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Going Without Glasses

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Antonio 05 Jun 2018, 08:31

Hi Amber. Oh what a cruel new job for you!!

As I was for years going shortsighted and uncorrected in my youth like you,

I.m the one who is very interested to know how you decided to go on ???

All the best, Antonio

Joe West 01 Jun 2018, 12:42


You can always get a job as a baseball umpire like me, Angel Hernandez, or CB Bucknor.

Soundmanpt 01 Jun 2018, 09:45


The decision about how much or when you should wear glasses is something that you need to decide. There is no glasses police. The only thing you are restricted is when it comes to driving. If your eyesight sn't good enough to pass the DMV vision test then you, by law, need to wear glasses when driving. Otherwise it is totally up to you.

Now the situation you'r in now with your job is interesting because you clearly can't see well enough, without glasses, to do your job as good as you should. Your boss of course has every right to fire you if you choose not to go and get glasses and wear them at least while you're at work. He doesn't want to lose customers because you're walling right past tables with their food because you can't see the order number on the table. So i guess the question is, how bad do you want to keep that job. If you make good money from tips it might be well worth giving into wearing glasses at least while working. Sure beats eating out of a trash can.

Josh 01 Jun 2018, 08:49

Amber i guess its time to get glasses for you, at least for work, you could still enjoying living in blur when youre outside, but functionally its very necesary, at least you could try, your boss will be glad to pay for them, theres a few jobs where you dont need good vision, tell us what you decide

Amber 01 Jun 2018, 07:48

Well here is an update. I have no problems with living in a blur. I like it 100 percent. But my job ran into money problems and cut some of us. So I had to make a decision about eating from trash cans or getting a new job. A friend of mine told me about this pizza place that was hiring so I applied and got an interview. But I felt some worries in my gut. So to make a long story longer, I got the job and day one my nightmares came true. When people order food, they get little numbers and put them at the table. I don't care, I know where to bring food. But it wasn't that way. If you are not busy, you bring food to other tables too. The small problem with that, with my blurry eyesight, I couldn't even begin to read those numbers from any normal distance. I was walking around the restaurant with hot food bending down to read the number and squinting hard. I also didn't see numbers I thought I saw and went right by people with their food. omg it was an incredible struggle to do anything. My boss saw me squinting hard and asked me if I have problems with my eyes. First I wanted to tell him to mind his own business but then he asked me what a couple of signs said. I told him I can't lie because I need glasses bad. My boss said sharp vision is required for the job. I was so pissed when I left work that night, but then I realized omg I have to work until late and my eyes suck so bad in bad light. I had to make a decision. I will leave you in suspense if you want to hear what I did let me know.

Apple77 05 May 2018, 10:30

Well, right I never said it was pathbreaking. Also they could have just used plus lenses to achieve the same result more easily.

 05 May 2018, 09:43

omg that is the MOST stupid video i have ever seen. a couple of clueless fucks spend half the video trying to figure out what to do, talk about having sex with each other, and then it's a big, big let down.

Apple77 05 May 2018, 08:37

Heres a video about simulating being bare-eyed:

Cactus Jack 04 May 2018, 00:56


oops! The spell checker got me. The Ciliary Muscles in your eyes are very tiny and potentially very strong for their size.


Cactus Jack 04 May 2018, 00:53


I would like to suggest that you are not doing yourself any favors by not wearing vision correction. Let me explain why.

There may be important elements in your prescription that you did not mention, but you are actually "wearing" built in reading glasses with a power of +3.25 all the time. Reading glasses with that power focus at a distance of approximately 30 cm or 12 inches, if you don't have any astigmatism as indicated by Cylinder and Axis in your prescription. Everything beyond those distances is blurry.

Built in reading glasses of that power is great for reading and focusing close. It even works for a computer if you can get close enough to the display.

Here is the snag. The "auto-focus" system (your Crystalline Lenses and Ciliary Muscles) in your eyes is not getting ANY exercise. Your Ciliary Muscles are probably very weak. You know what happens to a muscle if you don't use it.

Normally, the Ciliary Muscles are the strongest muscles in the body for their size (very time), but I suspect, when you put on your glasses, you cannot focus close to read or use a phone, tablet, or computer. If you can not easily and comfortably focus at intermediate and close distances with your glasses, you have the symptoms of a 40 - 50 year old with Presbyopia.

You did not mention your age, but but I suspect around 20 +/- a year or two. If you experience what I described above, you need to understand that your experience is more common than you may think and typically it is not too hard to re-condition your Ciliary Muscles, unless disuse has caused other problems.

Sometimes, several steps and prescription changes are necessary to recondition your Ciliary Muscles. The first step that may have been done by your Eye Care Professional (ECP) is give you less MINUS than you actually need. Sometimes more significant things are necessary before you vision will function as it is supposed to.

I won't bore you with any more thoughts or suggestions unless you want me to. I would like to ask you some questions, if I may?

0. Would you like some help with this? If you are not interested, please say so.

1. Your age?

2. Your gender?

3. Year in University?

4. Desired course of study?

5. Where do you live? (country)

6. Have I described your situation with glasses correctly?

7. How is your experience different, when focusing close with your glasses?

8. Have you studied any of the Sciences or Math?


jamesgg 03 May 2018, 22:06

got glasses a month ago with a prescription of -3.25 in both eyes. first time and the doctor was shocked.

however, i only wear them when necessary such as seeing the board in college classes-otherwise, i just go without glasses. i'm used to it because prior to a month ago, that's how i went around anyways.

who else does this?

Likelenses 05 Mar 2018, 22:25


I sure hope that things are different for you today, and that you can afford glasses that you like, and that make you feel attractive.

Growing up, I knew some kids that got their initial pair of glasses, but due to family financial conditions, went many years with the same outdated prescription, as every year they seemed to squint more, and many times the teacher would move them to the front row.

On occasion, some of them would actually get out of their front row seats, and walk up to the board to see what was written on it. Some had frames that had home made repairs with tape or glue, or did not fit properly due to growth.

A few when they did finally get new glasses, seemed to have a significantly stronger prescription, that they seemed to have trouble getting used to.

Weirdeyes 05 Mar 2018, 19:06


I didnt have to deal with a super bad blur, but I did and still do deal with uncomfortable vision. When I was nine years old I noticed there was something off about my vision. I didnt know exactly what, but I suspected I needed glasses. When I got my eyes tested I didnt end up needing glasses. Two years later I did get glasses, but I had no prescription in my right eye and +1.25 in my left eye. I was surprised I supposedly only had bad vision in one eye and that Im farsighted. I remember having a bit of issues with distance vision. Eventually those glasses felt too weak, but my glasses werent getting much stronger. I also noticed issues with fine details like threading needles. Eventually the prescription in my left eye jumped up way higher, but the right eye stayed close to zero. Right now I still have a weak prescription in my right eye and a strong-ish one in my left eye. I struggle a lot with eye strain, but at least my astigmatism is corrected properly so I can see pretty well in the distance with my glasses.

Kelly 05 Mar 2018, 17:39

I thought I would share my store here. If you don't believe me, that is your personal choice. I have no reason to tell such a humiliating story. Yes as I said my teachers and friends did try to help me out. Teachers would let me sit in the front of the class and often sent me to the nurse for eye exams. Of course I failed more and more lines over the years, and the nurse would send home letters to my parents. Some of my girlfriends would let me borrow their glasses for some classes. I was always so amazed how different the world looked through their glasses.

But my parents always told me they could not afford glasses and I had to deal with it. I think there was another reason too because my mother grew up needing glasses for a very long time and she always told me she learned how to live with bad eyes and I could do it too. I really did try my best to do that because I felt like she was counting on me. Many times I would pretend to see things that I could not see so she that would not realize how bad my eyes really were. I started to feel like giving in and getting glasses would be admitting a personal failure. So I struggled hard to see. I thought when I was young that if I struggled hard enough I would always be able to see, but every year my eyes just got worse instead of better. After a few years there were some things I could not see no matter how hard I squinted my eyes.

Yes I know there are places where you can get cheap glasses. But they didn't exist in my younger pre-glasses days. I grew up in the 60s-70s and there were no cheap glasses options. People who did not grow up during that time frame don't understand that healthcare access was not the same back then as it is now. I think some people today might be surprised how many people need glasses but cannot find a way to afford them.

Did anyone else here have to struggle through blur for a long time?

Lou 05 Mar 2018, 06:04

Hi Likelenses

Re. Yes, even with low prescriptions the eyes become VERY used to the lenses.

I completely agree.

Best wishes


 05 Mar 2018, 06:02

Hi Soundmanpt

Thanks very much. Yes, I'm perfectly comfortable being a full-time glasses wearer. Although I previously found my glasses useful for music, the computer, tv and driving, particularly long distance and at night, I found that once I'd worn them, I didn't like the slightly blurred vision I'd notice once I took them off, and would get also get eye strain. I'd therefore not wear them at all some days when I was doing less visually demanding tasks, and on the days when I did wear them, I would then wear them for the rest of the day.

Since I was wearing my glasses all day quite a few days of the week anyhow, the switch to full-time has been easy, and nobody has really noticed any difference, since my orchestra colleagues are used to seeing me in glasses, and just probably didn't know that I previously didn't wear glasses on non orchestra days.

I am enjoying having good vision all the time, but even more, I'm enjoying no longer having intermittent inconsistent vision, particularly in the evenings, when I do a lot of night driving and orchestral concerts.

Regarding, "I bet even in the pouring rain you missed not having your glasses on didn't you? Besides not seeing as well.", other than the slightly blurred vision, I wasn't really bothered. My only slight regret is that I don't also have a more subtle frame, as I chose my previous glasses before I started wearing them full-time.

I have a three pairs of regular glasses (two are my previous prescription pairs re-glazed) and a pair of reactions. They are all a similar style, plastic in a slightly shallower depth than some of the current styles.

These are the pair I wear most:


I think that these bold plastic frames suit me, but I don't think that they would go with a nice dress for a social function.

For smarter occasions, I tend to wear my reactions pair, because they have a slightly slimmer frame in plain black:

I previously have had semi-rimless frames, and think that these or even a rimless

All the best


Bensmith 05 Mar 2018, 05:05

A nice little sighting. In the break room, two students were having lunch, neither wearing glasses. Suddenly the other stood up and walked to the recycling bins below the sink asking her friend if they were for rubbish. At the same time as her friend said "no", she hunched down to read the signs on the bins, getting quite close to them. When returning to the table, she quickly said something like "I can't read those" and her friend just said "yeah" and changed the subject. A while later, when they were about to leave, her friend said "the rubbish bins are over there" because of course the shortsighted girl hadn't been able to locate them and had just sat there not knowing what to do. Next to the rubbish bin, she again leaned closer to read what it said but didn't say anything about it.

Likelenses 05 Mar 2018, 00:00


Yes, even with low prescriptions the eyes become VERY used to the lenses.

Soundmanpt 04 Mar 2018, 12:27


Like you know, your eyes haven't gotten any worse since you started wearing your glasses full time, they have just gotten used to seeing everything through your glasses. Like you know your prescription is really very weak but even a weak prescription is sure to make a difference when you wear your glasses all the time. That's exactly why your optometrists suggested that you wear wear your glasses full time so your eyes don't have the problem they were having with adjusting back and forth when you were only wearing your glasses part time.Look at this way, you wouldn't need glasses at all if you didn't notice a change without them now. Yes even though you could legally drive without your glasses because your eyes are so used to seeing with your glasses you are right to keep your glasses on when driving because there is no doubt you see better with your glasses than you do without them. Now if oyu were to stop wearing your glasses for a few days your eyes would again get used to not seeing with them and you would probably be fine without them. except for having the issues you were dealing with before return. but I think you're happy being a full time glasses wearer now and because you enjoy seeing everything perfectly with your glasses. I bet even in the pouring rain you missed not having yur glasses on didn't you? Besides not seeing as well.

Lou 04 Mar 2018, 09:41


As I said quite a few times, my prescription is very small:

R: +0.50 Sph -0.50 Cyl Axis 92

L: +0.25 Sph -0.25 Cyl Axis 85

My prescription was the same in 2012, went up to +0.75 Sph -0.75 Cyl and +0.50 Sph and -0.50 Cyl in between, and then down again.

As I said on one of the other threads, although my prescription had gone down, my eye strain had gone up, and I was sometimes having difficulty with my eyes relaxing sufficiently when I put my glasses on later in the day, when my eyes were already strained.

In June, my optician recommended wearing my glasses full-time, to stop this cycle of over accommodating without my glasses, and then finding it difficult to fully relax my eyes when I put my glasses on.

I took her advice of putting my glasses on as soon as I wake, and keeping them on all day, and it has solved all my issues.

Since I am wearing my glasses other than in the shower, I don't really see what my uncorrected vision is like, at any distance other than the shower.

Today, my parents visited, and I went with them to walk their dog. It absolutely poured, and I eventually took my glasses off, owing to them misting up and not clearing.

I reckon that I walked around a mile home, and I was pretty shocked what my uncorrected distance vision is like, especially since my prescription is so small.

Although I can legally drive without glasses, I don't think I'd want to.

I don't think that my vision has really changed, since I can still see well with my glasses, but it definitely seems worse than I remember.

All the best


Maxim 04 Mar 2018, 07:16

Re: Kellys story

Is this story true, or just a story?

I cannot believe that. In many European countries, glasses for children are provided by Social Security structures, and vision test are in Kindergartens and schools. In the US, Zenni sells glasses for 6.95$, the price of three hamburgers or two packs of cigarettes. No teacher, or community employee or parent of school mates saw this problem and could help out? A child - left alone by the parents, the greater family (a greater family might be non-existent), the teachers, the community?

A sad, sad story - and I do hope it is not real, that it is a fake story! But my fear is, the story is true.

So, every story needs a good outcome: and here the outcome is, let us all keep our eyes (and our hearts, and our money bags) wide, wide open, that stories like this don't repeat!

Likelenses 03 Mar 2018, 20:13


What is your prescription now, and how old are you?

Kelly 03 Mar 2018, 16:58

I grew up in a poor family that could not always afford health care. I started noticing blurriness when I was in about second grade. My parents could not afford glasses and my eyes got worse every year. There were things I could see one year but next year they were blurry. The teachers knew my eyes were bad so they tried to help. Sometimes in school friends would let me borrow their glasses for a class because they knew how bad I couldn't see and felt sorry for me. I think it was junior high school when I finally got glasses. By that time I couldn't recognize people fifteen feet away. The eye doctor said I had a very high prescription for getting my first glasses and told me if I got glasses sooner maybe my eyes would not be so bad. It was truly a different world for me with glasses. Every single thing in my life changed. I would call myself almost blind. But there was nothing I could do. Sometimes you grow up in a family and situation where you just have to learn to live with really bad eyes.

Paul in Chi town 22 Feb 2018, 16:05

Adam..I was prescribed -0.75 for distance and sparingly wore them, mostly for night driving. I think my distance vision was mostly good, and didn't really need them during the day. I decided to try them during the day for about a week, and noticed a distinct blur when I took them off that certainly wasn't there before I put them on. Because I can see clearly with the glasses on, I interpret that as meaning my "acuity" did not get worse (if it did then the glasses would no longer be "strong" enough) but that visual processing changed as my brain got used to them. So I conclude that while wearing the glasses did not make my vision worse, I unfortunately am becoming more dependent on them for clear distance vision. I have to have a vision screening for my DL, and expect a restriction that I likely wouldn't have gotten if I didn't wear the glasses so often.

Adam 21 Feb 2018, 12:48


Of course, the biggest reason is genetics but I think straining your eyes and squinting without glasses can make eyes worse, or at least make them tired and red.

About the other part of your comment, I think the ones who are starting to wear glasses will be uncomfortable without glasses earlier than their eyes get worse, it is just about 2 months. If I imagine a more severe situation that someone's eyes are worsening 1,5 diopters a year, it is just 0,25 diopters in 2 months, it is nothing (okay, I know it is not totally linear but I think it's a good example).

NNVisitor 20 Feb 2018, 23:28

Wearing or not wearing glasses won't stop our eyesight from getting worse. People who wear glasses have seen their eyes get worse and worse. People who limit their glasses wear as well and people who don't wear glasses when prescribed. Close work and long hours of studying or reading may make our eyesight worse. That's why it's good to take breaks from continuous close work or reading and focus on things far away.

Adam 20 Feb 2018, 12:56

It is quite hard to tell what is the truth but I don't agree with those who say that wearing glasses will make your eyes worse. On the other hand, and that can be the reason of that theory, someone who starts to wear glasses will be uncomfortable without glasses even within 1-2 months. But I think the reason is that they get used to good vision and they will feel their original vision bad.

By the way, I love to see girls squinting and struggling to see, it is strange even for me to accept it, but for me it is a big fetish.

Soundmanpt 20 Feb 2018, 09:40


I completely agree with you. Eyesight is most often determined by the genes that you receive at birth. Then vision continues to change due to growth. Most people's growth doesn't stop until their in their early to mid twenties. So by holding off form getting glasses when you first need them isn't going to change anything. So instead of getting glasses early when they are first needed at say -.50 or -.75 holding off for 2 years would maybe result in then needing -1.25 or -1.50 glasses. The very same result would happen if that person got their glasses when they first needed them at -.50 or -.75. In other words not getting glasses early on wouldn't change anything in regards to making your eyesight worse and getting glasses and wearing them would yield the same result.

So if your girlfriend would have gone to full time wear when she was 18 instead of only wearing her glasses to see the board, drive and at the movies her eyes would changed the exact same way as they did. I always find it amusing when someone tells me that they try to wear their glasses too much because they don't want to become dependent.

Tom 20 Feb 2018, 00:47


I do not agree with anonymous.

I'd say most people experience their worst prescription increases between 12 and 20y of age, and such has not much to do with wearing their glasses. A girlfriend I had started college at 18y needing glasses only to see the blackboard, drive her car, and go to the movies. But 4y later she had become fully dependent on specs, and she put them on first thing in the morning. I remember her telling me once that her prescription increased by 1 to 1.5 diopter per year. Even though she had always tried to wear them only when strictly needed.

 19 Feb 2018, 20:13

wearing glasses actually makes your eyes worse. she would not have eyes so bad now if she never got them in the first place.

Adam 19 Feb 2018, 13:53

This story is about a girl who was my classmate and refused to wear her glasses for 3 years but became dependent on glasses then.

She started squinting when she was 11 years old. A bit later she got -0,5 glasses. She almost never wore them, she was squinting to see the board instead. As time has passed, it seemed obvious that she is not comfortable without glasses but didn't want to use them.

After three years of squinting during the lessons, she became a fully glasses wearer. Her eyes worsened and maybe she admitted that she needs them. She got totally used to her glasses in some month. She took them off only during PE classes and it became more obvious that she needs to wear glasses, her eyes were always squinty without them. I think this prescription was about -1,5. At the swimming pool she started to struggle realizing us, her vision started to be poorer.

After some months, she swiched to contacts but once I have heard a talk about her eyes. It was two years after she started wearing glasses full time. She said that her left eye is -3 and her right eye is -2,75.

I don't know the reason why her eyes became worse quite fast but it is maybe because she refused to wear her glasses for three years. What do you think of it? We haven't met for years but I saw a picture about her wearing glasses and her eyes became worse than the last time I saw her.

Lou 23 Jan 2018, 10:27

Hi again Austin

Sorry, I meant to add that I don't really know whether contact lenses would be a better choice for your wife. Probably multi focal contact lenses would give her worse vision than with glasses, and since she is happy to go without her glasses in the house, she probably sees no need for contact lenses. I suppose it would depend on her individual reason for taking off her glasses. If she is fed up with wearing glasses but wishes that her vision was a little sharper without, maybe multi focal contact lenses or mono vision with contact lenses would be worth a try.

Best wishes


Lou 23 Jan 2018, 10:21

Hi Austin

Re.: Thanks yet again Lou. Am I right in understanding that for most of her close work, her vision is not as clear as with glasses and that she simply finds it easier to go without glasses rather than putting them on and off regularly? Would contacts be a better option?

You are again very welcome.

If you add your wife's near add to her distance prescription, her reading prescription is:

-0.25 / -1.00 x 100 and -0.75 / -0.75 x 95

Her vision is at its worst in the distance, and gradually improves with closer distances, until it is at its best close up.

Her -1.00 x 100 and -0.75 x 95 cylinder values suggest that she has significant (this is probably subjective, but astigmatism probably starts becoming a nuisance for most people around the 0.75 mark) astigmatism, which will distort/blur her vision at all distances

Regarding the sphere values on your wife's prescription, when you add her +2.00 reading add to her distance prescription, as shown above, she only needs -0.25 and -0.75 respectively for her right and left eyes for close work. Therefore considering her sphere values alone, since they remain negative numbers, taking off her glasses, is equivalent to someone with no refractive error putting on +0.25 and +0.75 respectively reading glasses. I would have thought that this would have been offset with her -1.00 and -0.75 respectively uncorrected cylinder, but things are further complicated by her choice of reading distance. If she prefers to read closer than what the optician presumed, her reading add requirement could be +2.50, which would alter her reading prescription to:

+0.25 / -1.00 x 100 and -0.25 / -0.75 x 95

As you can see now, the sphere values are getting very low, and since astigmatism often has a greater effect in the distance than at near (I have a small amount of long-sighted astigmatism, so you would think that it would effect me more at near, but in reality, I find my vision more blurred at intermediate and far distances than at near), maybe she can see so similarly at near, that after forty years of glasses, she is enjoying being able to manage without glasses around the house. I just don't know. My guess is that now that he is older and needs a +2.00 reading addition, that she can now see well enough at near and intermediate to manage without glasses, and it is her choice to only wear them for distances rather than full-time, simply because this has become a possibility for her as her reading add has increased with age.

I hope that this will be of some help.

Best wishes


Austin 23 Jan 2018, 01:31

Thanks yet again Lou. Am I right in understanding that for most of her close work, her vision is not as clear as with glasses and that she simply finds it easier to go without glasses rather than putting them on and off regularly? Would contacts be a better option?

Lou 20 Jan 2018, 05:41

Hi Austin

You are very welcome. Thank you very much for the clarification that she does wear multi focals.

Regarding how well she sees, I'm sorry but I can't really answer that.

Since her near add is the same as my husband, I'm guessing that the intermediate section of her multi focals probably equates to the +1.25 intermediate add he has for his separate computer glasses.

If you add this to her current script, it comes out as, -1.00/-1.00 x 100 and -1.50/-0.75 x 95

I'm not sure about the size of your table, but I would have thought that sitting opposite someone at dinner would be a greater distance than that used for viewing a computer.

On paper, I would have thought that she would see you as slightly blurred, but she obviously feels that she can see well enough, or she wouldn't keep taking off her glasses.

And no, since her near add will probably increase a little yet to +2.50 or maybe even +3.00, depending on how close she likes to read, I wouldn't have thought that she would become more reliant on glasses again.

I hope that this will help. Having only a small amount of long-sighted astigmatism myself, I have no idea how well someone with myopia and astigmatism sees.

Take care


Austin 20 Jan 2018, 04:41

Thanks for the info Lou. She does wear multi focals. So how well does she see? Am I blurred to her when she sits opposite me at dinner? Is she likely to become reliant on glasses again?

Lou 19 Jan 2018, 03:34

Hi Austin

I believe that the explanation is her age and near add of +2.00. My husband is 59, so not that different in age to your wife, and also has a near add of +2.00. Owing to his age, he also needs an intermediate addition, and his is +1.25. If your wife had an intermediate addition on her prescription, it would likely be much the same as that of my husband. Since he is a lot more near sighted than your wife, he wears varifocals all the time, taking them off only to read. I'm not sure whether your wife has varifocals, but if she has separate or only distance glasses, since her near prescription cancels out a lot of her distance prescription, she probably finds that she can see better without them near and intermediate, which is why she only puts them on to watch telly in the house. Even if your wife wears varifocals, maybe she finds that she can see almost as well without them within the relatively close distances within the house, so doesn't bother to wear them.

My father in law whose near sighted distance prescription is a lot lower than my husband's and only has distance glasses, has started taking his glasses off in the house over recent years, just wearing them for driving and when out and about. I believe it for the reasons which I suggest above.

I hope that this will help

Best wishes


Austin 19 Jan 2018, 03:02

My wife, aged 62 has worn glasses for over 40 years until about a year ago. Since then she rarely wears them inside unless watching tv. Out side and when driving she wears sunglasses other than at night when she reverts to glasses. She also rarely wears them at restaurants and when eating meals. Her current script is -2.25 / -1.00 x 100 and an add of 2.00 and -2.75 / -0.75 x 95 with an add of 2.00. She started taking her glasses off to read and then extended the time without them to the point today where she rarely wears them. Is this usual? How well does she see without them? Any thoughts as to how to convince her to return to wearing them? She does squint on occasions but surprisingly not very often.

Cactus Jack 26 Sep 2017, 21:35


Vision occurs in the brain. The eyes are merely biological cameras. The brain has amazing ability to generate images with poor input, IF it know what something is supposed to look line. In fact it can generate images with NO input at all. Ever had a dream?

Everyone is different. Some people are better at functioning without vision correction than others. You have no way of knowing what your gf perceives without her glasses. A description of her prescription as being in the -6 range is not very helpful. She could have significant astigmatism that makes her vision worse than yours without any astigmatism, we just don't have enough information to make a reasonable judgement.

Do you know how to check a lens for a Cylinder component?

If there is no astigmatism involved in her glasses, her ability to function could be related to the visual environment. If you are in a familiar environment and she is not very familiar with that environment, functioning without vision correction could be a big part of the problem.


Weirdeyes 26 Sep 2017, 16:50


I'm not myopic, but I definitely notice a lot of variation between how people describe their vision vs their prescription. My prescription is R +1.00, -0.75 L +4.25, -1.50. I've noticed a lot of people with a similar prescription to me describe themselves as blind without glasses. A lot of them don't even have astigmatism. I don't think I'm blind without glasses. Especially because my right eye prescription is so mild. I don't have the best depth perception, but I have no trouble showering and doing regular everyday tasks without glasses. I think my brain has adapted pretty well to my lack of depth perception, so I don't bump into stuff or have trouble grabbing stuff. My vision does get pretty wonky if I go without glasses for too long, so I do wear them most of the time.

Tobias 26 Sep 2017, 13:52

I am 35 yo male wearing R -8.5 L -8.25 glasses (no astigmatism). Since I am the only one in my family and my circle of friends with strong-ish myopia, I was really surprised to learn that my new gf (with rx in -6 range) literally cannot function without her glasses at all, while I can put them on in the morning only to check my facebook account (rather uncomfortable to look at my phone from 5cm) and than obviously to leave the apartment. How come she needs her glasses more than I do?

glassesforeveryone 21 Jul 2017, 18:44

Post deleted - false accusations. Soundmanpt and sylvestrias IPs are in two different continents. IP also blocked.

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2017, 13:27


Sadly you're a bad position because your agent is from the "old school of thought about glasses" it used to be that if being a model or an actress you either wore contacts or you struggled without your glasses. But glasses have become much more popular now for models as well as actresses to wear modeling and on screen. You need to sit down with your agent and tell him that you really can't function very well without glasses anymore. It sounds like it would be unsafe for you to do any type of runway modeling if you're unable to see you could fall off the runway and get badly injured. Have him try and get you modeling jobs with eyeglass companies if possible. That way you could even get your own glasses and be borrowing glasses from a friend anymore. But even modeling other things such as clothes wearing glasses should be accepted by many companies these days.

sylvestria 21 Jul 2017, 12:34

I had many problems with me eyes. I do not see good and I borrow friends glasses many times. For me its good but she cannot see at the moment in time. over much time me eyes get very bad. her glasses become less helpful me. I do work as model and agent say he prefer I no glasses on set. I try for contacts but say me eyes dry and cannot. I sneak and get glasses because world much blurry. Cannot recognize people. Me eyes see things not real. I get close to see but things not what I think. I wear glasses private, but no public. Me eyes feel better much but glasses heavy so when shoot, I cannot. So I do not bring. I function but people far I cannot. agent thinks me eyes pretty and say glasses ruin sexy image. I want to post here because I want convince that wear glasses during shoot. Some shoots very bad because studio blurry. Camera see I cannot well. I think me eyes look lost in photos but agent believe it is a good look. agent tell me stop squinting hard. I do not want to lose because good agent. But is always blurry. Sorry me English not so good. Maybe good? I think you English judge me better. Seek ideas or should I stay blurry with glasses not.

 02 Jul 2017, 03:22

Post deleted anonymous user made inappropriate posts in multiple threads. IP blocked.

Apple77 25 Jun 2017, 18:46

Here's a rather elaborate blog about going without glasses:

Bensmith 16 Jun 2017, 06:04

An interesting little discussion about going without glasses with high myopia:!n=12

I personally do not know anyone anymore who would wear their glasses/contacts only part of the time. A while ago my girlfriend encountered a friend of hers in a fitness class and said that the friend didn't say hello "even though we were like next to each other". My girlfriend thought that maybe it was because her friend wasn't wearing her glasses. I wonder how blurry the instructor must have been if she couldn't recognize people even six feet away.

So I guess it happens, some people choose to go bareeyed in some circumstances.

NNVisitor 17 Apr 2017, 13:36


Miracles do happen. Your mother is a very lucky person. While my prescription is -10 I have quite a bit of astigmatism as well and I can tell you how headlights looked to me at night without my contacts or glasses. Both streetlights and vehicle headlights appeared as huge kaleidascope fragments. Things were incredibly blurred worse than it would be during the day.

GreginColo 17 Apr 2017, 12:14

T; you mentioned you can't imagine what you mother's uncorrected vision might be like. If you are curious, you can gain an approximation of that by being bare-eyed yourself and then adding some drugstore reading glasses in the highest Rx you can get, usually +3 or slightly higher. That would give you a rough approximation about how your

Mom might see without correction. Again, best wishes for a good recovery for her and thanks for sharing her story and what can happen if someone unpredictably and suddenly is without their glasses, especially with higher Rxs.

T 17 Apr 2017, 01:52

Thanks GreginColo, that's nice of you to say. She is fine, only a bit bruised up. I'm around -7 last time I checked, mum is -11.75 on her contacts. I feel blind as a bat with my vision and I don't think I'd feel safe crossing a street without visual aids. I can't even imagine what she sees at that level of nearsightedness.

She normally wears contact lenses and can't help but think that this could've been avoided had she worn them instead of her glasses.

GreginColo 16 Apr 2017, 19:35

T: thanks for sharing the story about your Mom; hopefully she is doing ok, physically and emotionally. Its good she had her friend there to help guide her to safety. It amazing how life can change in a split second, but hopefully this will soon be just a bad memory for her, but also a lesson to the rest of us, that its difficult to imagine what and how others are seeing, or not seeing, feeling, hearing, etc. Thanks for this post as a reminder. If you don;t mind me asking, what is your own Rx in relation to hers?

T 16 Apr 2017, 09:49

This thread reminded me of what happened to my mother.

A few weeks ago, my mother was driving at night and got T-boned crossing an intersection- her car spun and ended up facing on coming traffic. In the crash, her glasses flew off her face. She needed to get out of the car quickly to avoid being struck head on by the traffic but there was no way she could safely cross the road because she couldn't see the cars that were coming towards her (she said she could see the headlights but couldn't see enough to make a judgment on how far away they were/how fast they were approaching. Luckily her friend was there with her and found her glasses (turns out they were broken to the point they were unwearable) who helped her cross the road safely.

I wear glasses too although my eyes are not as bad as her so I can imagine what she went through. If she was alone, she would be in real trouble. I don't think people without nearsightedness like ours realise how difficult and scary it can be to live with it!

Soundmanpt 31 Mar 2017, 09:35


I'm surprised that you never asked her why she enjoyed wearing your glasses so much? I think she clearly must have liked the way your glasses felt to wear. And she probably liked how she looked wearing your glasses. When she first put your glasses on things were probably blurry but after she had the on for a little while her eyes adjusted to them and she would have been able to see nearly perfect with them on. It's possible since she was apparently a good friend to you that was her way of telling you that you're wearing glasses wasn't a big deal.

Jenny 30 Mar 2017, 18:48

Nah, even 6 years later her eyes are good. I think she did like the way they looked on her though, or maybe she thought everything looked trippy or something. My eyesight has always been pretty bad, but not to the extent where I felt completely helpless. I never really thought anything weird about it. Honestly I was always flattered that she liked them so much.

My sister's eyesight is much worse than mine though. I remember one time she had to call me into her room because she lost her glasses and couldn't see them (they were on her dresser right in front of her).

antonio 27 Mar 2017, 11:42

Interesting story, Jenny, how strong Were your glasses that time, do you remember, in high school?

Best regards , antonio

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 08:54


That seems to be a big thing between girls. In most cases the friend likes how you look wearing glasses and she is curious how she looks wearing your glasses. But your friend Lisa was clearly far more fascinated with your glasses than you would expect. Do you think she possibly found that she was able to see better with your glasses? If your glasses weren't very strong that could very well have been why she didn't want to return them. If you had any older glasses that was of no use to you anymore you could have given them to her. I have a feeling she would have gladly accepted. I have seen several cases where a friend will often wear her friends glasses when they are out together.

Jenny 27 Mar 2017, 01:59

We've all had that one friend who always needs to try on our glasses. For me that was my friend Lisa. I love the girl, but when we were in high school she always wanted to wear my glasses when we'd hang out. I remember one time I was at a sleepover party with her and a few other friends. She wanted to try on my glasses for a selfie and then literally would not give them back to me until the next day. Even wen we all went to bed she took them off and put them next to the table as if the were her glasses! The next day she put them on (once again as if they were hers) but then gave them back about an hour later. I honestly didn't mind too much, but still I sometimes had to remind her that I kind of need those to see.

varifocals 06 Jan 2017, 06:37

Thanks KL. It must have been difficult on stage with no glasses. In the past it was quite a problem. The opera singer Maria Callas was very short sighted & the comedian Harry Seacombe & they groped round in a blur in the pre contact days.

varifocals 06 Jan 2017, 06:37

Thanks KL. It must have been difficult on stage with no glasses. In the past it was quite a problem. The opera singer Maria Callas was very short sighted & the comedian Harry Seacombe & they groped round in a blur in the pre contact days.

varifocals 06 Jan 2017, 06:37

Thanks KL. It must have been difficult on stage with no glasses. In the past it was quite a problem. The opera singer Maria Callas was very short sighted & the comedian Harry Seacombe & they groped round in a blur in the pre contact days.

varifocals 06 Jan 2017, 06:27

Thanks Soundmanpat for your comments & it shows how things have changed. My friend was one of 3 sisters, her Father Irish & Mother Lebonese. A familar story trying to read the board at school & could not. It was only after the school threatened to take the parents to court for child cruelty was when she gor her first glasses at 11. Now schools do regular eye tests & locally they are very hot on it & so thats why so many wear glasses now & of course they are now "Cool"A lot of plussies are about & not so much myopic squinting either. In her case she met in a pub a guy with glasses too, more myopic than her , they hadsex & then there was a wedding.So she had several years of full time wear & it is when you suddenly have no glasses the blur seems worse. She is about -5 now & her husband -7. Glasses are not a problem as she has beeen the local mayoress.Are there any strong plussies who have been bare eyed?

Adam 04 Jan 2017, 11:20


My new story is at Sightings thread because it is more connected to that topic. I think that's also a good story.

Later I will have new Going without glasses stories, too.

Bensmith 04 Jan 2017, 04:18

Thanks for your story, Adam. I for one would love to hear more.

Soundmanpt 01 Jan 2017, 10:15


For any bride to be if she wears glasses often becomes a topic of discussion. If you look about you will find places where a woman asks if she should or shouldn't wear her glasses at her wedding? Of course only the bride and possibly the groom should answer. But she will ask the question I assume to see what other glasses wearing women did on their wedding day. So what I found of interest, even though I am a single man and have never been married, was the replies that were given. There was no clear choice. Some said that weren't yet married said that they intended to wear wear glasses on their wedding day because that how everyone has come to know her and they probably wouldn't even recognize her without her glasses and said that they would have to wear their glasses because without them they couldn't see well enough to walk down the isle. And some of these same ladies said that they might get new glasses that would go better with their wedding dress. Some said they would learn to wear contacts for that day. A few said that they hadn't been wearing glasses all that long and that they could still see well enough without their glasses so they planned on going without glasses for that day. Many could see a problem down the road when they would look back at their wedding pictures and she would be wearing dated glasses that were many years out of style. And just as you brought up many of the mothers entered into it by trying to convince their daughters to not wear glasses at their wedding. I found this most interesting because in the past mothers always seemed reluctant about their daughters starting to need glasses because they feared that that by wearing glasses it would ruin her looks and she would never find a man. But that seemed to have gone away and mothers were much more accepting their daughters need for glasses. But it seems to still pop up on the daughters biggest day of her life. I forgot to mention that some had pictures taken with and without glasses. It was interesting gto see all the different opinions and reasons.

varifocals 01 Jan 2017, 09:06

I found your comments on going without glasses interesting. Now of course glasses are more acceptable & I wonder why people endure the suffering. I am long sighted so my distance vision is not too bad. I did suffer with cronic headaches & it was only after an eye test I was told I was long sighted & now wear full time. I did try a bit without them & the cronic headaches returned. I have a friend locally who rose to be the local Mayoress. She always wears glasses now. She has 2 sisters who have perfect vision but was always made to feel the odd one by her family. She met this fellow myopic in a pub & they had sex then the bump!

There was a hurried catholic wedding & her mother nagged her not to wear her glasses to show off her nice almond shaped eyes. When she got into the car she saw the blur & of course nothing to help. her husband saw her comming down the aisle squinting like mad. He had a big row with her

varifocals 01 Jan 2017, 09:03

Hi Adam. A bit seems missing. My friend was nagged by her Mother not to wear her glasses for her wedding. He husband also myopic was livid seeing his bride squinting badly & this came up in all the pictures.

varifocals 01 Jan 2017, 09:01

Yes Adam I found your comments about your friend interesting. Now the mother later. The day was in the blur -5. All the wedding pictures showed her squinting badly & she had a massive headache. Not good.

Adam 31 Dec 2016, 22:41

I have a story about a girl who is one of my formers classmates. The story is about from 8-year-old until now (24-yrs-old). If you would like more stories like that, I can write more, I have some stories about girls going without glasses.

I realised at the first time she has unique shape of eyes which means a bit like Asian. I liked her eyes but her vision was okay until 11-yrs-old.

That was the time when I realized she is a bit cross-eyed and she was always complaining about her vision. The interesting thing is that I can"t remember any squintings. The other thing I realized is that she looked very cross-eyed when looking at near. About a month later than I realized these things, she got a -1 glasses.

As months were gone, her eyes looked straining more and more when she took off her glasses. I think that was because of accomodations. But squinting didn't come. About a year after she got her first glasses, I was in the swimming pool with her (without her glasses). We were in the buffet when she said she hardly can see the menu on the wall (but also can't remember squinting).

A bit later she got -2 glasses and after that she always told me that she can't see without her glasses.

She had that glasses for about 3 years. During these years she was squinting very hard without glasses (finally). During the last months she started squinting very hard even with glasses. We were 15-yrs old at that time so that was more and more exciting for me (and that was the start of my 'squinting fetish"). Besides that, her very cross-eyed look at near distance remained.

After that she got a -2,5 glasses. She had these glasses for about 4 years. During that time her squinting without glasses became worse and worse and even with glasses her eyes were a little bit squinting.

We haven't met too often during the last 5 years, but I know that her eyes are about -3 now and her slightly crossed eyes are the same. And her lower eyelids also show that she was squinting also during the last some years.

antonio 30 Dec 2016, 12:41

Neesa Jane,

could your good idea for next year be

to wear your new glasses out in public ?

How are you doing ?

best regards, antonio

KL 29 Dec 2016, 16:37

Varifocals - I take my glasses off on stage, which might last an hour or two at a time. It's most annoying and generally noticeable at first, then I kind of get used to it.

Last time I had to make an entrance down a flight of stairs partnered with a guy with a moderate plus prescription. I'm like minus 2.50 - 3, and I'd guess he's more than that.

Waiting in the wings the first night he asked me if I was wearing contacts, which I haven't done for the past 15 years. So we were quite the pair! Thankfully you can't actually tell when looking at us.

varifocals. 29 Dec 2016, 09:10

Yes like lens, interesting. I wonder if the pictures showed a lot of squinting as this is what has happened in 2 instances I know of & also a headache with the stress. Non glasses people do not seem to think of the problems this can cause. I my case I am long sighted & get headaches without glasses.

If I had a choice I would rather be myopic , like my wife.


Likelenses 28 Dec 2016, 17:50


Not for as long as a wedding, but last summer while at Cheryl's family reunion, she and I and other glasses wearers were asked if we would remove our glasses for photos. The reason given was the reflections.

When we removed them,we set them on a table,but then the photographer had us moving around a very large property,and home,for all of his various shots,while our glasses lay there abandoned on the table.

The whole ordeal lasted about forty five minutes,and when it ended we had to navigate back to the table to find our glasses.

We probably had the highest prescriptions ,so we were a sight to behold.

We were sent copies of the photos,and we both think we look ridiculous in those bare eyed photos.

KNIFE 28 Dec 2016, 16:27


Varifocals 28 Dec 2016, 09:10

Has anyone had to go through the trauma of no glasses, at say a wedding.


Myla 27 Dec 2016, 14:24

Neesa Jane

I think you should just start wearing the glasses all the time. I don't know how long ago you bullied those girls about their glasses, but there's a chance some of them have gotten over it. Just be prepared to be the geek with thick glasses for awhile. If they get broken, just tape them back together if you can and get by until you can get a new pair. You could also try wearing a strap to help prevent them from getting snatched off your face. You can't undo the past, you can only endure the consequences of your choices, then move forward. School doesn't last forever anyway - one day, you will never have to see your classmates again.

Soundmanpt 26 Dec 2016, 17:05

I am a forgiving type of person and I would feel bad for Nessa Jane if she had only teased other girls about their need for glasses but taking their glasses away and then even worse yet breaking them was a terrible thing to do. She left those poor girls to struggle until they could get new glasses and in some cases i'm sure the cost of new glasses was a hardship on her parents. Honestly it isn't for me or others to judge her. But it seems that her judgement has come from above. Now Nessa Jane's eyesight seems to have gone from being good to quite bad in a rather short time. So now she sees what it's like when your eyes don't work so well anymore. But now for her she has to be concerned that once she starts wearing glasses things are sure to be even more blurry then it is now when she takes her glasses off. And she will be living in fear that someone she abused before will grab her glasses off her face and she may not even be able to see who the person is that has her glasses. If they decide to break her glasses it will be that much worse for her because she will be without glasses for at least several days. At some point though she is going to have to get glasses because it seems someone higher up is taking away her eyesight.

antonio 26 Dec 2016, 12:13

Neesa Jane,

you are right, not all people here are nice,

but some really are.

If you like to chat about your eyes, vision and your new glasses, just email me to

feel free and happy Christmas,

cu, antonio

Likelenses 25 Dec 2016, 23:07

Deutschland Damon

It has long been known that a persons intelligence,and character,can be determined by how they express themselves verbally.

Those that use profanity,and vulgarity,are on the low end of the scale in these traits,unless of course there is mental illness,in which case it is understandable.

Deutschland Damon 25 Dec 2016, 08:51

moonshiner, please remove this longtime jackass from here.

I think it's quite funny watching someone who supposedly thinks they are the grammar police. likelenses uses run-on sentences, incorrect use of capitalization and punctuation, doesn't know how to use commas, and more.

I am not the same person as neesa jane. So typical of this racist asshole to think all his attacks come from a single person. But it is very obvious that you are the anon poster below. I have watched you in the past and this is your modus operadi.

Look at that, likelenses. My grammar is better is better than yours and English is my second language.

moonshiner - ban likelenses PLEASE. His only apparent joy is to create hostility and mock others. He consistently violates the rules of your forum.

sorry, but I must say this. Get rid of this asshole.

Likelenses 25 Dec 2016, 00:35

The poor command of the English language, as well as the failure to use capital letters,along with the vulgar language, tells me that Deutschland Damon and neesa jane are the same person.

Likelenses 25 Dec 2016, 00:16

Christmas eve Cheryl,and I drove around looking at the outdoor Christmas lights.

I was driving and after a while she removed her glasses,and said that she enjoys the lights blurred.She did the same thing last summer,while viewing fireworks.

The funny thing is when she does this she squints like crazy.Before getting her bifocals,she would never squint without glasses,but had a blank unfocused look in her eyes.Perhaps now with her eyes used to bifocals,they want to hunt for a clear view,when the glasses are removed.

Deutschland Damon 24 Dec 2016, 19:36

moonshiner, i add my hat to the people who want this likelenses retard banned.

on christmas eve he continues to attack neesa jane and call her dummy. it is obvious the anon postings are from him as well. yes i have seen his other racist postings about mexicans and other racists.

we have enough problems with history of racists in my country. why does your country allow an openly racist jerk stay on this forum. he is clearly violating the rules.

forgive my language, but i must say, can someone please kick this asshole in the nuts and throw him out off the gangplank? i think we all would cheer his goodbye.

antonio 24 Dec 2016, 15:34

Neesa Jane,

I.m glad to hear you found out some glasses can make you see again clearly

Nearly all of us here are thankful every day when we put them on that glasses exist to clear up our foggy sight that much.

I.m sure there exist worse things in life than our need for glasses.

I wish at Christmas that you feel encouraged to wear yours more than you have done so far.

I think when wearing them you also could show to the world,

you have learned now how precious our lenses can be

for their wearer and I.m sure this experience will make you a much more valuable, decent and honourable character than you might have been before.

So maybe these lenses will clear up your sight

in future and clear your soul for the things that are really

important in life. It's strange that Sometimes even an imperfection

Can make us more perfect, honourable and better in another way, isn.t it?

I.m glad you came here and hope we could help you a little and clear up your way. If you like come to to discuss. Happy Christmas!

 24 Dec 2016, 09:31

Neesa Jane = Trumpanzee

Likelenses 24 Dec 2016, 03:19

neesa jane

It looks as though you have a choice to make,to either be known as the new nerd with thick glasses,or if you refuse to wear them,the dummy that cannot see in school.

If you decide to sport glasses,you better have a back up pair, that when the day of reckoning comes,and those girls that you picked on pick you off,and smash your jam jars.

 24 Dec 2016, 01:16

neesa jane

Enjoy your new life of viewing the world through coke bottle lenses,that will get thicker every year.

neesa jane 23 Dec 2016, 23:12

i thought i would share my story with you. but i keep getting comments about how it is justice. maybe i deserve it. i put this in a different story for you. Say a prostitute comes to you who has been stealing extra money from her clients. She gets raped. this forum would say it is poetic justice. this forum would say she deserved it. this forum would ask why are you afraid to go outside, are you afraid an attacker might see you?

nevermind. there is much story to tell. but i don't feel comfortable here anymore. to people who have been nice. to the constant accusers, fuck off.

Likelenses 23 Dec 2016, 00:13

Neesa Jane

Are you afraid that some of those girls that you smashed their glasses,will smash yours?

What is your prescription,and did the doctor recommend when you should wear glasses.

Faux Myope 23 Dec 2016, 00:10

Nessa Jane,

I so wish that I was sitting next to you in your class. The thought of you squinting and feeling discomfort while your glasses that you so sorely need are tucked away at home is justice. I would sit there smugly with my glasses on that I don't even need and just smile. I would enjoy wearing my unnecessary glasses while you struggled without yours.

Soundmanpt 22 Dec 2016, 10:51

Neesa Jane

Everything "George1968" has told you is right. No one is there to force you to wear your glasses and as mean as you were to others maybe its justice that your eyesight is less than perfect now. You're right to be scared to be seen wearing glasses after all the grief you gave others. That has to be a part of why you can't bring yourself to start wearing your glasses and instead you're going around only seeing everything in a blur now. Trust me your glasses hasn't ruined your eyes Your eyesight was already ruined before you ever got your glasses and you know it. Oh yes i'm sure now that you have glasses and when you do seek around your house wearing them you have to be amazed at how well you can see. But I don't blame yo for not wanting to walk out of your house wearing glasses. You be seen by one of those that you were mean to about wearing glasses. That sure wouldn't be good for you now would it? At some point like it or not your not going to be able to go outside without your glasses becasue your eyesight is almost certain to continue to get worse. As far as i'm concerned i don't care if you ever wear your glasses. But i do hope that you don't hit by that car that you can't see coming down the road.

George1968 22 Dec 2016, 09:55

Neesa Jane,

BTW, you really are going to need to bite the bullet and wear your glasses in class. If you can't see the board, it is going to affect your ability to do well in class.

I know that such a move is scary for you, but letting your grades slide because you can't see the board when all you need to do is put your glasses on is a bit silly.

That doesn't mean you have to wear your glasses all the time. I think, though, once you find out that wearing your glasses in class will turn out to be a much smaller deal than you think, you might keep them on.

I refused to wear my glasses full-time for years even though I needed to. Once my eyes got so bad I had no choice but to go full-time, it was not that big a deal.

Good luck.

George1968 22 Dec 2016, 01:12

Neesa Jane,

First, there are no glasses police. You can wear your glasses as much or as little as you want.

Second, the glasses are not ruining your eyes. What has happened is that your eye muscles were working harder than necessary to accommodate your vision issues. Now that you have glasses, the muscles have relaxed to the point that your vision is now what it actually is.

It appears that you are realizing you need to wear glasses all the time, though that ultimately is up to you. It all depends on how much blur you can stand. Your comments suggest that the blur is too much to function with.

Neesa Jane, your present eyesight without glasses is as good as it is going to be. Is that good enough for you? Or, would you rather see clearly even if it means you have a day or two of feeling self-conscious?

I think you know the answer.

neesa jane 21 Dec 2016, 21:13

i've got glasses now. it sucks. i don't wear them often because they look thick and i get dizzy wearing them. i had gotten them about two weeks ago, but i still can't bring myself to wearing them outside my house. in my bedroom like now i need them badly to work on my laptop. my mother keeps sayiing i need to wear them and sometimes makes me wear them at home. but she doesn't believe me when i say i don't need to wear them all the time. but you know why she does not believe me. it gets hard faking it. the house has become so blurry with my glasses off now. i think they ruined my eyesight and i avoid wearing them as much as possible. if i wear them a long time watching netflix with my parents, i get dizzy as hell wihtout them. many times i will sit in blur watching tv because i don't want them to know how bad my eyes really are. but at school my eyes really suck now. probably because the glasses ruining my eyes.

Soundmanpt 13 Dec 2016, 09:14

Bloody Rubbish

You are correct I don't have any solid evidence of this but rather just the words of several that claimed to have tried faking an eye exam for the purpose of getting glasses and were given glasses that they claimed was much too strong and they were unable to see with. But I am quite certain any doctor worth his or her salt can easily determine when someone is faking an eye exam. So I probably shouldn't have said "without a doubt" when I suggested how a doctor might handle the situation. I should have said that "in my opinion" this is what could happen. Bianca isn't the first one I have heard this same thing from.

Bloody Rubbish 13 Dec 2016, 00:18

Soudman what you barfed is no not only illegal, it's utter rubbish and lies. Any doctor would get in serious legal trouble for doing what you suggested. There is no difference between that and a doctor saying how dare you pretend to get sick and come here, I'm giving you giant painkillers that will knock you out. preposterous and stupid that you would even suggest such a thing without evidence to back it up.

Faux Myope 12 Dec 2016, 19:18


I know several women who confided n me that they wanted glasses and lied at an eye exam so that they could be prescribed glasses. Women wear clothing and accessories to make hem feel sexier. Why not glasses, for some?

I am a male btw.

rafa 12 Dec 2016, 10:37


I found your story very interesting and I can relate to it. The fact that you were so fascinated by glasses that you wore them secretly at 40 when you still didn't need them and now at 52, when you do need them, you can't still wear them in public because you feel it's wrong to wear them, as if there was something "tainted" about them.

May I ask you? Was there a sexual element when you used to wear them secretly? That would explain the feeling of wearing glasses being "something wrong".

I'm very curious, as normally (from what I've read in previous posts in this website) the sexual element with glasses fetishism is something only experienced by men. But from my experience of years observing how women relate to glasses, I'm not at all persuaded that women can't experience that sexual element too.

Soundmanpt 10 Dec 2016, 08:48


I would bet that the doctor knew very quickly that you really didn't need glasses and were only trying to be prescribed glasses. Without a doubt some doctors will then proceed to write you a prescription anyway and they will intentionally make it something that is too strong for you to wear comfortabllity knowing that you won't come back complaining about your glasses since you lied. I have seen this happen in quite a few people. I think the doctor does that because they feel like you're wasting their time. Of course he really could have been nice and simply wrote you a weak prescription that you would have had no trouble adjusting to since you wanted to wear glasses. But had he done that with you being still rather young the glasses would have likely ruined your eyesight and he didn't want to knowingly ruin your eyesight.

Soundmanpt 10 Dec 2016, 08:35

Fuax Myope

For years I have been telling people that trying to fool the optometrist by faking that you can't see the ey chart really doesn't work. But it is very easy to come awy with a small prescription for glasses by simply doing what you did. Claiming that you have trouble seeing at night when driving always works . You didn't say but I am almost certain that the prescription you received fo glasses was -.50 for both eyes as well as getting an AR coating (anti-reflective) put on your lenses. Nearly every doctor I know uses this when they have a patient thatis perfectly able to see the 20/20 line on the eye chart but has this type of complaint. As you know it is a very weak prescription but even being weak they still make a difference to your vision. I'm sure after you have wore your glasses for several hours when you take them off things are slightly more blurry without them.

Now of course if you just want to wear glasse with a prescription you can go to quite a few on line retailers that will make glasses for you in any prescription you want without any questions being asked.

Bianca 10 Dec 2016, 08:34

I have always wanted to wear glasses, from being around 8 years of age when my best friend had them. However, I always had perfect eyesight. At 16 I had an eye test and lied and was prescribed glasses which I couldn't see properly when wearing them. When OTC glasses became available I had numerous pairs and wore them in secret. At 40 I was prescribed reading glasses and was too embarrassed to wear them. Now at 52 I am struggling without readers and am too embarrassed to admit it. I think this is because I have been fascinated by them for so long that it still feels wrong to wear them.

Faux Myope 09 Dec 2016, 21:10

Nessa Jane,

Ha Ha! I wear glasses that I don't even need. I love them too. All it took was to lie to the eye doctor that I could not see at night when I drove. Irony? I am my wearing glasses but don't need them . You need glasses but don't want anyone to know.

Faux Myope 09 Dec 2016, 21:09

Nessa Jane,

Ha Ha! I wear glasses that I don't even need. I love them too. All it took was to lie to the eye doctor that I could not see at night when I drove. Irony? I am my wearing glasses but don't need them . You need glasses but don't want anyone to know.

lazysiow 09 Dec 2016, 14:20

Nessa Jane,

Probably not an option but what about transferring to a different school in a different area and starting new with glasses out there?

Upset Lithuanian  09 Dec 2016, 11:51

Moonshiner Liklenses attacks are out of hand. is there way to block LikLenses ip address? he attacks many people with no sorrow and admits to being racist. we need to find way to block this kind of filth. thank you.

Plus Tony 07 Dec 2016, 16:18

Nessa Jane

We all make mistakes in life but the important thing is that we learn from them. None of us are perfect and we've all done things that we are ashamed of.

Now the important thing is to help get you seeing right because you'll feel much better. It is not such a big deal to have to wear glasses but it may take some getting used to. It could also be a good chance for you to apologise to the girls you upset in the past. One way would be to say that your attitude to the other girls glasses was because you were jealous, you secretly knew you needed them yourself but didn't know how to deal with it. They might forgive you more easily than you think.

Anyway that is in the future. If you can tell us all the numbers on your prescription card we can tell you what to expect. We'll do our best to help because most of us here just want to see well and help others to do the same.

antonio 07 Dec 2016, 13:55

Neesa Jane,

I was a bit like you, when I was in deny to wear glasses in my youth, I had gotten shortsighted, too, like you and made mistakes too: I even confused a friend calling them a wrong name. What mistakes did you make ?

After years I gave in, my eyes had gotten so worse that I had to squint so often, so more and more people got to know I couldnt see far and it got ridiculous to tell them I could when I could in fact not.

So I finally gave in and put on my first glasses.

To Likelenses: You Jane now understands what she has done to those girls when she snatched her glasses off and wouldnt do that any more, so we all should get more friendly to her and help her as far as we can. Thats Christian.

How far can you see far without squinting, Neesa Jane ?

Please tell us your prescription , then we could try to explain it to you.

Or come to to chat about vision there,

best regards, antonio

neesa jane 07 Dec 2016, 08:08

LL twice you are an asswipe to me. i donty even know you. but i can be a mean bitch if you keep puyshing me. for the rest, i don' tknow how to read teh prescrip[tion. it doesnt say how far i see. but i know that i maek too many mistakess because i cant see far away and reading gives me headsches. i doont think i can keep pretending this. i need glasses. it makes me feel so awful now i made peopel see like this.

Likelenses 03 Dec 2016, 23:34

It sounds as though neesa jane has been told that she needs bifocals, Poetic justice for her classmates

antonio 03 Dec 2016, 18:10

Neesa Jane,

please tell us your prescription the eyedoc gave to you,

then might be we can give you some hints how to go on.

If he gave you a plus prescription its because your now shortsighted eyes arent trained to see nearby if wearing glasses, I hope your eye muscles will train that again, when you get glasses and thus you wont need that plus prescription like a granny for long.

How do you do in school ? do you wear glasses there now or anywhere ?

best regards, antonio

George1968 02 Dec 2016, 18:59

Neesa Jane,

You could get contact lenses if glasses are too much of a hurdle to get over. Otherwise, you need glasses to see clearly.

There are no glasses police. You can weat them as much or as little as you want/need. But even you know you need some correction.

Everything will work out fine. It will certainly be better than things are now.

Josh 02 Dec 2016, 16:45

what prescription you get?

neesa jane 02 Dec 2016, 15:49

i can't do this anyhmore. i can;t keep faking it. my eyes are so bad. went with some of my crew to a dance last week and eveyrhing was so blurry. so i went to the eye doctr. bad news i need glasses. he wants me to wear them all the time. oh if that is not bad enough he say si need glasses to see closely. old glases like a grandma. he gave me a prescriptin but i did not want to try glasses. i left. i have been deppressed all week. i want to se but i am nots ure i can do this.

antonio-o 12 Nov 2016, 23:13

Neesa Jane,

I dont think that the lenses you will need will be soo strong, how do you get along ?

best regards, antonio

Likelenses 05 Nov 2016, 22:34

It sounds as though you already need fairly strong lenses,with more to come in the future.

Josh  04 Nov 2016, 08:49

Nessa Jane, keep on posting, and dont be afraid i could help you if you want to have better vision.

Josh 04 Nov 2016, 08:47

everyone in life made mistakes, the important is learn about them and try to be better everyday, for you its time to accept you got bad vision now, and its very necessary to get an eye test, first thing is your eyes health, later you will find out how to deal with other people, maybe its time for you to say sorry and a who knows the people you hurted will forgive you, but start with the first, unhapply bad vision only get better with glasses, contacts or surgery, so eye dr is the first you need to do, feel free to say anything here, always are persons able to hear, see you soon.

 03 Nov 2016, 14:51

neesa jane

You do have to understand that it does seem very hard to believe that if you were taking as many glasses from so many girls that at some point it would seem that the parents of these girls would have come looking for you to pay for their daughters glasses that you snatched and broke. And if you did indeed do this to quite few girls even though you're now sorry that still doesn't make it all right. If your eyesight is failing you their isn't much you can do about it except yo continue to struggle without vision correction, get glasses or get contacts. Those are your options. If you decide to start wearing glasses you can only hope that none of those girls that you treated so badly by taking their glasses take your glasses from you.

antonio 03 Nov 2016, 11:19

Neesa Jane

According to your words that you can.t read any board now without the help help of lenses you simply must put on some glasses or wear some contacts in your eyes, if you can stand them. Not all people can stand them because of dry eyes. If you choose or have to choose glasses I hope others aren.t that mean to snatch your glasses off your nose and not to give them back. If this ever happens here they are normally given back to you one or some hours later or next day at least. Is it different in your school?

If you choose contact lenses to wear you shouldn.t wear them all day long, and rest your eyes Sometimes without or behind some glasses. If you don.tgive them a rest might be there will be a day in some years you can.t wear contacts any more and thus you have to wear glasses all the time. If you fear they take your glasses off, just wear a strap behind your head fixing them to your nose if you are now really in need of them to see

We can.t heal your eyes. Only God can. But that would need a miracle.

Best regards and good luck, antonio

Besides we all here wear glasses. It.s really not that bad

. Or you wear them only part time for the board ?

neesa jane 03 Nov 2016, 09:52

maybe coming here talking is a mistake. one man wants me to burn in hell eternally and another accuses me of a cold liar. is this how you always greet new visitors. maybe this i not the place to learn knowledge. i told that i was sorry i did those things. i am not the only girl who has been a bully in the history of earth. but i feel i am paying the price for it now. if you do not want to help me because i did bad thing sin my past i understand. i cannot see well and must deal with the peoipl i enhoyed to pick on. but i need to know if ther a re ways to make my eyes heal instea of get glases. i am very scard to confront otherts who i made see blurry. if i do not have a choic how can i make up for my past so they do not want to take my own glases.

 02 Nov 2016, 16:28

michael: you certainly should know about fakes. it takes a fake to know a fake. you are no more real than her.

Michael 02 Nov 2016, 12:16

Soundmanpt-I agree that it is impossible to figure out who is a fake and who isn't.So we really have to give people here the benefit of the doubt. But her story is very outlandish and hard to believe for sure. If what she is saying is really true I would say she needs psychological help immediately. And if she is trolling and trying to be funny she is not doing it very well. I think you get people on all message board sites who write things just to see if they can get a reaction. I am hoping that is what she is doing because if she really did the things she claimed to have done she is a very sick person.

antonio 02 Nov 2016, 11:15

Neesa Jane,

if we take you serious, it's really nasty what you did to those girls. I guess only now you can imagine. Do you currently have a pair you can see better with?

You can discuss about vision on


Soundmanpt 02 Nov 2016, 10:28


Like I have said several times I don't ever accuse anyone of being fake but I do agree that it is very hard to believe anyone being that mean. For that reason I think I was pretty harsh if ""neese jane" is a real person and was that mean. In this case I really hope it is a fake person trying to be funny.

MIchael 02 Nov 2016, 10:18

Soundmanpt- neesa jane's story is one for the books. I have been here on Eyescene reading posts for a long time well before I began posting myself and I don't think I ever read anything quite like that. I don't like to speculate but I have suspicions she is a fake and her story is not true. Or else she is a very mean and vindictive person. All I know is I could never do that to anybody.

Soundmanpt 02 Nov 2016, 08:45

neesa jane

Wow! Are you the town bully or what? I'm not sure how you could get so much enjoyment out taking other girls glasses d leaving them unable to see things clearly. Now that your own eyes are unable to see very well do you realize how unfunny it was to take away their glasses and even worse crush them? It would have been bad enough to take their glasses as a joke and after a few minutes of making fun of them without their glasses finally returning them. But you apparently didn't do that you broke them and left those poor girls without glasses until they could get new ones and then they were too scared to even wear their new glasses for fear of you taking them again. You really are a terrible person. You totally deserve to have your eyesight deteriorate to the point where you're completely unable to function without glasses. Then I hope you run into a bully that takes your glasses and leaves you nearly blind trying to find your way home. That would be justice for all those other girls that you took away their glasses. So if you continue to live in the same area you're pretty much screwed. And like you are finding out your eyesight isn't going to get any better, only worse. You may want to consider moving away.

neesa jane 02 Nov 2016, 08:13

I am very veyr sure you will hate me but i have to tell you i have a problem. i did many things to other girls wearing glasses. i like to make fun of them. i steal their glasses and watch them wander in a blur. many girls glasses i would take off and break them in front of her and laugh. it was so funny especially when they cry becaue i let them know i am in control.

ok so i did some pranks back ago. but it's not like i hurt them or anything. they spend weeks without glasses in front of me. i laughed how they struggle in class to see because if they got near me everyohne knows i steal their glasses and crush them.

but one day i noticed aproblem. i could not see people far away. i mean i could see but the details were gone. i thought my eyes just keep tiring and i rest them. but more time passes. i m having trouble in class i can't read the board. i pretend everyting is good and i take a girls glasses everytime she comes to class and tell her i wear them because they look better on pretty me than her.

she one day told me stop wearing her glasses. so i take them and keep for me. no never gave them back becasue i can't. i see better with her glasses. and i know i have a rpoblem now. i decided one day to crush her glasses with my boto and give them back to her. i don't want people to know i might take her glasses because i need them.

it di dnot work. my eyes keep getting badder. worse than before. i need to swipe more glasses to see better agin. i make another girl cry when i take her storng glasses but i need to try them. i pretend to say lok she is so bad eyes she can't see ha ha. but i need them. her glases now were mine.

i can't see at home clearly so in privete i wear the stronger glasses. omg i see better really. but months after i have my eyes stil getting bad. i lost her glasses and did not know what to do.

i try to pretend i see clearly but it is hard to recognize people now. i just kept to myself and it has got to be very bad. but this is my problem i can't see.

ther is no way i can go back and let those littls squintees see me mess up. but i go back. i get in troubl a few times in school but i don't care. i need to see with their glasses. i tell them glad you got new glasses they are mine now.

shool ended and i was out all summer. the summer was real bad to my eyes and its blurry at night. when i go back to school this year i think i got hit by karma brick or something. i cant read teh board in any class. i am very nervous and scared i will mess up and they see me having trtouble.

but i need glasses. i am afraid to. if i get glases, they migh weanbt to take my glasses which is not raeally fair. i maybe am sorry about what i did now. but i needed glases to see and so i had to take their glasses. my family no my friends cant see i need glases with my eyes.

okay may i am not prouid now. i need to see. how do i fix this and see. my eyes not getting better only worse.

Tom2 31 Oct 2016, 07:40

Michael: no it doesn't have the same effect. The hole shall be very small (around 1 mm) to work. Smaller than eye pupil... if the hole is small enough and there is enough light, the tricks works great!

I have a presbyope colleague who does like that quite often to read when he doesn't have reading glasses at hand. E.g. to check smartphone screen...

Michael 30 Oct 2016, 16:48

Tom2- I believe I have heard or read that before as a way to get away without wearing glasses and help you see something in the distance clearly. I also wonder if using either empty paper towel or toilet tissue tubes would have the same effect.

Tom2 30 Oct 2016, 16:33

Very well known trick for all who don't wear glasses despite some vision defect, but well explained here

antonio 07 Oct 2016, 14:35

Thats very funny, Mandy,

how strong are yours ?

best regards,


Mandy 30 Sep 2016, 11:39

I'm a GWG but I get dizzy when I GWG.

 19 Aug 2016, 06:03

or if they can help you find your crack!

 19 Aug 2016, 06:02

ahhhhh... i see what you did there.

you ask the women if they can help you with a little screw.

Puffin 14 Aug 2016, 08:04

A fun idea for finding out if someone (you'd want to know them well) is into glasses could be handing them your glasses, and asking them to check the little screw, or asking if they can see if there's a crack somewhere in the frame.

Hopefully they'd give the glasses back afterwards, but you could use a spare or old pair for this.

Soundmanpt 08 Aug 2016, 06:44

Tha post just below is not from me. Clearly the person posting it doesn't have any problem using other names.

Soundmanpt 08 Aug 2016, 02:52

@ LKL you caught me. it's me pretending to be another person. don't believe if others try to say I didn't do it by using my name. i'm in my right of mind this morning and feel like an admission is overdue.

Antonio-o 07 Aug 2016, 12:57

Soundman to

Dear Sarah, , thats where soundmanpt gathered all that information for you to buy new glasses shipped everywhere in the world :

The glasses I selected as a sample was #128415 which actually are quite nice looking glases and the price in her rx was $29.90.

That is with their standard free lens option which is 1.57 for a little thinner lens option it would be an additional $19.00. and an even thinner lens option would be an additional $34.00 to the $29.90.

best regards, sending that for soundman to you Sarah,


Sarah 06 Aug 2016, 22:08

Cactus Jack,

Thank you for your suggestions. I will definitely decide on one of them. After whaf I am going through right now, I knkw how easily sonething can happen to glasses, and how extremly difficult it is for me to function without glasses.

Thank you


Sarah 06 Aug 2016, 22:00


First off, I do not undeestand why you think I would lie about this. Second, what does how long it will take to get new hearing aids have to do with anything? As far as my insurance, it is kids insurance. For the average kid it covers 2 glasses a year, but my eyesight has started changing so much, so fast (as apparent in the new glasses thread) that at my last appointment (a semi-annual one) my doctor decided to call the insurance company and say that in her opinion my vision has been changing a lot that by the end of a 6 month period my vision in my glasses is inadequate, and requested they allow me to get quartarly eye exams and new glasses. The company agreed, and now I have quartaly appointments. As for my second pair of glasses, they are so old and weak they basically does not help. It is missing a lens and a quarter of the frame, so I am not wearing them. They broke sitting in a box if old things (a box I recntly found, which is why they are still with me, and not donated). I give my glasses to the place I get my glasses because they recycle them and it helps people. Also, in 11 years of having glasses I have never broken a pair, cracked a lens, lost a pair, or gotten them stollen (untill now), so I just never thought I would need backups. The dicount is also a bonus. With the dicount I am able to get glasses above my insurances price limit if I want, or the place lets me save it up and they use it for someone who needs the little financial help; that is for when I choose a frame within my insurance's price limit.

Likelenses 06 Aug 2016, 20:40

I have my suspicions about Sarah's posts.

In the first post she said she had her hearing AIDS stolen also,and then in a later post said that it would take a long time for her to get her HEARING AID.

She also said her insurance pays for four pair of glasses a year.I have never even heard of an insurance plan that pays for more than one pair per year.

She stated a very high myopic script,and then talks about only having her second script.Most likely that script would be far to weak to even be of any help,and why would a high myope not keep a fairly recent pair of glasses..

I think that she is putting us on,and has fashioned her story around my recent post about my Cheryl's recent episode with damaged glasses.

Cactus Jack 06 Aug 2016, 08:51


With your prescription, you seriously need some back up glasses. I have two suggestion for you to consider.

1. Skip donating the most recent glasses for one or two cycles. What you want to have is your current glasses as backup, when you get new ones. When you have a backup pair, you can resume donating the next-to-the-last pair for a discount.

2. Consider ordering an inexpensive backup pair of glasses from an online retailer, such as Zenni Optical. With your prescription, three primary things determine the cost of the glasses. 1)The frame you select, 2) Your prescription, and 3) The lens material you choose. I did a typical order using a US$9.95 frame, your prescription, and the lowest index lens. I added the inexpensive Anti-Reflective coating and the total was about US$30. Shipping can be very reasonable (US$5.00), but it depends on where you live. You will need a Credit Card of some type and your PD.

Many of us have ordered glasses from Zenni and have been generally pleased with the quality and the price. If you are interested and want some help ordering all you need to do is ask. Typical delivery is about 2 weeks. I recently helped an acquaintance, who needs +5.00 glasses, order a trial pair of backup glasses after his youngest child grabbed his glasses and bent the frame. The glasses from Zenni, with a US$6.95 frame and the US$4.95 A/R coating totaled less than US$18.00. He liked them so well that he decided to use his existing $$ glasses as the backup.

Let us know if we can help.


antonio 06 Aug 2016, 07:14

Hi Sarah,

sounds really as you have some hard tomes, Sarah,

Im often on lenschat, so if you like,

Do you use that second pair ? can you reput your fallen lens into them or how do you get along ?

or perhaps you can borrow some minus glasses from a friend or a family member ?

best reagtrads and all the best to you, antonio

Sarah 06 Aug 2016, 06:15


My prescription is: OD: -12.5/-3.5/005 OS -13.75/-4.25/150. The only old pair I have is my second pair, and ine lens is out and the other is cracked. The rest I gave to the place I get my glasses. They recycle them, and I get a discount for donating. I have my appointment in about a week. I can only get up to four glasses a year with my insurance and because of my higher prescription (the normal limit is 2).The four have to be 3 month apart, so I have to wait for the 14th. This is nothing compared to how long I have to wait for my hearing aid.

antonio 06 Aug 2016, 05:11

Oh no, Sarah, sounds awful.

How strong are your glasses?

In which country do you live ?

No old pair youcould use instead?

When will you get new ones?

Best regards, antonio

Sarah 05 Aug 2016, 23:00

I have been with out my glasses (and hearing aids) for 2 days now. They got stolen at a pool. The last couple of days have been really hard.

June 02 Aug 2016, 16:05

yes it is me. i resent you calling me a fake. maybe it's time i leave this forum for good. i thought i had a good relationship with someone here, then i find out he has been flirting with two other girls. sorry, i am not "down" with cheaters. i'm very glad we never met for that date.

 02 Aug 2016, 12:56

Sadly this forum has gone downhill and it seems less and less people are coming in here because they fear being called fakes and all sorts of other things. Clearly the post just below wasn't posted by the "real" June just someone's attempt at humor.

We have all asked that something be done to eliminate people using false names and fakes and so on and it seems to have hit dead ears. I keep checking everyday hoping maybe more people will start going on "Vision and Specs"

If nothing else moonshiner please try and make an effort to check in at least once a day and remove the trash that sometimes stays up for days before it finally is removed. If the trash was removed within 24 hours I think the poster would maybe lose interest in posting trash if it is gone rather quickly.

June 02 Aug 2016, 11:00

fuck off cheater

Likelenses 28 Jul 2016, 22:38


Yeah, Cheryl had a really difficult time getting back to her car.Her lenses are very strong with a fair amount of cylinder,and a bifocal.

She really did not know which was the left or right lense,and holding them in the proper position for the cylinder,and bifocal made it all the worse.The left lense was warped from the sun ,so she was navigating with only one eye.

She sometimes likes to walk outside with me bare eyed.She loves me to put my arm around her,and guide her. She always comments that she can barely make out her feet,or any obstructions. She said that yesterday even though I was not there,and her vision was sort of in,and out of focus, that she had more confidence in her situation.

Yes, she is very diligent about always having a back up pair,and often two,one in her purse,and one in the glove compartment.

I think that if she had just put the glasses in her beach bag that they would have been OK. The frames are black,so out in the glaring sun for thirty minutes,or so really got them hot.

Soundmanpt 28 Jul 2016, 09:44


I'm sure Cheryl never even had any thought that leaving her glasses on her towel that they would actually melt. She must have been in a near panic when she saw the condition of her glasses? Then trying to make her way back to her car holding her lenses over her eyes so she could see where she was walking couldn't have been very easy either. Cheryl is very smart to keep a spare of glasses in her car glove box. I'm not sure how well she could have driven her car holding one lens in front of one eye and steering with the other hand. Everyone that wears glasses for driving really should have a spare pair in their cars glove box just for odd things like what happened to Cheryl. I've had several friends over the years that wished the had a spare pair in their glove box. As far back as when I was in my twenties the girl I was dating at the time went swimming at a public pool. She put her glasses in a storage box and when she returned to go home someone had stolen her glasses. She couldn't see well enough to drive home so she called me and I had to call a friend so we could go get her and her car back home. Recently a young I know ordered 2 pairs of glasses from me and during the time they were in route her daughter broke her glasses and when I came in a few days later with her new glasses she was thrilled to get her glasses. She told me that it was very hard for her to see to drive to and from work without her glasses. Her prescription was -1.50 if your wondering. Anyway really good that her glasses were under warranty are it would have been even worse for her if she would have had to buy new glasses. I know many people have had their glasses melt by leaving them on the dashboard of their car.

Next time she wants to go swimming I wonder how she can protect her glasses so that doesn't happen again? What can she put her glasses in that won't get hot from the sun? I guess she could take an extra towel and wrap them in the towel.

Likelenses 27 Jul 2016, 20:05

My Cheryl had the day off,and the temperature was in the nineties.

She went to the lake to do a bit of swimming.She laid out a bright red towel,and spread out her things ,took off her glasses,and walked into the water. She spent about thirty minutes swimming,and then walked back to her red towel.She always uses this red towel,because she can see it from the waters edge,although it is blurred.

When she reached the towel,she groped for her glasses,and to her horror the hot sun had softened her frames,and both of her strong lenses had fallen out of the frame.The frame was distorted to the point that she could not put the lenses in the frame.

It was about a quarter of a mile to her car in the parking lot.She gathered her things together,and put them in her beach bag,and slung it over her shoulder,and held her lenses over her eyes between her fingers.Fortunately she had her spare pair in the car glove compartment.

She called her optician,and her glasses are under warranty.

I looked at her lenses,and one of them also looks a little warped,and she can not see properly through it.

Cactus Jack 13 Jun 2016, 19:42

Curious Joe,

It sounds like you may have some Exophoria, where you eyes want to diverge. In very basic terms, Exo means that your eyes want to turn outward and phoria means that you can fuse the two images with effort and concentration. There are typically only four possible ways to correct Exophoria: Do nothing and let your Eye Position Control System fuse the images, Exercises, Base In (BI) prism in glasses, or muscle surgery on the eye positioning muscles.

A few questions:

1. What is your current complete prescription?

2. Do you wear Glasses, Contacts, or Both?

3. What is your age?

4. Where do you live?

5. Would you be interested in doing a simple prism test to measure the actual amount of Exophoria you have?


Curious Joe 13 Jun 2016, 13:51

So here's my curious past with swell higher iop ;-/, but not too high iop?

At one of my eye exam's in the past. (I needed new contact lenses, and was there initially to reorder more...During the end of my screening she brought in a box with a lens holder/lenses, and flipped them between my two eyes. After of which The Eye doctor per se stated with a deep mellow dramatic tone said to me "you have a squint!". Upon feeling startled I immediately replied to the contrary8-/...(So this was just a semi-comprehensive eye exam w/dialation I'd opted). Coincidentally after upon arrival home, and watching television... I noticed/felt my right eye begin to somewhat twitch, and my right eye drifted outwards a few times retracting, but staying turned out... A finite amount. But, Upon blinking I didn't think much of it. (A similar experience happened at an English H.S. Classroom while reading alone in the text book the sentences tho where literally ghosting/moving apart for which I had to blink to reoriente my eyes...never happened again that I canrecall. Tho upon reflecting on my experiences, and reading about Strabismus= Squint. Would I benefit from seeking out getting a "Prism(s) rx. Would I see things 3D, and be able to have my "squint" fully corrected? Sorry may I ask what the "experienced" ECP perhaps noticed in diagnosing, and would a squint call for prism lens route obviously be a less invasive route e.g. avoiding surgery at all costs 8-)?

antonio 11 Jun 2016, 16:04

Intersting story Katie,

how strong were your glasses that time

and how strong are they now ?

Were they still your first ones ?

I guess your brother didnt know how bad your day would be without them at school!

best regards,


Soundmanpt 10 Jun 2016, 14:29


Your experience being without your glasses was interesting and you did nothing wrong. You were smart to take your glasses off while you were laying on the sofa because even if you weren't planning falling asleep most times you do. And if still had you glasses on they easily could have gotten broke. Understandable that when you woke up and headed off to take a shower i'm sure you probably meant to pick your glasses up but just forgot them and as you said you wouldn't have wore them in the shower anyway. I'm sure that when you went back for them and found that they were gone you had to be in a bit of shock not finding them? I'm sure not being able to see very well when your probably used to wearing either your glasses or contacts full time must have been very difficult for you. But finding that your brother took them as a joke and forgot to return them I didn't see that coming. I was sure you were going to say that the family dog had taken them and whe you found them they were well chewed up. So I guess it was at least better that it was just your brother trying to be funny and your glasses were perfectly fine except for lots of fingerprints on the lenses. I know you said that you didn't have contacts or spare glasses. You didn't say if you were just out of contacts at the time or that you don't wear contacts at all? Anyway either way you probably really should get a spare pair of glasses. Don't you have any previous glasses that might be slightly weaker than you need now but would have been better than nothing? It is so easy to get yourself a nice pair of glasses on line and the cost is hardly anything. Check out ( it is a very good site, the glasses are great looking and very good quality. You honestly will find more than 800 pairs of woman's glasses for under $13.00. You can even add on AR coating (anti-reflective) which is great to have on your glasses for $5.00 more. So nice glasses for around $18.00. I'm sure you wish you would have had a pair that day at school when you were without glasses. By the way did you want to kill your brother for that really funny joke?

Katie 10 Jun 2016, 13:47

I remember one time when I was about 17. I had taken off my glasses and fell asleep on the sofa, I probably set them on the table but I was really too tired to remember. I woke up about an hour later still feeling somewhat drowsy and decided to take a shower. I didn't really think to grab my glasses because obviously I don't wear them in the shower.

After I got out of the shower I went in my room and was about to do my homework only to realize how blurry everything was. I went back into the living room only to find that my glasses were no longer there. Panicking I began looking all over the house wondering if I had set them down somewhere without realizing (something I do fairly often) but they were nowhere to be found. The next day at school was horrible, I didn't have contacts or a spare so I had to go the whole day basically blind. It really sucked.

When I got home that day I realized that I didn't look in my younger brother's room. I opened the door and sure enough there they were, on the floor! When I picked them up they were of course covered in his fingerprints. It felt so great being able to put them on again, finally I could actually see. I confronted him about it later that day and he just laughed and told me that he took them as a joke and forgot to give them back. From then on out I was much more careful about leaving them around in my house.

Soundmanpt 04 May 2016, 08:08

No name

I think when most people check out a thread they usually go the last date that they had read so if you don't wish to read what Michael or I have to say all you need do is skip past our long posts. However I actually agree with you that too much has been said about Michael's friend Chris and I don't plan on saying anymore anyway.

 03 May 2016, 13:14

is it possible that you two (same) people can take this lovechat to email? the incredibly lengthy messages to "each other" is pushing all the other postings very deep into the thread where they are getting missed. out of respect for all of us, i respectfully ask that you think about what I say.

Soundmanpt 03 May 2016, 08:48


Your right in that there has been very little change in your eyesight since 2014. Many optical shops now even though they have an optometrist operate as separate operations. So in a way it is more kike the doctor is just renting an office to work out of and has nothing to do with the glasses or contact part of the business. Now the problem is there are also a good number of optical shops that pay the doctor to be their and he / she gets paid as part of the store. So yes I have heard that in those cases doctors can be encouraged to prescribe glasses or to give a small increase in order to help sell glasses.

As for Chris even though it is good that she is starting to wear her glasses more and more often which is exactly what your wanting and what she needs to be doing. But the downside is the more her eyes are slowly adjusting to her glasses it is without a doubt making it harder and harder for her to see very well when she still insists on taking them off and wearing her useless sunglasses. In other words her eyesight has to be even more blurry now when she isn't wearing her glasses which explains why she is needing to wear them more often. Kind of like a double edge sword. Have you suggested that she should maybe try wearing her glasses for driving now that she is getting more used to her glasses?

Michael 02 May 2016, 15:16

Soundmanpt- Yes it is a slow process but Chris is very slow in figuring things out. I didn't tell her yesterday that progressives are meant to be worn full time but I did say something to her a few days ago. She did make a comment a couple of days ago that she is concerned she will need new glasses every year. She may feel that wearing glasses full time will make her eyes worse. I told her that is not the case and the chances are her script will not change very much in the future.Maybe only a slightly higher add. Right now she is +2.00 so she may eventually get to +2.50 which is where I am. But I will be 63 on Saturday and she just turned 54 in March. And how my vision has not changed much over the past number of years. And my eye doctor told me I could keep the same glasses from two years ago since the change in my vision this year was very small. Here are my scripts.

2014 OD Sphere +.75 Cylinder -1.00 Axis 160 Add +2.50

OS Sphere +.75 Cylinder -1.25 Axis 15 Add +2.50

2015 OD Sphere +1.00 Cylinder -1.00 Axis 105 Add +2.50

OS Sphere +.75 Cylinder -.75 Axis 15 Add +2.50

2016 OD Sphere +1.00 Cylinder -.75 Axis 115 Add +2.50

OS Sphere +.50 Cylinder -1.00 Axis 15 Add +2.50

I haven't had much change at all since 2014 have I? I still remember what Cactus Jack always says how the cylinder readings are very subjective.Also my ophthalmologist does not dispense glasses so I go to a local optical store five minutes away from my apartment. But I have kept the same glasses since 2014. Do you consider it a conflict of interest when the place you get your eyes examined also dispenses glasses?They may try to sell you glasses you don't really need. But you always have the option not to get the script filled or go someplace else to do so. You don't have to buy your glasses from the place you get your eye exam if that is an option.

But I make sure each year I get a copy of my script even if I am not getting new glasses just in case something happens to my glasses. And in CT a script is only good for a year. So even if the script was identical to the previous one I still need a new script with a current date.

If I filled the 2016 script I doubt seriously it would improve my vision much from 2014. And I have to pay for glasses out of pocket so I really don't want to get new ones unless I have to. So I went along with my doctor's recommendation. She told me I could get new glasses if I wanted to but didn't really need to.

But Chris I think is beginning to see the benefits of wearing glasses full time. But not quite ready to completely take the plunge. Pretty soon she may even forget she is wearing them. And if you reach the point when you feel you need glasses at least 80% of the time you should be wearing them full time. I didn't ask her but I think she is wearing them most of the time at work too. Maybe not 100% of the time but a lot more than she wore her old ones.

It seems like driving with them on is her biggest obstacle right now. She has to know her non prescription sunglasses don't help her see better. But the more she wears her prescription glasses the more she will need to wear them and may one day actually drive her car wearing them. And I thought of another thing. If she is wearing them almost the entire day at work driving home without them is going to even become more difficult than it was already. Do you agree?

I think Chris knows the deal and don't need to tell her. She needs to wear her glasses full time. But she still will try to avoid wearing them at times because she has not yet come to grips with being a full time wearer.She thinks somehow if she wears them all the time it will make her eyes worse but you and I both know that isn't the case. If her eyes get worse it will have nothing to do with how much or how little she wears her glasses.For Chris being able to see should be her top priority and she sees much better when she wears her glasses than if she doesn't. But she has worn them over the last few days much more than I thought she would. Actually leaving the house twice in the last three days with glasses on her face when going out with her boyfriend is something I never thought I would ever see Chris do. So yes she has surprised me.

And she has actually used her eyeglass case which is also a first for Chris. Also one other benefit of wearing glasses full time is she wouldn't have to carry her eyeglass case in her purse. She could leave it at home. Also good because she likes small purses and small purses don't hold much stuff. It would be one less thing she would have to carry around with her.Also not having to search for her glasses all the time when she needs to read something because they would already be on her face. Chris is very disorganized so wearing her glasses all the time besides greatly improving her vision would also simplify her life. If she wears them she will not lose them and also the chances of them breaking will lessen.

I asked her if she got any comments about her glasses at work and she said everybody likes them. I do too.So does her boyfriend.So there is no excuse for her not to wear them all day long. Since Chris has come this far she needs to go all the way now. Her boyfriend agrees with me that Chris needs to wear her glasses full time. Maybe he has told her that but I don't know for sure. But something made her start wearing them more this past weekend and I know it was nothing I said. But she did tell me yesterday now she can see. Which tells me she understands why she needs to wear them. If it is OK for me to wear glasses full time it should be OK for her too.And her script for her left eye is much higher than either of mine.

And does it surprise you that no eye doctor or optician before now never offered any suggestions as to when she should wear her glasses? And she got her first bifocals about 6 years ago.Before that she used over the counter readers which she told me she was using since she was about 40.But I think Chris really believed her bifocals were just to be used for reading. So I am happy this doctor laid it on the line to her.I knew for a long time her eyes were bad enough for her to need glasses full time.But couldn't say anything to her because all she would have said to me is I am not an eye doctor. True but you don't have to be an eye doctor to understand the numbers on a glasses prescription. Chris doesn't like it when people tell her things she doesn't want to hear. Even though I might know what I am talking about.

Michael 02 May 2016, 12:55

Soundmanpt- A couple of more things about vision testing. I agree with you that the cost should not be prohibitive.At most to pay for it maybe they would have to raise the cost of a license from 72.00 for six years to maybe 80.00. And we have to appear in person anyway because of the picture.The equipment probably wouldn't cost that much to put in every AAA and DMV office.And it probably will not cause much more of a delay than we have already because the eye exam would be very quick. But as it is unless you are very lucky when you go to DMV for any reason to plan on being there for at least an hour. Not a good place to go if you have plans later on in the day.We don't get a very good return on the dollar do we for renewing our driver's licenses? You pay half of what we do and get an eye exam out of the deal even though it is very quick and not very comprehensive. I guess they want to make sure you can read the 20/40 line and do they test anything else like depth perception? I don't know since it has been 40 years since I had a DMV eye exam. All I remember is it was very short and that they passed me when they should not have. I had my glasses with me to cover my butt but never had to put them on. Although my eye doctor never could figure out how I passed without wearing my glasses.

And yes there have to be some people out there who have a vision restriction on their licenses but continue to drive without correction. But these people are taking a chance. Because if they are stopped for any reason at all and the cop asks to see the person's license and he or she isn't wearing glasses they will get a ticket. And I bet the fine would be at least 100.00.

Also read that when CT first passed the law for vision testing it was targeted for senior drivers but then it was changed because of organizations like AARP who protect the rights of senior citizens. Seniors can run into eye problems but younger people can as well. So that is when they changed it to everybody for every other license renewal no matter how old they are. But seniors are regarded as very safe drivers because they tend to be more cautious and don't do things like text and drive at the same time.

Texting and driving is a whole other issue. I can text but am not real good at it so no way I would ever try doing it while driving. But it is hard to believe that a handful of states including CT never require an eye exam for drivers other than when the person first gets a driver's license. Yes doing vision screenings would cost the state money but I think this is very important so there should be a way to pay for it. Probably by increasing the cost of drivers' licenses. We pay a lot already so a few dollars more isn't that big of a deal. And you have to get a 6 year license at least until age 65 and then you have the option of a 2 year license. That is how things work in the state of CT.

Soundmanpt 02 May 2016, 12:18


It does seem like she is at least starting to find that her glasses really are helping her see things better. However it is a very slow learning process as you can see. When she asked you when you started wearing your glasses full time you really missed a golden chance to give her nice big push. You should have answered her as you did and then thrown in that once you get progressives you really need to be wearing them from the time you get up until you go back to bed that night. And point blank told her she needs to be wearing her glasses every waking minute period. Is going to kike hearing that? No of course not, but it needs to be said to her and don't be so afraid to really tell her off about her non sense idea of somehow thinking that her non prescription sunglasses are helping her in anyway. She won't like hearing those things but I have a feeling the more she thinks about what you have said to her the more it might start to sink in. Just be sure to let her know how much you like her as a friend and you just don't want anything to happen to her. Once you have said your piece than let it go. You can sleep good knowing that you did everything possible and if anything happens it's totally on her. But your driving yourself nuts over this and you need to stop trying. Say what you need to say and "JUST LET IT GO"

Michael 02 May 2016, 11:56

Likelenses-Thank you for the links for the simulators. I have been playing around with them and putting in Chris' numbers and it does appear her vision without glasses is quite blurry. But if it is really as bad as it appears I don't know how she is managing to drive without corrective lenses. But somehow she is managing to. It appears to me she is mainly using her right eye but the problem is her right eye isn't that good either.And if she ever put a patch on her right eye and just used her left even as stubborn as she is I think even she would know she couldn't do it. Everything in the distance might be a complete blur.Using just her left eye I don't think driving would be difficult. It would be impossible.

Michael 02 May 2016, 11:33

Soundmanpt-That girl sounds so much like Chris.Chris I think would be the same way if they put a vision restriction on her license. She wouldn't have a clue as to what it means. She wouldn't understand that it means you must always drive with your glasses on and if you didn't and were stopped by a cop for any reason and weren't wearing your glasses you would likely get a ticket and be subject to a fine.How much the fine would be I have no clue but she would be breaking the law. And I am guessing now from what you are telling me that this girl is now a full time wearer which she probably should have been a long time ago.

And now the latest update on Chris. Even though she never got them adjusted she claims they feel better now so she has actually been wearing them more although not full time. Meaning around the house and to watch TV. And Saturday night she went with her boyfriend to his house and actually left our apartment wearing her glasses which I believe is a first.And she spent the night at her boyfriend's and got back home Sunday around noontime and was wearing them although she took them off after she got home. Then the rest of the day she had them on some of the time and off some of the time.Today Chris was off so she did laundry. So when I woke up she was up already so I gave her the money for the laundry. She was not wearing her glasses then.Then left the house without wearing her glasses and came back not wearing them. I have no idea if she put them on in the laundry mat. But after she got home her boy fiend came over and Chris has had her glasses on ever since.She made a couple of phone calls, watched some TV and they are now playing cards.

What do you make out of this? But one thing Chris will not do is drive wearing her prescription glasses.It is still her non prescription sunglasses she is wearing. I still want to do the prescription sunglasses through Zenni. But not sure I want to ask Chris yet. May bring up the subject to her boyfriend to see what he thinks. I am willing to buy them and pay for them but if I get them for her I want her to junk the non prescription sunglasses which don't help her one bit and wear the prescription ones instead. And guess what Chris and her boy friend just went out again and Chris kept her glasses on. But I am sure Paul will drive. At least it is daytime. Paul admitted to me he doesn't see well at night but when Chris and Paul go out together he always drives. But Saturday night she should have driven because since she was wearing her glasses I am sure she could see better than he can. But that is an entirely different issue. Paul is the next one who should go for an eye exam but he doesn't have vision insurance and can't really afford it.

Chris has admitted to me she sees so much better wearing her glasses than without. Which I already knew given the strength of her prescription. Her glasses I am sure are making a big difference. Slowly but surely she seems to be heading toward full time wear.Which is what the doctor told her to do. But she is still unwilling to put them on first thing in the morning and just leave them on all day until she goes to bed at night. Probably a psychological barrier because I don't think Chris wants to think of herself as a full time glasses wearer even though that is what she needs to do. No reason for her to ever take them off unless she is showering.

But I am happy she is wearing them a lot more although not full time yet. What Chris doesn't know I don't think is the more she wears her glasses the more she will need to do so. Which pretty soon will make driving without corrective lenses next to impossible.Not that it is easy now. But her left eye in particular is starving for correction so when she is not wearing her glasses Chris is not going to feel very comfortable. Do you agree with my analysis? I may get my wish sooner rather than later. Chris may be left with no choice than to become a full time glasses wearer.

And she did ask me yesterday how long I have worn glasses full time. I said since I was about 45 when I got my first progressive lenses. But it was not a big adjustment for me because with my previous glasses I was almost full time already. But I still tried to occasionally get away without wearing them especially to social gatherings.But once I got the progressives I just went full time right from the start. And had no problem either adjusting to them or wearing them all the time.Do you agree with me that progressives are usually meant to be worn full time?

But it may be a bigger adjustment for Chris to go from being an occasional or part time glasses wearer to full time. But she does seem to realize now just how well she sees with her glasses at all distances and how poorly she sees when she isn't wearing them.So the more she wears them the more she will feel she needs to wear them which should mean full time wear sooner rather than later. This is a battle she is fighting but in the end I believe she will have to give in and keep her glasses on all day long like the doctor told her to.He did tell Chris she needs to wear her glasses if she wants to see and I think Chris enjoys seeing clearly which she does when she is wearing her glasses.

Likelenses 30 Apr 2016, 17:01


Here are some simulators that will give you an idea how bad Chris's uncorrected is.

Soundmanpt 30 Apr 2016, 09:34


So you do still have to renew your driver's license every 6 years in CT as well and like Missouri you have to go to a DMV office to renew. Like CT we also get a new picture taken every time as well. So the only thing they don't do is the eye check? That is even more crazy because you really only need one person to do that and it takes only a few seconds to do. And just like your state they don't care if your able to see 20/20 or 20/30 they only check to see if you can see 20/40 and that is all. Even worse that you have to pay so much more. Yesterday when I sent the prices to you I wasn't exactly sure what the cost was so I googled it to be check. Honestly it is bad enough that i'm sure quite a few even here in Missouri where it has the vision restriction shown on your license a good number still doesn't bother wearing their glasses as required. But without it being indicated on your license i'm sure way more are driving around without glasses that they really should be wearing. Someone I knew from a local sports bar had one to get her license renewed and since I knew she needed glasses but was in a way very much like your friend Chris and seldom ever wore her glasses when she really had enough of a prescription that she could have easily been wearing her glasses full time. I knew she didn't wear her glasses for driving because I was often at the sports bar when I saw her pull up and get out of her car without glasses. So when she told me that she had to go and renew her driver's license i was sure she would fail the vision test and be told she needed to wear her glasses to drive. So one evening when she was serving me i asked her if she had gone to renew her license yet? She said she did. I asked her if she she got a restriction on her driver's license to wear glasses. She said that when she took the vision test she wasn't able to see what they asked her to and the girl told her she needed to put her glasses on and she was then able to pass. But she said they never told her that she needed to wear her glasses to drive. I told her it was marked on her driver's license. She didn't believe me and went and brought me her new driver's license and sure enough under restrictions was an "A" which indicates vision correction. If she would have looked at the backside of her license it said what the various codes are meant. Even still she didn't want to believe me and she went around to some of the the other patrons that she knew and was asking them if that meant she needed to wear her glasses for driving. After everyone told her it did she finally came over and said she would try and remember to start wearing her glasses when she is driving but like Chris she didn't see why since she thought she was sure she could see well enough without them but at the same time admitted that she couldn't read any road signs without her glasses but she didn't need to anyway since she knew where she was going. I'm sure she still didn't wear her glasses like she was supposed to. Funny thing happened to her not too long after this. Even though she is really a very attractive young lady she is somewhat of a tomboy. Every year she looked forward to going deer hunting when the season came along with her family and bf. I didn't remember that it was deer hunting time because I am not a hunter. Anyway I was at the sports bar and her sister also worked there and she isn't a hunter either. I asked where her sister was and she told me that she was deer hunting. I was surprised that she actually hunted and wasn't just along to keep her bf company. I joked with her sister that what scary thing having her out in the woods with gun and she she can't see very well. Her sister knows that she needs to wear her glasses and she pretty much refused to ever wear them. Her sister said that even though she hates to wear her glasses she does wear them while hunting and that she is even a very good shot. Anyway when she got back I asked her if she got any deer and she said she wasn't able to hunt at all because she forgot her glasses. She wasn't very happy about that at all. She signed up for the Air force and is stationed out in California. She told me once that her dream was to be a fighter pilot and she was disappointed when she found out that she needed to have 20/20 in order to even try. She was learning bi lingual. She was home on leave once just after basic training and I was happy to see her wearing her glasses. She said when she took her physical and did an eye exam she was told that she must have her glasses on whenever she on call. They provided her with a nice pair of as she called them glasses that would make sure she never got pregnant. So i'm sure once she was forced to wear her glasses while on duty she soon couldn't get by without them anymore.

