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New Glasses

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Soundmanpt 21 May 2018, 11:03


Well there is no doubt that the 10 year old and 7 year old are going to be wearing their glasses full time when they get them.The doctor is doing the right thing by only giving them both a partial of their full prescription because their eyes wouldn't be able to handle the strength of their glasses if they got their full prescription all at once. So they will still both be happy with how much better their going to be able to see with their new glasses but as their eyes adjust to their glasses it won't be long before they start noticing that their vision isn't as good as it will be when they first get their glasses. The doctor said 6 months but the 10 year old may need to go back sooner than that to get her glasses changed. Actually you should only get the lenses changed in her glasses since that will be cheaper to do. The 7 year old might be able to make the full 6 months. So the other 3 must not be too bad if the are getting their full prescription right away. Did the doctor say when they need to wear their glasses? I mean did he say they should also wear their glasses full time or just for certain things? Even though your 14 year old has the best eyesight of the 5 he or she should still wear his or her glasses all the time so the others will follow his /her lead. Usually kids will follow what the oldest does. As well as their mother. How do your kid feel about having to wear glasses? Are they looking forward to it or are they complaining about having to start wearing glasses? When are their glasses supposed to be ready. If they said a week you should expect a call sooner than that. I'm sure it's going to seem funny for you seeing all of your kids wearing glasses?

KidsWithGlasses 21 May 2018, 08:32

The oldest is 14, then 10, 7,6 and 3.

The 10 year old was the one who could not even tell there was an eye chart on the wall for the first part of the exam, so the doctor had her move closer until she could make out anything. She also had the biggest letters in the projection part of the exam before the doctor slid the black binocular things infront of her. She was also the only one who had a little trouble with the near vision. However they will not be giving her reading glasses because apparently she may have only been having trouble because the lenses she had infront of her eye were making things smaller and she is not used to it. She also has to go in in six months to get her higher prescription filled so she can see as well as she can. They will see if she could benefit from bifocals then too. These would help her see far and near in one pair of glasses.

The 7 year old is the one that thought the big E was an equal sign, and she tried guessing on the second line but she was wrong. The doctor also had her move forward and she did much better. She also has to go back in 6 months to make sure she is still seeing okay in her glasses.

The other three did better on the chart. My oldest did the best followed by the 6 year old and then the three year old.

Soundmanpt 21 May 2018, 08:06

Kids With Glasses

I'm sure that you were quite shocked to find out that all 5 need to be wearing glasses now. You need to understand that your kids without getting an eye exam have no way real way of knowing their is anything wrong with their eyesight, They only think that how and what they seeing is the way everyone is seeing things. That is the reason getting eye exams at least every 2 years is such a good idea not only for your kids you as well. I assume at this point your kids don't have their glasses yet and they are waiting for them to be made up? I know you said the youngest is 3 years old. What are the ages of all of your kids and the one that thought the big "E" was an equal sign i'm sure is going to be wearing glasses full time but what about the others? Will they all being wearing their glasses full time when they get them?

Since you weren't prescribed glasses and eyesight is generally provided by the parents genes I would have to assume that the father of your kids wears glasses and has since he was young? If you were dealing with eye strain i'm a bit surprised that you weren't prescribed glasses to take away the strain and relax your eyes more. Also depending on te ages of your kids some of them may be reluctant to wearing glasses. It would help to encourage them to wear their glasses if you also were wearing glasses.

With that many that mare going to be wearing glasses you should consider ordering their glasses on line where they are much cheaper than a local shop.

KidsWithGlasses 21 May 2018, 07:32

Hi,my name is Karen. I am a mom of five, and today i found out all my kids need glasses. I was having trouble with eye strain and booked myself an appointment to see an eye doctor. My family does not usually go to an eye doctor, so I figured I would take the kids with me and have them all looked at too in case any of them need glasses or anything. I honestly did not think any of them would need glasses except may that the second oldest may need reading glasses.

To my shock all of my kids including my 3 year old need glasses, but I do not. Has anyone else had a similar experience? If so please let me know how it was, and how badly did your kids need glasses like hoe much of the chart could they even make out? One of mine could not see any of it, she did not even know where the letters were. Another thought the big E was an equal sign.

I feel so bad for not taking action earlier I had no idea my kids were struggling this much to see.

Maxim 02 Apr 2018, 10:44

to Soundmanpt:

Thank you for taking this right, and thank you for your friendly answer!

This should not be too much critizism towards your question, I just wanted to point out, that Jennifer has found her way now, in balance with herself, her own personality and her wishes. We are all free to look back, but it is also important to look forward, and she is looking forward now, with many vision experiences now, day by day.

Soundmanpt 02 Apr 2018, 09:27


I get your point and honestly hope and certainly didn't intend for my question to make her feel the way you think she might. The point of my question was why now after she admittedly stated that she needed to be wearing glasses much sooner than when she finally got them. I guess what I was curious about was what was the final straw that made her go for an eye exam and get her glasses? I in no way intended to make her feel guilty and I hope she didn't take it that way.

Maxim 01 Apr 2018, 15:34

Commenting Soundman's remarks:

".... why did you put off getting glasses for so long? You seem to have clearly known that you needed to be wearing glasses for quite a while. Was it just that you didn't want to be seen wearing glasses or something else? ....".

Why are you asking this poor girl so many questions, she might feel a kind of guilty after reading your questions!

Every morning is a new morning, and we are lucky when we get the opportunity going into the new day, avoiding yesterday's errors. She's proudly wearing here glasses now, she is convinced, not forced into wearing her glasses. Such shortcomings in vision creep in slowly over time, and we are not aware of it from the very first moment. Sometimes we're astonished, and asking a friend: "can you see this?", and fences or rooftops are just surfaces without structures, and trees might be green balloons.

Of course she did not avoid wearing glasses intentionally, as she did not know, which world of clear vision would be open to her, when a myopia of 1.50 with an astigmatism of 2.50 would undergo correction!

So, every day is a new day, and Jennifer can start her day, with a precision of seeing things unknown before, and she can discover a new world of vision every morning.

So don't ask these questions, a glasses wearer could go a step back to seeing without glasses, but most of them would not go backwards - every day is a new day, and we all try to avoid yesterday's errors and shortcomings.

Maxim 01 Apr 2018, 11:05


remark on Voice of Sanity's remarks

Your advice might be o.k. for much lower prescriptions with less than 1.0 diopter of myopia, but less with astigmatism-

Astigmatism is a lens deformation, and the eye tries to cope with that deformation using certain muscles, and it can not compensate for it. When the lens is correcting this deformation, the eye (these muscles) can relax. You can not only see better, but a cause of headaches is gone as well. I know this from my first glasses with an astigmatism of then 1.50 from own experience.

When Jennifer wants to avoid headaches, and fulfill certain vision requirements (e.g driving) there is no solution without vision correction for her!

Maxim 01 Apr 2018, 10:52

Hello Jennifer, my best wishes and gratulations.

Your prescription is not dramatic, it is what the experts say, a 'low' prescription. But on the other hand, it is quite substantial, and, as you agree now, without glasses you just see nothing compared to wearing your glasses.

For example, without your glasses, you can't see that a fence is a fence - it might have been all over the years a greyish surface, but not a fence. So I understood from your writing, that you are quite happy with your glasses.

Don't be afraid, there might be not very much increase over the years to come, and the astigmatism might very well stabilize and not grow, just the myopia (nearsighted) might increase a bit, but not too much - this is my opinion.And still, this prescription gives a very nice looking and attractive appearance to young ladies, at least this is my preference (between -2.00 and - 6.00 or -7.00).

So all the best, and happy Easter holidays!

Likelenses 31 Mar 2018, 19:47


Congratulations on being a newbie glasses girl !

I am glad that your adjustment period went well.

In about six months or so, you may notice that you are not seeing quite as well as you are now. That is totally normal, as many times the optometrist will slightly under correct you, to aid is getting used to a first time correction, or sometimes it is just that your eyes get a bit worse. When that happens, be sure to have another exam, and then the adjustment to the new glasses will not be as drastic, as with your first pair.

Depending on your age, you certainly can look forward to a few increases to your prescription over the next few years.

Soundmanpt 31 Mar 2018, 14:21


Glad to hear that your eyes have adjusted to your glasses and that you're mow comfortable wearing them. It's normal when your first pair of glasses has quite a bit of astigmatism correction that it can often take several days for your eyes to fully adjust to your prescription. I'm sure that everything looks a lot more blurred now when you take off your glasses that it was before you got your glasses. Before you were aided by something called accommodation. But what it really means is that your brain was helping you see better than you really could. Now after wearing your glasses for a week your eyes are much more relaxed and not using any accommodation and your not straining your eyes trying to see things anymore.

So if you don't mind my asking why did you put off getting glasses for so long? You seem to have clearly known that you needed to be wearing glasses for quite a while. Was it just that you didn't want to be seen wearing glasses or something else? Since you got your glasses and have been wearing them have you gotten lots of nice complements on how good you look wearing glasses? I'm betting that you have. Are you sorry that you didn't get glasses much sooner instead of putting it off? You really do seem to be enjoying being avle to see so good now.

Jennifer 31 Mar 2018, 09:20

It has been a week, and I now feel comfortable with my glasses. I notice how bad my eyesight is more now because the difference between having my glasses on and off. Before I had nothing to compare to.

The glasses are great, I can actually see small and far away things for the first time in such a long time!

I no longer see the imaginary steps or slanted letters which is great. I had no idea vision was supposed to be this good.

NNVisitor 26 Mar 2018, 22:41


It will certainly take time to get used to wearing your glasses. You have a lot of astigmatism in addition to being nearsighted. Hopefully in time you will have adjusted to them. See how it goes during the next week-two weeks. If you absolutely cannot adjust to them after 10 days or so have the eye doctor you went to check your glasses. If you are told that they were done correctly and you still cannot adjust to them then consider getting contact lenses. Contact lenses take time to get used to as you would have to learn how to insert them, take them out and disinfect and store them using the appropriate solutions. Also at first you will feel them on your eyes. Vision typically is great with contact lenses and what you see will be more natural than what you see with glasses. Glasses are easier to deal with as contact lenses do in fact touch your eyes and even if you are tired in the evening you still must take them out using good hygene techniques and properly cleaning and storing them. Never sleep in contact lenses. Good luck Jennifer on whatever you decide to do.

Likelenses 26 Mar 2018, 21:13


I totally agree.

Soundmanpt 26 Mar 2018, 10:53

Voice of San

My comments to Jennifer is based on what is fact in her case. If she had only been prescribed with say -.50 glasses for distance I would maybe suggest that she wear her glasses for a week to 10 days so she gets used to wearing glasses and so her eyes could adjust. And then she could wear her glasses as needed. But her prescription is considerably stronger than that and she really needs to be wearing glasses full time now based strictly on her prescription and not because I simply want her to wear glasses. If you knew anything about optics you would know that adjusting to a rather high cylinder isn't that easy and the only way to adjust is by wearing your glasses as much as possible. Yes, in the end between her nearsightedness and astigmatisms she is almost certainly going to want and need to continue wearing her glasses full time. Of course if she wants doesn't want top wear glasses she can opt for contacts, But for her she would need "toric lenses" which are considerably more expensive than regular contacts. Actually about 3 or 4 times more expensive. That's totally up to her.

You're right this forum is about glasses but sometimes the advice provided is based on fact and not fetish.

Voice of Sanity 26 Mar 2018, 08:26


Glasses simply change the way light is refracted to your eyes. It has largely been proven that wearing glasses regularly won't change the physical structure of the eye. It is physically impossible to do that. So the arguments that you need to keep wearing glasses are spurious.

I suggest you disregard the damnations here to constantly wear your glasses. This is a glasses fetish website where people whack off to women who wear glasses. Do you think they would tell you to stop wearing glasses? Of course not. If you don't want to wear your glasses, you will be just as fine as wearing your glasses. Nothing will change. Don't worry.

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2018, 14:01


It sounds like you're already tolerating your glasses a bit more than when you first put them on? Unless you have already been wearing your glasses all day which if you have then just continue to wear them. But if you aren't currently wearing them then it probably isn't a good idea wearing them in the car on the way to the theater. but once you get seated and not moving around you should put your glasses and hopefully it's a a movie that will keep your interest and you won't even think about your glasses being on. When the movie ends and your hopefully still wearing your glasses try keeping them on the rest of the evening. If you keep them on for the entire movie that should be close to 2 hours and by then your eyes should be feeling a lot more comfortable wearing glasses. Good luck and enjoy the movie.

Jennifer 25 Mar 2018, 12:10

Thank you guys, I will try keeping them on while I go to the movies tonight. Hopefully they will help.

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2018, 10:08


You have needed glasses for a while. Your eyesight isn't terrible but it is for this being your first prescription. Your distance part of your prescription is the first numbers in each row of numbers. So your right eye your distance vision is -1.25 and your left eye is -1.50 so more than bad enough that you shouldn't be driving a car which I hope you weren't. The other numbers are your astigmatism numbers and normally those numbers are usually much lower. Usually around -.50 or -.75 is average. So you are considerably past those numbers. That's why you're having so much trouble adjusting to your glasses. So unfortunately the only way to adjust is by forcing yourself to keep your glasses on. Like Likelenses said find something where you're not changing focus with your eyes. Things like reading is good or sitting watching TV is also fine. The more you move around and look at something in the distance and then look at something close the more your glasses are going to bother you. Trust me once your eyes adjust you won't have this problem again. Likelenses is right once you need to be wearing your glasses full time and once your eyes adjust I don't think your going to want to be without your glasses anymore.

Likelenses 24 Mar 2018, 22:23


To get used to your new glasses, it would help if you pit them on, and read a book for a few hours.

Most likely you will find them very comfortable for reading. You may feel a need to push the book farther away than what you would usually read at, and that is good, but try to hold it no closer than twelve inches.

After a few hours or reading things in the distance should not be so distorted. It may hake a few days of doing this , before all seems to look normal.

Likelenses 24 Mar 2018, 22:09


You are nearsighted, but you also have a boatload of astigmatism in each eye.

The astigmatism correction is what is making it difficult to adjust to your glasses.

I agree with Soundmanpt on the importance of leaving them on.

When you do get used to them, you will need them all the time.

Jennifer 24 Mar 2018, 21:54

I do have my prescription it is Top row: -1.25, -2.75,110 bottom row is : -1.5, -2.5, 100

My eyesight has gotten horrible, I was too busy with other things and never went to the eye doctor, but i have been having trouble seeing for a long time.

Soundmanpt 24 Mar 2018, 20:03


I wish that you would have asked for a copy of your prescription because that would really be a huge help in providing you with advice. But I have a few questions that you may know the answers to which could be of help. First of all when you went to get your eyes examined were you having some type of vision problem or was your exam just an annual checkup which found that you needed to start wearing glasses? Did the doctor say anything about your having astigmatisms? Your reactions to your glasses really seems like what some people experience when they get prescribed with their first astigmatism prescription.

I can tell you one thing for sure. Going back now their only going to tell you that your eyes need to adjust to your glasses and that you should wear them constantly for the week to 14 days. Then if you're still having issues with your glasses you should come back and they will check things out. Honestly about 99% of the time they are right and by wearing your glasses your eye swill adjust and you will be seeing fine with them. So I would suggest as soon as you open your eyes tomorrow morning that you put your glasses right away and keep them on as long as possible. All day into the evening if possible. but if you do need to take them off to rest your eyes put them back on as soon as possible. Do that every day and I think you''re going to find that each day your glasses re going to work better and better for you.

Jennifer 24 Mar 2018, 19:01


I just picked up my long overdue first glasses.

I had them on at the shop, but took them off as I left because it was making me see weird things looked weird. I saw stairs that were not there, and weird dimensions in pictures.

I tried them on a couple of times later at home, but it was not any better as I experienced the same thing.

Any advise?

Lou 22 Mar 2018, 12:23


I've just ordered myself a new pair of glasses, the same style as I'm already wearing but with brown reactions, as the British spring seems to be making an appearance after two separate bouts of recent snow, although apparently it is going to get cold again!

This is what I've gone for, as I find this frame very comfortable and I like how I look in it:

I've also gone for the anti-reflective coating. I pick them up next week.

All the best


 15 Mar 2018, 10:51

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Likelenses 15 Mar 2018, 07:43

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Your imagination regarding sex leads me to believe the latter. If this is the case you are in need of professional mental health treatment.

This will be the last post from me to you, as I feel that continued communication is pointless, and actually could feed your already defective mental state.

minus5wholuvsgwgs 15 Mar 2018, 06:30

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Likelenses 14 Mar 2018, 15:59

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 14 Mar 2018, 00:10

You are such a liar and fake, likelenseees. No one can believe a word out of your mouth anymore. Even Cactus Jack said it was a good idea. You're a fraud, little boy.

NNVisitor 13 Mar 2018, 21:42

Some optometrists say their patients should wear their glasses all the time. If the prescription is a low one some say wear them for driving, TV and movies while others yet say to wear them all the time. When patients already are wearing glasses and get an increase often the examining doctor hands them a prescription with no advice on wearing time.

In any event some people religiously follow their eye doctor's advice as to wearing their glasses. Others partly or completely ignore the advice. I have seen no evidence that wearing or not wearing one's glasses all waking hours if myopic will make one's eyesight worse.

 13 Mar 2018, 16:19

Likelenses, the guy probably was laughing at you because he saw you talking to the imaginary Cheryl. So pathetic, really.

Or maybe Cheryl is the name you put to your wanking hand, I don't know.

Likelenses 12 Mar 2018, 22:08

Opt O. Metrist

When I went to my optometrist yesterday I mentioned your remarks about taking a break every day from my glasses, and he actually began to laugh about it. He said that he had never heard of such nonsense.

Likelenses 12 Mar 2018, 22:02

Had an eye exam yesterday, and received a -.50 increase. which brings me up to - 11.0 for each eye.

Cheryl wears bio concaves as her Rx is higher, but when we went to pick out my new glasses she suggested that I ask the optician to make mine in bio concave.

He said he could do it, and we are both excited to get them in about a week.

Likelenses 10 Mar 2018, 23:33

Opt O. Metrist

I am myopic, and have worn glasses for many years. My optometrist advised me with my first pair, to wear them all the time, for all activities distant, and near.She wore strong minus glasses herself, and commented that she put hers on in the morning when her alarm clock went off, as she could not see it, and that they stayed on all day, and evening.

When I first put them on, I realized how much I needed them, and ever since they are on with the exception of sleeping, and showering.

Why would you as an optometrist want someone to remove their glasses, and be unable to see?

Cactus Jack 10 Mar 2018, 12:19

Opt O. Metrist.

Thanks for your comments. I agree with you. I debated that suggestion for a while before I wrote it and later wished that I could edit it. I never pretend to be an ECP, but in this case, I did not include a disclaimer, but I should have.

I am very curious about several things, but didn't want to overload him with too many questions. I doubt he will actually wear his glasses full time no matter what anyone suggests.

I am having trouble understanding how he has managed in school. With that much Myopia and Astigmatism, his "visual world" must be pretty small, probably less than 2 feet or 60 cm..

Because these were likely his first glasses, do you think his ECP under corrected him or he will have trouble focusing close, when wearing his glasses, until his Ciliary Muscles get conditioned?

One would think that his ECP would have given him some instructions about what to expect with his glasses.


Opt O. Metrist 10 Mar 2018, 05:47

You are wrong this time, Cactus Jack. No one should ever wear glasses that much time during the day. Not every waking moment. We always recommend giving your eyes a break from glasses at least once everyday. This is the problem with pseudo-eye doctors here. Their advice differs from actual medical advice, while appreciated, it's much preferable to listen to the latter.

Cactus Jack 10 Mar 2018, 01:18


You should wear your glasses from the time you wake up, until you go to bed.

You are pretty nearsighted or shortsighted the Medical term is Myopia. Lots of people have Myopia it is corrected by the 1st number in your prescription using Minus lenses. Let me explain your prescription:

By tradition, the top row is for your Right Eye. Sometimes it will be designated as OD (Oculus Dexter) (from the Latin).

OD Sphere -3.50, Cylinder -1.5, Axis 135 degrees, Prism 6, BO (Base Out)

The bottom row is your Left Eye. Sometimes it is designated as OS (Oculus Sinister)

OS Sphere -2.75, Cylinder -1.25, Axis 100degrees, Prism 6, BO (Base Out).

Sphere, in your prescription, corrects your Myopia which is usually caused by your eyeballs growing a little too much. More about that later.

Cylinder corrects what is called Astigmatism. Astigmatism is a bit hard to understand, but it messes up your vision at all distances, near and far. It is usually caused by your Cornea, that is the clear part of your eye that is the first part you see. If you can imagine this, it should be evenly shaped like a slice from the side of a glass marble or sphere. If you have Astigmatism the curvature is not even. It is a steeper curve in one direction than it is in the other. Image a glass American Football. Astigmatism would look like a slice from the side of the glass football.

The Axis is the direction of the Long Axis of the Cylinder. By tradition, the 0 degree Axis is Horizontal. If you are looking at the glasses wearer, the degrees increase in a Counter or Anti Clockwise direction to 90 degrees is Vertical and one around to 180 degrees (same as 0). By tradition, Axis numbers are NOT specified above 180 degrees.

Prism corrects you problem of seeing double or two images. Your eyes tend to turn inward or converge or cross. It is likely related to your very significant Myopia. More about that Later.

The Base Out (BO) specifies the direction of the Base of the Prism correction. You may have seen a prism in science class in school. Prisms can do a lot of things. One of which is break up white light into the spectrum of colors. It can also help you NOT see two images. Called fusing the images.

I would like to as you a few questions that will hep me explain how your vision works if you are interested.

1. Your age?

2. What is your grade or level in school?

3. Where do you live? Country and State or Province)

4. Have you taken any Math or Science classes?

I understand that you are concerned about wearing glasses. Almost everyone is apprehensive about getting glasses. Really, glasses are just tools to help you see better. There will be some questions and perhaps comments. Also, your siblings or friends will be curious and want to try them. That will only last a couple of days and that will be the end of it. Once other people are used to you wearing glasses, the only comment you will get is if you get a different frame style. If you get a prescription change, but keep the same frame style, they probably won't even notice.

You are in for a BIG surprise when you get your glasses. Without your glasses, everything beyond about 30 cm or 12 inches is pretty blurry. You can probably read or use a computer if you hold the book close or get close to the display. The reason your eye are trying to turn inward or converge is because you are used to holding things very close.

When you put on your glasses for the first time. You are going to see things that you have not seen clearly in a long time. Frankly, things may look a little distorted until you get used to wearing them. The reason for this is that Vision actually occurs in your brain, Your eyes are just biological cameras and they have been delivering distorted images to your brain and your brain has been fixing them for you. It will take your brain a few days to learn how to deal with images that are in focus. Don't let it worry you.

One thing that may happen, because your eyes are not used to having to focus close, you may have trouble at first reading or using a computer. Close things may be blurry. If that happens, there are ways to fix that until your Auto-Focus System (yes you have one) learns how to work again.

Having Myopia can mean that your focusing muscles have not had to do any work for a long time and they may be very weak and unable to focus. If you experience that, please let me know and I may be able to offer some suggestions.

Do you know what your siblings prescriptions are?

When are your glasses supposed to be ready?

There is lots more to learn about vision. You have a great adventure ahead of you.


Jake 09 Mar 2018, 22:11


My siblings and I just got our first glasses a couple of days ago. I would like to know if you guys think I should wear them all the time or not. The doctor did not specify, nor did I remember to ask. He gave us or prescruptions, not quite sure what they mean. However, I do know that I apparently have the worst eyesight of all of us (my younger brother asked). The doctor was pretty shocked I did not already have glasses. I knew once I was asked to read the chart that I must have bad eyesight because I could only see black on the white at the top, but could not make out the "E." It kind of just looked like a black line. I also have a question about the part when the doctor opebs both eyes and asks if you see one or two images. After asking my siblings I realized I was the only one who saw two, also my siblings said their exam ended after that. Mine kept going with this long test using a bar and the doctor kept covering one eye and then the other again and again. My question is why did I see two while my siblings saw one? Also was the test part after that because I saw two? I kind of always wanted glasses, but now that I have them I am kind of nervous about wearing them. The numbers on my prescription chart are as follows: top row -3.5, -1.5, 135, 6, BO and the bottom row is -2.75, -1.25, 100, 6, BO.

High Myopic 04 Jan 2018, 10:55

Wieirdnewglasses, Can I talk with you vs email? I have myodisc glasses too.

Weirdnewglasses 04 Jan 2018, 10:53

Hi, I just got new glasses, and they look so different than any of my old glasses. The optician said they are called myodisks. Apparently they are all my insurance would get because of my prescription. Is that true? My prescription is -16.50, -10.75, 120 and -19.25, -11.5,145. Also, contacts are a no go for me.

Lou 23 Dec 2017, 13:14

Hi again

Hubby has commented on my change of glasses.

He said that he prefers the Superdry pair, because they are smaller (They are narrower rather than smaller overall) and more brightly coloured. Although my Karen Millen pair have a pattern, he reckons that the pattern isnt noticeable and they just look dark and plain.

Anyway, since he likes my Superdry pair better, I've swapped back. In my opinion, the Karen Millen pair are a little more sophisticated, so I think I'll wear them with smart outfits, keeping the Superdry pair for everyday wear.

Best wishes


Lou 23 Dec 2017, 12:40

Hi SoCal

Nice choice of frame, and I particularly like the emerald colour. Enjoy your new glasses.

Best wishes


Lou 22 Dec 2017, 08:02


Not exactly new glasses, rather a return to a previous style.

I've been wearing this style since February:

Although I really like the dark tortoiseshell colour with a deep pink behind, I've never thought that the shape is quite right for my face shape, and have had my old glasses reglazed.

I'm now therefore wearing this style again:

I've always really liked this style, and they are so light and don't keep slipping down my nose like the Superdry pair, despite having had them fitted loads of times.

All the best


SoCal 20 Dec 2017, 16:37

Just ordered a new pair of glasses because we needed to use our FSA $ before we lost it. I'm excited about these new glasses because they are fun and colorful. They are going to be a nice departure from the standard black or tortoise I always choose. I decided to stick with Moscot again but this time I went with emerald green. They will be fitted with poly lenses so I hope they look okay with the crystal frames.

Here are the frames I chose in the color Emerald.

Glasses Lover 20 Nov 2017, 20:56


my actual prescription is:

OD: -4.25 -0.25 109

OS: -4.75 -0.50 171

My glasses I've worn for the past couple years:

OD: -5.00 -0.25 109

OS: -5.75 -0.50 171

And latest that I received from Firmoo a couple weeks ago are:

OD: -6.50 -0.25 109

OS: -7.00 -0.50 171

+1.00 read

Sarah 20 Nov 2017, 20:48

Glasseslover my real Rx ia L -4.75 0.75 85 R -5 -0.25 15. What's yours

I wonder how much farther over I could go... I'm waiting on -2.25 over pair from hoping I can wear comfortably.

They are these in black:

The Coastal ones giving me trouble, in white clear:

And the others:

I have so many pairs...

Sarah 20 Nov 2017, 20:48

Glasseslover my real Rx ia L -4.75 0.75 85 R -5 -0.25 15. What's yours

I wonder how much farther over I could go... I'm waiting on -2.25 over pair from hoping I can wear comfortably.

They are these in black:

The Coastal ones giving me trouble, in white clear:

And the others:

I have so many pairs...

Glasses Lover 20 Nov 2017, 16:34

Sarah, that's very exciting to hear that you're wearing-1.75 over!!! If you look at my recent post, I'm doing the same thing! I absolutely love it and love having a lens that has a good amount of thickness and power rings! (It makes me look super nearsighted...or at least I hope it does!). I'm curious to see what your real Rx is and what you're wearing now and what you're glasses look like.

Sarah 20 Nov 2017, 15:37

I recently got a couple new pairs from My glasses collection is ridiculous - but that's another story! One pair gives me a slight headache - a sort of "pulling" feeling at the back of my eyes after a couple hours. I wonder if they made a mistake with that one, or theres some other reasons. They are both the same Rx - bumped up -1.75 from my "real" Rx. I wear that overcorrection more than my "real" one so I don't think thats the issue. But they are different frame styles, slightly different lens sizes...

Cactus Jack 24 Oct 2017, 13:58

Glasses Lover,

Enjoy while you can.


Jamie37 24 Oct 2017, 13:33

Cool glasseslover,

It's awesome those new glasses work so well for you!!!!

Glasses Lover 24 Oct 2017, 12:14

Where do I start? Wow! Just experienced my first foray into bifocals; and I must say the experience is exhilarating! Let me start by going over my background. Failed my vision screening in the 5th grade and subsequently went to an optometrist and was diagnosed with nearsightedness. No surprise there! I wanted glasses so bad I was so happy on the inside that my eyes were nearsighted. Was prescribed glasses for distance only and parents did not want me wearing them. This went on for about 18 months when my mom made a comment about me squinting at the tv and told me I should consider wearing my glasses. Even though I wanted to so bad I was reluctant to wear them outside of the house. I continued to struggle with reading the blackboard at school but did finally get another exam and needed a stronger prescription. I finally had to use them part-time at school now. This went on for another couple years and in between wearings I found myself squinting heavily to see. Finally, before freshman year I got contacts and wore those for many, many years and still do today when doing any physical activities, although I still have a fetish for glasses. Especially, thick, strong glasses. I loved my annual exams knowing I would get a stronger prescription and thicker glasses. Unfortunately, I plataeued around -4.5. I longed for for eyes to get more nearsighted and necessitate Coke bottle lenses but that did not happen. Then came the experiments with over correction and I quickly found out I can tolerate quite a bit of minus and still see just fine. After several pairs and half a decade at age 39, I found myself able to accommodate over correction of minus but when doing so close vision became increasingly poor. actual prescription:

OD: -4.25 -0.25 109

OS: -4.75 -0.50 171

My glasses I've worn for the past couple years:

OD: -5.00 -0.25 109

OS: -5.75 -0.50 171

And latest that I received from Firmoo yesterday:

OD: -6.50 -0.25 109

OS: -7.00 -0.50 171

+1.00 read

Vision is perfect! Distance has been the clearest I've ever remembered! Almost HD like and bright and vibrant! Read add makes print easy to read. Bifocals we're easy to adjust to as they sit on my face now and I'm looking thru the add portion of the lens as I write this on my mobile device.

The lens are a regular 1.50 index so there is decent thickness to them and they stick out of the frame quite a bit with plenty of power rings and the lined bifocal is pretty obvious as well!

I'm hooked and already thinking about another order with more minus. I'm able to tolerate this just fine and thinking about bumping my next script to:

OD: -7.50 -0.25 109

OS: -8.00 -0.50 171

+1.50 read

What is everyone's thoughts? I'm excited and for the first time ever I can walk around with a fairly substantial lens thickness that would indicate to most people that I'm very nearsighted (which is what I want to portray.) The thought of having a -8.00 thickness is making me feel anxious in ordering it already!

NewGlassesSuccess 09 Oct 2017, 22:22

Cactus Jack,

My new prescription is -10.00, -1.50 090, 10, out, 11 up; and -10.25, -2.75, 005, 10, out, 11 down for the distance glasses. For the reading glasses it is -8.50, -1.50, 090, 10, out, 13 up; and -8.75, -2.75, 005, 10, out, 13 down. I wear different glasses for reading. My prescription is so long now.

Cactus Jack 09 Oct 2017, 14:25


I think you should change your nickname. NewGlassesSuccess, maybe. I am glad you got some glasses that work for you. Not being able to see well or comfortably is miserable, particularly in an environment where vision is critical to your success.

May I ask your new prescription?


NewGlassesTrouble 09 Oct 2017, 12:50

Hey, I'm back with new glasses, and these ones are not only helping me see well in the distance, but now they hell me see only one image and help me see close up. This time I was completly honest and straight forward during the exam. I told the doctor about my double vision and how I could not see most of the close chart, and I told the doctor about how sometimes the words on my page go in and out od focus or seem to switch up. I just got the new glasses, but will keep you guys in the loop on how theh end up workibg for me and my eyes.

NNVisitor 12 Sep 2017, 23:26


The distortion is caused by three things. The power of the glasses, your astigmatism correction and because the front of the lens is flat instead of curved the distortion is much worse.

Because you have double vision you need to go back to the person who tested your eyes and tell them about your double vision and the distortion problems with the glasses. In high prescriptions the only clear vision is through the center of the lenses. If you were to wear contact lenses you would no longer see everthing as small nor would you have the distortion you experience now. As far as I am aware contact lenses won't correct double vision. Only glasses will. This means that if you wore only one contact lens at a time you would only see one clear image but it is difficult because your clear vision is limited to one eye. You could alternate which eye you wear the contact lens in. With two contact lenses both eyes would see things much larger without distortion but you would still have double vision.

If you get your glasses redone with prisms to end you double vision things would still appear small and you would still have distortion.

It is rare to have glasses these days that are flat in the front. That is how they used to be made for about -9 or higher but these days even prescriptions much higher are still curved in the front but only a little curvature. Making the front of the lenses flat has made the distortion much worse.

How do you rate the new glasses that you are trying to adjust to? 1 You're disappointed with them. 2 You are very disappointed with them. 3 You utterly hate them.

If you are unhappy with the person who examined your eyes you may be better off going to a different one who works in a different place to explain your double vision and your new glasses problems.

NewGlassesTrouble 12 Sep 2017, 16:55

I am not sure if I have completly adjusted. Other than the smallness making it hard to read everything still looks distorted especially when looking through the sides. I have had these glasses since Friday. I have never worn contacts. The double vision is always there, and everywhere does not matter of I am reading, or looking at a board. From what I remember it started sometime around the second year with my old glasses so about 4 years ago. It was before that second missed appointment.

I hope I answered all your questions.

NNVisitor 11 Sep 2017, 22:56


Have you yet adjusted to your new glasses for seeing objects and people at a distance? Can you list any problems you still have wearing your new glasses other than the smaller image size?

My own prescription is somewhat similar to yours and I also wound up with a large prescription increase because I waited years before getting new glasses. My increase was large but yours is an even greater increase. I completely understand your adjustment problems. May I ask how long you have now been wearing your new glasses? Also have you ever worn contact lenses?

Do you have double vision every day? Seeing distant objects and people? Is it just temporary for less than a minute or all day long? How many years have you noticed having double vision?

One more thing. If you have worn your new glasses for over a week or two weeks and you feel you cannot adjust to them they can redo the glasses for the same prescription using a curved front and a more curved backside of the lenses. They may not want to and will say the prescription is correct. If you are unhappy with these glasses then you should adamantly stand up for your rights and say that you did some research and found out that the base curve used is causing your problems and that the glasses are impossible to adjust to. Before you make this request, if you absolutely feel you cannot adjust to these new glasses, please let us know here about whether your double vision problems last more than briefly each day as you may also need a prism correction.

NewGlassesTrouble 11 Sep 2017, 19:22

Cactus Jack

The double vision is kind of just always there, has been for some years now. It is like what I described happened after about a minute of the doctor opening both my eyes in the exam.

If the reading will get better on it's own I will probably just wait it out.

Cactus Jack 11 Sep 2017, 14:48


Are you having any trouble with double vision now, with your new glasses, for distance or when you focus close?

If you are having any discomfort when you focus close for using the computer or reading, the obvious thing is to consider bifocals or trifocals. I would like to suggest a temporary alternative that you can easily stop using as your Ciliary Muscles regain their strength.

The alternative is Clip-On Magnifiers. They are not very expensive. I suggest checking out the web site. Look under Reading and Magnifying>Clip-on Magnifiers. They come in two sizes depending on your frame size. They are available in powers ranging from +1.00 to +5.00. I suggest getting 3 powers +1.00, +1.50, and +2.00. The idea is to use the least power you can for the close task you are doing and and the distance to the target. The clue is comfort. While a stronger lens may be the most comfortable, ou don't want the magnifiers to do all the work for your Ciliary Muscles. You need to start with the muscles doing a little work and then gradually increase their workload until you not longer need them. It may take a few weeks or a month.

Rx-Safety had a special running with a 20% discount in you used the promo code MIDSUMMER17. The Ciip-on magnifiers are regularly about $15 each and with a 20% discount, 3 pair would be $36.


NewGlassesTrouble 11 Sep 2017, 11:31

Cactus Jack,

Thanks for getting back to me. To answer your questions, I live in the US, and my exam was with a local doctor, and I know of a few sites to order glasses, thanks though. As for the helping with reading, what do you suggest? Should I call the doctor and tell him about how I saw two charts? What do you suggest? What happened was it was like I saw one with each eye for about a minute, and then they mostly came together and it was like one image with another right next to it and slightly overlapping.

Cactus Jack 11 Sep 2017, 08:37


The optical power of a lens is the difference in the curvature of the front and back surface of the lens.

Minus lenses of less than -8.00 (it varies a little depending on the complete prescription) are typically made with a + front surface to minimize the apparent size of any reflections, others see. The reflections will appear smaller than actual size. If the front surface is +1.00 and the Sphere correction is say -6.00, the back surface will need to be -7.00.

Somewhere, along about -8.00, It becomes desirable to reduce the curvature of the front surface to 0.00 (flat front) minimize the amount of - curvature needed in the back surface of the lens. As the curvature of the front surface of the lens becomes less, the reflections from that surface become much larger and more noticeable to others. The best solution for the reflection problems with flat front lenses is an Anti-Reflective coating. (more about that later).

It is likely that your glasses were made correctly, but it is possible that there was an error. It does occasionally happen.

With that much of an increase in your Sphere correction and the length of time you have been wearing your old prescription, I suspect the examiner expected you to have some problems focusing close. I can guarantee that you are NOT becoming farsighted, but you could be experiencing some of the symptoms of Presbyopia with your new glasses.

I mentioned that in a previous post, but let me expand on that a little. Almost everyone develops Presbyopia (literally Old Eyes) at some point in their life. Presbyopia actually starts in childhood, but typically does not become a nuisance until your late 30s or early 40s where you need some additional PLUS or LESS MINUS in your glasses to help you focus close.

True Presbyopia is caused by the gradual stiffening of your Crystalline Lenses to the point where your Ciliary Muscles can no longer squeeze the Crystalline Lenses to increase their PLUS power. You Ciliary Muscles and your Crystalline Lenses are the variable focus ("auto-focus") elements in your eyes that allow you focus at all distances. Assuming your distance vision is corrected to 0.00, you actually cannot see anything closer than 20 feet or 6 meters without some additional PLUS in the optical system from somewhere.

The formula for calculating the additional PLUS was developed by Sir Isaac Newton (of gravity fame) around 1700. The formula is simple, but it ALWAYS applies, there are NO exceptions. Lens Power = 1 meter, 100 cm, or 39.37 inches divided by the Focus Distance (in the same units of measure). To focus at a typical reading distance of 40 cm or 16 inches requires +2.50 diopters from somewhere. If your auto-focus system still works properly, you can easily supply the +2.50 internally. But, if Presbyopia has reared its head, you may need some external PLUS (e.g. Reading Glasses or Bifocals) to supply some the PLUS needed.

At your age, it is unlikely that Presbyopia has progressed enough to cause focusing issues. However, the idea that focusing help is not needed until 40 is a myth. Close focusing can become a problem at any age. How rapidly your Crystalline Lenses become too stiff to do their job depends on genetics.

A more common reason for needing close focusing help in people who are Myopic, is de-conditionong of the Ciliary Muscles. A person who is Myopic effectively has "built-in" reading glasses. The PLUS power of those built-in glasses is approximately the opposite sign of the glasses power. IOW, if a person needs -2.50 glasses for distance, his built-in "eye power" is +2.50. Vertex Distance effects alter that statement a bit, your built-in PLUS is about +9.00 (astigmatism makes it a bit more) so your focus distance without glasses is about 11 cm or a bit over 4 inches.

Because you avoided getting an eye exam for so long, it is very likely that your Ciliary Muscles are very weak. Making it seem like a strain to focus to read right now. The good news is that by using your Ciliary Muscles they will get stronger and close focusing will be easier. However, the weigh lifting thing I mentioned is applicable here and you may need a little help until the muscles get stronger. I can help with that if you are having problems.

It was a mistake to not mention that you were seeing double, even briefly. You could have some muscle imbalance or eye alignment issues that are complicating your situation. I suspect that any mis-alignment is small and your Eye Position Control System (PCS) (my name) can easily deal with it, without any correction in your glasses. However, the EPCS needs good images at its primary input so it can track properly. Blurry images make it difficult. If a person has some mis-alignment, it may be desirable to prescribe a bit of prism correction to help keep the images fused. It depends on several factors that are too complex to discuss here.

I hope this has helped answer some of your questions.

It may be desirable to get a re-check of your glasses and a prescription check to ease your mind about your glasses. Before you get another eye exam, I suggest reading a piece I wrote "Hot to Study for an Eye Exam". It might be helpful.

I am in the process of updating and editing it and I should be able to post it in the next day or so.

Another couple of questions.

1. May I ask where you live (country)?

2. Did you get your exam at a large chain or an independent ECP?

3. Would you be interested in learning how to order glasses online for a lot less money?


NewGlassesTrouble 10 Sep 2017, 20:37

Cactus Jack,

I am a female, in my second year of college studying History and Psychology. I got my last glasses early in the summer before my freshman year of high school. For the next two years something either came up with me or my doctor and I had to miss my appointment and never rescheduled. Also around this time I started becoming very self conscious about my glasses and eyesight, and did not want to be told my eyesight got worse or that I needed an increase in my prescription, so I was glad when I missed those appointments and never wanted to go again because I was scared. I was fine until spring of last school year I started noticing I was having some trouble seeing the people sitting next to me's notes without hardcore squinting, glasses pushing, and moving closer. I never had problems with boards until this school year which is why I finally got my eyes checked, plus glasses were way outdated style wise and they were dirty and the color was coming off. I transferred to a new school and even sitting second row I had a really hard time seeing what my professors were writing and no amount of squinting or glasses pushing was helping. Before that I was in a small college where the fornt row and the board were usually within 5 feet of each other, and I am a front row to third row sitter.

Back to my original post, do you think the glasses are made correctly because the lenses look different and are not curved? Also, do you know why my doctor would check my near vision, am I also farsighted now? And lastly, the almost before the end of the end of the examinatiin the doctor opened both my eyes and asked if I saw one or two images. I felt like one was the correct answer so I said one even though I saw two for about a minute before they mainly became one. What is the point of that question? Why was I never asked thag or to read the near chart before?

Sorry for being so long and boring yoh with my story. I know it's pretty silly, but that's the truth.

Cactus Jack 10 Sep 2017, 16:42


It is amazing that you were able to go for 5 1/2 years without a prescription change. As I said, it is like getting your first pair of glasses and it is going to take some adjustment and getting used to them.

Vision actually occurs in the brain, your eyes are merely biological cameras. Your brain has the ability to correct the images delivered to it, IF it knows what something is supposed to look like. In many ways, your brain is a biological computer and it develops Algorithms to do image correction. Your brain is used to working with the images corrected by your old glasses. With that much increase, images will look smaller and if there was a change in your Astigmatism correction, images will look distorted until it develops a new image processing Algorithm.

I am not the least surprised that you are having some difficulty with reading. If this prescription is correct, your old glasses were like wearing very strong reading glasses with about +4.00. It is very likely that your Ciliary Muscles (focusing muscles) are VERY weak and are having difficulty focusing to read. For their size (very tiny) your Ciliary Muscles are the strongest muscles in the body, but like all muscles, they get weak if you don't use them. With your old glasses you probably have not been using them hardly at all.

You can get them in condition simply by using them to focus, but it may not be pleasant. In some ways it is like going to the gym and starting weight lifting with very heavy weights, it is painful and there are much better and more effective ways.

Some while back we had a 17 YO poster who had just received his first glasses of about -3.50. He could not focus enough with them to use a computer or read. The solution was temporary trifocals of moderate Add. That allowed is Ciliary Muscles to go to work, but not work as hard, until they became stronger and eventually he was able to just wear single vision glasses.

May I ask a few questions?

1. Your Gender?

2, Your Occupation? If a student, what are you studying?

3. How were you able to go for so long without new glasses?


 10 Sep 2017, 16:07

I am 19 years old.

NewGlassesTroubles 10 Sep 2017, 16:07

My new prescription is -9.75, -1.75 and 095 and -10.25, -2.25 and 005. The last one was about -6 and/or-6.5. Hope that helps.

Cactus jack 10 Sep 2017, 15:52


You did not provide enough information for us to be of much help. If it has been 5 1/2 years since your last eye exam, you likely had enough change to be almost like getting your first pair of glasses.

Could you provide the following:

1. Your complete new prescription?

2. Your previous prescription if you remember it? A guess is OK.

3 Your age?


NewGlassesTroubles 10 Sep 2017, 15:34

I finally got new glasses after about 5 1/2 years, and I thought everything would be good because during the exam I could see the chart well, but everything looks so small, and kind distorted. Also, I tgink theh messed up with the lenses, they are sticking out the fornt instead of curving like they should. This doctor I went to was new and did some different checks that my old doctor had never done, so I thought I liked this office, but these glasses are causing me problems eveb with reading my books.

Soundmanpt 05 Aug 2017, 18:22


I'm sure if you have continued reading all the comments you have noticed that I have been attacked more than anyone. OF course you know for sure that I am not you or Carrie or anyone other than myself. But I have thick skin and I do my best to ignore all the crap, otherwise they win. I have been here way long to be bullied away.

I only believed that May 1st post because the photo of the glasses was in fact taken in front of that same amplifier in several other pictures of glasses that you did post earlier. But some just reposted one of those older pictures of a pair of glasses. I am really glad to hear that post wasn't from you because I had promised you that wearing all those stronger glasses wouldn't have any effect on your actual eyesight. So it really made me feel bad when I read that wearing those glasses had caused a rather big change in your eyesight and you were wearing glasses full time. It was surprising because just as I had told you because of your age wearing stronger glasses shouldn't have had any effect on your actual eyesight. So I am very glad to hear that you recently got your eyes examined and their was no change in your prescription.

Now that you moved it should be no problem at all with wearing whatever glasses you want anytime you want without anyone having any reason to question you about your glasses. You had already gotten pretty brave about wearing them even before you moved.

María 05 Aug 2017, 14:11


Haven't been around in a while. I had a few hard times, also moved home, have been working a lot, and didn't have any urge to share my experiences with glasses, as I got a little tired of all the accusations and insults being almost the only feedback to my comments. I've been reading a bit, but haven't posted for a while. I see the hostile climate around here keeps going on, but fuck it.

That "María" that posted on May 1st isn't me. The photo they used I uploaded it on October 2016. It's way older than the posting. My vision remains stable at -0,5 -0.75 (I had an exam last month), so I just keep wearing every now and them some of the glasses I bougth.

About that, my collection has grown up, but lately I've been donating some of the pairs I didn't like using an app where people share stuff that they don't want but can be useful to others. I even bought, out of curiosity, a cheap used lensmeter so I could know the prescription of the glasses I buy... and the ones I have been giving away. I have some nice stories about that, I expect to write about it as soon as I have a little time. Also, I'll post photos of my new pairs. There are very nice ones.

I've been using a -4.50 -4.00 pair, not full time, not everywhere, but for a few hours some days, and I love them. I also love a pair of +6 round glasses that I bought, my eyes look huge. Can't see a thing, but they are a huge turn on. Almost everyday, I read in bed for almost an hour wearing +2 or +3 glasses. I love the feeling.

Anyways, I expect to return and post every now and then. Hope everyone is doing ok!

Cheers, María.

Crystal Veil 04 Aug 2017, 00:41


In the Netherlands we have a new chain called Eyelove. Their glasses are just below 50 euro and there is no extra charge if your prescription is high. They use 1.67 lenses for high prescriptions at no extra cost. Another advantage is that they can measure exactly what your lens thickness will be. It worked perfectly for a -12 prescription and the lenses (in a fairly large frame) were 6,7 mm thick, exactly as calculated. Eyelove is worth considering if they are active in your country as well.

antonio 03 Aug 2017, 22:11


as you probably know edge thickness increases with width of your lenses. So another possibility to reduce it would be to choose a frame with a width of less than 53 mm. Probably you don't want to, I see :-)

Best regards, antonio

Soundmanpt 03 Aug 2017, 08:01


I have quite a bit of experience with ordering glasses from Zenni. Over the past 13 years or so I have ordered well over several hundred pairs of glasses in various prescriptions. Mostly under -3.50 but several higher than that. One young lady I recall very well that wanted a semi-rimless frame and her rx was -4.50 in both eyes with some CYL as well. She insisted that she was only going to wear her glasses at night after taking her contacts off. So she didn't want to pay extra for high index lenses. I was surprised at how nice her glasses turned out even with the 1.56 lenses. Now of course you're a full diopter stronger. Have you considered going with the the 1.61 option which is only $19.00 extra? That should keep your lenses from looking like Coke bottle bottoms. I have have never had even one bad experience with Zenni's accuracy for the prescription being perfect. When you are placing your order it is going to recommend that you get the higher index lenses but you simple over ride it and click on the 1.61 option or the 1.56 if you decide to go that way.

JMB 03 Aug 2017, 00:31

Hi guys,

I'm ordering glasses online (Zenni) and would like a bit of guidance. My prescription is -5.50 in both eyes. I'd like to get a half-rim frame, as my current ones are full-rim metal and I look like a geeky high-schooler. I have my eyes set on a frame that has a 53 mm width. I plugged in the numbers, and 1.56 index would end up around 6.5mm thick -- but it is really cheap and I'm on a limited budget. However I don't want to walk around in coke bottles (yes, I'm a lurker on this site but want to look presentable). Will that thickness look awful? Should I shell out some more for high-index? And generally, can Zenni be trusted for prescription accuracy, measurements, etc? Thanks a lot in advance.

newglasseswearer 01 Aug 2017, 09:09

Hi everyone,

I posted this on the VISION thread but thought I might as well post it here too because the title of this thread is NEW GLASSES.

Yesterday, I got my first pair of glasses and I cannot believe how clear everything is! Now I actually want to watch TV because I can see everything on it! Also everything is so bright and colors are so vivid. Like i know everyone says this when they get glasses but can you believe it... there are leaves on trees?!!! It usually is all just one giant blob for me. School was one of the hardest times of my life as I literally could not copy down what the teacher was writing on the board even from the front row no matter how hard I squinted. Sometimes I would have to literally walk up to the board like about 6 inches away to see it clearly and it was really embarrassing but I didn't know how to copy down the notes another way. But anyways, I got my first pair yesterday around 4 pm. And when I tried them on in the store, I was BLOWN AWAY! I could see all the glasses around me in FULL detail! Then I took them off because my mom says that if I wear them often, my vision will deteriorate. Ugh it sucked when I took them off cause I literally could not see anything again. Then we went outside to walk to my mom's car and I put them on for a quick second and again I WAS BLOWN AWAY! (This was when I noticed the leaves on trees and people's faces from miles away!) My mom then said I could wear them on the way home to see what I was missing out on and I did and OMG in the car ride, I could see the time on the screen up front from the BACK ROW! I could also see road signs and wow it was quite an awakening. Then, when I got home, I took them off and everything was a BLUR! When I went to watch the TV, I decided to test out my glasses, and WOW IT WAS AMAZING! I could actually see letters on the screen and details of EVERYTHING! And I looked around my house and I could see so many details like the lines within my wooden floor! Went for a walk myself and everything was so clear and detailed and ughhhh I didn't realize how much i was missing out. But then I saw my friend from school and I was a little embarrassed to be wearing my glasses as I have never worn glasses till now. I can't wait to test them out at school on Monday but I'm a little afraid. I think I'm going to have to break the news to my mom that I will have to wear my glasses full time because I literally CANNOT see anything. I even have to wear them to see my computer clearly and in HD.

BTW, the doctor said my prescription is -3.25 in both eyes. Don't really know what that means but he said it was a super strong prescription for a first pair of glasses and now I can see why he said that!

Soundmanpt 25 May 2017, 15:34


Everyone sees differently even with the exact same prescription. I can only answer you by saying that many if not most usually go to full time wear at about -1.50. And you need to also take in consideration the astigmatisms you also have which also adds on a bit. But like you know there is no glasses police so how much you decide or feel the need to wear your glasses is totally up to you with the exception of driving of course which you already were doing anyway.

SB 25 May 2017, 13:10

Just got a new rx with a pretty significant increase. I was only wearing glasses to drive but not much else. Would you recommend wearing these all the time?

-1.50 -0.75 180

-1.50 -0.50 180


everything's fuzzy 24 May 2017, 20:24

I was at a nightspot a few years back. There was this blond about 25 y-o and 5'5", a tad overweight but very attractive and wearing plus prescription eyeglasses. An female acquaintance of hers came over to her to ask "Jill, why are you wearing glasses"? Jill replied: they're a new prescription. The acquaintance then asked "what do you have to wear them for"? Jill replied: for seeing. Acquaintance now asks "how do you like them? Jill replies "I hate them" Later that evening I noticed Jill pulling the glasses down her nose trying to see by peering over her frames.

A few weeks later Jill was back at the nightspot with several of he girlfriends. But this night she was not wearing glasses. I wondered if she decided not to wear glasses or whether she had contact lenses on. A few minutes passed by and I observed Jill reading a menu without any glasses. I assumed she hated her new glasses enough to get contact lenses. But as I recall from the earlier time that her eyeglasses Rx fairly strong, at maybe +3.00 and she likely had always wore contact lenses in public which is why the acquaintance was so surprised to see Jill wearing Rx glasses. And when Jill informed her that her glasses were a new prescription. That this was not her first time wearing vision correction. She likely wore her new glasses that night because her new contact lenses, the vision correction she prefers, were still on order. So she had little choice when going out that evening but to wear her new but dreaded prescription glasses.

antonio 24 May 2017, 16:02

Wow Maria,

welcome to the Club then.

Are you happy vor unhappy to have joined our Club of full time wearers so suddenly ?

Seems it was a surprise to you suddenly really needing Thema to See?

Hope they don't geht wer too offen Ehen you are gardening in summer, ? :-)

Still strange to need Them now?

Was it difficult for you to show up suddenly wearing Thema everywhere ?

Best regards, antonio

Soundmanpt 14 May 2017, 12:43


Sorry Stacy! But it looks like you better get used to the idea that you're going to be wearing glasses like it or not. The fact that they are having you come back in 6 months to examine your eyes again means that you have probably been in need of glasses for some time already. usually a first prescription is pretty weak and you only need to come back after a year. So it sounds like either they didn't give you your full prescription or they feel like your eyes are in transition and you may need an increase by then. But one thing I can tell you is that if the eye chart was blurry now you can expect it to be even more blurred at your next exam.

And no there is no way to cheat to not need glasses. There are many things that are far worse than having to wear glasses. Look around at how many of your friends wear glasses. Glasses are really quite popular with many young ladies these days. Have you been into a fashion boutique recently? If so have you not noticed the racks of fake glasses? That's because glasses are now considered a fashion accessory. Just instead of being unhappy about having to wear glasses to take your time in picking out glasses that look good on you. Don't go in with the attitude of just settling for whatever because you're angry.

Remember after your eyes get settled down more if you still hate wearing glasses you can always change to contacts.

Stacy 14 May 2017, 10:10

Well, found out I need glasses yesterday. If only my dad did not make that appointment I would be fine. And the doctor was kind of rude too, and just had to tell my dad to make sure I wear the glasses all the time. I don't understand why I need glasses. It is not like we look at eye charts all the time, or have to stand 20 feet away from everything we look at, or read at a certain distance. I get along just fine without them, so what if I could not see the letters on the charts. I have to go back in six months, is there anyway to cheat the exam, so that I won't get glasses?

Soundmanpt 02 May 2017, 09:43


First off i'm sure that i'm going to once again be accused of being you but so be it. You know that you are not me and that's all that really matters. I know that you are for sure the same person that was in here several months ago that was buying glasses on E-Bay I believe or other places maybe? I recognize the same amplifier in the background.

It was becoming clear that you really enjoyed wearing many of the glasses that you were buying and that you getting more and more daring by wearing various pairs even around your own area. At first you would only wear these glasses while in your house and when you got a chance to go to a different town where no one knew you. I remember that your own glasses were only -.75 and you only wore them for driving. You really didn't want your vision to get any worse than that. I know early on you mentioned your age which I don't recall but I know you were past the age where your eyes should have been affected by wearing stronger glasses. I sincerely feel bad for telling you what you were doing was okay and it wouldn't do any harm to your eyes. Apparently by wearing -3.00 glasses constantly during the winter and doing lots of work on your computer and reading was enough to change your eyesight. Were you putting your glasses on each day as soon as you opened your eyes and not taking them off until you went to bed that night? I know you didn't intent to ruin your eyesight when you started buying and wearing those glasses but you seemed to get a thrill out of wearing them as much as possible. Now that you have become a GWG are you okay with wearing glasses full time now?

Maxim 01 May 2017, 15:19

to Maria:

your 'Pierre Cardin' glasses are super, and you must be superpretty with them!

Corrected - sorry for the typos, it's after midnight here and I have been listening to the 'Foodrevolutionsummit'.

Maxim 01 May 2017, 15:16

to Maria:

your 'Pierre Cardin' glasses aresuper, and you msut be superpretty with them!

María 01 May 2017, 14:07

I have not posted recently, but here is my latest development.

Throughout the winter season,I had not been working much, so I spent many days indoors wearing some of my glasses constantly.I got to the point of wearing a minus 3.00 pair, and used them for close work on the computer, and for reading.

Last month it became apparent that when I awoke in the morning,my vision was very blurred unless I put on these glasses.My weaker pairs just did not help at all.

As you know I was always reluctant to wear glasses out and about, but now I had to.

This prompted me to seek an eye exam, and I now have a prescription of right eye -2.75 with -.75 cyl. at 142, and left eye -3.00 with - 1.00 cyl. at 154

So as you folkS here would say I am now a full time GWG.

Here are my glasses.

Cactus Jack 10 Apr 2017, 19:03


I have a bit of news that you probably will not like. Your prescription means that you have built in reading glasses with the strongest power they sell over the counter.

What that means is that your Focusing Muscles are probably very weak. The Focusing Muscles are called the Ciliary Muscles. The inside your eyes and are very tiny. For their size, they are normally the strongest muscles in the body. Their job is to Squeeze the Crystalline Lenses to increase their power, when you need to focus closer than about 20 feet.

The reason I wanted to mention this is that I strongly suspect that you will have trouble using your computer screen or reading until your Ciliary Muscles get used to going to work. In some ways it is like lifting weights to strengthen your arm muscles. When you start you use very light weights and even with that your muscles get sore. Your Ciliary Muscles will get sore, but that usually causes headaches.

Forewarned is Forearmed. There are several solutions when someone of your age gets their first glasses. Sometimes the Eye Care Professional will under correct by prescribing LESS Minus than you actually need. Other times they will prescribe bifocals or in extreme cases trifocals, to let you function until your Ciliary Muscles get strong enough that you no longer need them.

There are some other temporary solutions that we can help with.

From a practical standpoint, it will probably take a month or two to get your Ciliary Muscles in shape, but it is important that you not get discouraged.

If you are mathematically inclined, I can get into the math and physics of what is going on. Let me assure you that what you experience is very common for people with first prescriptions over about -2.00. The good news is that once you get your Ciliary Muscles in shape, you probably won't even need to think about bifocals or progressives for many years.


Maxim 10 Apr 2017, 13:53

to EMS (just very short):

The lower numbers of your collegue's prescrition mean, that she needs less correction than you need. Your vision is more blurry than hers.

ems 10 Apr 2017, 12:40

Hi Soundmanpt, i am a different person so no bifocals here!

@Cactus Jack: my age is 25. my occupation is secretary (a lot of close work and filing so I didn't realize it that much). I live in atlanta, georgia.

this reminds me that about 2 years ago i tried on my friend's glasses and they didn't help much so i thought i didn't need glasses. but i talked to her today and she said her numbers were -1.25 and -2.00 so i guess because her numbers are lower, her vision is worse than mine which is why the glasses didn't help? not sure but i remember still squinting severely through her glasses. i have been squinting like everyday but i don't think much of it.

also my coworkers have called me out for sitting too close to the computer which is why i got my eyes checked out, but i don't think its that close cause it feels normal to me. for reference, i sit about 6 inches from the computer screen.

Soundmanpt 10 Apr 2017, 12:11


In your earlier post you said that you were getting bifocals. But the prescription you posted is strictly a nearsighted prescription. Was there any other numbers where it said ADD?

Just as Cactus Jack said you do need to be wearing glasses and I think once you get a pair it won't take long before you realize how much you have missing out.

Cactus Jack 10 Apr 2017, 12:07


You seriously need to wear some form of vision correction - glasses or contact lenses. Those numbers mean that everything beyond 10-11 inches or 25-30 cm is increasingly blurry. You are nearsighted or Myopic. It is not "bad", but it IS significant.

May I ask a few questions?

1. What is your age?

2. What is your occupation?

3. Where do you live? (country)


ems 10 Apr 2017, 11:46

Hi, went to doctors and he gave me prescription of:

left eye: -3.25

right eye: -3.75

(he said i don't have astigamism)

What does my prescription mean? Is it bad? I've never had glasses before. I tried on glasses at the store and should be coming soon if I even need to wear them.


Soundmanpt 08 Apr 2017, 09:16


You didn't say what your age is but no matter. The fact that you're getting bifocals in no way has anything to do with your age. You would be surprised at the number of young people, 20 and even younger that are now wearing bifocals. Yes at one time your mother and grandmother usually got their first bifocals sometime after they turned 40. But their eyes weren't subjected to all the things your eyes are subjected to. Computer monitors, I-Phones and hand held games and even the way they are used such as all the texting has taken on toll on nearly everyone's eyes. You just don't know how many are wearing bifocals because they often get no line or progressive glasses. So their glasses appear to be single vision glasses. If you don't want anyone to know that you're wearing bifocals I would suggest that you get progressives as your first bifocals.

I will warn you to be extremely careful when you get your bifocals. The floor is going to look like it is waist high when you you look through the reading segment of your bifocals. That can easily cause a nasty fall down steps or even simple curbs. And it is even worse if you wear heels. So once you get your glasses try not to loom down while walking. And of course you will quickly learn that when you're reading you will need to move your eyes only down so they are looking through the reading segment. Once you get your glasses let us know how you're doing with them.

Em 08 Apr 2017, 08:42

I am getting new glasses on Monday, I am very nervous because they are going to be my first bifocals. Just saying that makes me feel so old, it would be my luck getting stuck with bifocals.

NNVisitor 01 Apr 2017, 13:12

Endless Eyewear offers designer eyeglass frames including prescription 1.59 lenses with anti reflective and anti scratch coatings up to -6 and +4 on a rental basis. There is a monthly fee of $34 which allows subscribers to obtain different frames with their prescription. Upon receipt of new frames and lenses the previous pair must be mailed back to Endless Eyewear. Subscribers can also purchase the glasses they want to keep at a 15% discount. Only available in the United States.

Maxim 28 Mar 2017, 15:18

Yes, I got these within 6 months approx of a new prescription after cataract OP:

No. 1 varifocals with a maximum add of +2.75 (42 cms reaading distance approx.)

No. 2 sunglasses - distance correction - for driving (it was June then)

No. 3 a very special prescription: bifocals for office work - an upper section of +1,25 for the screen, and a reading section of +2.75

No. 4 (arrived today, but was ordered on the 1st of November 2016 - a Zenni delivery): bifocals for driving and reading - I found the distortion in the varifocals irritating, when looking to the left or to the right - my sunglasses (without varifocal effects) were much better for driving, and the bifocals are withou distortion.

For the future I feel, that bifocals might be more 'granpas glasses than the invisible effect varifocals, but the vision is much better, as there is only the small reading lens, and 85% of the surface are without distortion!


I have ordered 30,00 Euro (equals nearly 30 $) varifocals from 'L'usine à lunettes, as they had sales and a nice reddish brown frame for 1,00 Euro only - I just could not let that go!

I feel, I'm going to order bifocal sunglasses as well (will be No. 6), as I have to read sometimes (delivery documents, maps, navigation system etc.) when I'm driving.

And then, I'll buy -8.00 bifocals (for -7.25 contact lenses) and + 6.00 bifocals for going out with GOC. I have tested this at home, with lenses sticked on my glasses. I love these GOC gamnes very much, and enjoy doing this when travelling, when nobody knows me.

KL 28 Mar 2017, 13:07


I do!

• I have a pair in my full distance prescription, mostly just used for driving

• Progressives that are 0.5 less for distance and with a 1.5 add (full distance prescription feels like too much and I don't like that. Progressives because while it's not impossible to read with [distance - 0.5] it is uncomfortable even short term and probably painful long term.)

• Computer glasses, 1.25 add (I hate progressives for computer use, and my job is a lot of detailed computer work all day every day)

• Reading glasses, 2.0 add

Roy 28 Mar 2017, 12:36

I put my new prescription in "Post your Prescription" a few weeks ago when I had an eye test and got some new progressives. Here it is again for reference:-

Right eye -1.50, -1.00 @ 88, prism 3 down & 12 out

Left eye -4.25, -1.00 @ 80, prism 2 up & 12 out

Add 3.00

Progressives are always a bit of a compromise for me as the high prism values limit the range of progressive types I can buy to the more basic ones. So I usually get some single vision glasses to supplement them for specific tasks. This time I went a bit "over the top" and bought four pairs with different prescriptions.

I got a pair with a 3.5 add for general reading use, a pair with a 1.5 add for use with a desktop computer, a pair with a 2.25 add for laptop use and a pair with a 5.0 add for really close detailed work, such as electronics which is my profession. All the glasses have (and need) the full prism correction.

I use all the pairs regularly and I have no regrets about buying any of them. Has anyone else found the need for so many pairs?

Soundmanpt 26 Mar 2017, 08:32


If you want your lenses to look thick then you want the 1.50 thickness. The 1.57 is a thinner lens option that you clearly don't want. Also when choosing glasses if you want your lenses to really be noticed then you should be looking at semi-rimless glasses. Much like your current glasses. A full frame will cover up much of the lens thickness.

Rebecca 26 Mar 2017, 08:05

Hmm, what pic?

I would like the lenses to be quite thick. I want the prescription to be as strong as possible that my eyes can adjust to. I adjusted fine to -3.75 but I don't know how much to increase now.

George1968 26 Mar 2017, 06:36


If that was your photo in the pic, those glasses will be very flattering.

Your spouse or partner will be very pleased.

How strong a prescription do you want?

Rebecca 25 Mar 2017, 23:13

I am thinking about purchasing these:

What prescription should I order? I'm currently wearing -3.75 and would like to increase as much as possible. Also, should I get 1.50 index lenses or 1.57? I like the lenses to be thick of course.

Confused 13 Mar 2017, 14:47

Thank you all for your responses. However, I did some actual measuring, and with my glasses on things get blurry at 8 and 13/16 of an inch(average of 5 measurements). It gets impossible to read at 4 and 5/8 of an inch. Lastly, without my glasses on I was able to see okay only 3 and 3/4 of an inch away.

Specs4Me 12 Mar 2017, 21:23


It appears that you have gotten some good answers; however, I think they have not totally addressed your question. So let me see if I can address your questions so that you get the full story:

It is correct that you have myopia, also known as nearsighted or shortsighted depending on where you live in the world. Your Rx is fairly strong, represented by the -9.25 and -9.75 which correct for your distance. Because the lenses are concave and relatively strong, they make things somewhat smaller at all distances.

You also have some astigmatism which affects your vision at all distances which is corrected by the cylinder correction in your Rx. -1.75 X 120 and -1.25 X 85.

Now, attempting to read a phone or book at 2" or 4" is asking a lot of your eyes, that can even be very difficult for persons with 20/20. Normal reading distances are at about 15" more or less, I may be wrong on the exact number and if so someone will correct me on that one. The point; however, is that our eyes were not designed to see things that close to our eyes when we have normal vision of 20/20 and with your glasses you should have 20/20 vision or close to it.

However, for those of us that are myopic, the eyes are not able to focus on distant objects, but because of the shape of the eye which causes the myopia, seeing at very close distances is possible.

So, the long and the short of it is that you should not expect to read at such a close distance with your glasses on, remember that you have a second strike against you because your lenses make things much smaller, You do have the advantage of removing your glasses and being able to see things at extremely close distances. In fact, without your glasses you should be able to see small things that most people would need a magnifying glass to see.

I hope this helps you understand your situation, ask more questions if you are still confused.

NNVisitor 12 Mar 2017, 17:24


Your glasses make distance vision better. They also can make it harder to see things very close. Without your glasses you'll see it great.

HighMyopic 12 Mar 2017, 17:13

Can you buy good quality myodisc glasses over 40 diopters from china?

Confused 12 Mar 2017, 09:46

So this is normal, and there is nithing wrong?

Soundmanpt 11 Mar 2017, 10:35


An add is the lower part of bifocals or progressives. Used for seeing close up.

Soundmanpt 11 Mar 2017, 10:33


Josh beat me by just a few seconds with his answer. I was about say nearly the exact same thing, that it really helps if know and can provide what the prescription your glasses are. But it does seem that you are nearsighted (shortsighted). So you really only need your glasses to see distances. That means that you not only don't need your glasses for close tasks but they are actually working against your eyes a bit. This is why when someone, mostly children, are given glasses for seeing distances they are often told not to wear them for extended time while doing homework or reading. So finding things such as a phone extremely close up with your glasses on being blurry is not unusual for most people. I'm sure threading a needle is much easier without your glasses unless you are able to do it at a normal distance. I see very few times where there should be a need for you to see something 2" or 4" in front of your glasses anyway and if there is and as long as you're able to see it that close without your glasses, then simply takeoff your glasses. It's possible that you're showing very early signs of needing bifocals. Otherwise for now I think that you're eyes and glasses are working just fine if there isn't any other problem with your eyesight.

Confused 11 Mar 2017, 10:08


Sorry, I just noticed what you said at the end if your post. What is add?

Confused 11 Mar 2017, 10:06


My prescription is: -9.25, -1.75, and 120; -9.75, -1.25 and 085.

Josh 11 Mar 2017, 10:02

Comfused, seems you have minus lenses, if you tell your rx, maybe i could help, when you are get used to see close with myopic eyes is better without glasses than with for close vision, maybe you need add to correct that problem.

Confused 11 Mar 2017, 09:45

Since I got my new glasses (about 8 months ago) I have realized if I bring something closer to get a good look at it it becomes blurry. Recently in the last month or so it seems that "closer" has gotten further. Yesterday my sister was wanting me to look closely at a picture on her phone, so she started shoving her phone in my face, and I noticed the picture getting blurry since about 2 and a half inches before my nose. This got me concerened, so I got a book and started seeing when it wilk get blurry, and it would start getting blurry at about 4 inches away, and unbareable at about 2 inches. I also noticed that without my glasses I do not have this problem. I am so confused as to what is happeneing. What is wrong with my glasses? Please help.

 10 Mar 2017, 13:42

Then don't drive if you already do, Lisa.

Lisa 10 Mar 2017, 12:49

I'm embarrassed of my bad vision so I've decided not to get glasses until I can no longer function without them. Thank you for the advice.

Soundmanpt 10 Mar 2017, 10:33


If you're curious to know if glasses might be of a help to you maybe you should consider going on line and ordering an inexpensive pair of glasses from either "" or "" both places offer glasses in your prescription for as low as $7.00.

Soundmanpt 10 Mar 2017, 10:28


Your first post back on March 8th you asked if you need glasses based on your prescription. Then you posted that you would just wait to get glasses until your vision in your better eye reached -2.00. Likelenses then suggested that you order glasses now with a -2.00 lens for your better eye which would better balance your eyesight with and without your glasses that way. What he is suggesting would only be speeding up what is likely to happen by holding off getting glasses now in your actual prescription. Antonio or I were suggesting that you get glasses, which is what you asked originally, in the prescription you were given. We were not suggesting that you ruin your vision in your better eye but rather reduce the strain on that eye. Now of course even if you were to get glasses in you actual prescription it's very possible that the vision in your better eye may still deteriorate in that eye because it could be that your eyesight changed more rapidly in the other eye. But as you know you're free to do as you wish.

Lisa 10 Mar 2017, 07:20

Likelenses, why would I want to ruin my good eye?

NNVisitor 09 Mar 2017, 23:41

Lisa you need glasses done in your prescription. Or get fitted with contact lenses. Then wear your glasses or contacts most of each day. It's very important that you do so so that you don't lose the ability to see with the weaker eye. That happened to my father who basically only could see with one eye for most of his life.

Likelenses 09 Mar 2017, 21:20


You could order online a pair of glasses with the -2.00 for your bad eye, and an overcorrection of - 1.50 for your good eye.

If you wear these glasses full time for about two weeks, you will have super sharp vision, and it will help your good eye to become balanced closer to that of your bad eye.

Lisa 09 Mar 2017, 19:03

Thanks, I'm going to wait until my better eye also becomes -2

Soundmanpt 09 Mar 2017, 09:32


There is no doubt at all that you do need to be wearing glasses and you need to be wearing them full time as well. Currently your vision is way out of balance. What Antonio has told you is correct. You're basicly only seeing with your -.25 eye. Your brain is simply turning off your weaker eye when you are looking at anything more than a couple feet away. This of course is putting added strain on your better eye as well. Since you obviously had your eyes examined in order to know what prescription you need for glasses was there a reason you didn't go ahead and pick out glasses right away? I'm sure during the test the doctor showed you how blurry everything was with your weaker eye compared to your better eye. Are you only trying to avoid having to wear glasses? Like Antonio said at some point not too far off your better eye is sure to weaken and you will be forced to get glasses then for sure.

HighMyopic 08 Mar 2017, 16:46


antonio 08 Mar 2017, 15:39

Hi Lisa,

I guess you do, if -0,25 is what you need for your better eye I´m sure you see still pretty good with this eye, but if you cover it with your hand, what will be your answer for your other eye ?

if you don´t get any glasses, your better eye has to do all the work of seeing, this might cause headaches, does it already ? And your worse eye could loose the ability to see perhaps as it sees so much blurrier than your better one your brain tends to ignore it, right ? if so you can loose the ability to see with both eyes, eye coordination or so,

so I guess you should get yourself some glasses and try them out,

plus it´s possible your now better eye might follow your weaker eye which would lead you into glasses anyway, right ?

if you like discuss with us on

best regards, antonio

Pat 08 Mar 2017, 14:13

What's your email address High Myopic? your glasses are fantastic.

inglasses2000 08 Mar 2017, 12:49


Thanks for your reply, if you are interested in chatting more about glasses, your new pair in particular please feel free to email me at

HighMyopic 08 Mar 2017, 05:51

The rx is +48 diopters. No prism. I am wearing these new glasses bareyed. No GOC. My real rx is -5 right eye and -6 left eye. These are +48 diopters.

Lisa 08 Mar 2017, 05:07

My prescription is -2.50 and -0.25

Do I need glasses?

Inglasses2000 08 Mar 2017, 04:26


Amazing looking lenses, the effect on your eyes in the picture of you wearing them seems to make your eyes cross and slightly look upward. What is the prescription and does it include any prisms.

LIP 08 Mar 2017, 04:01

Sorry , I meant High Myopic .

Lip 08 Mar 2017, 04:00


That's living the dream ! You doing GOG I presume ?

Do you wear your glasses all day ?


LIP (leo in Perth )

HighMyopic 07 Mar 2017, 16:37

I got my new strong glasses! I love to wear them!

Here is a side view of my glasses.

Here is a front view of my glasses.

Here is a top view of them.

Here is me wearing them

Soundmanpt 19 Feb 2017, 17:16

eye czech

Yes i'm sure there are fake in here but I also feel confident about the ones that I don't believe are fakes. Of course you have every right to believe whatever you wish but constantly making claims without any proof at all is so wrong. If you only look back a few comments ago one of the accusers said that Carrie had made comments that were contradictional to herself. All I asked was for him /her to prove it by pointing out any such comments by listing the date and time these inconsistencies occurred. I'm still waiting for that so called proof. Is it too much to ask you simply show proof of all these fakes. Remember your the accuser so it is up to you to prove them as fakes.

eye czech 19 Feb 2017, 14:56

I agree with the person who said we all. yes we all are tired of fakes like rafa maria carrie katie melissa rafa. gobs and gobs of gushing diarrhea spewing up eyescene with singly post probably I must say 4000 words per. its obvious the fakies stand up for the other fakies. it is odd that soundmans always the one to strike up a chat with these fakies who all know their precises eyeglass prescriptions including sphere and axis. maybe create a category called soundboard and he can carry away with the fakie lasses. i believe this board has only 10 bloody real people at this point. cheers.

Soundmanpt 17 Feb 2017, 16:58


Glad to hear that you got your new glasses from the optical shop and that you again are back seeing 20/15 again. I think that was what you said they planned on correcting your vision to. And I think it was a good idea to get another pair of glasses as well as a pair of prescription sunglasses because based on how much you're already able to notice the difference from your previous glasses to your new ones you wouldn't be happy if anything were to happy to your new glasses and your previous glasses were all you had to wear. I'm sure the more your eyes adjust to your new glasses it will be even more difficult if you had to get by wearing your previous glasses. And probably both pairs cost less than what contacts would have cost you. Yeah I have never ordered glasses from Coastal so I was a little surprised when you said that you HAD to get your glasses with 1.61 lenses. So I went in to their site and pretended to place an order for glasses with -4.00 lenses and sure enough just as you say it simply doesn't allow you to order the thicker lens which should not cost as much. As you know I am a big fan of Zenni and with Zenni it will RECOMMEND a 1.61 lens but you aren't forced to order it if you don't want it and you simply click on either the 1.50 or 1.57 lens option which both are free lenses. If you want the 1.61 lens it is a $19.00 option. But I do like the glasses you ordered and you should be happy wearing them and that is important. And since you wear your glasses full time getting the thinner lenses will make your glasses look really nice and also they will be lighter in weight as well so your nose may thank you by the end of the day for getting the lighter weight lenses. Nice to here that you're still with the same boyfriend because he really was a big help to you when i'm sure you really weren't all that confident about having to start wearing glasses. He clearly made let you know that your wearing glasses didn't change how he felt about you and how he must still feel for you. Two years sounds pretty serious to me. Could wedding bells be very far off? "Just sayin" Not a bad idea having him help you picking out your glasses since he is the one that sees you the most and of course you want to please him as well with glasses that flatter your looks. You're right that it can be a problem trying to see how you look wearing different glasses if you can't see very well without your glasses. Next time you get your eyes examined go in wearing your glasses but after the exam ask for a trial pair of contacts so you can see yourself better.

That was what i seemed to remember with your sister. I'm sure when she got her first glasses she was probably like many others a bit on the shy side about being seen wearing glasses. And of course her first glasses were probably weak enough that she was still able to see pretty well without them. But once her eyesight got a little worse and she saw you wearing your glasses all the time gave her that same confidence that you had. And as long as she has no intention of sticking tiny pieces of plastic on to her eyes she doesn't have much choice if she wants to see. She seems to have even made wearing glasses fun by making her glasses just another fashion accessory. but to that of course you need more than just one pair. So good for her. Just curious if you were unhappy with your Zenni glasses? Seems to me from what I saw Coastal is a bit more expensive, but if you like their glasses more then that's understandable.

Katie 16 Feb 2017, 18:14

I just picked up my new glasses after class today and its great to be able to see perfectly again. I did compare my glasses on the way home and it was a huge difference particularly for my left eye which makes sense as the doctor said it was catching up to my right. It's nice to know that my eyes are changing much slower now and I'm hoping that they don't get too much worse from now on. You're right that since I'm not spending anything on contacts I can order another pair of prescription sunglasses since I'll need them without my contacts anymore. Also I did order those glasses from coastal and they required that I order 1.61 index lenses, I guess because my prescription is higher now so that kinda sucks. The 1.67 are much more expensive so I hope my vision never gets bad enough to need those. My boyfriend thinks I look good with the semi rimless glasses but since I've had problems with the wires in the past I didn't want to get them as my main pair but I should get them sometime next week and it will be nice to have options. I am still with my boyfriend, we've been together for over 2 years now. I love having him help me pick out my glasses since I'm a bit indecisive when it comes to getting new glasses, that and it can be hard for me to see what I look like in new glasses without my glasses on.

You're right about my sister, I think that right about the time when she got her second pair of glasses she started needing to wear them all the time. However, she can't stand touching her eyes or even eye drops so I'm not surprised that she never went for contacts. Besides I think she enjoys using glasses as an accessory now and has ordered a bunch of pairs from coastal, she actually recommend them to me over winter break.


I don't know my sister's exact prescription now, I only knew before because I ordered her a pair of glasses and since she is in college now she has been buying her own. She mentioned over winter break that her glasses were stronger than before and I think she said something like -3.50 but I don't know much more than that. As for the Christmas photo, I didn't even think about taking my glasses off for it and didn't notice that we all had glasses until we were sending them out to relatives, I just thought it was kinda interesting. When I first got my glasses I was always taking them off for pictures partly because I didn't want everyone to see me in glasses and partly because I just thought I looked weird wearing glasses in a photo. Even when I was used to seeing myself in a mirror with glasses somehow seeing myself in a photo with glasses just seemed strange so I'd take them off. Once I started wearing them all the time I left them on for pictures and now I think I look really different without my glasses although it is always a bit odd when I get new glasses and have to get used to a new look.

Reality Check Indeed 16 Feb 2017, 08:46

I am a bitter, virgin troll, living in Mommy's basement in the trailer park. While I enjoy my girlfriend once she is inflated, I would really like to get to know actual girls like Carrie and Melyssa and Maria so they could show me what girls with glasses could do to make me happy.

rafa 16 Feb 2017, 02:50


You're entitled to believe that Carrie or anyone who posts here is a fake, but don't GENERALIZE. Don't say "we ALL know". It's very tiresome.

I've only been visiting this site for about a year. And there's no doubt in my mind that Carrie is real, the same way Maria isn't.

(of course you might now think that I'm not real...)

I think fakes have a way of discrediting themselves over time - their stories become inconsistent and devoid of personality, which is clearly not Carrie's case. And fakes eventually get tired of faking and suddenly disappear.

Maybe you don't like the stories Carrie tell, or the way she tells her stories. I, for one, like them, and I have a feeling I'm not the only one.

Soundmanpt 15 Feb 2017, 15:20

Reality Check Indeed

Seems to me a terrible way to go through life with the idea that "Everyone who posts here must be presumed to be fake or full of shit" The rest of your statement I don't disagree with because the president has at the very least made up stuff. So I have no problem if you choose to ignore anything from those that you believe to be fakes. You certainly have every right to believe what you want to believe or not believe.

Soundmanpt 15 Feb 2017, 15:01


You have every right to believe what you want to believe or not believe and so do I. For one thing the main reason I do believe is because she has never shown at anytime any changes in her stories as you call them. In fact since you are so sure and you're the accuser then show these changes you claim. point out the exact day , time and year. A good accuser should have that information on hand don't you think?

Reality Check Indeed 15 Feb 2017, 14:44

Everyone who posts here must be presumed to be fake or full of shit, not unlike an orange-faced pathological liar who somehow was elected president. Unless Carrie starts live streaming her encounters, or the long-vanished Melyssa returns to showcase her supposed drop-temple collection in real time, etc., we would get along better if we treat these threads as pure fiction and nothing more.

you 15 Feb 2017, 14:34

It's not that simple. Haven't you noticed something yet Soundmanpt? You are the only person to have discourse with "Carrie." The rest of us figured out a long ago that she's been a long-time fake. It is sad really. I think it's sad really. You want to believe so much that you can't see past the love blinders. You missed the changes in her stories. The heavy handed explicit descriptions of lesbian sex. And even how "Carrie" knows the deep intimate thoughts of everyone she meets. I hope some day you will see what we ALL have seen for years. Til then... as PT Barnum said... awww look it up.

Alexandra 15 Feb 2017, 12:10

Hey Katie,

Nice to hear from you. How are you doing with your new glasses ?Does it makes a big difference?

Your sister had -2.25 and -2.25 -0.25 x 150°

What is exactly her new prescription ? Does she still have some cylinder correction ?

Thank you for the update and congratulations for the Christmas photo. I took my glasses of for our Christmas card!

Soundmanpt 14 Feb 2017, 10:44

First timer

Well that's because their glasses are a stronger prescription than what your eyes need. The prescription you got is really about the weakest that a doctor will prescribe anyone. If you were only -.25 in both eyes the doctor would have only suggested that you come back in a year for an exam. So for most -.50 in both eyes is usually the weakest glasses they will prescribe unless you demand it. I'm sure you were probably only told that you should wear your glasses when driving and anytime you feel like you need them when looking at something in the distance. Now of course if you like wearing your glasses and want to wear them more often that is perfectly okay to do and it won't do any harm to your eyes. Anyway so now you understand that by looking through both pairs of your glasses most likely is about the same or close to what some of your friends glasses were that you were trying on.

first timer 14 Feb 2017, 10:28

Thanks. When in the past I looked through other's glasses things were typically smaller and further away. That is why I was at first surprised that when I got mine that they made things a tad bigger and moved things a bit closer.

Soundmanpt 14 Feb 2017, 09:59

First timer

Yes, that's very normal. Of course as you know what you're really doing is doubling the power of your glasses. So with both together it's the same as wearing -1.00 / -1.50 glasses. And the effect should be that things look smaller but they should also appear very sharp, clear and intense as well. It is common that nearly everyone's eyes enjoys having their eyes slightly over corrected. What you did might be just a bit more than your eyes wanted but if you were to go on line today and order a pair of glasses in -.75 / -1.00 you would probably love those glasses more than the ones you just got because instead of only being corrected to 20/20 you would be seeing 20/15.

Enjoy your new glasses.

First timer 14 Feb 2017, 08:17

Just got first glasses, -0.50 and -0.75. Been playing around with them. When I put them on things appear a bit bigger and closer and I like that. When I put my second pair on over these, everything got smaller and more distant. Is that normal?

rafa 14 Feb 2017, 04:38


Great choice!! Love the frames, big and bold.

Go for it!

SoCal 13 Feb 2017, 22:15

Well the time has come for some new specs. It's been 5 years with my beloved Oliver Peoples and it's time to branch out and go more bold (and use my insurance benefits). Although this time, not as bold as my L.A. Eyeworks phase some time ago, but still but still fun and bold, nonetheless. What do you all think about these?

Carrie 12 Feb 2017, 17:27

Thank you Soundmanpt. I'll probably get accused of being you now that I have commented after you.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but there is no need to be so rude. Personally it doesn't offend me but it may offend others. As has been said before if you don't like what I write then don't read it. Swearing so much in just a few lines of text makes you look very immature or lacking in intelligence. Maybe it is because you are not very intelligent that you don't like reading so much. Too many long words? Maybe I should use words that don't have more than two syllables so you can understand the words more easily. English is clearly your first language as someone whose first language isn't English wouldn't use the F word so much.

Apologies to everyone else for being off topic.

Soundmanpt 12 Feb 2017, 11:44

When someone comes in here and their a fake they seem to make comments for maybe a couple weeks or even a month or two and then they just disappear into thin air. They have their fun and move on. If you go back in "Eyescene" you will find that Carrie has been here for well over 6 or 7 years now. And she has always been very clear and accurate about some of her college friends and about their glasses and when they got them and many other facts as well. I really don't think anyone would bother taking that much time to go back and research things they said from so far back. Also she has been on numerous threads so that would make even that much more difficult to go back and find details just to keep up the surrade.

So your entitled to your opinion but if theirs one person I completely believe to be real it's Carrie. And just like I have said before I am not ever going to accuse anyone of being a fake unless someone shows me "solid" proof. But of course like Carrie I get called a fake quite often as well and I have only been coming in her for over 10 years now.

Curt 12 Feb 2017, 08:19


 12 Feb 2017, 03:08

can we stop with the fucking walls of text? how long is it going to take before you realize carrie is fake so we can move the fuck on?????????

Soundmanpt 11 Feb 2017, 17:27


Glad to hear that you and everyone had such a great dinner and evening together. Nice to hear that you still have feelings for your ex even though you are both very happy with your new mates these days. You know I would be surprised if he doesn't feel the same way about you as well. Were you surprised to see his girlfriend wearing new / different glasses since you last saw her? So I know how much attention you pay to attractive women wearing glasses so which glasses does she look better wearing? The ones she had on Friday night or the ones you saw her wearing before? She must thing that the ones she wore Friday are abetter choice for an evening out than the other pair. So you must have asked her about her glasses. Did she notice or complement you on your glasses? You said the main talk all evening was about glasses which i'm sure 2 people at that table were enjoying. Of course you and also the lovely Vicky. I'm not at all surprised that Vicky "nags" Danielle making sure she is wearing her glasses as instructed. Vicky i'm sure wants Danielle to wear her glasses full time just like you do. Vicky is glasses crazy herself so of course she wants her partner to be wearing glasses as well. And Danielle just doesn't get it does she? When the girl slides her glasses down her nose and looks around just an average size room and she admitted that "everything looked sharper and the colors more defined" then slides her glasses back up and says that "it's just not enough to need glasses for all the time" The point is if she did that and said that there was no difference at all or that it was better without glasses then yes she doesn't need her glasses full time. At one time she was able to say exactly that, but her eyesight isn't that good anymore and she simply can't see as well without them now. What does she think her glasses are for? At the opticians they did almost everything except tell her to wear her glasses full time. She didn't have much of a change in her new glasses that you and I both know she shouldn't need as much as 2 weeks for her eye to adjust to a small change. They are hoping that after she wears her glasses for 2 weeks that she will decide that she can see better, which she can, if she continues to wear her glasses full time after the 2 weeks. but she is so determined that I have a feeling once the 2 weeks are over she will go back to wearing them as little as possible.

Soundmanpt 11 Feb 2017, 16:38


You may recall that I told you shortly after you got your first glasses that you would likely be needing some increases in your glasses but your eyesight would never become all that bad. But i'm sure you were concerned at the rate your eyes seemed to have gone almost overnight from you're not wearing glasses at all to needing your glasses full time in such a short time. I think you now understand that what happened was that you actually needed glasses much sooner than you actually got them and the result was that your first prescription was a bit stronger than most first prescriptions. So in effect your glasses were just trying to catchup to your eyes. So now they pretty much have caught up. What you decide about getting a second pair of glasses of course is totally up to you. What you might want to do is wait until you get your new glasses, wear them for a week or so and then try wearing your current glasses for a day just to test how well your able to see with your weaker glasses. But I have a feeling you won't like the results of that test. Since you started wearing glasses it seems that your eyes are more sensitive now if they aren't seeing as clearly as they should be. That was the case when you noticed the Christmas lights not looking right and as you know your eyes had changed but so slightly they even suggest that you get new glasses. Look at it this way, you said that you don't bother with contacts anymore and you wear glasses full time so what you're saving on the contacts should more than pay for a second pair of glasses but also a new pair of prescription sunglasses as well. Besides isn't it kind of nice to change from one pair to another pair just to change your looks a bit? The glasses you posted look very nice and you may even recall me telling you when you ordered a pair of semi-rimless form Zenni a couple years ago that I really like that style on young women. So either from Coastal or Zenni that is up to you which you prefer. As far as lens thickness goes I don't much about Coastal's lenses, but I have ordered semi-rimless from Zenni in the past and I have even only go the 1.57 lenses and they looked fine. But going to the 1.61 for sure should be fine for your prescription.

I remembered when your sister got an increase to -2.25 she seemed to be getting more dependent on her glasses too and was beginning to wear them a lot more. But I know she was very reluctant when she got her first glasses about being seen wearing glasses and you even thought that was why she didn't go for her driver's license right away. So there was always the possibility that she would opt for contacts. But she apparently has found out what you already had found out, that wearing glasses really isn't all that bad. But to be fair I know you weren't too thrilled about wearing glasses either at first but you're bf was a lot of support and encouragement to you and that had to be a huge help knowing his feelings for you didn't change just because you were wearing glasses. Are you still with the same bf?

I remember you mentioning about the difference from your family Christmas photo from 2014 where you or your sister either one were wearing glasses and the 2015 photo you and your sister were both wearing glasses.

Carrie 11 Feb 2017, 11:33

What a lovely evening I had! The food was delicious thanks to Gemma (I did help a little bit but she always prefers to do most of it herself). My ex boyfriend and his girlfriend arrived first. He looked very handsome and I have to admit that I got a little tingle inside that told me that I did still fancy him a bit! His girlfriend looked as beautiful as ever. She was wearing different glasses from the last time I saw her. They weren't new but were the other pair she got when she got the ones I saw her wearing. Danielle and Vicky arrived a short time later and I was pleased to see Danielle was wearing her glasses. She kept her glasses on all evening. To my delight the conversation was about glasses and eyesight for a while when my ex complimented my glasses (one of the pairs of round ones I got online) and then asked Danielle how long she had been wearing glasses. Danielle explained that after having glasses for reading and close up work for a few years she now also needs them for distances. My ex said "So I take it you wear them all the time?" She replied "Not exactly. I have to wear them for a couple of weeks to get used to the stronger prescription then it's up to me when I wear them." She looked at Vicky and said "This gorgeous woman nags me if she catches me without them on!" My ex asked how the 'getting used to them' was going. Danielle said that she did seem used to them now but will give it another week to make sure. She looked over her glasses for a moment before looking through them again. She admitted that everything did seem sharper and colours more defined with her glasses on but not enough to need glasses all the time. My ex's girlfriend asked why Danielle didn't want to wear glasses all the time. Danielle said that the more she wore her glasses the worse her eyes seemed to get. My ex's girlfriend said "I know what you mean and I used think the same but my optician told me that my sight would still have got worse without glasses." My ex added "You have chosen a good frame that really suits you!" Everyone agreed and Danielle thanked us.

There was a bit more about glasses and eyesight we talked about that I might put here another time.

We didn't get too girly with our chatting, luckily for my ex!

Knowing that Danielle is borderline needing her glasses full time and seeing her wearing them is fantastic. Gemma looked incredibly sexy and sophisticated in her lovely dress. All the ladies (including me!) looked very glamourous. It was so good to see four very fanciable glasses wearing women in one room. By the time the evening was over and Gemma and I went to bed I was feeling very frisky. Without going into any details we didn't go to sleep until much later! We didn't get up until about midday after....Well you can imagine! We forgot that our guests had also stayed the night but I don't think they heard us. They all had only just got up when we emerged. Danielle was wearing her glasses and was still wearing them when her and Vicky left after we had some brunch.

Katie 11 Feb 2017, 11:24

Looks like the link didn't work in my last post, here are the glasses I was looking at last night:

Katie 11 Feb 2017, 11:10

Yeah the doctor said that I shouldn't really expect any large changes in my vision from now on especially once I finish school. You are right that I had an updated prescription but I didn't fill it at the time since it wasn't a large change from what I was wearing at the time. Since then my eyes got a bit worse and it became more noticeable (not just the blue lights at night) but overall not as big of a change as the last time I got new glasses. I haven't decided whether I want to order another pair on line yet although I probably should since I can't really see much without my glasses and if I lost or broke my new pair I'd have to use an old prescription. I did look a bit online last night and my boyfriend really liked these: since I got a pair of larger plastic frames from my eye doctor this time. He said I looked good in my old zenni glasses that were a similar style so I may order those. It did say that I need either 1.61 or 1.67 index lenses with my prescription though I'm not entirely sure which one would be better.

Also my sister has been wearing her glasses full time for quite awhile now and has never even tried contacts. She just started college last fall and when she came home for winter break she had new glasses. She is doing pre-med so lots of studying and reading and she couldn't read the board towards the end of the semester so she had to get new glasses. I think she said that she was something like -3.25 or -3.50 in both eyes now so we are just about as blind as each other now. Before she would go around the house without them sometimes, especially in the mornings, but over winter break she had them on as soon as she got up and with her new prescription I can definitely understand why. My sister, my cousins and I also took an extended family Christmas photo and everyone had glasses this year so I guess bad vision really runs in the family.

Soundmanpt 10 Feb 2017, 21:02


Your right it has been a very long time since you were in here. But I honestly didn't think it was 2 years. It didn't seem quite that long, but sure enough I went back looking and it was even more than 2 years. You got your eyes checked on Aug 26 2015 and you got your current glasses on Sept 8th 2015. Then while looking that up I first came across when you're glasses broke and while there you had your eyes checked because you were having some issues with the blue Christmas lights. You were actually given a slightly stronger prescription at that time of R -4.00 / L -2.50 .-75 170 but since the difference wasn't that much you didn't upgrade your glasses. So what all that really means is that actually your eyes really haven't changed much at all from that eye exam back on Dec 5th 2015. So since that date your eyes only changed by -.50 in both eyes or even better put less than -.25 each year. Are you going to order a backup pair from Zenni again? And even that change most likely was caused by all the close reading you are doing in college.

