I don't remember having any particular problems at school. I was no good at games but certainly joined in! I wore them for swimming. As my prescription has not changed much I had the same NHS round wire 1960s kids glasses through most of primary and secondary school. Both lenses got broken playing football and my mum could not find my old pair. Strangely I did not even mind being without glasses till the new ones arrived. I kind of enjoyed the experience and the attention. Surprising I could get around quite well with a bit of help. Also I didn't have to do any work.

I took my driving test wearing glasses in 1970. I could read the number plate at the required distance and the examiner did not mention my strong glasses although I was dreading that he would. I was always very careful when driving then and had no accidents although I was probably a little slow. I only drive with contacts now. I hope this is a good explanation. Please ask any more questions.

Owlish 13 Jan 2016, 15:36

Colin with such an extreme Rx, are you able to get around and function fairly normally while wearing your glasses? I take it you don't drive in glasses. Would that be dangerous? Do you encounter any other problems/limitations due to your strong glasses?

Colin 13 Jan 2016, 14:38

Have recently found this site and I must say its a revelation. I have worn strong glasses following a cateract op when I was 6 weeks old. Although I mostly wear contacts (for driving and work) I have an almost fanatical facination for glasses both mine and other peoples. Weirdly the stronger the better. I love the way my glasses distort anything outside the centre of the lens and the rainbow effect. I particularly like the reactions of strangers when they clock my massively magnifyed eyes. Some don't know where to look! One girl said they really suited me but she had never seen anything like them. I really don't want to have lens implants and miss all the fun!! My current glasses prescription is + 31 distance, +34 reading

Colin 13 Jan 2016, 14:03

Had a lovely sighting at a dinner dance just before Christmas. It was quite a classy affair. On our table was a lady of about 35 wearing lenticular plus glasses of at least +20. The buttons were quite small but they bulged out beautifully. There was a professional photographer in one corner and she and her husband decided to have a pic taken. She carefully removed her glasses and placed them on the table. She took her husbands arm and was guided around the tables and into place. After the session her husband made a choice of which to print on the photographers laptop. She took no part in this chatting to her friends looking in the direction of whoever she was speaking to. She can only have seen vague blurs but this did not seem to phase her.

When she was guided back and held her hand out until it touched her chair. Only after she was seated did she carefully feel on the table for her glasses, slowly without any sign of panic she placed them on.

Her husband proudly showed her the photo but she was highly unimpressed and spent the rest of the evening barating him for such a terrible choice!

Puffin 11 Jan 2016, 17:01

Seeing one or two clear or near-clear plastic frames of late. Today I saw one particular example strongly reminiscent of those seen during the 80s (or on crystal veil's site).

Carrie 10 Jan 2016, 16:51

Plus Tony - I haven't seen her, sadly. I may have just missed her on a couple of occasions since then as some of her friends came in just as we were leaving but I didn't see her. The lovely bar maid in that pub that got glasses with a minus prescription is still wearing her glasses.

 10 Jan 2016, 10:02

Doesn't it seem hypocritical that the people who post thousands of links to strangers tremble in fear and worry about ever posting a single picture of themselves? I guess they don't want to put themselves in the same shoes as their innocent victims. Most likely they would freak out if they knew someone flipped through Facebook, Instagram, and other sites and anonymously posted their pictures.

Sometimes this gets very creepy and stalky.

 10 Jan 2016, 09:44

here we go again... :(

Plus Tony 10 Jan 2016, 04:14

Hi Carrie,

Sorry to add to the list of questions but Soundmanpt's list reminded me of a sighting/hearing of yours from a few months ago. You were in a pub I think and overheard someone remarking to her friend that she didn't know she wore glasses. The friend replied that she didn't either until a couple of hours previously but now she had to wear them all the time. I was just curious to know if you'd seen her again since and if she was still doing as her optician had suggested.

Carrie 09 Jan 2016, 15:42

Hi Soundmanpt

Wow, what a lot of questions! Gemma and me are having a quiet night in and watching the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence on TV in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. She's such a great role model for women our age.

1st question: No, I haven't seen that customer for ages. Maybe she shops in the evenings. I usually work during the daytime.

Next few questions: I last saw my ex was just before Christmas. Yes they are still a couple. She has different frames from the last time I saw them but her prescription looks the same. We didn't talk about glasses.

Next question: My cousin accepted she needs her glasses full time months ago. She's still rather not need them or only need them for reading, but she is almost dependant on them now. Yes, her prescription is slightly higher than mine. I expect she will be paying a visit to the optician soon as her mum, my auntie, was keen for her to get her eyes tested every year and it has been a year since her last eye test. I won't mention it to anyone as my cousin is a bit sensitive about the subject of her eyesight.

Soundmanpt 09 Jan 2016, 13:57


Does the customer that came in and complemented you on your glasses and she was with her husband and she told him that she wanted glasses like your your if she needed them. Then a short while later she came in alone and she was wearing glasses very similar to yours still shop at your store? Have you seen your ex bf recently? Do you know if he is still with the same gf that had gotten glasses and was wearing them full time? Are they still a couple? Lastly your cousin was finally told that she needed to start keeping her glasses on all the time which she wasn't at all happy about. How is she doing now? I would think she can't stand being without glasses anymore? If i recall isn't her prescription even slightly stronger than yours?

Carrie 09 Jan 2016, 13:33

A regular customer at work has got new glasses. She used to have medium sized wire framed glasses and now she has got larger plastic frames, brown in colour. Her old glasses made her look around late 40s in age even though she's actually 38 or 39! Her new glasses make her look around early 30s, so a big improvement. She actually looks more attractive now where before she looked neither attractive or unattractive.

Soundmanpt 01 Jan 2016, 18:01

All this reminds me of many years ago when i was about 18 or so and a friend insisted that we go to a small theater that had a burlesque show. Foe anyone not knowing this is a type of show that featured about 10 - 12 girls that came out and stripped as they danced. About mid way through they usually had a stand up comic tell a few bad jokes. Of course the guy got booed because no one was interested in his bad jokes but wanted to see the girls. Anyway we sat up on one side in the front row. The girls would often go to one side of the stage or the other to flirt with the patrons. Suddenly when one girl happened over to our side I realized that it was a girl I knew from high school. I guess at first the stage lights kind of blinded her, but then she was able to see me and i could tell by the look on her face she was as surprised to see me their as I was to see her. She quickly left our side of the stage and moved away to finish her part of the show. Now if you wanted you didn't need to leave at the end of the show and could stay and watch again if you wished. My friend and I decided to stay to get another look at her in the nude. But after waiting though all the others until it was her she must have peeked out and saw that we didn't leave. So this time she never came anywhere close to out side of the stage. She actually went to the other side of the stage. To bad because she was the only one that was even worth seeing nude. This was after we had graduated from high school so I never saw her again.

Jim 01 Jan 2016, 13:00

Imagine if a friend sees it? That's like seeing a friend in a strip bar joint and then telling everyone you saw him in a strip joint... you would have had to be there to see it! if a friend does spot her here, then that's probably a person with the same glasses fetish too. that person would have to explain why they were here.

 01 Jan 2016, 12:55

Your real name is Specs4Me? Don't throw stones in glass houses...

Specs4Me 01 Jan 2016, 11:13

Anonymous poster,

You post on here talking about Carrie's refusal to post a pic of herself when you don't even put your name, real or fake, on your posts. Carrie has every right to not want her pic on the internet. You at least could identify who you are if you are going to take her to task.

Specs4Me 01 Jan 2016, 11:13

Anonymous poster,

You post on here talking about Carrie's refusal to post a pic of herself when you don't even put your name, real or fake, on your posts. Carrie has every right to not want her pic on the internet. You at least could identify who you are if you are going to take her to task.

miku 01 Jan 2016, 10:34

I completely understand why a user would be reluctant to share their identity on here, whether it's a photo, a name or anything else. I personally wouldn't want people to know of my "appreciation" for glasses. And I know chances are slim, but imagine if a friend or family member of Carrie finds this thread and sees her photo shared... That would feel at least a little awkward for her, finally being associated this.

As for any of our members sharing photos posted on social media by others, it's only because those people put themselves out there in the first place (they usually know what they risk, hence the privacy options).

I don't see the point in criticising Carrie, or anyone else for simply appealing to their right to privacy and remain anonymous.

 01 Jan 2016, 10:13

how would we know her name is Jennifer and not Carrie simply from a picture? Look up in the sky at night. See the billions of stars. Imagine one of them is named Carrie. Now ask me to guess which star you are talking about. That's how high the odds are.

Think about all the thousands of links that have been posted on Eyescene and no one in over ten years has recognized anyone. anyone at all. There are literally billions of people on this planet.

A photo simply would show us what Carrie looks like. It doesn't give her real name. It doesn't give her address. It doesn't give her place of work. It doesn't show you her friends. It doesn't us Gemma.

What would it show? Probably a very pretty girl. Nothing more. Not sure what the problem is.

Soundmanpt 01 Jan 2016, 09:10

I have been coming into "Eyescene" for well over 10 years now and I have yet to ever see anyone post a picture of themself in here. It's true what are the odds that someone would recognize her from being here. But here is always that risk. We don't know that Carrie isn't a very real person but uses a fake name to protect herself? For all we know her real name could be Jennifer? I for one don't blame her or anyone for not posting pictures of themselves in here. Look at what happens to the pictures posted on "Instrgram" Of course if Carrie, or anyone else, ever wanted to they could simply post a picture of a total stranger and claim it as being them. There are several that do that in Facebook now.

 01 Jan 2016, 08:36

wow. you don't trust the Eyescene members? if Eyescene members were to see what you look like, your family would be placed at risk? really? why? I don't think in all the years here anyone has stalked someone and no one's safety has been at risk. i think your fears are completely exaggerated here.

i think it is kind of hypocritical. members post picture links all the time of unsuspecting people wearing glasses. thousands of links. but when we ask a long time member to post her picture, you react as though we are asking for your home address and telephone number.

it's really harmless, Carrie. I don't see how a photo with no accompanying personal information puts your safety and security at risk when that has never happened to anyone on eye scene for over a decade.

I'm sorry but I really don't understand your logic. where/what are you basing it upon? you think someone is going to be stalk and harass you? why? a picture is only a picture. it says nothing about your real name, address, or those of your family.

i ask that you consider trusting the eye scene membership. you've laid out descriptions of yourself and gemma for years, and I think showing us what you look like is completely harmless. there is no basis for you to fear anything.

Carrie 01 Jan 2016, 05:10

Apologies if I took the comment the wrong way. I can be very defensive. It's quite possible that there are photos of me somewhere on the internet but I'm still not going to link to them. I think only 1 or 2 Eyescene regulars have ever linked to photos of themselves. I'm a glasses lover but my friends and family don't know how much I love glasses and don't know about this website. I would like to keep it that way.

Likelenses 01 Jan 2016, 00:44


Well you gave the description of yourself,and the anonymous poster simply said he would like to see your picture.

So in your mind anything creepy,or perverted is brought on by you.

It more appears to me that you wanted to make a manly statement regarding how you would deal with him.

Carrie 31 Dec 2015, 20:27

Definitely not going to be putting any photos of me on here, especially after creepy pervy comments like the anonymous poster left at 10:33 on 31 Dec. I doubt if they would say that to my face. Comments like that, or worse, usually get a reply from me along the lines of "Do you know a good surgeon who's good at reattaching testicles?" That usually frightens them off. The foolish ones that don't go away and then make another inappropriate comment are likely to get a punch in the nuts or my hand gripping their nuts tightly enough for them to worry that they may need the help of a surgeon.

Jim 31 Dec 2015, 10:40

a good picture of carrie with or without her girlfriend would definitely kill all the folks who think she is not real!

 31 Dec 2015, 10:33

carrie... would love to see a picture of you with that description. can you post links?

Carrie 31 Dec 2015, 07:11

A lot of clothes that should be a nice normal fit still look tight on me because of my bust size. If I wear baggy clothes I look fat! I'm not deliberately showing off my bust, well not all the time. My friends joke that my boobs enter a room 5 seconds before I do. I have been told that my eyes are a big asset to my looks. I feel that my glasses enhance my eyes by framing them and slightly magnifying them. If I think someone is looking at my chest for too long I will move slightly to try to make eye contact and give a look that will distract them. I've been told this look resembles a cute Disney animal! This usually works. My beautiful girlfriend would rather have no glasses or glasses with a prescription like mine as she thinks her eyes aren't as noticeable with her (minus) prescription. I tell her that her eyes are noticeable and beautiful, which is true, and as her boobs are more of an average size people are more likely to look at her face first.

I've said before that I find it very flattering to be "checked out" by someone but I don't like being stared at.

Soundmanpt 30 Dec 2015, 18:14


I really do understand your perspective when your looking at a guy and you can easily see that his eyes are not seeing your eyes but rather a short distance a bit lower. As you know I frequent many sports bars which only hire attractive young ladies with usually better than average size boobs. Of course they also wear tight fitting tops that enhance the breasts even more. Sometimes it is very hard not to allow your eyes to drop from their eyes to their breasts. And just like you they know very quickly where my eyes are looking. Most all of them appreciate that I do manage to look at their eyes and not their other assets. It really helps if they are wearing glasses of course. These girls don't like it either but they know that at the end of the day those assets usually make for better tips. In your case you don't even get any added benefits for being looked at like a piece of meat.

Carrie 29 Dec 2015, 03:07

I work at the checkout in a shop and I have occasionally received compliments about my glasses, usually when I get new ones. I am aware of a few males that come in to the shop to get a look at me and the attractive members of female staff. Maybe 1 or 2 of them like girls with glasses as there are 4 "girls" including me that appeal to men and also wear glasses. In my case they are often more interested in my boobs than my face. It doesn't really bother me as I'm not into men but they probably don't know that. I would find it more flattering if people fancied me because of my looks rather than my boobs. If someone looked at my face instead of my chest purely because I was wearing glasses I wouldn't mind. I can't help having a big bust, it's what nature has given me. Nature has also given me a petite body that makes my boobs seem bigger. Nature has also given me mild long sightedness so I can wear the glasses I love to wear.

Crystal Veil 29 Dec 2015, 01:25


interesting story about your sightings. Clever to always have the brochure with you. I nowadays do the same thing with my "business card" for the photography project. Interesting sightings always happen unexpected. You must have had hundreds of customers for your Zenni glasses by now, if not more. May I ask, do you keep a record of the prescriptions in the glasses you are selling? I would be interested to know a bit more about the statistic "Gauss curve" for minus glasses and for plus glasses. I'm especially interested in the frequency of occurrence of prescriptions (long distance) between +2.50 and +3.50 among the young generation. My collection hosts some 150 pairs between +2 and +3 and another 100 pairs between +3 and +4. The vast majority of these vintage glasses has never been used at photo shoots, simply because none of my models have a prescription of +3. The 250 glasses mentioned above belonged to elderly ladies who gradually became longsighted with age. Did you order any glasses around +3 for young customers?

Soundmanpt 28 Dec 2015, 19:59

Today I had a doctor's appointment in regards to my failing kidneys. My appointment was at 4:15 PM so I think I must have been his last appointment for the day. Last time I was there I gave one of the nurses one of my printed brochures about ordering glasses. She seemed quite interested at the time so today i decided to take a sample pair in so she could see the quality of the glasses. She liked the sample and even opened her desk drawer and pulled out the brochure I had given her. She said she was trying to find the cheapest place to get her eyes examined. I was surprised that someone working in the medical field didn't have health insurance. She told me several of the places she had been to and even what their price was. She was very happy that I have a place that I have already setup to do eye exams for $35.00. That was at least $12.00 better than any price she had gotten. As I went to sit down and wait to be called in a very attractive nurse said "Don't sit down i'm ready for you" As we were walking she asked me "what's this about getting glasses?" When we got into the room I gave one of the brochures I had in my pocket. She was wearing glasses herself and to honest not the most attractive glasses for a rather young attractive nurse. I also showed her the same sample as I had shown the other 2 nurses at the desk. She took her glasses off and tried my sample on and even got up to have a look in the mirror. She admitted that she really liked them. She put her glasses back on and told me that she had held off getting glasses as long as she could and about a year ago she couldn't go any longer without getting glasses. She was sure she only needed glasses for distance so she was shocked when the doctor told her that she needed bifocals. She said she got them and it wasn't long until she couldn't see to do anything without her glasses and she is sure that her eyes have gotten worse and she needs to make an appointment soon so she can get new glasses. She loved that I could get her progressives for about $55.00. She carefully put my brochure in her personal book and said she would be in contact with me very soon.

Then since it was close to dinner hour and traffic was already bad I decided to find a nice sports bar (pub) to grab a quick meal and watch some TV as well as be entertained by an attractive young server. The place I went to I have been to before but never on a Monday evening. Being Monday and a rainy night business was very slow. The young lady server was someone I didn't know. She told me she is rather new and that her name is "Sammi" I always like a girl that has a nick name like boy. Of course her full name is Samatha, but I git the feeling this girl probably was a bit of a tomboy growing up. Anyway she was quite attractive with long blonde hair and blue eyes. She was very friendly and I think looking to chat with anyone that came in. She was wearing glasses, again not ones that I would have ever fitted her with. Kind of a black plastic oval shape. As soon as she got my drink order and pulled out another brochure to give to her. When she brought my drink over I gave her the brochure and told her that the next time she needs new glasses to let me know and I will save her a ton of money. She told me that she was already past due getting her eyes checked. She told me that she had only had glasses since a year ago November. She had all kinds of questions for me about her eyes and glasses which I loved. She wasn't very happy that she she can't read without her glasses anymore and wanted to know why? After asking her several questions she told me that she was pretty sure she needed glasses because she couldn't hardly see to drive anymore, but she never had any problems with reading things close. She admitted that she pretty much went to full time wear as soon as she got her glasses. I told her that she should have taken them off when she was doing a fair amount of reading or close work. She said that was exactly what her mom told her too. She works at another pub as well as being in college. She admitted to being a "gamer girl" often times playing in the dark. She is pretty sure that may have ruined her eyes. She said she easily passed the drivers vision test when she was 16 and at 18 she was wearing glasses full time and wouldn't think of driving without her glasses even though her license doesn't have any vision restrictions on it. She said that her glasses still seem pretty good but she probably needs them to be a little bit stronger. She is all excited now because she really wants several pairs including a pair of prescription sunglasses. She has a trip planned with several of the other girls to go to Mexico at a resort. She would much rather be wearing prescription sunglasses than her regular glasses.

 28 Dec 2015, 10:42


Did anything interesting happened with the girl on the airplane? How did the story continued?

Likelenses 27 Dec 2015, 00:36


My minus nineish girlfriend works is a supermarket checkout.She loves compliments about her heavy lenseed glasses.

Murky 26 Dec 2015, 21:20

Does this strike a chord? An O-O delight.

When I go to the supermarket, I like to spy out the attractive GWGs, and if any have something really special, then sidle along and say quietly "I really like those glasses"and usually get a smile, or "gee thanks"; then scan the checkout for the GWG at the counter, may take a while longer, "wow wonderful glasses, where are they from", or if it can be read, I really love those Gucci/versace/Doir glasses, just as she gives me the receipt.

I get some pleasure, she gets a compliment, and we both go home happy

Cubicle 25 Dec 2015, 11:53

We have a new secretary at work.

She's 25, slim and red haired, wears high heels and mini skirts.

On top of this she wears huge tortoise shell glasses with heavy plus lenses, at least +5, high index. She pushes them up giggling as they slide down her cute nose.

She seems to be very ticklish too, and makes some small screams and jumps if you brush her waist. She then pushes her big glasses up again giggling and laughing.

I might need to go to her desk more often.

Such a beauty !

Cubicle 25 Dec 2015, 11:52

We have a new secretary at work.

She's 25, slim and red haired, wears high heels and mini skirts.

On top of this she wears huge tortoise shell glasses with heavy plus lenses, at least +5, high index. She pushes them up giggling as they slide down her cute nose.

She seems to be very ticklish too, and makes some small screams and jumps if you brush her waist. She then pushes her big glasses up again giggling and laughing.

I might need to go to her desk more often.

Such a beauty !

 23 Dec 2015, 17:11

she was wearing power rings? is she a Green Lantern or something?

murky 23 Dec 2015, 15:48

Walking down main street yesterday, and saw a beautifully dressed 30 yo with light blue Dior glasses,obviously the latest, about 600 dollars worth without the lenses..

about -2, tailed her till she entered a shop, sidled alongside, purveying the wares, she turned half toward me, Oh such beautiful glasses! I cried,

"well thank you", she smiled and walked on.

Specs4ever 20 Dec 2015, 16:25

I have had a couple of pleasant sightings this past week, The first one was a young cashier in an electronics store. As I entered the store I caught a glimpse of the flash off a plano front, and took a look at the wearer, I went to find what I wanted to purchase, and when I headed back to the cash registers I noticed that she just seemed to be opening her till, so I wasted a few minutes looking at objects that I had no intention of buying. When she had her till open I was her first customer of the day. I commented to her that with her retro black framed cat eye glasses she reminded me of some of the girls in my grade 9 class, and I told her that I liked her retro look. She had a significant amount of cut in so I figured her glasses were likely in the -10D range, although the lenses barely stuck out behind the frame. I did mention that I seemed to have noticed thta a lot more young ladies were willing to wear glasses these days and she agreed. I will go back there in the hopes of seeing her again.

The second sighting was at a local coffee spot. I was looking out the front window and I saw this lady in her early 40's pull up, She was on her phone and I saw her glasses were puled down right to the end of her nose and she was looking over the frames at the phone, so she must have been texting. Then she pushed her glasses up and walked inside, coming very close to the window where I sat, so I was able to get a good look. Rectangular tortoise shell glasses in a decent sized frame, but the lenses looked to be about-4D. I hoped she would sit where I could see her,but she sat at a table with 2 guys and had her back to me. I watched her as she pulled out her phone, took off her glasses and showed her companions some pictures on it. I got up and went for another coffee, making sure I walked past her table on my return, and I got a much better look at her glasses. From the side there was a lot of power rings so I revised my thoughts upwards to a prescription of around -7D. There was no chance for me to tell her that I liked her glasses, but all in all I had some pleasurable viewing as she was quite attractive.

Specs4ever 20 Dec 2015, 16:25

I have had a couple of pleasant sightings this past week, The first one was a young cashier in an electronics store. As I entered the store I caught a glimpse of the flash off a plano front, and took a look at the wearer, I went to find what I wanted to purchase, and when I headed back to the cash registers I noticed that she just seemed to be opening her till, so I wasted a few minutes looking at objects that I had no intention of buying. When she had her till open I was her first customer of the day. I commented to her that with her retro black framed cat eye glasses she reminded me of some of the girls in my grade 9 class, and I told her that I liked her retro look. She had a significant amount of cut in so I figured her glasses were likely in the -10D range, although the lenses barely stuck out behind the frame. I did mention that I seemed to have noticed thta a lot more young ladies were willing to wear glasses these days and she agreed. I will go back there in the hopes of seeing her again.

The second sighting was at a local coffee spot. I was looking out the front window and I saw this lady in her early 40's pull up, She was on her phone and I saw her glasses were puled down right to the end of her nose and she was looking over the frames at the phone, so she must have been texting. Then she pushed her glasses up and walked inside, coming very close to the window where I sat, so I was able to get a good look. Rectangular tortoise shell glasses in a decent sized frame, but the lenses looked to be about-4D. I hoped she would sit where I could see her,but she sat at a table with 2 guys and had her back to me. I watched her as she pulled out her phone, took off her glasses and showed her companions some pictures on it. I got up and went for another coffee, making sure I walked past her table on my return, and I got a much better look at her glasses. From the side there was a lot of power rings so I revised my thoughts upwards to a prescription of around -7D. There was no chance for me to tell her that I liked her glasses, but all in all I had some pleasurable viewing as she was quite attractive.

Cheltenham 20 Dec 2015, 08:51

Dragged round the supermarket today to act as beast of burden, but saw a few interesting families.


Family 1 - Mum Plano Hi index about -9, Dad about -5, two teenage girls both close to Mum's script.

Family 2 - Nan strong plus, close to double figures, Mum Significant plus, probably about +5/6, Dad low plus, no more than +2, teenage daughter about -6 and squinting and pushing glasses close to eyes. In urgent need of increase.

Family 3 - Mum low myope no more than -2, Dad medium myope about -4/5, 8yr old son, medium plus and very cross eyed, 6yr daughter low minus about -1 or -2.

Carrie 19 Dec 2015, 17:23

Thank you Puffin.

To the anonymous person who posted before Puffin - what you wrote sounds a bit wierd and pervy. I hope it was somone mucking around!

Puffin 19 Dec 2015, 14:46

Carrie: your sightings and encounters are always worth reading about.

 19 Dec 2015, 14:15

MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmm I love lesbian "longing to take another woman" fantasies. more more more more more more more more more more.

Carrie 19 Dec 2015, 10:20

We were in our favourite coffee shop earlier when a very attractive brunette came in. She was wearing a pair of large dark, Hipster style glasses. She must have only just got them as when she sat down with her friends that were already there they complimented her new look. One of them asked if she needed them for reading or distances. Although she only needed them for reading she was going to wear them most of the time as she loved them so much.

She was clearly very pleased with and excited by, what I presume are, her first glasses.

When she went up to the counter to get a coffee I managed to get a quick closer look at her. She looked younger than I first thought, probably late teens. Her prescription seemed to be a weak plus (her hair was tied back which allowed me to get a look through the lenses).

Murky  18 Dec 2015, 20:33

I was recently walking by a large optometry chain store, and walked in for a look around, to my joy ALL the staff ( four women and a man) all wore glasses of high fashion.

I engages one of the women, ( about 25) and beautifully dressed;wearing Prada frames, and asked to look more closely, she handed them to me ( ecstatic joy) and I the prescription was about +0.5 in one eye, and Plano in the other.

We talked about the fun in wearing the latest, and she told me what a great job it was dressing faces, and some of the principles involved.

The O looked at female customers, walking the racks, with a tray, collecting the frames they fancied, and adjourning to a mirror, The shop also had a video monitor, I stood transfixed, as pair after pair were tried on. I was bursting with admiring comments, but kept quiet, enjoying the spectacle!

I found there Gucci frames there, for $489 and searched them on google $230! so am saving for them

Likelenses 17 Dec 2015, 22:45


If you are single,it sounds like you should look into seeing more of that bespectacled blonde.

Stingray 16 Dec 2015, 12:33

My wife recently got a new prescription. She always wore the same rimless glasses which after many years got kind of boring especially to an optic obsessive such as myself. I prefer the plastic frame glasses, but she complained that they hurt her nose as when she was younger, she broke her nose and the bridge is where the break was. I found out about frames with a keyhole bridge and told her about it. She said for me to pick her out frames with this bridge that won't hurt her nose and surprise her. I picked up these frames with her prescription. When they came after 2 weeks, she said they were too big and she felt like the human fly! I said they looked great on her and they really did. Everyone who has seen her in these frames have complemented her on the color and style. She wears them all the time and I couldn't be more pleased. I guess they are kind of big, but I really like the look.

Tom 16 Dec 2015, 05:35

Two exciting sightings plus conversation in the office today.

The first one a female colleague who must be about 35 years old, a stunner, and first time I see her in glasses: large roundish and very classy tortoise shell frames, looking brand new, and quite a strong prescription judging from the power rings. As it was just the two of us in the elevator, I complimented her on her new look and nice glasses. She was vey charmed by my comments and said that, indeed, as glasses have become so fashionable, she had decided to ditch her contacts. But she complained about the cost of frames and lenses.

Then, one hour ago, in the company restaurant I was queuing together with another 40ish blonde colleague, she is single, and I had always seen her before wearing oval Silhouette wireframes that gave her a somewhat stiff appearance. But today she was in much larger brownish plastic frames with a little pink on the inside of her temples, which actually fit her quite well. I thought why not be a little audacious, and sat at her table once we had our trays and food. We first engaged in some chitchat about year-end, holiday plans, ... Then I said "hey, by the way, nice new glasses, I think they fit you really well". She immediately blushed and told me that, in fact, she had broken het usual pair, and as a consequence was now obliged to wear her spare glasses while waiting for the other to be fixed. This would take a while as, while at the optician, she had also accepted having her eyes tested as it had been a while ago, and she had been prescribed stronger lenses also, which had not come as a total surprise as she had experienced some bad vision lately. She was curious whether I really liked her spare pair, and gave her a strong yes, telling her switching glasses a few times a week was perfectly okay just as we do for clothes. She was really happy with the idea and told me she might then buy herself another pair for Xmas.

Carrie 11 Dec 2015, 15:41

The beautiful Aisling Bea was on QI on BBC2 in the UK this evening. Several times she put her + glasses on to look at the giant screen and to watch Stephen Fry do a demonstration.

Ellen 10 Dec 2015, 14:21

Thanks for the kind words Melyssa. I agree with you wholeheartedly, you'd have to be an extremely shallow or insecure person to feel that being seen with someone wearing strong glasses was somehow shameful and judge them on that basis. I was very young at the time and less sure of myself and I admit it did hurt and knock my confidence. I realised soon after though that it really said a lot more about him than me. He of course was also a lot younger and hopefully he's matured now and become a nicer person.

Melyssa 10 Dec 2015, 05:57


I am glad you are doing better physically. As for emotionally, you are definitely better off without that feather-brained imbecile who did not like you wearing glasses. While I never had to say it outright to anyone I dated, my motto has always been, "Love me, love my glasses." Fortunately I am happily married to a man whose vision is right down there with mine so he understands my desire to wear pretty glasses to see and look better.

Likelenses 09 Dec 2015, 21:38

You could only wish you had a girl like her.

You post as a loser does!

 09 Dec 2015, 21:03

"Cheryl" is about as real as a $3 bill.

Likelenses 09 Dec 2015, 20:33


Not to make jest of the rude way that guy treated you,but I have never heard the term jam jars used .Coke bottles,pop bottles.or milk bottle glasses are common in the US.

Many of us that wear strong glasses refer to our own as coke bottles.Cheryl,and I refer to ours as cokes for short.

Cheryl has names for all of hers.Her regular pair is my wayfarers,or my bifocals.Then there is her overcorrection that she calls my HD's.Then her 14 K Gold antique frames,are my Goldies,And the 50's cat eye with myodiscs are my myos.

All of mine are just my cokes.

astigmaphile 09 Dec 2015, 17:12


You don't need a man that would insult you for your nrrd to wear glasses. That is inexcusable.

Ellen 09 Dec 2015, 08:11

Thanks for your good wishes Guest. I'm actually doing quite well now, I can walk almost as well as I did before the accident although I still get some pain. I was extremely lucky apparently, there was a time early on that I thought I might be in a wheelchair for good.

I know I'm potentially at risk from certain eye conditions, particularly retinal detachments but I've never been told that I'm specifically at risk from cataracts. Actually one doctor who examined me after my accident did mention that I was lucky not to have damaged my eyes as I hit my head quite hard. Anyway, I'm happy to leave my eyes surgery free for now and explore contacts again. It's about 15 years since I last wore them.

As an aside, many years ago, I once dated a guy who was very much in the public eye. He was astonished when I turned up for our second date in glasses as he assumed I must wear contacts when out socially. I explained that I couldn't wear contacts and he basically implied that he couldn't be seen out with a girl with what he called "jam jars" on her face. Nice huh? Needless to say that was our last date.

guest 09 Dec 2015, 05:12

Hi Ellen

Happy Holidays !

Glad you found some positive energy in your new friend from your bad experience. There is good all over, we just have to be on the lookout for it lol.

You do have options....with our stretched eyeballs, us hi myope's get early cataracts. As I said a long time ago, that will leave you with a very minimal rx. Also you can get a hi minus disposable soft contacts of say -10 or -12 and then have a lesser -rx and your astig. Those contacts are cheap throwaways and easy to put in. If you got the special high $ or pound special ones - they are a pain.

So - have a happy season and see you back soon!

gwgs 09 Dec 2015, 03:06

Sounds great Dalan, we look forward to an update

Daland 08 Dec 2015, 18:01

Some hours ago I used a plane to get to Vienna.

I was doing GOC myself to have -8 glasses. This is not too much, but just right to get a nice cut in and the edges of my glasses sticking out in the back.

I sat down in row 16 and had 1 free place beside me.

I looked up and saw a lady entering the plane at the front door. I immediately noticed a big cut in also she is 10m away.

Then she camd towards my row and stopped.

She asked me, to be so kind and let her in. This was really thrilling.

During the flight I pretended to sleep and took off my glasses.

I hold them in my hand and after a few minutes I let them go.

With the next shaking of the plane, I "woke up" and pretended panic.

The lady directly picked up my glasses and gave them to me.

Was this a dream? No!

I told her that I have bad vision and she replied, she has about -10 in both eyes.

We continued our talk and at last exchanged our glasses.

There is no more thrilling!!!

As she is from Vienna, we exchanged telephone numbers and we will meet tomorrow. Lets see.

Hopefully I can write a second part!!!!!

Likelenses 08 Dec 2015, 17:10


Contacts would be nice,but keep that girl with glasses image.

Ellen 08 Dec 2015, 13:30

I don't envisage doing any more "modelling" but thanks for tip Crystal Veil.

Actually since seeing the pictures of me without specs I've had this nagging feeling that I'm missing something by hiding behind thick lenses 24/7. I really liked the way I looked without glasses, even the bump on my nose. I have therefore decided to explore the possibility of contacts again. I called my optician for an appointment but as we're friends anyway she's coming to my house for dinner on Thursday to discuss the best options for my prescription. I'll let you know how I get on.

Soundmanpt 07 Dec 2015, 17:40


Do you plan on complementing her on her new glasses or just letting it go? You know how much you like being complemented when you get new glasses so you know it would probably make her happy as well. Besides isn't it always a nice idea to try and be friendly with your customers?

Carrie 07 Dec 2015, 15:09

The sexy + woman came in to the shop again today! Can't tell how much her prescription has changed but I wasn't surprised that she eventually went full time. She looked really good!

Tom1 05 Dec 2015, 13:13

This is a lucky period for me, another hot sighting today. At the counter desk of a sport shop in a mall there was a very cute girl around mid 20s, long red hair, wonderful blue eyes, very nice smiling and a pair of quite strong minus glasses! Frame was large round golden metallic, lenses were thin despite the size, but the cut-in and power rings revealed a prescription of at least -4. She was very cute. Her queue was the longest among the several counter desks, but it was absolutely worth while to have a close look to her. Very very hot!

Tom1 04 Dec 2015, 16:15

Two wonderful sightings this evening at the airport.

First started on the plane, when at a certain point, a girl raised to go to the restroom few rows ahead of me. I didn't notice her at the gate. Very tall blonde, with dark frame. No other details I could see at the moment since I was bareeyed myself (!). When getting off the plane and on the bus to the terminal, I looked inside the bus and took place close to her. She was a real beauty, very well dressed and maked up over its light skin (kind of red lips, pink chicks, red nails...). Hair was very long and platinum blonde. And the glasses were a oval plastic blue frame fitted with strong minus lenses, I'd say at least -6, maybe more...

Second sighting was in the arrival airport, going to the taxi platform I passed in front of a change office where a nice lady was sit behind the glass. Long reddish hair, pair of brown plastic glasses. She smiled at me when noticed I was looking at her. No idea of which prescription, neither if they were plus or minus since my vision was pretty blur at that distance. What a pity! Sightings do not go well together with bareeyedness. I have to choose what I love more! :-)

Carrie 04 Dec 2015, 13:00

2 great sightings at work today. First one was a "yummy mummy" with her child in a push chair. I saw her standing in the queue for the checkouts and looked at her when I could without getting noticed. I think the glasses she was wearing were either her first ones or a new prescription as she fiddled with them several times and looked over them at one point, probably comparing her uncorrected vision to her corrected vision. She ended up at my checkout so I had a chance for a closer look at her. She was quite pretty, about my age, with her brown hair tied back in a pony tail. Her glasses were the popular Rayban black plastic frames with quite a weak looking minus prescription, probably about -1.00 to -1.50. As she finished paying I told her how cute her kid looked as it sat in its push chair fast asleep. She smiled a big smile, which made her look even prettier, and thanked me. She looked vaguely familiar but I can't remember for sure if I had seen her before. If she had been wearing glasses on a previous occasion I would have remembered her.

The second sighting was the woman who is a regular customer with reading glasses that look like the prescription is close to mine. She saw a friend and they started chatting. Her friend said she liked her new reading glasses, she thanked her friend and said that they weren't just for reading but for wearing all the time. She explained to her friend that she had been wearing her previous glasses more and more especially when she realised that distances were better with glasses on so wore them for driving. She went for an eye test a few weeks ago and her sight had got worse and the optician said to wear her new glasses for reading, distances and whenever she felt she needs to. She said that she said to the optician that sounded like pretty much all the time and the optician said it might be easier to wear them full time but it was up to her. She continued by saying that once she got used to the new prescription she decided it would be better to wear them all the time. I was restocking the shelves at the time and was still doing that when they went to the checkout so I didn't get a good look at her new glasses. But as she is a regular customer I expect I will see her in the shop again soon (although I haven't seen her for a few weeks).

I hope the "yummy mummy" will be back soon so I can see if she is still wearing her glasses.

Puffin 01 Dec 2015, 17:28

Again talking about frames, I was on the train home tonight and saw a young woman, no more than 28, wearing elongated metal framed glasses, the sort that I've not seen for some years now. I immediately thought "fossil". But maybe her current pair were lost or broken?

They weren't especially strong.

gwgs 01 Dec 2015, 09:35

...and a further five more sightings of big round glasses today! Popped out for lunch, and even the greeter / maitre d at the restaurant was wearing big - and I mean big, almost oversized, emerald coloured round glasses with not much of a prescription, but boy did they contrast against her all black outfit (jacket and short skirt)!

gwgs 01 Dec 2015, 02:57

Puffin - I'm in London too and after your post yesterday, I spotted 4 girls in a row, not a group, literally one after the other pass me wearing big round glasses.

I also spotted a really hot, quite tall and slender blonde girl probably in her early 30s dressed up for the cold drizzly weather in a big turtle neck sweater and ripped jeans wearing big round glasses with plussie prescription lenses. So tasty

I then went to an after work drinks / research discussion and there was another blonde chic, probably around the same age but a bit more geeky in her attire, but still good looking and she was wearing some BIG square horn rimmed glasses with a fair short sighted prescription, probably around -6. The lenses probably protuded about 4mm out of the back/side of the plastic frame and were unpolished (I wondered why this was, as surely to have them polished they wouldn't have been so visually obvious) - this was fairly obvious standing behind her as I was. When she turned around to talk to the member of staff I was talking to, the 'cut in' on her face was quite substantial probably due to the size of the frame.

Yet again, another wonderful day of sightings, and another day to rejoice at the larger size of glasses being more fashionable and wholly accepted by the population

Likelenses 30 Nov 2015, 22:51


A while ago I ask my girlfriend Cheryl to remove her glasses for some photos. She thought that it was a strange request,and said that glasses are so much a part of her that she could not remember being photographed without them.

She finally agreed,but was not happy seeing herself bare eyed.She commented on what I refer to as the vacant look of her eyes without glasses on.She too thought that her eyes looked huge.

She does like to be photographed with glasses,and we have many,of her in all of her frames including some antique gold rimless,and a pair of 1950's cat eyes fitted with myos.

My favorites are half side shot close ups that reveal lense thickness,and power rings.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend we spent time at her moms home that is a fair distance away.Her mom has saved all of Cheryl's prescription,and glasses from her very first pair.I ask to see them,and it was awesome.Cheryl tried most of them on,and had not done so in the past. She of course could not see much with them,except for a few pair of the latter prescriptions.We took pictures of her in most of them.

Soundmanpt 30 Nov 2015, 20:19


It's really too bad that you can't have a conversation with Danielle's gf because i'm sure she would be surprised if she knew that you really wanted to wear glasses much the same way as her. You know now that when you first saw her wearing Danielle's glasses at her job and she claimed it was only to blend in with the student customers that often wore glasses. She really worked hard trying to get her eyes to adjust to Danielle's glasses but they were just too strong her then perfect vision and she was unable to see distances with them. The best thing was Danielle and her ordering her glasses on line with a weaker +.50 prescription. They were much easier for her eyes to adjust to and she was able to soon see perfectly at all distances with her glasses. She was pleased when she got her eyes tested that her eyes were weakened and +.50 glasses were now perfect for her eyes. Now going from +.50 to +1.00 really wasn't that hard for her eyes to adjust to this time. Unlike when she would take off her +.50 glasses now when she takes her glasses off she has to notice much more blur. Carrie you should be very able to relate to how well she can see without her glasses since her glasses are actually slightly stronger than your first glasses were. So do you think she will be waiting patiently for Danielle to get her eyes checked again so she can start wearing her current glasses?

Carrie 30 Nov 2015, 16:53

My friend the coffee shop server is happily wearing the +1.00 glasses full time now without any trouble. They look as good on her as they did on Danielle. You can tell they cost more than the +0.50s she has been wearing. She says that she doesn't notice the stronger prescription until she takes the glasses off.

The +1.00 prescription is more noticeable than the +0.50 prescription.

Danielle just doesn't get the appeal of wearing glasses for fun/pleasure but is happy for her girlfriend to continue doing it.

guest 30 Nov 2015, 16:02

Hi Ellen,

He is a very lucky are beautiful !!

Planning a trip soon??

Happy Holidays !

Crystal Veil 30 Nov 2015, 15:16


not much change in the Dutch streets either, but a few good signs. A few alternative young ladies in cat eye glasses and a self confident silver haired young lady in large, rounded metal glasses with an estimated prescription of minus five. A nice blend of late 1970's and quite modern. Too bad I did not have my project card with me.

Melyssa 30 Nov 2015, 13:46


Over here in the eastern part of the good old USA, the "teeny-tiny metal frames" and their ugly step-sisters, the rimless ones, are still widely used. The small, rectangular, plastic (usually black or brown) frames haven't dissipated either.

Also, I can count on one hand the number of cat's-eyes I have seen away from the mirror, and away from the optical store. It seems like we are always the last to embrace anything concerning a style of fashion.

Crystal Veil 30 Nov 2015, 09:45


welcome to the world of modelling. Seven years ago, I invited my new life partner Nel to pose for me in glasses from my extensive collection. Her prescription is minus twelve and she was surprised to see herself clearly through most of the glasses. And then the ball started rolling. Within a year, Nel was one of the ten models who participated in a catwalk, showing some of the finest glasses used during their photo shoots. She has supported the project ever since. So who knows, you may find yourself in a catwalk show within a year.

Re your left eye looking inward on many pictures without glasses - this may also have to do with the centripetal power of the lenses in your glasses. On sporadic occasions one of my models (Farishta) looks really cross eyed in portraits with strong glasses. It only happened with a very small minority of the strong glasses we used so it may have to do with a wrong PD between both lenses. Perhaps you were too concentrated on trying to see at least something during the posing? A helpful trick is to look at the sky, a bare white wall or the ceiling. The brain tells the eyes that there is no information there and as a result, the eyes relax. It always works!

Puffin 30 Nov 2015, 08:58

GWGs - yes I'm in London and have noticed this at least with young women. What is perplexing me is that the previously favoured style, namely elongated squarish black plastic, seems to be persisting rather more than other defunct fashions did. For instance, the teeny-tiny metal frames seemed to come and go quite quickly, whereas these are more like drop-temples, which hung around seemingly forever. And not just on older women.

I do like the current "restrained cat eye" frames that I'm seeing quite often: lots of curves, but not looking like Wolverine's face mask.

Ellen 30 Nov 2015, 07:35

Had an unusual sighting at the weekend. Me! The guy I've been seeing fancies himself as a bit of an accomplished photographer and asked me if I'd model for him. I cautiously accepted and he took what seemed like thousands of pictures of me both with and without glasses. I hardly ever see myself without glasses. The last time was years ago so I was quite surprised by the results. Firstly my eyes look huge. I think they are actually larger than most people's but the effect is more dramatic to me as I only ever see them behind very strong minus lenses. Second the indentations and bump on my nose (from 35+ years of wearing heavy glasses) seem much more pronounced than I remember. Third I'm cross eyed. Well not cross eyed as such but my left eye seems to be looking inward on a lot of the pictures. I imagine this is because my eyes don't have anything to focus on as I'm pretty sure this never happens when my glasses are on. No one has ever mentioned it anyway.

gwgs 30 Nov 2015, 04:29

Puffin - I don't know where in the world you are, but this style has also really caught on in England. I regularly see young girls out and about and on social media in these big round glasses that were once considered a geek thing in the 80s yet they are now the epitomy of fashion.

Long may it continue

Puffin 27 Nov 2015, 03:29

Interesting that I'm seeing big roundish glasses more and more now: caught a sideways glance of one yesterday. But these seem more suitable for low RX. Higher ones usually seem to use elongated styles.

Tom1 23 Nov 2015, 14:27

Wonderful sighting yesterday at the church! Well, it was a glasses and bereeyed sighting at the same time...

A group of four girls around 20, never seen before, maybe from another community. One of them was a short black haired girl with long hair and dark eyes. She had a very interesting pair of glasses in what I could define a modern cateye frame: black with a lighter rim and some golden decoration on the legs, with quitre pronounced cateye shape. Prescription was not that low, I'd say around -6 or even -7. Full time wearer.

I was still contemplating that bespectacled beauty, when I saw one of the other girls had something strange with her eyes. They were almost completely closed, I could neither see her pupils between the upper and lower eyelids. I thought she could have been blind or had some infection or other pathology that prevented her to properly open her eyes. I kept my eyes on her (obviously!). She had long red hair, very light skin. The four were all looking towards the direction from where the ministries were expected to come shortly for the ceremony. Sudden I saw the red girl briefly whispering something to one of her friends looking at her face: her eyelids were wide shut, showing beautiful green light eyes. Shortly after she turned again to look where the others were looking to and again eyes almost completely closed. I realised she was just squinting!!!! She was squinting so hard and so lovely, harder than I ever saw before! I kept looking at her (could not take my eyes off her!) and I saw she was squinting that hard everytime she was looking to something more than few feets away from her face. I'd say almost 80% of the time she squinted like that. Just to read to songbook she opened her eyes, but kept the book quite close to her face, from which I've estimated her prescription to be around -3 or so.

Useless to say, the two girls made my day, yesterday ;-)

Likelenses 22 Nov 2015, 23:12


You are correct,it is not often you see myodiscs.

In the early summer my girlfriend,and I had a waitress that had them in about -30.

M girlfriend had never seen any,and for months obsessed over them.A couple of months later,I talked her into having some made up for her in her Rx,that is north of -9.00.Her lenses are much like you described,with the carved out look,on the backside,and plano up front.Hers are mounted in a blue fade cat eye vintage frame.When she wears them,which is actually very often,she says that her whole being feels focused,as she has to look through the small apertures.Her head is constantly in motion when she is doing anything besides looking straight ahead.She loves them for TV,and movies,and she says she can actually concentrate better in them.

She has beautiful blue eyes,and they look so lost,and sexy behind those lenses.

Soundmanpt 22 Nov 2015, 15:02


It was just a matter of time until your friend from the coffee shop happened to remember that Danielle's old glasses were probably just sitting somewhere gathering dust. Now with Danielle needing stronger glasses her old ones are now useless to her. Since it was Danielle's spare pair of glasses that really got her to start wearing glasses in the first place she must have favored how they look on her as at least as much as her own glasses which she ordered on line with a slightly weaker prescription. Danielle's glasses being +1.00 were just a little too strong for her eyes and she really struggled trying to force her eyes to adjust to them for distance. But once she got her glasses with +.50 lenses she was soon able to perfectly at all distance with her glasses. Getting her eyes examined confirmed that her glasses were now perfect for her eyes. Now with her eyes already adjusted to +.50 going to +1.00 should be much easier now. I'm not sure how much she is switching back to her own +.50 glasses b ut I have a feeling when she does her glasses quickly feel too weak for her. So I really doubt that she switches very often and is much happier wearing the +1.00 glasses. Also she has to like the idea of having 2 pairs of glasses instead of just the one. That and I have a feeling that Danielle got really nice (expensive)glasses when she got them. I'm betting she came out the next morning wearing her +1.00 glasses because she probably didn't even have her +.50 glasses with her and if she wore the all evening the night before no reason to think that her eyes would have any problem in the morning.

Plus Tony 22 Nov 2015, 11:05


Have a look at the photos on Aisling's Twitter feed. There are some nice pics of her there in her specs. I agree that she would be a beautiful addition to the full time plus community.

I am sure Sandi Toksvig will be an excellent host of QI. She was really good ad host of the news quiz on Radio 4 until she stepped down a few months ago.

A nice plus sighting in my local TK Maxx today. Dark haired 30ish year old woman wearing a predominantly black outfit with a fitted leather jacket and a very trendy pair of semi rimless specs with a black plastic top part and lenses about +5 at a guess. The lenses appeared to be high index because although they were quite thick with shiny edges the magnification was well controlled - but still enough to make her eyes look beautiful and she had obviously taken great care with her eye make up.

Carrie 22 Nov 2015, 10:24

Anonymous poster 21 Nov 2015, 22:58 - yes that's the one!

The older (57) female comedian, Sandi Toksvig, also often wears reading glasses in shows she appears on. She is going to take over as host from Stephen Fry. Excellent choice for a new host. Would have been great if Aisling was going to do it but I think she would be funnier as a player than a host.

slb 22 Nov 2015, 03:57

I've noticed this from Aisling Bea in previous episodes of QI - I think there is one in the K or L series with her in as well.

 21 Nov 2015, 22:58

Hi Carrie

Are you talking about this QI episode?

Carrie 21 Nov 2015, 20:17

Watched comedy quiz show QI on Friday evening. One of the people on it was the gorgeous Irish comedian Aisling Bea. She quite often appears on comedy quiz shows and usually has her glasses with her if she might be reading or writing or looking at a monitor screen on/in the desk. On Friday on QI she used her glasses for close up but she also put them on to see the massive screen on the apposite side of the studio, just behind the other 2 comedians (there was an identical screen behind her and the male comedian for the other 2 players to look at). She obviously needs her glasses for distances as much as for reading. Surely if her vision is that bad she'd be better off wearing them full time instead of taking them off when not reading/writing and then putting them back on to see the screen. I can't tell what her prescription might be - possibly around +2. I love the Irish accent and when that person with the accent happens to be a beautiful brunette, is very funny and wears glasses I go a bit weak at the knees!

Another sighting was Saturday evening when our friends Danielle and the coffee shop server came over for dinner, along with a couple of other friends. Our coffee shop friend (who is also Danielle's girlfriend) was wearing a pair of Danielle's old glasses, which have a +1.00 prescription, rather than her own glasses with a +0.50 prescription that she likes to wear full time. She didn't show any signs of eyestrain or difficulty focusing but then she didn't need to look very far, just near to intermediate distances. She may be able to see distances clearly with those slightly stronger glasses now as she's been alternating between them and her +0.5s for a week or two. I'll see what she decides to wear in the morning as she and Danielle are staying over. The other two friends walked to their houses as they live quite close. It's just after 3am now and we are going to bed after a very pleasant evening spent with lovely friends and eating great food made by my beautiful girlfriend (my favourite girl with glasses). Before anyone gets any ideas in their head I would like to make it clear that Danielle and her girlfriend are in a separate bed in a separate room from us!

Stingray 21 Nov 2015, 14:53

I went with my wife to the doctor and their receptionist was actually wearing myodisk glasses. She was in her mid 30's and not really that attractive with or without the glasses. These were the first ones I had seen in well over 20 years. They were in a small tortoise shell frame with wide temples. When she bent over to write the appointment in the book, I could see the thickness of the lenses. They were flat in the front and like carved out in the back and at least 12mm or more thick at the edges. I would guess the correction being at least -18D or more.

Eyestein 21 Nov 2015, 06:07

I was recently with a myopic 18yo girl in a fastfood restaurant (It was not a date - just someone I know). I was surprised to see her change her glasses to read the menu on the wall behind the counter. Later, after she sat down and started texting on her phone, she swapped her glasses again. I looked at her and said "you wear two pairs of glasses?" She said simply "yes". I was hoping she might elaborate but because she said nothing more I did not dwell on the subject. I thought it was an interesting sighting.

SC 20 Nov 2015, 10:44

Stood next to a woman at the bus stop yesterday - bare-eyed early 30s. Just as we are approaching the city station I hear the click of a glasses case closing and see that she is now sporting some modern black frames with weak plus lenses. I see her looking around outside through the bus windows and adjusting them from time to time as we walked into the station.