Michael 29 Apr 2016, 11:25

Soundmanpt-You are lucky you live in Missouri. CT is an expensive state to live in. Here it is 72.00 for 6 years to renew a license and once you turn 65 you have the option to renew for 2 years instead of 6 for 24.00 which works out the same 12.00 per year. Hard to believe that the cost of a driver's license is more than double here compared to Missouri.

With what they charge for license renewals CT should find a way to include periodic vision screenings as part of the process. And if they have to raise the cost by a few dollars I don't see what the big deal is. And it might help prevent auto accidents and potentially save lives.

I don't remember much about the vision screening I had when I got my license because it was 40 years ago. I never got my license until I was 23 unlike most people who get it at either 16 or 17.But I do recall it not taking very long. I think they just want to see if you can read the 20/40 line which in most states is the cutoff I think. If you can do that they really don't care if you can read the 20/30 or 20/20 lines. But somehow I faked my way through the eye test. I remember I had my glasses with me but didn't need to put them on. I was as bad as Chris when I was young because I didn't wear my glasses for driving for a long time. And when my eye doctor found out much later I didn't and also told him I never got an optical restriction on my license he couldn't figure out that happened when I told him how old I was when I got my license. He knew what my vision was then and what the cutoff was. He then said he wouldn't say anything to DMV but to start wearing my glasses which I did. Which does make me think what if anything would happen if I called up Chris' eye care professional and told him she is not wearing her glasses when driving.

But it is a pain here to renew your license. You can't do it online or by mail and must come either to a DVM or AAA office. Because they have to take your picture. And I know people who actually try to pose for the picture which is almost impossible. And if you don't like the way your picture comes out I don't think they will take another one.I always go to my local DMV office and they is one right in the city I live in. And it is a zoo there most of the time. You pretty much can count on being there for at least an hour no matter what you go there for.I could go to an AAA office I guess but those are farther away than DMV. My birthday is next week and I think my license is good until 2019 so I still have 3 years to go. I think DMV is on almost everybody's list as one of their least favorite places to go and it is one of those places that mostly everybody has to go at one time or another.

I know the DMV vision screenings are not very thorough but in states that have then might let a person know his or her vision is not up to par. A lot of people never go for eye exams if they don't feel they have a problem. One more thought. If CT doesn't want to do DMV vision screenings couldn't they make a certificate from an eye care professional a requirement to renew a license? Maybe not at every renewal but maybe every other one which would be every 12 years. There has to be a way to get people with impaired vision either off the road or force them to wear corrective lenses. Only having to pass a DMV eye exam once in your life is crazy.

Soundmanpt 29 Apr 2016, 09:38


Actually if you think about it by having to renew your driver's license every 6 years they should be making money by charging each time. The 6 year renewal is $35.00 and the 3 year is $17.50. I just looked up how it works here and from 16 to 20 you need to renew every 3 years. then it is 6 years from 21 to 69 and then it goes back to 3 years from 70 on. If you think about it that makes good sense because eyesight is very likely to change during your teen years and then gets much more stable for distance from 20 - 39 and then have changes once your around 70. Judging by how full the DMV is when you go in most times I would think they would make more than enough money to cover renewals. The eye exam is a very simple machine that sits on the end of the counter and is much like what they use for vision screening. The operator only asks you to see about 3 things and that is it. It takes less than 2 minutes. Not the last time but the time before when I had to take the vision test it was an attractive young lady doing the test and she was wearing glasses. So I thought I would tease her a bit as I finished my test. I pointed at her her glasses and asked her if she failed the vision test? She was very sweet and started laughing and said that she in fact did fail the test after she had started working there and that was when she got her glasses. I told her I was only teasing and she said she knew but she said she had no idea that she needed glasses until she took the test herself. She said she then knew how everyone must have felt that she had to fail.

Michael 29 Apr 2016, 09:08

Soundmanpt-Yes it is crazy that there are states that never require an eye exam to renew your license and you only have to pass an eye exam once in your life and that is when you first get your license. CT is one state and Melyssa said PA is another. I did some research on the subject and it appears the majority of states do but there are some who don't. I think I told you this before but a number of years ago CT did pass a law that would have required a vision test for every other license renewal which would have been every 12 years but the law was never implemented because of a lack of funds.But in my opinion this is very important and CT should have found the money someplace to implement the law they passed.Found some info on the subject. The law was passed in 1990 but wasn't repealed until 2011.

There has to be a way to force people like Chris to wear glasses when driving because it doesn't appear she will do so otherwise. She even admitted to me she can't read signs. She told me she can see the signs but just can't read what is on them. What good does that do? It would be like somebody acknowledging they can see an eye chart but can't read any letters on it.

Soundmanpt 29 Apr 2016, 08:28

I live in the state of Missouri and here you can can a learners permit at 15 and you need to take the necessary vision test at that time. Then I think once you get your driver's license at the age of 16, or older, you need to return after 2 years to renew it until your in your 21 and an eye exam is given each time. Once your 21 then you only need to renew it every 6 years and that includes an eye exam. Honestly it seems pretty crazy to think that other states don't ever have you at least come in to check your eyesight. It scares be because I know how many of the young ladies I get glasses for didn't need glasses when they got their driver's license and now many of them wear glasses full time and I am sure they wouldn't be able to see well enough to drive without glasses anymore. Several years ago I even got a referral from someone that had gotten glasses from me and her best friend went to renew her driver's license and failed the vision test and she was in a panic because she needed to be able to drive to back and forth from work. She didn't have the money at the time to go and get her eyes examined and pay for glasses at the only one hour place where the prices are quite high. Her friend told her that maybe I could help her out so she called me. We met and she was lucky because at the time I had a range of of sample glasses with prescriptions ranging from -.50 to -1.75. By trying on each pair she found that the -1.25 glasses worked the best for her. I loaned her the glasses so she could pass the test and she ordered a pair of glasses from me in that same -1.25 prescription. I let her borrow my sample pair until her own glasses arrived. I told her that the next time she needs glasses where she can go to get her eyes examined for $35.00. Not quite a year later she called me to tell me that she had gone where I had recommended to get her eyes examined and she needed new glasses. We met and she was still wearing the glasses she had gotten from me. Her prescription had changed slightly and she had some astigmatism, but not too much stronger than the glasses she was wearing. Not long after that she got a better job that took her to Chicago.

Maurice 29 Apr 2016, 07:29

Sorry Michael for the mistake. Must have been another Michael on this site.

Michael 28 Apr 2016, 20:24

Maurice-I never had cataract surgery.

Maurice 28 Apr 2016, 18:37

Michael, do you still need glasses for driving since your cataract surgery?

Michael 28 Apr 2016, 13:39

Melyssa- I think there are some people on the road who can't see but others who don't think for whatever reason traffic signs are meant for them and constantly are driving through stop signs and red lights.

Melyssa 28 Apr 2016, 13:07


I guess CT is like PA then. When I went for my learner's permit at age 16, I took the eye test, and seeing that I was wearing glasses, they put the infamous "L" (must wear corrective lenses) on the license. There is some other code now, but no eye tests are done after the first successful (such as it is) one. I do think it would be good to test for color recognition, as a lot of many imbeciles out there run red lights and stop signs. Then again, they see the red items and figure it doesn't apply to them.

Michael 28 Apr 2016, 06:21

Melyssa-The previous post was from me. I am not trying to hide my identity.

 28 Apr 2016, 06:19

Melyssa- Do they ever require a vision test for you to renew your license in PA? Most states require it but not necessarily for every license renewal. It could be every other one or possibly more often once you reach a certain age. The point I was making is in CT most people only need to pass a vision test once in their life. And that is when they first get their license. So unless the person upgrades or there is another unusual circumstance you don't have to pass a vision test ever again as long as you keep your driver's license. There may be people driving on CT roads and highways who are half blind.

Melyssa 28 Apr 2016, 05:03

Two days ago I made my quadrennial visit to the DOT Photo License Center in my hometown in the state of Pennsylvania -- Philadelphia to the east, Pittsburgh to the west, and Alabama in between. I was there no more than 15 minutes, and the DOT employee asked for my then-current license (okay, still current through this Saturday), and for me to answer some questions on the keypad of the computer, and he took my picture. I was wearing clear frames. Two minutes later, I had my new driver's license. That's it, new picture, no eye test, and they had already been paid beforehand. :)

Michael 27 Apr 2016, 18:10

astigmaphile-I agree 100% with you. I don't know where you live but you may not ever want to drive in CT. A number of years ago CT passed a law requiring eye exams every other license renewal but never put the law into place because they didn't have the money. Many people are probably driving who shouldn't be.Like my roommate Chris.And guess what today after she got home from work she went into a state of panic because she couldn't find her non prescription sunglasses. And she was planning to go out later. She has it in her head that somehow those sunglasses improve her vision but they don't do a thing. But she did eventually find the sunglasses. Not sure what I am going to do with her. She has poor vision but continues to drive without wearing corrective lenses.Most of the time when she leaves for work in the morning I am still sleeping so I am thinking after she goes to bed at night to try to find the sunglasses and if I do take them and hide them in my room. If she couldn't find her sunglasses in the morning I swear to god she might not be able to go to work. She would then have two options. Either drive bare eyed or drive with her regular prescription glasses and I don't think she could do either.

She has it in her head that she can only drive wearing non prescription sunglasses. She thinks somehow they improve her vision and Chris' uncorrected vision is probably no better than about 20/70. And it may even be worse than that.Chris is so addicted to her worthless sunglasses she even has to wear them on cloudy and rainy days.People can have a lot of addictions. Eating, smoking, drinking or gambling. But did you ever hear of anybody being addicted to a pair of sunglasses? That is a new one for me.But this is Chris I am dealing with. Maybe she should keep them on all day. Meaning at home and at work. Since she likes them so much and really thinks they improve her vision why not wear them all day long? If I was her that is what I would do. But she only wears them for driving and goes bare eyed most of the rest of the time.

astigmaphile 27 Apr 2016, 16:16

I can't believe that there are states that only check your vision the first time that you get a driver's license. Eyes change, especially in older people. Think cataracts, glaucoma and macular degeneration. I certainly do not want to be on the road around someone who is visually impaired.

Michael 27 Apr 2016, 05:37

Am I interpreting this correctly David? You have been wearing your glasses full time all along including for driving but now your have an optical restriction on your license so you have no choice? I don't know what your uncorrected vision is but it never would have been a good idea for you to drive without wearing your glasses even though legally you could.

I am dealing with the same thing now with my roommate Chris. CT is also a place where most people only have to take a DMV eye test one time in their life and that is when they first get their license and unless they upgrade like you did or some other unusual circumstance occurs it is very likely they will never have to pass a DMV eye test ever again. That is not good. Because Chris and probably many other people in our state as well drive and are putting both themselves and innocent bystanders at risk by not wearing corrective lenses. But I also have been told that if Chris was ever involved in a serious car accident and other people were either seriously injured or died and it was later discovered she was told by an eye care professional to wear glasses when driving and that she wasn't when she had the accident she could then be in a mess of trouble. That would supersede Chris not having an optical restriction on her driver's license.

David 27 Apr 2016, 01:23

Yes I've been full time for many years. I get tested often because the axis changes enough that in a year I'm not happy with my correction.

I live in Canada where I've never been required to have my eyes re-tested to renew my license but in this case I was upgrading. Probably it was at the discretion of the person behind the counter. No worries, I always have glasses anyway. Just feels like a bit of a loss to have corrective lenses restriction.

Michael 25 Apr 2016, 04:48

You may be like me and live in a state that ordinarily does not require a vision test except for when you get your license. I live in CT. There are probably a lot of people driving here who should not be including my roommate. And it puts both them and innocent people at risk. You may have seen my many posts about my roommate Chris.

Not sure what your uncorrected vision is but in most states the cutoff is 20/40 and you didn't make the grade. At least you passed with your glasses on.Have you had an eye exam recently? You say you are 56 and when you were 46 your sphere was 0 so my guess is no. If you haven't it might be a good idea. Do you wear your glasses full time? Your cylinder numbers are quite high so you may definitely benefit from full time wear. I guess you have an optical restriction on your driver's license now so you have no choice but to wear your glasses when driving.Not sure how the vision testing machine at DMV works but you saying you couldn't read a single letter tells me your vision is worse than whatever their cutoff is which is usually 20/40.Maybe much worse. And with the amount of astigmatism you have it definitely would impact both your near and distance vision and I think most people would wear their glasses full time.

David 24 Apr 2016, 22:03

@Michael (from April 15)

Sorry for the delay in my reply. I am 56, had glasses since I was 24. Prior to this I had never been retested since I got my license as a teenager.

Started out in the Sph +0.75 Cyl -0.5 range and gradually transitioned over the years to mildly nearsighted. At age 46 my Sph was 0. I would never have needed the eye test except I'm doing a license upgrade to carry passengers. Strangely when I look at an eye chart from 20' I'm close to 20-50 but in the machine at the motor vehicle office I couldn't see a single letter.

Anonymous 24 Apr 2016, 20:24

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 22 Apr 2016, 13:51

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anonymous 22 Apr 2016, 10:12


you can't just call someone out for being anonymous when your nickname is just as anonymous as everyone else's. just a thought.

Granny 20 Apr 2016, 14:53

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 18 Apr 2016, 17:45


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Granny 18 Apr 2016, 15:53

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 18 Apr 2016, 12:46

Granny, you are right about learning grammar but you have some problems also.

Granny 18 Apr 2016, 11:12

omg grammar. AND is a conjunction not an action. it joins together two entirely different things. it's impossible to try something while concurrently getting something at the same time.

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Learn your grammar! i'm going to have to break out my old trusty ruler from when I taught English class and crack a few knuckles here for repeat offenders.

Puffin 16 Apr 2016, 07:16

I think it's just a case of the visual system adapting to poor vision (after all, there's no alternative way to see, so you use what you have) then quickly un-adapting when the correction comes along.

Myopes usually react like this: suddenly the vision appears to get worse after starting to wear glasses. It's not that so much, it's the visual system "realising" it doesn't have to struggle so much and stops doing so.

Michael 16 Apr 2016, 06:35

Jennifer-How did you ever manage without glasses for as long as you did? It sure didn't take long for you to become dependent on them.

Jennifer 16 Apr 2016, 06:31

I was very dizzy when I got the -1.75 prescription but I kept wearing the glasses because they helped a great deal. The dizziness went away by the end of the day. The new glasses made me nauseous for 30 minutes but I quickly got used to them and to the contacts that I got when I went back the second time.

The only problem is that I am virtually blind without my lenses in! I have to bring the alarm clock right up to my face to set the time and I reach for my glasses before doing anything else in the morning!

Michael 15 Apr 2016, 18:31

Jennifer-Since those were your first glasses the doctor may have under prescribed you the first time to make the adjustment to them a little easier. But since you couldn't see perfectly clearly after a week he bumped you up a little bit. The right eye is always listed first which is OD Ocular Dexter which I believe is a Latin term. OS is the left eye which is Ocular Sinister.Your right eye appears to be the one with a small amount of astigmatism in it. But even a small amount of astigmatism can blur your vision both for close and distance. Reading small print can be especially difficult. Was it very difficult to get used to the stronger script especially considering you never wore glasses before?

Jennifer 15 Apr 2016, 17:40

The first time I went in I was prescribed -1.75 in both eyes but after wearing the glasses for a week I noticed that my vision was still a little blurry so it got bumped up to -2.25 -0.50 180 and -2.00

Michael 15 Apr 2016, 16:39

Jennifer- That is very high for a first script. You probably needed glasses for a while.What made you get an eye exam? I would guess you were having trouble reading the board in class. College puts a big demand on eyes. Not sure how you got away with not wearing glasses for as long as you did. And yes I am almost certain those other numbers are for astigmatism. Sphere is the degree of nearsightedness or farsightedness. Cylinder is the amount of astigmatism Axis is the angle of the astigmatism and it can be anywhere between 0 and 180. It is kind of hard to explain but those are what your other numbers are I am almost certain. Astigmatism is always two numbers. Cylinder and axis. So a person who is either nearsighted or farsighted with astigmatism will always have three numbers for each eye on their script.

You had to notice a big difference with the way you see with your glasses so it is not surprising you are struggling now when you don't wear them. So it was not a very difficult decision to wear them full time which I am assuming you do because you really have to if you want to see well.

Michael 15 Apr 2016, 16:19

David- It is no wonder you couldn't pass the DMV eye test. Your sphere is low but the amount of astigmatism you have in each eye is significant which would impact both your close and distance vision.How old are you and how long have you had glasses? You would probably benefit from full time wear because of the astigmatism. I don't know what your uncorrected vision is but it is obviously less than 20/40 or 20/50. I live in a state CT which doesn't ever require a vision test when renewing your license. There are not many states like that. I think years ago CT put in a law for vision screenings for license renewals but the law was never implemented because of a lack of money. But the states that do at least most of them I think require 20/40 minimum to pass.And most states require eye exams at least at every other license renewal which would be about once every 12 years.

David 15 Apr 2016, 15:58

No more going without glasses for driving. Just had eyes tested to renew my license and I couldn't see the letters inside their testing machine. I'm guessing I needed to have 20-40 or 20-50. Rx is -1 Sph, -2.25 Cyl in each eye.

Jennifer 15 Apr 2016, 15:07

Michael, I'm 19 (about to be 20) and in college. -2.50 and -2.00 is my prescription for contacts. The prescription for glasses has a few other numbers which must be astigmatism.

These are my first glasses/contacts! I know it's crazy.

Soundmanpt 15 Apr 2016, 07:45


Those lenses you were asking about are called "Ortho-K" and they have been on and off the market several times over the years. Your prescription isn't even close to being considered strong and your optician said that your prescription is too strong for them to work for you, that they only work for weaker prescriptions. So they work great if you only barely need vision correction. If her prescription is only -3.00 and by the end of the day the effect of the contacts is already wearing off and her vision is blurry she either has to try and get by as her vision slowly continues to get more blurry or she has to have her glasses with her at all times to put on. This is why they were taken off the market before. I heard the very same thing years ago from the manager of a Sears Optical that said she had the very same problem as your optician. Oh and did I mention that they are very expensive?

Michael 14 Apr 2016, 19:42

Jennifer- Are these your first glasses? May I ask how old you are? So your script is -2.50 and -2.00 with no astigmatism. Am I correct?As others have said here many times there is no rule as to when to wear your glasses. No glasses police to check on you.But I can see how you don't do real well bare eyed and need to wear vision correction pretty much full time. I think most people with your script would.

Jennifer 14 Apr 2016, 18:47

I got glasses/contacts recently and my prescription is -2.50 and -2.00.

I don't do well without them.

Jenny 14 Apr 2016, 15:07

I was wearing glasses all the time at -2.00 and now I can't be without them. The lenses you can wear at night won't work for me because they work better in lower prescriptions. My optician has them and says in the evening her eyes are blurry again and she is with -3.00. I couldn't think to be out and my eyes are blurry and didn't have glasses with me.

Michael 14 Apr 2016, 11:47

I agree but at some point probably sooner rather than later your eyes will stabilize and your increases won't be as much.You may not get much higher than the -5.5 you are currently at. But going from -1 to -5.5 in about 6 years sounds pretty normal to me.Myopia does usually keep increasing sometimes at a pretty rapid rate for a number of years until it begins to level off. Hopefully you are just about at that point now.And you weren't prescribed glasses until you were 14 so you started late and even then your script was weak. Myopia often begins at a much younger age than you were. I was 9 years old when I got my first glasses for distance.

Kristy 14 Apr 2016, 10:44

I'm 20.

My eyes are still changing though.

Michael 13 Apr 2016, 17:26

Kristy- How old are you now? You started out at -1 at age 14. Now you are at -5.5. Trying to figure out how long it took you to get to from -1 to -5.5.You will get to the point when your nearsightedness should stabilize. Not sure though when that will be. That is why I am asking for your current age.

Kristy 13 Apr 2016, 16:37

I was 14. Yes, I do use contacts as well.

Soundmanpt 12 Apr 2016, 07:49


What age were you when you got your first glasses? When you got your first glasses did you wear them full time out of necessity or were you one that always wanted to wear glasses? You mentioned about your difficulties applying makeup without your lenses being in, so I assume you must wear contacts these days at least some of the time?

Kristy 11 Apr 2016, 18:12

Can't remember. I wear them from dawn to dusk. Can't even set the alarm on my phone without them.

And 11 Apr 2016, 15:55

Kristy, when did you last do anything bare eyed ?

Soundmanpt 09 Apr 2016, 09:40


That is completely reasonable that you went straight to full time wear even at -1.00. You simply enjoyed the clarity that your glasses gave you, and didn't like how things looked without them anymore. Yet many others might hardly ever bother taking the time to put their glasses on with such a weak prescription.

Several years ago I was visiting with an optician friend of mine that worked at a Sam's Club Optical Center. While we were chatting a young lady came and needed her glasses adjusted because she said they weren't feeling right. My fiend looked at her and then reached behind her ears and was checking where the earpieces were hitting behind her ears and then she took her off of her and went to her work table and did some bending on them. While she was doing that this young lady was looking around the store which is of course very big in size and she was squinting. She looked at me and was complaining about how bad her eyesight is. I couldn't help but notice my friend smiling and shaking her head. After a few adjustments she came back over and put her glasses back on her and asked her if that was better and the young lady said they seemed to be fine. As soon as she left my friend started laughing and said she almost lost it when she heard her telling me how bad her eyesight is. She said this young lady used to come in every 6 months or so to get her eyes examined and her eyes were completely perfect but she would always come in saying that she thought she needed glasses. Finally the doctor wrote her a prescription for glasses, -.25 in both eyes. He told her it was her option if she wanted to get glasses or not, but of course she wanted glasses. So now that she had glasses she stops in about once every month or so to get them adjusted and she is always wearing her glasses. Anyway the point is that it is up to the person when they feel like they need to wear their glasses.

Kristy 09 Apr 2016, 08:04

I wore them full time from the beginning. -1

Soundmanpt 08 Apr 2016, 17:29


In most cases your exactly right but there are some people that can tolerate blur better than others and can function pretty well without glasses with rather strong prescriptions. If "no name" has over the years just refused to wear glasses and has adjusted to seeing that way it is possible. There has been several in here that have claimed to be able to drive without glasses and had prescriptions of over -5.00. Needless to say I think that is pushing things much too far. For many I think somewhere around -1.50 or -1.75 is most start wearing their glasses full time. Do you recall what your prescription was when you started wearing your glasses full time?

Kristy 08 Apr 2016, 16:06

You're clearly not a -6.5

I'm -5.5 and I can't even wear my makeup without my lenses in.

 08 Apr 2016, 15:39

No it not that strong. I have -6.5 and spend much of me day without glasses. I don't put except when i really need. don't be wuss and wear time all -4.5. Is not strong at all.

Soundmanpt 06 Apr 2016, 07:18


You asked for information about the contact lenses that you wear while you sleep and remove them when you wake and you can go the whole day without any need for glasses or contacts. They are called "Ortho-K" and based on your prescription they would seem to work for you. However when they first came out they were only out a short time and were pulled because there was problems with them. I am not sure but I was told that the biggest problem was that they only provided you with perfect vision several hours and then your own natural eyesight would start to return and you were caught in between because your eyes weren't quite to the point where you needed your glasses but you weren't seeing very well without glasses either. This of course would be a major problem if you were on a road trip and driving and your eyes were slowly changing back. But after not being available for several years they reappeared and seem to be working okay for people. The downside might be the price as they cost anywhere from $1000.00 to $1500.00 for one pair. Oh and they are gas permeable lenses which foe many often times seem harder to wear and aren't that comfortable. Because the cost is so much you might be better saving the cost yearly cost of those contacts and just getting lasik once your eyes stop changing. But to be honest your prescription isn't really that strong even though you can't really go without your glasses anymore. Your lenses aren't that thick and if you want them even thinner you can always do that and with a nice looking frame you have to look very nice wearing your glasses. If you really don't want to wear glasses then for now just look at your need for glasses as being temporary thing and in a few more years you can be glasses free if you really want to be.

Kristy 05 Apr 2016, 20:00

Jenny, -4.50 may not be super strong but it's strong enough and you will be completely dependent on your glasses. I'm -5 and I reach for my glasses first thing in the morning and feel completely blind without them!

Ric 03 Apr 2016, 13:23

Jenny: none of my parents are nearsighted either. Just brother, me, and 5 cousins, 2 boys and 3 girls. Just father of the 3 girls have mild myopia, much less than daughters.

Jenny 01 Apr 2016, 08:27

None of my parents are shorsighted just me. I can not watch tv drive without glasses. I couldn't walk down the street without them that bad now always have to wear glasses or contacts. Has anyone tried the lenses you sleep with and take them out in the morning?

And 31 Mar 2016, 15:49

Jenny, do you still do anything bare eyed ? My gf has -7.50 contacts so she'd probably say your prescription isn't that strong !

Soundmanpt 30 Mar 2016, 08:17


For most people it starts when your young. Maybe even before your a teenager or when your in your early teens. And the cause is most often the genes you git from a parent. So if one parent got glasses as a teen there would be at least a 50% chance that the children will need glasses. If both parents wore glasses in their teen years the odds are even worse like about 100%. No it is very unlikely that you had anything to do with your eyesight becoming less than perfect. So that means when you get married and start a family there is at least a 50% chance that your kids will be wearing glasses. I'm sure you hated it when you had to start wearing glasses but they did at least make seeing things much easier didn't they? Are you okay with wearing glasses now or still not liking them very much?

Jenny 29 Mar 2016, 15:52

I never wanted to wear glasses hated getting my eyes tested. When I first got glasses I was surprised how much clearer it was with them. Without glasses now is so blurry. How do we get shortsighted is it bad habits like too much tv and reading in bad light? Do you think are face and head shape had anything to do with it? I read it's because our eyes grow too big. Can't do nothing about it.

Soundmanpt 29 Mar 2016, 14:59


Your still in that bracket where your eyes are still changing. The good news is that now that your 23 you should be getting close to when your eyes become stable and won't be changing much or nearly as often. I'm sure when the optician is telling you that your eyes aren't really that bad and you can't hardly see anything without your glasses you have a hard time believing him or her? But your glasses and contacts in the optic world isn't even considered to be in what we refer to as "strong glasses" your actually in the moderate range with your prescription. The optic world doesn't consider glasses to be strong until they are -7.00 or more and i really think you won't get to that point. Remember Jenny if you don't like wearing glasses and contacts once your eyes stop and get stable you can always get lasik. But if your considering that option you should start saving now because the average price for a good doctor to do that is around $4500.00.

Jenny 29 Mar 2016, 14:44

Sorry I'm getting confused my new contacts -4.50 so has gone up. I'm 23 my eyes keep getting worse every year should I be worried? Optician says is not a strong prescription just need to wear them all the time tho. what is bad if get more shorsighted when you already have to wear glasses?

Soundmanpt 22 Mar 2016, 08:28


Yes you got a bit of an increase but really it wasn't very much at all. First of all your comparing when you last got your contacts to now getting new glasses. Because you do have a decent prescription if you had gotten glasses when you got your contacts I am sure they would have been at least -3.75 and maybe even -4.00 at that time. When you're wearing contacts they are sitting directly on your corneas bit your glasses sit about 3/4" in front of your eyes so your glasses lenses need to be slightly stronger to makeup for that difference in between. So it could be that you only got a real increase of about -.25 or -.50 which is really not bad at all. Also you didn't say how long ago you got your contacts which also makes a difference. If it was longer than a year since your last eye exam then you did even better than would be expected. As to when your eyes may stop changing depends a lot on your age. As you get closer to 20 you should see your increases getting even less.

Likelenses 22 Mar 2016, 00:37


When did you first get glasses,and what was the prescription then?

Have any previous increases been about as large as this last one?

While your present prescription is moderately strong,depending on your age who knows what it may go to.

Jenny 21 Mar 2016, 18:11

It gets worse every year just got new glasses now -4.25 my last contacts were at -3.50. Is scary when they show you how you should be seeing and when you get a new prescription everything. Really hope it dosnt get much worse, my optician was not worried about me getting more shortsighted just keep wearing glasses

Ric 20 Mar 2016, 01:41

Jack: Started wearing glasses not full time, (doctor said i should have to wear then full time) and wearing time was increasing inconsciently until the time i become dependent on them for dayly. In these years, seems like if wearing glasses caused my eyesight worsening, but sure was not the cause, high myopia is genetic.

Ric 20 Mar 2016, 01:13

When first time was prescribed glasses, doctor told parents that my myopia were quite strong, and prescribed me lower glasses for getting used. After this, optician also gave me a little bit slower lenses for years. Really i did not nottice any but worsening every year.

Cactus Jack 19 Mar 2016, 10:30


Do you have any thoughts about the long term effects of a lower prescription. Do you think it made any difference?


Ric 19 Mar 2016, 06:13

When i was child, doctor and optcian used to guive me glasses with lower prescription (im myope) cause they said it could help my eyes not to need stronger prescription every time.

Cactus Jack 18 Mar 2016, 19:50


Some people who are Myopic or shortsighted do not wear vision correction, however they are not doing themselves any favors. Typically, these people are only mildly Myopic and function fairly well, in their opinion, without vision correction. Usually, there is either a strong sense of vanity or a belief that by not wearing vision correction they slow down the progression of their myopia.

The jury is still out on the long term effects of not wearing vision correction. There was one study out of Australia that seemed to indicate that not wearing vision correction actually made Myopia increase faster.

One thing that can occur, if correction is not worn, is that the Ciliary Muscles can get severely de-conditioned and effectively loose their ability to focus the Crystalline Lenses. In other words, creating the symptoms of Presbyopia long before it typically appears. This is particularly true in cases where mild Myopia in the -1.50 to -3.50 range is present, WITHOUT or with very little Astigmatism, where there is a strong temptation to not wear vision correction for close work.

May is ask your prescription and how fast it is increasing?


Jenny 18 Mar 2016, 18:45

Has anyone been told they are shortsighted and not bothered to wear glasses? I'm shortsighted and it gets worse every year. My optician says its normal just have to says wear glasses and contacts nothing you can do about it. Should I change opticians?

 21 Feb 2016, 18:29

no. WE are gaining a lovely nearsighted woman who will have trouble seeing and squint a lot. that's what we want.

Likelenses 21 Feb 2016, 01:50


How are the contacts working out?

Are we going to lose out on a lovely GWG?

Ellen 20 Feb 2016, 11:06

My (younger) sister has a prescription around -8/-9.

Yes you can use a pin hole to see when you're myopic. This works because the light entering the eye is almost all coming perpendicularly through the centre of the cornea and the discrepancy in the curvature of the cornea doesn't play such a role in producing the point of focus. The downside is that much less light enters the eye so the image isn't great and of course there's little peripheral vision.

As for spare glasses, she has several pairs. In fact we all keep a pair in the holiday cottage for emergencies. Unfortunately, scatter-brained as she is she'd forgotten that she'd taken hers home the last time she was there to have them turned into prescription sunglasses. She even wears contacts but had deliberately avoided taking them to force herself to give her eyes a rest from them.

Likelenses 19 Feb 2016, 22:25


I believe that you did at one time mention her Rx,and that it is much less than yours.

On a few occasions my glasses broke,or a lense popped out.

I found that I could partially function by making a fist,and leaving a small hole,and look through the hole between my thumb,and forefinger.My not work at your high Rx.

guest 19 Feb 2016, 10:26


Glad it all worked out for Sis !

Who is the higher myope??

Hope you had a Happy Valentines Day with your new BF


guest 19 Feb 2016, 10:26


Glad it all worked out for Sis !

Who is the higher myope??

Hope you had a Happy Valentines Day with your new BF


Soundmanpt 19 Feb 2016, 09:53


I'm glad she found her glasses but there is a lesson to learned from this. Something I am always telling my glasses wearing friends all the time. If you only have a very weak prescription and are very able to get by without glasses then just having one pair is fine. But once you're wearing your glasses full time chances are you are at least nearing the point of being somewhat dependent on your glasses. Once that point is reached a backup pair is needed. You clearly mentioned that she does in fact have spare glasses but since she didn't bring the with her they were 100 miles away and of no help at all to her blurred vision. She should really keep her spare pair in her car or at least remember to pack them when she going to be away for even a few days. I get quite a few calls from people that have bought glasses from me because of the family dog getting hold of their glasses, (Dogs often take glasses because your body scent is on your glasses so to them its the same as giving them an old sock that you have worn to play with) and kids taking the glasses and either misplacing them like your sister's son did or even worse breaking them. If you have been following my posts with Katie in the New Glasses thread she had gotten her first glasses and she already had a fairly strong prescription. She pretty much went to full time wear right away. I convinced her that she really needed a spare pair in case something happened to her glasses even though she doesn't have a dog and she is in college and no kids around to break or lose them. At first she was reluctant because she didn't think anything could or would happen to her glasses. Well she went with her sister to an amusement park and she didn't think to take her glasses off when she got on a roller coaster and on the first downhill her glasses went fling off and were gone. It pretty much ruined her day at the park since she couldn't see very well. But she had taken my advice and ordered a spare pair which she at least had to put on when she got home. You just never know when something you don't expect might happen to your glasses.

Ellen 19 Feb 2016, 08:42

My sister took her kids to our family holiday home for a few days over the school half term. I got a call from her on Wednesday night saying she had lost her glasses. She thought her son, who is four, had taken them while she was in the shower. He had kind of owned up but couldn't remember what he'd done with them. She had been searching for them for over an hour and was frantic and sounded close to tears on the phone. There wasn't much I could do, she was over 100 miles away and I don't drive at night due to my own vision difficulties. Besides I had had a couple of glasses of wine. I told her that she'd just have to hang in there overnight and I'd drive over the following morning with her spares. I told her of a trick I use with a mobile phone to navigate my around if I don't have glasses. Just put the phone in camera mode and hold it close to your eyes and you get a nice clear video of your surroundings. Not ideal but better than walking into things. Anyway the story has a happy ending, she called me about an hour later saying her glasses had turned up. Her daughter had found them in the kitchen bin!

Carrie 01 Feb 2016, 15:04

Soundmanpt I definitely wasn't fully awake! I do my makeup without my glasses on and like many other glasses wearers I get the "phantom glasses" feeling - It sometimes feels like I'm wearing my glasses even if I'm not, which probably explains why I managed to leave the flat without my glasses on after doing my makeup in record time (luckily I don't wear much makeup).

Malina 01 Feb 2016, 01:40

My prescription is not strong so I don't necessarily need them for good vision. But as soon as I take them off my left eye turns in very visibly.

Sometimes I go without them, with a contact lens in my weak left eye and a "pirate patch" over the right!

Soundmanpt 31 Jan 2016, 10:05


I really think that you most likely weren't fully awake when you dressed and ran out without your glasses being on. You have been wearing glasses full time now for 3 or 4 years and had never done that before. It would almost seem automatic now putting your glasses on. You most likely have an every morning way of getting ready which includes when you put your glasses on. I would think as you finish with your makeup would be rather normal. It could be if you skipped that step by running late is how you managed to run out without them? Now this being the first time you ever did that is interesting. I would have thought you might have done that maybe more than once when you first got glasses. Your prescription was very weak and you weren't used to wearing glasses. I could easily see how you might totally forget to put them on and head off to school without them. If you had forgot your glasses you could have easily got by without them. But you were so excited about having glasses I guess maybe that helped so you didn't ever forget them.

Melyssa 31 Jan 2016, 09:01


You would be definitely better off carrying extra eyewear in your pocketbook. I always have 2-3 extra pairs with me (obviously to change glasses at various intervals).

The last time I forgot to take my glasses with me was in 10th grade, when I was still a part-time wearer. Fortunately, that day there was nothing written small on the blackboards.

Curt 30 Jan 2016, 16:59

Carrie: I had a similar experience a few weeks ago. In a hurry, left the house and went directly to a meeting. Only when I looked at my phone did I realize I forget my glasses. Struggled through the meeting then retrieved them from my car. My Rx is basically +1.00 each eye with a +2.75 add, so I really can't see anything within arms distance vision is okay, but nothing up close!

Carrie 30 Jan 2016, 12:02

I was in such a rush that I was in sort of autopilot mode and wasn't concentrating. It was when I had to concentrate on crossing a road that I noticed that I couldn't see as good as I should. Even though I wear my glasses full time my eyes aren't so bad that I can't see without them, although anything close up would be hard to see. I think that the little screen that displays the product name and price on the checkout as the barcode is scanned would be almost impossible for me to read and so would the buttons on the checkout. If my glasses did break at work I could manage to walk home bare eyed to get another pair of glasses.

I think from now on I will keep a second pair in my bag (Gemma always has a spare pair of her glasses with her, don't know why I don't) and will get up in time for work. I think a quick check in a mirror just before leaving the house is advisable. I'm now paranoid about forgetting to put something on that would be far more embarrassing than forgetting my glasses!

Colin 30 Jan 2016, 01:55


I think being able to see not to bump into things without glasses must be worse. You would have been really stuffed once you got to work!!

I have to feel for mine before I get out of bed so I don't think I'd ever leave the house without them!!

Thanks for sharing. Glad you made it in time!!

Soundmanpt 29 Jan 2016, 15:10


You have been wearing glasses full time long enough not to mention that your prescription has also increased considerably over that time that I can't imagine how you could even leave your house without finding everything more than a little bit blurry. Now if you had done with your first glasses which were pretty weak and you hardly needed them to see distance. I'm sure you made the right decision of going back for them because working at the checkout would have been very tough on your eyes without glasses. You should consider taking a pair of your previous glasses and storing them someplace around work just in case you should ever break your glasses while at work or if you somehow were to ever be in such a hurry that you would run off without some morning. I know you always get 2 pairs of glasses when you get new ones but you may not want to leave them at work in case you might want to switch at home. Your previous glasses would be slightly weaker than the prescription you currently wear but they would be good enough to get you through for a day in a pinch. Not to mention really other than that they are really useless to you anyway since you wouldn't be wearing them as your everyday glasses anyway.

Carrie 29 Jan 2016, 14:42

I overslept this morning. Gemma had already left for work and I had decided to have a few more minutes with the whole bed to myself.....and went back to sleep. I woke up again and panicked when I saw the time! I dashed around getting ready for work and ran out the door. I suddenly realised that everything wasn't looking as sharp as usual and I put my hand up to my face to discover that I had forgotten to put my glasses on. I've never done that before! I then quickly checked that I hadn't forgotten to put anything else on (thankfully I hadn't) before dashing back home and putting my glasses on and then dashing off to work again even faster than before! Luckily I got to work with a few minutes to spare but my poor little legs and feet ached for a while. If I had got all the way to work before realising that I didn't have my glasses on I would have been late by the time I had gone home and back to work. There is no way I could go without my glasses all day. Yes, I can see well enough without them to see where I am going when I'm not concentrating on what I'm looking at but my eyes will soon "complain" once I look at something properly and I certainly wouldn't be able see stuff at work properly, such as when I'm putting a customer's shopping through checkout.

I can laugh about it now but I was not at all amused this morning.

Melyssa 26 Jan 2016, 06:52

I just had another unwanted bare-eyed experience on Sunday, thanks to Winter Storm Jonas (or "Dumbass" in (dis)honor of the Weather Channel and their naming of yucky winter weather). Yes, I did a bit of snow shoveling, so to prepare I put my drop-temples on the origami in the garage, then my husband and I got the snow away from the driveway and front door, after which I put my pretty glasses back on and went inside while the snow-thrower-blower machine did its thing.

Tom1 25 Jan 2016, 16:51

Today I had two other bareeyed episodes: one from the train station to the remote workplace (I'm on business travel) and the other in the night from the resaturant where I had dinner with colleagues to the hotel. In particular the last one was almost one hour walk in the night, along a path which I have been many years ago, but didn't remember exactly. Going bareeyed in the night is much more challenging that in the daylight, in particular finding the hotel was a nightmare! I had to turn all around the block where the hotel was supposed to be according to Google map till I passed very close to the building before recognising the entrance door. Even the name was very hard to be read since it was very high on the building and light signs in the night are just a blur of light, much harder to read that writings of teh same size in the day. It must have to do with the fact that in the night the pupils are very widely open, so the defocus is larger. In daylight, on the other hand, eyes apply some kind of automatic squinting that helps a lot in sharpening the vision.

No problem once inside. Could also have a decent sighting: a nearsighted hostess with around -2 black and white glasses, long bloned hair... the kind of girl I could easily fall in love soon. :)

I now had several bareeyed experiences in the last months, and all of them were really succesfull. I start thinking that -3 is too low a prescription to give major problems in navigating bareeyed. I'd like to experience something more, should try with some reading glasses on to improve the blur, sooner or later...

This makes me think to a question for all of you: there are a lot of glasses addicted people here around that go GOC just to try how the life is through glasses. I'm wondering if there could be people who tried or would try going (bespectacled or not) in the blur to see how the world of a nearsighted person is. Is this less common "addiction" than GOC? Is it just my own attitude? I'd b interested in knowing what do you think about, please share.

P.S: I forgot to say that when I was just in front of my remote workplace, I recognised some colleagues. Too late to avoid them commenting about the fact that they thought I was refusing to say hello to them... nonetheless no one commented about the fact that I was bareeyed, they didn't notice at all that it was just due to my nearsightedness! And I just told that I was looking towards another direction to cross the road (that was only patially true...), i didn't mention my vision at all.

bensmith 20 Jan 2016, 07:57


Please share your experiences! Have you told people around you that you can't see much? I'd imagine they can't help noticing it. Don't they find it weird that you don't wear glasses anymore?

Soundmanpt 18 Jan 2016, 13:08


Driving with glasses that sould like they aren't giving you nearly as good of vision as you really need to driving. This is very dangerous not only to you but others on the roads as well. I'm sure you don't want to be the cause of someone getting hurt or killed just because of your uncorrected eyesight.

Soundmanpt 18 Jan 2016, 13:05


You know that you can easily go line and order glasses in whatever prescription suits you without any questions being asked? I highly recommend Zenni Optical ( You can find several hundred complete pairs of glasses for less than $20.00. Let me know if you need any help with placing an order. You would have new glasses withing 14 days.

Curious 18 Jan 2016, 12:47

Yennifer could you tell us some stories of your experiences?

HighMyopic 17 Jan 2016, 18:50

Colib. can you show me a pic of your +44 diopter contacts? I want to see how thick they are.

Colin 17 Jan 2016, 15:36


Oh no that sounds terrible. I went without glasses for a week at school when my glasses got broken and I strangely got used to it. I couldn't see to do any school work or play games but found my way about surprisingly well with a bit of help. I do hope you get some proper glasses soon. There are some internet sights that offer really good prices.


Yennifer 17 Jan 2016, 14:41

I am -6.5 in both eyes, and had my glasses knocked off me flying into traffic and they got crushed. I don't have much money and those glasses are very expensive.

But I had no choice. I have been living in blur for almost 8 months now. Yes, it is very blurry. I try to do everything in the day. Night isn't the worst time. It's sunrise and sunset. There is just enough light to really blur out many objects.

Sunny days are good. The computer I use at work is too blurry. So I had to increase the font sizes and move the monitor much closer to my eyes. Yes I miss many briefings and presentations at work, but most know I cannot see very well so they describe things to me, or give me handouts of the slides in advance.

I have to drive. In the earliest days after the crush, I was too nauseated and dizzy to drive. Isn't it strange that our own vision can make us feel sick?? But I spent a couple of weeks raiding thrift stores until i found a good strong pair of glasses. The thick ones allow me to see much better, but give me headaches so I only use them to drive.

You might be wondering why I haven't gotten glasses yet. After awhile you get pretty used to seeing this way. The large school sized clock in my bedroom has been lost into blur. I can no longer read it. It's very hard to shop because I have to get so close to the shelves to read them. Forget reading aisle signs, I can't squint hard enough to make them clear and read.

I have had lots of funny experiences and mistake things for things.

Melyssa 10 Dec 2015, 06:05

On "Press Your Luck" from around 1985, a college student named Nora was a contestant on the episodes shown this past Friday and Monday on GSN. She wore large plastic frames (normal then), with tinted lenses. She won both days, and then in the episode shown Tuesday, she was not wearing her glasses. No mention of it was made by her or by the host, the late Peter Tomarken. She lost, getting 4 Whammies. That showed her! :)

Likelenses 09 Dec 2015, 00:30

If you would take the time to go back,and read the number of my posts mentioning Cheryl,you will find that even at five dollars per post you are a poor ass.

 08 Dec 2015, 19:36

If I had a dollar for every time Likeliness boasts the word Cheryl... I would be a billionaire now! I'm starting to wonder how real she is.

Likelenses 08 Dec 2015, 17:07


Your minus eight sounds a lot like my Cheryl.

She is very playful,especially if we are away for a weekend.

Likelenses 08 Dec 2015, 17:03


Sounds like being Sir Walter Raleigh that weekend paid dividends!

Likelenses 08 Dec 2015, 16:57


Nothing really unusual has happened when Cheryl is bareeyed.

We often take walks in the area where we live,and often Cheryl likes to give me her glasses then.Whenever I see neighbors,or friends approaching,I will either whisper to her who is coming,or will say hello to them by name so as Cheryl knows who they are.

There have been a few that have asked Cheryl where are your glasses,to which she replies,I am resting my eyes.After they leave she giggles,and says do they really think that I take these coke bottles off to rest my eyes.

Galileo 06 Dec 2015, 17:50

thanks for the story Tom, that would have been a fantasy moment come true for me as well.

My then girlfriend only played glasses games when no one else was around - when we went away together on weekends etc and around the house. And it was a rule of the games that I rescued her if she really got into trouble. The moments which stick in my mind belong on the XXX thread and I'm not going to share those, I'm just going to enjoy the memories this thread has brought up. Thanks again.

Tom1 06 Dec 2015, 13:36

Galileo, Likelenses: you are very lucky with those nearsighted girlfriends accepting to go bareeyed fro you! Did it never happen to them to be in troubles during the bareeyedness? E.g meeting someone they know and not been able to recognise? How did they manage? It would be great if you could share!

What you sai recalled a me a experience I had many years ago. Spent a weekend on the beach with a group of friends, including one girl who joined us for the first time. During the last dinner at the restaurant, we all noticed how close she kept the menu to her face. We asked and she explained she lost one of her contactas during the afternoon and could not suffer going around with one lens only anymore, so had to remove the other lens, too. No one paid much attention to the poor girl due to this handicap, but myself (just obsessed by eyesight and glasses at that time). At the other we had our rooms on the same fllor, but once out of the elevator, it was clear to me the poor girl was not able to read room numbers and was in troubles finding her room. She reveqled to me she was -7. I gave my help and when opened the room I told she should be happy since the moment came to put her glasses on after eyes in the blur. She reply she didn't have glasses with her so she was damned to the blur until back home! I offered my help again in the room and she accepted. The rest you can imagine, I just say it was one of the hottest nights I remember!!! And not only due to her poor eyesight... LOL

When I awoke the next morning she was already in the shower, to come out shortly with the heeled sandals of the previous night (she told could not find her slippers) and with only lace pants and bra over her slim body. She went to the mirror, squinted than turned towards me saying: "my eyes are completely bad and don't help at all, how am I doing like this?" Obviously I told her she was wonderfully ok and... we had another hot moment more!!!!

I took her and another girl at home with my car at the end of the holiday, then I haven't see her anymore since she didn't leave in our city. But I can hardly forget how sexy was the combination of her beautiful almost naked body and her nearsighted eyes that morning!!!

Galileo 05 Dec 2015, 19:53

@Likelenses -I also had a -8 girlfriend about 10 years ago who used to give me her glasses when we were out because she knew I am an O-O. They were highly erotic experiences for me on all levels; the trust and dependency, the vacant myopic stare, the occasional helplessness when she couldn't see something. I still remember those occasions fondly.

Likelenses 05 Dec 2015, 17:44


My girl friend whose Rx ti a bit above minus nine with some astigmatism,on occasion while we are walking hand in hand or my arm around her takes off her glasses,and has me put them in my pocket.

She says it makes her feel very secure,although she also feels as though she is drunk.

I rather like it myself,as she is so trusting,and dependent on me at those times.

Guest 05 Dec 2015, 16:22

I read the story on a local newspaper, it happened in Rome last year, if I recall. The girl was crushed late in the night, she was coming back home from her work in a restaurant. The police found strong glasses in her bag and no sign of contacts. Her parents revealed she was severely nearsighted since years but refused to wear glasses full time since she hated them so much. After interview to the car's driver (who remained shocked for days after the accident), they concluded the girl must have fallen when she was walking on the edge of the sidewalk of the narrow street, right in front of the incoming car.

That,s all I recall.

I think it was a very unusual accident, even because no one with such a poor vision would be so brave (or silly...) to walk alone bareeyed in the night!

Poor unlucky girl.

Tom1 05 Dec 2015, 13:08

Sorry it was me. I wrote the site name instead of my nick, I apologise.

Eyescene 05 Dec 2015, 13:07

You are right: phone screen!

I realiszed the other time by chance, wanted to take a picture of a garden that was inside the hotel and realized how well focused was the image on the screen since close to my eyes.

Next time I'll do.

But let me ask to you who have this suggestion: are you bareyed shortsighted, too? If so, please share your experience, I found this topic so hot! :-)

 05 Dec 2015, 11:39

you don't actually have to take the picture at all. just view it through the camera on a phone.

DS 05 Dec 2015, 06:22


Next time, take a picture of the departure screens with your phone. You can get as close as you need to the phone screen.

Tom1 04 Dec 2015, 16:19

Guest: sorry I didn't notice your post before.

Your story is very sad, poor shortsighted girl!!! Are you sure she was so visually impaired not to see her steps, and still going bareeyed in the night? Who could do so? I'm not such a bat! Sounds really strange... Do you have more details on this piece of news? Where did it happen exactly?

Tom1 04 Dec 2015, 12:24

My experiment is at the end, Im at the airport. Glasses off as soon after returned my rental car. Finding out which gate my flight is was a little bit of a challenge. I approached the closest screens (set of LCD displays, one beside the other to follow the chronological order, rotated as portrait and placed very high). I had to squint to read (or at least to guess through the blur) the scheduled times, but didnt find my flight. Struggled a little bit more but around the expected time no writing close to what my destination city could look like in the blur. I moved my eyes around the screens to discover that was the Arrival display. Ok, lets go ahead. Getting as close as possible to the next set of screens, first checked that was for departures (label was written quite large on top of the screens). Then I started reading from the bottom lines of each screen since the topmost lines were damned far and blurred! Useless to say my flight was on the third fourth line from the top, in the blurry dark signs on white background squinting was not enough. How to manage? I recalled a trick I have never tried: pulling back the eye corner with one finger. Wow, bingo! That was really working (with my good eye, not so with the other)!!! Still very blurred and I needed to adjust the finger several times before finding for a moment the right combination and at the end I got the number. Or at least I think I got it, since I havent reached the gate yet, stopped for dinner (no problem the menu boards were really large) ;-)

guest 04 Dec 2015, 10:06

Tom1: pay attention in playing bareeyed. I heard months ago of a girl in Italy who was killed by a car close to the sidewalk. Apparently the poor girl felt off the sidewalk while the car was approaching and crushed her! The police reported she was very nearsighted and was walking in the night without her needed glasses... poor girl, what a sad end. Pay attention Tom!!!

Anyway your stories are very intriguing, I alway read them with pleasure! Thanks for sharing.

Tom1 03 Dec 2015, 04:12

Little update, for those who may be interested, about my second day bareeyed (apart from driving and working).

Some episodes occurred to me this morning.

First one was while standing at the coffee machine in the breakfast lounge of the hotel. A nice waitress approached asking for my room number and for a signature on the register. Since we were both standing up, she offered to keep the register while I was signing.I got the feeling she was holding it quite close to my face. I'm sure she didn't know anything of my eyesight, no squint or struggle since then. Maybe there are several people that have breaksfast bareeyed so she use to do so... Maybe she was also bareeyed (!)... who knows...

Second episode was in the shop I decided to visit before going to work, to check the price of some items. On each shelf there were stacked several items and several labels below them on the shelf itself. I was a little bit puzzled and trying to figure out how to associate each item to the corresponding price while a kind hostess approached suggesting: "to find out the right price you have to compare the number on the item box with the number on the label".

I smiled and did as she was suggesting. No problem for those items which were more or less at eye level. Unfortunately, the items I was more interested in were in the bottom shelf, with the corresponding labels almost at floor level! I crocuhed and moved as close as possible to the labels but I was barely able to see the prices (written in large font) while the item numbers (which were printed in very very small font!) were completely in the blur. Squinting did not help that much and since I could not (or didn't want) to lie on the floor to read (!) I had to give up. It was a real failure due to poor eyesight. If I had my glasses probably I would have put them on, but they were quite far, locked into the car parked 1 km away, so no hope. Other possibility could have been to ask help again to the kind hostess, but that was beyond the scope of my experiment, that is exploiting the best I can do without glasses, but still hiding the fact that I don't see a thing! So I'm trying not to ask, squint in public etc... since I don't want other people to realize I can't see a thing.

In addition, several unexpected small accidents occurred this morning, it seems everything that could put me into new and unexpected situations occurred: low batteries on my travel electric shaver (needed to go to another shop to buy, no problem), room card de-magnetized (had to go down to the reception once more to ask, no problem again, just the regret of not having clearly seen the face of the cute receptionist, a very tall, blonde and youg girl...).

That's it for the moment. Hope you won't find it annoying.

Tom1 02 Dec 2015, 16:07

Another experiment bareeyed, during business travel. I put my glasses into my bag this morning and went out to take the taxi I booked yesterday evening. It was still dark outside and in the darkness the blur is really annoying! However, with my great surprise, I found I was still able to read the fare meter on the taxi dashboard (much better if squinting, sure).

No problem in finding my way inside the airport and to the gate and finally the plane. In a couple of hours I was to my destination. Didn't fell uncomfortable, everything was very ok up to that moment. I realised my eyes ar far from perfect when the clerk asked me to sign the contract for the rental car: doable but the writing was pretty blurred. However I didn't want to be catched so I didn't get too close neither squint, just coped with the blurry words looking for something that could look like "sign here"

At the end, I had to give up when I had to locate the car in the parking lot. As far as I could see, the number of each slot was written in small characters behind each car, on the wall, righe below the ceiling. But it was too far to be read while walking along the central aisle. Tried squinting: was just able to guess that the first digit should be a 4, while I was looking for slot nr 37. Moved two ar three slots ahead and could not read the second digit, so I couldn't realise if I was going in the right direction or not. The clerk told me the car was a white one, so I turned my head around looking for a white car. Just to discover 3/4 of the car were white! At that point I didn't have many other possibilities than putting my glasses on, and I did. I kept them on for driving and for the rest of the day at work, including dinner with a colleague.

When I reached the hotel I again left my glasses in the car and got off the car. I walked about 1 km to the hotel (no free parking closer than that) and had also a short walk behind the hotel, to check the opening hour of a shop I'd like to visit tomorrow. Then got to my camera, where I'm right now. I'm writing on a armchair with my laptop on my knees. The sreen is pretty blurred, but I can still read from this distance, more or less. I think the key to survive witohut glasses is not triyng to put the things in focus as you would like them (by getting closer, or squinting...) but tolerate some amount of blur. If you do like this, it is very unlikely that you are catched as a walking bat, even if you are severely nearsighted.

I'll tell you tomorrow how's going, having left my glasses in the car, I'll be quite helpless for breakfast...

I do hope others will have similar experiences to share!

GreginColo 14 Sep 2015, 22:06

The attached link details a university student going for a week without his glasses. He doesn't say what is Rx is but I am guessing -5 or less.

ric 12 Sep 2015, 06:00

Yes, parents were always encouraging me to wear the glasses. Every time at home when i taked them off. Usually i hide my lack of visin, until i finally got my first pair of contacts.

Tom1 12 Sep 2015, 02:49

Ric: yes you told us already of the baseball match with the borrowed glasses... did your friends realize you could not see a thing? How old you were and which prescription when you gave up? Didn't your parents forced you to wear?

ric 11 Sep 2015, 00:14

Tom1:yes, i was about 11 when first time got glasses. Of course had embarrasing situations, mostly when my eyes were getting worse and worse over the years and eyesight turned really poor. Most of people didnt knew i had glasses in the first years, just knew the days of cinema, etc...

Tom1 10 Sep 2015, 10:05

You are right, I don't have intention to drive bareyed anymore since safety is the most importante thing!

However I can assure you that at least in the conditions I was this morning (sunlight, known way, low speed...) my perception of the things and people around me was absolutely good, much more than I thought. I think where driving become dangerous with my prescription is in the darkness or if you need to read signs, etc... since the reaction time may be very long. But to see people, objects, animals that could sudden appear I'm 100% sure no one would have troubles with -3 in full sunlight. The objects one may not see within, say, 50 m from the car are only the smallest ones, much smaller than people or animals. One may not see people's faces, but for sure he would perfectly see a body on or very close to the street.

Anyway I won't do again, you can all fell more than 100% safe!

Soundmanpt 10 Sep 2015, 07:10


The idea of "Going without Glasses" can be an interesting one and even fun and as you have found even somewhat challenging if you normally wear glasses all the time. But if you have been reading this thread you will notice that the one thing you shouldn't be doing is driving without your glasses for your experiment. I tried to find if you had ever posted your prescription but all I could find was where you said something about being around or over -3.00. That is far past the legal limit for being able to see well enough to drive. I urge you not only for your safety but the safety of others not to try driving anymore without your glasses. It has nothing to do with knowing where your at and not being able to read road signs, but rather your reaction time if a dog or even worse a child were to step in front of you would be greatly limited. Other than the driving enjoy going without your glasses.

Nadine 10 Sep 2015, 05:45


I am very much into this kind of experiments, especially being new to wearing glasses. However, I dono want to sound rude but driving is a serious thing, and legal driving requirements exist for everyone's safety. I can't stress enough how important this is since you're not only putting yourself at risk, but also others. Again, I didn't mean to offend you and I'm sure you have taken precautions, but it is concerning to know that people do this.

Tom1 10 Sep 2015, 05:29

Ric: how old were you? Still a boy at that time? Which tasks were most challenging for you? Did you ever find in embarrassing situations e.g. with friends? I think it is hard to hide such a degree of myopia in certain situations...

ric 10 Sep 2015, 02:10

When first got glasses, my prescription was over -3.5, i tried not wearing them full time for years.

ric 10 Sep 2015, 02:10

When first got glasses, my prescription was over -3.5, i tried not wearing them full time for years.

Tom1 10 Sep 2015, 01:56

Amazing experience this morning! I prepared and went out of the room for breakfast without any feel for needing my eyeglasses. I felt completely confortable in the blur, I could not believe it!! It seemed my vision was perfect, I could barely notice the blur! I was really amazed, to ralise my vision was blurred I needed to explicitly think about it, wandering: "could have been better with glasses"? For sure the answer was yes, but a second later my brain did not feel any need for a correction, everything was fine even in the blur. I tried to look at people at different distance from me wandering if I could recognise in case they were known people and my feeling was that I would have been able, the blur was not affecting that much my perception of things around me, differently from yesterday, especially soon after I removed my glasses.

Buffet breakfast was very ok. Although the table was long and full of different things, no problem in recognising food and objects around there. Just small troubles in reading the labels. There were several hot containers covered so to know what was inside (bacon, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs) I had to read labels that were written with quite small fonts. I had to get a little bit closer to table with my face, but I think this was not that noticeable for people around me. Squinting a little bit helped a lot.

Then was the time of taking my car and driving to the workplace, few kilometers away. I sit in the the car and had a look around in the parking lot, no problem to see other cars, people etc... I decided to give it a try. When I was approaching the stree the trafic light was ok within my range, as well the other cars, people crossing the road etc... I take all my courage and went ahead like that. No problem. Vision was clear more than enough for the purpose. Speed limit signs needed some squint to be read before it was too late. I knew the way (driven the same way yesterday bespectacled) so I didn't need to read sign with street names and directions (those were badly burred until I was very very close). Went slowly ahead... and when I got to the parking lot of my workplace... glasses were still on the dashboard!!!!! Amazing, I could not imagine things could have been so clear even without correction.

Differently from yesterday, I felt very comfortable despite the blur. I think this is confirmation that vision is a complex process which require much more than a camera. And even if the camera is defocused (nearsighted eyes) the processor (brain) can compensate very very well! For sure I would never dream of driving bareeyed in an unknown place or in the night, that would be really dangerous. And I don't know if I will do again. But in the daylight (it is very sunny here today) and in a known place, I felt perfectly comfortable. I could see everything around me with enough details (crossings, lights, people walking or crossing) to feel perfectly ok.

Yesterday I was wandering how people can withstand such an amount of blur, especially before having his/her eyes checked for the first time (in fact I know several people who had their first eye check when their prescription was close to mine or even more). This morning I can understand this may happen: if you are used to, it is not that hard to cope with this amount of blur.

Which was your prescription at your first eye check? Did you soon get glasses or still resisted? Is there someone who resisted up to a significant amount of blur? How long?

ric 10 Sep 2015, 01:01

Days ago, one of my contacts broke. Until im waiting for the new lense, i had to wear one pretty old pair with old prescription. The sxperiece is same as first times i ve got glasses, before wearing full time. Im able to function at home, even outsides, but cant diguish signs or faces. Of course, cant drive, but for the pool days, can function pretty much better than with nothing.

Working with computer is not as bad, can read the screen well or typing with no problems.

GreginColo 09 Sep 2015, 21:57

Thanks Tom1 for sharing your bare-eyed experience. Quite interesting. There was a video post sometime back, on this site if I can recall, about a college guy who tried a similar experiment for the better part of a week. If I recall, his Rx was similar to yours. Its always interesting to me to envision how other people see without their correction. Hope you share more if you continue this experience.

Tom1 09 Sep 2015, 14:13

I could not bring it off, sorry.

The dinner was bespectacled, but now I'm in my hotel room and my glasses are downstairs in my car ;-)

P.S. if I'm not the only one doing such "experiments", please share here your bareeyed adventures (this is right the subject of this topic)!

Puffin 09 Sep 2015, 13:52


Perhaps you could pretend you lost them or broke them, and see what your colleague does.

Tom1 09 Sep 2015, 10:38

I'm in a business travel abroad and decided to perform a bareyed experiment, spending as much time as I can without my eyeglasses!

I started this morning and removed glasses just after parked my scooter in the airport's lot. All the time bareeyed since when I had to drive my rental car after the flight. As usual, I felt a little bit lost soon after removed the correction, I felt as I lost in some way perception of what was around me, a little bit afraid of not being completely aware of what was happening around me.

Although my nearsightedness is not strong, the amount of blur is enough for making me unable to answer to a lot of questions that inconsciously come to my mind: what will be that sign? who is that person? is it a man or a woman? However, I soon realised that all the details providing answers to such questions were not needed for what I had to do: reaching a gate, get on the plane. finding my seat, getting off, reach the rental car desk and parking. No problems in doing this although I could not say which shops there were in the airport, where the plane in the gate beside my one was going, was those person with a short skirt a girl or an old woman, etc... all things that I could have easily managed with my glasses on. It is amazing how much one is used to details that are of no relevance. As usual when I spent some time without glasses, when I came out of the plane I was much more sure, the initial afraid was disappeared and I felt very ok and behaved normally despite the blur, almost I didn't feel I needed glasses to see more than I could actually see bareeyed.

I have to report just two embarassing situations, where probably people around me realised I could not see that much. The fist one was when I arrived in the airport and had to check the gate number on the screen. I approached the screen and there were other people looking to the same screen. I tried to read from where they were but the screen was completely blurred, no way to read a single word, just blurry coloured lines on a dark screen. I waited for the other people to move away and slowly went closer and closer until I could read. When I got the information, I turned my head behind and realised there were other people much behind me who was waiting for me to move in order to read the screen (I'm quite tall and the screen was just a little above my face level on the wall). I Did not realise how close to the screen I was to read!

The second and even more embarassing situation was at the arrival airport, when I decided to eat something and moved towards a Burger King restaurant. I stopped in line in a queue and was obviously unable to read a single thing on the menu. As soon as I was moving towards the desk, I was checking the menu from time to time but the blur remained strong, too strong to read something. I was sure to be able to read the menu while reached the desk, but when my turn arrived, even at the shortest possible distance the menu was still very blurred. Since usually (when I see thanks to my glasses!) I like to taste specialties instead of standard burgers, I didn't realise I was putting myself into troubles doing the same bareeyed, and in the extreme hope of coming out from that embarassing situation I badly squint at the menu. This way I could figure out some words, but the rest was still demanded to "imagination". It would have been too long to figure out completely what specialties there were, so I ended ordered the standard Whopple Burger. How silly I was! Any other person used to the blur would have ordered the same burger without trying to read the menu at all! The only result I obtained with my squinting was to clearly pass to the cute girl at the desk the message: "hey, look how nearsighted I am, I cannot read a thing even from so close!".

Finally, when I arrived at the hotel I left the glasses in the car and easily managed without. Again, I walked through a long an large aisle with tables, chairs and armchairs along both sides. And from time to time a meeting room door with people going in and out. Again it was natural for me to look around trying to see details, but I couldn't, since everything was very blurred. Strange looking at people without seeing faces, looking at objects without understanding what they are, looking at signs without reading what is written... basically I can see everything even bareeyed (people, objects, signs), but I can't figure out any detail.

I'm going to have dinner with a colleague and I'm not so brave to go bareeyed since she very well know I wear glasses and has alway seen me with glasses. I think I will resume my bareeyed experience tomorrow. And will update you, in the hope I've not been too verbose and boring for you to read!

Antonio 25 Aug 2015, 12:58


Are you still around? Me gustaria saber mas de ti. Como tu yo hago muchas experiencias a ver sin anteojos como tu. Durante anos :-). Me gustarian mucho tus historias. Hasta pronto acqui espero


High Myopic 20 Aug 2015, 17:04

Likelenses, Can i see a pic of your high myopic glasses?

Tom1 20 Aug 2015, 15:22

The beach is a wonderful place for bareeyed experiences. Whenever you see a gwg coming (even with prescription sunglasses) and then you see her bathing or going around bareeyed, you are sure she is not seeing well! And sooner or later you will see her struggling, squinting, asking... I love the beach and the opportunity it provides to discover so many people going around bareeyed. Including me. I can understand people not wearing glasses regularly even with a prescription of -3 or more. I'm in that range and I doubt anyone can realize I don't see e.g. when I remove glasses for a bath. I don't have any trouble going bareeyed, although signs can't be read, friends must be recognised by their swimsuit or hair (sure not from their face!) etc. It's amazing to me every time I take off glasses to realize how details are most often unnecessary and one can easily do without seeing them.

Likelenses 28 Jul 2015, 21:00


My present girl friend is a high myope.

When she was young and a new full time glasses wearer,a boyfriend at that time, that she really cared for did not want her to wear her glasses,when he was with her.He made comments like ,"you don't need those things to see".He also made a comment that if they ever got married that he would probably not be able to afford her glasses.

These cruel comments still affect her at age 42,by making her self conscious about her strong script.

Since my glasses are stronger than hers ,she is able to accept hers,and even like them,and on occasion joke about their strength.

Soundmanpt 28 Jul 2015, 16:07


She needs to dump her stupid bf because he clearly doesn't really care about her. I'm pretty sure she wouldn't have much trouble finding a much better bf that wouldn't object to her wearing glasses.

Tom 28 Jul 2015, 10:28

Not exactly my own experience but heard of.

Girl and bf around 18 at the cinema, sitting close to me. In the interval he asked if she was ok since she doesn't look so...

"I've a very strong headache" she replied

"since when? it there any cause for that"

"it's my eyesight..."

"I didn't know you wear CL"

"in fact I don't, I can't"

"And so who is causing headache"

"The struggling to focus, I should wear glasses"

"OMG: glasses?!?!? do you wanty to look like a senior teacher? anyway if they really help you can put them on"

She took out glasses from her purse and put them on.

"OMG they are strong!!!!!! how on hell can you see something without?

"hey, I'm not blind at all. I CAN SEE. maybe not 20/20 but can see enough. We are dating for a while, have you ever seen me walking into walls?!?"

"let's keep it short: ok for the cinema but please don't wear them in public. Never wear in public when there is someone I know around!"

I felt very empathic with the poor shortsighted girl. Had opportunity to see her momentarily alone at the exit of the cinema and I took oportunity to compliment on her glasses (although she removed promply before lights were on at the end of the movie) and sked for prescription: -3.75. Not bad for going without glasses!

Weirdeyes 01 Jul 2015, 21:55

It fluctuates. My most recent prescription is R: +1.00, -0.75 L+4.25, -1.50. I can never remember the axis.

Man 01 Jul 2015, 21:22

Weirdeyes, what is your glasses prescription?

Weirdeyes 01 Jul 2015, 20:47

I had an interesting experience. I was feeling crappy this morning so I didn't bother with contact lenses. It was kind of sunny, but I didn't expect it to be that sunny. The sun got so bad I put on some non-prescription sunglasses. My vision was worse than I expected. I have 20/30 vision without glasses, but things were noticeably blurred. I also had some pretty bad double vision. I also got a bit dizzy. Guess I need glasses fulltime despite my 20/30 vision.

jason 22 May 2015, 19:22

Hi guys,

End of relaxing 2 days.

Actualy i think now her eye sight has been fully dependant on glasses and she is ok with the near as well as far sight with glases.. when she remove glases , for near work she has to come like 6 inches minimum near the paper and far is total blur to her.

Yes. We didnt buy sunglases . But she took her prevous sunglases which doesnt have any prescriptin. And i saw that she tried to wear them several times but only for few seconds and remove it and put glases. She couldnt wear those finaly.

For swiming though she removed glases in every 30 mnts she goes out of the pool and put glases and sat for sun bath. And also when she was in the pool she was tring to squint to find me bt seems it is nt helping her. How ever after one and half hour she had headache without glases in the pool.

For the first time she wore glasses for sex :-) it was a great accocsory on her.

In our way home we gave to make prescriptin glases to her.

jason 21 May 2015, 13:36

I am a biger frraud.

Melyssa 21 May 2015, 13:17

I am a fraud.

Soundmanpt 21 May 2015, 13:01


She is wasting her money by buying non prescription sunglasses. For this trip she really needs to buy a sunglasses clip that fits on her glasses. That way she will be blocking the sun and also able to see things clearly. Now when she goes in the water she doesn't need her glasses in order to swim. Things will be blurry but she should be able to see what shes doing well enough without her glasses.

Once she is convinced that these glasses provide her with perfect vision she should probably consider getting prescription sunglasses for driving and at the pool.

Her vision isn't quite as bad as -2.75. You only add half of the astigmatism values to her distance. So her right eye is closer to -2.25 and her left eye is somewhere between -2.25 and -2.50.

Soundmanpt 21 May 2015, 12:51


No doubt your doctor is taking very good care of your eyes and every doctor should do the same. Like you know your eyes haven't changed prescription in years so if there was anyone that could maybe get without having their eyes dilated it would be you.

I assume because it takes extra time many doctors ignore dilating the eyes.

jason 21 May 2015, 11:41

And also please tell me that ,can i think her vision similar to one who has -2.75 in both eyes? By adding sph and cyl together. Is it corect or plese tell me how bad is it.

jason 21 May 2015, 11:36

Hi guys,

today we both are going to buy sunglases and also we are going for a hotel wich is 200 km away to do swimming and stay in hotel for 2 nights. Im curious to know what wil hapen there for swimming, activity which she likes most and in our private time together with bad eye sight. I will update in evening what hapend and how her eyes now.

Thank you

Melyssa 21 May 2015, 11:35

Since the first eye exam I remember having, the one that meant that I had to start wearing glasses 51 years ago, through my most recent eye exam last year, I have always, with no exceptions, had my eyes dilated early on after some preliminary activities. Following that I would have to wait 15-30 minutes in the waiting area, dabbing that gunk off with tissue, after which the exam would resume, and my new/old/same prescription would be determined with my eyes wide open.

The most difficult part is afterwards, when everything is so bright for a number of hours, and I cannot watch TV, read, or use the computer as my eyesight is affected at all distances. My husband drives me to and from my annual eye exam as we go home into the sun and even my shades aren't enough to dim the bright light. (The weather always seems to be perfect on those days.)

Soundmanpt 21 May 2015, 08:07


Honestly I think if it were my gf and this would have happened to her I would probably be suggesting she see a different doctor in the future. I'm sure when she went in 20 months ago to get her eyes examined they had her fill out a sheet and somewhere on there it should have asked when she had her last eye exam? I would assume it could have quite sometime if she wasn't having any vision problems until then. So if it was anything more than 2 years before then the doctor should have dilated her eyes to get a more accurate exam and a better refraction. In other words her first glasses most likely needed to be stronger than what she was prescribed. But at first i'm sure your gf thought her glasses were perfect because they did help her see the board at school better. But because they were too weak as soon as her eyes adjusted to them and her eyes were made a little more relaxed with her glasses then she was having problems not seeing clearly. Even worse when she returned in such a short time unable to see properly he still didn't dilate her eyes on the 2nd or 3rd visit for some reason. And he really didn't increase her prescription very much at all. I am quite certain that your gf doesn't need bifocals, maybe in 20 years she will, but not now. The reason her close vision is a bit blurry is for 2 reasons. In small her eyes still are feeling the effects of the dilation, but more so because her prescription made a sizable jump from the previous glasses she had been wearing. If you had asked her shortly after she got her new glasses she would have told you that her distance was super intense and very clear and sharp but things looked smaller. But that feeling is probably already gone and her distance should be very good now. But with stronger glasses it takes a little while for her eyes to overcome the blur for close up, but she seems to be getting there okay as well.

Like Michael said now that she decided to put her glasses on at the wedding and her biggest fears were put to rest about what others would think of her wearing glasses. Getting those complements was the best thing that could happen. Now she has to feel more self confident about wearing glasses. And with so many of her friends seeing her in glasses she has nothing to hide anymore.

Likelenses 20 May 2015, 18:53


In following all of the posts regarding your girl friend,there are a few possibilities with regard to her close vision. The first is that depending of which drops they put in her eyes,and there are several types in use,she could be under the after effects for up to a few weeks,but that is rare.It is more likely due to her prescription change.Her right eye has a fairly high change in the sphere,and her left has a hefty cylinder.This is enough to cause print to appear so much smaller now through the new glasses.

Has she commented if the print looks very small,or does she say it is truly blurred? You may want to ask her to compare each eye.Also does she have an urge to bring the printed material closer,or farther from her eyes,in order to see it more clearly?To the myopic eye,the print appears larger than what it actually is,and that is what her brain is used to seeing,but now with lenses that are twice as strong the print is even smaller,and some myopes have trouble getting used to it.

Since her first prescription was a bit strong,and the latest is twice as would not surprise me if in the next three years she would be at -4.00 with a fairly larger cylinder. For first glasses at her age,she has what is called adult onset myopia.It never gets as high as myopia that comes on at a younger age,but she will have fairly strong glasses,that she will be wearing full time,as you are seeing now.

Michael 20 May 2015, 11:51


Wow! What an exciting day you did have today. I think we learned something. That your girl friend has no choice now but wear her glasses full time. Both Soundmanpt and I told you that. I think she realizes that now too.It seems that she already knew that she had to do that based on the fact that she has worn them almost full time for the last few months. And didn't you tell us after the exam before this one the doctor advised her to wear them full time as well? I think she realized that she sees much better with her glasses than without so that is why she wore her glasses most of the day. But I don't still think she thought of herself as a full time glasses wearer because she felt she could get away without wearing them at times especially at social functions. I really think she thought she could manage today going to the wedding without wearing her glasses. But she ran into more problems than she or even you probably could have anticipated. And it is a good thing you brought her glasses with you. Because if she did not have her glasses she would have likely run into more problems. Whether she likes it or not I think she knows now that she has to wear her glasses full time and by full time that means from the time she gets up in the morning until the time she goes to bed. Which means at weddings, parties and dinners.But now she should be over the hurdle of not wearing her glasses at social functions because she had to do it today and her friends saw her wearing glasses and were very complimentary which I was sure they would be. Now I think it should be a non issue when you and her go out someplace socially. I don't think she will have anymore problems wearing her glasses.

I guess I did not misunderstand you when you talked about the doctor. I was always under the assumption it was the same doctor for all 4 eye exams. And the same thing about her being checked for her close vision. It seemed that you were telling us that she wasn't and that is what I thought as well. But based on what you are telling us today it seems that Soundmanpt might turn out to be correct that the doctor finally got her script right this time. Her vision close up doesn't seem nearly as blurry today as it was yesterday with her glasses which is a good sign.

But if it doesn't clear up completely in the next few days I don't think I would go back to this doctor again. I would definitely try a different one. A couple of things about the doctor would really concern me. One is why did the doctor wait until the 4th eye exam to give her a dilated one? It might have been OK not to do one the first time but if she was complaining that she wasn't seeing well with her glasses one should have been done on either the 2nd or 3rd one. And why was her close vision not checked? Even if she had no complaints and she is young I think it still should have been checked. 4 exams in 20 months is a little too much. I would never give anybody a doctor or a car repair place or anybody else 4 chances to get something right.

I think at the first three exams she was under prescribed because they were not dilated exams so your girl friend was probably able to fake the doctor into thinking she could see better than she actually can.And I bet you find it hard to believe how dependent she has become on her glasses in such a short period of time? I think she started out wearing them just to see the board in school and for little else. Now you tell us she was wearing them just sitting in the bathtub. But her ability to not be able to read well without her glasses is interesting because her glasses are for distance and astigmatism. My guess for that is that her astigmatism is now at a level where it affects her ability to see close up.That is why if her close up vision does not clear up in the next few days I would go to a different doctor because there may be something else going on that the other doctor did not pick up on.If at that point she continues have problems reading with her glasses then it is possible she needs a reading add in her glasses as well.But I am cautiously optimistic that this doctor finally got it right although it should never take 4 chances to get something right. But continue to keep us updated about how she is doing.

Soundmanpt 20 May 2015, 11:29


Oh, okay so all 4 of her eye exams have been with the same doctor, but it wasn't until her 4th visit that he finally dilated her eyes? Yeah I think you maybe right then in having her change doctors next time. But now that she has had her eyes dilated and has her new glasses you should allow sometime to see how she gets along before jumping ship and getting yet another eye exam done.

I can't say if he did or didn't check her close vision, but I honestly don't think in her case it is that necessary. Her eyes had some change in astigmatisms and that effects her vision not only for distance but close up as well. Also her distance vision changed quite a bit so her glasses are stronger now so that is why seeing close right now is still a little bit blurry for her. But just like she noticed this morning when she first put her glasses on and tested her eyes on seeing her calendar she said it was better than yesterday but still a little bit blurry. After she wears her glasses over the next few days that remaining blur will go away and she will be able to see close up perfect with her glasses on.

Somehow I wasn't at all surprised that she attempted to go without glasses at her friends wedding. But she was clearly struggling to see things and still couldn't see them. But she was smart enough with some encouragement to put her glasses on and stop resisting. And just as i predicted she was greeted with many complements on how good she looks wearing glasses. That should go a along way now with giving her confidence to wear them full time now. If she is able to see good with her glasses I think she won't object to wearing her glasses now and they will become very comfortable for her as well. Tomorrow if you ask her i think she will find that her close vision is even better and the blur could even be gone completely. I'm sure she knows you care about her and her eyes so she will probably tell you how she is seeing things with her glasses. but with each passing day as her get more and more adjusted to her glasses her vision without her glasses is going get more and more blurry which is very normal.

You must be pretty happy because you were wanting her to start wearing her glasses full time all along anyway. It would seem you got your wish.

jason 20 May 2015, 09:33


Please note that all the previous 4 times we went to a same eye doctr. Thats why i want to change the doctr now.

And also he didnt check her close vision too.

Today morning as soon as she got up she was searchng for a pair of glases. Actualy last night i kept it on a table in the other side of the bed . She couldnt see that. I couldnt belive it. I gave her the glasses and she put them on. Then she cheked her vision by reading the calander by sitting in the bed and told me still its little blur. But better than yesterday. It was better than yesterday. Bt it was dificult for her. Then i took her glasses when we were cuddling and and put in my face. Oh god. It was very dificult to focus. And also she told that without glasses full calander is a black blob now for her and she took frm my face and put again in her face.

Even she went for the bath she had her glasses on when she was in the bath tub even. I thnk she didnt take it out frm the face until she was doing the make up.

I was very upset to see how she was trying to make up . She was struggling a lot.:-(

With glases she couldnt put make up and when she remove she couldnt see. Finaly i helped her.

Bt she told me she won't put any glases for the weding. She knew it wil be dificult. How i told her just check what glases will suit her best with the dress. It was definitly black framed glasses . She told then that she is not takin any bag or smethng. So she told me to keep it with me. Frm that moment i knew she is strugglin. As soon as we went to the main road she askd me for the glases by saying she couldnt see anythng. I told wait like that until we reach thre so that eyes will get used to the blur. Bt she kept in her face for 10 mnts and gave it back to me. We went to the weding hall and it was dark and with several clours of lights. First she missed a step. I knew that it is becuse she couldnt see. We sat on a table and one tble in frnt of her best frend was there. She never recognisd her frm a distance like 5 meters. She was wawing and my girl also waved. After that she is asking frm me who is that :-(

Even they have decorated the walls with lights with shape of hearts. She was asking me is it a big lght. There was like 10 lights there. Then i went to the wash r00m with her and told that this not g00d and i gave her to put her glases. Reluctantly she put them on her face and went to the table. Then everythng was ok and all her frinds gave good compliments to her. Until she went to bed she had glases today also. It was an end of a exciting day. :-)

Soundmanpt 20 May 2015, 06:27


By the time she awakes today her eyes should be getting over any side effects from the dilation which should help clear her vision somewhat. So if she gets up and starts her day by putting on her glasses on first thing I think she will see even better than she did yesterday. Even her close up eyesight should be somewhat better. Just remember her eyes are still adjusting and it can take a several days for everything to become perfectly clear for her. It sounds like she kept her glasses on from the time she got them until she fell asleep with them on and you had to remove them for her. You and her will be attending her friends wedding later today. This will be a big test for her. Can she accept the fact that she now really needs to be wearing her glasses all the time and that includes weddings, parties or just going out for dinner. Do most of her friends even know that she has glasses? Trust me if she goes wearing her glasses she will be happy with all the complements she will receive about how she looks wearing glasses. Every woman loves being complemented.

Those complements will go a along way in helping make her wearing glasses much more comfortable for her.

You mentioned getting yet another doctor to exam her eyes because you don't like this last doctor. Just a suggestion, I think this last doctor maybe was the best that has examined her eyes of all of them. I think she actually now has the correct prescription that her eyes need and she will be able to see better, with glasses, than she has with any of her previous glasses. He did his job the right way by dilating her eyes so her eyes were in a complete relaxed state. I think her new glasses should give her very good vision for a good while and she shouldn't need a change in her glasses for about a year now.

Maybe after she sees that her glasses are really helping her you may want to gift her with a nice pair of prescription sunglasses for sunny days when she may wish she could wear sunglasses.

So I can't wait to her how she is doing with wearing her glasses now and if she was brave and wore them to her friends wedding or not. If she keeps them on it should only be a couple day before her fully adjust to them and she should be seeing perfectly.

Michael 20 May 2015, 04:44


Soundmanpt I think gave you good advice. If your girl friend if still having trouble with her close up vision today with her new glasses either she should take them off or wear a pair of her old weaker glasses just for close work and just for today.The worst thing she could do is keep switching between her old glasses and new ones because she will never get used to her new glasses by doing that.My mother used to do that all the time and it would drive me crazy.I told her not to do it but she still did. And I remember what the eye doctor my mother used to bring me to as a kid always said. It shouldn't take that long but give yourself two weeks to get used to new glasses. And if there is a problem after two weeks come back for a retest free of charge.

And as for the drops they never have given me a huge problem. After a few hours my vision always clears up. And if things for your girl friend are not better after three days it sounds like a good idea to go back to the doctor. Something might not be right.But it is a red flag for me that she had to go for 4 eye exams within a 20 month period. And I didn't understand what you said about whether or not the doctor checked her close vision. If the doctor didn't he or she should have. You can't assume that because she is only 22 years old that she doesn't have a problem with it.But if it was me I think I would have tried a new doctor this last time.

Yes it will be interesting to see what your girl friend does today because you said there is a wedding you and she are planning to attend. It seems to me from what you are saying that she realizes that she needs to wear her glasses but she hasn't gotten to the point yet where she is comfortable wearing them in social settings and in front of people who may never have seen her wearing glasses before. You will have to let us know what she does. It is possible she might decide not to wear her glasses to the wedding. But Soundmanpt and I do agree that she needs to wear them full time if she wants to be able to see. And that means at weddings and parties too.

jason 19 May 2015, 19:41


She didnt have any issues previously for close work and this happened after the eye drops.

In the eye test he didnt check for this but doctr told us every thing will be difficult for one or two days after the drops.

If this problem continues for more than 3 days i thnk we should again go to the doctr.

Yes. Im also thinking to change the doctr ,becuse im nt satisfied with him.

Actualy we are living together for like 1 year now and our wedding will be in two months time.

One of our friends weding wil be in today afternoon. I curious to know what she is going to do. How ever yesterday she was sleeping her glases on. Iam the one who removed the glasses from the face in the night. And also im curious to know how our private thngs will go on from this point onwards with her bad eyesight . I dont thnk i can post those thngs here . Am i right?

Soundmanpt 19 May 2015, 16:42


She has only had her new glasses less than a full day and her eyes are still feeling the effects of the dilation. This time her prescription has changed quite a bit so her eyes are still working to adjust to them. It could take a couple of days before her eyes start to get comfortable with her stronger glasses. Because her glasses are mostly for distance is why her close vision hasn't come into focus just yet. And her astigmatism increased as well as her distance so it is much harder for the eyes to adjust to changes in astigmatism then distance. Tomorrow if her eyes aren't able to focus on close up with her glasses on she may need to remove them. Also have her maybe try using on of her older pairs of glasses that are weaker, but just for seeing close and only for tomorrow. She really just needs to wear her new glasses so her eyes get adjusted and she will be just fine and able to see both close and far with her glasses. But she has to accept the idea that she now needs to keep her glasses on all the time. No more going without glasses if she wants to see.

Michael 19 May 2015, 15:30


One more question. Did the doctor check your girl friend's close up vision both with and without her glasses? The doctor should have but sometimes they don't when the patient is young and your girl friend is only 22 or if she had no complaints about it. I think you said that your girl friend is shy so she might not have been assertive enough with the doctor. I know when I go for an eye exam I always get asked about vision complaints. It seems to me that her doctor does not give that thorough of an eye exam. I read years ago that an eye exam if it is done properly should take no less than 45 minutes.Mine are always at least that long if not longer. But some doctors might take shortcuts so they can see more patients and make more money. I am curious about one thing. Does your girl friend know that you are posting here? And if she does I wonder what she thinks about it. But if I was her I don't think I would have gone back to the same doctor again.

Michael 19 May 2015, 14:45


I hate to be the one to give you bad news but bifocals may be next for your girl friend. I can see why she has issues reading without her glasses. She has to hold the reading material very close and her astigmatism is significant enough that it may be affecting her close vision. She seems to be having issues reading with or without her glasses so I would guess that might be the next thing she will have to get used to. I don't have the knowledge that some of the people here have so I want to hear what other people have to say about this.

Did she mention to the doctor about the difficulty she is having reading? And if so what did he or she say? Soundmanpt was correct when he suspected that this is the first time your girl friend has a dilated eye exam. That had to be the reason that she was apparently under prescribed in her previous eye exams.So her eyes did not get that much worse in 4 months as they appeared to. Her first three scripts are really very similar. Based on the fact that those were not dilated eye exams she should have had a stronger script for her first glasses than she got.

I have to question the doctor. I don't understand why she had to have 4 eye exams within a period of about 20 months or so. It seems like her vision problems were never really addressed. And they still aren't because she is having difficulty reading. I know I should not say this but if I ran into the same problems that she did I would try another doctor. I don't know what kind of insurance she has if she has any at all for eye care or where you live but in the USA most vision plans allow for 1 eye exam and 1 pair of glasses per year. She should not have to be going back every six months and this time it was 4 months. Something is not right. I also think that she should have had a dilated exam before now. The changes in her scripts after the first three exams were really very small and it is evident to me that her first script should have been a lot closer to what her script is now after this last exam.

Also since she has started wearing her glasses almost full time when she takes them off she is going to think that her eyes are a lot worse than they actually are because her eyes have adjusted to her wearing glasses most of the time.

Now there is little doubt that she will have to wear her glasses full time whether she wants to or not because her vision has deteriorated to the point where she really has no other choice if she wants to see.

jason 19 May 2015, 12:53

Thank you guys. I will update for sure with everythng related to her eyes.

yes. Those are the first glasses she got 20 months ago. she told that she had difficulties even before getting glasses and she was shy to tell. For years she was copying from her friend every day after school.

Now since 3 years she is studying in the university.

And also she told that this is the first time they have done this to her.( dailating eyes)

Now even she is telling if she takes out her glasses, she cant see anythng. Total blur.

Main problem is nw she is having dificulty in focusing near work.Tomorow there is a report to submit by her. with her glases it was imposible. What she did was took off glases and her eyes were 2 inch from paper. After 30 mnts got a terible headace and slept. I dnt knw what to do now :-(

Specs4Me 19 May 2015, 10:29

My optometrist gives me the option of a dilated exam or taking pictures of the retina. I prefer the pictures for a couple of reasons, first when my eyes are dilated they take nearly 24 hours to return to normal and second, she is able to compare pics from the prior year(s) to the current one in determining the health of the retina. I am under the impression that one of the main reasons for a dilated exam is to allow the Dr. to better view the retina for that part of the exam. I'm 69 and have not had a dilated exam in a number of years.

Soundmanpt 19 May 2015, 10:19


There are several differences between an ophthalmologist and and optometrist. Not only that one does surgery and one doesn't. But optometrists can of course dilate the eyes but they decide if it is necessary or not and when and when not to do it.

It would seem that all optometrists would prefer to dilate the eyes so they know the patient's eyes are in a relaxed state and the results will be much more accurate. I can only assume that because it takes extra time to it they often try to not do it.

We will have to wait for "jason" to reply if any of his gf's previous eye exams were done with her eyes dilated. It would seem they weren't and she was likely under prescribed as a result. That would surly explain the difference between her last eye exam 4 months ago and her new one she just got.

Michael 19 May 2015, 10:02


I have a couple of comments about dilating your eyes at an eye exam. I go to an ophthalmologist every year for an eye exam and she always dilates my pupils. I thought that is standard procedure that it is done because I don't ever recall ever having an eye exam in my life when it wasn't done and I am 62 years old now and have worn glasses since I was 9. And as for driving home I always go by myself and they always give me the flip on disposable shades to put over my glasses and I never ran into any problems at all. So driving home from the eye doctor's office after a dilated exam has never been a issue for me.Is an ophthalmologist more likely to give a dilated exam than an optometrist?I am asking the question because I do not know. I have gone to an ophthalmologist for many years. But you would think that the eye doctor that Jason's girl friend went to would be consistent with the kind of exam that is given. I am sure you are right that a dilated exam gives more accurate results so my guess is most doctors do it but this is just a guess on my part.

Michael 19 May 2015, 09:37


I am not sure what is gong on with your girl friends eyes. At her age you wouldn't think her eyes would change nearly as much in that short of a period of time as they have. Did the doctor say anything about it and as to why he wants her to come so often for an eye exam? I also agree that contacts would not be a great option at this time because her eyes seem to still be changing. Is she wearing her glasses full time now? I think you said she started to a few months ago. Am I right? With her current script I would say she isn't blind but she really needs to wear her glasses full time because she would not see well enough to do most activities except walking around in the house or in places she is familiar with. I don't think she would feel too comfortable doing many things without her glasses. But she seemed to realize that her vision was getting worse from what you wrote.

Plus what you said about her having trouble reading with her glasses is interesting.I would ordinarily say she should maybe take her glasses off when reading but her astigmatism is at the point now where it might affect her ability to read comfortably without glasses. I wonder if she needs either bifocals or progressives. Cactus Jack and others here have often said it is a myth to have to wait until a certain age to be prescribed bifocals. People much younger than 40 sometimes need them.I am mostly a reader of the forum and definitely not an expert so it will be interesting to see what the experts here have to say. But all I can tell people is I have learned a lot from the many very knowledgeable people who write here. I love the forum even though I don't often post.

Soundmanpt 19 May 2015, 09:12


So let's go back a a bit. Would I be correct that when you commented and posted your gf's prescription for glasses those were her first actually her first ever glasses? You mentioned her problems with seeing the the board in class as to why she needed glasses so I assume she is in college or university? So she no doubt is doing extra straining because of all the studying she must be doing. So her need for glasses is very understandable. Her first prescription was weak enough that it was up to her how much she wore them. Now because she prefers not to wear glasses she probably only wore them when it was completely necessary which was fine to do. But her eyes were still in the changing mode and happens. But to be honest there was very little change in her glasses for the first year based on the 3 eye exams you posted. Now do you recall if in any of those first 3 eye exams if they ever dilated her eyes before? If she went alone they probably wouldn't dilate her because just as you saw her vision would be too blurry for her to drive after the exam. The best way to do an accurate eye exam is to dilate the eyes so they are completely relaxed during the exam. The results this time shows that she is considerably more nearsighted than the eye exam 4 months ago showed, but if they didn't dilate her her eyes the exam will be somewhat less than what she really needed. So she was leaving and was under prescribed as a result. Now once her eyes have a chance to adjust to her new glasses I think she will find that she is able to see so much better with her glasses. You said for the past 3 months she was wearing her glasses nearly full time, I think she will be wearing her glasses completely full time now. Without here glasses now everything is going to be much to blurry for her to make out anything.

So overall for being a year and 4 months her vision changed at about what I would expect in that time. Did they tell her when she needs to be examined again? Now that they dilated her I think she should be good now for the next year. She is 22 so her eyes shouldn't continue to change too many more times.

Please do keep us updated as to how she does now with her new glasses.

Michael 19 May 2015, 09:10


Puffin 19 May 2015, 08:41

If things are changing this fast then contacts will be a waste of money. Same for expensive ultra thin glasses.

jason 19 May 2015, 06:03

It was totaly different from what was expected.

Today i went to the appointment with her. First doctor checked her eyes through mechines and he told that her eyes are not relaxed though she is wearing almost fultime for 3 mnths now. So he put some eye drops and he told us to wait for 15 mnts. After 5 mints she told me that she can't even focus her eyes and even with glases she cant see the eye chart :-(

After 15 mnts her acuity checked and she could only read big E.

I was very frustrated.

Her prescriptin is reading now as

L -1.75 -1.00 50

R -2.00 -0.75 170

How this is possible? She couldnt even recognize our car from few meters. We went to the optical shop and gave 2 glasses to change lenses and she kept one in her face because she couldnt see. She told that without glasses she is blind after the drops. :-(

New prescriptin glases was considerably thick , specially the frame less pair.

When she wore her glases she told she can see well far but she was struggling to see words in paper.

Is it possible to change such numbers in 4 mnths? How is her eyesight with this precription without glasses?

jason 18 May 2015, 18:12

She asked me about contact lenses and how it is used. Actualy i realy like to see her with glasses. They adds more beauty for her face. How ever 4 th check up is due today. In few hours appointment will be there. I will update about what happend.

just now she told that her eyes have surely gone to worse and she can feel it. :-(

Normaly she doesnt like to talk about her eye sight becuse she is very upset about it. How ever I hope its only her imagination and hope her eyes will stay the same because its after only 4 months.

Soundmanpt 18 May 2015, 16:26


For some it isn't easy to go to full time wear of glasses mostly because she is reluctant to wear them. Her eyesight is still just good enough without glasses that she feels she can still see good enough without them. Have you asked her how she feels about wearing contacts? Learning to put them on and take them off can be difficult for quite a few. She really would only need a toric contact for her left eye as her astigmatism is a bit worse in that eye. Her right eye is still okay to only need a regular lens to correct her nearsightedness. i think her doctor will discourage her about going to contacts until her vision gets a little more stable with glasses.

Do you think its more that she just doesn't like being seen wearing glasses or do you think glasses really bother her and she feels like there in the way?

jason 18 May 2015, 12:52

Already doctr asked her to wear full time. And i knw she is trying harder for that though she doesnt like them very much. Can she get contact lenses? Is it should only can be toric lenses?

Soundmanpt 17 May 2015, 18:46


I agree with what Tom said. She is 22 years old so her vision isn't going to ever get very bad. Right now the doctors are just working to catch up to the correct prescription without over correcting her. It is not at all uncommon for her eyes to change several times in a short time. It is possible that her eyes are changing because of the type of work she maybe doing which is more strain on her eyes than before.

But in order to help her doctor get a more accurate prescription she really should be wearing her glasses full time everyday now. That way her eyes get fully adjusted to her glasses and that is best when she returns for her next eye exam because then her eyes will be in a completely relaxed state.

But she has to decide that she is going to be wearing glasses full time now. She will still be able to see somewhat without her glasses just not very well.

 17 May 2015, 18:22

Thank u tom1 & soundmanpt. appreciate your reply.

but guys do you think that she will increase her prescription more and if yes to what extent?

I have a fear becuse doctr asked this time to come in 4 mnths . As per your knowledge wwhat is the reason? 4 times in 20 months.:-(

Actualy i like her wearing glasses very much and already i have brought her 3 pairs of glases in 3 styles. Im supporting her very much. Thats why i ask how is her vision without glasses so that i will never so no to her.

i have noticed that she never see directly to peoples face few than more feet even without glases.

