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MAWA 14 Aug 2018, 22:21

Make America White Again

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 14 Aug 2018, 09:12

Of course Omarosa is a nigger.

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 13 Aug 2018, 15:20

Of course Omarosa has tapes

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Jactus Cak 12 Aug 2018, 23:36


Pseldonymov 12 Aug 2018, 19:01

Aida Rustemova


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 10 Aug 2018, 10:08

Eye Doctors Explain Why Donald Trump Is Always Squinting

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 24 Jul 2018, 08:52

Dictators cannot wear glasses. Not allowed.

Xander 21 Jul 2018, 15:01

Just seems absurd that your president is okay wearing hearing aids, hair in a bouffant, but does not want to ve seen in glasses----when he clearly can't see very well.

Xander 21 Jul 2018, 15:01

Just seems absurd that your president is okay wearing hearing aids, hair in a bouffant, but does not want to ve seen in glasses----when he clearly can't see very well.

Soundmanpt 19 Jul 2018, 07:32


Thank you for the update. That really explains everything. I tuned in this morning at 7;15AM and she wasn't on. I'm not sure if she was on in the 6 AM time slot or not.

I would guess having having a corneal ulcer it will be sometime before she can return to wearing contacts if ever. I believe corneal ulcers usually occurs with contact lens wearers. After this even if she allowed to wear contacts again I wonder if she might be afraid to wear contacts anymore. Time will tell as she recovers if she will go to full time glasses wear or not.

glassesforeveryone 19 Jul 2018, 01:24

Robin Meade:

Soundmanpt 18 Jul 2018, 15:54

She made me jack off so much that I nearly blew my mind. I sprayed cum all over the television set and had to wipe it off for hours. Somehow I even sprayed cum into my speakers. Robin Meade really cranks my old ass juices up. I can't wait until tomorrow. Now where did I put that money I saved for extra Depends?

Soundmanpt 18 Jul 2018, 14:45

yesterday morning I happened to be awake in time to watch the early part of "Morning Express with Robin Meade" It was good to see her wearing a really cute little pair of rimless glasses. But before her show was over she was replaced by another reporter for the remainder of her show. Robin made some comment about her eyes getting better. Does anyone have any idea what she was referring to? I can only assume that she may have had some kind of issue with her contacts which was preventing her from wearing contacts? I didn't wake up early enough today, so by the time I turned it on the same young lady had replaced her again so I can only assume that Robin was again wearing glasses. Most likely she will continue wearing glasses at least through Friday? I may set my alarm so I can see if she is wearing glasses Thursday morning.

 18 Jul 2018, 14:36

If he actually had a brain it will REALLY help.

Xander 18 Jul 2018, 11:23

Maybe if your President wore reading glasses, he could actually see the statement he was trying to read yesterday.

Glass Lenses 06 Jul 2018, 22:11

Glass Lenses 06 Jul 2018, 22:10

 06 Jul 2018, 05:17

This is probably off topic, but Cecielia Vega has her glasses lying on her desk this morning on GMA. Hope to get a glimpse of her wearing them , maybe.

 06 Jul 2018, 05:17

This is probably off topic, but Cecielia Vega has her glasses lying on her desk this morning on GMA. Hope to get a glimpse of her wearing them , maybe.

MAOGA 06 Jul 2018, 04:13

Make American Optical great again.

High tariffs on Chinese glasses.

Crush the CHINK optical industry.

MAOGA 06 Jul 2018, 04:11

Make American Optical great again.

High tariffs on Chinese glasses.

 06 Jul 2018, 04:09

Make American Optical great again.

High tariffs on Chinese glasses.

Glasses First. MGFA! 05 Jul 2018, 21:44

We (here) want Glasses First.

Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Communist, whatever... Go elsewhere. We really don't care about your opinions... We just want Glasses First here! Enough of this stupid battlefield, you look like 5 y/o childrens

Moonshiner please Make Glasses First Again




Glass Lenses 05 Jul 2018, 19:51

Glasses First. MGFA! 05 Jul 2018, 15:20

Glasses First. MGFA!

We (here) want Glasses First.

Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Communist, whatever... Go elsewhere. We really don't care about your opinions... We just want Glasses First here! Enough of this stupid battlefield, you look like 5 y/o childrens

Moonshiner please Make Glasses First Again




Glass Lenses 05 Jul 2018, 15:17


Glass Lenses 05 Jul 2018, 15:14

05 Jul 2018, 12:50 poster

Pretty plain, and simple. Our Supreme Count Judges are selected as the Constitution states.

 05 Jul 2018, 12:50

To "Glass Lenses 04 Jul 2018, 22:09"

Whatever you say, Mitch. Now how about letting the U.S. citizens select the next Supreme Court justice, just as you said we should in 2016?

Glasses First. MGFA! 05 Jul 2018, 07:36

We (here) want Glasses First.

Republican, Democrat, Socialist, Communist, whatever... Go elsewhere. We really don't care about your opinions... We just want Glasses First here! Enough of this stupid battlefield, you look like 5 y/o childrens

Moonshiner please Make Glasses First Again




Glass Lenses 04 Jul 2018, 22:09


Because most of you people in Europe are socialist, you do not understand America, its governmental system, or the mindset of the American patriot. We do not consider Americans that promote socialism as patriots.

It was the American patriots that elected Trump, and we feel very pleased that he is carrying out the promises that we elected him to do. We call this the will of the people.

Americans have for many years had the highest standard of living in the world, but were slowly losing it, the due to socialism, and globalism.

In America almost everyone OWNS their own home, often with a fair amount of acreage of land, and usually both adult members own a car each. At age 16 most children get their own car, so many times there are four or more cars in each home.

We saw this being threatened, and hence the election of Trump.

Previous Presidents have given vast amounts of our money, and resources, away to foreign countries. This is ending under Trump, not because he wants to do it, but that " we the people want it done. That is the way our system is supposed to be.

If you Europeans, or others want foreign aid, go find some other nation that will give it to you. And if you want our military to help you, you are very soon going to have to pay us for that. You have milked America for too many years, through NATO, and The United Nations. That is ending also because "we the people" demand it.

This is what we mean when we say "America First, and MAGA".

And if you do not like this, so be it, because we the people want America first.

lonny 04 Jul 2018, 06:04

Really everybody in Europe is laughing or concerned about this dangerous clown you have as president in the US.

I guess the rest of the world is just waiting and hoping that the damage he does is repearable after his term.

Like after the Bush-era, we thought he was a fool but it can Always be worst …:)

 03 Jul 2018, 12:40

The dictator needs a frontal (and rear) lobotomy -- without anesthetic.

 03 Jul 2018, 09:17

The dictator needs glasses

Likelenses 02 Jul 2018, 16:42

02 Jul 2018, 12:48 poster

Those are the people that during the campaign, Hillary referred to as " taco bowls ".

Likelenses 02 Jul 2018, 16:40


You have been watching what your president refers to as " fake news".

Likelenses 02 Jul 2018, 16:39


You have been watching what your president refers to as " fake news".

Yoyo 02 Jul 2018, 14:01

Immigration from Mexico to the U.S. is at its lowest point in decades. Don't believe the "crisis" that the Trump Administration is trying to manufacture out of whole cloth.

 02 Jul 2018, 12:48

We have to let the Mexicans in, otherwise who will mow the billionaires' lawns and clean their mansions?

Eric 02 Jul 2018, 03:54

Likelenses, put on your glasses and see what is really happening in Mexico.

Likelenses 02 Jul 2018, 00:34

Mexico has now become a Communist country.

Build the wall higher, layout mine fields, helicopter gunships with orders of shoot to kill.

Any means to stop the flow of ILLEGAL drugs, child traffickers, or other anti American brown people.

Glass Lenses 01 Jul 2018, 02:15

And now photos of the beauty that belongs in the White House.;_ylt=A0geKeNQmThb.XwAM1tXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTByMjB0aG5zBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzYw--?p=melania+smiling&fr=tightropetb

Glass Lenses 01 Jul 2018, 02:02

Photos of Hillary

 30 Jun 2018, 08:21

"MAGA" is what Trumpanzees always say because they cannot speak English properly, so they make those grunts like their beloved Fuehrer.

Soundmanpt 30 Jun 2018, 07:07

I have no idea what "Maga" means but I didn't post it so I don't really care.

lazysiow 29 Jun 2018, 23:01

Robin Meade's rimless glasses on her blog

Soundmanpt 29 Jun 2018, 22:28


Lv2c4i 29 Jun 2018, 05:57

After a week of resting her eyes (from a corneal ulcer), Robin Meade returned to her anchor gig this week. She's worn her glasses every day--not unexpectedly. Wonder if it is a temporary or now permanent necessity for her eyes (no more contacts)?

The first two days she wore her "old" glasses, but these past couple of days she's worn a nearly rimless (and much more subtle) frame. Again, wondering what the future will bring? She is very attractive and while I do prefer the dark plastic frames, the variety is nice--and always provocative.

Likelenses 26 Jun 2018, 12:15

Donald Fuehrer and I are going to have a threesome with my blow-up doll Cheryl this weekend.

Likelenses 25 Jun 2018, 23:56


Soundmanpt 25 Jun 2018, 19:16


Soundmanpt 22 Jun 2018, 21:58

I see that the troll is playing around again.

The last posts is not from me.

Soundmanpt 22 Jun 2018, 20:02

Hillary - I'm Still Trying To Figure Out How I Lost The Election

Was it the Russian Uranium Deal?

Was it Wikileaks?

Was it Podesta?

Was it Comey?

Was it having a sexual predator as a husband?

Was it Huma Abedin’s sexual predator husband Anthony Weiner?

Was it because the Clinton Foundation ripped off Haiti?

Was it subpoena violations?

Was it the congressional testimony lies?

Was it the corrupt Clinton Foundation?

Was it the Benghazi fiasco?

Was it pay for play?

Was it being recorded laughing because I got a child rapist off when I was an attorney?

Was it the Travel Gate scandal?

Was it the Whitewater scandal?

Was it the Cattle Gate scandal?

Was it the Trooper-Gate scandal?


Was it the $15 million for Chelsea’s apartment bought with foundation money?

Or my husband’s interference with Loretta Lynch & the investigation?

Or happily accepting the stolen debate questions given to me?

Or my own secret server in our house and disdain for classified information?

Or deleting 30,000 emails?

Or having cell phones destroyed with hammers?

Was it the Seth Rich murder?

Was it the Vince Foster murder?

Was it the Gennifer Flowers assault & settlement?

Was it the $800,000 Paula Jones settlement?

Was it calling half the United States deplorable?

Was it the underhanded treatment of Bernie Sanders?

Was it Bill’s impeachment?

Was it the lie about being under sniper fire in Bosnia?

Was it the $10 million I got for the pardon of Marc Rich?

Or the $6 BILLION I “lost” when in charge of the State Dept.?

Or because I am a hateful, lying, power-hungry, overly ambitious, greedy, nasty bitch?

Gee I just can’t seem to put my finger on it…

 21 Jun 2018, 19:08


Lv2c4i 17 Jun 2018, 12:09

Some might find video post on FBk at the Good Morning America page interesting. As minutes are counted down to the start of the show everyday, one of their anchors/staff/reporters posts a "behind-the-scenes" FBk Live video. Often it is Ginger Zee and she wears her glasses--which she has put away by the time she's on the air.

Today, it was Adrienne Bankert who made the video. She appears at first wearing glasses and explains that that is both rare and a result of forgetting to put in her contacts. Then, in the course of the 6 or 8 minute video, she puts in her contacts and readies for her on the air reporting.

 17 Jun 2018, 03:33


Take your dumbass out of the legal books and back into reality. Politics come first. Any real American would know that. Obviously you aren't American.

 17 Jun 2018, 03:30

licklenses. then tell us why you constantly post as fuhrer and use vulgarity constantly under that name

 17 Jun 2018, 03:26

Okay we will keep having fun since you gave us the greenlight!

Soundmanpt 16 Jun 2018, 19:39

The real imposture is the one that keeps posting as me. But yet he continues to claim I am an imposture. Have you ever heard that you shouldn't throw stones when you live in a glass house? I hope this isn't too much for you to understand. If you want I can explain it to you dumbass.

Keep having your fun because like I said "I'm not going anywhere"

Likelenses 16 Jun 2018, 19:28

Vulgar mouth

Yes, Trump is not a soldier, and Constitutionally is the Supreme Commandeer of all of the U.S. armed forces.

In this Commandeer in Chief position he is to be saluted, and proper protocol, and manners call for him to return a salute.

I was taught many years ago that people that use vulgarity to express themselves , lack the knowledge to communicate on a subject so believe they impress others by resorting to vulgar language.

I suspect that in your case it is due to being a product of the public fool system, where you received an indoctrination, rather than an education.

 16 Jun 2018, 09:52

Likelenses, you stupid fuck. TRUMP IS NOT A SOLDIER! He is a civilian. CIVILIANS DO NOT SALUTE. Shove that up your ass and smoke it.

Soundmanpt 16 Jun 2018, 09:48

Sorry, now that I think about it further, I have no room to talk. I make up fake shit all fucking day long and respond to it as thought it's real. As Roseanne Roseanna Danna said... NEVERMIND.

YES this post is from ME.

Soundmanpt 16 Jun 2018, 08:02

Enough already! What the hell does all this have to do with vision and glasses? You know neither of you are going to win your argument so stop. This is not a political forum. Not to mention that their all crooks anyway.

Likelenses 15 Jun 2018, 21:16

Yoyo, and the vulgar mouth

Your posts again show your ignorance, and lack of knowledge.

 15 Jun 2018, 13:11

Obviously you haven't been in the military? He's supposed to salute? HE'S NOT IN THE MILITARY YOU STUPID FUCK. The title Commander in Chief is REPRESENTATIONAL, not authoritative. TRUMP DODGED FIVE TIMES FUCKER FIVE TIMES FUCKER FIVE TIMES FUCKER... read that and weep. HE NEVER JOINED THE MILITARY

 15 Jun 2018, 13:08

YOU STUPID SHIT. The Obama photo was photoshopped!! What a total ignorant uneducated fuckwad retard. Do some research you total dumb asshhole.

Only TRUMP salutes COMMUNISTS! NEVER stand for a President who salutes COMMUNISTS. WHAT A TRAITOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 15 Jun 2018, 12:56

I think everyone should salute Cadet Bonespurs -- a one-finger salute!

Yoyo 15 Jun 2018, 10:40

It's customary to salute military officers of foreign ALLIES, not adversaries.

But great job regurgitating the Trump Administration's spin.

Lv2c4i 15 Jun 2018, 04:30

Robin Meade wearing her glasses this morning. Caps will likely be posted on FBk fan page and tvnewcaps.

Likelenses 14 Jun 2018, 23:45

I fully agree, Trump followed proper protocol.

 14 Jun 2018, 21:20

14 Jun 2018, 14:19 asshole poster

It is obvious that you have never been in the military.

A salute is given to the RANK of an officer.It is part of military tradition, and has nothing to do with political affiliation, or whether the officer is a friend or foe.

Perfectly the proper protocol.

On the other hand our last communist, sodomite, Muslim, mulatto so called President had a habit of bowing to people, which was a total disgrace.

Curt 14 Jun 2018, 16:30

Let's just rename this thread political BS!!

Curt 14 Jun 2018, 16:30

Let's just rename this thread political BS!!

 14 Jun 2018, 16:29

True, but the "MAGA" person started the conversation, and I couldn't watch ignorance take center stage...

lentifan 14 Jun 2018, 16:02

Just a little off-topic, don't you think, guys?

 14 Jun 2018, 14:19

Donald Trump has now become the FIRST PRESIDENT to SALUTE a North Korean GENERAL... He saluted a Communist. Stuff that one up your ass and smoke it, MAGA. Isn't that Making America Great Again? Feel like a complete fucking idiot yet?

 14 Jun 2018, 08:41

Everything with the North Korea Summit was done half ass, and all that was really accomplished was making Trump look good to his followers who know anything about world affairs, and how things like that really work. It's all about optics with this idiot, and any time he can distract from the investigation is a win for him, he thinks. Plus, praising and going on and on with compliments with a dictator who treats his people like slaves, and has killed AT LEAST his uncle and brother is a disgrace. Can you imagine how the Warmbier family, (who's son was beaten and tortured into a coma) felt to see this appalling behavior,..Trump is pure evil, and has no right being president. He only was able to win by making up hundreds of lies about Hillary, and convincing his uninformed, gullible followers that they were true. It's the same thing he has always done with his businesses. He is the dirtiest, lying con man in the business world, but most laymen who've never had to deal with him don't know this,..he IS the new mafia.

Yoyo 13 Jun 2018, 16:13

Trump's "agreement" with North Korea is extremely short on specifics. It's barely an agreement at all.

The only thing I'll give him credit for here is that he didn't actively escalate tensions with NK, so I don't think we're any closer to nuclear war. Small blessings.

knock it off 12 Jun 2018, 14:43

can y'all please take your MAGA-loving, political bullshit to reddit or something? This is beyond tiresome and you all sound like ignorant jackasses.

Likelenses 12 Jun 2018, 14:18

Watch the video. Trump's finest hour thus far. This is World class leadership. MAGA

 12 Jun 2018, 12:30

Nobel Putz Prize is more like it. Rocket Man owns Chump -- as do Russia, China, all Arab countries, and the Krotch Brothers.

Glass Lenses 12 Jun 2018, 08:20

President Trump is the Man! Nobel Peace Prize is coming! Unlike like Obama who got it for simply being black.

Maga 10 Jun 2018, 15:31


ugh 09 Jun 2018, 18:16

Jesus, let the MAGA bullshit go. Isn't there a sub-Reddit for you MRA trolls?

Pseldonymov 09 Jun 2018, 15:15

Alexandra Terikova (Orshanskaya)


 09 Jun 2018, 13:02

...and Trump is taking children away from any Mexican parents who try to cross the boarder to deter them from continuing this practice. Isn't that wonderful of him? Bravo to Trump! I mean, he says they only bring crime, drugs and raping, so it must be true, because he does SO much research, and is such an avid reader. And with him slowly removing us from the other G7 countries, we'll soon have a nice place with other dictatorship countries like Russia, North Korea, and Iran,..oh isn't Trump just wonderful,..I just can't say it enough!!!

 08 Jun 2018, 16:28

Bravo for Trump.


 08 Jun 2018, 10:58

MAGA—Trump is preparing to reactivate the Smoot-Hawley Tariffs

Pseldonymov 08 Jun 2018, 07:28

Anastasiya Rakova

Small minus

Yoyo 07 Jun 2018, 09:13

All we have are 22 indictments and 5 guilty pleas.

Paul in Europe 07 Jun 2018, 01:10

Look, people outside the USA are not interested in your insane politics. We think you guys elected a clown and made a fool of yourselves but that's beside the point. Let's keep this a glasses site. Deal with the orange fool yourselves.

 06 Jun 2018, 20:56

Lol! You've been screaming about "the Russians" for two years now. So far all you have to show for it is Paul Manafort's unrelated tax fraud case from 14 years ago. But by all means, keep screeching about "RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA"!! It'll play great in the midterms...

Yoyo 05 Jun 2018, 13:04

Yeah, I'm not interested in hearing a "corruption" argument as a reason to vote for Trump. That guy has been as crooked as they come.

That's why he's got so much trouble with the Russians. Money laundering up the wazoo.

 05 Jun 2018, 13:01

I think (which Trumpanzees never do) it's time for Likelenses to go back to his trailer and inflate his blow-up dolls Cheryl and Isis for a menage-a-trois while watching Drumpf and Hannity soul-kissing on Faux News.

 05 Jun 2018, 00:55

WOW. You really BELIEVED the Russian fake ads, dumbass. Hillary is FAAARRRRR less corrupt than Trump! If emails bother you, try finding the millions missing from the GW Bush administration that were also deleted by several key Republicans and on private servers, breaking the federal records law. You are one of those morons who knows just a little, and therefore thinks he knows alot. You are exactly the type of person who would vote for Trump and that's how he got elected. Gullible, uneducated in life, and racist.

Likelenses 04 Jun 2018, 18:27

The Constitutional system of voting in the U.S. did exactly what it was designed to do.

Hillary was a very corrupt, and flawed candidate, and the numbers show that the population knew it.

Those people that do not live in the U.S. may not understand our system.

And those that do live here and are communist anti Americans, hate this system.

We truly are making America great again, under President Trump.

 04 Jun 2018, 16:37

"Try reason?" huh? What does that mean?? Do you mean "try reading?" Let me get this right... you are telling someone to get educated but you are a fucking idiot moron who can't even spell. GTFO. You have ZERO credibility, you little twat.

 04 Jun 2018, 16:35

*reading the Constitution

 04 Jun 2018, 16:34

The "popular vote" does not exist. There is no such thing. Try reason the Constitution next time.

Slit 03 Jun 2018, 05:13

Katie Couric giving away her glasses collection

 02 Jun 2018, 07:45

The American people DIDN'T elect Trump, DUMBASS. The Electoral College elected Trump. He LOST the popular vote by nearly THREE MILLION votes. Read it and weep in your beer:

Donald J. Trump Republican 62,980,160

Hillary R. Clinton Democratic 65,845,063

Likelenses 01 Jun 2018, 15:11

Please state the name of these republicans, and which jobs they outsourced, and how, and to which countries.

Also state the nature of the tax breaks, and which Republicans gave them, Dates would also be appreciated.

 01 Jun 2018, 12:43

Yeah, just like the present and past Republiscumbags who outsourced all of those jobs to other countries for YUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE tax breaks from their fellow Republischmucks.

Likelenses 31 May 2018, 13:48

Yes, this will bring MANY industries, and jobs back to the U.S. This is exactly what the people of the U.S. elected Trump to do.

The Communist Democrats attempted to destroy America, but we the people are taking our country back.

 31 May 2018, 09:46

MAGA—tariffs are coming on imported glasses frames

 30 May 2018, 07:57


Lv2c4i 29 May 2018, 03:52

Last week CNBC's Melissa Lee appeared in glasses for the first time in (months?). And it was just the one day so far. While I've found no caps of her, at least it indicates that she did not have surgery and still uses glasses.

 27 May 2018, 00:57

"Masturbatin' MAGA" shows up again.

Run out of gun oil for your tiny dick, little boy? You have such a deep sexual obsession with Hillary. She's on your mind, on your lips, and on your fingers... I bet you want her on your dick too. I bet you have such deep sexual fantasies of her. Sweaty hot nights. You and her. Ohh I can feel the passion from you each time you type her name. You are only upset because you are too ugly for her. She would never have you.

Don't forget to remind us you are a MAGA (Monkeys, Apes, and Gorrillas Association)! Well, even if you didn't... your pimply face, little dick, and prepubescent behavior would give you away.

 26 May 2018, 12:50

And hang everyone in the Nazi Republirat Army.

 25 May 2018, 18:55


Hang Hillary, and the Obamas

 23 May 2018, 13:44


SoCal 22 May 2018, 23:04

 22 May 2018, 04:24

Carrie 21 May 2018, 16:16

The last one again as a live link

Carrie 21 May 2018, 16:14

Yulia Skripal photos (hopefully these will work for a bit longer)

Führer 21 May 2018, 14:56

I will bet that when she reaches the end of her rope that those huge elongated, myopic eyes, will pop out of their sockets, and thrust her jam jars into the applauding crowd of true American patriots.

America will truly be great again by serving justice on the old, communist, bisexual, hag.

 21 May 2018, 06:51

How ridiculous to talking about Hillary on here in the first place, but trying to stir up closed cases like Benghazi and her e-mails is such an obvious diversion on what's really going on in the media. The only investigation going on right now is dealing with the collusion Donald Trump and his campaign had with the Russians, along with all of his shady and illegal business dealings he's had for decades. Wake up and see the REAL enemy.

 21 May 2018, 00:53

Very soon now Hillary Clinton will be hung for treason.

Would anyone like to bet on whether her glasses fly off, or stay on, as the sudden stoppage of the rope breaks her neck?

minus5wholuvsgwgs 20 May 2018, 23:39

some early pictures of Megan Markle show her in glasses as a child

Soundmanpt 20 May 2018, 10:35


The last 2 seem to gone? Only the first one is still up.

Carrie  20 May 2018, 04:11

I don't know how widely this was reported around the world but a few months ago a former Russian spy and his daughter were deliberately poisoned in Salisbury, England a few months ago. They have since recovered enough to be released from hospital. The daughter is quite attractive and sometimes wears glasses.

No glasses but very pretty

Pseldonymov 19 May 2018, 15:59

Olga Shariy


 15 May 2018, 01:16

No, you are the retard here. Everyone knows who you are. You are the only person who has ever posted such racist bullshit here over and over and your grammar betrays you easily. Would you like me to provide your real name for the community here?

 14 May 2018, 19:10

Monkey, Apes, and Gorrilas Association

Shame on you for referring to the Obama family in such a way.

You are such a racist.

 14 May 2018, 01:39

You have a tiny dick and suffer from severe impodence unless you whack off with gun oil to your sordid collection of hot steamy pictures of your family wearing KKK outfits. Yes, you completely belong to the Monkey, Apes, and Gorrilas Association (MAGA)

 12 May 2018, 20:00

Hillary is not going to prison. She is heading for the gallows,along with America's first mulatto President. MAGA

 12 May 2018, 19:07

Hoping that Trump has his 72 pt. font with him in the cell beside Hillary. He'll need that for reading his continuing indictments. MAGA

 08 May 2018, 14:07

01 May 2018, 20:48

Take your MAGA bullshit and shove it up your ass.

guest 08 May 2018, 12:49

Oops, now clickable:

guest 08 May 2018, 12:48

This one takes her contacts out after the shoot:

 01 May 2018, 21:22

Maybe Her & Chump will have side by side cells !

 01 May 2018, 20:48

Hillary will not be needing her coke bottles, or contacts, because very soon now she will not have a need to see farther than her 8'x10' jail cell.

Make America great again! Lock her up!

 01 May 2018, 13:31

Hopefully with the lobotomy he needs.

 01 May 2018, 13:11

When is Trump's cataract surgery scheduled?

Josue 27 Apr 2018, 12:49

What's the concern about Trump squinting, closing one eye, using extremely large print and refusing to wear glasses. History teaches that dictators do not wear glasses as this would make them appear weak. I guess orange skin, strange hair and long, long times do not fit into the equation.

 25 Apr 2018, 17:09

Trump isn't cockeyed, he's vagina-eyed.

 25 Apr 2018, 15:45

Old man who has presbyopia. 72 point font is pretty severe. I agree, put readers on the President. +3.00 might take care of his need for extremely large font.

Mr Cockeyed 25 Apr 2018, 07:40

WOW, Trump must be pretty cockeyed, to need 72 point type, I guess he don't want readers

 25 Apr 2018, 07:36

Trump uses 72 point for close reading

 19 Apr 2018, 18:51

i read here that it means a fat ass chick with fat ass glasses.

 19 Apr 2018, 18:13

Kaitlan Collins from CNN -

 19 Apr 2018, 04:25

Trump might be wearing contacts----one contact for distance and one contact for close-up. Might be why he is closing one eye to read distance and then closing the other eye when reading from close-up documents. Closing an eye is how he copes.

 18 Apr 2018, 20:43

18 Apr 2018, 17:23

Could be a fat girl,but most often called a fatty.

Here it is a girl wearing bug eye plus lenses.

 18 Apr 2018, 17:23

wtf is a plussy?

 16 Apr 2018, 18:28

Does any one have any idea what Rx Amber Rudd, the U.K. Politician is? She seams to have a large collection of frames, I think she is a Plus, but maybe some one can clarify?

+ 16 Apr 2018, 12:15

she's Meszes Boglárka

old glasses -

+ 16 Apr 2018, 11:59

Very cute plussy presenter from Hungary

Anyone knows her name?

Pseldonymov 15 Apr 2018, 19:53

Ksenia Pakhomova

Small minus

 15 Apr 2018, 18:55

If only Trump was acting in a long-cancelled sitcom instead of today's reality. Squint, squint.

 15 Apr 2018, 09:12

He should have worn a monocle like Colonel Klink.

 14 Apr 2018, 12:38

Last night when Trump announced the missile strikes, he was reading off a teleprompter with his right eye shut.

gk 14 Apr 2018, 03:15

LK2 14 Apr 2018, 03:15

LK 14 Apr 2018, 03:06


Amy tries on Savannah Guthrie's Glasses:


Savannah Guthrie Putting on Glasses:

Lv2c4i 13 Apr 2018, 04:29

New style frames for a couple of our news ladies. Erica Hill had new frames earlier this week. She'd opted for a thicker frame style. Meanwhile, Alisyn Camerata went the other way as she is now wearing a much more subtle frame style, looks to still be plastic but almost as thin as wire rims. Different styles for different folks--likely why most eyewear stores/offices have racks and racks and racks of choices.

Brian 12 Apr 2018, 15:58

Hollowed said on Twitter she is getting LASIK.

Soundmanpt 12 Apr 2018, 11:06

About 2 weeks ago the female co-anchor of our morning CBS station KMOV-TV has been wearing glasses for the first time. I even checked her past bio and before now she has never been seen wearing glasses. her name is Marissa Hollowed. So since she never said anything about why she is now wearing glasses I don't know if she normally wears contacts and maybe had an issue with her contacts or if she recently got an increase causing her to need glasses to see the prompter or if she maybe only recently was prescribed glasses. Her glasses don't appear to be even have a slight cut-in so they must be rather weak.

Anyway just curious how many other cities have young women anchors wearing glasses these days. It seems like the female national news anchors are being seen wearing their glasses more and more often. So if your city or town has attractive young women anchors wearing glasses please post the city, the station and the time she is on air.

 10 Apr 2018, 15:03

Myopic Grant---just think that he is old and probably needs cataract surgery, bifocals and other vision aids.

 10 Apr 2018, 14:22

Myopic Grant

Not anywhere near as disgusting as a sodomite, or one that practices perverted sex .

Myopic Grant 10 Apr 2018, 09:47

He learned it from his wife who used to be a formal model. Haven't you noticed that she, and A LOT of models do that; squint their eyes to look more sexy and alluring? Models, along with her, always suck in their cheeks's kind of a 101 thing models learn. Trump is disgusting, so it really doesn't help.

 08 Apr 2018, 13:50

Can't President Trump do something about his squinting? Glasses, contacts, etc.

Pseldonymov 01 Apr 2018, 13:08

Ksenia Pakhomova


Pseldonymov 31 Mar 2018, 13:26

Aleksandra Suslina


Pseldonymov 30 Mar 2018, 13:25

Jenia Kotorova




Pseldonymov 16 Mar 2018, 09:16

Kenya Hunt

Small minus

 13 Mar 2018, 22:12

Alexandra Makhova

Small minus

Pseldonymov 12 Mar 2018, 14:41

Katy Tur

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 09 Mar 2018, 19:50

Vera Kichanova

Minus. About -6.

New frame

Pseldonymov 09 Mar 2018, 10:35

Olga Churakova


 06 Mar 2018, 20:11

you're a wee bit TOO psychotically stalky obsessed with Robin Meade, wouldn't you say?

Pseldonymov 06 Mar 2018, 16:02

Liza Kaymin

Small minus

Lv2c4i 03 Mar 2018, 06:27

Before she took the last two days this week on holiday, Robin Meade left a speccy memory (and set of caps on tvnewscaps). After 2 weeks of being totally bare-eyed, she wore her spex for all but a few minutes of her show. Not only that, but she began the broadcast wearing her old (original) frames, but then she switched spex, so the caps have her wearing 2 different pairs that day. And her side-kick, Jennifer Westhoven also sported her spex a bit as the week went on.

Pseldonymov 02 Mar 2018, 16:41

Olga Stefanishina

Small minus

Pseldonymov 02 Mar 2018, 15:21

Cara Louise Santa Maria


Pseldonymov 28 Feb 2018, 14:31

Yulia Vorontsova

Small minus

Pseldonymov 28 Feb 2018, 07:42

Yelena Malysheva (plus) and Yana Yutskovskaya (minus)

Pseldonymov 23 Feb 2018, 18:12

Liza (Elizaveta) Kuzmenko, Ukraine

Pseldonymov 23 Feb 2018, 18:03

Natalia Lomayeva and Maria Skatova


Pseldonymov 23 Feb 2018, 17:55

Liza Kuzmenko, Ukraine

Small minus

Slit 18 Feb 2018, 23:01

Кристина Суворина is a good looker!

Pseldonymov 18 Feb 2018, 12:41

Kristina Suvorina


 13 Feb 2018, 15:48

Let's put Trump into deportation

 13 Feb 2018, 11:26

Unfortunately, the ship has sailed in regards to Hillary ever running again,..too much heartache for her. I couldn't care less if Trump ever wears glasses in public,..even a nice pair of think glasses on him wouldn't make him any more appealing.

to city 72 13 Feb 2018, 05:09

Soundmanpt, Thanks for your posting regarding TMZ about the pretty blonde lady in the aviator glasses. I noticed right away the glasses were likely a prescription as I noticed a significant bend in the images through the lenses. You are probably right that it is a minus prescription. And yes, after watching several episodes now, I do see her contributing more on the show (but perhaps a lot of these people also contribute behind the scenes and off camera as well). But what surprises me is my difficulties finding out her name, especially when someone is at "celebrity" status, so to speak. In this day of Internet and information, I seem to be coming up blank on my Google searches in terms of making a positive identification on her name.

 12 Feb 2018, 13:54

Let's put them in something else.

 12 Feb 2018, 12:48

Rumors are starting about Hillary Clinton’s 2020 presidential run.

Let’s put her and Trump in glasses for this run

da 11 Feb 2018, 02:26

Shevonne Sullivan from TMZ

Speximann 08 Feb 2018, 07:28

Robin Meade Rockin her Glasses this morn on HLN.

Soundmanpt 07 Feb 2018, 10:47


I have been watching TMZ for several years now they have always had several young attractive glasses wearing young ladies on their. I know exactly the young lady you're asking about. When she first joined the newsroom she wasn't wearing glasses at all. Then one night I was pleasantly surprised to see here wearing glasses for the first time. For a while after that it was kind of hit ad miss. Some nights she wore her glasses and some nights she didn't. At first because they are so big I thought her glasses were fake but she does contribute to the show and her glasses definitely are prescription. They appear to minimize things so i'm guessing that she is nearsighted. More recently she is mostly seen wearing her glasses. But occasionally you will see her without her glasses. I would also love to know more about her.

rkcity 72 07 Feb 2018, 05:38

I have never really watched TMZ When It's On before, but I am now tuning in more since I accidentally noticed the blonde haired woman on the newsroom cast with the clear aviator glasses (she often has been on the lower right hand of the screen. Also see Hopefully I got the link right.) To me, about the hottest sighting is a pretty woman in aviator glasses, especially a blonde. I am also seeing some of the other female cast members in aviators on some show as well. Anyway, does anyone know the blonde lady's name? I would like to Google search more photos of her. She hasn't seemed to really say anything on the show on the episodes I've seen, but she is the reason I watch TMZ's 1/2 hour format.

Lv2c4i 02 Feb 2018, 12:32

No sooner had I observed that Robin Meade was wearing the same old frames, than she shows up this past Tuesday with new frames. They are quite similar to her previous plastic frames but look to be metal and have almost a modified semi-rimless look. She had them off and on on Tuesday, another day she was holding them in her hand, and a couple of days they were nowhere in evidence. The eagle-eyed capper/poster on tvnewcaps spotted the new frames.

Pseldonymov 01 Feb 2018, 20:15

Yulia Zagorulkina


Pseldonymov 01 Feb 2018, 19:59

Yulia Zagorulkina

Russian teacher


Pseldonymov 30 Jan 2018, 08:42

Katerina Abay

Small minus

Without glasses

Lv2c4i 29 Jan 2018, 06:29

Off and on and ... This past weekend, Paula Faris had her spex on the desk both Saturday and Sunday, and there on the desk they stayed. Meanwhile Erica Hill is wearing her glasses somewhat more regularly on her HLN midday news show but either wears them or not the whole day. And Robin Meade is all over in her wearing patterns. Sometimes she wears them not at all, lately she's often worn them for a few minutes in segments of the show that recur every 30 or 60 minutes, and on Friday she wore them for much, but not all, of the show. But Robin wears her original pair of spex rather than any of the several newer frames she's shown over the months on FBk.

Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2018, 13:45

Oksana Ivanytska

Small minus


Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2018, 13:27

Oksana Ivanytska, Ukraine


Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2018, 10:54

Anna Smilevich (Pakholko), Belarus

Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2018, 10:34

Oksana Dumska, Ukraine

Small minus

Pseldonymov 26 Jan 2018, 15:06

Anastasia Melnikova, Russia Today

Moderate minus

Soundmanpt 21 Jan 2018, 09:40

Well it seems that Paula Faris isn't wearing wearing her glasses anymore on air. In fact today her glasses were nowhere in sight. So it mkaes me wonder if she has switched to wearing contacts and if it was her decision or the station that has her no longer wearing glasses? She didn't seem to mind wearing glasses when she first went on air wearing them. It really makes me think that someone had talk with her about her glasses.

Is their anyway to send her an e-mail? Maybe if enough of us sent her e-mails telling her how nice she looked wearing glasses she might be back wearing them.

Maurice 13 Jan 2018, 13:21

Any signs of Dan Harris of GMA wearing his glasses on air?

Soundmanpt 13 Jan 2018, 12:07

I woke up enough this morning to turn on Good Morning America and sadly Paula Faris wasn't wearing her glasses again. She has then right in front of her at first but it seemed like after every commercial break her glasses were in a different spot when they came back on. So she must put them on to see something during the breaks and takes them off right before they go live again. Some one at the show must be making her reading material in larger print so she is able to read it without her glasses. Since she first started wearing her glasses on air as her eyes should have continues adjusting to her glasses the more she wore them. in other words she should be needing her glasses more now than when she first started wearing them because her eyes should much more adjusted to them. But she seems like she now needs them less than before and the only way that could happen is if her reading material is in larger print now. She keeps her glasses close by in case maybe something is handed to her that might be breaking news that just came in an no one was able to retype it in a larger font for her.

Pseldonymov 10 Jan 2018, 13:42

Ksenia Pakhomova


Soundmanpt 08 Jan 2018, 09:00

I overslept on Saturday so I completely missed Good Morning America. I did wake up slightly before it came on Sunday and was a bit disappointed that Paula Faris wasn't wearing her glasses. She of course did have then on the desk in front of her right hand. I noticed when they came back from a commercial break that she was just putting her glasses down. So I assume she must have had them on while they were away but quickly took them off as the were coming back on. So I wonder why she wears her glasses most times when she is on the air but every once in a while she leaves them off? I'm assuming that her prescription must be pretty weak if she is still able to read small print without her glasses. Or is it possible that she maybe gets her script printed in large enough letters that she can get by without her glasses? But when it copy is in normal size print she needs her glasses to see it? I guess we will never know?

Speximann 07 Jan 2018, 22:14

Ginger Zee

sedes2000 07 Jan 2018, 06:22

43-years-old Polish politician, main candidate for the Ministry of Finance.

Lv2c4i 05 Jan 2018, 06:33

Looks like Ginger Zee has some new frames. On her FBk page she's posted a couple of reports on the recent weather (very wintry) in the eastern U.S. wearing them. One, shot at her home, shows clearly the frames are blue. In another perhaps due to poor lighting it is hard to tell the color--could be the blue frames or another frame, same shape, but more of a grayish color.

Lv2c4i 31 Dec 2017, 06:24

Paula Faris also was substitute cohost all this past week long on Good Morning America (regular hosts were on holiday). Her glasses were on the desk but she never put them on. Now on the weekend, they are, as soundmanpt noted, 'back where they belong.'

On Bloomberg, Julie Hyman was holiday host for the late afternoon "What did you miss" show and she was sporting her spex at least several of the days.

Newshound 30 Dec 2017, 10:33

Erin Delmore from Axios was on MSNBC this morning and wearing glasses. Very pretty!

Soundmanpt 30 Dec 2017, 09:30

Happy to report that Paula Faris of "Good Morning America Weekends" was wearing her glasses again this morning. She had them during the whole show. The only time she didn't have her glasses on was during a pre taped segment where the whole anchor team was in a baking competition. But even then she had her glasses in her hair on top of head so they would handy if she needed them.

Interesting that ever since she started wearing glasses on air they never show a close up of her anymore. In the past before she ware glasses they would often do a close when either of the anchors was doing a report. Not the camera just stay showing both of them.

Also in past weeks right after she started wearing her glasses at the very end of the show she was taking her glasses off. Only for the final goodbyes. Today she left her glasses on for the goodbyes. Maybe shes getting more comfortable about wearing her glasses.

Someone said that she stated that she's farsighted. What I find odd is that when she is doing a report she seems to reading from a teleprompter and not reading form a script on her desk. I wonder if her eyes have adjusted to seeing distances with her glasses or if she is wearing bifocals or progressives or if her glasses are just weak enough that her glasses don't bother her distance vision that much?

Curt 28 Dec 2017, 15:28

Has anyone ever seen Linda Cohn from ESPN ever wearing her glasses?? She holds them, twirles them, has them on the desk next to her, but in several years of watching the network regularly, I have never seen them on her face. Yes, they are readers (pretty strong too), but still...

Curt 28 Dec 2017, 15:27

Has anyone ever seen Linda Cohn from ESPN ever wearing her glasses?? She holds them, twirles them, has them on the desk next to her, but in several years of watching the network regularly, I have never seen them on her face. Yes, they are readers (pretty strong too), but still...

SoCal 21 Dec 2017, 12:28

Carson Daly from Today show back in 2015

Lv2c4i 20 Dec 2017, 17:57

Robin Meade has been playing peek-a-boo with her spex practically everyday recently (check caps on tvnewscaps). They are off and on at various times during the HLN Morning Express show. So far she has only worn the same pair of glasses that she wore some years back when she first appeared on the air with her spex. No on-the-air sign of the 3 or 4 other pairs she has modeled on Facebook at various times.

And, it looked like Paula Faris did have her spex on the desk alongside of her this morning. Maybe they are not gone for good? Meanwhile, Ginger Zee does wear her glasses almost every morning in a preview video posted on the GMA website. No telling where they end up when she goes on the air?

Speximann 18 Dec 2017, 07:42

Paula Farris on GMA over the weekend was bare eyed on camera but her glasses were on the desk. This morning they were out of site. Full time was short lived.

 16 Dec 2017, 01:40

Stephanie Ruhle was wearing her glasses on her early show on MSNBC. I’ve never seen these frames on her but they looked fantastic on her.

Maurice 10 Dec 2017, 19:15

President Trump is squinting a lot these days. While reading up close or reading from the teleprompter----the squinting is very noticeable. At 71 years old, he certainly needs to be wearing glasses.

Pseldonymov 07 Dec 2017, 15:59

Anna Kanopatskaya, Belarus

Moderate minus

Speximann 06 Dec 2017, 22:25

Marie Harf-Outnumbered 12-1

Speximann 06 Dec 2017, 22:22

Jennifer Westoven CNN HLN-

Speximann 06 Dec 2017, 22:19

More Robin

Erica Hill -CNN -12-1

Speximann 06 Dec 2017, 22:15

Robin Meade CNN HLN-this week

Speximann 06 Dec 2017, 22:12

Savanah Guthrie from Today show 12-5

Speximann 06 Dec 2017, 22:09

Savanah Guthrie from 11-29. Same dress/slightly different from from earlier that month.

Speximann 06 Dec 2017, 22:04

Paula Farris- GMA Weekend anchor

Speximann 06 Dec 2017, 22:01

Specimen 27 Nov 2017, 06:32

Robin Meade CNN HLN wearing glasses again today. 2 days in a row. Maybe a trend???

Curt 26 Nov 2017, 18:15

He's a moderator, not a babysitter...

Moonshiner Is AWOL 26 Nov 2017, 16:31

Funny how the admin who insisted on saving this site from extinction years ago does nothing when his moderation skills are needed. What a joke.

Soundmanpt 26 Nov 2017, 11:43

It wasn't me.

Anonymous 25 Nov 2017, 22:30

Whoa! Chill out Soundampt!

 25 Nov 2017, 00:07

to the BITCH who posted her snide shit @ 24 Nov 2017, 00:44, GO FUCK YOURSELF, BITCH!

Newshound 24 Nov 2017, 17:42

Milissa Rehberger wore her glasses tonight while reporting the MSNBC Newsbrief tonight. She is beautiful!

 24 Nov 2017, 00:44

"Your name" - really? Do you make people in real life call you Soundmanpt? How often do you even interact with people in real life, you sad misogynistic pervert? You just want women to wear that glasses that suits your pervert fantasies, never mind what they want or need. Go fuck yourself you sad bastard.

Soundmanpt 23 Nov 2017, 10:48

Dumbass can't even spell my name right.

Soundmanapt 23 Nov 2017, 02:49

I just want all women to wear their glasses from waking till sleeping, just to please me. Robin should wear her glasses, never mind her own needs, to please me. In fact, I know what is better for Robin and her needs than she does, because I'm a selfish paternalist old asshole like that.

Speximann 22 Nov 2017, 23:00

Several of the news personalities have been wearing glasses occasionally, Savannah Guthrie, Erica Hill, Gayle King, Kelly Rippa, Melissa Reyberger, Cynthia McFadden, all come to mind Some of which have become daily on & off-ers. One that puzzles me is Stefanie Ruhle. She used to wear them 1-2 times a week or more when she was on Bloomberg but I have yet to see her wear her spex since her move to MSNBC ( I think).

Soundmanpt 22 Nov 2017, 09:58


Nice to see Robin wearing her glasses again. She seemed to have gotten away from wearing them on air. I'm glad when she asked her counterpart "Glasses on or off" that he quickly replied "Glasses on" She seemed happy with putting them back on. Maybe she will start wearing her glasses more often if she sees that everyone likes seeing her wearing glasses. I understand when some of the young lady reporters and anchors are never seen wearing glasses and wear contacts constantly on air so no one knows they wear glasses. But Robin has worn her glasses often enough that her audience knows if she isn't wearing her glasses she is wearing contacts so I think she actually prefers wearing her glasses rather than contacts so she should just go full time glasses and be done with it.

Pseldonymov 22 Nov 2017, 00:37

Grace Mugabe

Speximann 21 Nov 2017, 21:27

Lv2c4i, your welcome & glad you enjoyed. By the time I got there she had them on for the remainder of the broadcast. She looks great wearing the spex, one of my Favs.

Lv2c4i 21 Nov 2017, 16:10

Thank you, Speximan, for the Robin Meade caps.

Iwas watching the news this morning, to both catch the latest happenings and as well, by clicking around to the various channels, to see if any of the newswomen were wearing their glasses today (again, still or anew!).

When I first looked in on Robin on HLN, she had her glasses on! Figured this would be a great day! Such sightings are somewhat rare of late.

A few minutes later I looked at HLN again and she was bare-eyed! Sigh, too bad, Oh, well. Wondered if the spex were there on her desk? But could not tell.

Then, just a few minutes later, I came back to HLN as a bare-eyed Robin grabbed her spex and talking to one of her coanchors, she asked, "Glasses off or on?" as she put them on.

He quickly and enthusiastically responded, "Glasses on." And she replied, "Good. Now I'll be able to see." (I'd noticed her sorta straining when she had them off).

I then had to leave but suspect she wore them the rest of the day?

And tomorrow?

Pseldonymov 21 Nov 2017, 12:34

Another Sandy Naranjo

Pseldonymov 21 Nov 2017, 12:30

Sandra Naranjo


Pseldonymov 21 Nov 2017, 10:32

Elena Vereshchagina


Speximann 21 Nov 2017, 07:28

Robin Meade this morning

Speximann 21 Nov 2017, 07:25

Robin Meade -CNN HN wearing her glasses this Morning-

Pseldonymov 20 Nov 2017, 16:39

Irza Khan

Slit 20 Nov 2017, 11:42

Paula Faris looks good! In the below tweet she has mentioned that she's farsighted. (Check respinses to tweet, that's where she says it)

Pseldonymov 20 Nov 2017, 10:32

Maribel Aber, CNN

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 20 Nov 2017, 10:31

Maribel Aber, CNN

Moderate minus

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 15:45

Erica Hill- CNN 11-17-17

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 15:20

Paula Farris from GMA weekend, New News GWG is rockin the glasses.

Looking forward to next W.E.

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 15:15

Not a News person but been in the news as of late sadly -Leeann Tweeden

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 13:24

More Savanah-

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 13:22

Savanah Guthrie from 11-17

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 13:12

Cynthia McFadden -

Speximann  19 Nov 2017, 13:09

Well it appears I have finally figured out the link thing. SORRY bout the cut & paste situation, seems imjur is not wanting to play anymore.

Kennedy from "Outnumbered"

Speximann 19 Nov 2017, 13:03

Jennifer Westoven 10/17 -11/17

Speximann  18 Nov 2017, 22:09

The Paula links you will have to copy & Paste Always forget how to link them from imgur, Sorry.

Speximann 18 Nov 2017, 22:07

Paula Farris GMA weekend

Speximann 18 Nov 2017, 22:03

Paula Farris, GMA weekend anchor's first day as a Glasses Girl. Me Like!!

Lv2c4i 18 Nov 2017, 06:26

Paula Faris, host of ABC Good Morning Saturday, is wearing her glasses this morning. Her on-the-air cohosts saying how good she looks in glasses. Yay! She indicated that she is wearing the spex due to a recent concussion/accident--also indicated that she will be wearing her glasses "forever." One can hope, tho also hope her healing goes on till she's all well.

Pseldonymov 18 Nov 2017, 02:40

Katie Linendoll


Pseldonymov 18 Nov 2017, 02:36

Katie Linendoll


Pseldonymov 14 Nov 2017, 08:55

Ilona Linart

Small minus

Pseldonymov 14 Nov 2017, 08:51

Ilona Linart


Her colleague


Therouteur 11 Nov 2017, 20:21

Laura Castelli, Movimento Cinque Stelle

murky 11 Nov 2017, 18:39

Anastasia deever, just the perfect glasses wearer Ahh

Newshound 08 Nov 2017, 21:54

Milissa Rehberger was in glasses tonight for the MSNBC News Brief. Very pretty!

Lv2c4i 31 Oct 2017, 15:26

While we wait for Robin Meade to sport her spex, her side-kick, Jennifer Westhoven, continues to switch from bare to bespectacled even in the course of one day. Check TvNewCaps for 10/31 and you'll see that today she wore, first, a pair of red spex that looked quite good, then, the next time she was on-the-air, she had her "regular" glasses, and then she ended up bare-eyed.

Pseldonymov 23 Oct 2017, 17:07

Tatyana Felgenhauer

Small minus

Curt 23 Oct 2017, 16:39

Lisa Salters wearing her specs on Monday Night Football on ESPN. Looking sharp! Would love to see Suzy Kolber in glasses!!

 20 Oct 2017, 18:24

it would a sexual mindblow to see her break her glasses and squint so hard hard hard till it makes me hard hard hard.

Murky  19 Oct 2017, 03:30

Yes, she has such a fine collection, black cateye, yellow plastic, white, blue, and ols fashioned tortiseshell, lets hope she knocks Putin off the stand ( he is such an untrustworthy brute) and what a field day for the O-O brigade

Crystal Veil 18 Oct 2017, 23:18

Ksenia Sobchak, now a candidate for presidency in Russia, has a fine collection of prescription glasses. About minus two. Not a full time GWG but definitely worth checking out.

Pseldonymov 18 Oct 2017, 20:20

Viktoriya Gurskaya

Lv2c4i 13 Oct 2017, 05:05

Eyewear update:

HNN's Jennifer Westhoven has been wearing her glasses every day for nearly 2 weeks now during some of her Morning Express reports. Almost every day she also is bare-eyed for other of those 3-4 minute reports. About 3 weeks ago, she wore one pair of glasses for one report and in another that same day, she was wearing different frames.

Kelly Ripa has not worn her spex much recently. They are there on the desk beside her, but they have tended to stay on the desk the past week or so.

CNBC's Kelly Evans sported her spex for about a week, then was bare-eyed for a few days. Them glorious glasses reappeared yesterday so perhaps she'll be an on and off wearer.

Kansas City's NBC Gina Bullard returned bare-eyed after her eye surgery so suspect her eyewear is permanently in the past--least till she needs readers years down the road.

ABC's Ginger Zee has been posting video previews of the day's Good Morning America FBk site and she often wears her glasses in those previews, but when she's on the air, she has been bare-eyed.

aviator -oo- 10 Oct 2017, 18:09;center,top&resize=1200:*

aviator -oo- 10 Oct 2017, 18:07

aviator -oo- 10 Oct 2017, 17:59

Elle Reeve

aviator -oo- 10 Oct 2017, 16:05

SoCal 10 Oct 2017, 12:59

@ Carlos,Jr

What has he done now? The guy is a huge joke and I do remember him poking fun at Jeb Bush over his glasses during the primaries to which Jeb responded by wearing contacts. He's just a bully, plain and simple.

Carlos, Jr 10 Oct 2017, 12:21

Why does the American President belittle people who wear glasses? How can he claim that at age 71 that he has never needed glasses?

SoCal 10 Oct 2017, 09:32

Still wondering why Rachel Maddow still goes on air sans spectacle. You always see people on MSNBC on different shows wearing glasses, even on her show when they are filling in. I wonder what the deal is.

Here she is on a different show on MSNBC with glasses. I don't get it.

SoCal 10 Oct 2017, 09:30

Still wondering why Rachel Maddow still goes on air sans spectacle. You always see people on MSNBC on different shows wearing glasses, even on her show when they are filling in. I wonder what the deal is.

Lv2c4i 10 Oct 2017, 05:09

Stumbled on Fox News' Shannon Bream sporting her spex as she subbed on an afternoon show Monday. Pix of her in them are on her Fbk page. She'll soon (end of October) start a regular gig as host of her own Fox late evening show. Will she or won't she still be a spex wearer/

Pseldonymov 07 Oct 2017, 13:07

Anastasia Deeva

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 04 Oct 2017, 19:59

Erica Berger


 04 Oct 2017, 18:04

"I know nothing! I'm just a $50 per night escort".

Lv2c4i 04 Oct 2017, 15:09 has a nice collection of CNBC's Kelly Evans wearing glasses! This may be a first for her. She hosts Closing Bell and from the CNBC FBk page, it looks as if she has maybe worn the spex for a couple of days. However, Evans herself signed off social media a few months back so no piks nor explanation from her.

 04 Oct 2017, 04:46

Drop dead, you fucking Nazi Trumpanzee Republirat!

 03 Oct 2017, 16:27


Pseldonymov 03 Oct 2017, 10:44

Anna Shtaer

Moderate minus

Lv2c4i 29 Sep 2017, 05:32

Gina Bullard who has been wearing her glasses most days recently on her Kansas City morning news anchor gig posted a FBk video message yesterday. She mentions that she has been having "eye issues" recently and will be having surgery and so will be off the air for a couple of days. She doesn't say anything about the sort of surgery or whether the glasses are gone for sounded more of a medical concern than a vision repair, but? Wishing her well regardless.

Lv2c4i 29 Sep 2017, 05:27

Rare sighting. Yesterday for the first time in many months, CNN's HLN morning anchor, Robin Meade, wore her spex for part of the show. A video of part of the show (a foolish birthday celebration for the weathercaster) on FBk shows her wearing the glasses and both taking them off and putting them on again in the 2 1/2 minutes (+/-) of the video.

Caps of her in the spex are available on both TVnewscaps forum and in their CNN pages.

Pseldonymov 28 Sep 2017, 18:42

Darya Zavgorodnyaya


Newshound 26 Sep 2017, 19:32

Milissa Rehberger was wearing her glasses and looked gorgeous tonight.

Pseldonymov 24 Sep 2017, 21:23

Alexandria Morgan

Small minus

Lv2c4i 22 Sep 2017, 04:34

During the recent violent weather in the Caribbean and parts of the United States, weathercaster Ginger Zee has posted video weather reports on the Good Morning America Facebook page. In these posts, she generally wears her glasses. Then, when she gives similar reports on the Good Morning America television broadcast, the spex have been set aside.

Lv2c4i 19 Sep 2017, 04:43

Recently encountered a couple of early morning local newscasters/anchors who have been appearing regularly in glasses (check the FBk or Twitter accounts). Sukanya Krisnan of Fox new York and Gina Bullard of CBS Kansas City (they also stream live on their website).

Speximann 12 Sep 2017, 19:45

Savanah Guthrie-NBC Today from Monday-

Savannah from Early August-

Speximann 12 Sep 2017, 19:41

S E Cupp

Speximann 12 Sep 2017, 19:39

Jennifer Ashton MD.-GMA

S.E. Cupp - CNN New Show

Speximann 12 Sep 2017, 19:35

Allison Komarada-CNN

2488156903 12 Sep 2017, 02:23

Minus. moderate.

Priti Patel the uk secretary is seen for hurricane Irma which impacted British Territories in North America .

Cant resist her . I would google for her images . It looks like she sometimes go with contact lenses. But, her minus glasses have been well photographed at google.

Pseldonymov 11 Sep 2017, 21:13

Alla Mikheeva


nc 11 Sep 2017, 07:03

Savannah Guthrie is wearing her glasses on the Today show. She has been on a glasses drought most of the summer.

everything's fuzzy 07 Sep 2017, 14:45

Is she any relation to Rosanne Rosannadana? LOL!

Lv2c4i 07 Sep 2017, 13:43

Fox New York, home of Rosanna Scotto, can be seen streamed live, so anyone can get a look at her spex--as long as she continues to wear them. It will be interesting to see if and when she returns to bare-eyed.

Mr Cockeyed 07 Sep 2017, 11:13

At Rosanna Scottos age, I would think she has progressives. I was looking carefully, but the camera angle prevented me to make sure she had progressives. She in the past very, very rarely wore her glasses. She wore lenses, and I bet they were bifocal contacts

Maurice 07 Sep 2017, 04:01

Raphael Miranda, WNBC New York meteorologist now wearing glasses. When referring to the glasses, he has used the hashtag "oldeyes".

NYC O^O 06 Sep 2017, 08:00

Roseanna Scotto TV Fox 5 AM anchor now wearing glasses full time since back on Sept. 5. Probably + progressives.

NC 05 Sep 2017, 14:56

Ginger Zee on ABC World News tonight Facebook video, wearing blue glasses, with a very mild prescription.

Newshound 04 Sep 2017, 17:05

Milissa Rehberger was wearing her glasses tonight on MSNBC. As always, she looked great.

sam 28 Aug 2017, 00:34

do we think Nicola Mclean wears prism in one eye?

everything's fuzzy 26 Aug 2017, 16:50

Ellie Reeve of Vice Magazine- between 1.21 & 2:10

Pseldonymov 26 Aug 2017, 15:45

Verónica Michelle Bachelet Jeria


and her daughter

Pseldonymov 25 Aug 2017, 16:32

Mehriban Aliyeva is the Vice President and First Lady of Azerbaijan


Pseldonymov 25 Aug 2017, 16:30

Tatyana Shtabel


Lv2c4i 23 Aug 2017, 04:20

CNN's Carol Costello has returned as anchor of a daily midday news show. Over the years she has worn a variety of spex on the air, sometimes occasionally, sometimes everyday. Looks like she'll be bespectacled everyday on this show. Her current choice of frames are flattering and do not seem to age her, but rather, give her a more youthful appearance.

Pseldonymov 22 Aug 2017, 19:07

Karlie Kloss

Pseldonymov 21 Aug 2017, 22:09

Jerhonda Pace


Slit 19 Aug 2017, 17:13

Abby Humstman

Yoyo 18 Aug 2017, 23:25

Recently watched this Vice News piece on the Charlottesville protests. Disgusting white supremacists aside, the reporter is a young blonde named Elle Reeve, who wears aviator frames in a moderate minus prescription.

They slip down her nose quite a bit. Here's another interview:

Gino 16 Aug 2017, 05:34

The BBC's Emma Barnett is -6.5 and very sexy

She wears an array of different frames. Manages to look good in every one.

Pseldonymov 08 Aug 2017, 16:55

Asya Kazantseva

Moderate minus

Older glasses

Pseldonymov 07 Aug 2017, 16:45

Irina Berezhna

Pseldonymov 07 Aug 2017, 16:40

Anastasia Deeva


 07 Aug 2017, 12:48

Sexy she may be, but she is still a Trumpanzee.

Slit 06 Aug 2017, 22:23

@ 06 Aug 2017, 18:26

I second that!!!

 06 Aug 2017, 18:26

Dana Loesch

quite sexy wearing her reading glasses

Newshound 04 Aug 2017, 16:55

Milissa Rehberger was on MSNBC tonight and wearing glasses. An awesome sight to end the week.

Lv2c4i 02 Aug 2017, 04:08

Happened across Lauren Jiggetts on Chicago's WGN morning news earlier this week. And she was wearing glasses. Her FBk (or Twitter) suggested that she'd scratched her cornea and so was sporting the spex till her eye healed. IMHO, Lauren is very attractive without glasses, but also striking with her spex--good choice of frames for her face and her role. While I'm glad her eye healed, she was back to bare-eyed the next day.

Pseldonymov 01 Aug 2017, 11:14

Linara Samedinova

Pseldonymov 29 Jul 2017, 17:42

Erin Nyren-Erickson


Pseldonymov 26 Jul 2017, 13:51

Erin Nyren


Pseldonymov 26 Jul 2017, 08:10

Dana Laba


 22 Jul 2017, 00:53

myopic lawyer

NNVisitor 20 Jul 2017, 20:46


Kelly Rippa sure has aged. When she was a lot younger she was ona soap opera that I used to watch on TV. Must have been about 20 years ago.

Newshound 20 Jul 2017, 16:37

Milissa Rehberger was wearing her glasses tonight and looked fantastic. It had been a while since she had last worn them on MSNBC. So pretty and such a great smile!

Speximann 19 Jul 2017, 05:53

Amy was doing a segment for discounted eyewear when she tried the frames on. She says she reads a lot for relaxation. She looks good wearing though.

Mr Cockeyed 18 Jul 2017, 16:00


Amy Roeback for years wore contacts. Maybe she had lasik?

Speximann 18 Jul 2017, 12:11

Amy Robach-GMA-Trying New Frames... plano alert

Speximann 18 Jul 2017, 12:07

Valarie Bertinelli- Food Network-

Speximann 18 Jul 2017, 12:04

More Kelly Rippa-

Here she tries on some new frames-

Rachael Ray-

Speximann 18 Jul 2017, 12:00

Kelly Rippa-

Speximann 18 Jul 2017, 11:58

More Dr. Ashton-

Kay Adams-Good Morning Football-

Speximann 18 Jul 2017, 11:55

Doctor Jennifer Ashton-GMA

Speximann 18 Jul 2017, 11:52

Savanah Guthrie-

Speximann 18 Jul 2017, 11:49

Allison -

Speximann 14 Jul 2017, 13:35

Caps comin

Lv2c4i 14 Jul 2017, 09:25

Who will be the next spexy newsreader?

Both Kelly Ripa (not really news, but...) and Alisyn Camerata (CNN) have gone from no spex to wearing them pretty much every day for some of their time on the air.

Erica Hill wore hers yesterday and Dr. Jennifer Ashton had hers on this morning on Good Morning America. They both wear their spex occasionally, like HLN Jennifer Westhoven. HLN Robin Meade hasn't worn hers in a long time and ABC's weathercaster, Ginger Zee, seldom is seen in her spex.

So, who is next? BTW, caps always appreciated.

Pseldonymov 06 Jul 2017, 18:46

Irza Khan is alive and wears glasses.

Small minus

Lv2c4i 27 Jun 2017, 05:40

Erica Hill was wearing her spex on her news show (midday in the U.S.) yesterday, It'd been awhile since she had worn 'em, but yesterday they were back.

 21 Jun 2017, 04:26


Newshound 19 Jun 2017, 18:08

It was nice to see Milissa Rehberger anchoring the new brief tonight on MSNBC and wearing her glasses.

Maurice 15 Jun 2017, 18:56

Has anyone read follow-up related to President

Trump's recent cataract surgery?

Newshound 14 Jun 2017, 17:39

Milissa Rehberger was wearing glasses tonight on MSNBC.

Slit 08 Jun 2017, 20:34

Anna Woolhouse, +rx.

Pseldonymov 08 Jun 2017, 15:01

Darya Urumbaeva


dave 28 May 2017, 12:01

Pseldonymov 25 May 2017, 20:19

Margarita Urbanovskaya

Small minus

Newshound 25 May 2017, 12:02

It's been a while but Milissa Rehberger was in glasses last night on MSNBC. Very pretty!

Pseldonymov 25 May 2017, 11:23

Ekaterina Spasova Gecheva-Zakharieva (1975) is a Bulgarian former interim Deputy PM and Minister of Regional development from 2013. She became the Foreign Minister of Bulgaria on 4 May 2017.

Modearte minus

Pseldonymov 18 May 2017, 18:53

Tatiana Felgengauer with new glasses

Small minus

Pseldonymov 15 May 2017, 20:30

Kara McCullough, Miss USA 2017


Pseldonymov 15 May 2017, 12:18

Mariia Varfolomeieva


Pseldonymov 14 May 2017, 23:06

Anastasia Deyeva, 24, has been appointed a deputy interior minister


Pseldonymov 13 May 2017, 05:58

Ekaterina Gordon

Pseldonymov 13 May 2017, 05:46

Olga Ivanova with other frames

Pseldonymov 13 May 2017, 05:45

Olga Ivanova, Estonia

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 13 May 2017, 05:33

Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Kadri Simson, Estonia

Small minus

Speximann 11 May 2017, 20:47

DR. Jennifer Ashton MD-GMA

Pseldonymov 11 May 2017, 10:19

Yulia Timoshenko has new glasses

 03 May 2017, 15:15

Newshound 02 May 2017, 16:45

No glasses on Melissa Rehberger the past four times I've seen her on MSNBC. She still has the great smile, does a fantastic job, but I love how she looks with her glasses.

 30 Apr 2017, 18:01

Any pics of Putin wearing glasses?

Pseldonymov 30 Apr 2017, 15:19

Ksenia from Kemerovo

Small minus

 28 Apr 2017, 12:28

President Trump is 71 years. Where are his glasses? No wonder he squints.

Pseldonymov 27 Apr 2017, 13:13

Anastasia Zadorina

and Europa Plus DJ

Pseldonymov 26 Apr 2017, 14:21


Pseldonymov 26 Apr 2017, 14:11

Amy Sciarretto


Slit 26 Apr 2017, 10:49

Adrienne Bailon

Slit 26 Apr 2017, 10:44

Tamar Braxton - can be seen with various frames

Slit 26 Apr 2017, 10:41

Tamera Mowry

Slit 26 Apr 2017, 10:34

Debra Messing

Slit 26 Apr 2017, 07:56

@newswatcher 23 Apr 2017, 16:49

thanks for the update! any links of such appearances?

Speximann 25 Apr 2017, 21:18

Lv2c4i, I looked for the clip but I don't guess it's available on line yet. I'll keep watching, my interest is growing.

Lv2c4i 25 Apr 2017, 09:22


Dr. Ashton was again bespectacled this morning on Good Morning America. The main host made a one-word comment, "Glasses." and that was the end of it. But, at least now, there is a video clip on the GMA website--her piece was commenting on Elton John and a mystery illness (an infection from travel) that caused him to alter his concert/touring schedule.

newswatcher 23 Apr 2017, 16:49

There have actually been a lot of sightings, particularly for those that watch American news. Here I include not only news presenters but also actresses appearing on cable news in the current activist/politically charged environment.

During the week approaching the inaugural, both Debra Messing and Patricia Arquette appeared on political news shows, probably on MSNBC. Both are clearly hyperopic and presbyopic and wore their glasses continuously, discussing their upcoming appearance in the women's marches.

Another actress, Marisa Tomei, posted a photo of herself in glasses in her Twitter feed, indicating her march plans as well. She is also likely both presbyopic and hyperopic.

Because NYC has often been in the news (both because of the president's home and because of the various protests), Julie Banderas has provided news packages from the Fox NYC newsroom to Fox affiliates nationwide. She is bespectacled occasionally or sometimes.

During Charlie Rose's recent absence for surgery during February, various guest hosts filled in for him. Allison Stewart subbed twice, both times in glasses. She is nearsighted but apparently presbyopia hasn't yet set in. In the past decade she wore contact lenses while anchoring. Gillian Tett sat in for Charlie as well. She just began wearing glasses quite recently and I would guess she is presbyopic with very mild hyperopia. Maybe not the greatest sight, but she always appears on TV with glasses now.

Now, some have gone the other way, first wearing glasses at least intermittently, no longer now.

Last year during the election campaign, Nia-Malika Henderson of CNN wore her glasses at least some of the time during regular studio appearances, but I haven't seen them lately. She is likely hyperopic, maybe presbyopic as well. Perhaps the glasses are now on the table behind her laptop while she is on the air, or she is now in contact lenses.

While on Bloomberg TV Stephanie Ruhle used to wear her glasses when she needed them to read, but took them off otherwise. She is now on MSNBC and they are gone. She probably in contact lenses now. Stephanie is most likely hyperopic, maybe presbyopic as well. With her rather small beady eyes and smallish, wrinkle-prone face, she actually might look much better in her plus glasses, even to a general audience watching TV, but I doubt she would consider going in that direction.

BBC presenter Katty Kay first appeared in glasses a new years ago, hyperopic and presbyopic, but she seemed to quit them and go to contact lenses soon after. Quite honestly she is looking older and more weathered, and glasses would actually enhance her appearance at this point.

More recently the syndicated series The Doctors seems to have a new female doctor, Jennifer Berman, a glasses-wearing urologist, and she appears to be hyperopic and presbyopic.

Speximann 20 Apr 2017, 16:02

Ginger Z that was, or the Doctor.

Soeximann 20 Apr 2017, 16:00

Actually caught her on the evening news a year or two back wearing glasses.

Lv2c4i 20 Apr 2017, 05:10

Dr. Jennifer Ashton on again minutes ago: again bare-eyed.

However, Ginger Zee. weather reporter on the show, has several bespectacled videos on her FBk page, almost as if she wears her spex everyday, except when she's on-the-air?

Lv2c4i 20 Apr 2017, 04:38


she was speaking about some of the health considerations of the growing number of states that have legalized recreational use of marijuana.

I did notice that when she reappeared on Good Morning America yesterday, she was bare-eyed. So, when (if ever) will the spex reappear? However, on either Twitter or FBk, she did post a pik labeled something like "first glasses ever..."

So, happy hunting and thanks for the piks and caps you do post.

Speximann 20 Apr 2017, 00:41

Lv2c4i , I have been searching for that clip of Dr. Ashton with glasses on GMA for about an hour to cap it , but sadly can't find one.