I guess she had only had them a few days and felt more comfortable wearing them in an anonymous situation but clearly enjoyed wearing them

 14 Nov 2015, 20:00

Few good sightings:

At an accounting firm, a fairly large mid 50s lady with short brunette hair. She was around a -10, wearing a narrow brown frame, couldn't see a lot of lens thickness but the lenses were flat and flashing whenever she turned. The power rings gave away that she was a high myope. She always has this tired, squinty expression on her face as well. Probably from all the number crunching.

Another one- a pretty 40 something blonde with a great smile, slightly on the chubby side, probably around a -8. She was wearing prescription sunglasses even inside the store while she was buying cigarettes. You can see the cut in from both sides of her face easily when you look at her straight on.

Lastly, a another -8ish myope. This time a slim Samoan/Maori woman, again mid 40s, curly long hair wearing a sundress. Her glasses perched right on the edge of her nose while she was having a cigarette and playing on her phone. Surely with her prescription she'd rather them in front of her eyes?

Interesting to see quite a few older women out and about with their strong glasses rather than contacts.

Marco 10 Nov 2015, 14:39

Post deleted - spam

Marco 08 Nov 2015, 18:19

Post deleted - spam

Puffin 07 Nov 2015, 09:03

I would like to associate myself with all those comments below in support of Carrie.

Despite the best efforts of the rest of us, there are still pockets of crass stupidity.

June 06 Nov 2015, 23:06

Carrie. It was nice to see you got a lot of support over what happened. I was glad to see you did, there is no telling how rude some people can be.

Well done for the way you handled it

Carrie 06 Nov 2015, 11:14

Likelenses - she knows I'm lesbian because we are both local and she's a fairly regular customer. The other woman must be a friend or relation of hers from outside the area as I didn't recognise her. Living locally to the shop I quite often see regular customers in the area when I'm not at work. My sexuality is no secret and, just like many straight couples, I will proudly display my affection for the love of my life in public. The second woman has obviously seen us around and used the other woman's rather old fashioned comment about glasses to add her more unkind almost homophobic comment.

I am more annoyed than offended by their comments.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if other people think I look better without my glasses or disapprove of my sexuality but at least they have the decency to keep their thoughts to themselves. I don't give sh*t if they think like that, anyway.

Carrie 06 Nov 2015, 10:36

Wow, thank you for your words of support. Very much appreciated. As I said, I am pretty thick skinned when it comes to verbal comments whether about my appearance or my sexuality and I don't let it get to me. If I had reacted I could have put my job at risk and I'm sure the second woman knew that. I hope she was disappointed I didn't react. Telling a person who is less resistant to comments that they look better without their glasses really could knock their confidence. My own beautiful girlfriend is as gorgeous with her glasses as she is without but it took several months of me, with the help of family and close friends, to give her the confidence to wear her glasses full time - not because I wanted her to (well, perhaps a little bit) but because she needed to. Years of bullying at school for being quiet, gay and getting glasses had knocked almost all her confidence out of her. She had also had the "prettier without your glasses" comment from someone (not one of the bullies) which she interpreted as "you're ugly with glasses". The glasses she had when we first got together and when she eventually went full time were nice, delicate feminine ones and she did look pretty in them. When either of us get new glasses we spend a long time trying different frames, as I'm sure most glasses wearers do. Just because I'm into women and not men doesn't mean I don't like to look nice. I take care in my appearance. How I look in my glasses is as important as how I look in my clothes and how I do my makeup. My girlfriend is the same. My two 20 something work colleagues with glasses also take care in their appearance. Both very much into men and one has a lovely boyfriend who isn't bothered one bit about her glasses. Our manager, in her 30s, used to wear contacts because her boyfriend wasn't very keen on her wearing glasses. When she got fed up with contacts and began wearing glasses again she told her boyfriend that if he didn't like it he should go. Bit of a risk, but it worked as they are still together and she says he doesn't mind glasses now rather than disliking them.

mark 06 Nov 2015, 02:00

So I went back to the shopping mall yesterday where I had the wonderful encounter with the hot gwg who tried my glasses on that I posted about a week or so ago, and given I have to drive there, I took my contact lenses and glasses with me.

When I got there, I parked up, flipped down the car mirror and put the right lens in easily at the first time of asking. The left lens was a real bugger though and kept popping out and I'd normally try another lens, but I only brought two with me (grrrr). It must have come out about 10 times and given I'd driven through heavy traffic for about 40 minutes and only had this lens I didn't want to give up. When it fell onto my cheek for the last time I noticed it didn't come out intact and a small part of it must have been left in my eye. Try as I did, I couldn't find or see this part but could feel something in the corner of my eye. It's now the next morning and despite trying loads of things to get it out - eye drops, immersing my eye in water and the obvious - feeling my eye - I can't get it out!

Does anyone have any tips for getting out a soft broken contact lens - I've Googled it and was going to try inserting another lens as suggested on one site to see if this will pick it up the broken part - but any tips would be greatly appreciated!

This isn't obviously how I was hoping this potential GOC sighting would play out!!

hooked 06 Nov 2015, 01:38

I was for a project working for some days in Sweden. One of my counterparts there was a real stunner. Typical blonde and glasses at least +5 and the three days we worked together she came with to different frames.

Likelenses 06 Nov 2015, 01:07


How on earth would the second woman even know that you are a lesbian?

astigmaphile 05 Nov 2015, 20:29


Those women were very rude to you, especially the second one who made an issue of your sexuality. People should keep their thoughts in their heads if the comments would not be positive. You did well to ignore them.

KL 05 Nov 2015, 20:13


I wish I could have overheard that exchange. I'd have walked past and added "Not a shame at all. She's a lesbian *and* she wears glasses? That's exactly perfect."

Soundmanpt 05 Nov 2015, 18:01


Sadly that in this world world you have people that are just plain stupid and they seem to come with a friend that is even more stupid. Lucky you, you happened to find them or should I say they happened to find you. What a back handed complement to tell you how pretty you are without your glasses. Without a doubt the first thought any young woman is going to think is "does that mean I am ugly with my glasses on?" And then to follow it up with comment about a boyfriend. Of course that was already very rude and in more taste and then her friend goes and makes it even worse. I'm sure you would have loved to have gone off on them both, but you proved to be the bigger person by letting it go. If you had got into it with them it could ave got you in trouble with your job even. So in the end they come off looking pretty stupid and you looked the wiser. Carrie i'm sure you look very pretty with and without your glasses.

Plus Tony 05 Nov 2015, 16:16


It is shocking to think that in 2015 you can be subjected to such unpleasant comments at work or indeed anywhere. I felt outraged on your behalf. I take the view that those of us who choose to wear glasses are the smart, confident and attractive people and those who make negative comments are ill mannered fools. Since I became a full time wearer just over 5 weeks ago I have felt more confident and relaxed and although I'm certainly no oil painting I feel that my specs have added a new and positive dimension to my personality.

I now make a point of complimenting other glasses wearers about their frames if it is appropriate. I wouldn't have had the confidence to do that before I had specs myself. I find that I have more conversations with people when I'm in shops etc. Glasses create a bond that only those of us wearing them truly appreciate. It has also had a positive effect on one of my colleagues who has booked an eye test and based on the symptoms she has described I think there is a reasonable chance that she will be wearing a plus prescription in the next week or two.

June - I'm delighted that you received a compliment from your work colleague and hope you are still enjoying your specs. I'm sure that mum wearing glasses is giving your daughter a real confidence boost. I was also really pleased to hear about the good work that the teacher has been doing. I'm sure it is helping Susan and I have no doubt that the two lads who were having eye problems of their own will be grateful too in the near future.

June 05 Nov 2015, 14:49

That was awful of them Carrie. Our sexuality should make no difference. I got annoyed when a friend said to me, what a shame your daughter has glasses now, she was such a pretty girl. I was rather sharp with her and said she is still pretty. I said how about me, does glasses make me less attractive, she muttered and changed the subject. There is a lady in office where I work who thinks I look great in glasses, and I am very flattered she does. Men often say you are attractive but in life I find when another female says it, she means it

Carrie 05 Nov 2015, 11:51

I was restocking the shelves at work today and I took my glasses off to clean a smudge off a lens. A woman customer standing near me said "Oh you are pretty without your glasses! You should wear contacts. Do you have a boyfriend? Does he mind you wearing glasses when you are prettier without?" Before I could politely say anything her friend butted in with "She doesn't have a boyfriend. She doesn't need to look pretty for boys because she's lesbian." The first woman said "Oh, that's a shame." and they walked away. I'm fairly thick-skinned when it comes to insults but I still found those comments offensive. I'm sure the first woman didn't mean to be rude and obviously she didn't know I love wearing glasses but the second woman's comments were totally unnecessary. I don't care what people think about me, it's a free country, but there's no need to be rude to me. They should keep their thoughts inside their heads. If you've got nothing nice to say don't say anything at all.

I'm not saying I'm like a beautiful super-model but I am very aware that straight men and gay/bi women find me attractive with my glasses on. My own girlfriend doesn't mind one bit that I wear glasses. Two of my female colleagues that are a similar age to me and wear glasses full time have no shortage of male admirers (and at least 1 female admirer - me).

cutter 05 Nov 2015, 10:18

At the gala dinner of the work-related meeting I was attending last week, I met a girl 28-30 yo and had a nice experience with her. Even if we were sitting at a big round table, due to the loud location the boring tablemates as well as (much more, to be honest) the liking at the first glance we had, we found convenient to have a prolongued tête-à-tête conversation. By chance, our work fields were different enough to let us talk about the rest of the world, in particular on clichées (how French people see Italian, how Italian people see French: you can imagine the plenty of opportunities to flirt on this theme).

She was an attractive blonde Parisienne with brilliant blue eyes (too much brilliant, I noticed!). Little by little I moved the conversation to the topic of vision: she admitted she was wearing contacts and said "I'm blind without them". Clearly, she was exaggerating, as she was a typical mild shortsighted (her RX was -4) She also mimicked the distance she were able to read with no glasses: 15-20 cm, no more.

She tried my glasses (a negligible RX at one lens and a very low minus RX at the other one) and said they make her see a little better. Unfortunately, her purse was at the guardrobe otherwise she shown me her ones. She settled of describing them as "a sort of hipster model, but I chosen then when no one used big ones! I am so proud of them". My answer was "But you don't need special glasses to win over people": she laughed, smiled and said there are no clichées on Italian guys.

OnlLooker 04 Nov 2015, 20:47

A lady sitting next to me in a seminar

swap 04 Nov 2015, 07:15

Today I met with my friend. She is quite beautifand with thick plus glasses. In India girls are so ashamed of their Glasses. She also don't like her glasses. while chatting on fb she promised me to remove her glasses for me. So I was making fun with her. She never admitted she can't read without glasses. She simply says she wearing glasses to avoid headache. We got a bus.we were together on 1 seat.i asked her to remove glasses. She removed and gave it to me.and squinting now ( the prescription is +7). I asked her can you see dear. She said yes. (Though she was squinting badly) then I did a trick. I said her do you know my favourite quote she asked me which one? I said her i write it in my notebook read yourself and I gave her my notebook. And now she was requesting me for her glasses. I said no. She tried to snatch it. But I didn't give them. Then she tried to read but put notebook so closely. And started reading slowly. Then I gave back her glasses. And she wore them and said me thanks. and started reading.

. Just nice experience.

Soundmanpt 03 Nov 2015, 10:54


It seems you had a very nice sighting as well as quite the weekend. The young lady where you went for dinner that was your server sounds really nice. Don't you wish you could sometimes snap a quick picture, but of course Gemma would not be too happy with that idea. When you see a sighting like that it makes you wonder how much the fact that wearing glasses has now become so popular and even more so with that Wayfarer style of glasses has to do with so many young ladies now wearing glasses. I mean if glasses weren't as popular and if her prescription is pretty weak she may have glasses but rarely ever wear them.

I hadn't asked about Danielle because I assumed that nothing had really changed with her or her coffee server gf. Now that Danielle has her contacts that she wears on a daily business for her job it makes sense that now whenever she isn't wearing contacts she misses the correction so she has to wear her glasses. Her eyes have to be very uncomfortable trying to read her phone or anything else small now without either her contacts or glasses. But it's funny because as much as Danielle doesn't really like wearing glasses all that much her gf is the complete opposite. She clearly doesn't do or go anywhere without wearing her glasses anymore even though she barely needs them and she can still see quite good without them. But all in all I think you had a nice weekend.

Carrie 02 Nov 2015, 16:15

Went out for a meal with some friends on Friday evening. One of the waitresses was tallish and slim with her blonde hair tied back. She was wearing clubmaster style glasses with what looked like a weak minus prescription. I suppose the prescription could have been for astigmatism or even a prism prescription but I couldn't tell. Oh yeah, she was very attractive too. Obviously I couldn't keep looking at her as I am not a single lady.

On Saturday me and Gemma went shopping and popped in to our favourite coffee shop. Our friend, the server was in there wearing her +0.50 glasses that she sort of needs. Her girlfriend and our friend Danielle came in a few minutes later. To my delight she was wearing her glasses. She doesn't wear them much unless she's at work or reading. If she's been looking at her phone (she says she can barely read text on her phone without glasses) she usually takes her glasses off when she's finished. On this occasion she said her eyes felt tired and her glasses really helped. She'd been working longer hours to get a particular piece of work finished for a client.

On Saturday evening Danielle and the server came over for our Halloween fancy dress party. Danielle came as a very sexy witch and the server came as the witch's cat, also quite sexy! Both of them wore their glasses. Danielle pointed to hers and said they were partly for the costume and partly because her eyes still felt tired. They stayed the night (so did a few others - on camp beds and air beds). When we all got up on Sunday morning we were all a little bit delicate and Danielle put her glasses on again. After some breakfast and a couple of coffees we all felt better and more awake and sadly Danielle took her glasses off.

NJ 02 Nov 2015, 11:26

An odd sighting the other day. I was stuck in traffic at day's end behind a pretty young blond, sans glasses. As we inched along the sun set behind a hill and she pulled out a pair of reasonably strong (-4) glasses and put them on. However, once we got to a red light she took them off until the light changed. She did this every time we got to a red light.

Not very reassuring to think that she is actually driving uncorrected.

Soundmanpt 02 Nov 2015, 09:17


Well done and I feel much the same way as you must about chatting with those gwg's Way back in my younger days I would see an attractive young gwg but was too afraid to say anything fearing that she would want nothing to do with me. A few minutes after she was gone I would always feel like kicking myself for not at least giving it a try. So I started working uo my nerve to try at least make a comment to these gwgs. I'm sure at first I was very awkward at it but even then nearly all of them turned out to quite friendly and I was surprised that they were really quite approachable. After a while I think I got better with my opening comments and I didn't feel nearly as awkward as I did at first and I think I became somewhat fearless. But yes not all of these young ladies were interested and you can tell quite quickly if they aren't interested in chatting or not. But at least when I would walk away I didn't feel like kicking myself for not trying. A line I often used that seemed to work very well was "Excuse me but I couldn't help but notice that you have beautiful eyes" What young lady doesn't like being told that? And if she is wearing glasses she has to be happy that her eyes are being complemented. Even today I still don't have any problem with approaching these young ladies but now its not like when I was doing it in order to get their number.

Tom 01 Nov 2015, 14:59


Did you try on her specs yourself? I always try to steer a chat like the one you had in that direction, I must have succeeded in doing so about once a month since I first dared to ask a lady about 5 years ago. Once you swap glasses, even if for only 10 seconds, you have a good catch.

Last week on a flight I engaged in some regular chit-chat with my neighbour, a 35aged something gwg. I took off my specs, and after a few minutes I put them back on saying "I better use these or I cannot see much". She then also complained about her own eyes, I complimented her about her choice of frames, and before long we each tried on each other's glasses :)

mark 30 Oct 2015, 04:17

Good idea guys, I have been meaning to go back there for the last week or so, but have been so busy at work I haven't had a chance. I'm planning on going back there today, providing I get a chance to do so with my work schedule and will keep you posted!

With regard to my point about the car etc, I was only making out that I don't look like Dracula but often feel like it and as such don't have much self confidence!! I'll go back and wear the same spex and browse around for a while as suggested and see if she's there.

Likelenses 29 Oct 2015, 17:48

I would go back to that store at exactly the same time or even a little earlier,and browse around until at least forty five minutes later.

Chances are that she found you attractive,and is now kicking herself for not being more EVEN MORE aggressive in pursuing you.She could be planning on going back to the same store,at the same time,in hopes that you will be there.

Be prepared to ask her if she would like to go and get a bite to eat.

If you do not feel comfortable seeing her again in the GOC glasses,at least wear some glasses. If she asks why your glasses do not look the same tell her that the other pair was a new Rx,and that they seemed too strong,and you returned then for a refund.

Soundmanpt 29 Oct 2015, 10:41


If I were you and this girl is someone that you found attractive and would be interested in getting to know then it should be worth your time to go back to that store more often. You want her to recognize you again so you probably need to plan on wearing your GOC when you got there. Remember the only time she saw you without your glasses on was when she was trying on your glasses so she had her own glasses off and as she said she couldn't see much with your glasses so she never really got much of a good look at you without glasses and you didn't much of a look at her either without your glasses on. Your other issues you shouldn't even be thinking about. When she was flirting with you she didn't flirt with you based on what car you may be driving, she was interested in you and maybe your glasses.

mark 29 Oct 2015, 09:48

Soundmanpt - you are completely right about the last sentence of your post. I AM TOO SLOW and a lot of the time find it hard to read signals. Having read your post back, and thought of the situation, I'm bummed that I didn't make more of it, as this would have been a dream to come true. Being in that situation, all I was trying to do was find logical answers to her couple of questions and not act completely flustered! This was such an incredible experience that to have made something out of it would have been unreal, maybe I need to go that shop more often to see if I bump into her again. But say I do, and something would happen, how do you explain me not wearing the strong glasses ever again??!!

I am pretty shy and find it hard to believe that people could fancy me despite being relatively young, of an athletic build, decent job, nice car blah blah blah so that is probably the other reason I never really make a move when I see a hot girl, I tend to just think "what if" instead of being impulsive!

astigmaphile 29 Oct 2015, 09:47


I think that the lady who tried on your GOC glasses is probably an OO herself.

Soundmanpt 29 Oct 2015, 09:03


Nice sighting and I am sure you were pleased that she was so interested in your glasses, but do you need a boulder to hit you in the head to know that she was flirting with you and commenting on your glasses was a perfect way for her to do that. Who knows maybe she has a thing for guys wearing glasses? But at any rate you should have complemented her on her glasses and asked her for her number. What's the worst that could happen? Yes of course she might have said no and that would have been that and you would never see her again or you could have done what you did, which was nothing and never see her again. Wait a minute isn't that the same thing as asking for her number and being turned down. Either way you had nothing to lose by asking. She made the first move which was very brave of her. I doubt that you would ever go up to a young lady that you didn't know and not only complement her on her glasses but even ask to try them?

mark 29 Oct 2015, 03:28

I had an interesting and quite possibly unique experience with GOC yesterday that was quite surreal! Not sure where to post this, in sightings or here so I'll do both.

I was wearing my big roundish unisex glasses yesterday that I've found give me close to the best vision when doing GOC out of the several pairs I can use and was in a shop when I noticed a cute gwg browsing the aisles a couple of rows away from me. I looked over in her direction to admire her a couple of times, and at the third time of looking at her she noticed me and smiled. I smiled back at her and a short time later we had both ended up in the same aisle. She looked at me commented that she liked my glasses!

All the hairs stuck up on my arms with nervous anticipation! I thanked her, and said they were new and getting used to them, but they were very comfortable (what else could I say!). She then asked if she could try them on as she was contemplating getting new glasses in this style. I was lost for words almost! I said that she most certainly could, but they were a lot stronger than hers, she asked how I knew, and I said I was just guessing (again, how could I let on!) She said she didn't mind about that.

She wasn't a high myope, nowhere near it, probably -3 or -2.5 - something low like that but she liked the frame, and this style of frame is very fashionable at the moment in London. Just before she tried on my glasses, she looked at the rather thick lenses (in this frame they're just under 1cm thick, the polished edges protude out of the sides), and commented on them, touching my arm in a friendly flirty sort of manner "oh my, your poor thing, your lenses are rather thick aren't they!". I laughed, and wondered what to say given this was the first encounter with a gwg wearing glasses!! I said, "I hadn't really noticed but yep, it's a slippery slope once your eyes are as bad as mine". She put them on, and with my induced myopia I couldn't see her as well as I would've liked - but then this alteraction would've never happened without GOC - she squinted hard and looked around the shop, smiling and said how comfortable they felt on her and how she liked the bigger frame compared to her rectangular wide armed frame, but then she took them off after saying she couldn't see much! I'm not surprised given they were probably 3 times the strength of her own glasses!!

Carrie 28 Oct 2015, 14:40

Pretty blonde woman with Rayban black plastic framed glasses on The Apprentice on BBC1. Mild minus prescription. She only wears them during the task not in Lord Sugar's boardroom.

Likelenses 23 Oct 2015, 20:43


Sounds,and looks like a cool place.

Perhaps we all should email them and suggest that they encourage all employees to wear glasses.

Maybe they could pay for unique glasses,such as vintage cat eyes,drop temples,gold rimless,and even monocles.Furthermore for those employees that do not need glasses,they could provide them with plano lense ones.

One additional note,perhaps this would be a place to hold an eyescene convention,or for a photo shoot by Crystal veil.

SC 23 Oct 2015, 02:20

Not sure if this is a sighting... I recently stayed at the Eye Hotel in Utrecht, Netherlands. This hotel is in a former hospital and dedicated to a Dutch opthamologist. The rooms are 'eye' themed, eg the bedside lights are the ones used for examinations, the posters are about eyes or Snellen themed, there are sculptures in reception made out of glasses.

None of the staff wear glasses!

Galileo 19 Oct 2015, 12:31

maybe this is an alien invasion - I too saw a woman with a Rx of around -4 and BIG bold black frames going round the shops today. Her glasses spent more time on the top of her head than on her eyes. She would flick them down to look in a window and then straight back on top of her head. And no squinting either.

Soundmanpt 19 Oct 2015, 09:26


Remember that if she is nearsighted it is probably still easier for her to read a road map bare eyed that with her glasses which would be working against her eyes.

(But then again it could be that she is from another planet and she actually does have eyes on top of her head. You never can be too sure)

Puffin 19 Oct 2015, 08:44

Earlier today I was at the bus station, whereupon I saw a young woman with glasses on top of her head (funny place to have eyes), about minus 3-4 reading a map or timetable. And then another one walked by with glasses minus 2-3, in the more normal place.

It seems that glasses, like god, move in mysterious ways.

Tom1 18 Oct 2015, 06:24

Several interesting sightings in the last week.

First to report is at a cinema, long queue at the counter desk, over which some screens displayed the movies timetable, ticket costs, seats availabe, etc... Two girls joined the line beside where I was queing. One was overweight mid twenty blonde, the other a short and slim brunette around thirties. What they had in common was the myopia, since they both wore glasses. The younger was around -2, the other I judged more in the -3 range or slighly above. The younger was squinting and squinting to read the screens, while reading to her friend the informstion. The second was loking everywhere but towards the screen. My feeling was that the younger was slightly undercorrected, while the older was much undecorrected, to the point that she didn't even try to squint to?see the screens, they must have been much beyond the (short) of her eyesight!

Second sighting today at a sushy resturant. Actually there were a lot of bespectacled girls, mostly nearsighted with few exceptions. Two were in the strong range, I'd say beyond -8, especiallhy one of them. However, the girl which attracted me more was a tall brunette, with long black hair and deep brown eyes. She was wearing glasses with a roundish black thin frame. The lenses were quite thin. I was trying to guess prescription when I clearly saw that the right lens was a little bit stronger, with the typical circles of minus lenses only on top and above, while the sides were almost plano. This is obviously indication of astigmatism (strong cylinder). I had opportunity to look through her lenses from behind and they shown the typical deformation of astigmatism lenses. Very lovely. I always wonder how a person with stronger cylinder than sphere sees, if squinting helps, if close or far vision is better... I'd like to simulate those effect to see what happens. Maybe GOC could simulate strong astigmatism... althoug toric contacts are quite expensive.

Soundmanpt 17 Oct 2015, 10:42


Sounds nice, are you considering having a conversation with either or both of them in the near future? You know it never hurts to complement a woman on how she looks wearing glasses. You get nothing more than a simple thank you but you can be sure you made her feel good. Plus you never now she may even engage in a conversation with you as well. Trust me I know from chatting with so many servers at the local sports bars and such that they often get very rude customers. Most enjoy a nice friendly customer as much as a getting a nice big tip. I try and do both.

Puffin 17 Oct 2015, 09:44

Went to a local family-run cafe-diner today for lunch. There's a couple of GWG's working there, one about 30 wearing oblong plastic glasses with wide sides, the other a bit younger, wearing "restrained cat eye" frames, which is something I like at the moment. Neither very strong... but something to think about whilst drinking coffee and eating a sandwich.

As always, I try to reserve my custom for places that employ GWG's.

gwgs 14 Oct 2015, 01:39

An amazing sighting at the weekend. I was in line waiting at the cashpoint when I saw a stunning blonde girl probably in her mid to late 20's standing in the next line. She was tall and skinny and I was immediately surprised and perplexed by her glasses.

Her lenses appeared to be of a rather strong plus prescription as her eyes were very magnified, but the thing that threw me was I could see the polished edges of her lenses protuding out of the edge of the frames which should indicate a strong minus prescription!! She was standing sideways to me but obviously I wasn't being that unsubtle in admiring her as she may have noticed I was looking at her as she turned her head to look at me, and smiled. Her magnified lenses refracted the morning sunlight off her thick lenses.

To those that know a lot more about lenses than I do, can they please explain this sighting, as plus lenses obviously increase in thickness in the middle of the frame, not the outside, so how were her lenses thick at the outside edge?

fav guest 12 Oct 2015, 05:33

Hi Ellen,

Great for you !!! have fun, you deserve it!

Go for it...

see, good things happen from this blog....

And, I think you have analyzed vision issues correctly, a special club.

Concorde comment for you.... My one experience was blurred.... was going "across pond" with a gf for London show weekend and a stay at the Savoy. Trip was via BA on 747 redeye fm Miami. This is usually a great flight since you eat sleep and wake up in London. However, after delays the flight was cancelled, but since only 40 people booked, they gave us the short lived Mia to London Concorde, free, the next morning. but it was midnight when we left the airport and had to be back at 730am after hour trip home Ft Laud. Worst was, they told us to "dress appropriately" jackets etc.. not jeans and t-shirts; as we like to travel long distances It was cool, but stopped in Washington after slow flight for 2 hours and then 1350MPH across pond in day getting to London for dinner, more tired that if 747 night before and day in London....oh well. The plane was really cool, but cramped, even though all first class. Too bad they discontinued them!

fav guest 12 Oct 2015, 05:33

Hi Ellen,

Great for you !!! have fun, you deserve it!

Go for it...

see, good things happen from this blog....

And, I think you have analyzed vision issues correctly, a special club.

Concorde comment for you.... My one experience was blurred.... was going "across pond" with a gf for London show weekend and a stay at the Savoy. Trip was via BA on 747 redeye fm Miami. This is usually a great flight since you eat sleep and wake up in London. However, after delays the flight was cancelled, but since only 40 people booked, they gave us the short lived Mia to London Concorde, free, the next morning. but it was midnight when we left the airport and had to be back at 730am after hour trip home Ft Laud. Worst was, they told us to "dress appropriately" jackets etc.. not jeans and t-shirts; as we like to travel long distances It was cool, but stopped in Washington after slow flight for 2 hours and then 1350MPH across pond in day getting to London for dinner, more tired that if 747 night before and day in London....oh well. The plane was really cool, but cramped, even though all first class. Too bad they discontinued them!

Likelenses 11 Oct 2015, 21:36


I would say that there is a fine line between kinship of the strong lensed,and a latent OO fetish.

Welcome to the club !

Ellen 11 Oct 2015, 14:24

I wonder what they called it when Concorde entered service? Crossing the puddle?

Guy from conference came to see me this weekend. We live 100 miles apart so I'm not sure where this relationship is going but we had a great time so I'm enjoying it while I can. He was wearing his specs when he arrived on Friday, so cute. I'm not into specs in a fetishistic kind of way but due to my own eyesight issues I've always noticed others with strong prescriptions. It's like we belong to a club, I feel a sort of kinship with other blindasabat folk. He looked good in them though, there's something alluring about -14 lenses on a 6' 2" guy built like a rugby forward. Maybe I do possess a level of latent fetishism.

Melyssa 08 Oct 2015, 04:50


You're right, the Pacific Ocean is more like a "lake" than a "creek." It's the Arctic Ocean that would be the "creek." :)

Back on topic, the past two days on Match Game '78, A not-too-young Billie Jean Travers was on, wearing nice drop-temples, something maybe 2-3 other women had worn on that show before these tapings. She won two games, but she may have been the only contestant in Match Game history to strike out twice consecutively in the Audience Match part, where to win money and go for the Super Match, a contestant just has to figure out any of the top three answers to a "Blank" that a previous audience had given. Billie Jean, not at my door, you let us drop-temple wearers down!

bracesfan 08 Oct 2015, 03:37

Hard to believe ...

Young lady, left eye myopic plano about 7-8 diopters, right eye hypermetropic about 3-4 diopters.

Real beauty.

fav guest 07 Oct 2015, 18:59

Hi All

First of all...Ellen, glad you have the PT down pat- that is the key... AND YOU WILL RECOVER, and find out who your friends are lol.

About the pond....guess I'm dating myself...many years ago travelling from Europe to the states (or colonies) was an adventure. In 1954 BOAC quickly introduced comet IV jet service in 6 hours. After a few crashes they discontinued, until the 707's 1958 made it 6 1/2 to 6 1/2 and crossing was a leisurely trip with cocktails and dinner, intime for a show on either side, whichever direction one was going. Crews on these flights from all the airlines (mainly 4 at that time panam, twa, boac and airfrance)referred to these quick trips on air route 1 (the NorthAtlantic corridor) as "crossing the pond"!!! It was a different world then, sorry.

nite all

Ellen 07 Oct 2015, 15:05

I wasn't trying to be rude, it's just that I like discussion and when I post something that I find interesting, it's nice to get a positive response that moves the discussion on rather than just "when are you crossing the pond".

Thanks everyone for your good wishes. I'm getting there slowly, it's just going to be a long road I think. I doubt I'll ever be the same again but my prognosis is that I should be pretty much fully mobile again one day if I stick religiously to my physio.

Likelenses 07 Oct 2015, 14:40


Praying that you have a quick total recovery.

I too would love to meet you should you cross the Atlantic again to visit your sister,but I will not badger you about it

fav guest does get annoying with his posts about it.

Likelenses 07 Oct 2015, 14:33


Since the Pacific is much larger than the Atlantic perhaps the LAKE would be more appropriate.

Melyssa 07 Oct 2015, 12:45


I hope you make a full and quick recovery.

Don't worry about turning 40. It's only a number. Next year I will be 1.5 times that. Shortly after I turned 40 (or thirty-ten, if you will), I bought a pair of blue drop-temples, my favorite amongst all of that style in my collection.

I am about an hour away from the Atlantic Ocean and I have never heard anyone in PA, NJ, or NC refer to it as "the pond." Does that make the Pacific Ocean "the creek?" :)

astigmaphile 07 Oct 2015, 08:55


I am sorry to hear about your horrible accident. I hope that you will make a complete recovery.

I am surprised the man who tried on your glasses could see very well through them. Your prescription is 5D higher in minus sphere and I have no idea what your cylinder is.

I have heard Americans refer to the Atlantic Ocean as the pond. Personally, I think that is kind of corny.

fav guest 07 Oct 2015, 08:39

Hi Ellen

Sorry to hear about your horrible accident... I had an ACL tear, but that is nothing compared to you; and had a kneecart etc. Good PT is the key !

I could get more extensive verbally, but this venue is not the place. I certainly know you and that you are a morethan worthwhile and desirable person lol! Sorry you lost my email that I gave you on eyescene. We need to figure out something!

In any event, that was a brilliant and forward move bringing that guy into your bed. It shows you get what you want when you ask! Life begins at 40 and when you get to 50's .... as quoted to me by a retiring Delta flight attendant, "you can ask for anything, the worst thing someone can say is NO - and it's hard to say that to an older person, lol." (With that comment, she proceeded ask me in case some guy she knew didn't pick her up from the redeye flight upon landing in Ft Lauderdale; whether I would take her to her hotel where she was staying for 2 day layover and join her for breakfast and oceanswim. PS, he was there.)


Anyway, get better and maybe we will meet, even if at the Savoy for tea!

fav guest

Michael 07 Oct 2015, 08:15

I saw the new secretary in our company the second time yesterday.

She still wore her plus-glasses. And I think she managed them better than first sighting.

Only her distance to the screen was a little bit short, about 40 cm. Unfortunaly I couldn`t stay longer in the office.

I hope to see her much more. At 4th of december we will have a little party in the company. Hope she will be there.

Ellen 07 Oct 2015, 01:58

fav guest,

What is it with you and referring to the Atlantic a "the pond"? Why not write something a little more constructive in response to my posts? Just a suggestion.

I had a very serious accident earlier this year in which I broke my back, pelvis and hip. Thankfully I'm not paraplegic but I spent a long time in a wheelchair and still struggle to walk any distance. My world travelling is thus curtailed for the time being. This was partly my motivation for inviting a virtual stranger to my bed at the conference, I don't get out much and I wanted to feel desirable and attractive again. I'll also be 40 next birthday which is a milestone I'm not particularly relishing.

Tom 1,

My prescription is about -19 but I have extreme astigmatism which makes it difficult for me to tolerate contacts. I'm therefore a full time glasses wearer.

crucible 06 Oct 2015, 16:44

Recently has been the beginning of yoga pants and hug boots season.

I have been lucky enough to see a slight variation of this usual sight.

I came across a slender girl in black yoga pants, wearing red plastic rim minus 8 glasses and high heels sandals.

The kind of sandals with just one small strap on the toes, and one on the heels, with 10cm high heels. I couldn't really judge her breast size, or see her up front, unfortunately.

So she was walking down the street, clack clack clack, with her long blonde hair, pushing her red glasses up every 20 meters or so.

As I was watching her walking, trying to judge her glasses, she looked to her side at me smiling, and she suddenly stopped and put her foot up to caress her foot sole with her hand. She removed a pebble form under her cute varnished toes.

Such a sexy sight, with the high heels sandals and strong glasses form behind, watching her cute ass wiggle as she walked down the metro station.

Nice autumn sight

Tom1 06 Oct 2015, 14:50

Ellen, which prescription do you have in your glasses that you borrow to the poor blind man? Do you wear glasses regularly or contacts?

I had a similar experience years ago: spent a night with a -7 girl who losted her contacts and did not have spare glasses. My -3 glasses did not help that much, I had to drive her in the blur for the whole next day. She was very ok, no one between the friends noticed she could not see a thing!

fav guest 05 Oct 2015, 15:38

Hi Ellen

Welcome back....

..when is work or play going to bring you across the pond???



fav guest 05 Oct 2015, 15:38

Hi Ellen

Welcome back....

..when is work or play going to bring you across the pond???



Ellen 05 Oct 2015, 14:59

At a work related conference last week another delegate and I got rather friendly. On the last night after a glass of wine too many and somewhat out of character for me I threw caution to the wind and invited him back to my hotel room. Afterwards, I asked him to stay the night but he said he couldn't because he had nowhere to put his contacts. I hadn't actually noticed that he wore them but undaunted I suggested the drinking glasses they provide in hotel bathrooms. We boiled some water to sterilise it and after allowing it to cool he removed his lenses and put one in each glass. I had no idea what his prescription was but he was obviously seriously compromised as I had to guide him back towards the bed. I suggested he try my specs to see if they helped at all and he said things were very distorted but much clearer with them than without. Ever resourceful, I fetched my spare pair from my bag for him to use in the morning to navigate his way to the bathroom. It turned out his prescription was around -14 and it was cute and fascinating in equal measure to see this strong capable alpha male very helpless without his eyewear.

Tom 05 Oct 2015, 11:45

Went to an amusement park on Sunday, and spent some time watching people in the wild water roller-coaster sitting in tree-trunk-like open boats splashing down a big slide.

A mother in large round black plastic framed glasses came down the slide with her two daughters sitting in front her, and there were soaked after the big splash. While still in the boat and passing 10ft below and in front if me, she took her specs (that were full with water drops), and started to dry them with a piece of her shirt. At the same time she looked up, trying to spot somebody I guess, but she had to squint really hard and could obviously still not see well enough. Only when her glasses were on again did she find the person she was looking for, and started waving her arm and giving a thumbs-up.

Carrie 04 Oct 2015, 04:06

Really pretty beer expert on Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 in the UK now. Strongish minus prescription in big plastic frame.

Carrie 04 Oct 2015, 04:06

Really pretty beer expert on Sunday Brunch on Channel 4 in the UK now. Strongish minus prescription in big plastic frame.

Galileo 04 Oct 2015, 02:31

Two recent sightings;

Yesterday I literally bumped into a woman in store who was wearing the thickest minus glasses I have ever seen. She was not a great beauty, but had a very curvy figure, short hair and those glasses which immediately move her up many points on the interest scale for me. They were metal frames, more like 1990s style - rounded rectangles. The lenses were bi-concave and at least 1 inch thick with frosted edges and chamfered edges. Her Rx must have been in the high 20s. That one made my day yesterday.

About a week ago at an airport three young Asian women joined the queue behind me. It was one of those queues which snakes back and forth so there were three occasions where we were close and facing. All three wore glasses. The shortest, who was overweight wore frames which were not particularly fashionable and had a Rx of about -8. The tallest stooped over a bit, maybe conscious of her relative height and she had modern big frames with a Rx of maybe -4 or -5. The third girl was really lovely, she had a figure which was well proportioned and walked with an air of confidence and self assurance, she was clearly in charge of the group, with a page boy style haircut and large frames with a Rx which was clearly into double digits. She was having trouble with dry eyes and took her glasses off to put drops in whilst she was queuing. She had her back to me whilst putting the drops in. However, once in the departure lounge the three came and sat near to me. Again she took her glasses off, hung them on her blouse and got out a vial of eye drops. She held the vial about an inch from one eye then broke the end off and tipped her head up. After that she sat blinking and staring vacantly around. She looked totally hot. After a few minutes she wiped her eyes and put her glasses back on, rejoining the rest of the world. My lucky day again!

Plus Tony 03 Oct 2015, 05:46

Great sighting Carrie. it just goes to show that all over the UK and probably the world there are newly discovered hyperopes discovering how great it is to wear glasses! Although I wasn't specifically told to wear full time by my optometrist he clearly signalled that it would be fine and once I had them on I didn't need further encouragement. I have taken exactly the same approach as the girl in the pub - make sure everyone sees them and get on with it. Please keep an eye (or perhaps an ear with you recorder!) on her to see if she keeps up her full time wear and how she finds it.

Carrie 03 Oct 2015, 04:44

Another good sighting in my local pub again last night. A woman that I occasionally see in there came in wearing glasses with a plus prescription that looked a bit weaker than mine. She saw her friends and sat down with them. One of them said "I didn't know you wore glasses." The woman said "I didn't until just a few hours ago! I only got my eyes checked because they felt tired after reading and I was having a little trouble focusing on small print. I thought I would only need reading glasses but when I went to collect my glasses today they said I should wear them all the time!". Her friends, three of them, took turns trying them on and they all said they couldn't see much with them on. She put the glasses back on. She admitted everything at a medium distance to close up was very clear with the glasses on but further away was not quite in focus but the optician said after a few days everything will be clear again. One of the friends asked what exactly was wrong with her eyes. She said "I'm not sure. I thought I could see OK, apart from the little reading difficultly, but it seems my eyes are much worse than that and I've been straining my eyes to see all distances. I didn't really want reading glasses but I knew I needed them. So I was not happy being told I needed them all the time. They said there wasn't much point getting contacts as I would need a stronger prescription by next year because I wasn't given my full prescription to help me gradually get used to it." She didn't look too happy but her friends cheered her up and pointed out that she looked great with glasses (I thought she looked hot but then I fancied her anyway) and after a while I think she had almost forgotten she was wearing glasses.

It was fortunate that I was sitting quite near that group and the voice recording app on my phone picked up what they said. I have deleted the recording now just in case I play it out by mistake!

It was a great evening in the pub seeing her and the girl who works behind the bar who has continued wearing her glasses. Of course the best one for me was my gorgeous girlfriend in her glasses. Love her so much. I'm so lucky - she is so gorgeous, a kind and warm person, wears glasses, intelligent, has fancied me like crazy since we were at school (before I realised I was in to girls), and is fantastic in bed!

Melyssa 01 Oct 2015, 04:43

Ah yes, the nose pad marks indeed. The main reason why I stopped wearing metal frames after two pairs of them in the 1970s. And the last time I was at my favorite optical store, an employee was wearing large white cat's-eyes, clear at the bottom, but I saw the nose pads and scratched that style off my wish list.

Likelenses 01 Oct 2015, 00:45


Ah yes the nose pad marks !

My girlfriend Cheryl has those in addition to a cute permanent depression on the bridge of her nose from years of wearing thick glasses.

When she removes her glasses which is seldom,she doesn't even squint as doing so has not made any improvement in years. Very endearing.Her eyes just have a vacant look until the glasses go back on.

I have a trial lense set,and snellen chart, we on occasion play around with it.When I place the trial frame on her with no lenses in place,it is fascinating to see her eyes perk up when I slip the lenses in place. Sometimes I will only put a portion of her Rx in the frame,and then she will squint,until I add the rest.

When she does the same to me the same thing happens,and she finds it amusing also.

Millhouse 30 Sep 2015, 04:00

Went on a date with a new lady friend this last Monday, had dinner during which she asked If I used varifocal glasses as the menu print was hard for me to read in the dim lighting , and went on to say that she had new contact lens mono vision type disposables and that she was adjusting to them.

As we chatted I noticed she had the familiar “nose pad” marks.

It seems she only wears contacts socially and glasses all other times due to vanity (her words)

When I inquired

“do you have a strong prescription”?

She stated

“oh, quite strong I think”

I’m really hoping she wears them at some point when we meet up again next week for dinner again or later as we do seem quite attracted to each other.

The indentations in her nose are quite deep- so heavy lenses = high rx?

I can’t wait to find out, I may, after my last long term gf with good vision , finally have a gwg with a spectacular strong prescription.

I can wait to be honest.

Tom1 28 Sep 2015, 15:26

Wonderful sighting yesterday evening. At a party, sit for dinner at a table in front of an unknown couple around early 30s. Their daugher (Alice, 7 y.o.) was sit in another room with the other children and two baby sitters, but from time to time she came to our table to chat with her parents. At a certain moment (daughter away) the young lady turned her head towards the direction were the children's room was and gently squinted. Squinted harder... than said to her husband: "look there!" He turned his head in that direction but didn't see anything strange since he said to his wife: "what's there?". She squinted again as strong as she could and said "nothing sorry, I though it was Alice coming".

She made me completely crazy! By the way she was also nice dressed: short balloon skirt and a pair of sandals with extreme heels and plateau.

I can assure the room was small enough that I could easily recognise my daughter on the other side even without my glasses!!!! She must be really shortsighted.

Very very hot, believe me! ;)

petrolhead 27 Sep 2015, 09:47

Last week at IAA I had some great sightings.

At the booth of a company called "Thunder Power" there was a young lady with very strong plus lenses in spectacular cat eye frames. She was easily in the double digits. Sadly the next day she wore contact lenses.

Later I came across a girl with big wire framed glasses, very much alike to those Scarlett Johansson wore in "Scoop".

The third noteworthy sighting was a woman in her early forties who had a considerable minus prescription of around -15 in her black plastic frames.

Sadly, ther were not too much women around. Probably that's only to be expected at a car show.

astigmaphile 27 Sep 2015, 09:23

Aubrac, your sighting is very interesting. I live in a university town and practically every young person I see is a low or moderate myope. Hyperopia is rather rare and prescriptions that are mostly cylinder almost nonexistant.

Aubrac 27 Sep 2015, 03:49

Just returned from holiday in Wroclaw, Poland. Got off to a good start with a very pretty Ryanair hostess wearing rimless glasses with about a -2.50 scrip.

Rimless and semi-rimless very popular especially with younger people. Since the city is a university town there were many girls 18 to 24 age wearing glasses. By far the most popular style is the very large squarish acetate frame.

There were a few planos just keeping on trend but also about an even mix of plus, minus, and cylinder scrips.

One young lady was waiting next to me at the tram stop wearing translucent blue big frame glasses. At first I thought they were plano as there was absolutely no cut in or out but could then see some curvature distortion indicating cylinder. She sat on the tram and I was standing next to her and could then see quite a few power rings at the bottom of the lenses.

Would this be due to a high cylinder level or possibly some base up/down prism?

I know in the UK the big frame slightly geeky look is popular but far and away more wearers of this style in Poland.

Aubrac 27 Sep 2015, 03:48

Just returned from holiday in Wroclaw, Poland. Got off to a good start with a very pretty Ryanair hostess wearing rimless glasses with about a -2.50 scrip.

Rimless and semi-rimless very popular especially with younger people. Since the city is a university town there were many girls 18 to 24 age wearing glasses. By far the most popular style is the very large squarish acetate frame.

There were a few planos just keeping on trend but also about an even mix of plus, minus, and cylinder scrips.

One young lady was waiting next to me at the tram stop wearing translucent blue big frame glasses. At first I thought they were plano as there was absolutely no cut in or out but could then see some curvature distortion indicating cylinder. She sat on the tram and I was standing next to her and could then see quite a few power rings at the bottom of the lenses.

Would this be due to a high cylinder level or possibly some base up/down prism?

I know in the UK the big frame slightly geeky look is popular but far and away more wearers of this style in Poland.

Soundmanpt 22 Sep 2015, 09:36


The young lady working at the bar I am pretty sure that by now she has been wearing her glasses long enough that her eyes are probably pretty well adjusted them. So she probably does feel like her eyesight is pretty "crappy" now when she takes her glasses off. Certainly has to be much better than before she got her glasses. Good to hear that some of her patrons are complementing her on her glasses. That i'm sure is a good confidence builder for her if she needs any confidence. And nice that her bf doesn't seem to have any problem with his gf wearing glasses. But like if I were him I would feel pretty lucky because then I would know that I am really the only that gets to see her without glasses. So he will benefit from seeing her 2 different ways and both equally attractive. You and Gemma get to enjoy each other mostly seeing each other wearing glasses but Gemma has to like it that she is the only one that gets to see you without your glasses even though he isn't all that into glasses she still probably enjoys being able to look into your eyes without your glasses. And you enjoy the same with Gemma.

Too bad that your co worker isn't easier to get along with. Clearly her wearing glasses full time isn't having any effect on her still being attractive to men but her personality seems a bigger drawback then her need for glasses.

Carrie 21 Sep 2015, 15:31

Soundmanpt - I forgot a bit!

I do feel special that I am the only person who really sees Gemma without her glasses. I expect anyone else who likes glasses also feels special if their partner wears glasses full time. As I have mentioned before we use our glasses as a "sign" in private. One of us will remove their glasses in a certain way and the other one will know it's time to get "intimate" (no matter the time of day). I have occasionally mistaken Gemma just taking her glasses of to clean them as the "sign" and launched myself at her. This is usually received with a half hearted protest and, if I'm lucky, some extended "intimate" time even if she wasn't actually signalling that!

Carrie 21 Sep 2015, 14:52

Soundmanpt - The girl that works behind the bar in our local appears to have gone full time straight away as she was wearing them again on Saturday. A customer complimented her new look and she thanked them and added she didn't realise how crappy her eyesight was until she got her glasses. Her boyfriend was there and referred to her, affectionately, as his sexy nerd. That reassured me that he doesn't mind her wearing glasses.

My colleague accepts she needs her glasses full time and has continued to wear them. She still gets male attention and maybe if she was a nicer person she could get a boyfriend instead of the occasional one night stand.

Tom 21 Sep 2015, 13:39

Traveler, your airport sighting story sounds familiar.

I also recount hearing and seeing many teenage girls and young adults with decent prescriptions complaining about rapid increases in there glasses' strength. Probably some experts active on this site can tell us when ladies experience the most rapid deterioration in eyesight.

When I was still living with my parents, I remember a girl my age living in our street who went in 2-3 years from no glasses to quite powerful lenses when she was about 15. A girl,who baysitted with us also went from occasionally wearing specs to fill-time with strong cut-in in just 2 years.

gwgs 21 Sep 2015, 00:59

There are so many sightings now in London that I wouldn't have enough time to post every single one - for instance, it's not even 9am here yet and I've already spotted 3 lovely looking gwgs wearing big round glasses (the current trend that everyone is wearing).

One that will remain in my head though is on Friday a new acquintance invited me round to his house for some drinks with his wife. When I arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see his wife's cousin there who was rather easy on the eyes. She was blonde, probably late 20's to early 30's, east european, wearing a big polo neck jumper. She also sported a small pair of rectangular glasses with purple and black arms with lenses that deliciously protuded out of the side of the frame by a few mm. I had the pleasure of sitting at a side on angle to her for several hours and the amount of power rings she had in her glasses were very noticeable, and the lens thickness was also surprising for such a small frame, as I thought opticians liked to use smaller frames to reduce lens thickness, but it hadn't worked here. She was probably between -6 and -8.

I was rather distracted by her presence, and spent more time talking to her than I did to her cousin's husband - I was sad to hear that she was returning to Ukraine the next morning after being over here for 3 weeks. Damn, where had I been for those past 3 weeks!!!

Soundmanpt 19 Sep 2015, 08:57


My guess is that her bf probably doesn't have any problem with her wearing glasses now. In fact he may have even been the one to push her into getting her eyes checked because if her prescription is -1.00/ -2.00 she hasn't been seeing very well for some time now and i'm sure he had to notice. With any luck maybe she will be your server tonight. If so it would be nice if you told her that you like her glasses and even maybe ask if their new? I know Gemmi will be with you but she shouldn't get too upset with you saying that.

Back in my dating days, you know just about the time the wheel was invented, you may recall me saying that I mostly only dated girls that wore glasses. I always felt rather special with the ones that became steadies that I was the only guy that got to see my girl whenever I wanted without her glasses. Don't you fell that same way about Gemma? I'm sure Gemmi hardly ever takes her glasses off anymore except maybe to clean them but you get to see as much as you wish without er glasses. And Gemmi even if she doesn't say anything i'm sure she likes the idea that she is the only one that sees you without your glasses. When you got your first glasses and instantly went to full time wear did your bf know that you always wanted to wear glasses and that was why you were wearing them all the time or did you convince him that you really needed them all the time? You were really the same as that Nadine in here who recently was prescribed glasses but at the time she was still seeing perfectly. But i'm sure your playing teacher and secretary for him didn't hurt either.

By the way how is your co worker getting along now since she now wears her glasses full time? She was very reluctant to even be seen wearing glasses but as her eyes worsened she finally had no choice but to accept the fact that she needed to be wearing glasses. I assume you have seen the last of her without her glasses being on?

Carrie 19 Sep 2015, 06:24

I will be furious if he dumps her just because she's got glasses now. I don't know her apart from the pub and I've seen her boyfriend there too but I have never spoken to him. He seems nice enough.

We're going to the pub this evening and hopefully she'll be working.

Yes, my then boyfriend had absolutely no problems with me wearing glasses. I think he quite liked it! It might have added something to our sex life especially when I did my sexy teacher or secretary acts! He didn't put me off men - he was a lovely boyfriend - it was Gemma who made me realise I was attracted to women, especially her. She also likes the sexy teacher and secretary. She has never admitted having a glasses fetish but she has never pressured me to get contacts or eye surgery and has said my eyes are very pretty and likes the way they are slightly magnified behind my glasses. She doesn't like the way her glasses make her eyes look smaller. I tell her every time she says that that her eyes don't look much smaller and they still look beautiful. I'm not just saying that, I mean it.

The woman at the pub also has very pretty eyes and they seem to sparkle more with her glasses on.