Soundmanpt 17 May 2015, 15:42


You and I gave "jason" nearly the same advice. (Great minds must think alike ) lol The only thing i don't agree with you is her ability to do certain sports where hand / eye coordination comes into play. For example I doubt that she could see a ball more than just a few feet away from her without correction and even making out friends faces more than a few away isn't likely either, but yes walking and even reading a book she should be okay with little problem.

Tom1 17 May 2015, 13:59


your gf has a light vision defect, that is a mix of nearsightedness and astigmatism. Both numbers are very low, but the visual activities that you mentioned (reading the board and reading overhead menu) are more demanding that you may think and can cause troubles if you don't have a perfect vision. However, there is a much larger range of activities she can do without correction: doing sport, walking, dancing, go out with friends, etc... All of them can be perfectly managed with a vision defect as she has and no correction. She is the typical case who is usually advised to wear glasses just for the board or the TV. And that should be all she need!

Moreover you have to know that by not using glasses she is not hurting her eyes anyway, if she noticed a decrease in her vision this would have been exactly the same even if she never used them. By the way she is not a teen anymore (although young) so it is unlike that she will go much beyond where it is now.

If you like her more without glasses, just tell her and in case help her reading the menu or recognising someone in distance, when you are toghether. She should not have troubles in doing like this.

jason 17 May 2015, 11:21

Hi. My gf is 22 years old. Last year she told me she is having difficulties in precieving words of the class room white board even from the middle. And every day she is having headaches in the afternoon.

First when we check doctr gave

L -1.00 -0.50 60

R -1.00 -0.50 170 didnt use glasses much

After 6 mnths we went as per doctr.It was

L -0.75 -0.75 60

R -1.00 -0.50 160

Again after 6 mnths she is teling blur is more than previous and couldnt read any thng in the fast f00d resturants as s00n as she put her glasses though.After few mnts she can

then we went again to sheduled eye exam after 6 mnths.

without glasses she couldn't read the 3rd line of eye chart. Secnd was also dificult. With glases last 2 lines was fuzzy.

Doctrs prescriptin was

L -0.75 -1.00 60

R -1.25 -0.50 180

She is cute girl who doesnt like to wear glasses. Bt nw she put them as s00n as you get out the bed and even at night she fell sleep with glases on. When going out she dsnt like to where in the morning bt when she is cming back galases in the face.

Bt the thng is i have some night parties cming up and also some wddings. I dnt want to see her with glasses. Please let me knw how her eye sight without glases and why it is increasing like this. Even her family doesnt wear glassen. I need advices guys and girls.

Thank u

Jo 10 May 2015, 10:35

Aleja me gustaria hablar con vos, si lo deseas escribime a , te espero!!!

Jo 05 May 2015, 10:41

estas muy similar a mi, yo uso -3,50 -4,25 con un poco de astigmatismo tambien, entiendo todo lo que te pasa, no ves nada Aleja!!!! me gusta todo lo que contas, me gustaria que fueramos amigos :)

Guest 1 05 May 2015, 09:25


So you are like to rest of the Colombian ladies..too vain for glasses! I had a g/f near Barranquella who used to keep -12 glasses on her head and always grabbed my hand to be led anywhere. I was same rx then and she complained my glasses were too thick and made me leave them by the door in her apt ! By the way, the TV's were right next to bed and living room couch.

Do you like the coast???

ALEJA 05 May 2015, 09:04

Muy curiosidad so I look. Find mi gafas prescription! As follows. Mi ojo derecho es -5,5 y mi ojo izquierdo es -4,25. Si imbalanced. Mdico tell me es muy mal and I need always wear. I say si, pero interno I say no. I like see this way.

Funny. Semana pasada I take coworkers drive lunch. I sit in driver seat and put "driving gafas." Two say, OMG is driving gafas? Mucho strong! Now entiendo so blind! I laugh. Is funny to me. At restaurant they ask to read menu for me, say muy ciego! Si claro I can read menu. It close. If far, I say muy ciego! They say how far, un foot? I laugh again. Cuando partimos, hold door for me, say I probablmente could not see find handle.

They laugh, but inside me no laugh. Dnde est handle? Muy oscuro in restaurant. En verdad, no could see! Si, muy ciego.

Pero es divertido.

Jo 02 May 2015, 12:55

Aleja! me encanta leer tus historias, me gustaria saber mas de ti, chica miope que le gusta ver borroso, yo tuve experiencias similares a las tuyas, yo creo que la graduacion de tus gafas son al menos -3, puede que mas, sigue posteando chica de Bogota, me gusta mucho!

Antonio 01 May 2015, 08:32

Hi Aleja.

Funny you like seeing borroso :-)

I lived 4 years como tu in my world getting more and more borroso

I enjoy your stories very much. For ex. the story of the cat barking to you :-)

Enjoy life and take care. Hope to see some more here from you. Muchos saludes.


guest 1 30 Apr 2015, 08:09

Bogata is beautiful !

Many nearsighted ladies - but they never want to wear their glasses... Many sunglasses even at night with very strong myopic rx's...and thick lenses sticking out of frames.

Soo, Aleja, wear your glasses!

What is the rx??

ALEJA 29 Apr 2015, 14:46

Jo soy de Bogot.

I hope there is enjoyment for mi historia. I like to share. Maybe too strange to like borrosa?

Jo 27 Apr 2015, 08:40

Aleja sos argentina?

ALEJA 26 Apr 2015, 02:26

Gracias. Mi prescription, no se. I know is strong because mis amigas try wear, they say OMG. Let me describe. No, cannot read far signs. Muy borroso! Mis ojos not so bad cannot see todo. In daylight, not so bad. Bright sunny day es facil. I say this for me. Others say me blind. Pero a la noche, is bad. Sometimes feel like wandering in dream. No recognize people unless very close. Blur remain until 3 meter.

Funny things. One time mistake plastic store model for human and say perdneme. Thought was real. Touch arm as I pass and say oh, plastic. La casa de mi amiga, I see fuzzy dark blur and say nice cat, I approach and make cat noise, then bark to me. She laugh. Many often people ask me see things in distance which I see so bad could be invisible. Mis amigas love futbol. But we go, cannot see well. Ball move muy fast mis poor ojos cannot maintain watch. They say goal! I guess perhaps goal, cannot see, thought ball was on field. But I cheer too.

Sometimes go for drink with amigas. Pero muy difcil para m! Borroso y alcohol no mix well. Todo la noche I call people wrong name because cannot focus. I knock tables. I spill drinks. Control is lost. Do not often because embarrassem me mucho.

Family no le gusta! Mi abuela always wear glass, wear glasses. Always point things say you could see if wear. Do not get angry no. I laugh. Is funny to me.

Does help understand? En todo may seem mal to some but I enjoy. Mi borroso is fun and I lke. Feels calmer. I hope enjoy my story here. Hope understand. Ciao.

Antonio 20 Apr 2015, 12:05

Aleja. Tu tienes a very interesting Story. I think if you don.t fall into a hole sin gafas it.s up to you to not wearing them if you can get along without

It.s also fascinating you dare to manage without. Although society expects you have clear you i was 4 years without correction also shortsighted. So I know mucho about. Do you know why or when you like the blur? Or when you ever hated it? If you like we can discuss on lenschat. Se main page here. Best regards Antonio

 20 Apr 2015, 11:36

Me no vershayst!

Antonio 20 Apr 2015, 10:42

Aleja. Tu tienes a very interesting Story. I think if you don.t fall into a hole sin gafas it.s up to you to not wearing them if you can get along without

It.s also fascinating you dare to manage without. Although society expects you have clear you i was 4 years without correction also shortsighted. So I know mucho about. Do you know why or when you like the blur? Or when you ever hated it? If you like we can discuss on lenschat. Se main page here. Best regards Antonio

Dude 20 Apr 2015, 08:27

No saba que la gente en Eyescene hablase espaol...

Jo 20 Apr 2015, 08:04

Aleja quiero decir cual es la prescription de tus lentes

Jo 20 Apr 2015, 07:53

Aleja no hay nada que juzgar, te gusta, suficiente, el ver borroso es una especie de fascinacion que algunas personas tienen, disfrutalo, entiendo que no quieres usar mas las gafas, hazlo solo cuando sea muy necesario, tienes esa opcion, me gustaria que me cuentes mas acerca de tus experiencias con tu vision, y te pido otra vez que me digas cual es tu graduacion, que tengas un buen dia!

ALEJA 19 Apr 2015, 04:55

Muchas gracias for good words. I graduate in 2009, I guess remain un nio to most people here.

Si, hard first but I adjust. One day realized that spent all mi juventud to get blur. Enjoy very much, but school and mis padres pushed me behind the glass.

Always make me wear watching televisin and going school. Si claro, I needed gafas bad or would not graduate. Removed borroso and help me focus on studies.

Pero, I keep adding increase to my lens. And always wearing. Yo creo conditioned to wear because society expects.

One day decide no more, I am me. Si mucho blur, but I expect and want. Like when I say cannot see y mis amigas make jokes about mis ojos.

When ask are wearing lentes o gafas, I say nada. But they say, is not blurry? Si, but I just don't like to wear much anymore. Solo driving. I do not say feel ms cmodo without. That is why I speak here. Hope do not judge.

Soundmanpt 18 Apr 2015, 08:18


Your not the first one that started wearing glasses like you did and you won't be the lat one either. Most often it is 2 friends and one wears glasses and the other wishes she needed glasses too. When the other girl gets new glasses she gives her old pair to her friend to start wearing. If the prescription isn't too strong she will wear them because she likes them and her eyes will soon adjust to the glasses.

When you went away for 2 weeks and decided not to wear your glasses like you say at first it was difficult because everything was blurry and you even got headaches because your eyes were dependent on your glasses. But what happens if you continue to not wear them is that your eyes start to accommodate so things aren't so blurry anymore and you don't get the headaches. But once your back at work and your putting your eyes under much more stress you quickly find that you really do need your glasses.

Jo 18 Apr 2015, 06:29

buena historia Aleja! yo tambien tuve esa experiencia cuando fui joven ahora soy bastante miope, cual es tu graduacion?

ALEJA 18 Apr 2015, 05:07

I thought I would share my own experiences. When I was young, I always wanted to wear glasses so I started tearing up every pair of glasses I could find. Me, with my thinking, said me proceed wearing all these strong glasses, eventually I would convert my vision muy borroso. When it started, the fuzziness was low. OMG I succeeded! But that fuzziness was not satisifed me. I read everything how to protect eyesight and did everything other way. Reading in the dark, watching tv close, and I kept rounding up every pair of glasses with the strongest lenses I could find and wear them for hours.

It seems like it came faster than I realized. Mi amigas would tell me to see things in distance and I started realizing my blurriness had increased mucho. One of mi amigas allowed me and amigas to try her new glasses. Mi amigas say OMG glasses are strong. How do you see? When I tried on glasses, everything becomes muy claro! I did not like. I know this is going to sound weird but do not judge, ok? Me gusta borroso more than glasses!

Mi ojos increase badder. Could not function well anymore. I get glasses at high prescription and doctor asks where are old glasses, should have brought. As follows through time, I get much increase in my glasses and muy harder see without.

When grew up and become own self, I ask myself why wear glasses? All through mi vida I wanted borroso but had to see claro. My new job is analyst and I do not need glasses very much.

I tried experiment on mi vacaciones. Two weeks and no glasses. Hard first because mis ojos so poor, but eyes adust in time. Headaches seem disappear. Not as blur as when started. When I return to work, yo quiero no glasses.

First day return was muy dificil. Why all everything blur? But as follows, mi ojos feel better and adjust. Si people know need glasses, but I told do not wear no more.

Was seis months ago. Siempre wear glasses for driving because cannot see. But I feel more comfortable in my life now. Borroso feels muy better to me.

That is mi historia. Lo siento, I slip in and out espanol, please hope understand. Espero not too long but me gusta. Cannot speak English well and full. :'(

Ric 12 Apr 2015, 14:46

In the middle of my teens i was not able to see withouth glasses. Tried to wear them as less as posible, but was almost imposible. At 18, when i got contacts first time, they were -9

Ric 12 Apr 2015, 14:36

Well, at this time i still wearing glasses part time as far as i could. By this time, i was needing my glasses more and more often.

Tom1 11 Apr 2015, 13:59


so you were around your friend's prescription (-4.75) going aroud bareeyd? Very well done! :-p

Do you have other interesting episodes of your going around without correction? Which was prescription when you started wearing regularly (if you ever started... I don't know...)?

Ric 11 Apr 2015, 06:50

I wore borrowed glasses not many times. When i got glasses firs time, i just wore my glasses part time, for lessons etc...even going out, i always refused wearing them. One time, we went to a friend home. This afternoon, before lunch, we went to play outside with the other mates. Not having my glasses i felt lost during the matches, being no able to see the ball neither rekon mates at distance. I finally told them i was having problems for play cause i ve just got glasses and i had not them there. Afriend of mine, who got glasses the year before, came and lend me his glasses. Remember he just changed his glasses for new pair a week or so before. When first tried on them, i suddenly came out of blur, seing all pretty pretty clear, Sharp cristal clear, better even with mine. I was getting them all the afternoon during my matches, sharing them with him.

Before play, at home we taked about visin. He showed me his recien prescription card that wrote his myopoia got -4.75, also i could read some astigmatism, dont remember the number.

Tom1 26 Mar 2015, 14:53

Chatting on lenschat days ago I recalled a "going without glasses" episode dated back to when I was a teen.

One morning I broke my glasses and needed to go without correction for some days before the optician could fix them. Being only slightly nearsighted at that time, no problem at all, apart I felt disconfortable since I used to wear fulltime, but for one task: reading the board at school.

I had a mate who was -1.75 and wore glasses just for the board. Her seat was right ahead of me, so when I realised I had no choice of reading the board I asked her if she could borrow me momentarily her glasses. She nicely agreed and I found they helped me a lot, although some blur still remained. I think we both had astigmatism, too, so the focus was not perfect through her lenses. However I was able to read. We ended share her glasses whenever there was something to read and I found it very cool!

Months later she said she was having incresing troubles also with the glasses on and went to the eyedoctor. She was astonished when she discovered her eyesight jumped to -3! She tried to still manage part time with the new glasses, but often complained everything was soooo blur whenever she took them out. Soon after she moved to contacts.

Have others ever used borrowed glasses?

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2015, 07:15

Un named

I guess one thing is that wearing glasses really does prevent dirt and other small objects blowing around from getting into her eyes. Glasses are much easier to maintain. You can just put them on and go and if you don't mind your lenses being dirty you don't even have to clean them. Contacts require much more care. Glasses will never cause any kind of eye infection or eye ulcers. Also I know of several young ladies that have told me they like wearing their glasses because then they don't need to do eye makeup. Her prescription isn't very strong so her glasses should look really nice with any type of frame she likes. Some women don't want to wear glasses if their prescription is so strong that the lenses are on the thick side, but hers are thin. I think the best one is for you to convince her that glasses are really very sexy. Sadly some women just refuse to believe that they as attractive if not even more attractive wearing glasses.

But the truth is that contacts really are not very good for her eye health and that should be important to her.

Good luck!

varifocals 25 Mar 2015, 03:43

Got it thanks Grest.

The video shows how scary it must be for severe myopies.

Great fim.

 25 Mar 2015, 02:43

Cactus, soundmanpt, and others,

Im trying to convince a friend to ditch contacts and wear glasses full time. Her script is -2 both eyes. What are some things i could say to her? Im looking for positives of glasses rather than negatives of contacts. The only one i can think of is that she would likely never need to put on reading glasses.

Tom1 24 Mar 2015, 14:44

Thanks Grest. I love girls going around without glasses, in real life as well as in movies ;-)

-14 24 Mar 2015, 08:24

Sorry cut and paste

-14 24 Mar 2015, 08:22

varifocals 24 Mar 2015, 07:53


How do we acess the short sighted movie?

varifocals 24 Mar 2015, 07:53


How do we acess the short sighted movie?

GREST 24 Mar 2015, 07:02

Short movie about a woman with very bad eyes struggling to see around her house at night:

 17 Mar 2015, 16:01

all i wanna know is if you did her.

EFM 17 Mar 2015, 07:17


to me, it's a thing of culture and closeness, given the nature of myopia. So much is true in the nerd, librarian, bookworm, teacher clichs: nearsightedness develops with close work, with reading, with degrees of education and civilization. There's no doubt about the coherence of intelligence and myopia. Some may call it helpless when a woman's vision wouldn't reach past a book, but I got some lessons of true power by somebody in my childhood who could barely see past her nose. Frankly, she told me the stars. She was all a girl of wit and reason and music. She played me Ravel on the piano, she got me into the Darwin club, she planted a seed of doubt towards any ideology that interfered with science. And with her brain, she could see so much farther than anyone who had perfect eyesight, definitely. Regarding closeness, I will always remember the day she showed me exactly how close I needed to move so she would see me clearly, without her strong glasses. It was a moment of greatest intimacy, before I even knew a thing about love, or sex. She said she felt naked without glasses. Her beautiful nearsighted eyes have been the black hole in the center of my galaxy, ever since. What do you do when not even light escaped a black hole?

varifocals 17 Mar 2015, 03:22


I read with interest your cataract implants & the -5 lens reading.

I am told I am due for cataract operations soon. I am a plussie at the moment, but wonder if I can be myopic afterwards.

Two of my relatives have had cataract operations, & through no fault of there own have changed wheras I thought you would end with normal vision.

One had normal vision before the op now has glasses for close work, cant see to use her phone etc.

The other a full time minus now needs plus lens.

It seems odd to me.

As I am used to glasses I would like to continue, say -6.

Good luck.

guest... 16 Mar 2015, 17:50


Well whomver bashed me..too bad! I'm not that and have a genuine interest...why?

Because I was double digits before Cataract Op and implants...leaving me at -5 with retina issues. When I was in school, ions ago, we had safety glass-and they were real coke bottles. Several of us had them and I was almost the winner lol! Only one girl who moved her desk right to the board was was her who said "we should hang out" and that she felt safe with me because my glasses were almost as strong as hers. On your next question, answer is yes, we exchanged them often and she could see close in mime but hers were blurry.

So there you have it, your rx was probably like hers and we were friends until going to different high schools.

You have my add, don't put it here, too many weirdo's lol.

Al 16 Mar 2015, 15:40


I have pondered over this and finally realized that it is not helplessness that attracts me as I don't get attracted to blind girls or girl who are plus or hyperopic glasses at all either helpless or not.

I'm only attracted go girl with high myopia. It is just like tattoos, jewelry, shoes, or earnings, boobs, buts, etc.

A. P. 16 Mar 2015, 15:05

As a longtime reader and occasional contributor to this forum, may I offer "one man's opinion" of the comments posted below? It strikes me that Ellen's questions were indeed posed politely and with legitimate interest. It also strikes me that Jon's words were in themselves judgmental and not particularly polite. Shouldn't we try to avoid imposing whatever tone of voice we imagine we hear onto Ellen's reasonably written comments?

I'd like to believe we're all adults here, but go ahead and bash me if you cannot resist.

Happy St. Patrick's Day Tuesday!

Jon 16 Mar 2015, 13:16

Let's put it this way. Ellen your tone is rather judgmental, harsh, and demeaning. It's not surprising you are getting that reaction when you act as though you are somehow superior to those with this attraction.

If you have a problem with people who like seeing girls without glasses, I think it is more polite to keep it to yourself in a thread such as this rather than cast pulpit judgements on the community from high.

Ellen 16 Mar 2015, 11:36

That's not all what I was trying to do. I was trying to start a discussion because I am genuinely interested.

 16 Mar 2015, 08:04

Add "Guest" to that list.

 16 Mar 2015, 05:02


Thanks for pointing out two of the main pervs, on this site. :)

Ellen 16 Mar 2015, 03:52


Interesting you say sadistic. Sadistic to me would imply that you derived pleasure from someone else's pain. Correct me if I'm wrong but I suspect what you're really saying is that the sexual arousal element outweighed any empathy or desire to help the woman struggling to see. This isn't the same as her distress being the cause of your arousal. Or am I wrong?

@ Tom and Eyestein

Growing up did you find girls intimidating? Is a desire to see a weakness in a woman a way of compensating for this by making her seem less threatening. Years ago I had a boyfriend who suggested as much to me. I was very confident and doing well academically and I think he found this threatening. I remember him once saying that my poor eyesight was the "imperfection that made me perfect". Wracking my brains, I can't think of incidents which would suggest he found me struggling to see sexually arousing though. Then again without my glasses I maybe didn't notice LOL.

Finally one more question. Would seeing a blind woman struggling to get around have the same effect on you?

Tom 14 Mar 2015, 15:01

@ Ellen 13 Feb 2015

I must admit I am also always really interested when spotting a girl who's either taking off strong glasses, struggling without them, or best of all explaining to me or others how badly she needs them. Have been thinking why, and it is probably because a girl is then showing herself in a vulnerable position, almost asking "help me".

I'd never abuse if the situation, but I must say I thunk it is kind of sexy. The same way I like to see girls walking in high heeled slides and mules. You know they cannot run in them, and they are making a statement "hi, I want to feel sexy even if this means I am in a weak position".

Eyestein 14 Mar 2015, 05:02

@Ellen 13 Feb 2015, 09:42

In my teenage years I went through a kind of sadistic phase where I found some delight in the idea of girls being unable to see without their glasses. It was not something I was proud of. Then as I grew up and matured the deviant side of my mind got balanced out. I still find girls with strong glasses sexually arousing but these days the normal emotion of empathy is the only other factor involved. Stuff like this depends on how the brain gets wired over time.

beautychina 26 Feb 2015, 21:40

Ellen asked why it's so exciting to see a woman struggling to see without her eyewear.

I would not really prefer to see a woman struggling to see without her eyewear. But for me I think we should be proud of our visual deficiency. For my preference , girls displaying traits of myopia is part of positive, feminine trait.

I am not so sure about places with less prevalence of myopia. But in China we have many girls wearing myopia so myopia isn't particularly special for me. It is very normal for girls wearing glasses with minus lenses more than 3 diopters. I like it when I see normal girls are wearing their glasses in public, because I think we should be proud of our myopia. myopia is NOT a sign of "deficiency", more than 80% of girls have myopia more than 1-2 diopter and needs wearing glasses , when so many girls have myopia it has become a normal trait which is expected for most girls we would meet on streets. It is a normal sign when girls growing up, a sign of feminine maturity.

Reina 23 Feb 2015, 14:12

nice. slapped his fishbowls clear off his face! anyone know what tv show or movie this is?

beautychina 22 Feb 2015, 19:32

Many Chinese children with myopia don't wear glasses and just struggle with being nearsighted. It's not because of the cost; It's because some Chinese distrust spectacles.

"Parents, teachers and even some rural doctors think wearing glasses will harm kids' eyes," says Dr. Nathan Congdon, an ophthalmologist at Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center at Sun Yat-sen University in the southern city of Guangzhou, who led the new study. "In rural China, only about one-sixth of the kids who need glasses actually have them."

Congdon has worked on studies in China that show glasses don't weaken vision and actually improve academic performance. He hopes to use those data to change minds and persuade the government to provide more glasses to kids. That way, at least, they'll be able to read a blackboard.

Crystal Veil 14 Feb 2015, 09:47


I consider myself halfway both opinions so allow me the following explanation. The aim of my photography project is to show the beauty of ladies in glasses. There is never an element of portraying my models in a handicapped way. It's rather the opposite. I always felt attracted to ladies who wear their glasses with pride, showing that a disadvantage can be changed into something special. My models play an ambassador role in this, posing in a natural, confident way. When I first met my life partner, she took off her glasses to clean the lenses and she almost apologized, saying "I have bad eyes". My answer was straightaway, "You have lovely eyes and you made an excellent choice with these glasses". Case closed. Her prescription is minus twelve. She later became my first model and she has been supporting the photography project ever since. Does this make sense to you?

Ellen 14 Feb 2015, 07:51

Ha ha ha. I guess the answer to my question is "no". No one on here can put into words why it's so exciting to see women struggling to see.


Tom 13 Feb 2015, 15:35


frankly I don't know and can't explain why I love so much bespectacled and even more struggling girls. But that's the case! I think it is something personal... kind of a taste: some guys prefer brunettes, others blondes, others struggling girls! Strange but true.9

milt 13 Feb 2015, 12:47

Based on messages below, it would seem as though this one calling himself "guest" is a misogynist and a stalker.

guest 13 Feb 2015, 10:14

AP: thanks for another example. nitpicking the messenger? what's your problem?

A. P. 13 Feb 2015, 10:11


Perhaps you could show a little respect for Melyssa by spelling her name correctly?.....just a polite suggestion.

guest 13 Feb 2015, 09:43

when Moonshiner posted earlier about trying to show respect for others, I don't think he meant it's okay to call women who don't wear glasses "stupid" in the Going without Glasses forum. how about lightening up there, mylissa?

Ellen 13 Feb 2015, 09:42

Can anyone on here put into words why it's so exciting to see a woman struggling to see without her eyewear?

I have to say I find it rather uncomfortable and feel very self conscious when my visual deficiencies are displayed (except in front of my partner).

Melyssa 13 Feb 2015, 05:52

I have never been concerned with vanity. Love me, love my glasses. Besides, the vast majority of woman I've known who wear/wore glasses have/had a significant other now/then.

The Daily Mail article proves that there are stupid women in the UK just like there are in the USA.

Their motto must be, "If you don't like the way I drive, stay off the sidewalk!"

John 13 Feb 2015, 03:43

Mmmmm. YES. for those of us who enjoy watching women with bad eyesight struggling to see. Maybe it's time to move to England:

guest 12 Feb 2015, 07:15

Hi Ellen:

Sooo when is the next one??

We chatted after the autumn have my pvy email fm another site.


Let me know

guest 12 Feb 2015, 07:14


Sooo when is the next trip...we chatted after your last one...

Likelenses 11 Feb 2015, 19:56


I am right there with you on the cave full of bats thing. LOL !

Next time you come to the US,let me take you shopping for new glasses,plus dinner.

High Myopic 10 Feb 2015, 18:22

Ellen, can I contact you? We can talk about my binconcave glasses that I own. I have very thick biconcave glasses. My email is

Ellen 10 Feb 2015, 15:18

Hi guest,

I can drive ok. We have to be able to read a number plate from 30 yards in the UK. Not sure how that translates to 20/20 notation.

I took my SO across the pond last Autumn to see my sister. Sorry we missed you.


guest m 10 Feb 2015, 08:40

Hi Ellen

Glad to see you back...I told you that you would love the biconcaves! Old friend with your rx discovered them years ago, remember? She even still passes drivers lic (20/40) without contacts-and no bribery lol to tester.

Ready to cross the pond???


Ellen 10 Feb 2015, 05:37

Hi Likelenses,

Still wearing the biconcaves, I like them, they give me good vision and with anti-reflective coatings they're aesthetically not too bad. A wonderful thing for us people as blind as a whole cave full of bats.

Nothing much else to report on the vision front I'm afraid though.


Likelenses 09 Feb 2015, 22:47


Glad to see you still pop in from time to time.

Anything new regarding your most recent glasses?

Tom 08 Feb 2015, 14:41

P.S. There is just one picture of Marylin with real (maybe) glasses but it is impossible to guess how strong thery are.

Tom 08 Feb 2015, 14:39


I googled as you suggested but (as I expected...) all the pictures come from the movie "How to marrie a millionaire" (where she is a model as blind as a bat which tries to function without correction: nice move anyway, but nothing to do with real Marylin's eyesight) or ar plano glasses...

At least I didn't find more than this.

Crystal Veil 08 Feb 2015, 13:56


I'm sorry if my contributions (reacting to History Fan and Carrie) made you feel uneasy. I was aware that they were on the "off topic" borderline but decided to post them as there seemed to be no fetish element in the questions and comments. Promise: I will think twice before going into a similar discussion in the future.

guest 08 Feb 2015, 11:38

Hello Ellen

Glad to see you back......Are you coming to WestCoast or East..You have have my email..

History Fan 08 Feb 2015, 11:03

How did you ever come to the incorrect conclusion it was for fetish reasons when fetish were never mentioned in any of my postings? I recently read a book on the Holocaust, and it made me think. So I asked questions for historical facts, background, context to enhance my knowledge. Frankly I am quite insulted that you tried to tie these things together. Please be more respectful and stop making crude assumptions.

Ellen 08 Feb 2015, 09:44

I find some of the posts below regarding the Holocaust somewhat disturbing. Speculating on what people went through in the death camps when deprived of their eyewear for fetishist purposes is not cool. I have distant relatives who were caught up in the Holocaust and the horrors they went through are beyond our comprehension. It could easily have been me if I had been unlucky enough to have been born at a different time, a fact I'm thankful for every day of my life. Please be more respectful.

Julian 08 Feb 2015, 01:06

try googling 'Maylin Monroe glasses'; lots of pics there.

Likelenses 07 Feb 2015, 22:59


I did find this,but it is not the one I was thinking of.

Likelenses 07 Feb 2015, 22:26


I can not remember where I saw it, but there was a photo of Marilyn Monroe,wearing a pair of cat eye frames with a hefty coke bottle prescription.

GreginColo 07 Feb 2015, 20:21

I also heard or read that Ronald Reagan was fairly myopic, but never saw pics if him in glasses as an actor or as President.

Tom 07 Feb 2015, 14:44

History fan:

I read of Marylin Monroe years ago on a magazine, but never found confirmation of this. Does anyone know?

History Fan 07 Feb 2015, 14:23

Does anyone know of any famous historical figures (politicians, artists, musicians, etc.) who spent much of their life living in an ever increasing blur?

I suppose there are celebrities like this too.

Tom 05 Feb 2015, 17:08


right her name was Laura. Last time I chatted with her she was complaining about close vision, too although she is quite young (mid twenties if I recall). Did you hear from her recently?

Tom 05 Feb 2015, 16:55


-1.5 is very low myopia, I think it is the astigmatism that makes difficult to do close works. Did you even find into embarassing situations when wearing plus contacs but no glasses? Do anyone knows you don't see well?

Tom 05 Feb 2015, 16:23


-1.5 is very low myopia, I think it is the astigmatism that makes difficult to do close works. Did you even find into embarassing situations when wearing plus contacs but no glasses? Do anyone knows you don't see well?

John S 05 Feb 2015, 12:55


I have never worn contacts, but I wear progressives full time with a +3.50 or a +4.00 add. It is for the exact same reason - electronics. I am so used to the add, a +2.50 add just feels way too weak. The strong add feels very natural to me. I had a +2.00 add as a teenager. Several doctors didn't even like my normal +2.00 add. Then I finally got a +3.00 add in my late 20s for electronics. I was working in electronics as a teenager, but it took me that long to find a doctor that would write the rx.

Unfortunately, my distance rx is +1.50. So without glasses, I don't have the luxury being able to focus clearly at any distance. If I had a choice, I think I would really like a -1.50 distance rx instead.

Lurker 05 Feb 2015, 10:47

My natural prescription is -1.50sph & -1.50cyl both eyes but I wear +2.50 contacts continually, all day every day. this is because I do a lot of close work, soldering in electroncs etc. I cant be doing with + readers, the contacts are a perfect solution for me. I can see my computer screen well enough with it close up like now.

I dont have any problem at all going about my daily tasks, in fact I manage quite well, never really think about it. I do have a pair of -4 glasses that I wear for driving and if I want to watch tv in better detail but otherwise I dont bother with them. If for some reason I dont put the contacts in (rarely) I never wear any glasses at all, I dont even have any. I can't see to do my close work though!

Soundmanpt 05 Feb 2015, 10:23


I believe the person your referring to is Laura and at last report she does at least have glasses now but she claims she seldom wear them. She works as a waitress and says her boss won't allow her to wear glasses.

Julian 05 Feb 2015, 05:04

I do remember a story (here or somewhere else) of a woman who was thought to be what used to be called educationally subnormal till someone tested her vision and discovered she was a high myope. Provided with the strong glasses she needed, she quickly caught up academically and was able to get a decent job.

HyperRob 05 Feb 2015, 02:19

On a holiday in England many years ago, my wife (-8.50, -8.00) woke up one morning to find one of her hard contact lenses broken in two pieces in its case. She had no back-up glasses and refused to wear just one lens, so we had to look for an optician in the local town with a while-you-wait service, with me guiding her all the way. She held on to me tight while we parked in a multistorey car park and walked to the shop, squinting all the time with a glazed look in her eyes.

They couldn't do contact lenses, but they could do glasses for her in four hours. I had to choose frames as she couldn't see what she was doing. Until they were ready, we went for a walk down by the river with her gripping me tightly, then to a park so the kids could play, and all the time she was asking me if people were looking at her thinking she was blind.

Then we went to a burger bar for lunch and there was no way she was going to read the menu board on the wall so I had to read it out to her. That caused a bit of interest in the queue. A girl behind us offered the loan of her glasses! Sitting at the table, my wife got out her prescription to read and she squinted at it with it two inches from her nose. That caused a few stares!

Back to the shop and the girl fitted her glasses, and wow! She was an OO angel! I was on cloud nine for the rest of the holiday!

Unfortunately, when we got home, she went back to contacts for a few years, but she's in glasses now.

Tom 04 Feb 2015, 15:38

I'd be very glad to hear story of people doig without glasses for extended time, here!

I remember a severely nearsighted girl here long time ago (more than -4 if I recall) who was never wearing her glasses since she was convinced that wearing should have made her vision worse. Although I think it was mainly for vanity. She suffered a lot and had a lot of troubles especially at work, but none managed to convince her wearing. Well, it should have been quite hot to see her going around in the blur, struggling... (at least for me and other nearsightedness lovers). Unfotunately I never met her but here and on Lenschat.

Crystal Veil 04 Feb 2015, 14:19

History Fan,

the broader perspective makes sense. I can give you some answers based on the life stories of two of my models, both very shortsighted (well above minus ten). Both only got their first glasses when they were already minus five. Both have an incredible ability to manage without glasses, as if they have an in-built radar system. Both said that they have that because of their childhood years without glasses. Both are really down to earth, mentally stable and very active ladies. Neither of them was "damaged" in any way by their strong myopia in childhood. However, this does not go for all others in a similar situation. I remember reading a story here on eyescene (possibly in this thread) about a girl that suffered badly from her youth without glasses. Whether this has to do with mental stability in other respects is hard to tell. What was first, the chicken or the egg? No doubt, other contributors here can shed more light on the matter.

History Fan 04 Feb 2015, 09:37

Thanks for your detailed answer regarding the Holocaust. It makes sense that massive blur was the least of their worries.

But I think that I am looking at a broader perspective as well. When someone is deprived of their strong glasses for an extended period, perhaps because they broke their glasses, lost them, won't wear for vanity reasons, or perhaps they have lived their lives in strong blur because they are poor and live in a third world country where glasses are beyond their financial reach.

What does extended time spent in a massive blur do to someone? Does it effect their mental stability, overall behavior traits and attitude? Probably always running into objects, tripping, and other physical problems? Heavy eyestrain, headaches? or do all of these symptoms self-adjust over time and the person.

Can a person lose their mind if they don't have access to clear vision for a long, long time?

I'd be curious if anyone here has been in this position as well? Did you ever have to go without your strong glasses for an extended amount of time, and did it get easier, harder, or

Crystal Veil 03 Feb 2015, 12:58

History Fan,

I doubt if anyone can provide even a speculative answer to your questions. The selection upon arrival in Auschwitz was simple and done quite fast. Anyone who looked unfit for hard slave labor was sent to the gas chambers straightaway. My guess is that young, healthy looking people in strong glasses were not selected for the slave labor because of their visual handicap. The average person selected for slave labor had a life expectancy of only two months so you can't speak of any long term effects. Any prisoner who did not react fast enough on the orders of a Kapo was beaten to death on the spot. There is a famous story of two sisters who survived Auschwitz. One of them was completely deaf and her sister guarded over her at work. The handicap was never discovered. Re behavior and attitude: all the prisoners were in such an inferno that it's impossible to single out the psychological aspect of a visual handicap. In my previous reaction I mentioned how Anne Frank failed to catch a parcel of food thrown to her and another woman ran away with it. It's possible that Anne was handicapped by her myopia but she was already a living skeleton so there is no way of telling. Many survivors testified that everyone transformed into animals under the gruel circumstances. My guess is that heavy eyestrain and headaches were not even noticed anymore by prisoners with bad eyesight. Finally, there is one testimony about a man who protested when his glasses were taken from him upon arrival and he was killed on the spot for his protest.

History Fan 03 Feb 2015, 11:06

It seems my question got buried under a mountain of other postings, but was never answered. I will ask it again.

I would be interested in hearing speculative opinions about my last posting. What kind of long term effects would there be to those who badly needed glasses and had them removed during the Holocaust? What does massive blur do to someone? Does it effect their mental stability? Their behavior and attitude? Running into objects, tripping, and what other physical problems? Heavy eyestrain, headaches?

Moonshiner 01 Feb 2015, 12:45

I deleted some inappropriate posts (and some posts related to them) from 2 IP addresses on T-Mobile from 2 cities in California. I haven't had to block any IP's lately, I hope it can stay that way. If you can't post respectfully, don't post at all.

Soundmanpt 31 Jan 2015, 10:42


So has the thought ever crossed your mind that when you go in and try on frames that it is hard telling how many total strangers have tried those same frames on before you? These were 2 young ladies that knew each other. Yes I was honestly surprised that she wore them as long as she did, but it wasn't for hours and even if it were what harm was their? When I did the glasses to the young lady that ordered them I even told her that her friend had tried them on and liked them. She was fine with it an was just happy to get her new glasses.

wtf 31 Jan 2015, 01:36

am i the only one uncomfortable with the fact you ordered glasses for one person and let someone else cavort and play all night in them first?

Soundmanpt 30 Jan 2015, 17:55


So as you were searching for your glasses i'm sure a bit of panic also hit you hoping that when you found them they would be undamaged, which I am sure you were quite happy to find they were just fine. Did you also start wondering if you did find them and they were broke in a way that they would be unable to wear if yo would be able to manage working the register without glasses? Your prescription isn't all that strong but wearing your glasses full time, your eyes must be at least somewhat dependent on them these days. Maybe if you still have some of the contacts, you got from your college friend, it would be a good idea to keep a packet of them in your bag just in case something were to happen to your glasses?

I'm glad no harm was done except maybe to the toilet paper. lol

Carrie 30 Jan 2015, 16:43

I nearly had to go without glasses at work this morning. I was stacking packs of toilet rolls on a shelf that was higher than me (being "vertically challenged", as a friend calls me, the high shelves are very high to me) when I somehow knocked the stack as I was stepping down off the stool I was using and several packs fell down landing on my head and face knocking my glasses off. It must have looked quite funny but nobody actually saw it happen. After the initial shock I laughed quietly to myself before realising my glasses weren't on my face any more. Slight panic! Luckily my vision isn't so bad I can't see without glasses, so after a bit of searching I found my glasses which were totally undamaged. I had feared the lenses might have got scratched or the frames bent or snapped. Lucky it was just toilet rolls but I suppose heavy stuff like tins of baked beans is harder to knock over.

Tom 30 Jan 2015, 15:01


my experience is different from your one. I'm -3/-5 but when I spend more than few minutes without correction I hardly feel I need it unless I have to read a sign or recognise someone. I remember once I was forced to do without glasses for a whole afternoon, at the end I completely forgot I didn't have correction and when I put glasses on again I felt them soooo strong... strange but true. You shoul try again (maybe with your friend making the same game...) and let me know.

Soundmanpt 30 Jan 2015, 10:22


Everything you said about the experiment that you and your friend tried I totally believe. First of all I assume that you and your friend are both young ladies,if I am wrong then I am sorry for assuming, so this makes the eyes more flexible to change. I'm sure when your friend first put your glasses on everything was quite blurry, but by leaving them on with a little work she was able to force her eyes to focus with them. Now if she were to try wearing them for a full day her eyes would go in and out of focus if she relaxed her eyes at all. But like she told you she would be able to see reasonably well with your glasses. But she would probably start to get a headache from working her eyes so hard to keep them focused.

In your case being without your glasses would not in some way be improved, but your eyes might adjust to being without them slightly and be not quite so bad.

A couple years ago a young lady that works at a sports bar (pub) nearby ordered glasses from me. When they came in I went to deliver them to her, but it she was off that day. I laid the glasses case on the table and ordered a drink from the girl that was working who I also knew. I told her that I I came in to see her co worker because I had her glasses. She asked if she could see them? She opened the case and said she really liked how they looked and asked if I minded her trying them on? I told her it was okay and as soon as she put them on, the prescription was as best I can recall around -2.75 for both eyes, she commented on how strong they were. But she didn't do like most and quickly take them off, instead she kept them on and I could tell she was trying hard to focus on a TV in the corner. Then she asked if she could have a look at herself wearing the glasses in the ladies room? She was in there a bit and she came out still wearing the glasses. Now she started to notice that she could make out signs on the walls wearing them. I told her that if she kept on before long everything would come into focus nearly perfect. She must have taken that as a challenge because she did keep them on and she even wore them for a while before she finally took them off. I could tell it by her blinking she was refocusing her eyes when she returned them. So much the same your friend found out by wearing yours.

By the way the fact that your friend was that curious about your need for wearing glasses all the time and then wanting to try wearing them for more than a quick check sounds like she is interested in wearing glasses herself. You should maybe see if you have any old weaker glasses laying around that you can't wear anymore and offer them to her. She may surprise you by accepting them now that she knows her eyes can adjust to them.

Jess 30 Jan 2015, 06:49

Since I was 10 y/o I wear glasses for shortsightness. My last prescrition is -3,75/-3,5 diopters. I normally wear my glasses from dusk till down.

Last saturday I was shopping with a new friend. She asked me about wearing glasses full-time and she did not believe why I do.

After a while I handed her my glasses to have a look through and said: "Now you will see the same blur like me be bareeyed."

She put them on and answered: "Well, let us try the change for a while. I think we both can see better after ten minutes or so."

So we did, but after ten minutes I saw as bad as first. But she said that she can see quite well with my glasses on. I couldn`t believe!

And 30 Jan 2015, 06:00

My gf does the same thing, if she takes her contacts out at night she can then lay in bed reading small font on her phone about 3ins from her face. She looked out of the window yesterday morning though and didn't know if it was frosty or not !

HyperRob 30 Jan 2015, 05:06

I totally agree with the astigmatism v myopia comparison. I'm -3.25 and -3.75 astigmatism on top of +2.75 hyperopia and I can't operate without my glasses near or far. But without my glasses, as well as being blurred near and far, doors and ceilings are all sloping and circles are slightly oval. And incredibly, my wife, who is myopic at -6.50 with slight astigmatism can read the finest small print on a medicine bottle without her glasses! It's lovely to see her slide her glasses up and look at something 2 inches from her nose!

Soundmanpt 29 Jan 2015, 13:08


I knew you asked a question but I forgot what it was. Old age you know. lol

I think most would agree that astigmatisms is worse than being nearsighted. If your nearsighted in many cases your still able to read a book without your glasses, but if you have astigmatisms it has an effect on your vision at all distances.

Just for an example let's compare someone that is nearsighted and requires -1.00 glasses to someone with just -1.00 astigmatism. The nearsighted person can pretty well get by without glasses except if they need to look at something at a short distance away. The person with -1.00 astigmatisms is likely to suffer headaches after only a short time being without their glasses and their vision would be blurred at all distances.

Soundmanpt 29 Jan 2015, 13:00


Wearing your glasses in public for the first time of course people are going to notice and they are going to make comments. It's really hard not to notice when someone you have known for some time shows up wearing glasses for the first time, there right there, smack dab in the middle of your face, right in front of your eyes. Let's look at it a different way. What if you really wanted to wear glasses for fashion and you went out and spent a couple hundred dollars for some designer glasses with no prescription. If you came into a room with your friends and no one said anything about how you look wearing glasses you would probably be insulted at getting no reaction. I'm sure you got comments just the same as if you had changed your hair color or maybe cut it super short. When you change hair color i'm sure you expect to get comments and really your wanting complements. Seeing you wearing glasses I am sure the comments were strickly complements.

But now look at the bright side. All this time avoiding being seen in glasses and probably wearing contacts when your eyes probably would have been much more comfortable wearing glasses. Now that your secret is out and the world knows that you don't have perfect eyesight your finally free to wear your glasses when you choose to. The fear is always worse than the actual wearing.

Nichole 29 Jan 2015, 10:33

I can't go without wearing contacts or glasses. I was away on holiday and i couldn't be seen wearing glasses the first few days. I don't do things the easy way then I wore them all day and night people always notice when you wear glasses and have to talk about it why is that. I didn't like it when I first wore them In front of people but is nice not to be stuck in contacts all the time. Just think I was the only one but wasn't. Is it worse to have astigmatism or be shortsighted??

Soundmanpt 29 Jan 2015, 08:53


Well it depends if you mean "legally" being able to drive without glasses or if you just mean your able to see the road ahead of you and be able to stop if something were to get in the road such as an animal or person, but road signs would just be a blur without glasses?

Legally to pass most vision tests to drive your vision needs to be no worse than 20/40. For most if your vision was 20/40 you would likely be wearing glasses with a prescription of -.75. Some at -.75 could maybe barely pass without their glasses and others would fail. It could be as simple as to if you had only recently been prescribed those glasses then your eyes might still be good enough to pass without glasses but if you already had your glasses for 6 months or more passing the test your eyes are going to be more adjusted to your glasses and you probably wouldn't be able to see 20/40 without your glasses.

And if your glasses were -1.00 you might as well have your glasses on when your taking the vision test because without them you won't pass.

I remember a friend that had gotten glasses from me about what happened to her. She was running late for work and she didn't need her glasses for around her house so she would grab them on the way out the door for the drive to work. Her glasses at the time were -1.25 in both eyes. She realized as soon as she got in her car that she didn't have her glasses on, but running late she was sure she was still able to see well enough without them. She was right, she was somewhat right, she couldn't make out signs until she right up on them but otherwise not so bad. She managed work okay as well. but she really missed not having her glasses for the drive home. She lived in the country and there was no street lights and a very narrow road and seeing was now much worse than it was during the daytime. She made it but she never forgot her glasses again.

And 29 Jan 2015, 08:17

Nicole - do you feel comfortable wearing them ? Why struggle to see things when you can look fab in a pair of specs. I assume you can still manage many tasks bare-eyed if you wish. How about going out socially ? Do you wear them then too ?

Nichole 28 Jan 2015, 21:16

Do you not think I need my glasses with my prescription? Now I'm with -3.00 -3.75.. Is at -1.00 you need to get glasses and -2.00 wear all the time? What's the worst you could still drive without glasses?

History Fan 28 Jan 2015, 15:00

I would be interested in hearing speculative opinions about my last posting. What kind of long term effects would there be to those who badly needed glasses and had them removed during the Holocaust? What does massive blur do to someone? Does it effect their mental stability? Their behavior and attitude? Running into objects, tripping, and what other physical problems? Heavy eyestrain, headaches?

Crystal Veil 28 Jan 2015, 01:10


When I started collecting glasses at the Amsterdam flea market "Waterlooplein" in the early 1970's, a few survivors were working there and they could easily be recognized by the tattoo on their arm. Even for people now in their sixties it's impossible to really understand how it was to be a victim of the Holocaust. Nearly 10% of the Amsterdam population was Jewish and less than 1% of the people deported from my city survived. I knew several survivors and they appreciated that a young boy was interested in their stories but they preferred not to talk too much about it. They did not want to upset me. The extermination was kept secret. Most of the death camps were run by only a few dozen Germans and completely destroyed before the end of the war. A part of Auschwitz was found intact when the Russian army arrived and it's now a museum where visitors can see thousands of glasses that were taken from the victims. Gay men were sent to concentration camps as well and many died. Lesbians were not prosecuted as the Nazis saw no harm in them. After the war, the motto of each German government was "never again". This policy worked quite well and the younger generation is peace loving indeed.

Carrie 27 Jan 2015, 15:39

We were watching a report on the news this evening about the Holocaust and were both in tears before the report had even finished. As adults you understand it better and appreciate just how horrible it was. Remember it was just a tiny minority of people were Nazis who did those evil things and most Germans then and now are just peace loving people just like most other people in Europe and the rest of the world.

I am not sorry that my post is not glasses related. I was going to post in another thread but I don't feel like it now as I'm feeling upset again just writing about what I saw on the news and reading what others have written on this thread.

History Fan 27 Jan 2015, 12:14

Sometimes I don't think the real impact of taking away someone's strong glasses is truly presented. In the movies or tv, anyone functions just the same without their glasses once they are removed. But in reality, when the world becomes a blur, it changes a person's ability to walk correctly without stumbling or walking into objects, conduct normal tasks that require keen eyes, recognize people or objects, inability to read signs close or far away, headaches from constant eyestrain, and I would venture to guess it would have a cumulative negative effect on that person's attitude, ability to express themselves, and probably mental stability.

Remember the ending of the famous Twilight Zone episode where Burgess Meredith shoots himself when he breaks his strong glasses. His vision is so massively blurred, he felt he could not read or function. If he were in Auschwitz-Birkenau, his glasses would have simply been stripped from him and he would be forced to endure life including work in a massive blur. What kind of mental stability would he have after that? Imagine thousands living like that in the Holocaust concentration camps.

One thing known for sure is that the German captors were quite cruel, and I suspect they mocked people who could not see well, recognize SS officers, or and beat them for it.

Crystal Veil 26 Jan 2015, 22:48

History Fan,

there were several testimonies during the Auschwitz trials in 1965 in which former prisoners mentioned the problems faced by shortsighted people after their glasses were taken from them. Dr. Ella Lingens from Vienna was one of them. The defense tried to question the reliability of surviving witnesses in glasses. There is also a story about Anne Frank during her final months in Bergen Belsen. A friend of my parents was with Anne in Bergen Belsen. Anne had become shortsighted during her years in hiding in Amsterdam and by 1944 she was unable to study very long because of her eyesight. In Bergen Belsen, another friend threw a small parcel with food towards her over the barbed wire but Anne was unable to grab it. Another woman grabbed the parcel and ran away with it. It's safe to say that shortsighted prisoners had even less chance to survive than prisoners with good eyesight.

Cactus Jack 26 Jan 2015, 16:57

History Fan.

The Nazis wanted the gold in the glasses frames and could not care less about a prisoner's ability to see. If the prisoner could not perform useful work, they did not survive very long at all. If the prisoner could perform useful work, they survived longer, but only until they could not perform on the meager rations they were fed. After the prisoners died or were killed, the Nazis collected any gold in the prisoners teeth. Probably by sifting the ashes from the furnaces.

Life was very cheap then and many of the prisoners were considered to be parasites on society. The gold and valuables the Nazis confiscated were considered partial repayment for the burden the prisoners put on society.


History Fan 26 Jan 2015, 15:28

I was reading up on some history of the holocaust, and I see that the Germans confiscated all eyeglasses from the prisoners when they arrived. I am guessing many of them had seriously poor vision, and they they were forced to endure everything in a massive state of blur. Probably getting punished for not recognizing or seeing certain people or things too.

Does anyone know if a more detailed history has been written about all the folks who lived in a deep blur in the concentration camps? I know there are collections of eyeglasses at the Holocaust Museum, but I don't think the impact of someone with -6 or -8 or higher loss of glasses would have caused.

Any other sources or thoughts are appreciated.

Tom 17 Jan 2015, 16:29

Sorry last post is from myself. Misplaced Nickname and site name (late night here :-p)

eyescene 17 Jan 2015, 16:23

Soundmanpt (and all)

I report my experience, being my better eye very close to Nichole's prescription. I have always worn glasses full time however three times in my life I remember I had to do without, not for my choice. Well each time after few hours without correction I almost forgot I needed glasses to see. Everyone and everything I needed to see was there (people, objects, etc.). When I realised that I didn't have correction because I had to read a sign or find out details beynd my range, I was really astonished in how well I have managed without since that time. Once I brokwe my prescription glasses and had available only prescription sunglasses for three days. Well I found better and more comfortable to go around the office and the street (including underground travel back home) without corection than with dark sunglasses in the winter!

I' m sure after a couple of hours Nichole should realise that she can perfectly function for long time bareeyed! Anyway, she can always take glasses in her purse and put them if she absolutely need (I don't think this will be the case!). It would be much better for her than showing herself in glasses, which would soon reveal to anyone that she has a vision defect and cannot do anything without correction.


What do you prefer: showing your defect to everyone you know by wearing glasses, or trying to hide your nearsightedness and in case just put on your glasses momentarily when no one is paying attention to you? ;-)

eyescene 17 Jan 2015, 16:21

Soundmanpt (and all)

I report my experience, being my better eye very close to Nichole's prescription. I have always worn glasses full time however three times in my life I remember I had to do without, not for my choice. Well each time after few hours without correction I almost forgot I needed glasses to see. Everyone and everything I needed to see was there (people, objects, etc.). When I realised that I didn't have correction because I had to read a sign or find out details beynd my range, I was really astonished in how well I have managed without since that time. Once I brokwe my prescription glasses and had available only prescription sunglasses for three days. Well I found better and more comfortable to go around the office and the street (including underground travel back home) without corection than with dark sunglasses in the winter!

I' m sure after a couple of hours Nichole should realise that she can perfectly function for long time bareeyed! Anyway, she can always take glasses in her purse and put them if she absolutely need (I don't think this will be the case!). It would be much better for her than showing herself in glasses, which would soon reveal to anyone that she has a vision defect and cannot do anything without correction.


What do you prefer: showing your defect to everyone you know by wearing glasses, or trying to hide your nearsightedness and in case just put on your glasses momentarily when no one is paying attention to you? ;-)

Soundmanpt 17 Jan 2015, 09:20


Your right there are people that claim they are able to get by fine without glasses with -5.00 prescriptions even. But in Nichole's case she was has been clearly trying hard to conceal the fact that she needs vision correction mostly by wearing contacts. Generally speaking even much weaker prescriptions than hers usually results in the wearer soon becoming at least somewhat dependent on full time correction. Her chances of going without would be much better had she never got contacts and would only wear her glasses when she was alone. Now for her to try and train her eyes to go without correction maybe impossible for her anymore.

Besides, there is no shame in wearing glasses, more than half the world wears some form of correction. She needs to understand her fear is far worse than the result of being seen in glasses.

I get your point about this thread being "Going without Glasses" and here several of us have been trying to encourage Nichole to wear her glasses. But her comment was centered around the fact that she in fact doesn't wear glasses, at least not in public, but wears contacts when she is out and about. What your suggesting even if she were able to wein herself away from her need for correction would take months and this holiday is coming much sooner so she doesn't have time enough to even try it.

Tom 17 Jan 2015, 04:49


what others said is true, but it is also true that with your prescription, you are able to do everything (including TV, with some efforts...) bareeyed. There are a lot of people who are able to withstand around -3 nearisghtedness without major troubles. You are so dependent on correction that it seems you are not able to do without. This is why you are used to read even the smallest signs, see details of distance faces etc... as you had 20/20 vision (actually you have with correction!). But with some "training" you may discover that there are so many things you can do even with some amount of blur: doing sports, walk, dance, enjoy a dinner or lunch with friends etc... I'd say everything but driving! You are not blind although you are slightly nearisghted. And there may be occasions (as a short holiday as you are going to have or just had) when bareeyed may be better option that glasses, when you need to give a rest from contacts to your eyes. I suggest you to start going bareeyed in easy situations from time to time (home, away with friends during the day -night is more problematic- etc...) so you are still able to survive easily without correction. I agree glasses are not a problem if you need to wear and you should not be afraid of them, but I encourage you to take the best you can off your eyes, you will discover that your eyesight is not a bad handicap as you think now ;-)

P.S. BTW I think this thread should be devoted to discussion about how our eyes can work without correction than ebcouraging people to wear glasses... I don't think training to do bareeyed is worse suggestion than wearing full time...

Cactus Jack 15 Jan 2015, 19:54

Last post was from me.


 15 Jan 2015, 19:53


Vanity is probably the 2nd or 3rd most powerful force in the universe. When vanity rears its head, no amount of reason or logic can overcome it. When it is present, any comment by you will only increase its power. The best thing to do is keep your mouth shut unless you really want to find out how stubborn she can be.


minus5wholuvsgwgs 14 Jan 2015, 22:57

Sorry omitted my nickname.

m 14 Jan 2015, 22:56

Curt you really are spectacularly ignorant .My posts are done quickly perhaps you are an experienced typist. I am not .Your post contributed nothing to this discussion .

Soundmanpt 14 Jan 2015, 18:16


I can tell you that it would be far better to just show up wearing glasses instead of somewhat later on putting them on. By just showing up with your glasses on it will over and done with within just a few brief seconds. yes of course anyone that has never seen you wearing glasses will likely comment on seeing you in glasses but trust me the comments will be in the form of complements and what woman doesn't enjoy complements? Any questions about when you started wearing glasses you just tell the truth that you wear contacts most of the time and always when your out. If you want you can even tell a little white lie by saying that your eyes were bothering you so contacts weren't a good idea. That will be that and it will be over and the subject will soon be something else.

Also have you not been noticing how many ladies are now wearing glasses, some that don't even need them. They are no longer just a medical device to help you see better, but they are now eye jewelery and considered a fashion accessory.

Don't be surprised when some of your friends want to try your glasses on.

Graeme 14 Jan 2015, 12:58

Thanks Cactus Jack. Fortunately her eyes are healthy. She had a check up shortly prior to Christmas.

Perhaps it is vanity. We went out to dinner at a friends home the other night and she left her glasses at home. She didn't express any difficulty with the evening. I'm intrigued by what's happening. I might have to get used to her wearing them for only watching TV and driving.

Curt 14 Jan 2015, 11:38

Hey minus5...ever heard of punctuation? It is a wonderful should try it sometime!

minus5wholuvsgwgs 14 Jan 2015, 10:43

nichole from a male perspective just go for it when I was in my teens and twenties I was just like you with a similar prescription but with driving etc wore them more and more got to my thirties and was sick of missing out seeing properly so decided that I would wear them continually my eyes were a bit worse by then I had precisely zero comments go for it as you realise from this site about 50% of people under 50 wear glasses and most people male or female either positively like people who wear glasses or do not notice My minus 16 gf is never short of admirers and never bothers about her glasses even down to not going for extra thin lenses !

Melyssa 14 Jan 2015, 07:26


First off, you are very lucky to have little to no astigmatism. That has been a problem for me from the time my vision became bad enough to need glasses, about age 8. When I started wearing glasses I was none too thrilled about it, reluctant to wear them in public, and when I went full-time at 16, no one said anything (at least nothing I could hear LOL). Contact lenses have never been an option for me because of my high astigmatism. At age 28 I got my first drop-temple frames, and they were so pretty I began to enjoy wearing glasses big, bold, beautiful frames, drop-temples, cats-eyes, etc.

What you need would be a dose of self-confidence about wearing glasses, along with a nice frame that will look good on you (and of course, help you see clearly). And if you wear glasses among strangers, they will just think that you do wear them full-time, while those people you know will probably just think that your contacts are bothering you.

Cactus Jack 13 Jan 2015, 16:28


There are a couple of things that may be going on.

1. People who wear a moderate MINUS prescription in the -1.50 to -3.00 range actually have built in reading glasses and providing they don't have too much astigmatism, they can do quite well for reading and other close work without vision correction. Occasionally, you will see a person who is mildly myopic and no astigmatism wearing half glasses with the bottoms cut off for reading. It looks funny, but it works.

2. She may be developing cataracts or other problems that deserve medical attention

You might want to encourage her to get an eye exam from an Ophthalmologist to be certain that all is OK. Even if her distance vision seems OK, it is wise at her age and probably yours to make sure that there are no "silent" diseases are developing. The eyes are windows into the body and often conditions, other than vision related, are detected during a dilated eye exam. If nothing else, it can health base line to compare with any future problems that may develop.

Many age related health problems are easily cured or effectively managed if discovered in their early stages.


Graeme 12 Jan 2015, 16:42

My wife (now aged 59) has worn glasses for almost 40 years. Her current script is -2.50 -1.00 +1.75 and -2.50 10.75 + 1.75. For some years she has preferred to read without glasses. Over the last 6 months she has stopped wearing glasses whilst eating (even at restaurants)and whilst in the house. She often cooks and cleans the house bare eyed, choosing only to put her glasses on when watching tv. She appears able to function extremely well without her glasses. She of course wears glasses whilst driving and walking. Is this unusual? How well does she see? I haven't said much, hoping she will return to full time wear but as time passes her glasses wearing is becoming less and less. Any ideas as to how to deal with this. I long for her to return to full time wearing even when she is reading.

nichole 12 Jan 2015, 16:20

yes ive been told my prescription is not bad and lucky because i dont have astigmatism would it be that much worse if i had it? i dont want to be seen wearing glasses but i cant go without wearing them. i will get a headache and i cant watch tv and wouldnt go out with out contacts in. if i was to wear them it would be easier just to turn up wearing them or do i just put them on later. just when people see you wearing glasses for the first i get nervous.

yes i see people more shortsighted than me and they dont care that they wear glasses

Soundmanpt 11 Jan 2015, 10:33


So what your saying is that between your contacts and your glasses you wear correction full time now. Your going on a holiday trip which should be fun. But you didn't say why you can't just wear your glasses? Or are you saying you don't want to be seen wearing glasses? Well your right that you can't wear your contacts night and day for 4 days and nights. So I don't understand why you can't do like you do at your home and wear contacts during the day and wear your glasses in the evening. Your also right there is no way you can without correction anymore. And not being very able to see very well once your vision reaches -3.00 / -3.75.

varifocals 11 Jan 2015, 10:32

Your perscription is not too bad.

They say though, over +/- 3 you should wear full time.

From 6 on it gets tricky.

nichole 11 Jan 2015, 10:22

i alway wear contacts and wear glasses at home. im going away for 4 nights staying with people in a holiday home and i dont know if i can wear my glasses. i cant wear contacts all day and night but cant go without wearing glasses.. prescription is -3.00 -3.75 and i cant see a thing now. is this normal?

Tom 16 Dec 2014, 14:53

Always less people than I'd like on this subject... Hope Santa will not bring too many glasses to those people which usually go bareeyed!

astigmaphile 16 Dec 2014, 09:42

I go without glasses for doing household chores and yardwork. Presbyopia makes it impossible to read without them. I also have enough astigmatism that I can't read street signs at a distance.

Melyssa 16 Dec 2014, 05:46

Not I, as I want to make sure I can see that the Chanukah candles don't touch something they shouldn't, like window shades, cats, body parts, etc. Granted, when I was a young girl, wearing glasses part-time, it was fun to see a plethora of blurry lights at other houses, along with traffic lights, most of which seemed red for some reason. :)

I, Glasses 15 Dec 2014, 20:47

That's one of my favorite Christmas moments ... savoring an egg nog late at night, gazing bare-eyed at the lighted tree, with its lights all aglow, and ablur, feeling peaceful, like the season. Merry Christmas, everybody.

One Of Us 15 Dec 2014, 17:15

Isn't this the best time of year to just relax and "go without" in the comfort of home while staring at the blurry Christmas tree lights, Hannukuh candles, lighted Festivus pole or whatever else we might choose?

Very relaxing!

Melyssa 23 Jul 2014, 15:42


Been there, done that, with the frames and the lenses, in/on the "pleasure palace" or "upper frontals," but only with glasses that are no longer in my prescription.

Christine 23 Jul 2014, 10:52

All this sex talk has me excited! Melyssa and Nicole, do you ever use your glasses as a sex toy? I love for my partner to remove my glasses and stick them in my pussy (or if I am with a woman, in her own). I will also sometimes play with my glasses when I masturbate.

minus5wholuvsgwgs 23 Jul 2014, 10:14

my gf minus15/minus16.25 wears her glasses all thetime and avoids showers and prefers a bath even when intimate her glasses stay on sometimes during great excitement she takes her glasses off and puts them to one side i have to watch this in case of breakages ! Unlike most people she is not bothered about thick lenses and asked for standard lenses even though the optician tried to push her into more expensive types I am unsure whether she realises that her myopia is much higher than most

Melyssa 23 Jul 2014, 07:47


First off, I have quite a few of those Diplomat drop-temples from long ago. "Veronica" and "Joanne" just turned 30. The only aviator frame I ever had was my first of two overall metal frames a decade earlier.

While I have had glasses break on their own without any help from me, and two have broken upon hitting asphalt thanks to insects being too close to me, I am happy to say that I have never had glasses break during lovemaking. And I always wear a strap to keep them in place.

Soundmanpt 23 Jul 2014, 01:39


My guess is that this ref must have been working a game where someone wearing glasses was involved some sort of accident where someone got injured wearing glasses. Honestly if I were to ref a soccer game I also would insist that glasses be removed to play. Of course I completely understand how you must have felt. Then on top of that because you didn't have any replacement players you had no choice but to play even though you could hardly see the ball even when it was very close to you.

But really since you do have contacts even though your eyes don't like them very much. You really should start wearing them for soccer if only during the game. As soon as the game is over take them off and put your glasses back on. Your taking a risk by having them on during the game and just because nothing has happened so far doesn't mean your luck will out out much longer. And even if you you didn't get hurt but your glasses were to get broken, how would you get by until you could get them fixed or even get home from the soccer field?

Nicole 22 Jul 2014, 21:45

Thanks for the info, Melyssa. Good stuff. Love the Diplomat Nicoles!

Do your drop-temples or other large pairs ever fall off your face during coitus? I have an 80s-style pair of light blue plastic aviator styles that love to slip off my nose as I'm riding cowboy or doing doggie style. Luckily, I haven't broken my glasses during the heat of passion. Has that ever happened to you?

Olivia 22 Jul 2014, 20:59


It was only a couple of months ago so yeah. I've always worn my glasses to play (I wore them the next week we played) and never had any problems but this particular referee insisted that I can't wear them. I couldn't even see the ball until it was right next to me so I was pretty useless but it was either that or our team had to play with 1 player down. I had to keep bending down to see, the other girls must've thought I'm blind.

Personally letting me wear my glasses would've been safer than letting me play without it. At least I would've been able to see where I'm going and what I'm kicking (ha!).

I do have contacts but find them really uncomfortable so I have save them for when I really want to look nice.

Crystal Veil 22 Jul 2014, 20:16


back in 1970, a Dutch football player called Joop van Daele scored the goal that made Feijenoord Rotterdam World Champion for club teams, beating Estudiantes de la Plata (Argentina). Joop was shortsighted and he did not wear contact lenses yet so he brought along a cheap pair of glasses. Joop was brought in as a sub after 65 minutes and he wisely kept his glasses in his pocket most of the time as the game had been war rather than sport. He only put on his glasses when he had to shoot on target and this is how he managed to score the winning goal. The Argentinians were so furious that they took his glasses and broke them in two, just a minute after the goal. The broken glasses are now on display in a small museum in the Feijenoord stadium in Rotterdam. It's a true story - I saw the match on television in 1970. Soccer wasn't as fast as it is now. Joop switched to contact lenses in 1972.

Soundmanpt 22 Jul 2014, 17:46


What you say about being able to get around without putting your glasses is very understandable for several reasons. First off you know your surroundings very well and second because the smaller the area is you need to be able to see the better your able to. But it is a completely different world once yo get out side and distances are much greater. Now if you you were saying that you often go out driving without your glasses of course I would think that was not only foolish but risky as well.

Do you recall what your prescription was when the ref made you take you take your glasses off to play soccer? Even with a rather weak prescription if you were used to wearing glasses full time i'm sure your eyes had a lot of trouble trying to focus as you were trying to see through a blur. But I have no idea if that may have been a leauge rule or something the ref just felt was unsafe for you. To be honest he was probably correct in not allowing you to play with glasses because the risk of being hit in the face with the ball or bumping heads with another player is always there. Your lenses wouldn't shatter, but the frame could easily break and either cut your face or your eyes.

Playing soccer is one sport that sports goggles or contacts should be worn.

Melyssa 22 Jul 2014, 15:58


1. I have always worn glasses when having sex.

2. Only during my period.

3. "Tastes great!" "Less filling!"

4. A favorite frame to do it on is a drop-temple pair, wider at the bottom than at the top, from the Diplomat brand, named Nicole.

Nicole 22 Jul 2014, 08:40

Do you wear your glasses while during sex, Melyssa, and do you let your husband ejaculate on them? Personally, I love to lick the lenses after my man blows his wad all over them.

Melyssa 22 Jul 2014, 07:40

For the newbies, I have had a prescription of -9.00 since 1992, and I do not wear glasses when I sleep, shower, shovel snow, give myself my biweekly manicure, or make my nightly visit(s) to my "office". If a cat is in the way it knows enough to move for me. :) Other than that, my beautiful drop-temples or cat's-eyes or other big and bold frames adorn my face.

And 22 Jul 2014, 06:16

My gf goes to the bathroom and showers without correction but that's it - I've stood about 6ft away from her and she hasn't been able to see my facial expression or even what I was doing. She can't watch tv (from any distance) and would not dream of trying to do anything else without her lenses or glasses.

Olivia 22 Jul 2014, 05:52

I can walk through the house without too much trouble unless there are Legos on the floor or something. I can get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom without glasses but that's about it.

One time I had to play a soccer game without glasses because the referee wouldn't let me wear them and it was terrible and so embarrassing.

But I don't think people with a -7.5 prescription is as blind as some people make it out to be. I'm a -8ish and I can still get things done.

Millhouse- I think it's more to do with glasses being an absolute pain when you're doing the deed more than anything else. Good vision isn't really necessary when being intimate anyways so why risk breaking them?

Millhouse 22 Jul 2014, 04:31

- Michael

I'm -7.5 /-6.5 and cant really do much, I can read but the print would be about 15cm from my eyes or nearer. Moving around my apartment is ok with care. To go outside though bare eyed would be very dangerous for me with kerbs, roads traffic etc.

With a GF- unless she askes I don't wear them, only one ever asked me to keep them on while we, umnn,,, you know. My guess is that they feel more confident with their bodies cus they know I cant see much detail, only enough to appreciate their general figure, especially in poor light or semi darkness.

I have to keep various pairs near me in case I break a pair or something (sitting on them once for example) one in my car, one pair at work, a spare at home. Without that sort of contingency I'm pretty well blind and would be in a bit of a fix without them, having to get a taxi home or whatever cus driving would be suicidal.

Michael 21 Jul 2014, 23:03

That is about what I would have expected with someone with a script of -7.5. A person would have to hold the reading material so close that it wouldn't make much sense for he or she to read without wearing their glasses. I really would like to know what activities a person who has a -7.5 script can do without wearing their glasses. I don't think very much other than maybe walk a foot or two in their own house and as you said your gf does read holding the material very close.

And 21 Jul 2014, 20:22

To read my gf holds the item about 5 inches from her eyes, whatever size font etc, anything past this point is blurry.

Michael 20 Jul 2014, 12:47

That was my point And.My vision was never as bad as that so I can't even relate to what a person needing a -.7.5 correction would be able to see without glasses. But I would guess it wouldn't be much at all. I would even think reading would be difficult as the person would have to hold their reading material extremely close to their face.

I agree 100% that it is a person's choice as to when to wear their glasses. But once a person's vision reaches a certain point I think pretty much a person isn't really left with much of a choice. And I can't see how a person needing a -7.5 correction can function well at all without glasses.

And 20 Jul 2014, 12:06

My gf is -7.50 and puts in her contacts or wears her glasses as soon as she has been in the shower every morning. She would never find anything without them and would never dream of venturing further than the bedroom without correction.

Michael 17 Jul 2014, 18:46

I never called you stupid Paresa J. Here is what I wrote.

I think living with the blur instead of wearing glasses when your script is -7.5 is pretty stupid but to each is own.

I never even mentioned your name. Instead of using the word your maybe I should have said someone's script. By using the word your I think I gave you the impression I was referring specifically to you which I wasn't. I am talking about anybody who has a high script and certainly 7.5 diopters of myopia is considered severe. I do apologize for maybe using a poor choice of words.

But I also said to each is own. Which means it is entirely up to you to decide when to wear your glasses.I never was trying to tell you what to do. But I do think that nearly 100% of people with that degree of myopia would wear their glasses full time. That was the point I was trying to make and maybe I did a poor job in trying to make it. Your vision without glasses has to be very blurry but if you chose not to wear them full time and live in a blurry world that is entirely up to you. I never tried to tell you what you should do.

 17 Jul 2014, 17:43


Can you describe some examples when you chose not to wear your glasses recently when you really needed them to see clearly?

Paresa J 17 Jul 2014, 17:39

Thanks for the compliment calling me stupid, Michael. If I choose to wear glasses or not, do I need to run that decision by you? I believe it is my own personal decision, and it is not your right to judge me. Do you want to tell me whether I can keep my baby if I get pregnant this weekend too?

Michael 17 Jul 2014, 17:22

These two stories will let people know that contact lenses involve a lot of care and if you are a person who doesn't either have the time or want to put the effort into caring for them you are probably better off just sticking with glasses. But wearing disposable lenses all the time without ever taking them out is not a good idea. Or any kind of contact lenses. They have to cared for and cleaned properly.

Soundmanpt 17 Jul 2014, 17:12


If you just go on the internet and say going blind from contacts there are more than this one case.

I found one just the other day where a young woman made the mistake of running out of solution so instead of going after a bottle see decided to just put her lenses in tap water. The next day she put her lenses in and after just a few hours was in great pain with her eyes. At firs they only thought it was an infection and treated her for that but it was also a bug she contracted from the tap water. She was even on the show "The Doctors" and she was lucky that they were able to save her vision. The first tiem she was on the show she was only on by phone and she was still unable to see at that point, but later on she came on the show and of course she was wearing glasses which I am very sure she will be wearing from now on after what happened to her.

lazysiow 17 Jul 2014, 16:11

VERY Serious post. A Taiwanese girl has gone blind from over-wearing her contact lenses without cleaning them when microscopic bugs in the lenses ate through her eyes

More people need to be told that they look good and even preferable in glasses since no amount of vanity is worth this :(

Michael 17 Jul 2014, 16:06

Thank you Yoyo for the info about accommodation. I learned something today. I guess that accommodation doesn't help a nearsighted person, only farsighted.

Michael 17 Jul 2014, 16:02

I think living with the blur instead of wearing glasses when your script is -7.5 is pretty stupid but to each is own.

Yoyo 17 Jul 2014, 15:46

When we talk about "accommodation" it is usually for farsightedness. The eye muscles can contract themselves to adjust for problems seeing close up, more so when you are young. It's hard to "accommodate" for nearsightedness, as the eye muscles don't really adjust the other way. There's squinting but that's about it.

If someone is going around without -7.5 glasses on, they are simply living with the blur.

Michael 17 Jul 2014, 15:19

Very well put Soundmanpt. It is personal choice as to when a person wears their glasses. Some people as you said want crisp vision at all times so they will wear their -.50 or -.75 full time. And other people with a significant script wear their glasses part time. It is up to the individual person.

But it is hard for me to even fathom how a person with a -7.5 can ever get by without wearing glasses. Parisi J if he or she does has to put up with a significant amount of blur to put it mildly. Honestly I can't see how he or she could even walk around without constantly bumping into things. This person never stated his or her age. Am I correct in thinking if this person is very young because of having more accommodation than an older person he or she might be able to get away with it when an older person couldn't? And I would also think that even reading would be difficult for someone with that kind of a script as the person would likely have to hold their reading material very close.

But if Parisi J says that he or she can sometimes get away without wearing glasses with a script of -7.5 all I can say is more power to him or her.

Soundmanpt 17 Jul 2014, 11:39

Once and for all, wearing glasses will not ruin your eyes. Even wearing your best friends glasses won't ruin your eyes unless you wear them constantly.

I totally agree that it is up to the individual and no one can force you to wear your glasses if don't wish to. For some they are much more tolerant of not letting blur bother them. Others actually may wear their -.50 or -.75 glasses full time because they just want to see everything as perfect as possible. By doing this the have not ruined their eyes either and their vision will not be increased or altered by wearing their glasses. Their next eye exam will yield the same results if they never wore their glasses at all.

So for anyone going without glasses with prescriptions of -6.50 or more if your happy with doing that then by all means you should do that.

Paresa J 16 Jul 2014, 15:08

Daniella I will tell you that my own prescription is -7.5 and there are many times I go without glasses. While some people finding it surprising, and people crack on me about how I can't see some things when I am out, but I just feel more comfortable like that. Maybe blur comforts because I grew up that way. I don't know, but I am just saying that if you feel you are too blurry with your very weak prescription you might want to wear your glasses much less because you are ruining your eyes wearing them too much and making yourself too dependent on them.

Soundmanpt 15 Jul 2014, 19:04


What your now doing is just what I suggested. Being considered as "full time" doesn't mean you have to put your glasses on as soon as you open your eyes each day. And being in the familar surroundings of your own home and not needing to see at much of a distance as long as your comfortable going without your glasses is perfectly fine to do. But of course if you intend on checking the news and weather before leaving your house on the TV you won't be able to see it clearly enough without your glasses. Once outside your home your vision without glasses is going to be quite blurry for anything more than just a few feet in front of you. So if you haven't already put your glasses on, you certainly need them now.

What Cactus Jack, Michael, George1968 and myself have been telling you is all very true. Wearing your glasses has not in anyway ruined your eyes. And if you were to not wear your glasses at all or wear them all the time your eyes are going to change no matter. Actually because your already in your thirties chances are that your eyes shouldn't change much if any until maybe in your mid to late forties when it's possible you may find that you will need bifocals. I commented before that it was likely your previous glasses (-1.50) were your first glasses? If that was the case it is very common even being in your mid twenties that after your eyes got adjusted to your glasses that you probably needed an increase the next year. I doubt their has been much change in your eyes in the past 2 years.

I often chat with LauraC and she is a very nice person, but clearly we differ about her actual need for glasses and her reluctance to wear glasses. She is not doing any harm to her by not wearing her glasses, but she is without any doubt missing out on many things that she tells herself is normal vision. Once the eyes reach a point where they can no longer be forced to focus on something the person stops trying, giving them the false idea that their vision isn't bad enough to need glasses.

I think it has to much nicer now that your keeping your glasses on at the restraunt and bar that you now can see who is entering and leaving. Not having your glasses on you wouldn't be able to recognize anyone until they were very close to you.

Michael 15 Jul 2014, 18:51

One more thing Cactus Jack. Daniela needs to realize she did not ruin her eyes by wearing her glasses. Even though it might seem to her that she did. But you gave a great explanation as to how the human brain works with regards to vision.

Cactus Jack 15 Jul 2014, 18:06


Thanks, I think once you are used to effortlessly seeing well, it is very hard to go back to not wearing some form of vision correction. It can be done, but it is not an easy process. Sharp, effortless vision is the way it is supposed to be.


Michael 15 Jul 2014, 17:28

A great explanation Cactus Jack.Also once you make the decision to go full time it is an adjustment to go back to part time. I think that is what you are trying to tell Daniele.

Cactus Jack 15 Jul 2014, 17:03


Glasses have not made your vision worse. It just seems that way. Vision actually occurs in the brain, your eyes are merely biological cameras. The brain has incredible image processing ability and if your brain knows what something is supposed to look like, it can make a blurry image seem clear. The brain is so good at creating images, it can even create images with your eyes closed. Ever had a dream? It is also capable of creating images that are not there. They are called hallucinations

While your brain can process blurry images, it takes a lot work and energy. When you wear glasses, instead of having to deal with blurry images, the images delivered to your brain are sharp and clear and require no processing effort. What has actually happened is that your brain has rapidly become accustomed to working with sharp images and it no longer trying to work with blurry images. What you are seeing without your glasses is the poor quality images your brain has had to contend with, in the past.

You can force your brain to go back to work by not wearing your glasses, but you may not enjoy how your brain will let you know that it is not happy about your decision.


Michael 15 Jul 2014, 14:50


It appears that you have pretty much gone full time even though you might not want to admit it. You might not put them on the minute you get up but if you put them on after showering and leave them on all day until you go to bed then that is pretty much full time wear. And you have not wrecked your eyes by wearing your glasses. It is that your brain is accustomed now to seeing well when you are wearing your glasses so when you take them off it appears to you that your eyes have gotten worse which they haven't. You did not make your eyes worse by wearing your glasses and don't listen to what Laura C is telling you. It seems that it is a major victory for her to be walking around without glasses especially if her eyes are really as bad as she says they are. I am not sure what she is trying to prove. I think you realize your glasses are for you. You see much better with them than without. So it is much better and convenient too to just leave them on instead of doing the on and off thing. All the on and off thing does is draw attention to you which is the last thing you want. I know people who do the on and off thing and it makes me nervous when I see someone do it. I do pay attention to those kind of things.

The only reason I can come up with that people constantly put their glasses on and take them off is that it will somehow stop their eyes from getting worse. But your eyes might get worse whether you wear your glasses or not. I think the experts here will agree with that. Your glasses are for you and not for anybody else. So if they help you see better just wear them. And your vision now is at a point where in my opinion full time wear would be best. You are not completely blind without them but really need them most of the time. Walking around your house you can manage because you you are familiar where everything is. But leaving your house would likely be a different story. You would have a much more difficult time managing without glasses.

LauraC 15 Jul 2014, 13:52

Daniela: I dont know if glasses ruin eyesight (I think so...), for sure they destroy your ability to function without! If this is what you want (be bespectacled for the rest of your life) glasses full time is the right choice. But it is your choice, since with such a low prescription as you have you can still function perfectly without.

I function (well, not perfectly, but still function) with a much higher prescription...

Daniela 15 Jul 2014, 09:45

Thanks for the advice guys! I still haven't got to the stage where I'm reaching out for my glasses first thing in the morning, but I do put them on straight after showering. They then remain on for the rest of the day (yes, even in restaurants/bars). However, there is a significant blur when I take them off - think I've ruined my eyesight forever with these things

Michael 08 Jul 2014, 14:47


I think Cactus Jack gave you excellent advice as to why it would benefit you to wear your glasses full time. It seems that you have a psychological barrier to overcome as to doing so. There is a significant difference in your script now from what it was four years ago. Back then you really didn't need to wear your glasses full time although some people might have with your script back then. Now your vision is quite a bit worse than it was then so even walking around without your glasses especially in unfamiliar areas would have to be difficult. You seem to not want people to see you wear glasses. But isn't it inevitable now that people are going to find out? It probably would be best to just put your glasses on when you first get up in the morning and leave them on until you go to bed. Why do you feel you have to take them off in a restaurant or bar? I am curious about that. It is not unusual for people to do that because I have seen it myself. But as Cactus Jack said you draw more attention to yourself by constantly taking your glasses off and putting them back on than by just leaving them on.

As many here have stated it is personal choice as to how much you wear your glasses and I can't disagree with that as long as you always wear your glasses to drive which I am sure you do. But I would also say most people with your current script would most likely choose to wear their glasses full time.

George1968 07 Jul 2014, 16:38


Only you can make the judgment about how often you wear your glasses. It appears that you are still uncomfortable about people you know seeing you in glasses. If you can't deal with people knowing, you will still be able to manage without your glasses (you have a moderately strong prescription, but not one where you can't see).

A couple things. As previously said, if you think people don't know you need glasses, you are probably wrong. Maybe it has been stuff you've missed, people whom you haven't seen until you are up close to them, your squinting to see distances -- but it is likely that people know your vision is not up to snuff. Once you wear your glasses in front of them, some will think (and maybe one or two will say) "It's about time!"

Second, you will find a pattern that works for you. I suspect a year from now, you will find the pros of clear vision outweigh the other stuff, and thus will put them on the morning, and take only take them off for bed. But, how often you wear them is your decision based on your physical and psychological comfort levels.

Soundmanpt 07 Jul 2014, 13:07


Would I be correct to assume that your previous glasses that were -1.50 were also your first glasses? This would explain your wearing habits as well. With that being a first prescription and your ability to still see quite well without glasses, in your opinion, you likely didn't wear them very often when you got them. But as time went on and your eyes were continuing to change you did start to wear your glasses a bit more often. I'm sure you were instructed to come back after a year to get your eyes examined again, but you didn't feel the need. So as you say your eyes have deteriorated over the past 4 years to the point where your glasses are now nearly twice as strong as your previous ones, but really considering it's been 4 years that isn't out of line at all. In fact that is only a change of about -.25 o -.50 per year. You didn't say but I am curious, when you got your previous glasses did you wear them when you were driving or did you feel you could see well enough that you didn't really need them for driving?

In the short time you have had your new glasses you have already found numerous reasons to take the opticians advice about wearing them full time now. Now that said I don't mean you have to put them on as soon as you get out of bed. But probably include putting your glasses on as a part of your getting dressed each day. For most going full time is more of a routine for most. And the fact that these glasses are much more necessary for you to see than your previous glasses should make it that much easier to get used to having them on all the time now.

Daniela 07 Jul 2014, 11:37

Blimey - bifocals don't sound good! As for my age, I turn 31 in a few months...

Cactus Jack 07 Jul 2014, 11:30


You need to face the fact that your world is made smaller when you don't wear your glasses. Some people think that by constantly taking off your glasses and putting them back on, no one will notice that you need glasses. WRONG!. They are less noticeable if you wear them full time. It sounds strange, but after about two days, the glasses become facial jewelry and from then on all people notice is if you change frame styles. It is like changing your hair style.

There is a big disadvantage to you by not wearing your glasses full time. You didn't mention your age, but eventually, presbyopia WILL catch up with you. By not wearing your glasses full time, your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses do not get the exercise they need to stay strong. Not wearing your glasses is like wearing full time reading glasses with a prescription of +2.75 all the time. They make reading easier at the expense of distance vision. It may take a while to re-condition your ciliary muscles and you need to do that while you can. At some point, your crystalline lenses will become so stiff that your ciliary muscles cannot focus your crystalline lenses enough and you find it NECESSARY to take off your glasses to read or get bifocals or progressives,

May I ask your age?


Daniela 07 Jul 2014, 11:03

Also, I must add, it's been really beneficial wearing my glasses around the house/office. I wore them to spring-clean the house on Sunday afternoon and it was great being able to see patches of the carpet that needed vacuuming or parts of the kitchen worktop that needed tidying. When I'm searching my house for my car keys in the morning, wearing glasses helps me find them. If I need them for these mid-range distance activities, maybe I should be wearing them from the second I wake up...

Daniela 07 Jul 2014, 10:39

Hi George, Since getting the new specs, I've made a concerted effort to wear them "full-time" as the optician suggested. But two weeks in, this involves me putting them on before leaving the house, driving to work, wearing them occasionally in the office before putting them back on to drive home (they then remain on until I go to bed). For the last two weekends, I've put them on before leaving the house around 11am and kept them on for the rest of the day (but taking them off in restaurants/bars). It's tough going full-time! I'm loving the clear vision but keep on whipping my glasses off every time I think I might bump into somebody I know!

My prescription before was -1.50 in each eye(hadn't been for a test in four years so my eyesight has obvs deteriorated since)

George1968 07 Jul 2014, 08:52


How often do you wear your glasses now? What was your prescription before this last visit? Most people with your prescription wear their glasses fulltime, but when you wear is up to you. My guess is that if you say you walk around with them outside the house is that you already wear your glasses quite often.

That said, how often you wear them is up to you (except for driving).

Soundmanpt 06 Jul 2014, 13:07


The advice provided by Cactus Jack, Stefan as well as your optician is very accurate. If your comfortable with not putting your glasses on until your leaving your house and enjoy taking them off while at a bar or restaurant that is perfectly fine. Everyone's tolerance level is different when it comes to their eyes so not having your glasses on at these times must not bother you where someone else with a much weaker prescription mind find they couldn't possibly do those things without their glasses. Bottom line is your doing no harm or damage to your eyes by not having your glasses on.

Stefan 06 Jul 2014, 08:46

Dear Daniela,

Nothing wrong at all with starting your day bare-eyed around the house and then donning your specs once you venture out into the outside world. Similarly, nothing wrong at all with taking them off in a bar or a restaurant - lots of people with prescriptions round about yours do that. What you shouldn't do of course is drive without your specs on, but I'm sure you wouldn't. Find a routine that you yourself and your eyes are happy with!

Daniela 06 Jul 2014, 04:44

Thanks Cactus Jack. I also take my glasses off when I'm in a bar or restaurant and also during meetings at work. I'm guessing "wearing glasses all the time" (as the optician suggested) should encompass wearing them at these times too?

Cactus Jack 05 Jul 2014, 18:49


Full time usually means every waking hour. You put them on first thing in the morning and take them off as the last thing at night.

That said, when you wear them is really up to you. -2.75 (without any cylinder correction) means that everything beyond about 36 cm or 14 inches is increasingly blurry. If you also need some cylinder correction, the distance where things become blurry could be closer than that.


Daniela 05 Jul 2014, 17:06

My optician told me last week I need to wear my glasses all the time. I'm -2.75 in both eyes, but I'm unsure about the definition of 'all the time'. I don't really feel the need to put them on until I'm ready and leave the house (when I definitely DO need to wear them - walking the streets sans glasses is tough) for work. But should I be putting them on as soon as I wake up/ eat breakfast in them? Is that what others with my prescription would do? I'm confused! Advice please!

Cactus Jack 25 Jun 2014, 21:39


You vision without your glasses is much better than hers. However, -15 vision is surprisingly good without glasses. It is not 3 times worse than -5. When you go for your next eye exam, ask the examiner if they could put some +10 lenses in a trial frame and let you look around with them on. That would be pretty close to the vision of a person who needs to wear about -15 glasses.

Remember, that everyone is different. One of our members and a good friend was born without Crystalline lenses in his eyes. He has to wear VERY strong PLUS glasses (more than +30 if I remember right). Surprisingly he can function without his glasses, but not very well. It is impossible for him to focus on any thing close without his glasses.


maya 25 Jun 2014, 18:35

Yes think of that but i have so much trouble and she seems so natural as if she didint need the glasses

Cactus Jack 25 Jun 2014, 10:49


No, she has adapted to her vision without correction. Many people who are very myopic or very hyperopic adapt to their vision by developing excellent "spatial memory", they remember where things are. Even people without sight do this.

Excellent spatial memory is no substitute for good vision because they are lost in a new environment. If -15 is needed for correction, her vision beyond about 6 cm is rather poor. She probably just sees colored blobs.


naya 25 Jun 2014, 08:47


Sorry for my English. I wear -6 and -7 and I feel totally helpless without my glasses or contacts. But my gf wears -14 and -15 contacts and she seems to get around our apartment with out contacts or glasses and even if she uses her glasses they are very old and don't have her current prescription. Has she adapted her vision?

Bensmith 25 Jun 2014, 08:18

My friend who got his first glasses at over -4 didn't go full time for a year either. I guess he was kind of embarrassed that his prescription was so high for a first-timer so he pretended that he didn't need them that much. He just put them on in class for reading the board but not even for watching TV with friends. I also remember him mentioning that he wouldn't be able to see anything in the evening if he wore them a lot during the day.

This meant that outside lessons he still went around squinting, gluing his face to computer screens, picking up products in the supermarket close to his eyes to see what he was buying and not finding the men's room in new places. It was actually possible to pass him by in front of him without him recognizing you. Friends would increasingly tell him to wear his glasses because he was known for being blind. He also started confessing this more often. When he finally went full time time, people stopped joking about his eyesight right away.

Paresa J 22 Jun 2014, 19:12

I needed glasses in high school too, but I had to make up a lie and told the teachers that we could not afford glasses. I didn't want to tell them my mother doesn't believe in getting glasses at my age. I sat in the front row of all my classes, but eventually that started to go blurry too. I think I always needed glasses, but it didn't get too blurry until high school. I would get dizzy in class from squinting so hard. But friends would always help me out. When I graduated from high school, and looked out at the crowd, and I remember it was just a massive blur. I couldn't believe how bad my eyes were because I couldn't recognize anyone.

After I graduated high school, I went to college and had an evening job as a hostess in a fancy restaurant. You would be surprised at how intense the blur was in a darkened room. I couldn't see people, I couldn't see food, I couldn't see much of anything. My boss always complained about my bad eyesight. And I would come home with my eyes all strained from the squinting all night. The lecture halls in college blew my eyes away. I couldn't see the board at all. In high school my friends were always willing to share their notes with me, sympathetic to my weak eyes. But in college many of the students would not share their notes with me. My friends were in other classes, so I could not depend on them. And then at work when my boss threatened to fire me if I didn't get glasses. That's when I had saved up enough money and got glasses on my own.

You might be surprised to hear my reaction to getting glasses. I knew I needed them badly, but I wasn't prepared for such a dramatic change in the way I see the world. My first pair was -5.25. Everything was so sharp, so defined, edges on everything. So I took them off and left the optical store without them on. The blur felt much more familiar and comfortable. I would only wear them in secret, and only when I needed to see far away. Like watching TV at night when everyone else is in bed. That's when I would break out the glasses. And the restaurant of course. I wore glasses all the time there. I had made so many mistakes because I couldn't see things well. With the glasses I could even see in the darkened restaurant! It didn't matter if I worked late, I could still see everything sharp.

Eventually I eased into glasses all the time. But because they were thick and had such a strong prescription at a young age, I was afraid that others would question what was my vision like, and why didn't I get glasses until now. Everyone wanted to try on my glasses at first. Wow you have really bad eyes, can you even see me without these on? My eyes did become much worse and I became dependent on glasses. But I had this habit of laying my glasses down anywhere, and that resulted in some lost pairs. So these days my prescription for last glasses was -7.5 so you can see my eyes did get much worse. Even though I still sometimes go around without glasses, I just can't squint hard enough anymore in some situations.

Soundmanpt 19 Jun 2014, 11:23

Paresa J

You went all the way through high school and was even attempting to work before you finally got your first pair of glasses. So were you in your late teens or early 20's when you got your glasses? Since then how much has your eyes changed? What's your current prescription? How long ago was it when you got those first glasses? Unlike so many others that are often very shy about wearing glasses when they first get them I am sure you were probably so happy to be able to see things so clearly that you never wanted to take your glasses off. As your eyes adjusted to your glasses were you even more surprised at how blurry everything was when you took them off? It had to be an amazing feeling walking out of the optical shop wearing glasses for the first time and being able to see so much so well. That had to be a life changing moment for you? Just such a shame you had to wait so long to get the glasses you needed.

Bensmith 19 Jun 2014, 02:37

Paresa J, I know what you mean by the detached feeling. You stop paying attention to people and things farther away because they are so out of focus, almost as if they wouldn't exist.

It's also quite disorientating when you can't make eye contact, at least when you're not used to being bare-eyed. I just went jogging without my -5.75 glasses and it was fine except that I felt quite embarrassed passing people by. Farther away I couldn't really even discern if there we're people ahead of me or not, and a few metres away I could tell how many of them there were but not any details. Only when I was right next to them could I tell whether they were old or young, men or women, but seeing their faces was still impossible. With my vision, I can't even start guessing if it's someone I know or not. It was uncomfortable to judge how much to look at people because I couldn't see whether they were looking at me.

How well could you recognize people before you got glasses? Were you used to the fact that you couldn't always see people's faces when talking to them?

Paresa J 17 Jun 2014, 19:35

As my eyes grew worse, I started to develop the internal radar thing too. You get used to seeing what blurred things look like, and that's the image you are used to. Normal eyes would say that is too blurry for them to differentiate, but when that is how you always saw something, it is easier.

There are many memories of growing up that are remembered only as blurs. It's weird but if you experienced things blurry, that is your memory of them. They don't become clear just because you started wearing glasses now. What did the clock look like in my classrooms? If I try to remember the clock, I remember it as a blur, not clear.

But something else. You start to feel more detached from the world around you. I started to stick with things that were nearby and close, because I couldn't see far away. When you go into a restaurant and everythings a blur, you bump into things you feel odd. And don't sit there trying to squint hard, because after awhile your eyes really hurt.

People come up close to you but as they walk off they melt into the blur out there and you start to feel like you are separate from them. Glasses let me see that all the people I thought were distant and so blurry, weren't really that far away at all. And because I could see them now, I felt like part of the world.

Crystal Veil 05 Jun 2014, 06:31


before walking to the sea, Nel turns round and has a good look at the scene, then she puts off her glasses for another look, she turns round again and walks to the sea. Re other models: many models with a prescription of minus five always put their own glasses on to pick the next pair out of the box. But the higher the model's prescription, the less the need for their own glasses. Petra had the strongest prescription of all models (-15) and she had an even better developed internal radar than Nel. Petra arrived in glasses, she put them off when we started shooting and only put them on again after the shoot was finished. Some 40 glasses were spread out on the grass and she invariably picked the right pair without any visual hesitation. When I asked her how she did it, her answer was that she learned it in her early childhood, before she got her fist pair of (already strong) glasses.

Fred 05 Jun 2014, 01:57

Crystal Veil

This internal radar you mention is very interesting. I think you described it earlier also for some of your models who were well able to navigate despite their high prescriptions. In the case of Nel do you have any idea which "inputs" Nel uses to find you back? Is it the color, or the shapes of the blur, or anything else?

Soundmanpt 03 Jun 2014, 21:18

Paresa J

Its funny how these things are handed down from one generation to another. It would seem that your mother knowing how difficult it was fro her to see things as she was growing up would have seen to it that even as a small child she would be sure to get your eyes examined so you wouldn't have to struggle like she did. Instead she merely did the very same to you as her mother did to her.

At some point that tradition needs to be stopped. I sincerely hope it ended with you and when you have children you remember the struggles and the many things you were unable to see well enough to enjoy and you will be sure to get your children's eyes checked at an early age. You will never know if some of the sports you tried to do and couldn't do very because of your poor vision you may have been quite good at if you had glasses and were able to see. Don't get me wrong I am in no way saying her mother was a bad mother, but she honestly didn't handle your need for glasses in a very good way. It's true that had you got glasses when you first needed them you probably would have been needing new glasses every year from that time on. But like i said there are groups that help people with getting eye exams as well as glasses. Now as you may have noticed in here you can get whatever glasses you need for a very small fraction of what optical stores sell them for. Glasses is generally the expensive part since you can find several places that you can get an eye exam for around $35.00. I have several lined up now for people that don't have vision insurance so they can get their eye exam for $35.00 and glasses for $15.00 So a total of $50.00 isn't too bad at all.