Newshound 19 Apr 2017, 17:43

Milissa Rehberger was stunningly beautiful tonight on MSNBC. She looks great wearing her glasses. No glasses last night though.

Lv2c4i 18 Apr 2017, 05:13

Monday, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC's Good Morning America medical consultant, appeared wearing glasses--for the first time ever, I believe. Caps may appear? She's chosen dark and very "no-nonsense" frames that I don't find particularly flattering for her, but, they don't look all that bad either. And, in her role as expert, that may be the "look" she was after.

Maurice 14 Apr 2017, 17:26

Even without my glasses, the physiques of Kim and Trump certainly are similar

 12 Apr 2017, 12:48

Certainly Trump and Kim win for the worst hair

 11 Apr 2017, 07:49

Trump, Putin, Kim-Jong Un, they all have terrible vision(s).

 11 Apr 2017, 07:43

Which dictator has the worst vision? Trump or Putin?

 08 Apr 2017, 03:03

old video from Today Show that features Savannah, Erica, and Dylan

Therouteur 06 Apr 2017, 16:12

Arpine Ashot Hovhanissyan

Newhound 04 Apr 2017, 17:04

Milissa Rehberger looked great last Thursday and last night. She wore her glasses both nights and looked fantastic. Sadly, no glasses on tonight though.

Newshound  29 Mar 2017, 18:58

Milissa Rehberger looked great on MSNBC tonight and was wearing her glasses.

Pseldonymov 23 Mar 2017, 17:03

Lyubov Sobol with new glasses

Small minus

SoCal 18 Mar 2017, 20:46


I just thought she went bareeyed for the longest time until I read in an article that she wears contacts for the show only.

I am also curious about her rx, care to make a guess?

Soundmanpt 18 Mar 2017, 18:10


I have also wondered the same thing. She was just on The Steven Colbert show and she was like you say wearing her glasses. But she is never seen wearing glasses on her own show for some crazy reason. I'm sure someone has asked her about so maybe someone has seen a reply from her.

SoCal 18 Mar 2017, 17:46

Never understood why Rachel Maddow wear her glasses in every possible show but her own.

SoCal 18 Mar 2017, 17:43

Never understood why Rachel Maddow wear her glasses in every possible show but her own.

Pseldonymov 14 Mar 2017, 18:50

Bethany Noel "Beth" Mota


Pseldonymov 14 Mar 2017, 07:54

Evgeniya Chudnovets


and her supporters


Pseldonymov 10 Mar 2017, 21:06

Alima Nazarbayeva

Pseldonymov 06 Mar 2017, 14:32

Vasylyna Odnorih

Small minus

Pseldonymov 06 Mar 2017, 14:27

Olena Zerkal - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

Pseldonymov 06 Mar 2017, 10:49

Katrin Nenasheva

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 06 Mar 2017, 10:34

Nadezhda Tolokonnikova


Katrin Nenasheva

Moderate minus

 05 Mar 2017, 18:30

Pseldonymov 04 Mar 2017, 18:53

Esther Beadle. Minus

Old glasses. Not so strong

Carlos, Jr. 03 Mar 2017, 10:47

Historically, dictators have had an aversion to wearing glasses in public. Putin?

Carlos, Jr 01 Mar 2017, 20:07

Maybe both Trump and Putin can get a pair of Warby Parkers.

Catwoman 01 Mar 2017, 14:36


The gray-fade frames are pretty. I am not certain about the size, as they don't show the length, and the price is a bit steep as well. I will check around other sites (sights?) for it.

Soundmanpt 01 Mar 2017, 13:38


Those glasses lok really nice but the ones I really like was the ones that the other woman was wearing in the movie.

SoCal 01 Mar 2017, 12:15

Catwoman, the Hidden Figures cat eye glasses are from Moscot. I actually just ordered them last night. i hope that they workout because I would hate to have to return them because they are just so cute.

Pseldonymov 01 Mar 2017, 10:58

Aleksandra Garmazhapova, Buryat journalist. Minus

Pseldonymov 01 Mar 2017, 10:56

He will right after 64-years old Putin starts wearing his glasses.

 28 Feb 2017, 04:43

Any news of when President Trump will start wearing glasses publicly? His presbyopia causes him to squint terribly.

Catwoman 22 Feb 2017, 14:19

I checked out Janelle Monae's cateyes in the video. I have a clear pair in that style. Also, there was a picture in Sunday's paper about Tajiri Henson in the middle of a large number of men, and she was wearing a nice pair of clear-bottom cateyes that were smaller than the aforementioned ones.

Here is an interesting item:

Pseldonymov 21 Feb 2017, 21:16

Mehriban Arif qızı Əliyeva Azərbaycan Respublikasının Birinci vitse-prezidenti təyin edilsin

New Vice President of Azərbaycan


Prescription sunglasses

Yoyo 21 Feb 2017, 10:38

I've always loved Janelle Monae's style, glasses or no glasses. Here's a video of the recent GMA appearance (may only be available in the US):

Lv2c4i 21 Feb 2017, 04:47

Recent movie, Hidden Figures, features one of the three main characters who wears her glasses pretty much the entire movie. Eevn without that, it is a very good flik, imho. However, one of the other actresses, Janelle Monae, appeared on ABC's Good Morning America yesterday wearing some very fine cat-eye spex. With academy award show upcoming, wondering when we'll see her spex again?

Pseldonymov 20 Feb 2017, 19:29


Pseldonymov 20 Feb 2017, 19:27

Aiymgul Abileva


 20 Feb 2017, 17:44

So the alt-right “journalist” Milo Yiannopoulos is in the news due to some controversial (to put it mildly) statements. Unrelated to all that, I happened to stumble upon an article where he admits to having terrible eyesight, but he doesn’t regularly wear glasses. Then I found this video where he attempts to put in contact lenses, but can’t go through with it. In the video, he states that his prescription is -6.00! He briefly puts on his glasses, which do look quite strong. You can also see the strong prescription in an old picture (third link). Anyway, I just found it very surprising that he goes around uncorrected most of the time with that level of myopia.

Pseldonymov 12 Feb 2017, 19:16

Vera Kichanova

Minus six

Lv2c4i 09 Feb 2017, 05:17

Wearing the wardrobe as the week goes on: so, it looks like Maria Shriver is wearing a third pair from her eyewear wardrobe this morning, and this one is the most flattering for her imho.

On Monday and Tuesday she wore a "wayfarer" style frame in the currently fashionable gray coloring; yesterday, it was the same frame shape but solid black--and comments about the glare that were noted previously continue to be an issue.

Today, she is wearing a softer, more rounded frame. It looks to be black and perhaps because of the slightly smaller lenses, the glare is a bit lessened.

Seems both her working her way thru her eyewear wardrobe and the glare problems offer an excellent opportunity for a "report" on current eyewear styles and choices.

Maurice 07 Feb 2017, 16:15

I think her name has been changed to Maria "Desmond". Mr. Lauer, I am ready for my close-up.

Mr Cockeyed 07 Feb 2017, 08:30

Maria Schriber looked like an old Hollywood movie queen with the graduated tinted glasses. Yes they had a horrible glare.

Lv2c4i 07 Feb 2017, 05:16

Tracy Strahan, a reporter on the New York city NBC station has been wearing her spex for a few days now. On her FBk page she mentions telling why she's wearing them as having been revealed on the weekend show. Anyone catch her explanation? I wonder if she's resting from contacts in preparation for eye surgery? Or is there another reason?

Lv2c4i 07 Feb 2017, 05:12

On the NBC TODAY show, Maria Shriver is this week's substitute and she is sporting her spex. Unfortunately, the glasses she's chosen present a couple of problems. First, they glare and reflect in the TV studio lighting. She needs some sort of anti-glare treatment. Then, the frames themselves are, while trendily stylish, perhaps not the most flattering choice for her. Thus, her spexy appearing tends to be less than wonderful and not a "good message" about the attractiveness that glasses can offer--the glamor of geekiness.

 02 Feb 2017, 16:32

Natalie Morales -

Newshound 01 Feb 2017, 18:37

MSNBC's Milissa Rehberger wore her glasses on Monday night and tonight during the news brief. She looked great! Cynthia McFadden was also wearing her glasses during an earlier interview. Nice choice of frames!

Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2017, 16:17

Tatyana Pestryakova. Minus

Her coworker or friend

Soundmanpt 26 Jan 2017, 18:04


What time is she on? I have tried to catch her but never have found when she is on. Is on during a certain show?

Newshound 26 Jan 2017, 17:36

That should have read- 'great smile'.

Newshound 26 Jan 2017, 17:34

Milissa Rehberger has worn her glasses the past two nights on MSNBC. Rest smile too.

Trent 23 Jan 2017, 18:57

Glassers Stories

I Love My Glasses

Pseldonymov 21 Jan 2017, 17:59

Alena Vodonaeva

Mild minus

Newshound 18 Jan 2017, 18:47

Milissa Rehberger has worn her glasses the past three nights. I LOVE the news.

Newshound 16 Jan 2017, 18:25

Another great sighting of Milissa Rehberger wearing her glasses tonight on MSNBC.

 15 Jan 2017, 17:52


I love how Cupp looks in her glasses but they are so weak. They must be a security blanket. She might also be along the lines of Jenny McCarthy and Sarah Palin that the glasses are used as a kind of prop to add more gravitas to her image.

Soundmanpt 15 Jan 2017, 10:52

No name

I have noticed also that S.E. Cupp's glasses seem to be either weak or no more than mild in prescription. But reading a little bit about her in an interview back in 2006 she seemed to like being somewhat anonymous. That is why she uses the S.E. as part of her name instead of her actual name of Sara Elizabeth. She said at first before she was on TV it was great because people didn't even know if she was a man or woman. If you notice there are very few pictures of her without glasses which seems very strange since she is a very attractive woman. My guess is she uses her glasses as a way of sort of a security blanket.

 14 Jan 2017, 19:26

Nice Cupp pics! Clearly her glasses are discretionary as she has an extremely mild minus prescription.

Pseldonymov 14 Jan 2017, 11:51

Sarah Elizabeth "S. E." Cupp is an American conservative political commentator and writer. She was a panelist on the CNN political debate show Crossfire

Mild minus

 14 Jan 2017, 05:51

Trump preparing for the presidency. Clearly seeing the future/past.

eyesnap 12 Jan 2017, 10:50

Scottish weather woman

Eclipse 08 Jan 2017, 13:55

Rachel Burden wore glasses on BBC Breakfast

Lv2c4i 06 Jan 2017, 05:40

Looks like Julie Banderas wore her spex yesterday. Check out caps on NYCNewswomen blog site.

Therouteur 02 Jan 2017, 22:10

Katherine Timpf. Oh be still, my beating heart!

Newshoun  30 Dec 2016, 17:34

Milissa Rehberger was wearing her glasses tonight on the MSNBC News Break. So pretty!

Maurice 30 Dec 2016, 14:48

Trump is 70 years old---that is why he needs 24 pt font and squints to read up close. Already, he is wearing hearing aids-----glasses will be next.

 29 Dec 2016, 12:29

c'mon get it right. these models do not broadcast news. wake the fuck up.

 29 Dec 2016, 12:28

Tyra Banks is not a news personality.

Pseldonymov 25 Dec 2016, 19:56

Tyra Banks


Pseldonymov 25 Dec 2016, 18:11

Yoanna House

America's Next Top Model


Pseldonymov 25 Dec 2016, 17:08

Shandi Sullivan


Another America's Next Top Model contestant

Pseldonymov 25 Dec 2016, 09:32

Adrianne Marie Curry (born August 6, 1982)




Pseldonymov 19 Dec 2016, 10:47

NBC News

eyesnap 18 Dec 2016, 10:04

Kristen Haglund

Lv2c4i 18 Dec 2016, 06:36

ESPN weekend anchor Nicole Briscoe is wearing her glasses lately, not sure why. She has chosen an attractive frame that works well with her face and features, avoiding both knee-jerk choice of the most currently fashionable style or a frame-style that is so subtle as to be unnotriceable. Good choice and lookin' good, Nicole.

 17 Dec 2016, 05:44

Why does Trump print out statements in a giant font—like 24pt, at least—and in all caps?

 15 Dec 2016, 04:48

Eye Doctors Explain Why Donald Trump Is Always Squinting

Pseldonymov 06 Dec 2016, 10:46

Selin Gören


Speximann 05 Dec 2016, 09:06

Kay Adams- Good Morning Football-

Speximann 05 Dec 2016, 09:03

Kelly Rippa-

Speximann  05 Dec 2016, 08:56

Savanah Guthrie-

S E Cupp-

Speximann 05 Dec 2016, 08:54

Savanah Guthrie Today-

Speximann 05 Dec 2016, 08:51

Jedediah Bila from "The View"

Speximann 05 Dec 2016, 08:49

Allison Comarata CNN-

Newshound  30 Nov 2016, 17:43

Loved seeing Milissa Rehberger wearing glasses tonight on MSNBC!

 27 Nov 2016, 14:27

Sally Herships

Pseldonymov 25 Nov 2016, 22:49

Tatyana Kozachenko, former head of a dept in Ministry of Justice of Ukraine. Minus

Anastasia Deeva. Minus

Pseldonymov 25 Nov 2016, 16:27

Dina Mustayeva, TV Net of Mordovia

Small minus

Pseldonymov 25 Nov 2016, 13:33

Ministry of Internal Affaires of Republic of Belarus

Yulia Golubovskaya, press service of Road Police Department of Minsk City

Small minus

Pseldonymov 24 Nov 2016, 17:00

Tania Felgengauer, 31. Small minus

Pseldonymov 24 Nov 2016, 08:57

More Ministry of Internal Affaires of Ukraine

Hanna Pencheva

Pseldonymov 24 Nov 2016, 08:52

Anastasia Deeva, 24. Minus.

 23 Nov 2016, 15:49

Anastasia Deeva, hot 24-year-old Ukrainian minister in charge (girlfriend of Interior Minister by rumors)

just wonder is there her Instagram

Newshound 18 Nov 2016, 18:15

It was great to see Milissa Rehberger in glasses the past two evenings.

Newshound 16 Nov 2016, 18:48

No glasses on MSNBC's Milissa Rehberger tonight after wearing them last night.

Lv2c4i 10 Nov 2016, 16:23

Well, on the HLN Morning Express show with Robin Meade, her "sidekick" reporter, Jennifer Westhoven shows up with her new spex. So, maybe Robin'll break out her new ones soon? Jenn's new glasses are a nice look for her, better ihmo than her previous pair.

Speximann 05 Nov 2016, 08:18

Lv2c4i your correct. Hey where's the New Spex ???????? They look great. We'll Keep watchin.

Lv2c4i 04 Nov 2016, 13:23

Well, it appears via caps on TV News Caps forum thread that Robin Meade eventually donned her spex towards the end of her news show (HLN Morning Express) yesterday (11/4).

One cap kinda looks like she is asking others on the set "how do they look?"

However, to me it seems as if she puts on, not the new glasses that she wears on her FBk page, but her older spex. Her new ones seem to be grayish and somewhat translucent, while the frames she wears in the caps from yesterday look darker and solid colored. Hmmm?? Regardless, she looks great in her seldom-seen spex.

Speximann 03 Nov 2016, 21:37

Soundmanpt, Good Morning FootBall airs from 7A-10A & repeats from 10A-1P in the states East Coast. She only wears glasses ocasionaly. She is quite attractive indeed.

Curt 03 Nov 2016, 13:48

Look at the 00:35 posting, first picture. Obviously low minus...

 03 Nov 2016, 13:20

those glasses look fake. i do not think they have any prescription in them. for fashion only.

Soundmanpt 03 Nov 2016, 09:20


Thanks for posting the pictures of Kay Adams she is really a very attractive young lady. I don't have the NFL channel but I am often in sports bars that have the channel on. Is there a certain time of day that she is on air? Would I be correct that she probably only wears glasses limited times?

Lv2c4i 03 Nov 2016, 04:36

Thanks again, Speximan.

After a long drought, HLN's Robin Meade debuts new spex on her Facebook page. Wonder when she sport them on the air?

Speximann 03 Nov 2016, 00:38

Kay Adams GMFB- NFL network

Speximann 03 Nov 2016, 00:35

Allison Comarata CNN-

Kay Adama GMFB-NFL network

Speximann 03 Nov 2016, 00:32

Allison Comarata- CNN

Speximann 03 Nov 2016, 00:28


Speximann 03 Nov 2016, 00:26

Alex Steele- Bloomberg-

Christian Vera GWG-Right This Minute-

Speximann 03 Nov 2016, 00:22

Savanah Guthrie-

Speximann 03 Nov 2016, 00:20

Savanah Guthrie-

Pseldonymov 28 Oct 2016, 18:31

Maria Efrosinina

Soundmanpt 28 Oct 2016, 14:17


It seems like more and more of these female news personalities are getting more and more brave about being seen wearing their glasses on air. You have to think that when one of these ladies sees another one wearing glasses on air it gives them more confidence to wear their glasses on set as well. Let's hope the tread continues.

Lv2c4i 28 Oct 2016, 04:37

CNN's morning news reader, Alisyn Camerota,seems to be getting less uncomfortable wearing her spex. On there is a rare set of caps showing her with the glasses on(which she usually snatches off quickly after reading some text), and this morning she kept the spex on continuously thru an interview.

Meanwhile, on NYC Newswomen, Liz Cho showed up with spex and who knows who'll be the next treat for the OO's out there?

Pseldonymov 25 Oct 2016, 18:48

Anastasia Mizrahina

SE 23 Oct 2016, 13:42

She is now a fleeting news personality:

Lots of videos online as well.

Any idea of the prescription?

I cannot tell if it is low minus, low plus, or a plano prop.

eyesnap 23 Oct 2016, 09:43

Karin Caifa

Pseldonymov 22 Oct 2016, 09:59


gwgs 15 Oct 2016, 14:08

Loving Kate Silverton's new big bold black glasses she is currently wearing on BBC news. She has often worn small frames so to see her wearing something double the size is very refreshing

nc 13 Oct 2016, 12:22

Savannah Guthrie with yet another set of new frames on the Today Show this AM!!

Maurice 11 Oct 2016, 11:48

Check out Scott Pelley on CBS Evening News. Full-time in glasses last evening.

Mark 11 Oct 2016, 11:24

Kay Adams -, so hot

Curt 09 Oct 2016, 09:37

Wendi Nix from ESPN is hot in her specs!

Speximann 04 Oct 2016, 20:56

Jennifer Westhoven CNN HN-

Speximann 04 Oct 2016, 20:52

More Savanah Guthrie- New Frames-

Erica Hill - Now back at CNN-

Speximann 04 Oct 2016, 20:48

Gail King- CBS Morning

Savanah Guthrie -NBC Today New Frames

 04 Oct 2016, 18:43

Trump wears reading glasses and hearing aids.

Pseldonymov 30 Sep 2016, 06:48

Tutta Larsen

 27 Sep 2016, 14:18

No glasses on Trump last night and he did not look so smart.

 27 Sep 2016, 13:34


 26 Sep 2016, 01:19


Speximann 21 Sep 2016, 10:07

Sorry for the cold links, They work if you copy & paste.

 20 Sep 2016, 11:11

For the presidential debate next week, Trump will be wearing glasses----trying to look smart (like Rick Perry)

Speximann 20 Sep 2016, 06:11

Kay Adams- hope this link is hot

Speximann 20 Sep 2016, 06:07

Kay Adams from NFL Networks GMFB-

Speximann 20 Sep 2016, 06:03

Allison Comarato -CNN New Day- Sorry the Quality is terrible as I did not cap these. Never seen her wearing glasses but will be "On the Watch"

nc 13 Sep 2016, 07:25

Savannah Guthrie is wearing a new set of frames on the Today show.

Lv2c4i 07 Sep 2016, 04:43

NBC's Cynthia McFadden is wearing her glasses more regularly as she makes her reports on the network's news programs. She is wearing small round frames that I do not find very flattering, but am not sure what alternative style might be both more fetching and stylish?

Bloomberg's Betty Liu may be on an early evening (7p ET in U.S.)show focused on Asian business? I saw her briefly yesterday afternoon in what seemed to be a preview of the evening's stories. She was wearing a pair of spex that I did not recognize, a kind of grayish plastic. So her eyewear wardrobe may continue to grow?

Pseldonymov 06 Sep 2016, 16:59

Aida Baydavletova

Newshound 06 Sep 2016, 16:34

Always an absolute pleasure to see Milissa Rehberger's great smile and her wearing her glasses. Both on screen tonight!

Newshound 02 Sep 2016, 21:01

It was great to see Milissa Rehberger wearing her glasses during the MSNBC Newsbreak tonight. It was the first time in a while although the beautiful smile is a constant.

 02 Sep 2016, 13:02

refractive lens exchange surgery

aka cataract surgery

 02 Sep 2016, 12:05

Ashleigh Banfield had refractive lens exchange surgery

Jim H 01 Sep 2016, 16:21

Would be nice to see this high minus news anchor wear her new specs on air.

Pseldonymov 29 Aug 2016, 13:11

L. Aivar, K. Simonian etc.

 28 Aug 2016, 18:26

Lobotomy would certainly alleviate the need for cataract surgery.

 27 Aug 2016, 15:47

Bear eyed?? All she sees is bears, bears, bears everywheres?

Lv2c4i 26 Aug 2016, 13:43

Looks like the original (+/-) bespectacled CNN newslady, Ashley Banfield, has gone bare-eyed. Contacts? Surgery?

Lv2c4i 24 Aug 2016, 07:07

CNN's Carol Costello appears today in a new pair of rimless glasses. Not sure if I like them or not, but... Also, Jennifer Westhoven wore her spex today. Keep waiting for Robin Meade to pull hers out agian....maybe even new frames as it's been awhile. And Betty Liu is around but not so regularly on Bloomberg. If you ceck her Twitter page she tweets with stuff she is posting/streaming via Radiate--I think it's an online business/consulting/motivation platform she is using as a post-Bloomberg job?

 23 Aug 2016, 23:20

Didn't hear that about Trump, but I wish they would give him a lobotomy.

 23 Aug 2016, 12:55

Any truth to the rumors of Trump planning cataract surgery on both eyes

A. P. 21 Aug 2016, 06:16

Does anyone know whatever has become of Betty Liu?...haven't seen her the past couple of months.

Speximann  20 Aug 2016, 19:57

Anyone catch Allison Camerota on CNN wearing glasses -8/18 ? I've never seen her wearing spex before, didn't get a good look. Maybe more to come.

Pseldonymov 18 Aug 2016, 11:53

Yelena Kot with new glasses

Pseldonymov 18 Aug 2016, 11:49

Yelena Kot. Minus


Newshound 11 Aug 2016, 16:38

Incredible! That is the word to describe Milissa Rehberger on tonight's MSNBC News Break. She was stunning. Four nights in a row of her wearing her glasses and her great smile.

Newshound 09 Aug 2016, 17:56

Glasses and a great smile have been on Milissa Rehberger's face the past two nights on the MSNBC News Break. So awesome!

Melyssa 05 Aug 2016, 04:46


I see Keith Jones (the Channel 10 version, not the Flyers' broadcaster) now and then, and I have never seen him wear glasses. On a related note, Chad Pradelli of Channel 6 stopped wearing glasses some time ago (not improving his looks by any means), and Randy Gyllenhaal of Channel 10 did likewise. It seems as the only news people left who wear glasses are the golden oldies, Vernon Odom and Glen "Bow-Tie" Schwartz.

DNBursky 04 Aug 2016, 19:24

A local Philadelphia newscaster does live broadcasts daily or so often. There's a video of behind the scenes in between the news as well as a few weeks ago while waiting to start the news after the republican convention. He was wearing his glasses that day, rare for him. It's listed on his page as "live with puppy charlie on the NBC news desk" a few weeks ago, or about 8 videos in .... at -1:05 and -1:02 he takes of his glasses to rub his nose.


Maurice 02 Aug 2016, 12:58

Newshound 29 Jul 2016, 16:52

Milissa Rehberger was wearing her glasses tonight again and looking incredible on the MSNBC News Break. I missed seeing her during the conventions.

Speximann  26 Jul 2016, 20:20

Savanah Guthrie -7-22-16-

Speximann  26 Jul 2016, 20:18

Savanah Guthrie-NBC Today- New Glasses- from Friday July 22-

Speximann  26 Jul 2016, 20:14

Carol Costello CNN-

Cynthia McFadden-

Speximann  26 Jul 2016, 20:11

Alex Steele- Bloomberg GO

Jennifer Westhoven CNN-

Speximann  25 Jul 2016, 19:41

Yep, Caps coming soon.

Nc  25 Jul 2016, 16:15

Did anyone catch any caps of Savannah Guthrie wearing glasses last Friday on the Today Show? She had a new set of large frame glasses supporting her -5 script

Pseldonymov 25 Jul 2016, 11:07

Nastasha Tupas

Lv2c4i 21 Jul 2016, 04:19

On NYC newswomen website one can find pictures of Tamsen Fadal wearing glasses--perhaps for the first time on the air. Her choice of frames, while not particularly unique, fit her very well and, imho, she looks great in spex. Enjoy!

Therouteur 20 Jul 2016, 21:53

Julie Banderas

Newshound 13 Jul 2016, 16:32

Milissa Rehberger was wearing her glasses on tonight's News Brief on MSNBC.

Maurice 13 Jul 2016, 12:34

Check Ken Rosato on WABC trying to read up close-----lots of squinting. Ken, I think it is time for glasses

 06 Jul 2016, 12:56

Still waiting to see Trump in his reading glasses. Any pix?

NYC O^O 06 Jul 2016, 05:38

Today on local Fox 5, Traffic reporter, Ines Rosales, was wearing glasses for the first time in years, a significant myopic prescription of at least -5.00. The frames looked like they were a few years old, narrow with wide temples.

Yesterday morning on News 4 Today in New York, Darlene Rodriguez made a rare appearance in her glasses. A few weeks ago without glasses on, she misread the temperature, reading 56 instead of 66 degrees; then she squinted and corrected herself.

eyesnap 03 Jul 2016, 09:19

The beautiful Angela Rye

DS 27 Jun 2016, 10:46

Yeah, Soundmanpt, I think you are interpreting the dark temple as cut-in. Those are plus lenses.

Soundmanpt 27 Jun 2016, 08:37


After taking a closer look (could be time for me to upgrade my readers) what I think I am actually seeing through her left lens is some strands of her hair just behind her lens making it appear to be cut-in. I'm not good with computers but I did mange to google some pictures of Finola Huges and as well as a couple of Kathleen Kane and your right without glasses they could be very well be twin sisters. In fact i found 2 pictures of Miss Hughes both without glasses and one seems to be more recent and they other appears to be a few years back and she's not bad looking now but she was a real stunner back then.

Melyssa 27 Jun 2016, 07:50


For the most part, she only wore glasses when reading things, either written notes or a TelePrompter. Perhaps she may be somewhat nearsighted now (or shortsighted in more ways than one).

Now try comparing a picture of her sans glasses with a picture of actress Finola Hughes. Separated at birth, perhaps? :)

Soundmanpt 27 Jun 2016, 07:34


I'm looking at Miss Kane's glasses and based on her left lens of her glasses she appears be be considerably nearsighted, nit farsighted. I don't believe she is wearing bifocals yet although she could be in the near future. It would be interesting to know if she started wearing glasses as a young child or if she first got glasses in her early years of law school?

Melyssa 27 Jun 2016, 04:44

Our farsighted soon-to-be-former Attorney General, Kathleen Kane:

Soundmanpt 24 Jun 2016, 11:00


Okay you got me. So which one of the 4 is the different glasses for Olga?

Pseldonymov 24 Jun 2016, 10:50

Kristina Potupchik

Pseldonymov 24 Jun 2016, 10:49

3 photos with the same frame. 1 is different.

She is a Russian journalist of Armenian origin.

Soundmanpt 24 Jun 2016, 10:28


In looking at all 4 pictures of Olga her glasses all appear to be the same from what I can tell. Once again you have posted yet another beautiful young woman wearing glasses. I have never heard of hear and I assume she maybe Russian? I tried to google her her hoping to find even more pictures of the lovely young lady but all I was able to find was a picture of her without glasses. Of course every bit as beautiful without her glasses. In reviewing her pictures nor only do they all seem to show her wearing the same glasses but they appear to be on the weak side as well. From what i could see of her lenses they look to be maybe -1.25 or -1.50. So I wonder if she maybe only recently started wearing glasses? Does anyone know anymore details about this young lady?

Pseldonymov 24 Jun 2016, 09:47

Olga Podolyan, minus, different frames

Newshound 23 Jun 2016, 16:56

Milissa Rehberger was wearing her glasses tonight for the MSNBC News Brief. Pretty awesome!

gwgs 17 Jun 2016, 01:11

Great find Eclipse, I'm surprised as I always presumed she was myopic, but it's interesting to see what her prescription is.

Newshound 16 Jun 2016, 17:54

Interesting find, Eclipse. Milissa Rehberger looked incredible doing the news brief tonight.

Eclipse 16 Jun 2016, 14:34

A pair of Kate Silverton's glasses on Ebay, complete with the prescription in the description.

 13 Jun 2016, 21:38

Newshound 11 Jun 2016, 20:27

I don't know about Donald Trump wearing glasses for the Teleprompter but Maurice was completely accurate about the quips from Donald Trump regarding Rick Perry's glasses and Jeb Bush's contact lenses.

Really  11 Jun 2016, 11:24

Really Maurice? If you feel the need to post inaccurate political commentary please post it on a different site.

Maurice 10 Jun 2016, 18:35

OK--it appears that Donald Trump may start wearing glasses to better see the teleprompters he is now using. Trump is the man who trashed Rick Perry for wearing glasses and Jeb Bush for wearing contacts.

Landon 06 Jun 2016, 19:57

Soundmanpt, actually it's more likely that she moves to contacts soon as her need for correction increases. People get excited about news anchors like Lara Spencer or Stephanie Ruhle developing hyperopia (probably with presbyopia) in their late thirties to mid-forties, but that usually translates into full-time need. Which means, they ditch the glasses and get contacts.

On the other hand, if they become presbyopic somewhat later in their forties, it's less likely that they will need distance correction so soon, and they are more likely to stick with reading glasses. So we get more sightings that way.

Newshound 06 Jun 2016, 19:53

I love the caps of Milissa Rehberger. She looked great again tonight.

Soundmanpt 05 Jun 2016, 09:17

Thanks "Speximann" for those pictures of Lara Spencer wearing glasses. I was a bit surprised that her glasses are stronger that what I would have guessed since she only recently was seen wearing glasses while on air and only very seldom at that. Her eyes are clearly magnified considerably with her glasses on. Based on that I would have to think we will be seeing her with glasses on more and more as time goes on.

Speximann  05 Jun 2016, 06:41

At Last, Melissa Rehberger -

Speximann  05 Jun 2016, 06:34

More Lara Spencer-

Speximann  05 Jun 2016, 06:32

Lara Spencer GMA actualy wore her glasses in several segments without snatching them off.

Speximann 05 Jun 2016, 06:27

Jeanenne Tornatore -CNN Travel GWG-

Speximann 05 Jun 2016, 06:23

Several weeks ago I caught this Triple Play GWGs moment on CNN Newsroom with -OO Carol Costello

Amy Holmes

Healy Baumgardener

Pseldonymov 04 Jun 2016, 09:56

Nina Vishneva*lupbHElusTX0q2k5rm8Niw.png

lensed up 02 Jun 2016, 08:16

Lisa Kennedy Montgomery -

Soundmanpt 31 May 2016, 17:26

Thanks Newshound, I keep trying to catch her on that show but always miss her. So she only does a news break on the show?

Newshound 31 May 2016, 16:47

Milissa Rehberger looked dazzling tonight in red wearing her beautiful smile and glasses while presenting the MSNBC News Brief during "Hardball".

Newshound 25 May 2016, 16:41

No glasses last night but Milissa Rehberger was back with the glasses and great smile tonight on the MSNBC News Brief.

Newshound 23 May 2016, 18:02

Milissa Rehbergerwas wearing her glasses and a beautiful smile while reporting the MSNBC News Brief tonight.

Newshound 20 May 2016, 17:22

Milissa Rehberger was stunningly gorgeous and wearing her glasses tonight on the MSNBC News Brief during Hardball. Beautiful!

Speximann 19 May 2016, 22:16

This morning on Good Morning America, Lara Spencer was wearing her glasses for two segments of the show. Caps coming............soon I hope.

Pseldonymov 19 May 2016, 13:37

Yuri Kochiyama

Pseldonymov 19 May 2016, 12:26

Olga Orlova

Pseldonymov 17 May 2016, 14:10

Lika Kremer

Soundmanpt 17 May 2016, 10:01


Very interesting timing of your posting a picture of Robin Meade wearing her glasses. I say that because like 2 days ago I happened to turn on HLN and Robin was on but not wearing glasses, but it did make me wonder if she ever wears her glasses anymore? I remember when how she came to wearing them in the first place a few years ago. She apparently had had lasik several years before, but her eyes were again becoming myopic and she started wearing contacts so she could read the teleprompter. But according to her the night before as she was was putting things in her bag for work the next morning she apparently forgot to put her contacts in her bag. I assume she wore her glasses on her way to the studio and then when she was in makeup and went to put on her contacts she found that she didn't have them in her bag. She had no other choice but to wear her glasses on the air something that she had never done before. As I recall she got so much positive attention about her wearing glasses that she then wore them every so often for a while. But I have not paid any attention or seen anything as to weather she is still wearing her glasses from time to time or not. It could be that she even went back and had a "touch-up" which is redoing the lasik again.

eyesnap 17 May 2016, 09:14

Robin Meade

Newshound 13 May 2016, 16:46

Milissa Rehberger was looking beautiful with her glasses the past two nights hole reporting the news briefs on MSNBC.

 09 May 2016, 18:05

Milissa Rehberger was wearing her glasses tonight on "Hardball" while reporting the story about the tornados in the Midwest. Jennifer Jacobs also looked great in her glasses.

 06 May 2016, 17:07

Milissa Rehberger looked incredible wearing her glasses on the "Hardball" News Brief tonight. Dazzling!!

BBC Watcher 06 May 2016, 05:54

Kate Silverton was back reading the 1 O'Clock news today, wearing some classic wayfarers that I'd not seen her in before.

Lv2c4i 04 May 2016, 04:16

In the past couple of weeks, frame wardrobe maven and newsreader, Betty Liu (Bloomberg) has been changing her preferred frame style from the wayfarer-style frames (with the very angular and squarish features) to more cat-eyed styles. As with her wayfarer wardrobe, she has a rainbow array of colors which she coordinates with other components of her wardrobe. Is her choice heralding a change in the more popular and widely worn frame style for fashionable females?

Or who is it that is the style trailblazer for women's eyewear?

BBC Watcher 02 May 2016, 08:39

Branwen Jeffreys, BBC Education Editor:

.... 30 Apr 2016, 14:53

Have a look at this:

"Glasses-gate" Some of you like, some don't - Either way the contact lenses are firmly in and staying there. Poor timing this morning- Oops!

@BBCNaga Love your glasses, went to buy a similar style, and it backfired on me. What is the brand?

Naga Munchetty ‏@BBCNaga 12. März

@Fortune42 Hi I got them from @Lamertonsoptics The brand is Lafont

@BBCNaga @Lamertonsoptics thank you, let me try abd find them. They do suit you

Lamertons Opticians ‏@Lamertonsoptics 13. März

@Fortune42 @BBCNaga hey, we're glad you like the look. We're in the process of developing a new website at the moment.

Carrie 30 Apr 2016, 14:24

Plus Tony - I've seen her before, briefly, but never with glasses. Thanks for letting us Brits know.

Plus Tony 30 Apr 2016, 13:11

Carrie - Based on some of your posts over the years I thought uou might find Naga attractive.

Carrie 30 Apr 2016, 01:49

Plus Tony - I've just put the tv on to see her! She is very attractive! Quite fanciable with or without glasses.

Plus Tony 30 Apr 2016, 01:15

Naga Munchetty, the very attractive presenter of BBC Breakfast is wearing her glasses this morning. I have previously seen her wearing a metal frame with wide green plastic sides. Today she is wearing a really nice dark acetate frame (a bit rayban/hipster style). They look really good on her. She has a mild minus prescription.

Therouteur 27 Apr 2016, 17:30

Miryam el Khomri, French Minister of Labor

 26 Apr 2016, 18:36

Kasie Hunt and Jennifer Jacobs both appeared on "Hardball" last night wearing their glasses. Because the looked great!

eyesnap 26 Apr 2016, 09:17


 18 Apr 2016, 16:33

Yes! Milissa Rehberger was wearing her glasses on "Hardball" tonight.

Lv2c4i 17 Apr 2016, 06:02

And there she is...loverly (as the cockney slang of English is rendered in the broadway musical "My Fair Lady).

On, Kansas City newsperson, Kacie McDonnell is capped wearing her spex. And her facebook page also features a video of her as she waits to go on the air--again, in her spex. Pretty lady and loverly in glasses.

Lv2c4i 13 Apr 2016, 04:00

A bare-eyed Betty Liu hosted her Bloomberg show on Monday but she was back in her spex yesterday. While the glasses are always great, she was also attractive bare-eyed. Meanwhile, her glasses wardrobe has recently focused on the rainbow of colors, but basically the same bold plastic frame style, usually color-coordinated with the rest of her outfit. Suspect she'd also look nice in different frame styles.

 12 Apr 2016, 16:35

Milissa Rehberger wearing glasses sighting tonight on "Hardball". It has been a great start to this week!

 11 Apr 2016, 16:41

Incredible night on "Hardball" tonight! Kasie Hunt and Milissa Rehberger were both wearing their glasses. Smart and beautiful!

Eclipse 09 Apr 2016, 23:52

Kate Silverton was back reading the news on BBC1 for the first time in 2 years last night.

 08 Apr 2016, 17:43

Milissa Rehberger was once again wearing her glasses tonight on "Hardball". It was a fantastic way to end the week.

Pseldonymov 08 Apr 2016, 09:44

Nicole Minetti

 07 Apr 2016, 16:32

Milissa Rehberger was wearing her glasses tonight on the "Hardball" News Brief. Beautiful!!

Soundmanpt 06 Apr 2016, 07:20

Mr Cockeyed

Oh well that makes a difference then and you could very well be correct then.

Mr Cockeyed 06 Apr 2016, 07:10


I should have been more to detail, She was raising her head slightly as I do with my progressives looking for the intermediate and near range

Soundmanpt 06 Apr 2016, 06:47

Mr. Cockeyed

Sadly unless one lives near the New York area we aren't able to see Miss Scotto. If she is looking down to read things with her glasses on that doesn't sound like she is wearing progressives but more likely single vision glasses. If they were bifocals or progressives she would more likely be holding her head up and only her eyes would be looking down.

Mr Cockeyed 06 Apr 2016, 06:36

this morning on Fox 5 NY Rosanna Scotto was wearing glasses, which is very rare. They for sure we're progressive, as every time she looked close her head and eyes looked down. They looked mild plus progressives

Pseldonymov 05 Apr 2016, 19:30

Nataliya Gumenyuk,

Slit 04 Apr 2016, 19:10

Politician Hirunika Premachandra

 04 Apr 2016, 16:35

Milissa Rehberger was looking teriffic in her glasses tonight on the "Hard Ball News Brief". She is gorgeous.

Relapsing Obsessive  04 Apr 2016, 12:01

Erica Hill is no longer anchoring Weekend Today- she announced it yesterday. Now I can hopefully get some more sleep without checking whether a female who I don't even know is wearing glasses.

Speximann 04 Apr 2016, 11:46

Sunday Morn- No Spex.

Caps from previous shows forthcoming.

Soundmanpt 04 Apr 2016, 10:00

Happy to report that Erica Hill was again on the Saturday morning news show on NBC. It sure seems like she has made the decision to only be seen wearing glasses from now on. I notice that the girls often seem to get into things outside more physical. It will be interesting too see if she takes her her glasses off then if there is any danger of her glasses getting broken or just in the way. She looks great wearing glasses and this may open the door for even more on air newscasters to start wearing glasses instead of contacts.

Pseldonymov 02 Apr 2016, 17:30

Olga Malykhina, 33, Kursk

Lv2c4i 01 Apr 2016, 05:02

Lucky lunchtime trifecta yesterday (Thurs, 3/31). Erica Hill wearing her spex as subb on 1p msnbc show, with Kasie Hunt looking very spexy as one of the correspondents reporting. Then over on ESPN, Cari Champion (Kari?) continued to sport her spex as she hosted the midday sports center shows.

Soundmanpt 26 Mar 2016, 06:45


I didn't watch Big Brother all that much but around the time your referring there happened to be a very pretty blonde girl on the show and she wore glasses nearly full time except during some of the competions which I assume she was able to see well without her glasses to do. I don't think she wore contacts because all other times she was wearing her glasses. Anyway one episode of the show i was a little surprised to see Julie Chen wearing glasses whenever they went to her she did comment about her wearing glasses by appologizing Her glasses appeared to have a rather decent prescription so i can only assume that when it was time to do the show she was unable to wear her contacts. Like you sine the other co hosts of the Talk Show don't seem to have any problem wearing glasses when needed you have to assume that Julie just doesn't want to be seen wearing glasses. We call that vanity.

Lv2c4i 26 Mar 2016, 05:24

Julie Chen is sorta-celeb, sorta-newsperson (more entertainment now than back when she got her start). I stumbled across a couple of photos of her in glasses in her gig as host of the USA version of Big Brother--back many months ago. Never saw any caps or word of her appearance at that time.

However, her never wearing her spex as she hosts "The Talk" when several of her cohosts have at time worn their glasses, perhaps suggests that it is her own choice to not wear the glasses--as was suggested in the case of Kerry Barret. Ironically, on the Talk all the four women hosts appeared once without any make-up,but at least Julie seems to avoid appearing in glasses.

Does anyone recall any newslady speaking of the "rules" or pressures surrounding being bespectacled on the air?

 25 Mar 2016, 19:56

Erica Hill looks great wearing her glasses. It was utterly awesome to see Milissa Rehberger wearing her glasses on tonight's New Brief on "Hard Ball". She is beautiful.

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2016, 12:10

Mr. Cockeyed

it could just be that Kerry Barret doesn't want to be seen wearing glasses so she wears contacts. I think now most networks are okay with their female newscasters wearing glasses if they prefer to. My local market I see several of the reports sometimes they wear their glasses but more often wear contacts. Most of them have their e-mail showing as they are doing a report so I have made a point to give a positive comment whenever I have seen one of them wearing glasses for the first time on air. Several have replied back to be thanking me for my complement.

Mr Cockeyed 25 Mar 2016, 11:05

NYC 0^0

I've been watching Kerry Barrett also, and I agree she is probably very nearsighted, but unlike Erica Hill, doesn't wear glasses only contacts. I must admit she has beautiful blue eyes, even though a bit owly You know there is a unwritten law that networks frown on women wearing glasses, but now have relaxed the rule some what.

Years ago I knew a anchor lady who I know, wore something like minus nines, and she had to take off, while she tended to a infection. Guys could wear glasses, women wore contacts.

Being from NY, I'm sure you have seen Juliet Huddy wearing glasses, then whip them off. She actually looks very stylish in her mild progressive glasses,

NYC O^O 25 Mar 2016, 05:14

All week, Kerry Barrett was the Today In New York substitute anchor, filling in for vacationing Darlene Rodriguez who occasionally is on the air with glasses. On close ups Kerry's myopic bulging blue eyes were very noticeable and the rims of blue soft contacts could easily be seen.

My farsighted wife commented again about her owl like eyes.

At one point, she was caught on camera reading something on her desk with her head bent down very close to what she was reading, another myopic habit.

 21 Mar 2016, 11:57

Didn't Sarah Palin recently have cataract surgery on each eye. Might explain the weak prescription

 20 Mar 2016, 14:54

Got her start many years ago on TECHTV's SCREEN SAVERS as the "news lady." She needed glasses back then as well. Often squinting at the camera.

Brett 20 Mar 2016, 14:14

Googled Erica Hill... she was born in 1976 putting her at 40 this year. Could be she's wearing glasses now that are progressives.

Soundmanpt 19 Mar 2016, 10:16

I watched the morning news on NBC mostly just to see if Erica Hill was again wearing her glasses. I was not disappointed because she was in fact wearing her glasses again. So in the past few weeks she has done the weekend news wearing glasses and even subbed for the evening news as well and was wearing glasses. It sure appears that she has decided to only wear her glasses these day and has stopped wearing contacts. I only hope that she maybe wearing her glasses because when your about to get lasik you can't wear your glasses for several weeks before.

 18 Mar 2016, 17:00

It was nice to see Erica Hill doing her usual great reporting while also wearing her glasses on NBC News last night. Sadly, however, Milissa Rehberger was 0 for 3 on wearing her glasses during the news brief on "Hard Ball" this week.

Carlos, Jr 18 Mar 2016, 04:50

Aaron Gilchrist of WDCA wearing new glasses. Looks to have purchased several new pairs.

lazysiow 15 Mar 2016, 22:16

Well Sarah Palin isnt a "news personality" (other than a talking head) but all the rumours about her getting LASIK years ago and wearing glasses only for looks seem to be false in this video. You can still see the prescription in her lenses which dont seem to be that strong for a woman of her age

Maurice 09 Mar 2016, 06:28

WABC's Rosato waering reading glasses today.

Maurice 08 Mar 2016, 20:30

For NYC TV watchers----WABC's Ken Rosato is doing a great deal of squinting when reading close-up. Presbyopia?

Lv2c4i 05 Mar 2016, 06:29

Again, this weekend begins with Erica Hill sporting her spex. Makes one wonder if she's decided to go fulltime or what? Thanks Speximan for the caps, including Erica from last weekend.

Newsreader Soledad O'Brien, seldom seen lately, appeared as a substitute host on CBS morning show yesterday (Friday) and I think I spotted a pair of spex on the desk. She is of/approaching "that age" but maybe I mistook some other item as her spex and I never saw them close to her face. However, Allyson Camerata on CNN did briefly look thru her readers (I suspect) on camera yesterday.

Speximann 04 Mar 2016, 20:53

More Jen Berman MD -

Speximann 04 Mar 2016, 20:49

Jen Westhoven CNN Morning Express-

HOT DOC Jen Berman MD from "The Doctors"-

Speximann 04 Mar 2016, 20:44

New Host Site, No windmills or Porn Banners

Erica Hill TODAY show weekend-

NYC O^O 02 Mar 2016, 06:26

Woke up this AM to seeing Kerry Barrett on Today in NY with her myopic bulging bright blue eyes giving an update on Super Tuesday.

Yes, she was clearly wearing soft contact lenses.

Supposedly she came to NYC from Philadelphia local news. Did she ever wear glasses on Philly TV?

Next on NBC's Today show this AM, Savannah Guthrie wearing her minus 5's. She pulled an all nighter, but her contact lenses could not.

 01 Mar 2016, 21:38

Tina Fey was on the Today Show this morning looking great in glasses. We rarely see them on her these days. Have we ever seen any pair of glasses that she has worn that don't appear to be Plano? I have checked Google images and can't find a single pair. She claims to have astigmatism but every person has it to a degree. She is also very coy and guarded when discussing her glasses. Several friends have also joked about her glasses being fake.

She did look great today though.

 01 Mar 2016, 04:30

I estimate a lot of lights reflections here and a low rx

OnLooker 29 Feb 2016, 13:35

WOW look at this RX and this hot girl...

Any estimation of her RX?

Lv2c4i 27 Feb 2016, 07:00

Any Rehberger caps? And, I see on TVHeads that Fox's Heather Nauert has a pair of spex at her elbow on the desk....teasing all of us OO's. Someday maybe?

 19 Feb 2016, 17:41

OMG, Milissa Rehberger was wearing her new glasses again on "Hardball" tonight. Smart and beautiful is such a great combination.

 18 Feb 2016, 17:58

Milissa Rehberger is looking beautiful in her new glasses this week on "Hardball" on MSNBC.

Lv2c4i 17 Feb 2016, 05:23

Posted on NYC Newswomen site is a cap of Liz Cho wearing glasses--seems to be the same day that Darlene Rodriguez also did. Musta been something in the Big Apple air that day...

Speximann 15 Feb 2016, 20:48

Carol Costello- CNN new/different Glasses-

Speximann 15 Feb 2016, 20:45

Jill Mattin from TODAY show-

Jill & Savanah-

Speximann 15 Feb 2016, 20:41

Savanah Guthrie - New Hosting site, imgur still has ads but hopefully No windmills or porn banners! I'm trying this on a suggestion from someone in this community, and while it's free it still has ads & banners & not sure it won't do the same as before. on to the pix-

NYC O^O 15 Feb 2016, 05:21

This morning on Local NBC Today IN New York, the regular weekday morning anchor, Darlene Rodriguez, was wearing her mild myopic glasses. She must have had a problem with contact lenses as she is rarely seen in her glasses. Savannah Guthrie commented her on her studious look.

 12 Feb 2016, 17:59

Melissa Rehberger on MSNBC has been wearing a new pair of glasses the past two nights on Hard Ball. So beautiful!

Speximann 10 Feb 2016, 08:29

Not sure where this one should go, Marcela Valladolid from FOOD Network's "The Kitchen"

Speximann 10 Feb 2016, 08:23

Katy Tur - NBC News

Speximann 10 Feb 2016, 08:19

Katie Quinn -Youtube on Today-

S.E. Cupp -

Speximann 10 Feb 2016, 08:12

Jennifer Westoven -CNN Headline News-

Jennifer Lopez -The Weather Channel AMHQ-

NYC O^O 10 Feb 2016, 04:37

This morning on local NBC Today in New York there was a substitute anchor a perky blonde named Kerry Barrett, originally from local TV in Philadelphia. She was a great contrast to Darlene Rodriguez who sometimes wears her glasses.

My farsighted wife commented to me, "who is this new anchor who looks like an owl?"

Sure enough, Kerry had pale bright blue eyes with a noticeable myopic bulge. Thanks to the image quaulity of HD television, I was able to detect the rims of soft contact lenses in Kerry's beautiful myopic eyes. Hope she will wear her glasses on the air in the near future.

eyesnap 09 Feb 2016, 10:08

Carol Costello

Rob 09 Feb 2016, 08:06

Melyssa, how can a self-respecting Phillies fan even mutter something so vlle and disgusting as "Yankees win"?? For shame! :-)

Melyssa 09 Feb 2016, 05:49

I watched a small amount of the Kitten Bowl on Sunday (more interesting than that football thing). Doing the broadcast were Yankees' broadcaster John "Thuuuuhhhhhh Yankees win!" Sterling, wearing small metal frames, and former tennis player Mary Carillo wearing large brown plastic frames. While it's nice to see some decent-sized plastic frames, cat's-eyes would have been more appropriate. And some of the kittens played football better than our local NFL team. :)

 05 Feb 2016, 18:06

A banner day on NBC/MSNBC: Savannah Guthrie was wearing her glasses on the "Today Show". Kasie Hunt and Milissa Rehberger were wearing their glasses on Hardball tonight.

Soundmanpt 05 Feb 2016, 10:17

Just a couple weeks ago I was watching the late local news and and one of young female reports that is more than a little bit attractive seemed to be having some sort of problem doing a news report from the street. She really stumbled badly through her report and that was not like her at all because she never seemed to make any kind of mistake reading the news in studio or out reporting. A couple nights later they switched to her for a news report and I was pleasantly surprised to she her wearing glasses. Of course no mention about her glasses but she did her report flawlessly. They always show an e-mail address for the reporters so the next day I sent her an e-mail hoping to give her a some self confidence that she might make her glasses a regular thing. I told her I had noticed that she seemed to have some difficulty when she as doing her live report that one night and she seemed to be having problems reading from her I-Pad. Of course I told her how nice she looked wearing her glasses and that they really suited her which was also true. I really didn't expect a reply from her but 2 days later I got a reply from her thanking me for complementing her on her glasses. She said that she was noticing that driving at night was becoming more difficult because she couldn't see road signs very well. Her camera man told her that she probably needed glasses. She went and did get glasses and at first she didn't think her glasses were very strong but she was finding herself needing them more and more. So she wouldn't have to wear glasses on the iar they moved the prompter closer to her so she was able to see it without her glasses. But that night with bad lighting and the small print on her I-Pad she just couldn't see it and she said she really pretty much did her report based on what she remembered. She said I could expect to see her wearing glasses when she out doing reports at night. But so far she hopes to be able to not need her glasses while in the studio. She thanked me for being a loyal viewer.

Soundmanpt 05 Feb 2016, 09:55

Music to my ears hearing about all these attractive reporters now seemingly wearing their glasses more and more on air. It's about time.

Speximann 05 Feb 2016, 09:36

Today show contributer Jill Martin also wearing glasses this morning.

nc 05 Feb 2016, 08:51

Savannah wearing her glasses on the today show this am.

Speximann 31 Jan 2016, 22:12

Erica Hill wearing her Glasses Sun morning Today show

 31 Jan 2016, 13:58

Moonshiner 28 Mar 2015, 01:46

I deleted several unacceptable posts from this thread, including some from two IP address using multiple user names.

The first of these used the names “Show Thyself” then “Rob” then “Melyssa”.

The second posted with user names “A.J” and “Melyssa” and with no name.

Melyssa 31 Jan 2016, 09:04

On the local 6:00 news on our NBC affiliate, the anchor always talks with the anchor of the national news which follows at 6:30. Erica Hill was wearing her glasses last night when talking to Denise Nakano of NBC10, but when the national news started, no glasses for Ms. Hill. Maybe Philadelphia is special. :)

Lv2c4i 30 Jan 2016, 18:24

NBC Newsreader Erica Hill appeared on three different shows today, the morning TODAY show, the afternoon MSNBC news show, and the NBC Nightly News, each as an anchor. For the afternoon show she wore her glasses, but she was bare-eyed (contact lenses?) for both the morning and evening shows. On the other hand, she wore the same outfit all day long. Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

 30 Jan 2016, 08:31

Britt McHenry from ESPN -

Pseldonymov 26 Jan 2016, 09:54

Tina Kandelaki

 20 Jan 2016, 19:24

Kasie Hunt! On msnbc

 20 Jan 2016, 19:23

Katie Hunt has been wearing glasses on the past two nights of Hardball and looks great. Unfortunately, Milissa Rehberger has not been seen wearing hers for the news briefs for a couple of weeks.

Maurice 20 Jan 2016, 08:51

Lee Goldberg, WABC, now wearing great looking progressives now. Presbyopia rules!

Pseldonymov 19 Jan 2016, 19:37

Anastasia Leonova, minus

 18 Jan 2016, 12:20

NBC's Kristen Welker -

BBC News 05 Jan 2016, 06:40

Just seen counter-extremism expert Dr Erin Saltman on the BBC lunchtime news sporting a magnificent pair of cateye glasses. Just found this video of her wearing the same frames:

and here are a couple of stills:

Guest 31 Dec 2015, 10:40

I've noticed both Kirsten Powers from fox and Alysin Camerota from CNN with readers on their desk but haven't been able to catch either of them wearing them. Looks like presbyopia is starting to get to them but vanity is keeping us from seeing them in their glasses.

I enjoy watching Stephanie Ruhle in hers from time to time. She started wearing them this year on camera at 39. I wonder how long it is till she is full-time?

eyesnap 29 Dec 2015, 10:19

Diane Tuazon

Speximann 26 Dec 2015, 22:01

Damn ! Hate it when I do That !!!! Wish there was an Undo.

SORRY, More Erica Hill.

Speximann 26 Dec 2015, 21:56

Erica Hill wearing her new glasses from last week.

Speximann 26 Dec 2015, 21:56

Erica Hill wearing her new glasses from last week.

Speximann 26 Dec 2015, 21:53

Stefanie Ruhle - Bloomberg GO-

George1968 22 Dec 2015, 09:36

Don't think Erica Hill is getting Lasik. She tweeted she just got new glasses last week. It is unusual for her to wear 5 days in a row.

With the exception of Fox, most TV news outlets seem not to care about their talent wearing glasses. At NBC, Savannah Guthrie wears them a few days a month, as does Erica. At CNN, Carol Costello, Ashleigh Banfield and S.E.Cupp wear full-time.

NYC O^O 22 Dec 2015, 06:28

NBC's Weekend TODAY Anchor Erica Hill wore her myopic glasses on both Saturday & Sunday this past weekend. This morning she had a segment on the TODAY show and she also had her glasses on.

Is LASIK in her immediate future?

Pseldonymov 15 Dec 2015, 15:30

Maria Varfolomeeva, Luhansk, Ukraine.

Pseldonymov 15 Dec 2015, 15:03

Lesya Ryabtseva

Pseldonymov 14 Dec 2015, 11:08

I posted below

 14 Dec 2015, 11:08

Audrey Pulvar!XPgVFdMDZOjG/

Lv2c4i 08 Dec 2015, 15:16

Her latest delivery? Betty 'Harry Potter' Liu wore a never-seen pair of round wire rimmed glasses today and had a different new pair yesterday. Since variety is the 'spice of life' I hope she continues to show us aspects of her apparently extensive eyewear wardrobe.

Speximann 08 Dec 2015, 14:02

Stefanie Ruhle from Bloomberg GO

Speximann 08 Dec 2015, 13:16

Savana Guthrie from TODAY

Speximann 08 Dec 2015, 13:05

Carol Costello, CNN Newsroom.

Speximann 08 Dec 2015, 13:02

Betty Lui-

sedes2000 03 Dec 2015, 12:04

without glasses

sedes2000 03 Dec 2015, 11:58

Journalist from Poland,Eliza-Michalik-fot-archiwum-prywatne.jpg,640,0,0,0.jpg

FrameFan 26 Nov 2015, 08:59

Figured it was coming someday as they was getting to that age--mid adolescence not bifocalurity--and here on the USA thanbksgiving the younger of the first daughters finally appears wearing glasses. Hope Sasha is not overly concerned or dismayed by her vision and eyewear. Wear 'em proudly, gurl! U rock!

 19 Nov 2015, 10:01


 19 Nov 2015, 09:21

Alice Bah Kuhnke, Swedish Minister of Culture and Democracy

aviator frames (minus),-Kultur--och-demokratiminister--NordiskaRadetsFilmpris-NordiskFilmTVFond-MaxNoje.jpg!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_980/image.jpg

and her famous photo without glasses ;-)

Lv2c4i 19 Nov 2015, 06:13

Before Sarah Palin emerged on the USA national scene as a political personality, she had been featured here as a GWG. And, on a recent link from YAHOO news (as I recall), she was shown wearing 4 or 5 different frames and styles. One was a variation of the rimless spex she made famous (and popular) during her candidacy a few years back, but she also had various dark and colored plastic and metal frames. One might wonder about how vast is her current spectacle wardrobe.

Antiques Expert 19 Nov 2015, 05:22

A rare sighting of gorgeous antiques expert Catherine Southon wearing her Karen Millen frames in about a -3.00 prescription at an auction here:

If you don't want to watch the whole programme then scroll through to about 17 minutes

Aubrac 14 Nov 2015, 01:57

BBC 1 Breakfast news

Louise Minchin is using readers now. Haven't seen her wearing them but they are now always on top of the notes she refers too. She wears contacts and saw her in another programme wearing about -4.00 glasses - not into multifocals yet!

This morning and on now (8.54 UK time) Naga Munchetty is wearing lovely glasses with turquoise arms and brown frames with what appears to be about -2.00. Don't know if she wore contacts or has just started wearing them.

Pseldonymov 08 Nov 2015, 21:53

Irina Hakamada, 1992

Pseldonymov 06 Nov 2015, 21:58

Nargiz Asadova

Maurice 02 Nov 2015, 12:28

Christie probably just needs the glasses to see clearly. After all, he is not a young man. Dealing with presbyopia.

 31 Oct 2015, 08:06

Chris Christie is a traitor to this country, as are the rest of the politicians.

 31 Oct 2015, 05:15

@ Carlos

Seems like we found another liberal voting n looks and not merit. Grow up.

Carlos, Jr 31 Oct 2015, 04:54

What's this with Chris Christie and the "horn rimmed" glasses. Guess Christie subscribes to the Rick Perry political theory "glasses make me look smarter".

Speximann 28 Oct 2015, 21:52

More Alex Steele-

Speximann 28 Oct 2015, 21:49


Alex Steele Bloomberg-

Speximann 28 Oct 2015, 21:47

Weather GWG Kait Parker -

Carol Costello-CNN

Speximann 28 Oct 2015, 21:43

S.E. Cupp -

Speximann 28 Oct 2015, 21:40

Stefanie Ruhle's on & off glasses-

Lv2c4i 27 Oct 2015, 15:24

CNBC's Jackie DeAngelis was previewing her 1pm webcast on CNBC. She was wearing glasses (a first ever?) and she indicated that viewers could see her on at 1p "glasses and all." I could not catch her appearance but wonder if anyone did?

 20 Oct 2015, 11:19

German presenter Yvonne Ransbach -

Pseldonymov 15 Oct 2015, 21:12

Tatyana Felgenhauer, old glasses

 15 Oct 2015, 21:09

Tatyana Felgenhauer, new glasses

Lv2c4i 09 Oct 2015, 05:01

Update on BBB (BespectacledBloombergBabes or attractive female newspersons). Bloomberg US seems to have arrived at a new news schedule on a new set.

At 7a.m., Stephanie Ruhle is on with her spex set alongside her on the desk for occasional glancing. Seems they may be as much for seeing a distant prompter as for the more common reading of fine print. mNot sure on that but the spex which seem overly large laying on the desk actually look pretty good perched on her face.

At 10 a.m. the show which features Betty Liu arrives with her wardrobe of frames.

And around 12 noon an afternoon show with Alix Steele and her occasional eyewearing comes on.

 06 Oct 2015, 15:05

Belgian television personality and pin-up girl Eline De Munck launched her own glasses collecyion recently, Odette Lunettes.

She is a full-time glasses wearer, and a regular poster girl in men magazines. During a tv show tonight, she said she is now -1.5 and -1.75, and started wearing glasses when she was 15.

Pseldonymov 06 Oct 2015, 10:26


Ekaterina is probably in jail of Donetsk rebels. What happened with her husband and kids I do not know.

Plus Lover 06 Oct 2015, 06:52

The well known Ashleigh, with nice close up in HD

Maurice 01 Oct 2015, 15:13

Lonnie Quinn, WCBS, wearing some good looking glasses tonight! First time wearing specs on the air.

eyesnap 29 Sep 2015, 09:21

Doris Burke

Ly2c4i 24 Sep 2015, 04:34

As if to affirm my previous post, Bloomberg has Alix (sorry, I misspelled her name earlier) show up at 10a yesterday wearing the wire-framed spex once more. And Betty Lui was bare-eyed at midday. What next?

Lv2c4i 23 Sep 2015, 03:33

Alex Steele seems to be currently serving as one of the hosts of Bloomberg TV's midafternoon (2p ET, USA) show, called "Bloomberg Markets", tho from the website, there is an earlier show with the same name that comes on at 11a. The network has recently shuffled its schedule and staffing, but currently Betty Liu (and her varied spex) usually comes on the 11a or 12 noon shows and Alex in midafternoon.

Speximann 22 Sep 2015, 22:44

Alex Steele, Thanks for that. What is the name & network of her program?????

Lv2c4i 22 Sep 2015, 13:24

The "unidentified Bloomberg GWG" featured in Speximan's posts of September 15 (22:16) is Alex Steele. She has worn spex often enough that the "theme/title" video shown to start her mid-afternoon (USA)show features a close-up shot of her in those wire framed glasses that Speximan capped. Today however, she was wearing different (maybe new) frames. They are plastic and a brownish horn-rimmed color with perhaps more than brown and yellowish colors. She looks very nice in either pair of frames. Wonder if her glasses will be making more regular appearances or be very now-and-again as in the past?

Melyssa 22 Sep 2015, 04:51

I saw Kait Parker wearing glasses last Sunday and this Sunday, but at no other time in the years she has been on the Weather Channel. Maybe she was out partying on Saturday night and couldn't deal with contact lenses, knowing also that the Weather Channel has dopey, repetitive reality shows after 10:00 a.m. Saturdays and Sundays so she would be on the air a very short time.

Meego 21 Sep 2015, 19:31


Kait in specs is actually quite frequent, but not a hard and fast rule. She often is on air in the mornings west coast time.

I think she represents a trend of younger women willing to appear on air in glasses, at least sometimes or occasionally. It does vary depending on the channel, though.

Meego 21 Sep 2015, 19:26

Another Rx id question. This time it's Taskrabbit CEO Leah Busque. My apologies that she is not strictly a news personality, yet still a public figure.

Meego 21 Sep 2015, 19:23

Last week I saw this PBS Newshour journalist in the background of the screen (it was a post-debate discussion on a cable news channel).

She was wearing glasses, but typically on the Newshour she is not. I however found a video here:

I am not very good at Rx identification, so I am guessing. Are the lenses plus? Any sign they are progressive lenses? IIRC, her Linkedin bio indicates her college years as 1990-1994.

Thanks for any help.

Maurice 21 Sep 2015, 15:14

Lomnie Quinn, WCBS weather, wearing fairly strong plus lenses tonight. First time I have seen Lonnie in glasses.

Speximann 21 Sep 2015, 07:02

I happened on "The Weather Chanel" early Sunday morning to be delighted by a new (to me) GWG. Kait Parker on the program AMHQ weekend. Last night I looked for info on this great looking weather GWG & found only a video of an expiriment on wind where she was wearing her glasses, which I capped to post. Also primitive capped several from yesterdays broadcast.


cap from wind video-

Caps from Sundays broadcast- LQ -

fred 19 Sep 2015, 00:30

Glasses wearing Polish talkshow host Zuzanna Ziomecka:

Speximann 18 Sep 2015, 20:40

I have some pix of Dylan from over a year ago I posted here showing some close ups of her wearing some black &a white frames. I'll re-post if you like. Very attractive lady.

nc 17 Sep 2015, 14:50


Fair enough, i agree with your statement. Wonder if she wore them that day during the show or if it was just for a little bit?

Soundmanpt 17 Sep 2015, 14:44


Even the pictures that "Speximann" posted all the pictures clearly show cut-in and the 2nd and 3rd where you cane see through her left lens look closely at her hair line through her lens and you can really tell by that. Her glasses could easily be -5.00 or even more. There would be no reason I can think of for her to be wearing prop glasses as she comes off air.

nc 17 Sep 2015, 14:17

Yea i zoomed in, and could maybe catch some cut in. If you surf the web you can find a few other pics of her in glasses

Mr Cockeyed 17 Sep 2015, 12:25

Actually, look close Dylan Dryer seems to have about -5-6 diopters

nc 17 Sep 2015, 09:22

I know from the past the Dylan Dreyer actually wears a pretty heavy prescription, probably somewhere in the -8 to -10 range... the specs she was wearing looked like maybe props? didnt look like much prescription, unless i was looking wrong? Hopefully she can bring out the thick ones on the air at some point!

nc 17 Sep 2015, 09:20

I would agree on the great work Speximann! Always great when Savannah wears hers!

newsie 16 Sep 2015, 21:05

Should read Kasie Hunt wearing glasses fr Google search. Sorry.

Newsie 16 Sep 2015, 21:03

There is a great photo and clip of Kasie Hunt online. If you Google " Kasie haunt wearing glasses" it comes right up from a clip on September 14th on NBC. What do you think her prescription is?

Speximann 16 Sep 2015, 13:19


Lv2c4i 16 Sep 2015, 06:06

Once more Speximan shares some great (and rare) caps. Thank you for these latest posts. And the "Polish politician" is wearing some attractive and unique frames, very nice imho.

Slit 16 Sep 2015, 04:23

polish politician,640,0,0,0.jpg

Slit 16 Sep 2015, 01:09

Was this amazing looking GWG mentioned here before?

Speximann 15 Sep 2015, 22:21

Kristen Dahlgren NBC News Reporter

Speximann 15 Sep 2015, 22:19

News reporter Kelly Wallace. First time I've seen her wear Glasses on air.

Speximann 15 Sep 2015, 22:16

An un-identified GWG on Bloomberg Network

Speximann 15 Sep 2015, 22:13

S.E. Cupp from CNN Monday

Speximann 15 Sep 2015, 22:11

Dylan Deyer TODAY show weather girl in a very short clip last WE seen walking out to the set still wearing her glasses.

Speximann 15 Sep 2015, 22:05

More Savanah

Speximann 15 Sep 2015, 22:03

Most recent Savanah Guthrie caps, probably early and mid August. Still Rockin the glasses.

New Hair:

Slit 11 Sep 2015, 23:04

Kim Fischer got new glasses! (+)

Slit 11 Sep 2015, 22:21

Farhana Nisho - Slight Minus Rx - Bangla News Reader

Slit 11 Sep 2015, 22:11

Anika Amberyin - High minus bangla news reader

Tom 07 Sep 2015, 13:59


Ekaterina is sexy in a special way. Her glasses are a bit owlish, but this feature together with the clearly visible power rings, and her being a beautiful woman, turn her into the kind of lady that I find really attractive. Maybe the fantasy of being alone with her, getting close, and then being given the opportunity by her to take them off and see her "naturally", knowing that her sight is not perfect...

Maurice 07 Sep 2015, 04:59

Reafing glasses this morning for Don Dahler--CBSThis Morning

Pseldonymov 06 Sep 2015, 15:59

Ekaterina Filippova, former “Minister of Justice” of the so-called “Donetsk People's Republic”

Pseldonymov 06 Sep 2015, 15:58

Inna Sovsun, Ukraine Deputy Minister of Education and Science

Lv2c4i 05 Sep 2015, 06:05

Just caught a video cap that featured Maria Bartiromo wearing reading glasses part of the time. Don't know if it's a regular occurrence or a rare sighting. She only set them upon the tip of her nose for reading and that's a look that I don't care for--she did not seem to ever wear them "as designed." However, she did have a pair of cute frames. Don't know if I've ever (or recently) encountered caps of her being bespectacled.

Speximann 27 Aug 2015, 05:45

Savanah Guthrie- Rockin the Glasses on "TODAY" this morning.

eyesnap 18 Aug 2015, 09:22

Added Savannah Guthrie to the site

Pseldonymov 13 Aug 2015, 07:40

Cerrie Burnell

Pseldonymov 12 Aug 2015, 01:01

Ekaterina Filippova, “Minister of Justice” of the so-called “Donetsk People's Republic”, 27 years old, she was arrested in March 2015.

eyesnap 11 Aug 2015, 09:18

Katherine Timpf

Maurice 10 Aug 2015, 04:50

Sheldon Dutes---2 days in a row with glasses. Looking good.

Maurice 08 Aug 2015, 05:33

Sheldon Dutes, WNBC, looking good in glasses today

DNBursky 04 Aug 2015, 18:04

Here's a recent clip showing Carson Daly in glasses.