Soundmanpt 18 Sep 2015, 09:10


With her first glasses being at -1.00 and -2.00 i'm sure they they make a drastic improvement to what she was used to seeing. It shouldn't take long before her eyes fully adjust to to her glasses and without them everything is going to be quite blurry. It won't help her any that her eyes are somewhat out of balance as far as her prescription. My guess is that her wearing glasses shouldn't be an issue for him since he already knows how attractive she is without glasses and she is probably every bit as attractive with glasses. Besides that he will still be getting plenty of opportunities to see her without glasses. He is probably happy that she is able to see so much better now. If he isn't happy that she now wears glasses and doesn't approve then he really doesn't care about her in the first place and only wanted her as his trophy girl. So kicking him to the curb would be no lose.

Carrie you went through this very thing when got your first glasses and went straight to full time wear. You had a bf at the time and your wearing glasses didn't change his feeling for you. I'm sure you looked every bit as attractive to him wearing glasses as you did before you got your glasses.

Cactus Jack 17 Sep 2015, 18:58


Consider the possibility that Vanity is at work with the Asian girl. It is a very powerful force. You would think that someone who needs -4 to -6 would be long past the vanity stage, but it is amazing to me how many people think that no one notices the fact that they really need to wear vision correction, all the time.


Carrie 17 Sep 2015, 17:01

One of the bar staff in our local pub has just got her first pair of glasses. I heard her telling someone her prescription is "1 in 1 eye and 2 in the other eye and everything's in HD now". I'm guessing she meant minus 1 and 2 as her lenses definitely don't magnify. She's only about 19 or 20. I don't know if she needs them full time or if she was just showing them off as they were new and she'd never had glasses before. She is attractive and is very popular with the male regulars. She has a boyfriend and it would be interesting to know what he thinks of her wearing glasses.

Iamhacked 16 Sep 2015, 19:41

This Asian girl in my university; her glasses had significant power rings, and cut-in. the view of her lens from behind was quite distorted with all the minus power. It must've been at least -4, probably -6. However, she still used her glasses only to look at text in lectures. She took off her glasses walking around. It's hot that she walks around without her glasses, but it still baffles me why she would.

Traveler 15 Sep 2015, 17:50

Standing in a slow line for Airport Security this morning behind 3 ladies - Mother + 2 daughters. Mom in 40s 5'7" wearing -5/-6 in black plastic ovals. 16yr old (shorter, stockier, dark hair) clearly wearing contacts. 14yr old (as tall as Mom and same build, dirty fair hair) was wearing slightly oversize black plastic with plano lenses and some thickness.


Younger Daughter "Mom, my eyes have gone again! I can't read any of the signs there and everything is fuzzy again."

Mom "Don't be ridiculous, you only got new lenses just before Easter with a big increase. You can't possibly need new lenses! What's the first sign say?"

Younger Daughter peers hard and pushes glasses close to eyes "I think it starts with a P or B. Is it Private?"

Older Daughter " You are blind! I could see that even without my lenses. It says Rental Cars."

Mom "You seriously can't read that sign? You were at less than my prescription this time last year. If you need another 2.5 increase you will have more than doubled that in a year! Your eyes can't possibly have got that bad in so short a time. Rachel, clean your glasses and look again!"

Older Daughter "You will be as blind as Auntie Ann soon!"

Mom (angry)"My sister is NOT blind!

Younger Daughter sniffs loudly and wipes eyes "I really can't read the signs!"

Mom "Ridiculous! Dr S will not be pleased if you are fooling around!"

Younger Daughter now crying openly!

Talk about handling teenagers sensitively!!!!!

Traveler 14 Sep 2015, 18:41

Sunday breakfasts in hotels are always a good place to see lots of GWGs as there is a tendency to rest the contacts. I said before how I was surprised how many wearers there were in Montreal, but breakfast yesterday was unbelievable!

Of 28 ladies between 15 and 60 roughly, 23 wore specs. 3 of these were reading glasses, but the other 20 of all ages, particularly 20 - 30s were all myopes. Most were low (-3 or less), but there were several who wore prescriptions with clear cut-in both sides that must have been in the -5 to -7 range at least. to my vast surprise there were two high myopes present. The first was a 50 year old, wearing very small cat's eye shaped tortoise shell glasses, deliberately optically engineered to minimize visible cut-in. These were bi-concave with 1/4" outside the frame and 1/2" inside. She was with a group and her vision did not seem to influence her movement or behaviour. The second was a 30ish East Asian lady with 2 children. She was wearing myodisks with a 1" bowl in a quite large black plastic frame. With the small bowls and heavy power rings, it was virtually impossible to see her tiny eyes. She operated at about 6-8" from her plate and when she went to the buffet table kept bending over to select food. Unfortunately her 2 year old daughter had inherited her eyes and was already wearing quite strong glasses. Her husband and small son were not wearing glasses.

cutter 14 Sep 2015, 17:01

During my holyays in Japan, an Asian young teenager (13-14 yo?) sat just in front of me.

Se was strongly shortsighted for her age and wore frameless glasses, in the range of -7 /-8. After 10 minutes or so, she took glasses out, put them in a case, had a short look at her phone (she held it around 15 cm from her face), and finally started sleeping.

In half a hour, once arrived a destination, she woke up, got off of the train, and walked around the station bareeyed, simply following her relatives at a short distance despite the crowd.

I am still curious to understand how did manage herself with a so poor eyesight.

Tom1 13 Sep 2015, 14:15

Intriguing sighting yesterdayat the supermarket. A woman and a men around 50 in front of the cheese desk. She attracted my attention since she had apink short dress and pink heeled shoes, good body despite her age, altough the dressing would have suit much better a teen...

While I was lookkng the woman I heard her saying to her partner: don't ask me, I cannot see a thing! Then she curved over the desk ans start squinting badly, trying to read the labels.

Anonymous  13 Sep 2015, 12:50

The other day I was at the bar for a few drinks. The bartender was a young woman with very big plastic glasses. They were -10 or so and very very losely adjusted. So they were sliping far down her nose very quick. I requested a cocktail and she had to push them up every 10s or they would almost fall off. Maybe if one orders the right combination of drinks they will fall off...

Traveler 12 Sep 2015, 16:36

It's travel round Clients season again and it's Canada week. Toronto is still the same as usual with some nice GWGs, but a lot of Contact Lens shine, particularly from the late teen brigade.

Montreal yesterday and today has been a pleasure. Almost every third girl of any age is wearing specs. In the subway this afternoon 6 out of 9girls in my area were wearing prescription glasses (1 even wearing rx sunnies). A few decent minus prescriptions but a lot of nice lookers looking even better in low + or - specs.

Tom1 12 Sep 2015, 11:13

Wonderful sighting yesterday at work: a collaborator introduced me one young colleague of him. Cute blonde girl around her thirties, not very tall but well dressed, heeled and with deep blue dyes, behind two large low minus lenses in a brown frame with partially metallic shining legs.

I took her around the lab to show her and she was graciously playing all the time with her glasses on and off according to what she had to see. Prescription around -1.5 I'd say. Wonderful!

Today 4 girls quite formally dressed coming from the train station. Two of them was bespectacled, one around -7, the other in the -2 range.

Soundmanpt 12 Sep 2015, 09:23

Curt and Millhouse

Certainly far more eye strain today than 10 years ago with so much small print on all these devices and with the increasing need to make them even smaller i'm sure has taken its toll on even young eyes. Also the small cost and availablity of over the counter readers which of course makes the small print much more manageable to the eyes is also an advantage. It wasn't that many years ago that if you needed to be able to read small print you had to first go and get your eyes examined and then pay a much higher price for your glasses to be made to your exact needs.

Millhouse 12 Sep 2015, 08:40

Curt- general consensus seems to be increased use of tablets; smart phones,i watches. Younger people eyes get strained I Guess.

Curt 12 Sep 2015, 08:17

I also work at a university and notice a lot more low to medium plus wearers recently.

Iamhacked 11 Sep 2015, 21:01

Local university, plenty of high minus GwGs. Especially Caucasian and Asian women.

specs4ever 11 Sep 2015, 12:19

Was in the loacl mall this morning and I happened to spot a rather nice GWG. She was with a friend, a young blond with a baby in a stroller. I managed to exit the mall at the same time as they did and the GWG held oen door while I held the other door to allow the stroller to exit easily. My car was parked in the same area as theirs was so I chatted with them as we walked to our cars. I spotted something on her cat that allowed me to carry on asking some questions, and during the conversation I casually mentioned that I liked the GWG's glasses. Of course I got the usual I am blind without them, and I hate wearing them and so forth. I came away with a nice memory of an attractive GWG in the best spotting I have had for a long time. Her prescription was likely somewhere north of -20D.

Soundmanpt 11 Sep 2015, 09:08


From what you describe about this young woman it really sounds like she only very recently got those glasses and if your correct that they looked as if they were maybe over the counter readers it is very possible that she only bought them to help her get hired for the job. Everyone knows that a young woman wearing glasses comes across as being more studious or in this case secretary like. And of course her distant vision would be not only blurred but her depth perception would be off as well and that would explain why she was holding onto things that should see. So I hope you get more chances to see her doing her job. It will be interesting if she only got them to get hired if she will stop wearing them or figure that she has to continue wearing them so there wouldn't be any questions about her suddenly not wearing glasses. Her eyes should adjust to them rather well for doing close work, but it will take longer for her eyes to adjust to them for distance and will probably ruin her eyesight before long.

At least it gives you something to watch for from now on when your in the office.

gwgs 11 Sep 2015, 08:59

25 years old and wears reading glasses already! Wow, she sounds cute

Michael 11 Sep 2015, 08:10

Great sighting on tuesday last week.

In our company three new secretaries started her work. One of them are "real classic secretary" I think about.

She wear a dark-grey costume, black high heels and... glasses.

They all walked through the whole company and intruduced to all employeers.

The "classic" one walked a little bit careful, first I thought it`s about the heels, but se managed the shoes perfect. It must be the glasses! She often grabbed with one hand and adjusted them at her face and often she looked over the top of them.

As she stand in front of me, I saw that the glasses are fittet with plus-lenses powered about +1,5 dpt. I think they are otc-readers she bought some days before get the job. She is the youngest new secretary, about 25 y/o.

I hope I will see her more often. Unfortunaly I works outside most time.

Tom1 10 Sep 2015, 02:11

Despite the bareeyed experiment I'm conducting in these days (see my posts in the going without glasses thread) I had a nice sighting this morning. Having breakfast in a hotel, nice blonde young woman sit in another table in front of me. A little bit blurred since I was bareeyed but could figure out a nice face and an age around mid thirty. At a certain point she took her phone to text something and looked like she was holding it quite far from her eyes... at a certain point she struggled and moved the phone at her maximum arm distance, with the very typical attitude of someone who cannot see well close things. Very lovely sighting.

Thanks to her age I don't think she was presbyopic, most probably some farsightedness, combined with a bareeyed approach as I was having, too! For a moment I dreamt of dating with her and help us each other, me in charge of reading and doing close works, she for distant vision :-)

mark 10 Sep 2015, 01:27

Great sighting yesterday afternoon that I meant to post on here and forgot to!

I was driving back to work along a main high street, stuck in very slow moving traffic practically stationary traffic and enjoying the sights around me, when I saw a stunning late 20s year old gwg of an athletic build, with noticeable cut in from a distance. She had black hair, was quite tall for a girl (maybe 5ft 8in) with an athletic build and quite busty and had Ray Ban Wayfarer type glasses on. I had been admiring her for several moments when she walked up to what I presume was her boyfriend only for him to look in my direction and start admiring my car (an Italian sports car) without him realising she was standing next to him!

He got out his phone to take a photo of my car, and I thought snap! I wouldn't mind trading places with him and she was so hot. The traffic freed up moments after he had taken a photo and off I drove. An interesting encounter.

Trent 07 Sep 2015, 16:29

At the local mall, placed an order for a burger at the A&W. Was served by a young Asian girl with black plastic frame glasses. Lots of rings, Rx maybe -11 or -12. Nice to see!

Tom 07 Sep 2015, 13:54

Was on a 7h flight today, sitting in business class, next to me a classy woman, I'd say in her mid-forties.

When boarding she already had a pair of black plastic framed Ray Bans on top of her head, no sunglasses. She sat down, we said hello, and picked up the menu to see what we'd be served on the flight. The glasses immediately dropped onto her nose, it was clear those were readers. She kept them on for almost the whole flight, as she did work on her laptop as well. Only when looking at the inflight entertainment screen, about 3 feet in the back of the seats in front of us, did the glasses go up her head again.

The nice thing is she went to the lavs twice, leaving her glasses on the little table in the armrest between our seats. As the seating rows are somewhat staggered and well shielded from each other, and thanks to the vacant/occupied light of the lavs visible from our seat, I knew very well when she was inside, the time I used to carefully try on her specs. Something I always find extremely exciting. Hers were significantly stronger than my wife's, I think +2.5 or +3.0, with also some cylinder in both lenses. She kept her glasses very clean also, wiping them twice with her scarf.

Soundmanpt 29 Aug 2015, 07:49


For some taking that last step of going from part time wear to full time wear is a step many are reluctant to take. You never went through the going from part time to full time because as soon as you were prescribed glasses you went straight to full time. I'm not sure if that was because you were that confident with your looks wearing glasses or just that you wanted to wear glasses that badly? I'm certain that when she got glasses she was likely still able to see nearly as well without her glasses so she could pick when she was okay with wearing glasses and when she wasn't. So she maybe wore them when she was alone or with girlfriend, but if she was going to be around men the glasses were out of sight. But as her eyesight has continued to deteriorate she was finding it harder and harder to see things without them. Of course her biggest fear was her appearance and her concerns about still being the object of men's attraction if shes wearing glasses. Now that she has found out that nothing has changed and she is still the girl of the those guys dreams she can wear her glasses confidently. That's all a girl need to boost her ego is to be noticed by the opposite sex or in your case the same sex, but you still enjoy getting checked out by men just the same. You can't tell me that every time a guy is checking you out that you don't have a little smile knowing that you still got it.

That's right I completely forgot that you have a hot manager. I knew you said she usually wore contacts but every so often she wore glasses for work. Maybe to give her eyes a break from contacts or maybe just because she was running late for work and slipping on glasses is much easier than messing with putting contacts on. I knew you liked seeing her wearing her glasses when she did. But you didn't say anything about her going to full time glasses. Did she ever comment to you why she has switched to wearing glasses? Makes you wonder if she was told she couldn't wear contacts anymore for some reason or if she maybe has a bf that prefers her wearing glasses?

And your friend the pretty young lady with the prism correction. When she came to work there she hadn't been prescribed glasses yet and she was very quickly the favorite of many of the guy co workers. She got prescribed glasses and was instructed to wear them for distance as well as close which was really saying she needed to wear them full time. A few days later she came in wearing glasses and she has been full time since and she is still attracting attention for the guys she works with, but I think you said she is now off the market and has one them as her bf these days. So yet another young lady that wearing glasses had no effect on her popularity.

Carrie 28 Aug 2015, 12:19

Soundmanpt - She seems to be getting more and more used to them. She doesn't take them off. Only to scratch an itch or to give the lenses a quick polish. She doesn't even take them off when a good looking man comes in. The men at work certainly don't seem to be put off. I try not to look at her too much. Luckily she hasn't caught me, especially as she doesn't know I fancy her (well, I don't think she does despite the fake flirting she used to do to try to annoy me. It was quite arousing sometimes but got a bit boring after a while) Anyway I've got my own much better looking girl with glasses right here at home.

Our manager has been on holiday for the last couple of weeks. My colleague must have forgotten that our manager ditched her contacts to go back to glasses and still looks gorgeous. I know my colleague doesn't have the same feelings to women that I do but surely she can appreciate how attractive our manager still is with glasses. When our manager is back at work next week it's going to be even harder for me to concentrate at work with these very fanciable women wearing glasses! My other gorgeous colleague, the one with the prism prescription, is the only one of them that knows that I find her very attractive and she has absolutely no problem with it. I don't think my manager knows I fancy her.

Soundmanpt 28 Aug 2015, 11:40


How is your co worker getting along with her new glasses? Does she seem to be adjusting to the idea that she now has to keep her glasses and no more taking them off just for vanity reasons. Like you say and i couldn't agree more. I'm sure she looks every bit as attractive wearing glasses as she does without them. Wearing glasses may be a flaw in her ability to see very well but not a flaw in her appearance. Any guy that is going to find a girl wearing glasses somehow less attractive is limiting his options by a lot since so many girls now wear glasses. Most all of your friends and co workers wear glasses, only a very small number probably don't. I'm sure she will be just fine once she notices that her wearing glasses has done nothing to being a guy magnet.

Carrie 28 Aug 2015, 09:32

A contestant on quiz show "Pointless" on BBC1 in the UK called Mary - quite pretty late 20s early 30s with a moderate minus prescription. Plastic rectangular frames with rounded corners. Only just switched it on so I don't know what she does for a living but to me she looks like she should be a primary school teacher. Kind, pleasant face.

If you are in the UK watch it on the BBC iPlayer later. (sorry rest of the world!)

Cactus Jack 24 Aug 2015, 21:31


PS. Some people find looking over their glasses at their partner to be stimulating and a bit arousing. My suggestion is to encourage her and tell her how attractive she is with her glasses. I think you will appreciate the results.


Cactus Jack 24 Aug 2015, 21:20


Not as bad as you might think, but not real good.

If she wears -4.00 contacts, her glasses are also pretty close to -4.00. What that means is that everything beyond about 10 inches or 25 cm is increasingly blurry, but if she is close to you, say within kissing range, she probably sees your face quite clearly looking over her glasses.

Being nearsighted in the low to moderate MINUS range is like having built in reading glasses when you are not looking through your regular glasses.

If you don't wear glasses, you can get an idea of what her vision is like without her glasses by trying on a pair of +3.50 Over-the-Counter (OTC) Reading Glasses. +4.00 would actually be closer, but they don't normally offer them OTC. If you wear glasses, let us know your prescription and we can probably tell you how to simulate her prescription.

Try the above and let us know what you think.


n 24 Aug 2015, 15:34

My new girlfriend wears contacts out and glasses all the time when at home I never knew she woe glasses for awhile. She's shortsighted -4.0 contact lenses I think this is quite bad but when she wears glasses they slip down and she dosnt push them up. Why does she look over the glasses alt me when this happens if she can't see without them?

Carrie 24 Aug 2015, 12:27

Soundmanpt - I don't need to wait. Her eye test was on Saturday at Vision Express, which is a 1 hour chain store opticians here in the UK, so she got her eyes tested and had her glasses made on the same day.

She did get a stronger prescription and she does need her new glasses all the time. She said she really noticed the stronger prescription when she first put the glasses on and felt a bit dizzy. "A bit of a jump from the old prescription." She's still getting used to the new glasses but she can see so much better, doesn't have a headache and her head feels really clear. Also she feels in a much better mood. She's still a bit angry and upset that she has to wear glasses all the time now. She would rather have contacts but she's not suitable for them. I told her that her glasses really suited her and that she is just as attractive to men with her glasses on as she is with them off. At which point a male colleague who was listening in confirmed what I said "Just as hot as ever!" he said. She smiled but still wasn't totally convinced.

She was telling this to another colleague but seemed happy for me to stick around. She was genuinely flattered by my comment and was more pleasant to me the rest of the day than I can ever remember. She said her glasses cost about £160. As she needs to wear them all the time she decided to get decent frames (I thought her old glasses looked just fine, but these do look much nicer on her).

I didn't ask her why she'd been so cold with me until fairly recently - I felt she'd had enough to deal with over the weekend and didn't need me confronting her on Monday! Maybe she was being nicer to me because she was generally in a better mood. Time will tell. But at least she will now be wearing her glasses all the time. Lovely!

Soundmanpt 24 Aug 2015, 09:48


The fact that she works so hard at not being seen wearing glasses clearly shows that she isn't confident with her looks very much. Certainly not with glasses on anyway. Someone in her life must have convinced her that wearing glasses is a flaw to ones beauty and she believes that. Based on how she tries to get by without them and if she does have them on she will take them off if a male customer comes along. I'm afraid she is going to hate the results of her eye exam when she goes because she is going to be told that her vision has gotten worse and she needs stronger glasses.

Even though your no longer interested in men, at least not in a dating way, you still appreciate it that men find you attractive and check you out. These men don't seem to be put off by your wearing glasses, not only you but Gemma as well as your other glasses wearing friends get checked out as well. When you got your first glasses did you ever even consider if you would still be as attractive wearing glasses as you were without them? No of course not. Your bf at the time didn't have any problem with you wearing glasses so nothing really changed in your life except you were now wearing glasses and you probably got hot on as much as ever. Actually any guy looking for a girl that has perfect eyesight may have to look for a while since about 70% of women wear glasses or contacts.

Probably the best way to approach this young lady is just commenting to her that you have noticed that she has been wearing her glasses more and that she seems to be struggling with seeing at times. Since you wear glasses she will understand thta you would notice things like that. Hopefully you can boost her confidence level because I am sure her days of not wearing glasses are numbered as she will be wearing glasses full time. So get prepared to be distracted by seeing her wearing glasses all the time. It's really funny how some are so much more confident than others. Your other friend and coworker that when she came to work there was swatting the guys away like flies, she got her first glasses shortly after starting work their and went straight to full time wear and she never missed a beat she was still every bit as popular with the guys and wearing glasses never had any effect on her confidence level at all.

 23 Aug 2015, 19:53


A lot of gay people in denial are homophobic.

Carrie 23 Aug 2015, 15:55

Oops, that last post from me was to Soundmanpt.

Carrie 23 Aug 2015, 15:55

She just can't accept that she is just as attractive with glasses as without. I still have men checking me out, so does my girlfriend and so does my other very attractive work colleague. Glasses don't put men off in the 21st century, so long as you've got a half decent looking frame. I may have to make the first move and speak to her and see if I can support her without being overly interested in her glasses and the likelihood of her needing new, stronger ones. She could have the pick of just about any single man who's met her - with or without glasses. I think I will actually tell her that. I won't tell her she's just as appealing to ladies who like ladies as she might freak out. I think she knows I fancy her.

She could be a nice person but to me at the moment she is just eye candy. If I was single and she was gay I wouldn't want to date her, but then if she was gay she wouldn't be homophobic and she might be nice. It is a bit of a distraction for me when she puts her glasses on, it'll be even harder to concentrate if she has to wear glasses all the time!

swap 23 Aug 2015, 07:47


I just wanted a reason to remove her glasses so I asked her to do so. I know she needs glasses but she never admitted that to me ever. But finally she confessed she had higher prescription and need glasses that time I gave her back. She is so shy

Soundmanpt 22 Aug 2015, 08:58


It's always interesting to watch over time as someones eyesight deteriorates from one year to the next. I'm sure this is tough on her as she clearly doesn't like the idea of wearing glasses very much and must feel much less confident when she has to wear them. That is of course why she would quickly take her glasses off when a handsome man came to her register. But once the eyes get to where taking the glasses off is no longer an option for some this is hard to accept. You never had any problem with wearing glasses and wanted them even before you needed them. This girl has to very unhappy with her failing eyes and she probably knows that the result is going to be that she is going to be told she needs to wear her glasses full time now. Not what she wants to hear. So of course she may decide to get contacts instead of glasses.

Soundmanpt 22 Aug 2015, 08:46


You were being really mean. Your book couldn't possibly mean as much to you has her glasses means to her. I understand that you want your book back and she should return it, but maybe take something more equal to the value of your book than her glasses. If her eyesight is nearly as bad as you think it might be she was unable to see much of anything. I'm glad you finally let her take her glasses back.

swap 22 Aug 2015, 08:30

My friend wear glasses she is so self conscious about them because in India girls don't prefer glasses. When I asked her about her prescription she never told me. But they might be -4.5 . Today I want a book I told her that in advance yesterday night. But she said me today she doesn't have book. She gave it to another friend. I directly asked her to remove glasses. She handed them to me. I took them and said her I will give you back your glasses when you give me book. She was shocked. She needed glasses but she hide that from me. She said ok and go to lecture room. I went to my way. After some time she immediately call me and said she wanted to meet me. She didn't mentioned anything about glasses. I met her her glasses in my hands she came straight to me and snatched her glasses. Saying me please I need them give them back I have high prescription. Ishe was struggling with my hand for glasses. Finally I gave them back to her

Carrie 22 Aug 2015, 06:03

My colleague that I mentioned on 14th August has really been struggling this week. She hasn't come to work wearing her glasses (except Friday, when she did) but she has been wearing them constantly during the day at work but then takes them off when she leaves (she kept them on on Friday). She used to usually only wear her glasses when she was cashiering and even then she'd take them off if an attractive man came in. Now the glasses stay on.

I think her astigmatism has got worse as she's clearly having more trouble with distances as well as close up.

I overheard her talking to another colleague. I couldn't make out everything they were saying as they were speaking quite quietly but I heard her saying "....eyes" and she lowered her glasses and pointed to something in the distance and then picked up a Mars bar and grumbled something. It sounds like she's getting her eyes tested soon which will almost certainly mean new glasses.

I still don't know what her problem with me is but she is still being gradually more friendly with me. I have a feeling she might be slightly homophobic as I am the only openly gay person at work and she looks uncomfortable when my girlfriend comes in. Nobody else at work has a problem with my sexuality.

Puffin 20 Aug 2015, 17:17

I think perhaps the idea is to protect the glasses by not wearing them whilst playing. I doubt she'd be doing much reading etc while frolicking in the sea, and a bit of fuzzy won't matter.

Tom1 20 Aug 2015, 15:00

Incredible sighting in these days on the seaside.

A young girl around 9 y.o. with very very strong plus glasses. Oval blue frame over her blue eyes and long blonde air. It's only a baby girl, I know but I could not but notice the she is most often bareeyed around the beach playing and bathing with the other children without any sign of poor vision! I'm wondering how she can focus things without her strong glasses. I dream I had her eyes (and maybe also her age :p) to realize which difference her thick glasses makes to her vision. I know children has a huge accommodation power wrt adults, but I'm sure her glasses are not less than +5. For sure much stronger than the strongest reading glasses I've ever seen.

Soundmanpt 14 Aug 2015, 12:47


I have no idea how the optometrists work in the UK but in the US most of the smaller shops and some of the bigger ones only have doctors about every other day. Lenscrafters is about the only one that has optometrists everyday. But just as you have noticed those days with the doctor are usually very busy all day long. I am not sure how the wait is to get an appointment. But then again there are really a huge number of optical shops so that maybe helps but clearly with more and more optical shops opening it simply proves that the number of people wearing glasses and or contracts is still growing at a good rate.

I know you wish you tell your co worker that you can tell by how much trouble she is having with seeing things that she needs to get her eyes checked because her glasses are just too weak to be of much help to her anymore. Of course I totally understand that you could never do that for several reasons. One because she isn't that much of a friend and also because you don't want anyone to know you have a glasses fetish and are able to tell someone is either needing glasses or needing their glasses updated. But as you know her eyes aren't going to get any better and will just continue to get worse and at some point she will be forced to go. When she does get her new glasses you can expect that she will likely be wearing them full time.

Miku 14 Aug 2015, 12:14


That is something I have been noticing as well. Opticians' always take at least a week to book me in and the idea of quiet times is very interesting. The only time a place didn't seem busy was when I had my first eye test 4 years ago. I simply popped into Specsavers without an appointment and they simply welcomed me in. It's never happened again since.


Carrie 14 Aug 2015, 11:16

A hearing rather than a sighting - At work today I overheard 2 customers chatting. I wasn't paying much attention until one of them mentioned something about an eye test. It seems that she had printed off a voucher for a free eye test and went to the optician to use the voucher but hadn't booked an appointment. She was told they were fully booked until 6pm that evening. She couldn't come back then, so decided to book an appointment for another day. She said to her friend that she was surprised that the optician was booked up so much considering how many other opticians shops there are in pretty much every town and city. I think she was quite right to be surprised if she's never had an eye test before. Every time either me or Gemma have booked an eye test it has to be at least several days sometimes weeks ahead. I wonder if there are quiet times of the week for eye tests? I can understand it being busy late afternoons when people book eye tests for after work.

By the way, both customers were fairly attractive women aged around late 20s to early 30s. The one who wanted the eye test said to her friend she was pretty sure she needed glasses as she often got headaches and things seemed slightly out of focus. Unfortunately I couldn't hang around any longer to hear if she said whether it was distance or reading that she was having trouble with. I hope she does get glasses and comes in to the shop where I work wearing them. They both look vaguely familiar so I think they must use the shop occasionally (fanciable customers are more memorable!).

A separate sighting - I've noticed that my colleague that used to deliberately annoy me but is more pleasant to me these days seems to be having eyesight issues. Even when she's wearing her glasses she seems to struggle to see some things like when she has to manually key in a product's bar code number. She fiddles with her glasses a lot and is wearing them a lot more. She has astigmatism. No idea of any details her prescription and she's unlikely to chat to me about her eyesight - we politely work together but rarely talk about non work things while at work and don't socialise out of work. But she is very fanciable!

Likelenses 08 Aug 2015, 18:04


What is a half Spanish friend? Is that a Spanish person trapped in an English persons body??

Soundmanpt 08 Aug 2015, 08:42


That's too bad that the Clubmaster frames don't suit you very well. But you have been through the going and picking out glasses things several times now and I get the idea each time you try on a good number before you find the perfect ones. So when you say they don't suit you and you even like themas well i'm sure your right. One of the perks once you start wearing glasses is knowing that your eyes are going to change and your going to need new glasses about once every year to 18 months. Glasses aren't cheap but for someone that enjoys wearing her glasses as much as you do trying on glasses has to be fun for you.

Carrie 08 Aug 2015, 03:55

Soundmanpt - thanks for the compliment. Very sweet of you. I have tried on Clubmaster style frames but they just don't suit me, which is quite annoying as like them too.

A different sighting last night. My half-Spanish friend came over and she was wearing new glasses. She had been wearing her mum's glasses because she'd been having trouble with her contacts and couldn't find her own back-up glasses. She had an eye test weeks ago but only got round to picking frames recently. The frames are large dark plastic. She said the optician said she should give contacts a rest for a while. She also needed a stronger prescription. "Minus 8 point something" she said. Since she's been wearing her mum's glasses and now her own new glasses she has grown to quite like glasses again. She told me she has worn glasses since she was 11 and struggled to see the board at school. Her prescription got stronger every year and she began to wear glasses full time when she was 15 and got her first contacts at 16. She's been using contacts ever since.

Soundmanpt 05 Aug 2015, 12:36


Those might me my favorite glasses on an attractive young lady. Something tells me that you would look really good wearing those glasses as well.

Carrie 05 Aug 2015, 11:52

Today I saw a really pretty woman, late teens to early 20s, wearing Ray Ban Clubmaster style glasses with a very low plus prescription. She looked really good in them. Didn't get much of a chance to get a better look as she was cycling in the opposite direction that I was walking.

Weirdeyes 31 Jul 2015, 19:24


I have anisometropia, but it's only about 3 diopters. If it's caused by difference in axial length people can tolerate a lot more of it in glasses. I think mine is caused by axial length differences because I don't really notice an image size difference when I wear glasses. I think I notice a bit of one with contact lenses.

Puffin 31 Jul 2015, 16:28

Saw a couple of young "far eastern" ladies at the airport last week, strong minus lenses in modern plastic frames.

No idea if they were actually Chinese though.

murky 28 Jul 2015, 17:22

Having been an observer of GWG for 25 years, I think that the proliferation of optometrists, free eye testing, together with the big fashion houses getting into frames, has led lot more people getting tested, and the optoms talk them into getting glasses for minimal ( less than 1.0) corrections, especially low plus. Hardly necessary for anyone under say 35. Then people ( esp women, as they are more biddable) just get used to wearing them ( and why not), and as hypermetropia usually increases with age, then presbyopia takes over.

I find it of interest that high myopes like contacts, being freed of the dreaded glasses at last, and low myopes like glasses, as a fashion accessory. In olden days, lots had "driving glasses", but now, its rare, they are usually constant.

A survey in the local city mall, of women under about 30, showed 1/3 wore glasses.

In china last year, a similar survey showed 1/2, but very few Chinese wear fashion frames, and they tend to be thin fashionless wire.

murky 28 Jul 2015, 17:09

I am also fascinated by anisometropia ( different signed prescriptions in each eye) I don't know anyone so afflicted, and 4 days ago, the young lady ahead of me in the supermarket was about -5 in one eye, and plus 3 in the other, with good fixation. I wonder how much difference the brain can adjust for? Its surely a good medical reason to get contacts. ( Health insurance will cover the total cost if so).

Even more of interest, why does it occur? Searching provides no answers, so far.

Likelenses 27 Jul 2015, 21:30

After some begging / nagging by Cheryl,we went back to the restaurant where we had as our server a few months ago , a younger girl with the most spectacular myodiscs.

Cheryl has talked about those glasses ever since.

The girl was there , and we again had her for our server.

It was a little slow,so Cheryl engaged her in some conservation , but just friendly girl talk.We learned that she will be a senior at the local college,and is in their nursing program.

With her , my guess -30. script,and very small aperture bowls,we are wondering how her peripheral vision is , as when she walks her head is in constant motion , and she seems to have to hunt for the clearest reading distance , when writing a food order.Cheryl did try to breach the glasses subject by mentioning to her that since getting her first bifocal script several months ago how much easier it is for her to read a menu. The girl just smiled and said my mom has bifocals also.

After we left the restaurant Cheryl again was bubbling over with questions about high myopia , and myodiscs.

I am thinking of mentioning to Cheryl the subject of GOC , anf offer to help her do it,and pay for it.

Crucible 26 Jul 2015, 18:14

Haven't seen the sexy plussie brunette in high heeled sandals at work for a while now.

On the other hand there's now another tall brunette with black high heels, skirt, long hair and big sized red plastic frames with what must be -10 lenses at least. Lots of cut in. I couldn't watch for long but they must slide down like crazy with the heat we have now. She dangles her heels while sitting down and squints when looking at some distance in the office space. The ultimate office girl fantasy.

On the other hand, I've seen a 20something girl in the street walking with a very short dress, medium blond hair, big boobs and big strong plus glasses making her blue eyes so big. She also had cute feet and sandals. Lovely sight.

Another day, at the restaurant, I got to see a mother and her 20 something daughter, both tall, blonde, in heels and wearing the strongest plus glasses I've seen in a while. Couldn't stare too much as I wasn't alone.

fav guest 26 Jul 2015, 16:13

Hi Ellen,

You probably are are a genius. One cataract and one -10. But, the vision would be vastly different and unbalanced-like my -11.5 then other at -2 (now back to -5)

did you see the other reply to your post under different heading.

How are you feeling??

Waiting for you to cross the pond lol !

Ellen 26 Jul 2015, 08:21

I was at a restaurant last night and a woman on the next table aroused my interest. She was about 50, tall, elegant and slim and there was something about her glasses that I didn't quite grasp at first. After a few seconds it dawned on me what it was, her right lens was a very strong negative one, perhaps -10 but her left was mildly positive, perhaps +2. I've known people to be long sighted in one eye and short sighted in the other before but they have always been very low powers. I've never seen such a huge difference in lens prescription before. Is it possible for this to have occurred naturally or has she perhaps had some kind of surgery, maybe a cataract in her left eye?

Carrie 25 Jul 2015, 11:58

We saw our friends Danielle and the coffee shop server in the coffee shop. Both wearing glasses at first - the server is still wearing the same +0.5s all the time and Danielle was on her phone. Danielle actually kept her glasses on when we began chatting but took them off after about 10 or 15 minutes to scratch an itch on the top of her nose. They stayed on the table for the rest of the time we were there. I thought maybe Danielle had decided to wear her glasses full time, but no she hasn't she just doesn't rush to take them off when she isn't reading. As she can see distances clearly with or without glasses she doesn't need to take them off quickly as she can still see clearly (probably very slightly clearer with glasses but not noticeable when you're sitting close enough to speak to someone) They both tried on both my new pairs of glasses and said how nice I looked in them. They both politely commented that my prescription was a little too strong for them. Another perk of getting new glasses is your very fanciable female friends want to try them on!

I asked our server friend if she was still going to wear her glasses full time now that the students had finished for summer and her customers would now be mainly shoppers and school kids (schools have just finished for the 6 week long summer holidays). She said that she hadn't even thought of stopping wearing them full time. "I know I don't desperately need them all the time but my eyes just feel so relaxed with them on I see no point in taking them off. I've been wearing them all the time for long enough that I automatically put them on when I get up just like you do with yours. Also, my friends, family, colleagues and regular customers have all got used to seeing me with glasses now." I said "That's basically why I began wearing glasses all the time but it wouldn't be so easy for me to go without glasses now as my eyesight is much worse than when I first got glasses. Don't worry, it's unlikely that your prescription will get anywhere near mine." (That's probably not word for word what we said but it's near enough.)

 23 Jul 2015, 02:10

Go to Italy all the women wear glasses there. Italians have style and there glasses are real they really need to wear them because there shortsighted. Maybe they don't wear contacts there so that's why there's more women wearing glasses? Or do they get there eyes tested more

Iamhacked 22 Jul 2015, 20:28

Went to the opening of an Asian supermarket and there were plenty of Chinese GWGs. Many of their Rx seemed at least mid single digit. It was nice to see since I don't usually run across a lot of GWGs

nat 22 Jul 2015, 15:53

yes very true are we more nearsighted myopia than men or do they prefer to wear contacts? so where do you think is the most popalar places people are wearing glasses on is it the same through out the world. have you been in europe?

Soundmanpt 22 Jul 2015, 15:27


I think what you are observing is very typical in any educated countries. Now that you have taken notice of all the glasses wearers you should also take note that many more women are wearing glasses compared to men.

Nat 22 Jul 2015, 14:45

Is there some parts of of the world that more people are nearsighted myopia? I was in Paris and there were lots of people there wearing glasses with myopia also I was in Amsterdam and peoples glasses are more stylish crazy styles there glasses stood out and they needed the glasses for myopia. I know people say myopia is bad in China but where else? Which is the capital city for glasses wearers?

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2015, 12:11


Yeah getting hit in the face with a softball is never a good thing. Like you I have seen it as well, but I happy to say I somehow managed to avoid taking one to the kisser myself. Considering that I did a lot of pitching as well as playing 3rd base I guess I was lucky. Around that time is when I got into the coaching of my own team which as I mentioned before was a women's league or in this case a young ladies team since most all of them were barely out of high school. Based on everything you have told me about your eyesight I think your prescription must be low enough that you shouldn't have any problem seeing more than well enough to play the infield without your glasses and the same goes for when your hitting. But no matter how weak your glasses are I am positive that being in the outfield your not able to pick the ball up as fast as you would with your glasses on. Even a half second of not being able to react could be the difference in getting to a ball or not getting to it. It's very simple just put your glasses on as your going to the outfield and take them off when coming into bat. my girls usually just put their glasses in their glove so they knew right where to find them.

Sounds like an interesting game your designing. It kind of sounds a look like a running version of dodgeball. In my area something that is becoming more and more popular is kickball . You play it much like you play softball except with a ball the size of a soccer ball. The pitcher rolls it towards home plate and the hitter, kicker, kicks it and runs for first base. the fielder can pick it up and throw it at the runner and if the runner is hit he she is out. Also about 3 miles from my house we have a wiffle ball stadium which I have found interesting to watch. You play that with only 5 players on a side.

Congrats on being married for 5 plus years. Even more interesting is that you seem to still be in love with the guy. lol So if you were ever going to start wearing your glasses full time it won't be because you need them full time but more to please your husband since he likes seeing you wear your glasses. You do know that if you wanted to wear your glasses more or even full time you wouldn't do any harm to your eyes and your vision isn't going to change because your wearing them more. Your vision if it hasn't changed in over 5 years isn't going to change. So aside from removing them when your doing close work you can wear your glasses full time if you want. Sounds like your husband would certainly approve of that.

Beachin' 20 Jul 2015, 20:21


I don’t think anyone would want to get hit in the face with a softball wearing glasses or not. I’ve seen it happen before and it’s not pretty. I typically play infield but I’d be willing to try wearing glasses in the OF in the name of science (or my own personal test).

Maybe I need to recruit a few friends to design a course that I have to run through and jump over obstacles and react to foam balls being thrown at me and see how I fair with glasses and without. I’m sure I have a few friends who would love to throw foam balls at me . I’m kidding of course, but it not that far off from something I would do.

I am married and have been now for five plus. My husband is a pretty great guy and we both have the same goofy sense of humor and like to stay active together. In case you were wondering he was a bit shy about it at first but he actually does really like me in glasses.

favorite guest 20 Jul 2015, 06:16

Hi Ellen !

Hope you are having a successful recovery.

Well I'm glad you acknowledge the camaraderie between us double digit hi myopee's!

Hope you will be crossing the pond soon to see sis. In fact I'm going to big apple for a meeting later this week, quick trip up and back.

be good

Ellen 20 Jul 2015, 04:58

I've recently been in hospital for an op and am now recovering at home. The nurse who looked after me was a wonderfully attractive 40 something with very strong glasses for myopia. I suppose I've noticed it before but there really is a kind of camaraderie among us folks with very poor vision. When I went to the operating theatre she said I should keep my glasses till the last minute before I was anesthetised as she was well aware of how disorienting it can be to have your glasses taken away. When she did take them she said she'd bring them to the recovery room or put them in my room next to the bed where I could find them so I wouldn't be without them for long. As she spoke she put her face really close so I could kind of see her rather than having to gaze blindly at a blur.

I was in hospital for a couple of weeks and she came in to see me most days, we struck up quite a friendship and sometimes talked about our eyesight. I think I was smitten but sadly (for me) she's married. Her husband is one very lucky guy.

Soundmanpt 19 Jul 2015, 19:48


I'm glad to found my analogy about hair so close to hitting home for you because of what you went through when you became a blonde and then back to dark hair again. Its just a matter of getting used to how you see yourself in the mirror each day and the more often you see yourself a certain way the more it becomes a part of you. So you would probably be surprised if you started only looking at yourself with your glasses on. After a short while they would become a part of your look. So it's not so much that you haven't found that perfect pair of glasses yet, but more you have never gotten used to seeing yourself wearing glasses all the time. Don't get me wrong I am in no way suggesting that you should wear glasses just so you come to accept them as your new look. Your need for glasses is minimal at the most. Your main need for glasses I would assume is for driving and watching TV and seeing notes across the room on boards and such.

You commented once something about your husband so your a married young lady and that is too bad for all the guys in here. Not often you find a young lady that enjoys watching a football game on the TV at the local bar, plays flag football, dodgeball and softball. Now throw in the fact that you were glasses, well sometimes, and your what every man dreams about. It doesn't surprise me that your perfectly able to see the menu at the bar as well as your phone with your glasses on because your prescription is without a doubt pretty weak. Playing flag football and dodgeball without glasses makes perfect sense since your right they would just get in the way and possibly broke. But having been a manager of a women's softball team for over 14 years and being a player myself before that I seriously doubt that your as good with picking up the ball off the bat as you think you are. If I were your coach I would have you try during practice both with and without your glasses and I bet you would find that your glasses would be a benefit to you at least when your playing in the outfield. You have me convinced that your eyesight is really still quite good so you don't need your glasses if your playing on the infield or while your batting. Those are much shorter distances which I think your pretty good with. Also your not in any real danger of getting hit in the face by the ball in the outfield. I had several young ladies on my team that wore glasses. A couple of them got their first glasses while playing for me. If you wear glasses now you have a fear you never had before of being hit in the face and breaking your glasses.

Beachin' 19 Jul 2015, 15:45


The hair analogy is interesting and very relateable for me. My Hair is dark brown and I dyed is blond for many years and tried to go back to dark brown and didn’t like it for a few weeks. Once I got used to it I liked it dark and got used to seeing myself in the mirror that way. While a small number of my friends admit they like the blond better (and probably always well) most got used to seeing me with dark hair and prefer it. I’m sure that the same would hold true for glasses.

I only have one pair right now and I’m perfectly comfortable wearing them at work or to run errands. I don’t wear them on social settings very often aside from watching football on TV at the bar. But yes, if I had to read a menu at the bar or look at my phone with my glasses on I can.

I play flag football, dodgeball, and softball. Softball would be the only one of those I would ever considered wearing glasses for. I spoke to my eye doctor last time my eyes changed (5 years ago?) and she said I shouldn’t have any problems playing softball without glasses. I still feel like I can read the ball off the bat and get a good jump on the ball but the batters faces are a little fuzzy from the OF.

Beachin' 19 Jul 2015, 15:45


The hair analogy is interesting and very relateable for me. My Hair is dark brown and I dyed is blond for many years and tried to go back to dark brown and didn’t like it for a few weeks. Once I got used to it I liked it dark and got used to seeing myself in the mirror that way. While a small number of my friends admit they like the blond better (and probably always well) most got used to seeing me with dark hair and prefer it. I’m sure that the same would hold true for glasses.

I only have one pair right now and I’m perfectly comfortable wearing them at work or to run errands. I don’t wear them on social settings very often aside from watching football on TV at the bar. But yes, if I had to read a menu at the bar or look at my phone with my glasses on I can.

I play flag football, dodgeball, and softball. Softball would be the only one of those I would ever considered wearing glasses for. I spoke to my eye doctor last time my eyes changed (5 years ago?) and she said I shouldn’t have any problems playing softball without glasses. I still feel like I can read the ball off the bat and get a good jump on the ball but the batters faces are a little fuzzy from the OF.

Soundmanpt 19 Jul 2015, 11:06


Your optometrist has given you good advice about not wearing your glasses for doing close work. If you were to start wearing your glasses while staring at your computer monitor for 10 hours a day, everyday, in time your eyes would adjust to them and your ability to see close without them would be gone. Now aside from not wearing your glasses for close work if you wanted to keep your glasses on any other time that would be fine to do. If your ever out for lunch or dinner and happen to have your glasses on you don't have to take them off to read the menu since i'm sure your able to read with your glasses even though you don't need them to read.

You said that your quite active and play contact sports and you don't wear your glasses because they would get in the way not to mention a good chance they could get broken as well. What are you active with and what sports do you play? Understandably working out at the gym you wouldn't need your glasses but any kind of hand eye sport like softball, glasses might be a benefit to you.

I think it is somewhat common for anyone that doesn't wear glasses full time to like how they look without glasses better than with glasses. I know you said that you have spent a lot of time trying to find the perfect pair of glasses and just haven't found them yet. Usually what the problem is for most is that your just not used to seeing yourself in glasses. Kind of like changing a hair color or style it takes time to get used to before you really start to like it. But since you really don't need to wear your glasses full time anyway I really doubt that you will ever find a pair that you like so much that you would wear them full time. The only thing that could be fun for you if you enjoyed wearing glasses more and since your eyes are stable and won't be changing until down the road when you will probably need bifocals, you could start a very nice glasses wardrobe. Have various pairs in different colors and styles to match various outfits.

miku 19 Jul 2015, 10:56


I am a guy and yes, I am 23 but I am aware that presbyopia could be creeping around at any time. But that doesn't bother me at all... If anything, it intrigues me.

I do find glasses to get in the way, since I am not used to having them. If I did need them I would at least try and go full-time. Then again, I am very active too, so I'm not sure how that would work.


Beachin' 19 Jul 2015, 08:50


You must be in your early 20s if you are talking about your 30s like they are far away or a point in the future. Remind me, are you a guy or a girl?

I have a few reasons why i'm not a full time wearer. The first was actually at the request of my eye doctor. She suggested that since my script was stable and I was not having a hard time with near objects that I should not wear glasses when i'm at my computer.

I'm pretty active and play contact sports so glasses would certainly get in the way of that. I could learn to work around them if I had to but I don't see the point in my case. I actually spoke to the my doctor and asked if there was any way my vision could adversely affect me playing the sports I do and she said, no, I should be fine at this point.

My last reason is the most subjective and admittedly silly. I like the way I look without glasses better. I think glasses look great of some people, just kind of "ok" on me. I've tried on tons of pairs just can't find a pair that I love enough to want to wear all the time.

If my script gets worse and forces me to be a full time wearer I'd probably get contacts and switch back and forth.

miku 17 Jul 2015, 18:40


I think people without any noticeable eyesight issues see better close-up than far away, naturally. I do have a hyperopia prescription, but since I am in my twenties with quite good accommodation power in my eyes, my vision is 20/20 or better and I don't have any focusing issues. Thus I do think I tend to naturally pull things closer if I do struggle.

Then also there is a case of my eyes adjusting to seeing close up, hence inducing an apparent myopia, despite their natural preference of being longsighted.

But these are just assumptions of mine. Probably I will end-up pushing things away to see clearly by the time I'm 30 and if that doesn't work... BIFOCALS!!!

How come you're not a fulltime wearer by now?


Beachin' 17 Jul 2015, 11:08

Interesting point miku. Does it truely help or do you think its psychological (bring something closer to see it better?).

I've had this conversation with my husband before. It makes sense to me that if I can't see something far away I could move close and see if better. That should be true for anyone. It's harder for me to imagine not being able to see something right in front of me.

Again, this is coming from someone who is slightly nearsighted.

Soundmapt, you were correct I realized it was having trouble seeing distant objects when I was about 16 or 17 but I passed my drives test perfectly fine and was able to complete high school without glasses. I remember a few instances where I had to move closer to see the board but it was not on a regular basis.

I finally made myself go to the eye doctor in college because I was worried that I might not pass my drivers test when I turned 21. I know that's not the best reason to go but that's what prompted me to go. Admittedly I was still concerned that my parents would pressure me into wearing glasses all the time but being out of the house for the most part made that a little easier to deal with.

After many failed attempts to put contacts in I walked away with a script for glasses that I promised to get filled with a friend. I wasn't thrilled about it at the time but I dragged my friend along to the eye doctor with me and picked out frames I could live with. I ended up wearing them when I drove and occasionally in class.

Fast forward 10 years my prescription hasn't changed much and I don't mind wearing glasses on a part time basis.

Soundmanpt 17 Jul 2015, 06:45


Your probably completely right when you say that you can thank your parents for your nearsighted eyes. But at least you were lucky that you must have either just graduated from high school or was about to when you got your first glasses and hardly ever really needed to wear them. And now your eyes are already stable so as you know it could have been far worse.

It would seem that you work in a rather big office complex with lots of people staring at computers? I think you maybe right about the eye strain exposing the need for glasses in some of the young ladies. I told this before in here but the girl that cuts my hair and knows I have involvement with a non profit vision group and also help people get glasses was telling me that she had recently got her eyes examined just as part of an annual checkup. She was surprised to be told that she actually was farsighted, something she had no idea about. The doctor told her that because she is still young her eyes were able to adapt for seeing close up. Because her job didn't involve any close work she wasn't straining her eyes she didn't need to get glasses, but warned her that she would be needing glasses in the not so distant future. He asked her if even notices when she is reading a book or magazine that her eyes tend to tire out after a short time which she admitted she did notice. He told her that if she was working in an office doing mostly close work she would need glasses already.

miku 16 Jul 2015, 23:11


I totally get your point about leaning closer to see the computer screen. However, being farsighted myself and not having my ciliary muscles deconditioned yet while still being at a young age, I also feel the need to pull things closer to my eyes when I'm not wearing my glasses, despite the extra strain.

Does that make sense?

Beachin' 16 Jul 2015, 20:52


I don't blame my job for my vision. I can thank my nearsighted parents for that one. Fortunately my vision is stable and wasn't very bad to begin with.

In my story earlier I focused on the farsighted girls I knew because Tom asked about it. There are definitely more nearsighted girls and guys I work with overall. I'm know several that got glasses to correct nearsightedness in their 20s and 30s too.

I don't know if the close work has caused my coworkers to have vision problems or they already were a little farsighted and the close work made it more apparent. I think that may be the case. I'm fairly certain the girls I know went to the doctor and were examined. One of the two I mentioned in the story told me about her trip to the doctor the first time she went. The doctor told her that her eyes were so fatigued from reading and working on her computer that it was causing her to have trouble with her distance vision temporarily. Once she starting wearing glasses for close work she didn't have any problems with distance vision.

