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Induced Myopia

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Soundmanpt 20 Jan 2018, 09:59


The only difference by telling your new optometrist that your last eye exam was a year ago as opposed to telling him the truth that it was 2 months since you had your eyes examined is that it's not at all unusual to need an increase of -.75 in your glasses after a years time. So the doctor only thought that your eyes were simply going through normal progression. After all being a nurse you're probably doing a fair amount of reading small print and doing reports and other things that would have an effect on your eyes. But a change of -.75 in only 2 months isn't normal except in you cases because you went from wearing glasses that barely even had a prescription in them to your current glasses which as you now know are a good deal stronger. You didn't say when you started to notice that with your previous glasses things were beginning to be more more and more blurry to you. You really should have gotten your eyes examined much sooner than you did. But i do understand why you didn't. I'm sure you didn't really think that your eyes were getting worse but put it off as you're imagination. Your current glasses are really what most people would be getting prescribed as their 3rd or 4th change in glasses. Not really their first. Not counting the glasses you wore with barely any prescription in them your first real glasses should have been something like -1.00. And your next glasses maybe -1.50 or -1.75 and so on until you be at your current glasses. Going slightly stronger each time would have allowed your eyes to not only adjust to your glasses each time but also for your eyes to become relaxed each time as well. But by going from hardly any prescription to your current glasses in a way was a shock to your eyes. So if he had known that before before examining your eyes he may have wanted to dilate your eyes to be sure that your eyes were as relaxed as possible.

As for as cost if they don't have that 90 day policy in Germany or Switzerland then since you're going to be living in Switzerland anyway it was a good idea to get your eyes examined their as well. Even better for you if the pay for nurses is even better in Switzerland. Who doesn't want to make more money? I am glad to hear that you weren't driving with your previous glasses or even your current glasses once you found out that their a little bit weak for your eyes now.

I don't think you're going to have any problem with reading small print when you get the new lenses put into your glasses. You were much more likely to have a problem with reading when you first got your current glasses and you didn't seem to have any problem at all. So you should be just fine with your change in prescription.

Funny thing, if you hadn't found that eye chart at your hospital and tested your eyes with your glasses on I wonder how long it would have been before you might have realized that you weren't seeing as well as you should with your glasses? Once you knew that you couldn't see the 20/20 line with your glasses you then tend to start to notice it more. I'm not at all surprised that you're squinting to see something in the distance now even with your glasses. But if you didn't already know by testing your eyes that your glasses were a bit too weak I don't think you would have noticed that you were squinting. Now that you know it bothers you more because you know that you're not seeing perfect with your glasses. I love the fact that you couldn't be happier that you're getting stronger lenses put in your glasses. With your current glasses you said that you could still function without your glasses even though things are much more blurry without them. Once you get your glasses changed it is going to be harder for you to function without your glasses than it is now. You will have to let me know once your eyes have a chance to adjust to your glasses if you're still able to function without your glasses.

I'm a little surprised for several reasons that you went out partying without your glasses being on. One reason i'm surprised is because you are so thrilled to really finally need to wear glasses. I would have thought the only way anyone would ever get your glasses off of you would be forcibly removing them from you. Of course you're still a young woman so you want to look your best when you go out. but you don't seem the type that would feel any less attractive wearing glasses. In fact you seem more like how you look wearing glasses more than without them? And even though you say that you're still able to function without your glasses that is probably true in familiar environments maybe, but not in unfamiliar places. Your distance vision is very limited now without your glasses. If you don't want to wear your glasses when you go out partying you're going to have to get fitted for contacts. Otherwise i'm afraid you need to plan on wearing your glasses when you go partying. I'm sure you were glad that you had your glasses in your purse. Yes when you're nearsighted night time is always worse as you're finding out You don't really think that your wearing glasses will stop any guy from approaching you do you? Your glasses don't have to match your outfit. Why did you think your glasses didn't match your outfit? What color and style of glasses are you wearing? you must like your frames because you're keeping your frame and just getting new lenses put into your existing frame. Did you ask the opticians how long they would need your glasses for when you go back to have them change your lenses out? I hope they have a lab that they are able to cut your lenses in house. What they are going to get is what they call "lens blanks" lens blanks are lenses in your new prescription and when they come in they will be around 4" in diameter and they will be round shaped. They will take your glasses from you. They will remove your lenses from the frame and use your lenses as templates to grind your lenses down exactly the same size as the lenses that were in your glasses. Once they finish that they will put your new lenses in your frame and put your glasses on you. But even with them having a lab you can expect to be without your glasses for at least an hour and maybe much longer. If they don't have a lab they are going to take your glasses and send them off to someplace that does. Then you might be with your glasses for several days. As much as you need your glasses now you really do need to have at least one more pair as a backup and just so you have a choice of which glasses to wear.

Since you're using the same frame I doubt anyone will notice that your lenses are stronger. Honestly even if someone that had tried your glasses on with your current lenses and they try your glasses with your stronger lenses they won't notice the difference because they already thought your glasses were strong as they are now. I'm a little surprised that anyone really noticed just by looking at your glasses that your current glasses are noticeably stronger looking than your previous weak glasses. Most people do notice when you get new glasses but only because the frame is new and different than before. Your eyes look smaller wearing your current glasses than they did when you were wearing your weak glasses. Maybe they noticed that if they looked closely at your eyes.

 20 Jan 2018, 08:05

Hi Ginny

Thank you very much for the update/clarification. Good luck if you do decide to move to Switzerland. I don't think that it would have affected your prescription if you had told the truth about it having only been two months, and about your eye history, but if you had been regularly choosing between two lenses in the exam, one slightly stronger than the other, or if the optician used a retinoscope and he/she found a slightly stronger prescription, knowing that it had only been two months, and your eyes are obviously in a period of changing quite a bit, they may have given a slightly stronger prescription to save you having to pay out for new lenses again too soon, whereas thinking that you had last had your eyes tested a year ago, they may have prescribed the lower prescription, not wanting to increase your prescription anymore than necessarily.

In all honesty, even if this was the case, I don't think that it would really have mattered, as long as you can see the 20/20 line with your new prescription.

My optician discussed the retinoscope with me. She said that if people report difficulties with new glasses after a prescription change, she refers back to her retinoscopy findings to see whether she could have prescribed them a little differently.

All the best


Ginny 20 Jan 2018, 05:11

I know I probably shouldn't have lied about my latest eye exam. I really don't know why I did it tbh. Do you think that would've changed the results of the exam? They don't do that refund thing in Germany. But we have great health care and since it is already a new year, they will probably pay for it. Also, I am actually moving here to Switzerland, this is why I did the eye exam here. They are looking for a lot of nurses and the country is really great :). Plus you make more money than back home.

Just to ease your mind: I do not drive :). Public transport is excellent around here!

I think my myopia has developed rather quickly, this is probably why I didn't have any issues with reading close up. But maybe this will be an issue once I get my new prescription? I have ordered new lenses for my current frames and they should be ready sometime next week. Since the eye exam I seem to notice the not-so-perfect vision with my glasses more than before. I catch myself squinting a lot even with my glasses on. I am of course still super happy that this is happening to me - i never thought it would! And you are absolutely right, it is crazy when I think that a few months back I still thought my vision was okay. Last friday was the first time I tried to go without glasses when I went out partying as I felt my glasses did not match my outfit (again you are right and I should get different styles;)). Luckily I was smart enough to put them in my purse as I could literally not see a thing without them. I was super shocked, bc at night it seems even worse. So they came on rather quickliy again.

I have mentioned this earlier, but I am still surprised on how many people notice the change in prescription. I have worn glasses continuously for the past few years but I guess they have always looked weak. I love telling them about how I needed stronger glasses :) Also when they put them on now, they say stuff like "wow you're blind" which is super exciting for me.

Really looking forward to getting new lenses put into my glasses! I mean it's nearly one diopter more than I have now, so they must look stronger, right?

MROP 19 Jan 2018, 15:50


Yeah I think I’m doing quite well with overcorrection. the contacts I’ve purchased are said to be wearable for continuous wear for 30?days and nights and whilst I definitely won’t do this, one or two nights won’t hurt, as they are very oxygen permeable and designed for this.

My friends say that my glasses suit me, however theyve only seen my black framed ones. I go back to uni next week though, so then they’ll see me in my navy metal pit and sometimes my semi-rimless pair.

Soundmanpt 19 Jan 2018, 15:39


Your eyes seem to tolerate quite a bit of over correction without any problem. That is probably why your eyes seem to be changing without any effort. You want your eyes to feel some slight pulling. That means that your eyes are being strained which you want.

Even though you're getting extended contacts i'm glad to hear that you plan on taking them off at bedtime. And I hope you don't fall asleep too often with them on. I really don't think that is very good for your eye health. You're doing so good with making your eyes myopic you don't want to do anything to cause any harm to your eyes.

So has the girl part of decided which style of glasses looks best on you yet? Since you started wearing glasses what has the reaction of your friends been to seeing you wearing glasses? Has their been one pair that they seemed to like best on you?

MROP 19 Jan 2018, 09:57


I thought I’d update you on my glasses and contacts. I’ve become super comfortable with my -3.50 glasses and am really comfortable wearing them over my -3.25 contacts, which I have done all day today. There is no headache pain and I am holding reading material as close to my eyes as possible. At first the blur was pretty bad but I’m beginning to be able to hold my phone and books etc closer and closer to my face and feel little strain with it. Currently I am holding things close enough that I feel a little pulling.

I’ve ordered my -4.50 extended wear contacts, and some more glasses in -4.00 and -3.50 as I fancy a slight change in frame!

Soundmanpt 19 Jan 2018, 09:48


No doubt being younger was a help to your eyes in making the adjustment to your current glasses. Also the fact that needing stronger glasses has been your wish for so long made it easier for you as well. I am sure that your eyes quickly adjusted to your glasses for seeing distances clearly and sharp.But i'm surprised you didn't have more of a problem at first with reading small print with your glasses. You're an ER nurse so it's critical that your eyesight is near perfect when reading the small print of dosages of medications and such. But again your still young age was probably an asset to you with being able to read with your glasses on. Remember you're nearsighted so your glasses are now strong enough that they aren't really helping your eyes to read small print. In fact they should be making it slightly more difficult for you to read with your glasses on. But by not taking your glasses off to read your eyes will completely adjust to them for reading and your eyes will be more comfortable wearing your glasses for reading and more uncomfortable and difficult for you to read without your glasses anymore. But I agree with you that's it's best that you keep your glasses on when reading.

I'm sure the world looks a lot different to you now when you take your glasses off than it did 2 months ago. It's amazing how much accommodation will help when you're still young. Your eyes had to be straining like crazy to see things even a short distance away from you with your previous glasses. If you drive a car you have no idea how dangerous that was. I'm sure that you're still pretty shocked at how fast you went from being able to see what you still probably thought was "pretty good" to only being able to read close up. Even though you're able to function without your glasses it's much more difficult than it was before with your previous glasses. Now even though you have been wishing to need stronger glasses for so long i'm sure that you knew that if you were ever going to need strong glasses your vision would be pretty blurry without your glasses as a result. Is this pretty much what you expected your eyesight would be like?

I knew as soon as you said what your prescription was when you got your current glasses that you would be needing your glasses made stronger in less than 3 months time. Then when you didn't mention getting your eyes dilated and going from wearing glasses with hardly any prescription in them to -2.75 that as your eyes adjusted to your glasses and became relaxed that you wouldn't be seeing as well as were when you first got your glasses. And your own vision test you did at the hospital you at confirmed that in less than 2 months your glasses were already too weak for your eyes. Now I wish that you had told the truth when you went for your recent eye exam so the doctor would have dilated your eyes. That is the best way to get a more accurate refraction(prescription) so your glasses would be perfect to what your eyes need to be wearing. You're going to need to order new glasses soon because 20/50 with your glasses on isn't very good. In fact even with your glasses on you're considered unsafe to drive a car. You only recently tested your eyes at your hospital where you work and at that time with your glasses on you were able to read the 20/40 okay but said that it was slightly blurry. Now you could only read the 20/50 line with your glasses and the 20/40 was more blurry than when you tested your eyes. So I wonder if your eyes are still not fully relaxed which means you're eyes are still adjusting and haven't settled down yet. But you can't keep going every couple months to get your eyes examined either. I would suggest that you go on line to get your glasses. It's much cheaper than the optical stores and you may need another change in your glasses in 6 months anyway until your eyes settle down. You know what prescription you need to order and I can help you with getting your PD measurement you need in order to place an order. Actually the are cheap enough that you really should order 2 pairs when you order. I don't have to tell you that you're unable to get by without glasses anymore. So right now if something were to happen to your glasses you would be in big trouble. You wouldn't be able to see to drive to work and even if you were able to get to work you wouldn't be able to see well enough to do your job as a nurse very well without your glasses. Nobody ever plans on their glasses getting broke but it happens all the time. You need a spare pair of glasses. besides your a young woman don't you want to be able to change your glasses from day to day anyway?

Lou 19 Jan 2018, 08:58

Hi Soundmanpt

Thank you very much. I have already read the whole of Ginny's story, thanks, and your suggestion. Since she didn't seem to have responded to your suggestion, I thought that I'd re-post it at the top of the thread. Sorry, I should have referred to your suggestion and said that I agreed with it, rather than re-posting it. I'm a little confused for how long Ginny is in Switzerland and presumed that it was for a short period for work, and was thinking that she could return to the place where she got her glasses on her return.

Best wishes


Soundmanpt 19 Jan 2018, 08:12


You're always welcome to join in that's what this forum is all about. I wasn't aware if they had the same return policy in other countries or not, but I knew here in the US that most optical stores do have that return policy. If you look back to my post on "17 Jan 2018 10:47" I suggested the very same thing to her . But she said that she was now in Switzerland. So I assume that is why she had her eyes examined their. I am not sure why she didn't tell the truth that she only got her current glasses prescribed to her only 2 months ago instead of claiming her last eye exam was a year ago? She doesn't understand that what is happening with her eyes is not unusual for someone getting such a large increase in their glasses. But that was her own decision to make.

Ginny's glasses story is very interesting. It starts on "17 Jan 2018 4:34"

 19 Jan 2018, 02:51

Hi Ginny

I fully appreciate your last post was to Soundmanpt, but in the UK where I live, you generally have three months to return if you feel that your glasses are wrong in either prescription or fit/comfort. Since it has been only two months and you now have confirmation that your prescription is significantly too weak, I would telephone the place where you got your glasses from, and without mentioning your eye test yesterday, say that you think your prescription is too weak, as you are really struggling to see in the distance, and could you please come in for a re-test. I think that it is quite likely that this will result in them changing your lenses in your current glasses at no cost to you.

Best wishes


Ginny 18 Jan 2018, 13:31


No, I was fine with wearing them from the beginning. I guess it is probably because of my still young age, so my accommodation is still okay. Reading with them now is no problem and even without them I can read just fine. But I never take them off, it is simply too much of a hassle to do so.

I mean it is scary when I take them off now, besides reading there is nothing much I can do. I can still function normally though, it's not like I am "really" blind. It kinda feels like worse then before though, it is like you said - my eyes have probably relaxed now and that is why I experience the blur as worse then before. I actually am really happy with my glasses, partly because they do look a lot stronger than they actually are. I think this is bc of the fairly large frame size :).

However, I was bored today and a had a full eye exam again! I admit, I said my last one was a year ago bc i feared they would send me away if they knew I had been prescribed my current ones only 2 months ago.

As you figured Soundmanpt, my current glasses are too weak for me! I am somewhat surprised about how much too weak they actually are tbh. I thought it would be around -0.25 or - 0.5, but apparently I need -3.5 in my sphere which means -0.75 more in both eyes. Astigmatism stayed the same. I managed to read only to about the the 20/50 line and was already struggling with the 20/40 so -0.75 more seems appropriate.

I am not sure about ordering new lenses again .. maybe I will just keep my current ones and wait a little longer. Will that have any effect on the further progression of my prescription? I would like to see 20/20 though, and also the thought of having stronger glasses (even though not by much) is kinda interesting.

MROP 18 Jan 2018, 13:00


Yeah I know. It’s all good.

Yeah I know with contacts. I have solution and know how to clean them properly. I want extended wear as if I happened to fall asleep in them one night it wouldn’t be as bad as in dailies, however I will remove them at night.

Soundmanpt 18 Jan 2018, 12:13


I would expect for you to be completely dependent on your glasses by now. For some time you were hoping and wanting your eyes to get bad enough for you to need stronger glasses. But now that you have the stronger glasses you have been wanting are you okay with everything being so blurry when you take off your glasses now? And being so dependent on your glasses now. Before with your weak glasses they hardly made any difference, if any at all, in your vision. I think you might be perfectly happy if your eyes hardly change anymore at all.

When you got your glasses and started wearing them Did wearing them give you any headaches at first while your eyes were adjusting to them? Did they seem to feel like they were pulling your eyes out of your head? And how well were you able to see to read wearing your glasses? I would think that might have been the hardest part adjusting to. At first were you taking your glasses off when you needed to read small print? Are you keeping your glasses on now when reading? Now that your eyes are fully adjusted to your glasses is reading as easy now with your glasses as it is without your glasses? I assume that your still able to read without your glasses? I'm sorry for all the questions but I am asking because you went from barely needing glasses to needing them full time with your first real prescription. Even though you were probably thrilled to be wearing what i'm sure you were considering your first real glasses. But I have a feeling that first week wearing your new glasses by the end of each day your eyes were pretty tired from working so hard adjusting to a much stronger prescription then your eyes were used to.

Soundmanpt 18 Jan 2018, 12:13


I would expect for you to be completely dependent on your glasses by now. For some time you were hoping and wanting your eyes to get bad enough for you to need stronger glasses. But now that you have the stronger glasses you have been wanting are you okay with everything being so blurry when you take off your glasses now? And being so dependent on your glasses now. Before with your weak glasses they hardly made any difference, if any at all, in your vision. I think you might be perfectly happy if your eyes hardly change anymore at all.

When you got your glasses and started wearing them Did wearing them give you any headaches at first while your eyes were adjusting to them? Did they seem to feel like they were pulling your eyes out of your head? And how well were you able to see to read wearing your glasses? I would think that might have been the hardest part adjusting to. At first were you taking your glasses off when you needed to read small print? Are you keeping your glasses on now when reading? Now that your eyes are fully adjusted to your glasses is reading as easy now with your glasses as it is without your glasses? I assume that your still able to read without your glasses? I'm sorry for all the questions but I am asking because you went from barely needing glasses to needing them full time with your first real prescription. Even though you were probably thrilled to be wearing what i'm sure you were considering your first real glasses. But I have a feeling that first week wearing your new glasses by the end of each day your eyes were pretty tired from working so hard adjusting to a much stronger prescription then your eyes were used to.

Soundmanpt 18 Jan 2018, 09:51


Once again I want to remind you not to over do it by trying to go too strong with glasses and contacts. What you're going to be doing is in effect the same as wearing -6.75 glasses. That's very strong considering only a few months ago you hadn't even started wearing glasses yet and you still had perfect eyesight. In the short time since you have started wearing glasses and contacts you no longer have perfect eyesight and your eyes have continued to be weakened by wearing over correction to the point where you no longer able to see well enough to drive without either glasses or contacts anymore.So you already know that what you're doing is working very well.

Getting extended wear contacts is a good idea but remember even though you can wear them for 30 days you still need to take take them off at bedtime and you need to clean them each night as well. The main thing is you're not replacing them as often. But you can't put them on and leave them on for 30 days straight or you will almost certainly get an eye infection which i'm sure you don't want. Are you thinking of the extended lenses because of you're upcoming stay with your friend while you're staying with her so yo don't get caught wearing your stronger glasses around her. By the way how did she find out that you're now wearing glasses? Is she in uni with you or did you just decide to tell her so you could wear glasses around her?

MROP 18 Jan 2018, 02:08

Soundmanpt (and anyone else haha),

So I’ve started to wear my -3.50 glasses over my -3.25 lenses for close up work a few hours a day to push my eyes a little. I’m hoping this will make a big difference in inducing myopia.

I’ve also decided to invest in some extended wear lenses, so that I can wear lenses that I plan on wearing for a week straight, then a break, then another week and so on for a bit just to induce some more myopia. I’m thinking I’ll order these in -4.50.

Weirdeyes 18 Jan 2018, 00:12


It did shock me that I was farsighted. I thought for a while I was nearsighted, but not enough to need glasses. Turns out that was astigmatism. My astigmatism is -0.75 and -1.50 which actually is bad enough to get glasses. My prescription is also strong enough to be concerned about thick lenses. At least the left eye. I do get thinner lenses, but mainly because I’m scared my lenses will look visibly different. If both my eyes were like my left eye I probably wouldn’t be as scared of thick lenses.

Ginny 18 Jan 2018, 00:02


Yes, that was exactly what happened. I mean the glasses I had before were really week - so it didn't take me long to realise that they were not very useful to many anymore.

And it does kind of excite me that my prescription still isn't perfect and I like the thought of seeing even better a lot :).


Okay, thank you. I might just have an eye exam today here if I find the time! You are right, I am absolutely dependent on my glasses already and I have a gut feeling that my prescription will keep increasing as I do still a lot of close work. And if I take after my mother I am likely to end up getting stronger glasses anyways so I am not pushing it.


I know, and for me this is still very weird. I imagined things like this happening to me but never thought it might actually happen. For me it has always been minus glasses though ;)

Soundmanpt 17 Jan 2018, 14:14


After wearing your glasses for the past 2 months your eyes should be fully adjusted and relaxed by now. So once you get that small increase you now need you should be good for at least the next 6 months and maybe even the year. But if you're still doing many of the same things you were doing, reading holding everything close in dim lighting, before you got your eyes examined then you will likely need another increase sooner rather than later.

I'm glad that you're not planning on over correcting your eyes at this point anyway. Actually I think you're wearing a very nice prescription right now. You're going to be wearing -3.25 with some astigmatisms when you get your eyes rechecked. So you already can't see all that well now without your glasses now. Their's really no point in trying to make your eyes any worse in my opinion anyway. And I think you're very happy just the way you are now.

Weirdeyes 17 Jan 2018, 12:06


You kind of remind me of me. When I was a kid I pictured myself wearing strong glasses. I didn’t know what kind I would wear. Sometimes I pictured myself wearing minus glasses and sometimes plus glasses. Sometimes I tried to think about astigmatism glasses. I couldn’t understand them, so I just assumed they were very trippy to wear. That excited me. I once remember this dream where I wore some glasses that had strong plus and cyl correction. I had fun taking them off and everything looking trippy and putting them back on and seeing everything clearly.

When I couldn’t see some objects in the distance my dad could see at around nine years old I got excited. That meant I needed glasses. I assumed they would be minus glasses. Especially since I loved reading so much. I got my eyes tested and they said I didn’t need glasses. I probably strained too much to see the letters. I didn’t know you were supposed to relax. I was very disappointed.

A few years later I got my eyes tested again. I turned out to have poor vision in my left eye. That confused me because I thought my vision was off in both eyes. He made a big deal out of the poor vision in my left eye, but I only ended up with a weak prescription at first. That confused me. Later on the left eye prescription did get way stronger while the right eye prescription stayed pretty weak.

I eventually got astigmatism correction in both eyes. It doesn’t look as trippy as I thought it would. Probably because it’s still relatively mild. I’m getting my eyes dilated tomorrow. I’m hoping to have significant latent hyperopia because I have terrible eye strain. It would also be nice to stop all the monocle jokes as well. I think the difference between my eyes will be less obvious if both lenses are “strong” instead of just the left one.

antonio 17 Jan 2018, 11:26

Funny, Ginny,

So you got halfblind behind your own first -0.25 glasses ? :-)

Did you like the challenge to see through your already too weak lenses ?

Best regards, antonio

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 11:07

Thanks you guys!

Yes, the difference between my old and new glasses is really huge. I would say the old ones are close to useless to me now.

I will definitely not get any stronger glasses right now in terms of over correction! But I just my have my eyes re-tested here in Switzerland. I might move here soon anyways.


I don't know, I really struggled and squinted a lot. Also my friends kind noticed I guess. Many of them were not at all surprised when I told them about needing stronger glasses.

The explanation about my eyes not fully relaxing makes sense to me. Do you think it could get even "worse" once the truly relax? I am just so excited to know if I need a stronger prescreption already!!! I might really just have my eyes retested tmrw :)).

antonio 17 Jan 2018, 10:50

Hi Ginny,

How could you cope with reading the board at school and all else when you couldn't read the bus numbers any more ?

Did you wear your first glasses ?

Did others got to know you were slowly going halfblind ?

Did you ask "silly" questions as I did that everyone could answer but not me ?

Best regards, antonio

Soundmanpt 17 Jan 2018, 10:47


Based on everything you have said and described I think there is no doubt that your glasses do need to be stronger already. Most likely when you were tested the prescription you were given was accurate at that time. But because there was such a big difference between the weak glasses you went in wearing and how much your eyesight had changed your eyes weren't as relaxed as they needed to be. Also you idn't mention anything about them dilating your eyes which also helps relax and provide a more accurate prescription. So now by wearing your new glasses full time everyday you're eyes have fully adjusted to your glasses in the past 2 months and your eyes are now relaxed as well. So what you're seeing by testing your own eyes is no doubt accurate. Your glasses are in fact a little weak for your eyes because you shouldn't have any problem reading the 20/20 line with your glasses on.

I would suggest since you have only had your glasses 2 months many if not most optical stores will exchange your lenses within the first 90 days after you get your glasses at cost to you. Some will even do that even if you're not happy with the frames you got. but a change in your prescription is something they shouldn't have any issue with doing at no charge. Honestly I don't think the optometrist would be surprised at all that you need your lenses changed out. Now I would first call and ask about what their policy is in regard to a change in your prescription as far as replacing your lenses. If they don't have this policy then as long as you're wanting to wear rather strong glasses anyway you can always go to my favorite place for glasses. Zenni ( and order your glasses on line. They have several hundred for under $13.00. And don't forget to order the optional AR coating which is only $5.00 more. If you're only wanting to get back to 20/0 or slightly better then order your glasses by -.50 SPH stronger than your current prescription. I wouldn't try going too strong if I were you until your eyes have time to settle down Your eyes are barely adjusted to your current glasses which are a lot stronger than your old ones were so going up another -1.50 is quite a big change in a very short time. And remember what your mother told you. Your eyes might be just beginning to change and who knows how strong your glasses might get naturally. Now that you finally really need your glasses you should probably order a nice pair of prescription sunglasses at some point once you get things worked out with your glasses now.

Big difference now when you take off your glasses compared to your old weak glasses isn't it. I'm sure that your glasses look very nice with that prescription.

antonio 17 Jan 2018, 09:35

Hi Ginny,

Yes test your eyes there. Why not.

But I don't advise you to spoil your sight on purpose.

I found out I need -1 more every decade.

And you still habe many decades to go.

So please don't spoil your eyes now.

If you like you can try GOC on another thread herein

Just for the feeling of needing strong minis glasses over plus contacts.

Interesting story yours by the way. Thanks.

Visit many of us on

Or als Gast in German

Best regards Antonio

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 09:25

@specs4ever & Josh, thank you for your answers!

I am still very happy with my glasses, but I keep wondering if I might have been under corrected.

As I work in a health related field I have asked around and it seems that it is (as least here in Europe) not uncommon to give a weaker than actual prescription to a patient that has had a fairly big increase in his or her prescription.

Being an "optically obsessed person" (as you call people like me, right ;)) I have of course tried to check my vision even now that I have my new glasses already. I found an eye chart in the hospital where I work and a quick vision check by myself.

I found that with my glasses I still can not see the 20/20 line. 20/40 is quite alright but also slightly blurry, however I have no trouble recognising (i.e. reading) the letters on the 20/40 line, even though they are not completely clear. Does this mean that I might need an additional -0.5?

Even though I am happy with my current prescription, I find the idea of needing even stronger glasses quite fascinating and wouldn't mind at all.

I cannot go back to the place I had my eyes tested in November, as it has only been 2 months since I got them and I believe they'd might suspect something's up. However I am considering going to another optician's and have another exam. I am seriously interested if I have been under prescribed.

Do you think I should do this? I am currently staying in Switzerland for a while. Nobody knows me here and I am really tempted just to pop into a optical shop and tell them it has been a year since I had my last eye exam.

And I admit, I have been thinking of ordering stronger glasses sometime down the road.. but I am really not yet sure about that. Do you really think I could tolerate -1.5 more? Wow, that would bring me to -4.25 which sound really crazy :D.

specs4ever 17 Jan 2018, 06:20

Congratulations Ginny on achieving what you have always wanted. Your story sounds quite plausible and if you do want to increase your myopia a little more the people of this community will certainly be able to advise you. But you already know about ordering glasses online with stronger prescriptions. You don't want to end up with too high a prescription so you probably shouldn't try to order glasses with any more than a 1D increase at a time, and actually, if you wait a month or so you might find that by then you will have adapted to your new glasses so well that the clairity you first experienced is no longer there. If that is the case you might bump your glasses by -1.50D, but that is a decision only you can make. If you ever do choose to increase your prescription, do not play around with the cylindrical numbers, only increase the spherical(the first number). I wish you all the best in obtaining your goal.

Josh 17 Jan 2018, 05:30

Nice story Ginny, you could chat with lot of people in glasses in hope to see you there soon, enjoy your glasses!

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 04:40

Even now I love how they feel on my face and every day is super exiting wearing them. I was surprised, how many people noticed the difference in the lenses – probably because my old ones really looked week.

And, I learned something even more exciting. My mother, who has been myopic with around -5 but had LASIK two years ago, told me that she did not get her first glasses until she was 22. She warned me, that if I “had her genes” my eyes would probably get worse every year! I am not hoping for this as my prescription is already severe enough for my taste and I have never been anyone that liked super high-myopes (not that I am judging). Anywhere between -2 and -6 or 7 is fine for me.

I hope you enjoyed my story – I have only recently discovered eyecene and I am so happy to have found people that think just like me and share my fascination.

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 04:39

I was in heaven!! She handed me the prescription and said I could go and pick up new frames. I thanked her and went outside. But before out of the waiting room and out back to the shop where the frames were, I looked at the prescription she gave me.

And I nearly fainted. I think I might have actually gasped in excitement. Luckily I was her last appointment before lunch so the waiting room was empty. The prescription slip read (and I really am not kidding you): Right: -2.75 – 0.75 A72, Left: -2.75 -0.25 A157. That was it for me. I had become seriously myopic and I could not wait to get my glasses.

I picked up a similar frame I already had. It was a classic, black rectangular frame. As I have a somewhat wide face It was also rather large. I was like in a dream, I don’t remember a lot of what the salesperson told me about lenses, but I was educated enough through my fetish to know not to get thin lenses and crap like that ;). I had to wait for around 5 days for my glasses to arrive and when I finally received the text saying they are ready a few days later, I was just before my lunch break from work. I literally did not get anything to eat that lunch and headed straight to the shop. It seemed like ages. The assistant took his time looking for them and for a second it seemed like the had got it wrong and my glasses were still not ready. But thankfully they were.

I could see the black material and the lenses shining in their case. How strong would they look? How would my vision be. When he put them on to adjust them, I intentionally closed my eyes. I wanted him to fix them first before I looked through them. After bending the temples a little he handed them to me and I put them on. OMG I was even more in a dream than ever before. Everything was soo clear! I could read even the furthest traffic signs outside the shop – something I wasn’t able to do in years. I looked in to the mirror and was more than satisfied. My glasses looked really strong!! Because they were a really large model and had huge lenses you could see substantial cut-ins and power-rings. I left the store and headed back to work. How easy it was now! My eyes seemed to relax. And my co-workers noticed quickly. Some of them even commented, that the glasses looked stronger then my old pair. And how happy was I when they tried them on and all the comments came like “wow you’re really blind” etc. When I came back home in the evening and took them off the blur seemed even worse then before. Ofc I did not think one Moment of not wearing them full-time. My dream had finally come true!

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 04:38

I continued this up until late November of last year, when I finally decided it was time. Indeed, it had become a challenge to function normally, the blur was becoming nearly unbearably. Watching TV was impossible and even recognising people’s faces was nearly unmanageable. Also, my glasses from when I was 16 (which by then was nearly 8 years ago), did not seem to help at all.

So on a Monday morning in November I went to an optical shop to have my eyes tested for the first time in around 4 years. I was excited as I was sure I would get a prescription of around -1 at least. I was hoping for -1.5 but I did not want to get my hopes up.

So I made an appointment and showed up wearing my old glasses. The assistant of the optician was very nice. It waited not for long. They took my glasses, measured them and then had me look into the auto-refractor. I hoped the girl would say something but she seemed unimpressed. After a short while I was called to the optician and set in the famous chair. First she said that my eyes were healthy, after she had looked at them with a really bright lamp. Then she asked me to look through the machine (what I now know is called a phoropter) and put my lousy prescription in it. She did mention that she could see from the auto refractor that I would need a stronger prescription, so I was already safe. However, she said nothing about whether it was substantial or just a slight increase. I relaxed and decided to reply truthfully to her questions and not try to cheat to get a stronger prescription. With my current prescription, I could only make out the first two rows!! I could feel getting more and more excited with each click she made. I knew by now, how eye xams were conducted as I had read a lot about it on the internet to satisfy my obsession. The picture became clearer and clearer every time it clicked. Finally, we were done. I could not hold my excitement anymore. I wanted to know my prescription. And boy was I in for a treat. The optician looked at me with a serious face and said something like: “you have become substantially myopic, Ginny. It is not too bad, but the new glasses will surley make a lot of difference”.

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 04:37

Back then I didn’t know anything about inducing myopia or I might have ordered a stronger pair just to get more myopic. Because I soon learned, that I really would have liked to really need those glasses. Still, my eyes seemed to be fine. And boy I tried everything just to convince somebody to get stronger glasses. I went for eye exams every three months, even went to different cities and of course different optical shops. I lied and tried to cheat on the eye exams, got my eyes dilated but nothing helped. My prescription stayed the same or changed to -0.5 sphere at the most. I was frustrated. Again, back then I did not even know I could order glasses online with a prescription I liked. So after I had turned 20 I gave up my desire to get stronger glasses. I wore the once I had as often as I could but with no intention or hope that I would ever need stronger glasses.

Around that time I started nursing school. I had long shifts and had to study hard. As you have to work and go to school at the same time, those years were not easy and money was tight. And, to be honest, I kinda forgot about the whole glasses thing.

Around two years ago, I started noticing my vision was slightly off when looking at distant objects. Suddenly, it all came back to me. Was this my dream coming true? I did not dare to think about it. I read up on the topic and heard about pseudo-myopia and how close work could, temporarily, make people myopic. I didn’t want to get my hopes up so I decided to wait as long as I could before testing my eyes. Additionaly, I did a lot of near work in dim lights and at night in order to make myself more myopic. And I could tell that it was apparently working because I could notice my vision getting worse and worse. Boy was I happy when I couldn’t read the numbers on the bus anymore. But I did not have my eyes tested as I wanted to get a real, substantial prescription.

Ginny 17 Jan 2018, 04:34

This might sound like a crazy (or even fake!) story to some of you, but it has happened to me and I think some of you might enjoy reading it.

I am 24 years old, half German, half British and I live in the southern part of Germany, where I am currently working as a ER-nurse.

Since my teenage years, I have been fascinated by glasses. And as I matured and got into puberty I developed what you might call a fetish (which many of you might be familiar with ;)). I got my glasses in first grade. They were for slight long-sightedness and some astigmatism. However, as I was still young, I forgot about them and did not wear them at all.

Sometime around my 16th birthday, I decided to get myself new glasses. I knew about my fascination back then. Plus, it was really fashionable to wear those big nerd glasses and everybody was doing it.

I hoped for a stronger prescription so I was full of excitement to have my eyes tested. I thought maybe I had some latent hyperopia and would get some kind of decent prescription. However, I was really disappointed that day. Not only had my hyperopia completely vanished, but the optician even suggested I need not to wear glasses at all and I should just get plane lenses if I wanted them for fashion purposes. I managed to convince her to give me a prescription nonetheless. It was, however, a ridiculous one. I had -0.25 of sphere in both eyes and an astigmatism of -0.5 in one and -0.25 in the other eye.

Still, I got those glasses and it felt wonderful to wear them. I wore my glasses as much as I could, even though the lenses looked like they had zero power in them. And most people trying them on could not even notice they were prescription. But I was firm in wearing them and soon everybody knew me as the girl who wore glasses without really needing them.

Billy A. 16 Jan 2018, 22:07


Just because he ruined his perfect eyesight. Now he is little bit cross-eyed and very unhappy..

Alex 16 Jan 2018, 13:33

Thanks for the info, Billy. Why was your friend crying? Did he end up noticeably cross-eyed or was he lamenting the fact he couldn't wear contact lenses?

Billy A. 16 Jan 2018, 12:45


First time, he was happy. But when he found he has really double vision and cannot recover, he way crying all the nights. For him, wearing prisms was fun, but now its necessary. He hates himself because of this...

 16 Jan 2018, 12:31

In answer to your questions

1) I'm 30 years old

2) I'm currently -2.50 in both eyes (no axis or cylinder)

3) I work for a small engineering firm (but at a computer all day)

4) I live just outside of London in England

Billy - is your friend happy having induced prism or does he regret it?

Cactus Jack 16 Jan 2018, 12:03


It is easier to Induce the need for BO prism than it is to Induce Myopia. How much and how fast depends on the amount of BO prism and how much you wear them.

Could you provide the following information?

1. Your age?

2. Your complete prescription?

3. Your occupation?

4. Where you live? (country)


Billy A. 16 Jan 2018, 12:00


It depends on your eye condition, age, power of the lenses and many other facts. Every person is different.. I have one friend who wore BO prisms every day, sometimes "from bed to bed", sometimes just a few hours... Now he has double vision and needs prisms fulltime. It doesn't take a long time. But as I said - everyone's different.

Alex 16 Jan 2018, 11:43

Would wearing prism glasses (base out) for around 2-3 hours in the evening (the only time I have available) result in me becoming dependent on them? If so, how long would this take?

denden 16 Jan 2018, 07:46


That would be ideal for me, but looking at how old I am I'd be quite happy with even a -0.50 increase from my current prescription. I could have actually gone all out like you when I first started uni as it was a new social circle that wouldn't question my new glasses and I wasn't living with parents anymore. However I wanted to try and grow out of this desire to no avail. Now I wish I tried wearing strong glasses back then when my eyes were still versatile enough!

Anyway, you are at a slight advantage to me as you're two years younger. Hope your attempt goes well!

MROP 16 Jan 2018, 07:42


yeah same here. I'm ultimately aiming for around -1.75 to -2.00. But currently I wear -3.50 glasses and -3.25 contacts. Not together of course though haha.

Why not try some higher lenses and take strong tablets like painkillers for the headaches? I did that the first 2 days with my -3.50 glasses and after that I got used to them, so no more headaches!

I used to think I'd grow out of wanting them to be honest but never have!

denden 16 Jan 2018, 07:37


I've been trying to get rid of this obsession but it's just not going away! No matter what I can't stop wanting more blurry vision. That being said, I only want it to a certain extent; anything over -3.00 would be annoying, between -1.00 and -2.00 is likely the sweet spot for me.

My right eye is a bit worse and I often simulate a blurry vision by blocking my left eye. It feels nice!

I'd gladly exchange my eyes with someone who is mildly myopic and hates glasses/contacts :)

MROP 16 Jan 2018, 07:30


Not offended at all haha! Yeah most people would think we’re weird but I’m fine with it!

I love the feeling I get from it. The idea of actually needing some kind of lens correction is just nice to me. And the blur is like proof that I need these extra lenses! A long day of contact lens wear then taking them out is my favourite, because the blur always seems so much more noticeable and takes a lot longer to go!

denden 16 Jan 2018, 06:56

PS: Please don't get offended by the weirdo thing, I don't judge you at all, just acknowledging the fact that most people would find us strange for shunning the near-perfect vision we were 'blessed' with.

denden 16 Jan 2018, 06:34


That's great to hear! I'm so happy I'm not the only weirdo who is trying to induce myopia on herself haha

Unfortunately my parents are really anti-glasses which prevented me from wearing strong prescriptions full-time back in high school. Maybe that's why I couldn't tolerate these glasses back then, as taking them on and off makes it much harder to get accustomed to them.

My prescription only got worse by -0.25 in each eye in 8 years, which is pathetic considering how long I've been trying for this, albeit on and off.

Just hope it's not too late now that I'm 23 already!

MROP 16 Jan 2018, 06:30


I suppose so, I understand what you mean! If you look close enough you can notice!

It's about that for me too, I actually really enjoy a bit of blur and not being able to read some things at a distance. I've not got to the point where anything is a complete blur to me yet but things are certainly starting to become less clear and fuzzy-isa which I'm liking a lot!

denden 16 Jan 2018, 06:19


It's actually easy to spot a contact lens wearer if you have an eye for detail - I certainly can. I will try ordering slightly stronger glasses again and see how I get on.

Interestingly, my desire for becoming more nearsighted isn't just about wearing glasses, but also I like being able to alternate between blurry and clear vision. As I said, I really enjoyed being able to do that when I was doing GOC. Do you enjoy blurry vision as well, or is it just about wearing glasses for you?

MROP 16 Jan 2018, 05:40


I don't really know where mine began, I've just always wanted glasses as long as I can remember. I'm shocked you can't tolerate any higher prescriptions, I'm fine with -3.50 all day long with no headaches or extra eye strain!

Glasses over contacts wouldn't be too bad for you though, I'm not sure how your friend noticed this! Maybe try it again with higher values.

denden 16 Jan 2018, 05:31


Great to see someone else (also from the UK) with a similar goal to mine. Unfortunately I can't tolerate overcorrection like you do, even -0.50 more than my true prescription gives me a headache if I wear it for a long time. I live with my boyfriend so I can't fool around with glasses like that anyway.

If I may ask, how did your fascination with becoming nearsighted start? Mine started in high school, I would try on my friend's glasses and think how much I'd want to wear glasses myself too. I felt like people would judge me for wearing such a small prescription full-time so I got myself a pair in -1.25 and -1.75 to be worn over +0.75 contacts. Weirdly enough, I was enjoying the fake blurry vision so much I started going around with my plus contact lenses and only used the minus glasses when I needed to see. However a friend of mine asked me if I am wearing contacts once and since then I stopped going GOC. It would be awful if I got caught on this by anyone, as most nearsighted people I know hate having to wear glasses or contacts.

denden 16 Jan 2018, 04:57

For the past 8 years I've been wanting a moderately nearsighted vision (around -1.50ish) idk why I want that so much but it just doesn't go away. I have a very mild prescription atm (Left -0.25 SPH -0.25 CYL, Right -0.75 SPH) and I wear my true prescription full-time. I used to go GOC for a stronger prescription but then I stopped because it felt too silly and I was afraid people might notice and call me out on it. Can someone's myopia get worse after the age of 23?

MROP 15 Jan 2018, 16:18


Yeah I do this anyway!!

Not going away for a while yet anyway just prepping in advance

antonio 15 Jan 2018, 15:18

MROP , make sure to put off your glasses for photos as so many glasses wearers do. Especially first ones :-)

Best regards antonio

MROP 15 Jan 2018, 14:44


I've told those friends that I have contacts too. What I meant was, I've told them that I'm now myopic and need glasses all the time!!

I've actually told this friend that I'm getting contacts to wear most of the time. This is what she does too, so wearing contacts around her won't be a problem. I'm going to wear -2.00 glasses around her and leave my -3.50 glasses at home.

Soundmanpt 15 Jan 2018, 13:51


Isn't that a bit risky telling your friends around your home that you're going to be wearing glasses more often? I mean what are you going to say if you're out say for diner with your parents and you're wearing contacts and one of these friends happens to their for dinner too. They see you and they out of nowhere ask you where your glasses are? What are you going to say then with your parents sitting right their? You probably shouldn't say anything or even be seen outside of your house wearing glasses until your next visit home when you plan on coming home as a full time glasses wearer by then.

okay I assume this friend that's myopic is someone that you have known for a while and she thinks that you only recently started wearing weak glasses? Since she wears -3.25 glasses it would be very dangerous for you to wear your -3.50 glasses because if she were ever to ask to try your glasses on which is very possible, she would realize that your glasses are nearly the same prescription as hers and be very curious how your eyes could possibly be so bad in such a short time of wearing glasses. So it's going to be very tricky for you the whole time you're with her. Has she seen you since you started wearing glasses or will she be seeing you wearing glasses for the first time when you see her? If she will be seeing you for the first time wearing glasses i'm sure she is going to want to try your glasses and don't be surprised if she doesn't question you about how well your able to see without your glasses. So you better hope that your eyes are at least myopic enough to fool her. I'm sure it has probably been a while since she wore -1.50 glasses so she probably thinks -1.50 is pretty weak so she won't expect you to have too much trouble seeing without your glasses. So don't try to pretend that you can hardly see anything without glasses or she will know somethings up. I think you better hide your contacts the whole time your together. It would be much too risky of getting caught. You may just have to wear your -1.50 glasses all week and hide your -3.50 glasses away. At least wearing -1.50 glasses is better than nothing at all. Your eyes will still be over corrected which is still good at least.

antonio 15 Jan 2018, 13:42


Make sure to have some glasses or contacts with you if you go out by night at unknown places now. Might help.:-) as I suspect you to beca little shortsighted now :-)

Best regards, antonio

antonio 15 Jan 2018, 13:38

Oh nice MROP.

If your new -2 ones arrive in time you could take your -1.5 ones as a spare pair with you like a real glasses wearer would do :-). If you show up right from the start with a -2 pair you may tell her you did not get glasses when problems girst arose, but went to the front rows first squinting before your eyes forced you to get these -2 to get them behind :-)

Wow I just learnt a new word and a new word for drscribing your sight currently, hazy. Very nice word I find and my eyes once saw like that bareeyed too :-). So I know how it is I guess.

If you ever like to chat about vision and sight, ... visit many of us on :-)

Hope you'll have a great holiday with sharp sight and your first holiday you 'll take some glasses with you, right ? :-)

Best regards, antonio

MROP 15 Jan 2018, 13:24


Also, I can see just fine in my -1.50 glasses. Without them everything is a little hazy but not blurry. Just not as clear and bright. Everything is more HD with them. So I’d be able to go without at the moment, I’d just rather not!

MROP 15 Jan 2018, 13:19


My contacts are -2.00 and -3.25. I’ve been wearing the -3.25 a lot more though, so I’ll take those with me.

I only don’t want to go to an airport and flight bareeyed because I’m committed to becoming myopic. I could definitely cope without glasses there but want to wear them as part of my constant use. I’d rather wear glasses though as ive heard contacts can get really dry during a flight.

I’ve just ordered some -2.00 glasses to wear on my trip that are the same frame as my -3.50 ones I wear now, so no questions will be asked. I’ve also cancelled my order for my -4.00 frames as I’ve realised I don’t need them.

antonio 15 Jan 2018, 13:06

Good choice MROP,

how strong will the contacts be you will use there ?

How good can you see in your -1.5 pair for ex. text on tv screens ? Really hope youbcan read all the timetables at the airport in them. And please sneak above them to compare what you could or couldn't read bareeyed there.

Certainly -1.5 is a great starting pair for wearing glasses, part time or eben full time. Totally normal. My first part time glasses had that strength too.

Happy holiday and interesting to hear from you you don't want to be bareeyed on a flight or airport any longer? :-)

Best regards, antonio

MROP 15 Jan 2018, 11:31


I’m mostly going to be wearing my contacts around her so she won’t be able to tell then but yes, I think I’ll stick to my -1.50 pair when I have to wear my glasses around her for now.

My issue is I’m going to stay with her for a week soon and will obviously be meeting her at the airport with my glasses on as I don’t want to fly in contacts. And at night I’ll be taking my contacts out and putting my glasses on. So I’ll take my -1.50 pair for this.

antonio 15 Jan 2018, 10:25


You can always tell, yours are broken and that's a spare pair of a friend, a bit strong, but you see much better than without. By the way, is that true ? :-).

But she might suspect you wear to strong probably. So I really would afvice you to wear the -1.5 spare pair from your car around her which should satisfy your eyes pretty good, am I right ?

Best regards, antonio

-14 15 Jan 2018, 10:22


With apologies to minus 5 I've found that BO prism helps with over correction. Just my experience.

MROP 15 Jan 2018, 09:54


Thanks. I've just told a few more friends from home that I'll be wearing glasses more actually. One is a myopic herself and wears -3.25 and actually commented that my eyes 'wont be as bad as hers yet' so I'll need to be careful wearing my -3.50 lenses around her.

Any idea how I could wear these and if she asks, explain that I need them? Maybe say that even though I don't see that much blur, my eyes are compensating so I need a higher prescription?

minus5wholuvsgwgs 15 Jan 2018, 08:47

don't go for prism maybe a little more minus

Alex 15 Jan 2018, 07:40

I'm a medium myope with -2.50 in both eyes. However, I'm thinking of ordering glasses online with the following prescription: -3.5 and 3 BO prism.

I'm 30 years old. Is there any hope of inducing (more) myopia and the real need for prism? Will wearing these glasses help me in my quest? What do you guys suggest?

Soundmanpt 14 Jan 2018, 15:21


I would say its at least a part of being myopic for sure because without your glasses contacts your eyes could be straining more a thus your eyes are working harder to focus and see things clearly now. With your glasses /contacts your eyes are more relaxed and feel more comfortable wearing glasses /contacts.

I think you can look forward to getting your first prescription for glasses when you go in Feb.

MROP 14 Jan 2018, 02:56

Also not sure if this is typical of Myopia but when’s i put my glasses on, my eyes kind of seem to relax? Like I feel my face physically relax and chill out a bit.

Soundmanpt 13 Jan 2018, 11:54


Yes I agree. You don't need to go any stronger than that since you also have contacts and can just wear wear your contacts under your glasses to add more power if necessary You really probably didn't need to order -4.00 glasses. You don't want your glasses looking too strong that might cause someone to ask unwanted questions about your glasses. You seem to be getting the results you're wanting by wearing the glasses and contacts you already have. It will be interesting to see what prescription you get when you go for you eye exam. I'm sure that you realize that eyesight isn't as good as it used to be anymore. Are you -2.00? No of course not but I wouldn't be at all surprised if your a least -.75 and maybe even -1.00 now. At -.50 you wouldn't be scared to drive without glasses because you would still be able to see well enough without glasses. But -.75 things would start to be blurry enough make you uncomfortable to drive without glasses. At -1.00 the blur would be enough to scare you from attempting to drive without glasses. You sound like you're in the -1.00 area now.

MROP 13 Jan 2018, 01:49

Soundmanpt, antonio,

I just ordered some -4.00 glasses actually but this is where I’m going to stop buying new glasses! If I want to increase more after this I’ll wear my -2.00 contacts with my -2.50 glasses, then my -3.50 glasses and so on!

Soundmanpt 12 Jan 2018, 10:20


I completely agree with "antonia", Everything you're describing shows every indication that your eyes are already at least slightly nearsighted. Your eyesight certainly isn't as good as it once was before you stared wearing glasses and contacts. Usually one of the first things someone notices first when they get glasses for the first time is now much clearer and bright everything is with their glasses. So apparently without either glasses or contacts things aren't nearly as clear or bright anymore. That is about what you should expect when you're prescribed your first glasses to correct your nearsightedness. As for driving, i'm sure that you are now so used to driving with either your glasses or contacts that just not having either on seems strange to you now. But since you seem much more scared about driving at night without correction I don't it's only because you gotten used to wearing correction as much as it that your eyes really aren't able to see well enough in the dark anymore which is very normal when you're nearsighted. Your night vision will always be slightly worse than it is in the daylight. At this point I really don't think, even if you wanted to,that you would be able to see well enough to ever drive without either glasses or contacts anymore at night. So I hope during the next 2 weeks that your at home you don't get caught in a situation where you're asked to drive a family member somewhere at night after you have removed you contacts for the day and you have to decide to either wear your spare glasses you keep in the car and be exposed about you're wearing glasses or you will be forced to attempt driving without glasses. I would hope if something like this were to happen that you would put on your glasses and just admit that you now need glasses but you didn't want to tell them. This would be a much better idea than attempting to drive if you aren't able to see well enough.

Sorry that you had to change you eye exam appointment but 3 extra weeks of wearing glasses and contacts should only allow your eyes to become even more dependent on your glasses and assure you of a nice first prescription. I'm sure with your parents being back at work you're going to enjoy being able to wear your glasses more often again even though your eyes seem to be comfortable wearing contacts. During the day are you back to wearing a pair of weak contacts along with your glasses are or you only wearing your strongest glasses? Are you feeling like you're about ready to increase your glasses again? Or will you just wear contacts along with glasses to increase the over correction.

antonio 11 Jan 2018, 23:39


I think I can now assure you from my own glasses experience that you are now already at least a little, perhaps already a bit more than only a little, shortsighted.

I remenber when I got my first -1.5 glasses and accidentally wore them :-), that colours especially of flowers were soo much brighter in them and edges looked more defined and more sharp in them very similar to what you described.

Also for me it sounds interesting that you show first signs of dependancy on glasses at least for certain activities as every first glasses wearer do or did, including me.

That first little panic when you are out forgetting contacts AND glasses at home and you only realize this when being outside thinking How can I cope now reading far halfblind in the dark is just soo typical for a first shortsighted glasses wearer, you can't imagine and we all have lived that.

So welcome MROP in our Myopic World you just entered for the first time.

If you have time try to read teletext or small text bareeyed on tv or sometimes take a short look over your glasses reading or looking far. Maybe you'll find out your lenses already work for you, so you will start to estimate them even more ? I sometimes do so myself.

In every case, best regards, antonio

MROP 11 Jan 2018, 03:15


Everything is definitely a whole lot clearer and brighter with my glasses than without! And yes, I’m usually driving with my contacts in so the spare glasses are for nighttime popping out emergencies really! The one time I went out without them though at night I did have a little panic until I remembered the spare pair, so I suppose that’s a good thing!

I’ve had to push my eye exam back to the end of February due to a family get together being on the day it was in January, and I can’t get another appointment until 3 weeks later, but that’s not too much of a. Problem, as I’m sure even more constant wear by that point will help my cause!

I go back to university in 2 weeks, however now my parents are back at work I’m wearing my glasses throughout the day, then popping in contacts when they come home for a few hours before I go to bed, so full time correction is much easier again.

Wearing contacts now is like not having anything in front of my eyes, I completely forget that they’re there!!!

antonio 07 Jan 2018, 12:15


Oh, you describe a first dependancy on your -1.5 glasses for driving by night.

That's interesting and typical for people starting to get shortsighted.

If you proceed soon other dependancies will follow.

I.m interested. Can you still read the blackboard at uni from the back bareeyed or do you have already a further dependancy on glasses there. Hope you want to know and will try out ? First glasses always are an adventure, aren't they ?

Best regards and a good 2018 to you annd all of us, antonio

Soundmanpt 06 Jan 2018, 09:48


Even for those couple hours what you're doing is allowing your eyes to refocus and they are going to try hard to return to your normal eyesight. Of course that's not want your eyes to do. But I totally understand because you really haven't been wearing contacts all that long so after wearing them all day i'm sure it feels good to take them off. Of course i'm sure that you're afraid to put on your glasses for fear of getting caught wearing them.

But on the good side of things, it really seems like wearing your wearing glasses and contacts is having some effect on your eyes. Even though things may not be as you say "particularly blurry" the fact that things don't seem to be as sharp as they were before you started wearing glasses and contacts is a very good sign. That is just about the way I would expect your eyes to see if you were prescribed -.50 or -.75 glasses. I have provided a number of young ladies with -.50 glasses that claimed to have perfect vision and they always tell me that with -.50 glasses everything seems clearer,brighter and sharper than without glasses. You won't really start to see actual blur until your vision gets to at least -1.00. But you should be quite happy when you go for your exam if you are prescribed even -.50 glasses. Who knows by then you might even get to -.75.

Another really good indication that your eyesight isn't as good as it used to be is not feeling comfortable driving at night any,ore without glasses. Like I told you before that is a very real sign of being nearsighted. So i'm glad to hear that you're keeping a backup pair of glasses in your car in case you were to forget your glasses or contacts so you could still see to drive safely. I assume anytime you drive you normally are wearing contacts day or night. I guess the only time you might need your glasses is if you had to drive somewhere after you have removed your contacts for the day? Don't forget when you get your eyes examined be sure to tell the doctor that you don't seem to be able to see as well as you used to when driving at night. This alone sure assure you of getting at least a weak prescription for glasses. I'm sure the next time you go home you don't only want to be wearing glasses full time but i'm sure you would love to able to show you family your prescription slip as well. So remember to ask for a copy of your prescription. Besides you're working hard to become myopic so i'm sure you want the proof in writing as well. Something tells me you might even frame it and hang it on your wall.

When do you go back to uni? Are you looking forward to that so you can start wearing your glasses everyday? I have a feeling you're really missing your glasses?

MROP 06 Jan 2018, 02:29


I’m not bare eyed all day everyday, maybe just 2/3 hours in the evening when I need to take my contacts out but can’t put my glasses straight on!

When bareeyed nothing is particularly blurry but feels less sharp. I also feel as if my eyes are working harder without glasses.

As far as driving at night is concerned, I don’t feel comfortable doing that without glasses anymore. So much that I keep my old -1.50 pair in my car as an emergency if I forget as I won’t drive without them.

Soundmanpt 02 Jan 2018, 13:33


Being 20 years old I can tell you that the door is beginning to close on you as far as increasing your myopia. Once you get in you're 20's your eyes could start to become stable at any time. The good news is that your eyes seem to be willing to become more myopic because you got your first glasses when you were 17 with a very normal first prescription of -.50/-.75. the when you were 18 you needed an increase to -1.00 in both eyes. Now you're at -2.00 in both eyes. I doubt that you were over prescribed because you wore your weaker contacts to get your eyes examined. At some point i'm sure that you removed your contacts.They examine your eyes with contacts / glasses then they test your eyes with your contacts or glasses. When you go they expect that your glasses or contacts are going to be weaker than what you're going to be needing. It also makes sense that your your eyes would change by about that amount between 18 and 20. So going from -1.00 to -2.00 seems about right. At -2.00 you are already in the area where you really should be wearing glasses full time. If you're wearing -2.00 contacts full time your eye should be getting pretty dependent on either your glasses or contacts. You're still able to get around your house okay without contacts or glasses because seeing from one wall to the other isn't that far away. In other words your still able to see short distances pretty well.but once you go outside everything changes. You're unable to see much of anything without either your glasses or contacts anymore.

i'm not sure how many people have tried on your -2.00 glasses but if they have perfect vision i'm sure your glasses seem strong to them. You're -.50 / -.75 and -1.00 glasses were pretty weak, but -2.00 isn't considered weak. Trust me your glasses aren't that weak. If you're wanting your eyes to to need -4.00 glasses you can simply hope tat over the next few years each year your eyes will get a little worse and you will continue needing stronger glasses every year. But at the same time your eyes could stop changing at anytime and become stable. So I would suggest that you go on line to a site like Zenni (zennioptical,com) and order stronger glasses than you're wearing now. You can get glasses in whatever prescription you want for as low as $6.95 but they have several hundred for under $13.00. If you're eyes are completely comfortable wearing -2.00 correction then you should be able to go up to at least -3.00 without ant problem. Once your eyes get comfortable wearing those glasses then go to -4.00. I highly suggest that since it's glasses you're wanting to wear that you start wearing glasses full time now. You're -2.00 glasses aren't weak and i'm sure anyone trying them on will find things are blurry with them on. If things are blurry for you when you take off you glasses when you are outside then things will be blurry for others trying on your glasses. You want people to start getting used to seeing you wearing glasses.

Soundmanpt 31 Dec 2017, 10:01


I have been wondering how you getting along with being at home and unable to wear any of your glasses. Very difficult trying to wear any type of over correction with your family so close by all the time. I'm sure you were in constant fear of getting caught anytime you were in your room and wearing glasses or someone finding your contact containers or contact solution. Once you decided to try inducing myopia you should have planned on letting your family know that you were now wearing glasses. You could have easily sid that you were having trouble seeing from the back of lecture halls and found out you needed glasses. That way you could have continued on from where Christmas break started uninterrupted. If now unable to wear either glasses or contacts you're taking a big step backwards and progress you were making is probably lost. When you get back to uni you're going to almost be starting over. So now that you're bare eyed are you noticing any change in your eyesight or are you back to seeing perfectly? When do you return to uni? Hope you have a wonderful new years eve as well as for 2018. Is it your resolution to be prescribed with -2.00 glasses during the coming year?

antonio 31 Dec 2017, 07:20


so have you often been bareeyed with your family for days ?

How is your sight now beeing bareeyed ?

Are you any squinty for far already or are you squinting in the dark when beeing bareeyed now for reading far signs or so ?

By the way I got new glasses -0.75 stronger myself

. Sort of an urgently naturally needed Christmas present for me :-)

Only wearing them outside for now, still adjusting to them.

Have a good New Year's Eve MROP,

Will you look bareeyed to all those fireworks ? :-)

Best regards, antonio

And a great myopic 2018 to all of us :-)

MROP 31 Dec 2017, 03:01


Hi, thanks!

It’s going alright, has been hard since home to keep it up so ofe missed wearing any over correction for a few days. I’m going to focus on it properly again when I go back to uni a week tomorrow but have been dropping hints that I need my eyes tested, so next time i come home I’ll be able to wear my glasses freely!

antonio 30 Dec 2017, 11:01


according to my experiences

wearing your glasses more,

will make you more confident wearing them,

also if it´s only at home.

that´s always the first step.

I do now with a stronger pair, which I need now to

read far.

For me it´s always difficult to show up in a new pair of glasses,

but wearing them at first at home for some days will make me

more confident wearing them outside , I know

best regards, antonio

antonio 30 Dec 2017, 10:58


what did you wear your glasses for

the most so far ?

Can you try to extend or repeat that incident ?

Wear them where many people wear glasses naturally.

for students it´s just sooo normal to need them,

right ?

do some of your fellow students use them ?

part time or full time ? in lectures only ?

just do like some of them

make it more normal for you to be in them first,

always wearing them at home for example.

best regards, antonio

antonio 30 Dec 2017, 10:45


but I think already from -3 on

they will feel strong for other people

putting them on

best regards,


antonio 30 Dec 2017, 10:39


what of all these suggestions might suit you best ?

any ideas ?

best regards,


antonio 30 Dec 2017, 10:37


I could guess you reach -3 at 21 or 22 and 1 or 2 yrs later -4.

But that´s just a rough guess and I can´t forsee the future, you kno

best regards


antonio 30 Dec 2017, 10:35

or go to a lecture bareeyed

and put them on there for reading the board as so many others do.

Probably you will forget to put them off later,

wear them to eat to read the menues :-) or take

them off for reading them again there, if you like that more. Make yourself wearing them if needed. :-)

Wear them at home and when you are alone

as much as possible,

so they become more natural to you

when you wear them,

that´s best to do I think,

I did too.

Wear them on a whole holiday all the time,

or a whole weekend(s),

some people start it like this t-o-o- :-)

best regards,


antonio 30 Dec 2017, 10:31


just make yourself neeeeding glasses,

by leaving off contacts,

what do you think about ?

I guess you will find out they aren´t just fashion

or optional for your eyes anymore already ?

as they were before as -0,75 or -1

have you ever gone bareeyed in the dark recently ? :-)

best regards, antonio

antonio 30 Dec 2017, 10:28

I think you should just get out of the house without wearing contacts.

And if your eyes long for your glasses in your bag then,

you know they are not too weak to wear.

Please try, I´m interested to know where you will end in wearing them full time or not that day :-)

That´s the right try to find out they are already

essential to you.

As we know now, they are already essential for you

to attend a lecture.

If you get new ones, choose a big frame and cheap plastic lenses

with only 1,5 refraction index. That will make them look

thicker and thus stronger. no high index for you which is expensive anyway.

best regards, antonio

elle 30 Dec 2017, 10:23

yes i want them to be stronger before i wear them. i feel embarrassed wearing them because i feel like there too weak to wear all the time. i know i can't see the board without them at all

how can i be more confident to wear them more?

when do you think i will reach -4?

antonio 30 Dec 2017, 10:21

rehi elle,

okay, then you probably will reach -4, don´t worry,

do you plan to wear your glasses more then,

if they get stronger ?

I think if you wear -2 to a lecture that´s very natural.

it´s clear you can´t read the board without even

that prescription !! Nobody would tell you they are weak there!

Weak glasses are -0,5 or -0,25 or -0,75 ones,

from -0,5 on you need them for lectures and driving nevertheless !

best regards,


elle 30 Dec 2017, 10:17

i mostly wear contacts that are -2. i rarely wear glasses only at home they are -2 is as well. yes i study a lot so hopefully i can get to -4

antonio 30 Dec 2017, 10:15

Hi elle,

-2,75 or -3 is something like a magical frontier,

where glasses become essential to wear all the time

to really most of the people needing them,

best regards, antonio

antonio 30 Dec 2017, 10:08

hi Elle

I think that effect starts from -3 on.

Definitly with -4.

Do you wear glasses, too ?

with -4 one is very unsure being bareeyed outside,

so you wouldn´t dare that any more

and even at home you would feel the same.

You wouldn´t normally want to be without glasses on

for a single instant from -2,75 or -3 on.

That was it for me.

So you are very near that point already.

With what lenses do you see okay now ?

-1 and -2 ?

do you study ? I think up to 24 you could reach -4 naturally

given your speed of worsening eyes you describe

best regards, antonio

elle 30 Dec 2017, 10:00

i mean i can see fine with -2 contacts. i want them to be blurry though so i need a higher prescription

elle 30 Dec 2017, 09:58

im not sure what i am over prescribed cause i can see fine with both of them. i was not bare eyed for the test i was just wearing my -0.75 contacts instead of -1.

i wear -2 contacts every day and see good with them. i want my eyes to need glasses more tho. i want to need them like i want people to try on my glasses and it be blurry. what prescription does that happen at?

how bad is -4? can you see anything?

how long would it take to get there naturally?

antonio 30 Dec 2017, 09:57

hi elle again,

if you like, come to

there many of us here discuss vision related questions,

best regards, antonio

antonio 30 Dec 2017, 09:55

hi elle,

why do you think you are overpresribed ?

Did you do the whole eyetest in contacts,

telling your doctor you were bareeyed ?

that would lead to undercorrection.

my eyes changed until 24,

so if you study or read a lot,

probably your eyes could get naturally at -4,

where you couldn´t get around your house fine

without them in or glasses on

any longer, I know from my eyes :-)

but do you want that ?

best regards, antonio

elle 30 Dec 2017, 09:48

hi i am 20 years old and currently where -2 contacts in each eye. i got glasses first at 17 (-0.5 and -0.75) then a year later -1 and -1. now i'm at -2 in each eye. i think i got slightly over prescribed cause i wore old contacts to my doctors appointment (-0.75 instead of -1) by accident.

what do you think my prescription will get to? i can still go around my house fine without any correction but i want my prescription to be higher.

since i am 20, is it likely i will need stronger glasses? do you think i can get to -4 in my life?


antonio 27 Dec 2017, 16:31


I admire how much you wear your glasses and contacts.

Have you ever tried again to be bareeyed to feel your "natural" sight now ?

best regards and happy New Year


MROP 23 Dec 2017, 01:59


that’s exactly what I do yep!

When I go out with friends also i tend to wear my glasses just to give my eyes a rest from the contacts

Soundmanpt 22 Dec 2017, 12:37


I really like the looks of semi-rimless glasses on attractive young ladies. They don't usually cover too much of the face and the adjustable nose pads usually leaves marks on the nose which I like seeing. Years ago I dated a girl that wore semi-rimless glasses and it was always a turn on for me when she took off her glasses and there was dark marks on both sides of her nose. I asked her once if her glasses hurt her nose and she said they didn't but she didn't like the marks like I did.

Glad to hear that you're still constantly wearing some form of over correction. Like I have said that is very important for you to be doing. So when you wake up you slip your glasses on and wear them until you get up and put on your contacts. Do you also do that at night before you turn off the lights and go to sleep? You just have to hope that no one enters your room without first knocking. If that were to happen and they caught you wearing glasses all you could say is that you didn't know how to tell them that you were having trouble seeing the boards at uni so you went and got your eyes checked and you were prescribed glasses. Of course you don't want to get caught but just in case you need to be ready with an answer. I know you plan on starting to wear glasses when you come home in Feb after your eye exam. Would it be easier for you if you tell them on the phone in Feb that you got glasses? You know when you do go home and your wearing glasses some of your family members are going to want to try your glasses on. Keeping that in mind maybe when you go home you should your first -1.25 glasses along with your contacts. If you wear stronger glasses that could lead to to unwanted questions. -1.25 glasses is a very reasonable first prescription.

Good idea to start throwing some hints around your parents and letting them see you squinting is an even better idea. you can even comment that you have trouble seeing from the back of the lecture rooms and that you usually try and move closer so you can see better. You can even say that you think that you might need glasses soon. Are you going to tell them that you'e planing on getting your eye examined in Feb?

MROP 22 Dec 2017, 08:13


Yeah, I like the idea of semi rimless but not sure they sit me the best so currently keep those for when I’m on my own!!

I am most comfortable in my -2.50 and -3.50 glasses.

Yes I am constantly wearing some form of over correction

I’m home for the holidays now and i do wish I could wear my glasses more but I keep them near my bed and wear them in the morning before I put my contacts in and go downstairs.

I’m going to start making hints soon yes, I’m trying to squint a or so pretty sure my parents will notice that!

antonio 22 Dec 2017, 06:10


Interesting you have 3 pairs of glasses already.

What prescriptions are in them and ehich ones do you wear most or not at all ?

Best regards, antonio

Soundmanpt 21 Dec 2017, 09:31


So you have been experimenting with all types of glasses which is a very good idea so once your eyes need to be wearing -2.00 glasses all the time you will already know which glasses are most comfortable to wear full time as well as which glasses looks best on you. After all your still only 21 and female so as much as you enjoy wearing glasses i'm sure you want to look att4ractive wearing glasses. So without counting the various prescriptions of the glasses which glasses were the most comfortable to wear and which glasses do you think you looked v=best wearing?

I know you have been wearing both glasses and contacts at the same time trying to push your eyes as much as possible. I'm glad that when you start to feel pain in your eyes you take off your glasses. But you still leave on your -3.25 contacts I assume? So your eye are still being over corrected by your contacts.

With Christmas almost here I assume that you will be going home for the holidays. So no more wearing glasses until the holidays are past and you're back at uni. When do you go back to uni? So while your at home you will be wearing contacts only. Are you going to miss not being able to wear your glasses? Are you going to be able to hide all of your contact lens stuff from your family without any problem? While your at home it might be a good time to start making comments about your eyesight not being as good as it once was and that you plan on getting your eyes checked in Feb.

MROP 21 Dec 2017, 01:29


One of my glasses are plastic framed with moulder nose pads, the other pair are metal full rimmed and the other semi rimless. I knew what suited me through sunglasses wear and am happy so far.

Soundmanpt 20 Dec 2017, 11:30


I just took a look at and they seem to have a very nice selection of glasses. How were you able to decide on the size of glasses that would fit you best since you have never wore glasses until recently? Do all 3 pairs of your glasses fit your face perfectly. Even though I know you're thrilled to be wearing glasses you're still a woman and i'm sure that you want your glasses to fit and look good on you as well as ruining your once perfect eyesight. Their prices on glasses seems as good if nit better than Zenni. They even include the AR coating (anti-reflective) at no charge which is even better than Zenni. That coating should make your glasses very comfortable to wear because it really cuts down on glare and reflections. Have you been getting plastic frames or metal frames so far.Do any of your glasses have adjustable nose pads or are they just the molded plastic ones?

MROP 20 Dec 2017, 01:29


I have ordered from (UK) and have ordered 3 frames in total, of 2 different styles, with the idea that I like to change things up a bit. I've explained to my friends that I've got two pairs as there was an offer on when I went for my eye test.

I'm not sure what style I plan on wearing yet!

Antonio, don't worry I am very careful with my glasses.

Like Lenses,

thanks for the links! I'll be sure to check them out

Likelenses 19 Dec 2017, 23:59


Here are two vision tests that are pretty accurate.

Or you can do this more accurate one on your smart phone, but there is a charge. However they will issue you a prescription.

Likelenses 19 Dec 2017, 23:40


Here is a good tool to check your actual progress.

antonio 19 Dec 2017, 21:55


I guess you already have thought about,

but to need glasses can also be a problem in special

situations. If you do require them to see clearly you always have to make sure they are placed safely on a known place near your bed, on rain your lenses get wet snd all your life you have to ensure that they don't fall off your nose when a person near you in a crowd suddenly moves his arms for ecample. Anyone who might not like you in life can easily make you halfblind by just removing your glasses. If they are damaged, you are in trouble and really wish for another pair. Not to mention if you travel to poorer countries or in wild nature where you might not be able to get another pair. Not to mention places like Syria now where probably nearly nobody gets a new pair of glasses when they are damaged.

So please think twice of what you do.

Best shortsighted greetings, antonio

Likelenses 19 Dec 2017, 19:45


You mentioned that you are reading close. That is very important. Books at no farther than eight inches, and computer no farther tan ten inches.

Try also to form a habit of squinting when looking at distant things.

All of these while wearing glasses of course.

Depending on where you live, you may be required to get a new updated drivers license with a statement that you now need to be wearing glasses when driving, and a new photo of you with glasses on.

antonio 19 Dec 2017, 12:20


yes I think beginning shortsightness always shows at first by halos around lights at night or when reading slightly blurry signs later than you could before.

But as you describe your eyes seem to start to long for glasses even in daylight now ?

Hope you can try to attend a lecture in a big lecture hall from behind again bareeyed.

If you can't read you are already shortsighted. And even if it takes some time for you to focus on words on the blackboard until you can read them or if you have to squint your eyes a little to get them sharper for you all these are signs of your beginning shortsightness many of us here have seen before.

Will be interesting if you can still attend such a lecture bareeyed or if you end up in glasses :-)

Best regards, antonio

Soundmanpt 19 Dec 2017, 09:22


Just curious, where have you been ordering your glasses from? Have you been ordering the same frame and just ordering them with stronger lenses each time or have you bee getting completely different glasses? If you get completely different glasses I think people at uni may question why you have new glasses so often. Can you describe your glasses or maybe even post a picture of your glasses? Since you started wearing glasses ave yo decided what style of glasses you plan on wearing if you're able to make your eyes myopic and need -2.00 glasses as your full time glasses.You really seem to enjoy wearing glasses and the fact that things are becoming more and more blurry without your glasses.That's what makes it even more exciting because you're able to see the results of your efforts.

MROP 19 Dec 2017, 06:31


Thanks, don’t worry I’m not pushing myself! I’m all good.

Am excited to be joining your blurry world through becoming myopic! I just love the rush that wearing glasses and feeling that they benefit me gives me!!!! When I’m not wearing them now (very little) I almost feel that my eyes are pushing for something better, even though there isn’t blur during the day! Almost as if they’re trying to accommodate!

I’m excited for my eye exam in Feburary

antonio 18 Dec 2017, 00:00

MROP, welcome to our blurry shortsighted world then where glasses are needed to drive snd for so many things more.

But please take Soundman's warning seriously. Wearing too much overcorrection with strong contacts snd strong glasses above could cause retinal detaching which leads to blindness, if not laser operated in about hours.

I know a natural high myope about -10 who has damaged retinas like that. Really bad, he's blind in one eye and not good in the other.

Pleassse don't push it forward as hard as you do now. Wearing glasses OR contacts should really be enough for you. Don't do it both at a time.

Best regards, shortsighted fellow :-), antonio

Visit some of us on to talk about vision and glasses :-)

MROP 17 Dec 2017, 15:51


I’m not getting any pain no but when it gets a bit too much I do take the glasses off!

Yeah the blur is a lot lot longer and for about 10 minuted after, despite the blur being gone then I feel that not everything is as clear. When driving I definitely feel I need glasses now to see as well as I could before. I wear my -3.50 glasses when driving! I find that they’re fine.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a prescription! It’s encouraging that you think I’d be able to get -.50 now.

Soundmanpt 17 Dec 2017, 13:02


That's what I thought you meant. Just be careful not to push your eyes too much. Remember you only want to make yourself a little bit myopic not do any serious harm to your eyes. Are you feeling any pain in your eyes when you're doing close work with glasses and contacts on? If so I would suggest taking off your glasses to give your eyes a slight break from so much over correction.

But it seems like all the extra over correction is having an effect on your eyes if the blur is starting to last a lot longer now when you're not wearing glasses and or contacts. Your night vision seems to considerably worse now than it was before you started wearing glasses and I assume it is slowly getting worse now that your wearing even stronger glasses than when you started. Are you now wearing glasses when you drive? What prescription are you wearing? You must be feeling like you really do need glasses in order to see well enough to drive.

i think you have a very good chance of being given an actual prescription for glasses in Feb. No doctor will ever prescribe glasses of -.25 but I have a feeling you will get at least a prescription fr -.50 glasses. In fact if you were to go tomorrow I think if you told the doctor about having trouble with seeing at night when driving that alone should get you a prescription of -.50.

rollin 17 Dec 2017, 00:32

sorry wrong thread, I'm reposting to the correct (GOC) thread

rollin 17 Dec 2017, 00:30

Want GOC for night driving. Don't want to remove contacts in the car.

Multifocal contacts Rx is

R +2 +2 N

L +2 +1.5 D

Driving vision is perfect when I wear +1 readers with no contacts.

I am guessing it might be -1 -1 glasses over the multifocals, what do y'all think? Eye doctor has dragged his feet on this, could use some advice about next steps.

MROP 16 Dec 2017, 16:55


I am wearing a constant -3.50/-3.25 correction with either contacts or glasses. When I am doing uni work I am trying to wear my 3.-50 glasses over my -3.25 contacts, just to push my eyes a little but not constantly.

The good news is since wearing -3.50/3.25 more often, the blur when removing the contacts/glasses is lasting a lot lot longer.

I’m pretty sure my eyesight is beginning to change as I’m noticing differences at night as mentioned before.

Cactus Jack 16 Dec 2017, 13:12


I don't think Pseudo Myopia (which is the kind initially Induced by wearing Minus Over Correction), is a common source of Retinal Detachment. It is a real concern for people with high Axial Myopia caused by excessively long eyeballs, which DOES stress the Retinal attachment tissue.

MROP may develop a little Axial Myopia, but at 20, she should have enough Accommodation Amplitude to be able to read with that much Minus, after her Ciliary Muscles are strong enough. To my knowledge there is no way to predict her ultimate prescription except by trying.


Soundmanpt 16 Dec 2017, 10:42


So if I am reading your post correctly you're wearing your -3.25 contacts with you're new -3.50 glasses over the top of your contacts? So combined you're actually wearing -6.75 correction. That's a lot of over correction. Are you able to see well enough to function okay? Be careful with trying to push things too hard you don't want to cause a detached retina. Do you feel like your eyesight isn't as good now as it was before you started wearing glasses?

MROP 15 Dec 2017, 01:17

Sorry I meant -3.50 glasses

MROP 15 Dec 2017, 01:17


Today is my first day in my -3.25 contacts and they’re great! I’m trying to wear them with me -4.50 glasses when reading for uni as I really want to push my eyes!

Soundmanpt 13 Dec 2017, 12:44


I'm sure it was and still is an awesome feeling. But when you first start wearing glasses for the first time. It's so exciting to feel your eyes adjusting to the prescription of your glasses. Feeling the clarity, sharpness and intensity you're able to see wearing your glasses is amazing. You feel like you never want to take your glasses off.

I helped 2 opticians that both had perfect vision do GOC (glasses over contacts) several years ago. Both for different reasons. The first one was a young lady just out of college and she was panning on starting optometry school to become an optometrist. So she decided to get a job at a local optical store thinking that be a help t her in becoming a doctor. I met her because I was going their to collect the donated glasses for a non profit vision group I was with. We became instant friends. Besides being very pretty she was was very friendly and outgoing. She told me that her dad was a dentist and her older sister a pharmacist. I asked her why shew wanted to be an optometrist since she didn't even need glasses herself? She just said that she thought eyes were very interesting. The more we talked the more I learned about her. She admitted that she was very curious what it was like to wear glasses. She told me that while her sister was away at college she found some of her sisters old glasses in a drawer in her room and she tried to wear the weakest ones. But after a few minutes she started to get a headaches so that was the end of that test. She even tried on several of her friends glasses but they were all too strong for her eyes. I happened to remember that i had a really cute pair of glasses with -1.50 lenses in my car that was a sample test pair. I told Amanda, that is her name bu the way, to go and get a pair of +1.50 trial contact lenses. and that I would be right back. I went and got the glasses and when I came back Amanda handed me the 2 packs of contact lenses. I smiled and said that she should put them on. She looked at me with a very curious look. She sat across from me as she put each lens on while looking in a table top mirror. When she finished she looked up and i could tell instantly that she wasn't able to see very well. I think she was surprised that she couldn't see very well. She was trying to focus her eyes on a sign across the room and could tell she wasn't able to read it even squinting her eyes tightly. I said "so are things a little blurry now?" she smiled and said everything was blurry. I then opened up the glasses and had her look at me so I could slip the glasses on her. As soon as the glasses were in place and she looked around she was amazed that she was now able to see everything perfectly again. She was like a kid on Christmas morning that just got her favorite gift. She couldn't stop testing her eyes with the glasses. Then she would pull the glassed so she could look over the top of them and she was again squinting trying hard to make out words on signs that she simply couldn't see without the glasses. Finally she pushed the glasses back in place and she looked at me and said she loved it. She got up and came around to my side of the table and gave me a big hug as she thanked me for showing her what it was like to wear glasses. I only thought this was going to be a short little test to show her what it was like to need glasses but she clearly was enjoying it far more than I expected. She had no intention of taking off her glasses or the contacts. I had some errands to run so I told her I would go and do them and stop back by before heading home. I was gone for over 3 hours before returning. When I came back she was with a patient and still wearing the glasses. She seemed very comfortable wearing them and didnd't seem to have any problem wit replacing the nose pads for her patient which could have posed a problem if she was fully adjusted to the prescription of the glasses and contacts. I waited until the patient left before going in. I asked her if she had any problem with replacing the nose pads and she said she did at first because her eyes were looking under her glasses at first and she couldn't even see the screw. She went to the back and came back with a small bottle and she took of her glasses and put some drops in her eyes. I asked her if she was okay? She said that she wasn't used to wearing contacts and after having them on for what was now over 4 hours her eyes felt dry. She said the drops were a big help and she put her glasses back on. As it turned out she borrowed my glasses for over 6 weeks before I got them back. She was even wearing them to work everyday because she loved wearing glasses. The doctor at the store wanted to be sure that she wasn't doing any harm to her eyes and insisted on doing a quick eye exam with her wearing her GOC combination. The test showed that with her contacts and glasses her eyesight was a perfect 20/20 Without the glasses and contacts only she was 20/70. The doctor told her it was fine for her to wear the GOC combination since it was doing no harm to her eyesight.

The other case was much different. A young optician at my local Costco store that I often talked to was very excited because she was about to celebrate her one year anniversary at the store. That also meant that she could now choose her free pair of glasses after getting her eyes examined. She showed me six pairs that she was considering as her free pair. These were going to be her first pair of glasses and she didn't know if she needed a prescription or not because she hadn't had a real eye exam for many years. Anyway the next time I saw her she was very disappointed. She had her eye exam and she didn't need any prescription so she was fine with that and still planned on getting her glasses made as non prescription anyway. But Costco has a rule that you can only get glasses as long as they are prescription. I suggested to her that she should just order them with a weak -.50 prescription but she was afraid that might ruin her eyesight and she didn't really want to do that. So i convinced her to try doing GOC So I loaned her a pair of glasses that I had that were -1.00 and told her to pull out a few packs of +1.00 trial contacts so she could wear GOC away form work to see how she liked it. She called me a bout a week later and said that she loved it and loved wearing glasses as well. So she went ahead and ordered the glasses she wanted in -1.00 and I saw her quite a few times at work wearing her glasses.

Stingray 13 Dec 2017, 11:34

I read that these virtual reality headsets can bring on the onset of myopia to as much as -6.50 based on someone who wears the headset hours a day and has little or no myopia to begin with. Here is the article:

MROP 13 Dec 2017, 01:38


The first time wearing my glasses I felt awesome! I like the idea of needing to wear them so hopefully that'll come soon! The blurriness when I take them off is something I've always enjoyed and continue to do so, let's just hope it hangs around a lot longer!

I've now ordered some -5.00 glasses that should come sometime in the next 2 weeks. I wanted to try and push myself a little!

Cactus Jack 11 Dec 2017, 23:43


Sounds reasonable. You might try a pack of 30, One Day Disposables. If the -1.50s are comfortable, increase the Sphere power to -2.00 and then -2.50 or even -3.00.

You need to keep the stress on all the time, but don't sleep with the CLs in. If you happen to fall asleep and they get stuck, you can float them off your corneas with either sterile saline solution, B&L Distilled Water solution, artificial tears, or multi-purpose solution. All are pH balanced and typically don't sting.

If you decide to do the same thing by increasing the Sphere in your glasses, just remember to keep the same frames style if possible. Few people will notice the prescription change, but many will notice a change in frame style/


iamhacked 11 Dec 2017, 20:12

My prescription is currently this:

Right SPH: -1.00, CYL: -2.25, AXIS: 179

Left SPH: -2.25, CYL:-2.00, AXIS: 006

I have toric contact lenses that I boosted 0.25D in sphere for the left eye, and 0.50D for the right eye. However I don't usually wear contact lenses that often.

My prescription has been stable for the last 5 or 6 years, and I'm only 20 years old. So I am looking to induce some myopia using disposable contact lenses in addition to my current glasses. What would be a good starting prescription for the disposable contact lenses? When I wear my glasses upside down (as in left eye lens goes to the right eye), I don't notice much difference or strain except that my vision is a bit clearer, and that's a 1.25D difference. Does -1.50D contacts for both eyes sound like a good starting point? Please let me know.

Soundmanpt 11 Dec 2017, 09:51


By telling everyone at your uni that your going to be wearing glasses full time is a very good idea because it will force you to wear your glasses even if there may be times when you really might not want to be wearing glasses. I'm not at all surprised that no one made anything out of at fact that your going to be wearing glasses full time. Being in college or at uni it's almost expected that you and others may start needing to wear glasses. It's very normal if you think about it. I don't expect your family to be too surprised either when they see you wearing your glasses for the first time. You're clearly going to be nervous wearing your glasses for the first time in front of them but honestly I don't think they are going to be that surprised. They will simply assume that the strain of so much reading and studying effected your eyesight. All that will happen is everyone is going ot tell you how cute you look wearing glasses now. I'm sure you don't mind getting lots of complements on your glasses look.

I think shooting for an actual prescription of around -2.00 is a very good and realist goal. You have already been wearing glasses close to that so you should have a pretty good idea what your eyesight would be like without your glasses. Pretty much what you see when you first take your glasses off now. Anything more than a few feet or a few meters in front of without your glasses would be increasingly more blurry. Certainly enough to require you to wear your glasses full time which is what you want to be told by an optometrists.

When you got your first pair of -1.25 glasses, which by the way was a perfect prescription for you to start with since you had perfect eyesight and had never worn glasses before. How did it feel to wearing glasses for the first time? Was it exciting? Did you have any trouble getting used to wearing glasses? Were you surprised after wearing your glasses for a short time how blurry everything was when you took them off? And were you surprised at how easily your eyes adjusted to your glasses and you were able to see perfect wearing them? Sorry for so many questions but it is always interesting to hear someones first reactions to wearing glasses for the first time.

MROP 10 Dec 2017, 10:19


Thanks for your reply! I’ll order the -4.50 soon so I have them ready! I’m quite excited for this. I’ve already told everyone I go to uni with that I need glasses now and have to wear them full time and no one is phased or asking any questions.

Hoping to ultimately need -2.00 by the end of this but perhaps that’s being a little optimistic! I’ll update you in the next week as to how constant wear of the -3.50 goes.

Soundmanpt 10 Dec 2017, 09:57


That's exactly what you want to do. You should probably order your -4.50 glasses in a couple of weeks because as you know once you order your glasses it usually takes at least 2 weeks for them to arrive. That way you will have your glasses when your eyes begin to feel comfortable with your current glasses. Glad to hear that you have short nails because i'm sure you wouldn't want any setback because of a scratched cornea.

When anyone is starting to become nearsighted they notice it more at night than during the day. So your not being as able to see as well as you used without glasses is a pretty good indication that your eyes are starting to change. And things in the far distance not being as clear as they were in the past is another good sign.

When you go for your exam in the test as best as possible but if you want to be sure to get a prescription I would highly suggest that when filling out forms and it ask your reason for getting an eye exam be sure to say that you seem to be having difficulty when driving at night with seeing raod signs as clearly as you used to. And of course you should even mention that during your eye exam. Doing this should at the very least get you a weak prescription. But at the same let's hope that you're unable to read the letters on the eye chart like you used to be able to. But whatever the real results you need to tell your family that you were prescribed glasses that you will need to wear full time. If they should ask why tell them that your nearsighted and you have astigmatisms which is why you need to wear them all the time.

MROP 09 Dec 2017, 15:49


Perfect thank you! I plan to go up to -4.50 glasses as soon as these feel comfortable, maybe in a few weeks!

I have short nails so putting contacts in is fine!

I am finding that driving at night, all of the signs that are light up are fuzzy and the neon lights blur the words a little. Things in the really far distance are also kind of not as sharp but are still very clear.

I plan to tell my family that I wear glasses after my eye exam yes

Soundmanpt 09 Dec 2017, 14:01


Considering that you only started wearing glasses in early November and that you started with perfect eyesight I think you're doing doing very well if your now wearing -3.50 glasses on a regular basis. You want and need for your eyes to feel somewhat uncomfortable wearing the stronger glasses. That means your eyes are working hard to stay focused with your glasses. Once your eyes start to feel comfortable wearing your -3.50 glasses then that is the when you need to get stronger glasses. The stronger the glasses you're able to wear the faster you should start to become myopic. Because you're already 21 you're nearing the age where it will get harder and harder for you to induce any myopia you don't have any time to waste. But the main thing is that you need to have your eyes constantly over corrected every minute that you have your eyes open. Wearing your glasses for 15 hours and taking them off for one hour is the same as not wearing any glasses at all that day. You need for your eyes to be constantly stressed by wearing your glasses or contacts. Also being in uni try and hold any reading material as close to your eyes as possible when your studying or reading with your glasses on of course. Of course what you want is for your eyes to stay blurry longer and longer when you do take off your glasses. If your at 10 seconds now you want to be at 20 seconds in the coming days and so on. Now the full blur maybe going away in 10 seconds but I wonder if your vision is still perfect after that? It could be that you don't notice that your longer distance vision may not be perfect anymore.

There is no way to predict if your eyesight will still be perfect in Feb. or if by then you may have induced some myopia. All you can do is continue working at it as hard as you can. Are you slowly getting better at putting and taking off your contacts? I assume with the name "Molly Roger" that you're a female so if you have long fingernails you need to be extremely careful putting them on and taking them off not to scratch your cornea. That would be very hard to explain to your family and you wouldn't be able to wear contacts for sometime

Just curious if you go for your eye exam in Feb and you are given a weak prescription for glasses are you going to start wearing glasses in front of your family? At what point do you plan on wearing glasses in front of them?

MROP 09 Dec 2017, 01:24


So I’m currently wearing -3.50 glasses which are taking some getting used to but I can see fine from them. I’ve got some -2.00 contacts that I’m wearing around family at the moment until I go for my eye test, but have just ordered some -3.00 ones so they match the strength of my glasses.

How long should I keep this up before an eyetest?

Moonshiner 08 Dec 2017, 02:07

I deleted some inappropriate posts (including some using another’s user name) in this thread mostly from an IP addresses in Nevada

Soundmanpt 07 Dec 2017, 11:52


So what is the latest update with you? Exactly what prescription are you wearing now? You really need to find the strongest prescription that you can wear with just a little bit of stress on your eyes. You want your eyes to be a little stressed but at the same time you need to be able to see up close as well as distances with either glasses or contacts. But most important is always wearing over correction at all times.

MROP original poster 28 Nov 2017, 05:38

Update: Contacts arrived. Despite taking me about half hour to get them both in properly, everything is clearly and reading up close isn't a problem. I'm aware that I'm wearing them but suspect I need to get used to them before I'll forget that they're there.

I'm currently wearing my -1.50 glasses on top of them and am only having mild discomfort when reading close. So maybe this the way forward?

MROP Original Poster 28 Nov 2017, 02:15

After all that fuss below on the thread, bringing it back to my point aha.

Okay so I've been wearing my -1.50 glasses constantly and it's like they're not even there now. I also went and got fitted for contact lenses (I said for fancy dress purposes) so have ordered my own in -2.00 and they are due to come today (hurray for 24 hr delivery!) I plan to wear these whenever I can't wear my glasses ( i.e., when home with family for now) I have also ordered some -2.50 glasses that are being made and are on their way.When the -2.50 glasses come, I plan to wear them when I'm not wearing my contact lenses.

Update with my -1.50 glasses : Comfortable to the point that I don't know that I'm wearing them. Reading is completely comfortable and I'm reading at extremely close distances where it's a little uncomfortable but still readable, just to push my eyes a little. When I take them off, I do get momentary blur and in the evening, taking them off results in about ten minutes of fuzziness. Ive also discovered that when driving at night, my eyesight is definitely not what it used to be. Lights are blurred and I have to be a lot closer to signs to see them than previously. In the day things are a little fuzzy driving but nothing that I would notice if I wasn't looking out for it.

I'm planning an eye exam around February ( since it will be a year since my last one then) so do you think with this continued use plan I could induce some myopia by this point? I'm aiming for -2.00 overall but probably around -0.25/-0.50 in this exam.

Thanks in advance!

MROP 24 Nov 2017, 00:55

Obviously that last post wasn’t me.

My goal is to be myopic and need correction in some at, not just through glasses! But I will start with them.

Soundmanpt 24 Nov 2017, 00:22


I agree with"Cactus Jack" I am correct that your goal is not only "induce myopia" but also to wear glasses on a permanent basis? I'm not sure why you feel the need to bother with contacts? The only reason seems to be because you don't want your family to know that you're wearing glasses. But this is exactly when you should be wearing your weaker glasses around them and do as Cactus Jack suggested to you. Just tell everyone that while at school you were having difficulty seeing the board at school so you got your eyes examined and were prescribed glasses. You were told that because you have astigmatisms (which of course you don't have) you need to wear your glasses full time. You can even say that you were told that you may need a stronger prescription once your eyes adjust to your glasses. That will explain your getting new glasses when they arrive. Getting contacts is only going to make it harder for you explain when you do need to start wearing glasses. Forget the contact idea. Not to mention it will save you a lot of money as well. Getting glasses is much cheaper than contacts.

MROP 23 Nov 2017, 15:49

Cactus Jack,

Thanks for your reply. (It’s Molly Rogers, changed nickname)

I’ll definitely order some -2.50 glasses tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get used to them pretty quickly.

Do you believe that I will be able to induce some myopia myself? I want to be able to need glasses. My personal goal is around -2.00 permanently but would be interested to see if you think I can achieve this. Obviously I started off with a lower power to ease myself in but am happy to build my way up.

My aim is to be having an eye exam in around 4-5 months and being told I’m slightly myopic. Is this a realistic goal?

Also the headaches I’m getting when i don’t wear my glasses, does this suggest it’s working?

I’m going to get measured for contacts next week. So il order some online then.

Cactus Jack 23 Nov 2017, 09:58

Molly Rogers,


You have the right idea, but it takes longer than a few weeks.

Contact have the same effect as glasses, but you need an exam for them, instruction about how to insert / remove them, and very Importantly how to care for them.

You SHOULD NOT order contact lenses without knowing the Lens Diameter and Base Curve. Poorly fitted Contact Lenses do not allow enough tears and oxygen to gt to the Cornea if too tight or they will tend to float out of position if too loose. Your Corneas DO NOT have any blood supply. They are living tissue that get their nutrients from tears and oxygen from the air.

There is a way to get contacts if you don't presently need a prescription. People often wear contact for changing their eye color or as part of a costume (e.g. Halloween). If you get an exam for changing your eye color, you will find out your Base Curve (BC) and Diamete (Die)r, how to insert / remove them, and how to care for them.

Once you have your BC and Did, you can order any power online.

For now, I suggest glasses. One thing you can do, is wear them if you go home for the year end holidays. There will be some questions, but it is very common for University students with high reading workloads, to develop some Myopia. Being a bit nearsighted is actually a help when reading, but it makes seeing distant objects, such as the board in a classroom very problematic. The only explanation you should need to give is that you were having trouble reading things on the board or screen in the classroom and you got an eye exam.

There are two kinds of Myopia. Axial or True Myopia and Pseudo or False Myopia. Axial Myopia is caused by a mismatch between the TOTAL PLUS power of your eye's lens system and the length of your eyeballs. There is usually a genetic component in developing Axial Myopia it takes a long time and is considered permanent.

Pseudo Myopia is what you briefly experience when you take off your glasses. It is caused by your Ciliary Muscles being slow to relax after squeezing your Crystalline Lenses to increase their Plus power to compensate for the -1.50 glasses. If you wear the glasses as much as possible, you may develop some Pseudo Myopia that takes longer to resolve when you take off your glasses. Pseudo Myopia is considered to be temporary, but temporary can be a long time.

If you are having no problems with the -1.50 glasses, you should probably order some -2.50 glasses. When you get comfortable with those, consider -3.00 or even -3.50

I can also suggest a Simple Eye Test you can do in your room that is amazingly accurate, to measure your progress.

Hope this helps.


Molly Rogers 23 Nov 2017, 05:10

Hello! Hoping someone can help me out. I’ve wanted glasses for as long as I can remember, but have perfect eyesight. I went for an eye test 6 months ago and got told there was no need for any correction.

Since then, in fact the last few weeks, I’ve bought myself a paid of -1.50 lglasses and have been wearing them as much as possible. I’ve found that I can see perfectly clearly through them, get no headaches and have gotten used to them pretty well. I also find that when I take them off I get around 10 seconds of blur that seems to be increasing. Interestingly, the last few days I’ve been finding that without them, I’m getting tired easily with more headaches. Is this my eyes getting used to and needing my glasses?