Melyssa 03 Aug 2015, 13:22

PA state representative candidate (Delaware County):

Maurice  30 Jul 2015, 15:52

Scott Pelley, CBS Evening News, wearing his glasses more often tonight. Normally, he just twirls them between his fingers and they do not get near his eyes.

Lv2c4i 30 Jul 2015, 13:48

This midafternoon, Bloomberg Financial channel featured Alex Steele and Betty Lui as the anchor team. Both were sporting their spex! Alex was in a cute pair of metal-framed glasses that fit her face and bucked the dominant way-farer trend. Betty Lui was in a thick-rimmed pair of cat-eyed frames, perhaps a clearish purple, tho it was hard to see the color exactly. Double delite!!

Slit 29 Jul 2015, 19:36

Stephanie Ruhl looks great! Do you have any links to video?

At age 39, I think she is going through onset of presbyopia!

NYC O^O 29 Jul 2015, 08:30

AM NBC Channel 4 NYC news anchor Darlene Rodriguez wearing her mild myopic glasses this morning. She most have had a contact lens problem since she rarely is on the air in glasses.

Lv2c4i 28 Jul 2015, 12:54

Great (and rare) Stephanie Ruhle caps. She has chosen frames well and looks great in them. Unfortunately, she is another who seems basically loathe to be seen in spex, snatching them quickly off, rather than "letting them ride."

Some irony that some celebs will appear for days with hair dyed electric blue (Kelly Ripa a recent example) but will not be seen in spex!

Speximann 27 Jul 2015, 11:54

Stefanie Ruhle from Bloomberg's "Market Makers"

Speximann 27 Jul 2015, 11:51

More Savanah from last month.

Speximann 27 Jul 2015, 11:48

Savanah Guthrie- Today Show wore glasses on 2 different days last month.

nc 27 Jul 2015, 10:47

Speximann, Thanks for the Natalie posts, we can all dream that she wears a prescription, but its hard to tell by the photos. As with any news person hopefully they cave to the contact world and grace us with some glasses!

Speximann 27 Jul 2015, 07:23

Natalie Morales from Today show segment- Warning ! The following images may be of Plano, Non Rx lens glasses. View at your own risk.

Lv2c4i 26 Jul 2015, 05:46

Good to hear from you again, SpxMn. If not a posting, perhaps a clue or two where said segment might be located via TODAY show video archives or otherwise? Thnx for caps you did post and all the best.

Speximann 25 Jul 2015, 20:15

A few weeks back Today had a segment where Natalie went undercover sorta and she had glasses, planos or maybe just frames in a small segment up close. I have caps but don't wanna get chastized for posting them. she took them off quickly after the spot ran. She could look great wearing glasses.

Revolver 25 Jul 2015, 17:24

You'll be able to ice skate in Hades before you see Natalie wearing glasses, she wouldn't participate in any discussions when they had the Warby Parker segment on or any of the other glasses related ones. I would suspect she has or needs a correction right now, if not contacts for myopia a reading add due to advancing age. Vanity, thy name is woman.

Lv2c4i 25 Jul 2015, 04:40

On NBC TODAY morning news show, Carson Daily has substituted as host Friday and now Saturday (7/24 & 25) wearing his rather thick-lensed glasses.

Yesterday his co-hosts did the typical passing them around, trying them on, and then each commenting about the vision thru his lenses with the associated teasing and ribbing. Mr. Daily seemed to take it all well.

On the other hand, newsreader Natalie Morales barely had them on her face a micro-second before snatching them off and saying something about how "bad are your eyes?" Maybe someday we'll see Natalie in her own appropriately scripted eyewear.

Pseldonymov 23 Jul 2015, 11:15

A Ukrainian journalist

Dave 22 Jul 2015, 23:29

She's as appalling today as she was as a young law student soon to be fired from the Watergate Committee for unethical behavior. Clearly a long-time high myope.

Dave 22 Jul 2015, 23:29

She's as appalling today as she was as a young law student soon to be fired from the Watergate Committee for unethical behavior. Clearly a long-time high myope.

Dave 22 Jul 2015, 23:29

She's as appalling today as she was as a young law student soon to be fired from the Watergate Committee for unethical behavior. Clearly a long-time high myope.

Likelenses 22 Jul 2015, 22:53

And a much younger Hildabeast.

Likelenses 22 Jul 2015, 22:36

The Hildabeast in sunnies.

Lv2c4i 22 Jul 2015, 04:55

Kait Parker has two sets of caps currently posted on She is on the "Weather Channel". In the more recent set, she is wearing glasses--maybe for a first time? The five caps of her with the glasses all have her with somewhat peculiar expressions on her face--almost as if she is bemused (or mildly disgusted?) at wearing the glasses. Makes me wonder if there was some conversation between her and another anchor about the new (?) spex.

It also is evidence that a smiling face invariably is more attractive than a scowling or even unemotional expression. This is borne out on Tweeted #newglasses photos. If the wearer is smiling, she always is more attractive than those angry or otherwise unhappy with their new eyewear and/or vision needs.

Lv2c4i 22 Jul 2015, 04:23

In the U.S. this morning (7/22), both NBC and CBS have their morning news anchors, Savannah Guthrie and Gayle King, sporting their spex.

Pseldonymov 21 Jul 2015, 20:48

Olga Bychkova

Pseldonymov 21 Jul 2015, 20:44

Elena Bychkova

Janet 14 Jul 2015, 00:38

Kate on gmtv this morning wearing quite strong plus glasses, she looked good

Carlos, Jr 06 Jul 2015, 18:24

Sheldon Dutes WNBC wore glasses on the air this weekend. Nice tortoise-shell frames. Appears to be myopic.

Carlos, Jr 06 Jul 2015, 18:24

Sheldon Dutes WNBC wore glasses on the air this weekend. Nice tortoise-shell frames. Appears to be myopic.

nc 25 Jun 2015, 13:17

Good to see Savannah back in glasses this morning! She has been on a drought. She seems to be sticking to the same pair the last couple sightings, hopefully she continues to find new pairs and grace us with them!

nc 25 Jun 2015, 13:17

Good to see Savannah back in glasses this morning! She has been on a drought. She seems to be sticking to the same pair the last couple sightings, hopefully she continues to find new pairs and grace us with them!

NYC O^O 25 Jun 2015, 04:44

Savannah Guthrie wearing a pair of her -5.00's this morning on NBC's Today show. Nice cut in.

Lv2c4i 21 Jun 2015, 05:24

2 new sightings. Christina Park of NYC's Fox station posted a pik with her new glasses on her Twitter page. Lots of comments including encouragement to wear them on her newscasts--her reply is non-committal so we'll have to wait and see. And CNN's Alina Machado was wearing her glasses yesterday in onsite reports of aftermath of Charleston shootings. She kept nervously touching/adjusting them as if they were new and she unaccustomed to wearing them. Wonder if/when we'll see her in spex again?

Carlos, Jr 19 Jun 2015, 13:14

Lester---is he old enough to have cataract surgery? Interestingly enough, he has been missing from Nightly News

Maurice 17 Jun 2015, 07:46

Anyone have an update on Lester Holt's recent cataract surgery.

eyesnap 16 Jun 2015, 10:05

Melissa Harris Perry

Lv2c4i 16 Jun 2015, 04:43

Been a bit of a "dry spell" for spexy news women of late. Betty Liu has been off and on. And others bare-eyed as well. I did catch briefly Lara Spencer sporting spex on Good Morning America yesterday, but they quickly disappeared when her time on-camera came. Who next will grace us with a sighting? (And the always appreciated caps?)

Pseldonymov 02 Jun 2015, 13:23

Tanya Felgengauer

Pseldonymov 31 May 2015, 17:23

Victoria Bonya, Russian TV

Pseldonymov 31 May 2015, 16:41

Anfisa Chekhova, Russian TV

 28 May 2015, 01:42

Nearsighted Jerez Nehemiah Stone-Coleman, known for passing himself off as a music producer named Kidd Cole on an MTV show was arrested for making threats against DC transit system:

Shown here at 2:00:

and here with his glasses on top of his head, got to be blurry!

if it doesn’t play in your country, try downloading Hola.

Maurice 27 May 2015, 03:56

Any signs of NYC Fox 5's Mike Woods wearing his progressives.

eyesnap 26 May 2015, 09:08

Erica Hill

Mr Cockeyed 26 May 2015, 07:12

This morning on FOX5 NY, Rosanna Scotto was wearing optical appliances, (glasses). I usually watch this show and this was the first time in glasses I have seen. They look like mild plus uppers, but I'm sure they are progressive, at her age. She probably uses bifocal or progressive contacts. Said her allergies were acting up. It's always prudent for contact wearers to have glasses backup.

Pseldonymov 26 May 2015, 07:08

Oksana Syroyid, a deputy of the Supreme Rada, Ukraine

with 3 different frames

Pseldonymov 26 May 2015, 07:01

Victoria Voytsitska, a deputy of the Supreme Rada, Ukraine, with 3 different frames

Pseldonymov 24 May 2015, 09:35

Mehriban Arif qizi Aliyeva is the head of Azerbaijan's Heydar Aliyev Foundation and the wife of its current president Ilham Aliyev

4 different frames:

Carlos, Jr 24 May 2015, 04:45

Roberts is 40+ yes, presbyopia. The glasses are progressives.

Maurice 23 May 2015, 04:53

Thomas Roberts on Weekend Today wearing glasses this morning. Presbyopia? Looking good in glasses!

eyesnap 19 May 2015, 09:35

CNN anchor

Speximann 19 May 2015, 08:00


Speximann 19 May 2015, 07:59

Not a News personality but Don't know where to post.

Bobbi Brown- Makeup Consultant

Kennedy from Out of Bounds

Speximann 19 May 2015, 07:54

More Betty

Speximann 19 May 2015, 07:52

Carol Costello- 4-15

Julie Hyman Bloomberg

Speximann 19 May 2015, 07:50

Laura Spencer trying on readers

Katie Couric- from Yahoo

Speximann 19 May 2015, 07:47

Betty Lui

Robin Meade 4-15

Soundmanpt 11 May 2015, 10:02

I recall her being asked by a juror about her glasses and she said that she never thought she needed glasses until she tried on a girlfriend's glasses and found that she could see so much better with her glasses. That was when she got glasses she said. I could tell even during the trial that her glasses were real. I would say probably -2.25 / -2.50 would be about right considering she only got her first glasses in 2010 and the trial mainly took place in 2013. So she could have easily had at least one increase in that time.

Recently she was auctioning off her glasses for some charity. You have to assume she got new glasses so she didn't her old ones anymore.

Pseldonymov 11 May 2015, 09:48

ARIAS: Sustained. "You told us that you were not able to make out the license plate leaning against the curve in front of your car because you are near-sided and did not get glasses until 2010. What is your prescription in each eye?"

ARIAS: My understanding is that my prescription is 2.5 -- negative 2.5 and negative 2.25.

Pseldonymov 11 May 2015, 09:39

Who said Jodi Arias wears fake glasses?!

They are real but not strong:

Slit 08 May 2015, 00:05


Julian 07 May 2015, 08:08

Don't know why I should be surprised to see Ed Miliband in glasses; after all myopia is not uncommon - but his is quite substantial -4 or 5 maybe? Any way, a trawl through Google reveals that in their teens he and his brother David both wore Harry Potter glasses.

Maurice 07 May 2015, 04:05

Anyone have pictures of Mayor Bill deBlasio wearing his reading glasses?

gwgs 07 May 2015, 02:11

@newlybespectacled - swear words are banned on here (wink wink)! :)

newly bespectacled  06 May 2015, 08:25

Ed Miliband, UK labour party leader

Slit 04 May 2015, 21:07

Orna Ben-Dor Niv

Pseldonymov 02 May 2015, 17:09

Aygul Mahmutova

Stan 02 May 2015, 16:08

I looked around and am kind of surprised no one had already posted these videos of Hillary. The third one is a good quality video. Politics aside, nice Rx. I've seen pics of her when she was young and she had a good Rx at that time. I just always figured rich, famous people would get corrective surgery. Maybe Bill or she is OO.

NYC O^O 29 Apr 2015, 04:24

Darlene Rodriguez morning new anchor of WNBC's Today In New York wearing glasses during this morning's broadcast. This is a rare sighting - she must be having a contact lens problem today.

 28 Apr 2015, 07:52

Malen'kiy Kotenok

Pseldonymov 28 Apr 2015, 07:38

Golden 1980s

What is her name?

chrisb 22 Apr 2015, 15:03

Victoria Coren-Mitchell on BBC Have I got news for you.

the glasses seem to come on and off during the programme but are definitely there at the beginning and the end.

Lv2c4i 22 Apr 2015, 04:56

Betty in bold blue this morning. But yesterday's spex show the import of both shape and color in frame selection. She was wearing cat-eye frames but in a purple color that looked very nice. IMHO, the cat-eye frames are among the most flattering on her and adding the color to the darker (black) ones she worn before kept her atop the daily delights of who is wearing what for OO.

Lv2c4i 18 Apr 2015, 05:30

After a week away on vacation, Betty Liu returned this week with a variety of eyewear options. Some days her spex were no where in sight. One day she had a pair (a bright almost neon frame) alongside her arm on the desk, but that she never put on, and she ended the week in her pair of dark cateyes.

One of her fellow anchor ladies also had a pair of spex onhand for her midmorning on-the-air stint, a large bold horned-rimmed style pair it looked like, but while I was watching, while she waved them and held them, she never put 'em on.

g 03 Apr 2015, 03:53

another nice closeup here -

g 03 Apr 2015, 03:42

Julie Etchingham has hosted the British "leaders" debate on ITV yesterday, wearing some nice looking plus glasses:

MC 03 Apr 2015, 00:57

Emma Barnett

 02 Apr 2015, 18:03

CNN's Briana Keilar -

Pseldonymov 02 Apr 2015, 15:35

Russian writer and journalist Natalia Pelevina

Small minus.

Lv2c4i 31 Mar 2015, 06:04

Everywhere you look (well, not quite, but...): Robin on HLN, Betty on Bloomberg, and Carol on CNN all sporting their spex this a.m. Who'll join em?

Carlos, Jr 28 Mar 2015, 23:09

Hari Sreenivasan with nice black plastic frames on PBS today.

Melyssa 25 Mar 2015, 07:46


I had a friend who would vote for a pretty woman even if she said exactly what the Whammy did on "Press Your Luck" back in 1984 -- "If elected, I will raise your taxes!" At that point, the Whammy would get a pie in the face. Sarah Pain deserves that and more, and my former friend probably voted for her when she ran for VP, even with his being a Democrat. (That is not why he is a former friend; I stopped dealing with him long before she came along.)

Case in point: Jon Runyan played a number of years for the Philadelphia Eagles, and was not bad to look at. Upon retiring from the NFL he went into politics and won a House seat to represent his district from southern N.J. Had I lived there I would not have voted for him a second time, as 95% of the time he voted opposite of what I would have wanted.

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2015, 06:56

Sorry Melissa but the fact that Martina White wears glasses and is really quite attractive as well would make me vote for her. The politicians are all crooks anyway so does it really matter? Might as well have the better looking one in office.

Melyssa 25 Mar 2015, 05:03

Even though I am not in the territory of the two women running for that state spot, if I were, I would have to decide which was the lesser of two evils. And just because I wear glasses, that doesn't mean I would vote for a bespectacled female. Sarah Pain -- Exhibit A. Leanna Washington -- Exhibit B.

Please. 24 Mar 2015, 20:09

....right, because Democrats never resort to dirty tricks to secure votes.

 24 Mar 2015, 19:10

It's just another dirty Republican trick to get your vote...

Revolver 24 Mar 2015, 18:26

Uhhh,while I usually agree with Melyssa, in this case vote Republican. The other one isn't wearing glasses.

Melyssa 24 Mar 2015, 07:56

Martina White is running for state office from my old stomping grounds:

Vote early, vote often, vote Independent!

gwgs 23 Mar 2015, 06:05

Betty Liu's Twitter feed with a variety of photos of her wearing glasses;

Jussuf 23 Mar 2015, 05:01

Oh yes, Betty Liu is very nice today! Really perfect match her glasses! Still wondering about her RX? What do you think?

Lv2c4i 23 Mar 2015, 04:51

Cat-eye fans? Check out Betty Liu today. She's chosen a dark cat-eyed frame that is very attractive on her.

Interestingly, on Friday she had chosen a bold (bright) teal or turquoise frame. It was, imho, striking from a distance, but a bit distracting up close. She (or her producers or whoever) perhaps thought likewise as, I noted that later in the broadcast she was holding the spex in her hand--never put 'em down--but was no longer wearing them. The color was so bold that even in her hand, you could easily see the spex.

beautychina 21 Mar 2015, 19:31

more images of Alisa Usacova, copied from facebook.

In order to look good in the frame, they help each other.

original text in Latvian language : Lai kadrā izskatītos labi, nākamie premjeri viens otram palīdz

Lv2c4i 18 Mar 2015, 13:07

Noticed that Lara Spencer has recently had a pair of spex "at hand" on the desk as she anchors the show. So, we may see them every now and again. Thanks speximan for the caps of her and the others as well. And, c'mon Amy: break out your spex.

nc 18 Mar 2015, 12:25

Lauras co-host Amy Robach has spoken before about wearing contacts, but i have never seen her in glasses either.

Soundmanpt 18 Mar 2015, 08:53


I have wondered for some time if Lara Spencer ever wears glasses and thanks to you I now have my answer. Now the bigger question is if she only recently started needing them or if she has had them for some time already? It would seem she maybe a new wearer since she reads copy quote often and this was the first time she was seen wearing glasses to do so.

I wonder if at some point she will comment about her need for glasses?

Speximann  18 Mar 2015, 07:46

Last week I was lucky enough to catch Lara Spencer on GMA briefly wearing her glasses to read a short segment.

Nice !

Speximann 18 Mar 2015, 07:42

Erica Hill

Speximann 18 Mar 2015, 07:40

Latest Betty Lui Obcession post-

Pseldonymov 17 Mar 2015, 13:04

Natalia Pelevina

Jussuf 17 Mar 2015, 05:03

Hi all, what about Betty Liu today? Very nice glasses, have you seen already? What's her RX?

kisal 16 Mar 2015, 09:36

Sorry, the link should be

kisal 16 Mar 2015, 09:36

U.S. eyesceners, note that our pretty young GWG Kristin Sausville is now a 3-time Jeopardy! champion and will defend her title tonight. She has had an interesting run. She was the only competitor in the final round in one show and we learned that her husband (who also wears glasses) had been a 6-time Jeopardy! in 2011.

Slit 15 Mar 2015, 17:23

Wasanthi Nanayakkara, news reader at Ada Derana

Revolver 15 Mar 2015, 11:06

Actually, while Erica wore hers and explained it was only because of the pie in the face, Dylan didn't wear "hers", she's worn her own once and they are fairly high minus, somewhere around -7.00 or so. The ones she wore were plano and in a different frame. Again, one of the mysteries of the universe, if the role called for glasses why did she go to the prop department?

Lv2c4i 15 Mar 2015, 05:20

Pi Day (3.1415) yesterday provoked some nerdishness on US TV. Erica Hill wore her spex for the whole morning show on NBC, and, in one segment, Dylan Dryer donned her spex saying the nerd look and the(alleged) intelligence it signifies were appropriate as she sought to explain the mathematical/geometric mystery of pi.

Pseldonymov 12 Mar 2015, 13:06

Rhianna Pratchett is an English video game writer, narrative designer, and journalist. She is the daughter of fantasy writer Terry Pratchett (A.R.E.).

Pseldonymov 12 Mar 2015, 12:54

Alise Usačova no Rīgas, Latvija

More details about her:

kisal 12 Mar 2015, 05:48

For eyesceners in the U.S., be sure to watch Jeopardy! tonight to see pretty young GWG Kristin Sausville defend her championship:

Pseldonymov 11 Mar 2015, 20:36

Politoloģe Iveta Kažoka, Latvija

Jussuf 10 Mar 2015, 05:07

Betty Liu with very nice green glasses today! Does she maybe wear bifocals?

Aubrac 06 Mar 2015, 10:11

Louise Minchin

Remember seeing Louise in a race trek type of programme abour a year or so ago with Bill Turnbull.

In a few shots she was was wearing glasses with about -4.00 lenses.

Seems like now she may need the readers unless she goes for bifocal contacts

gwgs 06 Mar 2015, 09:08

Interesting find BBC Watcher!

BBC Watcher 06 Mar 2015, 05:59

Breakfast presenter Louise Minchin wore some reading specs this week for the first time on air. She revealed to someone on Twitter that they were +1.50 ready readers from the Italian manufacturer Centro Style.

These must be for wearing over contact lenses as she's previously been pictured wearing specs with a reasonably high minus prescription (high index)

Lv2c4i 06 Mar 2015, 05:23

On her Bloomberg show yesterday, Betty Liu was reporting a story that included WarbyParker (highly valued and may be approaching an IPO) and she referred to her "contribution" to their success via her extensive eyewear wardrobe. They then showed a screen of her in four different frames--just the "tip of the iceberg" as OO's know. Then they showed pix of a couple of boxes/drawers of many jumbled frames that seemed to be like from a 'goodwill' collection site, but several seemed familiar--they were perhaps her complete collection of spex? The "report" was right at the end of her show--perhaps there is video on the Bloomberg website?

Speximann 04 Mar 2015, 21:57

Carol Costello

Speximann 04 Mar 2015, 21:54

Katie Couric (poor quality)

Speximann 04 Mar 2015, 21:50

Betty Lui

Speximann 04 Mar 2015, 21:46

More Savanah

Erica Hill

Speximann 04 Mar 2015, 21:42

Savanah Guthrie

Revolver 28 Feb 2015, 12:17

Interesting thing by Erica Hill on the morning news show. It's a 1 1/2 hour show, and they first came on she wasn't wearing glasses. The first segment went about 10 minutes, broke for a commercial, and when they came back she was wearing them. At first thought they had recorded the opening segment earlier, but she was wearing the same dress and it's highly unlikely she would change during a commercial break. She probably took out her contacts and switched, as her prescription is such she couldn't have faked that first segment.

Fred 28 Feb 2015, 04:24

Glasses wearing Swiss radio presenter

Lv2c4i 25 Feb 2015, 08:58

Looks like Betty Liu has moved from the wayfarer frames to this week's set of more oval, "cat-eye-ish" frames that I think are more flattering to her face and cuteness.

NYC O^O 23 Feb 2015, 06:02

Savannah Guthrie wearing her -5.00's this morning on NBC Today show right now.

kisal 19 Feb 2015, 06:33

For those in the US, please be sure to watch Jeopardy! today to see the lovely bespectacled librarian Christina McTighe defend her Jeopardy! title. And if she survives to Friday, there will be two GWG contestants!

Pseldonymov 15 Feb 2015, 18:52

Vera Kichanova

Soundmanpt 11 Feb 2015, 08:23


After seeing your comment I changed channels and at least for the last half hour Betty was wearing glasses. Sadly I didn't see either Alex during that time.

Lv2c4i 11 Feb 2015, 05:24

Tuesday trade-off? Bloomberg teasing us all again. Betty is bare-eyed but two Alix/Alex's sporting spex--for the day anyway. I wonder if the cappers will capture it all?

NYC O^O 08 Feb 2015, 07:28

Erica Hill in her new glasses on NBC's Weekend Today Show, right now, this morning.

Therouteur 08 Feb 2015, 00:48

Ever lovely, Miranda Devine

Lv2c4i 05 Feb 2015, 05:14

So, Betty been bouncing back and forth between bare-eyed and bespectacled...each a.m. is a surprise these days. For more than a few months she wore her spex every day and now it seems to be a day-by-day decision. Wonder what has impacted all her deciding--going essentially full-time after years of only occasional wear and now the back and forth?

However, her colleague, Alix Steel, did balance the bare-eyed Betty on Wednesday by wearing her metal-framed spex.

Carlos. Jr 02 Feb 2015, 13:14

WABC's Ken Rosato went full time in glasses today.

Revolver 02 Feb 2015, 12:36

Katy Linendoll, the resident NBC tekkie geek, has a wonderful eyewear wardrobe. For the last few weeks, she's been wearing one of her apparent favorites, and elongated small cateye type. White with a black overlay, very attractive. But today, she outdid herself. Nearly all of her collection consists of cateye types, but this one was for real, black frame front with metal temples and on each end of the frame front was a real cateye point, slightly upswept, and a small one immediately below. Unfortunately they hustled her through the segment with no good closeups and she is so animated it was like trying to watch a moving target.

She's apparently a low minus with a pretty good amount of cyl which may be why she doesn't wear contacts (yea!) but between plastic frames and her animation it's hard to tell for sure.

Lv2c4i 29 Jan 2015, 17:55

New York (ABC7?) news anchor Liz Cho wore new spex earlier this week. Think she'd tweeted some time back her deep distaste for wearing her glasses. Maybe new frames--or just couldn't avoid it. Twitter has a lot of positive comments about her appearance and choice of frames.

Lv2c4i 26 Jan 2015, 07:14

Say not so. Bare-eyed Betty is back this a.m. The bummer beginning of a bad week? Or just a tempting tease of spexy treats to come?

anonymous poster 24 Jan 2015, 10:27

All my dreams have come true. Chloe Everton is presenting QVC wearing glasses. !!!!!!

Lv2c4i 24 Jan 2015, 06:59

Though Betty Liu is cute bare-eyed, something was definitely missing when she appeared without her glasses on Friday. I suspect (and hope) it was just a change for the day rather than the beginning of a new "look." She has mentioned her fashion "delight" in collecting spex, so we'll see what pair she chooses to wear on Monday.

Pete K. 23 Jan 2015, 07:21

Betty Liu isn't wearing her glasses today! :-( What a pitty, what happend to her. We love it when she wears them.

Jim H 22 Jan 2015, 18:29

Anne-Marie Mediwake had been wearing glasses all week on the CBC Toronto evening news. She is wearing a dark brown rectangular frame with approx -8. I have seen her very periodically wearing glasses but all week makes me wonder if she is getting surgery done. Sadly I can't find and pics.

Carlos, Jr. 22 Jan 2015, 05:12

WABC's Ken Rosato is posting pictures on Facebook wearing his new reading glasses.

gwgs 22 Jan 2015, 04:03

Nice find SC

SC 21 Jan 2015, 11:41

Susanna Reid is an interesting case. She tweeted in Aug '14 that she needed reading glasses and they have appeared frequently on TV since.

But here are pics back to 2013 wearing glasses so maybe she is a myope who wears contacts but can no longer see to read.

minus5wholuvsgwgs 21 Jan 2015, 11:16

always thought this section is badly titled should it not be personalities in the news rather than specific news readers ?

gwgs 21 Jan 2015, 10:10

She's kind of a news personality as she presents a morning news / general affairs show, but a more succinct description would be TV personality.

Anyway, follow the link for vidcaps of Susanna Reid from BBC / ITV looking a little sheepish wearing glasses. The onset of presbyopia seems to be causing her a little embarassment!

Jose 19 Jan 2015, 10:31

Ken Rosato of WABC is now "sporting" reding glasses.

nc 19 Jan 2015, 07:17

Speximann the pics of Savannah are great! Keep up the good work! The side view confirms that she has a decent prescription, which is hard to tell in most of her pics on the internet!

Speximann 16 Jan 2015, 22:52

More Savanah

speximann 16 Jan 2015, 22:50

Savanah Guthrie from first week in Jan.

Speximann 16 Jan 2015, 22:48

More Erica Hill

Speximann 16 Jan 2015, 22:45

Erica Hill with new glasses from last weekend's Today show

speximann 16 Jan 2015, 22:42

Dr Berman- Doctors TV series

Katie Linendol Today show Tech chic

Speximann 16 Jan 2015, 22:39

Weekly Betty Liu post

Dr Jennifer Berman-The Doctors TV

Lv2c4i 15 Jan 2015, 05:37

Thanks for the caps of Liz Dueweke. She is very attractive and her spex add to the beauty. Maybe we'll see more of her as the melancholy countdown to surgery continues? And, her situation and spexy appearance raise a "philosophical" question for our community, a matter of tastes.

Would we prefer 'never' or 'never again'? I suspect Ms. Dueweke rarely (or never) wore her glasses prior to the prepping for surgery? Now we get to enjoy her spexy looks however briefly, then 'never again'. (Well, maybe someday she'll need reading glasses).

A similar set of countdown caps occurred with Norah O'Donell a few months back--and now never again. On the other end of the eyewear continuum we find Betty Liu who not only began wearing glasses everyday, but has an amazing wardrobe of spex to share with us all. And, in between, we have women like Erica Hill and Savannah Guthrie (among others, no doubt) who sport their spex on camera every now and again.

So, is a pre-surgical sighting "worth" the prospect of then "never again"?

Jim H 14 Jan 2015, 08:54

This beautiful anchor women is sadly getting lasik.

Pseldonymov 12 Jan 2015, 16:21

Tina Kandelaki

Lv2c4i 09 Jan 2015, 05:26

On her Twitter feed, Betty Liu previewed her interview with the founders of Warby Parker yesterday with several tweets and replies regarding her spex. Said she collected eyewear like others collect shoes. Mentioned Oprah having 30+ pairs of W-P spex. Interesting inasmuch as Betty only rarely wore spex on the air until this past year--when did she start the daily wearing? Also sounds as if we can look forward to continued spexiness from her. Happy New Year!

NYC O^O 08 Jan 2015, 05:40

Savannah Guthrie wearing her "minus fives" this morning on the NBC Today show. No lasik for her.

Slit 05 Jan 2015, 01:07

good looking news reader in saree

NYC O^O 04 Jan 2015, 07:43

Erica is wearing another new pair today

denver 04 Jan 2015, 06:57

Was Erica wearing her glasses today?

Lv2c4i 04 Jan 2015, 06:38

Jennifer Westhoven, financial reporter on HLN's Morning Express, apparently began the new year with new spex. TvNewsCaps didn't catch her on January 1, but has some caps of her with glasses from the January 2nd show. Now we'll see how she (and Robin) start the new week....

Lv2c4i 03 Jan 2015, 06:31

Enjoying Erica Hill's new spex. Thanks for the heads-up. Her frame style shows evolution of frame fashion: basic frame is close to "nerd" shape tho softened a bit. Also not black but a brownish (almost wood-colored). And the temples look to be thin and metal rather than the wide plastic.

Metal frames seem to be evolving to more and more "lacy"/scroll-worked temples, while plastic frames are getting more multi-colored and ornate as well.

Betty Liu continues to share her rainbow assortment of "nerdy" plastic frames. What next? And who will wear them?

NYC O^O 03 Jan 2015, 05:49

Erica Hill wearing a new pair of minus Rx this morning on NBC's Weekend Today

Carlos, Jr 03 Jan 2015, 04:59

Today's Lester Holt in new glasses.

FANBOY 02 Jan 2015, 03:49

Slit, it seems that the Facebook links are not working.

Slit 01 Jan 2015, 19:11

Better quality pics of Upeksha

Slit 01 Jan 2015, 19:05

Young Parliamentarian Upeksha Swarnamali has a great taste when it comes to selecting frames it seems...

Lv2c4i 31 Dec 2014, 13:59

End of year reviews are very popular, even the 'seen on the web' thread notes several best of the year posts, piks. So, what were the best celebrity (news personalities and/or actresses) piks/caps from 2014 ?

Betty Liu's deciding to wear her eyewear wardrobe pretty much everyday on Bloomberg and Norah O'Donnell's pre-surgery spex-wearing may rate up there?

Your choices?

Pseldonymov 31 Dec 2014, 13:49

Masha Efrosinina

Pseldonymov 31 Dec 2014, 13:48

Masha Efrosinina

Curt 25 Dec 2014, 13:02

ESPNs Linda Cohn wearing some funky, chunky black specs full time today. Looks like a plus RX to me...

Slit 24 Dec 2014, 20:32

Hirunika Premachandra & Samanmalee Sakalasuriya

Slit 22 Dec 2014, 21:28

some chinese (taiwanese?) celeb

Lv2c4i 18 Dec 2014, 06:02

In the euro-american world, it is the season of wishes and dreams. Seems Melissa Lee of CNBC wore her specs (maybe new frames?) earlier this week? Then there's the elusive Darlene Rodriguez of NYCity local TV news? And rumor has it that Angie Goff, subbing as anchor on the MSNBC early morning news (where we enjoyed a bespectacled Frances Rivera subbing for a while). is also an occasional glasses wearer?

And the unexpected surprise appearances are also nice to dream about and find being capped and posted. Happy Christmas and December holiday time to all. Enjoy your dreams for some do come true....

Pseldonymov 17 Dec 2014, 01:07

Elvira Nabiullina (born 29 October 1963) is a Russian economist and head of the Central Bank of Russia, who was Vladimir Putin's economic adviser between May 2012 to June 2013 after serving as minister of economic development and trade from September 2007 to May 2012

sedes2000 15 Dec 2014, 11:16

Polish MEP Agnieszka Kozlowska-Rajewicz (>40 but cute anyway),36001,10443169,Agnieszka_Kozlowska_Rajewicz,,4.html

 12 Dec 2014, 04:06


She looks like a Turtle.. Waak

Slit 12 Dec 2014, 00:08

A good looking politician

(no glasses in pics below)

Another Politician - Rosy Senanayake, former Mrs World

Slit 12 Dec 2014, 00:08

A good looking politician

(no glasses in pics below)

Another Politician - Rosy Senanayake, former Mrs World

Speximann 10 Dec 2014, 16:46

Betty Lui- Pink Glasses last week-

Pseldonymov 09 Dec 2014, 20:02

Lesya Ryabtseva



Pseldonymov 09 Dec 2014, 19:55

Lesya Ryabtseva


Lv2c4i 04 Dec 2014, 06:05

Any caps of Darlene from yesterday? As she wears her glasses fairly infrequently.

NYC O^O 03 Dec 2014, 06:33

Darlene Rodriguez of WNBC, AM anchor of News 4 New York, wearing a new pair of glasses (minus) this morning.

Probably a problem with her contact lenses today.

Josean 01 Dec 2014, 14:28

the prettiest reporter argentinian Alina Moine, first time in glasses!

Pseldonymov 27 Nov 2014, 12:49

Ukrainian TV

What is her name?

gwgs 27 Nov 2014, 03:04

Re: Lauren's glasses on The Apprentice - to Carrie, et al.

I have the same frame which I bought several years ago for my other half, and meant to get it reglazed, but we have never got around to it, so if anyone wants to buy this style of frame, I'd be more than happy to sell it.

gwgs 27 Nov 2014, 02:42

Carrie and Speximann - see caps of these glassified ladies on my site -

Even Karren Brady was wearing glasses!

Soundmanpt 25 Nov 2014, 16:49

Looks like I will be watching The Today Show tomorrow.

Speximann 25 Nov 2014, 16:03

Damn, Missed that.

nc 25 Nov 2014, 07:39

Savannah Guthrie back in specs today. Good to see, been a long time.

Carrie 22 Nov 2014, 12:40

This week on The Apprentice Lauren was wearing glasses some of the time like last week. Quite unusual looking frames with the top and bottom of the frame becoming hinges at the top and bottom corner of the lenses leaving the outer edge of the lenses exposed. The 2 separate parts of the frame forming a long V shape as the come together in the part that goes over the ear. She must usually wear contacts as she seemed to have a moderate minus prescription.

Bianca also wore glasses briefly.

My favourite candidate, Katie, also wore her glasses for a while. She appears to have a mild plus prescription and probably some astigmatism as she has worn her glasses for close up and distances.

I haven't seen the gorgeous Rosin wear glasses yet and I would probably faint if she did but she has amazing eyes.

Go to this link to see what they look like (none of the ones I've mentioned above are wearing glasses in their photo and only Katie is wearing glasses in their audition videos) This page also marks which candidates have been fires, so don't click if you don't want to know.

If you are in the UK you can see Lauren, Bianca and Katie all wearing their glasses by watching the episode on the BBC iPlayer. Someone told me that some other countries in Europe can use the iPlayer without the programmes being blocked and there's also a website that unblocks the blocks but I don't know if that website is legal so I'm not going to put the name of it here.

Revolver 16 Nov 2014, 16:16

That's not a lot of glasses, comparatively speaking. Check out Carla Hall (she wears them wonderfully daily) and Gayle King. Gayle has a veritable wardrobe, but unfortunately, only wears them 1 or 2 days a week.

Soundmanpt 15 Nov 2014, 09:33

Really hard to believe for anyone to have so many pairs of glasses. She must have a relative that owns an optical shop. But she also must be at someone obsessed with wearing glasses to take the time to shop for so many. But to her credit she makes her need for vision correction fun and we all enjoy it as well.

It would be a nice idea for as many as possible in here to send emails to the station she works for telling them how much we enjoy seeing her in all her different glasses. Who knows if enough at the station her about the response she is getting about her glasses others may also decide to wear glasses on air as well.

Speximann 14 Nov 2014, 23:02

Betty Lui-

Speximann 14 Nov 2014, 22:59

Betty update cont.

Speximann 14 Nov 2014, 22:56

More Betty

Speximann 14 Nov 2014, 22:52

My Betty Lui update. Several new frames in this one.

Lv2c4i 13 Nov 2014, 06:00

Pretty in pink. Debut by Betty Liu of new pair of pink plastic frames as ever nicely coordinated with the rest of her outfit. Her eyewear collection is seemingly endless! Spexy forever, Betty Liu.

Lv2c4i 11 Nov 2014, 07:15

On TvHeads there is a set of nice close-up caps of Aljazeera Detroit reporter, Bisi Onile-ere, wearing glasses. Too bad she didn't smile in them--maybe another set will show her happier?

gwgs 07 Nov 2014, 02:16

Nice find Carrie, she is hot

Carrie 06 Nov 2014, 17:50

Strictly Come Dancing is one of the most popular tv shows in the UK at the moment although me and Gemma don't watch it very often as it's not really our thing even though some of the female professional dancers are quite hot and 2 of this year's celebrities are Frankie from the girl band The Saturdays and the singer Pixie Lott who are both rather hot too. Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills was also one of the celebrities but got voted off at the weekend. Today on his show his Strictly dance partner Joanne Clifton took part in "Innuendo Bingo" with him. As well as being on the radio "Innuendo Bingo" is shown live on the Radio 1 website and then put on YouTube. Joanne is very pretty and to my absolute delight (and probably yours) she wears glasses throughout the whole game. I've played the video a few times now mainly because I keep laughing at the innuendos and have to take my glasses off to wipe away the laughter tears - tears in my eyes + no glasses on = can't see the video at all! I have a rather smutty sense of humour so I love this game!

Don't worry, all the innuendos are clean(ish) as Scott's show goes out at lunchtime and the BBC wouldn't do anything even slightly risky during the daytime even though Radio 1 is targeted at people my age.

Soundmanpt 06 Nov 2014, 10:47


I wonder if for many of these young ladies and being on that show if wearing glasses isn't something like a "Badge of Honor" Hillary is very attractive and she probably could easily have gotten contacts but by wearing glasses she is taken more serious.

kisal 06 Nov 2014, 09:13

Women with glasses seem to be dominating Jeopardy these days. Tonight you can see Hillary Huttenhower, again quite cute, defend her championship.

Soundmanpt 06 Nov 2014, 08:52


Thanks for the extra effort. She was worth it.

I didn't recognize the name because she is nit known here in the US at least I have not heard of her.

Again thanks

gwgs 06 Nov 2014, 02:31

I wrote to soon...voila;

gwgs 06 Nov 2014, 02:28

Zoe Ball is wife of world renowned DJ and producer Fatboy Slim, aka Norman Cook. She used to DJ on BBC Radio 1, and has presented kids programmes on TV.

I did have several photos of her wearing glasses years ago on one of Flickr accounts, but I can't seem to find it now (and can't be bothered to log into the various accounts and search for it)

Soundmanpt 05 Nov 2014, 15:11


What or who is Zoe ball?

Nicola 05 Nov 2014, 13:43

Zoe Ball wearing reading glasses

Lv2c4i 05 Nov 2014, 06:08

Yikes! Betty beginning bare-eyed this morning. 'Tween that and yesterday's voting not sure how much disappointment one OO can least she wasn't away long enough for surgery and maybe she'll find her spex even as the day goes on. (And she's still kinda cute anyway).

Oscar 01 Nov 2014, 05:34

kisal's Jeopardy post reminds me of the loveliest gwg I've seen on the show: Jen Huff, back in 2010. She didn't win, but did come up with a good line to Alex Trebek:

And here's her contestant intro:

She's still a proud glasses wearer (and I think even more gorgeous):

Oscar 31 Oct 2014, 15:00

Regarding Jeopardy, earlier this week there was another nice gwg called Jennica (from Utah).

Oscar 31 Oct 2014, 14:54

Kisal - thanks for the alert - she's really lovely :)

kisal 31 Oct 2014, 06:37

For those in the US, please be sure to watch Jeopardy! tonight when you will see an absolutely stunning GWG returning co-champion, Allison Solomon:

Lv2c4i 31 Oct 2014, 04:36

Back to bare-eyed: after a couple of months wearing her glasses every time she was on the air, NBC's Frances Rivera is again wearing her contacts (well, I didn't hear of any surgery so am assuming she's in contacts). Jo Ling Kent, too, is again bare-eyed, but not before TVHeads posted a number of caps from Monday and Tuesday.

And Betty Liu wore one of her metal-framed pairs of glasses yesterday. Tho the style is unusual, the frames gave her a more dressy (or formal) look which coordinated well with her black dress and jewelry.

Maurice 30 Oct 2014, 17:26

CBS' Scott Pelley actually wearing his glasses tonight on the Evening News. Most nights he just spins them between his fingers. Looking good in specs Scott.

g 29 Oct 2014, 10:54

Thank you for the lovely dr. Berman

Lv2c4i 29 Oct 2014, 04:09

Mega-cuteness, imho. Fox Business Network's Jo Ling Kent has been again wearing her spex this week tho there has not yet been many caps (check nycnewswomen for a couple).

Speximann 28 Oct 2014, 11:38

Not realy a News Chic but didn't know where to plant this one. Doctor Berman from "The Doctors"

Speximann 28 Oct 2014, 11:27

Completing last week's triple play-Robin Meade wearing her glasses. Doctor Gupta even complemented her on the spex which she replied, "I can assure you there NOT props"

Speximann 28 Oct 2014, 11:22

Carol Costello from last week.

Speximann 28 Oct 2014, 11:18

Betty-last week.

Sp[eximann 28 Oct 2014, 11:15

Sorry folks I'm a bit High Strung.

More Betty from last week.

Speximann 28 Oct 2014, 11:11

Weekly Betty Post

Speximann 28 Oct 2014, 11:11

Weekly Betty Post

KM 21 Oct 2014, 07:41

Carol Costello back in her wayfarer frames this morning

specs4ever 20 Oct 2014, 15:24

Katie Simpson from CTV news in Ottawa has a nice pair of black framed minus glasses. She is cute but is what one would call a plus sized gal.

 19 Oct 2014, 16:39

Brooke Baldwin -

Speximann 17 Oct 2014, 12:59

Lv2c4i I think your right

She's rockin the blue frames today.

Lv2c4i 17 Oct 2014, 04:10

Again, thanks to Speximan for the high quality caps. Still wonder about Betty Liu's eyewear wardrobe: maybe it's just the lighting but seems she may have 2 different reddish frames, for instance: a darker almost maroon one and a brighter, more translucent red one, both in the basic Wayfarer shape.

And on HLN, Robin Meade is wearing her glasses this a.m. Wonder how she'd look in different frames?

Speximann 13 Oct 2014, 09:02

2 more Betty pix,

Speximann 13 Oct 2014, 09:00

Betty part........ whatever. Haven't seen these frames yet.

Red like.

Speximann 13 Oct 2014, 08:57

Betty part 4

Speximann 13 Oct 2014, 08:54

Betty part 3

Speximann 13 Oct 2014, 08:51

Betty-part 2

Speximann 13 Oct 2014, 08:49

Weekly infatuation with Betty Liu part 1

Speximann 12 Oct 2014, 21:56

Carol Costello last week.

Maurice 12 Oct 2014, 18:17

New York City fans---Sheldon Dutes of WNBC wearing glasses today while reporting. Another young gun showing up in great looking glasses.

Carlos, Jr. 12 Oct 2014, 05:36

Would like to see pictures of Dr. Gupta wearing his own glasses.

Maurice 10 Oct 2014, 13:30

Check Don Lemon posts on facebook. Dr. Gupta is wearing Don's glasses

FANBOY 09 Oct 2014, 19:02

short video of betty liu...sorry this is all I could find.

Tom 09 Oct 2014, 14:34

I didn't know Betty Liu before, just seen her pictures posted here. Wow, she is as cute as shortsighted!!!

One of you here mentioned her being bareeyed sometime. I presume she is wearing contacts those times... or does she go around in the blur?!?! Any sign of her struggling, squinting or complaining abnout her eyes? Do you know prescription? Would be nice to see vids... could you please link?

Maurice 09 Oct 2014, 09:16

New York City fans----Dan Mannarino on PIX 11. Great new glasses.

Lv2c4i 08 Oct 2014, 04:41

Horn-rimmed? Betty Liu wore her horn-rimmed colored frames the other day. There's a set of caps on TVHeads. Again wondering how many frames are in her current wardrobe? She continues to switch and coordinate frames according to the rest of her clothing choices.

Lv2c4i 26 Sep 2014, 04:58

Am I right? That technically "horn-rimmed" refers to frame color and material rather than shape? Horn-rimmed refers to rims (once made of actual animal horn) that are somewhat mottled and brownish? The post about Carol Costello wearing horn-rimmed spex maybe is referring to shape? Actually, I think she'd look better in frames that were not as dark as the black she's been wearing (regardless of shape) but if she did wear a more brownish frame are there caps?

Slit 25 Sep 2014, 06:51

Jo Ling Kent

Lv2c4i 25 Sep 2014, 04:15

Mega-cute, imho. That's Jo Ling Kent, the Fox Business reporter who has appeared in her glasses at least a couple of times this week. There's a ton of caps from one day on TVHeads and it looks like she has a significant prescription. Her avatar on Twitter is also a bespectacled Jo ling.

Lv2c4i 25 Sep 2014, 04:15

Mega-cute, imho. That's Jo Ling Kent, the Fox Business reporter who has appeared in her glasses at least a couple of times this week. There's a ton of caps from one day on TVHeads and it looks like she has a significant prescription. Her avatar on Twitter is also a bespectacled Jo ling.

KM 24 Sep 2014, 07:13

Carol Costello back wearing her horn-rimmed glasses. She looks much better in them than the ones that she had recently been wearing.

Speximann 21 Sep 2014, 19:05

Yeah, Me too. Look forward to a daily dose of Betty. Hot GWG.

Lv2c4i 20 Sep 2014, 05:03

Betty Liu has become one of life's little daily pleasures. Each day wondering which (and whether) glasses she'll be wearing...and discovering it when she arrives. The past 2 weeks she has been bare-eyed one day each week and then has worn a different pair of glasses pretty much each of the other 4 days, one of the variously colored plastic pairs in a couple of different shapes. She does well in coordinating her frame color with the rest of her wardrobe.

Perhaps one day we'll also see a pair of metal-rimmed frames.

Lv2c4i 20 Sep 2014, 04:54

Reporting on the release of the new iphone 6, NBC's tech reporter, Katie Linendoll, wore a very unusual pair of black and white frames this past Thursday.

Lv2c4i 20 Sep 2014, 04:52

Thanks to Speximan for the posting of these caps. Like you I miss seeing Norah in her eyewear.

Speximann 19 Sep 2014, 22:41


Speximann 19 Sep 2014, 22:39

More Betty Lui

Speximann 19 Sep 2014, 22:35

Betty Lui- from last week-

Speximann 19 Sep 2014, 22:22

Marie Harf -Deputy State dept. spokesperson-

Speximann 19 Sep 2014, 22:19


above was an interview with golfer Phil Michelson which she remarked after they played the piece, "He didn't even make fun of my glasses".

Speximann 19 Sep 2014, 22:14

Not tired of Norah yet?-

Already miss this beautiful lady and her spex.

Speximann 19 Sep 2014, 22:10

Still more Norah-

Speximann 19 Sep 2014, 22:07

Norah more pix-

Speximann 19 Sep 2014, 22:04

Norah O'Donnell Glasses Farewell tour week pix-

Speximann 19 Sep 2014, 21:50

Carol Costello-new frames

While I like these I'm a fan of the other frames.

Pete 17 Sep 2014, 07:45

Wondering how much the prescription of the lovely Betty Liu possibly is? What do you guys think? Probably arround -5?

Carlos, Jr. 15 Sep 2014, 15:34

Scott Pelley of CBS with new black, plastic frame glasses.

Lv2c4i 10 Sep 2014, 04:56

Carol Costello of CNN debuted new frames a week or so ago. She shelved her "Buddy Holly" nerd frames and is now wearing a more angular and narrower frame that I find to be a great deal more flattering to her. They give her a younger look. An example of the difference "better" choices in frame styles can (and will) make.eyescene

SC 08 Sep 2014, 01:56

Suzi Perry has put several photos on her website too

SC 08 Sep 2014, 01:53

I saw the Suzy Perry stuff too - quite a surprise. It's not a typical news programme - all outside so I guess she doesn't need an auto-cue but does use an iPad so I guess close-up is more important. There were a lack of close-ups, so apart from being plus lenses it was difficult to tell if they were single vision or progressive lenses. I guess we have to wait for Singapore GP in 2 weeks

Chris 07 Sep 2014, 14:04

Yes stunning indeed, Suzi definitely suits glasses. Apparently she's been wearing them for 12 months. I'm guessing she's always had a small amount of hyperopia but been able to accommodate sufficiently so that it wasn't really noticeable. At 44 that probably isn't the case anymore, hence the glasses.

Oscar 07 Sep 2014, 04:41

Suzi is back in glasses today at the Italian Grand Prix, looking stunning on the BBC.

Oscar 06 Sep 2014, 13:45

@ Chris - I agree, she looked at least as gorgeous in glasses as she does without them. Viewers in the UK can watch it on the BBC iPlayer. She wears them for the first hour or so of the programme. Hope we get to see them again :)

Chris 06 Sep 2014, 09:06

Thought I'd died and gone to heaven today. Suzi Perry was wearing glasses during the BBC F1 coverage this afternoon. They looked to be around +2 or maybe a little more. She looked fantastic in them. Curiously though, they disappeared around half way through. I'm looking forward to seeing if they reappear for the race tomorrow.

Pete 05 Sep 2014, 09:20

:-) Happy, seems that Betty Liu is back now, definitely with glasses forever!

Lv2c4i 03 Sep 2014, 05:20

Upon her return to CBS Morning News yesterday, Norah O'D did speak briefly of her lasik and her satisfaction/amazement at the seeing she can now do without spex. Sounds like the show will not use her experience as the basis of a story about vision and correction.

Meanwhile, Betty Liu continues to sport a variety of looks from her (apparently extensive) wardrobe of frames. And today she is joined (at least early on) by a bespectacled Olivia Stearns.

And Frances Rivera responded (via Twitter) to a question and compliment about her eyewear by saying she'd been being bothered by her contacts lately.

Revolver 28 Aug 2014, 18:21

One of the insanities about Norah having lasik is that she is 40 years old, and if she doesn't already, will very soon be needing reading glasses. But don't expect to see her wearing them, with her ultra-vanity level she won't. She'll either get mono contacts, or keep going to larger and larger fonts on the teleprompter until the inevitable happens. At which time, she'll probably opt to retire rather than be seen in any form of eyewear. Sad to say, she's not one of us.

If she had any sense at all, she would've foregone the surgery and taken a good time from her esteemed (and not vain) colleague, Gayle King, and selected a wardrobe of attractive eyewear and worn them proudly. At this point the remote is my friend, will check on CBS and if Gayle isn't wearing them that day will go to NBS...Norah isn't worth watching.

Lv2c4i 28 Aug 2014, 13:36

Somewhat sadly (tho not for her), Norah has gone ahead and had lasik. If you search for her on Facebook, you'll see a smiling post-procedure photo. There are a "ton" of comments prompted by her post and the vast majority of them note how attractive (or hot or sexy or professional) she looked wearing glasses and how they will miss seeing her in them.

Meanwhile, Betty Lui wore her blue spex today. Looks like she'll continue to go back-and-forth, but it also appears as if, unlike previously, her glasses will be making regular appearances. Or so we hope.

Revolver 28 Aug 2014, 10:39

Norah hasn't been on all week, but on Monday she did a segment on the U.S. Tennis Open and was wearing her glasses. It could have been taped before this week, although it did appear to be live. More food for speculation. Or should I say specs-ulation? (All together now, Grrroooaann!)

Pete 28 Aug 2014, 01:23

What happened again to Betty Liu, back again but again without glasses. What a pitty, was such a beauty with her glasses!

Soundmanpt 25 Aug 2014, 11:28

I notice that Norah wasn't on this morning. Makes me wonder if she is getting her lasik done today? Generally speaking I would think for best results it is best if a patient refrains from the use of contacts for longer than 1 week, however it is possible that she maybe had been wearing glasses for several weeks and only using the contacts while on air.

Eyestein 25 Aug 2014, 06:34

Andria Borba is 34. That is a little young for bifocals. I agree she is a beautiful lady.

matthewson 25 Aug 2014, 05:53

Beautiful and young newsreporter Andria Borba in lined bifocals:

Speximann 22 Aug 2014, 16:17

Robin & Nora forthcomming

Lv2c4i 22 Aug 2014, 07:32

Taketh and giveth. One last lingering look at look at Norah sporting the spex. It was fun while it lasted...just not long enough. Meanwhile, both Frances (NBC) and Robin (HLN) are also offering us something to look at today. Caps?

No More Glasses For Norah 21 Aug 2014, 10:35

Well, shit. Here's our confirmation from Norah:

Fred 20 Aug 2014, 16:33

@NYC O^O, Re Lasik: I'm affraid so, looks like the typical scenario... Her eyesight was once discussed by Oprah W. it seems:

NYC O^O 20 Aug 2014, 07:21

This is the 3rd morning in a row for Norah O'Donnell wearing her -5's on CBS This Morning.

I hope she is not pre-Lasik.

Lv2c4i 19 Aug 2014, 07:20

This week is beginning well, good "news" for OO's. Monday had both Frances Rivera on NBC early morning news and Norah O'Donnell, as noted here, both wearing glasses. This morning has Norah again being bespectacled along with MSNBC's Mika Brezinski. Mika said she dropped her "last contact lens" and while she didn't particularly like seeing herself in spex, others on the show said that they liked the look.

So, who will be next on the news?

Lv2c4i 18 Aug 2014, 10:24

Nice post of the "2-shot" of Alex Wagner and her guest both sporting spex. Friday's Bloomberg In the Loop show had a similar "2-shot" of Betty Liu and her guest Olivia Sterns, both bespectacled, but haven't found a cap of it.

NYC O^O 18 Aug 2014, 07:35

Norah O'Donnell of CBS this Morning is wearing her -5's this morning now.

 17 Aug 2014, 13:46

How about this pic?! -

Lv2c4i 15 Aug 2014, 07:52

Go, Betty, go! Yet another different pair perched upon the bodaciously bespectacled Bloomberg anchorwoman on Friday morning. Maybe her fashionful interest/assortment will be caught by others on the air.

Lv2c4i 14 Aug 2014, 21:20

It's 4 for 4 this week! Not only is Betty Lui wearing her glasses for the 4th day in a row, but she is in a fourth different pair of frames. Today is the currently stylish what I call "nerd" frames in a brown mottled horn-rimmed "color", she wore the same frame in both a purple and a red earlier this week (and a blue last week), as well as one day in a thinner black frame.

With this eyewear wardrobe, she likely isn't prepping for surgery to get rid of glasses. Maybe she's discovered a discount dealer or bought all 5 of Warby Parker's try-on selections?

As a financial reporter, she knows the value of a diversified fiscal portfolio and has applied that same principle to her eyewear appearance. Luvin' it, Betty!

Celebwatch 12 Aug 2014, 11:58

This is a neat thing - use the slider to see the celebs with and without glasses!

DC 12 Aug 2014, 03:32

Kate Kinsella on BBC Breakfast ,looking stunning in a new pair of glasses, somewhat higher script i see. Good viewing

Therouteur 09 Aug 2014, 23:18

OH yes!!

Are we showing our ages?

Speximann 09 Aug 2014, 13:29

Therouteur, Continue with your fantasy.......

Not tryin to fool anyone...just a little PS fun.

Tulip 09 Aug 2014, 09:22

Therouter, the original photo from the magazine:

Tulip 09 Aug 2014, 09:22

Therouter, the original photo from the magazine:

Therouteur 09 Aug 2014, 00:33

You're interfering with my fantasy :)

 08 Aug 2014, 22:36

The plastic frame glasses are clearly just safety glasses and she was probably given them to protect her eyes when she visited a plant of some sort.

Therouteur 08 Aug 2014, 18:38

........and his light seems to be shining on me this morning. Just a little more googling and that which was lost is now found

Therouteur 08 Aug 2014, 18:35

Many years ago I had a pic of Princess Diana in glasses but it went missing. This morning when I was googling something totally unrelated what should appear but this....

There IS a God!

DC 08 Aug 2014, 09:50

Carol Costello looking beautifully bespectacled on CNN news Room this morning

Lv2c4i 08 Aug 2014, 08:10

Bloomberg's Betty's back in glasses this morning--not a new frame style but maybe the third different pair she worn in the last week or so. Wonder what has prompted her more frequent, tho not daily, wearing of glasses on the air? Hope she isn't prepping for lasik or similar surgery.

nc 06 Aug 2014, 16:10

It is totally awesome to see Savannah wearing her glasses a little more often. She always seems to have a new set of frames to wear and usually prefers the hipster style large frame glasses, which i am in love with! She also seems to have a variety of lens types also... one day its seems she has a weak prescription (maybe -2) and the next time she wears them they look flat and thick (maybe -5 or -6)... im sure just my imagination. Either way i hope she keeps amazing us with her glasses!

Slit 06 Aug 2014, 12:35

Bristol Palin - daughter of Sarah Palin... seems to be a - rx.

Lv2c4i 06 Aug 2014, 08:08

TVHeads has not been posting daily caps of various newscasters lately. However, for us ES fans, the sightings keep coming. Today, Savannah Guthrie is again wearing her glasses on TODAY. And, Betty Liu, on Bloomberg, wearing her glasses more regularly, today has a new pair--very nice. They are the "nerd" shape, but a nice blue color that is quite flattering with the rest of her outfit and her coloring. IMHO, a fine frame choice. Keep 'em coming, Betty.

Lv2c4i 01 Aug 2014, 07:21

Welcome back ES and all. Check out TVHeads for MSNBC Alex Wagner in spex for the first time on the air. Think she'd been ailing and so chose to wear her glasses. Not the most flattering frame choice, but always great to see 'em in eyewear. Also Bloomberg's Betty Liu was again bespectacled a couple of days this week.

Tom W. 27 Jul 2014, 20:05

Lester Holt (NBC news) recently wearing new glasses, oval tortise frame, conservative, look good on him. Anyone have idea as to mfg. name and style name?

Grace Florrick 22 Jul 2014, 18:28

Does anyone here happen to know the brand name of the glasses Morgan Radford wears on Aljazeera U.S.? Thanks!

Slit 22 Jul 2014, 03:06

Bangladeshi News Reader

Lv2c4i 16 Jul 2014, 07:05

Just discovered that financial reporter, Jo Ling Kent, has several pictures of herself in glasses on her Twitter page. She's in 2 different frames and seems to have a fairly substantial prescription.

Betty Liu was also wearing her glasses on Monday's Fox Business morning show. She was wearing a variation of the fashionable (as in popular) hipster type frames. Her last spexy appearance was in a different, but more stylish (as in artsy and designed) frames. She looked very nice in both pair, but it leads one to wonder how large of an eyewear wardrobe she has. And what she might wear next.

And TVHeads also capped CNN's Pamela Brown wearing glasses the other day.

 15 Jul 2014, 20:21

More Jeopardy from today -

Great frames. Her name is Anna Lawrence.

kisal 14 Jul 2014, 17:20

GWG Jeopardy! Champion:

For those in the US, you can watch tonight as pretty bespectacled librarian Jen Fiero defends her Jeopardy! title:

b 12 Jul 2014, 05:31

Savannah Guthrie

Lv2c4i 28 Jun 2014, 08:32

Interested in comment that Norah O'Donnell is the "vainest of the vain." Interested in what prompts that assessment, tho she is very attractive, especially with her spex. I, too, caught the comments about her being overly fatigued (due to a late return from assignment) as she wore her glasses this past week. But, she also seemed to be much enjoying herself, perhaps from the giddiness that often comes with lack of sleep. And, when one smiles, whether with glasses or not, they invariably seem more attractive.

NYC O^O 26 Jun 2014, 09:26

Tne pictures of Norah in the red dress wearing the plano glasses clearly show her large myopic eyes. In the pictures of her in the dark dress wearing her myopic prescription her eyes do appear smaller indicating the fact that her myopic prescription is significant. It is nice to see the comparison.

Speximann 25 Jun 2014, 23:03

Here's to hoping she gets lots more assignments!!!!

Revolver 25 Jun 2014, 21:19

Don't hold your breath waiting for Norah to wear glasses often, let alone quite often. There was a comment from Gayle King about her being "sleep deprived" on Monday's episode, and she sure looked it, the glasses were because she had a rough night either on assignment or traveling and couldn't handle the CL's. She is the vainest of the vain, and only will wear them as a last resort.

Soundmanpt 25 Jun 2014, 12:50

It is interesting that ever since that guy was on the show from Warbly Parker Nora has been wearing her glasses quite often. Before that I don't ever recall her wearing glasses on the show.

What's odd is why she is wearing the non prescription glasses. That really makes no sense at all. It seems Charlie really approves of her wearing glasses because he said more than once how nice she looks with her glasses. Clearly off the air he must wear her glasses full time or quite a bit for him to comment on them as he did.

So now that she has come out wearing glasses I think she will even be wearing them more often as time goes by,

Lv2c4i 25 Jun 2014, 12:42

Thanks to Speximan for the array of fine quality caps. I, too, think even the plano pics are worthwhile, especially when bare-eyed is the alternative.

Speximann 25 Jun 2014, 00:07

Still More Nora

Very Hot News GWG, More Please.

Speximann 25 Jun 2014, 00:03

More Nora O Donnell

Speximann 25 Jun 2014, 00:01

Norah O Donnell CBS Morning News has worn her real glasses twice in the last several weeks. Maybe that Warby Parker segment several weeks back got some positive feedback when she compared her real glasses to the W-P pair she was modeling.

Speximann 24 Jun 2014, 23:54

Carol Costello CNN

Speximann 24 Jun 2014, 23:52

Now on to Robin Meade's recent appearance wearing her glasses. Hope this becmes a trend.

Allways Hot!

Speximann 24 Jun 2014, 23:47

Katie Couric last week just briefly wearing these to read.

Amy Robach on GMA several weeks ago wearing glasses to promote "Mad Men" don't have a clue why but her & Lara were both wearing Non Rx Spexs

Even though they are plano spex I still enjoy the look. GWGs Rock.

Speximann 24 Jun 2014, 23:40

Time to unload the last several weeks caps

Caught Ginger Zee weather Chic on the evening new wearing her glasses. Never seen her with them on GMA-

Nice look for Her.

Lv2c4i 24 Jun 2014, 08:22

Norah O'Donnell also seems to have had her frames adjusted. Last week they seemed to be constantly slipping down her nose, but this a.m. they seem to be staying in place. Perhaps she will continue to sport the spex every now and again.

Also, wondering about caps from Robin last week? She was wearing an attractive outfit along with her spex--kinda black-and-white like Norah's attractive, eyewear-enhanced appearance this morning.

NYC O^O 24 Jun 2014, 07:23

Norah O'Donnell is again wearing her real glasses right now on CBS This Morning.

Unlike last week's first hour of the show on May 16,she is today wearing her -4.00 something pair showing significant cut-in and power rings.

The photos last week in TV Heads only pictured her in the non prescription pair she wore in the first hour on May 16th show before she switched in the second hour of that show to the pair she is wearing today.

Soundmanpt 20 Jun 2014, 12:13

Her glasses are clearly for distance and I don't think there progressives because if you look in the lower section of her left lens you can see that rail that goes form left to right behind her and it is minimized just as the HLN square is in the upper part of her lens. I don't really think her prescription is all that much. I would say something less than -3.00. Because she had lasik generally speaking if some one again becomes nearsighted most often the prescription is not very much. That is why most places that do lasik only warranty it for a "touch-up" if your vision should get worse than -1.25.

choch 20 Jun 2014, 07:56

what prescription could this be?

Lv2c4i 20 Jun 2014, 07:22

TGIF! Robin Meade is wearing her glasses this morning on the HLN morning show. Also, she seems to take off the glasses during the commercials and when they return to her anchoring, she is seen putting the spex back on as the camera zooms in to her. Maybe she's fixing her make-up and hair or maybe she needs bifocals and takes the spex off to read her notes?

Also, on, caps of Norah O'Donnell from Monday and Morgan Radford of Al Jazeera US is also capped in her glasses--an interesting choice of frames for her.

Lv2c4i 17 Jun 2014, 07:35

New York City's local news reporter, Weijia Jiang, apparently wears glasses when reporting live from a moving car doing morning traffic reports. but is then bare-eyed once she's done driving. Many myopes seem to don spex only for driving just like others (plussies) do for reading.

Lv2c4i 17 Jun 2014, 07:31

Pleasantly surprised at Norah O'Donnell's showing up in spex yesterday morning. Now CBS News has Gayle King regularly wearing her glasses and a daily check-in to see if Norah wearing hers. Wonder if/when we'll ever see Norah's sister Kelly in glasses?

NYC O^O 16 Jun 2014, 08:10

Now, on the 8:00 AM CBS Morning News, Norah O'Donnell has switched to her -4.00 something minus glasses!

NYC O^O 16 Jun 2014, 07:28

Norah O'Donnell on CBS Morning news this morning, airing now, is finally wearing glasses. However, they do not appear to be the -4.00 somethings that she said her prescription was last month.

DC 13 Jun 2014, 01:13

Alice Baxter looking lovely on World Business Report on BBC this morning, a good start to the day

Jan 11 Jun 2014, 06:09

Thanks lazysiow, Serena Winters is really hot. Like this dress.....a lot! :

Multiple interviews by her on that Lakers Page btw.

Nc 10 Jun 2014, 08:26

Savannah guthrie looking HOT in those red frames!!

NYC O^O 10 Jun 2014, 08:21

This morning on the NBC Today show, Savannah Guthrie wearing a red pair of her minus fives.

Lv2c4i 06 Jun 2014, 06:52

Bloomberg's Betty Liu wore her glasses on her June 4th show and there are a bunch of pix at She's wearing a different pair of glasses, likely a newer pair (tho she rarely appears wearing glasses). They are quite different from the heavy dark frames so popular these days, but they look nice on her. On her Twitter page you can also find links to some video on the Bloomberg site of her from that day. Also, looking at the times from the caps on, it looks like she began the show bare-eyed and then put her glasses on. Interesting. Wonder if there were comments about the spex?

lazysiow 30 May 2014, 23:50

Serena Winters, ESPN sports reporter -

 16 May 2014, 10:24

Lost to Lasik previously. But suggested in a recent broadcast that maybe need for readers

BBC Watcher 16 May 2014, 03:06

BBC Breakfast's Louise Minchin is obviously a contacts wearer when she's on the sofa, but recently posted this picture in glasses on Twitter:

Carlos 14 May 2014, 20:34

Lester Holt in new rectangular frames---rust-colored plastic frames. Looking good Les!

 14 May 2014, 17:44

Yeva Bozhen

Pseldonymov 14 May 2014, 17:44

Yeva Bozhen

Lv2c4i 14 May 2014, 07:17

Once again, thanks to you, Speximan, for posting these caps. Besides being very nice, she seems very comfortable and at ease in the eyewear--will they ever return?

Speximann 13 May 2014, 23:54

More Norah-

Real glasses in hand-

Very Nice !!!!!

Speximann 13 May 2014, 23:50

Norah O'Donnell from CBS This Morning.

Lv2c4i 13 May 2014, 08:09

Except for this board, I see next to no note of Norah O'Donnell in glasses, not on Facebook or Twitter. My interest is in letting her know how nice she looked--and thus encouraging her to have the confidence to wear her spex. Any ideas on how to "send" that message?

Not to get "greedy", but seeing her sister, Kelly, in glasses would be another treat.

BTW, I think Gayle King's "upset" over the glasses remark was mainly in jest--tho Charlie's admiration of Norah wearing glasses was genuine.

And thanks for the link to the CBS video.

NYC O^O 13 May 2014, 07:28

Great find about Norah.

Another -5.00D morning news anchor.

Her prominant blue eyes always seemed to have that myopic buldge to them.

KM 12 May 2014, 21:18

Here is the CBS This Morning video:

Pseldonymov 12 May 2014, 15:00

Marina Kosareva, RT

Soundmanpt 12 May 2014, 14:54

Gale King didn't seem to happy with Charlie when he went on about how good Norah looked wearing glasses. She quickly pointed out that she wears her glasses every day.

I'm not sure what the rest of you think, but I seriously doubt that you will see her wearing glasses again unless he has a contact problem or they do another story about glasses.

Too bad because she does look really nice wearing glasses.

Revolver 12 May 2014, 14:22

Norah didn't wear the WP's after that segment was over. In an earlier one they were discussing fashion trends in eyewear, and she said "we all wear glasses" referring to the cast. But due to her extreme vanity this is the first time she's ever been seen in any glasses let alone her own. The only way to describe her is the vainest of the vain, and I don't like it.

nc 12 May 2014, 12:46

Unless she was wearing her real prescription later in the show and i didnt see them? Either way i hope there is more to come

nc 12 May 2014, 12:29

Too bad that Norah didnt wear her real prescription. we can only hope.

Lv2c4i 12 May 2014, 11:11

This morning CBS Morning News did a segment on Warby Parker and I wondered if the hosts would appear in spex. Well, Norah O'Donnell did wear W-P glasses the last 30 minutes of the program. When they came on with her wearing glasses, her male co-anchor spoke of how sexy teacher/librarian she looked and both commented on how attractive she looked in the glasses.

Norah commented on her having worn glasses for years, that she was "pretty blind" and that her prescription was "like minus 5". She then said her last pair of glasses had cost nearly $1000 v. the $95 price of the W-P pair she was wearing.

She wore the glasses the rest of the morning and the final comment before the show ended was repeating how good the glasses looked on her.