Soundmanpt 16 Jul 2015, 14:02


Well if you first got glasses when you were in your late teens you probably weren't already working at the job your at now. So you can't blame the 10 hours days staring at a computer for being nearsighted. But on good thing for you was that if you were destined to need glasses getting them in your late teens was much better than if you had gotten glasses when you were much younger. I'm sure your first prescription was probably pretty weak and the increases you have had since then probably minor as well. And if you haven't already had your eyes become stable they should very soon. But I do find it interesting how many of your co- workers seem to be farsighted. Normally staring at a computer screen constantly every day is much more prone to cause nearsightedness. It makes me wonder how many of them actually went and got their eyes examined or if maybe one of them just assumed since she was having trouble seeing the screen if she didn't just assume that she must need reading glasses and maybe bought a pair of the over counter readers and of course even if she was really nearsighted reading glasses are really magnifiers so they probably did help enough. Then when some of the other girls saw her glasses and maybe even tried them they went and bought their own readers. Since your glasses are don't sound like they are very strong you should have some of them try your glasses not just looking at their computer but things at a distance as well. You mentioned 2 young lades that recently started wearing glasses after it was pointed out to them that they were squinting and leaning in to see their computer. But if your farsighted you tend to want to hold reading material further away not lean into it.

Years ago I worked at a printing company and we employed at least 3 and sometimes 4 just out of college graphic designers. Nearly all of them were young ladies in their early 20's. Our company didn't pay as well as some of the bigger print companies but it was a good job to gain experence and then after a year or 2 they would go to the higher paying jobs. Some of these girls already were wearing glasses when they were hired. The rest seemed to get their first glasses withing their first year. As I recall everyone one of them were nearsighted.

Beachin' 16 Jul 2015, 11:54

Hi Tom,

My two colleges are farsighted I’m mildly nearsighted and have been since I was in my late teens. I was reviewing a presentation that was projected on the wall during my meeting so I had my glasses on for that. I don’t wear them for close work.

I don’t know how long my colleagues have had glasses. The one I know fairly well has had them as long as I’ve known her (mid twenties?). It was the first time I met the other girl. She was actually a few years younger than me if I had to guess 25 or 26?

In general I’m noticing that there are quite a few ladies I work with that are farsighted. In fact, in the past year at least two girls in their 20s got glasses for close work. Both girls were having trouble seeing for a while but didn’t realize there were squinting or leaning in to see their computer screens until someone pointed it out.

I think the environment is partially to blame for it. Staring at a computer for 10 hours a day can’t be good for anyone’s health (back, eyes, etc.). It makes a small deficiency apparent. I’m genetically suited to sit at a computer all day with my mild nearsightedness :).

If I had to estimate I’d say almost 70% of the people I work with have glasses and or contacts. There is an expectation that we are well put together when we meet with clients (business formal) so most of the guys and girls who were glasses have stylish frames.

I don’t think the girls are “teased” or given a hard time about needing glasses for reading. I would hope not, but then again people are rude sometimes. The closest thing I can think of is some mild joking about getting old or being blind but that has always seemed good natured and mutual. I recall a recent conversation between me and a farsighted colleague who left her glasses at home one day.

Me: Hey, can you take a look at this page and tell me what you think.

Farsighted colleague: Sure, let me take a look (sits down next to me, then noticeably squints and leans forward)

Me: (uses the zoom function to make the screen bigger), is that better, (smiles and laughs a little, then pats colleague on the shoulder)

Farsighted colleague: Haha, yes that’s better (while still laughing), I’m pretty useless without my glasses, I should probably just call it at day now and quit while I’m ahead

Me: Haha, probably still better than me on my best day even if you can’t see what you are reviewing. But yes, might be a good idea to bring you glasses tomorrow, haha.

Soundmanpt 15 Jul 2015, 17:45


Not so sure how sincere his apology was but I guess it was better than nothing. Isn't stupid how once he found out that your a lesbian he suddenly lost all interest in you even as a friend. I think I told you already that I have several lesbian friends and we get along great. I know a few gay guys that i am friendly with and they know i'm straight so as far as I am concerned their just people, much like seeing or knowing a girl that your not romanicly interested in.

Sorry to hear the new doesn't wear glasses because even though you can't touch it makes for nice eye candy when these young ladies wear glasses. But don't give up on her yet, you might recall it wasn't that long ago that they hired a new girl and she didn't wear glasses either at the time but now she can't do without them. Maybe if this new girl gets enough eye strain she may soon be wearing glasses as well.

Weirdeyes 15 Jul 2015, 16:15

I think I had a reverse sighting a few weeks ago. I was in a waiting room and I think someone that used to know me when I was a kid was there. I didn't wear glasses when I was a kid, but I was very optically obsessed. I kept getting double takes from her. She probably thought it was interesting that I was wearing glasses. If it wasn't her she probably thought I just had weird glasses.

Carrie 15 Jul 2015, 15:41

astigmaphile - I didn't bother reporting him because I feel he got his punishment by humiliating himself. If he'd damaged my glasses I would have reported him.

Soundmanpt - I was quite pleased with myself that I didn't react by hitting him. When I was a teenager I would react physically if someone made me angry. I've calmed down a lot now I'm older. I may not be very tall but I'm good at giving looks to people that makes them worry about their personal safety! I wouldn't hit anyone as they are probably stronger than me, they just don't know that!

The male in question has apologised. He wasn't a friend. When he joined the staff he was quite friendly with me but when he realised I was gay he lost interest in me. The new girl, unfortunately, doesn't wear glasses. She wasn't very interested in him anyway but I have pointed out the other single men for her.

Tom 15 Jul 2015, 13:56

Hi Beachin'

Are you and your two colleagues who had their glasses on top if their heads all far sighted? And thus needing your glasses for close work?

Am asking because you wrote you're all in your thirties, young women.

My wife has also started using reading glasses recently, and got some comments from others that she is really young for them. She doesn't care about such comments, but am just wondering when you and your friends started using reading glasses? I think if more colleagues also need/use them, it is less of an issue, and you probably all have fashionable frames also.

Have notices that an increasing number of youngsters, and especially women, are in glasses today for computer work, filing, reception desk jobs,...


Soundmanpt 14 Jul 2015, 14:34


I think you showed that you were the bigger person, maybe not in actual size, by not slapping him or kicking him even though that is what he deserved. You were a lady and didn't drop down to his level. He should realize that by taking your glasses and holding up fingers and asking you how many fingers he had up for someone new to wearing glasses would be very embarrassing. Like you know his attempt at humor was in in very bad taste and he came away looking very foolish. Clearly he didn't impress the new girl and I can't even think why he would think that by grabbing your glasses and testing your vision was in some way going to impress her. The stupid ass can't be sure that the new girl maybe doesn't wear glasses herself and she would never want that to happen to her. She showed a lot of glasses by getting your glasses back and returning them to you.

You didn't say if this guy until then was someone you considered a friend or not. Clearly he isn't anymore.

astigmaphile 14 Jul 2015, 13:50


The glasses snatching incident should have been reported to management. That is a very unprofessional way to act.

Carrie 14 Jul 2015, 12:53

I suppose I could have slapped him or punched him in the nuts but I didn't but I think he got the message with the look on my face. He would be very foolish to do it again and he now needs to work much harder if our new colleague is going to take any notice of him now.

Why do people think they're so funny and original when they laugh and do the "How many fingers am I holding up?" thing?! So old and not funny. It's mildly amusing when someone does it when you first get glasses but after that.... oh dear.

Likelenses 13 Jul 2015, 23:14

Carries story about snatching glasses reminded me of something that happened when I was in the Army.

Anyone that was in the Army,and wore glasses would be issued two pair of army issue glasses.Rather heavy ugly plastic frames,and they were expected to wear these,rather than their civilian glasses.

After Basic Training,I was in a five month school for electronics.Quite a few in the class wore glasses.

There was one guy that during class would take his glasses off,and look through them from a distance from his face,and generally fiddle with them a lot.He was quite myopic and sat about two rows away from my friend and I.When this guy had his glasses off he would do the hard squint,that amused my friend.

One day my friend saw the guy fiddling with his glasses,so my friend said to him,let me see your glasses.Like a fool he passed them over,while giving my friend the hard squint.My friend then put this guys glasses in his lap,and took his own second pair,and said to the hard squinter," hey watch this ",at which time he broke his own glasses in two,right across the nose bridge.

The reaction of the hard squinter was priceless,since he thought the broken glasses were his.

Beachin' 13 Jul 2015, 18:44

Hi all, long time “lurker”, first time poster.

Carrie, that sounds like something an 8 year old would do. What a jackass.

I have a story I think you may enjoy. I work in an office with lots of lots of fairly attractive and energetic people in their 20’s and 30’s. I’m actually one of the older girls at 32.

Every Friday around two everyone starts to lose focus and talk about weekend plans and this week was no different. It was a warm day and I just finished a boring meeting and was about to cut out of the office a little early and begin my weekend plans.

I had my glasses on during my meeting but placed them atop my head for the walk because my hands were too full to put them back in their case. On the way to my desk I checked my email and saw that my friend sent me a note and told me to stop by her office.

I arrived at the office and saw my friend and another female office visitor both pretty blond girls were facing there computers with their glasses atop their heads. I could hear them laughing right before I knocked. I made sure I was not intruding on “actual work” but it was clear that they were also in Friday slacking mode.

The three of us chatted for a bit and laughed pretty loud so I’m sure the passersbys could hear us.

My friend is fairly far sighed, I’ve never asked her what her prescription is but I know she has quite a bit of magnification. Her visitor, also appeared to be quite farsighted, though I never saw her actually put her glasses on. She took them off her head several times and fidgeted with them but never went through with it.

A few minutes later there is another knock on the door. The door opens and a fourth girl enters the room. She is a friend of the visitor and welcomes her with a hug. She turns to me and we recognize each other, it’s been a while so we hug and then she is introduced to the last girl in the room. Our new visitor was the first one to take notice of our three matching ponytails and glasses. We all had a good laugh about it and agreed this could either turn into a sophisticated talk about literature and the finer things or a cheap porno in a flash, haha – that conversation went downhill quickly.

When I finally walked out of the room I noticed a few guys seemed to be watching me exit in the room. I wondered to myself if they were intrigued with the laughing, hugging, and glasses or the fact they heard us talking about porn.

Soundmanpt 13 Jul 2015, 16:44


I'm sure you were as us Americans would say "quite pissed" and you had every right to be. If this guy was a friend I have a feeling he may not be now? I'm not even sure how or why he would think by taking your glasses from you and putting them on himself was in anyway going to impress this other girl. Actually it seemed quite childish if you asked me. Good thing you don't have your new glasses or I think you would have madder yet. The stupid ass doesn't realize that when you grab someone's glasses off like that there is a good chance that they will be returned stretched out from being pulled off and it probably didn't feel too good having them ripped off your ears either. It looks like the only fun that thought it was somehow funny was him. Let's hope he learned his lesson so he doesn't try that with some other girl.

Tom 13 Jul 2015, 14:51


What you describe is unacceptable behaviour.

Period. Especially on an office floor.

The only times I (very gently) took off women's glasses without asking for their consent, or asking while in the action of taking them off already, was during romantic foreplay, or when kissing, but only when I knew they would not object.

Carrie 13 Jul 2015, 13:21

I'm sure many Eyescene readers have had similar experiences to this.

One of my male colleagues was trying to impress a new part-time, and quite attractive, female colleague. He took my glasses off my face without asking and put them on his own face. He said "Oh my god Carrie you are so blind!" (Rude!) He took my glasses off but kept hold of them and then held 3 fingers up and asked me if I could see them and how many there were. I told him the correct answer. I then asked him the same question and I just stuck my middle finger up. He was a bit shocked - I don't think he expected a response like that. The new girl wasn't impressed by him but burst out laughing when I responded. She took my glasses from him and passed them to me, smiled and said loud enough for him to hear "He needs to grow up if he wants to try to impress me!"

Soundmanpt 04 Jul 2015, 12:27


Isn't that always the way? As soon as you go and re buy something or in this case place another order for something you suddenly find the lost pair. But at least the cost isn't nearly as great as it would have been from a local optical shop.

So good to hear that your a happy customer of Zenni. Were you surprised the first time you ordered glasses on line and found that that quality of the glasses was every bit as good as any shop and how much you were able to save? Everyone that has ever ordered their glasses from me has said they will never but glasses from a local shop again. Even the ones that have insurance says that because of what insurance doesn't cover such as AR coating makes the on line glasses even less expensive still. The optional AR coating at local optical shops is generally around $50.00 or more. Zenni charges $5.00.

Anyway glad you were able to find your glasses that were hiding. lol

astigmaphile 03 Jul 2015, 18:49


I am a Zenni Optical customer. Last Saturday I could not find my glasses and promptly ordered another pair from Zenni. I got an e-mail saying that they were shipped. I will have them sometime next week. I later found the misplaced glasses.

Soundmanpt 03 Jul 2015, 18:13


Yep! Your a typical woman. And when it comes to new glasses even more so. I remember when you got your current glasses it was a while after you got your eyes examined before you found what you wanted. But like you know there isn't any reason to rush. Your certainly not straining your eyes not having that extra +.50 in your lenses. I'm sure it is a nice turn on for you watching Gemma trying on different frames seeing as how you take notice of every woman wearing glasses these days. Without much doubt i'm sure Gemma is much more help in picking out glasses fro than your ex bf would have been and for that matter any other guy really. (Well except for me) but other than helping a gf pick out glasses I would be of no help at all when she would be looking at dresses or other things.

I really wish I could convince you to first try an on-line retailer before you buy glasses at a local shop. I am that sure that once you see that the glasses on line are every bit as good as what they offer at the mortar stores you may not ever buy glasses from them again. The main thing is getting right size glasses that fit your face properly. The best way to do that is to measure your current glasses across the front from right to left in millimeters and then compare that with any glasses you like on line. I know that you are on the petite size based on your past comments. Many of the young ladies i order glasses for are also petite. I am going to provide you a short list of the most popular ones for young ladies the same age as you.

All of these are $18.00 and that includes the frame, prescription lenses and AR coating.







These are all from Zenni.

I guess you might have seen where I was accused of working for Zenni I honestly wish I did.

The reason I favor them over other on-line retailers is because they don't use discontinued frames. Nothing wrong with that except for me to show samples I need glasses that are not going to go away in a week or two.

Tom 03 Jul 2015, 17:03

We were at a pool party this evening, about 25 couples, with 6 ladies wearing glasses, all of them nicely tanned and in their mid thirties to early forties. After a series of drinks and some food, people started changing into their swimgear, and I was curious to see whether the ladies would keep their glasses on for a swim or not.

All but one of the glasses wearers went into the water, and two of them did so with their glasses. While almost all men with glasses kept thiers on for the swim. While also in the pool, I started a conversation with a girl who had taken off her glasses, but I had noticed before that she had a strong prescription. She quickly apologized for not been able to see well, and not immediately recognizing me, and explqined she never wore her expensive glasses while swimming even if such meant she couldn't see much.

As the pool party quickly turned into games and pushing people under water, I gave some special attention to the two glasses wearers in the pool. One stayed aside of the games, but the other happily participated. She almost lost her horn-rimmed glasses twice but managed to keep them on all the time. As we left the pool, her lenses were of course covered in droplets, and only then did she take them off to cautiously clean them with a friend's T-shirt. Nice sightings!

Carrie 03 Jul 2015, 08:25


Of course I like shopping - I'm a girl! :-) I really like glasses shopping especially when Gemma tries on different frames just for fun. She's not planning to get new glasses yet but is quite tempted by some of the frames we've seen. That's a bonus to being in a same sex relationship - having a beautiful women standing right next to you in the women's frames section trying on frames! If I had a boyfriend he probably wouldn't want to try on women's frames with me! He probably wouldn't want to go shopping at all! I've seen a few frames I really like in opticians shops and also a few online, too. I think I might treat myself to more than 1 pair. Probably 2 pairs from a physical shop if they are doing a 2 for 1 offer and 1 or 2 pairs from an online place. Once I get my new prescription made I might get my current glasses fitted with new lenses.

Soundmanpt 03 Jul 2015, 05:47

nameless coward

No I don't work for Zenni but I would love nothing better than to be hired as a sales rep in this area.

 02 Jul 2015, 19:22

Sure you do, Soundperv. You work for Zenni.

 02 Jul 2015, 19:22

Sure you do, Soundperv. You work for Zenni.

Soundmanpt 02 Jul 2015, 16:24


So I was wondering if you had ordered new glasses yet, and it seems you haven't. But I have feeling you really enjoy shopping and trying on as many frames as possible before you finally decide. I still think going on line is a much better option and will save you tons of money, but that isn't fort me to decide of course.

Of course it's not at all surprising that she can't see as far now when she takes her glasses off as used to be able to with her previous glasses. As you very well know that is usually what happens when you get a new, stronger, prescription, even if the increase isn't very much. I'm sure that she can still see pretty well without her glasses, just a little bit blurry but not very bad. But like you she has been wearing glasses long enough now that she has to be much more comfortable with her glasses on rather than off. Without her glasses now i'm sure she very quickly sees double now much more easily. That makes it that much harder for her to work her eyes to hold a single image anymore. She is really forcing her eye to do that and she will very quickly develope a headache if she strains to hard for very long. If I recall her first glasses were really very weak. I'm sure when she first started wearing them they seemed to hardly make any difference in her vision and were almost a novelty much like a new piece of jewelery. She was able to see just about as well without the as she could with them. As you yourself know when your wearing a rather weak prescription, even full time, it takes a while before your eyes really notice a difference when you take your glasses off. It's very possible that even though she was wearing her glasses full time wearing them was more of an option rather than a necessity and she could easily go without glasses if she wished to. But the longer she was wearing glasses her eyes were being effected most likely by her prisms. But by this time her glasses were comfortable and she could see slightly better with glasses so she was fine with wearing them. It didn't hurt that the boys still found her every bit as attractive wearing glasses as ever. That had to be a big confidence builder for her. If you think back when you started wearing glasses you had a bf at the time and he was very supportive of you wearing glasses, so that had to be nice confidence builder for you?

Your right nice things do come in cute small "vertical" packages. Even better if the package is wearing glasses. lol.

Carrie 02 Jul 2015, 10:17

We were talking about glasses and eyesight the other day when I said I was going to get new glasses soon. She mentioned that she can't see as far without glasses as she used to and she does get double vision when she takes her glasses off. The double vision does go but it seems to take about the same amount of time for it to go but her eyes feel like they are working much harder to keep a single image than they did when she first got the newer prescription. Like me, she can still see without glasses but she sees so much better and comfortably with them. She's just as popular as ever with the boys at work and still has the same boyfriend. Her sister still comes in to the shop about once or twice a week and is still wearing glasses full time.

It makes me happy to see most men don't feel that a woman's glasses spoil her looks. She's such a lovely person that she deserves the male attention she gets. I still get male attention too, which I find very flattering even though all the men I know know I'm gay. I still get checked out by men I don't know, so glasses don't put them off (unless they are just looking at my boobs). Gemma also gets checked out by men and her boobs are smaller than mine and her glasses look stronger but she is gorgeous so I'm not surprised that men fancy her. There's an old saying that I feel applies to us 'vertically challenged' women - "Good things come in small packages".

I hope your knee is better soon.

Soundmanpt 01 Jul 2015, 08:59


Any updates about your co-worker friend that you said was quite popular when she was quite popular with the guys at your work. Shortly after she was hired she was prescribed her first glasses which she rather quickly was wearing full time. Even wearing glasses her popularity with the guys remained the same. A few months back you commented that she had gotten her eyes examined and needed an increase in her prescription. She already had some prisms in her first glasses. Has she said much about her eyesight when she takes her glasses off now? Of course her vision is somewhat worse than it was with her first glasses but is she starting to find that without her glasses she is seeing double more easily now?

Tom 01 Jul 2015, 05:17

SC, not sure whether there is any issue her?

She feels in control with her distance glasses when driving, especially at night. And she now has 2 pairs of reading glasses, one in her handbag, and the second in the house, which she says make a big difference for reading small print and doing precision work. I'd say she put on her distance glasses on average 45min each day, the readers will be more I think when you add up all moments in the day that she will use them.

SC 30 Jun 2015, 11:26


I wonder if your wife is heading towards hyperopia. It is not unusual for people to be mis-diagnosed for years - after all they put lenses in front of your eyes and ask whether you can see through them - low minus lenses always work provided you have enough accommodation.

I was first diagnosed myopic, and my uncle wore minus glasses for 30 years before being identified as a hyperope.

If the myopia is true (rather than pseudo-myopia) then your wife has in-built +1.25 reading glasses already and so should have no problem close-up at 39yo. But if she was, say, a +2 hyperope then she may start to struggle with small print (+2 add +3 = +5 accommodation) but still have enough to see distance through minus lenses (+2 - -1.25 = +3.25 accommodation)

Tom 29 Jun 2015, 14:18

Willy, her eye exam was last October. Her eye doctor said her distance vision had deteriorated a bit since she last saw her, which was 4yrs ago.

But nothing about near vision.

Still, my wife is not really concerned about it, she just wants to be able to see well, and if glasses can the job for her, she is happy to put them on, also reading glasses, as long as she finds a fashionable pair she likes.

Which is fine to me, I don't think it makes much sense resisting glasses if you need them and can afford buying them, isn't it? She did jot mention the reading glasses again tonight, but sha stayed home today, think she'll do some shopping tomorrow and try to find the specs she likes.

Willy 29 Jun 2015, 06:20

Tom -- For a -1.25 myope to have appreciable difficulty with near vision at age 39 while not wearing her glasses is rather unusual. If she were wearing her glasses, it sounds a though she might need an add of +2 or higher. By all means get her a pair of +1.00 readers, but when was her last eye exam?

Soundmanpt 28 Jun 2015, 07:11


At 39 your wife is just entering the area where the need for readers and bifocals start to become necessary. You want to be sure to find the ones marked +1.00 if possible. This should be enough to make reading easier for her. But since she already is a little bit nearsighted she really should be considering bifocals or progressives even though she only wears her current glasses for driving her prescription is enough that without her glasses her eyesight isn't nearly as good as it should be. Now if she needs help with small print she might be better off with just having one pair of glasses that works for everything. You should maybe try and convince her to get her eyes checked because they will most likely recommend bifocals to her. If she were to get bifocals she may find them comfortable enough that she would wear them more often and possibly full time which I think you would enjoy.

Tom 28 Jun 2015, 03:24

My wife has had very mild myopia since we have known each other, she is now -1.25 in each eye, and uses her glasses for driving only. She is 39 years old.

I have noticed for a few months now that she is struggling with very small print, squinting and holding papers at arm's length when trying to read the ingredients mentioned on food containers, medicine bottles,... This morning she made me real happy when saying "honey, I really think I need to have a pair of reading glasses at hand in the house, I am going to buy those over-the-counter readers in a flashy color when doing the shooping tomorrow". Cannot wait to see het wearing them, as I am sure she'll very quickly start using those a lot more often than she thinks.

Melyssa 27 Jun 2015, 10:39

Continuing with the story of my visit to my favorite eyewear establishment the other day, I was wearing my black cat's-eyes that are clear at the bottom and which have the faux rhinestones in the upper corners and around part of the sides. I was talking about glasses and other things with the three other women employees there at the time (while the manager was on the phone in "plan-no" view). The woman waiting on me, who loves my polka-dot cat's-eyes, which I also had with me, was wearing 4-color cat's-eyes. The woman at the next table had on Rayban-style red frames (a lighter shade than normal red), while the woman to her left had on very pretty white cat's-eyes that were clear at the bottom, but the nose pieces were the ones I had so much trouble with the two times I had metal frames in the 1970s. Now here's the surprise: Of the four of us, I had on the smallest (height-wise) frames. Yes, while I generally wear very large frames, these three women were doing just that. And I still have yet to see any woman outside of that place wearing frames of those sizes, even though the place sells quite a number of them.

Melyssa 18 Jun 2015, 05:00


There are two of them then. We have one at work like that, fortunately in a different building, except her hair isn't gray, and her metal frames are more round (like her body). Not too many people like her, and when she wears her winter coat, she looks like a grizzly bear. She has been this way attitude-wise for over 20 years, as before that we were on good terms.

Crystal Veil 18 Jun 2015, 00:12


I never heard opticians speak about the topic you mentioned but professional photographers often do (in private) after making a wedding documentary. Photographers are well aware that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder but some are really in despair "How on earth can I make an acceptable picture of this bride?".

Likelenses 17 Jun 2015, 23:56


I wouldn't want to be the patient after her,and put my face in the autorefractor,and phoropter.

Likelenses 17 Jun 2015, 23:24


Sounds like a Sleezeball !

Carrie 17 Jun 2015, 14:31

I saw a woman today that made me glad I'm not her optician. She was ugly, quite fat, slightly sweaty/greasy skin, greasy grey untidy hair. She wore very plain rectangular metal glasses with a medium minus prescription. Quite a grumpy face too. You just wouldn't want to get very close to her.

Remember that opticians have to see people like this as well as everyone else and really good looking people. I'm not claiming to be super gorgeous or anything but I like to take care of my appearance. Just because you're middle aged doesn't mean you don't need to wash your hair and face. So the next time you are dreaming you are testing the eyes of a hot man/woman just imagine the woman I saw.

Also remember other people in the medical profession have to get very close to people like that!

I hope I don't sound nasty, and I don't mean to - it was just an observation, but I know people in their 40s, 50s, 60s and older that look better than she did. If she smiled a bit she wouldn't look so bad. Maybe she was having a crappy day.

Melyssa 17 Jun 2015, 12:42

We had a fire drill at work today, a nice day for one. With everyone taking the stairs down, I saw a woman from the floor above mine wearing glasses with light blue square frames, lenses probably 1.5 inches in height. I have never seen her before, but it's nice to know that someone else wears glasses full-time that are not black, brown, metal or rimless. (Reading glasses don't count.)

Soundmanpt 16 Jun 2015, 18:30


I couldn't think of the name of those glasses and just came to me. "Club Master"

Soundmanpt 16 Jun 2015, 18:27


I guess we don't have quite the same taste in glasses. I personally happen to like the glasses she had on in your earlier post (the semi-rimless Ray-Bans I believe)I have always thought those were the perfect glasses. I keep hoping that Zenni might someday soon offer glasses exactly exactly like hers. They have some similar but not quite the same.

Carrie 16 Jun 2015, 13:26

I fancy Kristen in just about anything she wears but I think she looks better in these glasses than the ones she was wearing in my previous post. Yes, they are dark rims but quite narrow.

Annoyingly her mum now denies she confirmed Kristen has a girlfriend. I suppose the media should wait until Kristen says something. The sooner she does say something the better then the tabloids will stop bothering her so much.

lentifan 15 Jun 2015, 12:32

Interesting that you think Kristen Stewart as attractive wearing these glasses as not, Carrie. Admittedly they are not the standard, boring and unflattering black plastic frames usually sported by Hollywood stars off duty, but in my humble opinion they do nothing for her.

But I think that is the point. The stars deliberately try (usually successfully, in my opinion) to make themselves look dowdy and anonymous by wearing these bold black frames which half the world is wearing, in the hope that they will pass unnoticed.

But that is a middle-aged (I flatter myself) male viewpoint. Interesting, as I say , to have a young female viewpoint.

Carrie 15 Jun 2015, 11:26

Bit of an old sighting this of Kristin Stewart wearing glasses with no or a very low prescription She has made me (and many other gay or bi girls) very happy by it being confirmed by her mother that she is dating a woman (her personal assistant, Alicia). I've been saying for a long time that I had a feeling that Kristen might be in to girls as well as boys - I was right! I hope she doesn't ruin this relationship like she ruined her relationship with Robert Pattinson. I'm pleased for her and also a little jealous of Alicia. I hope Alicia doesn't mind seeing Kristen wearing glasses (whether or not they have prescription lenses). I still don't know if she actually needs glasse or not. There are only 3 women in the world that have the same effect on me when I see them - 1st place: My girlfriend, and a slightly lesser effect in equal 2nd: My friend Danielle and Kristen Stewart. The effect is the same if they have glasses on or not. I find all 3 of them incredibly sexy but, obviously, my girlfriend is very special to me.

Londoner 08 Jun 2015, 12:42

It's a while since I last saw a strong plus prescription and today I saw two within a few hours.

The first was in her 30s, rushing through a busy station. I saw her from a distance and was fortunate that she was heading towards me and stopped to look at the screen which gives the platforms for each train. She stopped a couple of metres away, but the station was busy. I eventually got a good view and the plus lenses stood out at least a cm proud of the heavy blue plastic frames. Oddly, she was not moving her head much as she moved off quickly towards her train. I was in a hurry myself and had no opportunity to get a longer view.

Later in the afternoon, I was amazed to find a young lady in her low 20s with long black hair and wearing lenticular plus lenses with quite small bowls, standing on the platform, waiting to board through the door from which I was leaving. She would have been pretty bare faced but with those glasses was a total stunner. Again, I wished that I did not have to get off.

Soundmanpt 06 Jun 2015, 08:07


Your right that is something you wouldn't expect to see. But to her credit it was pretty smart. Funny thing is you have to think that she didn't just think to do that on the spot. She has probably done the same thing many time before.

Really a shame though what she is missing out on by being so reluctant to get glasses. She can't enjoy a concert or sporting event very well if she can't make out the people on the stage or on the field.

Maybe her friend will push her long enough that she will finally get glasses. Clearly this wasn't the first time that the friend has called her out about not being able to see something.

daffy 06 Jun 2015, 07:44

I thought I seen it all...but then this scenario happened to which I was taken aback. The lengths that some people go to to not wear glasses.

Lined up to make an order at a fast food joint, I saw the girl in front of me squinting to see the menu. Her friend next to her said "just get some glasses biatch, you look ridiculous". She went into her purse. I thought she'd put her glasses on. No! She pulled out her iPhone!!! Tapped the camera icon and pointed the phone to the menu! She was then reading the menu from her phone!

Obviously shortsighted. What a novel idea. What can a smart phone NOT do these days.

daffy 06 Jun 2015, 07:44

Sorry for the double post. Darn iPad

daffy 06 Jun 2015, 07:44

Sorry for the double post. Darn iPad

daffy 06 Jun 2015, 07:42

I thought I seen it all...but then this scenario happened to which I was taken aback. The lengths that some people go to to not wear glasses.

Lined up to make an order at a fast food joint, I saw the girl in front of me squinting to see the menu. Her friend next to her said "just get some glasses biatch, you look ridiculous". She went into her purse. I thought she'd put her glasses on. No! She pulled out her iPhone!!! Tapped the camera icon and pointed the phone to the menu! She was then reading the menu from her phone!

Obviously shortsighted. What a novel idea. What can a smart phone NOT do these days.

daffy 06 Jun 2015, 07:42

I thought I seen it all...but then this scenario happened to which I was taken aback. The lengths that some people go to to not wear glasses.

Lined up to make an order at a fast food joint, I saw the girl in front of me squinting to see the menu. Her friend next to her said "just get some glasses biatch, you look ridiculous". She went into her purse. I thought she'd put her glasses on. No! She pulled out her iPhone!!! Tapped the camera icon and pointed the phone to the menu! She was then reading the menu from her phone!

Obviously shortsighted. What a novel idea. What can a smart phone NOT do these days.

astigmaphile 05 Jun 2015, 17:31


Too bad your astigmatic colleague isn't an O O. I like wearing glasses and have a moderate cylinder correction.

Carrie 05 Jun 2015, 17:12

We've had some lovely warm and sunny weather this week here in the UK (yes, warm and sunny in the UK!) and I've seen a lot of ladies looking sexy in their regular sunglasses. I've also seen a few in prescription sunglasses (a disappointingly low number, actually). One of those with the prescription sunglasses was my colleague, the one who used to annoy me by fake flirting with me. This is the only occasion when she will wear prescription eyewear when she's not reading or driving (she has astigmatism). I'm sure she'd be better off wearing glasses full time as you can see her refocusing when she takes her sunglasses off.I don't know much about astigmatism so I don't know if her lenses are strong or not. They don't look too strong but again they certainly don't look weak. She just refuses to be seen wearing glasses unless she really has to wear them She knows that to most people her prescription sunglasses just look like regular sunglasses so she doesn't mind being seen in them. She has to wear her clear glasses when she's cashiering as she has trouble focusing on the till buttons, the display screen that shows the name and price of the scanned item, and if a barcode won't scan she has to wear her glasses to read the numbers under the barcode to manually key them in. As soon as she finishes cashiering the glasses come off without delay.

Likelenses 03 Jun 2015, 23:03

Today as I was slowly driving through a smaller strip shopping area ,I noticed a young man,about 19,to 22 walking towards an optical shop that is owned by an optometrist.

He was not wearing glasses,but may have had contacts.

What caught my attention,was his demeanor.It reminded me of how a pet acts when it knows it is going into the vets office.

My thought about this demeanor was that either he was going in to pick up a first pair of glasses,or perhaps a stronger pair,or even for an appointment because he knew his vision was not up to par.

I then wondered how many of us exhibit this demeanor when going to the optometrist,or to pick up our new coke bottles.

Tom1 01 Jun 2015, 15:25

Andrew: it is possible that the young lady was prescribed reading + glasses in the attempt to prevent onset of myopia. Unfortunately, this was not the case and now she needs glasses (although very light) to focus in distance e.g. she became nearsighted! I'm afraid you'll see her to use the glasses more and more, than needing stronger ones and so on... until she will be around 20 or more.

Stingray 01 Jun 2015, 10:13

Like Lenses: My wife's script in high school was probably what it is today which is around -3.00 in both eyes. She got as high as -3.75 and as low as -2.50 over the years, but this is where she is today and it has been 50 years since high school. I think she said she started wearing glasses when she was 8 years old. In high school she opted for contact lenses, as she would not be caught dead in those 1960's clunker frames.

Andrew 01 Jun 2015, 09:28

A question for those who know more about this than me: a year or so ago, a young lady that I teach got her first pair of glasses at the age of 12/13, with an approximate Rx of +0.75. Today, she showed up with a new pair of glasses, but this time closer to -0.75. Is it more likely that she has gone from being longsighted to short-sighted in a year, or were the plus lenses prescribed in an attempt to make her eyes work harder in order to try to ward off myopia?

Likelenses 31 May 2015, 22:45


Don't know about fish,but I have been told that I have Mole vision.

Abby 30 May 2015, 15:29

I thought now was the best time to wear glasses if you need too. I wear contacts and wore glasses out today and yes people commented, knew I would get called four eyes and also got called fish eyes! Which I didn't like. Im shortsighted -5.00 contacts so what. I know bats are blind but are fish shortsighted too that's why I got called it?

Likelenses 20 May 2015, 21:18


What do you think her script was back in high school?

Likelenses 20 May 2015, 21:16


I'll bet she was a hottie in high school with those glasses.

hooked 19 May 2015, 23:25

Not a sighting but a hearing.

On Sunday my wife told at breakfast (I don't know the history of the discussion) that she prefers to be farsighted instead of nearsighted because glasses for farsighted makes the eyes bigger. She wouldn't like to have smaller eyes.

I think I am a lucky man.

Ardief 18 May 2015, 08:25


Your wife's reaction was certainly not atypical. There are many long time glasses wearers who desire to be fashionable yet do not wish to be making a fashion statement. Or as an old female friend of mine said "I don't want my glasses to enter a room before I do". If history is any predictor of fashion trends the manufacturers eventually tap into this market with frames that are more conservative yet still evoke some of the essence.

Soundmanpt 17 May 2015, 09:24


As of now the sample glasses I have ordered have not arrived and I don't expect them for about 10 more days or so. But i'm glad to hear that you think the glasses look really nice on your wife. Too bad she doesn't feel the same way.

A short while ago i wanted to order both theses glasses but they were both out of stock at the time. Usually that means they are so popular that Zenni wasn't able to reorder fast enough. So the other day while i was placing an order for someone I noticed that they were both available so I added them into my order. I'm like you I really think they will be popular with my clients. Several I know really like pink on there frames and #283625 has the inside of the temples in hot pink.

Melyssa 17 May 2015, 08:26


It seems as though your wife feels the exact opposite about frames as I do. When I started wearing glasses 51 years ago, my first pair was similar to this one which is currently in my collection:

I wasn't thrilled about having to wear glasses then, and when I went full-time in 1972 I switched from plastic to metal, an experiment that lasted 4 years and 2 pairs before I went back to plastic frames permanently.

Even though drop-temples are my favorite style, cat's-eyes are second. It's doubtful your wife will ever change her mind about cat's-eyes, but one never knows.

Stingray 17 May 2015, 07:45

A while back I saw Zenni frame 283621, the black semi-cats eye frames with black on the outside and clear acetate on the inside. I uploaded a picture of my wife and tried the frame on her. I really liked the way it looked, so I ordered this frame with her prescription. When they arrived, I gave them to her as a surprise and as no surprise, she hated them. She said she wore identical frames back in high school nearly 50 years ago. I of course told her how nice she looks in them, especially with her dark hair and eyes. She now wears them in the house only, mostly for television viewing. I asked her many times to wear them when we go out and I told her if she did she would be the reciprient of many compliments. I guess she feels very conspicuous wearing them out in public. Our grandaughter age six (and not one known to be a connoisseur of anything) told my wife she hated the glasses as well. I guess she was just used to seeing my wife in her present rimless glasses and like any child, hates any kind of change. Since I have known her, she only had a few plastic frames over the years, but that was more than 25 years ago when we first met. Just about all her frames over the years were either rimless or with rims, but with the nose pads. She claims the plastic frames hurt her nose, but has no trouble or complaints wearing oversize plastic Costa prescription sunglasses. Go figure! So I just enjoy watching her in these frames in the confines of our house which is better than not wearing them at all.

Soundmanpt 16 May 2015, 09:34


I was commenting with "Carrie" and i told her about ordering a couple of new glasses from Zenni as samples. They are new to Zenni and they are "cat-eye" shaped. Anyway Carrie looked at them and pointed out that you should maybe look at them because they are called "Melissa" I know not exactly the same spelling but really close. Just curious since she said that what you might think about them. They are on the bigger side which you insist you need for you face size.

Anyway if your interested go to ( #283621 and #283625.

I am pretty sure I have at least a few people that will be interested in them, but time will tell.

Melyssa 16 May 2015, 08:01


I wouldn't exactly call those frames "round." They look like Taylor Swift's glasses from years ago, which by some coincidence I saw on the TV screens at the bowling alley last night -- the management thought that videos would be better than showing the last-place Phillies. LOL (BTW, the sound is never on there as that would be too distracting to the bowlers.)

Either way, regardless of frame shape, it is nice that some women of the younger generations are interested in large frames; now it's just a matter of time (decades?) before they show up in my area of the world.

gwgs 15 May 2015, 01:17

Puffin - I too never thought we would see this day where big bold frames with prescription lenses are proudly being worn by attractive young ladies. For so many years we suffered the boredom of small hexi frames. A lot of this no doubt has come down to the celebrity and fashion world of it now being 'acceptable' to wear glasses, and big is definitely better. What a joy to see big bold frames out and about everyday.

CV - I look forward to this shoot, as ever with your shoots, the photos are brilliant and the models show off your collection of glasses brilliantly. There are various makes of these big round glasses, with Zenni, Chanel, Tommy Hilfiger, and Tura all offering frames similar to this. I've seen quite a few on Instagram also with some examples below - to those who are tempted to post comments about the glasses, please don't so as it scares the blogger off and they tend to make their accounts private / stop posting;

Crystal Veil 14 May 2015, 06:27

gwgs and Puffin,

you may be interested to hear that three frames almost identical to the glasses in the four candid camera (?) pictures posted by gwgs are featured in my next photo shoot. Two pairs are by Anglo American Optical, made in the 1980's and the third pair was made by Michael Selcott in the late 1980's or early 1990's. I will start posting this new photo shoot in about a week.

Puffin 14 May 2015, 03:18

re that brunette below - I honestly thought I would never see frames like that again. Years and years of little frames bored me.

but... should you be taking pics of her and posting them up here? Or did she give consent?

gwgs 14 May 2015, 03:03

Fascinating sighting likelenses. You must have been on Cloud Nine for a lot of the day.

I had a sighting a couple of days that blew my mind as it really hit a sweet spot for a current style of frame I'm loving that has become very popular in London - big round glasses. To add this stunning brunette had quite a decent minus prescription causing a large amount of cut in to be visible.

Check out the photos of her here -

Likelenses 12 May 2015, 19:54

Sunday for Mothers Day I took my girlfriend from the grocery store, ( Cheryl ) out for the day,and we stopped for lunch at a family restaurant.

She as usual when we go out,was wearing her -.75 overcorrection rimless,that give her 20/15 vision.

After we were seated,a few minutes later she suddenly said " oh my gosh ". My vision with my -10.5 prescription is only 20/30,so all I could see walking toward our table was a girl waring highly reflective glasses.She was our server,and was about 23,tall,and thin,but to my amazement as she got near enough to see ,she was wearing the most incredible pair of myodiscs. I have not seen a lot of myos up close,but these are the strongest that I have ever seen.I am guessing,but they had to be at least -30. The aperture that she looked through was only about one half inch in diameter,which caused her to have her head moving back,forth,as she walked.The carrier portion was negative,and about three quarters of an inch thick.

When she took our order,she held the order form about four inches from her eyes. When she left the table,Cheryl whispered to me, "what on earth kind of condition does she have that requires her to wear such glasses.When I told her severe myopia she was horrified.I told her that her glasses are roughly three times as strong as ours are.

All the rest of the day Cheryl ask questions about myopia. She said she would love to try those glasses on. I told her that she would not be able to see through them.

When we got back to my place I showed her my trial lens set.I put her Rx in the trial frame,and had her read the eye chart.Then I placed a plus 20 lense in the trial frame,and of course she could not see the chart.Then I put a -20 trial lense in each eye,and she could only read the 20/30 line,and commented that even that line was so tiny.

All in all it was a fasinating day.

Tom1 12 May 2015, 13:28

I have a friend around mid 30s who is hyperope +3.75 and wears glasses only for reading. And only if she has to read for long time or small fonts otherwise she cope ok bareeyed. For example I saw her reading SMS or labels without any correction. Her distant vision is very sharp and she doesn't need glasses neither to drive. However... when she puts them on they are deliciously strong... and she is lovely nice!

Soundmanpt 12 May 2015, 09:43


She was correct in her decision to start wearing her glasses full time now. Yes she now needs her glasses for driving as well as reading but she needs them for other things that I thinks she will quickly find. Even watching TV should be better now with her glasses on.

astigmaphile 12 May 2015, 08:44

Sounds like the lady was hyperopic and didn't realize it.If she only needed the glasses for reading they would make her distance vision blurry.

daffy 12 May 2015, 08:03

Sorry for the double post...bloody ipad

daffy 12 May 2015, 08:02

So I went in to renew my drivers licence. I sat down waiting for the licence to be printed out. A woman probably mid 30's was at the counter doing the same. She was about 2 meters away. I heard the following conversation;

"Do you wear glasses or or contacts?"

"No" said the woman "only for reading" ( this got my attention)

"Ok. Please read the bottom line"

"Um...I can't see it. It's a bit fuzzy"' said she

"How about the line above"

"E...P, I think, no, R..."

"Do you have your glasses with you? Try that otherwise I cannot issue a licence"

"I do" she said "but they are for reading." She pulled them out of her handbag and showed the man behind the counter.

"Well, you want to give them a go?"

She somewhat was reluctant but put them on and again repeated "they are for reading"

After about 20 seconds she looked up at the chart and exclaimed "wow...I can see the bottom line!" And read it out. They looked about a +2. "I'm surprised" she said "they are for reading only. I didn't think I will need them to drive".

The man said to her "I need to put the condition of this licence is that you must wear glasses, sorry if that bothers you"

"Oh no. I guess I'm gonna need these to drive."

She took the glasses off to get the photo done and sat down behind me. She sat next to her partner and put the glasses on and said to him "I'm shocked. I couldn't see the bottom two lines properly and these glasses made me see the letters. I never looked up with these on. Only for reading. I won't be able to drive without using glasses. I guess that from now on I will just get used to the fact I'm getting old and wear them" Her parter then said "really? You going to wear them all the time? Why? Just wear them driving and reading". "Nope" she said "I will just wear them now and get used to them".

About half hour later our paths crossed again and yep, she was wearing them walking around the store. I guess she became a full time wearer

daffy 12 May 2015, 08:02

So I went in to renew my drivers licence. I sat down waiting for the licence to be printed out. A woman probably mid 30's was at the counter doing the same. She was about 2 meters away. I heard the following conversation;

"Do you wear glasses or or contacts?"

"No" said the woman "only for reading" ( this got my attention)

"Ok. Please read the bottom line"

"Um...I can't see it. It's a bit fuzzy"' said she

"How about the line above"

"E...P, I think, no, R..."

"Do you have your glasses with you? Try that otherwise I cannot issue a licence"

"I do" she said "but they are for reading." She pulled them out of her handbag and showed the man behind the counter.

"Well, you want to give them a go?"

She somewhat was reluctant but put them on and again repeated "they are for reading"

After about 20 seconds she looked up at the chart and exclaimed "wow...I can see the bottom line!" And read it out. They looked about a +2. "I'm surprised" she said "they are for reading only. I didn't think I will need them to drive".

The man said to her "I need to put the condition of this licence is that you must wear glasses, sorry if that bothers you"

"Oh no. I guess I'm gonna need these to drive."

She took the glasses off to get the photo done and sat down behind me. She sat next to her partner and put the glasses on and said to him "I'm shocked. I couldn't see the bottom two lines properly and these glasses made me see the letters. I never looked up with these on. Only for reading. I won't be able to drive without using glasses. I guess that from now on I will just get used to the fact I'm getting old and wear them" Her parter then said "really? You going to wear them all the time? Why? Just wear them driving and reading". "Nope" she said "I will just wear them now and get used to them".

About half hour later our paths crossed again and yep, she was wearing them walking around the store. I guess she became a full time wearer

Likelenses 19 Apr 2015, 22:04


It sounds as though the young girl was keeping an eye out for you!

Melyssa 19 Apr 2015, 09:57


The young woman only put her sunglasses on when she and her family were leaving. The older woman had hers on the two times I saw her, once when she departed, so maybe hers were prescription shades.

Revolver 19 Apr 2015, 09:14

Unique situation, Melyssa, are we given to understand the sunwear drops were rx? Had a nice one yesterday at lunch with a friend, sat down and there were 2 ladies at a booth across the aisle and up one from us, so couldn't get the age of the one with her back to us but could see she was wearing a plastic frame with minus lenses. The one across from her was obviously a presbyope, probable around 50 and very nice looking, wearing a stylish metal/rimless frame and lenses in the minus 4 to 5 range. After they ate, she pulled out her phone, took off her glasses, and proceeded to use the phone. She had to put her nose a few inches from the screen to do it but she preferred to do so rather than use a progressive seg.

When they got up to leave, the other one turned to face us and her frame was mid size angular rectangle blue tortoise, also minus lenses but around 30 or so, probably a mother and daughter lunch. E

Melyssa 19 Apr 2015, 08:36

At a gathering my husband and I attended last evening, only one individual wore metal frames -- and her two sisters wore small plastic rectangular frames. I wore red-fade drop-temples, and I was a bit stunned to see two other women, one old and one young, wearing drop-temple sunglasses when they left the restaurant. (It was still daylight out.)

John  18 Apr 2015, 10:11

Due to building works at my usual station in London, I had to take a long diversion.

However, it proved better than my normal route, first, there was a seat, secondly, there was a table in front of my seat and thirdly, I heard a tap tap tap and glanced up to see a young girl, mid twenties with long straight black hair plus she was holding a long bright pink, slightly scratched cane, holding a brand new white cane with a pink handle in the bag.

After a few minutes of pointless travelling, and with my eyes starting to close, I heard a "chink chink" sounding like drinking glasses. My eyes opened to see the young lady's pink cane on the table plus two prosthetic eyes.

I was puzzled to see someone place these on a potentially dirty train table, but after a few more minutes, she replaced the prosthetics into her eyes and I had to leave at the next station.

Revolver 17 Apr 2015, 06:56

Some nice sightings over the last few days, was at a bar and grill with a lot of seating, but was at the end of the bar having an adult malt beverage when a couple of waitresses coming in for the next shift sat in a booth immediately to my left and had their pre-work meal. One came to the bar to chat with the tender, she was definitely plus size but a very pretty face, wearing -.75 or so in a rectangular semi-rimless frame that was dark metal on top and on the temples. Her friend was very petite to the point of being tiny, about 5 feet nothing tall, wearing small black plastic rectangles that were in the -4.00 range. What was remarkable was they kept slipping down her nose, to about the half way point, and she did very little to keep pushing them up....very cute.

At a department store the check out clerk looked to be about 35, reddish dark brown oval frame with -2.50 or so, and a very pronounced FT 28 bifocal set low in the frame. I commented that she was too young for bifocals, she said she was 42 and had them for 2 years. She also said she'd worn glasses since 2d grade.

Revolver 17 Apr 2015, 06:56

Some nice sightings over the last few days, was at a bar and grill with a lot of seating, but was at the end of the bar having an adult malt beverage when a couple of waitresses coming in for the next shift sat in a booth immediately to my left and had their pre-work meal. One came to the bar to chat with the tender, she was definitely plus size but a very pretty face, wearing -.75 or so in a rectangular semi-rimless frame that was dark metal on top and on the temples. Her friend was very petite to the point of being tiny, about 5 feet nothing tall, wearing small black plastic rectangles that were in the -4.00 range. What was remarkable was they kept slipping down her nose, to about the half way point, and she did very little to keep pushing them up....very cute.

At a department store the check out clerk looked to be about 35, reddish dark brown oval frame with -2.50 or so, and a very pronounced FT 28 bifocal set low in the frame. I commented that she was too young for bifocals, she said she was 42 and had them for 2 years. She also said she'd worn glasses since 2d grade.

Carrie 16 Apr 2015, 12:36

Sarah from Oxfordshire on the UK version of Masterchef sometimes wears glasses. She's a curvy girl. Attractive but appears to wear a little too much makeup. (with glasses) (without glasses)

Tom1 10 Apr 2015, 10:05

Last week at a train station, I was on the platform right below the display. Nice brunette approaching squinting more and more to the screen. It was apparent she could not see a thing on the display. At the end she came sooooo close to the screen. She must have been very nearsighted since the letters on the screen where really huge, I was curious and try tried to move farther than she was and read bareyed. As you can imagine, no problem for me to read even without glasses (at least with the "good" eye) :-p, so she must have been strongly nearsighted. Very lovely sighting.

Michael 10 Apr 2015, 06:11

Sighting like Tom1, but minus-glasses:

Mother, with glasses, age round 40 and daughter, no glasses, round 16 in a basketball-arena.

Daughter squint a little bit and after the first quarter, the daughter couldn`t saw the points on the sreen and asked her mother for her glasses.

Daughter put them on, smiled and let them on for the second quarter. Now mother squint a lot. Then she said: "Put them off, they are quite strong for you"

I thought they have round -3 diopters.

Soundmanpt 09 Apr 2015, 17:19


Talking about customers, have you seen the attractive young woman that you first saw with her husband and she seemed very interested in your glasses. Not long afterwards she came in wearing a pair of nice looking weak minus glasses? I think she was back in after that and you even said you hoped she would be coming in often because she was very nice as well.

Also I am always interested in any updates on Danelle's mate from the coffee shop.

Carrie 09 Apr 2015, 15:27

Great day yesterday. At work the very sexy customer with the + glasses came in to the shop wearing her glasses and kept them on the whole time. As she had bought quite a few items (and I was feeling extra helpful - I usually only pack bags for slow/old people but I also help people I fancy) I put her shopping in bags for her. She looked at me with a big friendly smile and said "Thankyou so much!" She paid and said "Bye." and left still wearing her glasses. I said "Bye" with my legs feeling all weak at the knees! Later, I was watching tv at home with my girlfriend and "First Dates" came on. It's a show that films real couples on their first date at a special restaurant in London (the only customers are couples taking part in the show). One of the daters was a 29 year old woman called Jodie. She had shoulder length blonde hair, nice blue eyes, attractive and no makeup. She was wearing black wayfarer style glasses with a moderate to strong minus prescription. Our 'Gaydars' were picking something up straight away, especially when we saw all the tattoos on her arms. She was a bit 'blokeish' and she said she was a tomboy. She was gay and her date was a quite sexy brunette. I've found a photo of the couple . Jodie said her parents were fine with her sexuality. Her date said that her parents didn't want anything to do with her when she came out and she hasn't seen them for 7 years. She had tears in her eyes when she was saying that and so did we! Gemma and me are very thankful that her parents and my parents are totally fine about our sexuality and are very proud of us.