I’m using them for everyday use, but not around family as they would ask questions. Fortunately I’m in uni so can wear them pretty much 24/7.

My question is, am I likely to be able to induce some myopia if I keep this up? I am considering buying contacts with this power in also and wearing them all day every day to try and help my cause, will this do the same job? How long can i expect to be doing this before I can take an eye exam that will show I am slightly myopic?

I am a 21 year old student.

I study an awful lot ( and keep my glasses on for close work)

Thank you

Billy A 20 Nov 2017, 00:24

Cactus Jack,

Our army needs workers, if someone have -8d or more (or is fat etc) will get job for example in the kitchen, office or somewhere, where can be "hidden". A few years ago was limit for army service -6d, but now we have no limits.

Shortsighted army, yeah :)

Cactus Jack 19 Nov 2017, 10:27

Billy A,

A person who needs -8 or more and is correctable to "normal" vision 6/6 or 20/20 is able to function without difficulty in almost all visual environments. The big concern is their ability to function without vision correction. In other words how can they function if something happens to their glasses. A person who needs -8 glasses experiences increasingly blurry vision beyond about 12 cm or 5 inches without their glasses. If they also have some Astigmatism, the distance may be less.

People who need that amount of vision correction can do quite well in a support or technical role where it is unlikely that they would loose their glasses or they would get broken. Also, it is pretty common for people whose performance would be compromised if they did not have vision correction, are supplied with two pair of glasses.

As a very practical matter, the cut off point for vision requirements depends on the availability of "warm bodies".


Billy A 19 Nov 2017, 00:43

Cactus Jack,

Induce myopia for exemption from military service,interesting :) In my location, if someone have -8, will not be exempted, but corrected.

I love glasses with thick lenses & how i look with, -5.5 is not enough to be fully satisfied :)

With GOC I can wear -14 or more, but cannot imagine wear GOC fulltime.

Cactus Jack 18 Nov 2017, 14:30

Billy A.,

I had a highly motivated "client", about your age, who was naturally about -4, be able to work up to being able to read and study with -20 glasses. If you apply Vertex Distance effects -20 glasses have the same refractive effect at the Cornea as -15 or -16 contacts. That meant that he had been able to strengthen his Ciliary Muscles to produce about 11 or 12 diopters of accommodation and some residual Pseudo Myopia. A surprising result at his age.

He was highly motivated to "pass" (flunk) (depends on how you look at it) an eye exam for exemption from military service. Even where the most powerful dilating agents were used.. He was successful in obtaining an exemption. Ultimately, his Pseudo Myopia resolved and he is now about -5 Axial or True Myopia, which is enough to still be exempted.

If you are comfortable reading with the -5.5 glasses, you actually have about +8 diopters of accommodation while you are reading.

If you do GOC with CLs based on based on approximately -5 at the Cornea, it has the same effect as wearing the -5.5 glasses. If your GOC combo is based on your actual refractive error, observe good hygiene, use contacts with good permeability for Oxygen, and give your Corneas adequate rest, GOC is pretty much harmless.

But I suspect you knew that.


Billy A 18 Nov 2017, 12:38

Cactus Jack,

I recover very quickly. I've tried a lot of different power glasses and about -7 or -8 is comfortable just for a few hours, not longer. I always wanted to wear more, something about -12 or -14. It must be supported by contacts, "natural" way without ruining eyesight doesn't exists. Or exists? :)

Cactus Jack 18 Nov 2017, 11:48

Billy A,

At 27, you apparently still have plenty of accommodation. You are probably beyond the possibility of Inducing any Axial or True Myopia, but you might be able to develop some Pseudo Myopia as your Crystalline Lenses get stiffer in a few years.

If you recover very quickly after taking off your -5.50 glasses, your Crystalline Lenses are still very flexible.


Billy A 18 Nov 2017, 09:41

Cactus Jack,

I'm 27. With -5.5 i can see absolutely clearly, no headaches etc. But this is my accomodation limit for fulltime comfortable wearing. More power is possible just with GOC

Cactus Jack 18 Nov 2017, 08:46

Billy A,

May I ask your age?


Billy A 18 Nov 2017, 01:24

Hi, my vision is 20/20, but i wear -5.5 fulltime :) More than 1 year and my vision still 20/20. I just like how i look with -5.5 :)

Adrian 31 Oct 2017, 13:30

Weirdeyes, I wear a plus 19 cls in my left eye and then minus 14 glasses. The astig of 3 degrees is corrected in the glasses as well as the 8BO prisms.

With cls only I get serious double vision, mainly as cross eyes are only corrected by glasses. In my experience it is very difficult to get images the same size.

I am able to play sports with my glasses securely held in place with a strap. I plan to play in uni teams next year.

My left eye is stable but the right eye's Rx is changing pretty fast. I am about to try RGP lens which will be easier in the mornings and also made in stronger powers if my right eye worsens.

Weirdeyes 31 Oct 2017, 11:00


Due to axial length changing image size some people with large differences their eyes do better with glasses. I think Adrian mentioned having image size differences when he only wore contacts.

NNVisitor 31 Oct 2017, 09:01


If you havn't already been assessed by an opthalmologist with experiance in finding solutions for people with large differences between the vision needs to see clearly in each eye you should be. If you have already been contact the Dr. who assessed your eyes.

Contact lenses provide very close to natural vision. Well hopefully that is the result. If not you should find out why you are having problems with them. Eyeglasses due to their distance from the eyes create smaller images for minus lenses and larger images for plus lenses thus glass glasses alone would create a huge size disparity between your two eyes. Best of luck going forward but remember that you do need the right assessment by a professional to find the best solution for you.

Weirdeyes 31 Oct 2017, 00:10


What glasses and contacts combination do you wear?

Plusminus 30 Oct 2017, 23:33

I dont know how i can induce myopia with my current rx

Adrian 28 Oct 2017, 10:21

I wear a combination of contacts and glasses. Best for me is a contact in the left eye then glasses on top with similar strength lenses.

Contacts in both eyes gives double vision as the images are different sizes and in addition my eyes turn in.

No glasses is difficult. Right eye is a blur. Left eye out of focus but clearer than the right. I put a contact in asap.

My Rx is changing so Lasik not possible at present.

Plusminus 28 Oct 2017, 02:12


How is your vision without glasses?

Im OD -1.0 OS +1.0. My vision is fine without glasses, but i like wearing them. And i always like to be more nearsighted

Weirdeyes 27 Oct 2017, 23:13


Wow that's intense. Can you wear glasses or do you have to wear contacts? Would you ever get lasik to reduce your difference?

Adrian 27 Oct 2017, 22:43

My right eye is minus 14, left eye plus 7.

Plusminus 27 Oct 2017, 17:53

Anyone here have antimetropia?

NNVisitor 19 Oct 2017, 20:23


If you love the blur then don't wear your contacts or glasses for an hour or longer daily. Find a partner who's quite nearsighted and wears glasses. Then you'll be around stronger glasses without the overcorrection induced headaches. If your prescription has not yet stabalized with all the reading you do you probably will have a need for stronger glasses in the future and the -3.50 will be closer to your actual prescription then. Problems solved.😀😀

Cactus Jack 19 Oct 2017, 18:52


I understand. I was not trying to be nosey, but looking for clues. I hope that the explanation was useful. I don't think there is any risk in wearing the -3.50 glasses or even a bit higher as long as the headaches are not persistent. If you want to discuss any of this privately you can contact me at


BlurLover 19 Oct 2017, 18:31

I dont wear those -3.5 over my contacts—im sure that’d be too much correction. No double vision ever. Thats all the info I want to provide, apologies.

Cactus Jack 19 Oct 2017, 07:05


In your late 20s you should have plenty of Accommodation Range to easily and comfortably deal with -1.00 over correction (-3.50 instead of -2.50). Accommodation Range is a measure of your ability to focus at all distances. That ability gets reduced as we age by what is called Presbyopia.

Presbyopia actually starts in childhood, but does not typically become a problem until the late 30s or early 40s. While late 30s to early 40s is typical, Presbyopia can occur at any age, depending on your genetic makeup and visual environment.

Presbyopia is the gradual stiffening of the Crystalline Lenses, which are 1/2 of your auto-focus system. The other half is the Ciliary Muscles (focusing muscles in your eyes). For their size (tiny) they are the strongest muscles in your body. Their job is to squeeze your Crystalline Lenses to increase their PLUS power when you need to focus closer than say 20 feet or 6 meters.

Usually, the Ciliary Muscles get plenty of exercise and are strong, but uncorrected Myopia has the same effect as having built in PLUS reading glasses. In your case, because you normally need -2.50 correction, when you are NOT wearing -2.50 contact or glasses, you have in effect +2.50 built in reading glasses, which is the ideal power for reading at 16 inches or 40 cm. That means that your Ciliary Muscles get no exercise, get weak, and you have the symptoms of Presbyopia.

If your Ciliary Muscles are out of condition, you will often have Headaches when you try to read or focus close because your Ciliary Muscles are "straining". Think of that situation as similar to lifting weights at the gym. When you first start with even light weights, your muscles will be sore the next day.

If you have been regularly reading with -2.50 contacts or glasses, your Ciliary Muscles should be getting enough exercise to stay in condition.

There can be other causes of headaches and I am playing detective with very few clues. Please try to be a bit more forthcoming. If you would prefer to discus this in private, that can be arranged. A few more looking for clues questions

1. When you wear the -3.50 glasses, are you also wearing the -2.50 contacts?

2. Do you ever experience double vision, even briefly?

3. If so, what are the circumstances?

4. Where do you live (country)?

5. What is your gender?

To answer your question about "risking lazy eye or other weird shit", probably not.


BlurLover 19 Oct 2017, 05:59

I usually wear contacts. Glasses only 2 or 3 days a week and at night. I am late 20s. Lots of close work.

Cactus Jack 19 Oct 2017, 00:03



May I ask a few questions?

1. Your Age?

2. Your Occupation?

3. Do you do a lot of close work particularly, with smartphones or tablets?

4. When you read with your -2.50 glasses do you leave your glasses on?


BlurLover 18 Oct 2017, 19:01

I am -2.50 in both eyes and just bought some -3.50 zennis. I really love the way they look and feel. I am getting a bit of a headache though. Is that normal?

Also—Im bot risking lazy eye or other weird shit, right?

Otherwise I’m lovin this blurry life.

Cactus Jack 17 Oct 2017, 23:31


There is an interconnection in your brain between the Focus Control System and the Eye Position Control System that causes your eyes to converge when you add Plus to focus close. You have to add Plus to compensate for the -10 and that interconnection causes your eyes to try to converge. It is not uncommon for one eye to turn inward more than the other.

Have you had an eye exam recently?

What is your current complete prescription?

Have you had any double vision problems with the -10s?


Josh 17 Oct 2017, 21:12

I have been following the thread a while ago and i raised my myopia from -3 to -4 by constantly using stronger pair of glasses .. Now i am using a -10 in fact but when i looked in the mirror one day recently i noticed that my left eye isn't looking straight forward, don't know at which point of time it happened really .. I am back to my old glasses as of today but i want to know is there a solution for this lazyeye or i should just live with it

NNVisitor 24 Sep 2017, 22:06


How could your wife not know she's wearing strong glasses? The -7 lenses look strong and are far stronger than -3 glasses. Was it your wifes idea to induce more myopia? Who supplied her the -7 glasses?

If your wife has her eye exanination at the same office all ECP working there will have access to her chart and what she was previously prescibed? If it's a different ECP at a different office they won't and will rely on her current glasses as a base to proceed from.

Cactus Jack 24 Sep 2017, 05:31


The reason I asked that question is that all Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) maintain records of their patients. If she went to the same oculist as before wearing glasses significantly different than previously prescribed, there would be questions asked.

If it is a different oculist, it does not mater as much.

You have not mentioned your wife's age or the reason for the eye exam. Both are important for answering your question. The fact that you asked the question 2 days before the exam makes it almost impossible to come up with an answer that will make sense to the ECP.

If it is a different oculist, just have here wear the -7.00 glasses or some that are just a little weaker.


mm 23 Sep 2017, 22:45

I think not.

But my wife remembers the sight defect.

and rather she does not know that she now wears -7 diopters

Cactus Jack 23 Sep 2017, 05:44


Is she going to the same oculist that prescribed the -3.00 glasses, I assume 2 years ago?


mm 23 Sep 2017, 03:21

For 2 years my wife induced -7.0 ( She does not know she wears strong glasses )

The last recipe is -3.0

On monday she goes to oculist.

What glasses should she wear?

What will the eye test show?

Cactus Jack 16 Sep 2017, 07:40


Yes. While it is called Pseudo Myopia, optically, it is really Myopia. The difference between Axial or True Myopia and Pseudo Myopia is the cause of each and how permanent they are. Pseudo Myopia is considered to be temporary. How temporary depends on many factors such as age, how long you have been overcorrected, how much you have been over corrected, etc.

One thing to remember is that optically, Pseudo Myopia and Latent Hyperopia are actually the same thing. Both are caused by the inability of the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses to quickly relax to their minimum PLUS power. Which you have depends on your actual refractive error and the amount of residual extra PLUS you have induced.


Greg 15 Sep 2017, 21:33

If i induced pseudomyopia, will it show in the autorefractor? Thanks!

Soundmanpt 04 Sep 2017, 13:22


Also it isn't near as easy trying to order contacts on line as it used to be. Also contacts will cost much more as well because you can buy a very nice pair of glasses on line from Zenni ( for as little as $6.95. You're clearly only talking about contacts because your shy about wearing glasses. That's the first thing you need to get over with. If you can see perfect wearing your -1.75 glasses just start wearing them a little more each day until you're able to wear them from morning til bedtime in front of everyone and not feel shy. Simply look around at how many people you see wearing glasses. It's not a big deal for anyone to see you wearing glasses.

Forget about wearing contacts. Like Cactus jack said contacts aren't that easy to wear. It even takes days of wearing for your eyes to even get somewhat comfortable wearing them.

Cactus Jack 04 Sep 2017, 07:43


Either one will work, but glasses are much more convenient.

If you have never worn contact lenses, you need to get the first pair professionally fitted and you need instruction in the proper hygiene and care of the contacts. The reason for that is that while soft contact lenses are very forgiving, you still need to get the correct Brand, Diameter and Base Curve to fit your Corneas. Contact lenses float on a film of tears Incorrectly fitting contact lenses can block the tear film.

Your Corneas DO NOT have a blood supply. They get their Oxygen from the air and oxygen and nutrients from your tears. Your Corneas are living tissue and must have both.

Poor fitting or hygiene can result in permanent damage to your Corneas. Even if you do not need vision correction, you can get color changing or costume type contacts that include the Diameter, Base Curve and instruction.


Henry 04 Sep 2017, 05:18


when you prefer glasses, do all in glasses and wear them !


antonio 04 Sep 2017, 03:53

Hi Nichola,

seems you are already a little shortsighted,

for how long or how often have you worn your -1,75 pair already ?

I think wearing glasses or contacts doesn´t make any difference,

best regards, antonio

Nichola 04 Sep 2017, 01:21

Yes when I wear my glasses everything is very clear and eyes don't get tired. When I'm not wearing my glasses I do miss them now. I feel really need them on cloudy day and and night because it's brighter wearing them. What is the fastest way to get miopia contact lenses or glasses?

Cactus Jack 03 Sep 2017, 07:52


There are two kinds of Myopia. Axial or True Myopia and Pseudo or False Myopia. Axial Myopia is caused by excessive eyeball growth and is considered permanent. Pseudo Myopia is caused by the Ciliary Muscles having difficulty relaxing after focusing close for a long time or wearing glasses with more Minus than you actually need. Pseudo Myopia is considered to be temporary, but temporary can be a long time if you continue to wear more Minus than you need.

At 28, it is very rare for Axial Myopia to occur, unless you are genetically inclined to be Myopic or in the case of women, you become pregnant.

You can probably induce some Pseudo Myopia, until Presbyopia creeps up on you and limits the ability of your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses to compensate for wearing more Minus than you need.

My suggestion is similar to Soundmanpt's. You need to wear Minus glasses, every hour you are awake. When you wear Minus glasses you are actually training your Ciliary Muscles to be stronger. In some ways it is like strength training at the gymnasium. You start with small weights and many repetitions, then gradually increase the weight (prescription). The -0.50 to -1.75 is a good start. When the -1.75 get comfortable, increase to -2.50. How far can you go, it depends on your motivation and some physical limits of your accommodation. The practical limits for most people in their mid to late 20s is about -12.00 over their actual prescription, but hat takes lots of work and effort.

If you start wearing your glasses full time, thereC. will be a day or two where you will be asked about your glasses, but that is usually the end of it. In some ways, it is like getting a new pair of shoes or a different hair style. You can even start with the -1.75s if you want. Few people notice the prescription, but notice the frames. If you are asked about your prescription, just tell them that you were surprised by the amount of correction you needed. You thought your vision was OK until you got an exam. It is great how well you now see distant signs etc. with your glasses.


Fred 03 Sep 2017, 05:54


you can discuss with Soundmanpt and others

all this in

best regards,


Nichola 03 Sep 2017, 00:22

So if I wear my -1.75 glasses all the for a few months then get news ones at -2.50 maybe in a year I could be wearing -3.00? So would I reley on glasses? Can I never be shortsighted? Can people get shortsighted when they get old or is it only longssighted?

I buy the cheaper lenses so my glasses look stronger

Soundmanpt 02 Sep 2017, 13:30


First of all you need to decide what you really want and then be totally committed to your decision. But for what it's worth at 28 years old you really don't have much of a chance of inducing any real myopia anyway. But if want to wear glasses stronger than you need, like you're already doing, you can certainly continue to do that. So I would suggest if you want to be a glasses wearer you need to get over being shy about it and just start wearing your -1.75 glasses full time and not just around the house and for driving. Just tell people you had your eyes tested and you now need to be wearing glasses. No one is going to question you about your wearing glasses. At first when friends see you wearing glasses they are only going to complement you on how nice you look wearing glasses. A few may even ask to try them. Remember they know nothing about glasses so let them try them. That prescription is not all that strong so they shouldn't question you about your glasses. After maybe 8 months if you want to wear stronger glasses go for it. It's very common for people to change their glasses after that long. But even wearing your glasses full time or part time your eyes aren't going to change from being -.50.

antonio 02 Sep 2017, 13:09

Hi Nichola,

if you have already been tested to need glasses of -0,5

it´s a really good idea to wear those when driving by night.

And of course if you like you can also wear them by day.

Probably after some time you need an increase anyway as we all often do,

so why not just start with your -0,5 wearing them right away all the time if you do like wearing glasses ?

best regards, antonio

Nichola 02 Sep 2017, 10:31

I've wanted to wear glasses for a few years but always been shy to start wearing them. I don't need glasses because I had my eyes tested and only got -0.50 myopia. I bought a pair of glasses with -1.75 and can see perfect but I only wear them in my house and when I drive at night. I'm thinking of wearing all the time but am I being stupid because I have good eyesight? Also I've tried wearing -4.00 all day and it was ok that's the prescription I would like to wear but I'm 28 years so wish I started wearing glasses some years ago. Can I wear contact lenses for some months and get shortsighted? Also at what prescription should I stop at?

Cactus Jack 05 Aug 2017, 11:03


If you seriously want to Induce Myopia, you need to get familiar with how vision and optics work, if you want your efforts to be successful.

You really need a good eye exam and a COMPLETE prescription to have a starting point for increasing your SPHERE power.

Here are a couple of tips to help you get started.

1. Prescriptions are customarily written with the Right Eye first. Sometimes they are written with abbreviations for the Latin names:

OD (Oculus Dexter) (Right Eye): Sphere, Cylinder, Axis, Prism, Add

OS (Oculus Sinister) (Left Eye): Sphere, Cylinder, Axis, Prism, Add

Prism and Add may not be listed if they are not required.

If Cylinder is listed, it ALWAYS has the Axis listed. They absolutely have to go together. The Axis number specifies the direction of the Long Axis of the Cylinder correction. By convention, 0 degrees is horizontal and 90 degrees is vertical. The numbers start at 0 degrees and increase in a counter-clockwise direction, looking at the patient, from 0 to 179 or 180 degrees. 0 and 180 are the same direction. Axis numbers above 180 are not used, because there is no need.

There is one very important rule for Inducing Myopia. You only change or increase the SPHERE number. Never the Cylinder or Axis. You copy those EXACTLY.

To order glasses, you need your Pupillary Distance (PD). It is easy to measure, if you don't have it. Your PD determines where the Optical Center (OC) of the corrective lenses are located.

Inducing Myopia is a bit like lifting weights at the Gymnasium. You start with a light weight and do lots of repetitions. For Inducing Myopia, you start with a small increase in Sphere. Say -1.50 or -2.00 over your actual prescription. Then wear them every waking hour. When you get comfortable wearing those, you increase the Sphere by another -1.00 or perhaps -2.00 and wear those until they are comfortable and repeat the process until you reach your goal.

If you have any astigmatism, you need to maintain that exact correction. It is counter productive to ignore it. The additional minus Sphere can be corrected internally, which is desirable. Astigmatism must be corrected externally with glasses or contact lenses or it will affect vision at all distances.

Do you have a goal?


Desperate  05 Aug 2017, 09:58

I didnt get the -rescription from the check up today but my old prescription before i wore the -2 glasses online was -0.50 -0.50 on the right and -1.00 -0.50 on the left. Im a psychology student in thailand

Cactus Jack 05 Aug 2017, 09:16


Did you get a prescription? That is where everything starts. What is your complete prescription?

May I ask a few more question?

1. What is your occupation?

2. If in school, what level and what is your primary field of study?

3. Where do you live (country)? That can affect our suggestions.

If you are serious, you probably need to increase your prescription, but you need to do it the right way.

There are two kinds of Myopia. Axial or True Myopia and Pseudo or False Myopia. They have two different causes, but the effect is the same. You need to wear MINUS glasses.

Axial Myopia is caused by excessive growth of the eyeball and it is considered permanent. Pseudo Myopia is caused by the Ciliary Muscles having difficulty fully relaxing after being stressed for a long time. It is considered temporary, but temporary can be a long time if you keep them under stress. It is believed that if you are young enough and your genes will permit it, Pseudo Myopia can cause production of an as yet un-isolated or unidentified Eyeball Growth Hormone which leads to increased Axial Myopia.


Desperate 05 Aug 2017, 08:54

The -2.00 isnt my real prescription. I justbought the pair online in hopes that it would make memore nearsighted

antonio 05 Aug 2017, 08:47


if your -2 glasses help you more to see clear than her suggestion

you should wear

then wear your -2 pair ?

best regards, antonio

Desperate 05 Aug 2017, 08:43

Helli good eve! I have been reading the threads here lately. I have been wearing a -2.00 glasses for months now (its not my real prescription). There are times when i dont wear them and i was pretty sure that i got nearsighted a bit. Also, i get headaches when not wearing them. Anyway i got my eyecheck up today and she told me that i dont need any nearsighted correction and i onlyhave astigmatisms. Also i think that my left eye is more blurry but she said that my right eye is what needs more correcti0n. Also, when she let mewalk around with the lenses they arent as clear as when i got my true glasses. What can i do to be truly nearsighted? Im 19 years old

Soundmanpt 14 Jun 2017, 12:15


I thought you understood that in order to get to around -2.00 that it is necessary that you wear considerably stringer glasses. But you seemed a bit disappointed in how strong your glasses look now compared to your -1.75 glasses. I think the prescription (-2.00) which you really want your prescription to become is a perfect prescription for you. Not too strong and not too weak so your glasses shouldn't look too strong or too weak.

What exactly will you be doing in that class? Are you still a little worried about it? Will it involve refracting your eyes?

Yes your advice is better than your parents for your sister. She certainly doesn't need her glasses for seeing anything close which of course means things like reading and doing homework. But her prescription is strong enough that i'm sure she can't see distances very well at all. Of course there is no way to know when her eyes started becoming nearsighted but she would have had a real problem seeing the board at school if she didn't get glasses. If she wears them at school I think she will soon start keeping them on most all the time. Her eyes are going to adjust to them and she won't like how blurry everything is when she takes them off.

oopsI 14 Jun 2017, 09:08


I'm aware that I need a higher prescription in order to increase to a level I want and I don't mind the -3.5's a lot or anything. But this confirmed that I do want to stick to my original plan, which is nice to know. Also I know -3.5 is still moderate, what I meant to say was that I like the look mostly up to -3's which would probably be low to moderate, I don't know.

The objective refraction will happen in a class and I'm hoping to partner with a friend whom doesn't know much about glasses, lol.

I'm not telling my sister to take her glasses of for anything, don't worry. She wears them in school and when she's on her bike and takes them off any other time. Parents wanted to make her wear them all the time, but I told them that it really doesn't matter at her age and prescription and if she feels comfortable without them she should just take them off.

Soundmanpt 13 Jun 2017, 18:32


I'm sure compared to your -1.75 glasses in the very same frame, your -3.50 glasses do look considerably stronger now. The lenses are thicker and your eyes appear much smaller now. But there still really only considered as "moderate" power. Remember the whole purpose of wearing stronger glasses now is to accelerate the process of inducing real myopia. Wearing your -1.75 glasses won't ever get you close to being at -2.00 which you want to end up at. You can only induce approximately half of the value of the glasses your wearing. So that would be right at -1.75 or maybe even -2.00. But either way you could certainly wear -2.00 glasses if you want. So I just went back and looked up a few things and back in may you were concerned about objective refraction and said that it could be awkward. has that come and gone or is that coming up? Is that a class or a vision check?

Well it seems we were both about right about what prescription your sister might need for her glasses if she in fact needed glasses. She is off to a pretty good start considering she is only 13 and she is almost certain to be needing an increase every year from now until she is in her mid twenties. She's really not far off from needing her glasses full time now even. I know you're trying to keep her eyes from getting worse by telling her not to wear them except when she needs them. But it really isn't going to change anything if she were to wear her glasses full time, that is with the exception of when she is reading or doing other close work which would be better for her to remove her glasses for, or if she does as you have encouraged her to do. So only wearing them in school isn't really enough because she can't see very well outside of class without glasses. And the more her eyes adjust to her glasses in class the ore she is going to notice how blurry things away from class are going to be. You really don't want her to be straining her eyes either. Let her decide if she is more comfortable wearing her glasses or not. Like I said wearing her glasses isn't going to make her eyes get worse, but the truth is her eyes are going to get worse and you can't do anything to stop it from happening. Does she seem okay with wearing her glasses? Has she adjusted to them yet or is she still getting used to them? She almost certainly is going to be more nearsighted than you will be.

oopsI 13 Jun 2017, 12:19


I'd actually like the glasses to look a little less strong, I must admit. As I stated in the beginning I like a low to moderate prescription best. I know -3.5 isn't super heavy or anything, but I think I'd like it best to wear something around a -2. I loved the look of the -1.75's.

I thought my vision hadn't really changed yet, but that was because I haven't compared my actual prescription with the -1.0's recently. When I take the -3.5's off it feels like I have perfect vision after a few seconds, but I think that might be because I'm getting more used to blurry vision because with this amount of overcorrection my vision does get more blurry when I'm not trying to focus on anything. I don't mind, though, because pseudo myopia's not what I'm trying to achieve in the long run. Anyways, I compared my old glasses and the -1's today and it was obvious that I'm seeing better with the -1's now. I think I might be at a -.5 or something by now, which would be nice.

My sister got her eyes checked and got a pair of glasses that she uses in school (she's at sph -1.25 and -1) and said they make a big difference when looking at the board. She doesn't wear them when she doesn't need them which is something I encourage in order for her prescription to not go up a lot. We'll see.

love, Linda

Soundmanpt 12 Jun 2017, 12:28


So good to hear from you again. I was wondering about you since you weren't around for a while. I was wondering how your eeys were doing with adjusting to the stronger glasses. You were basically wearing your -1.75 glasses as your everyday glasses so going from -1.75 to -3.50 is quite a jump for your eyes to adjust to. So i'm really glad to hear that your now fully adjusted to them and you don't get any headaches or distortion wearing your new glasses. I'm sure your eyes probably do look smaller now through your lenses. At the same time I have a feeling you liked it that some people noticed that your glasses looked stronger. How do you feel about that? But so far you're not noticing any change in your real eyesight?

Did your sister get her eyes examined yet?

oopsI 12 Jun 2017, 12:05

Sorry for being absent for a while, I was really busy.

I'm doing well with the -3.5's. I've gotten a few comments on them (that my eyes look smaller (friend whom I told that I got my prescription changed), that they do look thick (the frame is very thin and the lenses are pretty big, so it makes sense. the sunglasses don't even go over the edge of the frame)) but that was alright. I'm fully adjusted to them, don't get headaches or anything.

My vision doesn't stay blurry, I've been spending a lot of time outside since the weather is nice, so I'm guessing they won't have much effect at the moment, anyway.

Love Linda

-25 09 Jun 2017, 08:45

-17.25, -4.5, 110, 24, out and -12.25, -5.00, 040, 24, out and an add of +2.

I live in Ohio, just completed my 1st year of college, and I am the worst at math and am not a fan of science.

Cactus Jack 06 Jun 2017, 16:09


It might be possible, but you DO NOT "just get some -25 glasses". It does take some "training"

May I as a few questions?

1. What is your Complete prescription?

2. Where do you live?

3. Are you still in school or soon starting University?

4. How did you do in math and science in school?


-25 05 Jun 2017, 23:19

Hi, I am nearsighted and some other stuff, about -17 and -12 and I really want to get to -25. I am 18 years old, is there any way? Also do I just get -25 glasses and make mys lef used to them?

Soundmanpt 26 May 2017, 15:48


Just checking to see how you're doing with your new glasses? I know you have only had them a few days? I'm sure your eyes are still working hard to adjust to them.

Soundmanpt 22 May 2017, 16:36

Glad to hear that you got your glasses. So how do you like your prescription sunglasses? I'm not really surprised that your glasses feel a little bit weird. It would have been helpful if you could have wore your -1.75 glasses along with your -1.00 contacts while you were waiting for your glasses to arrive. I know you have been wearing your -2.50 glasses around the house but that's still not the same as wearing the stronger prescription full time. So what you're really doing is almost doubling what your eyes are used to. I am glad that your headache didn't materialize. Maybe by getting a fresh start tomorrow morning will help a bit. I'm sure things do look small now, but as you know as your eyes adjust to your glasses everything will soon appear normal size to you again. Try not to walk into any bike racks. lol

oopsI 22 May 2017, 12:55


my glasses arrived. They feel a bit weird, but I see pretty well with them on. Not much distortion or anything. Stuff seems a bit small, though. I felt a headache come on about half an hour ago, but it didn't come, let's hope it stays that way.

I'm interested to see how my sisters appointment will go. I don't expect her prescription to be much higher than a -1, because she hasn't been complaining about not seeing the board well or anything. We will see, though.

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 18 May 2017, 14:28


I assume your still waiting for your glasses to arrive? I'm sure it must be different in Austria as for as delivery service than here in the US. Here I always knew that once he shipped out of California I would have them in my mailbox within 3 days.

I'm glad to hear that you have been wearing the -2.50 glasses during this time. It's too bad that your eyes don't seem to be able to tolerate wearing contacts for very long. Since you really favor your -1.75 glasses for comfort and looks having the -1.00 under your glasses would have been perfe4ct all this time. But if you were able to wear your -2.50 glasses for nearly a full day inside and outside quite comfortably that should help when your new glasses arrive.

And nice that your sister has an eye appointment scheduled for next month. So what prescription do you think she will come away with? I have already said that I think maybe something like -1.00 or maybe -1.25. I really don't think she is going to need any stronger.

antonio 17 May 2017, 21:35

How much Astigmatismus correction do you wear currently, OopsI ? Just interested, habe a nice day,

love, Antonio ;-)

antonio 17 May 2017, 15:19

Wow Oopsi,

sounds funny Ehen you said you felt drunk without then :-)

Do you know it feels normally Mord difficult to give away your glasses the more the stronger your lenses get?

Guess you Start really needing Them to See? :-)

I sometimes like to look oder my lenses, toojust now I found out doing it I read the clock at the wall in this chamber wrong bareeyed, not a surprise With my -6.5 :-)

What do you like to look at over your lenses?

I had a female friend wearing glasses maybe like -2 who looked at me like that if I weren't too far :-)

Best regards, Antonio

oopsI 16 May 2017, 15:58


One of my friends loved the so much I told her to go on Zenni and order a pair. She's one of the people that had tried my old glasses and she nearly fell over because she couldn't handle the astigmatism (back then it was +.25-.5 in both eyes). Some people just seem very sensitive (she wears a light minus without cylinder herself).

I'm still going -1.75's outside and -2.5's at home and recently when i spend most of the day studying i wore the -2.5's for everything (including going for a walk and stuff) I barely notice them anymore.

My sister has an appointment about a month from now.

love, Linda

Soundmanpt 16 May 2017, 14:10


That's one thing that must make you feel good when people complement you on how awesome your glasses look on you. And didn't you simple love when they tried your glasses on that they said they felt really drunk wearing them? When people tried on your old glasses I think most hardly even noticed that they even had a prescription in them. Just think when you get your new glasses how much more drunk they will feel wearing them? And of course you're going to feel a lot more drunk as well when you take your glasses off. It doesn't sound like you have been wearing your -2.50 glasses very much at all recently? Don't you think that might make going from -1.75 to -3.50 pretty hard on your eyes? That's twice what you're wearing now you know. You might have to wear the -2.50 glasses for a few days so your eyes can better adjust. What do you think? Do you think your eyes can handle it okay straight away? Has mom or dad made an appointment for your sister to get her eyes checked yet? Is she out of school now and if so when does she go back? If she is going to be nervous about having to wear glasses i'm sure getting them just before starting back at school would make it that much harder for her if she barely even had them long enough to get used to wearing them. If she didn't say anything about your glasses feeling even slightly strong to her eyes i'm thinking that she probably need about -1.00 or even -1.25 glasses. I'm sure she liked the over correction just like you. But -1.00 or -1.25 is still about enough for full time wear. Too bad your -1.00 glasses have astigmatisms in them or you could let her try those for a while to see how they work for her.

oopsI 16 May 2017, 12:55


no, I'm wearing the -1.75's. I just like to look over the lenses sometimes.

Today a bunch of people told me how awesome the glasses looked and a few even tried them on. They all said they felt really drunk in them. I felt drunk without them.

Love, Linda

antonio 16 May 2017, 11:19

Hi Oopsi,

does that mean you are going around sometimes bareeyed again or do you use your old glasses then, those you have worn for a year now ?

Best regards, antonio

OopsI 14 May 2017, 13:20


Hey :)

No, the test is going to be at the end of June, I was just looking at two schedule and saw that there will be objective refraction done. I'm not sure if everyone will be doing it, though.

As I'm expecting the new glasses I have been a bit sloppy with wearing the ones I have at the moment and I've been testing my eye sighed all the time. I know, not effective, but as it still seems to be working and the changes will be more rapid with the stronger glasses I guess it's okay.

Soundmanpt 14 May 2017, 13:02


Okay so if they already shipped out of Hong Kong they should arrive this week sometime I would think.

Based on your own testing you're eyesight isn't as good as it was just 2 months ago before you started.

This is what you were expecting to come up but just a bit sooner than expected? Do you know what day they will be doing this? Well it shouldn't be too awkward. You certainly can't go in wearing your -1.75 glasses because your eyes could be slowly changing the longer you have your glasses off during the testing. So I would suggest that you pull out your old -.25 -.50 / -.25 -.50 glasses and wear them that day day at least until they finish testing you. Then you can put your -1.75 glasses back on. It would have been better if they were testing you next month.

oopsI 14 May 2017, 12:26

Just looked at my classes. We will be doing objective refraction... That could be awkward...

oopsI 14 May 2017, 09:45


I don't quite remember when it was that I placed the order, but tracking says it has left Hong Kong.

My vision without glasses was quite good when I started, I hardly noticed blurriness in good lighting using both my eyes. When it was darker/when I closed one eye there was some blur (in the dark) or ghosting (when closing one eye in good lighting). Now I think there is some blur when I wake up when I look out of the window. That's pretty subjective, though. I used an online eye exam thing this morning in good lighting to test it. My vision was better with the -1 glasses (instead of my regular glasses) for my left eye for sure, I think it was better for the right eye, too, but it's wasn't an obvious difference.

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 12 May 2017, 15:00


You seem to be noticing some changes in your eyesight since you started wearing over correction. Were you able to see the leaves on a tree without your actual prescription glasses being on? And it's a very good sign that when you take off your glasses now it is taking longer and longer for your vision to recover and even then only partially. Apparently your left eye must be slightly weaker than your right eye. Interesting since your actual prescription is the same (-.25 -.50) in both eyes, I had to look that up to sure all the way back to March 14th) in both eyes. You mentioned recently that your vision is a bit more blurry in the morning than it used to be which is another good indicator of change. Once you get you new glasses it should even speed things more for you. How long ago did you place your order for them? Have you checked the tracking to see where they are? I know you said that you wear your -1.75 glasses as your everyday glasses but are you still wearing the -2.50 glasses around your house so it won't be as shocking to your eyes when the -3.50 glasses arrive and you start trying to wear them.

Have a great weekend Linda.

antonio 12 May 2017, 13:46

OopsI, seems to me, you are More in need of wearing a lens in Front oft your weaker left eye than you have been before ?

If you like we can discuss in lenschat.

Cu and Best regards, Antonio

antonio 12 May 2017, 13:35

Oh okay OopsI, I know your left eye has Bern your weak one before. So how strong will be your New pair?

Best regards, Antonio

oopsI 12 May 2017, 13:24


I haven't tried doing that without wearing the overcorrection for a length of time.

When I now take off the glasses it takes a while for my eyes to adjust. My left eye stays pretty blurry, though (cannot make out leaves on a tree at all, while with both eyes they are there, just not perfectly clear). It also only takes a few seconds of wearing the overcorrection for my vision to become blurry again (but that's also mostly for the left eye, when I look at things with both eyes I can still see quite well, not perfect, but okay).

I'm exited for the new glasses!

antonio 12 May 2017, 05:21

Hi Oopsi,

habe you ever tried again to wear only your original -0.5 ones and how you see in Them now in different situations? Or even gone bareeyed anywhwere?

Just interested, best regards, Antonio

antonio 12 May 2017, 05:20

Hi Oopsi,

habe you ever tried again to wear only your original -0.5 ones and how you see in Them now in different situations? Or even gone bareeyed anywhwere?

Just interested, best regards, Antonio

antonio 09 May 2017, 14:55

To OopsI,

so glad to hear you aren't going mad, girl :-)

Best regards, Antonio :-)

oopsI 09 May 2017, 10:13

Soundmanpt and antonio

I'm gonna respond here to keep it in one thread.

I was wearing the -1.75's and don't worry, I don't want to be that shortsighted. Far from it, my goal is still in the -2 range. I was just interested to see a person with glasses that looked terribly strong.

I actually just ordered the glasses and am excited to get them :)

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 01 May 2017, 10:52


If the contacts are bothering your eyes or making the itchy then you're right in not wearing them. The last think you want is an eye infection. Besides you are doing fine with just wearing your -1.75 glasses full time. And you said that you are planning on placing your order for stronger glasses very soon anyway.

oopsI 01 May 2017, 09:48

I think I can't wear the contacts, I wore some yesterday and my eyes are still itchy ...

oopsI 30 Apr 2017, 02:21


Yes, I figured. Happens when you don't have to register in a forum.

Soundmanpt 29 Apr 2017, 19:04


Just so you know, that post on "29 Apr 2017 15:32" wasn't from me and I think most of the ones claiming to be posted by Antonio aren't by him either. There is a troll that is finding great humor in posting comments under other peoples name. As you know I wouldn't post a comment like that since I know that you in fact have some astigmatisms already.

antonio 29 Apr 2017, 17:35


Perhaps both of you will be wearing mason jar lenses within a few years.

Myodiscs rule! :-)

best regards,

antonio :-)

antonio 29 Apr 2017, 15:39


interesting to think who of you both will need stronger

lenses to see okay :-)

best regards,

antoniio :-)

NNVisitor 29 Apr 2017, 15:34

Noreen asked why anyone would want to create an eyesight problem they don't have.

Doing so is a form of self harm. It's beyond the scope of rational thinking to plan to harm oneself.

Soundmanpt 29 Apr 2017, 15:32


I forgot also to mention that the blurriness that you are having may be due to some astigmatisms beginning.

How would you feel about needing cylinder correction for astigmatisms?

antonio 29 Apr 2017, 15:31


for most of us the decision was taken somewhere else :-),

you are an exception there :-)

sorry for the "elderly", :-)

cu in lenschat perhaps,

a little myopic regards,


oopsI 29 Apr 2017, 15:27


Elderly? I should probably sort out my retirement plans ;)

With me it's a decision, with her it's more like bad luck and too much instagram, lol. If she needs glasses already, she's probably going to end up in your prescription range.

Love, Linda

antonio 29 Apr 2017, 15:03

Hi OopsI,

"Poor thing will probably end up with quite a bit of myopia",

like her elderly sister will probably :-)

myopic regards, antonio

oopsI 29 Apr 2017, 11:56


That my eyes were relaxing when looking at stuff in the distance only lasted for about two days, I'm guessing it was because I was because I slept less than usual. I read somewhere that the eyes get the "command" to grow when they get blurry vision/hyperopic defocus, I don't know if that's just a theory, though.

Today I ran out of contacts (wore some -1's under my glasses today because I spend a good bit of the day outside) and decided to buy new ones (-4's this time to wear under my old glasses and some -2's) I'm actually considering getting some monthly lenses at one point as that would be a good bit cheeper, but I'm worried that I might damage my cornea by doing that. Maybe I should get some fitted at some point...

I'm gonna remind my dad to make an appointment for her. My sister seemed not to bothered by her possible need of glasses, and I'm guessing she's old enough to get contacts if she hated wearing glasses. Poor thing will probably end up with quite a bit of myopia by the time she's all grown up.

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 29 Apr 2017, 10:01


I forgot to answer your question about your eyes losing focus or seeming to be "lazy" when looking at things in the distance. What's happening is your eye muscles are in fact relaxing. So in effect your eyes are simply trying to ignore the prescription in your glasses. So even though your vision is somewhat more blurry that way your eyes are going to be more comfortable because their not being forced to stay focused. You're trying to train your eyes to see naturally wearing -1.75 glasses.So you want to force your eyes to stay focused as much as possible.

I don't know when high school starts in Austria but if your parents haven't made an appointment for your sister to get her eyes checked you probably need to remind them. And since she almost certainly will be getting glasses she might need or want a little time to get used to wearing glasses before she starts back at school. When she was trying on your glasses did she seem okay with the idea of wearing glasses herself? Since you wear glasses full time i have a feeling she would probably be fine with it.

Rich 29 Apr 2017, 05:57

Thanks for explaining, Cactus Jack. I've always wondered why I've had some (relative) success with inducing myopia during my 30s and other people on this forum haven't.

Cactus Jack 28 Apr 2017, 19:54


You have most likely induced some Pseudo Myopia and maybe a very little Axial Myopia. Pseudo Myopia is caused by the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses having difficulty relaxing to minimal PLUS power after either focusing close or wearing glasses with more MINUS than you actual need for a very long time. It is considered "temporary" but that is a relative term. As Presbyopia creeps up on you, the Pseudo Myopia may decrease. There is no way to predict how much of your Myopia is Pseudo and how much is Axial Myopia or where you will finally wind up.

Enjoy it while you can.


oopsI 28 Apr 2017, 13:36


thank you so much for your advise. Right now I feel like it's working for me anyways, but if my prescription isn't going to change significantly by October I'll surely try your method, it sounds like it's working out well.

It's good to read success stories :)

Love, Linda

Rich 28 Apr 2017, 09:31

In 2008, I was 30 and a pathetic -0.75 in both eyes. In summer 2009, I started wearing glasses/contacts ordered online (a -2 prescription) full-time. In April 2010, I walked away with a -1.5 prescription at an eye test. By 2012, I was at -2.5. Now, it's -2.75 (and unlikely to rise - am nearly 40) but I wear -3.25 glasses/contacts daily. Any possible reasons why this has happened?

Maxim 28 Apr 2017, 07:55

to Wisior

Very good ideas indeed, and nicely written. Very helpful in my opinion, thank you!

wisior 28 Apr 2017, 05:01

One more thing. How I bought contact lenses? I wrote on a normal paper sheet all data needed to buy lenses: power, curve, type, company etc.and accessories. Then I went to the shop and showed this sheet to the optician/seller saying that I must buy it for my sister who is leaving town tomorrow morning for long trip and she sent me here to buy it. They never asked any questions. And I had excuse to say "I don't know, but please don't force me to go anywhere because I must go back to work". :)

wisior 28 Apr 2017, 04:42


Good to hear that it works. When I was 27 I wanted to induce some myopia. I read all posts on this site and started to do so. That time I was +0.75/+0.25. I bought contact lenses -4 "day and night" (as they are more oxygene transparent) and I wore them since I woke up till the end of the day (at night I took them off, it's better for eyes). I spent a lot of time reading, doing close work. After 3 months my vision in +0.75 changed to +0.25 or 0.0 and my other eye went from +0.25 to -0.25. Due to my age, my eyes were too old to increase myopia in more significant amount, and I decided to stop. Little myopia was not my goal. Now, after 10 years, my eyes still stays at these numbers. So it worked!

If I were you, at your age, I would consider to buy contact lenses and wear them under the glasses you already have. It will prevent lenses to look thicker and attract people's attention. Contact lenses have one more good thing - you cannot take it off that easy, so your eyes have much more constant condition that can adapt to. Wearing contact lenses after some time will cause you to forget about them. That is the point. Do not give a chance your eyes to relax, and results will appear very soon. Don't test your vision, just wear lenses and forget about them. After one month buy little stronger ones and wear them constantly. After 6 months there must appear some good results.

Power of lenses, in my opinion, should be as strong as possible but allow to keep all day good vision - near and far (it means when reading, your eye focus must be at least 3/4 of possible focusing power - it must give constant pressure on the focus muscle - but not too much, you must see clearly even when reading longer time). First weeks of wearing contacts I felt this pressure on my focus, but then my eyes adapted to it. Then the pressure began to disappear and after some more weeks I would be able to use stronger lenses. I am sure that after one year of wearing lenses as strong as possible to tolerate , will create good level of myopia. But it's important to not go to far with overcorrection. You must be able to keep focus all the time. Then after month or two, try to buy lenses 1D stronger. And then again... When you will reach your desired level of myopia, then all nice things will start to happen. Just let the process go smoothly, not disturbed and results will come quickly. Must be consistent! Good luck

oopsI 27 Apr 2017, 21:11


Okay, I'm just going to order the two glasses, then. Makes everything cheeper, which is always nice.

The lazy thing is like you describe it. When I look in the distance and don't focus on anything my vision will blur if I don't force it to stay focused. It will also focus every now and then.

I have a terrible sweet tooth and was always surprised that I never had a cavity. Now I'm not in that club anymore.

To the anonymous person,

thank you, how sweet of you to congratulate me ;)

Love Linda

? 27 Apr 2017, 18:55

Linda, congratulations on the beginning of ruining your eyesight.

Coke bottles could be in your future.

Soundmanpt 27 Apr 2017, 17:37


Yes! That's very exciting news that you're unable to read the the title of a book a distance away from you that in the past and now you're unable to read the title of the book without your glasses that is a very good sign that their is some change in your actual vision. If 8 hours of sleep wasn't enough for your eyes to fully return to your normal vision. Of course I know that you understand that your vision isn't close to being -1.75 but it seems like it must be a little worse than -.25 -.50 / -.25 -.50 now. So yes I think that you're clearly on schedule based on your own testing. I'm glad that you're planning on placing your order for stronger glasses sooner rather than later. Getting the exact same glasses as you're already wearing is a very good idea because that way no one will be able to tell any difference in your glasses and by getting the higher index the lenses shouldn't look any different to anyone. No one will be asking to try on your glasses since they won't know their different.And I think that you really like your -1.75 glasses as well as how you look wearing them. Nice that you found a pair that will make nice prescription sunglasses from Zenni too. You have already made quite a bit of progress just by wearing your -1.75 glasses. And when you get your -3.50 glasses that should even speed up your progress even more. So I don't you need to bother with getting -6.00 glasses, at least not at this time anyway.

Youn have me a bit confused by exactly what you mean when you say that your eyes seem to get "lazier" when you're not doing close work but instead looking at something in the distance your vision gets blurry if you're not reading something. You say that you can avoid this from happening, I assume you mean by forcing your eyes to focus, but its comfortable to just let it happen by allowing your eyes to relax. I assume you mean this happens with your glasses on?

Well since you had the one filling done you know what to expect getting theses two filled. So Linda has a sweet tooth does she? Yeah candy will do that according to dentists anyway.

antonio 27 Apr 2017, 12:22

Hi OopsI,

so sorry I missed you in here,

I had little technical problems,

best wishes to you and myopic greeetings,


antonio 27 Apr 2017, 11:17

Hi OopsI,

you blind thingy

Shortsighted life is full of surprises, isn't it? :-)

And if you like to stay informed even bareeyed,

it's also increasing your physical fitness AS you just approach your shelf every day from now on and your mental fitness AS it will be soon More easy for you to memorize things than to really read or See them. Am I right??

Best times to you , Antonio :-)

oopsI 27 Apr 2017, 10:14

The book is on a shelf on my wall, I wasn't reading it :)

oopsI 27 Apr 2017, 10:13


I sure hope so. This morning I realised I could not read the title of a book anymore, I used to be able to read that, so that's good, too, I guess. I'm gonna order the new glasses soon and am quite excited to do so. I'm going for Zenni's, though, because I found a cheep and pretty pair of glasses on there to wear as sunglasses and that way I can stick to my frames (and higher index is free). I'm also considering ordering a pair with a higher prescription (like a lot higher, maybe a minus 6) to wear while reading every now and then, but maybe that's not necessary as I feel like I'm on schedule with the changes :D

I noticed my eyes seem to become "lazier" though, because when I'm not doing close work and instead I'm looking at things in the distance my vision gets blurry when I don't need to read anything. I can avoid that if I want to, but it's comfortable to let it happen. Should I avoid it or can I just relax?

I got some pain meds and I'm doing okay. Last time I didn't really listen and I actually need another two fillings, that's why I have to go back. I might just not have brushed as well since I'm in college or eating all that candy while studying has finally taken it's tall on me. Dental work is catching up with me now, lol. I wore contacts which was good, because I couldn't keep my eyes closed.

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 27 Apr 2017, 09:40


That's exactly the way you want your eyes to feel when you put your glasses on first thing in the morning. And i'm sure that with your glasses you have never seen so clearly in your life before. And when you take them off you have never seen so poorly before for those first couple minutes. But even though one or minutes doesn't seem very long it is still better than when your eyes went back to normal nearly immediately when you took off your glasses. Now you would like your eyes not to return to normal for 4 or 5 minutes in the next week or two. It should start to go a little faster once you get your stronger glasses.

Sorry to hear that you were unlucky enough to need a root canal. I hope they gave you a prescription for some pain killers just in case it started hurting more later on. They had me get pain killers but I honestly never had any pain at all. They told me that I might not be able to eat any solid food for a day or so but I actually ate a sandwich along with potato chips later that evening without any problem at all. Did they say why you need to go back in a week? I know last time you weren't happy that they made you take off your glasses. Did you remember to wear your contacts this time or did you just take your glasses off?

Soundmanpt 27 Apr 2017, 09:13


You just didn't go back far enough. I just went back and looked and oopsl's first post was back on March 14th at 09:10. Since that time she has has many comments about her desire to induce myopia.

oopsI 27 Apr 2017, 08:23


I'm from Austria and I'm 20 years old :)


werty 27 Apr 2017, 03:06

Hi oopsl,

I don't find your older posts...

Where do you live?

How old are you?

oopsI 26 Apr 2017, 09:25


The glasses feel pretty much normal when I put them on it the morning and I still really enjoy how clear my vision is with them on. Without them I cannot see clearly past an arms length (obviously not in the mornings, but for a good one to two minutes after taking them off).

I got back from the dentist and in fact was unlucky enough to need root canal treatment. The thing itself wasn't much more than uncomfortable but now my tooth feels very sore. My dentist told me that the headaches could well be caused by my tooth, though. So that's hopefully gonna stop now. I have to go back in a week again. God, now I understand why people hate the dentist, lol.



Soundmanpt 26 Apr 2017, 07:43


I told you that you had no reason to be afraid to tell them about your dentist visit. Like I said i'm sure that they are very proud of you. If you're going for a filling I have had several and trust me I always feared going to a dentist so I guess you could say i'm a coward. But it was completely painless.

Sorry to hear that you have been getting headaches the past few days. It could very well be caused by the cavity or you said something about maybe needing a root canal. So it could be teeth related. I know when my broke off tooth started giving me a problem I had off and on headaches everyday. I don't think the headaches are caused by your glasses because that was far more likely to happen when you first started wearing them as your eyes were adjusting to them. It seems that your showing progress already if if things are remaining really blurry after you take off your glasses much longer now. It was only a couple weeks ago when you said that your normal vision was returning almost immediately when you took your glasses off. Just the fact that it is already taking longer for your normal vision to return shows that it's working. Have you noticed that when you first started wearing the -1.75 when you first put them on in the morning it probably took your eyes a little time to focus and adjust to them. Now when you put them on in the morning they very quickly feel like their your natural glasses.

oopsI 25 Apr 2017, 15:21


I have told my mum and she said she will of cause cover it. She even laughed a little when I admitted I didn't want to tell her. The appointment is tomorrow, wish me luck. Does it hurt when they fix a tooth, though?


I've been having a little trouble over the past couple of days as I've been experiencing headaches. I don't really understand why, because I haven't been studying and only wore the -1.75's. Maybe it has nothing to do with the glasses thing.

I noticed that (when taking my glasses off for showering etc. ...) my vision was really blurry and is already staying blurry much longer. It still goes back to normal after a while, though (or in the mornings)


I understand what you mean. I think it's somewhat like wearing a tongue piercing that might destroy your teeth. Only that it's not actually damaging your eyes.

For me I mainly enjoy the look of minus glasses and hope to avoid needing reading glasses by inducing myopia.


glad you liked my comment

love, Linda

Soundmanpt 25 Apr 2017, 14:24


What did you decide as to telling your parents about your dentist bill?

Soundmanpt 24 Apr 2017, 09:14


Your question is a fair one. Everyone has different taste in style and looks. When you first started wearing glasses it wasn't popular for a girl or young woman to wear glasses. Young girls were brought up by their mothers that if they wore glasses their chances of getting married wasn't very good. But those days are long gone now. A young or woman wearing glasses is now very much accepted. If you look most all of the young woman's boutique now have several racks of fake glasses just because so many young women have made glasses a fashion accessory must have. That is fine for some but for others they don't want to feel like fraud or fake so they prefer to wear real glasses with a prescription in them even if they have perfect eyesight. For many women wearing glasses provides them with a more professional look and some feel like they will be taken more serious if they are wearing glasses and others glasses gives them more self confidence. It has been proven that wearing glasses is an advantage when interviewing for a job. I can totally understand your point of view on this because your glasses are so strong that even wearing them you no longer have 20/20 vision. Of course no one should ever want that. But as long as these people are only making their eyesight bad enough to require glasses and with their glasses their eyesight is at least 20/20 they are doing no real harm. And as long as they don't go extreme if they were ever to decide on having perfect vision with glasses it can be restored by lasik.Everyone has different opinions of what looks good. Personally i really don't like seeing an attractive young lady with tattoos allover her body. But there are many that find it very attractive.

Noreen 23 Apr 2017, 15:55

I am new to this site, and have been reading this thread today.

I am curious, and somewhat disturbed that people actually try, and some succeed with making themselves nearsighted.

I have been nearsighted since age seventeen, and most likely even before that. I now wear very strong, and thick glasses, and even with them do not have 20/20 vision.

I had periods in my life when I needed to get new, and stronger glasses at least once a year,and a few years more than one time.My optometrist at that time referred to my situation as galloping myopia.

My latest problem is that I now can not read with my glasses on, or off, and have to now wear bifocals.

Why would you want to create eyesight problems that you do not have? I wish that I could go back to normal vision, or at least glasses that are not as strong as I now have.

Maxim 23 Apr 2017, 15:09

To OOps / Linda,

Hello Linda, thank your for your friendly comments,

you've really got a fair knowledge of these things.

Your reply gave me more ideas, what to remember. After reading your comments about childhood hyperopia, forgotten remembrances rose up into my mind.

First, I remember from my days of childhood, that from the age of 10 or 11, I always urged my mother to go for an eye exam. I said, I had vision problems.

I remember - and that was in the first four years of school, that I would always take care of the glasses of a friend, when were playing at the playground, and we were climbing on an installation, that we called "the tower", and he was afraid, that his glasses could fall down and break. He had "plussies" around +3 with prisms (today I that), as he had one eye turned inwards (crosseyed).

And what was the outcome of the eye exams? The doctor said: "Well, your sons vision is not perfect, and I could prescribe glasses, but if he goes without, "this could grow out ...". That was the approach in those days, and I was so disappointed.

Something else I remember is again a hint for my childhood hyperopia. There was a family, longtime friends of my parents, who lived futher away, but used to come for a visit two or three times per year, and vice versa. After one visit, their Grandma hot forgotten her readers (+3.00), and they waited to be returned, but always forgotten.

I knew, where they were lying, and I often wore them, when my parents were away. I not really enjoyed these 'plussies', I was always keen on myopia glasses. But, I remember (remembered only now after your writing), that the near point (they were without any doubt +3.00) was not at 0.33 meters, but somewhere between 1 and 2 meters!! So I learnt from your comments, that I must have had a hyperopia of approx. 2 diopters at this age!

A proverb says: "Man lernt nie aus". Interesting!

oopsI 23 Apr 2017, 05:38


I do agree that inducing myopia by overcorrecting is certainly not a thing for everyone as you can gather from this thread. There are quite a few people that seem to be unable to induce any axial myopia, even being quite young when starting the process. From your story, I think you've probably always been a hyperope and could probably have worn a +4.00 (or even higher) correction when you were 20 once you got used to it. I suspect you didn't have a dilated eye exam as a child and have had quite a bit of latent hyperopia until you got your prescription in your late 20's. Maybe you have even lowered your hyperopia by wearing minus correction, we will never know.

But from what I've gathered (by watching vision training videos out of interest and reading some science on it) something called hyperopic defocus/wearing significant negative overcorrection does seem to cause axial myopia, at least in non human animals.

But I agree, likely most of the myopia that's induced by people on this thread is pseudo myopia, as very few people go their eyes tested after not wearing overcorrection for an extended amount of time it's hard to tell. I'm planning on getting my eyes tested about 6 months from now, not having worn correction that day. Even if I end up with a significant increase >0.5 diopters more minus that will not be great evidence as for one it's still only anecdotal and two I've just had an increase in spherical power anyway and after just starting university it's not unlikely that I was to develop a bit more myopia anyway. We will see.

Love, Linda

Maxim 21 Apr 2017, 15:41

PS: In my case, hyperopia looks like a heritage.

Nobody in my family comes to my mind, who is myopic.

But my father's mother, my mother and their brothers, and my sister, all of them lower (between +3.00 and +4.00) hyperopics.

I remember my sister, when she was about 16. We were talking about glasses (my father was wearing readers then), and I knew many facts about the optics of the eye. She asked, how one would know about the need for glasses, as she felt, that she might have difficulties with her vision.

So I asked her to try my father's readers (he had +3.00 readers then), and she could see right away full distance - she could read clearly newspaper headlines in 20 feet / 6 meters, that we could barely see that they were there.

In the next two or three weeks she came home with a +3.50 prescription, and was a permanent wearer from then.

Maxim 21 Apr 2017, 15:25

Hello, Linda, Soundman, and all the others here.

I've got a more general question. I am a bit sceptical about inducing myopia. That comes from my own experience.

Why do young people become hyperopic? Becoming slightly hyperopic is like inducing myopia. If we wear a 'miscorrection' of -1.50 e.g., this has the same effect, as if we were hyperopic. O.k. so far? Why does the hyperopic eye not transform into more myopic - from the need for a +1.50 correction towards +1.00, +0.50 and eventually 0.00 = emmetropic?

My personal experience is that I learned to accommodate - e.g. I could imagine a pencil or a finger just in 50cm in front of my eye. I had been around 20 years then - at the university. After wearing -2.00 for three or four months, I was diagnosed R -1.00/-0.50 at 50 degrees // L -1.00/-0.50 140 deg - that was more than the necessary correction - the ophtalmologist was a bit irritated and said - he said, that must be the astigmatism.

I told my family and everybody that I needed glasses now, and bought a pair of R -1.50/-0.50 and L -1.25/-0.50, a little bit stronger than the prescription. With this prescription I was fine, for distance and for reading and close work as well - for everything, and my dreams had come true, as a permanent wearer of glasses. I always used this prescription, but approx. 8 years later I experienced problems when reading etc.

So I went to the eye doctor, and was diagnosed - not with myopia, no, with hyperopia at least for reading, at R+1.75/-1.00cyl 70 deg // L +1.25/-0.50 cyl 160 deg, if I remember everything right.

I couldn't really believe that, and within three or four months, I went to a different doctor, and he said, he would make a 'full' correction, I should take that forr reading, but within a short time this would be o.k. for distance vision: R +2.00/cyl-1.00 // L +2.00 / cyl -0.50.

And, how right he was! Within two or three years, my hyperoia prescription went up to R +4.00/-1.75 / L +3.25/-1.00 and stabilized then for the years to come.

I had been unable to induce myopia in spite of wearing myopic 'miscorrection' for about eight years, I ended up with a +4.00 hyperopia.

Soundmanpt 21 Apr 2017, 13:58


I'm not at all surprised that you have been following this thread for sometime as well as probably other research as well. So you were already considering the idea of working to become myopic even before you were wearing glasses. I know you said that when you were 13 you were given a prescription for glasses of +1.00 as i recall but I don't think you ever got glasses at that time? You really never started wearing glasses until about 6 months ago. I assume it was only after you started wearing glasses full time that you enjoy wearing glasses and have decided to act on your feelings. I don't think you should feel guilty wanting to try and make your eyesight a little worse than it really is. You're not doing any harm to anyone including yourself. You already need glasses full time due to your astigmatisms. All you're really attempting to do because your eyes to need enough correction that your glasses will have a decent enough prescription that your glasses will have some thickness to the lenses as well as a little bit of cut-in showing. You have every right to try and determine what prescription you want your eyes to be. I'm sure that in reading you have seen where inducing becomes much more difficult the closer you get to being in your twenties and your 19 so you know if you're going to act this is when you need to do it to have any real change to change your vision. But there is no way to know for sure if you get some actual myopia or not. But even if after trying there is no change in your real eyesight I don't think you have any plans on wearing your old glasses again. So I think no matter you will continue wearing stronger glasses since your eyes see even better than perfect and you like the looks of the stronger glasses as well.

Only having one cavity is really good. You have no reason to feel bad about that. So you shouldn't feel bad about telling them. And if they are willing to pay for everything you may want to accept. I'm sure their very proud of you for being in med school and you have showed me that your a very smart young lady. I only wish I had met you sooner and had told me why I was going to have trouble down the road. It was at least 3 or 4 years from the time that it broke off before I started getting tooth aches and even headaches from it. That would have given me plenty of time to sign up for dental insurance. Here the first year the insurance hardly covers much but by the 2nd year it pays nearly all of it.

oopsI 21 Apr 2017, 12:25


I've been reading up on it for quite some time (I think I've known about this forum for a good three years) but never really acted on my desire to become myopic because I felt guilty about it.

I'm pretty sure I'll be doing okay with -3.5's accommodation-wise. I'll get them as soon as possible and will certainly continue what I'm doing at the moment.

I think if I asked my parents to pay for the visit they'd do that, but I don't want to tell them about the cavity... But I might just swallow my pride there, because I don't really have the money at the moment and the dentist told me to come back soon to avoid root canal treatment which I might need anyways. I hope I can get around that, though. I wish I hadn't avoided making that appointment for a few months though (she thinks blushing). That story about your tooth sounds like fun; not. If you break a tooth it usually dies after a while. Sometimes your immune system can keep the bacteria at bay for years until it gives you trouble with infection and/or pain. But in the end be glad to have it out, because that's a permanent infection going on in your body which really is something you want to avoid .

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 21 Apr 2017, 11:59


Once again you have impressed me with how much you must have researched "inducing myopia" before you decided to do it. Yes you're exactly right if you were driving on a daily basis you would have definitely needed to start by wearing the weaker glasses and taken much smaller steps as well. Because even with -1.00 there would have still been a small problem with depth perception as well as some distortion. It would have taken you a good bit longer to get to -1.75. And from what you have said your eyes seem perfectly fine wearing your -2.50 glasses but for some reason you don't like those glasses as much as you like your -1.75 glasses. Linda you know your eyes better than anyone else knows them, so you certainly know how your eyes felt after wearing -3.50 correction for 7 hours. It is noteworthy that 5 of those hours you were studying which means you needed good close vision which didn't seem to bother your eyes at all. I think if it weren't for your eyes getting dry from wearing contacts for so long when your not used to having contacts on for that long you would have wore -3.50 correction even longer if not till the end of the day. And like your -1.75 glasses any depth perception or distortion should go away rather quickly as well.

I was wondering if the dentist visit was something you were going to stuck paying out of pocket fer. I have really good health insurance but i don't have dental insurance either and last summer a tooth in the very back of my mouth which had broke off several years before for no reason started giving me tooth aches until I had no choice but to get it cut out. The actual dental work was actually painless but the bill was a big pain. It cost me $700.00 to get that stupid tooth cut out. But before the end of the day I was eating potato chips without any problem. So I guess that means that you will have to hold off with ordering your glasses for a while? Until then just continue doing what you're already doing doing wear your -2.50 glasses as much as possible and apparently you like wearing your -1.75 glasses better.

oopsI 21 Apr 2017, 10:53


I'm glad I don't drive, because for that I would probably have needed a step more (gone from -1 to -1.5 to -2 and then -2.5) to feel safe with it.

I don't quite know how well I see, but it feels pretty much perfect. And again, I wasn't aware how well one could see at night. It's like day time clear just darker, lol. I could even see leaves on trees and stuff, which I never thought to be possible at night.

I don't think testing my eyes with contacts will help much. The accommodation really seemed fine (no sign of a headache after 7 hours, five of which were spend studying) so I'm assuming the real problem will be the distortion. In the morning I usually put on the -2.5's until I leave the house. They feel good I don't notice them much.

I don't quite know when I'll be able to buy the new glasses. The dentist was a surprise, I'll need my first filling... I didn't plan on that and I'll have to pay for that first. (I thought my tooth hurt because I was grinding again, haha)

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 21 Apr 2017, 10:42


I just saw you new post. Dentists always make you take off your glasses because they don't want them to be in the way. I assume it wasn't because you couldn't see very well without your glasses but because you have been really trying hard to keep your glasses on from the time you open your eyes in the morning until you close them at bedtime. But some things can't be helped. What if you didn't have contacts to wear? Most likely you weren't trying to focus on anything anyway. not much you can see when your in the chair. Your head is usually facing upwards at a very bright light shining in your eyes. And I don't know about you but I really don't care to see what is going on so I sit with my eyes closed the whole time. It's bad enough hearing the drill I don't need to see it too. But now that you know and as long as you have contacts you might as well wear them instead of your glasses. I hope you don't have to wear the contacts long enough that you get red eyes again. I'm sure you will switch as soon as possible back to your glasses because your contacts don't correct your astigmatisms.

Soundmanpt 21 Apr 2017, 10:21


It was very understandable that your depth perception was off quite a bit at first. That was exactly why if you recall my first concern was that you would be driving with your new glasses and misjudge distances of things in front of you. So i was glad that yo said that you don't drive very often. Most people if their nearsighted get their first glasses at -.50, -.75 or even -1.00. But even with such a weak prescription the doctor might still warn them to be careful at first when they drive with their glasses. So yes wearing -1.75 glasses at first would cause your depth perception to off quite a bit even though you were able to see very well with your glasses. The clarity and sharpness was better than you have ever seen it before. Am I right when I say that when you first started wearing the -1.75 glasses when you first put them on in the morning it a short while for your eyes to adjust to them. But each day your eyes have adjusted to them quicker and now when you put them on in the morning your eyes seem to already adjusted to them right away. So they should feel as natural to your eyes as your old prescribed glasses felt. I guess you know that if you were test your eyes wearing your -1.75 glasses on an eye chart you should be able to the very bottom line and who knows you might even be able to read in the lower corner where it says "made in Taiwan" in very tiny So yes you are in fact seeing as if you have the best ever made HD TV. So yes i'm sure your night vision is also much better as well. I don't know for sure but I think seeing 50% less at night seems on the high side but without a doubt everyone's eyesight should be better in daylight.

I know its not your intention to be wearing contacts, you're clearly wanting to be a glasses only girl. But I didn't know if you might still want to test your eyes anymore wearing -3.50 correction or if you feel certain enough that your eyes are going to be fine wearing -3.50 glasses full time once you get them. Since you're planning on ordering sunglasses in the same prescription you seem content with staying at that prescription for a while. And your glasses should be enough to start showing some results the next tie you get your eyes checked.

When do you plan on ordering your glasses?

oopsI 21 Apr 2017, 09:54

Oh, it was a mistake to wear glasses instead of contacts to the dentist yesterday, because I had to take them off. Happens, I guess, I know better for when I have to go back there next week.

oopsI 20 Apr 2017, 23:55


thank you for the link. I will look into it for sure.

love, Linda

oopsI 20 Apr 2017, 23:54


Yeah, the depth perceptions was really off in the beginning. I didn't expect to be that effected by the minification.

Yeah, I only got blood shot eyes with the contacts, but I don't really see a reason why I'd need to wear any in the near future.

When I noticed I could see much better at night I was wearing the -1.75's. In those my vision's super HD anyways, but I hadn't realised how well I could see at nicht with them yet. I read somewhere that you're supposed to see 50% less at night and thought I might have been "complaining" or rather noticing about something that was normal. I didn't know that you were supposed to see clearly at night, too, lol.

love, Linda

Soundmanpt 20 Apr 2017, 17:52


Okay so that means since I often post to you in the morning it must be mid afternoon for you. So at this moment it is 7:15 PM and I assume it is 2:15 AM for you.

Walking into the bike rack is even worse since you couldn't have been walking very fast. You're depth perception was clearly off quite a bit! But really glad that you weren't hurt except for your pride if anyone saw you.

If you wore -3.50 correction for 7 hours and you were able to see that well and without any sign of a headache that seems to mean that you're eyes are ready for -3.50 glasses. The only problem you seemed to have wasn't from the amount of over correction but rather because of the contacts drying your eyes out. If you're intending on wearing those contacts with your glasses again you probably need some wetting drops for your eyes if you don't already have some. You've been wearing your stronger glasses now for about 2 weeks full time and is this the first time you have even had red bloodshot eyes. You don't normally wear contacts all that long do you? So 7 hours I think is pretty long for someone that doesn't usually wear contacts daily for long hours.

What prescription were you wearing when you noticed that you could see so much better at night? Apparently your actual prescription glasses needed to have a little more minus correction if your able to see that much better now. I'm pretty sure that since you have started wearing stronger glasses and you have found them very comfortable to wear and you're able to see better than perfect wearing them there is no chance you're ever going to wear those glasses you had been wearing that you folded up and put in a drawer.

Maxim 20 Apr 2017, 16:02

To OOps = Linda

Have a look at this CL supplier.

(If there are problems, just enter 'daysoft' in Google.

They claim, that they are alright with a standard base curve, and a standard diameter. They only supply spheric values, nothing more complicated as astigmatism (toric) lenses or multifocals (for elder people).

I have bought several times over the years, and their lenses are excellent and not expensive at all.

I feel these are a very good idea for your experiments to come!

Maxim 20 Apr 2017, 15:53

To OOps = Linda

Night myopia is a known phenomenon, and it seems, that you are affected by it.

In Wikipedia it is described as ...

" ... Nocturnal myopia, also known as night or twilight myopia, is a condition in which an individual has a greater difficulty seeing in low-illumination areas, even though his or her daytime vision is normal. Essentially, the eye's far point of an individual's focus varies with the level of light. Night myopia is believed to be caused by pupils dilating to let more light in, which adds aberrations, resulting in becoming more near-sighted. A stronger prescription for myopic night drivers is often needed. Younger people are more likely to be affected by night myopia than the elderly. ...".

taken from:

OopsI 20 Apr 2017, 13:50

It weird, I wasn't aware that one's supposed to see this well at night. Everything's dark, but it's still clear. I think I defiantly need more minus at night than at day time.

OopsI 20 Apr 2017, 13:45


Thank you :) my eyes feel fine now, but I might have to get some if I'm going to wear contacts more often. For that I should probably get my base curve and diameter checked out, though.

Maxim 20 Apr 2017, 10:53


Maxim 20 Apr 2017, 10:49

To "Oops" = Linda


"... my eyes felt very dry and itchy".

You could try the lotion "Salus Augenpflege".

It's an herbal lotion, and you can buy it in a 'Reformhaus' (that's the name in your Northern neighbour country) or in an 'Apotheke'.

The lotion has to be applied on the eye lids, not into the eyes, but it helps a lot against dry eyes.

OopsI 20 Apr 2017, 09:19


The time difference is 7 hours :)

I wasn't actually on my bike, I walked into a rack outside of uni and I didn't get hurt.

I think I'm going to buy the -3.5s soon, then. In a while I start a time of lectures only, which means people won't notice the glasses changeog as much, I think. If anyone was to notice, which I doubt anyway. Today I wore the -1.75 contacts with the same prescription glasses. I did fine but took them out after about 7 hours after my eyes felt very dry and itchy. I didn't have a headache or anything though. When wearing them I could blur out my distance vision willingly. I remember being able to do that with the -1.75s in the beginning too. Now that is pretty much impossible for me with just the glasses. I guess that's good, too, meaning my muscles have trouble relaxing fully.

Love, the red eyes Linda

Soundmanpt 19 Apr 2017, 16:27


By the way I have been meaning to ask you about the time difference between where I am in the US and I am in the Central Time Zone.

Soundmanpt 19 Apr 2017, 16:25


As long as you weren't injured or your bike damaged which I assume to be true then I have to admit when I read that you had misjudged where the bike rack was because your glasses caused your depth perception to be slightly flawed I did laugh a little. Now you can understand why I was concerned if you were driving a car wearing stronger glasses until your eyes was fully adjusted. So I felt much better when you said that you don't drive very much.

I agree, if you find that your eyes are going to be okay wearing -3.50 glasses then that should be enough over correction to change your true eyesight. I'm sure that you would agree that so far your eyes have been extremely co-operative with you because they don't seem to mind being considerably over corrected very fast. That would seem to mean that they will become more myopic as well. Just don't be impatient, give your eyes the time they need to change. I think if you can get to -2.00 that would be a perfect prescription for you. You would be nearsighted enough that you would need to wear your glasses full time, but you would still be more than able to function without your glasses if you had to or wanted to. I think it's very likely that by wearing -3.50 glasses that you could get to around -1.50 or maybe as much as -2.00 but probably not any more than that.

oopsI 19 Apr 2017, 13:03


Okay, then I'll go for the 1.57 index. It doesn't really matter if I spend 60 or 65 dollars :D As the 1.57 was free on Zenni I got it for the -2.5's and they look a little thinker than the -1.75's but it's not obvious.

I laughed at your reminder, it's true, while I barely noticed the additional accommodation I required for the -2.5's the distortion was pretty obvious. The 360° effect on my laptop is gone, and I don't notice them when walking up the stairs anymore.

I don't think going any higher than maybe -3.5 will do much for the induction, will it? as I'm not planning on inducing anything more than a -2 prescription, especially not within a year or so. What would you say?


Soundmanpt 19 Apr 2017, 12:12


You're likely going to ordering your glasses in a -3.00 or more so that's enough that if yu want to be sure no one will notice any difference in your lenses that you should go with 1.57 lenses. Might be well worth the extra $5.00.

That's right I forgot that you have the -1.75 contacts so even better since you have been wearing your -1.75 most of the time

The -2.50 glasses might not have felt terribly strong when you first tried them but they must have seemed stronger then ten they do now. And your eyes ad to do a little bit of adjusting to them when you started trying to wear them. I seem to remember someone crashing into a bike rack because her depth perception was slightly off. So besides no longer having a distortion problem your depth perception must be much better as well.

It seems like since you are planning on getting the AR coating and ordering sunglasses in the same prescription that you plan on wearing that prescription for a while? That's fine and should be enough to start inducing myopia.

oopsI 19 Apr 2017, 11:23


I already checked, I'd be at around 60$ for everything, including tinted lenses and AR coating for the glasses. I wonder if I need to go higher index for the new glasses (the one's I'd be wearing full time, not the sunglasses) as I don't want people to notice the increase at this point. 1.57 isn't free on firmoo, but it's only 5 bucks I think.

I think I'm just going to try wearing -1.75 contacts under the delicate golden frames tomorrow to test how my eyes will cope with that.

When I first put on the -2.5's at home they didn't feel terribly strong but the distortion really bugged me, which it doesn't anymore. I can wear them outside fine.

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 19 Apr 2017, 11:14


Oh I didn't know Firmoo was running a buy one get one free deal. That sounds like a fair deal Just check as what your lenses cost. I have seen several comments about various prices for lenses but i assume they might be referring to high index lenses?

As you know from my suggestions I have made for prescriptions to start with I don't want you to rush things or force to much on your eyes too fast. But as you found out rather quickly having you get -1.00 glasses turned out to be a waste of money for you because they hardly had any effect on your eyes. And you very quickly adjusted to your -1.75 glasses with very little if any stress to your eyes. Now you're able to wear the -2.50 glasses and they are already feeling very natural to your eyes. So yes I think you need to increase a bit more when you order new glasses. Just as a test before you order anything why not try wearing your -2.50 glasses for a few days, if not already wearing them full time, and once they are comfortable to you try wearing a pair of your -1.00 contacts along with your glasses. That of course would make the combination -3.50 and that maybe too much stress for your eyes but should give you better idea where you need or want to be with your next glasses. I'm in agreement with you that your eyes shouldn't have any problem wearing -3.00 glasses but depending how your eyes feel wearing -3.50 correction you might decide that -3.25 would be a better option and maybe even -3.50 glasses. You're really the only one that can determine what your eyes are capable of wearing. I don't want to push you and you shouldn't push too hard yourself. So far you have been taking one step at a time and that is exactly the way you should be doing it. I'm sure when your glasses first arrived in the mail and you tried on the -2.50 glasses they should have felt really strong when you first put them on. But after wearing -1.75 for a short time so same -2.50 glasses are now very comfortable to your eyes.

oopsI 19 Apr 2017, 10:28


thank you :) Yes, I've seen the reviews. I think I actually found a pair that looks pretty much exactly the same as the -1.75's I have. They are a little cheaper than the pair on Zenni, and with their buy 1 get one free thing I'll be at about the same cost for that pair (in a heavier prescription) and a pair of sunglasses (that's actually really cute) as I'd be at Zenni's for a not so pretty pair of sunglasses (because firmoo's shipping cost and tinted lenses charge are higher.

Do you think I need to go higher in prescription to induce any myopia? Because if so getting a pair of low prescription sunglasses from the opticians near by would be a waist of money.



Soundmanpt 19 Apr 2017, 09:16


I can answer you somewhat about Firmoo. I have never ordered glasses from them for anyone but I have seen in You Tube that they often reach out to people that blog and offer them free glasses if they will then do a review of their glasses on You Tube. They then allow that person to provide someone else with a free pair as part of a contest. This is done of course to promote the company. One thing that Firmoo does is for every pair of glasses that you buy they give a free pair to a person in need of glasses in poor countries. If you go into You Tube you will find a large number of videos with people doing reviews on their glasses.

oopsI 18 Apr 2017, 01:36

Hey :)

Do you know anything about the website ? They have really cute frames and are pretty cheep.



antonio 17 Apr 2017, 14:56

Dear O-OpsI

all you ex-xaggerate in life is not good, Linda,

was it Konfuzius who said that ? :-)

this time it´s up to me to remind you, :-)

best regards, antonio

OopsI 17 Apr 2017, 14:14


I'm sorry to say I don't play golf :D


The thing about the name thingy's sad, your friend was probably a little jealous. Be proud of that shot, in spite of it requiring a bunch of luck, too.

Yeah, I bet my sister would, if she doesn't already, have trouble seeing the board and will likely be more myopic than I am (maybe even more than I'll ever be, lol).

Sorry, I didn't mean -1.5 glasses but was talking about -1.5D overcorection so my -1.75 glasses. I wondered if in order to induce I should keep more stress on my eyes or if -1.5D over correction would be sufficient for now. I did measurements again. I started out with being able to read clearly with my left eye at 12 cm with the -2.5's now I'm at 9 cm's, the training on my celiar muscles seems to work.

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 17 Apr 2017, 13:52


It doesn't hot you until later. The more I thought about it and how rare it really is even for the pros the more I am proud of having done it. Some skill but a lot of luck for sure. Like I said before i'm not really very god in fact I am happy to break 100 for 18 holes. But i have always been pretty good at getting on the greens on par 3's for some reason. Of course to have any chance of getting a hole-in-one you need to do that first and then the rest is just plain luck. As it turned out I now feel really stupid because I was the one that was supposed to buy a round of drinks but I didn't even knew that was an unwritten rule. Funny thing a couple years after that they opened a "Chip and Put" very near my house. A chip and put means that you only bring your chipper and putter because every hole is a par 3 and most all of them are very short. By short I mean like between 50 and 125 yards. So several of my friends wanted to play it because it was lighted so you could play after dark. On the 4th hole which was 63 yards I got a hole in one. I was actually very happy about that because unlike the other one this one I could actually see it go in. I started to go in and tell the people at the desk but my friends started teasing me so i didn't bother. A few years later one of the guys that was with me that first night called and wanted to play that course again for fun. I was shocked that on every hole they had signs with the names and dates when people got hole in ones on each hole. If I had gone I would have had my name listed first on hole #4 and since I didn't say anything i'm not even listed. When I pointed that out to my friend he just laughed and said that I shouldn't have paid any attention to them back then. He even admitted that if he had done he would have gone in and reported it. Thanks a lot friend! Oh well. I can't cry over spilled milk now. Oh and that ball you asked about is in my sock drawer with the scorecard and the newspaper clipping.

I'm glad to hear that between your dad and and you and your mom your going to make sure that your sister gets her eyes examined. Most likely she can't see the board at school very well anymore and as you know it's only going to get worse. I'm sure you don't want her grades to suffer because she isn't seeing properly. It's very possible that she is going to be more nearsighted than you if she gets her glasses very quickly.

I'm sure you were grinning when your mom wanted to use your glasses to read something. You knew your glasses were going to be useless to her of course.

If the -2.50 glasses already feel pretty much normal to you and the -1.75 are now completely normal to you then yes if you think the -2.50 glasses are too extroverted to wear for everyday wear then yes if you want to get a different pair you might as bump up the prescription a little as well. You really impress me with how smart you are with all this. Yes a very good idea to get your glasses made with -3.00 lenses in the same frame as your -1.75 glasses because that way no one will notice any difference in your glasses. Very smart thinking. And why not go ahead and get your sunglasses at the same time? You have be confused abut what you were referring to about -1.50 glasses? Remember I am older and don't think as fast as you do.

antonio 17 Apr 2017, 13:32

hi OOpsI,

wear your new golden glasses next time,

then the hole-in-one will be a lot easier for you :)

and it will be a hole, not an unsharp ellipsoid, what you see

this time,

no surprise you missed it last time :-)

best regards to you, Linda, antonio

oopsI 17 Apr 2017, 12:53


thank you :)

Getting a Hole-In-One must be amazing. Have you witnessed anyone else getting one before? Did they give out drinks? Where do you keep such a secrete golf ball?

My dad overheard it, yes. I think he'll take her, but I'll remind her to ask him or my mum. Funnily enough just yesterday it was pretty dark and my mum wanted to read something and asked to borrow my glasses for it. I handed them to her with a grin and after trying to read with them on she just looked at me in shock :D Like: "Why do you do this to me?" I also been asked if I started wearing glasses by my sister. Very confusing when you have been wearing glasses for over a year.

So I think the -2.50's are a little too extroverted for everyday use (when I wear them I feel pretty normal now) and as the -1.75's feel completely normal by now I wonder if I need to go higher? If so I might order -3.00's from Zenni in the same frame as my -1.75's and order a pair of sunglasses too. Or will -1.50 overcorrection work nearly as well as a higher amount of overcorrection?


Soundmanpt 15 Apr 2017, 11:19


I nearly forgot to wish you a happy Easter as well.

Soundmanpt 15 Apr 2017, 11:04


Yeah unlike being farsighted or nearsighted only a small amount of astigmatism can cause headache problems.

I had no idea about several things when I got that hole in one. I didn't know that it was an unwritten rule and who knows maybe it is even written somewhere that the person getting a hole in one is supposed to buy a round of drinks for your playing partners. So stupid me never did that and I wasn't told that until weeks later. The worse thing an average golfer could want is to get a hole in one on the second hole. The news spread all over the course and I could see people watching me on every hole after that. I have no idea how they found out. I assume the course marshall was told by the group ahead of us because they were standing right next to the green when I hit my shot. In fact I knew I had ht a good shot but because it was so flat it was hard to actually see the ball go in the hole. It was those guys up by the green that started jumping up and down and yelling that made me know that I in fact had hit it in. Anyway after that hole I really had to try and play at least reasonably good with so many eyes on me. It turns out that course sends it into the newspapers and I didn't know about that either until I came into work and one of the guys that I work with was in the foursome put a copy of the newspaper on my desk. So they also turned into that "Hole-In-One" group. I of course have the ball as well as the scorecard I forgot to pickup the tee.

I didn't think you would say anything about over correcting. So you can't take your sister with you to get her eyes examined. Did your mom or dad hear her saying how well she could see wearing your glasses? Do you think they will take her since you can't? When she goes she will be getting glasses without any doubt.

oopsI 14 Apr 2017, 23:43


Yeah, that's pretty much exactly how I feel. When I first got glasses I was surprised to find that I stopped getting a headache most days. I was wondering if the typical axises (90/180°) are really common or if it's more of a sign for a quick eye exam. I even remember returning my glasses from a cheep place and getting them redone for free when the axis was slightly off.

So they just found out you scored a hole in one? That's odd.

I obviously didn't tell them I was overcorrecting that would be awkward. And my sister seemed surprised by all the details she could make out which sort of sounds like she really is shortsighted. She's only 13 which means I can't take her to an optician to get her eyes checked, because she needs to see an eye doctor for that. My dad actually wears readers (progressives with 0 prescription for the distance section).

Enjoy your easter, Linda

Soundmanpt 14 Apr 2017, 15:39


I think that having a -.50 astigmatism correction effects your vision more than a -.50 SPH correction. Most people hardly notice any difference at all if they only have a -.50 SPH prescription. But it is not at all unusual for someone with only a -.50 CYL to get many of the same effects that you notice an even headaches can be a result as well. So you're correct in that it really isn't very much but once you started wearing your glasses full time you were sure to notice it more when you had your glasses off. I've told this before but the young lady that used to cut my hair only had 0.00 SPH and -.75 CYL 180 axis in both eyes and these were her first glasses. She was in shock when she was told that she needed to wear her glasses full time. But the only reason she even got her eyes examined was because she always seemed to get a headache around midday. During her eye exam she said that she didn't have any problem at all seeing everything she was asked on the eye chart. So that was why she was even shocked that even needed glasses. But once she got them she soon found out that as soon as a headache started to come on she would put on her glasses and withing a few minutes the headache was gone. But when I first met her she even showed me that she could take off her glasses and still read license plates on cars in the parking lot rather easily. So i'm sure that een though you were wearing your glasses full time you were still more than able to function pretty well without them, but just more comfortable with them on of course.

Guess what? I didn't know there was a "Hole-In-One-Club" either until I started getting mail. I now have a rather large collection of a very nice magazine simply called "Golf" with all sorts of golf tips and articles. I get one every month.

It seems like your left eye might change a bit sooner than your right eye since it seems to be weaker.

So the family has had a chance to see you wearing your new glasses and it seems like everything went just fine. Mom is probably more into conventional looking glasses. You know something maybe in a rectangle shape or possibly even a cateye shape. But i'm sure the more she got used to seeing you wearing them they probably did grow on her a bit. You're brother had no chance at all of being able to see much of anything with your glasses. And your sister, if she was really able to see that good wearing your glasses really does need to get her eyes checked. I assume she doesn't wear glasses at the moment? As you know nearly everyone can see better being slightly over corrected but not by -1.75. Maybe when you go for your sunglasses you could take her with you so she can get her eyes examined so she can get herself a pair of glasses. Your dad being older is much more likely to be close to if not already there needing reader's. So your glasses would do nothing to help him. When you say you explained a little about presbyopia to him and accommodation but I assume you didn't say anything about how your glasses are actually over correcting your eyes did you?

oopsI 14 Apr 2017, 13:08

Today was funny, though.

I was wearing my -1.75's to visit my family. My mother was funny as she said she was glad my glasses had been so cheep, because she didn't think they suited me, lol. She seemed to grow on them throughout the day, though.

When we were at dinner my brother tried on my glasses. His eyes are very different prescription wise, one eye needs no correction and the other's like a +5 or something. When he put my glasses on he asked if they were even prescription, lol. Then my sister tried them on and was shocked to see how clear the world could be. "I can see everything" She said wide eyed. I think someone needs to see an ECP, lol. My father was shocked to see how little he could see through them, I explained the whole presbyopia and accommodation thing a little.

Just thought I'd share that with you.

Love, Linda.

oopsI 14 Apr 2017, 13:01


I mean my astigmatism's prescription's really light and I could easily go without it in terms of functioning, but it's just a lot more comfortable to have correction for it if I can. I think I'm gonna get a pair within the next few weeks.

I didn't know there was a real Hole-in-One Club, that's fun.


Well, yes I could hardly read the board with both eyes/my right eye and I couldn't read what it said at all with my left eye. I think it's weird that my eyes basically have the same prescription, yet behave so differently. But as long as I get to 100% vision with correction I think I'm okay.

Soundmanpt 14 Apr 2017, 09:58


You might have been a bit misleading but I also forgot that whenever you wear contacts you also need to be wearing glasses due to your astigmatisms. So you can't very well only wear a pair of your -1.75 contacts along with non prescription sunglasses even if you still had them. Okay so now I get it bu getting sunglasses in your actual prescription then of course you could wear a pair of -1.75 contacts and see perfectly. Prices for glasses and contacts are certainly much less in Austria than they are in the US. Yes if you can can your eyes checked and prescription sunglasses for less than $20.00 why not? What you're seeing when you have tested your eyes is false or pseudo myopia. It's amazing how fast even after wearing your glasses all day that after you take them off your vision is nearly completely restored to normal. But like you noticed a small amount of the blur remains bit longer. After a few more minutes without your glasses even tat blur would go back to normal. You want it to take longer and longer for your vision to go back to normal until it longer goes back to being completely normal anymore. But like you know that will take more than a few days of wearing glasses for that to happen. The best way to really tell if there is any change in your vision is when you first wake up and open your eyes and look around at your surroundings. Is things more blurry than before? The reason mornings is best is because your eyes have had a full night of sleep to completely recover to their natural state.

In my younger days I pretty much played every sport but with age and bad knees those days are in my past. Trust me bone to bone arthritis in both knees is no fun at all. Some days even walking is very painful. So those days with little or no pain are a blessing and and try my best to use them on the golf course. I am nit all that good but I will die happy because I did manage to get a hole in one a few years ago. A nice long one in fact 178 yards. Because of that I get literature every month from the Hole-In-One Club.

antonio 14 Apr 2017, 03:45

hi OOpsI,

wow from what you describe . your experiences being able

to read the sign only from 3 m away you are really a shortsighted lady now,

pseudomyopia or not you said you can hardly read the whiteboard any more ?

So please be a little careful wearing your -2,5 ones too much,

just let your nice golden frames do their effect and find out you like that state or not.

I think your left eyes often fails to read because of astigmatism you have, if that´s corrected by a lens for you I´m glad you enjoy even better view, who knows on what this

is depending: more spherical shaped retina, clear crystalline lens, a little bit of uncorrected astigmatism in your right eye, perfect eye muscles , good shaped pupille, who knows, so nice you can see so good in glasses with it :-)

best regards, Linda, antonio

oopsI 14 Apr 2017, 02:48


The testing's gonna stop now anyways, but I had a few "landmarks" of which I know how well I could read them before hand and the whiteboard was one of them. What's good to read is that the persistent blurriness is pseudo myopia, I thought that was the blurriness I lost instantly when taking the glasses off. Then I don't mind so much.

I might have been a little misleading when telling you I wanted to get prescription sunglasses. I actually don't have any sunglasses at the moment because I moved last autumn and I must have misplaced them. So if I got non prescription sunglasses they would be like 10-15 $ anyways. Because I don't like going without correction for my astigmatism (I think I'm just very much used to the correction of it and everything looks so wavy and uncomfortable without it) I was thinking I could get prescription sunglasses (at my regular prescription) and wear contacts with them. I didn't expect to get a decent prescription in them anyways. I also don't worry much that my experiment already shows an effect (the eye wouldn't be able to grow significantly within days, I'm aware of that), but more so about my prescription just changing in general. But if you say that the blurriness that remains when taking off my glasses is pseudo myopia I'm not concerned anymore.

That auction sounds like fun, though 38,000 $ actually sounds cheeper than I would have guessed. Sports are enjoyable, I like running but haven't played a lot of golf :D An aunt has a gold court in her garden where I tried and failed miserably.

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 13 Apr 2017, 15:31


Glad to hear that you doing so well with wearing not only the -1.75 glasses but even the -2.50 glasses. As long as your eeys are comfortable with wearing the -2.50 glasses it's perfectly fine to wear them. It makes sense that on a nice sunny day you might prefer to be wearing sunglasses rather than your regular glasses. And since they are the only ones that you have a clip for, why not wear them?

You may want to test your eyes on a daily basis but doing so is really counter productive to what you're trying to do. You've only been wearing stronger glasses for a few days, it takes much longer than that to permanently effect or change your eyes. Of course your eyes are doing extremely well with adjusting to over correction. But right now what you're seeing is false myopia when you take your glasses off. So it is completely normal that for a few short seconds everything is quite blurry because your eyes are instantly missing that extra -1.75 that your glasses were supplying. But very quickly your eyes recover and start to return to normal. A little bit of blur might remaining is what you want to happen the more and longer you wear your glasses. Remember this is not going to happen overnight. Changes in your vision is going to be a slow process even though your eyes seem to be very happy with being over corrected. So I know you want sunglasses but if they also refract your eyes you're not going to be getting -1.75 or -2.50 sunglasses based on what they come up with for a prescription. Seems to me you would only be wasting your $20.00. You already have -1.75 contacts why not just wear them and then you can wear your non prescription sunglasses that you already have?

I know because you're feeling so comfortable wearing even the -2.50 glasses that you are thinking that things are really happening fast and that scares you that your eyes might be getting worse as well. Trust me you have to wear your glasses for much longer than a week before you can even really assume there has been any actual change in your vision. That' why I keep reminding you that it's not as much about the strength of the glasses you're wearing as it is wearing them constantly for weeks and even months to get "real" change.

Well i'm glad to hear that you aren't as busy studying as I thought you might be. Like you I also enjoy spending lots of time on the internet as well. Of course as well know everyone in this country is talking politics with everything going on in the world today. Scary times ahead I fear. And like today for example I met up with a friend that I have known since I was about 15. We usually meet once a week at a sports bar for lunch and watch whatever is on the various TV's, Today we mostly watched a car auction of vintage expensive cars. There was even a 1914 Ford fire truck in the auction. It sold for $38,000.00. I enjoy nearly every sport and enjoy playing golf when my knees feel up to it.

oopsI 13 Apr 2017, 09:48

Hi Soundmanpt,

yes, I'm surely getting more used to them. As it was sunny today I took the opportunity to try the -2.50 glasses (with clip on sunglasses) outside again and I didn't have any problems. I noticed them, but they felt more like the -1.75's felt when I put them on first.

I don't expect anyone to notice either, but better safe than sorry, I guess.

Out of curiosity I tested my vision in school today by looking at a white board. When I take the glasses off my vision adjust quickly (it's really blurry first, but get's better), but some sort of blurriness remains (more than I remember). I could read what was on the board, but it wasn't easy and with my left eye I couldn't do it at all. I haven't done that test since about February where I was easily able to do it. This kind of progression sort of concerns me... As I'd like sunglasses with correction for my astigmatism anyway and I found a place that sells them here for about 20 dollars (that includes refraction) I think I'm going to get a pair and see what the eye test says. Not that I don't want my vision to get progressively worse, but the speed at which this seems to happen is a little worrisome.

I actually don't study that much and so I have a lot of extra time. I love just waisting time on the internet when I'm home. I also like spending time with friends and I'm engaged in a few political activities (I do a lot of demonstrations, etc. ...). I also draw and craft a good bit.

Love, Linda.

Soundmanpt 13 Apr 2017, 09:17


So it seems with each passing day your glasses are feeling more and more natural to you which is exactly the way you want your glasses to feel. The distortion seems to be slowly getting better as well and the same with moving your head fast. I think is probably caused by your peripheral vision still adjusting. You probably notice your glasses more when you first put them on in the morning than you do at the end of the day. At the end of the day do you eyes feel more tired now that your wearing stronger glasses or not any different than they did with your own prescribed glasses?

I really don't think that your mom is going to notice anything other than the fact that your wearing new glasses. She was probably more likely to ask questions when you first started wearing glasses full time. But it is always a good idea to be prepared just in case. I'm not at all surprised that you have an answer prepared. Since you;re a medical student telling her that you're wearing a slightly stronger prescription to reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses could well be form something you learned at school about vision.

Based on your own mini eye test it would seem that your left eye is considerably weaker than your right eye so that could be from things you were already doing before you got your current glasses. Your right eye will likely get weaker as well.