Maybe the spex will make an occasional reappearance. And somewhere soon I suspect there will be caps posted.

Euro Traveller 10 May 2014, 18:39

BBC newsreader Kate Silverton has a lovely new pair of large rimless specs. A very attractive advert for plus glasses.

Carlos 09 May 2014, 06:31

A bespectacled Jeff Glor anchoring CBS Evening News last evening.

Pseldonymov 09 May 2014, 03:48

Nigina Beroyeva

GL 07 May 2014, 14:11

I like the photo of Susan Abulhawa, but she looks a bit afraid to me. She looks worried. I hope she is okay.

Ardief 07 May 2014, 10:14

Savannah Guthrie is in spex on the Today show.

CNN Watcher 07 May 2014, 09:13

New glasses from Warbey Parker for S E Cupp

Slit 06 May 2014, 02:42

Susan Abulhawa, Al Jazeera:

Looks like progressive:

Melyssa 01 May 2014, 16:10

Daralene Jones, soon to be formerly of Channel 10 in Philadelphia (technically Bala Cynwyd), has worn rather large frames, black in front, white on the sides, for most of her reports, but not for her marriage.

Lv2c4i 29 Apr 2014, 17:11

Oprah Winfrey appeared on CBS This Morning (4/29) to introduce a new line of tea at Starbucks and was wearing a new pair of glasses. There's a nice photo of her and Gayle King both wearing spex on Twitter. The two have very different frames but both are stylish and attractive.

And, Kristen Welker is subbing as host on MSNBC's Daily Rundown show (9 am EDT) and she's been wearing glasses. The frames she's wearing seem dated and neither particularly flattering or stylish--she could use an eyewear makeover, imho.

Melyssa 29 Apr 2014, 13:58

And maybe the Keith Jones mentioned earlier should change his name (as many news personalities do), so as to avoid confusion with the much more famous former Flyer Keith Jones:

Melyssa 29 Apr 2014, 13:52

Other local TV news reporters have worn glasses much more often than not, including 6ABC's Chad Pradelli, with black rectangular frames, and NBC10's Daralene Jones, who has worn somewhat large frames that are black in front and white on the sides. Of course, there is 6ABC's Vernon Odom, who has worn metal frames for, oh, about the last 70 years. :)

Tom W. 29 Apr 2014, 09:03

Sorry DN, will be on lookout for Keith Jones, have not seen him with glasses. You might want to watch for Vince L. as he definitely appears with glasses from time to time.

DNBursky 29 Apr 2014, 01:49

That's Keith Jones actually.


Tom W. 28 Apr 2014, 22:27

D. N. Bursky mentions Vince Lattanzio wearing glasses. Yes, he does appear with glasses from time to time but I have not been able to come up with an Rx. I would guess a minus but what number? Anyone out there with info.?

DNBursky 28 Apr 2014, 21:00

This local Philadelphia reporter was seen wearing glasses the other day, anyone good with guessing prescriptions? the first one has a better view.


Speximann 21 Apr 2014, 23:48

Yeah, she is wearing her glasses more often on the air, Great for us!. She has been one of my favs for quite sometime now. Thanks for the tip KM.

Mr Cockeyed 21 Apr 2014, 12:55

SPEXIMAN, Looks like Juliet Huddy graduated from readers, to Progressive lenses

Speximann 21 Apr 2014, 10:23

Sorry bout the first link not working, More Juliet Huddy.

Speximann 21 Apr 2014, 10:12

Juliet Huddy


KM 19 Apr 2014, 08:25

Juliet Huddy wearing glasses on Fox & Friends this morning.

Lv2c4i 11 Apr 2014, 08:05

This head's up for the "frame fanatics"--because the glasses are fakes--but the anchors on ABC's GMA are all wearing glasses as part of a bit on Mad Men--the show on an advertising agency set in the early 60's...not sure how long they'll keep the spex on, but, something is better than nothing.

Pseldonymov 09 Apr 2014, 01:15

Ukrainian TV

What is her name?

Carlos 08 Apr 2014, 07:51

Scott Pelley of CBS Evening News wearing his readers for a good 2 to 3 minute stretch. Normally, they are residing in his hand. Could FT wear be soon?

 05 Apr 2014, 11:45

Marie Harf:

Pseldonymov 03 Apr 2014, 19:32

Another Yekaterina Ivanova

Pseldonymov 03 Apr 2014, 19:29

Yekaterina Ivanova

Pseldonymov 03 Apr 2014, 19:26

Yekaterina Ivanova since 0.23

Pseldonymov 03 Apr 2014, 17:57

A myopic Ukrainian blonde journalist interviewing and holding a microphone

Carlos 28 Mar 2014, 07:05

Jeff Glor, CBS News, wearing a different pair of glasses last evening.

lazysiow 28 Mar 2014, 01:56

she's gorgeous without glasses too unsurprisingly but I hope she never gets LASIK. She doesn't wear glasses in newer videos so maybe she's already broken my heart lol

lazysiow 28 Mar 2014, 01:40

I cant thank you enough for Maria Bondarev. I'm in love. She's exquisite.

More of her

anyone know if she's taken? lol

Lv2c4i 26 Mar 2014, 06:45

Maribel Aber, who has been doing the report on the financial markets on HLN's Morning Express, was wearing glasses during her brief segment this past Monday. There are/were comments on her twitter feed and some caps on TvNewsCaps.

Pseldonymov 24 Mar 2014, 23:04

Maria Bondareva

Pseldonymov 24 Mar 2014, 12:13

Mariya Bondareva

Pseldonymov 24 Mar 2014, 12:11

Irina Rossius

Breakfastman 24 Mar 2014, 04:46

Here's a picture of Sally Nugent wearing specs today:

Apparently she had some fat splash into her left eye whilst preparing Sunday lunch yesterday, therefore "that eye is a bit blurry and needs a bit of extra help today"

Sounds a bit odd, maybe that's her stronger eye and it's the other one that needs the help as that's doing all the work.

 24 Mar 2014, 03:05

Sally Nugent on BBC breakfast now caps please

The Tick 23 Mar 2014, 16:29

Edward Snowden lookalike.

kisal 21 Mar 2014, 09:30

For those in the US, today you can watch the GWG Jeopardy! champion Diane Levinson, who looks remarkably like Amy on the Big Bang Theory.

David R 19 Mar 2014, 14:12

Stephanie Flanders

OnLooker 18 Mar 2014, 04:52

US Deputy Secretary of State Heather Higginbottom

Revolver 14 Mar 2014, 20:41

Thank you for the caps, Speximan, Robin has the absolutely perfect frames for her pretty And by the way, Jenny isn't bad either!

Speximann 14 Mar 2014, 16:03

One more Jenny

Speximann 14 Mar 2014, 16:02

My Weekly Jenny McCarthy Infatuation post-

Speximann 14 Mar 2014, 15:30

More Robin

Speximann 14 Mar 2014, 15:27

Robin Meade

Speximann 14 Mar 2014, 15:21

Gail King

Lv2c4i 12 Mar 2014, 09:55

Just happened by TV tuned to HLN Morning Express and name of town caught my ear so I paused to see what was going on. It was car chase and when anchor, Robin Meade, comes back onto the screen she mentions "I had to put my glasses on to see the screen." and so she's being bespectacled for a bit today.

KM 12 Mar 2014, 09:50

CNN's Carol Costello wearing her glasses again this morning.

Revolver 10 Mar 2014, 14:48

Speximan: am looking forward to your caps of Robin, have no idea who she is.

Plus Lover 08 Mar 2014, 13:33

Ashleigh Banfield with new glasses

Aroud 2.20 we can see that they are quite strong.

Lv2c4i 08 Mar 2014, 08:52

Robin (peek-a-boo?) didn't wear her glasses for the first 30 mins, but on Twitter (I think) she says she put 'em on to help her read tweets/responses to a question she'd posed to viewers. Also, there's a quik video of her taking them off and putting the glasses into their case as she wraps up her workday and says she's waiting for her husband. Too bad for him that she'll be bare-eyed when he arrives....

Soundmanpt 07 Mar 2014, 14:48


Okay, that explains it then. I have been making a habit of first checking each morning when I turn on my TV just to see if she is wearing her glasses. Once I see she isn't I generally change to my local station to check on the latest news and weather.

Thanks for confirming that I wasn't dreaming that I checked earlier and she wasn't wearing them.

nc 07 Mar 2014, 14:35


i agree with you! She looks smoking hot in those glasses. i wish there were pics of her before the lasik! be nice to know how strong her prescription was before that point. As of now it looks like maybe a low plus or low minus. Probably just old age setting in or maybe she wasnt quite corrected enough from lasik.

Speximann 07 Mar 2014, 13:39

Robin Had her glasses off several times around the breaks but put them back on when the show segments resumed. Caps forthcoming.

Soundmanpt 07 Mar 2014, 11:23


Very interesting! I have been tuning in first thing in the morning when she first comes on and today was no exception and she wasn't wearing glasses first thing today. She must have had an issue with her contacts and changed into her glasses. Robin Meade looks so how and sexy wearing glasses it would be nice to see every morning wouldn't it? I only wish she would provide details about her prescription. I of course remember her commenting that she had gotten lasik some years ago and when she first wore them on air he had said she had to start wearing glasses 2 years before that. Now i think it is about 3 years ago that she found she needed glasses again.

nc 07 Mar 2014, 09:34

Robin Meade wearing glasses on HLN this AM.

Pseldonymov 06 Mar 2014, 12:06

Olena Bilan, Ukraine

Pseldonymov 06 Mar 2014, 12:06

Olena Bilan, Ukraine

Carlos 05 Mar 2014, 07:19

Saw Jeff Glor again with glasses. Slight minus?

Lv2c4i 05 Mar 2014, 07:12

Mika, where'd the glasses go? She's back to bare-eyed this a.m. and I caught no comments about the change. Thanks to Speximan for all the high-quality, close-up caps. Was about to wonder whether Mika and Carol Costello were going full-time? Maybe they are going to be like Gayle King who goes back and forth regularly? And who will next be spexy for all to enjoy?

DC 03 Mar 2014, 05:57


Thanks for the picture no the ones she was wearing were different much rounder. I looked back on teh bbc news archive but there were no pictures. I will keep a good look out for Kate but she is blooming so there may be a rest

specs123 02 Mar 2014, 18:38

Does anybody know what kind of glasses Jeff Glor of CBS News is wearing?

Soundmanpt 02 Mar 2014, 11:32


Thanks for finding and posting the picture of Christi Paul wearing her glasses. Not surprised that she wears glasses but she must tolerate contacts very well that as long as she has been doing news that she has avoided any problems with her contacts which likely would force her to wear glasses on the air. You would have to think that she would be unable to do a newscast without correction anymore?

Speximann 02 Mar 2014, 01:16

Opry's Buddie-Gail King-on CBS this morning-

Speximann 02 Mar 2014, 01:07


Carol Costello-cant get over how good these glasses make her look!

Speximann 02 Mar 2014, 01:02


Speximann 02 Mar 2014, 00:56

Christi Paul-wearing her real glasses, Very Nice!

Katefan 27 Feb 2014, 14:08

Are these the glasses you were thinking of on Kate Silverton?

I thought at first they were varifocals too, but can't see much peripheral distortion in this shot so now I'm not sure

DC 26 Feb 2014, 04:30

kate Silverton was weaaring a stunning pair of large framed glassed reading teh Sunday news on the BBC , they must have been varifocals as she was moving her head to read the prompter. Anyway she looked lovely and was blooming, a great end to the week

nc 25 Feb 2014, 16:36

Back to the Christi Paul discussion a while back. On her Twitter feed it shows her wearing a pair of black frame glasses a week or so ago. look like maybe a weak plus prescription.

Lv2c4i 21 Feb 2014, 07:15

Check it out for yourself, but it seems that maybe Mika is wearing another slightly different frame this morning? Perhaps a bit thinner and more roundish at the corners? Perhaps she's seeking the perfect (or best) frame for fulltime wear?

Plussy 19 Feb 2014, 07:40

The perfect ashleigh obviously wears progressive...

Soundmanpt 18 Feb 2014, 14:33

Blondie Bifocals

Oh and any further comments should be made in the "Multifocal for Presbyopia and other conditions" thread.

Soundmanpt 18 Feb 2014, 14:31

Blondie Bifocals

You are quite far from blind. However you do have a decent amount of astigmatisms. I think your younger sisters will find that your glasses don't work as well as they may have thought with first trying them on? It's very possible that they both may need glasses and very possible they to need plus prescriptions, but I think after they have your glasses on for a while they may soon both get headaches because of your astigmatisms. It would be near impossible that they would not only have the same CYL numbers but that the axis numbers would also be the same as you wear. But there is no harm in their trying them. They both probably need to get their eyes checked so they can get the proper glasses for their eyes though.

Speximann 18 Feb 2014, 11:41

Christi Paul Never seen her even close to glasses, Too Bad, she would rock spex! For those who were wondering what she might look like these will help, a little.


Lv2c4i 18 Feb 2014, 07:35

Not only is Mika again in glasses this a.m., but there's been a fair amount of chat about them. Apparently her mother tweeted a message saying that she (the mom) really didn't like the frame choice (with so many pretty frames out there, why those). Mika again responded thta, "Hey, I can see"). and there's been some other chat about tweeted opinions, pro and con regarding the glasses and the frame style.ete

Blondie Bifocals 18 Feb 2014, 01:25

I got my first prescription at 21 and it has changed very minimally!

Blondie Bifocals 18 Feb 2014, 01:20

Fuck! I'm Blind! My current script is the folowing:

OD +1.00, -1.00 Ax 90 add 1.00

OS. +.50., -.75 Ax 85 add 1.00

I'm in my early thirties. Two of my younger sisters tried on my glasses and said my glasses made things just pop. I have four pairs of specs so I lent each of them a pair. It'll be interesting to see if they benefit from them as well. Long have you needed them?

Speximann 18 Feb 2014, 00:59

Jenny McCarthy-Friday

Speximann 18 Feb 2014, 00:56

More Mika, Like these frames better-

Speximann 18 Feb 2014, 00:54

Mika from Monday Morning

Carlos 17 Feb 2014, 23:03

Blackwell looked great in his glasses. Hope he keeps wearing them when he is "on the air".

 17 Feb 2014, 09:43

I too would love to see pictures of Christi Paul wearing glasses. It would seem highly unlikely that she went through the rigors of law school and has somehow maintained perfect vision.

Lv2c4i 17 Feb 2014, 07:00

On CNN over the weekend, early morning co-anchor Victor Blackwell was wearing glasses both Saturday and Sunday. Hope his anchoring partner, Christi Paul, follows suit and anchors in eyewear one of these days.

Lv2c4i 17 Feb 2014, 06:56

Monday morning and Mika back in her glasses. Some suggesting on Twitter she's wearing different frames--a softer brown rather than the severe black...and comments are varied, both positive and negative regarding the spex. As an OO (sub-group: frame fanatic), I like 'em and hope she wears them regularly if not daily.

Engelbert 15 Feb 2014, 10:19

She has fluctuated between glasses and lenses for some time now.

Aubrac 15 Feb 2014, 03:09

Just been watching Newswatch on Saturday morning BBC News and the usual presenter, Semira Ahmed, was sporting a nice pair of rectangular brown frame glasses with what looked like about -2 lenses. Have not seen her wearing glasses before so maybe a contacts wearer or possibly a newbie glasses wearer.

Last week Kate Silverton on BBC Lunchtime news had new glasses, a nice quite large squareish frame. The rimless pair she has been wearing for several weeks look like varifocals, and maybe this is a new pair of varifocals in a larger lens style. She has in the past worn many different frames but all with fairly small lenses so maybe prefers the larger lens for a bigger reading area.

Lv2c4i 13 Feb 2014, 07:21

And she's back! Mika Br. on msnbc is back in her glasses this morning. She seemed half awake as show started as if maybe she didn't have time to put in her contacts. But then, she mentioned that they (the control room people?) had said that she'd done a terrible job yesterday trying to read without wearing the glasses. And we'll see what tomorrow brings.

 12 Feb 2014, 19:02

Surprised no one has mentioned Bob Costas' well publicized eye issues. He showed up on the first day of the Olympics wearing glasses, saying he had a minor eye infection and couldn't wear his contacts. Doctors told him it should clear up by the weekend. Well it kept getting worse and spread to both eyes, and he took last night off because he could barely see. His eyes looked painfully red and swollen, hope it's nothing too serious.

Soundmanpt 11 Feb 2014, 13:59

Mika more than likely had a contact problem that forced her to wear glasses for several days. Her commenting that she was now able to see the monitor i'm sure was true. but i'm also sure that there was no way she could see it without contacts either. So if she was trying to make it seem that she usually doesn't wear correction you can tell that her glasses are strong enough that she can see very little without them or contacts.

Ardief 11 Feb 2014, 12:20

Alas and alack....Mika was was back to her bare-eyed self this morning. Oh well, it was sort of fun while it lasted.

guest 11 Feb 2014, 12:13

Mika on video -

Carlos 11 Feb 2014, 07:35

Sighting---Jeff Glor CBS News-----nice dark framed glasses. Much better haircut. Hardly recognized him----looked good.

Speximann 10 Feb 2014, 12:17

Jenny McCarthy

Don't think it's visible on this cap (not great quality)These frames have tiny sparkles on the top portion of the front. Not over done- just kinda neat.

Speximann 10 Feb 2014, 12:10

More Mika

Speximann 10 Feb 2014, 12:08

Mika from this morning

Lv2c4i 09 Feb 2014, 14:49

It had been a long time since Mika wore her glasses on the air. During the show, several of her co-hosts complimented her glasses as very attractive. And she, several times, made comments such as "Now I can finally see the monitor." While those comments might indicate she will continue wearing the glasses on the air, I rather doubt that she will. We'll see.

Ardief 07 Feb 2014, 06:23

Currently on "Morning Joe" (MSNBC) Mika Brzezinski is wearing conservative, but still quite fashionable glasses with a significant minus prescription.

Speximann 04 Feb 2014, 23:57

Jan, Nice caps of Ms Uls. She looks great with her glasses. Thanks

Soundmanpt 04 Feb 2014, 11:31


Nice find of Miss Puls. I wonder if anyone knows if she usually wears glasses or just now and then? The You Tube post and the stills are from 2 different times because of how she is dressed as well as how she has her hair. Great fin as she is very attractive.

Jan 04 Feb 2014, 04:22

Stephanie Puls Germany N24:

Lv2c4i 01 Feb 2014, 08:45

Thanks to Speximan for the collection of high quality caps of Erica, Savannah, Carol, and Jenny. And I agree with you regarding Jenny McCarthy. Unlike the others listed, who seem to have one pair of "current" glasses (and thanks for the pix of Savannah's glasses "evolution"), Jenny McCarthy seems to have a small wardrobe of frames of various shapes and color variations form which she chooses the "frame-of-the-day". Katie Couric and Gayle King both also have quite a wardrobe of spex that they use from day to day.

Speximann 30 Jan 2014, 23:30

More Jenny-

can't help it, I think she's one of the hottest GWGs out there.

Speximann 30 Jan 2014, 23:26

Jenny McCarthy from "The View"-

Speximann 30 Jan 2014, 23:18

More Erica-

esp. like this one-

Speximann 30 Jan 2014, 23:15

Erica Hill-

Speximann 30 Jan 2014, 23:12

still more Savanah-

Speximann 30 Jan 2014, 23:08

More Savanah, I think I like these frames, she is rockin the glasses.

Speximann 30 Jan 2014, 23:05

Carol Costello

Ashliegh Banfield

Savanah Guthrie

 30 Jan 2014, 16:21

Here she is:

OnLooker 30 Jan 2014, 11:13

Tunisia's Minister of Tourism

Lv2c4i 30 Jan 2014, 07:25

CNN's Carol Costello is again wearing her glasses this morning--at least as she reports from the frozen-over Atlanta streets. I suspect she'll keep them on when she does her turn as anchor at 9 a.m. She may be wearing glasses as she's somewhat stranded by the weather and traffic mayhem that she's reporting on.

Carol Costello is a longtime glasses wearer (as far as back as the last time large frames were fashionable). In her case, I think the bold black frames are flattering: they hide some of the facial signs of her aging and, as trendy, they also give her a contemporary appearance. (I do not think those same frame would be as attractive on Savannah Guthrie, for instance.)

guest 29 Jan 2014, 13:21

Carol Costello was wearing her glasses again this morning. She looks really great in them!

Speximann 28 Jan 2014, 10:26

Carol Costello on CNN with large black frames this morning as well. Caps of Erica,Savanah, & Carol on the way.

Lv2c4i 28 Jan 2014, 08:28

Thanks for the heads-up on Savannah. I think the brown tortoise shell frames are a lot more attractive on her than the darker solid brown and/or black ones. Also this shape seems to suit her face very nicely. On Twitter, Savannah mentions that her frames are from Warby Parker. I hope that someone will post some caps.

BTW, Erica Hill also wore her glasses on Sunday. Hers are the darker color and I wonder if she might benefit from Savannah's frame stylist.

NYC O^O 28 Jan 2014, 07:25

This morning on the NBC Today Show, Savannah Guthrie wearing a new pair of brown plastic glasses showing her significant cut-in. Amazingly, very few power rings noted, unlike some of her previous pairs.

Slit 25 Jan 2014, 20:52

Not exactly a TV presenter but seems to contribute to few TV programs:

Katherine Timpf

Aubrac 25 Jan 2014, 06:59


I stand corrected - maybe it was just the look, shape and plus glasses that made me think she was.

The lovely Kate Silverton was on Friday lunchtime news and still wearing her rimless glasses. She always used to appear in different glasses nearly every time she was on but seems to be sticking with the rimless.

I'm pretty sure they are varifocal as my wife wears plus rimless varifocals, and when Kate turns her head the top to bottom image distortion is very similar, maybe also why she sticks with them.

til 25 Jan 2014, 04:54

the pictures mentioned in the previous post

minus5wholuvsgwgs 25 Jan 2014, 03:25

Many people seem to think this is for news readers isn t it for people in the news?? Anyway yesterdays Daily Mail pictured Pippa Middleton sister of the Duchess of Cambridge in low minus??

NYC O^O 24 Jan 2014, 09:07

Darlene Rodriguez anchor of WNBC "Today in NYC" wearing her glasses this morning. She must have trouble wearing her contact lenses with the cold weather.

 20 Jan 2014, 19:47

Yeah "asshole" keeps popping up using all sorts of names. He should just stay with his real name of "ASSHOLE" that suits him best.

AVOID 20 Jan 2014, 15:36


Gayle 20 Jan 2014, 15:05

This is terrific !!

Astra 16 Jan 2014, 08:55

I think Segolene Royal has rx about -4

Astra 16 Jan 2014, 08:52

Because of recent news about Hollande-Fayet . I find out Segolene Royal is also a GWG

Slit 13 Jan 2014, 02:48

More erica hill

Slit 13 Jan 2014, 02:47

Dylan is totally my type!!!

here is another colleague of her: Erica Hill

Speximann 12 Jan 2014, 13:58

Dylan from about 2 mounths ago.

Ellen 12 Jan 2014, 09:32

Hi Aubrac. I'm pretty sure, no actually I'm 100% certain, that Katy Brand isn't Jo Brand's daughter

g 11 Jan 2014, 13:11

A video of Dreyer in glass -

g 11 Jan 2014, 12:56

Mr Cockeyed 11 Jan 2014, 12:21


I agree with you, Erica Hill is to beautiful a woman to wear those heavy black rimmed glasses. U know the trend is to wear those so called "BOLD" frames starting with the B&L Wayfarer, but a more feminine frame, even in black or some other color would look great.

The other lady, Dillon Dryer is also very nearsighted, and if they all wore glasses it would be a great show

Maverick 11 Jan 2014, 09:14

Enjoyed watching this lady being interviewed this week on BBC Breakfast

Lv2c4i 11 Jan 2014, 07:44

NBC's Erica Hill is wearing her "geek" glasses again this morning. The last couple of time she's worn them, there were no caps--maybe this morning? And, her frame choice, while stylish with the current trends, I do not find real flattering, but then "different strokes for different folks" and any spex are better than none, no?

Aubrac 11 Jan 2014, 07:13

Kate Silverton seems to be ticking with her new rimless glasses which as already mentioned may be varifocals as she does seem to look through the lower half of the lens when reading news copy.

Watched Saturday Kitchen on BBC this morning and Janet Street-Porter was on. She used to wear double figure minus glasses but don't know if she has had Lasik or is in contacts. Either way to do her kitchen preparation she had to wear about +4 glasses but didn't seem to use them much for distance.

Also on the programme was comedienne Jo Brandt's daughter, she was wearing all the time a large slightly nerdy frame with a left lens of about +3 and right lens with maybe just cylinder correction.

Soundmanpt 07 Jan 2014, 12:30

New Anonymous

I think we are talking about the same channel. I checked after seeing your post to see exactly what the channel is called and it is "The Jewelery Channel" I hate jewelery but I plan on switching over every now and then to see if I happen to catch either of these 2 ladies demoing their products.

have you noticed that more and commericals are featuring young women wearing what appears their own real glasses for many different products.

It's about time that they figured it out that more women now wear glasses then the few that don't.

New Anonymous  06 Jan 2014, 07:28


It was 0n Channel 49 Jewellery Chanel in the UK. The woman I saw was blond, she later referred to wearing glasses as she was having arrest from contacts. She said she looked like a sexy teacher! I will need to keep a look out for the dark haired woman you saw if she was on the same channel!?

Soundmanpt 05 Jan 2014, 22:24

New anonymous

Intersting! Yesterday when i was just searching through channels on my TV I happened past that channel and saw an attractive young woman wearing a nice pair of black plastic frames as I recall she had dark longish hair? I watched for several minutes but since I don't usually watch that channel, no real interest in jewelery, I got bored watching even though she was nice to look at.

But from what you say, you do watch more often and her wearing glasses is not a normal look for her? So I may have to switch over more often to see if she continues wearing glasses or if she maybe just had a contact problem and she can't see well enough without correction.

Does it sound like we are talking about the same young lady?

New anonymous  05 Jan 2014, 17:54

Don't know if this is the right place to post. i have just seen Gemma Hadley on the Jewellery Channel wearing glasses, I have never seen her with them before!! Wow. I hope someone can find pics.

Carlos 05 Jan 2014, 14:27

Sighting---Dan Marino on NFL Football. Readers!

Carlos 02 Jan 2014, 06:53

Hari had the glasses on briefly on PBS Newshour. Minus lenses.

GreginColo 01 Jan 2014, 23:35

Wow, te we must have found the same link at the same time. He is a very high profile, much photographed man, so must always be in contacts when in public, except the one day I saw him on his show, and his glasses looked quite strong although no real closeups that day. It must be a personal thing for him, as MSNBC has a number of other handsome myopic anchors who often, or always, appear in glasses, such as Steve Kornacki, Chris Hayes, Ezra Klein, to name a few.

GreginColo 01 Jan 2014, 23:29

Found this recent quote from Chuck Todd, so evidently he did not get lasik.

"Look, my eyesight is so bad the contacts are not enough. If I could have handled bifocal contact lenses I would have had them."

Read more:

tinyeyes 01 Jan 2014, 23:26

Sounds like Chuck Todd still has the contacts for myopia, according to this article. Now if we could only find pics with him wearing them!

 01 Jan 2014, 22:56

Ruth Carol Silver, known for many things... including her glasses'

GreginColo 01 Jan 2014, 21:40

Carlos, in ref to you post on Chuck Todd; this was several years ago already and one Monday morning on his morning show he was wearing ultra strong minus glasses, that had a lot of reflection and flash to them, especially whenever he turned his. They seemed to have less close-uo shots that day, but I would guess his glasses were easily in the - teens. I went into work a little late that day so I could watch the whole show. So I anxiously tuned in the next morning as I was getting ready for work, and there was someone else, Luke Russert I think, filling in for him. The following Day, Wed, Chuck was back with no glasses and I have not seen him in them since. It made me wonder if he had Lasik later that first day, took the following day off, and then was back. Did anyone else catch this or ever see him in quite strong minus glasses. Would be curious to know what his Rx was/is. And just BTW, I think he is a great anchorman.

tinyeyes 01 Jan 2014, 19:36

Looked up Hari but didn't find much -- were his glasses plus or minus?

Carlos 31 Dec 2013, 19:20

Sighting---Hari Svreenivasan on PBS News Hour. Looks good in his black framed glasses.

Carlos 31 Dec 2013, 14:57

Sighting---Chuck Todd, NBC News, wearing OTC reading glasses.

Oscar 31 Dec 2013, 08:07

Camilla Long, journalist at the (London) Times and Sunday Times:

There are quite a few clips of her on youtube.

Lv2c4i 31 Dec 2013, 07:46

Here as 2013 draws to its end, wondering if anyone has caps of Erica Hill from Sunday...seems as if some of the newswoman cappers do not post spexy pix...sighhh.

Also, any thoughts as to the top "sightings" of public figures in glasses this past year?

Milo 29 Dec 2013, 23:20

post deleted - spam

Soundmanpt 29 Dec 2013, 14:14


It probably would be because I am pretty sure that Lester wears his for reading purposes and Erica is nearsighted so they would both be pretty lost with each others glasses.

Carlos 29 Dec 2013, 14:00

Maybe Erica and Lester could trade glasses for one show. It might be entertaining.

NYC O^O 29 Dec 2013, 13:00

Erica Hill wearing her myopic glasses, about -3, this morning on NBC Weekend Today.

BBC watcher 28 Dec 2013, 17:24

Kate Silverton reading the news in a new pair of rimless specs tonight. Quite a large lens depth so wonder if they might be varifocals? She is a 43-year old hyperope so wouldn't be unusual.

Aubrac 22 Dec 2013, 05:14

Nice Guardian journalist named Helen Pidd on yesterdays BBC Breakfast News. She has a small face but was wearing quite large square dark frames with about -2/-3 prescription.

Worth looking out for.

Aubrac 20 Dec 2013, 06:36

BBC Breakfast News

Steph looked great in her quite large black framed glasses.

Could not detect much of a prescription, maybe low plus with some cylinder but difficult to tell.

Lets see anymore pics of her.

BBC Breakfast 20 Dec 2013, 02:30

The lovely Steph McGovern, business news presenter on BBC Breakfast was wearing specs for the first time on screen today. She is getting loads of compliments on twitter! @stephbreakfast

Soundmanpt 14 Dec 2013, 12:37

Wow! I remember her from her MTV days She was brave enough back then when you never saw any hotties wearing glasses on TV to not only wear glasses but she wore them full time.

Sorry i missed that.

Guido 14 Dec 2013, 08:54

Was strumming the channels last evening. Fox business had a show, "The Independents", that featured Kennedy as the moderator. Had not seen her for a few years. She looked very nicely bespectacled.

Aubrac 13 Dec 2013, 04:41

Julia George a presenter on BBC Radio Kent often has a short slot on the BBC TV breakfast show asking viewers to phone in on various subjects.

She usually wears contacts but the other day was sporting a nice pair of rectangular frames with wide side arms. Use to reckon her about -3/-4 but with more cut-in now and could be -5.

nc 11 Dec 2013, 09:44

Savannah looked absolutely stunning with those glasses. Hope she continues to wear them now and then.

MisterMild 11 Dec 2013, 00:13

More spam immediately below

 10 Dec 2013, 23:44

post deleted - spam

Soundmanpt 10 Dec 2013, 12:58

I keep watching each morning to see if Robin Meade is wearing her glasses, but sadly it has been a good while since has. The funny thing is there is a promo for her morning show and a quick shot of her wearing glasses while she wasn't on air. my guess is a shot of her arriving at the station. She has said that she usually wears her glasses to work and then puts on the contacts while in makeup. That was how she ended up having to wear her glasses the first time, because she had forgot to put her contacts in her bag, and the poor girl can't see the prompter without correction.

 10 Dec 2013, 12:02

Looked like Ashleigh Banfield was wearing different frames than her usual ones on her show yesterday.

NYC O^O 10 Dec 2013, 07:47

NBC Today Show's Savannah Guthrie wearing new larger style frames with significant cut in right now. Earlier this morning local NBC News 4 anchor Darlene Rodriguez was also wearing glasses. Not a good contact lens day at NBC NYC.

Revolver 06 Dec 2013, 21:18

Here in the colonies, the NBC Today morning show often has a tech reporter on named Katie Linendoll. Too late to catch it now although it's probably on the web somewhere, but she is a GWG hottie. Young, vivacious and intelligent, never ever seen w/o glasses. A real big frame wardrobe, this morning it was white cateyes with a black overlay. She apparently has a low minus with enough cylinder to make glasses her choice over contacts, a real delight to see.

MTN 04 Dec 2013, 21:44

I saw Ginger Zee once again, either last Sunday or the Sunday before, in glasses in studio, in front of her monitor.

Any idea of her prescription? Looked minus, but if she is using them for computer work, maybe I am wrong and they are plus?

Lv2c4i 02 Dec 2013, 08:43

News shows have been featuring stories about the "Glasses for Noah" website and effort. Part of it is an encouragement for folks to show Noah their glasses.

Saturday, on Good Morning America, all the hosts did appear wearing glasses on the air for a quick look after they did the Noah story. However, cannot find caps or otherwise on line.

The TODAY show also did a report on Noah this morning, however, there was no eyewear appearance on the part of the women hosts (Tamron Hall and Natalie Morales).

Looks like various local stations around the country have also done their reports (w/ and w/o spex) on this story.

Soundmanpt 29 Nov 2013, 01:27

Don't waste your time opening the post below mine because it is yet another from Ralph the radio guy or whatever. He / she insists on putting this crap up for some reason. Just a real pain in the ass.

I only hope he / she finds an audience that is interested in the bullshit.

 28 Nov 2013, 12:35

Lv2c4i 27 Nov 2013, 07:44

No one has posted pics of Lisa Guerrero, but I've found that her Twitter page and posts have some shots (and comments both from her and others) of her and her spex. Twitter also offers other eyewear shots--public folks (actresses, news personalities) seem to post their glasses pix these days. Check it out and enjoy.

Soundmanpt 26 Nov 2013, 02:11

Has anyone noticed that just recently Lisa Guerrero of "Inside Edition" has started wearing her glasses when he is interviewing celebs? Seems she has been wearing contacts for many years I even found a childhood picture of her wearing glasses. But interesting that her glasses don't appear to be very strong. Not lot of closeups of her with them to really judge. At least I didn't find any.

Also there seems to be more and more commericals featuring attractive young women wearing glasses and in nearly every one the glasses seem to have prescriptions.

Soundmanpt 21 Nov 2013, 12:47

Yes I totally agree after viewing that video of S.E.Cupp. Looking through her left lens you can really tell that she is nearsighted by how minimized everything in the background appears.

nc 21 Nov 2013, 12:36

i watched the Andrea Mitchell videos and she appears to be mildly nearsighted. nice frames.

Yoyo 21 Nov 2013, 01:17

SE Cupp looks like around a -2. Not what I'd call "strong," but certainly a real enough prescription to want to wear all the time.

SE 20 Nov 2013, 23:13

looks like a pretty decent prescription to me:


Gino 20 Nov 2013, 17:39

Soundmanpt and aviator -00-

Agree her prescription does not look strong. But she might have quite some astigmatism, which not always shows in pics of people in glasses. Astigmatism is tough to correct with contacts, and her glasses do not look heavy so she might as well enjoy perfect vision on a full-time basis thanks to glasses.

Lv2c4i 20 Nov 2013, 17:22

Tho today she was back to bare-eyed , for the past couple of days NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell did her MSNBC afternoon show and reports wearing her glasses(why, I wonder). She's not exactly a "hottie", but she did look quite attractive in the glasses she wore.

On the "hottie" front, Fox Sports reporter, Katie Nolan was wearing her glasses earlier this week. Caps are at

Carlos 17 Nov 2013, 21:53

Don Lemon of CNN appeared to be wearing lined bifocals today.

Soundmanpt 16 Nov 2013, 17:03

aviator -00-

I wonder if there may some early pictures of her before she started wearing glasses around? But your as far as I know i have never seen her without her glasses and like you say they don't appear to have mush of a prescription. But she clearly is a very attractive young lady so maybe she figures wearing glasses provides her a more serious look. Interesting that there seems to be a picture there from the distance of her holding a rifle and she isn't wearing glasses.

aviator -00- 16 Nov 2013, 16:30

Sarah Cupp, American tv presenter. The rx (minus, I think) seems very weak, and yet virtually all the photos of her show her in glasses.

Soundmanpt 14 Nov 2013, 12:19

Last night Lynn Berry was wearing her glasses on HLN. She kept them on the whole show. She was just walking around a panel of people that she was only going around to holding a mic so they could respond. Meaning she wasn't reading anything so I would assume that her glasses aren't readers and she must be nearsighted. Sadly though they never had any closeups of her so there was no way to even have a guess at how strong her glasses are.

Lv2c4i 12 Nov 2013, 08:11

Unfortunately, it is reporting regarding the destruction from the typhoon in the Philippines that has prompted two recent eyewear appearances. Last nite, CNN reporter Randi Kaye was "in studio" while Anderson Cooper was away in Manila. Randi was wearing a new set of frames, tho she has appeared in glasses previously. She may be hosting the evening shows again this evening.

ABC's weather reporter, Ginger Zee, was seen last Friday in glasses in a report where she was watching the storm progress on computer monitors. Online (twitter) she mentions that she wears the glasses for computer work and instagram has a nice photo of her wearing her spex.

 11 Nov 2013, 16:55

Those frames Dana Bash was wearing are terrible. Good Halloween costume.

 10 Nov 2013, 11:57

Zoe Francois:;_ylt=A0PDoS5Eun9SUhEAmHmJzbkF;_ylu=X3oDMTIycjZuczhmBHNlYwNzcgRzbGsDaW1nBG9pZAM3MzA3M2E2N2ViZTU1NDk0ZWFlNDYwODA3NmJkMTEwOQRncG9zAzkEaXQDYmluZw--?

Pseldonymov 07 Nov 2013, 18:11

Another Russian blonde woman with glasses:

Who watch Russian TV please can you tell her name?

Как её зовут?

Atropinlover 07 Nov 2013, 12:43

Yes, she's still active in TV Sat1 Frühstücksfernsehen as news presenter, i like her too, some time ago she wear white frames, her prescription is not sooo weak, cute!

fred 06 Nov 2013, 15:49

Another one of Ina:

Is she still active as presenter?

Jan 06 Nov 2013, 03:20

Probably posted before, but so what...

Ina Dietz SAT 1 Frühstücksnachrichten (Germany)

Carlos 02 Nov 2013, 08:08

CBS News Jeff Pegues in a new pair of black plastic-framed glasses.

Lv2c4i 01 Nov 2013, 15:55

CNN's Dana Bash was wearing glasses the other evening (10/30). They were red cat-eyes with a fair amount of cut-in. Some comments were made on her twitter page/feed. Also on her twitter page is a link to a CNN video of a report she did (Sec'y Sibelius testifying/apologizing before a congressional committee). Near the end of that report she comes onscreen with her spex front and center.

Jose 01 Nov 2013, 11:01

Check Jeff Gillan at KSNV - 3. Looks like he has left readers behind for FT progressives.

Slit 27 Oct 2013, 05:31

Ruth Langsford (age 53) looks quite good with reading glasses even at this age. Unfortunately for us OOs, she got lens implants! :(

red dress and reading glasses:

her TV ad about lens implants:

Revolver 21 Oct 2013, 13:52

Thanks Brian, the USA Today article and the pix in the other ones with her new hip glasses give rise to a delicious situation. Her boyfriend was always pictured with rimless minus lenses, one wonders if she found his such an improvement she wore them often? Just saying...

Brian 20 Oct 2013, 18:59

This article talks about how her(Amanda Knox) eyes got worse in prison:

Jose 20 Oct 2013, 07:39

Gus Rosendale of NY NBC 4 sporting a new pair of black plastic framed glasses.

 20 Oct 2013, 07:15

I found some pictures of Amanda Knox wearing glasses:

Jose 12 Oct 2013, 07:07

Lester Holt wearing a new pair of glasses on the Today show this morning. Looking good in the new frames.

Lv2c4i 11 Oct 2013, 17:16

Been awhile since Melissa wore her glasses--on Twitter she says they are Oliver Peoples in response to a compliment and question...however, are there any caps?

Neil 10 Oct 2013, 01:44

Earlier today Fast Money on CNBC featured Melissa Lee in a stylish, updated pair (compared with what I can remember from the past--previous pairs seemed to have thicker lenses in a less flattering shape). In her case, glasses onscreen are fairly rare.

nc 07 Oct 2013, 10:53

Savannah Guthrie wearing her minus glasses this am on TODAY

gwgs 07 Oct 2013, 05:18

Why didn't the link work!!?? This should work now!

gwgs 07 Oct 2013, 05:18

I saw a lady called Idil Oyman being interviewed on Sky News over the weekend, and she was wearing a deliciously large pair of glasses which seemed to contain a not to immoderate prescription, but having searched for photos or videos on the internet, I can't find any aside from her profile pic on Twitter -

Carlos 06 Oct 2013, 21:56

Anderson Cooper wearing glasses tonight on "60 Minutes".

Soundmanpt 06 Oct 2013, 20:56

Has anyone seen the video of the young lady that quit her job in a most interesting way. She is 25, very attractive and she is wearing glasses throughout.

Go to "You Tube" and it is called "An interpretive dance for my boss set to Kanye West's Gone" video

Also if you look about you can find where she was a guest on The Queen Latifah Show" last Thursday. She was wearing er glasses on there as well. I did find manage to find other pictures of her that looks like they may have been from before she started wearing glasses.

Trust me she is worth looking for.

Someone with a better knowledge than I have may want to put them up even as i think there would be much interest in her.

Oh and she was offered a job working for Queen Latifah. She has not decided to take it though.

kisal 06 Oct 2013, 07:16

For those in the US, you can catch a rather pretty GWG as the current champion on the Jeopardy! game show. Cori Wilhelm who looks quite a bit like Amy on the Big Bang Theory won her game last Friday and will return on Monday, Oct. 7.

David R 28 Sep 2013, 14:29

Vanessa Feltz

Speximann 27 Sep 2013, 00:29

Robin Meade

Melyssa 26 Sep 2013, 15:49


Correction noted. :)

Yes, I still have drop-temples, 14 pairs to be exact. I have told my opticians to be on the lookout for them, along with cat's-eyes. If we do have any matching frames, they are probably from the Diplomat collection, but unfortunately that company is no more.

Soundmanpt 26 Sep 2013, 14:14


One can only hope so.

Revolver 26 Sep 2013, 14:07

Melyssa, I stand humbly corrected. Don't know where the hell I got the idea she was Canadian, probably had her confused with some other GWG I saw on TV. BTW, a year or so ago I asked how many drop temples you had and you responded immediately. I'm still rounding mine up, they're scattered in various places in my 400+ collection, someday will get a count and we can compare. One thing that's inevitable between the large numbers we have, there's bound to be duplications but also some that one has an not the other. Not trying to compete with you but at least we both dig drop temples.

nc 26 Sep 2013, 13:44

Does anyone know if any of the other women at HLN other than Robin Meade and Lynn Berry wear glasses?

Lv2c4i 26 Sep 2013, 07:44

Unusual aspect to Robin Meade's spexy showing this past Tuesday: she started the show bare-eyed, but put her glasses on about 15 minutes into the show and wore them for the rest of the show--check the caps on TvNewsCaps. Don't know if she gave any explanation of the shift.

Also, on the NBC bit from Sunday TODAY about glasses and styles, Kathie Lee Gifford talks about the expensive glasses she likes so much, but never puts them on. The style expert (Bobbi Thomas?) did a good job in choosing frames for the four anchors but little video of any except Erica Hill.

Melyssa 25 Sep 2013, 16:12


I have seen Carla Hall and her pretty frames a number of times on the show that she is a part of on weekdays, called "The Chew." I'm sure I would make her jealous of my collection, and maybe even versa vice concerning some of her frames. She was born not long after I began wearing glasses.

So what part of Canada is Nashville, Tennessee, her place of birth?

Revolver 25 Sep 2013, 14:45

This is not a news personality per se unless you consider a cooking show news, but no other thread fits either. There is a Canadian born celebrity chef named Carla Hall who has an unbelievable collection of glasses, wears a different on every day on a show that is on ABC 5 days a week. Yesterday it was white semi-cateyes, the day before large black plastic frames, can hardly wait to see today. It's hard to get a handle on her scrip as the larger lenses of course make them look stronger, the small ones not so much, best guess is in the -400 range. She's around 50 y.o. so they probably have a progressive add, but one thing sure is she is never without them.

Soundmanpt 24 Sep 2013, 13:08


Sure just my luck. I usually always check each morning to see if she is wearing her glasses and as far as I know it has been a good while since she has wore them. I thought maybe she was told my her staff not to wear her glasses anymore. Well anyway good to hear that must not have happened. I will watch tomorrow hoping for a repeat showing.

Speximann 24 Sep 2013, 11:40

This week keeps gettin better, Robin Meade on CNN HN wearing her glasses today. Caps coming.

 23 Sep 2013, 17:27

Erica's frames are fantastic. The best pair I've seen on her yet. Love the retro "geek chic" look that's in right now. They look very similar to a pair I have -

 23 Sep 2013, 14:28

The video on choosing glasses from Today -

Revolver 23 Sep 2013, 14:15

Also missed that Today segment, although am an avid watcher of that show living on the West Coast it's just too early to get up on a Sunday morning out here....or any other morning for that matter. Does anyone know where we can find it online?

Soundmanpt 23 Sep 2013, 11:36


Sorry I missed that show. Being Sunday I assume they only had pictures of the those women wearing their glasses at various times? So did the segment have other models in the studio wearing glasses or just a table with different styles of glasses available?

nc 23 Sep 2013, 10:11

Sunday on the Today Show they did a segment on glasses and style. They have really nice shots of Savannah, Erica, and Dylan with their nice minus glasses on. Also Matt, Al, and Lester wearing their reading glasses.

DC 18 Sep 2013, 16:48

I see that Kate Kinsella on BBC London has been investing in some modern glasses and looks better for it too. It makes the local weather more interesting

Speximann 17 Sep 2013, 01:08

More Erica-

Speximann 17 Sep 2013, 01:05

Erica Hill wearing new glasses. She absolutly Rocked this look. It looks like the frames are a Dark Tortise & I love this style. Hope there's more to come. Enjoy.

Minus5 16 Sep 2013, 21:38

I saw Erica Hill on the Today show on 9/15/13. She looked really exquisite in her large black conservative frames. They just really fit her well and were just perfect for her!

Revolver 16 Sep 2013, 14:16

Saw Erica, great frame, a large black roundish plastic of the type males wore in the 50's and 60's. I was guessing the rx at around -4.00 but no matter, she looks great.

But, she's really a hit or miss GWG. On Friday she did a feature piece and was wearing them, and then is the custom right at the end of the hour her weekend co-host comes on and they talk about the Saturday and Sunday shows. On Saturday she was not wearing them, but on Sunday she did. When she was on CBS she often wore smaller feminine black plastic frames but then quit cold and this is the first time I've seen her with glasses on Today. There was a spirited discussion on this thread when she was with CBS as to whether not wearing was her decision or one made by the suits at CBS.

 15 Sep 2013, 20:42

This morning on the TODAY program Erica Hill was wearing her low minus (~ -3.00D) glasses but Dylan Dreyer the weather girl was not.

Lv2c4i 14 Sep 2013, 09:00

Dylan Dreyer back to bare-eyed this a.m. Sighhhh. Last Sunday she was doing an emotional story about her brother (a wounded vet playing ball on team of vets): wonder if she was concerned about tears dislodging her contact lenses.

nc 10 Sep 2013, 11:18


Thank you for the Dylan Dreyer posts! its good to see a real prescription on tv!

Varifocals 10 Sep 2013, 08:24

News Watcher.

I saw Kate Silverton reading the news without glasses.

She looks great now in her new ones

Crystal Veil 10 Sep 2013, 05:18


thanks for the Dylan Dreyer postings. I'd reckon she is around minus five.

Speximann 10 Sep 2013, 00:00

S.E. Cupp

Speximann 09 Sep 2013, 23:58

More Lynn Berry.

Gail King (Oprahs Buddy ) on CBS wearing glasses.

Speximann 09 Sep 2013, 23:54

From a few weeks ago Lynn Berry on CNN HLN

Speximann 09 Sep 2013, 23:50

More Dylan

Speximann 09 Sep 2013, 23:46

Dylan Dreyer on the Today Show Sun morning wearing glasses. Very nice.

nc 09 Sep 2013, 13:24

Can anyone find caps of Dylan Dreyer wearing glasses this weekend on Today Show? If so please share!

BBC Watcher 09 Sep 2013, 09:40

More new glasses for Kate today, very similar frame but if you compare the two you'll see these are very slightly narrower (takes a specialist connoisseur to notice something like that!)

BBC Watcher 09 Sep 2013, 02:34

New glasses for Kate Silverton over the weekend:

Speximann 08 Sep 2013, 20:52

Today Show Dylan Dreyer wearing glasses this morn. caps comming.

Slit 03 Sep 2013, 04:34

More armanian

Slit 03 Sep 2013, 04:32

Armanian media personality:

Slit 03 Sep 2013, 04:09

Mlaysian radio personality Kak Engku just before getting lasik.

but now she seem to wear some darkened glasses inside the studio, probably because eyes have become too sensitive to glare.

one may find more pics and vids on FB and Youtube

 31 Aug 2013, 09:53

Suzanne Malveaux from CNN -

Jose 29 Aug 2013, 11:09

Don Lemon wearing the half-frame readers again. Pretty sexy.

 21 Aug 2013, 19:58

Anyone seen Marie Harf who is a spokesperson for the US Department of State? Nice frames and a good article about them -

Pseldonymov 20 Aug 2013, 21:47

Tatyana Felgengauer

Pseldonymov 17 Aug 2013, 20:14

Anna Saakian

The Real Jaytx 13 Aug 2013, 13:20

To whomever has portrayed himself as me in the August 11 post, you might at least write something insightful or clever. (Too much time on your hands, Jamie?)

Lv2c4i 13 Aug 2013, 07:13

A You Tube search brings up vids of Frances Rivera in glasses. She looks very nice! She is, imho, one of the women who, when wearing glasses, looks very much different than without--she is an attractive woman either way.

On some other women, the glasses are more of an attractive enhancement, rather than altering her/their appearance. Not sure whether it's a matter of frame choice or something else like face shape, or....

Jose 12 Aug 2013, 19:52

Check Jake Tapper on CNN. Glasses sitting closely to him.

lazyeyelou 11 Aug 2013, 21:07

on new york cw11 another gwg sighting her name frances rivera.

Speximann 11 Aug 2013, 20:19

Lynn Berry on CNN HLN was wearing glasses again this morning. Nice. Caps forthcoming.

Jaytx 11 Aug 2013, 09:41

Don't mind me, I'm a Texas Redneck, redundant though it is.

Jose 11 Aug 2013, 07:09

In addition to hyperopia and presbyopia, Anderson deals with astigmatism.

Jaytx 10 Aug 2013, 15:20

True about the grammar/clarity issue. It inappropriately relied on a prior post to make it clear as to exactly what had become irritated. Since the un-named source is too anal-retentive to understand the less-than-perfectly-composed sentence, let me try again. It was Ms. Guthrie's EYES that had become irritated from having a banana cream pie thrown in her face by Jimmy Fallon, causing her to have to wear her glasses the next day instead of her contact lenses. Better now?

 10 Aug 2013, 09:29

"Savannah Guthrie was wearing her glasses today because they were irritated from receiving a pie-in-the-face from Jimmy Fallon."

I don't blame her glasses for being irritated by being given a pie in the face. Which face was that, the right or the left?

Alexandria 10 Aug 2013, 08:12

Does anyone have any clues as to what Anderson Cooper's prescription might be? Definitely presbyopic, but likely had some latent hyperopia.

Lv2c4i 10 Aug 2013, 07:14

In U.S., Lynn Berry is wearing her glasses on her Saturday morning gig as guest anchor of HLN morning show. She's gonna be on tomorrow, too...bare-eyed or spexy?

Pseldonymov 09 Aug 2013, 23:32

Svetlana Cheban, Ren TV reporter

Jaytx 09 Aug 2013, 23:23

Savannah Guthrie was wearing her glasses today because they were irritated from receiving a pie-in-the-face from Jimmy Fallon.

Nr Cockeyed 09 Aug 2013, 10:19

On the NBC Today show Savannah Guthrie was wearing her studious brown framed glasses. Her eyes looked bloodshot from over wearing her contact lens appliances. I wish she would wear her glasses more often. but we all know female American news ladies are shunned on wearing glasses.

Aubrac 07 Aug 2013, 07:09


You could be right and maybe a very short-lived try.

Kate was on the BBC 1.00 news today looking as lovely as ever and wearing her glasses!!

Eclipse 06 Aug 2013, 00:37

Maybe Kate Silverton wearing contacts will be short lived like a previous attempt in 2010

chrisb 05 Aug 2013, 17:39

I thought of posting this to seen on the web but the speaker is actually relating some very interesting and important information. In support of that she;s a very attractive GWG.

Aubrac 05 Aug 2013, 10:16

Shock, horror - was watching BBC lunchtime news last and the lovely Kate Silverton was presenting but with no glasses!!!

First time I have seen her without and think she may have started wearing contacts - a great loss to GWG if that is the case.

 05 Aug 2013, 05:21

Don Lemon was anchoring the Headline News afternoon show yesterday wearing a handsome pair of dark framed glasses that looked very attractive on him.

Brian 04 Aug 2013, 11:15

Erin Andrews got LASIK a few months back.. I guess we won't be seeing her in glasses anymore.

Lv2c4i 30 Jul 2013, 06:58

Lynn Berry was anchoring the Headline News afternoon show yesterday wearing a handsome pair of dark framed glasses that looked very attractive on her. Lynn is relatively new to the CNN/HLN networks (she moved from one of the other networks) and I think this may be her first time wearing her spex on the air. Wonder if anyone will post caps and if she'll be wearing them again today--I think she's subbing on that afternoon show all week.

Also, I noticed CNN's Susan Malveaux with a pair of glasses at her elbow last week, but so far, she's not been seen (captured) wearing them.

Carlos 29 Jul 2013, 06:12

No squinting by Lemon on Sunday. CNN must have moved the reading material farther away from his eyes.

Carlos 28 Jul 2013, 06:55

Heavy squinting by Don Lemon yesterday on CNN.

Jose 27 Jul 2013, 06:32

Thanks for the video link Presby. No doubt, Anderson is on a fast track to full-time wear. Presbyopia rules.

Presby 26 Jul 2013, 13:24

Jose, AC will be wearing glasses full time as soon as he can. He loves them. Check out this youtube with Kathy Griffin (in glasses herself) discussing his glasses. By the way, she is right on the frames. And hers are ok too

Lv2c4i 23 Jul 2013, 06:30

Last nite, while reporting on the minor airplane incident at New York's LaGaurdia airport, CNN's Kate Snow appeared on the Anderson Cooper show wearing glasses. Not sure Kate had ever before been bespectacled on screen? It was a brief report as the story was "breaking", but we can hope someone was/will be able to post some caps of this news sighting.

Carlos 22 Jul 2013, 04:45

No glasses for Don Lemon this weekend on CNN, but repeated squinting. What does this tell us?

Jose 18 Jul 2013, 04:41

On AC360 last evening, Anderson Cooper was using his glasses repeatedly to see up close. Could he be close to going full-time "on the air".

Carlos 07 Jul 2013, 19:53

Hey, it is just worsening Presbyopia for Don Lemon.

Jose 07 Jul 2013, 16:16

Beeaking news on CNN and another glasses wearing sighting for Don Lemon.

Fred 05 Jul 2013, 10:36

Any screen caps of Julia George? Very curious.

Aubrac 04 Jul 2013, 05:25

Julia George on UK South East TV is wearing her glasses more. Some nice new purply brown frames with about -4 lenses.

I think she is modelling herself on the lovely Kate Silverton as I was amazed at how similar they looked the other day.

Presby 03 Jul 2013, 18:35

Linda Cohn was holding halfreading glasses all though out sports center today, but did not see her put them on. Inevitably, she will

Speximann 24 Jun 2013, 05:26

Robin Meade is wearing Glasses this morning on CNN Headline News. Very Nice.

Colin 15 Jun 2013, 10:43

I don't think that I have ever seen Dick Engel in eyeglasses---only sunglasses.

Jose 12 Jun 2013, 05:10

Am looking for any pictures out there of NBC's Richard Engel wearing glasses.

Melyssa 11 Jun 2013, 09:55

Also, one of the female reporters of NBC10, Daralene Jones, who reported on that story again yesterday, has been wearing relatively large black frames with quite a cut-in in her lenses for several months now.

Melyssa 11 Jun 2013, 09:54

In a report over the weekend of the tragic building collapse in Center City Philadelphia on 6/5, the mayor, Michael Nutter, wearing his usual round metal frames, was talking to a TV reporter. Right behind him was a young blonde woman wearing this frame in black:

Astra 08 Jun 2013, 21:31

Terrilynn Monette (the missing teacher from Louisiana)

Lv2c4i 03 Jun 2013, 07:07

Thank you, Speximann, for the Savannah caps. I agree that she looks very good in the new spex. Also enjoyed other caps there by the Savannah pix, such as the several Kaley Cuoco postings. The caps are close-up and high quality. Keep 'em coming.

Jose 01 Jun 2013, 18:27

Tornado coverage seems to bring out the glasses for Don Lemon.

nc 01 Jun 2013, 09:38

I really love Savannah's glasses! Big and thick!

Speximann 01 Jun 2013, 09:28

More Savanah

Speximann 01 Jun 2013, 09:24

Savanah Guthrie-New Glasses, I Like.

Jose 31 May 2013, 19:02

WABC meteorologist Lee Goldberg appeared in glasses today. Looked to be plus lenses.

Lv2c4i 29 May 2013, 06:23

NBC's TODAY show host, Savannah Guthrie, is in glasses again this morning. And, she seems to have new frames--same shape but a reddish-brown color that is not quite as contrasting as the darker colored frames she has worn previously. Enjoy!

Carrie 26 May 2013, 06:08

Not only did you miss Sarah Michelle Gellar you also missed Ashley Tisdale

Abi Titmuss is only a year older than SMG but looks much older. SMG is prettier.

Maverick 26 May 2013, 05:38


No I missed that - thanks for the heads-up.

Re the Abi Titmuss pics I personally find her much more attractive dressed down and with glasses than in her glamour model days. Must be my age !!

Soundmanpt 25 May 2013, 21:29

Maverick did you happen to notice that on the same page as the one that you posted of Abi Titmuss wearing glasses in the right side there is a story about Sarah Michelle Gellar of Vampire Slayer's fame out with her daughter Charlotte and she too is wearing very real looking smallish glasses.

It seems more and more stars and former stars are being seen wearing glasses these days. I can only say it's about time!

Maverick 25 May 2013, 16:21

Abi Titmuss

the ex model out and about sporting some nice specs with proper prescription

Pseldonymov 24 May 2013, 22:48

Press Secretary of Ministry of Internal Affairs

Colonel Angela Kostuyeva, a police spokeswoman

Carlos 19 May 2013, 17:23

Heavy use of glasses by Don Lemon tonight. Appear to be multi-focals.

 19 May 2013, 09:12

I am interested about gina dejesus as well. speak up guys!

Jose 18 May 2013, 06:53

Lester Holt wearing a new pair of glasses on the Today Show.

News Guy 16 May 2013, 14:47

Although I don't want to make light of the Cleveland kidnapping tragedy, I must take a moment to comment that Gina DeJesus has some of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen, with and without glasses!

I thought I heard somewhere that her glasses were lost during the initial kidnapping and she went through the last ten years in a blur. If they were kept in a low light area, the blur would have been magnified making things much harder for her to see.

Would there be any long term effects from going that long without wearing your glasses? Based on the pictures, does anyone an idea what her prescription might be?

Newshound 14 May 2013, 14:21

My guess is the weather girl was Kate Kinsella - she was on both London and East Anglia too this morning and yesterday:

Aubrac 14 May 2013, 11:54

Julia George on BBC South East news this morning was sporting a nice new pair of glasses with thick side arms and they looked very nice on her. She sometimes wears glasses but mainly contacts and looks to be about -4.

She was followed but the weathergirl - can't remember her name, who was wearing about -6/-7 glasses.

Astra 10 May 2013, 03:33

Hua Chunying (1970-) she is Foreign Ministry Spokesperson of China (2012.11-)

very beautiful, so much blink is attractive. but clearly blinking too much. The most likely reason is she wears contact lenses and her eyes too dry. Because she did wear glasses in older photos.

some old photo. she was wearing glasses.

Astra 09 May 2013, 23:29

Carme Chacon

Astra 09 May 2013, 23:24

Carme Chacon in Pentagon.,_DC,_USA_(crop).jpg

Lv2c4i 09 May 2013, 06:20

NBC news reporter Kristin Dahlgren reported from Cleveland at about 8:02 on the TODAY show yesterday (5/8) wearing her glasses. And now this a.m., anchor Savannah Guthrie is again wearing her spex. Such sightings are always a treat (imho).

Britguy 08 May 2013, 07:19

Kate Silverton is doing the BBC lunchtime bulletin again today, but sporting different frames to yesterday

Melyssa 08 May 2013, 06:26

I saw Erin McPherson, Yahoo big shot, on WWE Monday Night Raw, wearing large cat's-eyes. So I am not the only woman with frames like that. They can be seen here in the first two rows of photos:

 07 May 2013, 13:41

Ashleigh Banfield:

Britguy 07 May 2013, 07:09

Lovely Kate Silverton reads the BBC lunchtime news today - bespectacled as ever!

ks 28 Apr 2013, 09:51

Camilla long -

Curt 27 Apr 2013, 07:48

Wendi Nix wore her specs during the entire NFL draft lead up show on ESPN last eve. No real close ups though...too bad ; she's a cutie!

Jose 21 Apr 2013, 16:16

Don Lemon squinting badly tonight on CNN. Where are his glasses?

Minus5 18 Apr 2013, 18:35

I like Savannah Guthrie's new frames. Much bigger than her last somewhat dated frames. The fit here well and have a nice minus correction.

NYC O^O 18 Apr 2013, 06:44

Savannah Guthrie wearing her minus fives this morning on TODAY show with new frames.

Astra 17 Apr 2013, 10:01

Diane Sawyer

Astra 17 Apr 2013, 09:54

Savannah Guthrie

Lv2c4i 17 Apr 2013, 07:48

If you watch Robin this morning, you'll see that she fusses and fiddles with her glasses more than she has in the past. Looks like she might be rapidly coming to the place where bifocals are useful.

On, you can find caps from this a.m.'s show which show glasses off and one where she seems to be peeking beneath the lenses--there are also some humorous captions on some of the photos. Seems the poster enjoys seeing Robin with her glasses on, too.

Speximann 17 Apr 2013, 05:31

Robin is on till 11;00 AM Eastern time.

Speximann 17 Apr 2013, 05:25

Robin Meade is wearing her glasses this morning on CNN Headline News. till 9:00 A.M. Lookin Great !

Guido 10 Apr 2013, 08:11

Isn't Erin at an age where presbyopia starts to creep up?

Lv2c4i 10 Apr 2013, 08:04

Well, it was fun while it lasted. On her Twitter feed, Erin Andrews posted a couple of notes yesterday about her "Lasik evaluation." She passed. So, her spexy days are likely numbered. Too bad as she is/was a great gwg! And she seemed willing to wear them on camera at least occasionally.

Curt 04 Apr 2013, 07:33

Some evenings Diane's eyes are extremely red. She probably needs a break from her contacts. Those are some big, bold black frames, though!

Lv2c4i 04 Apr 2013, 06:43

It was the 2nd evening in a row for Diane in her glasses. She is one, like Gayle King on CBS Morning Show, with an extensive wardrobe of frame styles. It seemed that the lighting last evening was better--perhaps they'd adjusted things so there would be less glare/reflection. While Diane has worn her glasses often on camera, this is one of the few times she has anchored the evening news show with them. We'll see what the rest of the week brings as far as eyewear (or bare).

 04 Apr 2013, 04:33

Did anyone catch Diane Sawyer in glasses on last night's evening news?

Carrie 31 Mar 2013, 19:16

Lucas - wow! She's beautiful. I find the French language very sexy (English spoken with a French accent is also sexy) so with her looks and wonderful glasses I'm liking her very much!

Lucas 31 Mar 2013, 10:07

Emilie Besse :

Jose 30 Mar 2013, 16:52

No glasses for Lemon tonight---just a lot of squinting.

Myopic Grant 30 Mar 2013, 10:54

I had NO idea Don Lemon was 47! I thought he was in his early 30's. I think he's really cute...

 30 Mar 2013, 09:42

Don Lemon is 47, and nothing to brag about looks-wise.

Jose 30 Mar 2013, 07:17

Don Lemon of CNN was wearing a very strong pair of readers. This man must be older then he looks. There was a lot magnification in these glasses.

 27 Mar 2013, 18:45

why do people make that crazy assumption? i've known many, many people with very bad eyes over the years who put off getting glasses, and then their first pair appears quite strong. this is not as unusual as you think, guyz!

Lv2c4i 27 Mar 2013, 07:27

Thanks for the Erin caps. I was glad she finally smiled in a few of the later shots as, even in glasses, she didn't look that fine in the first few pictures. Perhaps she was concerned or preoccupied with the preflight security lines and doings?

I noted that a local news anchor who wore her glasses for the first (and so far only) time for the newscast a few weeks back seemed very uncomfortable in them. Perhaps overly self-conscious? (One could presume from the strength of the scrip that they were not her first/new glasses).

FaNaTiKX 26 Mar 2013, 18:45

Erin Andrews - at LAX Airport 3/26/13

Revolver 26 Mar 2013, 15:20

And over on CBS, their This Morning show co-host Gayle King was wearing a different pair than I've seen, these were all silver metal, almost oval, kind of a throw back to the 90's. She's been wearing glasses quite often lately, even appearing in one of their promos with them, have seen 2 other pairs on her both contemporary plastic. Are was seeing a trend here? I hope,I hope, I hope.

nc 26 Mar 2013, 08:05

Savannah is wearing them again this am! I hope its just a trend and not the road to lasik :(

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2013, 17:05

I'm not sure if Savanna has been wearing glasses since she was a child or not but there is little doubt that law school likely didn't help her vision any. It would be interesting to know when she first got glasses?

nc 25 Mar 2013, 16:19

Savannah's glasses are hard to judge! from the front they seem to have good cut-in and from the side they dont show alot of power? Either way she looks dam good wearing them!

Jan 25 Mar 2013, 06:47

Cute interviewer Amy Kaufman (LA Times):

NYC O^O 25 Mar 2013, 06:10

Savannah's glasses have significant cut-in; at least:


NYC O^O 25 Mar 2013, 06:05

Savannah Guthrie wearing her myopic glasses on this morning's NBC Today show, right now.

Pseldonymov 08 Mar 2013, 10:57

Natalia Klark

kisal 02 Mar 2013, 16:00

Forgot the link to the Jeopardy! page:

and Sara's home page:

kisal 02 Mar 2013, 15:59

(For those in the U.S.)

There is a lovely GWG champion currently on the Jeopardy! game show: Sara Garnett has won three games and will defend her title this coming Monday, March 4. Watch and cheer her own!

Aubrac 02 Mar 2013, 06:39

Sorry to go on about this but I think Kate Silverton must be one of the loveliest ladies on TV - saw her reading the BBC lunchtime news yesterday wearing a black top, black dress, and black full frame specs - absolutely lovely!

Soundmanpt 24 Feb 2013, 08:57


That picture still isn't close enough to get a good look at her glasses, but her eyes don't appear any smaller and I don't see much of a cut-in. So I really doubt her glasses are anywhere close to -9.00.

Astra 24 Feb 2013, 05:08

a larger screen cap, than the "thumbnail" link phil gave before.

Astra 24 Feb 2013, 05:05

Re: phil 24 Feb 2013, 01:25

around -9 I think..

phil 24 Feb 2013, 01:25

ina dietz, the sexiest girl in german television.

every morning in the sat1 morning show as news girl.

high myopic!

Soundmanpt 21 Feb 2013, 09:56


I think there is a good chance that you might see Robin wearing glasses more often in the future. It was reported on another show about her return but also that due to the bone maroe transplant it has effected her vision and she was having a lot of trouble seeing the teleprompter and showed her struggling and squinting to see it. So she may soon be wearing bifocals.

Lv2c4i 21 Feb 2013, 06:47

After a period of being bare-eyed, Savannah Guthrie was sporting her spex on the TODAY show yesterday (2/20). Her spex prompted no comments that I heard from any of her mates. Today she is back to bare-eyed, but some caps from yesterday are probably out there....

Also, Robin Roberts returned to her Good Morning America gig after months of sick leave with a new set of frames for the reading glasses that she keeps at her elbow on the anchor desk. However, she very rarely is seen in the spex.

Astra 20 Feb 2013, 18:32

Marisol... It looks like her lenses have polished edges . no idea when she got these but probably in year 2011.

earlier images she have a different pair.

Astra 20 Feb 2013, 17:44

Re: Soundmnapt 19 Feb 2013, 08:58

some more images. (I don't have very recent ones currently, but screen caps from a video 2011.10)

A video was made a year after she first appeared in the news in 2010.10.

The family are now in a safe house in the United States, far from the border.

"It's hard, because we can't work and still live in fear. But better to be alive in the US than dead in Praxedis."

Moonshiner 19 Feb 2013, 18:16

Deleted some off topic posts, Posts giving a background summary of information about the person wearing glasses are ok. Any non glasses related disputes about the person should not be held here.

Stingray 19 Feb 2013, 09:47

This is a video of the woman who Astra was writing about. She is certainly a very attractive GWG

Soundmnapt 19 Feb 2013, 08:58

Astras post may seem off topic,but to the regulars in here we remember that the young woman she is giving an update about happens to be very attractive young woman that a number of pictures of her was posted in here. In all of her pictures she was wearing glasses with a decent prescription. I am glad for the update as i'm sure had she stayed on in her job she soon would have been tortured and killed. Even carrying a gun if her glasses were to get knocked off or taken from her she would not have been able to see well enough to shoot at them.

May she and her child have a long life here in the states.

I only wish Astra had some recent photos to go with the update.

Astra 18 Feb 2013, 23:03

some updates about Marisol Valles Garcia:

"The bravest woman in Mexico" as she came to be called, held the job for five months before death threats forced her to flee. Marisol fled Mexico before cartel killers could make their move, and is now seeking political asylum in the U.S.