How is your sister doing with her glasses? I know she wasn't all that excited about having to wear glasses in the first place but she reluctantly finally was pretty much wearing them full time once her prescription reached -2.25 in both eyes. Anyway always good to hear from you.

Katie 10 Feb 2017, 17:04

It has been forever since I last posted here but I've been really busy with school and then moving over the summer so I haven't had much time lately. I did get my yearly eye exam today however and I thought I'd post an update real quick. I had been noticing that it was a little difficult to read the board from the back of the lecture hall and that street signs were a bit blurry at night so I figured that I'd probably need to get my glasses updated. My new prescription is R -4.25 L -3.25 -0.50 x 163 which the doctor said was definitely a large enough change to warrant new glasses since my current glasses were still R -3.75 L -2.25 -0.75 x 170 from two years ago. I decided to skip getting contacts this time since I found myself hardly ever wearing them and just spend a bit extra on a nicer pair of glasses. The doctor said that my right eye hadn't changed much but now my left eye was catching up a bit and balancing out with my right but that once I finish college my vision will probably start to settle and change a lot slower and that my eyes are healthy and just need a little extra to get back to 20/15. I should be getting my new glasses early next week and it will be great to see in perfect HD again.

Soundmanpt 09 Feb 2017, 15:08


I'm surprised that Danielle went this long without replacing her broken glasses. I just looked back because it seemed longer than just slightly over 2 weeks since she broke her glasses. It was lucky for her that she was able to tape them well enough that she was able to wear them. I assume she must have tried her previous glasses and found them to be on the weak side. Considering her current glasses were already slightly weaker than the prescription she was given at her most recent eye exam when she chose not to get new glasses. Were you somewhat turned on watching the assistant do the fitting of each pair of glasses as she was putting on and taking the glasses glasses off of Danielle? And it had to be music to your ears when she asked Danielle which pair she wanted to leave on? I forgot that since Daniele was getting new glasses she was getting her most recent prescription put into them. So i'm sure even with a slight increase Danielle's eye's still needed a little bit of time to adjust to the difference. And just as you know with your own glasses your near vision is perfect right away but distance can be a bit blurry at first. The assistant did probably assume since Danielle came in wearing glasses that she likely wears her glasses full time but she also saw on the paperwork what Danielle's prescription is and that also was a why she though Danielle wears her glasses full time already. An assistant knows pretty well just by seeing what someone's prescription is about how much they wear their glasses. Carrie your smart young lady and i'm sure you took note that not only is Danielle supposed to wear her glasses most of the time for the next week or two so her eyes can get used to the prescription. But we both know that with just a small increases Danielle isn't going to need that long for her eyes to adjust. You've had bigger increases than she apparently got and I have a feeling it didn't take anywhere close to that long for your eyes to adjust? I think she was just trying to encourage Danielle into wearing her glasses full time after that week or two. That was also why she was told that besides wearing her glasses fro driving she now needs to start wearing the for other distance things such as going to the cinema. But if she is now supposed to wear them for the cinema then she also need to start wearing them to concerts or sporting events or even watching a TV at a pub. So really she should be wearing the all the time now. You mentioned that one pair of her glasses are Bay-Ban Clubmaster and that is a favorite of mine for young women. Those glasses look hot on every woman I have ever seen and I have little doubt that Danielle is no exception. So now I am really rooting for her to go full time wearing her glasses too. I know you can't say too much to her except to encourage her by letting her know that wearing glasses full time isn't a big deal and will always know where her glasses are and that by wearing them it is far less likely for them to get broken. Maybe being in a room with 4 other very attractive glasses wearing ladies will help her to see that she isn't the only young lady that wears their glasses full time. I'm really jealous of your ex He is one lucky guy to be sitting not only with his own hot glasses wearing girlfriend but you other ladies as well. So I guess as far as Danielle I guess we will first have to see if she does what the optician suggested she do and wear her glasses all the time for the next week or two and then what she does after those weeks are past. By the way do you remember when Danielle and Vicky got their eye examined? It really seems like it has been close to a full year. I am asking because I think Danielle and Vicky are both due eye exams very soon.


Plus Tony 09 Feb 2017, 14:47


Yacking or not, I can think of few better ways to spend an evening than with five beautiful bespectacled ladies!

Seriously though I wonder if Danielle is finally going to realise that the best place for her glasses is on her nose permanently? We'll look forward to hearing how it goes. The fact that she has invested in a pair of Raybans must surely be a good sign!

In a way it is a pity that the lady in the shop didn't say something like "Well most people with your prescription would probably wear their glasses all the time so I assumed you would" but she did give her a definite nudge in the right direction. Hopefully if she follows the advice she'll realise after a couple of weeks that she'd be better off leaving them on.

Carrie 09 Feb 2017, 13:10

We went with our friend Danielle to pick up her new glasses last Saturday. As I mentioned in Sightings a couple of weeks ago, the glasses she was replacing were still taped at the hinge and couldn't be folded to go in their case so she was wearing them. Luckily the tape was barely noticeable so her glasses didn't look too bad. We got to the opticians and Danielle was served almost straight away. She had ordered 2 pairs of glasses. The lady serving put the first pair on Danielle and checked the fit was good and comfortable after adjusting them a couple of times and checked how well Danielle could see with them. She did the same with the second pair. Danielle said she could see perfectly close up with the new glasses but the distance was just very slightly out of focus at first but got better if she concentrated. She took the second pair off and commented that she could see across the room slightly better with the glasses on but it wasn't a huge difference. The lady gave both pairs of new glasses an extra polish on the lenses and asked Danielle which pair she would like to wear now. Danielle was a little bit surprised and said "I wasn't going to wear either of them. Do you think I should?" The lady replied that she assumed Danielle wore glasses full time because she came in wearing her old ones. Danielle explained why she had her glasses on when she came in said that she normally only wears her glasses for reading and working and more recently for driving because driving makes her eyes feel tired and she found that her glasses stop them feeling tired. The lady suggested to Danielle that it might be a good idea to wear her glasses most of the time for a week or two so she could get used to the new prescription and then she if she isn't going to continue to wear them most of the time she should wear her new glasses as she did with her old ones but also to wear them for looking at distances such as watching a film at the cinema. In fact she should wear her glasses in any situation that she feels her eyes straining or feeling tired. Danielle put the first pair back on, which were Ray Ban Clubmaster frames, and put her old glasses in the empty case (the tape came off the frame when Danielle folded the arms closed). The other pair of new glasses were large plastic frames. Danielle put them in their case and put both cases in her bag. She thanked the lady and we said goodbye and left.

Danielle kept her new glasses on. I told her I was rather jealous that she looked so good in the Clubmaster frames because that style just doesn't suit me. She got me to put her glasses on and she looked at me with a big smile and said "You're absolutely right, they don't suit you! They don't look ridiculous just not right for your face. But you look fantastic in yours!"

A bit later in the day I casually asked her how well she could see in the distance now she had been wearing her glasses for a few hours. She said it was certainly no worse than without glasses, about the same. She concentrated on a shop sign up the street for a few seconds before pulling her glasses down her nose to look over them. She admitted that, like in the opticians, if she concentrated it was actually clearer but she could still read it without glasses.

Just before Gemma and I went home I asked Danielle if she was going to do what the lady in the opticians suggested. Danielle replied laughing "Yes mum!" but added more seriously that she would.

That was a great day seeing Danielle wearing one of her new pairs of glasses all day and knowing she is probably going to wear them full time for several days.

Danielle and her girlfriend Vicky are coming to dinner on Friday night. My lovely ex boyfriend and his gorgeous girlfriend are also coming. So it will be 1 man with no glasses and 5 women with glasses! Lucky boy! (It might actually poor boy stuck in a room with 5 women yacking away!)

Soundmanpt 04 Feb 2017, 22:37


You have not posted since Nov 2nd. You are making the "nar sayers" appear right that you are not who you say you are which also makes me and a few others who defended you. Now even I am beginning to have doubts.

Cactus Jack 14 Jan 2017, 00:26


When I was getting ready for the surgery, they used an ultra sound probe that very lightly touched the Cornea to measure the structure of my eyes after administering anesthetic drops so I would not feel the touch. The reason for the very light touch to avoid deforming the Cornea by any pressure. The dimensions of the structures of the eye are small and the lenses involved are very strong. For example, a 1 diopter refractive error is typically the result of a 0.3 mm error in the distance from the crystalline lens to the Retina.

With those dimensions they can calculate the IOL power needed to achieve the desired prescription. However, IOLs only come in 0.50 diopter increments and the measurements are not super precise. They can get pretty close, but they don't always wind up with the exact target prescription. Sometimes the prescription is fine tuned using Lasik.


SC 13 Jan 2017, 11:00


My mother has developed cataracts. Her best eye has gone from +2.25 to around -1.00 - I can tell because I'm hyperopic and can see distance through the reading segment. Her worst eye (+2.75) is quickly heading in the same direction.

She was offered the chance of the op last year but said no (I don't know why) but has gone back this year and been given a wait of 4 weeks for the op on NHS in UK.

Seems to be 3 parts:

- first consultation - explain the procedure and risks

- meet with the guy who is going to do it - lots of eye drops

- then the op itself

I'm not sure how they get an accurate rx - I assume the crystalline lens has puffed up to go from +2.25 to -1 and I don't know how much it will reduce again after the cataract material is removed

Cactus Jack 12 Jan 2017, 18:54

Glasses questions,

In the -4.00 to -4.50 range for distance.


Glasses questions 12 Jan 2017, 17:30

I think I hold a book about 12 inches away but I find myself holding my IPhone closer - more like 9-10 inches when I am reading things on the internet or text messages. If I got IOL's for perfect close up vision at this range - what would my distance prescription look like??

Cactus Jack 12 Jan 2017, 17:19

Glasses questions,

The important thing for determining the the final refractive power you need is the distance from your eyes to what you want to see clearly. If you will measure the distance from your eyes to what you want to see clearly, I will do the calculation and suggest what you should ask for.


Glasses questions 12 Jan 2017, 16:30

Thanks for the information. I live near Cleveland, Ohio. When I have cataract surgery at some point I would not go for the multi focal IOL's. I tried multifocal contacts once and did not like them. I get better vision from wearing my progressives. I wear them pretty much full time. I'm minus .75 for distance and have slight astigmatism. My add is now plus 3.0 and I find I can't see much of anything close up. One question I have is if I went for single vision IOL's and had them set for perfect up close vision -I understand I would need glasses for distance and I'm fine with that. I would rather have the perfect close up vision. If I did that - how myopic would I be?? I tried mono vision once and decided that it's not for me. I work as an esthetician doing lots of close up tasks with facials, waxing eyebrows and makeup.

helpful 12 Jan 2017, 02:05

Cactus jack

If the contributor is living in the UK then he can wait a long time for an operation for cataract surgery although the operation is easily done. This is due to pressure on the National Health Service so they delay many people treatment unless you pay to go private. This applies to other forms of simple surgery like hernia

Cactus Jack 11 Jan 2017, 22:18

Glasses questions,

By the way. With Mono vision I can function pretty well with out my glasses. One eye is close to 20/20 distance vision without glasses and the other eye is mildly nearsighted at about -1.50. When I want to see really well, I wear trifocals because I the type work I do. My vision with glasses, after the Cataract Surgery, is better than 20/20. On a good day I can read most of the letters on the 20/15 line and one or two on the 20/10 line. Not bad for a 79 year old.

Good luck.


Cactus Jack 11 Jan 2017, 22:12

Glasses questions,

+3.00 is not a particularly strong add, if you are developing Cataracts. Presbyopia is really the gradual stiffening of the protein that makes up your Crystalline Lenses, that are part of your Auto-Focus system. Cataracts just make that stiffness happen quicker. At some point, your add is really determined by your preferred reading distance. +3.00 focuses at a distance of about 33 cm or 13 inches. You many have noticed that OTC Readers are usually available up to about +3.50, which focus at about 28 cm or 11 inches. Stronger prescription glasses or "clip ons" are available.

If you are developing Cataracts, is there any real reason for waiting to get Cataract Surgery? In the old days, before IOLs, they used to wait until the Cataracts got "Ripe" or get very hard before removing the lens and lens capsule. That operation was a very serious one that required months for recovery. I really think they were hoping the patient would die before they actually had to do the surgery. When the lens and lens capsule are removed, you have to wear very strong PLUS glasses.

Today, Cataract surgery with IOL replacement lenses is almost a non-event. The surgery takes about 10 minutes IF the Crystalline Lens is still soft enough to be easily emulsified and sucked out. It takes longer if the lens is harder. The Capsule is left in place and the new lens is actually inserted in the old capsule through a very tiny incision (3 mm) in the side of the cornea. The surgery is so safe and easy that some people are opting to have their stiffening Crystalline Lenses removed and multi-focal IOL lenses installed, long before they actually need Cataract surgery. The operation is exactly the same and Cataract surgery will never be necessary. Be aware that multi-focal IOLs are not for everyone.

I had Cataract Surgery with single vision IOLs for Mono Vision in July of 2001 and have never regretted it for an instant. I can fully understand any reluctance about the surgery. I was very nervous about the surgery, but didn't have much choice. As I said the surgery was a non-event. I was moderately nearsighted before the surgery, but that was pretty much fixed by the choice of the IOL power for that eye. I took the lens out of my glasses for that eye and drove myself to the doctor's office the next day. He was pleased with the results and my big question was "When can you do the other eye"? He said two weeks. My response of That Long?? If he had said tomorrow, I would have been happier. I really didn't want to wait, but he wanted to make absolutely sure everything was OK before doing the other eye.

Based on my experience, if I needed Cataract Surgery in 18 months, I would want to do it next week so I could enjoy 18 more months of good vision.

May I ask where you live?

Please feel free to ask more questions if you need to.


Glasses questions 11 Jan 2017, 20:34

Hi - I have some questions that I'm hoping I can get some help here. I'm 49 years old and first got glasses at 45 - progressives with a plus 1.0 add . Last year my ECP said I now needed an add of plus 3.0. I was having a difficult time reading smaller print. I was also diagnosed with cataracts in both eyes. Will my add continue to go up?? He wanted to see me in 18 months. I feel like I am again beginning to struggle with small print. But is a 3.0 add already quite strong for my age??

Cactus Jack 11 Jan 2017, 02:20


I believe you have it backwards. It is the eye (Ciliary) muscles of a person who is very myopic, that are already relaxed. They are often so weak that they have trouble focusing close, when they get Minus glasses to correct their distance vision.

It is people who have Hyperopia or Latent Hyperopia, who need for their Ciliary Muscles to relax when they get Plus glasses.

CotGlasses needs t strengthen his/her Ciliary Muscles. We do not know if he/she has the full prescription. The +1.00 add is about right for the distance from his/her eyes to the computer, but it is a little awkward to tilt the head back to look thru the segment for the computer, but the +1.00 is not nearly strong enough to enable focusing at a normal reading distance.

In this situation, the ECP should probably have prescribed "functional" trifocals that are a little weaker than would be prescribed for an older person with advanced Presbyopia. Something like a reading Add of +2.00 and an intermediate segment of +1.00. As the Ciliary Muscles get stronger over a few weeks, the Add powers could be reduced and eventually eliminated.

A really good and inexpensive solution is to get some Clip-on Magnifiers from RxSafety Glasses. They are available in a nice assortment of powers and, if you do have the ability to focus, you can work your way down in power as your Ciliary Muscles get stronger.

I have no ability to focus after Cataract Surgery and normally wear trifocals. I have both Clip-ons and single vision Reading Glasses. GotGlasses should not need focusing help for very long, but Clip-on + lenses might slow Myopic Progression that is sometimes exacerbated by extended periods of focusing on a computer display or reading.


George1968 10 Jan 2017, 17:32


You will have a period of adjustment because this was quite a prescription to start with! I have no idea how you were able to function, particularly in school. Your eye muscles have been straining hard for years to see, and now they have to relax.

It won't take long - a week or two. Your eye muscles have to relax and your brain has to be re-trained a bit to interpret the new visual stimuli.

There is good news and bad news. Eventually, you will be able to see and to get rid of the bifocals (at least until you are in your 40s. The bad news is that you will likely need stronger glasses in six months. Once your eye muscles relax, your sight will go to its true prescription. So, you will likely go to about -6.00.

How old are you? Are you male or female? Besides enjoying the new clarity, how are you adjusting to wearing glasses full time? What have been the reactions of people to seeing you in glasses?

Good luck and be patient.

GotGlasses 10 Jan 2017, 15:28

I am using the bottome part, under the line to read, but it is still difficult. The bottom part is great for seeing the computer screen, better than the top, but none are working for reading.

Soundmanpt 10 Jan 2017, 14:50


I think what you may not be doing is using the add segment of your glasses and instead you're trying to read using the distance part of your glasses. What you should be doing is not moving your head down when you are reading something, but only moving your eyes downward like your trying to see the very bottom of your lenses. So that means your head should be looking straight out ahead of you, but your eyes looking down through the lowest part of your glasses. That is the area you need for reading small print. Does this make sense to you? It takes a little bit of practice but in a very short time learning what part of your glasses to use for distance and for reading will become very natural and you won't even have to think about it. But for now you will have ot thinks when you start to read from a book.

GotGlasses 10 Jan 2017, 12:47

If it is only going to be for a week, I will tough it out. Hopefully it gets better.

Cactus Jack 09 Jan 2017, 18:00


I think I may have mentioned that you might have that problem. Because of your prescription, your Auto-Focus has not had to do anything to help you focus close. It will take a few days for your Auto-Focus system to re-learn how to do its job.

One thing you can do is get some over the counter reading glasses and wear them over your new glasse. I would suggest the lowest available power, but you may need to try on something in the +1.50. Hopefully you will only need them for a week or so.

There is a company in New Jersey, RxSafety Glasses that sells Clip-On Magnifiers (Reading Glasses) in powers as low as +1.00. The are about $15.00 each. You might find them useful on a temporary basis.

If you need more suggestions, let me know.


antonio 09 Jan 2017, 15:06

That´s a bit of training only hopefully,


it´s because you waited for so long to get them,

best regards, antonio

GotGlasses 09 Jan 2017, 14:58

As I started doing school work today, I realized that it is very hard to read with my glasses on. The supposed reading section is great for the computer, but not a book or papers. Now I am just confused. I finally get glasses glasses and now I cannot read with my glasses.

Likelenses 08 Jan 2017, 22:58


-1.75 are a bit stronger than most first prescriptions. Most are in the neighborhood of -.50, to -1.00, so you have been nearsighted for a few years.

As Cactus Jack has stated you really should wear them constantly.

Being that this is your first prescription, the doctor may have prescribed glasses a little weaker than you actually need,and you may find your vision blurred again in six months or so. If so, have another exam to get an updated prescription.Depending on your age, and what type of work you do, you will probably need stronger glasses about every year,at least for a few years.

If you can tell us your gender, age, and occupation we can tell you a bit more. Also it would be helpful to know if, and how many family members are nearsighted,and to what degree if known.

Maxim 08 Jan 2017, 16:07

to Got Lenses:

Two typos to be corrected:

1) adequate

2) good looking (not got looking)

to Cactus Jack:

Compliments - such a great knowledge, and so nicely said for our young friend here!!

This is so encourageing, bridging the age gap, bridging the distance in space, etc., just a real good friendship and partnership that you offer in this world!

Thank you!

GotGlasses 08 Jan 2017, 16:01

Ny favorite subject is biology. And we have to take math and science classes. I am currently in biology and algebra 1.

Cactus Jack 08 Jan 2017, 11:38


Congratulations, welcome to being able to see this amazing, incredible world where we live. You have not mentioned if you live in a city or not, but I think you will be even more surprised at what you can see at night. It is now winter in America, but just wait until spring. You are in for a wonderful treat. The night sky is often super clear on a winter night. It is filled with millions of stars, a few planets, and of course the moon. Things you can see without a telescope or binoculars. Most are so far away that the distances are measured in AU, Astronomical Units (the average distance from the Earth to the Sun) or in Light Years. The light from the nearest star takes 4 years to get here.

The brief double vision and the unstable images (lets don't call it Nystagmus, yet) could be related or completely different causes, including blurred vision. Your Vision system, Eye Position Control System, Focus Control System, and Vestibular (balance) System are amazing, complex, and interconnected systems in your brain or are very close to your brain. Sometimes it is very difficult to isolate the systems because of the interactions. Problems in the separate systems can sometimes have similar symptoms.

The first thing to is correct your Vision, which you are doing with your new glasses. Many times, correcting vision problems will let other things, such as you have described, simply go away. As a doctor friend of mine said, "The body can correct about 85%f the things that go wrong. Sometimes the best thing is to just let the body heal itself. The trick is to know which is the 85% and the 15% that will only get better with help."

Being Myopic (nearsighted) with Astigmatism is one of the things where the body needs help to see. I suggest you give it a few weeks before worrying about any other problems. You mentioned that things look smaller and farther away with your glasses. That is an optical phenomenon caused by Minus lenses. Plus lenses make things look bigger.

I mentioned previously, that you have built in excess Plus around +5 to +6. That excess Plus makes you see things blurry and larger than they actually are. The Minus lenses in your glasses neutralize or cancel out the excess Plus and make the images on your Retinas slightly smaller than normal, but in focus and very clear. As Soundmanpt said, in a few days or a week, that sensation will go away.

You mentioned that you were in the 9th grade. May I ask your favorite subjects? Have you had any science or math courses?


Maxim 08 Jan 2017, 11:09

to: Got Glasses

I'm so happy for you. You're saying, this was one of the best days in your life.

I sometimes have checked with +6.00 contact lenses, and -6.00 glasses over them, how a person could see (I wanted to find out, how my daughter could see), and I cant imagine, that you have been such a long time without adequatre glasses.

So my gratulation - hope you always find nice glasses for good vision and got looking (that's important in your age as well!).

Soundmanpt 08 Jan 2017, 09:57


I'm sure that you were quite shocked when you put your glasses on for the first time. You now are seeing all the things you have missing. That effect that you are noticing that everything is looking smaller and a bit further away is very normal. Your eyes are still adjusting to your glasses and that may take a day or two before everything looks normal with your glasses on. by the end of the day and you take your glasses off you're going to be amazed at how blurry everything is, even more than it was yesterday. I assume by what you're saying you now understand why you have been getting told that you will be wearing your glasses full time?

GotGlasses 08 Jan 2017, 09:45

What do I do about maybe having nystagmus? Is there any fix? Can that be why I saw two charts for a split second nesr the end of the exam?

GotGlasses 08 Jan 2017, 09:28

I just picked up my glasses!!! Everything looks so clear and detailed,it is phenomenal! I love glasses! I cannot believe what I have been missing out on. This is one if the best days of my life. On the way home I was actually able to read road signs and names, and I noiced the details in so many things! I am so happy. Something weird, though everything looks smaller and i think further. It does not even matter though because I can finally see what I am suposed to!

Cactus Jack 08 Jan 2017, 09:09


You may be experiencing a condition called Nystagmus or what is sometimes called Dancing Eyes. There are several types and causes. Sometimes the cause is not directly related to the eyes, but is caused by the balance system. Sometimes the Semi-Circular canals in your ears that sense head position and motion send incorrect signals to the Eye Positioning System and that causes the eyes to move. Usually, they move back and forth, but can also move up and down.

I suggest waiting until after you get your glasses, to follow up on that. It could also be caused by your Eye Position Control System (EPCS) trying to adjust your eye position. There are several "minor" inputs to the EPCS, but the "major" input is images from your eyes. The EPCS needs sharp images to be able to do it job well. It seems to work by matching vertical edges in the image for horizontal motion and horizontal edges for vertical motion to keep the eyes tracking properly. If the images are not clear and sharp, it is very hard to get the eyes aimed properly. Without clear images, it is an impossible task, but the system tries anyway.

When do you think your glasses will be ready?


Likelenses 08 Jan 2017, 02:16


That is a very strong first prescription. You will be wearing glasses full time.

GettingGlasses 08 Jan 2017, 00:38

Not sure where this fits in or if it is even inportnat, but even though I have never noticed double vision I do sometimes notice what I call bouncing vision. What happens is, like if I am looking at a cup on a table I think I see it with both eyes and it looks like it is where it is, and then it bounces as if I am only seeing it with one eye and then I can bounce it to see it with the other and back to seeing it centere with both eyes. Not sure if I explained that correct, but I hope you understand what I mean.

Cactus Jack 07 Jan 2017, 23:57


Probably nothing right now. You don't seem to have any trouble with double vision with right now. When you get your glasses, there is another test I can suggest in that regard. You may have some slight eye misalignment, most people have a little, but it apparently is easy for you to over come. If you have been reading as close as you probably have, I suspect you might have a bit of excess convergence, but I suggest not worrying about that right now. With your glasses you will be able to read further away and that will reduce the amount of convergence you need and the excess convergence may go away in a few weeks.

It is very likely that you have not been using your Ciliary Muscles for quite some time and you may have some trouble focusing close with your glasses, that is the reason for the +1.00 add. It may take some effort and possible discomfort teaching your auto-focus system to work at full efficiency because I suspect your Ciliary Muscles are very weak.

Near the end of your eye exam, I suspect you were shown a small card with letters on it about 14 inches from your eyes and you had trouble reading it. The examiner added some Plus to help you read it. That is the +1.00 add. Initially it may not be enough until your Ciliary Muscles get strong enough to do their job.

The Ciiary muscles are very tiny muscles inside your eyes. For their size, they are normally the strongest muscles in the body. They are part of your Auto-Focus system and their job is to squeeze your Crystalline Lenses to supply the PLUS you need to focus close, IF you have good distance vision.

Being nearsighted as you are, is like having very strong built in Reading Glasses that you wear all the time. However if you look at over the counter Reading Glasses in the stores, you will notice that they only go up to about +3.50 that is usually the strongest Reading Glasses that anyone ever needs. Your built in reading glasses are in the +5.00 to +6.00 range, not counting your Astigmatism.

If you have problems focusing close with your glasses, please let me know and I will tell you what and when you should notify the examiner.


GettingGlasses 07 Jan 2017, 23:20

I am fairly certain this is my prescription. I already chose them,but the shoo was too busy and they could not get them ready yet, should be done tomorrow. I live in America. I have never noticed double vision before. I did the test, and I got about 4 and a half, to 5 inches. What should I do about the two charts thing? Do I go back and tell the doctor?

Cactus Jack 07 Jan 2017, 21:49


I will try to answer your question about the brief double vision in a moment.

That is a very strong first prescription. It is very surprising that you have been able to get to the 9th grade without some correction. I am wondering if they gave you the correct information.

I am very curious about those numbers. Here is what those numbers mean:

There are several parts to an optical prescription. This is the traditional meaning

First Row = OD (Right Eye) Sphere -5.50, Cylinder -1.00, Axis 120 degrees, Bifocal Add +1.00, Prism blank means none

Second Row = Left Eye (OS) Sphere -5.75, Cylinder -1.25, Axis 005 degrees, Bifocal Add +1.00

The dominant part of this prescription is the Sphere numbers. What they mean is that everything beyond 18 cm or 7 inches is increasing blurry. That would indicate that you are very nearsighted and would be unable to read anything on the board and you would have to hold a book a bit closer than 18 cm or 7 inches to be able to read it. The Cylinder correction just indicates that a person needing these glasses would have moderate Astigmatism, which messes up vision at ALL distances and makes the nearsightedness worse so the distances I calculated above would be even a bit less.

Is it possible that is NOT your prescription? Have you ordered glasses yet?

There is a simple test you may be able to do to confirm this prescription is yours. Hold a book close enough to read and gradually move it away until the text just becomes impossible to read. Measure the distance and let us know what it is.

May I ask where you live and where you got the Eye Exam?

As I stated in "How to Study . . .". you should see two images when the examiner first opens both shutters. Usually, there is significant prism in place to assure that you will see double and the image separation will be enough that you will not be able to fuse the images until some adjustments are made. The typical starting setting is with significant horizontal Base In prism and enough Vertical prism to make sure the images are separated vertically. The Base In prism is gradually reduced to Zero and then increased in the Base Out direction until the two images are aligned horizontally and then the test is repeated with the images separated horizontally and the Base Up or Base Down prism is adjusted until the images are aligned vertically. It sound like that part of the test was skipped. You probably have a little bit of eye misalignment and you probably should have mentioned it. Because you were able to almost instantly fuse the images it is likely that it is not significant, but it should be evaluated.

Have you ever noticed double vision on any other occasion?

Please do the test outlined above and answer the questions. I think we need to chat some more.


antonio 07 Jan 2017, 18:24

wow Getting Glasses,

that aren´t weak ones any more :-)

glad you got them, you too ?

if you like to discuss vision and glasses

come to

to chat a little,

best regards,


GettingGlasses 07 Jan 2017, 17:25

Sorry that last post was from me. I forgot to put my name.

 07 Jan 2017, 17:24

The prescription is a chart on the back of a business card. The numbers in the first row are -5.5, -1.00, 120 +1.00 The second row is -5.75, -1.25, 005 and +1.00. I am 15 years old and am in 9th grade. Something you said in your previous post has cought my attention. During the exam when the doctor opened both eyes I saw two of the chart for a split second, but thrn it became one. I told the doctor I saw one. Is that okay?

Cactus Jack 07 Jan 2017, 16:18


No, not bad. In fact, very good. Just to give you an ideal of what your prescription means, without your glasses the first number (Sphere) -1.75 indicates that everything beyond about 57 cm or 22 inches is increasingly out of focus and the and number (Cylinder) just makes it a bit more blurry.

You should wear your glasses full time, particularly for distance. Your prescriptions mean that you effectively have built in Reading Glasses very similar to the over the counter Reading Glasses sold in many stores. It may be tempting to do close work without your glasses because initially it may be more comfortable than wearing your glasses. That may not be a good idea. It depends on your age and possibly your occupation, which you didn't mention.

If you are young enough that the onset of Presbyopia is not a factor, not wearing your glasses for close work allows your Ciliary Muscles to get weak from disuse. The Ciliary Muscles are very tiny muscles in your eyes that can change the Plus power of your Crystalline Lenses, they are the heart of your auto-focus system. If your Ciliary Muscles are weak, they will cause the symptoms of Presbyopia and you will initially have some trouble focusing close while wearing your glasses. That should not last very long, maybe a week or 10 days as your Auto-Focus system gets used to working like it is supposed to.

Vision actually occurs in the brain. Your eyes are merely biological cameras. Your brain has amazing ability to correct what you "see", but it takes extra work and energy. Your glasses correct the quality of the images delivered to your brain and it no longer has to do the correction process. However, it will take your brain a few days to realize that your glasses are really a labor saving tool and it can apply the image processing and correction task to other things. When that happens, most people thing the their glasses have made their vision worse. That is not true. In many ways, your brain is a biological computer and it as filed away the old image processing program and loaded a new program with minimal image processing.

I urge you to wear your glasses full time for about two week and then make the decision when to wear them. No one can tell you that you MUST wear glasses or that you CAN NOT. The only exception to that is the situation where your vision can affect the safety of others. If you drive, it is very likely that your Drivers License would specify that you must wear Corrective Lenses to legally drive.

Hope this helps and you enjoy your good vision. I think you will be amazed to learn what you have been missing and wish that you had not waited so long to get glasses.


Jenna 07 Jan 2017, 15:34

Got my first glasses on Friday. Prescription is -1.75 -0.25 180

Is this bad? Do I have to wear them all the time?

Cactus Jack 07 Jan 2017, 13:12


Sorry I was not quick enough to give you some advance information about your eye exam. Maybe it will be helpful for your next one.

May I ask your prescription, age, gender and if you are in school, your level?

Not trying to be nosey, but that will help us answer any questions you may have.


Cactus Jack 07 Jan 2017, 12:15


You might find this helpful.


An eye exam is not like an exam that you might take in school and there is really no way to study for it. However, you can prepare for it and learn about your role in the exam. The best eye exams are a team effort between you and the Examiner. Part of the preparation is to learn what to expect, particularly if this is your first eye exam.

One important thing you need to keep in mind is that the Examiner has no way to experience what you are seeing. He/she has to depend on your answers to questions.

There are two parts to an eye exam. The first part is the Objective part. This part consists of:

1. Taking a Visual History where you describe your vision and the kinds of problems you are having.

2. Checking the internal pressure in your eyes for symptoms of Glaucoma. This is one of the very few parts of an eye exam that is even mildly uncomfortable and the discomfort only lasts for a few seconds. There are two basic ways to do the pressure test.

A. Using a special instrument to lightly touch your Cornea. Not to worry here. Before doing this type of test a drop of mild anesthetic will make sure you don’t even feel it.

B. There is a new type instrument that uses a puff of air directed against your cornea. No anesthetic is required, but the puff will startle you. The puff of air is harmless and there are huge benefits. Detecting Glaucoma early, before it can do damage can save your eyesight.

3. The examiner will also get a preliminary estimate of your refractive error by using an Auto-Refractor or manually by using a small hand held instrument called an Ophthalmoscope or Retinoscope.

The Auto-Refractor is a relatively new instrument that was developed in conjunction with NASA to check Astronauts vision in space. You look into the machine with each eye individually where you will see a scene or a pattern. The machine will adjust its internal lenses to focus the image you see on your retina. The Auto-Refractor only takes a few seconds for each eye and it then prints out your estimated prescription.

Some Examiners prefer to use manual methods that have been used for many years. Using an Ophthalmoscope or Retinoscope and a Trial Lens set or a Phoropter (a fancy machine with a built in lens set), the Examiner will look into your eyes and select the lenses that allow him to see your retina, most clearly.

The object of this part of the exam is to get a starting place for the Subjective part of the exam where you have to describe what you see.

Typically the Subjective part of the exam starts with the Right Eye shutter open and the Left Eye shutter closed.

Step 1 is typically determining the cylinder and axis of any Astigmatism correction you need. This is actually the hardest part of the exam because you will be asked to judge relative blurriness of two images rather than the sharpness of an image.

You will be shown a line of text and a supplemental lens will be rotated into place. This lens is a cylinder lens that is mounted on a 45 degree pivot and can be flopped back an forth to bracket a trial axis or orientation of the long axis of the cylinder lens. The thing that is confusing about this test is that the straight lines (strokes) of the letters will alternate in clarity as the lens is flipped back and forth depending on their direction. I suggest concentrating on an “O” if possible. Depending on your answers, the examiner will adjust the axis knob unit the image you see is equally blurry with the supplemental lens 45 degrees each side of the selected axis.

At this point the Examiner will probably swing the supplemental lens out of the way and may change the cylinder power while asking you which lens in clearer.

For your first exam, you may be uncomfortable asking the Examiner to let you fine tune the Cylinder Axis, but I have found that most will appreciate your wanting to actively participate. The way that works is that he will place your hand on the Axis control knob. This time, you move it back and forth a few degrees looking for the sharpest image. It is a bit like “Fine Tuning” an old Analog TV set or moving the tuning knob on an analog AM radio for the best signal.

The next step is determining the Sphere correction. This is an easy part of the exam because all you have to do is pick the sharpest image, but there is a tricky part. Your auto-focus mechanism will try to help, if it gets a chance. The Examiner has a couple of ways to minimize the action of your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses.

The Examiner can, in effect, sneak up on your Sphere prescription or he can use drops to Dilate your eyes. Lets talk about sneaking up on your prescription first. There are actually 4 lenses in your eye’s lens system. All of them are PLUS lenses and the total power is about +56 to +60 diopters. The only variable focus lens is the crystalline lens whose PLUS power is controlled by your ciliary muscles. For distance, your Crystalline lens is fully relaxed and has somewhere around +15 diopters. When you focus to read, your Ciliary Muscles squeeze the Crystalline lens to increase its PLUS power by the amount necessary to focus which depends on the distance to the object.

This will take a little thought to get your mind around, but if you are nearsighted, your lens system has too much PLUS for the distance from the lens system to your retina and you need MINUS lenses to neutralize some of that excess PLUS power. You ONLY have the ability to increase the PLUS power of your lens system. You have NO ability to reduce the PLUS power of your Crystalline lenses more that fully relaxed.

To try to keep your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline lenses from getting in the act, the examiner will start with NOT ENOUGH MINUS or TOO MUCH PLUS (same thing) and gradually increase the MINUS one or two steps at a time, while reducing the size of the line you are asked to read. He will not tell you what power lens or what line you are looking at. Eventually, he will reach the 20/20 line and a lens power that lets you read it with no mistakes.

He will then follow the same procedure with your Left Eye.

When he has completed both eyes, he will open the shutters and you may see two images. This part of the test is to check your muscle balance using some prisms. He will probably ask you to tell him when the two images are aligned horizontally and then vertically. While the images are separated, you have an important check to make. Compare the sharpness of the two images. If they are not equally sharp, be sure and tell the Examiner which image is clearer. If there is a difference, he will likely reduce the sharpness of the clearest image until they match. The important thing at this point is that they match. That lack of sharpness will be corrected in the next phase with both eyes working together.

Next he will fuse the images so both eyes are working together and repeat the Sphere procedure by gradually increasing the MINUS or decreasing the PLUS until you see the smallest line of letters very clearly.

That pretty much completes the exam except for checking your near vision with a small chart about 14 to 16 inches from you.

Many people, who wear glasses, actually look forward to eye exams. Once you have become accustomed to having very good vision, you will probably find anything less, unacceptable. Many times, after the exam, it will be suggested that you get another exam some time in the future. Note that I used the word “suggested”. it is NOT a Command. If your detect a problem or if your vision seems uncomfortable, please don’t wait until the “suggested” date to seek an appointment to get your vision checked.

Please let us know about your exam and your glasses prescription.


GettingGlasses 07 Jan 2017, 11:58

Just got back from the appointment, and as I already knew I need glasses. The doctor seemed surprised that I did not already have glasses. It was so cool when the doctor put those big black glasses thing in front of me and I was able to see the letters on the wall. The glasses will be ready later today.

Soundmanpt 07 Jan 2017, 10:27


Nice to hear that you're finally getting your eyes examined. I assume that you might be rather young and you have been having a problem with convincing your parents that you think you need glasses? It seems that since glasses have become more popular in recent years that parents often think that their son or daughter is only wanting glasses because they are popular or because a friend at school recently got glasses. Anyway you seem quite certain that the result of your eye exam will have you wearing glasses in the near future. But now that you're about go for the exam you are becoming anxious about the exam. It's very true now that an eye exam can often find early signs of glaucoma as well as other health issues that you might have which may not even seem to connect to your eyes. Such things as diabetes and heart problems are a couple of things for example. But if you do have any of these things finding out now is better than finding out later. But most likely they will only find that you need glasses like millions of others. The full eye exam will only take around 40 to 50 minutes. Since these will be your first glasses and if your eyesight really does "suck" it's very possible that you will be wearing your glasses full time. So you're right in wanting to find the "perfect" pair that looks the very best on you. You didn't say if you're male or female but since you seem concerned about the looks of the glasses I am guessing that you might be a female. Guys don't often think about having their glasses look good. I'm sure that as soon as you come out from the exam that an optician will greet you and offer to help you choose your glasses. Trust this person. After a while you will probably have several frames that you really like and then it will be up to you as to which one you like the best.One tip I will suggest is since these will be your first glasses and for most there is a "getting used to your glasses" period. Dark full plastic frames often look nice but for many they are bothered by seeing so much of the frame in their line of vision. After a while of course you get used it and it no longer bothers you. But you may want to consider a semi-rimless frame where there is only frame across the top of your glasses and no frame on the sides or bottom to get in your view. I highly suggest that you be sure to ask for a copy of your prescription as well as your PD measurement before you leave the store. Now that your getting glasses you might want to get another pair or two and maybe even prescription sunglasses. Having your rx and PD will allow you to go on line and order glasses at much more inexpensive price. The one many of us favor in here is "" they have several hundred for under $13.00 to choose from.

When you return form your eye exam please tell us how it went. And calm down you have nothing to be concerned about.

GettingGlasses 07 Jan 2017, 04:32

Finally getting my eyes checked after asking for years. My eyesight sucks, so I know I am going to need glasses. I am kind of anxious about the appointment. I mean I know I need glasses, but what if the doctor finds something else wrong with my eyes? Also I am so anxious about choosing my glasses. What if I won't be able to find one that looks good on me. It is so weird that I am so excited and anxious at the same time. It is all I can think about. How is the appointment? What happens? This is my first time going to the eye doctor.

Soundmanpt 24 Dec 2016, 11:06


Most people never really notices their eyesight is changing until it gets bad enough for them to notice, sometimes they are made aware of it by trying on a friends glasses and being surprised at how well they can see or being with a group of friends and being the only one unable to read a menu board or some other sign maybe. You may feel like you can see fine but if you weren't able to read the letters on the lower part of the eye chart then your not seeing fine. Letters are what make up words so if you couldn't see the smaller letters then you can't read words either like at school on the blackboard for example very well. What you are able to see is because you may manage to see a few letters of each word and then figure out what the word is even though you can't see some of the letters clearly. Getting your first glasses can be a bit scary because your afraid of what your friends are going to say when they see you wearing glasses. That's actually pretty normal, but I have a feeling that some of your friends already wear glasses and they had to go through it too when they got their glasses. Glasses are very common these days and all that is going to happen is that you're going to get lots of complements on how nice you look wearing glasses. Only someone very immature would ever tease you about wearing glasses and i'm sure it wouldn't be someone you call a friend. Like "Cactus Jack" said wear your glasses all the time for about the first 2 weeks and then decide if you still think you see fine without glasses or not. You're going to be seeing a lot more than just those few lines at the bottom of the eye chart. By the way haven't you heard that glasses have become a fashion accessory for many young ladies these days. You only need to go into a boutique such as Claire's to see the racks of fake glasses they have. After you have had your glasses for a few days come back and give an updated report about wearing glasses.

Cactus Jack 24 Dec 2016, 10:03


Many young people have a similar opinion as you, about your vision. Everyone thinks that their vision is just fine, because they have no frame of reference. Vision actually occurs in the brain, your eyes are merely biological cameras. You brain has the ability to correct what you "see" IF it knows what something is supposed to look like, but it takes a lot of energy and effort. Your brain can even create images with your eyes closed. Ever had a dream?

It is normal to be worried about getting glasses. Particularly about what other will say or think. Glasses are simply tools to help you see better. In some ways they are no different than wearing shoes, which are tools to keep the rocks from hurting your feet. The comments about your glasses, by others, will only last for 2 or 3 days, just like happens when you get new clothes or a new hair style.

I urge you to wear your glasses every hour you are awake for 2 weeks before you make a judgement about their benefits. Initially, you will think they have made your vision worse, but that is not really true. What will happen is that your brain will discover that your glasses are doing the extra work it was doing and it can use it abilities for other things.

I suspect that in a few weeks, you will change your mind and decide that seeing really well, is the best Christmas present, ever.

May I ask your age and if you know it, your prescription?

If you are curious about what your prescription means, we can help you with that.


Kala 24 Dec 2016, 09:33

I guess mom had a sudden urge to take her kids to an eye doctor, so she took me and my brothers in to get our eyes checked today. Turns out my youngest brother and I "need" glasses. I can see fine. I get by in school and everywhere else. The doctor was so rude. He was all like, "I am surprised Kala has not been having trouble in school. She has quite the need for glasses." I see fine. So what if I could not read all the way down to the bottom on that stupid chart. I was tierd, and have a mild cold. Anyways it is not like I amn going around looking at charts with ridiculously small print all time.

I really do not want glasses, especially not on Christmas Eve. What a way to ruin christmas.

Soundmanpt 18 Dec 2016, 15:19


Have you ever been coloring in a coloring book and you just had to go outside of the lines? Well by wearing glasses that are just a bit quirky that is exactly what you're doing and why not? You already enjoy wearing your glasses and in the past you have pretty much stayed in between the lines with your glasses. Remember you usually describe your glasses when you get new ones. They are always very nice and i'm sure probably look very nice on you but also very "inside the lines" glasses. I would not at all be surprised if these new glasses aren't your favorites very shortly. I can't wait to hear what all you're glasses wearing friends think of them. My guess is that you're sue to get many complements on them. I'm betting they are the most comfortable glasses you own?

I'm as ready as I am ever going to be for Christmas. I don't have any family living anymore so I really don't bother with Christmas. I stopped putting up a tree several years ago. But I don't want to be a "Bah-Hum-Bug" person either. For a number of years it bothered me to watch any Christmas movies, but in the last couple years I have started watching and enjoying them. But I am glad when January 2nd comes along.

Carrie 17 Dec 2016, 12:11

Soundmanpt thank you for your flattering comments. Yes, I am not fat but I do have what is known as a "muffin top" when I wear jeans and my breasts are a rather on the big side which makes me feel self-conscious somtimes in front of some men, especially ones I don't know. I have been wanting to get some round glasses for quite a while now and am really pleased to be able to get some at a good price. They are quite quirky for me as most of my frames have been fairly 'safe'.

I was given the impression at my last eye test that I now have my full prescription, but maybe I don't.

We are very much looking forward to Christmas and just about ready. Although the shop I work in isn't one of the really big ones it's still been busy and I've done extra shifts due to staff shortages. Are you ready for Christmas?

Soundmanpt 17 Dec 2016, 10:35


I really like your new glasses and I have a pretty good idea that they look really cute on you. Of course I am saying that based on how you have described yourself. Short with nice breasts, not skinny but not fat either, am I right? Anyway I can tell by looking at them that they should be very comfortable to wear. Very light weight. I just noticed that another on line site "" was also doing a buy one get one free promotion, but I think that ended yesterday. Interesting hos similar the name is I wonder if they might be the same site but with a ULK home base? As much as you love wearing glasses I think getting a bit of a "glasses wardrobe" going is a fun idea.Even better when you can get your glasses at low cost. But until your eyes get stable and stop changing you still won't be able to really enlarge your collection too much. But it's still really nice to change glasses from day to day instead of wearing the same pair everyday. Glad to hear that Gemma is also planning on getting a pair or two as well. Even though she isn't into glasses nearly as much as you, she still needs her glasses full time so she should like being able to change her glasses from one day to the nest as well. Are you ladies ready for Christmas?

Carrie 17 Dec 2016, 07:49

These arrived in the post this week and as you can get a second pair of glasses free I ordered one pair in silver and one in gold (I couldn't decide which colour to get so getting both for the price of one was great). I love them and they suit me so well! Gemma also loves them. She tried one of them on to see if they suited her. Obviously she couldn't see herself very well as our prescriptions are totally different so I took a photo of her. She was a little disappointed that they didn't suit her but might look for some different ones in the new year. Neither of us need new glasses but I want to expand my glasses wardrobe and Gemma is too, but by a smaller amount than me.

Soundmanpt 15 Dec 2016, 17:51

new visitor

I understand your question, nut without any question you were asked to read the letters on the eye chart you apparently were unable to see the letter across the bottom few lines. This of course would indicate that you in fact need glasses to see things at a distance clearly. The prescription you received is on the weak side but at the same time just as you're finding out they do in fact allow you to see things more clearly now. It is not at all unusual at all that once oyu start wearing your glasses for one thing such as driving at night that you quickly find that they also help with driving during the day and then for other things such as sporting events, concerts, and even watching TV. You're not being forced to wear your glasses but you are simply finding that your eyes are more comfortable now wearing glasses for various things. It's not doing any harm for you wear your glasses as much as you like. Even full time is okay. I don't think they will be of any help with seeing things close up, but it won't hurt to try. If you're behind a computer a good part of the day you may find that since your monitor sits several feet away that your glasses actually help you. As crazy as it may sound most likely it was the close work that is the reason you now need glasses for distance. You may find that your eyes aren't as tired now as well. I would trust your ECP (eye care professional)

new visitor 15 Dec 2016, 16:51

My eyes were getting very tired from close work, so I went for an exam. Dr gave a prescription for -.75 glasses for distance. I told her I don't need for distance, was expecting for close. She said not to get close yet because I don't need them badly enough and can probably wait a year or so, and that if I get them now I will become dependent on them quickly and really need them.

So I got the distance glasses, which I didn't think I need. When they were fitted on me and looked around, I really didn't see much of a difference but they told me to wear them particularly at night when driving. They made more of a difference then. So I have been wearing them often at night and sometimes during the day. I am now noticing that distance at all times, night AND day is a bit fuzzy and that particularly for distant small signs etc I can't read them without the glasses. It seems she didn't give me reading glasses because I would come to need them, but gave me distance glasses that are doing exactly that! Is this normal?

Cactus Jack 15 Dec 2016, 14:17


You may find that your new glasses are a turn on for some women. Men are not the only ones who are attracted to the opposite (or the same) gender by attractive thick glasses. Depending on your preferences, you might consider ordering some low index glasses from Zenni, in a similar frame, as an experiment.

If you are in college, there are probably many of your fellow students with prescriptions that are stronger than yours.


Mark 15 Dec 2016, 13:48

Thanks Cactus Jack, I'm a big fan of your responses and much of the knowledge I have about optometry has come from you!

Yes, I ordered 1.67 index lenses, I wanted glasses with thicker lenses but I didn't want full-fledged coke-bottles.

Generally, I have an interesting situation: definitely have a glasses (GWG) fetish from an early age (NO idea where it came from though, I've always had bad eyesight but it was never a big deal. I'm what you would consider "normal" in most other ways -- not that it's bad to be different!!), and yet I've always had difficulty accepting myself in glasses. Really weird, I know. I appreciate the reassurance; these frames on a woman would be a turn-on for me (not ashamed to admit it on this site...), but when I'm wearing them myself I feel a bit insecure. Most of the time I wear contacts.

P.S. I'm in my early 20s, in college. I'm curious if anyone has thoughts on my psychological complexes :)

Cactus Jack 15 Dec 2016, 11:25


Not ridiculous at all. Sounds like you ordered higher index lenses. Do you recall the Index of Refraction of your lenses? Don't sweat the small stuff.

Many people have much thicker lenses than that and think nothing of it. You may get a comment or two, but that will primarily be caused by a change in frame styles, rather than lens edge thickness. It is no different than growing/shaving a beard or getting a different style haircut.

Remember, you wear vision correction for YOUR benefit. You DO NOT require the approval of others to see well.


Mark 15 Dec 2016, 00:16

Just got new, semi-rimless glasses in my -6.75 -.75 prescription. They're a fairly large frame, squarish, I really like them and I'm wondering if the edge thickness is acceptable. It's about 5 mm thick on the edge (obviously it's exposed due to the semi-rimless frame), they look fairly (but not terribly) thick to me and I'm wondering if 5 mm is an acceptable thickness. Like many of you I'm a longtime lurker, I like thick glasses, etc., but I also don't want to look ridiculous. Let me know.

Cactus Jack 08 Dec 2016, 13:52


The need for some prism correction sometimes occurs when you get older, there is even a name for it, "Adult Strabismus".

For maximum comfort, I think you should consider some glasses with BI prism. The primary help will be if you do close work. They will do two things: Reduce your convergence effort and help your eyes learn to work together as a team. It is even possible to order low cost glasses with low prism correction on line. If you are interested, we can tell you how.

There is enough difference between your two eyes for it to be likely that without correction, your brain may be using your Right eye for closer work and mostly ignoring the the image from your Left for close. The thing that can cause vision discomfort at all distances is the Astigmatism in your Left eye.

Without the Cylinder correction for your Left lens, small text will be impossible to focus and see clearly. However, your brain does not understand that it cannot focus the image, so it either tries - increasing discomfort and fatigue - or ignores it.

Contact Lenses cannot provide any prism correction. A -1.75 Sphere only contact lens can correct your Right eye. You probably need a Toric contact Lens for your Left eye, but they can have problems of their own and are sometimes hard to fit, satisfactorily. Often a compromise is used by fitting a Sphere only Contact lens with ALL of the Sphere correction and 1/2 of the Cylinder correction or a -1.00 contact lens for your Left eye.

I don't think ECP "push" Contact Lenses, but they exist for a reason. Some people simply prefer to NOT wear glasses and if it is possible to provide adequate correction with Contact Lenses, they will offer them to their patients.


supersonic 08 Dec 2016, 08:19

Cactus Jack,

Thank you for such a detailed explanation. I never thought that you might develop a need for prism correction as an adult. I am 30 y.o. by the way.

I already have glasses which are quite good for me, as I said, I use them for driving, but this new script seems rather intriguing to me. Still don't know whether I should go for it. I am not a glasses person at all))) Why? Well, that's a different story...

My optom said I were a "good candidate" for contact lenses as I seemed to have low tolerance for glasses. (Do they push CL on *everyone* these days? My RX isn't that bad LOL).

Anyway, I will give a try to CL in two weeks time. I'm exited!

Cactus Jack 07 Dec 2016, 10:30


Not weird at all. You probably have mild Exophoria. That is a medical term which, in plain language, means that your eye want to diverge (turn outward), but that you can fuse the images with some effort. Lots of people have similar problems. For horizontal "muscle imbalance" there are 4 terms, Exophoria, Exotropia, Esophoria, and Esotropia. Exo means outward, Eso=inward. Phoria means you can overcome the condition with effort, Tropia means that you can't, no matter how hard your try.

The Eye Position Control System (EPCS) has three important parts. The EPCS in your brain, the Cranial Nerves that control the 12 muscles attached to your eyeballs to move them, and the 12 muscles that move your eyes. The muscles are arranged as 3 opposing paris on each eyeball. Any of the three parts can be involved in Exophoria, but the general "diagnosis" is Muscle Imbalance, even if the eye muscle are "not guilty".

The EPCS is, in engineering terms, an Open Loop Servo System. Servo systems are used for positioning things and there are two types, Open Loop and Closed Loop. Closed Loop systems are used where precise knowledge of where something like a cutting tool is to a tiny fraction of an inch or mm. Computer controlled Lathes and Milling machines are this type. Open Loop system use "results" to decide what moves to make. The human body has many Open Loop system and typically uses vision to figure out what kind of moves to make. The EPCS uses the images from your two eyes to figure out how to cause the eyes to move. Another important input is you desires or will.

When you let your eyes relax or your ECP alternately covers each eye, she is alternately interrupting the image delivery to your ECPS. Without both inputs, your eyes can drift position and you see the images appear to jump, she sees your eyes "twitch" as your EPCS tries to center the images. At night or with blurry images, your EPCS has trouble accurately keeping the images fused.

I hope this helps a little. It is a complex subject and not easy to explain or


The main point is to not get too excited about needing a small amount of BI prism. You may need a bit more BI in the future for maximum comfort, but it probably will not get very high. It will not be very noticeable by others, but it will make a BIG difference in your visual comfort.


supersonic 07 Dec 2016, 08:57

Cactus Jack,

I complained to my optometrist that my previous glasses were hard to get used to and I sort of had problems fusing the two images together. They always felt kind of weird, but I never had obvious double vision in them. It's just that I always have to strain eyes to keep them togeter... I don't know, now it seems hard to describe! When I really strain eyes to see in the dark (theatre or nighttime driving) the picture can just shift slightly.

The optician asked me to look at an object in her hand while she covered one eye and then the other a couple of times. Then she showed me a cross and asked whether it was well aligned. It was not: I saw that its upper part was not in line with its lower part. I could make the cross look one only when I strained my eyes. She showed me a couple of lenses, one was very nice and the other one made the two sections of the cross slide apart in the opposite direction. Then she said I had a weak muscle or something like that.

I think I might have got this from my bad habit of unfocusing my eyes when I need to see clearly a far away object, as my right eye is rather bad and "prevents" me from seeing detail without a fuzzy hallo. I mean, I just make my eyes diverge to look only with my left eye. Sounds weird, right?

Cactus Jack 07 Dec 2016, 07:25


You can find discussions of prism on several different threads and on the Vision and Specs website under the Vision / Special Lenses for eye conditions, thread.

Glasses with 1 BI of prism in each eye will only be noticeable by very close examination of the lenses the inside edges of the lenses will be a tiny bit thicker and the outside edges will be a tiny bit thinner than your glasses without prism.

Could you describe the "image jumping" you mentioned, in more detail?


María 06 Dec 2016, 14:24

supersonic 06 Dec 2016, 10:41

Hi eyesceners,

I am one of those people who appreciate optical theory, is obsessed with vision and read this forum regularly.

I have a new prescription and it is as follows:

R -1.75 1 Base in

L -0.75 -0.50 x 165 1 Base in

I have a small increase (which I like) and the unexpected prismatic correction. My optom said that image jumping can be corrected this way. Judging from my eye exam, it does offer extra comfort!

Can anyone explain what the lenses will look like and whether such small prism will make a difference?

Where can I read more about prisms?

I only wear glasses for driving and things like opera/theatre.

Pls no perverted comments.

Soundmanpt 02 Dec 2016, 11:33


It has been about a month since you posted any comments. In you that post you seemed very excited about your trip to the city and being able to wear several of your glasses for long periods of time for the 3 days you were their. You seemed to be planning on doing it again within a week a or two. Are you continuing to get even more brave about wearing glasses more often around your town?

George1968 21 Nov 2016, 13:21


You might want to wear your lower prescription glasses for computer work, and the higher prescription for driving - esp. driving at night when you want your distance vision at it sharpest.

BTW, wearing glasses doesn't make your eyes dependent upon them. You strain the muscles to see distances. Your glasses help relax them, so that your real distance vision emerges. If you wear your glasses for a while, and then take them off only to find your sight surprisingly blurry, that is your real vision without the help of straining muscles.

There are no glasses police. You can wear them as much or as little as you want. It also depends on your physical and psychological comfort in wearing them.

Rona 21 Nov 2016, 13:01

Thank you Cactus Jack, your explanation is very clear and the penny has dropped! I understand the optometrists comments now about wearing my glasses more. I will start to wear them more and hopefully get over that initial eyestrain.

Cactus Jack 21 Nov 2016, 12:53


A person with low myopia (less than -3.00) actually has built in reading glasses that are the opposite power (+ instead of -) of your glasses prescription. The problem with NOT wearing glasses to correct your myopia when you do close work, is that your Ciliary Muscles, which focus your Crystalline Lenses, get weak and out of condition. This in turn causes the symptoms of early onset Presbyopia.

Presbyopia is the gradual stiffening of the protein that makes up the Crystalline Lenses. It actually starts in childhood, but usually does not become a problem until the late 30s or early 40s. But the idea that the symptoms of Presbyopia DO NOT occur until the 40s is a myth.

For their size, the Ciliary Muscles are normally the strongest muscles in the body. Their job is to squeeze your Crystalline Lenses to increase their PLUS power to focus close. The amount of increased PLUS you need to focus close is strictly a function of focal distance from your eyes to the target. The optical formula was codified by Sir Isaac Newton, back around 1700. It is:

Lens Power in Diopters = 1 meter (100 cm, 1000 mm, or 39.37 inches) / Focus Distance.

If you do the math, a typical reading distance of 40 cm or 16 inches requires a +2.50 increase in your distance prescription. A Monitor at 67 cm or 26 inches would require +1.50. Without your glasses, your low myopia allows your Ciliary Muscles to be pretty relaxed for using the computer, and you can probably still supply the additional +1.00 to read, internally, without much effort.

What you experience as eyestrain, when you were your glasses for close work, is your Ciliary Muscles complaining that they are in fact, straining to focus. That is because the muscles are so out of condition that they are too weak to provide the needed focusing effort, without straining. The result is that you are hastening the onset of Presbyopia.

You really need to re-condition your Ciliary Muscles. I would urge you to start wearing your weakest prescription possible while working with the computer or reading. After a few weeks you will hopefully get to the point where you don't feel like you are straining. Then go to a bit stronger pair of glasses until they are comfortable and then go to your full prescription.

With rare exception, the onset of Presbyopia is inevitable, but you may be able to delay it for a few years.


Rona 21 Nov 2016, 11:47

I am 31and work in a hospital, my role involves about 30% patient time and 70% time writing up clinical reports and research. I spend a lot of time on computers. I tend to only wear my glasses for driving, sometimes TV at home or at the cinema. I don't wear my glasses when I am in the office on the computer. I think my aversion to a higher prescription is a combination of things, one being that I don't want to feel dependent on glasses, silly I know but it's a psychological issue I've had for a long time. Secondly when I have left them on to read I end up getting eyestrain. I guess a lower prescription will help take the load off so to speak when reading with my glasses on.

Cactus Jack 20 Nov 2016, 18:46


Some important things you did not mention, are your age and occupation. Do you do a lot of close work.

The increases you describe are really pretty small. The Cylinder and Axis numbers are very subjective and the deepened to some extent on YOUR ability to judge relative blurriness of images. The Axis is very hard to determine for low Cylinder powers. I have written a piece called "How to Study for an Eye Exam" that describes how to "fine tune" Cylinder Axis. I have posted it several times on various threads. You might fine it helpful for your next eye exam.

By the way, there is no such thing as a Worse or Better optical prescription. The important thing is that the Glasses or Contact Lens Prescription neutralized or cancels out your Refractive Error. It is not unusual for your prescription to change over time. The reason for the changes are numerous, but the purpose of an eye exam is to find the combination of trial lenses that gives you the best possible correction. If you are Myopic and need Minus Sphere correction, that means that your distance vision will be blurry if you are under-corrected. In correct Cylinder and Axis typically means that Text is hard to read and often very tiring. I doubt your ECP is trying to push a stronger than necessary distance prescription than her tests revealed. Wearing slightly less Minus than you actually need might make close work easier, particularly if Presbyopia is beginning to cause a problem, but it will affect the clarity of distant images.


George1968 20 Nov 2016, 18:27


So, I am not sure what your issue with having your eyes fully corrected. Is it because the full prescription means you have to weat glasses fulltime, or is it a comfort issue?

Cactus Jack 20 Nov 2016, 18:22


Vision actually occurs in the brain. Your eyes are merely biological cameras. If there is a difference between the quality of the two images, your brain will select the sharpest image. Depending on the quality of the other image, it will either use elements of that image or if it is blurry, completely ignore it. You have to have two good images to be able to see 3-D.

There is an Eye Position Control System (EPCS)in your brain that uses the images from your eyes to control eye position. It needs two sharp images to be able to do a good job. I don’t want to get too technical here, but it appears that the EPCS uses Vertical Edges of objects to match images horizontally and Horizontal Edges to match images vertically. If one image is very blurry, it sometimes can’t match the two images and fuse them for you. If that happens, you see two images. Sometimes if you strain to fuse the images, they will actually get farther apart.

In your situation, you are using your Right eye for focusing close, which means that your left eye is probably blurry and using your Left eye for distance which means that you Right eye is blurry.

The first step is to get glasses that correct the vision in both eyes. That may solve the problem, but it may take a little while for you brain to remember how to process two images rather than one at a time. If you still have double vision problems, it may be necessary to put a bit of prism correction in your glasses to help you fuse the two images. If the image size on the Retina is a problem, you could wear a Contact Lens on one eye so that the glasses prescription in both eyes is very close.

The important thing is to not too worry, un-necessarily. It is highly likely that the problems can be fixed and you will have excellent 3-D vision again. You are doing the right thing by seeing a specialist.

Please let us know the results and feel free to ask more questions.

I hope this helps, but remember your Doctors have the ability to find the actual causes of your vision problems. They are the authorities on the subject.


 20 Nov 2016, 14:37

whenever SickLenses shows up, we get false identities popping up. Coincidence? NOPE.

Kat 20 Nov 2016, 14:36

Cactus Jack

I am 17 years old, and live in America. How is 3-D and double vision corrected? I havr had double vision for some time now. I just always thought it was normal, until what you just said. The 3-D vision has gradually been going away since about a year. At first it was sometimes here and there recently it has become an all the time problem, which is why I went to the eye doctor. I have another appointment with another eye doctor that this eye doctor referred me to this week on Tuesday. Apparently this one is a specialized eye doctor.

Rona 20 Nov 2016, 07:19

Hello, been searching the web for information and advice and came across this forum. I had an eye test today as I was due my two yearly checkup which I have been putting off. Rewind to approx 2 years I got what I felt was quite a significant increase in my prescription and even during the test thought oh wow this is strong and I got told I would get used to it. I got the glasses in the new prescription then but just felt they were too strong so I ended up just using my old glasses and my new glasses also felt quite heavy on my face as they were a chunky plastic design as opposed to a very light metal rim frame.

The prescription that I was wearing in my old glasses was

right eye sph-1.00, cyl -0.25 axis 180

Left eye sph -1.25 no other numbers.

My prescription 2 years ago was

Right eye sph -1.50 cyl -0.25 axis 180

Left eye -1.75 cyl -.50 axis 15

The optometrist said my eyes had got worse. She wasn't very happy that I was wearing old prescription and after discussing why she agreed to write me what she called a partial prescription and told me I feel should be wearing them all the time. She kept trying to push the new prescription on me which I think she said was like -2.00 in left eye and -1.75 in right

But eventually agreed to provide the below

New prescription is

Right eye -1.25, -.25 160

Left eye -1.50 -.50 15

My questions are why was the optometrist so keen to push the new worse prescription on me when I demonstrated to her I could see well with the partial prescription, secondly would you say that the partial prescription looks a good compromise, I'm hoping I will be able to wear it without issues I had last time, thirdly I noticed my axis of cylinder has changed from 180 to 160,is this going to cause adaption problems? I guess I am just anxious not to have a repeat of last time and want to be able to wear my glasses more but feel comfortable!

Cactus Jack 19 Nov 2016, 22:48


That is a bit more difference than is typical, but nothing to be very concerned about. The eyes do not develop exactly together or at the same rate. You are moderately nearsighted in your right eye and just a tiny bit nearsighted in your left eye. In effect you have what is called natural Mono Vision. That is where you read with your right eye and use your left eye for distance.

That can cause two problems. A person with natural Mono Vision usually develop really good 3-D vision because it is hard for the eyes to work together as a team and the difference causes a difference in image sizes on the retina which can cause mild double vision.

I don't think you mentioned your age. I also had natural monovision that was not discovered until I was about 14. The difference was not quite as large as yours. the major symptom was that I seemed to see quite well for both distance and near, but I could not play baseball, when I was young. I could not catch or hit the ball, because without good 3D vision, I could not tell where the ball was in flight. By the time I figured out where it was, it was past me and on the ground.

Even with glasses there may be a difference in image size on the Retina, but there are ways to help that, if it causes a problem.

May I ask your age and where you live (county)?


Kat 19 Nov 2016, 21:44

The numbers in the first row, which i think is my right eye are -3.50, -0.50 and 115. The next row has only one number and it is -0.25.

Likelenses 19 Nov 2016, 17:24


We could better answer your question,if you would post the numbers that are on your prescription.

Antonio 19 Nov 2016, 16:26

Hi Kat,

how much different are your eyes ?

a little difference is normal and can always occur

best regards, antonio,

if you like to discuss visit

Miku 19 Nov 2016, 08:53

Hi Kat,

Perfectly reasonable question. I think what you need to consider is whether you see clearly through the lenses that you were given (or at least better than without them).



Specs4Me 19 Nov 2016, 08:29


Your prescription is perfectly normal, don't be concerned about that. I think that it is more common to have different prescriptions for each eye than for them to be the same.

Kat 19 Nov 2016, 07:50


I have a question. I just got my first glasses yesterday. My friend has glasses too, and she asked me what my prescription is. When I have her the paper the doctor gave me she said something that has been bugging me. She said she found it weird that my eyes have different prescriptions. I just wanted to ask if it really is abnormal for my eyes to have different prescriptions.

Soundmanpt 08 Nov 2016, 12:13


So you definitely notice the difference between the prescription in your new glasses compared to your previous glasses. That of course is very understandable, but it's good that even though your previous glasses don't provide your eyes with perfect vision anymore,you could still get by wearing them in an emergency situation. I think you would agree that both you and Gemma would find it very difficult if not impossible to do your daily jobs without glasses anymore. So that makes having usable glasses as a backup very necessary. That was the reason I was asking if you tested yourself just in case. I am quite sure that Gemma could get by using her previous glasses as well if it were necessary. That also allows you both plenty of time to shop on line for any extra glasses you may want. Of course I know only being able to pick out your glasses looking into a computer screen won't be nearly as much fun as actually shopping for glasses in various optical stores. And you won't get the benefit of having an optician fitting them on you. But the savings is substantial enough to make going on line a better option. Depending on which outlet you use the savings maybe enough to buy 4 or 5 pairs for what one would cost at a local shop.

I was wondering if you had seen Danielle and Vicky since you and Gemma got your new glasses. Not surprising that Vicky would make more out of seeing your new glasses than Danielle. Danielle accepts the fact that she needs to wear her glasses in order to do her job but she really looks at wearing glasses as an unwanted necessity in her life. Vicky on the other hand not only enjoys wearing glasses herself but she appreciates seeing other young ladies wearing attractive glasses as well. It's taken Vicky a good while to finally feel like she definitely needs her glasses all the time now or her eyes feel uncomfortable when she doesn't have them on. Her glasses are still weak enough that i'm sure without them she can can still read small print okay. But if she were reading a book without her glasses it probably wouldn't be long before her eyes would feel the strain and the words on the page would start to become blurry. Also hard to believe but she has been wearing glasses full time now for quite a while so i'm sure now when she doesn't have her glasses on she must have that feeling like she is in a way naked.

Carrie 07 Nov 2016, 17:41

Soundmanpt - thanks for asking about us. Yes I am fully adjusted now and my vision is great! I have tried wearing my old glasses. It does feel a bit strange now I'm used to the stronger prescription but I could easily use them as emergency backup. I am just deciding on another new pair, this time from an online store. My cousin's old glasses could work as a backup but I think I might miss the astigmatism correction.

Gemma is very comfortable with her new glasses.

Danielle and Vicky have seen us in our new glasses. Vicky said Gemma's glasses looked cool and mine looked really pretty. Danielle agreed. Vicky said that although her prescription was much weaker than mine she feels that she does definitely need her glasses all the time as her eyes feel uncomfortable when she isn't wearing them. Danielle said, as she has said before, that although she tends to wear her glasses all day at work she avoids wearing them the rest of the time unless she really has to.

Soundmanpt 06 Nov 2016, 11:50


I would assume by now that your eyes have fully adjusted to your new glasses and you're seeing great at all distances. Gemma's increase didn't seem to need hardly any adjusting for her eyes to be completely comfortable wearing her new glasses. Have you tried testing how well you're able to see after wearing your new glasses for several hours and then switching to your previous glasses? Do you think that you would still be able to see well enough to wear them if you had to in case something were to happen to your current glasses? Do you think your cousin's old glasses might work better as a backup?

Has Danielle and Vicky seen you and Gemma wearing your new glasses yet? I'm sure they both gave you both some nice complements on your new glasses.

Mike 06 Nov 2016, 00:40

Picked up first pair of varifocals on Friday with following prescription

Right -3.5, -.75, 90 with +1 add for near vision

Left -4, -.75. 90 with +1 add for near vision

Have found them easier to adapt to than expected and even contemplating going full time with them rather than using contact lenses with right eye for distance and left eye for reading.

Soundmanpt 02 Nov 2016, 11:37


When I didn't see any post from you on Monday or Tuesday I was beginning to think that maybe something came up and you weren't able to get away as you planned.

So you seemed to have a really great 3 day weekend. I was thinking you were only going away for a day. So even better for you. I'm sure you needed a good break after what seems like a long season at your job. You clearly took some time in picking out the glasses you wanted to wear while you were away. You must not have wasted any time since you must have barely parked your car and you took off your own glasses and switched to what I think has to be your very favorite glasses to wear. The -3.75 glasses were the glasses you wore on your last trip to the city. What time did you get to the city? You wore those glasses the rest of the day including for dinner and even a walk afterwards. You finally took them off when you went to bed and then you switched to I assume the Silhouette progressives for a little bit of reading before going to sleep. After wearing your -3.75 for so long i'm sure that that using some add was very relaxing to your eyes? The next morning while your eyes were still fresh was the best time to put on your -5.0 / -6.00 glasses. I think you did good just being able to wear them for the following 4 hours. You seemed to enjoy wearing them and I assume that was the longest you have ever wore those glasses? Not surprising that everything looked small in the distance with them. Everything also must have looked extremely sharp, clear and intense? Of course you had no hope of being able to read anything close up wearing them.Your eyes were feeling tired because they were really working hard to focus even if you didn't notice it or feel it. You did the right thing by taking them off once they started to bother you were straining your eyes wearing them. That tired feeling was telling you it was time to take them off. So even though I know you hated switching to your much weaker progressives that was a nice break for your eyes to recover. I'm sure going from -5.00/ -6.00 to -1.00 was almost like not wearing glasses at all for a while. Then after lunch you again went back to your favorite pair of glasses. the -3.75 ones and wore them the rest of the day.What is very clear is that you are now so comfortable wearing glasses around people and you really enjoy any type of comments about your glasses. you clearly caught the eye of at least one guy that was clearly flirting with you. Tell the truth did your glasses really nee cleaning or were you maybe trying to draw his attention a little bit? So he must have finished cleaning your glasses if he tried them on, or did he just ask to see them? Even though you loved being told how blind you must be by him that really wasn't the best thing to say to a young glasses wearing lady. You even manged to get into a conversation about prescriptions somehow with him. The whole time you were talking with him and he still had your glasses you really weren't able to see very well because your eyes were adjusted to the glasses. It had to such a great feeling getting your glasses back and putting them on and seeing everything come back into focus again. How much fun is it to take off your glasses to maybe wipe something out of your eye or to clean your glasses and see everything so blurry and then put your glasses back on and see everything so good again? So do you think he was hitting on you because you were wearing glasses? If you go back to the city again soon do you intend on meeting up with him again? You do know if you were to start a relationship with him you would have to always wear those glasses. anyway this night you never took off your glasses until you were ready to go to sleep. So I assume you may have been watching TV in bed and still needed your glasses to see? Of course overnight while you were sleeping your eye went back to normal. Then Sunday morning you again tried wearing the -5.00/ -6.00 glasses but a couple hours. and hen once again you went back to what I am sure is your favorite pair of -3.75 and wore them for a while and finally later in the day you started relaxing your eyes by going to the minus progressives and then finally to your own glasses for the drive home. I'm sure after having so much fun you can't wait to do it again. I have feeling one pair that will be making the trip again will be your trusty -3.75 glasses.

María 02 Nov 2016, 05:16


Yeah, sorry, Soundmanpt! I have been meaning to post but I haven't found a moment. My weekend was great! I actually needed some time off, so I spent the full weekend at the city! I went there on friday, spent 2 nights at a hotel, and came back sunday night. I had a lot of fun!

This was my glasses selection!

From left to right, my -3.75 Hugoconti favourite glasses, the low minus Pierre Cardin progressives, my -5 and -6 Continental Eyewear rimless pair, and my plus progressives Silhouettes.

I spent the whole time wearing glasses! I mostly used the Pierre Cardin and Hugoconti ones. I wanted to wear the stronger ones more, but after some hours my eyes were rather tired, so I switched to the minus progressives, and my eyes felt so relaxed!

I brought my ebook, so I used the plus glasses mostly for reading a little in bed (and when entering a few shops). On friday, as soon as I arrived, took my real glasses off and put the -3.75 on. I wore those for the rest of the day, to check in at the hotel, to dinner and to go for a walk. Then, when I went to bed I switched to the plus ones until I fell asleep.

The next morning as soon as I opened my eyes, I put the stronger ones on. I went shopping with them, and it was great! I wore them for almost four hours! I had never done that, and it felt great. I could see fine at distance, everything was small, but clear enough to manage around. Reading not so much, but I could do fine. After a while, my eyes started to feel tired, so sadly I switched to the weaker ones. Anyways, those have a little of plus add, so It was nice too wearing them while shopping.

After lunch, I decided to use the -3.75 ones, and I was able to wear them for the rest of the entire day! I loved that, it was so exciting! After dinner I went out for a few drinks, I wanted to wear the stronger pair, but I didn't know if I'd be out much, and I didn't want to change glasses again because of tiredness, so I decided to keep the -3.75 pair on. I had so much fun! I had some drinks, talked to a lot of people, and all of it wearing the glasses as if they were my real prescription. It was soooo exciting. Actually, one of the guys I talked to, tried my glasses on when I took them off to clean them, and he told me how blind I am. I loved that! I talked to him a bit about the prescription and such, while he was still wearing my glasses. And it was very blurry for me then! But soon he gave them back to me, I put them on, and the blur went away. It was a great feeling! We talked a bit more, and I kept my glasses on until I went to sleep.

On sunday I started my day with the stronger ones, after a couple hours outside I switched to the -3.75, and after lunch time I switched to the weaker pair, so my eyes were relaxed for the drive back home. I struggled a bit at first with the weaker prescription, but after a while everything was fine, and when it was time to drive back, my real glasses felt very comfortable as always.

So, it was a very fun, nice and exciting weekend! I'll go back in a few weeks, with some other pairs for experimenting. I'm so looking forward to it!

Soundmanpt 01 Nov 2016, 11:18


I have been hoping to see a report from you about your adventure to the city and being able to wear strong glasses for a full day.

30calcat 30 Oct 2016, 12:31

Anyone taking advantage of Halloween to debut some wild or vintage glasses? I went to an event yesterday and did a steampunk theme with these vintage glasses/goggles:

It made wearing the costume fun and started a conversation about the one of a kind glasses. Happy to have found a local optician passionate about vintage glasses and able to get my -16.25 lenses in them. Glasses were part of at least one other person's vintage outfit yesterday. She always wears nice looking vintage frames and was sporting a pair of large black frames I had not seen before.

Soundmanpt 26 Oct 2016, 09:00


Well at least something to consider if you ever do need to get your glasses adjusted at some point. But I have a feeling that because you wear your glasses full time and I know you take very good care of your glasses that you probably never have a problem where your glasses become too loose and slide down your nose. That generally happens more often when people are putting on and taking off their glasses quite a bit. The hinge screws become loose doing that from opening and closing them so much. But I bet when you take your glasses at bedtime you don't even close them. That way their ready to slip on in the morning. So about the only thing that could cause your glasses to get out of shape would be maybe falling asleep watching TV with your glasses on. That one nearly everyone that wears glasses has been guilty of at least once.

Thanks for the update on you're friendly customer as well. I was only wondering because you haven't said anything about seeing her. Of course that is understandable since you haven't had any reason to discuss glasses since you complemented her on her new glasses which lead to a brief chat. Maybe when she sees you wearing your new glasses she will comment about your new glasses and you can tell her about the increase you got and how you felt a bit dizzy at first. By now I assume you're seeing distances as well as you are close up with your new glasses? Gemma never had any problem at all adjusting to her new glasses did she?

Carrie 25 Oct 2016, 15:36

Soundmanpt - popping in to different opticians to get my glasses adjusted/tightened by an attractive assistant would be something I would consider if I was single. Nice suggestion though but I don't think it would be appropriate and would be unfair on Gemma. I know it wouldn't be exactly like having an affair but it would be one step closer. Gemma is not just the love of my life but also my closest friend and I want to keep it that way.

The friendly customer comes in at least once a week always wearing her glasses. Quite often that is the highlight of the day, not just because she is attractive but because she is genuinely friendly.

Soundmanpt 25 Oct 2016, 11:29


So nice to hear from you. I was just thinking over this past weekend that it has been a while since you commented in her. The end of the growing season I guess requires a good deal of work too. So i'm sure you have been looking forward to getting away for one of your weekend trips for some time now. And probably not just so you can wear strong glasses all day long but you have to ready for a rest as well. Now you just have to pick out the glasses you plan on wearing. Are you planning on just wearing one pair all day or switching around a bit? Of course you know I will be waiting to hear all about it next week. By the way how far away is the city you plan on going to? Is it hours away or far less?

Those new glasses you added to your collection look really nice. I get the idea that the girl that you got them from was on the shy side about being seen wearing glasses. So she picked glasses that are hardly noticeable. Most likely the -.75 glasses were her very first pair and the -1.00 was her 2nd pair. So she now must be wearing either -1.25 or maybe -1.50 glasses. She's getting closer to needing them full time. Without a doubt i'm sure they are so lightweight that you hardly even feel them when you have them on. I bet when you wear them after having them on a few minutes you forget you're even wearing glasses because you hardly feel them.

Progressives can work as you thought also but in your case going from a strong minus distance area to a weaker minus add area wasn't what would work best for your eyes because even having a slightly weaker minus add would still be difficult for your eyes to see well enough to read comfortably. I knew if you found a pair with a rather strong distance area and a weak plus for the add segment your eyes would be able to see very good both at a distance, since you already have proven that by being able to wear -3.75 glasses, but now with a weak plus for the reading add those glasses would be perfect for your eyes. It sounds like you have been wearing them enough now that you even know how to sue them properly. It takes a little getting used to when you first start wearing progressives because you have to learn to only move your eyes downward when you want to read something. And you really needed to be very careful walking while wearing them until you got used to them. Many women have taken bad falls going down steps while wearing progressives because they look down and you don't want to do that.

I'm also happy to hear that you have gotten brave about wearing glasses around your one town. It was just as I told you even though you had never been see wearing glasses before people weren't going to question you about wearing glasses. They would just assume that you just got glasses or that you may have been wearing contacts before. So now you should make a point now to wear glasses anytime you go out of your house. Actually I think you're really wanting people to ask you about your glasses now.

Have fun this weekend!

Soundmanpt 25 Oct 2016, 10:51


Glad toy hear that you're eye's are getting used to seeing through a stronger prescription. I'm sure the difference is noticeable to you. If you think about it you had a rather decent increase when you combine the +.75 SPH and the -.25 CYL. Your first glasses were +.75 / +1.00 so the increase you just got is nearly as much as your first glasses were. So do you remember when you first got glasses how strong your glasses seemed at first?

You did the right thing by wearing your own glasses when you went for your eye exam. I assume that Gemma and you went to the same place you got your previous eye exams at. So of course you always should wear the glasses they prescribed to you. If you had wore your cousin's glasses and they would have checked the prescription on them and found it didn't match what was on your chart from your last exam they may have wonder why you were wearing glasses with a different prescription. Now they probably wouldn't have said anything considering the prescription was very close to being what you were prescribed. They would have only thought that you maybe lost or broke your glasses and someone gave or loaned you those glasses. So the difference between your glasses and the new ones was more than enough to make you say "Wow" when they put them on you. So since you enjoy having your hair brushed back and someone remove and replace your glasses I think you should probably stop in every month or so to get your glasses adjusted, don't you think? You do know that you can stop at any optical shop and have them adjusted? So if you happen past a shop and their just happens to be an attractive assistant wearing glasses working you may want to take a minute to get an adjusting done.

One of the best things about getting new glasses is getting all those nice complements on your glasses.

Have you seen the friendly customer that you really liked that was in your store a while ago wearing new glasses? She told you that she had gotten an increase and she was now wearing her glasses full time. She said she would be back in more often because she was working out of her house.

 25 Oct 2016, 06:36

(rolls eyes)

María 25 Oct 2016, 03:49


Sorry about not posting lately, work has been insane for the last few weeks of the strong season. It has ended now, so I'll be able to make one of my glasses trips next weekend!

Soundmanpt, yes I'm starting to get brave about wearing glasses! And about the last pair I talked about, yes it surprised me! I thought progressives where plus to more plus or minus to less minus. I guess I was wrong! That pair fits me wery well, and I have been wearing it a lot. Yes I guess I could drive using those glasses, but I prefer to stick to my pair for that! Or, as you'll see now...

Here I show another two of my new pairs:

They're both from the same girl. One pair is -0.75 in both eyes, the other is -1. I see great with both, therefore I do now have the -0.75 pair in my car as a spare pair, or to wear them when I want a little change. I like both pairs, as they are very nice, light and discreet. I'll show more pairs soon, including some strong ones!

Carrie 24 Oct 2016, 16:19

We've both had lovely compliments from family, friends and colleagues about our new glasses.

I think I am almost fully used to my new prescription now. +0.75 doesn't look much of an increase when just written down but I find it quite noticeable. I find it most noticeable when I take my glasses off and putting them on. Everything does seem clearer. I think my eyes are still trying to fully relax all the time but otherwise they feel good. I walk to work so I don't need to worry about being able to see clearly far enough when driving but I think I am ok now anyway.

Plus Tony - I didn't ask the optician to use the full reading they decided to do that.

Soundmanpt- I wore my own glasses to the eye test and when I went to collect my new glasses. I love the cat eye style. So pretty and feminine. I am definitely one of those women who very much likes her glasses being removed and replaced and Gemma knows this. She also knows that brushing my hair back behind my ears after it has been untidied by the arms/ear pieces of the glasses feels incredible for me. It was lovely when the attractive assistant did it. It would have been a bonus if she had worn glasses. I don't think I would have wet myself but it would have been even more arousing. Obviously it's best when Gemma does it especially as it usually leads on to other things!😉

Michael 24 Oct 2016, 15:25

Grace- Very good news. And now hopefully her two younger sisters will follow suit. Children often will follow the lead of their older siblings. But your daughter might have discovered or will discover just how blurry her vision is without glasses.Did she make this decision on her own or did you say something to try to encourage her?

Soundmanpt 24 Oct 2016, 13:09


That's really good news. Seeing her come out of school wearing her glasses you had to be quite pleased? So you almost have to assume that she was also wearing them all during class as well. So you didn't say if she kept her glasses on the rest of the evening. If she wore them all day at school it's safe to think that after having them on that long that taking them off now leaves her with very blurry vision. So she may not be thrilled with wearing glasses but i'm sure she is a smart enough to realize how much they help her to see things. Now watch and see if the other girls don't start wearing their glasses too.

Grace 24 Oct 2016, 12:55

My nine year old took her glasses to school for the first time today, and she had them on when she was walking out of the school!

Soundmanpt 23 Oct 2016, 12:11


I was just thinking about you and Gemma the other day wondering how your search for new glasses was going. Even though there was no great rush for either of you to get new glasses since i'm sure you were both still seeing good enough with your current glasses. But generally once anyone finds out that their glasses are not really providing perfect vision they usually don't wait too long to get their new glasses. Your new glasses sound nice and I like the idea that they have a cateye shape to them. but i'm not surprised that they are similar to what was your current glasses. It seems once you get used to seeing yourself in certain style frame and it is comfortable to wear most tend to get the same style of glasses. There is nothing at all wrong with doing that. You've been wearing glasses long enough now that you know what style frames fits your looks best.

Most likely that dizzy feeling you were getting when she was fitting your glasses was caused by the increase in your astigmatism. Even though it only changed by -.25 it can tend to effect your eyes much more than a change in your SPH. Some people can get astigmatism correction and not even notice it but others like you feels dizzy and even feels as if the floor is tilted and you can even get a headache from them. So the optician was very smart in suggesting that Gemma should probably drive home. The best way to know that it was the astigmatisms causing you the problem was when you tried on your cousin's glasses which had a +.50 stronger SPH than your glasses and you could see perfectly with them and you didn't feel dizzy wearing her glasses. When you and Gemmea went to pickup your glasses were you wearing your own glasses or your cousin's glasses? If you were wearing your own glasses i'm sure your new ones did feel quite a bit stronger than your own glasses. But if you were wearing your cousin's glasses the they should have only felt slightly stronger to you. There is something about having someone removing and replacing their glasses that seems to cause a reaction for some women. Good thing she wasn't wearing glasses when she was fitting your glasses or you might have wet yourself. So your eyes seem to be adjusting to your new glasses pretty well. As you know anytime you get an increase in your glasses your close vision will adjust very quickly but it takes a bit longer for distance to clear up completely. You're right that once your eyes have fully adjusted to your glasses you may want to see how well you're able to see with your cousin's glasses. I think you will still be able to see pretty well wearing them but just nit as sharp and clear. In other words just a little bit fuzzy. That will be because you will be missing the astigmatism correction you have in your glasses. But if something were to happen to your new glasses they would probably get you by. Still probably a good idea for you and Gemma to find another pair each on line as a backup and just nice to be able to change from one pair of glasses to another pair for fun. But if your going to get your "Carrie" glasses changed to your new prescription then you will have a backup. But a 3rd pair still might be fun.

Michael 23 Oct 2016, 11:07

Plus Tony- Good luck on Tuesday when you have your eye exam.Hopefully it won't have to be rescheduled again. It is a pain for me when any doctor's appointment has to be rescheduled for whatever reason.

As for me my ophthalmologist always does a dilated exam. She does it for all of her patients I believe. I wonder why some doctors do it and others don't. It seems to me an ophthalmologist might be more likely to do the dilated exam than an optometrist but I could be wrong about that.

And what is the auto refractor? When I get my close vision checked the tech puts in lenses that I am guessing is my current reading add to make sure I can read the 20/20 line. I have read that some doctors as a guideline use your age to try to determine your reading add especially if you are going there for the first time.

And don't study too hard for your eye exam. You don't want to cram and give yourself a headache from studying too hard. LOL

Plus Tony 23 Oct 2016, 03:35


Good to hear that you and Gemma picked up your new specs and that you found the fitting process as pleasurable as usual! I don't have much hair to brush away from my ears but I also got a little thrill when having glasses fitted. I imagine the dizziness was caused by your eyes enjoying the benefit of your new prescription and then having it snatched away again for a few seconds. How does it feel 24 hours in?

When you had your test did you ask the optician to use the full reading from the auto-refractor at the start of the test or was that his/her decision? The reason for the question is that I'm finally going for my eye test on Tuesday and I was wondering whether I should ask them to do that. I'm not sure whether British optometrists generally start from the full auto refractor reading or not. Maybe I should ask for a dilated exam as I'm over 40.

I'm fairly sure that I will be getting an increase. I tried some readers in various strengths when I was in a shop yesterday to try to predict what my increase will be. I found that distance was clear with my left eye (currently +1) at +1.50 and +2.00, required effort at +2.50 but blurry at +3.00. My right eye (+2) was best at +2.50. Having said that I can still see pretty well with my current glasses and self testing with readers is always going to be a bit hit and miss because of the different PD etc.

Anyway I'm off to study Cactus Jack's eye test preparation notes to make sure that I'm as ready as I can be. Enjoy your new specs (and looking at Gemma in hers of course!).

Carrie 22 Oct 2016, 10:44

We both got our new glasses today. Mine are similar in shape to my previous pairs that I got last year but slightly more cateye shape which I think is really pretty. I got prescription sunglasses made in an identical frame. The assistant that fitted my glasses was lovely looking but no glasses. She did the brushing my hair over my ears thing that I find very arousing. Like last year, at a different opticians, that brought me near to orgasm level!😀 As soon as she put my new glasses on my face I could feel my eyes working to focus with the stronger prescription. She had to adjust the ear pieces a couple of times and I got a little dizzy for a few seconds every time she took them off and put them back on me. She told me that it would take a few days to adjust fully to the new prescription and suggested that I either wore my old glasses to drive home or Gemma should drive. Reading with the new glasses is intensely clear. Distances are almost back to perfect. Actually when I concentrate I can see perfectly but if I look away at something else I have to start again. I probably would have been OK to drive but I took the lady's advice and Gemma drove us home. Once I am used to my new glasses I will try my cousin's old glasses which are +0.25 weaker than my new prescription and don't have any astigmatism correction. That might help me work out how much help the -0.50 astigmatism correction in my prescription is.

Gemma's new glasses are a sort of Wayfarer style. They look very nice on her. She also got prescription sunglasses made in an identical frame. I love it that she is still going for bold frames. When we first got together her glasses were barely noticeable. She was just so shy about wearing glasses she didn't want anyone to see she had any on, thanks to being bullied at school for having glasses.

We both paid a bit extra for thinner lenses. Not just for cosmetic reasons but to make them lighter which is quite important for full time wearers.

To answer some earlier questions: No, I didn't get my eyes dilated. The optician took the power of the test lenses up to the reading from the machine that tells the optician what sort of prescription power the patient needs. The reading was higher than the prescription in my glasses so they tried me with that prescription and after a few adjustments and fiddling around getting the astigmatism prescription sorted they were happy that I could see with the stronger prescription. It seems that this is my full prescription and probably won't need a change, or much of a change until my late 30s early 40s. The "+" is likely to stay the same until then but there is a chance the astigmatism correction might change. As I suspected I have always been more long-sighted than the prescriptions I was given. My full prescription would have been too much for me straight away and may have actually given me headaches and made me feel,or actually be, sick.

Gemma could see better immediately she got her new glasses. She feels that if she needs glasses all the time she might as well see perfectly even if it is a 0.50 increase.

I might get my Specsavers "Carrie" glasses reglazed with my new prescription as I am still very fond of them.

We're both still looking online for at least another new frame each.

Michael  20 Oct 2016, 13:35

Plus Tony- Chris is wearing her glasses much more than she wore her old ones. Which is good. But not much for driving.I took Soundmanpt's advice and ordered her a pair of single vision sunglasses from Zenni Optical and she didn't like them. I try to help her and she doesn't like what I did for her. So no more.

But she continues to wear cheap non prescription sunglasses when driving that might block out the sun but don't help her see any better. But she thinks they do and if something is in a person's head especially Chris' you can't get it out.But now when she leaves for work in the morning it is still a little dark out. What I don't know and I wouldn't dare ask her is does she wear her regular glasses when driving when it is dark out or when the weather is inclement. I would hope so because sunglasses sure wouldn't help her then. And her distance vision is way past the point where she could pass a DMV vision screening without corrective lenses and it is a good thing for Chris but not for the people who are on the road when she is driving that we live in CT and it is one of the few states that doesn't require a periodic vision screening when renewing your license.

She had a problem and I had a solution but she didn't like my solution so I give up. Let her do what she wants to do. And since she doesn't have any money I paid for the sunglasses.Thank goodness they didn't cost much more than 20.00. She is so fussy. They are just sunglasses and not many people would see her wearing them since they would be mostly for driving.No need for her to get an expensive frame like she did for her regular glasses. And Zenni Optical doesn't sell the kind of frames she would like because they are not brand names.But she makes no sense because the drugstore sunglasses certainly are not a brand name. I bet they cost no more than 10.00. Probably even less.

Plus Tony 20 Oct 2016, 11:58


Hope you are well. It was our previous discussion that I was thinking of earlier. Is Chris wearing her glasses now?

Michael 20 Oct 2016, 11:38

Soundmanpt-Excellent advice for Grace. Both returning to the store where the glasses were purchased and the idea of rewards. Offering children rewards to get them to do something may sound like bribery but sometimes you may have to resort to that if nothing else works. Parents I know have done things like that to try get their children to do better in school. Like offering them a financial reward for each A they get on their report card or rewarding them if they get all A's and B's. Maybe we need to start a child psychology thread here.

But once Grace's daughters especially the oldest and youngest ones begin wearing their glasses I am sure they will see the benefit of wearing them and hopefully will then wear them. I do worry a little bit about the oldest daughter because her glasses are going to look a lot different than most if not all of her schoolmates glasses and wonder if that will be an issue going forward.It also might not hurt for Grace to notify her children's teachers that her daughters have just gotten glasses and that they should be wearing them in school.

Michael 20 Oct 2016, 11:19

Soundmanpt- That has always been a pet peeve of mine and have mentioned it here many times and I am sure I said that specifically to Grace.My roommate Chris was very surprised when she went to an eye doctor who actually told her she needs to wear her glasses full time.When she asked me why she wasn't told that before by other doctors all I said is most of them don't say anything. They just hand you the glasses and send you on your way.I have found that to be the case most of the time both from personal experience and by asking other people who have gone for eye exams.

It seems with Grace's 9 year old in particular she knew her daughter should wear her glasses full time given that she was prescribed trifocals but I don't think the doctor specifically said anything. And he or she should have particularly that we are talking about somebody being prescribed glasses for the first time.I don't think Grace had any idea how much her two younger daughters should wear their glasses. So the doctor should have said something to them too.

This way Grace won't come across as the bad guy. She can always tell her girls the doctor said you need to wear your glasses. I wonder why these doctors don't offer advice. Children need to have things spelled out and often adults too. Doctors can write out a script but to most people the numbers aren't going to mean anything. You might as well write them in Chinese. So even adults like my roommate need things spelled out.

I have often said that if you are prescribed multi focal lenses generally they are meant to be worn full time unless the distance script is very mild. But some people can't figure that out like my roommate. Chris thought because her other doctors never said anything that she only needed her glasses for reading.Doctors will offer advice if you ask them but why should you have to ask?

Why do doctors assume and it is not only eye doctors that their patients know more than they actually do?

Soundmanpt 20 Oct 2016, 10:56


In replying to "Plus Tony" I came across another thing you may want to do if they continue to refuse to wear their glasses. Just call the store where you got their glasses from and tell them that your girls are refusing to wear their glasses and that you're going to bring them in because you were told to come back after 2 weeks to have their glasses checked to be sure they are properly fitted. Tell them that you are going to ask when the girls need to wear their glasses while he or she is pretending to be checking the fit.