So just curious what doe a 20 year old girl do for fun in Austria? I know you probably spend a good deal of time with studying but you must enjoy other things as well?

oopsI 12 Apr 2017, 10:41


with the -1.75 vision wise everything's perfect and I don't notice much distortion anymore. What I notice is when I turn my head fast everything 'moves' if that makes sense. That's a lot less noticeable now, too. Same goes for the -2.50. With the -2.50 glasses when I close one eye I lose focus and go back to staying in focus quickly, but when I use both eyes I don't notice that effect. I barely notice the glasses anymore (-1.75's).

If my mum somehow found out I'd probably tell her that's to avoid presbyopia as I think that's actually a reasonable excuse. As I've been wearing my glasses full time anyway it doesn't matter much if I am a tiny bit shortsighted or moderately (to an extend where reading without glasses is still an option) so. At the moment no one's aware of my real prescription, though (one myopic friend asked recently after I asked for her prescription and I told her I was a -1.5).

You read that right exactly. I couldn't read that sign with my left eye at all without correction, with correction I could read it fine something like 40 feet away. With my right eye I could read the sign at about 20 feet I'd say. It was rather poorly light, though. I find it quite interesting, because I've been noticing my left eye being pretty week without correction even at day time but with correction it seems to be better than my right eye.

Soundmanpt 12 Apr 2017, 10:02


So far wearing the -1.75 glasses you have been able to see fine with them for everything from seeing overheads to reading very small print with no sign of any headaches? You mentioned something about distortion once. How is that now? Does your depth perception seem to be getting better the more you're wearing your glasses? Okay so enough with the thousand questions. Seeing the glasses you picked out I think your mom will say she likes how they look on you just fine. I'm sure that your mom will only notice the difference in frames from what she is used to seeing you wearing but she won't notice that your lenses are stronger. It is usually best when you're doing what you're doing nit to tell anyone including boyfriends, girlfriends and not even your mother. This may sound like a crazy question but if your to somehow get caught by your mom and she asked you why you were doing it? What would be your answer to her as to why you want to make your eyesight worse than it is? You seem to be a very smart young woman so I have a feeling that you would have an answer in mind just in case. You don't seem the type that often gets caught off guard. I don't think any of your friends that might ask to try on your glasses would be able to remember what your previous glasses were like compared to your new ones. Most likely some of your friends might have tried on your previous glasses right after you got them. So hardly any chance they would remember from back then anyway.

I started to ask you when you commented something about when you were testing your eyes that without glasses in poor lighting you couldn't read a sign even from close up with your left eye but you could see it fine with your right eye. With your glasses on you could see it fine with both eyes. Did I read that right? So it sounds like your left eye might be considerably weaker than your right eye even though your natural vision is the exact same in both eyes.

oopsI 11 Apr 2017, 14:50

The sign was like three meters in the air, so I couldn't really get closer

oopsI 11 Apr 2017, 14:49

Hey Antonio,

maybe it doesn't have a huge effect, I don't know. I'll try avoiding it again. I was literally standing in front of the sign, it was like one to two meters. It was dark, though (artificially lightened) I could make out the words with my right eye at that distance.

Thank you for your encouragement.

Have a good night, Linda

antonio 11 Apr 2017, 14:37

hi OopsI,

I don´t think it affects your eyes testing them,

how far was that sign away you couldn´t read with your left eye ? and you didn´t write about your right one ?

Seems your glasses start to help you reading far ? :-)

glad to hear they do :-)

good you don´t wear your -2,5 ones, don´t want to grope for them in the morning before seeing them :-)

yes, minus glasses minify the image of the world to you, hopefully sharpening it a bit for you,

that´s the fishbowl effect you might describe, because all is looking a bit smaller in them you have problems to estimate

distances, OOpsI in them and walked into that bike rack,

but your brain will adjust to it wearing them, it´s a question

of getting used to them I think and you just made a bit jump in prescription that´s why,

have great days full of visual tension and good events,

best regards to you Linda, Antonio

oopsI 11 Apr 2017, 13:30


I don't know what my mum will say, I hope she'll like them. I told her I bought some glasses online, but I haven't told her about the induction of myopia I'm working on. I think she'd talk me out of it if I did. I highly doubt she'll notice the lenses being stronger, but I'll just say that I got quality, high index, lenses before and in order for theses glasses to be so cheep the lenses are less thin. She has not tried on my old glasses and except for a few good friends no one has. If they want to try on my new ones I'm probably going to use the higher index excuse to explain why the lenses feel stronger, too. I doubt anyone knows how this works, anyway.

I tested it a few times, but non of them were longer than a minute. I'm really interested to see how this will evolve.

Soundmanpt 11 Apr 2017, 13:14


Oh and I am glad that most everyone liked your glasses. What are you expecting your mom to say about your glasses? She doesn't know anything about what you're doing does she? Do you think that she will notice that your glasses look a little bit stronger than before or does she even notice things like that? Will she be wanting to try your glasses on herself? Or do you think she will only notice that you got new glasses and that will be the end of it?

Soundmanpt 11 Apr 2017, 13:08


I would think you were lying if you said that you didn't cheat at least some. So you're at least being honest about doing a quick check to see how fast your natural vision returns when ou take your glasses off. I totally get that. But you know not to do that too often and I am guessing your test only lasted a few minutes before you had your glasses back on. The real test will be in a couple months when you get your eyes checked at school to see if there has been any change.

oopsI 11 Apr 2017, 12:33


Today I probably messed up my progress a bit I think, because I felt the need to test how fast my eyes get back to seeing non-blurry outside. It takes only a second or two to go back to "okay" vision when I take the glasses off. What was interesting is that I checked with signs where I tested how far away i was able to read them (guess-read as well as read clearly) and was shocked to find that I could not get close enough to one of the signs to read it with my left eye and no correction, while I could read it at like ten yards away with the glasses on. I'll try to stop myself for a month before checking again.

Okay, perfect. I'm getting more used to the -1.75's for sure, but it's not like my old glasses yet.

Shipping was 10 bucks and you're right, it's cheeper to go contacts and sun glasses.

My friends noticed, most thought they looked great. I have not seen my mum yet, I'm interested to hear what she thinks as she's very open about stuff :D

Have a good day,


Soundmanpt 11 Apr 2017, 10:28


That's good! Wearing the -1.75 glasses really seems like exactly where you need to be starting. Even though your eyesight seems to be quite good wearing them their still over correcting your eye by quite a bit. You want to wear them until they feel exactly like your -.25 -.50 / -.25 -.50 glasses felt on your eyes. In other words you want them to feel completely natural at all distances. Around your house or whenever you just feel like wearing the -2.50 glasses that is fine to do but probably not when you're going to be riding your bike. lol Your depth perception doesn't seem top be far off already wearing the -1.75 glasses and should continue to even get better with each passing day of wearing your glasses.If your eyes feel comfortable doing close work wearing the -2.50 glasses you might want to wear the -1.75 glasses during the day at school and other things and switch to the -2.50 glasses when you're at home reading and studying.

As for as sunglasses goes if you're going to be outside most of the day you can always wear a pair of your -1.75 contacts with a pair of non prescription sunglasses which I bet you already have. Because your "actual" prescription is pretty weak you were able to see well enough that you would wear regular sunglasses on sunny days. It could be a waste of money even buying the cheapest sunglasses because the shipping might be as much if not more than the shipping. By the way how much was the shipping of your glasses? You thought it was going to be $10.00 was that what it ended up being? Also I assume by now several people have seen you wearing some of your new glasses. Have you gotten any comments or complements on your glasses?

oopsI 11 Apr 2017, 09:37

Thank you :) I'm sure my eyes just have to get used to it.

Maxim 10 Apr 2017, 13:42

to Linda:

From my own experience with GOC:

Our eyes and our brains "accomodate" (they adapt to ..) with this new situation. Only half an hour or so is not enough, after a whole day e.g. after 4 to 6 hours), things are much better!

oopsI 10 Apr 2017, 12:42


I was wearing the -2.50 ones when walking into the bike rack and feeling dizzy. The -1.75 are fine for everything including biking. There is a bit of a "fish bowl effect" but I don't notice it much unless I walk up or down a stair case.I also enjoy very much how clear everything is, especially at night/in the dark.

Do you think my depth perception will adapt quicker if I wear the -1.75's all the time? Or can I wear the -2.50's at home, still?

Yeah, I saw Zennis offered amber tint (I got amber clip ons). I'm not sure if I want to buy sunglasses yet, as I feel like it's a waste of money and resources to buy just one pair at once.

I'm glad my English is alright, I'm always trying to improve it a bit :)

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 10 Apr 2017, 09:29


I think wearing the -1.75 glasses as your main ones is a very good idea. And no harm if you feel like wearing the -2.50 glasses around your house. Hoe is your depth perception wearing your -1.75 glasses when riding your bike? Were you wearing the -1.75 glasses when you felt dizzy and walked into a bike rack or was that with the -2.50 glasses. It makes sense that even though you can see quite well wearing over correction as far as clarity goes, but because your eyes are adjusted to the extra minus your depth perception is going to be off. That is why you need to settle on which glasses you intend on wearing and your depth perception will slowly get better as your eyes adjust.

I'm sure you noticed that Zenni offers amber tint for sunglasses and that's fine if that is what you like and are used to wearing.

Your English is perfect as good if not better than mine and I am in the US.

oopsI 10 Apr 2017, 04:30

Sorry for double posting, ignore the first one.

oopsI 10 Apr 2017, 04:29

Just came back food shopping and I really think I have to start with the -1.75, at least when I'm spending time outside. I feel really dizzy and I walked into a bike rack, lol. I also have a slight headache whenever I'm outside, as soon as I'm doing something closeup that's gone again. I think it's not so much the over-accommodation, but the minification I'm having trouble with, because now that I'm sitting and reading I'm alright.

Also please tell me if I make mistakes in English, I'm glad to know, especially if I a mistake is recurrent.


oopsI 10 Apr 2017, 04:27

Just came back food shopping and I really think I have to start with the -1.75, at least when I'm spending time outside. I feel really dizzy and I walked into a bike rack, lol. I also have a slight headache whenever I'm outside, as soon as I'm doing something closeup that's gone again. I think it's not so much the over-accommodation, but the minification I'm having trouble with, because now that I'm sitting and reading I'm alright.


oopsI 10 Apr 2017, 00:21


Yeah, I'm not going to send them back and maybe I'll need them at some point for whatever reason.

As I like the -1.75 frame the most I'm probably going with them for now and the -2.50 at home where I can easily change them back if I was to get a head ache. I also don't yet feel comfortable on a bike with the -2.50 glasses, because my depth perception's a little odd.

I'm aware of the charge, but in the end it's still only a few days of contacts with like h&m sunglasses. I usually like my sunglasses amber, I'll see.



Soundmanpt 09 Apr 2017, 17:47


Yes i'm glad they were only $7.00 so you really aren't out a lot of money and it was better to be safe rather than sorry. You or I had no idea that your eyes were going to be so easy to adjust to even stronger glasses right away. It would be pointless to send them back when you would only get a half refund. I'm sure the shipping back to Zenni would probably cost you more than the $3.50 you would get back. And like you say now that you have seen those glasses at some point you may want to reorder them in whatever becomes your actual prescription. You said that you have been wearing the -2.50 glasses intermittently for about 2 hours today. I'm sure when you first put them on you get the feeling of a headache coming on because your eyes are working to focus. Once your eyes get focused you're able to see fine and that headache feeling goes away. Nearly everyone that either gets their first glasses or gets an increase seems to have that feeling like their in a fishbowl looking out effect. You just have to give your eyes a little time to adjust. You want the push on your eyes but not if it becomes too uncomfortable. There is no harm if you have to wear the -1.75 glasses for a little while. I totally agree with you about taking things slowly but I have only been letting you determine what feels right to your eyes. No I didn't mean that you should even consider going to anything stronger than where you're at now. I only mentioned it to show you that it won't be necessary if and when you're ready to go stronger by using what you already have by combining contacts with glasses.

The sunglass clip is functional but everyone still knows that you're wearing glasses with a clip. If you get prescription sunglasses most people won't be able to tell that their prescription and they do look better than the clip. If you pick a $7.00 pair of glasses remember that they charge $5.00 to tint them. If you like your sunglasses nice and dark Zenni, and I, recommend that you get the 80% grey tint.

mp331 09 Apr 2017, 15:36

seeing starbursts around street lights in glasses but everything else is clear and sharp.

any ideas what could be causing it?

antonio 09 Apr 2017, 13:37

hi OOpsI,

well then don´t exaggerate, OOpsI,

-1,75 really is enough

and the golden ones are marveillous on you I guess,

and think about your eyes can get worse on their own

while studying a lot,

so please don´t exaggerate,

best regards,


oopsI 09 Apr 2017, 12:36


Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I react to this so well. The years of reading really closely seem to pay off and I still want to be shortsighted, but I don't want to be blind without my glasses if that can be avoided.

oopsI 09 Apr 2017, 12:27


Don't worry, remember, I got them without AR coating and stuff so they were literally 6.95. And now I know that I like that frame, which is nice.

I have been wearing the -2.50 glasses intermittently for about two hours today. When I put them on I feel like I'm gonna get a headache from them, but after a few minutes I feel good. The distortion still bugs me a bit, though. As I move my head the world moves if that makes sense.

I got the sun glass clip on, but I don't really like the look of it. I'm not sure maybe I'll buy a pair of the 6.95 glasses with tinted lenses soon. It's good to have the clip ons, though.

About going any higher than -2.50 for now I'm a little worried. I don't want to end up too shortsighted (I'd really like to avoid anything higher than -4.00). I know it's unlikely that I induce that much, but right now I feel like my eyes might have waited for the opportunity to grow, if that makes any sense (my prescription was stable for about 1.5 years before I started university and from my reaction to the -1.00 glasses (I see better) I might have benefited from another quarter of a diopter increase). I don't want to rush things and I think I want to analyze how my eyes react to the overcorrection before I try anything else. I want to make sure I don't regret this (if I actually go up to a moderate prescription I'm sure that would happen without trying to induce any myopia anyway, I just don't want to over do it).



Soundmanpt 09 Apr 2017, 11:56


I really feel bad for having you buy the -1.00 glasses because as you said wearing them hardly made any difference to your eyesight. And even the -1.75 glasses apparently are perfectly comfortable to you even wearing them all day your eyes seemed fine. If they don't feel like they are pushing your eyes then I think going to the -2.50 glasses is a good idea as well. The feeling your getting from wearing those glasses is what you want. You want your eyes to feel like your glasses are too strong. And you seem to have to work a bit to keep distances in focus. So far you have taken some big steps in a very short time. You should be very happy that your eyes are behaving so well. They really seem just fine with being over corrected by quite a good bit. I guess once the -2.50 glasses are completely comfortable and don't feel strong anymore you should try wearing -1.00 contacts with your -2.50 glasses or you can wear your -1.75 contacts with your -1.75 glasses. Either way that would be -3.50. I'm glad you were able to adjust the nose pads so they are comfortable on your nose now. Have you figured out how to use the sunglasses clip yet? I think when putting it on you will have to take your glasses off so you slide it on in the correct position. But you should be able to slide it off without taking your glasses off rather easily. But kind of nice to have a sunglasses clip on a sunny day.

oopsI 09 Apr 2017, 01:47

So after a day of overcorrection I'm wondering how I should go on about this. I stink starting with the -1.00 glasses doesn't make much sense, but the -1.75 ones feel very comfortable, too and now I'm considering going for the -2.50 glasses right away, as they seem to be pushing me a little (with those I actually notice that they are too strong for my eyes, I can still read just fine, but I can feel them a lot more and at distance I sometimes lose focus, which I don't with the -1.75 ones).

oopsI 08 Apr 2017, 13:18


Thank you for all the help and guidance you've been giving. I'm so happy I discovered this forum.

Having the contacts at hand (and being able to get any sort of prescription

contacts at virtually any time will come in hand, especially if I'm going to get anything stronger eventually. After going mostly -1.75 today and not having much trouble at all I think going for those right away is a good decision. I did some studying with the -2.50 ones just now and that wasn't a problem either.

I found the right adjustment to the glasses, I think and they feel nice on my nose now.

I'm glad I have no problem reading with the overcorrection at all and happy I don't suffer headaches, either. I was worried a few hours earlier that a headache was about to start, but it didn't. Drinking lots of water seemed to help.



Soundmanpt 08 Apr 2017, 12:31


I knew you weren't serious about showering with glasses on. But you maybe surprised that some people actually do wear their glasses while showering on purpose and some just forget to take them off. I don't know if you have already figured this out or not but because you also have 2 different prescriptions of contacts along with your 3 new pairs of glasses with various prescriptions you have quite a an array of prescriptions to wear. They range anywhere from -1.00 to as much as -4.25. I'm sure that you're having fun testing your eyes with some of the various options you can create by wearing your glasses along with contacts. And it's nice that your eyes don't seem to object much to so much over correction already. But you know that you really should take things a little slower to start. Based on the descriptions you have been providing about how your eyes have been reacting to some of these various prescriptions. The -1.00 glasses are really cute and I can see why you like them, but even though the are considerably stronger than the glasses you have been wearing I think you would be able to wear them and they would just feel very natural to your eyes. But I think the -1.75 glasses is going to push your eyes more and that is what you want and need. It also helps that you seem to really like those glasses so that is going to make you enjoy wearing them. And you are a female so looks are important to you so I have a feeling these glasses look really cute on you. Also if a friend recently got glasses nearly like your -1.00 glasses you might not want to feel like you copied her glasses. Now you just need to get used to the nose pads. You said that your glasses feel heavy on your nose. Your lenses aren't that strong to make then feel heavy. It must be where they are sitting on your nose that bothers you? Those pads are adjustable, just be careful if you adjust them. Use your thumps and push them if you want them spread apart. that will make your glasses sit lower on your nose. If you push the pads closer together your glasses will be slightly higher on your nose. Just make any adjustments slowly so you don't break them. Or of course you can take them to any optical shop and have them adjust them for you.

The sunglass clip should slide down over the bridge of your glasses and should be on the outside of the nose pads. Between the nose pads and the frame. They shouldn't hit your lenses because that could cause scratches on your lenses. You will probably have to take your glasses off to put on the clip because they fit looks like it will be very close and hard to do wearing your glasses.

You have to be thrilled that your eyes seem to enjoy so much over correction. I noticed that you wore over correction all day yesterday without even a slight headache.

oopsI 08 Apr 2017, 11:18


I must say I wasn't quite serious with the showering :D My bathroom's tiny anyway.

I tried reading with contacts and all three glasses. It was fine for both -1.00 and -1.75 glasses at my normal reading distance for my phone (6-7 inches) and a little harder with the -2.50 ones. I'm wearing those right now and without contacts they are quite comfortable. Today I also don't have a headache at all, despite having worn an overcorrection for the entire day. I really like the -1.00 glasses (and my vision's so perfect in them :O) but actually a friend of mine just got new glasses about a week ago and they look practically the same and now I find the idea of wearing them out sort of rude.

What I struggle with a bit is the distortion, especially with the -2.50 glasses. Not so much while reading (though my laptop looks like on of those 360° TVs, now), but when I walk it's an odd feeling.

The clip on shades are for the -2.50 frames. I haven't quite gotten the hang of them yet, as I find it hard to clip them on and I'm not quite sure where they actually go (do the "clips" go onto the lenses or in the middle, next to the nose pads?), but I like the tint they have.

I'm also not used to nose pads, and the glasses feel a bit heavy on my nose, but that's just a matter of getting used to, I know.

I think I'm gonna start with the -1.75 frames to wear out. I really love them and I feel like I'm gonna be able to handle that prescription well.

I wasn't aware that it's unusual to be able to buy contacts without a prescription, because they are so omnipresent here, but I guess that's because here you can't sue a company as easily. But you are right a pack of contacts would have been roughly the same as those cheep glasses and now I know for sure that I like that frame, which is a big plus.

Love, Linda

Soundmanpt 08 Apr 2017, 10:27


So now that you have your glasses and you have already been doing some experimenting with -1.00 and -1.75 contacts along with your own prescribed glasses you should have a pretty good idea as to what glasses you feel that you can start wearing right away. I know you said that on the way home from picking up your glasses you wore the -1.00 pair while you still had on -1.75 contacts. So of course that was the same as wearing -2.75 glasses and you apparently was able to see quite well at normal distances. When you got home did you try reading anything close up before you took off the contacts? It's nice that your eyes seem to adjust rather quickly to whatever prescription you put in front of them. Were you surprised that when you only had on your -1.00 that they seemed so weak for your eyes and yet -1.00 is considerably stronger than the glasses you have been wearing for the past 6 months. You seem to be falling in love with the glasses you posted (#1125214) I went back to check and that was the ones you ordered with the -1.75 prescription. If you feel like the -1.75 glasses aren't too strong for your eyes then go ahead and skip "stage one". You said that you also like the -1.00 glasses and whenever you want to wear them you can always wear a pair of your -1.00 contacts along with the and that will be only very slightly stronger -2.00 then the -1.75 glasses. Having the contacts is really a big help because that way you can do increases by simply wearing contacts along with your glasses. If you had told me that you could buy contacts off the rack without a written doctors prescription I would have suggested getting -1.00 contacts instead of -1.00 glasses. But since you went for the $7.00 glasses actually your glasses are still cheaper than contacts were. Did you get s sunglass clip for any of your glasses? I think you planed on ordering one for the -2.50 glasses. Is the clip a good fit?

You do have a nice sense of humor don't you? Yes it is important that you wear stronger glasses constantly but I think showering can be considered an exception unless your glasses need a good cleaning. You have my permission to take your glasses off while showering as long as you quickly put them back on when you get out of the shower. lol

oopsI 08 Apr 2017, 08:58

I'm wondering right now what to do while showering? I can't leave the glasses on for that, lol.

I must say the more I look at myself in the thin gold rim glasses ( )the more I fall in love with that frame. I also really like the 7 dollar pair a lot.


I suppose so. I have that with my old plus pair.



antonio 08 Apr 2017, 08:51

Hi OOpsI,

so I slowly See your dream coming true ? :)

While for now the blur after wearing your contacts

Still goes away after some time,it once uppon the time

Will stay, and if this happens you will ASK yourself

How you could ever have Seen and read clearly through

That pair you have worn for a year now on your nose already.

At least this often happened to me wearing old glasses. :-)

Best wishes, Antonio

mp3311 08 Apr 2017, 08:22

Cactus Jack

I have noticed after uping up the power in my glasses causes me to feel sleepy 4-5 hours after uping the the power after a one hour


After this nap it helps me fully adjust to tje new perscription.

is this normal?

oopsI 08 Apr 2017, 07:53

I got my order today. All the glasses look really nice, though the two metal frames I have look pretty eccentric.

As I had been wearing -1.75 contacts from 8 am this morning I put the -1.00 sph glasses on top while walking home and at home tried on the other two. While I could still read with the contacts and glasses (both sph. -1.75 and -2.5) at normal distance I did feel it pretty much instantly (not headache, but it felt odd) I now took out the contacts and went for the -1 glasses only, which I barely notice.

With the -1.75 glasses there is significant cut in and I'm glad I got the -2.5's with a 1.57 index, because the lenses do look sort of thick already. Cut in is about as much as there is with the -1.75's (index 1.5).

Cactus Jack 07 Apr 2017, 13:53


The only thing it might do is make accommodating for the over correction, easier.

There is a two way interconnection between he Eye Positioning Control System and the Focus Control System. The strength of this connection varies with the individual and with the direction of the connection. The "downside" is that convergence exercises may encourage the development of strabismus and double vision issues that require prism (usually Base Out) correction.


mp3311 07 Apr 2017, 13:23

Is there a possibility that doing convergence exercises could induce myopia.

oopsI 07 Apr 2017, 10:39


Weirdly I found it more relaxing to do close work, than to look at distance, I'm guessing that has to do with the fact that my brain's not used to accommodating for distance? Reading was sort of relaxing and while I did lose focus for a second ever now and then when looking at distance objects I could easily read in them without losing focus. I could also voluntarily blur my vision at distance which I couldn't while reading.

I'm realising I had a pattern of looking in the distance for a while every now and then unconsciously. Not being able to do that today (well I could, but it didn't rest my eyes) does explain the headache, that is still there (rather mild, feels like I haven't had enough water and not worth taking an Advil for). That habit, in addition to spending a good amount of time on my bike (looking in the distance, good amount of lighting) while growing up might explain why I haven't become myopic throughout school? Before starting college my prescription had been unvarying for a good two years (minimal changes in the astigmatism), too.

My vision was rather blurry (about as blurry as it was when wearing my mums reading glasses which were +1.5D) with my actual prescription on for about a minute, I suppose. I was unable to read the title of a book that was about two meters away from me (I can read that easily without my prescription now). I can't see as well now, as I could when I had the contacts in (everything seems less contrasted and not quite as clear).

Soundmanpt 07 Apr 2017, 10:11


First of all I think it's great that you are doing updates like you are and if anyone isn't interested all they need do is skip right past your updates. But for anyone that might be considering inducing myopia your experiences with doing it should be invaluable to them. With what you're commenting they will know much better what to expect when they start wearing stronger glasses.

So far it seems like your eyes have been very tolerant to being over corrected. I really expected you might have a bit of a problem with seeing close up but apparently that isn't even a problem for you. Seeing distance I thought would go pretty well for you and of course it has. Even with learning to wear contacts which I assume you didn't really have much experience with before. Doing your normal daily activities wearing -1.75 contacts along with your glasses for 8 hours with only a light headache is extremely good. That light headache is a sign that the over correction is starting to effect your eyes. The headache is caused by stress to your eyes and that is what you need to change your vision. But at the same time you never want the headaches to be too severe because that would make wearing your glasses too uncomfortable. I have a feeling that you won't be wearing the weaker glasses very long before they are completely comfortable to you. You mentioned that when you took off the contacts that your vision remained blurred. How long was it before you regained your normal eyesight? You need to kind of start keeping track of that. As you know you want the blur to remain longer and longer when you take off your glasses. Sorry to hear that you missed getting your glasses but now that you have the contacts it's not stopping you at all.

oopsI 07 Apr 2017, 07:27

If my updates annoy you please tell me, I'd find it an interesting read, so I'm gonna keep you updated for now :)

Today I went for -1.75 contacts under my glasses (OD -0.25 -0.5x73° OS -0.25 -0.5x112°) and after doing some actual distance vision with them in (uni, just walking outside) my distance vision's better with them in (signs were readable a little earlier than usual, I didn't have any trouble reading the lecture stuff and colours are really vivid. It's not a lot of a difference, but it's obvious.

After about 8 hours of wearing them I do have a light headache now and I think I'm going to take them out now. They don't irritate my eyes anymore, though.

I wasn't home when the UPS person came, so I'm gonna have to pick the glasses up tomorrow or on Monday.



oopsI 06 Apr 2017, 23:57


Yes, I didn't expect it to be like I'm not wearing anything at all, but thanks for the reassurance, that's good to hear.

I was surprised to see that my vision stayed blurred after taking them out, really. I thought that had to do with presbyopia and didn't expect it to happen to me yet.

This morning I decided to try -1.75 contacts. They actually appear easy to wear and are much less viable. I'm adjusting to them fine, again, reading at normal distance isn't a problem, I measured at what distance I can read clearly at and it increased by approx. a centimeter (so 11 and 12 cm). So far so good (except for a poor contact I lost in the process. It fell down and was never to be seen again).

Soundmanpt 06 Apr 2017, 16:14


I think it's pretty normal when you first start wearing contacts for your eyes to be a bit bloodshot or red. Something else for your eyes to adjust to. They usually recommend that you only wear contacts a few hours each day and increase the time each day.So 2 hours really wasn't bad at all. But you had to be happy that your eyes didn't seem to have any problem adjusting to your contacts and glasses. That's the important thing really. You said that you were surprised that after taking off the contacts your vision seemed worse than usual even with your glasses on. That's exactly what you're hoping your vision will be like once your glasses arrive and you start wearing them. The contacts didn't cost you much at all. I really don't think anyone would notice when you're wearing contacts. You notice it because you know their their. But anyone else would have a hard time seeing them through your glasses. if anyone gets that close to your face close your eyes. I think once you get your glasses it will be even easier than it was today with dealing with contacts. Your eyes shouldn't be too red anyway.

oopsI 06 Apr 2017, 15:03


I actually took the contacts out after about two hours . Reading with them at my normal reading distance was just fine, but it does feel odd to have them in my eyes and my eyes looked rather red with them in. I didn't get a headache or anything from it, though.

I was surprised to see that after taking them out my vision seemed worse than usual and I still have to squint to see stuff sharp through my actual prescription (I've continued close work after taking out the contacts). I'm guessing that's placebo, though.

The contacts weren't too much of an investment, I payed a little under 15 dollars for 8 pairs. Wearing them under my actual prescription seems like a good idea, but the contacts were rather easy to spot in my eyes so I'm a little worried if I'm going to get questioned about it...



Soundmanpt 06 Apr 2017, 14:18


Give your eyes a chance to adjust. You shouldn't expect to be able to see everything crystal clear right away. Your eyes need to settle down. The longer you keep the contacts and your glasses on the more things will come into focus. Now you know why I was warning you not to go too strong at first. It figures that you find out that your glasses will arrive tomorrow right after you buy contacts. But like you say you can always wear them like you are now. I get the feeling you like how you look wearing your current glasses anyway so that will allow you to still wear them from time to time. Remember also as your eyes adjust to this first stage you can also wear your contacts with your -1.00 glasses and later on with your -2.25 glasses. For the time being when you're doing any close work just hold things at a comfortable distance from your eyes. Don't worry about holding things close to your eyes until get more adjusted to your glasses then you might want to try moving things close to your eyes again. But for now your glasses will be stressing your eyes enough. You said that you wore contacts before but i'm guessing not all that long. So right now you're not only dealing with trying to see with your eyes being considerably over corrected but also adjusting to wearing contacts. It's good that you will have your glasses tomorrow. I think your eyes will be more comfortable with just wearing glasses. Based on what you described everything seems very normal. Your reading distance isn't bad at all and no surprise that you probably feel like "Superwoman" because everything is so clear and intense now.

OOpsI 06 Apr 2017, 11:35

I should start using this name, lol. We will see, maybe I won't be able to induce any axial myopia at all.

antonio 06 Apr 2017, 11:03

Oh oh, oopsI,

now you'll slowly get dependant on them to see

Getting a real OOpsI :-)

And only a psI without them :-)

Best regards, Antonio

oopsI 06 Apr 2017, 10:27

Oh, I just got an email saying my packet will arrive tomorrow, if that isn't exciting :D

I still think the contacts were a good investment, though, because they will allow me to wear the glasses I have right now every now and then.

oopsI 06 Apr 2017, 09:44

So I bought a pack of contacts today and just put in a pair of -1.00 to wear over my glasses about five minutes ago.

Working on my computer is fine, I can't read quite as close, though ( vision's clear at about 11cm for my right eye and about 12 cm for my left eye instead of around 9cm without the contacts). My distance vision feels a little clearer with them in, but I have no exact measurement for that, so it's rather subjective and I might just want that to be true.

It does feel a little odd, but they don't hurt or anything yet and I got them in quite easily. Is that a good sign?

? 05 Apr 2017, 16:25

mp3311 continues to be the Maestro while Cactus Jack fiddles.

oopsI 05 Apr 2017, 14:33


Okay, perfect. I was a little worried that I might damage my cornea by doing that, without knowing my "measurements" , but I guess the disposable contacts are pretty universally fitted (I did check, they don't display any sort of diameter, etc. ...). They sell them in the drug store here, starting at -1.00.

I did try those once a few years ago, but didn't stick with it, because I didn't see the point in doing it (I sort of guessed that overcorrecting would lead to myopia of some degree, but those contacts would have been too expensive to wear for a long period of time, especially considering that I had about five dollars of pocket money per week back then. I didn't mind putting them in and wearing them, though (I think I went for -1.5).

Soundmanpt 05 Apr 2017, 14:20


That's possible if the status is still saying the same thing. Yes if you access to contacts of course you can wear do that. If you want to continue wearing your glasses so you don't get questioned about why you're not wearing glasses you can try wearing around -.75 or -1.00 lenses along with your glasses until your glasses arrive.

mp3311 05 Apr 2017, 12:34


so your already nearsighed?

im trying to become myopic too im a little bit farsighted so it may take me some time induce myopia.most people that induce myopia it takes about a year so keep on trying and good luck

Rebecca 05 Apr 2017, 12:28


After wearing -3.75 for 6 months constantly, I notice some slight blurring when I take them off, but it doesn't last long. But my eyes accommodate perfectly to -3.75, so I think I need to put more stress on them in order to induce myopia. I got -6.75 OD and -6.25 OS, which is 6 diopters above my last real prescription. :D

mp3311 05 Apr 2017, 12:22


have you induced any a myopia yet and how strong are the glasses you got


Rebecca 05 Apr 2017, 12:14

My new glasses just got here! I'm so excited. It's taking my eyes longer to accommodate to distances and up close, but I can read fine. Here's a picture of me wearing them:

They're so light and the lenses are nice and thick. I can't wait for my eyes to fully adjust to these so I can go even higher.

oopsI 05 Apr 2017, 10:24


no, the status hasn't been updated since. Maybe they are held up in (European) customs?

Do you think I could try one day contacts until they arrive? I'm studying a lot at the moment and I really want to get this thing rolling


mp3311 05 Apr 2017, 10:05

Cactus Jack

Thank you for your quick reply.

Will continue to follow your instructions.

Hope fully start wearing -4 after they are delivered tomorrow and see what happens.hopefully I will adjust to them in no time.

Thank you for your help.

Soundmanpt 05 Apr 2017, 09:53


Any news on your glasses arriving?

Cactus Jack 05 Apr 2017, 09:25


No way to tell exactly because everyone is different. My suggestion is to try to get up to wearing -5.00 glasses, full time, for about 2 months. I will suggest a simple test you can do at home to get an estimate of how effective the -5.00 glasses have been. If it appears that you have developed some Myopia, I will suggest an Eye Exam to find out your actual prescription.

You cannot rush this process. Also, there are no guarantees that it will work. There have been many instances where someone tried very hard to Induce Myopia for nearly a year with no tangible results. There is no magic here. All you can do is try your best and see what happens.


mp3311 05 Apr 2017, 09:05

Cactus Jack

(ending to last question)

to become -1 to -2 myopic

mp3311 05 Apr 2017, 09:03

Cactus Jack

thank you for your prompt reply and will do when recive my new glasses -4.

how high should i go in glasses to go myopic now?

-1 to -2

Cactus Jack 05 Apr 2017, 08:52


Entirely possible and a good sign. With -3.00 glasses and a natural +1.00 you are actually -4.00 over corrected. If you are gradually shifting from +1.00 to 0.00, you should consider -4.00 in the glasses. You have to wear several diopters over your goal to have any effect.


mp3311 05 Apr 2017, 08:43

Cactus Jack

(sorry last post wasnt very clear)

am wearing - 3 all the time and not straining and noticing that my vision is going sharper near and far when i take them off is this possibley my eyes shifting away from farsightedness into perfect vision.if it is i hope soon to shift in myopia.



mp3311 05 Apr 2017, 08:40

Cactus Jack

hi again am wearing - 3 computerbly and noticing that my vision is going sharper near and far when i take them off is this possibley my eyes shifting away from farsightedness in perfect vision.if it is i hope soon to shift in myopia.



Cactus Jack 05 Apr 2017, 08:25


The only difference sunglasses should make is that because of the lower light level with them, your pupils will be open wider and that would reduce the focusing help you get from your pupils closing down in bright light.


mp3311 05 Apr 2017, 04:25

Can myopia prescription sunglasses cause more visual stress and make false myopia worse faster?

As some people strain more to see through them.

Would love to hear from anyone all answers and theorizes welcome.

OopsI 05 Apr 2017, 02:29

As I feel like my glasses will take a while to arrive I was wondering if it's problematic to get daily contacts from the drug store to wear underneath my glasses for a while? Or is it paso le to damage the cornea with that kind of thing?

Love, Linda

OopsI 05 Apr 2017, 02:28

As I feel like my glasses will take a while to arrive I was wondering if it's problematic to get daily contacts from the drug store to wear underneath my glasses for a while? Or is it paso le to damage the cornea with that kind of thing?

Love, Linda

Cactus Jack 03 Apr 2017, 18:16


If someone plays me like a fiddle, I hope it sounded like a Stradivarius.


mp3311 03 Apr 2017, 08:29

Cactus Jack

Thank you for all your help and thank you for answering all my questions.

I have revived my -2 sunglasses today and have attached my -3 behind them to make it -5 in each eye.

I will keep you up to date on my progress.

Kind regards


Cactus Jack 03 Apr 2017, 08:14


Because everyone is different and every situation is different, there is no way to predict the outcome of your efforts. The only thing you can do is try. In general, the more minus you can tolerate and the longer you can wear it, the more likely it is that you will induce some Myopia. There is no way to predict if you will stimulate any Axial Myopia. The only thing that you can be sure of is that initially, any Myopia you Induce, will be Pseudo Myopia that must be nurtured. You nurture it by continuing to wear minus over correction. How much is up to you.


mp3311 03 Apr 2017, 00:46


what do you mean?

? 03 Apr 2017, 00:37

mp3311 seems to be playing Cactus Jack like a fiddle.

mp3311 02 Apr 2017, 22:47

Cactus Jack

i tried -4 by putting my -3 and -1 lenses together i found them easy to read in.theoreticallly how much myopia would be induced in 6 monthes wearing -5 full time?

Cactus Jack 02 Apr 2017, 17:54


I think it would be better to try -4.00 and see how that works for reading, before you try -5.00.

You can try -5.00 if you want to, just to see if you can deal with them, yet. The real test is how comfortable it is to read at 16 inches or 40 cm for a long time with the -5.00 combination. To focus at 16 inches or 40 cm requires that you supply +2.50 more accommodation internally, using your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses, than you need for distance with your - glasses.

If reading with -5.00 is uncomfortable, only try focus close occasionally then the -5.00s.


mp3311 02 Apr 2017, 16:22

Cactus Jack

i ajusted to -3 within 2 days would it be more effective if i went straight to -5 ?

Cactus Jack 02 Apr 2017, 16:18


Yes, you are adjusting to the -3.00. It won't be long before you don't notice the pressure. Do you have a way to try -4.00?


mp3311 02 Apr 2017, 14:30

Cactus Jack

my vision is clear at all distances when i wear them.

mp3311 02 Apr 2017, 14:28

Cactus Jack

when i wear the minus -3 glasses there is a slight presure feeling around the eyes it doesnt hurt is this normal?

is it my eyes ajusting to the constant wear of the -3 glasses?

oopsI 02 Apr 2017, 11:23


Probably best to keep our conversation to one thread, to not lose track of it all.

I've checked twice today (and yes, I'm weirdly excited), but as it's Sunday I was right not to expect it being updated. It was updated yesterday where it was "Received at international processing center" whatever that means.

Also thank you a lot. I like my name :)

mp3311 02 Apr 2017, 09:33

Cactus Jack

thank you for your reply.

i have to do it this way as my family would notice the diffrence as they know that im farsighted and would notice that my eyes would appear small through - lenses.

Cactus Jack 02 Apr 2017, 09:21


Yes. The lens powers add up, algebraically. -3.00 over -2.00 = -5.00. +1.00 over -2.00 = -1.00


mp3311 02 Apr 2017, 08:38

Cactus Jack (ending to my previous question)

in glasses

mp3311 02 Apr 2017, 08:35

Cactus Jack

would this work if wore - 2 sunglasses then add my other - lenses to the other lenses until i reach negative 5 perscription?

mp3311 02 Apr 2017, 04:21

Cactus Jack

-2 glasses are prescription sun glasses so I can hide the increase in prescription and add the other - lenses i have when I need to as I have family who would notice the change.

mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 17:06

Cactus Jack

i will read the information in the link and thank you for answering my questions.

Cactus Jack 01 Apr 2017, 17:00


You need to learn. I understand that this is NOT something you are used to working with.

Here is a link called "The Eye". You might find it interesting. You may have to read it several times and have a few questions, before it makes sense.

You may be surprised to learn that the total PLUS power of the lens system (4 lenses) in your eyes is about +59 diopters.


mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 16:24

Cactus Jack

thank you sorry about the dumb question have never done this before.

Cactus Jack 01 Apr 2017, 16:21


From here on out, always - glasses. Never + glasses, that will be counter productive and cause you to loose ground, if you are serious about wearing - glasses.


mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 15:51

Cactus Jack

do you mean my + or my - glasses.

Cactus Jack 01 Apr 2017, 15:46


1. Do not go to the same opticians where you have had a previous exam.

2. Wear glasses that are weaker then you have been wearing, even if you have to change them just before you walk in.

3. Schedule the exam late in the day after a day of close work wearing your glasses.

4. While waiting, read while holding the text close.

5. Ideally, your distance vision will be a bit blurry with the weaker glasses. If they ask about your visual symptoms, say that you think you need stronger glasses because your distance vision is not very clear, particularly at night or in low light condition and you are having trouble reading small text on TV.


mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 15:19

Cactus Jack

what glasses would i wear to the eye exam?

mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 15:06

Cactus Jack

i hardly notice any astigmatism in my i think i can manage without the correction for it as it only small amount.

mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 14:55

Cactus Jack

i uselly go to asda opticians for my eye tests.

Cactus Jack 01 Apr 2017, 14:31


If you can wear the -3s most of the time, I would not bother very much with the -2.00 unless you have a lot of trouble focusing to read when you are tired. If you can work up to a Sphere of -4 to -5 in your glasses, with the Cylinder and Axis correction, that would be a total of -5 to -6 from your +1. The uncorrected Astigmatism, actually reduces the effectiveness of your glasses.

When you have been wearing at least -3.00 full time for a few months, you might want to consider an eye exam. When you decide to do it, let me know and I will offer some tips about what glasses to wear to the exam and where to get it.


mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 11:53

Cactus jack

Did you mean -4 to -5 in glasses or in overall refractive error?

mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 11:12

Cactus jack

i wear -3 all the time.

mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 11:09

Cactus jack

my education is very basic. the -3 are do well and can wear them for reading. i sometimes lose focus for about 10sec then my vision clears this happens when im reading only.

Cactus jack 01 Apr 2017, 10:59


Sorry I was not clear on the education question. What I was interested in was your familiarity with math, physiology and the optics part of physics. It seems to me, based on your responses to my questions and comments, that you want to understand how this stuff works, but I don't want get off into technical aspects that would be confusing. It is easy for you to ask a 10 word question that takes a 1000 words and a half hour to write an answer that is meaningful to you.

1. If you are wearing -3 glasses, how are you doing with them? How much are you wearing them?

2. The middle eastern "client" was several years older than you are. He was in the -4 range when we started. The problem he had was that he needed to be above about -5.5 in each eye WITH dilation using the most powerful dilating agents. The purpose of the dilating agent is to try to overcome any Pseudo Myopia. That was a significant challenge, but we had time. With dilation, they measured around -6 during the physical which means that he flunked. It has settled to around -5 after several years so I suspect he induced about -1.00 of Axial Myopia.

3. If you are +1.00 you should probably shoot for -4 to -5 for as long as you can. You need to overcome the +1.00 and then go a few diopters over your target. If you are wearing -3 you are -4 diopters over your actual refractive error.

Several years ago I had a "client" who was about your age. He wanted to wear glasses in the -8 range, but could not get glasses prescribed. I asked him to do a simple vision test and discovered that the was actually slightly farsighted and had been reporting the wrong symptoms to the examiner. He was in a similar situation to yours. It took some time but after about a year, doing pretty much what you are doing, he was wearing prescribed -4.25 glasses full time. I have not heard from him in years.


mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 08:57

Cactus Jack

im farsighted + 1 in both eyes so what - number should i strive if i want to be about -1 to -2 myopic?

mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 08:41

Cactus Jack

what perscription did the Middle eastern "client" start with and what was it when he had his physical?

mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 08:16

Cactus Jack

i am currently wearing - 3 glasses until i recieve my -2 glasses.

mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 08:14

Cactus Jack

they dont dialite eyes where i go to get eyes tested.

im unemployed and the highest education i have is a college certificate.i hope this answers your question.



Cactus Jack 01 Apr 2017, 07:56


A few things to remember about Inducing Myopia:

1. Initially, any Myopia that you can Induce will be Pseudo or False Myopia. That involves ONLY the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses.

2. How much or how long the Pseudo Myopia will last, without stimulation, depends on how strong your Ciliary Muscles are, how stiff your Crystalline Lenses are (usually from Presbyopia), and how much trouble your Ciliary Muscles have in trying to relax.

3. Your Ciliary Muscles are the very tiny muscles in your eyes that squeeze your Crystalline Lenses to increase their PLUS power for focusing close (or compensating for excess MINUS in your glasses).

4. Imagine if you held your arms straight out for several hours without moving them. When it finally came time for you to lower them, your arm muscles would probably have trouble doing it. Hopefully, the same thing will happen to your Ciliary Muscles when you take off your glasses.

5. Axial or True Myopia involves the physical distance from the back or your Crystalline Lenses to your Retinas. For that to change, your eyeballs must grow some to increase the distance (about 0.3 mm per diopter). Growth of body parts is a slow process that is controlled by your genes. Most body parts, once they have grown, do not shrink. Even in young children, who are growing rapidly, Axial Myopia rarely increases more than 2 diopters per year. Typically it is much slower. It gets slower as you get older and typically stops in the early to mid 20s.

6. Eyeball growth is believed (but not proven) to be controlled by an Eyeball Growth Hormone that is produced by the Retina as a result of focusing stress. IF YOUR GENES WILL PERMIT IT.

7. If you want to Induce a specific amount of Pseudo Myopia, you have to wear several diopters over your goal for several months for it to settle near your goal. For Pseudo Myopia to NOT revert to your actual Axial Myopia prescription, you have to continue to wear glasses that are at your goal or slightly over it.

7. Remember, everyone is different and there is no way to predict your results. There are too many variables.

To answer your specific questions.

Initially, you should wear the -3 glasse for just a few minutes if you are doing close work, until they seem uncomfortable. Try to do it several times a day. If you are not doing close work such a watching TV, try to wear them longer. Again, comfort is the indicator. When they get uncomfortable, go back to the -2s or even the -1s. It is like lifting weights at the gym. Repetition with a lighter weight is better for building muscles than getting muscle strain with a single heavy lift.

Hopefully, at some point, you will be so comfortable with your glasses that you don't even notice that you are wearing them. You put them on first thing in the morning and take them off at night and feel uncomfortable when you are not wearing them. Then it is time to consider a small increase, maybe 0.50 diopters.

2 months seems a bit short to get completely comfortable with -2 glasses, but it depends on your abilities and motivation.

One Middle eastern "client", who needed to "flunk" a physical and didn't have quite enough Myopia was able to get comfortable wearing -20 glasses while reading. If you consider the Vertex Distancel effects of -20 glasses, that was a -12 diopter increase over his actual prescription. It took about a year of highly motivated effort to reach this level.

The exam involved very powerful dilating agents, but even with those, he wound up with enough Axial and Pseudo Myopia, combined, to flunk the physical.

I hope this helps.

May I ask your educational background and your preferred occupation?


mp3311 01 Apr 2017, 05:17

how much myopia could i induce with wearing -2 in 2 months

all estimates welcome.

mp3311 31 Mar 2017, 23:44

Cactus jack

how times a day should i have these few mins of wearing -3 glasses?

mp3311 31 Mar 2017, 23:40

Cactus jack

when im ready how long should these periodical few mins of wearing -3 be. like 30 mins a time?

Cactus jack 31 Mar 2017, 19:28


Inducing Myopia does not happen fast. I assume you have been wearing the -1.00 glasses. The fact that you notice blurriness for a few minutes after taking off your glasses is a good sign. Keep wearing the -1.00s until the -2.00 show up and then switch to them. Let us know how you do with the -2.00. Initially they may be a little uncomfortable when you do close work, but that should only last a few days.

Because the -1.00 and -2.00 don't have any Cylinder correction, you can actually wear the -1.00 over the -2.00 glasses, periodically, for a few minutes of -3.00. That will help strengthen your Ciliary Muscles.


Likelenses 31 Mar 2017, 17:14


If you want really chunky lenses in the next pair of glasses that you have made, ask for either the thickest lense blanks to be used, or ask them to use safety glass blanks.

This combined with very large frames should get you some hefty looking lenses, even at your low prescription.

oopsI 31 Mar 2017, 15:33

Cactus jack,

thank you. Well, a diopter a year would be perfect.

mp3311 31 Mar 2017, 15:17

Cactus Jack

it only lasts a few seconds. hopefully getting my -2 glasses through post tommorrow.

when i take the glasses off it only takes about two mins for vision to become clear this good progress?

Cactus Jack 31 Mar 2017, 15:09


Not very much axial myopia in 3 months. Maybe -0.25 diopter.


Cactus Jack 31 Mar 2017, 15:06


Yes, it is normal. Hopefully, that will become less and less the longer you wear the - glasses.


Antonio 31 Mar 2017, 13:12

Hi Marissa,

seems you like wesring glasses?

Yes, -2.5 is from where wearing glasses in nearly all situations starts to make sense, right?

Where do you come from, i.e how strong were your first ones?

If you Luke to chat about glasses and so on, visit us in

Best regards, antonio

oopsI 31 Mar 2017, 10:16

Hey antonio,

I hope I won't :D It would only be for a day, I suppose and my eyes are probably not going to get that much worse within three months. We'll see.

Cactus Jack, Soundmanpt,

as you two have been on here for a while, I was actually wondering if you have any guess on how much axial myopia I could induce within three months.

Kind regards,


mp3311 31 Mar 2017, 09:26

Cactus Jack

my eyes sometimes lose focus for a moment when i wear the glasses then become focused agian is this normal?

Cactus Jack 31 Mar 2017, 07:00


Sandmanpt replied to you yesterday on this thread:

Soundmanpt 30 Mar 2017, 08:19


Marissa 31 Mar 2017, 06:40

No one's replying to me :(

antonio 31 Mar 2017, 06:30

Hi OOpsI,

not sure you will be able to read the board at med school in your old glasses in 3 months :-),

best regards, Antonio

mp3311 31 Mar 2017, 05:43

Cactus Jack

Gonna start wearing -2 glasses when they arrive.

mp3311 31 Mar 2017, 05:28

Cactus Jack

Thank you for your reply I will contact you when I start wearing -3 glasses or if I have questions to ask.

Cactus Jack 31 Mar 2017, 05:20


I suggest you need to work up to where the -3.00 glasses are comfortable for reading and have been that way for a few months. The best gage of when you should consider an eye exam is when you wake up in the morning and things across the room such as clocks, text on TV are fuzzy and hard to read without your glasses.

There is no way to predict exact timing because it varies with the individual.

When you think you are ready for an eye exam, we need to chat about it BEFORE you make an appointment.

Also, there are some simple tests you can do to get an estimate of your prescription.


mp3311 31 Mar 2017, 04:14

Cactus Jack

How long do you think it will take to cause permanent change to my vision?

So I can have a rough estimate time to have an eye exam.

Marissa 30 Mar 2017, 19:12

-2.50 is my real prescription. Went up by a diopter recently. Since it's a decently strong prescription compared to where I started from I was expecting chunky lenses but I made the mistake of buying plastic frames that are not very large so they look like -1s instead of -2.50s :(

Cactus Jack 30 Mar 2017, 18:06


It would be best if your minus glasses had the Cylinder and Axis component of your prescription, but having Minus glasses is better than nothing. If the -1.00 are comfortable when you read, consider going to the -2.00 glasses.


mp3311 30 Mar 2017, 14:30

Cactus Jack

my pupil distance is 65mm i read the ruler wrong thank you for correcting me and showing me how to measure my pupil distance correctly.

many thanks


mp3311 30 Mar 2017, 13:38

Cactus Jack

all the glasses have no cylinder.

the -1 glasses i am currently wearing i can read fine with and have no problems.

Cactus Jack 30 Mar 2017, 13:29


Your PD is probably around 60mm, but you really need to measure it. That specifies where the optical center of any glasses you order is located. It is not super critical in very low prescriptions, but it is important for the best possible vision.

Here is how you measure it without your glasses. All you need is a short rule calibrated in mm.

1. Look in the bathroom mirror at your left ear.

2. Measure the distance from the center of your nose to the center of your left pupil and make a note.

3. Look at your right ear.

4. Measure the distance from the center of your nose to the center of your right pupil

5. Add them together. Depending on your head size and eye spacing, it should be about 60 mm + or - 5 mm

I suggest doing it about 3 times and averaging the result.

That will be pretty close to your actual PD.

Do the -1, -2, and -3 glasses have any Cylinder correction for your Astigmatism?

Ideally, the glasses should be:

OD Sphere -1.00

OS Sphere -1.00, Cylinder -0.50, Axis 55

OD Sphere -2.00

OS Sphere -2.00, Cylinder -0.50, Axis 55

OD Sphere -3.00

OS Sphere -3.00, Cylinder -0.50, Axis 55

Notice that the Cylinder and Axis are not changed as you increase the Sphere. If the glasses do not have Cylinder and Axis correction small text will be uncomfortable to read and not as effective for Inducing Myopia as glasses with the correct Cylinder and Axis.


mp3311 30 Mar 2017, 12:42

Cactus Jack

I have three sets of myopia glasses

Which are -1,-2,-3

Hopes this answers your questions.

mp3311 30 Mar 2017, 12:31

Cactus Jack

I have never measured my pupil distance and has never been written on any of my prescriptions that I got from my optometrist.

mp3311 30 Mar 2017, 12:19

Cactus Jack

My axis is 55 degrees

And my PD is about 6.5 to 7mm I think.

oopsI 30 Mar 2017, 12:09


I don't think we will test the prescription, I'm not 100% sure, though. I think it is testing the eyes with and without glasses. They may be asking what my prescription is to see if there is like a correlation between prescription and blur without glasses, I don't know.

It's probably safest to wear my old glasses and one day with them won't hurt the progress too much, I suspect.

Cactus Jack 30 Mar 2017, 12:05


Your prescription should look something like this:

OD (Right Eye) Sphere +1.00

OS (Left Eye) Sphere +1.00, Cylinder -0.50, Axis ???

Cylinder and Axis ALWAYS go together. Axis is very important because it specifies the angular direction the long axis of the Cylinder correction is oriented. It is traditionally a number between 0 and 180 degrees. Again by tradition, an Axis of 0 (or 180) degrees is horizontal. The numbers increase in a counter-clockwise direction looking at the patient to 90 degrees (vertical) and then on around to 179 or 180 degrees depending on the preferences of the examiner. We need the Axis number to complete your prescription.

You will also need your Pupillary Distance (PD) measurement. It is easy to do with a short rule calibrated in mm and a bathroom mirror. We will tell you how.

If you decide to proceed you will need to find a low cost online retailer. Many of our members use Zenni Optical, but there could be customs duties in the UK. There is a low cost online retailer in the UK, but I don't remember the name. Hopefully, some members, who are familiar with ordering glasses online in the UK, can suggest a source.

Frame price typically controls the ultimate cost of the glasses. I suggest choosing a low cost frame because as you increase the prescription in the glasses, few people will notice the increase IF you keep the same frame. Also, you will probably not be wearing the glasses for more than a few months until you are ready to increase the Sphere. Some order 2 or 3 pair of glasses at the same time with the same frame. That way they can increase their prescription when they feel like they are ready.

The only option you need to consider is the lowest cost Anti-Reflective coating. At Zenni, it is only about US$5.00. Jenni's glasses are made in Hong Kong and I understand that they can ship directly to Europe. I don't know the shipping cost, but it is not very expensive and if you order more than one pair of glasses, the shipping cost is for the entire order.

Most online retailers require that you pay by credit card.


mp3311 30 Mar 2017, 11:04

Cactus Jack

1.I live in the UK in Leeds

2.I'm unemployed

3.+1 in both eyes but -0.50 cyl in left eye only

4.5-6 hours of reading on computer.

If you have anymore questions just ask I with aim to give you a speedy response.

Soundmanpt 30 Mar 2017, 10:28


Well I don't want to give you false hopes but unless your mail service or customs is a problem I think you will get them around early next week.

It really shouldn't be awkward. First of all if they are only testing your eyes and they don't check the prescription of your glasses it wouldn't matter what glasses you wear that day except I think you really want your eyes checked to see if there is any change in your vision. So the best way to do an accurate test of your eyes is for you to put your weaker glasses on as soon as you wake up the day of the test. After they test your eyes then you can put your stronger glasses back on. So the results of the test will indicate if there has been no change or some change. So if they do check the prescription of your glasses they can tell you that you need stronger glasses or that your glasses are okay as they are. Of course that isn't what you want to hear.

oopsI 30 Mar 2017, 09:54


oh that's exciting, I didn't expect them to arrive that early.

That test could be awkward, lol, we'll see.

Again I have to thank you for your patience.

Soundmanpt 30 Mar 2017, 09:29


So if Zenni contacted you saying your glasses shipped already that is a very good sign. Now I don't know how it will be for you but here in the US whenever I got that e-mail I then could expect to see the glasses in my mailbox within 3 days. So it's very possible that you will have your glasses early next week.

You're right when your glasses arrive you shouldn't test your eyes too often. But I know you will once in a while. As soon as your new glasses arrive the first thing you need to do is take off your current glasses, fold them up and put them in the Zenni case that your new glasses came in and put them in drawer for safe keeping. Remember you will need to wear them when you get your eyes checked at med school in 3 months.

Cactus Jack 30 Mar 2017, 09:14


The principles Likeliness outlined are good. At your age, I think you should be able to start with Sphere in the in the -0.5 to -1.00 range, but I have a few more questions before making specific recommendations.

1. Where to you live?

2. What is your occupation?

3. What is your complete prescription?

4. How much close work do you do?

I may have other questions. The answers to the questions are important and I don't want to make recommendations that won't work in your situation.


oopsI 30 Mar 2017, 08:42


I got the mail that my glasses were shipped this morning, so that's fun.

I assume if I hadn't worn my glasses before I could have read the sign from further away, but really I had to get rather close to read it at all. I really like testing my vision and I'll have to learn to not do it too often once I wear the new glasses :D

Soundmanpt 30 Mar 2017, 08:19


There is no real difference between 1.49 and 1.50 lens. At -2.50 your lenses aren't going to look very thick. And depending what frame you ordered they probably wouldn't look any thicker than -.50 lenses would look. In other words if ordered a full plastic frame the frame is going to cover nearly all of the thickness there would be. So you should have gotten your glasses made using a nice rimless or semi-rimless frame. That way nearly all of the lens is exposed. What is your actual full prescription? Like Rebecca is suggesting depending on how much of a prescription you currently have you're eyes might be able to tolerate a little stronger prescription. How comfortable are your -2.50 glasses to wear?

Soundmanpt 30 Mar 2017, 08:06


Oh, that's interesting. I wasn't aware that Zenni had an office in Europe, but it makes sense that they would to help cut down on shipping time. There is nothing wrong with testing your eyes from time to time with and without your glasses. That should provide you with some idea if there has been any change in your eyesight. Were you surprised that without your glasses you weren't able to read the letters that were in blue but the letters in red was still pretty clear? And with your glasses you were able to read both the red and blues letters but the blue still wasn't as clear. Very simple reason for that is that the human eye can see the darker letters much easier than lighter letters. You are way too young to remember when the first copy machines came out. At the time they were great. But you were always being warned not ever sign anything in blue ink because at a normal setting the copier couldn't see it. So if something was in blue ink you had to adjust the setting on the copier to dark and then it might barely show up but everything else on the sheet including the background was was dark. You were fine if you used black ink or red ink because red picked up the same as black. So you have just enough vision impairment that without your glasses now and in a dark setting your eyes are unable to see blue as well as you used to. Now the question is if you had left your glasses off longer would your eyes have slowly been able to read the blue letters better or not?

mp3311 29 Mar 2017, 22:02


thank you for your reply to my question.

Rebecca 29 Mar 2017, 21:52

Wow, where did you order 1.49? The thickest I've found is 1.50 on Zenni. Sorry to hear that your lenses aren't thick enough. Do you reckon your eyes can tolerate more? I find -3.75 is fine and it's 3 diopters above my prescription.

Marissa 29 Mar 2017, 21:47

No! I got them in 1.49 and they look like my old -1.50. No real difference

Rebecca 29 Mar 2017, 21:45


Pardon if this is a silly question, but did you get high index lenses? I have -3.75 in 1.59 index lenses, and I thought they were thick when I got them.

Likelenses 29 Mar 2017, 21:34


There is a fairly good chance that you can induce some myopia.

Several years ago, I worked personally with a twenty year old girl that had recently been prescribed +1.00 glasses for reading only.She said that they really did not do much for her, unless she did extended reading,and even then she could really due without them. She hated the idea of the magnifying glass look,and all of her girlfriends were nearsighted, and she loved the look of their lenses.

I suggested that she stop using the reading glasses and read bare eyed.

After two weeks of that,I had her measure how close she held a book during reading, and it turned out to be average of 16 inches.She loved to read.

I then had her bring any reading material closer to her eyes,and read only at the distance that was slightly uncomfortable for her.Within three weeks she was reading at eight inches,with a slight discomfort.

At that point we ordered her some -.50 glasses, and she found them comfortable right away, but they were difficult to read with.If she held the book farther away it was a little better.I had her wear the glasses full time, and told her to not read farther than twelve inches for reading.

Within a few weeks they were then comfortable for reading,and then I had her again bring the book closer,Until she again was comfortable with reading at eight inches.

We continued this procedure,and slowly upped the lenses by -.50 increments.

Within a year, and a half we had her in -1.50 lenses. By this time she could not see very well for distance without the glasses.At this point she went for an eye exam. and was prescribed -1.75 lenses.

She continued to do the same thing and at age 25 topped out at -3.00. After that no matter how close she read,or even with stronger lense use could not get a legitimate optometrist prescription more than -3.00.

I ran into her about two years ago,and she said that she was still -3.00,but she from time to time enjoys wearing -3.75, which she can tolerate,but not read with.

The basis of of what she did to become myopic was to keep her eye constantly under some stress, especially at the near point.

There is no way of knowing if her myopia is axial, or pseudo, but it really does not matter,because she needs glasses full time.

mp3311 29 Mar 2017, 20:56

i would like to become about -1 or -2 in glasses.

mp3311 29 Mar 2017, 20:53

Cactus Jack

i have farsighted since from about the age of 12 and it started off small like +0.50 then went up to +1.00.i am currently at +1.00 with some astigmatism of -0.50 in one eye.

i am currently wearing some cheap -1 glasses to try induce some myopia.i hope this is enough information

Marissa 29 Mar 2017, 19:36

I wanted to start wearing some nice thick glasses so I bought a pair online but they turned out to have lenses that look almost plano even though I ordered -2.50. I thought -2.50 would be thick but they look like window glass :(

Cactus Jack 29 Mar 2017, 17:42


Axial Myopia is a little "iffy" based on the limited information you provided. It would be very helpful to get an idea of your visual history such as the prescription changes over the past few years.

At 20, you should have plenty of Accommodation Amplitude and may be able to Induce some Pseudo Myopia, which is the first step for Inducing Axial Myopia or possibly reducing your Hyperopia. The longer you wait, the less likely Axial Myopia becomes.

Pseudo Myopia is considered "temporary", but temporary can be a long time if you nurture it.

If you could become Myopic, what would be your goal?


mp3311 29 Mar 2017, 14:17

im 20 years old and slightly farsighted +1 in each eye is there any chance of inducing axial myopia?.

OopsI 29 Mar 2017, 12:49


I did get an email, yes. Also on the website it said they will be shipped directly from Hong Kong to Europe, which is probably why the shipping time isn't much longer than it is when they are shipped to the US.

I'm really excited. Today I walked outside when it was dark already and discovered something interesting. There was A sign with a blue and a red word. Out of interest I took my glasses off to read it and was surprised to notice that the red word was pretty clear while the blue word wasn't readable at all. With glasses on it wasn't as much off a difference, I could read both words, the blue one wasn't as clear, though. Just thought I'd share that :D

Soundmanpt 29 Mar 2017, 11:55


So I know you're already counting the days for your glasses to arrive in the mail. When you placed your order Zenni should have sent you an confirmation number by e-mail saying that your order had been entered. Did you get that? By now your glasses should already be made and somewhere in the process of having the lenses checked for accuracy. Then they will be sent to their shipping department. They will be sent to California where your glasses will again have the lenses checked. Then they will be mailed to Austria and then to your mailbox. Give it another couple days and then you can that confirmation to track exactly where your glasses are.

Likelenses 29 Mar 2017, 00:52


Those frames are very nice, and -6.00 in 1.50 index should have some nice power rings, and cut in.

Very sexy!

Maxim 28 Mar 2017, 15:28

I should say, these -6.75 lenses can do no harm to Rebecca's eyes. It is true, that they could be too strong that her eyes would adapt to them. But it could be, that they don't accommodate these 3 diopters, but instead of that over the development of myopia a certain (myopic) astigmatism might develop from the tension these strong lenses produce in her eyes.

Soundmanpt 28 Mar 2017, 08:13


I don't think the difference between -6.00 and -6.75 is going to make any difference in adding any myopia. If you there hasn't been any change in your eyesight wearing your -3.75 glasses for well over 6 months then wearing even stronger glasses won't work. But I am concerned that you could cause serious damage to your eyes. If in fact there has been no change in your vision that will mean that you're going to forcing your eyes to focus through glasses that are 6 times stronger than they need. So I urge you to be extremely careful with wearing these glasses. I'm sure when you first got your -3.75 glasses and started wearing them you felt quite a bit of strain to your eyes and you're likely going to feel even more strain to your eyes. Just don't push your eyes too hard. It is a much better, and safer, plan to go up in small steps not big jumps. So I suggest that you test your new glasses in private by only wearing them for short periods to see how your eyes react. You can always place an order for glasses about -4.75 and hold onto your -6.75 glasses for down the road a bit.

Rebecca 27 Mar 2017, 21:09


I ordered -6.75, opting for increased potential myopia over lens thickness. I really like the idea of going up 3 diopters. They will arrive in 2 weeks; I'm very excited. Thank you for the valuable information on spring hinges; I think you are right that they will be good on this frame.

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 20:15


The -6.00 lenses will be thicker than using the 1.50 lens option than -6.75 would be with the 1.57 lens option.

The glasses you have selected should look very nice on you. I always think having adjustable nose pads are much more comfortable sitting on your nose because they are moveable. The answer to your question about spring hinges opposed to non spring really depends on how the glasses fit to start with. I see that these glasses aren't very wide, only 132mm. If the frame is too wide to start with then the spring hinges aren't much help in keeping your glasses in place like you want. But I think this frame is small enough that they should fit you very well to start with and that will make the spring hinges work the way they should in keeping your glasses in place. Also I like the idea that you are getting an all metal frame. That should make your glasses feel nice and sturdy. If there is any downside sometimes the paint on metal frames tend to chip off after sometime. But I have a feeling you will probably be considering new glasses within a year anyway so that shouldn't be a problem for you.

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 14:10


I know I'll (probably) eventually need them to see, that's what I'm trying to accomplish. I've tested this out a good bit and I'm certain I want this (I wanted it for the past 8 years).

Thank you for your concern, though.

Rebecca 27 Mar 2017, 13:57

I think I will have to get -6 because anything higher than that is only available in 1.57 lenses. Which would be thicker, -6 in 1.50 or -6.75 in 1.57? The first one, right?

Here are the frames I have chosen:

Are spring hinges looser than normal hinges? I have normal hinges right now and they are nice and tight. I don't want them to be loose.

abtonio 27 Mar 2017, 13:41


I guess if you wear one of these for longer periods of time

you will really start to need them to read far,

how do you feel about that ?

best regards, antonio

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 13:33


thank you.

I think 0.75 is enough and I'm hoping it's not too much and I'll end up not being able to wear them, but I think I'll be okay. I can see clear up to 10 cm from my face and working on the computer for hours straight's not a problem (no headaches, I do get dry feeling eyes sometimes) , so I guess my accommodation's still good enough to handle the increase.

I'm worried about customs here, because if I'm unlucky I have to pay import duty (Which isn't that much money, but it's annoying, because I'll have to go and pick the glasses up at customs.

antonio 27 Mar 2017, 13:30

OopsI, no I´m not sure,

seems okay to me your step,

but on the whole that´s so much more than you need now,

I can´t yet imagine you in them :-)

keep us informed how you feel in your new HD world to come :)

or discuss with us on

especially your 2 stronger ones have really nice frames - I like your style 8-)

best regards,


Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 13:19


I really like all 3 that you ordered and I think that you will love them as soon as you open the package and see them. You seem very determined and that is what you need to be if you want to induce myopia. I tend to agree with you that you may not be wearing the -1.00 glasses all that long before you're ready for the -1.75 glasses. I think going with increases of -.75 is enough of a push to your eyes.

I know you're looking forward to getting your glasses so you can get started wearing them so of course you don't want them to held up in customs. But it doesn't happen very often and when it does Zenni must get notified because they will quickly remake your complete order at no charge to you and it will be resent within a couple days. So the delay may only be a few days and the bonus is you end up an extra set of glasses. In my 12 years of ordering from Zenni it only happened to me once and delay was only like 2 days longer. But as luck would have it I have a very good friend that manages a Sam's Club Warehouse Optical Center. I would visit with her about once a month and I knew she wore glasses fro driving. So every visit to see her I would bring in 3 or 4 pairs of Zenni glasses to show her. Sam's Club doesn't give their employees glasses free. They only get a 10% discount. Anyway after doing that a few times one day when i went in to see her she quickly told me that she didn't want to see any more glasses from me. She told me that she had ordered 3 pairs and was currently waiting for them to arrive. She was a little concerned because it was a couple days past the 2 weeks they promise. I told her what likely happened and assured her there was nothing to worry about. I called her 2 days later just to see if she had heard anything about her glasses and she said they came in the following day of my visit. She said she really liked them and had already wore one pair driving to work. So of course the next day she got her 2nd order so she ended up with 2 of each that she ordered. She told me that a worker in the store really liked one of her new glasses so she gave her the glasses and put that girls prescription into the frame. I'm sure that you much rather have you glasses arrive early and only get the one set rather than taking a little longer and getting 2 sets.

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 13:13


First and foremost thank you, I do love the two more "expensive" frames

what do you mean? Do you think the steps I increased the prescription in are too large?

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 13:10

Also before ordering from Zenni's today I decided to test if I actually want this one more time, by walking around outside in the +1.5 glasses. It's odd, I do seem to react strongly to my minor astigmatism, because I (subjectively) see worse in them than I do with the +2.5 over my actual prescription. The ghost image seems more prominent with a higher spheric prescription, too.

I quite enjoyed it, though. I felt a little nauseous after some time, but I think that's because the change occurred so sudden and it wouldn't be like that if my prescription was to go up slowly.

antonio 27 Mar 2017, 13:04

hi OopsI,

increasingly nice glasses,

but aren´t those increasingly a little strong for you ? :-)

best regards, antonio

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 12:29


Sorry, I didn't see the questions you asked.

I ended up with three pairs, because I couldn't decided what to get and I found a promo code that gave me ten percent off, so one pair was actually free as well as me being a little worried that my orders will be held by customs which would mean it I'd have to wait quite some time for that.

I ended up with those

(Prescription (sphere) -1, no AR as I'm hoping that I don't have to wear that pair for long I thought I could go cheep here. I like them enough to wear them full time if needed, though)

(Prescription -1.75 +AR. I know you said I shouldn't do that, but again, I couldn't decided if I wanted this or the next pair and ordering the same Prescription seemed silly, this felt like the right thing to do, so I went with my guts. If I never end up wearing those I still really like the frame, so I'd probably have my optician put in my prescription in, once it's stable. )

(Prescription -2.5 , AR and additional clip on shades.)

The last two were the ones I've been always getting back to, so I thought I should get those.

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 12:17


okay, thank you :) I placed the order, I really hope this isn't going to take long, I'm really excited!

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 12:03


So based on your question it seems like you're about to place your order for glasses? I'm sure this is exciting for you. Be sure to let me know which glasses you order and the prescriptions you decided to get for them. Now you will be watching the clock as well as you're e-mails. You know that you can track exactly where your glasses are if you want.

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 12:00


You did good in dodging that one, because I thought that your mom had to notice that your glasses looked a lot stronger than your other glasses looked. Mom's tend to notice things even when you don't think they do. But it will be much harder to convince her if you do go to -6.75. Your lenses would be nearly twice as thick as they are now. For that reason you really need to hold off ordering anything until you get your eyes examined. Then if still are determined to go that strong you can simply tell your mom that your eyes got a lot worse since your last eye exam and that your glasses are going to be a good deal stronger than your current ones. I asked you about what type of work you are doing hoping that maybe it was an office job and you could blame your job for ruining your eyesight.

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 11:48


Trust me you can ignore that. That has been on there for some time now. I remember the first time I saw that and i was a little concerned like you are. Place your order it will be fine.

oopsI 27 Mar 2017, 11:06

Hey, I'm a little concerned with the Terms and conditions from Zenni's. It says they require a copy of my prescription, do they actually need that?

Rebecca 27 Mar 2017, 10:35

Yes, she noticed the thickness, but I said it was just the way these lenses were made due to being low index. I work at Value Village in Vancouver, BC. I will be quitting when I turn 18 on June 7 so I can get the maximum welfare amount.

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 10:29


So what you're saying is that of course you want your eyes to change but you also like the looks of wearing stronger glasses. And you want to enjoy the reactions when someone tries your glasses on and they will think that you can't see anything without your glasses. But even now with your current glasses i'm sure they can't see much of anything through your glasses now. So you have to enjoy it when someone tries your glasses and they comment on how strong your glasses are and how bad your eyesight must be. Of course you go right along by saying that you can't really see anything without your glasses. From the pictures you posted of yourself wearing your glasses they clearly show a nice bit of cut-in and i'm sure that your eyes are noticeably smaller looking at you through your lenses. When you got your current glasses I assumed that you used your mom's credit card then to too? Didn't she notice how strong your glasses suddenly got from what they were before? What type of part time job do you have?

Rebecca 27 Mar 2017, 09:41


Yes, it's mostly about the look and thickness of the lenses. I want everyone to see my strong prescription. And when they try them on, they will think I'm really blind without them. Even the thought of it gives me such a buzz.

I can always get more glasses after my eye exam. I have a part time job so my mom will let me use her credit card online.

Soundmanpt 27 Mar 2017, 09:33


Before you order any new glasses I suggest that you at least wait until you get your eyes examined and see if there has been any change in your vision since your last eye exam. I'm sure you understand that even though you're wearing -3.75 glasses when you take your glasses off for the first few minutes your eyes are going to be seeing the way someone would that needs -3.75 glasses. But then your eyes start to regress and your vision is soon much better. But not perfect because you do have an actual prescription. For that reason it has to very hard for you to determine if your eyes are returning to what your natural vision is without glasses or if it is somewhat worse and you just don't realize it.

Taking big increases is very hard on your eyes and this can cause retinas to detach. When your -3.75 glasses arrived and you put them on for the first time didn't they feel very strong to your eyes? Those first few days wearing them your eyes must have felt like they were being pulled out of your head. Your eyes were likely bloodshot from the strain of trying to focus with them on and reading couldn't have been very easy or comfortable to you. You did very good just by pushing through it until your eyes slowly adjusted to your glasses. Honestly if there isn't any change after wearing your glasses this long then going up another -3.00 isn't going to change anything either. Now if you just want your glasses to look a little stronger that's fine, but you really need to be careful.

Rebecca 27 Mar 2017, 09:05

Sorry, that was me. Not intended to be anonymous.

 27 Mar 2017, 09:04


Thank you very much for the well wishes; I wish you the same.


Unfortunately, you may be right. But my eyes do accommodate better than they used to. Wearing -3.75 is no problem at all.

I am thinking about going up to -6.75.

NJ 27 Mar 2017, 08:36

Rebecca, I would respectfully submit that there's no evidence that wearing minus glasses above one's natural prescription will induce any additional myopia in those not otherwise predisposed. It's essentially the same as doing a lot of close work, like most young people do in school. And even among those who are predisposed, all the evidence suggests that reducing the accommodative demands of close work have only very modest effects on reducing progression; so modest in fact that there's no widespread consensus in the optometry community about prescribing bifocals to children who have early myopia, despite the considerable risks that accompany more severe myopia.

Just keep in mind that this is a fetish/fantasy website, and the needs and desires of the participants, including myself, often color the beliefs and claims that appear on this forum.

You're more than welcome to keep trying, though. I sure did in the past!

NNVisitor 27 Mar 2017, 08:22


Factoring in my astigmatism probably near 11.50. I did not have a retinal detachment. My vitrious pulled away from my retina in one area. An opthalmologist has found some scarring on my retinas. It can mean many things so I don't worry but I am concerned.

I've had opthalmic migraines and I know the flashing colour pattern is not a retinal detatachment. What to watch out for is flashes of light when going from a dark room to a lighted room or the opposite. Or flashes that look like a fluresant light flickering. Or a curtain type covering in one eye. Abdolutely head to a hospital emergency room for any of these three.

I'm amazed at how you can tolerate a higher prescription. 20/10 is fantastic visual accuity. I've had trouble tolerating prescription increases which I felt were too strong. I really didn't wear my glasses all the time when I was growing up so that could be why I had adjustment problems. My eyesight got worse and worse. Yours may be stable as stronger lenses are not worsening your myopia. I think genetics play a strong role in myopia progression and that you will not become more myopic or at the most slightly more so. Best of luck to you going forward. You are still young and living at an exciting time of technological, scientific and medical advances. I wish you a great future filled with happiness.

Rebecca 26 Mar 2017, 20:26

Sorry to hear about your retinal detachment. What is your Rx?

I have been stacking glasses to get an idea of what I can tolerate. I can see fine with -5.50 so I'm thinking about increasing by 3 diopters to -6.75.

NNVisitor 26 Mar 2017, 16:03


The higher the myopia the greater the risk. It doesn't mean it will happen but who wants a heightened risk?

I've had retinal problems that had to be fixed. The last time it was 10 minutes of laser treatment. I will have to get my retina's checked again. Sure I am concerned. It's important to learn the signs. A pending retinal detachment is an absolute emergency.

Rebecca 26 Mar 2017, 11:41


How likely is retinal detachment? Does the chance increase with more diopters? I at least want to do -5. Or is that too high? How is retinal detachment treated?

Soundmanpt 26 Mar 2017, 11:16


That's amazing that they are still able to return to your natural vision so quickly after wearing glasses that strong. Now i'm sure that you're aware that even by wearing -3.75 glasses at most your eyes were likely only going to change to around -2.00. So are you quite certain that there has been no change in your vision in the past year? Maybe wait until you get your eyes examined and find out what prescription you get this time without any type of cheating to alter anything. As far as any suggestion for ordering stronger glasses it is very hard to say how much more over correction your eyes can tolerate. The glasses that your currently wearing is much stronger than I would have ever recommended to you last April. Do you remember how long it took for your eyes to adjust to your glasses back then? I really wouldn't expect that going any stronger is going to have any effect on your eyes as far as making them anymore myopic than they are now. You just want to be careful not to go too strong and cause your retinas to detach. From what you have said it sounds like your eyes are very comfortable wearing your current glasses and needless to say you are able to see incredibly well with your glasses. But I wouldn't try and push them too hard by going overly strong again. Maybe order your new glasses with -4.75 lenses. I know you are wanting better results than you so far haven't seemed to get as far as actually needing stronger glasses based on written prescription. But at least your eyes aren't so stubborn not to allow you to wear fairly strong glasses. And while your wearing your glasses your eyes are happy to be relaxing with the help from your glasses.

Rebecca 26 Mar 2017, 09:06


It's just a few minutes. What would you recommend for my next prescription? How much do you reckon my eyes can tolerate? I remember someone a long time ago recommend going up 3 diopters each time, so that would be in the -6 range which is my goal.

Soundmanpt 26 Mar 2017, 08:56


Well if you have been wearing your glasses constantly for the past 6 months like you say that you have then I have to agree wit you that you have very stubborn eyes and they are refusing to be changed for some reason. You're certainly still young enough for you eyes to be changed and your glasses are more than strong enough for your eyes. In fact I would have suggested you go much weaker for your glasses, but your eyes don't seem to have any problems with seeing with your glasses since your able to see 20/10 wearing them and you probably are seeing even better than that. So there is no doubt that your eyes have adjusted to your glasses which is why if you take your glasses off during the day everything should be a blurry mess to you. Once you have your glasses off how long does it take before your natural eyesight returns to you? Is it only a few minutes or more than an hour. If you're hoping to see at least some change in your eyes I would suggest that you try and get a late afternoon eye appointment and not an early morning exam. Your eyes should at least me much more stressed later in the day.

Rebecca 26 Mar 2017, 08:03


For the past 6 months I really have worn them constantly, from when I wake up to when I go to sleep. I only take them off in the shower. So I don't know why my eyes are so stubborn. :(

Soundmanpt 26 Mar 2017, 07:36


Your response wasn't what I was hoping and expecting to hear. Your vision when you awaken should be considerably worse by now after having wore your -3.75 glasses for nearly a full year. You;re certainly still young enough for your eyes to be changed and the glasses you're wearing are more than strong enough as well. So it makes me question how much you wear your glasses? Being the right age and wearing the right glasses are both important but it is also critical that you wear your glasses constantly from the first minute you open your eyes each day until you go back to bed at the end of the day. Wearing your glasses for 15 hours a day and then having them off for an hour is the same as not wearing glasses at all. You have have done nothing to induce doing that. I'm not sure what trying to fool the machine or doctor would prove to you? You know of course that the whole process from the time you enter the doctor's office until you leave can take slightly over an hour. I don't know how long your vision stays blurry after you take your glasses off but if starts returning to normal during your exam that could lead to some interesting questions from the doctor if your vision is slowly returning during the exam. Fooling the doctor or the machine isn't going to prove anything for you. You want to know if there has been any real change in your vision in the past year. You can only find that answer by not cheating for the exam. Ordering stronger glasses isn't going to change anything that your current -3.75 glasses shouldn't have already done to your eyes. I think that you do probably wear your glasses quite often but you take them off to give your eyes a break too much.

oopsI 26 Mar 2017, 02:13

Thank you Cactus! Glad to hear your retina's doing good.

Rebecca 25 Mar 2017, 22:36


Unfortunately, my natural vision is quite good when I wake up. It's only really bad right after I take off my glasses. So for the eye exam, I'll wear my strong glasses as much as possible and then switch to my prescribed glasses at the last minute. I hope that will work to fool the machine.

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2017, 21:40

Cactus Jack

I know I can always count on you to provide a much better and more accurate explanation than I can.

I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes about 7 years ago. I honestly don't watch my diet very well at all. At first I was told to check my blood sugar 3 times a day but since then I am checking and reporting my numbers at my 6 month doctor visits. It ranges between 118 and 138 mostly but every so often it spikes up to around 165 or so.

Glad to hear that your exam seemed to go well. I actually have to see my endocrinologist on march 28th. My 6 month checkup. He always asks about my eyes and I am telling him the truth that so far i don't notice any change in my eyesight.

Cactus Jack 25 Mar 2017, 21:25

Soundmanpt and oopsI,

Night Blindness can have many causes. Some relate to Retinal problems, Glaucoma, clouding of the Crystalline Lens by Cataracts, and Insufficient Rhodopsin (or “Visual Purple”) that is necessary for the Rods to do their job.. A more subtile cause is simple uncorrected Myopia.

At night or in low light conditions, you have two things working against you if you are Myopic. The first has to do with the characteristics of complex lens systems. The eye’s lens system is very similar to a high end camera lens. It has multiple lenses and an Iris (pupil) that can be adjusted for the lighting conditions. The Iris is “closed down” (higher “f” stops) and the pupil contracts to let in less light, so the film, image sensor, or Retina is not over exposed to light. This has a secondary benefit, It increases the Depth of Field or the Range of useful focus of the image. If the Iris or pupil opening is small enough, even blurry images can get pretty clear. That is why people often squint to improve their vision or ECPs us a pinhole “lens” to see if correction is even possible.

The second thing is that if looking at a dim light source (a star in the sky is a good example) there are a limited number of Photons arriving from the distant source. If they are NOT in good focus, the few Photons are spread over several Rods in the Retina and their may not be enough Photons to trigger a response so no signal is delivered to the Visual Cortex and you can’t “see” the star. If the image is not sharply focused, you may also see a halo or similar effect around a brighter light source because there are more Photons. If they are not properly focused and are diffuse, they can activate nearby Rods that should NOT have been activated and you see a halo or starburst of light around the actual source.

BTW, I had a Retinal exam yesterday where my eyes were dilated and my Retinas checked for Diabetic damage with a very bright light and a High PLUS magnifying lens. With my eyes dilated, I had no defense against the bright light and it was pretty rough. Fortunately, no Retinal damage was found. No change from previous exams (I watch my Blood Glucose levels like a hawk), but the bright light temporarily bleached out the Visual Purple in the Rods of my Retina. It took several minutes, while the Visual Purple regenerated andI could see well in the dim exam room. I have fairly frequent (every 6 months) Retinal checks and I knew what to expect.

A little bit of extra MINUS, over correction or a bit of PLUS under correction can sometimes help significantly with Night Vision issues, as it did with the friend who was having trouble driving at night


Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2017, 21:25


When your -3.75 glasses arrived and you put them on for the first time didn't they feel much too strong for your eyes? Would I be correct to assume that everything looked extremely intense and mall but very clear and sharp? But very difficult to see anything close up with them on. How long did it take before your glasses began to feel normal to you? I am not at all surprised that now with your glasses you have no problem at all seeing the 20/10 line on an eyechart and much worse without your glasses. That would be about what I would expect when you first take off your glasses. But what you really want to know is if your eyesight is really that poor. Almost certainly your eyesight is worse now than it was before you started wearing your current glasses. How much of your natural eyesight returns to you after you have your glasses off for a while is the only way to really know. If your curious to know try testing your eyes in the morning before you put your glasses on. You had a slight prescription before but lie you said it was mainly astigmatisms. But just by looking at things from a window in your house should give you some idea of how much you need your glasses now.

Rebecca 25 Mar 2017, 12:38


Thank you. Yes, I wore them full time. I had a vision test (trying to read the letters) but not an eye exam. I got 20/10 vision with glasses on and did poorly with them off.

Here is a picture for proof of who I am:

oopsI 25 Mar 2017, 11:17


From what I've gathered night blindness is actually a different condition that cannot be corrected with glasses (the rod's are not working properly). Here needing a higher prescription at night is called nighttime myopia (might not be the term in English, though). It is caused by the pupils being wider at night.

oopsI 25 Mar 2017, 11:04


thank you a lot for your concern, I'm happy that people care enough to mention it in this kind of forum. But I really doubt that what I'm doing will do any damage to my eyes, that cannot be corrected by glasses/ other vision aid's. In most of the surgical jobs you work with some kind of magnification method anyway, which is usually just adaptable to a prescription (I'm certain I don't want to do any kind of orthopedic surgery where you don't do that) and most doctors I know are myopic (at least some of them are at about -6D) and I have never heard from anyone that they had a problem with patients.

Also again, I'm going to check on the progress regularly and if I notice all of this working too well I'll stop immediately. My plan right now is to go through with what I've discussed here on the forum and then go for an eye exam in October (not wearing the glasses before that for a day or two to see my real prescription) and if my prescription was any higher than sph -1.25 I'd stop wearing too high of a prescription.

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2017, 10:53


Why am I not surprised to hear that you already are holding reading material close to your eyes? Like I said before, you clearly have done your research on inducing myopia haven't you? And yes I think your new glasses will improve your night vision. You might have the same problem others have with driving at night. Funny thing if yo had mentioned that at your last eye exam I think you might have even gotten a slightly stronger prescription for your glasses. It's called "night blindness" or at least that is what I have been told doctors refer to it being. A really good example is my best friend's wife. About 5 years ago we were all together heading home for a ballgame and we were in my friends car. My friend had been drinking so he asked his wife to drive because she doesn't drink. It was quite dark and she was complaining about not being able to see very well. i could see that she was squinting quite a bit. I asked her if he had the same problem during the day and she said she didn't. that she could see just fine. I told her that she should get her eyes examined and to be sure to tell the doctor about the night driving problem based on what I had heard. About 2 weeks later I was at their house talking to her husband and she heard me and she came out wearing glasses. She thanked me and said that she took my advice to get her eyes examined and she made a big point about the driving after dark thing. It was a good thing because her vision checked out as being perfect. But because of the night problem the doctor wrote her a prescription fr glasses. She asked for a copy so she would be able to tell people why she needs glasses. She showed it to me and it was only -.50 SPH for both eyes with a good quality AR coating (anti-reflective). And it was written on the slip Must be worn at night for driving. She said that she had already tried them out and they made a big difference for her.

I am not surprised to hear that you're considering optometry I really thinkyou would be very good at that because you clearly have an interest in it.

Soundmanpt 25 Mar 2017, 09:24


Actually if you look back to her comment on "17 Mar 17:08" she said that she likes the looks of glasses that are -2.00 to -6.00. But right below that she says that her goal is -2.00. You're likely right that with so much reading and studying her actual eyesight would slowly change over the next 3 or 4 years. But by wearing stronger glasses she is going to reach her goal much faster and it is impossible to know if all the reading will surpass her goal prescription. I think the reading will mostly bridge the gap between her actual eyesight and the glasses she will be wearing, not exceed it. She seems to be a very intelligent young lady and I think she will know when she is happy with where her eyes are at. She may decide to stop before she gets to -2.00 or go a bit beyond that point. Just because she'll be wearing glasses shouldn't in any way mean that if she won't be a very good surgeon. And I seriously doubt that there would be any patient confidence lost because she's wearing glasses.

I assume Julie is still waiting for her glasses to arrive? looking back it appears she placed the order with the help of you and Cheryl back on the 18th so that is only about a week ago. She was getting bifocals and I know Zenni says that can sometimes delay them a few days.

Likelenses 24 Mar 2017, 18:15


Really hot looking in these glasses. Nice cut in.

Did you wear them full time while in prison?

Were you able to have your eyes examined while in there?

Likelenses 24 Mar 2017, 16:47


You stated that ideally you would like to reach -3.5.

Have you considered the fact that by the time you finish med school, which in itself will do a number on your eyes,combined with inducing that you may wind up very myopic.

So much so that your vision may not be very good for performing surgery.Or depending on your specialty,a loss of patient confidence in you due to your thick glasses,and perception that you do not see very well.

I think that would be a real oops!

oopsI 24 Mar 2017, 11:20

I do my best to do that, already, yes and I hope they'll arrive as soon as possible (also I want to know if I see better in the -1.00 ones than in the glasses I have right now, especially at night, because i feel like I don't see as clearly at night as I should)

And again, I don't know if there will be any changes in my vision by the time we do that eye test, but I think it's a good interval to check if I've actually made any progress. I'll have to find out if they ask for my prescription, though, because that could be awkward, lol.

I am thinking about going into ophtalmology for sure. I remember watching videos on manual refraction years ago. I love the physiology of the eye, too.

Soundmanpt 24 Mar 2017, 08:55


I know you're in med school, are you intending on becoming a doctor? With your interest in vision have you considered becoming an optometrists? I really think you would be very good at that and you certainly have a head start in that field already.

Soundmanpt 24 Mar 2017, 08:52


So really by the time you do the eye test in med school you will have only had your glasses about 2 months or so. That may or may not be enough time to show any progress. But even now while you're wearing your actual prescription glasses try and remember when studying and reading to be in a dimly lighted area and hold whatever your reading as close to your eyes as possible as much as your eyes will allow you to. And continue to do that once you get your new glasses. I hoping that you get your glasses shipped faster than 3 weeks. I'm in the US and my recent orders have been arriving in about 9 - 10 days. But I have no idea what the delivery time is for Austria.

oopsI 23 Mar 2017, 12:26

Oh yes, I'm really excited. Especially because we will do a vision test in med school in about three months where I will actually be able to check the progress a little and I'm really looking forward to that to see if my vision will be worse by then (I know it might not be, though).

I really hope they will arrive in about three weeks. At that time I'll have to do a bunch of reading, too, which I expect to work in my favour.

Soundmanpt 23 Mar 2017, 12:19


Yes without a doubt getting a sunglasses clip for one of the glasses is a better idea than spending extra money on a pair of sunglasses for sure and the clip will fit the glasses you get perfectly. I'm just happy for you that you're going to able to order your glasses between now and Monday for sure. And I have a feeling you can't wait to get your glasses so you can get started wearing them.

oopsI 23 Mar 2017, 11:56

Yes Soundmanpt, that is true.

I didn't think I'd want the sunclip, but if you say it's good I'll just order it for one of the pairs (probably the -2.5 pair I can wear in the summer as I rarely read outside anyway so it makes sense to choose it for a stronger one) instead of extra sunglasses.

I still don't know if I want to go for a more expensive but pretty pair for the -1.00 glasses or if that would be a waste because I won't wear them for long, though.

Soundmanpt 23 Mar 2017, 11:41


Those are the decisions that only you can make. You know the size of glasses that will fit you best and you have an idea what prescriptions you want to start with. You know that all of the glasses come with an optional sunglass clip that is only like $4.00. I have ordered that for several people in the past and the clip is usually a perfect for the glasses.

oopsI 23 Mar 2017, 11:19

Hey :)

I have yet to order the glasses because I haven't got my money for next month yet. It will be there either tomorrow or on Monday so that will be the day I'll place the order on.

I'm really conflicted, because I can't decide on a frame so I'm debating if I should order two (+ a pair of sunglasses) pairs (but that would really only make sense if I ordered two different prescriptions).

I'm conflicted, lol.

Soundmanpt 23 Mar 2017, 10:43


Just curious if you placed your order for your glasses yet and which glasses you decided on as well? Back on the 18th you said that you planned on ordering your glasses this week.

Soundmanpt 22 Mar 2017, 10:55


Sorry to hear that you were in prison the past 6 months but good to hear that you're out now. It took several minutes of searching but I found that you first came into this thread back on April 18th 2016. You said that you had last gotten your eyes examined in June of 2014 and after a bit lying you managed to come away with a prescription of -1.00 for each eye and -.25 astigmatism in your left eye. You wore your glasses with this prescription constantly over the next 2 years with little or no change to your actual vision. But in April of 2016 you got your eyes examined again and and your results were Right eye -.75 -.50 / Left eye -.25 -.75 So a little bit of a change You were planning on ordering glasses on line with a much stronger prescription but at that time you did say exactly what that was going to be. But it seems that you took "Specs4evers" advice to order your glasses -3.00 stronger than you were prescribed. At the time you were only 16 so because of your young age he felt that your eyes would have very little trouble adjusting to the stronger glasses. Apparently he was right and your eyes were able to see pretty well with your -3.75 glasses. You have had your glasses for nearly a year now and in "Post your Prescription" you indicated that you are planning on getting your eyes examined again in April and you're hoping for an increase this time. If you wear your glasses constantly and with your young age I would be very surprised if you don't get a considerable increase from your last eyes exam. There is no harm in testing your eyes your self. I'm sure when you take your glasses off to clean them things are quite blurry, but the real test is how blurry are things when you wake up in the morning before you put your glasses on? It should much more blurry than it was before you started wearing your current glasses. Nice that you included several pictures of you wearing your glasses. They look really good on you and that style of glasses just happens to be a favorite with me on young women. I'm sure I don't have to remind you that you can't wear those glasses if you intend to go back to where you last got your eyes examined. You will have to wear the glasses that you were prescribed. I think Clearly is based in Canada which maybe why the total is less for glasses but I don't think Zenni charges too much more than $5.00 to ship to Canada. They are International and I know that even shipping to the UK was only $8.00. But they don't charge any extra for stronger prescriptions until you reach -8.00 or more. One way to find out is to call them. They have an 800 number and customer service is very good as well.

Welcome back and good luck at your upcoming eye exam.

Rebecca 22 Mar 2017, 00:04

Hi, I'm back. I was in prison for the past six months. I hope you haven't forgotten me because I certainly haven't forgotten this forum. Tomorrow when I get my new phone I will post pictures of me in my glasses with my name and timestamp. For now, here are some pictures of me with -3.75, the highest I could get from Clearly without paying for lenses.

Cactus Jack 20 Mar 2017, 16:49


It is possible that you may have a bit of Latent (Hidden) Hyperopia. That often happens to people with Hyperopia (corrected by PLUS glasses). It is actually the same thing as Pseudo Myopia except on the other side of 0.00.

Hyperopia is the ONLY refractive error that you can correct internally, using your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline lenses. If you do that long enough, your Ciliary Muscles will have trouble relaxing.

It is nearly impossible to tell if a person has Latent Hyperopia until they start wearing PLUS glasses and it can take a while for it to be revealed. The symptoms are a need for more PLUS in their glasses within a few weeks or months of starting to wear PLUS glasses full time. Wearing PLUS glasses allows the Ciliary Muscles to relax and that reduces the amount of internal PLUS that needs to be supplied by the Crystalline Lenses. This can have a side benefit of making more Accommodation available for focusing close.

However, if Presbyopia is beginning to become problem, it can speed the requirement for bifocals or progressives. It is very easy to get Hyperopia and Presbyopia confused, both require PLUS correction. Hyperopia requires PLUS to correct distance vision and Presbyopia requires additional PLUS (an Add) to help you focus for reading or other close work.

The small amount of Cylinder and Axis correction will make things better at all distances, particularly for reading text.


glasses4me 20 Mar 2017, 13:59

Cactus Jack,

Thank you I age would be a barrier. Perhaps it's not a good idea.

I actually wish inducing hyperopia was possible. I have a small plus. I can still see distance while wearing them but I think this is only because it's a small add and they correct some small astigmatism.

OD .5 Cyl -.25 Axis 025,

OS .5 Cyl -.5 Axis 180.


Cactus Jack 19 Mar 2017, 07:18


There are actually two types of Myopia. Axial or True Myopia results when your eyeballs grow longer than they should for the total PLUS power of your eye's lens system. Axial Myopia is considered Permanent. Pseudo or False Myopia is caused by your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses (your auto-focus system) having difficulty fully relaxing for distance. It is considered Temporary, but Temporary can be a rather long time if you wear glasses with more MINUS than you actually need.