Praxedis Guerrero a small town in El Valle de Juarez, is known as "one of the most violent towns in Mexico" Marisol's predecessor was tortured and then beheaded by sicarios, naturally nobody rushed in to replace him. Valles-Garcia a mother of one, took the position "I'm doing this for my people" she said "This is not for me, I'm tired of all the drug violence."

Upon taking the job, Marisol put out word that her office would police the community and not poke around in cartel business. That move bought her some time, but it wasn't long before death threats started to come in. Officers under her command reported that cartel sicarios were shadowing her every move. They advised Marisol to abandon her post and leave the town.

Perhaps with the deaths of Hermila Garcia-Quinones and Ericka Gandara on her mind, Valles-Garcia grew wary. When several black vehicles with dark tinted windows parked directly across the street from her office, Marisol made her choice. Within a few hours she had picked up her 1 yr. old son and crossed into the United States. To gain asylum status, one has to prove a "well- founded fear of persecution" With two female police chiefs already murdered, it would seem that Marisol Valles-Garcia has a good argument for asylum.

Our mothers, sisters, wives, aunts, are the keystones that we build our lives around. A healthy society, is one that holds its women in reverence, one that protects its women and children. Once that basic principle of morality and obligation breaks down, the social structure is forever damaged. Nothing is sacred and no good deed goes unpunished in a land ruled by a confederacy of brutes.

Astra 17 Feb 2013, 08:39

the disappearing elisa lam. before disapperance.

Soundmanpt 13 Feb 2013, 21:22


Yes I totally agree with you. Since she has been on the stand I have started to notice that every now and then you can see a very slight minification through her right lens looking at her hair. Shows a small cut-in that way.

It was interesting today because as she is getting closer to the actual killing she is starting to break down. Yesterday they delayed the trial because her family reported that she was a mess. And seeing highlights today she was crying quite a bit and removed her glasses several times to wipe tears from her eyes. Then at one point even cleaned them before putting them back on. I think there will be much more of that happening now as we are getting very close to the killing.

Pseldonymov 13 Feb 2013, 20:24

Nargiz Asadova and other women with glasses

Pseldonymov 13 Feb 2013, 20:22


Jodi Arias has prescription no more than -1.5.

Of course, far from -3. But not plano. In some of her pics you'll be able to see tiny power rings.

But I cannot understand why she changes her glasses. So many different frames.

Pseldonymov 13 Feb 2013, 20:19

Nargiz Asadova

Corey 13 Feb 2013, 15:58

Thanks all for the info/corrections.

Didn't know that Whitney Cummings was regularly wearing hers--so yes they may not be props after all. Perhaps, she and her producers, etc. think glasses 'work' well on her, particularly when doing fake news/comedy.

RE Katty Kay, any idea of her Rx? They look mild. It seems like when she does wear her glasses, they stay on throughout. I agree the frames suit her despite the nerd-inspired look. Obviously on all these news/talk panel shows she's not really reading anything. I was just wondering whether she is an original myope skipping the contacts nowadays...or is she a newer multifocal plus wearer discovering the need for hyperopia+presbyopia correction in her 40s.

Philosifer 13 Feb 2013, 13:00

Re Katty Kay

Actually, her first 'major' appearance for a who;e evening was Nov. 6. as she anchored BBC coverage of the US election results. After that she blogged a bit about how the progressives made her feel cross-eyed.

But it is great to see her wearing them again quite regularly

Yoyo 13 Feb 2013, 11:01

Re: Whitney Cummings. It seems like she's been wearing glasses on pretty much every episode of her new talk show, and I'm not sure they're props. It would make sense if she's mildly nearsighted and doesn't need to wear them most of the time, but when doing this one she needs to read the teleprompter and so wears glasses.

I agree, she looks very good in the various frames she wears, better than without glasses!

Lv2c4i 13 Feb 2013, 07:29

Katty Kay, BBC Washington, DC correspondent, appears fairly regularly on MSNBC's Morning Joe as one of their panelists/commentators. Maybe 6 weeks ago she appeared wearing glasses for the first time and the others made the typical sorts of comments on the new glasses (looking smarter, they're attractive, etc.) and she good-naturedly accepted it all.

Since then she has appeared sometimes bare-eyed, sometimes wearing the specs. I noted in her latest appearance she was wearing glasses and there were numerous close-ups of her bespectacled face. She has chosen a version of the fashionable nerd-style frames--dark and very out-front--and imho, they suit her better than others who choose the same styles. I have never seen any caps of her in glasses.

Corey 12 Feb 2013, 20:29

A couple of news or entertainment glasses events...

Whitney Cummings, on her E! show "Love You, Mean It" in an episode that aired late last month (I think January 23?) These were obviously props worn ironically I suppose, but very becoming.

Katty Kay of BBC America, on NBC's Meet the Press Feb 10. These looked real and she wore throughout the panel discussion. I don't know if she has worn glasses in the past, if this is a new thing for her, or her contacts weren't available. I could not tell what kind of prescription, but she is 48.

Any further info on these is welcome.

Soundmanpt 11 Feb 2013, 00:29


I do see that and it is very hard to tell what that could be, there is a machine behind her and I guess it could possibly be a section of that showing on her lens. Very hard to say? But as you can see there doesn't appear to be any sign of even a tiny bit of cut-in looking through her lens. This is not to say that her glasses are plano but I just think they are very, very weak and could be plus or minus even. But my guess is since she went on trial, this is the longest she has ever worn her glasses. It is interesting how much different she looks from 5 years ago when she was a smokin hot blond. This is a look that has been used quite often to really downplay the looks of these young females.

If you recall not long ago tere was another trial where a woman stabbed and killed her husband and she too claimed self defense. She was also a very pretty young lady but they too had her dress very casual, changed her hair color to dark, pulled it back into a ponytail and of course she now was wearing glasses and not designer glasses but very plain looking wire frame glasses that someone her age would never even consider wearing. She did manage to get her years reduced, she did not get off as she was trying to in the new trial.

Astra 11 Feb 2013, 00:09

then this image looks really strange. the white part inside the right lens may not be really the minified image. Could be caused by the camera itself !

Soundmanpt 10 Feb 2013, 10:42


I am quite sure her glasses are no where near -3.00. I have been watching everyday since she took the stand trying hard to find even a slight prescription and even with a nice new 60" HD TV she has virtually no cut-in at all. Their seems to be many shots of her looking off to her right, at the jury, so looking through her right lens I see no distortion at all.

I do recall a few days back when she was still at the table beside her attorney she pulled her glasses down her nose quite far and was looking over the top of them, but at the angle the camera was at it was hard to tell if she looking at her monitor or if she was looking in the distance. There must have been something she felt she could see better without her glasses. But other than that she has been very religous about wearing her glasses daily now. When her trial first began she wasn't wearing glasses, so to be honest I paid much less attention. Then one day when I tuned in and she was wearing glasses, then I started following it daily.

Melyssa 10 Feb 2013, 09:49

I think her best-looking frames are the ones from Thursday's picture at 3:02 p.m., dark with fade to the middle and clear at the bottom, like one of my large drop-temples.

Astra 10 Feb 2013, 07:55

Re: Soundmanpt 08 Feb 2013, 17:29

looks like about -3.

Soundmanpt 08 Feb 2013, 17:29


Have you noticed that really all of her glasses are not very trendy at all? I did see her one day at her trial wearing a much newer and more fashionable style of glasses but only that one time. It seems they really want to play down her looks as much as possible to make her look as average as possible. If you notice she has hardly any makeup on and her clothes have been very simple and loose fitting as well. Also as you say I have been watching her trial a good bit and even more now that she is on the stand and trying hard to see if she even has any prescription in her glasses. If she does it has to be a very weak prescription. I noticed once when she was at the desk that she even pulled them down her nose to look off the top of her glasses to look in the distance making me think they could be for close up. Little doubt that her attorney's have told her how to dress and maybe even picked out glasses for her as well. They want her to come across as the farmers daughter type.

Pseldonymov 08 Feb 2013, 15:44

Jodi Arias with other frames

She has small minus.

Pseldonymov 08 Feb 2013, 14:57

Lyudmila Narusova, mother of Ksenia Sobchak

 07 Feb 2013, 15:02

Nice frames, bad girl:,,20671432,00.html&h=400&w=300&sz=32&tbnid=IVGwMpA-8pHyzM:&tbnh=109&tbnw=82&zoom=1&usg=__EDJqVx9A8FgvzJt0Jkq4WBcj1y4=&docid=5CQgGLxO4nGbAM&hl=en&sa=X&ei=8xUUUa3SK_S90QH42oDgDg&sqi=2&ved=0CE4Q9QEwBg&dur=485

 07 Feb 2013, 10:30

Jodi Arias:

Lucas 02 Feb 2013, 19:54

For more pictures, just see those posted on her twitter account

Soundmanpt 02 Feb 2013, 19:10


I tried to find some other recent pictures of Broklyn Decker wearing glasses but could only find one from Dec 2011 and that looked to be just a posed shot for a photo shoot.

Lucas 02 Feb 2013, 17:45

Brooklyn decker definetly seems to love her glasses. In all her new pictures shes wearing them even though they seem extremely weak. Any idea on her prescription? less than -1 id say

Calvin 31 Jan 2013, 04:37

Brooklyn Decker. One of us???

Chris 30 Jan 2013, 07:39

Jose 25 Jan 2013, 20:09

Don Lemon was wearing a pair of half-frame readers. You know, he looked great in those glasses.

Pseldonymov 21 Jan 2013, 13:05

Edika Lyalina

Pseldonymov 21 Jan 2013, 13:04

Edika Lyalina

Pseldonymov 21 Jan 2013, 13:02


Soundmanpt 21 Jan 2013, 11:37


I have looked at several times and even some of the other videos as well and not much to go by only a couple of shots from the backside that you can get a peek through her left lens. There is a backdrop with writing on it and there appears to be a very slight distortion of the words in the background. But this could be caused by the angle as well. Probably just a very weak prescription, maybe a minus so she can see the any signs or prompts nearby.

lazysiow 21 Jan 2013, 10:00

Re: misty

You guys are all seeing a lot more than me, I was thinking plano for the most part.

May try it with new glasses, getting eye exammed today. Astigmatism power likely to go up and readded to other eye as well so who knows, afterwards I may see something new lol

Soundmanpt 21 Jan 2013, 00:02

This is a test.

Lv2c4i 19 Jan 2013, 06:45

TVHeads has about 2 dozen caps of ESPN host, Charissa Thompson, wearing her glasses. Most are very close up. Enjoy before they are taken down.

Aubrac 18 Jan 2013, 14:36

Yesterday morning Julia George was on BBC South Eastern TV wearing some nice glasses with about a -4.00 scrip.

She has appeared on TV before wearing glasses but it most usually in contacts.

Carrie 18 Jan 2013, 13:29

Misty is gorgeous!

Slit 17 Jan 2013, 23:41

re Misty Kingma

I checked a couple of vids.

Very hard to prove its progressive. In the previous video posted here, I could see a wave effect when people are passing by and glasses can be seen from behind...

I can guess she is wearing a + rx, but a very low power with some cylinder for sure.

When she is looking at laptop on the youtube videos she does not move the head like the normal progressive wearers do. May be she has bigger text on laptop screen or she just need glasses for prolonged reading only.

Biggest point i noticed was she is a cool girl and describe her on facebook page like this: "News Personality: Positively witty Entertainment Journalist who happens to wear glasses."

Cool girl. I like her :)

John S 17 Jan 2013, 22:34

I think the left lens is plus with horiz. cylinder. I don't see any sign of a progressive. Although, with that much cylinder it is tough to tell if a progressive is hiding in there.

Dan 17 Jan 2013, 19:54

Hard to tell but id guess progressive. She has many videos on YouTube as well

astigmaphile 17 Jan 2013, 09:46

Looks like plus cylinder with the rule to me.

Slit 17 Jan 2013, 05:02


Looks like progressive doesnt it?

lazysiow 16 Jan 2013, 13:22

 15 Jan 2013, 04:57

Thais... At 5.15 something happens !

Ashleigh... Nice quite close up...

Agata, with nice close up too

Aubrac 14 Jan 2013, 05:44

Sorry I got the name wrong. There is a very pleasant young lady who does the local southern weather report on BBC Breakfast news called Kate Kinsella.

Unfortunately she could only talk about snow this morning!

Pseldonymov 14 Jan 2013, 01:07

Elisa Landes, Israel

People, she needs your compliments. You can write them in English.

Dan 11 Jan 2013, 16:03

Wendi Nix wearing wayfarers (look very Warby Parker or Ray Ban) on NFL32 on ESPN2 Looking good!

Soundmanpt 11 Jan 2013, 09:11


Her previous glasses look very nice as well. They are semi rimless and appear to be a very weak minus prescription. Her new glasses look very nice but it is hard to tell anything about her prescription but you would assume she got an increase when she got her new glasses.

Smudge 11 Jan 2013, 02:27

The retail expert Clare Rayner was on the business section of BBC Breakfast this morning, sporting a lovely pair of frames:

She had the same pair on in this keynote speech at a conference:

Pseldonymov 10 Jan 2013, 21:10

Olga Prosvirova

Aubeac 10 Jan 2013, 12:33

Have you seen the BBC local south east weather girl reporter, I think her name is Shelley. She regularly appears about 8.30 always wearing nice frames with about -7.00

Lv2c4i 09 Jan 2013, 07:07

Regarding the prescription in her glasses, some weeks back Erin Andrews tweeted that her specs are in fact bifocals. Someone had commented about her "four-eyes" and she responded, "Actually it's eight-eyes, they're bifocals".

And there are some tweets following last weekend's reappearance of her specs encouraging her to wear them again.

Meanwhile, also on twitter, Robin Meade has posted a couple of pics of her wearing her "song-writing glasses." She is writing and recording her second country-music album. Sounds like she'll return to her news reader gig next week.

Pseldonymov 07 Jan 2013, 10:29

Saltanat Adylbek kyzy (5th Channel of Kyrgyzstan)

Soundmanpt 05 Jan 2013, 11:34


I have to say I am not a fan in anyway of the Kardashian's. But their new eyewear line does look good and they even look good modeling the glasses.

I thought you added quite a few new pairs this past year. Nothing in the world wrong with that.

Melyssa 05 Jan 2013, 10:48


1. I'm wearing the big black Kourtney Kardashian cat's-eye right now, but I will be switching to square black drop-temples by noon EST.

2. I spelled her name correctly because no one before did, referring to her as Krysten instead of Kyrsten, and I'm really not concerned about her looks or Sarah Pain's [sic]; just mentioning that most politicians are fat pigs, hence the "pork" term always used in CONgress.

3. 2012 was indeed an eyewear record for me, with 10 new pairs, 8 of which were cat's-eyes. Who knows what 2013 will bring? Blue cat's-eyes would be the main goal.

Soundmanpt 05 Jan 2013, 10:38


Looks like you need to clean your glasses my friend, that or just put on one the other 300 that you have. lol

If you notice you in both places you spelled her name the right way. I know you meant to say NOT Kirsten. I must agree I too find her much more attractive than Sarah Palin. Lets hope she keeps the glasses and doesn't go over to contacts.

So have to ask how many additions are you planning on for 2013? I think 2012 was a banner year for you with adding more glasses to your already huge collection.

Melyssa 05 Jan 2013, 10:18

About Kyrsten (NOT Krysten) Sinema:

1. Her parents were like mine when it came to naming their daughter -- using a "y" instead of an "i".

2. She doesn't look like a politician -- she's about 100 pounds too light.

Lucas 04 Jan 2013, 23:20

Erin andrews :

do they even have a prescription?

Brian 04 Jan 2013, 23:13

Yes appeared to be the same frames..

Lucas 04 Jan 2013, 23:02

To brian, same black frames as last time ?

Brian 04 Jan 2013, 22:48

Erin Andrews is wearing glasses again tonight hosting the Cotton Bowl.

Carrie 04 Jan 2013, 13:28

Krysten Sinema certainly is attractive - which is unusual for a politician!

kisal 03 Jan 2013, 07:13

And on one of the Krysten Sinema links, I found this pretty blogger:

kisal 03 Jan 2013, 07:10

Here is the hottest politician since Sarah Palin, Krysten Sinema, newly elected representative from Arizona:

A google image search on her reveals that nearly every photo has her in glasses.

 30 Dec 2012, 08:53

Remember there are others in the world too. Others who like seeing women squint because they aren't wearing their glasses. There's a large amount of us here as well. And we love to see Robin needing her glasses!

 29 Dec 2012, 21:05

At least she's getting the idea that there are many out here in TV land that are finding her incredibly sexy when she is wearing her glasses these days. And don't tell me she isn't loving it as well. I believe she really did have an issue one morning because of forgetting to have her contacts with her for work. And not being able to see well enough to see the monitor she didn't have any choice but to wear her glasses, but I don't think she had any idea so many would be so positive about her in glasses and good for her to be smart enough to not turn her back on the public outcry, but instead take it to heart and make wearing glasses at least a some time part of her attire now. I bet truth be told she is probably more comfortable wearing her glasses than the contacts anyway. That is likely what caused the mishap in the first place. She likely has a habit of wearing her glasses to the studio in the wee hours of the morning as her eyes are probably not yet ready to be sticking anything into them. But when she went to make the switch from her glasses to contacts and they weren't in her bag she was left with little choice. I'm pretty sure she probably tested if she could see the monitor or not without correction and she wasn't able to so the glasses were her only option.

Soundmanpt 29 Dec 2012, 20:52

I think we all know she is wrong about us not noticing if she were to start wearing her glasses everyday. Not to mention she of course could always have several pairs that she could change into from day to day. Not only would us guys be watching more but now even the ladies would be watching to see what glasses shes wearing each day.

Lv2c4i 29 Dec 2012, 07:27

Some comment about Robin's spex on her twitter stream. Several comments were positive and encouraging. One guy said that she should wear 'em everyday. To which she responded, "Then, you wouldn't notice." (Which kinda sounds like she'll wear her glasses occasionally, but not regularly. But then she also rotates other parts of her wardrobe: tops, belts, earrings, necklaces, etc.

One tweet suggested that her looking so hot and great in her glasses was prompting men throughout the land to get their wives to an eye exam so that they could also get hot eyewear.

TVnewscaps has their usually daily set of screen caps.

Soundmanpt 28 Dec 2012, 23:36


Damn I missed checking in to see if Robin could possibly be wearing her glasses. I have been checking each day and was rather disappointed that she hadn't been wearing them in a while. But its good to hear that she is still donning the glasses look every so often.

Speximann 28 Dec 2012, 22:40

Robin Meade wearing her spex this Morning, Rockin the Glasses again.

Jose 26 Dec 2012, 17:04

Seen more and more pictures of Anderson Cooper wearing glasses. Wonder when he will make the move to full-time wear?

Soundmanpt 17 Dec 2012, 10:40


Hard to tell, maybe it was her own decision to wear contacts more often, who knows. But I do well remember when she was first hired on with CBS doing their morning show she wore her glasses quite often. I would say 3 or 4 days out of a week. And before that when she did the overnight with one of the cable news outlets she often wore glasses then as well.

Lv2c4i 17 Dec 2012, 06:45

Hoped to find some caps of Erica in spex, but have come up empty. She had been "out late" the night before covering the big 12-12-12 concert benefit for hurricane sandy communities. Perhaps the late nite and early morning prompted the eyewear appearance. And none since.

She had very modern, large black framed spex. I thought they were really too large for her face, but it's what she'd chosen and weren't all that bad. They were actually akin to what I recall Ann Curry wearing (just once) some weeks back for her first post-TODAY show appearance. (Again, no caps.)

As far as Erica, I suspect that sooner or later, she'll again appear in her glasses.

nc 13 Dec 2012, 08:37

Erica Hill wearing large frame glasses this morning on the Today Show. Looks to have a weak minus.

nc 12 Dec 2012, 07:35

Last night on NBC nightly news Katy Tur, a reporter was wearing some moderate minus glasses.

lazysiow 11 Dec 2012, 00:13

Miss Capanella was one hell of a christmas gift, thanks :)

Carrie 10 Dec 2012, 11:42

Alyssa Campanella certainly is stunning! She couldn't see much when she took her glasses off in the video. Good choice of frames for her colouring.

Jose 10 Dec 2012, 05:43

On December 8 and 9---it was bow tie and glasses for Don Lemon.

Lucas 09 Dec 2012, 08:55

More from alyssa campanella. I have rarely seen such a stunning woman :

Chris 09 Dec 2012, 04:18

Lv2c4i 06 Dec 2012, 06:37

CNN's Robin Meade back to bare-eyed this morning. But, has about 30 caps from yesterday's show. Most are fairly close and front-on views. They show a wide variety of facial expressions and angles. There seems to be very little "cut-in" nor power rings which indicates very low prescription, right?

Also, yesterday the show's sports reporter wore glasses also claiming a contact lens misfunction. Robin mentioned that she was "starting a trend" and encouraged the financial reporter to put on her glasses if she had any, but there was no response to the invitation/quip, neither any specs nor any comment.

Soundmanpt 05 Dec 2012, 22:36

It sure is beginning to look that way. Shes already a beautiful women and now wearing glasses she is even more appealing. It seems there are many others besides the "eyescene" community that must feel the same way.

I think each time we see these beautiful ladies wearing their glasses on air is is putting another hole in that wall that says these women shouldn't war glasses on the air. That wall may soon crumble.

Lucas 05 Dec 2012, 10:41

It looks like she enjoys wearing them as she keeps retweeting positive commentaries on her glasses. If it was only up to her, im sure she would wear them all the time

Speximann 05 Dec 2012, 10:14

Robin's Looking Great! Three times now, Maybe a trend.

Lv2c4i 05 Dec 2012, 06:49

Robin Meade is wearing her glasses again this a.m. (12/5).

Soundmanpt 28 Nov 2012, 10:31

Lv2c4i and Mr. Cockeyed

I agree that for many of these women wearing contacts is the norm for them and so they of course are not going to wear glasses unless there is w real reason to. But in the cases of Erica Hill and Savannah Gutherie, both these young ladies when they first started doing the morning news were seen at least 50% of the time wearing glasses, but not long after they they became anchors the glasses were mostly gone. I agree that Robin Meade admitted that it was only due to her not being able to find her contacts that forced her to appear wearing glasses. And very understandable that because of the extreme early hour she has to be at work each morning she likely wears her glasses to the studio, goes to makeup and then switches to contacts and most likely wears contacts the rest of the day. Erin Andrews was spotted while working for the other network doing sideline reports more then once wearing glasses some of the time. So in her case it is also most likely her preference as to if she wears glasses or contacts. Overall I would agree that many or most of the women on air reporters and anchors probably choose to wear contacts just because they feel they look better without glasses.

Like you you said Mr. Cockeyed we too have a local anchor girl that is very attractive and she has been on air now for about 3 or 4 years and she is never seen wearing glasses, but one night there was a big fire and she must have been the closest reporter to the scene and she became a reporter and I was very surprised to see her wearing glasses and much like your reporter it was clear she had a pretty strong prescription. I doubt she will ever be seen again wearing glasses. Too bad.

Mr Cockeyed 28 Nov 2012, 09:15

There is an unwritten law that female news people usually don't wear glasses unless like Savannah Guthrie, when she wore her contacts too long the night before. Do you remember when Katie Couric started wearing reading glasses? They almost forced her not to wear them. Now, she has her own show and uses them.

The network executives want people with no glasses, Soundmanpt, we have discussed this before, I knew a local news anchor and she only once wore glasses, and wore an rx of -7.50 or so. Anybody with a strong rx plus or minus, detracts from the overall view. I wish it was acceptable for women to wear glasses, but it ain't gunna happan

Lv2c4i 28 Nov 2012, 07:09

I wonder about the idea of "pressure from above" being the reason for the scarcity of specs on TV newswomen.

I tend to think that they are much like other women (classmates, coworkers, etc.) that I've encountered over the years. Most of these have a preference for contact lenses for vision correction and wear the lenses most of the time. Occasionally there will be a "sighting" when the ease of simply slipping on their specs overcomes their vanity or whatever else may contribute to their aversion to glasses.

Thus, Erica Hill, Savannah Guthrie, Robin Meade, Erin Andrews among others will likely not regularly wear glasses on the air--or even when they are "off the air." We can hope that they might choose to make their eyewear an occasional part of their wardrobe just as they change jewelry, outfits, and other parts of their wardrobes from day to day.

Finally, I'd point to the big headline about Robin's glasses and the big positive response that her wearing then on the air prompted. The "higher ups" certainly saw--and maybe even directed--that reporting of how great the glasses were seen to be.

Jose 25 Nov 2012, 01:03

I seen rumors that Lauer will be switching to multi-focal contacts---will see if that happens.

Soundmanpt 24 Nov 2012, 10:35

Once again I think the powers that be have told them to avoid wearing their glasses while on the air. It was quite clear that both these young ladies preferred to wear their glasses more than contacts. If you think about it makes sense that they would. I'm sure the need to be at the studio at 3 AM each day it was much easier to slip on glasses and go. I really doubt that it has been their choice to wear contacts. It makes sense too that the morning after the election and working late into the night Miss Gunthrie's eyes probably couldn't tolerate her contacts again so soon and the network execs allowed it for that day.

Rob 24 Nov 2012, 06:06

You are correct- Erica stopped wearing her glasses after the new CBS program with Charlie Rose began. She is now on Weekend Today, and unfortunately the trend has continued every time she is on air. Hopefully today or tomorrow will break the streak.

Savannah wore her glasses on Today the day after the election, but nothing since then. The reading glasses are Matt Lauer's. Clearly, I know too much about this shit!

Soundmanpt 24 Nov 2012, 01:15


Yes but did you also notice not long after Erica Hill was the morning anchor on CBS she suddenly stopped wearing her glasses and then she disappeared. Over on NBC Savanah before she was named the new morning anchor was often seen wearing her glasses and not long after that she was never seen wearing her glasses again. At least not when I have tuned in. I have seen glasses on the table in front of some of them but they could be anyone's.

I agree it would be nice to see them both start to wear their glasses more often.

Revolver 23 Nov 2012, 20:31

This may come under the heading of wishful thinking, but.... We all enjoyed Savannah Guthrie when she first became morning anchor on The Today Show and she wasn't shy about wearing her glasses.

Now, CBS canned Erica Hill and Today picked her up, so now we have 2 myopes who have been known to wear their fine minuses on camera.

Let's all wish very hard, maybe someday both of them will be seen wearing them. And often?

Soundmanpt 23 Nov 2012, 10:43

I have made a point to check in each day to see if Robin Meade is wearing her glasses or not but she has been off all this week. I wonder if she is maybe preparing to go in for what they call a "touch-up" on her eyes? In other words most of the places that do lasik has a warranty that if your vision gets to -1.25 they will do the procedure over so long as your corneas are still thick enough. But you can't wear contacts for several weeks before the procedure. I don't think her vision could have gotten too bad in just 2 years time. But even being just slightly nearsighted and wearing contacts on a daily basis seeing the teleprompter a challenge if she didn't have her contacts handy. She did mention that she didn't think she could handle seeing the teleprompter if she didn't wear her glasses.

Sadly I think at some point she will be going for the touch-up procedure and the glasses will again be gone.

Lv2c4i 17 Nov 2012, 06:55

I, too, was pleasantly surprised to see Robin again in her glasses so soon. From what I saw, she didn't mention why she was wearing them, tho there were a couple of comments about them. She also toyed with them a bit, at least once removing them during a break (to read script?), but then she put them back on almost as soon as the camera came back to her.

And, on her twitter page she noted briefly "Glasses = more tweets" and made also a comment about her eyelashes brushing the lenses of the specs.

"Will she or won't she?" may well be a day-to-day issue for her fans from now on.

Soundmanpt 16 Nov 2012, 10:07

What a pleasant way to wake up this morning. I turned the TV on in my bedroom and found that Robin Meade is again wearing her glasses. Since I didn't catch the beginning of the show I don't know if she made any comment or if anyone else made any comments about her glasses. I'm sure she can't use the same reason as she did before about not being able to find her contacts. Maybe since she was forced to come out being a glasses wearer she now figures there is no harm wearing them more often. The fact that she must go into the studio wearing her glasses and only puts the contacts on to go on air which is how she discovered she didn't have her contacts or at least couldn't find them when she was getting ready to go on air proofs she must wear glasses more than contacts. That would also explain why she had her glasses handy when she couldn't find the contacts. I think she looks every bit as attractive wearing glasses as she does without them.

I can't wait till Monday to see if she will be wearing glasses yet again. It sure makes watching the news far more interesting.

Corey 15 Nov 2012, 20:49


I certainly know about the intentional overcorrection done by many surgeons; this is part of their model in which, statistically, most patients will regress a bit to normal vision.

There are, however, some patients who STAY overcorrected, which will eventually manifest itself into visual discomfort--probably in the late 30s or early 40s. My optometrist told me this is not unusual. Also consider that the LASIK technique as it was practiced in the late 90s was perhaps not as refined as it is now. BTW, I don't know if there were warranties back then.

Another possibility: some patients who are nearsighted will see their nearsightedness drop a bit around the same age, or later on of course, as the eyes naturally change over time. So if a patient has had LASIK, such a drop in nearsightedness would translate into farsightedness.

Either way (or a combination of both factors), I would guess she is slightly farsighted along with creeping presbyopia. It is not as if people suddenly need constant correction for presbyopia alone around age 40. (After all she jumped back into contacts, which is a rather drastic step if you just need mild reading correction.) The process is gradual--that's why there is a wide range of add lens powers from +0.75 to +3.50.

But, if she has say a +1.25 lens power for distance with an add of say +1.25, this would clearly sum up to a greater need for correction than an expected reading Rx alone. Or, she may not even have an add yet in the first place! This is quite possible as well.

Unfortunately, by wearing contacts the last two years, her eyes got so used to the correction (since obviously they contstantly stay in) that she cannot tolerate being without them on set, so that day she HAD to put her glasses on.

Also, I don't know if we should take everything she writes literally (referring to her ability to read the prompter). She probably can see quite well at distance, at least for now. As mentioned, internally her eyes have not been affected by LASIK. One thing my optometrist told me was that when you are nearsighted your eyes WANT to focus, or even overfocus. In any case, her eyes are definitely not the same as someone who is farsighted in the first place. Otherwise she probably would have had the usual symptoms years earlier.

Soundmanpt 15 Nov 2012, 09:27


It is very common for most everyone getting Lasik to be over corrected. I know of quite a few now that have gotten it and everyone of them came out seeing at least at 20/15 and even 20/10. This is done intentionly because inmost cases the eyes will eventually settle in at 20/20, or slightly better. Also since most doctors that preform the procedure offer a warranty that if the patients vision should regress to -1.25 they will do what is referred to as a "touch-up" which means they will redo the procedure again at no charge to bring the patient back to perfect vision again. This warranty however does not cover the need for plus correction if and when that occurs. In Miss Meades case I would agree that she likely found that her close vision needed correction and instead of doing like some reporters do and just keep glasses close at hand for when they needed them to read small print she likely opted for contacts to avoid wearing glasses. Her eye have likely adjusted to them now for distance as well as close up. She stated that she had to wear her glasses in order to read notes as well as the prompter. Sadly it doesn't look like unless she has a mal function with her contacts again we won't be blessed with seeing her in glasses again. I bet she now keeps a spair pair of contacts at the studio just in case. It is interesting that she for some reason must have had her glasses in her purse. I know many contact wearers and i don't think any of them have their glasses with them when they leave home.

Corey 14 Nov 2012, 21:39

I just went through all the info about Robin Meade, her LASIK surgery 15 years ago, and her return to corrective lenses two years ago. I also just checked her age (born April l969) and I am quite surprised that she began to wear contacts (as glasses were out of the question, professionally) again by age 41.

For someone who was earlier nearsighted, presumably, her focusing muscles generally would not be expected to degrade so early or so rapidly. After all, LASIK does not affect the internal eye. Even for many people in their early 40s who are emmetropic one might expect a pair of glasses needed for small print, not for constant wear!

My best guess here is that she was probably overcorrected, i.e. made hyperopic by LASIK, which probably did not bother her until recently. By two years ago the onset of presbyopia was likely beginning to rear its head as well. The combination of the two forces was probably too much to bear. Hence the contacts.

Melyssa 13 Nov 2012, 15:25

CNN's AccentHealth is always on the TV set at the office of the primary care physician that my husband and I use. Robin Meade is the main person on it, and she wasn't wearing glasses on Thursday when my husband and I had our appointments -- or any other time there, for that matter. Maybe in May, eh?

nc 13 Nov 2012, 10:33

It was great seeing Robin glasses yesterday! She got a lot of positive comments and hopefully that help her confindence to wear them again! Does anyone have pics of her before her lasik surgery 15 yrs ago?

Lucas 13 Nov 2012, 07:18

Theres no way this wasnt a planned publicity stunt. Her twitter picture already has her with glasses and she was sure to mention it many times before wearing them. Love it nonetheless and i hope she sticks to the look

Lv2c4i 13 Nov 2012, 05:58

While she is today back to bare-eyed, all the pics of Robin in glasses from yesterday are appreciated. And am glad to see the overwhelmingly positive response to her bespectacled beauty. On the You-Tube link you will find several of the comments her cohorts made on the air and her explanations of why she's wearing the spex.

On her twitter page(s), Robin provides more info about her vision. In the last week or so she posted a couple of photos of her in the glasses almost as a preview. She mentions the possibility of her eyes becoming tired and her having to wear the spex to deal with the fatigue.

She also mentions getting lasik 15 years ago and how, until 2 years ago, she enjoyed having clear bare-eyed vision, but has had, in these last couple of years, to rely again on glasses or contacts. Wonder when we'll again see them on the air.

Lastly, I'd applaud her stylish choice of frames. Very contemporary and well-suited to her and the professional demeanor she seeks to present.

Speximann 12 Nov 2012, 22:45

Better Robin Pix. The CNN web site Has a favorable reaction from her followers.

Very Nice.

Speximann 12 Nov 2012, 21:57

Robyn Meade, Sorry they aren't HD

Love This Look. Hope she gets good feedback & Chucks the contacts.

Lucas 12 Nov 2012, 21:01

Robin meade

Corey 12 Nov 2012, 20:15

Re Erin on ESPN, thanks to all. I stand corrected.

I however would remain skeptical on glasses being a permanent thing for her. Most likely this is an 'adjustment period' after which they will most likely disappear. They seem to go away for just about every female news personality after a temporary 'wearing period'.

One likely possibility is that her earlier wearing (as some of you mentioned) was strictly part-time for distance, but that regimen is no longer viable, and for near vision her eyes won't adjust to her distance Rx, hence the progressive lenses.

Brian  12 Nov 2012, 18:12

Found this from Robin Meade: I thought I packed my contacts (on the packaging of which I scrawled "R" and "L" with a black Sharpie, denoting which eye gets which strength of lens) in my purse Sunday night before I headed to bed at an ungodly early hour as early risers do.

But when I went to morph into "anchor lady" in the makeup chair Monday morning before show time, I couldn't find the contacts. Eeek! How would I be able to read the copy, the tweets, and the prompter all morning? This meant I had to break out the specs, which I’ve never worn on air in the years and years I’ve worked at HLN.

nc 12 Nov 2012, 14:01

Robin Meade Wow!!! Dream come true! They look like a weak plus script to me?

Fred 12 Nov 2012, 12:29

Melyssa - thanks for the Liz Lempert link! Decent prescription, always in glasses. Hardly ever seen in politics!

Soundmanpt 12 Nov 2012, 10:58


Was there any comments by her or anyone about her wearing glasses today? They look rather weak but without a closeup it is hard to tell. I just clicked over since I saw your post so has she been wearing them the whole time or has she taken them on at any time?

Speximann 12 Nov 2012, 10:49

Robin Meade of CNN Headline New wearing Glasses today. Caps Forthcoming.

Melyssa 12 Nov 2012, 10:47

Princeton, New Jersey's mayor elect, Liz Lempert:

Chris 09 Nov 2012, 07:34

Curt 09 Nov 2012, 07:30

Here is a link to several pictures of Erin in her glasses from 2009. Definitely look like minus to me; she probably wears contacts most of the time, but if she has started having trouble close up, she likely made the switch to progressives. Still hot!

Slit 09 Nov 2012, 04:08

Carla Hall, chef.

Found this while looking for Paula Faris. Please share if you find Paula Faris.


Soundmanpt 09 Nov 2012, 00:53


No Erin has had glasses for some time, but I don't know if they ere bifocals or not. She has been spotted more than once on the sidelines of football games wearing glasses. But no idea if they were for distance so she could better see what was happening on the field or if they were for close up so she could see things written that she also was often looking at on a clipboard. That we will sadly never know unless for some reason she comments on it herself. Really we are lucky that she even let it be known that she is wearing bifocals as that would have been hard to tell since they are likely progressives. That is why I think the bifocals are new for her because that is why she made a point about it herself. Since she has had glasses for a while there would likely have been no reason to point it out except that it was something new for her. Again that is really only a guess.

Corey 08 Nov 2012, 21:11


I personally doubt Erin has had glasses for a long time. If this was a conversion from single vision to multifocal lenses, it should be easy enough to move seamlessly in contacts. For a first, presumably small add, it shouldn't be a huge deal. After all, there are plenty of public figures in their 50s, 60s, 70s, etc whom you hardly ever see in glasses. Presumably they are either doing monovison or in bifocal contacts.

Rather, I think these are her first glasses and she wanted to 'come out' in them, maybe experiment contacts and glasses alternately, get used to them, etc., before settling into contacts for her TV career. Has she appeared without glasses recently? What kind of Rx does she have?

Corey 08 Nov 2012, 21:05

On election night (early morning Nov 7), Paula Faris was in glasses anchoring ABC news overnight. The pattern was unusual though:

first phase, no glasses in sight.

second phase, glasses on table in front of her.

third phase, continuous wear for the rest of the broadcast.

Any idea of Rx?

She is 37 by now. If this is just a reading/hyperopic Rx, I don't know why she was wearing them continuously for the last hour or so, given that she wasn't wearing them at all earlier. The usual pattern for reader-wearers is to have them on the table and wear as needed.

Tango 08 Nov 2012, 10:25

Lina van de Mars wears contacts.

Have anybody pictures of her in glasses?

Lv2c4i 01 Nov 2012, 15:55

About Erin and her specs. I suspect that like lots of young girls, she was prescribed glasses around adolescence. And like lots of young women, she got contacts fairly early on, which she wore most of the time. They were useful in her high visibility TV career. And now she is finding a need for bifocal correction and is choosing to wear the glasses (we'll see how often) rather than snatching reading glasses on and off of her eyes. There is obviously no way of knowing what is her actual history (unless she fesses up like she did about her bifocals), but I'm believing there's lots more women who've been wearing contacts all along than those who get their first prescription when age necessitates reading glasses.

Slit 31 Oct 2012, 22:18

Dark thick frames go exceptionally well with blond hair, especially when the lens had many power rings ;)

non blond:

Melyssa 30 Oct 2012, 12:49

Yesterday on the day-long news coverage of Hurricane Sandy on our NBC affiliate, the main sports anchor, Vai "The Tonga Kid" Sikahema (the first Tongan to play in the NFL) held brown plastic glasses in his hand most of the time, putting them on to read something off a sheet now and then. He's 50 years old now, and obviously he needs no help reading the teleprompter when he does the sports, as this was the first time I had ever seen him wear glasses. Being the main sycophant for the Eagles, he should wear glasses to see how bad the team has become. :)

Corey 30 Oct 2012, 00:24

She tweets they are bifocals (progressives obviously), but there must be some distance prescription as well. Otherwise it is hard to imagine why she would wear them throughout these broadcasts. Even older presbyopic television personalities (who don't need their glasses for distance) just wear them when needed. This is why you can often see their glasses on the table next to their monitors/tablets/notebooks. If she went straight from no glasses at all, to being hyperopic with an add as well, then she perhaps really needed them for a while.

The question is how long she will continue to wear them. If she is like most TV news or entertainment personalities in the US who start needing glasses (almost all female personalities, and many male ones as well), she should be in contacts soon. There are very few female tv personalities that "brand" themselves with their glasses as part of their look, except maybe those in tech or gaming. In fact what is really surprising is how quickly even the over-45 female TV personalities go to contacts ASAP. By that time what difference does it really make.

Slit 28 Oct 2012, 10:59


yes, i also saw it and in her twitter also she mentioned. she said "its bifocals, so 8 eyes." i believe it should be 6 eyes rather :)

i was watching her video closely on HD 1080 trying to spot the outline of face through lens to judge the RX. very hard, seems plano almost. but if we go by her word, it can be plano top with progressive add. 34 is a good age to start off with plano tops and progressive add, so no steriotyping allowed by age 40 because she already wear glasses!

she is definitely worth to keep under the radar to watch out for any sighting of the RX of the specs.


Soundmanpt 28 Oct 2012, 10:32

Someone mentioned that Erin Andrews tweeted that she now wears bifocals so with any luck we may be seeing her wearing glasses much more often now. It could be she can't or doesn't want to wear contacts. For some time she has been spotted on the field either with her glasses on or in her hand. her glasses don't appear to be very strong. I think its great that there are several very attractive female reporters wearing glasses on the air. I'm sure even more will follow there lead.

Brian 28 Oct 2012, 10:07

Erin Andrews rocked the glasses again yesterday:

I like the look..

Lv2c4i 26 Oct 2012, 15:51

Jenna in glasses was in Law and Order SVU episode "Manhattan Vigil" which just aired: October 24, 2012.

On the show her appearance was very brief--she was seen on a TV screen as the stars watched video of an old news report from a crime scene--she was the reporter doing the interview. I wonder if the "fact" that this interview was supposed to have occurred 10 years earlier was part of decision to have her wear the glasses.

Also, the videos from her report of the whole guest star experience which are on the TODAY show website offer much more opportunity to see her in her specs.

Revolver 26 Oct 2012, 11:04

Have been watching Jenna ever since she's been on Today, especially Sunday mornings when she co-hosts with Lester Holt. Early on she was wearing her glasses a couple of times, got a look at them, they appear to be low minus with a little bit of cyl. Or maybe a lot of cyl, but definitely minus. And a few weeks later she was outside and tried to look at something far away, squinted, and made an offhand comment she couldn't make it out because she didn't have her glasses on. Never seen them since, so assumed she went to contacts.

Anyone know the name of the SVU segment she was in? Would like to see if I can find it on the internet.

Lv2c4i 22 Oct 2012, 09:18

Jenna Wolfe, NBC weekend TODAY anchor, will be doing a guest Cameo on Law and Order SVU this week and on the TODAY show she did a segment about her experience at the taping. On the show she will be wearing (her) glasses. There's video of the segment on the NBC news website and caps at TVHeads, tho neither have a good full face look at her in the glasses.

It's interesting that she is playing a reporter (which she is) and wears the specs as she does her report from a crime scene on SVU. However, she doesn't wear her glasses on her regular anchor job. Wonder how that decision was made?

She is a woman who is much more attractive in glasses (she wears a fairly stylish pair) than "bare-eyed."

John11 21 Oct 2012, 14:39

Just google erin andrews bifocals, it is from last week

Lv2c4i 21 Oct 2012, 14:12

No glasses on Erin Andrews on college football this weekend, tho she will be doing sports from the baseball game according to her tweets. Maybe....

BTW, could not find tweet about bifocals--how far back was that? Blog-o-sphere had mixed comments about her appearance in glasses last weekend, mostly positive but a few otherwise as well.

Slit 19 Oct 2012, 13:02

Dr Wild.

Can find a couple of appearances on youtube...

Lucas 18 Oct 2012, 07:41

Hopefully this means we'll see her even more in them, as i would imagine her more comfortable with full time wear than having readers on the show

John11 17 Oct 2012, 21:43

Erin mentioned on her twitter page they are bifocals.

Lv2c4i 17 Oct 2012, 07:31

Thank you for the links to Erin in her glasses. I agree she looks very fine--she's attractive anyway and the glasses add an extra specialness, especially to the fans and followers of this site.

I do wonder, however, when we'll again see her wearing them? if the past predicts, I suspect it will be a while, however, one can hope--keep our eyes pealed for eyewear being worn.

Melyssa 15 Oct 2012, 15:25

Charissa (pronounced "Karissa") Thompson has been an ice-level reporter for NHL games (back when there was an NHL, but that's for another thread). I do recall seeing her wearing glasses with black plastic frames once or twice, possibly because of contact lens problems. Had she worn them for a Flyers' game, that would have been for a better look at all of the handsome guys on the team.

myopeinhere 15 Oct 2012, 14:13

It's old news.she had the op a year or more ago,does look rather gorgeous in the specs though xxx

 15 Oct 2012, 13:01

Varifocals 15 Oct 2012, 10:21

Claudia Winkerman.

Yes according to her own statement she is -14 not -11

& is due to have lens implants at the Moorfields eye hospital next month.

She was on the TV last night & seemed her usual cheerful self.

This news is in 2 papers.

There is also a display of her pictures with one of her in glasses, but not close up.

gwgs 15 Oct 2012, 05:35

Varifocals - this is interesting, as I read sometime ago that she used to have a prescription of -14.5 - note the "used to" words, as I had read that she had some form of correction to eradicate her severe myopia. I was very suprised at this, as I know people that are around -8/-9 who can't have laser surgery due to their relatively high prescription.

I wonder how she has come down -3.5 diopters, or if this has been incorrectly reported!

Either way, I would have loved to have seen in her glasses

Jose 15 Oct 2012, 04:52

Lately Don Lemon has had a few "reading" miscues. Could it be time for glasses full-time?

Carrie 14 Oct 2012, 17:08

She looks good in black but that dress would look better if the neck was curved rather than straight and the material wasn't so shiny. A different black dress would have been better. A lot of people probably like the dress but not me. It looks like she's wearing a black bin bag. Her good looks and cool glasses make up for it.

Soundmanpt 14 Oct 2012, 17:08


After watching your linked "YouTube" of Clarissa Thompson wearing her glasses while on air and I noticed some other videos other as well and one that caught my attention was one where she did a split on camera. Very impressive. I am curious what her own sports history might be. Does anyone know if she was an active player in sports? Or was she maybe a cheerleader.

Lucas 14 Oct 2012, 14:07

What do you think of that dress as well carrie?

Carrie 14 Oct 2012, 12:39

Charissa Thompson is VERY sexy! I don't think we've got anyone like that presenting sports news in the UK. We do have quite a few female sports presenters on various channels but I'm not aware of any that wear glasses or that are quite as good looking as she is. (We even have a lesbian sports presenter - Clare Balding. She has a nice face but she doesn't wear glasses. She is probably in her 40s so might need reading glasses in a few years time. I do think she is an excellent presenter - she was the main anchor for the BBC's coverage of the Olympics and Channel 4's coverage of the Paralympics.)

Lucas 14 Oct 2012, 12:13

I think they are starting to realize the appeal of a sexy woman in glasses. Here is Charissa Thompson :

Also, that dress is amazing

Soundmanpt 14 Oct 2012, 11:16

I am a bit surprised that the top people at Fox Sports are okay with her wearing glasses on air. They only recently signed her away from another sports station and she is the queen of the female sports reporters and known as much for her sexy good looks as her reporting. Let's just hope they let her continue to wear her glasses. Nice to see that she must need them enough that she keeps them on during the whole show and isn't doing the on off thing like Wendy Nix did a lot of last year, but she too now seems more comfortable just keeping them on this year as well. I enjoy football and now the halftime is almost as good as the game itself with these young ladies wearing their glasses.

varifocals 14 Oct 2012, 11:05


Not sure if anyone has picked this up but Claudia Winkerman, who does the results part of the TV Strictly Come Dancing & is severly short sighted & cant read the auto cues is now to have lens implants fitted for her - 11 eyes.

We wish her well.

Lucas 14 Oct 2012, 09:57

Erin andrews

Lucas 14 Oct 2012, 09:52

Erin andrews

Curt 05 Oct 2012, 12:06

Nice shot of Wendi Nix in her specs:

Lv2c4i 04 Oct 2012, 10:18

ESPN anchor/host,Charissa Thompson, has worn her glasses several times recently on the air. has some caps tho most are with her and the cohost so close-up pix of her and the spex are somewhat rare. Not sure why she's wearing them more often, but yesterday there were a couple of comments about her spex and the "smarty factor" (folks in glasses seeming to be more intelligent or smart).

Another ESPN anchor, Wendi Nix, wore her glasses for the entire football scoreboard show a couple of Saturdays ago. Then this past weekend, they were no where to be seen. She had been anchoring with them nearby and taking them off and on as the show went along. Because of the format of the show, she is/was seldom seen up close either with or without the glasses.

Lv2c4i 04 Oct 2012, 10:09

Paula Faris, anchor on ABC early morning news, wore her glasses the other nite and caps can be found at The glasses she's chosen have black frames with just a touch of white that shows up in the caps. They are an attractive choice tho maybe not my first choice for her.

Paula had occasionally been on the air with her spex laying nearby on the desk, but this may be the first time she wore them.

kisal 28 Sep 2012, 17:17

Jeopardy! GWG alert!

For those in the US, you can watch a pretty woman with glasses, Erica Mines, defend her Jeopardy! championship tonight:

Olek 12 Sep 2012, 06:57

Dilma Rousseff (the 36th and current President of Brazil)

During her presidential campaign, Rousseff underwent a makeover, replacing glasses with contact lenses, undergoing plastic surgery and adopting a different hairstyle.

Lv2c4i 18 Aug 2012, 06:50

Lori Rothman, Bloomberg Business Network anchor, was capped recently wearing glasses. There are a lot of shots of her in rimless spex on

 11 Aug 2012, 23:30

Bob Costas wore glasses throughout Thursday night's Olympic broadcast on NBC - only time he's worn them the whole two weeks. Contact trouble?

Soundmanpt 10 Aug 2012, 17:49

I was at a sports bar (pub) and I saw that young lady as well only problem was the sound was turned down so they could play the juke box. I wondered who she was. Now I know I will have to watch for her. I only saw the pre game chats but I bet she was hating life if she was on the sidelines during the game and it continued to rain like that. No way she would be able to keep the rain off her glasses.

A.P. 10 Aug 2012, 15:07

ESPN reporter Josina Anderson looked striking last night while doing her pre-game sideline reports before the Bears-Broncos NFL game in a severe rainstorm. Does anyone have video or photos of Josina wearing her glasses?

Jose 08 Aug 2012, 19:14

Anderson Cooper is giving his glasses a heavy workout on tonight's AC 360. Presbyopia rules!

lazysiow 06 Aug 2012, 08:39

cute nerdy gwg on Marketwatch talking about Google Fiber!0C6E6F66-5591-408A-BFAB-100D89A1B4EE

Jose 05 Aug 2012, 14:14

Don Lemon of CNN looking great today in what appear to be "progressives".

lv2c4i 05 Aug 2012, 06:40

There is a video of Darlene's Friday morning news show on YouTube. She again receives both some teasing and some compliments from her cohorts regarding her wearing the spex. I think she looks great.

Mr Cockeyed 03 Aug 2012, 08:11

Today on News4 New York morning news show Darlene Rodriguez wore her glasses. She looks good in them but the studio lights made a reflection. Maybe she should get AR lenses?

UKTV 24 Jul 2012, 07:50

Just seen Kate Kinsella on BBC London news, she's a regular glasses wearer.

Lv2c4i 24 Jul 2012, 07:43

NBC's Ann Curry returned to TV Friday evening as the host of the Dateline show. She was reporting from Aurora, CO and introduced the show--wearing glasses. She wore very large, black framed spex, which imho, while perhaps fashionable or trendy, they were no terribly flattering.

She introduced the show and then they began an initial pre-recorded segment about "The Evidence Whisperer". When she returned later to do her segments on the shooting, the glasses were gone. And, on the NBC website, I can't find video of her initial bespectacled appearance. One can hope they'll reappear as time goes on.

However, one wag suggested that wearing the spex were Her way of kinda saying to her bosses, "I'll do it MY way." after she'd gotten kinda screwed in her departing from the TODAY show.

Reminded me of her TODAY show predecessor, Katie Couric, who, the first time she appeared on the air wearing her glasses, wore them the entire show. Later she'd snatch 'em on and off as she needed them to read. Some said that first prolonged appearance was her reaction to the firing of a producer she'd worked with for many years.

UKTV 24 Jul 2012, 07:18

Not a recent clip, but Kate Silverton looking lovely in plus specs:

DC 22 Jul 2012, 05:44

Just seen ex minister Kitty Usher on Sky, good looking lady and gorgeous glasses

Jose 07 Jul 2012, 19:13

No glasses tonight for Don Lemon

Soundmanpt 05 Jul 2012, 10:27

Thank you I will be watching for her on the national news.

nickweymouth 05 Jul 2012, 09:22

dear soundmart appoligies a new lappy with a idiot curser

nickweymouth 05 Jul 2012, 09:20

dear sounshafres the news no she is a national

Soundmanpt 04 Jul 2012, 19:14


Is she a local news caster? I have never seen her, at least i don't recall her name anywhere?

nickweymouth 04 Jul 2012, 13:13

tonight on itv news seen mary nighningale with sprcs by her aide yes

Jose 01 Jul 2012, 17:08

Don Lemon of CNN wearing some great looking glasses tonight. Full-time wear.

Melyssa 30 Jun 2012, 09:57

Speaking of Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, I used to watch her show "Friend Or Foe" on GSN, at least the end of it, every day back then juts to see which frames she was wearing. She seemed to have enough pairs for two weeks' worth of programs.

Jose 30 Jun 2012, 06:26

Check Jeff Roasen on the Today Show. Glasses for hyperopia?

Rayray 30 Jun 2012, 03:36

Kennedy Montgomery is a nice myope and very much ft.

 24 Jun 2012, 11:40

Hyperfan, you are supposed to be able to "see through" glasses.

:-)  24 Jun 2012, 07:13


:-) 24 Jun 2012, 07:11


Lv2c4i 23 Jun 2012, 10:41

Appreciate the vids of Darlene Rodriguez and Jody Applegate wearing their spex. Video of Carol Costello wearing her glasses is available on CNN website (from 6/14).

We are not alone. Both Darlene and Carol engage in some spexspeak with their cohorts in these videos.

Darlene R, chats about her spex, her nearsightedness, and that her weather person, Lauren, in fact, bought her the glasses--not sure whether that means that Lauren actually choose the frtames, or, as mentioned, just got her a WarbyParker gift certificate. Now we wait for Lauren to wear her own spex doing the weather.

Carol Costello, in an interview with Paul Stanley of KISS, blushes somewhat as he mentions her glasses right off and asks her to snatch them off and shake her hair out. He repeats the request as the interview winds up and she agrees to take the glasses off, but not to do the hair bit.

All three of these women have chosen similar frame styles that complement their attractiveness--in fact, I think Carol C. looks younger in her spex.

Hyperfan 22 Jun 2012, 04:48 Lady other glasses...

Especially like at 2.38 : d oyou think they are a little bite heavy ?

Hyperfan 22 Jun 2012, 04:41

Dont know if posted before...

The lenses are of course hi index, and are not thick at all, but they look quite strong...

I like the "see through" sometimes possible during interview !

Slit 21 Jun 2012, 23:37

Thanks a lot for sharing even when you do not like Russian/Slavic girls for benefit of us many.

Here, not only her, even the interviewer wears glasses.

So far my perception was Russian girls are very apprehensive towards wearing glasses.

Is the trend changing there? (never been to russia yet...but in my list for sure!)

 21 Jun 2012, 19:17

Personally I can't tolerate taste of Olek, but if you interested in slavic ladies: check for this good looking Russian TV and radio reporter

Curt 19 Jun 2012, 09:28

Meredith Vieira got some new specs:

NYC O^O 18 Jun 2012, 20:39

NYC O^O 18 Jun 2012, 20:37

myopic Jodi Applegate wearing glass:

Pseldonymov 18 Jun 2012, 10:23

Mona Eltahawy,mod%3D15&q=Mona%20Eltahawy&um=1&ie=UTF-8&hl=en&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&authuser=0&ei=NkbfT6PjGNGf6QHWmNCVCw&biw=1280&bih=685&sei=PkbfT5fYDYS_6AG91-WtCw

NYC O^O 16 Jun 2012, 21:58

Darlene Rodriguez wearing glasses:

Pseldonymov 15 Jun 2012, 15:30

Nargiz Asadova

Pseldonymov 15 Jun 2012, 15:26

Nargiz Asadova

Lv2c4i 15 Jun 2012, 12:41

Yesterday (6/14), CNN anchor Carol Costello wore her glasses during her 9-11 a.m. news shift. She's worn glasses before, but not for a while. These were a new frame style for her and seemed to be quite flattering. She was not on this morning and suspect "sightings" of her in glasses will be rare, but always a treat. I've found no caps of Carol in these new spex.

NYC O^O 12 Jun 2012, 06:26

This morning on WNBC Channel 4 local news longstanding news anchor Darlene Rodriguez was wearing glasses with her own prescription for the first time! A nice brown plastic frame with slight cut-in. Years ago she had problems reading the telepromter and she also had tried her co-anchors glasses on one occaision on the air.

Matt Lauer from the Today show commented about her glasses and she said she was "a little nearsighted" and "was given a gift certificate for glasses from her traffic reporter Lauren Scala". Scala, also mildly myopic, has worn glasses for a number of years, and on rare occaision, on the air. Perhaps she was tired of Darlene borrowing her own glasses.

Pseldonymov 11 Jun 2012, 22:13

Olga Kryshtanovskaya

Lv2c4i 08 Jun 2012, 09:02

On CNN noticed on Wednesday (6/6) that STARTING POINT host, Soledad O'Brien, was holding a pair of glasses as she gestured and they were on the desk throughout the show. Yesterday they were not there, but then, again this a.m. (6/8), she had them handy and used them occasionally, but never when the camera was on her. She does a preview of her show about 15 minutes before it starts and seems to have them with her for that brief bit.

Lv2c4i 08 Jun 2012, 08:56

Video of Savannah and Dr. Nancy both wearing glasses on yesterday's show (6/7) available on the TODAY show website. At the beginning of the segment (on getting regular physicals), the two chat briefly about their glasses.

Also on the NBC website, there is video from ROCK CENTER in which Mary Carillo (former athlete now reporter) wears a pair of large dark framed eyeglasses.

nc 07 Jun 2012, 15:37

Savannah Guthrie and Nancy Snyderman wearing their glasses together on a segment of the Today show this am

Slit 02 Jun 2012, 13:17

Thanks Smudge!

Here is a Sili News girl..with spex!

Smudge 31 May 2012, 02:54

Some more KS videos

Smudge 31 May 2012, 02:49

Another KS fan video:

Slit 30 May 2012, 12:20

KS: fan video

varifocals 30 May 2012, 11:17

a great ambassador for glasses.

wonder what her rx is as you do see her on TV without

smudgeur 30 May 2012, 06:49

For all in the UK - I think Kate Silverton will be reading the1.00 news today, wearing reddish rectangular frames (from her vast collection!)

Pseldonymov 29 May 2012, 21:17

A reporter with Ekho Moskvy radio (“Echo of Moscow”), Tatiana Felgenhauer

Revolver 24 May 2012, 08:55

Whoops! That post re Mary Carillo was me, my bad.

Eyescene 24 May 2012, 08:53

Another sad scene on U.S. network TV this morning, on the Today show they did a piece on Olympian Lolo Jones. During the setup it showed clips of Mary Carillo doing an interview for a sports network, a little bit dark and not in HD, Carillo was wearing very fashionable larger squarish black plastic rimmed glasses. But then they went ot the studio where she spoke with the Today interviewer about the original interview and that had good color, clarity, and closeups. But she wasn't wearing her glasses.

We'll never know whether it's the network suits telling them not to wear on camera, or if it was her choice, either way it is just downright irritating that a decision was made she looks better without them.

lazysiow 22 May 2012, 06:49

No idea about Cindy Perman, she was a lucky find

Ashleigh's eyesight does seem to be deteriorating though. I wonder what she sees without her glasses

gwgs 22 May 2012, 04:39

Cockeyed, do you have a mobile phone? If so, it's more than likely that it will have a video recorder on it, which means you could record some footage when you see her on the TV. Transferring it from there is a different matter though which is slightly more complicated!

I always tend to watch these women on mute. Ashleigh, Sarah Palin and others are so much more attractive this way!

 21 May 2012, 15:01

blissful ignorance. it is sweet.

isin 21 May 2012, 13:09

if I had to check what each of these people says, I wouldn't be able to focus on their glasses.

I watch it all muted, recommend you do the same.

 21 May 2012, 08:20

isin: nice video showing her incredibly racist and elitist attitude. oh. and she does wear glasses. thanks.

Mr Cockeyed 21 May 2012, 08:07


I wish I could video, but I'm digitally challenged and do not own a digital camera, hard to believe.

isin 21 May 2012, 06:21

Ashleigh Banfield: It's hard to tell in this low quality video - but I think she's wearing her reading glasses in it. They seem stronger than her usual pair:

gwgs 21 May 2012, 04:46

Great sighting Mr Cockeyed, I'd love to see a video of this hot blondie with her potential progessives.

Any chance of you videoing this next time she's on?

Mr Cockeyed 19 May 2012, 15:18

I have to add a few observations recently. Yesterday I was watching Ashleigh Banfield, and I could swear she is wearing progressive lenses. I see her lowering her eyes to find the mid range and near range. She always had plus lenses with astigmatism, and now as a gal in her early forties probably has progressive lenses.

Katie Couric seems to wear her plus lenses mostly for reading, but at her age may have progressives. The people with plus lenses seem to break the no glasses for female anchor hosts.

Matt Lauer needs multifocal lenses., and seems to be always taking his glasses on and off.

Let me hear some feedback, thanks.

Soundmanpt 19 May 2012, 12:17


Your quite right Cindy Perman is easy on the eyes. I will have to watch fro her over there. Is she a regular or just a spot reporter from time to time?

lazysiow 19 May 2012, 11:25

CNBC's Cindy Perman is easy on the eyes and on the frames :)

Abe 17 May 2012, 19:33

Lindy Thackston:

Yoyo 17 May 2012, 19:09

I've posted about her before, but finally there are some easily accessible videos of super-hot sports reporter Charissa Thompson in glasses (which she wears on the air from time to time):

Soundmanpt 15 May 2012, 23:44

Good work Brian. I don't think I lied when I said she is easy to look at.

Brian 15 May 2012, 21:45

Wow, I actually found the video:

Pseldonymov 15 May 2012, 21:12

Journalist and fine art expert Yekaterina Dyogot

Soundmanpt 15 May 2012, 18:07


Her name is Jasmine Huda. I think she is part Indian but she a real beauty. The station is in St. Louis Missouri by the way.

Mr Cockeyed 15 May 2012, 17:34

she retired 2 years ago

Brian 15 May 2012, 17:16

Who is the reporter and on what station?

Soundmanpt 15 May 2012, 17:07

Great timing for this to come up because of what happened here at our local CBS station. For about a the last month or so I have been noticing that one of our part time anchors, a very attractive young lady seemed to be having a focusing problem when she was trying to read from the teleprompter. She is mainly the weekend anchor, but last night due to a bad school bus accident with a semi truck she was serving as a reporter on the scene. She was wearing glasses as far as I know for the first time on the air anyway. So now I can't wait for weekend to see if she will be doing the news wearing glasses now? Her glasses looked very weak so it could be her first pair. One thing for sure if she has been wearing contacts they must not have been strong enough anymore to cause her focus to be off.

The good news here anyway is that a good number of the female reporters and anchors often times appear on air wearing their glasses.

Mr Cockeyed 15 May 2012, 16:35

There is an unwritten law on Television, that female news people are only allowed to wear glasses if their contacts are problematic. They prefer that women wear contacts or lasik.

That is not the case with men. They all wear glasses and nothing it seems is said. I know first hand from a news anchor

woman from a cable tv station. I know she wears -8.50, but the viewing public does not know. Once she took off 3 days to clear a minor infection, the management would not allow her with glasses.

Does anyone have their viewpoints??

Speximann 15 May 2012, 16:18

Savanah Caps forthcomming

Lv2c4i 15 May 2012, 12:57

Did anyone get caps of Savannah yesterday in glasses?

As to 'why she bothers', I suspect it is not a matter of trying to keep some sort of secret, but rather a matter of wardrobe choices. She doesn't wear the same earrings or shoes, so wearing her glasses is another "look" she can present to viewers from time to time.

Too bad so few media GWG have a wardrobe of frames that they switch out from one day to the next. Katie Couric used to have a variety she wore on the TODAY show, but she seems to have settled on one frame style in recent pix.

Jose 14 May 2012, 19:35

Don Lemon, CNN, was wearing his glasses a lot this past weekend on his show. Great looking glasses!

Soundmanpt 14 May 2012, 10:07


Thanks for the alert. I got to catch most of the show. She seemed to be hosting today. She has worn her glasses fairly often on the show I wonder why she even bothers with contacts since most everyone knows she needs vision correction.

Revolver 14 May 2012, 09:08

ALERT! Savannah is wearing them again on The Today Show this morning, she'll only be on the 9:00-10:00 CDT segment.

Brian 10 May 2012, 17:02

Here is what was said:

Leigh Spann ‏ @leighspannwfla

@JenCarfagno I like the glasses-look! :-)





8 May Jen Carfagno Jen Carfagno ‏ @JenCarfagno

@leighspannwfla thanks! (forgot to take out my contacts last night.. :) )

Hide conversation




8:01 AM - 8 May 12 via TweetDeck · Details

Guest 10 May 2012, 11:38

Lost to lasik

Smudge 10 May 2012, 08:53

Hayley McQueen - Sky sports presenter:

Soundmanpt 08 May 2012, 16:03

Brian as i am hopeless with twitter could you maybe post a link to her comment?

Brian 08 May 2012, 15:23

Apparently she forgot to take her contacts out last night.. See her twitter page:!/jencarfagno

Melyssa 08 May 2012, 13:37

The Weather Channel's Jen Carfagno, who wore glasses this morning:

ksnl 06 May 2012, 13:25

The new president of France, Francois Hollande and his son Thomas:

Pseldonymov 04 May 2012, 22:31

Natalia Oss

Lv2c4i 14 Apr 2012, 07:52

ABC news reader Paula Faris is co-hosting the GMA Saturday show with a pair of glasses on the desk alongside of her. Can't tell if readers or otherwise and so far she hasn't grabbed them. But, the older newsman, Ron Claybourn, is wearing glasses the whole show. Maybe Paula will take a clue from him and put her spex on too?

Curt 06 Apr 2012, 10:20

Thanks Speximann! I kinda like Katie Couric's new frames - a little more bold than her traditional rectangular plastic frames...

Speximann 06 Apr 2012, 10:03

S.E. Cupp

Speximann 06 Apr 2012, 09:53

Katie Couric from Wed. GMA

Speximaa 04 Apr 2012, 09:01

Caps Comming

Revolver 04 Apr 2012, 08:52

There's a photo somewhere of Katie when she was a very young newsperson, it was a shot of she and a couple colleagues in a newsroom, not for broadcast but either a still publicity shot or possible candid.

She was wearing the large round plastic P-3 style of the day, reddish in color, and of course she had her usual big smile on. Very fetching, but of course, never saw her on the air bespectacled until after age 40.

Lv2c4i 04 Apr 2012, 07:55

Katie Couric is hosting the USA morning show, Good Morning America, this week. She's keeping her glasses ever at hand and

puts them on at times. So far she has worn two different pairs--one on Monday and a second pair Tuesday and Wednesday, tho no one seems to have posted caps of her wearing them. Both pairs are the fashionable "nerd" glasses, very front-and-center, but not real becoming in my opinion. I'd like to see her pull a "prettier" pair out of her collection before the week is over.

A. P. 03 Apr 2012, 05:52

Science Goddess Loves Chemistry

includes nice example of GWGOG (Girl With Goggles Over Glasses)

Yoyo 29 Mar 2012, 13:13

Well, Rachel Maddow wears big black "hipster" frames in real life, so they might well be distracting if she wore those on the air. If she had another pair that were smaller and semi-rimless or something then that would probably be fine.

Soundmanpt 29 Mar 2012, 11:17

I think she is dead wrong. She would likely be taken more seriously as a news person and interviewer if she wears glasses.

I have read several different articles where it is recommended that someone looking for an office job wear glasses for the interview.

SoCal 28 Mar 2012, 17:17


I head that interview too. I thought t was interesting that she thought people would be distracted by her glasses. I agree that it sort of makes sense but overall I don't think that the glasses would hurt her news image. Maybe one day she will broadcast with them on but until then we will only see them in photos and during interviews.

PeLe 28 Mar 2012, 14:25

Finnish news journalist Miia Lahti presenting local news from Uusimaa region:

This video can be seen 29 days from now on. I did not find any other entries with glasses. Here she is without glasses:

Links should also work outside Finland.

kisal 28 Mar 2012, 11:16

Heard a radio interview with Rachel Maddow yesterday:

The host (who is bespectacled, by the way) asked Rachel why she looks so different in her regular show (contact lenses and business attire) compared to her appearances on, for instance, late-night TV (glasses and jeans). Her answer was that she wanted to be as neutral-looking as possible in her show, so that the focus is on the guest and the topic and not on her. In other words, she doesn't want people to be distracted by her glasses. I wouldn't mind being distracted, but it makes sense.

Carlos, Jr. 20 Mar 2012, 19:11

When Don Lemon announced Whitney Houston's death he was wearing his readers.

Jose 19 Mar 2012, 12:09

Any recent sightings of Don Lemon in his reading glasses

Pseldonymov 17 Mar 2012, 21:17

Another photo of Leisan Utiasheva,0,6,24345-prix-dexellence-de-la-beaut233-krasota-spaset-mir.html

Pseldonymov 17 Mar 2012, 21:12

Laeysan Utaesheva is a gymnast. Now she is working on Russian TV

She is a Bashkir.

About her:

Speximann 16 Mar 2012, 22:06

More Katie, different frames.

Speximann 16 Mar 2012, 22:05

Katie Couric- from last years archive.

Soundmanpt 15 Mar 2012, 13:30


Laeysan is really a beautiful woman. What country is she in? Is she a new reader? Her rx looks on the weak side but the glasses look very nice. A style i really like now. Too bad the picture can't be enlarged some.

Pseldonymov 15 Mar 2012, 11:12

Laeysan Utaesheva

Pseldonymov 13 Mar 2012, 11:19

Olga, another pretty journalist from Russia

Her LJ:

Pseldonymov 13 Mar 2012, 11:09

Vera Kichanova with different frames:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&biw=1280&bih=642&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=isch&source=og&sa=N&tab=wi&authuser=0&ei=qXBfT8WmLMXz0gHDj-WfBw

Pseldonymov 13 Mar 2012, 08:59

20 years old journalist Vera Kichanova became a municipal deputy in Yuzhnoye Tushino.