Trent 08 Apr 2015, 14:23

Spotted this young girl with blue and black hair at this Asian store today. She was wearing Black Wayfarer frames with LOTS of lens thickness. She was a white girl just hanging out with her Asian friends and did not seemed distracted by her glasses. They were definitely double digit, maybe -14. Nice to see someone not wearing high index and not bothered by the lens thickness.

jaybee 06 Apr 2015, 22:36

Bumped into a guy in a local coffee shop yesterday, well, he accidentally knocked my arm as I was getting drink from the counter. He is about 50,greying hair and great glasses, only about -4 I guess but wayfarer style frames in an array of colours but mostly blue, never seen frames like them before. We chatted over our coffee and exchanged numbers with a view to a meet soon

Londoner 06 Apr 2015, 09:03

At a charity event on Saturday and my eye was taken by a 30ish girl with long dark hair sporting a nice +8ish Rx in blue plastic eliptical frames exactly matching her dress.

I was totally amazed when she was joined by her twin daughters (about 8) looking very like their mother with the same hair colour and length and wearing blue dresses identical to her. The final gem was that they were wearing the same blue frames with very similar plus prescriptions.

Moonshiner 06 Apr 2015, 00:03

I deleted some unacceptable posts from this thread, including some from the same IP address used in previous no name/multiple names posts.

I have blocked this IP address.

A little off topic is OK, ranting/flaming is not. Keep it nice.

 05 Apr 2015, 09:30

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Likelenses 04 Apr 2015, 21:58

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 04 Apr 2015, 20:12

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Likelenses 04 Apr 2015, 18:16

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 04 Apr 2015, 15:04

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Therouteur 04 Apr 2015, 14:38

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gwgs 31 Mar 2015, 02:08

Another wonderful spell of sightings yesterday - walking down the high street I spotted several girls (at different times) all wearing big aviator style glasses in black plastic frames, which all contained prescription lenses - short sighted - the girls must have been between 20 and 30.

There were also a couple of other noteworthy sightings in stores, with one blonde lady around the same age wearing the trendy new big cat eye glasses with a noticeable minus prescription, and another brunette of around the same age also wearing big round glasses with a plus prescription

gwgs 30 Mar 2015, 01:46

John - interesting sightings! Especially noting the distress the sunlight caused to the myodisc wearer, do you think this was magnified / refracted badly due to the strength of the glasses?

I happened to see a young - probably early 30's - lady wearing very strong aviator myodisc glasses in the Holland Park area of London at the weekend. It was very close to where the shamed ex Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson lives. Such a bold and big frame for such a sexy young lady, it was a real sight that even caught the working scaffolders eyes on the street! I have only ever seen myodiscs once before in real life, and this was therefore quite a sighting!

She had long brunette hair, was quite tall, probably about 5ft 8 to 5ft 10, and had a clear complexion fully made with a polo neck and short skirt. She was walking down a residential street with lots of dropped kerbs (ie. so people could park their cars off street). It was interesting to note the trouble these were causing her, as she seemed to lower her glasses slightly and hold onto them when walking over these entrances to driveways/houses, she was almost peering over them every time she came to one of these. I wondered if she was doing this as her glasses were causing her to think they were in a different place to where they actually were. God only knows what would have happened if she had tripped! It made me wonder how an optician could have let her out of their practice without properly prescribing her, as this seemed like a real thorn in her side, or this common in high myopes?

John  28 Mar 2015, 03:10

Thanks moonshiner for returning this thread to sightings.

Recently in London I have seen three different people with myodisc lenses, two on the same train.

First, a 6 foot tall brown haired man in his early 40s. His glasses were black metal rectangular frames with myodiscs that appeared to be blended. There was a strong bi concave lens, but it appeared that the front curvature was a cylinder only. He appeared to cope well boarding the train. There were seats available but he stayed next to the door, holding one of the grab handles. At the next station the door opened and the bright sunlight shined onto his face which appeared to cause him severe pain and he quickly covered his eyes with his hand.

At the next station a glasses wearing women, probably about -4, early 30s boarded accompanied with a female student using a white cane. The student's glasses were very small, but with thick myodisc lenses with Plano fronts.

Later in the day, sitting at a coffee shop, some tourists arrived asking for directions as well as coffees. The shortest tourist had long black hair, she was probably 4 feet 6 or so tall. When she turned round she wore plastic framed oval shaped glasses. One lens was a hindex Plano fronted lens with cut that that must have been -14 ish. The other lens was a myodisc with significantly more power as that eye looked very much smaller. I did think it was strange not to have the same style of lens for both eyes. However, of the three people she had the best vision; she appeared to read the menu on the wall, read a small map and be generally pointing out directions to her friends.

Moonshiner 28 Mar 2015, 01:46

I deleted several unacceptable posts from this thread, including some from two IP address using multiple user names.

The first of these used the names “Show Thyself” then “Rob” then “Melyssa”.

The second posted with user names “A.J” and “Melyssa” and with no name.

The link to the photos in question was also posted from this IP, there were no posts from these addresses prior to mid March.

Both IP addresses will be blocked if there are any more inappropriate posts from them.

Likelenses 27 Mar 2015, 18:34

Not A sighting ,but an update on my previous posts of December of 2014 thru February of this year,regarding the woman that works in the grocery store in my area.

Shortly after helping her order two pairs of online glasses in her new Rx,we began dating on a fairly regular basis.

I have not yet told her about this site,but she does have a tremendous interest in eyesight,glasses,etc.

,and we have had many conversations about our glasses histories,eye exams,and glasses in general.

Her newest Rx,as of Dec. is Rt. -9.50 Lt. -9.25 -.50 cyl.@176 with a first time add of 2.00.

One of the online pair that I suggested for her is a silver rimless drill mount,with CR -39 lined bifocal lenses. When they first arrived she disliked them because she thought that they were so thick,and looked so strong,but after telling her how sexy she looks in them,she always wears them when we are together.

She has tried on my -10.5 glasses,and has commented in how well she can see with them,so I decided to try something.

I ordered her an exact pair of the rimless frames,but bumped up the Rx by -.75 for each eye,and changed the add to 2.75,and left the astigmatism in the left eye the same.

Last week we took a short vacation together,and I knew that she would wear the rimless pair because of the compliments that I always give her on them.

The second morning of the trip after she got up,and was in the shower,I switched her glasses with the duplicate over correction pair.She put them on,and at first there was no reaction,but after riding in the car for only about ten minutes,she began staring out the window intensely,but never said a thing.She pushed them up on her nose a number of times,which she never does,but no other reaction.After an hour or so,I ask her to check something on the map for me,and she seemed to move it farther,then closer to her eyes.

At lunch time we stopped at a small restaurant,and she did the same thing with the menu.Midway through lunch she commented that her vision seemed exceptional today.

After another hour of driving I ask if her vision was still better than it usually is.She said yes,and then I told her that she was wearing an over correction.She said that she did not know that over correction was possible,and that she really was enjoying the H.D. clarity.

She asked me what on earth possessed me to think of that,and wasn't her prescription strong enough.

However she wore those glasses all day,and night for the next three days.On the following day when she put on her actual Rx,she said that it was kind of weird.

She said that she thinks that the over correction will be great for when we watch TV,or a movie,or sporting event,or traveling in the car,but will wear her regular Rx for daily activities.

She said that her first impression was that everything was a lot sharper,but noticeably smaller,and she was going to ask me if I thought that her vision could possibly be improving.

Melyssa 26 Mar 2015, 04:58

To Rob, Crystal Veil, and Astigmaphile, you'r welcome!

I love wearing my cat's-eyes and drop-temples, so I will be keeping them.

And for a certain jealous, 12-year-old boy living in his mother's basement, you took those pictures from, because that is from where I purchased most of the glasses shown.

astigmaphile 25 Mar 2015, 17:36

Thank ou, Melyssa, for sharing pictures of your fabulous glasses.

Crystal Veil 25 Mar 2015, 16:16


thanks! You are definitely a lady blessed with great taste.

SoCal 23 Mar 2015, 23:09

I'm so glad big glasses are a thing, especially out here in the LA/OC area of California. The selections out here are fantastic, especially at the higher end boutiques.

Laura 23 Mar 2015, 23:02

When I was 14, I started babysitting at our neighbours. They had 2 little children and I spent almost every Saturday evening at there house for about 3-4 years.

This is also when I started needing glasses, first only wearing them in the classroom to read the blackboard, then also to watch tv, and by the time I was 17 I was a full-time wearer. I remember our neighbour wore glasses herself, and those were very strong. She kept 2-3 spare pairs in her bathroom and bedroom, to which I had easy access when babysitting. In the beginning I was both fascinated by the power of her lenses, but also dreaded ending up myself with such power eventually. Luckily my eyesight never got as worse as our neighbour's, but I enjoyed trying on her specs, as she used to have very nice frames. The times I felt I saw better with hers than mine, I also knew it was time for a visit to the eyedoctor...

Tom1 23 Mar 2015, 15:29

It seems there are other Tom's here... I've not been posting for weeks...

On the topic of girls using their mother's glasses. Long time ago teenager with her mother at a restaurant. The waitress gave them menus: mother put on reading glasses, the daughter was clearly struggling to read... when the mother had made her choice she raised her eyes to the daughter and immediately realised she could not see a thing! Handed her glasses to the daughter shouting: you must admit yourself you can't see a thing and start using your own glasses!!! Daughter put them on and kept them on for most of the dinner! They were really unsuitable for a teen: white cateye with diamonds all around the lenses. Nonetheless she wore them for long time, means they made really a large difference for her eyesight.

Very lovely sighting.

Carrie 23 Mar 2015, 11:48

Back on topic now (sorry for starting the off topic discussion)

Soundmanpt - my colleague who used to flirt with me wears glasses for astigmatism. She told me this quite a few months ago, maybe longer ago, when she was being quite friendly to me. She needs them for reading and distances. I believe she needs them more than she used to but only wears them when she really has to and will avoid wearing them if she can. She will also wear them if she's tired or has a hangover but will take them off as soon as she feels better or she sees a hot guy. I'm sure most of the men she takes a fancy to won't mind at all that she wears glasses.

astigmaphile 23 Mar 2015, 07:11

I am American, but to me, an ass is a donkey. What you sit on is your arse.

I have always thought that the meaning of till is cash register. I also refer to the farebox in buses that way.

Eyestein 23 Mar 2015, 03:56

@ Carrie

Equally amusing is the American meaning of "ass". It's their term for "arse". In the more Britsh aligned cultures an ass is a long-eared beast of burden related to the horse.

gwgs 23 Mar 2015, 01:51

This big glasses thing is really going crazy in London, and quite frankly it's doing my head in!!

I've always been a big glasses lover, and couldn't stand the spell we had of small glasses, so now everyone is embracing bigger bolder frames it's a delight to see, but being a married man it's not doing me any favours, as nearly every young lady seems to be wearing big round glasses, or vintage style / oversized frames WITH prescription lenses in London now. On the way to work this morning I was severely distracted in my car when a stunning young brunette who had her hair swept back into a ponytail was on the phone walking next to the car and looked breathtaking in big round tortoiseshell type glasses that must have had a -4/-5 prescription.


Soundmanpt 20 Mar 2015, 15:09


It's hard to say what the outcome of this girl going for an eye exam and trying to find out why her contacts are giving her so much trouble now. Everyone's eyes are somewhat different some way more sensitive than others. It could be she just needs to switch brands and she will be fine. But it also could be that she has over wore them as she even admitted that she does. Over wear may result in her being very limited as to how much she will be allowed to wear lenses in the future or even completely taken away. I seriously think she needs to be picking out a pair of glasses that she really likes and will wear now. I'm sure the reason she git the cheap ones was that she didn't intend on ever wearing them in public. If nothing else she has learned a lesson now that she can't exist on her contacts only anymore. I wonder if sh has been at all surprised by how many complements she has received since she has been wearing her mom's glasses. The complements really do help if someone is insecure about wearing glasses.

I'm sure you mentioned this co worker that was fake flirting with you, but I don't recall her. I'm sure she has to be straining pretty hard in order to read the numbers under the bar codes. She needs to pay more attention to your other co worker and just keep her glasses on. If she is attractive without glasses then she has to every bit as attractive with her glasses on. Your friend the other co worker never missed a step when she started wearing glasses she put them on and hasn't gone without them since she first got them. For her wearing glasses is a non issue and the guys still must think she is every bit as "hot". Her bf doesn't seem to have any problem with her wearing glasses either. Has she ever said anything since she got her eyes examined and got new glasses about the double vision being any worse or if she gets headaches if she takes her glasses off for more than a few minutes?

Carrie 20 Mar 2015, 14:08

No offence taken, anonymous. That is really funny! Just to make it clear that in the UK a "till" is just another word for the checkout machine that eats your money you give to the cashier and it isn't a "bathroom"! :-) (I presume you mean toilet or lavatory when you say bathroom. In the UK the bathroom is just that - the room with the bath in it, the place where you wash every day. When we say "use the bathroom" we mean have a bath/shower/wash/brush teeth. When we need to do the other smelly things we just say "use the toilet" or "loo" or rude people say something much more descriptive and unpleasant that I won't write here) She probably does take her glasses off when she goes to the "bathroom" as she only wears them for reading/close up and for distances.

Oh yeah, still slightly off topic, but we find it quite amusing when Americans refer to their "Fanny" meaning their bum/backside. In the UK a "Fanny" is slang for a woman's genitals!

 20 Mar 2015, 13:31

"At work, my colleague that used to fake flirt with me to annoy me usually wears glasses when she's using a till"

I doubt you know this means using the bathroom in some cultures. LOL... it makes if funny. No offense meant.

Carrie 20 Mar 2015, 11:51

My half Spanish friend is having trouble with her contacts again. Her mum told her she could continue borrowing her nice looking spare glasses as my friend's cheap looking back up glasses have disappeared (conveniently!). My friend said she's got an optician's appointment for next week for an eye test and to try to find out why her contacts have started to feel uncomfortable. She said she uses disposable contacts so she doesn't have the hassle of cleaning them every night so her eyes can't be uncomfortable because the contacts aren't properly cleaned or because they're damaged.

At work, my colleague that used to fake flirt with me to annoy me usually wears glasses when she's using a till but she see's a man she fancies come in to the shop she'll take her glasses off until he's gone. Occasionally a barcode won't scan properly and the number has to be keyed in. As you probably know these numbers are printed small and very close together. My colleague manages to cope fairly well reading the number without her glasses on but you can see she's struggling a bit. (If I concentrate really hard I can force my eyes to focus on the number without my glasses on but it's hard work and it's more difficult than a year ago. But then my eyesight is worse than hers) She is very attractive and I'm sure most men wouldn't find her any less attractive just because she was wearing glasses. My friend and colleague with the prism prescription in her glasses is also very attractive and wears her glasses all the time and you do notice men checking her out so clearly men aren't put off because she wears glasses. Her boyfriend certainly isn't!

gwgs 17 Mar 2015, 07:30

The frames on the lady to your right with the gold edges sound stunning, did you see any brand name on them?

gwgs 17 Mar 2015, 07:30

The frames on the lady to your left sound stunning, did you see any brand name on them?

Londoner 17 Mar 2015, 04:33

This afternoon's flight back to Singapore was rammed. There also seemed to have been some problem at check in as several people were claiming the same seats. Airline played musical chairs and I was sat between 2 Chinese GWGs and top ones at that!

On the left semi rimless minus 8 with amazing edge thickness for semi rimless. Nice face but took them off and slept for half the short flight.

On the right plastic oversized frames with golden metal side frames. Again a substantial minus, close to double figures and no attempt toto grind edges.

MisterMild 16 Mar 2015, 17:40

Londoner, if you back through Singapore, try to lunch at one or more of the big food courts, such as Lau Pa Sat in the financial district. GWG heaven for ethnic Chinese professional women with serious minus!

Londoner 16 Mar 2015, 03:35

Some really beautiful girls in both communities who look absolutely stunning in their eyewear.

This morning at breakfast in the hotel, the next table held a family with 4 upper teen girls. All were bespectacled with minus prescriptions strengthening with age from -3 to -8ish in very different frames which really gave pleasant features that extra wow factor.

One waitress who is tiny was wearing metal lattice frames which framed her face perfectly highlighting her -3 eyes.

A table farther away was a family from China, parents and a teenage boy and 20ish girl. Their myopia was massive. Dad and son wearing biconcave tiny lenses making their eyes impossible to see. Mum and daughter were much weaker, but still in low double figures. Mum was the only one who seemed to have a major problem though as she held her head inches above her plate while she ate.

gwgs 16 Mar 2015, 03:30

Yep, good point Londoner.

We had a Chinese girl work in our office for seveal years who was in her early 20s, and the progression in her prescription over this time was fascinating, and like music to my ears as she progressed from something around the -6 level to -10.75 just before she left. I had posted on here about her before when she worked here as I could 'innocently' talk about her glasses with her and she would be quite open about it. I liked one of her new frames so much I actually bought the same style online with her prescription for my other half's nocturnal wearing (wink wink).

She regularly posts on her Facebook account and as I'm "friends" with her, I was astonished to see her entry several weeks ago of "visiting Vision Express later on today for eye test", and later on in the day she updated it with "eye test done, new prescription as usual. -13.50 now :(" Lucky husband!

I'm surprised how much her prescription has gone up over the years, just a shame she doesn't work here anymore so I can marvel at her beautiful glasses

Londoner 16 Mar 2015, 03:19

Now moved on to Malaysia. Very different here. The Malay component of the population are much less myopic than the Chinese component. Of those in their 30s and above, only about 20-25% of Malay girls wear glasses against probably 50% of Chinese girls. Below this age it is much closer, but the Chinese have it by about 70 against 60%.

Amazing numbers of kids wear glasses. Even a few young Malays with plus ones.

The major difference between the communities is in strength of lens. You see a lot of Chinese with about -10, lenses sticking out both sides of plastic frames, whilst most Malays are in the -2 to -5 territory.

Melyssa 13 Mar 2015, 11:44

When I was a teenager, I tried on some of my mother's old cat's-eyes. Of course, she was not home at the time and her prescription was nothing close to mine. I had to be within 6 inches of the mirror to see myself. She gave away all of her plastic frames to charity when she switched over to metal frames. I still have her last pair of sunglasses (plastic with prescription lenses) as a remembrance of her.

Soundmanpt 13 Mar 2015, 10:22


I don't come across too many young ladies that have often borrowed their moms glasses. I think because of age difference often times mom's glasses are not the style the daughter wants to be seen in. But I have come across several that doesn't have any problem borrowing their sister's glasses or a best friend's if they like the glasses.

Now it is of course possible that your friend may need an increase at her next eye exam, but it won't be due to her wearing her mom's glasses. If her mom's glasses are just slightly stronger than her own glasses (contacts) her eyes would adjust rather easily to them and her vision with them should be very good. So this may make her feel as if she needs an increase and she might, but mostly her eyes are just enjoying being over corrected. Its possible that when she gets her eyes examined she may be told or even restricted in how often she can wear contacts. If she is over wearing them, and it sounds as if she is, that is probably why her eyes are acting up on her. If she is smart she will invest in an attractive pair of glasses that she won't mind wearing and start wearing glasses more often.

Michael 13 Mar 2015, 06:49

I think there are a lot of girls who borrowed her mum´s glasses like Carrie`s friend.

Years ago a knew a girl who borrowed her mothers prescription sunglasses during their holidays.

Another girl borrowed an old pair of her mum for a disguise-party first and then wear them the next month. I don`t think both glasses are very strong.

Londoner 13 Mar 2015, 02:26

In Singapore this week. Great place to see great looking GWG, even if all minus.

About 80% of teenage girls are wearing them and with the passion for black over sized plastic there are lots of great sightings.

In the hotel 3 of 4 receptionists are wearing above -5 and the fourth about -2.The chief catering manager wears small black plastic bi-convex in double figures and another manager who is tiny also wears beautiful rimless ovals to correct her about -7.


gwgs 11 Mar 2015, 02:46

Carrie - what a great sighting, I am very envious of you seeing your hot friend with her strong glasses.

Tom 10 Mar 2015, 14:50

Hi Carrie

I also enjoy it when seeing teenagers and young adult girls going around with their mothers' glasses.

Two weeks ago I stayed at a friend's place, and in the evening his sister took out her contacts and stored them in this little container filled with fluid which she had in her handbag. Her glasses must have been somewhere upstairs in the house, and being lazy or tired, she just took a pair of her mom's that lay besides the television. Obviously the prescription was weaker than hers and she she visibly had trouble to see well, and squinted even with her mom's glasses on her nose. Still a lovely sight to see her in her mom's specs! During the next commercial beak, she went upstairs and came back with what must have been her own glasses and she didn't squint thereafter.

Early February, while waiting at McDonald's to order, in the line next to me was a teenage girl struggling to read the menu on the board above the "kitchen". She asked something to her mom, upon which her mom said "try on my glasses", removed them, and handed them to her daughter. The latter said she didn't want the glasses, but her mom kind of became inpatient and without hesitation shoved her glasses onto her daughter's nose. The daughter understood she better just accepted this, looked up at the board, and immediately placed her order. Then a discussion started betwern mom and daughter about it being really time for the youngster to get her own glasses. Eventually the mother had to take off her own specs from her daughter's as she just kept them on, and the mother was in a big blur obviously.

Carrie 10 Mar 2015, 12:23

We were out with friends at the weekend and one of them showed up wearing fairly strong looking minus glasses in a largish plastic frame. I've never seen her wearing glasses before and I didn't know she wore contacts and I've known her for over 2 years!

She said her contacts were bothering her but she couldn't find her backup glasses so she borrowed a pair of her mum's glasses. The glasses are very slightly stronger than her own prescription (she said her prescription was about-7.00) but she could see very well with them. She thinks this means she will get a stronger contacts prescription at her next eye test. She's probably right.

Like me she's in her early 20s. She's half Spanish and is VERY pretty with big dark eyes. She's also petite and curvy like me (but still taller than me!). I admit I do fancy her a bit and seeing her in glasses increased my interest. But she's a good friend who has a boyfriend and I am of course still totally and utterly in love with my gorgeous girlfriend. No harm in looking, though - so long as it's tactfully.

She wasn't pleased she had to wear glasses instead of contacts but admitted she did like how she looked in her mum's glasses as they were nicer than her own which she said are a very cheap and simple metal pair that she only wears very occasionally and only at home - she forgot where she last put them. She said she goes into a blurry world when she takes her contacts out which is last thing at night. She also admitted that she wears her contacts a lot more than she should.

gwgs 09 Mar 2015, 01:57

I think it's been said before he, that the rise of bifocals / hyperopia has been caused mostly by the incessant use of smartphones - long may this continue :)

Brett 07 Mar 2015, 01:52

Galiello, she probably had a prescribed bifocal add to help slow down her myopia.

Galileo 06 Mar 2015, 18:55

Dan's sighting reminds me of an experience many years ago. A girl of around 15 or 16 years old who had bifocals. the upper segment was minus with noticeable cut in which I would guess was around -3 (this was before high index) and the bifocal segment was a noticeable + which looking at over the counter readers of today I would estimate to have been around +2.5.

What kind of condition would have warranted a Rx like that is one so young?

 06 Mar 2015, 18:11

Dan, terrific sighting. Lucky boyfriend. I'm just curious where in the world you saw this. I feel like I haven't had a young bifocal sighting in a while in the USA.

 06 Mar 2015, 18:11

Dan, terrific sighting. Lucky boyfriend. I'm just curious where in the world you saw this. I feel like I haven't had a young bifocal sighting in a while in the USA.

Dan 06 Mar 2015, 14:27

At a concert the other night and a woman in her mid-20s sat down next to me with her boyfriend. She was wearing bold black frames that had a very weak minus prescription with a plus bifocal segment. Not typical you see an actual bifocal anymore--usually progressives in young people--definitely a good sighting! She wore them the entire night.

gwgs 06 Mar 2015, 03:32

I spotted a 40 year approx lady yesterday walking down the street with no less than 3 pairs of her glasses 'on her person'!! 2 on her head, whilst wearing the other.

She was wearing one pair - which seemed to have minus lenses in, and had a further two pairs which were of an almost identical shape/design on her head, I can only presume they were reading glasses. But why two pairs? Was one stronger than the other? If one of the pairs was stronger than the other why didn't see 'just' get trifocals / varifocals? This was a first for me!

The sun has also been out for the last 2 - 3 days and it's always an interesting sight to see those gwgs out and about, when everyone is wearing their sunglasses they squint against the bright sunlight without their prescription sunglasses!

Some glasses wearers seem to have such hangups about their vision when they are only harming themselves with the lengths to go to avoiding the reality of situations!

Soundmanpt 28 Feb 2015, 08:33


It seems the younger generation has not only accepted the idea of wearing glasses but now prefer to be seen wearing glasses. The older generations are still remembering how unpopular it was to wear glasses when they were younger.

gwgs 27 Feb 2015, 23:47

In a restaurant yesterday where I was sitting opposite a table of four ladies - it looked to me like a family gathering, with mum there with her 3 grown up daughters. The daughters were in their 30s, with brown / blonde hair. The intriguing thing was that all 3 of them were wearing glasses with a low (probably no more than -3/-4) minus prescription and the mum wasn't - maybe she was a contact lens wearer, but given how all 3 of her daughters were proud to wear heavy framed glasses I wondered how or why she wasn't

Aubrac 27 Feb 2015, 09:44

Was in the airport lounge in Scotlnd the other day and saw three lovely ladies.

First was young lady hostess early twenties wearing large black frame glasses, one lens seemed low plus and the other low minus and both with cylinder.

Next was lady in late thirties wearing about +4 glasses, took them off at one stage and stared at the ceiling, then back on to read some magazines and keft wearing them.

Then young lady, early twenties came in with a friend. She was not wearing glasses but put them on, about +3 and maybe more, to read the destinaton boards. Took her glasses off but put them on again to read the menu card (which was in quite large print) and glasses off again. She looked at her phone and held it at arms length, then glasses on again, and kept them on when her food arrived - surely a soon FT wearer.

Just seems that more mobile phone use is outing younger people who need plus correction.

gwgs 26 Feb 2015, 08:55

Interesting sighting Liv! I have encountered a couple of these, and wonder how they manage!

Carrie 25 Feb 2015, 17:50

Soundmanpt - Yes she is attractive but I also know how old she is which is underage. I don't really want to think about her. There's plenty of other attractive women that are older. I'd be more interested if she was older and gay and I was single. I am very happy with my own girl with glasses and I'm not going to hurt her feelings by overdoing the checking out of other women and she might notice that most of the ones I check out wear glasses which could lead to some very awkward questions. She could even dump me for a better girlfriend if I hurt her and I just can't bear to think about that possibility.

 25 Feb 2015, 16:46

It's okay, creepy, abounds on this site. :)

iamhacked 22 Feb 2015, 21:36

There's this female banker at my local branch with thick plastic rimmed glasses that look like they're in their teens.

It's so hot looking at her; how she has to pull up her glasses because it slips so often, and how her eyes refocus every time she pulls her glasses up. I just don't want to seem creepy looking at her...

Soundmanpt 21 Feb 2015, 10:17


Even though your quite happy with your gf, i'm sure if this young lady is attractive as you say she is and now she is wearing glasses you must have been a little bit excited seeing her? I wonder if she told the optometrist that she wanted to be able to keep her glasses on so she could read the overheads and boards without having to take off her glasses and then be putting them back on to take notes and such? Otherwise if they were only going to be wore for reading I think they likely would have given her her full prescription now. And even being weaker for seeing close up I am sure for her they probably seem perfect when shes looking at her phone and small print. It was on Jan 30th that you posted about over hearing your co worker telling another co worker about her daughter trying her spare pair and finding she was able to see better with glasses and she was planning on getting her eyes examined. So even if she went a couple days later for her exam and a few more days for her to get her glasses made up. So she probably didn't get her glasses before Feb 7th or the 10th. Based on that she has only been wearing her glasses for a very short time. So her eyes are still getting adjusted to them. So right now she is still able to see her messages on her phone without her glasses, but of course much easier with her glasses on. Her distance vision is slowly getting easier to see things at a distance with her glasses, but her distance vision is probably perfect still without her glasses. It may take a little while before she starts to notice that her distance vision isn't as good without her glasses anymore. You may recall it was a good while when you got your first glasses before you actually started needing your glasses for distance. You went through a period where your distance vision was good both with and without your glasses before you finally found that your glasses made distances clearer. but part of that was because your first glasses were really pretty weak, so if hers are close to about your current prescription her distance vision may change much sooner.

Carrie 21 Feb 2015, 08:42

My older colleague's daughter came in to where we work on Friday morning and asked her mum for some money so she could go in to town with her mates (schools were on Half Term holiday this week). Like i remember the last time I saw her she didn't look her age but at least 5 years older but this time she was wearing the glasses her mum told another colleague she would be getting. They were very pretty roundish frames. They might have been these . Her prescription is probably around +2.00 as it looked similar strength to mine but probably a bit weaker. She politely chatted to the other older colleague (the one her mum chatted to about glasses) who asked her how she was getting on with her glasses. She said it took her 2 or 3 days of wearing them all day to get used to them but now she can see really well. She said was going to just wear them for reading but took the optician's advice to get used to seeing distances with them so she could see screens and boards at school without needing to take them off or look over the top of them and see clearly to write notes. But once she had got used to them her eyes felt better if she kept her glasses on even if she wasn't reading or writing. The older lady asked "Are you glad you got them now?" and the daughter replied with something like "At first I didn't want them, as mum probably told you, but now I can see so much better and I don't feel so tired in the evening. I didn't realise my eyes were so bad. I've even got to go back to the opticians next year to get stronger lenses as they said they've started me on slightly weaker lenses to help me prepare for my full prescription." The older lady then asked "What does your boyfriend think of you with glasses?" The daughter said "He took the piss at first but soon shut up when I said he'd have to look for a new girlfriend if he carried on! He likes them really and says I look like a sexy teacher or scientist!"

Her glasses really do suit her and she could almost pass off as being 25 with them on. Her boyfriend needs to hang on to her as she's intelligent, confident, friendly and beautiful (rather like me!! ha ha) and I'm sure there's no shortage of admirers. It's good she's got her eyesight sorted out now as she's got several years of hard studying ahead of her. She's already planning which universities to apply to and she hasn't even finished secondary school! I hope she does well as she seems nice and her mum's nice and clearly very proud of her daughter. I am also pleased that someone as attractive as her is not ashamed to wear glasses full time even though she probably could have got contacts.

Londoner 21 Feb 2015, 03:30

I can't remember when I last saw myodisks or lenticular plus glasses being worn, but I saw both yesterday!

I had to rush for the tube to go to a meeting in west London. A train was in the platform and the doors were closing as I dived on board. In front of me was a girl in her mid 30s wearing strong plus glasses. It was busy so I had a good chance to view for 4 stops until she got off. She used her phone and got off confidently so her sight must have been quite good.

On the way back, I had to wait to cross the road with an Asian family. When the mother turned my way, I was amazed to see she was wearing biconcave myodisks with tiny bowls. It was impossible to see her eyes. I had quite a good look before the lights changed.

Liv 21 Feb 2015, 00:26

Saw a Singaporean family at the shops, mum was quite severely nearsighted wearing metal frames bursting with power rings and thick lenses, maybe about -11. After a while, she took her glasses off and shoved her phone right towards her face while trying to get her phone to work.

Weird thing is she seemed completely comfortable moving around the shop and talking to the shop attendant, no squinting or anything (she wasn't wearing her glasses for a while). At that prescription I would've thought she would be extremely comfortable doing anything without her eyewear. She even crossed the road without them (although she did seem to hold onto her daughter's arm pretty tightly). Vanity?

Likelenses 11 Feb 2015, 20:25


Actually,I have,and have been meaning to post about it.

A few weeks back I saw her in the store,and she ask me if we could meet for lunch,so that she could show me the glasses that we ordered for her online.

We met two days later a a small uncrowded restaurant,and right from the get go she was bubbling over.After we ordered she reached in her purse,and told me to close my eyes.When she said to open them she had her new progressives on and she looked spectacular. I told her how great she looked,and she was pleased that I liked them on her.Then she took out the rimless pair that I had suggested with the CR-39 lenses.She slowly put them on,and looked downward,and somewhat embarrassed,and said that she did not like them very well because the lenses are so thick,and heavy and look outrageously strong compared to her other pair,and the progressives.

I told her that out of the three pair that these made her look Sooo sexy.With that she flipped back her hair,and struck a pose,and said,in that case I will leave them on through lunch.After lunch,we talked a bit,and then took a drive out in the country,her wearing the glasses the whole rest of a wonderful day.

Two times since we have gone out together,and she wore that pair,but on a few other occasions when at the store she usually has the progressives on.

Guest 11 Feb 2015, 16:38


Have you seen the Grocery store lady again???

accept her signals...

Guest 11 Feb 2015, 16:38


Have you seen the Grocery store lady again???

accept her signals...

Guest 11 Feb 2015, 16:38


Have you seen the Grocery store lady again???

accept her signals...

Soundmanpt 11 Feb 2015, 16:15


No, I completely agree. It would be rude of you to inquire since the conversation wasn't with you just nearby as you say. I'm sure knowing you your probably curious if she did in fact get her eyes examined by now or not and what the results were. My best guess is if she went in and said how she has been wearing a spare pair of her mums glasses and felt like they really helped her they most likely fitted her with glasses of her own. So the only question then is if she kept to her word about wearing them full time. I assume the only way you will ever know is if the daughter ever happens to come into your store to see her mum.

Besides you have several others to keep updates on. Your cousin's ever increasing need for her glasses, your co worker and her sister that recently got glasses, your ex bfs new gf that now wears glasses, your friend from college and last but not least the girl from the coffee shop that admitted that she is wearing her glasses pretty much full time now.

Carrie 11 Feb 2015, 15:45

Soundmanpt - Sorry, I'm afraid I don't know any more and I'm certainly not going to ask as I don't know her daughter. I presume her daughter has got her glasses now. My colleagues weren't having a private conversation, I just happened to be near them when they were talking. If it was private they would have spoken quietly and waited for me to go to another part of the shop as it was they were chatting quite normally.

Soundmanpt 11 Feb 2015, 08:34


A couple of weeks ago you reported over hearing 2 of your co workers talking and one of them said that her daughter had tried on her mums spare pair of reading glasses and found that she could see pretty well with them and was even wearing around the house. She seemed a bit too shy to wear them to school or really anywhere out of the house. But she was planning on getting her eyes checked and said that she will wear her glasses to school and even full time at first. I guess there is no one for you to find out if anything has happened since then because that conversation wasn't meant for your ears.

gwgs 10 Feb 2015, 03:03

Two sightings which stood out from the various others - which are more and more frequent now in London;

One blonde lady who had her back to me was sitting a couple of tables away in the restaurant of a private members club with her toddler. She was probably mid to late 30s and wore large black plastic framed glasses. The glasses must have had plussie lenses in as whenever she did ANYTHING not related to be right next to her, she pushed her glasses up onto her head. This sequence followed on countless occassions - e.g. feeding her son - glasses on, then when she had finished, glasses on head. Her food came, glasses on! In between mouthfuls - glasses off!! She finished her meal with her glasses on, then got up from her table, put her glasses on her head, walked up to the bar asked for the bill and put her glasses back on whilst signing the bill, then back on her head again!!

What a hassle I thought, taking them off, putting them on all the time! What I couldn't figure out though is if she was so self conscious about wearing glasses, why did choose but such big heavy frames? Why not opt for a smaller more subtle frame like a rimless frame?!

Another sighting was in another Italian restaurant I have visited a few times but having not been for a few weeks I forgot how delicious one of the waitresses was - a young Italian probably in her early 20s, with black hair, tanned mediterranean skin, rather busty (!!), and most importantly big almost oversized cat eye style glasses by Dolce & Gabbana with quite significant power rings (probably due to the size of the frame, and not the prescription, as she must have been 'only' -4/-4.5). Definitely another reason to visit more often though!

gwgs 05 Feb 2015, 02:22

minus5 - the A1 sighting sounds great! Where abouts in the service station was she? I have passed through her before, maybe worth a stop off

AmorAnteojos 04 Feb 2015, 14:46

minus5wholuvsgwgs 03 Feb 2015, 06:35

The only other sighting was a 30 something lady a very plump lady with large breasts and a large tummy but sporting a lovely pair of black cats eyes with lots of power rings but normal fronts maybe minus 8 .And yes she had a lovely smile A BBW GWG for sure

minus5wholuvsgwgs 03 Feb 2015, 05:29

A bit thin on sightings lately but did spot a lovely young girl late teens early twenties serving in a service station on the A1 modern rectangular glasses with wide arms nice power rings and plano fronts about minus 15

Carrie 30 Jan 2015, 15:33

I know, as before, this isn't a sighting but a hearing. My 2 older colleagues were talking again and one told the other her daughter had tried her spare ready made reading glasses and was surprised what a difference they made. She has used them a bit at home but won't use them at school or in front of any friends. She is now actually looking forward to getting her prescription glasses and has promised to wear them at school and to try wearing them all the the time for a while at least.

adam 26 Jan 2015, 12:47

Two interesting sightings in London today all on Underground trains:

1st: asian student, long black hair, black plastic frames with rather strong + bifocal lenses. The bifocals were the type that have a horizontal line across the lenses. I'm not so good at estimating + lenses but the lenses seemed to be more than 10mm thick, with extra for the bifocals.

2nd: very short (significantly under 5 feet) blonde haired early to mid 20s woman with smart grey trouser suit. It appeared that her eyes were totally white. Although there was significant nystagmus. She did wear a pair of very strong + lenses with lenticular lenses and very tinted to read a document with very large print. At the next station she removed the glasses and was met by a London Underground member of staff who escorted her away from the train.

Soundmanpt 24 Jan 2015, 08:24


The daughter sounds a lot like your cousin when she first got glasses. Wasn't that pretty much her plan as well? We both know she never considered that she would be wearing glasses full time within a few years time. I think when she gets her glasses and starts wearing at home to study she will enjoy how relaxing her glasses are to her eyes and no more eyestrain. Then at school not wearing them will become much harder for her to do without her glasses. And seeing even smaller print such as her phone will not be easier for her either. She'll reluctantly give in to wearing her glasses at school and being only 15 her eyes may not be all that blurry seeing distances with them if she doesn't like doing the off and on thing.

Carrie 23 Jan 2015, 19:00

At work yesterday 2 of my older colleagues (One is in her early 40s the other is in her 50s I think) were chatting about glasses as the older one said she couldn't read anything without her glasses. The younger one mentioned that for the last 2 or 3 years she had been using ready made reading glasses ever since she noticed she was having difficulty reading small print. She had finally decided to get her eyes tested properly and persuaded her daughter to also have her eyes tested as she has been doing a lot of studying. They went earlier this week. My colleague was told that her prescription was the same as her ready made glasses and it was fine to continue using them. Her daughter was told she is is long sighted and recommended she wore glasses all the time or at the very least for reading. Her daughter was not happy at needing glasses but was happier when she was given free choice of frames. She'll get her glasses in about a week. My colleague offered her daughter a spare pair of ready made reading glasses to use until her prescription ones are ready. Her daughter won't wear them at school or in front of her friends but has said she might use them at home. The older lady asked what the power of the ready made glasses was and the other lady said it was 1.25 but her daughter's glasses will be stronger.

I have seen her daughter. She's 15 but looks 20 something. A bit like Hannah Reid from the band London Grammar but with dark hair. She's is going to be very good looking when she's older.

gwgs 21 Jan 2015, 10:12

Delicious sighting yesterday - hot milf in polo neck jumper and big glasses looking ravishing;

Likelenses 18 Jan 2015, 22:57

High Myopic

I never knew that grocery stores wore glasses.

High Myopic 18 Jan 2015, 18:22

I met a very nice guy last Tuesday at the Giant grocery store that wore at least -20 diopter glasses. He let me wear them for a little while. I showed him my -18 diopter pair of glasses and he said that they did not help his vision. They were too weak for his eyes.

I will show him my -29 diopter myodisc glasses this upcoming Tuesday.

Crystal Veil 07 Jan 2015, 23:47

Hi Dave,

good question. The thickness varies from 4-5 millimeters in small, oval frames to 10-11 millimeters in large, angular frames. I always order standard 1.57 lenses if the glasses are only used for photo shoots. If a model prefers a payment in glasses, I sometimes order high index lenses (1.67) if she has a high prescription. Re the power rings: it's always a surprise how the effect will be. Angular frames tend to show more power rings than oval frames of the same size. I sometimes order glasses with 1.57 lenses in the Rx of my life partner Nel (-12) so that she can check her looks in them. The lenses in many of those glasses are more than a centimeter thick at the sides.

Dave 07 Jan 2015, 20:24

Hi Crystal Veil - on your website, what is the lens thickness of the typical -8.00 glasses your models wear? They don't look too thick from the sides, although there are plenty of power rings.

Crystal Veil 07 Jan 2015, 15:32


if she grabbed your arm, she probably likes you more than her lenses. Just my 2 cents (male intuition)

gwgs 07 Jan 2015, 03:09

What a prescription likelenses - she must look mighty fine with those bad boys on. Any news on a second meeting or a date?!

Likelenses 06 Jan 2015, 17:51

I met with the grocery store checkout woman today for lunch,and she had her prescription with her, so that we could order her some glasses online.

Her Rx is : Rt. -9.50 Add + 2.00

Lt. -9.25 -.50 cyl @ 176 Add + 2.00

PD 63

She was amazed at how inexpensive online glasses are.

She wound up ordering two pair.One is a frame very similar to her new black plastic,with progressive lenses.And the second was actually my pick for her.I very delicate rimless silver pair with CR - 39 bifocal lenses.

She was quite chatty about glasses,and wanted to compare her vision with mine ,on several distant object throughout the restaurant,and through the window,as well as comparing near vision on the menu and laptop.

What was most fascinating was when leaving the restaurant,she grabbed hold of my arm,and commented,that she was having a little trouble walking,and judging distances,with the new glasses,which the optician had forewarned her about.

gwgs 06 Jan 2015, 04:10

Talking of updates, I have one on my favourite waitress who I have not seen in glasses since the first, and only time, I saw her several months ago at my local Italian.

I went over the Christmas period to have lunch and drinks there, and she was there (mercifully), but again, sans glasses :(

I chatted to the manager and owner of the restaurant during my enjoyable lunchtime there, but was of note was when he reaching around above the wood fired pizza oven for a panetonne (Italian cake) to give to me, he found a packet of contact lenses up there, and queried what it was, almost putting it in the bin before a staff member stopped him!!! I looked round and saw my favourite waitress looking rather sheepish and guilty!

I unfortunately didn't get a sighting on what her prescription was on the packet, as from previous experience, and postings, she had quite a few power rings in her reasonably sized heavy framed glasses.

Likelenses 05 Jan 2015, 16:07

Update on the good looking woman at the grocery checkout.

I stopped by today, and to my pleasant surprise there she was with sparkling new glasses.

They are black plastic rather large wayfarer type,but the best part is they are now flat fronts,with a lined bifocal.

I told how nice they are how good she looks wearing them.

She said that they besides being bifocals,they are quite a bit stronger than her previous pair.She said that the doctor had said that she would not have passed the drivers test without the new glasses,and that the new lenses correct her now to 20/20,where as before her vision with her old pair was 20/80.I am guessing that her distance increase is about -1.25.

She said that she is happy to see so well,but does not like the look of the lenses.It appears to me that she has CR-39,as she had previously said that her insurance was not real good.

I told her about the online optical places,and she expressed interest in getting a pair.She is going to bring in her prescription for me to help her choose some.

Michael 05 Jan 2015, 09:46

Hi Carrie,

I know a woman, 41yo who wear her reading glasses she got last year constantly.

The prescription must be arround +1 dioptrie. She said that she see a little bit blurry in far distance but her sight till 10 meters are perfect.


Tom 04 Jan 2015, 17:02

Hot sighting tonight in a winter park: nice girl around mid 30 skating on ice with her eyes almost completely closed since she was continuously squinting very hard. She must have been really blind since I saw her resting from squinting from very short periods when she was standing with her friends or skating with no one around her, but when she was in the crowd she was squinting and squinting strong, she must have been in troubles to recognise people around her. How lovely she was! Unfortunately I didn't have opportunity to see her out of the ice to see if she was able e.g. to walk or other things or if she had eyeglasses, too.

Soundmanpt 30 Dec 2014, 12:57


Happy New Year to you and Gemma.

Your customer if her prescription is similar to yours probably needs them to see small print or in the case where you work the price stickers. So the first time you saw her she was ho;ding her glasses in her hand. So she was probably needing every time she needed t check a price on something she slipped them on and then took them off because distance was too blurry for her. But you never went through the that when you got your glasses because you really wanted to wear them even if you hardly even needed them, so you wore yours full time and never did the on and off thing which after a while can become a big pain. So now her eyes may have slowly adjusted to seeing distance better with them now and they don't bother her as much as they used to. But she probably might only be wearing them when she goes shopping for convence sake. But she probably takes them off for driving and other distance things.

Carrie 30 Dec 2014, 09:18

The 30ish goth/alternative woman customer was in my shop again yesterday. She came to my till wearing her glasses this time instead of holding them. I'm pretty sure her prescription is close to mine but it's difficult to look at someone in the face and scan the barcodes at the same time. She still had them on when leaving the shop but I have a feeling she usually just uses them for reading. Maybe she's on the borderline of wearing them full time if her prescription is close to mine. I'm not blind without my glasses. Reading would be very difficult but I could still see to get around without them. I could use them just for reading but distances are clearer and my eyes are much more comfortable with glasses on full time and my optician said I need glasses for distances not just reading. The main reason I wear glasses full time is because I want to. My customer probably doesn't want to wear her glasses full time. I'd love to think she's noticed she can see distances with glasses as good or slightly better than without but she probably won't go full time unless her distance vision gets worse

Brian 29 Dec 2014, 01:44

I am searching a video with a link here on eyescene with a woman who need very strong minus glasses. Who can help me?

Fred 29 Dec 2014, 01:06

Earlier this month the german TV program "Wetten Dass" stopped after about 30 years. I remembered that years ago one item of this program made it to ES, namely a women that could write on a post stamp, after taking off her glasses and getting very near to the stamp. I found an interview with this women recently, and in the picture you can just see her glasses on the table:

Now I wonder if anyone still has any pictures of even a video of this "Wetten Dass" item?

Likelenses 28 Dec 2014, 23:51

A follow up on the good looking myopic woman in my grocery store checkout.

I stopped in the store on Sat. 12-27,and waited for her line to be not busy,so we could chat a bit.

She was still wearing her glasses that she has had for some time,so I ask her when her upcoming eye exam is,as she had told me that she had to get it before the new year for insurance purposes.

She said that she had gotten it a day ago on Fri. 12-26,and her new glasses are on order,and should be ready in a week.

She said that her distance vision had gotten worse,and that the new glasses will be bifocals,which she had thought would be the outcome.She again stated that she feels somewhat embarrassed that her vision is getting worse,just like she felt in her twenties.

She is somewhat shy,and seems like a sensitive person.She said that she dreads eye exams,as they make her feel inadequate,when she can not see the eye chart letters.I told her that the important thing is that she will have good vision again with the new glasses.She said that she is thankful that the doctor told that her vision with the new glasses will be 20/20.

I ask her what kind of frame she had chosen,and she said that they are larger black plastic,like the younger girls have now.She said the bifocals are the kind with a line as her insurance would not pay for the other kind.

I told her I am looking forward to her new look and that we still need to go out to a movie to test out her new vision.Again,she got a kick out of that.

Soundmanpt 23 Dec 2014, 21:24

Melyssa I think what your talking is something like one I found in Zenni ( search #235517 not the greatest looking pair of glasses but then again they are only $6.95 complete. Am I right and thsi is something like what you saw?

Also you should have a look at #483921 which I came across while looking for that split temple frame. These glasses look like something that would be up your alley? I know you have said they also need to be rather big and these are pretty big as well. They are 142mm overall width.

Melyssa 23 Dec 2014, 13:44

With the frame I have, and the one that the other young woman wore, about a half inch from the front is where the side piece splits into two, one meeting the top of the front (inside) and the other at the bottom. In decades past I saw some that divided maybe an inch from the front, or maybe outside the front where they came back straight across, if one can picture that.

specs4ever 23 Dec 2014, 11:47

That isn't what Melissa said soundmanpt. she said that the temples were attached at the middle. If she had said that the upper part of the temple was attached at the top and the lower part was attached at the bottom I would agree with you. I have seen older pairs of glasses that did have a split temple that were attached in the middle. The temple looked to have a slit in it, maybe as much as 1/8" and was attached at a single point in the middle of the frame. I believe that Crystal Veil has some of the split temple glasses that do are talking about, but I don't save every picture from his photoshoots - only the ones that interest me.

Merry Christmas everyone

Soundmanpt 23 Dec 2014, 09:53

Crystal Veil

I think what Melyssa saw is where the temple meets the face of the frame (the hinge area) the temple is attached at the top of the front frame and the bottom of the front frame and thus causing it to be split. At one time Zenni offered one and I even ordered it because it is rather different in looks.

Imagine taking a shape like a V and attaching the top of the V to the hinge area of the front of the glasses frame.

I hope that made some sort of sense?

Crystal Veil 22 Dec 2014, 16:38


may I ask, what is a "split temple"? Does it look like an X instead of a - ?

Melyssa 22 Dec 2014, 13:51

At the store the other day, I saw a 20-something woman wearing frames I had not seen since the 1970s -- very large metal frames, with a "split temple" near the middle (similar to a blue/purple plastic pair I have), with the front being square but with rounded corners, and she had a prescription that may have rivaled mine.

Scott 22 Dec 2014, 08:35

One London sighting.....

First... Short 4'6"red curly-haired girl, early 20s; her glasses were blended myodiscs, about 10mm thick the lenses appeared to be just thick until she turned her head them you could see the severe cut In that made her head appear hollow. I'd estimate that her head appeared to be significantly less than half its real width due to the the significant cut in in both eyes.

At the station she found a pink, not white, long cane from her bag and a member of staff was waiting to escort her from the tube to the real world

gwgs 22 Dec 2014, 02:55

WOW! Didn't expect to be reading these sorts of comments this morning. WAY off topic. I can't believe you're stating things like these "likelenses". Incredible

Likelenses 22 Dec 2014, 02:34

Very Progressive

I do not see what is so offensive.

I initially posted to Carrie because Michelle Obama does resemble Monica Galeti.

And then replied to others that doubted what I had said,and stated facts that you can verify for yourself.

Why should anyone be offended when in this new world, homosexuality is out in the open,and they outwardly admit to it.

Very Progressive 21 Dec 2014, 19:15

Can we get these inappropriate and seriously offensive posts off of this site please?

Why are the people making these remarks not eliminated from the site?

I am more than disgusted!!!

Likelenses 21 Dec 2014, 17:05

Robert, and Anom

Doubt away. Most of the inner circles in Washington,and Hollywood knows that Obama is a Homosexual,and Michelle,born as Micheal,is a Tranny.

Joan Rivers before she passed away was at a friends Homosexual wedding,and was interviewed by a reporter,and stated the above.

 21 Dec 2014, 09:19

"Likelenses" is really Chris Christie.

Robert 21 Dec 2014, 01:26

Are insane people allowed to post here, too? or what is that shit about the nice Michelle Obama being a transvestite. nobody who hasn't his brain removed thinks that!

Likelenses 20 Dec 2014, 18:41


Monica Galetti looks a lot like another scary person,Michelle Obama,who is believed to be a be Transvestite.

Carrie 20 Dec 2014, 16:07

Just watching tv and saw an ad for 7Up featuring quite a hot woman with real minus glasses covering a fountain in knitting. Found the ad on Youtube

The 7Up ad came on immediately after an ad for an E Cigarette which featured a glamourous blonde woman scientist in black framed (fake) glasses and a white lab coat. A bit like a female "Q" from the James Bond films.

Good to see attractive women wearing glasses in ads!

Soundmanpt 20 Dec 2014, 15:13


I am inclined to agree with you. She looks much too stone faced to please me even if she is wearing glasses. She looks like she might be a tough woman to please, but who knows she may actually be a very nice person in real life. I think I like a woman to look a bit more soft and inviting based on looks anyway.