Wearing more MINUS than you actually need can cause headaches, but if you have enough Accommodation available to compensate for the MINUS, the headaches will go away. The trick is to NOT be too aggressive. We typically suggest that you start with -1.00 over correction from your actual prescription and not increase that until those glasses get comfortable while reading. The first step is targeted at strengthening your Ciliary Muscles. In some ways it is like using weights to strengthen muscles. You DON'T start with heavy weights, you start with light weights and lots of repetitions. Too much MINUS or Too Heavy Weights are counter productive.

At 39 it is highly unlikely that you can Induce any Axial Myopia, your genes simply will not let that happen. You might be able to Induce a bit of Pseudo Myopia, but Presbyopia, which is the gradual stiffening of the Crystalline Lenses, will work against you. If you use up some of your diminishing Accommodation Amplitude compensating for too much MINUS, that will reduce the amount of Accommodation available for focusing close. That will lead to the need for bifocals or progressives before you need them without the excess MINUS.

Evening out your prescription is probably not possible.

It would be very helpful if you would post your complete prescription.


glasses4me 19 Mar 2017, 03:20


I hope you can help with a couple of questions.

If you wear stronger glasses to induce myopia is it permanent?

I guess you would get headaches at first - would this pass? Would it get to a point where it's just normal?

What happens when presbyopia sets in? Given I'm already 39.

I already had +.5 glasses. Could doing this just even out my eye sight?

Thanks Gary

antonio 18 Mar 2017, 17:06

yes med school is very long,

so you probably will develop pretty some

natural shortsightness like me :-)

ok, then I don´t worry, :-)

yes 15 cm clear in front of my eyes and that´s it :-),

increasingly blurrier farer away for me :-)

and pretty ridiculous to hold things that near to see,

don´t you think ? :-)

if you like to chat just visit

best regards, antonio

oopsI 18 Mar 2017, 16:59

Thank you antonio.

With your prescription it should be around 15 cm to see clearly, right?

I don't want to end up any higher than -3.5, I'd like something between -2 and -3 at most.

And yes, I went from +0.25 to -0.25 in 10 months (3 of which I was actually in university so I might very well be on the way of developing a little higher of a prescription naturally) and I'm going to make sure I'll go check the progression on my own regularly and go for an eye exam in a year, I think. If the development of axial myopia somehow seems to be going too fast I'll stop, don't worry about me ;)

antonio 18 Mar 2017, 16:48


to give you an idea what my prescription means in practical life:

I can hardly find my own glasses if my eyes are much more than 30 or 50 cms away from them.

So I tend to need glasses to find my glasses now, which is quite contradictional :-)

best regards, antonio

antonio 18 Mar 2017, 16:45

hi OopsI,

yes I guess med school might made you more shortsighted anyway, you said you already went from +0,25 to -0,25,

so that seems to happen anyway for you.

And if people have seen you wearing -2 for some time, that´s already normal to them to see you in those.

But please don´t exaggerate, take into account that your eyes can drift towards shortsightness on their own as they already seem to do and that way you could really get dependant on glasses to see as I´m now.

best regards, antonio

oopsI 18 Mar 2017, 16:21

Hey antonio,

before that they were at +0.25 with a -0.5 cylinder, so barely anything at all, but again, no drivers license without them. For some reason my left eye doesn't want to see properly without correction, but it's the better one when I do wear glasses.

And yes, I'm unworried about the change up to -2 or something, but if I do go higher observant people might notice. But then again, I remember in middle school a classmate of mine went from -1.00 to more than -5 within a year and nobody questioned it. I can blame it on med school, I guess, lol.

antonio 18 Mar 2017, 16:09


if you have worn glasses already for a year,

normally nearly nobody will ask you if your prescription goes up a little, as this is quite normal- happened to me too - and difficult to see anyway.

So don´t worry, nice you like being bespectacled, too

best regards, antonio

antonio 18 Mar 2017, 15:49

hi OopsI,

nice eyeglasses, you wear currently, OopsI,

by the way, if you updated a month ago your prescription,

what was it before your current cylindric lenses. i.e. how strong ?

I´m astonished you wear them already for a year always when being outside, but yes, if astigmatism makes the world wavy for you as you said, I can understand why you wear them so much,

best regards, antonio-o

oopsI 18 Mar 2017, 13:34

Thank you for the explanation :) If you say 130 is a good width then I won't worry about it. My glasses suit my face well (if I say so myself, lol), but I think a bit narrower should work, too. (Okay, I just looked up my glasses online and apparently I'm doing my measurements wrong, because online it says they are 131mm wide , which is great. those are the ones I have right now )

Thank you for those tipps. I'm going to try to do that.

And yes you are right in thinking I didn't tell anyone (If anyone found out I'd feel very silly :D) . I live alone right now, so that shouldn't be a problem and thank's for that excuse. I feel like that's another good reason to order more than one pair, because I'll be able to switch them every now and then and I can tell people I'm trying to find out which pair I like best.

Soundmanpt 18 Mar 2017, 12:57


I don't know if this will help you or not but there are 26 millimeters to an inch so the difference between 125mm and 130mmwould be less than 1/4" So you know how your glasses feel on you and how they look. Do they seem to be a perfect fit or do you think they could be a tiny bit more narrow? For what it's worth I have a sample case with over 75 pairs of women's glasses in it that I use for my non profit vision group I work with. Nearly all of them are between 130mm and 132mm. And I also use them for other young ladies and in every case my samples fit them perfectly. For that reason I think the ones you have shown me so far will fit you very nicely. I only suggested that other site to help you pass the time while you're waiting for the money so you can order your glasses. Good to see that you will be able to place your order next week. Please post which ones you order when you place your order. Of course you do know that when your new glasses arrive the first thing you want to do is take off your current glasses and put them in a glass case and then bury them in the bottom of a drawer and forget that you won them and start wearing your new glasses right away. Now that first day it's okay to be doing a lot of comparing your vision with and without your new glasses. But have your glasses at your bedside so as soon as you wake up the next morning you can slip your glasses on and try not to take them the whole day. If you need to clean them try not to focus on anything but rather look down while you're cleaning them. Would I be correct in thinking that you have told no one what you're planning on doing? Not a bf or best friend? If anyone asks you about your glasses since you only recently got your current glasses just tell the that you found a place on line that sells glasses really cheap and you just had to order a pair or two. Not even a lie.

oopsI 18 Mar 2017, 11:36

Awe, this post was so nice, Soundmanpt :) Thank you a lot for all the support with this. I do like my face a lot more with glasses on. Do you know how much of a difference 5mm in width of the frame will make, as the glasses I usually wear are about 135mm wide.

And thank's a lot for that other website. I'll stick to Zenni's right now because of the shipping costs and I found so many pairs I want already I'd rather not find any more awesome pairs. Once I get to a prescription I'll definitely keep for a while I'll check out more places to find maybe a few frames I like a lot.

I'll probably be able to order next week and keep you updated. Now all I have to do is choose the frames to order.

Soundmanpt 18 Mar 2017, 11:11


I kind of figured that you needed to wait to order your glasses until you had some money coming your way in April. Well the good news is that April isn't that far away anymore. So that just allows you even more time to check out other glasses that Zenni has, Oh and by the way if you run out of glasses on their site "eyebuydirect,com" is also a good source for ordering glasses. The only thing different is that i think they charge a separate charge for shipping per pair. So if you were to order 2 pairs you pay 2 shipping fees. At least I think that is true but you might want to check since you seem to enjoy "glasses shopping". Otherwise their glasses prices are about the same as Zenni. One of the things I liked about you right from you're first post was that you already had a nice very realistic goal of -2.00 as the prescription you want to end up at. Nothing extreme just a nice simple nearsighted (shortsighted) prescription for glasses. So yes that might seem like you're particular, but you're girl so that gives you the right to be particular doesn't it? lol I really think that you're going to get to your goal for several reasons. For one you seem to be very determined to do this and like I said you're not at all shooting for the moon by being happy if you can get to -2.00. Also unlike some that are starting off with completely perfect eyesight your eyesight isn't bad but it isn't perfect either so it's enough that you're now wearing glasses if not full time at least quite often now. Enough that your eyes are as you say "really uncomfortable trying to see without your glasses". You're right by the way that wavy effect you see without your glasses is caused by your astigmatisms. Also by first trying your mum's +1.50 glasses and now trying those +3.00 glasses you have a pretty good idea of what you can expect to see without glasses once your eyes have been changed. So your nit going into this "blindly" (nice pun right?) but with some knowledge of what to expect. And lastly since oyu have been wearing glasses you clearly must like how you look wearing glasses or you wouldn't be interested in making your eyesight bad enough that you will really need your glasses to see clearly. So I honestly think you will succeed. So for now you just have to wait about 2 weeks until you can order your glasses and then wait another 2 weeks for your glasses to arrive.

oopsI 18 Mar 2017, 06:06

Hey :)

I haven't left my glasses at home for the past 6 months or something. I find it really uncomfortable to see without them, because everything looks wavy. (I guess that's because I'm used to the correction of the astigmatism). I got my prescription changed about a months ago, but people are used to having me wear glasses all the time for around a year.

Today I've tried +3 glasses and that is about the maximum blur I'd like to go for (so about a prescription of -3.25 cyl. -0.5) and I'm not expecting to be able to get any higher than that anyway, at least not in axial myopia.

Antonio 17 Mar 2017, 20:51

Hi OopsI

How long do you have your first "car" glasses now?

So all people around you are already used to see you in glasses?

Best regards. Antonio

antonio 17 Mar 2017, 20:40

Hi OopsI,

i need to wear -6.5 myself in order to see.

I like women in glasses generally, also if they wear only -1 or -2 like you

Wearing stronger ones is not so cool sometimes, because you get pretty dependant on them to see and you can't simply take them off anywhere if it's raining or you do some sports and you can't let them stay at home any more

Best regards, antonio

oopsI 17 Mar 2017, 17:08

Next month I'll have some extra money, so I'll be able to pay for those glasses easily, so I'll just get the extra pair :D

I do love the way minus glasses look especially at a prescription from about -2.50 to -6.00. I'm very particular, lol.

Yeah, I was thinking 1.5 for the first two pairs and then go higher in the index, good thing to hear you agree. I would obviously not mind to get a little higher of a prescription than -2, but I don't expect it to work that easily, so -2 is my goal for now. And yes, I'm aware I'll have to get to about -4 for that. I hope this will work, I'm getting rather excited here.

Soundmanpt 17 Mar 2017, 15:48


It's very easy to tell that your desire to wear myopic glasses wasn't something you just woke up thinking about last week. You have clearly done some research before you spoke up in this thread. Needless to say you much prefer the way myopic glasses look compared to plus glasses. I totally understand needing to wait until you can get the necessary money to order glasses with. Most college kids don't have much extra money laying around. It is up to you if you want to go ahead and order a pair of -2.00 at the same time. In fact since you want to do that then as soon as they arrive go ahead and give the -2.00 glasses a try as being your stage one glasses. I am pretty sure that you will quickly find that they will be very uncomfortable to wear full time within a very short time. But then you know because if for some reason your able to wear them right away then you might want to send back the -1.00 glasses if they aren't needed. Zenni will do a half refund if you return them within a few days. Now if they are only a cheap pair it might not be worth sending them back because the return shipping could be more than you would get back. But I really think you will quickly find out that your eyes will be much more tolerant to your -1.00 glasses as your starter pair. As for as which lens option to get for your glasses you probably don't want to use the 1.57 lenses at all. Your lenses are going to be rather thin even with the 1.50 option with a -1.00 prescription. And I would stay with that for -2.00 as well because what you don't want to do is go with thinner lenses for the weaker glasses and then switch to the thicker lenses for the stronger glasses down the road because that could be noticeable enough to be questioned. Once you get to -3.00 or more you will see some cut-in. Now remember in order for you get an actual prescription of around -2.00 you will need to be able to wear -4.00 glasses. Your eyes will only change to about half of whatever prescription your wearing.

antonio 17 Mar 2017, 15:21

Hi OppssII

normally it´s really not necessary to go for an higher index at just only -2.

But if you really want to make them look only like -1,5 or -1,25 or so an index of 1,57 might help

in general at index 1,5 every diopter more make glasses about 1 mm thicker, at index 1,5 maybe even a bit more.

concerning shoes, I guess people will look more often to your face than to your shoes ? :-)

best regards, antonio :-)

oopsI 17 Mar 2017, 14:11

Also one question, do you think it makes sense to go for the 1.57 lenses instead of the 1.5 for the stronger pairs?Will the change in prescription be less noticeable? I don't want people to notice what I'm doing and don't mind the glasses looking less strong for now (I do want to maybe have a little cut in at the end, but that can wait)

oopsI 17 Mar 2017, 13:03

I did give it quite a bit of though. Thinking back, I have always liked people with minus glasses even (guys in minus glasses were always preferred :D) I think this is the right thing to do. I'll be ordering in two weeks, once I et money. I really want to order a stronger pair, too, so I'll probably order a minus two one without any additions for 6,95, too.

Soundmanpt 17 Mar 2017, 09:59


You didn't really say how much you wear your current glasses, but I assume that you don't wear them full time but only when you feel you need them. But even wearing them part time i'm sure that you would quickly notice the difference of not having that coating on your glasses. And since you will be wearing your glasses constantly when you get them I have a feeling that by not having that coating would soon become annoying to you. Zenni actually offers 3 different versions of AR coating but I always order the $5.00 version and they work just fine. Having the AR coating will make wearing your glasses more comfortable to wear full time and that is important. I'm sure that you're having a lot of fun glasses shopping in the Zenni site. It's amazing just how many pairs of glasses they offer. I tell people all the time that without a doubt they offer more glasses than any optical store has on display. I noticed when you showed me some of the first glasses you were planning to order that you apparently already figured out what size glasses fits you best. They were all around 130mm "overall width" so did you measure your own glasses across the front and used that as a guide? That is the right way to do it so you know that they should be a a really good fit when you get them. You clearly have given a lot of thought about wearing glasses as you even said for quite a few years already. And you didn't just want to wear glasses but you wanted your eyes to be myopic. So even with needing plus glasses when you were 13 you never bothered wearing them because that wasn't what you wanted your eyes to be. So i'm sure you were thrilled when you found this site and found out that you might be able to make your wish come true. You even have a desired prescription in mind that you want your eyes to be when you go for your next eye exam. Nothing very strong but enough that you will have a good reason for wearing your glasses all the time. You just want glasses to be a part of your day to day look. So without a doubt getting some fun glasses to wear should be included. You're correct that many women do in fact collect lots of pairs of shoes, so nothing wrong with wanting to collect many pairs of glasses. If you think about it i'm sure more people will notice your glasses than your shoes. When are you planning on placing your order for glasses? I know you said once that you would be ordering in April but I think that was when you were planning on ordering several pairs instead of just one.

oopsI 16 Mar 2017, 16:28

I do have AR coating on my glasses, yes. I think I'm going to get it, it would be stupid to safe money on that and then not wear those glasses.

I actually also found a ten dollar pair I really like. The colours are a little bold, though. Not an everyday thing, I suppose, I might be getting them just for fun, though.

I forgot how much I love to shop for glasses and now that I can actually afford more than one pair I want to buy them all :D Other girls buy shoes, I buy glasses.

Soundmanpt 16 Mar 2017, 16:17


Of course I mean when you take off your glasses not while wearing them.

Soundmanpt 16 Mar 2017, 16:16


The AR coating is really up to you. You don't seem to do much driving and even if you not having that coating would only be somewhat annoying to you. Do you have AR coating on your current glasses? If you don't then i'm sure you wouldn't miss not having it, but if you do then you might notice it a good bit more. So now you have a pretty good idea what to expect as your eyesight starts to be changed. How you were seeing wearing only your mum's glasses is nearly exactly what you can expect to see by the end of each day when you take off your glasses for bed. The way you tested your eyes was the right way to test and not with your own glasses on under them. Now you should understand why I don't want you to start off with glasses too strong. By wearing her glasses you now know about how much wearing -1.00 glasses is going to change your eyesight. So now based on that think how much more fuzzy and blurry everything will be when you start wearing -2.00 glasses.

oopsI 16 Mar 2017, 15:47

It makes a lot of sense to do it that way. Shipping is around ten bucks, and I actually found a pair that looks very similar to the one I have right now and and they are a little cheaper (including shipping and anti reflective coating it's 30 bucks)

Do you think it makes sense to order them with anti reflective coating if I don't plan to drive in them? And -1.00 shouldn't be too strong, right?

As I was not wearing my glasses under my mum's reading was a little uncomfortable with them, because everything looked a little fuzzy. Distance was fine, obviously blurry at about 1.5 feet from my face, but comfortable and I could function very well, which is what I'm hoping for.

Soundmanpt 16 Mar 2017, 15:22


I'm glad that you agree with me and only plan on ordering just the one pair to start with. Zenni's glasses aren't that expensive but since you like ones that are slightly more than the really inexpensive ones I don't want you to buy glasses that might be too strong for your eyes. When you got your eyes examined when the optometrist was changing from one lens to another in front of your eyes you apparently was more comfortable seeing at 2015 than you were at 20/20. So right now your eyes are very slightly over corrected with your glasses on. By wearing your mum's +1.50 glasses that is very close to what your eyesight will be like once your eyes adjust to your -1.00 glasses and take them off. So how well were you able to read wearing her glasses? And how blurry was things at a distance with them on? Is that what you're hoping for as a nice start to inducing myopia?

oopsI 16 Mar 2017, 15:04

Hey antonio

No, actually only -0.25 and -0.5 cyl. Very minor, but my vision improves a lot when I wear them.

antonio 16 Mar 2017, 15:01

Hi Oopsi,

Oh you already wear them full time? Wow. How string are they ? Ah you said about -1 and -0.5 astig? i See. :-)

Besteht regards , antonio

oopsI 16 Mar 2017, 12:22

Yes, I need glasses for driving, that's the reason I got them at first. My apparent sensitivity to correction might be the reason why I'm a full time wearer at this kind of prescription aside from just liking to wear them in general.

antonio-o 16 Mar 2017, 11:48

Hi oopsi,

according to what you said, you already need "car glasses".

If you like to discuss vision and glasses Plesse come to

Cu Antonio

oopsI 16 Mar 2017, 09:25

Thank you, that makes sense. I guess I'll order only one pair, then. Once I've seen how well my eyes adapt I'll probably be able to order stage 2, 3 and possibly 4, right?

Over here you need 0.7 or a little better than 20/30 vision to drive in either eye. Without correction I have 0.4 (which would be something between 20/40 and 20/60 vision in my left and) in my left and 0.6 in my right eye, so yes, I guess I'm pretty sensitive to correction. With correction I have 20/15 vision.

Also I decided to test again how able I am in dealing with being short sighed by wearing my mum's reading glasses around the house for about 30 minutes and I really didn't mind much (they are +1.5D)

Soundmanpt 16 Mar 2017, 09:03


I'm not sure how long the shipping will take getting to Europe. I do know that a year or so ago someone I was in conversation with in England received her glasses within the normal 2 week time frame. She was also concerned about how long it might take to get her glasses. She also got her glasses from Zenni. The glasses are made in China then shipped to California here in the US and then mailed from their. Zenni actually makes your glasses within the first 24 hours after receiving your order. Getting two or even three pairs at once is really good because you would be saving the shipping charge and also you would already have the glasses in hand when your eyes are ready for the next stronger ones. But it is impossible to know how your eyes are going to react to over corrections. I'm afraid that you don't realize how much difference wearing -1.00 glasses will be to your eyes then your own -.25 glasses? And actually your -1.00 because of your -.50 astigmatism will be more like wearing -1.25 glasses. If you don't feel like the Lennon glasses won't suit you that well, then you should consider a different pair for your starter glasses and plan on wearing them full time. I think that trying to wear -2.00 glasses to start with is going to be much too strong for your eyes. Most people wearing -2.00 glasses need their glasses full time by that point and you would be going from hardly any prescription to that strong right away. You really need to get glasses that you're able to wear both for reading and studying as well as for seeing distances with. Not one weaker pair for reading and one stronger pair for distance. For example if you were in class and you were wearing -2.00 glasses you might be able to see the board in the distance with some effort, but then if you needed to take some notes your glasses would be too strong to see anything close very well. You don't want to be switching from one pair to the other like that. You need to make your second pair of glasses your stage 2 glasses. But until we see how well and fast your eyes adjust to the -1.00 glasses it is very difficult to suggest what prescription you should get. I don't expect it to take all that long for your eyes to adjust to the -1.00 glasses. But you or I won't know that until you start wearing them. If it only takes you a month or so for your eyes to feel completely comfortable wearing your glasses and you're able to see perfectly wearing them for both reading as well as distance then then you should be able to order your stage 2 glasses but even then I think -1.75 might be a better option. Going to -2.00 would be a really big jump. If it takes much longer for your eyes to adjust to your -1.00 glasses then the stage 2 glasses should only be -1.50. Actually I think that your eyes maybe somewhat sensitive to correction. I am not sure but I think Europe is the same about driving as it is here in the US. If you're unable to see the 20/40 you are required to wear glasses when driving. You said that you got you're most recent glasses when you failed the driver's test. So unless they require you to have completely perfect eyesight I don't how you failed the vision test. Without your glasses you should be able to see all of the 20/30 line and some of the 20/25 line. As your eyes adjust to the -1.00 glasses you will find it difficult to see the 20/50 or 20/60 line without your glasses. If you're interested there are couple of simulator sites that you can go to and by putting in the full prescription of the glasses you plan on wearing for stage 1 you will get an idea what your eyesight will be like. Let me know if you want be to post them for you.

Cactus Jack 16 Mar 2017, 07:23

That Guy,

When you get to the point where you put on your glasses first thing in the morning, wear them all day, and read comfortably for long periods with them, it is time to step up tp the -2.00 g;asses. -1.00 is typically easy to get used to. The key is the reading.


That Guy 16 Mar 2017, 02:54

Hey so I got some -1 glasses. gow will I know when Ive ajusted to them? everything seems to be pritty normal. Thanks.

oopsI 15 Mar 2017, 13:20

Oh, okay, perfect. I'd like to order at least two pairs at once, shipping to Europe doesn't seem to be terribly expensive, but it takes a few weeks from what I've gathered and I don't think I'd wear the Lennon glasses full time as I feel like they might not suit me at all, so I'd be more of an at home/costume thing.

Do you think I could handle -2.00 for most of the day? If so I'd probably just order -1.00 in the Lennon glasses to wear at home and another pair with a stronger prescription to wear throughout the day. If I'm able to handle them well I could wear them at home, too.

Also would you advise me to order a third pair, too?

Soundmanpt 15 Mar 2017, 12:34


I may have confused you as well. What I thought you meant was that you were planning on only wearing your actual prescription for reading. But if you're planning on using the SPH -1.00 Cyl -.50 for reading that should be perfect. But I think you're fine with just using those same glasses as your full time glasses for everything. Honestly I really don't think it will take 2 or 3 months for your eyes to be completely adjusted to your glasses. For that reason you might be better off going with the much cheaper Lennon glasses in case your eyes are ready to go stronger much quicker. There is no way to say how long before you will be ready for stage 2. Depending on how fast your eyes adjust to your first glasses will also give you, and me, a better idea of how strong to go with your second pair of glasses. If your eyes adjust really fast that means that your eyes are more willing accept a stronger prescription for your second pair. if it takes longer then we need to not be very aggressive. Going a stage at a time is fine since you like thew idea of ordering different glasses for each step anyway.

oopsI 15 Mar 2017, 11:20

Thank's a lot for your advise. I didn't notice the red templates, thank's for mentioning them.

I think I misunderstood what you said, then. I'm absolutely planning on wearing too strong glasses all the time, though. From what I've read in the thread, though I thought I might be able to start with a -1.00 for reading and I could wear stronger ones for lectures, etc. ... because I'm not accommodating as much, but I guess I've misunderstood that.

Do you think I could start with sph-1.00 cyl-0.50 for both eyes? I'd probably go for #4420725 there.

I'm guessing I'm not going to wear that prescription for more than two to three months or so and the ones in the next stage for a longer time? If so I might order #2015215 (light brow/red. Also thank you for the warning, but from the shape they look exactly like the ones I already have) and the Lennon ones for that stage

Do you think I could go sph -2.00 cyl -0.50 for that stage?

For the third prescription I'm thinking sph -3.00 cyl -0.50? I'm contemplating these: as well. I'll have to think a little bit, but as I have to wait for April before I order anything anyways I do have that time.

Do you think those prescriptions could work or are they too high? I could go -0.25 lower in sphere for all of them?

I really appreciate the help!

Soundmanpt 15 Mar 2017, 10:24


That's really great that they were nice enough to provided you with everything you need in order to your glasses including your PD. They clearly are a place you should recommend to others. If people around you are used to seeing you wearing different glasses now then it would be fine to order different glasses to induce with. As for the glasses you have picked out I actually like all of them. You're young and being in college i really think the first ones that are only $9.95 would without a any doubt be a fun pair to wear and should be very comfortable as well. Since you always wanted glasses in the John Lennon style anyway they should be a a for sure buy. Then the next glasses #4420725 are really nice as well and again very much in style I think the tortoiseshell color would be a good look. No I don't see any red in them at all. The next glasses you have under consideration #2015215 look nice but be careful about where the bridge of the glasses is located. That could mean that when you have your glasses up in place on your nose that the top of the frame could be blocking out your eyebrows. You normally want the top of your frame just slightly below your eyebrows. Also did you notice that they have red temples? Would you be okay with the front being light brown with red temples? Lastly #207412 is another nice looking frame and I assume you would be getting the grey color? I like that the frame is made with very flexible plastic. That's nice if you watch much TV and now that you will be wearing glasses to watch TV if you happen to fall asleep with them on they are less likely to get broken. They also look like they would be very comfortable to wear. Have you decided on what prescriptions you plan on ordering yet? What were you meaning about "less strong ones for reading and studying" If you're serious about inducing myopia whatever prescription you decide to wear to get started is what you need to be wearing all the time. Actually the more close work you do such as reading and studying wearing -1.00 glasses the better it is with inducing myopia. Your eyes should be able to tolerate -1.00 for reading okay. That was why I said you shouldn't try going too strong with your first glasses. Now that you have your full prescription in hand be sure to include your CYL and axis when you place your order for glasses. So over all I really liked the glasses you have picked out. Now you have to pick which ones to order. But like you say for $10.00 I think one is a for sure pick.

oopsI 15 Mar 2017, 04:12

It worked. The young lady whom had already done the text on me was very nice and understanding, when I explained that I really just wanted a cheap pair for driving and gave me everything I need, including PD, etc. ...

Now I'm wondering, you say I should order similar frames, but if I'm going to wear them full time I want some that look nice, so do you think I can choose a cheap frame (and no anti reflective coating) for the less strong ones which I'm going to study with and for the -1.25/-2.25 ones go with a more expensive frame? Also do you think I could choose two different frames for those? I switch between pairs of glasses anyway. And is there any sort of frame I should NOT go for? I was thinking to go for those: (I always wanted John Lennon/Harry Potter style glasses, not to wear full time, but for ten bucks and for reading I wouldn't say no) (they appear to look similar to those I have now, I have colour vision problems, do those look red at all?) (I always wanted light brown glasses) (I was also considering these)

oopsI 14 Mar 2017, 17:38

*failed the vision test, not felt

oopsI 14 Mar 2017, 17:26

I'll see. I'm just going to be open and tell them I don't have any money to get a good pair right now if I'm just going to leave them in my car anyways. For 35$ I could get a new pair at the cheapest place near me, but if they want a few dollars I'm just going to pay them, that's fair, I think. I mean they did the work, so I should pay them.

And yes, I know I'm barely myopic, I'm just happy it's moving in the right direction anyway, because that gives me hope that I might be able to achieve axial myopia.

For the driving part, I don't really drive, but I mainly got a new pair of glasses, because I felt the vision test to get my license. I drive a few days a year and I'm going to make sure that I see properly when I do drive during this experiment.

Thank you for the advise .


Soundmanpt 14 Mar 2017, 13:39


I always worry that I might be confusing someone even though I try to keep it simple. So i'm glad to see that you weren't confused at all with my answer. You did very good with remembering what you did. The fact that you have bought several pairs of glasses from where you got your eye exam may be a help to you but at the same time i'm sure they don't want you to lose you as a customer either.It's possible that they may want to sell you the price of an eye exam in order to give it to you. I know that a place near me that operates the same way as where you went will sell the prescription for $35.00. That is possibly what they may offer you as well.It helped that your prescription is the same for both eyes except for the axis which is very normal. I don't need to tell you that you're barely myopic at -.25, but it is better than nothing at all. So i'm sure that you're going to notice a nice difference when you get your -1.00 glasses, but you will like how sharp and clear everything will be. Now you mentioned that you drive a car so make sure that your eyes are seeing good with your glasses on before driving with them. You want your depth perception to be good driving wearing them. This shouldn't be a problem for sure after maybe the first day of wearing them. Your eyes should adjust to them rather quickly. Even the first night when you take your glasses off at the end of the day things will be much more blurry that they are now when you take your glasses off. But the blur will only last a few minutes before your eyes return to normal. Each day that blur should remain a little longer when you take off your glasses.

oopsI 14 Mar 2017, 12:52

Thank's a lot, you didn't confuse me at all.

I will go back and ask, I've bought glasses from them twice and got my lenses changed there, too, so I hope they will allow me to get the full prescription (yes it is the same in both eyes, just different axis for the two lenses. They wrote it down on a piece of paper and I looked at it to check what changed, sadly I don't I only remember one of the axis' and I don't know which eye that was for).

I guess the reading glass thing is just an excuse to allow myself to actually make my eyes worse on purpose :D

If you think going -1.00 more for both eyes right away I'll believe you. I'll let you know how it goes and I'm happy for any sort of advise I can get.

Soundmanpt 14 Mar 2017, 12:28


You should at the very least push back any need for reading glasses somewhat i would think. So that's a problem with going to a place that says the eye exam is free. They can refuse to provide you with a copy of your full prescription. I'm surprised that they even gave you that much of your prescription. By the way all you said your eyes were SPH -.25 and CYL -.50 is that the same for both eyes or did they only tell you what one eye was? You do have several options. I would at least go back to where you got your eyes examined at and ask for a full copy of your prescription. The worst that can happen is that they will refuse to give it to you. Then check to see what the very cheapest glasses would cost you without any extras and of course don't even consider it unless they will then give you a copy of your full prescription. The other option you have is to say "no thank you" to them and walk away. Then go on-line and pick out the glasses you want to be wearing. Personally I think Zenni is the best place to get your glasses from. ( Now let me explain something to you about eyesight that might help in your case. If you were going in for contact lenses most doctors would suggest dropping the CYL completely and simply adding an extra -.25 to the SPH. So if you were wanting contacts the doctor would write you a prescription of -.50 for contacts and no CYL. Now the doctor would also tell you that doing this isn't qute as good as it would be with the CYL included but because contacts for astigmatisms is nearly 3 time more expensive than regular myopic lenses the difference is so little that going with just the SPH only is the better option.So were already taling about adding extra SPH anyway so you can work on inducing myopia. So since you can buy glasses for as low as $6.95 from Zenni in whatever prescription you decide. They have several hundred to choose from for under $13.00. This would be a much better option than buying glasses that you have no real intention of wearing just so you can get your full prescription. Now let's talk about what prescription to order as your first pair to get started with. I'm sure you want tot be aggressive but if you start off too strong it could make wearing your glasses more difficult for you. I your eyes would be okay wearing -1.25 glasses for distance, but because you're in college and need to be doing a good deal of close work such as reading that might be too much for your eyes to handle. And remember that it is critical that you keep your glasses on constantly. So why not go with a nice simple -1.00 for both eyes as you're first glasses and leave off the CYL. Doing this I suggest that you just order the one pair only at first. But as soon as you find that your eyes are adjusting to them without any problem then you should go ahead and order a second and third pair using the same frame if possible. The 2nd pair should be -1.75 and the 3rd -2.50. Now I know that you said you are only wanting your eyes to get to around -2.00. but you're eyes aren't going to change to the prescription of the glasses your wearing. So to get to a real -2.00 prescription you may need to go as high as -4.00 glasses because your eyes will only change to about half of what the glasses your wearing are. I hope I didn't confuse you too much. .

oopsI 14 Mar 2017, 11:18

Thank you :)

I don't expect that a need for reading glasses when presbyopia sets in will completely perish, but most moderately myopic people can at least read a little easier, right?

Right now my problem is I don't know the axis, so I'd have to go back and admit I want to order online, I guess.

Where I live we don't usually pay for the exam at the optometrist's, as long as we are there to have glasses fitted. I guess I'll tell them I want a cheep pair I can leave in my car.

I mean -0.5 D in ten months isn't too bad I guess, I'm hoping I can keep this up for a few more years.

Also I've read a lot of the tips. My comfortable reading distance can be as low as 10 centimeters, do you think I can start with -1.25 right away?

Soundmanpt 14 Mar 2017, 10:40


Well it at least seems as though your eyes are heading in the right direction. From when you were 13 anyway. College with all that is required of the eyes seems to have an effect on so many. Being 20 you are nearing the age where it could be start to be more difficult to induce myopia. I honestly don't recall ever seeing anyone saying that they had any regrets about inducing myopia. But being myopic may slow down the need for reading glasses but I can't say that it will assure that you won't still need reading help later in life.I suggest that that you go back in this thread and read the advice already provided to others about what you need to do. In short you need to order glasses stronger than you were recently prescribed. Cactus Jack and myself both recommend that when you order glasses it is best to order the same frame but with 3 different prescriptions. That way as you switch for a weaker one to a stronger one no one will notice. In your case I think you should order glasses with -.75 -1.25 and -2.00 lenses and only change the SPH include your CYL and axis as it is in your prescription. When your glasses arrive wear start off by wearing the -.75 glasses from the time you open your eyes each day until you close your eyes that night for bed. Once you're eyes have become completely comfortable wearing those glasses without any problem then switch to the -1.25 glasses and again wear them until everything is sharp and clear and you're completely comfortable wearing them before going to the -2.00 glasses. The most important thing isn't as much about the strength of the glasses but that you wear them every minute of everyday.

oopsI 14 Mar 2017, 09:10

Hey :)

First off I'll explain my situation a little. I'm 20 and I wanted to be myopic for quite a few years. I was prescribed +1 diopter when I was 13 but never really wore these glasses. I didn't really do anything to become myopic, no knowing that that was possible.

After taking a vision test to get my drivers license about two years ago I got myself a pair of glasses, I really started wearing them 11 months ago (both eyes sph: +0.25 cyl: -0.25) because it really helped with headaches and I like the pair I bought. A month ago I went back to my optometrist to have my eyes checked (I didn't study for the exam and it was a few hours after I got up). Now my prescription's sph: -0.25 cyl: -0.5. (Maybe because i started med school last summer and I'm barely outside anymore)

Now do you think I could get true axial myopia up to maybe -2D?

Also I was wondering if there has ever been someone on here that regrets inducing myopia? The thing is I find the idea of not needing reading glasses when I'm older really exciting and I feel like it'd be worth it for me.

Thank you for your help!

P.S. I apologize for any language mistakes in advance, English isn't my first language.

Kostas T 12 Mar 2017, 07:58

Ok guys thanks for your help i ll think about it for a little and i ll start.


Soundmanpt 11 Mar 2017, 12:38

Cactus Jack

By all means feel free to enter in anytime you wish.

Cactus Jack 11 Mar 2017, 12:32

Kostas T.

I don't believe I have been a participant in your chats with Soundmanpt and others. You were getting good advice if you decide to follow it. My comments and suggestions are not needed.


Kostas T 11 Mar 2017, 12:01

Cactus jack

I have some -4 glasses. I will start wearing them on

Kostas T 11 Mar 2017, 11:58

First of all i am not a lady! How do you considered that.?Hahahhahahahahhahahahhahah

Kinda no. The optician won't give you the prescription unless its a written piece paper or its something that has the numbers on. For example if you go there and you tell them gim'me some -4 the gonna stare at you... Hahah

Cactus Jack 11 Mar 2017, 09:03


I think we need to chat privately. You can contact me privately on the Vision and Spex site or at


Cactus Jack 11 Mar 2017, 08:53


Did she give you a prescription?


Kenpachi 11 Mar 2017, 06:19

Cactus Jack

Hello,We discussed my vision and you helped me understand a lot of things,i just took an eye exam and my eyes are really fine she said,The eye doctor,She exactly : said you are little myopic and all humans are myopic but very little you can't even notice it,She said don't stay long hours in front of a computer and look at distant object each 20 minutes in front close objects,Also she tested it with a computer,I was disappointed, and i am in a place that i can't get eyeglasses in stores without an eye test paper, That means i must order it online, which prescription should i start with ? I told you before that i can see fine and clear with my sister's glasses which is -0.75 , -0.50 , should i start with -2.00 I want to be myopic before next December, will make it in time ? also i see with the -0.75 , -0.50 better than without glasses btw.

Soundmanpt 10 Mar 2017, 16:07

Kostas T

Your honesty is appreciated. But you have to understand that there are 3 major factors to induce myopia. The first one is age, your not even 15 yet so that takes care of number one. As you may know once you're past 18 it gets harder to induce myopia. Number 2 is wearing either glasses or contacts completely full time. That means you must wear correction every minute you're eyes are open from morning until you go to bed that same night. I'm sure you feel like you're wearing your glasses long enough each day by having them on for 9 hours, but giving your eyes a 2 hour break defeats everything you have been doing. Number three is wearing stronger glasses than you need and slowly increasing the power of the glasses as your eyes adjust to each prescription. You seem only to want to create a need for glasses that you consider to be a decent prescription but not overly strong. So if you're intention is to end up needing -2.00 glasses you will probably have to wear -4.00 glasses. You're eyes will only be changed by approximately half the value of the glasses you're wearing. No surprise that people think you're more attractive wearing glasses. For many young ladies glasses often times will enhance your looks. This is why glasses have become so popular even as a fashion accessory for so many young ladies. Do you live in a place where you can get glasses without having an actual written doctor's prescription? Don't change the lenses in your glasses until you're eyes are completely comfortable wearing the glasses you now have.

Kostas T 10 Mar 2017, 11:50


I don't wanna go that far man!

 10 Mar 2017, 11:49


Your response was full and descriptive.! I have been wearing glasses since elementary school. I had +1,75 hyperopia. The last two years its swapped completely to what already know. I get really good comments on my glasses some people believe that I am more beautiful with them on! Hahha okey I wear them from 8 till I return back home. There is a break for about 2 hours and then again the go on. I wear them for more than 9 hours per day. Anyways I ve noticed that my left eye, which has the -1 on is seeing kinda better than the right with the -0,75. Im looking forward to changing both of the lenses to -1,50 but I am not sure if the right will go on well. I believe it will.!I bought my glasses from a nearby optician shop the frame was free I just I had to pay for the lenses that's all. Again now am gonna pay the lenses.

Soundmanpt 09 Mar 2017, 10:15

Kostas T

So you already have glasses with O.D.-.75 / O.S. -1.00 lenses. That's a perfect prescription to start your eyes wearing. But I get the idea that you aren't wearing your glasses full time? Wearing your glasses part time won't help you with inducing myopia. If you're really serious about wanting to make your eyes more myopic you need to start wearing your glasses from the time you open your eyes in the morning until you close that night for bed. Wearing your glasses for 8 hours but then taking them off for 6 hours isn't going to do anything to your true eyesight. You want your eyes constantly seeing only with prescription lenses in front of them. When you say that outside in the sunshine at times things in the distance is slightly blurry with your glasses on it's possibly because you left off your astigmatism. Even though you only have a small amount of astigmatism it's still enough to cause things at a distance to be fuzzy or slightly out of focus to you. Not a big deal though. When you're tired so are your eyes of course and remember wearing your glasses all day your forcing your eyes to focus constantly and for a few seconds your eyes might loose focus. I think mostly what you're experiencing is your eyes still adjusting to the prescription of your glasses. And the more you wear them faster your eyes are going to fully adjust to them. What your wanting is for your glasses to become so comfortable that you hardly notice that your wearing them and for your eyesight to be be perfect with them and blurry when you take them off.

Just curious where did you get your glasses from? I assume that you have been wearing your glasses to school? Have you gotten some nice comments on your wearing glasses now?

Samsamsam 09 Mar 2017, 07:50

@ Kostas T

If I were you, at 14 yo, I would buy -3 or -4 contact lenses (with good oxygene transparency) and wear them constantly. After 3-4 months switch to -5 (if no problems), then -1 more and after 1 or 2 years degree of myopia will probably be at desired level.

Kostas T 09 Mar 2017, 06:21

I had tried some -1 contacts and i didnt like them at all. I wont take any else. anyways my current glasses are od -0,75 and os -1. Rarely especially outside in the sunlight i see kinda the backroung is 'burnt'. i believe this is a 'consequece' of concave lenses.. when im tired and i wear the glasses the whole day long, for some secs the vision gets blurred and i see better without them.. That must be about the cilliary muscles and accommondation . i dont bother. i dont want high prescriptions some people put contacts and high lenses with the opposite power. its called goc? i dont know. So, you believe its gonna be better if the power of the lenses is equal? If i go to -1,5 on both, the difference for the right eye (previously -0,75) its gonna be kinda tough.. tell me

Soundmanpt 08 Mar 2017, 10:05

Kostas T

Okay I think the confusion is because what you said you were prescribed. So let's leave off the astigmatisms for both eyes. meaning you were prescribed for your left eye O.S. -.25 and for your right eye O.D. -.50. But then you said that you ordered your contacts as left eye O.S. -1.00 and your right eye O.D. as -.75 So that would mean that you were over correcting your left by -.75 and your right eye by -.25. But I think what you meant to say was that you were increasing both eyes by -.50 so you're really wearing a -.75 contact in your left eye and a -1.00 contact in your right eye. Since this apparently is the first time that your wearing corrective lenses you were right in not trying to be too aggressive. You did get glasses in your actual full prescription I see and then you ordered your contacts in the stronger prescriptions. I'm sure your eyes notice the difference between wearing your glasses and wearing your contacts. Are your eyes adjusting to seeing with your contacts pretty well now? I'm not really surprised that you were able to see rather well wearing your cousin's glasses. You have clearly done your homework about vision because you're right that being as young as you are your eyes should be able to wear glasses much stronger than you need very easily. You seem to have been experimenting by trying on other people's glasses. But one thing you do have wrong is thinking that contacts are cheaper than glasses. I'm not sure where you got your contacts from or what you paid for them but you can order glasses on line from for as cheap as $6.95 and even have a decent selection to choose from but for under $13.00 there are several hundred to choose from. You can even add on an optional AR coating (anti-reflective) which is nice to have on your lenses for $5.00 more. The shipping is only $5.00 and you get your glasses in the mail in less than 2 weeks. When you do start ordering glasses you should include your astigmatism as well. You only have a slight astigmatism in each eye but surprisingly having included will sharpen your eyesight enough to make a difference. You said that you prefer to wear glasses which I assume is the main reason you're wanting to induce myopia is so you can wear glasses with a decent prescription. Do you have a goal in mind that you want to be wearing for glasses which will make you happy? As for my opinion I think that wearing -1.00 / -.75 for your first prescription is a good starting point for you. You're getting your eyes used to seeing with a prescription. I'm sure that things are noticeably more blurry now at the end of the day when you take off your contacts than they were before you started wearing contacts. But for now while you're sleeping your natural eyesight returns and the blur is gone when you wake up. That is normal but the more you wear your contacts the longer the blur will remain. Once your eyes are seeing everything perfectly wearing your lenses that is when you need to be placing your order either for contacts or glasses. And as for your next contacts if that is what you decide to continue wearing I would only order -1.50 lenses for both eyes. You probably should try and bring your better eye up to the same prescription as your weaker eye. Also that way you can order less contacts as well. If you decide to get glasses then you should include your astigmatisms as well so both eyes would be -1.50 -.25 with the 2 different axis's. Do you have any other questions?

gerry 08 Mar 2017, 07:27

Ladies wearing high plus glasses i find beautiful, sexy and very loyal as friends and in relationships I once dated a lady with plus 11 glasses she was so beautiful and loyal. Sadly I move away and we lost touch. I would always date a lady with high magnification glasses because of there wonderful personal attributes. Have fun ladies take good care martin,xx

Kostas T 08 Mar 2017, 07:22

i've tried a contact lenses pair and i thought it will be cheaper for me to but montlhy disposable contacts. I prefer glasses though...! iam 14,5 years old and i believe iam from the lucky ones who can accommondate in any prescription!hahha my cousin has -4 and i could handle it pretty well! anyways, i took these -1 and -0,75 because i thought i should equally raise up the sphere. so an -0,5 was added in both of them resulting of the known prescription. that was the reason why i didnt take the -1ones... Whats your opinion on that? What should it be the next sphere?

Soundmanpt 07 Mar 2017, 17:15

Kostas T

I assume that you recently had your eye's examined and the result of your eye exam indicates that you only have a very slight need for glasses if at all. You said that you understand what the numbers of your prescription mean so I won't bother going over that. But I do have several questions for you if you don't mind. First of all what is your age? That is a critical part if you intend on inducing myopia. Also since your SPH is -.25 in your left eye and -.50 in your right eye why did you order lenses of -1.00 for your left eye and only -.75 for your right eye? You actually should have simply ordered the same -1.00 for both eyes. Even better if you were ordering contacts and not glasses since you could get by with only one box for both eyes. If you're getting contacts I agree you don't need the astigmatism correction enough you make much of a difference to your vision. Is there a reason you're planning on wearing contacts instead of glasses?

Kostas T 07 Mar 2017, 12:33

I hit the roof with that bug..hahah i ll try the next part tomorrow

Kostas T 07 Mar 2017, 12:31

Part 3

( i dont like astigmatism hahaha)

Kostas T 07 Mar 2017, 12:29

Its not letting me post part 3 where the main question was... A blank page is shown after hitting submit

Kostas T 07 Mar 2017, 12:25

Part 2

After one month i bought the frame with that lenses i was not that convinced with myopia vision quality so i ordered my optician some OS -1 and OD -0,75 lenses. I thought i ought not to use any cylindrical correction as its not recommended. Although, i didnt like the cylinder that i had on my prescription.

I've been wearing that specs for about 2 months. I would like to induce my myopia

Kostas T 07 Mar 2017, 12:24

Part 1

Hi guys

I was prescribed the following OS -0,25 -0,25X70 OD -0,5 -0,25X50.

I now exactly what these numbers mean. I've read many articles and information about optics and ophthalmology (mostly from Tim Root I look forward to becoming an ophthalmologist specified in paediatrics. Currently, i am running a project with some presentations to my class about refractive errors with an on-stand experiment taking place!

Kostas T 07 Mar 2017, 12:23

Oh finally it posted yeah! i ll give my text in parts i doesnt allow me put in a row....

Kostas T 07 Mar 2017, 12:22

Hi guys

I was prescribed the following OS -0,25 -0,25X70 OD -0,5 -0,25X50.

I now exactly what these numbers mean.

After one month i bought the frame with that lenses i was not that convinced with myopia vision quality so i ordered my optician some OS -1 and OD -0,75 lenses. I thought i ought not to use any cylindrical correction as its not recommended.

Shall i try i higher lenses power or continue with a graduated increase in power?

Thanks for your time

 07 Mar 2017, 12:00

 07 Mar 2017, 10:57

Cactus Jack 02 Mar 2017, 23:56

That Guy,

I like working with young people who want to learn and are willing to work. I have done a lot of industrial teaching. In the industrial world, the students are adults, at least in spirit, and WANT to be there and WANT to learn. It is a joyful occasion for both the students and me when I see the "light come on" as UNDERSTANDING dawns. By the way, I don't encourage "rote" learning. With rote learning, you typically wind up knowing how to solve one or two typical problems, but if you have understanding, you can analyze and solve almost any problem that comes along.

I would like to encourage you to learn as much as you can about how vision works and the math and physics of what we are doing. Here is a link to a paper entitled "The Eye". You might find it interesting.

Please let me know what you think.


That Guy 02 Mar 2017, 10:29

Cactus Jack,

Oh and might I add coolest 79 year old ever, you can use a coputer and you seem to care about the impacts of missonformation. Most people I know your age think anyone younger then them is wrong by default.

That Guy 02 Mar 2017, 10:24

Cactus Jack,

My best subjects are chemistry, physics, informatics and english language which is basicly hyperanaylising sentances and geeking out with the teacher over dead poet socity. ya know the kind of stuff someone with myopia envy would do :p

Cactus Jack 02 Mar 2017, 10:15

That Guy,

Frequently, but I only get involved in technical discussions and pretty much stick to those. I have done a lot of industrial teaching and my answers tend to be a bit long because I want t foster UNDERSTANDING, rather than just parroted responses.

I am semi-retired, but stay pretty busy. I am 79. I am NOT an Eye Care Professional (ECP), my background is Electronics and Computers. I learned about vision and optics because of unsatisfactory answers I was getting from ECPs. I took Physics in high school and university, but most of what I have learned about vision and optics is thru self study and research.

May I ask your interests and subjects you like best in school?

BTW, it is 11:15 AM, Thursday, in Houston


That Guy 02 Mar 2017, 09:54

Cactus Jack,

Thanks for your help, Ill start with -1.0

are you on here often? Just you are very helpfull and think it would be good to be able to ask you more questions along the way.

Cactus Jack 02 Mar 2017, 09:49

That Guy,

Don't start with -2.50, it would be too much do deal with initially. You need to strengthen your Ciliary Muscles. You do that by starting with a Sphere correction of -1.00 in both eyes. When you get comfortable with those for all your activities including reading with them, increase to -2.00. It may take a month to be able to go from -1.00 to -2.00. You might consider order both at the same time with the same frame. Later, you might want to try some -3.00s. When you get pretty used to the -1.00 glasses and are thinking of transitioning to the -2.00s you might want to consider an eye exam to get a better measure of your progress. We need to talk about that before you do it.

In some ways, it is like going to the gym. You don't start muscle training with a heavy weight, it is better to start with a light weight an do many repetitions.

Your Ciliary Muscles are the strongest muscles in your body for their very tiny size. The get a lot of exercise as you change focus. The first step in Inducing Myopia is to strengthen those muscles. Wearing progressively stronger glasses will do that.

I am guessing that it will take about 6 months of wearing progressively stronger glasses to yield significant results. It is possible that because of the myopia in your family, it may happen more quickly, but you need to get started as soon as possible. You are approaching the age where your genes will stop the development of any Axial Myopia. You can develop Pseudo Myopia until Presbyopia puts a stop to that, usually in your mid 30s to early 40s.


That Guy 02 Mar 2017, 09:09

Cactus Jack,

Melbourne would be my timezone. 3am right now :p.

I found an Australian based website to get glasses simply because the shipping is faster.

So -2.5 will (if it works) give me around what level sight?

also Im ready to wear them for a long time but could I get an estimate? Just based on your best quest as I rilse it will differ from person to person.

Will it be hard to function with these glasses? or at least hideable? what should I expect?

Cactus Jack 02 Mar 2017, 05:39

That Guy,

Not a problem, I was just looking to possible symptoms to report if you go for an eye exam to give you a better chance of getting a prescription for glasses. I am considering the possibility that your actual prescription may be so low that the examiner may not prescribe glasses.

We don't really care, but you may need a reason to justify wearing glasses to your parents. If you have a credit card and a mailing address you can order glasses online from Zenni Optical. You might check out their website.

They have single vision glasses for as low as US$6.95. The frame is the controlling factor until you get into very high prescriptions. Most of the frames are a bit higher than that, but they are there, just a little hard to find. If you decide to pursue this, you need to pick a frame that you like and be able to order several pairs of glasses using the same frame, but increasing Sphere prescriptions. Once people are used to seeing you wearing glasses, you can slowly increase the Sphere prescription IF you don't change the frame style and few people will even notice. The ONLY option you need is perhaps the low cost Anti-Relective coating (A/R). You only need the standard lens material with an Index of Refraction around 1.50. You don't need any of the high index lenses. Your lenses won't be very thick anyway.

May I ask where you live (city) in Australia? I live in Houston, Texas. Only asking to determine the time difference.


 02 Mar 2017, 00:32

Cactus Jack,

Sorry :p, I dont curently drive and honestly with public transport in the city I dont think ill really ever need to. That said I do plan on learning to drive to go on road trips with friends and incase I ever leave the city.

Cactus Jack 02 Mar 2017, 00:25

That Guy,

You have to wear glasses that are stronger than your final goal. Recall the equations

100 cm / 200 cm = 0.50.

To achieve that level you probably need to wear -2.50 glasses for some period of time. Inducing Myopia does not happen fast.

There are actually two types of Myopia. Axial or True Myopia is caused by excessive eyeball growth that takes a while to occur. It is "permanent" because once your eyeballs have grown a bit too long (approximately 0.3 mm per diopter) they don't shrink. Pseudo Myopia is caused by your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses not fully relaxing. This happens very quickly, but is considered Temporary, but Temporary can be a long time if you continue to wear over correction.

At your age and if your genes will allow it, you may be able to Induce some Axial Myopia, but the first step is to Induce as much Pseudo Myopia as you can. You may be surprised at how much overcorrection you can manage, but it takes dedication and some effort on your part.

One thing you may discover is that you really like the crisp, vivid vision, being over corrected provides.

You did not answer my 2nd question about Driving. The questions are not meant to be nosy. Your answers help guide me to make applicable suggestions to help you achieve your goals.


That Guy 01 Mar 2017, 23:37

Cactus Jack,

I would like to roughly double that, so that I would go fuzzy after about 1.5 to 2 meters.

Cactus Jack 01 Mar 2017, 23:02

That Guy,

I forgot to say that your approximate glasses prescription would be:

Right Eye (OD) Sphere -0.25

Left Eye (OS) Sphere -0.25

You may have some Astigmatism which would be corrected by Cylinder and Axis in your glasses, but the simple test cannot detect it separately. That takes an Eye Exam.

For Inducing Myopia, you would Increase the Sphere (never the Cylinder or Axis) prescription by -1.00 or -2.00 diopters, initially and then keep increasing it as you become accustomed to wearing the stronger prescription. There are some "tricks" for doing this so that the increases are not particularly noticeable to others. We can help you with those.


Cactus Jack 01 Mar 2017, 22:55

That Guy,

Very readable, but just getting the faintest fuzz you can detect on the edges of the letters.

If you had "normal" vision, it should have been about 100 cm (1 meter). I forgot to ask if you had any Physics or Math in school, but all you need is some simple Math to understand the basics of Optics.

The most fundamental equation in Optics is

Focal Distance = 100 cm / Lens Power in Diopters

or its re-arrangement

Lens Power = 100 cm / Focal Distance

100 / 86 = 1.16 and 100 / 79 = 1.26

Based on those numbers, you are just a little bit Myopic or Nearsighted or Shortsighted, different names for the same thing.

Corrective lenses have the reverse sign of your actual Refractive Error. Based on these numbers, your Refractive error is about +0.25 in each eye.

100 cm / 0.25 = 400 cm or 4 meters

What that means in practical terms is, that you do not see clearly beyond 4 meters.

Vision actually occurs in the brain, your eyes are merely biological cameras. You brain has amazing image processing capabilities and it can correct vision to some extent IF your brain know what something is supposed to look like.

There can be a secondary factor in seeing clearly in bright light conditions. Your Pupils act like the Iris in a professional camera lens. If the Pupil or Iris opening is small, as in bright light, the "Depth of Field" or "Range of Useful Focus" increases and that helps you focus. In dim light and at night your Pupils open up and you may notice that distant signs are hard to read. Stars in the night sky may not be pinpoints of light or even invisible if they are not exceptionally bright.

You may find yourself squinting to see distant things like Menu Boards clearly.

The ideal thing would be to get an Eye Exam to find out your actual prescription, but we have almost enough information to order some glasses online. All you need to order online is a credit card, a prescription (doesn't have to be an official one) and your Pupillary Distance (PD). We can tell you how to measure your PD.

You will also need to have some place for the glasses to be sent.

Some more questions:

1. What would you like to do? Don't do anything until we chat some more.

2. Do you drive?

If there is Myopia in your family, it will be easier for them to understand that you need an eye exam, but you need to be careful about the symptoms of needing one.


That Guy 01 Mar 2017, 21:49

Cactus Jack,

Using +1 OTC glasses (sorry about the strength but they were free) I got 86cm in the right eye and 79cm in the left.

How fuzzy were the words supposed to be? You said edge of the letters so I assumed the words were still ment to be readable.

Cactus Jack 01 Mar 2017, 20:25

That Guy,

I would like to suggest that you get an eye exam, but before you do, I suggest you do the following "Home Refraction Test".


The purpose of this test to get an idea of a person’ refractive error. It works best for a person who is mildly Myopic or Hyperopic. It does not test for Astigmatism, which can affect the results. It uses the most fundamental laws of Optics as codified by Sir Isaac Newton, over 300 years ago.

1. You will probably need some Over-the-Counter ()TC) +1.50 or + 1.75 reading glasses. Other known power reading glasses can be used, but they SHOULD NOT have any Astigmatism (Cylinder) correction.

The purpose of the Reading Glasses is to cause Artificial “Optical” Myopia that brings the relaxed “Distance” focus into a useful range of less than an Arm’s Length range of 50 to 65 cm (20 to 25 inches). You will see why in a moment.

2. A book or newspaper (the Target) with normal sized print.

3. A tape measure calibrated in cm, (preferable) or inches.

The test is done with each eye individually while wearing the OTC Reading Glasses in there morning whee your are well rested and have not done much close work. If you wear glasses for distance vision you should wear the OTC glasses OVER your regular glasses.

Test Procedure starting with the Right Eye.:

Step 1. In good but not BRIGHT light hold the Target close enough so that the text is very legible.

Step 2. Move the Target away from your eyes until the text just begins to be fuzzy around the edges of the letters.

Step 3. Measure the distance from your eyes to the Target and make note of the distance.

Step 4. Repeat Step 2 and 3, 3 times and average the distance.

Step 5. Repeat the test with your Left Eye..

Let me know the distances you obtained and the test conditions, including the power of the OTC glasses. I will do some calculations and report back to you. Typically, with suggestions of what you should tell the Eye Care Professional prior to an exam.

I will also post "HOW TO STUDY FOR AN EYE EXAM" if I suggest an Eye Exam is appropriate.


Soundmanpt 01 Mar 2017, 15:37


Old age isn't a good thing. I am really sorry about that. I seem to be using the excuse more and more with my friends "another senior moment"

As long as your eyes are comfortable wearing even stronger glasses that's fine to do but sadly for you I think you're age is against you, once your past 20 it's nearly impossible to induce much myopia no matter how strong you go. Your eyes are simply refusing to be changed. But ordering glasses on line is cheap and getting new glasses should at least get you some nice complements.

Kiki057 01 Mar 2017, 14:28


I posted about my exam on 2/16 and you responded the following day, lol. I may just order another pair of glasses that are slightly stronger and wait until next year for another exam.

That Guy 01 Mar 2017, 13:23

Cactus Jack,


2.Yes but not since I was 6.


I do have a massive family history of myopia though also my left eye tends to do slightly worse then my right in eye tests.

Cactus Jack 01 Mar 2017, 09:42

That Guy,

At 17, you probably can Induce some Myopia. A few questions:

1. Do you presently wear any vision correction?

2. If not, have you ever had an eye exam?

3. Where do you live?

The starting point for inducing Myopia is your having an idea of any current refractive error.


That Guy 01 Mar 2017, 08:15

Hey sorry if I seem lazy but there's just so many posts.

Im 17 how could I induce myopia?


antonio 28 Feb 2017, 23:59


if you want to wear a real pair of glasses for driving at night or driving in General clearing up your starting far fogs just order an ordinary -0.5 pair and not cylindrical ones. I.m pretty sure your eyes liked the feeling of being supported by -0.5 spherical , but not only in one axis as cylindrical lenses do for your friend.

Best regards and much fun becoming slowly a real gwg,


Soundmanpt 28 Feb 2017, 14:13


Okay Cactus Jack explained to you why an optometrists will often ignore an astigmatism if it is less than -.25 of contacts. If it is -.50 or more then the optometrists will often add an extra -.25 to the SPH for contacts. If the astigmatism is over -.50 then the optometrists will prescribe toric lenses which like Cactus jack stated is quite a good bit more expensive. And of course for glasses the optometrists will of course include the full prescription including the CYL and axis. Now you mentioned trying on a friend's glasses which contained -.50 CYL and 165 both eyes. Now just trying her glasses on for several minutes you're eyes probably weren't effected by the astigmatism correction, but if you were to wear her glasses for a longer time you most likely would have started to feel a headache coming on. At first your eyes would be able to ignore the astigmatisms in her glasses but as your eyes adjusted to her glasses then you would start to notice it in a bad way. Adding CYL to your glasses isn't going to help in your effort to induce myopia.

You didn't post the outcome of your eye exam form the other day? I know you said that 3 years ago when you had your eyes examined you were +.75 / +.50. But that was before you started wearing -4.00 glasses and contacts.

Cactus Jack 27 Feb 2017, 17:35


They make Toric contact lenses for Astigmatism, but they are expensive, compared to sphere only CLs, and hard to fit. They also can move around on the Cornea which makes vision variable. Often, with low levels of astigmatism they fit a Sphere only contact lens. The rule is the Sphere Only contact should have 1/2 the Cylinder algebraically added to the Sphere. That means that the Sphere Only contact is a compromise, but if the Cylinder is not too high, it works acceptably well.


Kiki057 27 Feb 2017, 16:23

I have a question about possibly order glasses from Zenni and I know that I have posted on this thread before so hopefully it's ok. If someone is given a glasses prescription with astigmatism why is it not reflected on the the prescription for contacts? If it's just slight correction for astigmatism maybe it's not needed for contacts? Basically I tried my friend's glasses on and her astigmatism is

OD Cylinder -50, Axis 165

OS Cylinder -50, Axis 165

Not sure if that helps but I might order a pair of glasses with the astigmatism correction in so I wanted a few opinions from my fellow glasses lovers

antonio 17 Feb 2017, 10:35

Hi Kiki,

AS you describe it, it's clear to me , you might be already mildly shortsighted.

I guess sooner vor later you will get a real minus prescription you really need for driving especially at night.

Do you want that?

Are you female, so you integrate your glasses into your Outfit as a nice accessoire when you wear them?

How do your friends react when you wear glasses as strong AS -4 and you remove them for driving ? :-)

Best regards and god luck, antonio-o

Hope to See you in

Soundmanpt 17 Feb 2017, 10:08


I know that you're disappointed that you didn't come away with an actual prescription for minus glasses but like you say it does appear that wearing glasses and contacts has at least resulted in a small change. And remember it's not like the doctor is taking your glasses and contacts away from you. So as long as you enjoy wearing your glasses and you apparently have good vision wearing them then just continue wearing your glasses just as you have been. When you first take off your glasses how long does it take before you're natural eyesight returns to you? I'm sure when you first take your glasses off things are very blurry so you know that when you're wearing your glasses your eyes are using the prescription of your glasses to see clearly. So the main difference is that your eyes don't remain constantly blurry without your glasses and that of course is what you would like to start happening.

Kiki057 16 Feb 2017, 16:56

Well that was the biggest let down ever!!! The eye doctor says my eyes are perfect but I think I'm going to get a 2nd opinion cuz when I just use one eye at time, especially at night it's pretty blurry. The last time I had my eyes tested 3 years ago I was given trial contacts for I believe +.75 and +.50 so maybe I really am going in the right direction?

antonio 15 Feb 2017, 14:54

Sorry at

antonio 15 Feb 2017, 14:53

Hi Kiki

Will you go there without wearing any glasses?

I guess you could get your first real prescription out of it for driving. Good luck. Best regards Antonio. If you like, discuss with us in

Kiki057 15 Feb 2017, 14:42

I go tomorrow after work. I am excited and nervous!

Soundmanpt 13 Feb 2017, 12:50


Have you gone for your eye exam yet?

Cactus Jack 13 Feb 2017, 08:26


One thing I forgot to mention in "How to Study" is the Red/Green test.

Near the end of the exam, you may (it is optional) be shown a chart where half the chart has a Red filter and the other half, a Green filter. This is a final check of your Sphere correction. Here is the rule: If the letters on the Red side are clearer than the letters on the Green side, you need MORE minus. If the letters on the Green side are clearer you need LESS minus.

The test is based on the principle of Optical Physics that Red light and Green light have different focus points because of their different wavelengths. The test has nothing to do with color perception and the test works even for people who are color blind.

If you do not have color perception problems and you are offered the test, you can usually get another -0.25 in your prescription by saying that the Red is clearer, but don't push it too far beyond, "equally clear". One step is generally OK, but two steps is the absolute maximum.

If you can schedule the exam late in the day, try to read a lot before the exam and in the waiting room.


Cactus Jack 13 Feb 2017, 07:44


Not everything, but perhaps enough to get an accurate exam. Have you decided if you will wear your sisters glasses or what visual complaints you will report? Myopia typically causes:

Inability to read see the board or screen at the front of the lecture hall or classroom.

Poor low light or night vision.

Blurry distant signs.

Difficulty reading menu boards.

Can't see distant things as well as your friends can.

Myopia typically does NOT cause:

Headaches when reading.

Close focusing problems.

Problems reading small text on phones or tablets.

Unless there is significant Astigmatism present.


kenpachi 13 Feb 2017, 01:40

Thank you so i understand everything about the eye exam. I will go next saturday.and i will tell you the results.

Cactus Jack 12 Feb 2017, 17:24


Here it is.


An eye exam is not like an exam that you might take in school and there is really no way to study for it. However, you can prepare for it and learn about your role in the exam. The best eye exams are a team effort between you and the Examiner. Part of the preparation is to learn what to expect, particularly if this is your first eye exam.

One important thing you need to keep in mind is that the Examiner has no way to experience what you are seeing. He/she has to depend on your answers to questions.

There are two parts to an eye exam. The first part is the Objective part. This part consists of:

1. Taking a Visual History where you describe your vision and the kinds of problems you are having.

2. Checking the internal pressure in your eyes for symptoms of Glaucoma. This is one of the very few parts of an eye exam that is even mildly uncomfortable and the discomfort only lasts for a few seconds. There are two basic ways to do the pressure test.

A. Using a special instrument to lightly touch your Cornea. Not to worry here. Before doing this type of test a drop of mild anesthetic will make sure you don’t even feel it.

B. There is a new type instrument that uses a puff of air directed against your cornea. No anesthetic is required, but the puff will startle you. The puff of air is harmless and there are huge benefits. Detecting Glaucoma early, before it can do damage can save your eyesight.

3. The examiner will also get a preliminary estimate of your refractive error by using an Auto-Refractor or manually by using a small hand held instrument called an Ophthalmoscope or Retinoscope.

The Auto-Refractor is a relatively new instrument that was developed in conjunction with NASA to check Astronauts vision in space. You look into the machine with each eye individually where you will see a scene or a pattern. The machine will adjust its internal lenses to focus the image you see on your retina. The Auto-Refractor only takes a few seconds for each eye and it then prints out your estimated prescription.

Some Examiners prefer to use manual methods that have been used for many years. Using an Ophthalmoscope or Retinoscope and a Trial Lens set or a Phoropter (a fancy machine with a built in lens set), the Examiner will look into your eyes and select the lenses that allow him to see your retina, most clearly.

The object of this part of the exam is to get a starting place for the Subjective part of the exam where you have to describe what you see.

Typically the Subjective part of the exam starts with the Right Eye shutter open and the Left Eye shutter closed.

Step 1 is typically determining the cylinder and axis of any Astigmatism correction you need. This is actually the hardest part of the exam because you will be asked to judge relative blurriness of two images rather than the sharpness of an image.

You will be shown a line of text and a supplemental lens will be rotated into place. This lens is a cylinder lens that is mounted on a 45 degree pivot and can be flopped back an forth to bracket a trial axis or orientation of the long axis of the cylinder lens. The thing that is confusing about this test is that the straight lines (strokes) of the letters will alternate in clarity as the lens is flipped back and forth depending on their direction. I suggest concentrating on an “O” if possible. Depending on your answers, the examiner will adjust the axis knob unit the image you see is equally blurry with the supplemental lens 45 degrees each side of the selected axis.

At this point the Examiner will probably swing the supplemental lens out of the way and may change the cylinder power while asking you which lens in clearer.

For your first exam, you may be uncomfortable asking the Examiner to let you fine tune the Cylinder Axis, but I have found that most will appreciate your wanting to actively participate. The way that works is that he will place your hand on the Axis control knob. This time, you move it back and forth a few degrees looking for the sharpest image. It is a bit like “Fine Tuning” an old Analog TV set or moving the tuning knob on an analog AM radio for the best signal.

The next step is determining the Sphere correction. This is an easy part of the exam because all you have to do is pick the sharpest image, but there is a tricky part. Your auto-focus mechanism will try to help, if it gets a chance. The Examiner has a couple of ways to minimize the action of your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses.

The Examiner can, in effect, sneak up on your Sphere prescription or he can use drops to Dilate your eyes. Lets talk about sneaking up on your prescription first. There are actually 4 lenses in your eye’s lens system. All of them are PLUS lenses and the total power is about +56 to +60 diopters. The only variable focus lens is the crystalline lens whose PLUS power is controlled by your ciliary muscles. For distance, your Crystalline lens is fully relaxed and has somewhere around +15 diopters. When you focus to read, your Ciliary Muscles squeeze the Crystalline lens to increase its PLUS power by the amount necessary to focus which depends on the distance to the object.

This will take a little thought to get your mind around, but if you are nearsighted, your lens system has too much PLUS for the distance from the lens system to your retina and you need MINUS lenses to neutralize some of that excess PLUS power. You ONLY have the ability to increase the PLUS power of your lens system. You have NO ability to reduce the PLUS power of your Crystalline lenses more that fully relaxed.

To try to keep your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline lenses from getting in the act, the examiner will start with NOT ENOUGH MINUS or TOO MUCH PLUS (same thing) and gradually increase the MINUS one or two steps at a time, while reducing the size of the line you are asked to read. He will not tell you what power lens or what line you are looking at. Eventually, he will reach the 20/20 line and a lens power that lets you read it with no mistakes.

He will then follow the same procedure with your Left Eye.

When he has completed both eyes, he will open the shutters and you may see two images. This part of the test is to check your muscle balance using some prisms. He will probably ask you to tell him when the two images are aligned horizontally and then vertically. While the images are separated, you have an important check to make. Compare the sharpness of the two images. If they are not equally sharp, be sure and tell the Examiner which image is clearer. If there is a difference, he will likely reduce the sharpness of the clearest image until they match. The important thing at this point is that they match. That lack of sharpness will be corrected in the next phase with both eyes working together.

Next he will fuse the images so both eyes are working together and repeat the Sphere procedure by gradually increasing the MINUS or decreasing the PLUS until you see the smallest line of letters very clearly.

That pretty much completes the exam except for checking your near vision with a small chart about 14 to 16 inches from you.

Many people, who wear glasses, actually look forward to eye exams. Once you have become accustomed to having very good vision, you will probably find anything less, unacceptable. Many times, after the exam, it will be suggested that you get another exam some time in the future. Note that I used the word “suggested”. it is NOT a Command. If your detect a problem or if your vision seems uncomfortable, please don’t wait until the “suggested” date to seek an appointment to get your vision checked.

Let me know if you don't understand anything.


kenpachi 12 Feb 2017, 14:43

Cactus Jack

Where can i find your article "How to study for an eye exam "?

kenpachi 12 Feb 2017, 14:36

Cactus Jack

My vision fits perfectly with my sister's old glasses. I will get an eye exam soon and I will tell you the results. I will tell the examiner that i have trouble reading road signs and seeing the white board in school.And i will find the glasses -1.75 .-1.50 on the websites you provided me last night .

Cactus Jack 12 Feb 2017, 13:45


If you get an eye exam, I suggest you read "How to Study for an Eye Exam" which I wrote a few years ago.


Cactus Jack 12 Feb 2017, 13:42


Both tests show that you are a bit myopic. The second post with the +2.00 glasses revealed the following:

Right Eye (OD) 100/39 = +2.56

Left Eye (OS) 100/37 = +2.70

If you had no Myopia, the fuzziness would have occurred at 50 cm 100/50 = +2.00. Because the fuzziness occurred at 39 ad 37 cm, it means that your eyes were supplying additional PLUS, which is what happens in Myopia. If you had an eye exam, the prescription would probably have been pretty close to:

OD Sphere -0.50

OS Sphere -0.75

The problem with the test is that it cannot reveal if you have any Astigmatism.

There are some online tests for Astigmatism, but all they can tell you is that you have some or not, but they can't give you any idea of the actual values. Astigmatism is corrected by Cylinder and Axis numbers in the prescription. You have to have an eye exam to get those numbers.

One of the most important principles of Inducing Myopia is that you ONLY increase the Sphere and NEVER modify the Cylinder and Axis numbers from your actual prescription. Also, you ALWAYS increase both eyes by the same amount.

It would be best if you started with an eye exam, but we have enough information for you to get started.

I suggest you order some glasses with this prescription.

OD Sphere -1.50

OS Sphere -1.75

An increase of -1.00 in each eye.

When you get comfortable with those, you can order:

OD Sphere -2.50

OS Sphere -2.75

If you decide to get an eye exam, either do not wear any glasses or if not too obvious, you can wear your sisters old glasses. You need to explain to the examiner that you are having trouble seeing the board in class and have been wearing your sisters glasses because they help. If you get a prescription, don't get it filled, if you can avoid it, and let me know what it is.


kenpachi 12 Feb 2017, 07:50

Cactus Jack

I did another test which i think we should count on it because i used my calculus book. The test I did before i wasn't very accurate and the book's text wasn't small like the calculus book.the results is :

39 cm right eye . 37 cm left eye .

With +2.00 power lense . I did it 4 times and the results were the same.

kenpachi 12 Feb 2017, 02:09

Cactus Jack

Hello,I did the test with a 2.00+ power lenses.The text became fuzzy when the distance was 45 cm right eye . 43 cm left eye. The text wasn't too small nor too big . The P letter was 5 mm . And my mother language is arabic.

Cactus Jack 11 Feb 2017, 18:35


The second formula should be:

100cm/ focal distance = lens power in diopters

BTW, I am not an Eye Care Professional (ECP). My background is Electronic Engineering and Computers. I learned basic optics in Physics and learned about vision on my own, trying to understand my own vision problems.


Cactus Jack 11 Feb 2017, 18:31


Your English is fine.

It would be OK to do the test now and then do it again in the morning to see if there is any difference.

The formula for focal distance was codified by Sir Isaac Newton about 300 years ago. it is:

100 cm/lens power in diopters = focal distance


100cm ' focal distance = lens power in diopters.

The +1.50 or +1.75 reading glasses will make the focal distance about right for easy measurement. If the glasses are too strong, the text will get fuzzy much closer to your eyes and smaller distance errors will make a big difference in the accuracy of the results. It is OK to do the test with any reasonable power reading glasses, but please let me know the power or the prescription if possible.

Hopefully the reading glasses DO NOT have Cylinder correction. It will affect the results.

What language is spoken in Iraq?


kenpachi 11 Feb 2017, 16:29

By without perception i meant without going to the eye doctor .

kenpachi 11 Feb 2017, 16:27

Cactus Jack

I have a high degree at maths and physics also i am going

electrical engineering ,I live in Iraq,Baghdad,and the last time i did an eye test was 2 years ago and it was 0.00, yes i can order but it will take too long,can i buy them from drug stores without a perception?also there is a reading glasses in our house.Can i do the eye test now ? or tomorrow when i wake up in the morning ? because i did so much close work for today. I will ask my parents about what power the reading glasses is, and excuse me I am not good at English.

Cactus Jack 11 Feb 2017, 16:09


I see that Soundmanpt has also responded. We work together a lot, but have different styles. Our objectives are the same.


Cactus Jack 11 Feb 2017, 16:06


You have the right idea, but you need to be much more aggressive. You need to get higher and wear them all the time. The more close work you are doing the better.

The ideal place to start is with your actual prescription (refractive error). Even if you do not presently wear glasses or if your refractive error is 0.00, we need to know what it is, as a starting place. More about that later.

There are actually two types of Myopia. Axial or True Myopia, which is considered permanent, is caused by a mismatch between the total PLUS power of the eye's lens system and the length of the eyeball. The distance from the back of the Crystalline Lens to your Retina. The eyeballs of people with Axial Myopia, grew a bit longer than they should have by about 0.3 mm per diopter. Genes play the biggest role in Myopia and the visual environment plays a secondary role. Pseudo or False Myopia is considered temporary, but sometimes temporary can be a long time. It is caused by the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses, your auto-focus system, having trouble fully relaxing after focusing close for a long time.

The idea behind Inducing Myopia is that you force your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses to focus close as much and as long as possible by wearing glasses or contacts that have much more MINUS than you actually need. At 18, you have significant accommodation range, but your Ciliary Muscles may not be strong enough to be able use it all. When you were born, your clear protein of your Crystalline Lenses had the consistency of freshly made gelatin dessert. As you get older the protein gradually becomes stiffer and at some point you will need external focusing help, usually around 40, but not always. The condition is called Presbyopia (old eyes) and it can occur at any age. People who are farsighted are particularly vulnerable. That is why you sometimes see teens with bifocals to be able to read text on their smartphone.

Initially, you can pretty easily Induce some Pseudo Myopia and if you are lucky and are not too old and your genes will permit it, some of that Pseudo Myopia will turn into Axial Myopia.

I have a few questions and a simple test you can do to check for any Sphere refractive error. Unfortunately, there is no simple Astigmatism test you can do at home.

1. What is your occupation?

2. If you are still in school, what grade or level and the highest math or physics you have studied? That helps me determine how technical I can get in my explanations.

3. Where do you live? Country and city size over time you may need to see different Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) for progress checks.

4. Can you order and confidentially receive packages? With stronger and stronger glasses?

We will tell you what you need to order and how to do it once we have figured out where you are. Also, we will tell you what to say when you get an exam.

Here is the simple refractive test. You will need a pair of +1.50 or +1.75 Over the counter (OTC) reading glasses, a tape measure, and a book or newspaper. The reading glasses are to create artificial Myopia and move your focus distance into an easily measured range.

Pick a time when you are well rested and have not been doing any close work. You will do one eye at a time. In good, but not BRIGHT light, while wearing the OTC glasses, hold the book or paper where the small text is clear and easily readable.

1. Gradually move the book or paper away from your face until the edges of the text letters just becomes a bit fuzzy around the individual letters. Measure that distance an make a note of it.

2. Do Step 1, 3 times and average the distance.

3. Do steps 1 and 2 for the other eye.

4. Tell me the distance for each eye

5. Tell me the results and what power glasses you were using.

I will calculate your refractive error and suggest a plan.

Please do not buy anything other than the OTC glasses.

I suggest you also check out the Zenni Optical web site. They offer inexpensive, high quality glasses for a low as US$6.95. The frame and lens selection control the cost. Some glasses you will only wear for a month or so before changing to a stronger prescription. The trick when changing prescriptions is to use the same frame style. Few people notice prescription changes, but they do notice frame changes.

Also, download and read this article about the eyes and how they work. It will help your understanding.


kenpachi 11 Feb 2017, 15:53

Thank you for helping me, i will order both of them and i will do as you said.

kenpachi 11 Feb 2017, 15:53

Thank you for helping me, i will order both of them and i will do as you said.

Soundmanpt 11 Feb 2017, 15:27


Your sister's old glasses are probably a little weaker than you want to be wearing. You're young and your eyes should be more than able to tolerate a little bit stronger glasses without any problem. I would suggest that you go on line to someplace such as "" or "" and order at least 2 pairs of glasses using the exact same frame number for both. Get one with -1.00 lenses and the other with -1.75 lenses. Once they arrive start off by wearing the -1.00 glasses completely full time, not just for certain things but everything. If you want to have any hope of ever needing -5.00 glasses you need to put on those -1.00 glasses as soon soon as you open your eyes each day and not tale them off again until you're going to bed that night. After your eye have completely gotten used to wearing the -1.00 glasses and everything is perfectly clear with them, then you need to start wearing the stronger ones. By using the same frame no one will notice that you're wearing the stronger glasses. Needless to say you don't really want to many questions being asked. What you're wanting to do will take a lot of commitment on your part. So you have to be sure this is what you want.

kenpachi 11 Feb 2017, 13:59

Hello everyone, I am 18 and i would like to be nearsighted, my parents are both myopic, but unfortunately for me that i am not, my sister is also myopic,I started using her old glasses ,It is maybe left -0.50 right -0.75, if i want to be -5.00 or more,should i wear those or get higher? most of my time is in front the computer,gaming ,should i wear them when i use my pc or reading? thank you

antonio 08 Feb 2017, 15:23

Hi Kiki057,

regarding you mentioned you See slightly blurried far Ehen driving Ehen looking far and closing one eye. That could Jean you Start to be really in need for at least a weak prescription for at least one oft your eyes for driving, perhaps even for both already. Your brain always shows to you the best image possible out oft what your eyes - biological cameras deliver to him as rawdata. It.s normal one Sees sligtly sharper with 2 eyes than with one as your braun eliminates bluriness vor sharpens your image by comparing computationally two slightly blurred images from your eyes. Vor simply one oft your eyes Sees better, then this image is shown to you whatever this eye can See. Hope that helps and looking forward to your eyetest. I.m shortsighted besides and my eyes behave somewhat similar to your :-).

Best regards, Antonio. See you in, if you like to discuss about vision,...

Soundmanpt 08 Feb 2017, 13:37


First of all as for as if the ECP would be able to tell that you had been wearing contacts I don't think he or she would be able to tell but even if you asked, which I really doubt, you simply say that you often wear some non-prescription colored contacts that you bought on line.

I saw what Bob commented and I do understand that like him you may want that feeling of being justified knowing that you actually do need glasses or contacts and I truly hope that you get a real prescription for glasses that will make you happy, but if that doesn't happen you at least still don't have to give up and stop wearing glasses. But at some point you;re going to have to slowly start wearing some of your weaker glasses maybe along with a pair of weaker contacts that equal out close to what your eyes are currently used to. Right now you're leading 2 lives when your friends and co-workers see you wearing glasses full time and your family thinks you don't need glasses. That can be dangerous if you're out with family and come across a friend or someone from work. The risk of getting caught is out there for sure. I look forward to hear the results of your eye exam.

Kiki057 08 Feb 2017, 08:23

Will the eye doctor be able to tell if I has wearing contacts up until my appointment?

Kiki057 08 Feb 2017, 07:58

To explain a little more, I have been able to wear my R: -4.25 and L: -4.75 freely at work and at home. All of my friends and coworkers assume that I actually need them. If I'm going to be around family I wear my contacts but can't wear my glasses. I am planning to schedule an eye exam soon and will let you guys know what I find out!

Bob 08 Feb 2017, 04:36

soundmanpt, Kiki057

Even though the prescription may be below the -4.0 that Kiki057 currently wears, I can retrace the desire to get an acknowledgment that you are now myopic, even if your desire to wear glasses is a private affair, and even though you may just continue wearing your strong glasses anyway.

I had the desire to become glasses wearer myself since I was young, and eventually got a prescription similar to your original one (low plus). I wore this immediately full time, but was frequently disappointed by my ECP who only suggested (and assumed) part-time wear since the prescription was relatively weak. Only a few years later I experienced a steady increase in astigmatism (and moderate increase in hyperopia). I still recall the sensation when my ECP suggested that part-time wear would no longer be an option, and I got a condition on my renewed drivers license since I was no longer allowed to drive without correction (even though I hadn't done so in years anyway).

Anyway, this acknowledgment of my requirement for glasses felt rewarding, even though noone else knows about my true desire. But now wearing glasses is truly not an option anymore.

I am not sure if that reflects you sentiments, Kiki057, but that is why regular eye exams were (and still are) important to me. Anyway, if you like, it would be great to hear about your experience and result of your eye exam.

Soundmanpt 07 Feb 2017, 14:56


I remember you asking before and trying very hard to become myopic and without much success. I think the biggest thing you have working against you is the fact that your now 32 years old. Not old by most standards but for the eyes to be forced to change considerably too late. If you have been wearing on average -4.00 prescription in either glasses or contacts for several years whatever you get when you go for an eye exam is probably all you can expect. Going any stronger won't be of any help. If your eyes were going to be changed -4.00 is more than enough to make a difference. If your eyesight isn't being change or only changed slightly then it makes sense that even after wearing your -4.00 glasses all and taking them off that you are still able to see quite well without your glasses. But i'm not sure why if you cover one eye the vision in the other eye is more blurry and then the same if you revers it. As far as how to explain marks or dents on your nose caused by your glasses I would say if it is still daylight when you go then those marks could easily be caused by sunglasses.Also if you're female simply reapply makeup on your nose which every woman does quite often anyway. Of course when asked about glasses you say you lost them and you play dumb and have no idea what your glasses were for when you had them.

I know your goal is to be given a nice decent prescription for glasses but really what difference does it really make? Without any doubt even if you mange to get a prescription it won't be anywhere near -4.00. So if you were given a prescription for say -1.50 glasses what would that really mean for you. Your eyes apparently are doing and seeing very well wearing a much higher prescription so I doubt that you would run out and buy -1.50 glasses anyway. You apparently are completely happy with wearing either contacts or glasses that are at least -4.00 and you wear them all day long at your computer at work and you wear them for driving without any problem. So what's more important, having a piece of paper that says you need glasses or wearing glasses like you're already doing? Your the only one that knows that your still able to see quite well without glasses so everyone you know thinks you can't see very well. What they don't know is your little secret.

Kiki057 07 Feb 2017, 11:37

So I've posted here before and am hoping to get some answers. For the last few years I have been wearing glasses or contacts with an average of -4 in each eye. I work on a computer all day so I thought maybe that would help the process. 3 years ago I had my eyes tested and my RX was +.75 and +.50. I've been obsessed with glasses since I was a little kid. Now that I'm 32 and living alone I can wear them all the time without anyone questioning me. So I plan to make an eye appointment but I have some questions. I rocked Anatomy in high school but I don't remember everything about how the eyes work. So when I'm driving home and take my glasses off I can see pretty well but if I close one eye at a time it's blurry. Why is it that looking out of one eye at a time it's blurry but when they are working together it's barely noticeable. If I go to the eye doctor right after work I will have the dents on my nose from my glasses but if I wear my contacts right up until I walk into my appointment will the doctor be able to tell that I've had contacts in? I hope this all makes sense and I appreciate any feedback!

Cactus Jack 17 Jan 2017, 23:44


Yes, reading and close work with your glasses or contacts help the process. Normally, the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses are fully relaxed with the minimum Plus power for distance. However, your Crystalline Lenses are NOT at Zero Power when fully relaxed. They are probably around +16 or so. If your distance vision is or is corrected to 0.00, your Ciliary Muscles squeeze your Crystalline Lenses to increase their PLUS power to focus closer than technically "infinity", but for practical purposes 20 feet of 6 meters. The amount of increase is determined by the laws of Optical Physics as codified by Sir Isaac Newton bit over 300 years ago.

In your situation, when you wear more MINUS than you actually need, your Ciliary Muscles squeeze your Crystalline Lenses and add enough PLUS to compensate for the excess MINUS in your contacts or glasses. Then when you read or focus closer than 20 feet or 6 meters, your Ciliary Muscles squeeze some more to enable you to focus close with your contacts or glasses.

If you have ever done any photography, you will understand the similarity between the pupils of your eyes and the Iris in a camera lens. Both control the amount of light striking the Retina, Film or Digital Sensor. In low light both are opened up, in bright light both are closed down to reduce the size of the aperture to control the light. There is a secondary optical effect of closing down or opening up the aperture. It changes the depth of field or range of useful focus. If you are in bright light and close down the aperture enough, everything from near to far will be in focus. If you open up the apertures to maximum in low light only those objects that are near the exact focus distance will be in focus.

When you do the refraction test, try not to do it in very bright light. It will give you truer readings.

You might find this paper informative about how your eyes work. I think you will be surprised.

Two important things to remember: 1. keep the pressure on was much as possible and 2. Nothing happens fast.

One other thing, I don't think you need to consider Gas Permeable Hard Contacts. I don't think you have enough Astigmatism to justify the hassle and expense.

May I invite you to contact me at


Zack 17 Jan 2017, 19:58

Cactus Jack,

Yes that was without glasses or contacts. I am happy I am making any sort of progress even if minute.

I see what you are saying about the eye, I didn't really know that much about astigmatism before now but it makes sense to me now, it's pretty interesting.

I wear soft contact lenses and they are sphere only. They did not bump my prescription up because of my astigmatism as my contacts prescription is currently -2.5, which is the same as the sphere value of my left eye.

Tomorrow after wearing my -6 contacts to my classes, I will test myself again right after I take my contacts out.

Also will reading books and my computer while really close (with my glasses or contacts on of course) help with the process at all? That's what I have been doing and I feel like it is helping but I am not 100% sure.

Thanks again!


Cactus Jack 17 Jan 2017, 19:19


Was that without contacts or glasses? It seems like you are making some progress. Your astigmatism confuses the issue a little because without correction, you are

OD -2.25 in the 25 degree Axis and -2.75 in the 115 degree Axis

OS -2.50 in the 180 degree Axis (Horizontal) and -3.00 in the 90 degree Axis

I know that sounds weird, but Axis direction is the Long Axis of - Cylinder. Think of the shape of your Cornea as a section from he side of an American Football. The Long Axis has a very shallow curve and the Short Axis is at a right angle (90 degrees) to the Long Axis is steeper and therefore has a bit more Plus power than than in the Long Axis.

You may have to read that and think about it for a bit and recall that corrective lenses neutralize or cancel out actual refractive errors.

Do you normally wear Toric Contact Lenses or Sphere only? For mild Astigmatism, 1/2 the Cylinder is often algebraically added to the Sphere and Sphere only Contacts are prescribed. That usually gives satisfactory vision and avoids the cost and hassle of getting Toric Contacts to stay correctly oriented on the Cornea.

I would like to ask you to do the test again after you have worn your -6 contacts for an extended period, Immediately after you take your contacts out.

Don't get discouraged if it is about the same or just a little closer. I will explain why after your report.


Zack 17 Jan 2017, 18:54

Cactus Jack,

My last prescription from last August was

OD -2.25 Cyl -.5 Axis 025,

OS -2.5 Cyl -.5 Axis 180.

My vision was kind of fuzzy after my last examination because my ECP decided to not bump up my prescription anymore because the 20/20 line she showed me was blurry but just visible enough that I could read it. I should have spoken up in hindsight and said that it was not good.

In the past few years my cyl values have stayed the same and have not changed. Only the sphere values have changed.

I have completed the test,

For my right eye (OD), I got the numbers 33 cm, 33 cm, 33 cm, which averaged out to 33.

Then I took it and divided 100 cm / 33 cm and got 3.03.

For my left eye (OS), I got the numbers 30 cm, 31 cm, and 29 cm, which averaged out to 30 cm.

Then I took it and divided 100 cm / 30 cm and got 3.33.

I just woke up because I was tired so I was not awake for more than 10 or so minutes before taking this test.

Cactus Jack 17 Jan 2017, 15:53


I really need your last complete prescription before suggesting a strategy. I am particularly interested in any Cylinder and Axis numbers for correcting Astigmatism.

There is a very simple test you can do to get an approximate indication of your refractive error. You will need a book or newspaper (target) with normal sized print, a tape measure, and you may need some OTC reading glasses to get the distances involved into a useful range. This test can be done at any time of day, but it may be more indicative of your true prescription if done first thing in the morning BEFORE you put on glasses or insert contacts.

1. Hold the target at a distance where you can see the text clearly. Close one eye.

2. Gradually move the target away from you face until the text just becomes fuzzy.

3. Measure the distance.

4. Do steps 1 thru 3, three times and average the distance for each eye individually.

5. Divide the average distance into 1 meter (100 cm or 39.37 inches).

Note: If the distance is inconveniently far for the length of your arms, you can create some artificial Myopia by using OTC Plus Reading glasses. You want to use the minimum Plus to get the blur point distance to about 50 to 66 cm or 20 to 26 inches. You will need to adjust the calculated prescription for the supplemental Plus.

If you don't understand how the test works or need help, let me know and also let me know the numbers you get.

The result is inverse of your approximate prescription. Here is an example of how it works. Lets say that you do the above test and the text gets fuzzy at 20 inches (50 cm). Sir Isaac Newton's formula for calculating lens power vs focal distance is 1 meter / Focal Distance = Lens Power in Diopters. 39.39/ 20 inches = 1.96 or +2.00. That is your refractive error. The corrective lenses would be -2.00.

If you need to move the blur point outward you can do the test with low power minus glasses. You might try the test with low power contacts or glasses.

I need some of the above test results before I can help you develop an exam strategy. In your situation, it is easy when you understand the principles.


Zack 17 Jan 2017, 06:23

Cactus Jack,

You suggested that I create a strategy for my next eye exam,

How long should I wait or when should I decide on going in for another eye exam? My last one was in August.

Also are there any tips or tricks I should know before going into an exam?

I would also like to ask if there are any tests I could be doing to check my progress and how often should I do these tests? I am interested in keeping track of my progression.

Thank you very much for your help,


Zack 16 Jan 2017, 15:29


Thank you for the information, I will look into those sites when I get home and see if they will ship to the US.


Iain 16 Jan 2017, 15:09


Usually Fluoroperm

Try lensway or lenscatalogue here in UK, not sure they post to US


Zack 16 Jan 2017, 14:50

Iain and Cactus Jack,

Thank you both for the encouraging words and for sharing your stories! It gives me hope that I can possibly induce or even wear high prescriptions full time.

I would preferably get up to -12 or maybe even more, but I set my main goal at -6 or -8 as I do not know how much I will truly be able to truly induce as it can be unpredictable and like Cactus said it is up to my genes.

Even if I do not induce to that high of a prescription, it would still be cool to wear any of those prescriptions full time.

I would like to try and buy some gas permeable contacts as my next pair because I have been reading up on them and they sound nice. Iain, do you have any brand you could recommend and also a website where I could get them from? I don't think the website I usually buy contacts from sells gas permeable contacts, and I am having trouble finding a website that sells gas permeable contacts without a prescription.

Thank you both so much!

Iain 16 Jan 2017, 14:12

Cactus Jack,

That's very encouraging about the guy you helped. Come Easter I will have increased my cls Rx by -12. Was he able to maintain his new vision? Do you think I will be able to continue beyond -12 cls? I would like to go as far as I can.

My future beyond uni is unclear. More study is a possibility but I want to travel as well. I will be 21 in August so wish to explore. Travelling will complicate my induced myopia regime. Is it better to continue with youth on my side?

Zack you are doing great. Cactus is very encouraging. How high do you wish to go? Gas permeable have suited me, I get a new Rx every four months. I think my eyes have adapted so well as they do not get a chance to be without correction.

Zack 16 Jan 2017, 11:47

Cactus Jack,

That's amazing! I could only hope to get to that point eventually, but I will have to work up to it overtime. I have -13 glasses and I have worn them a bit around the house and I could see well with them in bright light but not perfectly in dim light, also my eyes would defocus for a few seconds every half hour or so when I was wearing them.

And I forgot about that, I guess I have never thought of sleeping that way, I will still try to be as careful as possible and wear my contacts or glasses from waking up to going to sleep at night. I just want to have as much stress on my eyes as possible.

Is there anything else I should be doing to make sure my ciliary muscles become as strong as possible, like reading for a long period of time and getting real close to the page?

Cactus Jack 16 Jan 2017, 11:03

Zack and Iain,

A few minutes without your glasses or contacts won't make any difference in your efforts. Your Ciliary Muscles get to relax for several hours while you sleep. The key to Inducing Myopia is the strength of your Ciliary Muscles. For their size, they are normally the strongest muscles in the body. Your efforts just make them stronger. The young man I mentioned had to get occasional dilated exams to gauge his progress. His goal was to flunk the "official" mandatory military service eye exam where they used a very strong dilating agent. Probably Atropine. Most ECPs use dilating agents for "wet" exams that wear off in a few hours.


Cactus Jack 16 Jan 2017, 10:52

Zack and Iain,

Several years ago, I worked with a VERY highly motivated young man in his late 20s who needed to be substantially more myopic than he was (about -4). He ultimately was able to wear -20 glasses while studying to pass the TOEFL exam.

If you do the Vertex Distance math, -20 glasses are effectively -16 at the Cornea so he was able to focus to read with 12 diopters of over correction. Because of his age, it was mostly Pseudo Myopia with only a bit over -1 of additional Axial Myopia, but the important thing is that it worked for his purposes.

Because you started at a younger age, it is possible that you will develop more Axial Myopia, but your genes are in the "driver's seat". It does not really matter which type of Myopia you develop as long as you understand the difference and that Pseudo Myopia needs maintenance. Maintenance is more important when you are young because your Crystalline Lenses are still very flexible and your Ciliary Muscles will relax fairly quickly. However, the most important thing that happens is that your Ciliary Muscles get very strong and are able to deal with the additional minus in your glasses very quickly.


Zack 16 Jan 2017, 10:41


I have been very careful to not see without glasses or contacts too. Most of the time I take my contacts out in before a shower and immediately close my eyes. I don't open them until I am out and my contacts are back in.


Right now I use extended wear contacts (Pure Vision), do you think I should switch to gas permeable ones? I only have one more -6 contact and I just put in a new monthly pair today, so I need to buy more -6 contacts. If so, any suggestions on brands or where to get them?

Thank you both Cactus Jack and Iain.

Zack 16 Jan 2017, 10:16

Cactus Jack,

Sounds like a plan, I will stay with my -6 contacts until the blur is completely gone in the dark, and then I will begin to move up in increments like Iain. Other than the small blur in the dark (things like the time on my phone are a bit fuzzy when the screen is dim) my vision is really good with these contacts and glasses. After the blur is gone, I will move to -7 contacts and -7.75 glasses.

1. I live in New York and I live off campus in my own apartment away from my family.

2. My favorite subjects are history and science, however I am in school for Computers as the subject also interests me.

3. My last eye exam was in August.

I work and therefore I have the money to go in for eye exams whenever I want as I have a pretty good amount of expendable income.