Astra 06 Mar 2012, 07:27

Xinhua news had an article about Yunyi Chen who managed to be admitted to Yale Univ.

I wonder what makes such content available on such newspaper. Could it be the interest of the editors (gov officials) ?

Also the image is covered by other Chinese newspapers.

Pseldonymov 28 Feb 2012, 20:35

Nadezhda Nizovkina with her new frame

Therouteur 20 Feb 2012, 21:09

a) Definitely schokolade

b) Kyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewt!

 20 Feb 2012, 11:15

post deleted - unsuitable content

 20 Feb 2012, 06:56

post deleted - unsuitable content

 19 Feb 2012, 16:09

post deleted - off topic

Soundmanpt 19 Feb 2012, 15:09


Interesting that you said that. Many reports have stated that she indeed was doing much reading and was even learning 4 languages. Not something I would have any way of knowing, but I doubt the lighting was the best. Now with her release she is busy writing a book. I am surprised that there have been no pictures of her wearing glasses. I guess she could have gotten contacts but in an intervue she commented she had no problem with wearing glasses but was more fearful she might go blind.

Slit 19 Feb 2012, 14:42

Chocolate skin, brown eyes! I heart!

Hansel 19 Feb 2012, 13:08

Glasses on Mary Nightingale's desk today, becoming a regular feature, but no sighting.

Not a great view, but felt that there was a solid script in them, but I am not a good judge.

Dan 18 Feb 2012, 06:54


You wonder if she read a lot in prison and it worsened her distance vision?

Soundmanpt 17 Feb 2012, 14:02

I just saw where Amanda Knox signed a book deal worth 4 million dollars about her the murder of her room mate while in Italy. She was convicted of the murder and was sentenced to 26 years, but there was little evidence and after 4 years the courts reviewed her case and she was released. While in prison her eyesight became rather bad and she was having much trouble seeing distances. In one report she did get glasses, but to date there has been no pictures of her wearing glasses. Has anyone seen any pictures of her wearing glasses either in jail or since she got home?

Jose 16 Feb 2012, 07:57

Has anyone seen Don Lemon of CNN in glasses recently? Wondering if he has switched to contacts.

Speximann 15 Feb 2012, 10:17

Savanah Caps. Yesterday she was remarking that she thought a close up pic of a lobster was the trantula from an earlier segment and said she was having a bad day and was wearing her glasses too, and made a gesture ( cap -43) so it seems there is a need for them. Anyway, these frames apear to be different than two weeks ago. She ROCKS the glasses!!!!

Revolver 14 Feb 2012, 10:13

And on Today, an interesting very quick shot of Savannah. The cast was on the Plaza in front of the crowd hyping their next show segments, the camera panned up from her shoes to her face and she turned quickly in to the cast. There was just a flash of the light catching the front of her lenses, with the reflection showing almost a plano base curve, probably a one or two base as her rx isn't strong enough to warrant a plano.

Speximann 14 Feb 2012, 09:05

Savanah Guthrie Wearing her glasses on Today-NBC 9AM-10AM EST.

gwgs 09 Feb 2012, 05:53

Yeah, nice big glasses!

GL 08 Feb 2012, 07:20


Well done!

OnLooker 08 Feb 2012, 04:08

French tv presenter, a treat....

Speximann 01 Feb 2012, 17:24

Yesterday CNN reporter Carol Costello was wearing glasses.

Speximann 01 Feb 2012, 17:17

Here are some better quality caps of Savanah Guthrie from last week.

Pseldonymov 30 Jan 2012, 13:05

What is her name?

Lv2c4i 30 Jan 2012, 10:44

Savannah is a fine example of a good looking glasses wearing woman. Thanks for the caps--I found some on TVHeads, but they are taken down quickly, and that may be where those below came from.

Savannah had previously appeared in a very simple cat-eye shaped pair of dark framed glasses which seemed a bit small for her face--maybe she'd had 'em for a while.

She has now recently appeared in two other (likely newer) frames. A week or so back she wore the kinda way-farer, "nerd" frames, which while currently stylish, I do not find particularly flattering on her (or anyone else for that matter).

Now, she has worn this frame that I think is more attractive than the "nerd" frames, tho again, I wonder about who is advising these women on their choices, as I think she might have had some even more attractive options. However, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Speximann 29 Jan 2012, 20:32

Lo Quality caps of Savanah Guthrie.

Revolver 27 Jan 2012, 09:41

Thanks, minus5, wish I had the tekkie capabilities to do that as I rarely miss the Today Show and she wears her glasses fairly often. Can't get enough of her.

Crystal veil 26 Jan 2012, 17:25

Charming lady

Minufive 26 Jan 2012, 11:45

Today show Friday 1/26/12

Savannah Guthrie in smaller business-like professional brown frame. Worn of course with her smart looking mini skirt, dark hose and 5" heels, a very professional competent competent look indeed!

Recipe Segment:

The Professionals:

Revolver 26 Jan 2012, 09:34

Alert! Savannah Guthrie is wearing her glasses again on the NBC Today Show, and this is a different pair than last time, it's the 2d or possibly 3d I've seen her wear. Slightly larger & got a decent look at her scrip, think it might be higher than estimated before, perhaps -4.00 or higher.

Kind of sad though, she's wearing them with the rest of the cast as it's done live, but the story she did was taped and she wasn't wearing them and there were several closeups.

Therouteur 22 Jan 2012, 14:25

Claire Aird ABC sports presenter

Slit 22 Jan 2012, 07:12


Oscar 20 Jan 2012, 22:03

Rebecca Bowring is gorgeous - thanks for the link.

Same show, a different gwg: go to 1:53 into this clip for an interview with the extremely lovely and delectably myopic Lorena Galliot.

Minusfive 19 Jan 2012, 10:25

Re: Rebecca Bowring

Only one word - Wow! Kind of like as good as it gets.

Jan 19 Jan 2012, 06:23

Rebecca Bowring on France 24 (in English):


It's always the tech stuff, isn't it? If they think those spex make her any more geeky, they are wrong. Even non eyescene watchers would see that.

Speximann 18 Jan 2012, 00:31

Savanah Guthrie-

Speximann 17 Jan 2012, 17:02

THANKS for the Savanah Guthrie clip. I now have a New Fav GWG. She looks great in those glasses.

 17 Jan 2012, 14:30

Re: my previous post, Try this link to Savannah Guthrie:

Minusfive 17 Jan 2012, 14:23

Re: Savannah Guthrie - Today Show 1/17/12

Go to the Today Show website, go to Today's or Recent videos, and load up the segment on "finding bracelets".

It is a several minute long segment with the very pleasant Savannah Guthrie in a smart looking brown frame with bigger lenses. About as good as a GWG can get!

She is also sporting a bright red miniskirt with stylish hose and very high heels.

A. P. 17 Jan 2012, 14:08

Science Goddess and daughter-- a real "chip off the 'ol science block"

Slit 17 Jan 2012, 10:42

Casey Anthony, the mother who was acquitted in the murder trial of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee??

Some one wanting to look alike?

Recorded with a shaky hand (a CNN clip discussing the topic. Features one of our all time favorite: Ashleigh Banfeild!)

Revolver 17 Jan 2012, 09:55

And another GWG alert on TV over here in the Colonies: on the NBC morning show, The Today Show, Savannah Guthrie is wearing her glasses again. They are the ones she was wearing last time she appeared on the show as a GWG, these are much larger and on her absolutely gorgeous, somewhere around -3.00 or so. But they don't give her very many closeups and unfortunately very little camera time period. It will be on for one more hour.

kisal 16 Jan 2012, 23:01

GWG alert on US TV. The newest Jeopoardy! champion is the lovely and bespectacled Betsy Schroeder. See her on Tuesday night.

Slit 04 Jan 2012, 13:46

Found it!!!


Slit 04 Jan 2012, 13:40


She looks delicious!!!

Can we get hold of the video?

SpexiMann426 03 Jan 2012, 23:44

Juliet Huddy was wearing her glasses to read a story Christmas Eve. What a nice gift for our Eyescene Community.

THANKS to Wurm & Moonshiner for keeping this great site up & running into the future.

Jose 27 Dec 2011, 17:10

WABC meteorologist is a new glasses wearer. Check him out.

Melyssa 27 Dec 2011, 13:14

Kristen Welker was a reporter/anchor at our local NBC TV affiliate for about 6 years, and I never once saw her wear glasses. I guess only Glenn "Hurricane" Scwartz has that right at that station.

Lv2c4i 27 Dec 2011, 13:06

Last week Fox Business News anchor, Lori Rothman wore her glasses for several days. They seemed to have a fairly substantial prescription and looked good on her. However, this week she is back to bare-eyed (probably wearing contacts).

Lv2c4i 27 Dec 2011, 13:03

On ABC Good Morning America, Elizabeth Vargas is subbing as co-host(perhaps all week). She has kept her glasses close at hand. Yesterday (12/26), they came back from a break and her partner referred to her, with her glasses still on, as the "bespeckled" Elizabeth Vargas. She looked up with embarrassment, snatched the spex off her face, and mentioned being "blind without them", put them on again for a second and then took them off and kept them off. It kinda seems like a vanity issue to me.

Lv2c4i 27 Dec 2011, 12:59

NBC reporter Kristen Welker has been reporting for several days from Hawaii wearing her glasses. She is covering President Obama vacationing there and can be seen on the TODAY show and on various MSNBC morning shows. I wonder if the time difference and her having to do the reports in the middle of the nite contribute to her wearing her glasses?

Soundmanpt 16 Dec 2011, 21:27


Mariya is one very of the hottest young ladies working as a reporter that I have seen in a long time. It is nice that unlike the women here in the US that only on occasion can be seen wearing their glasses, she is seen wearing glasses in nearly every picture and only a couple of her without glasses. More interesting it appears that her glasses are quite weak. I looked hard to even tell if they even had any rx in them. After much looking she appears to have a slight need for them for distance. My guess is they help her see the prompter a little easier. And who knows maybe she actually enjoys wearing glasses. They do look nice on her.

Do you know if she has been wearing glasses on the air for very long? It looks like she is wearing the same glasses in all the pictures so it could be her first pair even.

Pseldonymov 16 Dec 2011, 14:35

Mariya Bondareva, economic programs on Russia-24

Lv2c4i 12 Dec 2011, 09:48

I wonder, too, about the factors that impact the decision whether or not to wear glasses onscreen. Like Revolver, I check around to see what there is to see (Erica Hill, Savannah Guthrie, etc.) and upon seeing no specs, I then go to my otherwise favorites.

As to whether the producer (or other boss) impacts the choice, I do recall hearing Kyra Phillips speaking once of how much she hated her glasses--called the lenses coke-bottles. While she didn't say, I suspect that she avoids wearing her glasses whenever she can. So, it may be the wearers' own opinions and tastes as much as any pressure from others.

However, here and there, now and then, we are treated to the spectacle of them in spectacles. Viva la difference!

specs4ever 06 Dec 2011, 12:42

I am not always in the desert southwest Revolver. *gg*

Soundmanpt 06 Dec 2011, 10:27


Thanks for finding and posting the You Tube of Joanna Wagstaff. She does not disappoint, quite attractive to say the least. Judging by the cut-in on her glasses I think Spec 4 ever is very close to say she looks to be around -3.00. I think she could make watching the weather much more enjoyable.

Revolver 06 Dec 2011, 09:03

Specs4: we have a natural tendency to blame the bosses when an attractive on-air personality doesn't wear glasses, just as we did with Erika Hill on CBS. It may not be them, may be the personality herself, never forget the quote "oh, vanity, thy name is woman". Myself, I vote with my remote. In the mornings I tune into CBS until Ms. Hill comes on, and if she's not wearing, Click! Over to the Today Show on NBC.

BTW, how are you able to get CBC Toronto in the U.S. desert southwest?

Guido 06 Dec 2011, 08:05

specs4ever 06 Dec 2011, 07:21

I was watching the CBC Toronto morning weather a couple of days ago, and noticed that an attractive young lady was the presenter. It took a second look before I could see that she was wearing rimless glasses, and after watching for a while I made a guess that they were possibly around a -3D. I figured that her bosses had told her that if she must wear glasses then she had better wear a very unobtrusive pair until she cloud go back to contacts. However I caught the same channel again this morning and she was wearing a rather bold dark brown plastic framed pair. I thought that they looked much nicer on her. The weather lady is Joanna Wagstaff, if anyone else has managed to catch a glimpse of her.

Counting down the days until Wurm closes up shop!!!!!!!

Aubrac 03 Dec 2011, 05:38

Maybe not the right thread but was just watching Saturday Kitchen on BBC1.

The two guest chefs were both wearing glasses and the guest was Sarah Millican, a comedienne wearing a nice pair of black semi-rimless glasses with I think a low plus and cylinder correction.

During a brief preview before the programme started, the host chef James Martin introduced his guests, then said he was feeling a bit left out and produced a pair of glasses from somewhere and put them on - however he didn't wear them in the actual show.

Balance in the right direction - spec wearers 3, non-spec wearers 3 !!

Tulip 02 Dec 2011, 07:59


Not more than -2 and I think she's hot, with and without glasses.

Aubrac 02 Dec 2011, 03:38

Nice one Tulip - maybe -2.00

Tulip 01 Dec 2011, 15:05


here's one:

Aubrac 30 Nov 2011, 06:49

Saw on BBC News the day their Economics Editor, Stephanie Flanders.

Quite attractive GWG - not many camera angles or close-ups of her glasses but reckon about -2/-3

Any other pictures out there?

Aubrac 28 Nov 2011, 08:08


Think I should get back to college to brush up on my science!!

Puffin 27 Nov 2011, 18:34

Joanne Manaster:

oh yeah!

Tulip 27 Nov 2011, 14:31

All credits to A.P. about the hot science pro.

The pro and another hot, spexy lady. Jerk off stuff.

kisal 27 Nov 2011, 08:07

ALERT: GWG Jeopardy! Champion

Those in the US can watch the beautiful Kendra Anspaugh defend as Jeopardy! champion this Monday, Nov. 28.

Therouteur 24 Nov 2011, 21:22

Mona Eltahawy

Wurm 29 Oct 2011, 11:30

Chris, I'm sure some people will enjoy that link, but the political commentary is off topic here.

Filthy McNasty 29 Oct 2011, 11:29

Would you feel the same if the accused teacher were male?

Chris 29 Oct 2011, 10:03

hot teacher with glasses:

By the way: what a sick country the US must be. This lovely lady gets 4 years for having a bit of fun with her pupils while the banksters who broke the economy are on leave.

 22 Oct 2011, 17:39

more Science Goddess

A.P. 20 Oct 2011, 06:09

"Science Goddess".....yep, an actual university professor.

jay 20 Oct 2011, 05:09

checkout anne robinson wearing round red glasses

Hansel 17 Oct 2011, 17:12


It's not on my viewing list either!

That said, there are days when I come home from work and feel quite "l'ancien".

Not sure that I would raise much on the open market.


Further to Ms Bruce, I think the first time I saw her in specs was someone doing a behind the scenes look, including rehearsals for Crimewatch, 'twas singularly unmemorable apart from the glasses.

Clare 17 Oct 2011, 14:51

Hansel - happens to the best of us! I checked out Antiques Roadshow, which isn't on my regular viewing list. I noticed a distinct lack of eye make up which suggests to me an eye infection. I'm no specs fashionista but I'd say she should get a pair that are more flattering.

Soundmanpt 17 Oct 2011, 12:33

Yes it was a very pleasant way to wake up this morning seeing Erica hill wearing glasses again. I tuned in in the middle of the show did she maybe say anything about why she was wearing them. She used to wear them quite often and I think some network bosses must have told her to loose the glasses. Suddenly she stopped wearing them and this is firs sighting in months. She must have had a contact problem and no other option. I'm sure she can' see the prompter without them.

varifocals 17 Oct 2011, 10:36


Fiona looked really nice in her glasses.

Hansel 17 Oct 2011, 09:50

Thanks for the post re. Ms Bruce, I have thought on recent newscasts she has been having a few difficulties with her lenses.

The lenses seem more substantial than I recollect?

Lv2c4i 17 Oct 2011, 07:05

Monday morning news has CBS morning host, Erica Hill again sporting her specs. She wears them occasionally and chooses new frames every now and again as well. Her current frames are not the nerdy stylish, but fashionable.

Over the weekend, NBC's Mara Sciavacampo (not sure of that spelling) wore her cat-eye dark-framed specs during her reports from the New York City "occupy Wall Street" demonstrations.

Maverick 17 Oct 2011, 02:08

Fiona Bruce sporting her specs on this weeks edition of Antiques Roadshow if any in the UK want to check out on IPlayer

Slit 12 Oct 2011, 14:04

new frames...

kate silverton

Aubrac 07 Oct 2011, 10:16

Regarding Amanda Knox I don't want to seem unkind but I think a lot of the story may be exaggerated to get the sympathy vote.

It is always possible that she was already slightly shortsighted and during her time in prison this has increased as would be normal for any person her age who has not had regular eye tests.

Lv2c4i 07 Oct 2011, 08:07

Hope to see Amanda in spex soon, even as we must be sympathetic with her ordeal--assuming she is, as adjudicated currently, innocent.

Certainly innocent is U.S. Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who has appeared 3 times since her shooting, wearing different glasses each time. I think her most recent pair is the most flattering and attractive, tho that may be due to her overall recovery and looking better all the way around.

The news yesterday also featured another woman who became news through unfortunate circumstances, Anita Hill. She was shown giving a talk (at Georgetown?) wearing glasses. It was unclear whether they were readers she was using to read her text or they were full-time spex.

Brian  05 Oct 2011, 22:44

Here is one more on her vision: "Her health is badly affected and she is having serious vision problems. She only sees things close-up and doesn't see things a long way away.

"She has been doing eye exercises, where she looks out of the window at things in the distance. She doesn't mind if she has to wear glasses, but her big worry is that her vision will go.


Brian  05 Oct 2011, 22:42

We'll likely see Amanda Knox wearing glasses soon..

See blurb from article: Amanda has lost nearly 20 pounds in prison. As an athlete used to running, rock climbing, hiking, and biking, she finds the physical inactivity a unique form of punishment. Her hair is thinning and she has become increasingly nearsighted, but prison authorities won’t allow her family to supply her with vitamins.

Also see:

States: The American, who now has to wear glasses, is allowed two hours outside in Capanne jail, Perugia, and passes her time studying Italian, French, Chinese, German and guitar.

Slit 05 Oct 2011, 01:33

From TLC Channel.

Nice waking up in the morning to see Kylie Kwong:

royboy 21 Sep 2011, 23:45

I'll second that, david - just saw him on the news tonite and I was wowed! sweetest!

DNBursky 21 Sep 2011, 18:51

Isn't Shane Bauer the released hostage cute in his glasses?


SoCal 19 Sep 2011, 21:59

Anderson Cooper . . . yum.

Slit 19 Sep 2011, 13:54

Here comes italian beauty

SoCal 18 Sep 2011, 15:17

Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow (both sporting their specs).

Pseldonymov 16 Sep 2011, 09:37

Ukrainian news:

Pseldonymov 13 Sep 2011, 23:22

Riga Mayor Nils Usakovs and his wife Jelena Ushakova:

Chris 12 Sep 2011, 13:11

Un bel assortiment de FEL (femmes aux lunettes):

Mark 11 Sep 2011, 13:53

Best of the lot! Plus belle!

Mark 11 Sep 2011, 09:46

Two STUNNING French girls

Chris 11 Sep 2011, 00:39

now with nicer frames:

Chris 11 Sep 2011, 00:24

A very fast GWG:

NY O^O 06 Sep 2011, 11:04

Savannah Guthrie looking great this Am on the NBC TODAY Show wearing her moderate myopic glasses ~ -5.00s.

 27 Aug 2011, 22:28

Glasses Are Glasses-Thanks.

Slit 26 Aug 2011, 15:06

Those who hate planos, please do not open links.

More from Telegu channels:

Slit 26 Aug 2011, 14:46

ETV Telengu (from Andra Pradesh, where Hyderabad is located)

Unfortunately her accent is not much sweet...

john12 22 Aug 2011, 20:20

Was Mandy Drury whowas having trouble seeing on CNBC. She has an australian accent or michelle caruso cabera?

Jose 19 Aug 2011, 16:59

Check out Don Dahler, WCBS. Reading glasses have arrived.

Neil 18 Aug 2011, 04:11

On CNBC Michelle Caruso-Cabrera had to put on her cat-eye glasses to read something while interviewing. Based on her bio (finished university in 1991), she is unlikely to be more than 42.

Admirer 17 Aug 2011, 20:55

What was Haley McQueen's twitter post on her glasses??

Neil 16 Aug 2011, 18:55

Last week during the wild swings of the financial markets, I was watching CNBC during the late night, where even the presenters seemed nervous and extra chatty. One of them (cannot remember the name) was trying to read something and said point blank that the print was too small for her. She added that it's all downhill after age 25 (!).

Damian 16 Aug 2011, 12:26

And -4.75 too so no low myope

ehpc 16 Aug 2011, 07:43

She really is somewhat gorgeous :) Pete

Jan 16 Aug 2011, 07:04

Haley McQueen HD Video.

Alan 15 Aug 2011, 13:59

Sky Sports news presenter wearing glasses tonight Her name is Haley Mcqueen. She has commented on Twitter about it. Can't find any pictures though.!/hayleymcqueen

Astra 15 Aug 2011, 03:31

some info of Mylene :

Astra 15 Aug 2011, 03:29

Mylene Freeman , was elected Parliament Member of CA at 2011.05

Eclipse 14 Aug 2011, 03:46

I found of Kate Silverton yesterday. I was watching and thought that maybe the right lens looked a little stronger than the left.

Aubrac 13 Aug 2011, 03:18

I noticed the lovely Kate Silverton was wearing new glasses on this mornings (Saturday) BBC Breakfast News.

Her eyes appeared a little larger and wonder if she has had a prescription increase.

Her glasses look like a +2/+3 scrip with some cylinder - anyone have a better idea?

Slit 06 Aug 2011, 06:49

Thanks for the vid.

And seems she has some nice progressive lenses...

Chris 05 Aug 2011, 14:27

Two ladies whose behaviour may be questionable but who are certainly a feast for the eyes - and wear similar glasses:

Astra 02 Aug 2011, 04:58

Mayor of Beijing (Guo Jinlong) with interviewer (Dong Qian).

both are wearing glasses.

Jose 01 Aug 2011, 06:04

Troy Roberts CBS in cool glasses.

Slit 17 Jul 2011, 11:48

Wonder if posted before:

Megyn Kelly - cant even believe she is 40 plus! looks so good!

Nina Hossain - I think posted before:

Astra 17 Jul 2011, 06:54

Ma ying-jeou family (President of Taiwan).

His two daughters.

nickweymouth 11 Jul 2011, 11:55

fingers crossed smudger mate want to see carole the weather girl in specs

smudger 11 Jul 2011, 00:22

Sian wearing the same reading glasses for the newspaper review on BBC breakfast this morning.

Hopefully that means they're a permanent fixture!

Jose 08 Jul 2011, 19:46

Yeah, I really like his look in the heavy frames.

Jay 08 Jul 2011, 14:50

Troy Roberts also wears rimless ones during various points in the piece...but the heavy dark frames look great on him.

Jose 08 Jul 2011, 12:26

Troy Roberts at the opening of the special Casey Anthony 48 Hours on July 5. Plastic frames.

Smudger 08 Jul 2011, 04:26

She also made a comment about them something like:

"sorry about the glasses, I've given in"

which makes me think they'll be a regular feature from now on. She's obviously been struggling for a while (always holding anything to read at arm's length)

nickweymouth 07 Jul 2011, 09:12

hey smudger loved here in them

I, Glasses 07 Jul 2011, 08:23

What was the subject of the '48 Hours' segment featuring Troy Roberts with his 'cool' glasses, and what date did it run?

Smudgeur 07 Jul 2011, 01:18

Sian Williams wearing reading glasses for the 1st time for paper review on BBC Breakfast today

Jose 05 Jul 2011, 21:03

Troy Roberts on 48 hours---very cool glasses.

Lv2c4i 29 Jun 2011, 12:43

CNN anchorperson, Randi Kaye, is wearing her glasses here for the 3rd day as she hosts the early afternoon news show. She has a subtle pair of cat-eyed glasses that fit her quite well. Not terribly stylish or fashionable, but attractive and well-suited for her face and her role as anchor.

Mr Cockeyed 23 Jun 2011, 10:09


Yes, I agree, the producers or directors of news programming seen to desire young shapely women, naturally without glasses. I think the intense television studio lighting could overly accent thick or strong glasses as in heavy plus lenses. I think slight or moderate minus glasses with a modern stylish frame would be a tremendous asset for a young news presenter. To add anti reflective lenses would create a perfect picture, with the strong studio lighting.

I guess its just a dream, because in the USA as well as the UK, they have similar feelings about ladies on air with glasses

lentifan 21 Jun 2011, 19:21

Mr Cockeyed

I don't think the TV moguls are all that more understanding here. There has been recent publicity about the trend to drop female presenters when they reach their sell-by date which seems to be much younger than for male presenters.

It is clear that attractive-looking young females are preferred to males for news-reading, weather forecasts etc. However, your chances if you are female and not conventionally attractive-looking are zero. I don't think wearing glasses is yet considered to be compatible with being conventionally attractive. Kate Silverton is the only exception I can think of.

The fuss about Fiona Bruce will not have helped in this regard. If only some TV producers (or is it director?) would take the plunge, they might be pleasantly surprised.

Incidentally, this is not the first time Fiona Bruce has appeared in glasses. The last time I thought she looked good.

Mr Cockeyed 21 Jun 2011, 09:18

lentifan, Millhouse,

Thanks so much for your great explanation of the NHS frames. We still have somewhat similar frames here in the USA for people on Medicaid, a form of welfare for lower income or no income folks. I still crack up when watching older UK films, and lots of folks seem to be wearing something similar to those NHS frames.

I think Fiona Bruce just selected rather plain frames, lots of gals do, and her main reason wearing glasses was an eye infection she could not wear her contacts. Here in the USA there is still an unwritten law that most network news presenters don't wear glasses, although they are easing that unwritten law.

I personally knew at one time a news anchor lady, and I know she wore something like minus 9's, but was never allowed on air with glasses. She just stayed off the air. i feel everyone should have freedom of choice, Glasses or Contact lenses

I must admit in the UK, they are much more understanding, about news presenters with either glasses or contacts

lentifan 20 Jun 2011, 14:01

The NHS frames Mr Cockeyed saw in the 1960s are no longer supplied by the NHS. As far as I know, they now supply ordinary commercial frames at the cheaper end of the scale.

The frames Fiona Bruce was wearing, whatever you think of them, are definitely not from that NHS range, which had lenses which were round, or almost so. They were in two ranges, one with wire frames and one with plastic. The most common colours were black and brown, but I think the plastic frames were available in light brown and perhaps also clear. The wire frames were also available in pink and white for little girls.

The wire frames made a bit of a come-back about 15 years ago, sometimes in larger sizes, as was the fashion of the time.

Millhouse 20 Jun 2011, 09:43

- Mrcockeyed.

Here in the UK we are able, as far am I'm currently aware, to get glasses and eye exams via the NHS free of charge if you are on benefits (welfare for our US friends) or your prescription is above -9 or + 9 I think, or you are at school/ student etc. In the 1960's as now they do not make the frames very appealing- otherwise people would opt for them on a massive scale-thereby costing the UK health care system millions in free glasses & eyecare. Its far more likely though in Fiona's case she has an eye injury or infection from CL use and she just is using them for the emergency use rather than spend ÂŁ300-ÂŁ400 on a pair she'd only wear for the odd night home alone. Then again she could have very poor tast in eyewear.

Mr Cockeyed 20 Jun 2011, 09:23

After reading the piece on Fiona Bruce, can any of the UK glasses fans explain to me if those horrible NHS glasses still exist. I was in the UK in 1966, and saw those horrible frames, but thought by now they were eliminated. Any feedback will be appreciated, Thanks

Melyssa 18 Jun 2011, 09:45

What she should do is wear her glasses all the time on the air, and if the stuffed shirts (or skirts) don't like it, she should tell them to stuff it.

Hansel 18 Jun 2011, 06:03

Similar outpourings the last time she donned her specs. Perhaps she was starting to feel her star was on the wane and she thought a little extra publicity wouldn't go amiss.

Hansel=Grumpy old cynic ;-)

anonymous 18 Jun 2011, 05:13

A 'storm', eh? Compared to these folks, we seem comparatively normal

Smudger 18 Jun 2011, 04:50

More on Fiona Bruce

jackcast2005 17 Jun 2011, 13:41

Fiona Bruce - BBC News UK seen waring glasses this evening. Not seen her wearing them before. Looked to be a plus sript

Jose 14 Jun 2011, 05:49

Lester Holt--glasses and "Target" mascot

Pseldonymov 10 Jun 2011, 15:04

Elmira Israfilova, Tatarstan Haebaerlaere

Lv2c4i 04 Jun 2011, 07:10

Earlier this week CNBC's Michelle Caruso-Cabrera was briefly seen on the air wearing a pair of bright red reading glasses. She was reading text of "breaking news" and needed the spex to do so. She was also wearing a red dress and the glasses matched it nicely. Wonder if she has other spex to match other outfits?

Pseldonymov 03 Jun 2011, 15:59

Snežana Malović, the Minister of Justice of Serbia

gwgs 03 Jun 2011, 03:07


ehpc 02 Jun 2011, 16:34

She is absolutely stunning :) Pete

A.P. 01 Jun 2011, 06:15

ESPN reporter Doris Burke

Aubrac 01 Jun 2011, 04:39

As many may have seen, the lovely Kate Silverton is presenting BBC breakfast news this week.

Yesterday she was wearing nice beige frames to match her outfit, and today quite a bold either black or very dark blue plastic frames to go with her blue dress.

Certainly makes the news interesting!!

gwgs 25 May 2011, 03:51

"red leather yellow leather" usually gets me! Try saying that quickly ten times. I'm sure you'll fail!!

soundmanpt 24 May 2011, 18:24


I never heard that one before, but your right it is a bit of a tounge twister.

Axeyman 24 May 2011, 16:47

If anyone gets CCTV (yes there is a station by that name) there was a very nice looking GWG reading the news last night by the name of Felicity Tan.

ehpc 24 May 2011, 15:36

'first floor flat' always gets me.......................

Melyssa 24 May 2011, 15:24

I wear gorgeous glasses, and I'm a computer programmer. Does that make me a chic geek chick? Can I say those last three words ten times fast? :)

gwgs 24 May 2011, 11:26

Those of you in the UK with either Sky, or Freeview, make sure to check out Paula Middlehurst on Sky News - there's a clip available on You Tube of her for those that can't receive this channel (but its only 7 seconds long).

She is a sexy black haired plussie with bold black frames, I find myself almost mesmerised by her when she's on

Astra 24 May 2011, 01:05

geekgirl interviewed Katie Linendol.

gG: What are 5 things a geekGIRL should never be without?

KL: Flip camcorder, LED umbrella, external hard drive, iPad, oxford shoes, LED alarm clock app, Polaroid Pic 300 camera.

gG: What does “Geek Chic” mean to you?

KL: It means the ability to be simultaneously geeky and stylish. Geek is now trending! It’s so weird to open up catalogs and see big wired glasses, oxford shoes, bobby pins, etc. I always wonder; “Does that make me cool?” …and then quickly realize “Probably not,” but I’ll keep living the dream in my mind.

Astra 23 May 2011, 23:59


Below, Katie Linendoll describes surveillance tools, interviewed by TJ Holmes

ehpc 23 May 2011, 12:10

Is her name actually Linendoll???? ha ha ha As in 'blow-up doll'??????? I supose it must be. I doubt if any woman would choose a name like that.All credit to her for sticking with it whilst working in the media. Perhaps she thought people would remember it.

ehpc 23 May 2011, 12:07

She is absolutely gorgeous. Pete

lazysiow 23 May 2011, 11:28

Katie Linendoll - CNN and media consumer tech guru. Lots more of her on youtube etc.

Jose 22 May 2011, 21:13

Presbyopia makes progress--both Lester Holt and Don Lemon were FT wearers tonight. Looking good.

gwgs 20 May 2011, 03:04

She seems to be in competition with Anne Robinson - also on the BBC on Watchdog, and The Weakest Link - for who has the most glasses!

Ms Robinson seems to be the clear winner at the moment as I've never seen her wear the same frame twice, and given she's on tv every day this is saying something!!

Eclipse 19 May 2011, 13:56

New specs for Kate Silverton on GMT today?

Lv2c4i 17 May 2011, 13:09

While no caps were found, on the CNBC website, video of a report with Courtney Reagan wearing her glasses can be found (5/16--Retail Earnings--Mixed Bag). But, she was back bare-eyed reporting this morning (5/17).

Neil 16 May 2011, 15:37

Courtney Reagan, CNBC TV (US) today (May 16). Must be a trouble-with-contacts day. Maybe clips can be had.

andrew 08 May 2011, 03:59

maria coman from romania wearing + glasses

Jose 07 May 2011, 15:05

Lester Holt FT on Today Show this morning.

SoCal 02 May 2011, 23:02

Just an observation, but Prince William did seem to do a great deal of extra blinking during his vows and throughout the ceremony. The same sort of extra blinking that is consistent with contact lens wear.

Slit 02 May 2011, 22:05

Spicy south indian news reader:

South Indian beautician, bit on heavy side... i am sure she need clarity in near vision:

Slit 02 May 2011, 21:52

Not a serious news caster it seems ;)

Slit 02 May 2011, 12:28

Checking out subcontinental channels after a while.

It always pays back to check some Bangla news/ Natoks (dramas) coming from Bangladesh... those women are pretty liberal about wearing glasses, especially in Bengal it is a sign of learnedness as well.

ksnl 30 Apr 2011, 16:26

Prince William

Cactus Jack 30 Apr 2011, 09:19

Helicopters create their own dust storm when they take off, hover, or land, even on hard surfaces. The only time they don't is when they are close to a water surface. Then, they generally create a spray. Dust storms and contact lenses don't mix well. A speck of dust under a contact when you are flying an inherently unstable machine near the ground would be an un-necessary hazard.

The fact that a person needs vision correction is not necessarily disqualifying for flying helicopters, airplanes, or space shuttles, but it is often used in situations where there are more applicants than available positions - it is easily measurable and not arguable.


Julian 30 Apr 2011, 04:32

I understand from past press reports that he wears contact lenses most of the time, but (if I've got it right) there is some regulation that requires him to change into specs when piloting a helicopter. There was a moment on yesterday's TV coverage of him on duty where we were looking over his left shoulder and he was wearing them. I just think he looks great in specs - but then I think that about most guys ::)

Hansel 29 Apr 2011, 14:48

Given that we know Prince William does wear specs, as he drove the Aston minus specs, do we assume he was wearing lenses for the day, or was he driving illegally?

(With all the roads closed for the occasion, normal rules probably didn't apply!)

Not interested in the frock btw! ;-)

Jose 10 Apr 2011, 17:42

Lester Holt is full-time is glasses tonight on NBC Nightly News. The march of presbyopia beats steadily onward.

Pseldonymov 08 Apr 2011, 12:20

Olga TT, Radio KP

Julian 31 Mar 2011, 16:09

JP: I saw him on a couple of TV trailers today and you've hit the nail on the head.

JP 31 Mar 2011, 13:14

Well there's not a category here for TV chefs, but Heston Blumenthal has a new pair of glasses:

I don't usually go for plussies, but his previous frames looked great on him.

Axeyman 30 Mar 2011, 15:47

Deirdre Bolton has been wearing glasses on Bloomberg for the last couple of days.

Jose 29 Mar 2011, 05:40

Is Anderson Cooper wearing lined bifocals now? Check him out the next time he is in his glasses.

Wurm 25 Mar 2011, 09:55

Zahra Burton was wearing rimless glasses on Bloomberg yesterday.

kisal 25 Mar 2011, 07:00

The current defending champion on Jeopardy! (US version) is a GWG named Megan Barnes:

Jose 23 Mar 2011, 15:18

Lester Holt in new, stronger glasses

 23 Mar 2011, 06:25

Erica Hill wearing moderate minus glasses this AM on CBS.

Smudgeur 22 Mar 2011, 03:56

Nice close up video of Kate Silverton

Willy 21 Mar 2011, 13:25

Ashleigh is carrying some pretty significant add in the Darien video....

gwgs 21 Mar 2011, 04:14

Nina Hossain on ITV's evening news last week wearing glasses;

lazysiow 20 Mar 2011, 21:23

oldie but goodie, Ashleigh Banfield

Pseldonymov 14 Mar 2011, 14:49

Aigul (means: Moon Flower) Mahmutova released from the jail.

New videos.

Jose 09 Mar 2011, 05:59

Check pictures on the web---Eliot Spitzer in readers.

A.P. 02 Mar 2011, 08:47

Linda Ellerbee, NBC News 1983 clip

smudgeur 02 Mar 2011, 08:12

Lesley Garrett looking spectacular on "Loose Women"

smudgeur 02 Mar 2011, 08:10

Tasmin Lucia Khan on ITV Daybreak (UK)

Jose 26 Feb 2011, 11:30

More CNN men with glasses. Check John King and his black plastic frames---readers I presume.

Pseldonymov 25 Feb 2011, 22:03

Journalist Aygul Mahmutova was released from the jail

Pseldonymov 25 Feb 2011, 21:57

Natalia Morari

Pseldonymov 25 Feb 2011, 19:03

Natalia Morari

kisal 25 Feb 2011, 06:53

Yes, yes, I know. She's only sixteen, but one of the champions in the Jeopardy! Teen Tournament is very pretty with a real bubbly personality: Raya Elias-Pushett at Those in the US can see her again starting on Tuesday, March 1.

Guest 23 Feb 2011, 23:17

Nicole Lapin, seems like a low Rx to me, what do you guys think?

Crystal Veil 23 Feb 2011, 17:09

She is a minus 4 to 5. Second frame is better - I think.

Quite nice is the contrast between their build, especially the jaw bones. Thanks!

Owlish 23 Feb 2011, 16:42

Sumi Das is an attractive reporter for CNN who used to do a lot of tech news.

Here she is as she normally appears without glasses:

So I thought; I wonder if she wears glasses. Yes, turns out she is moderately nearsighted.

With glasses:

and with different frames:

Too bad the videos focus on the people she is interviewing but there are some nice glimpses.

glasses wearer 17 Feb 2011, 07:55

Heather Hays, the 9 pm anchor for Fox 4 in Dallas, had to put on a pair of readers to read a question she had prepared during an interview last night. She is a former Miss Hawaii USA (1992) and it is the first time I've seen her wearing glasses. I don't have any video to post.

Axeyman 16 Feb 2011, 21:12

I also noticed on the TV Heads site last week some pics of Nicole Lapin from CNBC wearing her specs. Thats the first time I have seen her wearing them.

Axeyman 16 Feb 2011, 21:05

Shannon Pettypiece has been wearing glasses on Bloomberg over the last couple of weeks.

kisal 14 Feb 2011, 07:04

For readers in the US --

VERY pretty GWG Jeopardy! champion on Friday, Kate Rowland. This means that she will be back on the show at least one more time. However, the next two weeks or so will be special programs, so I think Kate will return on Feb. 28.

Jose 13 Feb 2011, 06:49

Any sightings of Sanjay Gupta wearing glasses?

Owlish 12 Feb 2011, 06:01

Re: one of Slit's media gwgs, Leah D'Emilio, here is a vid:

in which I think I see more minification in her right eye than her left. Anybody agree? Any estimates as to prescription?

It's nice to see such a pretty woman happily wearing her glasses as part of her media persona.

Therouteur 12 Feb 2011, 03:51

Strangely a lot of people in Australia don't seem to have spent the twenty odd bucks necessary to get a digital box and enjoy all the benefits of digital TV. Personally I don't understand why but if any of you need an incentive to go digital, believe me that Claire Aird, the sports presenter on ABC News 24, should suffice

Slit 08 Feb 2011, 12:58

Thanks til, she is INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL!

here are some more media GWGs.

Crystal Veil 07 Feb 2011, 16:29

Agreed, she's cute. Note the difference in Rx, left eye twice as much as the right eye

glassesforeveryone 07 Feb 2011, 15:54

Thanks til - what a find!

til 06 Feb 2011, 15:43

Jose 06 Feb 2011, 06:37

Lester Holt wearing a new pair of glasses on Nightly News last night. Once again, full-time wear.

gwgs 02 Feb 2011, 11:19

I've posted several images of her onto my Flickr site @

Rick 02 Feb 2011, 03:20

Check out Shermine Shahrivar

lv2c4i 01 Feb 2011, 06:56

Erica Hill is again sporting her specs on the CBS Early Show this a.m. And looking fine. Caught a quick shot of Nicole Lapin of CNBC wearing her glasses last Friday, but could find no caps of that sighting. So, till next time...

SoCal 31 Jan 2011, 15:13

Anderson Cooper and his specs . . .

Philosifer 29 Jan 2011, 17:14

A real honey !

anic 28 Jan 2011, 03:55

Aaah! Another one converted to bifocals!

Lucky girl, can't imagine her embarassment and angst at struggling to read the autocue though!

gwgs 28 Jan 2011, 03:01

P.S. Also check out;

Have just made an appointment at the opticians. Bring it on. Tomorrow I will be in Timmy Mallet specs.

2:22 PM Jan 4th via Twitter for BlackBerry® .

Oh my God. Seriously bad hair day on LW today. I was a blind slap head struggling to read the autocue. Am embarrassed.

1:50 PM Jan 4th via Twitter for BlackBerry®

gwgs 28 Jan 2011, 02:59

Nice find Chris, what a tweet! I can't see any line on either of her pairs on the You Tube clips so she must be wearing progressives -I was going to say she seems relatively young for bifocals, but age has clearly be quite kind to her as she is 41. Great latest video of her, love the big frames.

Chris 28 Jan 2011, 02:13

Andrea McLain on youtube (for all non-Britishers):

Maverick 23 Jan 2011, 16:25

Andrea McLean is not new to glasses ; she used to wear them now and then when on GMTV in the past. Nice though to see that she is wearing them more on screen now it seems.

Will take a lot more then that to get me to tune in to "Loose Women" though !!

Chris 23 Jan 2011, 06:27

Andrea McLain's first appearance as GWG

Here she's moaning about on Twitter the day before (Jan 4th 2011)

Pseldonymov 22 Jan 2011, 21:35

Anat Kam

Who she was: A 23-year-old journalist who also served in Israel’s military

Chris 22 Jan 2011, 13:03

Andrea McLain with some other pair of specs. Which one do you prefer?

Smudgeur 21 Jan 2011, 07:08

Andrea McLean with new "nerdy" black plastic frames on Loose Women on ITV now!

Pseldonymov 20 Jan 2011, 15:50

A journalist Nadezhda Nizovkina asked to jail her:

Curt 20 Jan 2011, 10:38

Katie Couric with some funky new frames!

Will D 19 Jan 2011, 08:13

Rachel Stevens:

Lv2c4i 19 Jan 2011, 08:05

Last week two occasional gwg news anchors wore their glasses for the first time in a while. Erica Hill wore her glasses for the first time since she taken over as one of the main anchors of the CBS Early Show. And Savannah Guthrie wore her spex on her Morning rundown show. OO can take heart that every now and again we will be treated to them in eyewear.

Pseldonymov 18 Jan 2011, 10:37

Nizovkina on video:

Pseldonymov 13 Jan 2011, 12:58

Nadezhda Nizovkina

Jose 09 Jan 2011, 17:39

Lester Holt is full-time in glasses on NBC News tonight. Great look!

Lv2c4i 07 Jan 2011, 06:22

Earlier this week, several news shows reported on a study that indicated that persons wearing glasses were perceived to be more intelligent. The report prompted several anchors to respond with their glasses on.

On ABC's Good Morning America, Robin Roberts donned her glasses, a small, round wire-rimmed pair and said she felt she looked like "Henrietta Potter." Since then those specs have been alongside her on the anchor desk. I'm mystified as to why, if she doesn't like her look in those specs, why she didn't choose another frame.

Elizabeth Vargas, who had briefly worn her glasses the preceding week was capped and a couple of pix are on tvnewscaps.

Over on Bloomberg network, Carol Massar and Julie Hyman appeared in glasses as part of a report on "Dressing for Success". A couple of caps are/were up on tvheads.

SoCal 06 Jan 2011, 15:45

Anderson Cooper with Kathy Griffin showing off specs.

btw, i love Moscot eyewear . . . I have a pair of glasses from them.

Jose 06 Jan 2011, 05:29

Anderson Cooper debuts a new pair of glasses just prior to the new year.

Soundmanpt 05 Jan 2011, 12:18

Curious, since it was announced that Erica Hill was going to be the co-host of The Early Show she has not worn her glasses. Before when she was filling in as the co-host she was about 50% or more wearing glasses throughout the show, not just on and off. I wonder if she was told to only wear contacts if she wanted the job? She really doesn't look nearly as good now, her eyes have a funny look about. Maybe she isn't wearing contacts and is struggling to see things. But without a doubt she looked better with glasses.

Smudgeur 05 Jan 2011, 11:46

Andrea McLean presented Loose Women on ITV today wearing specs:

UK-based people can catch it on ITV Player for a limited period:

On Twitter yesterday she said that she'd been for an eye test and now needs glasses for reading and distance - maybe a full time wearer soon.

She used to wear them occasionally when a GMTV weather girl:

Phil 05 Jan 2011, 06:38

Did anyone see Kate Silverton on BBC news on Monday? She was wearing some gorgeous new black frames.

Jens 31 Dec 2010, 06:38

Kelly Osbourne and new boyfriend - both stepping out in specs!

Jose 30 Dec 2010, 03:02

Watched Don Lemon on CNN afternoon show. Was wearing his glasses on numerous occasions.

Lv2c4i 23 Dec 2010, 14:00

Elizabeth Vargas of ABC's 20/20 (imagine that)has been substitute hosting Good Morning America this week and there, at her elbow at the host desk, rests a pair glasses, readers no doubt. She even slipped them on momentarily onscreen this a.m. Wonder whether anyone caught the sighting? And, they will likely appear again, sooner or later.

Curious 21 Dec 2010, 13:58

I found this Ebay auction

It says as part of the description "In fact it was Kate Silverton who was quoted as saying that she preferred seeing herself with glasses on than without!"

Does anyone know if this is true and if so where she said it?

Disclaimer: No it isn't my auction.

Chris 20 Dec 2010, 11:25

Federica Bandirali, Italian TV presenter (at 2 min you see politician Mariastella Gelmini in the background, also in glasses, i love these coincidences)

gwgs 20 Dec 2010, 00:24

I agree with you both about the Daily Mail, they regularly make misinformed, or untrue statements, and this one was a typical hark back to the era when glasses were frowned upon.

A ridiculous comment and article purely created because they had bought this photo from a pap company and had to create some text to go with it.

I have almost given up reading this newspaper as it almost become more like a middle class gossip magazine than a newspaper and more often then not they get their facts completely wrong - I read three articles on Saturday they had incorrect facts in them! This coming from a newspaper distributed worldwide shouldn't be the case, I guess it's down to poorly researched articles, and a lack of editorial reviews.

Eclipse 19 Dec 2010, 14:27

I saw the same article about Kate Silverton and thought it was a particularly stupid article from the Daily Fail. The temperature that day was around freezing so I'm not surprised she was wrapped up warmly. I've seen her wearing much heavier framed glasses than that on TV recently and she was snapped with her head down reading a text and wearing a hat so of course not much of her face is going to be showing. It's not exactly newsworthy that she was wrapped up warm and wearing glasses.

The offending article is here

Aubrac 19 Dec 2010, 07:23

I can see how some people may be put off wearing glasses when newspaper reporters often make such silly remarks just to get attention.

In yesterdays Daily Mail there was a picture of lovely Kate Silverton out side on the day before her wedding. She was well muffled up against the cold in Ugg boots, long coat and cap, hardly the sort of winter wear to make anyone look sexy, and the headline was 'Is it the bride or the groom', there was also a reference to 'Kate, her face hidden by heavy glasses'.

She was actually wearing a pair of fairly light framed semi-rimless glasses, wirh her picture taken as she was reading a text on her phone.

Seems reporters must distort things just to make their rather pathetic column a little more interesting.

Jose 13 Dec 2010, 18:52

Anderson Cooper was wearing his glasses on 360 last week. Check the web for pictures.

Astra 07 Dec 2010, 12:44

Marisol valles garcia


Aubrac 07 Dec 2010, 06:31

Smudgeur/steve b

Many thanks for that - any ideas on prescription? Maybe -3.00 with then lenses but only guessing.

nickweymouth 07 Dec 2010, 05:46

dear santa aka gwgs my list for thsi year to wear glasses are joana page ruth jones katrherine jenkins and charlote church oh yes and carol the scotish blonde weather presenter on bbc breakfast

Eclipse 05 Dec 2010, 17:04

Judith Ralston

Phil 05 Dec 2010, 14:27

I spotted her too. She is stunning.

Smudgeur 05 Dec 2010, 14:14

Judith Ralston:

Steve B 05 Dec 2010, 08:28

Aubrac - her name is Judith Ralston

Aubrac 05 Dec 2010, 07:15

Had the Andrew Marr show BBC1 on this morning and there was a weather update on at 9.20 when I came into the room.

The weather person was an attractive lady with long dark hair and with a Scottish accent. She was wearing a nice pair of dark plastic frames but couldn't really tell what the prescription was.

He didn't say her name and I've never seen her before - anyone any idea who she is and if she appears on other programmes?

Lv2c4i 02 Dec 2010, 13:36

Sharp eyed OO's might note that Savannah Guthrie appeared on the Daily Rundown this a.m. with new specs. She's worn glasses before, but these seem to be a new pair. Her previous pair was a cat-eye style that was less flattering to her than other styles could be. They were somewhat dated and maybe not the best shape and/or size.

The new spex are a bit larger and more square in shape. They look better, more contemporary, and maybe portend her wearing them more regularly?

anon 02 Dec 2010, 08:34

See if this works

anon 02 Dec 2010, 08:29

I saw it in the Independent

nc 02 Dec 2010, 08:20

Which paper was the pic in?

anon 02 Dec 2010, 07:34

There was a picture of Hillary Clinton in yesterday's newspapers wearing the tortoiseshell glasses with what looked quite a significant minus prescription. So the stories that she has had Lasik or similar seem wide of the mark.

Makes her look much more attractive.

flthy animal buster 24 Nov 2010, 12:44

and all I said was LAURA BUSH looks like a hag with or without glasses. How was your statement apolitical, yet this one is? The exact same words were used.

Curt 24 Nov 2010, 10:38

Why would you think low plus when at a sporting event and looking at action several hundred feet away? Makes no sense...

Aubrac 24 Nov 2010, 09:45

Michelle Obama

Maybe a first time outing in specs. Could only speculate on a low plus with some cylinder. Don't know if it is Steffi Graf but she too looks like a low plus.

gwgs 24 Nov 2010, 03:29

Looks like she's rather self conscious of wearing glasses, maybe her first time wearing them out, or a new frame?

Clare 23 Nov 2010, 13:36

Michelle doesn't look particularly comfortable wearing them, does she?

Willy 23 Nov 2010, 13:14

And isn't that Steffi Graf in specs next to her?

Curt 23 Nov 2010, 10:16

Michelle Obama wearing glasses!

Mark 22 Nov 2010, 15:25

You are lying Melissa, there is now way that anyone would think Barbera Bush is pretty enough to switch political parties and vote without thinking. Oh wait, never mind.

filthy animal 22 Nov 2010, 14:56

It's funny how any mention of a government representative, elected or otherwise, always devolves into a political discussion, if one dares to call it that.

All I said was that Hillary Clinton was an ugly troll. It has nothing to do with her politics or party affiliation, or even her age. Just my personal opinion.

Like a previous poster requested, can we please stay away from politics and stick to posting photos of women with glasses?

Melyssa 22 Nov 2010, 14:11

A former friend of mine likely voted for the McCain/Palin ticket in 2008 because he thought Palin was pretty. Then again, that same nimrod voted for Bush the First because he thought Barbara the First was pretty -- and he's a registered Democrat.

Observer 22 Nov 2010, 12:54

I always thought that it was fitting that Tina Fey played the part of Sarah Palin on SNL. Both have made it big wearing glasses with either no prescription or next to no prescription.

Re: Palin 22 Nov 2010, 09:51

I agree that Mrs. Palin is better to look at then Mrs. Obama. I can only hope that Sarah Palin does NOT decide to run for anything else. As for the Obama's putting there life on hold!!! Come on, this is like winning the lottery for these people. All politicions have an ego that drives them toward this life.

Now, back to what we are here for. Why would someone with his resources be stuck in Gas Perm lenses?

nickweymouth 22 Nov 2010, 05:32

nice find gwg

gwgs 22 Nov 2010, 03:07

Woke up ridiculously early one morning this weekend so flicked on the TV, and who should grace me with their presence - this beautiful gwg, Naga Munchetty, whose exceptional frames certainly made a bright start to my morning;

anon 21 Nov 2010, 19:23

Now, now, boys!

Mrs Palin's persona may be rather unattractive (and her supposed appeal to the voters rather baffling to us in Britain), but physically she is undoubtedly attractive and the glasses must have something to do with that.

IMHO Mrs Clinton looks better in the rimless than the tortoiseshells.

And for a non-GWG, Mrs Obama looks pretty stunning to me.

 21 Nov 2010, 18:39

Equating the First Lady to a Pekingese dog? I think you are sadly mistaken... the real ugly ass "bitch" is Palin.

still 21 Nov 2010, 17:07

I guess you can read a Rohrshach any way you like, so your Pekingese is my beautiful woman. But factually, Michelle Obama is not an America hater; I know that the press ran with an old quotation of hers, during the election campaign for 2008. Even so, she tried to explain and repudiate that remark; I for one believe her. Any person who puts her life on hold for 4 to 8 years probably loves her country quite a bit; finding fault with one's country is not the same as hating it. I am a proud Canadian, but you should hear me criticizing my country, and hating my government! Sometimes you criticize those you love, even more than you would the others.

re:filthy animal buster  21 Nov 2010, 16:44

At least she looks better then the pekingese looking, America hating, First lady we have now.

mickey 20 Nov 2010, 22:43


I agree with you but even her current ones look great on her.

She should go fulltime

Johnny 20 Nov 2010, 20:01

Hilary Clinton should return to wearing the big, thick glasses she wore in the 1970s. She looked so hot back then.

filthy animal buster 20 Nov 2010, 15:57

LAURA BUSH "looks like a hag with or without glasses. Please."

nc 20 Nov 2010, 08:43

If anyone could find pics of Laura that would be awesome.

Guido 20 Nov 2010, 06:39

This may belong in or cross reference with literary references, but from a book about the secret service there is a short paragraph where George W. had to lead Laura to the White House bunker when there was a report of an un-identified aircraft in the Capitol airspace. It was shortly after 9-11. It goes on to say that Laura is virtually blind without correction and wears hard lenses for correction. I have never seen Laura in glasses, but she is classy enough not to have her face plastered in the media morning, noon, and night. By the way, the secret service loved her and she is just as genuine in private as her public persona.

filthy animal 19 Nov 2010, 21:18


Show me your sheriff's badge and I'll refrain from critiquing your beloved hag. Otherwise, go back to the kiddie table and keep quiet.

Wurm 19 Nov 2010, 20:56

A little sketchy maybe, but Clinton is in the public eye so critique away.

guest 19 Nov 2010, 19:03

filthy animal,

comments like yours aren't welcome here.

filthy animal 19 Nov 2010, 15:54

Hillary Clinton looks like a hag with or without glasses. Please.

Anon 19 Nov 2010, 11:48

I wonder if hilary clinton realises how much better she looks with glasses than without. They seem to remove that 'piggy look' she normally has.

Aubrac 19 Nov 2010, 04:26

On BBC Breakfast TV there was a clip of all the female news readers learning a dance routine for a show to raise funds for Children in Need.

The lovely Kate Silverton was one and although sans glasses for her dance practice, was wearing during the two or three face to face interviews during the rehearsal, a nice pair of quite large black framed glasses.

Haven't seen her wearing those during actual news presenting.

Soundmanpt 18 Nov 2010, 14:08


It is very common if she had it many years ago that she may again be needing a slight rx. Also often times reading glasses may be needed, but her's don't look like that at all.

If someone gets the surgery and they are only 18 or 19 and their eyes are still changing the lasik won't last. In fact many lasik centers now offer a warranty that if your eyes change again to -1.25 (that's the min.) they will do something called a touch-up and bring you back to 20/20. Don't get me wrong most that have had it done are very happy. One young lady had it done about 7 years ago and was corrected to 20/10 from being -5.50 with astigmatism. She was better than perfect for 3 years and slowly her vision started slipping back, she has stabalized at 20/50 and wears weak glasses. But as she says much better than before.

The biggest downside is the cost, between $4,000.00 and $7,000.00 for a good doctor.

Clare 18 Nov 2010, 13:56

Can't imagine why Sarah Palin would wear glasses if she'd had lasik.

Soundmanpt 18 Nov 2010, 13:50


How did you hear that she had lasik? I have never heard that. I do agree her glasses seem very low rx if anything at all. Funny that she acts like she can't see without them and wears them for everything mountain climbing, fishing etc. Shooting a gun okay everyone should have some eye protection and if she is a tiny bit near sighted they might help. When did she get the surgery?

Dude 18 Nov 2010, 12:54

Palin's glasses now have a next to nothing prescription. I would have liked to see a few morte pictures of her before she had lasik

Jennifer 18 Nov 2010, 10:46

Have all of you noticed how Sarah Palin always wears her glasses. She's never seen without them. On the other hand, Hillary Clinton wear contacts and glasses. Both are very different personalities and very different prescriptions. I still think Sarah's glasses have become part of her persona. She'll never be seen without them. So many men think she's sexy with those glasses.

Aubrac 18 Nov 2010, 10:29

I remember seeing Hilary wearing glasses all the time about twenty years ago and would say her scrip was -12 or more then. Her daughter Chelsea also used to wear glasses that were about -8.

She may have returned to FT spex if she has passed the limit for bi-focal contacts (+2.50)and has to wear plus glasses a lot of the time in any case.

nc 18 Nov 2010, 09:16

I would agree that Hillary is at least a minus 10. The prescriptions sunglasses she was wearing were extemely thick!

minus 5 who luvs gwgs 17 Nov 2010, 18:36

think Hilary is at least minus 10

Therouteur 17 Nov 2010, 18:16

In fact Hillary Clinton was in Australia recently. She got off her plane wearing prescription shades and her prescription is MASSIVE. Old pics from the pre hi index days indicate this but she must be at least minus 7

gwgs 17 Nov 2010, 03:09

Interesting find Therouteur - I had always known that Sarah "sexy" Palin had worn prescription glasses as although look very plano there were a couple of campaign photos I saved on my pc which showed refraction in the lenses - clearly this wouldn't be possible with planos!

Guest 16 Nov 2010, 21:33

Hillary Clinton makes rare appearance in spex.

Any guesses on RX?

Therouteur 16 Nov 2010, 17:37

I'd always been a little dubious as to whether Sarah Palin had any rx. Check this out and make your own conclusions

FaNaTiKX 15 Nov 2010, 07:27

Here's two screencaps of Meredith Vieira from this morning

KM 15 Nov 2010, 06:22

Meredith Viera wearing glasses this morning on Today Show.

Anime Fan 12 Nov 2010, 05:07

I saw her a few days ago.

Alicia Menendez from Fox News

Clare 11 Nov 2010, 15:51

There's a guy called Simon Jack who presents the business news on BBC1's Breakfast TV, in the last couple of weeks he's appeared with glasses, at first I presumed he was a contacts wearer with an issue but its gone on. I'm not sure but I think it may be a plus prescription, or maybe astigmatism I'm not sure. I'm sure others in the UK will have noticed too.

Jose 11 Nov 2010, 06:20

Anderson actually got the glasses close to his face last night on AC 360.

Lv2c4i 10 Nov 2010, 15:42

Alison Kosik, CNN reporter, apparently sported specs yesterday on the air. Check the caps on tvnewscaps.

Paul  08 Nov 2010, 08:35

Jose 08 Nov 2010, 05:27

Don Lemon is back wearing glasses regularly. Maybe Anderson Cooper will start doing the same.

Lv2c4i 06 Nov 2010, 07:38

Other waitings besides BBC.

About a week ago I noticed that Martha McCallum of Fox's a.m. line-up clearly had a pair of dark cat-eyed specs on the small table beside her. One of these days she'll pick 'em up and put 'em on (tho they aren't always there handy on the table).

Likewise Chris Jansing.

Erica Hill seems to be switching regularly between bare-eyed and bespectacled. Mondays have been a glasses day--perhaps a symptom of the usual 'monday morning' doldrums?

And there are others as well for whom we wait to don the glasses waiting there beside of these days...

smudgeur 06 Nov 2010, 03:14

BBC Breakfast this morning has a new presenter - Ann Davies - she has a pair of specs on the desk in front of her. Haven't seen her wear them yet - looking forward to the newspaper review!

Soundmanpt 01 Nov 2010, 11:57

Great to see Erica Hill wearing glasses so much on the CBS Early Show. She seems to wear her specs about 3 or 4 days out of 5. Maybe she will cause more news people to start wearing their glasses as well.

Jose 30 Oct 2010, 18:43

Don Lemon's reading glasses have made a return. They look great!

varifocals 28 Oct 2010, 15:40

Kate presents the BBC 1 One O Clock news

Steve B 28 Oct 2010, 12:31

What BBC news does Kate now host ?

Aubrac 28 Oct 2010, 06:36


Must agree that they are not quite right for Kate. She is a lovely looking lady but suits frames a tad lighter.

Anyway the contacts flirtation seems to have gone away, maybe she has astigmatism and found toric lenses difficult to get on with.

gwgs 28 Oct 2010, 03:15

Yeah, not sure about them Smudgeur! I saw yesterday on the news and she was wearing yet another new pair I hadn't seen before, they were also not one of the two pairs detailed in your photos!

Anne Robinson and her must be having a competition to see who has the most pairs of glasses as I read an interview with Anne Robinson recently where she said she has almost an obsession with glasses and has over 40 pairs! Well Ms Silverton must be into the double digits with her collection.

Smudgeur 27 Oct 2010, 10:27

Kate Silverton has some new specs - not so sure about the shape of these...

or these (also seen recently for the first time):

Jon 20 Oct 2010, 04:11

BBC news' econonmics editor Stephanie Flanders looking very attractive in a pair of brown rimmed glasses on last nights 10 o clock news.I don't recall seeing her in glasses before long may it continue.

Jose 18 Oct 2010, 18:23

Has Don Lemon quit wearing his glasses while on TV? Have not seen them in a few weeks.

 17 Oct 2010, 15:51

post deleted - off topic

ehpc 17 Oct 2010, 13:35

Wow she is unimaginably gorgeous :) And those BIGGER frames :) drool.....................mind you I'm the world's greatest atheist myself.

Jan 17 Oct 2010, 04:12

S.E. Cupp - Wierd views, but...

DC 14 Oct 2010, 19:07

Anjali Rao on CNN this morning in Asia looking fabulous, and the weather presenter made reference to her stunning look. Made my morning

Chris 10 Oct 2010, 18:06

Julie Banderas (and as a bonus: one of her guests is wearing glasses too):

People outside the former colonies will need a proxy ;-)

Soundmanpt 09 Oct 2010, 23:34


Yes I noticed that she wore them all day long, or at least until the late college game was over. A while back she wore them and I noticed something that time and it happened again today. They went in for closeups of the 2 male anchors often, but I never saw them go in for a closeup of her either time. I think it was last week when she had them in her hand all the time, but she never put them on while on the air. They went in for several closeups of her that day. Do you think she has told them not to show close ups of her wearing glasses? As we all know she looks very cute and she doesn't seem to have a problem with people knowing she needs them, but she seems camera shy about bsing seen close up.

Curt 09 Oct 2010, 12:36

Wendi Nix (finally) wearing her glasses this week instead of holding them...sweet!!

Della Ware 09 Oct 2010, 09:59

The Wicked Witch of the East:

gwgs 06 Oct 2010, 03:46

Hi Lv2c4i, yes there are a couple of easy ways of capping images from videos online.

You can either press the "Print scrn" button your keyboard, this will copy this printed screen image onto your "clipboard" - aka the computer's virtual memory. Open your art program and either do CTRL and V together, or Edit and Paste, and this will load this image onto your screen in the applicable programme. Your computer will only remember your last printed screen so it is important to do this step every time.

Alternatively, you can download a free programme called Irfan View which will let you cap images automatically inside this specific function, or allow you to cap what you want via shortcuts on your keyboard. Give it a go and let me know if you need any further assistance.

Slit 05 Oct 2010, 15:38

Maria Luisa Busi

Lv2c4i 05 Oct 2010, 13:26

Is there any easy way (or resource for reference) to capture still photos from online videos such as that of Erin Andrews? I agree she is very attractive in her specs. Later that day, however, for her primetime spots as sports reporter (on the sidelines), she'd obviously put in her contacts.

OO's may have to hope for more glasses shots only when she's doing those early Saturday morning reports (too early to bother with contacts).

Danny 05 Oct 2010, 07:15

Speximann 04 Oct 2010, 16:29

Many THANKS. I love that look for her. Hope they stick around.

til 04 Oct 2010, 11:50

Here you go:

speximann 04 Oct 2010, 10:03

PIX....PIX...Erin PIX?????

Ivr 03 Oct 2010, 22:15

Are there any pics of Erin in glasses?

Curt 02 Oct 2010, 12:45

Erin Andrews in specs on ESPN College Gameday this morning...Hot!!!

Curt 02 Oct 2010, 10:24

Erin Andrews in specs on ESPN College Gameday this morning...Hot!!!

 01 Oct 2010, 11:31

Jenna Lee video with

Smudgeur 01 Oct 2010, 02:31

Kate Silverton seems to have (thankfully!) ditched her experiment with contact lenses:

Soundmanpt 29 Sep 2010, 18:09

She must have been having some real bad problems with her contacts because she had been wearing her glasses for quite a while untill Maggie came back and she went back to only reading the news and she was back in contacts for a few days. Now again she is back to glasses. It seems now that she has exposed herself as needing glasses she would ditch the contacts anyway now. As you said Harry Smith wears his all the time as does the weatherman. Maggie doesn't so you would think she would want to be different than her anyway.

Lv2c4i 29 Sep 2010, 13:03

Near the end of this morning's Early Show, they showed a brief clip of Erica Hill on the preceding evening's "The Good Wife". In the clip from the show, she was also wearing her glasses and one of the other hosts commented on that. Erica said, "Yes. I was still bothered by my eye irritation so there was no other choice."

So, the irritation apparently had been the reason for glasses on her for awhile. Now, it seems she wears (or not) somewhat on whim.

And they mentioned she is going to be on "The Good Wife" again.

Minusfive 29 Sep 2010, 07:19

Erica Hill was bespectacled today on CBS Morning show! I really cannot understand why she does not wear them every day. I mean Harry Smith does. Why not her?

Her Black frames really seem to flatter her eyes. They just fit her perfectly and flatter her very well!

ehpc 26 Sep 2010, 17:45

Not a 'fringe' either.................

ehpc 26 Sep 2010, 17:43

It is hot frames which are cool :) Nothing 'fanatic' about that! Mind you, the lenses must be minus................


Joseph 26 Sep 2010, 06:36

Don Lemon back in his cool glasses last evening. Went well with the black jacket and black shirt.

Soundmanpt 22 Sep 2010, 11:20


I saw that show with several female models and herself trying on glasses and the gentleman was telling her how to pick the correct frame for your face shape. Maggie said she didn't need glasses as I recall. She did look really nice wearing them though. I wonder if having her 2 nd baby may have changed her vision, but so for no signs of glasses.

The one I keep watching to see if she ever shows up wearing glasses is Jenna Lee of Fox News. She used to be on Fox Business Show. At that time they had the CEO of "Eyebuy Direct in the studio and he was pointing out about the value in buying glasses on-line. Actually Jenna's co-host was the one doing the interview and Jenna seemed to be not paying any attention. Suddenly she interupted and asked the CEO if his glasses were real. He said they were and she asked to she them, he took them off and handed them to her, she without hesitation put them on and started looking around. She commented that she didn't need glasses but then found, and commented that she vould see the teleprompter much better and even said maybe she does need glasses. She kept them on and still seemed very surprised how well she could see. The CEO even made a comment about fixing her up.

From that experence I would be shocked if she didn't make an eye appointment within the week. Of course she well could be wearing contacts these days. Has anyone seen her on-air wearing glasses?

Lv2c4i 22 Sep 2010, 08:49

For the frame-fanatic fringe of the OO world, the recently returned co-host of CBS Early Show, Maggie Rodriguez, did appear in glasses a bit back during a show segment on choosing the right glasses. It was titled "Love Your Glasses" and videos of it can be found online.

Lv2c4i 22 Sep 2010, 08:46

Will she or won't she? Erica Hill had been wearing her glasses each day as she subbed as co-host on CBS The Early Show. This week the regular co-host returned from maternity leave and Erica returned to her role as the news reader for the program. And her eyewear?

On Monday, the first day, she was bare-eyed. Then, yesterday she was sporting her specs. And today it was bare-eyed again. Will she keep us guessing?

Erica is quite attractive either with or without so we'll see what she chooses in the days ahead.

Chris 19 Sep 2010, 15:39

Silvia Corzo:

Jose 19 Sep 2010, 07:33

Don Lemon appeared to be wearing some half-frame readers. Any other sightings of his new readers.

 13 Sep 2010, 11:47

Anyone watching college football this weekend? Wendi Nix was back in the studio but was just holding her glasses in her hand, never saw her actually wearing them.

gwgs 13 Sep 2010, 04:12

Very interesting article Maverick, I never even knew she was short sighted! I guess that's the benefit of contact lenses for people, but I'd love to have seen her wearing glasses, unfortunately though Google doesn't bring up any results.

Hansel 11 Sep 2010, 16:26

Lots of comments on the press about Chiles and Bleakley and the new ITV morning TV show. I have only seen a couple of minutes, but certainly, Chiles, who is a known specs wearer and Bleakley seem to be leaning forward and peering towards the autocue.

New contact lenses for both, or bespectacled in the coming week?

Maverick 05 Sep 2010, 13:02

Interesting article on Claudia Winkleman's eyesight.

-14 thats is quite a prescription.

presby L 02 Sep 2010, 18:20

great glasses

Look like progressives, what does anyone think the script is?