Also another good thing to use as an award for wearing their glasses is taking them to see a movie that they want to see and again only if they wear their glasses for 4 hours before going to see the movie and during the movie as well.

Soundmanpt 20 Oct 2016, 10:46

Plus Tony

I couldn't agree with you more at least in some cases. I think the optician or optical assistant just assumes that the patient will know when tot wear their glasses. They don't seem to understand for someone getting first glasses they have no idea about these things. I'm sure Grace being new to all this just didn't think to ask while her girls were getting fitted with their glasses when they should each wear their glasses. If she had asked i'm pretty sure that he or she would have told them when to wear their glasses and coming from that person they would have likely done as told.

Plus Tony 20 Oct 2016, 10:26


I think Soundmanpt's advice for encouraging your girls to wear their glasses is sensible but I also feel that eye care professionals need to be much clearer in explaining when glasses need to be worn. There have been many discussions in here about the lack of guidance given by ECPs about when glasses should be worn.

Bluntly your ECP should have told your 9 year old that she must put her glasses on as soon as she gets up in the morning and not take them off until bedtime (except when washing or playing sport) and that there is no choice involved. I know that sounds harsh but it really is essential that she wears her glasses full time and it should have been her ECP that impressed that fact upon her. Nobody is pretending that wearing lined trifocals when you're 9 is going to be great fun but the reality is that if she wears them she should be able to revert to single vision lenses within a reasonable time which will be much more cosmetically appealing for her.

Your youngest's eyes are still developing at quite a rate and I would say that the same rules really need to apply to her too. Given that your 7 year old will only benefit from wearing glasses I would try to get her to wear them full time too. That way all three would be in the same position and although it wouldn't do your 7 year old any harm to wear her glasses less, by wearing them more it may make it easier for the other two.

I understand that the reality of getting children to do what they should is complex and I hope the idea of rewarding them for compliance will work and that they will start to realise they need good vision all the time not just on the way back from the opticians!

If it doesn't you may need to adopt a more hard line approach such as notifying teachers, other parents etc so they will tell them to put their glasses on if they see them not wearing them. I hope you don't have to go down this route but presumably their school will be expecting to see them in glasses anyway following their recent medicals.

Good luck. I hope it works out.

Soundmanpt 20 Oct 2016, 09:49


Sorry to hear that your girls aren't wearing their glasses like you hoped they would. So you need to come up with some ideas to encourage them to start wearing their glasses. There are a few ways to maybe get them started wearing their glasses. Since you say that you always wanted glasses yourself you need to convince your daughters that your going to get your eyes checked to see if you might need glasses. If you haven't had your eyes checked for a while it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to get them checked anyway. Now if you do go for an eye exam if you complain about having trouble with seeing at night when driving that should get you glasses with a very weak prescription that you wouldn't have any problem seeing with, And because you have insurance they would be paid for. Otherwise you can always go to a boutique and pick up a pair that way but the quality of the lenses isn't as good. Anyway if you're close with your older daughter, if she sees you wearing glasses she will be much more likely to start wearing hers as well. Another thing you might want to try is awarding them. In other words i'm sure you know what all 3 of their interests are. So for example if the oldest girl likes going out for pizza you make a deal with her that if she wears her glasses for 3 hours before and while at the pizza parlor you will treat them to pizza. The more they wear their glasses the more they will each see the benefits of wearing their glasses. Like now it is getting close to Halloween so maybe make a deal with them to take them to a pumpkin patch if they wear their glasses for several hours before and during. Trust me after wearing their glasses for several hours the 9 and 5 year old girls will be very surprised once they get home and take their glasses off because everything will be so much more blurry even after wearing their glasses a few hours. Hope this helps.

iDetective 20 Oct 2016, 06:31

Yes, gwgs. I did a little checking. You are spot on. "Grace" is a fake of someone else on this board right now.

Cactus Jack 20 Oct 2016, 00:34


I would recommend that your 9 and 5 year olds wear their glasses full time. 7 is somewhat optional, but wearing her glasses will help her eyes learn to work together as a team so she develops good 3D vision.

The 9 year old’s need for trifocals is difficult to predict. In terms that are understandable for someone not familiar with vision and optics, she has been wearing very strong “built-in” reading glasses, probably for several years. If you go to the Reading Glasses display in a local store, try on the +3.50 (the opposite of -3.50) glasses (probably the strongest they have) and that will give you an idea of her distance vision without correction. I suspect that she has been used to holding books at about 11 inches or 28 cm to read. (BTW what units of measure do you prefer?)

The unknown factor at this point is: Can she develop the ability to use her Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline lenses to focus close with glasses that correct her distance vision and DO NOT have an Intermediate and Close Add? If she can, then the need for trifocals will ultimately disappear.

If her distance vision is fully corrected with her current prescription, (not always with first glasses) her +2.50 reading segment would focus at 16 inches or 40 cm. Out of habit, she may want hold books closer than that to read. Actually, that may be a good thing. To focus closer with her glasses, she would have to use her Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses to add a bit of extra PLUS, which is a way to exercise her Ciliary Muscles. It would be useful to ask her to hold a book at the furthest distance where the text is clear, while she is looking through the reading segment of her glasses. Then, measure and note that distance. That number is important for estimating any under or over correction in her current glasses AND for measuring progress in developing the ability to use her Ciliary Muscle and Crystalline Lenses. That progress will determine when she would benefit from a prescription change. You might be able to make a game out of monitoring and measuring visual progress. More on that later, if you are interested.

I think Vision Therapy would be very useful for your 5 year old. When she said that she saw two images, it initially meant that the the doctor wanted to measure any eye misalignment. She may have occasionally seen double, but I doubt it had occurred all the time.

Typically, there is a check for muscle imbalance problem just after each eye is checked individually and the shutters are opened for both eyes. There is a small prism device that is rotated into place and it is intentionally set to cause the patient to see two images. The prism is adjusted to bring the two images into alignment, both in the vertical and horizontal direction. The doctor can then read how much prism was required to align the images. Ideally, it is 0, If it is not 0, the doctor can read how much prism correction was required to align the images. Something your daughter said must have caused the doctor to investigate further and prompted the inclusion of 3 BO in each eye.

With mild muscle imbalance, it is very likely that your daughter did not have much problem keeping images fused, but it probably required constant effort. Typically, the fact that a person is having to work to keep images fused will be more noticeable if the person is tired. It is very hard to spot, unless you know what to look for.

Vision therapy for mild Esophoria, where the eyes want to turn inward or converge, is painless and not hard to do. One popular method is to put a large bead or small ball on a loop of string. The string is then looped around two pulleys about 5 or 10 feet apart. The patient is asked to sit near one pulley and look toward the other pulley while looking at the ball or bead. The patient can then pull on the string to move the bead/ball closer and farther away while tracking the bead/ball. Prisms with different values of prism and different orientations may be used to exercise and strengthen specific muscles. In your daughters case, it is probably desirable to strengthen the outer eye positioning muscles.

Please remember that any thing we post is essentially speculation on our part. None of us are on the scene and your ECP is. She has the tools and knowledge to make the best specific recommendations about what is best for our daughters.

I hope this is helpful. Please keep us posted on your girl’s progress and don’t be hesitant to ask questions.


Likelenses 19 Oct 2016, 17:49


When they want to watch TV ,tell them that they have to sit across the room from it,and do not allow them to sit close.If they complain that they can not see it ,tell them that the eye doctor said that they can not sit close.

You can use the same idea if they are reading something closer than 12 inches. Tell them that the eye doctor said they must read at least 12 inches.

They will need their glasses to do either one of these things,at the proper distance.

This may not apply to the seven year old,but she should be include.

Michael 19 Oct 2016, 17:11

Grace- I did a little research and perhaps this article might offer you some ideas.

Michael 19 Oct 2016, 16:51

Grace-I will chime in first. I can tell you are disappointed that none of your girls have worn their glasses since the car ride home. All I can say is give it time and try to encourage them without being pushy. If you are too pushy it might have the exact opposite effect. The key to this is your oldest daughter. She is the one who needs glasses the most and if she begins wearing her glasses I think there is a good chance your two younger daughters will following suit. Not sure what else I can tell you. Let's wait and see if other people have some different advice.

Grace 19 Oct 2016, 15:17

Well. It has been a couple of days since the girls got their glasses, but none of them have worn them since the car ride home from picking them up. I don't know what to do. I do not want to push them, it needs to come from them. I mean if that was me I would be excited. It is a new look, like getting bangs. Growing up, I always wanted glasses, I thought (still think) they are so cool. Guess my girls don't share the thought.

Likelenses 18 Oct 2016, 17:58


Here is an eye chart that you can print out,and use to check the girls vision.

It would be best to check them now with their glasses on,to get a baseline number for each of them.

I would not check them without glasses,as that may scare them.

It is possible that the nine,and five year old may be undercorrected,and not be able to read the 20/20 line. Sometimes the eye doctor will undercorrect with a strong first prescription as they have,because it is easier to get used to.

Once you have a baseline on all of them,you should do a monthly recheck.

If their baseline is 20/20,and in a few months it falls to 20/40 or greater,then you need to get her back for another exam,as she most likely would need stronger lenses.{ Quite common }

Michael 18 Oct 2016, 16:34

George1968- Kelly? As in Grace Kelly?

Michael 18 Oct 2016, 13:00

Grace- I apologize if I implied that you are a phony. That was never my intention.I am sure all of your girls look great in their glasses and you wanted them to know that Which is exactly the right thing to do. The key is having them also believing that is the case.What Soundmanpt said about me is 100% correct. Let your girls know they look great in their glasses but no need to keep telling them. It would be like if you went to a dinner party and told the hostess ten different times how great the food was. One thing to remember about your girls.If they like their glasses and think they look good in them they will wear them. But if they don't wear their glasses it is fine to encourage them to do so without being pushy.

minus5wholuvsgwgs 18 Oct 2016, 10:43

Just a thought Grace glasses are so trendy have you thought about getting a pair of non prescription glasses yourself to encourage your girls ?

Soundmanpt 18 Oct 2016, 09:59


The fact that you're very close with your girls should be a big help with getting them to wear their glasses. Like the others have already said you don't want to push them too much but at the same time encourage them to wear their glasses. Actually a lot depends on the 9 year old and how she gets along with her glasses. If she quickly finds that the advantages of wearing glasses is so much better than going around without them then I have a feeling the other 2 girls will follow her lead. The fact that her glasses are going to make a bigger difference for her much more than her sisters should cause her to put her glasses on as soon as she gets out of bed. If she does that that is like her telling her sisters that it's okay for them to wear their glasses too. Like the others have stated the 5 year old is nearsighted enough that she is on the borderline for needing her glasses full time but because she also has prism correction in her glasses she really should wear her glasses full time anyway. The 7 year old came away the best since her glasses have about the weakest prescription she could have gotten. Yes like Cactus Jack said in way she has Mono vision because with one eye she can see distance perfectly and the eye she can see close up fine. So i'm sure she doesn't feel like she needs glasses at all and I wonder because her glasses are so weak if she will even be able to see any difference when she has them on. But wearing glasses full time if she chooses to isn't going to hurt her eyes. So mom if she tends to not wear glasses as much as the other girls it isn't anything to worry about. But I have a feeling if the doctor hadn't prescribed her with glasses she would not have been happy because she would have likely felt left out.

And no I don't think you were being "phony" at all and I don't think Michael meant you were either. Just that by going on too much about how cute they looked wearing glasses might have seemed over the top to them. But i'm sure you were just being a loving mom. And even though i'm sure you're not happy about all of them having less than perfect eyesight and having to wear glasses you were very serious about how cute you thought they looked. Not only are your girls adjusting to wearing glasses but your going to have get used to seeing them wearing glasses from now on.

George1968 18 Oct 2016, 08:56

Hi Grace,

Your 7 year old should wear her glasses for TV watching, seeing the board and reading.

Your 5 year old needs full time wear, at least until her eyes straighten out. But, it is likely Kelly in a couple years she may need to wear full time.

Even when your 9 year old works her way out of trifocals, she will be wearing glasses full time (or contacts) for the rest of her life. I am surprised she hadn't shown any problems before now.

Grace 17 Oct 2016, 23:20

Cactus Jack,

Thank you so much for the indepth explanation of all the girls' presctiption. No need to apologize for being long winded, you were very informative, and all this glasses and vision stuff is very interesting. Howevever, as they say knowledge brings more questions than answers. That being said, I will not overdue it, so here are a few questions/clarrifications.

So, would you reccomend all the girls wear their glasses fulltime, or can one or two of them get along fine with sometimes?

You mentioned that my 9 year old's need for trifocals will likely disapear, and that at some point she should not relay on the intermediate and reading sections much, I am wondering when would you recomend she start doing that?

For my little one, the doctor recomended vision therapy. What do you know about that?

During the exam at the end when the doctor opened up both eyes and asked if she saw one or two images, she said two. So, I am wondering does this mean without her glasses she sees double all the time?

Lastly, if you can, can you explain what the doctor was doing/looking for after she said two. The other girls did not have that part.

Thank you, and now I apologize for being so long winded. Hope to hear back.

Michael 17 Oct 2016, 21:38

gjassesmayb- Yes it is a very high first prescription.But overall you are considered to be moderately nearsighted. My guess is you have been nearsighted for a while and gradually it kept on getting worse. Did anything specific prompt you to get an eye exam? But your prescription is very simple. Just nearsighted with no astigmatism.And the vision in both of your eyes is almost the same.

Seeing things in the distance had to be very difficult for you. I would definitely wear the glasses full time. You are well past the point where full time wear is recommended.Although the ultimate decision as to how much you wear your glasses is yours except for driving of course. There is no way you could pass any DMV eye exam without correction.What is it you are scared about? Having your friends see you wearing glasses for the first time? Did your doctor advise full time wear? I have found that most eye care professionals do not offer advice as to when a person should wear their glasses. But your glasses are going to make a huge difference in your vision. You may not realize just how poorly you have been seeing until you begin wearing your glasses.

And as I said your eyes didn't get this bad overnight. It was likely a gradual process that happened over a long period of time. But most people do visit an eye doctor before their vision gets to where yours is now. Your doctor probably wonders how you managed until now.

gjassesmaybe 17 Oct 2016, 21:09

hey so i came back from the doctor and she said i had a high first prescription??? idk this is what she wrote: can someone please explain

OD (Right Eye) Sphere -3.5, Cyl. n/a. Axis n/a

OS (Left Eye) Sph -3.25, Cyl n/a Axis n/a

-i do remember she said very nearsighted...

-getting the glasses today but now i'm scared...

Michael 17 Oct 2016, 19:42

Grace-Glad to hear you and your daughters are very close.I think it comes down to whether your daughters like their glasses. If they do and realize they can see better when wearing them they will wear them.And if your two younger daughters see their older sister is wearing her glasses that may help and encourage them to wear theirs as well.

It is also good your oldest daughter is OK with the lines in her glasses. At this point being able to see may be more important to her than vanity. It will be interesting to see what happens when she goes to school tomorrow. Does she plan on wearing them to school? Does the teacher know she is getting glasses? And how about some of her classmates? If they already know it might make it a little bit easier. Maybe the lines won't be as noticeable to other people as they are to you because you know they are there.

Back when I was a kid when I went for a checkup I don't think the doctor ever did a vision screening. At least I don't remember it. The only vision screenings I had were by the nurse in school.

Did the doctor recommend a large frame for your oldest daughter? I think that is the way to go when you get multi focal lenses for the first time no matter how old or young you are.

And as for my mother being in the examining room with me it might have been OK when I was 9 years old but she did it when I was a teenager too and I didn't like it but didn't have the nerve to say anything to her. And the doctor had no problem with it or would have asked her to wait outside. I remember one time he was examining my eyes and my mother actually said to me something like you mean you can't see that.I should have then asked to do the same thing when it was her turn to have her eyes examined. I don't think she would have liked it very much. When she had her eyes examined I sat in the waiting room.

Good to hear that everybody was involved with the selection of frames. If they help pick out their own frames there is more of a chance they will want to wear their glasses. I bet picking out the frames took a while for your 3 girls. Did any of the store associates try to help you?

Cactus Jack 17 Oct 2016, 19:36


Optical Prisms are used to bend or change the direction light rays. If you look at a prism from the side, it looks like a triangle. The tip of the triangle is called the Apex and the side of the triangle opposite the Apex is the Base,

3 BO means that the Prism prescription is 3 Prism Diopters oriented with the Base of the Prism toward the Outside of the lens.

A Prism Diopter was defined by Sir Isaac Newton, of Gravity fame, about 300 years ago. He defined 1 Prism Diopter is that amount of Prism that will deflect a ray of light 1 cm at a distance of 1 meter. Without going into the math, 1 Prism Diopter will deflect a ray of light 0.57 angular degrees. 3 Prism Diopters, Base Out is a very tiny amount, but it is enough to make vision more comfortable, if a person needs it.

If you look closely at your 5 year old's glasses, you may notice that the outside edges of the lenses are thicker than the inside edges by a mm or so. If your daughters eyes are turned inward (converged) slightly, she will have to work a bit harder to keep the two images fused. The Base Out prism in her glasses will do that work for her.

There are pros and cons to wearing prism correction, but your ECP is well aware of them. She may need additional prism in the future, eye exercises, or even muscle surgery to reduce the need for prism. At some point, your ECP may suggest that she see a Pediatric Ophthalmologist. That is an MD who species in Strabismus issues in children and also adults.

It is very rare for small amounts of prism in glasses to be noticed by others.

Hope this helps a bit.


Michael 17 Oct 2016, 19:03

Grace-I think your 5 year old has strabismus which is cross eyed or a misalignment of the eyes. That is why she needs prism in her glasses. Honestly I didn't pay any attention to that when I saw her script. I looked more at her sphere and cylinder numbers. And Likelenses is right. Because of the prism I think it would be best if she wore her glasses full time just like your oldest daughter. Some of these words can be confusing or hard to remember but I think that was the word the doctor used.

Did this doctor do a good job trying to explain things? A lot of them don't. I still think he should have offered advice as to when your two youngest daughters should wear their glasses.It was pretty obvious that your oldest daughter would need to wear hers full time having trifocals but not nearly as obvious with your two younger daughters especially the middle one. Still not sure how much the glasses will benefit your middle daughter. And I don't think one eye being slightly nearsighted and the other one slightly farsighted is all that unusual.

Grace 17 Oct 2016, 19:01


I do not know where to start. First off, thanks for your concern, my daughters and I have a very special relationship, we are really close. I do not think I was being phoney, or that they thought I was being phoney, it is just our relationship.

My 9 year old did not say much about the lines on her lenses, she just made a little sarcastic comment. The lines are pretty noticeable, but I might just think that because I know they are there. She is a big girl, she will just explain that she needs trifocals to see because of she had normal glasses she would not be able to read.

As for the mom in the room thing, I will admit I was in the room with all my girls. It just seems like something a kid needs to go through with their parents. Having a parent there seems to make it a more comfertable scene. I guess the good thing is if me being there made any of my girls nervous I am certain they would tell me.

Like I mentioned earlier, the girls failed the eye exam portion of their wellness check up.

The four of us picked out their frames together, and yes, we made sure the 9 year old got a nice big pair of glasss, so each part of her glassss would have enough space.


Thank you for your rundown.

I have done my little research, but am still confused about prisms. I would greatly appreciate it if someone would explain it to me.

Cactus Jack 17 Oct 2016, 18:51


9 year old prescription:

OD (Right Eye) Sphere -3.75, Cyl. n/a. Axis n/a Add +2.50

OS (Left Eye) Sph -3.50, Cyl -0.25, Axis 120 Add + 2.50

Trifocal 50% Intermediate (or +1.25)

The prescription explains the need for trifocals. The eyes have an “Auto-Focus System” that consists of the variable focus Crystalline Lenses, The Ciliary Muscles that have the ability to squeeze the Crystalline Lenses to increase their already considerable PLUS power of about +20 diopters for distance, and the Focus Control System in the brain. The Ciliary Muscles have NO ability to reduced the PLUS power of the Crystalline Lenses to less than their fully relaxed state.

The way it is supposed to work is that the Crystalline Lenses are fully relaxed for distance and the Ciliary Muscles squeeze the Crystalline Lenses to increase their power by +2 or +3 diopters to focus close. Because of her Myopia, your daughter’s eyes are focused at about 10.5 inches or about 27 cm, She never has a need to even try to focus close.

There is no way to know how long she has been Myopic to this degree. It is perfectly reasonable to conclude that her brain does not know how or has forgotten how to use her “Auto-Focus System”.

Now that she has her distance vision corrected, She would not be able to see close things very clearly with out a trifocal Add. Using the trifocal lenses (segments) may be a little awkward for a few days, but I suspect she will figure it out quickly. Hopefully, it will not be long before she starts to use her Auto-Focus System to help with the focusing, rather than relying fully on the Intermediate and Close Segments of the trifocals.

Newborn babies don’t see very well right after birth. It typically takes about a month for them to figure out how to use their Auto-Focus System but they are starting from zero knowledge. Your daughter probably is in the habit of NOT trying to focus, because there was no need. It may take a little longer for your daughter overcome the habit.

Once she begins to exercise her Ciliary Muscles, they will rapidly become stronger. In some ways it is like lifting weights in a gym. You start with very light weights (the trifocals help with this) and many repetitions, Once the muscles start to become stronger you move to heavier weights. In a few months, your daughter may only need +2.00 in the reading segment and +1.00 in the intermediate segment, Then a few months later, maybe +1.50 in the reading segment and +0.75 in the intermediate. Finally, she may no longer need the Add at all, for many years.

Your 7 year old has a prescription of:

OD (Right Eye) Sph. -0.50

OS (Left Eye) Sph. +0.25

She is very slightly nearsighted in the Right Eye and very slightly farsighted in the Left Eye. The difference can cause the brain to use the Right Eye for reading and the Left Eye for distance, depending on the visual task at hand. It is a mild form of natural Mono Vision. Mono Vision is often used in adults whose visual system is fully developed, to avoid the need for bifocals. However, it is not a good situation for a child whose visual system is not fully developed. You need two equally focused images to enable the Visual Cortex to develop 3D vision and good spacial sense,

I have some personal experience with natural Mono Vision. I was born in 1937 and started school in 1943. Back then in South Texas, school vision screenings were nonexistent. I had no apparent difficulty seeing the blackboard or reading. Little did anyone know that I was using my eyes independently. The only clue that I did not see very well was that I could not hit a baseball if my life depended on it. By the time I figured out where the ball was, it was in the catcher’s mitt. The problem was not identified until I applied for a drivers training and flunked the eye test. My first prescription was:

OD Sphere 0.00

OS Sphere -1.50

I was using my Right Eye for Distance and my Left Eye for close up. One of the big shocks I got when I got my first glasses was that the world was 3D. I believe the fact that I had natural Mono Vision meant that my eyes were not used to working together, which lead to early need for bifocals (20) and early need for trifocals (30) and perhaps some other problems.

Your 5 year old has this prescription:

OD Sph. -1.00, Cyl. -0.50, Axis 80, Prism 3 BO

OS Soh. -1.75, Cyl. -0.25, Axis 85, Prism 3 BO

She is moderately nearsighted and has Strabismus (general term for eye misalignment) and more specifically, perhaps Esophoria which is problems with convergence. Hopefully, your ECP checked for symptoms of Amblyopia. She might have a tendency toward double vision, which could cause the brain to ignore one of the images, this isn’t a good thing. She should probably wear her glasses full time.

I apologize for being so long winded, but there was a lot to explain. I urge you to learn as much as you can about vision and symptoms of problems so you can follow your daughter’s needs closely. Here is a like to a white paper about The Eye that you might find interesting,

May I as where you live? (Country and region)

If anything is not clear, please don’t hesitate to ask.


Likelenses 17 Oct 2016, 18:28


I was pretty close in your girls prescription estimates.

The oldest has a fair amount more sphere than my estimate,and only minimal astigmatism in her left eye. Part of the reason for the trifocals is because her distance prescription is so strong,for a first prescription,she would find that intermediate,and especially close up things would look very small without the trifocal segments.With myopia she is used to them looking very large.And without her glasses on she would be holding near work way too close,causing strain on her eyes.She may complain at first that near things look too small,but you must insist that she wear the glasses all the time,and in a week or so she will be used to them.Do not allow her to read without them.

The seven year old has a weak prescription,but is nearsighted in one eye,and farsighted in the other.It would probably be best if she wears glasses full time,and do not be surprised if at her next exam both eyes are nearsighted.

Now as for the five year old,her sphere is close to what I had thought,and her astigmatism is about what to expect with a first prescription.The fact that she has a fair amount of prism will require that she also wear glasses all the time,for distance,and near.She is very likely to comment,or complain about close up things looking too small,but like her oldest sister if she wears the glasses full time for a week or so ,she will get used to it.

Michael 17 Oct 2016, 17:25

Grace- I hate to be a pest but one more question. Did your girls pick out their own frames or did they get some help from mom? I am sure your oldest daughter in particular had some idea what she liked but might have been limited with her choices because she needed a frame that would work with trifocals.

Michael 17 Oct 2016, 17:17

Grace- Another thing I just thought of. My elderly aunt who is now 89 years old when she was in her 40's I guess complained to the eye doctor about her intermediate vision so he prescribed for her trifocals instead of the bifocals she was wearing. She worked as a secretary and did a lot of typing using a typewriter which in itself tells you how long ago that was. She claimed to have trouble reading what she typed. But I don't think she ever got used to the trifocals.

I hope your daughter gets used to hers without too many problems. I guess the same rules apply for trifocals as for bifocals that you have to make sure you are focusing in the correct portion of the lenses. Walking down stairs in particular may be difficult.Are the lenses in her glasses on the large size? Hopefully she will have a wide enough field of vision in each part of the lenses to be able to focus. Somebody here will correct me if I am wrong but I think for trifocals the intermediate part of the lenses is usually very narrow.I remember when I got my first progressives the doctor suggested getting a larger frame so it would be easier for me to get used to them. And I guess it worked because I pretty much got used to them in a couple of days. The key to me was to keep them on and not keep on taking them off and putting them back on. If you do that you will never get used to them.

Bifocals, trifocals and progressives unless the distance part of the lenses is pretty weak I think are meant to be worn full time. And your oldest daughter's distance prescription is not weak.It is very strong for a first prescription.

Michael 17 Oct 2016, 16:47

Grace- One more question. What prompted you to take your daughters for eye exams? Did they fail vision screenings at school? That is what happened to me when I was 9 years old so my mother brought me to the eye doctor. And because I was going my sister who is three years younger than me told my mother she wanted to go too so my mother made an appointment for the three of us. But my sister didn't need glasses. Which is what my mother thought because she didn't fail her vision screening at school. But she wanted to go because I was going.I don't think my sister at 6 years old really wanted to get glasses.

Michael 17 Oct 2016, 16:33

Grace-My advice would be not to make a big issue out of your girls glasses.If you overdo it it may come across as being a little phony and I don't think you want that. Just my opinion. You can encourage them to wear their glasses if they are not doing so but don't push it.

There does seem to be a lot of poor vision in both your family and your husband's but you seemed to have escaped. Hopefully you won't have to worry about it for while until presbyopia sets in and that may not be for a number of years since you are only 27. But presbyopia eventually gets everybody.

Did your oldest daughter say anything about the lines in her glasses? Her glasses are going to look different than any of her schoolmates in all likelihood and I wonder if that will be an issue. How noticeable are the lines? What will happen if any of her schoolmates ask to try on her glasses? That often happens in school when a student gets glasses for the first time especially if the other student wears glasses as well. Kids love to compare. And they will know right away that your daughter's glasses are different and may wonder why.

I am not an eye care professional but do find it unusual that your daughter was prescribed trifocals before bifocals. That may make them harder to get used to. But I guess he feels she needs a lot of help with her intermediate vision like when using a computer. But some adults have trouble getting used to bifocals never mind trifocals. And some people love progressives and others hate them. It is personal choice. The problem with standard bifocals is they are not good when using a computer. So those people if they use a computer a lot may need a separate pair of computer glasses. I am 63 years old and have worn progressives since my mid 40's and love them. Never had standard bifocals. But everybody does not share my opinion.

I knew this elderly gentleman who used to live in the building I lived in and we had a community room there with a TV and computers and when he used a computer his face would be so close to the screen it looked as though he was kissing it. And this man wore standard bifocals. His vision may not have been good enough to try using the computer with his glasses off but what he wound up doing wasn't good either. As I said standard bifocals do not work well for the computer.

And one of my pet peeves with eye care professionals in general is most of them do not advise their patients as to when to wear their glasses unless you specifically ask. I think they should automatically offer advice especially to first time glasses wearers but for some reason they generally don't. I have worn glasses since I was nine years old so I would know. Plus I have also asked other people when I knew they went for eye exams and most of them told me the glasses were prescribed and nothing else was said. Even as a kid when I went with my mother for an eye exam the doctor said nothing and it was my mother who always asked. And I dreaded the question because I was afraid one time the doctor would say I needed to wear glasses full time which I would have dreaded. But as a kid my eyes never got that bad even though I got my first glasses for myopia when I was nine years old.So nobody can predict how bad your girls' eyes will get.

And another thing I dreaded was the doctor let my mother into the exam room with me and that made me very nervous. Not sure why he did that. The doctor was examining my eyes so how could my mother help me? We often had our eyes examined at the same time and when it was her turn to have her eyes examined I stayed in the waiting room.

Michael 17 Oct 2016, 15:49

Grace- I rechecked your posts and saw that your husband is nearsighted. Sorry about my mistake.I do think poor vision can be hereditary but sometimes it skips a generation. At this point I wouldn't worry about how bad your girls eyes will get. Because there isn't anything you can really do about it. Yes myopia seems to be setting in at a younger than average age for your youngest daughter. Which may mean it will eventually reach a pretty high level but nobody knows for sure.But good luck with your girls and their glasses. Your oldest daughter once she puts them on may not want to take them off. And your youngest daughter should notice a big difference in her distance vision as well so hopefully she will wear them.

Grace 17 Oct 2016, 15:47


Yes, my nine year old has lined trifocals, her doctor thought they would be easier to adjust to becasue the lines will help her figure out where she should look when doing certain tasks. The doctor did not mention anything about when to wear glasses for the younger two, for the oldest it is implied with the fact she has trifocals. I do not need glasses, but my husband does wear glasses, he is nearsighted. What I had said was that it is surprising our daughter needs reading help before us, but we are only 27, so I guess our time will come. Also, as discussed previously both our families are jam packed with glasses wearers, it is a miricale I have lasted this long.

The girls just picked up their glasses, they wore them on the car ride home, but took them off as soon as they got home. I guess it will take time for them to realize the benefit of their glasses. In the car my oldest seemed satisfied wearing her glasses, and I must say she looked nice wearing them, as did my other girls. I may have embarresed them out of wearing them for a while by going momma crazy over how cute they looked wearing them and talking about how glasses are so cool. I mean they are, someone has trouble seeing, and they "magically" enhance their vision. They probably also did not like having their mom ask them to read things to her. They will get over it, change is always so exciting, and what can be more exciting than a chnage that also helps you see better!

Michael 17 Oct 2016, 14:50

Grace- I am assuming your oldest daughter is getting lined trifocals rather than progressives. Am I correct? She definitely needs to wear her glasses full time. Your 7 year old doesn't have much of a script at all. Probably doesn't even think she needs glasses. The thing I noticed is one of her eyes is slightly nearsighted and the other one slightly farsighted.Was your 7 year old advised as to when she should wear her glasses?Your 5 year old doesn't have a horrible prescription. But she is nearsighted with a small amount of astigmatism with one eye being worse than the other one. She may not need to wear glasses full time unless she wants to. But I think she will need to wear them in school as well as watching TV and other activities which require good distance vision. They will definitely make a difference.

Your situation seems very similar to another woman Jamie who wrote here a number of months back. She had 5 sons who all needed glasses and they all seemed to have different eye problems. Including a baby. And all of us told her not to force her sons to wear their glasses because that may make them resist even more. And like you and your husband Jamie said neither she or her husband had any eye problems. Sometimes that happens. Just because parents have good vision that doesn't necessarily mean their children will.

Did you say your girls were going to get their glasses today?Make sure you keep us informed how everything goes. Jamie was a nervous Nellie and worried what she would do if her boys refused to wear their glasses.But the best thing to do is not force them. The toughest one for you might be your middle daughter because her script is so mild she may feel glasses make no difference in her vision.But your oldest daughter is the one who really needs glasses the most and if she wears her glasses that may make her younger sisters want to wear theirs as well.

Grace 17 Oct 2016, 13:41

My 9 year old's- Sephere: -3.75, and -3.50; Cylinder: nothing, -0.25; Axis: nothing, 120; the horizontal and vertical prism columns are empty; add: +2.50 in both rows, and below it says, "tri 50% intermediate."

My 7 year old's- her's just has numbers in the sephere column, the first row is -0.50 and the second is +0.25.

My 5 year old's- Sephere: -1.00, and -1.75; Cylinder: -0.5 and -0.25; Axis: 080, and 085; Horizontal Prism: 3 BO in both rows; Vertical Prism: empty; Add: empty.

Cactus Jack 17 Oct 2016, 11:37


Your 9 year old's need for trifocals will likely go away with time, but it depends on several factors. Her complete prescription is a good clue. If you could provide the complete prescriptions for your daughters, I will be happy to explain the meaning of them.


Grace 17 Oct 2016, 09:45

Thank you, Cactus. The girls are getting their glasses today after school.

For my 9 year old, will the need for trifocals go away with time, or get greater with time. I did some research and found that most people start needing reading help in their early to mid thirties, she is 9. Is likely that she will grow out of the need before eventually needing it later in life. Her father and I do not even need reading help yet.

Cactus Jack 17 Oct 2016, 02:55


I am not an Eye Care Professional (ECP). My background is Electronic Engineering and Computers. Over the years (79 now), I have gained a reputation as being a pretty good problem solver and "explainer". I have done a lot of training in the industrial world. My goal when teaching is to foster Understanding, not just rote learning.

Regarding Vision and Optics, I am an Amateur, in the original sense as a person who studies the natural sciences out of love of knowledge. I also have a somewhat selfish motive, I have had a lot of vision problems starting around 10 years old and wanted to understand what was the cause and find a better solution to the problem than offered by my ECPs.

If it would be helpful, I would like to offer an invitation for a private conversation on wither the Vision and Spex website or


Cactus Jack 17 Oct 2016, 02:42

It is not unheard of for a young person to need trifocals. It can happen when a person, no matter what their age, has uncorrected myopia in the -2 to -3 range. They have no reason to use their Ciliary Muscles to focus their Crystalline Lenses. True Presbyopia is caused by stiffening of the Crystalline Lens, usually with age, but there is another factor in Accommodation to focus close, the strength (condition) of their Ciliary Muscles. The Ciliary Muscles are like any other muscles in the body, they need to be used to stay strong and be functional. If the ECP detects Accommodative response, they will often undercurrent the prescription in first glasses or prescribe temporary bifocals, to give the Focus Control System and the Ciliary Muscles an opportunity to get stronger. If there is little or no Accommodative response, it may be necessary to consider trifocals. Young children today have a visual environment that is more complex than distance and reading. They also are using computer displays that are located about twice typical reading distance, making trifocals a good, hopefully temporary, solution.

The Focus Control System FCS) and the Eye Positioning Control System (EPCS) are very complex interactive systems with multiple inputs. In engineering language they are Open Loop Servo Systems. There is an interconnection between the FCS and the EPCS that cause the eyes to converge as a result of focusing effort. If a person has uncorrected Myopia, it is like wearing reading glasses full time. Depending on the actual refractive error, it may not be necessary to expend any focusing effort to read or see close objects, clearly. In that case, the EPCS may not be triggered to converge the eyes. Typically the result would be double vision, However, if the person is young enough, they may not be aware that there is something wrong with their vision. Remember, vision always occurs in the brain. The eyes are merely biological cameras. The brain's typical response to confusing images is to use the best image and ignore the other image. In young children, whose brains are still developing, the result is Amblyopia which, if not recognized and treated by the age of around 6, can result in permanent loss of vision in one eye.


Grace 16 Oct 2016, 13:10

Believe what you want, but I am who I say I am. My oldest had trouble reading the attached small chart. The doctor said something about some lens in her eye has gotten too stiff. And said she has early onset presbiopia.

She also said something about the 5 year old's eyes not converging. Apparently she has star(something).

Soundmanpt 16 Oct 2016, 11:32


What are the symptoms your having that causes you to think that you might need glasses? You seem excited about the possibility of being prescribed glasses. If yo aren't sure and you really want glasses one thing you can do which will guarantee your getting glasses is too complain about your eyesight when driving at night, even if you don't yet drive. This will get you at the very least a weak prescription for glasses. Make sure to complain while getting your eyes examined by the doctor.

Cactus Jack 16 Oct 2016, 10:57


You might find this helpful.


An eye exam is not like an exam that you might take in school and there is really no way to study for it. However, you can prepare for it and learn about your role in the exam. The best eye exams are a team effort between you and the Examiner. Part of the preparation is to learn what to expect, particularly if this is your first eye exam.

One important thing you need to keep in mind is that the Examiner has no way to experience what you are seeing. He/she has to depend on your answers to questions.

There are two parts to an eye exam. The first part is the Objective part. This part consists of:

1. Taking a Visual History where you describe your vision and the kinds of problems you are having.

2. Checking the internal pressure in your eyes for symptoms of Glaucoma. This is one of the very few parts of an eye exam that is even mildly uncomfortable and the discomfort only lasts for a few seconds. There are two basic ways to do the pressure test.

A. Using a special instrument to lightly touch your Cornea. Not to worry here. Before doing this type of test a drop of mild anesthetic will make sure you don’t even feel it.

B. There is a new type instrument that uses a puff of air directed against your cornea. No anesthetic is required, but the puff will startle you. The puff of air is harmless and there are huge benefits of detecting Glaucoma early before it can do damage.

3. Obtaining a preliminary estimate of your refractive error using an Auto-Refractor, or manually by using a small hand held instrument called an Ophthalmoscope or Retinoscope.

The Auto-Refractor is a relatively new instrument that was developed in conjunction with NASA to check Astronauts vision in space. You look into the machine with each eye individually at a scene or a pattern and the machine will adjust its internal lenses to focus the image you see on your retina. The Auto-Refractor only takes a few seconds for each eye and it then prints out your estimated prescription.

Some Examiners prefer to use manual methods that have been used for many years. Using an Ophthalmoscope or Retinoscope and a Trial Lens set or a Phoropter (a fancy machine with a built in lens set), the Examiner will look into your eyes and select the lenses that allow him to see your retina, most clearly.

The object of this part of the exam is to get a starting place for the Subjective part of the exam where you have to describe what you see.

Typically the Subjective part of the exam starts with the Right Eye shutter open and the Left Eye shutter closed.

Step 1 is typically determining the cylinder and axis of any Astigmatism correction you need. This is actually the hardest part of the exam because you will be asked to judge relative blurriness of two images rather than the sharpness of an image.

You will be shown a line of text and a supplemental lens will be rotated into place. This lens is a cylinder lens that is mounted on a 45 degree pivot and can be flopped back an forth to bracket a trial axis or orientation of the long axis of the cylinder lens. The thing that is confusing about this test is that the straight lines (strokes) of the letters will alternate in clarity as the lens is flipped back and forth depending on their direction. I suggest concentrating on an “O” if possible. Depending on your answers, the examiner will adjust the axis knob unit the image you see is equally blurry with the supplemental lens 45 degrees each side of the selected axis.

At this point the Examiner will probably swing the supplemental lens out of the way and may change the cylinder power while asking you which lens in clearer.

You may be uncomfortable, for your first exam, asking the Examiner to let you fine tune the axis, but I have found that most will appreciate your wanting to actively participate. The way that works is that he will place your hand on the Axis control knob and you move it back and forth a few degrees of the sharpest image, this time.

The next step is determining the Sphere correction. This is an easy part of the exam because all you have to do is pick the sharpest image, but there is a tricky part. Your auto-focus mechanism will try to help, if it gets a chance. The Examiner has a couple of ways to minimize the action of your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses.

The Examiner can in effect sneak up on your Sphere prescription or he can use drops to Dilate your eyes. Lets talk about sneaking up on your prescription first. There are actually 4 lenses in your eye’s lens system. All of them are PLUS lenses and the total power is about +56 diopters. The only variable focus lens is the crystalline lens whose PLUS power is controlled by your ciliary muscles. For distance, your Crystalline lens is fully relaxed and has somewhere around +15 diopters. When you focus to read, your Ciliary Muscles squeeze the Crystalline lens to increase its PLUS power by the amount necessary to focus which depends on the distance to the object.

This will take a little thought to get your mind around, but if you are nearsighted, your lens system has too much PLUS for the distance from the lens system to your retina and you need MINUS lenses to neutralize some of that excess PLUS power. You ONLY have the ability to increase the PLUS power of your lens system. You have NO ability to reduce the PLUS power of your Crystalline lenses more that fully relaxed.

To try to keep your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline lenses from getting in the act, the examiner will start with NOT ENOUGH MINUS or TOO MUCH PLUS (same thing) and gradually increase the MINUS one or two steps at a time, while reducing the size of the line you are asked to read. He will not tell you what power lens or what line you are looking at. Eventually, he will reach the 20/20 line and a lens power that lets you read it with no mistakes.

He will then follow the same procedure with your Left Eye.

When he has completed both eyes, he will open the shutters and you may see two images. This part of the test is to check your muscle balance using some prisms. He will probably ask you to tell him when the two images are aligned horizontally and then vertically. While the images are separated, you have an important check to make. Compare the sharpness of the two images. If they are not equally sharp, be sure and tell the Examiner which image is clearer. If there is a difference, he will likely reduce the sharpness of the clearest image until they match. The important thing at this point is that they match. That lack of sharpness will be corrected in the next phase with both eyes working together.

Next he will fuse the images so both eyes are working together and repeat the Sphere procedure by gradually increasing the MINUS or decreasing the PLUS until you see the smallest line of letters very clearly.

That pretty much completes the exam except for checking your near vision with a small chart about 14 to 16 inches from you.

gjassesmaybe 16 Oct 2016, 10:44

I'm about to go to my first eye exam and I'm really nervous but excited because I'm pretty sure I need glasses...

I'll keep you guys updated

i'm 16 btw

gwgs 16 Oct 2016, 07:52

Grace - if this is Grace, on this board where not everyone is who they say they are, I'm beginning to wonder about this. The appointment with the eye doctor seems remarkably quick after the original posts on here and to be prescribed trifocals after the comments on bifocals for a young kid is an extremely rare occurrence and something I would've thought any practicing optician would want to ease their patient/client into instead of giving it to one as a first time wearer. At least see how she gets on with her first glasses before this . If it is genuine then my apologies!!

The other thing that got me wondering is the comments on bifocals and now suddenly the optician has prescribed trifocals - which are incredibly rare - as a first time prescription. These will definitely take some getting used to but again, if his is a bona fide user / post I hope they are what your daughter needs.

Grace 16 Oct 2016, 07:02

Well, the girls had their appointment yesterday, and we are going glasses shoping for them today. Either later today or tomorrow my girls will have their first glasses. I guess, if what likelenses has said is true, then the uounger two will be taking off their glasses for reading. My oldest will have to keep them on at all times, the doctor said her glasses will have a part for distance, intermediate, and near vision.

Likelenses 16 Oct 2016, 00:17

To Grace

Some eye care practitioners will recommend bifocals to slow down progressive myopia. The ones that do not, usually recommend wearing the glasses for close work if the Prescription is -3.00 or greater,because reading without the glasses would require holding the reading material too close,causing strain.

gwgs 15 Oct 2016, 14:14

I would say having bifocals is another ridiculous point that is being made and only her optician should advise what prescription and type of lenses her children should wear.

Having done GOC (see other thread Grace if you want an explanation of this) quite a few times and having a few pairs of bifocals in my collection, I have found bifocal lenses are a severe distraction if they are not needed and make things in the distance appear more blurry and the small print close not as clear as it would normally be.

To Grace  15 Oct 2016, 12:24

It is hard to predict what will happen, but I would suggest having them either take their glasses off when reading/ close tasks or getting bifocals to help alleviate the near demand. Also with all getting glasses together they probably will adapt well and can support each other

Mark  15 Oct 2016, 10:56

Grace - this is why I posted, as after reading some of the posts I was concerned about reading it from the view of a parent but hopefully cactus Jack's post and mine were comforting to you and as Cj has said, one cannot speculate on something that hasn't happened in the future, it's like asking what the weather will be like in 5 years time on a certain day.

I think the most important factor is like any medical ailment and that is if it needs treating don't ignore it as it could get worse. Hope this helps

Grace 15 Oct 2016, 10:19

Thank you guys, likelenses' post really had me upset, and anxious. Tgise numbers he gave were big, and those glasses he linked were really thick. Thank you for clarifying everything.

Cactus Jack 15 Oct 2016, 07:39

I would like to suggest that trying to predict future prescriptions is a bit like fortune telling by examining tea leaves. It may be fun, but it had little practical value.

We really don't know the exact cause of Myopia, Hyperopia, or Astigmatism. We can infer from empirical evidence that genetics play a huge role, but the visual environment is also an important factor.

I would like to suggest that some of the posts in response to Grace's questions were not beneficial and probably caused her some upset and confusion. One implied that extreme Myopia was inevitable for all her daughters. Another suggested that vision correction was unnecessary and undesirable until mid teens.

The cold equations of optics indicate that if a person has -1.00 of myopia, things beyond 1 meter or about 40 inches are increasingly blurry. -2.00 = 0.5 meters or 20 inches. -3.00 = 0.33 meters or about 13 inches. How can a child learn much of anything, if their visual world is a meter or less. Children with Hyperopia have an advantage because they can correct most out-of-focus situations, internally, unless they also have Astigmatism or they are not able to use their Ciliary Muscles or Crystalline Lenses, effectively.

The point to all this is that Grace really needs to make sure that her daughters have good vision. It is estimated that 80% of human leaning is acquired through the visual channel. There was an ad a few years ago with the tag line: "A mind is a terrible thing to waste". Learning and mental development depend on good vision and learning is vital in our increasingly high tech world. If it takes Minus, Plus, or Bifocal glasses to provide good vision, so be it. Cosmetics and Vanity be damned. Learning from 4 or 5 to age 25 is vital to the long term welfare and life experiences of a person. Can a person have a good life without good vision? Yes! But, it is a lot easier with good vision.

Enough said.


mark 15 Oct 2016, 01:30

I dont necessarily go along with Likelenses theory as although lots of the posts on here are informative, how many short sighted people ACTUALLY get an increase of -1 every year until they are 20? I would hazard a guess at very few as otherwise they would be a huge amount of highly myopic people in the world, and if i recall correctly from a post on a blog of a highly myopic woman who was wanting to get lasik, according to her eye doctor, only 1/8th of glasses wearers have a prescription above -9. This seems quite a high statistic from my everyday viewing of the glasses population though.

I wouldnt want any of what been posted on here to detract from you looking after your children and their vision and as an example, an Asian girl who used to work with me who had very strong glasses (just about to get -13 glasses when she left) has a young son who is probably just under 5 and whilst he got glasses at 3, whenever ive seen him and my work colleague, his glasses havent changed. Can anyone cross relate this to the original post as it may help.

paul 15 Oct 2016, 01:27

hi,my grandson has just got his first glasses at 11 years old ,they are minus 2 each eye,he has to wear them fulltime,how much stronger will he get as he gets older,im -14.50/-14.75,thanks

Likelenses 14 Oct 2016, 21:05


These are probably about -12. lenses.

Likelenses 14 Oct 2016, 20:54


Assuming that the nine year old gets a first prescription of -3.00,and as many experience an increase of an average of -1.00 per year,at age twenty her lenses would be -14.

And if the five year old gets a first prescription of -2.00,with the same progression of -1.00 per year would be -17.

The seven year old may be better off.If her first prescription is -.75,she MAY have smaller increases.She may wind up at age twenty with -9.75.

Keep in mind,these are only estimates,but because all the girls are starting out younger than many children,and two with unusually high prescriptions,and high myopia does appear to run in the family on both sides,my guess is that all will require strong thick lenses by their twenties.

When you take them to the optometrist,you should ask him,or her about these things,and please keep us informed as to what their actual prescriptions are.

When lenses for myopia reach around -9.00 and above, the front surfaces are usually perfectly flat,and due to the lense thickness they have white rings that are noticable.The strong lenses also make the eyes appear very small,and when looking straight on at the person,their outer face is somewhat distorted by the lense power.

Tom1 14 Oct 2016, 14:39

I would like to add that wearing glasses is not mandatory for anyone, especially kids. Glasses do not stop myopia, neither decrease it, they are just a way to see clear when needed. Children that age can perfectly play, study, do sports ecc... with the small degree of myopia reported by the Grace's daughters. The oldest may have troubles with the board, but only if her desk is far from it. Even recognising people may not be easy, but this is rarely a problem for children. They don't have to drive, navigate alone,recognize labels, read signs ecc... Moreover wearing glasses full time including reading and close works is thought by many eyedoctors as a bad idea, since myopic eyes can perfectly see close things with less strain than a normal eye (which is able to see clear in the distance, but needs accommodation for close vision).

Having said that, I would not force a child younger than, say, 14 to wear glasses. It is possible that Grace's daughter will appreciate a good vision and will ask for glasses to wear full time (anyway not for reading!), but it is also possible that they will prefer to cope with their small defect until impact on their social life will be significant (which could happen soon for the older daughter, unfortunately) and I don't see any drawback on this.

Soundmanpt 14 Oct 2016, 12:02


What "Likelenses" has already told you is pretty much dead on. For the older 2 girls i'm sure glasses are going to make a big difference to them in their ability to see properly. Of course they think they are seeing fine because they have nothing to compare their vision to. So the way they are seeing, or not really seeing, they just assume that is the way everyone sees. That being said hopefully once they put their glasses on and suddenly are shocked at how clear everything is they may not be so opposed to wearing their glasses. The one that needs glasses the least should even notice enough difference to cause her to want to wear her glasses and also if she sees her older sisters wearing their glasses all the time she is almost certain to want to follow their lead and she may decide to wear her glasses all the time as well. Most likely your daughters acquired the genes for their eyesight from your husband since you apparently don't wear glasses. If your daughters still are reluctant about wearing their glasses one thing that might help is for you to go a boutique that sells fake glasses and buy a pair of them to wear. If your daughters see you wearing glasses that should make a big difference to them. Like "Likelenses" said until your daughters reach their mid twenties you can expect that all 3 daughters are going to require new glasses every year as their eyesight continues to change.

Grace 14 Oct 2016, 09:25

I actually mentioned the 5 year old before the 7 year old. In my family, my grandma, and a cousin have some really strong looking glasses. My husband has normal glasses, but a lot of his family have pretty thick lenses. One of his brothers, and a niece have such thick lenses that you can barely even see their eyes through all the lens, and when you can (when looking straight into their eyes) their eyes look so small behind the glasses. He also has another niece that has these really strong looking glassss with circles in the mddle, and they make her eyes look so tiny.

So, will my girls have to wear their glasses all the time? Even when reading? What would happen if they are too close to a computer screen, or study/read too long before finally taking a break? My girls love reading and my 9 year old is always studying/ doing homework.

Likelenses 13 Oct 2016, 22:16


I assume that the 9 year old is the one that could not read the big E,and the 7 year old was the next that you spoke of,and 5 year old the last one.

If that is the case,that would be about right for their respective ages.The only thing that I can add is that all three prescriptions would be rather high ,for their first ones.

Not that it is carved in stone,but usually myopia sets in about 8,to ten years of age,and progresses until the twenties.

Since two of the girls have become myopic earlier,and one has such a large amount,they all will probably be very myopic with high prescriptions, by their twenties.

When they get their glasses,there are a few things that you can do to possibly slow down the progression.

1. Monitor their reading distance,and insist that they hold books,or other reading material NO CLOSER THAN 12 INCHES,and when working on a computer,NO CLOSER THAN 20 INCHES.

2. Do not allow them to do close tasks for hours on end.They need to take frequent breaks from close work,and do something that utilizes distance viewing.

3. If you notice them squinting while wearing their glasses,get their eyes examined,as they would be a at point of needing stronger lenses.

Myopia is hereditary,and it seems that there is a lot on both sides of the family.Do any of the family members have what looks like very strong,thick lenses?

Hope this has been helpful.

Grace 13 Oct 2016, 21:40

Yes, it does. My husband is nearsighted, and in my family my grandma, both grandpas, four aunts, two uncle, two of my three sisters, (I think) 9 of my cousins and all but three of my nieces and nephews are nearsighted. Most of my husbands family wear glasses except his mom, a cousin and a nephew. My oldest is 9, middle is 7 and youngest is 5.

Even with all of these nearsighted people in my family, I do not know much about prescription numbers and how bad really bad eyesight/ prescription numbers are. So, how bad would you say my daughters eyesights are?

Likelenses 13 Oct 2016, 17:36


The one that could not read the big E most likely has about 20/300 vision,and will have pretty strong lenses of about -3.00,and will need to wear them all the time.

The second one is not far behind,with approx.20/200 and her lenses will be in the neighborhood of -2.00,and she too should war glasses all the time.

The third is around 20/40, and her Prescription should be around -.75 that she will only need for TV,sporting events ,and the board at school.

These numbers are only estimates,and other factors could include astigmatism.

Does myopia,or more commonly called nearsightedness,run in your family?

It would also be helpful to know their ages.

Myopia does increase with age,so all of their prescriptions will increase every year until they are in their twenties.

Grace 13 Oct 2016, 17:09

Looks like my little girls will be getting glasses soon. They failed the eyechart part of their annual wellness checkups. One of them did not even get the big E correct. She said it was three lines, and only went as far as the second line before admiting she could not see. The doctor made her move forward ten feet, and she was able to get the big E correct, and attempted the second line, but could not make out the first letter at all, and got the seond letter wrong. My other daughter did slightly better. She was able to make it down to the the third line without making a mistake, and got two correct on the fourth line. The middle one did the best, but she too will need glasses.She was able to make it until the green line, but messed up on the line below the green line. They are all bummed out by the news. Bone if them want glasses. They are refusing that they are having trouble seeing, and trying to get me to not get them appointments with an eye doctor. Any tips on how to get them excited about this? How bad do their vision look,are they normalish (well, for people that are nearsighted)?

Likelenses 11 Oct 2016, 23:37


Wow,what a nice hefty increase,with some more cylinder as frosting on the cake.

As I had predicted at your last increase,at the rate you are going,considering your age,you should be getting a first bifocal [prescription slightly before turning thirty.

Jim H 11 Oct 2016, 20:33


That is fun going for eye exams together! I was able to this recently do that with my wife, however the outcome was not the same as both of our prescriptions stayed the same. I was hoping my wifes would increase a little but she stayed at +2.50 with -0.75 astigmatism. She is also very pregnant which I have read can tend to shift eyesight towards more minus so I should just be thankful it didn't go down! She is excited to get new glasses so we may go shopping soon depending on how things are going with her.

I am surprised with the increase you got. Did you get your eyes dilated for this exam? That will feel like quite an increase when you get them. Enjoy shopping with Gemma

Plus Tony 11 Oct 2016, 10:53


Good to hear how you and Gemma got on. Based on your experience with the slightly stronger glasses I'd guessed that they might have given you an extra 0.25 or maybe 0.5 but 0.75 seems quite a lot (my guess was based on the typical British optician's apparent preference to under-prescribe).

I hope you like the extra power when you get it and that your distance vision doesn't take too long to become crisp and clear. I wonder if the little bit of extra cylinder will take any getting used to? I am sure that your lenses will look great on you whether you choose standard or thinner ones and I have no doubt that the same will be true for Gemma. I think the frame is the most important thing anyway as that is what people notice when they see you. I was with a friend who is about -6 the other day and someone asked her if she was long or shortsighted. After she had answered, they asked me the same question . Most people in here would have realised that we had completely different types of prescription but in the real world I don't think many people can tell (including the vast numbers of people who never even ask for a copy of their prescription!).

I wonder if you have always been a bit more longsighted than the amount that your glasses corrected? I guess it is possible that they have been working you up to your full correction over the last few years or maybe it is simply that your eyes have gradually changed to get to your current prescription. Did your optometrist ever say anything about that? It is a question that I must remember to ask when I go for my rescheduled eye exam next Tuesday.

I know that like me you always wanted to wear glasses full time but I wonder do you ever have any moments of regret about your decision to go full time early on and wonder what might have happened if you hadn't? Anyway I hope you and Gemma enjoy your glasses shopping and that you each find a pair that makes you think the other looks even lovelier than before!

gwgs 11 Oct 2016, 10:05

Nice to hear back regarding your visit Carrie, what a wonderful pair you two must look like, and I look forward to hearing which pairs you pick. As Soundman said, you can get some bargains online with Zenni or Glassesshop, goggles4u etc compared to the high street.

With regard to lens thickness, I'm pretty sure that neither of you will need it, depending on which frame you go for, as a plastic frame will conceal the lens for both of your prescriptions, with yours being thicker at the opposite end of the frame compared with Gemma.

If you opt for a metal frame there may be 1 or 2 mm protuding -if that - but I doubt it. I've normally worked on the perameters that each diopter (e.g. -1 or +1) equals 1mm of lens thickness, so your lenses will only be approx 3mm thick at the most and barely visible, not only will they be more expensive, but I've also found - as I'm sure many other people have on here - that high index lenses aren't as good visually compared with normal index lenses and ones vision isn't as clear with higher index lenses.

Let us know which ones you pick, and if you want to post a photo of them I'm sure we'd like to see them, with your new lenses in, or just library images.

Soundmanpt 11 Oct 2016, 09:27


I'm not at all surprised that you both needed increases. But I expected that Gemma would need a bit more of an increase since she seemed to notice her glasses weren't quite strong enough anymore. You still seemed to be okay with your own glasses even though you were able to see pretty well with your cousin's glasses. It was very understandable that her glasses were comfortable to your eyes because nearly everyone enjoys a slight over correction. And you may remember that at the time she gave them to you you also tried on her new glasses which were I think +1.00 stronger than your current glasses and they were a little too strong for your eyes at the time. Now as it turns out when you get your new glasses they are only going to be about +.25 weaker than your cousin's current glasses. So aside from your need for astigmatism correction her current glasses should almost be perfect for you. Are you surprised that your eyes have changed so much from when you first started wearing glasses? I doubt you ever thought you would ever be talking about getting your lenses thinned out.

Many of the4 online places are a good deal cheaper for high index lenses that they are at your local optical shops. For example i know Zenni has several different options for thinner lenses the first being an additional $19.00 and the even thinner option is $34.00 extra. they also have one that is still thinner but you or Gemma don't need that one. Actually I think you both would be okay with the $19.00 option for your glasses. None of your current glasses will be much use to you once you get your new glasses. Only your cousin's glasses might get you by in an emergency but i'm sure you would soon miss her glasses not having your astigmatism correction in them. Gemma should be able to get by with only buying one new pair since she should be okay with her current glasses as a backup.

Carrie 10 Oct 2016, 10:18

We both got new prescriptions on Saturday but neither of us could decide on new frames so going to do a bit of browsing online and also another look in a couple of opticians shops next weekend.

Gemma's prescription went up by -0.50 to L-4.75 and R-5.25. She was a little bit down that her prescription has increased but pleased it was only by -0.50 this time. Mine also went up by +0.75 in both eyes and another -0.25 astigmatism correction in both eyes. My prescription is now L+3.25 and R+3.75 and -0.50 L&R for astigmatism. I was bit surprised by the amount the + has increased. I'm not that bothered that my prescription has gone up. I'd have been perfectly happy if it remained the same.

Whatever frames we choose we will certainly ask for thinner lenses.

 09 Oct 2016, 15:19

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iSupremeCourtJustices 09 Oct 2016, 15:17

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Likelenses 08 Oct 2016, 21:18

@iDetective, orI mean Dicktaster,

If you don't like it here,why do you come at all?

Plus Tony 08 Oct 2016, 15:10


Hope it went well. Looking forward to knowing how you both got on!

Soundmanpt 08 Oct 2016, 11:58


Well it isn't a bad idea to get your eyes checked even if it has only been a year since you had your last eye exam. In fact i'm a little surprised that they don't want both of you to come in yearly anyway. For the most part I think most doctors suggest getting your eyes examined every 2 years if you have perfect vision, but yearly once you start wearing glasses. At least during the years where your eyesight is prone to changing. This is just a guess but I think since you are able to see so good with your cousin's glasses but only seem to miss the astigmatism correction. You will almost certainly get at least that much of an increase. It will be interesting to see what they prescribe this time for the astigmatisms> That could increase slightly, stay the same or even not show up this time since it was only -.25 in the first place. But whatever it makes a great excuse to get new glasses. You can ask, but unless you more of an increase than I think you should still be able to wear your cousin's glasses as often as you wish if you don't want to spend the money on 2 new pairs. And sorry to tell Gemma that if she even slightly feels like she might need an increase then she almost certain she does. Gemma has been wearing glasses long enough now that i'm sure she is able to tell when things just aren't quite as clear with her glasses as they used to be. Not sure about Gemma, but I know you enjoy glasses shopping, just not the price. Have fun!

Carrie 08 Oct 2016, 04:24

We are off in to town shortly as we are both getting our eyes tested at the same place. Gemma first, then me. I am not due for an eye test until next year but it was Gemma who suggested I go this year because I can see so well with my cousin's previous glasses that are exactly +0.50 stronger than my current prescription. Gemma is going because it's 2 years since her last eye test. She's hoping that she doesn't need another increase but has a feeling she does. She can still see fine with her current glasses but says things are not quite as sharp as she remembers. She wants to get new frames whether or not she needs a new prescription.

I shall also look for new frames even if my prescription doesn't change.

So an afternoon of glasses shopping with my beautiful girlfriend lies ahead.😊

Soundmanpt 06 Oct 2016, 09:01


I am not at all surprised that you already have a backup pair. You seem to not enjoy wearing your glasses but also shopping for new glasses as well. Their is no doubt that you have very good taste in eyewear or at least expensive glasses. Gucci is a very well known designer brand in glasses. If I recall you get your eyes examined at an eye clinic which has a number of optometrist and opticians. It makes sense that most of them would be wearing glasses because they know that tends to make patients more comfortable seeing them wearing glasses. You have to feel very good getting complemented on your choice of glasses from them. Very happy to hear that with your glasses on now your not having any double vision problems. Is this even the case when your eyes get over tired? I seemed to recall that one evening when you were out that even with your glasses on you had to call one of your daughters to drive you home because you were seeing double. But you had also been drinking and that might have been more the reason. Actually if you're still able to fuse things together, as you say with some effort, without your glasses that is really quite good. But i'm sure the amount of effort in doing that isn't worth it when just wearing your glasses is so much easier. Needless to say your daughters don't have the same desire to wear glasses as you did when you were their ages. In your early days of wearing glasses you really didn't need your glasses but you just enjoyed wearing them. Right now i'm sure your daughters because they are still young are able to see fine for reading without glasses but at some point they will find that their eyes will benefit from glasses and then they might appreciate some of your expensive previous glasses that you can't wear anymore.

Caroline. 06 Oct 2016, 04:23

YES Soundman, I am enjoying my second pair, the yellow Gucci ones, with gold inlay on the arms, and get some comments, mostly from the doctors, who nearly all wear glasses, so I respond

"yours are pretty speccie too Doc!"!

so I always wear that beautiful pair at work. Use the others as backup & in the sun, as only they have photochromic lenses.

Double vision is the norm with specs off, but I can still overcome it with effort.

Daughters are still resistant to getting specs, so I told them of the survey, showing that about 65% of men prefer their women in specs, but no response.

Soundmanpt 04 Oct 2016, 08:54

Funny thing is I have never ever posted a picture in here. I hate to admit it but I honestly don't know how to post pictures. So would you like to be so kind to point to any pictures that I have posted in here? You can continue this war with for as long as you wish but I can assure you that I am not going anywhere. So you can continue to believe that I am all these other people as long as you wish, but as i have said repeatedly I have only posted comments under one name "Soundmanpt"

Linuxer 03 Oct 2016, 22:37


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tired of eyescene bullshitters 03 Oct 2016, 21:45

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Mike 03 Oct 2016, 20:24

Idetective who cares... Blah blah Blah... If they are fake so what still interesting stories, if not still fun to read. I don't care if they are real or not. No different than reading fiction novels.

iDetective 03 Oct 2016, 19:44

look at the last two notes below.

now focus on the last two paragraphs.

don't they look lthe exact same formatting and style?

Interesting coincidence.

compare the pictures Soundmumps have posted

compared to Marias glasses pictures.

Both take pictures at the exact same distance,

folded up glasses on a desk,

close up.

faces always hidden.

Think about those things for a moment.

Also consider the message below from Maria where she admits to being a fraud and surprised that no one caught her

can you take the dress off Soundmonkey?

the cosume dress is old, tattered, and has become transparent over time

Soundmanpt 03 Oct 2016, 10:23


Glad to hear that you like their music. Most of all their gits were written and sung by Michael. That would include "Minute by Minute" "What a Fool Believes" and "Takin it to the Streets" as well as many others. I actually have the first song he ever wrote on tape and now on CD. He didn't know i had a copy until I sent it to him. It meant a lot to him because he wrote it with his dad. His dad has since passed away.

Anyway even though it is getting closer to when you will be able to make some trips to the city you seem to have gotten much braver by quite a bit about wearing many of your glasses around your town. Now it seems you are even trying to interact with people you know with your glasses on. It wasn't that long ago that you feared even being seen wearing glasses by strangers in your area. Now i'm sure you knew that there was sure to be several people that still knew you at that supermarket if you once worked their. I have a feeling that you were excited that a woman that you used to work with commented on seeing you wearing glasses. Even better when she complemented you on how nice you looked wearing glasses. You had the perfect reply to her that you wear glasses to drive and you just left them on to do your shopping. If those progressives only have about -1.00 in the distance part that is only very slightly stronger than your own prescribed glasses i'm guessing that you did actually wear them to drive to the supermarket. If you didn't you could have. You seemed surprised that these glasses are minus in the top and the add is a plus? That's actually the most common way for minus progressives to work. Those glasses look very nice. How well do they fit your face? As you know the better the fit the more comfortable they are.

María 03 Oct 2016, 07:27

That's awesome, Soundmanpt! Yes, I know the Doobie Brothers, I like their music, so it was great reading your post.

Yes, it is a Fender amp, you have good eye! I play guitar, I'm not great but I like it.

As about my glasses trip, I'll be able to do it in a couple of weeks! I'm looking forward to it. Yes, I'll probably take the minus progressives, as they are light, comfortable and I can see well at distances and read without trouble. Or maybe I'll take these:

I'm in love with these glasses! They are blue transparent frames by Pierre Cardin, very nice and flattering, and the prescription is great, because they are minus progresives, but the lower part is plus! The top part is around my prescription, or maybe -1, but the lower part is like +1 o +1.50. I didn't know this was possible, but I love these glasses. I have been wearing them at home for long times, and went to the supermarket wearing them a couple of times.

I worked in that supermarket for six months when I was 18, so I know part of the staff, including the cashier woman that works in the afternoons, so I was excited when I entered wearing the glasses. When I finished shopping she told me "I had never seen you with glasses, you look great". She wears glasses herself, for reading and such. We talked a bit about glasses, I told her I wore mine for driving but I had let them on as I only was going into the supermarket for a few minutes. She told me she doesn't see anything up close without hers, and that she liked my frame. Because there wasn't anyone in line after me, I actually offered her to try them on, and she said she'd love to! And she offered me hers to try! Which of course I did haha. Hers were rectangular red plastic frames, Gucci branded, and prescription is like +3! There weren't any mirrors around and I wanted to see myself with them, so I took my phone and took a selfie. It was so exciting! I loved the experience. I joked telling her "Well, bye" and walking to the door while wearing her glasses. After a little laugh, we switched glasses. She told me I looked good in hers, and I told her the same, as she actually looked good in mine. We joked a bit about how blind we were, and I left. It was great! As I said, I have gone there a couple other times, and she was there, but we didn't talk more about glasses.

Soundmanpt 02 Oct 2016, 11:45


It has been a while since you last commented in here. Nice to see that you are still around and checking in from time to time. Yes i'm sure with being a nurse it is critical for you to have perfect eyesight with your glasses. Misreading a number could be a serious problem as you well know. It has been several months since you got your current glasses with your first add as well as prism correction. How are your eyes doing with with seeing double? I think you were still having an issue when your eyes got tired that even with your glasses on you were seeing double. Have you managed to get a few more pairs in your current prescription? I know you enjoy having a nice selection to choose from. You already had a huge number of single vision glasses that you collected ever since you first got glasses in high school. You have 2 daughters that both actually have prescriptions the same as most of your old glasses but they both were refusing your offer of some of your very expensive glasses. Has either of them changed their mind?

Caroline 02 Oct 2016, 05:30

And to add, there are no negatives to wearing glasses, once one gets used to putting them on, they become part of your personage, and add to your visage, protect the eyes, and always improve vision,if you are over 40,as there we are all mildly presbyopic even if it seems perfect, it isn't till you try some glasses.

Its hard to understand folk wanting contacts, or lasic ( unless they are top sports people) as there are such a fuss, and risky, compared with specs..

Caroline 02 Oct 2016, 05:12

Hmm, Mr new glasses, if you see my previous posts, I was in your position, and could see OK without glasses, and I am + 1 with add another +1 for reading ( approx.) I am 44, and it has made a big difference to my vision as a nurse, as i see so much better ( I also had a prism correction, but that is another story)

My advice, get some good quality frames, that enhance your looks and face and wear them with pride, after a few weeks you will not go back, as the vision is so much better, and easier. If you get photochromic lenses, then sunnies are no longer needed, so save money in the long run, and look so good.

Go to it, you only live once, so see well,

Cactus Jack 30 Sep 2016, 17:17

New Glasses,

Your prescription is:

OD (Right Eye) +0.25 -1.50 103

OS (Left Eye) +0.25 -2.00 67

add +1.50

The first number is your Sphere correction +0.25. That means that you are a very tiny bit Hyperopic or farsighted. You could probably internally correct for that, for a few more years, without much problem.

The second number(s) are your Cylinder correction and the third numbers are the Axis or angle of the Cylinder Correction. They ALWAYS go together. They correct for very significant Astigmatism. Astigmatism is usually caused by uneven curvature of the front surface of your Cornea. Astigmatism affects your vision at ALL distances and you have NO WAY to correct for it, except by wearing glasses or expensive and hard to fit, contact lenses. It particularly affects your ability to comfortably read small text. Your Astigmatism is the primary reason for full time wear.

The add is there to help correct for Presbyopia (literally "Old Eyes"). What that means is that your Auto-Focus mechanism is beginning to loose its ability to focus close. Almost everyone is affected by Presbyopia in their late 30s or early 40s, but it actually can happen sooner than that or in very rare instances, later than that. Over time, you may need more add as your Auto-Focus system looses more ability to focus, however it will probably not exceed +2.50 or +3.00 unless you need to focus very close. The amount of add you need depends on two things, how close you need to focus and your ability to contribute some of the PLUS power.

Hope this helps a bit. It will take about 10 days to 2 weeks for you to get really comfortable with your glasses, but my suggestion is to "bite-the-bullet" and wear them full time. At some point, you will probably think that the glasses have made your vision worse. This is not really true.

Vision actually occurs in the brain. Your eyes are merely biological cameras. What has been happening in the past is that your brain has been correcting the distorted images supplied by your eyes. That works, IF your brain knows what something is supposed to look like, but it takes a lot of work and energy. You glasses will correct the images delivered to your brain, but it takes a few days for your brain to learn that it does not have to correct the images and will stop doing the extra work (think of your glasses as labor saving tools). Once your brain has learned that it now has corrected images when you wear glasses, it may complain if you don't wear them by causing headaches etc. Don't worry that is normal.

If you have more questions, please let us know. Millions of people have experienced exactly what you will experience and once they have grown accustomed to effortless vision, they never want to go back to NOT wearing their glasses. Labor saving tools are pretty addictive. If you think about it, you have probably become fond of some labor saving tools you use every day. I have occasion to use screws in my hobby and work. I originally scoffed at power screwdrivers, until I decided to try one. Now, if I need a screwdriver, I reach for the power one, even to drive one screw, simply because it is easier.


New glasses 30 Sep 2016, 15:56

I'm 41 yrs old and my wife forced me to see an eye doctor yesterday for the 1st time since high school. I was prescribed glasses, progressives actually and was told to wear them full-time???? I know very little about prescriptions but my wife got it from the doctor OD +0.25 -1.50 103 OS +0.25 -2.00 67 add +1.50. Can anyone explain this to me and explain why the doctor would say that I should wear them all the time? I stumbled upon this site when I was googling about my prescription, thx.

María 30 Sep 2016, 11:45

I admit that I am fake and that's why you will never see me in pictures. I feel like it is time to end the hoax. I gave you several hints, but no one caught on. Make sure you read this post now because I might change my mind and go back to hoaxing before long.

Anyone should have caught on by now when a woman wants to show off her glasses or dresses or jewelry, we don't take a picture of them laying on the table. We take pictures wearing them!

Maybe everyone can't see this because everyone here needs glasses.

Galileo 30 Sep 2016, 09:06

Coming to the party very late and going back to the conversation between 2nd and 5th September about Uhohfulltime's first Rx of -3.5 and whether a fake is involved;

I do personally know two women who both had a first Rx of -3 so it does not necessarily imply a fake. In one case she knew her eyesight had deteriorated over time but just would not go to the optician. In the end a family member dragged her there and the result was "OMG - I can see!"

The second case was more weird as the girl who was about 18 suddenly started complaining that she could not see and an urgent trip to the optician resulted in a pair of -3 glasses.

Soundmanpt 29 Sep 2016, 13:52

I thought that was an amplifer in the background. Not sure but is it a Fender? Anyway music has always been a big part of my life. But I really never played an instrument. It goes all the way back to my high school days. My best friend and we are still very good friends decided to start a band. He played guitar and he met soem friends that one played keyboards and his little brother who at the time was still in grade school played bass guitar. Another friend happened to be a drummer. So these were the original band members. These same 4 guys stayed together for over 45 years. In fact they only disbanded abut 5 years ago. The drummer is in poor health mostly with back problems and has had several back surgeries. The other 3 didn't want to make him feel bad by finding another drummer. Those 3 still play music. One plays guitar for an Elvis Show and the other 2 play solo in small wine bars. Back in the early days they added a 5th member and over the year had several different 5th members. Sometimes it was a girl singer other times a singer guitar player. The firs of these 5th members was a young guy about 16 at the time His name is Michael McDonald he was with the band for about 2 years before leaving. He left as a good friend. A few years later he became the vocalist and keyboardist for The Doobie Brothers. You can look them up they have had quite few million seller records. Anyway back in my days with the band I was the sound engineer. That might explain the sound part of my name in here. I ran sound for my friends band for over 20 years. It bought me several new cars. We are still good friend with Michael and he is still preforming on his own. You can look him and The Doobie Brothers up on You Tube if you wish. He won a Grammy for a song called ON My Own with Patti LaBelle. So I assume you must play some guitar? Anyway it's getting closer and closer and closer for you to be able to start making some weekend trips to the city where you can feel free to wear glasses all day long without anyone knowing you. Those glasses in the picture look nice and your right about them being bold. But even so I have a feeling they might be comfortable to wear. But if you need to read anything close up you're not going to be able to see very well. And once your eyes adjust to them even taking them off probably won't help. That's why I have to think those minus progressives you bought may give you the best overall eyesight because you already know your eyes can see fine with up to -5.00 glasses for distance. And with the add you should be able to read small print perfectly as well.

María 28 Sep 2016, 13:53


Yes, I will keep using the same background in my photos, to avoid confusion. It is my desk with a guitar amplifier. I'll take all my new glasses photos in front of it.

About the +3 glasses, you sure know. I can read close, everything is big and nice, but if I put the book too far, everything starts to blur. Of course, the bigger the distance the blurrier everything is. But I like them. Not for going outside, because I wouldn't be able to see anything, but It's nice to wear them at home and read with them for a while.

Well... presenting another pair... cat-eyes!

They are Pepe Jeans frames with a -4 prescription in both eyes, no astigmatism. I can see great with them (except for reading), but the style is very bold for me, and I suppose I would draw a lot of attention in my hometown, so I haven't worn them outside. But... I like them, and this pair will probably travel to the city with me haha.

 28 Sep 2016, 06:36

Have you noticed that since all this started with the name calling and pointing fingers hardly anyone is posting anymore?

lentifan 25 Sep 2016, 16:32

I know this is the wrong thread but I'm responding to the 2 previous posts.

No, no, no, we must not allow this site to be closed down just because of the actions of a few (or maybe only 1)selfish and intolerant people. That way the trolls will have won. We must not let them win.

I can easily ignore their foolish and rude posts, just as they could easily ignore the posts which they allege they find offensive. Who can tell who is real and who is fake on the internet? What does it matter? The protesters never identify themselves.

Keep going. just ignore them. They must not win!

 25 Sep 2016, 11:36

Sadly Mr. Guest you are right. Things have gotten completely out of control in here and it really has only become a major problem within the past couple months. All the name calling and finger pointing need to stop. Yes i'm sure there are fakes and frauds in her and there probably has been for as long as this site has been around. But so be it. We don't a few to appoint themselves as the police of this site.

It was great that Moonshiner saved this site but it seems he never bothers looking in on it anymore. It has been months since the last time he deleted some of the comments that needed removed from here.

Allan T Guest 25 Sep 2016, 11:09

I have been following and lurking on this group for a number of years. I have never posted before and will likely never post again as long as the deterioration of this site continues at the pace it has. There are a number of ignorant individuals that are ruing things for everyone and it is rather disappointed that the moderator has not clamped down on the individules involved. It is rapidly reaching the point in my mind that this site is a waste of time and I am fairly certain I will no longer be a visitor.

It is too bad to see a formerly good website deteriorate so badly due to the actions of a few ignorant individuals. wurm stayed on top of this and kept things clean. Moonshiner has kept the site open, but to it's detriment. Do everyone a favow Moonshiner and shut this site down!!!!!!!!!!

 24 Sep 2016, 07:50

shithead =

 23 Sep 2016, 20:32

N0 username = shithead

 23 Sep 2016, 18:13

no picture equals fake

 22 Sep 2016, 17:09

no picture equals fake

Soundmanpt 21 Sep 2016, 09:17


So nice to see you in here again. Glad that you have not allowed yourself to run off by the nay sayers in here. I'm not sure how or why they think posting a picture is the answer anyway. Just as someone did to you all anyone would need to do is take a picture of anyone wearing glasses and claim to is them. I don't even want to talk about that nonsense. So if you're looking at mid October for things with your job to slow down enough that you can start making trips to the city and be able to wear some of your favorite glasses all day. Wearing the various glasses around your house is one thing but wearing them outside where your eyes will be seeing at much further distances is lot different as you already know. It should be interesting for you finding the glasses that are the most comfortable to wear as well as being able to see with. You already know that your eyes are fine with -3.75 glasses and they were very comfortable to wear as well. The only issue you seemed to have with those was not being able to see close up as well wearing them. For that reason you will probably find the minus progressives you got very comfortable to wear and be able to see very well at all distances. The glasses you showed in the picture look very nice. By the way you also showed a picture a while ago taken with the same background. You should continue using that as your backgroud then it's easy to know its you. Anyway if they are you think they might be around +3.00 i'm sure they do make your eyes look nice and big. They also probably make reading much easier as well, but probably not so good for distance. Everything has to be extremely blurry when you look into the distance with them on?

María 20 Sep 2016, 06:36

Well, obviously, the photo below isn't me, because as I said, I'm not posting any pictures of myself, and I have even less intention after how I have been treated by some annoying and disrespectful individuals in here. Yes, start the barrage of "no picture equals fake", I don't care. I you are goint to tell me that, first post a photo of yourself and show us the way. If not, your point isn't valid.

Also, It would be bad if I was the girl in the photo? I mean, you post that link as it was a bad thing or an insult. How does a person like you, the moral guide of us all, the righteous hammer of truth, the knight of justice, do something like that? Maybe you are a superficial and misogynistic asshole? Could that be? Keep asking me to post photos and accusing me of being a fake, and I'll keep telling you to go fuck yourself. Idiot.


I have checked, and I can have some of my frames reglassed with anti reflection and such, for around 30€. I like some of the frames a lot, so I'm thinking about doing it to a couple of them. Is not that costly.

I have still one month of hard work coming, but mid-october I'll be able to make one of my trips. I haven't decided which glasses I'll use, but I'm pretty sure that I'll carry several pairs. I guess the minus progresives will be one.

Here's another of my new pairs.

The girl didn't know the prescription, but I'm guessing +3, as they are a bit stronger than my +2 zennis. They're very nice looking, I like these half-frames. I haven't worn these outside my house, but I have used them for reading for a while, and I like how they make my eyes bigger. Nice glasses, in all.

More to come soon!

Maria 19 Sep 2016, 22:37

For those people here that have been asking me to post a photo,here I am posing in my newest pair of glasses that arrived today.

 15 Sep 2016, 15:16

María Please stop. you are so obviously unreal. you aren't fooling any of us with your arguments. you are fake or you'd post pics wearing your new glasses like all women do. you know it. we know it. everyone knows it. that's why you get so "angry"when confronted, because you know you are a fake too.

you're a horny old guy who is getting off using a female name tag to live out a sexual fantasy. admit it.

Soundmanpt 15 Sep 2016, 08:56


I think most people can tell the real posts from you and the ones that someone is using your name in. Getting those boxes was a good idea since you're getting so many pairs of glasses and i'm sure there are many that you're unable to wear or just don't want to wear. Even the ones that you like the frames but the lenses are wrong for your eyes having lenses made in a more desirable prescription will be quite costly I think. Besides you already must have a good number of glasses that you're able to wear that look good on you as well. Just finding the time and opportunity to wear them is hard enough. But it seems as though you're getting more daring about being seen wearing glasses in public. That was why I asked you if you left your readers on intentionally when the post lady came to your door. I thought that maybe you were so interested in whatever you were maybe reading and your glasses were so comfortable that you forgot you were even wearing them. But even better you realized yu had glasses on but were daring enough to keep them on when you answered the door. As were getting closer and closer to the end of the growing season and the lawn care business should be slowing down it may not be too long before you can be making trips to the city where i'm sure you're far more comfortable wearing glasses where no one knows you. So have you decided which glasses you plan on wearing for the day? Do you plan to bring several pairs and switch to a different pair after a while? But until you're able to get away for a day trip I have a feeling you're going to be wearing glasses more and more out in public.

María 14 Sep 2016, 11:53

Anonymous poster, obviously your "real life personality" is a guy/girl with his/her face covered in a mask that runs around idiotically, entering into places, yelling "Bullshit!" and accussing people of all sort of things. Otherwise, you are a fake. So, please, act as an example to other people, use a name (the same in all your postings, stop posing as others) and post a photo of yourself. Then, the rest of us maybe will do the same. Now, please go to hell, thanks.


My last post was the one you answered, the next ones are fakes. Yes my collection is getting huge! I still have them in a cardboard box in my closet, but I'm thinking about buying a couple of expositor boxes to keep them tidy, like these:

The glasses that I can't wear for long periods, I'm still keeping them. Maybe a couple of frames that I like a lot, I'll get them filled with a bearable prescription. But some I like to wear them for some minutes, look me at the mirror and such.

When I was wearing the Max Mara glasses in front of the post woman, it was intentional. I mean, I was reading with them on, and the doorbell rang. I decided to keep them on, and so I did. I was nervous, but I liked it.

The minus progressives are these:

I like them, they're a very classic style, very light and fit very well. And they're so comfortable on my eyes! The woman that sold them to me didn't know the prescription, but I estimate around -2.50, and -1 in the reading part. I have worn them a lot around the house, and a few times on the street. I came across a few people while wearing them, but mostly tourists, and nobody said anything to me, except for a couple of "Hello!" from some townfolks. I still get sooo nervous when I go out with the glasses, but I get very excited every time. I will wear them more for sure.

 14 Sep 2016, 06:49

Depends. Let us all see how you look wearing them. You might as well look like a walrus for all we know... and why would he flirt with a walrus wearing surfing goggles? What kind of a woman doesn't show herself wearing something she bought? Answer: a fake.

María 13 Sep 2016, 21:35


Do you think that the guys would flirt with me on the beach wearing my newest acquisition?

High Myopic 13 Sep 2016, 21:27

Here you go 13 Sep 2016, 12:45 poster.

Soundingoramus 13 Sep 2016, 19:26

Soundy you are either completely ignorant or a total dumbass. take a look around the internet and see all the women posting pics and videos of new glasses. why the fuck would anyone be so 'scared" to post here unless they are a complete fake? If they don't like the users here, why would they even be here.

You better find Watson, Sherlock.

 13 Sep 2016, 12:45

All of these bodies using 4-letter words are probably the type that will be voting for Donald Drumpf and his ilk.

Soundmanpt 13 Sep 2016, 12:07

Any woman would have to be insane to even consider posting a picture of themself because of people like you. And even if someone did why would that convince you that it was really her? Needless to say you don't only believe what you want to believe anyway. If it bothers you that much why are you in here?

María 13 Sep 2016, 11:50

you've probably figured out by now that I am a fake or else I would post a picture of myself wearing my new glasses. I am surprised you haven't figured it out yet since real women love to show themselves actually wearing the clothes, accessories, and makeup that we buy. Just search the internet in the real world if you don't believe me. Anyone claiming to be a woman here who is only posting a picture of glasses on their own is obviously a fake.

Soundmanpt 13 Sep 2016, 10:55


You might be very busy at your job but it doesn't seem to have slowed you down with buying used glasses? I am shocked at the pile of glasses that you must have recently purchased and to hear that you have seven more coming in the mail. You have to running out of room to store them all? I love that you keep your favorite glasses that you like to wear in a drawer next to your bed. But once you find that many of the ones you have bought your unable to wear for one reason or another what do you intend to do with those glasses? If your unable to wear them they can't be much fun to just look at. Maybe you need to start a box of the glasses you like the least. Anyway the Max Mara glasses look nice. I'm guessing they were probably expensive glasses judging by how well they are made. Actually I think they might even be weaker than +1.00 based on the lens thickness. Remember if you get readers made at an opticians you can get even weaker than +1.00. After a long day at work i'm sure wearing these glasses in the evening while reading is very relaxing to your eyes. Since they are as weak you should even be able to see pretty well in the distance with them as well. So when you went to the door wearing these glasses did you do it on purpose or did you forget you had them on when the mail lady came by. You do seem to be getting more and more brave about wearing glasses in front of people. Anyway I look forward to updates about each of your new glasses and I really want to hear about the myopic progressives you got? Were they too strong was there something wrong with them that is preventing you from wearing them? I was sure you would find that type of progressives almost perfect for you to wear since you enjoy wearing strong glasses for distance and also enjoy plus glasses. Progressives with and add should allow you to see very well for distances and with an add be able to read with them as well.

 13 Sep 2016, 08:48


María 13 Sep 2016, 06:31


Yeah, I noticed that you weren't around, because nobody answered to my latest post, except for the omnipresent "post a photo or you are a fake" guy.

Work has been insane for the last month and a half or so, and for that reason I haven't barely posted. But I have been buying some glasses haha. I have a pile of new adquisitions:

And there are other seven pairs coming on the mail! I turned a bit crazy haha.

I don't want to make a mega-post so I'll be talking about each new pair every few days. This is a Max Mara frame, with plus prescription. The owner didn't know the exact prescription, but I estimate around +1, comparing them to some other pairs I have.

I like them. I have been wearing them for reading at home, and one of the days, when the mail woman came with another pair of glasses, I opened the door, talked with her and signed the receipt wearing these. It was brief but exciting!

More to come soon!

Soundmanpt 10 Sep 2016, 09:53


I see that someone has really been messing with you and claiming to be you. Too bad people have to be so childish. Just try and ignore the nonsense as best as possible. I do look forward to the real posts from you. I enjoy hearing about your adventures wearing glasses much stronger than your eyes require around your town and soon when you can take some trips out of town for a full day of wearing. I one of your real posts you mentioned about finding a pair of progressives with myopic lenses. Those would seem to be perfect glasses for you wear when you finally get the chance to go to the city for a day of glasses wearing. Anyway I look forward to an update about any new used glasses you may have purchased as well.

Did you notice that I was away from August 25th until yesterday? My computer had issues and it wouldn't allow me to logon.

eyescene 05 Sep 2016, 00:24

I agree uhohfulltime is a fake. It's in the language. It just seems off to me that someone who gets glasses for the first time would say "my first pair of glasses".

Most noobs would ask what the numbers mean. -3.5 would likely come with some astigmatism, and for someone who got glasses "last week" they wouldn't be fluent in Rx speak yet. Just sayin...

Likelenses 04 Sep 2016, 19:50

Oh,so you think that vision in the neighborhood of 20 /400 is easy to deal with bare eyed.

 04 Sep 2016, 18:13

-3.50 is not poor at all. she does not have to wear glasses full time with such a low prescription. we see prescriptions here of -6, -8, -10. -13, etc and you want to lay some bullshit on her that -3.50 is very bad? wake up. i know people who go around with -5 and never have a problem.

 03 Sep 2016, 22:07

Just another fake...

Likelenses 03 Sep 2016, 22:04


Most people get their first myopic correction at -.50 to -1.00. How did you get along without glasses to this point?

At -3.50 your vision is very poor,and you should wear the glasses all the time.Without glasses for reading,you will be reading at much too close of a distance.

How close do you read without glasses?

Puffin 03 Sep 2016, 08:45


Glasses won't make your vision worse.

Say you're really -5. Your vision system does its best to compensate by dealing with 1.5 of that. There's 3.5 left. The correction comes along, and suddenly everything is clear.

But then the vision system "realises" that it doesn't need to do so much work. So it gives up on the overtime and suddenly now only compensates by 1. That leaves a shortfall

of 0.5. You thus need a bit more correction.

Thus you might think your eyes are getting worse. They're not. They're just adjusting to correction, and soon the true visual correction required (5) will be arrived at. No more struggling.

Cactus Jack 03 Sep 2016, 08:05


Vision actually occurs in the brain, your eyes are merely biological cameras. If you need -3.50 glasses (your complete prescription would be helpful), that means that everything beyond about 28 cm or 11 inches is blurry.

Your brain has the ability to do a lot of image correction, if it knows what something is supposed to look like, but it takes a huge amount of work. Think of glasses as labor saving tools. Once your brain discovered that your glasses reduces its workload, it soon decides that it likes it when you wear your glasses.

Many people who are Myopic think that glasses made their vision worse. They didn't and they won't.

You can decide not to wear your glasses for any reason you choose and your brain will go back to trying its best to correct the images your eyes are providing, but it will not be a pleasant experience and it will take a few days.

You didn't mention your gender or age, but I suspect there may be a little vanity involved. If you are concerned about what your friends or family will say about your wearing glasses, they will probably be relieved that you got them. Don't think for an instant that they have not noticed that you needed vision correction. There will be a few comments, but that only lasts for a day or two.


uhohfulltime 02 Sep 2016, 22:16

So last week I got my first pair of eyeglasses with a prescription of -3.5 for both eyes. These were my first pair of glasses ever so I didn't know what to expect,, but when I put them on, I literally could see soooo many details that I didn't even know existed. Like I could see colors so vibrantly and people's faces were so clear from so far (I used to not know who the person was unless I was 5 inches away from them). Although they are great, I don't want to wear them often because I don't want to become dependent, but, sometimes I realize that I am wearing them for walking, going around the house, and just buying groceries. I think that I have become so accustomed to clear vision that I feel like I can't function without my glasses... Like yesterday, I put on my glasses on first thing and kept them on the whole day not even realizing it. When I took them off, I couldn't see anything and even struggled to read the words on my computer screen. Now, I feel like I cannot function without them whatsoever so I'm worried since I'm becoming so dependent on them. I love the glasses, but I don't want to have to use them in situations I don't need them for (like grocery shopping). Should I just give in and wear them full time or stop wearing them and return to vision before I ever got my glasses which I was able to function with previously???

Josh 30 Aug 2016, 19:04

Hola Maria! puedes conectate a lenschat? ahi puedes hablar con gente de gafas y vision, espero verte pronto ahi.

Maria 27 Aug 2016, 17:18

That last lengthy post ,with photos was not from me. Please stop this.

 26 Aug 2016, 15:22

i think the answer is to post a picture of yourself in your glasses.

the naysayers will always agree. anyone can take glasses pictures off the internet and say look these are mine and that's all the proof you need that i am real.

María 26 Aug 2016, 15:08


Haven't you had enough of this stupid game? Isn't there a moderator that can get rid of this annoying person that acts as a silly kid?

The post about the prism story and the last one aren't from me.

To demostrate this is the real me, I'm posting a picture of my new Silhouette +2.5 glasses, as I commented in my post on the 30th of July.

From now on, everytime I post anything, I'll include a link to new a photo of one of my pairs of glasses. It will show the same background as the silhouette ones (my kitchen table) or the same as the following ones (my bedroom desktop, the black and grey thing is a Fender guitar amp).

Every photo will be uploaded to "Mariaeyescene" imgur account, and the photo and post timestamp will be almost the same. If these conditions aren't met, then it isn't me.

So please, imitator, f**k off, go bothering someone else. I want to stay here, and I won't allow you to change that.

María 26 Aug 2016, 09:38

That last post was not from me. Someone is playing games. The first post was from me. I am not sure why people go out of their way to say things like this.

Josh 26 Aug 2016, 05:01

No se mete en ese callejón!

Josh 25 Aug 2016, 18:21

Maria, el ojo es acomodable a las imágenes que ve, cuando usaste las gafas por un tiempo, tus ojos que tienen una gran habilidad de acomodación quedaron así por un par de días, ten cuidado con los que tengan corrección prismática que te puede provocar doble visión cuando te los quites, percibo que te gusta mucho usar las gafas con mucha graduación pero en "secreto", lo entiendo porque pase por esa experiencia, cuéntame mas por favor, me interesa mucho.

María 25 Aug 2016, 02:36

That "María 24 Aug 2016, 23:05" isn't me. Posing as other user is as stupid and childish as always, so please stop.

Work has been insane these past weeks, so I haven't posted anything, but I have been reading. I'll update on my glasses collection, with 5 new pair including one of minus progressives, as soon as I can.

María 24 Aug 2016, 23:05


I have not been wearing any glasses for a while,after a scare that happened that you had warned me about.

I had purchased a pair of mild minus glasses that the previous owner did not know the prescription.

I wore them at home for several hours and they were really comfortable.I then spent a few more hours with them on while on the computer.

When I took them off everything was blurred,and images were like superimposed.I put them back on and everything cleared up.It was getting late,so I went to bed,and the next morning the same blurred/superimposed condition existed.The only way I could function that day was to wear the glasses.

I took the next two days off from work,and made my way around in the blur without the glasses.Finally at the end of the second day my vision was back to normal.

I went on line and learned how to tell if glasses have a prism correction in them,and sure enough ,they have some.

John 24 Aug 2016, 10:47

Where is Katie ? Does anyone has some news ?

Her sister was due for an eye exam this month and Katie got her big increase last year (26 august), so she would also have an eye exam soon.

Soundmanpt 23 Aug 2016, 10:05


What is new with you and buying used glasses? Are you still being daring by wearing some of your glasses around your city?

 19 Aug 2016, 05:59

Astra 04 Oct 2010, 08:12

I'm waiting to see likelenses report how laura react when he gives the lenses to her.

haven't visited this thread for a while, at first didn't know what's special about the pub for laura.

wow. if she have to see dishes that close it would be so fantastic experience for some customers. Some customers may think otherwise. but whatever.

incredible. i wanna likelenses (or someone else) to take a photo with her and share on flickr if he/she wish to, and send them on eyescene. it sounds fantastic... for sure.

Astra 04 Oct 2010, 03:49

Like lenses,

oh I would like to know the pub... perhaps next time when I see you in lenschat.

Like lenses 03 Oct 2010, 04:12

Gullible spotter & Flaine

Well lets just see what happens when I present her with the -4.00 glasses.

Gullible Spotter 02 Oct 2010, 12:19

@LikeLenses... and please tell me you were smart enough to realize they were also simply reading the story off this board or are the actual Laura C writers themselves trying to jerk your chain.

There is no way they would have known that much detail about some waitress they don't even know. Sorry I don't buy your friends "sudden" coincidental mention of all the exact same details posted here.

Flaine 02 Oct 2010, 09:46

Like lenses,

Sry lime lenses, this post is not meant to offend you but i wont buy your story..

Like lenses 01 Oct 2010, 23:40

Laura C

I think that I know the pub that you work at. It is really a small world.