Crystal Veil 03 Jun 2014, 20:37

Paresa J,

thank you for sharing your story with us here. Perhaps a small consolation is that many other girls grew up under similar circumstances. When my life partner Nel got her first glasses, the lenses were minus five just like yours. She grew up in a small, rather isolated farming community and her primary school had so few pupils that it was almost private tuitition. I suppose character plays a role as well. Nel was a lively and even fearless girl but her mother trusted her in everything she did. Nel was never the underdog, whatever the situation. This was probably one of the reasons why her myopia was only diagnosed at minus five. It stabilized in early adulthood at minus nine and now she has minus twelve. A positive thing she took from her early days in a world full of blur is that she developed an incredible internal "radar". Even now, she is well able to leave her glasses with me on the beach, go for a swim and return to me without any problem, even when the beach is crowded. May I ask, what is your prescription now and do you have the same "radar" when going without glasses nowadays?

Paresa J 03 Jun 2014, 18:25

Even though I love my mother and father dearly, they never believed how bad my eyes were. Part of it was probably my fault because I didn't want to admit how blurry everything was getting. I noticed the tv set becoming blurrier and harder to see, and so I kept getting closer. But if my mother was there, she would make me sit on the sofa where the screen just was blurry mess. Late night tv was the worst. My parents shut off all the lights except for the blurry tv screen. Do you know how hard it is to see somebody in the darkness when you need glasses badly?

I think if my mother was allowed to get glasses when she first needed them it would be different for me, but my grandparents made her wait until as long as possible because they said glasses make your eyes dependent on them and they could not afford to keep buying new glasses. My mother was allowed to get glasses when she graduated high school as a gift for perseverance.

I couldn't last that long. I would get dizzy in class trying to see things, miss bus stops, completely failed driver school, and everyone around me knew I was blind. It was a funny joke but I couldn't see, and they didn't know that. Everyone had a real fun time watching me try to play sports and going the opposite way I was supposed to go.

I didn't care if Mexican girls weren't supposed to wear glasses. I did odd jobs after school and saved up enough money for my first pair. I still remember the day when I tried on my very own glasses for the first time.

Soundmanpt 01 Jun 2014, 11:37

Paresa J

It is such a shame that you had to endure life with poor vision for so long. It no doubt had to have some effect on your learning ability at school. It certainly sounds as if your family would have qualified for assistance as well as with the Lion's Club which helps many that were in the same situation as yourself.

I'm sure many of the time when you were trying on some of your girlfriends glasses and your vision was made so much better with them even though still probably no where near exact you wished you could have kept them for yourself. I can only assume that these either just didn't think about giving you an older pair of their glasses or maybe even afraid of getting in trouble giving you unprescribed glasses.

At what age were you finally able to get glasses? That had to be one of the happiest days of your life. Glasses were life changing for you. Once your eyes adjusted to them you probably realized even more just how much you needed glasses when you took them off.

Now if you should ever come across anyone that was much like yourself and not able to afford glasses direct them to the Lion's Club so they can be helped.

Paresa J 31 May 2014, 21:44

You get to a certain point where your vision is so poor you can't hide it anymore. Everyone knew I needed glasses badly, and they would make jokes about me being the blind one. I played along with the fun too, but the truth was that I was the blind one.

My girlfriends would always ask me to try on a pair of glasses from someone to see if I could see better. The embarrassing thing is that some of those glasses made my vision much better. It just got hard when I had to squint hard to see people.

We would go to baseball and football games and it was just all a blur to me. I didn't want to always admit how bad my eyes had gotten so I would sometimes tell people I saw things that I couldn't see.

It is weird when I think back on it that all these people knew I needed glasses bad but no one ever bothered to give me an old pair or help me to buy some.

Tom 30 May 2014, 18:02

Interesting story Paresa, although in your case being bareeyed was not probably your choice. However, did you get into embarassing situatons due to poor vision? Did you date? Did you fiends or relative knew/discovered you could not see properly?

Thanks a lot for sharing your story.

Paresa J 30 May 2014, 17:21

Growing up with not much money in the family, I went without glasses for many years through high school. I had to find ways to adapt as the world just got increasingly blurrier. It was hard getting a job after school and I tried waiting tables for awhile but I couldn't see people that well.

When I eventually got glasses, I was -5.25 for my first pair. The doctor was shocked and asked why I did not get glasses before, and how did I survive. I told him it was very hard at times, but when you grow up blurry, you learn to get used to it because you don't have the disadvantage of knowing how clear everything is supposed to look.

Revolver 30 May 2014, 13:41

The being photographed in glasses thread reminded me of a situation that happened many years ago involving a very close (female)friend. Not a girlfriend, just a buddy type and we enjoyed doing sometimes wild and crazy things.

She'd worn glasses since her early teens, a low minus somewhere around -1.00 but quite a bit of cyl, somewhere around -1.75 and was never without glasses. She looked great in them, especially in the late 80's when she wore oversized red P-3 style like Sally Jesse Raphael.

She wore them proudly and from 1st thing in the morning to last thing at night, but refused to be photographed. We were out on a drinking run to some backwoods bars and in one of them they had a stuffed moose head on the wall. I posed her in front of the moose (which she did willingly) for a fun photo but at the last second whipped off her glasses. Then we put the glasses on the moose and took another of the two of them.

She was not vain in any sense of the word, glasses were a fixture with her, but she steadfastly refused to have them on in a picture. Could never figure that out and asked her why, she apparently didn't know either because she just shrugged her shoulders.

Vulnerable Cristalline 28 May 2014, 21:25

I am quite vain, can't overcome for many years. Glasses feels like a foreign object on face when being photographed , yet when not photographed I feel perfectly comfortable

Melyssa 28 May 2014, 16:11

Kate, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

Timothy, some people are quite vain. I have never been afraid to wear glasses in photographs; it's just that I am quite sensitive to flash bulbs.

According to V.C., I should never have had that picture taken of me holding three bowling balls (not an easy thing to do).

Timothy 28 May 2014, 09:08

Well said Kate. Why anyone would prefer to be pictured bare-eyed than in glasses defeats me.

Kate 28 May 2014, 07:39

Neither are dresses, but I wear them in photographs, the same as with my wedding ring.

Vulnerable Cristalline 28 May 2014, 06:49

Why do we need to wear glasses when being photographed ? Glasses is not part of our body

Tom 28 May 2014, 03:34

Do you know Dorothy Hamil's prescription? Any hint? Pictures of her wearing glassses? Very lovely squinting, indeed! Thanks for sharing.

Soundmanpt 26 May 2014, 16:41

I well recall her wearing glasses off the ice and she never wore contacts so she was skating in a blurred world. Off the ice she wore her glasses full time. She stayed in the news for years after because she was America's sweetheart at that time. She later married Dean Martin's son but sadly that ended in divorce.

Bensmith 26 May 2014, 11:05

Here's a clip of Dorothy Hamil trying to see the scores. From 4:20 onwards.

Lv2c4i 26 May 2014, 07:20

It seems that vanity is primary reason for folks (woman and men) removing glasses for photos. Many newcasters will shy away from ever putting the spex they have setting there on their desks on while they are on camera. And I recall many years back, olympic skater Dorothy Hamill, who was super-cute in glasses and who, even for a while having a 'Dorothy Hamill' eyewear line, snatching her glasses off when she realized the cameras were on her.

Galileo 26 May 2014, 02:01

I've noticed some countries require glasses wearers to remove their glasses for "official" photos such as ID cards, passports and driving licences. And at some immigration points people asked to take off their glasses to be photographed and fingerprinted.

I also know one very shortsighted Chinese woman who always takes off her thick lenses and holds them behind her back when appearing on a photo

Soundmanpt 25 May 2014, 12:04

When it comes to picture taking and the decision to wear or not wear glasses has so many reasons why some do and some don't choose to wear their glasses in photos. Even type of coating glasses have or don't have enters into it. I'm sure any woman that has had their picture taken wearing glasses that doesn't have AR coating (anti-reflective) and sees their eyes as white balls as a result probably would be much more likely to remove her glasses the next time a camera comes out even if she would prefer to keep her glasses on. Also anyone that has been wearing glasses for a good while is more likely to keep their glasses on, but someone rather new to wearing glasses still may feel uncomfortable having pictures made with glasses on. I kind of wonder now with the age of "selfies" if that may have some impact on the decision to wear or not wear glasses for pictures? We see hundreds of selfies posted everyday right here on "eyescene"

Melyssa 25 May 2014, 11:17

Recently at work we all had to have updated photo IDs made. I was wearing oversized clear frames at that time, but Mr. Perfect, who was taking the photos, told us glasses-wearers to remove our glasses for the pictures in order for things to work, or whatever. At least I was already seated when it happened. :)

Overall, I do not want to wear my glasses for a photo if there is a flash bulb used, as my eyes don't work properly for several minutes thereafter. I was fortunate at my wedding that the photographer did not use flash bulbs. Nor does the DMV when I get my driver's license every 4 years and wear a different frame each time.

piotr 25 May 2014, 07:34

Yws! I know at least two women who don't' like beeing photographed in glasses! The first one almost everytime takes her glasses off, when she expected, that she may be photographed (for example, during conferences, official dinners etc.). It seems to me also very strange, because she is about -5 (left eye), -8 (rihgt eye), so her eyesight is rather poor. I think she is simply feels ashamed about her glasses, despite I aften say her, that she looks magnificent in glasses.

The second one, about -5 in both eyes, said she takess off glasses in order to avoid "light reflexes" on the photo, but in my opinion the proper reason is the same as above.

It's something strange, but for me also something arousing.

Puffin 24 May 2014, 16:38

Do you know anyone (or perhaps you do it yourself) who takes their glasses off when their photos are taken? Or insists on peeping over the tops? To me it seems a perverse thing to do.

Writing this reminds me of advice for photography for my degree photo: it said that if you wanted, you could go to your optician and get them to take the lenses out of your glasses so you could be photographed(!)

All very strange.

astigmaphile 22 May 2014, 19:24

I wonder what the dioper power of that lorgnette is? They are thick and look biconcace. Someone needed a regular pair of spectacles or pince-nez eyeglasses.

Moonshiner 22 May 2014, 19:04

I wonder if the original owner of these had a regular pair of glasses or was in a blur when not holding them in front of their eyes. (not my auction)

Yoyo 20 May 2014, 01:01

Here's an amusing game:

Pretty simple -- you don't have your glasses and need to find them! Use the arrow keys to move around, left click on your mouse to move objects, and right click and hold (and move the mouse downward) to "squint" (momentarily make things clearer). Once you find the glasses you point the cursor at them and hit E.

It's in a different place each time! This game really gets across the sensation of being very myopic and trying to find something.

NOTE: I had to install some kind of plugin to play the game. Seemed pretty harmless.

Moonshiner 18 May 2014, 22:15

Detroit Lions rookie Caraun Reid goes on the field without hs glasses and squints to see:

GreginColo 18 May 2014, 13:39

Thanks Ben for sharing about being bare-eyed at the gym. That would no doubt be a challenge for someone with your medium Rx, but, hey, much of going to the gym is a challenge or at least should be, so good wishes for you bare-eyed gym experiences. As you said, a couple diops lower Rx would be much more comfortable for you in your bare-eyed workouts.

Bensmith 18 May 2014, 08:38

I'm -5.75 now in both eyes with astigmatism, and I find that it's beginning to be a bit too much for the eyelid trick to be handy. It takes long to find the "sweet spot" and everything but big writing is still hard to read.

I sometimes go without glasses at the gym and I wish my eyesight was just a diopter or two better. I really can't recognize any people even close up unless they speak, they are just terrible blobs of blur, and I have to lean in very close to adjust weights. Still it's sometimes better than glasses sliding down my nose.

Tom 17 May 2014, 03:50

I used to do this too. I had glasses but never wore them (apart from watching TV in bed) so at school I used to do this often. I ended up wearing my glasses almost by accident. In my final year at school we went on a trip to Russia. We had to be at school at some stupidly early time, about 4.30, I think. As we're were getting ready to leave the house my mum was running through her check list of things such as passport, money. Then she mentioned glasses. I think she thought I wore them more than I actually did, because she would see me wearing them at home occasionally. However, I realised there would be some sense in taking them, we'd paid a lot of money for me not to be able to see anything. Anyway, when I went back to my room to get them, I could find the glasses but not a case. My mum, never patient at the best of times, was getting irritated at the delay. Eventually she was like "We're leaving now, either wear them or go without ". I decided to put them on, thinking I'd shove them in my pocket at the earliest opportunity. I knew not taking them at all would have been silly. We were a bit late by the time we got to school and it was dark, in the packing of cases onto the coach and stuff nobody seemed to notice my glasses. By the time we got on to the coach and settled down, one of the group said something like "good to see you've finally got glasses". When we got to the airport I became aware of how much of a difference wearing glasses actually made. At train stations, I'd pull my eyes constantly, but I could actually read the signs now. By the time we reached our hotel in Moscow and went to our rooms I'd been wearing my glasses constantly for over 10 hours, something I'd never done before. We had about half an hour to change and get ready for dinner. My mate went to the shower first. I remember getting ready to shower, taking my glasses off and putting them on the table with my phone, wallet and the room key. After a day's wear I really noticed a difference taking them off. By the time I'd finished in the shower, it was a rush to get ready for dinner. When we were walking down the corridor to the lift my friend said something like "have you got to wear glasses all the time now?" I don't remember doing it, but when I picked up the key and my wallet, I must have put my glasses back on. I was really surprised how quickly I'd got used to wearing them.

Cactus Jack 17 May 2014, 03:23




astigmaphile 17 May 2014, 02:30

If pulling on the eyelids reduces plus power, wouldn't that make a hyperope more hyperopic? It sure doesn't work on me at all. It just makes me more astigmatic and changes the axis.

Cactus Jack 16 May 2014, 20:21

Pulling on the eyelids applies pressure to the cornea which should reduce its PLUS power. Myopia is typically caused by excessive total PLUS power of the eye's lens system for the distance from the back of the crystalline lens to the retina. Pulling on the eyelids may work better for people who are myopic than for people who are hyperopic.

For my education, I would appreciate comments from people who are hyperopic about the effects of pulling on the eyelids.


Laura C 16 May 2014, 17:42

I can assure pulling eyelids works much more than squinting and helps a lot even if you are -5. Thanks God this trick is so effective! :-p

Julian 16 May 2014, 09:23

Bensmith: I'm amazed that your friend could cope like that till he was -4 or more. I thought it would only work up to about -2. Interesting.

Bensmith 16 May 2014, 04:00

Matt L and Yoyo, what was your prescription then?

I had a friend who kept doing this until he finally got glasses at 17. It was fascinating to observe when he had to resort to pulling an eyelid to see. And it was often since he must've been well past -4.

Of course, all signs or the board at school were a blur to him without doing it. But he also had to use this super squint to identify things fairly close: to locate things in a grocery store shelf, to watch tv a meter away, to use the computer, to play a game of cards or pool... He refused to play video games with us, claming that he wasn't interested though in reality I knew it was because he couldn't stretch his eyelid and use the gamepad at the same time.

It must have been a burden to him and he was embarrassed if anyone commented. People sometimes asked him to look at things far away, knowing it was a blur to him, and he'd just use the super squint to prove he managed ok without glasses.

Matt L 10 May 2014, 05:04

I'd forgotten how much I used to do this before I started wearing glasses. At first it was just in school but later on it was pretty much anywhere: shops, bars, bus stations, any time I needed to actually see anything. I tried to avoid doing it around my mum because every time she saw me doing it, she got mad at me for not wearing glasses. I would say I didn't need glasses and we'd end up rowing. I think this actually put me off wearing them for longer.

Cactus Jack 05 May 2014, 22:46

Pulling on your eyelids exerts pressure on your cornea which alters its refractive powers. Of the 4 lenses that make up the eye's optical system, the cornea is considered to be the most powerful. It doesn't take much pressure to change the refractive power of the cornea. Depending on how you pull your eyelid you may be able to increase its plus power or decrease it.

To get an even better idea of how a little change in shape of the cornea can significantly affects its power, consider how thick a contact lens is and how much difference it makes in correcting vision.


Yoyo 05 May 2014, 19:23

I certainly remember pulling at my eyelids to see better back in grade school.

Bensmith 05 May 2014, 12:03

A long discussion about pulling your eyelids to see better and looking through a pinhole:

Everybody seems surprised that other people have been doing it too. It's a subject that nobody usually talks about so it's nice to see it's not that uncommon.

motard 01 May 2014, 10:35

Went without this morning while at work, I normally wear contacts at work. Allergies were pretty bad here and eyes were just itchy red watery and contacts just weren't helping any. It was a challenge but was able to pull it off, including a 40 minute drive home.

Tom 24 Apr 2014, 18:05

Clare, you know that with your eyesight you could function ok even bareeyed. For the joy of those guys like us here who love squinting and struggling girls ah ah

Should you decide to try, don't forget to post your experience here!

Clare 23 Apr 2014, 15:15

Fred - I'm -3 and -2.75 and a 20 year contacts wearer until about 18 months ago. Maybe habit breeds dependency but now, as I can't wear contacts as much as I like, when not wearing them I just wear glasses all the time. I have a friend of a similar prescription who's pretty much the same.

Fred 11 Apr 2014, 16:06

And, I share the fascination you describe below! I'm very much interested and fascinated with how people experience their eyesight and how they deal with it. My wife is in the -3 region and she always says that she can't see a thing without her glasses and therefore always wears them. On the other hand, long before I met my wife I dated a girl with a prescription of about -10 and she loved to talk about her eyesight and how she managed to do a lot of household chores bare eyed. We both liked those talks: I liked her stories, she liked my interest in them. I would love to find more of those kind of stories in this thread! (e.g. the ones of Crystal Veil and his wife Nel below).

And 10 Apr 2014, 08:26

This link seems to have been forgotten but I still find it fascinating that my other half has perfect vision with two small plastic discs in her eyes but without them cannot see things a few feet away. This morning she had a quick look through the window on her way to the bathroom but wasn't sure if it was raining or not.

 18 Jul 2013, 15:10

post deleted - undo criticism of other poster(s)

 18 Jul 2013, 15:03

post deleted - undo criticism of other poster(s)

varifocals 18 Jul 2013, 06:43


Laura C.

Yes maybe a fake, but she keeps us amused & guessing.

Besides there are several others.

Maybe they should start their own chat room

Fakes R Us.

 18 Jul 2013, 04:06

you DO know LauraC is fake, right?

Astra 17 Jul 2013, 09:20

Some updates of Laura C from

her enquiry 4 months ago:

At what age did you stop myopia?

I started to not see well at 15 years old and now at 22 I'm still losing sight! I arrived at -5 and -7 in one eye and the other I also 0.75 of astigmatism. A mole in fact. But when you stop? If this keeps up to 30 years will be practically blind!! At what age you to stop the view? And you wore glasses until then? I do not take them because I am convinced that almost never do worse more to those who are young, it's so true?

Erik 14 Jul 2013, 12:53

I'm in the -6.50 range both eyes. I spent most of Saturday outside not wearing my glasses. It was really bright out. My pupils were so small in the bright light that I could see well enough to comfortably walk a few miles without any problems. As soon as I went inside, total blur and the glasses went back on.

Astra 02 Jul 2013, 03:34

Previously we have Ayverie and Syra Polkolis with their "myopia recovery" claims...

here are one from China.

"Myopia Recovery" by Yanping Wu. It claims cure from myopia within 1 day, but the photo is funny enough for the claim.

Below they mean bare-eyed acuity.

Zheng Age 30 , acuity improved from 0.25 to 0.6

Xuemei Zhou , Age 22, acuity improved from 0.25 to 0.6

Xinsi Gao, Age 23, acuity improved from 0.15 to 0.5

They take Photo with Yanping Wu (sitting down)

Xinsi Gao appears in glasses, looks like full-strength. What an acuity improvement is that ? Supposingly if the recovery by Yanping Wu is so successful, with an acuity of 0.5, Xinsi would not wear glasses of such strength to take photos.

besides, we can find a newer image of Xinsi Gao, from her personal profile.

Clearly she still wears her glasses at full strength.

The profile info we've find indicate she is a colleague of Yanping Wu... so she likely simply promote for Yanping Wu.

Astra 18 Apr 2013, 00:21

Some of Ayverie's story.

Since the fifth grade I have been struggling with bad eyesight. That's when I first had to get glasses. Since then, it had been on a steady decline until maybe two years ago. I was up to 6 diopters of myopia, though I wasn't keeping track of it then. Like everyone else with eye problems, I let the doctors deal with the technical business. Once my vision evened out, I became eligible for vision correction surgery. I was super excited. Over the past couple of years I had developed a sense that I was imprisoned by my glasses. They held me down. I was dependent on them to live. I thought, what would happen if I lost my glasses while out someplace? I'd be stuck there, unable to drive. Not to mention how much it sucks feeling blind at the beach or pool. I greatly looked forward to my optometrist appointment which would determine if I was a candidate for surgery.

Astra 18 Apr 2013, 00:16

Ayverie's video.

Astra 18 Apr 2013, 00:13

I think we may understand what is happening with Ayverie (check her out on youtube). Good Luck !

Ayverie , It does not work, will make your eyes unable to accommodate with your original rx.

The reply from Ayverie:

It's tough to explain about my real prescription... because it doesn't seem that I have a "real" prescription. I wrote a post about it called "Measurements" on my blog. My vision isn't completely clear even with -4, but I can see all I normally need with -2, and can often go without. I think it's because my eyes can no longer get tense enough to see through the strong glasses. Maybe in the future I'll make a vid to explain the technical bit.

Astra 19 Mar 2013, 22:22

Re: Tom 19 Mar 2013, 13:31

Yes I think her glasses is about -3 , but maybe the glasses are under-corrected for her.

Soundmanpt 19 Mar 2013, 17:45


I didn't know she commented that she wears -6.00 glasses. But if that is true and I see no reason she would have to lie about that then her struggles to see her monitor without her glasses are probably very real. Like you I was trying to get a better lok at her lenses to maybe get some guess as to her prescription but it was hard to get a good look at them. But I too thought they looked more around -3.00 when she had them on.

Tom 19 Mar 2013, 13:31


Jasmin is so cool squinting and getting close to the screen! The kind os sighting I love.

However, she seems more disconforted when bareeyed than her glasses may suggest. Comments says she is -6 but lenses don't look that strong, I'd say around -3, although there is no clear close view of the glasses. Am I wrong? What do you think?

Astra 19 Mar 2013, 07:13

Jasmin switching between without glasses and with glasses.

Likelenses 18 Mar 2013, 18:12

Not so fast John S, I am one who needs help. I caught pretending gave a pair of glasses to girl never really met and completely made up in my fucked up brain!

John S 17 Mar 2013, 23:38

You may be right, I have been told that before.

Likelenses 17 Mar 2013, 21:12

John S

I looked high and low for a picture of you on the internet,and came up with nothing,so perhaps Laura C is you.

Seriously what you post makes no sense at all,so I believe you may be mentally ill.

John S 17 Mar 2013, 14:57

Sorry, but Laura C is aka LikeLenses... it was a completely fictituous identity. Go back and see all the supposed "interaction" posts between them and you'll get the truth.

If you think I am kidding, see if you can find a pic of LauraC anywhere. I mean anywhere at all. Even outside of here. Rest assured. You won't.

Soundmanpt 15 Mar 2013, 11:11


I chatted with her maybe a month ago and she does at least have glasses and she even sometimes wears them but she is not close to full time wear. She says her manager at the restraunt where she works doesn't allow anyone to wear glasses. She admits to struggling a bit but says even if he allowed her to wear glasses she wouldn't. She seems to be a very nice young lady but she is determined to avoid wearing glasses.

As they say you can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink.

Astra 15 Mar 2013, 09:35

Re: Tom 14 Mar 2013, 18:04

There are no hint from , her most recent enquiry was about her sister having -10 and reading add at age 26.

Tom 14 Mar 2013, 18:04

Did anyone of you recently heard from bare eyed Laura? She may have had an increase reading from her answers on yahoo... I should write her e-mail sooner or later.

 27 Nov 2012, 05:24


Moonshiner 26 Nov 2012, 12:17

deleted some pots that were off topic.

Astra 23 Nov 2012, 02:38

Today I notice there are some info on the profile of KIRORO,

The members had the eyesight:

member 1 L 0.07 R 0.08

member 2 L 0.06 R 0.07

Astra 23 Nov 2012, 02:32

Of course this field : "Eyesight",

would result in some bizarre data.

Why I would say "bizarre", think about this,

I notice these bare-eyed acuity is recorded for the user reading an eye chart.

But let's think about how would a 0.08 line look like for a 0.08 user .

(If anyone have more than -3 diopter and had ever read an eye chart bare eyed, you would know what this mean)

So that 0.08 would be only a very vague guess for their rx.

Astra 23 Nov 2012, 02:25

I notice Japanese TV shows (since 1990s?) often include introduction of their guests, and present as a personal profile.

The profile often includes height, weight, blood type etc. regarding blood type, I notice it is not common for other places, such as US or UK people, to include this.

Another field, not always included, but I notice it is more often than US or UK,

they sometimes include a field "Eyesight" which means "Eyesight acuity".

which is quite bizarre. they record the "Eyesight" field as bare-eyed acuity.

For ES BBS users, it may be (I am not sure) more useful to have their rx I suppose. but they are rarely included .

Moonshiner 23 Nov 2012, 00:31

deleted several posts that were part of or referred to a flame war.

Alluring Secrets Fan 21 Nov 2012, 14:54

Is anyone else a fan of this series? Penelopes family forces her to go without her badly needed spectacles in public, and to hide her intelligence. As a result she faces much difficulty in the world when dealing with people.

Astra 02 Nov 2012, 03:35

Re: lentifan 01 Nov 2012, 19:50

This seem to give some hints on why some Middle East / South Asian / Southeast Asian / East Asian communities had a higher rate of myopia than Europe / Africa / North Asian (Mongols, Native Americans etc.)

There were traditions in certain parts of Middle East (Jewish)/ Southeast Asia (Thailand / Vietnam / Philippines) / East Asia (Eastern China / Korea / Japan ) to have marriage arranged by parents/grandparents of the individual. Such traditions likely left more myopic individuals able to sustain their life, and give offsprings within their local society.

Also, such cultures are typically more sedentary than Europe.

Crystal Veil 02 Nov 2012, 02:01


before the time of the Famine in Ireland many blind boys were sent to special classes where they were trained to become professional musicians. Many famous harpers and uilleann pipers started this way and they were able to make a living for themselves. Some famous blind pipers were not totally blind but extremely shortsighted. The life stories of these musicians can be read in the book "Irish minstrels and musicians" written by the great collector of traditional Irish music Francis O'Neill about a century ago. The farming communities in Ireland arranged transport for the blind pipers who were performing at weddings and parties of all sorts. After the Famine the interest in music declined but many blind pipers were still alive when the music revival started in the 1890's. Some of them were recorded on the phonograph between 1898 and 1907 (e.g. Denis Delaney and Martin Reilly from Galway and Michael O'Sullivan from Kerry) and their recordings are now a major influence on contemporary pipers.

lentifan 01 Nov 2012, 19:50

I suspect that in the day before spectacles became widely available, myopia was relatively much less common than now, and that the average degree of myopia was also less. This was probably due to two factors. First, myopes would be at a significant disadvantage both in the labour market in a primarily agricultural and less industrialised world, and also socially. Myopes would therefore be less marriageable and therefore less inclined to breed little myopes. Nowadays, with correction readily available, myopia is in most cases not a handicap and not a barrier to procreation.

Second, the increase in literacy and industrialisation has tended to increase the numbers of young people susceptible to developing myopia, both in proportion of the population and also degree.

Soundmanpt 31 Oct 2012, 18:58


Well most probably they didn't know that their vision was so bad because they would have had nothing to compare it to. The only thing would have been if they were looking at the same thing as someone else and that person had good vision, but I don't know if they would have figured it out that they had poor vision or not? Even more scary to think that they likely would have been running around with firearms or other weapons as well. Just think about how difficult it would be for you to defend yourself now if you weren't wearing your glasses?

Crystal Veil 31 Oct 2012, 18:51


most people were unable to read and write before glasses were invented. There were no cars either. I sometimes see a glimpse of how people with strong myopia can handle situations without their glasses on. My life partner Nel has -12 but she manages to go swimming from a beach and return to me without any problem. She says that she takes a good look at the colors of everything around her so that she can find her way back. I also noticed some of this ability during a photo shoot with a model even more nearsighted than Nel. Going back over a century in time, the famous actress Sarah Bernhardt did everything on stage without glasses. Two of her lorgnettes are in the Pierre Marly museum in Paris and the lenses are -10. To my knowledge, there is not a single surviving photograph of Sarah Bernhardt with visual aid. She really did most of her social life without glasses, only using them when she thought that it was absolutely necessary.

Eileen 31 Oct 2012, 17:48

When I take my glasses off and everything gets lotsa blurry, it makes me wonder what I would be like if I never got glasses. It's like things got easier for me, but what happens if I never got glasses? Is it the old wives tale that your eyes will continue to get worst and worst and I would have went blind? My prescrip is -8 right now and I wonder how long people could go like this? What happened to people before glasses were invented?

ehpc 28 Oct 2012, 19:09

post deleted - off topic

 28 Oct 2012, 16:14

post deleted - off topic

ehpc 28 Oct 2012, 15:06

post deleted - off topic

Clare 27 Oct 2012, 06:17

I should add to that post, I was in the spa and had just been for a swim and was trying to find the steam room - obviously with out my glasses! I'm just -3 and -2.75.

Clare 27 Oct 2012, 06:14

I think it depends on what activity the person is trying to do and whether that means they never wear them or just don't wear them full time. I can't imagine how some people of -4 and above do that. I'm currently away on business and struggled to find where I wanted to go in an unfamiliar place!

bensmith 27 Oct 2012, 02:28

I've myself witnessed a person who had close to -5 and didn't wear glasses at all. His eyesight started to go bad when we were 8 years old, by 12 he could only see the board by pulling the corners of his eyes. He refused to get glasses and cheated at eyetests, and got his first glasses only at 17. I could tell those were somewhere between -4 and -5 because I had a similar prescription, and I could judge his prescription from how close he had to lean to things to see them well (around 20 cm). He wore his new glasses half time for a year or so before getting contacts.

LauraC 26 Oct 2012, 16:57

Dundy: I can assure you that with -4.5 going bareeyed is hard, but still doable.

Bye ;-)

Puffin 25 Oct 2012, 18:45

I have heard mention of people here doing without up to about minus 9. Below that up to -6 or so sounds more plausible. But who knows? There are ways to work around fuzzy vision, it's just a question of how much you are willing to sacrifice in order not to wear correction.

Dundy 25 Oct 2012, 17:07

I ask a sincere question, mates. Does anyone have a clue what the strongest scrip might be where one has gone without glasses? I say is it years, and how long?

 23 Oct 2012, 14:23

post deleted - off topic

 23 Oct 2012, 13:16

Not so fast, Andy. LOL.

Reading comprehension counts and I start to think you actually Revolver under another name with way you determined to find some shred of accuracy in the story he provide.

Now if you read anonymous message again, you see as I did their comment had nothing to do with actual story, but trusted Revolver's shoddy account of story.

Andy/Revolver guy, term "strong" is extremely subjective and some people -2 considered strong where others don't find anything under -10 strong.

I don't see nothing wrong with anonymous use of the term, and don't see it incorrect. It was judgement call on their part and you can't say opinion wrong.

Andy 23 Oct 2012, 11:00

Not so fast, Anonymous. You claimed they were forced to wear strong glasses. Not so.

Mark 23 Oct 2012, 10:03

Better stick to giving this Revolver guy just one bullet like Barney Fife so he can't shoot himself so many times! It saved Barney, it might save him.

 23 Oct 2012, 07:49

Not so fast, Andy. the story says the glasses were required to wear at least "low power" but Revolver said they were offered "plano."

click... bang! another strike on Revolver's take on the story.

Andy 22 Oct 2012, 22:47

Not so fast anonymous. Revolver was incorrect in saying the glasses were not required; you were incorrect in saying the glasses were strong. The story says the glasses could be low power.

 22 Oct 2012, 16:18

post deleted - off topic

guest 22 Oct 2012, 15:04

verbatim from the essay:

"If the woman did not wear glasses, she would be escorted first into a special fitting room where a fashion consultant would supply her with glasses with flattering frames and a low power prescription. She would be required to wear these glasses at all times while inside the building."

 22 Oct 2012, 13:04

Revolver: "every female that came in would be forced to wear glasses"

nuff said.

Revolver 22 Oct 2012, 09:17

The story was not like that at all. No one was "forced" to do anything, the glasses offered were plano if the customer wanted them, it was a theme bar where the theme was GWG's and if someone didn't like it they went elsewhere.

The story was cleverly written, very good tongue in cheek light humor, overall very well done.

But as long as there are curmudgeons out there that vent and rant without being informed we can expect anonymous posts. Ain't free speech grand?

 21 Oct 2012, 19:18

Isn't that considered physical abuse by forcing women to wear strong glasses and struggle to see through the hazy blur? What's next? Incorporating that fantasy into the next SAW movie where she has to see through the thick glasses and figure out how to break her bonds or get seriously maimed? The amputee fetish folks might like that one too.

Revolver 19 Oct 2012, 12:18

The April Fool joke about requiring a license to wear reminds me of a fantasy story about the other side of the coin. Back on the old Smudge Report, Lenslover who was also the webmaster, wrote a very clever piece called "If I Won The Lottery" and was his fantasy of owning a bar where every female that came in would be forced to wear glasses to remain. If they didn't have any, the bar would provide them, prescription or none, etc. I greatly mourn the loss of Smudge Report, it was a great companion site to this one and Bobby's.

Cactus Jack 19 Oct 2012, 10:27


Your memory is excellent. It was an April Fools Joke, but like all good jokes, there was an element of truth. Sometimes, April does not come around often enough.


Julian 19 Oct 2012, 08:44

Cactus: I remember the suggestion of a licence to wear vision correction. What you don't mention is that it was made on 1 April of the year in question - in other words it was an April Fool joke 8))

Cactus Jack 17 Oct 2012, 18:31

Kiwi Girl,

I tend to stick to the technical side of vision correction and perhaps some of the technical side of optics might be helpful in deciding when to wear your glasses.

Assuming that you have no astigmatism and no cylinder correction in your glasses here in very practical terms is what your Rx means. Your -1.25 eye can see clearly up to about 80 cm (31 inches). Your -1.50 eye can see clearly up to about 67 cm (26 inches). Beyond those distances, the things get increasingly blurry. If you also have some cylinder correction you actually don't see as well as you could without correction at any distance. Based on your post, it appears that you really don't like living in a world that is less than 1 meter or about 1 yard in radius.

One of the questions you posed was about what other people think about your glasses. Let me answer with another question. Why does it matter to you? Do you wear vision correction for your benefit or theirs? I hope after you think about it, that your answer is for YOUR benefit.

You really do not need anyone's permission to wear your glasses. However, some years ago, there was a suggestion in the UK, if I remember right, because there were so many people who were concerned that they needed permission from a government bureaucracy to see well, there was a need for a Ministry of Vision (MOV) to license the wearing of vision correction. The big problem was that there was not any good way to display your license number so that others would know that you were authorized by the MOV to wear glasses or contacts and that you had paid your fees. I think the idea was similar to the licensing of TV and Radio receivers. Fortunately, the idea didn't get anywhere so people in the UK just have to decide for themselves how well they want to see. However, if you are still concerned, you might just ask your friends and associates if it is OK to wear your glasses when you are around them.


Puffin 17 Oct 2012, 16:04

Kiwi Girl

in recent years much effort has gone into making glasses look less strong than they really are, so much so that an opposite effect has occurred, namely that weaker glasses are to quite an extent more difficult to distinguish from somewhat stronger ones, unless the viewer really knows what to look for.

I wouldn't worry about it - most people wouldn't notice.

Soundmanpt 17 Oct 2012, 15:11

Kiwi girl

Aside from the people that you see in here which some may have a pretty good idea of being able to guess about how strong others glasses are, no. The average person has no idea how strong your glasses are I know of a quite a few people that wear weaker glasses than yours are and they wear them full time as much for need as for fashion and they just like having good vision all the time. There is no certain prescription where you are allowed to wear your glasses as much as you please. If you feel comfortable and enjoy being able to see clearly there is no reason not to wear them. Your prescription is not a strong one but as your finding out they do make a difference in how well you see things.

Kiwi girl 17 Oct 2012, 14:15


Just wondered if people can tell how strong someone's glasses are? I have a small prescription that's -1.50 in one eye and -1.25 in the other. I've been doing a lot of things recently that seem to need good vision - driving a lot, sport, cinema etc - and with the encouragement of my friends who also wear glasses so I've got quite used to seeing with them. That means I've really noticed the difference when I don't wear them but I'm aware that I was only told I needed them for distance like driving. They do look like they have a prescription but I'm conscious that other people might look at them and think they are very weak maybe? Would most people with the same prescription as me only wear them for driving?

 02 Oct 2012, 06:13

Ed, do you know how many times that video link has been posted? I am beginning to wonder if someone is trying to generate ad revenue or something.

Mr Jules 30 Sep 2012, 09:29

The other day, it hit me for the first time about life and my appearance without glasses.

Was at the barbers having a trim, and I took my glasses off beforehand. The barber started trimming my beard and asked me to check before continuing. Without even thinking about it, I put my glasses back on to check the barber's work in the mirror. I realised that I can now only see myself properly in the mirror with my glasses on.

And I remember wearing glasses for the first time just a few years ago - really felt self conscience. Now I can only imagine myself with glasses. They are a natural part of my face.

A minor thing for sure, but it reminded me about perhaps the single most important used personal items: my glasses (one pair for reading, one pair for distance).

Ed 28 Aug 2012, 16:51

This is how a cheerful -9 gets by

Clare 28 Aug 2012, 13:34

Varifocals - my friends and I have all done this, knowing that we shouldn't, but this is a horrific story and I've shared it with as many of my friends as I can. Must be a rare and exceptional case but these can happen to anyone. I hope she makes a good recovery.

varifocals. 24 Aug 2012, 03:18


There has been an article in the Daily mail this week who went swimming wearing her contacts.

Some water born bug got into her lens & she has lost her vision in one eye.

Goggles would have prevented this

EyeTri (the original one) 05 Aug 2012, 02:11


Here is what you can do if your eyes have very different prescriptions. The Hilco goggles come apart in the middle (so you can change bridges), so you order a pair in your right eye prescription and one in your left eye prescription. When you get them you take them both apart and put them back together with a right eye prescription and a left eye prescription in each pair of goggles.

Billy Billy 04 Aug 2012, 10:42

Astra can you please spend some time with Juan and see what you can find out about her. Her eyes must be terrible by now if she hasn't been wearing her glasses regularly for eight years now.

Doesn't it make your eyes much worse if you don't wear glasses? I always wondered that about vision. Will your eyes get worse if you don't get glasses, or is that just a myth?

varifocals 04 Aug 2012, 05:35


I checked the website & they have a wide range of reasonably priced swimmming goggles up to -8.

Why not e mail them & see i they can help.

Asdoo 03 Aug 2012, 14:20

My eyes are very different from each other and most rx swim goggles have the same rx in each eye.

EyeTri (the original one) 03 Aug 2012, 12:27


Inexpensive prescription swim goggles are available from a company called Hilco. They are available in both plus and minus prescriptions (Note: they are not made to your exact prescription, but close enough to be very helpful). Put "Hilco goggles" in a search engine and you will find several people who sell them. Cost should be less than $40.00.

I swam this morning in my +3.00 goggles - sweet!

varifocals 03 Aug 2012, 05:15


Why not get perscription swimming goggles; they are easy to obtain.

Asdoo 02 Aug 2012, 22:04

Today I went to the swimming pool. I usually wear glasses, but I don't like swimming with them because I don't like dealing with them getting wet. I usually end up getting headaches when I go swimming. When I'm done swimming I enjoy putting my glasses back on and seeing my depth perception return. It's kind of like the beginning of a 3D movie.

Astra 31 Jul 2012, 17:22


I would not be surprised for a child younger than age 20 likes to focus that close, because of their accommodation, and unfamiliar with how normal people focus.

but Juan is age 31 . she seem to prefer reading at 15 cm . seem to try avoiding activities that require distance vision. overall i am amused about that.

Clare 31 Jul 2012, 15:42

Astra - I guess you can tell she's myopic but if she doesn't wear glasses then maybe its a very small prescription?

Astra 31 Jul 2012, 05:49

Besides my couple, there are other members living in our house. We are not yet very close to each other. But, we know Juan (a female), age 31, has myopic eyes but not wearing glasses. how much myopic is Juan, I am not sure, because I haven't seen her glasses. It seems she could be reluctant to wear glasses ? maybe not now but earlier in her teenage so that she grew reluctant... We know that she was already myopic at age 23.

Astra 20 Jul 2012, 18:08

without glasses, at less than 60 cm, I can see the blur of a window frame of about 5 cm diameter) .

more than 60 cm I can't even notice the blur.

varifocals 02 Jul 2012, 10:34

My minus 13 friend woked in a store nest to me & had had glasses since 18 months old. Her nose was slightly bent from years of glasses wear. She was rejected for lazix operation which annoyed her. She seemed to have a thing about my plus glasses & like trying them on & thats how I had the - 13 experience swopping glasses.

Nicky 02 Jul 2012, 09:50

Sounds like your friend is a strong minusie, and I didn't know minusies hung out with plusies. I thought they preferred to date plainies.

varifocals 29 Jun 2012, 09:01

It is possible to use minus glasses with a high perscription & still see ok.

A friend had -13 lens & I could see through them ok, but the minification of minus lens makes things appear ssmall & distant.

On the other hand plus lens magnify & to use then is much more difficult.

Althouh a plussie myself, I tried a +19 pair on & it was a massive blur.

Astra 29 Jun 2012, 07:36

previous post is by me.

 29 Jun 2012, 07:35

Melyssa 29 Jun 2012, 07:24

maybe your 9 diopter over-correction is a bit extreme .

but so far I can use double-pair to read. over-corrected by 6 diopters or above.

Melyssa 29 Jun 2012, 07:24

"What is the maximum over its correction with which one can still see?"

For me we can rule out double my prescription -- not just now, but in the 28 years I've had multiple pairs. In theory I should see twice as far, but I see more like Sgt. Schultz of "Hogan's Heroes" -- almost "Nothing!" :)

Astra 29 Jun 2012, 05:36

Some activity of Laura C , 3 weeks ago from now.

"Title: It 's plain to see from a distance with glasses much stronger than mine?"

"I state that I and -4.5 and -6 are also astigmatic. Days ago I could not find glasses and I tried a couple of my sister's old glasses for TV, I think they are around -8. My God what a shock: I could see!! What is the maximum over its correction with which one can still see? "

Astra 29 Jun 2012, 05:32

Re: Tom 29 Jun 2012, 01:34

You can visit this page for her activity on yahoo answers.

Lang Italian. You may need to use online translate.

varifocals 29 Jun 2012, 04:57

Hi Tom.

The last news from Laura is that, although she has glasses, her boy friend seems to feel masterful with the poor girl squinting like mad.

Tom 29 Jun 2012, 01:34

Do you have any news of shorsighted+bareeyed Laura? It's a long time since her last post here... or am I missing something? Most probably she gave up with her squinting and finally realise she cannot survive without correction...

Astra 25 Jun 2012, 08:11

But, I can deliberately control the ciliary muscles in order to see the 2 mm holes with glasses on, at 5 cm away from windows.

Astra 25 Jun 2012, 08:10

Today I move to new bedroom for sleep.

before I go to sleep, I already had glasses removed.

distance from my eyes to the windows was less than 5 cm.

Immediately, I discovered the windows are patterned.

I see the patterned windows very easily.

The pattern leaves 2 mm times 2 mm holes all over the windows.

But it looks like the patterns are blocking the views.

I thought, I am already quite myopic and bare-eyed.

If I wear my glasses the patterns must be so sharp.

As though I am in a fictional "prison" where there are only tiny holes as windows.

I got glasses on right after that.

Lol! I feel insanely myopic.

Without glasses, I can't see far but I focus on the 2 mm holes all around !

With glasses, I would have to move backwards to 20 cm from windows, to see the 2 mm holes. If I move closer, I start focusing far, to the objects outdoors. My brain feel like more normal this way. (I thought it is normal to naturally focus on the patterns 5 cm away, at this moment I thought I was insane ! Why focus on this close, stupid ! Just kidding. I know why my eyes would focus this close, their focus is near 12 cm .)

But, I can deliberately control the ciliary muscles in order to see the 2 mm holes with glasses on.

Astra 14 May 2012, 12:56

That is how I was diagnosed at age 3.

Astra 14 May 2012, 12:44

I had annual health check-up.

Asdoo 14 May 2012, 12:30


How did you get diagnosed? No one knew I had any vision problems until I was 11.

Astra 14 May 2012, 11:30

I have been diagnosed to have no depth perception when I was age 3.

Adoo 14 May 2012, 11:27


I think I lose most of my depth perception when I don't wear correction because my rx is sph +1.75 cyl -0.75 for my right eye and sph 4.25 cyl -1.25 for my left eye. It's interesting that nearsightedness made you lose depth perception. I thought it only made distance vision blurry.

JC 13 May 2012, 16:44


It's interesting you mentioned loss of depth perception with uncorrected vision. I remember putting on my first glasses as a kid which were probably around -1 or so; I was amazed at how everything jumped out at me like I had never lived in a 3D world before. Now at -4.5 without correction everything is too blury for me to even tell I have no depth perception.

Asdoo 13 May 2012, 12:28

Whenever I don't wear glasses I get headaches easily and I lose most of my depth perception.

Astra 10 May 2012, 13:11

varifocals 10 May 2012, 10:33

It seems when the rx is getting higher, the eyes may start to behave erratically when glasses is removed. unconscious squinting, now I even notice unconscious closing eyelids.

I did not describe the following in my previous post.

difficulty in focusing only happens when the glasses is removed.

I also notice after 2-5 s removing glasses, I start unconsciously closing the eyelids within 0.5 s. then it takes 4-6 s to re-open the eyelids again. the cycle may repeats.

Instead of rapid return to focusing.

varifocals 10 May 2012, 10:33

looks like a stroll to the eye doc for a new pair, especially if you have them on from dawn to dusk.

Astra 10 May 2012, 02:33

I remove my glasses.

This month I start finding myself getting more difficult to focus, the image starts soften after 1-2 s removing glasses.

The image becomes smooth, soft. so that when I put on glasses again, I need 1-2 s to adjust .

 05 May 2012, 14:46

Carrie don't worry, you definitely aren't the first person around here with a screw loose.

Soundmanpt 05 May 2012, 10:59


Your not the first to have a screw work its way loose and then come out completely. And no chance of ever finding that screw even with perfect vision. Here is a tip that optical stores will never tell you, now that your screws are all nice and tight put a small drop of clear nail polish on each screw head and it will keep the screws from working loose. Also when you take your glasses off at bedtime you should leave them open. Since you wear your glasses full time your not taking them on and off like many that only wear them for certain things do. Opening and closing them tends to work the screws loose. The optical shops don't mind replacing those lost screws because it gives them a chance to maybe sell you new glasses as often times while your waiting your turn or while they are fixing your glasses you may well be trying on glasses in the store.

Most people after they have their glasses off for a while will find their eyes will adjust somewhat, just not perfect.

By the way anything new in regards to your college friend that was flirting with you? Have you had a chance to talk with your about her feelings toward you? The fact that she knows your now only interested in women and I think even though you have never told her you find the women wearing glasses even more attractive and your mate never used to wear her glasses until you hooked up and now she wears her glasses full time. Seems strange that your college friend suddenly has decided she doesn't like wearing contacts anymore and now also wears glasses full time.

Carrie 05 May 2012, 05:10

I was out with my girlfriend last night and I took my glasses off to get an eyelash out of my eye. Just as I put my glasses back on the right arm (?) came away from the frame! It turned out that the screw holding it on had dropped out and disappeared. I tried to wear them without that arm but they wouldn't stay on properly so I put them in my bag. I didn't have my rimless glasses or any contacts with me so I spent the rest of the night "bare-eyed" as some of you call it.

It felt really strange at first but I got used to it. Everything was a bit blurry to start with, then gradually became just slightly out of focus. I could still see to get around, but I could feel my eyes trying to focus. I looked at my phone and after a few seconds of intense concentrating (difficult after a couple of drinks!) I managed to just about focus on it but it was hard work and my eyes really ached. I didn't feel fully dressed without my glasses on.

The last time I tried to go without my glasses I only did it for a few minutes so I didn't really give my eyes much of a chance to get used to not looking through lenses which is probably why I thought my vision without glasses was terrible. I now realise it's not terrible, just not great.

When we got back to my house I got my rimless glasses and it felt so good to see perfectly again.

This morning my girlfriend pushed me out of bed really early (ok 8:30am isn't that early but it is early for me on a Saturday!) so we could go to the opticians to get my glasses fixed. They only took a few minutes to fix them and they also tightened the other screws and cleaned the lenses. It was wonderful to have my big plastic frames back again. I like my rimless glasses but I love my plastic ones!

I will now always make sure I have my other glasses or some contacts in my bag all the time now!

Puffin 01 May 2012, 18:11

The brain has quite a way of adapting to variations in all the senses. For instance, for many years I have had earwax buildups, but until it gets really bad, the reduction in hearing is barely noticable - I think the brain gets used to it. Then it gets all blocked up and the brain (and me!)really notices it, then it gets syringed and my hearing seems superhuman (and I often get a headache) for a few days, before settling back to what it seemed like a couple of weeks before it got really bad.

General lessons can be drawn from this: the brain does some internal (and unnoticed) work to make the best use of perhaps imperfect sensory information, it helps if the changes happen fairly slowly to give it time to adapt, and of course there are limits (which may vary a bit from person to person) beyond which the brain cannot do anything about.

 30 Apr 2012, 21:55

Soundmanappt, since you asked, here it is: apprenticed to an OD as very young person in 1971, worked for that OD and successor, then for very large world wide optical retailer, then owned and operated my own shop for many years. American Board of Opticianry Certified, Fellow National Academy of Opticians, both finishing/surfacing and dispensing. Still active very part time, if you're a blood relative or damn good friend will fill your needs.

Like you, have been active in volunteer organizations for over 40 years, and not afraid to mention their names: VOSH, Gift Of Sight, and Optometry Giving Sight. Have screened, refurbished, neutralized, catalogued and indexed thousands of donated frames/lenses over the years for use on missions.

My comment was in no way mentioned to disparage you or any other ECP but since I dished, what are your creds? And to his everlasting credit, CJ has steadfastly maintained he is not an ECP but it is very obvious he is a scientist and a great researcher.

No personal attack intended against any poster on this or other websites, but have to make the point that there are a lot of wannabes out there, more of them than us.

Crystal Veil 30 Apr 2012, 17:04

You are absolutely right, Puffin. I noticed a difference between my models, also between the young models. Some seemed to have elastic eyes, others showed signs of strain and then I told them to unfocus to make life a bit easier. Needless to say, this only goes for the first part of the photo shoots where I use glasses close to the model's own prescription.

Puffin 30 Apr 2012, 11:00

I think some people naturally have a visual system (eyes+brain) which is more adaptable to wearing the wrong glasses or none at all (within limits) without getting headaches, even if the vision is a bit blurred. It's just a matter of luck really, although it helps to be young, or at least not old.

Crystal Veil 30 Apr 2012, 10:48

Zyxw (28/4) and Curious (29/4),

you raise an interesting topic. None of the three dozen models who posed for me in prescription glasses from my collection ever complained about headaches during or after their photo shoots. However, I always saw to it that they took frequent short breaks and I tell my models not to attempt to focus. The average photo shoot takes three hours and some 40-50 glasses, all with a different prescription. I suppose that eye strain would be much worse if they would keep one pair of glasses on for three hours at an end but that's no part of the procedure.

Grateful 30 Apr 2012, 02:53

It is a pity any contributor has to start making questionable remarks about another person. Soundmanpt and for that matter Cactus Jack always make remarks which protray a wide understanding of these matters without any axe to grind, From my own observations I would think this is obvious and the site is enriched by their cotributions. By all means question and express opinions but leave out personal attacks please Thanks particularry to those 2 contributors having been coming here several years

Astra 30 Apr 2012, 00:02

If there is permanent damage it would likely caused by the abnormal intraocular pressure.

Soundmanpt 29 Apr 2012, 23:47

Just for the record, I am not an "optician wannabee" I was an optician for a good number of years before retiring. I am with a non-profit vision group that works hard to provide eye exams and glasses for those can't afford it. I have been a member of that group for more than 40 years.

And your background is?

 29 Apr 2012, 20:47

Nice work, Curious. Not so much about the totally accurate direction to the 3 proper websites, but about the "optician wannabees" and their peacock tails. But on the other hand if that's the only thing we can find wrong with this otherwise fine forum, it's a minor thing.

Astra 29 Apr 2012, 19:11

when you like "eye strain" it is different...

Soundmanpt 29 Apr 2012, 14:26

If your only talking "short term" then I would agree that aside from a bad headache permanent damage is unlikely. Much would depend on the amount of time were talking about.

varifocals. 29 Apr 2012, 13:27

I agree.

I dont think vision is affected, certainly not in the short term.

Curious 29 Apr 2012, 12:39

instead of sitting around listening to usual optician wannabees in this forum strut their peacock tails, let's look at some other opinions about wearing other people's glasses:

Most interesting of all: ALL 3 opinions are the exact opposite of what was just shot from the hip here.

Feel safe, Zyxw... IT WILL NOT HARM YOUR EYES.

Astra 29 Apr 2012, 02:37


I hope zyxw understand: eyestrain would harm the eyes.

This is the precaution.

Some people liked to create small explosions at home but in turn hurt and handicap themselves permanently or death.

Soundmanpt 28 Apr 2012, 13:34


Okay, but be careful doing that. Seems a bit risky for the reward you get from them.

Also I have to admit you are quite right as it has been years since I last was in a thrift shop and priced any of the glasses they had to offer. Also correct that Zenni is cheap but not close to $3.00.

So enjoy but be at least cautious of what your getting.

Zyxw 28 Apr 2012, 13:25

I guess you don't understand. The eyestrain and all is part of the enjoyment aspect. That's exactly what I am looking for. It's a thrill out of going around in a much deeper blur than I normally see.

Prices? You need to get out more. Seriously. Glasses at Thrift Stores usually cost $3 or less. I don't think you'll find anything at Zenni or anywhere else matching that.

Soundmanpt 28 Apr 2012, 11:05


I am not sure what you pay for the glasses you buy from the thrift stores and taking glasses from the donation bins isn't a great idea either. The biggest problem with what your doing is more what harm it may be doing to your eyes. Just wanting glasses that are stronger than yours isn't the problem. The real problem is that the glasses you are getting at the thrift stores and from the donation bins contain all types of prescriptions and I am sure a good number of them likely have astigmatism correction in them and that should make wearing them even for a short time very hard and cause you headaches as well. I suggest instead of doing these things you should just order glasses on-line stronger than your prescription calls. There are a good number of on-liners that don't require a doctor's rx. so you can order whatever you want.

If your a lurker I am sure you have noticed there are a great number of others in here that like you enjoy wearing stronger glasses then they need.

Try taking a look at the glasses at "" You should be able to find glasses you like for about what a thrift store sells them for.

Zyxw 28 Apr 2012, 10:10

lurking... although it isn't talked about much here, i have always enjoyed wearing stronger glasses than i need and going out in them. yes, without contacts. i enjoy the fully blurred experience as it gives me sort of a sexual rush.

but i get bored with my pairs and have used thrift stores to satisfy my urges. sometimes getting them from glasses collection bins too, but that's risky.

ksnl 22 Apr 2012, 03:59

Talking about a driver's license... here in South Africa you get your eyes checked every 5 years when you get your driver's renewed... unfortunately if you do happen to get pulled over, the majority of the time, the cops don't even check if you need glasses or not.

I'd also like to know what they would do if you said you were wearing contact lenses... how would they know if you are, in fact, wearing contacts or not?

lurking 21 Apr 2012, 09:22

oops...maybe should have posted that to the GOC thread...sorry

lurking 21 Apr 2012, 09:19

I just recently spent an entire day with my +13 contacts in but without my -20 glasses. It was a bit of a challenge and quite limiting being an uncorrected -20 myope, but it was just around the house so I managed. But I've been tempted to find out what it's like out in an unfamiliar environment. Maybe even going as far as to not take my glasses with me so I get the full experience and can't "cheat". Has anyone here done that?

varifocals 18 Apr 2012, 05:59

When both my wife & I renewed our passports we had to take off our glasses for the new eye recognition chip on them to work..

Sadly the UK border agency is very lax in checking passports, so I wonder what was the point of it all.

Dieter 17 Apr 2012, 20:06

In the state where I live, we are forced to remove our glasses to get an "unadulterated" photo for ID purposes. We have to take an eye test at each renewal which is no greater than every 6 years.

Melyssa 17 Apr 2012, 15:00

Today I went to the Photo License Center for my new license. A woman who was three customers before me went to the area, sat down on the chair for the picture, and took her glasses off. The female worker must have told her to put them on, as that's what the customer did. When I had my picture taken at the other spot next to that one, naturally I kept my black/white/crystal drop-temples on.

Astra 16 Apr 2012, 15:40

Is there a risk of drivers using under-corrected rx ? appears in corrective lenses, but are actually under-corrected significantly.

Clare 16 Apr 2012, 15:32

In the UK we only have to declare on the license application whether or not we are required to wear corrective lenses. So we're unlike the US where you have to appear in person for a test, possibly already wearing glasses which is a bit of a giveaway. I don't know what the code is but you'd have to be pretty diligent to find out what it means on a license.

Melyssa 16 Apr 2012, 13:38

I took my vision test at 16 and got the dreaded "L" on my license (then used for "Must Wear Corrective Lenses"), as I wore glasses full-time already. Whether or not the DMV dimbulbs even check for that when a person goes to renew his or her license, at least where I usually go, is unknown.

On one hand, if I went there for my quadrennial picture without my pretty drop-temples on, would the current code still go on my new license? On the other hand, what happens with people who switched to contacts or had Lasix?

Regardless, if someone of poor vision drove into me, my husband, or one of our prized possessions, there would be Cindy Crosby to pay.

Soundmanpt 16 Apr 2012, 12:48

What I am amazed at is that if you take the vision test for driving when your 16 and you have perfect eyesight and of course you pass it. Then your vision changes and you start wearing glasses and each year your glasses need an increase now your 25 and wearing glasses full time that are -5.00 but you cna legally drive your car without glasses because you passed it when you were 16?

varifocals 16 Apr 2012, 12:05

I feel the uk is too lax on poor driving vision.

I think it is equal to driving, using a mobile phone.

ehpc 16 Apr 2012, 07:53

It also has the distinct possibility of the driver, accident or no accident, ending up in jail.

Bensmith 16 Apr 2012, 06:50

Yes we all know that driving with bad eyesight is very bad. Let's move on.

Starry eyes, what other kind of incidents have you had without glasses? Do you ask people if you can't see something?

Astra 16 Apr 2012, 01:52

Re: Soundmanpt 15 Apr 2012, 22:13

driving in blur ... I assume she has blur obsession ?

Soundmanpt 15 Apr 2012, 22:13

Starry eyes

I'm sorry but there is no way you will ever convince be that your vision isn't badly impaired for driving day or night sun or no sun. You may well know the way to the market, but your vision of someone crossing the road would be far worse than someone that is seeing perfectly with glasses. What you do other times is fine, if you wish to take a walk and you walk off the bridge it will only be you getting wet. Attempting to drive without your glasses is not in any way being a hero, just daring what could and well happen someday if you continue.

Most people will fail the drivers vision test if they wear glasses that are only -1.00 and have a restriction placed on their license. Yes of course they can see well enough to drive without their glasses but not to be completely safe. You are far past that point.

Julian 15 Apr 2012, 14:57

I'm only a low plus, and I have never, in 49 years since I passed the driving test, been behind the wheel without my glasses, not even before I wore them full time. Starry eyes, I think you are a fool, or at least very foolish. That isn't flaming, I say it more in sorrow than in anger.

Love and kisses, Jules.

lentifan 15 Apr 2012, 14:44

I must say I find the thought of someone driving around without their -6.5d glasses rather scary. I'm sure it will be illegal and if you have an accident you'd never forgive yourself

Starry eyes 15 Apr 2012, 14:36

I didn't say it was easy driving without my glasses, and I only do it for places where I know how to get there. Don't worry I would not do it at night or when it is darker outside. But days like today, the sun is shining bright and I drove down to the grocery store without my glasses because I know where it is and when I get inside, even though it is a bit blurry, I know where the things are that I want.

I don't really wear my glasses that much, even around the house, because I have everything close by that I need. I did have to start wearing them more often for work because I used to make mistakes without them.

But it just boils down to what you can tolerate. -6.5 isn't really that bad, and sometimes I think people who wear their glasses all the time are just perfectionists and can't handle even a little blur. If you get used to it, you don't have to worry about putting contacts on your eyeball.

Just adjust your life around your bad vision and it won't be so bad anymore.

antonio 15 Apr 2012, 09:42

Hi Holly,

how do you get along ?

did your eyes get back to what they were before getting glasses or contacts ?

do you do a lot without glasses now and what if so ?

hope you are fine, best regards,


varifocals 15 Apr 2012, 07:17

Vision is vital.

I cycle, & despite being in the correct place I got hit by this elderly Asian driver in a large car with such force, she hurt my elbow & damaged her wing mirror.

Squinting badly she said should have been on the pavement!

Just before this she had gone round a roundabout causing a lorry driver to break suddenly & his produce fell on the floor.

He was following her to speak when she hit me !.

Licence numbers were exchanged !

He did an impromptu test with her on her distance vision which was poor.

So for driving please wear glasses at all times

Astra 15 Apr 2012, 06:53

Re: Soundmanpt 14 Apr 2012, 12:21, Varifocals 14 Apr 2012, 13:45

Indeed. most traffic accidents may have caused by drivers with uncorrected vision.

holly 14 Apr 2012, 19:26

I really dont like to wear my glasses at all when I cant wear my contacts, but for driving it is a must. I am only -2.00 L, -1.5 R, but still cannot make things out enough.

Varifocals 14 Apr 2012, 13:45

Starry eyes.

I fully agree with the comments made, not wearing glasses at -6.50 is raving mad, not only as a danger to your self but to other innocent road users/ petestrians.

Get a grip & put em on.

Soundmanpt 14 Apr 2012, 12:21

Starry eyes

Not meaning to be a spoil sport but I think it is very bad judgement to be driving a car without correction if your rx is -6.50. It is one thing to endanger your own life but you are putting others at risk as well. What you do that will only effect you is one thing so have as fun as you wish with doing that but there is no way you should be driving a car without correction.

Starry eyes 13 Apr 2012, 13:04

On a number of occasions, I have had to go without glasses and I am -6.5. Even had to go three weeks without my glasses after they were broken once. It was not impossible, and its not like things disappeared from view, but honestly there is a very strong amount of blur. I didn't have much trouble driving on very sunny days, but if it was partly cloudy or rainy, I had to take the bus because things were just too hard to see.

It is a personal thing I believe because I know people who have -2.5 and say their eyes are really bad and can't see anything without glasses.

I had a number of seriously embarassing incidents because of the strong blur, including trying to pick up a woman who turned out to be a man at our local club. Dim lights and bad eyes are a terrible combination.

Yoyo 13 Apr 2012, 11:40

Assuming it's a younger person, then the -5 probably has more trouble. The +5 will at least be able to accommodate and see reasonably well at a distance, but at -5 there's not much you can do to see more than a few feet in front of you. The -5 person will almost certainly be a full-time glasses/contacts wearer, whereas the +5 may not be.

As the +5 person gets older, they will probably have to go full time as well, though.

Cactus Jack 12 Apr 2012, 20:18

Minus vs plus,

Probably the guy with the +5 Rx, but it depends very much age and accommodation range. Without correction or accommodation, he cannot see clearly at ANY distance where the guy with the -5 Rx could see clearly from about 8 inches or 20 cm inward with little or no effort. From that point outward everything would be increasingly blurry.

I the +5 guy had good accommodation range (say 7 or 8 diopters), he could focus for distance and reading with very significant effort on the part of his ciliary muscles and lots of visual fatigue.

In some ways, your question is like asking which flavor ice cream is better, chocolate or vanilla. There is no definitive answer. In the case of +5 or -5, they both need correction, all the time, for maximum comfort and functionality.


Minus vs plus 12 Apr 2012, 17:43


I was wondering....

Obviously these are two very different eye problems, but out of a person with a -5 prescription and someone with a +5 prescription, who would have the worst vision, relatively speaking? Who would struggle to function the most?


Elly 12 Apr 2012, 07:01

Christal Veil:

Yes indeed, but with the difference that I'm supposed to have constant interaction with the pupils, I'm not doing a one woman show!

A friend of mine at university said she always did every performance (whether in music or at school) without her glasses so she wouldn't be so distracted by the look of her audience. But as a teacher it is difficult to escape your audience. I sometimes wonder how other teachers, maybe -1,5 or -2, would do their jobs, not seeing clearly what's going on in the back. I think if I had another job, maybe I wouldn't wear glasses that much.

Elly 12 Apr 2012, 06:53

My rx will not increase I guess, since it has gone down the last few years. It used to be more difficult to see the ground, that's true. But now that's OK.

Astra 12 Apr 2012, 05:52

Re: Elly 12 Apr 2012, 03:19

Did your rx stabilized ?

If your rx increase, you may realize it is difficult to see the ground normally !

Crystal Veil 12 Apr 2012, 04:29


your experience in front of a class full of pupils is not unlike my own experience while performing in concerts / recitals on stage. I am a fulltime glasses wearer with a rather unusual prescription (left +2.00, right -2.00) but I did most of my gigs without glasses. Seeing the audience in a bit of a blur is convenient as it creates an element of isolation needed to concentrate on the singing and playing. The difference is that your experience was not voluntary whereas in my case it's a deliberate choice. But the glasses were never far away and I was always happy to put them on again after leaving the stage.

Elly 12 Apr 2012, 03:19


I know all my pupils' places in class so I knew who was speaking. But I think maybe the expression on the face of a speaker and their gestures also add up?


I found my glasses back later that day somewhere in a closet and I was a little relieved although I liked going without. Whether I will ever try it again deliberately is something else. Going to work is not a problem at all since I live only 5 minutes away and go by bike. I like riding my bike without glasses but the annoying thing is meeting people you might know but don't recognize. and at school of course it is vital for me to see my pupils. I don't think I can afford to put myself in a weak position like that, even with all my very good classes. Any other situation without glasses for me is very normal. I would even drive the car (by day). I know some of you would say that is very dangerous but I just like to try it. Of course I always take my glasses with me, and I wouldn't do it in the city or so.

Astra 12 Apr 2012, 01:59

Re: antonio 11 Apr 2012, 18:56

For those without any visual signals, they can use the audio signals normally.

But, for those with some visual signals, the user may use the blurred image for information.

for the user, this can lead to wrong interpretation. because the user normally used the visual signals to recognize objects.

Astra 12 Apr 2012, 01:55

Re: antonio 11 Apr 2012, 18:56

blurred image received from eyes , would interfere with the signals in brain.

antonio 11 Apr 2012, 18:56

hi Elly ,

a minor effect could be that you can turn your head to people who you see are speaking or who want to speak soon if you have your glasses on, so your ears get the maximum of the noise.

If you havent a clue who is speaking or who will speak soon from your eyes

turning your head according to what your hear only might take more time and you dont get the first words ?

could that be true ?

best regards, antonio

P.S. we could also discuss on lenschat if you like

Tom 11 Apr 2012, 17:34

Elly, doing bareeyed with -3 is still doable, you can still pretend to see and hide your defect. I do sometime and have the same prescription (well, in the "good" eye). Tell us more e.g. how you got at work and how you came back home. And when and how you finally found your glasses... or are you still blind bareeyed? :-)

Astra 11 Apr 2012, 14:56

Re: Soundmanpt 11 Apr 2012, 14:20

Different senses are controlled by a single nervous system.

Soundmanpt 11 Apr 2012, 14:20

I think other senses can be or at least seem to be effected if one sense isn't working perfectly. I do believe there is a link between the senses that kinda all go together.

Clare 11 Apr 2012, 13:37

Elly - it may not be as strange as you think!

I had a colleague who wore contacts, as we went to the gym together in the morning we always had to take our work clothes with us and inevitably, occasionally, something got forgotten. Sometimes it was my colleagues' contacts which meant she had to go uncorrected all day. I don't know why I remember that her prescription was -1.75 and -2.75 with some cyl. She always swore that without glasses or contacts she heard less well.

Astra 11 Apr 2012, 09:26

Re: Elly 11 Apr 2012, 08:09

you would need more pairs of lenses available in case you would lost or damage the lenses.

Elly 11 Apr 2012, 08:09

I haven't posted since the site was moved here but recently I've started reading again. I thought my experience was worth posting here.

I'm -3 and usually wear my glasses, although there are days when I tend to take them off, especially at home. Two weeks ago I did so and couldn't find them when I had to leave for work - I'm a secondary school teacher. I remembered I still had some very old contacts but they turned out to be of no use anymore, so I had to go without. I admit I was feeling a little bit panicky then.

But it was a fun experience! Most classes thought I was wearing contacts, I assume, and I think I got away with it. But in one class they asked me where my glasses were. I just told them. When they did their presentations, one of the girls had made a drawing on the blackboard and tactfully told me what it was. Very nice for a 17-year-old!

The strange thing is I thought it was sometimes hard to understand what was being said although I don't think anything is wrong with my hearing. So I guess listening is also done with the eyes?

 10 Apr 2012, 17:12

thanks for the "nearsighting" in the "going without glasses" thread, Clare. :/

Soundmanpt 10 Apr 2012, 16:00


Very strange, I wonder why she didn't have her glasses? She is certainly someone that should have a spare pair if she can't see well enough to read "Platform" signs. It will be interesting now if you she her more often if not all time now wearing glasses? As you and I have discussed many times it's fine for someone to go without their glasses until they are at risk to them self or others. Knowing your limitations is most important.

Clare 10 Apr 2012, 14:42

Chaos at London Bridge station tonight which meant they were randomly changing platforms. After waiting a while our train was announced on a distant platform, I noticed someone who I see on the train squinting to see the departures board. "Platform 4" I said as I shot past to race up the steps to cross the platform, "Thanks" she said, "I don't have my glasses", though I sometimes see her in glasses so I presumed when she wasn't wearing them she was wearing contacts. Not nice, not to be able to see something essential like that.

 05 Apr 2012, 17:46


Cactus Jack 04 Apr 2012, 10:08


True. Vertex Distance effects vary with the power of the lens. It is a mathematical square function. For example, vertex distance effects for a -5.00 lens is calculated as follows. -5.00 x -5.00 = 25 then divide the result by 1000 25 / 1000 = 0.025 diopters per mm. Not very much, but it can make a small difference when calculating a CL Rx from a Glasses Rx where the Vertex Distance is 12 to 13 mm. with a -10 Rx, the effect would be 0.1 diopters per mm, -15 would be 0.225 diopters per mm, and -20 would be 0.4 diopters per mm. As you can see, the effective power of vertex distance change can get significant in strong glasses. The way vertex distance affects the "apparent" power of the glasses depends on whether the Rx is a - Rx or a + Rx. With a minus Rx, the effective corrective power DECREASES with increasing Vertex Distance, which is why a minus Glasses Rx is stronger than a corresponding CL Rx. With a plus Rx, the effective corrective power INCREASES with increasing Vertex Distance, which is why a plus Glasses Rx will be weaker than the corresponding CL Rx.

It can get a little confusing because usually and eye exam is done with a Phropter or Trial Lens frame about 12 mm from the front surface of the cornea, which is about the same distance as glasses Vertex Distance. In practical terms, if you wear a minus Rx and your glasses slide down your nose, the effective power of your glasses gets weaker and if you push your glasses closer to your face, the effective power of your glasses gets stronger. People with fairly strong minus Rx can use this to advantage. Depending on the glasses Rx, some people can slide their glasses down when they read an it is a bit like having reading glasses. Conversely, if your minus Rx needs to be increased, pushing your glasses closer to your face, may help until you can get some new glasses.


Astra 04 Apr 2012, 06:02

We have noticed when glasses slips, the vertex distance would increase from the value which the lenses are designed for.

Astra 04 Apr 2012, 06:01

Many have commented it is annoying when glasses keep slipping.

How annoying it is ?

If it is simply slipping, it is not much annoying.

Crystal Veil 19 Mar 2012, 19:41

As a trad musician I spent a lot of time in Dublin in the early 1990's. My favorite B&B was run by a generous lady called Sheila. On one occasion her hospitality included driving me to Heuston station and it was the only time I felt uneasy in her always pleasant company. The reason? She did not bother to put on her glasses which I estimated to be about minus three. She did not have contact lenses, hated her glasses and only used them when watching television. She knew the way to Heuston station quite well and we arrived there without an accident. Later I often wondered if I was at more risk during the car drive with Sheila compared to the journey home with fellow musicians who enjoyed perfect eyesight before the sessions with their umpteen pints of Guinness!

Clare 19 Mar 2012, 15:24

Soundmanpt - perhaps a little English understatement on my part when I said seeing train departure boards was 'generally dificult', what I meant was I suppose not possible, the displays are large but distant and there aren't any that it's generally possible to get close enough to! My also -3 friend I've seen on a train without her contacts, she could obviously get to work easily enough but claimed not to be able to see a thing in the distance without her contacts. Of course it wouldn't have occurred to her to put her glasses on instead ;)

Astra 19 Mar 2012, 14:09

Los Angeles area is quite extreme for its car culture.

But in any places, driving without glasses is dangerous.

In remote areas such as Northeast China, this can be worse than Los Angeles area, where roads are often poorly-maintained paved or un-paved.

SoCal 19 Mar 2012, 13:09


Just catching up on some past thread reading when I came across your conversation re: the -3.0 range. I'm -3.5/-3.25 and I can totally get what Clare is describing. Yes, going without correction for anything but driving is doable but it's really annoying and at times frustrating. Out here in the Los Angeles area, where driving is a necessity, not having correction in the 3 range is a no no, especially with our crazy freeways and equally crazy drivers.

Astra 19 Mar 2012, 04:45

Concerning "out of focus",

Slightly out of focus, and under-corrected by about 3 diopters is acceptable for a short time.

For example less than one day. In some cases , for one day can be causing temporary change in acuity.

If one keeps without glasses for a year, you should be able to notice significant decrease in acuity.

minus 5 who luvs gwgs 19 Mar 2012, 03:00

My g/f is minus15/minus16.25 without glasses she can only see a total blur even reading close up is impossible It has to be said there is no useable sight without glasses

Soundmanpt 18 Mar 2012, 19:08


Yes your disscription is about what most would see being -3.00. I think you stated it best by saying you mainly found it "annoying". That your vision would be fairly decent for a fair distance before it started to blur up. Being able to do your close work at your office should not have posed any problem at all for you. But like you said if you looked up to see someone across the room? Well it wasn't going to happen until they got closer to you. Now of course you could cheat if you remembered someone was wearing a red shirt. You could probably see a blob of red and assume it was that person. You do surprise me that you could see train signs well enough to find your way. You must have to get fairly close to make them out though don't you? Not being able to read the isle signs in the market I understand and as you say so long as they don't go moving things around i'm sure seeing the product and even the small price tag should be easy for you. Actually after your eyes have adjusted to not having any correction I would think you should be able to see close up perfect, maybe even better than with your contacts on.

Thanks for your accounting of "going without glasses/contacts"

Crystal Veil 18 Mar 2012, 18:14

The Miz,

only a few days - and that experience was enough for her. She was a missing person and picked up by the police.

The Miz 17 Mar 2012, 12:37

Crystal how long did she go without glasses? What other stories has she told you about her time without glasses?

Clare 17 Mar 2012, 01:36

As you say Soundmanpt, I can only comment on being -3 which, for a weekend, is quite possible although I'd imagine people who are used to having their vision corrected would find it annoying. I've never done that for a whole weekend but there have been times, fortunately not many, where i've lost a contact lens or had a very uncomfortable one and had to remove them. In that situation, getting around the office is easy enough, though not possible to see colleagues across it, I've also found that shopping in a supermarket is possible, assuming you already know where things are and don't need to read signs in the aisles. Getting home is also possible using public transport, that's if everything goes well as reading station departure boards is generally difficult, and of course driving would not be possible. At home its different, I often go bare-eyed until I need to see something or get fed up with everything being out of focus, a friend of mine, same Rx, wouldn't even consider it - as soon as her contacts come out she puts her glasses on.

Clare 17 Mar 2012, 01:35

As you say Soundmanpt, I can only comment on being -3 which, for a weekend, is quite possible although I'd imagine people who are used to having their vision corrected would find it annoying. I've never done that for a whole weekend but there have been times, fortunately not many, where i've lost a contact lens or had a very uncomfortable one and had to remove them. In that situation, getting around the office is easy enough, though not possible to see colleagues across it, I've also found that shopping in a supermarket is possible, assuming you already know where things are and don't need to read signs in the aisles. Getting home is also possible using public transport, that's if everything goes well as reading station departure boards is generally difficult, and of course driving would not be possible. At home its different, I often go bare-eyed until I need to see something or get fed up with everything being out of focus, a friend of mine, same Rx, wouldn't even consider it - as soon as her contacts come out she puts her glasses on.

holly 16 Mar 2012, 19:47

at -5.00 would be no fun without glasses. im with -4.25 -4.50 and wear contacts. when take my contacts out put my glasses straight on. if i didnt wear anything i would be tripping up. but if dont put glasses straight on can make things out. so easy to put glasses on to see its what your eyes get use to.

 16 Mar 2012, 06:10

@jim theres a recent example. take a look at all the posters here that attacked LauraC for not wearing glasses and literally demanded she get them. it's no wonder she doesn't post more often and im sure others feel the same.

Crystal Veil 16 Mar 2012, 02:20

Here is a true story about going without glasses at -5.00 with a -1.00 cylinder. It was the prescription of my ex-wife ran away from home aged 14 (in the summer of 1970). She landed in a group of squatters in the city of Utrecht and after a few days her glasses got broken beyond repair. She tried to walk the streets and on one occasion her company was gone. She got a panic attack on the big place at the foot of the famous Dom which is the highest tower in the Netherlands. She told me several times that she felt really helpless and unable to function. She told me this story several times when I made her acquaintance in 1975. I suppose there is a difference between going without glasses by choice or in an experiment and being forced to go without glasses as a result of an accident. In later years she did an experiment, making an oil painting without her glasses on. Her prescription had changed to -5.50 with -2.00 cylinders. She noticed that the shapes in the painting tended to become elongated, Modigliani style, and we even discussed that Modigliani may have had a similar uncorrected astigmatism when he made his paintings. She found it an interesting experiment. Not frightening at all since she knew that her glasses were within reach. I suppose that one's stability - or the lack of it - plays a role as well. My partner Nel is well able to function on a beach and go for a swim without her glasses. Her prescription is -11 / -12 but there is never a sign of panic or even minor uncertainty when she goes swimming in the sea. Again, this is an example of a deliberate choice and this makes all the difference in the world. Another example: at the opening of my first exhibition, one of my best models (Carla) managed to do the catwalk in high heels and myodisc glasses some 12 diopters above her own prescription without GOC. Doing this experiment was her own idea and I saw to it that she tried it out before doing the actual catwalk. Carla said that the red carpet had been quite helpful during the catwalk. I hope that these true stories are helpful in the discussion.

Jim 15 Mar 2012, 21:10

It really doesn't make sense for people to be ridiculed for not wearing glasses on a thread titled "going without glasses". If that's the real reason no one posts those stories anymore then it's a shame those ridiculers don't realize this thread is designed for people talking about going without glasses.

Soundmanpt 15 Mar 2012, 18:47

Where's Clare when you need her. She is not at -5.00 but but since no one else has come forward I think we all would enjoy hearing how someone at -3.00 could get by for the weekend without glasses or contacts.

Or of course any others would be more than exceptable.

 15 Mar 2012, 18:11

Jim that's probably because the minute someone starts telling people in this thread they go without glasses, they get mobbed by people berating and nagging them to wear glasses.

Sad, but true. And I miss it too.

Astra 14 Mar 2012, 12:10


That was not my idea.

This is a place where anyone can share about their experience without glasses.

or sharing information relevant to going without glasses.

currently I don't have any interest, but if someone write about their experience, I may like to comment.

Soundmanpt 14 Mar 2012, 10:41


Like you I would find true tales of anyone relating being without their glasses and needing -5.00 or more correction. I'm sure it would be quite a challenge for them. That being said I would really hope they would never attempt to drive a car without their glasses because that would be extremely dangerous to themselves and others.

You are right there hasn't been any postings of anyone going without their glasses over a weekend for some time now.

Astra 14 Mar 2012, 05:07

Re: Jim 13 Mar 2012, 20:40

I suppose -5 is not a big deal for spending a weekend without glasses deliberately...

More challenging when one has to drive mobiles.

Jim 13 Mar 2012, 20:40

I miss those stories about when people would try to go without their glasses even though they usually wore them. There was someone who said they would write about their whole weekend without their -5s but they never did...

 13 Mar 2012, 20:38

Astra 19 Feb 2012, 10:37

Re: Tom 18 Feb 2012, 18:48

I like to squint. squint badly, unable to focus.

gst 18 Feb 2012, 18:59

Nope lots of us here, Tom. This single thread was created for people like us, and it would be nice if all the others who urge people to wear glasses would stop doing so in this area. Let us have our enjoyment too.

Tom 18 Feb 2012, 18:48

If I was Laura's bf maybe I did not force her to go bareeyed, but sure I'd appreciate very much.I think her real bf and myself are on the same obsession of loving squinting girls. Are we the only two here around? ;-)

varifocals 18 Feb 2012, 06:36


Hi Tom.

I have made contact with Laura C & not a very happy one.

Sadly her eyes are getting worse but her current boy friend seems to get his kicks out of seeing the poor girl squinting like mad. Not a very nice way to treat her so at the moment she is caught between the fact her eyes are getting bad, but on the other has a severe complex on how she looks in glasses. She is-4.50 -6,0 now so they eyes are out of balance too.

I knew a girl in a similar situation to Laura but luckily was rescued as he made her wear her glasses, & as happens a lot in this site she gradually forgot she had them on & clear vision kicked in.

This girl married in her glasses & was asked to pose without for pictures. She did try but found it too hard & called for her glasses back.

I wish Laura well, a nice person,

Flaine 18 Feb 2012, 05:36


Although i did seed her a email quite a while ago, Laura havent replied me. Maybe the mail didn't get through. I would try again later if i have the time...

Maybe Astra has been in contact with her im not too sure.

Crystal Veil 17 Feb 2012, 20:06

Holland is very much the same as Florida. No legislation at all once you have the driver's license, and even the initial test is a joke. E.g. there is no testing of 3D vision which is crucial in assessing many situations when driving a car. The opticians and eye doctors tried to put this problem on the political agenda but without any success. Strange in a country where so much is regulated by law and where the yearly death rate in traffic accidents is heavily monitored.

Revolver 17 Feb 2012, 09:47

Florida is about the worst example. When you get your first license, whether it's as a callow youth or moving in from another state, you go through the Titmus machine routine. But after that your license is good for 8 years, and you renew by mail. Just fill out the form they send you and send back with your check and you get your new license in the mail.

This is even more egregious by the fact that FL has so many Sr. Citizens it is threatening to sink into the ocean by virtue of weight, and as a demographic, seniors experience more serious vision problems than anyone else. Absurd.

Soundmanpt 16 Feb 2012, 21:11


Yes, I totally agree. Very scary.

SZ6 16 Feb 2012, 18:47


I just renewed my license here in Massachusetts, five years after my previous renewal. I was able to do the whole thing online. The form asked whether I still had a corrective lens requirement (for my -10 and change) and I said yes. I got my license with no problems.

If my vision had deteriorated to being uncorrectable, it seems I could have still gotten away with renewing my license...


Dieter 16 Feb 2012, 18:02

Forgot to add: requiring 20/20 vision in both eyes (i.e. no monovision).

Dieter 16 Feb 2012, 17:56


Truck drivers with a CDL Class A license are subject to Fed DOT standards which require a physical with an eye test at least every 2 years. So no worries - LOL.

Soundmanpt 16 Feb 2012, 17:00


I just "googled" drivers vision restrictions and it gave the restrictions for all the states. I have to admit I am shocked that about half of them states that you only need to pass it when you first apply for a driver's license.

Melyssa 16 Feb 2012, 15:59


I'm afraid it's true about the vision check. Maybe that's why there are so many bad truck drivers (18-wheelers down to Suburban Assault Vehicles) -- they can't see the road that far down. Or in the case of oldies, they can't see over the wheel and through the windshield. As for the 12 letters, well, maybe it was 13 by then. LOL

Soundmanpt 16 Feb 2012, 14:51


Only 12 letters??? That was some time ago. That's interesting about the seniors and about not having to take the vision exam ever again. Actually doesn't really sound too safe if you ask me. It seems very scary to think someone could go in at 18 with perfect vision, get a job on a computer, eyes change and at 40 they are wearing glasses, or contacts, full time and they would not be required to wear correction for driving if they decided to not wear their glasses? So if you had not yet started wearing glasses when you got your first driver's license that now at -9.00 you would not be required by law to wear your glasses?

By the way in Missouri it says "restrictions" and if you need corrective lenses they will put a small"A" under that.

Melyssa 16 Feb 2012, 14:13


In my region, seniors can renew for a two-year period, at about half the cost of four, if they feel they might not be driving two years down the "road" as it were. But I do not know of anyone having to take the vision test again after the first time, which for me was such a long time ago, the alphabet had just 12 letters. :)

Soundmanpt 16 Feb 2012, 12:03


As I have mentioned before I am in the state of Missouri and I know all states seem to handle driver's license renewal differently, like the number of years a renewal is good for. Here it is 6 years and you say it is for 4 years in your state. But I did think all states required a quick vision test as part of the renewal process? Generally it is only a machine that you look into like a view finder and they only ask you to see the 20/40 letters, symbols and signs. If you wear glasses you leave your glasses on for the test as it only to be sure your glasses are still correcting vision so you can see at least 20/40. If you don't pass the test they will not renew your license until you have proper eyewear.

Tom 16 Feb 2012, 11:00


why were you recently reporting about LauraC? Did you get in contact with her? Does anyone have news from her? Flaine maybe... I'd love to see her squinting hard :-)

Melyssa 16 Feb 2012, 07:46

When I was 16 and I went to get my learner's permit to drive, I was already wearing glasses full-time, and I had to read the eye chart at the place. Even though I read enough of the letters correctly, I still got the dreaded "L" on my permit, which of course carried over to the regular driver's license itself. Now it's some other kind of code somewhere on it.

There were two girls ahead of me in line that day, and one said to the other, "I forgot my glasses! Now I won't be able to drive!" I do believe the DMV made her return another time with her glasses.

Either way, that was the last time I had to read the big "E" and everything below it at the DMV. Now the only times I go there are for my photograph for the license renewal every four years (during Leap Years).

Soundmanpt 15 Feb 2012, 18:38


Not sure how you might want to approach it, if at all, but if she is having that much trouble seeing an a store window how safe do you think she is driving a car. Also I am sure her vision is even worse after dark. Something she maybe didn't include may well be causing her to squint so much is if she maybe has some astigmatism going on? You might want to ask her when she is due to renew her license. If she has had her license for several years no doubt her eyes were better than they are now. As you may know you don't need perfect vision to pass but you must be able to see 20/40. Usually anything more than -.50 will not pass. Bottom line is if she wants to be able to continue to drive she will be getting glasses in the near future.

guest 15 Feb 2012, 16:51

We are here in the United States but I didn't realize her eyes are so bad that she would not pass the DMV test! Her prescription is so low!

It is interesting because she had her license for a few years now so I guess she is free to drive without glasses now. It makes me wonder how many people are behind the wheel who can't even read the license plates ahead of them because their eyes got bad after they passed the test.

Soundmanpt 15 Feb 2012, 12:00


Not sure why she would be squinting when her eyes were only -.25 as doctors don't even prescribe glasses at that prescription unless the patient insists. There can be cases where ones eyes are that sensitive to notice the need for even a slight correction, but it is rare. Now being prescribed -.75 glasses is enough to make a difference, but not so much that she should be squinting that much looking in windows at the mall. If she is squinting as you describe it could be that she is young and still able to accommodate. I doubt they dilated her eyes when she had her eyes examined? That would have relaxed her eyes more and she may have gotten a stronger prescription. But even at such a weak rx she should at least get a pair of glasses as there will be times when having perfect vision would be helpful. Not sure what county your in but she would likely not pass the vision test for driving without glasses. by refusing to get glasses is not going to make her eyes get any better, and as she is finding they will likely continue to only get a little worse all the time until she will have no choice. Then instead of only needing them for certain distant things she will probably need them much more.

guest 15 Feb 2012, 11:05

Ran into a friend of mine yesterday at the mall, and found her squinting while window shopping. She always had sexy eyes and I loved the way she squints. But she never used to squint this hard before, or at least I don't remember it being that hard for her to see.

We got to talking and she says that her prescription went up from -.25 to -.75 in both eyes and she feels blind, but still doesn't want to wear glasses. Blind?!?!! I can't understand how someone with such a low prescription could think they are blind. I asked her if she has astigmatism and she said she didn't think so.

Funny thing is that she refuses to get glasses but had her eyes checked anyway because she says things are getting worse. She said the eye doctor told her it was not necessary for her to wear glasses all the time yet, but her eyes are getting worse over the last few years, and she might expect to see a jump in prescription again.

Does any of this make sense?

guest 14 Feb 2012, 07:57

Um... two things.

First, you DO realize LauraC was FAKE, right?

Second, why are you encouraging someone in the Going Without Glasses thread to wear their glasses? How about letting those of us who enjoy people who go without glasses enjoy their experiences in this thread? All the other threads are dedicated to people like you.

Astra 14 Feb 2012, 07:25

I think we've all known about Laura C has sort of unbalanced rx now.

one eye is -4.25 and the other -6.00

as Dave you have said about very bad consequences... it already happened a little for Laura C.

If she wear glasses earlier she won't likely to have so much difference between two eyes. I would say the chance would be very small. much less than 5 % chance.

But, Laura C insist not to wear glasses at around -3 to -4 diopter. This is disastrous for her desire to slow down myopia !

Now we all know that, two major environmental factors influence the increase of myopia are, 1. close work or too strong lenses, 2. image quality !

now the 2. image quality is vital in causing her problem.

As I have said many months before, I hope she can end up as very high rx girl .

I am now convinced that image quality does have impact on myopia, before that I never heard of image quality does impact myopia.

The best way to induce myopia for her is simply, not to wear the glasses ! It is just Laura C don't know about this fact !

After all she have such difference between her eyes, her glasses must look so interesting.

I always fancy these girls with much different rx between eyes, it is much courage to adapt to such different rx . Have seen several of those , they look beautiful focusing such different rx lenses.

Even in Laura C case, it is a courage for her to insist not to wear her glasses.

Soundmanpt 08 Feb 2012, 14:04


I would think something like -.50 in both eyes with AR coating or maybe even -.75. I doubt it will be anything more than that. But she will notice the difference.

Id she was told she only needs them for driving at night, her vision should still be good enough to pass the drivers vision test without being required to wear glasses. However she may soon feel more comfortable wearing them for driving during the day as well, but that is pretty much up to her. In her case her glasses will make her vision like seeing HD TV.

husband 08 Feb 2012, 12:51

My 48yr old wife had been complaining about driving at night. She recently had her eyes checked and was prescribed glasses. Doc said her eyes aren't too bad but she definitely should wear them when driving at night. I haven't seen her script, but what would you expect it to be? She gets them next week.

SoCal 08 Feb 2012, 02:27

@Soundmanpt My eyes totally feel awesome! My rx isn't terribly high, but it's enough to keep me in glasses most, if not, all the time. Anyway, I'm just happy that I am getting great use out of my most recent frame selection (which I totally love).

Soundmanpt 08 Feb 2012, 00:28


I can see where that would make for a bad day. Too bad that happened, but at least it got you back into wearing glasses more often. Like you, many of my friends are finding that they are again enjoying wearing their glasses more now that they have several pairs as well as sunglasses. Besides it's good to give your eyes a rest from the contacts anyway. I'm sure your eyes feel much better now at the end of the day.

SoCal 07 Feb 2012, 23:29

Had a bad Sunday at Disneyland with a ripped contact lens and no glasses. Needless to say, wearing one contact lens for 8 hours really sucked. I've been wearing my glasses and will do so for the remainder of the week (I'm sort of digging it).

Revolver 07 Feb 2012, 10:01

Forgot to mention don't go w/o glasses on the eye dominance test, because if there is a real big difference in distance acuity you might not be able to see any object at all in the weaker eye! But corrected v/a should easily show dominance.

John S 07 Feb 2012, 08:39

That was a cool test. I am right handed, my left eye is dominant.

Astra 07 Feb 2012, 04:19


yes. the movement is extreme.

The object can be seen with left eye, not right eye.

my right eye needing -1.00 more minus.

Revolver 06 Feb 2012, 09:56

My bad. Maybe someone will post a fantasy story about eyes having a thumb and forefinger! Your experience would indicate that you're right eye dominant. But usually the movement of the object is more extreme, perhaps it wasn't so much in your case because you're ambi.

Melyssa 05 Feb 2012, 11:24


Taking the thumb and forefinger of each hand (not eye, LOL), I tried your experiment for near and far objects, and they stayed closer to center when looking with my right eye, not my left. From my old prescriptions, I seem to recall the right eye having more minus, i.e. needing stronger correction, starting off with -1.75 and -1.50.

Revolver 05 Feb 2012, 10:19

Melyssa: there is very much a connection between eye and hand dominance and is a key factor in fitting presbyopic monovision contact lenses. But you raise an interesting issue in being ambidextrous.

When we are very young, our brains select right or left hand as the preferred one to use. The brain also does the same for our vision. And interestingly enough it doesn't always correspond to the eye with the least refractive error.

But being ambi? I guess it could be either eye, but you wouldn't be considered cross-dominant as there is no "cross" to your preferred hand.

There's a simple test to discover your dominant eye. Take the thumb and forefinger of each eye and form a circle about 3" in diameter. Hold that circle about a foot in front of your face, select a small object about 10 feet away and look at the object through the circle with both eyes an center it. Then, without moving the circle away from the object, close one eye and then the other. Through the non-dominant eye the object will no longer be centered, it will remain centered through the dominant eye.

Melyssa 04 Feb 2012, 11:13

I never heard of eye dominance vision-wise to coincide with being left-handed or right-handed. Then again, my RX is -9.00 in both eyes and I am ambidextrous -- writing with either hand, and doing other activities with one hand or the other on most occasions.

Revolver 04 Feb 2012, 09:54

CJ is partially right about B. Yes, it would be considered natural monovision and the OD eye would be the distance eye as it is plano. But this would only work if B is right eye dominant. If B is left eye dominant distance vision would be at the -3.50 level which would be very poor distance vision. And if presbyopic would not be able to use OS for reading as it has no plus prescription. Usually eye dominance coincides with being right handed/left handed but in some cases, such as myself, people are right handed and left eye dominant or vice versa which is called cross dominant. I am right handed, but am plano left eye and +2.25 for reading in right eye (contact, of course).

Cactus Jack 03 Feb 2012, 11:21


B has natural mono vision (bifocals) and can use the right eye for distance and the left eye for reading (even if a little close). Depending on the available accommodation, intermediate distances (computer) could cause problems.

Vision occurs in the brain which has incredible image processing capability if it knows what something is supposed to look like. The brain will select the best image for the task at hand as its primary image and use the image from the other eye to supplement the information. The neat thing is that you rarely realize that it is doing all this. The only down side is that the image processing and correcting takes a lot of mental energy, but in B case, it mostly just switches from one eye to the other to deal with the task at hand.

B does not NEED glasses, but likely does not have very good depth perception (3D vision). Glasses might even be initially uncomfortable as the brain learns to deal with two high quality images and construct 3D images.

Been there, done that, and got the glasses - only my left eye was -1.50 at the time. Right eye was 0.00. Biggest problem was that I was no good at ball sports (baseball and american football). By the time I figured out where the ball was, it either had hit me or flown past me.


Astra 03 Feb 2012, 08:00

Re: 03 Feb 2012, 07:32

I have heard some advice online that tells B having no need to wear glasses.

Is that true B does not need glasses ?

 03 Feb 2012, 07:32

That looks like Colonel Klink's prescription.

Astra 02 Feb 2012, 19:54

If B has rx like this:

OD 0.00

OS -3.75

how would the bi-ocular image look like for B without any correction ?

Astra 29 Nov 2011, 17:45

As mentioned some time earlier, I had eyelid operation before, due to my narrow eye opening which caused lower light contrast etc. due to less light entering the eyes.

yes. without adequate light entering the eyes, we can't even discern blurry images. Instead the image would be interpreted as low lighting.

Astra 29 Nov 2011, 17:17


The refractive errors particularly associated with those "irregular" eye shapes tend not to be myopia.

Typically astigmatism or other aberrations.

Varifocals 29 Nov 2011, 16:44


re Paulette.

Maybe her nice large almond brown eyes may be myopic but her 2 sisters have normal vision.

Astra 29 Nov 2011, 16:28

Re: Paulette

About almond-shaped eyes.

Why people liked this shape of eyes. Could be because this shape is close to average in human population.

Moreover this shape gives hint to practical purposes of eye.

The optimum shape for focusing light is likely close to almond/ round eye-shape. the corresponding eye socket should be somewhat round in shape.

slit/narrow/triangular eye-shape are present in some populations but the acuity performance may be slightly lower. If the eye socket is not close to spherical (round) the eyeball may grow less close to spherical shape. This may cause refraction errors.

Astra 25 Nov 2011, 10:34

typo: "interrupted" should be "spoiled"

We also realize the air quality is very bad either in "Central" and the Peak. Moderately bad in Stanley.

Astra 25 Nov 2011, 10:32

Overall this night walk on Lugard Road is the only enjoyable part of tonight.

The rest we had on the Peak is interrupted by fetid smell of gasoline where the traffic is heavier.

Astra 25 Nov 2011, 10:30

I'm back in Hong Kong for 1-night stay.