Carrie 20 Dec 2014, 14:12

On the last few editions of Masterchef - The Professionals on BBC2 in the UK judge/co-host Monica Galetti has been wearing glasses with a mild + prescription. She scares me and I don't find her attractive but my girlfriend fancies her. I would say my girlfriend has a funny taste in women but then what would that say about me! Actually Monica looks less scary when she smiles and perhaps a small part of me does find her a little bit attractive when she does that, but she doesn't smile very often.

gwgs 17 Dec 2014, 02:08

I know the feeling likelenses - there have been several occassions where I have spotted a gwg working in a familiar / regularly visited place, and I have looked forward to visiting that place again just to see her.

The latest one was in a restaurant - I think I posted about it here when I originally spotted her, but on my two previous visits to there she was not working once, and the other time she wasn't wearing glasses, and given the amount of cut in she had before there was no chance she was going uncorrected. Damn those contact lenses.

Likelenses 16 Dec 2014, 20:25

Tom, and gwg,

I will be sure to post any info as soon as it happens.

I am probably looking forward to her exam,more than she is.

She did not say the day,only that it is the week after Christmas,because she has to do it before the end of 2014,for insurance purposes.

I told her about online optical stores,and she had never heard of them.

Tom 16 Dec 2014, 14:50

I quote gwgs!

gwgs 16 Dec 2014, 02:59

Interesting story there likelenses - I look forward to the next chapter!

Likelenses 15 Dec 2014, 22:20

This is more of a chatting than a sighting.

A very pretty woman about 40,to 45 that works in the grocery store check out lines where I have shopped for about twelve years,has worn pretty strong minus glasses,as long as I have been going there. I would guess them to be -7.00 or 8.00.

I always try to go through her line and briefly chat with her.

I have always thought that we have a kindred spirit,regarding the wearing of strong glasses,and like me,she is single.

For the past several months,I have noticed that she goes through the,pushing things farther away,and then sometimes looking over her glasses thing, in order to see things close up.

Today there was no one else in her line,so when she went though that routine,I asked her if she was having difficulty seeing things close up.

We were able to talk for about ten minutes,and she said that not only close up,but that she felt like her distant vision had changed,much as it felt like when she was in her twenties.She said that she has an eye exam scheduled the week after Christmas,and knows that she will get bifocals,but what she is not looking forward to is more strength for the distance.She ask me if I could see a sign that was at a distance in the store,and I could see it clearly,even though my acuity is is 20/30 with my minus 10.5 glasses. She said that she could not read it at all,and that even the shape of it was not in focus.She said that she had not had an exam for four years.She said that she dreads the thought of stronger glasses,because it brings back memories of her late teen/early twenties.

I ended the conversation by saying that after she gets the new glasses,that we should go out to a movie to test out her new vision.She thought that it was funny,but little does she know that I will bring it up again.

gwgs 15 Dec 2014, 05:24

As usual there were a few nice sightings I was witness to at the weekend. A couple of them stood out with young 20-30 ladies doing a bit of pre-Christmas sale shopping wearing large glasses.

This included several delicious sightings of large round glasses, and one that really caught my eye of a lady probably in her early 40's wearing a BIG pair of Dior glasses. They were a black plastic frame, with arms wide enough to have Dior embossed quite visibly. Her prescription was probably somewhere between -4 and -6 but whatever her prescription was, the power rings and lens thickness would have been enhanced (beautifully) by the big lens size.

It reminded me of the vintage Dior glasses series with the 55mm lens size frames, as these were probably a similar size.


Likelenses 12 Dec 2014, 22:01


She probably needs a ton more minus !

OnLooker 11 Dec 2014, 05:48

Look how close she gets while.writing...glasses with very low rx. Any explanation?

Likelenses 08 Dec 2014, 21:22


Check Out your wife's eyesight on this simulator

Likelenses 08 Dec 2014, 18:33


For your info,her vision with her old glasses was about 20/ 25 in her left eye,and 20/40 in the right.

It is a bit harder to determine her vision without glasses,but my guess would be 20/400 for the left,and 20/600 in the right,and perhaps 20/500 with both eyes. Her myopia is moderate,but approaching high,and her astigmatism is mild,approaching moderate.

Likelenses 08 Dec 2014, 18:16


The -.25 is very small,and the -.75 moderate considering it has been three years. Was the previous Rx her first?

I think you will be seeing her in glasses 100% now.

While her increase at first seems small,one has to consider that her previous Rx was a -1.00 difference between eyes,with the new glasses it is now -1.50. Also generally myopes read too close,and at -3.00 reading without glasses is way too close.She should wear the new Rx for reading and concentrate on holding a book or newspaper no closer than 12 inches,and computer no closer than 20 inches.She may find that with the glasses on that she will want to push the book farther away than she previously read at,and that is a good thing..

Depending on her age if she continues to read too close ,she could have some pretty good increases in her Rx.

You did not state any change in the astigmatism part of her Rx,so I am assuming that there was none.

Tom 08 Dec 2014, 17:14

Hi Soundmanpt

I could easily check her new prescription as it was eMailed to us also.

Her left eye is SPH -3.25 CYL+0.50 AX170

And right eye is SPH -4.75 CYL+0.75 AX160

She told me she looks forward to seeing much better with these new lenses powers. Does a difference of 0.25/.075 make such difference?

Three years ago, she wore her glasses for about 50% of the time (driving, watching tv, playing tennis, when at some places she needs to find me,...), and went to almost 100% for the past year. Currently it is only when reading a book, or sometimes in the evening when "lounging in the sofa", she takes them off.


Carrie 08 Dec 2014, 12:34


She seems to be getting on alright with her new prescription. She hasn't said much about it apart from mentioning everything looks clearer and she doesn't have any problems focussing with her left eye now she's used to the prescription. Her new prescription is R Sph -0.50 Cyl -1.00 Axis 95.0. L Sph +1.00 Cyl -1.25 Axis 83. Below that it says RPrism V-Dist 2.00 Down. LPrism V-Dist 2.00 Up. Her old prescription was R Sph -0.25 Cyl -0.75 Axis 90.0. L Sph +0.50 Cyl -1.00 Axis 81. RPrism V-Dist 1.00 Down. LPrism V-Dist 1.00 Up.

Likelenses 07 Dec 2014, 19:32


What is the new prescription?

Tom 07 Dec 2014, 13:21

Yesterday was one of my favorite shopping trips of the year as I accompanied my wife to the optician for her annual eye exam. She was a bit nervous beforehand as she’d been feeling for a few months already that she’d need a stronger prescription, which she wanted also in order to see really well again, but she dreaded a material increase.

We were lucky when entering the shop as she could proceed to the eye exam immediately. I could not sit with her in the small dark room when the tests are performed, so I enjoyed in the meanwhile the sight of another lady trying on new frames.

My wife was back after about 15 minutes and didn’t really know how to feel about the outcome of her eye exam. She was prescribed an increase of -0.25 in her left eye, and additional -0.75 in her right eye, which was already the weaker. I suggested she try on and receive from me some new frames if she felt like it, but she is so happy with the 2 frames she now uses that she’d rather wait another year.

The optician ordered her new lenses, for which she’ll have to go back later this week, and leave her glasses with the optician for about 1hr while he’ll grind the new prescription into her lenses. She’s already curious now how she will see with her new prescription, so am I to try on her new glasses :)

Cucible 06 Dec 2014, 20:00

The -10 something girl at work with high heels and mini skirt changed her glasses a while ago. She used to have purple plastic glasses, too weak and sliding down her nose. She now has pink plastic glasses, they're stronger, higher index and don't slide as much as the older ones. Which makes me like the older ones better, although she came to my desk once asking for some advice and being sorry about "her mole eyes" and needing to be close to my screen.

She's gone, though.

Now there's a new 30 something girl, with big black plastic frames, +8 (can't be sure). In summer she wears super high heeled sandals with her toes showing. Great combination !

Also, there's a 20 something cute brunette in high plus glasses working at the supermarket. Big plastic frames, sliding, big eyes, long brown hair, great legs, and looking down being shy.


Soundmanpt 06 Dec 2014, 13:14


So how is your co worker doing with her new glasses? She didn't seem to have any problem adjusting to wearing glasses whens she got her first pair so it should be even easier this time with just getting an increase. I don't recall and couldn't find what her first prescription was. But I think her prisms increased and she is likely to really notice that without her glasses she will not only get headaches really fast but she will have double vision from now on. So its a good thing that she doesn't seem to mind wearing glasses since she won't be able to go without them anymore.

Slit 05 Dec 2014, 18:57

Christmas is here and more people out at the shopping malls, more sightings too! Yesterday I saw few "mother & daughter" duos out shopping with their glasses.... Out of the cases where mom and daughter both wore minus rx, i noticed daughters tend to have much powerful glasses than mothers... Probably mothers are getting their minus rx reduced because of presbyopia?

Or may be the demanding vision requirements taking the daughters down the myopia lane faster than their mothers were going!

Eyestein 01 Dec 2014, 07:06

I posted this elsewhere recently. I'm not sure if it's a photomanipulation job but it reminds me of a mother and daughter sighting a few years ago. For a time they travelled on the same bus as I did while I was temporarily living in another city. So I saw them more than once. These glasses look like those of the mother.

Her daughter was much less myopic but still in the severe category. The photo below shows a reasonable resemblance to her daughter and her glasses.

Crystal Veil 26 Nov 2014, 13:37


thanks for the hint. As it happens, my partner Nel is looking for a new pair and I was about to get some pairs for photo shoots as well.

Soundmanpt 26 Nov 2014, 12:24

For anyone looking for a great deal on new glasses Zenni ( is running a deal from now until Monday

Buy 2 pairs and get one free. so 3 for the price of 2 isn't bad considering how inexpensive they are already.

gwgs 25 Nov 2014, 06:30

Thanks for your feedback Soundman, good to have some feedback after one comments on a sighting.

This is rather weird, I logged onto Instagram a few minutes ago, and found one of the people I followed ( a professional footballer) had liked a selfie of someone. The selfie was Extremely familiar looking and a shudder went through my heart! It was the girl I spotted in the chip shop!

I of course proceeded to her Instagram account to find that she has posted several photos of her in glasses, and has nearly 20,000 followers!! And she's only just turned 21! This social media world is weird! I also found through a comment on one of her photos that someone had even set up a fake account trying to copy her! Unreal.

Who is she??!!

Her link is here, no creepy comments PLEASE -

Soundmanpt 24 Nov 2014, 17:55


Always makes for a nice evening and its nice how it stays in your mind. Am I right? Yes you could have said more, maybe, but you should be happy with yourself for at saying something and i'm sure you have to feel good about that? It always gets me when so many post in here about various sightings and they have a chance to say something but don't. They are the ones that I think later regret not saying something. As long as your not rude with comments most will respond to you with a smile.

The only time I won't make a comment is if they are with a male companion. But alone or with other female friends I feel much braver. I have complemented many attractive young ladies on their choice of glasses because what woman doesn't like a complement and probably helps with their self confidence in wearing glasses.

Melyssa 24 Nov 2014, 13:49


I will wait until I see her again. Sometimes these receptionist-type jobs have high turnover.

"You don't at all seem the type of lady to hold anything back." Well, as "How-uhd Co-sell" said, "I tell it like it is." Unlike him, "I do not care faw Moe-hah-mahd Ah-lee naw the Noo Yawk Yan-kees." And my hair is my own. :)

Carrie 24 Nov 2014, 13:20

My friend and work colleague turned up today wearing new glasses. She said her prescription had changed a bit and showed me the card with her prescription printed on. She was interrupted by a call on her mobile and went outside for a few minutes to take the call which gave me a chance to take a photo of the card with my phone. It says R Sph -0.50 Cyl -1.00 Axis 95.0. L Sph +1.00 Cyl -1.25 Axis 83. Below that it says RPrism V-Dist 2.00 Down. LPrism V-Dist 2.00 Up.

She said she's still getting used to the new prescription as she only picked up her glasses on Saturday. It takes her slightly longer to focus in her distance with her left eye than with her old prescription but the optician said this is normal and would soon go. She said everything does seem slightly clearer and her eyes feel more relaxed but is a bit worried that when she takes her glasses off she sees double for 5-10 seconds. I told her that it's probably nothing to worry about if she sees better with her new glasses than her old ones. I also told her that what she sees without glasses is what her eyes and brain strain to correct and her eye muscles are at their normal tension when she has her glasses on, which is better for them. She was quite happy with my explanation.

I have to thank the very knowledgeable regular Eyescene posters whose information I based my explanation on.

gwgs 24 Nov 2014, 04:42

Amongst the many (almost uncountable now) sightings that can be had around London, I had a pleasant end to my night yesterday when I went into my local fish and chip shop to get a late night booze induced snack there were a group of young ladies probably in their mid 20's.

The one that stood out for me was a smoulderingly good looking black haired tanned beauty who was quite tall (5ft 8in approx) with a slender frame wearing a polo neck jumper which showed off a bit of midriff and her belly button. Good start! She also happened to be wearing a pair of quite heavy frames, which bore large, black square plastic rims with gold arms /temples. They were quite a few power rings in there too, but I think this mainly due to the size of the frame, she was probably -4 / -5.

Anyway, they all ordered chips and she was complaining that the last time she visited there she got a bigger portion (she ordered chicken and chips), and she was told that was because she ordered a more expensive meal deal. Her friends mocked her for this and laughed saying she didn't need anymore. Her other two friends then ordered chips but when they asked if they could have ketchup they said couldn't afford the extra 25p for a sachet of it! I interjected by saying I would pay for them to have this (big deal!!), and asked the gwg beauty if she wanted anything, but she declined, and said "thank you kind Sir, I will certainly see you at church next time I visit". I said it was nothing and was she sure she didn't want anything, she said yes, and smiled radiantly at me, then said to her friends that she had to go to catch the last train.

I thought of commenting on her good looks, and stunning glasses but the shy person inside of me couldn't come out :( Made for an entertaining end of the day though!

Soundmanpt 21 Nov 2014, 11:01


You seem to imply that this new woman isn't going to fit in until she starts wearing glasses? You don't at all seem the type of lady to hold anything back. And you didn't ask her where her assigned glasses were? Maybe their on order?

My cardiologists office is much the same way. All the ladies working there wear glasses. A couple of years ago I turned the receptionist onto Zenni she was wearing a pair of glasses that were pluses and had another pair on her desk. I of course commented on seeing the 2nd pair. I of course was pretty sure they were for distance and she confirmed that in fact was what they were for. She said she couldn't afford the price of bifocals so she opted to just buy some over the counter readers. I told her that she could get really nice progressives from Zenni for around $55.00. A few days later i got a call from her asking for my help in ordering her progressives. She of course then told the others in the office about Zenni. My September visit as i was leaving and getting a slip to get blood work done the girl there must have been rather new. One of the other ladies told her that I was the one that had pointed out about getting their glasses from Zenni and how good they were. This new girl was wearing glasses which I am sure were a low minus. She said until she started working there her vision had always been perfect. I pointed out that she might like having rx sunglasses and she said that was a really good idea. I got my slip and left.

Melyssa 20 Nov 2014, 13:20

It was that time of the year again, when my husband and I go for physicals and flu shots. There is a new woman working at the doctor's office who does not wear glasses. She MUST be new. :) All of the others had "plus" lenses in their small, rectangular, plastic frames with different dark colors.

Reader of the Carrie Diaries 17 Nov 2014, 11:55

I think it's time to drop the veil and admit your interest. You only live once..

Soundmanpt 16 Nov 2014, 08:16


It would appear that your co workers sister has found out that when she got her glasses and was told to wear them full time for a couple of weeks to get used to them, but was also told that she really needs them for distance as well as for close up that they were really telling her that she was going to be wearing them full time. I remember you saying how she stopped by when she got her glasses to show her sister and how excited she was to get glasses. I'm sure wearing glasses for the first time was a somewhat a novelty for her at first. I'm sure she was surprised the more she wore them the more she really needed them. She sounds like she is okay with wearing glasses now anyway which is good and she probably looks very nice wearing them. My guess is that she has a fair amount of astigmatism and that is why she was told she needed to wear them full time right away.

Your co worker surprises me though because I would have thought by now she would be feeling like she needs to get her eyes checked

Soundmanpt 16 Nov 2014, 07:47


The latest admissions of the "coffee shop server" comes as no surprise to me. All of her previous reasons for wearing glasses were all little white lies starting with the idea that since many of her customers are students and many of them wear glasses she felt as if that somehow meant that she should start wearing glasses as well. Then after being caught by her parents seeing her wearing glasses she felt the need to claim she actually needed glasses because the coffee shop owner was close by. But she could clearly have told her parents once she was away form the coffee shop that she didn't really need glasses and was only wearing them to blend in with her customers. Even her job at the coffee shop if she didn't want to wear glasses she could have at any time just claimed that she got contacts. The only true part was that Danielle's glasses were too strong for her eyes and she had a hard time trying to focus in the distance with them on causing her to get headaches quite often. When she complained to Danielle, Danielle ordered her some glasses with a weaker prescription to wear. The weaker glasses has made seeing distances much better and if she were honest she was probably able to perfect with them right away. But claiming that she discovered that by putting them on as soon as she gets up her vision is perfect without any blur at all. It just justifies why she wears her glasses full time now. Although I am sure she is telling the truth about how she feels partially undressed without her glasses now. But she has at least admitted that she wants to wear glasses and the fact that she even ordered another pair she plans on wearing them from now on.

Eyestein 16 Nov 2014, 06:25

@ Tom

You mean you don't know Onezumi? Here it is.

By the way I think she changed her my about eye surgery since she wrote that bi

Carrie 16 Nov 2014, 04:16

It's me again!

I was at our local pub last night with my girlfriend and met my friend from work there. A short time later her sister came in and joined us. I haven't seen her for a while and I was pleased to see she was wearing the glasses she got in the summer. She took them off to scratch her eyelid and then fiddled with them on the table before putting them back on. She said "I was only going to use these for reading but I get a headache if I don't wear them all the time!". I think the novelty of getting her first glasses has worn off and now she realises how much she actually needs them. I remember she was quite excited to get them and was advised by her optician to wear them all the time for a couple of weeks to get used to them as she needed them for distances as well. I told her that her glasses are really pretty and suited her very well. She jokingly said "You're not flirting with me are you Carrie?!". We all laughed. She's straight.

Carrie 15 Nov 2014, 10:32

Just got home after spending the day with our friends Danielle and the coffee shop server (sorry, she is to remain nameless for now).

As you may remember Danielle has reading glasses that she wears very little. Not long after she got them her girlfriend, the coffee shop server, began wearing Danielle's spare pair at work even though she didn't need glasses. She liked how she looked in them as she looked like the students that often used the coffee shop. She couldn't see very far with them and sometimes gave her a headache so Danielle bought her another pair online with a prescription that was half as strong. The coffee shop server could see further than when wearing Danielle's glasses and they didn't give her a headache as there was very little distance blur. A few weeks ago she got a new pair with the same prescription as she wanted some new frames.

Today the coffee shop server wasn't working but she still wore her weak + glasses the whole day. I asked her why she was wearing them out of work. She said she's discovered that if she puts them on when she gets up in the morning she can see through them without any blur for the rest of the day. She also said that because she's been wearing them so much she feels partially undressed without them and likes the feeling of them on her face. She wishes she did need glasses but she's happy she can see with the ones she's got.

She admitted she does like it when some people, male or female (she's bi, if you want to label people's sexuality) wear glasses but wouldn't say who. I'd guess she likes it when Danielle wears her own glasses. I'd also like to think she likes me and my girlfriend in our glasses but she hasn't said and is unlikely to say.

I think she's a bit like me in the way she wants to wear glasses but I've never admitted my liking for glasses like she has.

Trent 14 Nov 2014, 20:36

Wonderful sighting on the train yesterday. Woman ~30 with small black oval frames and significant Rx around -12 I would have loved to talk to her!

Tom 12 Nov 2014, 14:23

Eyestein: Onezumi's ????

Eyestein 11 Nov 2014, 21:13

No. It's not mine. I copied it from Onezumi's website. She is -26 and that's how she sees.

Tom 11 Nov 2014, 14:39

Eyestein: how did you do the pictures? I've always loved myopia simulators, but never found one that goes such far away with the prescription! Is that your own simulation?

Eyestein 11 Nov 2014, 07:56


I imagine she sees something like this (without) (with)

You think she might be under 18! What will her vision be like when she's 25!?

Oscar 10 Nov 2014, 05:31

Eyestein - I think she may well have been under 18, so not appropriate for a photo, sadly.

Eyestein 10 Nov 2014, 05:30

And just when you weren't carrying a camera!

Oscar 10 Nov 2014, 04:47

A very rare sighting (for me, at least) yesterday afternoon at the South Bank Centre in London: a striking, quite tall black girl with long curly hair and one of the strongest glasses prescriptions I have ever seen: thick myodiscs with small bowls, clearly with a very high prescription indeed - a lot stronger than -20 myodiscs that I've seen before, so probably around -30? She was with a group of friends standing about 6 feet away from me, and she appeared to be able to see quite well with glasses. Without them, it's hard to imagine what she sees. It was certainly memorable sighting.

gwgs 05 Nov 2014, 02:17

DS - It is unusual though to see aspheric lenses in such a low prescription. I have generally only seen them in prescriptions greater than +3/+3.5

DS 03 Nov 2014, 08:07


Lenses are usually made to "best form" which basically means selecting the base curve (the curvature of the front surface) based on the prescription. "More plus" prescriptions use higher base curves (steeper curves) than "more minus" prescription. "Best form" gives best optics.

If the lens curve does not match the curve in the frame, then the lens will protrude from the front as your pictures show when the edge of the lens aligns with the frame for mounting.

In some high minus prescriptions with flatter fronts you will sometimes also see glasses where the lenses will protrude out the front at the edges but actually "meet" or even actually move inside the frame in the middle. Because the edge is thicker for minus glasses, the optician (or lens cutting equipment) can adjust the groove location to adjust for this. There isn't much the optician can do for plus lenses because the edge is the thin part.

This appearance can be reduced with aspheric lenses or selecting a frame with more "wrap."

gwgs 03 Nov 2014, 04:12

Great sighting Adam.

Onloooker - it could be due to the pd measurement which depending on the value you select can make the lenses thinner or thicker at certain points. It could also be due to the amount of cylinder that has been added.

gwgs 03 Nov 2014, 04:12

Great sighting Adam.

Onloooker - it could be due to the pd measurement which depending on the value you select can make the lenses thinner or thicker at certain points. It could also be due to the amount of cylinder that has been added.

OnLooker 03 Nov 2014, 03:25

The lenses are +1 with some astygmatism.

My question is why do the lenses protrude out of the frame especially the one on her left??

 02 Nov 2014, 11:24

Carrie, maybe you can have her stick pins in her eye. Than she'd have to wear, -1,000 with a + 1,050, to see her cain. That would dampen you for the week.

Soundmanpt 02 Nov 2014, 11:12


Like you said that customer was probably wearing her glases to see the price tags on merchandise and once she knew the cost she took them off to check out.

If your friend at the coffee shop is still unable to see distance completely clear by now with just a +.50 prescription then she might not ever be able to? But it's interesting that she has even ordered herself a 2nd pair of glasses in the very same rx as her other pair. She seems to really want her eyes to change to that prescription so she really will need them. Too bad you can't suggest to her that she wouldn't have any problem at all if she were to order a pair of glasses in -.50 instead. In fact she probably would be fine with even -.75 or -1.00. Plus glasses for distance if you really don't need them takes a lot of work. Her eyes are probably better suited to be nearsighted and she just doesn't know it. Too bad!

Adam 02 Nov 2014, 06:58

On the underground in London yesterday, a 5'4" ish mid twenties year old female passenger. Long dark brown hair. She had thick black plastic very rectangular frames with significant cut in. The right lens was probably -15 and the left lens less strong. The lenses looked as is they were very hi-index and had anti-reflection coatings. The frames really suited her.

The person she was with pointed out an advert on the other side of the tube train, which she then squinted and seemed to struggle to read. Then when she read her iPhone screen, she held the phone no more than 15 cm from her eyes.

Carrie 01 Nov 2014, 12:01

An occasional customer at work gave me a near sighting the other day. I've never seen her with glasses before but I do find her rather sexy. She has a very individual way of dressing - very cool and slightly goth. To me she's like a cross between the singers Amy Winehouse and Lorde. She's probably about 30 but it's difficult to tell. She came to my checkout and I noticed that she was holding a pair of glasses in the same hand as her purse (English purse rather than American purse). I didn't have much of a chance to look at them but I did notice they were dark plastic frames with a plus prescription possibly close to mine. I have no idea if she's had glasses for a while or if these were new and her first but she had probably worn them as she was doing her shopping. Hopefully I'll see her wearing them the next time she comes in.

Me and Gemma went into town today to do some shopping. We popped into the coffee shop where our friend works. She was wearing glasses as usual but they had different frames this time. I thought maybe she had actually found she needed glasses and got some in her own prescription rather than a made-up weak prescription from an online store. I was wrong - she had just ordered some new ones with the same made-up prescription. She said she has noticed she can see further with glasses on than she could a few months ago. Not perfect but nearly. I asked her what prescription she ordered. She said "+0.50, same as last time. About half as strong as Danielle's which gave me a headache." Danielle (her girlfriend and another friend of ours) clearly isn't at all interested in glasses. She wears hers only because she needs them but was particular about getting a fashionable frame. She was just a particular when helping her girlfriend choose frames. Danielle doesn't understand why her girlfriend wants to wear glasses she doesn't even need but when you love someone you just go along with their likes and dislikes so is happy for her girlfriend to pretend to need glasses.

Oscar 31 Oct 2014, 14:07

Another in-flight sighting, this time an overnight flight to London. In the waiting area I noticed a tall, slim and strikingly attractive woman in (I guess) her early 40s, with long hair that had just a hint of grey in it. She had an amazingly trim and sexy body (looking great in jeans) and she had a big, bright smile. She ended up sitting one row ahead of me, both of us in aisle seats. A little way into the flight she went to the bathroom and came back wearing glasses: round-ish tortoiseshell frames holding a seriously strong prescription in lenses that were noticeably thick - around -10 or maybe a touch more, and with almost flat fronts that caught the light when she turned her head. She kept them on for the rest of the long flight and was still wearing them when we got to London. And so an already lovely woman became even lovelier with the change into glasses. Sitting next to her was a much younger woman, also tall and slim (cute in black leggings) who changed into her glasses during the flight too - large brown plastic frames with a moderate minus script (-5 I guess). So it was really two nice sightings in one go.

gwgs 31 Oct 2014, 02:28

Two lovely sightings yesterday;

A restaurant I visit frequently had taken on a couple of new staff, and one was a very cute diminutive girl probably about 5ft 3in, with curly black hair held back in a pony tail with olive skin. She was quite busty for her little figure, so putting all the above together she was already quite a looker, but then to add to it, she had heavy framed black glasses in the style of Ray Ban Wayfarer's, with quite some cut in and power rings. I stood behind when I went up to the counter to talk to the manager and she had about 4mm of polished lens thickness protuding from the back of her lenses. She was more delicious than the food and its made me even more keen to go back today for lunch! I just hope shes working today.

Another sighting was last night outside a pub where I was have a couple of drinks with a mate and several girls came to sit right next / opposite us - they were probably about a foot away, the one that caught my eye was a cute blonde girl in her 20's who was wearing a light coloured 3/4 length fur jacket, leather trousers, and black boots - very trendy! She was also wearing trendy cat eye glasses. Given her proximity to me and that she was sitting at a side angle to me, I got a wonderful side aspect of her and her glasses, which had several mm's of unpolished lens thickness protuding out the side of her frames. She was rolling a cigarette when she first sat down and in doing so, she pushed her glasses up a couple of times as they had slit down her nose whilst rolling. Sadly several men turned up to join her group otherwise I would've tried to break the ice and talk to her.

Oscar 28 Oct 2014, 09:49

For me, at least, it's not always about super strong prescriptions (great as those are)... On a long flight yesterday from London to Denver there were several gwgs in my part of the plane, and one was memorable. She had a nice athletic figure, not too thin, and she looked fantastic in black jeans and a sweater. Shoulder length brown hair, a great smile, and glasses. I guess she was probably about 30, and I haven't been able to get her out of my head. Not glamorous, but stunningly attractive. She was sitting across the aisle from me so I got to see quite a lot of her (it was a 10-hour flight). The glasses she was wearing at the start of the flight were quite simple metal frames with a mild/moderate (-4 or so) prescription. But what ramped up the attractiveness amazingly was when she changed into a second pair to read - black plastic, with a lower prescription - and then changed back, several times. Lined bifocals would have been even better, I suppose, but she was a truly lovely gwg.

My flight attendant was also an attractive gwg with a stronger (-7 or so) prescription in cute round plastic frames with some visible lens thickness at the edges. So a long and potentially boring flight was enlivened by at least two delightful sightings.

Therouteur 26 Oct 2014, 14:15

Hey all you Coasties. I know you're lurking out there. A rare sighting yesterday at that el cheapo chemist at Erina Fair, utterly stunning Indian pharmacist who made my heart go boom-diddy-boom. If you're not sick, fake it. It's worth it for just one shy smile through her -3s

gwgs 24 Oct 2014, 01:07

I have found this before Carrie, we had a member of staff a couple of years ago who was 19/20 years old at the time, and an attractive girl, but when she started working she was wearing small hexi non descript glasses, which didn't do anything for me personally, but then when the bigger glasses trend started emerging more into the high street opticians, she bought two pairs of big glasses, one was a large black and red wide armed plastic frame which was very chunky, and the other was a large plastic frame with round lenses. Both of them transformed her look totally.

Carrie 22 Oct 2014, 12:43

One of the regular customers at the shop where I work came in wearing new glasses today. She's fairly short sighted and used to wear glasses with thick dark plastic frames that didn't do anything for her. These new ones are also dark but much thinner. I'm not sure if they are metal or plastic. They look so much better and suit her face better. She actually looks really pretty now. Before I didn't really have an opinion on her looks. She didn't look ugly, just these new glasses allow you to see her eyes more easily. She's probably in her late 20s with red hair. It's amazing how a different pair of glasses can change how someone looks so much. Her clothes and makeup look the same as before. She's gone from someone you probably would hardly notice if you passed her in the street to someone you'd probably take a second look at if you passed her.

gwgs 20 Oct 2014, 06:15

Not so much of a sighting herewith, but a 'hearing' that I was witness to earlier.

I had the rare opportunity of sampling public transport, and was on the bus earlier when I heard a lady on her phone a few seats behind me say the following. I haven't paraphrased at all in case you are wondering;

"Yes, my glasses, I got my stronger lenses. I can now see the messages. Everything is good now...for now". The topic then diverted onto babies and holiday photos, but an interesting hearing!

I wonder what she meant by "good for now", did she expect her prescription to change again in the near future?

Tom 16 Oct 2014, 14:42

Soundmanpt: yes, that is the girl I was referring to, I forgot her name. It would be very hot to see her in action bareeyed with such a high prescription. I can only dream how she could cope with her poor eyes.

However I'm sure she is not the only one that still prefers the blur to the glasses. Although most people that doesn't like to show in glasses use contacts instead.

Maybe no one suggested this solution to the poor Laura ;-)

Soundmanpt 16 Oct 2014, 13:44


I believe your referring to a young lady named Laura. I have chatted with her over on "lenschat" from time to time and she does finally have glasses but even with a prescription of somewhere in the -5.00 range refuses to wear them except when she has no choice. So it is hard to say if her manager were to allow her to wear her glasses at work if she would anyway. She admits that she cannot see near well enough to tell when someone needs a fresh drink so she has to do it the hard way and constantly go to each table so she can get close enough to tell. Of course this makes her job much harder than it should really be.

I can only guess this is the person your asking about? i think she doesn't come around too much anymore because she got tired of so, many giving her a hard time for not wearing glasses and even calling her a fake.

Tom 15 Oct 2014, 23:28

gwgs: to all of you who may have met that shortsighed waitress here, as I did (unless someone was so lucky to met her in action in real life!) :-p

gwgs 15 Oct 2014, 02:56

Tom, who is your question directed at?

The Apprentice's 10th series started last night, and I seem to recall that there were no less than 4 gwgs out of 10 on it! They didn't all seem to be full time glasses wearers, but all were definitely prescription glasses, with one of the scenes being filmed behind a plussie contestant who wore rather bold black frames - probably Ray Ban Wayfarer's, and her lenses looked rather strong - as you could see through her lenses.

Second episode on tonight.

Tom 09 Oct 2014, 14:05

It seems poor eyesight waitress are quite common. I remember a girl here on ES working in a pub without her strong negative lenses, which she is not allowed to wear when working by her boss... did you hear from her recently?

gwgs 08 Oct 2014, 01:34

Precisely Soundman, her cheapest option would be to purchase a pair of over the counter readers will cost her a couple of $, yet save her a lot of hassle and mean she can still wear her contacts.

Soundmanpt 07 Oct 2014, 10:57

I completely agree with "GWG" that she really needs to get bifocals or progressives if she prefers no one knows she is wearing bifocals. Or id she is so determined or maybe can't afford the higher priced progressives she should at least go to a drugstore and buy her own cheap pair of readers so as to not keep bothering the other waitress. I wonder what she does when she isn't working with the other waitress?

gwgs 07 Oct 2014, 09:24

She should be wearing bifocals. Not only would she look smoking hot with these, but doubt they would help her with her everyday work! Quite an essential thing I would've thought. It reminds me of a friend from the past;

I had a flatmate many years ago I was fortunate enough to live with for about 5 years who wore fairly strong myopic glasses outside of work (she mainly wore contact lenses in the evening when she went to work) - she worked in a late night bar come gentleman's/strip club and she often complained to me that she couldn't completely make out what denomination the notes were that were given to her either as tips or when people were paying their bill (i.e. £5 / £10 / £20 etc), and she would also have trouble reading orders behind the bar due to the small print and the dim lights.

I told her that she should wear glasses with bifocal lenses instead of contacts as it would make her life a lot easier, but she was wary of this due to her profession and was worried that men would be put off her due to her wearing strong glasses with bifocal lenses. As tips were a big part of her take home pay, this was a big deal to her.

Anyway, to make the story concise, after about a year of her living with me - YES, a year!! - she took the plunge and went to the optician and got bifocals. I never heard her complain again about this, and for the next 4 odd years that I lived with her, she wore them to work every evening. She soon found out that her preconception about wearing glasses/bifocals at work was completely wrong.

I always think that one should apply sanity over vanity, and this prevailed above, and should be applied to this latest sighting posted below!

Eyestein 07 Oct 2014, 07:33


I think it would be an accommodation problem. It happens in young people too. She probably wears strong minus contacts giving her full correction for distance but making her eyes struggle to focus up close. You may have noticed that some people with minus corrections take their glasses off to read. There are bifocal options for contacts but I am not sure if they have ever been a great success. She probably does have reading glasses at home but doesn't bother to bring them to work.

SC 06 Oct 2014, 02:20

Went to restaurant over the weekend. We had a money-off voucher and gave it to the waitress - in her mid 20s. She could not read it. She looked around for another waitress - I thought she was going to ask her to read it but she asked to borrow her glasses, read tyhe letter and gave it back. She could obviously see we were surprised and so explained that she struggled with small print but the cash till was fine - I commented it was luck she had similar eyesight to the other waitress. She replied that she wore contacts 24/7 and would be lost without them, so she needed the glasses to see over the contacts.

Couldn't see whether the glasses she borrowed were plus/minus but it is an odd situation. Either she has an accommodation problem, or the contacts are plus and just not strong enough or she is over-corrected and can't see to read

Oscar 04 Oct 2014, 10:15

Carrie - I so agree! Yummy mummies can often be some of the best, especially in the morning on the school run, before the contacts go in. My favorite regular sighting at the moment is a YM who is in her early 30s, with moderate minus bifocals in pretty black frames and the great bonus of a hearing aid (which I find a huge turn-on) as well really gorgeous - she's a YM who looks great in jeans, and she has the most delicious hard-of-hearing lisp. The combination of hearing her talk and seeing her reading through the lower segment of her glasses is quite something :)

Carrie 03 Oct 2014, 15:51

Some regular Eyescene readers might remember me mentioning the girl/woman I saw most days on my way to work. The one who looked a bit like the singer Carly Ray Jepsen (if you remember who she is!). Until this week she still had the same glasses then a few days ago she got new ones. Similar style (Ray Ban like plastic frames) but slightly smaller and the rims a bit thinner. I still can't tell her prescription but she still looks really pretty and has a lovely smile. We've never really spoken apart from saying "Hi" or "'morning" as I walk past her.

I love being at work in the mornings as some parents who have taken their kids to the primary school down the road pop in to get a few essentials. Some of these parents are what I call Yummy Mummys (one of my male colleagues rather crudely refers to them as MILFs - Mums I'd Like to F**k)- noticeably more attractive than the other mums- and occasionally a few of them come in wearing glasses. One of them must usually wear contacts as her prescription looks a lot stronger than my Gemma's. There's another with a milder minus prescription possibly only worn for driving. Another one has quite a mild plus prescription. I've seen all 3 of these without their glasses. Maybe there's no time in the morning to put contacts in when you've got kids to get to school.

Guest 01 Oct 2014, 06:41

A salesgirl in a shop in my neighborhood wears really thick glasses (must be double digits). For quite a while she must have needed a new prescription as she kept squinting or holding things close to her. She had real troubles reading the screen of the cash register, leaning forward and squinting heavily. A few days ago, she came with new glasses that must get some readjustment as they tend to slip down a little. I guess with her lenses being so strong she has to look exactly through the center of the glasses, as she keeps pushing them up to her nosebridge whenever she wants to see well.

Melyssa 27 Sep 2014, 08:50

Two days ago, my husband and I were out and about all day, going to a half dozen or so places out of necessity, and with it being a holiday, I saw quite a few young women (or old girls) on their two-day school break wearing glasses, the vast majority of which were Ray-Ban-style black frames. Maybe the Generation ZZZ or whatever letter(s) they are up to have decided that small rimless or metal frames are so 19th century. :)

chrisb 26 Sep 2014, 23:50

waiting for a later train than usual from London's liverpool street station I noticed a striking girl with deep grey platinum blonde hair and matching grey framed glasses and smart business outfit. Mid twenties.

40 minutes later leaving the station I saw she'd joined my train one carriage back.

Waiting for the 08:09 train the next morning there she was again but this time wearing black ankle boots, skin tight trousers. She got on the train a few steps in front of me. At that time of day seats are at a premium but without any attempt at stalking, my seat was diagonally opposite her.

From this vantage I could see she had a strong asymetrical RX and the frames were a similar style but black with a grey side pieces still matched to her hair.

I'd hoped to offer a quick smile and maybe "great glasses" as we left the train but it was clear she was leaving the tube interchange. But another suprise; replacing her makeup in her bag she fished out a fistful of maybe 6 different frames wrapped in plastic. The only logical explanation was that she worked in an opticians or was perhaps a trainee optician.

A year ago I swapped my job in Cambridge for the city and trendy Clerkenwell in London. There are GWG a plenty and its interesting to note the number of GWGs with large dark frames but low RX. Whereas what are clearly long term GWGs with stronger RX have smaller less trendy but still nice frames.

For years we aged OOOs have lamented contacts and then Lasik fearing that the those frissons of admiration we had for a pretty girl in glasses were a thing of the past.

No more. What has caused such a reversal over the last few years?

Is it the smart phone?

Is it that our fascination has become mainstream thanks to......

aviator -00-  26 Sep 2014, 02:22

I was in a small art gallery yesterday. An attractive middle aged blond lady came in with a friend. After a while, she put on some glasses which, in the distance, I assumed to be for reading captions, but as I got closer, I saw they were at least -5. She looked good in them. Before leaving, and going into bring sunlight, she took them off. I thought this was so she could exchange these for some RX sunglasses. After standing outside with her friend for quite a while, she did put some sunglasses on, but these were non RX. I am amazed that someone who must be very short sighted could walk about the streets about without correction.

Gemma 25 Sep 2014, 10:16

Post deleted (and some related ones) - posted from a city in the Cayman Islands, not where Carrie is from

Soundmanpt 25 Sep 2014, 08:04


I do understand that in some cases you have to be more careful about asking too many questions because as you say some are more sensitive then others about their need for glasses. But from what you have told us about this young lady she seems very confident about her looks and she rather easily went to full time wear as she was told to. And she was every bit as popular with the guys around work wearing glasses as she was before she got them.

Anyway it was her that while she had her glasses off and was cleaning them commented to you about how "everything is much more out of focus now than it used to me" I'm sure she meant before she started wearing glasses. She described how she can still see objects okay without her glasses but her eyes are struggling to focus. So you should ba able to tell she is very open about talking about her need for glasses now or she would never have brought it up in the first place. So there would have been no harm in asking her as if you didn't remember when it was that she got her glasses? Then when she would tell you a year ago you could easily comment that she is probably about due to get her eyes tested again because they (optometrists) usually want you to get checked every year. No harm in that at all.

When she was prescribed glasses I wonder if she realized the effect they would have on her eyes? With glasses being so popular she may have looked at glasses the same as women look at new ear rings or a necklace, more for fashion than a need. She might have thought that if she got tired of wearing glasses she could just tke them off and her eyes would be back as they were before she got glasses? Remember when you got your first glasses. You didn't even have a clue that you even had a small need for glasses, but you always wanted to wear glasses so when you got them you went straight to full time even though you could see just fine without them, but by the end of that same year your glasses were no more just for looks because you now actually needed them.

I'm sorry you can't come in as often as you used to but I can understand that you don't want Gemma to know about your little fetish.

gwgs 23 Sep 2014, 03:45

I don't tend to post much in here anymore, as I seem to have several decent sightings every time I step outside so would never stop posting here if I did. I was in the pub last night and had 2 sightings, which even to my trained eye caused to me look numerous times over at these 2 separate ladies in question.

There was a group of young men (probably early to mid 30's) with a young lady who was probably in her late 20's who was wearing prescription glasses that seriously belonged in the 80's! They were a big plastic frame in a translucent/light pink flesh colour which I was more used to seeing Deidre on Coronation Street wearing a couple of decades ago (which she was much ridiculed for at the time).

Then the other sighting was of a lady probably in her early 30s wearing oversized Buddy Holly style glasses with the big bold black rimmed frame over the top of the frame, and the bottom practically rimless. Again, it was evident that these weren't props, or plano glasses, and that there was actually prescription lenses in them.

I often wonder if the ladies that wear these big frames that are re-emerging into fashion are ever questioned or ridiculed by their friends, as the style of these frames would have been more akin to what your gran would have worn, and much teasing would have ensued if they had worn them a decade ago, but now they are the height of fashion. Hallelujah!

Slit 22 Sep 2014, 19:29

@Tom: yes this is an emerging trend. Apparently the tiredness that brought by looking at smart phone screens too long helps to detect more and more latent hyperopia.

Tom 22 Sep 2014, 13:52

When in the supermarket I see increasing numbers of younger women with reading glasses lately. I was never very attracted to plus lenses, but The good thing is they are very conscious about their glasses, and very often pick nice & fashionable frames in which they look very sexy.

The ladies try to keep the glasses on top of their head most of the time, but you don't have to wait long to see them reaching for their specs and lowering them onto their nose, whether to read labels, look up something on their smartphones, flip through a magazine, or pay at the cashier's.

I know some of the ladies are only in their mid or late thirties as they are moms of young kids that are in class with mine. Some moms have quite strong plus prescriptions already. Also, they don't seem to mind at all about being seen in readers, which is a nice evolution.

Tom 22 Sep 2014, 13:52

When in the supermarket I see increasing numbers of younger women with reading glasses lately. I was never very attracted to plus lenses, but The good thing is they are very conscious about their glasses, and very often pick nice & fashionable frames in which they look very sexy.

The ladies try to keep the glasses on top of their head most of the time, but you don't have to wait long to see them reaching for their specs and lowering them onto their nose, whether to read labels, look up something on their smartphones, flip through a magazine, or pay at the cashier's.

I know some of the ladies are only in their mid or late thirties as they are moms of young kids that are in class with mine. Some moms have quite strong plus prescriptions already. Also, they don't seem to mind at all about being seen in readers, which is a nice evolution.

Carrie 21 Sep 2014, 06:04

Soundmanpt - I don't like to ask too many questions about peoples glasses and eyesight as it is a sensitive subject for some people. My Gemma does not like people talking about glasses as it usually means that someone will ask about her glasses. She is a little upset about how quickly her prescription has gone up and feels very vulnerable without her glasses on. Another reason I don't ask too many questions is in case people ask me why I have such an interest in glasses. Being a woman who fancies women is accepted by most people and I don't hide my sexuality but having what is basically a fetish for glasses is something I do hide as I don't think that is anywhere as widely accepted as being a gay woman is (very different things sexuality and fetishes but some people see them as similar things). Gemma knows I like using glasses sometimes when we are being intimate and I know that she likes that sometimes too but we never talk about it. I think our friend that works in the coffee shop also might secretly have a fetish for glasses as she loves wearing glasses even though she doesn't need to. She says her reason for continuing to wear the glasses was that so many people have got used to seeing her wear them that it would look strange to suddenly stop wearing them. A reasonable excuse and it's probably partly true but I'm not going to ask if she has a thing for glasses as I don't want her to ask me the same thing. I haven't asked my friend from work if she's had a reminder card and won't ask her. I probably won't even mention anything more about her sight unless she or someone else brings it up. She seems to still be able to see fine with her glasses. If she does go for an eye test soon I would guess there would be no or very little change.

As for her lovely sister, I haven't seen her for a while so I don't know if she did go full time. Obviously I would like to see her.

Soundmanpt 20 Sep 2014, 18:46


Even though her prescription seems rather weak, it is still enough that without her glasses she has a hard time focusing now. I don't know if she has even tried to go without her glasses since she started wearing them but I would think she would very quickly get a headache if she had them off for more than a few minutes. Her SPH numbers are very weak and really if that was all she had for a prescription she really wouldn't even need glasses yet. But the CYL of -.75 and -1.00 is sure to make everything appear out of focus without her glasses. And she has a prism up and prism down which doesn't help her focus either.

I'm sure things look much more blurry now when she takes her glasses off than they did when she first got them. Like you say her eyes are now completely relaxed with them. You only described how well she could see without her glasses, but did she say how well she can see with them still? If she got her glasses about a year ago she almost certainly needs a prescription change now. I You should ask her if she has gotten a reminder card from where she had her eyes examined? They usually send them out at around 11 months to let you know your due to get your eyes examined.

I'm also curious how her sister is doing with her glasses. I know she only recently got them and I remember you saying how excited she was when she got them that she came by so she could show her sister her new glasses. You said that she was told she needs them for distance as well as close up which I think was just a nice way to tell her she shuld wear them full time?

Carrie 20 Sep 2014, 09:29

At work the other day my friend & colleague with the prism prescription took her glasses off to polish them on her blouse. She looked around and remarked how everything seemed to be more out of focus than it used to be. She said she can see objects ok but can really feel her eyes struggling trying to focus and even squinting doesn't help. She tried looking out of one eye at a time and said she can't really tell which eye is better or worse for distance but feels her left eye is much worse than her right for close up, worse than when she first got glasses. She looked at some small print on a packet with one eye and then the other. She said with her right eye the print was very slightly fuzzy but with her left eye she can barely read it. With her glasses on her left eye can see like her right can without glasses. I said without my glasses all the text she was looking at just looks like a grey smudge to me and I couldn't possibly read any of it! Interestingly our distance vision without glasses seems very similar.

I looked through my older posts on Eyescene to find when I first mentioned my friend's glasses as I was sure I put her prescription. I did and this is what I wrote "R Sph -0.25 Cyl -0.75 Axis 90.0. L Sph +0.50 Cyl -1.00 Axis 81. Below that it says RPrism V-Dist 1.00 Down. LPrism V-Dist 1.00 Up." As it's nearly a year since she got glasses her eyes have probably fully relaxed so feel worse when she takes her glasses off but I expect it is also quite likely that she needs a new prescription.

Soundmanpt 20 Sep 2014, 08:04


Not surprisingly this is often how someone discovers that they need vision correction. Depending on what type of work she does at the workshop will determine how well she can see wearing her friends glasses on Monday. If she is doing any kind of close work she may find that the glasses will feel a little bit too strong for her eyes since the glasses are no doubt minus. Her eyes are probably fine for seeing close up, however if she keeps them on her eyes should adjust to them. And of course if her job involves seeing at a distance then the glasses should work very well for her.

Now the young lady that was wearing contacts but found that the one pair of glasses really suited her as for as how they looked is also something that often happens with teen girls. One girl that wears glasses gets new ones and her best friend likes her old glasses even though she doesn't need glasses herself. The girl with the new glasses gives her friend her old glasses to wear.

Michael 20 Sep 2014, 01:19

Great sighting yesterday at a workshop. In a break for coffee four young woman sat together. A sat nearby and they talked about glasses. Two of them had glasses on, one of them wear contacts. The glasses wearer took their glasses off and reach them to each other for trying on.

They were fittet with minus lenses, the first with about -4 the second with about -2 lenses. The woman with -2 tried the -4 first and said that they make her sight very clear but things become a little more small. The no lenses wearer put them off after ten seconds and said she felt dizzy while looking through. The contact wearer only try and look in a hand mirror. She said that she saw a blurry but the other meant that the style were perfect for her.

then the non-lenses-wearer tried on the -2 glasses and she let them on a long time, looked around try to read, go to the window and come back a said "I think this glasses are made for me, I thought I don´t need some, but this seems perfect. My sight are so crystal clear with them on. May I wear them for a few time?" The owner replied that she had a spare-pair and will gave her on monday.

She wear the glasses till the workshop continued.

kisal 15 Sep 2014, 06:06

At an ice show, a pretty young woman sat down a couple rows in front of me and to the side. She was wearing rather ordinary wire-rimmed glasses, clear, not sunglasses or photogray. Then when she sat down she took these off and changed to a fairly stunning black-rimmed style of glasses. Even though she looked too young for reading glasses I thought she had switched to readers to see the program better. But she kept the black pair on throughout the show. Perhaps they were lineless bifocals, but still puzzled as to why she would change. She left while I wasn't looking, so I couldn't see which pair she had on when she left.

Traveller 14 Sep 2014, 11:09

At the County Fair recently working in the Charity Marquee. Several charities were serving refreshments and the one nearest was doing face painting.

There was a Mom and her 3 children, girl about 16 working with Mom on face painting and twin 11yr old boys serving at table. All kids were clones of the Mom with plus glasses. Mom was about +6, twins were about +3, but daughter was a total stunner with strong glasses about +9. She was very snappy and bad tempered to her brothers. After a while, Mom said to her "shall we both put on our readers to see the faces better?" After a short sulk, she switched to a pair of lenticular lensed glasses and could clearly see much better. Later her Mom joined me for tea and apologised for daughter's behaviour. She said she had had a bad week. MD had told her she was not a candidate for an operation to insert IOLs and she would always wear glasses, also she was prescribed lenticular reading glasses!

Adalle 25 Aug 2014, 01:41

I was driving yesterday and I was stuck in a traffic light that it takes a long of time to go green. Almost next to me was a bus station and a boy and a girl around 17-18 years old were sitting there. They were both attractive but especially the girl was stunning. The boy wore a large pair of plastic dark brown glasses with a significant cut-in. Their body language showed that they should have been in their first date.

A few seconds after I was there, the girl leaned towards the boy and gave him a gentle kiss and the boy responded with a kiss too. After about 10 seconds of kissing, the girl leaned back a bit, raised her arms and gently removed the boy's glasses. She inspected them and then, while giggling, tried them on. She looked awesome! She turned towards the boy again, asked him something and they started kissing again, this time more passionately.

The traffic light went green and I had to go, but I think that they most surely would miss the bus...

Soundmanpt 21 Aug 2014, 12:21


So it would seem that the glasses that this neighbor girl got 4 years ago were her first glasses and must have been very weak. Her vision must not have changed much over the past 4 years since she must not have felt any need for stronger glasses and only went for an exam because it was suggested by her parents since she was going to start driving. So even though she is now wearing her new glasses full time her prescription still must be on the weak side? Your pretty good at placing a guess on people's glasses prescriptions and I am sure you were looking very hard at her lenses trying to tell what her prescription might be. I would think her first glasses were probably around -.75 if she only needed them to see the board. With small increases, if she had gone back each year, her new glasses I would put at somewhere around -1.75 or -2.00. The fact that you find her to be more attractive now and not just because she is now wearing glasses but otherwise as well makes sense. She is now a young woman and not the kid you saw before. She is likely far more girly these days and cares about her looks. Not to mention what just a little bit of makeup can do.