Yesterday some friends that I know were talking about this certain pub, ( I will not mention the name ). They were talking about a girl that works there, that they refer to as visually impaired. They said that they thought that she may be partially blind,as she does not wear glasses, but seems to not be able to see much. They then went into the same story of this girl almost putting her face into a customers dish,to see what it was,so she could serve it to a second customer.

I may surprise you by coming into the pub,and privately presenting you with a pair of - 4.00 glasses that I no longer need.I may just leave them along with your tip.

 16 Aug 2016, 22:45


Or perhaps DEFECTIVE,as in mentallly.

 16 Aug 2016, 22:42


Another name for a detective is a DICK. Very appropriate in this case.

antonio 16 Aug 2016, 13:18

iDetective, please wear your glasses while exploring. They will clear up your vision. :-)

Best regards, antonio

antonio 16 Aug 2016, 13:15

iDetective, please wear your glasses while exploring. They will clear up your vision. :-)

Best regards, antonio

iDetective 16 Aug 2016, 12:05

it's because LikeLenses can only play LauraC so long without getting found out. i remember when he claimed to alway see her in her restaurant. funny. nobody else ever saw. oh, and he claimed to give her a pair of glasses too. i guess LIKELENSES got bored and moved on to other characters.

Soundmanpt 14 Aug 2016, 08:50

Irish Guy

Every so often when I look into "Lenschat" I see her name up but that she had only been in for a brief few minutes and exited out.

Irish Guy 14 Aug 2016, 00:02


Anyone hear from Laura C in the last while, she posted on this a couple of years ago, stating she was at -4 and still went bare eyed, I wonder how she is finding things these days and has her script changed much?

Currently gone to -4.75 myself and don't know how she was getting by without correction

I'm sure she would be shocked with the number of compliments she would get if she went to be a full time wearer

Soundmanpt 11 Aug 2016, 14:49


It has been a while since you last commented in here. Of course as soon as I opened the link back on Aug 7 00:10 I knew you didn't post it. When you saw it you ask what the meaning of it was? Of course there was no real reason except few that only come in here to be disruptive and make false claims. You know i get it all the time. You just have to ignore it know that people are smart enough to know when it's you that is commenting.

So are you still waiting for extra money so you can buy more used glasses to add to your ever expanding collection? So are you still managing to get out after work and walk around your town wearing different pairs of glasses? Are you starting to feel even braver wearing glasses in public? Really I don't think anyone if they see you wearing glasses is going to think much about it. The only reason your neighbor even commented was of the way you took your glasses off trying to hide the fact that you were wearing glasses.If you had just kept them on he may not have said anything about your glasses. You even went in to where he was working not wearing glasses and he never said a thing about your not wearing glasses. He just assumed that you had your contacts on. That is exactly what anyone else that might see you sometimes wearing glasses and sometimes not wearing glasses. They will just assume that you wear contacts and you have just started wearing glasses more often to give your eyes a break from the lenses and as you know many people do wear contacts for work and then switch to their glasses when they get home. So you would look very natural doing the same. So I guess you're still looking forward to the end of the lawn care season so you can plan a trip to the city. If you were to go tomorrow do you know which glasses you would want to wear for the day? Would you try wearing the glasses you seem to like a lot, the -5.00/-6.00 glasses, or since you already know that your eyes are very comfortable wearing the -.75 glasses which you say are very comfortable to your eyes for distance as well as seeing close?

Ric 08 Aug 2016, 02:00

Hi Greg. You re wellcome. Well, yes, in my case, i need to wear contact lenses, cause im severely nearsighted, so could not function without. For time when i cant wear my contacts, i wear glasses. About age, i dont need to have other prescription for reading or so when im wearing glasses, but i started to need a litlle add for smal prints when i wear contact lenses, so a year ago, i got multifocus contact lenses.

Ric 08 Aug 2016, 02:00

Hi Greg. You re wellcome. Well, yes, in my case, i need to wear contact lenses, cause im severely nearsighted, so could not function without. For time when i cant wear my contacts, i wear glasses. About age, i dont need to have other prescription for reading or so when im wearing glasses, but i started to need a litlle add for smal prints when i wear contact lenses, so a year ago, i got multifocus contact lenses.

María 07 Aug 2016, 16:25

"Maria 07 Aug 2016, 00:10" isn't from me. What's the point of this?

GreginColo 07 Aug 2016, 15:39

Ric and Patrick B; thanks for sharing the interesting discussions of your myodisc glasses and how they work well for your higher prescriptions. I presume in both cases these are your true prescriptions and not a glasses over contacts scenario. I have heard the term blended myodiscs. Is that what you are referring to when you speak of your actual viewing lenses inside a plus or minus carrier, which I presume is a holding area between the viewing lense and the frame. If either or both or of you were willing and to share pics of of your glasses, I am guessing other readers might find that interesting. Are either of you of the age where you need a different prescription for close up work and if so do they make myodisc bifocals? Thanks and regards, Greg

Ric 07 Aug 2016, 00:45

Patrick B: i ordered them in an optical store here. They dont explained me about the carrier if is negative or not. Im happy with the look appearance compared with my old pair, im triying to wear out for rest from cls.

Maria 07 Aug 2016, 00:10

Here are two new pair that arrived yesterday.

The first pair are way too strong,but the second I am able to adjust too.Took a walk in them around the neighborhood just before dark.

Patrick B 06 Aug 2016, 15:05

Ric -- My lenses are made of the 1.8 glass; my regular lenses in a back-up pair (non-myodisc) are the 1.9s. The dizziness you feel when you look out the side is caused by the plus carrier which creates an extreme differential between your prescription in the myodisc bowl and the plus carrier. I never liked the plus carriers (only had one pair) which created all sorts of irritating reflections and always looked a bit weird because of the cosmetic difference between my small eyes created by the negative prescription and a highly magnified area surrounding my eyes. Remember that lenses like yours have the myodisc bowl ground into a plus blank which leaves the carrier with a substantial plus. If the carrier is, for example, a +10 the differential between the -17 bowl and the carrier is a lot and hard for your brain to adapt to. The advantage of the plus is that the thickness surrounding the bowl is in the center of your glasses which then tapers down to the edge of the lens for a much less thick edge appearance. In time, you will train yourself to only look through the bowl. In the future you might want to specify the minus carrier and then have them blend the bowl into the negative carrier. The bigger the bowl the greater the edge thickness. I always buy my glasses from Optical4Less in Hong Kong where the prices are quite reasonable, and they will do anything you want them to do. Most labs in the States want to do the plus carriers because it's easier for them to fabricate. Let us know how you get on. At least your vision has been enhanced by the new prescription!

Ric 06 Aug 2016, 14:42

Of course are strong prescription, but lost a lot of the ring effect. Just weight is more cause the 1.9 glass

Ric 06 Aug 2016, 14:39

Well, i feel kind of dizzy by the sides, but vision is pretty much sharper than with my old glasses. Prescription changed yes.

Patrick B 06 Aug 2016, 09:17

Hi Ric -- So how do you like your new myodisc glasses? I don't know if you have a stronger prescription, but I think I have always had better visual acuity with the myodiscs. They've always fit better on my face are a bit closer to my eyes. Cosmetically, they're much better and minimize the mega power rings my old ones had at the edges. That said, they're still obviously very strong to anyone who knows what it is they're looking at. Let us know what you think.

 05 Aug 2016, 18:01

KL: Looks like you already DID. Responding by saying you aren't going to respond.... gotta love that one. The "troll" gotcha... they got you to respond!

KL 05 Aug 2016, 13:39

Nameless poster - yeah, not taking the bait.

Ric 05 Aug 2016, 01:10

Patrick B: finally new glasses arrived.

Likelenses 04 Aug 2016, 15:58

Or some people would say ," you is what you is ".

Others may say ," you be what you be ".

 04 Aug 2016, 14:57

You are what you are.

 04 Aug 2016, 13:55

i guess you consider anyone with an opposing viewpoint to be a troll. how convenient! using labels like a kid during recess doesn't say too much about your own maturity level.

I take it your idiotic response was the best you could come up with for VTW? Nothing with any intelligence behind it all. No other viewpoint. Just point like a schoolyard kid yelling troll, troll, troll.

KL 04 Aug 2016, 13:48

Don't feed the trolls, you guys. There's no point.

Specs4Me 04 Aug 2016, 07:17

Vision Truth Warrior - You are absolutely wrong! I'm a living example of not having proper eye treatment when I was a toddler. The result is that I have amblyopia. In case you are not aware of what amblyopia is, let me explain. Because of it I only use one eye; thus, I don't see 3-dimensional objects properly, I've learned to compensate to some degree as the mind is capable of doing, but the truth is that I don't see them properly and have to make the effort to see what I can. The other major problem is that I don't have any depth perception. I again have developed some compensatory methods of sort but my depth perception is horrible. As a result, I often knock things over when I reach for something, as a kid I was not capable of playing baseball, soccer, tennis, volleyball or anything else that required the ability to see where an object was in space. I was teased unmercifully by other kids which caused me to grow up with little or no self-esteem. And there is more.

I know that there are those that believe that placing glasses on young children is condemning them to a life of poor eye-sight; however, that is not really the case. There are many more experts that disagree with that theory.

So, you may want to rethink your comments unless your objective is to cause young children to struggle with vision problems their whole life. Wearing glasses is not that horrible a situation, I wish I could be prescribed a pair of glasses that would correct my vision problem, it is not possible an as a result I have struggled with my vision issues for over 70 years.

Concerned 02 Aug 2016, 18:30

Vision Truth Warrior,

I respectfully disagree with you on this point. The sooner that a lazy eye or a turned eye is treated, the better. Glasses often need to be part of the treatment.

Likelenses 02 Aug 2016, 14:52

Vision Truth Warrior

Much of what you say is true.

He is very young,and unless he gets surgery later in life will never be able to do without glasses.The lenses are strong,so I can only imagine what they will be like later in life.

BUT, from the expression on his little face he is already amazed at what he has been missing,and will cherish his glasses from this point on.

I admit that his expression was what I felt when the optician put my first minus glasses on me.

 02 Aug 2016, 09:58




DS 02 Aug 2016, 08:03


I'm afraid that you are very wrong... and very, very dangerous.

Vision Truth Warrior 01 Aug 2016, 17:46

that is so stupid giving glasses to a 3 year old. they don't have absolutely anything important to see at that age, and it makes them dependent forever. the baby doesn't even care if he sees well or not. those optometrists really got people fooled that their child needs perfect vision before 2 years old. Doctors creating a lifetime customer who will now need glasses forever. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

this is one of those cases of parents with too much money to spend and impose their own values on their baby. those glasses will be broken a million times by age 5. complete waste of time and money. no kid should be wearing glasses before kindergarten regardless of how bad their sight is.

lazysiow 01 Aug 2016, 13:22

when a baby gets glasses for the first time

Soundmanpt 01 Aug 2016, 12:50


First of all sorry for my brain fart in calling you Jamie. I'm blaming it on my old age. Anyway thanks for the update, sorry to hear you're still having issues with your glasses. I was hoping that maybe as you adjusted to them those issues would go away or be lessened. Going back to where you got your glasses and having them check the prescription was a good place to start and since they checked that against the prescription you were given and everything matches then the next step is getting the doctor to re examine your eyes. He /she may decide to weaken your prescription slightly so your eyes can adjust better and then change your glasses in 6 months or so to the stronger prescription. Did the place where you got your glasses give you any reason or solution about the brightness issue you were having? Good luck tomorrow and please let us know what they find.

James 01 Aug 2016, 11:54


Thanks for checking up. I wen back to yhe olac I bought my glasses, and they checke and said the glasses are correct to my prescription. They recommend I go back to where I got my eyes tested, and get them to double check the prescription. I plan on going tomorrow.

Ric 01 Aug 2016, 02:45

Patrick B: still waiting for them, really i dont know if have negative carriers or not. Im just triying on the new contact lenses, they came just a while ago.

Stingray 31 Jul 2016, 17:09

Soundmanpt: You seem to know quite a bit about the manufacture of glasses. Are or were you an optician at one point? I sell glasses on ebay. I buy them at yard sales and flea markets. They always have lenses in them. Is it necessary to sell them with the lenses? Do opticians need them to act as templates to craft new lenses or do they have basically every conceivable lens shape in stock? Will optical online stores craft glasses if you supply the frame? The frames online are so cheap to buy, but sometimes I found a truly unique vintage frame would like to have them made into glasses without buying the frame from the online optical place. Thanks for your help.

Soundmanpt 31 Jul 2016, 16:31


As soon as Cactus Jack pointed that out I just shook my head for doing something so stupid. I'm still going to blame it on old age. I plan on using that for as long as possible.

Yeah I hops she is smarter than me and figured out it was her that I meant and not Jamie.

Michael 31 Jul 2016, 12:12

Soundmanpt- I knew you meant James but wasn't going to correct you. But maybe she was confused so that is why she hasn't responded.

Patrick B 31 Jul 2016, 09:47

Hi Ric -- I got my first myodiscs when I was around -22 and wished I had got them earlier. Super high index lenses weren't available back then so my lenses were really thick and very biconcave. The myodiscs allowed for a more conventional frame, and when the blending option became available, I jumped at it. My lenses today really don't look that cosmetically different from regular lenses. I always get the negative carriers which I think are better cosmetically and don't throw off weird distortions because of the disparity in power between the myodisc "bowl" and the plus carriers. Let us know how you get on with them. I think you're going to like them.

Soundmanpt 31 Jul 2016, 08:28

Cactus jack

Ijust checked and just as you were thinking I indeed say Jamie where I should have posted to James. I know better but still managed to post it wrong. Thanks for catching by flub.

Cactus Jack 31 Jul 2016, 07:36


Do you have James and Jamie confused? It is very easy to do with similar names. Jamie is the mother of 5 young boys who recently got glasses. Her youngest is only about 14 - 15 months and is very Hyperopic.


Ric 31 Jul 2016, 07:00

Patrick B -15,50 and -17,00

Soundmanpt 30 Jul 2016, 09:22


As soon as I saw the post your referring to of those strong glasses I didn't think it was you that posted it. Not only are they extremely strong but they appear to even have prisms which is one thing you need to stay away from. I didn't notice that the picture that High Myopic posted was a picture of one of the glasses you posted because whenever I see anything posted by High Myopic I, like many others ignore it. He comes on all the time claiming to be looking for -40.00 glasses and he/she would be asking people to send him their old glasses.

So funny girl you do have them somewhat separated if you have have 4 of your favorite pairs in the nightstand drawer. I would think you might keep several pairs of glasses with plus lenses so you can put a pair on when your in bed reading. So of course the 4 in that drawer must be the ones you enjoy wearing the most? So which ones are they? Are you still wearing your progressives that you seemed to really like around the house quite a bit or do you have a new favorite pair you wear for reading? Glad to hear your getting more brave with walking around your town wearing glasses. Honestly with so many people now wearing glasses, people seeing you wearing glasses will just assume that your now starting to wear glasses more. The some may think like your neighbor that you probably wear contacts as well and that is why your not seen wearing glasses all the time. Anyway the glasses you chose to wear for your walk you must really like how you look wearing them, and they do look nice in the picture, because the distance prescription isn't a problem for your eyes since you have already wore much stronger glasses and was able to see fine. But i'm surprised that your eyes and you were able to tolerate the astigmatism correction so well with out even getting at least a slight headache from them. Many people that actually need a very small astigmatism correction of -.25 or -.50 actually have a difficult time adjusting to it in their glasses. They often feel like the floor is slanted, a bit dizzy and like they might even throw up. When you showed me that prescription slip I even said to myself that "she's not going to be able to wear those glasses" but it seems you have proven me wrong on that one. I see that your planning on buying another pair of plus glasses. Silhouette glasses are really great glasses and usually expensive as well. I still hope you find a nice pair of progressives with minus in the distance segment. If you ever find a pair I think they will be your all time favorite pair of glasses to wear. Something like -3.75 for distance and a nice little add would put you in heaven I think. Yeah remember you called that one pair of glasses "funny looking". I think your right seeing that shape just sitting on a table may not do justice to the glasses like they might look on someone wearing them. Apparently that's the case since you seem to like how they look on you. It seems like they don't have an AR coating on them which you've come to like on your own glasses and miss it when other glasses don't have it. The -5.00 Ray-Bans should be to your liking. You like your glasses to look strong and -5.00 is certainly pretty strong and being in a bigger style frame the lenses should even look stronger. These glasses may make it into your nightstand drawer very quickly. The good news is that the lawn care season is getting closer to the end. So i'm sure your looking forward to some nice trips to the city wear you can wear a pair of nice strong glasses all day long. But until then isn't there a park or lake that you can walk to just to get away from where people are that you can wear glasses without being noticed? But i really think you just need to stop worrying about being caught anyway.

María 30 Jul 2016, 07:42

That "Maria 29 Jul 2016, 21:38" post isn't from me. And the "High Myopic 29 Jul 2016, 21:42" post is using one of my photos. And this isn't the first time. I don't know what the person that is doing this wants to achieve with such a childish behaviour. So please stop this pointless stupidity, thank you.

Soundmanpt, there's no need to separate the glasses, I like to see my entire collection together haha. Also, the four pairs I like the most, I have them in my nightstand drawer for quick access haha. The ones with the prescription slip I actually like them a lot, and yesterdey I went for a walk with them. Everything was a little distorted, like if I was shorter than I really am, but I didn't get a headache. I liked it. About the "funny" frame, I actually like it, maybe the photo doesn't make them justice, but it is a modern and nice frame. The thing is that they cast lots of reflections, but apart from that, I like them a lot. So out of these seven, I'll probably wear all of them several times, except for the plus and minus one, and maybe the -7.

I have been wearing the glasses around town sometimes these days, but haven't had any noticeable encounters. Now I'm eager to receive this month's paycheck to but another couple of pairs. I found a +2.50 Silhouette pair and -5 Raybans that I'd like to have.

Soundmanpt 30 Jul 2016, 06:57


Just checking to see how your doing with your glasses? You were having a problem with brightness wearing them which of course would make it difficult to continue wearing them. Did you you return to where you bought them and see if they had any solutions for you?

High Myopic 29 Jul 2016, 21:42

-7 with some astigmatism. I like how the prescription looks on me, but the glasses are a bit small and I can't see as well as with my other pairs. Anyways I like to wear them a bit.

Maria 29 Jul 2016, 21:38


I will be getting these glasses in the mail soon.

The lenses look really thick!

Patrick B 29 Jul 2016, 13:52

Hi Ric -- I think you'll like them both cosmetically and visually. Because they're not as thick as conventional lenses, they can be made to sit closer to your eyes which really helps when every mm is important. My prescription varies slightly but seems to have settled around -25/-26 What's your prescription?

Keep us posted!

Ric 28 Jul 2016, 23:26

Finally ordered new glasses yesterday. Will be first time with blended myodisc lenses.

A. P. 26 Jul 2016, 16:20

Gorgeous new glasses!

Soundmanpt 26 Jul 2016, 08:05


Nice to hear from you. Well it seems besides being busy at your job you have also been quite busy finding and buying more glasses. That box that you're keeping all your glasses in has to be getting quite large by now. You're getting a quite a few now that you're pretty much unable to wear for various reasons, do you maybe keep those in a separate box away from the glasses that you are able to wear? Maybe even keeping minus glasses in a different box than the plus glasses. This would make it much easier when you plan on wearing glasses to quickly find the glasses you want to wear. The seven new glasses you got are all very interesting and the prescriptions of the glasses range from weak to strong and plus and minus. Out of the seven based on you comments about half of them you don't seem to be planning on wearing. The pair that you also have the prescription slip on the SPH isn't too strong but the CYL is more than enough to be uncomfortable for your eyes. I'm pretty sure if tried wearing them you would soon get a headache from them. It seems like your limit for wearing strong glasses comfortably is probably around -6.00 and even that is pushing pushing your limits slightly. And the glasses that you were mislead on that you though were -1.50/ -1.00 turned out to be a plus minus lens combination which makes sense that you got an instant headache from them. But the rest all seem to be wearable for you. I googled FarmaOptics and it appears that they are actually a high end version of Zenni. Honestly the glasses you yourself called the frame "funny" I have to agree with you not really something most women would want to wear. But you also don't like them much because they don't have an AR coating on the lenses. I assume that your own glasses that you wear for driving has AR coating and once your eyes get used to having that coating they aren't happy not having it.

So aside for putting on the readers when you went to the post office to collect your package of incoming glasses you haven't had much of a chance to wear any of your other glasses very much. When you get less busy with work do you plan on living dangerously by wearing a pair of your minus glasses around your town? You seem to not enjoy wearing the glasses but the risk of getting caught again.

Jhonathan 25 Jul 2016, 14:22

Would love to see you wearing any of these! Please post a pic!!

María 25 Jul 2016, 04:33

(Continued, as there are more than 4 links)

The next pair is low plus. Ralph Lauren frames, +1 and +1.25. Very comfortable for reading, I like them.

I have been using these a lot at home. I even wore them when I went to the post office to pick my last package, containing 3 glasses. It was exciting to put them on to read and sign the receipt. I hadn't done that in a while.

The following three I bought them from the same girl. I was curious as they have very different prescription, but I didn't ask because I dind't want to seem strange.

-0.25 and -1.25 RayBans.

-4 in both eyes from FarmaOptics. I believe these are pre-made glasses as the ones for reading. But I like them, and they look good quality.

-5 and -6 from Faro Eyewear. I like them, the frame is rather funny. But they don't have any coating and reflect too much.

So those are all my new glasses! I believe I have to stop buying pairs now haha.

María 25 Jul 2016, 04:33


Sorry about the long absence, I had loads of work this week and I was so tired when I arrived home that I haven't visited the site lately.

Soundmanpt, since I last posted I received the pair of glasses, and I also bought and received another six haha. I haven't been able to wear them much, but I had some fun with several of the pairs. As you said, I love the -5 -6, but I still prefer my -3.75 ones, as they give me the best balance between vision at all distances and decent prescription. I feel they suit me real well too.

About the new pairs I bought, these are them:

First, a pair of Hugoconti glasses. They are similar to my -3.75 ones, but a bit bigger and in another colour (Tortoiseshell and red vs black and blue).

Saldy they have some astigmatism, so they aren't as confortable to wear as my favourite ones, besides their lower prescription. The girl also gave me a ticket with her prescription, so here it is:

Next, a rather strong pair. The girl said to me that her prescription was -7 with some astigmatism. I like how the prescription looks on me, but the glasses are a bit small and I can't see as well as with my other pairs. Anyways I like to wear them a bit.

The girl told me she had lasik a year ago and she already sold another two pairs in the same prescription that were bigger. It was a shame, I'd have liked to buy those!

I received a pair with a surprise too. The girl said her prescription was -1.50 in one eye and -1 in the other. But when I received them I saw that, apart from having astigmatism, one eye was plus, not minus. I don't know if you can see it in this photo.

Anyways, when I put these on I get an insta-headache, so I guess I won't use them much haha. But I like to have a singular pair like this one.

Soundmanpt 23 Jul 2016, 10:55


It has been a while since we last heard from you. In fact I just checked and it was back on July 12th in fact and had purchased yet another pair of glasses that you were expecting this past week. You have been very good about posting pictures of the various glasses once you have them. but either you don't have them yet or you didn't post a picture of them.

So in your last post you seemed like even after getting caught wearing the strongest glasses in your collection it almost seemed to make you a bit more daring about wearing glasses around your town at the risk of getting caught again. But it has to be killing you really want to be able get away where no one knows you so you can wear a pair of your strong glasses all day long without fear if being caught. I'm assuming by how much you seem to love your -5.00 /-6.00 glasss they would be your glasses of choice? I guess the good news is that fall is at least getting closer with each passing day.

Michael 22 Jul 2016, 08:40

Cactus Jack- You are a good explainer for sure and a lot of professional people are not. But you certainly can explain things about vision and optics in a way I could never do.

Soundmanpt 22 Jul 2016, 08:19


I in no way intended to be rude to by the use of the quotation marks around your name. I honestly had never heard that before as being considered rude. But regardless you have my apology.

Cactus Jack 22 Jul 2016, 06:54


Thank you for your complement, but please do not overstate my qualifications. I am NOT an Eye Care Professional. My background is Electronic Engineering and Computers. I approach most problems as an engineer trying to solve a problem using my knowledge of science and personal experience.

I am an 'Amateur' in the original French sense of one who studies a subject out of LOVE of knowledge. Many of the scientific discoveries that are the foundation of our technology were made by 'Amateurs' like Isaac Newton, Voltaire, etc. Who have scientific principles and measurements named after them. I am NOT in that group by any stretch of the imagination.

My deep interest in vision and optics was developed because of my own vision problems that ECPs were unable to satisfactorily explain to me. Over the years I have done a lot of Industrial training and teaching. I have gained a reputation of being a pretty good 'explainer'. I try to create UNDERSTANDING rather then just training someone to be a 'Parrot', who just regurgitates something they have heard without fulling understanding what they are talking about,or it fits the situation.

We do have some ECPs who occasionally post here. I encourage them to please feel free to offer suggestions and corrections if my offerings are not correct. The very last thing I want to do is offer a suggestion that causes harm or delays important eye care.


Michael 22 Jul 2016, 05:53

Sarah W- Are you going to consider trying to wear them full time for two weeks before deciding how much or little you will wear them after that? If you do that it will help you get adjusted to them more quickly. But you can function quite well without glasses but wearing them for driving especially at night may benefit you. Also when watching sporting events and movies. But some people with low scripts prefer to wear glasses full time but how much you wind up wearing them is entirely up to you. You still may be able to pass a DMV eye exam without glasses but I would wear glasses at least for driving if I was you. Both for day and night driving.

Michael 22 Jul 2016, 05:37

James- Cactus Jack is our technical expert around here and I would never go against what he says because he knows so much more about vision than I can ever know but if you had photophobia wouldn't it have affected you before you got glasses? Which makes me think maybe the prescription is wrong and that is your problem.When I was growing up the eye doctor we went to always told my mother and me if you are not adjusted to your glasses in two weeks to come back for a free retest. He said it shouldn't take two weeks to get adjusted to the glasses but to give it that much time. You didn't have any problems before you got the glasses did you? Any problems driving without sunglasses or being outside in general? I am too lazy right now to go through all your posts but am I correct that the reason you went for an eye exam is you just got insurance and not that you were having any problems?

Try not to worry because I don't think you have photophobia. I may have made a mistake to send you that link because it may have scared you more than you already are. Did you have more of a problem with one eye or were both equally as bad as far as sensitivity to light goes? If you have photophobia and the cause is something serious I would think it would likely just affect one eye.

I think my roommate might be the one who has photophobia because she can't tolerate any glare at all. Even if it is 100% cloudy she has to wear sunglasses. Basically she has to wear sunglasses whenever she goes outside. Never mind for driving she has to wear sunglasses even when she is a passenger in a car and it makes no difference if it is cloudy or sunny out. But she never wears sunglasses in the house but she always complains about dry eyes and does blink a lot. I guess you can't tolerate wearing your glasses for any length of time because of this problem? Am I right? What I would do is go back to your ECP now and not wait two weeks because I think something might be wrong with the glasses.This is my two cents worth and will wait for Cactus Jack and Soundmanpt to chime in again.

Sarah W 22 Jul 2016, 05:18

Hi all,

To answe a question from earlier the doctor said i have 20/40 in my right eye and 20/25 in my left eye. I got my glasses but don't wear them all the time yet

Michael 22 Jul 2016, 04:51

John S- I am not sure of the color of Chris' eyes but I don't think they are blue. I could have ordered a different color tint for my roommate but I don't think Zenni does more than 80%. I don't think 90% is even an option. But I guess you can do it with more expensive lenses. But Chris is very difficult if not impossible to please. But it is interesting if there is a correlation between the color of a person's eyes and their level of sensitivity to light.

John S 21 Jul 2016, 22:29

In many cases, people with Blue eyes seem to be more sensitive to light. So when I order glasses, I specify 90% Brown. I'm sure they don't always come out exactly to that, but 90% seems to work well for me. I do a lot of driving, around 55,000 miles a year. I find the Brown tint provides more contrast.

CR-39 lenses are pretty easy to tint to 90%, but sometimes they will start to turn Red. With Trivex, they need a tintable hard coat applied, or the tint does not stay on.

For transition lenses, I get Xtractive Brown. The 2 main problems with transitions lenses are, the warmer the lens, the less dark they get. And unless they are directly exposed to UV, they only turn partially dark.

Michael 21 Jul 2016, 22:22

Soundmanpt-I should have known better than to order sunglasses for Chris through Zenni but I thought since it was sunglasses and she would be wearing them just mostly for driving it wouldn't be a big deal. But Chris is a person who finds fault with everything. I am surprised she hasn't found fault with her regular glasses yet that she got three months ago. It may be a miracle. But she wants no part of metal frames because she said they are poorly made and the lenses keep on popping out. So only plastic now for Chris. For her sunglasses I picked out a frame made of acetate plastic. Why did she always have problems with lenses popping out and I have worn metal frames for years and that never happened to me even once? With Chris it had to happen at least a half dozen times over a period of a few years. Frankly I don't get it. That may have something to do with Chris not only getting a plastic frame this time but a very expensive one. I think the frame cost well over 200.00 and I also believe she got the premium progressive lenses so that is why her glasses cost as much as they did.

I wasn't there when the glasses broke but did see the broken glasses. I also don't believe everything Chris tells me. Knowing her she may have done something to the glasses to cause them to break. I tend to agree with you that even if the frame was cheaply made and of poor quality the frame wouldn't have broken this quickly. I always have joked around and said if you want something to get broken just give it to Chris. She kept on breaking the drain stoppers in our kitchen sink. After she broke three of them in less than a year I gave up on buying them and just am going without. They only cost about 5 bucks or so but keeping on buying them was stupid when all she would do is break them.I asked her each time how it broke and all she said is she didn't know and it just fell apart. But those things are made of very heavy material and just don't fall apart and I doubt they would break even if you dropped them on the floor. If you own something that you think is unbreakable just give it to Chris and I am sure she would find a way to break it. Chris is the one who washes dishes most of the time and honestly I don't know what she does to break the thing in the drain.

I could try to test the glasses myself but I am not used to wearing sunglasses so I wouldn't have a clue as to whether or not they are dark enough. I researched the Zenni website before ordering them and the 80% gray tint was recommended for driving so I went with that.And reading everything about James maybe having photophobia it makes me wonder if Chris has that too. She has to wear sunglasses even it is 100% cloudy out. And she cannot tolerate a dilated eye exam. She claims she could not drive home even wearing sunglasses if they put the drops in her eyes. But this last eye doctor did a dry exam because I asked Chris. But her previous eye doctor always wanted to do the dilated exam and Chris always resisted.

I thought about ordering a pair of glasses for myself through Zenni to use the store credit but I would be hesitant to do it because the only pair I ever ordered from them broke so quickly. If the next pair broke too I would pretty much be stuck. I could order 10 more pairs of glasses and they would all be great but I don't know that. That is why I used the restaurant analogy.

And I am pretty sure I wrote about Chris' teeth when you and I were conversing about Chris' glasses through many lengthy posts a few months back. She is a part time denture wearer because she claims she can't eat when wearing them. She said she only got dentures for cosmetic reasons. Chris is very conscious of her physical appearance so that is why she had to get glasses that cost over 800.00. And can you believe she is still talking about getting contacts next year? What a disaster that would be and Chris couldn't afford them anyway because I think it would cost her more out of pocket than it did for her glasses.

And another Chris issue is her eyes are very dry and has to use eye drops constantly. Knowing Chris if she ever got contacts she wouldn't be able to tolerate them no matter what kind she tried and wouldn't wear them and they would be a complete waste of money She is never pleased with anything I would bet every dollar I have that is what would happen.

And did you ever hear of a part time dentures wearer? Chris is quite a woman isn't she? Two years ago my aunt took us out to lunch for Chris' birthday and then when I talked to my aunt on the phone the next day she asked me why Chris took her teeth out and put them on the table.I said she can't eat with them and my aunt then said that makes no sense which I know is true but as to why Chris does what she does my aunt would have had to ask her. Because I have no clue why Chris does the things she does. But wouldn't it have been funny if she left her teeth on the table and later realized it and went back and found that they got thrown out?

Michael 21 Jul 2016, 20:45

James- For your info here are some of the causes of photophobia.

I don't want to scare you but some of them can be serious. It may be a good idea to go back to your ECP like Cactus Jack said and explain everything to him.

Cactus jack 21 Jul 2016, 16:31


Normally an AR coating is a good thing because it reduces reflections by encouraging the photons of light to pass through the lens surface, inhibited. That among other things is why high quality photographic lenses have AR coatings. Most of the coatings are atomic or molecular in size and are deposited as a metallic vapor in a vacuum chamber. They often have a characteristic of slightly reflecting certain colors (wavelengths) of light that is unique to the composition of the coating.

I have an acquaintance who wears +5.00 glasses. The back surface of the lens is almost flat (like the front surface of a high minus lens), which produced very annoying reflections when you talked to him. I ordered him a pair of glasses from Zenni with the low cost AR coating and he was so delighted with them he asked me to order him two more pair as spares and a pair of sunglasses. He as two very small children who like to grab his glasses. He drives for a package delivery company and as you can imagine, he is in serious trouble without his glasses. The total for the 3 pair with shipping was about US45.00.


James 21 Jul 2016, 16:11

Cactus Jack,

*The AR coating was free the week I got my glasses.

James 21 Jul 2016, 16:09

Cactus Jack

Thank you for explaining all of that. The AR coating was the week I got my glasses, so I got it.


It seems a little rude to refer to someone with quotes around their name. I am James, not "James."

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2016, 16:03

Cactus Jack

As you know I defer to you in cases like "James" I learned something that is very surprising to me. I would have thought that having an AR coating would reflect light and be more of an asset.

Cactus Jack 21 Jul 2016, 15:43

Soundmanpt and James,

The condition is called Photophobia, which is extreme sensitivity to light. Unlike other phobias, fear has noting to do with it. I suggest doing a google search on Photophobia.

The site seems to have a pretty good explanation about the causes and treatments. Curiously, it is usually caused by other factors than the eyes themselves.

The best thing is to try to discover the underlying cause and I suspect a good place to start is your ECP. Photophobia can be very uncomfortable and it may be necessary to use a tint or sunglasses as a temporary aid until the underlying problem is corrected.

Vision is supposed to be sharp, effortless and comfortable. If it is not, it should be checked out.

Typically, an A/R coating lets in (transmits) more light instead of reflecting some of it.

I experienced something like mild Photophobia right after I had Cataract Surgery. IOLs apparently have about 6% better light transmission than natural lenses. It helps night vision, but makes bright sunlight a bit rough and sunglasses very desirable. At least the pupil can contract in the bright light, but not quite enough. Imagine how much "fun" it is driving home, into an afternoon sun, after a dilated eye exam. The super dense disposable sunglasses the ECP provides help a lot, but it still is a miserable trip.


Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2016, 15:39


Oh i'm glad to hear that. I would think that coating would have made a bit of a difference with that brightness issue? But i'm glad you got it because once you finally are more able to wear your glasses you will find that coating a very nice option with cutting down on glare and reflections. It is really great when your driving at night and car headlights are hitting your glasses. One thing you may want to try just to see if it helps any is next time your out shopping at your local Wal-Mart or other optical store see if they have a sunglass clip that comes close to fitting over your glasses. It should at the very least work during the day when your driving or just out and about and be a good test to see if it makes the brightness go away. Probably a good investment anyway since you can't or least you shouldn't be wearing regular sunglasses anymore when you're driving.

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2016, 15:28


Has there been any improvement with your being able to wear your glasses for longer period of time? I kind of think that the more you wear them the more that brightness should start to go away. Even though you're having some issues with the brightness have you noticed that you're able to see things in the distance clearer and sharper with your glasses?

James 21 Jul 2016, 15:26


My glasses do have AR coating.

James 21 Jul 2016, 15:18

Cactus Jack

Makes sense. You really think I am hypersensative to light? What problems could it be a symptom of?

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2016, 15:14

Cactus Jack

Over the years several people have commented about how bight everything is when they first put their glasses on. But they seem to adjust okay without much trouble. I'm not sure but I wonder if she had gotten an AR coating if that might have lessened the brightness somewhat? I know she didn't get AR because she got her glasses in an hour and unless things have changed if you get AR coating they need to send them out to be made. So since she doesn't have any coating on her lenses do you think she might benefit by taking her glasses back to where she got them and have them put a light tint on the lenses or do you think she should still be able to adjust to them as they are?

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2016, 15:06


Yeah if Chris has expensive tastes she isn't likely to be interested in anything any of less the less expensive on line stores have to offer since they aren't designers or name brands. I'm sure you probably still have the sunglasses laying around someplace. Just for fun I wish you would take them out on a sunny day and just see what you think about the darkness of them. I maybe shouldn't even say this but were you present when the sunglasses broke? She didn't seem happy about anything with the sunglasses and it makes be wonder how they broke so easily. Even the cheapest sunglasses don't usually break that easily.

I have to admit you made a very good point about eating at a restaurant and the food wasn't very good as you say I wouldn't likely be going back their again. In fact that has happened to me in the past so you really hit a nerve with that comparison. It's just a shame to let the credit not be used. Have you considered maybe trying again only for yourself?

Cactus Jack 21 Jul 2016, 14:47


I think you are not used to HD vision that occurs when a person with myopia gets glasses. It is a common occurrence, but most people think it is great.

I need to talk a little science here and I hope I don't loose you.

The retina is composed of about 120 million Rods and Cones that are similar to pixels in a digital camera. Light is transmitted by Photons. Light rays from an object contain a specific number of Photons depending on the intensity of the light. If the light is NOT focused on the Retina as occurs when a person has Myopia the Photons are spread out and the do not stimulate the Rods and Cones very strongly. This is most noticeable in low light conditions where a person who is Myopic cannot see stars in the sky because the available light is not strong enough. When they get glasses, the very few photons from the stars are concentrated and suddenly they can see the billions of stars that make up the Milky Way (our Galaxy) and the thousands of points of light that are our neighboring planets and distant stars.

When a person who is myopic gets glasses, it is common for there to be more contrast, brightness, and more vivid colors in the images they see. For most people, it is a joyous experience.

If you are hypersensitive to light, you need to discuss that with your ECP. It can be a symptom of other problems.


Michael 21 Jul 2016, 11:59

Soundmanpt-Good points about the reviews. But my problem is I don't think I can order a pair of glasses from Zenni that Chris would even be a little happy with. I am stupid. I should have known that before even ordering. So a store credit would do me no good. I know I told you what her regular glasses cost. Over 800.00. She paid 250.00 with insurance covering the rest. Chris has no money but very expensive tastes. I guess she went for glasses that expensive figuring they wouldn't break like most of her previous pairs did.

And do you think Chris' very sensitive eyes have anything to do with her saying the 80% gray isn't dark enough?She can't tolerate any glare at all. I will never be able to get a pair of glasses for her at Zenni she will be happy with. I should have known that before ordering sunglasses. And throw in the temple breaking in less than an hour.Having that happen with the first pair of glasses I ordered from Zenni makes me very leery of the company even though many people here have had very positive experiences. Look at it another way. If you went to a restaurant for the first time and had a very bad experience you probably will not go back even though people you knew always had positive experiences.

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2016, 10:12


Remember the brock and mortar optical stores are scared to death of not only Zenni but all the other on line shops that sell glasses so much more inexpensive. They are losing business rapidly and they know it. So it makes sense that thye probably have people writing false comments constantly for reviews trying to discourage people from ordering glasses from them. But if you go back in her and start looking you hardly find anyone that has has been unhappy with Zenni and you know the ones in here are likely very real people that have actually got glasses from them. The ones in Yelp who knows if they ever really got glasses from them or not.

Anyway you certainly have your right to feel the way you do and honestly I wouldn't be happy either if i got glasses from them and they broke in less than an hour. But I would be even more upset if they refused to do anything about it to try and make it right. But they have clearly indicated that they want to make things right and I really don't know what else they could do? If you sit back and do nothing but complain and watch your $22.00 go bye bye then that is on you and not them.

Michael 21 Jul 2016, 09:49

Soundmanpt- I agree with you that for all companies there will be some bad reviews even though the company may be reputable. But going to Yelp and looking up Zenni Optical I didn't go through every review but it seemed when skimming through them that there were almost as many bad reviews as good ones and to me that would raise a red flag.

Michael 21 Jul 2016, 09:37

Soundmanpt- I think they should refund me 21.80. A store credit is not good enough for me. And as for the tint Chris said it wasn't dark enough. I am fed up with her too. I try to help her and she will find fault with everything. Ordering another pair of sunglasses would be a pain.I would be clueless as to what kind of tint to order. What is darker than 80% gray? And I would be afraid to order a different frame thinking that one would break too. At this point I don't want to order any more glasses from them because frankly I would have no clue what to order. If she wants to continue wearing the useless non prescription sunglasses she is wearing let her go ahead. I really don't care anymore. Let her do what she wants to do.Chris beats to her own drum.

I am starting to think that my roommate is mental. Apparently the tint on the non prescription sunglasses she wears is just fine. A store credit does me no good If I order another pair of glasses they will either break, Chris will complain about them or both like this time.I would bet on it.

Chris is one of those people who complains about everything and when something goes wrong she will always blame somebody else. Nothing is ever Christine's fault. Like with all the pairs of glasses she broke in the past by putting them on her head, hanging from her shirt or putting them loose in her purse. She blamed the place and accepted no responsibility that the glasses broke because of the way she handled them. If you let glasses fall on the ground you increase the risk of them breaking.

I am sure I told you before about all the glasses Chris has broken through the years.Because she had constant problems with the other place she decided this time to try a different optometrist. Her glasses haven't broken yet or she hasn't lost them in three months which may be a record for Chris because usually she can't go that long without running into a problem. I think you understand what I am dealing with. I made a mistake of offering to help her. It seems lately everything I do turns out badly.I think I am a smart guy but can't get anything to come out right. I am extremely frustrated right now.

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2016, 08:08


I am very sorry to hear of the problems you came across with Zenni. I know i am one that told you I highly recommend them and still do. I don't think it has anything to do with the $6.95 price. Plastic is plastic and i'm sure they don't use a better grade of plastic on the $25.00 glasses. My history goes back at least 11 years for not only myself but the people in our non profit vision group, that we have been using Zenni as our source for glasses for the people we work with and not once have we had any kind of problem with them or the glasses. You had a problem even with their customer service and aside from sometimes having to wait on hold until they can take my call the people that I have talked with have always been extremely helpful and nice. My calls have mostly been when I am asking them to add to an existing order that I may have placed the day before to save on shipping costs. The tint you ordered for the sunglasses is the same as I get for the people I place orders for and again even people that have said that they are light sensitive find that tint to great. If there willing to give you a one time store credit for full value I don't know what else you want? That seems more than fair to me. What do you think would be fair in your mind? I always look at it like this. Nobody and nothing is perfect. If they provided you a bad product and are willing to replace it with something I think that is better than ending up with nothing and simply complaining about it. By the way if you start looking at nearly every company out there in Yelp even Lenscrafter's your always going to find bad reviews. If I want to find something bad about any product i'm sure it would easy to find. Go into Yelp and look up reviews on your car and guess what i bet there are tons of bad reviews about your car but you might be totally happy with your car, Anyway you have every right to be unhappy and I would be too if my glasses arrived and broke within the hour. But I would at least give the company a chance to make it right. Now if they refused to do anything thta would be much different, but they clearly want to try and make you happy.

Just in here since you posted your comment look at how many have said how pleased they are with Zenni. I'm sure if looked you would find tons of good reviews about Zenni.

JHON 20 Jul 2016, 23:41

All my family wear glasses over the last 4 years we have bought about 20 pairs from Zenni all have been exelent incuding some at 6.99

Michael 20 Jul 2016, 20:40

I should have done more research about Zenni than listen to everybody here. So it is my fault. For some reason the people who have had problems with Zenni don't post here. And I would guess there are a lot of dissatisfied customers. I just went to Yelp and there are a ton of negative reviews. I should have checked out info about their customer service which most people think is terrible. You can only get a one time store credit which I don't want or a 50% refund which doesn't do much for me either especially that you have to pay for shipping to return the glasses. So I am left with no choice than to eat the 21.80 I paid to this rip off company.Not worth it to try to return the glasses.

Michael 20 Jul 2016, 17:46

Another complaint is I ordered the 80% gray and they still weren't dark enough. Zenni Optical is a complete disaster.

Michael 20 Jul 2016, 17:42

I think the old saying you get what you pay for fits here.

Michael 20 Jul 2016, 17:38

astigmaphile- Maybe I ran into a problem because I ordered such an inexpensive frame. I don't know. But now I am out 21.80.Maybe the higher priced frames are of better quality but I can't take a chance.

astigmaphile 20 Jul 2016, 17:23


I am sorry that you had a problem with Zenni. I have bought 4 pairs of glasses from them and had no problems. All have been lined bifocals in metal frames. The frame4s were only $10.

Michael 20 Jul 2016, 17:18

Thank you everybody for your great advice of ordering glasses from Zenni optical. The sunglasses I ordered were the worst glasses I ever have seen my life. The temple cracked off after my roommate wore them for an hour. These glasses were of poorer quality than the non prescription sunglasses you buy at Wal Mart, Walgreens or places like that. I probably made a big mistake of going with a 6.95 frame but I wanted to keep the costs as low as possible since I was paying for them. All I will say is never again. I guess you live and learn. I will say to everybody here don't buy glasses from Zenni Optical. Their glasses are very cheap because the quality is very poor.

Anna 20 Jul 2016, 17:10

Thank you all for sharing your similar experiences. Was starting to think I just had weird eyes.

Soundmanpt 20 Jul 2016, 14:29


Obviously "James" or or we have come to find out is really a "Jamie" clearly has quite a sense of humor. So seeing your comment was completely understandable.

Curt 20 Jul 2016, 10:55

Sorry! Missed that one...

Soundmanpt 20 Jul 2016, 10:32

I'm sure if the boyfriend is ever talking with some friends and he is telling one of them about "making out with James" the night before he could get some interesting looks from anyone that doesn't know "James" Haha

Soundmanpt 20 Jul 2016, 10:27


Welcome aboard, but your a just a little late because we covered that already. If you look back to James 17 Jul 2016 10:58 you will see a reply to "No name" that might clear that up for you.

Curt 20 Jul 2016, 10:20

Wouldn't you think James is male? You both have referred to him as "she"?!?

James 20 Jul 2016, 10:07

It is not the glasses that give me the burning feeling, persay. It is the light while wearing the glasses. The light burns my eyes. Without the glasses I am fine, and the light is not an issue, it is like the glasses intensify the light. It feels as though light is sharply coming at my eyes. Don't know if that makes some sort of sense to you guys.l

Cactus Jack 20 Jul 2016, 09:16


James is a little young to have dry eye problems, but it can happen at any age. We don't really know much about her environment or where she lives. It may be very dry there or she may work in a low humidity environment. Insufficient tears can cause a "burning" sensation. I am a lot older than she is and do have dry eye problems.

Lots of things seem to affect tear production. She may not be blinking enough to keep her corneas moist and her tears doing their job..

I prefer the artificial tears with lubricant. It is a quick try and not all that expensive.

She really needs to go back to her ECP to get to the root of the problem.


Mike 20 Jul 2016, 09:10

James, I would suspect that you may need a little less sphere (the -1.25 part) than what was prescribed, mainly because you said you just passed your DMV eye test a few months ago. It is easy to keep picking the clearer, bolder, image when they are doing the 1 -2 thing and end up a 1/2 diopter stronger than what you need, However most ECP's already know what you should be and the 1 - 2 thing is just fine tuning. If it doesn't get any easier after a few days I would go back. For most, the extra correction is enjoyed, but for your first glasses this can be very hard to get used to.

Tony 20 Jul 2016, 08:48

Maria, como estas? me gustaria saber como has estado con toda tu coleccion de gafas, te estas divirtiendo mucho con ellas?

Soundmanpt 20 Jul 2016, 08:26

Cactus Jack

I wasn't aware that "Artificial Tears" might help. But I was thinking that if she continues to have problems adjusting to her glasses she might have to go back and have them weaken her prescription a little bit. Of course they won't charge her anything to remake her lenses, but i'm pretty sure they won't do this until she has given what they consider a good effort by wearing, or attempting, to wear them for a couple of weeks. If she goes in now don't you think that is what they will tell her to do first.

Cactus Jack 20 Jul 2016, 07:31


I am wondering if you may be having some problems with insufficient tear production. Artificial Tears will help. Or more likely, your Ciliary Muscles are weak and what you are experiencing is your Ciliary Muscles straining to focus close, with your glasses.

Being Myopic is like having built in reading glasses. For their size (very tiny) your Ciliary Muscles are usually the strongest muscles in your body. They get lots of exercise as your Auto-focus system adjusts the focus of your eyes as you look at things at different distances. With Myopia, your Ciliary Muscles do have to work very much to focus close and like any muscle that is not used very much, they become weak.

It sometimes happens when a person has had Myopia for a long time, and I suspect you have, wearing glasses to correct your distance vision causes your Ciliary Muscles to have to go to work and perform normal focusing activity. Because they are out of condition, they some times complain just as any other muscle that has been essentially idle complains (gets painful) when you begin an exercise program.

In some instances, it is necessary to either start with a reduced MINUS prescription or even bifocals until the Ciliary Muscles get gradually strong enough to do their job and give you comfortable vision at all distances.

You are not the first person to have this problem. You may need to go back to your ECP and tell them the problem you are having. They can help you better than we can.


Soundmanpt 20 Jul 2016, 06:47


There shouldn't be any reason for your glasses to feel as if they are burning your eyes? Now as I had warned you even before you got your glasses getting used to the feeling of glasses does take some getting used to at first. And some people have more trouble adjusting to an astigmatism correction than others. But the only way to get past that is by wearing them. You wore them for 3 hours before you took them off to go to work. What you should have done was give your eyes a short rest from your glasses and then put them back on again. Also did you maybe take your glasses off because your shy about being seen wearing glasses around your work colleagues? By the way what type of work do you do? Anyway just don't give up on them and try your best to wear them as much as possible and trust me it really will get easier and you should be able to wear them longer each time. If your thinking that maybe they made a mistake somehow in making your glasses i'm very certain the glasses are just fine and I can tell you if you were to go back and say you think something is wrong with your glasses they will tell you that you need to wear them for at least 2 weeks so your eyes can adjust and only after the 2 weeks if your still having problems come back and they will check everything out. What would be a perfect way to adjust is by taking a day you don't have to work and put your glasses on when you get up and go sit down put on some movies you have been wanting to see and spend the day watching movies wearing your glasses. Once you get interested in the movie I think you will quickly not even think about the fact that your wearing your glasses. Right now your thinking about it more instead of allowing your eyes to relax.

Aside from the problem with getting used to them, do you like how you look wearing glasses? Does your boyfriend still seem excited seeing you wearing glasses and what did he say when he tried your glasses on? What did he say about your need for glasses after trying them on? Your sister helped you pick out your glasses but she only knew that you had narrowed it down to 2 that you liked. Has she seen you since you got your glasses? I'm sure she is going to want to try them on as well. I'm assuming your sister doesn't wear glasses? Now that you have glasses is she considering getting her eyes examined to see if she might need glasses too? Is she younger or older than you? Sorry for so many questions but the last one for now. What style of glasses did you get? I mean are they a full plastic frame, semi-rimless, hipster style (Ray-Ban Wayfarer) rectangle or something else. I'm sure you think there cute are you wouldn't have picked them.

Anyway the main thing now is just don't give up on wearing them. It really will get easier for you.

Anna 20 Jul 2016, 06:26

Thank you all for sharing.

Michael 20 Jul 2016, 03:00

Soundmanpt-Why would the glasses burn James'eyes?

James 19 Jul 2016, 22:50


You guessed right. The glasses burn my eyes. I tried to keep them on, but could not. I dod keep them on for about 3 hours. Had to take them off to go to work.

Soundmanpt 19 Jul 2016, 17:43


So how did day 2 go with wearing glasses? Since you didn't post any comment I assume not too well?

Soundmanpt 19 Jul 2016, 17:27


That young lady you're referring to got her glasses shortly after you got your first glasses. Actually two of your college friends got glasses about the same time. I assume when you got your glasses they both tried your glasses and msut have felt like there was enough improvement that they went and got their eyes checked and they both came away with glasses. The other young lady was much more reluctant to wear her glasses very much but her prescription was slightly stronger than yours and she slowly began to wear them more often until she went to contacts and then finally back to glasses. You never said much about the other girl which now I understand why. Makes you winder how much longer they would have gone without glasses had they not tried yours on?

Soundmanpt 19 Jul 2016, 17:13


About 6 moths ago I had an order for some with one eye being a minus and the other a plus and Zenni called me to make sure I didn't make a mistake. Actually I thought it was a nice and showed that they try to prevent someone from making a mistake. I thanked them double checking with me.

Carrie 19 Jul 2016, 12:33

About 6 years ago a friend at college got glasses with one minus lens and one plus lens. After getting used to them she continued wearing them full time because her depth perception was much better with glasses than without.

Sadly we drifted apart because she couldn't deal with me getting in to a same sex relationship. I have only seen her a couple of times in the last 5 or 6 years and it looked like her prescription had gone up a bit - definitely in the minus lens, anyway.

Another friend, who is also a work colleague, has got minus in one eye and plus in the other but she also has a correction for astigmatism and prisms.

Both of these friends took a few days to get used to their glasses but were pleased that they could see better and more comfortably than before they got glasses.

EyeTri 19 Jul 2016, 10:39


I have three sisters, and the youngest has had a glasses prescription with one minus lens and with one plus lens since she was eight years old (that would have been in 1969). She recently told me when every times she orders glasses from an internet company thay always call to be sure that she really wants glasses with a + lens and a - lens.

Anna 19 Jul 2016, 02:27

That last one was by me.

 19 Jul 2016, 02:27


It does, thank you.

JHON 18 Jul 2016, 23:26

Hi Anna

My daughter started wearing lined bifocals at the age of 14,later she tried progesives but did not like them so went back to lined bifocals within a mmonth she finds them a great help and her best friend has just started wearing lined bifocals as well.Her Doctor told her many young people now need bifocals because they use cell phones so much.

Hope this helps

Anna 18 Jul 2016, 21:29

Sorry, I for got to answer the last question. Yes, this was my first eye exam ever.

Anna 18 Jul 2016, 21:25

The lady at the glasses store said my doctor had written a not saying he recommends lined. So, there will be a line going through my glasses? That is weird. If bifocals are indeed not common for people my age, why do I need them? what makes someone need them? Why do I need them so early?

yes, it was maybe near the end of march that I started noticing a "ghostly" image, and by the beginning of may it would not go away, and I was getting really bad headaches, and always felt dizzy. I am trying to describe it, but it is just so weird that I don't really know how. Hope you understand what I mean.

Michael 18 Jul 2016, 21:11

Anna-Were you asked if you wanted the lined bifocals or progressives? Considering your age for vanity reasons I would have though you might prefer the progressives.That way when somebody looks at your glasses they won't know they are bifocals unless you tell them. Most people your age don't need bifocals. You may get a lot of questions when your schoolmates ask to see your glasses or maybe try them on and they see glasses with a line in them.But it was good you went for an eye exam. You clearly have major vision problems that needed to be addressed ASAP. So you just began having vision problems near the end of the school year? My guess is your vision has been deteriorating for a while but sometimes it takes a while to realize you have a problem. Is this the first eye exam you ever had?

Anna 18 Jul 2016, 18:43

I ordered the glasses today, they will be lined apparently. What prompted me to go to the eye doctor was that during the end of the school year, I started noticing weird things, like I look at something, and all of a sudden it was like the image split, and one was off. I also started noticing it while reading, and it makes reading hard, and gives me a headache. In a way it felt like I was dizzy all the time. The ghosty image started becoming a permenant thing, and I was getting headaches all the time, so my mom schedualed me an appointment with an eye doctor.

Michael 18 Jul 2016, 17:38

Hang in there James. Soundmanpt is giving you good advice. Things will get better.

Soundmanpt 18 Jul 2016, 16:14


Well you're not off to a very good start are you? But in part by getting your glasses later in the day just as I was saying your eyes are already strained and a good bit just from normal daily activity. Trust me if you start your day tomorrow on a slow pace with your glasses on things will slowly start to get better than they were when you left the optical shop. The smaller thing you notice is because you're nearsighted and that will rather quickly go away. The "weird and distorted" part is because you have an astigmatism which does cause that feeling at first and it too should go away as your eyes adjust. If you see this and your still awake I suggest that if you're just sitting around turn on your TV and put your glasses on and wear them while watching TV. After just a few minutes your eyes should start to relax and I think you be seeing the TV better than you have for some time. It helps to adjust when your not thinking about having your glasses on and get interested in a TV show or movie. Just hang in there and try not to give up too quickly tomorrow. Again it may help if you just sit down and relax with your glasses on.

James 18 Jul 2016, 15:53

I do have my glasses, but am not wearing them. I tried, but everything looked smaller, and weird/distorted. Also, the light was hurting my eyes. As I was leaving the place I got my glasses with them on I looked down, and I thought I saw a step, and almost fell going down a nonexistent step. So, I took them off, maybe I will start wearing them tomorrow in the morning with better luck.

Soundmanpt 18 Jul 2016, 14:47


Actually by the time you're reading this you should already have your glasses. What Michael is saying about your not wanting to be doing a lot of the on and off thing with your glasses is right but since you're already past mid day with getting your glasses and your eyes are already somewhat strained even though you probably don't realize it today is the one day that is okay for you to be doing the on and off thing. You're sure to want to test your eyes both with and without your glasses. Also you know that not only your boyfriend but everyone you know is going to want to see your glasses and some, like your boyfriend, are sure to want to try them on. And you're going to have to start trying to get used to wearing your glasses which may sound easy but at first you're going to notice them quite a bit. But tomorrow is when you really want to start really letting your eyes get adjusted to seeing with glasses. The best way to do that is to make a point to put your glasses on as soon as you get up and start your day while your eyes are still fresh from sleeping and not strained. Waiting until later on will just make it that much more difficult for your eyes to adjust.

I'm glad to hear that your boyfriend is excited that you're now going to be wearing glasses. I'm sure having his support means a lot to you. So of the 2 you were having a tough time deciding on, did you favor one more than the other and did your sister and boyfriend pick the one as the best one for you?

Michael 18 Jul 2016, 12:31

James-Are you going to try wearing them full time for two weeks to see how it works out?You made a wise decision to get the prescription filled because I think the glasses will make a difference in your vision. If I was you when you get the glasses I would put them on and keep them on for the rest of the day until you go to bed.You need to keep them on for your eyes to get used to them. The constant on and off thing is not a good idea. Because if you do that you will never get used to the glasses. Keep us informed as to how you are doing. I am sure you will look great in your glasses and will receive many compliments. I wish you the best of luck.

James 18 Jul 2016, 12:11

Just came back from the glasses store, my glasses will be ready in about an hour. As I had said, I took my boyfriend with me, and he agreed(without knowing) with my sister on the two I could not choose one from. Michael, yes my boyfriend is actually very excited about me getting glass, seeing me in glasses, and him trying them on. If it was not for him and his support, I may not have actually filled my prescription.

Michael 18 Jul 2016, 10:50

Anna-Multi focal lenses are bifocals but my question is are you getting the ones with the line or the no line ones which are progressives? Have you ordered your glasses yet? And plus lenses are for reading but even though hyperopia affects mainly your close up vision it can affect your distance vision as well which is the case with you. But it is unusual that you are nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other one. And am I correct that it was never clearly stated to either you or your mother as to when you should wear your glasses? That is a pet peeve of mine that neither eye doctors or opticians seem to offer advice especially to first time glasses wearers. They definitely should. I would know because I have worn glasses for 54 years since I was 9 years old. Also curious about something else. What prompted your visit to the eye doctor? Were you having any vision problems you were aware of or was this a routine check up? The summer is a popular time for kids' eye exams so they will be all set for when they go back to school in the fall.

Anna 18 Jul 2016, 08:29

Crystal Veil

Thank you for sharing.


On the lines below the chart with my prescription it says bifocal, so I assume that means bifocals.

General questions

Aren't + glasses for reading? How will I see far with that eye? Or for that matter, how will I see close with the other?

Michael 18 Jul 2016, 05:36

Anna-Here is an explanation of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.,_Farsightedness,_and_AstigmatismQQ.html

And an explanation for prism.

Each eye is individual and it is normal for the prescriptions in each one to be at least slightly different but it is rare but not impossible to have one myopic eye and one hyperopic like you have. And glad that they double checked the script to make sure it was correct.Have no clue what opeia is. You may have heard the word wrong. Also not sure why the reading add is different for each eye. Also don't know if one eye being farsighted and the other one nearsighted has anything to do with you needing prism in your glasses. I will let the experts here try to answer that. Yes you have a very complex prescription and will require multi focal lenses.Are you going to get standard bifocals or progressives? And absolutely you will need to wear your glasses full time. It appears that your doctor didn't make that 100% clear to your mother.

Crystal Veil 18 Jul 2016, 02:49


a difference of 2.75 between both eyes, with one eye minus and the other eye + is fairly rare. I have the same problem but in my case the difference is 3.75. The image seen through the + lens is a bit larger than the image seen through the minus lens. It takes a bit of getting used to, especially in case you chose a large frame. It's my experience that the prescription in minus lens should be knife sharp and the prescription in the + lens just a touch (+0.25 or +0.50) above the optimum, creating a bit of soft focus. This creates a better balance between both images. Opticians always go along with my preference but it may take a bit of explaining. As your difference is less than mine, you may not have the balance problem. I hope that your optician has taken the balance issue into account when giving you the prescription. If the balance does not feel right, you can always go back to the optician and ask for a slight change in the prescription. Good luck!

Anna 17 Jul 2016, 22:04

Also, is it a bad thing that my eyes are not the same? Is that a normal thing that happens? Why/how does it happen.

Thank you to all that reply and try to help me.

Anna 17 Jul 2016, 21:58

Just to clarify because there seems to be confusion, the numbers in the first row are: -1.25 and 2 BO for Sph and prism, respectivly. The second rows numbers are +1.50 and 2 BO, in Sph and prism, respectivly. The third row and fourth row are +0.75 and +0.50, respectivly. The prescription was typed twice, and written once. I actually rememeber the front desk girl asking the doctor if she had the right prescription, and he double checked and said yes, she has one "-" and one "+." The doctor was talking to my mom and I think I heard something about focals and different add (you guys have mentioned that too). I also kept hearing opeia.

To answer KL's questions: No typo, there is one number with a minus in the first column, and the other three are +. Also, I am 15, but almost 16.

To answer Plus Tony's question: yes, as I have typed there are pluses next to the 1.50, 0 75 and 0.50 and minus next to 1.25.

My main issue is even after reading a little about glasses prescriptions I am confused on what my vision issue is. I would appreciate if someone would explain it to me. Also, based on reading older posts on here, I wonder when and how much I should wear my glasses when I get them. All my doctorsaid was to my mom was that wearing glasses should help Anna see normally.

Michael 17 Jul 2016, 14:48

Soundmanpt- I also suggested Zenni to James as a place she could buy a spare pair of glasses and/or sunglasses. And I am sure her boyfriend will be pleased with whatever frames James and her sister pick out. It seems as though James' boyfriend is excited that she is getting glasses.

Soundmanpt 17 Jul 2016, 14:14


Generally boyfriends have proven not be of much help with things like that. If you think about it do you usually ask him to help you pick out a dress or shoes? I understand why you want him to help because if you do decide to wear your glasses often or full time he is the one that will be seeing you wearing them the most. But maybe first show him what you and your sister found.

Since you're using your insurance to pay for your glasses which of course is the right thing to do being able to get them the same day is nice. It sounds as if you are getting your glasses from Lenscrafter's since as for as I know they are the only place you can get your glasses the same day. Getting your glasses the same day means that you won't be getting an AR coating (anti-reflective) on your lenses which is extremely nice to have, but it is an option that insurance companies don't pay for and if you did pay the extra cost of about $75.00 out of pocket they have to send your glasses out to be made which means you wouldn't get your glasses for several days. But once you see how much you're going to be wearing glasses you may want to consider taking a nice look at "" to see about getting a pair of prescription sunglasses which would be nice to have when you're driving on a sunny day and another pair of glasses so you have 2 pairs to choose from as well as getting them with the AR coating. You can get really nice good quality glasses in your prescription for under $13.00 and they only charge $5.00 for the optional AR coating. So the total cost of your glasses would only be $18.00. So by sometime tomorrow you should have your glasses and be wearing them. I'm sure you will be giving an update later tomorrow after you get your glasses. I look forward to hearing what your reaction will be.

Michael 17 Jul 2016, 14:04

James-Very good. Once you get your glasses please keep us updated. I would strongly urge wearing them full time for at least two weeks. That will give you time to get used to them. Then after that you can decide whether or not you want to continue wearing them full time.But I am sure you will look great in glasses. Once you get them I bet you will get a lot of compliments.And you may be pleasantly surprised by how well you see when wearing them. Your prescription although not strong is enough to make a difference I would think.

James 17 Jul 2016, 13:43

My sister and I were just looking, I did not actually get glasses yet. We were hung up on two pairs. I want to take my boyfriend with me tomorrow, and then I will get my prescription filled. The place only takes about an hour to make the glasses, so they will be ready tomorrow.

Michael 17 Jul 2016, 12:58

Plus Tony-I couldn't agree with you more about doctors not offering advice.It is the same here in the United States. My roommate Chris got her first pair of bifocals about six years ago. Before that she was wearing over the counter readers for at least several years. The place where she got her exam and glasses once she collected her glasses they just handed them to her and said nothing. Then after that she went to another place for her next few eye exams and it was the same deal. No advice as to when she should wear them. I have seen Chris' prescriptions all along and she was well past the point of needing glasses full time. But I couldn't say anything to her because the doctor didn't. All Chris would have said was what are you an eye doctor now. The eye doctor probably assumed Chris was wearing her glasses full time even though she almost never used them for anything but reading.

I do agree that people should be able to figure out on their own when to wear their glasses but with people like Chris to use an old joke if I asked her how to spell cat and gave her the c and the a I would have to give her the t too for her to figure it out.

But this last time she want to a new doctor because she was dissatisfied with her other place and he laid it on the line.She needs to wear them full time. She got progressives this time and is doing a very good job of wearing them a lot but not yet full time. Her major obstacle is driving and has to wear non prescription sunglasses because she claims she can't tolerate the glare. So last week I ordered prescription sunglasses for her from Zenni and hopefully that will be the end of that problem. Chris should never drive without corrective lenses so we are both waiting for the sunglasses to arrive.

Slowly but surely she seems to be heading toward full time wear but she isn't there yet. I am hoping the prescription sunglasses will help speed the up the process.

I still can't believe Chris couldn't figure out on her own her vision is as poor as it is. But it is an individual decision as you said. Some people with low scripts wear them full time and others with stronger scripts don't.It comes down to personal choice.

But I have always been of the belief that once you get bifocals or progressives unless the distance script is very small and you have little or no astigmatism they are meant to be worn full time. When I got progressives for the first time when I was in my mid 40's that was a clue to wear them full time but I had already a few years before that began wearing glasses more than I had previously so it wasn't a huge adjustment. Nobody told me to wear them full time. I just decided on my own.

I remember I got my first pair of glasses when I was 9 years old and didn't like wearing them. I wore them sometimes at home but never really did in school until I was in high school. I was afraid the kids would tease me. As it was kids teased me anyway. But every time I went with my mother to the eye doctor she would ask how much I should wear my glasses and the doctor always said in school except for gym class, TV and homework. If my mother didn't ask I don't think the doctor would have said anything. I used to get nervous because I thought that the doctor one time would say I needed them full time and then I would have had a major problem. My mother also had no clue I never wore them in school for so many years.

But getting to your original point very few doctors seem to offer advice as to when to wear glasses unless you ask. By law in all countries I would guess they must provide you with a copy of your prescription and you shouldn't have to ask for it. I live in CT and in my state a script is good for a year so even if my script didn't change I would make sure to ask for a copy if one wasn't provided to me.

Soundmanpt 17 Jul 2016, 11:51


First of very nice to meet you. I just started following your posts and I did go back to your first entry in here to catch up on as many details as possible. It seems between Cactus Jack and Michael the have asked and answered many questions for you about getting glasses. You're not the first person to go for a routine eye exam and be surprised to actually need glasses. I am however a little surprised seeing your prescription that you aren't finding seeing things at a distance or driving at night at least a little bit blurry. But your only 18 so young eyes seem to be more able to tolerate or even ignore any imperfections in their eyesight. You still have something called accommodation which actually allows you to see better than you really can. I'm sure that doesn't make any sense but it will once you get your glasses. Most people start to notice their vision being slightly off when it gets to around -.75, you did well making it past that and I assume if you hadn't gotten insurance coverage who knows how long you would have gone before you might have finally gotten your eyes checked. Your eyesight isn't terrible by any means, but as I was saying it is past when most would already have glasses and be wearing them. Now you're clearly reluctant about getting or even the idea that you need glasses. One thing I do want to make a very clear point to you is that weather or not you take the advice you have been about wearing your glasses full time once you get them is totally up to you to decide, but with one major exception. Even though you managed to somehow pass your driver's permit test to get your driver's license and it isn't posted under "restrictions" on your license you do have to wear your glasses for driving now. Your eyesight has to be at least 20/40 to pass the test and your vision might have been within that range back then, it isn't anymore. Based on your prescription I would put you at around 20/60 now at best. I suggest that you and your sister take your time to pick out really nice looking glasses that you both agree suites you very well. Because these are going to be your first glasses and it takes some getting used to wearing glasses for the first time I suggest you take a close look at semi-rimless glasses. The reason is simple because there is no frame to annoy you by seeming to get in your line of vision. A full plastic frame is fine as long as it is the bigger style like Ray-Ban Wayfarers. That would of course be large enough not to bother you. but whatever you pick just make it something you like how they look on you. Now of course your not used to seeing yourself in glasses so that is where your sister could be a big help to you. I agree with the others that have recommended that you wear your glasses for the first 2 weeks full time and then you can determine how much you need to wear them. Just understand that it is going to take a little getting used to wearing glasses just because of how they feel. It takes time to get used to having them on your nose and how they feel behind your ears not to mention learning to view the world through a couple of lenses. Also by wearing your glasses for 2 weeks your eyes get adjusted to the prescription of your glasses. I think when you go to pick up your glasses when their ready and you put them on for thee first time you maybe very surprised at just how clear and sharp everything will look. Then after you have wore your glasses all day that first day and you take them off later that evening how blurry everything will be. This is all very normal.

Plus Tony 17 Jul 2016, 11:41


I think it is a pity that opticians/eye doctors/optometrists aren't required to provide clearer advice us about when to wear our glasses.

In the UK they are required to give you a copy of your prescription but I don't know many people who have been given definitive advice/instructions. To be fair I think most of us are bright enough to work it out for ourselves but for those with relatively low precriptions I think it would be useful if the professionals provided more guidance. This is particularly true with low hyperopes who may not understand the potential benefits of wearing full time. When I got glasses last September the optometrist was quite vague but the optician who fitted my frames assumed I would be wearing full time (even though she didn't exactly say so) even though my prescription is quite low (+1, +2). I have one friend who I've known for 20 years. Her prescription has never gone beyond -0.75 and yet she wears her glasses all day every day. I know someone else with -3.00 who only ever wears glasses to watch TV and struggles through the work day in a blur.

I'm sure you'll find the correct level of wear for you. I suspect you may decide that you want to wear them full time but that will depend both on how you feel wearing glasses and your perception of the visual benefit. I had always wanted glasses but had been quite reticent about getting them. I was worried about what people would say/think etc but eventually I decided that my visual comfort was my own business. So when I got my glasses and realised how well I could see at all distances I decided that I was going to wear them full time and that I would tell everyone that I had to wear them all the time to prevent any potential back sliding on my part.

Try the two week challenge and see how it goes. Let us know what you decide.

Michael 17 Jul 2016, 11:36

James-I think the two week thing is a good idea so you should strongly consider it. Did you pick out a frame yesterday? If so when will your glasses be ready? It takes about a week or so with most optical shops to get your glasses. At least that is my experience. But Zenni may be a good option for you in the future. Or if you decide you like wearing glasses you could ordering a spare pair from them. Or order a pair of prescription sunglasses if you decide glasses will benefit you when driving. Single vision glasses are very inexpensive there. I ordered glasses from Zenni for the first time last week. A pair of prescription sunglasses for my roommate and it cost me just a little over 20.00 and this includes 4.95 for shipping. Many of the posters here have purchased from Zenni and have been very pleased. You can't beat the price.

Michael 17 Jul 2016, 11:20

Plus Tony- I think I finally have been able to figure out Anna's prescription but I still would question that for her sphere one eye is plus and the other one is minus. If the prescription was handwritten there is more of a chance it was written wrong than if it was a computer printout. I would definitely double check to avoid ordering glasses that would be completely messed up.I wonder what country she is from because her reading add was documented in an unusual way. I live in the USA and usually on a written script there is a column that says add and the amount is written either once or twice. It really only needs to be written once because it is usually the same for each eye.But hers isn't and I find that puzzling because I have never seen it different for each eye. When I go for an eye exam each year the prescription is always a computer printout which lessens the chance of an error. If it is handwritten there is more of a chance of an error especially if somebody writes it out quickly. I don't try to do anything too quickly because if I do I am afraid I will make a mistake. Like writing out checks for bills.

 17 Jul 2016, 11:18

ofc James LOL

James 17 Jul 2016, 11:02


After talking on here, to my sister and boyfriend I feel like I was just in shock,but glasses will not be so bad. I was planning on wearing them as needed, but will give the 2 weeks thing some thought.

James 17 Jul 2016, 10:58

No Name,

Ofcourse I am a girl. James, a nickname for Jamie. I guess I understand why would think I was a boy. Not many Jamies' go by James, but it happens. Even the model/actress Jamie King used to go by James at the begining of her career.

Michael 17 Jul 2016, 10:54

James-I am not surprised your eye doctor didn't offer any advice as to when you should wear your glasses because most of them don't. But I think they should especially when you are getting glasses for the first time.You could have asked but you were probably caught completely off guard because you didn't have any vision problems you were aware of.

And wearing glasses is not the end of the world. Have you decided yet how much you will wear them or are you going to wait and see? Several posters in the past have offered a suggestion to wear them full time for two weeks to get adjusted to them and then after that you can decide how much you want to wear them. But if you do the on and off thing constantly from the start you may never get used to them or at the very least it will take a very long time.

 17 Jul 2016, 10:37

LOL Anna = James

 17 Jul 2016, 10:28

James??? So are you in fact a female? You said that your boyfriend said that you will be his first "girlfriend" with glasses.

James 17 Jul 2016, 10:05


My eye doctor did not really say much other than where I could get my glasses.

I told my boyfriend last night. He took it really well, better than me. He said I would be his first girlfriend with glassss, but he is excited about it. He thinks they will look good on me, and he really wants to try them on too, apparently he has always wanted glasses, but "is stuck with perfect vision."

Plus Tony 17 Jul 2016, 09:41

Anna and Helpful

Yes I should have mentioned the axis column which is where the angle of any cylinder correction would go. Apologies - it was very early in the morning here in the UK. Anyway you don't have any cylinder but you do have sphere correction, some prism and a near vision add. I guess the question is whether the sphere correction is correct or whether there is a typo. Was it handwritten or a computer print out.

In the UK I believe most optometrists write plus or minus next to the script if one eye is plus and one minus. Is there any sign of that?

KL 17 Jul 2016, 09:01

Anna - are you sure there isn't a typo in what you wrote? Next to DV - OS, is there really a plus? Because if there's a minus, the rest all makes sense.

No cylinder, so no axis. Prism 2 BO each eye. NV being your reading prescription with +0.75 on the right and +0.50 on the left, which can also be written as a 2.00 ADD to your distance prescription. How old are you?

Michael 17 Jul 2016, 03:58

Anna-Looking at your script further it appears that .75 and .50 are your reading add because you wrote NV which is near vision but those numbers usually are identical for each eye. If you had cylinder numbers you would also have axis numbers which you don't.

Michael 17 Jul 2016, 03:48

Anna- I am totally confused with your script. Yes as Plus Tony said you can be nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other but it is unusual. That is the case for you if you posted the numbers correctly. And if that is the case I would have questioned it because it is possible it was copied wrong by the place you had your eyes examined. Also the plus .75 and plus .50 numbers confuse me.What are they for?If they were your reading add they should be identical for each eye. If they were your cylinder numbers which is astigmatism axis numbers which can be anywhere from 0 to 180 should appear for each eye. And the other numbers you posted were for prism.

Anna 17 Jul 2016, 01:36

Plus Tony

That last post did not come out as I typed it. There were veryical lines between the boxes that have turned into "-," so I hope you can tell what I typed.

Anna 17 Jul 2016, 01:30

Plus Tony

--- --- SPH -CYL-Axis-Prism-

DV- OD--1.25--- --- -2 BO -

DV- OS-+1.50--- --- -2 BO -

NV- OD-+0.75-

NV- OS-+0.50-

helpful 17 Jul 2016, 01:02


I am sure plus tony meant to have included another figure which appears on your prescription that is Axis for each eye. This determines how the lens is fitted into the frame and is important. The sphere and cylinder are those which effect the strength which he and others needs to advise you.

Just in case you ? why this is there and not asked for.

best of luck.

Plus Tony 17 Jul 2016, 00:06


it us possible to be nearsighted in one eye and farsighted in the other. In order to interpret your prescription fully you need to know the following three values for each eye...

Sph (Sphere)

Cyl (Cylinder)

Add (near addition)

Usually the figures for each eye are written on separate lines and may be prefixed by the letters OD (right eye) and OS (Left eye). If you copy your prescription into a post here it'll be easier to tell you what is what.

Some prescriptions might have additional information under headings like Inter and Prism. if there is anything there copy it down but I suspect there won't be as this is your first prescription.

Anna 16 Jul 2016, 22:20

I am getting my first glasses soon, but am a bit confused on what my vision problems are. As far as I know - means someone is nearsighted, and + means someone is farsighted. Nearsighted actually means you have trouble seeing far, and farsighted means you have trouble seeing near. What is xonfusing me is on the paper that the doctor gave me with .y prescription I have - in one eye and + in the other. Is this normal? I looked up how to read a glasses prescription, but maybe I am reading this wrong. Can someone help.

Michael 16 Jul 2016, 12:59

James- One more thing. Even though you passed your DMV vision test I would recommend trying to wear your glasses when driving. I do think they will make a difference especially when driving at night. -1.25 sphere in each eye is not much but enough to make a difference when looking at distant objects.Did you eye doctor offer any advice as to when you should wear your glasses? From my experience they often don't unless you ask.

Michael 16 Jul 2016, 12:49

James- 4.95 for shipping if you buy from Zenni. And if you buy multiple pairs at the same time you only have to pay the 4.95 once. And I am surprised you were able to pass the DMV vision test. Since it was only a couple of months ago I doubt your vision has gotten worse in that short of a period of time. I don't know where you live but in most states you need at least 20/40 vision to pass and looking at your script I didn't think you could pass. I live in CT which is one of the few states that never requires a vision test when renewing your license. Most people only have to pass a vision test once in their life when they first get their license. And one more thing about Zenni. If you don't have a credit card a debit card should work and they also accept PayPal as a payment option.

James 16 Jul 2016, 12:15

Cactus Jack,

My insurance covers glasses with frames upto a certain dollar amount, so if I like any of yhe frames in that price range it would be free for me. With the zenni site, how much is shipping?

Thank you for answering my questions. I told my sister, and I will be taking her with me later today to go look ay frames, who knows I kight actually get myself a pair of glasses. As far as driving I hot my license about two months ago, and passed the vision part, so I do not need glasses to drive.

Cactus jack 16 Jul 2016, 11:59


I think that you will ultimately want to wear your glasses full time, once you have discovered what it is like to see really well. You have no frame of reference so you literally don’t know what you are missing. With one exception, It is YOUR decision when to wear glasses. It is likely that you cannot pass the vision test for a drivers license without vision correction. If you don’t drive, that is not a problem.

1. It would be helpful to know more about your parents because Axial Myopia often has a genetic component, but I don’t think that is much of an issue.

2. I don’t usually suggest ordering first glasses online, but I think it is worth considering in your situation. I think we can help you order very inexpensive, high quality glasses, that will let you experience good vision without spending a lot of money. All you really need to order glasses online is a Prescription, your Pupillary Distance (it is easy to measure), a credit card and a mailing address. We have had excellent experience with Zenni Optical. The frame price determines the cost. They offer Single Vision glasses for a little as US$6.95 plus shipping. I recently helped a friend order some nice glasses that he liked better than the glasses he was wearing for about US$17.00 for the frame, lenses, anti-reflective coating, and shipping.

3A. We don’t know the actual cause of Myopia, but it appears that the primary cause is a genetic pre-disposition for both Axial Myopia and Hyperopia. A secondary cause may be visual environment. One theory is that visual stress (focusing close) may cause production of an Eyeball Growth Hormone that stimulates eyeball growth, if your genes will allow it. Myopia is the result of excessive eyeball growth. The amount of growth error is pretty small, only about 0.3 mm per diopter of refractive error. Eyeballs of people with Axial Myopia have grown too much and the eyeballs of people with Hyperopia have not grown enough. The actual cause of Astigmatism is also not known, but it is believed to be caused by uneven tension in the tissue around the Cornea pulling unevenly and distorting the shape.

3B. In general Axial Myopia or Astigmatism cannot be reversed. It would require tissue to “un-grow”. Fundamentally, there is no cure, only correction.

3C. Glasses are not the only correction. Contacts, of course. It is normal to be scared of inserting and removing contact lenses. However, if you do it right, your finger never touches your cornea. The contact lens does and if it has been prepared properly, you don’t feel any pain, particularly soft contact lenses. It takes about 30 minutes to learn how to insert and remove contact lenses. After that, it is no big deal. Refractive Surgery (Lasik) can also correct mild Myopia.

3D. It is common for an 18 YO, who has developed Myopia, to have some prescription increases, until their vision stabilizes. Typically, Myopia will stop increasing between 22 and 25. It is part of the natural growth process and there is nothing you can do about it.

It is normal to be a bit apprehensive about wearing glasses. Almost everyone, of the millions of people who wear glasses, was concerned about what other people will say. Frankly, it is none of their business, but it is really no different than getting a different style haircut or a new pair of shoes. There may be a few comments and a few questions, but that only lasts a day or two. After that people will only notice your glasses if you change frame styles.

If you would like to discuss any of this privately, please feel free to contact me at


Michael 16 Jul 2016, 10:17

James- Dave is right that it is entirely up to you how much or how little you wear your glasses. But assuming you drive it might be a good idea to wear them when driving especially at night. I have doubts you could pass a state DMV eye test without glasses.I think there are definitely situations where correction would definitely benefit you but except for maybe driving when you wear them is entirely your choice. We can make recommendations as to when you should wear them but you have to be the one to decide. As for your other questions I will leave it up to Cactus Jack to respond. He is our technical expert around here.

Dave 16 Jul 2016, 09:38

James -- Michael's right. Let a few friends know that you're getting them in a very casual manner. It's really no big deal, and you can decide when and how often you need to wear them. You probably will find them useful in a large lecture room or when watching a small television screen. It's entirely up to you. As time goes on, your prescription might increase some, but I wouldn't worry about it. Let us know if you do get them and what your experience is with them.

Michael 16 Jul 2016, 07:52

James- It might be easier if you let people know ahead of time that you are getting glasses. This way it will avoid answering a lot of questions once you get them and people see you wearing them. Just say you went for an eye exam and found out you are slightly nearsighted and will be getting glasses shortly.

Plus Tony 16 Jul 2016, 00:27

Sarah W

One question that I should have asked is when did they tell you to come back for your next eye test?

Did you get any glasses yet and if so what do you think?

James 15 Jul 2016, 23:41

Also, I know this is a bit dumb, but any tips on how to tell people I now need glasses? Should I tell, or just let them see them on me when I will wear them? What about my family and boyfriend? Should I tell them? If so, how?

James 15 Jul 2016, 23:25


What motivated the trip to the eye doctor was the fact that I finally have insurance after a long time. A few years ago I was dropped by my insurance due to a health problem, and now that I finally have insurance again I decided to book appointments with all my doctors.

Cactus Jack,

Do you really think I need to wear them all the time? Is my eyesight that bad? I feel like I see fine. I only barely messed up on the charts at the doctor's office. I would understand wearing them if I ever need help seeing, but why wear them to walk around? Is it not pointless? I am not saying that I am against what you have suggested, but I am confused and would like to know more about why. As for the questions you have asked.

1. Sorry, but I would not know. I was put into foster care as a baby, and then adopted at a young age, and only ever knew one blood relative (she needed reading glasses).

2. I have not ordered glasses yet. The place I went to for my exam does not actually take my insurance for glasses, so I have to get them at a different place.

3. I do have some more questions of you do not mind. A) What causes all the myopia and astigmatism you say I have? B) Can it be cured or reversed? C) Are glasses the only option for "correction?" (Other than contacts, the idea of aticking my finger on my eyeball scares me). D) You mentioned worsening vision, how much of a possibility is that, and could you elaborate on your guess and the whole idea of worsening vision?

Thank you for taking time out of your day to help me and answer my questions. I want you to know I appreciate your help. Sorry for the load of questions.

Cactus Jack 15 Jul 2016, 17:45


The bad news is that you really do need glasses and you probably should wear them full time! It is very likely that you will need vision correction from here on, but that is not the end of the world. You chosen field of study is notorious for requiring hours of close work. If you are in College at 18, it is likely that you have been doing many hours of close work, either reading or using a computer, and your eyes have adapted to that close work environment. It is also likely, but not a certainty, that your prescription will increase some over the next few years, but I suspect that if you have made it this far with only -1.25, the increase will not be extreme. Maybe -3.00 to -4.00 by the time you get to 25 and have a JD.

The medical name for being nearsighted is Myopia and there are actually two types of Myopia. Axial or True Myopia is caused by a mismatch between the total PLUS power of your eye's lens system and the length of your eyeball. Axial Myopia is considered to be permanent. Pseudo or False Myopia is caused by a persons Autofocus system (their Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses) having difficulty relaxing after long periods of focusing close. There is generally a generic component to Axial Myopia whereas Pseudo Myopia is caused by a persons visual environment. Even though there is a difference in the causes, both can be present and the effects are additive. Both are corrected by MINUS lenses.

Do any of your parents or close blood relatives need to wear MINUS glasses?

I don't want to bore you right now with a lot of details about how vision actually works, but I think it would be helpful for you to understand how Myopia can affect your vision. I am going to do a little math that was codified by Sir Isaac Newton back around 1700 that describes the optical effect of lens powers. Your Right Eye needs -1.25 diopters of correction. Your actual refractive error is +1.25. If we use Sir Isaac's most basic formula of Focal Distance = 1 meter (100 cm, 1000 mm, or 39.37 inches) / Lens Power you get 39.37/1.25 = ~31.5 inches. That means that everything beyond 31.5 inches is increasingly blurry. Your Left Eye is only -0.75 which would be nice 39.37 inches/0.75 = 52.5 inches, but your Astigmatism of -0.50 at an angle of 120 degrees, makes your vision in your Left Eye actually more of a problem than your Right.

Astigmatism is caused by uneven curvature of the front surface of the cornea. The curvature is steeper in one axis than it is in an axis 90 degrees to it. The ideal shape of the Cornea is like a section sliced from the side of a perfect glass sphere. The uneven curvature causes the shape to be something like a section sliced from an American Football. The result is that your Left Eye has two focal distances. Where it is most noticeable is when reading text. The strokes (straight lines) that form the letters will be in or out of focus, depending on their direction and the Axis of your Cylinder. That makes it impossible for your Left Eye to focus properly and for your brain to struggle to try to get it in focus. In bad situations, your brain will give up trying to focus at some point and ignore the image from that eye. Astigmatism is pretty easily corrected by including a Cylinder and Axis component in a lens.

Without correction, you effectively have built in reading glasses, which can help with close work, but has the negative effect of not exercising your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses. That can lead to early onset of Presbyopia and the need for bifocals or progressives.

I hope this has been of some help. We need to discuss this some more because you really should understand how this works so you can deal with it wisely.

May I ask if you have ordered glasses yet? You don't have to buy glasses where you got your eye exam. There is very little variation, these days, in in lens quality no matter the source. There can be a huge variation in frame and accessory costs, that you may not really need. Sometimes first time glasses wearers are talked into expensive frames and options that provide little benefit to the patient, but a lot of benefit to the vendor. For example, High index, super thin lenses. Your glasses won't be very thick even with the very low index lens material. Just to mention one thing.

Please let me know what you decide to do or if you have more questions.


Dave 15 Jul 2016, 16:40

James -- You will notice a visual improvement with glasses, especially at night. What motivated the trip to the eye doctor?

James 15 Jul 2016, 13:08

Cactus Jack,

Yes, you were correct about where the numbers are on the chart.

1. America

2. Yes

3. Already a University student.

4. I am studying Business and Pre-Law. I plan on going to law school.

5. Yes I have taken math classes, and took physics back in high school, but honestly do not remember anything except the force equation.

Cactus Jack 15 Jul 2016, 12:13


Oops. You already answered one or two of my last questions


Cactus Jack 15 Jul 2016, 12:11


I believe I can interpret that for you. Check the chart and see if this makes sense:

OD (Latin Abbreviation for the Right Eye): Sphere -1.25

OS (Latin Abbreviation for the Left Eye): Sphere -0.75, Cylinder -0.50, Axis 120

If the above is correct, it a typical prescription for a moderately nearsighted teen.

If it is correct, I will try to help you understand what it means about your vision.

I need to ask a few more questions about what classes you have taken in school and the subjects you liked best. Your answers will help me understand how I need to explain the prescription means, in detail.

1. Where do you live? (country)

2. Have you graduated from High School?

3. Do you plan on going to College or University?

4. Do you have any thoughts about what you would like to study in College or University or what type of occupation you are interested in?

5. Have you had any Math or Physics classes?


James 15 Jul 2016, 11:41

Cactus Jack

1. My prescription is in this chart, and the doctor wrote some numbers. It has two rows, in the first row he wrote -1.25, and in the second he wrote three numbers, -0.75, -0.50, and 120.

2. I am 18 years old

3. My only "occupation" is school. I am a rising junior in college.

Cactus Jack 15 Jul 2016, 11:35


Your questions cannot be answered without knowing some things about you.

1. What is your complete prescription?

2. What is your age?

3. What is your occupation?


James 15 Jul 2016, 11:15

Just found out I need glasses. I never thought I would need glasses. Cannot believe that I need glasses. This was my first time getting my eyes checked in years, and I honestly did not expect this outcome. I have the paper the doctor gave me, but really do not feel like I need to get it filled for glasses. I feel like I see fine now without any glasses.How many people really even wear their glasses from the begining? What do you guys think? Should I get the presctiption filled? Or should I just wait until I need help seeing?

Michael 15 Jul 2016, 08:07

Sarah- I agree completely with what Soundmanpt has said but would like to add a couple of more things. Definitely get the prescription filled. And hopefully your insurance will cover at least part of the cost. And the second thing I would like to add is wear the glasses full time for two weeks to give your eyes a chance to get used to them and then make up your mind after that how much you want to wear them. This will give your eyes a chance to get adjusted to them. As Soundmanpt said the on and off thing is a no no because if you keep on doing that you will never get adjusted to the glasses. And once you get adjusted to the glasses you may decide you like wearing them full time and your eyes feel very comfortable and relaxed doing so and then you will understand why your doctor recommended full time wear. You had to be surprised when first you were prescribed glasses when apparently you had no vision problems you were aware of and second when it was recommended you wear them full time. But my suggestion of wearing them full time for two weeks before making a decision as to how much you will wear them has been suggested here by other posters many times in the past.

Soundmanpt 15 Jul 2016, 06:57

Sarah W

Many people that have health insurance which usually includes vision insurance as well has it but doesn't use it until they start to have an issue with their eyesight. So nice that once you got insurance coverage that you got your eyes tested if you weren't having any problems at all. During the exam did you have any problem with seeing anything such as the eye chart or did everything seem fine to you?

So after being prescribed glasses for full time wear, what did you do? I mean did you go ahead and pick out a nice frame for glasses? Insurance generally covers at least a portion of the cost of glasses and in come cases the complete cost even. I assume you don't have your glasses yet and once you get them do you intend on wearing them as prescribed by your optometrists or ignoring? One suggestion I will make to you if you plan on giving glasses a try is to put them on first thing in the morning when your eyes are still the freshest. Waiting until mid day to put them on your eyes are not as fresh and even strained a bit even if they don't seem like it. Once you have you glasses on try not to be doing the "off and on" thing very much. Your eyes are going to need to adjust and at first most likely wearing glasses is going to feel uncomfortable to you, but the more you get used to them and your eyes adjust to the prescription the more comfortable they will soon become. I'm sure you might be thinking that the doctor must have made a mistake or something but I can assure you he didn't make a mistake. So even though you may feel like you're not ready for glasses yet your eyes are saying something else.

Michael 15 Jul 2016, 01:23

Sarah-One thing I did not mention before. Since you are only 27 your accommodation is still very good so it is easy to overcome a small amount of hyperopia like you have. The older you are the harder it becomes to do so and eventually it will become harder and harder for you to focus especially close up. As Soundmanpt also said your biggest problem right now is the astigmatism and I am almost certain that is the reason your doctor suggested full time wear because even a small amount of astigmatism can affect both your near and distance vision. If your sphere was what it is and you had no astigmatism your doctor probably would have said to wear glasses when you feel you needed them like maybe if you eyes felt tired or if you were doing extended reading. I do believe you still see quite well without glasses especially given your age but wearing your glasses full time like the doctor recommended will relax your eyes so they won't have to work as hard. But it is your decision and choice as to what you want to do. I don't know what kind of work you do but if you work in an office and do a lot of close work I would say wearing glasses would definitely benefit you especially if you spend a lot of hours looking at a computer screen.

Michael  15 Jul 2016, 00:27

Hoerbie-What you are saying makes a whole lot of sense. Diagnosing the amount of astigmatism is not an exact science. It depends on both the skill of the examiner and the patient. Am I correct that the astigmatism test involves telling the examiner which lines are darker? Sometimes that can be difficult to do if the lines all look almost the same. Also what you are saying that the more cylinder a person has then the axis becomes more important sounds logical. And I think you are right that some examiners may rush through an exam and don't get the most precise numbers especially for cylinder and axis. My prescriptions have been pretty consistent over the last number of years. When I had my last eye exam in February my doctor told me it was up to me whether or not I wanted to fill the script and I decided not to because I am happy with my current glasses which I got in 2014. It was the same situation in 2015. My sphere, cylinder and axis were all slightly different but not enough to make a huge difference in my vision according to my eye doctor. But when I go for an eye exam each year I always make sure I get a copy of my script even if I don't plan on filling it.But I am convinced I will never get the exact same script two times in a row especially as far as cylinder and axis go. I could probably even go for two eye exams on the same day by two different examiners and the scripts would be different.

Michael 14 Jul 2016, 23:45

Sarah-Thanks for the info. I guess you thought you had no eye problems and had to be surprised you were prescribed glasses and even more surprised it was recommended that you wear them full time.

Hoerbie 14 Jul 2016, 22:02


doctors and opticians often don't have the time or knowledge to be so exact in finding such a precise axis, also a lot of glasses wearers can't answer the "what's better game" exact enough.

But as higher the cyl value is, an exact axis gets more important for the best vision. Such axis also means, that the lab must be really exact in putting the lenses in the frame.

I only have cyl values of 0.75 and 0.5 (with some plus sph and prism), but going to a good optician and trying to get the best vision, i have such axis values for years.

Sarah W 14 Jul 2016, 18:52

Hi, thanks for all the info. I'm 27 and just went to the eye doctor because i had insurance for the first time in several years. Hope that helps

Michael 14 Jul 2016, 14:46

Soundmanpt- Yes I do recall you telling the story of the young woman who cut your hair. I will be curious for Sarah to reply as to what prompted her to get an eye exam because it is possible what was happening to the hairdresser is also happening to Sarah. You don't necessarily need a strong prescription to benefit from full time wear. Sarah's doctor suggested full time wear for a reason and I agree with you it was because of the astigmatism. And I guess I was right that the axis numbers can be anywhere between 0 and 180. The point I was making is from what I can recall all prescriptions I have looked at seem to have axis numbers that end in 0 or 5. I don't think I ever saw a number like 69 before. Do doctors often round it off? Meaning if it is 69 will they will round it off to 70. If the axis number is slightly off how much would it affect the glasses? Would this be as bad as the PD number being slightly off? It seems to me the astigmatism numbers are never the same at least for my prescription they aren't. Whenever I go for an eye exam my astigmatism numbers are similar but never exactly the same as they were the previous time. Both the cylinder and axis numbers seem to always be slightly different. I do recall Cactus Jack saying many times how the astigmatism numbers are very subjective and often depend on the skill level of the person examining your eyes.