Having lived in Hong Kong for about 10 years. but I have had little time to experience the environment.

Ajay and I arrived at the city "Central" at 20:00, arrived at "the Peak" at 20:40. Visited a short portion of Lugard Road for 2 times with Ajay at 20:30-21:30 .

We correctly guessed the Peak does not have fog cover tonight. This is typical in the month of November where the climate is near the driest of the year.

We discovered this place was moderately quiet. Occasionally there are some pedestrians. The lighting was generally adequate. Some portions receives more artificial light while some portions can be considerably dark in color.

The road is paved and with some portions of dim lighting. I made some attempt of going without lenses for discontinuous minutes out of curiosity.

I notice the road looks wider not looking through lenses. When corrected my acuity is around 20/30 . The details through lenses are quite good, I can see various mosses, tree bark features, leaves etc. under dim lighting. (not as bright as daylight, and I cannot tell the exact color) I can read the descriptions about vegetation, along this road. But due to dim light, I find the contrast a bit low. I can see the road and vegetation comfortably below 10 m. About 20 m I find the image of leaves blurred.

Without lenses my acuity is less than 20/400 . Whilst details are not noticeable, I can distinguish the road surface without problem, but the road surface is blurred. I cannot see tree bark details, and the tree itself looks blurred. I also tried to look at description not through the lenses, and stay at the same distance where I can read the description with lenses. (the lenses are down my nose but I deliberately look above them). I can't see a word, I see blurred blobs which is slightly darker than the "white" background. And the road or vegetation at 5-20 m away are blurred, much more than the thru lenses blur for 20 m.

varifocals 23 Nov 2011, 04:59

Yes the comments about Paulette did go deeper.

She was picked up as needing glasses at 7 in the school eye test but did not get them until 11 as her lebonese mother did not like her wearing glasses as her two sisters were ok.

The local education authority threatened action & so at 11 she got glasses.

From then on fine & she met her fiance in a pub & he had stronger glasses than her & he wore his at the wedding.

He was annoyed to see his squinting bride along side him without glasses & a row followed.

She likes glasses & saw her recently with her husband, nice red frames & going nicely with her black hair.

She said was really hard on that day & it hit home when she looked out of the car window into the blur looked for her glasses through instinct & was pannicky.

A good job she did not need myos.

She has stable vision but both have regular check ups & have serperate pairs for reading.

Neither like bifocals/ varifocals.

Like lenses 23 Nov 2011, 02:19


Your comment about your friend feeling like a fish out of the water without her glasses reminded me of how I felt when getting my first pair of minus glasses.

Although vision was so incredibly sharp with the glasses,I had the feeling that I was now living in a fish bowl. As exciting as new glasses still are the fish bowl feeling comes back with each new pair. Just got new ones two days ago,with -.50 more in each eye.

Astra 22 Nov 2011, 22:15


The parents may not aware of the effect of removal of lenses.

Such decision also hints at the family may have some foreign influences. Unlike what is common in Northern Europe or other modernized societies, where family hierarchy are minimal or non-existent.

Traditionally, parents are considered a higher rank of a large family hierarchy.

Parents are expected to decide all details of a wedding. The bride normally would join the large family hierarchy, living in the same house with the parents.

Soundmanpt 22 Nov 2011, 09:05


I did not see your orginal story about your friend Paulette, but the choice to wear or not wear glasses when getting married should be by the bride. It would seem rather silly I would think since she was wearing glasses full time and it was likely that everyone probably was used to seeing her in glasses, why take take them off and appear different than everyone knows you? And like you say even a rather moderate rx worn full time can cause a good bit of dependency. She probably should have kept her glasses on most of the time and if the mother wanted a picture without her glasses she could have removed them for a few closeup pictures that might have produced pictures without squinting. Then she could have put her glasses back on and enjoyed the day and not left with a headache. Melyssa had the right idea I would think, now she has pictures that looks as she looks today, just slightly older.

Melyssa 22 Nov 2011, 06:46

When I got married, everyone knew I would be wearing my glasses, just not which ones I would select. I did not want them to be the "focal" point, so I wore clear unisex frames during the picture-taking, the ceremony, and reception. I had worn my white cat's-eyes while getting ready with my entourage. There was no way I would have gone through the happiest day of my life not being able to see properly, due to wanting to see where I was going in my wedding gown, and to see the happy (relieved?) expressions on the guests' faces.

Varofocals 22 Nov 2011, 04:58



I have told the story before of my friend Paulette , not a severe myopie but was asked to take off her glasses for her wedding by her Mother so as to show off her brown almond eyes.

When you are a full time wearer , dependency increases.

She felt like a fish out of water when shwe looked out of the car, saw the blur & had no visual aid.

All the wedding pictures was bad too as she squinted badly.

Also developed a severe headache.

Not good.

Astra 22 Nov 2011, 04:26

For me, I am more interested about experience of girls who wear glasses daily, but for any reasons they have to go without glasses for short period of time .

Tom 22 Nov 2011, 01:57

I agree with "Striking Candle", there are some people (and I'm one of those) who enjoy the sighting of a squinting girl/woman not less than that of a bespectacled one. So I think the bf of Laura has a very great time in seeing her going around bareyed!!!

After all, this is a thread about not wearing glasses so I agree that you should stop judging her so harshly.

varifocals 20 Nov 2011, 02:11

I agree with Astra as it can involve more than just one person.

A relative of mine has just been injured & his vehicle a write off caused by the other person having poor vision.

Astra 19 Nov 2011, 23:16

In public places, if you insist to go with low acuity,

You may affect the safety of others.

Striking Candle 19 Nov 2011, 11:15

varufocuals and others

how about you stop judging LauraC and allow her to enjoy her own choice of vision? please re-read the thread topic before you keep trying to get someone here to wear glasses.

not everyone enjoys women in glasses on this board. some of us enjoy seeing women who need glasses avoid wearing them. yes, for some of us enjoy that very much, and there are lots of other threads for you to pronounce your love for that. but how about everyone here back off judging those who want to not wear glasses.

Melyssa 19 Nov 2011, 10:32

As they say in music, If you don't "C#", you'll "Bb".

varifocals. 18 Nov 2011, 11:32

Well Flaine.

We know that you are a bright girls so maybe you can give Laura some support to gain confidence & see a nice sharp world & enjoy it.

Flaine 18 Nov 2011, 09:54

I dont see why almost everyone is critisizing Laura here. I can confirm that Laura's identity should be unquestioned. We email each other occasionally and her replies ditto to the things she posts here, except very much in advance. I do hope that all these humiliation would cease, as this board is for enjoyment purposes rather than for personal attacks..

Astra 18 Nov 2011, 07:35

It is always better for Laura C to admit, rather than blame people around her,

that her vanity is caused by herself, for some strange reasons.

I understand the initial desire to stop myopic growth.

But, don't blame others for your vanity.

Astra 18 Nov 2011, 07:27


Now it seems Laura C try to blame her employers and boyfriend, for her reluctance to wear glasses.

I am very doubtful about her claim.

I would suggest otherwise, that people around her have humiliated her.

So, she ask for sympathy here.

varifocals 18 Nov 2011, 04:10

AS I have mentioned in the past here I was a clerical staff rep in London transport & as such sat in on a dicipline case where a very vain girl was actually made to get contacts as she was very short sighted but refused to wear her glasses.

Ironically this move was supported by her Father who was the Health & Safety Officer.

So she got gas permable lens, managed to snap one & loose another in her car but the screws were kept on !.

She left LT in a restucturing & worked with the RAC at Stanmore where she needed sharp vision.One up side of the contacts case was that she learnt to drive.

In the end she had a b/f who took a strong line & made her wear glasses & got totally depndant & liked them.

She married wearing glasses.

So Laura C dont be an isdiot & if your b/f likes seeing you squinting into the blur, thats sad.

Soundmanpt 17 Nov 2011, 12:52

Mr. Jules

Pretty much the same here in the states. Here it is called the Labor Relations Board. As I stated the managers never said they couldn't wear glasses back then only that they encouraged it that they didn't. I'm just glad that now glasses are much more widely accepted everywhere.

JK 17 Nov 2011, 12:48

How about we stop attacking someone who favors going without glasses in the Eyescene thread where we talk about the joys of going without glasses?

Ya think?

 17 Nov 2011, 12:46

You tried contacts more than once, LauraC? But you should recall that you told us before that getting these recent glasses was the first time you ever went for "any" vision correction...

...the story falls apart more and more with each new posting.

Mr Jules 17 Nov 2011, 11:17

Blimey, here in the UK, if you got sacked from a job for wearing glasses, you take to your ex-employer to an industrial tribunal, claiming damages for unfair dismissal.

Soundmanpt 17 Nov 2011, 11:10

Laura C

In a word I can only say your boss is "crazy", he really thinks that a customer would choose to go to a different pub because a server is wearing glasses? He should be much more concerned with the quality of food an drink they they offer and how clean the pub is. That is what I would be more concerned with as a customer.

I must honestly say that only a few years a go Hooter's manager's did try and encourage there girls not to wear glasses at work. But since most of their girls are in college and we all know from in here that often leads to the need for vision correction and with glasses now being much more popular they now have no problem with it.

You have stated your rejection to wearing glasses many times in here. But no matter how good of a worker you are you are not capable of performing at your best with your bad eyesight. If a customer is trying to get your attention only a few feet away because they may want more bread you can't even see them. So if I were one of your customers and I felt like you were ignoring me do you think I would give you a big tip or for that matter even come back to your pub?

Sorry to tell you but if I were your boss i would fire you for not wearing your glasses so you could do your prober job. I don't mean to be mean, but do you see what I am saying?

Laura C 17 Nov 2011, 07:15

My boss thinks that the look of the waitress/waiters could be one of the reasons for which a customer should select one or the other pub. So he thinks eyeglasses are not so nice to be seen on us employees... and I must admit that I also feel terrible behind the lenses.

Astra: I cannot wear contacts. I tried more than once in different opticians but I always get hurt immediately and cannot tolerate them for more than few minutes!

 16 Nov 2011, 23:16

If you look you will see that the "7" key is also the "&" key which I was able to figure out what she was saying. Come on people, use a little common sense!

 16 Nov 2011, 17:51

what in the world are you saying varifocals? 7 women had glass pussies??? wtf?

Astra 16 Nov 2011, 17:51


There are all sorts of abnormal people worldwide.

Abnormal employers included.

 16 Nov 2011, 14:57


I agree.

I find the Laura C story a little odd!!

SpeKtic 16 Nov 2011, 14:24

Interesting how the later posts of Laura C had her wearing glasses in public but with difficulty adjusting, yet "this" Laura C still doesn't wear glasses in public. I think your story is falling apart again, LL.

varifocals 16 Nov 2011, 12:03

I dont understand Laura Cs employers attitude towards her glasses- if true- at all.

I looked in the window of the famous Jewellers H, Samuel in Bedford & three girls were doing the window up.

All 3 had glasses, all plussies 7 one with bright wild red hair too.

So that manager was not worried.

Clare 15 Nov 2011, 14:50

Soundmanpt - I'm with you there. -4.5 in the better eye would be a challenge that most people wouldn't be able to tolerate bare-eyed. I have a friend who's -4 in both eyes, happy enough around the house for a while without correction, but no way he'd consider the outside world without it. At -3 and -2.75 I can understand that and I'm some way off it.

Soundmanpt 15 Nov 2011, 12:43


It is very acceptable now to be wearing glasses. Even Hooter girls wear glasses at work. There are 6 Hooter's near where I live and I go to all of them and I see at least one girl, often more, at every location wearing glasses.

I'm sure her boss would quickly decide that would be okay for her to wear her glasses the first time she trips and falls and lands on a table or has a whole order go flying through the air.

To be honest I really find it very hard to believe that with the rx she claims to be that she could do much of anything without correction. Certainly not on a daily basis. Someone I know quite well that works as a food and drink server broke her glasses a few months back and she could not see even a short distance to determine when they someone needed a refill of their drinks without going up close to their table to see. Her rx is only -2.50.

Astra 15 Nov 2011, 10:30

If a boss is biased about glasses, why don't consider leaving the company ?

These days, Most employers accept employees with glasses.

varifocals 15 Nov 2011, 08:23

Hi Laura.

Welcome back.

I am amazed that you are still in the myopic blur as it must be getting near the dangerous stage, road safety etc.

Astra is right, why wont you use contacts at work.

It must be better for your boss than to have a very short sighted waitress.

As for your boy friend getting a thrill with you suffering.

There is a nice world out there.

See it!!

Astra 15 Nov 2011, 06:28

I assume normal lenses are far from ugly, compare with this:

Astra 15 Nov 2011, 05:13

"Moreover my boyfriend likes my myopic uncorrected eyes"

Aha, Strange people think alike.

Astra 15 Nov 2011, 05:09

Laura C,

you may wear contact lenses so that your boss can accept the look, while you can have correction.

Laura C 15 Nov 2011, 03:49

Glad to see that you still remember me... ;-)

I'm ok for everything apart from my vision, that is very bad, as you know. However, glasses are still not an option, definitely ugly and too strong to be seen with them in public!!!! I,m using just at home when my mother is around... Moreover my boyfriend likes my myopic uncorrected eyes and I cannot wear at work since my boss wants us waitresses to show the best possible look to our customers, you know...

So, still coping bareeyed although it requires a lot of struggling and not always works fine (days ago I jumped again into the wrong car since I could not recognise the boy who was driving!!!).

That's it. Feel free to ask or contact me by e-mail if you want to know more.


Ladygirl: I usually go bareeyed and have -4.5 in one eye and -6 in the other (plus lot of astigmatism). I understand your troubles but you should definitely exercise more. Drop me an e-mail and I can share some of my tricks ;-)

Astra 14 Nov 2011, 22:40


Why don't like hiding pretty eyes behind glasses ?

Soundmanpt 14 Nov 2011, 17:29


It can be different depending on the person. But I would say -.50 at night and maybe -.75 day and night. This of course is not taking anything in account for any astigmatism one might have.

Franco 14 Nov 2011, 15:51

A friend got glasses recently for driving but sometimes wears them and others not - recently for a long journey in the dark. What would be the minumum prescription prescribed for someone who needed glasses for driving?

Ladygirl 14 Nov 2011, 13:29

I would love to enjoy going bare eyed because it sounds like much fun. I have pretty eyes and I really don't like hiding them behind glasses but I hate contacts and couldn't do that. But my problem is I am currently -6, and much of the world is very very blurry without my glasses. Can anyone offer tips on where I can go to enjoy the most interaction with people but not have to worry about just being overly frustrated about my bad eyes? I tried going out with my girlfriends a few times and that was an extremely at night in very low lit bars with my poor vision. I could barely recognize my girls just across the table from me. I like to hear ideas that you have.

4eyes 12 Nov 2011, 09:54

Hi you guys...

I always find funny when you all argues about bare eyes things. I always have had eyes issues and I have somewhat strong eyesglasses with prisms to them due to crossing eyes problem.

I always get real mixing responses when I am bare eyed, even at home, but when I am without my glasses, I am solely responsible by this as I am 19 years old already. And I can tell you I got the wild responses when I do this.

I used to care or mind about it when I was younger, for I'd never liked my eyeglasses that much. Even today I don't like then but today I know I need them much more than I needed in the past, and vanity is something I don't really care about, but weird enough I need to get rid of themand I'll do that when I am in an "safe" environment like when I am in the beaches or courtyside or even in a known shopping mall where I can order something without fear of mistaken my meal.

Because I can not see their featured faces, I don't care how they stares at me unless there are any funny comments, that I sometimes made them acknowledge I got them, but usually I don't care, as they would comment the same if I am with my glasses on. Lol.

Anyway I just wanted to add something to this.

Excuse me my boldness.

Anderson... Now 19, yippee.

Puffin 11 Nov 2011, 04:36

yeah but it was fun to read.

Astra 10 Nov 2011, 23:34

Re: "seems to have squinty eyes with pride"

LauraC may thought squinting is a method to "cope with" myopia according to her words.

Also, LauraC is too obsessed with her blue eyes, consider lenses blocking her eye color.

(can be some sort of eye color obsession)

Astra 10 Nov 2011, 22:58


search for old post in this thread you can have her mail address.

John 10 Nov 2011, 18:07

Tom I seem to recall the whole LauraC was discovered to have been made up by some poster who gave himself away here by claiming he saw her in a pub, was going to give her some glasses, and quite often posted around the same times she did. But when conflicts started to rise in his story and he got outed, he rapidly backpedaled faster than a roadrunner on Red Bull!

 09 Nov 2011, 10:16

Thanks Astra.

Re Laura.

I dont have her e mail address for a start ^ my impression is that she seems to have squinty eyes with pride.

She misses such a lot but thats her loss.

I knew some one similar.

Now she feels lost without glasses.

Its a strange world.

Astra 09 Nov 2011, 10:03


If you are interested, you can send a mail to Laura C and check for response.

but it can be possible such mailbox is ignored.

users come and leave.

varifocals 09 Nov 2011, 05:05

Hi Astra.

Must have been an interesting experience.

Still you love your glasses.

Odd that blind Laura seems to have vanished.

Astra 09 Nov 2011, 04:32

btw I've just gone bare eyed.

There's a LED display showing number "543" and time.

60 cm away from my eyes without glasses.

I couldn't read that at all.

Astra 09 Nov 2011, 04:30


no. haven't have response about Laura .

Tom 08 Nov 2011, 08:50

Laura, it's ages since your last report of bareeyed adventures. How are you doing? Still bareyed despite being blind as a bat?

Was anyone of you in contact with her recently?

Tom 26 Sep 2011, 09:22

It would be nice to hear from people who found in troubles finding their glasses.

I heard from a very nearsighted girl (-9) that she happened sometime when she dated with guys who didn't know how blind she was. She removed her CLs right before going

bed to hid her defect but had sometime troubles in finding them in the morning. Once she needed to ask to the partner for her bag that was just few steps away, so he easily discovered how blind she was. Another time she lost her lenses after having removed them for some "intimate activities" and needed to ask a lift to home and explain she wasn't able to see a thing at the end.

And 25 Sep 2011, 18:07

I have seen my gf 'feel' for her glasses but she usually leaves them in their chunky black case on the bedside table so she can easily find them. She is ok going to the bathroom in the night bare-eyed but that's about it.

Crystal Veil 22 Sep 2011, 14:49

At L +2 and R -2 my problems are insignificant compared to many of you so I tend to be careless where I leave my glasses. My life partner Nel has Rx -11 and amazingly, she has no problem when swimming in the ocean without glasses. We were at La Palma (Canaries) in spring and she simply left her glasses with me, walked straight into the waves, took a long swim, some 100 meters from the shore, came back and walked towards me without any visual effort. When I asked her, how do you manage that, she said that she was able to recognize where I was by the colours. I noticed on earlier occasions that she has a unique radar system. In the three years of our relation her radar failed only one time and this was instrumental in starting my series of photo shoots. She used red henna when I met her but on this occasion she grabbed the wrong henna in the bathroom and it was a shock to her when she looked in the mirror - dark brown hair! Only the week before, we had done her first photo shoot in glasses from my collection, just for fun. When I heard her story on the phone I suggested that we could do another photo shoot with glasses that matched her new hair colour. The second shoot came out fine and then all of a sudden I realized that it would be a good idea to seek other models for the 2000 glasses in my collection. Nel came up with names of ladies in the know and the ball started rolling. I am still grateful for that one moment when her radar system failed - and the brown hair colour is still there after three years. Inventions in science and art often start by default!

Melyssa 22 Sep 2011, 14:45

When I must make do without my glasses, I put the pair I'll be wearing in its case, and depending on the room, in one exact spot. Fortunately thus far, I have been able to find said spot.

Rayray 22 Sep 2011, 14:08

I only put them down on the bedside table or shelf by the sink - in the top drawer of the bedside table is a spare pair so even if they get knocked off during the night i can find them.

Astra 22 Sep 2011, 03:16

I usually hold the glass using hands when washing face.

ric 22 Sep 2011, 02:12

I use to have my glasses on the bedside, or in the handwasher stand when shower, but if they were misplaced, i would need to get glasses or cls for find them.

Like lenses 22 Sep 2011, 01:26

Mine are by the bedside,or on my face.

If I were to misplace them,then yes I would definately need another pair to find them in the blur.

Astra 22 Sep 2011, 01:17

exactly, place the glass on the bedside table is easier if one's uncorrected vision is poor.

minus 5 who luvs gwgs 22 Sep 2011, 01:10

My new highly myopic gf we think minus 12 + but still waiting for a test wears hers all the time except when asleep then the glasses go on the bedside table in the same place Yes she even wears them in the shower and when we are intimate no complaints on that score from me !!

Astra 22 Sep 2011, 00:46


So I have a habit to place the glass at a fixed place , if not holding the glass on my hand / face.

Puffin 21 Sep 2011, 18:50

a related question: how do you find your glasses if you can't see them? If you have poor vision, do you pick bold frames to help find them easier? What happens if your vision is so poor that doesn't help? Being able to see them 6 inches away is bit useless, better off feeling for them, no?

Stephen 21 Sep 2011, 17:45

I have a question to throw out there:

Do you need glasses to find your glasses?

I'm interested in such experiences.

Soyndmanpt 21 Sep 2011, 17:37


It all depends on the person. You can have 2 people that wear -1.50 glasses, one may feel the need to wear their glasses full time and feel as though they are blind without them, but the other person may only wear their glasses for certain tasks and not feel the need for them hardly at all. And of course how much they wear their glasses makes a lot of difference as well. For example you did not say how much you wear yours compared to your friend that has a weaker rx than you. If she wears hers most all the time and you only wear yours at certain times she will feel more dependent on hers than you feel without yours.

Suzannee 21 Sep 2011, 17:20

I have always wondered why people feel so differently without their glasses. I know that when I have my glasses off for awhile, I get a little frustrated but learn to cope. But I have seen people with lesser prescriptions than my own who start to get dizzy, feel nauseous, and seem like they have been transported out of the human race start because they seem so out of it. What happens if these people have to go for a long time like that? Why is it their reactions are so different than others? I know one girlfriend of mine who acts almost drunk when she has her glasses off, so we always tell her to take them when we go out!

Soundmanpt 20 Sep 2011, 19:08

Many years ago I went to see Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac fame in concert and was puzzled as after each song someone would come out as the lights dimmed a bit and lead her off-stage into the wings where she would put on a different schael and then lead her back onto stage for the next song. The next day there was a review of the concert and like I the reporter also wondered why she was being off and on stage. Turned out she had lost her contact lenses somehow. I assume she must wear glasses when not preforming and misplaced her contacts. The report said she was very nearsighted and needed help to make her numerous costume changes. More recently she has been seen on several shows and interviews wearing pretty strong glasses. I guess in her younger years she refused to be seen wearing glasses. I have never seen any early photos of her when she younger wearing glasses.

Astra 20 Sep 2011, 19:03


it sounds like a pretty tough place !

You living near a construction site, working at a construction site?

Crystal Veil 20 Sep 2011, 15:12

Aubrac @

Harry Secombe was not unique in this respect. Many singers who wear glasses fulltime prefer to perform on stage without glasses or contact lenses. I have been a singer-songwriter & musician for many decades and I never wear glasses on stage. It's much better to see one's audience in a blur - you know that they are there but your concentration is not distracted by their individual features. Over the years I met many other singers and musicians who made the same deliberate choice. You may remember Sandie Shaw. She always wore glasses backstage and in her private life (Rx around -6) but never on stage or in public.

Soundmanpt 20 Sep 2011, 14:29


If your still chipping away at rocks you should be wearing safety glasses. Removing your contacts is a good idea, but you should avoid wearing your regular rx glasses so you don't get chips or dings in your lenses. Your glasses will offer some protection nut not nearly as good as safety lenses.

Just be carefull.

baker 20 Sep 2011, 12:01

I got hit in the face a bunch of times while hacking away at a rock (construction) and must have gotten hit in the eye because my eye was swollen and red over the weekend. So after a day I took out my contacts and just didn't want to put glasses on (Saturday).

Sunday I wore glasses on and off but really just didn't feel comfortable wearing them and I wasn't able to find my contact boxes so yesterday and today I did not wear glasses. Today I found my contacts which was really exciting but I am not sure if I'm going to start wearing them tomorrow. I'm really doing just fine not wearing glasses or contacts in my work and in class and just about everywhere. One thing that was interesting was how even when I'm in the front row, I can't tell that there's anythign written on the white board. This isn't a problem or anything but I like to look at the board at the end of class to see what was written on it. I am totally adjusted to the way that I'm seeing and I figure maybe I'll just wait until the weekend to put in contacts because I'm traveling via trains and buses so seeing more clearly might be useful..

Anyway, I just think it's cool that I really don;t miss wearing contacts and I guess it's good to give my eyes a longer break.

Tom 05 Sep 2011, 05:40

Cactus Jack: I do have 3D vision with my glasses on, nothing irregular. What I meant is that I feel as I don't have 3D vision when without glasses. Try to point your finger at some that is in front of you (e.g. the cap of a bottle) closing one eye, that is more or less what I can do without glasses. The effect is much more apparent as more far is the target (for close vision -5 is still not that bad) and as faster it is, e.g. the ball when I played volleyball bareeyed. I aimed at where I thought the ball should be to realise too late it was more far than I supposed.

Aubrac 03 Sep 2011, 01:50

The older UK people among us will remember Harry Secombe as a comedian, singer, and one of the 'goons'.

He usually wore about -7.00 glasses and in his autobiography says that when on stage singing an opera aria he took off his glasses at a particularly emotional point, and then found that being in a complete blur and not being able to see the audience or anything at all, the feeling of isolation meant he could sing more freely and better, and as a result he rarely wore glasses when singing.

Do non-glasses wearing folk like this feeling?

Thomas 02 Sep 2011, 14:17

Tom, -3.25 it was before. Not a big difference but I noticed it when trying to read bare eyed. I really have the feeling I was under corrected for a year or so, couldn't explain the effect the increased script had on my vision otherwise :-)

Cactus Jack 02 Sep 2011, 05:15


Your brain will always use the best image as the primary source for vision. In your situation, without correction, your brain will almost always select the image from the -3 eye as primary and mostly ignore the image from the -5 eye. Vision occurs in the brain and it needs two pretty good images to be able to construct a 3-D (stereoscopic) image.

The brain has to learn how to see 3-D, usually in early childhood. Big differences in vision in childhood can often lead to amblyopia where the brain permanently ignores the image from the worst eye even if corrected. Up until recently, most Eye Care Professionals thought it was a permanent, uncorrectable, situation even if the refractive error in the worst eye was corrected. The patient was simply blind in one eye.

However, I saw an episode of "Through the Wormhole" recently that explored the theory that there were actually more than 3 dimension. As a sort of "sidebar" to explain the 3 dimensions, they interviewed a woman in her 30s - 40s who had been extremely cross-eyed in childhood. Ultimately, that condition had been corrected by muscle surgery, but by then, amblyopia had developed and for most of her adult life, she only had 2-D vision. One day, fairly recently, that changed. She was getting ready to start her car and, to use her words, "the steering wheel suddenly popped out at me". She has had 3-D vision ever since.

Hopefully, that occurrence will cause neuroscientists to revisit the issue of amblyopia and explore ways to stimulate the brain to re-learn how to see with both eyes if the problem is corrected.

I encourage you to NOT "Go Without Glasses" and use every tool you can to encourage your 3-D vision. It may not be too late. Many years ago, they sold "Stereopticons" and "View Masters" to see the world in 3 dimensions. Today, 3-D movies and 3-D TV might help 3-D vision to develop. It can't hurt and it might help.


Tom 02 Sep 2011, 02:12

I have a difference of 2 diopters between my eyes (-3 and -5) but this doesn't affect my bareeyed vision that much. When without glasses, I see just if I had -3. Only effect is on 3D vision that is for sure quite poor. When I played my last volleyball matches at the end of high school (almost 25 years ago...) I remember it was quite challenging to judge the distance of the ball without glasses, and I missed it several times.

Chris 02 Sep 2011, 00:26


I've always had uneven prescriptions in each eye too at one point -1.5 difference. What was yours before the increase?

Thomas 31 Aug 2011, 21:08

Tom I guess it's all subjective to the person. I personally prefer reading with - glasses on, however I can read without them. I used to have uneven prescriptions on either eye so I had to hold things (close and) askew to read them properly, nowadays I can read better without glasses than before as my eyes are now almost equally bad.

I have however noticed something strange - and this may be subjective again - but I recently went from -3.25 cyl -1.5 to -3.75 cyl -1.5 in one eye (while the other is still -3.25/-1.5), and must say since that transition I am completely 'blind' without glasses, it was a huge difference, even though on paper it's not. Maybe someone can comment on this with a similar scenario?

I guess I was undercorrected before too, maybe my eyes got used to the new stronger prescription, but seeing in HD quality again (with glasses) is definitely worth it.



Tom 29 Aug 2011, 10:11

I've recently known a woman who never uses glasses but at work. Actually the first time I met we went for luch with friends and never had a suspect about her eyes. Second time she had to look at something close and took out of her purse a pair of quite strong plus glasses. Later she explained she is +3.75 but doesn't have major troubles in doing bareeyed unless she has to read long texts or do long close works. For occasional close reading she is still ok, as well as she perfectly sees far things. She doesn't has to do glasses for driving either since her far vision is really good (she showed me she could easily read the titles of all the books on the shell on the other side of the room!).

She reported she sometime has minor troubles e.g. with her phone but showed me how she can easily read a text message from almost usual reading distance (anyway not so long distance that one could recognise she is farsighted from the way she read the message). This is surprisingly, considering the prescription! I had another friend years ago who was only -2 but had e.g. to put her glasses on to to read the menu in a restaurant.

Do you know of other people who can still see despite such a high plus prescription? She may have an incredible accommodation power!

varifocals 06 Aug 2011, 13:11

Those who know me know that I am a plussie, full time wearer + 4.50 add plus 3 & now relaxed with my glasses.

Recently I have spent a months hoiday in Australia & 2 days in the beautiful city of Adelaide which I have visited years ago.

During the day I took the tram down to Glenelg to see the beach & was told by the locals it was nice at night.

In the evening I set out again, this time for the first time for years I went bare eyed to see how dependant I had become with my glasses.

The tram was ok, only one route & the main street in Glenelg is narrow with the tracks & room for cars on either side & restraunts/cafes etc, full of life, blurry but I managed until I tried to read the adverts in the windows,a blur.I walked the entire length of the street & caught the tram back to Adelaide.

By then at 2100 my favourite pub had run out of food so after a beer& a kentucky chicken inmy room & I putback on my glasses. Wow it was amazing.4 blurry hours. In the morning a headache, so now never again. I love glasses.

Puffin 06 Aug 2011, 12:41

yep, you need a lot of determination/stubbornness to carry on with that level of myopia uncorrected.

jess 06 Aug 2011, 12:05

i am with -4.25 and there is no chance i could go without wearing them now. i need them just to walk around or would be triping up.

Astra 02 Aug 2011, 13:55

Cactus J,

Examiners mostly prefer to use autorefractor before asking you to read the chart.

So they may have inserted some rx to facilitate the process. easier for the examiners to determine rx, and easier for you to read.

Clare 31 Jul 2011, 11:09

123321 - a friend of mine around -2 didn't wear glasses when I first knew him because he'd *lost* them. Then, all of a sudden, he replaced them so he must have gone to the optician without any current glasses.

Also, I used to go to the optician bare eyed even though he told me most people would wear their glasses most of the time at the same prescription. Sure I had them with me, but I never wore them to go into the shop. My prescription, I distinctly remember, was -2.25 and -2.75. Even now, with a slightly stronger prescription, I'll take rather than wear them into the examination room.

I really wouldn't worry, they see all sorts.

Soundmanpt 29 Jul 2011, 22:37

Very true CJ.

Cactus Jack 29 Jul 2011, 19:26


First of all don't sweat it. You are not the first and won't be the last to get glasses and then not wear them. The decision to wear glasses or not wear them is yours alone. If you are asked, just say that at the time, you felt like you could see well enough with out them, but things have changed and it seems like things are more blurry that they used to be.

All the examiner will think is that you are like many others with relatively low - Rx and proceed with the exam. Please do not try to cheat or squint to see anything. Please let us know your complete Rx and any questions you have after the exam.

Frankly, the examiner will be glad to see you because that is how he/she earns a living.


123321 29 Jul 2011, 16:47

I have my eye exam tomorrow, the thing is, i went to that place last time and got glasses from there so they will know how long its been and alsio that i have not got my glasses, ah well lets see what comes out of it, im just gettting anxious that i wont even be able to read the top letter on the chart and for some reason it embarasses me as i dont whant the optician to start questionning me how i manage etc, i feel tht my eyes have got that bad as things are very blurry from a few feet away

Soundmanpt 29 Jul 2011, 14:40

From what I have noticed through the years myopia effects about 40% - 50% of pregnant women. A friend that is pregnant now and due in mid August has had perfect vision until now. Since mid June she has been wearing -1.25 glasses full time and probably needs even stronger now.

varifocals 29 Jul 2011, 14:28

Hi Astra,

There seem to be a few ladies who wonder if pregnancy has speeded up their myopia.

Us male plussies are spared.

Aubrac 29 Jul 2011, 07:22


Great to hear from you on your soapbox again!

Just let me say firstly it’s not the case that all of us love wearing glasses. I wear contacts most of the time and have done so for many years largely due to finding it difficult playing golf in the rain, and also I have never found a really comfortable pair of glasses I can wear all day. However we all do have an affinity with glasses wearing and an interest in all things to with vision.

I think nearly everyone is sceptical about the pseudo-science of natural remedies. Yes, we hear much trumpeted stories of some near miracle due to drinking bing-bong juice and standing on our head for twenty minutes every day, but never any mention of the possible hundreds of thousands of people for whom it has made absolutely no difference at all!

I don’t think you have been criticised and as you say there are many others with higher prescriptions who prefer to go bare-eyed. However, I think what most of us like is the clarity of vision and the beautiful world it so clearly reveals to us. I would hate to see a school play and from the back row not be able to recognise my child on stage – what’s the point in going?

I think you will also find that no one is really prescriptive about changing vision, we tend to generalise and put caveats on statements as we know changes can take place that are not in the normal run of things. But then again, for many millions it is the norm for myopia to increase until about the forties and then for presbyopia to rear its head.

I don’t think you can know for sure that your eyesight has not changed, we all think we weigh the same as last year but only getting on the scales shows how wrong we can be! For my own part, I have regular eye-tests and have had the same prescription for twenty years without the need for any ‘natural’ remedies.

As for the genetics I don’t think anyone knows how this works except that if two myopes have children there is a greater chance of them also being myopic. My parents and their parents had 20/20 vision, yet myself and my sister are myopes, she married a guy with 20/20 vision and has four high myope childen, but my ex-wife had myopic parents, she has 20/20 vision and our three kids have 20/20 vision, so there’s not much sense to made out of that.

On the subject of eyesight change, I have a friend who suddenly realised she could not read the titles of books on the library shelves and after a test wears -2.00 glasses, also another friend who wore -1.75 glasses and contacts from age 14 and at had 21 had an test and was told she had 20/20 vision and didn’t need any correction, that was ten years ago and still hasn’t changed, it also happened without any ‘natural’ vision therapy.

I think the word ‘natural’ is also frequently misused, what could be less natural than exercising as bodybuilders do to create what is actually a totally unnatural physique.

Well that is my Speakers Corner session ended and I feel better for it – maybe there is something is these ‘natural’ remedies after all!

Cactus Jack 28 Jul 2011, 16:17

The only thing you could relax away is pseudo myopia which really is the same thing as latent hyperopia, just on the other side of 0.00. True or axial myopia involves a mismatch between the length of the eyeball and the combined + power of the cornea and the crystalline lens. To reduce that, you need to be able to shrink the size of the eyeball and thus shorten its length and there is no way to do that.

Almost everyone who does much close work has a little pseudo myopia to go along with their axial myopia and if they can relax some of it away, they think the Bates Method, et al, works., but obviously there are limits.


Puffin 28 Jul 2011, 15:48

I remember seeing someone on the net a couple of years ago, she was born with -17 of myopia, prescribed glasses about a year old, ended up about -22 as adult.

Bates seems to make use of the adaptability of the eye that could adjust itself to deal with 1-2 dioptres of myopia simply by relaxing the eye muscles that are used for accomodation. I just don't think it could be possible to relax your way through 17 or 22 dioptres of myopia, even a couple of dioptres off 22 is pretty much irrelevant.

Astra 28 Jul 2011, 11:43


for my pregnancy, things doesn't go very normal now...

the changing (mostly increasing?) rx on eyes and breasts remain unchanged. not a good sign.

It bugs me , where does the hormones go ? I suppose this may undermine the possibility of breast feeding

Astra 28 Jul 2011, 11:28

Football... or any sports.

it seems puzzling. many of the participants are myopes.

If anyone would claim sports help alleviate myopia, or active sport participants have lower rate of myopia.

Highly doubtful to me. I would believe the opposite.

varifocals 28 Jul 2011, 10:38

Yes Mylessa,but sometimes after a lively & disputed football match, the supporters often cry " Get a pair of glasses ref" !!!

Melyssa 28 Jul 2011, 10:04

"My name is Bates. Myopia is just a figment of your imagination. You don't need glasses. Look at all of the sports officials. What I say is correct. And if you don't believe it, ask me."

varifocals 28 Jul 2011, 09:28

Hi Puffin.

For my sins I have been married twice!

My first wife was a plussie & she wore glasses at the wedding so no silly squinting.

We had 2 boys both plussies.

Much later after the split I re married this time to a full time -8 myopie who had had 4 myopic children.

In both then neither her ex husband or myself wore glasses.

I since, have become long sighted.

Using the Bates method, going without glasses , eye excercisessuch as palming, may be fine for a moderate myopie, to play with but over -4 when vision is difficult.

I had a g/f next door severly myopic who hated glasses but with the best will in the world with 6ft of vision it was useless. So wear glasses & enjoy them. Cheap one can be got on the internet.

Soundmanpt 28 Jul 2011, 08:16


Of course you shouldn't wait that long in between exams, but trust me, many others do the same thing as you. I doubt that there will be much if any lecture when you go. First of all you can always say you don't recall when your last exam was. You don't even need to tell them that you ever had glasses. They won't have way of knowing. You can simply say you came in because you were having trouble seeing distances and thought you should get your eyes examined. This time don't loose them when you get them. Will you have any problem with wearing them in front of people for the first time? I'm sure most don't recall you having glasses that for back and you probably seldom wore them anyway. Good luck at your exam.

Puffin 28 Jul 2011, 06:43

I don't accept the claim that myopia, astigmatism and other focussing defects aren't hereditary. Bates is saying that these are all due to stress and not due to the eyeball being the wrong shape.

However the basic shape of the mammalian eyeball is the product of evolution over millions of years - it is (usually) the right shape and adapted for its task, because those poor animals who had misshaped eyes couldn't see so well and probably got eaten! What Bates is saying is that it is impossible for such visual defects to be passed on, not because those myopic mammals couldn't see so well, but because it just darned well couldn't because he says so. That also implies that no improvements to the mammalian visual system could be passed on too (ie, making the eyeball a better shape for seeing). Therefore if Bates is right, then no visual system could ever have evolved beyond the very basic patches of light-sensitive cells on organisms such as Euglena.

Danbert 28 Jul 2011, 06:21


I am all for alternative therapies when they work. Actually, during those rare instances when I visit a GP, I always double and triple check any advice before taking it, especially if he prescribes medicine. I'm pretty sure some people follow their doctor without even looking up the potential side-effects.

The problem with alternative therapies for myopia is that they do not treat the cause of the problem. The reason they do not treat the cause of the problem is that no one fully understands the problem. No one has ever demonstrated that true (axial) myopia is reversible by any means other than aging. I realise that you are talking more about preventing further increases, but few people I know over 20 seem who wear specs appear to experience much if any increase anyway.

As for presbyopia, it does not happen instantaneously and any presbyopia you do have will only result in a decrease in your apparent myopia if you have significant pseudomyopia, which presumably you do not.

One thing I may able to agree with you on is that today's prevalence of myopia is likely due to modern bad habits.

Too much time spent indoors (sunlight is known to regulate eye growth) and diets low in protein and/or high in sugar (New Scientist 2337, p.9, 6th April 2002) are a couple of likely explanations which, if true, could easily explain the overall increase in myopia across the world (though not the distribution, which may be explained in the future through genetic research).

No amount of vision therapy is going to expose one to healthy levels of sunlight each day, or of preventing the yo-yo cycle of insulin spikes that occurs thanks to a typical modern western diet, which is too high in sugar and other simple carbohydrates.

If anything can give kids a fighting chance of bucking the myopia trend then it's a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet.

varifocals 28 Jul 2011, 05:00

Hi Nonplussed.

I totally disagree with your message & I have even read the famous Bates going without glasses.

It did not work for me & thefact that I am a plussie & that close work without glasses, is now totally impossible without headaches.

If anything after trying I made matters worse.

So while it might work for myopies it certainly did not for me.

I am totally dependant on glasses, I am happy with that as I have no eye strain or headaches.

In addition I have a pair of full frame " readers".

My wife likes my +7.50 magnified blue eyes so that all ok.

Nonplussed 27 Jul 2011, 23:15

Hi, all, it's me again! In view of all the criticism I've suffered, I've come to feel like the enemy on this website, but what the hell, at least it affords some balance and spice, and I've been happy to answer all my critics. I know I'm going to get some more, so here goes...

I know you speckies love wearing your glasses, but why are you people so incredulous about natural vision therapy? It's no different from bodybuilding, it just takes the same sustained effort that most people are unable to expend, but no-one would doubt that weight-training exercises build muscle even though the majority of people do not have good physiques. It's the reserve of the few. In any case, the field has come a long way since Bates, who is regarded as the pioneer, even though the practice is found in the ancient Yogic system - it's nothing new. Several systems exist today. For example, there's a blogger I correspond with who explains a simple natural technique he used to improve his eyesight from an Rx of about -3.00 to a UVA of 20/20 within a year, a process that the orthodox ophthalmic establishment declare is impossible.

With an Rx of about -2.50/-2.75, I've been crticised on this website for going unaided all my life, despite the fact that there are posters on this forum going uncorrected with far worse Rxs than mine. However, even I would admit that I have not, as yet, made the necessary commitment to the practice of natural vision therapy, but I can testify that just by maintaining the right visual habits, I have been able to arrest further deterioration for years. I know my UVA hasn't slipped by the evidence of the same objects/scenes that I see on a daily basis. So much for genetic pre-disposition - it certainly doesn't stack up in my family! I know that I wasn't always myopic, because I remember sitting at the back of the class right up to the end of primary (low) school. The deterioration took place with the transition to secondary (high) school, as a result of the increased close work associated with having to study more. The "myopic genes" didn't just suddenly switch on! I am now 45, and my myopia hasn't improved on its own - so much for the notion of "presbyopia".

No disrespect to you, 123321, but I really don't understand your apprehension. At the end of the day, you are the one putting money in the pockets of the optometrists, so you need not fear them or what they say. Furthermore, it is your decision whether to wear glasses full-time, part-time or not at all. Two years ago, for example, I attended casualty at the famous Moorfields eye hospital in London (where I am resident) for an acute eye irritation. When the issue was raised, I politely made it clear to the doctor what I thought of unnatural vision correction and stated that I had no intention of wearing glasses when I am able to do without them for all practical purposes. (I've covered the driving issue in previous posts.) He respected my position and did not push the issue.

Cactus: I notice that you recently warned someone about the dangers of increasing axial length when trying to induce myopia, something about "retinal detachment"? Hmmm, I seem to remember making that very point when I first joined the forum back in May, and you more-or-less said that I didn't know what I was talking about - interesting!


Cactus Jack 27 Jul 2011, 18:10


If you want to try the simple test Maddy just did, follow the instructions below and I can give you an estimate of your Rx. It won't be exact, but it is better than nothing. Do not squint, it makes the test more inaccurate.

Get a book or a newspaper and hold it close enough to read clearly and then move it away from you until the letters get fuzzy. Do this with each eye individually, measure the distance where it occurs, and tell me what it is. If it is more than a meter (39 inches) or where the print would be too small to read, we will need to modify the test a little to get an accurate answer.


Cactus Jack 27 Jul 2011, 18:05


Based on those numbers, your Rx will be approximately

R -2.00

L -1.75

That will probably not be your actual Rx which may have sphere, cylinder and axis value, but in any case, it is not an Rx to get excited about. Wear will probably be optional, but you may find you really like being able to see distant objects very well and the vividness of what you see, You may discover leaves on trees, birds in flight, and stars in the sky and decide that you really like seeing well.

Please let us know your Rx when you get it and if you need some help ordering glasses, let is know.


Puffin 27 Jul 2011, 17:47

If you're looking for a rough idea of distance visual acuity, try an online snellen chart (it's what the optician or eye doc will ask you to read), such as this one or else you can google "snellen chart" and use another one if preferred.

Of course this is not the same as a real full-on eye exam but will give an idea of what to expect.

maddy 27 Jul 2011, 16:04

cactus jack I have done that little test thing, my left eye measures at 23 inches and my right eye measures at 20 inches

123321 27 Jul 2011, 15:12

hello all i have got an eye examination coming up at the weekend, im quite nervous about going to it as ive not had my eyes tested for about 7 years, i know my eye sight has changed for the worse as i am constrantly scrunching my eyes up to see things in the distance, i feel a bit embarassed as it has been so long and dont want to get a lecture from them, also i get quite nervous thinking that they are going to say i need to wear glasses all the time, i got given glasses last time and i lost them about a year after my eye test so they will be saying where are your glasses!

varifocals 27 Jul 2011, 10:33



What is your rx now, it sounds strong.

Rayray 27 Jul 2011, 08:31

Yeah these 'cures' for eye conditions which do not involve lenses, surgery or drugs are simply based on people's gullibility for 'new age' sales techniques which play on people's desire to get back to nature and so on. It is quite evident from the article there is not a single scientific element to the treatment and it is only working (if the article is not completely fake) due to mind tricks played on the individual involved. Unfortunately mind tricks will not help you to see a vehicle coming out of a turning in the distance or a child going out into the road - until it is too late.

Melyssa 27 Jul 2011, 06:47

Concerning the "Take off your glasses and see" article, I have two things to say to that woman:

A. Please do not drive in any zip code I am in at any time.

2. Without my glasses, I feel like whose brain you have -- Sergeant Schultz -- "I see nothing! Nuh-h-thingk!"

Melyssa 27 Jul 2011, 06:42


When I'm in bed, I'm within about 4 feet of the clock, and I can make out the numbers. The size and the color of them (chartreuse) make it possible. From that spot I have no idea what the numbers on my husband's clock are -- especially because they are much farther away and LCD.

Astra 26 Jul 2011, 23:07


I have an impression... the edges would be really blurry at your rx, even though you can see the blurred-edge numbers at closer distance.

Cactus Jack 26 Jul 2011, 18:20

William Horatio Bates, M.D. (1860-1931) who came up with the Bates Method of improving eyesight seems like Elvis, he just won't stay dead.

A few years ago, the "See Clearly Method" was heavily marketed in the US until they were sued for false advertising and fraud.

Now, we have this "Miracle".

"A fool and his money are soon parted", believed to have origins in the mid 1500s, seem to be a true now as then, and also "Hope springs eternal". The internet just make it easier to troll for clients (gullible victims). As other have discovered to their pleasure, some people will believe anything the see or read on the web. All it takes is some clever "wordsmithing".


ehpc 26 Jul 2011, 16:07

I think one can recognise a 'plug' when one sees one. Could hardly be more blatant.

Dave 26 Jul 2011, 15:55

This woman says miracles do happen:

Galileo 26 Jul 2011, 13:34

Hi Cookie Dough, squinting is the same priciple as the pin hole camera. Reduce the aperture and the depth of field increases so more things are in focus. If you take a piece of card with a pin hole in it and hold it in front of your uncorrected eye you will see more than you usually do. As your script increases the pin hole effect from squinting still works but your myopia is too high for you to notice the improvement. Some high myopes do squint to see things better, but that is to see things only a few inches in front of their faces. My ex who was -8 said squinting helped her see better for things up to 30 centimetres in front of her face, beyond that it didn't help much.

Melyssa 26 Jul 2011, 12:42


The numbers on the clocks are about one inch high, so they're not exactly small like those on the DVR/VCRs. I ought to try to see how close I have to be to see the clock numbers.

Soundmanpt 26 Jul 2011, 12:04

cookie dough

Love your name! The practice of squinting is really just a form of straining. Straining will work for many up to a certain point which may vary for different people. But I would say for most -2.00 it is about the limit. That is why most doctors start recommending full time wear when one gets to needing -1.50 to -1.75 rx. I am not telling you to go full time, but I think you will find it beats squinting or straining in the long run.

cookie dough 26 Jul 2011, 11:07

does anyone know why squinting doesnt help once you get to a certain prescription? i am a reluctant wearer of glasses now and cant make the excuse that i can see by squinting now, im pretty sure i could see thngs quite clearly when i squinted when my prscription was around -2

GL  26 Jul 2011, 11:04

Laura C,

You have nothing to worry about, and all the world is yours to explore. Put your glasses on, girl!

See! You won't believe your eyes!

Take it from a myopic, middle-aged man. Better to see everything than nothing at all.

Astra 26 Jul 2011, 10:29


10 feet away , that's very far.

when I was -2 I couldn't see the numbers from 10 feet away.

I needed about 5 feet away to see, the numbers on a large clock.

Melyssa 26 Jul 2011, 06:53

Way back when I was a young, then teenage, girl in that period where I did not wear my glasses all the time, I would squint occasionally to see something if I did not want to put on my glasses. (Obviously that's not the case now.) But after reading these posts, I decided to see what I could see (if anything) by squinting at the numbers on my husband's and my respective clock radios from about ten feet away. Without my big, bold, and beautiful glasses, I could not make out any of the numbers, even though I knew what the hour number was.

All4Eyes 26 Jul 2011, 02:02

cookie dough: I'm also -4 and find that subjectively squinting helps me at closer range (like the computer screen is about the limit) only, beyond that it doesn't help. But I've measured with a Snellen chart and found I can go from not being able to read the 20/400 line to being able to read the 20/100 line just by squinting.

4eyes 25 Jul 2011, 13:57

*staring at direction I supposed "my team" would be, for I couldn't see a thing but a huge blur only.

Sorry about this. ;-)) Grinning

Me out.

4eyes 25 Jul 2011, 13:52

4eyes here.

To Varifocal and Puffin,

Both are pretty darn right.

I'm not happy being eyes glasses dependant not never will be, but I'll go for the hell of it of I want to. As my daddy daddy's so, I am absurdly stubborn. Lol.

So, if I want to, I can be pretty determined not to want my corrective glasses and that simply drives my daddy crazy. Couple years ago, there was one day I was representing my school in a swimming pool interstates contest I went bare eyed and without my special goggle to my daddy and my team despair... Another one, I was winning the championship and I took out my goggle and stopped defiantly, staring at the direction I supposed would be and lost it for our adversary. I went back home bare eyed too. Back then I was about 14 or 15 and my glasses + 24 DP prescribed lenses or close to it. Naturally I've been cut out of the team. I didn't care that much.

I may be dependent, but of you're willing to go for it you will go.

Anderson out.

4eyes 25 Jul 2011, 13:08

Hello you all at ES.

To ehpc...

Thank you for replying your own experience. The staring isn't a concern to me. I've learned "vanity" is something I can't have. I can't walk around eyes closed, can I? Also, I can not say if any person is staring at me or not even if this person is at six feet away from me. Without glasses at six feet, I can not say if a person is using a glasses at all and I don't care. It's a kind of feeling you have, just like when you are in a metro and you can say somebody is staring at you and you stares back, or something like that. It is just like somebody suppresses a laugh and you know it's because of you. It is just something you know. I really don't care about that, I'll not let walking around, because of that, right?

Now, what really annoys me are those carelessness comments like "poor kid, must be blind", even when I'm staring straight back at them or "look at those eyes" or the worst I've ever heard... "if you misbehave you are gonna be just like him" like the lady whispered to a kid that, as if I couldn't hear it or I wasn't even there, that fu#@*.

While in Cala D'or in Mallorca, Spain, the lack of sensibility not of the locals, but of those snobish tourists is what struck me most. When somebody asks you to go get a shade or a Ray Ban just to hide your eyes from others, that reaches the border of offending or selfish or I can't simply find a name to it, but to call for a response which I have the very next mourning. I just couldn't let it go unnoticed. I just gave them an answer to theirs request and went bare eyed every time I wanted, to give my eyes rare rest from my heavy glasses. Later, as we went to Spain Continental cities like La Manga in Murcia, Valencia and Barcelona, aside from usual stares both my friend and I "provoke", if that's the right term, everything was okay.

Now we've returned from Nurburgring, in Germany and I thought my daddy would broken his promises when he asked if I was interested in visiting the B&L who provides my eyeglasses. But as I said I wasn't, we simply returned to France, as my daddy said he'd go alone then. So we're in France again, au coeur de la Provence, au St. Saturnin-Les-Apt and heading to Disneyland, arrrrg -:-( with my friend. I told him before hand I wouldn't babysitting him and I'll refuse any advantage ticket that's usually offered to "Impaired people" as my friend says he will take, if offered.

It seems my daddy will fulfill his promised and will not destroy our trip with nasty surprises at all, thanks God.

Anyway, thank you again for you support ES readers.

PS. I know my English sucks so please, no funny comments about it.

Anderson's out.

Puffin 25 Jul 2011, 11:17

Yes, you can adapt your visual system to poor vision given time and opportunity, and recognition of what you can't do. I think at say minus 7 or thereabouts you'd need to be pretty determined not to want correction (ie, glasses, probably). Also you'd need to be consistently lucky with people asking what things are, where things are, etc, if you can't see them. Every so often someone will work out your secret, and you have to work out what to do then.

varifocals 25 Jul 2011, 11:12

depandancy is the key.

For a full time wearer to be suddenly without lens, what ever the strength is worse than one who seems to like bare eyes for the hell of it.

I am happy being dependant.

Millhouse 25 Jul 2011, 08:31


sorry, that last post was to include you also.

Milhouse 25 Jul 2011, 08:30

- Puffin,

Yes, very uncomfortable to walk and for me not a good idea. I have spares in my car, at my work desk and in my apartment.

Reason being if I have an accident and they get damaged I can go about my way safely. One time when I was 15 at a party I got hit by a drunk bully and managed to use the remaining un-broken glass lens to get home in the dark (by holding it up to my eye with my hand monocle style as I walked) For an idea of what its like I've said to people who ask (who have good unaided vision ) to try on my -7.5 / -7.00 glasses to see how it kinda looks for me without correction. Mostly people are surprised, ok so it isnt a TRUE representation of what I see, but the blur gives an idea.

Astra 25 Jul 2011, 08:06


Concerning Laura C,

I assume normal people would be very uncomfortable to have no glasses available ? It's like the eyes having sort of weird blur making it uncomfortable to walk .

Puffin 25 Jul 2011, 06:20

Well, assuming LauraC us genuine, it seems reasonable that sooner or later she'd be "found out" by someone who could oblige her to go to the optician at least. The worse the myopia is, generally the harder it is to cover up long term, depending on whether other people are "with it" or not.

Astra 24 Jul 2011, 22:53

Laura C, if you think your glasses is thick, how about your friends ?

Hansel 24 Jul 2011, 16:39

Again, allowing for the benefit of the doubt and that Laura and a surname beginning with C is not going to be unique, was there not a Laura C outed by Wurm a few months ago?

We seemed to have a spate of high minus first time wearing female posters, or is my memory playing tricks?

Like lenses 24 Jul 2011, 16:19

Laura C

You still do not like the idea of you in glasses,but do you have the feeling that your eyes want them,now that they see the benefit?

You stated in the past that you think that glasses make your vision get worse.

If that is so,then why is your first prescription so high?

I think that the reason for your imbalance between eyes,and your 180 horizontal astigmatism is from the straining,and squinting that you have been doing all these years. Without glasses your -6.00 right eye is doing all the work when you read,and when you look into the distance your -4.25 left eye is doing all the work.

If you wear the glasses full time,as you should,at the next exam,you may find that your left eye may catch up to the right,and the astigmatism go down,or go away.

Did the doctor say if you are corrected to 20/20 in each eye,or if you have been given an under correction? When did they suggest your next exam?

Like lenses 24 Jul 2011, 15:50

cookie dough

At minus 1.00,and full time wear for distance,and near, if I took the glasses off,squinting did no good.

The only time squinting benefits me,is when I need a stronger prescription.When I begin to squint,while wearing glasses,I know it is time for new stronger glasses.

My current Rx is -6.00 each eye,but I wear -7.00. In addition to the incredible clarity with an over correction,the time before new glasses is increased.

cookie dough 24 Jul 2011, 15:30

question, at what prescription does squinting not help anymore, i am at -4.00 and find that it doesnt do anything for me, what are peoples views on this?

LauraC 24 Jul 2011, 11:41

I wore my glasses just at the optician and a couple of times at home till now, just when my

mother was around because she is forcing me to wear. No glasses in public or at work,

neither I have intention to do since they are soooo thick.

P.S. She discovered just because she caught me while watching TV with my friend's -3 glasses.

Poor me...

antonio 24 Jul 2011, 11:23

yes, she could use contact lenses

why not LauraC ?

I don´t think she will get stronger ones soon,

I think they are right for her

best regards, antonio

John L 24 Jul 2011, 02:31

Laura's first prescription is not that dissimilar to my first. (r -6.00 l -5.75)

I AM sure when she realises just what it is like to have clear vision after a long period her initial reactionto her glasses may change. Perhaps if Laura is concerned about here appearance a visit to the Ladies Behind The Crystal Veil web pages will show just how glasses of even much stronger script can add to her appearance. As someone else suggested they can be like jewellery. Of course another option could be contact lenses.

Like lenses 24 Jul 2011, 01:25


This is a first prescription for her.

It is huge for a first.

It may even be an undercorrection.She may get more in six months or so.

antonio 23 Jul 2011, 20:20

well, I don´t find Laura C´s glasses that strong, likelenses,

they are still at the medium range, Laura,

enjoy the clear sight they can give to you, Laura C,

at least sometimes

best regards, antonio

Like lenses 23 Jul 2011, 19:59

Laura C

Whoa! That is one serious prescription.

A lot of myopia in the right eye,with moderate astigmatism,and a lesser but still significant myopia,with pretty high astigmatism in the left.This is a very unbalanced prescription and you will need to wear these for all activities near,and far from the time you wake up,until you go to bed at night.

Were you amazed at the clarity,and minification of objects when you put them on? We myopes find this quite thrilling when getting new glasses.

Blue eyes look better than dark eyes behind strong minus lenses due to the minification.

What is the longest period that you have worn them thus far,and what is your impression after removing them?

Welcome to the world of strong glasses.

Cactus Jack 23 Jul 2011, 14:44


There is no way to tell, but I can tell you how to make a pretty good estimate of your present Rx.

Get a book or a newspaper and hold it close enough to read clearly and then move it away from you until the letters get fuzzy. Do this with each eye individually, measure the distance where it occurs, and tell me what it is. If it is more than a meter (39 inches) or where the print would be too small to read, we will need to modify the test a little to get an accurate answer.

You don't need to worry about becoming dependent on glasses it is always up to you when and if you wear glasses with one exception. If you drive, you may be required to wear glasses for the safety of others. However, you may decide that you like being able to see distant things very clearly. In some way, glasses are like clothes, you don't absolutely have to have full body coverage it depends on the circumstances. If you go to the beach in the summer, you will find lots of people with very little clothing. However, if you go to a ski slope in winter you will find lots of people with lots of clothing. If it is cold enough, they are dependent on their clothing for their survival, but it is still up to them. I have seen pictures of people in swimming attire jumping into ice covered water, but they did not stay long, I guess they were "dependent" on their clothing, but they did not seem to mind the dependency.

Could I ask your age, occupation and where you live?


maddy 23 Jul 2011, 14:21

cactus jack what would be a reasonable estimate, i dont want to become reliant on glasses but i am finding myself squinting a lot, a lot of the time i dont even realise i am doing it until my friends point out to me,they are glasses wearers mostly and they have all been on at me to go and get a test after 9 years!

Cactus jack 23 Jul 2011, 10:31


Your Rx has probably increased some, but not enough to get very excited about. It is normal for low light conditions to make vision problems seem worse because your pupils open up to let in more light and that makes your true Rx more apparent. In very bright light, your pupils close down and it is like looking through a pin hole, the hole in a button, or squinting. It partly corrects your refractive error.


maddy 23 Jul 2011, 10:12

hello all

i have booked an eye test for next saturday finally after 9 years of putting it off! I am 25 now

i am getting quite nervous as i think the optician is going to say that i need to wear glasses

i managed to find my prescription card from years ago and it says somethign about sph left eye -.50 and right eye -.25,

what are the chances of my prescription going up? i feel that when its dark outside and cloudy my eyesight seems a lot worse, does anyone else find that?

varifocals 22 Jul 2011, 12:38

Laura C you will be fine & soon get used to them.Enjoy your clear sharp world

Astra 22 Jul 2011, 03:22

coke bottle rimless are nice.

I remember seeing a other girl in a library wearing those when I was age 15. envied her so much.

I didn't wear glasses and I was about 2 diopters uncorrected.

Aubrac 22 Jul 2011, 02:22


High index lens will only be a few millimetres thick and certainly nothing like coke bottles.

I think you will be amazed at how much more of the world there is when you wear your glasses and don't have to bother about 'managing'.

Try a rimless style that be ultra-light and except for crystal clear vision, you will not notice you are wearing them.

Astra 21 Jul 2011, 23:42

Laura C,

How did your mother notice you cannot see a thing anymore ?

Astra 21 Jul 2011, 23:35


My experience: my family members knew that I have been a little myopic, it may take longer for them to notice the problem.

Especially if you have glasses ready they may thought you only need glasses occasionally, but not always.

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2011, 18:50

Laura C.

If your unhappy with the thickness of your lenses then go on-line and find a pair you like and have them made with high index lenses and they will be very thin. If you use Zenni for the 1.67 index it is only an addition of $34.00. I'm surprised it took that long for any of your family members to discover you can't see. I hope they now stay on you to wear them. You must know that wearing glasses will make more people take notice of your blue eyes. Afterall they are only framing your eyes you know?

LauraC 21 Jul 2011, 16:28

For those who know me: my mother discovered I cannot see a thing anymore and took me to an optician. I've been prescribed glasses (obviously) which I collected today. But I'v no intention to wear those coke bottle lenses in front of my blue eyes! They are so thick!!!!

BTW my presciption is

right -6.00 -0.50 180

left -4.25 -1.00 180

should be myopia + astigmatism I presume. Is there anyone else goind bareeyed with such poor vision (if not... I can tell you how to manage :-) )

varifocals 21 Jul 2011, 08:42

I agree Astra. cutting a long story short, my wifes mobile went off. I had no glasses handy & it was a complete blur as I am totally ddependant on my glasses.

Astra 21 Jul 2011, 05:39

If a myope has to be without glasses, they can't care whether it's awkward or not. ... if it's able to read that's good enough.

ehpc 20 Jul 2011, 18:17

Anderson - people do stare in Southern Europe in a way that Northern Europeans and people from the United States would regard as impolite, but which they evidently do not. I have a scar down my chest from quadruple heart bypass surgery 11 years ago and people would literally walk up to me and stare at it, when I was on the beach just a few seconds walk (literally) from a flat I used to own in Mallorca. I am ashamed to say that after the first day of this I put a T-shirt on the next day, but I subsequently felt - quite rightly - deeply ashamed of my pathetic pusillanimousness in 'hiding' the scar (I still feel deeply ashamed of my pusillanimousness and self-consciousness but it was a bit of a pain) and I left the T-shirt off and let the peasants stare. It just seems a habit in that part of the world.

4eyes 20 Jul 2011, 17:39

Hi you guys, here is 4eyes.

I forget to mention my daddy would strongly be against my aptitude, but thanks God he was in Silverstone for the F1 racing car that Sunday. Lol.


4eyes 20 Jul 2011, 17:33

4eyes here.

I think I've posted it in a wrong topic and I'm sorry, so here it goes again...

I've been posting for awhile about the strenght RX of my eyeglasses and how people says they're strong and that I hate the term. I'd rather hear no comments for my +47,5 and the +49,25 with adding + 11,5 bifocals DP, plus the 40 BO of prism DP for the distance as I have about 25 BO prism for close. Also they think I am a "visually impaired" kid, no matter I am a 18 years old but I am not. With my glasses on I am corrected as visual mobility "they say", but as I can do play soccer or do about anything I want, that's fine to me, thank you. Stuck out my tongue for them.

I'm not sure I am not I'm saying something stupid, but according to my best friend who's 15 yo and a darn good soccer player that happens to stammer so bad he'd rather go around speechless but goes completely nuts about it. Funny enough, he gives a piece of shit 'bout his own badly crossing eyes. I'll tell you I trust this kid by heart and I hear him and I try to be just as cool as he's. Accord to him, and he told me that in a kind of amaze I only hear from doctors, I don't not see half the distance he sees. I understand I'm corrected to see as far as about 6/7 meters distance "as my daddy corrected me" after reading the thread I posted earlier, meaning that farther distance I'll see no person nor nothing recognizing but forms and colors only. Actually I learned that I can not even recognize my best friends features if I am bare eyed, even if they stick their face right at a half a meter in front of me, but I think that's exaggeration, really. I have no peripheral vision at all and even if my father sits beside me I would not see him unless I do look straight at him, whatever. I am still striving to comprehend the way I perceive the world as those doctors at Moorefield or UCLA urges me to, as this seems to be important to their studies, with help of some real and pacience friends and my family, who share experiences with me. I understand I have funny looking eyes that crosses from mild to a "huge and severe way", as doctors themselves love to say, personally I think them creeps, those Doctors. And I also understand they moves in some funny and dummy ways, so that I look weirdo and ugly and "disgusting" as somebody put it so eloquently, but considering seeing 20/60 or 20/80 doesn't makes me repulsive or whatever. Also I learned and I try to accept that I might need others eyes devices to help me get along in future if are unable to produce the lenses for my glasses. So what? I just hope I don't need those. So far so good.

So all said, I went and I'll go bare eyed anywhere I want and when I want. I only have to take care not to step on anything or "anybody"on my way to the shore or anywhere. I am saying this because some snobbish people complained about me and my friend being an danger and bad type reputation for their hotel as we were going to the shore by the afternoon. So that we should be on "shades" or Ray Ban they were selling by the hotel shopping or whatever if we would like to. I just ignored those clerks and off we go.

As I'd have a Religious nap everybody does have here we both, me and my friend went the private shore by the hotel we're staying here in Mallorca or Majorca island, some of the hosts complained about our appearance. Lol. I found that so stupid and unbelievable we both leave the hotel laughing. But I am still thinking about it and I am a bit mad about some snobbish that might be feel hurt about my presence. I still think I am free to go whatever I want. By the night, in our suite I was still thinking and trying to sort this thing out. The next morning I went bare eyed again. End of it.

Anderson, the aberration out.

 19 Jul 2011, 16:42

post deleted - personal attack

And 19 Jul 2011, 15:13

Uncorrected at -8 ?????? My gf relunctantly takes out her contacts at bedtime and then has her glasses within easy reach. Without correction reading a book is awkward, she can't see the tv and would never dream of going anywhere.

Melyssa 19 Jul 2011, 14:38


Once I had about a 2-diopter jump in my prescription, and with my new big brown-framed glasses, the floor seemed to be very close for the first week or three, but after that everything was in order. It's the only time that has ever happened to me.

george 19 Jul 2011, 10:37

Hi everybody!

I wore my glasses for the first time last wednesday and i've been wearing them 1 or 2 hours per day. Being honest i was very excited the days before i went to the optical store because i wanted to feel the difference and know how bad my vision was without glasses.

Certainly it was shocking, something really new in my life. The optometrist told me "now you see the difference, don't you?" and i just said "yes". I couldn't say anything more because i was a little overwhelmed.

What i like the most of wearing glasses is the distortion. Every thing looks smaller and i feel bigger!! The floor seems to be so close to my eyes that i felt very strange the first time that i tried to walk. But also, there's something that i don't like about my corrected vision, i have the sensation that i see "too much", now i can see mistakes, errors, defects and imperfections that i couldn't see before.

The optometrist couldn't believe it, he kept asking me "how can you live this way?" I felt a little uncomfortable trying to explain how i did things but everything went right.

Astra 19 Jul 2011, 03:04


regarding the myopia progress,

not that it's not proven,

it's because there are two major factor intervening each other.

All4Eyes 19 Jul 2011, 01:56

John L, george: I'm intrigued by your stories of starting off with such high rxs. I thought I was on the extreme end at -4! Could you both go into a bit more detail about how the eye doc reacted to you being that myopic and uncorrected? I agree, -8 or 9 never corrected is highly unusual, but to my way of thinking not impossible. Like I said, I went uncorrected till I was -4, and while george's rx is twice mine, from a practical standpoint, is there really all that much difference? We both can't read a blackboard, drive or recognize someone from a distance to save our lives, can't see TV, can read a book (though I'd imagine just barely, in his case). I'm wondering how he deals with using the computer, since that seems to be the very distant limit of what I can manage bare-eyed. But george, have you actually taken a peek thru your glasses, even, now that you have a pair? If not, aren't you curious? I was so shocked at the first view thru mine I practically went into an altered mental state! I'm not saying I'm against your efforts to stay uncorrected, I actually rather enjoy the thought of someone that myopic going without full-time (as long as it's their choice and not that they can't afford glasses/have a controlling relative that tells them not to wear them, ect.). It's just I can't imagine you looking thru corrective lenses for the first time and being like "Meh, whatever". I would think it would be a very intense experience. As to making your myopia progress, I've heard both, that wearing glasses worsens it and that not wearing them does, I don't think it's been proven either way.

Astra 17 Jul 2011, 16:52


Yes. you said you've never tried to live the life of a guy with a 20/20 vision. ... well, my experience was a bit similar to yours, walking to some places without glasses etc.

I'm around 3 diopters lower than your rx . And I admit my lifestyle isn't exactly normal, spend many time on close tasks, doesn't have friends around my age.

I haven't start working yet. And I can imagine with uncorrected vision it's going to be impossible for most job positions.

Somehow, most job positions you need to co-operate with a team. Impaired vision may be very limiting in such environment. Employers do expect you to be a workhorse ! I have been in an internship I have experienced that.

This may not be required when you are in schools, particularly if the curriculum emphasizes on exams.

John L 17 Jul 2011, 13:03


I managed to escape the school medical after I left infant school as my parents sent me to an independent school - thus I never had any medicals - thus my vision problems were not picked up. If I had remained in the state system it would probably have been picked up much sooner.

I recall two eye tests at infant school. On the first occasion one had to rotate an "E" shape to match an ever decreasing size of E on card which was placed in anyone of four positions.

Of course no one explained properly what I was supposed to do and didn't do it properly and my mother was advised to take me to an optician which she did. However, he said I was okay.

The following year, just before I left infant school bound for prep school they came round and did the eye test again. I remembered how to do it this time and passed. But then my eyes were fine then!


Rayray 17 Jul 2011, 12:56

If george's story is true which I think is possible, if a bit unlikely, when he wears his glasses for the first time he won't want to take them off. His RX is around the same as mine and I don't think anyone would choose to walk around in that much of a blur when they have tried corrected vision.

Aubrac 17 Jul 2011, 10:35

I remember at school aged about 14 someone had left a pair of glasses on the teachers desk, I put them on and was amazed that looking out of the window how bright everything was and how I could actually see individual bricks on the walls!

I don't remember really struggling to see the board though or the TV but when my sister had had advanced to about her third pair of glasses, I tried her first pair on, NHS issue with pink plastic frames and curly ear pieces, and tested myself looking at posters and hoardings and again was surprised how clearly I could see. I tried her second pair of glasses but these were too strong and made my eyes hurt.

It wasn't until a school medical that I was discovered and went for an eyetest although except for driving at 17 years old didn't start wearing glasses until about nineteen.

I suppose I just got used to the blur, at this stage about -1.75, however once I started wearing glasses and got used to seeing everything clearly I couldn't stand any blur and would have checkups every six months just to get that extra -0.25 clarity.

george 17 Jul 2011, 10:08


you're right. I always have tried to get involved in activities thaare t don't need distance, activities where i can be closer to things or persons.

I think a key point is that i've never tried to live the life of a guy with a 20/20 vision, that would be a disaster. Since i was a child i was aware of my impairments and limitations.

george 17 Jul 2011, 09:52

It hasn't been easy, that's for sure!

My first experience with myopia was at 6-7 year old in school, noticing that I couldn't see the blackboard, i was at the end of the classroom and i had to stand up and walk a little to see it.

When I talk about adaptation i refer, for example, to put more emphasis on hearing, wich is essential to me. When i reached to the point of not seeing the blackboard even if i was on the front line, hearing became the most important thing for me. Most of the times, in my experience, what a teacher says is the same that she/he will write on the blackboard. The most difficult moments occured when this wasn't the case.

Now i can't recognize a face at certain distances (1 meter or so) but i've learnt other ways to recognize people. I put attention to the way people walks, everybody has a unique way of walking! I try to watch the kind of clothes that people wears, that helps a lot! Also i'm very conscious about hours and places, yesterday morning i went to the mall but i knew there were a very few chances -or no chances- of meeting a friend or a closer relative, so i didn't worry about recognizing people around me. I just went there.

Of course, sometimes "adaptation" is not enough.

Puffin 17 Jul 2011, 08:28

Thing is if you can get though school, college, and degree with just about enough vision, it then doesn't matter so much, nobody is expecting you to read a blackboard every day - perhaps you might need to forget about the degree if it's that bad - then if you have some more progression it's okay, but don't expect to get or keep a job that involves seeing into the distance. Sooner or later someone will twig it, it's up to you what to do about that.

It's possible to survive like this, but don't expect it to be easy.

John L 17 Jul 2011, 06:40

Speaking from my own experience about adapting to myopia. I needed glasses in 1972 but didn't get my first pair until December 1980.

I needed glasses around September 1972 (almost 13) when I realised after the summer school holidays I couldn't see the blackboard from the middle of the class. Thus I moved to the front.

I coped again until even sitting at the front didn't always help! However, I discovered I could cause my right eye to focus momentarily for short periods by pressing a spot on my eyelid. - (It doesn't work anymore). It worked enough to copy notes from the board, read timetables at stations and see bus numbers.

When I was approaching the final year of my degree course I decided to take a post grad teaching certificate. I knew there was a medical involved and I would be found out. Thus I went off to the optician a few days before the medical and started with Right -6 and Left -5.75 with no astigmatism correction and was a full time wearer almost immediately.

Over the years my script has changed a bit - now R-5 Cyl -0.75 Axis 180 and L -4.75 Cyl -1.50 Axis 180

Astra 17 Jul 2011, 03:15


I'm not sure but that sort of "adaptation" would likely lead to a very strange lifestyle.

A possibility he may spend many time on close tasks, since he can't focus far enough.

Flaine 17 Jul 2011, 03:04


Its amazing how u managed until last wednesday without ANY form of correction! I, and i believe the rest of us here, would like to hear more about the process of ur myopic progress and adaptation as yrs got by..particularly how u coped when u realise that ur distance vision is slipping away year in year out?

george 16 Jul 2011, 12:13

@ Astra, Puffin and Hansel

Thanks for answering!

@ Filthy and Curt

thanks for answering and i'm just telling my story. You don't have to believe it if you don't want.

I did my first eye exam at 23 because i was very curious about my Rx and because i know i need glaases and wanted to have a pair in case i really need them. Actually i bought them but my intention is going uncorrected.

I've been conscious about my myopia since i was 6-7 years old, i guess it's something genetic because my parents are myopes. The optometrist said that probably i needed glasses since i was 5 or even less.

I don't have any idea about the progression of my parent's myopia becacause they never talk about that i just know they had corrective surgery in their mid-twentties.

I did pretty well in school and college, always one of the best of my class. How i did it? I think it's just a matter of ADAPTING, being very conscious of my impairments.

Curt 16 Jul 2011, 11:22

Well said Filthy. No one gets -8/9 for there first Rx. An obvious troll...

Filthy McNasty 16 Jul 2011, 10:43

Provide no sustenance to the trolls, if ye please.

Hansel 16 Jul 2011, 09:26

OK, let's give George the benefit of the doubt.

Since you want to be uncorrected, why at 23 did you decide to have an eye exam?

How did you manage through school/college.

Obviously you won't have a driving licence.

Best wishes


Puffin 16 Jul 2011, 08:38

George, why not try getting glasses for your RX and wearing them just for reading? I say this because sometimes the advice given to young children with mild myopia is not to wear them for close work, in case it induces more myopia.

The focussing muscles in a normal eye are used to working hard to focus close up, but yours are getting a free ride for that sort of thing. Once they start having to work harder (a minus lens takes away strength from the visual system), they kind of get used to it and tend to overdo it when looking in the distance, giving you a bit more myopia. In this way wearing glasses helps you find your real RX, not the reduced amount thanks your eye muscles being a bit weaker than they should be.

Or else you can carry on as before and see what happens. The effects of adding correction aren't always predictable for an individual. Are your parents myopic? Any info on how theirs progressed? That would give you some clues as to what may happen, although I assume they did get correction.

Astra 16 Jul 2011, 06:24


You are close to -10 . don't worry, you can have increase older age.

george 15 Jul 2011, 19:05

Hi! This is my first post.

I'm 23 and had my first eye exam last week and the Rx was -8.50/-9.50, with astigmatism 2.0/1.0

I have been uncorrected all my life and I want it to be that way as long as possible. I was "dissapointed" with the Rx because I expected -10D in both eyes.

I have a question: how to increase my myopia?

Cactus Jack 28 Jun 2011, 10:05

lurker in the shadows,

I don't think you are in trouble. What has likely happened is that you really needed some vision correction before you found the glasses, but because vision actually occurs in the brain, it was correcting the poor images as much as it could. While the Rx in the glasses might not have been exactly what you needed, they reduced the workload on your brain. Now, without the glasses, you find your vision to be blurry. This frequently happens to first time glasses wearers with real Rx. They think the glasses have made their vision worse, but all that has happened is that their brain has become used to not having to work very hard.

I think you should tell your parents that you seem to be having trouble with blurry vision - can't read distant signs, etc. - and you think you may need an eye exam. They will probably be very surprised an have a bit of denial symptoms, but they will probably made an appointment for an exam. Don't mention anything about the other glasses to anyone.


lurker in the shadows 28 Jun 2011, 09:42

post deleted - troll, multiple usernames

Astra 25 Jun 2011, 00:47


As I have said, there's "usually" an advice given by doctors to children / parents that the children should wear glasses full-time.

I did not mean it's appropriate in all cases.

However, especially for rx above - 3 or - 4 , if someone decide to wear glasses "part time" it would mean shifting between full correction to no correction.

Assume a user is age 10-30 , with normal accommodation response, requires about -5 correction.

During the period when the user does not have correction , in ch 3.3-3.4 there's correlation between image quality and progress of myopia.

While the correlation is not significant for +0.75 undercorrection.

If there is +5 undercorrection, the correlation is very favorable for the progress of myopia .

Bear in mind, albeit rare, there are some people with high myopia , for whatever reason, without correction most of the time. from 3.3-3.4 it's likely their undercorrection by more than 5 diopters may contribute to their increase in rx.

Overall, in ch 3 of that manual ,

The conclusion seems to be it's easier to control the progression for mild rx (below -3) , as undercorrection are more effective for slowing the progression.

As myopia progresses, very likely the biochemical defects are already quite severe.

Trent 24 Jun 2011, 20:49

Astra does not endorse full correction glasses.

Astra 24 Jun 2011, 00:05

I think that's why,

there's usually an advice to children to wear glasses "full time" , especially if their rx is above - 3 Diopters.

Previous post on this thread was by me.

 24 Jun 2011, 00:02


"Permanent undercorrection might be harmful: Many followers of the Bates' method propose a permanent undercorrection.

A trial, however, showed that a permanent undercorrection

of +0.75 D was increasing the progression of myopia at children instead of slowing it down ."

 06 Jun 2011, 12:11

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Tom 05 Jun 2011, 16:04

Clare: did you try giving your eyes some time (minutes) to adjust to the blur? It usually helps a lot, just after removed your glasses/contacts you fell much more blur than after a while.

Faces are almost impossible to recognise at any distance, I agree, but there are a lot of things that help recognising people: hair, dress, voice, how they walk... The very few times I met someone I know (I always do my bareeyed experiments when I'm pretty sure not meet someone I know) I did'nt have major troubles in recognising them.

You should be more brave and less dependent on your (low) correction! ;-)

varifocals 05 Jun 2011, 10:09

A happy ending to the story of the two myopic indian girls as both now have new glasses from specsavers & are now happy.

The one who broke hers & was bare eyed is delighted to have sharp vision & her glasses looked a lot stronger to but they did not stop long for a chat.

All4Eyes 03 Jun 2011, 20:15

Tom: My rx is R-4.50 L-4.00

Soundmanpt 03 Jun 2011, 16:10


To add to what Cactus jack has said. Two other points are that even though your vision has improved you are still very used to seeing with your glasses all the time. Now even if your vision continues to get even better you will still likely feel uncomfortable not wearing your glasses. Also you have a fair difference between your eyes, your glasses helps to balance that out for you.

And it is true you can certainly wear your glasses full time no matter how strong or weak your lenses are. Just enjoy being a GWG

Cactus Jack 03 Jun 2011, 15:27


Not strange at all. Even with -1.50 in your best eye, your vision without glasses is probably around 20/200 so the larger letter at the top of the chart would be recognizable without your glasses, but that is about all. It is not necessary to have a certain minimum Rx to wear glasses that provide sharp comfortable vision. You do not have to have anyone's permission but your own to wear vision correction.


Kim 03 Jun 2011, 15:10

My prescription has gone down to -1.50 and -2.25. Even so I'm rarely without glasses. I just don't like how I see without them. Is that strange?

Puffin 02 Jun 2011, 15:38

I think the blur (minus 4 or worse) is harder to work with if you don't (or won't) have glasses or a helper to fall back on. You just have to rely on getting closer and this isn't always possible.

Clare 02 Jun 2011, 15:16

Interesting - my best eye is *only* -2.75 but I'd offer these observations

- night time vision without contacts is frankly appalling. I've taken out my contacts to walk back to the station and only seen a kaleidoscope of lights. I prefer not to do that now so would, in that case, wear my glasses

- daytime is obviously better but its hard to recognise anyone at a reasonable distance

- even during daylight hours, reading a departure board at a station is pretty tricky

- however, happily, at home most things are possible - sub titles on the TV are not!

Cactus jack 02 Jun 2011, 08:31


The Rx difference between your two eyes is probably not enough for you do be able to discern much difference in relative blurriness without your glasses. The fact that your eyes have nearly the same refractive error probably slightly improves your acuity with both eyes contributing to the images your brain is constructing.

Vision actually occurs in the brain and your eyes are merely biological cameras. Your brain is quite capable of constructing images, if it knows what something is supposed to look like, with limited or even no input from your eyes. Ever had a blurry dream or heard of a blurry hallucination?

Your brain is very good at image processing, it just takes more effort, energy, and processing power to do it that could be put to more productive purposes if you supplied it with good images.


varifocals 02 Jun 2011, 04:34

Hi Flaine.

The two Indian sisters are alittle further back in this site.

Flaine 02 Jun 2011, 03:47


Whats the myopic sister story u are talking about?

baker 01 Jun 2011, 23:42

@Tom my better eye is -3.75 and I hardly have any issues going bareeyed, very similar to what you said. I sometimes need a friend to read something or identify someone who is farther away but I'd classify it as an inconvenience if anything. I don't go around winking but closing my better eye and seeing with my -4.25 eye is the same thing.

Tom 01 Jun 2011, 16:07

I absolutely agree on my functioning using the -3 eye only! The night makes things harder but still manageable. Closing my best eye makes me give up, -5 is definitely too much to safely go around in low light! That's my experience, please share yours: is this discussion about going bareeyed or not?

varifocals 01 Jun 2011, 10:07

I have had some stick from the fettish ones, who love the blur, & those who can see that if you wear glasses full time like Andrea I have mentioned, for them who needs glasses for school work etc the loss of vision is more acute. I dont mind the blur if it is planned for. For those who have followed the story of the two myopic sisters we have moved on. I suggested that maybe visionExpress, who have a hour service could help & that the family visit there first, to see how they could help before the arranged Sunday Specsavers test at noon.. What happened was that Vision Express Bless em, managed to weld somehow the broken metal on one of her frames & given them back to a very upset girl who then had some vision. The subsequent Specsavers test resulted in both girls needeing stronger glasses & last sunday they all went off to pick them up. Imagine how hard it would have been to spend a whole week in the blur & rely on school friends to help in the interim.

Hopefully now the story has had a happy ending.

Cactus Jack 01 Jun 2011, 08:35


There are two things that make it possible for you to go without your glasses. One is the -3 in your best eye. Your brain will use that image as the source of your vision without your glasses. The other is bright light and perhaps familiar surroundings.

Try it at night, in low light conditions, in strange surroundings, with your -3 eye closed and see if it makes any difference.


Tom 01 Jun 2011, 03:29

All4Eyes: which is your prescription? I'm -3 and -5 and don't have major troubles going bareeyed. Just need to get a little bit closer if I have to read something. After the first, say, 15 minutes I don't feel I need glasses that much anymore... Once I spent a whole afternoon without glasses and I became so used to the blurry vision that I was forgetting to put them on again at the end! The same happens e.g. when I take off my glasses to swim at the seaside or in a pool...

All4Eyes 31 May 2011, 14:53

Jumping in a wee bit late on this discussion, but I think in this context the word "suffering" is used more in the sense of "suffering with a bad cold". Something that makes you subjectively feel awful in the moment, but doesn't have any serious, long-term effects. And yes, being suddenly without your always-worn -4 glasses can feel pretty bad, I know even for myself, as a glasses fetishist who gets a kick out of the blur, there does come a point where my eyes are hurting and I'm struggling to see and am just generally miserable. Even though I'm enjoying it in my mind on one level, it does become physically uncomfortable eventually.

Aubrac 28 May 2011, 07:58

My first wife used to wear glasses, it was what first attracted me to her at a party. She was wearing large gold framed aviator style frames with quite a thick outer edge and about -3.00.

She often went bare eyed and usually took her glasses off to read, we also often used to swap glasses and contact lenses which was good fun.

ehpc 24 May 2011, 19:22

To me,glasses indicate strength and head-together mindset - 'glad to be GWG' sort of thing. I 'wear glasses and aren't they cool' mindset.

varifocals 24 May 2011, 12:02


You may well be right of course I deed feel protective to Ivy as she got badly bullied for her cross eyes but hey got sorted when they were locked in the toilet!She actually was pretty & very funny. We were at the same school for 2 years. She often took her glasses of as she knew I found her eyes interesting but only for a short period as she said her eyes hurt.She used to let me gently put them back on her. So that was my first fettish.My Mother also worked at the school, Utting Avenue Liverpool.

Astra 24 May 2011, 06:38


as seen in replies to the betsyB's video (why men are attracted to gwg)

compassion is a reason.

I guess, part of fetish can come from compassion.

It's so heartening to see an otherwise healthy girl, greadually develop refractive error,

that would result her dependent on corrective lenses later in her life.

varifocals. 24 May 2011, 04:23

Oh I have the fettish. I love it. My first love, young Ivy Redpath at my nursery school wore glasses, cross eyed too poor girl. she was lovely but got bullied.That was in Liverpool. I have had two wives too both married in glasses, one plus, the other minus.

Astra 23 May 2011, 20:22

you say glasses fetish, why not ?

it's about fetish here--- blur fetish, lens fetish, whatever relevant to glasses.

feel free to share your story.

 23 May 2011, 17:50

8 ball is right on the money, you lose varifolkus. It ain't suffering!

varifocals 23 May 2011, 14:17

8 balls. my wife is a -8 myopie & hyhas been since 7.she has always worn glasses even as a teenager & in fact found being a short sighted gal who could squint attracted the lads.There were school eye tests at 7. Another one picked up as short sighted did not get glasses until 11 as her parents were anti glasses as her two sisters had good vision.When she got glasses after deterioting vision she was amazed. Fine, until she got married to a fellow myopie who was more short sighted than her. Again the mother struck & suggested that she not wear her glassesat their wedding inorder that she could show off her brown myopic hazel shaped eyes. Fine, until she got in the car for the church & the blur kickedin.She felt like a fish out of water & all the wedding pictures showed her squinting like mad. Only one picture survives, a full close up face shot.

He husband was livid.It is hard if you can see & end up, through no fault of your own with blurred vision.Personally I like the blur & have up graded my rx, but that has to be balanced against those who cant. The bride has never taken her glasses off since.

8 Ball 23 May 2011, 12:18

It's not about the glasses fetish, but it's more about you being too personally close to this situation to be able to look at it objectively. If it had been anyone else walking around without their glasses squinting like hell, you would have popped yourself a giant boner. So let's put some perspective by clarifying the terms:

-- Living in Dharfur without clean water is suffering

-- Losing everything you own in Joplin after the tornado is suffering

-- Having a loved one die because of your carelessness is suffering

-- Living as a hated race in a country that kills you because of your color is suffering

So given the above, living without -4 correction for a few days is NOT suffering. And here you are posting about it on a "going without glasses" thread where those of us who are turned on by folks not having their glasses read it. What did you expect the reaction to be? Tears and utter sorrow?

Tom 23 May 2011, 11:44

I think it's common experience (not just mine...) that if you are around -3 or even more and spend, say, couple of hours bareeyed, you fell quite ok in the blur and don't feel you need glasses that much.

Moreover, if you don't put your glasses in the morning and go out bareeyed, you could even forget you are nearsighted unless you have something to read in distance!

I had a mate at university who was quite dependent but for reading. She was just -2 or so... Once I suggested her to go out from home without glasses the next day and come to the library without wearing them. She did and when I saw her coming bareeyed I didn't say anything. We spent the whole morning studying hard (so no need for her to put her glasses) and when we left I said her laughing: "will you be able to find your way back home without glasses"? She put her hand onto her face and replied astonished: "oh my God, I didn't realise I was not wearing them! It seems I can perfeclty manage without...".

varifocals. 23 May 2011, 11:14

8 ball. as I said before it is not just the rx but the fact that after a few years of wearing glasses, suddenly you end up in blur land & bear in mind this was at church, public, when you need to see other people.Anyway it should be oknow. Another friend, stronger rx, was nagged by her mother not to wear glasses at her wedding to show off her eyes. Once in the car & finding she had no alternative she had an awful day. Try& see another point of view other than a glasses fettish.

8 Ball 23 May 2011, 09:48

varifucals... From your posting, I don't seeing any "suffering" involved except squinting. Had she just lost her glasses she could have adjusted to the blur much better if you left her for a few days while new glasses came. -4 isn't nothing that bad you can't last a few days, I would hardly ever call that "suffering."

I once knew someone who had -8 glasses broken and had to wait two weeks for the order to come in. She was completely out of it during that timeframe, I swear. -4 is a joke compared to what she went through.

varifocals 23 May 2011, 09:12

yes 8 balls in a way I suppose it may be thrilling to you but the poor girl Andrea really suffered. Anyway a happy ending as after church the whole family headed into Bedford straight to vision express ( I checked this out saying I was involved from the church) & Andrea by then was stressed. Anyway it seems the frames were damaged & were repaired so the poor soul at least had some vision back.The parents were advised she should always have a spair pair. So off to Specsavers, where I was advised that Andrea had a full eye test & a new persciption issued. (code for new rx)They told me they did have an emergency lab where glasses can be fixed up in an hour if needed. I did not know that so thats good. The bottom line is, howver strong your rx is, if for what ever reason you end in the blur, & are a ful time wearer., it hurts. the other sister Alexia, who is due to go to Uni but is still at school also was squeezed in for a retest & also new glasses, as school glasses are free.So by a quirk both girls now have spare glasses. 8balls if you had seen poor andrea squinting & looking down at her feet, myopia is rather unfair.

8 Ball 23 May 2011, 07:06

I'm not sure how you contained yourself, frankly it would have been extremely hard for me. Seeing someone squint without their glasses and struggling hard to see is a fantastic turn on to me.

varifocals. 22 May 2011, 07:44

Funny how things work out but a true story, At our Catholic Church we have a nice Indian family, 2 out of the three girls ( the elder ones) are myopic & are full time wearers. The younger has a much stronger rx & has worn glasses too formuch longer. Today she broke her glasses & the lens & arrived bare eyed.She was rostered with her eldersister to do the readings as well as being an alter server. She went ahead with thelatter with help, but could not see well enough without going to close to attempt the reading so I did that.I was suprised she had no spair pair.

She was having read trouble seeing, both squinting & looking down onher feet.Being afull time wearer, suddenly without her lens was a real struggle. The familyhad arranged a visit to Specsavers this morning, but of course they done do glasses on the spot. I suggested that they try Vision Express in the same arcade which is also open & could fix her up quicker. So the story is, you should have a spare pair & full time wearers feel theblur & need for lens help more. She was really struggling. Rx was -4 on her earlier glasses.

varifocals 21 May 2011, 14:58

I find that thosewho wear glasses full time & then , for what ever reason, are suddenly bare eyed, suffer the most.I have known lots of examples of this.You become dependant, thats fine when things run smoothly. after 7 years i am dependant on glasses.

Crystal Veil 12 May 2011, 01:11

Rayray @ this is exactly what I meant to say, except that you found the right words. Thanks!

Astra 11 May 2011, 21:00

ray, that should vary for each person .

but you know, high myopes often used to peripheral distortion to some extent.

Rayray 11 May 2011, 06:58

@ Crystal Veil

'Perhaps it's harder for moderate myopes to function without glasses than it is for high myopes?'

Obviously in scientific terms this isn't true but I think psychologically it may be. Low and moderate myopes probably feel very uncertain as they try to function as they would with glasses and come a bit unstuck trying to do something too fast. High myopes are more prepared for what they cant see and develop coping strategies so they don't need to 'see' like leaving things in the same places and moving more cautiously. I went for a walk a while ago with out my -8.5 glasses and didn't have any problems at all crossing roads and so on - I just had to be more careful than I would be with glasses but it wasn't a conscious decision - its the way my brain responded naturally to poor quality of information it was getting - perhaps if the difference isn't so startling the brain does not respond so quickly to the change in image quality?

Crystal Veil 29 Apr 2011, 02:24

guest@ The model in question is Petra and her photo shoot was done in October 2010. Her Rx is sph -11.50, cyl -4.00 so if you count the cylinder for 50% she is about -13. (my older weblog)

guest 29 Apr 2011, 00:52

Mr Crystal Veil

You mention one of your models has -13. Could you please advise her name and the month of the photo shoot


Puffin 28 Apr 2011, 18:18

My experiences of glasses wearers in swimming pools are those who wear them - careful to keep their heads above water and avoid getting water on them, or whatever - and those who don't - "is that you?", or perhaps a little guidance to the right changing room.

Melyssa 28 Apr 2011, 15:25

Whenever I went to a swimming pool after needing to wear glasses full-time, I always wore them until getting ready to hit the water, and then I put them in the case, where they stayed until I left. And yes, I made sure not to sit on it. :)

As for the ocean, during our summer vacations in ACNJ, it was the same situation. When I went with my husband to visit his family down south, we did not go swimming, but walked along the shore together, no more than ankle-deep (unless the tide rolled in unexpectedly) and we each wore our glasses. Of course, mine usually matched my bathing suit color.

Millhouse 28 Apr 2011, 12:45

Opps. Sorry, i may have posted without paying full attention to this threads history, i am a -8 fulltime wearer, not goc or o-o enthusiast.

Galileo 28 Apr 2011, 11:52

Chino/Millhouse, just another thought - the experience is bound to be different when you know that if you get into difficulty you can just take the + glasses off or contacts out and get significantly better vision. That security must change how you feel compared to a real high myope or high hyperope who has not got their glasses.

Millhouse 28 Apr 2011, 10:47

- Chino,

An interesting take on getting around.

In answer to your comment for me Its just to risky to go around bare eyed... I have tried but after a few walks into kerbs and other things I just cant do it.

I have to have a spare pair in my car glovebox, at work in my desk, at home etc just incase of any mishaps and my "main pair" get damaged.

I'm only really safe in my flat (apartment for our U.S friends) and even then, sometimes in poor light on summer evenings if I get up at night for a glass of water or whatever I have to watch I dont walk into a partially open door etc.

Galileo 28 Apr 2011, 10:39

Hi Fred, my ex-girlfriend with the -8 Rx regularly swam in local swimming pools without glasses. She had a routine for selecting a locker which was easy to find - usually on the end of a block near the exit from the changing room. Her glasses were the last thing to go into the locker and first to come out. She could find her way to the ladder into the pool fairly easily and back to the changing room afterwards. The only problem was she broke all the rules everytime she went swimming because she couldn't read any of the signs.

Chino 28 Apr 2011, 08:51


I think it just boils down to personal preference. Some people are just more comfortable with blur than others. Personally, I love some good blur :). I never wear glasses in the pool or at the beach. It just seems like such a hassle. I simply don't need to see clearly in that situation. As Crystal Veil mentioned, we find ways to cope with the blur and find our way around.

Plus, I'd be worried that they might get knocked off my face. I vividly remember going to a water park with friends, and it was no problem finding my way back to where they were sitting. If they had done something mean, like moving to a different area while I was away, THEN I would have had a problem lol.

At -3 with astigmatism, she definitely can't see well without glasses. Reading most signs and recognizing people's faces are probably out of the question. But there are ways around that. I guess she's just not interested is finding out what she CAN do while bare-eyed.

@Crystal Veil

Oh no, trust me. It's definitely more difficult for high myopes to function without glasses. I decided to wear my +12 glasses at night for a short walk, as well as a stop at Walmart. That was a bit of a nightmare hahaha. Once inside the Walmart, I could get around just fine without bumping into things, but finding the aisle that I needed? Forget it. I had to cheat by looking over the glasses. Even when I made it to the aisle, it was a pain to see which blur was the item that I needed (grape juice). I had to cheat again. When I was ready to make my purchase, I also couldn't tell which registers were open and which were not.