My ECP is back at home which I am only at during the summer and holidays, and therefore I have not gone to an eye doctor here at school and I have many doctors to choose from.


That's very cool, I would like to be able to build up wearing stronger glasses to my family so they notice my vision getting worse so it's no shocker as the glasses get stronger. I will probably try to move in increments like you, every few months I will increase as long as I have accommodated appropriately by then. I am only in my second year of college and I am double majoring so I have 2 maybe 3 more years ahead of me.

Iain 16 Jan 2017, 07:25

Zach like you I have been intent on getting a myopic Rx.

I started slowly and have built up over my years at uni. I came to uni aged 17 in Sept 13 with glasses and cls -1.

Three times a year I increase the cls Rx by -1. Towards the end of my second year the glasses Rx was higher than cls.

I use gas permeable cls and wear them all day generally only taking them out once per week when I clean them and wear glasses. I am very careful not to experience any vision without either cls of glasses.

My 4 year course ends this year. Last Aug the cls increased to -10 and glasses -11.5, I got my first myodisc glasses. As a Maths student I devised a rigid plan to increase my Rx. Last week I changed to -11 cls and -13 myos. It costs me a lot and I have worked throughtout uni to support my ambition.

When I leave I want to be wearing -15 glasses for my graduation photo. I deliberately wear glasses when with friends and family and they know my Rx is increasing.

I don't know how high I can go. The past two increases have taken a while to get used to. With each change distance is ok I need to work on close up. Immediately after an increase I can read in bright light only and over the days/weeks I force myself to bring the work closer to my eyes. This present increase is still being worked on.

Is this a permanent change? I would love to know but dare not test it. I have worked so hard to get this far I am happy that I can see with myos.

Cactus Jack 16 Jan 2017, 05:46


Sounds like you need to slow down a little on the increases if you are noticing some blurr on your phone. Right now, you are using your Ciliary Muscles to compensate for the extra minus in your contacts. As an FYI, your -7.00 glasses have approximately the same optical effect as -6.50 contacts because of Vertex Distance effects in the glasses.

When you read with the -6 contacts at typical reading distances of about 14 inches or 36 cm, your Ciliary Muscles are having to add an additional +2.75. At typical smart phone distances, I would estimate as much as +3.50. In dim light, your pupils open and your range of useful focus decreases. It works like the f stop on a high end camera lens where the phenomenon is called "Depth of Field".

I would suggest staying with the -6 contacts or the -7 glasses until you don't have any problems reading text on your phone and then increasing in no more than -1 increments.

May I as a few questions?

1. Where do you live?

2. What are the subjects you like best in school?

3. When was your last eye exam?

You need to start thinking of the strategy for your next eye exam. At some point, you will need to get an eye exam to judge how effective your program has been. However, you should NOT go back to the ECP where you got your last exam. At your age, really significant increases in Myopia, typically don't happen naturally.


Zack 16 Jan 2017, 01:28

Hi, I would like to start inducing some myopia. Preferrably my prescription would reach -6 or -8 or more, but I would really enjoy any increase.

I am 19 years old and in school at the moment.

At the moment my prescription is at OD -2.25 and OS -2.5.

I wear contacts primarily but I do have a pair of glasses. I first conditioned myself by putting my -2 glasses over my -2 contacts, which I was able to get used to quite quickly. I then ordered contacts in -6. I have been wearing -6 contacts for the last week and everything is perfectly clear at this point with no issues other than slight blur on my phone when it is dark or dim. I have been wearing them all day everyday for the most part as they are extended wear ones, but I do usually take them out at night. I also have some OD -7 and OS -7.25 glasses that I have been wearing while my contacts are out at night before bed.

I am wondering what kind of steps I should be taking with my prescriptions in the future and how large (as in, what increments and how often). I have read up on the previous entries to this forum and it looks like taking too big of steps is detrimental to the process as the eyes cannot handle it, and I do not want to waste my time or money. Any other important information that you think I should know would be helpful too!

Cactus Jack 09 Jan 2017, 18:10


You need to go above -2.00 during the "training" process. Maybe as high as -4.00, but you have to work up to it.

The way to get prescription Contact Lenses when you don't really need them is to investigate some Contacts that change your eye color or "costume" contact lenses that are moderately popular around Halloween that make your eyes look really scary. You can say that you have been invited to a Costume Party.

What you are interested in, is the Diameter and Base Curve. You will need that information and the desired power to order contact lenses. The major benefit of getting professionally fitted Contact Lenses is that training on inserting and removing the contacts is included and also how to care for them. Good Hygiene is vital when working with Contact Lenses. Improper care can damage your Corneas.


Loveglasses 09 Jan 2017, 12:41

Dear Soundmanpt and Cactus Jack,

Thanks for your opinion. I think I will try it with contact lenses. Shall I start with -1.50, -2.00 or more? With the -1.50 glasses I can see really good. So maybe I can take a bit stronger. My goal is to do an eye exam and the result is about -2.00.


Cactus Jack 09 Jan 2017, 11:03


As Soundmanpt said, you may be to old to be able to induce any Axial or True Myopia. That involves causing your eyeballs to grow. It is very likely that your genes will not let that happen.

However there is another type of Myopia called Pseudo or False Myopia that may have some possibilities, but as Soundmanpt said, you have to either wear glasses or contact lenses every waking hour for that to be occur. Pseudo Myopia is considered "temporary", but temporary can be a long time under the right conditions. You could also do GOC (Glasses over Contacts) if you want to.

We can likely help you with any of those.

May I ask why you can only wear the -1.50 glasses about 10 hours per week? Maybe we can help you work on that also.


Soundmanpt 09 Jan 2017, 10:21


Your nearing or may already be at the point where "inducing myopia" might not be possible. But to have any chance at all one thing you will have to change from only wearing your -1.50 glasses 10 hours a week. That is not nearly enough to induce even a small amount of myopia. The only way is to go completely full time wearing your glasses. That honestly means from the minute you open your eyes each day you want to put your glasses on and keep them on until you are back in bed at the end of the day. Do this for about 2 months and then recheck your eyesight. All your doing now is wearing your glasses as "recreational use"

Loveglasses 09 Jan 2017, 07:53

Hello my name is Peter from Austria. I just recognized this site and saw that there is a possibility for my wish.

I would like to be short-sighted. I'm 25 years old.

I really love wearing glasses. Two years ago, I did an eye examination but the test said 0.00. But I still wanted to have glasses. So I ordered one in the internet with -1.50. I wear them when I am alone or drive the car. But this is not so often, maybe 10 hours per week. I can see perfectly with them. Today I did a new test and the result was nearly the same. 0.00 and - 0.25.

Do you think there is a possibility to get short-sighted (-2.00 would be great) and how can I do it?

Thanks for your opinion!

Soundmanpt 06 Jan 2017, 09:25


I also think starting off with -2.00 glasses might be a little bit too aggressive for your eyes. Even though your eyesight wearing your friends glasses was very clear only wearing them for a few minutes is much different than wearing them full time. So even if seeing distance was good wearing them seeing things close up might be uncomfortable for you. I was a bit confused as to if you were saying that you actually need -.50 correction for both eyes are if you even have glasses in that prescription. So if you actually need -.50

glasses then I would suggest ordering your glasses with -1.25 lenses. If you don't have glasses then I would suggest -1.00 as your first g;lasses. At the same time your ordering these glasses I would also order the same glasses in -2.00. By ordering the same glasses once your eyes are fully adjusted to the -1.00 or -1.25 glasses changing to the stronger ones no one will notice the difference except you. I'm sure you don't want anymore questions about your glasses than necessary. The most important thing in attempting to induce myopia is constantly wearing your glasses from the minute you open your eyes in the morning until you go back to bed that night. As for as being able to drive wearing your glasses, that shouldn't be any problem at all. Your eyes should adjust to your glasses (-1.00 or -1.25) very quickly. Actually it will likely be a bigger problem for you getting used to wearing glasses full time then it will be for your eyes to adjust to the prescription. So I would say at first if you need to drive somewhere first thing in the morning then you might want to take your glasses off. But by mid morning your eyes should be adjusted to your glasses and your vision should be perfect with your glasses on. I'm sure that you will know when your eyes are comfortable wearing glasses to drive. I'm guessing by the 3rd day your going to be very comfortable wearing glasses. Once your distance and close vision is completely clear wearing your glasses then you want to switch to the stronger glasses.

Cactus Jack 05 Jan 2017, 19:36


-2.00 may not be a good place for you to start. Have you had and eye exam recently? It is best to start developing a strategy with your actual prescription. If you decide to get an eye exam and the examiner says you need glasses, do not order them yet. Say that you would like to bring a friend to help you choose frames. Then let us know your prescription.

At 27 it is unlikely that you can induce any Axial or True Myopia. However, you may be able to induce some Pseudo or False Myopia. They have different causes, but have the same results, you need - glasses for correction.

May I ask your occupation and where you live (country). That can affect our suggestions.


Abbie 05 Jan 2017, 17:40

A lot of people in my family get reading glasses and then need to wear plus glasses all the time in the 50s.

I really like the look of shortsighted glasses lenses so don't want to end up long sighted.

I don't glasses think I'm with -0.50 both eyes. I've tried friends glasses on and could see very clear with them think were -2.00

I'm 27 so should I order some -2.00 glasses and wear all the time. I would prefer to be short sighted than long sighted.

Also would it be ok the use them for driving once I'm use to wearing them

Likelenses 30 Dec 2016, 20:22

Just for information.

I went to the online Optical 4 less website, and noted that they offer up to -40. lenses.

Likelenses 30 Dec 2016, 15:03

Since you never have anything worthwhile to contribute here, you must come to this site to fantasize over other mens wives, and girlfriends that wear glasses.

When you do, you must be engaging with your Rosie palm.

 30 Dec 2016, 04:28

"You can only wish you had a woman like Cheryl."

Precisely, LL. You can "only" wish for her. You just revealed more than you realize. She's the ideal woman that you wish exists, so you made her up. In your mind, she exists. In your messages on eyescene, she exists.

You make up these stories about Cheryl and other women that are so very fond of you. They all want to date you. It's because that's what you wish was the truth.

Wishing for things that are not true. But through fiction, you try to make them come true.

Likelenses 29 Dec 2016, 19:45

You can only wish you had a woman like Cheryl.

How is that Rosie palm?

 29 Dec 2016, 04:48

we all know cheryl isn't real. she is a vehicle created so that you can pretend to be with someone who needs glasses. you conveniently bring her out whenever you want to write more fiction. you think you are being clever, but we can all see through it.

man to man: can we please stop the make believe.

Likelenses 29 Dec 2016, 00:16

I wonder if this could be used to make someone a high myope.

LXW 27 Dec 2016, 06:28

Fred, i think this is a hoax. LASIK is very dangerous and i think it´s impossible to do it at home.


Fred 27 Dec 2016, 00:41

Hi, I came across this website for lasik at home.

Anyone donw it? Doubt it's safe.

Soundmanpt 26 Dec 2016, 09:53


After re-reading your first comment from "18 Dec 2016 19:09" I thought you were wanting to continue wearing your -5.50 glasses, but your eyes are finding it more difficult for seeing near. However the question you were really asking is about slowly returning to your actual prescription. I think you might not want to go back to wearing your -3.50 glasses because as your noticing your eyes are starting to change which is a very natural thing as you approach 40. By going to -3.50 now it's very possible that in the next year even your -3.50 glasses may feel too strong for your eyes and you would be needing even weaker glasses. If you want to retain an actual prescription of -3.50 you probably should continue over correcting your eyes with stronger glasses, just not -5.50 glasses much more. It seems that your eyes are quite comfortable with you husband's glasses which are -4.75 so get yourself some glasses in that prescription including your astigmatisms. If your -5.50 glasses are still comfortable for distance yu may want to keep them in your car to wear for driving.

You mentioned that you never started wearing glasses until you were dating your Bf / husband. Did he encourage you to start wearing glasses or was it just because he wore glasses that prompted you start wearing glasses?

Josh 25 Dec 2016, 17:33

Wantglasses, any news about your vision?

Late30sGirl 22 Dec 2016, 18:23


By no means I am an expert, but I do have some similar experience.

I started using glasses full-time with a very small prescription (less than -1 in myopia) when I was in my early 20s. By using full time and later using stronger lenses, my eyes became much more myopic (-3.5D).

My sense is that I probably needed a stronger prescription since the start, but doctors do tend to prefer to give lower prescriptions whenever they think it is possible.

If I were you, I would use it fulltime at first and start trying out some stronger glasses / contact lenses.

martian1 22 Dec 2016, 17:23

Hello everyone, my prescription is OS plano and OD-1.0 should i get glasses already? Can i still induce some myopia in my left eye? i am 24 years old. Thank you so much!

Soundmanpt 22 Dec 2016, 10:32


Actually the test you did with your husband's glasses is why I was suggesting that you might want to consider progressives. If your eyes have been fine wearing your -5.50 glasses for the past 5-7 years bit only recently you're beginning to have trouble with your near vision it's because your eyes are starting to change which is very common as everyone approaches their 40's. Until recently your eyes have always been able to read fairly comfortably even with your eyes being over corrected. But your eyes are starting to weaken for seeing close up and this is why your glasses aren't as comfortable as they always have been. Your test with your husband's glasses is really about the same as what I suggested. By wearing progressives and leaving your distance the same -5.50 and including an add of +1.00 that is the same as wearing -4.50 for reading. I assumed that you wanted to keep your distance vision the same since your eyes have been wearing that prescription for the past 5-7 years? That was why I asked if your still seeing distances perfectly with your -5.50 glasses?. Of course as long as you don't mind wearing slightly weaker glasses then you may want to order single vision glasses in the same -4.75 as your husband's glasses but with your astigmatism included. But you do understand that your eyes are changing and even with getting weaker glasses it is likely that reading small print is going to continue to get more difficult. This is why progressives might be better becasue that way as your eyes change you can still maintain the same -5.50 for distance but increase the add as needed.

Late30sGirl 21 Dec 2016, 20:39


Today I tested my DH glasses (-4.75, I believe that was the last prescription that I made him glasses) and worked great... (maybe my -5.5 was too much for my eyes) Not perfect science (his astigmatism prescription is different) but should give me some pointers...

Should I test with contact lenses? It is easier to test without having to buy new glasses and having to explain why I am buying new glasses again...

Likelenses 21 Dec 2016, 20:12


Your concern over the use of progressives at this point is valid.

Stay with the strongest minus that you can tolerate,to keep your cillary muscles in shape.

Late30sGirl 21 Dec 2016, 20:02


You are right regarding the first MD. He was probably old school. I did get my first pair of glasses few years later, but the doctor said to use only in classes or when I was driving. I became full time wearer only later, when I met my BF / DH and became less shy of using it (maybe a little bit too much).

I did the tests that you advised. I could read fine with my current prescription. My concern of using progressive lens now is to make my eyes worse. Wouldn't this make the muscles less "exercised"?

bracesfan 20 Dec 2016, 12:29


It´s greatly improbable that you would get crosseyed just wearing prisms. With prisms your eyes will only turn in or out but after taking them off your eyes will turn back. It´s true that with significant amount of prism you could see double, and even short time after taking glasses off, but no crosseyed. For seeing double is simpler to go for base in. Believe me, I wear big numbers of prism not needing them for quite a couple of years :-)

Wantglasses 20 Dec 2016, 12:28

It´s greatly improbable that you would get crosseyed just wearing prisms. With prisms your eyes will only turn in or out but after taking them off your eyes will turn back. It´s true that with significant amount of prism you could see double, and even short time after taking glasses off, but no crosseyed. For seeing double is simpler to go for base in. Believe me, I wear big numbers of prism not needing them for quite a couple of years :-)

Soundmanpt 20 Dec 2016, 10:48


If your eyesight is now blurry all the time that is exactly what you're wanting. Because you're barely only 16 makes it much easier for your eyes to be changed then someone a little older than you. When you got your glasses how did your eyes feel wearing your -1.00 glasses for the first time? I have a feeling you weren't wearing them very long before they were completely comfortable and you were seeing everything perfect with them.When you switched to the -2.00 glasses i'm sure your eyes felt the difference. Did you have any problem adjusting to them? Your distance vision should be very good with your glasses but any problems with seeing things close up such as reading from a book? Have you placed your order for stronger glasses yet? Since you got your glasses and started wearing them full time has anyone siad anything about how often your wearing glasses now. I mean aren't you wearing glasses much more often now than when you were wearing your fake glasses? Just curious what glasses have you been ordering? Are they a good fit and how do you think they look on you?

Josh 19 Dec 2016, 21:37

Josh 19 Dec 2016, 21:36

that´s the way your eyes have to be to induce your strabism

Josh 19 Dec 2016, 21:23

wantglasses, you´re in an age where your eyes still end growing up, so if you do this, the optical nerves will adapt to a new position, then you will devolp more myopia some astigmatism and obviosly the strabism that you want, strong glasses will be ready for you.

Josh 19 Dec 2016, 19:24

if you wanna be cross-eyed what you have to do is force to keep your eyes cross, when both eyes are glue to the nose what you have to do is get only one eye straight, and keep them like this a pair of minutes, do it all the time you can and i garantee your eyes will be crossed in a few weeks

Wantglasses 19 Dec 2016, 17:51

Cactus Jack

I have always loved the look of crossed eyes. When I was really young I had a friend who was cross eyed, and I thought it was so cool, loved the way her eyes looked, and her glasses looked even more amazing than all the other glasses I had ever seen, the lenses lokked amazing! They were so big on the outsides. It is hard to explain, but I have always wanted to be cross eyed.


My eyesight is now blurry all the time! It might be blurrier later in the day, but not by much.

Soundmanpt 19 Dec 2016, 09:54


I saw your reply to "noname" and you really seem thrilled that you're quickly becoming dependent on your glasses to see properly. Hard to believe that just a few weeks ago you could see that same menu board perfectly without glasses and now it's too blurry for you to read without your glasses. Now that your wearing glasses that you actually need to see with is it what you dreamed it would be like? It doesn't sound like you have any regrets at all about what you're doing to your eyes which is good. It's a lot different than wearing fake glasses isn't it? So of course after wearing your glasses all day when you take them off to go to sleep i'm sure things across your room are pretty blurry. But whn you wake up in the morning has your eyesight returned to normal and things are clear in your room or are they slightly blurry or about as blurry as when you took them off the night before?

You haven't really ever said why you want so badly to be cross eyed? That almost seems more important to you than even being nearsighted. You do understand that your crossed eyes would only be seen when you take off your glasses? With your glasses on your eyes won't appear crossed because your glasses will keep them lined up properly. So people will only see your crossed eyes when you take off your glasses. And you won't be able to go without your glasses because the double vision will very quickly cause you headaches not to mention you're nearsightedness.

Soundmanpt 19 Dec 2016, 09:03


I'm a bit sur[rised back when you were a teen and you had a prescription of -.50 with a -.50 astigmatism that the doctor didn't fit you with glasses. Granted it was a rather weak prescription but none the less you would have benefited from glasses. Maybe his thinking was that because you were a teen girl you likely wouldn't wear them anyway since wearing glasses wasn't very popular for a teen girl to be wearing at that time. But you were at the borderline of passing the vision test for driving. So in your early 20's you finally got your first glasses in your prescription and wore them full time. But after wearing your glasses a while you didn't feel like like your weak prescription was enough to justify your wearing glasses. You shouldn't have felt as if your eyesight wasn't bad enough for you to be wearing glasses just because you were still able to see pretty well without glasses. They still allowed you to see things more clearly and read signs in the distance. Only you knew how much your glasses helped you to see things. Once you found this site and started ordering glasses stronger than you needed until you were wearing -5.00 glasses without any problem and you actual prescription had increased to -3.50. But now thta your approaching the age of 40 wearing -5.00 glasses is getting more difficult for you. The over correction you continue to wear is now uncomfortable for your near vision. Is your eyesight still very good wearing your -5.00 glasses for seeing distances? You probably don't want to start wearing your actual prescription of -3.50 because you don't want your actual distance vision to slowly reduce. As a test you should try wearing the glasses you have with the =4.00 prescription to see if they are more comfortable for seeing close up.If they are then you may want to consider ordering a pair of progressives. Order them with the same -5.00 for distance but include +1.00 for the the reading add. You may want to do the same test with your -3.00 glasses to see if they are even better for reading. If so then you would want to make the add +1.50 or +2.00.

Josh 19 Dec 2016, 08:01

wantglasses if you wanna be crosseyed i could show you how to do it, you can find me in lenschat

Cactus Jack 18 Dec 2016, 21:45


I apologize, for not remembering your age and other personal information. It is very hard for me to keep track of all our members, so I really don't try very hard and just ask again.

I can understand the desire to Induce some Myopia, it is common or this thread would not exist. May I ask why you want to be cross eyed?

I suggest you think very hard about doing that. Glasses with a lot of prism are hard to make, expensive, and often have poor optical characteristics. Because of the prevalence of muscle surgery, making and fitting glasses with significant prism is almost a lost art. Mostly the glasses are made by specialty labs and the results are not always satisfactory or wearable. One of the reasons prism glasses can be expensive is that they have to be remade several times to get them right.

Also, when you are significantly cross-eyed, you only use the the inside area of the lens near your nose. Often the glasses are made using small round frames with no prescription in the outside area of the lens, something like myodisc lenses, That keeps the outer edge thickness and the ultimate thickness of the lens blank from being extremely heavy and thick.


WantGlasses 18 Dec 2016, 21:05

Cactus Jack

Everything is the same as my answer as November 9th, excpet I am now 16 years old. Ad I have said earlier I just really want to need glasses and be cross eyed! I would live to need glasses with big lenses.


Yes, I am so happy!! It feels amazing, like a dream come true, and it is. I could tell the pictures were there but they were fuzzy, and the words were non exisitant, until I squinted! I really cannit wait, I love that my eyesight has gotten worse, and I actually need glasses, and even more I love that I am getting new glasses even if the frame is the same. I just cannot wait to fail an eye exam, and have a doctor tell me I need glasses and that I am cross eyed.

Late30sGirl 18 Dec 2016, 19:09

Since I was a teen, I had very small myopia prescription (-0.5D or less and 0.5 for astigmatism). I was told by the doctor that correction was not needed.

When I met my husband (full time wearer, -4.25D) in my early 20s, I fell in love (with him) and with his minus glasses. This was what I needed to take the courage and become full-time wearer.

After a while, as I was not happy with my prescription (thought people would be joking about my almost lack of correction), I found this website and started using more correction. First -2, then -3, -4 and now around -5 for the last 5-7 years.

The inducing seems to be working, my real prescription grew quickly and after something like 5 years (when I was 30), prescription arrived at -3.5 and stayed there, with the same astigmatism as before.

In the last 2 years, it has been increasingly difficult to maintain the over-correction, specially for near vision... I am considering slowly converging to my true prescription.

What are your thoughts? I am almost 40 right now...

 18 Dec 2016, 17:14

wantglasses I remember you only got your glasses a short time ago. Are you happy that you can't see very well anymore without glasses? How does it feel to really need glasses now? How blurry was that menu board at the drive thru? wow, I guess you can't wait to get stronger glasses now?

Cactus Jack 18 Dec 2016, 13:32


Yes, very likely. It depends on many factors and there is no way to predict how long it will take. Because convergence is a natural occurrence when you look at something close, you could probably be wearing 10/10 BO or even 15/15 BO tomorrow, IF you could get the glasses. However, it is not uncommon for sudden changes in prism correction to cause nausea and dizziness until you get used to it.

It would be helpful if you would be more specific about your desires. and goals and how aggressive your situation allows you to be.

You need to be very used to your prescription and ideally have blurry double vision without your glasses so your need for an increase is obvious. Also, you need to know what to say in the interview, prior to the exam.

May I ask a few questions?

1. Your age and gender?

2. Your occupation?

3. Where you live? (Country and region)

If you would prefer to discuss this privately, you may contact me at


Wantglasses 18 Dec 2016, 11:52

Cactus Jack

Doing this would make me need BO glasses? How long do you think it will take before I get cross eyed? Also at what point should I go to an eye doctor to finally get prescribed glasses?

Cactus Jack 18 Dec 2016, 11:15


It is even easier than Inducing Myopia. Just order some glasses with 5 BO in each eye and reduce your PD by 3 mm. There are a few things to be aware of.

BO prism will cause your eyes to turn inward or converge. It is a natural function that occurs any time you look at something close. It probably won't take very long before you frequently have double vision without the prism correction.

When you read with your BO prism, your eyes will have to converge more that they do without BO prism.

Many online retailers will not do prism above 5 BO in each eye. (e.g. Zenni) I believe Optical4 Less will go up to 11, but I am not certain. Beyond that, you will need to find a local source with an official prescription and $$.

5 BO is not noticeable by others. Even 10 BO is not very obvious by looking at you. Increased edge thickness of about 1 mm per Prism Diopter is the most noticeable thing.

You may experience a reduction in VA with higher levels of prism. That may be related to a difference in the location of the Optical Center and your Central Axis of Vision. Prisms have NO Optical Center, but the underlying Sphere prescription does.

Most ECPs are very reluctant to prescribe first prism correction, unless the need is very obvious. However, once you are wearing them, it will not be difficult to get an increase if you start having double vision problems with the BO glasses.

As Soundmanpt said, once you start wearing prism, it is very hard to go back.


Wantglasses 18 Dec 2016, 07:27

I know to get the same frames. No one has noticed that I have started wearing real glasses. I am 110% sure I want to make myself cross eyed. I have wanted it for as long as I can remember.

Soundmanpt 18 Dec 2016, 03:27


It seems like your eyes have adjusted very well to wearing glasses and their having the effect you want on your eyesight. Now that the -2.00 glasses are completely comfortable to you then yes it's time to order stronger glasses again. Because as you know it will take up to maybe 2 weeks before you get your glasses once you pace your order.I would suggest getting the same glasses as you have now so no one will notice your glasses are different. Since you started wearing glasses with a prescription has anyone noticed or asked any questions about your glasses? I really think you need to think long and hard about it before you try to make yourself cross eyed. Becoming cross eyed is considerably different than just making yourself nearsighted. As you are beginning to tell being nearsighted just makes things blurry but your still able to see even without glasses. But being cross eyed will mean that not only will things be blurry but you will have double vision as well. There really is no fixing crossed eyes. Being nearsighted if you were to someday change your mind and wanted perfect eyesight you could get lasik.

Wantglasses 17 Dec 2016, 13:26

I think this has worked!! I can see perfectly through the -2.00 glasses now, and witgout glasses and even with the -1.00 glasses my vision has gotten blurry! I could not read what the drive-thru menu said last night without glasses! Should I order new -3.00 and -4.00 ones? Also, when can I start trying to become cross-eyed?

Cactus Jack 15 Dec 2016, 11:32


Sorry about the misspelled name. The spelling checker changed it and I didn't notice before posting. It just tried again, but I caught it this time.


Cactus Jack 15 Dec 2016, 11:32


Sorry about the misspelled name. The spelling checker changed it and I didn't notice before posting. It just tried again, but I caught it this time.


Nathan 15 Dec 2016, 02:40

Hi Svensont,

I've decided to take up Cactus Jack's suggestions of ordering glasses with 5 BO prism. Am planning to do it in the New Year and report back here on my experiments

Cactus Jack 13 Dec 2016, 07:58


Yes, it was a bit off topic. I try to not do that, but I don't want anyone to misrepresent my background and think I am an ECP. Guess I am an "Amateur" in the original sense, as one who studies something out of "love or knowledge" about a subject.

I have been accused of being the type person who, if asked the time, will tell you how to build a watch. Sometimes, I offer very short answers to specific questions. Some years ago, I was approached by a very attractive young woman in an upscale department store, she asked, "Do you have the time?" I said, "Yes!". Unfortunately, she was asking because she didn't have a watch. She was confused b my answer, so I looked at my watch and said "It is 2:27". She smiled, thanked me and walked off - much to my disappointment.

I really like your Vertical and Horizontal terms. I guess I tend toward the "Horizontal" and have never even looked at the Twitter site, which could be where the "Verticals" hang out. The characters limit would leave me speechless.


svensont 13 Dec 2016, 07:37


And what have you decided to do? What prism will you order?

chrisb 13 Dec 2016, 00:34

Cactus Jack,

>>Rote learning fundamentally teaches you to memorize a few solutions to a few common problems. Understanding teaches you how to analyze different kinds of problems. I you understand how something works, hopefully be able to solve almost any problem that comes along.

Slightly off topic, but how true that statement is. I too have done some technical teaching and despair of the rote approach. I came up with the term, Vertical Knowledge for the sort of education that many commercial training companies provide. Horizontal learning is the proper approach. I had someone tell me once, if you can;t tell me in a 125 character tweet I don't want to know.

Cactus Jack 12 Dec 2016, 21:41


I have often wished that I had studied Optometry or Ophthalmology instead of Electronic Engineering, but it is way too late now, I am 79.

I have said on many occasions that I am NOT an Eye Care Professional (ECP). I studied and learned about optics in Physics class and vision by studying and learning about vision. I wanted to analyze and solve my own vision problems when I could not get satisfactory answers from ECPs.

Over the years, I have done a lot of industrial teaching and have gained a reputation as being a pretty good "explainer". My goal is to foster UNDERSTANDING, rather than Rote learning. That is why my explanations tend to be long.

Rote learning fundamentally teaches you to memorize a few solutions to a few common problems. Understanding teaches you how to analyze different kinds of problems. I you understand how something works, hopefully be able to solve almost any problem that comes along.

Over the years I have learned a lot about my own vision problems and other peoples vision. I try to analyze their situation objectively and also teach about how vision works, if I can. We have some ECPs as regulars on ES and I frequently ask them to check my work and suggestions. I am not the least bit reluctant to suggest seeing an ECP if someone posts a question that is beyond my skill level.

I would like to help you do a bit of low cost experimenting if you are interested. If you were here in the US, I would suggest some low cost glasses with several different prescriptions from Zenni. I think you can order from Zenni Optical and have the glasses sent to Australia, but i don't know if there would be any customs duties involved. Could I ask you to check that out? No point in offering suggestions that can't be done at reasonable cost.

The first step is an accurate prescription for distance. Everything starts there. From you distance prescription, deriving the best prescription for nearer distances only involves a tape measure and some simple math.

I am tempted to suggest a dilated exam and the best time time of day as a starting place. Any thoughts?

BTW, If you would like to discuss any of this privately, please feel free to contact me at


stevesyd 12 Dec 2016, 14:00

Yes I think I do need to see someone else.

However I do have and wear glasses as a graphic designer as I'm always in front of a computer screen.

It's just I would like something for other distances. I do have a seperate prescription just to correct the astigmatism only. Like I said it was just the attitude I from the optometrist got suggesting it's not necessary. But I will try it regardless.

You seem to know an awful lot about this... Seems like you should be an optometrist!


Cactus Jack 11 Dec 2016, 17:06


It would seem to me that vision requirements of a graphic designer is just one notch short of that of an Olympic Sharpshooter. You probably need a new optometrist. The one you have probably does not understand what you do for a living.

The main problem with low Astigmatism is that it makes text awkwardly fuzzy. Astigmatism can cause your eyes to have two focus distances or powers. Depending on the Axis or your astigmatism and the direction of the strokes of the letters, some strokes will be clear and others will be fuzzy. If your eyes try to focus on the fuzzy strokes, they will clear up and the formerly clear stroke will be fuzzy. It is a no win situation, but your brain does not know it.

If you have your complete prescription, I would like to suggest a couple of things.

Order a pair of low cost glasses on line from Zenni Optical. I think you can do it from Australia. Here in the US. Zenni offers glasses for as low as US$6.95, but you have to look a bit for the $6.95 frames. The only extra you should consider is the $4.95 Anti-Reflective coating. Shipping is US5.00, here. I don't know what it to Australia. I recently ordered some glasses for a friend and the total was US$16.90. The only thing you probably don't know is your Pupillary Distance (PD). It is very easy to measure using a mm rule and a bathroom mirror.

The other thing I would like to suggest is to read the piece I wrote entitled "Hot to Study for an Eye Exam". I think you will find it helpful.

I have some other suggestions, but they can wait. Lets see how these work before spending significant money. If you have any questions about ordering glasses, let me know. They can also do prescription sunglasses for just a little more. If you order more than one pair of glasses there is only 1 shipping charge.

If you can order some low cost glasses from Zenni or other on line retailer, that will give you an opportunity to try some glasses for not much money. If you order glasses, you only need standard lenses with the lowest Index of Refraction (IR) they offer, about 1.50.

Please get over the idea that you need a certain strength glasses before you can officially wear them. You are the one with the job that requires good vision and you are the one that gets the headaches.

Some years ago, I noticed that people in some countries wanted "Official" approval to wear vision correction. The UK seemed to be the most prevalent one. As an April Fool joke, I came up with the idea of the Ministry of Vision to license vision correction devices for a fee. Similar to the Radio and TV licenses. Your license number would be displayed on the temples of your glasses to show everyone that you had official Ministry approval to wear glasses. The Ministry of Vision was to be in the same building as the Ministry of Magic.

Some people didn't connect the proposal with April 1st and thought it was a serious proposal.


stevesyd 11 Dec 2016, 14:24

Thank you Cactus Jack,

First your questions.

1. What is your occupation?

- I'm a graphic designer so spend all day looking at screens.

When I was 21 and given -glasses I used to spend all day looking in camera viewfinders. I assume that was the cause.

2. Where do you live? (country)

- Australia

3. Why do you think you need to have some minimal prescription, before you need "acceptable" vision correction?

- The optometrist dismissed the need for my level of astigmatism correction as it's small. His words "Olympic sharp shooters would get correction". So I don't want people looking at them thinking they are clear, physiologically I don't want to look like I'm faking it. What's annoying about that is in some situations distance vision isn't 100% clear. But people with worst sight get to have perfectly clear vision with glasses.

I do need new sunglasses... so I thought about getting the astigmatism correction in them. That way I can test out that prescription first. Can see how they go for driving.

And yes Presbyopia is starting. There is a delay in focusing these days. While I can read small print I do have to strain and I get headaches.


Cactus Jack 11 Dec 2016, 09:45


At 38, you have limited options. You are probably not very far from needing additional close focusing help.

Additional Plus for distance will only have the effect of being nearsighted and making things blurry, unless you have some unrevealed Latent Hyperopia, which I kind of doubt. You cannot Induce True Hyperopia (corrected by + glasses).

In the Myopia department, there are actually two kinds with different causes. Axial or True Myopia is caused by your eyeballs having grown too long for the total power of your eye's lens system. If is very unlikely that your genes will let that happen at 38. Axial Myopia is considered permanent because your eyeballs will not shrink after they have grown.

Pseudo or False Myopia is caused by your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses having trouble fully relaxing for distance. It is actually the same thing as Latent Hyperopia, but on the other side of 0.00. That is probably what you had when you were 21. A lot of close work can cause Pseudo Myopia. Pseudo Myopia is considered to be temporary, but temporary is a relative term. Temporary, in this instance, can sometimes be quite a long time. However there is a catch to trying to Induce some Pseudo Myopia, Presbyopia will soon begin to limit what you can do in that department.

Presbyopia, at some point, gets almost everyone. It is caused by gradual stiffening of the protein that makes up your Crystalline Lenses. Your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses are your Auto-Focus mechanism in your eyes. Presbyopia actually starts in Childhood, but typically does not become a nuisance until your late 30s or early 40s. Your genetic makeup and visual environment are important factors in determining when you will need some focusing help, but it probably won't be long before you need some help with either bifocals or progressives.

May I as a few questions?

1. What is your occupation?

2. Where do you live? (country)

3. Why do you think you need to have some minimal prescription, before you need "acceptable" vision correction?

Vision is the MOST personal of all the senses. There used to be a stigma attached to needing vision correction. There was, when I was growing up (79 now), but that is no longer true. Glasses with carefully selected frames are now fashion accessories, some with 0.00 prescriptions. No one has the right to control how well you see, except YOU. The important thing is visual comfort in all situations. Even the need for a "weak" prescription can have an amazing difference in comfort and fatigue levels. Fortunately, you can correct low Hyperopia using your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses, but it takes energy and effort. You have NO WAY to correct Astigmatism, internally. Even very low Astigmatism needs correction because it can mess up your vision at ALL distances and there is nothing you can do about it, except wear glasses or sometimes Toric Contact Lenses.

Vanity issues are still pretty common, but you need to get over that. The absolute best way to get over that is to just start wearing your glasses full time. You may get some comments, but those will stop in a few days and the only moments you will get are if you are NOT wearing your glasses. Wearing glasses is no more significant than getting some new clothes, getting a different style haircut, or growing or shaving a beard.


stevesyd 11 Dec 2016, 06:05


For as long as I can remember I was fascinated by glasses. Wishing I needed them.

At about 21 I got my wish albeit not what I had hoped. Very mild short sightedness -.5 / .025 with an astigmatism of about the same from memory.

Fast forward to the age of 38. I am now far sighted plus I still have the small astigmatism. Still a fairly week prescription of +.5.

So I do need them for computer screens they also seem to help in artificial/low light situations at further distances. But obviously I see distance better without.

While I can get a small prescription for the astigmatism it's going to look so week and like fake glasses. So I guess I want to know is there anything I can do to make my sight worst? Without complicated GOC solutions as I think my wife would notice :)


Nathan 07 Dec 2016, 07:45

The Larissa story makes fascinating reading, especially how quickly her and her friend became dependent upon the prismatic lenses. Also, discovered similar stories in the archives from people like Daffy (who's attempting something similar to what I intend to do) and Jeremy. Cactus Jack: I work in marketing in the UK. I sit at a computer every day and have never experienced any double vision

Cactus Jack 07 Dec 2016, 07:15


There IS a risk of becoming NOTICEABLY "cross eyed" with BO prism or "wall eyed" with BI prism, IF you have a masked or hidden problem with anything associated with your Eye Position Control System. That is why I asked the questions about double vision, in my earlier post.

However, if the amount of prism is less than about 10 prism diopters in each eye, particularly with a Minus prescription, it is ONLY noticeable by YOU, when you are NOT wearing your glasses. The primary thing that is noticeable by others with BO or BI prism in your glasses, is a more significant difference between the outer or inside edges of your lenses. With BO prism the outer edges are thicker by about 1 mm per diopter. With BI prism, the inside edges are thicker, but the amount is less because the distance from the Optical Center (OC) of the lens is smaller than the distance to the outside edge.

The effects or wearing prism, go with the "territory". This is one of those "Be careful what you wish for" things.

Prism correction is a very complicated subject. I have had double vision issues for about 30 years, My eyes would like to turn inward, particularly when I am tired. It is called Fatigue Esophoria. The glasses I wear normally have 7 BO in each eye, but when I am tired, I need more prism to avoid double vision. Few people even notice the 7 BO, but people who know me well have asked about my glasses when I wear 15 BO. The outer edges are noticeably thicker, but I think they notice that the frames are different more than the edge thickness.


Soundmanpt 06 Dec 2016, 14:15


I remember reading the story about Larissa and her friend. As I recall Larissa started off only wearing very weak glasses for distance but was soon wearing her glasses full time and then she was prescribed with prisms as well. At one point her friend came over to watch a movie and Larissa had left her previous glasses laying on a table in front of them. Her friend saw the glasses and proceeded to put them on. After a bit of on and off with them she finally left them on for the rest of the evening. She went and had her eyes examined but she was told that her eyesight was perfect and she didn't need glasses. But even so she still continued to wear Larissa's old glasses quite often. At some point her and Larissa went on vacation for a week and during the drive to where they were going to be vacationing she had forgotten her sunglasses and found a pair of Larissa's glasses that had prism correction. Larissa warned her that by wearing them she might ruin her eyesight. For a short time she wasn't sure if she wanted to just continue to wear Larissa's weaker glasses without prisms or if she wanted to wear the stronger ones with prisms. She finally decided to wear the glasses with prisms the remained of the week. It wasn't long before her eyes were ruined by the glasses. She went for an eye exam and this time she was prescribed glasses with prisms. Great story!

svensont 06 Dec 2016, 13:26


Read posts starting from "Larissa 28 Jul 2002, 21:57" in Acuity and Prescription II thread, there is a story how her friend became defendant on base in glasses, also read Daffy posts, who also ordered some base in and got permanently used to them.

Cactus Jack 06 Dec 2016, 08:55


The Eye Position Control System (EPCS) is, to some extent, programmable. Prism can correct eye misalignment (Strabismus) or cause it. In some ways it is easier than Inducing Myopia. BO prism corrects or causes a small amount of convergence, (eye "crossing") which is a common event, every time you look at something close. BI prism corrects or causes divergence ("wall" eyes) which is NEVER required in a normal visual environment. Ideally your eyes should point straight ahead (parallel) when you look at distant objects. That makes BI prism more difficult to deal with, unless your eyes have tendency to turn outward.

It is possible to become dependent on prism correction. That is why many Eye Care Professionals (ECPs) are very reluctant to prescribe prism, unless the need is pretty obvious or the patient is already wearing prism correction.

May I ask your occupation and where you live?

Also, have you ever experience double vision?

If so, what was the circumstance?


Nathan 06 Dec 2016, 02:09

Thanks Cactus Jack. If BO will cause my eyes to go inward or converge, does that mean I'll go cross-eyed??? (would like to avoid this if possible). I'm 28 by the way.

Cactus Jack 05 Dec 2016, 15:34


I would suggest BO prism because it will cause your eyes to turn inward or converge. Convergence naturally occurs whenever you focus on something close. I would suggest considering 5 BO in each eye because that is the maximum Zenni will do. You should reduce your PD by 3 mm because of the convergence. 5 BO will cause each eye to turn inward about 3 degrees. It will not be noticeable by others, but it will increase the outer edge of your glasses lenses by about 4-5 mm.

Please let us know what you decide to do.

May I ask your age?


Nathan 05 Dec 2016, 06:49

My current prescription is -2.50 in both eyes (no astigmatism) but if I was going to order a pair of prism lenses online, what prescription should I start off with? Should I go for BI or BO? And what numbers should I fill in? Am doing this because I want to be truly dependent upon glasses rather than contact lenses (which I find myself reverting to most days)

Cactus Jack 03 Dec 2016, 15:57

please help,

The idea that you have to need a certain prescription before it is OK to wear glasses, is pure, unadulterated BS.

Here is a little Optical Physics lesson about what your Sphere correction (first number) means. The most important formula in Optics was discovered and codified by Sir Isaac Newton, of gravity fame, around 1700. It is:

Focal Distance = 1 meter (100 cm, 1000 mm, or 39.37 inches / Lens power in Diopters or its rearrangement: Lens Power = 1 meter / Focal distance.

To add a little about how Vision and its Correction works, we need to add this. The amount of Vision Correction you need is the opposite (sign) of your refractive error adjusted for Vertex Distance (VD). If your prescription i less than +/- 4.00, you don't need to concern yourself with VD effects.

If you need -1.00 Sphere correction, that means that your refractive error is +1.00. Now lets explore what that means. Using the formula above, that means that everything beyond 1 meter (a bit over 3 feet)is increasingly blurry. What that means is that you cannot read what is written on the board in school, read a menu board, recognize a face across a street, or legally drive a car.

Even a prescription of -0.50 means blurry vision beyond 2 meters or almost 7 feet. Everything listed above pretty much applies at -0.50. When you add in little Astigmatism (-0.25) the distances are even less.

NO ONE has the right to dictate how well you see or pass judgement on how you want to correct your vision or how much vision correction you prefer. It is YOUR choice, not much different than preferring a particular flavor of Ice Cream. If someone wonders how well you see without glasses, suggest that they get a pair of +1.25 readers at a local store and wear them full time. Up to a point, being Myopic is like having built in reading glasses.

I strongly suggest that you start taking control of your life when you wake up in the morning. Put on your glasses and start wearing them full time, with or without contacts. If anyone asks, just say that your contacts have been bothering you. You haven't mentioned where in America you live, but Winter with low humidities is upon us and low humidity is a common source of contact lens issues. If it is not exactly the truth, you are the only one that needs to know that.

Almost everyone is worried about what others will think or say when they start glasses. The comments or wanting to try them lasts about 2 days. After that, about the only time anyone will comment is if you get a new frame style. That comment will be at about the same level as if you changed your hair style.

I believe you said that you were in your Freshman year of Engineering. Engineers are people who make things happen. You need to get in the habit of making things happen, rather than hoping for something to happen. Why not start here and now. Don't feel guilty about wanting to wear stronger glasses, many people do because they enjoy the extra crisp vision.


Soundmanpt 03 Dec 2016, 12:21

please help

If your serious about wanting to wear stronger glasses then you have to take the first step in getting their. Even better you have everything you need to get started. You just need to get your nerve up and start by wearing your glasses along with your contacts. By doing that it's the exact same thing as you buying -2.00 -.25 / -2.00 -.25 glasses.

Trust me that no one can tell by just looking at your glasses how strong they are. Just for fun try going to the mall and start looking at people wearing glasses. Unless they are wearing really strong glasses I am sure you won't have any idea how strong their glasses are. When you're looking at someone wearing -2.00 or -2.50 or -1.00 glasses they are all going to look about the same to you and anyone else.

please help 03 Dec 2016, 10:33


Yes I have both. I wear contacts all the time out of the house. I don't wear glasses much except when I am alone at home. I appreciate your help. I am a bit worried to just go in public with my glasses cause they aren't that thick and I will think people don't think I really need them, thats why I want them stronger. But I guess most people won't be able to tell by looking. Thanks. Soundmanpt, what you said makes sense I am just worrying I think.

Cactus Jack 02 Dec 2016, 02:56

please help,

Inducing Myopia always starts with Pseudo (False) Myopia. If you are lucky and your genes will allow it, it can turn into Axial (True) Myopia.

Axial Myopia is caused by a mismatch between the total Optical Power of your eye's lens system and the distance from your Crystalline Lens to the Retina. The distance is related to the length of your eyeball. Axial Myopia is considered Permanent, because the eyeball typically DOES NOT shrink after it has grown.

Pseudo Myopia is caused by the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses not fully relaxing after focusing close or compensating for Minus overcorrection. Pseudo Myopia is considered Non-Permanent or Temporary. However, in this case, temporary can mean a very long time. How long depends on your age, how long you have worn the overcorrection, and the magnitude of the overcorrection.

You can have both Axial and Pseudo Myopia at the same time and their effects are additive.

A few questions:

1. Do you have both glasses AND contacts?

2. When do you wear glasses?

3. When of you wear contacts?

We understand what you want to do and we have helped many people achieve your objective. For this to work, you have to level with us. We understand that because you are still living at home, you have to be very careful how you go about this. We also understand that there can be Vanity issues. We can help you with methods that have worked for others.

It takes a little courage to pull this off, but you can do it, if you really want to. Effectively all you will be doing is speeding up a natural process, before your genes make it very difficult or impossible.

If you would prefer, we can discuss this privately using


Soundmanpt 01 Dec 2016, 16:16

please help

The answer to your question about being able to induce real myopia or false myopia depends a lot on you. You're 19 so you could be approaching the age where your eyes soon start to become stable. That generally happens in your early to mid twenties. But if you have been reading past comments in this thread you will see the importance of having your eyes constantly exposed to a stronger prescription then you actually need. You already have what you need to get started. You have contacts and you have glasses. Wearing both of them together would be the same as wearing -2.00 glasses which is about where you want to start. But you seem reluctant about wearing your glasses outside of your house for some reason. Isn't the whole idea of inducing myopia so you will need to wear stronger glasses? Just because your glasses are only -1.00 doesn't mean they are too weak to be worn full time. Also only you and maybe your parents know what the prescription of your glasses are. The average person has no idea how strong your glasses are or how much you need them. I think you still stand a very good chance to induce more myopia than you have now, but even if you for some reason don't you should still be able to wear glasses at least as strong as -2.00 without any problem. I would assume being able to wear stronger glasses is what your mainly wanting anyway?

help please 01 Dec 2016, 09:45

Thanks for the help.

Cactus Jack,

Will i be able to get any real myopia or only false?

My last eye exam was in early October. My next eye exam is scheduled for about in a year or two. Probably two if I don't notice any problems, but I'm hoping to have to go back for new prescription next year. I wish I could get my hands on some -2 contacts but not sure how to do that. Thanks for your help.

What prescription do you think I would be able to reach?

Soundmanpt 30 Nov 2016, 06:46


Glad to hear that your glasses have arrived. Now that you have your glasses you need to start wearing them on a consistent basis. How well are you able to see with the -1.00 glasses? You're young enough that your eyes shouldn't have any problem with adjusting to your glasses. How does it feel to be wearing real glasses instead of the fake ones? I don't know how much you wore your fake glasses but now that you're going to be wearing glasses full time people may start asking you why you're now wearing glasses all the time? You will just need to convince them that you really like you look wearing your new glasses and that you have gotten so many complements on how nice you look wearing glasses that you really like wearing them. Just be careful if any of your friends want to try your glasses on because i'm sure they will notice that your glasses have prescription lenses in them. As your eyes start adjusting to your glasses you will start to notice that when you take them off at the end of the day or just to clean them things at a distance will be be blurry for a few seconds before going back to normal vision. The more you wear your glasses the longer it will take for your eyes to go back to your normal vision until your eyes don't go back to your normal vision anymore.

If your glasses for any reason aren't comfortable or don't fit quite right you can stop at any optical store including Wal-Mart and have them adjust your glasses for you. They don't charge anything for that and they won't ask an questions either. Now that your going to be wearing your glasses all the time you want them to feel comfortable.

Cactus Jack 29 Nov 2016, 20:19

help please,

Engineering is one of the fields of study that really encourage the development of Myopia. The amount of close work you need to do provides plenty of accommodative stress and you can certainly encourage it if you wish.

However, the fact that you have only developed -1.00 of myopia in approximately 13 years of school does not bode well for significant increases in Axial or True Myopia, which has a very strong genetic component. That does not mean that you can't develop some Pseudo or False Myopia.

The two different types of Myopia have different causes, but the results are the same, you need to wear Minus lenses for good distance vision. The key to Inducing Pseudo Myopia is wearing as much over correction as you can tolerate for as long as possible every day. At 19, you should have plenty of Accommodation Range and plenty of close work to help out.

As Soundmanpt said, all you need to do is start wearing both your contacts and glasses. Few people would notice that you are also wearing contacts under your glasses. You may need to do a little explaining as he suggested, but that will quickly become old news to everyone. Once you start wearing glasses (in addition to the contacts) you can increase the power of either the contacts or glasses with out much comment, provided you keep the same frame. That may require a little planning.

It is much easier to get glasses in almost any prescription, very inexpensively, online. All you need is your prescription, your Pupillary Distance (PD), and a credit card. Many of us have used Zenni Optical. The offer very good quality glasses for a little as US$6.95 plus shipping. The cost of the frame determines the cost of single vision glasses with standard lenses. Shipping is only US$4.95, no matter how many pair of glasses on the same order. There are only a few frames that are $6.95, but they are there, you just have to look around a bit.

It normal for you to be apprehensive about ordering online, but I think that you will be surprised at how easy it is to accomplish your objective. We have been able to help many people Induce Myopia. In doing so, we have learned what works pretty well and what does not.

You asked about how long it will take for your prescription to increase to -2.00. Think you will be very surprised at how soon that can happen. One of the important principles is that you have to wear stronger glasses than your goal. You have the means to be wearing -2.00 by using your glasses and contacts together, right now.

I have a couple of more questions for now.

1. When was your last eye exam?

2. When is the next one planned?

3. What branch of Engineering interests you the most?

Lets get started.

I would like to suggest a small change to the plan for the next few days. I think this will help overcome your apprehension.

1. Start wearing only your glasses for the few days. The suggestion of saying that your contacts are bothering you is a good one. Once everyone has become used to seeing you wearing glasses and you get comfortable wearing them full time.

2. Start wearing your contacts with your glasses.

3. You need to start thinking now, about 3 things.

A. Check out Zenni's offerings and try to find an inexpensive frame that is similar to your present frame.

B. Figure out where you need to have the glasses shipped. Three possibilities are a friends home, a Post Office box, or a private Mail Box.

C. Decide how you are going to pay for the glasses. You need a Credit Card, but you may not want the charge showing up on any credit card bill that your parents may see. There is such a thing as a Prepaid Credit Card. Many banks and reputable stores offer them. Do not confuse Gift Card and Debit Cards with Credit Cards. PayPal may be another possible option. I don't know if Zenni has a PayPal option.

I have given you plenty to digest. Please let me know if any of this seems reasonable. I am sure you have some more questions. If you feel uncomfortable discussing anything publicly, you may contact me at

Once you get started increasing your myopia you will wonder why you were so concerned. BTW, the highest anyone has gone with Inducing Myopia started in his late 20s and got to the point where he was reading and studying with -20.00 glasses. He started with about -4.00 of Axial Myopia and it took about 2 years. He was highly motivated. He badly needed to flunk an eye exam and he did. Most of it was Pseudo Myopia, which is not considered "Permanent", but it lasted long enough to accomplish his purpose.


WantGlasses 29 Nov 2016, 19:24

I got my glasses!!

Soundmanpt 29 Nov 2016, 17:24

help please

Since your full prescription does have a slight astigmatism in both eyes i'm certain that your doctor only included the astigmatisms in your glasses and not in your contacts since it is so minor. So you shouldn't have any problem wearing both your contacts and glasses at the same time. I would suggest that tomorrow morning when you get up you should put on your contacts and your glasses as soon as possible. If you don't normally wear your glasses very often you may need to convince your parent's that that your contacts have been bothering your eyes and that is why your wearing glasses now. If you drive a car you may need to take off your glasses at first until your eyes get fully adjusted to your contacts and glasses together. Once your at school continue to wear both your contacts and glasses full time.

help please 29 Nov 2016, 13:14

Likelenses* sorry

help please 29 Nov 2016, 13:12

Cactus Jack and Likeliness

my complete prescription is

right eye -1.00 -0.25 060

left eye -1.00 -0.25 090

and my contacts are both -1.

im in school studying engineering.

i live in america. i would be scared to order online tho because i mostly wear my contacts out of the house, not glasses.

thanks for the help you guys.

how long do you think it will be until i need a stronger prescription? could i get to needing -2 by next year?

Cactus Jack 28 Nov 2016, 22:27

help please,

You should be able to induce some additional Myopia by wearing both your contacts and glasses. If your prescription is Sphere -1.00 in both eyes without any other prescription elements (e.g. Cylinder and Axis) and you have Sphere only -1.00 contacts, you should be able to wear both pretty easily at your age. That would be like wearing -2.00 glasses as Likeliness said.

If the above is correct (I need to know if it is not) there is little need to delay wearing both, provided you are used to wearing contacts. The important thing is to were the combination as much as possible, particularly when reading or using a computer or tablet. If you have trouble reading text on a Smartphone, just lift your glasses.

It would be helpful to know more about you.

1. What is your complete prescription?

2. Are you in school?

3. If so, what are you studying?

4. If not, what is your Occupation?

5. Where do you live? (country)

Even though you are living with your parents, there are ways to order inexpensive glasses online, provided you are a bit creative. Moe about that later.


Likelenses 28 Nov 2016, 20:56

help please

The best thing to do is wear your glasses from the time you get up ,until you go to bed, with no cheating.

Do as much close work,and reading as possible every day,and when you do,hold the reading material as close as you possibly can,and of course be wearing the glasses.Sit as close to the TV,when watching it.

It is also helpful to get in the habit of squinting,especially when looking at things in the distance.

After doing this for about three weeks, then try wearing your glasses over your contacts,and if it is relatively comfortable, repeat the above while wearing both.

After several weeks of doing that you may find that you need stronger glasses,and should then book an exam.

help please 28 Nov 2016, 15:39

Sorry in my previous post I meant I do want them to get a bit worse

help please 28 Nov 2016, 15:38

Hi I have some questions.

Cactus Jack, I have seen you post before maybe you can help me.

I am almost 19 years old. I got my first glasses prescription just over a year ago with a prescription of -0.5 right eye and -0.75 left eye. I got an eye exam a few weeks ago (maybe a month or 2) and my new prescription is -1 in both eyes. I am wondering if my eyes will ever get to -2 or -3? I don't want them to be a bit worse.

Will they get there on their own? How long will it take?

How can I speed this up? I can't order any other glasses online cause I still live with my parents. Is there anything else I can do? Like where my glasses and contacts at the same time when I study or what?

Will they be able to get to -2 in a year or two? Thanks.

Soundmanpt 28 Nov 2016, 14:10


Just curious if your glasses have arrived yet or not? If not they should be coming any day now. Be sure to watch your e-mail because they usually always send a notice informing you that your glasses have been shipping to you.

Cactus Jack 14 Nov 2016, 07:52


Typical delivery is 10 days to 2 weeks. The lab is not in the US. They air freight the orders in bulk to California, I think, and mail them from there. Please let us know when they arrive and you can start wearing them.


WantGlasses 14 Nov 2016, 06:20

I just ordered my glasses. I hot the -1.00 and -2.00 only for now.

Cactus Jack 11 Nov 2016, 23:38


Yes, you have enough information to order now..

If there is a budget issue, you can just start with the -1.00.

I looked under Kids, Teens and there are only a few frames for $6.95. The style number I found was 126255. They obviously would like to sell the more expensive frames, but right now frame style is not very important. The first step is to select the frame. After that, you will ever the prescription you want to order. Read the order carefully and take your time for this first one.

Please ask if you have any questions. They will recommend some options, but you only need the free lens material with 1.50 index. They will recommend the AR coating, but you can specify None at the bottom of the list.

If you get confused you can save your prescription and designate the frame as a favorite. That way you can come back to your order more easily.

Please let us know what you decide to order.


WantGlasses 11 Nov 2016, 22:35


I can trust my friends' sister and my firends (not girlfriend, don't know where you got that from). I havd not told anyone, doesn't seem like the thing you tell people. In fact, my friends do not even know, I only told their sister. Yes, I got where Cactus is coming from with the same frame idea. Right now I cannot afford the coating, so I will skip out on that. You guys say it is optional anyways. Can I order now?

Soundmanpt 10 Nov 2016, 15:31


The advice that Cactus Jack has been providing you is the proper way to go about inducing myopia. You're certainly young enough that wearing the glasses suggested by Cactus Jack should work very well for you and give you the results that you're hoping for.

I do have a tip that should help when you're looking for the glasses you intend to wear. Looking at glasses on line is nice but it can be difficult to know what size glasses fits your face best. If you have some fake glasses that fit you perfectly or if one of your girlfriends have glasses that fit you well then you want to measure them across the front from the far outside left to the far outside right using that same millimeter ruler you used to measure your PD. If you have an average size face then I would think you will find that glasses that are around 128mm - 131mm should be a good fit for you. So when looking at glasses and you find ones you like check the "overall width" and try and stay close to what fits you best. If you are looking at Zenni they have around 800 glasses for under $13.00. If you add the AR coating which I also recommend so you don't glare and reflections from your lenses then your glasses will only be $18.00. If you get the 3 that Cactus jack is suggesting you get with shipping that would add up to $59.00.

Do you understand why Cactus Jack is suggesting that you get the same glasses but with the 3 different prescriptions? Once you get started wearing your -1.00 glasses and then you go to the -2.00 glasses by staying with the exact same frame no one will notice that you're really wearing different glasses except you.

The most important thing is that when you get your glasses that you wear them everyday from the minute you open your eyes until you're ready to close your eyes that night.

The idea of having your glasses sent to your girlfriends house is a good idea but can you trust her not to tell anyone what you're doing? You do know that you don't want people to know what your doing.

Cactus Jack 10 Nov 2016, 14:40


The answer to your question is Yes. But first, you need to order some glasses. If your budget allows, I would suggest ordering two or even three pair of glasses one with -1.00, one with -2.00, and one with -3.00 using the same frame, form Zenni.

I would suggest a low cost frame and standard single vision lenses and the low cost Anti-Reflective (AR) coating. The AR coating is not mandatory at this time. If you order more than one pair at a time there is only one shipping charge.

If you are unsure about the ordering procedure, let me know.

If you have questions you would prefer to discuss privately, you can contact me at


WantGlasses 10 Nov 2016, 10:31

I got 60 for the pd. I can get my glasses shipped to my friends' sister's place. I wear fake glasses a lot, almost all the time at home. My parents would not notice the difference. They do not wear glasses and know nothing about glasses. I have taken math and science every year, we have to. This year (8th grade) I am in physical science and algebra II. I have a question too. Will I eventually be able make myself cross eyed?

Cactus Jack 09 Nov 2016, 22:58


Quite sure. All you need is a credit card (it can even be a valid prepaid card) but first things first. I suggest you go to and look around. They offer amazingly high quality glasses for as little as $6.95. The frame determine the cost of the glasses. For now you really don't need a designer frame but you need a frame you like, because you will need to order several pairs of glasses with increasing prescriptions and as long as you use the same frame, few people will notice that you are increasing your prescription.

You will need to measure your Pupillary Distance (PD). It is extremely easy to do. There is information on the Zenni site about how to measure PD, but here is what I think is an easier way. You will need a ruler marked in mm and a bathroom mirror.

1. Hold the rule with 0 at the center of your nose.

2. Look at the scale and read the distance in mm from the center of your nose to the center of one of your pupils. Note the distance.

3. Measure the distance from the center of the other pupil to the center of your nose. Add the two together.

4 Repeat steps 1-3, three times and average the distances.

5 Tell me what it is.

Depending on your head size it will probably be between 56 and 64 mm between your two pupils. Do not try to measure the distance from one pupil to the other directly, it will probably not be as accurate as doing each eye independently.

The PD tell the glasses maker where to place the optical center of the lenses in your glasses, so it is important.

With the PD, you actually have enough information to order glasses with the following prescription:

OD (Right Eye) Sphere -1.00

OS (Left Eye) Sphere -1.00

Enter your PD

But don't do it yet. There are several things to consider.

1. Where will you have the glasses shipped?

2. How will you explain the glasses to your parents? (That is much harder than explaining them to your friends)

You might want to consider the very inexpensive Anti-Reflective coating (About $5.00) and shipping will be about $5.00.

What ever you do, you MUST have a plan. Inducing Myopia is not a fast process. It will take a few months before you are ready for an "official" exam and an "official" prescription.

Once you are comfortable with the -1.00 glasses to the point where you don't even notice that you are wearing them, you will be ready to increase the prescription to -2.00. When you are comfortable with -2.00, you increase it to -3.00. After you become comfortable with them, you will be ready for an official eye exam, but let us tell you the type of symptoms you report and where you get the exam.

Please do not try to jump ahead or try to be creative. We have helped many people fulfill their wishes and you need to follow instructions. Failure to follow instructions can lead to a slow down in developing myopia.

I strongly suggest that you do not do anything with prism until you have more experience and understand the nuances involved. It is much more complex than just a simple prescription for Myopia.

May I ask if you have taken any science or math courses in school?

It takes 10 days to 2 weeks to get glasses from Zenni.

While it might be tempting, It would be best to NOT try to borrow someone elses glasses UNLESS you know the actual prescription. At this time, I am operating on the assumption that you do not have any Astigmatism. Glasses to correct Astigmatism have a Cylinder and Axis component. If you do not need Astigmatism, unneeded Cylinder and Axis will make the glasses very uncomfortable to wear and will likely cause headaches when you try to read with them. Reading and studying with your glasses is very important in developing myopia.


WantGlasses 09 Nov 2016, 18:17

Cactus Jack

I am currently 15 years old, but just a bout to turn 16 in a couple of weeks.

I live in America.

I am a high school student.

Where would I order glasses? Are you sure I can do it without actually needing them?


I am aware that being cross eyed would probably result in me having double vision, and it is fine by me. I used to have friend that was short sighted, cross eyed and had double vision, but with her (fat) glasses she was able to see one single just fine. I just love the cross eyes look and the glasses they wear look so amazing.

Soundmanpt 09 Nov 2016, 17:20


I suggest that if you are serious about wanting to war minus glasses that you look back in this thread and you should find more than enough information as to how to get prescription glasses and how to get started. there are plenty of comments from many others in here including Cactus Jack, Likelenses and myself. The idea of attempting to make yourself cross eyed is really a very bad idea. If you become cross eyed almost certainly your you would cause double vision. You should only work on the possibility of making yourself short sighted. Remember no matter what your age is you should at the very least be able to wear prescription glasses with -1.00 lenses even if you aren't able to induce any real myopia.

Cactus Jack 09 Nov 2016, 17:06


You are not the first and won't be the last.

We can help, but we need a bit more information.

1. What is your age?

2. Where do you live? (country)

3. What is your occupation? If a student, what is your education level?

If you do not presently wear glasses, you can easily order glasses, on line, without a prescription. The fat kind of lenses are probably PLUS lenses, but those probably won't work. They are used for correcting existing long sightedness and all they will do is make your distance vision blurry. Depending on several factors, you can probably wear MINUS glasses, but you need to start with a low prescription and work up as you get used to wearing them.


 09 Nov 2016, 15:08

if this post doesn't scream FAKE, I don't know what does.

Wantglasses 09 Nov 2016, 14:39

Hi! I am just wondering if someone can help me get glasses. I love glasses, particularly the short sighted ones. I love the way people's eyes look so small in them, and how you can see rings forming on the outsides if the glasses. I have wanted glasses for as long as I can remember. I have always been attracted to them. I remembe always getting so jealous everytime someone in my class got glasses,and getting mad everytime I passed an eye exam and had hear the doctor say, good news your eyes are healthy and you have excelent vision. I have a few fake glasses, but tgat is nit the same. I want real glasses. I want to need them from the second I wake up to the moment I fall asleep everyday. I just REALLY want glasses. I want to struggle seeing, especially that stinking chart. I want to hear a doctir tell me I need glasses. I want people to ask ME if they cantry my glasses on. I want to have to squint. I want to be able to see through my friend's glasses. I want them to say, dang you are blind to me when they try my glasses on. I also really wantvto be cross eyed. It is so unique and cross eyed people tend to have fatter glasses. I want fat glasses. Incase you can't tell I WANT GLASSES. Please help!!

NJ 28 Sep 2016, 11:13

@James: fair points. Myopia has been studied at great lengths, both the genetics and the environmental triggers. Like most aspects of human health and physiology, it's probably a combination of both.

Extreme myopia is connected to several genetic conditions, like Stickler's Syndrome and trisomy 21, often through effects on collagen, but this is probably not related to garden variety myopia that occurs in the bulk of the population.

I'm sure environmental factors play a role, but perhaps only for people already predisposed to myopia. I remember one classmate in college, who was Asian and a -10 myope, said on several occasions that she had been studying so long that her eyes were permanently focused close up. I also recall that her prescription increased several times in college.

I spent more time doing close work than 99% or the population, but I've been a lifelong hyperope. Of course, maybe my hyperopia would have been worse had I not studied so much, who knows?

That said, the claim that older adolescents and adults can become myopic, or significantly increase myopia, by wearing too strong minus glasses, seeing flashes of light, etc., lacks much evidence to support it, especially in people with no predisposition.

James 28 Sep 2016, 07:26

There is plenty of scholarly work on the environmental factors that trigger or induce myopia in humans. Of course, it is framed as a what NOT to do. As with animal studies, these things also relate to growing subjects, so probably none would have any effect on an adult wishing to induce myopia.

Just off the top of my head, I can recall the following:

- using a "night light" i.e. kids not sleeping in absolute darkness;

- insufficient outdoor time for kids, possibly having something to do with not using the developing eyes enough to look into the distance enough;

- linked with the above, doing lots of close work (think hyper-competitive Asian education systems and the explosion of myopia in the last decades in the most educationally competitive countries); and

- blocking off the peripheral vision of developing eyes.

Of course I have stated these very simplistically, and the mechanism by which environmental factors interact with genetic predisposition is still - in 2016 - not understood at all.

NJ 27 Sep 2016, 10:50

Will, there are a couple of things to keep in mind about that article. First, they studied Guinea pigs and not humans. Second, the animal models were developing and growing. Third, and related to the previous point, they were exposed to the cycling lights for a significant part of their youth. Thus, extrapolating this to fully grown humans is meaningless and impractical.

To my knowledge there have been no good scientific studies on inducing myopia in humans, for the obvious reasons. The only studies I know of looked at reducing myopia progression, usually by under-prescribing or wearing bifocals. These studies have not shown anything dramatic, just modest to no change in the progression as compared to control groups. Even a consistent finding that bifocals reduced the progression of myopia would probably convince most ECPs to prescribe them for their pediatric population, especially those with a family history if high myopia.

As much as many of us would like to induce more myopia, there's no evidence that wearing a stronger prescription than needed, or holding books closer to the eyes, will do very much, especially in people who don't have any predisposition to become myopic. I think the only real option is refractive surgery.

Likelenses 25 Sep 2016, 21:14


I recall some time ago someone posted an article on this thread about a rotating disc that as I recall had red,and white swirls on it.There was a warning that watching it for even short periods of time would create myopia.

There was no way to make the disc rotate,even though the article said there was.

Cactus Jack 25 Sep 2016, 16:20


I have not heard of that experiment before. There was another experiment, many years ago where they fitted baby chickens with minus glasses and they grew up with myopia. I think the significant factor with the Guinea Pigs was their age.

Flashing lights can induce what is called "Flicker Vertigo" in humans. You occasionally find flickering strobe lights in some entertainment venue that make you feel dizzy and occasionally induce nausea. I don't think most people could tolerate the flickering lights long enough to make any difference in their vision, even if it did.


will 25 Sep 2016, 08:57

Hey everyone,

have you read this article?

Do you think, it is possible to make this procedure on ourselves?

Since I'm not an english native Speaker, i do not exactly know how the experiment works.

Sorry, if it has been discussed already.

Cactus Jack 23 Sep 2016, 05:07


Please check Skype.


Taha 20 Sep 2016, 06:57

Cactus jack,

Sure i will buy a new pair with this prescription as soo as i return to cairo in 2 days ... And thank you 😊 yes, i studied english when i was little and i used to teach english conversation online for a while as well.

Cactus Jack 19 Sep 2016, 14:24


That is excellent. I just wanted to be absolutely sure so I could offer accurate suggestions. I suspect that if you wear your new prescription full time for the two weeks, you will not notice that you are even wearing them.

I would like to suggest that it is time to start thinking of your next increase and how you are going to order the glasses. I would suggest the following prescription:

R Sphere -5.25, Cyl -1.00, Axis 177

L Sphere -5.00, Cyl -1.00, Axis 19

When you can tolerate it. You may need to modify the wearing schedule a little when you first start wearing them until your Ciliary Muscles become stronger. I will advise you when you get those glasses.

Remember, that few people notice prescription changes, but almost everyone notices frame style changes.

If you order increasing prescriptions from a local, familiar lab, they may get curious about what you are doing. You need to think about that. One solution is Zenni Optical, if you can order from them.

By the way, your English is excellent. Have you studied English or are you using a translator program?


 19 Sep 2016, 13:16

Cactus jack,

My prescripton is:

R Sphere -3.25, Cyl -1.00, Axis 177

L Sphere -3.00, Cyl -1.00, Axis 19

As for the glasses

R Sphere -4.25, Cyl -1.00, Axis 177

L Sphere -4.00, Cyl -1.00, Axis 19

I can see very clearly with them and i nearly feel no strain on my eye at all though .. Every word is clear on my computer and i can read text every where easily.

Cactus Jack 19 Sep 2016, 07:20


Would appreciate the complete prescription. Every element is important.

Some questions.

1. How is your distance vision with them?

2. Are you able to read and use the computer comfortably with them?


Taha 19 Sep 2016, 02:01

Cactus jack,

Yeah they were not the right pair .. I got mine now and i don't really feel bothered at all .. It is perfect and i made sure the prescription is also right

Taha 19 Sep 2016, 00:24

I am going back to the lab right now .. I am pretty sure they must have given me the wrong pair .. Even the frame is a little different than the one i picked ..

Cactus Jack 18 Sep 2016, 16:59


What is the complete prescription in those glasses?


Taha 18 Sep 2016, 15:29

Cactus Jack,

I have just recieved my new glasses .... they are not bothering me alot .. but I can't see far away text ....

say i typing on my computer ... I can't see the text clearly when I sit a little far away ... say 70 cm and the font is about 8 .... I can live with it but is that normal ?

Taha 18 Sep 2016, 08:43

Cactus jack,

No, he didn't unfortunately ... he said that the military will give me a proper examination because i should be an officer because I am an engineer.

Cactus Jack 18 Sep 2016, 07:56


I suspect that part of your Myopia is Pseudo Myopia. The reason I think that is because your prescription decreased while you were wearing your old glasses. All that means is that you may need to work a bit harder to Induce additional Myopia.

I have another question: Did the examiner dilate your eyes for the very recent exam?


Taha 17 Sep 2016, 08:16

Cactus jack,

Sorry for the late reply, i had my examined today and the doctor found out that my -3.75 eye has improved and is now -3.0 .. I immediatly ordered a -4.25 ,-4.0 glasses the lab was a little surprised by my order as it is not like the prescription but they agreed .. I will recieve my glasses in 30 hours starting now unfortunatly.

I read your paper yes and all your recent posts carefully .. I have a skype username: eng.muhammad.taha

one more thing i wanted to talk about .. I broke my last pair of glasses 4 month ago and i srarted wearing my spare glasses which are about -2.5 ever since ,because back then i didn't know my eyesight can improve or that i can induce myopia .. Do you think maybe that is the reason for the sudden improvement ?

Thank you again for your time

Cactus Jack 15 Sep 2016, 19:56

As I just did.

Cactus Jack 15 Sep 2016, 19:55


If your post is acceptable, the "Submit" box background will change to Blue, when you click it. Sometimes it is slow to display your post and you are tempted to click it again. That results in multiple posts.


Cactus Jack 15 Sep 2016, 19:55


If your post is acceptable, the "Submit" box background will change to Blue, when you click it. Sometimes it is slow to display your post and you are tempted to click it again. That results in multiple posts.


Cactus Jack 15 Sep 2016, 19:39


1. You could, but that will probably not be necessary. The vast majority of Myopia you will induce will be Pseudo or false myopia which will (ideally) slowly resolve back to maybe -5 each eye. I suggest you should not worry about Lasik until there is no risk of anyone changing their mind.

My most successful "client" (also an Mechanical Engineer) started at about -4.00 and was able to work up to the point where he was able wear -20.00 glasses while studying. The military tried all kinds of tricks, surprise eye exams, etc., but while he did not wear the -20s full time, he wore glasses in the -14 to -16 range most of the time. I don't remember the details of our strategy for the actual exams, but the convinced themselves that he was not qualified and gave him an exemption. He ultimately settled back to about -5.00 in each eye.

2. Read the 2nd paragraph in my original reply to you. The military WILL use a very strong dilating agent, when they check your vision, to make sure you are not faking it. The technique that is typically used not intended to produce accurate results. It is fundamentally the "objective" part of an eye exam where the examiner looks into your eyes with an ophthalmoscope or retinoscope, after dilation, to get an estimate of your refractive error. They will skip the second or "subjective" part of an eye exam where you tell the examiner what you see with various lenses, where your actual corrective prescription is determined.

We really need to stay in close contact and you need to follow the suggestions without trying to go too fast. The objective is to first build up your accommodative range by increasing the strength of your Ciliary Muscles. In some ways it is like lifting weights. You don't build muscle strength by trying to initially lift 100 Kg. You do it by starting with 1 Kg weights with lots of repetitions. When the 1 Kg weights get easy, you switch to 2 Kg weights. Same thing here.

One thing you need to do, as soon as you can, is get a dilated exam to make absolutely sure of your actual prescription with dilation. I don't know if that will be possible for your Saturday exam.

Please remember that there are no guarantees that this will work, but it worth a try.

I have a few more questions.

1. Are you noticing any loss of distance acuity with your existing glasses?

2. Do you have Skype?

3. Have you read my piece on "How to study for an eye exam"

Please do not concern yourself about asking me questions. For this to have a possibility of working, we need to converse a lot. It is going require a lot of work and effort on your part.


Taha 15 Sep 2016, 16:05

cactus jack,

thank you so much for all this valuable info.

I have only 2 more questions please:

1- can I use lasik too restore my vision afterwards?

2- I heard the examination at our military is made using some sort of eyedrops and that it is not really accurate ... do you have any info. about this sort of examination?

I will do as you said, it is very easy to get any prescription that i want down here, absolutely no problem at all ... and if i have any further questions I will be sure to contact you ... and I will post any updates on my condition as well .....

I really can't thank you enough for your help :) ... god bless you

Taha 15 Sep 2016, 16:05

cactus jack,

thank you so much for all this valuable info.

I have only 2 more questions please:

1- can I use lasik too restore my vision afterwards?

2- I heard the examination at our military is made using some sort of eyedrops and that it is not really accurate ... do you have any info. about this sort of examination?

I will do as you said, it is very easy to get any prescription that i want down here, absolutely no problem at all ... and if i have any further questions I will be sure to contact you ... and I will post any updates on my condition as well .....

I really can't thank you enough for your help :) ... god bless you

Cactus Jack 14 Sep 2016, 08:37


Your old prescription is good enough. It gives me a starting place. I understand the problem.

In some countries, they add the Sphere and Cylinder together to determine eligibility. I don't know about Egypt. Typically, when they do the eye exam for eligibility they use a very powerful dilating agent to temporarily paralyze your Ciliary Muscles, in addition to opening your pupils very wide. That makes the task a bit more difficult at your age, but it won't hurt to try.

We may be able to get you a little "insurance", but you need to be able to get glasses or contact lenses of any power without an official prescription.

There are actually two types of Myopia with two different causes, but the same result. You need corrective lenses. Axial or True Myopia is caused by a mismatch between the total power of your eye's lens system and the length of your eyeball. Axial Myopia is considered permanent because once your eyeball has grown a bit too long, there is no way for it to shrink. To Induce Axial Myopia, you need to encourage your eyeball to grow a bit. That is fundamentally controlled by your genes and once they have turned off the growth process, we don't know for sure how to turn it back on.

Pseudo or False Myopia is caused by the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses having difficulty fully relaxing for distance after focusing close for an extended period. Pseudo Myopia is considered "temporary", but under the right circumstances, "temporary" can be a relatively long time.

The idea behind trying to Induce Myopia is to first cause Pseudo Myopia and the focusing stress from that will stimulate the production of an (suspected, but as yet un-identified and un-proven) Eyeball Growth Hormone (EGH). More about that later.

The first thing you need to do is get some glasses with more MINUS Sphere correction. Never try to alter your Cylinder or Axis correction for Astigmatism, it has a different cause and you cannot compensate for incorrect Cylinder and Axis.

Your present prescription is:

R Sphere -3.25, Cyl -0.75, Axis 170

L Sphere -3.75, Cyl -1.00, Axis 20

I suggest starting with a -1.00 increase in Sphere in both eyes, as soon as you can, which would result in:

R Sphere -4.25, Cyl -0.75, Axis 170

L Sphere -4.75, Cyl -1.00, Axis 20

You will need to wear them full time. Initially, you may have some mild discomfort wearing them for close focusing, but that will go away as your Ciliary Muscles get used to the additional accommodation. When you get comfortable with that prescription, you will need to increase the Sphere some more. You will be changing your glasses prescription much more often than usual to maintain the focusing stress. The trick is to keep the same frame style (preferably inexpensive) throughout the process. The reason for doing this is that most people don't notice your actual prescription, but the do notice changes in frame style.

A good source of inexpensive glasses is Zenni Optical, but I don't know if you can order from them, where you live.

I suggest reviewing this paper:

to give you a better idea about the physiological and optical principles involved.

Sir Isaac Newton's principles of optics that you probably leaned in Physics will also com in handy.

Please let me know if you have any problems understanding any of this or if you have any difficulty doing it. If you wish to contact me privately you can do so at or on the Vision and Spex website.


Taha 14 Sep 2016, 04:47

thank you for the quick reply cactus jack :) ... unfortunately I can't get my new prescription until next saturday ... I had my last prescription about 2 years ago and my doctor said that my eyesight has stabalized and I didn't feel like i needed any other glasses since then.

I am from Egypt and if my eye sight is not -4 at least before I graduate, then I will waste about 3-4 years of my life at the military doing nothing useful ... so getting the -4 is like saving my future now ...

sorry for the long long post :D ... here is my old prescription

... I will upload the new one as soon as I can ... thank you very much for the help ... you are lifesavers literally :)

Cactus Jack 13 Sep 2016, 09:18


Yes, but you need to get started as soon as you can.

Can you provide your complete prescription? You will need to start wearing glasses that have significantly more MINUS than you are presently wearing, but you need to do it the right way.

I have been able to help others with similar needs.


Taha 13 Sep 2016, 06:27


I am taha ..I am a mechanical engineering student .. I spend most of my time in front of a computer screen .. I am almost 24 years old .. My eyesight is -3.75 , -3.25 ... i need to make my eyes -4.0 .. At least one eye a year from now ... Is there a good chance i can do this .. I will be grateful if i can get any advice .. This is really urgent

Soundmanpt 11 Sep 2016, 10:04


Great question! But I really don't think there is any chance that you can induce any myopia at this stage of life. Now you didn't say when you started needing glasses again. Also I am curious if you got an increase at your most recent eye exam? It's interesting how many people pay lots of good money for lasik and then after a few years of being glasses free decide they want to wear glasses again. Several years ago a rather good friend that just happened to be an optician as well as manager of an optical store did just that. She was working at another optical store at the time and she had a prescription of -5.00 ish with astigmatism. In her younger years she had abused the use of contact lenses and could no longer wear them. She got the chance to get lasik for a greatly reduced price and had it done. The result was that she was able to see better than 20/10. After about 5 years of being glasses free and still having 20/15 vision she told me that she really missed wearing glasses. Not long afterwards she managed to convince her doctor that she was having issues with driving at night and he gave in and prescribed her -.50 glasses for night driving. Of course her intent was to wear her glasses full time which she did. 3 years later her vision was still good at 20/40 and that is even after having a baby. This was all before she was 30 years old.

Cactus Jack 11 Sep 2016, 09:38


You are much too old to be able to induce any True Myopia. You might be able to Induce some Pseudo Myopia, but at 41, presbyopia may make that difficult.

You can certainly wear glasses with your current prescription and maybe a little stronger. Maybe -1.50 and -1.25 or -1.75 and -1.50.

May I as your prescription after Lasik?


Serge 11 Sep 2016, 07:17

Hi, I had a Lasik operation back in 1999 when I was 24. My prescription was -4,75 and -4,25. Recently I had an eye test, the result was -1,25 amd -1. Would it be possible to induce some additional myopia wearing glasses fulltime, or should I wear them only for cinema etc?

Soundmanpt 10 Sep 2016, 10:17

I just went back and re read your first post and I see now that you don't glasses that are -1.50 but instead you were wearing contacts that were -1.50. But for whatever reason you didn't keep up wearing them. Why did you stop wearing them? So I have several questions concerning your use of contacts. First of all I assume you must have gotten the contacts from a friend? Ho long in terms of days did you wear them and how long each day? How well were you able to see with them? I would assume when you first put them on they felt a little strong for your eyes but after you had them on for a while your eyes adjusted to them? Were you able to read things close up okay with the contacts on? If you were to order glasses on line would your eyes be okay with -1.50 lenses or based on the contacts would your eyes be more comfortable with starting off with weaker glasses like maybe -1.00?

Soundmanpt 09 Sep 2016, 17:26


First of all trying to make your eyes nearsighted so you need to wear glasses is a decision that only you can make. If you are successful at becoming nearsighted it would be permanent and the only option to return to perfect vision would be lasik. But actually because of your age being 27 the chances of you becoming myopic are not really very good. Now I never want to say that it's not possible for you manage some change in your eyesight but just not very likely. And if you want to reduce the odds even more all you need to do is only wear your glasses about 75% to 80% of the time. If you go back in this thread and read about others that have wanted to "induce myopia" the main thing is the importance of wearing your glasses from the minute you open your eyes in the morning until you close them for bed that night. Anything less will make it far less possible to induce any myopia at all. If you have perfect eyesight now and chances are you won't be needing glasses to correct nearsightedness when you get older. But you can expect to start needing glasses for reading anytime after you reach 40. But I think what you're really wanting is feeling that you really need glasses to see distances. And that was what I was trying to tell you in my last post. If you like the glasses that you bought with the -1.50 lenses and your able to see with them perfectly not only for distance but close up as well then you should probably just make those your glasses and start wearing them as such. Your eyes will adjust to them and your eyes will actually be using the prescription of the lenses to see things. You will clearly notice the difference anytime you take your glasses because everything will be quite blurry for several minutes before your eyes slowly return to normal. The nice thing for you since you seemed concerned about permanent damage to your eyesight is that you should be able to wear those glasses without doing any harm to your real eyesight. But again you can expect that if you wear your glasses for several hours then take them off things will be blurry until your eyes return to normal.

Emma 09 Sep 2016, 16:12

Is it bad I want to be shortsighted? There's a lot of people that being shortsighted and I'm lucky to be ok. If I start wearing the the glasses would I always have to wear them like would my eyes get shortsighted and allyway need them? What prescription could I get too in a few years? Or is there a chance I will get shortsighted when I get older?

Yes I have a aunti who is shortsighted and some cousins that wear glasses for driving

Soundmanpt 08 Sep 2016, 21:41


I agree with Cactus Jack that at the age of 27 it is probably too late for you ever become myopic. But it seems that what you really are wanting is to be wearing real glasses with prescription lenses as opposed to glasses with no prescription in them. I totally get that you would find them boring to wear. But you have 2 options. One is since you already have glasses that you ordered that are -1.50 which is really a nice decent prescription for your eyes as long as your eyes are able to tolerate the the prescription okay. You could start wearing them tomorrow if you wanted to. The other option is to do like Cactus Jack suggested and that is to go on line to someplace like "" and order 2 pairs exactly alike but with 2 different prescriptions. Either way the first step is for you to start maybe mentioning to all your friends and co workers that you got your eyes checked and that you're going to be wearing glasses as soon as they come in. That way you can already be wearing them around the house to get used to them as well as your eyes adjusting to them. Them after 4 or 5 days just get get up one morning and put your glasses on and head to work. Even though you really want to wear glasses it's not at all surprising for you to be a little bit scared wearing glasses in public for the firs time. But trust me by telling people in advance that your getting glasses will make it so much easier when you start wearing them and try and think about how you reacted when someone you know got their first glasses. All that is going to happen is that your sure to get tons of complements on how good you look wearing glasses and many of the women will want to try them on. You will be the center of attention for about 10 minutes until everyone goes back to work and that will be the end of it. From then on everyone is just going to expect to see you wearing glasses.

Oh and your glasses will be functional. Your eyes will adjust to your glasses the same as if you really needed them. And you can expect that anytime you take them off things will be blurry for at least several minutes without your glasses until your own natural eyesight slowly returns.

Cactus Jack 04 Sep 2016, 08:38


Here is some good news and some bad news. At 27, you probably cannot induce any Axial or True Myopia. However, you probably CAN induce some Pseudo or False Myopia. The two different types of Myopia have different causes, but the effects are the same, you need to wear MINUS glasses to correct either type.

Based on the results of your eye exam, I am going to assume that you don't have enough Astigmatism to be a problem. Also, you mentioned having some -1.50 glasses.

The first step is to wind up with two pair of glasses with identical frames. You don't want to spend very much money, because you will be wearing them for only a short time. The lowest cost glasses from Zenni (US$6.95) or other online retailer would be ideal. Because of your age, you should be able to get used to wearing the -1.50 glasses in just a few weeks and be ready to move up to -2.50. By having identical frames, very few people will notice the increase. The important thing is to start off wearing the -1.50 glasses full time, when you are awake.

It is natural to be concerned about appearing in public with glasses. In reality, it is no different than getting a new hair style or a new outfit. The comments will only last for a few days. You should not offer any kind of explanation other than you had noticed that you were having trouble reading distant signs or menu boards. You don't need to and should NOT over state by saying that you are "blind" without your glasses. Even people with very high minus prescription are NOT "blind" without their glasses. If you want to get an idea about what it is like to be Nearsighted and need MINUS glasses, try on some different power Over-the-Counter (OTC) Reading Glasses. Wearing +1.50 reading glasses has the same optical effect as needing -1.50 glasses.

Here are a few more questions:

1. What is your occupation?

2. Where do you live? (country)

3. Do any of your close relatives wear minus glasses?

Hope this helps.


Emma 04 Sep 2016, 01:48

Now I'm 27 so if I stuck wearing the contacts and then glasses I would be nearsighted and blind without them now. I wasn't sure what people would say if they seen me wearing glasses probably to shy. But now I don't care because lots people wear glasses and they look good if your nearsighted.

Likelenses 02 Sep 2016, 19:22


If you want to wear glasses for shortsightedness,wear glasses rather than contacts.

Why did you give up on the -1.50 glasses?

Cactus jack 02 Sep 2016, 05:57


Creating Myopia is what this thread is all about. There are several factors that influence your ability to Induce Myopia, but the most important for now is your age.

There will be come more questions after you provide your age.


Emma  02 Sep 2016, 00:57

I've wanted to wear glasses for a few years now. I bought a pair from a opticians with clear lenses but they boring. I went to the opticians had a eye test and I don't need glasses. I know this is really stupid but i want to be shortsighted. People say it's horrible to be shortsighted but I like the way glasses look. Should I wear contacts to start my eyes getting shortsighted I once wore -1.50 lenses but didn't keep it up

Soundmanpt 20 Aug 2016, 10:48


I just noticed that I made a mistake in my post. (I know hard to believe that I would make a mistake) Anyway near the bottom it should have said that changing your lenses would be done at NO cost to you.

So I assume you were at least happy because I know you mentioned once about a frame that you had your eye on and you must have really liked them because you even said that you might go full time glasses and not bother with contacts anymore. So it would be nice if you could also get the lenses made in -3.25 which you were already wearing comfortably. I'm sure if you go back complaining nicely that your glasses seem too weak and that you just aren't seeing as well as you were with your partners glasses they will go ahead and increase your glasses.

 20 Aug 2016, 05:19

interesting how all the "new" and "suddenly returned" people have all posted their messages two or three times each. i would almost think it's all the same person who can't figure out how to properly post...

naaaaaaa who would go schizoid psycho and post as multiple characters here?

Cactus Jack 19 Aug 2016, 18:34


Haven't heard from you in a while. How are you getting along?


Soundmanpt 19 Aug 2016, 16:50


Okay so I see that you took my advice and wore your -3.25 glasses that you bought on line but told the doctor that you were borrowing your partners glasses. And they provided you with nice sharp vision. He even admitted that you probably needed an increase but declined upping your prescription because you may be dealing with long sight issues in the next few years. What I would suggest to you is that after you get your new glasses with the same old -2.50 lenses jsut wait a about 2 - 4 weeks and call where you got your eyes exam and I assume glasses from as well and complain that you're having difficulty seeing clearly when you drive with your glasses because they really seem too weak for your eyes. By doing that the doctor will have no other choice but to increase your glasses most likely to the -3.25 that you came in wearing. He will just assume that you wore them long enough that your eyes don't want to accept a weaker prescription. They will simply remake your lenses at cost to you. Trust me this will work if you prefer the strong glasses.

Cactus Jack 19 Aug 2016, 12:08


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Courtney 19 Aug 2016, 12:00

have no idea why that was posted three times - sorry!

Courtney 19 Aug 2016, 11:58

I posted a few weeks ago about wanting to achieve a higher prescription at an eye test. I wore a pair of -3.25 glasses, explaining that they were my partner's pair of specs and that I've been wearing them for a few months because they make my vision sharper. After the eye test, the optician explained that my prescription should probably increase but he wasn't going to do it because "age-related" longsightedness would probably kick in within the next few years. Argh! Not only does that make me feel old, but I'm left with my original prescription (-2.50). It's fine though - have ordered new glasses in -2.50 and am comfortable wearing them all the time instead of my contacts

Courtney 19 Aug 2016, 11:58

I posted a few weeks ago about wanting to achieve a higher prescription at an eye test. I wore a pair of -3.25 glasses, explaining that they were my partner's pair of specs and that I've been wearing them for a few months because they make my vision sharper. After the eye test, the optician explained that my prescription should probably increase but he wasn't going to do it because "age-related" longsightedness would probably kick in within the next few years. Argh! Not only does that make me feel old, but I'm left with my original prescription (-2.50). It's fine though - have ordered new glasses in -2.50 and am comfortable wearing them all the time instead of my contacts

Courtney 19 Aug 2016, 11:58

I posted a few weeks ago about wanting to achieve a higher prescription at an eye test. I wore a pair of -3.25 glasses, explaining that they were my partner's pair of specs and that I've been wearing them for a few months because they make my vision sharper. After the eye test, the optician explained that my prescription should probably increase but he wasn't going to do it because "age-related" longsightedness would probably kick in within the next few years. Argh! Not only does that make me feel old, but I'm left with my original prescription (-2.50). It's fine though - have ordered new glasses in -2.50 and am comfortable wearing them all the time instead of my contacts

Likelenses 16 Aug 2016, 22:16


I agree with Cactus Jack,If you got a pair of glasses and you both wear glasses full time while at home.

If you could convince her to wear them for reading,and computer work,she may then find an even stronger minus for distance really comfortable.But if you do that,go with only minus one,and if successful,later bump her up,but do not get too aggressive.

Cactus Jack 16 Aug 2016, 12:16


One of the things I learned about Leadership, many years ago, is to never ask someone to do something you are not willing to do yourself. I would suggest that the approach you are taking as that of a Manager. In other words: "Don't do as I do, do as I say". Generally, a managerial approach does not work with those who are very close to you.

I believe you said that you do not wear glasses. As a suggestion, you should consider getting glasses that you can wear full time. We'll be happy to help. You might find that setting the example works wonders.


rafa 15 Aug 2016, 14:04


I've found your story of trying to get your wife to wear minus glasses very interesting.

Can I ask you how did you break it to her the first time when you bought her the -50 glasses and gave them to her? What did you tell her? Did you actually tell her that seeing her wearing prescription glasses turns you on? Or did you stage it like a game? What was her reaction?

And what about when you gave her the -2 glasses? What was her reaction? Did she find it natural?

How long have you been together?

Sorry if I'm being too nosy. I think a lot of us relate to your story as we would like to be able to make the step you've made with your wife.

Soundmanpt 13 Aug 2016, 10:14


Well of course she is only wearing them to please you since her eyesight is perfect. And even then she only wears the glasses because she is able to see perfect wearing them. If she were really interested in wearing glasses she would have made more of an effort to wear the -2.00 glasses. But those glasses were forcing her eyes to work to focus with them. Since she clearly doesn't have any real desire to wear glasses she likely was afraid that the -2.00 would ruin her eyesight and she might then have to wear glasses. She has found that wearing the -.50 glasses hasn't had any real effect on her eyes so she is willing to wear them to please you. Her eyes are really comfortable wearing the glasses which explains why she forgot to take them off after the movie ended and walked several blocks wearing before she realized that she still had them on. It seems you're going to have to settle for seeing her wearing her weak glasses when your both watching TV or at the movies. Sadly she seems extremely about being seen by anyone while she has the glasses on. It is very normal for some to be shy when they first get glasses around family and friends, but most are okay around people they don't know. The fact that she refuses to be seen wearing glasses at a restaurant that is far away shows how shy she is. Is there someplace she has said how much she would really like to go? Maybe in a rather joking way you can say "well it's possible that could be arranged if you were to wear glasses the whole time we are away". What about some type of get away to a quite resort where it would be mostly just the 2 of you. That might sound romantic enough to her that she might be welling to wear glasses. Good luck!

Eric 13 Aug 2016, 06:20

Thank you for your responses. She has never wore the glasses in public. She only wears them outside home when we go to the movies. She takes them in her purse and puts them on after the lights are turned off. When the movie finishes, she takes the glasses off. She wears them only because she likes the special attention she gets from me. Once she forgot to take the glasses off and we walked about two blocks until she noticed it, and she was angry I didn't tell her she forgot to take them off. Sometimes when we go to a restaurant that is far from home I try to convince her to wear the glasses there. But she never wants.

I don't wear glasses.

Cactus Jack 12 Aug 2016, 07:32


At 30 it is very unlikely that she can induce any Axial or True Myopia, the permanent kind, where the eyeball actually grows.

She might be able to induce some Pseudo or False Myopia, the temporary kind. Pseudo or False Myopia is an optical process that involves using the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses (your auto-focus or Accommodation system) to add PLUS, internally, to neutralize the excess MINUS in the glasses. Two things limit how much of that you can do. Presbyopia and the strength of your Ciliary Muscles.

Presbyopia is a natural process that affects almost everyone. It is the gradual stiffening of the protein of your Crystalline Lenses as you get older. It actually starts in childhood, but usually does not become a problem until the late 30s or early 40s, but the age where it becomes a problem depends on your actual refractive error and your visual environment.

The strength of your Ciliary Muscles depends on how much you exercise them. For their size, very tiny, they are the strongest muscles in the body. Exercising them is very much like going to the gym and doing muscle training. The best way to build muscle strength is by gradually increasing the weight you are lifting and doing lots of repetitions, rather than trying to lift very heavy weights, too soon. The same principle applies here. The -0.50 increase was a good place to start, but she really needs to wear them a lot. When those get comfortable switch to say -1.00 or -1.50, and then to the -2.00. Remember, the key is that she gets both visual pleasure and other pleasures from the process. You likely know what to do about the other pleasures.

As far as wearing the glasses in public, every new glasses wearer goes through that. Typically it only lasts for a day or two. For the ladies, it is simply like getting a new hair style. A few comments until everyone gets get used to it and then nothing. All you have to say if someone asks about your glasses, is that you were having trouble with your distance vision and the glasses make thing really sharp and clear. If they try the glasses they may comment that the prescription is weak, but don't let that bother you. If a person needs -0.50 glasses, that means that without them, everything beyond 2 meters or about 6.5 feet is fuzzy.

BTW, most people only notice the frames, not the actual prescription in the lenses. The trick for increasing the prescription without comment, is to use the same frame for all the increases.

A question for you. Do you wear glasses?