Soundmanpt 14 Jul 2016, 13:32


LXW just posted a couple pairs of very nice looking women's glasses on E-Bay the one is a "Inter-Rote Unisex" pair with -5.00 / -6.50 lenses and the other is a Ralph Lauren pair with -6.00 lenses.

Soundmanpt 14 Jul 2016, 13:22


I forgot about your question about axis numbers. The number can be anywhere from "0 to 180"

Soundmanpt 14 Jul 2016, 13:21


Yes if she didn't have any astigmatisms at all I doubt she would even feel any need for glasses at all. My guess is that the reason she got her eyes examined may have been because she was having some issues with headaches. Generally speaking being nearsighted or farsighted won't cause headaches but it doesn't take much astigmatism to cause headache pain even though you might still be able to see quite good. I have told this before but a few years ago the place I had been going to for haircuts closed up so I had to go elsewhere. As it turned out I went to "Great Clips" the young lady that cut my hair wore glasses and was quite attractive. The whole time she was cutting my hair she was constantly pushing her glasses back up her nose. I told her when she finished cutting my hair I would adjust her glasses for her. While she was cutting my hair she told me how she came to get glasses in the first place. She said that she was often getting a headache around mid day nearly everyday. She finally went to her MD and after examining her asked her when she last had her eyes checked? She admitted that it was some time ago but she insisted that her vision was perfect. She did take his advice and went for an eye exam even though she was sure there was nothing wrong with her eyes. She had no problem at all in reading the 20/20 line of the eye chart, but after several other tests the doctor found that she had astigmatisms in both eyes. He wrote her a prescription for glasses Plano -.75 180 in both eyes. She was sure she didn't need glasses and was even more shocked when she was told that she needed to wear her glasses full time. After getting her glasses she was determined she wasn't going to wear glasses, but she did have them in her bag. Well the very next day after getting her glasses around mid day she started feeling a headache coming on. So she decided to try out her glasses just to see if they might be of any help. She said she only had the glasses on for a few minutes and her her headache was already gone. But she still wasn't convinced that the glasses was the reason until the very next day and the exact same thing happened and once again her headache was soon gone after she put on her glasses. So she realized that it really was her eyes and that even though she could see just fine if she didn't want a nagging headache she was going to have to wear her glasses all the time like she was told. Anyway at the time she had only been wearing her glasses for a couple of months and was still not very happy about wearing glasses. After she finished cutting my hair I checked her glasses and being plastic and still rather new it was easy to adjust them. I used her hair dryer to heat the plastic a bit and that made bending the earpieces very flexible. She was thrilled with me for fixing her glasses for her. I was a little surprised that she could still see so well without her glasses. While I was working on her glasses she looked out her window and this was at night even and she was able to read the license plates of cars on the parking lot. I was impressed that she was able to do that still. When I put her glasses on her after adjusting them she looked out and did say that seeing the license plates was slightly better with her glasses. Sarah is not only going to get used to wearing glasses for the first time in her life, but she is also going to find that her SPH is just enough to give her a bit of blurred vision when she is looking ta things in the distance and astigmatism correction can sometimes take some getting used to as well. But once she gets through it she is going to like how her eyes feel and her vision will be better as well.

Michael 14 Jul 2016, 11:03

I am curious about one thing with Sarah's prescription. The axis number for one of her eyes is 69. I don't think I ever saw that before. My recollection is the numbers generally end in either 0 or 5. And somebody please correct me if I am wrong but I think those numbers can go as high as 180 which is half a circle or a straight angle.

Michael 14 Jul 2016, 10:53

Soundmanpt-You are right on with your advice to Sarah per usual.So I guess I was right when I said her biggest issue is the cylinder numbers rather than the sphere. The numbers are high enough especially in her right eye to affect her vision both close and distance. She can do what she wants to do but it may make sense for her to follow her ECP's advice and wear her glasses full time. Even though with these being her first glasses there may be a little adjustment period in getting used to them. In the end I think it will benefit her to wear them full time. Her eye doctor is giving her his professional opinion. So Sarah should go along with it. The eye doctor doesn't gain anything whether Sarah wears her glasses or not and if she wears them how much. As you have said many times there is no glasses police to check on people to see if they are wearing their glasses.

Soundmanpt 14 Jul 2016, 10:17

Sarah W

I have a pretty good idea why you were told to wear your glasses full time. But I am also curious what prompted you get your eyes examined? Generally speaking people tend to not go to dentists or eye exams unless there is a problem. Anyway based on seeing your prescription I don't think your +1.00 SPH in both eyes was the reason you were told you need to wear your glasses full time. Without a doubt it's due to the CYL (astigmatisms) you have. It would seem like you could be experiencing mild headache maybe around mid day quite often and you might even feel more tired by the end of the day as well. This is often caused by your eyes. But whatever I think once you get your glasses and start wearing them you will very quickly find your glasses very relaxing to your eyes. Now when you first put your glasses on don't be surprised if things feel off for you and the floor may even look slanted to you, you may feel a bit dizzy as well, but this will quickly pass. You can expect that your distance vision with your glasses at first is going to be slightly blurry and you may feel like taking your glasses off, but you need to keep your glasses on so your eyes can adjust to them. As crazy as all this sounds in a very short time your glasses will feel comfortable to wear and your eyes should feel very relaxed and your eyesight should be nice and clear. Doing close work such as reading should be much better with glasses and your distance vision will also be slightly better with your glasses as well. Just understand that since these will be your first glasses expect a bit of adjusting to wearing glasses to occur.

Michael 14 Jul 2016, 08:40

Sarah-Did you ask you eye care professional why he recommended full time wear? My guess and it is only a guess is even though your script appears to be pretty mild the astigmatism is an issue especially in your right eye. In case you don't know astigmatism can blur your vision for both close and distance.

Plus Tony 14 Jul 2016, 05:53

Hi Sarah

Welcome to the glasses wearers club. Do you mind if I ask how old you are and what you do for work/study?

The basic answer is that you should probably wear them all the time if that is what the professionals recommended but it would be useful to know a bit about your age and how you use your eyes.

The reason for the full time wear recommendation is probably because you have both hyperopia (can see better further away than close up) and astigmatism (eye shaped like a rugby ball or American football rather than a soccer ball). Astigmatism causes issues at all distances but having it corrected will reduce eyestrain, headaches etc.

Did you get your eyes tested for any particular reason or was it just a routine test?

Sarah W 14 Jul 2016, 05:17

Hello everyone,

I just got my first prescription for glasses. I was surprised when the eye doctor told me I should wear my glasses all the time. Here's the prescription

OD: sphere +1.00 cylinder -1.00 axis 69

OS: sphere +1.00 cylinder -.5 axis 45

Does is sound correct that I should need to wear glasses all the time?

Soundmanpt 13 Jul 2016, 18:42


As scary as it may seem I think I might be beginning to understand somethings about you. It's not just the fun of wearing used string glasses that turns you on but I think you enjoy the thrill and challenge of trying not to get caught. You fear getting caught but at the same time you admit that in a way you want to get caught. So your like a girl walking a tightrope it's dangerous but yet you can't stop yourself from walking it.

I don't want to scare you with the mention of retina detachment, but as long as your not eyes aren't feeling any excessive pulling when your wearing any of your glasses you should be okay. You don't seem to be forcing your eyes to wear any glasses that don't feel comfortable to your eyes. You've had a few that you have told me about that weren't comfortable that you don't wear anymore. If these new glasses are comfortable and you don't feel any pulling they should be okay to wear. I see why you enjoy wearing them, they look like they would be very comfortable to wear. They are clearly an expensive pair of glasses. Drill mount glasses are always a good deal more money and they are are made very well. I notice that they have spring hinges which adds to their comfort. And oh yes i'm sure you like ho thick the lenses are in them. What's interesting is that yes -5.00/-6.00 lenses are strong they don't appear to be hi-index lenses or they would be thinner. Also this girl you bought them from clearly wasn't trying to hide her need for glasses. If she didn't want people to notice how strong her glasses were she could have easily gotten a nice full plastic frame with thinner lenses if she wanted. Now as much as you love those glasses just think how nice they would be if they had a nice reading add in them. You said you can see perfect with them for distance but of course your pretty much unable to read very well with them. But if the had an add then they would be perfect for distance and close up.

You were brave in that you even made a point to go to that hardware store where that man works that caught you wearing your glasses. I'm sure he could tell you were embarrassed about being seen with your glasses on so he wasn't about to ask you about your glasses in front of anyone. If he has known you since you were a kid and of course probably never seen you wearing glasses before it would make sense for him to comment and you made it even worse because he saw you take your glasses off so quickly almost as if you were trying to hide the fact that you wear glasses. If he sees you around the neighborhood he may ask you if your wearing your contacts or something like that. Those ladies if they don't know you as well probably didn't pay any real attention or didn't care if you wore glasses or not. You could probably wear glasses quite often around your neighborhood and even seeing people you know I wonder how many would say anything about your wearing glasses? I think most would just assume you wear contacts most of the time. Look at it this way about 75% of all people now wear glasses or contacts and the percentage is even higher with women. Nice to hear that even getting caught hasn't scared you away from wearing your glasses when you get a chance.

So I guess in a few days you will be posting a picture of the glasses you just bought. So do you want to give any advance details about the prescription of these new glasses or what style they are?

 13 Jul 2016, 13:37

Tais tois, Tony!

Tony 13 Jul 2016, 13:12

Hola Maria! mi graduacion es de -3,50 en mi ojo izquierdo y 4,25 en el derecho, las ultimas gafas que compraste son muy parecidas a las mias pero con un poco mas de graduacion, es interesante como es facil para ti tolerar las altas graduaciones, no te preocupes por usar tanto tiempo esas gafas, no es una graduacion que te va a arruinar la vista, como mucho quedaras un poco mas miope ya que puedes acostumbrarte a ver con ellas, y esa es la parte divertida, tu has probado con distintas graduaciones y cual es con la que mas comoda estas? las gafas de sol son una excelente opcion para estar fuera con gafas y muy pocos se daran cuenta que son graduadas, yo se que te gusta mucho usar bastante graduacion, para mi es una sensacion unica, tambien me gusta usar mas de lo que necesito, pero mis ojos no se adaptan tan rapido, quiero que me cuentes cuantas horas has usado tus ultimas gafas, y si has salido a la calle de nuevo, me gustaria que pronto las lleves naturalmente, te vuelvo a desafiar a que las mantengas en tus ojos 12 horas seguidas...

Soundmanpt 13 Jul 2016, 09:31


I would rather error on the side of caution than see Maria do any kind of harm to her eyes. Without any doubt as you say the stronger the glasses she is attempting to wear the more she is straining her eye muscles. She already knows that her eyes seem comfortable wearing -4.50 glasses and I guess she will at some point find her own limit with glasses.

Likelenses 12 Jul 2016, 16:21


I have to differ with Soundmanpt about retinal detachment.

It is caused by an extremely elongated eyeball that comes with high myopia.

Since you are not a high myope,you have nothing to worry about.

The only thing that you may cause is a lot of strain to your cillary muscles,and they control the changing of the internal lenses of your eyes,but have nothing to do with its shape or retina.

Wearing stronger glasses than needed could strain these muscles,but no permanent damage can occur.

María 12 Jul 2016, 16:14


The man is fifty-something, almost sixty, he's married and has a son of near my age, so... I don't believe I'd go on a date with him haha. I didn't feel he was hitting on me, he just seemed curious as he has known me since I was a child, and I don't believe he has ever seen me wearing glasses before, and neither I felt he seemed overinformed... I believe that, as Soundmanpt said, the man knew his own prescription and mine was noticeably stronger.

But... all is possible. I guess he could be a glasses lover as all of us are.

María 12 Jul 2016, 16:07


I wouldn't say that I'm so scared that I don't want to leave the house. Actually I did the opposite! I had a day like any other, but carrying my new glasses in my pocket, and wearing them in a few occasions. I just can't get enough of them, I love them! The vision they provide, how comfortable they are, the feeling of wearing rather thick lenses, as you said, it is a real turn on... i got burned yesterday, but I can't stop playing with fire haha. I even bought another pair today... I'll receive them next week I believe.

But I am a little worried because of what you said about retinal dettachment. I haven't felt that "pulling" sensation you talk about when wearing these glasses (I felt it with another pair that is -4 with astigmatism), so... given that this pair has a -6 lens... is there danger of provoking that problem if I wear this glasses much? I don't want to harm my eyes.

I don't think that the two women that saw me will be a problem... I mean they looked at me a bit more than desired, but that's all... maybe I was just being paranoid. They passed by and walked away. I actually tried to face my fears, and when at work we needed a replacement for a tool, I volunteered and went to the hardware store where my neighbour works. He was there, we said hi to each other, I bought the tool and nobody talked about glasses. So I guess everything's ok. Crysis avoided haha.

Still, I don't feel prepared to wear the glasses more often around town. It is strange, but I like it this way, I like it "secret" and the risk is thrilling. But I'll take note of your suggestions in case I get caught again. And in some way I want to... it was really exciting yesterday.


I like your challenge! But I'm a little worried about what Soundmanpt said about retinal detachment. I want to get sure I won't harm my eyes doing it.

What's your prescription, Tony? If your glasses are equal to these, sure they look great!

Likelenses 12 Jul 2016, 16:02


It sounds as though that guy has a thing for girls with glasses,and was trying to hit on you.

It could be interesting going out on a date with him. Of course you would have to wear those strong glasses for him.

Would that be something that you would be interested in doing?

Since he seemed overly informed,and interested in glasses,wouldn't it be a hoot if he were a part of this Eyescene community?

Tony 12 Jul 2016, 13:30

Hola Maria! que historia tan excitante! me identifico mucho contigo porque en el momento que empece a usar era muy timido y me daba verguenza que la gente me viera, pero llego un momento que era inevitable, te sucedio algo similar con tus gafas nuevas que por cierto son identicas a las mias, parece que te adaptas muy bien a la alta graduacion, me gustaria desfiarte a ver cuanto tiempo las puedes soportar, una hora, dos, quiza tres, si puedes usalas y si necesitas salir usa las gafas de sol aunque tengan menos graduacion, acepta mi desafio y vamos a divertirnos!!!

Soundmanpt 12 Jul 2016, 09:23


Your completely addicted not only to the idea of buying used glasses that are considerably stronger than your eyes require. You already have enough glasses that you could easily wear a different pair everyday for at least 2 weeks. You love the feeling of how strong they feel when you first put a pair of your glasses on. Everything looking much smaller in the distance but yet extremely sharp and clear. Then as your eyes adjust even more to them everything looks very natural to you and they suddenly feel as if their the exact prescription that your eyes need. After a bit you slowly slide your glasses down your nose just enough so you're able to see over the top of them. Everything is completely blurry and out of focus so you push your glasses back up in place so you can see. Everything quickly jumps back into focus and you love how comfortable your glasses are. You continue wearing your glasses and they are so comfortable and your able to see so well you forget that your wearing glasses that are so strong without any problem. Now that you have been caught by several people you know when that man sees you again and your not wearing glasses he is sure to comment that he sees you have your contacts on. Now you have to wonder what those ladies that passed by you might say the next time they see you. You don't have any choice if they say anything at all about seeing you wearing glasses for the first time you can only reply by saying that your contacts were bothering you. I know you didn't want to use that, but I think you don't have too many options unless you want to move away. So as they say "the cat is out of the bag" Now since you're going to be forced to say that you normally wear contacts it at least allows you the chance to wear glasses much more often now. So in a way you should maybe be happy that you got caught. Now if your out wearing glasses everyone will just assume you were resting your eyes from contacts. And if don't have any glasses on they will just assume you're wearing your contacts. You can even say that you have started wearing glasses more often because your doctor said you were wearing contacts too much and it could damage your eyes if you over wear them. Right now I have a feeling you're probably too scared to even go out of your house.

Soundmanpt 11 Jul 2016, 18:50


You poor girl! I'm sure you had to be shaking with fear. And wouldn't you know it even worse yet you were caught wearing the strongest glasses you have ever had on your eyes. This gentleman has some knowledge of glasses and prescription but if he wears contacts he can easily see what the prescription of his contacts are on the packets. And with -5.00/ -6.00 glasses on your eyes are quite a good bit minified under your glasses. So he doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to tell that your glasses are much stronger than his own glasses. Remember when he sees himself in the mirror he sees how much his glasses minify his eyes. Of course your pretty much unable to see much at all close up with those glasses. But if you look at the selfie you took you should be able to see how tiny your eyes appear through your lenses. Anyway with your heart pounding and scared as hell you seemed to have come through it just fine. Now you know why I was asking you what you would say if you were ever caught wearing a pair of your rather strong glasses. You're right this wasn't the time to say that you had been driving and just forgot to take them off. I'm sure he thinks you wear contacts when your not wearing your glasses. By the way your new glasses look really nice and by being rimless you really can see how strong and they are by seeing the edges of the lenses. Something tells me that is a big turn on for you which explains why you couldn't even wait to get home to try them on. I'm sure they look very cute on you as well. One thing I am concerned about with your seeming to be going after stronger and stronger glasses. The whole purpose of getting them is so you can wear them, but I don't want to see you do any damage to your eyes. I really think you need to set the limit for any future glasses you're planning on buying at not over -5.00. I'm not concerned that wearing strong glasses is going to change your real eyesight but I am concerned that you could cause your retina to detach by going too strong. When you have been wearing even your glasses with the -3.75 prescription that when you first put them on do you notice a bit of pulling on your eyes? That feeling goes away as your eyes adjust to the glasses. A little pulling sensation is fine as long as it isn't too much pulling which should be more noticeable when your wearing some of your stronger glasses. I started to tell you when you seemed to have some interest in that pair of glasses with the -21.00 / -22.00 lenses that you shouldn't attempt to wear them. But you admitted that they would probably be much too strong for your eyes and not worth the cost just to look at. You're clearly having fun with buying the used glasses and even more fun when you get the chance to wear them which I wish was more often for you. So I would never want to hear that you did any damage to your eyes. So even if you see some that you really like if the prescription is more than -5.00 ignore them. So are you concerned about the ladies that saw you wearing glasses? Just walking past I really doubt they got a very good look at your glasses and they probably have far less knowledge then that guy has so your probably safe if anything is ever said about seeing you wearing glasses or they even comment to you in using the old "you were driving and forgot to take off your glasses when you got out of your car. Funny isn't it as scared as you were about getting caught you still found it very exciting and you admit it was enjoyable as well. You're just being way too worried about getting caught and now you have been caught and you came away just fine. You really just need to start wearing glasses more often around your town. look at it this way what would you have done if when you got your real recent glasses if your need for glasses had actually gotten considerably worse and you would have been told that you needed to start wearing your glasses all the time? You would have done exactly what you were told and started wearing your glasses like you were advised. So no one knows if you maybe just went to get your eyes examined and were told that. So even if you didn't wear them every time you left your house you could at least start not worrying about being seen in glasses. In a way you have just taken that first step if you think about it.

María 11 Jul 2016, 17:06


New glasses and a terrifyng story today! I went to the post office this morning to pick up my most recent purchase: a pair of used Continental Eyewear rimless glasses. They are beautiful!

And they are strong also! The girl that sold them to me told me that her prescription was -5 and -6, and she was selling the glasses because she now needs stronger ones. These are actually pretty thick!

Of course, the day I receive the strongest pair of glasses for my collection, is the day I get caught. Murphy's law, huh?

I was anxious for these glasses, as I loved how they looked in photos, and I was eager to see how I looked in this stronger prescription. So, as soon as I exited the post office, I opened the envelope and took them out. They looked beautiful! The lenses, the overall aspect... I was so excited! So I walked home fast, dying to try them in front of a mirror.

On my way there, I found myself alone in a low transited pedestrian street, so I thought "What the hell...", and put the glasses on. The street has houses only on one side, and the other overlooks a field and a river. So I spent a few moments looking in the distance, pretty excited because I could see better than I expected with the glasses. I felt that they fitted me great, so I took out my phone and made a selfie. I had to look at the picture over the lenses, because I couldn't see much up close.

As I was putting the phone on my pocket, I saw someone coming down the street! I thought, how the hell did I miss it? I had just looked both sides. I got nervous and took the glasses off while the person was still at some distance. Then I saw that it was one of my neighbours. My heart almost exploded!

He actually said to me "Don't hide them, or you'll be as blind as I am". I have never seen him wearing glasses, so I said, trying to appear calm, "Well, it looks like you can see enough", and he said he usually wears contacts.

God I didn't know what to do. He said "I've never seen you in glasses. Can you put them on?". I was terrified! I thought it would be strange if I refused, so I said "Well, I don't wear them much" and put them on. Oh boy, it was scary and exciting at the same time. He looked at me and said "Looks like you are blinder than me. They look strong". I wanted to die! I said "Not so much... maybe a little". He told me he had -3 glasses and his were thinner. I thought "Fuck, I had to come across somebody to knows about glasses!". I told him "Yes, these are a little stronger". "Eyesight is a bitch", he joked.

I didn't give mre explanations, about driving or anything, because I thought it would sound strange, telling all that without being asked. So he asked me about my family and stuff, and we talked for a few minutes about that kind of stuff. I had to keep the glasses on, so I won't look even more strange! And, while we were talking, a couple of women passed by. People that knew me. Not closely, but... still scary. So I said hi, they did the same, and looked at me a little more than usual, before continuing. I guess they noticed the glasses too. I just wanted to go home! So I told my neighbour I was in a little hurry. When I was already walking, he said "You look very nice in glasses, by the way". I felt my face burning, smiled, said "Thanks, but I guess you won't see them again much", and as soon as I turned the corner, I took the glasses off.

When I arrived at home, I had to sit for a while, because my heart was racing of fear and excitement! It was terryfing, but I kinda enjoyed it! But now... I can only hope this doesn't have the consecuences I have been fearing...

Michael 11 Jul 2016, 15:44

My post is mostly directed to Soundmanpt.Forgot to mention it. And I apologize to everyone here for boring so many people to death with the monologues Soundmanpt and I were writing for several weeks.

And changing gears once more I wonder how Jamie is doing with her sons. If you remember all of them got glasses at the same time.And she was very worried about what would happen. I just hope she wasn't turned off from writing here because of some insulting remarks that were made against her and her husband. I am hoping the reason she hasn't written is all her sons are doing great with their glasses.Sometimes in life people fear the worst and things turn out not to be nearly as bad as people thought. Hopefully that is the case with Jamie.

Michael 11 Jul 2016, 15:30

I said I wasn't going to write about Chris anymore but today I got her to agree for me to order her prescription sunglasses from Zenni. She told me she could not drive wearing her regular glasses because of the glare so that is when I offered her my suggestion. I had to do it because I was worried about her and driving without corrective lenses puts both her and everybody else on the road at extreme risk. Now she is quite adjusted to her regular glasses since she has had them for three months and is wearing them most of the time at home no matter what she is doing which is good. And I am assuming she wears them most if not all the time at work. Driving seems to be her biggest obstacle. She seems to be OK with wearing glasses because yesterday she asked me to post a picture of her and her boyfriend on Facebook which I did and Chris was wearing her glasses. Chris doesn't drive much at night thank goodness but when fall and winter arrive she will be driving either to or from work when it is dark out she will need to wear her regular glasses for sure. Even though she knows the way her eyes I think have gotten so used to her glasses driving without correction at night would now be extremely difficult if not impossible.

Thank you so much for your help. I did what you told me to do. Ordered a 6.95 frame and only single vision glasses. She doesn't need a reading add in order to drive. Also went for the standard tint. So with shipping the glasses cost me 21.80. If Chris wears the sunglasses it may be the best 21.80 I have ever spent in my life.

Alexandra 11 Jul 2016, 07:19


How was your visit with your eyedoctor ?

What is your precription ?

Do you already have your glasses ?

Keep us posted

Soundmanpt 09 Jul 2016, 08:57


It suddenly just occurred to me, you have such a perfect answer if you were even caught in your town wearing glasses. In fact it is so perfect I think you can come out of the closet wearing glasses now when you want. Just put on the glasses you want to wear next time you go out around your city and don't worry about being caught. If some one says anything simply say what you came up with, that you were driving and you forgot to take your glasses off. First of all you might be surprised that no one will even say anything. They will likely only assume that you don't wear your glasses very often but maybe your eyes were bothering you on this day. And if they do say say anything just use your idea and follow up by saying that your glasses case is in the car and you don't want the lenses to scratched in your purse or pocket without being in the case. This beats having to wait until October or November to wear your glasses. Even then you will only be able to wear them over the weekend when you drive to the city. This way you can wear glasses quite a bit more as well as your trips to the city. You have all these nice glasses that i'm sure you're dying to wear and aren't able to.

Soundmanpt 09 Jul 2016, 05:58


I only asked you that question so that if you hadn't already thought of a good response you might want to be prepared in case you do ever get caught out somewhere wearing a pair of your glasses. It seems that you hadn't given much thought to that possibility? Of course I know you're trying to be very careful not to get caught, but even the best laid plans can sometimes go wrong. I think saying very calmly that you were driving and forgot to take your glasses off is a pretty good response. Again as i'm sure you have read here most people only notice frames of glasses and don't pay any attention to the lenses of your glasses. Now of course if you were buy those glasses you showed the picture of with the -21.00/-22.00 lenses and you somehow were able to wear them, which I seriously think would be much too strong for your eyes,then because your eyes would look so tiny behind your lenses that might cause some questions from anyone that knows you. But so far all the glasses you have bought all still look very normal so i'm sure anyone seeing you wearing any of your glasses would only think how nice your glasses look on you. I am not at all surprised that you're totally enjoying wearing your progressives. So since you prefer minus glasses for seeing distances if you can find a nice pair of progressives with minus lenses I think they would quickly become your favorite glasses to wear. Even now with your plus progressives they seem like they might be your favorite glasses to wear these days? At least around your house. I know you said once that you like to read in bed so I had a feeling you might find an add very relaxing to your eyes even though you don't need reading glasses. The distance part is weak enough that you should be able to see nearly perfect around your house, but things at a longer distance are probably a little bit blurry wearing them am I right? If you really want minus progressives you know of course you can always order a nice pair from Zenni, but the price maybe more than you want to spend. They would probably be around $55.00 depending on which frames you picked out. The advantage would be that you could choose what your eyes feel most comfortable wearing for distance as well as the reading add. So you see why I was warning you about steps and curbs. You see the effect they have on your eyes when looking down. You clearly enjoy wearing your progressives and I assume you have even trained yourself that when you want to read something that you only need to move your eyes downward and not your head? So your early plus glasses you got from Zenni you would use as readers when you went to the city. Since they just magnify they should have worked perfect for that, but I think now when you go to the city you much prefer to be able to wear some of you minus glasses that you can wear all day long. Anyway the weekend is here and hopefully you will get a chance to play, I mean, wear some of your glasses out in public. Even if it's only a pair of your sunglasses, but i'm sure you really want to wear a pair of your regular glasses if possible. Have a great weekend!

Likelenses 08 Jul 2016, 20:53


Something you may want to consider,is to get your spare pair with a slightly stronger prescription.

You could order these online with lenses that are -.50 stronger than your actual prescription.

Some of the advantages to having such glasses would be.

1. Exceptionally sharp vision ,like high definition.This is useful when your eyes are fatigued.

2. Stronger glasses to use in a few months,when your eyes get used to glasses,and you need stronger lenses.

Tony 08 Jul 2016, 17:21

Maria, las gafas de sol son asombrosas! usalas todo el tiempo que puedas y dime como ves con ellas, te preguntaba si vivias en Sagunto porque tengo casa alli y tb en Valencia, y si eres de España me gustaria conocerte, intercambiar opiniones sobre eso que nos gusta tanto que son las gafas, sigue contando tus aventuras con ellas!

María 08 Jul 2016, 14:44


I don't know, I guess, as you said, I wouldn't say anything unless they asked. If they see me, and my face turns red and I start babbling excuses without being asked, that would be strange haha. So I guess I'd act normal, and if asked, I'd say something like "oh, I was just driving and I forgot to take them off!", I don't know.

The sunglasses, I feel like the tint is rather light, but I guess people don't pay much attention to it, because nobody said anything. See this photo, the prescription shows a lot:

Yeah I prefer minus glasses, as I can actually see great in distance with them, but I like plus ones too. I wore my zennis a lot, even in some of my trips to the city I entered shops and then put them on as if I needed them to see the prices and such. It was fun. So I have been wearing my new progressives a lot these days, to read in bed and to do stuff around the house. Luckily my home has no stairs, so I haven't broke anything hahaha, but I noticed that effect. So, yes, I have found interesting wearing progressives, and I'd love to have a pair of minus ones. Sadly, I haven't found any used ones in the used stuff app. Only plus progressives.


Your glasses sound nice! No, I don't live in Sagunto. Why do you ask?

Looking around the flea market app that I use, I found a girl that is selling these glasses:

She says they are -21 and -22, super reduced lenses and all kinds of coatings... but I feel that these glasses would be a little too much for me ahahaha. Also, she doesn't give a price in her announcement, so I guess she probably asks for a lot of cash, as probably these glasses cost it. SO that throws me off, but I still have curiosity... to see how I'd look with them, at least.

Tony 08 Jul 2016, 11:58

hi ineedglasses! you are quite myopic it seems, but when you noticed about your bad vision? i guess you´ll end up with at least -2,50 or -3,00 lenses, and you need them urgently, are you female or male? what´s your age?

Tony 08 Jul 2016, 11:58

hi ineedglasses! you are quite myopic it seems, but when you noticed about your bad vision? i guess you´ll end up with at least -2,50 or -3,00 lenses, and you need them urgently, are you female or male? what´s your age?

Soundmanpt 08 Jul 2016, 08:46


Actually what "Likelenses" is suggesting is really something you do need to consider. Even though you have only had your glasses for about 10 days or so you're quickly finding that you really can't see very well anymore without your glasses which is understandable considering your prescription. I'm sure you're probably very careful with your glasses but even the most careful person can often times have something happen to their glasses which was out of their control. Things like maybe you sit your glasses on the night stand next to your bed and if you have a dog they love to grab glasses because your glasses just like socks have your body scent on them. Also how many times have you fallen asleep while watching TV? Now that you're wearing glasses if you happen to fall asleep you could easily roll over on them and break them that way. This is something very common for nearly every glasses wearer by the way. Scary but in many cases glasses can't be fixed and you just have to buy new glasses. The price of the new glasses is bad enough but even worse is that you might be without glasses for up to a week while they get made up. I think even though you have only been wearing glasses for a very short time you would already really miss not having glasses. Glasses are expensive so going back to where you got your glasses from is not a very good option. The best way to get an extra pair, or a backup pair is by going on line. if you have been in "eyescene" one place most in here like is Zenni Optical ( they have really very attractive glasses in the same good quality as the glasses your wearing and are much less expensive. You will find several hundred women's glasses for under $13.00 and for an extra $5.00 you can get the option of AR coating (anti-reflective) which I highly recommend to anyone that wears glasses full time. Also now that you realize that your going to be wearing your glasses all the time you might even want a nice pair of prescription sunglasses for those sunny days. You can get them from Zenni for the same cost as regular glasses. If you need any help in placing an order please ask and I will be happy to guide you. But honestly it is actually very easy to order your own glasses once you get your full prescription numbers from your doctor's office.

Likelenses 07 Jul 2016, 20:52


With the strength of your first glasses,you really should consider getting a back up spare pair.

In a week or two you will not be able to function without glasses,and if they were to break,you would be in deep doo doo.

HighMyopic 07 Jul 2016, 18:02

Here are my latest pair of eyeglasses that I really like wearing.


I cannot see a lick out of them.

Soundmanpt 07 Jul 2016, 15:27


It seems like you're eyes are getting more adjusted to now to seeing with your glasses. Remember as shocked as you are, your eyes are just as shocked now because they are able to see so much better without constantly straining trying to see things. One thing is just getting used to wearing glasses. In a way it is life changing because until now you have never wore glasses. It takes a little getting used to having something on your nose all day now as well as feeling the earpieces behind your ear and learning to see the world through lenses for the first time all takes some getting used to before you're comfortable wearing your glasses. But as strange as it all seems now in a few weeks you won't even hardly think about having glasses on. Right now i'm sure every time you see yourself in a mirror you don't see yourself, but sooner than you think you will accept that as who you are and you may not even like how you look without your glasses. You're doing great and it will get easier with each passing day that you have your glasses on.

Soundmanpt 07 Jul 2016, 15:03


Based on what you describe your eyesight is like as you already know you're sure to be prescribed glasses. You almost certainly need to be wearing your glasses from the time you get up until you close your eyes for bed at night, but a doctor can't make you wear your glasses, only suggest that you wear them full time. So as long as you don't drive then it is completely up to you when you wear your glasses. That said even though you already are feeling embarrassed about being seen wearing glasses in public you just need to understand a few things. Look around at how many people wear glasses. I'm sure many of your friends wear glasses. They all had to go through the very same thing. One thing I think you will find that will really help you is to start telling everyone you know that your going to get your eyes examined and that you're pretty certain you will be getting glasses and even after you get your eyes examined and are told that you need glasses continue to tell everyone that you're soon going to be wearing glasses. By doing that everyone is going to be expecting to see you wearing glasses so it won't be any kind of shock when they see you wearing them. Believe me that will help a lot by making people aware your getting glasses. This will make it so much easier for you. Also everyone I know has told me that the idea of being seen for the first time wearing glasses was far worse than the actual wearing of them. The biggest thing is that you're going to be amazed at how much you have missing out because you're eyesight is off that you probably won't want to take them off once you see how blurry everything really is without them. It is impossible to predict what your prescription might be because everyone is a little different in how sensitive their eyes are. But I think it would be safe to say you're at least at -2.00 or more. Also since you can't see you computer monitor very well I have a feeling you may also have astigmatisms as well. Usually if your only nearsighted your close vision should still be okay. Be sure to let us know the results after your eye exam. You most likely will have to ask for a copy of your prescription and while your asking for that also try and remember to ask them to write down your PD number as well. If your going to be getting glasses you might want to get prescription sunglasses as well. It is much cheaper to get your glasses on line from ( than your eye doctor, or you may even want a 2nd pair to wear with a different outfit or just a fun pair of glasses.

ineedglasses 07 Jul 2016, 14:25

Hi everyone, I'm pretty sure I need glasses so I have an eye exam tomorrow. Signs of why I need glasses are:

-I can't see even when I squint and sit in the front row of the classroom.

-I don't see any leaves on the trees.

-I even have to sit close to my computer to see the words.

-The TV is all one big blur.

-I can't see road signs unless I am about 7 inches away. (I don't drive; I just sit in the passengers seat and can't see the signs).

So I have booked an eye exam for tomorrow but I am a bit nervous because I think that the doctor will make me wear my glasses full time since I really struggle to see. I also probably won't wear them when I get them because I will be too embarrassed to do so in front of people. How bad do you guys think my vision is? Like what number do you expect it will be (so I can prepare myself)?

ggirl196 07 Jul 2016, 14:18

Thank you Soundmanpt and Julian for your responses.

I will listen to you guys and continue wearing my glasses then. I am just a little shocked because they are considerably thick. Also, when I compare them to my friends' glasses, mine are a lot thicker. They put my glasses on and said they were really strong, and I put theirs on and their glasses didn't help much. But the thing is they have been wearing glasses full time for at least 5 years now, so I guess my vision is quite bad, and I really do need them. I keep taking them off to compare the difference of what it is like with and without my glasses and I have been realizing that I really can't see anything without them because the whole world fogs into a blur. It is a little weird to have something on my face 24/7 all of a sudden, but I guess I really do need them so I will keep them there. Sometimes I think the world is too clear with my glasses!

Soundmanpt 06 Jul 2016, 06:36


Congratulations om becoming a new GWG (girl wearing glasses). I'm sure you must have been quite shocked when you first put your glasses on? What the doctor told you is very true, for being your first glasses it is a rather high prescription. Glasses powers are broken down into quarters such as -.25, -.50, -.75, -1.00 an so on each number going up means the power of your glasses is getting stronger. Most people usually get their first glasses anywhere from -.50 to around -1.25, so you can see that -3.00 is considerably higher than that. I can also tell you that most people, not all, will start wearing their glasses full time when their prescription reaches around -1.75. So it makes perfect sense that now that you have glasses and can see so well wearing them that you now are finding it much more difficult to see much of anything without them. Your eyes are just adjusting to seeing with them and the more they adjust to seeing with your glasses the less your going to want to be without them. Yes you're getting dependent on your glasses but it's because you need them that badly. Before you got your glasses you were straining your eyes trying to see and because of something called accommodation you seemed to be able to get by. In other words it was your brain seeing things that your eyes couldn't really see. For example if you were looking at a sign and you were only able to make out a few of the letters of each word your brain filled in the missing letters that you couldn't see and you were able to figure out what the words were. Your wearing glasses 24/7 isn't in anyway making your eyes worse even though i'm sure it must seem that way to you. Your glasses are only allowing you to see what you have been missing for so long. Yes of course i'm sure when you take your glasses off everything is extremely blurry now. That's because your eyes have become relaxed wearing your glasses. At the end of the day after wearing your glasses all day i'm sure you have to feel much less tired. The idea to stop wearing your glasses is pointless really. Your wearing glasses or not wearing glasses isn't going to make your eyesight any better or worse. Going without them will just make life more difficult for you for no good reason. How bad is your vision? Well -3.00 isn't terrible and there are many people with much worse vision than that, but you really can't see very well without glasses which you already know. For many people -3.00 glasses would be maybe their 4th prescription. There is no glasses police so of course when and how much you wear your glasses is totally up to you. But if yes you really need to be wearing your glasses from the time you get up until you go to bed. You need to know because your eyes were so badly strained when you got your eyes examined which can make it difficult for the doctor to prescribe you with the proper strength of glasses I would expect that in maybe 6 months you may begin to feel like your glasses are not providing you the nice clear vision you have now. So you can expect that your going to need slightly stronger glasses. But depending on your age will determine now much change you will have in the coming years. If your under 20 you should expect changes until your mid mid twenties. If your past 2o then you may only need a couple changes and that will be all.

Julian 06 Jul 2016, 00:31

-ggirl196: if your prescription is minus 3 you definitely should wear your glasses full time. That WON'T make your eyes worse; if it feels that way it's because your eyes won't struggle as much as they've been doing for goodness knows how long, and if you do go around bareyed the blur will *seem* worse. Put them on, keep them on and enjoy the clear vision. And if it's not long before you need stronger glasses, wear those when you get them.

ggirl196 05 Jul 2016, 21:40

I got my first pair of glasses this week, and I am so shocked because I can see so clearly. The doctor said my prescription was -3 in both eyes, and he said that it was a high first prescription. I guess he was right because I never knew what I was missing out on until I got my glasses. I am just so shocked because I can see so many details now like the leaves on the trees. Yesterday was July 4th and I watched the fireworks with them on, and I was able to see every little detail that I didn't even know existed. However, I am realizing that I am becoming so dependent on them. Like as soon as I turned on the TV, I realized that I needed to put my glasses on because I could not see a thing. Also, when I use the computer, I need my glasses too because the screen is so big but the words are so tiny. So I have been wearing my glasses basically 24/7 unintentionally from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep. I feel so lost without them and like my vision is so bad without them. Since I am becoming so dependent, I have been thinking about not wearing my glasses at all because I don't want my eyes to get worse... they feel worse already. So I'm here to ask: 1. How bad is my vision for a first prescription? 2. How bad is my vision in general or compared to others? 3. Should I be wearing them full time?

Jim 05 Jul 2016, 12:26


Could I direct message you have a few pics of mine

30calcat 05 Jul 2016, 05:57

It is summer here, and new glasses with Transition lenses came just in time. We sprung for the actual Transition brand this time instead of a generic photochromic lens. I like the way they came out compared to the last pair of photochromic lenses. When the previous pair darkens, the reflections on the edge of the lenses turn into a thick band of black. On the new glasses, the shade is evenly distributed to the edge, even across the myodisc-like curves:

The lens edges also tint to a nice shade instead of going all the way black:

This allows the lens edges to still reflect light revealing the curves of the thick lenses

Seems like going with the real Transitions is worth the premium. Has anyone else here with thick lenses experienced such differences with photochromic lenses?

María 05 Jul 2016, 03:46


That wasn't me. I guess it is one of my attackers / superfans trying to confuse everyone.

rafa 05 Jul 2016, 01:56


How strange that you've posted the exact same two pairs of glasses than Highly Myopic posted yesterday.

María 05 Jul 2016, 00:46

I forgot to post this pair that I also received.

I was surprised to find that my vision is really clear through them,especially for reading small print.

Tony 04 Jul 2016, 13:17


muy linda adquisicion tus ultimas gafas, yo tengo unas similares +2,50 +3,00 y las uso sobre unos lentes de contacto -7, me gustan tanto las gafas para miopia como para hipermetropia, una pregunta, tu vives en Sagunto?

Soundmanpt 04 Jul 2016, 10:45


My suggestion was too only meant to allow you more opportunities to wear some of your glasses around your town since you clearly enjoy wearing so many of your recently acquired used glasses. Have you given any thought to what you might say if you are ever caught wearing a pair of your glasses around town by someone that knows you? I think it would be best to not say anything unless they were to ask you about your wearing glasses? Then you should probably just say that you have had glasses for a while but you just don't wear them often. Of course i think its safe for you to wear your prescription sunglasses whenever you want without any fear of getting caught. But I know your dying to wear some of your regular glasses when you get the chance.

Thanks for posting the picture of your newest glasses, they look really nice and in very good condition as well. Easy to see that they would be very comfortable because they look so light weight. It's interesting that you're wanting to try all types of glasses. I remember you saying that you bought several pairs of plus glasses from Zenni before you started buying used glasses. You pretty much found that you not only prefer the looks of minus glasses but your eyes adjust much easier wearing minus glasses as well. In part because you're already naturally slightly nearsighted. Also even for people with perfect eyesight they usually don;'t have any problem wearing minus glasses but plus glasses they almost all complain about not being able to see distances clearly. I'm not at all surprised that you're able to see so well through the add segment. In fact they should even be very relaxing to your eyes when you're reading with them on. These glasses should be almost perfect for you to wear around the house because you don't need to see anything at a long distance so your distance vision shouldn't be too blurry wearing them and anything close should be better looking through the add. I have a feeling that you have already found them very comfortable to wear and see with while reading before bedtime? I don't know how long you have had them but you do need to be careful wearing them if you're going up or down steps. Many people have taken bad falls when they first got bifocals because you tend to look down when your on steps and looking through the add is going to make the steps appear much closer to your eyes then they really are. If your progressives fit you properly when you look straight head you shouldn't see any part of the add. If the add is your view than they need to be adjusted slightly. The next type of glasses you should look for is progressives that are minus with an add. I have a feeling you would really enjoy them. Can you imagine how nice it would be if say your -3.75 glasses had a small add in them? As I recall you said that you could see distance perfect wearing them and you were able to read close up with them but it wasn't as easy as it would have been without glasses, but an add would make it more like the add in your new progressives. Otherwise did you find it interesting learning how to use progressives?

María 04 Jul 2016, 01:09


I actually prefer things this way, this is a small town and if I wear my glasses often I will come across close friends or family, and sure the contacts excuse won't work in that case. So I'll stick for now to wearing them at home and to my trips to the city, when possible.

I received another pair of used glasses today!

They are plus progressives, no astigmatism, and I like them! I bought these because I want to try every tipe of glasses. They are +1 with +1.50 add, and I can actually read well with them, although not very far. I am writing this with them on haha. The frame is from Silhouette and they're so light that I almost don't feel them.

Likelenses 03 Jul 2016, 23:04

Cheryl is doing fine now and fully adjusted to her new Rx.

Thus far she has refused to wear the -.50 over correction for any length of time,because she believes that is why she had an increase at her last exam.

Last night we went to see Fourth of July fire works. We were laying on a blanket watching them,when suddenly Cheryl decided to view them bare eyed.She was enjoying the bright blur,and I was holding her glasses.

I had her overcorrection in my pocket also. When the grand finale came,she said she wanted her glasses back,to view it,so I gently placed her over correction on her. She was raving about the brilliance of the display,and never realized that she was viewing them through -.50 more power.

We walked back to the car,and I drove to her place.When she got inside ,and went into the bathroom ,was when she realized she was wearing the stronger script.

She was rather ticked off,and said that I was ruining her eyes.

Soundmanpt 28 Jun 2016, 08:33


Nice to see your post. I wondered if over the weekend if you were able to get at least a small opportunity to wear a pair or two from your growing collection of glasses? Your newest addition to your collection looks like a rather nice simpler style of glasses. I'm sure they probably look nicer on you than you think they they do. If you're able to see fine with them probably what makes you not like them is the smallness of the full plastic frame. Your viewing area with those glasses is greatly reduce from what you're used to seeing with in most all of you're other glasses. Your eyes are seeing too much of the frame and that probably bothers you? If you were to wear them more often you would probably get used to them and not notice the frame as much. But that is up to you and since you have plenty more to choose from you may not want to take the time to get used to them.

So you are at least going out in your town some and wearing glasses when you do. But it has to be a real pain every time someone is coming near and you have to constantly take off your glasses in case they may know you unless you're wearing a pair of the prescription sunglasses. As much as you enjoy wearing the glasses from your collection at some point you need to stop trying not to be seen wearing glasses and if someone comments about you're wearing glasses simply say that you're contacts, which of course you don't wear, were bothering you so you had to wear your glasses. You could even say that you were told by your doctor to start wearing your glasses more often. No one knows you that well so how would they know if you have been wearing glasses and contacts for years maybe? That way when your not wearing glasses they will just assume that you're wearing contacts. Clearly the type work you do is not going to allow you hardly anytime to go to another city so you can wear your glasses without fear of someone you know seeing you.

Andy 28 Jun 2016, 07:48

30calcat and thebrit,

definitely up with unpolished, gorgeous and astonishing thick look, the grey/white bold power rings are a must for any loving the high myopia appearence.

María 28 Jun 2016, 06:47


I got a new pair of used glasses, but it is my first miss haha. I don't quite like them. I see great with them (they are -2.50) but I don't like how I look with them. The frames are very small and it's hard to appreciate the prescription!

Anyways, I have been browsing the used stuff market, and I have several pairs more that I like. Next week, after I get paid, I'll buy a few more!

Soundmanpt, my idea is to have the lenses made with -3.50 and no astigmatism, yes. I love the frame and how its actual strengh looks, and I believe I can use that prescription without much trouble, so I won't have a reduced one.

Yes, sadly I can't display my glasses collection. I always have my real glasses around, but the other pairs are in a couple of boxes inside my wardrobe. I'm dying for another "glasses day", but I can't see a chance soon! So I have been taking a few walks around my hometown these days wearing some of my pairs to satiate the need! However, I can't win against my fear and every time I hear somebody, I take them off quickly. It's ridiculous haha but I can't help it. Sometimes I wish to keep them on but I end taking them off, except if I'm wearing the sunglasses.

Ni 26 Jun 2016, 16:24

I was surprised when the optician put the lenses up in the eye exam and showed me how i should see then took them away. Yes some people in my family are shortsighted also astigmatism is a lot worse lucky i haven't got it. Is it really that bad? I've gone from not wearing glasses to needing them all the time now within a year. People did tell me that's it once your shortsighted will be stuck wearing glasses and they were right.

astigmaphile 24 Jun 2016, 19:13

Anonymous poster,

Metetelo en el culo.

 24 Jun 2016, 14:21

Va la cogida usted mismo, idiota grosero

 24 Jun 2016, 13:36

¡Cállate perro!

España Man 24 Jun 2016, 12:50

Maria: por favor. ¿Qué país, María? ¿Méjico? ¿España? o tal vez en algún lugar de América del Sur y América Central? Siéntete libre de hablar sobre Eyescene en español. Algunos de nosotros habla muy bien el idioma.

Soundmanpt 24 Jun 2016, 08:22


So good to see your comments. I was hoping you didn't let the attacks cause you not to post anymore. If you were to do that then he / she wins. If I had let some of these attacks against me get to me I would have been long ago. I'm not Spanish so it really makes it easy for me to ignore anything written in Spanish. I have enough trouble with my native language of English. By the way I think you do exceptionally well with English. Anyway I really love your newest addition to your glasses collection. Too bad they have CYL (astigmatisms) in them and you're unable to wear them as they are. There are several on line places that you can send them to get the lenses changed in them. Will you have the lenses made with the same -3.50 prescription and only leave off the CYL or would it better to go to something weaker like maybe -2.00 so they are easier on your eyes when you want to make a day of wearing them? I know you said that you don't enjoy wearing prescription sunglasses nearly as much as regular glasses, but they do come in handy for times like now when you're unable to go to the city wearing a nice pair of regular glasses. I went back and looked at the 2 pairs of sunglasses you bought and the tint is not so light that anyone would ever notice that they have prescription lenses in them. Also because the frames are full plastic you can't see the edges of your lenses like you would with semi-rimless or rimless glasses. So your sunglasses are a perfect way for you to be able to get out and still be wearing strong glasses. So clearly your collection of glasses is growing very nicely. But sadly I have a feeling they are now being kept in a drawer or some other place out of sight. You can't display them for fear of a friend coming by to seeing your glasses display would be hard to explain. You have clearly become obsessed with glasses and I don't think it is so you can display them but rather because you want to be able to wear them. However by trying to keep you passion for glasses a secret your only able to wear glasses at limited times. I know you said that you don't want to wear glasses full time, but I have a feeling you do want to wear glasses more often than you're able to now?

Tony 24 Jun 2016, 07:52

Maria, muy interesantes todas tus historia acerca de tus gafas, me encantaria tener conversaciones contigo via chat, aca tu puedes entrar en y pasar un buen rato, espero encontrarte pronto, sigue posteando tus aventuras con el maravilloso mundo de los lentes

specs4ever 24 Jun 2016, 07:40

When Wurm declared that he was no longer going to support eyescene Val opened up Vision and Spex. I decided I would leave eyescene and support Val. This decision on my part was not meant to detract from the fact that moonshiner, a man I have known and respected for many years, stepped up to the plate and took over this site. For a while I managed to stick with my decision and posted nothing here, and while I have returned over the years with a few postings I have wondered why more people did not transition to vision and spex. You do not have to register to read postings, but you do have to register to post.

There will never be a way to stop people from registering under a fake name. Nor would it ever be possible to prevent people from some of the attacks we have seen here. But it certainly does slow the problem down.

These recent attacks have intensified and I am so embarrassed about belonging to a community that attacks Maria and others that I have decided I will no longer post here. If you want me, you can find me over on Vision and Spex

María  24 Jun 2016, 00:29


I am not being arrogant nor insulting or disrespecting anyone. I posted about the main theme in the board: glasses, and I got attacked for no reason. So, yes, I would call that a fight. I am not referring about the following talk about registration.

Speaking of that, I may be new here (to posting, not to reading) but I'm not new to the internet, and I know how forums work. And there's a topic called "forum feedback". I believe that discussion belongs there, so if you are as worried for the wellbeing of the community as you say, you should respect that rule.

Finally, I believe that you talking to me in spanish is disrespectful to the rest of the users. I means, the forum is completely in english, so you should keep talking in english so everyone can understand. Oh, and I won't criticise your grammar as somebody did with mine, because I have some respect.

So, if you want to talk with me about glasses, thqt's great. If not, please leave me alone. I am not here to argue, I just want to share my glasses related experiences.

 23 Jun 2016, 19:50

Esa es una declaración muy tonto e inapropiado, María. Un poco insultante. A todos los que estamos aquí.

No fue una pelea. No fue una discusión. Fue una discusión abierta sobre los problemas que hemos enfrentado en esta placa histórica y cómo corregirlos.

Tengo entendido que es nuevo, y por lo que no pueden entender la importancia de esa discusión. Pero te pido que por favor mostrar algo de respeto por las opiniones diferentes aquí y no seas tan arrogante con una palabra insultante como "peleas".

María 23 Jun 2016, 16:14

Hi! I moved to this thread because, once my question about vision was answered, maybe my posting fits better here. I just hope this doesn't end in another fight about fakes, anonymity and such!

I just wanted to show my new pair of used glasses. They are -3.5 Clubmaster style frames by Indo, I love the style! Sadly they have a fair amount of astigmatism and I can't wear them comfortably, but I'm thinking about sending it to an online optical store and change the lenses so they don't have astigmatism correction.

These are the glasses:

Also, last weekend I went for a walk around town wearing one of my -4.5 sunglasses. I was very worried, as the lenses aren't very dark and when I looked myself in the mirror, it was evident that the glasses had a prescription! Anyways I wanted to try, and it was fun. I could see rather well with the glasses, and I even stopped to talk to a couple of people, and nobody noticed anything! While I was a bit scared, it was really exciting! I'll probably do it again soon.

Soundmanpt 20 Jun 2016, 07:56


An interesting discussion you were having. The lady with the 14 year old son handled the situation perfectly. She solved any possible problem when he was objecting to going for an eye exam by letting him know that if he didn't need glasses that was fine and if he did need glasses he didn't have to wear them. As it turned out his need for glasses must have been very slight if the doctor said that glasses will help but he didn't need to wear them if he didn't want to. But as it turned out he was surprise when he tried his glasses and found that he could see the TV's so well in the next area over. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make them drink. But once they taste the water they keep drinking.

The 20 year old girl in your discussion said that she decided to get her eyes examined while at college. When she got her glasses she seemed to enjoy the sharpness and clarity they gave her when she was looking at signs and the HD effect she liked even more. So the boy as well as this college girl both quickly found out what a benefit wearing glasses can be.

Marissa 20 Jun 2016, 07:18

So we are standing around on father's day, and a woman says she decided to take her 14 year old for an eye exam. He protested he doesn't want to go cause he can see ok. She says ok, if he says you don't need then you are good to go, and if he says you do need you don't have to wear them. She has worn since 3rd grade. She tells the dr, and they go for the exam. Dr says afterwards glasses will help you but you don't need to wear them if you don't want. Mom takes him protesting to Costco to get glasses despite him saying she is wasting money. They go a few days later to pick them up. The lady puts them on him, while he is protesting and he looks across at the TV's and says, "hey I can see them..I didn't know they were on!" I have never seen him since without them on.

A girl who was part of the discussion (20 yrs?) says she decided to get an exam while at college, and was prescribed glasses for distance. They only made signs a bit sharper, but she says more importantly she sees in HD..bolder and blacker. Interesting first time observations. I didn't know this, because she quickly went to contacts.

Cactus Jack 19 Jun 2016, 20:53


What you are experiencing is very common for people who are nearsighted (Myopic), have worn glasses for some time and are young enough to be experiencing a slowly increasing prescription with periodic, relatively small, prescription increases. Often, Myopia or Hyperopia have a genetic component that controls its development.

Many of the people who are discussing their problems with New Glasses are actually trying to get used to their First Glasses. Many times they have gone from not wearing any vision correction to glasses with a few diopters of Sphere and more importantly a Cylinder correction for astigmatism.

Vision actually occurs in the brain and the eyes are merely biological cameras. Astigmatism distorts the images delivered to the Visual Cortex and the brain learns to correct the distortion. When they first start wearing glasses with Cylinder to correct their astigmatism, the images with the glasses will look funny, until the brain realizes that the glasses are doing the correction and it doesn't need to do it any longer. It takes about a week for most people.

May I ask your age and where you live?

Do any of your parents, grandparents or other relatives have Myopia and need minus glasses?


Ni 19 Jun 2016, 10:20

Some people need to time to adjust to new glasses but I can see perfect when I get new glasses is this ok? I got new glasses because my eyes have got worse now -2.50 everytime I have my eyes tested they get worse with wearing the new prescription but can see clear. What else can you do to stop this happening? Being shortsighted at -.2.50 is nothing to worry about my optician is -.5.00 and can't see nothing without her glasses. Should I worry im getting more shortsighted

EyeTri 08 Jun 2016, 10:21


Those are reference marks that allow the optician to cut and install the lenses at the right height, level and at the proper PD. If you look hard enough you will find them on all progressive lenses.

30calcat 08 Jun 2016, 08:43

Does the etching look like this:

Specs4Me 08 Jun 2016, 08:40


You are correct, I've noticed marks in lenses many times in the past. Not sure about regular bifocals but I can see them in my progressives. I think they may vary as to what is there based on the lens manufacturer, but if you hold them up to the light you can see them. I suspect that if your wife wears her new glasses for a while she will no longer notice the marks.

Lance 08 Jun 2016, 05:24

So my wife got new progressives from Zenni back in March -This was her third pair and her prescription had just a bump in the ADD. About a week after getting them we were out at a basketball game and under the bright lights she noticed something on the lens. First she just thought they were dirty but when she held it up to the light you could see 2 little plus signs (looked like printing registration marks) etched on each lens. The mark closer to the nose piece also had a little Z above it.

She contacted Zenni and after some back and forth asked her to send the glasses back. She did and after inspection they said they would make her a new pair. A few weeks later she got a new pair in the mail but it had the exact same problem. Once again she contacted Zenni and they this time they said they would send her a new pair without her having to send the old one in. Well that new pair arrived yesterday and guess what? Same problem.

My guess is that they are registration marks for the progressives but because of the shape of the frame (cateye) they are showing up in the final product. The glasses are useable but she does notice the marks in bright lights.

Any idea what these marks really are? The customer service rep had her take pictures of the lens on both pairs (original and new) as well as her two other pairs of progressives just to show that those did not contain any of the marks.

She had been using an older pair but said that the bump in the ADD made a difference and she needed the stronger prescription so she has to wear the glasses with the marks on it.

bracesfan 29 May 2016, 23:08

I prefer unpolished as well. With -3,5 diopters for far and 15 prism diopters BO the thickness is about 16 mm.

thebrit 28 May 2016, 03:17

Have been following with interest the debate on polished or unpolished edges on glasses with thick lenses. I agree that having had both, the unpolished look better & avoid reflections. I also agree that they look better in a metal type frame than, & thick plastic frame. My lenses are 13/14mm thick, & I have no problems with this thickness. My opinion is unpolished every time.

Roy 28 May 2016, 01:19


I prefer unpolished. The edge thickness of 11-13mm in my glasses comes mainly from the 11 base out prisms in each eye. (I also have some myopia.). I always request unpolished edges which look good in my current 1.5mm thick titanium frames.

Likelenses 26 May 2016, 20:45


Interesting optical history.

Has you vision stabilized now?

I am glad you like your lense thickness.I think that thick lenses are so sexy.

Does your husband or boyfriend like thick lenses?

30calcat 26 May 2016, 13:26

I got the current prescription at age 32. By the numbers I had a somewhat typical progression towards high myopia through childhood.

I was up to -4.75 at age 9. Wearing glasses wasn't a big deal to me or kids at school. At this point my parents pushed me into contacts with hopes that it would slow the progression. Interestingly by this age glasses had become so much a part of my image that kids were actually teasing that I looked funny WITHOUT glasses.

At 12 I started going back to wearing glasses and was up to -6. Other kids commented on the 7mm of lens thickness out the back of the metal frames, and I enjoyed the attention and having glasses back as part of my look.

At 15 I was up to -8. Progression slowed to fractions of diopters after that but crept up to -10 over years before stabilizing. It was only recently that I got another significant increase.

I, Glasses 26 May 2016, 10:01

30calcat, At what age did you get your current prescription? What's the chronology, in terms of your ages and the amount of increase in diopters each time? How did you, your family, and your friends react to your early development of myopia and it's significant increase?

30calcat 25 May 2016, 22:22

I like showing lens thickness, which is why I have never worn wayfarer styles with thick frames that hide the lenses. The frame style makes a bold presence on the face. Is that why you like them? I live in the US.

Likelenses 25 May 2016, 19:04


So in your last post,are you saying that you do,or do not like your glasses to draw attention to their lense thickness?

It really depends of your facial features,but my preference in glasses on a woman are the larger,wayfarer type of frame.

Where are you located?

30calcat 25 May 2016, 04:26

Likelenses: First glasses were at 6, they were -2 something.

I've been wearing the new glasses with new lenses around for a couple of days and it's an interesting change from the recntagular ice cubes that I usually wear. The lenses and power rings blend more organically with the curves in the frame. But in a rectangular frame the lens curves make some interesting angles where they have to meet and conform to the geometric shape. Both looks seem to draw attention to the lens thickness in their own ways, so I'm not sure which I prefer yet. It seems like on this board there is a strong preference for bigger frames, but what about frame shape?

Likelenses 24 May 2016, 22:06


At what age did you first get glasses,and do you know the prescription of the first pair?

30calcat 24 May 2016, 02:20

Yes, they are biconcave, which seems to provide better optical clarity and less distortion in these higher powers than the usual convex front curve. Yeah the arms don't fold much. Best way to transport these glasses is to wear them on my face!

Some frontal photos:

Likelenses 23 May 2016, 20:27


I personally like the unpolished edges.

Besides the more pronounced power rings,I like the ice cube appearance.

Are the lenses bioconcave?

Also it appears that the arms will not close completely ,due to the outer edge thickness.

Could you post some frontal photos of these fantastic glasses?

Very sexy glasses,would love to see you wearing them.

specs4ever 23 May 2016, 20:18

Personal observation only but I like the unpolished ones best. And when wearing them I found that having the edges polished would sometimes throw weird reflections into the lenses. sanded the polish off more than one pair of glasses.

30calcat 23 May 2016, 18:42

Got new lenses today, and since I ordered it without edge polish I get to explore the old question of which looks thicker. Most of the time I like the thick white rings of unpolished edges:

But sometimes I feel like polished edges look thicker because of all the reflections drawing attention to the edges.

What does everyone else think?

nzoptic 23 May 2016, 01:50

Guido, the 3 pins exactly match those on my LA Eyeworks frame

I, Glasses 22 May 2016, 14:14

Thank you, 30calcat.

30calcat 21 May 2016, 17:10

I, Glasses 21 May 2016, 11:36

30calcat, I have tried to access your Flickr link, but with no success. Would you mind re-posting it as a 'hot' link, please?

Guido 21 May 2016, 07:58

Soundmanpt: I know what they are, I just want to know if three pins are indicative of a certain frame band, or if that pin arrangement is ubiquitous in the industry. I seem to have seen this arrangement on some bold frames and really want to know the maker of said frames.

30calcat 20 May 2016, 13:51

Sarah - Do you have pictures of your current glasses? I'm always curious as to how different labs are doing -12.5, -13.75, -16.25 glasses these days. I've had a few different variations in my -16.25 prescription, and have been keeping pictures on Flickr:

Soundmanpt 20 May 2016, 09:02


Actually what your seeing is the pins that are part of the hinges that allow the glasses to be folded up. Ray-Ban has used the same idea for years only they make those "dots" in the shape of small stars.

Guido 20 May 2016, 08:31

Found this image in a different thread today. My question, do the three metal dots at the hinge area of the pictured frames denote a certain brand of frames?,cs_srgb,dpr_1.0,q_80,w_620/MTI0ODY2MDc5MzQ3NjIzOTQ2.jpg

Sarah 16 May 2016, 11:26


Not sure.


Let's hope. It has actually been five months.

Andrew 15 May 2016, 13:59

That's quite some increase in 4 months, Sarah. Let's just hope they got the numbers right first time this time!

Likelenses 14 May 2016, 16:19


Very nice prescription.

Will your new lenses be bio-concave?

Sarah 14 May 2016, 09:06

Well, that time has come again. I am now wait8ng on new glasses to come in again. As always, my prescription has increased again. I am now at:

OD: -12.5/-3.5/005

OS: -13.75/-4.25/150

Cactus Jack 06 May 2016, 13:14


What you are experiencing is caused by the onset of Presbyopia. It happens to almost everyone as they get older.

Presbyopia is caused by the gradual stiffening of the transparent protein that makes up your Crystalline Lenses. Presbyopia actually starts in childhood, but does not typically become a problem until you reach your 30s or 40s, unless you have some Hyperopia or need to do a lot of close work. These days, even some teens are needing focusing help because of the tiny text on Smart Phones.

When you are very young, your Crystalline Lenses have the consistency of freshly made Gelatin Dessert and you can easily focus very close with little effort. As you get older, your Crystalline Lenses get stiffer and your Ciliary Muscles have to work harder to focus close and, because of their stiffness, your Crystalline Lenses are slow to relax back to their relaxed state for distance, after reading.

Presbyopia actually happens slowly, but when you wear reading glasses to help you focus closer, it relieves the Ciliary Muscles of some of their workload. Your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses are part of your eye's autofocus system. For their size, your Ciliary Muscles are the strongest and best conditioned muscles in your body. Like all muscles, they can become de-conditioned very quickly if you don't use them or use them less. That will make it seem like the glasses have caused your vision to become worse. In this specific instance, that is probably true, but all that has happened is that they just speeded up a process that is going to occur anyway.

You may be able to slow seen the process by not wearing the reading glasses so your Ciliary Muscles get plenty of exercise, but you need to be aware that Presbyopia will ultimately win and you will have no choice but to wear some close focusing help.

There are several ways to do that depending on your level of vanity.

1. Reading glasses, perhaps on a cord around your neck so they will be handy.

2. Bifocals or Progressives with a clear top (no prescription for distance) and a reading segment.

3. Mono Vision where you wear a PLUS contact on one eye for close work leaving the other eye for distance. It takes a little getting used to, but it works quite well for some people.

4. Multi-focal contact lenses.

5. You are a little young to consider this, but some people are getting their Crystalline Lenses replaced with Multi-focus Intra Ocular Lenses. The surgery is the same as Cataract Surgery and eliminates the future need for that. It is NOT inexpensive and insurance typically will not cover it.

I know you did not want to hear all this, but hopefully it was helpful.


Pat 06 May 2016, 12:17

I am 38, female, and in inside sales (computer). Are you saying that my "actual" close vision is what I see (or can't see) after wearing these a while? I find that surprising because the blur after taking off the glasses is so striking. I did a test last night and wore the glasses while reading for about an hour. When I finished I took them off and looked at my toothpaste tube and couldn't read the small print! My conclusion was that I should use the glasses more sparingly. Seems like you think I will soon lose this battle. Is there anything I can do to preserve the close vision I have? If I do wear them, how fast will my close vision go downhill? How long till I will need them to function. Are contacts an alternative? Obviously I am not happy and am even coming to regret the exam a bit.

Soundmanpt 06 May 2016, 08:54


What you experienced is not at all unusual at all. If you go back in this thread and the "Hyperopia and Presbyopia Progression "thread you will find others that like you got an eye exam and was surprised to find that they needed glasses for seeing close up because they also hadn't noticed any problem with their eyesight. But the fact that with glasses you're able to see small better and clearer means glasses are a benefit to you. The reason reading material is blurry after you wear your glasses for a short time and then take them off is because your eyes were relaxed with the glasses on. When you take them off what you're seeing is your natural eyesight. If you don't wear your glasses to read even though you still might be able to your actually straining your eyes without even realizing it. Where you went an got your free eye exam was certainly not out to try and make money off of by selling you glasses that you didn't need because they were honest enough to even suggest that you simply buy a cheap pair of over the counter readers. I am sure your eyes are much more comfortable reading when you are wearing your glasses. Wearing glasses is not in anyway going to cause your eyesight to worsen, however it may seem as if they are because as your eyes continue to adjust to your glasses your going to slowly find it harder and harder to read small print without them. This is all perfectly normal to happen. May I ask your age and what it is do for a living and if your male or female?

Pat 06 May 2016, 07:30

I was waiting at the mall for a friend, and an optical shop had a sign offering free eye exams so I popped in. I really didn't think I needed glasses, but the price was right. The dr said my distance vision is ok after I answered all the 1 or 2 questions. Then he placed the small print card in front of me and asked me to read it. No which is better, 1 or 2, but simply how is this, and "is this better". Each click made the print bigger. He swung the card away, causing the letters on the wall to blur, and said that if I would get glasses like this, I would read easier but not be able to see distance. He gave a prescription of +1.25 and even said I could get drug store readers. I bought a pair I liked, and having been wearing them but am concerned because of the blur when I take them off. Am I making my close vision worse by wearing them? I can read ok, even fairly small print, but find them just making it a bit easier to read....until I take them off! Should I put off using them?

Newtoglasses 11 Apr 2016, 12:59

Cactus Jack

Sorry for not posting sooner, I had a pretty hectic weekend. As for how I am doing with my glasses, thry have gotten more comfertable, but do not think I am 100% used to them yet. Hiw long dies it typically take to get used to glasses, I feel like it may be taking me longer.

Soundmanpt 10 Apr 2016, 09:28


I really appreciate hearing what your feelings are about wearing glasses and I guess get hit with needing braces at about the same time was to you a kind of double whammy. But the fact that your eyesight isn't perfect and your teeth need some adjusting shouldn't be considered a disability. You may be surprised to know that 75% of the population now wears vision correction and the percentage of women to men wearing glasses is overwhelming more women wear glasses than men. Women wearing glasses has really become so popular that most women consider their glasses as a fashion accessory. Have you not noticed that nearly every fashion boutique now offers racks of women's fake glasses? Now a days braces are far less noticeable then they used to be. So I doubt anyone can even see that your wearing braces. So I really don't think your wearing glasses and braces would damage your appeal to the guys. If your already attractive, which something tells me you are, your wearing glasses and braces isn't going to make you any less attractive. Your not really giving yourself a chance to see what guys think of you wearing glasses. You have your contacts now and that's fine. if your a young lady that is very active and works out a lot and plays sports then contacts are a better choice for those things compared to glasses.

Michael 10 Apr 2016, 08:34

I am updating you on my roommate Christine. Two years ago I wrote here and wondered if she should wear her glasses full time. Her prescription back in March 2014 was OD +1.00 -.50 75 and OS +3.00 -1.25 100. And a 2.00 add. Cactus Jack responded to me and said most people wearing that script would do so full time but you can't make anybody wear their glasses. Which is true so I never nagged her about it. She just used glasses if she needed to read something and for nothing else.But I also thought she should wear her glasses full time but wanted other people's opinions. But in the last year she lost one pair of glasses and another pair broke. She always had problems with lenses popping out and never got the last pair fixed. So for at least six months she has been getting by with over the counter readers.

She even admitted to me she was having problems seeing which wasn't surprising given she was wearing readers which weren't for her eyes. So this time she decided to go for an exam at a different place. So she went on Thursday and here is her new script. OD +1.50 -.50 80 OS +2.75 -.75 95. And a 2.00 add.

This looks very similar to her old script. Her right eye appears to be a little worse but her left eye which always was her bad eye slightly better.But this doctor laid it on the line to Chris.He was shocked she could drive without glasses and Chris admitted she couldn't really read signs. I think Chris saw where he was going so she asked him if she needs to wear her glasses full time and his answer was if you want to see. Chris I think finally gets it. She needs to wear her glasses and told me she had no clue before she should do that. It doesn't seem that most eye care professionals advise when to wear glasses unless they are asked. Chris told me she always thought they were just for reading. I have no clue where she got that idea. In my opinion bifocals are meant to be worn full time unless the distance prescription is very small and even though Chris' prescription isn't large it isn't small either. I would think if Chris wears her glasses full time her distance vision will be noticeably better.

The constant putting glasses on and taking them off used to drive me crazy. And she would often leave them hanging on her shirt or on top of her head. Plus she never believed in eye glass cases. Would put her glasses in her purse just like that. No wonder she had so many problems with broken and lost glasses. She has had more problems with lost and broken glasses than anybody else I ever knew.

Wearing her glasses full time would eliminate most of these problems I think. Plus much improved vision.I have no clue how she could drive without glasses especially at night or when the weather was inclement. We live in CT and thank goodness it is one state that doesn't ever require an eye exam when renewing your license. I think most states require one at least for every other license renewal which would be one about every 12 years or so. Because Chris I don't think could ever pass with her current vision.

She decided to go with the progressives this time.I hope it works out for her. I am 62 years old and have worn progressives since about age 45 and love them and never had any problems at all. it took me maybe about one day to get used to them. The thing you have to be careful of is to look through the right part of the lenses especially when walking up and downs stairs. But Chris never got used to bifocals because she almost never wore the other ones except for reading.

Chris is 54 years and works in retail but in assembly mostly sorting clothes I think. I think she only puts her glasses on when she needs to read something. Not sure though because I am not there. All I know is she does bring her readers to work just in case she needs them.

She should be getting her new glasses in about a week or so and will keep you guys informed as to what happens.I think she finally has accepted she needs to wear her glasses but I have to see it first before I believe it. Because this is Chris we are talking about. I will be doing everything to try to encourage her without being pushy.I am hoping she will realize right away how much better her vision will be with glasses and will wear them full time like the doctor told her to. My distance script appears to be less than hers and I have worn progressives full time since I first got them at about 45.

I have no clue how she could drive at night. Even with glasses I don't like driving at night but do so occasionally as long as I am familiar with the place I am going to. If it was a place I wasn't that familiar with I wouldn't drive there at night.

Likelenses 09 Apr 2016, 20:44


Rimless glasses are very sexy looking on women.

They are available foe high prescriptions.They simply use longer screws to hold the lenses. My girlfriend has a Rx over -9,and has two pair of rimless.She too thinks that they do not shout GLASSES,but I think that the reflections off of the lense edges scream out Glasses.

I agree with Soundmanpt,that your Rx most likely will not get very high,I would guess not higher than -4.5,unless you have to do extensive close work, or study.They will get strong enough that you need to wear glasses full time.

Jonathan 09 Apr 2016, 14:44

Channel of a young Austrian lady with rather strong minus glasses providing survival and outdoors information:

Jennifer 09 Apr 2016, 14:27

I received many compliments but wearing glasses makes me feel like I have a disability. It's a flaw in my mind. Also, I had to get braces again unfortunately so the glasses braces combo makes me look very dorky. I'm pretty popular with the boys and I don't want that to change.

Soundmanpt 09 Apr 2016, 12:04


First of all I really don't think you eyes are going to get all that bad. Right now all these things happening now really was because you should have gotten glasses sooner than this. That just makes it that much hared to refract your eyes and give you the correct prescription you needed. You can expect that by around January you may need an increase. That is almost certain to happen but it probably won't be too much and maybe the following year and by then you could be close to not needing anymore increases. So if you at least like, or tolerate rimless glasses I don't think you have to worry about your lenses ever getting very thick and certainly not anywhere close to where they couldn't make your glasses for you. I do hope that even though your getting contacts you still wear your glasses every so often just to change your look a bit. i'm sure you look much better than you must think you look wearing glasses. You never gave yourself enough time to get used to seeing yourself wearing them or you might have decided that you like how you look wearing them. I can't believe you didn't get tons of complements from your friends when they saw you wearing glasses?

Jennifer 09 Apr 2016, 11:53

New glasses are here! It might be my imagination but the right lens does look a little thicker...

Jennifer 09 Apr 2016, 11:25

Thanks for the advice! The glasses aren't so bad because they're rimless but I wouldn't be caught dead in a thick frame haha

Hope my vision doesn't get too much worse. It seems like rimless glasses are harder to get in very high prescriptions.

Soundmanpt 09 Apr 2016, 11:09


You should be able to see better wit your glasses now that they have a little stronger prescription in them. I only commented about being able to read from your phone because since your nearsighted usually your distance is great but reading up close takes longer for your eyes to adjust. So being able to see the small print on your phone is really very good. Those numbers on the case are the base curve and diameter in other words the size and shape of lens that fits your eyes best. Trial lenses are always included in the price for the eye exam and fitting. And it was fair that they charged you for the fitting since that had nothing to do with your getting glasses. Now i'm sure they gave you instructions on how to care for your lenses and being a college and no doubt enjoy going out partying with your friends until late at night you have to make sure that you don't go home and forget to take off your contacts before going to bed. If you do your likely going to wake up with your lenses stuck to your eyes. Then you can't wear them that day and you will have to put on your dreaded glasses and wear them for that day. You have to be careful or you can easily get eye infections and even eye ulcers.

Jennifer 09 Apr 2016, 10:41

Wearing the trial lenses they gave me for free. I had to pay for the fitting. The lenses have some numbers on the case. 8.6 14.2 something like that.

Glasses should be ready soon. I don't have a problem reading small print. Better vision with contacts.

Soundmanpt 09 Apr 2016, 09:15


Since your at the mall and on your phone you must be able to see small print very well with your contacts already?

Sorry no more comments for now.

Soundmanpt 09 Apr 2016, 09:14


Yes most places have a policy if there is any change in your prescription they will will do the eye exam and replace the lenses at no cost to you. But of course they will charge you for a fitting fee for your contacts but they shouldn't charge you for the eye exam part of it. So Maybe around $70.00 total?

Soundmanpt 09 Apr 2016, 09:11


You only got trials now didn't you? Generally they will have you wear them for a couple weeks and then you will need to go back and get re examined to be sure the contacts are giving you good vision and are fitting properly. Then you can buy your contacts.

Does the contacts prescription feel like they are giving you better vision than your glasses were? So they must have had your lenses for your glasses in stock which since it is nothing unusual makes sense and they must have a lab to cut the lenses for your glasses. I assume since it is Saturday they told you iyour glasses would be ready in about 2 hours or so?

Jennifer 09 Apr 2016, 08:56

They agreed to change the lenses for free. I am waiting in the mall while they do that. I was able to wear the contacts and take them out without too much trouble. I actually have them in now.

Soundmanpt 09 Apr 2016, 08:49


I saw your comment last evening but didn't have time to reply to you. If I had I would have suggested that you hold off and continue wearing your glasses for another 10 days or so your eyes would be completely adjusted to the prescription in your glasses. I'm not sure that your eyes were adjusted enough to get re examined so soon. Yes of course there was no doubt that this time the eye chart was sure to look even more blurry than it was just a week ago. With your glasses on though you should have been able to see pretty well except the lower lines of the eye chart which at the time when you got your glasses you were able to see perfectly. Your distance really changed by -.25 which is very little but they found that you have some astigmatism in your right eye which just happens to be the eye that you felt wasn't quite right. Even thought that is only -.50 it is more than enough to cause your vision to be out of focus. Now if your wondering why your glasses prescription is slightly different than your contacts will be for your right eye it is mostly to save you money. It is very common when you have a -.50 CYL they will reduce that b y half and compensate the difference by increasing your SPH (distance by an additional-.25. Now you have to understand that this isn't going to give you completely perfect vision in that eye but not bad either. Your glasses are still going to be just a tiny bit sharper for that reason. So I assume your just getting the lenses in your glasses changed? but if they have to keep your glasses now that you are already as you say pretty dependent on your glasses how are you going to get by? Did they already fit you for contacts and teach you how to put them on and take them off. You have to be able to do that before they will even let you leave with trial lens. Remember contacts require more maintenance than wearing glasses. You still need to wear your glasses about once or twice a week to give your eyes rest from the contacts. But I get it your young and like your looks better without glasses.

Jennifer 09 Apr 2016, 08:11

I know that you don't think my prescription is very strong but I do feel a bit like Velma without glasses! Quite scary. Can't wait to get lasik.

Jennifer 09 Apr 2016, 07:57

I did need an increase. The doctor said my eyes were much more relaxed this time around because I've been wearing glasses.

OD -2.25 -0.50 180

OS -2.00

Getting contact lenses as well.

OD -2.50

OS -2.00

Couldn't really see the "E" without glasses specially using the right eye.

Jennifer 09 Apr 2016, 07:57

I did need an increase. The doctor said my eyes were much more relaxed this time around because I've been wearing glasses.

OD -2.25 -0.50 180

OS -2.00

Getting contact lenses as well.

OD -2.50

OS -2.00

Couldn't really see the "E" without glasses specially using the right eye.

Likelenses 08 Apr 2016, 21:03


The right eye may have some astigmatism that was not discovered at the previous exam.Or you may just need some more minus.Don't be surprised if the left eye gets a little more power also.

As Soundmanpt mentioned,do get back to be reexamined,so that the stronger lense,oe lenses will be at no charge.

Jennifer 08 Apr 2016, 16:01

Probably also going to ask for contact lenses.

Jennifer 08 Apr 2016, 15:57

I might have to go back sooner. My right eye is not seeing well at all. I haven't really been noticing because of the left but I'm sure it needs a stronger power!

Soundmanpt 08 Apr 2016, 15:50


Your friend had to be surprised that your only now starting to wear glasses considering that she thinks your glasses are about the same prescription as she needs. Yeah probably is a good that you don't drive, but I think if you were a driver you may have gone and got glasses much sooner than you did? It's funny that you mentioned that you don't think you would even be able to see the "E" if you went back now. To be honest I don't know how well you would see the "E" but i'm sure the eye chart would be much more blurry now than it was when you got your eye examined. That's because your eyes are in a more relaxed state now and your eyes are using the prescription of your glasses instead of how hard you were straining before. So what your seeing now when you take your glasses off is what your real vision is. Because your eyes were so strained when you got them examined it makes it a bit hard to do a real accurate refraction on your eyes so I would agree with you that your eyes are probably a little bit under corrected, and i'm sure the doctor was trying to make sure not to over correct you. If I were you just before 3 months are up and by then your eyes should be completely adjusted to your glasses and if your noticing that signs at a distance are starting to look a little bit blurry with your glasses on then you should go back and get retested because most places offer to remake your glasses if your prescription changes within 90 days. And since you already feel like one lens could be a little stronger in 3 months it will probably seem still weaker. Your not even close to being able to even consider getting lasik. You can't and don't want to get that done until your eyes have been stable without any change for at least 18 months. I'm pretty sure your going to have a few changes in your prescription before your eyes stop changing. And even with getting contacts it would be best to wear your glasses for at least a year before you do that. You need to get your eyes more stable before you start working with contacts. Right now i'm sure you don't see yourself when you look into a mirror. Your not used to seeing yourself wearing glasses and that happens to everyone when they start wearing glasses. You just need to make wearing glasses fun. Maybe go and have a makeup makeover done for wearing glasses. They do that you know? They can show you different ways to bring out your eyes more with your glasses on. You might want to consider getting a pair of prescription sunglasses which would be nice to have on sunny days. You can get a really nice looking pair on line for less than $20.00 in your prescription. Maybe even a second pair so you can change your look a bit to go with a different outfit. Take a look at what they offer at "" By the way it was a good idea to get rimless glasses as your first glasses because if you got say a full plastic frame pair chances are you would be seeing the frame all the time and that makes getting used to glasses even harder so not having a frame you don't have anything to block your view or bother you. Also rimless glasses are very light weight so you should hardly feel them on you. The only downside is that the screws tend to want to come loose easier so you may want to stop at any optical store every so often and have them tighten the screws for you or you can buy a tiny screw driver for glasses repair and do it yourself. Remember only clean your glasses with a soft cloth and never ever use a tissue or paer towel to clean the as they will put tiny scratches in your lenses. When you take your glasses off at night never lay them down on the lenses for the same reason.

Jennifer 08 Apr 2016, 11:31

Yes, I have considered lasik but my optician wants me to wait for a few years. Glasses are very unattractive on me but mine are rimless so I guess it isn't so bad. Will definitely have to get some contacts soon!

Jennifer 08 Apr 2016, 11:29

I don't drive luckily! My friend put my glasses on while her contacts were in and she said that they felt about as strong as her glasses. That's why she assumed I wear contacts. She considers herself to be blind lol!

Yeah, my vision without them is very blurry. I'm not sure I'd see the big E without them if I went back again. Specially in my right eye. I think the prescription in the right eye is a little weaker than it should be. My doctor must have not wanted to prescribe stronger glasses since I've never worn any before.

I don't love wearing them to be honest but I feel quite helpless without them on. My eyes get all squinty and I don't feel safe walking on the streets. Luckily I have rimless frames so people from far away don't even notice. I don't wear them in pictures!

Jennifer 08 Apr 2016, 11:29

I don't drive luckily! My friend put my glasses on while her contacts were in and she said that they felt about as strong as her glasses. That's why she assumed I wear contacts. She considers herself to be blind lol!

Yeah, my vision without them is very blurry. I'm not sure I'd see the big E without them if I went back again. Specially in my right eye. I think the prescription in the right eye is a little weaker than it should be. My doctor must have not wanted to prescribe stronger glasses since I've never worn any before.

I don't love wearing them to be honest but I feel quite helpless without them on. My eyes get all squinty and I don't feel safe walking on the streets. Luckily I have rimless frames so people from far away don't even notice. I don't wear them in pictures!

Soundmanpt 08 Apr 2016, 09:05


It seems like your eyes have adjusted to your glasses very quickly. You have only been wearing them a few days and you already fell very dependent on them. But i'm sure your able to see so much better now that your wearing glasses. Are you surprised at how blurry everything is now when you take your glasses off? I don't know if you drive or not but if you were driving before you got your glasses I don't even want to think how dangerous that was for you and others as well. I can understand why your friends might have thought that you had been wearing contacts if they tried your glasses on. No your glasses are all that strong but they are considering their your first glasses. It sounds like your already very comfortable wearing glasses now. Are you starting to get used to seeing yourself wearing glasses yet? It may still take a little time but soon seeing yourself wearing glasses is going to seem very natural to you. Are you ready to start having your picture taken wearing glasses or will you take them off?

Josh 08 Apr 2016, 07:11

before you get your glasses Jennifer you must squint a lot to see far, now like you said is quite dependent of clear vision

 08 Apr 2016, 05:04

Have you considered Lasik, Jennifer? Glasses are so unatractive.

Jennifer 08 Apr 2016, 01:56

Thank you all! I am very dependent on them but it's great to be able to see. Most of my friends asked why I wasn't wearing my contacts. They were quite surprised when I told them that I have never needed correction before.

Cactus Jack 07 Apr 2016, 22:00


After doing a little thinking about your brother's situation, I would like to rephrase my answer a little. We really don't have enough information to say categorically that he does not need to wear his glasses. He actually may.

Hyperopia is a strange and confusing thing. Low Hyperopia has the same optical effect as a person with Myopia being a bit over corrected. In some instance it is like having 20/15 vision, which is better than 20/20.

We have no way to know what your brother actually sees with and without his glasses. To him, it may seem like his glasses actually make his distance vision worse and under certain conditions, he would be right.

It would be nice if we knew what the ECP actually determined was his prescription because it is possible that he/she discovered more Hyperopia and did not give him his full prescription. ECPs occasionally do that in situation where they feel the patient may not be able to tolerate a full initial prescription.

We typically think of a person needing glasses to see distant objects, clearly. That is true with Myopia and sometimes true with Astigmatism. Many times a person with Hyperopia can see quite well in the distance, but has to strain to focus close. Plus glasses will help you focus close, but sometimes, depending on many factors, they can initially make distance vision worse. However, if they have what is called Latent Hyperopia, Plus glasses will help Latent Hyperopia clear up and they will have both very good distance vision AND comfortable close vision with their glasses. It is not uncommon for people with Latent Hyperopia to need one or two prescription changes until their Latent Hyperopia is resolved.

Do you recall if your Brother has ever complained of a headache or his eyes hurting or being very tired after reading for a long period?

May I ask how you are doing with your glasses?


Soundmanpt 07 Apr 2016, 15:14


I am not at all surprised that you're finding everything so clear now that your wearing glasses. It has to feel strange to you wearing glasses for the first time and even though you know that you can see so much better wearing them it still takes a little time for you to get used to having them on. I'm sure the first few hours after you got your glasses you spent doing a lot of time comparing how things look both with and without your glasses? That is really quite normal when you get glasses for the first time. Don't be too surprised that by the end of each day when you take your glasses off that things are going to seem more blurry than before you got your glasses. That is just because your eyes are getting more adjusted and your glasses and are more relaxed since there not straining to see like they were before. The good news is that your glasses will start to feel more and more comfortable and you may hardly even notice that your wearing them. What kind of reaction have you gotten so far from the people that have seen you wearing glasses? My guess is quite a lot of complements and some questions about what you need glasses for etc. Are you maybe still a little bit shy about wearing your glasses in public?

Cactus Jack 07 Apr 2016, 14:43


Thank you. Suspicions confirmed! He really does not need to wear his glasses. He has a little bit of uncomplicated Hyperopia and he can effortlessly correct that internally. That happy situation may not last forever. When he gets a bit older, in his teens, he may need some reading help with very small text, button right now I suspect he is fine.

Unlike many other eye conditions, he may actually grow out of this one. Unfortunately, there is no way to predict that. He should have an annual eye exam and if he starts having headaches when he does close work or starts having any double vision problems, he should put on his glasses. Wearing his glasses could help prevent Latent Hyperopia in the future, but I would not press the issue now. The important thing is comfortable vision at all distances. Low Hyperopia usually become a problem with reading and close work rather than distance vision.


josh 07 Apr 2016, 14:31

Congratulations Jennifer! welcome to the club of glasses, can you tell more about how it was your experience with them?

Jennifer 07 Apr 2016, 13:51

Been wearing the glasses for a while. Can't believe how clear my vision is!

Newtoglasses 07 Apr 2016, 13:01

Cactus Jack

My brother's prescription is +0.5 in both of the speheres, and that is all. The sister you are referring ti is my older sister, my younger sister did not get glasses, and my foster sister is impartial about her glasses.

Cactus Jack 06 Apr 2016, 17:16


It would be VERY helpful to know your brother's prescription. We often assume a young student's prescription will be MINUS meaning that they have some Myopia (nearsighted) and cannot see clearly beyond a certain distance. I believe your younger sister who really likes her new glasses is nearsighted. Please forgive me for not being able to keep track of all your siblings.

There are two other conditions that need correction. Astigmatism as indicated by some Cylinder and Axis (they always go together) and Hyperopia as indicated by the Sphere (first number in the prescription) having a + sign. Astigmatism messes up vision at all distances and if must be corrected externally. Hyperopia is the ONLY refractive error that you can correct internally, using your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses, often without you even being aware that you are doing it. Using your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline lenses to correct Hyperopia uses up some of your Accommodation Range, but most (but not all) children have abundant Accommodation. If their Hyperopia is not too great and they don't have very much Astigmatism, they can be perfectly happy without glasses.

There can be a lot of peer pressure and I suspect that with that small army of siblings, he may be getting some unwelcome commentary away from school.

I have a young grand nephew who is 7. He was a bit of a problem child and did not do well in school, particularly in reading. I suggested that he should get an Eye Exam. It turned out that he had more than average Hyperopia, but more importantly a significant amount of Astigmatism, which makes text hard to read. The got him some glasses, but he would not wear them. I ask his parents who chose his frames. I suggested that they needed to let him choose the frames that he liked, but not pressure him to wear his glasses, but explain to him that they would make reading much more comfortable, but he should start by wearing his glasses around home, if he wanted to and they encouraged him to read some of his story books. It was not long until he discovered how much fun it was to read and NOT have his eyes and head hurt.

If you can find out his prescription, I may be able to offer better suggestions. Please don't "bug" him about wearing his glasses and try to suggest that your other siblings don't "bug" him either. That will just cause him to dig in his heels and that will make the process more difficult.

Are your glasses becoming more comfortable?


Newtoglasses 06 Apr 2016, 15:48

Cactus Jack

Thank you for the suggestions, I did talk to my brother, and he really does not want to wear his glasses. He thinks they make him look ugly, he thinks it is unfair that he is the only one in his grade who would wear glasses, thinking they will make him uncool, and he hated the fact that he ended up with glasses and his twin did not. He said he can see fine at school, and does not need them. I will keep trying though. Also, thanks for clarifying on the crossryed stuff.


My sister's prescription is -1.00, and -0.75. She wears them to school and in school, but not all the time. She dies not wear them at home. We only just got our glasses, so it is not like she has anybthing set.

katia 06 Apr 2016, 03:55


do you have your sister prescription ?

does she wears hers glasses full time ?

Cactus Jack 05 Apr 2016, 18:23


First let me apologize for upsetting you a few days ago. If you read my posts over the years, I do not judge others. I try to teach understanding. I meant that someone who knows that they need vision correction, but refuses to wear glasses is not behaving very well or very smart. It has nothing to do with intelligence or learning ability.

There is even a thread on this site call "Going Without Glasses" most of the people who post there are in their teens and take great pride and feel like they are heroes because they are significantly myopic in both eyes and are able to function without glasses. Often their prescription are in the -2.00 to -3.00 range. If that is their prescription in both eyes, they cannot see clearly beyond about 1.5 to 2 meters or 2 to 5 feet. What they don't realize is that their eyes simply will not work as they are supposed to, without distance correction and they are actually causing themselves difficulties that will crop up in the future. By not wearing vision correction for Myopia or Nearsightedness, their Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline lenses are not getting enough exercise to remain in good condition. That can lead to the early onset of Presbyopia and perhaps the need for Bifocals at a much earlier age than normal.

At 8, your brother probably does not understand that he really needs to have vision correction and the fact that his twin sister does not need vision correction - AT THIS TIME - has nothing to do with him. They are NOT identical twins. If they were, they would likely have the same or nearly the same prescription. Which tends to confirm that there is a genetic component to many eye conditions.

I suspect that the real problem that your brother is having is how his friends will react in school. Hopefully, he is not troubled with bullies, but it happens. Bullies are always looking for some vulnerability to exploit and an 8 year old, wearing glasses, is an obvious target. If you have a good relationship with your brother, I would suggest that no one try to cajole him into wearing his glasses. That won't work. The best thing you can do is to chat with him and tell him that you understand, because your glasses, while different from his (?) were initially uncomfortable, because with a prescription like yours, you almost have to learn to see again, like you did when you were a little baby. You might explain to him that your eyes are really just biological cameras and vision actually occurs in your brain. Fortunately, if your eyes don't focus properly, you did not cause the problem and you have no direct control, other than to wear glasses. If your prescription is pretty low, learning to see properly with your glasses may take less than a day, like (name of sister who loves her glasses) or like your situation where there is a differenbetween your two eye, it may take a week or more to get really comfortable. Of course you did not realize it, but for about a month after you were born, you really could not see very well. Typically, it takes about a month for a newborn to learn to see enough to recognize a parent by their looks.

You asked a question about prism correction. Glasses will not cure or eliminate the problem, just at glasses do not correct Myopia. They just allow you to function more comfortably with less fatigue. Also, correctly prescribed will not make your vision worse, but you will think so until you really understand how vision works.

There are 3 things that can cause double vision or the need for prism correction. The most common cause is muscle imbalance where one of the muscle pair is stronger than the other muscle and the strong muscle pulls the eye out of alignment. Another, less common cause is problems with the Cranial Nerves that run from your brain to the eye positioning muscle. The least cause is a problem in the Eye Positioning Control System in your brain. The only ways we have today, to fix the problem, is with training exercises that strengthen the weakest muscles of the pair or muscle surgery that adjust the length of the tiny muscles that move the eye. The exercises are not difficult, but you have to do them regularly. The muscles surgery is pretty easy, but no surgery is without risk. I have had muscle surgery, but it did not work. We have no way to fix problems with the Cranial Nerves or repair problems in the Brain. I was warned that the surgery might not work and it only solved the problem for for a short while and my double vision returned.

It is possible that you will need more prism in your glasses in the future. Generally, ECPs only correct 1/2 the problem to minimize becoming a. The idea is to get the images into close proximity and let your Eye Positioning system take over and fuse the two images. Your eyes have to conga naturally when you read. All the tiny amount of prism you have will just get images a little closer so your Eye Positioning System can take over an complete the task. I suggest that it is too soon to consider surgery, but you might inquire about Vision Training to help strengthen your eye positioning muscles. The exercises are very easy. It is VERY unlikely that you will ever be noticeably cross eyed. That rarely happens with people who are nearsighted as you are and wear MINUS glasses. People who need very strong PLUS glasses often have serious problems with their eyes trying to cross. Particularly without their glasses. The strain of trying to focus causes their eyes to try to turn inward.

Please understand that I will never be your foe and I admire your defense of your siblings. However, sometimes a little tough love is required, but not in this instance. I hope you can get your brother to open up about his feelings so you can gently help him understand how glasses work and how they can benefit him. It would really help if we had his prescription so we could better understand his vision.


josh 05 Apr 2016, 12:37

Jeniffer please tell your experience when you get yor glasses, i'm sure they will make a difference, and sure at first would be a bit weird but sure too that your world wouldn't be the same after you have your glasses on your face

Newtoglasses 05 Apr 2016, 11:51


Yes, my older sister is also nesrsighted. My lenses are thicker on the outside edges, but left one is thicker. Everything was funky when I first put the glasses on. It has gotten a little better, but eveytthing still seems disorinted, and I have to really concentrate. This sounds weird, but the light seesm so bright and like it is coming straight into my eyes.