The walk was also interesting. There were lights, so it wasn't completely dark, but I almost walked right into a patch of tall grass because I couldn't tell the difference between it and the grass on the ground. Once I was able to make it to the parkway, I was able to stay on the walkway. Beyond a certain distance, it was just a complete gray blur. I was glad that people often walk there, and that it's a safe area. If someone wanted to jump me, I wouldn't have been able to see them coming until it was too late.

Perhaps people with high myopia are so dependent on glasses that they feel the need to find out how much they can do without case they're ever in a position where they lose their glasses. To other high myopes on the site, what are your thoughts on this?

Crystal Veil 28 Apr 2011, 02:55

Fred@ my partner Nel (Rx -11) does not use her glasses when swimming in the ocean. She says she recognizes genearal features and she remembers position and colours so that she can get back to me or whoever accompanies her. When I saw this the first time I was a bit worried but there was no need. She must have radar or something like that.

One of my models who has Rx -13 had no problem picking out the glasses on the grass next to her chair during her photo shoot. She did not wear her own glasses between posing in my glasses.

Perhaps it's harder for moderate myopes to function without glasses than it is for high myopes?

Fred 28 Apr 2011, 00:35

The stories of Crystal Veil and Chino make me wonder how medium/high myopes deal with more complicated situations like swimming pools etc without glasses. I'm curious since my girlfriend (-3 and some astigmatism) always wears an old pair of glasses when she goes swimming, claiming that she really can't see otherwise.

Crystal Veil 27 Apr 2011, 03:12

ehpc@ I sit corrected. You are right, I meant Sarah Bernhardt. The Musée Pierre Marly in Paris has one of her glasses and Marly measured the lenses (-10). Her myopia was legendary in her day but it's not mentioned in her biography.

Chino 26 Apr 2011, 19:52

@ Crystal Veil

I'd love to get some strong + contacts and get the same effect without the reduced field of vision.

Yes, there was traffic when I crossed the street, but drivers are very good about stopping for students at crosswalks. I just made sure the big blobs of color were stationary before crossing the road :).

ehpc 26 Apr 2011, 19:16

Sarah Bernhardt perhaps? A female actress who played Hamlet and who did actually keep all her money under the bed. In a chest, I believe.

Crystal Veil 26 Apr 2011, 18:33


yes, it can be done. I witnessed several good examples, perhaps not quite extreme as what you describe but still.

My partner Nel (Rx of her glasses is over -11 and she never wears contacts) has no apparent difficulty walking across a room and going down a flight of stairs without her glasses.

One of my best models (Carla, Rx about -3) did the catwalk during the opening of my exhibition in a pair of -14 myodiscs and she added another handicap by using five inches stiletto heels.

The famous actress Sarah Bernard did all her acting on stage perfomances without glasses, her myopia was -10.

Admittedly, these ladies did not encounter the problem of wearing high plus glasses.

Hat off! One question, just out of curiosity: was there any traffic when you crossed the street?

Chino 26 Apr 2011, 17:33

This isn't technically going without glasses, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

I'm myopic, with an rx of -5.5 in both eyes. I recently received a pair of +12 glasses from Zenni to see how I could get along with them. Aside from the image magnification and reduced field of vision, my eyesight was pretty close to what a myope with an rx of about -17.5D would see. I must admit, I was a bit let down by the experience hahaha.

Don't get me wrong, everything was very, VERY, blurry, but it wasn't as "impossible" as I had been led to believe. I was basically under the impression that -12D was about the limit for being able to navigate bare-eyed. This definitely applied to me. I guess one could argue that different people interpret blur differently, but -17.5D is pretty serious.

Despite the blur, I was able to make my way from the car, through the university parking lot, across the street, and to my building. On the way back, I had no problem getting back to the parking lot and finding the car again. It was pretty mind-blowing. Granted, it was during the middle of the day. Doing this at night would have been interesting.

The only troubling thing about the experience was the way in which the plus lenses reduced my field of vision. It was a bit freaky to see things in my peripheral vision that I could not see in the lenses. I had to be extra careful when stepping over curbs or accidentally bumping into people from the side, but that was it.

I read an optometrist's story on a different site. The subject of the story is whether or not to wear correction, and if going uncorrected is bad for the eyes. The optometrist mentioned that he/she has a myopic customer who routinely walks around bare-eyed despite needing glasses with -22D of correction. After my experience today, I believe it...difficult? Yes, but not impossible.


Astra 13 Apr 2011, 04:11


Laura C had many responses answering enquiries about myopia.;_ylt=AjR05sYkpde3vzTz4FWUrb3xDQx.;_ylv=3?qid=20110412032943AAVhtVv

baker 13 Apr 2011, 02:02

I decided to take a day off from contacts today and wear glasses just for driving and math class. It was not just wonderful--it was super easy. Okay, the hallways are super trippy and I had to ask my friend to identify people down the hall when I was looking for someone but so much of what I deal with is close enough for me to consider going without glasses almost all of the time. I remember that I always felt shy and embaressed about wearing glasses part time and never really wore them before I started wearing glasses full time, but if that wasn't to happen, what's the harm in wearing glasses just once in a while? The starburst effect is just wonderful. A sparkle fell on my skirt today and that starbursted wonderfully, not to mention the veiw on my walk to my car at 11:00pm with all of the car, street, signal and store lights! It's funny how it takes some time to get used to being without correction (this morning I was thinking 'geez--were my eyes always this bad?' but then thinking by the end of the day 'do I even need glasses.' Of course there was a lot that was super blurred but nothing I can't handle. I guess the one downside is how bending down to see things makes my back a bit sore after a while. But I think I was bending down more than I needed to because I was adjusting to the level of vision I have.

Then again I'm conflicted. I love the sharp vision contacts give me and I'm even starting to like glasses as an accessory (maybe) but I am seriously considering going back to part time wear.

Laura 12 Apr 2011, 05:00

varifocals. Well actually I know LauraC. We keep in touch by email, so I can't say too much here. you can email me if you like.

Astra 11 Apr 2011, 23:43

Certainly for myopia,

Too much strain on ciliary muscles would stimulate further increase in rx.

varifocals 11 Apr 2011, 11:19

so Laura, what would you do about Laura C & her blur fettish

Laura 11 Apr 2011, 09:18

Astra. Amy probably did for trying to "go without" for such a long time. Help her incraeses I mean.

Astra 09 Apr 2011, 20:53

Re: Amy 07 Apr 2011, 03:09

Certainly that will happen.

I am quite optimistic that Laura C can have much increased rx within 1-2 years.

Let's see how it goes.

optix 09 Apr 2011, 00:45

Its time to go to the bakery again.

+10 contacts already in, I am wearing glasses to see the screen.

Will have them in my inner pocket when walking to the bakery, have a cup of coffe there...

The less I see, the more I feel(touch), smell and taste.

I like it!

Cactus Jack 08 Apr 2011, 08:27

Baker and Puffin,

You are right, of course. There are lots of different reasons to not wear needed vision correction and concern about what your peers will think can be a very powerful reason. That is why I said SOME people. You can generally get a pretty good idea of the reason by the tone of the post.

I have infinite patience with those who are genuinely concerned about what others think (hopefully to get past that), but almost none with martyrs or Bates Method zealots and I generally ignore them. The primary reason for my post was to try to help those, who were just trying to be helpful, to understand why they were being ignored or rejected.


Puffin 08 Apr 2011, 04:35

Actually, they might be trying to avoid attention, especially if they see everyone else (rather fuzzily) not apparently not needing glasses, and thus don't want to be different.

baker 08 Apr 2011, 00:15

Cactus Jack, I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one...

I went quite a few years refusing to wear correction for two reasons. I was in middle school and didn't want the attention. I knew it was just for a day or two but I dreaded that type of attention.

I agree with Optix as well...I like myopia. I now wear contacts because of convenience and because my love of the blur does not mean that I don't also love crisp vision--both are wonderful. There is something wonderful about seeing everything close to you very clearly and having all far away distractions fade away. That's why I always take out my contacts before I start reading at night. I recently wore glasses to drive to school but then went without them for the majority of the day and I felt so much more focused.

optix 07 Apr 2011, 14:26

off topic...

By nature I have almost prfect Vision.

This morning I went to bakery with +10 contact lenses, no GOC, just CLs.

Enjoyed it very much...

Be friendly to everybody, might be your best Friend... recognize People by their voice or when getting close enough...

I can understand the bare eyed myopes very well!

Blurry vision is a gift!

Regards to all, Optix

Cactus jack 07 Apr 2011, 12:18

If I may quote one of the definitions of Martyrdom: • a display of feigned or exaggerated suffering to obtain sympathy or admiration.

Some people try to obtain their "15 minutes of fame" by not wearing needed vision correction. It become their "Shtick". In some instances it becomes their "raison d'être" (reason for their existence). Occasionally, if the person is skilled enough, it will get them on TV -which is the ultimate "15 minutes". It is all downhill from there.

It is counter productive to try to reason with them because it simply re-inforces and confirms that they are achieving their objective of getting attention or sympathy. Not wearing vision correction is simply a means to that end.


Amy 07 Apr 2011, 03:09


LauraC could be straining her eyes as well, which could make her short-sightedness worse I reckon

8 06 Apr 2011, 16:30

Just a hint, how about all the people urging someone to get glasses in the GOING WITHOUT GLASSES just gtfo now. If you want someone to get glasses, wtf are you doing in this thread anyway where people share their joy and thrills of going without glasses?!?!?!?!!!

varifocals 06 Apr 2011, 11:45


Very wise words to Laura C.

Im afraid she likes to be stubboen.

Stupid in my view as she is missing so much.

Amy 06 Apr 2011, 08:42

LauraC You really should get glasses!! I've emailed you about it! My sister is fine and enjoying her job a lot.

LauraC 05 Apr 2011, 16:31

Amy, I've just sent e-mail to you. I was on lenshcat for an hour or so but you weren't there. Unfortunately due to work I don't have many time to chat in the evening. Bye

Amy 05 Apr 2011, 08:44

antonio. my email is

Aubrac 05 Apr 2011, 07:41

There is a sort of dreamy eyed look girls have with above -3.00 myopia that is quite attractive in a way. The only thing that spoils it is when they bend sharply forward, stick their neck out and squint to look at something not far away.

I knew one girl in the office who must have been over -5.00 but only wore her glasses for reading, how she found her way home on crowded rush hour London transport I'll never know!

Playing the Penguin psychologist, is it that fairly high myope girls don't actually want to see who is around and might be looking at them, and by not wearing their glasses they feel insulated from the visual pressures surrounding them?

Astra 04 Apr 2011, 05:35

When the frame slides down.

I can sometimes see one corrected image form thru lenses, and one uncorrected image form outside the lenses.

Puffin 02 Apr 2011, 18:53

I was in a food hall for lunch today, it was one of those places where you order your food, pay and then take a little sign with a number on stuck on a metal stick, and go find a spare table, then after a while someone comes and delivers the food.

It's just that this time the serving girl was standing around looking for us - I think she could see perfectly well, but it was quite a large food hall and those numbers were only about 2 inches high at most - and I thought of our friend here LauraC, wondering how she would cope with such a system. Our food arrived after a couple of minutes of searching around. Perhaps it would have been a little longer with LauraC serving?

Amy 02 Apr 2011, 10:33

Antonio. Hi. me too. email me please

antonio 02 Apr 2011, 08:15

hi Amy,

nice to hear from you again, best regards, antonio

Amy 02 Apr 2011, 03:46

LauraC. Sorry I put YOUR name at the top instead of my own. I must be goind stupid. email me on the address below

LauraC 02 Apr 2011, 03:45

Yes I am AMY. Laura's sister. You can email me separately now on

Tell me all your news and stuff. Love to hear

Amy 02 Apr 2011, 03:43


I think I know LauraC. She used to email my sister. I think she lives in Italy doesn't she?

varifocals 01 Apr 2011, 12:44

Hi Amy.

You have gone down the path of many well meaning persons before you in trying to convince Laura to wear glasses but sadly it will not work.

She loves the blur & simply cannot see that she is making a fool of her self.She goes bared eyed as an ASBO!

She works in a cafe somewhere & seems quite happy groping her way round the tables,

A work mate went on thesame vain path but met a guy who she got engaged to & made her wear glasses full time.

She got married in a brand new pair & looked lovely. happy & relaxed.

Then some of her old friends askedif she could pose without them. She handed them over & stood for photos.

She then found she could not cope without them, squinted badly too & hurriedly put them on, sying she felt like a fish out of water. Then reverted back to her new looking happy self.

Amy 01 Apr 2011, 09:55

Hi LauraC,

You really should give in and accept full-time wear like me!!. It's not embarrassign once you get used to it.

LauraC 01 Apr 2011, 09:00

Amy: are you really YOU, Amy? Seems so... :-)

Nice to see you here, although it is a long time since my last post. I'm sorry you are not able to function without your glasses anymore. About me no change yet: still bareyed in the blur! Love.

Amy 31 Mar 2011, 09:52


No worries about that now cos I'm into glasses full-time at last!! Actually i really like myself in them now, more than without. Funny that.

Karen: 30 Mar 2011, 20:49


I'm curious: Are you starting to wear you glasses more now? It sounds like you're getting tired of your blurry. vision.

Rayray 30 Mar 2011, 08:31

Its because you are young and have great accommodation Amy. Your eyes can work hard to see through a huge minus over-correction. As you get older this would cause you eyestrain and eventually become impossible as the lens of the eye becomes harder with age and cannot be squeezed down to provide the additional plus power to accommodate. Eventually this causes presbyopia.

Amy 30 Mar 2011, 05:48

Hi Guys,

I suppose I could carry my previous glasses around with me. I must admit I feel pretty blind without glasses now even though I'm officially only around -4.00. It's like most of you say, once your eyes get used to being behind glasses all the time, they don't seem to adjust very well if you happen to take them off. I don't think my sister bothers carrying a spare pair and her eyes are quite a lot worse than mine. In fact her previous glasses are in my room come to think about it, because I asked her if I could try them on. Funnily enough if I really concentrate my eyes hard I can see quite clearly with them, but stuff looks really far away and small. It feels kind of cool.

Soundmanpt 29 Mar 2011, 14:28

If you look back Amy is at -4.00 / -3.75 so it would be a little more of a challenge. Her previous rx was -3.00.

Because she is still quite young and has only been wearing her glasses full time for a short time she probably could still manage without her glasses although I doubt she ever really wants to test it.

Clare 29 Mar 2011, 13:48

I agree - at -3 most people would be alright getting home - as long as they're not driving of course! And I have to say that night-time navigation even as a pedestrian can be tricky, and reading the departure boards at the train station would be a challenge too!

And 29 Mar 2011, 11:39

Melyssa, when my gf first revealed she wore contacts she said she'd be unable to drive without them. I have of course learnt since getting to know her better that she would probably struggle to recognise her car !

Aubrac 29 Mar 2011, 11:06

Just to add my ha'porth to the pot, at -5.00 I have gone about outside without glasses but have to be rather careful crossing the road, biggest downside is that you might tread in something nasty without knowing it!

Melyssa 29 Mar 2011, 10:53


At -3.00, you should be all right in finding your way home.

At -9.00 and having had a valid driver's license for many decades, I would have a lot of difficulty getting home sans glasses. And I always carry extra eyewear because I change them several times a day.

Soundmanpt 29 Mar 2011, 09:27


While your vision is still changing each year it would become a bit expensive to try purchasing 2 pairs each year. Even though you would not want to go back and wear your previous rx for a long time as they are weaker and your vision with them would be slightly blurry but much better than nothing at all. Many people do just as you do, keep their previous pair as a backup until they can get their current glasses repaired or replaced.

Amy 29 Mar 2011, 07:45


If the owrst came to the worst, I could find my way home without my glasses on.

Amy 29 Mar 2011, 07:44

varifocals. No I don't have spares of my current rx. Only my previous ones.

Melyssa 28 Mar 2011, 07:00


You're absotively, posilutely correct about that. That's why I always carry 2-3 extra pairs of glasses with me outside the home.

varifocals 27 Mar 2011, 06:49

yes it is not a problem to rely on glasses. Do you have a spare pair in case of accidents.

When you suddenly you find you have no glasses is when you really miss them.

Amy 27 Mar 2011, 04:34


Yeah I reckon -3.00 is about the level you can tolerate bare eyed. Even that is not good. I persisted too long avoiding full-time wear which was stupid of me. I'm definitely a converted full-time wearer now. It's kind of cool when you get totally reliant on glasses.

Puffin 26 Mar 2011, 13:49

If things like signs were written bigger and peoples faces more distinctive, then the limit could be higher. What a thought.

varifocals. 26 Mar 2011, 13:07

Amy. The opinion seems to be over 3 == full time although I have known afew foolish exceptions.

Amy 26 Mar 2011, 09:38

Hi Faine,

Yeah I went full-time just about a year back now when I got new glasses. RE-4.00 and LE-3.75. I just find I can't cope without anymore now. Really I was having lots of probs the year previous when I was only -3.25 and -3.00. But I was OK in surroundings that were pretty familiar to me, if you know what I mean. Like my own town center and stuff where I know where all the different shops are and stuff. Cos I couldn'd really see signs and stuff. I'm 16 now going on 17 like you.

Flaine 26 Mar 2011, 07:56


Hi Amy, im Flaine and i am still a part time wearer at -2.25 and -2.75..although i hafta confess that ive been wearing my glasses more and more since i entered this website about 9months ago. What do you find difficult with @-3.25 n -3? And how long have u gone fulltime? I hope u didnt squint alot before that because it causes a lot of wrinkle on our forehead as ladiez:) do you show signs of short sightedness like by squinting near your friends?

Btw, im 17 from London..hw about you?

Amy 26 Mar 2011, 05:18


Wow honestly? I must admit that its a relief to have finally gone fulltime. It was quite a huge decision really, but once people get used to seeing you in specs all the time they eventually give up commenting. Thankfully I'm at that stage now, but at first it was "Oh I didn't know you wore your glasses all the time Amy" and stuff like that. If you want to email me my address is

maybe i'll go to lenschat if you are around

antonio 26 Mar 2011, 05:09

hi Amy,

yes I can imagine, -3 in an unfamiliar place is a hard thing to cope with !

if you like we could chat on lenschat about

I even struggled at -2.75 a lot to recognize people outside !!

best regards,


Amy 26 Mar 2011, 05:06

Antonio. Wow that was quick. Before my current glasses, my prescription was RE -3.25 and LE-3.00 and I could just about cope without glasses if I wanted to if I tried really hard. Like it was more difficult if I was in strange places and stuff. But I was fairly OK in places I was familiar with. Like in my own town centre where I know where all the shops and stuff are. Hope this is useful

antonio 26 Mar 2011, 05:01

Hi Amy,

i gave in when I reached -2.75,

and wore them full time from then,

so already before you

what was the max prescription you wore only part time ?

best regards, antonio

Amy 26 Mar 2011, 04:50


I'm short-sighted and my current prescription is now

RE-4.00 and LE-3.75. This has made it impossible for me to go without glasses anymore like I used to. What level of short-sightedness do other people reach before they find they have to give in to the inevitable?

ehpc 23 Mar 2011, 10:25

You are a good correspondent :) Pete

Laura 23 Mar 2011, 05:49

y w.

You can contact me on

y w 22 Mar 2011, 17:36


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Laura 16 Mar 2011, 03:48

Soundmanpt. Yeah that's true. But she realises how dependent I am now. Obviously its made it easier for Amy's need for glasses to be accepted. Lucky Amy!

 14 Mar 2011, 01:50

hello guys

i m a 30 yr old lady.i m attracted to guys who need very thick glasses.

I m interestd to have email chats with them.if any such guy pls mail to me ,

by th way i too wear thick glasses

Rayray 13 Mar 2011, 18:52

There are different definitions of dominant eyes but shooters (of which i'm and occasional and far from expert one) will always know their dominant eye. Obviously for someone like me this is a factor of corrected rather than uncorrected vision. I'm right eye dominant even though sphere and astigmatism combined it has a slightly higher rx. However for distance purposes it seems to respond better to correction and can currently see slightly better than 20/20. For shooters its easier if your right eye dominant as that eye naturally lies along the barrel of the gun if you are right handed. If you are left handed it is easier if you are left eye dominant but of course nature isn't always accomodating.

Cactus Jack 13 Mar 2011, 10:22


Remember that vision occurs in the brain and the eyes are biological cameras. Depending on the distances involved, the brain will tend to use the sharpest image as the primary data source and use what information it can from the less sharp image to try to create a 3-D image. The dominant eye is often the eye used primarily for distance, but not always. The brain just makes the best deal it can, using the images available to minimize its work. Sometimes, if the brain knows what something is supposed to look like, it can use that information to improve an otherwise blurry image.

You tend to notice is a bit more if there is a substantial difference between the two eyes, but most people with either natural monovision or intentional monovision get so accustomed to the situation that they don't notice. Everything just seems "normal". With only 0.25 difference, it would not make much difference which eye was the primary source.


Clare 13 Mar 2011, 09:14

Cactus Jack - that's interesting. How does it work if the more myopic eye, though, is the dominant eye - does it make any difference? My worst is my dominant eye, if I was say -2 and -3 and my dominant eye was the -3, how would my uncorrected vision compare to someone with the same Rx whose dominant eye was -2. Would it make a big difference?

With only a -0.25 difference between mine it makes little difference but I was just interested. Thanks.

Soundmanpt 12 Mar 2011, 13:22


If I recall your mother doesn't wear correction, so maybe she was trying to keep you from wearing them. I think it can be difficult for someone with perfect vision to understand how it can be to see things even a little blurry. The good thing is I think she may now be more understanding about your vision. As you said Amy, your sister recently went full time with her glasses and it would seem mom accepted it better than she did with you?

Laura 12 Mar 2011, 06:05

Cactus Jack,

I think you are right to be honest. Like most kids, I had to get glasses for seeing in class at school when I was around 8 years old. I remember my mother saying, try not to wear them all the time, or you will get as you can't do without them. The trouble is once you get used to having glasses on, you often forget they are there, and end up keeping them all the time. Quite often my mother would come and collect me from school and say, You've still got your glasses on Laura, take them off, and I would do. Then as you get stronger and stronger lenses each year, it become impossible, and you end up keeping them on all the time. The worst was, when I didn't wear glasses all the time, and I'd sometimes forget to put them in with my school stuff and not diiscover it until I needed them in class. It was so embarrassing when my Mother had to be phoned up and asked to bring them in for me. No wonder I went full-time after only a couple of years.

very progressive 11 Mar 2011, 09:55


Can I ask your age ? What was your first rx, five years ago?


Ron 11 Mar 2011, 09:11

i guess my reluctance to wear my glasses full time comes from the fact that up untill 5 years ago i didn't need glasses at all!

everything i used to be able to do till recently has become quite a struggle, like shopping in the supermarket, going out to bars, ordering food in fastfood restautrants where the dishes are published on the wall behind the counter, going to the huge dining room in my workplace trying to find where all my friends are sitted. the last one actually requires from me to walk alongside each table and see who's sitting there.

recently i went shpping for some clothes, and i swear to god, when the saleswoman pointed at the top shelf towards the shirt i was looking for, all i could was blurred colors, no shapes, no prints, no lables. nothing.

something so elementary like riding the bike, which i used to do without even thinking, now isn't possible without glasses.

i can't even see the ground proparly to be able to sort of plan the path ahead.

Cactus Jack 11 Mar 2011, 08:30


Not quite. Her distance vision without correction was probably acceptable to her much of the time, as long as her best eye was less than -3.00. Because the brain uses the best image available, it primarily ignored the image from the more myopic eye, but possibly used some information from it to try build a 3-D image (an image with spatial relationships) in the brain. It would probably not have made much difference if both eyes were the same Rx. Her tolerance for living in a blurry world happened to be around -2.50 or -2.75. When she got to -3.00 it was too much and she started wearing her glasses most of the time.

The amount of blur you can tolerate is varies with the individual and their visual needs. Some people have a limited "need to see" and a world view with a radius of a meter or two is just fine However, as Rayakins mentioned in the post that followed yours, vanity was apparently more important than knowing the contents of the dog bowls until a wrong guess delivered an unpleasant surprise. I would think if one lived in a household with dogs and you were significantly myopic, the "need to see" what was on the ground where you were stepping would become important much more forcefully than knowing the content of the dog bowls, before they were processed and relocated. Good vision has its benefits.


Rayakins 11 Mar 2011, 06:07

I 'held out' (was too vain) until I was about -4 -4.50 - I remember the experience that clinched it was looking down at two dog bowls bare-eyed - one full of water, the other empty of food which I intended to pick up. As they were both roughly the same colour, (the dull brown/beige that dog bowls often are) I picked up the water bowl without realising it was full of water and swamped myself with it. From reading baker's story it seems likely he is over -4 too. I do remember the blurry lights being beautiful, particularly at Christmas around that rx. Unfortunately I'm now -8.50 and they are so blurry that they aren't anything like as beautiful.

Laura 11 Mar 2011, 03:15

Cactus Jack.

That's interseting. I hadn't realised that's what happens. So if my sister had been -3.00 in both eyes you would probably have gone full-time a year earlier than she did. I think I finally gave in when I was -3.25. and -3.00. i wasn't as brave as Amy maybe!LOL

Cactus Jack 11 Mar 2011, 02:45


The thing that probably drove the decision for your sister to go FT was the lowest Rx eye (-3.00) getting myopic enough for distance vision to be seriously compromised. In a situation where there is significant difference, the brain will choose the clearest image and image and use that one as the primary source for vision. If the overall Rx and the difference is in the monovision range the brain will use the more nearsighted eye for reading and the other eye for distance without the person being aware of it.


Laura 11 Mar 2011, 02:34


Yes -3.00 is about the prescription you tend to consider becoming a full-time wearer. My younger sister held out until her glasses reached R-4.00 and L-3.00 before she finally gave in!! Now she's glad she did LOL

baker 10 Mar 2011, 20:51

I stayed up past 3:30 last night doing work, leaving me 3 hours of sleep. This was probably the first time in the past year that I woke up and my eyes wouldn’t tolerate contacts so I was stuck with glasses. As I’ve said before, the only thing I like about glasses is that you can take them off and I took advantage of that opportunity all day. I wore glasses to drive (safety first!) but then took them off once I got to school. The whole day I kept them nearby incase I’d need them and because I have a tendency to loose things (especially when I’m bare-eyed! I can’t believe how many times I lost my bag and how long it took to find it each time). Before my first class began, I was talking to a friend next to me and was turned towards them. I looked back at my desk and couldn’t find my glasses. They’re a similar shade of brown to the desk so I leaned my head super close to look for them (okay my eyesight must have gotten worse. I don’t remember ever being as nearsighted as I was today!). I looked on the floor and then my classmate asked if I was looking for my glasses. They were on his face! He said they were making him dizzy and one of my best friends took the glasses from him and put them on, surprised at how ‘bad’ my eyesight is (my glasses aren’t strong enough and I’m waiting a few months for an eye dr appt but anyhoo, they’re just -3 and -2.5). I never know how to respond to something like that (anybody have a favorite response) so I just said “thanks, I really appreciate that” in a semi-sarcastic voice. I wore glasses during my Calculus class and Literature class (we’re watching a movie). It was so nice to be bare-eyed! I always think and say that it’s awesome to see things close up super clear and everything far away to be blurred because it helps with concentration but I forgot how great it can be until today. During lunch I forgot I was bare-eyed because I was just so focused on the few friends I was eating with. I am usually a very focused person and am great at ignoring peripheralities but this was extra intense. The best part of today, though, was going home. I share a car with my brother and he had to leave early so one of my friends drove me home. That was fine with me, I got to go bare-eyed for longer. It was starting to get dark and all the cars had their headlights on and I experienced something so beautiful. All of the lights were large and fuzzy but more like blurred asterisks that got smaller and more intense and circle-shaped as they got closer and more fuzzy and large as they went farther. I’m not doing a good job explaining this but when I explained it to my friend, she said it sounded like I was high and then said she was sad she was driving and couldn’t take out her contacts to share (have any of you seen this? So beautiful). So now I’m home where being bare-eyed isn’t really anything special as I know where everything is and can just magnify things on the computer and lean in towards things I want to see. Anyway today made me happy and I didn’t feel tired at all despite the lack of sleep because I was enjoying the blur! (sorry for the length).

Clare 10 Mar 2011, 15:52

Ron - when I go to the gym at the weekends (it's usually early morning) I wear my glasses to go but take them off in the changing room. I can easily find my way around the gym as I know where everything is but have found, like you, that if I'm trying to see what I'm doing in a mirror when doing some sculpting exercises or weights, I can't see my features at all. I'm not such an expert that it matters but the difference from tonight, when I had my contacts in, is quite marked.

If your prescription is over -3 now then mine is less than yours - I'm -2.75 and -3.

varifocals 10 Mar 2011, 15:41


Over -3 you should wear full time.

Ron 10 Mar 2011, 08:08

Laura, it's defintely stronger than -3, which is the strength of my current lenses...

Laura 10 Mar 2011, 05:40


What is your current prescription?

Ron 09 Mar 2011, 14:53

went to the gym today, i arrived with my bycicle, so i entered wearing my glasses (i have to put my glasses on for riding the bike)

it's always frustrating for me though that each time i take off my glasses out side my house, it's just so hard to keep track on what's going on.

i went on the treadmill and i could see the tv that's in front of me just fine (it's about 40 cm away), but looking to my left in order to observe on whoever is running next to me, i could only recognize the one running on the nearest machine.

it's becoming quite embarassing when i do weight lifting, i have to stand just in front of the mirror in order to see my self clearly...

but i just can't imgine myself working out with glasses...

looks to uncomfortable.

Laura 09 Mar 2011, 04:42

Pete. Hopefully not such a big increase! Last time it was an increase of -0.75 in both eyes with a tiny bit more astigmastism in my right eye.

Heather. That was a big jump! Was it only in 12 months, or longer? I seem OK for reading at the moment with my full minus prescription, but if it goes much higher, the optician told me I may have to consider either varifocals or bifocals. I must admit I'm not very keen on the idea! My mother is very short-sighted as well but she prefers wearing her full minus rx all the time. Then when she wants to read stuff in a bad light, she just pulls her glasses down her nose slightly to decrease the strength a bit. Its looks quite quirky I think!! I could always do that if I need to. Why don't you try it if you have trouble reading small print?

Like lenses 09 Mar 2011, 03:18


I had an exam. in late Feb. and had another surprise increase.

I knew that my distance vision was not good, but was really surprised to get another -1.25 for each eye.This is the second time that it has been that large.

With the new -6.25 lenses my distance vision is incredible,but if I have another increase I am sure that I will be in bifocals like you.

Reading on the computer is OK,but text in books is so minified that it is hard to see.After reading for any length of time,it affects my distance vision,when looking up from the book.I have tried going back to my old -5.00 glasses for reading,but near vision is to blurred with them.What were your symptoms that led to bifocals?

Like lenses 09 Mar 2011, 02:47


Your new thick lenses sound sexy to me.

I always appreciate a woman with a significant prescription, that chooses the thicker lenses.

How is your vision with the new glasses?

Did you get new frames,and if so what are they like?

Can you tolerate going without your glasses?

ehpc 08 Mar 2011, 17:56

Maybe you will be minus 11 or minus 12 Laura:) That will be cool :) Pete

Puffin 08 Mar 2011, 17:24

It is not so surprising to find people with quite high myopia not bothering with correction at home. It is only when you are out, things change beyond your control a lot more, and you need the vision to work it all out. Only time you would really need correction at home is reading and watching TV, if you'd got used to doing without most of the time otherwise.

Heather 08 Mar 2011, 17:08

I haven't been on this site for a while ... too busy at work.

Like lenses: Thanks for the link. I haven't even had time to play tennis yet with the new lenses, too busy at work. It would probably be pretty difficult to play tennis with the new lenses. I am planning to get single vision lenses for that.

I have now become mostly used to wearing the thick and somewhat heavy lenses. Occasionally people still make comments who have not seen me with the new lenses. The strange thing about my work is that among 20 colleagues, there is only one other person who wears glasses although very weak ones. So I am somewhat of an odd person among them. I am not used to an environment where so few people wear glasses. I remember when I went to college almost all of my friends either wore glasses or contact lenses. So to me it was almost a given that if someone did not wear glasses, he was probably wearing contacts. It almost did not cross my mind that there are some people who need no correction ...

Anyway, I am glad I can see well with the new lenses and I just hope I won't need stronger ones for a while.

Laura 08 Mar 2011, 03:44

Varifocals. Yes I know. Actually I got there nearly 12 months ago now!! It was great at first naturally. Everything so crisp and sharp. The peripheral distortion was much more noticeable of course, but I've learned to cope with that over the past 8 to 9 months. I'm just dreading my next encounter with my optician after Easter!! And I'm not optimistic!!

varifocals 08 Mar 2011, 03:12


So now I see you have made double figures.

well done.

How does it feel like, when you are without glasses.

I had a pretty Irish girl next door very myopic, who could not wear contacts.

Although she could see only, at the most 6 ft she said she never seem to have had her glasses on at home.

Even at work as soon as she got on the tube she took off her glasses to rest her eyes.

Good luck.

Laura 08 Mar 2011, 02:32

And. That's probably about right. I'm -10.00 in my worst eye now and I can't see anything properly over 3 feet away. It's just a blurred grey outline.

Cactus Jack 07 Mar 2011, 16:00


Blur point with a -7.50 Rx, without correction is about 5 inches or 16 cm.


And 07 Mar 2011, 15:36

My gf was bare-eyed yesterday and from around 7ft said she could see that I was 'doing something' when I was making hand gestures and pulling faces at her but couldn't tell what !Her contacts are -7.50.

Cactus Jack 06 Mar 2011, 17:32


-3 means that anything beyond 13 inches or 33 cm is increasingly blurry. Low light conditions make it even worse because you pupils open up in low light conditions and your range of useful focus decreases. If you think it may be worse than that by now, I am curious why you don't wear your glasses and why you don't get an eye exam? I have no plans to be judgmental, there are others here that will do that without my contribution. May I also ask your occupation and where you live?


Ron 06 Mar 2011, 16:43

last time i checked i was -3, but i'm pretty certain it has gotten quite worse since then...

i'm 21.

Cactus Jack 05 Mar 2011, 18:48


May I ask your prescription and age?


Puffin 05 Mar 2011, 17:26

I am rather glad I don't use buses often, because one day, Ron will come and sit on my lap :-)

Ron 05 Mar 2011, 17:05

i gotta say i was most aware of my inability to see when i stepped into the bus and realized i could barely see anything beyond the first two rows.

it was as if the bus didn't have an end.

with the dim light inside the bus it even made it worse...

Ron 05 Mar 2011, 08:40

went out of town the other day, and as i wasn't supposed return home by the afternoon, i didn't think of taking my glasses with me.

anyway, i ended upstaying there till dark and it was time for me to take the bus home i realized i was in a foreign city, not being able to read any street signs or seeing the number of the bus i was supposed to take.

i had to ask some stranger if he could read the name of the steet for me as even though i stood right under the pole on which was placed the sign with the name of the street, it was too high and also too dark for me to be able to see it.

Puffin 14 Feb 2011, 06:02

we've been through all this before, but telling what effect correction or no correction has on vision is difficult to predict. What you need is a clone of yourself, who will do exactly what you are doing, but without the correction (assuming you are the one with correction) and compare results.

Not sure this experiment will ever be tried, so basically we can say its guessable, but not predictable.

Astra 14 Feb 2011, 01:49

Reduced sensitivity of retina is no fun.

In case the retina is sensitive enough...

I have seen a girl who first got glasses at -5.25 in one eye , excited and burst into tears when she first tried on that glasses.

after quite a while she can accept focusing around.

guess she must be shocked by the very improved acuity and the very blur without.

Like lenses 13 Feb 2011, 23:46


I agree with your guess.

The sad thing is that she thinks that by not wearing correction,that she is preventing her eyes from getting more myopic. But what she has not considered is that there are many documented myopic cases where the sight became worse quicker by not being corrected.

An additional problem that she may encounter is reduced sensitivity of the retina due to lack of correction.In that case when her sight becomes worse,she will not be able to be corrected at all,and will be partially blind. There are many examples of this in third world countries,where because they can not get eye care,when they finally do, the retina is already not able to process a clear image,and never will.

linda 13 Feb 2011, 06:59

i got first glasses other month. needed to wear for driving -1.25. worn them quite abit, left them at home was hard to read road signs and was hard driving at night

Astra 13 Feb 2011, 03:12

Puffin, coincidentally we talk about sunglasses.

Astra 13 Feb 2011, 03:08

I have no rx sunglasses.

A few days ago I had a walk to some hilly areas that I have never been to.

Have not expected there's a short section (100 m +) of bridge and path with reflective white paint !

Turn back and walk with that no rx sunglasses.

not special at all.

but I got too curious to peep thru the rx glasses when I was at the middle of bridge.

Luckily, the water is not reflective as the bridge itself.

then switch into the no rx sunglasses for some 100 m until we reach normal road surface.

Puffin 13 Feb 2011, 03:06

LauraC, forgive my curiosity, do you ever wear sunglasses?

Astra 13 Feb 2011, 02:39

anyone wanna guess the required rx of LauraC as of now ?

my bet: -5.5 to -6.5

because of those very amusing description,

such as avoid navigating around at night.

Soundmanpt 12 Feb 2011, 21:39


To take a day off from wearing correction I can even understand where it might be fun to do, but were talking about living that way day in and day out for years. I don't agree with what she is doing, but I must admit it is pretty amazing she has got by for this long without even owning anything for correction. I can only guess that since she has no idea what it would be like to see perfect, with correction, she doesn't miss it.

By the way I hope you find a good day to take a day off frome glasses or contacts, it might be fun, for a day.

baker 12 Feb 2011, 21:11

I see where you're coming from, Laura C. I loved taking days off of correction--I love that I'm moderatley myopic and pushed off glasses for quite a while (with correction, it's all gone). I've recently wanted to take a day off of correction, but I'm so used to how practical contacts are that I can't think of a perfect time. If I'm driving one day, then I'll need glasses. The only day I don't drive, I work in childcare--I can't read the books if I hold them far enough away for everyone to see and I can't keep an eye on the children (all 3 years old) as well. 4 years ago, before I gave into wearing glasses, I wouldn't think twice about these things (and to be fair, also had half the rx) but now I feel irresponsible and long for the "right moment."

Soundmanpt 12 Feb 2011, 19:00

Laura C.

As you know I have made no comments to you for some time because as you well know choosing not to wear glasses is totally up to you. But that being said I had to laugh with your last comment. When it becomes the effort that it seems to be for you to go around in a blur is kinda crazy. You are correct it is almost certain that if you got glasses it would not take long before you would be dependent on them. I can sorta understand someone that is maybe around -1.50 or so avoiding wearing their glasses (which most would at least have) around people or in public as little as possible. But when you get above -3.50, well to say the least is even dangerous to you. If someone were coming near you with a gun you would not be able to see it unless he puts it inches in front of your nose. Actually that sounds rather funny! At what point will you consider going and getting an ye exam and the needed, much needed glasses? By the way if it it as you call them ugly glasses you detest maybe get contacts and only you will know.

Okay! I will go away and leave you alone again, but I had to comment after your last comment.

LauraC 12 Feb 2011, 17:43

Ron: going in the blur is not pleasant and always annoying. But I think it is still better than wearing a ugly pair of glasses and becoming dependent on some correction to live. Don't give up, Ron, believe me it is still manageable bareeyed!

Flaine: I don't know who is LauraG. For sure not me neither my sister Serena (she is 24).

Ron 12 Feb 2011, 16:08

i really think i should use my glasses more often.

i went shopping in the mall the other day, and when the seller in the store guided me to the shelf with the shirt i needed, i just couldn't see.

also when i was walking in the hall, i couldn't see a thing of what was happenning inside the stores.

LauraC, i just can't understand how you tollerate your current vision...

Like lenses 12 Feb 2011, 02:52


Ummmm, A yummy prescription.

Chrissi 10 Feb 2011, 17:44

gwgs: My prescription is around -13 for each eye, so the lenses in my glasses are quite thick!

Clare 10 Feb 2011, 15:43

Ron - I have a similar prescription to you and am also a reluctant glasses wearer, I mostly wear contacts. In the past I was most embarrassed to meet someone who didn't know that I wear glasses, and like you to wear them with my family. I mostly only wear glasses when I'm in the house on my own, if someone comes I still tend to take them off which is silly - especially when you compare to a friend of mine with the same prescription as me who, after taking out her contacts when I was at her house last week, came downstairs wearing her glasses which she wore all evening. I've never done that with guests in the house, like you I'd be more likely to put up with it. I have to say though that I'm a lot better than I used to be.

Mr Jules 10 Feb 2011, 12:53

As for 'plus' lenses for reading, from my own experience, once you get to +2.00 or more then it really become a struggle to read without glasses.

In Sept 2008, my reading prescription increased to +1.75 and pretty much wore them all day at the office. Last year, it went up again to +2.25. Despite my new reading prescription now being LE +3.00, RE +2.75, I've stuck with my current +2.25. Unless the text is BIG, I can only read with visual aids !!

Flaine 10 Feb 2011, 07:05


Was that u or ur sister Serena? Sounds like her...

Melyssa 10 Feb 2011, 06:54


In the "olden days" there was no such thing as Lasik or even radial keratotomy. And our glasses had glass lenses, which were much heavier than the CR39 plastic lenses I wear all the time now. Not only that, but with my astigmatism, the only contact lenses I would have been able to wear were the hard ones, and I did not like the feeling when I tried it on.

As for lens thickness, I've gotten used to it, and like you, I also like the power rings and cut-in -- especially with my largest frames.

LauraG 10 Feb 2011, 05:53


My younger sister has now reached just over -3.00 in both eyes and she has finally decided to give in to the inevitable and go full-time. Its seems that for most people -3.00 is about the rx when you have to finally admit defeat. After that it all down hill LOL!! My mum calls it getting on the slippery slope. Your rx just gets stronger and stronger as the years go by. I'm nearly 21 and my current prescription in RE-10.00 and LE-9.25

gwgs 10 Feb 2011, 03:02

Chrissi - what prescription are you?

LauraC 10 Feb 2011, 01:47

Ron: I maybe slightly more than you are (two years ago I was -3.25 but should be worst today...). Yes recognising people is a nightmare. My simple solution it to answer to everybody waving towards me when getting close enough to recognise his/her face.It happened sometime to answer to unknown people, but that is much better that missing someone you know, if you don't want to be discovered as a bat! Moreover I avoid going out alone as much as I can (esp. in the night!) and this make it simpler because you can follow what other people aronud you are doing. I found other tasks more challenging bareeyed: e.g. going around alone in the night, shopping (the windows and items are so blurred!) or taking a bus or train.

Puffine: I have some friends with glasses or (most) contacts. They sometime speak of vision related subject, but I've never been involved in such discussions so far. My best friend is -3 and wear contacts full time (also have glasses in her purse for emergency). I'm not going to follow what my friends do, I'm just doing what I consider as the best (or at least the less worst) option for me: going bareeyed!

Chrissi 09 Feb 2011, 23:33

Melyssa: I used to hate having bad vision when I was younger. I wanted so much to have perfect vision, or be like my mom and get laser eye surgery when I got old enough. But after wearing contacts for a year or two, I realized that having poor uncorrected vision wasn't as horrible as I thought. Granted, I'd experienced the other side of the spectrum when wearing contacts, not needing to have to worry about people wanting to try on my glasses and such. I hated people asking me if they could try on my glasses. Though I am reluctant to break my continuous cycle of contact wearing and to wear glasses out in public, I do like glasses a lot more than I used to. I don't care for having thick lenses for myself,, but the power rings are cool. Cut-in is also interesting.

It is such an experience to be able to take my glasses and see the blur when I am alone. It is like a different world! Therefore, wearing glasses is like having the best of both worlds :)

Mr Jules 09 Feb 2011, 16:56

Couple of weeks ago, picked up my first distance prescription glasses LE +1.75, RE +1.50. Until then, already been wearing glasses just for reading for 3 years.

Going to full time distance glasses was painless. Two weeks into full time wearing the distance glasses and I more aware when I am not wearing glasses ! Finding my vision without glasses harder to tolerate. Occassionally, I switch to reading glass for extended close work: computer or general reading.

Ron 09 Feb 2011, 15:40

pardon, i refered to varifocals question as i mistakenly thought it wa written by laurac.

anyway, it's still valid...

Ron 09 Feb 2011, 15:37

Astra, my perscription is -3.

LauraC, actually my friends are aware of my poor vision, and as a matter of face, all of them wear glasses or contacts.

however,we don't discuss our vision too often.

b.t.w you haven't answered my question yet :). i'm actually curious as i have the same problem so i wonder how you cope with it...

Melyssa 09 Feb 2011, 14:43

One never knows what will happen concerning likes or dislikes of glasses. Even though I am now the Glasses Girl with 37 pairs, I tried my best to avoid wearing glasses throughout most of the 8 years that I used them part-time. Then I had to wear them all the time from age 16, and I still did not like glasses until I was 28. Now a lot of many years later, glasses are my most prized inanimate-object possessions.

varifocals. 09 Feb 2011, 11:09

Puffin. Laura loves the blur & that is it. Also her sister is not keen on glasses so vanity creeps in.

A friend of mine who was made by her fiance to wesr her glasses wonders why she was so vain for years as you say.

Wonder what Laura will be like at 40.

Puffin 09 Feb 2011, 09:18


Just curious, in your circle of friends, does anyone else wear glasses? Or maybe they might if someone else did first? Who knows what they are hiding - and I assume you avoid any talk with them about vision, eyes, etc, so that your situation isn't discovered, but that also means

you're less likely to know about them, unless they say so or turn up one day wearing them.

That leads to another question, if one of them did start wearing glasses, would you be tempted to follow suit?

Astra 09 Feb 2011, 08:11


May I ask what is your rx?

Ron 09 Feb 2011, 08:09


doesn't it ever occur to you that someone recognizes you from afar and waves at you, but you don't know who that person is?

how do handle this kind of situations?

i mean, this must happen to you quite often...

my siste is am edium myope, and i remember the moment i knew i had to wear glases was when her glasses weren't srong enough for me anymore, but untill then i had to go throug a lot of moments whrer i just couldn't recognize people.

Like lenses 09 Feb 2011, 01:40


Saw these on ebay,and thought you may want them for your tennis game.

You could either get replacement lenses,or see how you do with an overcorrection.

Astra 09 Feb 2011, 00:40


"another thing could be that you force so many your eyes, that when your finally bad eyesight can`t be hidden anymore it would be very difficult find the right rx and you will go to several eye test for a long time."

sounds nice. It's like inducing myopia.

If you don't have ciliary problem, that is not bad.

Astra 09 Feb 2011, 00:30


but I would not discourage anyone attempting to go without glasses.

As long as you can condition your muscles, it's okay if you like.

Astra 09 Feb 2011, 00:24



Or in my case, ciliary muscles deconditioned due to

1. many years going without glasses with myopia

2. intentionally avoid conditioning the ciliary muscles.


1. convergence insufficiency, so that unable to fuse images from two eyes.

2. brain & nerve disabled normal response to images when they received images that appears coming from close distance.

Josh 08 Feb 2011, 21:31

LauraC, almost all glasses wearers resist to wear at first, but maybe you don`t know if you don`t correct your bad eyesight is possible so many things happen, the best could be that your rx stopped and you can manage ok without glasses for long time, another thing could be that you force so many your eyes, that when your finally bad eyesight can`t be hidden anymore it would be very difficult find the right rx and you will go to several eye test for a long time, i passed for this, and one good advice i could give you is check your eyes soon, and if you don`t like glasses, you have the change to wear contacts, but as a young girl you are, avoid to make your now bad vision i a very very worse vision without a change to correct, hope you`ll be ok...

LauraC 08 Feb 2011, 17:01

Ron: there are people also on this forum who think everyone with the lightest vision defect shall correct with lenses and glasses. They seem to not understand how frustrating and embarassing can be put a pair of glasses onto your face, especially if people around don't know you need.

As you can see from my old posts I'm beyond -3 and don't wear glasses at all. Some things are difficult as you are saying (e.g. TV and few others) and some situations require some "training" to be managed depite of your poor eyesight, but as far as you prefer to do this instead of wearing a geek pair of glasses (and soon become dependent on them) there is no law who can force you wearing (apart from driving).


Guest 08 Feb 2011, 16:03

What is your prescription Ron

Ron 08 Feb 2011, 15:48

i'm a part time glasses wearer, and i still fell uncomfortable wearing them around my familly, even though i've had them for a long time now.

i remeber when i was younger i used to try on my sister's older glasses, and i was amazed when for the first since time i had started wearing them, they actually helped me see.

it's annyoing when i can't really see the TV screen whenever all the family is gathered to watch it, but i manage...

actually when i'm with my close friends i wear my glasses quite a lot.

Brian 04 Feb 2011, 14:30

Heather, Could you post a picture of what your glasses look like now?

Heather 04 Feb 2011, 09:39

I actually decided to keep my current lenses after all. I sort of got somewhat used to them and I don't want to spend much more money. Who knows whether my prescription isn't going to change again soon.

I might however get some cheap single vision glasses at some point for distance vision as a second pair.

I got a few more comments at work and friends why I suddenly need to wear such thick lenses but never mind.

Like lenses 29 Jan 2011, 02:04


You passed me up with your new prescription of -5.25. I am however scheduled soon for an exam, and am quite sure that I need another -.50,or -.75.We can have a race toward -6.00.

Your new bifocals sound great. I think that your thicker lenses would be more attractive, at least to me.

Have you tried playing tennis with the bifocals yet?

Melyssa 28 Jan 2011, 13:55


I doubt there were high-index lenses then, but I do remember glass lenses, shatterproof for my glasses, and they were a lot heavier relatively speaking than my CR39's.

Hansel 28 Jan 2011, 12:55

For me the edge thickness is all. I hated my thick specs as a teenager in the 60s/70s, (high index..was there such a thing then?) and contact lenses at 16 transformed my world.

No different now really, hence the use of as high and index varifocal as I can get.

Should I be so precious at the tender age of 56, probably not, at my age there is an esxpectation fo the need for correction, but, whatever it is, pride, vanity, self-comsciousness, it is not something I can get away with.

Thus, whilst empathy is a word I struggle with, I'm not really sure that anyine can truly empathise with another's situation, I can certainly identify with the feelings and emotions....

My big current regret is trying to be too smart with frame size, which I feeel resulted in a greater edge thickness.

My specs normally last me a few years, but I am thinking of anm earlier change this time, but realstically, at nearly £600, I need to get some VFM.

All in all, if you have reservations about the edge, you have a similar issue with me...grin and bear it for the short term, or change immediately.

The cheaper option would probably be to change now.

Soundmanpt 28 Jan 2011, 10:18


What you decide to do is certainly up to you. From past posts it is very clear you are not happy with the fact that your glasses have gotten to -5.00 and even less happy that the lenses have gotten thicker. I will tell you that most people when their rx gets to around -4.00 prefer the high index lenses. I don't recall anyone returning their glasses because they preferred the CR39 lenses. The only returns were do to the rx being incorrect from the lab. The only downside I know of is the cost for high index lenses.

Because your athletic I would consider getting a cheaper pair of single vision glasses in a semi-rimless frame. For outdoor activities you should not need the add at all. You could wear these for sports, driving or other outdoor activities. I suggest semi-rimless because that way your eyes won't be seeing a plastic frame near as much, and your vision should be much less obstructed.

anic 28 Jan 2011, 10:10

Wow, another new thing learnt! It's just like being back at school (oops, sorry Julian, don't want to go off topic! :) )

Your glasses sound lovely and us women do have the benefit of being able to use our long hair to cover the sides of our glasses if we see the need to. I tend to alternate between having it up and down, I normally have it in a bun in the evening at work, and when lazing at home it flies freely.

Heather 28 Jan 2011, 08:35

Anic: The lenses actually have +0.6 add ( rather than +0.5 or +0.75.

I still have not gone back to the optician so I am still wearing the thick lenses. They are about 6-7mm thick at the edges - enougb to make them appear thick. Also, given that the frame size is somewhat larger, the lenses are quite heavy compared to my previous high-index lenses - I can really tell the difference.

I have long hair and used to have a ponytail but I actually opened up my hair so that the thick lenses are not as visible :-).

The good thing though is that I really like the add. Now I can see perfectly clear at all distances.

anic 27 Jan 2011, 06:34

Heather - Your tale is similar to mine, I'm currently minus 7, with +2.25 - others on here have been trying to persuade to me get rid off the add in but I'm finding this rather hard - more of this on the "induced myopia" thread. My add, and prescription is quite a lot more than yours but I'm presuming your add is +0.5 as increases go up in 0.25's so it will either be +0.5, or +0.75.

I can't recall exactly when I started wearing bifocals, but I think it was around the same prescription as you are now wearing. I 'upgraded' to minus 5.25 and found reading, typing on the computer - both seeing the small text on the screen, and making out the keys on the keyboard that extra bit hard so I prescribed a plus add in which has been incredibly beneficial. I am also wearing regular cr39 lenses as I've found with previous experience, as others will gladly testify on here, that hi index lenses do not give you the same crystal clear, unwarped/unblurry vision that cr39/1.54 index lenses do so I would be wary of this.

How thick are your lenses as I had -5.25 in quite a few different frames and they weren't what I would call thick at all, I think they must have been several mm's at the most. One trick than can disguise the thickness of the edges of lenses is have them polished. I actually prefer mine unpolished but one or two of my frames where they're semi rimless have been polished.

Anyhow, I would be careful changing to hi index lenses as they are a lot more expensive and don't give the same 'results' as other types of materials. Do you have any friends that wear glasses, do they have hi index lenses in them? If so you could try them out and see what you think before spending lots of money on something you may not like.

Heather 27 Jan 2011, 06:07

Hansel & Soundmanpt: Thanks for the advice. I think I might actually go back to the optician and try to get them to exchange the lenses for thinner ones. These thick lenses are quite a nuisance and I hate seeing myself wearing them.

Soundmanpt 26 Jan 2011, 17:07


A good point, if your not happy with the thickness of your lenses I would ask about getting high index lenses put into your frame. The cost may be a bit more but I think you will be happier and your the one that needs to wear them.

Also I remember you enjoy playing tennis, i'm not sure if you do other sports such as golf but I think you will find that a normal single vision lenses will be much better to use for sports. I have several friends that I play golf with that wear bifocals or progressives and they all only use single vision glasses for golf. I'm sure tennis would be the same for you.

Again it would save you much money to check out zenni or another on-line retailer for a simple single vision pair of glasses if for nothing other than sports.

Hansel 26 Jan 2011, 15:01

It seems to be normal practice that with a progressive lens, particularly a first timer, most opticians offer a money back/refund/swap arrangement.

If you want/can afford the additional expense, it might be worth suggesting to the optician that you aren't really happy with the original recommendation.

I would suspect if there was a more expensive lens to be purchased there wouldn't be a problem.

The high index progressives are a real pain price wise. In an attempt to go for a smaller frame to help minimise edge thickness, I couldn't get my usual Zeiss 1.8 index glass, the frame depth not being enough, but the Essilor 1.74 plastic, despite according to the practice only being a mm thicker according to the lab calculation compared to the Zeiss, seems inordinately thick, and my daughter made a similar comment to that of your colleague.

Heather 26 Jan 2011, 13:22

I just had my eye exam a few days ago. There is good news and not so good news. The good news is that my prescription has not changed much. I have gone from -5 in both eyes to -5.25 in both eyes. However, the optometrist prescribed a so-called anti-fatigue lens which has a +0.6 add at the bottom of the lens to help with reading. I had the new lenses put into my existing frames.

However, since the very thin high index lenses were really expensive I decided to go with polycarbonate lenses which I guess I should not have done as the lenses are actually quite thick with my prescription although the optician told me otherwise. They really do help with reading and computer work but I am a bit upset to be back in thick lenses again after I had got rid of them just about a year ago. The change in the thickness from my previous lenses (which were high index) is so noticeable that a co-worker of mine asked me whether my vision had deteriorated a lot when he saw me with the new lenses.

Puffin 23 Jan 2011, 05:41

It depends what you are trying to do, really, and if you have got used to and can use the workarounds needed to cope with poor vision.

Soundmanpt 22 Jan 2011, 14:06


This question seems to be asked almost daily. If you look back on this thread you will see there is no real number for everyone. Some people can tolerate not wearing correction that are -4.00 others may feel they can't do without at a much lower number even as low as -1.00.

j 22 Jan 2011, 13:56

saw a young women in early 20s walking into opticians wearing glasses with one arm missing. must broke them and off to get new pair must been in -6. at what point is someone not able to go without?

Melyssa 20 Jan 2011, 13:38

Or in my case, age 36.

Elain 20 Jan 2011, 09:46

My eyes are pretty stable since i was 15/16 when my prescription sky rocketed. I don't think your eyes will get much worse once if you're already in your late teens/early twenties, but then again it's different for each person i guess.

Laura 19 Jan 2011, 08:05


Sorry it looks like you have got onto the slippery slope now you're wearing glasses fulltime. Its usually downhill all the way!! more minus I mean LOL he he. maybe you'll reach -5.00

Astra 17 Jan 2011, 13:21

I notice when there's refractive error in eyes,

the image appears more blurry thru a viewfinder, than simply viewing without thru viewfinder.

I would guess it's because the area in viewfinder is small ?

baker 16 Jan 2011, 23:14

I refused to wear glasses until the very end of 8th grade, though I got my first pair in 5th

One thing I've grown to love is going bare-eyed. My rx is R -2.25 L -3 (though I’m guessing I need an increase). I love how nearsightedness helps you focus. Whatever I'm doing, is right in front of me and everything else is a blur--no distractions at all. Who needs to pay attention to the details? I love the blur. Then again, I am a practical person. I drive almost daily so I need to wear contacts and never have a chance to go without glasses. I hate glasses but the one advantage is the choice of when to just take them off.

Astra 16 Jan 2011, 07:23

Anyone tried using a camera viewfinder without correction?

How was the experience?

Cactus Jack 15 Jan 2011, 19:40


It is possible that your Rx will become stable in your late teens, but it usually does not until your mid-twenties. Genetics are the controlling factor and trump everything else including your visual environment.

One thing you can do to control costs is to learn how to order glasses from an on-line retailer. There are several with good reputations, but I suggest investigating the offerings from Zenni Optical ( You are not required to order glasses from the prescribing Eye Care Professional and they are generally required by law to give you your Rx. The elements you need to order glasses are:

Sphere, Cylinder, and Axis for each eye and your Pupiliary Distance (PD). Occasionally, the PD is not included in the Rx because the dispensing optician is expected to measure it. However, your PD is very easy for you to measure using a bathroom mirror and a ruler marked in mm. We will be happy to tell you how.

I believe you will be pleasantly surprised at the low cost for single vision glasses. The final cost depends on the frames and options you choose. But even with the most expensive frames, the cost is very reasonable. I would suggest you consider ordering a very low cost pair as an experiment to learn how. Most forum members who have ordered glasses from Zenni have found them to be of excellent optical quality.


Please let us know what you would like to do.

Puffin 15 Jan 2011, 19:35

Collegegirl: there's a small chance, but not one I'd bet on.

Soundmanpt 15 Jan 2011, 19:33


Sorry to say but if I were a betting man I would pretty much bet the farm that you will have changes over the next few years. As Cactus Jack indicated College work loads can be overwelming and that means you will be over working your eyes a lot. One thing you should do is at least take a good look at glasses on-line. There are quite a few good ones. Cactus Jack and myself have found "" to be a very good source and very inexpensive. You can choose from hundreds from between $15.00 and $30.00 complete including AR coating (anti-reflective) You should get that on your glasses. There are a few on-line retailers that sell contacts but they are only slightly cheaper that a local shop. They are best for suppling contacts if you are overdue for an exam.

Collegegirl 15 Jan 2011, 19:03

Any chance my RX stays the same? It costs a lot of money to change glasses!

All4Eyes 15 Jan 2011, 00:27

baker: I'm somewhat similar, having gone uncorrected until age 14 and -4.00 rx. It is hard to teach yourself to look "out there" when as long as you can remember there's been nothing to see "out there". If you've ever seen the movie At First Sight with Val Kilmer, we get a milder version of that, I think.

Cactus Jack 14 Jan 2011, 19:43


All you described is pretty much normal.

The reason you can no longer function very well without vision correction is that your brain has become used to not having to work very hard to provide adequate vision. Vision actually occurs in the brain and the eyes are merely biological cameras. The brain creates what you perceive as vision using the information provided by your eyes. If the images from your eyes is not high quality, your brain can do an amazing amount of correction provided it knows what something is supposed to look like, but it takes a lot of computing power and energy. Your glasses and contacts provide high quality images that do not require much correction and your brain has grown accustomed to not having to do the extra work to provide useful images. Could you go back to not wearing correction? Yes, but your brain would complain with headaches and it would be hard to function in lecture halls and because of your astigmatism even when reading. New material written on a distant board, would be difficult to decipher without some assistance from your fellow classmates.

College places a very significant reading workload on your eyes as you have probably discovered. Will your Rx increase? Probably, but probably not more than 1 or 2 more diopters of minus in sphere and not much change in your astigmatism.

Hope this helps.


NewGWG 14 Jan 2011, 19:38

And - I've gone fulltime like 7 months ago. Well consdering I've lost my glasses in a taxi one could say it was a strage environment, especially that I didn't know the guy who was driving ;) And seriously, the place wasn't all that strange because it was my boyfriend's place whereabouts.

varifocals - the story wasn't actually so scary, and my eyes after 3 days without glasses felt great to be honest, because usually I read and use computer a lot, and without glasses it was uncomfortable to do that, so I let them rest.

collegegirl 14 Jan 2011, 18:51

I got glasses in the 7th grade, and I remember not being too excited about it. I went straight into contacts and never wore my glasses. My perscription was L-1.00 -0.75 R-1.00 -0.75. I think I had my eyes checked once during high school but I don't remember there being much of an increase if at all so I continued to wear contacts only. When I took out my contacts, I wore no correction and for the most part didn't have any problems. This past summer I figured I should get my eyes checked not only because I didn't seem to be seeing as well, but I was going away to college. My perscription jumped to L-1.50 -1.00 R-1.75 -1.00. This time the doc said I should updated my glasses as well as contacts because I would probably wear them more than the past. In the seven months since that perscription change I've become a full-timer. Every moment I don't have my contacts in, I have my glasses on my face and I couldn't imagine not having them on. It's crazy to me that I was able to function quite easily w/o glasses less than a year ago, and now there's no chance. Is that normal? and can I expect my eyes to worsen?

Laura 14 Jan 2011, 04:56

And. No not really, to being forced. I just haven't tried to manage without glasses at all, since I was a kid of around 10.

Astra 14 Jan 2011, 04:24

about eye contact, there's some resemblance to me.

may tell you more later.

baker 13 Jan 2011, 18:48

I refused to wear glasses until the very end of 8th grade, though I got my first pair in 5th. I feel like wearing glasses might have ruined my eyesight because at the end of 8th grade my prescription was only -1.5 but the next time my eyes were examined (9th grade?) my prescription increased to L-3, R--2.25.

One thing I've grown to love is going bare-eyed. I love how nearsightedness helps you focus. Whatever I'm doing, is right in front of me and everything else is a blur--no distractions at all. Who needs to pay attention to the details? I love the blur. Then again, I am a practical person. I drive almost daily so I need to wear contacts. I hate glasses but the one advantage is the choice of when to just take them off.

I have developed some interesting habits from refusing to wear glasses. I wonder if anybody found the same things

1) I cannot force myself to hold eye contact. I could never see the faces of people I talked to so to tell a 15 year old that it is proper to stare into someone's eyes and expect them to do it is really unfair. My drama teacher yelled at me about this to no end but I discovered that when I practiced eye contact, people asked me if I was confused as to what they were saying--it was so odd for them.

2)It took me a long time to understand the concept of looking at the board and I never can really keep looking at it. I never had the issues of not seeing the board because if a teacher wrote something that was really important, they usually said it too. Though this might explain my horrid spelling. In Hebrew class, where there are no vowels (just consonants) spelling was much more important so I asked the boy next to me to read what was on the board. We bonded and I loved the rush of letting him know I couldn't see. Anyhoo, I still have a hard time thinking of writing on the board as anything but a waste of ink--I got almost all As for years without paying any attention to what was written up there.

3) When I'm thinking, I get distracted by looking at someone or when things go by. I've been wearing contacts pretty much 24/7 for four years now but ignoring details is a bit difficult. I also like to close my eyes when I pray or listen to good music unless I'm bare-eyed.

I'm mainly interested if anybody else who put off wearing glasses had trouble understanding the concepts of eye contact and reading things on the board.

I personally hate wearing glasses. The one advantage to glasses, though, is how easy it is to take them off and re-enter into the blur-or to put them on and appreciate the crispness. I do find it really attractive when guys wear glasses. I think it's part fetish and part the confidence they have that I don't. Also, I've always wanted to talk about vision with other people but never have had the opportunity to talk about myopic vision.

varifocals 13 Jan 2011, 08:37

The story of new GWG & her lack of glasses sounds awful. Her boy friend sounds lovely & supportive which is great.

Wonder how her eyes actually felt after 3 days without lens. my wife is -8. A friend - 13 broke hers in an accident in a tescos car park & had no spare pair.

Some one rescued the por soul & took her to Vision Express

Hollie 13 Jan 2011, 01:04

Soundmanpt- she was (is still sometimes??) a contacts wearer! I have posted about her before, she wore contacts and went bare eyed when not wearing them. Then she stopped wearing them and got specs, which she initially wore full time, but then started the on off thing. She must be used to having clear vision hence the squinting. Looks very nice in glasses too, very much suit her.

And 12 Jan 2011, 16:43

Laura, have you ever been forced to go without glasses ? Can you remember the last time you chose to go bare-eyed ?

Melyssa 12 Jan 2011, 13:30

I always carry an extra pair or three, not just because I change glasses several times a day, but because there have been a couple of occasions when (1) I have discovered that asphalt or concrete is stronger than CR39 lenses, and (B) that a lens can pop out at any time.

anic 12 Jan 2011, 07:58

Laura, with your prescription, and the tales you hear from customers, surely you always carry a spare pair with you though?

Laura 12 Jan 2011, 04:47

newGWG. Yeah I reckon its OK going without glasses when you are with someone reliable. I sometimes get nightmares about being in town or somewhere and someone coming up to me and nicking my glasses off may face. I've actually heard of it happening! To be honest I'd be in big trouble. I can't see the ground properly, so I'd be tripping over stuff and peoples faces are just blanks. Ok if I knew where my bus started from, but the problem would be knowing when I'd got there!! It's not something I'd like to happen to be honest.

And 11 Jan 2011, 18:10

NewGWG, when did you go full-time ? Were you in familiar places when you lost your glasses ?

NewGWG 11 Jan 2011, 17:28

And - I used to wear contacts only, like your girlfriend does. I didn't even own any glasses back then. She's smart to have spares with her at all times, I can never learn to do that.

Sure I got myself some new glasses after that big night out, two pairs actually :). All in all I have 5 pairs now, out of which 4 are in constant use (one pair is old and unrepresentative;) ).

I did get out during that weekend, and honestly I thought it'll be much worse. My worst fear was that I won't be able to find my way in the streets, but actually after I got used to all the blurred shapes it turned out to be doable. If I had to run some errands or stuff I would have managed just fine on my own ; that is, by the dailight . At dusk or in the dark it gets really difficult for some reason.

And 11 Jan 2011, 16:28

NewGWG, did you get some nice new frames and do you still take them off from time to time ? Because my gf usually wears contacts she has her 'emergency' glasses in her bag. Do you have spare glasses ?

Did you go out during those three days at all ?

NewGWG 11 Jan 2011, 15:36

Laura - Big, annoying blur, exactly. But I didn't panic, because my boyfriend and friends were with me plus we took a taxi home.

I did cope nicely by giving out all the time, making downright idiot of myself and then giving out some more . And The Boyfriend obviously loved being The Indispensable Man Of The Day , sweetest guy ever.

And - It's not as difficult as it might seem: try taking your glasses off in a taxi, at night, after those few nice pints you had before.. put them in the shallowest pocket you can find in your coat.. leave the taxi... chapeau bas, mission complete.

As for the challenges, I had troubles reading, I couldn't watch TV, more importantly I didn't see people's facial expressions so was really uncomfortable talking to anyone. Couldn't judge distances as well. My boyfriend tried to lend me his glasses, but it was no use as his are much weaker than mine and well too big. I was scared I'd miss my tram station so he chaperoned me home.

...and I did kick a fuss.. the day after the party we went searching for my glasses all over the estate, at local shops, everywhere. But someone must have liked them very much.

And 11 Jan 2011, 12:00

newGWG, how on earth did you manage to lose your glasses? I'm sure my gf would have kicked up a right fuss (she has a bit stronger script than you)What challenges did you face without them ?

Laura 11 Jan 2011, 03:48


O M G that must have been terrible for you at -6.00! Like everything was one big greyish blur unless it was really close. I can't imagine how you coped for 3 days.

newGWG 10 Jan 2011, 19:41

Going without glasses? Never, I even wear them to the shower :) . Blurred vision really annoys me. A few weeks ago I somehow lost my glasses while partying. As I was to spend the whole weekend at my boyfriend's and "wisely" didn't bring any spares with me, I had to go 3 days without glasses. My boyfriend had loads of fun, saying things like "let's watch TV...or maybe not, hahaha" . Besides that he was really sweet and even bothered to read a book aloud for me.

Soundmanpt 09 Jan 2011, 19:22


I would think your work colleague has been told by her eye care professional that she needs her glasses full time, but maybe not. I have seen doctors not give any advice unless asked about when to wear their glasses. Also she likely is trying to make people think that her vision is not very bad and that she only needs them for distance and actually she can still probably see close pretty well without correction. Because she has never really wore them for close work so her eyes have not had to adjust for that. As you know many try to hold out with going full time until the bitter end. Often full time wear comes when one starts wearing contacts because you put them in in the morning and don't take them out until bedtime. Soon when the contacts aren't in things are far more blurry than when glasses were on and off much more.

Dave 09 Jan 2011, 15:35

It was many years ago. I dated a woman who was -4 and fulltime wearer. We were touching and that in the car for an hour or so, and naturally her glasses came off. Then, she had to go (she was still living with her mother). We got out the car and I walked her from the parking place home, and she just forgot about her glasses. Then she came to her senses and said she would need them tomorrow. We walked back to the care, but she did not put her glasses back on that night.

Clare 09 Jan 2011, 15:21

Hollie - I can empathise with your colleague but from experience I can also see that she's drawing attention to herself. The alternative is to become a full time glasses wearer and, where they can, some of us resist that. Of course those of us who wear contacts technically are full time glasses wearers, but not for all to see. I think the key is confidence - your colleague needs some boundaries maybe so that she definately wears her glasses for certain things and avoids having to come back to get them which is a bit embarrassing. I wonder why she doesn't try contacts as, if she's self conscious, they'd remove the problem to an extent but, of course, there's always the problem for contacts wearers when they can't wear them for a while but hopefully that doesn't happen too often.

Contacts are effectively a mask, aren't they?

Soundmanpt 08 Jan 2011, 19:44

Very, very true. I always try to be sure to say that in my answers that it is only a guess. You need answers to all the factors you mentioned and still it would only be a guess, but maybe a bit closer guess.

Cactus Jack 08 Jan 2011, 19:17

The ability to function without glasses depends on many factors such as:

1 Amount of Sphere Correction required and if plus or minus.

2. Cylinder Correction required (can be a big effect at all distances and how well corrected by glasses or contacts).

3. Age and accommodation available

4. Visual environment

5 Task

6. Retinal condition.


without knowing most of the above, it is almost impossible to determine why a person can or cannot function with out correction and any guess is just that.


And 08 Jan 2011, 16:07

Hollie, is it comfortable reading without glasses ? My gf can see small print better with her glasses than her contacts. If she's bare-eyed she has to hold it very close to her eyes and I think that makes her feel uncomfortable.

ehpc 08 Jan 2011, 15:39

I like the taking your very hot glasses off to read, Hollie :) Very hot :) Pete

Adalle 08 Jan 2011, 13:27

Quite sure. We had just a few hours of sleep, so I am certain it was just the lack of sleep.

Soundmanpt 08 Jan 2011, 12:12


Are you sure your girlfriend isn't doing induced myopia or something? With an actual rx of -3.00 it is hard to believe she could have got that far along before realizing she wasn't wearing correction. Anything more than just a few feet would be quite blurry. Her accommodation must still be very good.

Adalle 08 Jan 2011, 07:40

Funny thing today. Me and my girlfriend had to go somewhere early in the morning. So we woke up, drank our coffee in a hurry and got dressed to go out. As we were about to leave I noticed she hadn't put on her glasses (about -3) which was a bit odd as she always has them on. She only wears contacts on very special occasions. I thought she must have put her contacts on while she was at the bathroom, so I didn't mention anything and soon we were out of the house.

About 5 minutes later, while I was driving and waiting for the lights to go green, she complained that she couldn't see well and made a move with her hand to remove and inspect her glasses, only to find out she wasn't wearing them! Imagine how we laughed...

Hollie 08 Jan 2011, 04:47


I understand the wanting to take them off for close work a little I guess. Its just she is clearly very self conscious, unlike Clare's colleague, and I feel slightly sorry for her. She just seems to squint an awful lot not wearing them- someone called her name from across the office and she squinted in the general direction to try and tell who it was, then got up to go and see the guy in his office. About 5 mins later she came back to her desk and picked up her specs and went back into the office - he must have been showing her something on the board. Its that kind of thing that I think draws attention to it! In the past people have mentioned her not having good eyesight so must be noticeable.

I actually took mine off to read some tiny type yesterday. One of the senior guys who I was with at the time said, ooh thats a sign you are getting old Hollie! He has pretty thick glasses, I think a good bit stronger than mine and holds stuff close to his face to read without specs. Puzzling as to why he doesn't get bifocals!

Clare 08 Jan 2011, 01:04

Hollie, Soundmanpt - I had a colleague who did the same. I remember she said that she was -2 and I imagine she meant somewhere between -2 and -3 as she could see well with my glasses. She would wear her glasses to the office but immediately take them off at her desk but put them on again to go somewhere else in the office. She'd have been about 30 then. Somehow it didn't seem odd as she certainly wasn't self conscious about them, guess she felt she didn't need them at her desk. And when I had to wear glasses for that month I did pretty much the same but I was sensible enough to put them on before other people began to think I should!

Seeker 07 Jan 2011, 20:50

Three young Asian girls at the Tram stop the other night trying to read the timetable sign above the shelter. An incredible amount of squinting and looking at each other then one gets out the glasses, looks herself and gives them to one of the others who looks as well. Would the plural for this group be a "delight of squinters'.

Soundmanpt 07 Jan 2011, 17:59


Look at it this way if she has never wore them for close tasks, she likely feels she can read better without them still. And she probably can. You are correct if she ever starts leaving them on full time she then will feel more like she really needs them for reading too. At some point she may find it a pain to remember to carry her specs everywhere she goes. I'm sure she has been caught without them because she forgot them on her desk and wished she had them for something in the distance.

Hollie 07 Jan 2011, 15:04


It wouldn't look ridiculous if she had a lower rx and only needed them for certain things. But at her (and your) rx anything beyond about a foot or so starts to blur and so has to keep putting them back on. Bit hypocritical of me to say really as I didn't wear my specs full time at a similar rx. If I had my time again though I would probably have gone full time at -2 or so.

Clare 07 Jan 2011, 13:53

Hollie - I think that I'd be like your colleague too, certainly would take them off at my desk. I remember I did that when I couldn't wear my contacts because of conjunctivitis but agree it looks a bit ridiculous!

Laura 07 Jan 2011, 04:41


I started wearing contact lenses when was 15 and my glasses got quite thick and I was still at school. I wore them religiously for for over 2 years only taking them out when I got home and going back to glasses. When I left and got a job I got some new glasses with high index lenses and I was surprised how well I could see with them as they looked so much thinner. As a result I'm back in glasses most of the time now, but I take you point about the peripheral distortion and making sure you look through the centre of your lenses.

Hollie 06 Jan 2011, 16:40

Still not completely comfortable but getting there! I have an on-off glasses wearing colleague who is in the range of -2.5 to -3, who still seems uncomfortable and self conscious wearing them. She will take off at her desk and then put on to read something pinned to the far side of the desk (as I saw her doing today!). She also takes them with her when she leaves her desk, but carries them in her hand and might put them on when she chats to someone. From my experience she would get over the self consciousness if only she kept them on, and there would be a lot less squinting!

Clare  06 Jan 2011, 15:54

Hollie - I agree, glasses seem very 'professional' somehow but the to make it real the wearer has to feel comfortable with how they look. I suspect because people rarely see me with glasses I can't feel at ease. I've never discussed this with my other contacts wearing friends but, given that they rarely wear glasses, they may feel the same. At least you're over that hurdle.

Hollie 06 Jan 2011, 15:40


I guess I have eased myself into it by wearing glasses in the office before. I do think they give a professional air - had a partner at work ask about them and he said 'well they look very smart and I gather are a fashion statement these days'. Apparently his 19 year old daughter prefers glasses to contacts and wears them virtually all the time.

The best thing though is coming home from work without my eyes being tired. Put contacts in yesterday evening to go for a run and did realise I miss having that vision free of frames at work all day!

Hollie 06 Jan 2011, 15:40


I guess I have eased myself into it by wearing glasses in the office before. I do think they give a professional air - had a partner at work ask about them and he said 'well they look very smart and I gather are a fashion statement these days'. Apparently his 19 year old daughter prefers glasses to contacts and wears them virtually all the time.

The best thing though is coming home from work without my eyes being tired. Put contacts in yesterday evening to go for a run and did realise I miss having that vision free of frames at work all day!

Clare 06 Jan 2011, 14:42

Hi And & Hollie - it seems to be air con rather than humidity that kills my contacts for me although it seems the work situation is worse. I wore contacts on an 8 hour flight from Dubai with no problem but sometimes - not every day - it's an issue at work, which I put down to staring at a PC monitor and not blinking enough.

Hollie - I guess I'm less sensitive than you as I've not had problems in air conditioned shopping malls or even the car. But I know that it's pretty miserable - for me 45 minutes on an air conditioned train after 10 hours in a air conditioned office means I can't read a thing! But that's a rare occasion but when it happens it makes me think about when, and if, I too might say hang the contacts. But that would be a brave move ...

Like lenses 04 Jan 2011, 18:42


How close do you hold reading material while wearing your glasses?

I found that when I reached -3.00 that reading was more comfortable if I held it closer,due to the print looking so much smaller.

Now that I at -5.00 I hold it at about 10 inches.

My optometrist has said that I should be able to read comfortably at 12 to 14 inches,but that is very uncomfortable.

Can you read at all without glasses? I can but the book is almost to my nose.

I had a very similar experience at the optometrist when I had a -1.25 increase. I knew that I needed new glasses,as distant objects were quite blurred but I had been squinting for about a year so got quite used to it. My Rx at the time was -3.00,and the new glasses became -4.25. That was the largest increase that I have ever had. Most have been -.50, or -.75.

I have an exam due in Feb.and I think that I may need another small increase of perhaps -.50.

I actually like the look of thicker lenses,so always order CR39.You should get a pair of CR39 to wear just for a different look. I also have had my last few pair made up with totally flat fronts,as I like that effect also.

Hollie 04 Jan 2011, 12:15

I lurk and post when it takes my fancy. Wear glasses to work (except some days when I have meetings) and contacts rest of the time. I only have the one pair of specs but I do very much like them, brown plastic chanel with wide arms and hi index lenses.

Soundmanpt 03 Jan 2011, 18:10


It is sounding more and more like your eyes are just not accepting the contacts too well anymore. It seems there are fewer places that they work very well anymore. Are you back to pretty much being a full time glasses wearer these days? As I suggested before, go with it, have fun, get several pairs to go with different outfits and change your glasses like you change your shoes and handbags.

Where have you been for so long? You used to be in much more. Anyway hope all is well and 2011 is a great year for you.

Hollie 03 Jan 2011, 16:07


I actually find the opposite to be true- houses are fine. Its my work offices and (in particular) shopping centres! I had forgotten about that last one the other day and went to a shopping mall with my lenses in. I am not sure whether its the lighting or the heating and air con in these places that is so irritating.

Hollie 03 Jan 2011, 16:07


I actually find the opposite to be true- houses are fine. Its my work offices and (in particular) shopping centres! I had forgotten about that last one the other day and went to a shopping mall with my lenses in. I am not sure whether its the lighting or the heating and air con in these places that is so irritating.

And 02 Jan 2011, 18:26

My gf fell asleep in bed watching tv last night so I removed her glasses and put them at my side of the bed. This morning she asked me where I'd put them and of course I passed them to her - I did just wonder how long it might have taken her to find them if I'd already left the room.

Heather 02 Jan 2011, 16:50

Like Lenses: It took me some time to get used to wearing strong lenses. I remember about two years ago I went to the optometrist for an eye test and after the test, she asked me to put on the trial lenses and walk around the store for a while because she wanted me to check that I could cope with the new prescription. She asked me whether things appeared far away and very small (which they did). These questions made me realise that I was going to get quite a large increase in my prescription. If I remember correctly I got more than 1D increase in each eye at that time.

After switching from contacts to glasses full time and wearing -5 lenses I have also noticed that my vision is only 100% sharp if I look through the center of the lenses. There is only a very slight abberation towards the edges however. I am glad I got very thin lenses which are really much better than my previous lenses. Having to wear thick lenses was a major nuisance to me.

All4Eyes 31 Dec 2010, 23:57

Heather, Like Lenses: I started wearing glasses (or I should say, started wearing correction, since I hadn't even used contacts first as Heather did) at 14 with a -4 rx. I didn't really have any trouble at all, not with close vision or anything. The floor looked a bit strange at first, but I think I just wasn't used to actually being able to see the nap of the carpet.

Flaine 31 Dec 2010, 08:59

Happy New Year everyone!!! Its been a up and down year..worst still if ur a Liverpool supporter(i'm not)

Flaine 31 Dec 2010, 08:57


Soundmanpt 31 Dec 2010, 08:49

Cactus Jack

I blame it on old age, of course I never was much of a typist.

Cactus Jack 31 Dec 2010, 08:15

To all,

A Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Cactus Jack 31 Dec 2010, 08:12


I understand the problem very well. In addition to regularly hitting the keys in the wrong sequence (is there such a thing as dyslexia of the fingers?), I seem to have a tough time coordinating the "shift" key with the letter key I am trying to capitalize. I like to blame the typos on the keyboard and long for the wonderful feel of the IBM Selectric keyboard.

Lets don't sweat the small stuff.


Aubrac 31 Dec 2010, 05:54

Cactus Jack

Sorry about the typo - maybe I need a new prescription!

Like lenses 30 Dec 2010, 18:15

The previous post was to Heather

Like lenses 30 Dec 2010, 18:14

I read in another post of yours ,that you are 37 now and got your first contacts about 15 years ago That works out to you getting your first Rx at 22,which would be adult onset myopia.

When you first started to wear glasses at -4.00 I can imagine the effects of minification. When I got my first minus glasses of -.75,I wore them full time from day one. I vividly remember for about a week misjudging stairs,and curbs,and the distance to door handles. I also remember at the optometrist office,he had me wearing the trial frame with the new soon to be Rx,for distance,and he handed me the near reading chart.When I attempted to read it at the distance that I was used to reading, I had to push it away quite a bit to see it. Each time I got a large increase pretty much the same things happened.

Do you notice that your vision is not as good unless you look through the exact center of your glasses? I first noticed this when my Rx reached -4.00.

Minus 5.00 myopia is certainly interesting, isn't it?

Heather 30 Dec 2010, 13:48

Like lenses: I used to have a similar problem with minification when I started wearing glasses. Although I have been nearsighted for many years, I only started wearing glasses a short time ago (when I could not wear contacts any more). So my prescription at that time was quite strong already (for a first-time glasses wearer) at around -4.

As with contacts you don't have the minification issue, this was something I had some trouble getting used to but now things are mostly fine. I still find the glasses a constant obstacle though especially when playing tennis - the lack of peripheral vision, lenses steaming up, etc. etc. ...

I am going to have my next appointment at the optician in January so I just hope things will go smoothly and that I won't need stronger (and thicker!) lenses again.

Aubrac 30 Dec 2010, 02:49

Cactus Kack

Many thanks for that - I'll try a few experiments

Like lenses 30 Dec 2010, 02:17


I too wear minus 5.00 for each eye.

I do not do well in sports such as tennis,because the minification of the lenses seem to affect my judgement of the ball,in both speed,and how close it actually is. I usually can not see it until it is too close. I sometimes try to squint to see it,but then have to relax the squint as it comes closer.Do you experience this also?

I have a pair of Rec Specs,and they not only offer protection to the eyes,but are held firmly in place by the elastic head band.

Wearing your friends weak glasses must have been difficult. I at one time had the left lense pop out of my frame. Things were so blurry that the only way that I could get around was to fit a piece of thin cardboard into the frame on the left side,and see out of the right lense.

Could you read with her glasses? I can not read with out mine,so wonder if weaker ones would even work for me.

Cactus Jack 29 Dec 2010, 05:24


The key thing to remember about all this is that glasses or contacts neutralize or cancel out refractive errors caused by a mismatch between the length of the eyeball and combined optical power of its lens system (cornea, crystaline lens and the humors). A person who is myopic has excessive plus power for the length and a person who is hyperopic does not have enough plus power.

Not enough plus is the same as too much minus, but the lens system has only high plus lenses to work with. Also recall, that a typical eyeball with no refractive error is about 25 mm long with a relaxed lens system of +40 diopters.

In the specific instance you asked about, to simulate the vision of a +3 hyperope, you would need to wear about -8.50 to -8.75 glasses (because of vertex distance effects) or -8 contacts. If you have some glasses in the -4 to -5 range, you can simulate hyperopia by wearing them over your -5.00 glasses. It would not be exact but it would give you an idea. Depending on your accommodation, your ciliary muscles and crystaline lenses may try to neutralize some of the "pseudo" hyperopia, but at least you will get an idea.


Laura 29 Dec 2010, 04:22


In reply to your post on New Glasses, no not really. Going without glasses is hardly an option for me these days as I am currently looking though -10.00 and -9.50 when I'm wearing glasses. Regarding sleeping in contacts. yes I have done it once or twice and when I woke up it was excruciating trying to fish them out. It meant I had to wear glasses for about a week afterwards until my eyes recovered. Tell me about you.

Aubrac 29 Dec 2010, 02:12

Cactus Jack

I'm a very straight forward -5 in both eyes, tiny amount of cylinder in the left but doesn't make much difference.

Val 28 Dec 2010, 16:30

Aubrac, I am sorry, but in a few hours I'm leaving in a vacation. I will not have internet access where I'm going. I'll be home in a week and we can continue this discussion then.

I am wishing to all Eyescene community a Happy New Year. May The Year 2011 Bring for You Happiness,Success and filled with Peace, Hope & Togetherness of your Family & Friends.

Bye for now!

Cactus Jack 28 Dec 2010, 14:10


I don't remember your glasses Rx. If you can provide it, I may be able to make a suggestion on how to simulate the vision of a person who needs +3 glasses for distance, without their glasses.


Clare 28 Dec 2010, 13:42

Aubrac - my mother has something like a +4 prescription without the reading add included and can get by for alot of things without correction. To see clearly to watch TV and drive she needs glasses, and for reading of course, but she gets by the rest of the time. I don't get it either!

Aubrac 28 Dec 2010, 12:59


I think we should be on the hyperopia progression thread as some posters get a bit touchy if we go off thread.

I still have difficulty in reconciling hyperopia vision with myopia. My wife has about half your plus correction although cylinder is -0.75 in both eyes, but still needs glasses (and stronger needed) as she cannot read signs, destination boards etc.

Maybe it is the astigmatism that causes my wife the problem because if you need a reading add, it means you cannot accommodate for distance.

I would be interested to know what the acuity of a a +3 sphere without accommodative correction can see, there are some simulators and these, especially after age 41, suggest a definite blur for distance with anything over +2, although you think you are about a -1.00 equivalent which is quite low and possibly not even needs correction for legal driving.

Sorry to go on about it, but as a simple myope, I am still trying to fathom the vision of +sphere wearers.

Maybe CJ can help!

Melyssa 28 Dec 2010, 08:50

And in an unrelated subject, I went sans eyewear (red cat's-eyes at that time) yesterday, twice for about 45 minutes at a time, as my husband and I shoveled 13 inches of snow from our driveway -- yes, the same 13 inches that as of Friday evening was supposed to have been a coating to an inch. :)

Melyssa 28 Dec 2010, 08:48


I stopped playing tennis years ago, but when I did, I always wore a strap on my glasses to keep them in place.

I do hope your glasses were repaired properly.

Val 28 Dec 2010, 06:20

Aubrac, I wear my glasses full-time, except for doing sports. Not very much, 2 or 3 times a week.

I think that without glasses, for distance, I see like a -1 myope. But for close distances, anything under 1 meter (3 feet) causes pain. It's probably the presbyopia, also, along with hyperopia.

Aubrac 28 Dec 2010, 03:38


I always find it interesting how hyperopes, sometimes with the same prescription, use their glasses differently.

Do you normally wear your glasses full time, and how many lines on the Snellen chart can you read with each eye as this gives a distance vision comparison with myopes like myself.

My wife is a hyperope with lower prescription than yours but uses her glasses for distance vision.

Val 28 Dec 2010, 01:25

I am a hyperope, so i cannot compare what I see with a myope. Yesterday I went (as usual) to play a little basketball. I always play without correction. My prescription is: OS: +3.25 with 0.5 astigmatism and OD: +4, no astig. I also have reading glasses with 0.75 add (I'm 42 yo).

So, after playing basketball for one hour, we went to play a little ping-pong - that is very rare - I think that last time I played ping-pong was a year ago.

But the problem was that I could not play without glasses. So I went to the locker room to get my glasses. It was the only way. I can play basketball without glasses anytime. But it seems that ping-pong is too much...

Heather 27 Dec 2010, 21:05

I was able to have the glasses fixed shortly thereafter which was a bit of a headache though. I went to an optician thinking that this could be done immediately but was told that I would have to pick them up a day later. This did not work for me though since I was on a business trip and had forgotten to take a spare pair of glasses with me.

It then struck me that I could ask my friend whether I could borrow her glasses. Although hers were probably too weak, I thought it would be better than nothing. When she let me try on her glasses I was quite disappointed though. While they helped a bit, everything was still very blurry. When I asked her about her prescription it turned out to be -1.5 and -1.75. In any case she lent me the glasses (as she also had contacts) and I had to wear them for the next two days until my own glasses were fixed. As you can imagine it was quite tough to function in them. I was trying to push them as close to my eyes as possible but they did not help very much. It felt like they were more of a "fashion accessory" rather than providing any vision benefit. Needless to say that I was so glad once I had my own glasses back.

Cactus Jack 27 Dec 2010, 19:58


I suspect your tennis friend probably has an Rx of less than -2.00. Assuming that is the case, she can experience what you see without your glasses by removing her glasses and putting on a pair of +3.25 or +3.50 reading glasses and trying to play tennis in them. With an Rx in the -5 range, the ball would probably be a fuzzy blob at about 2 meters or about 7 feet. Something has to be within 8 inches or 20 cm to be seen clearly with your Rx.


Flaine 27 Dec 2010, 19:30


So are u gonna fix the glasses or get a new pair? Cross ur fingers that ur rx may drop haha!


Heather 27 Dec 2010, 17:55

I posted here some time ago. I wear -5 lenses on both sides. I recently went to play tennis with a friend of mine who also wears glasses. During the game my glasses fell down and got a bit out of shape. I could still wear them but had to hold them with one hand otherwise they wouldn't have stayed on my nose. Therefore, I could obviously not play tennis any more.

My friend suggested to just take the glasses off and play without them (as if that was so easy!). I told her that I would never be able to see the ball without glasses. She could absolutely not believe that this could be the case and even got a bit angry with me saying that I am incredibly stubborn. She said that although she played tennis wearing her glasses she could easily take them off. Obviously she must have a weaker prescription. I found it strange though that some people cannot understand at all how those of us with a slghtly higher prescription are totally dependent on their glasses not just for playing tennis but for eveything really.

RT 16 Dec 2010, 08:55

I agree with Varifocals, the Laura C saga sounds very strange..

Astra 15 Dec 2010, 21:33

Laura C,

I think it's just like anywhere else on the public internet.

There are people of very different attitudes interacting each other.

Some intereactions can appear unfriendly to you, or whatever.

Just ignore those if you don't like. It's expected there would be some automatic comments by bots or whatever.

Astra 15 Dec 2010, 21:21


maybe her sister changed. I think it's pretty normal.

PrO-Ogressives 15 Dec 2010, 07:45

Yes, I do. When I was 25 I needed glasses for nearsightedness in my left eye, so I had to wear them both for driving and reading. The myopia slowly increased along with some astigmatism, so a few years later I started wearing them full time to relieve eye strain. Then I developed presbyopia in both eyes when I was 40. I need to have a refraction check soon, but I remember that my spherical correction is OD -2.50 OS +0.75 for distance, sorry I don't remember the add-in. It took me a month or so to get used to the change in correction for reading, but 13 years later it's automatic for me.

Astra 14 Dec 2010, 22:44


may I ask do you wear progressive lenses now?

PrO-Ogressives 14 Dec 2010, 17:00

When I was in middle school, I was extremely glad to have 20/20 vision, but a part of me wished I could be in the "four-eyes club" so that I could have an excuse to talk to girls about their glasses. B-)

Melyssa 14 Dec 2010, 14:47

Chrissi & Marie,

Even before I was interested in the opposite gender, I thought that the boys with glasses looked better to me than those without. At that time I was a very reluctant part-time wearer of glasses myself. Of course, things did turn out quite well, with me wearing beautiful glasses all the time and marrying a guy with glasses.

All4Eyes 13 Dec 2010, 23:52

Chrissi: Glad you and I think alike!

Chrissi 13 Dec 2010, 20:42

Reading through some random older posts...

I completely agree with All4Eyes post (23 Apr 2010, 22:46- I had the same thing, attracted to members of the opposite sex with glasses, but embarrased to wear them myself. I think because, when glasses are a sexual thing for you, wearing them in public feels a bit like going out in public in your underwear or something! I've since gotten over it though and even enjoy my public image as a glasses wearer.)

lol I just had to point that out. that is exactly how I feel about glasses. :) can finally put it into words, or rather, Marie put it into words for me! haha :)

 13 Dec 2010, 12:28

Please enough with the annoying posts. You might wake up Wei and we will have to deal with that!!!

 13 Dec 2010, 04:03

Typical responses from men posing as women. Sorry but some of us here aren't as fond of deception as you might care to believe.

 11 Dec 2010, 03:46


How did your sister find out?

Diane 09 Dec 2010, 20:00

I totally agree.

specs4ever 09 Dec 2010, 17:17

Well said Jennifer!

Jennifer 09 Dec 2010, 13:47

Not sure why you guys spend so much time trying to "out" someone on here. It's a waste of time...if you ask me. We all have our suspicions. Let's just leave it at that!

VARIFOCALS 09 Dec 2010, 09:01




LauraC 09 Dec 2010, 03:03

Curious how you are speculating about me...

The truth is related to what Flaine said: i thought I found a place where to share my attitude to go around bareeyed, but this seems not to be the case. I prefer to chat on lenschat sometime or (better) to e-mail friends that understand what I'm doing. That's all. I still enjoy the blur. Or better: I hate the blur but I hate glasses even more! And contacts also.

Take care.

P.S. My sister recently discovered I don't see properly and suggested me to go and have my eyes tested as soon. I don't have any intention to do so and hope she will forget to remind or (worst) to tell our mother about my eyes! Bye bye.

Like lenses 09 Dec 2010, 01:29

As I stated,I have personally never been in this pub,or seen the girl,but only am going by what my friends have said,that so happened to sound a lot like Laura C.

 08 Dec 2010, 16:24

Concerning LauraC,

On 10/01 Like Lenses said "I may surprise you by coming into the pub,and privately presenting you with a pair of - 4.00 glasses that I no longer need.I may just leave them along with your tip."

On 10/03 Like Lenses said "Well lets just see what happens when I present her with the -4.00 glasses."

On 10/04 Astra said "oh I would like to know the pub... perhaps next time when I see you in lenschat."

On 10/06 LauraC posted her final comments on this board, without mentioning anything about a sudden departure.

Then suddenly Like Lenses never mentions the subject again. You have to admit that after Astra, Flaine, and Gullible Spotter called you out on this one, it seems you would have been determined to prove them wrong.

Maybe you had your reasons, but it just seems to be a very, very odd coincidence indeed that you stopped talking about LauraC and she stopped posting about her experiences at almost the same time.

Astra 08 Dec 2010, 05:18

have had enough fun going in blur today, but then later this night I will have to remove glasses again for bath.

so bye to the board for a while.

Astra 08 Dec 2010, 05:05

The exam was a short one lasting 2 hours.

so many hours before that, at 08:30, I went for a walk at a small beach nearby as I don't feel very well with this sudden change of weather. Too dry and dark at home.

it was not so pleasant because there's some middle aged cleaners around. I simply wanted to enjoy some silence, but the presence of such cleaners spoil some of the silence. They are talking loud each others, or their cleaning causes lotsa noise.

so I had some 15-20 min of silence before the cleaners' arrival, there was only me in that small beach.

came there with glasses on, but later on removed for some minutes and look around.

the sky was cloudless, bright blue enough, and it was pleasantly warm. nice, quiet surroundings.

but besides sky, sea and vegetation there's nothing there to see, upwards. so I did not feel too uncomfortable having removed my glasses and literally felt like sunbathing myself.

downward it's a bit different. the beach is not attractive, having many corals or some shells, either living or died. those shells does not look unlike to the wastes all around the beach when I had my glasses removed.

but anyway with so much wastes around, it's not so pleasant beach. it stinks, also with the smell of wastes all over the surroundings.

Astra 08 Dec 2010, 04:42

In today afternoon my nose and eyes both feel a bit uncomfortable due to extreme low humidity in the room.