Soundmanpt 12 Aug 2016, 07:19


Well you did so good by starting your wife off with a nice weak -.50 glasses. I'm sure those glasses were very comfortable to her eyes and in fact even with her perfect vision with those glasses she can actually see slightly better than perfect (20/20) and if she were taking a vision test wearing those glasses she would be able to the 20/15 (better than perfect)So I am not at all surprised that she could read the subtitles so well. She is actually seeing them better with those glasses. She probably doesn't notice it because she is only watching the TV from a rather short distance away so when she takes off the glasses after wearing them several hours she probably doesn't notice it because of the short distance but if sh were out looking at a much greater distance she would notice a slight blur when she takes the glasses after wearing them. The blur would only last a few minutes and her natural vision would return. By getting her -2.00 glasses you were being too aggressive with her eyes. That's a pretty big jump because remember her eyes never really fully adjusted to the -.50 glasses, but her eyes were just able to tolerate them without any problem. Also with her already being 30 her eyes are almost certain to be stable so there is hardly any chance of her eyesight being changed by wearing glasses. And even if she was say 18 or 20 she would have to wear glasses from the time she opens her eyes each day until she closes them at night to induce any myopia. Wearing glasses for a few hours in the evening while watching TV would have no permanent effect on her eyes. Now if you're able to convince her to wear glasses much more often or even full time she should be able wear those -.50 and see better than perfect for everything she does now without glasses. If those glasses have AR coating she might even find that they are very comfortable to her eyes when she is driving at night Now you can experiment to see what the limit that her eyes are comfortable wearing might be. I would suggest getting her a pair of -1.00 glasses and see how she likes them. Remember if she, or her eyes, aren't comfortable wearing them she is less likely to want to wear them. She must know that you would really like to see her wearing glasses all the time? Maybe a compromise is in order since there is very little chance that she is ever going to be really nearsighted. Try and get her more comfortable wearing her -.50 glasses in public more often. One thing is that she is probably like many that get glasses for the first time in that she is shy about being seen by her friends wearing glasses for the first time. maybe a good start would be to take a nice weekend get-away but convince beforehand to wear her glasses the whole time you're away. She isn't going to nearly as shy about wearing glasses if she doesn't know anyone.

Eric 12 Aug 2016, 02:43

Hello to everyone. My wife is 30 years old. She has perfect vision. Everyone in her family are myopic, except her. Once she tried her sister and her cousin's glasses and I loved how she looked.

Since then, I bought her a pair of -0,50 glasses. She is very shy about wearing them in public, so she wears them only at night when watching a movie at home. She doesn't need them, but she knows it turns me on. They don't make her feel dizzy and she says she can read the subtitles without any problem. So she wears them every night for about 2 or 3 hours.

Three months ago, I bought her a new pair, a -2 glasses. I makes me crazy to see her eyes through that cut in. Every time she wore them, the most she could stayed with the glasses was 10 minutes. She says that forcing a little her eyes, she can focus on the subtitles, but that after a while she feels dizzy.

I would love to see her wearing those glasses always. Is there any way to help her acomodate to those glasses? Any way to help her eyes feel relaxed with them? I know every person is different, but which is the estimated maximum amount of prescription that someone with perfect vision can handle without any trouble? Is there any chance at her age (30) of becoming myopic?

Thank you.

Soundmanpt 10 Aug 2016, 09:48


It seems like before you got started with trying to induce you did some research in this thread. For someone with near perfect eyesight you didn't go too strong for your first glasses which is the best way to start. But like Cactus Jack said now that your eyes are completely comfortable wearing -1.50 glasses, it's time for you to order new glasses with -2.50 or -3.00 lenses. Since you have only been wearing glasses for about 2 months if you get a completely different frame you might get questioned why you need new glasses already? If you're a female you might just say that you wanted a 2nd pair to wear with different outfits. Or if you don't want anyone to know then you maybe able to order the exact same glasses as your current ones in the stronger prescription.

I understand that you want to be able to go for an eye exam and only be able to see a few lines on the eye chart and be given a prescription slip for glasses. The only reason to induce myopia is so you need glasses. But even without any actual change in your eyesight, you're wearing glasses with prescription lenses and with them you see perfect and when you take them off things are blurry, the same as if they had been prescribed to you.

What was the reaction you got when you first appeared wearing glasses? I'm sure you had a number of questions to answer. Does anyone know what you're doing like a girlfriend or boyfriend?

Cactus Jack 10 Aug 2016, 06:41


Two months is probably not long enough. If the -1.50 glasses are comfortable, you need to consider -2.50 or -3.00.

Auto Refractors are not always very accurate because they only do the objective part of the exam and not the subjective part where you have to tell the examiner what you see. Most examiners just use them to skip the objective part of the exam and use the printout as a starting point.

May I ask a few questions?

1. your age?

2. Your occupation?

3. Where you live? (Country)

4. What is your goal?


Fry 10 Aug 2016, 05:26

Cactus Jack

Thanks for your answer. Ive been inducing for about 2 months now. i use OD and OS -1.5. My eyes are comfortable w/ the glasses on. After using the glasses, i notice that my vision is blurred w/o the glasses, so i continued using it. A few hrs ago, when i was at the mall i saw a free eye exam so i took off my glasses and went in for the exam. After that the optometrist said that i do not need glasses yet bec my prescription is just -0.25 for both eyes which is my original prescription. but w/o the glasses im using for inducing, my vision is blurred estimately for things that are a meter away from me.

Cactus Jack 10 Aug 2016, 04:42


If you are successful, an auto refractor will detect it.


Fry 10 Aug 2016, 04:31

Hi. i have a question, if i tried inducing myopia for several months for example. Will the autorefractor detect the change in grade or it will not show up and just base it on manual refraction?

Soundmanpt 05 Aug 2016, 12:01

Nitai Duchan

Well I don't where you live but in the US if you go into any boutique store for women you're going to find several racks with fake glasses on it. Even more fake glasses then sunglasses. So that alone should tell you that now many young ladies really want to wear glasses for fashion even if they don't need them. The problem is when a young girl or woman buys a pair and wears them and someone asks about their glasses which is sure to happen if she has never been seen wearing glasses before as soon as she admits that the glasses or jsut fakes she often times gets "outed" for wearing fake glasses by anyone that really wears glasses. So for that reason alone I have sold glasses to a number of young ladies (over 18) with a very weak prescription in them so they aren't wearing fake glasses. Now of course that doesn't answer your question about why stronger glasses. I think it has to do with the blur factor. Very weak glasses have hardly any blur factor when you take them off, but the stronger the glasses the more the blur. Some people really enjoy that blur. so when that person wearing -2.00 glasses takes them off he or she gets some blur of course but can still make out things quite well without glasses, but when you get to -6.00 now things are much more blurred without their glasses.

I have a friend that recently graduated from optometry school and she just moved to another city to start as an eye doctor. When I met her she was working as an optician at a local shop. Not long after I first met her we were talking and I was curious why she wanted to be an optometrist since she had already told me that she had perfect vision. in our conversation she admitted that she even tried wearing an old pair of her sisters glasses just to see what it was like but her sister has astigmatisms and all she managed to get was a headache. Anyway I asked her if she ever heard of GOC and she had no idea what it was. I didn't tell her but I had her pull out a pair of trial lenses in +1.25 and i went to my car for a really cute pair of glasses that I had and I had her put the lenses on and of course with the lenses on her vision was no longer perfect and I watched as her eyes were attempting to focus with the lenses. I then told her I was going to give her perfect vision and put the glasses i was holding on her. They were -1.25 and she was amazed because now she was again able to see everything clearly but only because she was wearing glasses. She was so shocked but she totally enjoyed everything about it. For her it was a real education for her about eyesight. At one point she took the glasses off and I watched her squinting quite a bit trying to make out what a sign said across the room. After a bit she put the glasses back on and so she could read it and then she told me that she always wondered why when people came in while she was adjusting their glasses she would she them squinting and she wondered if that really helped and she was surprised that squinting did help but it was still blurry even with squinting. She was having such a good time wearing glasses that I left her borrow them and I never got them back for over 6 weeks. She told me recently that she got glasses made up in -2.50 which she plans on wearing quite a bit while working because she thinks being a doctor now she should be wearing glasses. She likes the blur she gets when she takes her glasses off. But she isn't doing an harm to her eyes doing this method.

Nitai Duchan 05 Aug 2016, 10:53


Also another thing I forgot to ask you.

If you already have glasses, why would you want stronger prescriptions?

If you have -2 glasses, why would you want -6 glasses?


Nitai Duchan 05 Aug 2016, 10:42


But what are the reasons they want glasses? To look smarter? To look nerdy?

DS 04 Aug 2016, 09:31

At least changing vision is fully correctable, unlike the other things you mentioned. I don't know where I would rank this compared to piercings and the infection risk from that.

Yes, it does seem odd, but to each their own, especially if there is no real harm.

 03 Aug 2016, 19:21

How would we react if a friend or loved one purposely started to ruin their hearing to wear a hearing aid or repeatedly break limbs to get casts? People actually do these things too. They would not be hurting anyone else physically either.

Soundmanpt 03 Aug 2016, 13:31

Nitai Duchan

Your question is a fair but I guess its like the the guy that just a few days ago jumped out a an airplane without a parachute from 25,000 feet (nearly 5 miles) into a net that was only 100 feet square. Why did he want to do that? I certainly would never do that but to each his or her own. I get it there are many people that need and wear glasses and hate wearing them and wished they didn't need them. But there are also quite a few that wear glasses that they need and they love wearing glasses. And lastly there are those that maybe might have perfect eyesight but have always had the desire to wear glasses. For them wearing fake glasses isn't the answer and for good reason. they don't want to be teased by others for wearing fake glasses. Are you really ruining something if you're able to fix it or correct it? So even using the example you pulled out from 2002. He isn't doing any harm to anyone and even if he or she does induce myopia as long as they wear glasses or contacts they are are to see as well as anyone can. Again clearly this doesn't sound like something you're interested in doing and that's fine. It should be the decision of the person doing it. If this person wasn't happy with how their eyesight was after starting with -2.00 glasses they could have stopped then if they wanted.

Nitai Duchan 03 Aug 2016, 12:38

Can someone please explain me why would anyone want to INDUCE myopia? Why would someone want to ruin their vision?

Look at this comment from 2002 in this thread:

"Having tried it all I started faking prescriptions with -2's after a few months of getting used to it then -4's, now I am at -6's. I can see perfectly with the 6's and when I take them off my eyes seem to hold the prescription for about 10 minutes or so then (unfortunately) slowly start to drift back to normal"

Why does this guy want to get myopia?

Cactus Jack 30 Jul 2016, 09:22


You followed the rules about only changing the Sphere correction for getting stronger glasses.

IF the glasses were made correctly, you should not have much problem, at 31, dealing with a 0.25 increase, unless you have early onset of Presbyopia. The clue to that would be if you are having trouble reading with your glasses on.

One possibility is that the PD (Pupillary Distance) is not correct. It is pretty easy to measure with a short ruler marked in mm and a bathroom mirror.

What was the source of the PD when you ordered the new glasses?

What was the PD you used?


mark 29 Jul 2016, 23:56


i m 31.

i got: -1.25, -0.5, 80 // -2.25, -0.5, 49

i ordered: -1.5, -0.5, 80 // -2.5, -0.5, 49

Cactus Jack 28 Jul 2016, 13:25


Not enough information to offer an answer to your question. The following would be helpful:

1. What is your age?

2. What is your current complete prescription?

3. What is the complete prescription you ordered with -0.25 over correction?

4. Where did you order them?


mark 28 Jul 2016, 10:26

hey there! i just got new glasses 5 days ago with -0.25 more than prescribed. thought that wouldnt be an issue, but now i dont get used to them. what do you think? will i get used to them or will it stay the same?

mark 28 Jul 2016, 10:26

hey there! i just got new glasses 5 days ago with -0.25 more than prescribed. thought that wouldnt be an issue, but now i dont get used to them. what do you think? will i get used to them or will it stay the same?

Soundmanpt 26 Jul 2016, 12:49


I think wearing your -3.25 glasses and claiming that your friend loaned them to you to wear is the perfect way to get stronger glasses. You were at a lake and you forgot to take off your glasses and they fell off in the water. This happens all the time by the way. Even more often if drinking is involved. Everyone looked for them but they were never found. When you got home and told your best friend what had happened and how much trouble you were having trying to see with your old glasses because they were too weak she reminded you that when she had gotten her new glasses you traded glasses and found that your glasses were not too much different. So she got her previous glasses for you to wear until you could get a new pair. She said there was no rush to return them. But it had been several months and it was time to return them to her, so that is why you decided to get your eyes examined. But just keep raving about how well you can see with her glasses.

It's always interesting how someone suddenly becomes nearsighted late in their twenties or early thirties when they had perfect eyesight before that. You would think that staring at a computer monitor from the time you graduated would have put you in glasses much sooner then some ten years later. Just too hard to say for sure what caused your need for glasses. I don't think your eyes are capable of inducing enough myopia to get anywhere close to an actual prescription of -4.00. The basic unwritten rule of inducing myopia is based on age and it becomes harder and harder to induce any myopia once you pass the age of twenty, but with you first developing myopia when you were thirty doe make your eyes a bit different and I guess anything is possible just unlikely. If your able to get the doctor to write you a prescription for -3.25 glasses and that will allow you to get those glasses you have your eyes on I think that should make you a happy young lady. You said to "Bill" that your desired prescription would be -4.00. If you think about it -3.25 isn't that far from -4.00 anyway. You mentioned about how when you get up in the morning you don't reach for your glasses first thing and you don't even bother putting them on until you leave the house. The reason you don't feel like you need your glasses is very simple. Over night while your sleeping your eyes are going back to their natural state or better put your actual real prescription of -2.50 which isn't bad enough that you can't function around your house where you don't have to see very far away. But once you put on your -3.25 glasses and your eyes by now quickly adjust to your glasses. Now that your wearing your glasses your eyes aren't seeing -2.50 when you take off your glasses but instead they are seeing -3.25 without your glasses. That part of you that is attracted to needing your glasses full time is very real after you have been wearing your glasses for a while and try walking down a street without your glasses. No doubt that your eyesight is much more blurred than it was in the morning when you first got out of bed. So even though you really want to wake up feeling so dependent on your glasses that you need to reach for them as soon as you open your eyes each day. That just may not ever happen. But you need to know that their are some people with very real prescriptions of over -4.00 that don't bother putting their glasses on until they leave the house. And there are other with weaker prescriptions than -2.50 that put their glasses on first thing. They even have their glasses open sitting on the nightstand next to their bed. There's no reason you can't have your glasses open sitting on the nightstand next to your bed as well so you can put your glasses on right away. First of all if your really wanting to try and become more myopic if your not putting your glasses on first thing even before you ge tut of bed your not going to have any luck with inducing anything. Go back in this thread and you will see that besides age it is critical that your eyes are looking through prescription lenses every waking minute. Not putting your glasses on until you leave the house is far from doing that. When your wearing your glasses i'm sure that you must feel dependent on your glasses now and that is really all you really want is to be able to wear glasses that look rather strong and feel like you need them. I'm really glad you didn't have prisms added to your glasses. Being nearsighted is one thing but prisms when you don't need them would just completely ruin your eyes. Not only would you look cross eyed without your glasses but I don't think you would like seeing double vision anytime you took your glasses off. Also that would take away any chance of ever wearing contacts again. I know right now your wanting to wear glasses full time but you never know when you might want to go back to wearing contacts maybe for some special occasion. good luck with the eye exam.

Courtney 26 Jul 2016, 08:31

Soundmanpt - I'm definitely gonna try the 'borrowed glasses' trick you suggested - hope I can pull it off convincingly! I guess the deterioration in my eyesight during my 30s is down to my job - I've been pretty much glued to a computer screen (i.e. close work) during my work life ever since graduation.

Bill - ideally I'd like to end up with a prescription of -4 (or thereabouts). It's definitely the radical new look element of wearing glasses (i.e. shocking friends/family) that attracts me. But I want to do that with a significant prescription, otherwise I'd wear plano lenses like all the hipsters. There's also a bit of me that is attracted by needing them full-time too - even though walking down the street without correction is dicey (not to mention dangerous), I don't automatically reach out for my specs first thing in the morning (the glasses/contacts don't usually come on until I leave the house). I'd definitely like to reach that level of dependence. (To achieve the latter, I once thought about ordering prisms online but don't want to end up cross-eyed!). Ultimately I want people to view me as a full-time girl with glasses that actually needs them

Eye test has been postponed until next week - I'll let you know how I get on

Cactus Jack 24 Jul 2016, 06:29



1. The lack of cylinder will make your efforts easier. No astigmatism (cylinder correction) gives you a lot more flexibility because you can "stack" Sphere only lenses. For example, you can use Sphere Only Contact Lenses and Glasses together or in private, two pair of glasses, one on top of the other.

2. It was probably a good idea to go ahead and order glasses for parental and family reasons. They need to get used to your wearing glasses. In a couple of weeks they won't notice a small lens change if the frame is very similar. I hope you selected a frame that was not very expensive, identical or very similar to the -2.25 glasses, and similar to an inexpensive frame that is available from an online retailer, such as Zwnni. I suspect you will not wear the -1.75 glasses very long or very much because you have become accustomed to wearing the -2.25 glasses and you will likely notice the -0.50 reduction in the sharpness of your distance vision. I believe you mentioned that Scott had given you a bit stronger pair (-3.25?). Have you worn those very much? Is the frame similar? Remember, frame style changes will get you questions and comments. Lens changes, not so much, but sometimes people notice increased edge thickness or a change from a frosted edge (white) to a polished edge (clear).

3a. Lens thickness is a function of Prescription, lens width, and Index of refraction. The ideal lens material is CR-39 or similar. It has a low index of refraction (IR) (about 1.49) and excellent optical properties (abbe value). Avoid expensive high index lenses. Polycarbonate (Lexan) is OK, but it has a bit higher IR and is physically VERY strong.

3b. I believe you mentioned Scott's current prescription, but i don't remember it. Seems like it was in the low double digits. If you work at it, as you have these past few months, you should be able to work up to around -5.00 without too much trouble. I suspect Scott has progressive myopia and I suspect his prescription has naturally increased about 1 diopter per year, unless he has been consciously or unconsciously pushing it as you have. He could wind up in the mid to high teens before it stabilizes.

3c. The white edge is frosted as mentioned above.

3d. The "layers" are called Power Rings. They are actually internal reflections of the edge of the lens. The edge treatment affects the intensity of the reflection.

You can think of a lens as many very thin prisms, arranged in a circle. In a Minus lens the apex is in the center and the base is at the edge. In a Plus lens, that is reversed. The prisms bend the light rays toward the base of the prism.

3e. Depending on your Major and tendency toward Myopia (genetics), College can cause significant prescription changes. Most common are increases in Myopia and early need for an Add to help with close focusing and frequent switching from distant lecture displays to note taking.

When will your glasses be ready?

Did you ask about contact lenses. You may want to consider that as a convenient way to increase your prescription. If you wear -1.75 contacts and your -1.75 glasses together, that is -3.50 without being apparent to others.

Let me know if you have any questions that I can help you with.


CJ 23 Jul 2016, 23:08

Cactus Jack,

1. No

2. Yes

3. Get more myopia. I would love to need thick lensed glasses. I do not anticipate getying as neatsightdd as Scott, but even 3/4 or 1/2 of his would be great. His lenses are so cool. The way they look white from the sides, the way his eyes look smaller with them on, the way that at some angels and lighting the lenses look white, and the way you can see layers in the lenses. I want that at least to some point. Also, in college away from home it should be easier.

Cactus Jack 23 Jul 2016, 12:26


You did a very good job, congratulations. I hope our coaching was useful in helping you achieve your goal, but you did the work. I have a few questions:

1. Does your prescription include any Cylinder correction?

2. Did you order glasses?

3. What would you like to do as a next step?


Soundmanpt 23 Jul 2016, 10:37


Wouldn't you know it that whoever was entering your order was being very observant and assumed you made a mistake in ordering your glasses. I see that Spec4ever ran into the very same problem and convinced them that it wasn't a mistake. I hope you were able to do the same with them. I think they just want to make sure that you didn't make a mistake and once you tell them that you didn't make a mistake they won't ask anymore questions. Zenni claims that within 24 hours of receiving your order your glasses are finished, Your glasses are made in Hong Kong and then shipped to California. Then they are shipped from California to you.

CJB 23 Jul 2016, 10:30

Cactus Jack

It went great. My prescription is -1.75 in both eyes!

Specs4ever 23 Jul 2016, 06:50

Nix, I ran into the same problem one time when I was ordering 3 pairs of glasses with progressively stronger prescriptions. I stated, as you did, that the strongest pair was for distance, and the weaker pairs were for reading and mid range use. I simply told them that my eye doctor said that the reduction in pd fro reading and mid range was true for bifocal/trifocal wearers, but with glasses that are full field the wearer is looking through the center of the lens so it would be best to order the same pd for all 3 pairs. They accepted that.

Cactus Jack 22 Jul 2016, 18:54


How did the exam go?


Nix 22 Jul 2016, 18:44


Okay actually they emailed me and this is what they said..

Your order is being processed promptly, but we need to clarify something with

you before they can be processed further.

The PD is the distance between the two pupils, center to center. It appears that

the pair of #125415 (with Sph -1.25/-1.25) is single vision glasses for

reading/near correction, the pair of #125415 (with Sph -2.25/-2.25) is single

vision glasses for computer correction, and the pair of #125415 (with Sph

-3.25/-3.25) is single vision glasses for distance correction. Normally, the

reading PD is 3mm less than the distance PD, and the PD for computer use is 1-

2mm less than the distance PD. Will you please check with your optometrist and

email your correct distance and reading PDĄŻs to us?

Please email your confirmation to us and we will modify your current order with

the information you provide, so you don't have to place any other new orders.

Thank you for selecting Zenni Optical for your vision needs...

so um i just emailed back saying that its just the pd my optometrist wrote on my prescription..

Soundmanpt 22 Jul 2016, 18:35


Good to hear. I know you're anxious to get your glasses so you can start wearing them. I really do think you will get them before the 3 weeks they said to allow for delivery. Zenni will send you an e-mail when your glasses ship out. Now for me here in the US that always meant that I could expect the glasses in my mailbox in about 3 days. You know once you get that e-mail you can check the status of exactly where your glasses are very easily on line?

Nix 22 Jul 2016, 16:59


Hi! :) Yes Ive already placed my order and I am just waiting for it now. I used PayPal. I just feel it's safer to use since I am using a debit card.

I can't wait

Bill 22 Jul 2016, 02:35

Courtney, what prescription would you like to end up having ideally? Is it the look of wearing glasses or the thought of needing them that attracts you or both?

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2016, 11:21


You're more than welcome and I hope my advice is helpful to you. I really think if you tell the doctor how comfortable your friends borrowed glasses (hee hee) are and how well you can see with them for the past several months the doctor isn't likely going to try and give you weaker glasses than your wearing.

So you never got glasses until you were around 30 years old. Much later than most become nearsighted. But because your first prescription was -1.50 you probably already should have gotten glasses when you were closer to 28. When you were 28 if you had gotten your eyes examined you probably would have been prescribed with glasses that would have been about -.50 or -.75. Do you recall if there was something you might have been doing that might have effected your eyesight in some way? I mean maybe doing lots of close work in dim lighting? It would seem that by the time you got your first glasses things should have been blurry enough that you might have expected that you going to be getting glasses. How did you figure out that you could order glasses on line and even get them made stronger? If you only wore your glasses part time for driving and watching TV for 3 years you didn't really seem to have a great desire to wear glasses which is often why people want to induce myopia. Even with your -2.25 glasses that you ordered on line were a strong enough prescription for someone to wear glasses full time if they wanted to. Now when you got prescribed your -1.50 glasses it's very possible that you were slightly under prescribed since these were your first glasses they didn't want to go too strong so it was easier for your eyes to adjust to them. So you very likely needed -1.75 glasses as your first ones anyway. And yes of course by wearing -2.25 glasses helped things along. But even if you had only wore your -1.50 glasses your eye were still changing so getting an increase after 18 months might have happened anyway. I think the only good thing contacts are good for is causing total dependence on either glasses or contacts. So not at all surprising that once you started wearing contacts you became dependent on either your glasses or contacts from then on. I kinda like the idea that your new look / identity will include you wearing your glasses full time from now on. You must really be in love with those glasses your after? I say "You go girl"

Courtney 21 Jul 2016, 10:15

Hi Soundmanpt, thanks for the advice. I really appreciate it. My first pair of glasses was around six years ago, when I was prescribed a pair of -1.50 glasses, but ordered a pair of -2.25 glasses which I wore for driving, watching TV etc. Around 18 months after that, my prescription went up to -2 (so I'd induced -50 within that time) and I decided to go full-time with (mainly) contacts three years ago when I was prescribed -2.50. Over the last six years, I think I've got to a point where I'm truly dependent upon glasses/contacts and wouldn't dream of leaving the house without wearing either.

I've always wanted to be a full-time wearer but when wearing my previous pairs, I've never seen 'me' when looking in the mirror. However, with this pair I've spied in the opticians, I'm really looking forward to experimenting with an entirely new look/identity.

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2016, 10:01


Did you only first start wearing glasses 3 years ago or did you only start wearing glasses/contacts full time 3 years ago?

Generally speaking once you're past around your mid twenties your eyes become stable. So it is unlikely that wearing your -3.25 glasses and -3.00 contacts has actually changed your eyesight. But like most your eyes simply enjoy the over correction from the stronger glasses and contacts. And of course you really are seeing better with the stronger glasses and contacts as well. Then putting on your -2.50 glasses they are going to feel much weaker then the stronger glasses and contacts. It's very possible that when you're wearing the stronger glasses and contacts that your eyes are actually seeing 20/15. With your -2.50 you might still be seeing 20/20 but of course that's not as good as 20/15. One way you can wear your -3.50 glasses to your eye appointment if you want and it might even help you get an increase as well. Simply tell them when you go that you broke or lost your glasses and you were lucky that friend had her spare pair of glasses that you were borrowing and just rave about how well you can see with them. They will take your glasses to check the prescription of the lenses. So the doctor will already use that number as a starting point. Just continue telling the doctor how well you can see with those glasses and how you have never seen better with glasses before. With any luck he / she will just write you a prescription for -3.50 since you're so happy with those glasses. Then you buy the glasses you have your eye's on. Dumping the contacts and wearing your new glasses full time which i'm sure you're going to be getting sounds like a good idea. Besides there isn really no point in inducing myopia if you're wearing contacts. The whole idea of inducing myopia is so you can wear glasses with stronger lenses.

Courtney 21 Jul 2016, 09:10

Thanks all. I've been wearing contacts/glasses (mostly contacts) full-time for around three years now (I'm 36).

I ordered my last pair of glasses online - as I wanted to induce more myopia, I ordered a pair of glasses last year which are -3.25 in each eye and -3 contacts (my real prescription is -2.50). Now, whenever I wear my -2.50 pair, things in the distance are nowhere near as sharp as when I'm wearing the -3.25 pair. Maybe I should show up for the eye test wearing the -3.25 pair? I don't know whether I've induced -0.75 of myopia in one year, but you never know!

I've seen a pair of glasses in the opticians that I really want. I'm so fond of this pair (have been into the opticians many times to try them/take selfies), I may even consider forsaking the contact lenses for good!

Soundmanpt 21 Jul 2016, 08:34


The post on "How to Study for an Eye Exam" that "Cactus Jack" is suggesting you read is well worth reading before you go for your eye exam.

Is there a reason why you're wanting an increase in your prescription? You're at -2.50 in both eyes so I would have to assume that you wear your glasses, or contacts, full time already? Is there any reason to think that your eyes may not need an increase without you even doing anything except being honest? If you normally get small increases every year and you got an increase at your last exam chances are you will get another increase. Also if you simply tell the doctor that you feel like your glasses aren't strong enough and yo feel like you're straining to see things at a distance even if you don't need an increase almost always the doctor is going to want you to leave happy so he / she will increase your glasses a bit.

You know you have another option as well. You can go for your exam and if there hasn't been any change in you eyes simply go on line and order your glasses that way with no questions asked. So you go in there today and pick out glasses you like and instead of ordering them with -2.50 lenses just go whatever you want. If you're only wanting a small increase or change in your glasses then I think -3.00 would be perfect for you and you should be able to adjust to that prescription rather easily.

John S 21 Jul 2016, 08:22


You could also come into the office wearing sunglasses. That would explain the marks from the nose pads, and also let you wear Scott's glasses right up until the exam.

Good luck

Cactus Jack 21 Jul 2016, 04:00


Clearer, but don't push it to much. Have you read my post "How to Study for an Eye Exam?


Courtney 20 Jul 2016, 23:08

Hello, have an eye test scheduled for next week and want to walk away with a slightly higher prescription (am currently -2.50 in both eyes). I know all about opting for red over green, but what should I say if they ask me, "are the letters smaller or clearer?" Which one should i go for? Smaller or clearer?

Cactus Jack 20 Jul 2016, 21:03


That is true, in the meantime, you can't hurt anything by reading as much as possible. If you can wear the -2.25s stop a few hours before the exam and massage your nose where the glasses rest on it.

Think about future strategy and plan for it.

Wish you the best and look forward to the results. Will be out of pocket most of Thursday.


CJ 20 Jul 2016, 17:27

Cactus Jack

I will find out in less than two days anyways.

Cactus Jack 20 Jul 2016, 09:36


You can do the test without the +1.50 glasses, if you have developed enough myopia to make the distances involved and the text size manageable.

Without the +1.50 glasses, you will need to use a bit larger text and be able to deal with the longer distances involved. Your clock might work, but if the numerals are not black on a white background is may reduce the accuracy of the test.

All you have to do is measure the distance where small elements in the "target" just begin to get fuzzy and use that as the denominator in the Lens Power = 1 meter / Focal Distance.


CJB 19 Jul 2016, 14:25

Cactus Jack,

Thank you for the tips. Yes I have read you post about studying. I cannot find the +1.50 glasses, or else I would do the test.

Cactus Jack 19 Jul 2016, 08:56


I don't think you have anything to worry about for your Eye Exam.

You might consider doing the test again with the +1.50 glasses and letting me know the results. The only purpose of the +1.50 reading glasses is to make you optically nearsighted by a known amount and get the distances involved into a convenient range. You might try the test without the +1.50 glasses. If you have developed enough myopia, If your myopia is less then about -1.25 your arms probably are not long enough to do the test conveniently. Remember, Sir Isaacs equation that relates focal distance to lens power.

Have you read my piece on "How to Study for an Eye Exam"?

My only suggestion at this point is to not be too knowledgeable about optics and myopia unless you feel comfortable mentioning something about Optical Physics to your ECP. If you relate some of your symptoms, that will clue the ECP to be looking for myopia.

A couple of small tips.

1. If you have read "How to Study" don't ask to "fine Tune" the axis angle. I don't remember if the prescription you got included any Cylinder and Axis. That request would be too advanced for a first time glasses wearer to ask.

2. If your ECP uses the Red/Green test to check for slight over correction, try to remember the rule: If Red is clearer than Green you need more MINUS. Don't push that more then on "click".

I amy have some more tips later, but I don't think it is very likely that you will not get a prescription at this exam.

BTW, there is no such thing as Minor Surgery, if it is on you. Minor Surgery only happens on somebody else.

Check out the Zenni website for glasses frames. If you like the frames on the -2.25 glasses, you might want to select a similar frame for "your glasses" and a candidate frame from Zenni. That will give you more freedom to wear different glasses without comment such as you got some new glasses. People typically don't notice lens power changes, unless they are very significant.


Soundmanpt 19 Jul 2016, 07:42


Just checking to see if you have placed your order for your glasses yet?

CJB 18 Jul 2016, 23:02

Cactus Jack,

Thank you. I just had to have a couple of surgeries.

Yes, I have experienced all of them but the white boatd one, I always had Scott's glasses on during school.

Yes, I did it with +1.5 glasses.

1. Yes, very much.

2. Yes, I have to squint to make out stuff.

3. Yes, cannot even make out my clock actoss the room anymore.

4. Yes, that is exactly what it feels like, it is so weird and uncomfertable without them on.

5. They did not even realize they were his. They just asked when I got glasses, and I said I am borrowing them from a friend until I have my appointment and get my own glasses because they help me see. They bought it. Scott played along too.

Cactus Jack 18 Jul 2016, 22:15


Welcome back. I have been concerned that you might have been "busted". I hope the hospital stay was not too serious.

If I remember right, you did not have any problem getting a -1.00 prescription so it is likely, with the right symptoms, you will get a prescription and fundamentally, that is all you really want. You may recall that I mentioned some common symptoms. A -1.00 prescription means that you cannot see clearly beyond 1 meter. That means you probably can't:

See a menu board clearly.

Read Distant signs,

See the White Board very clearly unless you are close to it.

See clearly at night.

Have you actually experienced any of those symptoms without the -2.25 glasses?

Have I ever suggested the simple eye test using weak reading glasses? You can get a pretty good idea of your prescription with a book or newspaper, a tape measure and a known low plus reading glasses.

I would like to ask a few questions about the -2..25 glasses.

1. Are you comfortable wearing them pretty much full time?

2. Does you distance vision seem a bit blurry when you take them off?

3. Is your vision a bit blurry when you wake up in the morning before you put on the glasses?

4. When you are not wearing the -2.25 glasses do you feel like something is missing?

5. Did Scott's parents say anything about your wearing Scott's glasses?

I may have a few more suggestions about the exam, when you respond.


CJB 18 Jul 2016, 21:25

Cactus Jack,

Hey, sorry I have not been around, there has just been a lot going on. I was in the hospital for a while, and on vacation with Scott;s family after it was okayed by my doctors. I have to the best of my ability stuck to the plan. I wear Scott's -2.25 glasses whenever I can. I wore them all the time for the two and a half week vacation with his family, and whenever my parents are not around. Also, I was able to convince my parents that I need glasses, and my mom got my August appointment moved up to this Friday. Any advise? How should I act during the appointment? I am so nervous. What if the doctor sees through my plan??

I do feel like I have induced some more myopia.

Chino 15 Jul 2016, 16:19

Here are some more links that I couldn't fit into the previous post. Some of these are more of a reference as I started looking into different contact lens materials.

Chino 15 Jul 2016, 16:16

Hi everyone. It has been a while. I had meant to continue that experiment with the last filter lens, ARG. Then life happened and I never got around to it. I probably won't be able to until later this year.

Cactus Jack, I'd like to pick your brain. At this point, I've pretty much accepted what many people say on here, that once you're fully grown, the eyes have become about as myopic as they're going to get.

I've recently read some research on myopic creep in adults who wear contact lenses. While the myopic shift is greatest in young adults (20s), it still occurs even in older adults. From what I remember, the study included adults who were up to their 40s. Myopic shift was highest in adults who wore contact lenses with low Dk/t values. Low water content was also positively correlated with myopic shift rate, but that's not as useful today, since it seems like the only hard lenses around are the RGP ones. All we can work with at this point is the low Dk/t lenses.

Had you heard about this before, Cactus Jack? Has anyone on here observed this about other adult contact lens wearers? Is the myopic shift a constant thing throughout lens use, or is it just a one-time shift for new contact lens wearers?

The myopic shift is low, especially when compared to the colored LED experiments, but it's better than nothing. Does anyone on here wear soft contact lenses daily? If so, have you observed this myopic shift?

This could give me something else to try if the ARG lenses don't work.

Here are some links:

The post by amywithglasses about her aunt was interesting. Based on her age, I'm guessing that the hard contact lenses her aunt used were not RGP, so I wouldn't be able to reproduce that experiment.

This one is interesting, and may suggest a mechanism that is probably uniquely effective with contact lenses versus glasses - peripheral hyperopic refraction on the retina.

Michael 14 Jul 2016, 16:30

Soundmanpt-Thanks for the info. I didn't know that. This is the first time I ever ordered from Zenni and it seems like they are a very reputable company.

Soundmanpt 14 Jul 2016, 16:23


Zenni claims that from the time a glasses order is received the glasses are made and ready to ship withing 24 hours. The problem is the time it takes getting them through customs. I'm not sure if you know it or not but if Zenni sees that orders are being held up in customs they will remake the entire amount of orders that might be held up. So it could easily be several hundred orders held up that they replace at no charge and you as the customer get the benefit of getting a double order. Several years ago a good friend of mine who just happens to be the optical manager of a Sam's Club placed an order for glasses for herself after my constantly coming into her store and showing her samples of the glasses Zenni had. At the time I went in she was getting concerned because it was a few days past the 2 week time frame they claim. I was also concerned as well so i called her a couple days later to check to see if her glasses had ever arrived. She ordered 3 pairs f glasses and on one day she got one shipment and the next day she got the 2nd shipment. She was quite happy about that. She came out like a bandit because one of her friends that works in the store saw her wearing one of her new pairs of glasses and loved them. So she ended up selling her the extra pair. Her prescription is only -.75 in both eyes. She didn't say but I think her friend didn't really need glasses and just liked how cute they were. Anyway I never asked if she changed the lenses but I don't think she did.

Michael 14 Jul 2016, 15:05

Soundmanpt-When I ordered sunglasses for Chris I used PayPal and had no problem at all.My guess is any debit card should work as well so Nix should not have any problems. And glad to know that generally you get your glasses quicker than the 14 to 21 days they say. Chris asked me yesterday about the glasses. She seems anxious to get them which tells me she is having issues driving.I was not going to pay extra for expedited shipping. Since I am the one paying I was trying to keep the cost as low as possible. I ordered them on Monday and checking the status it shows as complete meaning the glasses have been made and now waiting for internal transfer to be checked off. I guess the next step is for the glasses to be shipped out.

Soundmanpt 14 Jul 2016, 09:36


I appreciate the fact that you're providing updates with your journey to induce myopia. I don't see any reason why your debit card won't work. That is all I ever use with ordering glasses from Zenni. Sorry to hear that international shipping is a bit longer than the 2 weeks I had told you. But for what its worth don't be surprised if your glasses don't arrive sooner than the 21 to 28 days. Over the past year or so every order I have placed has come in between 8 and 10 days which is considerably better than the 2 weeks they claim. But still just another reason to place your order as soon as possible since I know you're excited about getting your stronger glasses and getting started. If you measured your current glasses across the front of them and they are 140mm and they are comfortable on you and don't seem too big then yes 138mm is going to be fine because as you know 2mm is hardly anything at all. And of course until you get your new glasses continue wearing your current glasses full time. You've only been wearing your current glasses for about a month and their not very strong but they are clearly having an effect on your eyes. Things are much more blurry now without your glasses then it ever was before you started wearing your glasses. And as long as you enjoy reading keep your glasses on, dim the lights and hold your reading material as close as possible to your eyes. Hope your able to place your order soon.

Nix 14 Jul 2016, 09:10

I mean im gonna wear my current glasses full time hahaha srry for that. I didnt reread it

Nix  14 Jul 2016, 08:40


Yeah my current glasses are 140 mm so i think a 2mm off wont be too bad :). actuallu i dont have a credit card yet so I'm gonna try to pay using my debit card through paypal. i hope everything goes well. Sadly the shipping is 21 to 28 days long for international shippings. So imjust gonna update you when I get them :) for now im gonna wear my current glasses online and do a lot of close of work.

Soundmanpt 13 Jul 2016, 09:02


Yes getting 3 pairs at the same time is really the correct thing to do because not only do you save the cost of 2 shipments but you never know that when you're ready to order your 2nd or 3rd pair those glasses could even be out of stock. This way you are already so that once you feel like your eyes have completely adjusted to your first glasses you can simply switch to the 2nd and 3rd pairs when you feel your eyes are ready for the stronger glasses without anyone noticing any difference in your glasses except you of course. The glasses you're planning on ordering look very nice. They are simple which is even better since you really don't want to draw too much attention to your glasses anyway. I noticed that the ones you're ordering are 138mm wide is that pretty close to how wide your current glasses are? If you order your glasses like oyu say you're intending to within the next week or so i'm certain that you will be seeing perfect with your new glasses and without them you won't be able to see anything written on the board at school. Now if you were to leave your glasses off, which of course you don't want to do, after a short while your eyes would start trying to revert back to what your current vision is now, but things should still remain at least somewhat blurry. Your certain to be wearing the stronger of the 3 pairs of glasses your ordering in no time at all. You're almost guaranteed to get the results your hoping for because you're still at a good age for your eyesight to be changed naturally or with added help. In the short time you have been wearing your current glasses you can already see the results your cheating has had on your right eye. You're clearly a little more nearsighted in that eye than your left eye which you didn't cheat with.

When you get your glasses i'm sure your going to test all 3 pairs just to see how well you're able to see with them. Without pushing your eyes too hard if you find that the -2.25 -.50 165 / -2.25 -.50 25 glasses aren't too strong for you then you know you can return the weaker ones for half your money back. Are you going to skip getting your glasses with the AR coating since that is $5.00 more for each pair?

Anyway it seems like you're all set and ready to place your order. If you have any question about placing your order please ask.

Nix 13 Jul 2016, 03:14


Okay! I will order the prescription you suggested. The frame I chose is pretty cheap. It's just $6.95. But because of the shipping cost, I would like to order 3 glasses already.

So for the first glasses OD -1.25 - 0.50 ax 165, OS -1.25 - 0.50 ax 25

2nd glasses, I will just increase the sphere by -1 diopter and everything stays the same.

and then 3rd glasses, -1 diopter more than the second glasses and of course everything stays the same

I would like to know if you think I should order 3 glasses already or do I have to wait until my eyes get adjusted to -1.25 before I get a new one.

And yes, I took your advice on measuring my current glasses. The frame I picked is pretty similar to my current glasses except that my current glasses has designs on the temples.

And um yeah thanks :) I am very determined to be more nearsighted than I am now. I really hope I get the results I want. Thanks for all the help

Soundmanpt 12 Jul 2016, 07:10


You are correct young lady. Because you're wearing your real prescription for your left eye much of what you were seeing at a distance when you first got your glasses was with your left eye. But by wearing your glasses constantly like you have been you have slowly been using your right eye more now. The reason you're now noticing that without your glasses now even your left eye is a little bit blurry now compared to when you had your first glasses to correct your astigmatisms. But the difference now isn't sue to you now being very slightly nearsighted in that eye but rather because you're now wearing your glasses all time and blur is because of your astigmatism. By hardly ever wearing your first glasses your eyes never really got adjusted to the astigmatism correction. I understand why you didn't wear your first glasses very often because since your eyes never got adjusted to them you felt like you were able to see the same with or without your glasses. If you had wore them full time like you are currently your vision would have noticed that things would have been about as blurry in both your eyes as they are with your left eye now. The results of the test I had you do is exactly what I would have expected. Your young so that should allow your eyes to be changed rather easily. You clearly didn't seem to have any issue wearing your current glasses when you got them and really you made your own vision off somewhat by cheating and getting glasses with one lens stronger than the other. That i'm sure was throwing you off at first for sure. But based on your test you did and that you are completely comfortable wearing glasses and seeing perfect with them says a lot. One thing for sure is that you do seem very determined to induce enough myopia that your not going to be able to see very well without your glasses. You seem to understand that once your eyesight has been ruined there is no way to reverse what has been done and you will need either glasses or contacts for the rest of your life. Of course if you can afford it and your eyes aren't changing you can of course get lasik and return to perfect eyesight that way. In my post last post I did provide you with what I think you should order for your glasses now that you let it be known you did some cheating when you got your eyes examined. It's only very slightly weaker in your right eye because your right eye is probably still not fully adjusted to the -.75. It's possible that if you were to get your eyes examined tomorrow you might be at -.50 in your right eye. So by going with -1.25 so that is yet another -.75 additional to what your right lens is now. And since you really should balance your eyes to the same prescription since you were probably already really at -.25 in both eyes anyway your adding a full -1.00 to your left now and I think that is about right without pushing your eyes to hard. Like you pointed out you need to be able to see perfectly with your glasses by the time school starts.

I kind of had a feeling that the idea of wearing glasses didn't come up recently. So you have been wanting glasses for a very long time. Now that finally have glasses and wearing them full time you must be thrilled beyond words and and even more happy at the prospect of soon wearing even stronger glasses.

Glad to hear that you have selected the glasses you're planning on ordering. I hope you found glasses that are around $12.95 and not more expensive because I don't expect you to wearing them for very long before you will need to order if possible the exact same pair but with stronger lenses. By getting the exact same glasses no one will question why you got new glasses so soon. The less attention you draw to yourself, or your glasses, the better. Also if you were to get a completely different pair you know all your friends are going to be wanting to try them on and since they must wear glasses they might be very curious why your glasses seem to be getting stronger so fast. Did you take my advice about comparing the size by measuring your current glasses across the front and finding glasses that are very close to the same size? You know how nice and comfortable your current glasses feel to wear so you want whatever glasses you order to feel as comfortable as well. I look forward to seeing what your getting. Don't forget the sooner you place your order the sooner you will have your glasses.

Nix 12 Jul 2016, 04:56


It didn't take me awhile to see clearly with my glasses because my left eye has the real prescription. It took me two days or three I think? I didn't really notice because I got comfortable with my glasses pretty quickly. I wear them now right away when I open my eyes in the morning until I sleep. It was kinda hard to walk at first but I liked how things appeared closer to me. You are right, it was hard having my right eye having a slightly overcorrected lens.

I did the test you asked me to do and tried to read letters from a distance. My right eye is slightly blurrier than my left now. I guess my right eye has gotten used to the -0.75 lens. One thing I noticed though is that my right eye with glasses on sees better than my left with glasses on. Does this mean that -0.75 is now my right eye's real prescription and my left has slightly gotten worse? What prescription should I get now?

And yes, lol. Actually I have been wanting to wear glasses since 1st grade because my classmates started wearing them. I told my parents to get me an eye exam but they refused so. Until later when I could afford to get my eyes checked, I got my first pair, which happened last year. Because the glasses were just for astigmatism correction, I got frustrated that I would never be nearsighted and just accepted my fate. (It was actually around october 2015 when I got my first pair so I guess it wasn't a year ago, but few months ago hehe sorry) Then I noticed that the letters across my room were no longer readable from my bed so I got my eyes checked again, then I later found out that I got slightly nearsighted. Maybe being a college psychology student who does a lot of close work made my vision a bit worse? My old dream of being nearsighted sparked in me again. I searched and searched the internet on how to induce myopia until I found this forum and I am so happy I did :D YAY

And by the way, I've already picked a frame at zenni's and I am so excited. I am going to show it here once I place my order. :)

swapn 11 Jul 2016, 11:50

I would like to ask a question. I am from India and girls are so shy here. I got a friend she wore thick plus glasses , she doesn't like her glasses, don't want to talk about it, I have been persuading her since 2 months. Finally she told me she is wearing her glasses since childhood. But she never told me her prescription. Yesterday finally while joking on her glasses she told me she has+4 prescription. When I asked her can you see without glasses? She said yes I can, , I am little bit suspicious about it. Because lens are so thick and she wear them each and every time, ,, can anyone tell me she has+4 prescription can she see? Can she able to read without glasses? Is she really need them? If someone has experience or knowledge please answer me

Soundmanpt 11 Jul 2016, 10:03


Generally speaking it's usually pretty difficult to fool and optometrist because of the number of tests and retests that they tend to do. So if you're really pretty sure that you right eye really probably only needed the same -.25 as your left eye and you managed to get a -.75 lens for that your right eye you did good. So when your glasses came in and you went in to pick them and get them fitted didn't things look a little weird with your right lens being stronger than your left lens. How long did it take you before you were able to see pretty good with your glasses? Being out of balance like that is much more difficult for your eyes to adjust to then if they were both seeing through the same prescription. Did you do the test I mentioned to you in my last post? Now that you told me that you cheated on your eye exam before you take your glasses off and cover your left eye to test your vision, keep your glasses on and block your left eye and test your right eye to see how well you're able to see with your glasses. I'm guessing you now have perfect or even slightly better than perfect vision with your glasses on in your right eye. now do the same test without your glasses. Seeing with only your right eye things should be noticeably blurry now without your glasses in that eye. Your glasses in that eye are only -.50 stronger than you really need but even with that small amount of over correction it's having an effect on your eyesight. I'm glad to hear that you're comfortable wearing glasses. It's a big step going from part time wear or in your case hardly anytime wear, to wearing your glasses full time but you seem to be a very determined young lady with your desire to induce myopia. I am curious you got your first glasses just over a year ago due to astigmatisms, you got glasses but you hardly ever wore them so you don't sound like the kind of girl that always wanted to wear glasses but never needed them but wanted to induce myopia just is she could wear glasses. And even your last eye exam if you hadn't cheated your eyes didn't really change hardly at all from your first glasses which you seldom wore. So what has made you now decide that you want to make your eyes sight bad enough that you will need to wear glasses full time? Anyway now that you are already wearing some over correction for your right eye I suggest that we change the glasses your planning on ordering so your making both eyes the same. I suggest R -1.25 -.50 165 / L -1.25 -.50 25. That anther -.50 stronger than your currently wearing for your right eye and a full -1.00 stronger for your left eye. You shouldn't have any problem adjusting to this prescription and seeing perfect with them by the time school starts. Be sure to keep your current glasses for the next time you get your eyes examined. You may want to about next year this time jut to see what progress you have made. So you want to wear the glasses that was prescribed to you then. Don't be surprised that you will hardly be able to see anything wearing them by then. I don't think you will have to cheat next time you get your eyes examined. The eye chart should be quite blurry which is what you're wanting.

Nix 11 Jul 2016, 08:18


Thanks!! Actually, to be completely honest. I kinda lied during my eye test. When she was testing my right eye, I already memorized the line for 20/20, so when she put on a stronger lens on my right, I tricked her that I could see the smallest line from the -0.75 lens.. I think my right is just -0.25... I feel bad for it :(

And yes that's true. I've gotten so comfortable with my glasses that I miss them when I'm not wearing them. Sometimes I don't even realize that I'm wearing them haha! :D And yeah, I feel like my eyes are getting blurrier.. I am starting to read a lot now which I didn't really do back then. I am planning to buy my glasses this week or next week hahah! :D Picking out a new frame is pretty challenging for me cause I just want to make sure that the new frame will be pretty similar to my old frame orl suit my face lol im so pickyy

Hmm anyway good morning and have a nice day ahead :)

Soundmanpt 10 Jul 2016, 11:38


What Cactus jack was explaining to you is completely right. When people look at you wearing glasses they see you wearing glasses, they either like or don't like your frames of your glasses but they don't pay any attention to how thick or thin your lenses are. Now of course when your friends see you wearing glasses some of them are sure to want to try your glasses even more so if they wear glasses them self. You only really started wearing your glasses since you got your current ones. Your friends have probably had glasses a few years already, but when they got their first glasses they were likely not any stronger than your glasses are. So it makes sense that when they try your glasses on your glasses are much too weak for their eyes now. Trust me once you get your glasses from Zenni and wear them a few weeks and then you try on your current glasses they are going to be too weak for your eyes as well. You may need to be a little careful when you get your glasses from Zenni with anyone that has tried on your current glasses. they are much more likely to notice that your Zenni glasses are somewhat stronger. I'm not sure when school starts for you but from the time you place your glasses order until they arrive should be about 2 weeks. But I honestly don't expect any problem with your eyes adjusting rather quickly to your glasses when you get them. Now that you're wearing your glasses full time how do you feel about wearing glasses all the time now? Are you beginning to feel comfortable wearing glasses? Your glasses should become so comfortable that you hardly realize that you're even wearing them and you miss them if you don't have them on. You're getting a pretty good training about what things look like when your nearsighted. Things are a little blurry now when you take off your glasses and when you're watching TV and take off your glasses you probably are still able to see it pretty well because your brain will turn off your right eye and your left eye is only -.25 for distance. Next time you're watching TV try taking your glasses off and hold your hand over your left eye. Now how well can you see the TV? Right now even though you have had your glasses for about a month your eyes are still probably not fully adjusted to them yet. So when you wake up in the morning your eyesight probably seems pretty good still without your glasses, but after you wear your glasses all day by the that night it makes sense that when you take your glasses off things are going to look much more "fuzzy" to you. Your morning eyesight without your glasses should slowly become more "fuzzy" as well as your eyes fully adjust. When do you plan on placing your order? Be sure to show which glasses you decide on. Have a great day!

Nix 10 Jul 2016, 09:54

Cactus Jack

Well the majority of the people I live in are nearsighted, very nearsighted actually they have thick lenses. They don't say anything about my glasses but my friends and I sometimes try on each others' glasses and they ask me why I even have glasses with low prescription. I am planning to buy glasses before my classes start so I can get used to the glasses and be able read from a distance already. And thanks, that helped me feel better :)


Oh thank you! I didn't know that zenni was international haha! I'm going to get my glasses from zenni then :) And yes, it does make a difference now. I can already notice the blurriness now when I take off my glasses when watching tv. I like how things get clear when I wear them back on. Things appear fuzzier at night though. And oh, even walking feels weird without my glasses now. My new glasses make me feel smaller and I've got used to that so when I take them off, the geometry feels different. And thanks I'll look at the offers. :)

Soundmanpt 09 Jul 2016, 11:26


Zenni is international so they ship everywhere. If you have mail box or a place where you get mail they will get your glasses to you. Now it's totally up to you where you go to get your glasses from but I am only recommending Zenni because they have a very good track record and I have used them over the past 11 years and they have always done a great job and was only late once and because they were help up in customs they simply replaced my entire order at no charge to me. So everyone ended up with 2 pairs of glasses so they were fine with them being a couple days late. One thing that Zenni offers which you should like is that thye offer 2 options of free lenses one that is 1.50 and one that is 1.57 the 1.50 lens is a thicker lens and is really made for people with very weak prescriptions that get rimless or semi-rimless glasses so the lens is thick enough to drill without breaking. But they will fit it in any of their frames.

I am glad to hear that you're now wearing your glasses full time. that really helps for several reasons. First of all now you're pretty well used to wearing glasses and that helps since wearing your glasses when you get them is a very important part of inducing myopia. Also since you now nearsighted that is like taking the first step in prescriptions. Your glasses aren't very strong but now at the end of the day i'm sure you have noticed that when you take your glasses off things are at least a little blurry something you probably hardly noticed with your first glasses.

Cactus Jack 09 Jul 2016, 11:09


I get very impatient with people who think they have a right to pass judgement on another person’s visual needs. The idea that you need to have a certain reduction in Visual Acuity to be “authorized” to have vision correction is, in a word, STUPID. It is like saying that a person does not need to wear shoes, because in MY opinion the rocks are not sharp enough or the pavement not hot enough to hurt YOUR feet.

In practical terms, a person who is mildly Myopic and needs only -0.25 correction, cannot clearly see anything beyond 4 meters or 13 feet. That means that they cannot see leaves on trees or possibly birds in the air, stars in the sky, or read small signs, beyond that distance. They might not be able to recognize a friend, across a wide street. -0.25 Astigmatism (cylinder) correction, makes it even worse because it affects vision at all distances.

A person who needs -0.50 Sphere Correction moves the point where thing get fuzzy to 2 meters or about 6.5 feet.

Both -0.25 and -0.50 don’t look like much of a correction to others, but they can make a big difference to the person who needs them, IF their world and interests are beyond 4 meters or 2 meters, respectively.

Low MINUS prescriptions may not make much difference inside (except in classrooms and the cinema), but they can make an important difference outside. Prescriptions with Astigmatism correction make an important difference both inside and outside.


Nix 09 Jul 2016, 09:43


Exactly what I'm gonna do, haha! Actually I'm not so sure if Zenni Optical does shipping in the Philippines too.. So I looked for other glasses online. And thanks, :) Im so going to do all that you guys have suggested. I am very determined to be more myopic.

I didn't wear my old glasses full time because the lenses looked like they had no pwer at all and thought that I looked ridiculous wearing them full time so i just wore them occasionally. But i am now wearing my new glasses full time.

Soundmanpt 08 Jul 2016, 10:54


Nice to hear that you won't have any worries about getting caught by your parents. So I assume you're just going to say you just wanted another pair of glasses and found that you could order them on line so inexpensively. Of your new glasses are sure to look different frame wise than what you have now. You didn't say if you have had a chance to look at any glasses yet but one tip so the glasses you get fit your face well is to find a ruler that has millimeters on it and measure your new glasses or your first ones, whichever ones fit you the best, across the face from outside left to outside right. That is called the "overall width" and when your picking out the glasses you want and click on the picture it will provide you with all the various measurements of them temples and the bridge and even the height of the lenses, but the one you need to be interested in is the "overall width". you want that to be close to what your glasses are now. If you need any help in placing your order come in here and ask. I check this site several times a day. Don't forget to find where you can get the optional AR coating which is really nice to have since you're going to be wearing your glasses full time. If you do the things suggested by Cactus Jack, Likelenses and myself, I think there is very little doubt that your going to induce true myopia. Your at a good age where your eyes are more easily changed and the fact that your eyes are already starting to become nearsighted on their own without you even trying is a clear indication that even without doing anything by next year your going to be more nearsighted than you are now. Doing what you're doing now is only pushing things a little faster. To get your eyes to be around -2.50 which is what you're hoping for, your going to have to get to where Cactus Jack suggested glasses that are -3.75 -.50 165 / -3.25 -.50 25. That should put your actual eyesight at about -2.25 to maybe -3.00. Once you pick out the glasses you're ordering please send a picture of them or the number of them. And yes of course were going to be interested in hearing your progress once you get your glasses. By the way since you recently got your new glasses have you been wearing them very much? If not you probably should start wearing them full time so that when you get your Zenni glasses your eyes will already be adjusted to the prescription you already have.

Nix  08 Jul 2016, 10:05


Aww! Thank you! Happy birthday to you too! I'm going to get glasses now. a little bit excited :D I found a way ordering one without getting caught. My parents are always busy anyway and they don't pay much attention to what i order online.


Thank you for all the tips!! I am going to make sure I do all these!! And yep no cheating!! Promise you that

Cactus Jack

Thank you for taking time to explain it all to me! I am going to get glasses as you advised and I hope i hope it works for me. I hope I get moooreee myopic

I am going to update you guys of my progress. :) I hope I get "worse" true myopia. A big thanks

Likelenses 07 Jul 2016, 21:25


There are a few things that you can do to help induce more myopia.

Always wear the glasses for any close work,and bring the reading material as close to your eyes as you can tolerate.

For books always closer than twelve inches,and desk top screens closer than twenty inches.

When viewing distant things such as TV ,wall menus, sporting events,try to get in the habit of squinting,with the glasses on of course.

Basically you want to establish the habits that nearsighted people have.

Also very important to put the glasses on as soon as you open your eyes in the morning,and leave them on until you go to bed at night.Constant wear,no on,and off cheating!

Soundmanpt 07 Jul 2016, 09:55


First of all happy belated 18th birthday. I just had my birthday yesterday only difference is that I was celebrating or complaining about being 68. So you just got your 2nd pair of glasses last month so that means your not due for another eye exam for a year so you can't use that for a reason to be getting new glasses. I'm mot at all surprised that your eyes changed some since you got your first glasses. Actually i'm surprised they even prescribed you glasses when you only had what must have been the very weakest of astigmatism correction. So I don't know how much you wore those glasses but now that you're a little bit nearsighted and your astigmatisms increased do you wear your glasses more often now? When you're ready to order glasses have you figured out a good way to do it without getting caught? Needless to say this is always a big problem when you're still living at home.

Nix 07 Jul 2016, 09:10


Actually I just turned 18, few weeks ago.. I got my glasses last month. This isn't my first pair... I got my first pair last year.. The lenses were for astigmatism only. But now im nearsighted and my astigmatism got worse slightly. And thanks! I'll try getting glasses soon!!

Soundmanpt 07 Jul 2016, 08:49


First of all the advice you have gotten from "Cactus Jack" is the same as I would suggest to you as well. You currently have glasses which based on your prescription I would have to assume they are your first glasses? How long have you had your glasses? I'm assuming most likely less than a year, but this at least an indication that your eyesight is starting to change naturally? You haven't reached your 18th birthday yet so it is almost certain that your eyesight will continue to change over the next few years on their own. Now if you want to speed things up so your glasses are much more necessary even faster I don't think it will be a problem for you. The progression that "Cactus Jack" has suggested to you should work well for you. By starting with glasses that are only -1.00 stronger than your current glasses you will quickly find that your eyes will love the over correction and your eyes will adjust to them very quickly. Once they feel completely comfortable to to you is when you would want to switch to the glasses with the -2.75 -.50 165 / -2.25 -.50 25 prescription. So as long as you pick out a full plastic frame for glasses no one will notice any change in your lens thickness from your current glasses. Since I started this post I see that you have commented again about your situation. I was pretty sure you were most likely still living at home. This of course does cause some issues for you. Of course inducing myopia by wearing contacts can be done but I can you it is getting harder and harder to find any place to order prescription contacts on line. Plus trying to hind everything you need for cleaning contacts and such I am sure you would get caught either putting them on or taking them off or just mom seeing the solutions around in the bathroom. Also the way you have to buy contacts they would be considerably more expensive than buying several pairs of glasses. I do get why you're asking about contacts because that way you would still be wearing your current glasses while you were inducing. Also even if you found a place to order contacts from you really need a real contact fitting so they would be comfortable to wear. Just curious as to when you got your current glasses. I ask that thinking maybe it's getting close to time for you to get an eye exam. You are going to need a reason why you're wearing different glasses. Now one thing you could say is that one of your friends, that they don't know, is planning on ordering her glasses on line and that you saw a pair on the website that you really like and she is letting you order glasses with hers so you only have to pay one shipping cost. Then you just need to find some one that you can give them cash money if they will sue their credit card to place your order and have the glasses sent to their house. If go into ( you will find more than 800 pairs of womens glasses fro under $13.00 and even by adding on AR coating (anti-reflective) which is additional $5.00 the glasses would only be $18.00 each. If you get 3the same 3 pairs but with the various prescriptions like Cactus Jack suggested that would still only be $54.00 which isn't bad at all. One really nice thing is that you have everything you need so you can order your glasses.

Nix 07 Jul 2016, 07:55

Cactus Jack

Thank you! Yes I have been reading the old posts and I am getting more ideas. I don't mind getting new glasses if that's the best way to induce myopia.

It would be best if I could make myopia permanent...

And yes I do live with my parents still, thanks for warning me about that..

I would also like to ask if it's possible to induce myopia by getting contacts instead plus wearing my current glasses on and increase the prescription of my contacts as I get accustomed to them?? And are there any diet that can help enlarge my eyeballs?

Thank you so much and I can't wait to wear thicker lenses. :)

Cactus Jack 07 Jul 2016, 06:51


Thank you for advising your gender. More about how that affects Myopia later.

As I mentioned previously, there are two types of Myopia. True or Axial Myopia and False or Pseudo Myopia. Axial Myopia is caused by excessive eyeball growth and with rare exception, it happens slowly and is considered permanent because the eyeball can't "un-grow" or shrink very much. Pseudo Myopia is caused by inability of the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses to fully relax for distance after focusing close for an extended period. Pseudo Myopia is considered temporary, but that is a relative term. "Temporary" can range from fractions of a second to months or years depending on a number of factors. Initially, at your age, you will probably be able to create some Pseudo Myopia in a few seconds when you put on your over-corrected glasses and it will mostly disappear in a few seconds, when you take them off, but over time that may change as your Ciliary Muscles become accustomed to maintaining the extra PLUS in your Crystalline Lenses and will have difficulty relaxing. As you get older, Presbyopia will gradually cause the transparent protein that makes up your Crystalline Lenses to become stiffer and changes in the PLUS power of the Crystalline Lenses will occur much more slowly. If you get lucky, you many also get some eyeball growth and you will develop some Axial Myopia.

A few tips. Periodically, you may need to get an Eye Exam to measure your progress and perhaps adjust the prescription in your glasses. Typically, when you are trying to Induce Myopia, you can only visit an Optometrist or other Eye Care Professional (ECP) once. The reason is that most ECPs are very interested in your visual history and if they have prescribed glasses in the past, will not understand the cause of big changes in your prescription and they will ask questions you don't want to answer. They will understand small increases, but absolutely NOT understand decreases, which can occur if the most of your Myopia is Pseudo Myopia, because of your age.

Also, depending on where you live (IOW with your parents), you may not want to use your real name, address, or a credit card to pay for an Exam. Many ECPs will send mail with reminders etc. which can cause family questions.

That is enough for you to think about for now.

There is another Myopic factor for women. Sometimes, if a woman is genetically disposed for myopia, becoming pregnant will cause Myopia to increase dramatically. The reason for this seems to be that as the fetus develops, all kinds of hormones are circulating in the mother's blood stream, including the mysterious Eyeball Growth Hormone. That seems to stimulate growth of the mother's eyeballs and a permanent increase in myopia.

Please let me know what you decide to do and if you have more questions. You might look back on this thread for the posts by CJB. His posts suddenly stopped without explanation. I have my suspicions, but no certainty about the reasons.


Nix 06 Jul 2016, 17:52

Hello, I am Female :)

Yeah, i now understand how the optics works.. Thanks for chopping and simplifying it all.. I dont mind going past -2.50.. I'd like to achieve at least that..

Cactus Jack 06 Jul 2016, 15:48

Nix,It sounds like you have a very considerable reading and close work requirement ahead of you. If you are genetically disposed to myopia, I suspect you will wind up with more than the -2.50 you mentioned.

Let me explain a bit about Myopia and how the optics of your eyes work. I suspect you do not have a strong math or science background and that is OK. I just wanted to know so I can use understandable language. The principles and math involved are pretty easy. It is just a practical application of the Principles of Optics discovered and codified by Sir Isaac Newton, of Gravity fame, around 1700. The more you understand about vision and optics, the more effective your efforts will be.

The most fundamental formula or equation of optics is:

Focal Distance of a Lens = 1 meter (100 cm, 1000 mm, or 39.37 inches) / Lens Power in Diopters.

That equation can be re-arranged to:

Lens Power in Diopters = 1 meter (etc.) / Focal Distance (of course the units of distance must match)

Vision actually occurs in the brain. The eye is simply a amazing biological camera. The typical Human Eye is about 1 inch or 25 mm in diameter. There are 4 PLUS lenses in the eye's lens system. From front to back they are the Cornea, Aqueous Humor, Crystalline Lens, and Vitreous Humor. The lenses are recessed into the eyeball so that the typical distance from the back of the Crystalline Lens to the Retina is about 17 mm. If you use the formula above and divide 1000 mm / 17 mm you get about +59 total diopters in the eye's lens system. 3 of the 4 lenses are fixed power. The Crystalline lens is variable power. The Crystalline Lens is surrounded by some very tiny Ciliary Muscles that have the ability to squeeze the Crystalline Lens to increase its PLUS power. For their size, the Ciliary Muscles are the strongest muscles in the body. The Ciliary Muscles and the Crystalline Lens are what enable you to change your eye's focus. For Distance, the Crystalline lens needs to be at minimum PLUS power. For focusing closer than about 20 feet or 6 meters, your Ciliary Muscles need to squeeze the Crystalline Lens and increase its PLUS power enough to focus the close images on your Retina. How much depends on the distance. If you use the formula above, you will find that to focus at typical reading distance of 16 inches or 40 cm, you need an additional +2.50. That formula and number will come in handy when we talk about Inducing Myopia. It can vary some, but in the typical eye, the Cornea has about +40 diopters and the relaxed Crystalline Lens is about +15.

Both Axial or True Myopia and Hyperopia are caused by a mismatch between the total PLUS power of the eye's lens system and the distance from the Crystalline Lens to the Retina. The reason I emphasized Axial or True Myopia is that there are actually two types of Myopia. The other one is Pseudo or False Myopia, which is caused by the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses. They have identical effects and are additive (both can be present in one eye). Both are corrected by MINUS lenses in glasses or contacts.

Most Axial Myopia is caused by the eyeball having grown a bit more than it really should have or the eye’s lens system has too much PLUS for the distance to the Retina. The result is that rays of light from distant objects are focusing in front of the Retina and a MINUS lens is required to move the focus of the distant image back to the Retina. The actual distances involved can be very small, about 0.3 mm per diopter of correction. This is one of those instances where a little bit goes a long way.

We do not know exactly what causes the eyeball to grow more than it needs to, but there are theories that out of focus images on the Retina cause the production of a specific Eyeball Growth Hormone (EGH)which causes the eyeball to grow, IF your genes permit it. It is further theorized that the focusing effort by the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lens causes the production of EGH which in turn causes eyeball growth. That is the primary principle we will use to attempt to Induce Myopia. We need to tell you how to increase and maintain your focusing effort and hopefully cause the production of EGH. If you are successful, your eyeballs will grow a bit and you will become permanently more Myopic. To do that you need to wear more MINUS than you actually need and cause your Ciliary Muscles to squeeze your Crystalline Lenses and increase their PLUS power to compensate for over correction in your glasses.

There is a great temptation to start of with some pretty significant MINUS over correction in your glasses. Many of us thing that that is not as productive as starting with a small over correction that you can comfortably wear full time (every waking hour) and then make small increases as often as you can as your Ciliary Muscles get stronger. Think of it like lifting weights. You start with relatively light weights and gradually increase the weight and repetitions you do. If you wear your glasses full time, your Ciliary Muscles will get plenty of repetitions.

I would like to suggest starting with -1.00 over correction. At your age, you should be able to become accustomed to full time wear very easily, with only minor initial discomfort when you read. Here is the prescription is suggest:

OD -1.75 - 0.50 ax 165

OS -1.25 - 0.50 ax 25

PD = 62

Notice that I increased the Sphere by the same amount in both eyes, but made absolutely no changes to the Cylinder and Axis correction for Astigmatism.

If you can, I would suggest also ordering:

OD -2.75 - 0.50 ax 165

OS -2.25 - 0.50 ax 25

PD = 62

With identical frames as close as possible to your existing frames.

When you get comfortable with those, you may want to consider:

OD -3.75 - 0.50 ax 165

OS -3.25 - 0.50 ax 25

PD = 62

I suspect you will find that you can go to the -2.00 over glasses within a few weeks and be comfortable with them in less than a month after that. The key is wearing the glasses full time for all your activities, whenever you are awake. If you want to settle out at around -2.50, you will need to go over that level for a while before you go back

I have a several more tips, but that is enough for now. Please let me know if this makes sense and you understand the principles. I also have a few more questions.


 06 Jul 2016, 14:33

Nix are you male or female?

Nix 06 Jul 2016, 11:39

My prescription is:

OD -0.75 - 0.50 ax 165

OS -0.25 - 0.50 ax 25

surprisingly pd is also indicated here

pd 62

well, i am currently in university taking psychology. i like history and english. i have plans on going to law school after earning my bachelors

Cactus Jack 06 Jul 2016, 11:17


May I also ask what subjects you like in school and your future education plans?


Cactus Jack 06 Jul 2016, 11:15


You should be able to easily wear glasses with more minus. That is the first step. If you can supply your complete prescription, we can suggest the prescription you should order.

As a minimum, you will need the prescription and your Pupillary Distance (PD). Many prescriptions do not list PD because measuring that is usually the job of the Dispensing Optician and they don't like providing it because they want you to order any glasses thru them. It is really easy to measure with a ruler calibrated in mm and a bathroom mirror. We can help you with that.

You will probably need to order glasses online and will need a credit card and possibly a confidential mailing address.

One of the most important things to understand about getting glasses with an increased prescription is that most people do not notice the lenses in glasses, unless there is a HUGE change in the prescription. They DO notice frame style changes. When you order new glasses that you don't want others to notice, you need to maintain the same frame style. We can make some suggestions about that also.

Many members order glasses from Zenni Optical. You might check out their web site and explore their offerings. They offer high quality single vision glasses for as low as US$6.95 plus shipping. The frame and options control the cost.


Nix 06 Jul 2016, 10:42

H. Thank you for responding. I just turned 18.. Well not my parents but i do have relatives who are nearsighted from both sides of the family and my siblings are also nearsighted.. I live in the philippines

Cactus Jack 06 Jul 2016, 10:38


The biggest factors in Inducing Myopia is your age and genetic makeup.

What is your age?

Are any of your close blood relatives nearsighted (Myopic)?

It would also be helpful to know where you live (country) because that may affect your ability to order glasses without an "official" prescription.


Nix 06 Jul 2016, 10:09

Hello! I got my glasses recently. I have -0.25 on my left eye and -0.75 on my right eye! I have been wanting to wear glasses and have been fascinated by thick lenses.. I'd like to reach at least -2.50on both eyes... Please help me :( I wanna induce my nearsightedness in the shortest period amount of time

Soundmanpt 07 Jun 2016, 16:15


Here in the USA it has gotten much harder to buy contact lenses that don't ask for your doctors name and phone number so they can verify the patient's prescription. It didn't use to be that way. Several years ago i gave a friend the name of a place that she could get her contact lenses on line for less than she was paying locally. She did in fact have a real prescription so of course when entered all her information and she got her contacts a few days later. She yold me later that about 6 or 67 weeks after she got her contacts they were calling her for information to contact her doctor. She said she just laughed about it and never bothered replying to them.

Maxim 07 Jun 2016, 12:42

To Soundmanpt: I completely agree, there might be problems. They know from your invisible computer adress, in which country the approaching computer (= your computer) is situated. And then, to avoid conflicts with national legislation, they might ask questions insome countries to fulfill such requirements. In our country, there are not such questions, but here you can buy contact lenses in super markets and drug stores, just from the shelf like a jar of instant coffee, no limitations. So they can do equally with net sales.

Soundmanpt 07 Jun 2016, 08:44


Your very welcome and one can only hope that you get the result you want. As long as your tenacious about keeping your glasses on from the time you wake up until you go to bed I think you stand a very good chance of inducing myopia. Being in pre-law you almost certainly are doing loads of reading and studying which that alone should be taking a toll on your eyes and now wearing your glasses should push that even more. At the time of your first post on March 28th you said that you had already been wearing your glasses for about a week so you should be heading into your 3rd week. By now you should be over the newness of wearing glasses and you should be feeling very comfortable wearing them. Just curious, you got your glasses from a friend that wears glasses how or what did you say to her to get her to give you a pair of her previous glasses? Does she think you just wanted her glasses because you like your looks wearing glasses or did you tell her that you want to make yourself nearsighted? Did she give you any advice about wearing glasses and is she a good enough friend to keep your secret about what your doing? It is not at all unusual for a girl to like how she looks wearing her friends glasses and get those glasses when the friend gets new glasses. Anyway please do keep us updated every couple weeks as to what progress your making.

Ricky 07 Jun 2016, 08:24

Hi this is Ricky..i am 36 years of age. Of late i have begun to notice that if i hold things close to my eyes its difficult to read. Since i like glasses i got my self a pair of progressive glasses with strength of L and R eye +1.0 with a add of +1.5. I have been wearing these glasses for 4-5 hours in a day and i can see very clearly with them. My question is how soon will i be completely dependent on the glasses?

coffeelover 07 Jun 2016, 00:02

@Cactus Jack, Soundmanpt, Likelenses

Thank you all for your help. Been wearing the glasses as much as i can. I will update you guys in a few wks time re my progress

Soundmanpt 05 Jun 2016, 17:58


I tried to get into that site and did get in but once I got to my date of birth I had trouble entering it so I couldn't go any further. I think that at some point because the brands are all well known they will ask for a doctor's bane to verify. I could be wrong though. If nothing else if it doesn't ask for a doctors name it could be a great site for anyone doing GOC. I agree with you though that "Closet Geek" is probably better off just getting glasses to induce with. She is already ahead of things since she already wears glasses full time anyway which is a good start when she is ready to start.

Maxim 05 Jun 2016, 13:25

My advice for CLs - cheap, reliable supplier:

If there are problems, try a Google search just with 'Dailysoft'.

There should be no problem - CLs with "sphere" values only, the astigmatism (cyl values) in the glasses.

But, however: a glasses-only solution is better, CLs are somewhat complicated, another item to hide, and sometimes (just now in summer) not easy for the eyes.

Good luck!

Soundmanpt 05 Jun 2016, 08:58


What your suggesting would work but I doubt that she has ever wore contacts since her actual prescription is for astigmatisms and she would need toric lenses for that. So she has likely only wore glasses for that. Also these days getting contacts even with just a SPH correction isn't that easy anymore. Not sure how well contacts would even stay on her eyes considering her CYL numbers, otherwise not a bad idea. I think it is going to be much easier for her to get glasses rather than contacts.

Specs4Me 05 Jun 2016, 08:17

Sorry for the double post, not sure how I managed that.

Specs4Me 05 Jun 2016, 08:15

Closet Geek,

Another thought is to get a pair of glasses with some sphere correction and then were contacts under your glasses. You could get glasses with -1.00 as suggested, then order a box of -1.00 and a box of -2.00 contacts which you could then wear under your glasses. Wear the -1.00 glasses for a couple of months and then wear the -1.00 contacts under your glasses for a couple of months which would give you the effect of -2.00 glasses. You would then wear the -2.00 contacts under your glasses giving you -3.00 of correction. After that you could order -4.00 glasses and go through the exercise again. This way you would not be changing glasses every couple of months but could get new glasses with an increase after a few months and lament to those who might comment about how your eyes are getting bad really fast....

Specs4Me 05 Jun 2016, 08:15

Closet Geek,

Another thought is to get a pair of glasses with some sphere correction and then were contacts under your glasses. You could get glasses with -1.00 as suggested, then order a box of -1.00 and a box of -2.00 contacts which you could then wear under your glasses. Wear the -1.00 glasses for a couple of months and then wear the -1.00 contacts under your glasses for a couple of months which would give you the effect of -2.00 glasses. You would then wear the -2.00 contacts under your glasses giving you -3.00 of correction. After that you could order -4.00 glasses and go through the exercise again. This way you would not be changing glasses every couple of months but could get new glasses with an increase after a few months and lament to those who might comment about how your eyes are getting bad really fast....

Soundmanpt 05 Jun 2016, 07:50

Closet Geek

When I saw your age as being 18 I was pretty sure you were likely still living at home with your parents or parent. And that like you say would be a problem if you were planning on ordering 2 identical pairs but with the 2 different prescriptions. You seem to agree that getting 2 pairs is the best way to go when and if you decide to try it. And that is for you to decide of course. Since your planning on moving out in a couple months you can wait until then and not have any problem at all at that point with getting more than one pair. And during that time if you decide you don't want to wait until you move out you can always just get the one new pair in the weaker prescription to start with and wear them until you get relocated then order the same pair with the stronger lenses. Most likely in that short of time they should still be available but even if they weren't and you had to order a complete different pair that still shouldn't be much of a problem since your a young girl and since you already wear glasses full time it is understandable that you might want to change to new glasses quite often. I'm sure you have probably told most of your friends about how inexpensive glasses are at Zenni. So if or when you decide to induce some myopia I don't think you will have any problem at all since your at a good age and your already wearing glasses full time so you already very used to wearing glasses which really helps.

Closet Geek 04 Jun 2016, 23:49

Thanks everyone for your replies!

I am a girl :) Don't worry about it though..."Closet Geek" IS a pretty gender neutral username.

Cactus Jack, that sounds like a good plan...I will probably go with that when/if I try to do this. My current glasses are actually from Zenni, so I know not to worry about the cost or getting multiple pairs. I live with family right now, so I'm kind of at a loss for a place to ship them, but I'm moving out in just a couple months so I could start then.

Soundmanpt, thanks for the input...I am already wearing glasses full time, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Maxim/Soundmanpt, I would agree that starting with the -1 would be better. My job is in retail, so not at a desk, but I do have school so I do some close work.

Cactus Jack 04 Jun 2016, 05:47


Maybe we can, but there are many things that can affect your ability to become more myopic. We need more information to even start.

1. What is your age?

2. What is your complete prescription?

3. Where do you live (country)?


shortsightlover 04 Jun 2016, 01:09

can anybody suggest an idea to induce myopia?i have only cylindrical power of -1.5 i my eyes.

I want to induce shortsight. wht can i do?

Soundmanpt 02 Jun 2016, 11:59


First of all not even sure if "Closet Geek" is a male or female? You never know it could be a cute little female geek but either way being 18 there shouldn't be any great rush and you even admitted that your eyes ached for several days after you had your glasses on for several hours. So if "Closet Geek" happens to have job or doing other close work that would be harder if the glasses feel overly strong. It is more important that they are able to wear their glasses all day long and if the glasses are too uncomfortable they are much more likely to take them off and too much. Starting with -1.00 glasses is a good start to inducing myopia. At the end of the day when "Closet Geek" takes their glasses off i'm sure he or she will quickly notice how blurry everything is. After wearing the -1.00 glasses for a month or so then switching to -2.00 glasses will not be so hard on the eyes. The glasses are cheap enough that if this person is serious about wanting to induce myopia the price of the glasses should be a problem.

Maxim 02 Jun 2016, 10:53

I would think, he could try to jump right away to a -2.00 prescription.

I did that, when I was 22.

I had got a Right eye -5.00 sph / Left eye -.200 sph glasses from a railways' 'Lost and found' office. These glasses I had been wearing for a week or so. I was unable to cope with the -5.00 lens for reading however, and so I took this lens out of the frame and asked for a repair (I pretended it was broken - so I avoided an eye test being made). I remember some aching the first two or three days after 3 or 4 hours of wearing them, then I wore them constantly.

At the eye test I was taking after 6 months, I had reached R-1.25/-0.75cyl 70 deg // L -1.25/-0.50 A 140 deg.

But this was turned out to be the maximum of myopia I ever reached. Inducing myopia was impossible for me.

At less than thirty years of age I was prescribed Right eye + 2.50/-1.00 65 deg// Left eye +2.00/-0.50 135 deg for Hyperopia now, and this always increased. I could not go without the glasses (not wearing plus lenses would be the same as wearing minus lenses), that was too much strain.

Maxim 02 Jun 2016, 10:53

I would think, he could try to jump right away to a -2.00 prescription.

I did that, when I was 22.

I had got a Right eye -5.00 sph / Left eye -.200 sph glasses from a railways' 'Lost and found' office. These glasses I had been wearing for a week or so. I was unable to cope with the -5.00 lens for reading however, and so I took this lens out of the frame and asked for a repair (I pretended it was broken - so I avoided an eye test being made). I remember some aching the first two or three days after 3 or 4 hours of wearing them, then I wore them constantly.

At the eye test I was taking after 6 months, I had reached R-1.25/-0.75cyl 70 deg // L -1.25/-0.50 A 140 deg.

But this was turned out to be the maximum of myopia I ever reached. Inducing myopia was impossible for me.

At less than thirty years of age I was prescribed Right eye + 2.50/-1.00 65 deg// Left eye +2.00/-0.50 135 deg for Hyperopia now, and this always increased. I could not go without the glasses (not wearing plus lenses would be the same as wearing minus lenses), that was too much strain.

Soundmanpt 02 Jun 2016, 08:38

Closet Geek

Everything "Cactus Jack" has advised you is what I would also suggest to you. But I just want to add how important it is that once you get your glasses and test them out to make sure your eyes don't have any problem adjusting to them which I don't think they will, you want to then make a point that you put your glasses on as soon as you wake and open your eyes each day and keep them on the full day until your about to close your eyes for bed at night. Constant wear is very critical with inducing myopia. Your young enough that you shouldn't have much of a problem inducing myopia. Based on your first comment it seems you have glasses and your astigmatisms are enough that you very likely are already wearing glasses full time? I too highly recommend that you get your glasses from Zenni ( and like "Cactus Jack" is suggesting order 2 pairs at in the exact same frame that way when you go from the -1.00 glasses to the -2.00 glasses there won't be any questions asked by your friends and family. Also make sure you include your actual CYL and axis information for you new glasses.

Cactus Jack 02 Jun 2016, 02:35

Closet Geek,

It should be pretty easy to do. You already wear glasses and if you keep similar frames, you can gradually increase your Sphere correction. Have you ordered glasses from an online retailer such as Zenni Optical?

I would suggest starting with a prescription like this.

OD: Sphere -1.00, Cyl -1.00 x Axis 120

OS: Sphere -1.00, Cyl -1.25 x Axis 43

When those get comfortable in a month or two, go to

OD: Sphere -2.00, Cyl -1.00 x Axis 120

OS: Sphere -2.00, Cyl -1.25 x Axis 43

Note that I did not change the Cylinder or Axis.

All you need is your PD, we can help you measure it if you don't know it, a credit card, and a place to ship the the glasses. If you can find some $6.95 frames you like, you can probably order the glasses pretty inexpensively. Even with shipping and the low cost A/R coating, you may be talking less than $17.00 If you order both pair at the same time, there will only be one shipping charge,

Please ask if you have more questions.


Closet Geek 02 Jun 2016, 01:29

I just realized I only answered one question. Oops!

I'm 18, from USA. No sphere correction at all, just the cyl I described.

Closet Geek 01 Jun 2016, 23:29

Cactus Jack

My rx right now is OD: -1cyl 120axis, OS: -1.25 cyl 43 axis

Cactus Jack 01 Jun 2016, 07:00

Closet Geek,

1. What is your age?

2. What is your complete prescription?

3. Where do you live (country)?


Closet Geek 31 May 2016, 21:26

I would like stronger glasses, preferably minus lenses. I only have astigmatism correction now. Who can give me a step-by-step plan for inducing myopia?

Soundmanpt 29 May 2016, 21:30


That was very smart of you to first start complaining about having blurred vision even before you started wearing the glasses in public. I'm sure when you got the glasses from your friend you didn't wear the glasses out in public until you were quite sure that your eyes could see well enough wearing glasses. That usually does mean less questions will be asked because those around you probably thought you would soon be getting glasses. But now as you know your pretty committed to wearing glasses from now on or you might have to answer why your not wearing your glasses anymore. Not at all surprising that you had a bit of a problem at first with seeing things close such as reading from a book. But good that your eyes rather quickly got comfortable with reading with them. Even more important since your no doubt doing a quite a bit of studying and reading if your a pre-law student. Actually the more reading you do the better since that should help you with trying to induce myopia. Whenever possible dim the lights when your reading or studying. As far your question about how many months it may take for you to induce -1.00 myopia there is no way to predict how long it will take for any permanent change in your eyesight. A lot depends on how strict you are about wearing your glasses full time. The things yo want to watch for is things like how long it takes for your eyes to recover after wearing your glasses all day. If it now takes about 20 minutes, you would like to see it start to take longer and at some point for your eyes not to fully recover back to normal but instead remain slightly blurry without your glasses. If you constantly wear your glasses without fail and after 3 months you don't see any difference in your vision then it may not be possible for you to induce any myopia. But it certainly can't hurt to try because there is a good chance it will work. So how does it feel to be wearing glasses? Does your friends glasses fit you nicely? You do know that if they don't fit right or hurt behind your ears or on your nose you scan go to any optical shop and ask them to adjust them for you. They shouldn't charge you anything to do that and it is important that your glasses are comfortable to wear. Since your wearing your glasses full time you don't really need a case for them but when you take them off at bedtime be sure not to put them with the lenses down. Also when you need to clean them only use a soft cloth to clean them. At some point once you start to see that the glasses are starting to have a lasting effect on your eyes you will need to get stronger glasses if you want to get to around -1.50. This may seem wrong but to get to -1.50 your probably going to need to wear glasses with about -3.50 or stronger lenses. Your eyes are never going to get to where they are using the full prescription of the glasses your wearing. I see that you live in Manila, is mail service bad their? Zenni uses the mail service to deliver their glasses. So as long as you get mail getting glasses on line shouldn't be a problem. However if there is no mail then you do have a problem unless the friend that gave you the glasses happens to have some of her previous glasses that might be stronger than the ones your now wearing. Please feel free to ask any questions you still may have.

Likelenses 29 May 2016, 20:12


There are two other things that you should do while wearing the glasses. 1. Hold your reading material as close to your eyes as you can tolerate,and also get close to any computer screens.2. When viewing distant objects while wearing the glasses,get in the habit of squinting

coffeelover 29 May 2016, 15:51


People noticed my glasses at first but i was complaining of blurred vision before i got them so when i wore them the first time there were just a few questions/comments. The problem here is shipping, the glasses plus lenses are cheap in zenni but the shipping will be expensive. even more expensive than getting a new glasses plus lenses here. I got the glasses from a friend and saw her prescription doesnt have any astigmatism correction. At first i had a hard time on near objects after wearing the glasses, but after a few mins the discomfort went away. Now if i put on the glasses, i dont experience any discomfort anymore. In your opinion how many months will i use this to induce about -1.0 myopia. I also enjoy the blur and not only the glasses, a higher myopia is better but i think because of my age that is unattainable. Thanks again for answering my questions

Cactus Jack 29 May 2016, 10:10


If you are not having any problems with the OD -2.00, OS -2.50 glasses, I suggest continuing to wear them. Ideally, it will take longer and longer for your vision to clear after you take them off. When you can, I would suggest gradually increasing the power of your Right lens (OD) to first -2.50 and then -3.00 and maybe -3.50. Right now, with your actual prescription of OD -0.50, OS +0.50 you are over corrected OD -1.50, OS -3.00. With that much difference, you are probably reading with your Right eye and using your Left eye for distance without your being aware that you are doing it, in other words, Mono Vision. If the difference is great enough, the Brain may ignore the image from one eye entirely.

Vision actually occurs in the Brain, the eyes are merely biological cameras. If there is a difference between the clarity of the two images, your brain will select the sharpest image and use it as the primary and use any clues it can from the other eye to enhance the primary. The Brain can also improve a blurry image if it knows what something is supposed to look like. The Brain can even produce an image with your eyes closed. Ever had a dream? From a legal point of view, that is why Eyewitness Testimony is sometimes flawed because the person saw what they expected or wanted to see, not what actually occurred.

There is nothing really wrong with Mono Vision, many people use it instead of wearing bifocals or progressives when Presbyopia becomes a problem. However, there are two problems with Mono Vision at your age. One, it allows one of your Ciliary Muscles to be stronger than the other and Two, because you are using your eyes independently, you don't have good depth perception (3-D vision).

I hope I have not confused you too much. This stuff can be hard to understand. The thing that makes it hard is that Glasses or Contact Lenses cancel out or neutralize your actual Refractive Error with the opposite power lens. For example your Right eye has an actual error of +0.50 and your Left eye has a actual error of -0.50. If you want to wear -1.50 glasses, you have to create a +1.50 error in each eye. To to that, you generally have to initially go several diopters over your goal and then let it settle back to your goal. Initially, you do that with your Crystalline Lenses and if you are young enough and lucky enough, your eyeball will actually grow a bit longer and that becomes True or Axial Myopia. But the way, the distances involved are tiny, about 0.3 mm per diopter.


Soundmanpt 29 May 2016, 09:31


Your right I thought you meant that it was taking about 20 minutes for you eyes to adjust to your glasses when you put them. No it's completely different if your eyes don't need any time to adjust to them when you put them on but after wearing them all day that when you take them off everything is pretty blurry at first and after about 20 minutes your natural vision slowly returns. So the only questions I have is how well can you see with your glasses? For distance and close up? Do you feel as if your seeing better now with your glasses than you were the first day you wore them? Have you been wearing them constantly from the time you open your eyes until you go to bed or do you take them off quite a bit to rest your eyes? Since this I assume is the first time you have ever wore glasses i'm sure it feels strange wearing them now, but after wearing them for a week now you should be getting used to wearing glasses and they should be starting to feel a lot more comfortable as well. Since your a student and I assume your still in class what comments or questions have you gotten about your need for glasses? Anyway if your able to see perfectly with your glasses without any problem then there is no reason to order glasses with a lower prescription. Zenni and many other on line sources are international and ship everywhere in the world but I think it must be a problem at your end for some reason that you can't order glasses on line. You didn't say how or where you got your glasses from and how you know what the prescription is? Getting them from a friend is fine as long as they work for your eyes. My concern is only that they don't have any astigmatism correction in them for you to deal with. So if your glasses are comfortable and seem to be getting even more comfortable then just keep wearing them and see what results you get.

coffeelover 29 May 2016, 08:44

@CactusJack and Soundmanpt

Thank you guys for your advise but i think i misunderstood your questions before. What i meant with my last post is i adjust immediately to -2.0 and -2.5 glasses, and what i meant about the 20mins is when i take off the glasses it takes about 20mins for my eyes to become clear again. But i get your point about starting at a lower power of glasses first. Unfortunately i cannot order glasses online here but i found a way to get that lenses you suggested. with that misunderstanding cleared, do you still suggest the lower power lenses or should i continue with the -2.0 or -2.5?

coffelover 29 May 2016, 08:44

@CactusJack and Soundmanpt

Thank you guys for your advise but i think i misunderstood your questions before. What i meant with my last post is i adjust immediately to -2.0 and -2.5 glasses, and what i meant about the 20mins is when i take off the glasses it takes about 20mins for my eyes to become clear again. But i get your point about starting at a lower power of glasses first. Unfortunately i cannot order glasses online here but i found a way to get that lenses you suggested. with that misunderstanding cleared, do you still suggest the lower power lenses or should i continue with the -2.0 or -2.5?

Soundmanpt 29 May 2016, 08:02


Seeing what you say in your posts its pretty clear that your being over aggressive by trying to wear glasses that are too strong for your eyes. If it is taking 20 minutes for your eyes to somewhat focus with those glasses they really can't be that comfortable to wear full time which is most important. I have a feeling since you say you got your glasses even before you had your eyes examined to even determine what if any glasses you might really, that you got your glasses from a friend that gave you a pair of her previous glasses. One problem with wearing glasses from a friend is that you don't know if the glasses may also have some astigmatism correction in them and your eyes will never be able to adjust for that. Getting your glasses on line is really the best way and not very expensive I saw what Cactus Jack was suggesting you start off with and I couldn't agree more. Like he said the best thing to do is to order several pairs in the exact same frame but with different prescriptions in each pair. That way as your eyes adjust to each pair and you are ready to increase the strength of your glasses being the same frame no one will ever notice that your lenses are stronger except you. By starting out with weaker glasses as Cactus jack and I suggest you should be able to put your glasses on as soon as you open your eyes each day and be able to quite good with them for distance as well as close up without any problem. The main thing is with trying to induce myopia is to constantly wear your glasses from the time you wake up until you close your eyes at the end of the day. The fact that you would be happy if your able to induce to around -1.50 might be workable still. But to get to -1.50 at some point your probably going to be wearing around -3.00 glasses or more.

Always remember that even if your true need for glasses never reaches -1.50 you will still be able to wear glasses in that power or even stronger full time without any problem. So even if your still able to see the eye chart without your glasses who cares as long as your wearing the glasses you want to wear?

Cactus Jack 28 May 2016, 19:33


If there was ever a course of study that would almost guarantee myopia, it is to study the law. I would like to suggest that you start over. Inducing Myopia of any type is a bit like lifting weights. You don't start with heavy weights. You start with relatively light weights and do lots of repetitions.

May I ask the source of your glasses?

One of the tricks of getting increasingly stronger glasses is to stick with the identical frame. Very few people really notice changes in a glasses prescription, but they do notice frame changes.

You asked about a person with hyperopia Inducing Myopia. It can be done if they are young enough. their hyperopia is not too great, and they are motivated. Let me relate a true story.

Several years ago, I was contacted by a young man from Ireland, who had just started university. He had a very strong desire to wear glasses, preferably for Myopia. The problem was that he had several eye exams and was told that he did not need glasses. As you can imagine, he was very frustrated.

I suspected that he was not approaching the exam with the correct symptoms and suggested a very simple test, that he could do at home, to estimate his refractive error, if any. He did the test and it revealed that he had very mild Hyperopia. He had been reporting the symptoms of Myopia which the official exam revealed that he did not have.

I asked him to get another exam, this time reporting the symptoms of mild Hyperopia and that resulted in a Low PLUS prescription with a bit of Astigmatism. That exam yielded the information I needed to suggest ordering some low Minus glasses from Zenni. He ordered two pair. One was a -1.00 over correction and the other was a -2.00 over correction in the same frames. He started wearing the -1.00 glasses for everyday wear until they became so natural that he preferred his vision with them than without them (a month or two). He wore the -2.00s as much as he could at home and then switched over to them full time and ordered some -3.00 glasses, same frame.

When he became comfortable with the -2.00 glasses, I suggested that he book an eye exam, to gauge his progress, with an optical chain and wear the -1.00 glasses to the exam with a complaint that his distance vision was not very clear. That resulted in a prescription of about -1.50. I suggested that he not order glasses with that prescription, but keep on wearing the -2.00 full time or the -3.00 glasses as he could.

He gradually worked his way up to -4.25 and moved to a University in England. By then he knew what to do. I have not heard from him in several years.

You have had an exam that revealed that your actual prescription is OD -0.50, OS +0.50. I would like to suggest starting over with OD -1.50, OS -0.50. One of the problems you are having with the present glasses is that they allow your ciliary muscles to continue to work independently. They really need to learn to work together. You could do that by getting glasses OD -0.50, OS +0.50, but they can learn to work together and start working on your desired prescription at the same time.

I suggest that you order glasses with inexpensive frames, because you may only wear them for a month or two before going to a stronger prescription. Several of us use Zenni Optical. The offer some very low cost frames and lenses for simple prescriptions like your. I don't know what the cost would be delivered in Manilla, but here in the US they offer glasses for as little as US$6.95 with around $5.00 for shipping and around $5.00 for a low cost Anti-Reflective coating. All you need to order is a Credit Card, your desired prescription, and your PD. We can help you will all but the Credit Card.

Please let me know what you would like to do.


coffeelover 28 May 2016, 16:26


Im a female, im wearing the overcorrected glasses for about a week now. It takes about 20mins in my R eye for my vision to be clearer but in my L eye it only takes about 5 mins to make my vision clear again

coffeelover 28 May 2016, 16:24

@Cactus Jack

I got the glasses before i knew my true prescription. I noticed that this are blurrier in my left eye thus -2.5 in right and -2.0 in the left. I live in Manila and currently studying pre law. i feel that i can tolerate additional correction but im just afraid that my change in lenses will be noticable. Do you know anyone who was farisghted but induced myopia. i know -1.5 is just low but my age is against me but i still wish i could induce at least a -1.0 if the -1.5 is unattainable

Josh 28 May 2016, 10:45

hi coffeelover, since when you are wearing -2,00 -2,50 glasses? how long it takes to get clear vision? are you male or female?

Cactus Jack 28 May 2016, 09:52


At 23 it is unlikely that you can induce very much True or Axial Myopia. It depends on your genes. You might be able to induce some Pseudo Myopia, if you are willing to work at it. For practical purposes, both require minus glasses for correction.

The general rule for over correction is that you Add the same amount of Sphere over correction to each eye and copy the Cylinder and Axis (if any) EXACTLY. You did not mention if you have any Cylinder correction.