I am halfway through my first day now, and everyone is noticing my new glasses. It is mostly comments like nice glasses, when did you get glasses, I did not know you need glasses, some ask if I am nearsighted or farsighted. One guy noticed the difference in my lenses and asked about it, and if my left eye has worse vision.

I have a wuestion about this crosseyed stuff. Will my glasses fix the problem when I wear them, or just the symptoms, and my eyes will stay ctossed underneath the glasses. I hinestly do not notice the crossedness eother way, might just be because it is me, and to myself this is my norm that I am used to seeing.

Soundmanpt 05 Apr 2016, 08:23


You didn't say why you didn't get glasses 2 years ago when your eyesight was -.50 in both eyes? I assume since you were only 16 or 17 you really didn't want to wear glasses and you were still able to see pretty well without glasses in your opinion. But had you gotten glasses then you would have only needed them part tiem as they would have been a benefit to you for things like seeing the board at school or going to sporting events or concerts or anything that you would be viewing at a distance. But not getting glasses didn't do any harm to your eyes or even cause them to get worse, your eyes were going to change just the same even if had gotten glasses at that time. At 16 or 17 your eyes were still continuing to change. College always seems to put added strain on the eyes and with lecture rooms being even larger that much harder for you to make out what is posted anymore without glasses. Actually the increase you have had over the past 2 years is not all that much. Your eyesight has deteriorated by about -.75 each year which at your age and the fact that your eyes are being forced to work harder now with more intense studying seems that your new prescription is now -2.00/-1.75 is very reasonable. Your going tomorrow to pick-up your glasses and get them fitted. Be sure they feel very comfortable when the optician is finished adjusting them. If they feel tight on your nose or behind your ears be sure to tell them so they can get them perfect for you. I'm sure your going to be pleasantly surprised once you have your glasses on and take a look around for the first time with them on. Everything is going to look so clear and sharp. I would expect the rest of the day you will be doing a lot of comparing how you see with your glasses and how you see without them by doing a lot of slipping the glasses down to look over the top of them and then pushing them back up in place to see how much better you're able to see with glasses. This is very normal for anyone getting glasses for the first time. I suggest the next morning after getting your glasses that as soon as you wake up and get dressed that you put your glasses on and plan on wearing them the whole day so you can get used to wearing glasses and your eyes can get adjusted to the prescription better. It is always best when you get glasses for the first time to put them on early in the day when your eyes are still nice and fresh and haven't been strained yet. I don't how much you're planning on wearing your glasses but i will tell you that for many people once they reach around -1.50 they often start keeping their glasses on all the time. As your eyes start adjusting to your glasses you will find that things are going to become more and more blurry without your glasses. More than it is now even. The fact that you have held out this long with getting glasses seems to indicate that you're going to be on the shy side about wearing them in pubic or in front of your classmates and friends. But if you look around i'm sure many of them wear glasses so you won't be alone. Let us know after you get your glasses what your experiencing and how it feels to be wearing glasses.

katia 05 Apr 2016, 07:51


is your 19 old sister also nearsighted ? does she has to wear glasses all the time ?

Do you have like me because of the prism quiet tick glasses on the hedges ?

Did you had dubble vision at firsdt with your glasses ?

What was the reaction at the school ?

Jennifer 04 Apr 2016, 22:33


josh 04 Apr 2016, 19:57

when you gonna get your glasses?

josh 04 Apr 2016, 19:44

Jennifer, you have myopia, in 2 more years maybe you get -3,00 or -3,50, you have to get annual eye check

Jennifer 04 Apr 2016, 19:36

How strong?

Likelenses 04 Apr 2016, 19:27


If they were -.50 ,you have had a lot of increase in two years.

You may wind up with pretty strong lenses by your mid twenties.

Jennifer 04 Apr 2016, 19:20

I think the previous prescription was -0.5

I'm in college.

Likelenses 04 Apr 2016, 19:06


They are not considered strong,but when you get them,and start to wear them,you will see how poor your vision really is.

They may take a bit of getting used to,as they are strong for a first prescription.

Do you recall what the previous prescription was.

If you don't mind,may I ask your age,and occupation?Or are you in school?

HighMyopic 04 Apr 2016, 17:39

That is a weak rx. My current rx is -5 right eye and -6 left eye. I have a pair of glasses with -7.5 and -8.5 lenses that are half of a inch thick and I can see very well in them.

Front view.

Side view.

Jennifer 04 Apr 2016, 17:28


I was prescribed glasses two years ago but I didn't get them. Now that my vision is worse I went back to the eye doctor and got a new prescription. It is as follows:

OD -2.00

OS -1.75

Is this a strong prescription?

Likelenses 04 Apr 2016, 16:59


The weirdness you are experiencing is mostly due to the difference between both eyes,and the fact that your left eye has not only much more nearsighted correction,but also the astigmatism correction. That is why the left lense is also noticeably thicker.

You may want to put the glasses on,and sit back from the TV, much farther than you usually do,and watch TV at least an hour or more without removing the glasses.Using them at a fixed distance without walking around,where you are looking at varying distances will help you to adjust.

The more you take them off,and put them back on,the harder it is to adjust to them. So tomorrow when you put them on,leave them on all day.

How does reading print,or looking at the computer seem for you? It may at first seem like the print is too small,and you may feel like you need to bring it closer. You are probably used to reading closer than you should.Try to never read printed material closer than twelve inches,and no less than twenty inches from a computer.Staying within these reading distances can help your nearsightedness not to increase.Although you will have some increases in the future,they may not be as large if you can maintain these reading distances.

Newtoglasses 04 Apr 2016, 16:15

Just got home from getting my glasses. I tried to keep them on, but everything looks do weird and kind of distorted. So I have decided to start wearing them tomorrow in the morning once I wake up, so that is what/how my brain sees from the begining if the day. Back to the distortion, it is particularly noticeable at the outside edges. Does that have to do with the fact that my base is out? Will this go away with time? Also, one lens is noticeably thicker than the other, and thicker than the rest of my siblings lenses. My sister who was determined not to wear her glasses is loving how clear everythong is. The twin that got glasses is still not wanting to wear them. I told him he,should do what I am foing and try wearing and keeping them on at school tomorrow. Poor kid really does not want to wear glasses. He has not straight up said it, but I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that his twin does not have to wear glasses. Also, he will be the first on in his grade to wear glasses. Any tips to get him to wear his glasses?

Cactus Jack

I would just like to say I do appreciate all you have done for me. You seem like a stand up guy. I just have a problem with people using words like dumb to describe people. As a kid people (teachers, fellow students, and others) called me dumb all the time because my handwritting was nowhere near as nice as the other kids' and,I could not really read until second grade. Also, as an elective class I tutor kids in my blank period, before and after school. Most of those kids have been told they are dumb, stupid, and the others by so many people (in most cases even their parents) in their lives that they have given up and let those,words define them, even though it is not true. Maybe I did overreact to what you said and for that I am sorry, but that does not change the way it made me feel when I read it, and all the stuff I said in my last two posts, nor does it make me regret it. They are my brothers and sisters, and I can get a bit overprotective. I do not want to make a foe of you, so can we just move on.

Dave 04 Apr 2016, 12:50

Newtoglasses: I understand you're young, but it might be advisable for you to think before you speak. Cactus Jack has been nothing but nice to you and has spent a fair amount of time doing the job your eye care professional should have done. Sometimes it's better to hold your tongue before setting off with a self-righteous rant. The shoe inevitably will be on the other foot someday.

Newtoglasses 04 Apr 2016, 12:32

I felt like clarifying, I said "calling someone's siblings dumb to them is rude and crosses a line" because it related directly to this specific scenario. Truth is I feel strongly about not calling anyone dumb, stupid or the R word. It is demeaning and disrespectful. People may make some questionable decisions; say, ask or do some some questionable stuff; but no one is any of those words.

Newtoglasses 04 Apr 2016, 12:01

Cactus Jack

I appreciate you answering my questions, and helping me, and it is clear you are passionate about all things vision and glasses, but calling someone's siblings dumb to them is rude and crosses a line. I do not want start anything because you seem like a decent and sweet man, but I strongly felt this needed to be pointed out.


Thank you for sharing your story. As far as my siblings prescriptions I will have yo get back to you on that. However, my 17 year old brother sn d my younger sister (the girl twin) did not get glasses. Also, my foster brother did not get glasses either.

katia 04 Apr 2016, 06:52

hello newtoglasses,

Don't worry you will be fine with your glasses.

Last year i got my first glasses with a prescription of:

R: Sph: -1.75 Cyl: -0.75 Ax: 90 Prism: 3D Base In

L: Sph: -1.25 Cyl: -0.25 Ax: 87 Prism: 3D Base In

I had for a couple of hours doublle vision but I had to wear my glasses full time.

I just got last week my second increase:

R: Sph: -2.75 Cyl: -1.75 Ax:90 Prism 4D Base In

L: Sph: -2.25 Cyl: -1.25 Ax: 87 Prism: 4D Base In

I find the part of the lens near my nose quiet tick, but I see quit well and I never quit my glasses (I am 17).

You wrote that you have a 19 year old sister and a 17 year old brother. What is their prescription ?

And what about your 8year old twin brother and sister ?

Cactus Jack 03 Apr 2016, 22:05


Tomorrow will fundamentally be a Non-Event. They will adjust your glasses to fit your face comfortably and likely give you a case and maybe a cleaning cloth. Also, perhaps a few tips. Based on my experiences, it was a very exciting and pleasant experience.

You and your siblings need to get over the idea that some how there is shame in wearing vision correction, IF any one else can tell that you are doing it. As a friend of mine once said, "That is Stinkin, Thinkin". You never did tell me the prescriptions of your siblings so it is very difficult to decide how dumb they really are if they don't wear their glasses. It probably would have been better if you and your siblings had had their eyes checked one at a time that way you could not challenge each other about not wearing your glasses.

I suggest a game of reading distant signs or recognizing friends across the street with and with out your glasses.

I have no idea about what kind of arrangements you have for getting glasses, but generally, they are not cheap at a traditional optical shop. We can teach you how to order inexpensive, very high quality glasses online. That is in the future. It is best to get your first glasses from a traditional dispenser. If I was your dad and I had paid a small fortune for glasses that one of my kids refused to wear, there would be some fairly serious consequences as a result. I think I would at least Chastise them Sorely, but it might be more significant than that.

BTW, wearing contacts is not the total answer for younger children. Contacts require good care or they can cause eye infections that can result in serious eye damage. You also have to learn to insert and remove them. What do you think your siblings would think about intentionally sticking their finger in their eye. You really don't feel it, if you do it right, but if you do it wrong it is not much different than getting soap in your eyes. I would be surprised if your ECP would fit contacts under about 14.

I look forward to hearing all the details of tomorrows adventure. If you can, try to get your glasses first so you can really see how your siblings react to their glasses and comment. I think you are all going to be pleasantly surprised.


Newtoglasses 03 Apr 2016, 20:19

Cactus Jack

Thank you for the indepth responses. I guess tomorrow I will be the moment of truth. It is still hard to believe that I will have glasses this time tomorrow. I also guess based on everything you all have said I really need these glasses, so I will give them a go, and see how I like them. It really is weird ti think this yime tomorrow most of of my siblings and I will be in glasses. If they actually wear there's. Eome of them have pretty much stated they will never wear them, and will wait untill mom and dad agree to get them contacts.

Anything I should know ahout tomorrow to help me, will there be more testing, or do they pretty much just hand you the glasses and let you go? Feel free to bless me with some last minute advise.

Cactus Jack 03 Apr 2016, 00:30


I forgot to mention that being able to work with two clear images will help the Eye Position Control System (CS)in your brain, keep the images fused. That will help your brain learn to see 3D.

You are probably not quite ready to lean the details about how your Eye Positioning Control System works. It is amazing what it can do. It is a very sophisticated biological computing system that can finely control the 12 muscles that make your eyes move. It is very similar to the robotic control systems that are used for assembling and welding car bodies. Curiously, the EPCS does not know precisely where your eyes are pointing, until it compares the two image from your eyes. if they are not fused, it adjusts the 12 muscles until it can fuse the images. While all this is happening, you do not see the motion. Often, when your eyes are closed and there is noting to see, your eyes will probably wander a bit. Then for a brief instant after you open your eye, you may see double. If the two images are not too far separated, the EPCS will detect the problem and correct it so quickly that you may have to wonder if you really saw two images. They purpose of the prism in your glasses is to optically bring the images closer so your EPCS can take over an fuse the images for you. The clearer and sharper the images, the better job your EPCS can do.

As curious as you are about how things work, I hope you strongly consider taking more science and math courses. You can get "hooked" on leaning about this stuff. I'm 78 and have insatiable thirst for knowledge and understanding. This is an amazing world we are fortunate to be part of and "we ain't seen nothing yet". This system we are using was Science Fiction and considered impossible when I was your age. If you get a chance, watch the movie "2001". There was a scene in that movie where the principal character make a video phone call from the Space Station hotel to his home on earth and talked to his young daughter. At the end of the call, the toll charges were about $1.40. The audience laughed. Back then, it cost that much to make a long distance call to a friend 20 to 30 miles away. Yesterday, I chatted for about an hour via Skype Video from Houston to Atlanta, GA, helping them solve a problem with a piece of electronic equipment and they were able to use their Smartphone to show me live pictures of the equipment and what it was doing. We solved the problem. The cost for a 1 hour video chat? Zero, Zip, Nada. The ability to do that to Atlanta or half way around the world is included in the fees my Internet Service Provider charges every month. With out that capability, I might have had to get on an airplane and flown to Atlanta to do that task.

BTW, how that was done, was considered to be "impossible" when I went to University and now it is no big deal. The moral is learn all you can about the world, but don't close your mind to possibilities. Within the past few weeks, scientists detected "Gravity Waves" from the collision of two Black Holes thousands of Light Years away. Einstein predicted that Gravity Waves existed 100 years ago, but it has taken us this long to actually prove that he was right. The primary reason you are in school is to prepare you to be part of the incredible future. My hope is that by helping you understand more about optics and how your eyes work, you will want to learn more about how everything works so you can be part of the marvelous adventure that lies ahead. About 90% of all the knowledge you gain will be by using your eyes. All glasses are are tools to help you use your eyes more effectively and comfortably. Really they are no different than wearing shoes to keep the rocks from hurting your feet. Or wearing a coat when it is cold. If your fur was thick enough, you would not need one.

Hopefully, more later. Expect some research assignments to expand your knowledge. I am looking forward to hearing about Monday's Excellent Adventure. Pay attention to your siblings reaction to their glasses, unless they are very young, they are going through the same things you are. You can teach them and help them with their adventure.


Cactus Jack 02 Apr 2016, 23:42


Please do not read anything, that is not there, into my answers.

Depth perception problems are generally unrelated to the tiny amount of Base Out prism you need. Prism is used primarily to used to help you keep the two images from your eyes, fused.

The depth perception problem is primarily related to the difference between the prescription for your two eyes. There is enough difference that you are primarily seeing with one eye at a time. I suspect you actually have a form of natural Mono-Vision, where you use your Right Eye for distance and your Left Eye for close without your even being aware of it. Mono-Vision is sometimes prescribed for older people to avoid Bifocals, but younger people need to be able to use both eyes together. Actually, learning to use both eyes together is not easy after years (probably) of using one eye at a time. That may take a while try to pay attention to the apparent spatial depth of what you see and if you can try to see some 3D movies while wearing your glass with the 3D glasses over them. 3D movies are made with a special camera that has two lenses and it captures two slightly different images, just like your eyes are supposed to. If you look at a 3D movie, closely, you should see that there are two images on the screen. The 3D glasses use polarized filters to make sure that the Image for the Right Eye goes to the Right Eye and the images tor the Left Eye go to it. The movie director can do some tricky things with the 3D camera to the images have extreme depth and that will help your brain learn to see 3D.

Often the need for prism in your glasses is because one of the muscles in the pair is stronger than the other. Inward turning or over convergence, which is correct with Base Out (BO) prism occurs because the inside muscles are stronger than the outside muscles. There are some simple training exercises you can do to strengthen the outside muscles. It is probably too soon to consider those. In extreme cases, muscle surgery is sometimes required, but certainly not for 3 BO in each eye.

Your glasses should provide equally clear images from your eyes to your brain, but it will take a wile for your brain to learn to use both eyes together to build a 3D image. I know it sounds funny, but you need to learn to see with both eyes and that will not happen suddenly.

Also, if you have been using your Left Eye for reading and close work and your Right Eye for distance, you may actually have limited Accommodation because your Ciliary Muscles are not very strong. Normally, the Ciliary Muscles that are part of your Auto-Focus system, are the strongest muscles in the body for their size. If your are out of condition, you may find reading and close work a little uncomfortable until you start using them and they become strong. Strengthening the Ciliary Muscles is no different than strengthen any muscle. You have to use it. You may be tempted to take off your glasses to read, don't do it. That will slow down the strengthening process.

You have so little prism and cylinder that most people will not even notice it, but you will in a few weeks when you realize how much more comfortable your vision is with your glasses than without.

New glasses wearers often think that glasses have made their vision worse. Not true. Vision actually occurs in the brain and your brain can correct what you see, IF it knows what something is supposed to look like. The problem is that it takes a lot of energy and effort. Your glasses do the correction so your brain can relax and use its resources for more important things. It will take about 2 weeks for your brain to stop trying to correct the images. Then when you take off your glasses, you will see what your brain has been having to deal with, before you got your glasses.

Your glasses may look a tiny bit different from your siblings, but I don't think you have mentioned their prescriptions. I am sure that when everyone gets their glasses, there will be close examination and trying on of each others glasses. Frankly, you are worried about the wrong things. Your concerns are the same as millions of other people, of all ages, who discover, much to their dismay that they need vision correction. All the excitement and "new" will be worn off in 2 or 3 days. After you have worn your glasses for 10 days to 2 weeks, you will be wondering why you were worried. Seeing really well for the first time is an amazing experience. Discovering what you have been missing is an incredible adventure. And it happens TOMORROW!


Newtoglasses 02 Apr 2016, 09:38

Cactus Jack

So all of the problems you mentioned like depth perception was all fixed by prisms? I am very bad at "ball" sports too, so you think glasses will fix that? Thank you for sharing your own experiences they helped. So, I guess I am cross eyed. Is there a way to become uncrosseyed? Cannot believe in two day I will have glasses. Will mine look different from all of my siblings' glasses because mine have prism in them, and cyl and axis?

Thank you for all your help so far, just please don't forget to answer the rest of my questions. I know you are a busy mab, and you have no clue how grateful I am to you for helping me through this.

Cactus Jack 30 Mar 2016, 21:00


1. Are you crosseyed? Yes, but the amount is so small that it is hard to label it as being crosseyed. The amount is so small that you would notice it as double vision, but no one else would be able to tell. The general descriptive term is slight muscle imbalance. There are 6 muscles attached to the outside of each eye that your brain uses to move your eyes around. The work in 3 opposing pairs. There is an opposing pair that moves each eye Left and Right, a second pair that moves you eyes up and down, and a third pair that move your eye at an angle of about 45 degrees. The general medical term for your eyes not being aligned is Strabismus. It is likely that the inside muscles of the pair that moves your eyes left and right is just a tiny bit stronger than the outside muscles. Your brain uses the images it receives from your eyes to decide how to move your eyes around. To do this, your brain compares the images from each eye and tries to match them up for 3D vision using the edges of objects. When one eye is delivering a blurry image, compared to the other eye, the eye positioning system sometimes has trouble perfectly fusing the images. The tiny bit of BO prism will help you fuse the images and I suspect having equally clear images from each eyes will make it just that much easier. I am going to use a couple of math terms that may help you understand how small your prism correction actually is. You have 3 Prism Diopters of Base Out correction in each eye. That means that your eyes are turned inward only 1.71 angular degrees, each. The amount is almost trivial. The thing that you may notice the most is how much better your 3D vision is with glasses and if you are involved in any "ball" sports, you may be very surprised at how much better you can track the location of the ball with your glasses.

I mentioned that I had a difference very similar to yours when I was about your age and younger. I was not aware that I had any vision problems, but there was a clue that no one recognized. I could not hit or catch a baseball and it was not until years later that I understood why. It was because I very poor 3D vision and depth perception. My brain had no idea where the ball was until I heard it zip past my head and into the catcher's mitt. Naturally, no one wanted me on their team.

I had another long day and am pretty tired, I will try to continue my answers tomorrow.


Newtoglasses 30 Mar 2016, 09:50

Cactus Jack

Thank you for you informative response. To answer your questiins I will do the same thing as you, and number them for an easier read.

From your answer:

1. Now that it has been mentioned I do get double vision, but I assumed it was because I was tierd, stressed, or something else. I never thought it was a vision problem. I do not think I have ever noticed my eyes turning in. Isn't this basically being crosseyed? Am I crosseyed?

You questions at the end:

1. My favorite core subject is language arts, and my favorite subject overall is a tie between gym and art.

2. As I said earlier I am 13, but almost 14. My eldest brother is 20, and then it is my 19 year old sister, my 17 year old brother, me, my 8 year old twin brother and sister, and lastly my 4 year old brother. We also currently have 2 foster siblings, a brother and sister, the brother is 8, sister is 5.

3. I do not know my mom's dad, but everyone else you asked about except my dad wear glasses. From them all except my grandma from my dad's side only wear them to read.

4. Our glasses are supposed to be ready on Monday.

Cactus jack 30 Mar 2016, 00:39


I would have been surprised if you did not have a lot of questions. I have a few more also, but that can wait until I answer yours.

You, like 99% of young people, are pretty surprised when they find out that they vision problems. The other 1% know that something must be wrong because they can’t see what everyone else can or their vision is so bad that it is obvious, even to their parents at a very young age.

This may seem a little long winded because I want you to understand about how your vision and optics work. I hope you have had some science courses because all this is really applied science and fairly easy math.

1. Lets start with your first questions. I will number them to make it easier to identify them if you need some clarification of my answers.I don’t think your eyes are really all that different. In fact it is very rare for each eye to have exactly the same prescription. Each eye is actually indecent and they develop independently. It is even possible for the eyes to be radically different where one eye needs a strong MINUS (-) prescription and the other eye needs a strong PLUS (+) prescription. Your eyes are ONLY 1.75 diopters different in Sphere, remember, mine were 1.50 different. The Astigmatism (Cylinder -0.75) in your Left eye does not count in this comparison. I’ll explain about that later. In your case, the very small difference will just make a tiny difference in the size of the images on your Retina and your Brain can more easily deal with that than it can with blurry images.

Almost all babies are very farsighted when they are born. That is because their eyeballs have to be small to fit inside their small eye sockets and their heads are small. Fortunately, most babies also have the ability to compensate for their farsightedness, but it takes them about a month to learn how to do it. As you grow, your eyeballs also grow and you become less farsighted. There seem to be a eyeball growth control system that we don't fully understand yet, but it appears that the genes you inherited from your parents have a lot of say in how much your eyeballs grow and there is a smaller visual environment factor that also seems to affect eyeball growth.

If your eyeballs don’t grow enough you will ultimately need PLUS glasses for correction. If your eyeballs grow too much, you will need MINUS glasses for correction. In your case, your two eyeballs grew a bit too much and not quite at the same rate.

The most important thing that determines your prescription is the distance from the back of your Crystalline Lenses (inside your eyes) to your Retinas. For a person with “normal” vision, it is about 17 mm. In your situation, your Right eye has grown about 0.22 mm too long and your Left eye has grown about 0,75 mm too long. Will they grow some more over the next few years? Yes, and your genes will determine how much.

2. I would not call it 4 times worse. Your Visual Acuity (VA) in your Right Eye is better than the VA in your Left Eye, but that is a very crude way to express it and it is not meaningful.

3. The reason Soundmanpd said that your eyes did not line up was the fact that you were prescribed 3 prism diopters of Base Out (BO) prism in each eye. What that means is that your eyes would like to try to turn inward or converge which can cause double vision. It is not possible to put prism correction in Contact Lenses. Have you had any problems with double vision or your eyes trying to turn inward when you are tired? Long term, you may grow out of the problem or frankly you could need more prism in the future for comfortable vision. 3 BO in each eye is a very tiny amount and it is invisible to others, unless they are trained to know what to look for (think Eye Care Professionals (ECPs)). If correction with glasses does not work, you may need eye muscle surgery to fix it. A surprising number of people require a bit of prism correction for comfortable vision. I have more BO prism in my glasses than you have been prescribed and I have had the muscle surgery I mentioned. It partially fixed the problem. I can get by without prism, but my vision is more comfortable with it.

That is enough for tonight. It is very late here and I have to get up early tomorrow to work on a 90 Year Old Theater Pipe Organ. I will try to continue this explanation tomorrow evening. I hope it has been helpful so far.

A couple of my questions:

1. What are your favorite subjects in school.

2. Would you tell me the gender and age of yourself and your siblings?

3. Do your parents or grandparents wear glasses?

4. When do you expect to get your glasses?


Newtoglasses 29 Mar 2016, 22:05

I was not trying to spam this page. I am si sorry for accidently posting my last post more than once. The site was slow, and then next thing I know I posted my post multiple times.

Newtoglasses 29 Mar 2016, 22:02

To all of you that replied

Thank you for taking your time to respond to me.

Cactus Jack, you are right, I have so many questions. Everyine that responded talked about how different my eyes are, why is that? How can one eye be about four times worse? Also, soundmanpt said something about my eyes not lining up the way they should have, which is why I need a prism, and how that is the reason I cant get contacts. So if next time my eyes lineup I can get contacts? I looked at my other sibling's prescriptions, and I was the only one with numbers in the prism and base columns, is it not a common problem? How can glasses help my eyes? Why does it matter that my eyes did not line up? Is it a bad thing? What does it cause? Will there be a prism on too of my glasses or what? Why di people need glasses, as in why fo people start to see not so well? Also, what is wrong with thr shape of my eye, why do only me and my baby brother havr numbers in the cyl and axis columns?

I think that is more than enough questions for one post. Sorry and thank you.

Newtoglasses 29 Mar 2016, 22:02

To all of you that replied

Thank you for taking your time to respond to me.

Cactus Jack, you are right, I have so many questions. Everyine that responded talked about how different my eyes are, why is that? How can one eye be about four times worse? Also, soundmanpt said something about my eyes not lining up the way they should have, which is why I need a prism, and how that is the reason I cant get contacts. So if next time my eyes lineup I can get contacts? I looked at my other sibling's prescriptions, and I was the only one with numbers in the prism and base columns, is it not a common problem? How can glasses help my eyes? Why does it matter that my eyes did not line up? Is it a bad thing? What does it cause? Will there be a prism on too of my glasses or what? Why di people need glasses, as in why fo people start to see not so well? Also, what is wrong with thr shape of my eye, why do only me and my baby brother havr numbers in the cyl and axis columns?

I think that is more than enough questions for one post. Sorry and thank you.

Newtoglasses 29 Mar 2016, 22:02

To all of you that replied

Thank you for taking your time to respond to me.

Cactus Jack, you are right, I have so many questions. Everyine that responded talked about how different my eyes are, why is that? How can one eye be about four times worse? Also, soundmanpt said something about my eyes not lining up the way they should have, which is why I need a prism, and how that is the reason I cant get contacts. So if next time my eyes lineup I can get contacts? I looked at my other sibling's prescriptions, and I was the only one with numbers in the prism and base columns, is it not a common problem? How can glasses help my eyes? Why does it matter that my eyes did not line up? Is it a bad thing? What does it cause? Will there be a prism on too of my glasses or what? Why di people need glasses, as in why fo people start to see not so well? Also, what is wrong with thr shape of my eye, why do only me and my baby brother havr numbers in the cyl and axis columns?

I think that is more than enough questions for one post. Sorry and thank you.

Newtoglasses 29 Mar 2016, 22:02

To all of you that replied

Thank you for taking your time to respond to me.

Cactus Jack, you are right, I have so many questions. Everyine that responded talked about how different my eyes are, why is that? How can one eye be about four times worse? Also, soundmanpt said something about my eyes not lining up the way they should have, which is why I need a prism, and how that is the reason I cant get contacts. So if next time my eyes lineup I can get contacts? I looked at my other sibling's prescriptions, and I was the only one with numbers in the prism and base columns, is it not a common problem? How can glasses help my eyes? Why does it matter that my eyes did not line up? Is it a bad thing? What does it cause? Will there be a prism on too of my glasses or what? Why di people need glasses, as in why fo people start to see not so well? Also, what is wrong with thr shape of my eye, why do only me and my baby brother havr numbers in the cyl and axis columns?

I think that is more than enough questions for one post. Sorry and thank you.

Soundmanpt 29 Mar 2016, 08:10

I know that like Melyssa and others have been wearing the same glasses for a number of years. I was meaning in a general sense. Of course the main reason to change glasses is most often due to a change in prescription. But for those that have a stable prescription they may not change glasses nearly as often. With women even if their prescription hasn't changed they might want to stay fashionable with the changing trends in eye wear.

Crystal Veil 29 Mar 2016, 06:44

During the six or seven years since the start of my project with "Ladies behind crystal veil", a dozen glasses from my collection were broken beyond repair. Some of the glasses from my early days as a collector (early 1970's) still survive and they are well over fifty years of age. Sadly, it's always the most beautiful or striking glasses that break. I keep them in a special cemetery box :).

Melyssa 29 Mar 2016, 04:46

Soundmanpt & Julian,

As far as how long glasses last, I have had a few frames break within two years, but knock wood (or plastic), in my current collection I have five pairs of drop-temples that are at least 30 years of age.

Cactus Jack 28 Mar 2016, 22:59


I have been pretty much offline for a few days with computer problems. Hopefully, all is fixed now. The HDD on this computer bit the dust and I wound up learning more about older iMACs than I really wanted to know.

You are in for a Wonderful Surprise when you get your glasses. Your prescription is a little stronger than my first prescription was at 14, but not much. My first prescription was about:

OD Sphere 0.00

OS Sphere -1.50 with a little cylinder

The difference between my two eyes was about the same as yours.

I was absolutely shocked at what I had been missing. Think you will be very surprised at what you have been missing.

Vision actually occurs in the Brain. Your eyes are just biological cameras. The Brain can do some amazing image processing IF it knows what something is supposed to look like. If you don't believe vision occurs in the Brain, let me ask a question. Have you ever had a dream? I suspect you saw images in your dream with your eyes closed!.

If there is a difference in the quality of the two images from your eyes, the Brain will use the clearest image as its primary data source and supplement it will the poorer image from the other eye. The problem with that is you do not have very good depth perception.

One thing to remember is that glasses are simply tools to help you see better and more comfortably. You use tools everyday and think nothing of it. In this case, the glasses are for your benefit and others really don't have any say in the matter. I suspect you may also be surprised at how many of your friends know that you needed glasses. Ever had to ask to sit closer to the front of the class or had to ask someone to read a menu board at a fast food place? Even if you haven't, they probably have noticed that you have had to squint to read things farther away than about 1.5 meters or 5-6 feet.

When you get your glasses, just wear them as you would a new pair of shoes. There will be a few days where there will be some comments, but that will pass and people will only notice if you DON'T wear your glasses or change frame styles. Expect several people to want to try them. Don't worry about any comments they make.

Please keep us informed. You probably will have some questions about how your eyes work and how glasses work. We will be happy to answer them.


Likelenses 28 Mar 2016, 20:03


Your uncorrected left eye is about four times worse than the right eye.

You will be amazed at what your corrected vision will be like with glasses on.

You will have to wear then full time because of the difference between lense power,as well as the prism


Your left lense will be thicker,and have a noticeable amount of power,over the right lense.

Julian 28 Mar 2016, 15:56

Newtoglasses: I'm surprised that in your first post you call it NEWS that you need glasses, let alone TERRIBLE NEWS. With a left eye like yours I'd have expected you to know that you can't see properly. What things look like through your glasses is far more important than what they look like to other people. Enjoy the good vision.

Soundmanpt: I note what you say about how long frames last. The glasses I am wearing at the moment are a pair I have had since (I think) October 2007, and I have worn them full time (for most of the time) since then. I think they're the most comfortable pair I've ever had...the lenses and frames are both Rodenstock if that makes any difference.

Love and kisses, Jules.


Spexy guys are sexy guys.

Soundmanpt 28 Mar 2016, 15:43


Sorry I had left space between the numbers and things but it all ran together.

Soundmanpt 28 Mar 2016, 15:42


Okay so what your prescription reads something like this

SPH Cyl axis Prism

O.D. -.75 3 BO

O.S. -2.50 -.75 80 3 BO

So what all the numbers mean:

The OD is for your right eye and the -.75 just means that you are a little bit nearsighted in that eye. You don't have any astigmatism in that eye so there is no numbers under CYL and axis.

The OS is for your left eye and the -2.50 means that you are a bit more nearsighted in this eye than your right eye. This eye also has some astigmatism which is the shape of the eye and has some effect on how well you see at all distances. Both your eyes have prisms which means that your eyes weren't exactly lining up with each other properly.

Because they don't make contacts that correct prisms your going to have to wear glasses. I'm sure you're nervous about wearing your glasses but please believe me that your fear now is really much worse than actually wearing them for the first time around your friends. Remember if any of your friends were to somehow not want to be your friend anymore than they weren't a friend to begin with. First of all while your waiting to get your glasses it is really a great idea to tell as many friends as possible that your getting glasses that way it won't be such a surprise when they do see you wearing them.

Newtoglasses 28 Mar 2016, 12:49

I forgot to answer all the questions asked in my last post, so here are the answers to the rest of them. I am almost 14 years old (I will be 14 in a little less than 2 weeks), and I am in 8th grade. I am very nervous about wearing my glasses infront of everyone. I wanted to get contacts, but the doctor said I could not because with my type of prescription. I am going to look like a dork. Barley anyone in my grade wears glasses. I think there are only three people that wear them. I know more than that need them, but they all wear contacts. I feel like I will look like a dork, none of the glasses looked good in me, but I picked those big black ones because the looked the least bad. Wearing glasses will change everything, I will look different. Hopefully Sunman is correct in that it won't effect what my friends think of me and that they will still want to be friends with me. Just ducks that if my parents had just not taken us to get our eyes checked none of this would be a problem.

Newtoglasses 28 Mar 2016, 12:29

I went back to my doctor's office, and asked for my prescription, and they said it should be on the back of the business card I got. When I went home I looked for the card, and there was a chart on the back with numbers pened in. It has four rows in two catagories D.V. and N.V. and each on has two subsectiins O.D. and O.S. It also has five columns Sph, Cyl, Axis, Prism, and Base. The last two rows are empty, but the first one goes -.75, blank, blank, 3, and out, and the second row goes -2.5, -.75, 80, 3, and out.

Jason 28 Mar 2016, 10:31

Soundmanpt - I was beginning to think you're right, but today I managed to get my hands on them briefly and found that in tiny letters at the end of the temples, it does in fact say the manufacturer.

I have browsed their website, and as you suspected, they're no longer listed. I'm going to make contact with them though to see if I can get anywhere.

Soundmanpt 28 Mar 2016, 08:01


If your gfs glasses are from at 2010 that is at least 6 years ago. The frame styles change much more often than that. New frames come in and old ones go out. There is really no chance that your going to find the same pair she is wearing. To be honest she has done a very good job of maintaining her glasses because glasses don't tend to last that long. Sorry to break the news to you.

Soundmanpt 28 Mar 2016, 07:55


Every so often we have some of these "hosers" come along that feel they want to be heard. S poser is yet another one and "mmonshiner" will at kick their ass out. I am not going to waste anymore of my time responding because that is all they really want is a verbal battle.

 28 Mar 2016, 07:46

The "public fool system" -- sounds like someone clinging to his guns and religion from the back of his pickup truck in the trailer parks of the Red states.

 28 Mar 2016, 07:11

did someone ask for your opinion, licky lenses? i don't see that request anywhere. must be a product of the public fool system.

Jason 28 Mar 2016, 03:43

Likelenses - no, this is for my own collection.

Likelenses 27 Mar 2016, 22:36

S Exposer

In your first post you said Soundmanpt said glasses for nearsightedness.You must be the product of the public fool system. Please tell your teacher that you need reading comprehension remedial training.Or perhaps you just need some coke bottle readers.

BTW, is your real name S Exposer? Or are you a pervert and that what you do?

Likelenses 27 Mar 2016, 22:26


Why is it that you are trying to track these frames down?

Are you thinking of surprising her with a new air?

Jason 27 Mar 2016, 13:33

Sorry, I'm not sure where to post this, I hope this is the best place.

Long time reader, but it's been a while since I've posted.

Prepare yourself for a bit of an investigative post...

I've been in a relationship with a girl for a few months now. She's near sighted, around -7 and wears contacts most of the time. But she's now comfortable wearing her glasses around me. I'm slightly fascinated, and I've been trying to track down the model of them so I could try and obtain an identical pair.

I don't feel at all comfortable about bringing this up with her, it would really confuse her, although she knows that I quite like her wearing her glasses.

The trouble is, while they're quite a distinguishable pair, there's no writing on them at all. No brand name on the outside, no model or numbers or anything on the inside. This is making tracking them down very difficult.

Here's what I've managed to figure out though.

She's had them since at least 2010, as I've found a picture on her Facebook with her wearing them - quite a long time to still be wearing the same pair!

The case she puts them in identifies the lens manufacturer, which I then used to find nearby stockists who use these lenses, and so I have a pretty good feeling about where she probably bought them.

I called them up and described them but they couldn't think of a matching pair, but at the time I did think they were a specific designer (prodesign), which I no longer think they are, so I might have led them astray.

Now to the description:

At the front they're quite 'thin' in terms of height. Simple, rectangular, gunmetal (dark grey) in colour, metal.

The temples are plastic. Black on the outside, but on the inside they're green with a criss-cross line pattern (I think in either black or dark green). Imagine 6 lines vertical, then 6 lines horizontal, repeated all along. Two small strips of the green appear on the outside, where the temples meet the front.

At the rear end of the temples on the outside, there is a small thin metallic silver rectangle. I was hoping it maybe had text on it, but it doesn't.

What would your next move be to locate them? I feel like I've googled and search on ebay for literally everything I can think of.

I hope other users can relate! Thanks

S Exposer 27 Mar 2016, 12:44

"Girls think their boyfriends look good wearing glasses and guys think their girlfriends look cute wearing glasses."

Take accountability for what you said... stop running behind a bush called "soundmapnt." i'm willing to make a $5M bet it's not *your* real name either, dumbass. as always, you completely miss the point.

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2016, 09:27

You silly cowards that make comments without using your name kill me. Even worse you have a great way of coming up with something that I didn't even say in my comment. You need to read what I said again. I never said that "nearsighted people look better wearing glasses" Go find yourself a life because you need one.

 27 Mar 2016, 09:01

Not ALL of us agree nearsighted people look better in glasses. How many times do you need to keep being reminded of that? sheeeeeeeesh.

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2016, 08:56


Getting glasses really is such terrible news. There are a whole lot of things that would be far worse. Chances are you probably won't even need your glasses full time but even if you do glasses have become very acceptable these days. If you start looking around I think you might be surprised at how many of your friends already wear glasses or contacts. Girls think their boyfriends look good wearing glasses and guys think their girlfriends look cute wearing glasses. Wearing glasses isn't going to have any effect on your social life. You will be just as popular as before you got glasses. On top of all that you may even enjoy how well your able to see with your glasses. Like Cactus Jack in order to answer your questions about wearing glasses you really need to provide some information about your prescription. If you didn't get a copy of your prescription just be sure to ask for a copy when you go to get your glasses. They likely won't give it to you unless you ask, but if you asks they will gladly give you a copy. The reason they don't just give it to you is simply because they want you to come back to them for any eye wear you may need such as maybe prescription sunglasses. Are you nervous about wearing glasses in front of your friends and family for the first time? If you are that is perfectly normal to fel that way but trust me the fear you feel is far worse than it really will be. All that is going to happen is when your seen wearing your glasses you're going to get lots of complements on how good you look wearing glasses. Some may ask what your prescription is and what you need to wear them for etc. But after the first day or so and everyone has seen you wearing glasses no one will pay any attention anymore. Your glasses will be old news.

Cactus Jack 26 Mar 2016, 12:45


When and under what circumstances you should wear vision correction depends on a number of factors including:

1. Your complete prescription with:

Sphere, Cylinder and Axis, for each eye. Also any other prescription elements such as Prism and any Add.

2. Your age

3. If you are a student, your level in school.

With that information, we can begin to understand your visual needs and offer some suggestions.

We may also have other questions.

Most young people are surprised that they need vision correction because they have no frame of reference for comparison between the vision they are used to and really good, effortless vision.

We will be happy to help you.


Newtoglasses 26 Mar 2016, 11:56

Hi guys and girls, I just found this site and think it is a great idea. I am posting because last week I got the terrible news that I now need glasses. My parents decided to take me and all my siblings to get our first eye exams out of the blue, and now I have to end up with glasses. Will I have to wear these glasses all tye time? Or does that come later after you have had glasses for a while?

Soundmanpt 23 Mar 2016, 06:28


The reason your eyes are seeing 20/30 is not really because of your +1.00 SPH in both eyes but because of you CYL (astigmatisms). The +1.00 part (SPH) is really going to be more of a benefit to you for close work and the CYL will also okay a part in that as well. Once your eyes adjust to the prescription of your glasses you should be able to see distances at 20/20 or better. Again if your distance seems to be a little bit blurry with your glasses now slowly the blur will start to go away. The best thing you can do is put your glasses on as soon as you wake up each day. Don't wait to put them on several hours later because that just makes it harder on your eyes to make the adjustment. And yes with these being your first glasses it does take a bit of getting used to wearing glasses. But they will start to feel more and more comfortable to you the more you wear them.

Cassy 23 Mar 2016, 04:53

Thanks for the advise you guys. The doctor said I have 20/30 in both eyes, I don't have another eye exam for a year. Guess I will try wearing my glasses all the time. Will take some adjusting to.

Likelenses 22 Mar 2016, 23:51


Ha! If you are a female you must not get asked for many dates,or if you are a male you must not have any women accept. You must be a loser!

JJ 22 Mar 2016, 15:07

it's funny watching you ask yourself out on a date. it's obvious June and Cheryl are your fantasy creations.

Soundmanpt 22 Mar 2016, 08:55


What "Plus Tony" has told you is correct about why you should be wearing your glasses full time. I know this has to seem to be wrong because you probably can still see pretty good without glasses. It doesn't help that based on your prescription you can't see very well with your glasses. You have 2 things that is making it hard for you to wear your glasses and cause you to question your need for glasses. Like "Plus Tony" said the first numbers of your prescription for each eye is your SPH or distance. Your actual distance is okay so right now with your glasses on distances are probably a little bit blurry which is perfectly normal. But your glasses should help a bit with reading small print. Now those 2 numbers is to correct your astigmatisms and they are more than enough to cause you problems. When you were getting your eyes examined I think you might have been able to see the eye chart pretty well except that the letters looked out of focus to you. That is because of your astigmatisms. Astigmatisms effects your eyesight at all distances which is the main reason you need to wear your glasses all the time. If you seemed to always be getting headaches around mid day that would be your astigmatisms causing your head to hurt. Your glasses are probably the hardest to adjust to because they are plus lenses and the astigmatisms but by keeping your glasses on your eyes will soon adjust to them and you will be seeing perfect with your glasses. So even though you may be thinking that you don't really need your glasses or that maybe the prescription is wrong your glasses are just fine. In a couple weeks your glasses should be completely comfortable to you.

Likelenses 22 Mar 2016, 00:40


Well,I better fly over there right quick then!

Plus Tony 21 Mar 2016, 23:52

Hi Cassy. The answer is probably yes because you are a little longsighted (that's the +1.00 bit) but have quite a lot of astigmatism (the numbers that follow) for a first prescription. There are others here who can explain astigmatism in much more detail but basically it means that your eye is shaped more like an American football or rugby ball than a soccer ball.

My advice (even if you are sceptical about what your eye doctor told you) would be to wear them all the time for at least a week to see what you think. How old are you and are you working/studying? How soon did they tell you to come back for your next eye test? These are all factors that help determine whether full time wear is right for you but the most important is ultimately whether you can see better with glasses than without.

June 21 Mar 2016, 23:52

Never say never Likelenses

Likelenses 21 Mar 2016, 22:00


So does this mean that there is no hope for me having a date with you?

Cassy 21 Mar 2016, 21:36

I just got my first glasses. They are Left Eye sphere +1.00, cyl -1.00, axis 70 and Right Eyes sphere +1.00, cyl -.75 and axis 90.

I don't know what this means, but the doctor said I should wear them all the time. Does this sound right?

June 21 Mar 2016, 10:13

Soundman. You right on all counts, I very much enjoy my glasses , but at first would wear in support of Susan, but its a pleasure now and I like how I look in Them. Susan thinks its cool I have a girlfriend, she is old enough I dont have to hide it from her. Carrie made nice comment about me being happy, she sounds nice girl.

Soundmanpt 21 Mar 2016, 09:01


So I have to say your interest in women was a bit of a surprise but like Carrie said you deserve to be happy for your sake and Susan's. Something tells me Susan is perfectly fine with it and also only wants you to be happy. But I am more surprised at how much you love wearing glasses now. It was only about a year ago that you commented that you thought you might need to get glasses and made an appointment to get your eyes checked. You made it clear that if you did prescribed glasses no matter how weak or how strong they were you intended on wearing them full time in support of Susan since she has to wear her glasses full time. But you didn't give any impression that you were looking forward to getting glasses or wearing them full time. But I guess once you got your glasses and started wearing them you must have started to like your looks wearing glasses? Anyway that's really great to hear that your a happy glasses wearer. Even better if your gf also wears glasses something I have a feeling your happy about.

June 20 Mar 2016, 15:05

Carrie. Thank youmCarrie for your nice reply. I,admit,I,have,been in denial for some years, but now my daughter,is,older, I have started dating a lady.

It's nice she wears glasses as well same,as me plus,but a little stronger.

It surprised me at how easy people accept it when you say," I have a gf"

Again thanks for replying, I often read your posts and glad you enjoy glasses as well, I love them now.

Carrie 20 Mar 2016, 10:08

Sorry, still off topic... June I'd like to welcome you to the other "club" I belong to. I am in a relationship with a woman because I simply fell in love with her. My last boyfriend was lovely and I hurt him by ending our relationship badly. He has since forgiven me. If I ever break up with my girlfriend I would look for a woman rather than a man as I had been denying to myself my whole life that I would find another woman attractive. Then I met Gemma and she helped me get rid of the denial and made me realise I was attracted to women. I don't hate men, I just don't fancy them.

I hope you find a gorgeous lady or man who genuinely loves you and your daughter.

June 20 Mar 2016, 08:53

Thanks Soundman. It destroyed my trust but it may come back. You cannot say all men are bad nor all ladies good. But we getting off topic her, sorry to all readers

Soundmanpt 20 Mar 2016, 08:29


Sadly that is why many women seem to turn to other women. I think you appreciate the understanding that you get from another woman and find trusting a man much more difficult now. So for all the men out there it is their lose.

June 19 Mar 2016, 14:18

It's ok Soundman, I was let down badly by one man.

Soundmanpt 19 Mar 2016, 10:20


Good point, you did only say that you were back dating again. I see nothing wrong with that as long as your happy.

June 19 Mar 2016, 06:56

Why do you assume I want a guy girls are as nice lol

Soundmanpt 18 Mar 2016, 15:57


Really great to hear that Susan is doing just fine with her glasses. It makes sense that when she is tired that her eye wants to turn in. They may still need to give her a small increase for the prism to even stop that but it really shouldn't be much if that is the only time it happens. I think we all can agree with her about not wanting the patch. I guess it was worth giving it a try but it just never seems to work for older kids for some reason.

And who would have ever thought that you would really enjoy wearing glasses as much as you seem to now? Honestly when you first got your glasses I knew you were mostly planning on wearing them full time because Susan has to wear her glasses full time but I wondered since you didn't really need to wear your glasses full time how you really felt about it? Now i guess you answered that if you now have 3 pairs in your current prescription and even say you love them. But I guess maybe you were a little unsure yourself when you started wearing them for the first time how much you were going to like wearing glasses. but you clearly seem much more comfortable wearing one of your 3 pairs of glasses than you are without them. Even better I am sure that Susan is really happy that your wearing glasses too.

Good to hear that your out there dating you deserve finding some really nice guy that will love you and Susan.

June 18 Mar 2016, 00:24

Sorry for double post

June 18 Mar 2016, 00:22

Quick update Soundman. Susan still doing fine with her glasses, the prism is working, unless her eyes are tired you can't notice her eye turning in. Her teacher at school has updated the lesson she give to classes on glasses, if any child in any class wears glasses they get her lecture,slotted,in a lesson, which is good. Susan never takes her glasses off due to double vision now. But she said it's better than wearing a,patch.As for myself, I still love them and have three different pairs now, seems strange to see myself in mirror without them. I am also dating again, so all in, things are good.

Thanks again to you and others for,positive help

June 18 Mar 2016, 00:22

Quick update Soundman. Susan still doing fine with her glasses, the prism is working, unless her eyes are tired you can't notice her eye turning in. Her teacher at school has updated the lesson she give to classes on glasses, if any child in any class wears glasses they get her lecture,slotted,in a lesson, which is good. Susan never takes her glasses off due to double vision now. But she said it's better than wearing a,patch.As for myself, I still love them and have three different pairs now, seems strange to see myself in mirror without them. I am also dating again, so all in, things are good.

Thanks again to you and others for,positive help

Soundmanpt 17 Mar 2016, 11:17


Your reaction to your new glasses is very normal. You need your glasses for seeing close up and they already seem very comfortable to you for that. So now you know that when you need to read something you really need to be wearing your glasses. Don't be at all surprised that as your eyes adjust to your glasses it will start to get harder and harder to read anything without your glasses. It is also very normal that your eyesight with your glasses on is rather blurry is to be expected as well. But if you don't want to be putting and taking off your glasses all the time if you just keep your glasses on all the time your eyes will slowly adjust to your glasses and you will be able to see perfectly with your glasses or distances as well as close up. Of course for now I don't suggest you wear your glasses for driving until your eyes get more adjusted to them.

Taylor 17 Mar 2016, 10:57

I got my glasses yesterday, and I have to admit they do make a difference. With then in I can read more comfortably because it feels like I am doing less work, there is no straining my eyes and stretching my arm ti get my books as far as possible. It is weird thiugh, when I put them on I cannot see anything further away because it is such an annoying blur.

Trent 16 Mar 2016, 16:45

I require safety glasses for work and was instructed to place an order with a local optician. There are only three approved frames all of which are a wraparound style with quite a large eye size. The glasses came back in a week and man were they thick! Being a minus 8 I expected this. I wore them off and on for about a week and found my vision so blurry I had to return to them to the store. They found the thick lenses were sitting very close to my eyes. When the optometrist did an over refraction he discover the lenses were 1.25 diopters too strong. They ordered another pair, hopefully the Rx is correct this time.

Soundmanpt 16 Mar 2016, 14:20


I looked back to see if you had posted any previous comment about going to get your eyes examined but I didn't find anything so I assume this was your first comment about getting your eyes examined and getting glasses? It seems that you enjoyed the whole eye exam experience? I'm surprised at how many are so nervous about getting their eyes examined. In fact seeing the optometrist is probably the one doctor that you can be sure nothing painful is going to happen such as getting a shot or having teeth pulled. Anyway were you expecting that you were likely going to be prescribed glasses or were you expecting that you needed glasses? Now that you're getting them tomorrow how are you feeling about wearing glasses for the first time? Once you found out that you were getting glasses did you try and make a point to tell your friends that you were getting glasses? That usually always helps if people are already expecting to see you wearing glasses. Since you enjoyed the eye exam you might even even enjoy the fitting process as well. The optician will generally put your glasses on you and then start checking how they fit behind your ears and asking you how they feel? After few adjustments you will be asked to put your head down and shake your head from side to side. The reason for this is to make sure that your glasses stay in place and don't shake off. I would assume that this being your first prescription your glasses will be pretty weak, but you will be amazed at how clear and sharp everything will look with your glasses on. You will of course get case for your glasses along with a small micro cloth to clean your glasses with. Only use a soft lint free cloth when you clean your glasses and never use anything made from paper such as paper towels, tissues and toilet paper. When your not wearing your glasses keep them in the case and never sit them down on the lenses. Let us know how you like your glasses once you get them.

Taylor 15 Mar 2016, 23:19

I have to go pick up my first glasses tomorrow and I am very nervous. I have to admit that the appointmnet was fun. Those binocular things seem like a cool instrament. While I did get the bzd news that I need glasses the whole experince was not bad.

GreginColo 13 Mar 2016, 19:42


just curios if you got your new glasses with your final prescription and how you are adjusting to them. Thanks

Andrew 13 Mar 2016, 15:14

Not me, just in case of confusion! If only I could be 46 again!

Andrew 13 Mar 2016, 15:14

Not me, just in case of confusion! If only I could be 46 again!

Julian 13 Mar 2016, 12:21

Andrew, you've reached the age where presbyopia starts to bite. Greg has made some sensible suggestions; but it seems pretty obvious to me that your next Rx will be for bifocals (I got my first bifocals at 40). If you want a pair of reader till then, fine; but they're on the horizon anyway.

Cactus Jack 13 Mar 2016, 11:06


I would suggest that you check out:

They offer clip on magnifiers (reading glasses) from +1.00 to +5.00 in two sizes (large lens and small lens) for about US$15.00. I have used them for several years and have been very pleased. The lens quality is excellent and the frames are rugged metal.

To determine what power you need for a particular application, measure the distance from your glasses to the target. Then divide the measurement into either 39.37 inches or 100 cm to determine the + power to focus at that distance.

If you need to focus very close for an extended period, you might want to consider an OptiVisor. They are available in 4 powers and the lenses have some Base IN prism to reduce the amount of convergence you have to do, to focus close. When you check out the powers, you may be a bit confused by the lower power needed to focus at various distances. This is because of Vertex Distance effects. The + lenses in the OptiVisor are farther from your eyes or glasses and that increases their effective power.


GreginColo 13 Mar 2016, 06:26

Andrew, I am no ECP but am guessing having a spare pair of glasses 2 drop less than your normal Rx would provide comfortable vision for close up work. You can try it very cost effectively via Zenni mail order optical. Another thing you could do would be to buy some inexpensive drugstore readers of various Rx and put them over your regular glasses to see which provides you the best close or midrange vision. hope this helps, Greg.

Andrew 13 Mar 2016, 00:39

I wear minus fivish with astigmatism, am 46 and I begin to feel the need to take off my glasses for very close work. I was wondering whether I should have a pair of less powerful glasses made, perhaps by 1 or 2 dioptres. Maybe that could put less strain on the eyes when in front of the pc, or reading... I don't know exactly by how much the lenses should be lighter, though? What's your take? I need to be comfortable with them when reading, for instance.

Likelenses 11 Mar 2016, 22:02


Just get the clear lenses,and flaunt the power!

Ambrose 11 Mar 2016, 13:03

Off to get new glasses tomorrow.not sure if gonna get tinted myodisc lenses to hide lenses strength or should I go photochromic

Cactus Jack 08 Mar 2016, 08:08


+1.50 should also work. I started wearing a +1.00 add when I was about 20 and in University studying Engineering. I don't remember if there were comments from others, but I did not much care. They weren't having MY headaches. I was concerned at first, but quickly decided that I did not wear glasses for THEIR benefit and did not need their approval.

Don't get too concerned about bifocals, lined or otherwise, Tiny text on SmartPhones is revealing Hyperopia at significantly earlier ages than we are accustomed to. It is not uncommon to see teens wearing bifocals.

I think you might enjoy reading Macrae's Story on the Vision and Spex website.


PlusWearer 08 Mar 2016, 03:01

Thank you for your response, CJ!

Yes, I suspected that the segment starts too low. I will see if I can ask for a higher segment next time. 1.25 sounds like a reasonable value. I had thought about 1.5, but with a higher segment 1.25 should work.

I can retrace your dislike for progressives because of the narrow vision channel, but vanity limits my flexibility (I work in a teaching environment).



Cactus Jack 07 Mar 2016, 22:32


Frankly, a progressive Add of +0.75 (power at the bottom of the progressive segment) is pretty weak and if the segment height (Place where the progressive segment starts) is too low, your eyes may not be looking in the optimal place for where you are trying to focus.

Unfortunately, it is very hard to see where the transition actually starts, particularly with a very low add. You may be able to raise the progressive segment a bit by adjusting the nose pads inward a little, if present.

If the computer at 80 cm is giving you more trouble than reading, you may need to go up some on the add to say +1.25.

I don't have any appreciable experience with progressives. I tried them many years ago and they did not work for me. In some ways, progressives may act a bit like trifocals. The technique for adjusting the intermediate segment height is where the top line of the segment is just below the bottom of the pupil.

Soundmanpt has experience fitting glasses professionally, perhaps he can offer some suggestions.


PlusWearer 07 Mar 2016, 01:01

Hi CJ,

I generally read close up at around 40-50cm (depending on writing and context). My PC screen distance is around 80cm. All values have been measured.

My original distance prescription:

OD: +2.0, -1.5 cyl

OS: +2.5, -2.0 cyl

(On both sides 4BO prism).

The reading glasses have an increase in sphere by 0.75 - no other changes. What value would you propose to get reasonable power in the intermediate area?

Thank you!

Cactus Jack 06 Mar 2016, 08:52

Plus Wearer,

What is the full prescription in your regular glasses and in your reading glasses.


Cactus Jack 06 Mar 2016, 08:49

Plus Wearer,

It many depend on where in the progressive window you are looking. The name progressive means that in your case the distance part of your glasses is +2.00 and the add part starts there and gradually increases to +2.75. Somewhere, in the progressive part, near the top, the prescription is +2.25.

It would be very helpful if you could provide some target distances for reading and also using a computer. Please measure rather than estimate.


PlusWearer 06 Mar 2016, 06:10

I finally got my progressive glasses, but the effect is somewhat disappointing.

I am wearing glasses with an additional 0.75 for close work (on top of my +2), which I find very comfortable. However, in the progressives, the additional 0.75 feel like 0.25 at best.

Did anyone have a similar experience?

I plan to reorder and choose a higher addition and wonder how much I should choose to have the comfort for close up work (which I have with my reading glasses), while being able to see distance.

 02 Mar 2016, 01:58

Using that logic, you make postings under a false pseudonym, so your postings must also be false. is this an admission?

Likelenses 01 Mar 2016, 19:41

Since you post without a name,you do not deserve any answers.

 01 Mar 2016, 17:26

What does "cheryl" think about your continuous romancing of "June" on Eyescene? does she approve? Or do you hide it like an affair?

i wonder how many people keep their fetish secret and do not share anything about it with their partners. what was your partner's reaction?

Likelenses 26 Feb 2016, 20:49

Back on 27 Dec. 2015 I posted to this thread about a very attractive co worker of my girlfriend,that was prescribed her first pair of minus glasses at age 38.

There is a new development with her.Two weeks ago she failed the distant vision part of her drivers license renewal,with her glasses on.

She returned back to the optometrist that had prescribed her -2.75 glasses. He did a free second refraction,and now prescribed her, Rt. -3.75 Lt. -3.50 -.75 cyl. @ 176.Because the prescription is a fair amount stronger,and the fact that she had a bit of trouble adjusting to the first one for near work,he also gave her a + 1.50 add.

There also was no charge for the new lenses,as it had been only about two months since the first Rx.The lenses are fairly chunky,so I suppose they are CR 39 plastic.

Cheryl,and I had lunch with her today,and she looks fantastic with the sparkling new bifocals.

Cheryl wanted to know how she would look in Judy's frames,and when she tried on Judy's glasses,Judy put on Cheryl's.The expression on Judy's face was priceless,as she could not see a thing out of Cheryls minus nineish bifocals.She kept them on for a few minutes at my urging,and sat there making faces,and squinting,trying to see through them.Cheryl on the other hand could not see through Judy's glasses,to appreciate the humor that I was seeing.

All in all a wonderful lunch with two beautiful girls with glasses.

Cactus Jack 24 Feb 2016, 19:43


I will share with you, but I think we should wait a bit, until after you get your full prescription and have an opportunity to get used to it.

The idea is one that has been implemented by a local Ophthalmologist for some of his patients who require very high prescriptions of any type. It is a small variation on a technique I noticed many years ago for a relatively young woman who had to have Cataract surgery, but did not want to wear the VERY strong PLUS glasses all the time. It actually is a variation on GOC which is frequently discussed here. In your case, you need the willing cooperation of an ECP because of your high cylinder correction and you may have some problems getting past his/her training.

The idea is to use Sphere Only Contact Lenses to correct most of your Myopia. Enough correction to allow you to correct the rest of your Myopia and all of your Cylinder with glasses, all the while staying below a prescription where Vertex Distance has much of an effect. We could do some calculations, if we need to, and probably get close, but Contacts can affect Cylinder values. Astigmatism is generally caused by uneven curvature of the front surface of the Cornea. Hard Contacts can mould the Cornea and reshape it, but they can be uncomfortable to wear. Soft Contacts typically conform to the shape of the Cornea, but some stronger, thicker Sphere ONLY Soft Contacts can fill in the unevenness and reduce the need to for full Cylinder power. To compensate for this change in Cylinder correction, all that is needed is to do a Refraction with the Contact Lenses in place. That will yield a Glasses Prescription that should afford the Best Corrected Visual Acuity (BCVA).

If you can get the glasses power below where Vertex Distance has much of an effect, you will have near normal image size on your Retinas and possibly excellent VA.

The potential snag with all this is that you may have an ECP who is reluctant to try anything that was not taught in school.


Jay 23 Feb 2016, 09:28

Patrick B

Thank you for your kind words, and thanknyou for sharing.

Patrick B 22 Feb 2016, 14:07

Hi Jay --

I'm glad to hear that you finally have got the visual correction you need! I also have a very high prescription (-26.00 and -24.75 with negligible astimatism) and wear both contacts and glasses. With contacts, I have around 20/30. With glasses I have around 20/40, mostly because of the problem of minimification that Cactus Jack was describing. One of the tricks to give you the best corrected vision with glasses is to have them positioned as close as possible to your eyes to reduce the vertex distance. To achieve better acuity I have used myodisc/lenticular lenses which can be fitted closer to one's face because the lenses are thinner. Myodisc lenses usually have a bowl of approximately 20/25mm which is surrounded by a "carrier" which can be either plus or minus. I always get the negative carriers because the transition between the bowl and the carrier is lessened because the entire lens is a negative. I also get the bowl blended into the carrier which provides a much-enhanced cosmetic effect. The strength of the lenses is far less apparent to a viewer and the edge is far thinner. You can also get a larger frame. There are three downsides: 1. Your visual range is limited by the bowl, although I never thought it was a problem because I only looked through the center of my conventional lenses in the first place because that is where I always got my best visual acuity. 2. You can't get bi-focals because there isn't enough space in the bowls to create a second prescripton. 3. They can be more expensive, although a Hong Kong-based optical dispensing company I use has excellent prices and provides good quality work. They also specialize in high-index glass lenses which are the thinnest around.

I'd suggest finding a dispensing optician who specializes in these rare lenses who can explain them and, perhaps, has some examples. You don't see them very often but I think they're a superior solution for a very high myope.

In the meantime, enjoy your new vision and let us know how you are getting along.

Jay 22 Feb 2016, 13:06

Cactus Jack

I would love to hear what you have to say, please do share.

Cactus Jack 20 Feb 2016, 21:56


I am very glad to hear that you are enjoying your improved vision with these glasses and you have put vanity aside. It serves no useful purpose. I think you will really be amazed when you get your full correction.

The minification is caused by the Vertex Distance effects of your glasses. The minification will be increased by your full prescription. At some point, the minification will cause a reduction in your Visual Acuity because of the physical limitation of the Human Eye. It is something similar to comparing the sharpness of images from a digital cameras with differing numbers of Pixels in the Image Sensor.

The average human Retina has about 120 million Rods and Cones. Some are only sensitive to Red, Green and Blue. Others are only sensitive to light levels and can't differentiate colors. The Retina, which is actually part of the brain, processes the signals from the 120 million Rods and Cones and transmits them on about 1 million Optic Nerve fibers to the Visual Cortex.

As individual Image Elements get smaller and smaller because of minification effects they cover fewer and fewer Rods and Cones. At some point, a image element gets so small, it no longer registers and does not get transmitted to the Visual Cortex, and you can't "see" it.

Up to a point, the minifucaiton of the Images seem to make your vision more crisp, but beyond that point, Visual Acuity is reduced. Should you notice that your Visual Acuity seems less than it could be, I may be able to offer some suggestions on ways to reduce the minification while maintaining good focus. It will take some imagination on your Dr's. part and some on yours, if you are interested. Right now, your objective should be to be able to see as good as possible, using traditional techniques. You can explore improvement later.


GreginColo 20 Feb 2016, 20:34

Jay, glad to hear you are so pleased with your new glasses and that your earlier concerns are outweighed by your significantly improved vision. Keep us posted.

Tom W. 20 Feb 2016, 19:59

Jay, glad the new Rx (lower for now) is such a success for you. Best to follow the Dr. sugestion on how to proceed.

Jay 20 Feb 2016, 15:48

Yes, everything is noticebky smaller, but at the same time everything is so much clearer, and I am not even talking about the glasses with my real prescription. It is amazing hiw clear everythibg is. They are the best. I love them. I had honestly forgotten how clear everthing should be, and now I am loving it, who cares about the thickness and the lines on my actual glasses. I am seeing in an amazing clarity to me that is all that matters now.

Likelenses 19 Feb 2016, 22:41


It could also be that with the huge increase in your minus, that the minifcation of near objects is just too much.

Do you notice the new minifcation for distant objects?

Cactus Jack 19 Feb 2016, 13:40


It is very likely that the early need for bifocals was in part cause by the extended period of under correction. Uncorrected Myopia has the the same optical effect as wearing PLUS reading glasses all the time.

There are two elements involved in the development of Presbyopia or Pseudo Presbyopia (my name). The first and most obvious element is the gradual stiffening of your Crystalline Lenses with age. Typically, that does not become a nuisance until the mid to late 30s or early 40s. The second and less obvious element is de-conditioning or weakening of the Ciliary Muscles through dis-use (Pseudo Presbyopia)..

For their size, your Ciliary Muscles are the normally the strongest and best conditioned muscles in the body. However, if you are not using them, your Ciliary Muscles will get out of condition very quickly and not have enough strength to increase the PLUS power of your Crystalline Lenses to enable you to focus close.

There are a few myopic members who think they are being heroic by not wearing their glasses (see the "Going Without Glasses" thread). Instead, they are de-conditioning their Ciliary Muscles by making it unnecessary for them to do any work. The result can be the early onset of Presbyopia.

Often, wearing reduced MINUS glasses for reading is prescribed for Progressive Myopia. That may be a valid therapy for slowing the progress of Myopia, but it is a two edged sword. When it comes to Progressive Myopia, nothing can overcome the power of your genes.

When you start wearing your new glasses, you may be able to slowly re-condition your Ciliary Muscles and minimize the need for bifocals for a few more years., but it won't happen without effort on your part. Many ECPs will purposely under correct new glasses wearers or fit bifocals even in children, if they have become significantly Myopic, before it was detected and corrected.

Several years ago we had a 17 YO poster from Greece, whose first prescription was about -3.50. When he got his glasses, he discovered that he could not focus to read or use his computer. We suggested that he return to his ECP and explain the problem. His ECP discovered that his Ciliary Muscles were extremely weak and prescribed low add bifocals. It turned out that that helped with the computer, but he still had trouble reading. The solution was trifocals.

You really could not fault the ECP because he had never seen or heard of a case where a 17 YO needed trifocals.

After he got the trifocals, we never heard from him again However, it is likely that as he started having to do some focusing, he was able to restore strength to his Ciliary Muscles and gradually eliminate the trifocals and then the bifocals.

I would like to suggest that you need to learn as much as possible about vision and the symptoms of various vision problems. Often an observant teacher is the first line of defense in spotting vision problems in their students. Middle school and High school are where vision problems are often first manifest.

Think of it as enlightened self interest.


Tom W. 19 Feb 2016, 13:05

Jay, Thick glasses have become trendy today, not like the old times. There are websites featuring guys with thick glasses. If you are interested I can provide you the access information. Good luck and watch your step with the increased Rx strength.

GreginColo 19 Feb 2016, 11:43

Jay, good luck with your new glasses. Hopefully the improved vision will quickly offset your concerns about the look of the glasses and hopefully you will soon get used to them, and those your interact with will also. My observation has been that the bifocal line is much less noticeable with high minus glasses than with high plus, or even a combo between low minus and low plus. While we all have things about our physical makeup that we might wish to be different, don't dwell on this one thing but rather be thankful that your vision can be so well corrected. If you ever feel comfortable sharing a photo of your new glasses I am sure many of us would appreciate seeing them. Continue to keep us informed how things go for you as you make this adjustment to your new glasses.

Jay 19 Feb 2016, 11:09

Well, today is the dreaded/anticipated day that I get my new pairs of glasses. I do not think I have had more mixed emotions about anything in my life before. On one hand I wasn't to see as clearly as I did when I was in the examination seat, and on the other, my vision has gotten about -5 worse, and I can only imagine how thick the lenses are going to be, how small they are going to make my eyes, and the pair with my real prescription is going to have a line through it because they are bifocals. I thought only people in their like 50s got bifocals, but here I am not even thirty, almost to -20, and with bifocals.

Soundmanpt 18 Feb 2016, 21:05


I guess for you it does really seem like you have been wearing glasses much longer than just a year. But as you know you only need to look at your family Christmas picture from December of 2014 and you will see yourself and your sister both without glasses. Like you said your sister did have glasses but she only had gotten hers a few months before that and pretty much wasn't wearing them very much since she wasn't very excited to even have them. You really did adjust to wearing glasses very quickly. It only took a time or two of not having your glasses in class for you realize how much you really needed them. Those first few weeks of wearing glasses full time usually isn't very easy. You may recall I said that learning to wear glasses for the first time takes some getting used to. Not just with your eyes adjusting to the prescription but how glasses feel on you. Little doubt that you were doing quite a bit of fiddling and adjusting them by pushing them up or pulling them down etc. Of course in doing that you also managed to smudge and fingerprint your lenses as well which didn't help since even with your lenses being perfectly clean it still wasn't the same as it was before you got glasses. It didn't help that when you bumped into someone that was seeing you in glasses for the first time they quickly reminded you that you were now wearing glasses. Now that you're completely used to wearing your glasses and really don't even give much thought about them anymore they don't seem to need nearly as much cleaning as they used? It had to very shocking when you went for your eye exam and was only expecting to need glasses for driving and maybe at school to be told that you really needed to wear them full time. Actually i'm not sure they ever did tell you straight out that you needed to wear them all the time or not? They seemed to suggest in various comments like suggesting that you remove your contacts to try your glasses on and being surprised that theses were your first glasses. But your vision had to be so much better with your glasses that it didn't take you long to find out you really needed them all the time.

Your right that for your sister getting glasses when she was i'm guessing a junior or senior at the time was something she was probably avoiding for a while until she finally had no choice but to get glasses. Like you even said she probably knew when she was 16 that she couldn't pass the vision test to get her driver's permit and for her it was better to not drive than have to start wearing glasses in front of all her friends that she had known for years. You really can't blame her for that. But she finally pushed through it anyway and got glasses and she just made a point that it she would rarely be seen wearing them. I'm sure she has matured but I think the biggest thing with getting her courage up was you wearing your glasses full time and being as confident as ever. I think even with the increase she got in her prescription she would still have tried as hard as possible not to wear her glasses except when she had to. So you really showed her the way.

Funny that your kind of watching your bf go through many of the same things you went through when you got your glasses. I have no doubt that you are giving him as much support as he was giving you with your glasses.

Katie 18 Feb 2016, 17:24


To me it does seem like I've had glasses forever even though I've only had them for a year. When I first got them I would forget to put them on in the morning or take them to class and I was constantly cleaning them and adjusting them all day long. Now I usually put my glasses on even before I'm fully awake and I usually don't even notice that I'm wearing glasses during the day. Finding out that I needed to wear glasses full time right away was a bit of a shock but it certainly made me get used to wearing glasses much faster.

I am going to hold off on updating my glasses like you suggested since it is such a small change and I can still see very well now. The doctor did say that it was a very tiny change and probably not worth addressing now unless it was really bothering me. She also said that given my age and my prescription history that my eyes shouldn't change too much more and only slight adjustments are probably necessary from here on.


My sister has been wearing her glasses full time for some time now as her prescription increased over the past year to the point that she couldn't manage well without them so it hasn't been a big change for her. All her friends knew that she wore glasses before anyways so she didn't have much difficulty adjusting. I also think is is just a part of maturing, I know that if I had to start wearing glasses suddenly in high school it would have been a lot more difficult than at 21 in college.

As for my boyfriend, for the first few days he kept forgetting to put them on in the morning because he was so used to just having them in his backpack for driving and for class. He actually moved his alarm to the other side of the room so he can't read it without his glasses so it forces him to put them on in the morning. It also helps him wake up since he has to go across the room to turn it off and can't just hit snooze haha. Initially he mentioned that his lenses were getting dirty much faster than before and he was always cleaning them because he found it annoying and asked how I put up with it. I remember having the exact same problem when I first started wearing my glasses so I told him that the less I took them off to clean and mess with the less I noticed and pretty soon I was only cleaning them once or twice a day. It has been a few months so I think he is used to it now, at least he hasn't mentioned anything to me other than it is so much easier to do daily activities without straining or having to find his glasses first.

George1968 17 Feb 2016, 12:20


How are your boyfriend and sister adjusting to being fulltime glasses wearers?

Soundmanpt 17 Feb 2016, 12:12


It's always great to hear from you even when nothing is happening. After reading your post I went back because it seemed like it much longer than just a year ago that you got your first glasses. Actually it hasn't even been a full year yet. You got your eyes examined on Feb. 15th 2015. You were only expecting to be told that you needed glasses for seeing the board at school and driving. But you soon found out that you really needed your glasses much more than that and you were wearing your glasses full time within just a few weeks of getting them.

Yeah if I were I would hold off with getting your glasses changed since your still seeing 20/20 with your glasses. It was nice to be able to see 20/15 but certainly not necessary. So you were only talking about a -.25 change in your right lens and -.50 in your left lens. You might not need an increase for 6 months or a year if even then. Just like I told you when you first got glasses your eyes were a mess. Just like you found out your eyes were bad enough that they didn't even give you your full correction and only only corrected yo to 20/40. So it wasn't at all surprising that you soon needed new glasses after less then 5 months and a considerable increase as well. But now it sees like your eyes have settled down and your glasses have caught up to your eyes. I really don't expect that you're going to be getting much change in your glasses from now on.

Katie 16 Feb 2016, 17:32

It has been a few months since I last posted here as nothing much has changed since December and I didn't have anything to post about. However, I had another eye exam today because it has been a year since my first eye exam last February and I got a card in the mail recommending that I come in for a quick check up. I went in today and I was still able to read the 20/20 line with my current glasses on which is great since it has been about 6 months since I got my prescription updated. The doctor did do a quick check of my prescription anyway and said that my vision had changed just a little bit since my last exam. I wasn't able to see the 20/15 line without squinting like before so she adjusted my prescription a bit and I ended up with R: -4.00 L: -2.75 -0.75 x 165 which she said was a pretty insignificant change. I was very happy that it was such a small change, unlike before, and the doctor said my vision has pretty much stabilized and that I should only expect a few small changes every year instead of every six months. In fact she said that I could probably hold off getting the new prescription filled since I'm not having any problems and haven't noticed anything being out of focus.

It is hard to believe that it's been a year since I had my first eye exam and got my first pair of glasses. It is weird when I think back about how nervous I was when I found out that I had to wear glasses all the time because my glasses feel like a part of my identity now. All my friends are so used to seeing me wear glasses that they make comments whenever I wear my contacts which is funny. Initially I was so worried about what people would say when I wore my glasses but now I get more comments when I don't. I also went and saw a movie with my boyfriend on Valentine's day and unlike last year I didn't make us sit up front so I could see.

Jay 15 Feb 2016, 23:49

Tom W.,

Yeah, I was blown away during the appointment. I forgot how clear things are supposed to be.

Tom W. 15 Feb 2016, 20:17

Jay, You will be amazed at your new sight. Concern yourself later about thickness and look into the alternate source of back up's as mentioned. Continuse check up's on a yearly basis. Tom

Jay 15 Feb 2016, 16:53

Cactus Jack,GreginColo

Thanj you for the suggestion of zenni, but zi thibj two pairs of glasses, even if one does not have my full prescriotion is more than enough for 6 months because lets not forget I went 7 years with the same pair of glasses, and they are still in great condition.

GreginColo 15 Feb 2016, 15:56

Thanks Jay for sharing the results of your eye exam. That is quite an increase but likely it happened gradually over the past 7 years so not an alarm to have a big increase at this time. Its good your Eye Dr discussed with you the risk of retinal detachment.

You'll likely be very pleased as to how your vision will improve with the new correction and especially important for driving. You didn't mention if you had been driving with your old Rx. You will also enjoy the bifocal or lower Rx glasses for close up or mid-range work. As CJ said, you can get backup or spare pair glasses very reasonably from Zenni optical. Also as mentioned, it may take a while to get used to the higher RX, not so much for distance viewing for for walking around, etc. Did you get similar frames or did you go for a new look? I also welcome you to contact me personally if you wish.

Cactus Jack 15 Feb 2016, 14:52


Thank you for the information.

May I ask where you live?

You have ordered your new glasses, but I would like to suggest that you look into ordering spare/additional glasses online. They will be a lot less expensive, but your high prescription may complicate it. I will be happy to help. Many of our members have ordered glasses from Zenni Optical.

I would also invite you to contact me privately at if you are uncomfortable discussing any of this.


Jay 15 Feb 2016, 14:29

Cactus jack, and GreginColo


I meant ages 9-12. As far breaking or loosing my glasses, that did not haooen to me at alk in thr seven years.

Cactus Jack,

I just had my appointment and will get my new glassed in about 3 days. The doctor was surprised at the fact that I had waited 7 years to finally get my eyes tested. When he asked how my vision is now, I told him about how it was begining to be a real struggle to see things far away. Also, about how I cannot read anything I write on my board more than about three feet away without needing to push up my glasses. He said he would imagine so because according to the results from my autorefraction results I am in need of some extra help, but we would not know for sure how much until after the which is better 1 or 2 part. As it turns out, according to him I actully needed more help than what the autorefractor had guessed. He said my myopeia needs a -4.25 dioptars increase in my right eye, and a -3.75 dioptars increase in my left eye. Also, he said now my astigmatism has also gotten a little worse. I need a -1 dioptar increase in my right eye, and a -.75 dioptar increase in my left eye. Lastly, he said the more minus a lens the smaller everything is seen, which is why I was having trouble reading all if the reading chart with my new prescription. So he is prescribing me bifocals with a +2.00 add. He also recommended that I buy a pair with just the reading prescription and wear them for about two weeks first to ease myself into my new prescription because the big amount of change would be hard to get used to. Also, so I could use them as a back up pair for the next six months. He said my eyes are healthy, but he explained how with a prescription like mine I am more likely to get retinal detachment, so if I ever get even a small head injury I should get my eyes checked for potential detachment. Lastly, he reccomended I get a higher index of lenses, but ny insurance does not cover them, so I nicely declined.

GreginColo 15 Feb 2016, 10:49

Thanks Jay, just for my clarification when you say you wore contacts from 9-12, does that mean ages 9-12, or school years 9-12? I am guessing school years which would correspond to about when you had your last eye exam. You have certainly gotten your money's worth from your current pair of glasses.

Did you ever break or temporarily loose them? You must like the look of your current glasses to keep them that long, but nonetheless this may be a chance to update to a new look for yourself, as well as a new prescription if needed, and you can always keep your current pair as backup.

Jay 15 Feb 2016, 10:06

Cactus Jack and GreginColo,

Cactus jack,

No need to, worry you are on time. Thank you for your response, I promise to tell them even if it means I apprehend about my choices. Alsi, promise to keep you in loop about the results.


Thank you for your kind words. To answer yiur questions; yes I have worn contacts before, from 9-12, but I prefer glasses.

GreginColo 15 Feb 2016, 09:48

Jay, as Cactus Jack said don't worry about what others may think about how long it has been since your last eye exam. Your corrected vision was obviously good enough to get yourself thru college and established in a career. With your Rx, I imagine you started wearing glasses at a fairly young age so probably much of your myopic progression had already occurred by the time your reached 18. Have you ever worn contacts or always glasses, and which do you prefer, if you don't mind the question? If contacts, I imagine you would have had to replace those from time to time over the years since your last exam. Let us know what you find out. Thanks.

Cactus Jack 15 Feb 2016, 08:45


I think you should tell the examiner. He/She may admonish you about waiting so long, but it is not their job to be judgmental and you don't really have to justify anything to anyone. Obviously, you have been able to function for the past 7 years and even prosper. If you are paying the examiner for their knowledge and services, they are working for you. If you feel like you would like to be admonished, I can do that for free.

Your records may or may not be available. It does not matter. They can quickly check the prescription in your glasses and probably will. You don't need to take a copy of your prescription because they would probably not pay much attention to it anyway. Glasses don't always match the prescription.

Most ECPs can estimate the age of a person's glasses by the condition.

I hope this is early enough to be useful. Please let us know the results.


Jay 14 Feb 2016, 22:58

Cactus Jack

Thank you for explaining all of this to me. For the time being I am just left with two questions. The question being, should I tell the doctor about how it has been seven years, or would that make me look bad? Lastly, will the docotor get my previous records when he puts my information in, or will I have to bring in my copy of my current prescription?

Cactus Jack 14 Feb 2016, 19:53

Sorry, Jay, I did not give you a chance to catch up.

If you will refer to the link below. It is a very good paper on the anatomy of the eye and how it works

The average adult eye is about 25 mm in diameter. The eye's lenses system consists of 4 PLUS lenses The Cornea, the Aqueous Humor, the Crystalline Lens, and the Vitreous Humor. Typically we only concern ourselves with the Cornea and the Crystalline Lens, but the Humors play a role also, The eye's lens system extends back into the inside of the eye so that the typical distance from the back of the Crystalline Lens to the Retina is about 17 mm. Going back to Sir Isaac's equations the total power of the eye's lens system needs to be about +59 diopters to be able to focus distant (parallel) rays of light on the Retina.

1000 mm / 17 mm = +59.

Typically, Myopia is caused by excessive eyeball growth which, if the lens power is constant, means that the focal distance is approximately 0.3 mm per diopter. I only computed the most myopic eye as an example. First I used the Vertex Distance equation to refer the -17.25 back to the Cornea (about -14) and eliminate that as a factor. Then I made a math error. I should have multiplied the -14 by 0.3 mm to get the approximate effective additional length of of 4.2 mm to cause -14 diopters of Myopia, I used the -17 number in the glasses. Instead of 17 mm from the Crystalline Lens to the Retina, you have about 21 mm.

Incidentally, it can sometimes be hard to get your mind around vision correction concepts. Glasses or Contact Lenses correct or neutralize Refractive Errors. For example, if you need MINUS lenses to correct your vision it means that your eye's lens system has more PLUS than it needs to focus distant images on the retina. If you need PLUS lenses, it means that you don't have ENOUGH internal PLUS (effectively too much MINUS) to focus the light rays.

I just picked the Left eye because it had the strongest prescription. To quote those famous words that students hate: "Calculations for the Right Eye are left as an exercise for the student".

Myodisc Territory - When MINUS prescriptions get in the -15 to -20 range, ECPs will often consider suggesting Myodisc lenses for improved optical properties. High Index of Refraction (IR) materials can produce very strong prescriptions with minimal thickness. However, most high index materials have poor optical properties (Abbe Values). CR-39 has the best optical properties of any plastic, but it also has a low IR which means, thick lenses. Myoodisc lenses are a good way to get a high MINUS prescription with reasonable thickness using lens material with excellent optical properties.

Typically, Vertex Distance effects are so small, they can be ignored in prescriptions below about +/-4.00. Both Sphere and Cylinder are subject to Vertex Distance effects if they exceed +/-4.00 and should be considered in prescribing Contact Lenses.

Toric Contact Lenses are lenses that incorporate Sphere, Cylinder, and Axis. They are sometimes hard to fit and keep the Axis properly oriented on the Cornea. Contact Lenses are supposed to float on a film of tears and they tend to move around when you blink. If they rotate out of position, your Cylinder Axis will be wrong and your vision will be very blurry until they get back into position.

GOC = Glasses over Contact Lenses. Typically used by people who want to wear stronger glasses than they actually need. It idea is to wear PLUS contacts if you want to wear stronger MINUS glasses and vice versa. ECPs are beginning to realize that GOC has more uses to improve visual acuity in situations were a person needs a very high prescription. One of the problems with wearing high MINUS glasses is the minification effects of Vertex Distance. Putting most of the MINUS Sphere prescription in Contact Lenses eliminates that problem. Excessive minification reduces image size on the individual Rods and Cones (pixels) in the Retina, potentially reducing Visual Acuity.

GOC DOES NOT require the services of an Eye Surgeon. It can be done by an Optometrist, Optican, or even an individual, if he knows what he is doing. It is no more harmful than wearing Contact Lenses.

When it comes to Surgery, I fully understand. I am 78 and I have had more surgeries than I like to think about. As far as I am concerned, there is no such thing as Minor Surgery on me. Minor Surgery is surgery on somebody else.

That said, I have had Cataract Surgery and Medial Rectus Recession Surgery on both eyes.

I was really scared when I had to have Cataract Surgery, but modern Cataract Surgery is the nearest thing to a non-event I have ever experienced. The Surgery to install an Internal Corrective Lens (ICL), Install a Collagen lens, or replace a clouded Crystalline Lens (cataract)(IOL) is very similar. All three involve making a tiny 3 mm incision in the side of the Cornea. Cataract Surgery is the most complex because the clouded Crystalline Lens has to be emulsified and sucked out, before the new IOL is installed. The whole procedure takes about 10 to 15 minutes. They knock you out briefly, while they do the prep, but they want you awake for the actual surgery. They give you something in an IV to keep you knocked out, but it is very fast acting and fast dissipating. When it is time for you to wake up, they just stop that part of the IV and you are awake in seconds. The used a very tiny "Ultrasonic Jackhammer" to emulsify the old lens and wash it out, Installation of a new clear lens that can also correct Myopia or Hyperopia only takes a few minutes. Often the 3 mm incision closes and heals itself with out any stitch. You just have to be careful not to rub your eyes for a few days after the surgery.

As I said, I was very nervous for the first surgery, but when I went to the Eye Surgeon for my Post Surgery check up the next day, my first question was, "When can we do the other eye?" He answered two weeks.

Two weeks later, he did my other eye. In both instances, I was able to watch what he was doing from the inside and I asked him to explain what he was doing. If such a thing is possible, I think we both enjoyed the experience.

For the other two types of refractive surgery, nothing needs to be removed, just an additional lens needs to be installed so it is even quicker and less involved.

I hope I have explained this better. Please feel free to ask more questions if you wish.


Trent 14 Feb 2016, 18:35

New glasses, have a look.

Jay 14 Feb 2016, 18:08

Cactud Jack,

Your last pist has left me with many questions. I think it may be easier to start off eith what I understood. I understand what you did to get the SWAG new prescrription, I understand the distance thing to get a possible contact lens prescription, and where yoy got the idea that my eye is most likely 5mm to long, but I was lost with everytging else. What do you mean myodisc territory? Also, what did you mean by my cylinder in my left eye is very close ti requiring adjustment? What are toric contact lenses, and how are they different than regular contact lenses? Also, why just my left eye why not my right? What is GOC technique? Does this modified GOC technique require any surgery because it did not sound like it, but you said it's from an eye surgeon?

As far as all the surgery stuff, I think it is important to note that I would like to not have surgery if I do not have. Not only because I have already had more than the amount of surgeries a person shoulf have, but something about having a surgery on my eyes scares me more than any other type of surgery. Thank you for telling me about them though, I really do appreciate it.

Cactus Jack 14 Feb 2016, 17:31


Remember that this is a SWAG, but you probably need glasses with this approximate prescription:

OD -16.00, -3.25, 90

OS -17.25, -4.00, 85

That is almost in Myodisc territory.

It is surprising that you have been able to function for so long without a prescription change. I hope the eye exam goes well tomorrow. Please let us know the results.

One thing to remember about very high prescriptions is that vertex distance effects are very large.

The general equation for Vertex Distance effects (the distance from the front of your Cornea to the back of the glasses lens) is:

Sphere Power ^2 divided by 1000 = diopters per mm multiplied by the Vertes Distance in mm.

using the above estimated prescription for your Left Eye,

-17.25 ^2 = 297.56 /1000 = 0.2975 diopters per mm X 12 mm (typical glasses Vertex Distance) = 3.57 correction factor for contact lenses or CL Sphere of -13.50 or -14.00.

Your Cylinder correction in your Left Eye is also very close to requiring adjustment if you wanted to try Toric Contact Lenses.

Vertex Distance effects are why you can push your glasses close to your eyes to increase the effective - power in your glasses.

I suspect your significant Astigmatism is caused by stress on your Corneas caused by excessive growth. The typical distance from the back of the Crystalline Lens to the Retina is about 17 mm, but based on the average number of 0.3 mm per diopter your eyeballs are about 5 mm too long.

I don't know if this would be a useful option for you. One of the eye surgeons here in Houston, uses a modified GOC technique for people with very High Myopia. He puts most of their Sphere prescription in Sphere Only contacts so that their remaining Sphere is less than 4.00. The remaining Sphere and all of their Cylinder is put in their Glasses. This mostly avoids Vertex Distance effects in the glasses, the Phoropter, or the trial lenses.

There are also several methods of surgically reducing Myopia, such as Internal "Contact Lenses" inserted behind the Cornea and In front of the Pupil, Visan Collagen lenses inserted between the Iris and the Crystalline Lens, and Crystalline Lens removal and installation of an IOL (similar to cataract surgery).

May I ask where you live (county).


Jay 14 Feb 2016, 13:11

Cactus Jack,

No problem. I appreciate your input. I tried the test you talked about with 5 trials in each eye. For my right eye the average was -3.203, and the average for my left eye was -2.900.

Incase you want to know the results for each of the trials. I will type them out below.

Right eye: 30, 27, 30, 34, and 37 (cm)

Left eye: 34, 31, 33, 36, and 40 (cm)

Cactus Jack 13 Feb 2016, 19:30

Jay & Likeliness,

I apologize for intruding on your conversation.


You do have a strong prescription, but like the math you teach, it is what it is, through no fault of your own. I am sure you have students that wish 2+2 would = 5, but wishing would not make it so. Same way with with vision.

Your Myopia is likely genetic, but If you have been able to get by without having seen an Eye Care Professional (ECP) for 7 years your prescription has most likely stabilized.

If you would like to estimate your current prescription, you may be able to do it by applying Sir Isaac Newton's most basic equation that relates Optical Power and Focal Distance. Your significant Astigmatism may confuse the issue a bit, but Astigmatism tends to change much more slowly than your Sphere Correction.

All you need for the simple test is a book or newspaper with typical sized print and a way to measure moderate distances.

1. In good room light with your glasses on, hold a book or newspaper at a comfortable reading distance. Note the distance, just for reference.

2. Gradually move the book or newspaper slowly away from you until the text just starts to become fuzzy. Note the distance.

3. Do this 3 times for each eye individually and average the results for each eye individually.

4. Divide the measured distance into 1 meter or 100 cm or 39.37 inches, depending on the units of measure, you used. The result is the reciprocal of the approximate Sphere increase you need.

For example: If you used a measuring device in 2 and 3 above and the distance was 60 cm. 100/60 = 1.66. The reciprocal would be -1.66 meaning you need approximately -1.66 more power in your glasses for that eye.

To help you understand Optical Conventions, Prescription are typically written with the Right Eye (O.D. = Oculus Dexter) on the first line and the Left Eye (O.S. = Oculus Sinister)

By tradition, the 1st number is the Sphere correction, the 2nd number is the Cylinder correction and the 3rd number is the Axis, which is the direction of the Long Axis of the Cylinder. Cylinder and Axis ALWAYS go together, either one by itself is meaning less.

By tradition, The 0 degree Axis is Horizontal the numbers increase in a Counter Clockwise direction (facing the patient) through 90 degrees (Vertical) to 179 or 180. Numbers above 180 are meaningless.

Additional elements in the prescription such as Prism or Add, follow the Axis.

Cylinder Power can be written as either - Cylinder (typically used by Opticians or Optometrists) or + Cylinder (typically used by M.D.s). There is a simple procedure for converting between + Cylinder and - Cylinder. Lens makers convert + Cylinder to - Cylinder and make the lenses. The optical result for is identical.

The conversion procedure is:

1. Algebraically add the Cylinder to the Sphere.

2. Change the sign on the Cylinder.

3. Add or Subtract 90 degrees to the Axis so the number falls between 0 and 179 degrees.

Sometimes, a person who is used to seeing their glasses prescription written in - Cylinder goes to an Ophthalmologist (MD) and is scared by the apparent change in their prescription. Let me show you why. Consider your Prescription.

OD -12.75, -3.25, 90

OS -14.25, -4.00, 85

Your prescription written in + Cylinder format would be

OD -16.00, +3.25, 0

OS -18.25, +4.00, 175

It is enough to scare someone who did not understand how it works half to death.

The two prescriptions are optically identical.

I would also like to suggest reviewing this paper about the eye:

I think you might find it interesting.

How the eyes develop is also interesting. Most babies are born very Hyperopic because their heads, eye sockets and eyes have to be small to allow the head to pass through the birth canal. As the child develops, their head grows and their eyes also grow under the control of genetics and an, as yet unidentified, Eyeball Growth Hormone (EGH). There is empirical evidence that such a hormone exists which stimulates eyeball growth, probably produced by the retina. The theory is that if too much EGH is produced the eyeball will grow too much and Myopia is the result. If too little is produced, the eyeball does not grow enough and Hyperopia is the result.

The actual cause of Astigmatism is not known. Astigmatism is caused by uneven curvature of the front surface of the Cornea, perhaps that is caused by uneven stress on the Cornea during eyeball growth.

You really should pay close attention to your eyes and your vision. You probably should find an Ophthalmologist who specializes in High Myopia. It is very likely that your Myopia is cause by excessive eyeball growth, (about 0.3 mm per diopter). That growth puts extra stress on your Retina, which can lead to Retinal Detachment. Your Retina is like the film in a camera and is actually part of your brain. Should Retinal Detachment occur, sometimes as the result of a blow to the head, you will be unable to see. Fortunately, these days, your Retina can be re-attached in many instances by use of a Laser to tack it back into place. The best thing is to avoid detachment in the first place, if you possibly can.

I hope this has been helpful and not too long winded. If you decide to do the test, please let me know the results.


Jay 13 Feb 2016, 13:10


Thank you for the links, even though I did not like the result it is nice to have an idea in advance.

As far as your questions go, I am a 25 year old high school math teacher, I AM currently teaching Algebra II, Pre-AP Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Calculus AB, and Calculus BC teacher for my current prescription, it is in the chart that it has always been given in with my first row having the numbers -12.75, -3.25, and 90. The second row has the numbers -14.25, -4.00, and 85.

Cactus Jack 12 Feb 2016, 22:15


I think you may need glasses for more than just reading, but I am not 100% sure. Based on your description, I am wondering if you might also have some Latent or Hidden Hyperopia along with Presbyopia. There are a few clues that point in that direction.

1. Often Latent Hyperipia will cause Presbyopia to become a nuisance a bit earlier than typical.

2. After wearing your glasses for several hours while you were reading and using the computer, you took them off and several things occurred.

A. Distance objects were blurry.

B. Your Ciliary Muscle may have been having difficulty maintaining focus with out your glasses.

C. I am wondering if your Eye Positioning system may also have been having trouble maintaining fusion. (not sure about this)

There are a few simple tests that you can do at home that might help isolate some of the problems, if you are interested.

To answer your specific question, I think you are going to be surprised at how quickly you are going prefer wearing glasses full time even if it involves bifocals or other type of multi-focal lens. Dependence is too strong a word. It is unlikely that you will ever become absolutely dependent on glasses where you cannot see and cannot function without them. I think it won't take long for you to discover that you can function much better and more comfortably with glasses than without them.