Here in Hong Kong, this is the driest so far since March 2010. At noon, Relative humidity reading reaches 13% at my location.

I got a nap since 16:50, i.e. after the exam ends and I was back home.

Just got up, it's now 18:30. feeling too uncomfortable to read. It's good that it's night now, dark as usual, but my nose is bleeding because the nose is too dry, the air around is also too dry. drank some water, it does help a little but not much.

I am usually without glasses for a while until I sit down and work/type. But it's dark in my home so I wander around in dark, did not feel particularly blurry, as I did when walking back home hours earlier. I didn't recall the daytime, as I was too tired because of the bleeding nose that cause tears in my eyes.

It's a bit better now, and gotta see some lights outta window,

those lights look like firework, as usual.

(to be continued)

Like lenses 08 Dec 2010, 03:45


I can assure you that I was not posing as Laura C.

If you recall I had said that some friends had told me of a girl that sounded as though she could be Laura C.

I have not given this girl the glasses,as I am not sure it is Laura C,and would not want to embarrass another girl.

I also have not gone to this pub,and since my friends refer to her as the blind girl,would not want to give glasses to someone that may have problems that glasses will not correct.

I have been posting on other threads here regularly.

Flaine 07 Dec 2010, 22:56


I dont think they are the same ppl. Firstly, ive been in contact with LauraC via email and the problem was that she receive lectures and stubborn remarks when she comes here or eyescene that made her avoid coming here. Whereas, Like Lenses may be like a busy person like me who may be 'lurking' but not posting unless interested.


Astra 07 Dec 2010, 17:15


I think it's normal... people are not always want to share their experience in this BBS.

Curious 07 Dec 2010, 16:35

You might be surprised to learn I've been here since the beginning of this board but just don't make it my duty to make multiple posts every single day as some others do.

But my reference to "Like Lenses" was his very prominent statements about how he was going to prove us all wrong and give her a spare pair of glasses. Next thing you know both are gone, and he never returned to tell us the results of his so called proof of which pub she works in. Too much coincidence if you ask me!

I think there are really only 1 or 2 women that have ever posted regularly, the rest always disappear into the ether.

specs4ever 07 Dec 2010, 13:39

Likes Lenses has been around for quite a while Curious, so I wouldn't be so sure they were the same person. Of course anything is possible.

As to why there are so many fakers, I suppose the simple answer is because they can.

I have been around here for the better part of 14 years now, and fakers have come and fakers have gone. I think it is just part of the fetish. I have taken my desire to create "internet personna" and have turned it into writing stories about GWG's. But I am sure that if I hadn't done that, and found a way to post my stories I might have created a few internet personalities.

Actually this isn't just a problem with eyescene. This is happening all over the web. If you look on facebook at a person called Jesika Austin, you will find a picture taken from either Russian's or Micha's wonderful websites of "Beauty Margitka, and we know enough from other pcitures that the real person is named Margitka, so it is highly unlikely that she is herself using the name Jesika Austin. Also on there is a Laura Gregory supposedly from the UK who is using pictures from an American girl named KaitlynwithaK.

I don't know what the answer is, other than to take everyone you don't know personally with a grain of salt.

Curious 07 Dec 2010, 12:04

Has anyone noticed that "Like Lenses" disappeared at the same time as "Laura C?". I think we have our dual identity case taken care of. He was so adamant he knew her! Why do we have so many "fakers" here anyway?

varifocals 30 Nov 2010, 08:32

For those interested in lazer eye surgery todays UK paper The Daily Mail P. 45 on 30th november 2010 carries an interesting article oneye operations & some side effects.

It quotes a chap. Domic Devlin who has done research on this.

His website is:

Astra 29 Nov 2010, 03:02


This month, I notice my eyes gradually become over-sensitive to bright lights when without glasses.

With glasses there's no problem.

antonio-o 28 Nov 2010, 16:13


without wearing glasses my eyes tend to tear up too,

especially if there´s any wind around,

perhaps they have lived too long behind glass :-)

cu, much fun,


All4Eyes 27 Nov 2010, 13:46

Astra: Well the way I squint is not really just narrowing my eyes continuously, but kinda alternating squinting and wide open eyes and sort of blinking hard at times. It's a little hard to explain and I think maybe you just either instinctively know how to do it or you don't. I don't consciously say to myself "I'm going to squint like this", I just naturally find myself doing it.

But it doesn't help me much at far distances anymore. In the space between 1 and 2 feet where my computer screen lives, squinting does still help a lot though.

Astra 27 Nov 2010, 07:27


and I have no idea why you have clear and blurry spots noticeable.

Astra 27 Nov 2010, 07:25


how to do the power squint? For me it just never works.

All4Eyes 27 Nov 2010, 00:11

And now my eyes are actually kinda burning and tearing up a little, especially the left one which is odd, considering it's my "good" eye. Is that weird?

All4Eyes 26 Nov 2010, 23:34

BTW, am I the only person who notices a tendency to rub their eyes a lot more when bare-eyed?

All4Eyes 26 Nov 2010, 23:16

Right now I'm having fun playing an online word-search game-sans specs! Itgot even more interesting when I decided to not let myself lean in closer then I normally would to see the screen. Now I'm doing power squints to the bizzilionth power. It's crazy, the gameboard looks so weird with my glasses off, kinda sort of clearish in spots and blurrier in other spots, almost like I have astigmatism but I don't. Anyway, I'm loving it, trying to search for words thru the blur and thinking "My eyes are SO screwed up!" --)

Clare 25 Nov 2010, 14:06

Melyssa - if I were a more regular glasses wearer I'd be the same as you, I'd not thought about it before but think it must be hard to have a varied wardrobe and only one pair of glasses. If the time ever comes that I can no longer wear contacts (fingers crossed that doesn't happen) I would certainly invest in a few pairs, at least!!

Melyssa 25 Nov 2010, 11:17


What you said about your brown frames not going with your dress and jacket, that's basically how I go out and about, trying to match my clothing color(s) with frame color. It doesn't work perfectly with green or orange dresses, but for most other colors I get them to match. Of course, long ago in the years B.D.T. (Before Drop-Temples) I had no choice, with just one pair of glasses, more often than not being brown frames. I have very little in the way of brown outfits, but the beige ones go well with brown frames.

Clare 24 Nov 2010, 15:29

Astra - sorry you've lost me!

Clare 24 Nov 2010, 15:28

And - actually the first thing that came to mind was that my brown frames wouldn't go with my grey/white/black dress and black jacket! Maybe if I'd felt more co-ordinated I'd have kept them on but old habits die hard so probably not.

It was okay, maybe helped because I didn't know many people there and those I knew I had never met, just spoken by phone. It occured to me that the first impression I would make would be that I was a glasses wearer, maybe another influencing factor. But really I don't need glasses to eat dinner or conduct conversation with people sitting next so it wasn't actually necessary to wear them, but it would have been helpful later in the evening to see further down the 20' table. I've never wanted to be one of those people who's constantly putting their glasses on and taking them off, but of course I put them back on as I left for the journey home.

Of course I've changed my contacts now.

Astra 24 Nov 2010, 04:16

I'm not sure about higher rx,

but the direct relations of acuity to rx,

was also a rough empirical estimate. very likely taken account of allowing slight astigmatism and other forms of irregular refractive errors.


-1 corresponds to 20/100

is actually quite rare.

most people reach 20/100 at least when they reach -1.5 , if they have no astig rx.

-2 corresponds to 20/200

-4 corresponds to 20/400

These I'm not so certain you can always fit the above perfect linear relationship as well, but also very likely they have taken account of the effect from slight astigmatism or other irregularities.

Overall these irregularities (apart from spherical rx) can affect your bare-eyed distance acuity.

Astra 24 Nov 2010, 04:06


There are various factor affecting that.

Under low light conditions one can't see the car plate as far. I'm not sure if you have taken that into account.

Also if you have astigmatism (or other types of irregular refractive errors) of 0.25 diopter or more,

your acuity without glasses may be less than corresponding spherical rx without astigmatism.

And what I did was a rough estimation.

Therefore I gave a range of distance on previous post.

Astra 24 Nov 2010, 03:53

I estimate that on a bus stop, which can stop 2 buses simulatneously.

I can read the bus number when the bus is located before the crossing, which is approx. 5-10 m from the bus stop.

My location was about 15 m from the crossing.

Later on the bus stop at about 3 m from me, I estimate the bus is about 11 m long, according to the type of bus. If the 11 m bus can fit the bus stop, I estimate the distance from crossing must be about 15 m. And as I can see it before crossing, there should be at least 5-10 m before that.

Therefore for bus number, it was 15-25 m.

Car plate: Later on I stand near the end of bus stop. about 21-22 m from crossing. A 11 m bus stops at the earlier stop, and I can read the car plate. the distance left should be about 8-10 m.

Therefore for car plate, it was 8-10 m.

And 23 Nov 2010, 17:02

Clare - how did you feel wearing glasses yesterday ? Why did you not wear them over dinner ? Have you tried the car number plate test ?

Clare 23 Nov 2010, 13:39

Astra - you said without glasses that 'car plates of 8-10 cm tall can be seen at 8-10 m away'. Can you really see that without your glasses? I'm less than you and I'm sure I couldn't make them out at that distance!

Astra 23 Nov 2010, 10:04


Don't want to overwhelm this thread, I may reply you via mail.

Guest 23 Nov 2010, 07:58

For those who persistently avoid wearing glasses with a low prescription (-1 or -2) when they ate young, is it common for people to find it more difficult to go without them as they age? Into the 40s or 50s maybe?

Flaine 23 Nov 2010, 07:14


Hoho since u got an early x'mas present!

What is the new frame style and how much was the increase?


Astra 23 Nov 2010, 03:44

for me i feel like very blind when going without glasses. the most insecure part is the floor !

Astra 23 Nov 2010, 03:31


this month.

Astra 23 Nov 2010, 03:29


also some girls can be very reluctant to wear glasses.

their eyes may be deteriorated by 1 or 2 diopters already.

if the glasses is -4 to -5

her required rx can be -5 to -7

Therefore it's definitely nice for us to see such people struggling to see. they are just so cute !

Astra 23 Nov 2010, 03:26

But we should take note,

with such acuity it's meaningless.

as most objects she sees would be without features at all.

even if she can see the seat at 3 m.

but she may find it a bit blurry and struggles to see the details, so she may prefer to spot it at about 1-1.5 m.

Astra 23 Nov 2010, 03:22

The previous post was posted by me.


If we estimate the girl's distance acuity is slightly worse than 20/400.

we expect she need an acuity for 15-25 tall objects.

then she probably can find a seat from 3-7 m away.

 23 Nov 2010, 03:19

for moderate cobbles on a ground, about 0.5 cm tall. (common use is for decoration)

for 20/200 they can be seen from about 0.5 m away.

(you can't even see the cobbles when walking ! definitely a hazard)

20/40 would be 2.5 m

20/20 would be 5 m (very safe from such hazard)

for read-friendly moderate sized text, about 0.5 cm tall.

for 20/200 they can be seen from about 0.3 m away.

(you can't even see the words when sitting normally.)

20/40 would be 1.5 m

20/20 would be 3 m (you can read easily when the book is on the floor, while standing)


So enjoy the difference !

Astra 23 Nov 2010, 03:11

for very thin, moderate contrast stylish large text, about 5 cm tall. (most suitable for boards in classrooms, in average light conditions. )

for 20/200 they can be seen from about 0.5-0.7 m away.

20/40 would be 2.5-3.5 m

20/20 would be 5-7 m

for large cobbles on a ground, about 1 cm tall.

for 20/200 they can be seen from about 1 m away.

(a hazard for unpaved/poorly paved pedestrian paths !, unless you are shorter than 1.1 m tall)

20/40 would be 5 m

20/20 would be 10 m

Astra 23 Nov 2010, 03:06

Using the same ratio we can estimate,

for large size bold texts, about 2 cm tall.

for 20/200 they can be seen from about 2 m away.

20/40 would be 10 m

20/20 would be 20 m

for medium-thin, usual projector large texts, about 3-5 cm tall. (suitable for lecture halls)

for 20/200 they can be seen from about 2 m away.

20/40 would be 10 m

20/20 would be 20 m

for very thin, high contrast stylish large text, about 5 cm tall. (suitable for boards in classrooms, in excellent light conditions and contrast)

for 20/200 they can be seen from about 1 m away.

20/40 would be 5 m

20/20 would be 10 m

Astra 23 Nov 2010, 03:00

Perhaps in a city, we rarely use vision beyond 50 m. (i.e. about 100-200 m)

But 100-200 m is the distance for 20/20 vision,

they can spot car plates, destination signs, bus numbers, human faces with ease.

Astra 23 Nov 2010, 02:55

the estimation in my previous post was made without glasses.

Astra 23 Nov 2010, 02:53

For going around a city,

My personal experience at -3.5 , as of 2010.11.23

under normal light conditions,

car plates of 8-10 cm tall can be seen at 8-10 m away.

(for 20/40 to 20/80 would be about 45-23 m)

(for 20/20 would be about 80-100 m)

bus numbers/destination sign of 15-25 cm tall can be seen at 15-25 m away.

(for 20/40 to 20/80 would be about 105-50 m)

(for 20/20 would be about 200 m)

Aubrac 22 Nov 2010, 10:44

Going without glasses is certainly a very personal thing, but when you are over -2.50 you just miss so many things. Not being able to see leaves, blades of grass, birds, and other nice people wearing glasses, is a great loss.

I just love crystal clear vision and would prefer over to under correction any day.

At Victoria Station the other week I saw a girl screwing her eyes up so hard to look at the destination board, she gave up and pulled some glasses from her bag that were about -4/-5, read the board, then took them off - how she manages to find a seat on the train I don't know!

Flaine 21 Nov 2010, 07:04


Since when did you had the increase? I thought u were -3 since i knew you whwn i came to eyescene.


Astra 21 Nov 2010, 05:44

re guest,


Guest 21 Nov 2010, 05:42


Have you had a big increase recently? I thought you were -2.50!

Astra 21 Nov 2010, 03:11

But there are incidences that are more dangerous, that's my personal experience early November:

I really like to walk on those unused paved roads, which allows one-lane transport for vehicles. But the roads are now prohibits transport of vehicles.

When I visit one of such roads nearby, I thought, the road is large.

It seems easy for a while. taking off glasses and walk.

But later on you see the road skew on one side, slightly.

This is not so dangerous yet.

The bad thing is that I can't see the pedestrian crystal clear.

There's no accident going on.

But it was really bad when I turn right too slowly. Now the large road becomes "small", because after further 50 cm I would be down the slope.

I quickly turn right and push my glasses back to the eyes. really scared about how this large road 2.5 m wide becomes a small road like 50 cm wide.

Astra 21 Nov 2010, 03:03

NKO: "Outdoors in daylight it's really easy. It still amazes me how easy it is. "

I'm -3.50 and I feel the same too.

It's easy, but if you look at the floor. urgh, it's blurry.

But still very easy to navigate, around a city for example.

NKO 20 Nov 2010, 07:45


Re Danny:

I started reducing the use of the glasses because wearing them impairs my slight esophoria -when present-. And in the hope of obtaining some improvement in myopia....

Re Aubrac:

No way 20/20. I got used to the blur. That means that not only "me" but somehow my eyes too are getting used to it; it seems after a while of being without glaaes you use your eyes differently, more like they are intended to be used (I guess).

Somehow when you use glasses most of the time and occasionally stay without them the eyes "wait to see" but you don't see enough; after months I re-learned to use my eyes, my gaze...

So I'm still -3,25 -maybe a bit less- but I'm less myopic you could say....

I still cannot recognise people acrosse the street....

Re Clare:

Outdoors in daylight it's really easy. It still amazes me how easy it is.

Indoors not so easy...

After sunset it'different, quite hard.

Anyway in known places and with known people there are no real problems even during the night...

See you...

Clare 18 Nov 2010, 13:58

At -3.25 I'd find it hard to imagine *never* wearing glasses. It must be very difficult to navigate easily in strange places, irrespective of whether it's safe to do so.

Aubrac 18 Nov 2010, 10:37


You say you are content with your vision. Does that mean you now have 20/20 vision or have got used to the blur, getting closer to signs, etc.

I had a friend with -3.50 glasses she hardly ever wore, and used to practise the Bates method but she still couldn't recognise me across the street.

Do you drive by the way?

danny 17 Nov 2010, 08:22


what was the reason for doing so? 'Usually' it's the other way around and people can't imagine going without (especially fulltime). I assume you are not driving? Can you go 'bare' without any trouble at this rate of myopia?



NKO 17 Nov 2010, 08:14

I'm a 38 y.o. male.

I have a myopia of about 3,25.

My first glasses were -1,25. I was no more able to read the blackboard ever from the first row.

When I was 20 and about -2,75 I begun wear the glasses full time.

I have slightly crossed eyes intermittently since I am 18 y.o.

Since about 1,5 years ago I started using less the glasses, using progressively undercorrected glasses, and now it's been 10 months of no glasses at all.

So I'm going without glasses and I'm content with it.

 08 Nov 2010, 15:19

duh. it is a girl, watch her other videos and do a little research.

maesser 08 Nov 2010, 04:47

are u really sure its a girl?

Astra 08 Nov 2010, 03:01

A girl going bare-eyed.

maesser 19 Oct 2010, 11:47

oh... wrong thread :)

maesser 19 Oct 2010, 11:42

i think she is really cute

Puffin 19 Oct 2010, 05:08

It is also a thread for those who normally wear glasses - possibly with much higher RX than LauraC - to relate their experiences of doing without for a while.

As for LauraC nobody forced her to come here. She just wanted to know whether not wearing glasses would cause more problems than it solves. It's not easy to say either way really. As below "time will tell". It's not an easy world to survive with fuzzy vision. Who knows what will happen?

 18 Oct 2010, 17:33

GREAT guys. Looked like YOU chased out Laura C for good this time. Sad that she faced a mob with pitchforks here in a thread that was supposed to praise going without glasses.

varifocals. 06 Oct 2010, 11:04

Time will tell.

Chino 06 Oct 2010, 07:58

Whoa there varifocals. Lets not jump the gun just yet. As to my post, it's really just a hypothesis right now. I won't know for certain if going bare-eyed will increase myopia in late-onset myopes. It's going to take a 6-month long experiment on my part to test this. I'm also going to conduct another 6-month long experiment after that to see if near-focus blur accelerates bare-eyed myopia progression in late-onset myopes.

So the verdict, at least for me, won't be in for another 6 months to a year. It has taken years for LauraC's myopia to progress to where it is. I don't think another 6-12 months is going to have a huge impact on her eyesight.

It's obvious that LauraC isn't just doing this for vanity. She has a legitimate concern and does not want to potentially induce further myopia by wearing minus lenses.

Having said that, I totally agree with DE L who said "Can we stop asking someone in the Going without Glasses thread to go out and get glasses, please?" I think what LauraC is doing is so incredibly sexy, but that's just me :D.

To Tedesca said, "Go without glasses!"

varifocals 06 Oct 2010, 06:29

Laura. I wonder what state your eyes will be in 10 years time.

Others with lots of experience have warned you.

LauraC 06 Oct 2010, 01:55

Hi all,

no spare glasses as a tip up to now. I'm still waiting for this useful gift otherwise... it means that we are at least two blind waitresses in the world! ah ah

Tedesca: it seem you are italian. No italian friend approving what I'm doing so far (and very few worlwide, unfortunately :( ) glad to meet you. Feel free to write me in pvt if you want (my adress is here below posted few weeks ago). Are you resisting to glasses, too?

Love to you all.

varifocals. 05 Oct 2010, 09:26

The story of the squinting bride that Astra refers to was made worse & resulted in a major row as the husband was also myopic & wore his glasses to the wedding. He was stunned to see her without hers on. Being a full time wearer since 11 this must have been a strain. She said she felt like a fish out of water. The pictures were black & white & only one reains a full face close up which hangs in their kitchen. Her Mother who was anti glasses ( her 2 sisters have good eyesight) may not have helped matters.

It was picked up at school at 7 she needed glasses & it was only the threat of action by the school authorities that she got glasses at 11. Her Mother was Lebonese & she had similar complexion, lovely almond myopic eyes & black hair. She wears glasses full time & has never worn contacts.

Tedesca 05 Oct 2010, 07:30

Ciao Laura!

Ti ammiro! Vai senza occhiali!


Astra 05 Oct 2010, 07:29


Your story of squinting wedding photo makes me wonder,

Does myopic eyes squint when they sleep or have their eyes closed, normally?

Astra 04 Oct 2010, 09:42


Are you from London, or elsewhere in UK ?

There seems to be many Londoners on this thread now. If the pub is in London then other members from London may visit the pub.

Flaine 04 Oct 2010, 09:23


I agree with you. I havent heard feom Laura for over a week now that she havent replied my last email. I guess she is too busy working and getting along with the guys that she has forgotten about me and her email haha she usually replies in 1 or 2 days!!

Astra 04 Oct 2010, 08:12

I'm waiting to see likelenses report how laura react when he gives the lenses to her.

haven't visited this thread for a while, at first didn't know what's special about the pub for laura.

wow. if she have to see dishes that close it would be so fantastic experience for some customers. Some customers may think otherwise. but whatever.

incredible. i wanna likelenses (or someone else) to take a photo with her and share on flickr if he/she wish to, and send them on eyescene. it sounds fantastic... for sure.

Astra 04 Oct 2010, 03:49

Like lenses,

oh I would like to know the pub... perhaps next time when I see you in lenschat.

Astra 04 Oct 2010, 03:37


it's not sad for her...

it would be an interesting case we've ever met on eyescene.

Soundmanpt 04 Oct 2010, 00:43

It would seem that Laura C. has little or no desire to drive. She must live close to where she works and is happy to get others to drive her if she needs to go farther away. If she ever gets the desire or need to drive I would think she quite well knows the first stop must be to get glasses, based on her observation.

Clare I did enjoy how you stated it though, very well to the point.

Clare 03 Oct 2010, 15:39

I think the real thing that forces the issue is getting a driving licence - if you don't want to drive it must be easy to wander around as blind as ever.

Like lenses 03 Oct 2010, 04:12

Gullible spotter & Flaine

Well lets just see what happens when I present her with the -4.00 glasses.

varifocals 02 Oct 2010, 14:04

Hi. On 30th September I told you of a girl at work some years ago who tried doing a Laura C

In the end she was had in by the Office Manager in London Transport & instructed that she must have contact lens or glasses as she was considered a menace to herself & other workers.

This was supported by her parents.

I was the staff representative.

As mentioned she ended up getting married wearing her glasses & still happily wears them full time now

Chino 02 Oct 2010, 13:34

This is for LauraC.

I have been trying to induce myopia for a long time with little success. I posted some research results in the Induced Myopia thread that suggested a fundamental difference in myopia progression for late-onset myopes like you and I.

Here is some background information on me. I didn't get glasses until my junior year of high school. I knew that I needed them because I could not see things my friends saw, but I didn't want to wear them. I finally gave in when I could not read the board from the front row, even while squinting. By then, I was -2.00 in each eye. Even then, I only wore them for reading the board in class. I do remember doing a lot of reading bare-eyed. I didn't start wearing them full-time until the end of my senior year of high school. By then, I was -3.75/-3.25.

My current prescription is -5.00. So the majority of my RX increase occurred when I did not wear my eyeglasses, and I think I know why.

Going back to the AC/A ratio (accommodative convergence)/accommodation, by going bare-eyed, my ciliary muscles didn't really need to accommodate if I read something just inside my focal length. However, my eyes DID need to converge to read up close. So, there's convergence, but very little accommodation, giving me a HUGE AC/A ratio. Near-focus blur might be a factor too. If you routinely read bare-eyed but just outside your focal length, to where it's slightly blurry, that might accelerate your myopia progression as well.

Like me, you are a late-onset myope LauraC. Your refusal to wear eyeglasses reminds me of my own situation in high school. However, I'm afraid you might be doing yourself more harm than good by going bare-eyed. That technique might work with early-onset myopes who are sensitive to accommodation. In late-onset myopes, I think it has the opposite effect.

Late-onset myopia is generally applied to people who didn't start to become myopic until around 15 years of age. Like I said, I have been trying to induce myopia for a very long time, since I was about your age. Wearing glasses, even glasses stronger than what I need, didn't do the trick. I'm going to try going bare-eyed and, in particular reading bare-eyed for six months, just to see if it works.

LauraC - if you want to continue going bare-eyed that's up to you. But if my efforts prove successful and, in 6 months, I am able to increase my myopia by doing what you're doing, you might want to rethink your policy on glasses.

Hope this helps.


Gullible Spotter 02 Oct 2010, 12:19

@LikeLenses... and please tell me you were smart enough to realize they were also simply reading the story off this board or are the actual Laura C writers themselves trying to jerk your chain.

There is no way they would have known that much detail about some waitress they don't even know. Sorry I don't buy your friends "sudden" coincidental mention of all the exact same details posted here.

Flaine 02 Oct 2010, 09:46

Like lenses,

Sry lime lenses, this post is not meant to offend you but i wont buy your story..

Like lenses 01 Oct 2010, 23:40

Laura C

I think that I know the pub that you work at. It is really a small world.

Yesterday some friends that I know were talking about this certain pub, ( I will not mention the name ). They were talking about a girl that works there, that they refer to as visually impaired. They said that they thought that she may be partially blind,as she does not wear glasses, but seems to not be able to see much. They then went into the same story of this girl almost putting her face into a customers dish,to see what it was,so she could serve it to a second customer.

I may surprise you by coming into the pub,and privately presenting you with a pair of - 4.00 glasses that I no longer need.I may just leave them along with your tip.

Chino 30 Sep 2010, 17:30

Here's the thing. I love walking around bare-eyed. I love the softness everything has. My prescription is -5.00 D in both eyes without astigmatism. So I can verify that LauraC can indeed get by at -4.00 and -3.00 D. Sure, reading most signs is out of the question, reading the board from the front row is impossible, recognizing people by sight alone ain't gonna happen, and I definitely cannot drive, but there is plenty I still can do.

I don't bump into people. I don't need to squint (not that it does much good at my prescription). I can see cars and avoid them. I get around campus just fine without getting disoriented. Sure it's more difficult at night, but you can do it. Given how LauraC described her adaptations to the blur, I can totally see her pulling it off at the pub. You also have to keep in mind that, since she doesn't wear glasses at all, her ciliary muscles are completely relaxed. They have no need to accommodate. So the blur she experiences is not as intense as that of a myope with -4.00 D who momentarily takes off the eyeglasses.

I realize there is a crisp world she is missing out on, but she has her reasons and she is a grown, responsible adult fully capable of making her own decisions. Live and let live.

To LauraC: If you would like to prevent your late-onset myopia from getting worse, I actually have some very good tips. Since I'll probably have stones tossed at me for suggesting that here LOL, feel free to e-mail me off-board at

DE L 30 Sep 2010, 14:57

(BLOWS LOUD WHISTLE) Can we stop asking someone in the Going without Glasses thread to go out and get glasses, please?

Okay now let's keep in mind that there are some of us here who find women who go about their lives not wearing needed glasses highly erotic. That is a personal choice they make, and they shouldn't be ganked here for making that choice. Definitely not in a thread dedicated to these special women who lovingly make such a deliciously erotic choice.

Laura, I personally applaud your decision and I bet you have the sexiest eyes of any woman who has ever posted on this board. I think you definitely should not get glasses, and wish that you would please continue to share your experiences having a more difficult time seeing without glasses.

Soundmanpt 30 Sep 2010, 12:58

Laura C.

Have you ever asked your best friend if she ever notices you squinting badly to try and see. If she is honest and really your friend she should tell you the truth.

I am sure our comments in here will not do anything to change your mind about getting glasses, but I am curious what will? At what point will you finally say " Okay I give up, I can't see, I got to get some glasses?"

varifocals 30 Sep 2010, 04:29

Laura C is, I believe a 21 year old Italian lass.

They can be stubborn.

I agree with like lens & she should look ahead a bit.

I knew a girl the same & after loosing one boy friend who got fed up with her vanity, by a quirk of fate moved in at Stanmore with a chap that made her wear her glasses.

Contacts which gave trouble anyway were ditched & she married wearing glasses.

Like lenses 30 Sep 2010, 01:24

Laura C

You can bet that EVERYONE, to include your fellow workers,and customers at the pub know that you are very myopic.

In addition to your squinting,your eyes uncorrected have a vacant look,which is typical of a uncorrected myope.

Cactus jack 29 Sep 2010, 22:39


Thank you for your answer.

I think what you are experiencing without your glasses is quire reasonable considering your Rx, I am working on what I hope will be an understandable explanation, but it may take a few days.

Sometimes it takes a lot of words to make something as involved in how the eye's positioning system works, easy to understand. I would like to help you understand.

Vision and how it works is one of the most incredible parts of a living being.

May I ask your favorite subjects?


Chrissi 29 Sep 2010, 19:51

Cactus Jack--

Hi, sorry for not clarifying.

I meant that I have a hard time making my eyes go straight and focusing on one object. It's not that my eyes go in all directions, but it just feels like I can't focus on just one thing, even if I can see it a little bit.

I do not see double. If I did, I don't think I would be able to tell anyway since everything is so blurry without glasses/contacts.

I don't have trouble seeing things that are a few cm away from my nose, although I cannot use both eyes to see that close without correction. Usually if I ever hold something that close to see it clearly without correction, my left eye turns outwards.

I am fifteen years old and still attending high school. I live in the U.S. :)

Thanks for your reply!

Soundmanpt 29 Sep 2010, 17:29


By the way your english is fine. I have lived my whole life in the USA and your english is as good if not better than mine.

Soundmanpt 29 Sep 2010, 17:27


That was me and as I said I am sorry for my stupid mistake. Please forgive me?

4eyes 29 Sep 2010, 16:23

I don't remember I ever said anyhing about "young lady"... GRRRRRR.

When I say my English sucks, trust me I know what I said.

Anderson from So Paulo.

BTW. I got my newest glasses, and at over Adding +10.00 that means that I won't need any other helping devide yet... YUUPPEEEEE.


4eyes 29 Sep 2010, 16:14

To my friend Cactus Jack, I wish the happiest Birthday...

From your friend Anderson.

varifocals 29 Sep 2010, 04:29

Laura C was in the PMP chat room last night. She is totally against wearing glasses. I did not know she had none at all. One wonders if she has ever had a peek through a friends glasses as some of us has done. I doubt it as she would see a new world.

I am afraid the chat shows one subborn young lady who views the myopic blur as ASBo, A badge to be worn with honour insteady of vanity..

Squint & be proud of it.!

Sad, but she wont give in so it will be interesting to see what her vision is like when she is 25, after a dose of myopic progression.

Cactus Jack 29 Sep 2010, 00:59


Your question is very hard to answer because you need to have an understanding of how the eyes are supposed to work and how your eyes work with very high myopia. The answer involves an understanding of the basic laws of optics and the functioning of the control and positioning mechanisms of the eye.

When you say you have trouble focusing without correction, it is not clear what you mean by that. Do you mean that you have trouble:

1. Converging your eyes and see double?

2. That you cannot see things beyond 4 inches or 10 cm?

3. Focusing on things closer than 4 inches or 10 cm?

To help me word my answer, could you provide your age, occupation, education and the country where you live?



Filthy McNasty 28 Sep 2010, 23:31

One might be forgiven for suspecting that people who tend to have trouble focussing without glasses need glasses in order to focus easily.

Chrissi 28 Sep 2010, 22:57

Just out of curiosity, why is it that when I am uncorrected (contacts: -10.5, -9.5) that I have such a hard time focusing my eyes? I don't have prism btw.

I know it's something to do w/ the high degree of myopia that I have, but why is that?

Soundmanpt 28 Sep 2010, 13:13

Laura C.

You mentioned cute guys that come into the pub, surely being female you must know about eye attraction between sexes? Has it at all occurred to you that if a cute guy is looking at you and is trying to make eye contact with you and of course you can't see far enough to know it. He may think your stuck-up or not interested in him?

Bye the way, I don't care how cute you are but if you got so close to my plate of food as you described I may not say anything but it is likely I wouldn't come back again. You should have been very embarrised doing that.

Like others have stated your squinting is NOT fooling your friends, the only one your fooling is yourself.

I know someone will take your side and they and you are right it is your eyes and your life, but it's a sad way to live it.

Soundmanpt 28 Sep 2010, 13:03


One big problem, Laura C. doesn't even own a pair of glasses. That way I guess she feels she wouldn't be tempted to wear them and find that she would quickly not be able to do without.Crazy idea, but I guess so far it works for her. Maybe someday she will give in and I am sure she will be sooooo sorry she didn't do it sooner.

varifocals. 28 Sep 2010, 10:50

Sorry it should have been Laura, but the sad tale is the same & she has never taken her glasses off again like that

varifocals 28 Sep 2010, 10:48

I agree with the other comments, Clare, your friends will know so you are only fooling yourself. so wear your glasses & enjoy life.

A friend of mine had a hard time without her glasses, a while ago, caused by her Mother who hated glasses.

She was found to be myopic at scholl at 7 but it was only after a row beteen the scholl & her parents she finally got glasses.

fast forward to her wedding to a fellow myopie, her Mother nagged her not to wear glasses to show off her large almond eyes.

This was a disaster as she felt like a fish out of water.

The photos all showed the poor girl squinting badly.

So as you need them , clare wear them. In a few weeks you will forget all about it.

Most of us have been there too.

Julian 28 Sep 2010, 10:00

LauraC: Cactus Jack is SO right. Shortsightedness like yours is obvious to just about everybody, and I'll bet it's only a matter of time before somebody says to you, "Why don't you put on your glasses?" If you think wearing glasses won't help you get the attentions you want you may be right, in which case contacts will solve the problem. But I think you're as likely to be wrong.

Cactus Jack 28 Sep 2010, 06:21


Don't kid yourself. Your friends KNOW you are shortsighted by your efforts to compensate and conceal it. If they wear glasses, they spot the symptomatic behaviors even quicker than a stranger will. They probably did it themselves before they got glasses. They are just too nice to comment or don't want to hear your denials. They KNOW the truth.


varifocals 28 Sep 2010, 05:43

Laura C should bite the bullet & wear her glasses. There is a nice sharp world out there, full of fun.

Try & enjoy it.

You may be suprised.

Dont let your sister's comments worry you.

Some boys love girls in glasses & are not turned on by squinting ones.

LauraC 28 Sep 2010, 00:42

I'm sure my myopia is still increasing, unfortunately. At least I'm sure one or two years ago my eyes weren't that bad as they are today... I have a few shortsighted friends including my best friend, but they always wear glasses or contacts. Bye

P.S: No one knows I'm shortsighted but my best friend, so no comment or so about my vision...

And 27 Sep 2010, 18:55

LauraC, do you think your eyes are still changing ? Do you have friends who are shortsighted ? If so do any of them manage without correction ?

minus 5 who luvs gwgs 27 Sep 2010, 17:52

Well guys would like you in glasses if they were eyescene members Ialways prefer girls in glasses the thicker the better

LauraC 27 Sep 2010, 17:41

So far no major troubles at the pub. I had just once when one of my customers wanted the same dish another guy was eating. I needed to get so close to see and when I realised everyone was astonished in seeing my face almost into his plate, I just pretended I was jocking with a "very close inspection" in that guy's dish! Ah, ah...

You are right that I cannot figure if one is calling me from the other side of the room, I just walk around close to the tables I manage during the pauses to see (more or less) my customer's faces. That's all. Not so difficult, I think.

BTW the pub is a very good place to meet cute guys and (sometime) receive some attentions from them! I love such

attentions (as any other girl does, I presume...) and I think glasses would not help.

Soundmanpt 19 Sep 2010, 18:14


Very sorry about, I should have known if I had looked back on past comments.

Cactus Jack 19 Sep 2010, 17:58


FYI, 4eyes, AKA Anderson is a fine young man from Brazil. I have had the pleasure of knowing and chatting with him for years. He is highly respected here on Eyescene, because of what he has been able to achieve in spite of his vision problems. He can do things that many Eye Care Professionals have been taught were impossible.

I am very proud to be able to call him Meu amigo Anderson.


Soundmanpt 19 Sep 2010, 17:43


I think you do very well with your English. It's sad that people will not hire you because of how your glasses look. You should be judged by your abilities. I think you will soon find a job and be very good at it. Good luck young lady.

4eyes 19 Sep 2010, 17:35

hi everybody.

I hope I am posting this in the right place.

As I do every week-end I went to a Park here in the city to have fun, ride a bike and play soccer. Yesterday it was fine so hopefully today would be the same, but I woke later just to began with wrong foot. So we went to the park later, me and our governess, even when she didn't want to. I should have guessed, but I won the argument, so it was settled. Actually my playing soccer game ability is sucking but I really enjoy playing soccer, be playing it well or badly I don't care as long I play it even if as a substitute sometimes, HEHEHEH.

My father is traveling and I kind off, have nobody telling me what to do and I go everywhere I want at anytime and I can play longer at Ibirapuera Park if I wanted to. So today I was playing by lunch time, when there was less people playing soccer so we were playing with another team we'd never played before, without any restriction. It couldn't be easier.

There was a boy everybody would call William "O cara". He seems to be a hell of player, so there were a kind of arguments who he would play with amoung his peers. As the game began somebody told me to keep an eye on him because he were good with tackles and he had a nasty kicking and that his appearance shouldn't fool me. The funny thing is that I didn't realize he has crossed eyes until somebody called him "Zarolho do caralho" swearing because he'd missed the ball after several tackles and then another boy swore to him again " Zoinho Son of Bitch, seu Vesgo fominha". Only then I looked at his features with more attention and I saw he was indeed cross eyed. But, how come he being as cross eyed as I am he DIDN"T have any eyeglasses? I never saw anything like that, I was wondering and then he beat me by doing a goal I hate to admit he did. A goal by Achilles tendon. The kid was not even looking at me when he did it. What the f#@* did he do I was still wondering? Then everybody ended up talking about his goal by Achilles tendon. Man, that was humiliating, I wanted real bad talk to him, but I was so ashamed because of the goal he did on me. As we won the match, we played the next game and by the end of this one I think the kid and his friends had gone. I swear, the weirdest thing was that he has no glasses. How come? I don't get it. Was it possible that maybe, he was on contact lenses?

I am going to lunch and then I will return to the Indoor Area in the park and hopefully find him. I didn't find him later but I learned those guys play by Noon. The day ended up as hell of day and I ended up full of curiosity about that kid.

Flaine... I am from Brazil.

You bet. For the first time I realized I was different and even today, I'd never again saw the world as sharp as in those days. As for my English, I'd never studied it but in School only, so sometimes I got funny comments about. so I know my English sucks.

As for job, somebody told me couple months ago it would be difficult for me to get a job, but I'd never thought it would be this stressing. I've been dismissed from some people just because of my eyes appearance and because of the looking of my eyeglasses. I should expect that, not those funny comments I hear sometimes. Another day I just finished an assembling computer test, when somebody told me I should have applied for "vision impairment"... I'd just turned around and walked away without saying a single word, but I was so deeply ashamed of myself for while. But I still love computers. What can I do? HEHEH.

Anderson, from So Paulo, Brazil. Next month I'm gonna be 18. YEAH.

Tchau, Fui.

Soundmanpt 16 Sep 2010, 19:02

My thoughts exactly Puffin. Well put. She won't even know why she is in trouble. But I do wish her luck, jobs are hard to find these days.

Puffin 16 Sep 2010, 18:47

Just wait till the manager hears the complaints from the customers who can't get the waitresses attention. It's hard enough when they can see properly!

And 16 Sep 2010, 18:43

Laura C

Sorry if I sounded demanding or critical in any way, I didn't mean to, of course it is entirely your choice. Do your friends try and convince you and do they regulary point or talk about things that you can't see properly ? How do you cope at the cinema or theatre etc ? There are so many great frames to choose from these days and of course if you opted for contacts no-one would even know.

Soundman 16 Sep 2010, 14:04


If you look back myself and others tried to convince her to get some form of correction even if she only kept them in her bag. She is old enough to decide what she feels comfortable about wearing. You are correct she misses out on many things, but as long as she has no intention of getting in a car and driving she is doing no harm to anyone. If she ever wishes to drive she will not have the option of no correction. Should she get glasses or contacts? Yes without a doubt, but it is not our place to demand. Someday she will decide that it is time and she may or may not regret not getting glasses sooner.

And 16 Sep 2010, 13:35

LauraC, I know this is a glasses fan site but have you never considered contacts with glasses just as a back-up ? You must miss so amny details - signs, people's expressions etc.

Soundmanpt 16 Sep 2010, 13:12

Laura C.

The bars and clubs I go to the waitresses are very good even in low light at being able to see from across the room when I need another drink. I know you can't do that at -4.00. So are you constantly going around and getting close enough to see when someone needs a refill? Also how can you tell if a customer is needing something if you can't tell they are looking at you? Most customers are not going to stand up and wave there arms to make you see them.I'm sure it would be easier to do your job if you could see better. That being said I do hope you can continue to do well at your job.

LauraC 16 Sep 2010, 11:06

Hi all, I've not been checking ES for weeks since I moved to e-mailig with some friends known here or on lenschat. Anyway I confirm what Flaine says: I'm in the -4 range and don't have glasses. It is tricky sometime, but manageable. I also got a job two weeks ago as waitress in a pub: it's challenging sometime to manage in the blur, but no major troubles so far.

Rina, feel free to e-mail me if you want: I posted my address weeks ago.


Cactus Jack 11 Sep 2010, 22:02

I C U,

I am trying to remember where I read of the study. If I locate it, I will provide a link. I am operating on memory here, but if I recall correctly, the study I referenced involved wearing full accurate correction and mild under correction in school age children who already needed glasses. The study DID NOT include any over correction.

I have never seen or heard of any scientific study that demonstrated conclusively that over correction by any significant amount caused true axial myopia and I doubt such a study will ever be undertaken. The ethics and liability issues are too great. Over correction can cause pseudo myopia, if it will turn into true axial myopia is greater than would have developed naturally is unknown. But hope springs eternal in many members of this forum.


I C U 11 Sep 2010, 20:39

Cactus Jack... Hate to disappoint you, but there is no evidence supporting your position either. No scientific study has been performed where someone has actually worn incredibly strong glasses beyond what they need for several months.

Keep that in mind about statistics. They can always prove the other side just as easy.

Flaine 11 Sep 2010, 09:31

Tokyo is a nice place! Although it is over crowded with GWGs and MWGs! I often follow my father to tokyo if possible as he flies to asian everytime my father gets a flight to tokyo, i want to follow to enjoy the delicacies there!!! So delicious!

Flaine 11 Sep 2010, 09:28

Oh no, Rina is it because of glasses that landed you in this situation? U may be paying the price of not being able to see what is being taught in school thus this may contribute to ur acadamic failure dont you think? US universities are the same as these unis in UK, although they claim that they take in large number of foreigners, it is all rubbish.. They r looking for talents..too bad isnt it? Why not u apply for a part time job to supply some income for glasses?

Rina Matsuyama 11 Sep 2010, 07:57


Yes, I tried some weeks before!

A snellen chart that can show from 20/15 to 20/200.

At 20 feet, Without glasses I am unable to see 20/200.

With glasses (should be -2) I am barely able to see 20/200.

Rina Matsuyama 11 Sep 2010, 07:41


I am avoiding glasses cause I see no necessity to have the very good distance acuity, at least not all time. Unless I cannot see close things, then there will be more disturbance to perform the tasks.

Are Japanese fond of glasses? Some of them do. I am fond of glasses, but simultaneously fond of not using glasses. I know my stance appears contradictory.

About self-denial, I think I fit into hikikomori criteria, somehow. I start off like this cause o academic failure, went to America, want to enter university, I was told it is easier in America, then turns out failure. Then to Tokyo, that is my home. taking the university entrance exam, fail for 3 years, and I am still making attempts.

My age is 26. From Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Japan.

Puffin 11 Sep 2010, 06:46


Have you tried finding a eye chart (or snellen chart)online? It's not the same as a proper eye test, but can give an idea of where your vision is.

You can easily find one with Google, and perhaps print it out, stick it on a wall and stand 20 feet/6 meters away.

Flaine 11 Sep 2010, 06:34


Forgot to ask you but is there a reason why u are avoiding glasses?

Flaine 11 Sep 2010, 06:32


Oh no, Rina dont be in self denial! Get to know some of us who go without glasses to! If u go down this thread, u can probably find a girl named LauraC who doesnt whr glasses @ around the same rx as you!!! She is in contact with me through email...

Btw are u from Japan? Arent the japanese fond of glasses as a fashion now? And i see, your parents dont know u need glasses and ur too young to work? How old are you? Sry for being so curious...

Rina Matsuyama 11 Sep 2010, 04:14


You ask me How to cope with when reading far, recognising friends.

I typically avoid rather than try to cope with that. No friends now, cause o my lifestyle. Never outgoing.

Rina Matsuyama 11 Sep 2010, 04:01


I would like to try lenses of my updated rx. It's just not so convenient cause I don't have income to pay for it.

Rina Matsuyama 11 Sep 2010, 03:54


Yes, I use glasses when my parents aint around.

But my eyesight with glasses is not much different than without glasses now. Unless I try both glasses simultaneously, cause the rx of glasses are not updated.

My acuity without is about 20/600 I guess, with is about 20/300. If I try both simultaneously it should be about 20/30.

I simply try to delay my eye test, cause I not yet have any income. I have to use my parents account to pay for my expense. Eventually I can't tolerate then I would go for eye test.

Puffin 11 Sep 2010, 03:43

Here we go again. The results of wearing or not wearing glasses on increasing myopia are not entirely predictable and depend on individual circumstances, what is actually done with the eyes, genetic disposition, how the eye reacts to correction (or lack of) & use, etc.

Unfortunately most people don't have an identical twin who can take the other option, otherwise doing exactly the same things (same amount of reading/distance work) and compare results to find out which is the best thing to do if they really want to avoid correction.

For most people the most pertinent question is "can I see for the things I want or have to do now" rather than "will my vision be a bit different in 10 years time".

Soundmanpt 11 Sep 2010, 00:54


I guess I won't disappoint Flaine. I agree with Cactus Jack completely. I will make a comment only that it seems to not be the smartest thing to work so hard at not being able to see properly. They are in fact your eyes, but to go through life in a blur that could be easily corrected seems like a real shame. That's all, no more lecture.

Cactus Jack 10 Sep 2010, 22:19


This will probably disappoint Flaine, but no lecture here. Just a few facts.

There is evidence that contrary to popular belief, wearing glasses with the correct Rx does not cause your prescription to increase more than that dictated by genetics. There is also some evidence that under correction might cause some stimulation of the retina to produce the hormone that causes eyeball growth and myopia to increase. The above study did not include over correction, probably for ethical reasons. Unfortunately the studies are not conclusive because it is also like trying to prove why something did not happen. However, there is much evidence that genetics trumps all other possible causes.

You may not be doing yourself any favors by not wearing your glasses or wearing glasses with a lower Rx than you need. However, they are your eyes and the decision is yours because you get to live with it.


Flaine 10 Sep 2010, 20:34


Wow you sound like me last time, nvr wore glasses den secretly wear them when parents aint around or have fallen asleep. I now use them for board and movies and other things if i need haha. I guess u are quite similar to my sister's case coz her current glasses rx is -3 although she cant see through them clearly anymore and soundmanpt has estimated her in the -4 to -4.5 region.. Which is quite bad i should say? I dont know about you..hw do you cope when u need to read something far pr recognise people? Btw, are u a Japanese? Ur name suggests that ur from Japan or sth? I love Japanese food:)

PS, i think u are in for a lecture from soundmanpt or cactus jack if they see ur post here! They would be surprisedat ur rx u haven gone full time! Brace urself!!!!!



Rina Matsuyama 10 Sep 2010, 16:50


I never checked my eyes for many years.

My rx on my glasses is in -2 range. After 4 years, I have different rx on another pair of glasses, which is -0.5 stronger than my previous rx. I forgot what the exact rx of 2 pairs of glasses are. Anyway, it is inevitable my eyes get more and more myopic. Just like your sister, I avoided using glasses, but I use glasses to read the board. Then I graduated from school. But after that, I never raised children or work.

I am still avoiding using glasses, cause I don't want to surprise my parents as long as I can see most things. Damn, you know what? Now I cannot see well with my previous rx, using either pair. It is not much different from not wearing them. This is too bad.

After my parents sleep, If I can't sleep, I occasionally use my glasses. This month I find either pair are too weak for me. So one day I try wearing 2 pairs simultaneously. That is, Wearing 2 frames simultaneously on my face. I find my eyesight is much better that way. If my guess is correct, my rx should be -4.5 now, but I am still avoiding glasses like hell. Always going without glasses, and reading close to the books. Sometimes reading too much, that my neck feel tired cause I read the books close, never with my glasses on.

But when no one is around, I absolutely love using glasses around. Too bad the previous rx are getting too weak for me, they can only give a little bit help to me.

Soundmanpt 10 Sep 2010, 00:58


I will try and stay around a little longer. I know I have missed you the same way.

Flaine 10 Sep 2010, 00:02


Haha my sister isnt so soft..i think she would still reject glasses for at least a while longer.. And with LauraC has probably gave her some extra assurance that going without glasses aint too bad because both of the seem to be around the same rx of btw i hafta catcha on lenschat to tell you more but somehow u always log out minutes before i log in and u dont come back!

Flaine 09 Sep 2010, 23:58

Reading a long way down this thread into the 2007s, i wonder if the poster named Alicia is still aroumd here or have left this site.. Wonder whats her rx now..

Jennifer W 09 Sep 2010, 22:22


I was nearsighted on my right eye for years then. I now estimate it should be on the -3 range. I started to wear glasses at the end of 7th month of pregnancy and 3 month after that I went back o the eye doctor to fine tune the prescription. Actually is was just .25 more for each eye. My vision deterioration was during a period of 2 week.


Melyssa 09 Sep 2010, 12:09

Flaine & Jennifer W.,

One of Eyescene's and Lenschat's regulars, Emily, had large increases in myopia during her pregnancies. Conversely, my mother said that her vision didn't change much (if at all) while she was lugging me around all those years (she was 5 months along at New Year's -- LOL). So, as has been mentioned, there is no set pattern for vision change during pregnancy.

Aubrac 09 Sep 2010, 04:07


There are some cases where during pregnancy there is greater fluid retention in the body, this can sometimes affect eyesight as more fluid is retained in the eye resulting in the shape changing slightly and exaggerating myopia. The same thing often happens during the monthly period, and the increased pressure in the eye can reduce low hyperopia. My wife used to wear her glasses far less just before and during her periods.

Jennifer also said it was three years to her second pregnancy, and so one would expect a prescription increase in that time in any case, and so maybe not put it all down to pregnancy.

One could well expect anyone with a -2/-3 scrip in their twenties to have that increase by a further -2/-3 until their thirties, when most scrips tend to either stabilise or slow considerably.

Having said all that, we are all different, and just because something happens with one person there is no reason why it may happen to another.

davey 09 Sep 2010, 02:08

HI Astra, my rx is L -0.75 sph -0.50 add+1.75

R -1.00 sph -0.25 add+1.75

pathetically weak, i can manage without my glasses, i wish my rx was much stronger.

Soundmanpt 09 Sep 2010, 01:21


Calm down! What happened to Jennifer W. won't necessarily happen to you. It is true during the nine months before delivering a child your whole body goes through many changes. But it doesn't mean it will for sure mess with your vision. You can wind up with diabetes are other things some of these things even disappear after the baby comes. I would say the odds are like 30% - 50% that it will effect your vision. But no way of knowing how much.

How are you and your sister doing? Has your sister given into the idea of wearing glasses or is still struggling to see the board?

Flaine 08 Sep 2010, 23:39

Omg is it true that pregnacy will

Make ur eyes so much more worst? Its like -2 increase per pregnacy in jennifers case..

Er jennifer,(sry to call u by name, im younger than you), but did u wear glasses after the first pregnacy or only the second? and was the vision deterioration very apprent during each pregnacy? Can u explain hw it slowly or gradually got worst?

Thanks in advance

Jennifer W 08 Sep 2010, 22:26


I'm not new to eyscene, but I never posted before. Like the girl devey was told about, my first glasses were very strong, although not that strong.

I'm now 34. When I was not older than 12 I notice that my right eye couldn't focus on far objects. My left eye vision was perfect. As I grew up, my right eye got worse, and I knew that probably I needed glasses but I didn't want that. I lived all my teens without far vision on my right eye.

At age 24 I got pregnant the first time and around 7th month my vision on both eyes dramatically deteriorated in only 2 weeks to the point that I couldn't see TV anymore. By that time I went to the eye doctor. He told me that in some women vision change (to worse) during pregnancy. I was prescribed L -3.25 R -5.75 -0.50 x 175. Wow, I only realized I was almost blind the first time I put them on.

3 years later the same thing happened at the end of my second pregnancy. I was tested and the doctor came up to L -5.50 R -7.25 -0.75 x 175 and this is my prescription to the day.

Both my children are tested regularly and have no problem with their eyes. But mommy can't function anymore without glasses. I can't even see this computer screen more than 5 inches away.


And 08 Sep 2010, 18:19

Surely everyday tasks would be impossible with an uncorrected prescription of -11 ! My gf isn't helpless without correction but certainly couldn't watch tv, drive, recognise people and objects or go to work.

Astra 08 Sep 2010, 13:27

davey, I agree it does sound incredible for -11 to see somehow normally without glasses.

may I ask your rx ?

davey 08 Sep 2010, 07:24

while i was having my anual sight test at the local opticians i got into conversation with the optician about managing without glasses and she told me that last year she had ayoung woman who ha dtwo young babies visit her for the first time and she gave her her first ever prescription, she told me she was amazed that the girl had managed her daily routine.

The rx she prescribed was -11.0....incredible she must have been almost blind.

Jennifer 23 Aug 2010, 16:40

Anderson, thank you for sharing your story with us. You've had to live an extraordinary life. I can understand how you are very mature beyond your age. I always enjoy reading your updates. Your English is great!

Good Luck!

Flaine 23 Aug 2010, 08:40


Hey i cr8ed a email for es seParately for easy organisation so yeah...

Me and my sis Natasha would be sharing this acc so feel free to ask and i will reply asap if possible. Hopefully there is no spammers here:)

LauraC 23 Aug 2010, 02:18


it would be very interesting to speak about your sister's attitude towards glasses (that looks so like mine!) and even more to speak directly with her! Maybe we can exchange our e-mail adress? You can use to contact me.


I appear rarely on lenschat, with the same nick I used here. Is it your nick still the same there? Bye.

Flaine 22 Aug 2010, 19:01


Wow amazing story! Haha i bet u felt that the glasses were magic when u first got them as they totally transformed what u saw?

And btw, whr r u from? U speak good english...and very mature for a 18 yrs old guy! Just curious, but what field of job r u looking for or interested in?


4eyes 22 Aug 2010, 15:01

Hello you guys and girls.

Be warned about my Bad English.

I am sorry I take too long returnig to this site.

Hi Flaine Hi Jennifer Andersons here.

My story is a lot more weird than nice.

The first day I put a glasses on I hardly took them off but to sleep only. Every other kid would trick me or play with me about my eyes every day and I always thought I was picked up just like any other kid because Id never understand Id different eyes. Even when kids would shout about my eyes being aligned and would I run off bumping into things I didnt know what I were looking for when staring at mirrors cause I didnt know my own features and I never cared about it. And when my peers said my eyes would go real wacko on trying to see my image in the mirror reflection I would simply dismiss them silly laughing. Until my fourth anniversary I though I was as ordinary as any other kid in the orphanage and, never did have any different treatment nor would I accept any. The shame of being different attracting attention was something I could or would avoid at any cost. No way, thank you Sir.

The first time I got eyeglasses I was about four years old and I was living in an orphanage here in So Paulo. I think I will never forget the moment I put them on. The world was full of little details. The faces I saw had features Id never imagined existed. It is true I always looked at my face on mirrors but I was content in my bliss ignorance when seeing my blurred reflection back. When kids teased me because of my eyes back then, I didnt know what to look for so I will remember forever the first time I saw a face. I remember clearly the nurse was laughing and crying for some silly reason or Id have made the funniest face when looking at the optician place mirrors. I didnt want him to take my glasses back even for fitting adjustments, but one of the nurse took them from me. When I went to sleep that day, I slept hold them. From that day, Id never take them off till I got them stolen when living in streets already. Id never told my dad about my earlier life in orphanages because I was scare he would drop me out, but nevertheless he founds out my first eyeglasses was about + 10,00 when I was four. Somehow hed find out where I lived and I hated him for awhile.

Jennifer, while in London last July doctors tried to fit me into some new lenses called trifocal For me to get used to Bi-focal took ages and tons of patience because I have difficult moving my eyes correctly due to missing muscles and several movement limitation on both eyes that causes nystagmus when I force them to move several direction.

I think doctors were trying to fit me with some new try-on lenses that trigger nystagmus and that is what causes me not sickness, but serious discomfort. That nystagmus and a nasty strabismus that wont go away. Now, how come a strabismus go away only when you have double vision thingy? Thanks God I dont have that.

Also, although I can not speak English, I have the funny feeling Doctors also can not speak English but another language only them can speak and understand. And I suspect they are all deaf. They never listen to you, never. I tell them I dont care about not being able to see well but to get rid of the eyes crossing thing, but they seems not to listen to me and keep trying new things on me.

Jarred, I would love to have a shity life but some very ordinary eyes, I must say.

Doctors usually dont listen to me, but I hate to say so; they find my eyes the most interesting thing to mess up with. They says I learned to use them, my eyes I mean to my most advantage. Actually they say I should be severely impaired due to over 90 DP of eyes deviation in primary straight position whatever that means. Remember I said doctors speak in ancient tongues. It tooks me years to get used to bi-focal only, last July they tried some new eyeglasses formulas with stronger Add On Fresnell prisms and tri focal but to my dismay they did more harms than benefits.

Hopefully Ill be eighteen soon and all those trying outs will be past things. Finally Ill be out of school and Ill try and get some job. Maybe then Ill get some respect I think I deserve.

Tchau FIU. Anderson.

PS.: CJ, you're good when explaining things; much better than any doctor I've seen.

Jarred 09 Aug 2010, 13:04

I have followed 4eyes posts on Eyescene for a while now. He's certainly someone with a very interesting life story to tell even without his eyesight issues.

Not that I'm in the same league as 4eyes but I have a total of 18 base out prisms in my prescription. Without my glasses on I find it quite difficult and it does make me feel a little ill. So based on personal experience having a fair bit of prism doesn't help either. I can't imagine having to walk about with +30 on top of all that as well!

Much respect to 4eyes, and I look forward to the next post.


Cactus Jack 09 Aug 2010, 09:50


It is closely related to motion sickness. Motion Sickness and nausea are often caused by a mismatch between what your semi-circular canals in your inter ear are sensing and what your eyes are used to seeing. All this is part of your balance system.

Often, when there is a sudden major change in vision, nausea will occur. This is caused by a major change in apparent rate of motion when you move your head. For example, people with significant myopia experience a DECREASED apparent rate of motion than normal. This is caused by the minification of the image and the wider field of view caused by vertex distance effects. People who wear high plus lenses experience an INCREASED apparent rate of motion caused by the magnification of the image and narrowed field of view caused by the vertex distance of the high plus lenses. (You can experience something similar by looking through a pair of binoculars and panning from left to right.)

In Anderson's situation, to improve accuracy of his exam, he was required to go without his very high plus glasses for a period of time. The apparent effect to him was that images suddenly became very small and very blurry and there was a very significant change in the apparent rate of motion as he moved his head. Often, the same thing happens when a person tries high minus GOC for the first time, except if the glasses/CL combination is a good one, the images are clear.

Given time, the nausea goes away as the brain grows accustomed to the sensation of motion from the inter ear and the new images from the visual cortex.


Jennifer 09 Aug 2010, 08:43

What causes Anderson to get ill when he doesn't wear his glasses? Sorry if this sounds stupid, but trying to understand. Thanks!

Cactus Jack 08 Aug 2010, 18:37


Anderson can answer this better than anyone, but perhaps I can answer your question.

Anderson has been posting here as '4yes' for several years. He was born without crystaine lenses probably because of Rubella (German Measles) during his mothers pregancy, but no one is really sure. His current Rx is a bit over +30 in each eye with very high prism correction. He needed full time glasses from the day he was born.


Flaine 07 Aug 2010, 19:46


Wow nice story! Btw what was the rx when u started full time?

4eyes 07 Aug 2010, 13:34

I know this all sounds silly but.

I think I can not afford vanity since the day I got my first eyeglasses and they were funny looking and bulk AND that happened when I was about 4 years old. In fact I used to go to sleep with them every night until I got them stolen. But back then, I was already living in street for almost a month so the missing glasses concern didn't last for a week maybe, because I realized I was earning much more money without them... LOL. ActuaIly I dont use them at home only, if I am not playing or using computer or watching TV or something, but that is not vanity, I just dont get them the first thing.

But few days ago, while in London while in SAFE ENVIRONMENT, that is in the hotel rooms, I played the hotel Xbox video fairly well at a 72 TV in our room bare eyed, but I started feeling ill after awhile and had to stop and then I hated those four hours daily I would need to stay bare eyed by doctors order so they could get the best of my shit eyes for data measurements. On the second day I felt real sick after playing less than a hour and regretted very much I was without my glasses as the world began spinning the moment I moved my eyes from one point to another. Because of that Safe Environment stated, we went, me and my daddy to Hyde Park just across the hotel we were staying. Some kids were playing soccer and one of them asked me to return the ball ahead back to them when one of them began to laugh at me and then he pretended he was coughing when he saw my daddy returning with some snacks. I got the ball and returned it the kid when one of them, recognizing me from our last trip asked me about my glasses. As wed played together before I knew him and Id recognized his voice asking for the ball. I told him Id have to stay bare eyed for few hours the next two days before returning to Moorefield Hospital.

I briefly feel like a piece of s#*@... and silently returned to my place under the tree. But then there is nothing I can do, I am what I am. I refused joining them in their game so I just lay down at grass doing absolutely nothing for some time. Next day we were playing in a LAN HOUSE and that same boy Lester something, would stare at me every now and then that I HAD TO LAUGH at him. In the Music Shop Mall where I played synthesizers for fun everyday, I gave up, I just wouldnt bare to keep a real head aching thing Id never cared years before so I returned back to hotel. At that time I was really begging for my eyeglasses.

Lately, the first thing I pick up is my eyeglasses my maiden lay down at my bedside. I dont even realize I go to sleep with them almost every night. HEHE, HEHE

Tchau Thanks for listening.


Flaine 06 Aug 2010, 21:01


actually u are not very different from my vain sister:) i think she should be around -4 and -4.75 as estimated by soundmanpt here. And she is like you who dont wear her glasses at all... Her designer frames r like still brand new but her current prescription of -3 is too weak for her eyes...and she is refusing to get new lens..maybe i can tell you more if i see u on lenschat someday...

Puffin 05 Aug 2010, 02:36

Laura C - I imagine the optician was quite surprised when told you'd forgot your glasses.

miuns 4 seems to be the cut off for nearly all really stubborn glasses-resisters I've met. At that point they need correction for some things too much not to have some glasses available.

Flaine 05 Aug 2010, 02:22


O.o i see... That is quite long last check up is also around there actually dec 2008hah! Btw how can you tell that it has increase? I find it the same or at least the same in my right eye!

LauraC 05 Aug 2010, 01:03

minus 5 who luvs gwgs

If I understood you didn't wear regularly until -4, so you can confirm that life is still quite manageable with such a vision.


My last (and only) check was spring 2009 and I was -3 in one eye and -4 in the other with some astigmatism. I'm afraid it has increased recently.

PS the optician asked me where my glases were and I lied that I forgot at home...

Flaine 03 Aug 2010, 06:55


interesting haha what was ur rx when u accepted glasses?:0

Johnny 03 Aug 2010, 06:38

The last time I went without glasses was when I was eighteen. I'm a forty-something now (still the right side of fifty).

Back then, I tried to fool myself into believing I could cope without glasses. Denial back then was big time.

For those who are interested, I am a higly myopic male; Left eye -7, right eye -9.

Going without glasses is not an option. Denial has long since been replaced by acceptance. And reliance!

All the best.

Flaine 03 Aug 2010, 00:10


Hey laura just curious when was ur last eye check?

minus 5 who luvs gwgs 02 Aug 2010, 11:00

Laura I too hated wearing glasses which I first got at 8 years old was only told to wear for the blackboard and TV so tried to do without wore them for lessons only when threatened by a teacher who was in communication with my parents .Was rather embarrassed by them so never wore them socially I did go on holiday with the school at age 17 and did wear them it was rather a relief to see but still I held off and it was only when I got to my thirties I started to wear them all the time by this stage I was about minus 4 in my worst eye the stupid thing is i am very attracted to girls with glasses and all my serious girlfriends both my wives and my girlfriend are all myopes and they look so lovely in glasses especially my sexy minus 6 girlfriend

And 02 Aug 2010, 10:48

LauraC, how did your friend get on in the pool without her -4.50 lenses ? And how about you yourself ?

And 02 Aug 2010, 10:13

LauraC, some of the much older posts on this thread include comments from folk with various prescriptions who have done various things bare-eyed eg swimming, shopping, going on dates etc. How do you get on in these situations ?

Curt 02 Aug 2010, 10:02

LauraC: No offense intended, and I am not (and could not) force you into glasses even if I wanted to. But what I said before stands...I am just curious why you are against wearing glasses, when most of us here on Eye Scene enjoy wearing glasses and the clear vision that comes with it.

I would never try to force someone to do something against their wishes - I am just trying to understand your perspective. Having glasses and not wearing them is one thing, but to completely reject the idea of wearing glasses entirely is each their own.

And 02 Aug 2010, 09:42

LauraC, it should be totally your choice to wear glasses or not. Why not go for an eye test and try on a few frames. Even if you got a pair you could still choose not to wear them unless you felt you 'needed' them for a particular function. My gf looks great in glasses but is still never seen in them but with her prescription she couldn't function without contacts.If your eyesight stabalises perhaps you will never need full-time correction.

LauraC 02 Aug 2010, 09:32

Curt: I was attracted on eyescene by the possibility to share my troubles with you and to discuss with something who also experiences or have experienced some blur (otherwise this thread shouldn't be called going without glasses...). But it seems that you'd prefer this thread not to be populated at all since you are all forcing me to move to glasses. Will see.... Franlky, I hoped to find more people refusing to use glasses as I'm doing here around in the thread, but this doesn't appear to be the case. I'm sorry if I have bothered you with my own troubles.

Soundmanpt 01 Aug 2010, 17:44

Cactus Jack

Your comments are always welcome. Do not hesitate to add information at any time.

Cactus Jack 01 Aug 2010, 16:29

Astra & Soundmanpt,

Please forgive me for adding my commenting to your conversation.

I have often thought the title of this thread should be Inducing Strabismus and Presbyopia. Particularly, where moderate to high myopes are concerned.

It is necessary for the eyes to converge to maintain fusion when looking at something close. However, reading or using a computer at a distance of 8 to 10 inches (20 to 25 cm) requires significantly more convergence - about like wearing 15 to 20 diopters of Base Out prism in each eye for hours on end - than normal.

You can Induce Esophoria (one form of strabismus) much more easily than you can Induce Myopia. Over time, the inward turning can become permanent. When that occurs, the only solutions are prism glasses or muscle surgery. Contacts CAN NOT correct strabismus.

The British have an expression Too clever by half which I think covers the situation quite well. It would be ironic if some of the posters who are so proud of not wearing needed vision correction - so they dont become dependent on glasses - wound up absolutely dependent on wearing high prism tri-focals with very thick outside edges, undergoing surgery, or having to patch one eye to keep from seeing double.

Vision involves much more than the simple biological camera and lenses called the eye. It also involves the brain with its visual cortex, a muscle control system and the 3 pairs of muscles attached to each eye to control its position. All vision functions such as focus, convergence, and tracking are interconnected and can be programmed. Within a normal range, the eyes track together, converge and focus effortlessly. Curiously, your eyes can converge to read, but the cannot normally diverge beyond parallel unless there is some exophoria or exotropia present. Even though the eyes cannot diverge, they can look side to side as long as both eyes are moving in the same direction.

My suggestion is to listen to what your eyes are telling you, and wear your glasses so you read at around 14 to 16 inches (36 to 40 cm) and position the computer display 20 to 25 inches (50 to 60 cm) away.


And 01 Aug 2010, 07:07

My gf would usually sleep in her cl's or put them in as soon as she wakes but she has recently delayed putting them in. Yesterday she tried watching tv from about 4ft away but admitted it was blurry. She was fine getting a shower though.

Astra 31 Jul 2010, 22:42


One of the risk of reading at short distance is that, doing so may cause double vision for some individuals. Some of the high myopes noticed the problem. I also notice the problem.

Double vision is intolerable I assume.

For me, after 10 min of rest, the double vision does disappear. It happened to me before.

In 2010.7. the situtation deteriorates significantly. Getting eye strain, blur (looks like defocused) and double vision before the blur. Apparently I see two different images, one from each eye. They don't seem to coordinate well for short distance now.

I get these eye problems by reading too close just for about 5 min. Then I have to rest for 5-10 min to recover. It's unrealistic to tolerate this.

If I try to read from 20" or above with correction lenses, then I can read comfortably for hours without strain/double vision.

Flaine 31 Jul 2010, 18:44

Haha good point by the annoynomous poster

 31 Jul 2010, 18:21

Actually wearing glasses is a step in the WRONG direction. Remember, there are those of us who are still fond of the folks choosing to remain in a blurry world. Hence the "Going without Glasses" theme of this thread.

Clare 31 Jul 2010, 11:29

Flaine - I'm happy to sit about 12" from my PC so it's not that unusual I suppose for uncorrected myopes ...

Soundmanpt 31 Jul 2010, 08:44


Remember your her big sister, even if she will never admit it she is going to follow her big sisters lead. She knows you have glasses and avoid wearing yours so she thinks she should do the same thing. The problem is her eyes are worse than yours, but she doesn't understand that. If she sees that your wearing yours more I think she may start wearing hers more to.

Glad to hear you are wearing yours at school now, it's a start in right direction. Did you notice that little was made of it by school mates.

Flaine 31 Jul 2010, 07:39


ok i made sure i used ur code name...:)

Anyways you said it is not normal for some 1 to use computer @ 10"? I think my sis dont even have barely 8" from the monitor!

And after reading the previous posts in this website, she says those who look from 20" is nuts LOL i think shes nuts:)

Flaine 31 Jul 2010, 07:36


im feeling a little down these few days... just received a demerit from school for no reason:( but besides thats, everything is good! How about you? Wearing my glasses more:)@ school

cya guys

 31 Jul 2010, 07:18

The irony in this thread. Everyone thinks the girls who post their stories here are really guys, yet when some guy attacks someone, and another guy tells him to shut up, they are immediately both called girls.


ehpc 29 Jul 2010, 18:33

Secretary frames perfect for you Flaine :) Big black rectangular plastic frames with wide sides:)


Puffin 29 Jul 2010, 14:05


I mean caring in the sense that if they look after you a bit, they might get more work out of you, instead of in a more unconditional sense.


I wonder what might happen if you meet up/become friends with someone similar to yourself, can't see and hiding it. Each of you would be waiting for the non-visual clues that would be otherwise quite idly and unknowingly dropped ie "which way are we going?" feigning ignorance instead of admitting fuzzy vision. Could be fun to watch.

Karynnina 29 Jul 2010, 13:28


An interesting point. On my first day of my present job, so many years ago, all of us beginners had a bit of a physical, although all I remember is the eye test and the blood pressure taking. This being a public-sector position, where perfect eyesight is not a requirement, doesn't mean that the particular government cared about us. They sure don't now.


Curt 29 Jul 2010, 08:42

I find all this discussion about LauraC interesting. Eye Scene has always been about people who LIKE glasses, who like WEARING glasses, and discussing glasses and vision. LauraC has admitted that she does not see well, needs glasses (probably in the -3/-4 range), but is steadfastly refuses to get them or wear them. I wonder what attracted her to Eye Scene in the first place? I can't imagine on missing out on so much of the world around me just because I am worried about becoming dependent on wearing glasses. There are far worse things that could happen...

Puffin 29 Jul 2010, 08:34

In my experience those employers who do eyetests are those that care more about their employees and treat them as assets rather than something to be exploited and tossed aside when they don't suit.

Astra 29 Jul 2010, 08:12

Excellent commentaries from soundmanpt and others.

It's acuity that matters.

20/40 is the borderline acuity acceptable for tasks that require decent eyesight. Such as driving, or reading normal fonts comfortably. Otherwise you will notice blur easily.

Better than 20/30 is strongly recommended for such tasks.

Good acuity also leads to higher productivity, and safety.

Soundmanpt 29 Jul 2010, 07:11


Yes it is true, if 2 people apply for the same job with the similar work experience, the one wearing glasses will more likely get the job.

Be careful with using real names as it can be confusing because for example the Jim you were commenting with a few posts ago about predicting Laura C will wind up needing -10 glasses is not me. In the past we have had several Kates, Katies or Katy's in here and recently a Dan and a Daniel. I have no problem with people knowing my real name as I have told several over on "lenschat" my name including you. We use special tags to avoid confusion.

Flaine 29 Jul 2010, 06:44


really? Does wearing glasses to work make them think ur more serious? I shall try that in future.. Maybe et some of those secretary fames haha

Soundmanpt 29 Jul 2010, 06:22

Laura C

Like Lenses and Flaine ask very interesting questions of you. Now that you have finished school what type of work do you plan on going into? It is also very possible that an employer may require a physical upon being hired, and like driving rules if they find you can't read the eyechart it will be manditory to wear correction. I really can't think of any jobs that you won't need decent eyesight for. Even an office job straining at 25cm for 8 hours a day will soon be more than you can tolerate. Remember the work force is different than school, you won't be able to stop co-workers all day long for help, as they have their own jobs to do.

Something else to consider, wearing glasses when you go looking for work will make employers take you to be more serious.

Flaine 29 Jul 2010, 00:18

Good morning to those in the uk!

Anyways, Jim,

According to you, Laura's rx may progress to mean i may be under that category too since im only 16 and im almost -3 in the bad eye?

As for ur estimation, there would be some spectaculation over it as in the past 5 yrs, mine has just increased from -1.5 to -2.75 in the bad eye so maybe u have over done in laurac's case.. If shes ever to reach -10, she would be -6 or -7 now as myopia would stablise in 5 yrs time approx for her..

And laura, jim asked a question i wanted to ask you but it seems that he has got ahead of me! How r u going work in a specific field without correction? Unless u r working at computers the whole or graphic design, u will probably need at least a bjt if not full correction right? Like waitress too... As they need to see the customer across the room.. And i think 10" is okay.. Not many people sits very far away.. It seat at Around 14".. Not much more from you.. The comp text would be blurry after 19" maybe? Approx...

And jim, i have been missing you

on lenschat several times lately it appears that u always log out shortly before i sign in haha:)

maybe laura u can join us @ lenschat.. Will be pleased tk chat with u fellow shy mate!!:):)

Like lenses 28 Jul 2010, 16:41

Laura C

25 cm equals 10 inches. If even there is is slightly defocuse you have major myopia. Whatever your prescription would be you will need to wear full time to include reading.

You worry that glasses will worsen your vision,but reading this close is going to increase your myopia more. I was serious when I said that you could end up in minus 10's.

You mentioned that you had left school,and would be seeking employment at the end of summer. Has it occured to you that many employers require a physical exam,which includes a vision test. Depending on the type of work you could be denied employment unless you got glasses.

lentifan 28 Jul 2010, 15:35

Dearie me! Girls! Girls! Behave yourselves, please.

eye scene 28 Jul 2010, 15:24

post deleted - personal attack

Crusader 28 Jul 2010, 14:51

post deleted - personal attack

Puffin 28 Jul 2010, 14:32

now now RDI that's not really the tone we should be striking here. If LauraC doesn't want to listen to advice then that is her choice. no scolding please.

Soundmanpt 28 Jul 2010, 13:48

Laura C

Due to accommodation it is too hard to tell what your true rx is by what you describe here. Just a crazy idea, do you have vision insurance? If so the cost for an eye exam is anywhere from free to $15.00 in most cases depending on your insurance. Just go get an exam and then maybe just for fun order a cheap pair of glasses on-line just in case you really want, or need to see something someday. You might find that it is some of the best money you ever spend.

Trust me it is painless! Really!

RDI 28 Jul 2010, 13:27

post deleted - personal attack

LauraC 28 Jul 2010, 13:21

With normal font I can read PC screen at 25 cm (just tried with a ruler!). It is still a little bit defocused but ok. Does this give a better indication?

Anyway, believe it or not I can function despite the blur!

Astra 28 Jul 2010, 02:24

Therefore in conclusion the appropriate viewing distance is 30 to 45 inches. Depends on your font size.

Astra 28 Jul 2010, 02:21

Relevant to my previous post,

Jaschinski-Kruza (1988) compared work performance with subjects working at viewing distances of 30" and 40". The task was to find mistakes in a database and he found better performance at the 40" distance. The character heights were doubled as the viewing distance doubled. In another part of the study he increased viewing distance without making the characters larger and performance suffered. To take advantage of the productivity increases with farther viewing distance, you must ensure that the user can easily read both the screen and the hard copy.

Astra 28 Jul 2010, 02:12

To have an idea about how is "normal eyesight".

The resting point of vergence (RPV) is the distance at which the eyes converge when there is nothing to look at, such as in total darkness. It varies among individuals,

Averages about

55" when looking straight ahead

45" with a 30 downward gaze angle.

Astra 28 Jul 2010, 01:59

I refer from the same source,

It states that viewing distance closer than 25 inches is not recommended.

15 inches guess I've made earlier was just my guess.

Astra 28 Jul 2010, 01:20

Problem for eyes viewing shorter than 15 inches can include:

Strain caused by having to focus at short distance.

Which may cause other eye problems.

Astra 28 Jul 2010, 01:11

Therefore I don't think it's recommended for anyone reading from less than 15 inches. It is a BAD habit, unfortunately quite common amongst some people.


There is a threat of neck/back/arm/leg injury if your viewing distance is shorter than 15 inches. Or 18 inches if you are about 180 cm tall.

Astra 28 Jul 2010, 01:07

According to ergonomic guideline,

Eye-to-screen distance: at least 25", preferably more.

Astra 28 Jul 2010, 00:50


Moreover vision can be very subjective. rx alone doesn't tell how someone sees without their glasses.

Astra 28 Jul 2010, 00:48


It's uncertain whether she enlarged the font size !

Flaine 28 Jul 2010, 00:35


Laura, juding from ur descriptions, i dont think that ur prescription is -3.50 or so... A person with that rx will fnd it difficult to read the com from 15" as it is almost 40 cm away..

Astra 28 Jul 2010, 00:17

I think you should take the "-10 statement" by like lenses as a compliment. Obviously we would like to see others progressing in their rx. :) :)

LauraC 27 Jul 2010, 23:50

Anonymous: I can read (slighlyt defocused but ok) the PC screen from about 15 inches. And I dont see why should I need to read a book several tens of inhces from my eyes e.g. on the floor... seems quite an unusual way to read, doesnt it?

Soundmanpt: I never had comments on my eyesight by my friends or parents, so I assume they dont know I cant see. Some time I was in troubles with friends (e.g. because I didnt recognise someone or something): I just explained that I was absent-minded or looking in the wrong direction... I dont squint unless Im sure no one can see me doing that.

Flaine: I left high school this year (one year more than needed, I know...) and coped quite well by copying the board from my mates notebook. I dont think Ill go on the university, maybe Ill try looking for a job after the summer.

All: I hope you are all wrong in stating that Ill be 10 in few years! Its not so kind of you... As you can see it seems that even in this thread there are people that dont understand going without glasses, although others do.

Anonymous 27 Jul 2010, 18:46

Laura C, how far are your eyes away from the computer when you try to read this thread?

Puffin 27 Jul 2010, 16:44

The poster below has a point: I can only wonder how blind or partially sighted cope without the option of going to a shop and buying something that will sort out their problem.

Yet cope they do, using what they have to "see" what everyone else sees or else managing without seeing it.

Saying that, I'd love to play LauraC at pool or perhaps darts. Who knows - I might win!

 27 Jul 2010, 13:07

The speculators here really crack me up. A couple years ago my glasses got broken and I was forced to spend almost a year without them. When I finally got glasses again, my prescription had made its way to -5.25. Yes there was a significant amount of blur, but not too bad during the day and you begin to adjust after time. I got used to seeing certain things blurry beyond a few feet, but at night I could not see well and that was the hardest time. Your eyes will start to accommodate over time and when eventually I got glasses again, I was very shocked at how much clearer things were because I think mentally you forget that.

pippo 27 Jul 2010, 08:05

Laura C

Where do you live in Italy? I'm italian too.

If you want to talk, you can find me on lenschat.


Astra 27 Jul 2010, 07:18


I believe it's hardly enjoyable going to a garden / park uncorrected... unless the place is largely without features. Simply sky, and pasture, with wide roads.

Otherwise it seems very uncomfortable. She would have to walk around in all sort of extreme blur. Yes, I believe around -4.00 she would start notice she can't even see the pavement properly. What if there's some object on the pavement? It can be real hazard for her if there's any.

Soundmanpt 27 Jul 2010, 07:06

Laura C

You stated that if anyone were to discover that you can't see proper you would be humiliated, I am sure any friends you have that know you very well knows you can't see. Any of your friends that wears glasses would know quickly. You said you have even asked a total stranger to borrow their glasses to read a sign in the past. What do you do when your with a gf and she asks you what you think about something in the distance such as a guy or clothes someone is wearing. If it more than a few feet away you simply can't see it.

By the way even though your rx is most likely more than -3.50 if you got glasses and ordered high index lenses your glasses would not be thick at all. They would be no thicker than some of your friends that only wear glasses for driving. You are correct that if you got glasses you would quickly become dependent on them and things would seem much more blurred without them then they are now. But they will not make you more myopic, if anything what your doing now is likely to do that. I'm sure you have female friends that wear glasses, your attitude about refusing to wear glasses is kinda an insult to them. Your saying that wearing glasses makes one less attractive.

As others have said in here, it is totally your decision and it's your eyes, so all we can do is point out how much you are missing each day. You can't enjoy the sights of simple things like going to a garden or the park or looking out at a lake.

John L 27 Jul 2010, 06:37

Astra / Like Lenses

You seem to think that putting off wearing glasses may result in LauraC who appears to be around -4 at present reaching -10 if she continues uncorrected.

I must have passed through the -4 stage sometime before I received my first pair.

After my first couple of prescriptions my right eye dropped below -6 though I did then start to get a cylinder correction in this and my left eye.

There appears to be some thought that early correction of myopia results in the need for more powerful lenses.

I sometimes wonder what prescription I would have now if I had started wearing glasses from the moment I detected I was going myopic?


Puffin 27 Jul 2010, 06:28


Whatever happens, it's all quite fascinating: will the myopia increase or not? If so how much? We could do a sweepstake :-)

John L 27 Jul 2010, 06:28

Interesting to read of LauraC's attempts not to depend on glasses and reminds me of my own.

I started to become myopic when I was around 12 and it progressed quite rapidly. I developed various coping strategies at school, chosing seats carefull, moving closer and closer to the front.

After school I went on to college. In my third year I decided to stay on and do a teaching course. There was a compulsory medical for this. I realised I would fail the eye test and took myself off to the optician by now I was 21!

My first rx was R -6.00 L - 5.75 I went to full time wear immediately and marvelled at what I was missing. I also decided to learn to drive. Today my rx is R-5 Cyl -0.75, Axis 180. L -4.75 Cyl -1.00 Axis 180. (With +2 for reading)

I had made excuses in the past that using public transport was fine - but was having great difficulty seeing bus numbers or reading timetable displays and secretly always wanted to drive!

I did find a temporary "fix" which prolonged my bare-eyed struggle I found that if I gently pressed the side of my right eyelid I could force that eye into focus for brief periods. Today I am unable to do replicate this.


 27 Jul 2010, 06:19

LauraC, what you are doing with your eyes makes you an incredbly sexy lady in my opinion.

i get very turned on by women who walk around and experience life with uncorrected vision, and am very attracted to that "i can't see very far away" wandering look as well as squinting. please stay away from glasses as long as possible.

different strokes for different folks around here.

i vote +1 to no glasses!

Astra 27 Jul 2010, 03:35

Like lenses,

About acuity, typically anything worse than 20/200 to 20/400 would be all blur when she try focusing objects farther than about 2 or 3 feet.

It's quite meaningless to have any acuity worse than 20/200 vision.

Therefore I suppose what matters more is her corrected acuity.

Uncorrected acuity is a total blur, without doubt.

Imagine, vision worse than 20/40 are not eligible for driving, or start to pose problems reading boards.

Astra 27 Jul 2010, 03:28

Like lenses,

There's also risk of detached retina for high myopes...

Astra 27 Jul 2010, 03:27


It can be an interesting experience for her though... Think about it, inducing more myopia by not wearing glasses.

Doesn't sound too bad, especially it's not your eyes trying to induce myopia that way.

Astra 27 Jul 2010, 03:21

Like lenses,

Sounds cool for LauraC... Hopefully LauraC will be in -10 lenses after some years...

Like lenses 27 Jul 2010, 02:28


Most likely minus 10 or there about.And that is if she started wearing fulltime now. If she puts it off it will be higher yet due to the strain she is putting on her eyes.

Julian 27 Jul 2010, 02:23

Is it REALLY worse to see well wearing glasses and be dependent on them, even increasingly dependent, than to live in a blur and boast about managing without?

Like lenses 27 Jul 2010, 02:22


Minus 4 is about 20/400 to 20/500 vision on the eye chart.

The top line on the chart is usually 20/200,so that means she could read nothing on the chart at all.

If her vision is 20/400 that means that what she can see at 20 feet ,a normal person would see at 400 feet.

When you get to the range of -3.00 or more there is another thing to consider. And that is that the retina of the eye is not seeing properly at any time without glasses on. If that goes on too long the retinas can become desensitized and then glasses will not even give good 20/20 vision.

Astra 27 Jul 2010, 02:10


I would assume rx of LauraC when she was at school age was better than nowadays...

Too bad myopia just get worse and worse with age.

Astra 27 Jul 2010, 02:05

It would be quite impressive for a first pair of glasses to be -4.5

Let's think, what will be the rx of LauraC or myself after 5 years... haha.

Flaine 27 Jul 2010, 01:59

Just a thing to clarify...

If laura is like -4? If i remember correctly, actually without glasses is still very managable right? Coz im slight below -3 in my bad eye with a little astig and i feelt aht if it goes -1 hgher, i would be able to function fine withoutthem as long as medium and short distance is concerned..i dont know about the cinemas though...i dont understand how people get so dependent on glasses that when at -3 they r lost without them...

Btw laura, i am curious how doyou manage in school without glasses? Like the board?


Like lenses 27 Jul 2010, 00:51

Laura C

There is another thing,uncorrected myopes have a distant vacant look in their eyes,and have to squint to see. Have friends or family called this to your attention? Also their ares are quite prominent.

It sounds as though you are already exstreamly myopic,and your glasses will be very strong for a first pair,and that is not easy to get used to.Sometimes the doctor will give you a reduced prescription,and have you come back in a few months for your full strength pair.

Like lenses 27 Jul 2010, 00:38

Laura C

There are some theories among eye doctors,that state that uncorrected myopia advances faster and to a higher degree than if it is corrected early on.

Only being able to read at 10 inches is not normal. If you go around uncorrected much longer you may get a first correction of bifocals.

Also since you have put this off so long,it will be harder to explain to friends,and family why your first pair of glasses are so strong,and thick,and that you need to wear them all the time right off the bat.

Astra 27 Jul 2010, 00:03

LauraC and others,

Personally I don't think 10 inches is really that usual for reading. Typically, normal young adult eyes can read books from 20-30 inches with ease.

I had a friend who has perfect eyesight. He sometimes place books on the floor, and reading a book while he is sitting there. It is about 40 inches I assume! I asked about his vision, he said his vision should be 20/20, but he's not sure if it's slightly better than 20/20. Anyway, he can copy the words at such posture to another notebook. Doing so without glasses, I think it's a feat that would not be imaginable for myopes !

So, think about that!

Astra 26 Jul 2010, 23:53


I don't think wearing glasses would cause increase to myopia condition.

I am very doubtful not wearing glasses would be better for your acuity without glasses. If this is your concern, I suppose it is invalid.

It's of course very enjoyable if you are trying without glasses for fun.

LauraC 26 Jul 2010, 23:19

It is possible that my eyes will go on becoming worse and worse each day for years, although I really hope they'll stop as soon. But I cannot imagine where I will be in the position to need glasses to survive. For the moment I know I can do without and I still prefer to do so than putting a pair of thick lenses in front of my face, becoming dependent on them and accelerating the increasing of myopia (contacts do not change so much the scenario). Only major restriction is that I cannot get a driving licence, but for the moment I could not even afford a car, so I can cope without and rely on my boyfriend.

I can read ok up to 10 inches or so, that is very much like the distance anyone usually reads a book. People with a good eyesight can read much more far away while I can't, but do you think I really need? I don't think so ;-)

PS For sure if anyone should discover that I cannot see properly I would feel so humiliated and maybe should definitely move to glasses... but it hasn't occurred so far and I'm doing my best to delay this as much as possible!

Soundmanpt 26 Jul 2010, 17:18

Laura C.

Your putting up a brave fight against getting and wearing glasses. The problem is that your only 20 and your vision could well continue to get worse for 5 years or so. You indicated that you can tell yourself that this is steadily happening now. At some point you are going to have no choice but to give up. How much longer do you think you can hold out?

Honestly it would have been much easier if when you first need a small correction you would have only needed them for certain things and you could have slowly wore them more and more until you were full time. Now when you finally give in your you will have no choice but to go full time from day one. I know this seems like your worst nightmare, but it really isn't. When you finally do start wearing them you will be kicking yourself for not doing it much sooner.

Karynnina 26 Jul 2010, 14:12


Based on what you have posted thus far, I can't figure out how you resist wearing glasses. I've worn glasses over 38 years now, full time from the beginning, and I do like how well I can see with them, even with my reduced rx from 2008.


Astra 26 Jul 2010, 13:19


I wonder how close you have to be when reading books.

I would guess if the required distance for reading is too close, then it's gonna be somehow uncomfortable? For eyes, and for necks/back.

Astra 26 Jul 2010, 13:12


Must have been an exciting experience for you.

Unlike you, I prefer wearing glasses when I am with other people around. I assume most people would find it strange for not having good corrected eyesight.

JC 26 Jul 2010, 07:43

The water park outing was great, meaning the park was fun regardless of weather or not we were in glasses. We both did okay without them, but it was interesting trying to read some signs or see where particular rides were. In the middle of the day while we took a 10 minute break we put the glasses back on -- wow it was amazing to see the park we had been wandering around for the first time. Afterward she mentioned how great it had been to have them on for a few minutes.

Laura: I think it was harder for her then it would have been for you because she is not used to being without her glasses at all. They sit by her bedside and go on first thing in the morning. I'm sure it's different as she's been in glasses as long as she can remember.

Phil 26 Jul 2010, 06:05

LauraC. Go on Laura, get a test and then buy some nice black plastic frames with thin lenses. You know you really want to. And I bet you'll look stunning and be showered with compliments.

LauraC 26 Jul 2010, 05:37

JC, you gf vision is very much like mine in the better eye, she will not have any trouble in the park, as I don't usually have. Unless you want her to read a far sign or recognise a friend across the pool! Why did you find so interesting going in a small blur like that?

LauraC 26 Jul 2010, 05:34

I'm back from two weeks holidays with friends and definitely realised that my eyesight is still deteriorating! This is because 1) I had much more troubles than last summer also in daylight e.g. in recognising people and find my way around in unknown places (last year I was in troubles mainly in the night) 2) I shortly tried a friends glasses while she was having a bath and found I saw ok with them, later I realised she is 4.50! Anyway, I dont still intend to give up with a damned pair of glasses! At least as soon as some one else will discover than I cannot see, because I can still manage without. Dont understand why people around 3 state that are not able to functyion without glasses, because that is not my eperience! The owner of the glasses I tried asked for some help to reach the pool bare eyed, while I can see more than enough for a trivial task like that!

JC 13 Jul 2010, 04:55


I will defiantly let you know how it goes. I'm sure her RX has only changed trivially since then; it was only 1 pair of glasses ago. She has worn glasses since she was a toddler and is now 30. As far as me -- I am naturally about -4 each eye with insignificant astigmatism, but I wear stronger glasses and contacts so she believes I am -6.75.

Soundmanpt 12 Jul 2010, 22:55


The only question, what was her rx back then. You said it was several years ago, it could be a much bigger challenge if her rx has increased much since then. I'm sure you will let us know how that goes??? It may be wise to at the very least have glasses handy if needed.

You didn't say, what is your rx?

JC 12 Jul 2010, 14:47

Can't wait for 9 days from now when I am going to a water park with my GF. I convinced her that both glasses and contacts are prone to being lost on rides so we will both leave our glasses behind in a locker and be bare eyed all day! She says she has done it before years ago before we knew each other and is confident in her ability to navigate the park. This will be by far the longest time I have seen her without.

She is:

OD -3.00 -.75 X 180

OS -5.50 -2.25 X 180

Julian 11 Jul 2010, 18:48

I'd have thought your estimate of the proportion of myopes in the population in the 'old days' is a bit low, Astra. But in those days people just had to take the jobs they could see to do. Those who could only see what was close up naturally went in for clerical work (and probably became more myopic as a result); those who couldn't see close up used their distant vision. But of course we hyperopes can usually accommodate a good deal till presbyopia sets in. But then again, ISTR one of the 'heroes' in Brokeback Mountain was 'farsighted enough not to like reading anything but saddle catalogs' (I'm quoting the book from memory.)

And 11 Jul 2010, 12:31

More going without contacts - my gf got up and made a cuppa without her -7.50 contacts this morning.She does have a lovely pair of glasses but they are usually found in their case at the bottom of her bag.

Astra 10 Jul 2010, 20:25

Soundmanpt, stingray,

Remember the prevalence of myopia back in those days are low, apart from some monks. Probably 0.5-1% people worldwide had myopia back those days, Compared to much higher rate of hyperopia and presbyopia.

It was not until 1950s-80s (depends on regions), myopia became more prevalent than hyperopia, even among young people.

Soundmanpt 10 Jul 2010, 19:47


I would guess that even after glasses were invented few probably even worried about needing them for distance. Mostly for reading is my guess. Back then not much need to see a sign far off or the cows in the field so long as you could read the paper. Probably many a gun battle was fought with both parties unable to see well enough to hit each other???

Stingray 10 Jul 2010, 10:43

Along the same lines, imagine how it was say in the 17th century or before. There were no eyeglasses. I'm sure there were those with all degress of myopia. All of them were handicapped with no hope of any visual correction. I wonder how monks who wrote manuscripts and bibles coped without reading glasses as well. Imagine your life like that! There wasn't even a Starbucks back then.

Clare 10 Jul 2010, 07:52

I think it's one thing having but not wearing glasses full time at -3, but not to have them at all must be very limiting, bordering dangerous in some situations. I can understand how it must be easier if you've never known what it's like to see clearly all the time, but imagine that at -3 even if you've never worn glasses it must be very difficult/embarrassing some of the time. And that reminds me of something a friend of mine said to me years ago about contacts - "you get used to them and then you can't go without them ...". Not strictly true I'd argue, but definately an 'eye opener' (pun intended) when you get them.

Hollie 08 Jul 2010, 23:11


I did without full time at that sort of rx- however I think that's very different to not owning specs at all! I certainly wore them for some activities, and especially at night. I do look back now and wonder why I just didn't wear glasses. I guess it was in a period where I couldn't wear contacts and felt self conscious.

Heather 08 Jul 2010, 15:45

And - Yes, I put them on once I wake up and leave them on until I go back to sleep. Apart from the shower, I am wearing them for everything, swimming included.

And 08 Jul 2010, 09:33

So Heather do you put them on as soon as you wake and leave them on until bedtime ? Do you go swimming, how are you in the shower etc ? My gf is ok going to the loo bare-eyed but is really glad she can wear contacts for everything else.

Heather 07 Jul 2010, 20:22

I agree with Charles, I find it amazing how some people seem to able to go without glasses at -3 or -4. I have never been able to do that. I am now -4.25 and -5.00 and I am unable to do anything without glasses, I cannot even read without them unless I hold the text really close to the eyes. I could never imagine leaving the house not wearing glasses.

Astra 07 Jul 2010, 17:02


For me I don't watch TV or drive.

also ... I'm not sure about the visual acuity of other posters without their glasses. rx alone can't tell the exact visual acuity.

Charles 07 Jul 2010, 14:19

I find it almost incredible to believe that anyone whose prescription is -3 and -4 could do without glasses at all. Watching TV unless a foot or so from it, likewise driving and recognising anyone in the street - almost impossible. Do I imagine it or are there lots of people posting imaginery scenarios here??

 07 Jul 2010, 12:46

She could always be a World Cup Soccer referee from Mali.

Puffin 07 Jul 2010, 02:19

I think the issue is that LauraC is holding off from the glasses because she thinks - to an extent rightly - that they might make her vision worse, and put up with quite poor vision now to avoid complete dependence later.

It's just that if they're going to get worse naturally anyway - and it seems they are - then this is a bit pointless if the vision goes from being just about to cope with workarounds to considerably worse and being prevented from doing whatever she might find herself wanting to do, like drive a car, get a job where good vision is needed, etc. That depends on whether she wants or needs to do such things.

I think she just wanted to know if there was some physical damage being done by not wearing glasses. Beyond that, I don't think she's really listening anymore.

Hollie 07 Jul 2010, 00:35


I had a period when, like you, I had an rx of about -3.5 and tried to wear glasses as little as possible. I did own some and always wore for driving, lectures and quite often the computer too. At the time I was not able to wear contacts. What I found was that, in the morning my eyesight seemed ok, but in the poorer light of the evening I would find myself constantly squinting to make stuff out. No one can tell you when to wear glasses, but having been there myself I'd say it would be really helpful to at least own some. Then if you are in a situation where you can't get closer to what you are trying to look at (I had that sort of coping strategy too!) at least there's an option to see. Are you not interested in getting contacts? Again you might not want to wear all the time, but would be useful in situations where you know itsgoing to be difficult for you to see.