Your goal of -1.50 in both eyes is modest, but it will probably be difficult to not have a difference between your two eyes. A 1.00 difference is nothing to be concerned about. Your eyes are actually independent entities and it is common to have a difference.e

If you can tolerate it, you need more over correction than your goal to have much effect. You indicated that you are tolerating OD -2.50, OS -2.00 very well. At 23, you probably have lots of accommodation available even with the amount of studying most students have to do. With the OD -2.50, OS -2.00 glasses you are wearing over correction of OD -2.00, OS -2.50.

I have a few questions

1. Was the OS over correction difference, intentional?

2. What subjects are you studying?

3. Where do you live (country)?

4. Do you feel like you could tolerate some additional over correction?


coffeelover 28 May 2016, 08:02

Hi guys, im a 23 yr old student who is trying to induce myopia. my goal is about -1.5 true myopia for each eye. As i was reading this thread, i read that i should have my eyes checked first for the astigmatism prescription, PD etc. So i did, i ended up with a prescription of OD -0.5 and a farsighted Left eye OS +0.5 . I have a glasses that has a prescription of OD-2.5 and OS -2.0 which i can tolerate well and can wear the whole day. Can i still induce some myopia with my current prescription?

Cactus Jack 23 May 2016, 19:44


I really would like to hear from you.


Soundmanpt 19 May 2016, 09:09


As soon as I started reading your question about your friend that was into weightlifting and how her eyesight was affected the first thought that crossed my mind was also what kind of products she might be using in regards to her bodybuilding. It is far more possible to think that she was using some form of growth hormone and a side effect could well be the reason her eyesight has changed. A few years ago I often stopped on my way to work at a gas (petro) station for coffee. It was usually the same young lady I saw every morning taking my money for the coffee. I was surprised one morning to see her wearing glasses. Of course after complementing her on how nice she looked wearing glasses she told me that they were new and she was trying to get used to them. She said her need for glasses was brought on by a new medication she had been prescribed. It said on the label that blurred vision was a possible side effect. Until she started taking that medication she had never had any problems with her eyesight and then after taking the medication for a short time almost overnight her vision got blurry.

Cactus Jack 18 May 2016, 13:59


I don't think I have ever heard of additional muscle or fat occurring inside the bony eye socket to the point where it causes pressure on the eyeball, but that does not mean that it does not happen. Generally, Axial or True Myopia is caused by a mismatch between the total PLUS power of the eye's lens system and the distance form the back of the Crystalline Lens to the Retina. It varies with individuals, but the typical power of the eye's lens system is around +58 diopters and the distance is about 17 mm. It does not take much eyeball elongation to cause a fair amount of Myopia, about 0.3 mm per diopter. An increase of -3.00 would only be about 1 mm.

There are a lot of unknowns here, but usually, by 30, a persons genes would have stopped any eyeball growth. The only thing that comes to mind is that if a muscle builder increased their body weight by 75 pounds they might have been using hormone supplements or other substances that could have caused some eyeball growth. You mentioned that pregnancy can cause increased Myopia. That is believed to be caused by a suspected, but as yet unidentified "Eyeball Growth Hormone". There are many hormonal changes during pregnancy and it is possible that she took some hormones that had unintended effects. If her eyeballs have grown a bit, it is unlikely they will shrink if she loses muscle or fat.

I hope this makes sense.


observation 18 May 2016, 11:12

Could obesity contribute to myopia? I knew of someone who was really into weightlifting their 30's, , gained about 75 pounds of both muscle and fat in a total of a few years, she got her eyes checked after a while and added around -3 to their prescription. no extra pregnancies that could've contributed or anything. I wonder if the extra squeeze around the eyes would contribute to intraocular pressure and therefore induce more myopia. Even after losing Any thoughts on this?

Cactus Jack 15 May 2016, 22:28


I think we need to discuss the situation more in depth to make sure you have as much control as possible. Some ECPs lean toward under correction, believing that helps slow the progression of myopia. Often these ECPs are very reluctant to fit patients with their first pair of glasses. Others (depending on their situation), are encouraged to prescribe glasses to improve sales.

Can you tell me a bit more about where you got this recent exam? Did you feel pressured to order glasses? Some of the large optical chains are owned by an Italian Company that is VERY interested in selling expensive glasses.

Knowing what you know now, do you feel like there was reluctance to prescribe glasses at your last "official" exam? Will the exam in August be by the same ECP as you have seen before? Has there ever been any comment or suggestion that they would like to do a dilated exam (with drops)?

In the meantime, I suggest that you continue wearing Scott's -2.25 glasses when possible. you might try the -3.00 glasses occasionally to get an idea how well you tolerate them.

One of the things you need to be careful about is having too much of a prescription for your first glasses from your "old" ECP. At 17 or 18 it is a bit unusual to have an increase from 0.00 to -1.00 along with a prior history of not needing glasses. However, that could be explained by a heavy study workload in the later years of High School and preparation for University.

With -1.00 diopters of myopia, everything beyond about 1 meter should be a bit fuzzy. Are you noticing that without glasses, particularly first thing in the morning or in low light conditions?


CJB 15 May 2016, 19:56

Cactus Jack

I listened to you and have decided not get the -1.00 prescription filled. I will continue to wear Scott's glasses until my real appointment. I like the idea of complaining and getting my appointmnet moved up so I can start wearing glasses everywhere even infront of my parents. However I cannot help but wonder if I should just wait until August so I can induce even more myopia for the appointment. What do you think is the better option?

The appointment was sort of like what you said with a few differences.

Cactus Jack 15 May 2016, 17:57


To continue my earlier post, The bundle you have to get past next is it get your parents involved. I am assuming that one of your parents either made your August annual eye exam appointment or you did with their blessing as one of the items you did each year before school starts in the fall.

Now that you have achieved one objective, you have a decision to make. You can begin to complain about some distance vision problems such as: difficulty reading a menu board, distant signs at night, white board, or reading small text on a TV (more than 6 feet away) and ask if the August appointment can be moved up. Or, you can continue to wear Scott's glasses, whenever possible, in hopes of going beyond -1.00 for the August exam. You could, of course, wear the -1.00 contacts, but there is a lot of paraphernalia associated with contact lenses that might be pre-maturely discovered. Once you "officially" start wearing glasses, you can get just about any prescription you want, online, at reasonable cost, but as long as you are living at home, you have to be very careful about how you pay for the glasses and where they are shipped. Few people understand how inexpensive and convenient it is to order glasses online. Because they are inexpensive, they assume they are of low quality, which is not true if you order from the right places.

I want you to understand that the best description of my role in this is that of a Coach. You have to play the game and you are where the action is. I can only make suggestions. You don't have to answer to me or even explain why you made the decision you did. No mater what you decide, I respect your decisions and your right to make them.

When you get an opportunity, I would like to hear more about your eye exam and how closely it followed what you expected to happen after reading "How to study for an eye exam" and our conversations.


Cactus Jack 12 May 2016, 05:46


Before you pick out some frames, check out the frame offerings by Zenni Optical. You probably should get your first glasses from a local source. However, you need to learn how to order glasses from an online retailer for two reasons. 1) The huge difference in price and 2) you can order any prescription you want without an official prescription.

If you choose a frame similar to those offered by Zenni, you can get glasses with a different prescription and it will be probably not noticeable. I know it is very exciting to actually get an "official" prescription, but I think you need to re-think getting the prescription filled right now. You have the biggest hurdle to still get past. Getting and official "official" prescription as a result of a family scheduled exam. Glasses are going to cost several hundred dollars from a local source and if you are going to spend that kind of money, you need to be able to wear them full time.


CJB 12 May 2016, 00:56

Cactus Jack

Hi!! So I had my appointmnet yesterday, and now I am officially a glasses guy!!! Turns out I really have induced some nearsightedness! I did not have the glasses yet because I am going back with Scott tomorrow so we can chose the frames together. My prescription is -1 in both eyes! Can you believe it, I am finally going to have my own glasses! I cannot wait! I spent most of the day with Scott, and he has given me his next glasses, they are -3.00 and -3.25. I also got sized for contacts, so I can get contacts and glasses. I can wear the contacts under the new glasses Scott's given me after I get used to them!

Cactus Jack 11 May 2016, 03:43


Wish you the best. You may be encouraged to order glasses, but please do not until we chat. You can look at frames, but think of a good reason to have difficulty selecting. Be sure and get a copy of your prescription so we can analyze and strategize.


CJB 09 May 2016, 14:51

Cactus Jack

Cannot wait!

Àll 09 May 2016, 02:08

Maxim, I like your story!!!

Cactus Jack 09 May 2016, 01:48


Are you ready for Wednesday?


Maxim 03 May 2016, 14:50

Why so pessimistic? Perhaps she's got everything, at least the photograph of her glasses looks very convincing. It would not be her first action to write us here. Many of the 16 yr kids have bank cards, if not, they have friends, who can arrange such orders. I know this from experiences from my kids and their friends, they always or at least very often find solutions for everything.

And, this opinion might not be what we call 'politically correct: what would you prefer as a father:

a son or daughter experimenting with GOC (it might be permanent or even go away after a certain time), or a son or daughter experimenting with drugs? I would prefer the GOC idea!

And by the way, do you know, when I practiced GOC? It was when one of my children had a -4 myopia at the age of three ((now -9 at the age of seventeen), and I entered again in GOC experiments only to find out, how she was seeing and feeling (I was at +3.00 at that time).

Soundmanpt 03 May 2016, 08:58

There has been no response from Rebecca since April 19th. At the time she was deciding on how much prescription she should get for the glasses she was planning on ordering on line. Since she says she is only 16 I wonder if she even has a credit card which you need in order to place an order for glasses. Sadly Rebecca could just be a fake.

Cactus Jack 02 May 2016, 13:07

Generally, it is men wishing to increase their myopia, but occasionally a woman will ask about it. Of course there is no way to know who is auditing the conversations. The principles apply to both genders, however women sometimes have an advantage by being able to become pregnant. If there is a genetic tendency for myopia, often pregnancy will cause the production of "eyeball growth hormones" which can increase myopia.

The most recent inquiry is by Rebecca, with several posts below.


 02 May 2016, 12:44

Are there any women in here that are currently trying to induce myopia or any that are considering trying to increase their prescription or to create a need for glasses? It seems like mostly men doing it for some reason.

Cactus Jack 01 May 2016, 08:05


That is OK. I was fairly sure that if you had any astigmatism, it would not be very much. Astigmatism is typically cause by uneven curvature of the Cornea. The actual cause is unknown. Astigmatism usually develops very slowly and it is likely that Scott did not have any cylinder correction in his -2.25 glasses. An easy test is to hold the glasses 10 to 12 inches from your eyes and rotate the glasses while looking through each lens individually. If there is cylinder correction in the lens, objects seen through the lens will change shape as you rotate the glasses.

Not all ECPs use the Red/Green test. I just wanted you to be aware of the test and its purpose if you encounter it.

Remember, the May 11th exam is primarily to get an "official" measure of progress and gain experience. Hopefully, you will get a prescription..

Have you decided on the visual symptoms you are going to report?


CJB 01 May 2016, 07:17

I tried astigmatism tests, and feltnlike there was none. Also, I tried to do some more reseaech on the red and green thing, but could not rind anything helpful.

Sorry for responding so late, there was conatruction in our neighborhood and it yook our electricity.

Cactus Jack 28 Apr 2016, 11:31


I would also like to suggest that you check out some of the on line astigmatism tests. You can find them by doing a Google search on Astigmatism Tests.

You should try the tests both with and without the -2.25 glasses and let me know the results.


Cactus Jack 26 Apr 2016, 18:06


Did you ever read the piece I wrote on "How to study for an eye exam"?

I don't think I mentioned it in the piece, but at some point you may be shown the eye chart with a red and green filter over them. The purpose of this test is for you to compare the sharpness of the letters behind the green filter and the red filter. Because of the way light rays are bent by lenses green will focus at one distance and red will focus at another. The actual goal is for the letters behind each filter to be equally clear. However, if you need more MINUS, the letters with the Red filter will be clearer than the letters with the green filter. You have to be a little bit careful IF this test is used because you won't have much time to think about it and you probably can't get more than one step beyond equally sharp (-0.25) without raising suspicions.

Generally, examiners start with too much PLUS (not enough MINUS) in Sphere and gradually increase the minus until you can read the 20/20 line, 20/20 is "normal" vision, but not the best. 20/15 is actually closer to the best. When you see both the red and the green equally clearly, you might just say that you think the Red might be a little better. The examiner may let you try one step more, but be careful with that. 20/10 vision is very rare, though some people have it.

You don't want the examiner to dilate your eyes. If they ask, turn it down saying that it will make it hard to focus close and you have to do homework tonight. A dilated exam is actually the best for accuracy, but you are not looking for accuracy yet. If you want to do a bit of research on the Red/Green test, look it up on Google.


CJB 26 Apr 2016, 14:48

Cactus Jack

Yes, sir I am! Let's start the lessons!

Cactus Jack 26 Apr 2016, 13:56


Haven't heard from you lately. Are you about ready to start preparing for your Eye Exam on May 11?


Soundmanpt 20 Apr 2016, 08:10


Clearly you have been given much advice as to how strong you should get your glasses when you place your on line order. In the end it appears that your just going to have to place your order with what you feel like your eyes can tolerate. You certainly seem to be determined which will be a big advantage even if the glasses seem a little strong when you get them. I'm sure I don't have to tell you but what ever power you decide on be sure to put in all the astigmatism part of the prescription that you got with your last eye exam. Now I have a question since you got your free pair of glasses with your insurance in the prescription you just got. So i'm sure that you will likely be wearing your new glasses until you get your on line glasses. Even if you order them today it could take up to 2 weeks to get those glasses. Then when they do arrive and start wearing them how will you explain why you got new glasses after only having this pair for a couple of weeks. Also your a young girl with most likely lots of friends and I am sure as soon as your friends see you wearing the glasses you just got some of them are sure to want to try your glasses. But then in about another 2 or 3 weeks your going to have whatever glasses you decide on which is sure to be considerably stronger than the ones you have now no matter what prescription you order. Now when these same friends see you with your on line glasses there is a good chance they will want to try them on as well. I think there is a good chance they might notice that your glasses are much stronger than the ones you have on now? And how do you answer why you got new glasses after just a few weeks?

I know you have only had your new glasses for a short time but it seems like your eyes are adjusting to them pretty well. I know that their not really any stronger than your previous glasses but the increase in your astigmatisms is something different for your eyes to adjust to.

DS 19 Apr 2016, 21:17

I think the biggest problem with pushing too much minus on Rebecca will be esophoria from accommodating. I doubt that a primary problem would be from not having enough accommodation.

This will cause strain with a likelihood to present as headaches.

Over-minusing "correctly" requires base out prism to compensate. (Yes, this would further increase the outer edge lens thickness, likely a desired outcome.) For continuous use,keeping it simple, and keeping it inexpensive, I would stick to -2D extra, leaving room to "grow" to meet the urge later.

Cactus Jack 19 Apr 2016, 18:15


I suggest you review the conversations with CJB on this thread. He is about your age, with similar desires, and has been wearing a friends -2.25 glasses for a few months, whenever he can. He is using a simple procedure we suggested to measure his progress. He appears to be making measurable progress and is planning a "practice" Eye Exam in May, as a rehearsal for his scheduled pre-school exam in August, if I remember right. You might find it interesting.

If you don't understand what you are doing, you may give the wrong answers to the questions you are asked prior to an exam. Some years ago, one of our posters really wanted to get some MINUS glasses, but had been unsuccessful. With a few simple tests, we were able to determine that he was actually a little bit Hyperopic, but not enough to require external correction. With some coaching, he actually got a prescription for low PLUS glasses AND some correction for very mild Astigmatism. With that information, we were able to help him order some low cost MINUS glasses and develop a strategy for increasing his prescription. His ultimate goal was -8.00. The last we heard from him, he had worked up to wearing "official" -4.25 glasses full time and was continuing his University studies.

Making this happen for an individual who is still living at home requires a lot of planning and a little subterfuge, but it can be done. It is easier to do if you have started University, away from home.


Specs4ever 19 Apr 2016, 17:30

From the ones I have actually communicated with Rebecca, the anecdotal evidence has been that, while initially a bit of a strain, after about a 2 week period there has been no problem for them to get used to the glasses. They could read, with slight difficulty from the beginning, and depending on the motivation they all adapted to the over correction fairly easily. The biggest thing to remember is that you ned to leave the glasses on all the time and do not try to go without them for any reason. At your age you should be able to adapt fairly readily because your cillary muscles will do the work once you train them.

cactus Jack 19 Apr 2016, 15:18


It is impossible to predict how much over-correction you can tolerate. It depends on too many factors. The primary factor is the strength of your Ciliary Muscles. For their size, they are typically the strongest muscles in the body.

Wearing more MINUS than you need causes your Ciliary Muscles to squeeze your Crystalline Lenses to increase their PLUS power.

In effect, the first step in Inducing Myopia is to Build-Up the strength of your Ciliary Muscles. It is really no different than lifting weight to build up muscle strength. The key thing is that you don't start by lifting very heavy weights because that will strain the muscles and actually slow down the muscle building process. To give you an idea of what is possible with motivation and dedication, we have been able to help a man, in his late 20s, work his way up to where he was wearing -20 glasses or -12 diopters of over correction. He was able to read comfortably with them (another 2.50 diopters). He started with Axial myopia in the -4.50 range.

At your age, you may be able to induce some Axial or True Myopia, but you have to start with over correction, which initially causes Pseudo Myopia. If your Genes will permit it, that can cause the production of an Eyeball Growth Hormone (believed to exist, but as yet un-isolated and identified) which will cause your eyeballs to grow and increase your true Myopia.


Rebecca 19 Apr 2016, 15:04

I just realized I forgot to answer your question, Soundmanpt. I think I would be most happy with -6.25 or -6.5 (or one in each eye), but anything between -6.00 and -7.75 would be fine. I don't know if this is wishful thinking or what. It seems like it'd be really hard to get that myopic (considering I'm starting from -0.75 at best).

Rebecca 19 Apr 2016, 14:53

Yeah, that is a good point. I am willing to have some adjustment period, even a few months long, as long as it results in more myopia. I just don't want to have any blur (or minimal blur) when doing close work. Having never worn lenses stronger than -2, I don't know exactly how things would look. But for the record, -2 was fine and I would consider it a little weak to start off with.

I'm on the bus to class now after getting my new glasses. I definitely notice the astigmatism correction, but it hasn't given me any strain or headache yet. The only thing is that the floor looks a lot closer, but I remember that happening with my first prescription glasses and I don't think it took long to get used to.

Here is a picture of the glasses, if anyone's curious (odd angle because I'm on the bus):

They are a very generic plastic frame and insurance paid for them wholly. I'm glad I won't have to wear them once I get some online because they are quite large, but I will wear them until then.

I think I am inclined to agree with Specs4ever about the prescription. He has anecdotal evidence, and when I did wear -2, they were quite underwhelming. I'm also impatient and cheap, and his method of going up 3D right away is definitely the cheapest. I'm not sure if it's any faster though, and it will probably be more painful at first. I would like to try to order the glasses tonight or tomorrow morning, so please keep providing feedback.

Soundmanpt 19 Apr 2016, 12:05


I'm sure you have to feel conflicted as to what prescription to order for your glasses. But the problem is there isn't really anyway to determine how strong of a prescription your eyes can tolerate and adjust to. It could be that Specs4ever is right and your eyes may be able to tolerate that much over correction without too much of a problem. Honestly even if you order weaker glasses like I suggested I think you might still get some headaches as your eyes are adjusting to them. In order for your eyes to become more myopic you do have to put stress on your eyes which by wearing your glasses and using your eyes as you normally do should be enough stress. Something you need to know is that your new "real" prescription now has quite a fair amount of astigmatisms in both your eyes. This is almost certain to cause you problems even if you only got glasses for what was just prescribed to you. Your current glasses only have a very slight astigmatism correction in your left eye as I recall. Now don't be surprised when you first put your glasses on that you might feel somewhat dizzy and the floor may appear to be slanted or even spinning. That feeling will soon go away after you have your glasses on for a short time. Something that hasn't been asked is how strong do you want your glasses to be for what you would consider to be the perfect prescription for your eyes?

As long as you can get a free pair of glasses then yes you might as well take advantage of that. Actually if you do get them you might as well wear them so your eyes can adjust to the astigmatism corrections you now have. That way when your ready to order glasses on line and get them you will already be adjusted to the astigmatisms.

Rebecca 19 Apr 2016, 10:39

I am quite conflicted now about which prescription to go for. Like I said, I do want the strongest possible that won't cause headaches, but I'm not sure what exactly that would be.

Specs4ever, have any of the people you've been in contact with complained of severe eye strain? Have they been able to wear the glasses full time when doing close work?

Hello Soundmanpt, the reason why I'll get some glasses with my real prescription from LensCrafters is that my insurance should pay all of it. If this turns out not to be the case, then I will skip that part. I'm going there now to find out. It would indeed be possible to go to another optometrist next time, but I do like my own, so I would probably just say I lost/broke my glasses and decided to come in for an updated prescription before getting new ones.

Also, I actually have been wearing properly prescribed glasses since June 2014 (before that, it was whatever glasses I could find), but I simply cannot remember the exact prescription. It wasn't something I paid much attention to at the time. Likewise, I can't really remember how look it took my eyes to adjust, but probably only a month. I can't imagine it taking much longer than that, anyway, as I probably would've noticed if it did.

Thank you for all the advice CJ, Specs4ever, helpful, and Soundmanpt.

Soundmanpt 19 Apr 2016, 09:42


I am really quite surprised that your eyesight wasn't at the very least at -1.00 / -1.25 since you have been wearing glasses full time for the past 2 years with that prescription. As you say your eyes appear to be rather stubborn about being changed. I was going to question you on how diligent you were about wearing your glasses during those 2 years but you said that you only had your glasses off long enough to clean them and when you were sleeping. So that should have been more than enough for your eyes to change. But at least by wearing your glasses you no longer have perfect vision anymore and your right eye almost got to the -1.00 and with your astigmatism is actually right at -1.00. But surprisingly your glasses had barely any effect on your left eye. But with your astigmatism added your seeing about the same as being between -.50 and -.75 as a blur factor. I want to question why you want to waste over a $100.00 dollars on glasses that you really have no intention of wearing from Lenscrafters? That money would be better spent on getting several pairs of glasses from Clearly or Zenni where your money goes a lot further. If your planning on getting your eyes checked every year or so that's fine but maybe next year just plan on going to a different place to get your eyes exam and that way you don't need to even bother with getting glasses in the prescribed prescription since you won't be wearing them anyway. Like Cactus Jack said it would be a very good idea that when you order your glasses on line that you get maybe as many as 3 pairs since the are so inexpensive, with the exact same frame. As since your eyes are already completely used to your -1.00 - 1.25 glasses the first you might want to start wearing should be OD -1.75 -.50 110 / OS -1.75 -.75 175. Once your eyes are fully adjusted to wearing these glasses comfortably then you would switch 2 the second pair which would be OD -2.25 -.50 110 / OS -2.25 -.75 175. And the 3rd pair something like OD -2.75 -.50 110 / OS -2.75 -.75 175. If you order your glasses from Zenni ( you can easily get all 3 pairs for under $50.00 total. By guess is that you should be able to go from one pair to the next after about 3 months time or maybe even less depending on how much your eyes are willing to cooperate. When you first started wearing your current glasses how long did it take for your eyes to adjust to them? How did you get the glasses your wearing? Since you seem a lit unsure about the prescription either being -1.00 for both eyes are -1.00 / -1.25 I have a feeling you may have gotten them from a friend. The suggestion of going straight to over -3.00 for your glasses I think is a a bit risky. That's a lot of over correction and it could make trying to read or see things close much too difficult for you. I'm sure with your young eyes seeing distance wouldn't be much of a problem but you want your eyes to be reasonably comfortable while your working to make them more nearsighted.

helpful 19 Apr 2016, 07:18


My thoughts were not to wear your new prescribed glasses you ordered anywhere near parents friends etc but to wait until you get your recommended extra strength glasses from another supplier. This is to avoid ?s as to why you are wearing stronger glasses within days of getting another pair after your test so quickly. This is even more important if you go for well above that prescribed at the test. You have to box clever!

Specs4ever 19 Apr 2016, 07:08

Hi Rebecca. With all due respect to Cactus Jack I have to say my thoughts differ from his. My suggestion would be to go for a full -3.00D over your real prescription. My reasoning for this is that I have been in private contact with a number of young ladies who wanted to increase their prescriptions and the -3.00D seems to be the right number to help them do this. For the first 3 months it seems that they do have a little bit of work to maintain focus through this over correction, but after about 3 months they have gained around -1.00D in their real prescription. Then after about a year goes by they will have gained about -2.00D. At this point they add the -2.00D they have gained to their original -3.00D over correction and go on for another year. By the end of a 2 year period they generally have increased by at least -3.50D, sometimes more.

I recently moved not to far away from you, but have not bought anything from Clearly yet. I must look at their prices. If you want to you can e mail me. I hope you do as I am interested in helping anyone who really wants to do this.

Your prescription for glasses should then be -3.75 x 0.50 x 110 for the right eye and -3.25 x -0.75 x 175 for the left.

Cactus Jack 19 Apr 2016, 06:46


Your present prescription is

OD: -0.75 sphere, -0.50 cyl, 110 axis

OS: -0.25 sphere, -0.75 cyl, 175 axis

You should be able to start with an increase of -1.00 Sphere in each eye.

OD: -1.75 sphere, -0.50 cyl, 110 axis

OS: -1.25 sphere, -0.75 cyl, 175 axis

Notice that I increased the Sphere by -1.00, but DID NOT alter the Cylinder or Axis. Also I added the same amount in both eyes.

An OO might be able to notice a change in what are called "power rings" with the increase. The frames you choose and the edge treatment can affect the appearance of the power rings. Power Rings are actually cause by internal reflections of the edges within the lens. They can be minimized by a frame that does not admit much light through the edges of the lens. For example, the style frame your friend is wearing has open edges, but his prescription is pretty low and the edges are not very thick and while there may be some Power Rings if viewed from some angles, they are probably not very obvious.

Be careful about being too clever about returning glasses. They will probably require some proof that the glasses were incorrectly made from an ECP before they will re-make them or refund your money. At this point, you know enough about how all this works to be dangerous. Unlike many items you buy, glasses lenses cannot be sold to someone else. They are custom made for YOU, to your prescription, and have been cut from the specially ground "lens blank" to fit your frames.


Rebecca 19 Apr 2016, 00:06

Thanks for reminding me to get a pair with the real prescription. I'm going to go back to LensCrafters tomorrow and get it filled with a cheap pair (my insurance only pays $118). Then I'll order stronger ones online. I tried Zenni but I think with the exchange rate and shipping, it's about the same price as Clearly.

What should I start with for the increased prescription? I kinda want to see fast results and also not have to buy that many pairs of glasses due to cost, so I think the highest I can currently handle is best.

With the return policy at Clearly, I should be able to exchange a "wrong" prescription pretty easily anyway.

Cactus Jack 18 Apr 2016, 20:14


I forgot to mention that you will need a pair of glasses with the prescription you just got. They serve two purposes.

1. The provide a measure of your progress in Inducing Myopia by comparing your vision with these glasses and with your glasses with increased - Sphere.

2. At some point you will want to another "official" exam, perhaps by the same ECP as you used for this exam. You will need to wear the last prescription you got from him/her to avoid hard to answer questions.

It is likely that you will need an "official" pair of glasses for a while to allow your parents and friends to get used to the idea that you need glasses. Once you get over the "new", you will have a lot more freedom to do what you want without getting too many questions.


Cactus jack 18 Apr 2016, 20:06


You do have some myopia and some astigmatism. It is very likely that your myopia will increase pretty much on its own, but you can encourage it. Astigmatism is a different animal. It is caused by uneven curvature of the front surface of the cornea. It actually changes very slowly on its own.

Most changes are in Cylinder and Axis are caused by the patient's inexperience. That portion of the exam is the most subjective with the final Axis number depending on the patient's skill in judging relative blurriness. A difficult task even for a person who has had many eye exams. I wrote a post "How to Study for an Eye Exam" where I covered a technique I use to "fine tune" the axis.

If you have not ordered glasses yet, I have a couple of suggestions.

1. Check out inexpensive frames on the Zenni Optical website. If you want to Induce some additional Myopia, you are going to need to order several pairs of glasses with gradually increasing sphere. If you can keep the same or nearly the same frame style, few people will notice the increase.

2. If you order some glasses locally, try to plan ahead and select a frame that you can duplicate on Zenni.

3. Depending on several factors, you may be able to order a pair of glasses from Zenni for as little as US$6.95 plus shipping. Unless you have plenty of resources, you will appreciate the low cost for either Inducing Myopia or doing GOC.


Rebecca 18 Apr 2016, 18:46

Thanks for that link, I'll keep it in mind. I think for now, as some others have suggested, it's probably best for me to just get some stronger glasses. I also can't really afford contacts at the moment, but I am interested in trying them eventually, and DaySoft looks good.

I went to the Clearly store in Vancouver today, and found a couple of nice frames. I'm going to buy one of them as soon as I know what prescription to use. The maximum strength for free lenses (1.59 index) is -3.75. I've posted my new real prescription (which is weak and disappointing and frankly perplexing) a bit earlier today.

To reiterate though, I have been wearing -1 approx (I believe the left was -1.25 but I don't have the script anymore) since June 2014. So I think when increasing my script, it makes more sense to use that as the base measurement rather than my actual myopic correction that the doctor gave me today. My eyes are apparently quite stubborn and don't want to stretch, or maybe taking the glasses off to clean them/sleep is what's making them go back to normal.

.... 18 Apr 2016, 13:15

Website needs time, or entry lost?


for buying CLs - excellent supplier, cheap, no questions asked.

Rebecca 18 Apr 2016, 12:37

Hello again everyone. I have now finished my exam. I was reading all your posts up until the exam and I'm very thankful for your advice.

So my prescription is a little odd. I blame the autorefractor. It went so fast that I wasn't able to blur my vision.

OD: -0.75 sphere, -0.50 cyl, 110 axis

OS: -0.25 sphere, -0.75 cyl, 175 axis

I'm quite disappointed about the lack of myopia, but at least that can be changed by ordering online. I'm surprised at getting astigmatism in both eyes now, as I only noticed it getting worse in the left, but it makes sense.

Also, after the technician set up the phoropter it said my PD was 61.5, but my prescription says 59.

Soundmanpt 18 Apr 2016, 09:14


By the time you see this you may already be on your way to get your eyes examined. But if not I also want to suggest that you don't try and do any pretending while your getting your eyes examined. I actually think that when you last got your eyes examined you really did need the -1.00 prescription you got. It is really not easy to fool an optometrist into getting glasses. Even harder if they dilated your eyes. If your vision had really been perfect except for the very slight astigmatism you have in one eye the glasses you got would have felt on the strong side when you started wearing them. If you have been wearing your glasses full time since you got them by now when you take your glasses off you shouldn't be able to see things like the board at school very well without your glasses even if you didn't really need glasses when you got them. Your being 16 years old your eyes with constant wear would by now be completely changed to at least that -1.00 prescription by now. So i'm very sure that once they take your glasses from you your not going to be able to much of the bottom lines on the eye chart. So there is no danger that your eyes are still perfect if they even were before. To be honest it would not surprise me at all if get old that you need your glasses changed because they need to be a little stronger. Your already certain to need at least your -1.00 glasses and they may just want to sharpen things up for you by writing you a prescription for -1.25 or even -1.50 glasses. But even if they don't give you an increase like you say, all you need to do is come home and go on line and order whatever glasses you want. You asked about what prescription you should order? Because of your youth your eyes should be able to handle almost anything you put in front of your eyes. But it is still better for you eyes to only go up in small steps and also so questions won't be asked about your deteriorating eyesight. It is very normal when you get glasses at 15 that your eyes will just continue to worsen each year after. So your getting your eyes examined which you are and getting new glasses is almost expected to happen. Anyway I think if you don't get a real change in your prescription from you eye exam then your eyes should do just fine with -1.50 or even -1.75 glasses. That would be close to what one would expect if you were to get an increase. This may not seem like much of an increase but you would be amazed at how much more blurry everything would be be without your glasses once your eyes got adjusted to them.

I really don't think GOC is a good option for you. Your wanting something that you can wear on a daily basis and in your case GOC would be much too tricky. Let's just say you decided on wearing -4.00 glasses along with your contacts which by the way aren't as easy to get anymore. In fact I don't think you you can order contacts without having an actual doctors prescription from Clearly Contacts anymore. Also once you started being seen wearing your -4.00 glasses you would be forced to wear them all the time everyday and night. You really shouldn't wear contacts that much and what happens on day when your eyes just won't allow you to put your contacts on. You could never wear your -4.00 glasses without the contacts. There will be days like that. What if your at school and something gets under your contact and you have to remove it. Then what? You couldn't very well go back to wearing your -1.00 glasses anymore. GOC is a better option for people that are past the age where their eyes can be changed by wearing stronger glasses. In your case inducing is the better option. Even though you don't seem to think that wearing your -1.00 had any effect on your eyes until recently, I think you just weren't noticing the change because if you were wearing your glasses all day and only taking your glasses off at bedtime it makes sense that you were still able to see pretty well without your glasses looking around your room. Your glasses are better suited for helping you see things at a greater distance then just across your room. But if you recently started to notice things being blurry I don't think it's because of your astigmatism getting worse becasue astigmatisms don't usually change very much if at all, but much more likely that your distance has changed and you even need a very real increase. I will be very interested in seeing the results of your eye exam.

DS 18 Apr 2016, 08:01


I think you want an accurate exam (especially important if considering GOC). Ordering the glasses can be somewhat independent.

And, yes, stacking low power lenses is approximately the same. At 16, -2.00 should be no problem for you if your vision is mostly normal.

Rebecca 18 Apr 2016, 07:27

Cactus Jack,

Hi, I've got my exam in about 3.5 hours. I've been up all night reading this site, quite nervous over the idea that they might give me a weaker prescription, or find out I don't really have myopia at all (or at least not enough to require correction).

I found an old pair of specs from a friend, I'm not sure on the prescription but I'd guess about -1, like mine. I've been wearing them simultaneously, as silly as that sounds, but am I correct in assuming that this would effectively be a prescription of -2?

When booking my appointment, I neglected to ask about contact lens fitting. I suppose I will mention it as soon as I get there, and see if they have enough time to include it.

Anyway, thanks for your reply, I'll look forward to updating you all sometime after 11:30 am pst. BTW, I live in Vancouver, Canada.

Cactus Jack 18 Apr 2016, 07:04


It is probably all late to offer any suggestions for the exam. Ideally, you want the most accurate exam from the ECP, particularly for your Astigmatism. You can adjust the Sphere correction, but you should never adjust the Cylinder and Axis.

Please post your new prescription and we can go from there for Inducing Myopia and for GOC.


Rebecca 18 Apr 2016, 01:17

Hi everyone, I am 16 years old and currently wear glasses for mild myopia, but would like to increase my prescription.

I last saw the optometrist in June of 2014 where I got a prescription of -1 in each eye with -0.25 astigmatism in the left eye. The astigmatism is real but I think I mostly got the myopic prescription from lying. They made me look through the machine where you stare at an image, which I knew would instantly tell them my vision was fine, so I blurred it intentionally. Unfortunately this gave them an extremely poor vision reading, and they were suspicious, so they dilated my eyes. Somehow I still ended up with a prescription though, mostly by choosing the blurrier image when they asked which one looked best, and by intentionally getting letters wrong on the Snellen chart.

I have been wearing my prescription glasses constantly since then, but haven't noticed any changes in my eyes until a couple months ago. I am going to the optometrist in about 10 hours, and I hope my prescription has changed. I feel like it's mostly the astigmatism getting worse, unfortunately, and I doubt I'll have much change in myopia.

So, when I get my new prescription, I am going to order glasses online. How much strength can I safely add? For example, with my current prescription of -1, would it be okay to change that to -1.50? I want to make my eyes keep adjusting to stronger prescriptions.

I also have some reading glasses of +1.25 and +2.50 but I don't know what these would be useful for.

CJB 14 Apr 2016, 21:19

Cactus Jack,

Sorry, dor got to answer yiur question about when my appointment is. It is at 3:45 pm.

CJB 14 Apr 2016, 21:18

Cactus Jack

I have not had the time to check my vision with the +1.50 glasses, but by just estimation, I would have to say I have made some more progress recently because in the last weekish I have noticed that without Scott's glasses things have gotten a bit fuzy. The other day we went to taco bell, and I found myself having struggling trying to read the menu from the back of the line. As we got closer, I noticed that I really had to focus on what I was trying to read in able to see it. Hopefully I can do another test with the +1.5 glasses for you tomorrow or the day after.

Cactus Jack 14 Apr 2016, 20:14


Things have been very hectic this week. They should settle down some about mid next week. That will give us about 3 weeks for some coaching.

How are you doing with the -2.25 glasses and occasionally checking your vision with the +1.50 glasses? You might occasionally check your vision in the morning and then after wearing the -2.25 glasses as much as possible at the end of the day.

What time of day is your exam scheduled?


CJB 13 Apr 2016, 12:49

Cactus Jack,

I made my appointment for May 11th! can't wait!

Soundmanpt 07 Apr 2016, 14:09


She has managed so far not wearing her glasses full time mostly because her eye that was only -.75 SPH -1.00 CYL, which I assume might be her left eye since you listed it 2nd, was still providing her with good enough vision that she could get by without her glasses. But even with your idea of increasing her glasses a bit more her vision in that has deteriorated enough that she is going to find it much harder to see without her glasses anyway and with the additional -.25 your planning on adding on her glasses are going to be twice as strong for that eye now. Generally speaking many people once they reach -1.50 often start wearing their glasses much more often if not full time. And given the fact that she has a fair amount of CYL in that eye her glasses are really going to be much closer to being -2.00 in that eye. Her other eye including her CYL is more like -2.25 when you get her those glasses you plan to get for her. The good news is for you that i'm sure her optometrist has told her that her eyes have gotten more nearsighted so she shouldn't have any reason to question her glasses because i'm sure she knows that with new glasses her eyes re going to have to adjust to a change in prescription. Shes only 24 so young enough that her eyes won't have much trouble adjusting to her new glasses and I think as soon as her eeys adjust she is going to quickly find out that when she takes her glasses off things are much more blurry than they were before with her current glasses and she will almost certainly be wearing them much often and most likely full time which is exactly what your wanting. Of course remember it will help considerably if you tell her how good she looks wearing her new glasses.

Dan 07 Apr 2016, 08:29

Please note that her age is 24 .


Dan 07 Apr 2016, 08:26



N0 actualy. She doesnt want to wear her glasses full time until now. I hope has to wear them with new prescription. I like her wearing her glasses full time.


Soundmanpt 07 Apr 2016, 07:43


Since she is already getting an increase I don't think she would have any reason to question her new glasses if they were -.25 stronger than prescribed in each eye. But I think going anymore than that might be pushing it and i'm sure you don't want her to question her new glasses. I assume your wife already wears her glasses full time? I'm sure she is used to getting increases and knows when she gets new glasses it always takes a little while for her eyes to adjust to the new prescription.

Likelenses 06 Apr 2016, 23:49


Depending on her age.she can probably handle at least -.50 overcorrection for each eye.

CJ 06 Apr 2016, 22:40

I have an older sister, and she is already married with a family of her own. She does, however live nearby in the same neighborhood.

Dan 06 Apr 2016, 20:26


My wifes' previous prescription was -1.50 -0.50 and -0.75 -1.00 .

Yesterday she went to doctor and got new prescription of -1.75 -0.5 and -1.25 -1.00.

I thought of ordering -2.00 -0.50 and -1.5 -1.00 .

Will it be noticble to her? Will she have problems with eye sight?

Thought of buying sunglases as well.

Please give your ideas.

Thank you

Cactus Jack 05 Apr 2016, 22:20


Loss of a child can destroy a family. It almost did mine when my little sister contracted Leukemia when she was about 15. I was 22, out of college and in the Army. My little brother was about 7 and I am convinced that it harmed him pretty badly psychologically.

Do you have any other Brothers or Sisters?


CJB 05 Apr 2016, 21:53

Cactus Jack

I have a pretty solid relationshio with my parents, we talk about everything with each other. Due to recent events though, there is not much talking going on in our house. Everyone has sort of been keeping to themselves since the funeral. At the beginning it seemed like we were going to get closerz but then after the funeral it was like being around one another just reminds us of the he loss, so we have sort of been keeping conversations to a minimal. My dad is business man, and my mom basically analyzes people's sleep, she is the person that conducts those sleep studies.

Cactus Jack 05 Apr 2016, 18:52


When you go for your "official" exam, you absolutely DO NOT want to wear any corrective glasses or even mention that you have been wearing any vision correction. Your ECP needs to be the one that analyzes the symptoms you report and uses his skills and tools, exclusively, on this particular exam without any obvious help from you. All tis vision stuff needs to be a mystery to you, but a few good questions can't hurt to demonstrate normal curiosity. The exam will be a semi-passive exercise.

You want him or her to decide that glasses would be appropriate, no matter what their prescription. That will be your official license to wear glasses and it will be readily apparent to your parents that you need vision correction.

I'll tell you how to deal with the trial exam(s). If they are successful, we may want to move the August exam up.

May I ask your relationship with your parents. Do you have casual conversations with them to talk about things you don't understand. May I ask your parents occupations? That may help phrase your questions.


Cactus Jack 05 Apr 2016, 18:37

Congratulations, you have been successful in more ways than one. We can probably advise you. We understand your desires and in general, we are not judgmental. Your genetics are a big factor in your potential success. If you have been following some of my conversations with CJB, you will have an idea about what is involved.

You have mentioned your age and that is a VERY important factor. I assume that you are still a student, but probably nearing graduation. Please correct me if I am wrong.

May I ask where you live and what are your future plans regarding University or learning a trade? What things are you interested in? Do you do much close work or very much reading? Do you play any sports?

These may seem like strange questions, but the more I know about you, the better suggestions I can make. You know how to contact me privately. Please feel free to do that if you are uncomfortable posting anything here. Also, I suggest you visit the Vision and Spex site and sign up for that. Education and learning about vision and how it works will be helpful to you. There is no magic to this process.


Anton 05 Apr 2016, 16:35

Quick correction in the last line or so of my post. "Here" should say "where."

Thanks to any and all future responses!


Anton 05 Apr 2016, 16:32

So first off, thanks to Cactus Jack for helping me out getting onto this website!

I never knew that there were people like me, fascinated and interest in myopia and glasses the way I am. I found this site and was delighted to see that this exists

A little background on me....I'm a 17 year old who currently has no myopia at all. (And I want to change this!) I have some -1.25 and -2 tucked away at home and only (and rarely) wear them when no one else is home. The main obstacle here is my parents and would be a weird convo to have.

Anyway the reason I'm posting here is I was wondering if there are ways in which I can in fact induce myopia. I have access to websites that I can purchase glasses on, but other than that I'm at a loss. I don't know here to start.... Thanks


CJB 05 Apr 2016, 15:43

Cactus Jack

I will be going to university next year, and I will live at home for the first semester, and reevaluate the second. I think the middle of May would be an appropriate time for the trial. I have a question, in August when I go to my normal eye doctor will I have to tell them I got glasses, or just pretend to not have any?

Cactus Jack 04 Apr 2016, 21:47


It has been a busy and hectic several days where I was going from about 6 in the morning until midnight. Unfortunately, some of my responses have been very terse.

Yes, at some point you will have to get your parents involved. That time is when you are pretty sure that you will actually get a prescription for glasses, after you have a successful "trial" exam or two. The way you do it is to begin displaying some of the symptoms of Myopia around your parents. Ideally, by then you will not be faking it and actually have a bit of myopia.

Some of the symptoms are:

Having difficulty reading the menu board in a fast food place.

Wanting to sit closer to the screen at the cinema

Squinting to help you read distant signs or small text on the TV,

Having difficulty recognizing friends across the street

Casually asking if your annual eye exam has been scheduled yet - That should beg the question, Why? Answer, you noticed that some of the street signs seem hard to read until you are pretty close, particularly at night.

Asking the the teachers if you could sit closer to the board

Mentioning to you parents that one of your classmates (not Scott) mentioned that they though I ought to get an eye exam when I asked if he would lend me his notes.

You get the idea.

Hopefully you will get an "Official" prescription and some officially sanctioned glasses. Once you start wearing glasses full time. You can do almost anything you want to as long as you keep the same or very similar frames.

There are some things you can do in an eye exam to get a slightly stronger prescription, but that can wait until you are pretty sure you are ready for an exam. It is pretty easy, but not obvious. It involves some of the principles of optical physics.

It would be nice if your first official prescription was Sphere in the -0.75 to -1.00 range with maybe a bit of Cylinder thrown in for good measure.

Will you be going to University while living ant home or in another city? Once you start in University, the reading load is notorious for causing increases in Myopia and sometimes the need for Bifocals.


CJB 04 Apr 2016, 20:33

Cactus Jack

At some point my parents would have to know, so I can wear glasses infront of them. When do you think the correct time is? I realize you are a busy man, so I would like to say thank you so much for always clearing up time to respond to me.

Cactus Jack 04 Apr 2016, 13:34


I will give you a better answer after I get back form an errand, but you don't need parental permission to get an eye exam. All you need to be able to do is pay the exam fee. A typical eye exam, without dilation, does not really involve much more than looking through some trial lenses of different powers. Fundamentally, what you wind up which is a piece of paper with a prescription on it. Some places will try to sell you some glasses, but you don't have to buy from them. By law they cannot refuse to give you your prescription because that is what you paid for.

More later. It really is not difficult.


CJB 03 Apr 2016, 23:07

Cactus Jack

I like the idea of a practice run before going to my normal doctor in August. I think I would really like to do that. How do I exactly accomplish this, though? Can a 17 year old schedual themseleves an appointmnet and go to it parentless? Or do I need to involve my parents? If I need to include my parents should I be upfront and tell them I would like to get my eyes checked because I am having trouble seeing? Or do I let them notice I am struggling and get them to make me an appointment? If it is the second how should I react when they say something about me struggling to see? Relieved? Defensive? Surprised? Mad? Happy? Sad? Or just unbothered? At thr appointment is there any way I can make sure I will get out of there with strongest possible glasses that are still reasonable? Are there tips and tricks I need to know/practice? What, if any specific symptoms should I complain about? Should I behsve a certain wsy at the appointment?

I think this is it, I want to give this whole thing a go. Maybe by the end of April, or begining of May. Hopefully vy having this run I can get a nice (strong(er)) pair of prescription glasses by August.

Also, once I get my own glasses (he says so hopefully, again) how do I insure I keep getting stronger and stronger glasses every time? Is that when I should start stacking contacts with glasses for more strength? Will this be where I get fit for contacts? I want too keep gettibg as strong glasses as I can without being obvious to what I am doing for as long as I can worsen my vision. I am 17, and I hear vision stops worsening in the mid twenties, so I have less than trnbyear to work on my dream. Lucky people who have already had hlasses forever. Lucky Scott. Talking about Scott he also vannot wait until I get my own glasses so we can both wear our glasses anywhere and everywhere together. He thinks we should get matching frames.

Thank you so much for all your help so far, you have been amazing, and I cannot thank you enough, but this is far from over, and I will keep thanking you the whole way because you are heloing a "kid" with his dream. I want to do this right and I can't do it without your help. Thanks for being such an awesome mentor!!! So sorry for the stack of questions. When I get excited I babble on and on (or in this case type on and on) without any fikter ti helo me stop the unnecessary/boring stuff. If you are still reading I am so sortu for this blabfest. I will stop myself now. Stopping. Have a great day, and once again thank you for everything! Have a great day or night! I am not going to proof read because if I do I will surely add two new paragraphs because I am so excited, so sorry for all the mistakes.


Cactus Jack 03 Apr 2016, 16:51


The difference is microscopic. Normally, glasses are prescribed in 0.25 diopter increments. In VERY rare instances an ECP will prescribe 1/8 diopter, but I think that borders on braggadocio. Even the vision of a person with "perfect" vision and health will experience very tiny refractive variations through out the day.

It is also rare for a person to have exactly the same prescription in each eye. Your eyes are really two independent body structures and while the body has bilateral symmetry it is very likely that your arms are not EXACTLY the same length and it is likely that your two feet are not the EXACT same size. You recently provided Scott's most recent prescription and there was a difference between his two eyes that did not exist in the glasses you have. Also, remember that Sphere and Cylinder & Axis, together, correct two completely different things and those things are independent of each other Sphere corrects Myopia, Hyperopia, and Presbyopia. Cylinder and Axis always go together (you can't have one without the other) and correct Astigmatism.

You are making excellent progress. In fact, I believe you are doing much better than I would have expected. The important thing now is to just keep on keeping on and if possible go to a slightly stronger prescription. Maybe something like -3.00 or -3.50, hopefully without any Astigmatism correction. The reason I emphasize that you don't want any Astigmatism correction is that we don't know if you have any Astigmatism, based on your exams, I suspect that you don't have any Astigmatism or very little. If you try to wear glasses with Astigmatism correction that you do not need, your brain will try to compensate for it, but it has no way to do it. That leads to headaches and fatigue. If you read back in some of our Inducing Myopia posts, you may notice that we emphasize that you should NEVER try to adjust your Cylinder and Axis correction, but copy it exactly in your new glasses prescription with some Sphere over correction. As you have noticed, you CAN, within reason, compensate for more MINUS than you need, but you CANNOT compensate for incorrect Astigmatism correction. That is why you should NEVER buy glasses for Inducing Myopia or doing GOC that were made for someone else.

As far as preparations for an eye exam, remember as Shakespeare said in "As You Like It" " All the world's a stage etc." and you need to play the role of a newly discovered Myope. We will teach you your role and how to play the part.

You could actually get a "trial" exam now if you want, but you need to NOT go to the same ECP you went to last time. You want to save that ECP until you KNOW that it is very likely that there will be confirmation that you need glasses. Consider that Eye Exam as a rehearsal for the actual performance. The key there is the symptoms you report and your responses during the exam.


P.S. it would be very helpful if I had a bit more information about you and where you live that you may not wish to post here. If you want to chat about this privately, please contact me at

CJB 03 Apr 2016, 15:24

Also, based on what Svensot said should I be worried that my eyes are ptobably not the same?

CJB 03 Apr 2016, 15:13

Cactus Jack,

Sorry for not knowing about the camera stuff. I would love to learn more about the stuff you think I should know before my appointment. I want it to go perfectly, and I do not want it wasted, aif I go, I want to come out with my very own first pair of glasses.

Likelenses 01 Apr 2016, 21:23

Cactus Jack

CJB could also wear the Rx glasses several hours before,and just prior to the exam,and then remove them and just wear sun glasses in to the appointment. That could be his explanation for the red marks.

Cactus Jack 01 Apr 2016, 20:32


The reason I asked about about photography, is that it would save some time if you were familiar with f stops and Depth of Field effects of small lens openings. Depth of Field means the Range of Useful Focus. High end lenses usually have indicators to give the photographer an idea of the range of useful focus. By adjusting the f stop, you get a graphic indication of how bright light causes your pupils to contract. If you don't have much Myopia, you notice that you see much better in bright conditions than you do at night. Ideally, eye exams or even our simple test should be done in fairly low light conditions so your pupils will open up and any refractive error will have a more pronounced effect.

The reason I asked about the frames and if they were leaving a mark on your nose, is that is a pretty good clue that you have been wearing glasses. If they did leave a mark, you would need to stop wearing the glasses for a longer period before a "first" eye exam. The will need to be a little deceptive if you want to get some glasses and the examiner needs to be thinking myopia and minus first glasses.

The more you understand about this stuff, the better job you can do playing the part of a new Myope.


svensont 01 Apr 2016, 11:30


It looks like your left eye is now -0.41D and your right eye -0.44D. Without Scott's glasses your vision should be blurry beyond about 7ft.

You are making a really good progress

CJB 01 Apr 2016, 09:29

Cactus Jack,


1. Both of Scott's parents are nearsighted, and one wears bifocals now.

2. My phone's is the only camera I have used in a really long time, so I would have to say no.

3. Scott is 18 now, and sorry but he has had way too many glasses over the years to remember when he had these exactly, but he thinks it was 10.

4. They are those small rectangular plastic ones, without nose pads, and they do not leave any marks, except behind my ears, because they are a little tight width wise, but my hair covers the marks, so no one sees them.

Also, I did the test again:

Left eye I got: 21 and 3/16 of an inch, 20 and 13/16 of an inch, 20 and 7/8 of an inch, 20 and 1/2 of an inch, and 20 and 5/8 of an inch.

Right eye I got: 20 and 1/2 of an inch, 20 and 3/16 of an inch, 20 and 3/8 of an inch, 20 and 5/16 of an inch, and 20 and 1/8 of an inch.


Thank you for the suggestion, but there is not one around me.

Likelenses 31 Mar 2016, 19:42


If you decide to get an eye exam on your own,and if you live in the U.S.,look and see if there is an America's Best optical near you.

For $ 69.95 you get a free exam,and two pair of decent quality glasses.

It would be helpful to tell the doctor that you are having trouble seeing clearly at night,especially when driving.

Cactus Jack 31 Mar 2016, 19:21


Excellent progress. When you focus at about 12 inches with Scott's -2.25 glasses you are providing about +5.50 diopters of Accommodation. About 2 weeks ago you could only supply +4.25 of Accommodation. To be able to wear Scott's current glasses you would need about +9.50 of accommodation. Remember, this is not much different than going to the gym and lifting weights. You are strengthening your Ciliary Muscles. Could you ultimately wear glasses with significant (-)? Maybe. But probably not as strong as Scott's current glasses. It depends on your genes. Scott may have a strong genetic propensity for Myopia. Do either of his parents wear Minus glasses?

After you have been wearing Scott's -2.25 glasses for an extended period, consider doing the distance test again without Scotts glasses, but with the +1.50 readers.

The key clue that it is time to start thinking about an eye exam is when distant signs, the white board in class, and the menu board in a fast food place is beginning to look a little fuzzy. Particularly in low light conditions.

Have you ever done any Photography with a high end camera that has a lens setting for adjusting the f stop?

You want to be sure that you are definitely having some distance vision problems without glasses before you start reporting any symptoms. If you don't actually get a prescription at the exam, you will have blown your chance for 6 months to a year.

You might ask Scott if he has any glasses that are a little stronger than these.

May I ask Scott's age now and how old he was when he wore the -2.25 glasses?

If you want to get an Eye Exam on your own, for cash, as an experiment, you can. You don't need anyone's permission. We can tell you what to say and what symptoms to report. The key thing is that you want to use a large optical chain that is not too close to where you will go for your exam in August. We need to talk about that, maybe in private.

A few more questions, for today. What is the frame style of Scott's glasses you are wearing. Plastic or Metal? Do they have Nose Pads? After you have been wearing them for a while, do they leave any marks on your nose?


CJB 31 Mar 2016, 16:07

Hey guys,

Just felt like posting an update. I have continued wearing Scott's glasses as much as possible, and I think it is really working, and I am getting used to my visiin with the glasses. Now with Scott's glasses on I can read about a foot away. It is a little dificult still, but not imposible. More than abything else, I truely feel like a glasses guy now from wearing Scott's glasses so much. I saw an old friend I had not seen in about 2 years last week, and she even complemented my new look by saying I looked great in glasses, and how my face was made to have glasses on. I really cannot wait to get my own glasses. Also, I finally convinced Scott ti let me try on his current pair of glasses, and may I say WOW if only I could need glasses like those. I loved the way they felt on my nose. They were the perfect weight. They did however hurt my eyes even looking tgrough tgem fir a second, and I could not see anything. I only dream of wearing glasses like those one day. Do you guys think it is possible? Lastly, for now, I was winderibg when and if I should start acting like I am having troubke seeing infront of my parents, or should I just act surprised when I get glasses (he says filled with hope and optimism)?

Cactus Jack 29 Mar 2016, 17:16

Myopic Jack,

There are two kinds of Myopia. Axial or True Myopia is caused by the eyeball growing too long for the eye's lens system. True Myopia has a strong genetic component and usually by the mid-20s your genes will not let the eyeball grow, no matter how hard you try.

However, the other type of Myopia, called Pseudo or False Myopia, is caused by the Crystalline Lenses and Ciliary Muscles. Pseudo Myopia and Latent Hyperopia are actually the same things, but just on different sides of 0.00. You might be able to induce some Pseudo Myopia, but the older you get, the harder it is to do because of Presbyopia. BYW, it does not matter which type of Myopia you have, the solution is the same for both.

The main point is that if you want to try, you have to get started ASAP, but you need to understand that there are no guarantees and if you do anything, it won't be much. GOC may be a better option for you. Age can be a factor but, you need to be able to wear contact lenses.

May I as a few questions?

1. What is your current COMPLETE prescription?

2. Have you ever worn Contact Lenses?

3. Where do you live?


Myopic Jack 29 Mar 2016, 13:00


to what age do you think, it is possible to increase myopia.

Still in your mid-40´s? Any chance?

Xbone 25 Mar 2016, 09:02


Can't support the "driving" part. "I don't feel in any sort of danger" is what drunk drivers say.

Ben 24 Mar 2016, 20:03

Hello everyone, it has been awhile since I have checked in.

I have ran out of my -10 contacts so I decided to move up to -12 since I felt I was accommodating quite well with the -10s.

They arrived today, and I am back to having some trouble with reading close up. I can read my computer just fine, however, reading my phone less than a foot away is a struggle.

My distance vision is fine with the -12s, especially during the day. Driving at night is a bit harder with the lights of the other cars, but it is definitely doable and I don't feel in any sort of danger while driving.

I will try to update more often, as I have been very infrequent with my updates, even though I do read this site daily.

Soundmanpt 22 Mar 2016, 10:06


How are you doing with your glasses? You seemed to be doing just fine wearing them. Are you feeling more comfortable wearing glasses now? Are you doing any better with being able to wear your glasses when driving at night?

til 18 Mar 2016, 15:45

The overcorrected night driving thing is still a mystery to be solved in my opinion. Going by personal experience the lens coating influences the overall vision quality but even with high quality coating the problem with oncoming car lights remains. You just seem to get star like reflections from light sources. Diopters and the accustomation of the brain seem to play a part in this. I'm emmetropic and have perfect (normal) night vision with up to - 3.5, anything above is not safe.

Maybe some of our high experienced members can shed some light on this ;-)

Soundmanpt 18 Mar 2016, 15:00


Based on what you say it seems like your going to be just fine wearing your -1.25 glasses. You've only had your glasses a few days and your eyes seem to be adjusting to them without any problems. Your distance vision I know has to be really extremely sharp and clear. I was more concerned with how well you could manage seeing things close up such as a newspaper or book for long periods of time if you had to. So far you seem okay with that as well. That only leaves the problem with wearing glasses and driving at night to solve. You didn't say but I assume your glasses are fine with driving during the day? Actually "Antonio" maybe right about not having an AR coating (anti-reflective) on your lenses. You may have missed seeing the option for that coating when you placed your order for your glasses. I know of several friends that went on their own and ordered glasses from Zenni and when I asked them if they remembered to get the AR coating they had no idea what I was even talking about. The coating only costs $5.00 but it is worth every penny. I think your glasses are fine and not too strong but your not really used to wearing glasses when your driving and at night it is even harder. What your seeing is the glare from overhead street lights and oncoming car headlights hitting your lenses and that is what is bothering your eyes. I think the more you continue wearing your glasses you will not notice the glare as much as you do now. One thing you did find out when you were attempting to drive at night with your glasses on is that your eyes were so adjusted to your glasses that when you took your glasses off things were blurry enough that you had to wait a minute or so for your eyes to refocus in order to see to drive. This should be encouraging to you since that is what your hoping will happen, but of course you want that blur to stay when you take your glasses off. But if nothing else now you know that even if you it is too late for you to induce any real myopia you can still wear minus glasses without any problem. Your already learning about how much blur your glasses causes your eyes when you take them off so all you would ever need to do is squint a little and claim you see something without your glasses even if you can see it perfectly. Remember if they try your glasses they will certainly notice that they are very real glasses and should have no reason to ever question your need for glasses.

So I am sure you never bothered getting glasses with your real +.25 prescription and these then are your first glasses. So what kind of comments have you been getting form everyone. Were you nervous about wearing glasses that first day or so?

antonio 18 Mar 2016, 10:10

Hi Janie,

interesting experiment you do.

I think for driving you need new lenses with anti-reflective coating in your glasses. That could help a bit.

The fact that your eyes needed some minutes already to get back to normal view means they are really adapting to your new glasses.

If you proceed wearing them so often, might happen that in a few weeks or even months your eyes don´t go back to normal sight without them, but remain kind of nearsighted without your glasses giving you a blurry sight which is bad to drive with especially at night.

Probably your eyes won´t need so soon -1,25, i.e. your full glasses strength to see, but they might start to need the power of -0,5 or -0,75 of corrective lenses in some weeks or months to make you see clearly again.

So think good about wearing them or not in advance,

if you like we can chat on lenschat,

best regards, Antonio

Janie 18 Mar 2016, 02:48

Hi all,

Thanks for your comments.

For these few days i wore the glasses. Now feels like its normal. But at night i couldnt drive with glasses because with lights i couldnt see any thing. After i take them off while driving, stil i had to wait more than a minute to able to see normal again.


CJB 17 Mar 2016, 15:39


I wear Scott's glasses about 75-80% of the time everyday.

CJB 17 Mar 2016, 15:38

Scott's current prescription is riggt eye -11.25, left eye -10.75 and right eye astigmatism -1.5 and left eye astigmatism -1.25.

Soundmanpt 16 Mar 2016, 13:57


I agree with "Likelenses" you're being a little too aggressive by getting glasses that are -1.25 because they are just a little too strong for your eyes. Actually since your own actual vision is +.25 that means that what your doing is the same as trying to wear -1.50 glasses. Really if you asked I also would have suggested that you start off with -.75 glasses since that would be in effect the same as wearing -1.00 glasses to your eyes. Now it seems your finding it rather difficult to wear your glasses full time which is critical if you have any hope of inducing any myopia at all. Not at all surprising that they are feeling much too strong when your doing close work and you must be straining even to see with the for distance. You really need to go back in an order the exact same glasses as you got from Zenni but with -.75 lenses. They will feel much better to your eyes and you should be able to see much better with the weaker lenses for driving and close work. The last thing we would want is for you to have an accident because your glasses are too strong and you weren't seeing very well. After a few weeks or so your eyes should be adjusted to your glasses and then you can start trying to wear your -1.25 glasses that you have without anyone noticing your wearing different glasses. Hard to say if will be able to induce any myopia or not but your eyes should at least be able to tolerate your -1.25 glasses and allow you to wear them very comfortably even if your actual vision never changes. But for now the main thing is for you get glasses that you can wear comfortably full time and make a point to put your glasses on as soon as you open your eyes each day and don't take them off until you are turning the lights out for bed that night.

Cactus Jack 16 Mar 2016, 08:30


You are making good progress and you need to keep up your efforts.

You can do the simple math to measure your progress as well as we can. When you wear the +1.50 reading glasses, they have the same optical effect as if you had -1.50 of myopia. The whole purpose of he +1.50 glasses is to get the distances into an easy to measure, range. If you did not use the +1.50 glasses, a small amount of myopia, say -0.25 would cause blurriness beyond about 13 feet which is not a practical distance for the test.

The math is easy 39.37 (1 meter)/1.50 = ~26.25 inches. When you did the test you got an average of ~22.5 inches. 39.37/22.5 = ~1.75 which means that your vision with the +1.50 glasses was as if you were wearing +1.75 glasses or +0.25 diopters more than you were wearing. Remember that people with myopia effectively have "built in" reading (plus) glasses. That in turn means that when you did the test you had created -0.25 diopters of myopia.

One of the things that makes understanding this process, difficult is realizing that glasses or contact lenses neutralize or cancel out, refractive errors.

You asked about symptoms. When you go for an exam, you should tell the examiner that you seem to be having some problems seeing the board clearly and that when you drive, distant road signs don't seem very clear, particularly at night. I suspect, by August you will have created more than -0.25.

It is good to know that you have a selection of Optometrists available. That will come in handy later. If convenient, you might inquire about the fee for an exam for glasses.

Just out of curiosity, what is Scott's present prescription.


svensont 16 Mar 2016, 01:06


you are making a good progress,

at the beginning the distance was about 26.5-27 inches, now it's 22-23, so it's like -0.25D of myopia.

How much time in % do you wear Scott's glasses?

CJB 15 Mar 2016, 23:11

The drivers test did require an vision test, and I took it withiut glasses because I took the test at the begining of January(before I started tryibg ti induce some myopia), but never picked up/ got my license made until Monday. Since I am not precribed glasses I did not wear them to take my picture, or to the tag agency in general.

Likelenses 15 Mar 2016, 21:57


Did you drivers test include a vision test?

Did you take the test with glasses on?

CJB 15 Mar 2016, 21:11

I do have my drivers license, in fact I just got it on Monday. I did the test, and the numbers I got for my left eye were- 22 and 3/4 of an inch, 22 and 7/16 of an inch, 23 and 1/8 of an inch, 22 and 7/8 of an inch and 23 and 5/16 of an inch. For my right eye the numbers were- 22 and 3/8 of an inch, 22 and 11/16 of an inch, 21 and 15/16 of an inch, 22 and 1/8 of an inch and 22 and 13/16 of an inch. What does this mean? Is the process working( do you think I have induced some myopia)? If so, how much so far(If I were to get an eye exam right now, would I get glasses, and what do you think their power would be)?

I have looked up six other optometrists, and they all have appointmnets available the after the 16th of August, and before I head off to school in the fall. I called as an unknown number, and used a fake name when asking about dates because I wanted to run this by you first. My appointment has to be in or after tye 16th of August, since that is when I had my last eye ecam last year and I only get one free one per year through the insureance company.

What symptoms are you talking about?

Likelenses 15 Mar 2016, 20:11


I think that you can induce some myopia,even at the age of 27.

You may be better off starting off with -.75,but it is worth a try with the -1.25.

Beside wearing the glasses for every waking hour,I suggest that you hold any reading material to include the computer as close as you can tolerate.Try to do at least an hour of close reading continuously with out taking a break,or looking away. every day.Also get in the habit of squinting when looking at distant objects.

If you can do this I think that you could be a girl with -2.00,to -3.00,in about a year.

Janie 15 Mar 2016, 19:07


This is first post from me in here ☺

Im 27 year old girl who has +0.25 in both eyes.

If i tell you the truth, i don't like to wear + glasses because of their look.

But i like minus glasses very much. I think im very lucky if i can wear minus glasses whole of my life.

So i took below decision to get miopia. Please advice me what will be the out come of the below.

I ordered -1.25 glases from zenni and i recieved 2 days ago. I wore most of the time of the day . Begning i had little dificult to work in computer. But how ever i wore it with eye strain. Night i went to a party with them. It was little dificult to drive and cope up with lights. But i didnt take them off until i go to bed.

So will i get miopia by doing this? Plese advice . If not, please tell me how to achieve this. Thank you

Cactus Jack 13 Mar 2016, 16:19


It sounds like you are making good progress in strengthening your Ciliary Muscles. To be able to focus comfortably in the 19 to 21 inch range, requires about +2.00 diopters on top of the +2.25 required to compensate for Scott's -2.25 glasses, for a total of +4.25. It was not all that long ago that you were having a bit of a struggle to see distance objects clearly with Scott's glasses.

You have done amazingly well, considering the limited resources at your disposal.

As a short term goal, I would suggest that you should try to work reading with the -2.25 glasses in to about 13 inches. It won't happen suddenly and it will probably be easier when you are well rested.

If you are in a situation where you need to do some close work, but cannot wear Scott's glasses, try to hold the book as close as you reasonably can. As an FYI, +4.25 of accommodation is like focusing at about 9 inches without glasses.

When it is convenient, I would suggest that you do the test wearing ONLY the +1.50 glasses and measure the distance where the text becomes slightly fuzzy. Ideally, you will be able to do this test after a long period of reading with the -2.25 glasses. Initially, you may be disappointed with the results. Vision with +1.50 glasses, for a person who has 0.00 refractive error, should just become fuzzy at a distance of about 26 inches. If you measure less than 26 inches, you are having some success, but don't sweat it if you can't tell much difference yet. This is not a sudden process.

I would also suggest that you start saving up a little money for an eye exam by a DIFFERENT ECP than you typically visit. I will tell you what symptoms you have before your visit to any ECP.

Another question, do you have a Driver's License yet?


CJB 13 Mar 2016, 11:54

Cactus Jack

sorry it has been a while. I was just so busy with midterms, but I did a measurement and I can comfortably read about 19 inches away with Scott's glasses on. I did 10 measurements going away from my face until I could read the page without struggle, and the average distance was 21.4 inches. Is this good, as in where I should be now, or not?

CJB 03 Mar 2016, 14:03

Cactus Jack

I will post on here later with measurements. As far as eye doctors appointment, I already have one scheduled for the middle of August. I have always gone in around that tine every year, and after the appointment they ask us to book our next appointment. Right now my appointment is set for August 19th. I woulf appreviate talking about what do before during and after ny appoinent though.

Cactus Jack 02 Mar 2016, 19:57


I have been wondering about how you were doing also. Have you been noticing that it is easier to focus closer with Scott's glasses? Ideally, what is occurring is that you are strengthening your Ciliary Muscles, which makes it easier to add the extra PLUS you need to compensate for the -2.25 for distance AND add the extra PLUS beyond that for close focusing.

If possible, please keep us informed with some numbers such as the distance you can comfortably (relative term) read with the -2.25s. Ideally, it should be gradually coming down.

Please do not schedule an eye exam until we have talked about what you will need to do before and during the exam.


CJB 02 Mar 2016, 17:32

Its great. I have been wearing glasses pretty much nonstop. I only take them off at home when i am not in my room and my parents are home. Hopefylly everthing works out great, and by the time I have ny annual eye doctor's appointment I will need glasses.

svensont 02 Mar 2016, 09:11


How is your progress?

Cactus Jack 28 Feb 2016, 08:55


The test is pretty easy. It is a practical application of the basic laws of optics codified by Sir Isaac Newton about 300 years ago.

The idea is to use known power, sphere only, PLUS glasses to simulate myopia. Measure the apparent myopia and then compare it to what should have been created by the PLUS glasses. The +1.00 readers are not strong enough for the test, but the +2.50 readers should work.

You will need a book or newspaper with normal sized type and a tape measure, yard stick, or meter stick, in addition to the +2.50 readers.

1. Good, but not super bright conditions, put on the +2.50 readers (only).

2. hold the book or newspaper close enough for the text to be sharp and clear.

3. Gradually move the text away from you until the smallest text just begins to get fuzzy.

4. Measure and note the distance from you eyes to the text. Try to be as accurate as you can. Also, try to keep your eyes relaxed during the test (IOW, don't try to help).

5. Do this 3 times and average the distance.

6. Tell me the results. and I will do the calculations

The calculations are really easy and you will be able to do the test anytime you want to measure your progress.

Answers to your questions.

1. At 31, you should have quite a bit of accommodation available. It depends on how well your Ciliary Muscles are conditioned. Some years ago, I worked with an EXTREMELY motivated, mid 20s, client who was moderately myopic (-4.00) and badly needed to be at least -5.50 with strong dilation. He was able to work himself up to wearing -20.00 glasses while studying. Because his Axial myopia was -4.00 and Vertex Distance effect of -20.00 glasses his Pseudo Myopia was approximately -12.00. He was able to retain enough Pseudo Myopia to fail the eye test with about -6.00.

2. It is likely that if you work your way up to -3 or -4 you will be able to sustain it for quite some time.

3. Ultimately, you will need bifocals or even trifocals for closer work, probably sooner than is typical, because you have used up much of your accommodation range compensating for the MINUS glasses.

4. Can't tell for sure, but it is likely that two thing have happened. You have strengthened your Ciliary Muscles and you may have increased the residual PLUS being supplied by your Ciliary Muscles. You may have induced a little Pseudo Myopia. Hopefully the test will confirm that.

May I ask your occupation and how much close work you do with a computer or reading?

Also, I would like to ask you to contact me privately at


Cactus Jack 28 Feb 2016, 08:55


The test is pretty easy. It is a practical application of the basic laws of optics codified by Sir Isaac Newton about 300 years ago.

The idea is to use known power, sphere only, PLUS glasses to simulate myopia. Measure the apparent myopia and then compare it to what should have been created by the PLUS glasses. The +1.00 readers are not strong enough for the test, but the +2.50 readers should work.

You will need a book or newspaper with normal sized type and a tape measure, yard stick, or meter stick, in addition to the +2.50 readers.

1. Good, but not super bright conditions, put on the +2.50 readers (only).

2. hold the book or newspaper close enough for the text to be sharp and clear.

3. Gradually move the text away from you until the smallest text just begins to get fuzzy.

4. Measure and note the distance from you eyes to the text. Try to be as accurate as you can. Also, try to keep your eyes relaxed during the test (IOW, don't try to help).

5. Do this 3 times and average the distance.

6. Tell me the results. and I will do the calculations

The calculations are really easy and you will be able to do the test anytime you want to measure your progress.

Answers to your questions.

1. At 31, you should have quite a bit of accommodation available. It depends on how well your Ciliary Muscles are conditioned. Some years ago, I worked with an EXTREMELY motivated, mid 20s, client who was moderately myopic (-4.00) and badly needed to be at least -5.50 with strong dilation. He was able to work himself up to wearing -20.00 glasses while studying. Because his Axial myopia was -4.00 and Vertex Distance effect of -20.00 glasses his Pseudo Myopia was approximately -12.00. He was able to retain enough Pseudo Myopia to fail the eye test with about -6.00.

2. It is likely that if you work your way up to -3 or -4 you will be able to sustain it for quite some time.

3. Ultimately, you will need bifocals or even trifocals for closer work, probably sooner than is typical, because you have used up much of your accommodation range compensating for the MINUS glasses.

4. Can't tell for sure, but it is likely that two thing have happened. You have strengthened your Ciliary Muscles and you may have increased the residual PLUS being supplied by your Ciliary Muscles. You may have induced a little Pseudo Myopia. Hopefully the test will confirm that.

May I ask your occupation and how much close work you do with a computer or reading?

Also, I would like to ask you to contact me privately at


Plugin 28 Feb 2016, 05:16


I'm not familiar with this test but I'd like to try it. I have a couple of old pairs of reading glasses lying around. One pair of +1.0 and a pair of +2.5.

As far as wearing minus lenses go I see myself wearing -3.0. I probably will not want to go any higher than this and I'm not sure my eyes will want to let me. I have a couple of questions

1. If I am able to induce some pseudomyopia at what strength might this be?

2. Will I be able to sustain it?

3. What will happen when I become a presbyope, will I just need to take my glasses off to read or will I likely still need plus lenses?

4. Why do you think my vision has improved when my accommodation is relaxed after wearing the minus lenses?

Cactus Jack 27 Feb 2016, 21:32


I agree that it is doubtful that you can develop any Axial or True Myopia. I strongly suggest that your genes simply won't let that happen. However, you may be able to develop some Pseudo or False Myopia.

Latent Hyperopia and Pseudo Myopia are actually the same thing on the two sides of 0.00. So the fact that you developed some Latent Hyperopia is a good thing. The usual cause of Latent Hyperopia is the Ciliary Muscles getting so used to squeezing your Crystalline lenses to add some extra PLUS to correct Hyperopia that they have difficulty relaxing for distance. By wearing the -1.50 contact lenses, you are forcing your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses to produce an extra +2.25 for distance and even more PLUS for close focusing. The trick is to keep up the pressure and gradually increase the MINUS in either contacts or glasses.

Have you noticed the simple eye test, that you can do with some PLUS reading glasses, a book or newspaper, and a tape measure, that I have posted here? If you would like to try it, we may need to modify the test slightly because of your hyperopia.

If you work at it, you may be able to maintain significant Myopia long after Presbyopia sets in. While Pseudo Myopia is considered temporary, as your Crystalline Lenses get stiffer, it slows down the relaxation process.


Plugin 27 Feb 2016, 12:23


Good afternoon from Scotland. I've just discovered I'm a latent hyperope however like others long for the look of the minus lens on glasses.

This might seem a little robotic but I'm going to list the following information in separate lines for easy and quick understanding.

I am 31 years old.

I am a latent hyperope 0.75 in each eye.

No astigmatism found in exam (not sure if it was tested for)

I have conscious control of ciliary muscles. (Can make everything blur at will)

I have better than 20/20 vision - somewhere between 20/10 and 20/15.

I am currently wearing -1.50 in each eye with contact lenses.

I have ordered -1.75 glasses from zenni but I'm already sure I could go stronger than this.

My understanding is that I will probably never become myopic and that even if I wear strong minus lenses eventually I'll have to take them off due to presbyopia developing. I have noticed that in the short few weeks that I have been wearing the -1.5 contacts that when I take them off and relax my ciliary muscles that the blur I usually experience is much less than before. To give you an idea of this - before I started wearing the minus lenses a +2.0 pair of readers were needed to correct the lack of accommodation. Now I can make out the numbers on my wrist watch so a definite improvement.

What do you think?

Cactus Jack 27 Feb 2016, 06:28


I don't know how it is in Russia, but there is a very old saying here "Men seldom make passes at girls who wear glasses" .We know today ,that is not true, because carefully chosen glasses can often make a woman more attractive. we also know that some men are attracted to girls who wear glasses, just as there are girls who are attracted to men wearing glasses.

I am not trying to pry into your love life, but I need to know a bit more about you and your wife to make suggestions.

1. How long had you known your wife before you got married?

2. Had you ever seen her wearing glasses before or when you were dating?

3. When she was wearing her glasses, did you ever complement her on how beautiful she looked when she was wearing them?

Both men and women want to be attractive to their mates, but they often think that what they like is also what their mate likes.

The important thing is to not try to rush anything. It is usually non-productive so you must be patient.

May I ask your occupation and educational background?

Have you studied English or are you using a translator program?


Likelenses 26 Feb 2016, 17:40


Cactus Jack,and Soundmanpt are correct,you should not try to be forceful.

You could show her some nice frames at an online optical,and let her pick the ones she likes.Tell her how fantastic you think she would look in them,and then offer to buy them for her.Then you could order one in her prescription,and another of the same frame with an increase of perhaps an additional -1.00.

When they arrive give her the ones in her prescription,and a day or two later while out doing something distant viewing demanding,suggest she try the other pair on.She may just like the high definition,and use them more frequently.

In addition to Soundmanpt's suggestions,perhaps you could rearrange the distance from her favorite chair to the TV,and put a few lower wattage light bulbs in the rooms

Be loving,and gentle,and always tell her how great she looks when wearing her glasses.

Soundmanpt 26 Feb 2016, 15:14


What you don't seem to understand is that even increasing your wife's glasses by -.50 her eyes are going to notice the difference in her glasses being stronger. Also just as "Cactus Jack "has told already told you, her current prescription is already at the point where she really should be wearing her glasses full time now and she refuses. So making her glasses any stronger isn't likely going to do anything if she doesn't wear them. Right now you really just need to encourage her to start wearing her glasses more often. Maybe try and find things that she would need really good vision in order to do very well so she has to wear her glasses. Things like target shooting with a gun or bow and arrow.

Shaun 26 Feb 2016, 11:24

Please note that i dnt want to force her to wear glasses. Thats why im trying to increase her prescription gradualy and make her difficult to stay without glases. Now she is not wearing because she can handle that vision. I just want to make her vision bad so she will compel to wear glasses.

Thnk you

Shaun 26 Feb 2016, 11:19

Sory for the previous post. Actualy i didnt get your questin in the previous post. Sory again.

Im nt wearing glasses yet . But i was wearing -1.5 glasses for last 3 mnths trying to induce miopia and i think i need now real glases. I like the feeling of glasses. Thats why im tring to do this. Im 26 and my wife is 24. We married 2 mnths ago. I love her very much. I have a special feeling towards her when she is wearing glasses. Thats the reasn im doing this. By the im from russia.

I appreciate your feed back and advice.

Thank you

Cactus Jack 26 Feb 2016, 09:31


You didn't answer my questions. I don't ask questions because I like typing. I have a reason.

First, you need to understand what your wife's prescription means. I will use some approximations because even though your wife's prescription is not very high, she has enough astigmatism to be an important factor in her vision. When you combine the Sphere (first number) and the Cylinder (second number), her Visual Acuity without correction is about the same as needing -1.75 Sphere only glasses or contacts.

If you have reasonably good vision, you can simulate needing -1.75 glasses by trying on a pair of +1.75 reading glasses. That means that every thing is increasingly fuzzy beyond about 22 inches or 57 cm. However, because of her astigmatism and the Cylinder component in her glasses, her vision is messed up, at all distances, without her glasses.

What all that means is that she should be wearing glasses full time. She definitely SHOULD NOT drive without her glasses and because of the astigmatism, she oribably finds it uncomfortable to read without her glasses.

Something that adds complexity to the fundamental issues is that the eyes are merely biological cameras. Vision occurs in the brain using the input from the eyes. The brain can correct blurry images, IF it knows what something is supposed to look like. In fact, the brain can create images with your eyes closed. Ever had a dream?

It is a curious phenomenon that when a person puts on their glasses for the first time, they often feel like the glasses have made their vision worse. That happens because it takes the brain a while to stop correcting the blurry and possibly slightly distorted images it has been used to working with.

The point of all this is to help you understand that your wife really needs to be wearing glasses full time, but something is overriding that need. It is likely vanity, but it could be something else.

You could order her some glasses with a SLIGHT increase in Sphere, but if she won't wear her present glasses, what makes you think you could FORCE her to wear some glasses that are initially uncomfortable. I don't know where you live or your cultural background. If you live in the "western" world and you tried that with the average woman, you would find yourself in Divorce Court.

There are important psychological issues involved here that are much more important than a glasses prescription. A brute force approach typically WILL NOT WORK and it is deadly to try one.

A few more questions:

1. What is your age?

2. How long has you been married?

3. Any Children?

4. What is your occupation?

5. Do you need any vision correction?

6. If so, what is your prescription?


Shaun 26 Feb 2016, 07:32

How ever I want to see her wearing some thick glasses all the time. I need your advise to increase her prescription


Cactus Jack 26 Feb 2016, 00:33


How do you like being married to your present wife? would you like to stay that way?


Shaun 25 Feb 2016, 22:33

My wife is -1.25 -0.75 and -1.00 - 1.25. She is trying always not to wear glasses. But i want her to wear all the time. I want her to induce some aditionl power and want to make it very dificult to stay without glases. She is 24 years. So please give me a tolarable and unnoticable prescription to ordr her new glasses online which makes her fully dependant on glasses.

Thank you

Cactus Jack 24 Feb 2016, 19:14


I am deeply sorry to hear of the tragedy in your family. I understand how something like that can affect a family. We lost my younger sister to leukemia when she was 16. I was 22 and in the Army, fortunately stationed only about 25 miles from our family home. The trauma, stress, and costs were very hard on Mom and Dad, which they never fully recovered from and also very hard on my younger 7 YO at the time brother. He did not fully understand what was going on and I am convinced that it has affected him all his adult life.

I think you made the right decision about not ordering glasses or contacts yet. The glasses are easy to order and pretty inexpensive form Zenni, but for now, any professional exam would be a waste of money. I don't know what the going fee for a CL exam is where you live, but here in Houston, it is $70 or at least was a few years ago when I had my last one. Dry Eye problems make wearing contacts uncomfortable for me now.

Now that I understand your situation, I will be better able to offer economical solutions and possibly work arounds. Here is a potentially low cost suggestion if you have any "dollar" stores where you live. Some of them sell VERY low cost reading glasses. If you can, check them out. What you are looking for is reading glasses in the +1.00 or +1.25 range. With Scott's glasses and the +1.50s you have the effective power of -0.75. If you could find some cheap +1.00 readers, that would give you the equivalent of -1.25 if worn over Scotts glasses. +1.00 readers are usually very hard to find because most people who need OTC readers wait until their arm become too short to be able to read and they need readers that are stronger than +1.00. If they don'e sell, stores won't buy them and the manufacturers won't make them. (Econ 101). If you keep working at it, I suspect you will be able to read pretty comfortably with Scott's glasses, by the end of March.

I saw a piece in today's (Feb 24) Wall Street Journal that you might find interesting. You may be able to access it from the school library. It is the lead article in the Personal Journal section. It is entitled "Why Solve the Unsolvable?". It is about a course all freshman engineering students are required to take at Northwestern University. They particularly focus on tackling problems without clear solutions, mostly as related aids for handicapped people. The purpose is to teach Empathy, Creativity, Teamwork, Brainstorming, Risk-taking, Humility, and Resiliency to young people who have no experience with difficulty accomplishing a task or even failure. Let me know if you want to read it, but can't access it. We'll work something out.


CJB 24 Feb 2016, 17:15

Cactus Jack,

I do understand that this will take tine, and won't happen overnight. Also, I want you to know I do respect and try to implemnet what you say. The reason I went for Scott's old glasses instead of ordering -1 glasses was because I do not have the money to order glasses right now. My famiky is kinf of in a money hole right now. My brother had gotten into an awful accident, and passed away about five months ago. As it happened he was in tye process of getting his own insurance because he was too old for the kids insurance, so we are still paying off about a month and a half of hospital bills. I really wanted to start this process and not wait for the timing to be right in the sense that I would not feel bad using money for unessential stuff. The best way ti do it was with Scott's glasses. I have taken you advise though, and when I am in my room, or have the house to myself I wear the old reading glasses over Scott's.

I mentioned all this because I just hope you understand that I do greatly appreciate you helping me through this process, but I want you to also understand that I have constraints at the time. I do not try to or want to directly and/or deliberately want to not do something you tell me to do, but like with the -1 glasses and Scott's glasses sometimes I have to settle because I do still live at with my parents (not full freedom) and the my family is in the unfortunate finacial situation I mentioned above. Please bare with me, and know I am doing my best to listen and take your advise.


Cactus Jack 24 Feb 2016, 15:26


First of all, your academic accomplishments are excellent. I won't feel uncomfortable discussing technical issues. I would like to suggest this link. It is pretty good. I think it will help you understand the amazing structure of the eye. In many ways it is very similar to a modern Digital Camera with a multi element lens system.

In addition this biological camera is very adaptable as the eye changes size as a person grows from infancy to adulthood. The more we understand the actual process, the more amazing it is. It leads one to wonder at the cleverness.

You are trying to artificially induce some eyeball growth, providing your genes will let you. Frankly, that does not happen very fast. Even people with aggressive Progressive Myopia, the rate doesn't usually exceed 2 to 3 diopters per year, which translates to about 0.3 mm per diopter of distance change from the back of the Crystalline Lens to the Retina.

Right now, you are working an a must quicker effect using only your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses. When you wear MINUS glasses you are exercising and strengthening your Ciliary Muscles when you compensate for the -2.25 as I have explained before. You are making progress using the tools you have. The technique is the same as used by a weight lifter at the gym. However, you need to remember that the effect is temporary.

Hopefully, you live in a large city with many Eye Care Professionals. In the process of getting glasses or contacts you need to be aware that you will often visit the ones you select ONLY ONE TIME. You don't want them to be able to check the results of your previous exam. Also, you will be more likely to get an "official" prescription from a large chain that is focused on selling glasses that from an independent ECP.

Please remember that we have been down this road before and know more about what can work and what definitely WILL NOT work. Having been a bright teen ager myself ( I graduated from High School when I was 16), I fully understand that you believe you have ALL the answers. The problem is that you don't know the questions, yet. I'm 78 and I understand that even at my age, I have heard a lot of the questions, but NOT ALL. It helps me keep an open mind. I suggest you make a conscious effort to open yours.

I sincerely believe you will be able to accomplish your goal, but it will not happen as fast as you want it to or will be as easy as you expect. I don't want you to get frustrated. You like puzzles and problem solving, but the solution to this one involves many factors you don't know about yet and are difficult to control. They are surmountable, but if you "paint yourself into a corner" the problem is harder to solve. Some of the problems involve Psychology and other peoples expectations and beliefs. In those instances, your wishes don't count for much and sometimes, you can't disclose them. Those elements are the hardest to deal with. The optics is the easy part.


CJB 24 Feb 2016, 13:19

Yesterday I tried using my laptop with just Scott's glasses on, it was not as bad as it was on friday when I had tried the same thing. I think I am finally getting used to wearing Scott's glasses. This morning I had to take off my glasses for the first time since friday morning, and it felt so weird not having glasses on. I now nore than ever feel like I am meant to wear glasses, I am optemistic that wearing Scott's glasses is going to do the magic. Things in the distance with Scott's glasses are almost perfect now, and tge medium distance is not that bad either, and reading small print on my phone is still pretty hard, but I have to admit it is better now than before. I think I am going try reading only with Scott's glasses from now on, and hopefully by Monday my vision with them on will be perfect at all distances.

CJB 23 Feb 2016, 00:53


I am actually a senior in high school, and I took chemistry my sophomore year, and it was okay, I feel like it may have been more interesting if ir were with another teacher because that teacher honestly hated me. As far as physics goes I took AP Physics 1 last year, and did not really enjoy it because my teacher was hardly present, so we always had subs which meant we had to teach ourselves. This year in AP Physics 2 with the same teacher I am actually really enjoying the class, and the topics much more than last year. I do believe we are supposed to go through waves and optics in April. I was aware of who sir Isaac Newton because I am in my second year of both calculus and physics. My calc teacher last year explained to us what you were talking about why Newton created calculus, so I did know.

Cactus Jack 22 Feb 2016, 10:14


Thank you. That helps me compose my answers in familiar terms. I am guessing your you are a Junior in High School. If you like Math, you should also consider some of the Sciences. Physics, and Chemistry, which I throughly enjoyed, were my favorites. I took Biology for one semester as an elective, but didn't much care for it, mostly because of the teacher.

There is a lot of emotion these days in trying to understand how things work. There are people and politicians trying to change some of the laws of Physics and Chemistry because it would be nice if they were different. Admittedly, we don't know all the laws, but those laws that have stood the test of time seem to work pretty well in practice.

You may have noticed that I frequently refer to Sir Isaac Newton and his discoveries about Optics. He is most famous for is laws of motion and discoveries about Gravity. Are you aware that he invented Calculus because he could not use common Math to explain Gravitational effects such as acceleration of objects dropped from a great height?

We live in a marvelous age. Many things that were first foretold by Math many years ago have been discovered to actually exist. The Higgs Boson and Gravity Waves predicted by Einstein have been recently detected. Many recent discoveries have no practical applications, today, but who knows what the future holds. Many things that we use today were "impossible" when I went to school.

As good example is data transmission rates. My first encounter with Computers was in 1975. Data Transmission rates over phone lines topped out at 110 bits per second or 10 characters per second. Today it is much, much higher. How that happened is an interesting story, but not appropriate here.

Please keep me informed about your progress.


CJB 21 Feb 2016, 23:45


Sorry I just noticed you asked me about my favorite subjects in school. Math has to be number 1, it always has been. I just love how every question is like a puzzel, and hiw you can always check your answer by working it backwards. Second would have to Government and Politics. I just find law so interesting, I could honestly just lose myself reading about government. Politics are super interesting and I love heating all these different views that have/had, and I could watch CNN all day.

CJB 21 Feb 2016, 20:18


Yes, I do mostly understand the optics begind what you are saying. Tomorrow morning may be the first time since Friday that I will have to actually take off Scott's glasses depending on if my parents or running early or late before school, and if they come into my room. I spent the weekend at Scott's because his parents were out of town, and since his sister and her boyfriend were in charge so our parentset me spend the weekend. So far the only time they have come off my face is when I wash my face, and even then I keep my eyes closed. Idealy I want to keep them on for a week from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep so I can see if they have had any effect. Hopefully tomorrow I can get fit for contacts, and hopefully I can order them and get them by next week. Contacts will make this whole process so much easier. I love wearing Scott's glasses, but I just really want my own pair of glasses. My sister is taking her kids for their annual eye appointment tomorrow, and as sad as this is I am jealous of the. I wish I was my niece the one who already has glasses.

Cactus Jack 21 Feb 2016, 16:11


It would probably be very difficult or even impossible to Induce any Axial or True Myopia at your age. It is likely that your eyeball growth has stabilized by now. However, you may be able to induce some Pseudo or False Myopia. Axial Myopia is caused by eyeball growth beyond the optimum and is considered permanent. Pseudo Myopia is caused by the Ciliary Muscles having difficulty relaxing back to minimal PLUS power. Pseudo Myopia is considered temporary, but if you support it, it can last a very long time.

Even though Axial Myopia and Pseudo Myopia have different causes, the have the same effect. They both require MINUS glasses for correction.

May I ask a few questions?

1. Where do you live?

2. What is your occupation

3. What is your educational background regarding Math and Physics.

The above will help me phrase my suggestions and answers.

There are no guarantees, but if you want to try this, you need to start ASAP.

Fundamentally, your initial strategy is as I described for CJB below. You need to order some inexpensive -1.00 and -2.00 glasses from an online retailer such as Zenni Optical. Their website has gotten a bit more difficult to navigate recently, but it is doable. We can help you.


Cactus Jack 21 Feb 2016, 15:51


When you are wearing Scott's glasses AND the +1.50 readers, that is the optical equivalent of wearing -0.75 glasses. You should continue doing that as much as possible until you can read comfortably at 13 to 14 inches. That helps exercise your Ciliary Muscles. Occasionally, take off the readers and look at something across the room, then try using the computer at 26 to 30 inches with Scott's glasses alone. You should also occasionally try reading with just Scott's glasses. The object is to gradually strengthen your Ciliary Muscles.

Do you understand the Optical Principles behind what I am suggesting?

The key is repetitions of going from relaxed to stressed. I suspect that within 2 weeks you will be able to wear Scott's glasses for distance and using the computer without the +1.50s. I suspect that within a month you will be reading with Scott's glasses.


CJB 21 Feb 2016, 14:43


I jave always wanted gre3n eyes so that could just plain and simple be the story cause it is true, right? I tried what you suggested with the pair of of glasses I used ti so the initial test. Question, do I kèep wearing Scott's glasses while doing the teo glasses thing in my bedroon, or do I put a hold on wearing Scott's glasses all the time until after a while?

Today is my third day wesring his glasses, and I think I might finally slowly be adjusting. Things are not nearly as blurry as they were friday morining.


The glasses are black, smallish, and rectangular.

PatRick 21 Feb 2016, 11:41

I am in my early thirties and was wondering if you thought it was possible to induce any myopia at this point...i dont need any correction at this point and was wondering what a good starting prescription would be.

svensont 21 Feb 2016, 10:49


What style are the glasses you are wearing? Do you have a pic?

Continue posting about your progress ;)

Cactus Jack 20 Feb 2016, 21:31


Sorry about the typos and the over imaginative Spell Checker. It knows nothing about Hyperopic.

You have not mentioned any subjects in school. What are your favorites?


Cactus jack 20 Feb 2016, 21:27


The optical effect of wearing MINUS glasses is to make you "artificially" Hyperemic. At these powers, Vertex Distance effects are essentially nil. Therefore, the -2.25 glasses require that your Crystalline Lenses produce an additional +2.25 to compensate for the -2.25 for Distance and that results in a refractive error of 0.00 for focusing at INFINITY. For practical purposes, INFINITY is presumed to be 20 feet or 6 meters To focus closer than 20 feet the amount of extra PLUS you need is determined by Sir Isaac Newton's equation Lens Power = 1 meter / Focal Distance. To use English measures, to focus at 16 inches to read requires 39.37 inches / 16 inches = +2.46 or +2.50 or a total of +4.75 for you to focus to read. If you want to read your SmartPhone at 13 inches, your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses will need to supply +2.25 and an additional +3.00 or a total of +5.25 to focus art 13 inches.

In the past, your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses only had to supply either the +2.50 to read or +3.00 for your phone. You can certainly strengthen your Ciliary Muscles and probably be able to much more than the +4.75 to read with the -2.25 glasses, but it is very hard to start with that much extra.

Think of lifting weights at the gym. You don't start with heavy weights because you will probably strain your muscles. You start with light weights and work up. Thus the suggestion about starting with +1.00. BTW, one of my highly motivated clients, who was in his mid 20, was able to work up to wearing -20 glasses and doing University studying while wearing them. He started at about -4.00, so he had a head start. Because of Vertex Distance effects, he was wearing -12.00 over correction for distance and about -14.50 when reading.

There is a way to reduce the focusing load. You will have to do this in private, If you wear +1.25 readers over the -2.25 glasses, that will be the equivalent of -1.00 or +1.50 would be the equivalent of -0.75. If you could do that for a few days while focusing at varying distances, it will help strengthen you Ciliary Muscles without straining them. If you strain your Ciliary Muscles it will slow down the process. Just like straining your muscles at the gym.

The reason I asked your eye color is to perhaps help with a story. Blue eyes maybe. Or, can you think of any reason to do any kind of costume piece that would be enhanced with weird looking eyes. Halloween is a long time to wait. Maybe you could be planning to go to an Easter Party as a white bunny. They have red eyes. Or you have been offered a part in a school play, if you can look like the villain. The less far fetched the better. The problem with a school play is that the people at the optical shop might want to come see their handiwork.


CJB 20 Feb 2016, 18:22


I do hope you do nit think Iam trying to ignore youbin starting with Scott"s glasses instead of ordering a pair. This way just seemed more efficient for 5he tine being. They were free. And available tight them also if I get caught I do not have to lie I can say they are Scott's and I fo4git to give them back.

CJB 20 Feb 2016, 18:17

Sorry for the late response, I had a lot of personal stuff come up, and so I had no time yo get on here.


Yes, I has tried on his glasses before. I have been wearing them all the time since I got them from Scott before scho9l yesterday. Ti answer your question my eyes are greenish blue most of the time, but when I wear certain colors they are greyish blue. Everything id blurry with Scott's glasses on, but it is a functionable blur. I have noticed of alm the things reading is almost impossible, unless I move what I am reading far away from my face. It is hard to say, buy I do believe tight now is a little better than yesterday morning.

I would love your help in coming uo with a story for when I get fix3d for contacts.