Glasses or any other form of vision correction are just tools. Unless you live where it is extremely cold, you don't absolutely have to wear a coat in the winter, but it is better with one, You don't have to wear shoes either, but it is nice to have something thick and tough between the soles of your feet and sharp rocks.

You really need to get your mind around the fact that you may need to wear glasses or some other form of vision correction, full time. There is NO SHAME in that. Many people worry about what their friends and family will say. In a surprising number of instances, they say "FINALLY, you have been driving us nuts struggling to see" Typically, the comments last for about 2 days and by then everyone has see you and that will be the end of that.

Please let me know if you want to learn more about vision in general and your situation in particular.


Likelenses 12 Feb 2016, 20:32


Here are a few online tests that will give you a clue as to how bad your vision is.

If you can tell us your age,and present prescription,and occupation, we can tell you more.

Jay 12 Feb 2016, 18:28

Well, I was searching around the internet for people's glasses stories and eye doctor experiences, and I have ended up here. This seems to be a really nice and helpful website, and I am glad I have found it.

The reason I have been looking around is the fact that I have my first eye doctor's appointment in seven years on Monday, and I am very anxious.

I already have glasses, I used to get my eyes checked every six months, but then one time the doctor made me self conscious about my eye sight, and I never went back. Now that I have moved to another city, and am really struggling with my current glasses I felt it was the right time to finally get new glasses. I am just afraid of how much worse my eye sight could have gotten in the past seven years because my glasses are essentially useless now. Don't get me wrong, there is a noticeable difference in my vision with and without my glasses, but it is not nearly enough of a difference. everything an few feet away is incredibly blurry, and I am constantly having to squint and push up my glasses as close to my eyes as possible.

Anyways, does anyone have any input on my situation, should I mention the fact hat it has been seven years since my last check up at the appointment, or not? Also, is there anything I can do to help my eyesight improve, or at least just stop getting worse?

Brett 12 Feb 2016, 15:23

Jamie, that's great news. Glad to hear you are doing well.

bummed 12 Feb 2016, 13:46

I hear what you say. How fast will I lose my ability to read without glasses. For the heck of it I have been wearing them today for about 3 hours, doing close work and computer. When I took them off to stare in to the blurry distance my papers became a blur and the print sort of started to dance a bit. This didn't happen before I put them on, much less before I got them. When I put the glasses back on, the print jumps up and me and goes crisp. NOW I think I am beginning to learn what it means to NEED glasses. How long to dependence. Can I delay if I wear them less? Thanks for letting me rant, but I am a bit bummed!

Cactus Jack 12 Feb 2016, 12:57


Welcome to the "club".

Presbyopia is caused by the gradual stiffening of the Auto-Focus Lens in your eyes. The lens is called the Crystalline Lens and its PLUS power is controlled by your Ciliary Muscles. Together, they make up your Auto-Focus System.

The way the System is supposed to work is that the Crystalline Lenses are supposed to be relaxed for distance, but when you need to focus closer than about 20 feet or 6 meters, the Ciliary Muscles squeeze the Crystalline Lenses and increase their PLUS power. The amount of additional PLUS required to focus at a particular distance is strictly governed by the most basic law of optics defined by Sir Isaac Newton, of gravity fame, a bit over 300 years ago. That law states that:

Lens Power = 1 meter or 100 cm or 39.37 inches / Focal Distance


Focal Distance = 1 meter or 100 cm or 39.37 inches / Lens Power

The units of measure need to be the same for the distances.

Some typical lens powers for focusing close are +2.50 (40 cm or 16 inches) or +3.00 (33 cm or 13 inches). That is the power required, but it does not have to come from the same source. For example, lets say that you need +3.00 to read the small text on a prescription bottle. +1.25 can can come from your glasses and +1.75 can come from your Crystalline Lenses.

Presbyopia actually starts in early childhood, but typically does not become a nuisance until the mid 30s or early 40s. When it actually becomes a nuisance depends on many factors such a your visual environment or your genetics.

Your Crystalline Lenses are made up of a transparent protein that has the consistency of Gelatin Dessert (Jell-O) when you are young. It is very flexible and your Ciliary Muscles can easily squeeze it to change its PLUS power. That is why you often see young children effortlessly focusing on very close objects. As you get older, your Crystalline Lenses gradually get stiffer and harder to squeeze.

When Presbyopia finally becomes a problem, it is likely to begin a cascade of problems. Presbyopia actually develops slowly, but your Ciliary Muscles can get out of condition and loose strength pretty rapidly. The result is a need for more help from your glasses and stronger reading glasses. However, not to worry, it will probably never exceed +3.25 or +3.50 unless you decide to do some VERY close work or it turns out that you actually have some Hyperopia.

You won't like this part. There is really nothing you can do about it. You may be able to slow down the apparent rate of increase slightly by not wearing your +1.25 glasses, but that WILL NOT affect your ultimate need.

You are already experiencing some of the effects of Presbyopia by the difficulty of focusing close, after wearing your +1.25 glasses. Think of your reading glasses as labor saving tools. You probably have some other labor saving tools that you use. Power Saws, Drills, and Electric Screwdrivers come to mind as possibilities. How long did it take for you to become used to those?

You need to get over your vanity. The best way is to just start using your glasses to help you focus. No one really cares that you are ready to join the millions of other people who need to wear glasses to help them focus close after years of thinking they had 'perfect' vision.

The need for focusing help is even happening to teenagers these days. The culprit is the tiny text on SmartPhones and Tablets, not prescription bottles, but the effect is the same.

If you want to read a funny saga about becoming a glasses wearer, I suggest "Macrae's Story" on the Vision and Spex > Fantasy and True Stories about vision/glasses.


Bummed 12 Feb 2016, 12:02

I am 35 and don't read a whole lot but do use the computer. The prescription is for +1.25 readers. Dr said there is .25 stigmatism that drugstore readers would not correct. If I use them in the house for now, how long before I become like the older folk who really can't read without them?

Bummed 12 Feb 2016, 12:02

I am 35 and don't read a whole lot but do use the computer. The prescription is for +1.25 readers. Dr said there is .25 stigmatism that drugstore readers would not correct. If I use them in the house for now, how long before I become like the older folk who really can't read without them?

Cactus Jack 12 Feb 2016, 10:49


You really did not provide enough information to even offer a suggestion.

The information that would be helpful includes:

1. Your Age

2. Your Complete Prescription

3. Your occupation

4. Do you do a lot of reading or use the computer quite a bit.

No matter what you answer to the above questions, when and where you wear your glasses is your decision. What you described is a fairly common symptom of Presbyopia, which ultimately happens to almost everyone. However, you are free to deny it as long as you wish. You could also have some Hyperopia, which is the only eye condition that you can correct internally, until Presbyopia makes that impossible. You can also deny that if you wish, at least for a while.

Hyperopia, Latent or Hidden Hyperopia, and Presbyopia are hard to understand, unless you understand some basic optics and how your eyes (biological cameras) really work.

Could you wear contacts? Sure, the type depends on the actual problem.

In some countries you could also have what is called Clear Lens Replacement Surgery, where you Crystalline Lenses are replaced with Multi-focal Intra Ocular Lenses. It is the same surgery as Cataract Surgery. It can correct both Hyperopia and Presbyopia and eliminate the future need for Cataract Surgery.


Bummed 12 Feb 2016, 10:09

Trolling the internet I found this site and find it interesting. I asked my wife to help me read the very tiny print on a medicine bottle and she told me to get my eyes checked. I did and am bummed that I was prescribed glasses for close. I think I can see ok but just had trouble because the print on the bottle was so microscopic. During the exam the Dr put the close chart up, and asked how far down I could read. I could read all but the last line. Per her suggestion, I got the glasses (+1.25)

That was about two weeks ago. I don't need my glasses for reading...I can see ok without them. I am bummed that she says I need them when I can see 99% without them. I am NOT ready to wear them out of the house or in front of other people yet. When I wear them in the house, it does make print a bit blacker and bolder, and I can read the tiny print, but then when I take them off my close vision gets blurry and I can't focus. If I can read ok without them, and then use them and then can't read, am I ruining my eyes by wearing them? Now the big bummer question..If I wear them in the house, I presume that like others I know, I will become completely dependent on them for reading. How long will that long can I be a "closet glasses wearer?" If I don't want to wear glasses..can I get contact lenses? What to do?

Jamie 11 Feb 2016, 23:43


Thanks for asking. I like them, they are actually very helpful. It took about a week and a half to really get used to moving my eyes and not my head, but now everything is great!

Brett 09 Feb 2016, 15:56


Any updates on how the new bifocals are working out?

Soundmanpt 06 Feb 2016, 09:36


Any updates? Are you still considering getting your eyes examined anytime soon. I know you planned on both you and your gf taking advantage of a special free eye check but you were only able get an appointment for your gf. She got a small increase and you helped her order a pair of glasses on line. But you were still planning on getting your eyes checked at the beginning of the year. I assume you were only wanting to check to see if there has been any change in your eyes since you started wearing glasses full time several months ago. At last report you seemed to indicate that reading without your glasses had become considerably more difficult.

Cheryl 04 Feb 2016, 15:05

be careful june. he dumped cheryl just for you. even worse, he is still with cheryl and flirting with you. these guys have patterns. when he's with you, he will do the same to you.

Soundmanpt 04 Feb 2016, 12:00


That was what I was hoping to hear from you that both you and Susan like her glasses now. They had to be better than her glasses with the patches. Wearing glasses is one thing which she or you have not seemed to have any problem with from the start. But i'm sure you would have felt exactly like her if you would have had to wear a patch on your glasses. Even better tat the prism is doing what is needed in keeping her eyes aligned. Since she really can't see all that well without her glasses she probably doesn't have them off very often so her getting double vision without them shouldn't be much of a problem for her anyway. I know you said that you tried her glasses on and of course her glasses are too strong for your eyes anyway but never try and wear them more than a few seconds because you don't want to do any harm to your own eyes. Susan should never let anyone try her glasses for more than just a few seconds either for the same reason. Anyone that wears them would likely get double vision from them if they wore them very long. Good that your doing so well with your glasses as well. Nice that your dating and that you have even gotten nice comments about your glasses as well from your dates. If you were at all nervous going on your first date wearing glasses that had to really help and boast your self confidence. Since you got your new glasses have you had a chance to test your eyes with your first glasses. Of course they will feel weaker to your eyes but they should still work if needed as a backup pair in case anything were to happen to your current glasses. They should still be close enough to your current glasses for distance that you should be able to see well enough to drive with them but they probably are now too weak to be much help for seeing small print. If you don't think they would work very well you should consider ordering a spare pair on line in your current prescription,

June 03 Feb 2016, 23:41

Likelenses. You can jump to the front.

 03 Feb 2016, 18:13

Anyone have contact information for "Cheryl?" Seems like we have a dog on our hands. She needs to know!!

Likelenses 03 Feb 2016, 03:10


Hi June,

Whoa, I better get in line for a date !

June 02 Feb 2016, 23:38

Hi Soundman. Was nice to hear from you. Susan loves her new glasses, I am so happy she does, not wearing the patch/frosted lens is a big step for the better for her. From what I can see the prism seems to do the trick of keeping her left eye straight. Lie you said she has began to have double vision when she takes them off, but cosmetic wise, she is happy at her eyes looking normal. The left lens still quite a lot thicker than the right, but she seems ok with that. As for myself, I am fine. Have had a couple of dates , and nice comments ref my glasses. So to sum up. Things are well with Mother and Daughter, I tried Susan's glasses on, and they made me feel funny, not that I can see anything with hers. Her old glasses are being made into sunglasses with prism correction, as she will not be able to wear normal sunglasses. Please keep in contact and I will update you if any changes. Thanks again, and thanks to all others in her that were helpful.

Soundmanpt 02 Feb 2016, 13:22


So how is Susan doing with her new glasses? What do you think about them?

June 29 Jan 2016, 23:25

The post below was not from me, but some rather insecure person, who does have courage to even use a name

June 29 Jan 2016, 18:29

Can you please summarize that down to one or two sentences. It makes my weak eyes hurt to read all that mess.

 29 Jan 2016, 14:33


Soundmanpt 29 Jan 2016, 09:05


I was wondering if Susan had gotten her glasses yet. So she is getting the today. Yes you will have to let us know what you think of her glasses once you get a chance to see them on her. You mentioned that her lenses will be slightly bigger and I assume that is only due to Susan picking out a little bigger frame. I don't suppose they recommended she get bigger glasses for any reason? It will be interesting to see how quickly she adjusts to the added prisms. But I think she is so happy to be done with the patching she won't complain at all.

Glad to her that your glasses are now completely comfortable to you. I am sure it was probably much easier adjusting to your new glasses then it was when you got your first glasses? That had to take a lot more getting used going from no glasses to wearing glasses full time overnight. But to your credit you never once complained about having to wear glasses because you knew how important it was for Susan to see you wearing glasses and not complaining. I'm still a little bit surprised that you needed an increase in your distance considering when you got your first glasses they were really only meant for reading. It was your decision to wear your glasses full time which resulted in your distance vision deteriorating which i'm sure you fully expected to happen. So when you said that you were starting to have some difficulty with small print even with your glasses that was not at all surprising because that often seems to happen after getting first readers and you seemed to think that your glasses were perfect for distance. So it could be that they just wanted to sharpen things up a bit since you were needing the add increased anyway. At any rate your eyes didn't seem to have any problem adjusting to the stronger prescription for close up or for distance very quickly. Yeah it probably seems like it was a lot longer than just a few months since you started wearing glasses. but i'm sure when you first got your glasses and saw yourself in the mirror you didn't recognize yourself with glasses. Now that you have had them long enough seeing yourself wearing glasses seems very natural to you. Just curious but have you been on any dates since you started wearing glasses? Did that feel any different than when you went on dates before you got glasses.

June 28 Jan 2016, 10:04

Soundman. Hi again. Just to let you know Susan's glasses are ready, we picking them up tomorrow, I will let you know how things go, but she is already so happy that she can ditch the patch, The lenses are slightly bigger on the new pair, but I hope this does not make much difference to how the left lens looks a lot thicker than the right. My new glasses are fine, ant totally used to them now, feels strange when I look at myself without them on. Anyway, must rush, meal to cook etc lol, work is never done


English 28 Jan 2016, 09:43

As Murphy would have it, I make an error while trying TO correct an error (Note: Not "trying AND correcting.)

"something something" should simply read "something."

English 28 Jan 2016, 09:39

First correction... "and" connects two distinctly separate actions. In this case, you are not accomplishing two actions: TRYING, FINDING. So "try and find" is an incorrect way to express yourself. Basically you are saying "I will try to do something" AND "I will find something something."

I believe what you are trying to say is that you will "try TO find" something. This describes one action preceding a verb. The word try is used to describe what you will do in order to find something.

As an English teacher, this is one of the most common grammatical errors I see. You never "try and find." You "try to find."

Hope this helps with the lessons.

Soundmanpt 28 Jan 2016, 08:32

No name

One of my worst classes in school was English and that is really bad considering I am an American born and raised here. I will try and find the proper use of "your and "you're" I don't mind at all being corrected for this.

 27 Jan 2016, 22:13

Soundmanpt - 'your' = belonging to not 'you are'. You are = you're. Your misuse of these words makes your posts confusing to read.

Soundmanpt 27 Jan 2016, 09:58


I have been following your posts from day one and I am happy for you now that you have your glasses and have wore them for the first day. That first day is always the hardest one to get over with. Now your going to find very quickly how much easier each day will now be. You knew you were going to get comments and you handled it very well. Of course some people say things without thinking and that explains some of the less than flattering comments you got. Now it is understandable to be asked when you started wearing glasses if you were never seen wearing glasses before. So that one wasn't really wasn't so bad but more just surprised to see you wearing glasses now. But asking if they are old people's glasses, why are your glasses so thick, and can you see without them? Those are all on the rude side. But i'm sure you got far more nice comments from others. You had to like being told "nice glasses, I love your glasses, you look good in glasses, and being asked how is it you look so good with and without glasses had to put a smile on your face. The fact that several of the girls even wanted to try your glasses on indicates that they must have really liked your glasses and was curious how they looked on them. But as the first one quickly found out she wasn't able to see much with them so it was pointless for the others to try them. And in end by the end of the day your glasses were probably beginning to feel more and more comfortable to you as your eyes adjusted to them and you got used to wearing them.

Brett 27 Jan 2016, 09:32

Jamie, glad u made it through the day. I bet if you looked around you find a couple other bifocal wearers at your school. My wife started wearing them in high school and now at 31 has trifocals. I've always thought she looks better with them on.

Jamie 26 Jan 2016, 15:46

I just got through my first day wearing the new glasses. I got a mixture of comments, there was, " I did not know you wore glasses." When did you start wearing glasses?" "Aren't those old people glasses?" "Why are you wearing bifocal?" "Why are your glasses so thick?" "Dang, your glasses have so many rings, mine have them, but not that many." I also got, " Your glasses are so thick, so you have to have a high prescription, right? Just wondering can you see without them?" There were also nice conments like, "Nice glasses!" "I love your glassses!" " You look good with glasses!" I even got " How is it you look so good with and without glasses? I look like a dork with them on and I look sick without them because of my bags." Three people asked if they could try them on, I let the first girl try them on and she gasped at how heavy they are and at how she could not see anything and they hurt her eyes because they are so strong. For the next two I just said you won't be able to see anything because I am really nearsighted, and it would just hurt their eyes.

A few people also noticed the fact that I have one green and one blue eye. They mostly thought it is weird but ultimately cool. The girls mostly said they were so pretty, and asked why I had tried to hide them for so long.

All and all it was not a horrible situation, but I am glad it is over with. At the end of the day all the slightly rude comments do not mean anything to me. I need these glasses to see. And without them I would not be able to succeed because I would not be able to see the board even from the front row in any of my classes, and I need the bifocals because the top part makes everything so small and hard to read.

Now, all I have to do is start making a habit of moving my eyes up and down and not my head. I have a habit of looking down and moving my head up, but now that the bottom part does not have the prescription I need to see far, so I have to change my habit to see well.


Yeah, after telling me that I need bifocals I was told that the upside of it is that it may help stabalize my eyesight.

Likelenses 25 Jan 2016, 20:34


Had your doctor said anything about the possibility that your new bifocals may also help stabilize your myopia?

You are only 18,so in theory you could still have several increases in the minus part of your prescription.

Hopefully the bifocals will relieve some of the near point stress that your minus prescription gives during close work,thereby minimizing your next few minus increases.

Cactus Jack 25 Jan 2016, 17:58


Enjoy this while you can. In a few days, your brain will reprogram itself to deal with the new images and the new situation. Then everything will just seem "normal" with more comfortable vision, when you are wearing your glasses.

The interesting thing about all this is that your brain will have stored the old program and if you switch from glasses to contacts and back again, you brain will quickly load the appropriate program in a few seconds your vision will be "normal", but perhaps slightly different, for each station.

You have already had the stair lesson demonstrated. Curbs are more treacherous because there are no handrails. Exercise caution until your brain learns to process the new images. Stand alone parking barriers in parking lots are particularly dangerous. Fortunately, they are often painted Yellow to increase their visibility.

I wonder how I know that?


Jamie 25 Jan 2016, 17:51

Cactus Jack

I just saw your last post, too bad it was not before I tripped.

Jamie 25 Jan 2016, 17:29

Just put on my new glasses, and everything seems smaller, but crisp clear. It is like watching HD TV. The whole two prescriptions in onel lense thing is kind of trippy. I tripped going down the stairs after I put them on. Things in the bottom half are bigger than the bottom. I tried reading a hand out from my comp class, and the reading part does make a differnce. With the upper part I had to squint, but it was perfect with the bottom. I do feel like an old lady though. It feels really weird wearing glasses now. I just hope tomorrow goes well.

Cactus Jack 25 Jan 2016, 17:24

Please let me know your reactions. Be very careful going down stairs and stepping off curbs. They and your feet ARE NOT where they look like they are. Hold hand rails and step carefully off curbs. You don't want to fall.


Jamie 25 Jan 2016, 17:09

Cactus Jack,

I just git home, I am aboutvto try on my glasses. This will be the last thing I am going to do with my contacts, right after this I will get it over with and try them on for the first time.

Cactus Jack 25 Jan 2016, 15:45


There may be some snarky comments from some really stupid people, but you can't let it bother you or even act like it bothers you. Glasses are just tools to help you see better. Really they are no different than any other tool that increases productivity. Frankly, I thing you will get more reaction from friends who are just curious. They may want to try them which is fine, but they must sit down next to you and expect everything to be very small and probably very blurry.

You can tell them that you are about to evaluate a "beta" version of an Advanced Course called Vision 101. The course explains how all this works in easy to understand language. When you have finished the course an it is ready for release, you may share it with them.


Jamie 25 Jan 2016, 15:13

Cactus Jack

I know it is for me, but even I think my glasses look awfully different than other people's. They are thicker than everyone else's and they have a line advertising the fact that I need bifocals. The only thing I am slightly excited about is finally showing my true eye colors. If I was not in this predicament I probably would have continued trying to hide the different colors, by wearing one clear and one hazel contact, but now it seems kind of freeing no longer hiding it. Yed there will probably be comments about them, but it is my own beauty. Hopefully by tomorrow I will feel this way about my glasses.

Cactus Jack 25 Jan 2016, 15:01


The reading segment is below the line. You are going to get some comments, but the best thing is just kind of poke fun at yourself by saying that your contacts weren't working very well and you only need glasses to see with. Remember you don't wear vision correction for the benefit of others. They are for YOUR benefit and you do not need anyones approval to see well and see comfortably.

The comments and curiosity, particularly about the bifocals, will only last for a couple of days.


Jamie 25 Jan 2016, 14:46

Cactus Jack

Picked up my glasses about half an hour ago. After picking them up I came back to school for AP test prep. I currently still at school, so I have not been able to try on my new glasses (considering I have my contacts in). I leave school on another hour, so then when I get home I will have to take out my contacts and start wearing my glasses for the next 6 months (at least). The glasses have a line about 3/4 down the lens, so I am guessing that is where I will have to look for reading? Right? The lenses are also, so much thicker than the last pair of glasses I have (I never bought the glasses when I wore contacts, so they are from years ago). I have to admit I am nervous about wearing them to school tomorrow. It as if I am going to wear glasses for the first time at school because when I did wear them it was at another school. Also, now I won't be able to wear contacts to get the same eye color for both my eyes.

Cactus Jack 25 Jan 2016, 12:21


Still working. This may turn out to be a course in Vision 101. Haven't decided the best way to publish it. Please let us know when you get your glasses and your first reaction.


Jamie 25 Jan 2016, 11:46

Well. In a few hours I will have to go pick up my new bifocals. I am still very confused on a lot of stuff related to my vision especially the bifocal thing, and I was really hoping to understand more about my vision problems before I get my new glasses. I cannot wait to hear back from Cactus Jack (or anyone else), I am looking forward to not being in the dark about my vision.

jam 25 Jan 2016, 07:44

you seem to have ignorance whether the glasses will do anything to you. But you refer to them as "10 base out prisms" as if you are very knowledgable about this topic.

Ashton 25 Jan 2016, 03:52

I wonder if somebody here knows about adjusting plastic frames?

My two-year old plastic frames gradually started to slide down my nose and I visited the optician to have them adjusted. Afterwards, I immediately noticed that my vision was clearer, like the position of the lenses had changed, and the glasses sat differently.

However, now the frames pinch unbearably the bridge of my nose, leaving conspicuous red marks and digging into the skin. This never happened before. Earlier there were some normal sigs of wear when I removed the glasses and the "bridge" of the frames left a mark (now it doesn't touch the skin). They never felt uncomfortable, though. I've revisited the optician 3 times now to have them adjusted again but he is at a loss about how to fix the situation.

The frames have no nosepads, so I guess the solution must be in the adjustment of the temples or the angle of the "front piece". I have a considerable prescription of about -6 so the glasses aren't lightweight. Could it a balancing issue related to how the weight distributes between the nose and the ears? Has anyone come across anything similar?

It would be easy to say that my nose doesn't fit the frames very well, but the fit was very good for two years before this! I really like these glasses but I mostly have to wear contacts now because the frames feel very uncomfortable.

Soundmanpt 24 Jan 2016, 10:03


Your friend is not doing you any favors by gifting you with those glasses. You wear them within a very short time they will ruin your eyes. Wearing them will force your eyes to not align and you would soon have double vision as soon as you took them off and most likely a headache as well. If I were you I would return them or if you like them remove the lenses and have some lenses made for them. My fear is if you return them, your friend may just try and give them to someone else to wear and ruin their eyes.

jim 24 Jan 2016, 08:30

hi i have bee given a pair of glasses from a friend with a low prescription and 10 base out prisms in each lens,my friend says i can wear them full time will they be ok,i know nothing about prisms and what they do,thanks

Jamie 24 Jan 2016, 07:49

Puffin, Galilleo,

I had written a post for you guys, but I accidently deleted it. What I was saying was thank you for your explanation and personal inputs.


Jamie 24 Jan 2016, 06:55

Cactus Jack,

Thank you for your explanation. I canot wait for the rest. You should do whatever is easier on you, so I will create a vision and spex account. I just looked at it, and it has a lot of threads, so can you just tell me which one you will post on?


Galilleo 24 Jan 2016, 06:13

I agree with Puffin, I'm coming up to 62 and thinking I'm going to need reading glasses soon. So far I've managed easily without. My younger sister got readers before she was 40 and my girlfriend in her mid 40s

Puffin 24 Jan 2016, 05:56


I don't want to interrupt Cactus Jack's explanation of Presbyopia thus far, but I'd just add that the starting point at which it becomes noticeable could also depend on how much accommodation the eye has when young, and how flexible the crystalline lens is when a child. Not all eyes start out exactly the same, although most of them are at least serviceable for decent vision.

I happen to have more accommodation than normal for my age (late 40's) so closeup is no problem for me, and never has been thus far. Alas, I have other (unrelated to vision) early signs of ageing.

Cactus Jack 24 Jan 2016, 01:54


Stay tuned. I am working on the answers to your questions, but here is an abbreviated one about Presbyopia.

The idea that Presbyopia does not become a problem until around 40 is a Myth. It is a long way from fact. Presbyopia actually starts in childhood, but it usually does not become a nuisance until the mid 30s or early 40s. However, there can be factors that cause Presbyopia to become a nuisance much earlier than even the min 30s. The tiny text on SmartPhones and Tablets often reveal the existence of Hyperopia in teens and occasionally in pre-teens. Sometimes they need bifocals to help them focus very close. There can be different close focusing problems in people with Myopia, I think you may have some. Hopefully, we can figure out what they are.

At this point I have about 700 words written, but have only scratched the surface. I think I will either have to publish it in pieces or it might be better on the Vision and Spex site. Are you familiar with that site? There are no limits on the length of the post and you can edit the post afterward if you need to.

I know you are hungry for knowledge, but please be a little bit patient.


Jamie 23 Jan 2016, 23:08

I have been doing some reading, and so I guess I do have presbyopia. The thing is everywhere I read it says that presbyopia usually starts in the early to mid 40s. How do I have it considering I am just barely 18 years old? I know I have a lot of open questions on here, but I just had to add this one. I have never really been at all interested or concerned to know about my vision problems untill now. Before now, all I knew about was the fact that I needed glasses because I was nearsighted, I did not even know about the fact that I have astigmatism. I had never asked for my prescription before my last appointment either. I just always chose to get my glasses from the place I get my eyes checked. This time I saw a nice pair in the shop next door that I liked, so I asked how and if I could get mine from there. All of a sudden now it feels like I have just gotten my first glasses, and I am new to all these terms and ideas. Untill Likelenses pointed out below I had no idea that I was so myopic. I do not know why and how all this just came out, but it did, and I hope I do not bore anyone.

Have a nice day everyone (sorry if I bored you),


Jamie 23 Jan 2016, 13:20

Cactus Jack,

Thank you for the compliment on my academics. Sorry that you lost what you had typed out earlier. I read the link you posted, and it did help me understand more about how the eye works, but I have to admit I am still confused on my issues. I look forward to talking to you later today or tomorrow, and getting my questions answered.


Cactus Jack 23 Jan 2016, 10:38


I have not forgotten you. In fact I wrote a moderately detailed response and because of an "operator error" (mine) I lost about a half-hour of really brilliant work and was unable to recover the file. Then, I got busy and have not had time to write it again.

I think it will be fun to help you understand how this stuff works. I was really impressed with your academic accomplishments. You should have no problem grasping the concepts. What you are experiencing is fairly common. I thing you have "independent" things going on simultaneously and that makes it seem more complex and confusing than it actually is.

I hope to be able to begin our conversation today or tomorrow. I have some things I need to do for the next few hours, but hopefully I will be able to start the discussion later today.

In the meantime, may I suggest looking over the paper about The Eye. With your background, you should not have much trouble understanding the basic concepts.

BTW, where I messed up on the lost post was trying to retrieve the above link. I seem to have done it right this time.


Guido 23 Jan 2016, 10:31

specs, thanks for the info. I have used hot water, a hot air gun, and probably other ideas. I was really wondering if there is an ideal temp.

Jamie 23 Jan 2016, 10:14

Cactus Jack

Hi, I posted on here about three days ago. I was supposed to get my first pair of bifocals on my 18th birthday, yesterday. I had no idea my friends and family had stuff planed for me and my twin pretty much all day, so I could not get them yesterday. I will have to pick them up on Monday hecause the shop is closed on the weekends. Anyways, I am posting this because I asked a bunch of questions, and I felt you were going to answer at least some of them, but you wanted to ask me some questions first. I answered your questions to the best of my abilities, and am still waiting for some answers. I did not intend to sound pushy, but if I did I am sorry. I just thought maybe you forgot, so I felt like reminding you. If you have anymore questions I would be glad to answer them.

Hope to hear from you soon,


 23 Jan 2016, 08:39

likeliness already cheating on cheryl? wow.. quite a loyal guy there. unless... there is NO cheryl.

specs4ever 23 Jan 2016, 08:39

Guido, I have had fairly good success with boiling some water in a kettle, and then placing it in a cup. Then I insert one earpiece into the hot water and I find it bends easily without breaking or cracking. For adjusting the bridge I sometimes run the hottest water from the tap and I can the bend the frame at the bridge. For inserting a lens in a plastic frame I will place the whole frame into the cup of hot water one side at a time until the lens pops in fairly easily. Usually this works for me.

Guido 23 Jan 2016, 07:52

I did a Google search and could not find the optimal temperature for adjustment of acetate / ZYL glasses frames. Is there such a temp?

june 23 Jan 2016, 03:25

Likelenses. I may just acceot.

Likelenses 22 Jan 2016, 20:56


If I were in the UK,I would certainly ask you for a date.

Soundmanpt 22 Jan 2016, 11:54


Over all I think Susan came away with really good results today. I guess the idea of patching was worth a try but it really seemed little chance that it would work due to her advanced age. The patching works better with much younger kids and even then only some of the time. You both had to be happy that her eyes didn't change so she is really only getting the prism added and to only one lens at this point. A 3D isn't very much at all so I don't think you will even notice it. Now like you were told it is possible that they may need make some changes after 4 months. The fact that Susan already wears her glasses full time means the only difference for her is that no more frosted lenses or patches, but she will find that when she takes her glasses off now she is going to be seeing double. The only thing is if she had any hopes of someday maybe wearing contacts lenses she won't have that option. But if your able to get her new glasses every so often she maybe fine with glasses anyway. Remember glasses are really very popular with young ladies these days. And that applies to you as well June. I'm pretty sure you look very attractive with your glasses. Who doesn't like a young lady not only wearing glasses but heels as well. So you and Susan seem pretty happy with everything and for sure Susan is glad to be done with the patching stuff.

I love nothing better than a nice hug from you. Your a great and caring mom.

June 22 Jan 2016, 09:57

Sincere apologies for posting twice, not sure how it happened

June 22 Jan 2016, 09:33

Soundman, Plus Tony and Likelenses,

Susan had a very comprehensive exam at the eye clinic. we was there for over two hours, The consensus was that she would benefit by a prism in her left lens. At some point maybe right as well, but at the moment its fine, but could change as she gets a bit older and her eyes level off and stop changing. They are going to start with i think it was 3D of prism Base out, and to review it every 4 months to see if it needs changing, we were told as soundman said, it could take several changes before they get it correct. There was no change in her prescription which was great, but the patching did little to help her lazy eye. The Docter explained to us there are plus and minus about prisms, plus is it will stop her eye turning in when her glasses are on and some of down sides once you start with a prism, little chance of going back, and double vision is normal when she removes her glasses. But since she wears full time she and myself happy to acceot that, it will look better than frosted lens or a patch, Susan herself is quite happy about this, Good thing is she is getting this on the National Health as she still in school, I am treating her to new frames. Again thanks to you kind experts here who have offered advise and help. I could hug you all.

June 22 Jan 2016, 09:33

Soundman, Plus Tony and Likelenses,

Susan had a very comprehensive exam at the eye clinic. we was there for over two hours, The consensus was that she would benefit by a prism in her left lens. At some point maybe right as well, but at the moment its fine, but could change as she gets a bit older and her eyes level off and stop changing. They are going to start with i think it was 3D of prism Base out, and to review it every 4 months to see if it needs changing, we were told as soundman said, it could take several changes before they get it correct. There was no change in her prescription which was great, but the patching did little to help her lazy eye. The Docter explained to us there are plus and minus about prisms, plus is it will stop her eye turning in when her glasses are on and some of down sides once you start with a prism, little chance of going back, and double vision is normal when she removes her glasses. But since she wears full time she and myself happy to acceot that, it will look better than frosted lens or a patch, Susan herself is quite happy about this, Good thing is she is getting this on the National Health as she still in school, I am treating her to new frames. Again thanks to you kind experts here who have offered advise and help. I could hug you all.

Plus Tony 22 Jan 2016, 04:49


Hope all goes well for Susan today.


June 22 Jan 2016, 02:21

Likelenses. Flattery will get you everywhere. lol

Likelenses 21 Jan 2016, 22:40


My girlfriend last spring got her first plano front glasses,when her prescription increased,along with her first bifocal prescription.

She was devastated when she first got them,but has overcome that and now loves them.In fact she cried when they showed them to her at the opticians.

Her prescription is not quite as strong as yours,but she looks terrific in planos,with lined bifocals.

Likelenses 21 Jan 2016, 22:11


As stated before, heels and bifocals,UM,UM,UM!

June 21 Jan 2016, 14:40

Sorry for typos in my last Ian tired and it's late

June 21 Jan 2016, 14:39

Soundman. Yes adjusted to my glasses fine. Few tried on and noticed they were progressive. I have learned to move my eyes up and down nor my takes getting used to. Heels back in use, I feel tint without lol.

As regards to Susan, I agree my optician is sure she will need the prism and has explained about double vision. She thinks they may only prescribe prism for her left eye, the right one does not wander. But agree prism far better than patch, she is thrilled she won't have to wear her frosted lens or patch. Wil, try and update you tomorrow when we find out what's happening. Again thanks for interest, I really appreciate it.

Jamie 21 Jan 2016, 12:41

Cactus Jack

More about myself. I am a twin. I have four other siblings (two of them are also twins). I live in America, but I lived in Germany for about three years. I love running.

You are correct, I am a senior in high school. My classes right now are: AP language and Composition, AP Physics C, AP Chemistry, AP Latin V, AP Calculus BC, Forensics, Health and Student Council.

Math classes in high school: Freshman year- Pre-AP Geometry, Sophomore year- Precalculus, AP Statistics Junior year- AP Calculus AB

Science classes in high school: Freshman year- Pre-AP Biology, Sophomore Year: Pre-AP Physics A, AP Environmental Science, Junior Year: AP Physics 2

Soundmanpt 21 Jan 2016, 09:41


Thank you. My best guess is that they will likely recommend prisms be added to her glasses. Honestly I thing she will be much happier with getting prisms than she is with the patching. They will start her off with as weak as possible but it is possible she may need a couple changes in her glasses until they get the right amount of prisms added. One thing you need to know is that as her eyes adjust to her glasses with the prisms she will find that when she takes her glasses off she is going to get double vision and she will get a quick headache as well. But since she already wears her glasses full time I don't think this will be a big problem for her.

And how are you getting along with your new glasses? You had only had your glasses a couple days and you said your eyes had already adjusted to them for distance and you seemed to be getting used to having a stronger area for reading. It just takes a little getting used to not moving your head but moving your eyes downward to read something. Did many notice or comment seeing you wearing new glasses? Did anyone try your glasses and notice they are progressives or did they already know you were getting them? Are you back to wearing heels yet?

Cactus Jack 20 Jan 2016, 22:17


Thank you for the information. That really helps to understand your situation. You obviously have been dealing with Progressive Myopia for a while, but up until now, you have only had to wear single vision glasses. I suspect you are either in or near your Senior year in High School.

I believe it is important to learn as much as you can about any health (that includes vision) conditions you have so you know why it happens and how to deal with it. In the case of vision, it is important to know how your vision works.

Lets start with bifocals. Up until your recent exam your glasses only had Sphere Correction for your Myopia and Cylinder and Axis (they always go together) for correcting your Astigmatism. Your new prescription included a fairly low Add of +1.25. That means bifocal lenses to help you focus close.

Bifocal lenses are simply lenses that have two different powers. A large area with your distance correction and a smaller area where the Sphere correction is 1.25 diopters LESS to help you focus close. However, that is NOT full close focusing correction. The amount of close focus power you need depends on the distance from your eyes to the target. The amount of power you need can be calculated by dividing the focus distance into either 100 cm or 39.37 inches depending on the units of measure you prefer. For example: If you like to read at 40 cm or 16 inches, you can do the math and you will get approximately +2.50 diopters. It does not matter where the +2.50 comes from, but it is ALL necessary. If you have a +1.25 Add in your glasses, that means that you are able to supply the other +1.25 using your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses.

There are several types of bifocals, but the two most popular are "lined" bifocals where there is an obvious change in the power of the lenses and "no-line" bifocals, also called Progressive bifocals, where there is a gradual transition from distance to close. Lined bifocals give better optical performance, but Progressives are considered more attractive by some. There is such a thing as Bifocal Contact Lenses. Both Progressives and Bifocal Contact Lenses take more getting used to than lined bifocals.

You have asked about 5 minutes worth of questions that can take much much longer than that to answer. Could you tell me more about yourself and the kinds of courses you have taken in school? Particularly math and the sciences? Do you have any idea about how the optics of the eyes work?

May I also ask where you live?


Likelenses 20 Jan 2016, 22:17

It would be helpful to know how much your prescription increased this time,and if you know the previous increases also.

As you know,you a VERY nearsighted,and your lenses are very powerful.

Powerful lenses reduce the size of the images you look at whether they are far,or near.

It is possible that you need bifocals now because your new lenses will reduce the size of near object,especially printed material,to the point that you can not distinguish them clearly enough.

You will have to wear them the rest of your life,but there is an upside,in that it has in some cases been found that a bifocal given to a high myope,can slow down myopic progression.

Jamie 20 Jan 2016, 17:37

Sorry for all the questions. I am just confused and do not know anything about bifocals and stuff. Thank you in ahead to anyone who responds even to answer just one out my hundred questions.

Jamie 20 Jan 2016, 17:29


I turn 18 years old in two days. My full prescription is:

Sephere Cylinder Axis Prism Prism Base Add

OD -13.50 -5.50 090 --- --- --- +1.25

OS -14.75 -5.25 115 --- --- --- +1.25

Some other vision history of mine. I first got glasses when I was 7 years old. It was a four days after I turned 7. I did not know it at the time, but now that I am older I have figured out that I needed glasses since I was 5 years old. In kindergarten I had to move up closer to the board see what was written on the board. When I got glasses I was to shy to wear them, so I never wore glasses until I was 9 years old, and that was only at home. I never wore them to school until I was 10 years old. By then it was impossible for me to function at school without them. At 11 I started wearing them pretty much all the time and by 12 I wore them all the time. At 13 I got contacts, and now at 17 I have been recommended to give my eyes a break from contacts and wear glasses. At 18 I will get my first bifocals. I thought only old people need reading help? How is it that I already need bifocals? Are there contacts for bofocals? If not could I just get contacts later on when the doctor says my eyes are ready for them and then get reading glasses to wear on top of them when I read? Would that work? Will I need bifocals for the rest of my life, or is there a chance of the problem just going away with time?

Cactus Jack 20 Jan 2016, 16:19


It is definitely possible. Myopia or Nearsightedness and Presbyopia where you need some reading help are two entirely different things with two different causes.

We can explain it for you, but we need your Age and your complete prescription.

Being nearsighted is like having built in reading glasses. When your nearsightedness is corrected for distance, it is easily possible that, if presbyopia is creeping up on you, as it does almost everyone else, you may need some close focusing help.


Jamie 20 Jan 2016, 16:09

Had my yearly appointment with my eye docyor today. He did something he had never done before. After we were done doing the which is better one or two thing with the chart on the wall, he placed the flipped the reading one infront of me and started testing my near vision. I was honestly very surprised because with the lense I ended with on the wall chart I could not read all of the reafing chart. I had to do the which is better one or two thing a second time, only this time 2ith the reading chart. When we were done he told me I need bifocals now, and he handed me my first prescription for bifocals. I went next door to the glasses shop when my appointment was done anf the lady at the desk was surprised that the glasses were for me and not some older lady. That made me feel very self concious abiut my vision. Anyways thr glasses should be ready in two days. I am very nervous about wearing them. I have not worn glassed in a long time. Any advise? Any one want to share their story of when they first got bifocals? Where they hard to adjust to? What did people say? Also, I really do not understand how domeone could need bifocals, how can I be nearsighted and need reading help?

June 20 Jan 2016, 01:22

Soundman. Susan has cancellation appointment for Friday, will keep you in picture

Colin 19 Jan 2016, 14:51

Cactus Jack.

From our few chats you seem a very very interesting man. We are lucky to live at this period of time in countries that value freedom and in a world where communication is so easy. Momentous events have occurred in history to bring us to where we are. Life is wonderful. We should treasure it

Cactus Jack 19 Jan 2016, 11:15


Yes, it has been and continues to be, interesting. Life itself is a marvelous adventure and I wake up each day wondering what new things I will discover today, tomorrow and the day after that. My biggest regret is that I won't be able to hang around to see how this all works out.

Every day, people are discovering ways to solve problems that were considered impossible, yesterday. One of the hardest things young people have to learn is that History did not start the day they were born and that some of the things you "KNOW", just are "NOT SO". Keep an open mind and be willing to learn new things and understand that Theory is not necessarily REALITY.


Galileo 19 Jan 2016, 09:16

Another interesting insight thank you CJ, you have led a very interesting life!

Cactus Jack 19 Jan 2016, 08:42

Vision occurs in the brain. the eyes are merely biological cameras.

Everyone in my office experienced proof of this several years ago with out first encounter with an absolutely flat CRT monitor display.

As many of you know, I have been involved in industrial computer based product development, for many years. My company pioneered the use of optical touch screen system controls in the mid 1980s. Back then, CRTs in TVs and Monitors had mildly convex faceplates to help withstand atmospheric pressure against the very high vacuum inside the CRT. After years of looking at convex faceplates, our collective brains had decided that the images were really flat. The convex faceplates caused parallax problems with optical touch screens because the optical matrix had to be spaced far enough in front of the faceplate to clear the center of the screen, which placed the matrix several cm in front of the edges of the display.

Zenith introduced a Monitor with an absolutely flat CRT, which made it ideal for optical touch screens. We immediately bought one and everyone in the office thought the display looked concave, even though we knew that the display was really flat. That lasted for only a day or two and the amazing part was that our brains soon were re-programed and both the flat screens looked flat and and the convex screens looked flat, even if they were side by side.

Something similar occurs when a person astigmatism starts wearing glasses. I have low prescription mono vision after cataract surgery and I still have some astigmatism. I see very well with my glasses, 20/15 on a good day and I can function without my glasses if I am not reading or doing precision work. If I hold my glasses lenses a short distance in front of my face and look though the lenses while rotating the glasses, i can see the shape distortion caused by the Cylinder in the glasses. However, both with and without my glasses, I don't see any shape distortion. My brain seems to switch distortion correction "programs" apparently, instantly depending on the situation.

The point of all this is that the funny looking room corners and shape distortion that some New Glasses wearers experience, will soon disappear both with and without your glasses. What you are experiencing is common and expected when you first get vision correction.

It is very likely that some of our members have never seen a TV or Monitor with anything but a flat screen.


Galileo 19 Jan 2016, 04:39

re slant thing - I experienced it too the first time I got my astigmatism corrected. Round things looked like ovals and some vertical lines appeared to be leaning.

My eyes without correction had been seeing these things distorted and my brain had corrected the image. then with correction the brain's work became "over adjustment" and I started to see weird shapes. If I regularly wore the glasses the effect soon disappeared

Likelenses 18 Jan 2016, 17:10


I think that you now see that there is no turning back. You are from now on a glasses person.

Did you enjoy the HD effect,and how objects appeared much smaller,but more intense,when you put glasses on for the first time?

Each time your prescription gets stronger the same effects will take place.

 18 Jan 2016, 16:41

Slant thing? what the hell are you talking about?

alexandra 18 Jan 2016, 16:19

Hi Jasmine

As Plus Tony said, the "slant" is very common for New Glasses wearers who have astigmatism.

It took me a week full time wear before I got used to my astigmatism correction.

Did you notice the "slant " thing for instance that ceiling corners of rooms looked funny...??

By the way how old are you?

Keep us posted

Soundmanpt 18 Jan 2016, 10:21


High index lenses are simply lenses that are made thinner. So I really wouldn't think that your lenses look all that thick but it is possible that by looking at them closely you can see that your right lens a little thicker than your left lens. If you would prefer that your lenses look equally thinner you can order the high index lenses but they do cost a bit extra.

So after 3 days of wearing your glasses full time your eyes should be feeling a lot more relaxed and you should be seeing everything perfectly with your glasses on now. It makes perfect sense that now when you take your glasses off as you say everything looks "weird" and "foggy" That's a result of your eyes adjusting to your glasses. What your seeing now when your glasses are off is what your "real" vision really is. Your wearing glasses is in no way making your eyes worse. If they were you wouldn't be able to see so well with them. Your eyes had simply gotten used to seeing things poorly and accepting it. Plus you were aided by something called "accommodation" which basicly means your brain was translating what your eyes weren't able to see. So if you were looking at a sign and you were only able to make out several of the letters your brain figured out what the missing letters were and enabled you form words that way and even form full sentences as well. But you really weren't seeing much of the letters at all, you just thought you were. I think already in just 3 days you have to admit that it is so much better being able to see everything so well. Also you have already got past the hardest part which was being seen wearing glasses in front of your friends and family. Now that they have seen you wearing glasses you should feel much more comfortable now wearing them. With each passing day you will hardly even notice that your wearing glasses.

Plus Tony 18 Jan 2016, 02:50


What you are experiencing is actually normal even if it is a bit disconcerting.

For some time you have been struggling to see well and your better eye has been working overtime to achieve this. For the last few days your eyes have been given a break from this torture.

You won't believe it but what you are seeing now when you take your glasses off is actually what your eyesight was like before. I wouldn't have believed it had I not been told by various different eye care professionals. Your prescription is your prescription and it won't change dependent on whether you wear your specs.

Changes to the eye occur whether we like them or not and whether we choose to wear our glasses. So don't worry. It is normal and shows how grateful your eyes are for a bit of help.

HighMyopic 17 Jan 2016, 20:25

Last Monday I found a pair of glasses with 2 pairs of rx lenses in both regular and sunglasses at the thrift shop last time i went. The thin metal aviator frame was broken so i will try buying this pair of glasses tomorrow and really want buy a new frame for it. How much will that cost for a new frame only?

Jasmine 17 Jan 2016, 17:37


What is high index?


I have been wearing my glasses for three days now, and everything seems sweird without them. Like my world is foggy. Is it possible they have made my eyesight worse?

Kylee4216 17 Jan 2016, 11:54


Thank you for your advise. The issues are not that bad, as in thrh fo not affect my driving, so I think I will wait to get my eyes checked after the baby is born.

Cactus Jack

I have not had any blood glucose issues or any other issues outside of me noticing my small far print is getting kind of blurry.

Cactus Jack 17 Jan 2016, 10:41


Thank you for the information. I know you are looking forward to April 2nd, for a lot of reasons. I hope you are taking good care of yourself. It is very important to the baby.

It is possible that you are experiencing Gestational Myopia. If the Myopia is mild, it could be partially caused by higher than normal Blood Glucose. Blood Glucose levels can temporarily affect the chemical composition of the Aqueous Humor and Vitreous Humor in your eyes. Those changes affect the Index of Refraction of the Humors and can cause temporary vision problems. People with Diabetes often experience vision problems if their Diabetes is not well controlled.

If your vision issues are causing you problems, you should consider an eye exam. Even if it is temporary, you have another few months before it will start to go away.

Have you had any other symptoms of Blood Glucose issues?


Soundmanpt 17 Jan 2016, 10:41


First of all congratulations on your impending birth of your baby. It's very true that that becoming pregnant has effects on many parts of your body and that includes even your eyes. It is quite common for young ladies that like yourself have never had any vision problems to become nearsighted during pregnancy. And for someone already nearsighted to need an increase in their glasses. Nearsightedness like "Cactus Jack" said is caused by the eyes growing and it they won't go back to normal even after your baby comes. If possible you should try and hold off getting your eyes examined until after you have your baby. You still have nearly 3 months to go and it is likely that your eyes are going to continue to get more nearsighted. If your just having minor problems with seeing signs at a distance you should be okay holding off, but if your finding it harder to see to drive safely then you probably need to get your eyes examined now. Most optometrist don't want to do an eye exam while your pregnant because they are aware that your eyes are still changing and your glasses would likely be a bit too weak by thee time you give birth. But if you feel like you need glasses now in order to drive then you should go ahead and get your eyes examined. Most places you go have a deal that if your eyes change withing 90 days you can come back and get new lenses for your glasses at no charge. I'm sure if you had the choice of not having a baby and continuing to have perfect eyesight or having a baby but having to wear glasses you wouldn't even think for a second and answer that you would wear glasses and have a baby.

A few years ago i got a call form a friend that I knew form her previous job. She, like you, was having a baby and she was about 7 1/2 months into her pregnancy. She knew that I got glasses for many of her co workers at her previous job as well as her older sister. She like you had never wore glasses and even bragged about how good her vision was. Well now she was in a panic and wanted my help. Her vision had gotten so bad that she couldn't see well enough to drive at night so her husband had to take her and pick her up and it wasn't easy since he worked a good distance away. I have a sample case of glasses and all of them have prescriptions. But the highest ones I have are only -1.25. When I met up with her we started out with weaker glasses and finally she was at the -1.25 glasses which were about right but i think she probably could have used -1.50. After she had the baby she called me so she could return my sample glasses. She had gone and got her own glasses and was wearing them when we met. She thanked me for letting her borrow the sample pair as they really helped her get by

Let us know if you decide that you need to get glasses now or if you plan on trying to hold off until after you have the baby.

Likelenses 17 Jan 2016, 02:53


It has been a while now since getting your glasses.

How do you like the ultra sharpness of your vision?

We myopes notice a minifacation of objects when we get new glasses,but it is usually super noticeable with our first pair.Something you will never forget,and will look forward to as your get stronger lenses each time.

Are you a guy,or a girl?

Kylee4216 16 Jan 2016, 22:17

Thank you Alexandra and Cactus Jack.

I messed up on my name on accident the first time, but I am the same person as Kylee3216.

I have never had glasses before, nor had I ever noticed any vision issues until about a month ago. I am 6 and a half month inti ny pregnancy. The baby is due April 2nd (hence the numbers in my name).

HighMyopic 16 Jan 2016, 17:53

Who else on here other than Gernald, Colin or Francos wear glasses that are over +25 diopters? I would like to chat with them by email. My email is

Cactus Jack 16 Jan 2016, 16:46


An increase in myopia during pregnancy is pretty common, particularly if a woman is already somewhat nearsighted. There are two types of myopia Axial or True Myopia and Pseudo or False Myopia. Both result in needing MINUS glasses for correction, but Axial Myopia is considered permanent and Pseudo Myopia is considered temporary. Both can be present in the same person at the same time and their effects are additive.

Axial Myopia is usually caused by excessive eyeball growth through childhood, the teen years into the early 20s. Your genes control this growth through the production of an, as yet, un-isolated and unidentified Eyeball Growth Hormone. Like all other body parts, once the eyeball has grown, it cannot un-grow or shrink and the growth is therefore permanent.

Usually, once a person has reached a certain age, the genes that control eyeball growth, turn OFF and do not turn back ON. However, during pregnancy, various growth hormones from the baby are circulating in the mother's blood and that can trigger eyeball growth in the mother, which increases Myopia. Some of the circumstance that surround pregnancy may also encourage Pseudo Myopia. After the pregnancy has come to term and the baby is born, hormones return to normal and any Pseudo Myopia resolves back to normal, but the eyeball does not shrink. That means that their may be some reduction in the Gestational Myopia, but perhaps not all.

May I ask a few questions?

1. Your Age?

2. Your prescription prior to your pregnancy?

3. How far along are you?


alexandra 16 Jan 2016, 16:38

My older sister started to have vision problems during her

first pregnancy.

She got her first glsses then, but didnt wear them full time. Unfortunately she got more nearsighted and is now a full time wearer.

Yes, you should get your eyes checqued, up to you to wear glasses if they are prescribed. A good test: take something in print like a newspaper and stay at 1 meter or 2 and 1/2 feet away a see if some letters are blurred, if yes take an appointment with an eye doctor.

Keep us posted after your visit.

Kylee3216 16 Jan 2016, 14:40

Hi. I am new here, I have been looking up stuff about vision, nearsightedness, and glasses. I ended up here on this site a couple of days ago. The thing is I think I am becoming nearsighted because of my pregnancy. From my research I found out that it is common for people my age to begin to have vision issues and that it is common for to develop vision problems during pregnancy. Is this right? What I could not find an answer to was whether or not the vision problems go away after the pregnancy. So do the vision problems go away after the pregnancy? I am asking because if they do is there any real reason to get my eyes checked and get glasses if it is only temporary?

Soundmanpt 15 Jan 2016, 14:56


It seems like you probably didn't go with "high index" lenses for your glasses. If you want your lenses to be thinner you should ask for high index lenses next time. But I have to warn you that the optical shops charge a pretty good price for that option. You should consider getting your glasses on line and you should be able to find around 800 for about $20.00 and that includes the AR coating which is great for cutting down on glare and reflections. To get your lenses made nice and thin you would need to add about another $34.00 to that price so the total would be about $54.00.

So I assume you have started your week of wearing your glasses full time? Each day it get easier and easier with less comments and by the end of the week I think your going to be pretty comfortable wearing your glasses. Have a great weekend.

Jasmine 15 Jan 2016, 10:46


Thank for explaining everything.


It wasvjust an awkward situation. I see very well with my glasses, that wad not the issue. I guess it was just wearing hlasses for the first time infront of a stranger, my mom, my girlfriend, andnmy brother. Yes the right lens is thick at the outer edge. The left one is sort of yhicker at the outer edge, but not nearly as much as the right one.

alexandra 14 Jan 2016, 21:59


Thank you for your update.

You wrote that it was ackward.

What did you mean..that you have trouble to see ? Was the corection too strong ? Did you felt dizzy, because of the astigmatim corection?

Is the right lens thick ?

Tell us more

Thank you and keep up!

Soundmanpt 14 Jan 2016, 08:25


Back on (12 Jan 2016 12:51)you asked if it is normal for one ey to be worse than the other eye? Actually in most cases there is always some difference between the eyes of a person. Sometimes it is only a little and sometimes it is quite a bit and sometimes one might have the exact same need for both eyes. You also asked how come you have friends that were wearing glasses for 2 or 3 years before they started wearing their glasses full time? Most likely with your friends they discovered that seeing things like the board at school was starting to become more difficult rather early on and went and got their eyes examined and was prescribed weak glasses. Their first prescription was probably around -.50 / -.75 or maybe even -1.00. Your better eye is even a bit worse than that now. Once your friends eyes got to around -1.50 / -1.75 they found that keeping their glasses on was a better option for them. Right now your forcing your better eye to do most of the work. Your brain is simply ignoring your worse eye without you even noticing. If you were go out and buy an eye patch and cover your better eye I think you would be amazed at how poorly you would be able to see things.

Your decision to wear your glasses full time for the next week is a very good idea and I think by the end of the week your glasses will staying on your nose.

Jasmine 14 Jan 2016, 08:20

That last post was from me.

 14 Jan 2016, 08:19


I already hot my glasses. It was really awckward. They made me put them on amd asked me if they felt alright and to read the chart. The doctor just told me I am shotsighted and that I have astigmatism, and that I need hlasses to correct the problems. Nothibg else about how much to wear them.

alexandra 13 Jan 2016, 18:07


Did you got your glasses already or are you getting them on Friday ?

If you already got them, what was your experience ?

What did the doctor/optometrist said last week, about full time wear ?

Thanks for the update

Jasmine 13 Jan 2016, 18:01

Thank you for all the concern, tips, and explanations. I have taken what you huys have said into consideration and I will begin wearing my glasses all day everyday for a week starting on friday. After that is done I will see how I feel.

June 13 Jan 2016, 15:23

Thanks for reply Soundman, as always you make it easy as you explain so well. I would have worn plain glass in my glasses if it supported my daughter. She appreciates her mum has them and if that helps I am happy

The lecture her teacher gave the class on why she needed glasses and eye latched, is standard now foe all classes in her school where any of the children in the class wear glasses.. She has done a really good job and I wrote to,headmaster telling him so. Will keep you in picture, and thanks for all,your advice

Soundmanpt 13 Jan 2016, 09:52

Oops! That was from me.

 13 Jan 2016, 09:52


For only first getting your glasses on Monday I am impressed with how quickly you seem to have adjusted to them. Because you only had a slight increase for your distance so not surprised at all that your eyes made the adjustment so quickly. I'm sure when you got your first glasses it took your eyes longer to adjust since you didn't really need glasses for distance at that time, but learning to wear bifocals / progressives can and usually does take a bit more effort. Single vision glasses you only have one viewing area to look through but progressives have several vision areas for your eyes to have to find depending on what your doing. Getting used to them for distance isn't too bad because your fine by just doing what your already used to doing looking straight ahead of you through your lenses. Of course as you no doubt have already found out if you tilt your head back and try to see things in the distance looking through the add segment everything is pretty blurry that way. But the bigger thing is learning not to tip your head down when you want or need to read small print. For most at first you really have to think to only move your eyes downward and not your head. And then your eyes have to find what is called the "sweet" spot where your eyes see the best for reading through your lenses. At first this seems hard to remember to do but with practice you soon get to where your not even thinking about it anymore and your eyes just automaticly go to the perfect spot for reading. Have you taken the time to even grasp that in just a matter of a few months you have gone from not wearing glasses now wearing progressives full time? I'm sure that many of your friends were surprised whens you got your first glasses and was wearing them full time so soon. But of course we know the main reason was to support your daughter since you knew that since she had to wear her glasses all the time you needed to do the same even if you really only needed them for reading and could have just wore them when you needed to read. I don't recall what type of glasses your first ones were but I think going with rimless glasses is a good idea because they are so light weight that you hardly should even feel them on your nose and they can almost appear like your not even wearing glasses. I think now you won't be needing any kind of change in your glasses for at least the next year. The fact that you needed an increase after just having your glasses for a few months is pretty normal and seems to happen to most everyone.

So you did see why you being warned about wearing heels at first. lol Like I said the trick is to not look down when your going up or down steps and curbs.

I'm sure your hoping to get the letter to have your daughter's eyes checked at the eye hospital. I think they will also recommend she have prisms added to her lenses. They will likely start her off with as little as possible and see how her eyes react and then decide if she needs more or not. But I think in the end she will be much happier with that option than the patching. Her glasses will not look different enough that anyone will ever notice.

Sorry for the long reply.

June 13 Jan 2016, 05:36

She does Tony, but not suitable for her prescription nor her age. Sheis happy mum wears glasses

Plus Tony 13 Jan 2016, 02:43


Glad all is going well and thanks for your reply about your distance vision. I will see how it goes and will go for a check when I reach six months. Does Susan like Mum's new specs?

All the best. Tony

Plus Tony 13 Jan 2016, 02:39


How are you geting on with your new glasses? You will be offered various opinions from people here about how often you should be wearing your glasses. However there are only two people whose opinions count. One is you and the other is your eye doctor/optometrist and there are no glasses police so ultimately it is up to you.

I have a different type of prescription to you. I am longsighted meaning that my close vision is poor without glasses while my distance vision is a bit better. However when I was first prescribed glasses just under 4 months ago I was given a plus prescription for distance which means that my eye muscles do not have to strain between distance and close work meaning my eye muscles only have to look after close focus. As I get older my eye muscles will start to tighten up more and I will almost certainly need some extra plus power to handle close work so eventually I'll need bifocals or progressive lenses. I was not told to wear my glasses all the time but it was explained to me that I could if I wanted to as it would reduce eyestrain and make my eyes work more efficiently. I decided to go for it and have been very happy with the result of wearing glasses full time. I also have a difference of 1 dioptre between my two eyes. By wearing my glasses my optometrist feels that my weaker eye is contributing more to my vision instead of getting out of condition and being dominated by my good eye. I also feel more confident now that I am wearing glasses.

You are a lot younger and have a different set of issues. You are slighlty shortsighted in one eye and moderately shortsighted in the other. You also have a bit of astigmatism and that together with the difference between your two eyes is the thing that might make it sensible to use your glasses most of the time. However only you can decide what works for you. My advice would be to wear your glasses all the time for a week or so. Do lots of different things when they are on and see how you feel. If things are better with them on keep them on but don't feel that it is compulsory. I suspect that you will find that overall the benefits of wearing your glasses outweigh any negatives but it is up to you. If you have any concerns you can go back to your eye doctor and discuss any issues you may experience. People here like Cactus Jack and Soundmanpt will also offer sound advice and explanations.

Getting glasses for the first time can be a strange experience especially when you are young and you may feel self conscious but we live in a world where the vast majority of us require some sort of vision correction to enjoy life to the full but as I said before it is up to you how you choose to use that correction. Good luck and let us know how you get on.

June 13 Jan 2016, 02:24

Like lenses. That was nice of you, thanks

Glad we ladies do not suffer wearing heels for no reasons, and nice to be admired in them.

Likelenses 13 Jan 2016, 00:50


A bifocal babe in heels. Doesn't get much better than that!

June 13 Jan 2016, 00:41

Soundman. Hi again. Just to say I have my glasses and they are great. Was a very slight blur at full distance wearing them but that's gone now. And the reading is fantastic, just so clear and all the print looks nice and black. Am waiting for letter re daughters exam for prism correction if needed but will keep you in picture

Was glad you mentioned the high heels as going down stairs or stepping of kerbsides was dangerous until,I got used to the glasses.

Again thanks for interest


Likelenses 12 Jan 2016, 23:38


You have a pretty hefty lense prescribed for your right eye,and a fair amount of difference between the two.

Definitely a prescription for constant wear.

Put them on first thing in the morning,and do not remove them until you go to bed at night.

Likelenses 12 Jan 2016, 23:32


Not surprising considering your huge increase,and mooch o cylinder.

 12 Jan 2016, 16:57


Moonshiner 30 Mar 2015, 00:49

I deleted a couple of posts below referring to the recent “Melyssa” posts on the Sightings thread, both from users with IP addresses who used multiple names including Melyssa.

Jasmine 12 Jan 2016, 16:32

Wait, so is my right eye considered a lazy eye?

Sarah 12 Jan 2016, 14:55

My boyfriend and I just picked up our new glasses. Compared to my previous ones these ones are noticeably thicker. I guess that is expected with the increase I had. Walking out of the docotor's office I almost tripped because I felt like I saw a down step that actually was not there. I wonder if that has to do with the jump in my astigmatism, or something else? I convinced myself to wear them, but they gave me a headache after a little bit. Everything was just so bright it hurt my eyes, so I went back to my old glasses for today.

 12 Jan 2016, 14:00

Hello Jasmin,

I had the same experience, I am nearsighted and have astigmatism.

Did you got your glasses ?How do you feel with your glasses ?

Did the doctor told you to wear them full time?

How old are you ?

What that kind of prescription I suggest to go for full time wear, you will see a lot better and if you had eyestrain and headaches they will disappear(my experience,

also if you dont wear them your leazy eye may become worse.

Keep us posted

Good luck


 12 Jan 2016, 14:00

Hello Jasmin,

I had the same experience, I am nearsighted and have astigmatism.

Did you got your glasses ?How do you feel with your glasses ?

Did the doctor told you to wear them full time?

How old are you ?

What that kind of prescription I suggest to go for full time wear, you will see a lot better and if you had eyestrain and headaches they will disappear(my experience,

also if you dont wear them your leazy eye may become worse.

Keep us posted

Good luck


 12 Jan 2016, 13:57

Hello Jasmin,

I had the same experience, I am nearsighted and have astigmatism.

Did you got your glasses ?How do you feel with your glasses ?

Did the doctor told you to wear them full time?

How old are you ?

What that kind of prescription I suggest to go for full time wear, you will see a lot better and if you had eyestrain and headaches they will disappear(my experience,

also if you dont wear them your leazy eye may become worse.

Keep us posted

Good luck


Melyssa 12 Jan 2016, 13:48

As one who has dealt with a lot of astigmatism over the centuries, I had never heard of a "slant" view through glasses before, other than my cat's-eyes frames being slanted.

Jasmine 12 Jan 2016, 12:51

Cactus Jack and Soundmanpt

Thank your for the explanations. Is it normal for one eye to be as worse than the other as my worse eye is than my better eye? Is this something to be concerned about? I know from friends that have glassez most of them had thrm for 2 or 3 years before they started wearing them all the time. So why do you recomend I wear mine all the time from the begining?

Soundmanpt 12 Jan 2016, 11:28


The others have given you a very good explanation of what your prescription is and the numbers all mean. Also when you get your glasses it is very possible that you might even get a small headache from wearing them and feel on the dizzy side, but don't give in, keep your glasses on and all that will soon start to go away. It's just your eyes working to adjust to the prescription. Once everything clears up your going to be fine. No one can make you wear your glasses and there is no glasses police, but with your prescription I would suggest that you plan on wearing your new glasses full time. I think once your eyes adjust your glasses are going to be very comfortable on your eyes. Continue to let us know how your getting along once you get your glasses.

Cactus Jack 11 Jan 2016, 22:33


The reason for all those boxes is that some prescriptions can be pretty complex. Your is very ordinary and only has 3 elements for each eye.

The first row is for your Right Eye, often designated by the first two letters of its Latin name: Oculus Dexter

OD Sphere -2.75, Cylinder -1.25, Axis 135 degrees

The second row is for your Left Eye, often designated by the first two letters of its Latin name: Oculus Sinister

OS Sphere -1.25, Cylinder -0.50, Axis 80 degrees

The fact that the prescriptions are different for each eye is nothing to get excited about and only mean that you eyes don't work together as a team very well, but your glasses will easily fix that. It is very uncommon for both eyes to have the exact same prescription.

The Sphere number represents the actual amount of your Myopia or near sightedness or short sightedness. The -2.75 means that the vision in your Right Eye is blurry beyond about 36 cm or 14 inches.

The -1.25 Cylinder is the amount of Astigmatism you have. It is usually cause by uneven curvature in the front Surface of your Cornea. Your Cornea is shaped sort of like an American Football and its long axis is at 135 degrees. By tradition, Horizontal is 0 or 180 degrees and the numbers increase in the clockwise direction, looking at the patient, through Vertical (90 degrees) and on around to 179 or 180 depending on if you started at 0 degrees or 1 degree. Also by tradition the Axis number is never greater than 180 degrees. The problem with Astigmatism is that it messes up your vision at all distances.

Your Left Eye is less Myopic than your Right eye and has less Astigmatism. It is likely that your brain typically has selected your Left Eye for most of your vision tasks because it provided the best image. You brain most likely pretty much ignored the image from your Right Eye.

One the things your brain will need to learn is how to use the images from both eyes. Seeing mostly with one eye usually means that you do not have good depth perception or good 3D vision.

I got my first glasses with I was 14 and I had a similar difference, but I was not as Myopic as you are. That was a long time ago and one of the symptoms that I had vision problems was that I could not hit a baseball. No one put two and two together until I got glasses. I had very good vision in one eye, which I used for distance, and I was nearsighted in my other eye, which I read with. When I tried to play ball sports. I could not tell where the ball was until it was past me. Of course no one wanted me on their team. After I got glasses, I could see well, but in those days, glasses were really made of glass and I didn't like getting involved in activities where they might get broken,

I hope this helps some. I think you will find that getting your glasses will open a whole new world of vision for you. I don't think you have mentioned where you live, but if it is winter there, you will find that the now bare branches on the trees will have thousands of individual leaves on them in the spring. If you live in an urban area, try to get away from the city lights on a dark clear night and I think you will be astounded at the billions of stars and possibly a few of the planets in the solar system that are visible.

If you will, please tell us about your adventures with being able to see well.


Jasmine 11 Jan 2016, 20:05

Plus Tony and Cactus Jack

Thank you for explaining the slant thing. It had me worried.

Jasmine 11 Jan 2016, 20:02

Okay, so I asked for my prescription and the lady gave me a paper with two charts. The chart only has 6 boxes filled out, but has 10 blank ones. The chart has 2 rows. One says OD the other says OS. The three columns that are filled are Sephere, Cylinder and Axis. The numbers in the first row are -2.75, -1.25, and 135. The numbers in the second row are -1.25, -0.5, and 080. The columns that are blank are Prism, Base, Prism, Base, and Add. The second chart is in the bottom right hand corner of the paper and has the same numbers.

Cactus Jack 11 Jan 2016, 19:55


As Plus Tony said, the "slant" is very common for New Glasses wearers who have astigmatism. Also, you may notice that ceiling corners of rooms look funny, but none of this will last more than a day or so.

Vision actually occurs in the brain. Your eyes are merely biological cameras. Because of the Astigmatism, your eyes have been delivering a "slanted" fuzzy image to your brain. You have not been seeing a "slanted" images because your brain corrects the image you see, IF it knows what something is supposed to look like. Your new glasses correct the "slanted" images before the visual data reaches your Visual Cortex, but it takes a few days for your brain to realize that It no longer has to do the extra work to correct the images. Curiously, your brain will soon develop a new, additional Image Processing Program and it will also remember the old one. When you wear your glasses, you will see sharp, normal shaped objects AND when you take your glasses off, you will see fuzzy, normal shaped objects.

Please let us know your prescription and we will help you interpret it if you are interested.


Plus Tony 11 Jan 2016, 15:49


When you pick up your glasses make sure you get a complete copy of your prescription. With that information the experts in the community here will be able to help you understand everything. Don't worry about the astigmatism correction making things go slanty. It will only last for a short time until you get used to your new glasses.

Welcome to the glasses club.

Jasmine 11 Jan 2016, 14:31

Had my appointment earlier today. Turns out I am getting glasses I have myopia and astigmattism. I think it means I am shortsighted. My glasses are suposed to be ready in an hour, but I am going to pick them up in 2 hours. The docotor and the lady who helped me pickout glasses said my glasses are going to help me see far things clearly. The doctor also said when I wear my glasses things will be slanted because of the astigmattism. That sounds weird to me why would my glasses make things slant? How is that helping? Anyways, just wanted to post an update.

June 11 Jan 2016, 05:18

SC. I will let you know how my daughter gets on. Thats why I am going to hospital with her , for second opinion. I was told her eye should have been patched far earlier in life but I knew nothing about how her eyesight, until it was picked up later in life. As for myself i am quite happy to wear glasses now, it supports my daughter and i do a lot of close work so the add will be great at work.

But i will keep you in picture and thanks for interest, Anything you want to know, just ask

June 11 Jan 2016, 03:39

Plus Tony.

Thanks for reply. I had not noticed any sense of distant vision not being up to scratch but once optician had tried different lenses I could see a difference in that things were sharper. The reading was getting difficult unless I was in bright light , but this should be resolved with my new glasses. I am going to pick them up today, they were ready saturday but i was unable to get to the shop. Its good my daughter is getting second opinion, I know it was left late to patch her eye, but I was hoping for better results than we got. But if she needs a prism correction and that works thats fine.

Thanks for interest

SC 11 Jan 2016, 03:15


I tend to agree with Incredible. I would have sought a second opinion for yourself as well as your daughter.

A reading add in your early 30s (from memory) should not be necessary. I expect that your Rx will be similar to your daughter's stronger eye (hyperopia seems to be very genetic)and so you should have just gone through a series of distance increases over the next few years. Progressive lenses (I wear them too) are very much a compromise that I would recommend delaying as long as possible (neck ache on computers, poorer peripheral vision etc).

I would be interested to know how your daughters check goes. I have a lazy eye but my first optician said that the patching would have only been effective if done before 4-5yo. I remember some kids at school having a patch or opaque lens when they were maybe 7 or 8. Mine doesn't turn in but as well as being significantly hyperopic (+3.5-+4.5)the optic nerve has not fully developed as so it is a low resolution image - this means that even when fully corrected it is still not good enough and I effectively just wear a balance lens (+1.75) to match the stronger eye. My current optician is much keener to increase the lens power - hence the need for a second opinion!!!

Soundmanpt 10 Jan 2016, 19:00


Just as the others have already said there really isn't anything to be afraid of. Trust me that there is no pain involved in anyway. In fact many people actually enjoy getting their eyes checked. Just try and relax and and answer the questions asked of you as best as you can. Since it was at school that you failed the vision screening I have to assume that it was the eye chart that you had difficultly with. So your most likely a little bit nearsighted and maybe even have some astigmatisms as well. After they have you try and read the eye chart they will push a machine in front of your eyes and and have you look through it as you try to read the same letters again, but this they will be inserting various lenses in the machine (refractor) until your able to read every letter that you should be able to see. The whole eye exam should take about 45 minutes and you will be done except to go out and pick out frames for the glasses your going to be wearing. Picking out frames can be lots of trying on so many different ones until you find the perfect ones that you feel look great on you. Now depending on where you go it can take anywhere from a couple hours to maybe a week before you get your glasses. But I have a feeling your going to be amazed at how much better you will be able to see once you get your glasses. Are you okay with having to start wearing glasses? Be sure to ask for a copy of your prescription after your exam that way we can give you a pretty good idea about how much you will need your glasses. Also at some point you may want either a 2nd pair or maybe prescription sunglasses and you would need your prescription so we can help you order glasses on line at very low prices. let us know how it goes tomorrow.

Jasmine 10 Jan 2016, 16:33


Thank you for the explanation. I'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Cactus Jack 10 Jan 2016, 14:28


You might find this piece I wrote a while back.


An eye exam is not like an exam that you might take in school and there is really no way to study for it. However, you can prepare for it and learn about your role in the exam. The best eye exams are a team effort between you and the Examiner. Part of the preparation is to learn what to expect, particularly if this is your first eye exam.

One important thing you need to keep in mind is that the Examiner has no way to experience what you are seeing. He/she has to depend on your answers to questions.

There are two parts to an eye exam. The first part is the Objective part. This part consists of:

1. Taking a Visual History where you describe your vision and the kinds of problems you are having.

2. Checking the internal pressure in your eyes for symptoms of Glaucoma. This is one of the very few parts of an eye exam that is even mildly uncomfortable and the discomfort only lasts for a few seconds. There are two basic ways to do the pressure test.

A. Using a special instrument to lightly touch your Cornea. Not to worry here. Before doing this type of test a drop of mild anesthetic will make sure you don’t even feel it.

B. There is a new type instrument that uses a puff of air directed against your cornea. No anesthetic is required, but the puff will startle you. The puff of air is harmless and there are huge benefits of detecting Glaucoma early before it can do damage.

3. Obtaining a preliminary estimate of your refractive error using an Auto-Refractor, or manually by using a small hand held instrument called an Ophthalmoscope or Retinoscope.

The Auto-Refractor is a relatively new instrument that was developed in conjunction with NASA to check Astronauts vision in space. You look into the machine with each eye individually at a scene or a pattern and the machine will adjust its internal lenses to focus the image you see on your retina. The Auto-Refractor only takes a few seconds for each eye and it then prints out your estimated prescription.

Some Examiners prefer to use manual methods that have been used for many years. Using an Ophthalmoscope or Retinoscope and a Trial Lens set or a Phoropter (a fancy machine with a built in lens set), the Examiner will look into your eyes and select the lenses that allow him to see your retina, most clearly.

The object of this part of the exam is to get a starting place for the Subjective part of the exam where you have to describe what you see.

Typically the Subjective part of the exam starts with the Right Eye shutter open and the Left Eye shutter closed.

Step 1 is typically determining the cylinder and axis of any Astigmatism correction you need. This is actually the hardest part of the exam because you will be asked to judge relative blurriness of two images rather than the sharpness of an image.

You will be shown a line of text and a supplemental lens will be rotated into place. This lens is a cylinder lens that is mounted on a 45 degree pivot and can be flopped back an forth to bracket a trial axis or orientation of the long axis of the cylinder lens. The thing that is confusing about this test is that the straight lines (strokes) of the letters will alternate in clarity as the lens is flipped back and forth depending on their direction. I suggest concentrating on an “O” if possible. Depending on your answers, the examiner will adjust the axis knob unit the image you see is equally blurry with the supplemental lens 45 degrees each side of the selected axis.

At this point the Examiner will probably swing the supplemental lens out of the way and may change the cylinder power while asking you which lens in clearer.

You may be uncomfortable, for your first exam, asking the Examiner to let you fine tune the axis, but I have found that most will appreciate your wanting to actively participate. The way that works is that he will place your hand on the Axis control knob and you move it back and forth a few degrees of the sharpest image, this time.

The next step is determining the Sphere correction. This is an easy part of the exam because all you have to do is pick the sharpest image, but there is a tricky part. Your auto-focus mechanism will try to help, if it gets a chance. The Examiner has a couple of ways to minimize the action of your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses.

The Examiner can in effect sneak up on your Sphere prescription or he can use drops to Dilate your eyes. Lets talk about sneaking up on your prescription first. There are actually 4 lenses in your eye’s lens system. All of them are PLUS lenses and the total power is about +56 diopters. The only variable focus lens is the crystalline lens whose PLUS power is controlled by your ciliary muscles. For distance, your Crystalline lens is fully relaxed and has somewhere around +15 diopters. When you focus to read, your Ciliary Muscles squeeze the Crystalline lens to increase its PLUS power by the amount necessary to focus which depends on the distance to the object.

This will take a little thought to get your mind around, but if you are nearsighted, your lens system has too much PLUS for the distance from the lens system to your retina and you need MINUS lenses to neutralize some of that excess PLUS power. You ONLY have the ability to increase the PLUS power of your lens system. You have NO ability to reduce the PLUS power of your Crystalline lenses more that fully relaxed.

To try to keep your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline lenses from getting in the act, the examiner will start with NOT ENOUGH MINUS or TOO MUCH PLUS (same thing) and gradually increase the MINUS one or two steps at a time, while reducing the size of the line you are asked to read. He will not tell you what power lens or what line you are looking at. Eventually, he will reach the 20/20 line and a lens power that lets you read it with no mistakes.

He will then follow the same procedure with your Left Eye.

When he has completed both eyes, he will open the shutters and you may see two images. This part of the test is to check your muscle balance using some prisms. He will probably ask you to tell him when the two images are aligned horizontally and then vertically. While the images are separated, you have an important check to make. Compare the sharpness of the two images. If they are not equally sharp, be sure and tell the Examiner which image is clearer. If there is a difference, he will likely reduce the sharpness of the clearest image until they match. The important thing at this point is that they match. That lack of sharpness will be corrected in the next phase with both eyes working together.

Next he will fuse the images so both eyes are working together and repeat the Sphere procedure by gradually increasing the MINUS or decreasing the PLUS until you see the smallest line of letters very clearly.

That pretty much completes the exam except for checking your near vision with a small chart about 14 to 16 inches from you.


Andrew 10 Jan 2016, 14:01


First of all, relax. You have nothing to fear; you are probably a little short-sighted, and this is easily corrected with a pair of glasses. You will be asked some general questions about your health. The inside of your eyes will be examined, and you will have to read some letters off a screen, and given the option to choose the lenses which enable you to see best. There will be a number of other tests as well, depending on what the optician discovers in doing the earlier tests and then you will be invited to choose some suitable frames.

I'm sure others will be able to give you a more in-depth description of what is likely to happen, but make sure that they give you a copy of your prescription, and others here will be able to tell you more about what it means.

Jasmine 10 Jan 2016, 12:35

Hey guys I am a new poster. I used to be homeschooled until this semester. Last week in school we had a vision screening. I failed it pretty badly. I got a note mailed and given to me to give to my parents that I need to get my eyes checked by an eye doctor because I failed the vision screening. My appointment with the eye doctor is tomorrow. I am really nervous. Is there anything I should do to get ready for the appointment? What exactly will happen during the appointment? I have never been to the eye doctor before, so I am completely clueless.

Plus Tony 09 Jan 2016, 07:02


I hope you are keeping well. It is good to hear that your daughter's commitment to the patching has helped a bit. I am sure your optometrist's suggestion to refer her to the eye hospital is sensible. I am sure they want to check that the prescription they give her is right not just for now but is the right direction for the future as well. They probably don't want to prescribe prisms without being absolutely sure they will have a positive effect.

I was interested to hear about your new prescription. I think you got your first specs about the same time as me and like me you quickly became a full time wearer. I know that you said before your visit to the optician this week that you felt you needed help with reading but had you noticed any problems with distance before you went in? I'm just curious because I seem to be seeing fine at all distances but wonder whether it is really the case.

I am sure you will look stylish and elegant in your new rimless specs. Let us know how you both get on and watch those killer heels!

AJ 08 Jan 2016, 22:24

Cactus Jack,

Thank you so much for your explanation. You mentioned muscel surgery. She already had one when she was four years old. It was not succesful. After we found out it was unsuccesful we tried patching, which also ultimatly proved unsuccesful. Which lead us to prisms. Could another surgery be the answer? Do you think it could work? If not, could she get contacts that can correct missalignment in her eyes? If the surgery and contacts are both out of the picture, and her prisms and everything else keep increasing is there a way to get her prescription in thinner lenses? One thing I have not understood is how/why do her prisms keep increasing? How is her missalignment getting worse? Is there a way to slow it down? Or stop it? What causes it to get worse? Sorry for all the new questions. I just want to understand my daughters condition to the best of my abilities. I do not want to ve the mother who has no clue. No rush answer when you have time. Thank you in advance!

AJ 08 Jan 2016, 22:24

Cactus Jack,

Thank you so much for your explanation. You mentioned muscel surgery. She already had one when she was four years old. It was not succesful. After we found out it was unsuccesful we tried patching, which also ultimatly proved unsuccesful. Which lead us to prisms. Could another surgery be the answer? Do you think it could work? If not, could she get contacts that can correct missalignment in her eyes? If the surgery and contacts are both out of the picture, and her prisms and everything else keep increasing is there a way to get her prescription in thinner lenses? One thing I have not understood is how/why do her prisms keep increasing? How is her missalignment getting worse? Is there a way to slow it down? Or stop it? What causes it to get worse? Sorry for all the new questions. I just want to understand my daughters condition to the best of my abilities. I do not want to ve the mother who has no clue. No rush answer when you have time. Thank you in advance!

Cactus Jack 08 Jan 2016, 21:15


Sorry to be slow. I think the prescription below is pretty close to your daughter's prescription and it will serve to explain how prism works and the meaning of the prism elements.

I don't know if you had the opportunity to play with prisms in school/ Prisms look like solid clear glass or plastic triangles or wedges. The sharp point is called the Apex and the flat side opposite the apex is the Base. In general, prisms bend rays of light entering the prism on one side and exiting the other toward the Base. The direction of the Base is determined by which direction the eyes want to turn.

Prisms are used for two scientific purposes. One is breaking up white light in to the colors of the spectrum and bending light rays, often produced by lasers. They are also used in fancy cameras and high quality binoculars.

Ophthalmic prisms are only used for bending light rays to correct Strabismus which is the general medical name for when the eyes don't point in the same direction. There are several different terms that are used to describe the specific type or types of Strabismus depending on which direction the eyes want to point. The names actually consist of several prefixes and two suffixes. The most common prefixes are:

Eso - Eyes turn inward or converge, which is corrected by Base OUT prism.

Exo - Eyes turn outward or diverge, which is corrected by Base IN prism

Hyper - Eye turns upward, which is corrected by Base DOWN prism

Hypo - Eye turns downward, which is corrected by Base UP prism

The common suffixes are:

tropia - The condition is difficult or impossible for the patient to correct

phoria - the condition is temporary and can be corrected by the patient, but probably not for very long.

The above definitions are not absolutely accurate, but close enough for our purposes.

An example of a name for your daughter's inward turning tendency is either Esotropia or Esophoria depending on its permanence.

It is very rare for corrections for horizontal prism to have different Base Directions. Both are typically Base Out or Base IN.

Vertical Prism correction is typically one eye Base UP and the other Base Down.

The prism number is in Prism Diopters. A Prism Diopter is that amount of prism that will deflect a ray of light a distance of 1 cm at a distance of 1 meter. The actual deflection of the eye is about 0.57 angular degrees per Prism Diopter. It is very difficult to see the effects of prism by looking at the eyes if the amount of prism is 10 Prism Diopters or less. Up to about 15, it can be seen, if the observer knows what to look for.

What most people notice is the difference in edge thickness of the lenses, particularly in MINUS lenses. I adult sized lenses the increased outer edge thickness for Base OUT prism is about 1 mm per diopter. Children sized lenses will be 1/2 to 1/3 mm per Prism Diopter, depending on lens width.

In your daughter's prescription:

O.D. sphere: -5.75, cylinder:-1.00, axis: 130, prism: 7, base: out, prism: 3 base: down

O.S. sphere -7.00, cylinder: -1.00, axis: 025, prism: 7, base: out, prism: 3, base:up

The 7 Base OUT in each eye corrects the tendency of her eyes to turn inward by about 4 angular degrees in each eye. The apparent displacement of the pupil in each eye is only about 0.5 mm which is very hard to see without instruments or training.

She also has some vertical prism that is split between her two eyes with one Base UP and the other Base DOWN, the apparent displacement of her pupils will be about 0.2 mm which is also very hard to see.

At some point, it may be desirable to consider muscle surgery to correct the strabismus, but you need to discuss that with Pediatric Ophthalmologists who specialize in Strabismus in both Children and Adults.

I hope this helps some.


Likelenses 08 Jan 2016, 21:11


Rimless are the sexiest,especially if they are equipped with CR 39 lenses.

You are going to have to fight the guys off.

AJ 08 Jan 2016, 12:09

Cactus Jack,

Thank you. I am looking forword to seeing what you have to say.

Cactus Jack 08 Jan 2016, 12:00


Thank you for reminding me that you still had an open question.

No, the error was really minor and it did not discourage me from intending to help. The reason I have not answered all the questions I have been asked, lately, is that my regular business has expectedly increased after the year end holidays. I have only had time to answer optical and vision questions that I can do quickly without a lot of thought, analysis, or explanation.

My answers tend to be long because my goal is to help you understand how all this stuff works. Ideally, I have to think about how to phrase my answers to fit your existing level of knowledge and experience and build on that. I ask you to please be patient with me. I hope to answer you within the next 24 hours.


Incredible 08 Jan 2016, 10:19

Poor June ! Everybody here is happy about her increase...

And she is happy herself...

The most strongest lenses is the best for this "community"...

AJ 07 Jan 2016, 11:54

Cactus Jack,

I hope my mistake in answering your questions did not steer you away from helping me. I am really trying to look for some help. If you need I can repost Jess' prescription correctly in one place. I really am worried at how her prescription keeps increasing.



June 07 Jan 2016, 05:56

Will get the Friday or Saturday hopefully Soundmanpt, I have gone for rimless this time. and i will do what you say and watch the high heels in them lol.

AJ 06 Jan 2016, 10:34

To Julian,

I am sorry for the mess up. You are a 100% correcrt. I had written down my daughter's prescription on a piece of paper, when we got it. Thrns out I made a mistake on the paper, so when I coppied the paper over onto this site the mistake was also copied over. The last part should say 3 base up in the O.S. eye. I am sorry for the mess up. Don't be so quick to doubt yourself. I have suffered from dyslexia since I was a kid. A lot of the times what happens is I will accidently switch around words, letters, numbers, direction words, steps in a list annd other stuff. Also, in the O.S. eye the 4 there was supposed to be a 3 that part is all on my big thumbs, I wrote that post on my phone.

Once again sorry for the mistakes and inconvenience.

Soundmanpt 06 Jan 2016, 10:16


I think your doctor is just being thorough and wanting her to have a 2nd opinion. I am not surprised that they are thinking about including prisms in her glasses. Part of the reason is because your daughter is 14 years old and at that age patching doesn't seem to work as well as it does on younger kids. Her doctor is telling you the truth that unless she were to need a lot of prism her lenses shouldn't appear much if any different than they do now. I hope that "Cactus Jack" reads this and follows up with a better description of prisms.

I assume that even though there was some improvement with her eyes they must have felt like it wasn't enough and that patching isn't the going to work well enough for her.

So you were correct that your glasses were indeed in need of changing. I'm a little surprised that you needed your distance to be a little bit stronger since you felt like your current glasses were still fine and considering that when you got your last eye exam wasn't your distance vision perfect? Now it made sense that when you got your glasses and planned on wearing them full time that your perfect distance vision would be gone once your eyes adjusted to your glasses so I am somewhat surprised that you need an increase in just a few months time. You probably expected that trying to see the eye chart without your glasses was going to be much more difficult than it was when you got your current glasses. But you must have struggled a little bit even with your glasses on. Now with the add you should be able to read those small letters much better. By the way your going to notice that you will also have a middle area which you will find helpful for mid range vision. So things like your computer monitor will be better looking through that part of your lenses. Your doctor wasn't kidding you when he was suggesting you may want to stay off of your heels until your used to your new glasses. Many people have taken some bad falls because of getting new bifocals / progressives and having a miss step. Also when you get them be very careful going up and down steps until you get used to them. The main thing is DON'T LOOK DOWN. You did so well adjusting to your current glasses when you got them that I don't think your going to have much trouble with your new ones. When you got your current glasses I would assume that that your distance was blurry for a while until your eyes adjusted to them, but since you only had a small increase for distance you should only notice a slight difference for your distance. The hardest thing for you will be learning that when you want to read something you don't move your head downward but instead you only move your eyes down with your head still up. It will take a little practice until you find what they call the "sweet spot" for reading. All in all I think your going to really like your glasses. By the way what type of glasses did you get this time? Being that you went in as a glasses wearer did you enjoy picking out new frames? I'm betting your daughter helped you choose your glasses didn't she? I rememebr last time you got your glasses the next day, so will you be getting your new glasses tomorrow?

June 06 Jan 2016, 09:17

Soundmanpt. Mixed feelings about my daughters eye exam, but maybe you can explain better. The optician has referred her to the eye hospital. This made me panic, but he said its only because he thinks she may benifit more from a prism in her left lens rather than keep patching. She has some improvement in that eye but it still turns in when she is tired or is reading. Also she needs a bit stronger lenses in both eyes but he wants to wait and see if prism is the answer before he prescribes new glasses as if needed the prism can then be put in her lens. will a prism make her left lens look even thicker than it is and will it look odd, thats what i worry about. He told me it will not notice but maybe he was trying to make me feel better. I will let you know when she gets appointment which could take anything up to a month. I was more straightforward, i just need bit stronger lenses. My distance was +1.25/+1.00, will be getting extra .50 left eye and .75 Right, also a reading add of +1.00, which he assures me will makes small print very clear, i looked at a paper with the trial lenses in and had to agree i could see it perfect. would appreciate anything you can tell me about prism, i could not understand half of what he said. I am getting Progressive lenses for my new glasses and for some strange reason he advised i did not wear high heels for first week or so with them as looking down can cause problems. I am sure he looke at the heels i was wearing lol they were about 4.5 inches but he must have had reason to warn me

Filthy McNasty 06 Jan 2016, 04:14

Maybe yoked prisms to slow myopia progression?

Julian 06 Jan 2016, 02:33

I'm a bit puzzled that AJ's daughter has base down prisms on both sides. I'd have thought in my ignorance that to counteract a vertical strabismus she should have one base up and the other base down. Can someone who knows more than I do explain?

AJ 05 Jan 2016, 12:38

Cactus Jack,

My daughter is 10 almost 11 (her birthday is next week). We live in the USA

Her current prescription is (she still does nit have these glasses)

O.D. spehere: -5.75, cylinder:-1.00, axis: 130, prism: 7, base: out, prism: 4 base: down

O.S. sephere -7.00, cylinder: -1.00, axis: 025, prism: 7, base: out, prism: 3, base:down

I know about the nearsighted and astigmatism parts, because I have both of those, but the prism stuff I am still a little lost about. All I know is the basic information they put in the analysis packet our doctor gives us.

Cactus Jack 05 Jan 2016, 11:46


Also where you live (country).


Cactus Jack 05 Jan 2016, 11:45


It would be very helpful if you would tell us your daughters age and her present complete prescription.


AJ 05 Jan 2016, 10:57


My name is Ashlyn, yesterday I took me and my daughter to get our eyes examined. She has a strabismus, nearsightedness, and astigmatism. When she was younger we tried patching, but for the past couple of years she has been prescribed prisms in her glasses instead. It always seems like her prism prescription is increasing. Does the fact that the doctor decided to stop the patching mean there is no hope in a permenant fix? We still have not gotten our new glasses. I was in the room when my daughter was getting examined. When they did the part where they prescribe prisms the ones he stopped on where pretty high on the prism ruller thing and had a noticeable thickness. If this is it, if my daughter will need prisms in her glasses for the rest of her life, is there a way to get thr sams prescription in a thinner lens? I know how cruel kids can be, and I do not want Jess to be teased for her vision problems. At the begining the prisms were not that noticeable, but her last ones were and the new ones seem like they will be very noticeable. Also, is it possible her glasses or the prisms are making her eyes worse?

Sarah 05 Jan 2016, 00:20


It was about a year ago. I noticed my vision getting worse. I had missed my 6 month appointment because I was in the hospital, and by the time my schedual cleared up after being 8n the hospital I figured I might as well just forget about the 6 month appointment becasue if i had it then it would mess up the rest of my timings for appointments. I like to have them duribg school breaks.


Likelenses 04 Jan 2016, 23:04


Your vision would have been horrible with your old glasses.

When did you last have your eyes examined?

Were you aware of how bad your vision was?I hope that you were not driving like that.

Your new Rx is most likely going to take a bit of getting used to.

Your next Rx will probably be bioconcaves.

Sarah 04 Jan 2016, 17:08


The astigmatism did not change. The sepehere did the sephere that was in the glasses was -11.25 and -12.00. The presription before was-9.25 and -9.75 and cylinder of -2.00 and -2.50.


Likelenses 04 Jan 2016, 16:54


I don't think that there is reason for concern.

It sounds as though there was a mistake at the last exam,and that the powers that were prescribed today,are what you needed then.

Likelenses 04 Jan 2016, 16:50


Woha ! What is the Rx that only gave you 20/30,and 20/40,and what was your Rx before your recent exam.,not the one today?

Sarah 04 Jan 2016, 16:38

I forgit to add this in thr last post, but why/how would my eyesight change this fast? Hiw could two weeks make such a difference? Should I be concerned?

Sorry for all the questions.


Sarah 04 Jan 2016, 16:23

I went to pick up my new glasses today. My vision with them was not perfect, I was supposed to see 20/20 but only saw 20/30 and 20/40. They reexamined my eyes and turns out the prescription is too weak. My new new prescription is:

O.D. -11.5/-3.00/005

O.S. -12.5/-3.75/165.

I get to keep the glasses I got today and get the new ones in about two weeks for free.

Soundmanpt 04 Jan 2016, 15:20


What your are wanting to hear about your daughters eyes is that the patching is doing some good and that there has been some improvement. She may always be at least a little bit cross eyed when she takes her glasses off. But you want her eyes to look normal with her glasses on and no patch. It is also possible that they may decide that putting prisms in her lenses is a better option if the patching doesn't work. The downside of prisms is that she will never be able to wear contacts because they don't make contacts for prisms. But she may be fine with just wearing glasses from now on anyway.

As for you, it clearly seems like you need your glasses to be a little bit stronger for reading. But you said your distance vision is still good with glasses, but I assume your distance vision isn't very good now without your glasses? This time the eye chart is likely going to be quite a challenge for you when they take your glasses away from you. But if you able to see everything fine with your glasses then you don't need your glasses to be made any stronger for distance and by getting progressives they can just increase your reading portion and leave your distance alone. Getting progressives is really your choice but they may or may not suggest that as an option. If you stay with single vision glasses your eyes will have to adjust to the stronger prescription for your distance. I look forward to how you come out after Wednesday.