I did actually miss a bus a couple of times through not being able to read the number! Now I have a stronger prescription and can't even really read properly without glasses/contacts. Whereas when I was around -3 I used to think, do I really need glasses all the time, now I do little without them. I guess the choice gets made for you if your rx gets much higher.

Soundmanpt 06 Jul 2010, 23:16

Simple solution to anyone that doesn't like my posts, "Don't read it!"

Astra 06 Jul 2010, 22:20


I was reluctant to wear lenses when I was in teenage. But about 2 years ago, it turns out I start to think being gwg would be nice,

A reason is that I do need glasses.

but I also think gwg do look attractive. around those years, my uncorrected eyes would like to have minus lenses in front. At first I'm more interested about thinner lenses, because my rx was lower than nowadays.

Now I really don't mind the lenses being a little bit thicker.

ehpc 06 Jul 2010, 10:12

Astra - you have such a PERFECT understandign of the male appreciation of GWG :) Pete

ehpc 06 Jul 2010, 10:11

Quite so Puffin, although you put it much more politely than I would.I can't be the only one getting thoroughly sick of the excruciatingly patronising 'advice' being endlessly given out to every female poster here..................

Astra 06 Jul 2010, 09:58


I think it's hard to resist glasses when you really need them to see...

Astra 06 Jul 2010, 09:53


If LauraC simply wants to try glasses,

I guess she can simply order some rx glasses online.


You may simply copy your previous rx to see how it goes for you.

Astra 06 Jul 2010, 09:45

to anonymous,

well said ! I have the same feeling.

Soundmanpt 06 Jul 2010, 09:37

Laura C

Would it not at least be a good idea to get an exam and get your own glasses? At least then even if you choose not to wear them you could at least have them in your bag if you need them? I would think it is far more embarising to be asking someone to borrow there glasses than to be wearing glasses.

 06 Jul 2010, 09:26

To each his own: A woman asking me if she can wear my glasses because she can't see well is just as arousing as a woman asking if she can stimulate me with a hand job.

Astra 06 Jul 2010, 09:09


don't know why I have some strange impression about people asking whether they should wear glasses or not.

you know, it's all up to you.

LauraC 06 Jul 2010, 08:10

Actually it happened just once that I asked the help of someone to see (and I didn't ask him to see for me, but to to borrow me his glasses, that were quite strong but ok to read the train station board)! All the other times I just manage getting closer or.. pretending to see. It seems you are underestimating my eyesight. I'm far from being blind although cannot see most details, and can manage quite ok in the blur...

Soundmanpt 06 Jul 2010, 07:45

You are correct, it is something she will have to figure out for herself. Maybe as her vision increases she will have no choice. The one that should be lecturing her is her friend that has to keep letting her borrow her glasses to see with. I think you will agree I doubt anything I have to say will make any difference to her anyway.

I am curious what she does when her friend isn't around and she needs to see something and can't see it? Does she just go up to a stranger and ask them to read it for her? That would seem more embarrising than wearing glasses.

Puffin 06 Jul 2010, 02:25

Not sure we should be lecturing people we barely know about their lives. Suggesting, encouraging - yes. Commanding, dictating? I don't think so.

Nazma 05 Jul 2010, 15:38

Everyone has different perspective on the issue. I find it quite arousing when I know a woman needs glasses but does not wear them, and love hearing stories about how difficult it is for her to see well. I love watching that soft doey look of her eyes and that blank myopic stare when they are looking off in the distance. And yes, I do also enjoy squinting very much.

So glasses fetish has different aspects. Some like it that you wear them. Some like it that you need them and don't wear them. That's me.

Soundmanpt 05 Jul 2010, 13:48

Laura C

Your 20 years old, not a kid anymore. It is time you start making good decisions in life. First, it is apparent that you need glasses somewhere around -3.00 since you can see well with your friends. Your friend should not have to keep taking her glasses off for you to borrow so you can see something when it's just you two. Also it can be very annoying for you to make your friend a seeing eye dog like someone suggested.

Go get your eyes examined and make up your mind that your going to wear them whenever your eyes are open, meaning full time. Stop walking around in a blur, that is just crazy all that you miss seeing for yourself. Second, if your so said bf has a problem with you wearing glasses show him the door now that you will be able to see it. Like the others have said if he has a problem with your wearing glasses he doesn't have any feelings for you. No one should expect their gf to walk around in a fuzzy world of blur. If your already attractive wearing glasses will only make you that much more attractive even sexier.

By the way do you mean he makes bad comments about girls wearing glasses not being attractive? If so, kick he to the curb, because even if you had perfect vision that is not a nice thing to say about someone, and he is clearly not worth your time.

And 05 Jul 2010, 09:30


If your bf loves you/fancies you/likes you a lot/finds you physically attractive etc, then wearing glasses should make no difference. He will get plenty of opportunity to see you with and without them. Just like he might say he prefers to see you in skirts rather than jeans or with long hair rather than short etc how you dress and look should be up to you. My gf looks fab with contacts, bare-eyed or with glasses.

John S 05 Jul 2010, 08:53


So what you are basically saying is, you don't think your boy friend would like you for what you are? I would be shopping around...Does not sound like a tight relationship to me.

I would like to hear what others think also.

LauraC 05 Jul 2010, 08:34

Flaine: no my bf does not know I'm shortsighted and I'm sure he will not like me in glasses at all. Unfortuntaly he often makes comments at other girls wearing glasses.

And: I had in troubles several times, most embarassing was when I get on another's boy car, instead of my bf's! It was parked right out of my house (and identical to my bf's one) and I could not recognize the face of the driver in the darkness. I explained him I was tremendously absent minded that evening, luckily my bf did not see me in the wrong car since he was in his car reding a newspaper while waiting for me, on the other sied of the street... what an embarassing moment! I thgought I was capitulating on the eyesight subject with my bf but for my luck he did not see me making the terrible car exhange!

Clare 04 Jul 2010, 07:03

Phil - not for another 6 months, and I don't really think so - I just think the TV inset was verrrrry small!

ehpc 02 Jul 2010, 14:28 gotta get the black rectangular plastic frames with wide sides................:) Pete

And 02 Jul 2010, 14:00


What are the worst situations you have been in without your glasses ?

Puffin 02 Jul 2010, 09:48

I wonder if anyone realises they are being a guide dog. Kinda amusing that people don't notice.

Flaine 02 Jul 2010, 09:03


does ur bf know u need specs?

He may find u good in specs too u know..

LauraC 02 Jul 2010, 08:22

As Flaine explained, life without glasses may be challenging sometime, but still manageable. I had some troubles in some occasions in the past, but was able to survive without admitting that I could not see, just saying that I'm always absent-minded or dreamy so I often did not pay attention to signs etc... (although I well know that the real issue is that I'm not able to read or clearly see thing at distance).

I found the TV to be one of the most challenging tasks, not so the cinema since the screen is really large and as far as you don't have to read subtitles (we don't have in Italy since all movies are translated in Italian) it's quite ok.

I found that my friend's glasses are so helpful to me and I often rely on them, but only when we are alone. It never happens to me to be alone in unknown places, I'm always with friends of with my bf, so I have just to follow them to find my way. It may be not so easy if I lost visual contact with them (as in the disco), but with some practice it is not hard to avoid.

I'm accustomed to my vision and I don't find it so low as the prescription may suggest.

Puffin 02 Jul 2010, 03:42

Yes night time is the worst time for the uncorrected myope.

just as well humans aren't nocturnal or like vampires. thankfully there's two things to sort that out: daylight and correction. :-)

Flaine 02 Jul 2010, 01:36


yes And, there r some occassions that i have encounted that required me to have good vision although i did not have my glasses with me. For example, when i go window shopping, i have to be quite close to the shop to be able to see the price tags... Another instance was when i was in the car with my father and he asked me tolook out for a certain road here in London..that was quite impossible as i could only see them when the car gets quite near it and my father would have seen it by then. So i tried squinting in the car and guess what? He caught me and he almost brought me to the opician thinking that my eyes had deteriorated when the reason was bec i did not have my glasses on.. Luckily i managed to persuade him by saying that my biannual eye check was due in december...what a close shave!!

I would not consider contacts as i do not find them very realistic right now...wearing contact=glass so why not wear the latter?

But may consider them next time.

And about the frustration part, you can sort of say that im quite accustomed to see my surroundings without correction and usually its not too bad in the day. But night life without would be quite challenging but still managable.


Astra 01 Jul 2010, 22:15

soundmanpt, the public holiday was a real joke for us.

The traffic is bad in the city, so we decided to walk nearby instead of going to the city.

Worse still, it's a usual summer day... not exactly enjoyable outdoors.

Indoors we have air-conditioner full blast...

Astra 01 Jul 2010, 22:03


no... I almost wanted to get my plano sunglasses on. I have the sunglasses ready, along with a 1 Litre water (for 1 hour use, eventually we only had a 40 min walk)

but eventually it's still tolerable (as long as you don't look at the up-north) so I abandon the plan.

Astra 01 Jul 2010, 21:58

ehpc, I don't like TV either.

My family don't have TV at home, since year 1994.

ehpc 01 Jul 2010, 19:11

.........detest television...................:)

And 01 Jul 2010, 15:53


Do you ever wish you had your glasses on when you haven't ? Do you fancy getting contacts ? Do you get frustrated when you can't see things clearly ?

Flaine 01 Jul 2010, 15:41


i have tried on ther peoples glasses b4 bt mine r still d best... And to what And said, how do you see when ure in cinemas? I usually wear mine for cinemas at least? And how did ur friends -3 felt?

Flaine 01 Jul 2010, 15:40


i have tried on ther peoples glasses b4 bt mine r still d best... And to what And said, how do you see when ure in cinemas? I usually wear mine for cinemas at least? And how did ur friends -3 felt?

And 01 Jul 2010, 15:28


Is it not frustrating when you can't see signs. How do you manage tv or concerts and the cinema ? What about when you go somewhere you don't know well - holidays/shopping etc.

Why don't you go for a new eyetest and then see if you can go straight to contacts.

Soundmanpt 01 Jul 2010, 14:43


So do you only go without your glasses on public holidays? Very interesting!

PS Tomorrow is national save the soap day. So I guess no glasses tomorrow???

(I'm sure i'll pay for that joke)

Melyssa 01 Jul 2010, 13:15


I have no digital camera, but whenever I have seen a picture of any of my frames on the Internet, I have posted links to them. Unfortunately, a lot of the links vanished, even the ones for the frames I got from this year. But these 2 are still on as of 4:00 p.m. on 7/1:

Melyssa 01 Jul 2010, 13:10


Once I went full time, that was it. I liked seeing things clearly, even though it would be a dozen more years before I would like wearing glasses themselves. If a boy didn't like my wearing glasses, I would tell him that someone else would.

Astra 01 Jul 2010, 09:49

today is a public holiday here.

It was about 11:00. we had a walk along the coast & in a small public garden/pasture nearby.

I went without glasses.

the road is nice. It is a private concrete road. there are no cars on the road at all.

This is a fine summer day. almost without clouds on the sky.

Then we came to the pier. It is a large one.

There was a man painting the scenery of the coast, from the pier. Not exactly interested us. We then back to the garden... we got tired quickly because of heat.

The downside is heat & sunlight. I would advise wearing sunglasses. Otherwise even if you have good corrected acuity, the light-gray concrete road under almost direct sunlight is slightly too intense for your eyes to enjoy. The pasture slope is okay, being bright yellow-green in color, not too intense.

This is not a famous scenic route though. But it features a private, concrete road for cars, and wonderful shrubs on the slope.

As I have said elsewhere, the best time to visit here is during any dry, sunny days in Nov-Apr.

Then back to the house I see the pasture slope again... 12:00

The pasture appears much darker because the pasture slope is facing south. That only happens around mid-summer time when direct sunlight comes from north instead of south. This is from Hong Kong. 22 North. Typically this pasture slope appears bright during mid-day for all sunny days.

JJwGlaSSeS 01 Jul 2010, 09:15

Hi Laura, i understand very well what you living, i pass all my teenages seeing blur with a rx similar as you`re, but for reason of works i have to start to wear when i was 25, but it happened like you said once you get used to glasses no way back, but at least i`m so happy with my glasses now, you must know that in one moment of your life you will need good vision, so i recommend you that you get your glasses, and wear them anytime you want, but if they are necessary you already got them, a simple advice nothing more...good luck.

PD: A question... Do you like when you try your friend glasses???

LauraC 01 Jul 2010, 08:51

Flaine: I'm 20 an live in Italy. I don't have glasses at all! I know my prescription as of last year because I went with my very best friend to the optician to get new contacts for her and she forced me to have my eyes tested. Actually she is the only one person who knows I don't see well. I always ask to her if I need some help (e.g. to recognize someone) and she often let me use her glasses e.g. for TV. But only if we are alone since I don't want to be spotted with glasses on! She is -3 and don't understand how I can cope without correction, but actually I can!

BTW Did you ever tried other people's glasses? Those of my friend work ok for me, while those of my sister are far too strong. On time I tried glasses of a very astigmatic girl and I could not see a thing through them!

Flaine 01 Jul 2010, 08:26

Oh ya laura, did you get ur -3 and -4 prescription filled? If yes, mean u havent touched those at all?

Flaine 01 Jul 2010, 08:24


hmm laura seems ur coping well with vision withiut glasses? Btw u mentioned that ur eyes deteriorated in previous post? How do u know that ? And so my observation is true huh? Start wearing when young and get blind as a bat when ur older.. Btw laura im 16 from london, how about u? Whr u from?

Its actually rather rare to find people like you and me who resist wearing glasses when unneceesary.. However u mentioned that none of ur friends or relatives knows u have specs, so only ur parents know? Do they ask why you do not wear them?

LauraC 01 Jul 2010, 07:29

It is obvious that I don't drive, I could neither get the license with my poor eyesight! I have been driving scooter for years despite the blur, but when it begun to be unsafe I immediately gave up (couple of years ago).

None of my friends or relatives knows that I'm nearisghted, I should be able to lie since no one never asked and I always manage without too much difficulties. The only few times where I didn't recognise someone or so I simply said that I was tired or distracted (do you say so in English?) by something else, that's all. It is not impossible to cope as far as you are able e.g. to distinguish things and people from their shape or color even without seeing the details.

On the matter of myopia progression wearing glasses, my sister was found to be slightly nearsighted during primary school, she was immediately told to wear glasses full time and now (age 25) she is blind as a bat. I don't know her prescription, but their glasses are so thick and if she try e.g. reading something without them she had to place the paper at a couple of inches from her eyes! I tried her glasses once and couln hardly focus very distant things with much struggle, but I couldn't e.g. read with them and they gave me headhache in few minutes. Poor girl, moreover she cannot wear contacts since she cannot tolerate them. Become like her is the last think I want on Earth!

phil 01 Jul 2010, 04:20

Clare, I reckon you may be on for an extra 0.5 or so of minus! When's the next test due?

And 30 Jun 2010, 15:21


When you went full-time did you still take off your glasses on dates or nights out etc ?

Dahlia 30 Jun 2010, 14:49


Would you consider posting photos of all of your glasses? You don't need to wear them since you would want to protect your identity, of course. Just the glasses themselves would suffice. I'm sure many of us would love to see these wonderful frames of which you speak while respecting your privacy!

 30 Jun 2010, 14:31

ehpc... welcome to 1985!

And 30 Jun 2010, 14:07

LauraC, how do your friends react, do you struggle to join in conversations in situations like disco's ie 'look at him over there' etc. Would you even be able to find then when you've been to the loo etc.

My gf doesn't like to wear glasses either but wears contacts so she can function properly.

Melyssa 30 Jun 2010, 13:06

Laura C,

A prescription generally has about as much chance of stabilizing at age 20 as the 76ers have of winning the NBA title next year. For most people, their RX seems to level off by their mid-to-late-20s, but lucky me, mine kept rising until I was 36, to its current -9.00.

I started out at -1.75/-1.50 at age 8, going full time at 16 (it was about -3.00 or so), because I knew I would need glasses to drive; and in the last 6 months or thereabouts beforehand, I was wearing glasses a lot more because my vision was deteriorating a tad too quickly.

Also, I have known some people whose distant vision RX actually decreased as they got past 40-45, even if their adds went up.

Of course, everyone is different, but I would recommend your wearing glasses to see this wonderful world (cough, cough) we live in, and especially if you drive.

Rayray 30 Jun 2010, 12:31

In my experience avoiding wearing glasses around -3 as a teen actually acclerated the progression of my myopia to its current level of almost -9. My sister on the other hand, though she got myopic younger (5 yr old) has ended up with -5.5 prescription. Since wearing correction fulltime the rate of change slowed for me.

With -4 at 20 years old its unlikely you will get more than -6 if you wear your glasses fulltime as your eyes will be likely to stop changing in your mid 20s. On the other hand if never wear them you won't realise what you are missing. I always felt i could see fine - until i wore for a couple of days...

Clare 30 Jun 2010, 12:24

Soundmanpt - you're right, I should have said right there and then that I wear contacts. I was a little surprised at his direct question so my response is to be understood, and it wasn't a lie so being in denial isn't the issue here. A couple of other colleagues know I'm a contacts wearer, I'm just not used to people posing such direct questions about that sort of 'personal' matter I suppose.

SteveB - actually, none. That episode when I conjunctivitis is a few years back now and I've since left that organisation. Yes, I've changed frames several times since then but I guess that question is academic given my first response.

Soundmanpt 30 Jun 2010, 10:38

Laura C

I'm sorry but your not just being silly, your being foolish as well. It's one thing when the board is a bit blurry from the back rows of class, but not able to see it from the first row and almost falling down stairs, that is dangerous for you. Not wearing glasses seems to have done little in keeping your eyes from getting worse. Did it occur to you that maybe the opposite could have happened and maybe your vision wouldn't be this bad now had you been wearing them? You are correct at this point you should be wearing them full time, and so even if your eyes got worse what difference would it make so long as you have proper glasses to allow you clear vision? There are many things far worse that could happen to you than wearing glasses. Look around you, have you noticed that about 70% of people wear correction these days. If you are dead set against glasses then get fitted for contacts, i'm sure many in here don't want me to say that, but for your sake that is better than going bare-eyed. I order glasses for ladies your age about every 2 or 3 weeks that just want them for fashion. I assume you don't drive, because you cannot avoid wearing glasses then. The things you are missing because you can't see is hard to believe. By now you must not even try to see much knowing it would be nothing more than a blur.

I am sorry for going off on you, but I was shocked to see what your last rx was and then you said it is probably even worse now. You should really think hard about getting a current exam and some new fashionable glasses and wear them. You would be amazed at all that you have been missing.

Puffin 30 Jun 2010, 10:18

If you are wearing glasses - assuming that you get any increases corrected within at most a few months - it won't really matter if your myopia jumps - your effective RX will still be zero unless by some very strange circumstances it goes up to the dizzy heights of -20 or above - don't worry about that it is very unlikely to happen, if it was going to happen you'd be wearing something like -15 or more right now. Getting back to realistic scenarios, say you went full time now, your myopia might go up something like 6 (?) dioptres in 10-15 years, basically thats about 2-3mm extra thickness in the glasses, is that so much? Or nothing noticable if you go with contacts?

Conversely, without correction, if you're "just about" coping now, another small increase is going to add to the problem and bring you closer to the point where glasses aren't optional anymore - it's not far off. Perhaps going without glasses will slow it down, maybe not (you did say it's changing quickly now without correction).

Up to you of course, but most glasses-resisters I've seen hereabouts tend to give up soon after -3 is reached. The workarounds and restrictions just seem to get too tiresome.

LauraC 30 Jun 2010, 09:37

After what you have said, I still think that tolerating some degree of blur is much better than have my myopia to jump up after the use of glasses. I'm wondering if there are other people that think and do the same with a similar or even higher RX than I have. After all Flaine's eyesight is still better than mine. And I understand her decrease is slower since I lost 3 diopters in the last 6 years or so. I manage the board at school just by reading on my mate's notebook because the board itself is all a blur even sitting in the first row! It has been working quite ok since now...

Flaine: last time I went to the disco I lost visual contact of my friends right before going downstairs (it was such a crowdy evening!) and I almost fell down since I didn't see the stairs right behind me! This is one of the challenges in going bareeyed. Luckily my friends did not see me in troubles and when I joined them downstairs they did not realize the panic I had a few seconds before...

Eyestein: I do hope you are right and I will stabilize as soon because my actual feeling is that my nearsightedness is still increasing very fast.

ehpc 30 Jun 2010, 09:19


ehpc 30 Jun 2010, 09:16

Three televisions in one house????????????????? There aen't any in my house and there are never going to be.

Puffin 30 Jun 2010, 07:35

That's one way around a small part of the problem - buy a bigger TV! Doesn't help much with other stuff though.

Flaine 30 Jun 2010, 07:01


on the tv part, i am generally fine with it as my tv is 46" in my rm and 52"in the hall and 72" in the entertainment room..

Well u should decide when u need glasses as theres no fixed prescription of when to wear them or depends on ur accomodation too!!

I have i have learnt so much from eyescene that i am using terms such as accomdation etc!

Flaine 30 Jun 2010, 06:56

Hi laura,

actually im a rather shy girl and firstly, im -2.75Land -2.25R... I use my glasses for about two things only..,whiteboards in school(including projectors) and cinemas... Somethings a little bit extra secretly...:) i cope well with shopping as im a person who knows what i want so i go to that soecific shop or night, its scary butty its still managable as london is a crowded place and the people around u sort of give you some comfort...

Well, Laura i feel the same way as you.. Once u start fulltime, i guess theres no way back. And i dont wanna be dependent on them... Based on my own interesting study, i need glasses at 10, first pair..which i didnt even wear them at was -1.5L and -1.5R... Now, almost 6 yrs later, im only in my second pair of glasses over a yr old still wearing for those 2 things only..but i noticed that some friends of mine who started fulltime on their first pair are well into at least -4's now.. And there really dependent on them that even when we go swimming, they would wearr theirs until they reach the edge of the pool..i cant imagine thAt!!!

Hafta go now...hope to hear from u laura since ur the same type of girl as i am...!!!

SteveB 30 Jun 2010, 06:55

Clare - how many of your current colleagues saw you in glasses when you had to wear them a few years fulltime ? Was this bloke one of them ?

Have you got new frames since then ?

Jim 30 Jun 2010, 04:49

Laura. I have to say I do agree with Puffin. As I wrote below my wife has worn glasses since she was a girl of 8 and although she has gone through the contact-lens fad, she is now extemely grateful for her glasses and loves me tp help her to choose new style frames each year. Although this is quite an expensive excercise with her high minus rx I feel she deserves it. Also the odd small increase in her prescription each time really helps the sharpnes and clarity of her vision which she adores. To be honest if I were you, I should simply pop your glasses on each morning before you get out of bed, and take them off again just before you go to sleep at night. (But remember to slip them of for a few minutes when you wash you face!!)

Eyestein 30 Jun 2010, 04:44


Since you are already 20 your eyesight has probably stabilized. Therefore you are unlikely to need stronger and stronger lenses whether you start wearing glasses or not.

Puffin 30 Jun 2010, 04:27


Most people give up trying to avoid full time wear by about minus 4. There is the odd hardly soul who struggles on with minus 5 or 6, before they accept the inevitable - they just can't see well enough. Often they develop workarounds, ways of doing things that allow them to cope.

It's just that the workarounds are never quite as good as seeing things clearly - more likely, nowhere near as good.

It's okay struggling but succeeding, but as it gets harder, you'll find yourself struggling and failing (and being seen to fail) more and more. It's not necessarily something that can always be easily shrugged off. People implicitly expect other people to be able to see reasonably well - and people who can't to wear correction of some sort.

No doubt you are considering what to do and hoping that what seems like an inevitable decision can be put off a while longer. I don't wear glasses and 20/20 vision but I must confess I'm not sure that I'm going to like wearing them if I did have to (I'm in my 40's) I don't even like sunglasses. I do have some back & joint pain which like your vision is likely to get worse and although it varies, comes and goes, I know sooner or later I'll be on serious pain relief - the idea of dependence on drugs for the rest of my life doesn't appeal to me at all. I might end up needing a stick to walk or worse - I seriously don't want that. Like you I am carefully evading an inevitable decision about pretty much inescapable facts of life.

Now I think about this, I feel a little bit silly doing so.

Maybe you can go and have a chat with a local optician - he should be able to demonstrate modern comfortable fashion frames - ask about contacts too. It doesn't hurt to explore your options as fully as possible, and you can do this without telling anyone.

btw - I don't work for a glasses company - just someone who's spent far too long talking, reading and thinking about glasses, eyes, etc.

Jim 30 Jun 2010, 02:44

LauraC. I admire your persitence in managing without glasses for so long! However, you must be finding it extremely difficult now, especially when you go out in the dark at night. A good light always makes it easier to see, even when you are quite short-sighted(which you are now, by the way!!)By the time most people reach -3.00 they capitulate and start wearing glasses all the time. But as you say, then their eyes get dependent on glasses, which tends to weaken them, and then they keep needing stronger and stronger lenses. As my wife tells me, once you start with glasses, its like being on a slippery slope, your sight only goes downhill. And she should know because she started wearing glasses at 8 years old and her rx has now reached -12.50 and -11.00 so she's pretty helpless without them. Which of course being a gwg lover, I don't mind at all. Best of luck Laura, but I feel sure that you will have to give in to the inevitable soon and get yourself some attractive glasses to pop on now and then, when you are unable to make out things you want to see. Please don't go down the contact lens road like my wife did. For ahwil her eyes didn't change, but now she's had to stop wearing contacts and go back to glasses fulltime her rx has shot up by about -3.00

LauraC 30 Jun 2010, 00:28

Ok, Ill tell you more about myself. I started having some troubles with my distant vision in my early teens. I thought I was just tired but the things were becoming worse and worse every year, then I realised I was becoming definitely nearsighted. Last year my RX was 3 in the left eye and 4 in the right plus some astigmatism, but Im afraid it has increased till then since I fell my eyesight is still deteriorating in the last months. Im now 20 and never wear glasses. The reason is that I dont like glasses on my face and I think they are stressing the eyes even more, so once you have started wearing them regularly, you easily become dependent on them and need stronger and stronger lenses... this is why I prefer to struggle (well, just occasionally since I dont want everyone to recognise that I dont see...) or come closer to what I need to see or... just pretend to see!

Flaine: do you use your glasses but for the board? I found a few other things that are not easy to do without, e.g. looking at the shop windows, watching TV, recognising people or simply go out alone esp. in the night. How do you manage?

By the way, guys: which is the maximum nearsightedness one can tolerate without needing glasses? Which was your first prescription?

Soundmanpt 29 Jun 2010, 16:19


The answer is very simple. If you were a fair distance away and the screen is not that big you were probably squinting a bit and he saw you. No, I am not saying you need an increase in your contacts. If it is as you described it, even with perfect vision one might find it hard to see and would need to squint to see a small screen. If you were unable to make out the score then I am sure that is why he asked you if you wear glasses. That being said, shame on you for being less than honest. You should have said, "actually I wear contacts why do you ask?" You are worse than I even thought, you are in complete denile. You better hope you don't ever have a problem where you can't wear contacts for a couple of weeks. That will be very uncomfortable for you then to suddenly have to come to work as a full time glasses wearer. Good luck with that!

I think you should go up to that guy and ask why he asked you that. Then you can come clean and admit to wearing contacts.

Be brave.

And 29 Jun 2010, 13:34

Clare, does he know you wear contacts ? Perhaps he was hoping you would say 'sometimes' and start a discussion about glasses.

Clare 29 Jun 2010, 12:41

Not really sure if this is the right place for this post but it is technically about Going Without Glasses ...

As I've mentioned, we have a TV screen in the office. Well actually it's a huge PC screen on which a colleague superimposes a small window of the sport of the day, be that football or tennis, whatever's on - it seems we're a bit spoilt this summer. As I pass I'll often check in to see the latest score. Today it was tennis and the Williams sisters were playing different opponents. I'd had a look, although it's pretty small, and my (male) colleague called out to me just as I'd moved on 'Clare, do you wear glasses'. I was surprised, so answered no but asked why. He said because I was peering at the screen. I was quite taken aback: it is a very small screen and HE IS SITTING RIGHT NEXT TO IT! Go figure. But I'm wondering now, why he wondered ... ;)

Clare 29 Jun 2010, 12:34

Laura C - I can certainly emphathise with you. I didn't seriously consider that I should wear glasses much before my Rx got to about -2.25. What is your prescription?

Flaine 29 Jun 2010, 09:45

Sounds like laura is another person like me!!

Soundmanpt 29 Jun 2010, 09:40

Laura C

Before I can tell you if I think you are silly or not, I need to know more about you. It seems clear that your female, but what is your age, do you know your RX, do you currently have glasses in your proper prescription, do you wear them when you need to see something in the distance or never wear them? If your RX is mild enough then not wearing them full time is not a bad thing at all. On the other hand if you are unable to see even a few feet in front of you and everything is a constant blur, then I am sorry to say but you are silly. As Puffin said there are things that you will not be able to avoid without correction, driving will not be a choice, if your vision is worse than 20/40 without glasses you will be required to wear them to drive. Certain jobs may also require that you wear correction as well.

As you know they are your eyes and you can choose to do whatever you wish. I doubt that you will destroy your vision by not wearing correction, but your vision will continue to get worse with or without correction. Personally walking around straining to barely see things, if at all, makes little sense.

Puffin 29 Jun 2010, 01:51


It's kind of a tradeoff if you're young and have mild myopia, without glasses now you can't see too well now but later in life need less strong lenses to see, with glasses now, you can see well now but will probably need stronger glasses in future.

It's just that it's almost certain people will need access to good distance vision in school and then for driving, some employers also test for it. It's very difficult to avoid having correction completely, whether it is necessitated by someone else or by you needing to see something. The worse your vision is of course the greater need for correction in terms of how often, eventually people take their optician's advice to stop mucking around taking their glasses off every 5 minutes.

Eyestein 29 Jun 2010, 01:38

Laura C

Don't listen to anyone who says you will destroy your eyesight by not wearing glasses/contacts. That's nonsense. I knew two sisters who were both diagnosed as mildly nearsighted when they were kids. One of them always refused to wear glasses while the other wore glasses all the time. Both are now middle-aged. The sister who always wore her glasses cannot now see a thing without them. The other sister still manages quite well without them - she has much better eyesight. BTW, what is your Rx?

LauraC 29 Jun 2010, 01:19

Hi everybody! Im really excited in reading your posts since it is so difficult to find and chat with nearsighted people who dont use glasses, as Im doing. Everytime I try raising this subject on forums and I describe my situation they just say Im silly, Im destroying my eyesight and I should do wear full time glasses or contacts! I hope you will not think the same, since I think Im just a girl which is trying to live a normal life although not seeing perfectly far things and to hide her defect as fas as possible...

Adalle 28 Jun 2010, 16:15

Yesterday I bumped into an old girlfriend of mine and I remembered our story which is a bit of "going without glasses".

About 10 years ago, some friends and I spent a week at another friend's beach house for holiday. One day her older sister showed up just to visit us. I had only seen her 3 times till then and I had a bit of a crush for her. I knew she had terrible eyesight, as one of the times I had seen her, she had shown up wearing a pair of huge golden rimmed glasses.

This time she wore contact lenses and she was to go back home at night. After a few glasses of wine she decided to stay for the night and leave the next day, so she took off her lenses that bothered her and stayed bare-eyed for the whole night. She had a very old pair of glasses from high school in her bedroom but only wore them for 5 minutes. As she couldn't see a thing, I started a conversation with her about her eyesight, which revealed a -11 prescription and kept her company for the whole night. She was moving with ease around the house, so she must have been bare-eyed before.

All these nights I was sleeping at her bedroom and all my clothes were in there too. So later on that I decided to take a bath, a surprise waited me. She was lying on her bed ready to sleep and trying to read a book with her old glasses. I moved towards my bag to take my clothes and go the living room to sleep, but she stopped me, took off her old glasses and told me: "You know I am almost blind. You can put your clothes on in front of me". Of course I didn't leave from that room until the next morning... We only stayed together for about a month but it was a night to remember.

OttO 28 Jun 2010, 15:59

It seems to me that the younger a myope is when they begin wearing glasses, the more likely they are to wear them full time (including for reading) as they get older, regardless of Rx. Maybe it's habit and/or acuity. Of course, there will always be the exceptions who are stubborn enough to walk around in the fog!

And 28 Jun 2010, 14:22

If my gf couldn't wear lenses then she would definitely be bare-eyed if that was an option. I wish she'd give her lenses a rest sometimes but her specs are only for 'emergencies'

Clare 28 Jun 2010, 14:17

And - hi. Yes, I know and we're not unalike (apart from our Rx of course). I just got to thinking about the times I've been prepared to go without my glasses/contacts and accept less than 20/20 vision when for some people that's not an option. Just trying to rationalise my behaviour I suppose ...

Clare 28 Jun 2010, 14:15

Anonymous poster - my current prescription is -3 and -2.75

 28 Jun 2010, 14:13

is there anyone here with high prescription like minus 25 or more than that

And 28 Jun 2010, 14:07


My gf has a great pair of designer frames, I'm sure they won't have been cheap, but they stay in the bottom of her bag and it would definitely be a last resort for her to wear them so you are bot alone !

 28 Jun 2010, 13:43

what is your presription clare?

Clare 28 Jun 2010, 13:42

I was talking to some colleagues today prompted by someone who brought in their new glasses so that they could see the football across the office on the TV (!)and got to considering my apparently high tolerance to the *not-wearing* of glasses in my past. I wondered whether it was because I came late to glasses wearing, at around 26. Is it possible that I got a bit more accustomed to not having perfect vision? It makes sense to me but I don't know if it has any basis in scientific fact. Especially, I suppose, if one were to argue that as soon as I saw the real world my perception would change? Anyway ...

And 28 Jun 2010, 12:12

My gf got up to use the toilet bare-eyed but soon put her -7.50 contacts in when it was time to get up properly.

Peter 28 Jun 2010, 09:24

A girl I dated did sometimes go without, and she was -6,75.

But she neaded to hold my hand then.

Obsessed 28 Jun 2010, 08:43

A friend of mine did try walking outside with -10 + mild astigmatism.

Jim 28 Jun 2010, 05:07

What is the highest minus rx anyone has tried to go without glasses at?

Bobby 05 Jun 2010, 18:01

Nope, FIST eye exam is always performed by Steven Seagal.

 05 Jun 2010, 13:19

wtf is a FIST eye exam? something given by Ralph Kramden or Chris Brown? if your eye swells when i hit it, it's ok?

Aubrac 05 Jun 2010, 01:14


I think my wife has this as before she got glasses, she always said she had only half vision in her right eye. I remember when we were using a telescope by the sea, she used her left eye saying she couldn't see anything with her right eye.

It may be the result of her uncorrected childhood strabismus. I was suprised after her fist eye exam (and later exams) to see the right eye sphere was +0.25 less than her left while vision was still worse with the right eye, and so assume amblyopia is the reason.

smudgeur 05 Jun 2010, 00:05

Here's an explanation on Amblyopia ( which is what I have in my right eye)

Even when the eye is fully corrected, my brain chooses to ignore it.

Smudgeur 05 Jun 2010, 00:02

My glasses have -1.75 -0.25 180 in the left eye and just a balance lens in the right.

I can only see the big E once the right eye is fully corrected - meaning it is only marginally better than not being corrected at all.

Clare 04 Jun 2010, 12:35

Smudgeur - thanks, I didn't realise. What prescription do you have in your glasses? If you're only able to see the E with your + eye then that's alot worse than the -1.75. I can barely make out the E at -2.75.

Smudgeur 04 Jun 2010, 03:57

Hi Clare

Yes I wear contacts probably 5 days a week and glasses for the other 2. I'm -1.75 in one eye, the other eye is amblyopic (lazy) so not corrected. The optician can correct it perfectly during an eye test but I still can't see more than the big E on the chart. I think it's technically about +2.5 but it makes no difference.

Like you, I was fine travelling but couldn't pick anyone out in a crowd.

Thankfully I have a spare pair of specs in the car, so the short drive home was fine.

Clare 03 Jun 2010, 11:56

No Wei, a few years to go yet!

Wei 03 Jun 2010, 11:53

Clare-you wear of bifocal now i think?

Clare 03 Jun 2010, 11:49

Sorry, last post to Smudgeur from me!

 03 Jun 2010, 11:49

Smudgeur - I didn't realise you wore contacts, you kept that quiet ;)

From your post I'm not sure if you just wear -1.75 or two. I've done my journey home a few times, not driving of course, after I've taken out contacts for the same reason and its fine. What I wouldn't have to want to do is try and find someone in a crowd!

smudgeur 03 Jun 2010, 08:08

An interesting and rare bare-eyed excursion for me this afternoon. Contact lens been bothering me all day, so I ditched it at the station on the way back from a business meeting.

I have no specs with me so will travel bare-eyed (inc. 2 train changes).

I'm only -1.75 so hardly functionally blind, the worst bit so far is not being able to check out all the GWGs from a distance.

Melyssa 27 May 2010, 12:49


Actually, I had absolutely no idea I needed glasses until I had an eye exam during spring break of 3rd grade. I do not recall having had any vision problems beforehand, except for being able to see how ugly my teachers were. :)

Tom 27 May 2010, 04:38

Astra & Chrissie

I'm only -5 but I had similar experience a few times, usually when there's 'something in my eye' or I have more liquid in the eyes due to just waking up or very tired... must be the lens effect in the liquid that breaks the light so you can see more clearly. Never lasted long :)


Astra 26 May 2010, 21:43


I have no clue about that. Your phenomenon is interesting too.

I never had similar experience before.

Chrissi 26 May 2010, 16:07


although my script is not that weak, I have strangely been able to see the numbers on a digital clock (about one inch high letters) without my glasses, but this is very rare and does not occur often. At the time, I was standing about five feet away from the clock, which is way too far for my eyes to normally see. (I'm about -13 and -14.) I'm not quite sure how to describe it...all I know is that I was able to make out the numbers, although, obviously, not crystal clear.

I have no idea how it happened!

And 26 May 2010, 15:23

Melyssa, is that how you knew you needed glasses in the first place ?

Melyssa 25 May 2010, 12:46

A whiteboard? Things must have changed since I graduated from high school, because we had blackboards, with the teachers using white chalk on them. And they were not easy for me to see sans glasses once I began wearing them -- even less so with teachers with poor penmanship skills. :)

antonio 25 May 2010, 06:11


I think its ok if you only wear yours for reading far,thats what weak glasses are used for mostly. Its entirely up to you that decision.

best regards, antonio

antonio 25 May 2010, 06:00

Hi Flaine,

well, seems you still see quite ok without them then,

I think a first step would be to wear them more at school, perhaps even sometimes in between lessons.

you could come to

and discuss with other glasses wearers there.

best regards, antonio

Flaine 25 May 2010, 05:16

minus 5 who luv gwg

Hey minus 5, i think when i reach that prescription, i have to weaer it alr...i will not have a choice..

Flaine 25 May 2010, 05:11


I dont wear them all the time at school...i only use them to see the whiteboard or the projector and take them off immediately after seeing with it!

Well actually ive read a few posts whr ppl say they gradually got onto the habit of not taking it off after class but somehow i always feel consicious about it and takes it off

antonio 25 May 2010, 02:49

Well, Flaine, years ago I had the same problem too,

I just started to let my glasses stay on after wearing them for the whiteboard. That way I started to wear them always at school and then it happened I forgot to put them off when going home.

So all people started to get to know I wore glasses more and more often.

Do you wear glasses already all the time at school or at your job ?

best regards, antonio

minus 5 who luvs gwgs 25 May 2010, 02:41

Having been the same reluctant wearer I got to the stage -3.00/-4.00 when I said just go for it I did and no comments at all so much easier to see people signs etc so just do it

Flaine 25 May 2010, 02:11

hey guys im not sure if i should be asking this but i have the same problem with reluctant wearer!!I JUST CANT PUT MY SPECS ON! Well im -2 right and -2.75 its quite difficult for me to see now that i believe my degree has gone up again!!i only use glasses for whiteboard but i really want to wear full time!!

Reluctant wearer 19 May 2010, 15:34


wow that would be quite an increse! In fact its double her current prescription and she only needed glasses last year! Btw, as i have mwntioned below, she did it with her glasses on..

Judging from my point of view, -1.5 is alr quite bad as i was at that point a few yrs ago..

Puffin 19 May 2010, 09:17

Reluctant wearer - I am assuming that the nurse tested your sister with glasses on, otherwise her claim that her vision had got worse seems a little thin. If this is the case, we are talking about 1.5 in one eye, up to 2 in the other. Large but not unexpected increases at that age.

Reluctant wearer 19 May 2010, 06:50

Hi everyone, interestin though my sister went to the nurse to had her eyes tested..which i told her to and came back with 20/80 left and 20/100 right with her glasses on! Does that mean that her eyes has gotten worse by -0.80 and -1.00?

The nurse also wrote a note for our parents although she had thrown it away..

Astra 17 May 2010, 10:18

Cactus Jack,

I have met a person on a forum with rx -1.50,

She mentioned when she feels her eye relaxed, she can see distant object looking very sharp at first when without glasses.

But when she try to focus the distant object, the object looks blurry again.

With glasses, she can see the distant object clearly at any time, as normal person does.

Is the phenomenon related to the ciliary muscle?

Are there any probable reasons behind this phenomenon? I never had such experience before.

Reluctant wearer 17 May 2010, 06:42

Hi cactus..yeah both of us tried before..i didnt like the feeling of the lense in my eyes while my sister simply cant put hers in what the suggestion haha i think im becoming a pain by asking so many questions haha!

Cactus jack 17 May 2010, 05:54

Reluctant wearer,

Have either of you considered contact lenses?


Puffin 17 May 2010, 01:36

btw, the Bates method is at best controversial, at worst possibly a con job. It probably isn't suitable for eyes that are undergoing growth changes. Best not to mention it.

Puffin 17 May 2010, 01:33

Reluctant wearer:

It's quite unlikely your sister's vision will go back to where it was. Growth and changes in the eyeball might be slight but will continue for 10 years quite easily. As you have myopia too there is genetic disposition. I can see why she's not keen on saying anything, because her current prescription is bordering on full time wear and like you is "reluctant". I imagine if she did go she'd be into a full time wear situation.

However if you can persuade her - or else not being able to see the blackboard might do the job - it's better to get this resolved.

Reluctant wearer 17 May 2010, 01:24

Apparently she has no astig..correction

Reluctant wearer 17 May 2010, 01:22

Thanks cactus...btw my sister just told me that she is struggling to see the board in class with her current glasses from the 3rd row! However, she does not dare to raise the issue to my mother and had ask me to post if anyone knows how to make the eyes return to the former far as i know, there isnt..dont mention the bates method as she would not have the determination anyway to tell her coz i really dun wanna to upset her as she too, has this vanity issues and is worst then me...btw she is 12 this yr and no precription is L-1.75 and R-2.00 apparently with astig.

I say shes worst den me bec she doesnt even wear her glasses that all and they look brand new...although its almost a year ago when both of us got our new glasses...somehow i still see well and clear while her eyes have became worst!


cactus Jack 16 May 2010, 16:28

Reluctant wearer.

It is also possible that your ciliary muscles are rebelling slightly at having to work a bit harder than they are used to. If you need an increase of -1.25 in sphere, that means that with your old glasses, you have, in effect, been wearing +1.25 reading glasses. This means that to read at 40 cm, your ciliary muscles and crystaline lenses have only had to supply +1.25 of accommodation and the ciliary muscles have become a bit de-conditioned. Without your glasses, you have been wearing +2.25 reading glasses full time and our ciliary muscles have had to supply only +0.25 to read at 40 cm. Now with your new glasses, the ciliary muscles are having to go to work and squeeze the crystaline lenses a full +2.50 to read at 40 cm and they may be complaining.

It is possible that the cylinder correction is causing some problems if it is incorrect. Low values of cylinder are very difficult to measure because the measurement depends to a great extent on the skill and experience of the patient in identifying relative levels of blurriness.

-0.25 cylinder is not very much and I would not suspect that as being the problem unless the axis is seriously in error. I would suggest trying to wear your new glasses full time for a few weeks to let your ciliary muscles get used to doing their job again. If, after two weeks, they still bother you, I would go back to the examiner, report the problem, and see what he suggests. If your ciliary muscles get too de-conditioned, it can lead to early symptoms of presbyopia.

We recently had a 17 YO poster from Greece who had avoided wearing glasses until he needed an Rx of a little over -3.00 for distance. He discovered that he could not use the computer or read with his new glasses. He went back to the examiner and he was informed that his ciliary muscles were extremely week and he would need to wear tri-focals to function until his ciliary muscles were re-conditioned. Myopes who do not wear their distance correction are not necessarily doing themselves a favor.


Reluctant wearer 16 May 2010, 15:42

Clare: i really cant see a difference as i have two glasses with the same prescription but ones without astig.

Puffin: when i wear my second glasses of the same prescription but no cyl correction, i dpnt really get headaches but when i wear the one with cyl, i get a slight(not major but feel it) headaches. Im not sure if its bec of the astig or wat...


Puffin 16 May 2010, 14:18

Clare/Reluctant Wearer:

Astigmatism correction at that level is hard to pin down: it might actually be .10 dioptres or just about zero. It depends on whether the optician prefers to try correcting it or not (not all agree it is worth it unless necessary). By necessary, I mean can you cope without, do you get a headache/tired eyes without. Perhaps your optician has done it on a "suck-it-and-see" basis, if you come back later or go elsewhere it might be zero

Clare 16 May 2010, 07:26

Reluctant wearer - not a huge amount I'd imagine. I've heard that -0.25 of cyl is pretty tiny. Although I'm not sure if the axis would make any difference, perhaps for some people but not all. Cactus may have a better answer.

Reluctant wearer 16 May 2010, 07:20

Hi guys, can anyone tell me what difference can a -25x100 cyl and -25x65 cyl make with the smae sph but no cyl. My complete rx is -2.25, -25x100 right and -2.50,-25x65 left..

Btw when my sis tried on my glasses, sye said she could see better than her -2s and-1.75 but still not that clear! I think hers has increased and her second spex will be soon on the way!

Reluctant wearer 16 May 2010, 07:14

Hi guys, can anyone tell me what difference can a -25x100 cyl and -25x65 cyl make with the smae sph but no cyl. My complete rx is -2.25, -25x100 right and -2.50,-25x65 left..

Btw when my sis tried on my glasses, sye said she could see better than her -2s and-1.75 but still not that clear! I think hers has increased and her second spex will be soon on the way!

OnLooker 15 May 2010, 01:01

My wife (+1 hyperope and some astygmatism) has got into a phase of denial. She normally wears glasses for close up vision, especially reading and computer. Today, she was reading a book at almost arms length with slit eyes. When i suggested he wears her glasses on she said she's fed up with them...My guess is that from now on she will be struggling more and more and trying to hide that she needs correction to see clearly. She's now 37 and presbyopia is lurking in addition to her stablished mild hyperopia...I'll be watching but i will never suggest that she wears her glasses again otherwise i'll be tagged as an o-o obsessive which she already has in mind!!

ehpc 14 May 2010, 21:17

The glasses sound great Dee :) Might have been me that suggested black rectangular plastic frames with wide sides :)

Reluctant wearer 14 May 2010, 18:53

Im a boy lol but my sis alao dun wear hers and she squints when someone in our family talkto her at a distance..

Julian 14 May 2010, 09:10

Reluctant wearer: Thanks for that information. So are YOU Chinese? And are you a boy or a girl? Either way, I'd say the increase in your myopia is below average for your environment - but I think it's time you came out and became a full-time wearer!

Dee 14 May 2010, 08:31

I wear a plastic frame with wide temples as was suggested from this site. As to what I do without glasses is not much although I have no problem getting up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom without glasses, get a glass of water, etc. My eye doc called it Myopic Memory. Being in the same situation with glasses then without I still function. In a new surounding that I had not seen before with glasses, I would be helpless. As to real things like even reading a book I cannot without my glasses on. Actually I can get the book close enough to see with one eye but not both eyes but that gets old after a minute or two.

As to the statistics, my eye doc told me once only .2% of the population in the US is -10 or higher.

Reluctant wearer 14 May 2010, 08:04

Julian, im a teen of 14...nearly 15 and racial background is singaporean and race here mainly is chinese? Is that watcha looking for?

Julian 14 May 2010, 02:30

Reluctant wearer: in the light of all that's been said, and especially that link Yoyo has given us, it would be interesting to know your racial background and your gender. (Now somebody denounce me as racist and sexist!)

Yoyo 13 May 2010, 18:27

The facts actually do show that there is a higher incidence of myopia in East Asian countries, particularly in Japan, Korea, Taiwan, and Singapore. Also, Asian children born in the United States show a higher incidence of myopia than that of other ethnicites (meanwhile, whites showed the highest rate of hyperopia).

I don't think you can call that a racist claim; the statistics back it up.

Cactus Jack 13 May 2010, 17:51

Reluctant wearer,

Thank you and others, my comment was absolutely intended as a statement of accepted fact. There are also areas of the world where there is a higher number of hyperopes than would be expected from a "typical" distribution. It has been said that proving a negative is impossible. In that regard, until we learn the exact cause of myopia there is no way to know if wearing glasses to correct myopia ultimately causes it to increase or if the increase is being caused by overactivity of the same mechanism that causes the eyeball to grow as the head grows. And conversely, if not wearing needed correction slows the growth process. We just don't know yet how it works.

Millions have been made by people promoting the "Bates Method" and the "See Clearly Method" which, for the most part advise not wearing or only occasionally wearing vision correction. In general, supposedly impartial governmental agencies have determined that these "methods" primarily benefit the promoters rather than the clients.

The nice thing about glasses is that you, fundamentally, can wear them when you want to. There are only rare circumstances where you HAVE to wear vision correction for the safely of others - driving for instance. You don't even HAVE to be able to see the white/black board in a classroom clearly. Your grades may suffer or your friends may tire of reading things for you, but they are really your grades and your friends to do with as you please.

As I said, how myopia is actually caused is an unplowed fertile field of study. It is likely a biochemical process with genetic and environmental components. If you can figure out how (perhaps a pill) to positively prevent it and how to positively cause it, you can probably win the Nobel Prize in medicine and make Billions beside. Some of our members are probably good for a few hundred thousand if you can positively cause it.


And 13 May 2010, 16:33

Wow Dee, with that prescription I don't expect you do much bare-eyed do you ?

Reluctant Wearer 13 May 2010, 15:29

Haha yup guys that totally not an racist comment..i think its bec we play lits of computer games that all and ruin our eyesight...3 in 4 teens at the age of teen nEeds correction for myopia...i noe its pathetic!! And those 25% ones r really lucky coz although they play lot of com but still remain perfectly okay!?!

ehpc 13 May 2010, 14:09

What frame style do you wear, Dee? :)

ehpc 13 May 2010, 14:09

Exactly. ABSOLUTELY nothing whatever racist about it. A statement of fact. Like saying there is a higher proportion of diabetics in Trinidad than in any other country in the world, which there is. Just statistics.

Dee 13 May 2010, 13:08


-12.25 right, -12.75 left.

Julian 13 May 2010, 13:06

Nothing racist about it (though maybe it could have been better put). Singapore is well known to be the myopia capital of the world and there are several articles about the high incidence of myopia in Asian cities.

OMG AT RACIST COMMENT 13 May 2010, 13:02

"Many asians are genetically disposed to myopia"

OMG. That is such a RACIST statement. I would love to see your statistical FACTS that back this up.

jo 13 May 2010, 03:33

HI Wei,

If you need translation for your questions, you can email me in chinese and I'll post the question on your behalf. Indeed, no offence to you, it's sometimes rather difficult to understand your questions. I can be reached at

Wei 12 May 2010, 20:41

Vision seeming worse until adjusted for no glasses i think

Astra 12 May 2010, 19:08


Certainly most glasses wearers are used to having clear corrected vision. So when you try to see without glasses, the blurry image can be surprising for you.

What prescription do you have?

Dee 12 May 2010, 16:23

On another note I went shopping with a friend yesterday. She wears glasses basically for driving and watching TV. We started this conversation about my new glasses and as we were driving she asked me how close to the big green highway signs I had to be to see them without glasses. I took my glasses off and realized I could not see them at all. I also realized as cars passed us they eventually just disappeared. I had never tried that before and I found it shocking and somewhat amazing that cars just disappeared.

Dee 12 May 2010, 16:16

About taking someone's glasses.

Rude and wierd unless you know the person real well and have done it before in private. My husband still asks ALL the time before he takes mine off especially now that I wear glasses full time.

Reluctant wearer 12 May 2010, 15:40

Hi cactus,

i will definitely do some research since i have just finished my rxams and have since loads of time..however i do notice some sorts of pattern over the years in school..most friends of mine in school who wears their glasses all the time seem to get increase almost every year and the increase is about -0.50- -1 usually.. And some friends i know who wears glasses at the same time that i did, at 10yr old, has risen to around -4..i am not sure if this is because they have worn their glasses from the start and that i've put off wearing glasses might have help meymyopia to increase slowly through the u reckon that is one reason?


Cactus Jack 12 May 2010, 09:44

Reluctant wearer.

Many asians are genetically disposed to myopia and there is not much you can do about it. Your myopia is mild compared to some and a -1.25 increase is pretty close to -0.25 to -0.50 per year for a typical teen without really aggressive myopia anywhere in the world. I doubt your myopia will get higher than -4 or -5 by the time you are in your 20s, but there is no way to predict where it will stabilize. Your genes are the dominant factor and your visual environment is secondary.

You may experience some reading discomfort when you start wearing your glasses full time. The problem is that with your level of myopia, you actually have built in plus reading glasses like you find in the stores. Your ciliary muscles are not used to doing their normal job of focusing your crystaline lenses and they are very likely weak. It may take a few weeks for them to get conditioned so they can focus effortlessly as they should.

There are a lot of different opinions about wearing or not wearing glasses of the correct Rx affecting the rate of change of myopia. Overcorrection may cause it to increase more rapidly than it ordinarily would, but there is also some evidence that not wearing correction when you need it may also stimulate an increase in myopia. You are not doing yourself any favors by not wearing your glasses.

I would suggest doing some research and study on how vision develops from infancy. Almost all babies are born hyperopic because their eyeballs are small to fit the size of their heads. There is a mechanism that controls the growth of the eyeball to fit the eyesocket as the head grows. Myopia is caused by excessive growth for the optical power of the cornea and crystaline lens combination. Do some research and learn, it is not too early to start. It is fascinating. Who knows, you may be the one who discovers the secrets of the biochemistry involved in making it happen. When the process works right, the result is perfect 6/6 vision. When the eyeball grows too much, myopia. When the eyeball does not grow enough, hyperopia. Astigmatism is another, unrelated mater.



Reluctant wearer 12 May 2010, 07:18

Hi cactus,

Thanks for the encouraging words! Maybe i would leave my glasses on when i have my next increase i suppose! I will give it a try...and for my classmates, they find it not a surprise for me to wear them during lessons as in Singapore, 21/25 people including me, needs to wear glasses and all are myopic!

And i assume that no one knows which prescription my myopia will stop increasing..but apart from Astra, anyone else thinks that -1.25 for a teenager is normal or bad?!


Cactus Jack 12 May 2010, 06:30

Reluctant wearer.

You need to ask yourself - and answer honestly - why you don't want to wear your glasses. Apparently, for whatever reason, you prefer living in a world where everything beyond about 50 cm is blurry. You need to understand that you do not wear vision correction for the benefit of OTHER people, vision correction is for YOU.

Your mother has to KNOW that you need glasses. I assume that it was she that took you to the opticians and paid for your glasses. The very best thing is to just start wearing them. Today if possible. There will be a few questions, but just answer that you can see better with them and leave it at that. No further explanation is necessary. After a few days, the questions will stop and there will be no further comment unless you change frame styles. People generally do not notice the lenses in glasses, they notice the frames.

If vanity is REALLY the problem, you need to get over it. If you can't get over it, consider contact lenses. However, remember if you are worried about your looks with glasses consider that glasses are to some extent facial jewelry and like jewelry or make-up, less is more if done well. Choose your frames to enhance your attractiveness. Most opticians know or have people on their staff that can help you choose attractive frames.

BTW, do not think that your classmates do not know that you need to wear vision correction. It is obvious to others that you are having problems seeing well. They will be very happy to see you wearing your glasses.


Astra 12 May 2010, 02:16

reluctant wearer,

1.25 over a span of 4 years sounds normal to me, for a teenager.

and, usually it's not possible to estimate exactly when myopia stops increasing.

Reluctant wearer 12 May 2010, 01:41

Question 2: can anyone tell me how to tell my mom....

Sorry for the typo..

Reluctant Wearer 12 May 2010, 01:39

(Part 2) at that time, ithough it was for my benefit to get new glasses so thqt i could see properly as secondary school was getting harder to cope when one is not able to see the projector! So of i went to the opticians and at first, he went through an never ending test and finally got a prescription of -2.75 x25 on left and -2.25 x25 right and omg! I could see the room so clearly with the test set! However, when i got the glasses a few days later, i wore it at the opticians and got a awesome feeling.. However, as soon as i was about to go,i snatched the glasses of my face and off it went into the plastic bag.

Now, a year later, i still can see brilliantly when i wear them in class and in the cinema with my friends. However, these are the only time i wear them..i wear the glasses in the house secretly too when my parents arent around too! Sometimes i wonder why i dun dare to wear my glasses around my parents but yeah..some people may know why..

So, here are my questions!

1. Is an increase of 1.25 in my left and 1.25 on my right considered alot in the span of 4 years?

2. Anyone can suggest how to tell me my that i need to wear glasses coz i just dont have the guts to tell her that my vision is bad and so on and that i will wear in front of her..

3. Will anyone estimate when i will get an increase again and how long more b4 my eyes stop geting more myopic?!


Astra 12 May 2010, 00:51

Keep sharing, reluctant wearer.

Reluctant wearer 11 May 2010, 23:48

Hi people

sorry..the last post was fom me..

Ok so ive beenlurking around here for a few months now and i thought i ought to post...i hope my post isnt so boring...

I first got glasses when i was 9or 10 i cant remeber and i did not really kinda use it coz of rx at that time was -1.5 left and -1 right. However i was pretty much a decent student and managed to cope well in school. However, i noticed that after every year i go back to school, my vision got worse and worse. My vision with glass(forced to wear during eye tests) were 6/9p and 6/9 when i was 11.. Well.. At 12, i told the nurse that ive left my specs at home although i had it... When i went to grade 7 at 13, i cant even see the board from the first row anymore..

So i decided that since no one knows me except for 2 or 3 students as we went on from primary school,i might as well wear my glasses since i got them at 10..but i noticed that even with them on,i struugle with the board from the 2nd i gave up and copied my way through mid years again..not surprisingly, i flunked my 6/18 for both eyes with my old glasses on during the test...


Sry is it boring? Coz at tje end of my next part i wanna ask some questions...


Guest 11 May 2010, 23:34


Astra 11 May 2010, 21:02

Otto, Puffin and others,

It's certainly very abusive, inappropriate behavior to do that in public. Glasses is like, a part of the eye, like clothes to body, for glasses wearers.

ehpc 11 May 2010, 19:32

That would be amazing fun, Astra :)

Astra 11 May 2010, 13:04


I agree with you, it would be better to play this in a quiet room each other, and both are glasses wearers.

ehpc 10 May 2010, 15:51

Could be very sexy if there were just the two of you in a quiet room and both parties already knew they fancied each other.Very sexy indeed, in fact.

ehpc 10 May 2010, 15:46

Interesting question. PROBABLY with a sense of humour, at least if I found the woman attractive. And it would open up a great opportunity for glasses-related conversation.I think it would wholly depend on the circumstances. I agree it is a little odd.

Jennifer 10 May 2010, 15:44

How would you take it, ehpc, if a female co worker took your glasses in such a manner??? and then put them on the floor for you to search for???

ehpc 10 May 2010, 15:40

Perhaps she enjoyed playing 'dom' and was letting the chap know. As I say, it could be very upsetting and humiliating for the wrong person, however.

Jennifer 10 May 2010, 15:38

I don't agree with taking someone's glasses away without their permission. With permission, changes everything.

ehpc 10 May 2010, 14:52

A rather PC sense-of-huomour failure going on here.That is the sort of experience which could be humiliating and upsetting for some people, but almost certainly there was a strong element of sexual liking on the part of the woman. Most definitely.

Jennifer 10 May 2010, 09:29

I don't consider taking a guys glasses away and then telling him to look for them as a form of flurting. She was into seeing him suffer and get anxious because he couldn't locate his glasses right away. I think the girl is a weird.

OttO 10 May 2010, 08:25

The woman is controlling and manipulating.

Tim 09 May 2010, 22:06

I should have remarked that it is the last sentence of Ddenmont's post that colours my judgement in this incident. Take that away and it might indeed appear to be harrassment.

Tim 09 May 2010, 22:02

All joy, fun and humour seem to be banned nowadays by the "politically correct" gestapo, particularly in the so-called Land of the Free.

OttO 09 May 2010, 14:10

This has nothing to do with gender or sexuality or even morality. This is bullying and should not be tolerated. It also probably violates all sorts of workplace rules. Putting ones hands uninvited onto another person's glasses is intolerable. Most people would probably want to keep their distance from such a bully.

PrO-Ogressives 09 May 2010, 12:00

Puffin: You hit the bull's eye. That behavior is abusive, regardless of the gender(s) involved

Puffin 09 May 2010, 08:36

Has to be said, reverse the sexes in the situation below and it can more likely be seen in a more uncomfortable light.

Julian 09 May 2010, 00:47

RDI: I am homosexual, and I can tell when a women 'likes' me as you put it - or at least I could when I was young enough to be attractive ::) It could be a terrifying, or at least worrying, experience. I don't see why you find it necessary to be so offensive.

Love and kisses, Jules.

RDI 08 May 2010, 15:14

To the spineless jellyfish who deleted my previous post:

Just so I understand correctly, you will allow people to post links to teen porn and other disgusting photos, but when I call someone out for failing to recognize when someone is flirting with him, you censor me? I stand by my assertion that only a homosexual would not know that this woman in question clearly liked him. You never heard of a chick playing with a dude's glasses, or vice versa?

Whatever. You people all deserve each other. I'm sure this post will be deleted too. God forbid I offend anyone. Have a nice day.

RDI 07 May 2010, 13:38

post deleted - troll

DDenmont 07 May 2010, 11:09

Had a weird experience a few weeks ago. I was eating lunch at work today, and one of my (female) co-workers happened to be eating lunch with me. Some bubbles from my Coke sprayed on my glasses, so I took them off to wipe them off. She snatched them and giggled. I asked her to please give them back, as I am severely nearsighted and can't see without my glasses. I have -18 in my left eye and -17.75 in my right. She said "Awww, you can't see?" and giggled. She then said "Your glasses are on the floor... go find them". I had to get down on my hands and knees and feel around for them. She was giggling and laughing the whole time. It took me a good 2-3 minutes before I could find them. Once I found them, she gave me a big hug and a wink.

I have no idea what to make of it.

John S 07 May 2010, 10:43

I was at a social club I belong to last night. A friend of mine asked "are those reading glasses?". I handed them to him to read his cell phone. He figured out real quick that they had a high add, and held the phone a little closer. He seemed satisfied with the rx. They are progressives +1.50 with a +3.50 add. He had them on for about 10 minutes.

All4Eyes 07 May 2010, 00:13

You were laying bricks bare-eyed in the heat? You didn't happen to be wearing jeans and a white t-shirt did you? Sorry, I've just got this image in my head and I'm rather enjoying it. ;8-) Would also have been hot if you'd had your glasses on and they kept sliding down your sweaty nose.

I ALWAYS make passes at guys who wear glasses, Marie 8-)

AK-47 05 May 2010, 21:39

I am a work-freak, with -5.00 and -5.25. I had been working with bricks, and it got on the warm side so to speak (Oklahoma weather) so I took off my glasses. The bricks looked like they were layed in an earthquake! But it was fixed with a lot of embarassment and a large mallet.

Wei 27 Apr 2010, 15:05

Is mysodisc of bifocals? Is lens good but small print blur i think

ehpc 27 Apr 2010, 06:03

That is much stronger than you used to wear, Marie :) As I never tire of saying, providing you have perfectly healthy eyes and can see perfectly wearing glasses, the more minus a girl has the better:) But the crucial question is..........................what frame style do you wear?????????? :) Black rectangular pastic frames with wide sides? :) Pete

All4Eyes 26 Apr 2010, 22:35

And this is a very cool example of what I can see!

All4Eyes 26 Apr 2010, 22:07

Antonio: I wear R -4.50 L -4.00

I ALWAYS make passes at guys who wear glasses, Marie 8-)

antonio 26 Apr 2010, 14:24

thanks for your reply, All4Eyes,

how strong are the glasses you wear if I may ask ?

best regards, antonio

All4Eyes 25 Apr 2010, 21:30

Antonio: I do wear full-time, except for the odd occassion when I have a bare-eyed fun day, but I don't do those very often.

Sum1wholovesgwgs: No increases for several years, I think I'm due for an increase now though. I know I'm wayyyy overdue for an exam.

sum1wholovesgirlswithglasses 25 Apr 2010, 20:51

All4Eyes Marie have you had any signifiant increases .or do u still need the same rx ? its always a joy reading your postings^^

ehpc 25 Apr 2010, 13:55

Hey Marie :) Come and entertain all of us - me especially ha ha :) Pete

antonio 25 Apr 2010, 03:07

All4Eyes, do you wear your glasses all the time now ?

best regards, antonio

All4Eyes 24 Apr 2010, 21:04

EHPC: I'm good, finally got Internet set-up in my room, so I can come on and aggravate everyone here everyday now!

I ALWAYS make passes at guys who wear glasses, Marie 8-)

ehpc 24 Apr 2010, 10:37

Hey Marie! :) Haven't heard from you for absolutely ages! How are you? Pete

All4Eyes 23 Apr 2010, 22:46

Phil: I had the same thing, attracted to members of the opposite sex with glasses, but embarrased to wear them myself. I think because, when glasses are a sexual thing for you, wearing them in public feels a bit like going out in public in your underwear or something! I've since gotten over it though and even enjoy my public image as a glasses wearer.

I ALWAYS make passes at guys who wear glasses, Marie 8-)

Luke 22 Apr 2010, 17:00

Clare -- I'm confused. Did I say you were strange? I didn't intend to.

benn 22 Apr 2010, 14:08

I think everyone reacts to eyesight on their own terms. I cannot understand anyone who would accept anything but "as perfect as posible".

But my wife cannot tell if she has her lens in or not. And I know she sees better with glasses or lens. But it is no big deal to her.

I have many friends who are up to -5 who do not where glasses on a regular basis. My grandmother who was about -3 always said she put her glasses on to "look" but took them off to "see". She felt "confined" with them on.

I think astigmatism can be a "game changer". But it is in all cases an individual thing.

Clare 22 Apr 2010, 13:44

Phil - hello. A lot going on here, welcome! No sexual attraction for me, I find men who do/don't wear glasses equally attractive as long as they are well chosen.

I was with a male friend today who was being given the eye by a GWG across a train carriage. We laughed and I made a joke, partly to test whether he'd be attracted to a GWG, and he declared her 'quite attractive'. Interestingly, he's one of my 100% contacts wearing friends with a prescription of -2 (don't know exactly where on the -2 scale or if he ever wears glasses at the weekend). I find him attractive anyway but can't imagine him with glasses. He knows I wear contacts but we never discuss, only with female friends. Not sure why. Although he did once ask my prescription and of course I asked his!

Clar 22 Apr 2010, 13:40

Luke - I'm not so sure that we're strange, there are so many people I know like me that I think you might not realise we're there! In addition to the friends who always wear contacts I can think of two colleagues (one plus, one minus) who never wear glasses. I don't think it's so unusual, I wouldn't be surprised if it was a female thing but I know it isn't. As to what we might be hiding from, for me it may be a conditioning thing - glasses were always 'bad' in my family so maybe that may be a subliminal issue for me, other than that it's about whether (or not) I look attractive in the frames I've chosen, and the idea that wearing glasses, no matter how trendy, still means advertising a vision defect.

So, that's it - deep, or demented?!

Phil 22 Apr 2010, 00:44

There's a lot of theorising going on here! So I'll do my bit! Not wearing specs when one needs to may appear simply irrational. But I suspect there's more to it. And I should know! I've had a significant minus rx, always more than -2 but never more than -4, for over 30 years but have never worn my glasses fulltime. I can't fully explain why. But I'm convinced that it has something to do with the fact that I'm so attracted to gwgs. I think there may be a psycho-sexual side to the behaviour. The importance to me of glasses-wearing by members of the opposite gender means that I attribute undue significance to it. Many people get first-time glasses and go full time at once. I, on the other hand, wore my first glasses only at night when I was alone! Do others here who resist wearing specs themselves have a sexual attraction towards members of the opposite sex who wear them?

Luke 21 Apr 2010, 22:45

By the way, this has been linked to on another thread, but somehow seems relevant to this discussion. And I think it's amazing:

Luke 21 Apr 2010, 22:42


You wrote "from a practical point of view I think that contacts make sense, most people with an average prescription like mine wear them because they find them very comfortable and they avoid the hassle of glasses, I think thats more the reason than because they dont like glasses. I dont think many people think of them as like/dislike"

Maybe I mis-stated my point. I wasn't talking about people who *only* wear glasses...frankly, I think that's kind of weird in most cases. I was talking about people who, like you and your friends, go out of their way to avoid wearing glasses even when glasses would be more convenient in that particular instance than contacts: eyes hurt, glasses are sitting right there and I'm in a rush, or I'm on my last pair of contacts and they are past their 'replace-by' date but I'm still wearing them because the alternative would be to wear glasses.

I guess what I'm curious about is *whose* judgment of you are you worried about when you are uncomfortable at the thought of wearing glasses instead of contacts. I thought your friends would be key candidates. So, if not, do you think it is 'men' or just people in general? I'm assuming that you do wear glasses at home sometimes and that it doesn't really bother you there, only when you go other words, it is the perception of others, not *just* yourself that is the worry. (True?)

Clare 21 Apr 2010, 12:11

Soundmanpt I love your creativity although Im not sure it would catch on amongst my friends! Although we talk about contacts, usually when we have a problem, and that may lead to someone talking about their Rx, its not a regular thing. Given my contacts wearing friend is still stranded overseas Ill be interested to hear how she got on whether she resorted to wearing glasses or went to the extent of getting a prescription faxed across so she could collect some new contacts.

Luke from a practical point of view I think that contacts make sense, most people with an average prescription like mine wear them because they find them very comfortable and they avoid the hassle of glasses, I think thats more the reason than because they dont like glasses. I dont think many people think of them as like/dislike, I just think there are people who think they couldnt wear contacts. As to what Id do if my friends wore glasses more, I dont think it would change my view, I may not be a trend setter but Im not that much of a follower ;) For me, and I suspect another friend, the issue is more about us not recognising ourselves as glasses wearers because we migrated to contacts before our prescriptions got to the point where wed be recommended to full time wear, unlike another friend of mine who did wear glasses but now loves the freedom she gets from wearing contacts.

And yes its true that Im not so bad as your girlfriend when it comes to wearing glasses, although its usually only at home. Im okay with wearing glasses for travelling if I need to, like long haul flights. But I suspect our reasons are different.

Pete Id be surprised if your wife doesnt have problems with distance vision after dusk. Im only a bit more than her and I really would.

soundmanpt 20 Apr 2010, 07:43


When was her last eye exam? She will first need to get an exam for proper fitting. The doctor will be able to recommend if she should have 2 contacts or if only 1 will work for her. If she wants to read a book, can she sit and read for a long period without her glasses? My guess is they will suggest using one for distance and one for close work. If she is talking about doing this I would think that it is bothering her going without glasses.

Peter 20 Apr 2010, 03:35

Hi soundmanpt. I know she's worn -2.50. I have no idea of her add and no idea where now to find her script. She started wearing progressives about 10 years ago. Does this add any indight?

soundmanpt 19 Apr 2010, 20:16


It would seem that your gf and Clare would get along real well. But to be fair I think Clare is even better about being seen in her glasses. In fact I know she is. If I recall from back a few months you said your gf's rx was in the -7.00 range? I'm sure she feels much more safe wearing contacts than her glasses. My guess is that her thought is that it would be much easier for something to happen to her glasses, breaking, losing or getting them knocked off and not being able to see well enough to find them. This would be very embarrising to have to ask for help to find them. Contacts rarely pop out these days and don't break. The only thing that could happen is sometimes they rip when removing. You should try and talk with her about her vision and why she refuses to wear glasses in front of you. You and her have been together long enough now that she should trust you by now, if she doesn't she never will. You should tell her she should feel safe with you around if anything were to happen that you would be there for her. Tell her she should feel comfortable about wearing her glasses if she chooses that you would like to see her wear them sometimes.

soundmanpt 19 Apr 2010, 19:57


What Luke was saying made me think of something, if you and your friends and co workers can sit and discuss vision and contacts, why can't you introduce the idea of glasses into the conversation? Maybe bring up an "All Glasses Day" where you all must wear glasses the same day. That way no one should feel uncomfortable, out of place or less than confident. Who knows it might even be fun. Maybe even put up posters or signs to advertise that day in advance. Somehow I bet you are laughing very hard at that idea? But think about it, it could be fun. Maybe you would be starting something that could catch on to other companies as well. Like Luke said, you are a good sport for putting up with our gentle pushes at you to wear your glasses more. Maybe gentle isn't the right word?

And 19 Apr 2010, 16:51

Clare, you are certainly not alone. My gf recently got new glasses ( for emergencies ) but it's very unlikely anyone will see her in them, including me ! Her rx is too strong to go bare-eyed so she's never without her contacts.

Luke 19 Apr 2010, 15:53

Clare - thanks for the reply. So, this makes me wonder: do you think that your friends' attitudes have a lot to do with how you feel about wearing glasses (yourself)? I mean, they are all saying, by their actions, that glasses are a bad thing. So even if you wanted to feel differently, you would sort of be going against them to wear glasses voluntarily. I'm curious if you think this is a dominant influence on your feeling. Like another post mentioned, it's really common to feel uncomfortable wearing glasses at first, but most people stop feeling uncomfortable after they've worn glasses a while. You have generally been a contact lens wearer, but it seems like you have worn glasses enough that, if you were going to get comfortable with it, you probably would have. Something is preventing that, and it's clearly a concern about *someone's* perception. Do you think it's largely your friends, or is it really everyone?

So, you haven't really talked with your friends about this. I'm really curious what they would say if you asked them why they are so reluctant to wear glasses publicly. Is it the same for them as it is for you, or is their outlook on it different?

By the way, it's pretty great that you've kept reading and posting on this forum for so long. You have a very different point of view from most of the posters on here, and it makes the site a lot more interesting.

soundmanpt 19 Apr 2010, 12:57


Actually mono-vision is interesting. Many people can adjust to it rather easily and some just can't do it. Your wife seems very determined so she may do well. I looked back in the posts and you said she was wearing progressives and that she was around 2.50 however you didn't say if that is -2.50 or a plus, also I never saw her add listed. You said she is only wanting one contact so I assume that would be for her distance? It is all based on making the brain work so when she needs to see in the distance she doesn't even have to think about it. I am not sure why she wouldn't want a contact for close as well if it would help her? Has she said anything about that? Is her add very slight?

soundmanpt 19 Apr 2010, 12:40


I in no way would think that you are being stupid. You have stated your case well. You just have a confidence issue, the only difference is that usually happens with first time wearers. My only intentions is to try and bolster your confidence level to a point where you will one day not have any problem just going with glasses more often. I do wonder if you worked on a daily basis with the ladies you mentioned that do indeed wear glasses most often if you to soon would feel more comfortable about wearing yours. My guess is you would not have the same lack of confidence as you do now. Something like the old saying "birds of a feather shall flock together"

Kinda odd that you and your group do seem to compare notes about each others vision and prescriptions, so you all seem to know what and how much each of can see with and without correction. That is more often going to happen with glasses wearers. Like when someone would come in with new frames or if someone just got glasses for the first time. That is when women will be wanting to try each others glasses and comparing etc.

Clare 19 Apr 2010, 11:34

Peter - people appear to have different tolerances, although you're wife's change of wearing habits is a puzzle. My friend mentioned below will generally always wear correction of some sort; I'm a fraction more than her but am prepared to tolerate not being able to see someone across a room if we're just having a chat.

I don't have any practical experience of mono vision but used to work with someone who found it very successful. I wonder what your wife's motivation for it is, it suggests she might be thinking that having more regular vision correction would be helpful ... you might be lucky ;)

Peter 19 Apr 2010, 03:04

Hi Clare. I understand how you feel and react as a result of my wife effectively abandoning her glassses after 25 years plus. She still manages to function effectively without them, only wearing them to drive or watch TV but never when friends are around. She is so much happier and seems so much more confident in the presence of others. I have no doubt she is missing out to some extent with her poorer vision but that seems not to concern her. Whilst I loved her wearing glasses I'm now so happy that she's happy. She's never been interested in contacts but recently spoke about monovision as that would only require her to insert 1 lense. Does anyone follow this approach and what are the pro's and con's. Any information would be appreciated.

Clare 18 Apr 2010, 22:18

Luke - we generally rarely talk about glasses though we might about contacts, most likely if we have a problem. There seems to be a divide between my friends and my colleagues - amongst my friends we would all wear glasses as a last resort not by choice, although I'm sure most would make a trip to the supermarket with glasses on a Sunday. Only one of my friends has expressed a real desire to do anything possible to avoid having to go back to wearing glasses, this friend is around -4 and over a holiday or a weekend I never see her wear glasses. Another friend is currently unable to fly back home from Hong Kong because of the volcano ash, if she hasn't taken enough disposable contacts with her it will be interesting to see if she goes to the effort to get some more while she's away or go back to wearing specs. Though we don't much discuss glasses we do sometimes talk about our Rx so I know hers is -3 and -2.50.

Soundmanpt - it's okay, I'm not offended. I realise my attitude is pretty stupid. I'm not sure why I happen to have a circle of friends who prefer contacts to glasses! Who knows, in 20 years time we might all have decided that contacts are too much of a hassle. I'm sure though that my friends would generally only change their view if they had an infection or something at the moment. I was recently working with a group of people who were very much gwgs, I wonder what makes their attitude different. Of course glasses are much more fashionable nowadays and I'd be the first to admit that they can look sensational if the person picks the right frames. I don't think I'm the only person to have expressed a lack of confidence about wearing glasses, possibly though the most consistent over time! I'm sure if I had to people would get used to it quickly enough.

soundmanpt 18 Apr 2010, 17:57


What you said is very right. I don't know where you reside, but here in the US we have young ladies fashion assc. stores. I swear this is the truth one of the largest is called "Clair's" and the other is "Icing" both are owned by the same company and both have several racks of glasses with clear (non-prescription) lenses in them. In chatting with the girls that work their they tellme they sell a ton of them daily. By the way they call them "attitude glasses" interesting name.

So as you say I too am surprised that Clare works with so many that none want to be seen wearing their glasses? You would think they would want to for fashion sake if nothing else? Were guy's so I guess it's "like what do we know?" kinda thing.

Luke 18 Apr 2010, 15:10

Clare -- You've posted quite a few times over the years about your feeling less than fully comfortable wearing glasses, but this was the first time I remember your noting that your friends don't (apparently) feel comfortable in glasses either. Has this ever come up much in conversation with your friends, about how they feel and why they aren't excited about wearing glasses? Obviously the Eyescene crowd doesn't represent the mainstream, but I think it's pretty clear that the general population's stigma about glasses has pretty much gone away over the last 15 years or so (since glasses designs started reflecting a little bit of fashion sense). This shift hasn't changed your feelings, though, and I was just curious what your friends have said on the topic.

soundmanpt 18 Apr 2010, 14:39


I can understand the confidence thing, but I would think that to be a bigger issue with a new wearer being seen for the first time wearing glasses. That is most understandable. The thing I do disagree with you on is that you and your friends feel less attractive wearing your glasses. I have never heard anyone say that "________ she just isn't as attractive since she started wearing glasses" It is reasonable that since the others in your group choose not to wear glasses that you would not want to be different. The only thing I think is that when contacts become more of a hassle than they are worth it may be time to be confident and don the glasses. Fighting your eyes is not good either you know. Sometime down the road you most likely will need correction for close work, meaning of course the dreaded bifocals, when that day comes will you try mono-vision or they do make bifocal contacts (I don't think they work real well) or just continue with contacts for distance and wear plus glasses over the contacts for reading etc? I'm sure you don't even want to think about that last part of my post? We will both hope that is way way down the road.

Clare I enjoy posting with you and my comments are for debating only, I would never mean to be argumentive with you. Your far too nice.

Clare 18 Apr 2010, 12:00

Soundmanpt I think it all revolves around the fact that my friends and I feel more comfortable not wearing glasses, probably because we think it makes us look better (I know people here will disagree!) and that means that our habits will only be changed if there is a problem that means we cant wear contacts. And yes, that can happen it happened to me 6 years ago, I had conjunctivitis and was banned from wearing contacts for a month which meant of course that at least some times I had to wear my glasses at work and elsewhere. I did get compliments, at the time I was wearing some European-style angular rimless, and I was surprised but I still felt very self-conscious, even though some people thought they looked good. So I guess it all comes down to confidence. Sometimes it would be nice to feel comfortable choosing to wear glasses, especially when those dratted contact lenses are playing up, but it takes a lot of courage to change from someone-who-doesnt wear glasses to someone-who-does-wear-glasses.

As to why I take them off a lot, its probably related to the confidence issue. I suppose Im used to taking them off if I specifically dont need to see something - stupid I suppose when you sit, as I did this weekend, across the room from a friend who is definitely very blurry without my contacts.

soundmanpt 17 Apr 2010, 08:44


By all means it is always going to be your choice, unless for some reason you can't tolerate contacts anymore. You make a great point about all your female friends that need vision correction all choosing contacts rather than glasses. You don't seem the type to create change. When you have had to wear your glasses did you not get all positive comments? Even someone saying you look smart is by no means an insult. Think of it this way does that mean you don't look smart wearing contacts? I bet your quite attractive with or without glasses, so be confident. If I recall hasn't everyone friends and co workers sen you from time to time in glasses? So if you were to go into work on Monday and wear them why would that be so strange. Think of it this way, your friends that all wear contacts, if they wear them everyday I am sure they are dependent on vision correction now as much as you or more. someday one of or you will be told that contacts are out for a long period of time and glasses will be the only choice.

So maybe you should break the mold, or not?

Clare 16 Apr 2010, 23:23

Soundmanpt - my determination to wear contacts is largely based on a number of things - not being confident in how I look and obviously wanting to look my best. It doesn't help that of all my female friends we all wear contacts, not one who needs to is seen out with glasses, and finally because never having worn glasses much it seems strange to. I also think people get used to someone as they usually see them so to make a significant change to one's appearance often generates comment. I find it interesting how people are very different on this.

However one of my CL wearing friends is currently stranded in Hong Kong because of the volcano and I'm wondering if she took enough disposable contacts with her to cover an extra 4-5 days, otherwise she will be back to glasses of course!

Clare 16 Apr 2010, 23:23

Soundmanpt - my determination to wear contacts is largely based on a number of things - not being confident in how I look and obviously wanting to look my best. It doesn't help that of all my female friends we all wear contacts, not one who needs to is seen out with glasses, and finally because never having worn glasses much it seems strange to. I also think people get used to someone as they usually see them so to make a significant change to one's appearance often generates comment. I find it interesting how people are very different on this.

However one of my CL wearing friends is currently stranded in Hong Kong because of the volcano and I'm wondering if she took enough disposable contacts with her to cover an extra 4-5 days, otherwise she will be back to glasses of course!

Clare 16 Apr 2010, 23:15

Hollie - yes I sometimes have issues with the air con. Several people have noticed it and moaned about it, one of my colleagues was complaining this week of sore eyes which gets blamed on air con. I had two days this week where at least one of my contacts was playing up, although I probably can't blame that on the a/c. I carry some of the eye drops for CL wearers which usually helps.

Hope you find a great pair of new frames!

Wei 15 Apr 2010, 14:24

I recconend mysodisc! Is lens very nice and diferrent!

Hollie 15 Apr 2010, 14:12


I am well aware, even as someone who held off full time wear until almost -4, that I don't really have the bare eyed option now. My eyes seem to have slowed right down in changing, so I don't mind spending a bit more on some designer frames I really like. In total, there are 19 people on my team. 10 are full time glasses wearers- all minus. One (plus me) wears contacts all the time. 2 are part time wearers, both minus, another wears readers. There are only 4 people who have perfect eyesight! I know at least 2 of these have gotten glasses since becoming accountants.

soundmanpt 15 Apr 2010, 12:52


Your prescription will not allow you to go much bare eyed anymore, sorry I think those days are over. The conditions in your office seems like contacts are not a good option either. So I am sorry to tell you your going to make Phil a happy man.I think as I have said before, have fun with it. Get several pairs, not necessarily designer styles they are too expensive in case your eyes change again. Get different colors and styles. Semi rimless and full plastic frames (Phil will love that) or whatever your heart desires. I have told you about several ladies that have done this and don't even bother with contacts anymore. One of these girls is even a model and wears her glasses full time except for modeling. She can see okay without her glasses.

You work in an accounting office? That would seem a haven for glasses wearers? Of the other 4 girls in your area how many only got glasses or contacts since working there? Just a guess, but I bet they are all pretty much full time now?

Wei 15 Apr 2010, 11:43

A vision of mysodisc today wear no glasses 10 minute and walk in door!

Phil 15 Apr 2010, 11:24

Hollie, it sounds as if the conspirators are very accomplished! I'm not sure that I could do my sums in that environment! Simply to think that such a heavenly place exists just up the road from where I work is enough to set me all a- wobble! Some of the fashionable dark plastic frames around at the moment are gorgeous. I sat on the train yesterday next to an attractive young woman wearing a black and purple squarish Prada pair with nice minus. It quite cheered me on my way! Maybe we'll bump into each other one lunchtime!

Emma 15 Apr 2010, 10:59

I know that's a low RX for myodiscs but I'm sure you could get them somehow. You will AMAZED how much attention you get wearing myodiscs!!

Hollie 15 Apr 2010, 10:52


Only 0.5 and 0.25, so small! Am thinking black/brown plastic statement frames, might as well be stylish if I will be wearing them so much! A girl at work who is a part time wearer just got some amazing prada ones- she jokes that she ought to wear them more to get her value for money!

On the air con, me and another cl wearer had a discussion today where we decided our employer wanted to project a geeky image by forcing us into specs! Accountancy stereotypes and would love my work- today of the 5 girls in my team in the office today, we were all in specs, all low- medium minus.

Phil 15 Apr 2010, 10:38

Hi Hollie. How much of an increase was that? I bet you think that air conditioning is part of a conspiracy by OO chaps to get you into specs! The reality, of course, is that (just like Clare) you really enjoy being a gwg! Good luck with frame choosing. What have you got in mind? And don't worry about the prospect of having to leave your specs on the bedside table. Nothing comes sexier than that!!

Hollie 15 Apr 2010, 10:25

Yes, am rapidly becoming a full time wearer at work- eyes are so much more comfortable. Had an eyetest last week and got a new rx so I can get some glasses I really like. New rx is -6.50 -1 and -5.25 -1.25 - I wonder if I will finally become one of those people who puts on their glasses the minute they get up?!

Emma 15 Apr 2010, 10:03

Oh wow! I got myodiscs and they are cool!!! Lots of attention in these I can tell you!!!! They are no ordinary glasses that's for sure so girls, why not get more attention and get yourself some myodiscs......

soundmanpt 15 Apr 2010, 07:12


That is the thing that amazed me the most is that these girls, young ladies only ever wore contacts in all conditions, wore the same pair far longer than recommended before replacing with a new pair and had no problems. The 12 year girl was around -5.50 in both eyes and the other -3.50 both would have been in trouble if they had come up with an infection. I have had other cases where someone had glasses but broke them and didn't get them replaced for a long time. Also many that their glasses were way weaker than their contacts because of cost they only stayed current on contacts.

It would seem that your tolerance level is not what it used to be? If you struggle in air conditioning and all buildings are air conditioned these days, what are you going to do? It would seem to be a hassle to change from contacts to glasses in the middle of a work day. It would seem that you have little choice but to wear glasses most of the time and wear contacts if you chose when you go out or special occasions. From past posts it is clear that you and Clare both are having issues with your contacts too much. I know Clare has even trird several different types with no difference.

Hollie 14 Apr 2010, 23:19


I always had great tolerance for contacts at uni, wearing them for up to 20 hrs a day sometimes. I barely wore glasses except for a period I couldn't wear contacts. However my eyes don't do so well in an air conditioned office. Have just been away from work for a week and a half on hol and wore my contacts whilst I was away all the time. Tried contacts for work yesterday- sore eyes- so back in specs today!

Does the air con bother you at all clare?

Wei 14 Apr 2010, 13:55

With no mysodisc i -17d! Much blur! And not find glasses!

soundmanpt 14 Apr 2010, 11:19


It would seem that your eyes are very sensitive. Your probably not the best candidate for wearing contacts. In last couple of years I have come across a few that shocked me. one young lady has been wearing contacts for 12 years and never owned even one pair of glasses. She was even bad about caring for them, sleeping in them and not cleaning them like she should. She finally broke down and got 2 pairs from me thru zenni. She said it felt funny wearing glasses, but said hers eyes did feel better. Another kinda the same thing never had glasses, contacts for 6 years. She only got one pair and insisted she would not wear them in public. She had them for about 6 months and finally one day I saw her at work wearing the glasses, she was so glad that I convinced her to get them because she had a problem and couldn't wear contacts, I got a hug for that. They both could tolerate contacts very well to go that long.

What I am surprised by you is that it seems all your co-workers and other friends know you wear contacts and glasses. But when you are forced to wear your glasses you keep taking them on an off. I could understand if no one knew you needed glasses that you would try to not wear them in public or at work. Is it just finding something you like? The thing I find interesting is that ladies will spend hours changing their hair color or style, even different makeup. You would think that they would want to wear glasses again just to change their look. I have a young lady now that I am helping get colored contacts (no rx) I told her if she wanted a reaction to try wearing glasses for a day, she did and got a lot of comments. She is going to compare comments when the contacts come. She said if she doesn't get as many comments on them she will wear the glasses more often.

Sorry long post.

Emma 10 Apr 2010, 01:12

Clare, that's interesting because in can wear my RGP contacts pretty much as long as I want without any ill effects either in comfort or eye health (not sleeping in them though lol!). I sometimes get the impression that other people think my contacts *should* be uncomfortable if I leave them in all day but never are unless a bit of dust gets under a lens (v unpleasant but rarely happens). Opticians are sometimes surprised as well because they can't see any signs I've even been wearing contacts. BUT............ just occasionally I like to wear my thick, thick glasses to see what reaction they get lol!!

Clare 09 Apr 2010, 12:21

soundmanpt - it amazes me that some people are able to wear contacts for such a long time. I must have a fairly low tolerance as I can only get by for about 15 hours max but friends of mine can go into the early hours without any discomfort. I've recently come back from a 2 week holiday when I wore my contacts every day and I am certainly feeling the after effects - eyes are a bit sore sooner.

For comfort I once had the O2 Optix Night & Day, not that I ever intended to wear them 24/7, but I didn't find them any more comfortable for extended periods than the regular monthlies.

Melyssa 09 Apr 2010, 11:40


When it comes to computer programmers, "I'm the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be. And if you don't believe it, ask me." :)

nostolgic 08 Apr 2010, 19:51


big_smile("brilliant code")


Melyssa 07 Apr 2010, 12:48

As a computer programmer, I make sure to get up from my window-view cube and take a bit of a walk about every half hour, not just to refocus my view of the computer which contains such brilliant code (if it's mine -- lol), but for the lower extremities.

soundmanpt 06 Apr 2010, 23:31


It is a good idea to allow your eyes a chance to sorta re-focus without your glasses for a brief moment, I did NOT say for an extended period. It's of the same idea as people that work 8 - 10 hours a day starring into a computer monitor, it is recommended that you should take frequent breaks if only to get a drink of water or use the rest room.

This allows the eyes to re-focus. My point being wearing contacts doesn't allow for this. Too many rely for too much on contacts. In the last year and a half I have come across 3 young ladies that only had contacts and had never even owned a pair of glasses.

Clare 06 Apr 2010, 11:40

soundmanpt - I remember being -1.50 and an optician telling me that my vision without glasses was just 60% of optimal and that I should wear my glasses more. At the time I think I only wore them for driving and exceptions like movies or presentations at work, I was pretty surprised at that recommendation but understand why the optical profession believes that everyone should see as well as they can.

soundmanpt 05 Apr 2010, 21:44


The doctors I know and have worked for do recommend people should wear there glasses full time at around -1.50 for good vision. It is of course not a law or rule. Mellisa just said it "she could see rather well" when she was around -1.50 / -1.75. At that level many things are a blur, and every time you look away from your desk etc you would be straining to see things just across the room. Yes I know people that are at that -1.50 and refuse to wear their glasses, but even that person admits that she should wear them a lot more. I in no way meant to imply that it was impossible to function without correction at that rx.

By the way the code in my state for needing vision correction to drive is an "A" under restrictions.

If you were to get laser surgery done they give you a card to indicate you had vision surgery done in case you were to be pulled over by the police. Of course you could always go back to the testing station and redo the vision test and get a new license without the "A" code.

Melyssa 05 Apr 2010, 13:24

I started out at -1.75/-1.50 just 46 years ago, and I was able to function rather well without my simply gaw-juss glasses, unless I was trying to watch TV or movies, or seeing what was on the blackboard at school. Now at -9.00, I've just seen the Phillies pound the Washington Nationals 11-1 on Opening Day.

Clare 05 Apr 2010, 10:42

And another question for you soundmanpt - why do you believe it's best to wear full time at -1.50? I can understand why someone would want to at around -3 or so.

Jennifer 05 Apr 2010, 09:32


Explain to me why it's beneficial to let the eye muscles work on their own without correction. Just curious. My rx is high enough that I can't take my glasses them off for an extended period of time. It seems pointless because it's impossible to see anything and I hate to just see blur. I can't read without my glasses, either. So that's out, too.

soundmanpt  04 Apr 2010, 13:02


What you say is correct. Everyone sees differently. You can have two people with the same rx and one will barely ever wear their glasses and the other will swear they can't go without theirs. Personally it is my opinion that most should consider wearing correction near full time after -1.00. At -1.50 I do recommend full time. You said that when you wear your glasses they are on and off a lot, that is fine, actually good. It never hurts to make you eye muscles work a bit on their own. The problems I have with contacts is that they go on and depending on the type you have can stay on for days at a time. I think this is really bad for the eyes. Even the dailies that are removed at night aren't great. The norm for a glasses wearer is that they will be removing their glasses quite a few times during the day, to clean the lenses, wipe your eyes, and sometimes while talking on the phone, etc.

The comment about "only wearing them when you need to see" well unless you close your eyes when you have your glasses off is the only way most wouldn't want to see?

soundmanpt 04 Apr 2010, 12:37


I have no idea what your colleague is trying to prove, but I am sure her distant vision is not clear at all and even with only -.75 cyl reading would be uncomfortable at best. You are correct that you can still see well enough to do some things uncorrected, but after a bit your eyes should feel very strained. It is odd because everyone around your colleague knows she has glasses, so what is the difference if she wears them full time or just for short periods? Back when you were in the -2.50 range how much did you go around bare eyed? As you know most people see a bit better first thing in the morning, before they put glasses on or contacts in. It is much harder to do later in the day.

By the way I am sure you probably said it at some point, when did you get your first glasses and do you know what the rx was?

Clare 03 Apr 2010, 23:06

soundmanpt - I think there's some sort of psychological hurdle associated with accepting, or maybe it's admitting, that you are/should be a fulltime glasses wearer. Hollie's

colleague, like me, has an Rx that means she can avoid wearing them some of the time at least. For those of us like her, especially if we've worn contacts, making the transition can be tricky. A couple of my friends are good examples - one, a guy, took to fulltime wear without any issues at around -1.75; the other, female, is around -2.50 and a contacts wearer rarely seen with glasses, would she be a fulltime wearer if she was unable to wear her contacts I wonder, I don't think she'd wear them for everything (I've seen her on the train bare-eyed) either.

When I'm not wearing contacts I'm one of those who takes them on and off rather than leaving them on too.

I remember the advice given to someone which was - 'wear them when you want to see'. That seemss pretty sensible advice I suppose ;)

Hollie 02 Apr 2010, 02:18


I know she does have some cyl because when she was wearing contacts I saw her opening a fresh pack - only -0.75 though so probably not enough to affect reading? Also her prescription is about -2.5 or so. She did go through a wearing full time phase after being told by an optician he was surprised she went without them so much. I didn't wear full time at her prescription and I realise how much I must have been squinting! Even at -3.75 I didn't wear completely full time - now I do purely out of necessity. I have tried putting my glasses on top of my head when I'm talking but not being able to make out faces is quite off putting!

soundmanpt 31 Mar 2010, 16:21


It seems that what you are thinking about your work colleague is right on the spot. She certainly needs them for even short distances, and if she has some cyl. (astig) I am surprised she can rad well without glasses. It is interesting that after wearing contacts that she can do much without correction. It would seem she would be pretty dependent by now. How long did she wear contacts before all this started?

I just met someone today that sounds something like your colleague. She wants me to see what I can get her a certain pair of D&G glasses for. She was wearing plano sunglasses and I asked if she had her rx. She did not but insisted that even though she used to wear contacts her eyes have gotten better. I didn't say anything but she is around 20 years old and I think she most likely ran out of contacts and didn't have a current rx to get new ones, so she went without and after a few days her eyes began to compensate. I doubt that her eyes improved, if anything they probably got worse. We will see if I can find the frame she wants.

Hollie 31 Mar 2010, 14:20

Work colleague still very on-off. Went for after work drinks today, specs went on top of her head, on when she went to the loo, off when she sat down, on again when leaving the bar. It seems like