You hadn't said much about Gemma's vision, but i was thinking it had been a while since she got her current glasses. The fact that she hasn't had much if any problems seeing for 2 years should mean she may only need a small increase. So her eyes could be showing signs of slowing down and it's possible this might be her last increase.

Carrie 20 Aug 2014, 13:36

A girl who lives in the same street as me has just started wearing glasses full time. She's just turned 17. I've known her for pretty much her whole life. We're not close friends due to our age difference and our own different friends but we still have a good chat when we see each other. She got glasses when she was at school as she had difficulty reading what was on the board. She didn't wear them much and still had the same glasses until she got these new ones. She was going to start driving lessons and her parents suggested she got her eyes checked as it had been nearly 4 years since her last checkup. She said she went to her optician and got a new prescription a lot stronger than her old one and was told she might find it more comfortable to wear her new prescription all the time. She said she didn't really want to wear glasses all the time and was sure her eyes can't have got that much worse and would just wear them when needed. But as soon as she put her new glasses on she realised the optician was right. The world is so much clearer with them on. I asked her if she knew her prescription and she said "2 point something." She wants to get contacts but the optician suggested to wait until her next eye test. She does look good in her glasses and I have to admit I do find her attractive. She has suddenly got better looking (it's not just the glasses).

My girlfriend, Gemma, has booked an eye test for 6th September. It's been 2 years since her last one and has noticed she doesn't see quite as clearly as she could when she got her current glasses. She's expecting to get a stronger prescription. She's not exactly thrilled at the thought of stronger glasses. She isn't bothered about wearing glasses, although she'd rather not need them, but is concerned about how bad her eyesight has got and is getting. She had hoped her current prescription would be the last time she needed an increase. Although I do like the fact she wears glasses I do share her concerns. I love her so much and hate to see her worried. I am going to do my best to distract her from the thoughts. I think she looks incredible in both her current frames. A lot of people have said she looks older than me. With her previous glasses she looked her age (just a couple of months younger than me) or even a bit younger.

myopeinhere 18 Aug 2014, 12:20

Once in a lifetime sighting for me today

In a restaurant having lunch and the waitress popped over,,,,,



had had a couple of pints so said that even though they were obviously very strong glasses they suited her really well

Then got the story,eye infection so no contacts for a week,prescription was pretty hefty she couldn't remember exactly,seemed to think round -15 but pleased I'd commented on them,she hated them and lack of peripheral vision.

But made my day

JES 18 Aug 2014, 10:56

The blonde cashier at my local supermarket, approximately a +9 with hi-index lenses and a square metal frame looked at me over the top of her glasses showing her tiny eyes. Then she tilted her head backwards and looked through her strong magnifying lenses with her enormous eyes. That's definately one thing with strong glasses-wearers that turns me on. They can look completely different with glasses than without them!

Eyestein 05 Aug 2014, 04:33

Today I saw my wife's Chinese niece for the first time in 4 years. She is now a beautiful myopic lady of 19. Her glasses appeared to be no less than about -10 dioptres in strength but that was judging only by the cut-in. The interesting feature was a lack of obvious power rings. Looking at her glasses I could see only a subdued concentric ripple effect without the reflective brightness that is typical of power rings. I am guessing that this is the result of high index combined with a very good AR coating. Maybe I have just noticed for the first time something that is not really uncommon out there.

minus5wholuvsgwgs 04 Aug 2014, 03:00

Whilst as far as I am concerned pictures of minors are a definite no no sightings are ok Saw a high myope about 14 or so with a prescription of about minus 14 she had fashionable Rayban frames but interestingly had a lined bifocal presumably to try to arrest the progression She will be a lovely young lady in a few years time my guess is she may well get to minus 20 plus

Weirdeyes 02 Aug 2014, 02:34

My music teacher is definitely not optically obsessed. Today I wore my new glasses to the lesson. The first thing she said was "You wear glasses?!" I've actually worn my glasses in front of her many times. My old glasses aren't even that subtle. They are rayban wayfarers.

Carrie 01 Aug 2014, 16:28

I saw another woman wearing rimless glasses yesterday! She was in the shop where I work. I saw her from the back and noticed she was wearing glasses. She looked really hot from the back in her running clothes that were tight fitting on her tallish athletic body. I went to "tidy" the shelves near where she was so I could try to get a better look. She turned to me to ask me where a particular product was. So I got the good look I was after. Her glasses were conventional rimless, not at all unusual like the ones I saw the other day. I was rather disappointed - yes she was wearing glasses but she just wasn't attractive. Not ugly but not good looking, although her body was just as lovely from the front as from the back. The glasses did suit her but I didn't get a very long look.

I've still got my rimless glasses somewhere. It's been a while since I wore them. I thought they were pretty and they were very feminine but I gradually went off them.

Euro Traveller 01 Aug 2014, 12:01

Carrie - it is very rare to see such frames anywhere in the last couple of years. All I will say is that you were very lucky. I love that look on a woman!

Soundmanpt 01 Aug 2014, 10:58

Carrie and Crystal Veil

Rimless glasses are not seen very often here in the US either. I still see a fair amount of semi rimless glasses though. Full rim frames are most common now.

Crystal Veil 28 Jul 2014, 17:53


rimless glasses are very much on the decline in thestreets here in the Netherlands.

Carrie 28 Jul 2014, 15:13

I saw a woman wearing some unusual rimless glasses yesterday. The metal arms of her glasses were split half way between the lenses and the ears so one part attached to the top of the lens and the other part attached to the bottom of the lens forming a narrow V shape on its side. She had curly dark hair loosely tied back allowing me to see the cut in. She was probably around -4. She was aged about 30, attractive and probably Italian or Spanish as she had a mediterranean look about her. I didn't hear her speak so I'll never know. Are rimless glasses popular in the rest of Europe as they seem to be less popular in the UK?

Soundmanpt 26 Jul 2014, 10:48


Your co-worker / friend's sister's eyes have no doubt adjusted to her glasses. She was told she needed them for both distance as well as for close up which was pretty much telling her that she needed to wear her glasses full time. So the more she has been wearing them her vision is going to be clearer and sharper than it it now when she takes them off. She seemed really excited about getting her first glasses anyway, so she likely doesn't mind wearing them all the time. You could probably ask your friend if her sister is wearing her glasses all the time or not. I am sure she would know.

The friend of a friend that you recognized from college that popped over to the table to see her friend. Were you able to get much of a look at her glasses to tell about what her prescription is? My guess is since they are her first glasses they are probably on the weak side since she said her distance vision was only slightly blurry with them on at first. Then she soon found that she could see distances perfect with them and now she doesn't bother taking them off at all anymore. She is at the year point so she will probably soon be going back for an eye exam and she will find that her distance vision isn't as good as it was before she got glasses and besides an increase she will be told that she needs to start wearing her glasses full time if she hasn't already. Too bad you may not see her again to see if that happens.

Carrie 25 Jul 2014, 21:10

I think my colleague's/friend's sister my be going full time with her glasses as she's been wearing them every time I've seen her (she comes in to the shop where I work once or twice a week). A few day ago I asked how she was getting on with them and she said she could see everything really clearly now and her eyes must be worse than she realised. I didn't ask any more questions about her glasses in case she thought I was a bit too interested!

I was in a pub garden on Wednesday after work (we're having some really lovely weather in England at the moment) with Gemma and a few friends having a few drinkies when a friend of one of the friends I was with came over to see her friend and said Hi to everyone. I don't know her very well but I did recognise her from college but she is now far better looking than she was then (she wasn't ugly at college just unremarkable). She was wearing dark brown roundish plastic framed glasses with a mild plus prescription. Her friend commented on the glasses saying "I thought you only wore glasses for reading." She replied "I've been wearing them so much for studying at uni it just became easier to just wear them all the time!" Someone else asked her if she actually needs them all the time now. " She said something like "I can see fine without them, except when reading, but I've got so used to the feeling of them on my face it feels weird not to wear them. I was in a lecture writing notes when I looked up to look at the lecturer and suddenly realised I was looking at him through my glasses instead of over them and he was fully in focus instead of very slightly blurred. It was then I thought I would keep my glasses on just during the the day but I soon started keeping them on in the evenings and eventually weekends. They do also help my eyes feel more relaxed when I'm tired." I asked when she got her first glasses and she said the ones she was wearing were her first and she got them this time last year. I said they looked really nice on her. Everyone agreed. We then carried on chatting about other things.

aviator -oo- 10 Jul 2014, 18:22

Currently, I would say that the most popular frame style for sunglasses is the 'aviator' shape. I have observed that where sunglasses lead, RX frames usually follow. However, the re-emergence of metal aviator frames for prescription lenses has been very slow to take place – at least in England. In Sweden however, I was interested to observe a significant minority of young people wearing aviator frame glasses. The Wayferer style remains the most popular at present, but I sense that this will give way to thin metal frames in the next year or so, and that the aviator frame will have a long overdue revival.

aviator -oo- 10 Jul 2014, 18:22

Currently, I would say that the most popular frame style for sunglasses is the 'aviator' shape. I have observed that where sunglasses lead, RX frames usually follow. However, the re-emergence of metal aviator frames for prescription lenses has been very slow to take place – at least in England. In Sweden however, I was interested to observe a significant minority of young people wearing aviator frame glasses. The Wayferer style remains the most popular at present, but I sense that this will give way to thin metal frames in the next year or so, and that the aviator frame will have a long overdue revival.

aviator -oo- 10 Jul 2014, 18:19

Currently, I would say that the most popular frame style for sunglasses is the 'aviator' shape. I have observed that where sunglasses lead, RX frames usually follow. However, the re-emergence of metal aviator frames for prescription lenses has been very slow to take place – at least in England. In Sweden however, I was interested to observe a significant minority of young people wearing aviator frame glasses. The Wayferer style remains the most popular at present, but I sense that this will give way to thin metal frames in the next year or so, and that the aviator frame will have a long overdue revival.

James 08 Jul 2014, 07:00

Interesting sighting of two highly myopic tourists in London today with totally different approaches to frames and lenses.

There was a crowd of 6 teenage Italians on the tube of which two wore incredibly strong minus lenses.

The male had opted for incredibly small frames that seemed to fit inside the gap under the bone where the eyebrows are. The frames seemed to be amazing small but the cut it was enormous; I'd estimate 30% of the outer part of the lens gave a view "through" his head. The lenses were at least 12mm thick and I'd estimate that the lenses were only 40 ish mm wide.

Whereas, a slightly taller female has opted for huge Gucci frames with very dark tinted lenses, perhaps mirroring the large sunglasses perched on some if her friends heads. The lenses were so dark it was impossible to see the strength of the lenses apart from two give-aways: firstly, the lenses had fronts that were concave inwards and secondly it was easy to see a small circle in each lens indicating myodisc lenses.

I'm assuming that they might be related as there was an argument, the makes started laughing and the girl with the Gucci myodiscs started shouting at the cattivo sorello.

Soundmanpt 07 Jul 2014, 13:55


Very little surprise that your friend and co worker's sister does in fact need glasses. Generally speaking when some feels they might need glasses chances are about 99.9% that they do. With you and her both needing plus glasses and you not able to see very well through her glasses means she must have a decent amount of astigmatisms and maybe she also has prisms in her glasses. They are sisters so they could very well have similar genes. I'm very sure that the reason she was told she needs them for distance is because of the astigmatisms. The plus are is probably pretty weak which explains why she is able to not only see well close up but even mid range as well so soon. The fact that she was told to wear them full time for about 2 weeks is not at all unusual. This is her first glasses she needs her eyes to adjust to the prescription. But also for her to get used to the feel of glasses on her nose and behind her ears and learning to look through 2 little pieces of plastic to see. The idea is so after 2 weeks she can determine for herself how much she needs her glasses? I'm sure they probably do think that by the time 2 weeks are up her eye will be much more adjusted to seeing with her glasses and she will just continue to wear them full time. My guess is her distance vision will be completely clear by then and she very likely would get headaches if she tries to go without her glasses for more than a short time due to the astigmatisms. If they told her she needs them for close as well as distance they are really telling her she needs them all the time of course. After her eyes adjust to her glasses for distance she will go through a time where her distance will be good with or without her glasses and then distances will soon be blurry without her glasses.

She must not have any problem with the idea of wearing glasses since she was so excited to come and show her sister right away. her glasses sound really cute and if the optician adjusted them properly so they fit well she should get very comfortable wearing them. It sounds like you and her sister both gave your approval of her new glasses look.

Do you have any idea what type of work she does? No doubt if she has an office job and does much paper work her eyes are going to feel so much better now with glasses. That will also make it easier for her to get used to having them on all the time as well.

I kind of figured that once your cousin finally stopped fighting her need for wearing her glasses full time she would soon not even think about it anymore.

Carrie 05 Jul 2014, 09:51

My friend/colleague's sister came in to the shop yesterday and was wearing glasses! She had just picked them up and had come to show them off to her sister. She said before her eye test she thought she might need glasses for reading. She was right about that but was also told she needed them for distances too. She said she was told she is long sighted and has astigmatism in both eyes. She's also supposed to wear them all the time for a couple of weeks to get used to them. She handed them over for her sister and me to look at and I noticed the strange distortion through the lenses, similar to her sisters glasses, caused by the astigmatism prescription. The left lens looked a similar + prescription to her sister's left lens and the right was a stronger + than the left (her sister, my friend, has + only in the left eye and, if I remember correctly, a very slight - in the right eye. She has astigmatism prescription in both lenses and a prism in both lenses). I asked her how her sight was now she has glasses. She said "It's great! I've only had them for a couple of hours but I have noticed reading is very clear. I hadn't noticed any trouble with distances but everything up to middle distance does seem clearer but far distances are worse but the optician said that will get better and soon everything will be really clear with my glasses on."

Her frames are metal, shiny silver colour and slightly angled up towards the hinges like a very subtle cat-eye shape. Very pretty! She looks gorgeous in them.

I'm wondering if that "wear them all the time for 2 weeks to get used to them" thing is another way of getting new glasses wearers to go full time without telling them they should. I would guess that most people who wore their glasses full time for 2 weeks would find they prefer to keep wearing them full time after the 2 weeks was up.

Soundmanpt - my cousin does seem more comfortable with her glasses now. I've not seen her without them since she gave in to full time wear.

gwgs 04 Jul 2014, 05:11

There's a lot of it around Puffin - thank heavens for it as well, as the smaller frames were just not that appealing and these larger frames for me as SO hot.

gwgs 04 Jul 2014, 05:10

Interesting sighting on the TV that I spotted a couple of weeks ago! 2 sexy girls with glasses at a Formula 1 race get the Sky Sports Camera on them

Puffin 03 Jul 2014, 20:08

Interesting sighting on the train home tonight: I sat down opposite a young woman reading a book, she was wearing large dark brown glasses, near round, quite gentle correction minus 2 or less.

I thought I would never see such things again, but suddenly it seems like we are back in the 80's - this is the second sighting this week like this. Only the lenses are different materials, but at that strength it makes little difference to thickness etc.

JC 01 Jul 2014, 15:31

At the airport waiting for a flight I saw a guy and girl in their late teens or early twenties; for some reason I got the feeling they were brother and sister. When I first saw them he was throughly cleaning a pair of glasses which after looking a little more carefully I saw were pink and purple. I then stated to pay more attention to the girl. She her a laptop on her laptop but didn't even pretend to be looking at it - she sat there looking forward at nothing in particular. Later she looked over to see how it was going and gave a tremendous squint to see him sitting right next to her. He spent quite some time on both lenses, both sides, frequently looking through them to see how it was coming along. When he returned them she was then able to continue with her laptop. I estimate they were -6 or -7. I'm curious if he offered to clean them or if she asked. She was wearing a sweater which wouldn't work to wipe them with; some might cringe but he was using his t-shirt.

Millhouse 29 Jun 2014, 07:56

At a supermarket in a town not far from me...

A young lady at the checkout I used.

About 18/19 yo, pale completion, slim, petit long hair tied up to a high ponytail. She had on the now popular black round large plastic frames that women seem to have embraced of late. The lenses though were the main thing, at least -8 with a good thick edge and lots of cut too in that made here eyes quite small. I was transfixed momentarily and couldn't take my eyes off her as we made the transaction.

Soundmanpt 28 Jun 2014, 14:38


Clearly your friend doesn't have a clue about how she needs to clean her glasses. She has been wearing glasses now for what you said is now about 9 months so you think in that time she would have figured out what is the best way to clean her glasses. I wonder why she didn't think to ask you? She sees you wearing your glasses on a daily basis and she wears her everyday as well it would seem if she didn't know what to use on them she would have asked someone that also wears glasses for advice. It really makes me wonder what other products she has maybe used on them? Like you know you have to be very careful with what you use because many things will harm the coatings on lenses these days. You admitedly like her, so you should probably take her with you every so often into the ladies loo and clean your glasses together so she learns how.

It seems a sure thing that her sister will be getting glasses now as well. I guess the only question is if she will need them full time or just part time for reading? There is always the chance she also may need prisms in her glasses.

It has been a while since your cousin finally stopped fighting it and went to full time wear. Now that she is full time does she seem more comfortable about wearing her glasses?

Carrie 28 Jun 2014, 09:27

Maybe being a little drunk (but not as drunk as the man in the pub garden!) made my friend's eyes more relaxed so when she took her glasses off her eyes didn't strain to focus. She may have been exaggerating a little, of course. I might have better accommodation than her as I could manage to get around without my glasses but I would start to feel rather uncomfortable after a while. If I really concentrate hard I can read a short time without my glasses but that is very tiring for my eyes. If I relax my eyes without glasses on reading is impossible and distances are fuzzy - not a total blur just annoyingly out of focus.

This friend of mine can be a bit dumb sometimes. Yesterday she asked me if exfoliating soap would be ok to use when cleaning her glasses! Obviously I said no because, depending on which one it is, it's probably got something in it that helps to scrub off dead skin which would probably scratch the lenses.

I did casually bring up the subject of the possibility of her sister needing glasses (a potential sighting, hopefully!). She said her sister thinks she might need reading glasses because "..her eyes get tired after being on her laptop and looking through the left lens of my glasses did make things clearer close up and, unlike the right lens, it didn't make distant objects blurry either. I don't really notice the difference close up." Her sister was going to get her eyes tested on Thursday but I didn't ask my friend about it on Friday at work in case she thought it was strange that I was taking such an interest in her sister's eyesight. They are a good looking family. Their mum is still pretty and their dad is still quite handsome. There's an older brother that I've never met but I've seen photos of him and he's very handsome! I feel like thanking their parents for producing 3 gorgeous children! (yes, perhaps I do fancy the brother a little bit but nowhere near as much as my friend and her sister!)

Soundmanpt 23 Jun 2014, 22:03


It always amazes me how some people either never bother to clean their glasses or clean them completely wrong when they do finally get to where they can hardly see anything through them anymore. It sounds like you friend is one of them for sure. Grabbing whatever is close by to clean her glasses is terrible. Just from what you say the few times she ever does take them off to clean them she has no doubt used many of the things that will wreck her glasses. Things like paper towels, tissues, are commonly used and because they are made from wood they leave many very tiny scratches on the lenses. It's probably a good thing she was told she needed to wear her glasses full time when she got them because not having the case anymore if she only needed them for distance she would probably be throwing them in her bag unprotected from keys and other things that would have made even bigger scratches on her glasses. Interesting that the first time her glasses have ever been washed was by you and a few times when she maybe got caught in the rain. I hope she learned from you since she will be wearing glasses for the rest of her life. Since you work with her you may need to see if she does any better with keeping her glasses clean. Not having the cleaning cloth that she got when she got her glasses can happen but instead of buying a micro cloth you can always buy a cloth baby diaper and cut it into small pieces and have enough clothes for everyone you know that wears glasses.

She seems like a lot of fun. Did she think she was the only one that couldn't see the TV without her glasses? But to be honest of the 3 of you I would have thought she might still be more able to see the TV at normal room distance without her glasses since her prescription was really pretty weak as for as her distance, she was barely even nearsighted (short sighted). So Gemma clearly had no chance of seeing anything on the TV screen at all. I'm a bit surprised you could still see as much of the TV as you could even if it was a little fuzzy.

The drunk guy was probably very right. I would also be very envious of some guy sitting there with 3 very attractive young ladies.

Carrie 23 Jun 2014, 14:41

My friend/co-worker has had trouble with her vision because she doesn't clean her glasses properly, not because her eyes have got a lot worse in 9 months! She was at our flat on Saturday before we (her, her boyfriend, my girlfriend Gemma and me) went to our local pub for a few drinks. She noticed a smudge on her glasses. She took them off and turned them so the fronts of the lenses were facing her and quickly rubbed them up and down her t-shirt before putting them back on. I asked her if she had her glasses cloth with her. "No, I lost it and the case." she said. I said she could use one of my cloths. She gave her lenses a very quick rub with my cloth and put them back on. I asked her if that was better and she said "A bit." So I asked her if she ever washed her glasses and she said she'd never washed them. I told her it was a good idea to clean them regularly as grease can build up on the nose pieces and the ear hook things (I don't know the proper name!)and also get on the lenses. So I showed her, with her glasses, how to wash them. The lenses were slightly smeary. This also gave me an opportunity to look through the lenses (the last time was when she first got them). Quite interesting how one lens slightly shrinks as well as changes the angle of the objects seen through it while the other lens slightly magnifies and stretches things. I patted her glasses dry with a cotton towel and then polished the lenses again with my glasses cloth and passed her glasses back to her. She put them back on and remarked how clear everything was again!

One, slightly drunk, man in the pub garden (we didn't know him) said to my friend's boyfriend "You're a lucky bugger sitting with those 3 fit birds! They've got to be really fit if they still look fit with glasses on!". My friend's boyfriends just said "Thanks." as the man walked off, then we all burst out laughing. We took the man's comment as a compliment! (If you're not from the UK "fit" is used by a lot of men in the UK to describe a good looking woman. It's a bit crude and possibly slightly sexist but I don't mind too much).

After several hours (and far too many drinks!) we all went back to my flat. I put the tv on to see if there was anything worth watching. As I was going through the cable tv on screen programme guide thing my friend took her glasses off and said she couldn't read most of it without her glasses but could see it perfectly with her glasses on. Then the rest of us all said together "Neither can I!". (Although I can sort of read it without my glasses from a normal tv watching distance but it is a little fuzzy and it makes my eyes ache.)

Then my friend said "Oh yeah, my sister thinks she might need glasses too. She tried my glasses on the other day and said she could see slightly better through the left lens but the right lens made things worse. She could only look out of one eye at a time because she said my glasses made her feel dizzy when she she looked out of both eyes at the same time." Her sister is as gorgeous as she is and about a year older. I tried not to sound over interested but I did politely ask if her sister has had her eyes tested. She replied "Not yet, but I think she's going soon. This week I think. Not sure though."

Soundmanpt 17 Jun 2014, 14:43


Sorry to hear that Gemma and you were going through some tough times but if a relationship is meant to be it sometimes has to endure those times and it seems you and her did do that. So if it means cutting back on being on the net then it is worth it. But just so long as you don't go away completely.

Since you have seen your ex's gf since she started wearing glasses you have a big advantage over me. I am just surprised that she would have held off for so long to get glasses if her eyes were that nearsighted (short sighted). Being at or near -2.00 she could barely see to drive anymore and certainly not very safely. But that would explain her going to full time wear as soon as she got them.

Your friend and co-worker probably should call for an appointment now if she isn't seeing distances as well as she was when she got her glasses. When they say to come back in a year they mean if your vision is still good with your glasses. Actually I am surprised they didn't want her to return in 6 months because of the prisms they prescribed her. It would seem they would have wanted to check her eyes sooner to see if she needed more prism added. The double vision and headaches she now gets when she has her glasses off for a few minutes is most certainly caused by the prisms in her glasses. She must know by now that she will need to wear glasses from now on and that she can never wear contacts? But from what you said the fact that she wears glasses has not had any effect on her appeal to the guys around where you both work and her self confidence never changed a bit either.

Carrie 16 Jun 2014, 16:02

Anonymous - I see what you did there!:-) I'm sure you weren't being picky but I tend not to draw attention to grammar, punctuation or spelling mistakes.

Soundmanpt - I haven't been away as such, I just didn't feel like posting. Gemma and me had a "rocky" period in our relationship (several silly arguments about nothing) and at one point I thought we were going to split up but we got through it (after a LOT of tears from both of us) and we are very much still together and love each other as much, if not more, than before. (if all this lovey dovey stuff makes anyone feel sick - TOUGH!) I am also going to spend less time on the 'net and more time with Gemma. I've been a bad girlfriend lately and have been neglecting her when all she wanted is to snuggle up and chill out on the sofa with me.

My ex's girlfriend looks just as good in her new glasses as she did in her old ones. Her first prescription was definitely higher than -1.00, probably nearer -2.00. I remember they looked similar in strength to the glasses Gemma had when we first got together and they were just over -2.00. There is more of a cut-in with her new glasses.

My co worker (and friend) got her glasses in October, so not a year just yet. She has mentioned her eyes feel strange and she gets slight double vision when she takes her glasses off. If she leaves them off for more than a few minutes she gets a headache. She remembers how she was a bit shocked to be told it would be better if she wore her glasses all the time when she thought she was only going to need them for distances. She has accepted the fact that she does need them all the time. She thinks she might need a new prescription at her next checkup as she feels distances aren't as sharp as they could be and possibly less sharp than earlier in the year although she can see much better with her glasses than without.

 14 Jun 2014, 12:38


Good to see your back."

Wouldn't you rather see her front?

Soundmanpt 14 Jun 2014, 11:57


Good to see your back.

I'm sure you were probably happy to see both your ex as well as his new gf. You didn't say if you preferred her new glasses to her previous first pair or not? It's interesting that everyone seems to think that good old super glue will fix their broken glasses. Like so many others she also found out it doesn't ever seem to hold very well. Most of the time not only doesn't it not work but most usually end up getting the glue on the lenses and that ruins them as well. It is funny that some company that manufactures various glues doesn't come up with one just for repairing glasses. It would sure seem there is a need for a product like that.

The advice she got when she went to replace her glasses after failing to fix them with glue was good. Glasses generally cost far more than the eye exam and in this case it was even better since they waved the cost of her eye exam if she bought her glasses their. A pretty fair deal really. It is not surprising that she needed an increase. It seems when someone gets glasses for the first time because their eyes just aren't as relaxed as they really need to be the eye exam often comes up a little bit weaker than what is needed. But with her going straight to full time wear with her first glasses her eyes were likely much more relaxed this time and her eyes probably were changing as well. It sounds like she must have gotten about a full diopter increase which is enough that i'm sure she does notice the difference now when she takes her glasses off much more than before. Too bad she doesn't know what her prescription is, but she probably didn't ask. I would think her new glasses wouldn't be that much. That would mean her first glasses were somewhere around -2.00 which is a little high for a first prescription. Most would get their eyes checked at about -1.00 or slightly more. So that would make her new ones more like -2.00 now.

How is your co worker doing? You mentioned a while ago that she was complaining that her vision didn't seem quite as good as when she first got her glasses. She is the one with the weak prescription but included prisms. She has now been wearing her first glasses for over a year so she should be about due as well and usually doctors only put in a small amount of prism at first so the wearer can adjust to it and then they want to increase it rather quickly after that.

Carrie 14 Jun 2014, 08:18

I met up with my ex and his girlfriend last weekend - it's been ages since I saw them. I noticed she was wearing different glasses from the pair I've seen her wear when she got them last year (her first ever glasses). I also noticed that the lenses looked slightly stronger. I mentioned the new frames (I didn't say anything about the lenses). She said she'd managed to break her glasses a couple of months ago and managed to glue them back together but they kept coming apart again every few days. So she decided to buy new ones. The opticians recommended she got her eyes tested again as it was about a year since her last eye test and if she bought her new glasses from them they'd take the cost of the eye test off the price of the glasses. It turned out she did need a stronger prescription. She said she hadn't realised her eyes had got worse. She couldn't remember her prescription but she did know that it was different in each eye. She thinks the prescription in one eye "....went up by one." but wasn't sure what that meant or if it was a lot. I said I didn't think it was much. She said her eyesight is more noticeable now when she takes her new glasses off than when taking off her old glasses. Her glasses aren't as strong as my girlfriend Gemma's glasses but if her eyes continue to get worse at this rate she could easily overtake Gemma's prescription in the next 2 or 3 years, if Gemma's doesn't increase by much or at all.

I'm guessing my ex's girlfriend's glasses must be close to -3.

She's still as hot as ever and still very much in love with my ex.

Revolver 09 Jun 2014, 21:39

Here's a sighting that was also a talking! A large, but quiet bistro, server had time to talk. She was a very attractive young (18-20?)range, took my drink order and when she came back complimented her on her eyewear. They were modern retro larger cateyes, black with sparkly thingys on the front, and a low minus probably in the 1 to 1.50 area with maybe some low cyl.

The compliment was all it took, then asked her if it was her first pair, she said no that she'd had these for a month and got her first ones a year before that. She was very talkative and open, said she'd gotten them because she was having trouble reading street signs at night, and then expanded on what it was like first time she put them on. The usual OMG reaction etc. and detailed the refraction a little even when she was able to look through the final RX in amazement.

And she went a step further, said she had a friend who liked how the cateyes looked so much the friend wanted to try them on, and had the same OMG reaction saying I've gotta go to the eye doctor. Server said she was going to loan her friend her own first pair until she could do so.

WOW! Those sightings are rare.

Millhouse 08 Jun 2014, 07:54

At a local bar in my home town, A slim girl, about 20yo, long dark hair, "tan tattoos" on upper arm and lower leg but very feminine. She had dark framed semi rimless with about -7 or -6 rex (I suspect it have been more).The frames had small crystal glass pieces or some such thing in each arm . They looked GREAT on her, fitted her face perfectly, who ever chose them or advised her to get them did a great job. One of those sightings I wont forget for quite a while.

Mike 02 Jun 2014, 18:23


on a flea-market in germany last sunday:

A group of four girls, all round 16 y/o have most fun by trying hats and glasses. Mostly they shouted that they see nothing with the glasses on. The lenses in the glasses mostly have diopters about +6 or more.

One of them try an old-fashioned pair with minus glasses about -2 diopters and she suddenly say that she could see quite good with them on.

The others want to try them on too and all of them could see with them. So, the first girl bought the glasses put them on and wear them for some minutes. Then a friend of her put them on by herself for wearing a lot of time.

Nice sighting.


Carrie 24 May 2014, 13:41

Me and my girlfriend recently joined the NHS Organ Donor Register. A leaflet that answers some FAQs about organ donation is sent with the Thank You letter. On the front and on the first inside page of this leaflet are photos of a woman whose life was saved by a lung transplant as she had Cystic Fibosis. The woman is very pretty with blond hair and dark metal rimmed glasses. Her name is Emily Thackray. Here are a couple of photos of her Video about half way down the page

Galileo 19 May 2014, 07:50

I just had one of those sightings to dream about. I got in a lift and a young woman with long hair, casually dressed very attractive got in with me. She smiled at me giving me a full on view of her glasses which must be in the -14 to -16 range.

Then there was a power cut and the lift stopped. She was clearly shaken by the event and we stood there with just the emergency lighting illuminating the scene. I chatted with her to reassure her. The lift had mirrors on all sides including the doors so whichever way I looked I got some aspect of her glasses. Narrow black plastic rectangular frame with wide arms to hide the lens thickness, but as I was a bit taller than her the lens thickness was easy to see over the top of her frames. Lots of power rings and cut in when we made eye contact. We had five minutes of chatting before the generator powered up and the lift came back to life. That was a really great five minutes.

Carrie 11 May 2014, 19:52

Soundmanpt - I just feel that some things should not be shared with people you know, not even with those closest to you. Yes we love each other deeply, as you'd expect but I think that might just freak her out. There might be something that secretly turns her on that might make me freak out and I'm perfectly happy her keeping that secret.

Maybe the 16 year old does have a thing for women in glasses or maybe she just uses someone's glasses as a talking point. Maybe if I or the woman at the party had been wearing an unusual hat or necklace or something she might have asked to wear that. It's quite embarrassing having a 16 year old having a crush on me, although it is a little bit flattering too and Gemma thinks it's cute. I don't know who the woman with glasses was.

Soundmanpt 11 May 2014, 12:59


I understand why you don't want to tell Gemma about your interest in glasses and seeing other women wearing glasses, but any relationship requires honesty and not keeping secrets from each other. You and Gemma have been a couple now long enough that I am sure she loves you as much as you love her. Telling her how you always wanted to need glasses and how excited you were when you actually found that you needed glasses. But be sure to point out that at the time it had nothing to do with seeing other women wearing glasses as at the time you were still in a relationship with your bf. Remind her that when you first met she was barely even wearing glasses. She didn't finally start wearing her glasses full time until a while later and it was because of how good she looked wearing glasses that you started to appreciate other women wearing glasses and if their glasses suited them or not. But you have no interest in any of them. Besides I would be very surprised if she doesn't already know that your seem more attracted to the women wearing glasses. No matter how subtle you try to be when your checking one out I am sure she sees you doing more than just a glance.

The 16 year old that has the crush on you. I looked back when you first met her and she wasted no time in letting you know she was interested in you. She also seems more interested in women wearing glasses. When you took off your glasses to clean them she didn't hesitate in asking if she could try them. Of course she wasn't able to see much with them but still wanted you to take her picture with her wearing your glasses. But then she wanted pictures of you both with and without your glasses on. When you told her that she looked good wearing your glasses she even commented that it was a shame she didn't need glasses. She actually sounds a lot like what you may have said when you were 16, except at that time you were still interested in boys. Now when you see her she is showing you pictures of her and that late 20's young woman and now she is wearing that woman's glasses. My guess is that her phone probably has more women wearing glasses and some with her wearing their glasses and pictures of them with and without their glasses being on.

Carrie 11 May 2014, 07:01

astigmaphile - no Gemma doesn't know about my thing for glasses and I'm keeping it that way. She might think I only fancy her because she wears glasses. I'd still fancy her just as much if she didn't wear glasses.

I forgot to say earlier, the other day I saw the 16 year old that has the crush on me. Even though I wasn't impressed by her actions at the party I saw her at I didn't make any comment about my thoughts when I saw her. I don't know if she was trying to make me jealous but she showed me a couple of photos of her with the hot woman with glasses she disappeared with at the party (who I suspect doesn't know the true age of her conquest). It seems they have seen each other since the party. Again probably trying to make me jealous she told me that she lost her virginity to the woman and the sex was amazing for both of them. I'm far more interested in that woman than her, so a little jealous but not too much and not in the way she probably hoped, but the memory of Gemma's elbow in my ribs came flooding back when I saw the photos! In one of the photos the older woman wasn't wearing glasses because the 16 year old was wearing them and, like when she tried mine on, they made her look older and suited her better than mine (the makeup she was wearing also made her look older).

astigmaphile 10 May 2014, 11:09


Does Gemma not know about your interest in glasses? It sounds like she doesn't.

Carrie 10 May 2014, 06:56

It's not that she minds me checking out other women, we do the same sort of thing you did Julian, it's when I over do it and almost drool over someone she minds. Understandable really. She hasn't noticed that a lot of the women I check out are wearing glasses.

I love it when she's cooking and her glasses get steamed up when she lifts the lid off a pan or opens the oven door and is temporarily helpless. That is irresistible to me but I'm usually told "Hands off!" (her and the food!) until she's finished cooking.

Julian 10 May 2014, 05:43

Carrie: I'm sorry Gemma doesn't like you to check out other girls. When I had a steady boyfriend we used to enjoy comparing notes on cute guys. We'd be walking along and a typical comment would be, 'Knows it too!' I always thought that was one of the nicest things about being gay.

Love and kisses, Jules


Spexy guys are sexy guys.

Puffin 10 May 2014, 04:33


Here's a good trick when checking people out: look at their reflection in windows and mirrors. It works quite well with bus and train windows when it's dark outside. Usually nobody notices.

I've learnt to take it all in with glance. Keep a poker/slightly bored face to help ensure someone doesn't realise what you're doing.

Soundmanpt 09 May 2014, 18:14


Well looking back at your post in March you said that was the first time you had seen her wearing glasses. So you were curious if she had just gotten glasses or if she maybe had been wearing contacts before. Now you know. When you saw her she must have just got them and was probably still adjusting to them. I love her reply to her friend that she only needs them for distance and reading and she had been told that she should wear them so her eyes could adjust to them. But if she needs them for both distance and close up what's left that she can see without her glasses? No wonder she decided to just continue wearing them. Bye the way her glasses sound really cool.

Carrie 09 May 2014, 15:43

Today I saw the woman I mentioned on 19th March with the dark brown large cat eye shape frames. I've almost seen her several times - just a back view walking away from me and turning in to another street in the totally wrong direction for me so I wasn't sure if she was wearing her glasses or not. Today she wasn't so far ahead of me and I could tell she was wearing her glasses. She suddenly saw a friend she probably hadn't seen for a while. After their initial greeting and hugging the friend said something about the other one's glasses. At this point I had already casually stopped not far from them and leant against a wall to read my phone (just pretending, of course, as I was trying to listen to what they were saying). She replied saying she had got them a couple of months ago after getting her eyes tested because they often felt tired at the end of the day. She was told she needed them for distances and reading. She had to wear them all the time for a couple of weeks to get used to them but decided to keep wearing them after that and her eyes feel so much better for it. Her friend noticed the sparkly stones in the corners of the frame and said how nice her friend looked in the glasses.

I continued my walk home when they started to talk about other things. I thought they were going to be quite a while and were unlikely to talk about the glasses again.

SZ6 09 May 2014, 11:57

Some years ago I saw a really pretty flight attendant wearing about -7. I think I posted about her on this thread.

Julian 09 May 2014, 10:50

Looking back I see I started a thread about flight attendants (under 'Julian's jottings') in 2009. Then and now, everyone's sightings seemed to be of attendants with plus glasses. I had reported three attendants with MINUS glasses on an El-Al flight - one girl and two guys, one with quite strong lenses.

Lv2c4i 09 May 2014, 07:17

Over the years I've seen some very fashionably bespectacled flight attendants. Because they wear uniforms, eyewear choice is one of their few avenues of expressing personal style and taste. And we're the beneficiaries.

Soundmanpt 09 May 2014, 01:26

For many years a flight attendant was required to have perfect eyesight. Nowadays they are allowed to wear glasses however I think their uncorrected vision still has to be quite good. It does kind of make sense that in an emergency if she were to loose her glasses and her vision was poor she would be extremely helpless and require help herself instead of being able to help others. Now with contacts being available it wouldn't seem to be a problem no matter matter how poor her vision was.

I don't fly so i'm sure someone else has to much better about any restrictions there maybe.

Yoyo 08 May 2014, 18:24

I had a bespectacled flight attendant on a recent flight as well. She was middle-aged (probably early to mid 40s) and wore large round tortoiseshell frames in a light plus prescription. I personally didn't find her attractive, but the frames were flattering.

Tom 08 May 2014, 18:00

Traveller: bespectacled flight attendants are so nice!!! Not so common unfortunately, I think good eyesight attendants are preferred.

Traveler 08 May 2014, 10:25

At DOH the other evening and saw a myopic Indian family. Mom / Dad low myopes but 3 teenage girls, all well into double figures holding their iPads a few inches from their mega-spex.

Slightly later two arab girls in full abaya, both wearing expensive well optically engineered glasses with high minus prescriptions. Not as obvious due to the beautiful optics, but again holding the phone a few inches from the eye is a real give away.

On the flight, the best looking of the flight attendants, aged about 25 was wearing large oversized black framed spex with what looked to be a low/med plus with a lot of cylinder.

In all, a good evening!

Carrie 04 May 2014, 20:30

I just need to be more subtle checking out hot GWGs in future. I was a bit too obvious. Gemma knows I look but she trusts me knowing that's all I'd do and I know she'd probably dump me on the spot if I did more than look. She turns a blind eye if I'm not too obvious. I'd had a few drinks at the party so wasn't thinking clearly either. It was a nice sighting but my ribs are still a bit painful where Gemma elbowed me. Serves me right.

It has been a while since I actually saw my friend from college but we keep in touch by phone (talking or messaging) or Facebook. We're going to have a proper catch-up in the summer. It's also been a while since I saw my ex and his lovely girlfriend. We keep trying to arrange to meet up but we haven't succeeded yet. It's amazing how quickly time passes once you've finished school and college (and uni if you go) and you're out in the real world!

Soundmanpt 04 May 2014, 12:36


Sounds like a nice sighting and no doubt would make wonder what was going on while they were out of sight. Sorry to hear that you got caught by Gemma staring too much. lol But some things are worth a poke in the ribs right?

It has been a while since you mentioned talking or seeing your friend from college and how she is doing these days. Also I assume you haven't seen your ex bf and his girlfriend that at the time had recently started wearing glasses full time.

Carrie 04 May 2014, 06:50

At a party on Friday night I saw this gorgeous woman, probably late 20s, wearing some chunky black frames with a reasonably strong minus prescription. She was wearing black jeans, white t-shirt and a black jacket that never came off. I do have a thing for that sort of look, so combined with the glasses and shoulder length dark hair she was a very good sighting! I couldn't help occasionally looking over at her. At one point she was talking to a pretty younger woman that I suddenly realised was the girl that has a crush on me. A bit later I noticed that they were both nowhere to be seen. They then appeared together and there was just something about the younger one's face that told me they had just had sex. I got caught by Gemma checking out the older woman - an elbow in my ribs was all that was needed to tell me she wasn't happy with me!

Maybe the younger girl likes older women with glasses or it could just be a coincidence. I was slightly jealous of her though as the woman was quite sexy and, not knowing her, I had no idea she was gay/bi - not that I was going to do anything, I am very happy in my relationship.

Likelenses 29 Apr 2014, 19:10


She will most likely never be in bifocals,where as you will most likely need then by your late twenties.

Tom 29 Apr 2014, 18:18

A friend of mine around 35 (I don't remember exact age) is +3.75 both eyes. She never wear but at work or when she has to read for a long time. Otherwise always bareeyed with no troubles including driving, reading (even on the cell) etc.

I discovered she has glasses long time after I knew her and was really astonished (and excited) by her significant plus lenses!!!

Clare 29 Apr 2014, 14:59

Carrie - one of my aunts says her distance prescription is +5, she doesn't wear glasses all the time either. She has separate pairs for reading and distance and switches between them as necessary. Would drive me crazy but she really doesn't want to wear them full time so that's what she does.

Soundmanpt 29 Apr 2014, 12:43


Your sighting i'm sure was very interesting to you since she was near your age and her glasses were pluses. Of course you were amazed at her ability to somehow be able to see with as well as she could when her glasses were so much stronger than yours. But unlike you she has never tried or even wanted to wear her glasses full time. She may very well have a job, or no job, where she doesn't need to see close up and if she has never wore her glasses to see distance with her distant vision maybe perfect yet. So she very well may only need them for seeing close up.

Eyestein 29 Apr 2014, 07:43

I reckon about -14 or -15.

Guest 29 Apr 2014, 06:01

On the Chloe subject, what do you estimate her prescription to be???

Eyestein 29 Apr 2014, 04:34

You're probably right Rayray. I wasn't really satisfied that my theories made sense. She is understandably proud of that figure of hers.

Puffin 28 Apr 2014, 18:10

Perhaps she's one of those who don't take optical advice so seriously as others. They do exist.

Carrie 28 Apr 2014, 16:13

At the weekend I saw this really attractive woman, a bit older than me probably mid 20s, wearing plus glasses that were definitely stronger than mine (L+2.00 & R+2.50) and definitely stronger than my cousin's glasses (she's +2.75 in both eyes). I couldn't help having a sneaky second look without Gemma noticing me do it. She had dark plastic rectangular frames that looked really good on her. I presumed she wore them all the time but she took them off and put them on the top of her head and then stuffed her phone in her bag. I would guess they were over +3 perhaps even +4. I couldn't believe she only used them for reading (I'm guessing she had been using them to read her phone. I really struggle to read mine without my glasses) and my eyes feel more comfortable wearing glasses all the time and everything is HD clear at all distances so I'm surprised the woman I saw wasn't wearing them full time.

Rayray 26 Apr 2014, 04:08

Re the Chloe Cook selfies I think she is holding the phone so close so that her arm does not obscure her figure in the mirror, rather than for vision reasons.

lazysiow 25 Apr 2014, 00:23

Tom you're a lucky man! Ive not posted some great girls I've found here just because Ive also been chatting them up as well and theres the potential to actually get to know them being local and all

Yoyo 24 Apr 2014, 17:41

In Chloe's case, I'd bet that her lenses are strong enough that they make things like camera screens appear a bit smaller than they would for someone with "perfect" vision. That's not to say she has "bad" vision with glasses by any means -- she can probably pass an eye test with them on, no problem. But she has to hold something a LITTLE bit closer than a person without glasses to read it.

 24 Apr 2014, 12:27


Eyestein 24 Apr 2014, 05:19


I have noticed that before with just some nearsighted girls. They tend to hold things very close even while wearing glasses. Another thing some do is push their glasses up closer to their eyes to view things at a distance. Could be undercorrection or rapid myopic progression. I don't know.

murky  24 Apr 2014, 01:34

Aviator 0-0, I am if you wish to share experiences.

murky  24 Apr 2014, 01:30

Aviator, yew I get areal flush from trying on other peoples glasses, particularly when they are newly bought.

I have a frisson of excitement, when someone goes out for lunch and leaves their (usuakky low +) glasses on the desk, and I can wear them round the office for a few minutes, looking through the window to spot them returning.

Modern stylish frames Prada, mui miu are just delicious, its a harmless fetish methinks.

Tom 23 Apr 2014, 11:30

P.S. In all the selfies done at the mirror Chloe keeps his phone se close to her eyes... despite the strong lenses her eyesight still seems quite poor. Isn' it?

Tom 23 Apr 2014, 11:14

OMG, being the girl Guest saw at the theatre or not... Chloe Cook is really hot!!!

Eyestein 22 Apr 2014, 09:27


Sounds a lot like Chloe Cook but you're not going to confirm or deny.

Guest 22 Apr 2014, 08:03

Firstly can I just promise you all that this sighting is absolutely true, although 3 days on I still cant believe it happened!!

Have you ever followed someone on social media sites (without actually contacting them) and then seen them in real life. It happened to me at the weekend.

I have been following this girl's Twitter & Instagram sites since she was "discovered" on "Seen On The Web" earlier this year.

She is a very beautiful girl who wears very high minus glasses all the time - never ever contacts for some reason, maybe she has a prism in her prescription. You never hear her moan about her glasses or her eyesight - she gets on with her life & appears a perfectly normal, well balanced girl.

So I am sitting in a London Theatre on Saturday afternoon with my family, waiting for the start of a show. I am looking around and admiring the high number of glasses-wearing girls attending. Then I see a group of girls in their early 20's walking along the row, just two in front of me.

And there is this beautiful girl wearing the most eye-catching glasses any OO would appreciate. Her vision appeared really good (the lights were still up but not very bright)and she finds her seat easily enough, just two rows and three seats to my right. I could not believe it - she looked so identical to this internet beauty but it couldn't be, could it??

I could not keep my eyes off her. When she was settled down and before the show started, she took some "selfies" with her friends and then...she took her glasses off to clean them!!! She was very hurried in this action - she had taken a large cloth from her bag and cleaned the left lens quickly and then the right. She did not check how clean they were and put them back on. (I think she maybe around a -15, so I assume her vision is so bad that she would be unable to check how clean her glasses were bare-eyed).

She immediately took them off again and re-cleaned the right lens very quickly, looked to her friend on her left and I saw her bare-eyed but without any kind of squint. She returned her glasses to her face, looked at the stage then took them off again & cleaned the right lens for a third time. When she put them back on this time, they must have been all right as she never removed them again.

I saw her leave her seat at the interval but she did not go to the bar we went into. During the show she did get quite upset during two emotional scenes and was a little tearful. She was comforted by the girl on her left, but neither time did she remove her glasses - she just kept wiping away the tears between her eyes and her frames.

At the end of the show, she walked past me in the foyer and she is more beautiful in real-life than in her pictures and her perfect figure reflects the hours she spends in the gym.

So when I got home yesterday, I checked her Twitter page and there she was saying what a great time they had had at the show (I wont mention its name). There was also one of the "selfies" posted that I saw her take & I then recognised the girl who had sat on her left as being her sister, as she is featured a lot on Instagram.

So the odds of this happening must be incredible - I have only been to a theatre in London twice in nearly 30 years!!!!!

I hope she doesn't read this (I don't know if she is aware of Eyescene), as I don't want her to close any of her accounts, as happened recently with other GWG we admire.

 21 Apr 2014, 14:28

Because the babe jolly well broke my camera, dork!

flagada 21 Apr 2014, 10:02

Why didn't you take photos?

London-guy 21 Apr 2014, 08:19

I have just seen the strongest pair of plus lenses ever.

A late-teen or early twenties girl, black hair, who wore bifocal lenticular glasses then swapped them for a single vision plus pair of glasses to read.

Her eyes appeared simply enormous

Owlish 20 Apr 2014, 07:49

Aviator and Heinz; before long Google will probably come up with an App for that. 8-)

heinz 20 Apr 2014, 01:52

i have the same fantasy but i would like to stop the time if i see a nice lady with strong glasses, go to her, taker her glasses and examine them. then i would put them in my pocket and return to them spot i was when i stopped time and press play again. would love to see how they react when their glasses are gone.

aviator -00- 18 Apr 2014, 17:16

When I see an attractive girl in glasses, I wish I could put the world on hold - like the pause button on a DVD. Then I would take her glasses off so I could properly examine them, try them on to gauge the RX, and then put them back before pressing the 'play' button. Does anyone else here have a longing to try on glasses which belong to others?

Opportunities do sometimes arise. For example, when I have guests staying in my house (or I am staying in someone else's house), the contact lens wearers amongst them sometimes leave their glasses in the bathroom or bedroom. I have been able to try on several glasses this way. Occasionally, I have even been tempted to delve into a hand bag to have a quick look at someone's glasses, before safely returning them.

Tom 16 Apr 2014, 03:20

Bareeyed sighting few minutes ago. At a train station a couple around early 30 walking, the guy said: it maybe hard without eyeglasses, I have just sunglasses. (In fact he was wearing them). The two approached a board and he just looked at his girlfriend, didn't try to look at the board either! She stayed squinting hard for a while, while he was waiting for her too see. She took quite a long time before saying they had enough time for a coffee, then they went. If she had got on on squinting for a second more, i would have offered her my glasses to see the reaction. Unfortunately I was not prepared for such a hot sighting this morning.

Traveler 13 Apr 2014, 17:51

On the subway with the family and a lady in her 50s wearing very strong (-15ish from the distance)minus glasses was sitting a few seats away. She was reading the paper looking over her pulled-down glasses at about 4" range.

At the next station a family with Mom, Dad and daughter of about 8 who was the only one wearing glasses got on and sat opposite the lady. Her glasses were strong for her age, probably above -5 (hard to see as her back was towards me).

With that lack of sensitivity of children, the girl turned to her Mom and said "Is that what the doctor meant when he said that my eyes would get worse as I grow up? Am I going to have to wear telescopes like her?"

Soundmanpt 06 Apr 2014, 13:44


So glad to hear that Gemma and you finally made it by the coffee shop. I know you enjoy visiting with both Danielle as well as her friend that works there. I'm sure you were not surprised at all to see her wearing her glasses. Even nicer when she came over after she got off work and she commented about the fact that she forgot she was still wearing them because they are so comfortable. Gave you the perfect chance to question how well she can see with them now. Of course there was no doubt that they should be better than Danielle's stronger glasses. But even being weaker, as you should know from your first glasses, there was probably still some blur with them for seeing things in the distance. Her own response that things aren't blurry anymore would indicate they were at first. Now she is able to see perfect with her glasses as well as without them. Actually i would not at all be surprised if she actually sees better with her glasses now than she can without now and she doesn't want to admit it. You may recall when you got your first glasses you only needed them for reading and your distance was perfect, but you were wanting to wear glasses so you went to full time wear as soon as you got them. At first distance was blurry with them but constant wear allowed your eyes to adjust and soon you told me that you could see distances perfect both with and without your glasses. Not long after that distances became blurry for you without your glasses. Of course you didn't mind because you wanted to wear your glasses all the time anyway. When she said she forgets she has them because they are so comfortable she doesn't mean just on her nose and behind her ears but comfortable on her eyes as well. Don't you think she maybe like you and she really wants to wear glasses? If it were as she claims because of her boss she easily could have claimed she got contacts. And that would have still given her the opportunity to wear her glasses every so often if she wanted. Even her comment about not feeling dressed if she doesn't have her glasses on.