June 03 Jan 2016, 15:33

That was quite funny likelenses. Another reason I think I need a little help for close work lol.

VerynHappymNew Year to yourself as well.

Likelenses 03 Jan 2016, 04:44


Perhaps you have come up with something,for people with crossed eyes,namely a latch to keep them in place.

Only kidding you!

Kind of reminded my of the old Steve Martin movie,The Jerk,where he had invented a device to help people push their glasses up,but his invention made them cross eyed.

Happy New Year!

June 03 Jan 2016, 01:02

That should read patch not latch

June 03 Jan 2016, 01:01

Soundmanpt. Hi again . Just to keep you in the picture. My daughter and self have our eye exam Wednesday morning at 10am. I wanted to get daughter sorted out before she goes back to school. I am hoping the latch has helped her, but she is still quite cross eyed when her glasses are off.

My distance os ok with my glasses but need a bit longer arms lol, or bright light then it's easier to read. Will talk to you when I know what happening.

Galileo 30 Dec 2015, 21:51

I followed Eyescene from the early days in the 1990s but I was a lurker for maybe 5 years before I finally posted something.

Soundmanpt 30 Dec 2015, 17:51


I believe your probably right. Also it is true that not every optical store simply provides you with copy of your prescription but there are some that do. And sadly it could also be fakes using a fake name and pretending to be new here. But you really have to give everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Ellie 30 Dec 2015, 13:42

To the anonymous poster (below)

I expect some people lurk around for a while before they actually post.

 30 Dec 2015, 13:29

I often wonder how "new" people to this site use words like "bare-eyed" and diopters" when those are met common words outside this website. Everyone knows their prescription when they come here too. When in real life, many people have no idea what their prescription is.

Something to think about when you see all these newcomers appear out of nowhere.

Soundmanpt 29 Dec 2015, 18:26


First of all I want to wish you a belated Merry Christmas and I hope you have nice fun, safe Happy New Years which is only a few days away.

So you were only able to get an appointment for your gf to get her eyes checked. Actually sine it was way past a year since she got her glasses she was over due anyway. She did very well, honestly I would have thought that she would have did well if she would have only needed -1.00 glasses. So having no change in one eye and only an increase of -.25 in the other eye is really very good. Since she knows you like seeing her wearing her glasses does she normally wear her glasses pretty much full time. I'm sure you enjoyed watching her get her eyes tested. She must not have missed even one letter with her glasses on, but you said she struggled a bit more when they took her glasses from her. But even without her glasses she still must have been able to see most of the eye chart pretty well? For -.50 /.75 she was must have been see about the 20/40 line? As you were watching were you wondering how well you will do when you get your eyes tested? You should be able to see the 20/20 line perfect with your glasses on, but when they take your glasses will you still be able to see the 20/20 line? Are you planning on getting your eye exam right after the first of the year or a few months into the year?

Nadine 28 Dec 2015, 12:21

Hi everyone,

Carrie, thank you so much for showing interest in this. Only my other half has managed to get booked into Specsavers last week (we agreed that she should go as she relies more on her lenses than me on mine). They were that busy that I am looking to book a test in the new year.

However, I have been a witness in my girlfriend's eye test and that was a lot of fun. She did struggle a fair bit, while bareeyed but her -0.50 glasses made all the difference in the world. The optometrist did notice that she could see a little better with -0.75 in her right eye (that small difference can be explained in many ways, I know). We've just ordered a new pair online, with her "new" RX... I think she wanted that more for my sake haha or to be able to mix frames up a bit.

I am really looking forward to my exam now, as it is possible for the optometrist to find such a ridiculously small increase, if not bigger :P.

And I hope everyone has had a nice Christmas.


NewToGlassesAndConfused 28 Dec 2015, 08:15


I'm sorry I don't think I understand what you are trying to say.

Likelenses 27 Dec 2015, 21:36

Today we had dinner with Cheryl's friend from work that was recently prescribed her first glasses at age 38.They are -2.75,and she wears them full time.

At dinner I ask her if she can still read without glasses.She said that everything far and near is very blurred now without her glasses on.I told her to see if she could read the menu without them.The lighting was good,but she could not even distinguish the larger print.She pulled the menu up about five inches from her eyes and read some of it.

She has only had the glasses for a few weeks,and said that they were not hard getting used to for distant things,but that she found it strange and annoying,that printed material looked so miniaturized at first,but that now it all looks OK,since she is used to them.

She mentioned that the optometrist had said that at her exam next year he may give her a small bifocal.

Cheryl was a little annoyed that I was expressing so much interest in he glasses,and vision.I assured her that she was still my favorite GWG,

Likelenses 27 Dec 2015, 00:58


I agree that full time wear is a must for all activities.

Best to put them on as soon as you open your eyes in the morning,and not take them off until you go to bed in the evening.

Also concentrate on not reading closer than 12 inches for books and no closer than 20 inches at a computer.May be hard to do at first but in a few days should be OK as long as you wear the glasses full time as mentioned above.

You have a fairly strong first prescription.

DS 26 Dec 2015, 22:53

Doh! (Spherical equiv of OU -2.75)

DS 26 Dec 2015, 22:51

Plus cyl form of NewToGlassesAndConfused's Rx is

OD -3.25 +1.00 x 110

OS -3.50 +1.50 x 79

I think this is what the unnamed poster was trying to do.

(The conclusion that the spherical equivlent is OU +2.75 is correct, though.)

NewToGlassesAndConfused 26 Dec 2015, 17:35

Thank you all for responding.

I will try to wear my glasses all the time. Ill give it a go tomorrow. Wish me luck!

 26 Dec 2015, 15:52

O.D. -2.25 (sephere), -1.00 (cylinder) 020(axis)

O.S. -2.00 (sephere), -1.5 (cylinder) 169(axis)

Some doctors write it this way:

O.D. -2,75 sph +/- 0,50 cyl Axis 020 degrees

O.S. -2,75 sph +/- 0,75 cyl Axis 169 degrees

Both eyes have the same average with -2,75 Myopia, but one of them has a bit stronger astigmatism (1,50 instead of 1,00).

In total, not a tragedy, I should say, and in the long run, you will cope with that, and with better reading as well within the neyt 4-6 weeks.

Julian 26 Dec 2015, 12:17


I've been following your conversation with Cactus Jack; I have a pair of readers with an add of +2.5, and was going to tell you that if I keep those on my vision is pretty close to yours bareyed, so I think you should wear your glasses full time. Then I read Cactus's latest post where he says everything. You should follow his advice,

Love and kisses, Jules.

NewToGlassesAndConfused 26 Dec 2015, 10:26


Thanks foe the response, you are a great help! How is it that I do not have low or moderate astigmatism, but have low myopia, and my myopia numbers are higher? Di you accidently switch them? Id i wear +2.00 over my own glasses wont that cancel one of my lenses because it is -2.00?

Cactus Jack 26 Dec 2015, 09:22


Yes, you should be wearing glasses all the time and you may need close focusing help for a while until you can strengthen your Ciliary Muscles.

The primary reason you should use full time vision correction is your astigmatism (Cylinder and Axis correction), It affects your vision all the time and at all distances. There is no way to correct the distortion caused by Astigmatism except by use of external lenses (glasses certainly or maybe toric contacts) or refractive surgery. The secondary reason is that you need to keep your Ciliary Muscles in top condition and working the way they are supposed to.

People with moderate Myopia (you), but very low or no Astigmatism (NOT you) effectively have built in reading glasses. That makes it very tempting to not wear vision correction or remove their glasses when they read or do close work. That is a bad plan because it lets the Ciliary Muscles (focusing muscles) get weak and out of condition, even at an early age, long before Presbyopia makes focusing to read difficult or impossible.

A Bifocal or Progressive ADD is certainly a possibility, but if the goal is to get your Ciliary Muscles in condition, you need to be able to change the power of the ADD and that can get expensive. The problem with bifocals or progressives is that they do some of the work that your Ciliary Muscles should be doing and that is counter productive at this time.

Another way would be to wear some reading glasses over your regular glasses for reading and other close work. You could do that with regular Over-the-Counter (OTC) reading glasses or perhaps Clip on Magnifiers (same thing as reading glasses) you can get on line. This solution has a big advantage by letting your change the amount (Power) of the focusing help as you gradually decrease the amount of help they provide, relatively inexpensively.

Strengthening your Ciliary Muscles is no different than lifting weights. You don't start with heavy weights, but in this case, you need to start with moderate Power over your prescription glasses and gradually reduce it as your Ciliary Muscles gain strength. Normally, the Ciliary Muscles are the strongest muscles in your body for their size.

You can try various powers, but you probably need to start with +2.00 or +1.50, if you can, and reduce the power by one available step about every week or two. It is a little awkward to be switching glasses in class, but most Clip-Ons can be flipped up and down as you need to see close and far. This may cause some questions, but all you need to do is explain what you are doing and that you probably won't need to use the focusing help for more than a few more weeks.

I hope this has not made you more confused.

It is really useful to understand how the eyes work, particularly the Auto-Focus system. Ideally, your distance refractive power is 0.00 after correction, if you need it. Sir Isaac Newton, of gravity fame, codified the laws of optics over 300 years ago and they still work today. A 0.00 lens focuses at Infinity or beyond 20 feet or 6 meters for practical purposes. To bend or focus light rays from closer objects, requires a lens of PLUS power. The amount of PLUS is determined by the formula:

Lens Power in Diopters = 1 meter or 100 cm or 1000 mm or 39.37 inches divided by the distance to the object in the same units of measure. If you want to focus at a typical reading distance of 40 cm or 16 inches, you need a +2.50 lens. It does not mater where that +2.50 comes from. Ideally, it comes as a result of your Ciliary Muscles squeezing your Crystalline Lenses to increase their power by +2.50. If that is not possible some or all of the +2.50 can come from external lenses and the rest from your Crystalline Lenses. To focus on say a Computer Display at 66 cm or 26 inches requires about +1.50.


NewToGlassesAndConfused 25 Dec 2015, 19:30

I have been looking up things online, and something has popped up. Is it possible I need bifocals?

NewToGlassesAndConfused 24 Dec 2015, 20:14

Cactus Jack,

Referring back to a question in my initial post, shoulf I be wearing my glasses all the time? You explained why I am having problems reading with my glasses, but what about without? I have an appointment for mid January, so I think I would like to know what you have to suggest as solutions before I go in so i can mention them? Please and thank you!

Cactus Jack 24 Dec 2015, 18:55


Your age and prescription explains a lot

O.D. -2.25 (sephere), -1.00 (cylinder) 020(axis)

O.D. is a latin abbreviation for your Right Eye.

Your Sphere correction of -2.25 means that there is a mismatch between the total power of your eye's lens system and the length of your eyeball. Without your glasses, the -2.25 means that everything beyond about 44 cm or 17 inches is increasingly blurry.

Your Cylinder and Axis (they always go together) mean that you have some Astigmatism, which usually caused by uneven curvature of the front surface of the Cornea.

O.S. -2.00 (sephere), -1.5 (cylinder) 169(axis)

O.S. is a latin abbreviation for your Left Eye.

It is slightly less nearsighted, but has a bit more Astigmatism.

It is actually a relatively mild prescription, but it can make life as a student miserable if not corrected.

I am pretty sure your reading problems with your glasses are as I explained in my previous post. Without correction, you are effectively wearing built in moderate to strong power reading glasses. Next time you are in a store that sells reading glasses, the +2.75 reading glasses is pretty close to your vision without glasses. It is going to take a while to get your Ciliary Muscles strong again so you can focus close.

Unfortunately, this is a price you pay for not wearing needed glasses. You need to go back to your Eye Care Professional (ECP) and explain that you are having trouble reading with your glasses. There are a couple of possible solutions that I can suggest, but I think you need to chat with your ECP.


NewToGlassesAndConfused 24 Dec 2015, 18:06

Cactus Jack,

I am still new to the world of glasses, fo you mind breaking that down a bit? As for your questions I am almost 20 years old and my full prescription is:

O.D. -2.25 (sephere), -1.00 (cylinder) 020(axis)

O.S. -2.00 (sephere), -1.5 (cylinder) 169(axis)

cactus Jack 24 Dec 2015, 17:51


Astigmatism affects vision at all distances, not just near and far.

May I ask your age and complete prescription? Sphere, Cylinder and Axis for each eye

New nearsighted glasses wearers sometimes have some initial problems focusing close with their glasses. That is because being nearsighted is like wearing built in reading glasses. Because it was not necessary for your Ciliary Muscles to do much work for reading without your glasses, it is very likely that they are weak and out of condition. It depends to some extent on your prescription, reading with your glasses will help exercise your Ciliary Muscles and get them in condition.

I rare cases, first time glasses wearers are under corrected or wear weak bifocals for a while to reduce the focusing load on your Ciliary Muscles until they get strong and then they are given their full prescription.


miku 24 Dec 2015, 17:19

Have a lovely Christmas, everyone!... a bit off-topic, I know

NewToGlassesAndConfused 24 Dec 2015, 13:43

Hey, everyone. I started to notice I could not see the board in my classes about 6 months ago(and I always sit in the front), so I got worried/excited and tried teasing my eyes myself for about a week and concluded I was in fact having trouble seeing faraway. I scheduled an appointment with an eye doctor,and as it turns out I am nearsighted and I have astigmatism. I was so excited to finally need glasses, but somehow seeing them them for the first time made me nervous, and so I only wear them as needed now. Is that bad for my eyes? Should I be wearing them all the time? Anyways,the thing I am most confused by is that I am nearsighted, meaning my far vision is bad, right? Well, then how come it is now hard to read textbooks with and without my glasses? At first it was only with my glasses (I figured out if I hold the book further I could see better), but now even without them it's almost impossible to read my textbooks (I can't focus on the writing up close, but if it is far I can't see cause of my nearsightedness). Now, without placing my book kind of further and putting on my glasses I can't see the print at all. What is wrong with my eyes, I feel like I am at a lose-lose point with my vision?

Soundmanpt 24 Dec 2015, 12:23


I couldn't remember exactly when you daughter was due to go back for a checkup. Let's hope that the patch is doing some good for her.

I looked back because I couldn't quite remember whens you got you glasses. It was the first week of October, so you have been wearing your glasses for just about 3 months. If your having trouble reading small with your glasses then your eyes have probably adjusted and you now need a small increase. But since it is just at 2 months since you got your glasses you should call and see if they have a 90 day policy where if you have any change in your glasses they will replace your lenses at no cost to you. Many optical stores offer this to their patients.

The idea of progressives is something you might want to ask about during your eye exam. If your distance vision is perfect with your current glasses and you only need an increase for reading that might be a better option for you.

Sarah 24 Dec 2015, 11:48


Thank you for informing me. Are they over the counter, or will i need a prescription?


guest 24 Dec 2015, 09:35

areds2 .... is a all around eye vitamin. It may strengthen retina/macula area where you are stretched like a rubber band.

guest 24 Dec 2015, 09:35

areds2 .... is a all around eye vitamin. It may strengthen retina/macula area where you are stretched like a rubber band.

Sarah 24 Dec 2015, 05:10


Thanks you for sharing about your girlfriend, it makes me feel better about my own eyes knowing she does not have any problems with hers.I have you have standard lenses, so I guess I will have to wait and see hiw thick they are. Lets just hope it is they are not noticeably different than my current ones.


minus5wholuvsgwgs 24 Dec 2015, 03:34

My gf is a high myope -15.00 and -16.25 with a very small amount of astigmatism she is 55 and has healthy eyes and does not have myodiscs her regular glasses are high index and not hugely thick Don t worry

Sarah 23 Dec 2015, 22:30


Thank you for responding, I take it you are also in double digits. What exactly do you mean by areds2? As far as being at a greater risk of retinal detachment is there certain precautions I need to take, stuff I need to start or stop doing to lower my risks?


guest 23 Dec 2015, 20:27

Hi Sarah...

Think I remember you...


Yes, you are at greater risk of retinal detachment.

Don't think you in mypo's at only entering our world of double digits.

And lastly, nothing really, just eat more green leafy veges and take areds2.

Happy holidays

guest 23 Dec 2015, 20:27

Hi Sarah...

Think I remember you...


Yes, you are at greater risk of retinal detachment.

Don't think you in mypo's at only entering our world of double digits.

And lastly, nothing really, just eat more green leafy veges and take areds2.

Happy holidays

Sarah 23 Dec 2015, 19:10

Let's just blame this whole thing on misunderstanding and stop the bickering. Thank you for trying to warn me, but I am a big girl who can make her own decisions. I just feel lonely in my vision problems and wanted to talk about them with others, and let out worries and concerns about my eyes to someone. I sure do not feel like i can physically talk about my concerns, so it felt nice to type it out and know someone would read it.


 23 Dec 2015, 18:39

Just making sure you are fully aware of your surroundings here. Why are you hostile when I am trying to help you understand this site?

Sarah 23 Dec 2015, 17:45

Considering people on this website talk about their vision and vision problems I think my comment is appropriate. If you do not have something relevant to say I would appreciate it if you would let me be, thank you.


 23 Dec 2015, 16:57

you do know this is a sexual fetish for eyeglasses website, right?

Sarah 23 Dec 2015, 14:53

I am not a fake. The reason I did a test is because I could not get my comment to post because I could not figure out what I was supposed to put for the name of the website (I was accidentally copy pasting the different urls), after all it is my first time. Eventually, I decided to try getting a successful "testing" post through to save the time of pasting the comment with every time. The test was not to see what name showed up, I mean I put in MY name in the "ES Nickname", so obviously my name would show up. I am very much a girl, and I do not appreciate being called a fake. Sorry if that sounded harsh, but its the truth.


 23 Dec 2015, 14:23

already calling this one a fake. making a test post earlier to see if your real or fake name shows is the first clue.

i'd wager a big sum 99.5% of the "females" posting here are guys with an overactive fetish. i'm sure Moonshiner could name all the "ladies" here.

Sarah 23 Dec 2015, 13:14

Hi guys, I just saw this website and felt like joining in considering I am about to get new glasses. Some of the names here seem familiar from lenschat(even though none of them have been on recently), to the others first and foremost I would like to say it is nice to meet you.

I just had my eyes reexamined on Monday, and am now in the dreaded waiting period. This time I am actually quite nervous about getting my glasses because they will be my first double digit lenses. I hope the difference between them and my current ones is not too much because I have a problem with change so much so that I may end up not wearing them even though I need to. I still remember once wearing the same pair of glasses for three years because each year I was overwhelmed by the change in the lenses. I did not wear my newest pair until my vision became so bad in the ones I was wearing that I could not escape the inevitable.

Anyways, now that I have hit double digits I cannot get a few questions out of my head:

1. Is it true I am now at a greater risk for retinal detachment? If yes, about how much?

2. Should I be looking into getting myodiscs for next time? If not, when should I start giving that option some thought?

3. Is there anything I can do to prevent my vision from getting any worse?

Thanks for reading, if you could answer or share any information, or tips on any of the questions above I would greatly appreciate it. Also, fell free to share if you or anyone you know is going through a similar situation. Last but not least I wish all of you guys a happy holidays! I hope 2016 treats you well and brings you joy!


Sarah 23 Dec 2015, 13:14


Carrie 20 Dec 2015, 05:43

Nadine - you were hoping to get eye tests booked for you and your girlfriend before Christmas. Have you managed to get a booking or will it have to wait until after Christmas?

I X AM 19 Dec 2015, 08:12

Sophie, contrary to the eyeglass fetishists here, I would not recommend glasses. Your prescription is significantly low, and people go around without glasses for prescriptions twice or three times more than your own.

Right eye: sp -1.00 cyl -0.50 ax 160

Left eye: sp -0.50 cyl -1.25 ax 110

Significant is defined as -6 and up. I know because my eye doctor said there is an official point for "significant." I'm also -7 and don't wear my glasses often at all. Only for driving. Yes there is lots of blur, but I am comfortable with it.

If you get glasses now, your prescription is likely to spike soon. Look at the other posts here and you will see this trend is very, very common.

As you say, it isn't causing you any problems right now, so I suggest you ignore the fetishists and do what you think is most helpful.

June 19 Dec 2015, 00:24

Thanks for your interest Soundman. My daughter is due for a visit to opticians in January, I am not sure if the patch is working, but now without her glasses on she look quite cross eyed, he left eye turns in, more when she is tired. As for myself, yes I can't go without the glasses now and intend to ask for a bit more help with small print. My glasses fine at distance but find myself holding things further away to read if print small. I mentioned to a friend at work and she said I may need progressive glasses but will see what expert says. Will let you know how I get on, should get appointment early January

Soundmanpt 18 Dec 2015, 16:04


It has been a while since you provided any update about your daughter and yourself. So first off has your daughter been back for a checkup to see if the patching is having the effect they want on her eyes? I have no doubt that she is doing good about not only wearing her glasses but wearing the patch as well.

And how are you doing now that your also wearing glasses? I'm sure your daughter is keeping a close eye on you to make sure your keeping your glasses on all the time as well. But i'm guessing that by now your eyes have completely adjusted to your glasses and your not very comfortable anymore without your glasses being on? Is there anything that you may have learned about wearing glasses that you didn't know olr maybe surprised you?

Likelenses 17 Dec 2015, 22:40

Regarding Cheryl's friend at work that was recently prescribed glasses.

She has ordered prescription sun glasses,as she said that now with glasses,that because everything is so sharply focused that the sun is hard on her eyes.She never before was a sun glasses person,but apparently was viewing things out of focus for quite some time.

She also made an interesting comment,that with her glasses on she can not see her eyes perfectly clearly in a mirror,when farther than two feet from it.She says that she can see other small things like buttons,but not her eyes.I suspect that it is due to the reflections off of her lenses.The are only -2.75,but appear to be CR 39,and have a very small base curve on the front.

Soundmanpt 12 Dec 2015, 21:16


It is funny how fast everyone gets used to seeing you how you look now and almost completely forgets how you used to look. Like you say many of your friends you have know for years before you started wearing glasses and now you haven't even had your glasses a year yet but if you don't have your glasses on your friends notice how much different you look. Not sure why that is myself. But like you say now you hardly feel like the same person without your glasses being on when you see yourself without your glasses so I guess it makes sense that others look at you the same way?

I told you that you would still probably be able to see better with your glasses on than he will able to with his new glasses. Like I said being able to see 20/15 is very impressive and considering that you have had your glasses for 3 or 4 months that is extremely good. Honestly it would have been understandable if you would have needed say another -.50 just to get you to 20/20. You just want your eyes and glasses to stay that good for you.

Yeah, i'm sure now that your bf is wearing his glasses full time he feels like they are always dirty, but most likely a lot of it is really him being nervous about having his glasses on. If I recall you complained about the same thing with your glasses at first but like him you were really getting used to wearing glasses for the first time in your life. So i'm sure you fiddled with them and had them off quite a bit trying to get used to them. Now I bet you hardly ever take them off to clean them because your comfortable wearing your glasses and hardly even notice your wearing glasses anymore.

Your bf got a sizeable increase and he for sure needs to be wearing his glasses full time now. But really if he had gone in like he really should have after the first year his prescription would would have been a lot different. I think something like R -1.50 L -1.50 or -1.75. But just like he was told that would still put him right on the edge of needing them full time. I guess you already know that his glasses are still weaker than yours.

So you and your bf had an interesting year didn't you. So in less than a year you went from no glasses to full time glasses and he went from part time wearer to full time wear. So maybe I shouldn't bring it up but kissing has to be a little bit different now with you both wearing glasses. But I bet you enjoy the practice of getting it right for those quickie kisses and for the longer kisses I assume the glasses just come off? Sorry I just had to give you a bit of ribbing.

Katie 12 Dec 2015, 12:01


You are definitely right, when I see myself without glasses now it feels a bit strange. I'm so used to seeing myself with glasses on and with out them to add that extra dimension to my face I think it looks strange. All my friends also say that I look totally different when I wear my contacts even though I knew most of them for years before I ever got glasses. It is a bit weird since I've only had glasses for about a year now but I don't really mind it at all.

As for seeing a difference with the modified prescription, it wasn't really a noticeable difference so there is no way that I was going to get new lenses. It's far too expensive for such a minor, hardly noticeable change. Also, my boyfriend is able to see 20/20 and read a bit of the 20/15 line but I've still got him beat. According to the optometrist a person's max visual acuity often has to do with how the brain processes an image which I never knew before. He has been wearing his glasses full time since he got them on Thursday and hasn't seemed bothered by it, other than asking me how I manage to keep the lenses clean all day. I think the biggest issue for him has been adjusting to the stronger prescription. Of course I'll be encouraging, when I got my glasses it was amazing to have someone to talk to and was reassuring to hear his experience. If he has any questions about wearing glasses full time I'll be sure to answer them as best as I can.


My boyfriend got glasses about 2 years ago and only wore them for seeing the board in class and for driving. However, for the past couple months he had been using them to see the TV and various other things. He found out that his prescription changed from R -0.75 L -1.25 to R -2.25 L -2.00 and the optometrist recommend that he wear his new glasses full time and that if he had come in last year for an exam he probably would have been wearing them all the time already. He had me come with him to help him find his glasses and we found a pair that we both really like. I think he looks great in glasses, the new pair really fit his face better and add something extra to his appearance that I really like.

Melyssa 11 Dec 2015, 12:24


As for wearing glasses in photographs, here is my take on it:

1. For my identity card at work, we were told not to wear them -- not just me, but everyone else who is bespectacled, and I don't know why.

2. For my driver's license photo, next due in a few months, glasses are a necessity because PennDOT (or PennDORK as I like to call the state's Department of Transportation) would frown on someone with poor vision driving (the old "Must wear corrective lenses" thing).

3. I am not comfortable wearing glasses to pose for a picture taken by a camera with a flash bulb, as those things blind me for several minutes.

4. Other than that, I definitely wear my glasses in photos, which I did at my wedding, as did my husband.

Soundmanpt 11 Dec 2015, 11:00


Your right, Alexandra should keep her glasses on for pictures now. Once you start wearing glasses full time, and I assume that she wears her glasses full time, then taking your glasses off for pictures is like photographing a different person. Like you say all of her friends and family are used to seeing her with glasses on. The only reason I can think of to tkae your glasses off is if she doesn't have AR coating (anti-reflective) on her lenses since that could cause glare and reflections. If you and your family are the kind of family that takes lots of pictures then it really makes sense to for you and your sister to keep your glasses on for pictures so you have a time line of events. That way you both know about when you started wearing glasses. It may not mean much now but in the years to come you may forget exactly when you got your glasses. You will know by looking at the family Christmas pictures that it was between December 2014 and December 2015.

I'm surprised that you could even tell any difference when you were looking at the "modified prescription" when they tested your eyes last week. It was certainly not even close to being enough to get new glasses. You should be thrilled that with your current glasses your able to easily read the 20/15 line on the eye chart. I can't tell you how good that really is. Don't be surprised that even with your bf just getting his new glasses that you can probably still see a little bit better with your glasses than he can with his. Your goal is for it to stay that way of course. I recall that your bf wore glasses from one of your earlier posts but I forgot that he only wore his part of the time. Since he already had glasses he has been able to slowly adjust to wearing glasses and even with being seen with glasses. But you were the one that went from no glasses at all to wearing glasses full time in about 2 weeks time. That's really the hard way to start wearing glasses, but you seem to have quite a bit of self confidence. You were not only trying to adjust to seeing through prescription lenses but also just getting used to wearing glasses period. I know you said that your bf was very encouraging to you when you got your glasses and I am sure you be as encouraging to him as well.

George1968 11 Dec 2015, 01:51


How often did your boyfriend wear his glasses before? Do you like him in glasses? How is your sister doing with full time wear?

Katie 10 Dec 2015, 17:34


You really should try keeping your glasses on for your next picture, I'm sure you'll look great. It was strange the first time I saw a picture of myself in glasses but it didn't really bother me since all my friends and family know I wear glasses and are used to seeing me in glasses all the time. I usually keep my glasses on for photos because they show how I looked at that particular time and it's always fun to look back on old pictures. Also I'm not sure what the red/green test you're referring to is and I'm pretty sure that I didn't have it done. As for noticing a difference with the modified prescription, it was really hard to say. Like I mentioned earlier I can still easily see the 20/15 line with my current glasses and there was no big improvement with the adjusted prescription. I just noticed that the letters became a bit darker, not really sharper but maybe a bit bolder. I wasn't really planning on updating my prescription since all the blue lights are going away in a month anyway.

Also something interesting happened today. My boyfriend picked up his new glasses after class today and I went with him to the store. On the drive back he noticed that the blue Christmas lights were a bit blurry while everything else was clear for him as well. It turns out that with his old prescription everything was blurry so he didn't notice the blue lights standing out as odd and now that he got his new glasses he notices it. He had to get significantly stronger glasses so that sure explains it. Looks like I have a partner in misery for the next month or so. I've gotten somewhat used to the blue lights and it's less annoying and eye catching than it was when I first noticed. My boyfriend gets to go through the same thing now too along with getting used to wearing his glasses full time, hopefully its as easy for him as it was for me.

AJ 10 Dec 2015, 17:09

I thought the nice folks here would have figured out that is Sophie is a troll looking for attention. He/She is certainly getting it.

George1968 10 Dec 2015, 15:38

Hi Sophie,

As indicated before, there are no glasses police, and you can't be forced to get or wear glasses if you don't want them.

Your vision problem is not going away, so you might not get them now, but it is very likely that someday you will. That's up to you. Right now, your prescription suggests that you will only really need them for driving, and sitting at the back of your classroom (or movie theater).

If you are adamantly against glasses, there are contact lenses.

Good luck with the decision. I like attractive women who wear glasses because I am into the librarian stereotype. I also think that there is nothing more intimate than taking off a woman's glasses right before you kiss her.

Curt 10 Dec 2015, 14:54

Sophie: Sorry, but that is not true. Many men (and women) look at glasses as accessories, like earrings or necklaces...they are jewelry for your face. Many women have multiple pairs to go with different outfits and occasions. You obviously dislike glasses, so no amount of discussion here is going to change your mind.

Sophie 10 Dec 2015, 13:51


My mother wore glasses when she was a kid, I saw in some old pictures. However I've never seen her in glasses nor she complains about eyesight.

I don't think my bf likes womens in glasses, why he should? No guy would find more interesting a bespectacled woman, vision defects are horrible!

Alexandra 10 Dec 2015, 10:24


One question: are any members of your family nearsighted (brother, sister ,parent) ?

My sister and my mother are nearsigthed...this my explain why I am too.

Helpful 10 Dec 2015, 03:17


What you are experiencing is what countless young ladies face throughout the World. I am no expert but this is due in part to each of these possible factors. One your age when the main growth factors are at the strongest and your eyes do not keep up, secondly your parents might have some influence or someone in the family tree which is translated to you. Lastly the fact you are studying and likely to do so for several more years has an effect through lots of work reading writing and perhaps spending time on the computer. My own daughter and some of her friends all went through these stages and now happily wear glasses with contacts wear when they choose. Just look around you and you will see more and more young ladies in glasses for these reasons.

In a few years you will look back and think what was that all about. You might even have children who experience the same concerns and you will be giving the same explainations and they will question you exactly as you are doing now.

Best of luck in coming to terms with this. Finally the choice of frames is incredibke these days which says this is very much a growth industry.

Alexandra 10 Dec 2015, 01:50

Hi Sophie,

Two and half years ago, I had some eyesstrain and some (little) difficulties reading the sldes and the board at the university. I was always sitting in the last row.

Also I had to renew my driving license, so I decided to have an eye examination.

But I was like you, I tought my vision was still OK and I was very surprised that I had to wear glasses.

When I started to wear my glasses in class, I needed them more and more, so finally when I changed University, I decided to go for full time wear, because nobody knew me and I could not go very well without glasses on the campus.

So it is up to you, but what do you have to loose to have a full eye exam, than it would be up to you to buy a pair of glasses or not.

Also to repond to another question I went to a dinner party last year with my glasses. I took them off part of the evening, but a very handsom man asked me to put back my glasses on and we started dating a few weeks later.

He always tells me that he likes women with glasses...maybe he has sort of a fetish like some of you here. But I dont mind even if sometimes I am a little jealous when he looks at another girl with glasses.

Sophie does you bf also likes women with glasses?

Soundmanpt 09 Dec 2015, 20:33


"Likelenses" is right. Try testing your eyes by trying to read the board from the back of the room.

Likelenses 09 Dec 2015, 20:16


You stated that you sit in the front row at school,and have no trouble.

If your vision is normal you should be able to sit in the farthest rear of the room,and see even small writing on the board. Can you do that?

Soundmanpt 09 Dec 2015, 20:05

No name poster

Your right that this room is in large part supported by those with an interest in glasses as well as some with a fetish as well. But I know that I have not insisted that she go out and get glasses nor has any of the others that have made comments to her. If she wishes to ignore or deny any need for glasses that is fine but it wasn't any of us that examined her eyes and prescribed her glasses. It was a licensed doctor of optometry that has spent many years becoming a doctor. Her eyes and her eyes alone were unable to see as well as she claims she can. That was none of us that prescribed her glasses. And based on the prescription she provided she didn't just barley miss seeing a letter or two. Her uncorrected vision is worse than 20/40 and likely closer to 20/60

Sophie 09 Dec 2015, 16:27


which symptoms do you have when had your first eye check? I don't have headhache, no troubles with the board at school (I sit in the front row), nothing at all...

And how did you realize your eyes got worse six months later?

And finally what changed your mind about wearing glasses? Maybe the fact that you could not see a thing anymore... but that's not my case!

Likelenses 09 Dec 2015, 15:47

Sophie was prescribed a fair amount prescription by an eye doctor,so people here are only recommending to her what is best for her eyes,and most importantly for the general public should she be driving.

 09 Dec 2015, 15:19

Sophie, don't listen to all the "glasses pushers" here. They encourage you to get glasses because this is a fetish website for sexual interest in seeing women wear glasses. Not taking into consideration your actual needs.

It makes no sense at all for you to wear glasses if you feel you don't need them to see. If you don't feel like you need glasses, don't force your eyes into glasses just because other people want you to. make sure it is what you want.

George1968 09 Dec 2015, 04:53


Oh, I forgot. How is it that you met your boyfriend because you wore glasses?

George1968 09 Dec 2015, 04:52


At what point did you decide to wear your glasses fulltime?

alexandra 09 Dec 2015, 02:15

Hi Sophie,

A little more than Two years ago I had a very similar prescription (see my post of september 11):

I was prescribed:

R -1.25 -1.25 90°

L-.50 -1.00 90 °

Because of the pretty high amount of astigmatism, I was told to wear these all the time.

My vision was a little blurry at this stage and I had headaches, but I felt awkward about wearing glasses so I didn't.

Six months later I had:

R -2.25 -1.25 91°

L -1.25 -1.25 92°

I have now:

R -4.00 -1.50 90°

L -3.25 -1.75 90 °

So I recommand to have your eyes tested...up to you to wear glasses at school or not

Please keep us posted if you change your mind and get your eyes checked.

Good luck and dont forget Men love women with glasses...I have a lot of success with my glasses and I met my boyfriend because I wore glasses. He love me with glasses.

Likelenses 08 Dec 2015, 18:00

Cheryl,and I had lunch today with a girlfriend of hers from work.I do not know her very well but Cheryl suggested she talk with me about her vision.

She used to work in the checkout,as Cheryl does in the grocery store.

About eight months ago she accepted a job in the stores office,where she spends ten hours a day on a computer,mostly doing spreadsheets.After about a month of the new work,she began to notice if she looked away from the computer,or took a break,that her distance vision was slightly blurred.The next few months the symptoms got to the point that her distance vision was blurred for a few hours even after work,but seemed OK in the mornings.A friend suggested she buy some over the counter readers.She purchased a pair of plus 1.00 that seemed to magnify ,but did not stop her distance blur.With her health benefits year coming to the end,she decided the go to an Americas Best Optical.They have a package of exam,and two pair of glasses for $ 69.95 The optometrist prescribed -2.75 glasses for each eye,and a second pair for night driving of -3.25,and suggested she wear the -2.75 all the time.She no longer has the distance blur,but she says now that she wears the glasses,she feels very uncomfortable without them.She was wondering why she had become so dependent on glasses in just a week of wearing them.She is 38 years old,and had not had an eye exam for several years .Her exam back then revealed a small amount of nearsightedness but no glasses were prescribed.

She is not real excited about wearing glasses,and they apparently gave her CR 39 lenses which she does not like the looks off,but I think are delicious,as they also have a very small front base curve.

She ask Cheryl how strong her glasses are,and was horrified ,and ask if hers would get that strong. Both Cheryl,and I assured her that her prescription would probably never get very strong.

So we have another beautiful GWG in our area.

Likelenses 08 Dec 2015, 16:18


As I had stated before ,you really do need glasses.

Your present prescription will not look that strong.but if you wait a year or two the prescription will have increased to the point that you will have no choice,because you will not be able to function without correction,and at that point your lenses will be so strong that your friends will comment on their power.Better to start out with low power,and your friends will be used to you with correction,and when they start to have more of a coke bottle look ,they will hardly notice it.

Additionally,if you wait the stronger lenses will be much harder to adapt to as a first prescription.

Soundmanpt 08 Dec 2015, 11:56


Just as "George1968" stated there is no glasses police. So no one can force you to start wearing glasses. However you didn't say if you already have a driver's license or not. If you don't like it or not if you wish to drive a car the only way your going to legally be able to drive is with glasses. You may think your eyes are perfectly fine and that you can see everything like you should but sorry to tell you that you can't. Your going to fail the vision test to drive. Your right that everyone does see better in the daytime than they do after dark. But your only making an excuse for not being able to see the price tags in the store window. Remember your bf was able to see them just fine and he was in the same light as you. And why were your eyes so tired? If they were the only reason is because you were straining your eyes so much already. I honestly believe that you think your eyes are fine. Why wouldn't you? You have nothing to compare your eyes to. Your lucky your bf has been so nice to you and has given up on trying to get you to get glasses. If you are so sure of yourself find a friend that has recently gotten glasses. Try standing as far away as possible to read a road sign and slowly walk towards it until one of you are able to read it. I bet you will lose every time. You can try it with as many others as you wish but you will only win if they have worse vision than you. I'm sure your confused and worse yet you really don't want to wear glasses and that is the real problem for you. When you were getting your eyes tested the doctor should have pointed out the 20/20 line on the eye chart and you couldn't see it. Then he / she pushed the refractor in front of your eyes and started putting different lenses into it. Each time you heard a "click" he / she was changing the lenses upward. In your case if your eyes were perfect of course there wouldn't be any clicks to hear. But each time you heard a click you were asked if that was better or not weren't you? For your right eye you should have heard the click 4 times and that is just for your distance. And your left eye you should have heard just 2 clicks before you were able to see the 20/20 line. Then of course you have astigmatism which even makes your vision worse yet. Astigmatism is like fine tuning your eyes. In other words sort of fixing your focus. When they were finished and you were now able to see the 20/20 line perfect looking through the refractor is exactly what your glasses would do. Right now you are using something called accommodation to help you see things. So yes if your eyes are tired at the end of the day that is the reason. Your brain is working very hard to try and focus on things which also means your straining your eyes badly most of the time. Do you ever get headaches? I would think with the amount of astigmatism you have in your left eye that if you don't already get headaches it won't be long before you will not to mention from eye strain which is only going to slowly get worse. Wearing glasses isn't the worst thing that can happen to you. Actually have you bothered to even look at glasses? They really are nice looking these days. I bet you have friends that wear glasses that you think look very nice wearing glasses. If you really decide that you hate wearing glasses you could always switch to contacts.

Glassesforeveryone 08 Dec 2015, 07:29

Just picked up my new glasses. Quite happy with the way the prism makes the lenses look despite being plus prescription.

George1968 07 Dec 2015, 19:00


There are no glasses police to make you wear glasses. Plus, your prescription is such that you might not believe you need glasses.

The fact is you had an eye test, and you got a prescription that is not trivial. If you got glasses, you would certainly notice a difference in how well you see. You can refuse to get them, but your myopia and astigmatism is not going away.

You are 17. There is a good chance that by the time you are 21, you will need glasses more than you do now -- perhaps even full-time. There's also a chance your vision won't change much, if at all. But that doesn't change the fact that your eyes need correction today.

Good luck in whatever you do.

Sophie 07 Dec 2015, 16:24

Sorry I didn't check the thread for few days.

I thank you all for suggestions, but frankly I'm more puzzled than before. I don't really understand most of what you are saying about my eyes: become shortsighted, need glasses full time and even not being able to drive without correction!!!! I can't believe my eyes are that bad also because I see well. I'm still sure I don't need glasses since there is nothing wrong with my eyes, that episode on the shop window was just low light and eyes being very tired that evening. Several friends of mine have troubles focusing in the night, also the non-bespectacled ones!

I don't know why my bf insisted so much, but now it seems he is confident that nothing is bad with my eyes so I don't need any correction. I hope he won't come back on the subject again.


alexandra 07 Dec 2015, 01:53

HBello Katie,

Thank you for your posts.

I always take my glasses of for photos...your experience my have to change my mind. I will try to keep my glasses next time for a photo! You have so much selfconfidence!

Also from my experience I would suggest you to have another eye exam in February (after 6 months) so even if you have a small increase (I would guess 0.50 or 0.75) you should at least change your lenses in one frame for driving at night.Dont forget nearsightness increases by 0.25/0.5 at night.

Did the eye docteor last week give you the green/red test ?

By how many clicks was your vision the same in red and green ? Also when you had the trial lenses or the refractor in ftont of your eyes, could you see the difference in sharpness with -4.00?

Also I would suggest in 3 months to put your mother glasses over your actual glassses and if you see a real difference, go to have an eye test.

Keep us all posted and thank you to give me more selfconfidence.

Soundmanpt 05 Dec 2015, 18:12


I was in the process of taking notes note from your earlier post when I happened to see that you just sent a new post. Anyway I knew fixing your glasses wasn't going to take very long since what happened to your glasses is very common. So opticians get very good rather quickly at fixing them. The answer you got about the blue and purple Christmas lights appearing blurry to you is probably about right. At least not anything to worry about. I think how your eyes dilate is probably the main reason. Some people's eye dilate more than others. When they fixed your glasses I hope they also checked the screws to be sure they were all nice and tight? It is usually common practice for them to check our glasses for any other problems that might be coming up. You should really look into buying a glasses screwdriver. They are not expensive and very handy to have to check the screws on your glasses hinges so they don't get too loose or worse yet come out completely. You can buy one at your local Wal-mart optical center. I'm glad they checked your eyes out while you were there, but I was certain that your not needing new glasses yet. Your eyes should be good until sometime in the fall of 2016 when you may need a slight increase. The prescription they wrote you I suggest that you file it away somewhere and forget you have it. The difference between your current glasses and what she wrote you is only -.25 in each eye not enough for you to even notice. Most people people can have that kind of difference from one day to the next. If your able to read the 20/15 line with your glasses your eyes are better than nearly everyone else in the world. I still really doubt that your eyes are going to change very much from now on.

When you mentioned about your family Christmas photo being taken and this was much different than last Christmas because you and your sister are both wearing glasses now. It caused me to go back and see exactly when you got your first glasses. Looking back I had almost forgot that when you first came into "Eyescene" you used the name "First Glasses" I was surprised that you only first got your eyes examined the day before Valentine's day, Feb 13th. You got your glasses about a week later. You changed your name from "First Glasses" to "Katie" when you ordered a 2nd or spare pair of glasses from Zenni. I guess it seems strange looking back at last year's Christmas picture and seeing yourself without glasses. I'm sure your sister must feel the same way. Like you said you and and I assume your sister have gotten used to seeing yourself in the mirror wearing glasses but looking at pictures now without glasses is still different. Funny how much things can change in less than a year.

Likelenses 05 Dec 2015, 17:24


I think that you need a little more minus to move those blue rays onto your retinas.May be not enough to warrant a new prescription,but probably an indication of the need for more minus in the near future.

Katie 05 Dec 2015, 17:17

I was able to get my glasses repaired during my boyfriend's eye exam this afternoon. They were willing to do it free of charge too which was great and it only took them a few minutes. That's much better than having to order a new pair and wait 2-3 weeks for them to arrive. I also asked about the blue lights and was told that blue lights can be harder to focus on at night due to the wavelength of the light and the contrast present in low light situations. The doctor did check my lenses just to make sure that I didn't have any dramatic prescription changes and found out that my eyes hadn't really changed at all. She said that if the blue lights cause problems especially when driving that she could look into adjusting my prescription a bit. Basically my problem is caused by a combination of the blue light's wavelength and hoe much my pupils dilate in low light. Apparently it only affects some people and they usually have larger pupils adding to the blur seen at night. That explains why my boyfriend sees them differently, though it could also have been because his glasses were way too weak so everything was blurry, I guess we'll see once he gets his new pair next week. Eventually I ended up getting an adjusted prescription that says R: -4.00 L: -2.50 -0.75 x 170 that she advised me to only bother filling if I absolutely can't stand the blue lights or if I have any trouble driving at night because of them. I am currently not planning on changing my glasses and just dealing with it for now since I can still see 20/15 during the day with my current prescription.

Melyssa 05 Dec 2015, 09:42


Last evening, going to the bowling alley for another masochistic experience (LOL), I took a gander through my relatively new navy blue cat's-eyes that are clear at the bottom, and I had no problem seeing the blue Christmas lights, although they were dark in comparison with the red and orange lights and some greens. One house had only blue lights, somewhat on the light side, and I saw them quite well. And of course, the off-white-only decorations were rather boring. :)

Prismatic 05 Dec 2015, 07:50

I was intrigued by the blue LED topic and had some time to do some research this morning. It is not an uncommon problem but I do think it effects some and not others why is probably why those of us who have the problem look like "crazy people" when we talk about it. It appears that the problem may come from two different things. First problem: Blue light is focused in front of the retina while green is right on and red is slightly behind. Blue light tends to scatter more in the eye. Both making it more difficult to focus on. Second problem: Eyes have two types of astigmatism - optometric or the one we know so much about where the eyeball focuses at two different planes on the vertical and horizontal axis and can be corrected with lenses. The second is called "third order astigmatism" and gets into the focusing of different colors themselves depending on where they lie on the color spectrum. Anyone remember ROYGBIV?

Therefore, Katie, you are not alone. I believe you! :) I think there are definitely some people are more sensitive to the blue spectrum and could possibly have more of this third order astigmatism going on with the blue light making an already hard to focus on object darn near impossible and distracting. I also know that a fresh pair of glasses with a perfect prescription does not "fix" the problem and hasn't. Just feel good knowing you are one of those lucky ones who can't see them very well.

On an interesting side note - both my friend and I have a terrible time focusing on the blue spectrum and we both need prism for alignment issues (exo/esophoria). I wonder if that has something to do with it? The prism lenses neither make the problem better nor worse than bare-eyed, but it could have to do with the subtle alignment of the eye in general. Who knows... this is just my own observational theory. I wonder if anyone else out there wearing prism has the same problem?

Here are some links I found discussing this if anyone wants to read more.

Prismatic 05 Dec 2015, 07:49

I was intrigued by the blue LED topic and had some time to do some research this morning. It is not an uncommon problem but I do think it effects some and not others why is probably why those of us who have the problem look like "crazy people" when we talk about it. It appears that the problem may come from two different things. First problem: Blue light is focused in front of the retina while green is right on and red is slightly behind. Blue light tends to scatter more in the eye. Both making it more difficult to focus on. Second problem: Eyes have two types of astigmatism - optometric or the one we know so much about where the eyeball focuses at two different planes on the vertical and horizontal axis and can be corrected with lenses. The second is called "third order astigmatism" and gets into the focusing of different colors themselves depending on where they lie on the color spectrum. Anyone remember ROYGBIV?

Therefore, Katie, you are not alone. I believe you! :) I think there are definitely some people are more sensitive to the blue spectrum and could possibly have more of this third order astigmatism going on with the blue light making an already hard to focus on object darn near impossible and distracting. I also know that a fresh pair of glasses with a perfect prescription does not "fix" the problem and hasn't. Just feel good knowing you are one of those lucky ones who can't see them very well.

On an interesting side note - both my friend and I have a terrible time focusing on the blue spectrum and we both need prism for alignment issues (exo/esophoria). I wonder if that has something to do with it? The prism lenses neither make the problem better nor worse than bare-eyed, but it could have to do with the subtle alignment of the eye in general. Who knows... this is just my own observational theory. I wonder if anyone else out there wearing prism has the same problem?

Here are some links I found discussing this if anyone wants to read more.

Katie 04 Dec 2015, 16:26

It's good to know that my glasses can be fixed, I was afraid that I would have to replace them. As much as I like how inexpensive glasses are from zenni optical I have to admit that their shipping time can be really slow sometimes.


I don't really feel like I need a stronger prescription though, after all got my prescription updated just a few months ago at the end of August. I can see everything really well during the day, its just the blue and purple Christmas lights and neon signs that are blurry and hard to see at night. It would be a bit annoying to have to change all my glasses so soon so I'm hoping that it is normal and the eye doctor can explain what's going on without having to give me a new prescription.


I don't think that it is the AR coating because I can see everything else perfectly and blue/purple lights aren't blurry during the day. I wonder if it is just because of the wavelengths like prismatic mentioned. It's also funny that you mentioned reading signs in the distance and comparing with my boyfriend. The reason he has an eye exam tomorrow is because we were trying to find a friend's new apartment on Monday and I pointed out the street and he couldn't read the sign until we got closer. We were pretty close to the sign before he could read it properly too. Anyway, hopefully I can get my glasses fixed tomorrow and ask the optician about the blue light thing and get that resolved. I'm also definitely glad that I had my other pair of glasses in the car especially since it is the right lens that fell out. Since that eye is worse than the left it would have made it much harder to drive home with one lens. I probably would have called a friend to come pick me up or bring my other pair of glasses rather than try to drive back one eyed.

As for my sister, I saw her over the Thanksgiving break last week and she was wearing her new pair pretty much full time since she is -2.25 in both eyes now. It was the first time she saw my new glasses and really liked them so she ordered a similar pair since she only has the one pair with her new prescription. It probably helps that she is used to seeing herself in glasses (it has been almost a year and a half since she got her first pair) and that she likes her new glasses a whole lot more than her first pair. It was certainly easier to find a pair the second time so I know how that feels. And as far as contacts go my sister absolutely refuses to put anything in her eye. She had an eye infection a few years ago and we practically had to tie her down to put eye drops in so contacts are definitely ruled out. We also had the annual Christmas photo that my parents send to the relatives and we didn't notice until afterwards but it was the first one showing us in glasses. My sister had refused to wear her glasses for last year's photo and of course I didn't have glasses yet so it is a pretty big difference between last years photo and this years. It was also the first photo in a while where I wasn't squinting at the camera, I had always assumed it was just because of the flash haha.

Soundmanpt 04 Dec 2015, 09:51


Nice to hear from you again. Sorry to hear about your glasses problem but the good news is that it is a very easy fix. You can take your glasses to any optical shop and they should be able to replace the "fish" line in a few minutes as long as they aren't busy. Semi-rimless glasses are really very attractive and a favorite of mine on young ladies, but you do need to be a little more careful when your cleaning them than with say a full plastic frame. Not just Zenni glasses but all semi-rimless it doesn't take much to break or have the lens snap out when your cleaning the lenses. I don't think they will charge you anything and if they do it shouldn't be much.

I'm not sure why the blue and purple Christmas lights are appearing to be blurry for you but the other colors are fine. I wonder if it has anything to do with the AR coating on your lenses that effects those colors? As long as everything else is still clear and sharp I don't think you need your glasses changed yet. You and your bf can always test each others eyes by seeing how well your both able to read signs in the distance.Of course when one of you start finding it more difficult to read the same sign then that person is soon going to be needing stronger glasses.

Weren't you glad you had a spare pair of glasses to put on when yours broke? If you didn't have the spare pair would you have tried to drive home without glasses or called for help?

How is your sister doing? I know she was reluctant to wear her glasses very much until you got your glasses and were wearing your full time. You seemed to provide her the self confidence she needed to start wearing her glasses full time as well. Is she still okay with wearing glasses or has she maybe opted for contacts?

Prismatic 04 Dec 2015, 06:38

Hi Katie,

The blue and violet (purple) colors are at the end of visible color spectrum. While they may be a beautiful color to put on holiday decorations, they are definitely one the is often difficult to see and focus on clearly due to the wavelength (I am sure Cactus can give a much more technical explanation). Anyway, they are often blurry to people - myself included and I can't stand looking at them. :) Even worse are when they try to put them on an alarm clock.

Tom1 04 Dec 2015, 04:10

Let me disagree a little bit with the other guys here about suggestions to the young Sophie. Her prescription is still very low, apart from legal aspects for driving (apparently she doesn't have a license yet, she will think about when she will decide to get a license) I can understand her concern since she is perfectly able to do without glasses as she did so far. Moreover, she is not in her early teens anymore, so chances her vision will deteriorate significantly are not that high. If she prefers to cope with some blur instead of wearing glasses and eventually become dependent on them to full time wearer (!) I can perfectly understand her.

I'd just send a message to Sophie that her eyes are not 20/20 anymore, this is a fact she has to accept. And there may be episodes when her friends may be able to see/read/recognize things that she is not able to do, maybe with increasing frequency in the next months or years. However, if starting wearing glasses now or not is her decision. The most visually demanding task for her, given her age and the fact that she doesn't drive yet, is the board at school: if she's able to read the board, I don't see any problem if she wants to go ahead without correction as long as she want.

Likelenses 03 Dec 2015, 19:09


The fix for your glasses is a simple one that any optical shop can do in a few minutes.

Most of the larger chains will do it with no charge.I would suggest you try Walmart optical.

Just do not mention that you purchased them online,as many places dislike the online competition.If they ask where you purchased them ,just say that you are from out of town,and bought them from a small shop in your home town.

As for the blurry blue lights,it may be a sign of a need for a stronger Rx.Are you looking forward to a stronger Rx?

Likelenses 03 Dec 2015, 19:00


I agree with George1968,and Soundmanpt,that you definitely need glasses.Your vision without correction is about 20/80,which makes you a hazard on the road if you are driving.20/40 is the minimum for driving without glasses in most countries,and your vision is twice as bad as the minimum.

20/80 means that what you see clearly at 20 feet away,a person with normal vision sees clearly at 80 feet.

At 17 years of age,by next year at this time you will probably need glasses twice as strong,and will need to wear them all the time.In fact if you get the glasses you now need,you will most likely want to wear them all the time once you discover the clarity they will give you.

Katie 03 Dec 2015, 17:41

It has been a few months since I posted last and I had been wearing my zenni glasses every day as I like how they look and fit my face but they broke today while I was at the gym and I'm not sure what to do. They are semi rimless and there is a piece of plastic wire that held the lens in place and it broke. Can this be repaired or should I just order a new pair to replace them? My boyfriend has an eye exam coming up soon, if I take y broken glasses there do you think they will be able or willing to try fixing them? I'm really disappointed that they broke but I learned my lesson from the amusement park this summer and had my other pair in the car so I could drive home and not endanger everyone on the road.

Also, now that Christmas lights are going up all over the place I've noticed that the blue lights are blurry. I can see all the other colored lights perfectly but the blue and purple ones are much more blurry even with my glasses on. I've never noticed this before, though that could be because everything was really blurry last Christmas before I got glasses. Has anyone else noticed anything like this and should I go back to the optometrist even though it's only been a few months since I got my new prescription? I asked my boyfriend and he says that the blue lights don't look blurry to him even though he is also nearsighted and wears glasses. My glasses are considerably stronger than his though so could it just be caused by the higher prescription? I'm really curious to see if anyone else has experienced anything like this before.

Soundmanpt 03 Dec 2015, 12:14


To be honest with you your prescription surprises me. If I had guessed at what the optometrists had prescribed you i would have thought something like -.50 (or-.75) for your SPH and maybe -.25 (or-.50)in one or both eyes for your CYL (astigmatism) So your eyesight is slightly worse than that. It is very common for someone needing -.50 or -.75 correction not to realize it. So you really do need glasses even if you think your seeing everything perfect. Your not! When you and your bf were looking at the dresses in the shop window it didn't bother you not being able to see the prices on the tags because that is how you have gotten used to seeing things, but you were surprised that your bf had no problem at all reading the prices on them. You passed it off due to the poor lighting and your eyes being tired. But your only 17 years old those are reasons old people will use when they can't see something. Your bf was reading the in the same poor lighting and didn't seem to have any problem? You should be concerned enough to have your bf test your eyes by trying to read signs at a distance in both good light and poor light. I think if you do that a few times you will soon realize that your eyes are not perfect anymore and you do need glasses. If you were to go tomorrow to take the vision test to get your drivers permit you would fail the vision tests and in most places you only need to be able to see 20/40. Your eyesight is worse than 20/40. Right now you would not be legal to drive a car without glasses. It was easy to tell in your reply that the idea of wearing glasses scares you quite a bit. You clearly don't want to wear glasses, but like it or not at some point your going to be wearing glasses. Your at the age where it is very common to be nearsighted and being nearsighted isn't like getting a cold. It won't go away. In fact most likely your eyesight is only going to continue to worsen every year whether you wear glasses or not. But you need to be brave and not keep living in denial. Look around at how many of your friends wear glasses or contacts. I'm sure most of them didn't want to have to start wearing glasses either but they also knew they needed to see. I wish that the doctor that examined your eyes would have put a trail frame on you with your prescription so you could seen how much difference glasses would make to your eyes.

If your interested in what the numbers on your prescription mean I will explain them to you.

Right eye SPH -1.00 this is what your eyes need for distance the CYL -.50 is astigmatism, this effects your vision at all distances and is in a way like fine tuning a TV or radio. The axis is nit a power value so nothing you need to know about. The Left eye is the same way as your right eye. Your not as nearsighted in your left eye but you have quite a bit more astigmatism which if you take half of the -1.25 and add that to your SPH make you at about -1.00 or -1.25 for your distance. And doing the same with your right eye comes out to about -1.25 so if you were to convert the astigmatisms to SPH your at about -1.25 in both eyes.

Most people have different prescriptions for each eye. If you ask most of your friends that wear contacts they probably have a different prescription for each eye.

Do you have insurance that would pay for glasses? If so why not go and pick out a nice frame that you like and see how much they help you. There is no glasses police to make you wear them. But I think if you got glasses you would very quickly see that you have been missing quite a bit by not having them sooner. Besides you already know your bf won't have any problem with you wearing glasses so you shouldn't feel too shy around him wearing them.

George1968 03 Dec 2015, 04:51


You are slightly nearsighted in your right eye, but have a moderate amount of astigmatism. You are more nearsighted in your left eye, but less astigmatic. You definitely need glasses -- not all the time (yet), but your eyes need help for seeing distances.

Given you are 17, it is hard to predict what the future holds. Many folks with your prescription at 17, by the time they are 21 need full-time glasses because their eyes worsen enough. Others are more or less stable.

I think you will find that getting glasses will be a positive aspect of your life because you will be able to see distances clearly.

Get a nice pair of frames.

Sophie 03 Dec 2015, 04:28

Thanks for your answers.

To Soundmanpt: I never tried other people's glasses. Should I? I have some friends who wear glasses (well: mostly contacts...). However, frankly I doubt my life could be better behind a pair of glasses. Actually that episode was the first and only one when I could not see something, and I'm sure it was just due to poor light and my eyes being tired in the evening, that's all. In fact apart from that no other problem at school etc... I see as well as all the other people see, so I do not need glasses. I do hope my bf will give up with this silly idea of me wearing glasses, I don't even understand why he is pushing so much into that!

To Tom1: I'm 17. The optician gave me a printed sheet with a lot of numbers, I copy the content although I don't know what they mean:

Right eye: sp -1.00 cyl -0.50 ax 160

Left eye: sp -0.50 cyl -1.25 ax 110

I don't even understand while the numbers are different for my two eyes... (?)

George1968 03 Dec 2015, 04:28


Get the glasses. Your prescription is likely a fairly mild one, not requiring full-time wear. But, you'll be able to see far when you need to.

Depending on your age, it is unlikely your prescription will ever get to the point of full-time wear.

What is your prescription, BTW?

Good luck,

AWorth 02 Dec 2015, 22:34

Thanks for the response Cactus Jack!

He is 28...

Cactus Jack 02 Dec 2015, 22:05


I forgot to mention that your bf is Hyperopic or Farsighted and needs PLUS Sphere correction to be able to see comfortably for distance. Without correction, his Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline lenses would have to work as if he was reading at a distance of about 30 cm or 12 inches. If he then tried to read without his glasses, focusing close would take another +2.50 to +3.00. It would be extremely uncomfortable and would likely cause severe headaches.

May I ask his age? I suspect he has worn + glasses or contact for a long time.


Cactus Jack 02 Dec 2015, 21:56


I am pretty sure that is a toric contact lens prescription. In plain language, it is:

Right eye: Sphere +3.00, Base Curve 8.50, Diameter 14.5, Cylinder -1.25, Axis 180,

Left eye: Sphere +3.50. Base Curve 8.50, Diameter 14.5, Cylinder -0.75, Axis 180,

Glasses Prescription would be:

Right eye: Sphere +3.00, Cylinder -1.25, Axis 180

Left eye: Sphere +3.50. Cylinder -0.75, Axis 180

Note: Glasses Cylinder Axis might be slightly different because Toric Axis is in 10 degree increments and Glasses Axis is in 1 degree increments.


AWorth 02 Dec 2015, 20:30


I have a question for you guys, my boyfriend wears glasses/contacts full time and I found his prescription a little odd.

Right eye: +3.00 - 8.50 - 14.5 - -1.25 - 180

Left eye: +3.50 - 8.50 - 14.5 - -0.75 - 180

To my understanding, + prescription is for reading but he wears them all the time. Can someone please explain his prescription to me.


Tom1 02 Dec 2015, 16:12

Sophie: Soundmanpt is right, even if your eyesight is just a little bit less than perfect, you could find that wearing glasses can make your life easier in many circumstances. However, you have also to know that it is your choice to wear them or not. Chances that your eyesight will improve wearing glasses are almost zero, on the other hand you should become more and more nearsighted with the years, especially if you are young, wering your glasses or not.

May I ask you how old are you? Did the optician told your prescription or just said jou need glasses since you are nearsighted and astigmtic?

Soundmanpt 02 Dec 2015, 10:00


What happened when your bf was able to read the label in the store window on the dresses you were looking at and you weren't if nothing else showed you that he was at the very least able to see better than you. You have to understand that like in your cases as your eyes are slowly becoming nearsighted (myopia) you usually don't notice it because the change is so low from day to day. In other words you are used to your vision and everything seems to be normal. Now my guess is that your eyesight is still quite good just not perfect anymore. I'm certain the doctor that examined your eyes didn't make any mistakes. Your eyes do need a bit of help with seeing in the distance. Wearing glasses I think you will find will be a benefit to you most certainly at night if you drive a car. But you will probably find them useful driving during the day as well. Going to concerts or sporting events you will find your able to see better with your glasses as well. I'm sure if your watching a sporting event such as football he is more able to see the players name on their back much easier than you can without glasses. Many people first discover that they need glasses by trying on a friends glasses and finding that they are able to see better with their friends glasses. Don't be at all surprised that once you get glasses and some of your friends see you wearing them and are complementing you on how good you look they will ask to try your glasses and some may find that they need glasses just by trying yours.

Sadly you are like others that have the idea you don't see a doctor until something is wrong. Much the same way people avoid the dentist. But a you know you need to see a dentist every couple years for a checkup and cleaning. It should be the same way with your eyes even if you don't feel like you have any vision problems. Everyone should get their eyes examined every couple years.

So you didn't say if your planning on getting glasses or not. I can only tell you that i think once you do get glasses your going to be surprised at how clear and sharp everything is going to be with your glasses on. You clearly don't want to wear glasses based on what you have said, but I don't think you need to wear them full time, just for things at a distance which your really not seeing so well right now. It seems like your bf doesn't have any problem with you wearing glasses. In fact I think he kinda wants you to start wearing glasses. You should even have him come along with you when you pick out your glasses.

Sophie 02 Dec 2015, 09:10

Hi, I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but I need some help about my eyes since a very strange thing happened to me recently.

I was out with my bf and while in front of a shop window he started commented on the price of the dresses. I asked how could he know the prices and he said he was just reading on the labels. I thought he was jocking since the labels were so small that I could not read them at all, he replied that he was perfectly able to see and started worrying about my eyes. I was very astonished by this fact since I've never had problems with my eyes, always had a good vision, only sometime in the night or if I'm very tired I need to struggle a little bit, but this occurs also to some of my friends so I think it's normal.

Anyway my bf insisted so much because he was worried for my eyes (!?) and took me to an optical shop, where they measured my vision with a machine I had to look inside and read letters. At the end the optician told me I definitely need glasses since both my eyes are affected by myopia and astigmatism! How could it be?!?!? I was very astonished and I'm still very puzzled by this fact, since I see perfectly and don't feel I need glasses, why should I wear them?

My bf is stressing me so much to make me buy glasses, but I don't want and don't need, but he doesn't trust, he thinks I don't want to admit I can't see, but this is not the case!. How can it be? Is it possible that the optician made a mistake?

Is it possible that my eyes are affected by so many defects although I still see? How could I see better with glasses?

I'm very puzzled, please help me. Is it common that a vision defect is discovered by the optician before you know you don't see well? I always thought one should go to the optician only if he doesn't see well anymore. But I see!!!!

Thanks a lot.

JES 30 Nov 2015, 14:08



I am not that much into retro-frames. I more enjoy the effect that the lenses have on my face. The cut-in, the glare, and the white power-rings. As for the frames one is a small square metal unisex one finished in gunmetal grey. The second frame is a golden metal one, larger with a stronger prescription. The third frame is also a golden metal one, but quite a bit larger with really thick lenses.

As for wearing these, I do it secretly, in front of the bathroom mirror. My lovely wife does not know of my glasses-fetish and I dont want to worry her with this weird thing. I have lusted for thick minus-lenses for as long as I can remember. Still my dear wife is a 20/20!

Soundmanpt 30 Nov 2015, 10:41


Your eyes may be able to adjust to the stronger lens but you may find that the cylinder is going to cause you headaches. I assume in part you bought these glasses because you liked the various frames? Are they retro style?

JES 30 Nov 2015, 10:30

Today I bought three pairs of minus-glasses from my local flea-market. They have all, most likely, been worn by the same person. Left lens is probably something in the -4 range, close to my own prescription. Right lens is a couple of diopters stronger with plenty of cylinder which makes the outer edge of the lens terribly thick! No thinning of lenses here. They are all 1,50. I was so happy finding them. I have always felt I look better with thick glasses than bare-eyed. My own prescription is pretty low so now I fullt enjoy these coke-bottles!

Glassesforeveryone 24 Nov 2015, 06:07

Just had my eye test. Varifocals and prism increased to 3 base out in each.

Soundmanpt 14 Nov 2015, 10:15

John H

Relationships only work well when there is trust between the 2 parties.You and your gf seem to have that kind of trust. Meaning that its okay to look but just don't touch. If your gf already knew that you sort of a have thing for girls wearing glasses even before she was really wearing glasses very much that she had to know that you weren't gong to have any problem when she got her current glasses and felt like she needed to be wearing them most often? No surprise that so many of her friends have glasses. On average about 7 out of every 10 young ladies now own glasses and or contacts. Glasses have become an accepted accessory for young women these days. So for your gf's friends glasses are treated in the same way as a nice piece of jewelry. None of her friends really have much of a need for glasses and if glasses weren't so popular I doubt that they would even have glasses. So it is easy for them not to choose to wear glasses to things like parties and clubbing since they hardly need them. For example her best friend with the -.50 glasses hardly needs glasses but they would be a help to her when driving after dark. Otherwise they only sharpen things up a bit for her. The one with the +1.00 and some astigmatism since she is young she probably doesn't have any problem reading her phone without her glasses and may only find her glasses helpful if she is doing a lot of reading. The one that found the glasses left behind in a hotel room must have really liked the frame. The doctor was only able to find a very slight reason to put anything but plano lenses in for her. So her glasses are mostly for looks and not very functional. I'm certain that your gf likes the idea of having at least a second pair so she can switch depending on what outfit she is wearing. But to be honest she really needs to have a second pair as a backup just in case her glasses were to get broken or somehow lost. Just a you told about how see struggled when she had to get her lens replaced in her current glasses and she had to leave them at the store for a few hours. When that happened she had only been wearing her glasses full time a few weeks. Now with her new glasses and an even stronger prescription she would have even more of an issue going very long without glasses and if she didn't upgrade her current glasses I think she wouldn't like how weak they would feel after her eyes adjust to her new glasses.

John H. 14 Nov 2015, 06:54


I think she honestly doesn't mind me liking girls with glasses in general. We have a pretty relaxed way when it comes to finding other people attractive, so that is not an issue.

I really like her wearing glasses and I keep telling her that. She's still determined not to wear her glasses to parties, since "no one of her friends does". I must say, that a lot of her friends wear glasses, but intrestingly none of them full-time. To be fair, most of them have really weak prescpitions. My gf –even with her fairly low prescpition– among the strongest ones. Her best friend only wears glasses sometimes and has -0.50 in each eye. Another friend is around +1.00 with some astigmatism. They all seem to to like wearing glasses.

Some of them want glasses so badly, that they wear ones with really low prescrpitons. One of her friends once found a pair of glasses in a hotel room and had some lenses put in, which were very weak. As far as I remember it was sph. -0.25 in one eye and -0.50 cyl, no sphere in the other. Also my gf's sister wears glasses with a similar low prescription nearly full-time.

About the glasses. That is exactley what she wants - another pair to change with different outfits. Once she decides on a new pair we will have her precription put in her current frames as well, so she'll be able to choose.

Is there going to be a noticable difference in how her lenses are going to look? Again I am aware that -0.50 is not a lot. But when I compare her old glasses, which had no myopia correction in them (only her astigmatism) her current ones do look a lot stronger (that is noticeable powerrrings, especially from certain angles). I was surprised when she got her current glasses, I did not expect them to look much different then her old pair. They already look stronger then my own glasses, altough mine are bigger. I noticed that this morning when both our glasses were next to each other on the table. From certain angles hers looked definetley stronger.

If I get the chance I will post a picture of them.

Soundmanpt 13 Nov 2015, 10:56

John H

She may not appreciate it so much that you like other girls wearing glasses, but she has to know that you can't have any problem with her now wearing glasses full time. Interesting what you said about when she had to leave her glasses for a few hours to replace her lens which had gotten scratched. But you said that when she got her current glasses was when she started wearing her glasses pretty much full time. Since she only had her glasses a few weeks I doubt that she even realized how much her eyes had changed since she got her glasses and being without them for several hours was going to be so challenging. Taking her glasses off around her house is much different that not having them when she is outside. Things are much further away. Her astigmatisms does effect her eyes for close up as well. It makes sense that your eyes are only able to focus for a few minutes if she tries to see her phone without her glasses. I'm sure that was the same thing for my friend as well. The longer she tried to go without her glasses she would soon develope a headache from straining. Yes without a doubt she is going to find her vision is more blurry when she takes her new glasses off. Even though your only giving her a -.50 increase it is still nearly double what her current SPH is. She is sure to find that going without them to parties and clubbing is going to be much more difficult for her. She is going to need her glasses when she goes to those parties and clubbing. Your just going to have to convince her that she looks every bit as attractive wearing er glasses as she looks without them. I'm sure you don't want her to stop going to things she likes to go to just because she needs glasses now. Maybe will help if you suggest that she gets a couple of pairs of glasses so she can change her glasses to match different outfits.

John H. 13 Nov 2015, 08:37


I think she does appreciate that I like girls with glasses. She has remarked so on several occasions, nearly everytime we talk about her needing full-time correction now. Sometimes it's hard for me to contain my excitment when we talk about glasses, especially if there is another person present. I was told that I am an excellent actor, so I'm sure nobody notices it.

I think the turning point for her a few weeks after she got her current glasses. Somehow she had managed to scratch one of her lenses so that it had to be replaced. Of course she kept the frame, but that meant leaving her glasses at the opticians for a few hours. After she left her glasses there and stepped out on the street she was surprised how bad her vision had gotten. She said she could hardly recognise people's faces. We were invited to a movie marathon at a friends' place. Of course my girlfriend didn't think of bringing a spair pair and since the TV was quite far away she first squinted for 10 minutes and then gave up. She spent the rest of the movie playing on her phone since according to her, she could not see a thing. That is when she asked me if I was okay with her wearing glasses full-time - of course I was.

I think that her astigmatism plays a big role. She really does need correction close up as well - even just using her phone seems difficult for more then a few minutes.

Do you think she will notice more blur when she gets her new glasses after she takes them off? I know -0.50 is not a lot but at her low script it's nearly double her current sphere power (at least in the left eye).

Soundmanpt 12 Nov 2015, 12:12

John H

Yeah your actually a little more nearsighted than she is but you don't have any astigmatism to deal with and she does. Nut her astigmatisms is what causes her to not see as well as you when you both have your glasses off. I'm sure she probably does feel like her vision is "terrible" but that is understandable since only about 8 months ago she hardly ever wore glasses. By the way I wish I had a dollar for every time I have heard someone say that they are blind without their glasses and yet their prescription is quite weak. But in her case when her prescription changed she really did need to go to full time wear at that point. The fact that she knew that you like seeing young ladies wearing glasses had to help since she knew that you wouldn't object to her wearing glasses full time. But even though she is comfortable wearing her glasses around you she seems a bit reluctant to wear them around other people very much which explains why she refuses to wear them at parties and clubbing. She still just has a little bit of a lack of self confidence wearing glasses. Now I wonder if she realizes that when she gets her new glasses and even with just an additional -.50 increase in SPH this could mean that she won't be taking her glasses off anymore to go to parties or clubbing. Of course that is something she will have to determine once her eyes adjust to her new glasses.I'm sure you feel she every bit as attractive if not more so wearing glasses. You just need to convince her how attractive she is.

John H. 12 Nov 2015, 11:19


It seems that my girlfriend has accepted her glasses pretty well I think. I guess she has no choice. I myself have only sph -1.00 in both eyes and no astigmatism, but her vision without glasses is much worse than mine when we compare what we can or cannot see. This summer she had to buy some prescrpition sunglasses just to go to the beach as she couldn't see much without them. A year ago it was no problem for her to be without glasses when going swimming, but it seems that this is no longer the case. The most I have seen her without glasses since she went full-time was for a few hours. I cannot know for sure how bad her vision is, but everytime there is some glasses talk with other people she describes her eyesight as 'terrible'.

She knows how I feel about girls with glasses, although we never call it a 'fetish'. Obviously she knows that I am very interested in vision in general, since I had to learn how to refract with my trial lens set. I am glad that she is not going to get contacts. But she has mentionend that she doesn't like going out anymore this much, since she can't see properly most of time. But it seems that she is quite determined not to wear her glasses to parties or clubbing. I don't mind that, it doesn't happen very often, she still wears them 99% of the time.

I know her vision is the equivalent of -1.50 to -1.75 in sphere only. BUT fortunatley the optometrist once told her that the spehre and the cylinder together make the full power of her lenses. Probably he just didn't have the time to explain the concept of the spherical equivalent to her. So she actually thinks that her new glasses are gonna be -2.25 and -2.00. That's also what she tells her friends and family. I am not gonna correct her :).

She hasn't decided on a frame yet. But we are certainly looking into Zenni as you recomended. Will let you know once she decides - she can be very picky.


(Sorry for misspelling your name last time)

I did look into it. It seems that it's pretty much an established fact within the field of ophthalmology. It is probably the near work that causes my gf's myopia also. I have to add that she is used to hold everything really close to her eyes, such as her phone or a book. She is never more than 30cm (11 inches) away when she reeds. Maybe this is also a factor, since she has to accomodate a lot?

 11 Nov 2015, 18:35

USA medicare does not pay for "Refraction" which is the determination of the refractive error or eyeglass prescription.

If a doctor does not charge a patient for this procedure the government may fine the doctor if the doctor is audited.

Stingray 11 Nov 2015, 15:02

My aunt resides in Florida as I do. She goes to an opthamologist who also treats her for macular degeneration. I know they can charge for the eye exam , but not for the paper rx. She is afraid of what will happen if she doesn't pay (which translates to nothing will happen) but you can't convince those of her generation that they will be no repercussions. She feels intimidated and will probably send them a check for $50 no matter what the law says or what is right. Another example of exploiting the elderly.

Andrew 11 Nov 2015, 12:16


Possibly a totally irrelevant question, but where does your aunt live? It may be that the laws in one country are different to those elsewhere.

Soundmanpt 11 Nov 2015, 11:45


The only question I have did she pay for an eye exam or was this a free one that they sometimes offer if you buy glasses from them as well. In other words if this was part of a deal and she didn't like or purchase glasses then they can refuse to provide her with her prescription and what they in fact are asking for is the charge for an eye exam. Again though if she paid for an eye exam then they are by law required to provide her with a copy and I am sure they are very well aware of that as well. I just have a feeling that this was some type of deal or promotion that she only took advantage of the eye exam. Much like what "America's Best " has. Buy 2 pairs of glasses for $69.95 and receive a free eye exam. However if you go in and get your eyes examined and then can't find any glasses you like for the $69.95 price then you can't get a copy of your prescription without paying as I recall $45.00 for the eye exam. If you do get the 2 pairs and pay the $69.95 then they will provide you with a copy of your prescription if you request it. I even knew of a store that also offered a similar promotion but even after getting the 2 pairs of glasses they still refused to provide a copy of the prescription without paying an additional $40.00. Now that bordered on being illegal.

Stingray 11 Nov 2015, 11:24

Probably the wrong thread, but I do have this question. My aunt is 89 years old. She recently had an eye exam and the doctor now wants $50 for a copy of the prescription. I told her not to pay the bill as they must provide her with a free copy of the prescription. You know how old people are, they are afraid not to pay the bill. What should I tell her?

Likelenses 10 Nov 2015, 22:16

John H.

If you just do a search of adult onset myopia you will find many sources of information.

In a nut shell, it is something relatively new being seen by optometrist,and most believe that is is caused by the increase of close work related to computers. It usually does not result is very high prescriptions ,but -4.00 or slightly less is very common.

Soundmanpt 10 Nov 2015, 15:53

John H

Yes quite a bit similar except for my friend this was her first time needing glasses and I think she was pretty much in shock my not only finding out that she needed glasses but that she was supposed to wear them full time considering that she didn't seem to have any problem with seeing. Now one thing I do want to make clear even though she was able to take her glasses off and read license plates and signs across the parking lot she did admit that it was easier with her glasses on. With her glasses they were very clear and sharp and without them they were a bit fuzzy. That is why I think by now she may also be a little bit myopic. At the time when she moved away she had only had her glasses for a little over a year. You said that your gf found that when went into brightly lighted stores the lights caused her to have to put her glasses on so she wouldn't get a headache. My friend worked at a Great Clips hair salon and they are very well lite. I wonder if the bright lights caused her headache problems as well. I don't have any idea how long she had been working at Great Clips before she got her glasses. You said your gf had considered getting contacts but was told that they are not only expensive which they are, but her vision wouldn't be quite as good as with glasses which is also correct. The reason her vision would be off is because to correct astigmatisms the contacts has to be weighted so they can remain in the same position at all times. With a regular contact to correct myopia the lens can and does rotate on the eye and the wearers vision is never interupted. But a toric lens even though it is weighted will still tend to rock a bit back and forth with head and eye movement causing blurred vision. I think Your gf still doesn't seem all that happy about wearing glasses. But she only started wearing them really back in May I think you said so not that long ago. Also with her current glasses she is under the point where she really can get by without them. Her actual distance is not much at all and even when you add in her astigmatisms her over all vision still isn't that bad. You normally want to figure in about half of what her astigmatisms are and add that to her SPH so by doing that her current glasses factor out at about -1.25 / -1.00. So she can't see the menu board at McDonald's but other wise she can get by okay without them to go clubbing. You should be happy about that because she can't see well enough to check out any guys faces unless they get pretty close to her. But when she gets her new glasses that your planning on ordering using the same idea to factor in her astigmatisms her distance vision is going to be more like -1.75 / -1.50 which is about where most people start wearing their glasses full time. So she will likely stop going bare eyed when she goes clubbing.

So you were dating her before she started wearing glasses. So she was probably very concerned about how you were going to feel about her need for glasses unless she already knew how you feel about girls wearing glasses which I have a feeling you never told her. You had to be really happy when she started wearing her glasses and yet not let her know how happy you were. I'm sure you have given her tons of complements on how nice she looks wearing glasses and provided her with much confidence which had to help her. Have you placed her order for her new glasses? Where are you getting them from if I may ask? I'm sure you let her pick out the glasses she wanted?

John H. 10 Nov 2015, 03:23


That girl sound pretty similar to my gf. She used to have glasses as a child but sometime around her teenage years she stopped wearing them, exept for reading at home. Around the time we started dating she seemed to have headaches more frequently so she got herself some new glasses which were R + L: -1.25 astigmatism only, so no sphere. She would wear them to school and later to college but would only wear them when needed. I remember that malls, shops and grocery stores were really bad for her, she complained a lot that she would get headaches from the lights there so she would usually put her glasses on as soon as she entered the store.

She has thought about contacts, but so far every optician told her the same, that it would be expensive and her vision would most likely not be as good as with her glasses. She likes wearing glasses most of the time, but they bother her when she goes out. Before she wouldn't wear them even if she went just for a drink with a friend or a family reunion. Now it's only when she goes clubbing or to a party that she goes bare-eyed.


Do you have any additional information about this adult onset myopia? Has that only been discovered recently? Google Scholar tells me that it mostly happens to college students. I guess my gf could fall in that category.

Of course I do hope that she needs yet another increase further down the road. It doesn't need to be a lot, I would be more then happy if she got another -0.50 or -1.00 within the next one or two years (bringing her to around -2 of sphere in each eye plus the astigmatism). Do you think that could happen?

Plus since she always wears big frames her prescprition actually looks a lot stronger than it really is.

Likelenses 09 Nov 2015, 21:41

John H.

I think that she could handle the over correction.

My GF routinely wears a -.75 over correction,and loves the clarity.

Your GF may be experiencing what is becoming more common,known as adult onset myopia.

If you,and she like the chunky lense look,order her CR 39 lense material.

Marco 09 Nov 2015, 18:19

New glasses

Soundmanpt 09 Nov 2015, 17:49

John H

No you seem to have tested her enough that i'm sure you wouldn't be over correcting her eyes by increasing her by -.50 in each eye from her current glasses. I was wondering how much she has been wearing even her current glasses mainly because of her astigmatisms. Does you gf get headaches if she doesn't wear her glasses? A few years ago the girl that used to cut my hair was prescribed her first glasses because she was getting headaches around mid day while cutting hair. She first went to her MD and she was told that she should consider getting her eyes examined. She was sure there was nothing wrong with her eye because she could see perfectly. She did as she was told and went for an eye exam. When she was asked to read the eye chart she did it with complete ease ease. But a further examination discovered that she had astigmatisms in both eyes. She was was given a prescription for glasses and even worse for her she was told that she needed to wear them full time. her prescription was 0.00 -1.00 180 / 0.00 -1.00 180. Yes exactly the same for both eyes. She got the glasses but was determined that she didn't need them and had no plan on ever wearing them. But she did have them in her bag and sure enough the next day at work she started getting her usual headache. She decided to see if the glasses would be of any help but she was sure they wouldn't be of any use. Well within a few minutes of wearing her glasses the headache was gone. She kept her glasses on the rest of the day and she had no sign of any headaches. The next day she again didn't wear her glasses and as you might guess it wasn't long until a headache started to develope and she again put her glasses on and again the headache was soon gone. So even though she could see just fine she knew she would have to wear glasses if she didn't want a headache. When i first met her she had already been wearing her glasses full time for several months but she was very happy that her glasses really didn't do any harm to her eyesight. When she finished cutting my hair she she took her glasses off and looked out of her window out at the parking lot and she it was night time but she was able to read the license plates on the cars on the lot as well signs across the lot on other businesses. Her dog got hold of her glasses and she rememebred that I had told her that I could get her glasses on line if she ever needed any. She had my number and not long after she called me because her dog had got hold of her glasses and chewed them badly and she needed a new pair. Hers were still wearable but hurt her ears since the earpieces were both badly chewed. She actually decoded to get 2 pairs so she could change form one to the other for looks. A while after that she told me that she was going to get married and she was considering getting contacts so she wouldn't have to wear her glasses. I told her that the contacts she would need would be quite expensive. Not sure if your gf has ever looked into contacts but she too would need what they call "toric lenses" they are made for astigmatisms but about 3 - 4 times more expensive than regular contacts. Anyway she ended up just leaving her glasses off during the ceremony and then wore them at her reception. Her husband took a job several hundred miles away and they moved away. So I wonder if she maybe developed a little bit of myopia later on or not.

I really doubt that an oral contraceptive caused any myopia, but it is much more likely that with being in law school and doing a lot of near work could cause some added myopia. By her being 24 she shouldn't be having too much change with her eyes. I think she will be very happy with her new glasses once she gets them.

John H. 09 Nov 2015, 12:30

Crystal Veil, Soundmanpt

Thank you for your replies.

I figured as much, I think the -0.50 increase would serve her best. As far as I could figure out, it wouldn't even be overcorrecting her. When I test her with her current prescription, she sais that she sees the 20/40 to 20/30 line clearly but 20/20 was still somewhat blurry. With the additional -0.50 she can see the 20/15 line, but not all of the letters are very clear.

Yes, she already wears her glasses full-time now. She has started doing so, since she got her latest prescrpition last March. For a long time she had only an astigmatism correction and three years ago she was even prescribed +0.25 in one eye. So with her updated prescription she has developed around -1.00 of myopia. I didn't expect that, since her prescrpition was pretty much stable before. I think it has most likely to do with her stopping using oral contraceptives. And plus she has started law school last year, so a lot of nearwork.

Now she keeps them on all the time, as she finds her vision is really poor without them. She even twisted her ankle while running because she didn't see a rock on the ground and tripped. Also astigmatism does affect her a lot as she can't see clearly in any distance and needs her glasses for reading as well.

Do you think her prescription will keep going up? She is 24 and as I said, doing a lot of nearwork. Plus her mother was shortsighted with around -6 before she had laser eye surgery, maybe that has an effect too.

Soundmanpt 09 Nov 2015, 11:15

John H

Based on your testing I think it would be a better idea to go with the

R -1.25 -1.00 13

L -1.00 -1.00 170

Since that seemed to work the best most often. If you go with a little bit stronger you may be causing your gf more problems with her close vision than she may want. I assume your going on line to order her glasses so they shouldn't cost that much and if later on you may want to test her again and maybe then she will need a bit more correction. Either one her eyes should be ale to adjust to them quite well but why not make it easier on her right away. Is your gf intending on wearing her new glasses full time when she gets them? She has a fair amount of astigmatism and with her SPH she should find it better if she keeps her glasses on all the time now.

Where will you be ordering her glasses from? For what it's worth i recommend Zenni ( great prices and good quality.

Crystal Veil 09 Nov 2015, 09:02

John H,

a couple of years ago, I did exactly the same thing for my lady with the help of a trial lens set. Several eye tests by her optician gave such unsatisfactory results that she decided to rely on our own measurements. I did not change the cylinder value or the axis, only added -0.50 (left) and -0.75 (right) of the spherical strength. Based on our experience I would suggest that you order lenses in the prescription that came out on most occasions. Several other members of this community have more knowledge so it may be handy to wait for more reactions. Best of luck!

John H. 09 Nov 2015, 08:38

A while back i posted about my gf and her troubles with new glasses/prescription. So i wanted to give you guys an update.

The problem was, that in her last eye exam they didn't correct her myopia sufficently.

What we ended up doing is that we ordered a trial lens set so she could see for herself, what gave her the best vision.

Also, she went to a 'proper' eyedoctor, who confirmed her prescription. With that she could see the 20/20 line okay, but it was still a quite blurry, but appearantly good enough for the eyedoctor.

So her current prescription is:

R: -0.75 -1.00 13°

L: -0.50 -1.00 170°

Over the course of a few weeks we did different refractions with the trial lens set. We made sure to do it at different times during the day (evening, morning) and after various activities like reading/close work or after watching TV.

Most of the time it came to

R: -1.25 -1.00 13°

L: -1.00 -1.00 170°

But especially in the morning, she felt she could see just fine with 0.25 less spehre (that is R: -1.00, L -0.75). On few occasions, mostly in the evening she felt she could use even more, that is R: -1.50 and L: -1.25.

She now wants to order new glasses and I think it would be best to choose the prescription we ended up most of the time, that is the one above.

What do you think? Or should we go for the even stronger glasses, which would be -0.75 stronger than her current ones?

Marco 08 Nov 2015, 18:22

Guys with cool glasses

All4Eyes 07 Nov 2015, 23:52

My new frames are these, in red:

Soundmanpt 07 Nov 2015, 12:08


You didn't say if you went and got your eyes examined and was given a prescription for +1.00 glasses or if you just liked how you looked wearing glasses when you saw the "cat-eye" glasses? It makes sense that you didn't really notice that much difference in your vision with or without your glasses. But like you say once you have had them on for a while and then take them off you then notice a difference because the printed material is somewhat blurry without your glasses and much easier to read with your glasses back on. All that makes perfect sense since your glasses are really just magnifiers. And even if your glasses were prescribed to you distance being fuzzy and blurry is very common at first. Wearing your glasses fro reading and the computer actually should relax your eyes. Many college students often get over the counter readers if their doing a heavy amount of long hours studying for mid terms and such because they reduce eye strain. During the 6 months that you have had your glasses you have noticed that after you had had your glasses on for a while doing reading or other close work and then you take them off you find that the print is blurry and is now much easier to read with your glasses. That is because your eyes have adjusted to the prescription of your glasses and your eyes are enjoying the the added help from your glasses. So even though you don't think your glasses are having any effect on you eyes they clearly are and not in a bad way. I think if you were doing the same amount of close work for 2 days in a row and the first day you wore your glasses all day and then the second day you didn't wear your glasses at all, by the end of day 2 your eyes would feel much more tired out. In the 6 months that you have had your glasses you have only wore them part time when you happened to think about it and that's fine but your eyes will never really adjust to your glasses that way. You didn't really make it clear if what your wanting to do is to wear your glasses much or maybe even full time or not. Your +1.00 glasses are weak enough that if you like your glasses and want to wear them all the time you should be able to do that without much effort. By keeping you glasses on all the time you soon notice that slight blur you get now with your glasses when trying to see something in the distance will start to lessen until it is completely gone and you distance is completely clear with your glasses. As to how wearing your glasses full time will effect your eyes as far as still being able to see clearly without your glasses is hard to say for sure If you really don't need glasses then I would say taht after having your glasses off for a couple minutes your clear vision would return. At first when you take your glasses off the blur you might get would be about the same as the blur you get now when you put your glasses on and look in the distance. The same goes for passing the driver's vision test. If it were to turn out that you do indeed need glasses then your going to be borderline of passing without your glasses. But remember you only need to able to see 20/40 to pass. Sorry for the long answer.

Soundmanpt 06 Nov 2015, 14:26


I completely agree that it shouldn't be hard to find an optical shop that can tint them for you. But if you have AR coating (anti-reflective) it can't be done. I suggest you call several places and even compare prices. Years ago when you bought new glasses most places would take your old glasses and tint them for you at no charge. It's pretty much like dying Easter eggs.

Curt 06 Nov 2015, 13:39

Why not just take them to a local optical shop? Most of them will do it for ~$10.

Stingray 06 Nov 2015, 12:36

I want to tint one of my pairs of eyeglasses into sunglasses. Does anyone know of any U.S. based online company that will let me send the glasses to them for tinting?


Soundmanpt 05 Nov 2015, 17:39


If your able to book eye exams for both you and your gf and since it won't cost anything you should take advantage of it. No wonder they are so booked up. I think once they remove your glasses and to start testing even though your eyes aren't fully adjusted to your glasses your still going to find that unlike when you got your previous eye exam when you didn't have any problems reading small print it's going to be much harder this time and even the eye chart is going to be slightly more blurry than it was before. By the time they finish you will probably be very happy to put your glasses back on.

Not surprising that now when you take your glasses off that it's nearly impossible for you to you to read for a few seconds. What your seeing for those few seconds is what your actual vision really is. When things come back into focus it's really your brain telling your eyes to focus. And as you say you can feel your eyes muscles working. In other words your eyes are really straining to stay focused. If you were to keep your glasses off and were reading a book after a short while your eyes would start to lose focus and you would likely begin to feel a headache coming on.

Swapping glasses with friends can be fun as you have already found out. Even more fun when your friend's glasses are a little bit stronger than your own. You really get to test your eyes with stronger glasses which can be fun. But your friend probably didn't enjoy wearing your glasses quite as much since yours are weaker than his.

I hope your able to get appointments for the 2 of you. You shouldn't need anything different with your glasses but your gf I am quite sure she is probably ready for an increase and new glasses as well.

(warning: since this is a free promotion be aware that they are probably going to tell you that that your glasses need updated because that is the only way they stand to make money on this promotion. Your glasses are fine and you don't any kind of change at this point anyway)

Plus Tony 05 Nov 2015, 16:32


I was playing around with the spectacle magnification calculator on the opticampus site and I worked out that based on my prescription and what I think the base curve of my lenses is the percentage magnification is 2.4% with my +1 eye and 3.8% with my +2 eye. I think that refers to the magnification of the eye as seen through the lens but I'm fairly sure that the image I see is magnified more than that.

Far from being a silly question I think it is quite interesting and I wonder if any of the optical experts may be able to help explain it more clearly for us.

Jill 05 Nov 2015, 13:22

So Likelenses thought maybe my +1's are weaker than I need? Well I bought some otc +1.75's to try. Boy did they make things pop! Super bright and crisp, maybe too much. When I wear the +1's then take them off the small print fuzzes a bit. After wearing the +1.75's for 15 min or so I can't even read. Can they relax my eyes so much that within relatively few minutes I lose the ability to focus? Distance is really a big blur. I am 32. Now I am confused as to if I should wear them and when. I think I could adjust to the distance blur on the 1.0's, but not the +1.75's. I am afraid that if I wear the +1.75's, it will wreck my close vision..maybe just stay with the +1.00's? What to do?

Carrie 05 Nov 2015, 10:41

Nadine - It wasn't a stupid question, just very difficult to answer! Do come back soon with news on when you and your girlfriend are getting eye tests.

Nadine 04 Nov 2015, 13:05

Hi guys.

Wow, I need to come here as often as I'd like too!

Miku, I know exactly what you're going through. I've been trying to get in touch with the Specsavers here in the north east and they are almost fully booked, especially with their Christmas promotions, I suppose! I'll still try to get through to them and see if there have been any developments.

Soundmanpt, thanks a lot for your prompt replies. It is almost impossible to read without my glasses in the second that I take them off. But things still come into focus afterwards. The only things is, now I can feel my eye muscles working, if that makes sense.

Carrie, I understand. My question was quite stupid in the first place. A friend of mine has glasses slightly stronger than yours and we swapped them for a bit. It was quite interesting as we were both able to see well close-up. He's distance vision was also perfectly fine as well, while I, as expected, felt a little shortsighted with his on, especially in my stronger eye. My left eye, however, felt as if it was getting accustomed to the extra 'plus'. If I do get the chance to book another appointment before Christmas, I'll also book one for my girlfriend. I'd actually love to witness her eye test.

Thank you very much again guys!

Likelenses 04 Nov 2015, 00:55


I agree with your boyfriend.

We purchased a pair of myos ,and had them fitted into a vintage 1950's cat eye frame for my girlfriend.

She loves wearing them,and I love seeing her in them.

Ellie 03 Nov 2015, 18:10

I've been curious for quite some time now how my prescription would look in 1.57 mid-index lenses, the ones that are free at Zenni Optical. I ordered an rx of -16 for both eyes in a round tortoise shell frame. I finally decided to purchase a pair, and I wasn't the least bit surprised that they shaved down the sides so that there is quite an obvious myodisc effect. I feel a bit self-conscious while wearing them around just for fun as I think they look so different and obvious. Surprisingly, my boyfriend loves the look of them and says he prefers them to my usual thick lenses because the myodisc effect looks so unique and interesting!

June 01 Nov 2015, 10:01

Thanks for replying soundmanpt. agree hats off to the teacher. she is around my age and seems ti have grasped its important for childrens eyes to be checked. My daughter has had ch