Lv2c4i 02 Sep 2010, 07:28

Jennifer, I agree. Erica's frames are stylish and flattering. It shows the difference subtle and slight changes can make: these frames have the slightest uplift at the temples--more flattering to her than either straight or frames that are curved downward (rounded).

I thought her frames might even have arms that came into the middle of the frame (rather than at the top corner) but a side view shows that that isn't the case.

Wonder why she's been wearing them all week now? New style statement? Resting eyes from contacts? Preparing for lasik or similar?

SoCal 01 Sep 2010, 17:07

If you read through the interview (page 2) Maddow gives her reason for not wearing her specs on the air.

Jennifer 30 Aug 2010, 15:32

I did see Erica Hill on the CBS evening news. Her frames choice is excellent! They fit really well on her face. Does anyone know what her rx is? I saw quite a bit of cut in.

Lv2c4i 30 Aug 2010, 14:07

Surprised that no one has yet commented on Erica Hill's wearing her glasses on the CBS Evening news last Thursday and then on the morning show Friday. It had been awhile since Erica had appeared in glasses. Hard to tell if these were a new frame. If so they were very similar to her previous choices.

jose 26 Aug 2010, 12:36

Any sign of andy cooper wearing his glasses?

Jennifer 25 Aug 2010, 12:15

Cool video, Yasmin. I really, really liked it...Wow!!!

Guido 25 Aug 2010, 12:02

CNBC's Melissa Lee looking spectacular today in her -6s.

nc 06 Aug 2010, 06:15

Savannah Guthrie wearing her glasses on the Morning Grind and the Today Show

Yasmin 01 Aug 2010, 15:28

Not a real "new" personality but as I could not find him here, yet:

Reed Timmer, the storm chaser who wears contacts normally can be seen in his glasses on some few videos:

I would gues he is around -7/-8 dpts.

or here:

Jose 28 Jul 2010, 19:14

Anderson Cooper is keeping his glasses close by on the desk during AC 360. Does he ever wear them on the air?

Speximann 28 Jul 2010, 14:03

Thanks Smudgeur, Seems Kate is lookin better than ever.

Smudgeur 28 Jul 2010, 11:14

Latest Kate Silverton pics:

Joseph 19 Jul 2010, 22:16

John Roberts---new glasses, new hair color.

Smudgeur 15 Jul 2010, 02:06

Kate was on BBC Breakfast this morning - thankfully with specs. Hopefully the contact lens experiment was a complete failure!!!

Aubrac 10 Jul 2010, 00:30

Anyone actually know what Kate Silverton's prescription is?

I would guess at about +2.50 with some cylinder having seen her on a feature programme wearing glasses for half the time.

Pseldonymov 09 Jul 2010, 08:55

Russian writer

Smudgeur 07 Jul 2010, 01:53

After a few weeks experimenting with contacts, Kate Silverton has been spotted a few times recently on BBC News with her specs back on - Hallelujah!

Luv2c41 02 Jul 2010, 06:21

Glad to get back to the topic!

CNN's John Roberts wore glasses this morning for much of his morning show with Kiran Chetry. Don't know if they had any "new eyewear" chat. He wore semi-rimless frames that seemed to make him look a bit older (unfortunately), but also more professional. Think I read he's engaged to Kyra Phillips, who also occasionally wears her spex and has had several different styles over the years. Maybe he should get some fashion advice from her.

Joseph 01 Jul 2010, 01:22

Check Anderson on AC 360 Gulf coverage. The glasses are in the shirt pocket. Maybe soon he will let us see him in specs.

Therouteur 27 Jun 2010, 00:38

Totally agree. I've always tried to pay it to governments who'd be less inclined to squander it

ehpc 26 Jun 2010, 17:22

Believe me, ABSOLUTELY NO QUESTION of 'tax-dodging', which in any case is very childishly Socialist mindset. I pay a massive wad of tax here, and have to file my British accounts too, which I do unfailingly. But it is better than living in the United Kingdom.

Therouteur 26 Jun 2010, 16:28

To get us back on thread (although, being a long time tax evader familiar with all manner of Caribbean and Pacific paradises, I was finding ehpc's tax dodging fascinating)

Anjali Rau is a CNN Hong Kong anchor. I vary on what I think of her. She has moments of extreme hottedness but then the smart-arsed personality kicks in and the hormones go into reverse.


Yesterday she was wearing a pair of square brown plastics which appeared briefly to cancel out the personality. Shortly after which I concluded that they were props to make her look smart.

Wurm 26 Jun 2010, 12:34

Yes, it would explain some intermittent "I can't post" problems. I'm sure a few posts containing the word specialist were blocked over the years.

Mea culpa. Fixed now.

ehpc 26 Jun 2010, 12:26


Wurm 26 Jun 2010, 12:22

Posts containing the string "c ialis" (with no space) are still blocked in the wake of the poker/drug spamfest several years back.

I can probably remove that block.

Nice to see everyone being courteous. It's still off-topic, of course.

ehpc 26 Jun 2010, 11:23

11.19 post I substituted UK/EU instead of S.......t and the post was sent perfectly.................

ehpc 26 Jun 2010, 11:22

Interesting. Any post I send with the word S.......t the reverse of 'capitalist') in it won't be forwarded..................... PC censorship? Surely not, Wurm?

ehpc 26 Jun 2010, 11:20

So I took up a post as Professor of Music at a University in the tropics.

ehpc 26 Jun 2010, 11:19

No 'luck' in it. It was a decision I made.I was being utterly ruined financially by UK/EU taxation.

ehpc 26 Jun 2010, 11:17

Just a test............can only post very short posts for some reason...........

gwgs 26 Jun 2010, 03:29

Lucky you ehpc, I have to pay 40% tax!

ehpc 25 Jun 2010, 15:42

Spot on gwgs. Although I am distressed to see Conservatives raising ANY form of taxation, which is a most un-Conservative thing to do in all circumstances. Anyway, I am now a tax exile.

nickweymouth 25 Jun 2010, 09:26

gwgs my appoligies one was trying to and sucded in getting a reaction and can you find for me please any evidence of lucy alexandra kirsty alsop and lorne spicerack spicer weaering glasses please thank you in advance freind sand sorry again for the bite

gwgs 25 Jun 2010, 01:46

Nicky - we're not a political forum here so I won't go into this but my one line answer is that this increase is nothing in comparison to what Labour would have done if they were in power, and all of this is actually being done to solve the problems that the previous government got us into.

There's an old adage that rings VERY true - EVERY time Labour get in, they ruin the country, they get voted out a couple of terms later and the Conservatives are left with a mountain of debt and useless laws to sort out. Except this time they have to also satisfy the Lib Dems as they unfortunately in bed with them.

nickweymouth 24 Jun 2010, 11:20

gwgs sorry mate but i did predict higher vat prepare for more missery mate

Aubrac 24 Jun 2010, 07:26

Watched the midday news on BBC today and the lovely Kate Silverton was back. Sporting a new slightly shorter hair-do and what looked like new rectangular frame glasses.

Thought she had been lost from the fold but is back and looking even nicer than before.

Pseldonymov 11 Jun 2010, 14:06

Anna Talisman

nickweymouth 10 Jun 2010, 02:27

check out the final of the uk junior apprentice tonight Kirsty a 17 yo part time glasses wearer

Joseph 06 Jun 2010, 04:16

Anderson debuts his glasses:

Joseph 05 Jun 2010, 14:01

Any ideas whether Anderson Cooper's new glasses are progressives or single vision readers?

 05 Jun 2010, 13:52

What politicion is not just a talking head? Look at the promise everything and deliver nothing we have in the White House now. The other choice was a walking corpse.

 05 Jun 2010, 12:53

Everything about Sarah Palin is "plano." Sadly, many folks just haven't realized that yet.

murky 05 Jun 2010, 01:19

Check out this link to Sarah Palin, and see that her right lens is a plano, maybe the glasses are a transition from beauty queen to serios politician?

I have noted on her TV appearances, that close ups show at least a less than 1D lens

Aubrac 05 Jun 2010, 01:01

Oh dear, oh dear

Lovely Kate bare-eyed on Saturday morning too!

We can only hope she will return to the fold.

Smudgeur 02 Jun 2010, 05:38

I agree - what a shocker!

Bring back Kate's specs!

Aubrac 02 Jun 2010, 00:05

Just about to say the same thing.

I think she may be wearing contacts as she is doing many deep blinks which new contact wearers often do.

Let us hope it is a passing phase.

Guest 01 Jun 2010, 23:49

Where are Kate Silverton's glasses this morning?

DNBursky 30 May 2010, 00:24

Here's the video of Anderson Cooper showing the glasses, etc.

Guido 29 May 2010, 06:54


Weather Channel this morning, Betty Davis is wearing some attractive glasses in a minus script. Very attractive

lv2c4i 29 May 2010, 05:31

CNN's Anderson Cooper was cohost on 'Live with Regis and Kelly' yesterday morning and he made a big deal about his new glasses. He tried on two different pairs--they seemed the same frame just different colors--asking Kelly Ripa which was best. Her answer was neither.

There followed some of the usual glasses chat, passing around and trying on the glasses, Kelly modeling his spex and saying 'how blind are you', and another pair being passed around.

Then Kelly suggested that she take Anderson shopping for some better glasses and he agreed. They also suggested that cameras might come along and the excursion would be shown on the show sometime in the future. Who knows, Kelly might even get herself some new spex.

Pseldonymov 24 May 2010, 16:31

Evelina Khromchenko was fired from L'Officiel but she stays on Fashion Sentence TV show:

Pseldonymov 24 May 2010, 16:27

Evelīna Khromchenko

Pseldonymov 22 May 2010, 13:57

Evelina Khromchenko was fired

Lv2c4i 22 May 2010, 05:46

Bloomberg's Betty Lui captured on wearing her glasses again. There's about 10 different caps. On Reportercaps there is a thread with several caps of her as well and a brief discussion of her in glasses, one suggesting she needs another frame style. The caps on reportercaps are less attractive shots, but she is very attractive in some of the other caps on TVHeads.

Joseph 22 May 2010, 01:30

CNN men love their reading glasses:

Joseph 19 May 2010, 22:50

From the All Things Anderson website:

"At one point he said he just had to get glasses for the first time and asked if we all wanted to see them. We of course said yes and he went jogging backstage to get them. When he came back he said he hadn't shown them to anyone before and he wanted our honest opinions and turned around to put them on. When he turned back we all immediately went "You're Clark Kent!". They are black plastic glasses that look like they could have been borrowed from Rachel Maddow if you've ever seen the kinds of glasses she wears. When he put them on he really did look like he was Clark Kent in disguise."

Presby L 19 May 2010, 21:06

AC looks like typical route for a newsreader.......always have the glasses on the desk, but seldom wear them, then more frequent wearing, but self conscious, -then using as an accessroy,and, if lucky, full time wear. Look at Katie Couric and Sue Hererra.....they both started like AC and now pretty much full time........hope AC joins the fold soon. He is 42, which is prime time for that first pair of reading glasses :)

Jennifer 19 May 2010, 08:37

But....Is Anderson Cooper wearing them??? Got to see him with glasses on!

Joseph 18 May 2010, 15:13

Looks like Anderson Cooper has moved into the world of wearing glasses. Check AC 360 -- his glasses have been on the desk.

Julian 18 May 2010, 07:17

Couldn't agree more.

Puffin 18 May 2010, 06:36

Please let's not talk about politics here again. There's plenty other places to do that.

Phil 18 May 2010, 06:13

Looks like we'll have to put up with Lady Warsi, Justine Greening and Nadine Dorries for a bit! Politics counts for nothing with me when it comes to gwgs. Do you think we might yet catch a glimpse of the seriously myopic Caroline Flint in specs?

ehpc 17 May 2010, 12:30

Haven't a clue what will happen :)

lentifan 17 May 2010, 12:18

She's lovely.

I presume your delicate political sensitvities are now constantly offended, ehpc, with your beloved Tories are now in bed with the hated Liberals.

ehpc 17 May 2010, 09:59

But Phil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She' s a LibDem!!!!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Tulip 17 May 2010, 09:36

And more of Jenny. She weares different glasses. WOW!

Tulip 17 May 2010, 09:29

Sorry, it's Jenny.

Tulip 17 May 2010, 09:28


here's Jennie, a very pretty woman.

Phil 17 May 2010, 05:17

Jenny Willott, a Cardiff Lib Dem MP, is my favourite gwg MP.

gwgs 17 May 2010, 01:45

Hey Nick, sorry for the delayed response, I've been on holiday for the last 9 days and this is the first chance I've had to view ES.

I'm glad to say we now have 3/4 of a Conservative government - history is being made for those of you who aren't aware that we have 1/4 of another party sharing the Government as no one won an absolute majority so they all had to haggle to get into power.

I grew up in Maggie Thatcher's time and can only say what a wonderful woman she was/is. If only those Labour gravy train, money grabbers thought about the country instead of themselves we wouldn't have got ourselves into this situation. But as usual, Labour ruin the country when they're in power, then it takes the Conservatives to bring it back to the way it was.

Back on track though about girls with glasses, I noticed a rather nice MP by the name of Heather Harper who is Conservative MP for Beaconsfield. She was doing an interview for the BBC wearing some rather trendy wide arm, with mesh detailing on the temples, these must be new as there aren't any photos of her wearing these frames on the net. There are others though if you want to look her up.

fred 15 May 2010, 06:22

Just wondering if anyone here knows... Does anyone know what happened to the glasses of Canadian news anchor Marcia Mcmillan? She doesn't seem to wear them anymore in CTV videos. Would be such a pity...

Joseph 11 May 2010, 18:36

Any pictures out there of the new Prime Minister, David Cameron, wearing his glasses?

nickweymouth 11 May 2010, 11:04

jb as a suffer of dylsexia i cna onestly say


ehpc 10 May 2010, 15:38

This is of course off-topic but in fact there has been more adult unemployment at the end of every single Labour administration in the United Kingdom than there was at the start of it.

The early 1980s.................the age of endless optimism,and pretty girls wearing tiny skirts and huge glasses :)

lentifan 10 May 2010, 15:27

As I recall, there were about 3 million people unemployed, for whom it probably didn't feel like paradise. A very divisive figure, Mrs T.

ehpc 10 May 2010, 14:55

You tell 'em, gwgs :)

ehpc 10 May 2010, 14:54

Thatcher's Britain.........................Paradise :)

jb 08 May 2010, 08:50

Hey Nick...are you sure you know where you live....i've never heard of britian / brittian, maybe you are like me and just cannot type. Certainly gave me a bit of light humour on a wet afternoon

NICKWEYMOUTH 08 May 2010, 08:45

dear anon im not cowardly i put my name to my posts gwg is correct did you live in thatchers britian if not welcome to your own personal nightmare

sorry worm but this is somthing to me

having lived in thatchers brittian

gwgs 07 May 2010, 06:27

I've noticed her also Phil, I certainly wouldn't kick her out of bed

anon 07 May 2010, 03:44


No it's not!

Phil 07 May 2010, 03:41

My attention has been focussed on Jenny Watson, chairman of the Electoral Commission, who has kept popping up on TV commenting on the problems some people had voting. What a gwg!

gwgs 07 May 2010, 03:36

GwG Jacqui Smith, the former Home Secretary and MP has lost her seat in this election, she was most famous for her husband buying porn and putting on her expenses - see below. Obviously her husband wasn't that happy about her choice of glasses!

It's just a shame the Conservatives haven't won

gwgs 06 May 2010, 08:07

Fantastic, well done Smudgeur, she's always been a soft spot of mine

Smudgeur 06 May 2010, 05:57

Have a look at the montage of old Lorraine Kelly clips about halfway through this clip. I think I counted 5 different pairs of glasses she's seen in - for the really lazy fast forward to 3:55, 4:01, 4:14, 4:32, 4:42, 4:57:

Tulip 03 May 2010, 07:44


For a better view of Aurelia Frick:

delete the guy:

delete all, except....:

pic is a bit smaller, but she stille very pretty:

Smudgeur 02 May 2010, 08:30

Dr Aurelia Frick of the government of Liechtenstein

Smudgeur 01 May 2010, 01:30

And the very nice Kate Silverton (with new frames):

Steve 30 Apr 2010, 07:43

The very nice Kate Sullivan

gwgs 27 Apr 2010, 02:02

Well found Smudgeur, I've always liked her as a gwg and have kept my eye out for on the tv, but didn't know she'd been a lasik victim, at least thats one less person I have to endure on tv now for 0-0's sake! :)

Speximann 26 Apr 2010, 19:35

More Anna!!

smudgeur 26 Apr 2010, 14:29

came across some old Lorraine Kelly pics today - sadly she's now been lasered but must be approaching presbyopia by now:

smudgeur 26 Apr 2010, 14:21

oops - sorry, my bad!

Here is Anna Jones:

Steve B 26 Apr 2010, 07:39

Smudgeur - where is the picture of Anna Jones ?

Slit 25 Apr 2010, 13:22

Age 39 and time for readers.

Julian 25 Apr 2010, 10:33

Smudgeur: how did that photo manage to be two different people? ::)

Smudgeur 25 Apr 2010, 09:27

Lucy Watson - ITV Central (East) News:

Anna Jones - Sky News:

luv2c4i 25 Apr 2010, 04:56

Fox Business Channel's Liz Claman was 'captured' wearing her glasses by tvreportercaps. The pix are in slash's collection for 4-24. She wore her glasses more on CNN, but sightings are very rare since she moved to Fox.

Pseldonymov 19 Apr 2010, 11:31

Roza Otunbayeva, head of the Temporary Government of Kyrgyzstan

Joseph 17 Apr 2010, 16:58

Don Lemon wearing some nice half-frame readers.

SoCal 12 Apr 2010, 19:50

Photos of MSNBC's Rachel Maddow doing a shoot for People Magazine.

luv2c4i 08 Apr 2010, 05:10

On, you can see a rare sighting and capture of Betty Lui wearing her glasses--she was wearing them during her 8 a.m. Bloomberg TV show yesterday (Wednesday). They do not keep their pics up for very long so if you don't check it soon, it may be replaced by more recent (and bare-eyed) captures.

Joseph 05 Apr 2010, 18:21

Last evening, Don Lemon of CNN was wearing his glasses nearly non-stop during the earthquake coverage. Am assuming his presbyopia is becoming more prevalent.

ehpc 25 Mar 2010, 16:13

I wouldn't mind betting she is (probably with her 'manager''s full knowledge and approval) simply trying to draw atention to herself and her programme............................

djr 25 Mar 2010, 12:39

re Jenny Kirk

How do we start a petition to bring back the glasses?

nc 24 Mar 2010, 14:32

I dont understand what the big deal about wearing glasses on tv is? Most look better with them than with out them. I watch the news alot, it would be awesome if more glasses were worn.

Melyssa 24 Mar 2010, 12:45

These manglers -- uh, managers -- need the Three Stooges treatment ("81C" if you know what I mean). Then they'll know what it's like for someone to have poor vision and be dependent on glasses.

soundmanpt 23 Mar 2010, 19:39

By the way this is not the case at all the Hooter's, I have been in several where the girls wear glasses to work in. This is just that manager being a jerk.

soundmanpt 23 Mar 2010, 19:36


That is a manager that has his head where the sun doesn't shine, if you know what I mean. He should be thrilled that a n anchor wants to wear glasses, it gives more credibility to her reports. It is apparent from her e-mail reply to you that she would much rather wear her glasses than contacts. That is another thought, maybe she doesn't use contacts or can't wear them? At any rate he needs to be fired.

That is like I have friend that works at Hooter's she got prescription glasses from me about a year ago. She attends college and wears her glasses all the time and is pretty dependent on them. Her store manager told her sometime ago that he would prefer her not wear glasses while working. She said she is okay with getting around the room, but if repeat customers come in she can't recognize them until they get real close and she can't watch TV because it is a blur for her.

smudgeur 23 Mar 2010, 16:37

I e-mailed the BBC Look East newsreader, Jenny Kirk, to ask why she had stopped wearing glasses on air.

and was surprised to get the following reply:

"Thank you for your email.

I'm glad you like my specs - and sorry that I'm not wearing them any


I have been asked by my manager not to wear them on screen.

If you'd like to start a campaign to get them reinstated I'd be most


Very best wishes



OttO 19 Mar 2010, 15:17

Make that a "spring chicken"! She's not "old" at all.

Julian 19 Mar 2010, 12:52

57? a mere chicken!

cay 19 Mar 2010, 09:28

I wouldn't obsess too much over Meredith Vieira. After all, she is 57 years old.

luv2c4i 19 Mar 2010, 09:19

Meredith Vieira again wore her glasses on the TODAY show yesterday. And last week she posted a vlog segment(check about her wearing her glasses. She said she had a 'sty' and would be wearing a different pair of glasses each day for 2 weeks.

Well, there were 2 days last week and then yesterday.

She did, however, show her current collection of frame styles. She has a dozen or moire different pairs and she said she enjoyed the variety and changing styles.

gwgs 19 Mar 2010, 07:37

Soundmanpt - do a search on and you'll see some photos of her I uploaded (I have several different accounts and can't remember which one they're on) and you should see a couple of shots that show she wears prescription lenses - as I seem to recall, this is either shot behind her (view through her lenses) or cut in (if you can call it that - I can't even remember whether she is a plussie or a myope!!) from front shot of her in front of a large crowd giving a speech

Melyssa 19 Mar 2010, 07:23

Even if Sarah Pain wore glasses like mine, she'd still be a you-know-what. :)

soundmanpt 18 Mar 2010, 09:20


I have an interesting question, has anyone seen a recent picture anywhere of Sarah Palin without her glasses on? She is at least different in that many celebs and women in the spotlight would do anything not to be caught wearing glasses if a camera was around not too long ago. One would have to think that at some point she had to decide that she would be taken more serious if she wore glasses, even if she really doesn't need them. I have never seen an rx for her, only some mention about the stylist that brought her several frames to choose from. If I recall she even had her family help pick them for her.

Jennifer 18 Mar 2010, 08:45

Soundmanpt, unfortunately some people wear glasses to look intelligent. There's that stereotype that a person wearing glasses must be smart. In Sarah Palin's case, it has become part of her image. I've heard men refer to her looking like the "slutty libraian" type. She may be trying to look like an intellectual to give credibility to what she says. She's the classic Hollywood stereotype of woman wearing glasses in movies.

kisal 18 Mar 2010, 05:50

As Melyssa and others were saying, smarts and glasses do seem to go together as in this story about a very pretty medical resident in DC:

You have to watch a short ad before the pictures start, but I think it is worth the wait.

soundmanpt 17 Mar 2010, 16:15


So then where do we rate Sarah Palin? She wears glasses full time, but what appears to be a very light scrip. Does that make her smart or just smarter than dumb? Just askin?

soundmanpt 17 Mar 2010, 16:08


So if I understand you, your saying that young ladies that just started wearing glasses and the ladies with very light prescriptions are on there way to be pretty smart and by the time there at -9.00 they are really smart? Okay i'll buy that.

Melyssa 17 Mar 2010, 12:53

There have been many Jeopardy contestants who have worn glasses on the show over the years, because unlike American Idle, Jeopardy contestants have to have smarts. Also, there has been a study or three indicating that bespectacled people are on the whole more intelligent than the others, and it's not a stereotype. Yours truly is a Magna Cum Laude college graduate. Politicians don't seem to wear glasses much. Just sayin'.

kisal 17 Mar 2010, 06:05

One GWG defeats another on Jeopardy!

The new champ is Amanda Baber -- watch her tonight.

kisal 16 Mar 2010, 05:01

Attractive GWG on Jeopardy!

Those in the US can watch a rather pretty woman in stylish frames defend as champion on Jeopardy!

Her name is Rachel Pildis:

There some pics on her site, but not many good ones; mostly she is wearing sunglasses.

luv2c4i 12 Mar 2010, 04:43

Meredith Viera is wearing her glasses on the NBC TODAY show for a second straight morning. But this morning she has a different pair that seems to fit her face better. Yestdray's spec's seemed to always need to be pushed up onto her nose to fit well, but today's pair is both more stylish and a better fit for her face and head. There are some caps online from yesterday.

Pseldonymov 08 Mar 2010, 14:30

Gulnara Karimova

Pseldonymov 08 Mar 2010, 14:16

Pseldonymov 08 Mar 2010, 14:12

Gulnara Karimova, daughter of Islam Karimov, the president of Uzbekistan:

Uzbek 'Princess' Becomes Ambassador In Geneva

Luv2c41 07 Mar 2010, 04:39

Unfortunately uncapped, but two somewhat rare sightings this past week.

Thursday morning Savannah Guthrie wore her glasses the entire hour of her MSNBC morning show. She tweeted that she had a cold medicine as she went into the White House--it set off the metal detector--so suspect that the cold was the reason for her being bespactacled that morning.

Then, CNN's Randi Kaye wore her glasses for a report she delivered (and was likely repeated) on some of the newcasts the past couple of days.

Pseldonymov 03 Mar 2010, 13:40

Inna Khodorkovskaya

Anastasia Khodorkovskaya

Maverick 24 Feb 2010, 03:41

For anyone in the UK interested there is a nice blue eyed blonde myopic GWG on this weeks Ch4 "Come Dine With Me". Blonde with black plastic frames, always a winning combination !

PresbyL 18 Feb 2010, 22:06

Seems like Rachel has a thing for glasses as she mentions them so often. She looks fantastic in them. Would love to see her become a regular wearer on her show!

 18 Feb 2010, 20:21

maddow talks about glasses toward end of video

SoCal 18 Feb 2010, 19:16

Rachel Maddow at CPAC

SoCal 18 Feb 2010, 10:54

Jennifer, I agree with you on Rachel's glasses being weaker than Oblermann's but they do appear to be approx. the same strength as Letterman's specs. I hope that one day she decides to forego the contacts and don her "nerdy Clark Kent" specs.

Jennifer 18 Feb 2010, 08:35

I definately think Keith Oberman's glasses are stronger than Rachel's. Rachel should try them on and tell us what she sees through his glasses. It would be awesome to hear her say, "Keith, your glasses are sooooo strong!" LOL

SoCal 18 Feb 2010, 06:59

I was thinking, at the most a -2.00, but what do I know.

PresbyL 17 Feb 2010, 23:36

SoCal, What is your guess? I think there is a bit of cut-in, but no rings. I also think the clunkier frames make the prescription appear a bit weaker. But I luv those blue frames!

SoCal 17 Feb 2010, 22:29

Yeah, I don't think they are that strong. From the looks of other photos, there doesn't seem to be a "cut in" or anything that would be an indication of a stronger rx.

PresbyL 17 Feb 2010, 21:28

SoCal, I think Rachel's glasses look around -6.00 or -7.00. She looks fab in them Always wanted vision like that!

SoCal 17 Feb 2010, 20:59

Keith Oblermann daring Rachel Maddow to wear her glasses on her show on MSNBC

SoCal 17 Feb 2010, 14:34


I know, I love their glasses. I wonder what their rx's are . . .

Jennifer 17 Feb 2010, 13:32

I think David Letterman's glasses look great on her!!!

SoCal 17 Feb 2010, 12:53

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on David Letterman.

*Toward the end of the segment, Maddow and Letterman switch glasses (10:12)*

Pseldonymov 12 Feb 2010, 10:28

Pseldonymov 12 Feb 2010, 10:18

Alina Rapold

Pseldonymov 04 Feb 2010, 07:07

Pseldonymov 29 Jan 2010, 22:03


Pseldonymov 29 Jan 2010, 21:51

Anastasia Khodorkovskaya

Pseldonymov 29 Jan 2010, 14:28

Tatiana Yakovleva

Pseldonymov 29 Jan 2010, 13:55


Pseldonymov 26 Jan 2010, 10:41

Pseldonymov 18 Jan 2010, 21:28

Tatiana Golikova with plus glasses

Pseldonymov 18 Jan 2010, 21:22

Tatiana Golikova, the minister of health in Russia

Pseldonymov 12 Jan 2010, 08:52

Elena Fanailova?

Pseldonymov 04 Jan 2010, 08:01

Ramon 03 Jan 2010, 16:43

Don Lemon of CNN was wearing his reading glasses a lot more than usual this evening. He looks very good in them.

LuvSpecs 01 Jan 2010, 09:46

Libbey Casey of C-Span's Washington Journal

Gotta love the specs!

Pseldonymov 28 Dec 2009, 20:47

Lyudmila Kharlamova, former politically jailed:

Slit 21 Dec 2009, 21:31

In this photo: Ashleigh Banfield

Photo: Janette Pellegrini/WireImage

Nov 08, 2007

Notice the increase in Plus power magnification towards bottom of the lens. Bifocals. :)

Pseldonymov 18 Dec 2009, 14:29

Lv2c4i 12 Dec 2009, 05:40

Mary Hart, the host of Entertainment Tonight, wore some "sarah palin"-style rimless specs on the program last nite. A few years back she sported some dark rimmed spex for nearly a week and I wondered if she'd then had lasik or something. But apparently not. The rimless glasses were hard to see, but she definitely was an entertaining gwg last nite.

Pseldonymov 24 Nov 2009, 11:32


Pseldonymov 24 Nov 2009, 11:25

Freedom to Aygul!

Pseldonymov 24 Nov 2009, 10:11

The journalist Aygul Mahmutova was sentenced to 5.5 years of jail

Please support by your comments this honest journalist!

The honest journalists in Russia is rarity.

Speximann 14 Nov 2009, 21:10

Great Pix Pseldonymov!

Pseldonymov 13 Nov 2009, 14:09,0,2,10895-20081114_zapasnaya_para_glaz_dlya_khoroshego_chelo.html

Pseldonymov 13 Nov 2009, 13:51

Masha Malinovskaya

People with black frames. Who do u like the most?

kisal 13 Nov 2009, 06:35

Sad what has happened to this pretty Palestinian woman, Berlanty Azzam:

Aubrac 04 Nov 2009, 00:19

Watched Around the World in 80 Days on BBC 1 yesterday. It is about different sets of celebrities travelling around the world using all means of transport except air, to raise momey for a charity.

Yesterday were BBC Breakfast News presenters Bill Turnbull and Louise Minchin who I have seen several times on screen wearing glasses but usually in contacts.

Only three shots of her wearing glasses, one especially nice with semi rimless rectangular frames with a scrip of at least -6, Bill wore readers a lot of the time.

Also on Beeb yesterday programme How To Look Good Naked, sponsored by Specsavers so a lot more than the usual number of spec wearers, focal person was girl wearing nice semi-rimless about -6 but also seen wearing a few other frame styles.

Nice that my wife was also wearing her glasses to watch the programmes.

Jose 03 Nov 2009, 20:23

Saw Lester Holt in the airport on Monday. Full time in glasses. Seemed to have a significant plus prescription for distance in addition to add for close up.

Tim 02 Nov 2009, 21:29

I thought I had read here some while ago that Hillary Clinton had been lasicked. Very gratifying to see that she hasn't! On BBC World News last night were a couple of nice shots of her disboarding from her plane in Morocco sporting a rectangular pair of metal rims with a substantial minus Rx. She has been looking rather seedy recently, but was quite hot again for a while - only briefly, alas, for the specs had gone by the time of the next shot of her at her meeting!

luv2c4i 23 Oct 2009, 12:34

ESPN sports reporter Erin Andrews seems to wear her very fashionable glasses somewhat regularly. There are some caps of her on Unlike other onscreen news personalities, she seems to understand that eyewear can be an acttractive attribute and has chosen frames with that in mind.

Pseldonymov 23 Oct 2009, 11:50


Melyssa 22 Oct 2009, 14:21

And my glasses are still prettier than everyone else's there. LOL

Melyssa 22 Oct 2009, 14:20

As long as the Phillies win the last game they play this year, I don't care who they beat. And if they do face the Yankees, my work place will become a war zone, being that we have lots of fans of both cities.

Jennifer 22 Oct 2009, 10:28

GO ANGELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kisal 22 Oct 2009, 06:15


How 'bout those Phillies! Let's bring on the Yankees!

Chris 21 Oct 2009, 00:44

Janeane and S.E. !!

Dieter 20 Oct 2009, 13:40


I appreciate your feelings toward the wrong-wingers like Sarah, not that there’s anything wrong with the Phillies. I just don’t have a favorite baseball team so I tend to cheer for the underdog(would that be the Phillies?). But I must add few women in my eyes can pull off drop-temples. The ones that can, though, whoa! “Danger, Will Robinson!”

Melyssa 20 Oct 2009, 12:49


Thank you for clearing things up about the commercials! Fortunately, I was able to record the conclusions of each of the past two games. I wouldn't mind being awakened by horn beeps tomorrow night.

As for seeing women on TV in glasses, knowing how so many of the lenses are plano, remember the famous words of Major Zolle on Hogan's Heroes: "If something sounds too good, watch out."

Melyssa 20 Oct 2009, 12:46


Besides my gawjuss collection of glasses, what do you like more about me -- my pheelings phor the Phillies, or against Sarah E-Cupp?

kisal 20 Oct 2009, 05:41

Melyssa, I should have specified "flipping through channels during the _commercials_ in the baseball game." I was glued to the screen during play as I was last night. And it is interesting how beauty really is related to personality. When I first saw Sarah Elizabeth Mugg, before I knew who she was, my jaw dropped and I thought "my word, how gorgeous!" But after I heard what came out of her mouth, she literally seemed less and less attractive to me (especially since I fully agree with you that her glasses are fake). Same thing happened with Sarah Palin.

Yoyo 19 Oct 2009, 19:25

S.E. Cupp -- easy on the eyes, hard on the ears.

MinusFive 19 Oct 2009, 18:00

S. E. Cupp on Youtube. Wow!!

MinusFive 19 Oct 2009, 17:50

Check out the political commentator, S. E. Cupp. Not only is she brilliant, she is an incredible GWG also. Check out the video section.

Dieter 19 Oct 2009, 13:37


Even though you wear glasses that are "upside down", I knew there was something about you that I really like.

Melyssa 19 Oct 2009, 13:09

And as for Sarah Shtup, I wouldn't be surprised if her glasses are as fraudulent as her views.

Melyssa 19 Oct 2009, 13:08


"Flipping through channels during last night's baseball game"? There was nothing else to watch at all. The game was extremely enjoyable! I'll settle for 6 more like it this year. (Guess which team is my favorite.)

kisal 19 Oct 2009, 05:46

Flipping through channels during last night's baseball game, I came upon this hottie,

who goes by S.E. Cupp (real name Sarah Elizabeth). Unfortunately, she's one of the far right-wing media wackos who have sprung up in droves since Obama was elected, but my word is she beautiful. There seems to be only one file photo of her in glasses:

Though her glasses are so thin that I am very skeptical as to whether they are real.

tv 13 Oct 2009, 18:26

Not a news channel, but C-SPAN (US government affairs) often shows Senate or House panels in session. In the background behind the senators or congresspersons you can see their staff. Many or most of the women staffers appear to be young GWGs.

Pseldonymov 13 Oct 2009, 10:41

a correspondent of Argumenti Nedeli in Mongolia with a tugrik.

Rick 09 Oct 2009, 10:50

Jeff Gillan on video---good looking in readers.

Rick 07 Oct 2009, 10:14

Check out Aaron Gilchrist---good looking in glasses

gwgs 07 Oct 2009, 07:58

Nice one Smudgeur, Claire Lavender is quite a hottie

Smudgeur 03 Oct 2009, 05:18

And some more of Jenny from the last few days:

Smudgeur 03 Oct 2009, 05:10

And finally, a lady who gets me up in the mornings ;-) - Jenny Kirk from BBC Look East:

Smudgeur 03 Oct 2009, 05:05

Claire Lavender - ITV Central West

Smudgeur 03 Oct 2009, 04:57

Claire McGlasson - ITV Anglia News

SoCal 03 Oct 2009, 01:49

Rachel Maddow from MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show.

Lv2c4i 01 Oct 2009, 03:46

Tvheads has a number of pics of NBC's Savannah Guthrie wearing her glasses during reports earlier in the week.

Eduardo 27 Sep 2009, 19:53

Check DeMarco Morgan on WNBC in New York. Young man wearing plus lenses---hyperopic?

Lv2c4i 25 Sep 2009, 04:36

Alert. Mika Brzezinski is wearing her glasses on the MSNBC "Morning Joe" show this morning. She's the solo host today so there are lots of close in shots of her.

smudgeur 22 Sep 2009, 15:09

Spotted a nice GWG on STV's "The Hour" this week.

This is Vicky Lee

 20 Sep 2009, 20:08

Finally, finally, finally!!

ESPN's Erin Andrews in glasses!!!

in these photos it looks like she's wearing transitions lenses.

Speximann 20 Sep 2009, 19:45

Katie Couric

 20 Sep 2009, 10:41

Are they bifocals? They seem to have lines close to the lower frame.

 20 Sep 2009, 04:37


for Katie's recent interview.

If that doesn't work, try going to her 'channel" page and you'll find the video listed among the most recent posts.

 19 Sep 2009, 20:59

Lv2c4i, Could you post the Katie link you are refering to? Maybe then we can get some caps.

Lv2c4i 19 Sep 2009, 04:20

The link Speximan posted below is not the interview referred to in the earlier post. That link goes to a previous interview. The new interview was posted on September 14, 2009.

In this second You Tube video, Katie wears her different and newer glasses. And the video, which is longer, has more close-ups of her with them.

Speximann 18 Sep 2009, 21:23


Speximann 18 Sep 2009, 21:22

tie Youtube interview-

Slit 18 Sep 2009, 14:56

Kate can't read the autocue

Time to lower the distance Rx. and get a reading add!

Lv2c4i 18 Sep 2009, 05:56

On YouTube you can find a lengthy video of Katie Couric interviewing Timothy Geithner (not sure of that spelling?). Katie wears her glasses throughout, a pair (and style) of frames I've never seen on her before.

They are dark, kind of 'horn-rimmed', very upfront, almost mannish, but they are attractive. A more feminine style would be a better choice,imho, but these work as well.

Again, I wonder if anyone get captures from the You Tube video...

Lv2c4i 18 Sep 2009, 05:51

Discovered a rare set of pictures of Christina Park wearing glasses on reportercaps.

She's chosen a slightly different frame, dark, maybe even black, and she looks very fine.

Pseldonymov 08 Sep 2009, 14:31

Curt 08 Sep 2009, 06:36

Guido: I noticed that too...bummer! Even though they didn't get that close, from the few looks I got through the corner of her glasses, they almost looked like + lenses, maybe for reading the printed scripts in front of her? I wish they would give Wendi a close up once in a while...

Guido 08 Sep 2009, 06:20

Interesting coverage of the Mon. P.M. FSU vs. Miami game. Wendi Nix and Jesse Palmer doing remote commentary. Jesse got a lot of close up time, but they would not zoom in on Wendi in her glasses.

 06 Sep 2009, 19:35

Wendi Nix-

You need to scroll down a bit. Don't know about those frames. Kinda geeky. She looks great though.

550 05 Sep 2009, 12:58

Wendi Nix is wearing glasses on today's broadcast of College Football Live on ESPN and ESPN2. Can someone make caps?

Melyssa 05 Sep 2009, 07:47

Here in the U.S., any woman who wears glasses while doing news is doing so only because her contacts are bothering her for some reason, and the next day she either has to wear the contacts again or take the day off. The network honchos (and Hollywoodies as well) are pigs.

Mr Cock-eyed 05 Sep 2009, 05:13

I enjoy looking at these newscasters and weather presenters in the UK and the rest of Europe, but here in the States there is a unwritten rule that rarely women wear glasses in the news. We all know many of them are glasses wearers, but usually wear contacts. It seems in the States, men can wear glasses in the news arena, but not the girls, it's terrible, but thats the mindset of network executives.

smudgeur 05 Sep 2009, 02:30

3 BBC Babes for you!

Kaye Forester - BBC South East weather girl

Amanda Parr - BBC Points West

Celina Hinchcliffe - BBC News Channel

ehpc 30 Aug 2009, 14:24

That's the hottest combination Wurm - both very serious and top fun :) Pete

Wurm 29 Aug 2009, 12:26

Good link, Menthe. I'd say she goes about -5.

She's a fine looking woman and obviously knows what's she's doing. However, it's interesting that she pairs her flamboyant outfits with rather conservative frames. There are plenty of daring frame styles available that would be more harmonious. I suspect the contrast is intentional - I'm just curious what the rationale might be.

ehpc 29 Aug 2009, 10:07

Quite stunning, man :) Pete

Menthe 29 Aug 2009, 07:03

LOTS of great pics of the lovely Evelina Khromchenko here. Any guesses as to her script?

Pseldonymov 28 Aug 2009, 06:44

Evelina Hromchenko

Pseldonymov 28 Aug 2009, 06:42

Evelina Hromchenko

a visitor of Modny Prigovor

Luv2c4i 25 Aug 2009, 06:54

Candid, informal, and behind the scenes shots are good places to spot spex. On the TODAY show last week (Thursday), they were doing such a piece for weatherman Al Roker's birthday and showed Jenna Wolfe "backstage" wearing her glasses. I felt she needed a bit of style advice with her frame selection, but it was still good to see her bespectacled. May still be on the TODAY website.

SoCal 24 Aug 2009, 20:00

Rachel Maddow

JP 15 Aug 2009, 06:14

PS Link is

JP 15 Aug 2009, 06:14

Spotted a Richard Scott, Personal Finance Reporter on the BBC News yesterday. Nice frames but not clear on the prescription.

You can see this programme for just a few hours. He's at 09.48.

Pseldonymov 14 Aug 2009, 10:47

Svetlana Babayeva

Pseldonymov 08 Aug 2009, 07:03

Mehriban Aliyeva

Lv2c4i 31 Jul 2009, 10:20

Today is a bonus day. Diane Sawyer wore her glasses on ABC's Good Morning America.

Mika Brezynski also wore her specs on her usual MSNBC Morning Joe stint. There are video clips of the show on the MSNBC website. Check today's Morning Joe clips.

And, again on MSNBC, both Nancy Snyderman and Andrea Mitchell have their specs sitting on the desk alongside of them, tho do not seem to be using them.

Pseldonymov 28 Jul 2009, 03:32

Anna Belousova

Pseldonymov 28 Jul 2009, 02:35

Pseldonymov 28 Jul 2009, 02:31

Anna Belousova

Pseldonymov 28 Jul 2009, 02:28

Anna Belousova, Vice-speaker of the Slovak Parliament:

Aubrac 27 Jul 2009, 04:00


Find the picture of Hilary Clinton a little odd as she had quite a high scrip of somewhere between -12/-15. These glasses don't look anything like that.

Victoria is a very lovely girl and a credit to us as an athlete.

Hartley 27 Jul 2009, 02:42

UK Olympic cyclist Victoria Pendleton (be still my beating heart):

smudgeur 18 Jul 2009, 03:37

Kate Silverton (BBC Breakfast) has some new specs to add to her (extensive) collection.

Jennifer 15 Jul 2009, 09:20

Great find nc!!! She still needs minus glasses. That proves she's been wearing reading glasses over contacts. She didn't have lasik.

nc 15 Jul 2009, 07:43

Happen to run across this.

Slit 15 Jul 2009, 06:41

A japanese newsreader getting glasses for first time (its my assumption at least)

Can someone please translate?

Slit 15 Jul 2009, 05:15

ATN Bangla News

Axeyman 14 Jul 2009, 16:51

What a day on Bloomberg. We had Cris Valerio, Lizzie O'Leary (havent seen her wearing glasses before), Kathleen Hays and Courtney Donohoe all wearing glasses. Talk about being in heaven.

If we can only get Deirdre Bolton, Betty Liu and Linzie Janis to wear their glasses I will be in heaven.

Luv2c4i 14 Jul 2009, 05:29

Anyone else having trouble accessing They post a daily collection of caps of various newsreaders and reporters, but the past couple of days there seems to maybe be some problems?

Wurm 11 Jul 2009, 21:51 has a wealth of public domain materials, including films old and new. Here Kathleen Stockwell chats about her travels in Nicaragua (1988)

ehpc 11 Jul 2009, 19:30

The first and the last Congress, I imagine...............

Pseldonymov 11 Jul 2009, 14:45

1989. The First Syezd narodnyh deputatov SSSR (Zjazd Deputowanych Ludowych ZSRR, USSR Congress of Soviets, 1989–1991). With the whole country I was watching TV very attentively because of beauties with glasses.

Pseldonymov 11 Jul 2009, 13:00


Carlos, Jr 11 Jul 2009, 05:06

Lester Holt

Luv2c4i 09 Jul 2009, 11:13

Julie Banderas apparently wore her specs recently on her fox news reports. There are a couple of quick captures of her in the frameless glasses currently up on More would be nice.

Luv2c4i 09 Jul 2009, 11:10

Michele Lee was wearing her glasses again today for her midday report on cnbc and should have them on for her 5 pm (edt, US), market wrap show.

Carlos, Jr 08 Jul 2009, 23:19

More Don Lemon:

Pseldonymov 02 Jul 2009, 21:14

Elvira Nabiullina, minister of economic development of Russia:

Carlos, Jr 02 Jul 2009, 17:50

Pictures of Don Lemon:

Here are the photos:



Axeyman 30 Jun 2009, 17:04

There is a lady on Australian TV called Desley Coleman. She is a reporter on Lateline Business on ABC. She has been fulltime for a couple of years now very attractive.

Why dont Betty Liu, Deirdre Bolton, Monica Bertran, Cris Valerio wear their glasses more often. They look very attractive when they do.

Good to see Melissa Lee wearing her glasses more often.

newshound 30 Jun 2009, 11:35

Melissa Lee on CNBC does it again on the Fast Money Halftime Report earlier.

She should be careful because her bosses will push her to a corneal surgeon if she does this too much.

Slit 30 Jun 2009, 02:49

Discovering south america!!!

No idea of what is talked abt... but here it goes another latino gwg on TV!

SZ6 25 Jun 2009, 12:58

Here's a picture of Melissa Lee in glasses. I wholeheartedly approve:

newshound 25 Jun 2009, 12:48

Today Fast Money anchor Melissa Lee is bespectacled. Strongly nearsighted, stylish decorated frame. Perhaps if she were not in front of the camera she would actually choose to wear specs more often, like many other young Asian women.

As usual Sue Hererra is wearing her specs most of the time on her show. She is perhaps a hyperope in addition to being a presbyope.

Darren 24 Jun 2009, 08:11

Yo Don Lemon..take those glasses off, can do SO much better than the 1968 glasses you have on

Lv2c4i 24 Jun 2009, 05:55

I agree. Betty looks very nice in her spex. She can be seen on Perhaps someone will post a link or photo here.

Axeyman 23 Jun 2009, 16:51

How about Betty Liu on Bloomberg this morning. How good did she look.

gwgs 23 Jun 2009, 07:52

I've always been a big fan of Sam Phillips, she's a cutie

kisal 23 Jun 2009, 07:40

Some nice pics of Sam Phillips:

Carlos, Jr 22 Jun 2009, 10:38

Ali Velshi is full-time and follicularly challenged

Maverick 19 Jun 2009, 14:02

Denise Van Outen - sadly another gwg lost to lasik.....

newshound 17 Jun 2009, 17:47

They are not fulltime wearers. For reading and wearing occasionally on the air, even Katie Couric was eventually allowed to.

Fulltime wearers tend to be male, old, follicularly challenged, and/or have been wearing glasses for decades, so people are used to it.

Even many older men on air, such as Katie's predecessor Bob Schieffer, wear contacts. Otherwise how they could read what's in front of them.

Goes for politicians too. For example Ronald Reagan had a very elaborate contact lens scheme. When giving a speech (before teleprompters became big) he had to change one lens so he could read what he was saying. He also had readers when not in public, as shown in a few photos.

Today a politician like Nancy Pelosi surely wears contacts as well. Once upon a time she wore half-glasses. Now that she has a higher profile she cannot go that route or she would be made fun of.

Sure Sarah Palin and Ashleigh Banfield on truTV are counterexamples. But they are quite rare.

Public personalities have an image to maintain. For whatever reason glasses tend to not be very acceptable to either them or to the public.

Carlos, Jr 17 Jun 2009, 05:40

Brian Williams, Ali Velshi, to name a few others

Curtis 17 Jun 2009, 05:38

I agree Newshound, but it does seem like more and more men on the air are wearing their glasses and not trying to hide the fact they have problems with close-up vision associated with presbyopia: Don Lemon, Lester Holt, Matt Lauer to name a few.

newshound 16 Jun 2009, 17:25

Wow, that is rare. I hope someone posts a link to caps online.

It is hard for public personalities (newsreaders, politicians, other celebrities, etc.) to wear glasses unless they are really old or are fairly homely men in which case nobody cares.

Lv2c4i 16 Jun 2009, 10:39

CNN news reader, Kyra Phillips, is wearing her glasses on the air for a second day. They look like a new frame style for her and are attractive.

Curtis 13 Jun 2009, 16:53

Matt Lauer seems to be edging closer and closer to fulltime wear of his glasses.

Cam 06 Jun 2009, 07:01

TV Judge Alex. Looks like his producers would put him in reading glasses. Keeps holding papers far away from his eyes in order to read.

Aubrac 03 Jun 2009, 00:48


Think you're right about Kate, +1.5 to +2.00 but not much more, the occassional slant you can see through the lens does seem to indicate astigmatism. This may be the main reason for wear, and makes her less likely to use contacts as toric lenses can be problematic.


Very nice glasses on Katie, difficult to guess plus scrips but reckon +3.00 to +4.00. I have not seen her before, is she an FT wearer, do you have any other pics of her?

Curt: 02 Jun 2009, 11:27

Some new specs for Katie Couric:

Based on the amount of magnification, I think her eyes are getting worse!

LuvSpecs 24 May 2009, 13:24

Courtney Donohoe from Bloomberg. Looks like she has been wearing specs full time for quite some time......

eyespy 11 May 2009, 13:48

I saw Kate Silverton tonight too and would swear that in the bits where she was bare-eyed she had a kind of contacts wearer's blink. She looks great in specs though.

I couldn't even start to speculate on what her Rx is, plus prescriptions are a real mystery to me.

Claire 11 May 2009, 13:38

Kate Silverton is on bbc2 presenting a show on property this week, first one was tonight and she wore glasses throughout, not sure of rx but i think maybe +2 with astigmatism.

also Aisling McVeigh who is a local new reporter in south east and Claire Lavender in the midlands are both myopic, not sure of rxs though, their pics have been posted on here before but any more caps would be greatly appreciated

presbyopeLover 08 May 2009, 21:07

luv2c4i, i have noticed that Sue is wearing her glasses much more often. I also think that she is now using progressive lenses, which might be a reason to wear more often. I hope that she is not pushed aside for a younger anchor, just for this. While I like her frames, I think a bolder tortoise shell would suit her better

Oops 08 May 2009, 00:32

Sorry - here are Jenny's old specs:

Smudgeur 07 May 2009, 23:49

New specs for Jenny Kirk on BBC Look East:

For reference purposes, these were her old ones:

luv2c4i 07 May 2009, 05:10

Sue Herrera, cohost on CNBC's midday stock market show, seems to be wearing her glasses more and more on the air. From previously snatching them off of her face quickly after reading some text, now she relaxes and leaves them on as conversation, debate, and close-ups continue.

Her current choice of frames somewhat attractive, but I wonder if she'd do even better in new ones?

NJ 02 May 2009, 17:45

"priapic pleasure" is no doubt the product of a great wordsmith.

Filthy McNasty 30 Apr 2009, 19:02

Pardon my misspelling your name, Philosifer.

Filthy McNasty 30 Apr 2009, 18:23


Yes, I am in Vancouver.

I agree that Suzanne Leonard is dynamite, although she appears to have abandoned the 'Feliz' part of her name along with her curly hairdo and her hot glasses. I still get a charge out of her; perhaps my mind fits her with imaginary specs before sending her to the 'hot or not' decision centre.

I am not familiar with Nancy, but am glad that you are able to get your morning Wood. As for the other names, they are new to me. Whole vistas of GWG news chicks of which I am unaware!

Philosifer 30 Apr 2009, 17:22


Does the fact that you 'know' Marcia McMillan indicate that you live in Canada ?

If so, you were probably more than aware of a much prettier (in my opinion) TV Meteorologist, Suzanne Leonard Felize, who seems to have let us all down now by having Lasik, or going to contacts full-time ?

But we are reasonably lucky, having Nancy Wood, on the CBC Morning News, who occasionally wears her glasses, and looks much better for it and, very infrequently, Cheryl MacLeod - on the CBC Weekend Evening news ?

Out here on the West Cost we also have Terri Larsen presenting the sorts on the CBC evening news, and Kathy Tomlinson (I think it is) on the CBC short Go Public documentaries ?

Karen X 29 Apr 2009, 13:15

I know that BBC Weather presenter Laura Tobin wears glasses but I can not find any pics of her wearing them. She is very attractive and is young compared to many of her colleagues (she is in her late 20s). I have a fuzzy memory of seeing her presenting the weather wearing glasses in the very early hours of a morning several months ago. I had fallen asleep watching BBC1 and briefly woke up during the period when the BBC News Channel is also broadcast on BBC1 over night. I do so wish I had woken up properly but I fell asleep again during the forcast.

Links to any pics would be greatly appreciated.

Guido 28 Apr 2009, 03:49

Filthy: Well written. You have contributed greatly to the tone of this website.

Filthy McNasty 27 Apr 2009, 21:02

Look up Marcia MacMillan on YouTube. She used to be on the Canadian Weather Network, but now she's reading news for CTV. She has absolutely killer style that, to my perpetual priapic pleasure, includes a seemingly limitless collection of frames, and is, by all measures I recognize, scrumptiously pulchritudinous.

The sheer size and quality of her . . . collection makes me suspicious that maybe she is an OO as well (on top of the general pervasive hotness of which I have written above). And I don't want a single one of you to shatter that hope. If you can't feed this little dream of mine, then kindly confine yourself to making hymns to the silence.

Smudgeur 27 Apr 2009, 15:05

Lovely as ever, Kate Silverton:

Smudgeur 27 Apr 2009, 15:00

A new one for me - Carrie Gracie on the BBC News Channel

Carlos, Jr 25 Apr 2009, 16:11

Don Lemon of CNN was wearing reading glasses today. First time that I have seen him in glasses. Anyone know Don's age?

Clare 17 Apr 2009, 09:55

Aubrac - I think it's great that women like Kate Silverton choose to wear glasses. And you're right, I'm -275 and -3 so reading certainly isn't an issue for me, that's hard to appreciate for us I guess.

I have a former colleague who's longsighted and very glamorous. She's in her late 20s and wears her glasses all day in the office for reading, and more. Of course I can't judge how strong they are but they suit her alot and she appears to be very confident wearing them.

Aubrac 17 Apr 2009, 09:27


Kate always wears her glasses on Breakfast TV. I've seen her in a programme about tracing your family history in which she wore glasses about 70% of the time.

I think she is a plus wearer between +1.50 and +2.50. If I remember I think you are about -2.75 which means distance is blurred but you can probably read ok. The plus equivalent could mean that distance could still be reasonably ok but reading anything is very difficult.

It is possible shes was wearing contacts but I think most likely she was just bare eyed as I doubt if she was seen reading anything during the programmes.

A lot of low plus wearers wear glasses full time because although distance is crisper with them, they are not dependant, but would otherwise have to put them on every time they wanted to read or see close up.

A bit like being able to find the oranges in Sainsburys but not being able to read the price!!!

Rachel92 17 Apr 2009, 07:01

Anyone seen Cesar "Dog Whisperer" Millan in glasses?

Clare 11 Apr 2009, 11:52

Aubrac - I've seen Kate Silverton on Top Gear (not a usual watch of mine) and she wasn't wearing glasses, likewise on that safari programme she did. Contacts or nothing?

Luv2c4i 11 Apr 2009, 05:58

Screencaps of Katie Couric wearing her glasses are up on They are savable as 'wallpaper' by clicking on the note on the page.

Katie's glasses (and she has a 'wardrobe' of frame styles that she wears) seem to be mainly for reading and during interviews she refers to her notes and prepared questions more regularly, thus the need for her to don her spex.

lazysiow 10 Apr 2009, 02:27

Blasphemy but I think she looks better without.

And the reflection in her glasses is a bit annoying, I guess AR does do something ;)

 09 Apr 2009, 13:56

Nicole Lapin


Aubrac 09 Apr 2009, 06:31

I've been watching the lovely Kate Silverton on BBC Breakfast News.

Any idea what prescription she has? I think about +2.00 with some cylinder. I've seen her in a family history programme in which she mostly wore glasses especially when reading.

Phil 09 Apr 2009, 05:40

I agree. She's amazing!

myopeinhere 09 Apr 2009, 05:33

perhaps i'll have a peek on iplayer then,she did look rather ravishing last

Aubrac 09 Apr 2009, 04:13


Watched some of the programme on BBC TV last night, she was wearing minus glasses, about -5.00 I'd say, whenever I saw her. Also she looked more attractive on screen than in the photo posted.

She will feature in next weeks programme.

Philosifer 08 Apr 2009, 18:58

Does anybody have any idea why Katie Couric seems to wear her glasses manily for interviews , and not anything else ?

They do seem to stay visible more, though, than they used to - on the desk or in her hand ?

myopeinhere 08 Apr 2009, 02:12

Found this GWG on a british reality show calle 'The apprentice' not bad

So Cal Girl 04 Apr 2009, 21:41

Rachel Maddow

Lv2c4i 04 Apr 2009, 05:08

Rare sighting on NBC news reports from Europe. Savannah Guthrie has reported on the G20 and NATO wearing her glasses for a second day. Yesterday and this morning on the TODAY show news reports. No caps have yet been posted.

Pseldonymov 21 Mar 2009, 09:39

Natalia Gergel:

Moonshiner 21 Mar 2009, 07:11


Disable javascript in your browser (can be done in Opera, not sure about othera) than you can save images.

luv2c4i 21 Mar 2009, 05:02

The screencaps posted daily at continue to be a source of photos of news reporters and personalities in glasses.

Many of the Bloomberg Network reporters have and regularly wear their spex on the air. Their photos are only up for a couple of days, but currently you can find Courtney Donahoe and Linzie Janis wearing their glasses. Janis has some new spex and they're very attractive.

BTW, does anyone know how to bypass the mouse-disabling feature so as to download and save the photos there?

Chris 17 Mar 2009, 06:58

Pseldonymov 12 Mar 2009, 11:34

Nino Burjanadze, Georgia

LuvSpecs 10 Mar 2009, 07:06

Donna Kelley formally of CNN with her "official" picture with KBZK with glasses

Pseldonymov 20 Feb 2009, 07:54

Elvira Nabiullina, the minister of economic development of Russia:

SZ6 17 Feb 2009, 07:39

Boston Globe sports reporter Amalie Benjamin always looks terrific in her glasses:

Lv2c4i 12 Feb 2009, 05:09

Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News recently appeared on the Glen Beck show wearing her glasses. Her frames are balck and bold, tho they seemed ill-fitting--perhaps just needed to be pushed up further--on the piece. The spot can be viewed on the Fox news website. Search "Guilfoyle" under videos and then choose the one titled 'playboy nominee." Enjoy.

LuvSpecs 04 Feb 2009, 18:25

LuvSpecs 04 Feb 2009, 18:23

Hansel 02 Feb 2009, 15:00

ITN newsreader, Mark Austin, this evening looking somewhat conjunctival (is there such a word?) in his left eye. Maybe snowballed by one of his kids!!

Thought for a lomg time he wore lenses, so perhaps he will retreat to specs tomorrow.

Female reader, can never remember her name, (Nightingale?) who I also believe to be a lens wearer, should come out in sympathy!

john112 01 Feb 2009, 10:49

I always thought Erin looks like she needs glasses. She would like great in them. It was probably a pen in her hand though.

Peter 30 Jan 2009, 14:39

Anyone see Erica Hill with glasses on Anderson Cooper 360? Pretty amazing...that is, amazingly pretty.

Guido 30 Jan 2009, 08:03

Was watching CNBC earlier and Erin Burnett made some comment about "numbers swimming before her eyes". Few minutes later she appeared to be holding a pair of glasses in her hand, only about half her hand was on screen. Watched for a few minutes longer, but no further mention or no appearance onscreen bespectacled. Anyone ever capture Ms. Burnett in specs?

 29 Jan 2009, 02:17

super high myope german politician thoorsten schäfer gümbel -12/-16(pic/interview/video)

his glasses was highly debated for some reasons also interesting how a certified optician reckoned his rx -8 and - 10 click second link below

Philosifer 26 Jan 2009, 14:14

Hot off the press !

Now here is a sight to gladden the heart of all Canadian OOs.

Our Governor General, Michaelle Jean, making the Speech From the Throne a couple of hours ago. The shortest Throne Speeech on record, from a lady who is smart, beautiful, and undeniably hot.

Aubrac 26 Jan 2009, 02:45

Any idea of Kate's prescription?

I would guess at a low plus of about +1.50 with some cylinder.

I saw her in a programme about tracing her family history and in some shots when she was driving the low plus seemed about right.

She was bare-eyed in a lot of shots but was always wearing her glasses when reading something.

Smudgeur 26 Jan 2009, 01:18

Kate Silverton - BBC News:

Smudgeur 18 Jan 2009, 11:20

Jenny Kirk from BBC Look East who often gets me up in the morning:

aviator -oo- 18 Jan 2009, 10:41

Smudgeur 17 Jan 2009, 07:46

Claire Lavender (ITV Central News UK)

Lv2c4i 17 Jan 2009, 05:12

Check out the Julie Banderas string on and you will find a cap of her reporting while wearing her glasses this past Thursday.

Also on Thursday Katie Couric anchored the evening newscast wearing glasses nearly the whole time. She was "based" outdoors for the show and likely needed the glasses to read her notes in the non-studio lighting. Her frames were an very contemporary squarish style. You may be able to see her reporting in spex at the CBS evening news site.

ATSF9100 14 Jan 2009, 14:50

Actually, yes. She's been wearing them off and on after returning from maternity leave last year. They're rare when she does the 5:30 news and more likely at 10:00. Her partner on the news, Kathy Mykelby, is also a GWG, farsighted but much less likely to wear then on the air. Unfortunately, no screen caps.

Guest 14 Jan 2009, 04:00

I had occasion to be in the Milwaukee area on business. Was flipping channels for the local news and came upon a gorgeous, I think African-American, girl on the ABC affiliate. Her name is Toya Washington. She has a beautiful countenance decorated with a dramatic pair of dark rimmed glasses. The script was not very discernable and did not appear to be very strong. This girl is drop-dead! Anyone on here live in that area? Captures?

john112 10 Jan 2009, 08:46

Chris looks great in her glasses. She wasn't wearing them in her later appearance that day.

Lv2c4i 10 Jan 2009, 05:07

Check out TVHEADS again for some new news caps. Bloomberg's Chris Valerio is wearing glasses. It may be her first appearance in eyewear.

On Fox Business Channel, Elizabeth McDonald is wearing a different frame style, replacing wire frames with a larger dark plastic frame and Kathleen Hays has a similar frame style.

Lv2c4i 09 Jan 2009, 06:03

Meg Oliver who regularly wears her glasses on the CBS early morning news has a generous set of caps from her most recent spexy morning on TVHEADS.COM.

 08 Jan 2009, 06:34

Pseldonymov 07 Jan 2009, 03:48

Anna Lind

Goldsworthy 05 Jan 2009, 04:04

UK Lib-dem MP - Julia Goldsworthy

JC 01 Jan 2009, 18:11


Correct me if I'm wrong, because my memory of that commercial is "fuzzy"... but weren't those readers she was wearing when answering the phone?

Lv2c4i 01 Jan 2009, 13:58

More on HC and eyewear. During her recent run for nomination as president, her campaign ran a widely shown ad about who has the experience for "answering the 'red phone' at 3 a.m." In that ad, Hillary wore glasses, a pair of black-framed specs that looked pretty good. It was, however, her only appearance in glasses that I can recall.

Observer 01 Jan 2009, 12:02

I was two feet from HC recently, and she does, in fact, wear CL's. And, I also noticed an occasional squint factor.

Philosifer 01 Jan 2009, 07:32


I have been watching La Clinton hard for all those years, and don't believe she has let herself be seen in public with her full minus prescription in clear glasses almost since she was in law school.

The closest I think she goes has been to wear prescription sunglasses on days when you might think the sunshine wasn't bright enough to justify the shades.

There seemed to be several days like that around the time of the Atlanta Olympics , when the Clintons were outside, and in the public eye, a lot.

So she may have gone the Lasik route, but the story never came out , and the 'best' shots of her in glasses in recent years have been when she is using readers in the Senate. And lots of people who have had Lasik have to use readers, so its impossible to say whether thats what it is, or if its just the legit version of GOC, which has to be practiced by many highly myopic women who have worn contacts all their lives, but finally need a substantial add for reading ?

Pseldonymov 31 Dec 2008, 10:19

Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

nc 18 Dec 2008, 16:15

Does anybody know if Hillary Clinton got Lasik? Have not seen her wear those thick glasses forever. If any body has recent pictures please post

Pseldonymov 06 Dec 2008, 08:05

Irina Yasina

SoCal 03 Dec 2008, 21:37

SoCal 03 Dec 2008, 18:37

Jennifer . . .

I have absolutely no idea, nor would I wager a guess as to what her prescription is; I am bad a guessing. What do you think her Rx is? At what Rx would most people start to wear contact lenses in lieu of their glasses?

Jennifer 03 Dec 2008, 08:45

SoCal, what do you think Rachel's prescription is? It doesn't look that strong, but it must be strong enough that she needs to wear contacts when not wearing glasses. Can anyone guess?

Josh 03 Dec 2008, 05:15

Matt Lauer has had his glasses on multiple occasions this morning on Today. I guess his readers are becoming an absolute necessity.

SoCal 02 Dec 2008, 20:53

Rachel Maddow

**I love her glasses**

"I’ve had to get contact lenses. I only put them in while I’m on TV. They are a miracle device that allows me to be on TV without glasses, which everyone tells me I can’t wear on TV."

SoCal 02 Dec 2008, 12:55

Jennifer . . .

It's too bad that she can't wear them on the air.

Jennifer 02 Dec 2008, 08:52

SoCal, I saw her on the Daily Show on Comedy Central and was wearing her black horned rimmed glasses. I've been listening to her show on Air America and had no idea she wore glasses. The glasses look great on her.

SoCal 01 Dec 2008, 21:16

I don't know if anyone here is familiar Rachel Maddow but she is the host of 'The Rachel Maddow Show' on MSNBC. Well, anyway, I recently discovered that she wears glasses. After searching the internet for some more information, I found some interesting details.

*Third paragraph from bottom*

*Tenth talking point down*

Ted 04 Sep 2008, 11:34

Re; Palin;

LikeGlass 03 Sep 2008, 16:17

You are right!

Yoyo 03 Sep 2008, 13:38

LikeGlass, that second picture isn't of Palin, it's of the spokeswoman for See here:

You're probably getting that picture in a Google search because the above blogger thought of her as a Sarah Palin lookalike.

LikeGlass 03 Sep 2008, 13:05

Don't think she'll ditch the glasses, they are part of her!

I like these two shots!

Jennifer 03 Sep 2008, 09:16

Phil, please post a link to these pictures you refer to. I did see a picture of Sarah when she was a baby (1964) and her mother was wearing cats eyes glasses. Maybe it runs in the family?

Phil 02 Sep 2008, 01:56

Sarah Palin is certainly neither a presbyope nor a "fake" gwg. There are pictures of her as a child and young woman in today's Times wearing glasses. She seems to have a rather strong plus rx in the one of her in childhood. I think that she's absolutely stunning, by the way!

Pseldonymov 01 Sep 2008, 03:30

About an African Russian poet Pushkin:

Who is that woman with glasses siting and laughing?

Pseldonymov 01 Sep 2008, 01:08

What is the name of this woman with glasses?

LikeGlass 30 Aug 2008, 06:20

Was watching an interview last night. She has some kind of refraction going on, but I couldn't even tell if it was + or -. It could also be astigmatism as that can be very hard to live with even at low levels. (Ever had them put the lens in at the wrong angle? even a fairly small one will drive you nuts!)

Pseldonymov 30 Aug 2008, 02:25

DNBursky 29 Aug 2008, 22:33

Ms. Palin needs to take her hair out of the bun. I do think she's wearing the glasses to look more intelligent as many studies have people feeling glasses wearing people are smarter, etc.

Yoyo 29 Aug 2008, 17:02

>>I agree they are progressive lens.

Yes, I was thinking there was a no-line bifocal or something. Probably progressives.

Meanwhile, while I do happen to disagree with Palin's politics as well, here is probably not the best place to discuss it.

JR 29 Aug 2008, 15:55

I agree they are progressive lens.

Yoyo 29 Aug 2008, 14:28

Sarah Palin's glasses are undoubtedly real -- looks like mild hyperopia with a bit of astigmatism.

lazysiow 29 Aug 2008, 12:08

I disagree. She clearly has some rx in a lot of pictures and if she wears them to look "intelligent", shes been doing that since she was in her 20's.

Either way though, shes fantastic :D

LikeGlass 29 Aug 2008, 10:37

Sarah Plano gets my vote!

Better a G that likes to be WG,

then a GW that hates her G!

Wurm 29 Aug 2008, 09:33

It'll be nice if we can keep the Sarah Palin talk focused clearly (pun intended) on her glasses. Here's a clip for you Rx watchers; I'm thinking there is a little something going on there (astigmatism? presbyopia?)

Steve 29 Aug 2008, 09:30

Not only do Sarah Palin's glasses look fake, but......

There is speculation that she was 'photoshopped' for the cover of Vogue.

it looks as though that head does not naturally fit on that body.

 29 Aug 2008, 09:10

One website claims 'She (Sarah Palin) doesn't have a prescription for her glasses- because she doesn't need them. She wears them to look "intelligent'"

So what's the verdict all you keen-eye rx spotters??

Tod 29 Aug 2008, 08:04


kisal 28 Aug 2008, 06:01

Check out this intelligent and beautiful writer, at these links and many others found through Google Images:

 24 Aug 2008, 05:08

I was watching the Olympics and saw Lester Holt break in with the news. He was wearing glasses with thick black frames. I barely recognized him.

So Cal Girl 23 Aug 2008, 12:07

if you scroll down to "age in democratic race", you will see reporter josh levs wearing his specs.

yannick 21 Aug 2008, 17:48

Kate Silverton was on the show Top Gear about a month ago.

Didn't wear her glasses at first but put them on later to see a videoclip.

Season 11 episode 4.

Chris 21 Aug 2008, 11:12

Your chance to buy a pair of Kate Silverton's very own glasses

Guest 21 Aug 2008, 03:18

What a Babe

Pseldonymov 21 Aug 2008, 02:50

Arina Makhova, Russian TV:

So Cal Girl 17 Aug 2008, 15:06

I just saw Josh Levs on CNN wearing glasses. Yummy.