Too bad you can't have a nice girl chat with her about how you always wanted glasses and how when you got yours you wore them full time when you didn't need to in other words let her know its okay for her to wear glasses if she wants.

Carrie 05 Apr 2014, 13:08

Just got back from shopping in town. We popped in to our favourite coffee shop and as usual our friend was behind the counter. She was wearing the glasses Danielle bought her. We bought our drinks and slices of yummy cake and sat down. Danielle came in shortly after us got a coffee and sat with us. Our friend finished her shift and came and sat with us. We were chatting and she still had the glasses on when she went to scratch her nose and bumped the glasses. "I keep forgetting I'm wearing these they're so light and comfortable!" she said and put them on top of her head. I casually asked if she could see ok with them now and she said "Actually I can! It's not blurry in the distance anymore. I don't see any better with them on near or far but I've got so used to wearing them at work I don't feel dressed properly if I don't wear them!". She also said her parents now think she wears glasses for real as they saw her wearing them at work when they made a surprise visit (they don't live nearby, our friend lives with Danielle and before that she shared a house with some other people). She said she panicked when her parents asked about the glasses as her boss (who also thinks she needs the glasses) was standing right next to her. She said she told her parents that the glasses were real and she started wearing them early last year and she doesn't need to wear them all the time which is probably why they hadn't seen her wearing them the last time they saw her. Cleverly she managed to explain about the glasses without lying to her parents (she didn't say what she pretends to need them for). She said that was the most nervous she'd been since she told them she was dating a woman (She told me she said to her parents, in breath, "I was at work when one of the newer regular customers asked me out. I said yes because I realised I found them really sexy and attractive.........and her name is Danielle and I think I love her!") Her parents are a little old fashioned but got over the shock and liked Danielle when they met her. When our friend visits her parents or they visit her she has to wear the glasses occasionally in case her parents ask why she doesn't wear her glasses in front of them. Her little brother still lives with her parents and was very complimentary when he saw his sister wearing glasses for the first time. He's been much keener to visit his sister since she began dating Danielle.

 05 Apr 2014, 12:49

Of course, normal reading distance varies. Once in a library I went to help out a girl with the photocopier. To read the instructions on the wall, she had to lean in over the machine which hinted that she was a little nearsighted, probably -1 or -2. Needless to say, I was more than pleased to help her!

 05 Apr 2014, 12:35

Tom and Soundmanpt 28 Mar,

Nice sighting! So rare. I don't think it's impossible that she'd be close to -4 and still be able to function part-time without correction. Many teenagers do this but adults not that often, sadly.

You could estimate her eyesight from how far was she from the calendar when she tried to read it. I think people with -2 or -3 eyesight rarely need to get unusually close to things to read close up, but a -4 might need to lean in noticeably, even while squinting.

I had a friend's friend who never wore glasses during the couple of times I saw her. She was noticeably nearsighted as she instinctively narrowed her eyes a lot when looking around. She even squinted to see the face of a guy about a metre away, so she might have been around -4. I never saw her read anything, though, except her phone which she held around 20 cm from her face, but people with normal eyesight tend to do that, too.

I imagine she normally wore glasses but went without correction for nights out. Sadly, I haven't seen her for years now.

Glowworm 04 Apr 2014, 10:08

gwgs: Interesting sighting. I have tried to find this episode online, but without luck. Can you tell me whether I can find it somewhere, or which episode it was?

Soundmanpt 03 Apr 2014, 19:11


Sorry about that. An oversight on my part. And of course you are right.

Carrie 03 Apr 2014, 18:48

Sadly not all girls understand that there are many GIRLS that prefer a girl that wears glasses! :-) (somehow I got one!)

Soundmanpt 03 Apr 2014, 10:51


Based on the family genes I would bet the girls probably both need correction as well but opted for contacts instead of wearing glasses.

Sadly not all girls understand that there are many boys that prefer a girl that wears glasses.

Carrie 02 Apr 2014, 01:43

gwgs - I love Gogglebox. It's so funny with people being very honest about what they think about what they are watching! (Sometimes they are probably putting on an act for the cameras the rest of the time they really forget that they are being recorded). I think the girl you are talking about is actually in her early teens. I have noticed she fiddles a lot with her glasses. Not really a good choice of frames as they make her already chubby face look even more chubby!

One of the other families have got children in their late teens with one possibly in their very early 20s. I think there is 2 very pretty daughters (1 of them I think is the one who's about 20) and an attractive son called Louis. The dad wears glasses all the time. The mum wears glasses to watch tv (or might sometimes wear contacts, not sure). Louis occasionally wears glasses (I may greatly prefer women but the occasional man/boy still turns my head - Louis is becoming quite a good looking man). With both parents and their brother wearing glasses I keep hoping to see the daughters wear glasses. So far no luck.

gwgs 01 Apr 2014, 04:48

So many interesting and hot sightings around London, but one on TV caught my eye the other day.

I was watching a programme called Gogglebox where they film various families watching selected tv programmes and their comments on them. The programme is quite addictive, even though my description of it is pretty poor.

Anyway, one family has a couple of teenage children, who aren't remarkable, but the daughter, probably in her late teens, I noticed in the last programme has just started wearing glasses, and is obviously rather uncomfortable with them. The frames are a Ray Ban Wayfarer style, and she can't stop fiddling with them. In the various scenes that she is in, the glasses are either being pushed up or taken off and then examined by her. Then when she needs to see the TV she puts them on again. This scenario was played everytime she was on screen.

She seems to be struggling to come to terms with her new need for glasses, and offers an interesting glimpse into the world of a new glasses wearer.

Carrie 30 Mar 2014, 07:16

Soundmanpt - She did look good in my glasses but even if I was single she still looked too young for me without my glasses on, although legally she is now old enough at 16 to have straight or gay sex. Gemma knows that this girl has a crush on me and knows I wouldn't cheat on her. She is rather pleased that another girl fancies her girlfriend. I don't know how she'd feel if I had a photo of this girl - I think she might be a bit upset. I won't give the girl my old glasses as she said she doesn't need glasses and was just trying mine on out of curiosity like a lot of people do. It also could have been a way for her to hang around for a bit longer.

Traveler 29 Mar 2014, 22:18

At a meeting this week with colleagues from other offices. On my table were two girls about 25. One with short light brown hair and a rather aggressive manner (A) and the other with long dark hair (B). I knew B wore contacts, but was not sure about A. This day, B was wearing slightly oversized brown plastic frames with quite strong minus lenses and looked totally stunning!

I was in the coffee line behind them and heard the following conversation:-

A - I thought you wore contacts?

B - I did but have gone back to glasses as they were ruining my eyes. I was wearing contacts for 18 months and had 3 significant RX rises. My doctor said this does happen to some people.

A - what do you mean significant?

B - I had been stable wearing glasses for over 5 yrs at just under -6 and these new glasses are just over -9.

A - were you having problems with contacts?

B - No, I found them well comfortable.

A - I find my eyes get sore after lunch every day and I have also had one increase in 3 years, but I have an appointment next week as they are not sharp any more.

B - What's your RX?

A - I'm -6.5 and 7 at present.

Interestingly at 2pm when she came back for the afternoon session she was wearing blue and black plastic frames, not contacts and looked better for it.

Soundmanpt 29 Mar 2014, 17:04


Sadly we don't get those videos here in the US.

Sounds like you had an interesting break to say the least? Little doubt that she has the "hots" for you. She really wants you to be her sex teacher. How hard was that for you to resist? Too bad you didn't take a picture of her wearing your glasses with your phone at the same time you took the one with her phone. Of course that could be very dangerous if Gemma were to ever see it.

Maybe you should give her your first glasses since they are much too weak to be of any use to you anymore anyway. Otherwise you could always point her in the direction of Zenni where she can order glasses with a weak prescription if she really wants glasses.

Carrie 29 Mar 2014, 14:56

On Channel 4's One Born Every Minute this week there was a very attractive lady called Heidi giving birth who reminded me of Katy Perry. She wasn't wearing glasses when she went in to the delivery room but a bit later on she was wearing some quite strong looking minus glasses (with a lot of "cut-in" as you say on Eyescene). Her birthing partner, her best friend Lisa, also wore glasses with a weaker minus prescription. She was rather good looking too!

On BBC1's Masterchef on Wednesday one of the female cooks, Kristyn, was wearing glasses. She was sweet and attractive but not my type. She is in the photo of the whole group that she was in on the Masterchef section of the BBC website

I don't know if the programmes will play outside the UK.

I was on my break at work the other day when the girl I think has a crush on me came up to me and very nervously asked if I liked the valentines card she sent me (she had a photo of it and the message she had written in it on her phone, proving it was her). She looked really happy when I told her I was very flattered but not so happy when I said I had a girlfriend. I took my glasses off to clean them. She asked if she could try them on so I let her. They really suited her and they made her look a bit older and she should get that style of frames if she ever got glasses. I told her this. I didn't tell her that I realised that I did find her attractive. I don't know if it was just the glasses on her but if I was single and she was a bit older (she's 16) I think I would be interested in her. She said my glasses were really comfortable but she couldn't see very far with them on. She asked if I minded if I took a photo of her in my glasses, with her phone, so she could see what she looked like. I did this for her and she was rather pleased how she looked in my glasses. "It's a shame I don't need glasses!" she laughed. She gave my glasses back and asked if she could have a photo of me with and without my glasses saying I was equally hot either way. It felt a bit strange but also very flattering to get these comments but I let her take the photos. She seemed more relaxed now and suddenly said "I don't know if I'm totally gay, I might be bi but I want my first time to be with a woman". Then she asked "What's it like having sex with a woman?". I had a mouthful of coffee at the time that I nearly spat out over her with the surprise! I told her that was something she'd have to find out for herself.

A very memorable break and I've still got the rather nice sight of her wearing my glasses in my mind.

Soundmanpt 28 Mar 2014, 12:28


Chances are her prescription isn't quite at -4.00 if shes able to run around your company bare eyed. It's possible but improbable since there would be no point in her doing that being that nearsighted.

The fact that she takes her glasses off to read, eat lunch and so other close things makes sense because she is nearsighted and really doesn't need her glasses to see close. Now if she were to start leaving her glasses on to read then her eyes would get adjusted and her ability to see well enough to read without them would likely go away.

Her going around the company without her glasses on I would say your guess about her prescription is too high and maybe closer to -2.00 and she is simply trying to avoid becoming too dependent on her glasses so she wears them as little as possible.

Tom 28 Mar 2014, 06:35

Good sighting I had at work, more than once in the last weeks. A young PA engineer (actually a consultant to my

company) in her mid thirties, very short (I'd say 1.5 m tall, maybe less) with negative lenses around -4 or so in a red plastic frame. She always takes off glasses when reading and also during the lunch. Sometime she also goes around the company bareeyed.

I saw her a couple of times trying to read something on the wall at "normal" height (e.e. calendar)

by staying on the tips of her feet and squinting hard... so nice!!!!

Unfortunately, her contract is close to its end and she seems to leave my company in a few days :-(

Carrie 24 Mar 2014, 17:21

Soundmanpt - she didn't want to get fake glasses in case anyone tried them on and thought she was stupid for wearing them. I don't know what "prescription" they are - probably about +0.50. She says she doesn't need glasses and has proved it before by reading quite tiny print without glasses. She likes how she looks in her glasses. She can't not wear them now as so many people think she does need them, including her boss. I suppose if she'd just worn fake glasses and told people they were for fashion/fun she could easily have stopped wearing them.

It's a shame Danielle doesn't wear her glasses as much as her girlfriend does as she is sooo sexy and looks really hot in her glasses! I'm pretty sure if we weren't with our partners we would be together.

Soundmanpt 24 Mar 2014, 14:50


Sorry, I didn't think that was right when I was typing it. Danielle not Natalie. I was only curious because it has been I think since around Christmas when you last were at the coffee shop and she had just gotten her own glasses, I only said her own because well they were got for her even though she didn't need them, and they would be probably much too weak for Danielle to wear so I would have to say there her glasses now. Whats interesting is that it was one thing when she was borrowing Danielle's glasses because she may not have wanted to buy a pair of fake glasses. But why didn't she just have Danielle order her glasses without any prescription if she only wanted them for looks at the coffee shop. She must have got to where she liked being able to see the small print so much better with glasses even though Danielle's were too strong for her to see distances very well, so she had to pull them down constantly to see anyone coming. Now with her glasses being much weaker, probably close to your first glasses (+.75 / +1.00) her distance isn't nearly as blurry as it was with Danielle's and just as you didn't need your glasses for distance when you got them your eyes soon adjusted to them and you were soon able to see distance better with your glasses than without them. This could be the same with her.

Carrie 23 Mar 2014, 19:47

Soundmanpt - No we didn't go to the coffee shop this weekend. You mean Danielle not Natalie. I think she's getting on alright with the glasses. Yes I suppose they are her glasses, even though she doesn't actually need them, because Danielle bought them for her!

Yes my cousin is still trying to avoid wearing her glasses full time. She is funny though - she often has her glasses on if she's been at college and pops in to see me at work. If it's early afternoon (low chance of seeing her or my parents) she will probably take them off and either stick them on top of her head or put them away properly in a case in her bag. If it's later she will keep them on. She doesn't mind wearing them, just only when she feels she really needs them. When she takes them off I'm sure she can't see as well as she says she can. She accepts she needs them for distances and always wears them if she's driving or watching tv. It's only going to be a matter of time before she just accepts the optician's recommendation and puts her glasses on when she gets up and keeps them on until she goes to bed.

Soundmanpt 23 Mar 2014, 10:42


Funny that you mentioned your friend from work that got glasses recently. I was going to ask you how she was getting along. I know you said she didn't seem to have any problem adjusting to wearing her glasses full time right off. You said she was quite popular with the boys around work because she is really attractive. Then she was asking you for advice on how to kiss while wearing her glasses. Seems she figured it out though. lol

When she was talking with you about how blurry everything is now when she takes her glasses off compared to before she got her glasses. As you say a big part of it was her eyes adjusting to the glasses, but the question you should have asked her is how good is her vision with her glasses on? That is what's important really. Needless to say it certainly is possible that her eyes have changed in the past 6 months time and she may need an increase.

I take it you haven't been by the coffee shop recently to see how Natalie's gf is doing since she got her own glasses and not borrowing Natalie's.

Is your cousin still trying to hold off wearing her glasses full time?

Carrie 23 Mar 2014, 08:52

Friday at work my colleague + friend with the prism and astigmatism prescription happened to mention that she thinks her eyes have got worse as when she takes her glasses off distances are even more difficult to see than when she first got glasses and she can quickly feel her eyes straining. I said to her it's probably more likely that she's properly used to her glasses now and her eyes have relaxed instead of straining before she got glasses. I didn't tell her that her eyes could have got worse even though it's only about 6 months since she got glasses.

My flirty colleague (the one that used to fake flirt with me) came to work wearing what I was pretty sure were prescription sunglasses. Since she's been at my work she occasionally wore glasses when she was on a till. She was on a till this time and she put on some different glasses than what I've seen her wear before. As I was on the till next to her I decided to ask her about them (she went through a period of being quite cold and unfriendly towards me after she stopped the fake flirting. Recently she has warmed up a bit). She said said her eyes had been feeling really tired at the end of the working day. She got her eyes tested and was given a new prescription. She said she was told that her astigmatism has increased and should find that the new glasses will make distances as well as reading clearer but didn't have to wear them all the time if she didn't want to. She got free prescription sunglasses with her new glasses.

A340 Flyer 22 Mar 2014, 13:02

Passing through Airport last night and had a few good sightings.

Lady late 30s with bi-concave lenses in small circular frames. Very hard to see eyes from rings and reflections. Selected items from shop, paid and moved to gate with apparent ease.

Air France crew heading for aircraft. All women of pension age except one in 30s wearing nice fashionable quite strong plus glasses.

Ethiopian Airways flight attendant, tall, slim, eyes squinted almost shut. Captain said something and she snarled, fished blindly in her bag and put on a pair of quite strong minus glasses. Looked stunning.

Two Chinese students sharing a book with heads less than 6 inches from it. Looked up when an announcement made on PA. Both wearing strong minus correction in very similar black oversize glasses with massive cut-in.

Traveler 22 Mar 2014, 12:40

Family and I were at the St Pats parade Monday and we sat on a small flight of steps to watch and let the kids see. We were joined by a hyperopic family. Mom and Dad low plus, 1yr old wearing about +3 and a patch. Obviously having a problem seeing as kept bumping into people. 3yr old was wearing about +6, but the star of the show was 5yr old daughter in green dancing dress and cape with very strong lenticular plus. She was also very cross-eyed. She seemed to see well because she was giving dance performances to all as the bands played. My wife was told she had had 6 operations to try to straighten her eyes and all failed so carrier lenses now are strong prisms. She will always wear them, but sees 20/40 surprisingly.

Carrie 19 Mar 2014, 20:41

I had a great sighting on Wednesday as I was walking back home after work. A girl I quite often see on my way home but who I've never seen wearing glasses was wearing glasses this time. They were dark brown large cat eye shape frames with sparkly stones (rhinestones?) in the corner of the points in front of the hinges. The lenses appeared to be a mild plus prescription, definitely weaker than my prescription. They looked new. I don't know her but she looks around my age. I've always thought she was attractive - not stunning or sexy but just a pleasant face. With the glasses she looks much better in my opinion. It will be interesting to see if she's wearing them the next time I see her or if they were just reading glasses she hadn't bothered taking off. Of course she could have been wearing contacts before and decided to wear glasses for a change.

Its Me 11 Mar 2014, 18:26

Last night, at a local eatery, My waitress looked about 18, slim and cute and lucky for me glasses. Not just any glasses but I estimate around +18, lucky me. The lenses were very high index, they were not at all thick but her eyes were as large as I have even seen. On top of that she wore the frames very close to her eyes and her eyes were still hugh. I'll be eating there more often now. I wish you all could have been there with me!

Willi 04 Mar 2014, 18:50


last Saturday at a party I saw two girls round 20 sitting together. One with quite strong minus lenses the other bareeyed.

Then the glasses girl out her glasses off and gave them to her friend. She put them on and said: "I see quite nothing with them on". The other girl answered: "But you look very well in them, go to the mirror". "But I can`t see my face with the glasses on" the other replaid. "Then I take a photo with my smartphone", take per phone, make the photo, got the glasses back and show her friend the photo.

She cried "Wow, I look great in them. Please borrow me them tomorrow, I will show them my sisters". "Ok, I will take my spare pair and borrow them to you. But don`t wear them too long, you will ruin your good eyes!"


Soundmanpt 03 Mar 2014, 20:01


I think the glasses your referring to are the Ray-Ban Wayfarer style made famous years ago as the sunglasses Tom Cruise wore in the movie Risky Business. You remember when he was in his underwear and came sliding across the floor acting as if he was singing. That happens to be favorite and nice that Zenni has a replica that is exact except ot doesn't say Ray-Ban on the temples Look at #220421 in Zenni (the search bar is at the top of their page) If you ever want a pair for yourself they would cost you only $18.00 and that includes your prescription as well as AR coating. The shipping to the UK I believe is about $8.00 as I recall.

If he is nearsighted then the bigger the frame the stronger the lenses may appear on the edges. If you correct about his rx being -2.00 or even more then i would have to think he has been wearing contacts.

So you didn't say, did you make a point to talk to him? You know just as you enjoyed getting complements when you started wearing your glasses he might also like hearing that females like his glasses. There is no harm at all in just a nice friendly smile and your saying "I like the glasses" That's all. I bet he would respond nicely to you.

Clare 03 Mar 2014, 15:17

Another cool guy today wearing glasses for the first time (for me). We were sitting in a meeting when he walked in, the last to join so we all got to look at him for a moment. He's not tall but quite cute with a gelled, brushed forward look and he was sporting a pair of black (to match his hair) Rayban style (not sure what you'd call the shape but the classic Rayban shape). Could tell the prescription - does that style make lenses look stronger or weaker? There was prescription and it wasn't less than -2 for sure and could have been -3. I'll have to watch him to see if he's a resting contact lens wearer or new glasses wearer, unlikely though as he must be 30ish. Nice on a chilly Monday morning.

Crystal Veil 02 Mar 2014, 15:43

Anyone interested in seeing the ultimate GWG should head towards Tenerife and do some shopping in the duty free on the way back home. Somehow I never like perfection as this is usually boring. But this dark haired young lady really had it all, and her glasses were the proverbial icing on the cake. A modern, yet almost fragile dark frame, fitted with lenses of minus six or minus seven. She looked quite confident in them. I often compliment ladies with their glasses but in this case, I was simply too shy - a rare thing to happen. No, I did not fall in love or anything - simply flabbergasted by her ultimate beauty.

Carrie 24 Feb 2014, 18:52

We were watching "One Born Every Minute" (it's a documentary series about a maternity ward in a hospital in England) and I noticed that one of the midwives was wearing Armani glasses a bit like these ones I couldn't work out her prescription. I'm not sure of her age but she has a nice friendly face. She is in the photo on the show's website standing next to the VERY pretty blonde midwife. The hospital is in Bristol and a lot of the staff and the couples have lovely Bristol accents.

Clare 24 Feb 2014, 16:49

Soundmanpt - bless you and thank you for reminding me of priorities. Its a pretty sterile world I work in where people are only there for the $$ they can make but there are some who buck that trend (pun intended). This one is definitely not for the taking and, given this thread, I met him in another meeting on Thursday - no sign of a pair of specs at all! Jekyll and Hyde attitude to vision correction ;)

Soundmanpt 24 Feb 2014, 12:02


Sorry I missed seeing your response back on the 19th. Well of course if you know hes married then of course you shouldn't be flirting with him, but if you don't know then your doing nothing wrong. Remember your only chatting with him in the first place, not giving him the key to your room. There is no harm in being social. b) Leaving the meeting room at the same time has nothing to do with anything really. I was referring to break times as most meeting often have break times. c) Everyone you have ever become friends with in your life there was a time that you didn't know them. You make it sound as if you never plan on meeting anyone new and that is a big mistake. Your goal now should be in finding and meeting new people so they can see what a wonderful person Clare is. I think you will agree that all the guy friends you now know, except maybe the one that sent you flowers, there isn't the connection your looking for.

Trust me Clare in my 65 years I am sure I have come up with some very bad opening comments to meet someone, but it was better to have said something really stupid than nothing at all. There were times when I was more shy and wouldn't say anything and then regret that I didn't say anything. I think for me it just took that practice for me to get more orginal with my first comments.

Soundmanpt 20 Feb 2014, 20:03


Your on the wrong side of the pond it seems. I have noticed more and more shows now that have the lead actresses or supporting actress wearing glasses. We have a soap that features a young attractive young girl about early 20's and her character wears her glasses full time as well as other cast members at times.

Carrie 20 Feb 2014, 19:46

We were watching The Taste and we both got a horrible sinking feeling when Nigella, the French guy and the American guy tasted Kirsty's dish and were not very impressed with it. As we feared it was Kirsty who was kicked off in this weeks show. The sexy, glasses wearing South African is gone! Yes, the incredibly pretty Chloe is still in it but she doesn't wear glasses! The only other glasses wearers are in their early 40 or maybe late 30s. They are not unattractive but just don't interest me the way Kirsty did. It is interesting to try and work out their prescriptions. They both seem to be plus prescriptions and maybe the weaker prescription is for astigmatism too. I think Kirsty's prescription might have been for astigmatism as it too seemed to be a very weak plus prescription.

I don't think the people that make The Taste liked Kirsty as they didn't show her as much as the other competitors. Well it seemed that way anyway.

In a way Kirsty is like my Gemma - sexy, wears glasses and is a great cook! Except Kirsty is tall and Gemma, like me, is petite.

We will still watch the rest of The Taste series even though Kirsty is not in it now.

There is a serious lack of decent sightings on tv of good looking glasses wearers at the moment.

Cactus Jack 19 Feb 2014, 20:27


With that much difference, it is likely that the brain selected the best of the two images for the situation and ignored the other. The brain has an amazing amount of image processing power, but that would be almost impossible to get two useful images with that much difference, so it would only use one.


Puffin 19 Feb 2014, 19:35

Yes, the larger of the two was I think +5 in one eye (at least) and minus 6 (minimum) in the other. Must have taken some getting used to.

Cactus Jack 19 Feb 2014, 17:03


It is rare for there to be that much difference, but it does happen. The biggest problem is, that a big difference in glasses prescriptions often causes vertex distance effects to deliver substantially different image sizes, to the retina. The visual cortex then has difficulty in matching up the images to create a 3-D image or avoid double vision. The use of contact lenses for a major portion of the sphere correction and then glasses of nearly the same sphere in each eye, plus the astigmatism correction may be beneficial. Contact lenses, with their vertex distance of Zero, minimize the image size differences.


Puffin 19 Feb 2014, 16:39

I have seen a couple of people in my time like this - one minus, one plus, one around 10 dioptres difference between lenses, one about 6 difference.

The first one I saw (the larger difference) - I could scarcely believe my eyes, not believing such a thing could exist.

Clare 19 Feb 2014, 16:37

Soundmanpt - a few impediments to your scenario: i) he's married ii) we all left the meeting room together iii) I really don't know him well enough for familiar small talk (sadly!)

Roo 19 Feb 2014, 15:52

On the tube this morning a 20 something blonde with black hipster glasses. Quite a big difference in prescription: L +4 R -1.

Soundmanpt 18 Feb 2014, 15:04


And you did nothing and said nothing??? You said that you thought this guy was cute so what are you waiting for? Not saying anything is a chance missed. What would it have hurt when the meeting ended to have gone over to him, not while he was talking with anyone but alone, and said "I didn't know you got glasses? Are they new? I noticed that you seemed a bit shy about wearing them? I used to be really shy too but once I started wearing mine I got very comfortable." Doing this would help his confidence as well as maybe make you a new friend as well? When you see a cute guy don't miss the opportunity. There is nothing wrong with you speaking first. If he isn't interested i'm so what? You haven't lost anything.

Clare 18 Feb 2014, 14:49

In a meeting today with a cute guy, I'd guess mid/late 40s sporting a pair of reading glasses - on his head. It was the first time I'd seen him with glasses, though I'd seen a different pair folded and tucked away in a corner of his desk a few weeks away. During the entire meeting he only put them on the desk in front of him and played with them before, at the end of the meeting, putting back on the top of his head!

Carrie 17 Feb 2014, 16:31

Yesterday on Channel 4's "Sunday Brunch" the very pretty drinks expert Rebecca was wearing some Hipster style glasses with what is probably a moderate minus prescription. from just before 1 hour 51 minutes.

They went well with her blonde hair. As I said, she is very pretty (and she knows her booze!) Not my type, though.

Likelenses 17 Feb 2014, 02:06


Oh,thanks for the clarification.

Some how the original post left me with the mental picture of a unibrow,something that one would imagine on the missing link.LOL!

Although the missing link wearing drop temples in a -9.00 prescription would be interesting! again LOL!

Melyssa 16 Feb 2014, 11:24


1 strand of hair about a half inch long + 1 pair of top-temple frames = 1 possible snag.

Likelenses 16 Feb 2014, 00:44


Your comment,Been there, done that. :)

Hew long were your eyebrows in order to get tangled up with the screws of your glasses?

Melyssa 15 Feb 2014, 11:37

"... girls who wear glasses tend to have very "strong" eyebrows?" That's news to me, as I haven't seen that among the women I know. My eyebrows, brown as they are, are not "strong" in that I keep them trimmed, as who would want to have the hair latch onto one's glasses around the screws? Been there, done that. :)

Clare 15 Feb 2014, 02:34

I do pay attention to my eyebrows whether wearing glasses or not. As I'm blonde it's less about making them bold for me and more allowing them to give more emphasis. Brows are really fashionable now so I'm sure that makes a difference to how many people are making them up. Although my lenses don't really make a difference to how my eyes look, I do make the effort with make up - glasses are great for hiding the after effects of a big night but mascara and eyeliner are essential too!

Revolver 14 Feb 2014, 19:37

I'm with Puffin, never wear makeup. Maybe I should...or possibly a full face mask....LOL.

Puffin 14 Feb 2014, 17:19

I knew about the different make up for glasses thing. For instance, the lenses magnify or shrink the eyes - there's apparently ways to reduce that effect

Not that I ever get to do that sort of thing.

Soundmanpt 14 Feb 2014, 16:48


Boy am I out of my comfort zone. But wouldn't the color of the frame and even the thickness of the frame make a difference?

Many years ago a friend worked at a cosmetic store and they really catered to brides and her wedding party to do makeup for weddings. But of course anyone could go there for a makeover. She even had pads much like a child's coloring book that she would practice when she didn't have customers. by drawing makeup on the various faces of women. Needless to say she practiced on herself a good deal as well. She knew I was in the same mall quite often picking up the donated glasses from several optical stores in the mall. She asked me if I ever came across any glasses without prescription and I told her I didn't. This was way before boutiques sold the fake glasses. She told me she wanted a apir so she could practice doing makeup on herself because she often had customers that wore glasses and she needed a way to practice. I went through several of the boxes I had at home that I was waiting to turn in and found a nice handful of glasses with very weak prescriptions and had her pick out a pair she thought would work the best. From time to time after that she was often wearing the glasses with a different makeup look. She said she would do a certain look but she siad she had to keep the look to see what her boss thought about it. Before all this i never even knew women would wear their makeup differently if they wore glasses. Who knew???

Juicebox 14 Feb 2014, 15:38


I've watched a few YouTube videos about how to do makeup with glasses. I rarely wear makeup - apart from nights out - and so I was looking for tips. The first thing most of the girls say is "your brows frame your glasses so pay a lot of attention to them" and if it's not the first thing, they usually mention it.

So your probably right! Most of my friends take care of their brows but thinking about it now, those who at least occasionally wear glasses do seem to pay more attention to them.

LikeGlass 14 Feb 2014, 11:06

Ever notice how girls who wear glasses tend to have very "strong" eyebrows? (Dark, made up, thick.) I have always suspected it has to do with the fact that the eyebrows have to cosmetically compete with the frames. Because of this, gwgs tend to let them grow in more, and/or color them darker.

I was in a restaurant two days ago and notice a girl with very dark, prominent eyebrows. I wondered if she was a gwg with contacts in. About half way through the meal, the girl disappeared then reappeared in a few minutes wearing glasses. Guess her contacts were bothering her.

I find myself looking at girls with strong eyebrows a lot lately. Curiosity, I guess, to figure out if they are hidden gwgs.

optix 14 Feb 2014, 09:30

Very special day today in Surabaya(east Java)

Number of GWGs approximately doubled(my Guess)

Because of Volcanic ash in the air(eruption of Gunung Kelud) many people seem to have problems with their contacts and wear glasses instead.

Quite some unecpected Diopters in Public Transport...

Puffin 03 Feb 2014, 16:41

Yes I remember him too. Well, at least he tried.

Clare 03 Feb 2014, 15:18

Crystal Veil - yes I'd heard of Eddie Edwards and in fact he was a commentator on the programme I was watching. We Brits love an underdog! What struck me last night was that the former boyband member was always wearing specs when not skiing - shame they were ill-chosen given he was cute and they didn't add to the appeal. He was either, like me, not able to tolerate contacts too long or ... what? I can't think why!

Carrie 03 Feb 2014, 14:10

She is, as you say, beautiful. I'm just off to London to buy some makeup!

gwgs 03 Feb 2014, 09:54

Had an unbelievable sighting over the weekend, absolutely flawlessly beautiful gwg in Harrods - check her out here;

Daffy 03 Feb 2014, 08:20

I was in a mall today having lunch when I noticed something unusual on a table in front of me. There was a 40 something woman with I'm guessing her mum. On the table was a pair of prescription sunnies with a minus lens about -1 I'd guess. Next to them was another pair of glasses with about +2. I could see that the conversation was about glasses and vision but could not hear them. All I understood was that she just got the new glasses just then and was told to wear them all the time but that she couldn't see clearly out of them. I could see the hand gestures she was pointing out that close was ok with them. She'd pull the glasses down the nose, then look at a paper nodding. Then pushed the glasses back up and shaking her head then took them off. She put the prescription sunnies on and was nodding. Then took them off and put the plus glasses back on. She had them on for a few more minutes and then pushed them back up her nose and walked off wearing them.

I read here a while ago about Ricardo I think...or his wife actually going from a low minus to a well substantial plus. Is this what was going on here?

Crystal Veil 02 Feb 2014, 18:23


your posting about the ski jump and the gender differences brings back images of "Eddy the Eagle" who did the ski jump championships in strong + glasses. Eddy never won anything and he was the picture of the anti-hero, yet a champion in his own right for participating. All of us watchers would release a sigh of relief when Eddy made a safe landing. As far as I know, he was the first in the UK to join the big tournaments. Did you ever see him?

Clare 02 Feb 2014, 17:16

I'm watching a bizarre winter sports celeb show called The Jump with lots of minor celebrities who participate in a range of snow events. The worst have to attempt the ski jump to stay in the game. What strikes me is why the guy - from a boy band - wears glasses except for the sports yet the female celeb, who we know wears glasses too, only ever wears contacts. Seems there a real gender inequality when it comes to acceptance of glasses in the celebrity world - and that translates into real life sadly too!

Carrie 31 Jan 2014, 16:14

We were watching The Taste earlier this week and got really worried that the tall and sexy Kirsty was going to be kicked out! She got quite emotional when the judges/mentors picked out her dish as one of the 3 worst. (there were a few tears from us as well). She looked very different when she took her glasses off to wipe the tears from her eyes and cheeks (we wanted to give her a hug at that point) but still sexy. Thankfully she didn't get kicked out, it was one of the men who did. Here's a reminder of what Kirsty looks like . I bet Nigella Lawson (one of the judges) was hot when she was young. She's not bad now. I had a feeling she wore glasses but could only find one crappy photo using Google.

Clare  29 Jan 2014, 03:24

Likelenses, Soundmanpt - its been helpful that I've also had friends who've scaled back on contacts wear. I'm going away for a few days today and will probably see my friend who believes that anesthetic during an operation dried out her corneas. That's 18 months ago and it was only a few months ago she said she now rarely wears contacts at all although I know she does for a special event or evening out. I still don't know exactly why, I don't think she's been told she shouldn't wear them - and if my optician is anything to go by I'm sure they'd be happy with her wearing them as long as they're comfortable. We don't discuss it because I think its accepted now that she wears glasses and, as I'm usually wearing glasses when I bump into her, so do I. Funny that its become so 'normal' that we don't discuss it now. At the time it happened to her she talked a lot about contacts, as I know she would always have said she'd 'never' give them up given the choice. Glasses actually suit her.

As to whether I'd go on a first date wearing glasses, I don't know. I don't have a problem going out wearing them with friends but that might be too big a step. I'd probably wear contacts then take them out during the evening, that way - as And - says I'd 'out' them but with/without wouldn't be a big impression. That said, I'm not big on blind dates/online dating so I'd hope that we might have seen each other before then!

Likelenses 29 Jan 2014, 02:23


I too want to compliment you on your acceptance of yourself wearing glasses

A few years back,I ask you if we were to go on a first date,and you knew that I would be wearing glasses,would you show up in yours? At that time you adamantly said " no way ". What would be your answer today?

Another thing about you accepting of your glasses,is you are soon to reach the bifocal stage,and it certainly will be an easier transition now that you are used to being yourself in glasses.

BTW it probably is not to late to stave off the need for bifocals,by bumping up your Rx. a bit. Of course you would have the added benefit of super HD vision!

Soundmanpt 28 Jan 2014, 20:39


Interesting now running into someone you haven't seen or been seen by for a long time and now seeing you wearing glasses many of them likely think you only just started needing correction, never realizing that your have been wearing contacts for a good long while.

But at least it must make you feel good when someone comments that they love your glasses?

I well hope for the best for you, but it doesn't sound good that your eyes still bother you even without wearing contacts these days. But I guess you will be finding out about that before long.

Try and remember being described as the blond wearing glasses is not an insult, but merely a part of a description. I have seen my share of blonds wearing glasses and if I had to describe them I would include the fact that she is wearing glasses. In fact i am quite sure they themselves would describe themselves as such.

One thing I highly suggest is to not be shy when your around new people that you don't know. Be open and friendly, you will always attract more people, including men, with an outgoing personality. There is nothing wrong with a little bit of flirting as well.

In my much younger days I rather quickly found that being out there and very open really worked wonders. Some of my male friends were too afraid, or shy, to approach good looking women. I was fearless and surprisingly it sure seemed to work. I wish i could say it was handsome good looks that did the trick, but I know better than that.

Clare 28 Jan 2014, 17:27

Soundmanpt - you're right, I've been extremely good, I deserve a result! I'm not sure I'll get the reward I want for my patience though as I still get discomfort even without contacts sometimes, I even woke up in the middle of the night with discomfort this week which wasn't great. Now though I don't hide my glasses anymore and at least two friends have joined me as no longer full time contacts wearers, who'd have thought it!!

Clare 28 Jan 2014, 17:16

And - never thought about it like that but you're right. I've now worn glasses since Monday last week, long time for me, including social events and a business function too. Kind of thinking that no-one here will fancy me with glasses but also getting to the point that I think 'who cares'! Friends tell me that's when it happens but at least, if that's true, I wouldn't have been hiding anything.

I like the comfort that not wearing contacts brings but I'd still find it weird if I overheard someone describe me as 'blonde, wears glasses ...' (albeit stylish ones!). Met an old colleague a couple of weeks ago, we hadn't seen each other for a while, first thing she said: "I love your glasses!" :)

Traveler 27 Jan 2014, 12:17

Toronto, ON

Owlish 27 Jan 2014, 06:23

Hi Traveler, where did this take place? Somewhere in North America? Britain perhaps? Taiwan?

To see more than one person wearing myodiscs at the same gathering is quite rare and amazing, I think. High myopia seems to be increasing at a rapid rate among Chinese people.

Very interesting sighting!

Traveler 26 Jan 2014, 19:13

Invited with the family to a Chinese New Year advance party. I have never seen as many GWGs (all ages) - virtually all minus.

Particularly interesting were the number of really strong prescriptions, even a few real myodisks. All of these were being worn by young moms. One had lenses the size of a quarter, but at least a half inch thick (bi-concave). Some prescriptions were very cleverly camouflaged by clever frame and optical work, but were still clearly strong. Several teens were also already wearing very strong specs and several small kids were approaching double figures. The average prescription must have been between -5/-10 with only a handful below -5.

Harry 26 Jan 2014, 11:15

Nice sighting at the OTC-readers in a german shop.

Two nice woman round 30 were trying some readers. They try to read some small prints and to read in distance. One of them said that she could see really clear with +1,00, but not better than bareeyed. The other meant that reading is o.k. but distance is a bit blurry. Then the first try a lot of frames, I think all with +1,00 and final bought a red pair. I saw her walking through the shop with the glasses on...

And 24 Jan 2014, 04:30

Clare, if you start a relationship with someone whilst you are wearing your contacts then at some point they will realise that you wear them, if you meet someone whilst wearing your glasses then they will soon also see you in contacts. Either way they will probably have a preference just like we all like our partners to wear certain clothes, have their hair a certain way, like one pair of shoes more than another etc etc but we don't love or fancy them any less when they choose an alternative look. My gf wears contacts 99% of the time but her glasses look fab too

Traveler 23 Jan 2014, 20:39

Back in Canada this week. In the hotel restaurant tonight there were 18 women including 4 servers. Of these (who varied in age from low 20s to upper 40s) 16 were bespectacled, all bar two minus. Some nice lookers, but unfortunately nothing above low prescriptions.

Soundmanpt 23 Jan 2014, 18:40


First of all it's too bad your clear across the pond. I am sure if I saw you out and about wearing your glasses I would be sure to hit on you. It would seem the problem I would have is having to fight "Likelenses" for you.

Needless to say where ever it is you have been hanging out you need to stop going there and find some new places that will appreciate a young, attractive blond wearing glasses.

Just try and be confident when your out wearing your glasses. As you can see by "Juicebox's" post her wearing glasses now has only had a positive result for her. I really think in the long run the same will be true for you as well.

You have been doing so much better about giving your eyes plenty of rest that if your corneas aren't improved now they probably won't get any better. So I am hoping there is improvement because I don't want you to wear glasses only because your forced to. But I think that you maybe limited as to how much you can wear lenses from now on.

Clare 23 Jan 2014, 15:40

Juicebox - congratulations on sticking to your resolution. I hope you're right, maybe I just haven't met anyone who feels like your friend, or perhaps is open enough to admit it. I think there's still a bit of a stigma about glasses amongst my friends, though I work with a number of female colleagues who are 100% GWGs and have no issue. Maybe its having definitely not been a GWG that leads to insecurity about it. I still feel I should glam up - with contacts. I'm out tomorrow with a female friend for dinner and will stick with glasses but for a special event, and that included Christmas and New Year, I'm with contacts.

This week though, I have no choice - I've actually run out and can only collect more on Saturday. Then I have to schedule an appointment in early February and we'll see how the state of my corneas is looking! I'm really hoping my careful attitude to contacts will show some results.

minus5wholuvsgwgs 23 Jan 2014, 13:01

Drove past a London college today at least half the girls were in a lovely uniform short skirt black tights and dark framed glasses nearly all myopic A lovely sight

Soundmanpt 23 Jan 2014, 12:10


Well it seems your New Year's resolution is going very well. Good for you with sticking to it as well. I'm sure before January 1st you would have been wearing contacts at the pub, but isn't nice that the reaction you got was so positive? Seems like the "crush guy" took note of you more than just the fact that you were wearing glasses? He even noticed how green your eyes which must have made you feel even better.

And then your other friend telling you that he is interested in meeting a girl that wears glasses because he finds glasses "hot" on a woman. Do you know if his ex wore glasses? It sounds like she did. So do you have any of your female friends that are single and wear glasses to introduce him to?

I'm sure these things have really helped with your confidence level since your wearing your glasses now? You don't need to be wearing contacts to be beautiful and I think you've figured that out. Your bf has no problem with you wearing glasses and it sounds like there are other men that feel the same way.

Soundmanpt 23 Jan 2014, 11:48

I live about 85 miles from the University of Missouri and this past fall several of my friends and I decided to go to a football game there. It is really a college town and after the game we went to the local Hooters sports bar Of course the were crowded so they had a lot of girls working and more than half the girls were wearing glasses, Needless to say everyone of them was very attractive. I didn't want to leave.

astigmaphile 23 Jan 2014, 11:34

I live in Santa Barbara, CA USA and we have a branch of the University of California here. We are on the coast and have lots of surfers. I do see lots of students with glasses and practically all of them are myopic.

Juicebox 23 Jan 2014, 07:00


I have actually found the opposite. As I've said on here, wearing glasses is a New Years resolution for me so when I was meeting two of my friends at the pub last week, I wore them. A guy that I had a crush on before I was with my current boyfriend initially commented saying "I didn't know you wore glasses" etc. but then said "they look great on you, I've never noticed how green your eyes are before. Not saying you aren't attractive without, but some girls look even better with glasses". Also, just before Christmas I went to a coffee place with a friend from uni and we were talking about what he found attractive in a girl (he'd just broken up with his girlfriend and I was seeing if I knew anyone to set him up with) and he said "I think glasses are sexy, nothing hotter than Zooey Deschanel in glasses". Maybe it's a bit of a generational thing still in the UK because I know glasses haven't always been the coolest and I think younger generations maybe catch on a bit quicker. From what you've said quite a few of your co-workers are still quite against glasses, whereas friends of mine are ditching contacts at least some of the time!

ksnl 23 Jan 2014, 03:22

Mister Mild, That makes sense, I live in a coastal town where everyone is into surfing and other outdoor activities...

Mister Mild 23 Jan 2014, 02:30

ksnl, I think it might partly be a cultural trait shared with us Aussies: everyone wants to be the suntanned outdoorsman/sportsman/beach bunny, very few people want to be taken for a bookworm/nerd. When in Europe, I often notice good-looking GWGs who apparently feel no shame about appearing positively intellectual.

ksnl 23 Jan 2014, 02:21

This isn't about a sighting but rather the lack of sightings... here in South Africa, the only people I really see wearing glasses are older people with presbyopia, majority of them with readers from the pharmacy. People my age (20s) rarely seem to be glasses wearers. I thought that perhaps South Africans just have really good eyesight until I discovered that the majority of people go straight to contact lenses when they are in their teens or even younger. Some people I know, somehow managed to hold off getting contacts until they went for their drivers license. Every so often I discover that someone I have known for years is in fact a contact lens wearer and has been one for years. When I was in high school and university, I would see some people wear their glasses maybe once a year because of some contact lens malfunction. I have no idea what the prescription is like of the contact lens wearers I know. When I do see someone my age wearing glasses it is almost shocking. I have a friend who was rarely seen wearing glasses but has since moved to the US and now I see on facebook that he frequently wears his glasses... I wonder why people are so reluctant to wear glasses here...

Likelenses 22 Jan 2014, 19:56


Clare,Clare,if only you lived here in the US I would be looking for you!

Blonde hair, full time glasses for nearsightedness!Doesn't get any better than that!And OO to boot!

Clare 22 Jan 2014, 15:35

Soundmanpt - sadly, in the nearly 18 months I've been wearing glasses regularly its never resulted in any male interest! I can't believe I'm doing anything wrong, maybe its just that GWGs don't do it for the guys here. Funny 'cause it was always a concern that glasses might be a turn off for guys, of my now glasses wearing friends all have been happily married for a while before they became GWGs.

Crystal Veil 22 Jan 2014, 15:28


it sounds as if you will be in no shortage of models. If you need any advice, feel free to send me an email. Keep us informed about the sightings. I will react on your questions re the Katie shoot on the "Seen on the web" thread.

Aubrac 22 Jan 2014, 06:08

Often find plus glass wearers can be a bit baffling!

Attractive mid-forties lady sat down opposite me in the train yesterday wearing nice translucent blue frames with +2/+3 lenses. After about ten minutes put them up on her head but back on to see her phone. Then put them away in a case but few minutes later got different orange frame glasses with maybe +4 lenses and spent several minutes texting then put them away.

Got off the stop before her so don't know if the blue glasses came out again. Can only suppose the orange glasses were readers, and she had been prescribed the blue glasses for FT wear but was still getting used to them.

Soundmanpt 21 Jan 2014, 15:15

Crystal Veil

Thanks for the kind words. No I only got so far as getting my camera out and it is charged and ready to go. My camera is only a digital one so not nearly as good as your yours but it would be a good tool to start with at least. I honestly had forgotten that i planned on doing that. But thinking about it now i know of several that i would feel very comfortable doing a mini shoot with. All of them with Zenni glasses even. They would make good models since they are in the sports bars 2014 calendar. It is small chain of 21 stores across the Midwest in the US.

Your latest shoot was excellent once again. Once again the model and photographer seemed to blend like a well oiled machine. like so many before her she mastered the look that each pair she was wearing could have easily been her own glasses and in many case so strong she could hardly see anything through them. I did notice in only one picture that she seemed to be trying hard to focus with the glasses on and her beautiful eyes were squinting ever so slightly. I would think if nothing more than just being curious of how well she was able to see with different glasses must have been somewhat entertaining for her? Like you said many of the weaker ones she with her young eyes she was probably more than able to makeup the difference between her own perfect vision and the prescription of the glasses she had on. I am surprised at the number of models you have gotten to shoot in your glasses that have perfect vision. Not so surprising for the ones that wear glasses because glasses are a part of their real life. but the ones with perfect vision i always wonder what their reason for doing a shoot wearing glasses could be? One thing as you always know so many in here have various glasses that we think looked the best on each model, but it would be interesting to know which ones the models think looks best on them? For example do they find the older classic glasses more to their liking or some of the new styles you get from Zenni? Like this young lady was there one that she she felt very comfortable wearing and that she felt she looked good wearing?

So since she doesn't need glasses did she want want a pair without prescription to wear for fun in payment for her work?

Did she have any comments about the progressives and bifocals she modeled in?

Crystal Veil 21 Jan 2014, 12:51


interesting stories about one sighting and another in the making. You do a real ambassador job, for Zenni but also for glasses in general. Just out of curiosity, did you make a start with your idea to take pictures of all those young ladies you are helping with the Zenni glasses? It would be great to have more photographers with original material here on Eye Scene. Keep up the good work!

Soundmanpt 21 Jan 2014, 02:01

The other part of that sighting is not a sighting yet. The reason I went there tonight was because last week when I was there the server that waited on me also a blond and also very attractive in conversation she told me that she used to wear glasses several years ago but she just stopped wearing them. My guess is that was about when she was in high school and she probably felt that wearing glasses made her less attractive. Anyway I told her all about Zenni and even went to my car and got several samples to show her. Anyway before I left that evening she asked m e to write down that website because she planned on looking at it. To be honest I really thought that she would not bother, but tonight as soon as she saw me come in she came straight over to wait on me. Her very first words were how impressed she was with how many glasses were available and she said she even wrote down the number of the glasses she wants. I have to admit I was very surprised and I could tell she was telling the truth because she told me how she found a model that was similar to her and used that to see how they would look. She said she is going this week to get her eyes examined and she will email me at that point for my help in ordering the glasses she wants. I am curious if since there are several young ladies working there that wear glasses if that also has encouraged her to get glasses.

I will update as soon as she gets back to me.

Soundmanpt 21 Jan 2014, 01:47

Just went to a new sports bar that has only been open for 2 weeks. It's very busy and so far has provided me with some nice sightings of all the new workers. Tonight a very cute server was wearing some nice black frame glasses that were very much over sized in my opinion, but I do understand that seems to be the style for young ladies. I honestly couldn't keep my eyes off of her. She was doing quite a bit of the taking them off and putting them on and a few times they even ended up in her hair for a few brief moments. Sadly she wasn't my server, but that is another sighting for later, anyway after a while she must have managed to get fingerprints on her lenses and she grabbed a paper towel to dry wipe them. I always have a micro cloth in my pocket so I went over to her as she was still wiping them with the paper towel. She saw me and thought I wanted help. I told he that I came over to give her a small gift. I handed her the cloth and told her why she shouldn't use anything made of paper to clean her glasses. She said she didn't know that and thanked me. Because of the size of her glasses and the fact that it was hard to tell from where I was sitting if her glasses had a prescription or not, I just plain out asked her if her glasses had a prescription? She said she needed them for reading. I told her they looked very nice and I asked her if they were new because of how much she was taking them off ad on? She said they were new and she was trying to get used to them but they bothered her behind hr ears and that was why she kept taking them off. I asked her if seeing things in the distance seemed a little blurry and she seemed surprised that I would know that. She smiled and said that her distance vision was blurry with her glasses on, but she quickly commented that she really liked her glasses and wanted to wear them. I told her that she should be fine but it may take a few days for the blur to go away. She was happy to hear that. I warned her that probably shouldn't wear them for driving until her eyes adjust and she said she planned on taking them off when she leaves tonight to drive home. Needless to say I plan on going there even more often now to see how she progresses with adjusting to her glasses.

Carrie 20 Jan 2014, 16:44

Also on Channel 4 on the UK version of The Taste there are 3 women with glasses. 2 of them are just mildly attractive but 1 of them, called Kirsty , is rather sexy (and setting off our Gaydar!). I was on Facebook and Gemma was watching the tv (she loves cookery shows) when she let out a little gasp and I looked over to see what she was watching and I saw why she gasped! I plonked myself on the sofa next to Gemma to get a better view of the tv! She's in this clip, briefly

Carrie 20 Jan 2014, 16:24

On "8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown" on Channel 4 here in the UK the other week there was a gorgeous Irish comedian called Aisling Bea who had reading glasses on her head most of the time but wore them when needed. I am a bit of a sucker for brunettes and girls with an Irish accent, so both of these AND glasses on a great looking woman was very nice for me! Here are a couple of photos . Here's a youtube video of that edition of the show . The video might not stay up for long. At 42 minutes 32 seconds she has got her glasses on her head but seems to squint to see the board clearly. Maybe she's heading towards needing her glasses full time and not just for reading.

 16 Jan 2014, 22:41


How much prescription does this look like? IRL it looked like pretty high rx hi-index lenses.

Puffin 13 Jan 2014, 12:24

yes I've seen these on sale, but never worn.

Crystal Veil 13 Jan 2014, 07:28