Mark 17 Aug 2008, 12:33

Saw Lester Holt fulltime in glasses on the Today Show.

Mac 16 Aug 2008, 22:22

Any pics out there of George Stephanopoulos in his latest glasses?

Pseldonymov 16 Aug 2008, 02:12

Olga Bakushinskaya and other Russian people with glasses:

People, you can make your positive comments about Olga's style.

Pseldonymov 16 Aug 2008, 02:09

Olga Bakushinskaya, Russia

What is her prescription?

R Ed 14 Aug 2008, 12:43

Can anyone find a photo of Anne-Marie Mediwake. Per

"News that sparkles

One person who does wear her glasses on-air is Anne-Marie Mediwake, Global News anchor in Toronto, Canada. She’s been wearing glasses since third grade and has a strong prescription (around –6.000). Kids didn’t tease her about them, but she hated her glasses all the same. Mediwake admits to abusing her glasses as a child, and even to deliberately “losing” some. But that hatred hasn’t lasted. Today she owns three pairs of glasses.

For general use, she has a pair of “vintage-looking” rhinestone encrusted black frames. They’re actually readers that she had prescription lenses put into. For on-air use, she wears black Paolo Rossini frames that are more subtle. “You can’t talk about car accidents and kids dying in sparkly glasses,” she explains. The third pair she uses mostly for reading.

It’s uncommon to find television personalities wearing glasses on-air. Mediwake didn’t always either. But when she moved to Global from CTV in January, her eyes reacted to something in the studio and she couldn’t wear her contact lenses. There was some resistance to her decision to wear glasses on-air, but mostly support.

“I find it’s mostly younger women wearing them on-air now, because they’re a fashion statement,” she says."

Maverick 14 Aug 2008, 08:01

Thanks Smudgeur for the Hannah Sandling pics........agree what a babe !!

Smudgeur 13 Aug 2008, 14:43

BBC weather girl Laura Tobin:

and a bigger copy of Hannah Sandling's pics (below):

What a babe!

Smudgeur 12 Aug 2008, 03:35

UK TV Presenter Hannah Sandling

luv2c4i 31 Jul 2008, 10:40

Appreciated the pix of Katie Couric in the "actress" thread. I prefer full-frame rather than the half frame "readers". She has been featured on the CBS website and on You Tube wearing her glasses, in an interview from Israel with a former Israeli security official and in a "Behind the scenes" piece. As ever, someone who might make and post some "caps" of these would be appreciated.

TWC watcher 26 Jul 2008, 14:16

A few months ago somebody posted that Kristina Abernathy of the Weather Channel is wearing plus lenses, but that she used to wear minus lenses. (Apparently this change was after surgery and aging.) I watched today and could not tell whether her lenses are plus or minus. Is it true that she wore minus lenses in the past?

Luv Specs 25 Jul 2008, 18:36

Here are some updated pics of Donna Kelley formally of CNN who is now with KBZK of Montana. She has worn glasses for about a decade and wears them full time and looks great with them! If you look on the website (which has a link on this link) you can see her every weekday evening on the 5:30 evening news link.

Smudgeur 19 Jul 2008, 01:54

Not from yesterday, but an older cap of Sarah Falkland wearing glasses:

Chris 17 Jul 2008, 12:34

Something of a unexpected treat for OO's in the English West Midlands this evening, reporter Sarah Falkland wearing pretty strong glasses during an outside broadcast on Midlands Today. They were trendyish dark wireframes with much edge thickness, which I reckon were around -8. I also noticed Home Secretary Jacqui Smith wearing a pair of similar strength the other day.

Smudgeur 14 Jul 2008, 15:17

BBC Cricket reporter Alison Mitchell

and the lovely Lesley Garrett who was a guest one lunchtime during a test match:

Carlos, Jr. 08 Jul 2008, 03:18

Matt Lauer had his dark plastic frames in hand last night on Dateline. Appeared to be progressives.

GR 07 Jul 2008, 16:43

Anything July 1st (when it was first posted about below) and previous comes up with an Unavailable message for me. The ones more recent feature a different presenter. Can you specify which ones you're seeing that work?

Yoyo 07 Jul 2008, 14:53

Following on the post about Charissa Thompson, I've found that the videos are stored at the MSN Video site:

If you search for "Fox Wire" you can find some videos of her wearing glasses. Caution: for some reason the MSN Video site works on my desktop computer but not my laptop. I still have no idea why.

Yoyo 07 Jul 2008, 14:51

Carlos 07 Jul 2008, 12:28


dateline on Monday PM. Lauer in reading glasses.

Speximann 01 Jul 2008, 20:10

WOW! She's Hot!

Yoyo 01 Jul 2008, 16:45

This will probably become obsolete after a day or so, and I can't figure out how to direct-link to the video, so check it out now:

See the video under "Recruiting Highlight Videos" for the gorgeous sports reporter Charissa Thompson wearing her glasses while delivering a report. I've seen her in various other Fox Sports productions, and she seems to wear glasses about 30% of the time. Quite fetching either way, though!

 25 Jun 2008, 12:30

Sarah Palin

kisal 25 Jun 2008, 06:45

For those in the US, you can tune in to Jeopardy! today to watch the returning GWG champion Dorothy Farrell.

 24 Jun 2008, 20:54

Michelle Obama in minus glasses.

Chris 24 Jun 2008, 14:41

Spanish sport journalists Silvia Barba and Maria Escario in this video:

 24 Jun 2008, 12:43


 22 Jun 2008, 15:49

7:06 into this video you will see Michelle Robinson Obama wearing rimless Rx glasses.

presbyopelover 21 Jun 2008, 19:19

there is no Michelle nearsighted or presbyopic?

 21 Jun 2008, 14:39

At 7:06 minutes into this YouTube video you can see Michelle Obama wearing rimless glasses.

Guest 21 Jun 2008, 07:04

Weak minus I'd guess as it looks as though there is some magnification in one picture. I don't think there is, just that it;s a weak prescription for minus.

Hansel 21 Jun 2008, 06:00

Re Ms Hossein of ITV.

How long has she been wearing her glasses? I seem to recall seeing her one day, a bit like Ms Bruce, then nothing for a couple of weeks, and recently more regularly.

What are the thoughts about the prescription? Is this a first prescription of a retreat from contact lenses?

Smudgeur 20 Jun 2008, 13:49

Kate Silverton - BBC News

Smudgeur 20 Jun 2008, 13:41

Nina Hossein of ITV News:

Chris 20 Jun 2008, 13:04

Monica Lierhaus:

 14 Jun 2008, 17:33

Jeff Gillan" I google all of the time, to the point that I had to get glasses

 11 Jun 2008, 18:29

pelegrino 11 Jun 2008, 02:31

i gotta agree with rodney...even the caps lock is justified....hehehe

Aubrac 11 Jun 2008, 02:24

Caps lock Rodney

They say beauty is in the eye etc etc.

Good looking in the younger pictures, maybe not hot, but cute in a mature way in the later shots.

RODNEY DANGERFIELD 10 Jun 2008, 17:11

Amy Kloucuchar?????







Bekka 09 Jun 2008, 11:43

You think she is hot? Man, where have you been in prison for a very long time?

Senator, yes. Glasses, yes. Female, debatable.

kisal 08 Jun 2008, 14:45

And maybe Obama will choose the hottest Democratic senator-with-glasses, Minnesota's Amy Klobuchar:

Tod 06 Jun 2008, 20:39

BTW her namw is Sarah Palin, governor of Alaska. Her husband's nane is Todd but I am not him. LOL!

Tod 06 Jun 2008, 20:37

hopefully our next vice president the Governor of Alaska and one hot GWG!

Tod 06 Jun 2008, 20:36

hopeflly our next vice president the Governor of Alaska and one hot GWG!

 01 Jun 2008, 14:05

Hmm very hard to fathom Guesty, I can't imagine what might be going there. Anyone any ideas?

Guesty 01 Jun 2008, 09:08

I read someone here comment earlier in the week on the BBC news presenter Louise Minchin, who has worn glasses all week. Today I was casually watching a Sunday tv programme called 'Sunday Life' where she interviewed the Dalai Lama. She didn't wear glasses for the interview but was still wearing them to present the programme. Hard to fathom.

Tod 28 May 2008, 14:40

Tammy Bruce

Tod 28 May 2008, 14:37

Tammy Bruce

Aubrac 28 May 2008, 06:40

Nice pictures Smudgeur - thanks.

From one picture it looks like shs has about -1.50R and maybe -2.00L

Maverick 27 May 2008, 03:40

Nice caps Smudgeur, thanks.

She was wearing them again this morning :)

Smudgeur 27 May 2008, 02:36

Some more Louise Minchin caps:

Smudgeur 27 May 2008, 02:32

Louise Minchin had her specs on this morning on BBC Breakfast - she's a very occasional wearer, appears to be moderately short-sighted from what I could see.

These pics are from yesterday:

Rainis 27 May 2008, 02:10

Yesterday I saw a news woman with glasses. She seems to work on Ukrainian TV. She took an interview of the mayor

of Kiev.

Do u have any pics?

Carlos, Jr 16 May 2008, 17:35

Notice the desk Bill Evans sits at on WABC. You'll see his glasses waiting to be worn.

 03 May 2008, 06:00

On tvheads website you can see photos of MSNBC reporter Dawna Friesen wearing a pair of dark rimmed glasses. Check the photos under 'Just In' before they are no longer there.

 30 Apr 2008, 07:28

Does anybody know if Zara Phillips wears glaases. Her brother Peter is often seen in glasses, but I have never seen Zara wearing them.

luv2c4i 24 Apr 2008, 04:44

This morning's TODAY show once again has Meredith Veiera sporting her spex. Check 'em out, a fairly stylish choice of frames, imho.

Dre 21 Apr 2008, 07:45

Hi Smudgeur

The One show presenter has changed and so has the 2nd Meridian 1

Do you have any copies you can reload


Smudgeur 21 Apr 2008, 05:44

Aisling McVeigh (Meridian UK)

Seems to have plano in the left eye:

But a minus prescription in the right eye:

Smudgeur 16 Apr 2008, 12:43

Nina Hossain (ITN)

Laura Tobin (BBC Weather)

Lucy Siegle (The One Show)

 14 Apr 2008, 04:13

Another Irina Kareva became the speaker of Volgograd gorduma (Russia) again.

Chris 01 Apr 2008, 22:34

Cat Sxchwartz:

Chris 01 Apr 2008, 17:44

Claudia Cowan:

Chief4376 30 Mar 2008, 17:41

We'll title this tales of Kristina Abernathy of the Weather Channel. I seem to remember years ago that she was nearsighted on the rare ocassions she was seen in glasses. Switch to the modern era. She now appears weekly (Sat. and Sun) wearing what appear to be plus lenses. When I turned TWC on earlier today she was bare-eyed. Now, several hours later, the glasses are back on. Any thoughts from the GWG community? Could we have a case of surgery gone bad? Just a curious KA fan.

cHRIS 28 Mar 2008, 05:11

Chris 28 Mar 2008, 04:32


Chris 27 Mar 2008, 07:59

Ana Nieto:

Chris 27 Mar 2008, 07:15

Maria Cadado:

 26 Mar 2008, 21:06

Samantha Power

Chris 26 Mar 2008, 08:43

Chris 26 Mar 2008, 08:36

Lourdes Maldonado:

Chris 24 Mar 2008, 02:24

Maria Escario:

(at 2:40)

 23 Mar 2008, 15:54


Chris 23 Mar 2008, 15:20

Maria Escario:

Chris 23 Mar 2008, 11:31

Maria Escario:

Chris 23 Mar 2008, 11:23

2 more

luv2c4i 23 Mar 2008, 04:00

Lola has an incredible collection of eyewear! She certainly displays the stylish, non-nerdy possibility of glasses chosen well with an "eye" toward fashion. Thanks for the pix.

Chris 23 Mar 2008, 02:55

Lola Hernandez, see also Lot of links

Smudgeur 22 Mar 2008, 14:58

Celina Hinchcliffe (BBC News 24)

Smudgeur 20 Mar 2008, 00:19

Here's a pic of Diane in glasses:

luv2c4i 19 Mar 2008, 18:25

This past Tuesday, Diane Sawyer wore her glasses for the entire two hours of Good Morning America. As has been previously noted, she seems to have a fairly strong prescription and wore some dark stylish frames, perhaps a new pair.

yannick 15 Mar 2008, 07:23

Adrianne Curry

 14 Mar 2008, 14:40

myopeinhere 08 Mar 2008, 16:04

See Carol Barnes the ITV newsreader passed away today,remember her in the 80's and 90's wearing lovely glasses with a pretty strong rx,a sad loss she always seemed so bright and bubbly.

 07 Mar 2008, 21:29

Who cares about these over blown, over paid media windbags(?) They need to be lined up in a ditch and machine gunned. Then covered over and some nice daisies planted. You agree with this, admit it!

luv2c4i 07 Mar 2008, 06:11

Yesterday Meredith Vieira on the TODAY show again worn her glasses the entire show. They were a new pair with an interesting and attractive shape and colored earpieces. While there are some videos on the TODAY show website (segment on 'perfection' and on 'toys'), there does not seem to be any captures on line so far.

ehpc 01 Mar 2008, 11:11

Jody Vance......................VERY VERY VERY HOT :) About as good as it gets:) Pete

luv2c4i 01 Mar 2008, 05:05

In an interesting choice given that she rarely wears spex in public, Hillary Clinton, in a latest campaign ad that is getting a lot of news coverage, is shown wearing glasses as the ad depicts her dealing with a prospective international crisis "at 3 a.m. in the White House." I'm sure that showing her in glasses was no accident, but a deeply thought-out choice on the part of the ad makers.

Yoyo 27 Feb 2008, 11:30

Some random YouTube viewing yielded videos of Jody Vance, a very sexy Canadian sportscaster. Not being from Canada, I'd never heard of her before.

The glasses aren't too strong, but she is clearly a full-time wearer.

Traveller 27 Feb 2008, 11:24

Marcia McMillan's glasses look fantastic. I like the fact that when she looks straight there is just a little bit of cut in on both sides. What prescription does this suggest? I'm guessing about -4 or -5.

gwgs 27 Feb 2008, 03:53

Interestingly though, a Google search on both of these names produces NO results of them in glasses!

Both CL wearers?

gwgs 27 Feb 2008, 03:49

Great caps Smudgeur, particularly like Caroline Feraday and Kate Gerbeau.

Hansel 26 Feb 2008, 14:30

Don't see much TV, but did see Ms Smith the other day. Does she wear contacts most of the time, she seems not to be using readers, so is she now doing Monovision?

Always thought Vorderman was a lens wearer, so guessing that she is preferring the readers with lenses approach rather than progressives?

Ian 26 Feb 2008, 10:33

Alex lovell used to be the presenter of brainteaser about a year ago. She never wore glasses. I watched all the time eagerly awaiting to see if she would wear glasses. It is fantastic to see she now needs glasses!!! any more pictures of one of the sexierst presenters ever in glasses, in my opinion.

Smudgeur 26 Feb 2008, 10:25

Vicky Lee (Scotland today)

Julia Botfield (BBC)

and Penny Smith from GMTV again (my favourite!)

Smudgeur 26 Feb 2008, 10:18

Rhee Morgan

Priya Kaur-Jones

Aisling McVeigh

Smudgeur 26 Feb 2008, 10:01

Debbie Lindley

Sarah Jane Mee

Caroline Feraday

Smudgeur 26 Feb 2008, 09:21

Theopi Skarlatos (ITV Westcountry)

Kate Gerbeau (Five)

Martine Croxall (BBC News 24)

eyescene 25 Feb 2008, 23:48

Alex Lovell:

Sara Blizzard:

And Penny Smith again!

Smudgeur 25 Feb 2008, 23:37

and the icing on the cake - Penny Smith:

Smudgeur 25 Feb 2008, 23:34

Carol Vorderman:

Catherine Huntley (QVC):

Suzanne Virdee:

4Eyes 23 Feb 2008, 09:41

Here is a video of Ashleigh Banfield from 1997 in Dallas in the pre-glasses days. Looks nice, but will get much better when she starts wearing glasses.......

whelshy 17 Feb 2008, 23:00

lcslthrlvr 12 Feb 2008, 12:49

Here's a few videos of CTV NewsNet's Marcia Macmillan.

luv2c4i 12 Feb 2008, 05:39

On Good Morning America this morning, Diane Sawyer is once again sporting her specs. She mentioned being "free at last" of inserting contacts onto her eyeballs...maybe she's "free" for good...or maybe just for this morning. We'll see.

luv2c4i 12 Feb 2008, 05:37

What an eyewear wardrobe that Lola has! She wears a wide variety of stylish (and colorful)frames in the set of pictures shown. Not since Katie Couric wore her various specs each morning on TODAY has such an assortment been seen.

Chris 12 Feb 2008, 02:53

Two faboulous Spanish newswomen:

Puffin 11 Feb 2008, 17:45

seems like Kate Silverton is a regular on BBC News24 at the moment.

Joseph 11 Feb 2008, 17:11

Lester Holt is in glasses as he announces at the Westminster Dog Show.

Carlos, Jr 09 Feb 2008, 04:45

I am watching the Today show and I guess Lester Holt is not yet a fulltime wearer. His black-framed glasses have been in his hand, on the desk, sitting on the sofa, but yet to appear on his face.

Rachel 92 01 Feb 2008, 13:37

Checked out Mr. Holt in glasses on the internet. Cool frames.

Joseph 30 Jan 2008, 03:49

Lester's glasses looked like progressives to me. He was wearing them during his interview with Barack Obama.

Mister Mild 29 Jan 2008, 17:25

Pleasant surprise last night on Australian ABC TV news in Melbourne: a news reporter named Kelly Lazaro (spelling?), long brown hair and wearing smart brown plastic cat's-eye frames, possibly a little cut-in. Can't find any mention of her, yet , on the ABC website.

Carlos, Jr 27 Jan 2008, 17:36

Yeah, I saw Lester on TV this morning in some great looking black plastic frames. Wore them the whole time during TODAY. Could not tell if they were bifocals or progressives, but definitely plus lenses.

Geoff 27 Jan 2008, 06:39

Looks like Lester Holt of Weekend Today has become a fulltime glasses wearer. Looks great in heavy plastic frames.

cHRIS 26 Jan 2008, 09:40

Anjali Rao:

Chris 24 Jan 2008, 02:02

German (Turkish) politician

Yildiz Köremezli-Erkiner:

Chris 23 Jan 2008, 23:30

German politician Andrea Ypsilanti:

Peter G  20 Jan 2008, 05:29

Correction on previous post: "sight" of course, not "site".

Peter G  20 Jan 2008, 05:28

For those of you who can or do watch German TV, female news anchor on the ZDF channel Kay-Sölve Richter, who has very occasionally worn rimless glasses with a mild minus prescription, has apparently gone full-time this week (can't tolerate contacts any more?) - a pleasant site. You should be able to find some more on her at

luv2c4i 20 Jan 2008, 04:52

Claire Shipman is wearing her glasses (look to be black-framed) as she interviews Mrs. Huckabee on ABC's Good Morning America. Video is available on the GMA website. Perhaps some one could post caps? CNN's Rusty Dornan is also appearing in eyewear more often as she reports from various locations. Finally, also on CNN, Gerri Willis has been sitting with specs on the table in front of her. Perhaps soon she put them on for all to enjoy.

 17 Jan 2008, 08:59

EXTREMELY NEARSIGHTED?;_ylt=AvH3pZrYuVx5QTGbAwmm_R3sy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080115132637AAtjoCa&show=7#profile-info-LIeWRtmmaa

kisal 10 Jan 2008, 07:07

For those in the US, you can watch GWG Kristen Welsh defend today as the current champion on Jeopardy! She's not a stunner, so don't get your hopes too high, but she is pleasant to look at.

gwgs 07 Jan 2008, 02:15

Why is this is a story when the previous manager Sven Goran-Eriksson wore glasses and was never commented on???

 05 Jan 2008, 17:23

gwgs 02 Jan 2008, 07:17

Great pix there Rainis, love the first one of the heavy aviator frames showing some power circles on her right hand lens. Yummy.

On a more serious note, I was also very sad to see the breaking news on 27th December of Benazir Bhutto's death, here was a woman fighting for freedom in Pakistan and democracy and yet the radicals obviously couldn't handle something they viewed so outrageous they had to kill her.

She was a fantastic person who put her life on the line literally for what she believed in. God rest this beautiful gwg who always had a large number of different frames to show off.

Chris 02 Jan 2008, 04:51

Saw a quote in the Daily Mail the other day by newsreader Katie Derham, which went "At school I used to wear thick specatcles and had a mouth full of braces. My nickname was Girder Gob, which didn't do much for my confidence".

Anyone who can find a picture of her in her "thick spectacles" will earn my eternal gratitude.

ehpc 01 Jan 2008, 03:54

Very seriously hot :) Pete

Rainis 31 Dec 2007, 13:20

Evelina Khromchenko, chef of russian L'Officiel

What is her prescription?

What frames does she wear?

Guest 28 Dec 2007, 12:07

At least she will not have to deal with that freak show of a country in Paksitan anymore. Sad, because she seemed interested in helping the people of Pakistan. It is small wonder that every Pakistani with an ounce of sense and a few rupiyas, gets the hell out of there and heads West.

To "IN THE NEWS" 28 Dec 2007, 05:55

Dude, your joke is just plain dumb because that's not the way her name is pronounced. You really sound uneducated with a stupid joke like that where you would have to completely change the pronunciation of a word to make it even come close to working.

Learn to respect people, okay? Her name was properly pronounced BOO TOE, not BUT WHO... Saying it the way you do makes you look like a BUT HOLE.

eyespy 28 Dec 2007, 05:05

~Aviator, I'd guess that her rx was higher, maybe +/- minus4. I presumed she was a contacts wearer too.

Happy New Year to all eyescene fans!

aviator -oo- 28 Dec 2007, 01:37

continued from below,,,

I would guess her script was -2 to -3 as she was not a full-time wearer. She could be relied upon to update her frames regularly, which always made her an interesting personality to follow. My favourite frames were the ones she wore in the early 1990s when she first became Prime Minsister: large roundish frames, with thin black plastic rims and a graduated grey tint (similar to those shown in the link below). It was a popular style at the time and suited her beautifully.

aviator -oo- 28 Dec 2007, 01:37

I must pay tribute to Benazir Bhutto, leader of the Pakistani Peoples Party, and a notable gwg politician, who was gunned down in Rawalpindi earlier today.

IN THE NEWS 27 Dec 2007, 22:03

[this will probably get me kicked off eyescene but what the heck]


Abbott: Lou, did you hear the news?

Costello: Oh yeah! I heard Mrs. somebody or something got assassinated today?

Abbott: Not somebody! Mrs. Bhutto did.

Costello: Mrs. Who?

Abbott: Bhutto.

Costello: Yeah, but who too? Thats what I want to know.

Abbott: Bhutto, the woman that got killed today.

Costello: A woman got killed today?!

Abbott: Of course she did. Its all over the news. Bhutto got killed.

Costello: Thats' what I'm asking you. But who slse got killed?

Abbott: Nobody!

Costello: You just said somebody else got killed. So I'm asking you, who too?

Abbott: No, no. You see thats the woman's name. The Pakistan politician, Bhutto.

Costello: Yeah, thats what I want to know. But who too?

Abbott: You just said it.

Costello: I just said what?

Abbott: The woman, Bhutto.

Costello: Yeah, but who too?

Abbott: Of course!

Costello: Yeah, But who else?

Abbott: Nobody else. It was only one person, Bhutto.

Costello: How can it be just one person and then say but who too?

Abbott: Because that it, Bhutto.

Costello: Bud, what are you asking me for?

Abbott: Look, Lou! I am not asking you. I am telling you, Bhutto.

Costello: YEAH! Thats what I keep asking and you keep telling me, "but who too".

Abbott: Look, the name is simple.

Costello: You mean the other person's name is Simple?

Abbott: No other person! Just Bhutto! Bhutto! Bhutto!

Costello: What are you asking me for? I don't know!

Abbott: Now wait a munite! Idont Knoe is on Third Base. So don't go bringing him into this.

ehpc 27 Dec 2007, 16:36

A very great woman. Pete

moonshiner 27 Dec 2007, 14:42

Abd another;

Rainis 27 Dec 2007, 11:31

Benazir with another frame:

Rainis 27 Dec 2007, 11:28

What frame did she wear?

Rainis 27 Dec 2007, 07:37

Today Benazir Bhutto was killed. :(

luv2c4i 22 Dec 2007, 04:56

Randi Kaye is currently sporting specs as she anchors CNN's Saturday morning show in the U.S. She has a cute pair of cat-eye frames.

Also, has some photos of msnbc's Milissa Rehberger and cbs's Meg Oliver wearing glasses. Meg Oliver seems to choose to appear in glasses regularly, perhaps once a week on the average.

Rainis 18 Dec 2007, 14:36

Natalia Morar. She is a citizen of Moldova. She has no access to Russian. Access denied by the Federal Security Service (following KGB traditions).

People! She needs positive comments.

Spec Watcher 15 Dec 2007, 18:21

Right now there is a pleasant surprise on the Weather Channel. Kristina Abernathy is wearing glasses tonight.

Rainis 10 Dec 2007, 08:44

Nino Burjanadze, Georgia:

4Eyes 07 Dec 2007, 15:18

Attached is Donna Kelley's (formally at CNN) bio. She's landed at KBZK in Bozeman Montana. Her "offical" picture does not show her wearing her specs, however if you look at some of the videos she wears glasses off and on, like when she was at CNN.

Is there a way to capture the videos the station has to save as a picture?


Phil 03 Dec 2007, 05:51

Oh come on EHPC. Go on her website and watch the pics roll! She's lovely (if bare-eyed) in the one holding the big ball. And very sweet in the only one in which she's wearing specs. She looked even nicer on tv at the weekend, in nice clothes and rimless specs. Hope she's gone fulltime. Like all us lawyers she's a myope: I bet fewer than one in 100 lawyers is a hyperope and hardly any more have perfect sight.

ehpc 03 Dec 2007, 05:14

Can't say I fancy Ms.Warsi but she seems to be an extremely estimable and right-thinking woman.

ehpc 03 Dec 2007, 03:59

Phew! What a relief :) Pete

Phil 03 Dec 2007, 03:36

Quite right Julian. A slip by me. But Tory or not she's a damned sight more tasty than Lord Ahmed!

Julian 03 Dec 2007, 02:34

Come on, both of you, she's nothing of the kind! See Wikipedia:

Sayeeda Hussain Warsi, Baroness Warsi (born 1971) is a British politician for the Conservative Party and a lawyer. Baroness Warsi is currently a member of the Shadow Cabinet.

It's Lord Ahmed who's the Labour part of the delegation.

ehpc 03 Dec 2007, 02:26

But she's Labour,Phil! How could you? :) Pete

Phil 03 Dec 2007, 01:03

Sayeeda Warsi, the Labour peer who went to Sudan to save the teddy Bear lady, turns out to be a very nice young gwg. On her website there's only one shot of her in her nice black-framed minus specs but on TV at the weekend she was in a nice rimless pair and seemed to have gone fulltime. Any pics? I think she's rather yummy.

"blueberry hill" 29 Nov 2007, 01:50

ehpc 28 Nov 2007, 01:55

Meredith Vieira SERIOUSLY hot wearing glasses:) Pete

 27 Nov 2007, 22:25

Last paragraph on the blog for 11.26.2007

Watch part one

luv2c4i 27 Nov 2007, 05:34

Yesterday (Monday, 11/26), Meredith Vieira, the cohost of the NBC TODAY show "forgot her contacts" and wore her glasses for the entire two hours she was on. Netcasts of the show are available at the NBC website. Perhaps someone will post some screen captures of her.

Tim 23 Nov 2007, 20:34

I fear the Beeb has finally lost its sense of humour completely. BBC World (which is all I can get) is nowadays entirely populated by sour-faced blue-stockings mostly hailing from the subcontinent - even so, not a gwg to be seen!

gwgs 21 Nov 2007, 08:19

I used to be a big fan of Kate but I find her rather dry now - you never see a smile or hear a laugh from her.

Come on Kate, life at the Beeb can't be THAT bad!

Phil 21 Nov 2007, 01:08

Kate brightens up the dark mornings: it's so good that she's back. Any ideas as to her rx? The lovely traffic gwg, Kate Allen, has, however, disappeared again. But this morning things were further brightened by the appearance of a myopic blonde gwg reporting about trauma centres: I think she's called Jane Hughes but, whatever her name, she's very lovely!!

Smudgeur 20 Nov 2007, 00:04

For those in the UK, Kate Silverton is presenting BBC breakfast today - as always with her Oliver Goldsmith specs on.

Russ 19 Nov 2007, 15:51

I'm watching CNN right now and the beautiful Erica Hill is wearing her lovely glasses. Such a Goddess of Spex.

luv2c4i 19 Nov 2007, 04:21

Claire Shipman of ABC news did a report on Good Morning America about a new dinosaur discovery. She was wearing a pair of red specs during some of the piece but there were no good clear views.

4eyes 18 Nov 2007, 10:27

Hi you all.

Here is “4eyes” from Sao Paulo, Brazil and due to my English I don’t visit this site so often, but others eyes problems groups only.

I kinda off hate to ask so but is there another “me” or another 4eyes around? “Cause I’m not that one… In fact I don’t even like my own glasses and never liked…

AND I am sure they are getting into nerves lately. By the end of schoolar year they nearly driving me crazy. GRRR.

4Eyes 17 Nov 2007, 19:49

Marta Waller of KTLA

myopeinhere 07 Nov 2007, 10:32

It's Borat!!!

Rainis 07 Nov 2007, 04:54

Vladislav ListyevÂëŕäčńëŕâ%20Ëčńňüĺâ

Slit 22 Oct 2007, 09:48


i have been tryign to find out how she looked with glasses when she was younger as a student and a maturing person.

But the pictures show her glasses only after she has passed 30 or 35...

I guess she was tolerating her myopia and started wearing glasses at the point she understood that she cant live in a blur anylonger.

gwgs 22 Oct 2007, 03:39

Benazir most certainly is a great looking gwg, I have been admiring the recent photos of her in larger round plastic rimmed spex.

Hmmm, yummy. Unfortunately though I can't seem to find them on the internet (they were in newspapers).

Slit 19 Oct 2007, 09:43


Benazir seems to be a very pretty politition...

May be she is going to be the prime minister in the kingdom of GWGs...

Plus Bangladeshi politition Sheik Hasina also is a nice looking GWG, but now passed the age of being called as a girl.

During my Bangladesh visit i saw many girls wearing their glasses with much confidence.

And we already have a queen for kingdom of GWG, that is the princess of Sweeden...

Any creative suggestions to fill in the positions in the kingdom of GWGs?

Rainis 19 Oct 2007, 06:58

Terrorists want to kill Benazir Bhutto:

To my opinion, Benazir is one of the prettiest politicians

Geoff 16 Oct 2007, 04:47

Be sure to watch Matt Lauer's interview with Sen. Larry Craig. Lauer will be wearing a pair of dark, plastic framed glasses.

luv2c4i 10 Oct 2007, 05:44

Does anyone recall the yahoo group "news women in glasses" from a few years back? It had a huge archive of photos then all of a sudden disappeared. Wonder where all those pictures/caps ended up?

Chris 07 Oct 2007, 01:17

Benazir Bhutto:

Escaped from lasik:

Philosifer 05 Oct 2007, 10:03

I thought there was a rumour around to the effect that she had got, or was considering, Lasik.

Seems not

Dave 03 Oct 2007, 13:00

Another of Louise

Dave 03 Oct 2007, 12:57

Louise Minchen

Jon 02 Oct 2007, 05:18

Louise Minchin on BBC news 24 Wearing glasses today,I've not seen her in glasses before, looking at the lenses quiet a high myope.

Aubrac 02 Oct 2007, 01:12

Manisha is certainly a very beautiful lady.

Her glasses look like low minus with maybe some cylinder correction. From her name and appearance I would thind think she is of Asian origin although maybe not from India or Pakistan.

ROV 02 Oct 2007, 00:09

What ethnic nationally is this Tank woman?

lazysiow 01 Oct 2007, 23:03

They're not readers at all, she has a clear minus prescription.

Boner seconded and waved :D

Philosifer 01 Oct 2007, 21:31

Re: Manisha

and those don't seem to be 'just readers'

she is still only 31

Filthy McNasty 01 Oct 2007, 17:02

Typo. SHould have read, "The Bone-O-Meter explodes. That Tank woman is HOT."

Guido 01 Oct 2007, 16:22

Filthy:: That Tank woman is NOT what?

Filthy McNasty 01 Oct 2007, 15:46

The Bone-O-Meter explodes. That Tank woman is NOT.

Smudgeur 01 Oct 2007, 13:53

Was up early the other morning (before 6am) and caught BBC business reporter, Manisha Tank, with her specs on:,%20manisha83.jpg

Phil 24 Sep 2007, 01:10

Kate Allen is back doing the London traffic "thing" in the mornings after ages off having a baby. She's lost so much weight and still has the same gorgeous specs. It's great to have her back.

kisal 20 Sep 2007, 08:21

Eye Scene readers in the U.S. should definitely tune in for Jeopardy! today. The returning champ is an amazing GWG with the coolest pair of specs I have seen in some time. She said she was a big punk rock fan, which may explain the choice in eyewear. You can see a small picture and very short video at

She looks better on the show than in that small clip. And actually many of the female contestants this week do wear glasses.

Geoff 16 Sep 2007, 16:45

Check George Stephanopoulos in his reading glasses---dark plastic half-frames.

Philosifer 15 Sep 2007, 09:22

Smart girl - excellent writer

gwgs 13 Sep 2007, 09:18

Doesn't really do it for me I'm afraid! I preferred the old - and only :( - pic I saw of her with thick lenses and power rings from yonks ago

Jennifer 13 Sep 2007, 09:13

Martyn (BB), it's good to hear from you again. Have you been able to get on Lens Chat, yet? I've been reading about your trouble logging in. Hope you work that out.

Tulip 13 Sep 2007, 01:36

This is a lovely Hillary Clinton picture. I think she's a real hottie with glasses.

Martyn 12 Sep 2007, 17:36

Jennifer, are you one of the lovely ladies I used chat too, hope your doing just fine and life is being good to you. I.m off on my holidays this coming saturday, to a lovely part of England Cornwall.

Be good play safe and most of all have fun (BB)

Jennifer 12 Sep 2007, 13:00

When Ms. Clinton was first lady I never saw her wearing glasses. The thick glasses you're referring to seem to date back to when her husband was governor and before. I've been wondering the same thing about her. Has she had lasik? Or has she been wearing contacts all this time? While in the Senate, she's been wearing what look to be reading glasses. Maybe she thinks it's more acceptable for her to wear reading glasses sometimes than be a gwg full time!

Philosifer 12 Sep 2007, 11:36

So what do our learned observers have to suggest in terms of an explanation of the recent pattern of spectacle wear by the lady who may yet become the first First Lady to take the presidential seat on her own merits ? We all know she really was, in the old days, 'as blind as a bat', so what is going on now ? Are these just reading glasses over contacts, or has she finally had Lasik, and these deal with some residual required correction - together with reading - or is there some possibility of an appearance-conscious effort to restore her original 'highly intelligent' look, without all those power rings ?

 01 Sep 2007, 10:28


Cindy Hsu

Guest 27 Aug 2007, 17:18

Ali Velshi of CNN looks good in those new dark frame plastic glasses.

gwgs 21 Aug 2007, 05:22

Kate Silverton on BBC Breakfast (aka) News this morning and yesterday with a new hairdo and sporting two different pairs of frames over the last two days. One was a metal pair with the ever increasingly popular wide temples with discreasing width as they get to the ears and yesterday she was wearing rimless ovals. Two pairs I haven't seen before - could they be holding a new prescription??

She'll be on a show this evening on BBC1 at 9pm where she is kayaking and thus for the majority not wearing spex so probably not worth watching it!!

Guest 20 Aug 2007, 19:40

Megyn Kelly first wore her specs last week Thursday. She mentioned that she had a scratched cornea, so maybe this is a temporary situation. I hope not.

Willy 20 Aug 2007, 09:44

I thought the Star Jones quote was a bit odd: "I'm not ashamed that I need glasses for distance."

Perhaps there is an unspoken continuation: "But I would be ashamed if you realized that I am 45 and need help up close, so I hope you don't figure out that I am wearing progressives."

Either way, she does look good, and I think the glasses are an effective way of changing her appearance so that your first thought is not to focus on how much weight she lost.

I wonder if someone will be TIVOing the debut of her show to see if she makes more glasses comments.

lv2c4i 20 Aug 2007, 07:39

Megyn Kelly on Fox News morning show is wearing new rimless glasses this morning. The reportercaps website has caps from last week when she apparently began to be a newspersonWG on screen. The message board also says that E.D.Hill briefly wore her specs on camera as a sign of solidarity with her newly bespectacled cohort.

Bekka 20 Aug 2007, 06:00

Wow. That is one hot GWG link. The video is terific.

Owlish 19 Aug 2007, 20:09

And here is a link:

Owlish 19 Aug 2007, 20:08

The new improved Star Jones-Reynolds looking good!

4Eyes 19 Aug 2007, 11:33

Here is a recent remark she made about having to wear glasses. I just think it's cool she will be wearing them all the time now. I really doubt 10-15 years ago if a news personality like here would have considered glasses for a makeover....

daisy 19 Aug 2007, 11:15

Did Star wear contacts on The View? Anyone know her prescription?

Bekka 19 Aug 2007, 06:10

Star is terrific with her new look. Her glasses are fantastic. I'm so pleased that she will be wearing them on her new show. I saw her on GMA last week (in glasses) and she looked great.

4eyes 18 Aug 2007, 20:09

Star Jones.

Better 1 or Better 2.

I say 2.....the Star Jones with glasses

john112 15 Aug 2007, 19:35

Deirdre Bolton

Carlos, Jr 15 Aug 2007, 17:16

Any pictures of Anderson Cooper in glasses?

Smudgeur 15 Aug 2007, 12:34

Liz Claman

Rainis 15 Aug 2007, 01:55

Larisa Reznikova, "Moskovsky Komsomolets" newspaper:

People, do u have any larger pics of her?

lv2c4i 09 Aug 2007, 04:49

Oops! There goes another one. Liz Claman has left her job at CNBC. She was often bespectacled as she previewed her show and, would also wear her reading glasses during some of her interviews especially as she referred to texts in front of her. Sounds as if she'll be back on another network in a few months--wonder what her eyewear wardrobe will be then?

lv2c4i 04 Aug 2007, 06:49

Paula Zahn had her last broadcast the other evening. And so goes another news reader who would sometimes don her specs, tho she seemed to be doing it less and less lately.

Katie Couric never wears hers in her new gig.

Perhaps Campbell Brown is getting to the age where she'll begin wearing some in her new job.

Rachel 03 Aug 2007, 11:19

TJ Holmes of CNN sometimes wears horn-rims.

gag me 29 Jul 2007, 10:08

Four eyed Lesbo gets the hots for Hillary Clinton

Curt 28 Jul 2007, 11:02

How about Ali Velshi of CNN in those new "horn-rims".

 24 Jul 2007, 11:59

Don't know what the deal is with Cindy Brunson. She's been on ESPNnews for years and just shows up there one day wearing glasses. She wears them all the time for a year or more, then haven't seen her in them since. Never could tell what the RX was in them either.

hornsfan 23 Jul 2007, 18:58

Ditto for Michelle Bonner...

4eyes 23 Jul 2007, 18:37

Cool one of Kelly from ESPN.

Does anybody have anything on Cindy Brunson from ESPNEWS? She used to wear glasses all the time but I don't see her wear them anymore...too bad. She looked great w/specs

 20 Jul 2007, 11:18

Here's Kelly Naqi, a reporter from the ESPN network. She is a semi regular reporter on the network. First time I've seen her wearing glasses.

Click on the LAUNCH VIDEO PLAYER to see it.

Clare 17 Jul 2007, 12:00

Smudgeur - I've noticed she's worn contacts quite often recently too ... and although I'm not a great TV watcher, I'm an avid news watcher!

Smudgeur 17 Jul 2007, 00:52

The beautiful Kate Silverton is on BBC News 24 now with a new pair of glasses.

Carlos, Jr 12 Jul 2007, 18:40

Check Matt Lauer, the glasses occasionally migrate from the desk to his face.

Smudgeur 08 Jul 2007, 00:31

Austrian presenter Elisabeth Engstler

Yoyo 22 Jun 2007, 19:11

A woman named Charissa Thompson is a host on Fox Sports Net's "Baseball Report" -- about 4 of 6 times I've seen the show, she's wearing some very fetching plastic-rimmed specs in weakish minus (no more than -2, I'd wager). I couldn't find any bespectacled pictures, but here's a non-glasses one:

One to keep an eye on!

 14 Jun 2007, 21:47

 14 Jun 2007, 21:41

Geoff 13 Jun 2007, 13:45

Lauer has been placing his glasses more prominently on TODAY. Could wearing them be next?

ehpc 09 Jun 2007, 07:02

Cool! Especially as from the photo angle she appears to have absolutely no clothes on except her glasses:) Definitely nice:) Pete

 09 Jun 2007, 00:45

Sorry ! Here is the link

 09 Jun 2007, 00:44

Dora Szilagyi, Hungarian fashion designer (second person interviewed)- blonde, black framed glasses - nice.

Lv2c4i 26 May 2007, 05:28

Viewers of the TODAY show were treated to Hoda Kotb doing an interview wearing a new pair of glasses. They were very attractive and she wore them openly, so am not sure if she is adopting a new look or that it was simply a rare sighting. As ever, any screen caps of her would be welcomed.

Curt 11 May 2007, 20:47

Any sightings of Matt Lauer in his reading glasses?

J12W 21 Apr 2007, 15:43

Attached is a video of Kathleen Hays from Bloomberg (used to be with CNN) Looks like she is a full time glasses wearer now. Big improvement!!

It's on the right hand side on related video on demand. Is there a way to convert the video on pause to a still picute.

SZ6 20 Apr 2007, 07:42

Having only watched about 3/4 of one of her programs, I get the feeling her "I can't get dates" thing is a bit of a schtick.

Were I not happily in love with a gorgeous GWG already, I would do dirty things to Ms. Loewenberg ten ways til Tuesday.

kisal 20 Apr 2007, 06:00

Hi. I know this video has been posted elsewhere, but I just wanted to bring this sexy GWG to everyone's attention:

Her name is Anna Sophie Loewenberg, or her Chinese name Su Fei. Anyway, she does these videos where she walks around Beijing interviewing people about love and sex and so forth. But she is amazingly sexy with the "nerd chic" cat-eyes glasses and a great body. She is always in skirts showing off her great legs and fine body. She wonders why she isn't getting dates -- I only know that if I were in Beijing and single...

She has a home page that includes a link to her as lead singer in a punk band:

lazysiow 19 Apr 2007, 09:48

she also should have changed her hair much earlier :)

lazysiow 19 Apr 2007, 09:46

funny if you look at her rx, it seems theres way more correction for farsightedness than astigmatism

4EYES 18 Apr 2007, 16:53

Here is a description of how Ashleigh started wearing glasses

4EYES 18 Apr 2007, 16:19

From my understanding Ashleigh started to wear glasses in 1999 when she was in Dallas at the FOX affiliate just before she went to MSNBC. I once saw her interviewed and she said she started wearing them due to having trouble reading the telepromter and had no interest in wearing contacts or lasik surgery. She looked good in the Calgary video, but I think she looks soo cool and so much better with her glasses............

 16 Apr 2007, 09:58

Goodness! Ashleigh Banfield looks completely different without those glasses. Did she used to wear contct lenses?

Trent 13 Apr 2007, 17:31


Diane Ablonczy MP for Calgary Nose Hill is a local high myope

4Eyes 13 Apr 2007, 16:06

Saw this YouTube on Ashleigh Banfield from her Calgary days in 1994 (The pre-glasses era) Looks nice, but she got a vast improvment about 5 years later when she started wearing glasses!!

john112 07 Apr 2007, 15:08

You can go to and click multiamedia to see dara brown. I think she is the best looking news woman.

Lv2c4i 07 Apr 2007, 07:49

Erica's glasses may be a new frame style (and a new prescription?). She is not, however, a new wearer, and if these are a new pair, they seem to be only a slight change in style from her most recent pair.

You should be able to find pictures around of her wearing her other pairs over the years.

john112 06 Apr 2007, 20:43

ARe Erica's glasses new?

Lv2c4i 06 Apr 2007, 05:04

Check for caps of Erica Hill, Liz Claman (earlier this week), and Allison Stewart all sporting their specs. Allison Stewart has a wardrobe of glasses, various styles, all flattering. She replaces Katie Couric who used to wear her various styles, but now keeps them discretely on the desk, but nearly never wearing them.

Any caps of Dara Brown?

4 Eyes 05 Apr 2007, 15:18

Here is Pamela Hess - - She is a military correspondant for the UPI and is occasionally on CNN and C-Span. Love the specs!!

john112 04 Apr 2007, 15:40

Dara Brown from has been wearing her new glasses lately. Are they plus or minus?

Jack 04 Apr 2007, 14:41

Check out Donny Deutsch in his new progressives---has he said good-bye to half-frames?

 24 Mar 2007, 19:37

the myodisc version

gwgs 23 Mar 2007, 05:51

...and the point of posting that was?

No gwg reference at all in it

eyescene 22 Mar 2007, 11:20

GWGS 22 Mar 2007, 10:03

After a break from being on the Breakfast show on BBC, Kate Silverton has returned, seemingly more serious than ever (we rarely see a smile!!) with a series of new glasses; yesterday was a pair with wide thick metallic arms and today she sported a semi rimless pair.

Keep your eyes peeled for what tomorrow may bring!

 22 Mar 2007, 09:41

 21 Mar 2007, 11:16

 18 Mar 2007, 16:53

we all know she wears contacts

Jay 15 Mar 2007, 04:13

Matt Lauer's glasses have reappeared on the desk beside him.

 13 Mar 2007, 03:34

Beck was in deutsch half frames last night.

 12 Mar 2007, 21:12

another type of fettish

Kate Silverton Fan 12 Mar 2007, 15:39

 11 Mar 2007, 17:46

Hi Tara, i am glad you are getting in well with your glasses. Being a hyperope it will take a while, several weeks for your near focusing ability to relax back to normal. When that happens you will need to wear your glasses full time. Up to now you have been able to see distance and near because your eyes were compensating by focusing for near vision even to see at a distance. This is because your eyes are hyperopic. Meaning your eyeballs are too short or your corneas are too flat or both to see normally.

Yes, you go through a period of the "shock" of realizing you need glasses. And seeing yourself in the mirror wearing them. And others who know you will also be surprised seeing you in glasses. But after a time (it varies from person to person) wearing glasses will be just as normal for you as wearing shoes. So just wear them and be proud of them and enjoy your improved new vision and your new look

BTW what style of frames did you get.

Tod 06 Mar 2007, 15:06

guest 06 Mar 2007, 04:13

Forgive my ignorance, but what are Deutsch half frames?

Carlos, Jr 04 Mar 2007, 16:00

Adam, Beck has been wearing full-frame black plastic frames for a good while. I've not seen him in "Deutsch" half-frames.

George 03 Mar 2007, 12:38

Beck ala bifocals

Lv2c4i 03 Mar 2007, 06:20

At you can find some caps of CBS overnight anchor, Meg Oliver, wearing her glasses. The caps don't stay posted for more than a few days, but Oliver seems to be wearing her glasses perhaps as often as any of the part-time wearers we see on the news.

Adam 03 Mar 2007, 04:54

Watched Beck on Thursday night and they showed several clips of him on his radio show---he was wearing glasses,but could not tell if they were full frame plastics or half-frames. Judging from the pictures---Beck has been wearing glasses for awhile.

JayinTexas 02 Mar 2007, 15:17

JayinTexas 02 Mar 2007, 15:15

I have not found any shots of Glenn Beck wearing half frames, but there are some of him in full plastic frames in various places on the net.

Jay 01 Mar 2007, 09:29

Thanks Jay in Texas. Any of Beck in the "Deutch Half-frames"?

JayinTexas 01 Mar 2007, 07:47

Glenn Beck in glasses

Jay 01 Mar 2007, 03:18

Adam, I think Beck's glasses are only a prop on the set. Have you ever seen him in those reading glasses? At this time, it seems to be cool for news and so-called news people to keep glasses on their desk or twirl them in their hands.

Adam 28 Feb 2007, 17:09

When did Glenn Beck start wearing those "Donny Deutch" style glasses? Guess he is dealing with presbyopia.

Tod 27 Feb 2007, 16:34

Too bad Katie Couric isn't wearing her glasses. Because I would like nothing more right now than to hold off and smack the little bitch right the hell out of her high heel shoes. And if she had those dumb glasses on I wouldn't mind to smacking her out of them too.

Have a nice day, everybody.

gwgs 26 Feb 2007, 03:02

Philosifer, I am afraid I didn't catch her last night, the girlfriend has a thing about me watching gwgs on TV and gets VERY annoyed when I do so!

I do however have a variety (48 on my site) of caps of her looking rather ravishing!

Philosifer 24 Feb 2007, 15:37

Quite a lot of Kate Silverton (BBC personality) in LA for the Oscars, on the news last night, and looking spectacular.

GWGS Robert/John, do you have any good pics of her ?

Going to Google Images produced only small images and screencaps, but she really looks quite attractive in person ?

gwgs 19 Feb 2007, 02:54

Some reporter caps here;

Curt 05 Feb 2007, 08:43

4EYES: Definitely new frames for Ashleigh. Her old ones has nose pads (the new specs don't), and her old pair had much thinner stems...the new ones are kind of chunky. Still hot, though!

gwgs 05 Feb 2007, 01:59

I tried to post numerous gwg caps of News Personalities on here on Friday but it wouldn't let me.

Have a look at and scroll through to end of January to mid Jan and you'll see about 4 different gwgs.

ehpc 04 Feb 2007, 10:08

GWG Ashleigh Banfield is some beauty:) Pete

4EYES 04 Feb 2007, 06:52

Did Ashleigh Banfield get new glases. I saw this picture of her and they look slightly different.

 02 Feb 2007, 06:25

Kate Silverton, about half way down if you scroll through.

gwgs 01 Feb 2007, 01:38

Ashleigh looks amazing there, there is something about that photo, the way she is standing, she seems to be saying "look at me", and quite rightly so!

Nice find!

Bo 31 Jan 2007, 13:06

Brian Williams of NBC is also a glasses twirler. Like Donny, I have yet to see him wear them. Maybe twirling glasses makes one look intellectual.

Jay 30 Jan 2007, 17:54

Does Donny Deutch ever wear those glasses that he is always twirling in his hands? Have yet to see him wear them.

Speximann 30 Jan 2007, 14:21

Hope this fixes the Yahoo thing! Sorry bout Dat.

Kate Silverton

Ashleigh Banfield

Speximann 29 Jan 2007, 21:00

Speximann 29 Jan 2007, 20:48

Nice pic of Kate Silverton at a recent event-UK

Ashliegh Banfield hot as ever-

Jay 29 Jan 2007, 15:50

Matt looked great in reading glasses. Maybe he will go back to them one day.

Eyeseeit 29 Jan 2007, 08:26

Re. Matt Lauer - perhaps multifocal contact lenses?

Geoff 29 Jan 2007, 04:34

What has happened to Matt Lauer's glasses? They are nowhere to be found---not on his face, not on his desk. Surely at 49, his eyesight has not improved?

4EYES 22 Jan 2007, 15:57

Does anybody have any new pics of Kathleen Hays (Bloomberg formelly of CNN) She wears glasses full time (or most of the time) now and is a big improvement with the specs.

kisal  18 Jan 2007, 05:55

GWG reporter/novelist Sanaa Elaji was recently fined in Morocco for writing a humorous article that was considered blashphemos.

No Name 17 Jan 2007, 21:24

Those sure look like they could be bifocals. Either way, she's definitely one of my new favs.

Newswatcher 17 Jan 2007, 09:28

Or just bags under the eyes?

gwgs 17 Jan 2007, 01:11

Nice find, they look like they could be - both lenses appear to have "add in's" at the bottom centre part of the lens :)

john1121 16 Jan 2007, 16:56

Are these bifocals?

Newswatcher 12 Jan 2007, 15:42

They're not newswomen, but one governor and one US senator, and both glasses wearers, were elected last November ... Sarah Palin and Amy Klobuchar. Any idea of their prescriptions? Nearsighted or farsighted?

Philosifer 12 Jan 2007, 07:42

Interesting. Impressive

 08 Jan 2007, 09:11

 07 Jan 2007, 22:30

How do you know?

LITTLE NANCY PELOSI 07 Jan 2007, 13:42

The new Speaker of the House wears contact lenses for myopia

Guido 07 Jan 2007, 10:02

Lv2c4i: Great site!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa Lee, CNBC now, used to wear glasses pretty regularly. Haven't seen since she came to CNBC. Cannot remember if she came from Fox or CNN.

Lv2c4i 07 Jan 2007, 09:55

Check out to see shots of Julie Banderas wearing her glasses this past Friday on the Fox News network.

PHILOSIFER 04 Jan 2007, 10:38

A different makeover ?

 27 Dec 2006, 15:22

Daily Mail articles:

-5.00 who luvs gwgs 27 Dec 2006, 03:30

An interesting story in todays Daily Mail a man they call Mr Magoo having been banned from driving due to driving into a fence has got a new better pair of glasses which although not a great picture are obviously strong myodiscs he is described as being partially sighted and has only 45% sight in one eye and 50% in the other.He is hoping to be able to drive again lets wish him well

 18 Dec 2006, 17:13

Check CNN's Miles O'Brien in his new dark plastic framed specs.

Geoff 16 Dec 2006, 05:42

On the Today show today, Lester Holt constantly had the glasses in his hand, but never wore them.

nickweymouth 12 Dec 2006, 10:56

hi i am willing to sell my soul to the devil if she were to wear them full time i bet she well worth catching

Derek 12 Dec 2006, 08:20

Penny Smith has twice briefly put her glasses on whilst on gmtv, but got to be quick to catch her

Guest 12 Dec 2006, 03:12

Any sightings of Matt Lauer in his glasses?

Lv2c4i 08 Dec 2006, 05:05

Liz Claman seems to be using her glasses more regularly on CNBC Morning Call. She still slips them on for a minute or two to read something, then takes them off again.

Also, there was once a yahoo group "newswomen in glasses" which featured a large archive of news readers wearing their specs, such as Kathleen Kennedy and Catherine Calloway who never seem to wear their glasses on the air anymore. Wonder where all of those pictures are now?

nickweymouth 28 Nov 2006, 15:16

smudger im all in favour of your campaign i ddie to see penny smith in glasses

Smudgeur 28 Nov 2006, 14:04

Watching GMTVs news hour this morning, Penny Smith seemed to have some new glasses on the desk in front of her. (No longer the black rectangular frames that used to be there).

Still yet to see her wear them, but it must be just a matter of time.

I think we should start an email campaign!

LensLover 19 Nov 2006, 23:28

Eglantine is just GORGEOUS, she kept me breathless. Can someone tell her RX? There's a lot of cut in in some of the shots. Pity that she's not a full time wearer as apparently she does resort to CLs most of the time.

gwgs 12 Nov 2006, 02:28

Nice one Curt, someone had a trick of getting the full size photos off Rex, I think it was Speximann, can anyone remember this code/link or do they know how to do it?

ehpc 11 Nov 2006, 11:28

Sarah Palin is beautiful:) And a Republican:)

Lv2c4i 11 Nov 2006, 05:47

Elections also produced a couple of girl governors with glasses. Way up in Alaska, there is republican Sarah Palin who seems to always wear her stylish specs. Not so far north, the democrats have Michigan's Governor Jennifer Granholm, who has several pairs in her wardrobe, but often appears bare-eyed, so her specs are probably for close work.

kisal 10 Nov 2006, 20:47

Just elected from the State of Minnesota: Amy Klobuchar, the most beautiful GWG in the US Senate --

I'm sorry I don't live in Minnesota, our Maryland senator just doesn't quite do it for me!

Curt 02 Nov 2006, 08:19

Some nice pics of Kate Silverton wearing some new specs posted on Rex Features today...tasty!

 01 Nov 2006, 21:49

I watched the CBS Evening News tonight with Katie Couric, and she was wearing her glasses in a pre recorded interview.

 27 Oct 2006, 23:10

Today I watched court T.V. and saw Ashleigh Banfield hosting a show.She looked very attractive wearing her glasses.

WLH 24 Oct 2006, 13:12

Yesterday on CNN they were celebrating iPod's birthday. When talking about the video version one of the correspondents said something about seeing video being tedious/difficut. Then anchor Kyra Phillips said something like "We wear big bifocal glasses so we can't see those things anyway." She occasionally shows on TV with framed, magnified eyes but I didn't know they were bifocals.

 22 Oct 2006, 14:39

oh come on

Christopher 22 Oct 2006, 02:00

GWGs to the US Senate!

 21 Oct 2006, 09:24

What is the latest on Matt Lauer and his glasses. Sightings?

Tiger Paw 16 Oct 2006, 15:56

Erica Hill ... Very Hot ... Dream girl ... yum yum....

Jay 14 Oct 2006, 10:32

Any pictures of David Gregory of NBC in his glasses?

Tod 13 Oct 2006, 23:50

Rocketboom's Amanda Congdon has Lasik

gwgs 11 Oct 2006, 00:51

Yep, it is incredibly sad about Anna, she campaigned for so long to show what was behind closed doors at Russia and was assasinated in a lift for it.

There were a couple of good photos of her in The Sunday Times at the weekend.


tortoise 10 Oct 2006, 18:36

Recently assassinated Russian investigative reporter (and GWG)

Anna Politkovskaya.

gwgs 10 Oct 2006, 00:53

Fantastic spex worn there by Fiona Hering, nice also to see a bit of a cut in to show they aren't planos - any chance of some more caps.

She's certainly got me up in the morning :)

ehpc 09 Oct 2006, 14:56

Very cool :) (Fiona) :) Pete

Guido 09 Oct 2006, 11:57

Fiona, very dramatic specs, suit her perfectly.

guest 09 Oct 2006, 10:25

Fiona Hering:

Lv2c4i 30 Sep 2006, 05:51

CNN sightings this week. Kyra Phillips wore her specs for her show on Thursday. They looked to be a new pair of frames for her. Melissa Long had glasses on during her portions of the Paula Zahn show on Wednesday. She looked like she could use some help choosing more some more flattering frames. The cappers seem to have missed them both, so far anyway.

 25 Sep 2006, 23:24

I watched the CBS Evening News tonight with Katie Couric. When the telecast began she was seated at her desk with her glasses on the desk beside her. I hope some night she puts them on.

 24 Sep 2006, 15:45

I'm sure you've all seen Erin Andrews who is a sideline reporter for ESPN. She's beautiful and would look stunning in glasses. I haven't been able to find any info and was wondering if anyone knew if she wears glasses or contacts.

Speximann 23 Sep 2006, 23:01

Paula Zahn this week-

Russian 22 Sep 2006, 16:59

 16 Sep 2006, 17:10

Lester Holt using his reading glasses multiple times on TODAY today.

pAAHgsXIt6 14 Sep 2006, 16:26

jZgIkmo3qx8IMy HX1G9fVsBghMpP HbAdHTdqiL9Idv

Curt 14 Sep 2006, 10:33

Katie had her specs sitting on the desk beside her during the broadcast on Tuesday of this week. She never wore them when the camera was on her, but they were sitting just to her right...brown plastic frames...

JM 14 Sep 2006, 09:24

perhaps Katie has her specs close by,out of sight. Although she reads from a teleprompter, I believe they have a script too, in case of a technical glitch with the prompter, she would read from her papers. Wouldn't want to be on live tv and not be able to read anything. I personally would love to see her wear them all the time.

atsf9100 13 Sep 2006, 17:51

It must be a thing for Attorney's General here in the states. This is ours from Wisconsin.

When she was first elected 4 years ago she was always without. But in the last couple of years she's always had them on. Appears to be a significant myope too. BTW, she lost in the primary election yesterday.

4 Eyes  13 Sep 2006, 15:12

And oh by the way, Lisa Madigan's glasses rocks!!

4 eyes 13 Sep 2006, 15:10

I stumbled accross this on the internet -- Lisa Madigan the Illinois Attourney General. Thought it was pretty cool - - A high profile politician (at least in Illinios) who is realtively young and attractive who wears glasses not just in the office but on her campaign pictures and all of the time...It looks like in her original campaign in 2002 she didn't wear glasses. Compare pictures - - definetely an upgarde for the 2006 campaign.

Here is the 2002 campaign picture

And the 2006 campaign picture

Jay 06 Sep 2006, 15:44

How long has Jeff Gillan of KLAS been wearing bifocals?

 06 Sep 2006, 04:14

Maybe Katie left her readers at the Today Show for Matt to use.

 06 Sep 2006, 01:03

I watched the CBS Evening News tonight where Katie Couric made her first appearance on the air. I guess she won't be wearing her glasses anymore on the air as she read from the teleprompter while reporting the news. I didn't see her glasses on the desk or in her hand like she held them while on the Today Show.

kisal 27 Aug 2006, 06:24

Saw this one in the Washington Post:

Quote: "Bobby: I was at the bar having a drink [when] the maitre d' called me over and introduced me to Sarah. She was really pretty. She had on Lisa Loeb-style tortoise-shell glasses. I have a thing for girls with glasses." -- and a small picture of lovely Irish Sarah.

Bobby is our kind of guy!

Vladimir Putin 26 Aug 2006, 08:44

Pavla Topolankova from Czech Republic.

Rodina novopečeného premiéra Mirka Topolánka (ODS) zažívá politické turbulence.

 20 Aug 2006, 02:49

Eggplant is very hot

 20 Aug 2006, 01:59

I'm quite happy to look at Eglantine in specs or contacts. She really is a honey with great taste in specs too.

 19 Aug 2006, 16:56

How long has Lester Holt of Weekend Today been wearing glasses? Presbyopia?

tortoise 15 Aug 2006, 07:01

There's a short video clip of Eglantine in glasses at this link:

Click beside the little TV.

Gourdy 15 Aug 2006, 03:40

So does Eglantine always wear glasses or is she a contacts wearer that is rarely seen in glasses?

4 Eyes 14 Aug 2006, 14:34

Here is a pic of Jill Carroll with a new pair of specs (and color hairdo...)

Filthy McNasty 14 Aug 2006, 14:23

I call her that lovingly.

Rumple Stillskin 14 Aug 2006, 13:24

Eglantine looks a bit like Jennifer Garner, Ben Afflicks current squeeze.

lazysiow 14 Aug 2006, 11:19

I wonder if she knows anyone is calling her an eggplant :)

Gourdy 14 Aug 2006, 11:07

That Eggplant lady is a very hot GWG. Yes!

Filthy McNasty 14 Aug 2006, 09:58

Long live Eggplantine. She's rockin' cute.

gwgs 14 Aug 2006, 06:45

Eglantine is great :)

Maverick 14 Aug 2006, 05:05

Probably posted before, but here are some images of French TV presenter Eglantine Emeye

TSX 09 Aug 2006, 22:42

gwgs 08 Aug 2006, 09:03

Woops, it's meant to go here;

Here's Katie S wearing semi rimless wire frames;

NewsGlassesFan 02 Aug 2006, 14:49

any pictures of Liz Claman in her glasses besides the ones on the CNBC Blog site?

fUnItSuN 23 Jul 2006, 14:19

whelshy 18 Jul 2006, 01:10

WoW Kate wearing different frames today.Nice to see a beautiful women who doesn't mind wearing her Glasses.

whelshy 17 Jul 2006, 02:15

Yep Kate's glasses looked new to me,much prefer her in dark plastic frames , very nice Babe !!!!

Phil 17 Jul 2006, 01:44

Kate Silverton was on this morning with some oblong plastic frames that I hadn't seen before. She looked fantastic.

o.c. 11 Jul 2006, 09:00

dude,is anyone going to post pictures of matt lauer.

 11 Jul 2006, 04:15

If she is on the Today Show, glasses seem to rule: Matt, Al, Lester, etc.

 07 Jul 2006, 18:18

Does anyone know if Campbell Brown wears glasses ever?

 07 Jul 2006, 15:42

An article on Ashleigh Banfield's trademark glasses.

Three weeks before her final broadcast in October 1999, she began wearing glasses. Although she claims she needed them for reading the TelePrompTer, some at the station were suspicious. "The story going around is that when she sent out her résumé tapes, one of the recipients asked, 'How do we know you are a serious journalist?'" relates a source at Fox 4. "Then the glasses appeared."

Myopeinhere 05 Jul 2006, 21:27

hard to tell it's 5 in the morning here,hope that post made sense!!

myopeinhere 05 Jul 2006, 21:26

Twas Room 101,and she's finally ditched the oversize blackk framed ones and went for more girly frames,good rx thougth 7.looked about -6 or7

Some good pictures of her on google.

Bronwyn 05 Jul 2006, 18:17

Mr. Mild? How mild?

Mister Mild 05 Jul 2006, 16:01

Myopeinhere was probably watching the BBC's Grumpy Old Woman. As well as Jenny Eclair - wearing large black/yellow designer frames - there were Germaine Greer (yuk)and Maureen Lipman, the latter wearing attractive rimless semi-rectangular. She is an actress of mature years but still 'scrubs up well'. Plenty of pix if you run a Google image search on her name

myofan 05 Jul 2006, 15:20

I found a little picture of Jenny in glasses at

I trust there are better ones somewhere, but you can definitely see the cut-in in this picture.

Myopeinhere 05 Jul 2006, 14:54

Just been watching the good old BBC and on the programme was Jenny Eclair,comedienne,actress and serious GWG,admitted to being very short sighted and appears to be too..

 01 Jul 2006, 06:43

I think it is a requirement that all the males on Today wear glasses. They are a bespectacled group.

specs4ever 30 Jun 2006, 15:30

Well eyeseeit, the best reason was given to me a couple of weeks ago by a much younger man as he pulled a pair of plus glasses from his pocket to read a paragraph in a book. " I have reached the age where curiosity has overcome vanity." he said

Jay 30 Jun 2006, 06:49

Is Lester Holt of Weekend Today now wearing glasses?

Eyeseeit 26 Jun 2006, 07:08

Chris, here is a link that may be of interest to you. When I read it, I thought that it really did a good job of explaining why farsighted people (aka hyperopes) wear glasses:

Chris 26 Jun 2006, 03:21

Kate Silverton is a very mild hyperope of no more than +2 I'd say. Actually she's probably astigmatic too hence the glasses. Otherwise I wouldn't have thought she would bother with them as at her age she could easily accommodate +2D sphere

gwgs 26 Jun 2006, 01:48

I saw Katie Silverton at the Ascot races (on TV) but she didn't have glasses on!

Smudgeur 25 Jun 2006, 00:45

These pics. (courtesy of GWGs) suggest a plus RX

Jon 19 Jun 2006, 00:14

I would say after watching Kate Silverton last night that she has a plus rx.

guest 18 Jun 2006, 21:48


What would you estimate her rx to be? Sometimes it appears myopic but at other times the opposite!

Smudgeur 18 Jun 2006, 14:35

Kate Silverton presenting Panorama tonight - on now. Lots of closeups of her glasses!

 16 Jun 2006, 20:21

Geoff 16 Jun 2006, 20:21

Any Lauer spex sightings?

Tim 15 Jun 2006, 18:32


After looking through your Kate Silverton album, I had a look at your Madonna one. Interesting. I had never before seen her wearing glasses, yet had always thought that her eyes have a slightly odd look, as if she badly needed them (or was wearing highly uncomfortable CLs). Yet these glasses seem to be planos, or possibly weak plus. Dream shattered - I had envisaged her as a true high myope in the Maria Callas tradition! Or are these weak glasses a double bluff?!

Lv2c4i 15 Jun 2006, 05:19

CNN's Kyra Phillips has been sporting her specs the past couple of days. Caps of her can be found at And, Lix Claman is wearing her glasses more regularly on CNBC's Morning Call. She slips them on as needed to read her notes, somewhat like Katie Couric used to.

gwgs 15 Jun 2006, 02:22

I finally caught Katie Silverton on TV this morning at 7:45am on BBC 1 til 8:15 when I left for work.

The annoying thing was there were very rarely close ups of her, I managed to cap a few shots anyhow of her in her new semi rimless spex;

Poptician 13 Jun 2006, 07:46

Picture of Kate Silverton in today's Independent, bare eyed sadly, but with the good news that she will be presenting TV coverage of Royal Ascot (the fashion side of things, not the dobbins). I can't stand horse racing, but I'll be watching this time.

Filthy McNasty 13 Jun 2006, 07:36

gwgs: "get me up in the morning". Har.

gwgs 13 Jun 2006, 06:04


What time is she on? I'll set my Sky+ to record it.

Smudgeur 13 Jun 2006, 02:29

She's on again now! Wearing a much lighter pair of glasses - possibly semi-rimless

gwgs 09 Jun 2006, 03:11

Damn, the last couple of mornings I've switched on BBC News and flicked over to News 24 hoping to find her and get me up in the morning but I've been disappointed not to see her.

Smudgeur 08 Jun 2006, 01:51

kate Silverton on News 24 at the moment - wearing new rectangular silver frames.

Filthy McNasty 05 Jun 2006, 06:25

I hate to be so predictable...

gwgs 05 Jun 2006, 01:41

Well said Filthy, I guessed that was you before even looking at the name :)

Phil 05 Jun 2006, 00:54

New format on London travel section of BBC1's morning news. Presenters now look straight forward. First time I'd seen Kate Allen like this today. She looked amazing in a black dress and her semi-rimless black frames. She is still my all time fave gwg!

Filthy McNasty 03 Jun 2006, 21:53

She can wear anything she wants, as far as I am concerned. As long as she takes it off for me later.

Smudgeur 03 Jun 2006, 08:39

Lots of coverage in the UK press for Kate Silverton this week - all about a dodgy blouse she wore on breakfast TV.

John S 01 Jun 2006, 06:04

I saw an interesting post on the "mailbag" portion on

"Do you think Katie Couric will be wearing the glasses when she starts the CBS news?"

Maybe another "OO"?

Joseph 28 May 2006, 05:56

The day I saw Lauer wearing glasses, they were full-frame.

Russell 23 May 2006, 08:15

I have been watching Today to see Matt in his glasses, but so far, they just lie there on his desk. Some have said they have seen him wear them. Are they half-frame or full-frame?

Speximann 20 May 2006, 20:25

Erin McKean