Soundmanpt 19 Feb 2016, 08:14


You have perfect and even slightly better than perfect in one so trying to wear your bfs old glasses might be overly strong for your eyes. If the glasses are uncomfortable to your eyes that is going to make t very hard to be wearing them every waking minute which is every bit as important as the power of the glasses. Part time wear will have no effect on your eyes and do nothing to induce myopia. Cactus Jack over in the Vision Thread wrote out a perfect glasses prescription for you to start out with and I couldn't agree more. I really think you're going to find trying to see small print very difficult and even harder for any length of time. Cactus Jack has spend plenty of time working with you and advising you and if your not going to listen he is wasting his time.

Cactus Jack 18 Feb 2016, 22:58


This is not going to happen nearly as fast as you want it to. Have you tired your boyfriend's glasses before? You may be in for a surprise. You should have plenty of accommodation to deal with -2.25, but you could experience some mild problems. You should try wearing them in private first, before trying to wear them at school. Vision occurs in the brain and your brain has to learn how to interpret the different images. Your Ciliary Muscles are going to have to get used to squeezing your Crystalline Lenses for distance and squeezing them harder for close work.

We probably need to work on a story when you inquire about contacts. It needs to be plausible. Your first visit needs to just ask questions and satisfy curiosity. What color are your eyes?

There used to be an outfit in Vancouver, BC that sold Contact Lenses without a prescription, but they changed their policy a few years ago. Maybe some of our other members can suggest a source of contacts. However, don't order anything unless we chat.

Please let me know your experiences wearing your boyfriend's glasses. Particularly, what it is like reading the text on a smart phone with the glasses.


CJB 18 Feb 2016, 21:03

Thank you once again. I will get my boyfriend's glasses tomorrow at school, and start wesring them in school, and at home in my room or when my parents are not around. Then, on Monday I will try the mall optometrist to get my contact sizing. Where exactly would I order prescription contacts from? Is there a Zenni for contacts?

This is really hapening, I am going to make myself nearsighted, and it starts tomorrow!

Cactus Jack 18 Feb 2016, 18:38


It is common for people who are mildly Hyperopic to see a bit better than "Normal". It is why some people people who are Myopic like to slightly over corrected. It has the same optical effect as being mildly Hyperopic. The result is 20/15 vision or even in exceptional cases 20/10 vision.

The 20/20, 20/15 or 20/100 are called Snellen Fractions are are an indication of Visual Acuity. For example, if a person was said to have 20/100 vision, it means that they can see at 20 feet what a person with "Normal" vision can see at 100 feet. 20/20 is not really the best possible vision. You can read up on the Snellen Chart on the web and how "normal" vision was determined. 20/15 is much closer to "perfect" vision. I have not asked about your academic interests, Optics, Vision, and the eye are fascinating subjects that you should explore on your own if you are interested in this stuff. You want to wear strong Minus glasses, and you can. I suggest that you might want to learn how it is possible to Induce Myopia, but impossible to Induce Hyperopia.

I think your friends glasses are an excellent idea. You absolutely don't want glasses with any Cylinder, if your don't have any Astigmatism. Alll Cylinder will do is make your VA worse at all distances. You may at some point develop some Astigmatism, but the wrong Cylinder power or the wrong axis angle just messes up your vision.

It will take a while to Induce Myopia. There are two types of Myopia. Axial or True Myopia and Pseudo or False Myopia. They have two different causes, but one effect. Distant objects are blurry. Both can be present in one person and the effects are additive. The correction is to wear MINUS Glasses or Contact Lenses.

At your age, you might be able to Induce some Axial Myopia IF, your genes will let you. Axial Myopia is caused by a mismatch between the total power of your eyes lens system and the distance from the back of your Crystalline Lenses to your Retina. It can vary some, but typically the total power of your eye's lens system is about +59 diopters and the distance is about 17 mm. Good old Sir Isaac Newton formulated the equation for the relationship between Focal Distance and Lens Power.

Almost every baby is born with very high Hyperopia. This is caused by the eyeball having to be small to fit in the small eye socket in their small head, so they can pass through the birth canal. Fortunately, the baby is also equipped with extremely flexible Crystalline Lenses and Huge Accommodation Range. It takes them about a month to learn how to use their Ciliary Muscles to be able of focus images. As the child grows, it is believed, but not yet proven that the Retina produces a Eyeball Specific Growth Hormone (ESGH) as a result of the focusing effort. As the head and eyeball grow, the child becomes less and less Hyperopic until they have "normal" distance vision without any focusing effort. Ideally, eyeball growth stops. However, if the eyeball does not grow enough, Hyperopia results and if the eyeball grows too much, Myopia results. BTW, the distance involved with either Hyperopia or Myopia are about 0.3 mm per diopter.

The idea behind wearing MINUS glasses or contacts is to force your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses to compensate for the artificial Hyperopia and cause the production of ESGH, IF your genes will allow it. If it occurs, you will be able to Induce some Axial Myopia which is considered permanent because once you eyeballs grow, they do not shrink.

Pseudo Myopia is caused by your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses having difficulty relaxing for Distance after compensating for the extra MINUS in glasses or contacts. It is temporary, but that is a relative term. Unfortunately, when you are young, as you are, your Crystalline Lenses are very flexible and your Ciliary Muscles can easily compensate for the excess MINUS and relax back to "normal" very easily when you take the glasses off. Nevertheless, it is possible to Induce Pseudo myopia that does not go away too fast, but you have to really work at it.

Just to give you an idea of what is possible, I was able to help a young man who was a few years older than you, in college go from not being able to get a prescription because he was slightly Hyperopic and was reporting symptoms that didn't make sense to the ECP. He did the same test you did and we discovered why he was unsuccessful. He started with -1.00 glasses and gradually increased the power to about -3.00. With planning he went for an eye exam wearing his -1.00 glasses, complaining that he was having trouble seeing the board. He got a real prescription for reference, but continued with stronger and stronger self prescribed glasses. The last I heard from him his last eye exam resulted in -4.25 glasses.

In answer to your questions:

1. If you go for an eye exam for Myopia without planning and preparation, it is unlikely that you will get glasses. If you go wearing obviously more MINUS than you need, you will not get the results you want. You need to pay attention. I'll help you be creative, but inducing myopia takes time.

2. Contact lenses are a good idea, but you will never get a fitting unless you need them. You absolutely need to get a professional fitting for Contact Lenses. There are lots of things involved and it can be dangerous to try to self fit contacts. You need to have a good idea of the Base Curve and Diameter before ordering different Sphere Only contacts. Fortunately, there is a way to get some contacts, even if you don't really need them. You get fitted for contacts that change your eye color or special occasion "costume" contact lenses. The latter are popular around Halloween of a few other occasions. Eye color changes are good any time. It helps to have a good story and $. Once you have your Base Curve and Diameter, you can order Sphere Only contact that will likely be comfortable to wear of almost any power you wish. If you wear both contacts an glasses the effects will be additive.

3. The best clue that Inducing efforts are having an effect is reduced sharpness of distant objects when you first wake up in the morning. before putting on glasses or contacts. Also, at night, in low light conditions, stars are not pinpoint bright, but a little defuse without your glasses. It is not hard, once you know what to look for.

4. Once you get glasses, just keep ordering stronger glasses on line. If you don't change the frames or make an increase too large, few people will notice. It is pretty common for people with Myopia to need stronger and stronger glasses until their early 20s. Courses of study in High School or University that require a lot of close work and reading and be a significant factor in promoting increased Myopia.

The important thing, if you really want to do this, is to get started. The hard part will be convincing everyone that you really need glasses. The contacts are a good idea, I suggest that you come up with a good story for wanting color changing contacts or costume contacts and make some inquiries to find a source that is reasonably priced. You might check out a Wal-Mart Vision Center to see what the offer, but limit your discussion to that specific topic.


CJB 18 Feb 2016, 14:10

Cactus Jack

I do not know if this explains the off results and the reason you thought my left eye might be huperopic, but three moths ago when I had my eye exam I was told I see better than normal in my left eye 15/20, and normal in my right (20/20).

For the glasses stuff, is it fine if I just start off with -2.25. I ask this because my boyfriend has his his old -2.25 glasses. He also has every glasses after that, and he did not have astigmatism until last year, so his old ones do not have astigmatism.


1. I wear glasses before going to the eye doctor to create a need for when I do go, right?

2. Should I look into getting contacts to wear with my glasses to get a greater overall additive effect without letting people notice? Also, wouldn't they be a better way to start out because then I would not have to explain anything to anyone?

3. When exactly would I start hinying that my vision is getting bad?

4. Once I do get glasses, how would I be able to keep getting thicker lenses?

Thank you for all you have done so far, I greatly appreciate it. I cannot wait to get my first prescription glasses!!!

Soundmanpt 12 Feb 2016, 10:41


In doing some research I came across several posts from you mostly you were having a major problem worrying about what people were thinking about your suddenly wearing glasses. Have you ever gotten past carrying what others may think and started wearing your glasses on a daily basis?

Golf 11 Feb 2016, 17:15

Hi all,

Small update:

My glasses has already shipped and I expect to get them soon.

I'll upload a picture of them and will tell ya how the first day with them go through.

Best regards,

Likelenses 07 Feb 2016, 00:01


If I understand you correctly your real Rx is now -4.00, and -4.75.

For your age,you have made very good progress.

I think that you can still handle a stronger Rx, but I would suggest that whenever you do any close work be sure to wear the glasses,and hold the work as close to your eyes as possible.

Also when looking at distant things try to always squint.

The idea is to make it a habit to do all the things that a myopic person does.

MinusGirl 03 Feb 2016, 21:08

Olive, i had a similar experience as you, try to log in at lenschat, i used to enter there, to talk about what you lived last year, enjoy glasses!

Soundmanpt 01 Feb 2016, 13:33


Sorry I should have done my research better. I went back and found your post from Feb 2015 and you indicated that you had perfect eyesight when you started and that you were 25 at the time so by no you could be 26 or close to it. You said you were hoping to reach -10.00 for glasses. That might not be possible but you have managed to no longer have perfect vision and now your glasses are necessary and even if you're unable to induce anymore myopia you at least have a nice decent prescription and you pretty much need your glasses full time. So if you don't manage any additional myopia will you be satisfied?

Soundmanpt 01 Feb 2016, 13:13


So when you started inducing myopia did you have perfect vision at the time? May I ask your age? But I have to wonder if you were to stop wearing glasses if your vision would slowly try to return to normal? What is the ideal prescription you would like to end up at? Keeping the same frame with each increase is the way to do it so you don't get any questions about your glasses.

Olive 01 Feb 2016, 12:24

Hi all, been so long ain't post in here.

Michael, its true that since february last year I tried to wear glasses 24/7. At the first time I wore -3,75 and -4,00. I wore it from the time I wake up in the morning till night before going to bed. After 2 months (on April) I add my prescription to -4,75 and -5,00. Everything became so blurry for the first 3 days I tried to wear it full time. I still wore that glasses no matter what i struggle to see everything clearly, especially when I did my task in front of PC. But I didn't care. On June I've done my eye exam and how supprised I'm that finally I could became a myopic. Even my real prescription at that time was -2,75 and -3,00. So I decided to add -1,00 again on my glasses, in order to made my sight worse. I wore -5,75 and -6,00 full time since July last year. Neither my family nor my friends didn't notice that my glasses become stronger (i never change my frame model), only my bf noticed it. But he didn't take it too seriously. He just said that I should do eye check up every tine I feel that my glasses doesn't fit any longer.

Now, I can tolerate -6,75 and -7,00 glasses, even my real prescription is -4,00 and -4,25.

Chino 28 Jan 2016, 14:06

No results so far, and I don't think I'll get any from these lenses.

I was wrong in my assumptions about the S cone sensitivity and visible light transmittance for these lenses. I can clearly see blue light with these lenses. It's nowhere near as bright as it is without the lenses, but I'm sure that my ability to perceive it at all compromises my results. I'll keep using them until February 15, and then order my last pair with the ARG lenses.

Golf 25 Jan 2016, 05:20


it might be depands of the type of lens i thinks.. try to put a prescription now and see..

best regards,

astigmaphile 24 Jan 2016, 19:16

I have ordered two pairs of glasses from Zenni Optical with a 3 D cyl in them and there was no extra charge.

Cactus Jack 24 Jan 2016, 06:17


Tje 0.25 reduction in the Cylinder shouldn't cause a big problem. If you do notice it, you might go up to -5.00 in the Sphere and see if that helps.


Golf 24 Jan 2016, 05:29

Hi Cactus Jack,

Ofcourse i knew about the zenni site - and i swear to God i know orederd a pair as you suugested (change the CYL to -2.00 in order to avoid 12$ increase in rate :)

i'm from israel and work as Media Advisor.

thanks, i'll keep you updated.

Ben 24 Jan 2016, 02:42

Hello, I haven't posted here in awhile.

I did something stupid and forgot my high minus contacts/glasses back at school (which is a several hour drive from my home). So I only had the -2s for the entire vacation, which is a setback. I will not be making this mistake again.

However, when I was wearing my -2s during December, things in the distance were pretty blurry, and I struggled to read signs while driving at home.

I came back and started wearing the -6 contacts, sometimes experimenting with -4 and -2 glasses over the -6s, and that was too easy. No strain, no problems, clear vision. So I moved to wearing the -10 contacts full time that I purchased a month back. On the first day of wearing them, everything was blurry, distance and close up vision, but I could read everything on my computer screen clearly after wearing them for about 5 minutes, however, my distance vision took about an hour to clear up completely.

On day 2 of wearing the -10s (yesterday), things began to clear up even faster (about 2 minutes to see my computer screen clearly). It also took about 30 minutes for my distance vision to clear up, but after that everything was fairly clear.

A felt a little strain at first in the back of my eyes, but that quickly went away. I plan on continuing to wear the -10s from the moment I wake up to the time I go to sleep at night. I will try to update more often as well.

Cactus Jack 23 Jan 2016, 18:57


It is vey likely that you can Induce some False or Pseudo Myopia, but at your age, True or Axial Myopia is more problematic. Both have the same optical effect, but the difference is that Pseudo Myopia is considered to be temporary. If you stop wearing the stronger glasses, your vision will revert to your Axial Myopia level.

I suspect you could tolerate an approximate -2.00 diopter increase in your Sphere correction, but it depends on how much close focusing you do. If you know how, I would suggest ordering some very low cost glasses from an online retailer such as Zenni Optical with a frame that is as near like the one you are wearing, as possible.

Here is the prescription assuming the first line is for your Right Eye (O.D.)

-4.75 -2.25 005

-5.25 -1.75 180

The only other thing you need is your Pupillary Distance (PD). If you don't have it, it is very easy to measure.

You did not mention where you live. Here in the US, Zenni offers glasses for US$6.95 using their lowest cost frames. Their lowest cost Anti-Reflective coating is about US$4.95 and Shipping is about US$5.00. If you choose some low cost frames, you can try them and if you like them you can order nicer frames.

Generally, people do not notice the lenses only the frames. The AR coating will make the lenses even less noticeable.

May I ask your occupation and how much close work you do?


Golf 23 Jan 2016, 16:05


My exact prescription is :

-2.75 -2.25 005

-3.25 -1.75 180

I do want to induce some more myopia, I'm 24, how much raise do u think I can tolerate? I thought about -5D.


Chino 13 Jan 2016, 11:34

Quick update. Just got the new lenses today and am wearing them from now on. I'll give an update around mid-February.

Chino 12 Jan 2016, 17:05

Hi everyone!

Due to an unexpected turn of events, I am able to continue the experiment. As a plus, I've had some time to more thoroughly go through the selection of lenses, and I think I may have found an even better option than I was going to use before.

I'm using lens 505 from, in frame number 38W. I think this lens will give me better results than lens ARG that I had planned to use before.

With lens ARG, the optical density is 7+ up to 532 nm, which is well into the green wavelength. By the time the optical density drops below 1, you're well past 534 nm (the peak of m receptor sensitivity).

Lens 505 gets to almost 10% visible light transmission at 500 nm, and it goes up from there. I should have very good perception of green light. Perception of blue light should be minimal, as the threshold for blue light kicks in at 495 nm and below. By that point, visible light transmission is less than 10%, and dropping. By 500 nm, the S cone response is only about 10% of its peak response at 420 nm.

The combination of low visible light transmittance with low S cone response at these wavelengths should, hopefully, allow for a better experimental result.

As before, I'll give the lenses a month. If that doesn't work, I'll give lens ARG a try. If ARG doesn't work, I'm pretty confident that this mechanism won't work on adults. At that point, if there are any younger people who want to attempt the experiment, I'd be happy to send them my filter lenses.

Wish me luck.

Cactus Jack 27 Dec 2015, 08:28


I agree with the previous post. It is best not to try to cheat because there is no need to. Ideally, you want to get the most accurate prescription you can, particularly if you have any Astigmatism (corrected by Cylinder and Axis). I wrote a piece a while back called "How to Study for an Eye Exam.". I will post it in 2 or 3 parts on the Vision thread. You may find it useful.

Once you have an accurate prescription, even if it is very low, we can tell you how to order glasses with a low to moderate MINUS, if that is what you want. There are two types of Myopia. True or Axial Myopia (permanent) and False or Pseudo Myopia (temporary). They have two different causes, but produce the same result, a need for MINUS glasses.

At your age, it is very unlikely that you can Induce any Axial Myopia because your genes which control eyeball growth have probably turned that OFF. You may be able to still use your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses to create some useful Pseudo Myopia for the next few years.

Please read"How to Study for an Eye Exam." It may be a few minutes before I have it all posted. After you read it, we can talk about Inducing Myopia. if you want to.


Soundmanpt 27 Dec 2015, 05:10


Never try and cheat because any doctor worth anything will quickly catch you. If your only wanting glasses all you need to do is be sure when you fill out the form before your exam to indicate that you are finding it difficult to see to drive after dark. Even mention it during the exam. This should get you at least a weak prescription of -.50 in both eyes and they will recommend that you get the AR coating (anti-reflective) which is helpful for cutting down on glare for oncoming car headlights. This is the one thing they are forced to take your word about.

Brian 27 Dec 2015, 04:48

Thanks Likelenses

Is there anything I can do during the actual test?

I am 27 and from the UK. Last time I had my eyes tested I was -0.25 in my left eye but the optometrist said its not worth getting glasses for such a low RX.

Likelenses 27 Dec 2015, 02:27


It all depends on many factors such as your age, your present visual acuity,time of day,and what visual condition you want,and a few others.

If you want to get minus glasses,and have normal vision,depending on your age you could try by scheduling an exam for late in the day.Do a lot of reading holding the book as close to your eyes as you can tolerate,for a few weeks prior to the exam,and especially the day of the exam,read for several hours,and even in the waiting room prior to the exam.Also get as little sleep as possible for those weeks.And stay away from activities requiring a lot of distant viewing.

Brian 27 Dec 2015, 01:10

Does anyone have tips on how to fail an eye test?

 26 Dec 2015, 16:08

I don't believe to much in all these stories about induced myopia. When I was younger than now, I always wanted to wear glasses. When I went to university I wore every minute -2,00 for both eyes, and sometimes up to -5,00. But -2,00 all the time, between 20 and 29 years (-2,00 was my maximum for reading distance). In yearly visits to eye practioners I never could convince one to prescribe me glasses.

When I was thirty, One of them found out about slight astigmatism. and he made a test with drops in the eyes.

And so my first prescription was, after nine years of full-time wearing -2,00 on both eyes:

Right eye: +2,50 sph / - 1,50 cyl Axis 90

Left eye: +2,50 sph / - 1,00 cyl Axis 100

So I was quite happy with my glasses then, and I could see much, much better then.

Now I am at

Right eye + 4,25 / - 2,75 cyl A 88

Left eye + 4,00 / - 2,25 cyl A 95

plus reading addition, sometimes using +8,00 CLs in both eyes for a nice, nice GOC.

 26 Dec 2015, 16:08

I don't believe to much in all these stories about induced myopia. When I was younger than now, I always wanted to wear glasses. When I went to university I wore every minute -2,00 for both eyes, and sometimes up to -5,00. But -2,00 all the time, between 20 and 29 years (-2,00 was my maximum for reading distance). In yearly visits to eye practioners I never could convince one to prescribe me glasses.

When I was thirty, One of them found out about slight astigmatism. and he made a test with drops in the eyes.

And so my first prescription was, after nine years of full-time wearing -2,00 on both eyes:

Right eye: +2,50 sph / - 1,50 cyl Axis 90

Left eye: +2,50 sph / - 1,00 cyl Axis 100

So I was quite happy with my glasses then, and I could see much, much better then.

Now I am at

Right eye + 4,25 / - 2,75 cyl A 88

Left eye + 4,00 / - 2,25 cyl A 95

plus reading addition, sometimes using +8,00 CLs in both eyes for a nice, nice GOC.

 26 Dec 2015, 16:08

I don't believe to much in all these stories about induced myopia. When I was younger than now, I always wanted to wear glasses. When I went to university I wore every minute -2,00 for both eyes, and sometimes up to -5,00. But -2,00 all the time, between 20 and 29 years (-2,00 was my maximum for reading distance). In yearly visits to eye practioners I never could convince one to prescribe me glasses.

When I was thirty, One of them found out about slight astigmatism. and he made a test with drops in the eyes.

And so my first prescription was, after nine years of full-time wearing -2,00 on both eyes:

Right eye: +2,50 sph / - 1,50 cyl Axis 90

Left eye: +2,50 sph / - 1,00 cyl Axis 100

So I was quite happy with my glasses then, and I could see much, much better then.

Now I am at

Right eye + 4,25 / - 2,75 cyl A 88

Left eye + 4,00 / - 2,25 cyl A 95

plus reading addition, sometimes using +8,00 CLs in both eyes for a nice, nice GOC.

Michael 18 Dec 2015, 06:04


in february you had some question about get myopic.

Are you succesful by wearing your glasses 24/7?

Or do you practice GOC?

Nice to hear from you!

Cactus Jack 23 Nov 2015, 19:24


I sent the address to the address you listed.


Spexman 23 Nov 2015, 14:09

Cactus Jack

Can you please drop me a mail. I have some issues I would like to discuss in private with you.

I have not catched your e-mail adress....

Best Regards


Niko 20 Nov 2015, 23:11


I have a pair of -10 I wear occasionally, I have a true myopia of -3.50 (-0.75 to 90 °), you are young I think you get to see quite easily with. But be careful if you plan to wear them full time with age you no longer come to bear as well.

Ben 20 Nov 2015, 22:38

Cactus Jack,

It is no problem, I understand that one cannot remember everything.

Right now I have been considering purchasing a stronger pair of contacts, like -10, and work my way up with my -2 glasses, -4, and then -6. I want to make this large of a jump with my contacts because contacts are kind of expensive.

I will keep you updated as much as possible.

Ben 20 Nov 2015, 22:38

Cactus Jack,

It is no problem, I understand that one cannot remember everything.

Right now I have been considering purchasing a stronger pair of contacts, like -10, and work my way up with my -2 glasses, -4, and then -6. I want to make this large of a jump with my contacts because contacts are kind of expensive.

I will keep you updated as much as possible.

Cactus Jack 20 Nov 2015, 19:24


I apologize for not remembering your age and the other particulars you had posted earlier. At 78, I still have pretty good memory, but I just don't try to keep up with everyone. You have a lot of things going for you.

One 28 YO, very highly motivated member, who had about -4.50 Axial Myopia was able to work up to wearing -20.00 glasses while studying. If you translate that back to the Cornea using the formula of Vertex Distance effects and subtracting his Axial Myopia, he achieved a bit over +13 diopters of accommodation, but it did not happen overnight. When he had achieved his objective, his vision gradually reverted to about -5.50 which seems to be mostly Axial Myopia.

When you are wearing the -6.00 contacts and the -6.00 glasses, the effective power at the Cornea is about -11.50. With your Axial -2.25, you are accommodating about +9.25 for distance and about +11.75 for reading. When the -6.00 glasses get comfortable for reading and you don't really notice that you are having to expend any accommodative effort, consider -7.00 either in the contacts or the glasses.

Please keep up posted on your progress.


Ben 20 Nov 2015, 10:11

Cactus Jack,

I am 18 years old, and I am a university student studying computer science.

My -6 contacts are super easy to use now, no strain, and I forget that I even have them on. Also, my vision during the night with my -6 contacts is really good.

I have been wearing my -4 glasses over my contacts fairly often for several hours, and that is becoming easier and easier. I am trying to work myself up to -6 glasses over my -6 contacts for everyday use, but as you stated, depending on my level of fatigue, my vision and ability to accommodate changes.

Cactus Jack 20 Nov 2015, 08:49


Your ability to wear significant over correction is dependent on the strength and conditioning of your Ciliary Muscles and the flexibility of your Crystalline Lenses. It is normal for that to vary some based on fatigue levels. The Ciliary Muscles are like any other muscles, just very tiny. They respond to exercise and stress. Wearing over correction is not really much different than lifting weights at the gym. You don't start with the heaviest weights, you have to build up over time. Also, muscles can become fatigued and need rest to recover their full strength after exercise.

May I as your age?


Ben 19 Nov 2015, 14:28

Trying the -6 glasses over -6 contacts again today, I can read up close with ease now for some reason. So I can read up close with -10 over correction now. Strange.

Ben 19 Nov 2015, 14:28

Trying the -6 glasses over -6 contacts again today, I can read up close with ease now for some reason. So I can read up close with -10 over correction now. Strange.

Ben 19 Nov 2015, 07:15


Thank you! Yes, I can do close work with my over correction of -8! It took some time to work up to it, but eventually my eyes allowed it. At first over correcting of -4 was kind of blurry, but now it's super easy.

This morning I tried my actual prescription really quick after I got up, and things were blurry at a distance. I could no longer read things 10 ft across the room. I have been relying mostly on my -6 lately, however I have been experimenting with -8 and -10 as well.

til 19 Nov 2015, 05:42


Congrats on being able to cope that well with such a massive overcorrection. I would really like to be able to accommodate that much minus power as well but I don't seem to get there anymore. At 27 I'm quite a bit older than you and I don't require any correction yet. I do wear -3.5 every day and -6 in the evenings but the stronger prescription already gives me a hard time in the late evenings, especially with computer work. For some reason my girlfriend who actually is a low hyperope can cope a lot better with minus prescriptions which partly annoys me;-)

Are you really able to do close work with an overcorrection of almost -8?

Ben 18 Nov 2015, 22:31

I have mostly been wearing my -6 (contacts or glasses), but now I am starting to play around with wearing my-2 contacts under my negative -6 glasses, and wearing my -4 glasses over my -6 contacts. They work well, saying my -6 is so easy to wear now. As soon as I put them on everything is clear, no strain, no headaches.

The -6 glasses over my -2 contacts was not much of a jump really, it felt almost exactly the same as my -6. The -4 glasses over my -6 contacts is not bad, takes a second or two to get used to them, but after that it's fine.

I have briefly tried my -6 glasses over my -6 contacts, and that is a bit harder, and it takes a few minutes to see with those. I am sure overtime that I will be able to work myself up to that point.

I will keep you all updated with what is going on as it happens.

Ellie 03 Nov 2015, 18:14

Hi Ben!

I've been following your posts about inducing myopia. For some reason it is very exciting to hear that another college aged student is so interested in wearing high prescription glasses as well! It is not something that I really get to indulge or share with most people my age. Good luck on your journey! :)

Ben 02 Nov 2015, 12:12

The -6 contacts came in today. I put them in and after about 5 minutes the blur disappeared. I am feeling no strain at this point.

Ben 01 Nov 2015, 21:58


I have an older brother and he has been wearing contacts since he was about 13, but I have never seen him with glasses nor have I seen any of the boxes his contacts came in.

My parents originally thought I was lucky and somehow their genes skipped a generation but instead my eyes have changed through the last few years.

I will keep you updated as much as possible, right now it seems my eyes are adapting quite well to the -2 glasses over -2 contacts, and it feels as if all the tiny amount of strain I had from reading earlier went away, even as I pull my phone really close to my face like I am now. I plan to move up in strength as soon as the contacts and glasses I ordered get here. I'll try wearing my -6 contacts when they come in and see how that works out.

GreginColo 01 Nov 2015, 21:08

Ben good luck with your efforts to increase you level of myopia; it sounds like you are off to a good start and making some good progress. I am surprised you didn't end up with more myopia naturally, given your parents Rx's, each about triple yours. I would be curious if you have siblings and what their Rx's might be. Keep us informed of your progress. Thanks.

Ben 01 Nov 2015, 18:24

Cactus Jack,

Ah, I understand what the formula is now. Thank you for explaining it.

I took Physics my senior year of High School, but my teacher did not do a great job at explaining it, since we were near the end of the year and they were just trying to get topics finished.

We unfortunately did not talk that much about the eye during that topic of class.

I am starting to read the page that you linked me and I find this to be very informative, and quite interesting.

Cactus Jack 01 Nov 2015, 18:02


It is the most basic formula in Optics. It was discovered and codified around 1700 by Sir Isaac Newton of Gravity fame. Here is the formula or equation:

Focal Distance = 1 meter or 100 cm or 1000 mm or 39.37 inches divided by the Lens Power in Diopters.

You can also rearrange the equation like this:

Lens Power = 1 meter or 100 cm or 1000 mm or 39.37 inches divided by the Focal Distance.

Of course the units of measure for the distances have to be the same for the Constant 1 meter and the Focal Distance.

When you wear more MINUS than you need, you are moving the focal Plane behind your Retinas and depending on your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses to add enough PLUS to neutralize the extra MINUS and move the focus distance up to your Retinas. Hopefully, this will stimulate the production of Eyeball Growth Hormone and your eyes will grow a bit to compensate.

You might find this link interesting:

Have you studied any Physics. Optics is usually part of that subject in school.


Ben 01 Nov 2015, 17:32

Cactus Jack,

I have heard of it from some of your previous posts but I am not 100% aware of what it is.

Cactus Jack 01 Nov 2015, 17:29


The text size probably does not matter unless you are having to get closer to the screen to read it. Are you familiar with the Sir Isaac Newtons formula that relates Focus Distance and Lens Power?


Ben 01 Nov 2015, 17:23

The slight strain is more when I read. I am pretty close to my computer screen and I set the text to be very tiny in my browser. The strain is very negligible, I don't really notice it unless I really think about it.

Cactus Jack 01 Nov 2015, 17:18


That is a good start. Are you noticing the slight strain when you read or at distance?

For Distance, your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses are having to supply about +2.00 to compensate for the extra MINUS, but when you read with your glasses and contacts, they are having to supply +4.50 to +5.00 depending on how close you need to focus.

You also might find that some Lubricating Artificial Tears helpful if you are not blinking enough to keep your Corneas and Contacts moist and lubricated.


Ben 01 Nov 2015, 16:59

I have been wearing -2 glasses over my -2 contacts today and it's quite easy to handle. I can feel a small bit of strain in the back of my eyes after wearing them for 8 hours but it's barely noticeable.

Ben 01 Nov 2015, 10:22

Hello Cactus Jack,

Thank you for the fast response.

1. I am not sure about my grandparents prescription, but my parents prescription I know. My father has -6 contact lenses and my mother wears around -7 glasses.

2. As of right now, I live at school a few hours away from home, so if I was going to go to an ECP here, they would have no clue about who I am/my families history. If I were to go to an ECP, I would also probably just pay out of pocket for it, so that I don't need to rely on my parents or their insurance.

I believe my -6 contact lenses will be in the mail Monday or Tuesday, and my new glasses will be here in about a week. I also have my old -2 glasses that I could wear over contacts if needed.

Thank you again!

Cactus jack 01 Nov 2015, 03:05


You have many things going for you. Your age and your genetics are on you side and your visual environment will help.

You have the right idea with your glasses and contacts. The initial thing that will occur is your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses will need to supply the compensating PLUS for the extra MINUS, which is Pseudo Myopia. However, at 18 your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses are very flexible and they will quickly relax. Wearing as much additional MINUS as you can tolerate has the same effect on the Ciliary Muscles as weight lifting at the Gym does on your other muscles. The idea is that by keeping your Ciliary Muscles under stress, it will stimulate the production of an Eyeball Growth Hormone.

A measure of how effective that might be can be ascertained by reviewing how your Axial (True) Myopia has increased in your teen years as a result of normal academic stresses and overall growth during that period.

One of our highly motivated members, who was in his late 20s at the time, was able to increase his apparent myopia from around -4.00 to where he was wearing -20 glasses full time and even studying for advanced academic credentials. Vertex Distance effects at the -20 level reduced the effective Myopia at the Cornea to a bit over -15. When he read with his glasses his effective Myopia was -17.5 to -18. It took him about a year to get to the point where he could wear the -20 glasses, but he ultimately accomplished his objective and achieved about -5.50 diopters of Axial Myopia.

The key factor limiting how much Pseudo Myopia he could achieve was his age and the strength of his Ciliary Muscles. His genes ultimately limited how much Axial or True Myopia was possible. The point is that if you are serious, how much you wear your over correction seems to be more important than the actual amount of over correction. However, both are important and there are no guarantees of ultimate success. Just remember that when you get comfortable wearing say your -4 glasses full time, it is time to go to the -6. If you can, try for -1.00 increase per month. The trick for avoiding questions is to keep the same frame style. Whatever happens will not occur overnight or as quickly as you would like. The clue that you are making progress is when your distance vision is blurry, first thing in the morning, with your previous prescription.

Two more questions:

1. Do you know your parents and grandparents prescription (Approximate)?

2. Are there several ECPs that you can chose from for eye exams? You probably don't want to use a "family" ECP who knows your family's visual history.


Ben 01 Nov 2015, 02:19

Also just to note: I only purchased the -4.25s so I could wear them over contact lenses, so that when I get to the point where I will wear the -6.25s over contact lenses, not that many people will notice the difference in strength because I got two of the same frame. I plan to move past that as time goes on.

Ben 01 Nov 2015, 00:45


I have been looking to induce some myopia. I am 18 years old, a computer science major in university. My current prescription is R: -2.25, L: -2.5. I have purchased glasses with the strengths of:

R: -4, L: -4.25.

R: -6, L: -6.25.

I also have plenty of -2 contact lenses laying around and I have purchased -6 contact lenses. I was wondering if I can also induce by combining the powers of my glasses and contact lenses.

I understand that I must increase in the same power for each eye, and I understand that I must keep these on all day in order to induce, and I have no problem doing that since I wear glasses and contacts interchangeably already.

I am looking to get up into the -8 to -12 range, but any increase in prescription would be fantastic. Most of my family is myopic so it would seem that it runs in the family.

I used Zenni to purchase these glasses, and my finances are completely separated from my parents at this point, so they do not question a thing (also I live at school).

I was looking for any extra tips/recommendations I might need in order to induce.

Thank you very much.

Cactus Jack 25 Oct 2015, 05:32


You did not fully answer my questions, but I will offer suggestions based on what you wrote.

There are 3 important elements in a glasses prescription. By tradition, the first number is the Sphere correction, the second number us the Cylinder correction and the third number is the Axis or direction of the long axis of the Cylinder. Cylinder and Axis ALWAYS go together. You CAN NOT have Cylinder without also having the Axis.

Sphere corrects for a mis-match between total PLUS power of the eye's lens system and the size or the length of a person's eyeballs. The total PLUS power of the lenses in a "normal" eyeball is about +58 diopters and distance from the back of the lens system to the Retina is about 17 mm.

Cylinder corrects for Astigmatism which is typically caused by uneven curvature of the front surface of the Cornea. Ideally, the Cornea should be a very smooth, even shape like a section from the side of a small glass Sphere. Sometimes, the Cornea has the shape of a section from a small glass American Football where the curvature is greater in one direction than in the other and has more PLUS power in the short axis than it does in the long axis. By tradition, the Long Axis direction is the Axis of the Cylinder.

The Axis direction, by convention, is 0 degrees, horizontal. The numbers increase counter-clockwise (looking at the patient) to 90 degrees vertical and on around to 179 or 180 degrees which is the same as 0 degrees. Axis numbers are always between 0 and 180 degrees.

A typical glasses prescription looks like this:

OD (latin for Right Eye) or R Sphere, Cylinder, Axis

OS (latin for Left Eye) or L Sphere, Cylinder, Axis

Sphere and Cylinder either be a + or - number, Axis will just be a number without a + or - sign. If the Sphere is 0.00 it may be listed as Plano or 0.00, If the Cylinder is 0.00 it may be left blank or in English, N/A for Not Applicable. If no Cylinder correction is needed the Axis is also blank.

You listed your prescription as:

R -0.25

L Plano

without any Astigmatism correction.

There are a few simple rules for changing your prescription.

1. You ONLY adjust the Sphere correction. Never adjust the Cylinder or Axis, but include them exactly as prescribed.

2. You change the Sphere correction by the SAME amount in each eye.

3. If you don't change the frames, few people will notice that you did it.

You said that you would like to increase your prescription by -1.00. Using the rules above here is the result:

R -1.25

L -1.00

Assuming you do not need any correction for Astigmatism.

You should be able to wear the above prescription, but if you want to Induce some additional Myopia, you will probably need to work up to -3 or -4.

On thing that is working against you is your age. The primary controlling factor in needing vision correction is Genetics. the secondary factor is your visual environment. The fact that your vision without correction is quite good after years of study and close work is a good indication that you will have difficulty in Inducing Axial or True Myopia. However, you may be able to Induce some Pseudo or False Myopia. The two types have different causes, but the result is the same.

Axial or True Myopia is caused by excessive eyeball growth from Childhood. Most babies are born with Hyperopia because their head and eyeballs are small to pass through the birth canal. Fortunately, most babies also have excellent Accommodation and can learn to use their Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses to compensate. As you grow, your eyeballs grow and your Genetics stops the growth ideally when you have 0.00 refractive error. Axial Myopia is considered to be permanent.

Pseudo or False Myopia is caused by the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses (your Auto-Focus mechanism). It is actually the same thing as Latent Hyperopia, but on the other side of 0.00. You may be able to develop some Pseudo Myopia, because it is related to your Visual Environment rather than Genetics. Pseudo Myopia can last for a long time, but it is not considered permanent.

The important thing is that if you really want to Induce some Myopia, you need to get started as soon as possible. Inducing either type is a slow process.

May I ask what you are studying?

Please let us know what you plan to do. We can also offer some tips on how to help your friends and family get used to your needing glasses. It is not hard, but it takes a little planning.


Bruce 24 Oct 2015, 21:39

Cactus Jack,

Hi. Im still a student w/ lots of reading/close work to do. Unfortunately, i not live in the US, but i think i found a way to get some prescription glasses. Do you think i can still induce true myopia w/ using -1.00 glasses for about 10hrs a day or i can use a higher one for faster results?My family and friends know that i do not need glasses for full time wear so i can just use it when im alone. I went for an eye exam bec i was having hard time driving at night. Thanks for your answers

Cactus Jack 24 Oct 2015, 20:48


At 22, it is extremely easy to wear -1.00 glasses and even a bit more if you wish. You should have plenty of accommodation range available to compensate for the extra MINUS.

All you have to do is order some glasses with the prescription you desire from an online retailer. In general, they will not verify your prescription.

Many of our members order glasses online from Zenni Optical. We can tell you how, it is easy and can be inexpensive if you order inexpensive frames and standard lenses. Here is what you typically need:

1. Your complete prescription. We will tell you how to modify it and what to order.

2. Your Pupillary Distance (PD). If you don't have it, we will tell you how to measure it.

3. A Credit Card.

Typical delivery in the US is about 2 weeks.

We can even tell you how to deal with your family and friends when you start wearing glasses and and how to change your glasses prescription without comments from your family and friends.

I recently ordered a trial pair from Zenni (as a test) for a friend and the total cost including Anti-Reflective coating and shipping was US$16.85. He likes them better than his $250 glasses from a local Eye Care Professional.

May I ask where you live and your occupation? What prompted you to get an eye exam? The answers affect our suggestions.


Bruce 24 Oct 2015, 19:15

Hi, im 22, current prescription is R -0.25 L plano. I would love to increase that to at least -1.0 for both eyes. What do you guys recommend?

Chino 24 Oct 2015, 11:05

Hi everyone. Sorry I've been away for so long. I've been taking care of a personal matter, and just haven't been able to carry on with the experiment.

Once my schedule clears up, I won't have anywhere near as much time to wear any new lenses I try, which will slow any results that may be achieved. I also don't have an estimate as to when I can resume the experiment.

If anyone else is interested in picking up where I left off, please let me know. I'd be more than happy to share additional information and resources to help with the experiment.

Cactus Jack 18 Oct 2015, 19:25


That is a good question, that may not be answerable. The problem is that everyone is different.

Pseudo Myopia is in many ways the same phenomenon as Latent Hyperopia, just on the other side of 0.00. There have been occasional reports of people in their 50s and 60s, who have been myopic for years, having a reduction in their MINUS Sphere correction. There is really no practical way to determine whether this reduction is caused by Presbyopia or the development of Cataracts. The development of Cataracts is often the cause of what is sometimes called 2nd Sight in older people, but it does not happen to everyone.

It is impossible to say how much longer you can enjoy over correction, for a couple of reasons. You did not mention your age, your prescription, or the amount of the Bifocal Add involved. Both Presbyopia and Myopic Over correction involve the Crystalline Lenses and the Ciliary Muscles. The amount of over correction you can wear depends on your available Accommodation Range and the strength of your Ciliary Muscles. Presbyopia actually starts in childhood, but usually does not become a problem until the late 30s or early 40s. Most children have the ability to effortlessly focus very close. However, that ability gradually fades as the Crystalline Lenses become gradually stiffer and your Accommodation Range is gradually reduced. When it drops below about +2.50 or +3.00, you begin to notice that your arms are too short.

Lets say that you like to wear -3.00 over correction for distance and that it requires your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses to use all of the available +3.00 to compensate. In that situation, you would not be able to focus close at all without some external help (an ADD). How much ADD you need depends on the distances involved as calculated using Sir Isaac Newtons basic optics formula: Lens Power = 1 meter (100 cm, 1000 mm, or 39.37 inches) divided by the Focus Distance in the same units of measure. If you used up all your accommodation with over correction, you would likely need about +2.50 (or a little more) to read and about half that to use a computer. Trifocals anyone?

When you no longer have any Accommodation Range left, you would not be able to deal with any over correction. If you developed any Pseudo Myopia, it is possible that your Crystalline Lenses and Cillary Muscles might very slowly relax some, which would reduce your Pseudo Myopia. How much, no one knows, even if you had an identical twin. There may be a difference in the visual environment and that would affect what happens. My advice is to enjoy it while you can and be thinking about GOC if you want to wear higher MINUS glasses that you actually need.

Any other thoughts or comments would be appreciated.


Question 18 Oct 2015, 15:40

Hi all, just a question - when presbyopia sets in, does it eliminate pseudo myopia completely? Or just a little bit? Can bifocals be worn for the actual presbyopia and the over correcting myopia? Or is over correcting gone, or just reduced?

LXW 14 Oct 2015, 03:34

Hello Jo,

i am also very interested to do surgery with ICL for my eyes.

Hope there are some other people!


Jo 13 Oct 2015, 22:11

hi all,

i am based in china. And i'm a GOC myself and have been exploring the option of doing Icl for many years to no avail.previously have tried enquiring in Thailand, but made very little headway. Now that i'm in China and ICL is the rage for high myopes, i'm beginning to think there might be a chance that i can find someone who would be willing. Yet if it's me and me alone, i am doubtful that they will be enticed to do the operation where there's little to gain. On the other hand, if there's a group of us, I figured they might me keen since that means a great amount of earnings. So wondering, how many here are interested?

NJ 13 Oct 2015, 11:36

Jarred, yeah, close vision can be enhanced with high plus glasses by pulling them down a little. Also true for high minus. There is a limit though. If the glasses are too far down the angle looking through the lenses is too big and the image blurs. It's great for seeing items on the grocery shelf, but not to read the ingredients.

There are two difficulties with high plus glasses, the lack of peripheral vision, and the small bifocal part. The total area you can see out of a high plus bifocal is very small, so it's a constant battle to bob and turn my head to read a newspaper. I use SV lenses with my reading script for any extended reading.

The peripheral vision thing can be partially overcome by constantly turning my head, but if there are a lot of moving objects like people in a crowded store, it's hard to navigate.

It's not nearly as bad as most websites on cataract surgery would have you believe, though. Once you get used to the perspective and adapt, it's just not that hard to see.

Jarred 12 Oct 2015, 09:45

Hi NJ,

Thanks for sharing your story. I would love a decent level of myopia say around -14, but I have issues with prism which would mean it would be very tricky to deal with on top of the -14, I'm not sure I could ever have the guts to take the plunge myself. Which is a pity.

I have had some minor issues with my vision my entire life but sadly none that involve a decent level prescription.

Messing around with GOC over the years I have noticed that dealing with close vision is pretty easy if you are myopic and with the higher prescriptions whether it be + or - you can just slide the glasses down to fine tune focus, I recon its easier than bifocals or varifocals. I'm not sure I could convince my optician of the merits of high myopia though.


LEO in PERTH 10 Oct 2015, 05:24

Thanks NJ. I love doing GOC,but I told wearing contact full, is not a good idea , and that's the problem.

 09 Oct 2015, 17:10


Thank you a lot for sharing your experience and providing some links to start. Very appreciated.

In my case I just want to increase a little my current weak plus prescription. From +1 to +5 let's say. I'm wearing GOC most of the time to archive moderate hyperopia, which is pretty annoying sometimes.

So I think its possible to perform LASIK procedure for me, exactly the same as to correct myopia from -4 to zero. Just need to find friendly clinic.

NJ 09 Oct 2015, 10:43

Hi Jarred, happy to share a bit about my experiences.

I'm in my 50's and have been an OO since early childhood. In the first grade I deliberately failed a school eye test, got sent to the doc and was thrilled to find out I was actually farsighted. First glasses were 3-4D, guessing, and wore them intermittently but enjoyed them when I was in the mood. I have some family history of hyperopia.

Middle school and high school I didn't wear them a lot, mostly for social reasons. I could see fine without them for the most part. In college I found I really started to need them. Prescribed myself bifocals over the SV script I had and wore them all the time. In my senior year I first did GOC using -25D CLs under +20D glasses. Worked OK but did some fine tuning in the next few combinations.

I moved to another town for grad school and then med school, and took this opportunity to become known as a severe hyperope. Previously I was fairly secretive. In my new town people saw me with my high plus glasses regularly, but also often with my contacts. That's just how I was known. I also secretly tried high minus GOC combinations, which are generally much easier to wear but I was less interested in this.

So in most respects the surgery was no big deal. It just meant I didn't have to wear contacts anymore. The one surprise, which really shouldn't have been a surprise, is that life is different when your default goes from having decent, though not perfect, vision to having really poor vision. It's funny, but I probably wear my contacts as often as I do my glasses because it is easier to see. I wear contacts about half of the time, glasses the rest of the time. I also have a weak Rx for cyl and reading that I wear over my contacts, so I alternate between regular glasses and thick glasses. Some of my current work is difficult to do with the thick glasses, so I am thankful for contacts.

Surgery is a big decision, so I suggest you get very comfortable wearing GOC full time before you pull the trigger.

Jarred 09 Oct 2015, 10:21

Hi NJ,

Would you be prepared to tell us a little of your experiences since having the surgery? Have you managed to get back into your normal lifestyle, what prescription did you end up with? I have seen aphakic people driving etc. What sort of responses have you had to glasses. Do you have a 'day off' and switch to contacts?

I've messed about with GOC with both plus and minus glasses and in some cases being able to slide them down for reading is almost a benefit certainly needing a high minus can be handy. High plus on the other hand has some unique properties.

It would be interesting to hear your story.


NJ 09 Oct 2015, 09:30

CJ, I was merely offering a couple of places that would do surgery to worsen eyesight. I'm well aware of the optics involved and was not suggesting a simple clear lens extraction to increase myopia. That should have been evident from my closing comments.

...and I doubt most ECPs are aware of BIID as it pertains to this matter. There just aren't enough cases of it for your average ECP to ever have seen one.

Cactus Jack 09 Oct 2015, 08:49


If you had your Crystalline Lenses removed and no IOL installed, that is the same surgery as was performed prior to the development of Intra Ocular Lenses (IOLs). The result for most people is extreme Hyperopia, NOT Myopia, which then requires the use of very high PLUS glasses, which in turn, causes loss of peripheral vision, etc.

The only exception is those rare situations where a person has extreme Myopia. Removal of the Crystalline Lens, which is typically around +15, will reduce their Myopia and reduce their MINUS prescription.

Most people on this thread are seeking to INCREASE or as the name implies, Induce Myopia. To surgically Increase Myopia, you MUST have a PLUS ICL installed or the modern form of Cataract Surgery and have an IOL installed with HIGHER PLUS than your natural Crystalline Lens had. I believe the highest power IOLs are around +30 which would yield about a +15 increase and require about -20 glasses to correct for distance. To go beyond that would require a PLUS ICL (Internal Contact Lens) or regular PLUS Contact Lenses in addition to the IOLs.

One caution about having IOLs installed. If you change your mind about the power or type of the IOL, the only option is complete surgical removal of the IOL and the natural lens capsule or sack. The result is the same as having the old type of Cataract Surgery and the need for very high PLUS glasses.

As far as explanations go, I think most Eye Care Professionals these days are very aware of BIID in its various forms. While they may not be willing to consider performing the surgery, if it has already been performed, they will deal with a fait accompli or ask you to go elsewhere. Why you had the surgery performed is a Private matter. The only exception to that, is if a 3rd party payer is involved.


NJ 09 Oct 2015, 07:32

LEO, it was about $3200 for both eyes.

LEO in PERTH 09 Oct 2015, 06:54


Thanks NJ for that positive info, something to aim for! If I may ask, was it very costly?

NJ 07 Oct 2015, 10:09

This place was also willing to do the surgery.

NJ 07 Oct 2015, 10:05

LXW, I had the procedure done here:

There are lots of medical clinics in India and Mexico that will do this, though to be fair I didn't pursue my inquiries too far with most of them. I should think that if you are willing to pay them, they'll do it. In my situation, wanting to be a plus wearer, the procedure is very simple. I did have a cover story in case I needed one, but no one asked. I just came with my best guess Rx for correction post-op, and it was close enough. I did take a little explaining when I came back to the states to get my first real Rx, as the ECP recognized that the surgery was recent and wanted to know why I didn't get an IOL. That's when the cover story came in handy. I said that I have low vision and need the magnification. During the eye exam I had to limit myself to the 20/40 line with full magnification, just to be credible. Now I have an ECP who just does the refraction without asking questions.

I'd think that having an ICL in place to induce high myopia would present more of a problem explaining.

LXW 07 Oct 2015, 08:36


interesting to read your lines. Please tell me more about it, i haven´t found any solution until now. My biggest dream is to have ICLs with plus power installed in my eyes (to get myopic). But it´s very hard to find someone who will do it to my good eyes, for me impossible.

I have read a lot and also changed thoughts with members from here.

Thanks for answers,


NJ 07 Oct 2015, 06:03

With medical tourism, it's relatively easy to have eye surgery done that will give you whatever vision you want, within the bounds of possibility. I found any number of places that would do a clear lens extraction without IOL and the cost all in was less than I would have paid here in the US.

I don't think this is likely to become a recognized form of BIID given that so few people have this condition.

myopicfred 07 Oct 2015, 03:09

Can anyone tell me where I can buy contact lenses with a sph value higher than +20 dioptre? I currently wear -18.00 wiulglasses over contacts, but would love to go higher.

Likelenses 04 Oct 2015, 23:07

I don't think that it will ever happen in America,but if laws are enacted to allow it,other laws should be put into place that, that person should never be given any government paid for healthcare or public assistance related to the disability that they created.

astigmaphile 04 Oct 2015, 08:56

Cactus Jack,

While it may be possible to give people the vision that they want, you will never get it in America. You would have to travel to a foreign country. The U S is terrified of lawsuits. I have desires like this myself, but probably will never try to do anything about it. I have had a fascination with glasses since I was in grade school in the 1950s.

LEO in PERTH 04 Oct 2015, 08:00

Specks for ever

How you going ?

I think IOL (for wanna be myopics ) like myself , should be referred to as Cosmetic Surgery. All I ever wanted to do was wear high myopic glasses, for most of my life. Since the age of 10, 53 years ago.

specs4ever 04 Oct 2015, 07:48

I too noticed the news article about the woman using drain cleaner to blind herself. I thought that this was a bit too extreme and wondered if she could have had very high plus lenses inserted in her eyes to make her extrememly nearsighted if this might have been a better solution for her. At least by being extremely nearsighted she would then have had the option of wearing a pair of glasses if she had decided that being blind was not what she really wanted.

While it will never happen in my lifetime I suspect that within the next 15 to 20 years more people with BIID will come out of the woodwork and with the ability to choose your prescription will become an option for many. It really is no different than a gender change

specs4ever 04 Oct 2015, 07:48

I too noticed the news article about the woman using drain cleaner to blind herself. I thought that this was a bit too extreme and wondered if she could have had very high plus lenses inserted in her eyes to make her extrememly nearsighted if this might have been a better solution for her. At least by being extremely nearsighted she would then have had the option of wearing a pair of glasses if she had decided that being blind was not what she really wanted.

While it will never happen in my lifetime I suspect that within the next 15 to 20 years more people with BIID will come out of the woodwork and with the ability to choose your prescription will become an option for many. It really is no different than a gender change

LEO in PERTH 04 Oct 2015, 07:26


If One could do GOC full time, it certainly will solve the Problem? A lense replacement would be great.


Cactus Jack 04 Oct 2015, 00:33


It took years before Cartlyn Jenner had the options she presently has. I believe that someday rather soon, the ability to reasonably select the uncorrected Vision you would like to have, will be possible.

When you get right down to it, there are two big issues for the Eye Surgeons

1. The Hippocratic Oath to do no harm. (In other words, make your vision worse so you have to wear more significant vision correction)

2. Liability issues should something go wrong or being later sued, should the patient change their mind.

Here in the US, I have noticed that some eye surgeons are advertising Elective Multi-Focal IOL surgery and an option to avoid the need for Bifocals or Trifocals. They mention that a side benefit is that it is the same Cataract Surgery and the procedure will eliminate the need for Cataract Surgery in the future.

Before the discovery that certain plastics could be inside the eye for years without problems, Cataract surgery was considered to be a very risky surgery because the entire lens capsule or sack and the clouded Crystalline lens was removed. This resulted in exposing the Retina to both the Vitreous Humor and the Aqueous Humor. Often the Retina became inflamed and blindness occurred. Often the patient was bed ridded for months with their head mobilized while the eyes healed. Today, Cataract Surgery with IOLs is close to a non-event and considered one of the safest surgeries.

You can thank the British fighter pilots in World War 2. A few years after the war, it was discovered that many former fighter pilots had slivers of Perspex Acrylic Plastic inside their eyes without any problems. The slivers had come from their aircraft canopy when it was hit by German bullets and some of the slivers entered their eyes.

I have been peripherally involved in a couple of cases. As a policy matter, I do not judge another person's needs or desires. However, I strongly suggest that they work their way up to very high prescription GOC and wear that full time, before committing to an irreversible surgery that they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives. This is particularly important where the person want to have their Crystalline Lenses and their capsules removed. Even wearing very high PLUS glasses, their peripheral vision loss is very hard to deal with.

Replacing the Crystalline Lens with the strongest PLUS IOL and installing a high PLUS ICL between the Cornea and the Iris can result in the need for very high MINUS glasses, but that is optically less dramatic than needing very high PLUS glasses.

One of our members has had both IOLs and ICLs installed because of a BIID desire to be very Myopic. He was satisfied for a few years, but is now wanting to be even more Myopic.


Mike 03 Oct 2015, 21:44

I think there should be more focus on BIID. People suffering should have treatment options and should not have to resort to these extremes. Look at Caitlyn Jenner she had options that didnt require drain cleaner or wanding into Mexico for options. WTF

Josh 17 Sep 2015, 19:46

hi loveglasses! you´re not the only one with glasses fetish, tell us how strong would you like to reach? how old are you? male or female?

Robert S 16 Sep 2015, 02:51


Hard to say probably a little of both. I tend to go bare eyed especially when I am doing close work so I am used to seeing everything blurry and can interpret blurry letters pretty decently. I do notice I cant read the text on shampoo bottles in my shower anymore and my comfy spot for reading stuff getting closer. I can put my -3's on and instantly see clear with them the -5s take a few seconds the -6's a bit more. As for the blur I do a test and look at the edge of the lens and compare the clear image through the lens and the blurry image outside the lens and it is more blurry than what I see bare eyed so my myopia isn't that severe. I took my -6s to work today and I was able to keep them on most of the day. I rode in on my bike with my -8s. I use the same frame for both but the -8s are much more noticeable Zenni got the order reversed and used 1.50 index on the -8's and 1.57 on the -6's which I don't mind. Right now I am spending time making a web site so it is a large amount of time reading smallish text and I managed to work most of the day using them when I get tired take my glasses off and I am usually 8-12 inches from the screens after a while my neck starts to hurt so I am back to using the glasses. I use my -3's when I had a long day and cant focus anymore with the -5's.

Loveglasses 15 Sep 2015, 22:23

@Robert...Are you just getting adjusted to new glasses or really vision is decreasing enough to make your eyes needing those prescription actually?

Robert S 14 Sep 2015, 22:30

My Rx was R -1.25 -.25 L -1.0 -.50 In March I went with a pair of R-3.50 -25 L 3.25 -.50 glasses. It took me about 3 weeks to get used to them where I could see far crystal clear and about 2 more weeks where I could read up close with them. I started just watching TV with them at night with no light for about a week. I commute on my bicycle and started to wear them on my commutes after that. 3 weeks in I was driving with them on. As of now I can read the smallest print on the near vision eye chart at 16in with them. I later bought a -5.0 -4.75, -6. -5.75, and a -8.0 -7.75 pair about 10 weeks later when zenni had a promotion. And did the same deal with those. It took a bit longer to read up close with them but its doable. I can kind of read with the -6 pair (getting better every week) and I can drive with the -8 in the day time. I take the -5 pair to work. I guess its working with out my glasses on text gets blurry at 8in or so which would put me in the -4ish range. I am almost 36 years old btw.

LoveGlasses 14 Sep 2015, 21:16

Hello all.

I am new here.

I was thinking only i have this glasses fetish till i see this website.

Is it really possible to induce myopia?

I already need -1.5 and -2 glasses.

If i start wearing a slightly increased prescription will my eyes will be adjusted to it? How many days will it take?

I am planning to add -0.5 extra to each eyes without changing other values in prescription card like cylinder,axis etc..

Will my eye will adjust to that soon?

Or will i get heavy eye pain?

Cactus Jack 14 Sep 2015, 20:54


Please contact me privately at


Iamhacked 14 Sep 2015, 17:30

OD SPH -1.00 CYL -2.25 AXIS 008

OS SPH -2.25 CYL -2.00 AXIS 180

I'm 19 years old and would like to minimize the vision difference between my two eyes. Also, my toric contacts aren't giving me flawless astigmatism correction so I'd like more sphere correction. What diopter should I bump each eye by?

Cactus Jack 14 Sep 2015, 10:11


Just a note to thank you for for your persistence and the quality of your research. Often, discovering what does not work can lead to a better understanding of a mysterious process. Theories abound, but there is little PROOF. The development of myopia is one of them.

Age and Genes seem to play a big role in the development of Axial Myopia and the fact that there are two types of Myopia, with apparently different causes, that yield the same optical results, makes it just that much more "Interesting" and Challenging. Your genes are in the "Drivers" seat and once a growth function turns OFF, we don't know how to turn it on again. The development of Vision in an individual seems to be an incredibly complex and dynamic process that is very close to the miracle of life itself.


Chino 14 Sep 2015, 09:13

Good news!

I received the information on the optical characteristics for lens filter 90 from Noir Medical. The lens I was thinking of replacing it with is ARG from NoIR Laser. I am happy to report that the optical characteristics between the lenses are different enough to warrant further experimentation.

Based on the %T characteristics of filter 90 and the relative spectral response of human M cones, that particular filter went above and beyond just blocking blue and green light. It almost totally prevented the M cones from responding at all to the light that I was seeing.

The new filter I will try, ARG, is pretty much ideal for this experiment. It really is damn near perfect.

I'm working off the assumption that stimulation of the cones is of primary importance, given that cones respond to light over a range of frequencies. I could be wrong about this. There is the very real possibility that simply blocking blue light is enough, even if the S cones are still being stimulated by longer wavelengths of light such as green.

If my experiment with filter ARG does not work, I will need to find a filter that blocks light at higher frequencies, allowing more green light to pass through. I'll cross that bridge if I get there.

Chino 12 Sep 2015, 10:12

Hi everyone,

Sorry it has taken me so long to get back to everyone. I have an update on the experiment. Unfortunately, it did not work at all.

I've been intensely going over this article, as I think it has the most useful information for this experiment:

As I had mentioned in a previous post, the research seems to indicate that both green and red light are needed for this to work...that previous experiments in which eyes were exposed to only red light had no effect on myopia.

From the researchers' hypothesis, I get the impression that it doesn't need to be perfect. As long as I'm stimulating the L and M cones and not stimulating the S cones, it should work. Given the emission spectrum and percentage of green light (10%) emitted by the red LED, I did some digging and think that I may have found an excellent lens material with the necessary optical characteristics.

I'm waiting to hear back from the company I bought my most recent filter lens through. I requested information on the optical characteristics of that lens including: optical density (OD) values and ranges for that lens, visible light transmission (VLT) and ranges, and a graph of both OD and VLT.

Hopefully, the optical characteristics of my current lens and the lens I found online are different enough to warrant experimentation. If their properties are too similar, I just don't see how trying the new lens would make a difference. I'll keep everyone posted as I learn more.

Soundmanpt 10 Sep 2015, 17:09


I tend to agree with "Cactus Jack" that what your wanting to do could lead to you looking for a new wife if she ever finds out.

But I doubt that your going to find an optometrist that would even consider writing her a prescription that is even a little bit more than she needs and certainly not by more than double her real prescription. If for any reason she were to go another optometrist shortly after getting her glasses and they were to examine her eyes and find that she is so much over prescribed it could lead to a mal practice suit against the first doctor and he or she would lose his or her license to practice.

I think if you really want her to wear stronger glasses than she needs the only way you can do it is by talking her into doing it. You might have a chance if you: a) pay for her glasses and b) don't go over board, her eyes are probably very capable of seeing just fine with -1.25 glasses which is a decent amount more than what she needs but she should be able to see very well with them. If you try and have her wear -1.75 glasses they are going to be too strong for her eyes and if her eyes aren't comfortable wearing the glasses then you failed. The key is very simple don't go too strong and let her pick out glasses on line that your welling to pay for and you both might be happy. Maybe even throw something else in to sweeten the deal with her like a new dress or new shoes or something she wants. I(n other wordds your better off bribing her than a doctor.

Cactus Jack 10 Sep 2015, 15:49


Three questions about your wife:

1. What is your wife's age?

2. How long have you been married?

3. How much longer do think you will be married to this woman if you do something like this?

four questions about you.

1. What is your age?

2. Do you presently wear glasses?

3. What is your prescription?

4. What would you think if your wife changed your prescription without consulting you?


plshelp 10 Sep 2015, 15:10

@soundmap...if i bribe a eye glasses sop guy from where eye test can be done. if we give additional -1(making it -1.75) will she adjust to that in a few days.. or will she find it?

Soundmanpt 10 Sep 2015, 11:38


The problem is if she already has glasses that are -.75 even increasing it to -1.00 she would notice the difference. Now if these are going to be her first glasses and she doesn't have any glasses now then you can probably get away with ordering her glasses on line and even going to as much as -1.25 without her knowing any better. However most optometrist send out reminder cards after about 11 months telling the patient that they are due to get their eyes examined the following month. The first thing they will do is take your wifes glasses and check the prescription and how will she be able to explain the difference between what her prescription was when she last had her eyes checked until now?

So maybe someone else has an idea but I can't see anyway you can do it without her knowledge.

plshelp 10 Sep 2015, 09:44

My wife needs -.75 glasses..can any one suggest me an idea to slowly increase her myopia atleast up to -3?

(without her knowledge ofcourse)

Soundmanpt 09 Sep 2015, 09:57


Yeah sadly I think your well past the age where you can induce any myopia. Once your past 20 it starts to get much harder to induce. But look at it this way your wearing glasses -1.50 stronger than your actual prescription and just slightly under the -4.00 level you would have been satisfied with. I'm not sure if your eyes can tolerate an additional -.50 to that or not? I guess you could always order some glasses on line and see how they work. That would put you at -4.25 / -4.00 not counting your astigmatisms. But just because your able to see the eye chart with weaker glasses, so what the main thing your wanting is the look of your glasses and they should look pretty strong even now.

Cactus Jack 08 Sep 2015, 20:51


Unfortunately, that is the way it works. It won't be very long until Presbyopia will start limiting your ability to wear over correction so enjoy it while you can. However, there is another option that works at any age, GOC.

If you can comfortably wear contacts, we can teach you how to be as myopic as you wish with the proper GOC combination. Comfortable and effective GOC requires careful planning and willingness to follow some simple rules that have beed developed by experience. If you are interested, post your most recent complete actual Glasses Prescription on the GOC thread and if you have one your complete Contact Lens brand and prescription.


luvspecs 08 Sep 2015, 13:52

Hi Guys

Thought I would share my experiences of trying to increase my myopia. I have wanted to need thicker glasses ever since the day I got my first pair at age 20. I had waiting far too long to get glasses as I remember struggling to read the boards at school at around 13/14. I was probably around 24/25 when i discovered this site, and after reading the many posts on the subject I decided to start wearing glasses with an extra -1.50 in each eye (RE -3.75, LE -3.25). Sadly for me my RX pretty much stayed the same so I gave myself another increase. I have been wearing glasses with an extra -2.50 in each eye for the last 4/5 years, still unsuccessful in increasing my true RX. I'm now 35 and don't think I will ever get the increase I would like(it would have been amazing to get -7 or higher but -4 or -5 would have been a great result). My real RX is still more or less the same (RE -2.50, -1.00 LE -2.25, -1.00) as it was at around 24. Good Luck to anyone who is currently trying.

hmm 03 Sep 2015, 12:30

I'm thinking that Chino's experiment left him so nearsighted that he can't find his computer to let anyone know the results

Emancipator 23 Aug 2015, 10:49

I didn't understand the point of this research likelens. How could myopia could be induces on this?

Likelenses 21 Aug 2015, 20:53

Perhaps this concept could be used to induce.

til 20 Aug 2015, 22:24

I just returned from a two week holiday which was a nice glasses experience. I constantly wore my -6 glasses and can actually read small print with them at 30cm now. The best though was that my girlfriend who's a low hyperope wore -1.5s all the time and got along well with them. A dream

Mo tard 19 Aug 2015, 21:54

An update. Been wearing the -9.25/-8.00 for about 4 months. Went to eye drs and did get a bump up in my rx don't know how much yet.

Waiting on follow up to confirm new rx #s

Reference post beginning: 30 Apr 2015 4:13

Emancipator 07 Aug 2015, 14:15

Anyone saw this?

Emancipator 07 Aug 2015, 07:13

Chino...? Are you around here?

Emancipator 27 Jul 2015, 10:14

Any update Chino?

 17 Jul 2015, 18:32

That real bad, I really believe That guy because he looks very trustfull

I was very ingenous

In the future anyone believes that cientists would discover any hormone or substance That increase miopia? That is not impossible right?

 08 Jul 2015, 22:52

Danland was lying through his teeth and being a troll. And everyone knew it so he backed off.

Lalau 08 Jul 2015, 20:39

Good luck my friend. Bring us any notice in the future, sucessful or not,

What about Danland that was able to induce myopia with hypnosis.. Any news about him?

Chino 03 Jul 2015, 15:12

Excellent news! The red filter lenses from NoIR arrived today and I must say, I am not all. The sales rep was not kidding. These really do block everything except red. I looked at my bright blue duffel bag, and it looks completely black. It really is monochromatic vision. Everything is shades of red.

Those red tinted lenses form optical4less did nothing for me. I did not notice any change in my eyesight. Today is the proper start of this experiment.

As I mentioned in my last post, green light may also be necessary for this experiment to work. I will use these filter lenses for the next two months. If I don't see any results, I'll purchase the multi-lens laser filter that I mentioned previously. Wish me luck!

Chino 23 Jun 2015, 20:06

I never heard back from Phillips Safety, but did receive a prompt response from NoIR Medical Technologies. They assured me that their red lenses will block everything except red light.

The salesperson made a couple lens recommendations and helped me pick a good fitover frame. She also told me that, if I wasn't satisfied with that particular lens, I could exchange mine for another pair with a different lens. Overall, I was very pleased with the experience.

I went ahead and ordered them this morning. Hopefully, those will do the trick. I ordered lens filter #90 with fitover frame #53. It wound up being cheaper than the goggles I bought from optical4less, and that was before the folks at NoIR Medical gave me a 20% discount on top of that :).

I really hope this does the trick. If I still see blue light, I may try lens #93. That one has very low visible light transmission, and would probably be very difficult to use indoors.

If these goggles do not induce myopia, I have one more option that I can try. The researchers in this journal article: have a hypothesis as to how myopia is induced. It looks like some green light may also be necessary to make this work. If this is the case, then I'll need a filter that will block blue light, but allow both green and red light to pass through. It may also work if yellow and orange light pass through as well. The red LED that they used also emitted light in the green, yellow, and orange wavelengths.

I have to keep in mind that, while this experiment may work if the eyes are exposed to yellow and orange light, there is the possiblity that these other wavelengths could slow myopia progression. In the experiment, the blue LED also emitted green light, but did not emit yellow or orange light. This might be the reason why hyperopia was induced at a faster rate than myopia.

If it becomes necessary to also allow green light to reach my eyes, I will need to purchase filter lenses from NoIR LaserShields instead. I would purchase filter lens ARG. This filter blocks all blue light and some green light, but still allows the longer green wavelengths to pass through. I would use this lens with frame #40 because it has a flip-down secondary filter. I would use filter DYE as the secondary filter. DYE provides good absorption for 70% of yellow wavelengths and 33% of orange wavelengths without blocking red light.

This setup would allow me to adjust the wavelengths that my eyes are exposed to. If even this setup doesn't induce myopia, then I would consider the experiment a failure.

I'll keep wearing my red goggles from optical4less until the new filters arrive. I'm almost a week into the experiment, and have not noticed any change in my eyesight. I'll post an update when I get those filters.

Likelenses 21 Jun 2015, 23:19


Interesting term used in this report,that I had not heard before,Myopic Creep.

Danbert 20 Jun 2015, 02:24

Anyone thought about or investigated anything along these lines?

According to one (limited) study the use of soft contact lenses may be correlated with myopic shift.

Chino 19 Jun 2015, 16:22

Hi everyone, thank you for the suggestions. The colored gel that Cactus Jack suggested could be a good low-cost option.

I've been doing some more digging and think that a specialty multi-spectrum filter lens may work. There's an eye condition called achromatopsia that's caused by having little to no cones in the retina. As a result, people with this condition see with their rods instead. They have little to no color vision, and are very photosensitive, frequently experiencing day blindness.

People with achromatopsia tend to do well with lenses that allow primarily red light through because, since the retina is least sensitive to red light, red light is less likely to saturate their rods.

I've found a couple places that might do the trick. One vendor specializes in low-vision eyewear for people with various eye conditions including achromatopsia. The other site specializes in eyewear for people who work with lasers or perform welding.

Here are the links:

I'm going to ask them some questions via email and see which of their products would work best for this experiment. I'll keep everyone posted.

In the meantime, I'll keep wearing the goggles and hoping for the best.

Cactus Jack 19 Jun 2015, 15:33


We need to talk about what prescription numbers mean from a vision point of view. The idea that you don't need to wear vision correction until your prescription reaches a certain point is ridiculous. If you apply the laws of optical physics, discovered and codified by Sir Isaac Newton over 300 years ago, even a prescription of -0.25 means that vision beyond 4 meters or 13 feet is fuzzy. -1.00 means things get blurry beyond 1 meter or a little over 3 feet. -2.00 means 0.5 meters or less than 20 inches. If any astigmatism is present, that just makes it worse.

No one, even an Eye Care Professional (ECP) actually knows how YOU see. That is why there are two parts to an eye exam. The Objective part where the ECP looks into your eyes with a machine or optical instruments to estimate your prescription. The Subjective part is where the ECP uses trial lenses and you tell him what YOU see. The Subjective part depends on your skill in describing what you see of accuracy.

You need to get it through your head that you do not wear glasses for the benefit of other people, except in one instance. Driving! You need to see well enough so you are not a danger to others on the road.

After that, how well you see and how comfortable your vision is strictly up to you. Think of glasses as simply tools to help you see better. Nothing more and nothing less. Carefully chosen frames can enhance your appearance. Poorly selected frames can degrade your appearance. Think of the very basic reason you wear clothes or shoes. Fundamentally, clothes provide protection from heat and cold. Everything else is secondary. You wear shoes to protect your feet from sharp stones. Everything else is secondary.

We can help you get the glasses you want, but there are some limitations. You mentioned close focusing problems with the -2.50/-3.00 glasses were causing problems. What is your age? It is important.

You did not mention your gender. That is important also.

Where you live is also important because of cultural differences.

As far as Excuses go, you really don't need one. The fact that YOU see better or more comfortably with your glasses than without, is all that is needed. Period!


Excuse 19 Jun 2015, 12:27

Sorry, should have said that I've posted here before. Was advised previously not start too strong above actual RX of -0.5/-1 (with some astigmatism) but I went ahead and got -2.5/-3. SO I should have taken that advice!

Anyway, nobody really knew I had glasses before - I barely wore them for 10 years because the optician said I didn't really need them and so whenever I put them on and people commented I'd get nervous that they would think they were not strong and ask why I was wearing them.

The -2.5/-3 was too strong. I did get used to them in a day or 2 and saw absolutely clearly (better than 20/20) but up close was a little difficult for very small text.

I want to go -1.5/-2 now as I want to get used to the first and try -2.5/-3 later. I am having such anxiety about people commenting. The whole fashion trend of glasses makes people (especially those with glasses) become suspicious of (even though anyone trying on the -3s was shocked at how strong they were).

Maybe it is just my personality but the comments about me "suddenly" wearing glasses really make me nervous. I have been "struggling" to see things sometimes but other times I have been forgetting. I am not planting the seeds very well.

"I usually wear contact lenses" will not be a good excuse as recently I have had a friend and a colleague have some medical emergencies with split contact lenses and contacts were a topic of discussion (and people know now I don't wear them). I have noticed on Facebook some people suddenly wearing glasses though that look quite weak but they did start wearing them Late 20s.

What are viable reasons? I'm guessing non OOs (even glasses wearers) are not that clued in. Can I give headaches? Police questioning lack of glasses when pulled over? Declining eyesight after years of getting away with never wearing my glasses - "it must be all the computer use at work"?

Cactus Jack 18 Jun 2015, 17:06


How about telling us a bit more about yourself. Things such as your actual prescription, the prescription you want to wear, where you live, your gender, and your occupation.

While most people discover that they need glasses in childhood or in their teens, it is not unusual for people to discover that they need glasses in their 20s or even 30s. Frankly, you don't really need an excuse to see well, but I think we can help. Many of us have been there and done that.

BTW, most people don't notice lens changes unless they are very different and obviously so. What they notice are the frames. If you keep the same or very similar frame styles, you can generally over correct to your hearts content, without comment.

If you don't know how, we can even help you order inexpensive glasses, in the prescription you want, on line.


Excuse 18 Jun 2015, 16:34

Hey, I am really struggling with the reactions of friends and family when trying to become full time (overcorrecting, late 20s, nobody knows I "need" them). And colleagues too. Any advice?

 17 Jun 2015, 23:24

Its red and causes eyestrain and headaches.

Cactus Jack 17 Jun 2015, 18:37


I really don't know. I have never worn heavily tinted glasses, other than green, brown, or gray sunglasses. Many years ago, it was common to wear Red lensed glasses to preserve night vision or low light vision. They were often worn by aviators who were to fly night missions during WW 2. In the 1960s, before image intensifiers were invented, Radiologists used them to condition their eyes for viewing a Fluoroscope screen for certain types of X-Ray exams. The lenses had Red colored glass. With the exception of Transition type lenses, most tinted lenses today are made of clear plastic which is then submerged in a dye solution that penetrates the plastic. I suspect that it is not very good at blocking all different colors. Here are a couple of suggestions:

1. Check out the highest percentage Red Tint Zenni will do and the cost. Consider getting a pair.

2. Consider getting some "Colored Gel" that is used for stage lighting. It is typically available in many different colors. It is pretty rugged and is designed to withstand high heat from strong incandescent lights. You should be able to figure out how to use the gel film on clear lens glasses or to cover room lights. You need to block ANY light reaching your eyes around the red lenses. You may be able to find Black "Temple Shields" that fit on your glasses temples.

3. Investigate RED LED lights. LEDs produce only one wave length of light is it monochromatic. If you pass it through a prism, it will produce only a narrow RED line with no other colors, apparent.

4. Check out stores or museums that have WW 2 Aviation Memorabilia. They might have some Red Aviators Goggles with glass lenses. England flew mostly night bombing missions during WW 2 because the bombsights you had were not very precise and night bombing raids were not intended to be very precise. With very rare exception, Europe was blacked out and targets were very hard to find using star light or moonlight. The Americans had a Top Secret, very precise, Norden Bombsight and did Daylight Precision Bombing and did not need to wear Red lensed goggles to prepare for a mission.


Chino 17 Jun 2015, 14:07

The experiment is active, but I am skeptical about the goggles.

I don't think the tinted lenses method is going to work. I've been walking around with the goggles on for a couple of hours now, and have noticed that I can still see other colors through the lenses. Even worse, I can still see blue light through the lenses.

I have a bright blue duffel bag, and I can see that it is very obviously blue...plain as day.

Cactus Jack, are lens tinting techniques pretty standard among vendors? Do you think it would be worth it to try some tinted glasses from zenni instead?

Chino 17 Jun 2015, 03:59


No problem there. I have a personal interest in finding a method that works. I have no desire to mislead people with an ineffective method. Having said that, we need to keep in mind that, even if it doesn't work for me, there is still the possibility that it may work for younger members whose eyes are still growing. If the experiment fails, it would be up to younger members to try the experiment and see if it works for them.

Just a quick update. The experiment begins later today. My red goggles arrived at my post office and will be out for delivery this morning. Wish me luck!

onihc 16 Jun 2015, 01:01


In this experiment, be sure to lay down the facts. Don't tell people that something works if it doesn't. This could be revolutionary for inducing myopia so be sure to keep it honest.

Chino 15 Jun 2015, 17:05

I received my red strobe today, and am using it as I type this. It pretty much does what I need it to do, but the electrical cord for it is very short, so it's a challenge to set it up comfortably. I'm going to need an extension cord for it.

The red goggles are still in transit from New Hampshire. It probably won't make it down to me until the end of the week.

Chino 11 Jun 2015, 15:31

I ordered a red strobe today, and it actually shipped earlier this afternoon. I estimate that I should receive my goggles and the strobe light around the same time, early next week.

I bought the red strobe to see if I could boost the effectiveness of the red goggles. According to one of the research papers I posted earlier, the guinea pigs exposed to flashing red light became more myopic by -11.29 diopters over the course of 8 weeks, or about -1.41 diopters per week. That's about -5.64 diopters per month, which is more than the -3 diopters induced by steady red light.

Chino 04 Jun 2015, 10:28

Just a quick update. They finished making my goggles sooner than I expected. They shipped the goggles today, so I should be able to start this experiment with the red lenses in about 10 days.

Cactus Jack 02 Jun 2015, 19:44


Yes, please.

I will try and take a picture with a prism in front of the camera lens. Have no idea what will happen, but it will be fun to try. I suspect the separation will be apparent. Camera lenses are designed to minimize chromatic aberration, but I think I have a loose 10 D prism that I can hold over the camera lens.

I'll keep you posted.


Chino 02 Jun 2015, 14:47

Cactus Jack,

Yes, I downloaded the whole article. Would you like me to email you a copy?

Man, that effect with the prism lenses and LED based signs is something else. I wonder if I can find a picture of that effect somewhere.

optix 02 Jun 2015, 10:58

the most extreme example in everydays life is this sign.

No parking, here in Europe.

See this one throgh prism lenses and you will know...

Cactus Jack 02 Jun 2015, 10:02


Did you download the whole article?

Lenses and Vision are fascinating. You can think of a lens as being an infinite number of very thin prisms arranged in a circle. Negative lenses have the apex of the prism in the center and the base at the edges. Plus lenses have the apex at the edge and the base in the center.

Chromatic abberation and its prevention is the basis of high quality multi-element photographic lenses. They use a combination of Negative and Positive lenses to combat it.

Chromatic separation of images is really interesting if you need to wear prism. I wear Base Out prism and if the lighting is right, I see color fringing with each eye individually, but with both eyes together, my brain seems to cancel it out. Another extremely interesting effect occurs with LED based signs. LEDs produce monochromatic light. Yellow is actually created by a RED and a GREEN LED, very close to each other. The eye normally perceives this as YELLOW. However, with the prism in my glasses, the prism separates and displaces the two colors by by different amounts and I see slightly separated RED and GREEN letters instead of one YELLOW. Light from incandescent or phosphors sources do not exhibit this phenomena.


Chino 02 Jun 2015, 08:11

Hi Cactus Jack,

I enjoyed reading your explanation on the chromatic aberration of the eye. Given how different wavelengths of light are refracted at different angles by the same lens, your explanation makes total sense to me. I got curious and started doing some digging.

I found research that addressed this very question. The researchers found that positive lenses did not suppress the effects of red light. Negative lenses did not suppress the effects of blue light.

Given what you told me, the lenses they used should have compensated for the chromatic aberration, so that the eye's lens would not have to. What they did should have prevented the changes in eye shape induced by the different colors of light used.

Since the lenses didn't work as they were supposed to, I'm starting to get the impression that we may be working with a different mechanism here. Optical4less is still crafting my goggles, so it'll probably be another three weeks before I get to experiment for myself.

Here is the article:

til 27 May 2015, 15:24

Cactus Jack

Thank you for the explanation, sounds like a valid reason for my girlfriend to explain what I'm doing;-)

Cactus Jack 26 May 2015, 19:08


Keeping your Ciliary Muscles strong can delay the practical onset of Presbyopia. As your Crystalline Lenses gradually become stiffer, they become harder for the Ciliary Muscles to squeeze to increase their PLUS power. When you wear the -4 contacts, your Ciliary Muscles have to create a compensating +4 for distance and between +6.50 to +7.25 to focus close. The will likely help you maintain your accommodation range.

You often see the opposite effect when people with low to moderate myopia don't wear glasses and their Ciliary Muscles don't get much exercise. In general, exercise is good for any muscle, but Presbyopia will ultimately win. Typically, when a person's arms get too short and the start wearing reading help. Ciliary Muscle de-conditioning will happen much faster than they expected until the Add reaches their preferred focal distance for reading. Usually, somewhere between +2.50 and +3.25.

An unexpected symptom of the onset of Presbyopia is a decrease in the relaxation rate for your Crystalline Lenses or Pseudo Myopia and you will start to notice blurry distance vision when you take the contacts out in the evening. You probably have quite a few years before that occurs.


til 26 May 2015, 00:34

Cactus Jack

I'm 27, m, live in Germany.

It is not my goal to induce pseudo myopia, I would only accept it. I cannot really explain my motivation for wearing overcorrection, I simply like to wear 'proper' glasses and like the look of concave lenses on others. So at the moment I am only trying to push my limits by wearing -4 contacts or -6 glasses.

Concerning the ciliary muscles I rather was wondering if that 'training' could prolong flexibility of the muscles and crystalline lenses. In order to push the point of needing correction for reading maybe?


Cactus Jack 25 May 2015, 13:48


I think the use of the red lenses to try to induce myopia is an effort to take advantage of the chromatic aberration of the eye. It is a variation, of sorts, on the Red-Green Test.

The Red-Green test is often used as a final test for sphere correction. The optics of the eye focus Green light slightly in front of the retina and Red light slightly behind the retina. In the Red-Green Test, if Red is clearer, -0.25 is added. If Green is clearer +0.25 is added. If both are equally clear, the Sphere correction is pretty close to optimal.

Why the use of red light might help induce some myopia needs some thinking about how the optics of the eye and glasses or contacts work. The key thing to remember is that glasses or contacts neutralize or cancel out refractive errors. If a person is myopic and needs to wear MINUS glasses, it is because their eyeballs have TOO MUCH PLUS. If the person needs PLUS glasses it is because their eyeballs don't have ENOUGH PLUS to focus images on the retina.

If you wear glasses with Red lenses, the image will be focused BEHIND the retina and your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses will internally add some PLUS to move the image into focus on the retina. This is the same thing that occurs when you wear glasses with a bit too much MINUS.

If you do either of the above, it is possible that you will Induce some Pseudo Myopia, if your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses can add the necessary PLUS for long enough. If you are young enough, you might be able to Induce some Axial Myopia.

The big question is which is faster or more effective. Red Lenses or more MINUS in your glasses than you actually need. We look forward to your report.


Cactus Jack 25 May 2015, 13:05


Genes are always in the driver's seat. People with low hyperopia frequently have experiences similar to yours. However, sometimes it is possible to induce some Pseudo Myopia. That is not always successful as we have seen where a person develops "buyer's remorse" after Lasik and wants to be myopic again.


The ciliary muscles are the strongest muscles in the body for their size and they respond to exercise and can temporarily adapt to over correction by being slow to relax. Pseudo Myopia and Latent Hyperopia are actually the same thing. The real difference is that even a hyperopic young person with extremely flexible crystalline lenses can develop Latent Hyperopia if their hyperopia is uncorrected. Their ciliary muscles become so used to maintaining the extra PLUS, every waking hour, for every visual task, that they are unable to fully relax their ciliary muscles. When they finally get some external PLUS correction, it can take a while for their ciliary muscles to finally start relaxing. When that happens, they will need more external PLUS until the ciliary muscles are fully relaxed. The teen age (now 17) son of a friend had to get some low PLUS glasses with a bit of cylinder, for full time wear, about a year ago because of headaches. I saw him about 3 months ago, and I noticed that he had a bit more PLUS in his glasses. I suspect he has a bit more PLUS in his future. Obviously, he had developed Hyperopia at a fairly early age, but it remained hidden until creeping Presbyopia and smartphone exposed the problem.

Age can be a factor in Pseudo Myopia. It is possible that wearing the -4 contacts may be counter productive in developing Pseudo Myopia by triggering a strong focus and relaxation response. The exercise keeps the ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses very flexible. If you want to Induce some Pseudo Myopia, you might actually do better with lower power contacts or possibly multi-focal glasses that pretty much let your ciliary muscles maintain a constant power level.

May I ask your age?


Chino 25 May 2015, 11:40

I'm 33 years old, and my starting prescription is -5.50D in both eyes, with -0.50D of astigmatism. The only difference between my eyes is the axis for my astigmatism correction.

I plan on doing this every day, for at least 14 hours per day.

 25 May 2015, 10:39

Chino, what is your age and starting prescription? Also how often do you plan on doing this? Like how many days and for how long each day?

til 25 May 2015, 09:24

Just a thought on ciliary muscles..

I did quite a bit of driving recently and sometimes wore -4 contacts. I don't require any correction and can tolerate them well. However I have to maintain focus actively and if I don't i will lose focus within a second. My thought now was if it is the same work for the ciliary muscles to maintain focus all the time or do I 'train' them better going from blur to sharp vision multiple times. Does anybody happen to be familiar with this?

Julian 25 May 2015, 08:34

I may have said this before: but I just don't understand this business of inducing myopia. As a kid and right through my teens I did all the things that are supposed to make you short-sighted - I read incessantly, often in a bad light, even by torchlight under the sheets. I got my first glasses when I was 18, and they were low plus with a a bit of cylinder. I reckon heredity rules.

Chino 25 May 2015, 05:57

I am now able to prepare for this red light experiment.

I ordered a pair of prescription sport goggles with red lenses. Hopefully, their design should prevent light from entering through the side of the goggles. This way, my eyes only get exposed to the red light entering through the lenses.

These are the goggles I ordered:

I tried zenni, but didn't find a design that satisfied me. Unfortunately, this means I'll need to wait about a month for my goggles to arrive.

I'll post an update when I receive my goggles and start the experiment.

svensont 18 May 2015, 13:41

Hey Stan, how are you doing? Are you using your +2D glasses?

Chino 15 May 2015, 06:34

You know, that's a great idea. I think that just might work. The red lenses would filter out the other wavelengths, letting only red light through. It's definitely worth a shot.

I don't know how necessary it is for the light to be flashing. I know one study used that, but others have not. Personally, the flashing light would annoy the hell out of me after a while.

 15 May 2015, 03:12

Would this denote wearing red tinted lenses to induce myopia? Or would it only include an actual red light? Id love to rig my room with a flashing red bulb to experiment but i just dont think its plausible.

Chino 12 May 2015, 03:49

Hi everyone,

I read some interesting articles online. It looks like red light can potentially be used to induce myopia.

I'm out of town right now on an extended vacation, and am not able to experiment with this. Would anyone be interested in trying this out and keeping us posted on your results? It would be interesting to see if this works on adults.

Here are the articles:

NJ 07 May 2015, 16:51

oops, post that last comment to the wrong thread.

NJ 07 May 2015, 16:49

CONCERNED, you should have no problems doing GOC after your surgery. I had to wait a couple of weeks before I could insert contact lenses, per the ophthalmologists recommendations. It felt exactly the same as before.

It's possible to alter your numbers to have the vision you want, but not many docs will intentionally give you worse vision. In fact, most will try to fully correct it using either the monovision technique or correct for distance only and you will need readers. I see Specs4ever managed to get his pre-surgical numbers, but he had a pretty good argument for doing so.

If you do find a doc to give you worse vision, please think long and hard about doing this. It's one thing to have bad vision when you want it, quite another to have to live with it all the time. GOC works great for most people here.

Cactus Jack 07 May 2015, 14:34

mo tard,

6 1/2 feet is pretty close to 2 meters. That means that your actual prescription has increased by about -0.50. It could be True or Axial Myopia, but it is more likely Pseudo Myopia. Either one will work, but only time will tell which it is. Keep working at it and pushing the envelope whenever you can.


mo tard 07 May 2015, 10:47


I pinned up the eyechart. Made my 20 ft line. Went back to my official rx glasses and I could not see the 20/20 line. I had to move up to 6 1/2 ft to see the 20/20 lin3

Cactus Jack 07 May 2015, 00:11

mo tard,

Wow! That works out to +6.50 of additional accommodation over that needed to make the -9.25 glasses work. Normal reading would use +2.50 to +3.00 of the +6.50 leaving as much a +3.50 of "free" accommodation that you could use for even stronger glasses. However, there is likely a bit of a snag in that you could probably not maintain that much accommodation for very long periods.

When you were focusing at 6", your eyes were turned inward (converged) the equivalent of approximately 20 prism diopters Base Out in each eye (total 40 diopters). Because of the interconnect between your eye positioning system and your focus control system, the convergence helped you maintain the +6.50. If you tried some -12 glasses, it is likely that you would get pretty tired, pretty fast, but you might be able to work up to 1 or 2 more diopters of MINUS in the glasses.

Also, this is one of those instances where Vertex Distance (VD) may be helping a little. Because of VD effects, -9.25 glasses are about -8.25 at the cornea, where the accommodation is occurring. If you went up to -12.00 VD effects would make it about -10.25 at the cornea, requiring +2.00 of additional accommodation instead of about +2.75 one would expect by just comparing the two glasses prescriptions.


mo tard 06 May 2015, 23:31


I just did that and measured . 6" is as close as I can get and still be able to read clear

Cactus Jack 06 May 2015, 13:12

mo tard,

One test you can do very easily, is to check your accommodation range. With the -9.25 glasses, all you have to do is move a book or newspaper closer to your eyes, until the small text just starts to get fuzzy and measure the distance.

You have used up some of your accommodation to be able to focus at distance (20 feet or 6 meters for practical purposes) with the -9.25 glasses. To focus closer, you need some plus from somewhere. Ideally, it can come from your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses. Where the text just becomes fuzzy is pretty close to the limit of your accommodation. You can calculate the amount of PLUS required by dividing the distance into 100 cm or 39.37 inches, depending on the measurement you prefer.

Lets say that you measured about 28 cm or 11 inches, did the math above, and got +3.50. That would mean that you still had that much accommodation remaining. If you like to read at about 16 inches, you could probably tolerate about -10 in your glasses and still be able to focus to read with some effort.

However, don't expect that ability to last very long. Presbyopia never stops until your crystalline lenses get so stiff that your ciliary muscles can't squeeze them more. Wearing over correction may actually help keep your ciliary muscles strong, but that is ultimately of very limited value.


mo tard 06 May 2015, 02:55


I did try my original rx. I didn't pay particular attention to distances but do notice there is a definite blur at distance. The -9.25 glasses arrived Monday been wearing them right from the mail box. I did notice a defined increase in focus effort again. However it seams to be short lived as within the first day focusing came easier and now more natural with out thought. The lens edge is definitely thicker and nobody has noticed the extra or at least not questioned it if they did I'll see if I can come up with some more definite numbers on blur distance with original rx in next couple days.

Also on side note I can still see up close for reading with the -9.25.

I'm getting curious how far I can push up rx before maxing out my accommodation or getting called out on the lens thickness

Cactus Jack 30 Apr 2015, 07:19

mo tard,

Thanks for the refresher. I really appreciate that courtesy. There is just no way I can keep track of everyone and age, gender, and where you live, does help me compose answers that fit your situation.

I suspect that most of your results are related to Pseudo Myopia because of your age. The fact that you find yourself pushing the -8.00 glasses closer to your face to see clearly is particularly interesting, because Pseudo Myopia seems to require long term focusing stress to cause the Ciliary Muscles to increase the PLUS power of the Crystalline Lenses. Axial Myopia increases usually are caused by a growth process where age and genetics are a big factor. Age seems to play a role in Inducing Pseudo Myopia. This is because Presbyopia stiffens the Crystalline Lenses and makes them more difficult for the Ciliary Muscles to squeeze and increase their PLUS power. The stiffness also makes the Crystalline Lenses MUCH slower to relax.

An interesting test would be to try your original Rx just after waking from a good night's rest to get an idea of the distance where text just begins to get fuzzy with your glasses. That would give you an idea of what you could expect from an eye exam.

If you are really curious about your increase, you may want to consider an exam by a different ECP than the one where you got the -6.75 Rx. It is unfortunate that the ultra sound instruments that Ophthalmologists use to measure eye ball length are not more common. Making physical measurements over time are the best way to determine the source of prescription changes over time and differentiate between Axial Myopia and Pseudo Myopia. At your age, significant increases in Myopia in even a years time, is not very common unless it is Pseudo Myopia. Remember, Pseudo Myopia and Latent Hyperopia are the same thing, only the basic cause of the refractive error (eyeball length or total relaxed lens power) is different.


mo tard 30 Apr 2015, 04:13

Hey everyone. Been a while since I posted. I've been working on trying to increase my myopia. My last official rx (Aug 2014) is R -6.75 -2.00 20 / L -5.50 -2.00 170. I have been wearing zennis (since Oct 2014) in rx R -8.00 -2.00 20 / L-6.75 -2.00 170. At first I noticed awesome vision with increased effort to focus. Recently I have noticed I don't have to try to focus anymore and I find myself pushing them tighter on my face to see in distance. So a couple days ago I GOC with extra -2.00 in contacts with my glasses. The first few hours took some time and real effort to see clear. After a couple days it became easier to wear that combo. So I went and ordered identical frames I'm currently wearing in rx R -9.25 -2.00 20 / L -8.00 -2.00 170. I went with the -1.25 jump again because no one seamed to notice the first -1.25 jump on top of my official rx. Can't wait to get them and wear them for 3 or more months before next eye exam. For the exam I will swap back to the original rx just before going in the door and see if there is upward progression in my rx.

refresher for CJ I am 35 M Usa

Cactus Jack 23 Apr 2015, 06:54



There is not much reason to frown on what you are doing many members have experimented with found contact lenses. Some with more success than others. We can help you be successful.

Disposable Soft Contact Lenses are very forgiving from a fitting standpoint because they are usually very thin. With your GOC experience, you probably know how to insert and remove contact lenses. Please exercise good hygiene and lens care for your own eye safety.

You seem to understand a bit about the optics of vision, but you probably need a bit of a refresher. I am guessing that you are older than 20 and younger than 40, but a guess does not help much in helping answering your questions. I need a bit more specific answers about the following to offer suggestions and guidance.

Here are the questions:

1. How old are you?

2. Where do you live? Country and region would be helpful

3. Your occupation appears to be in flat management. Is this correct?

4. What is the Brand and Model of the -3.00 lenses?

5. There should be more information on the box, such as Diameter, Base Curve, and wear information. Are they designed for Daily wear, Weekly wear, or monthly wear?

After you answer the above questions, I will probably have a few more.

Again, Welcome.


mark 23 Apr 2015, 03:45

I know it will be frowned upon by various users here as to what I'm currently doing, but there you go!

Someone moved out of one of my flats yesterday and whilst I was sorting it out to relet I found a pair of disposable -3.00 contact lenses behind the bedside cabinet. I don't wear correction, but have thought I have quite a tolerance to weakish minus prescriptions from previous experience or wearing glasses out and about, and doing a little GOCing years ago. So today I decided to wear these contact lenses to work and see what it would be like.

I'm amazed at how well my eyes have coped with it, with my vision being pretty much the same as it normally is, in terms of day to day viewing aside from reading text - like typing this, the words aren't as crystal clear as they normally are, but I was expecting to either see a dramatic difference, and everything to be more clear than it normally is and therefore think maybe I need glasses, or on the other hand think, why on earth am doing this!

I have experimented a little with the blurry text on the computer screen as I have an office to myself so no one seems me apart from when they walk past, so decided to do a little GOCing, and remove the glasses when people walk past. So I have a pair of plussie glasses that I bought on ebay - I like the frame, and thought the missus would look good in them (they're a unisex horn rimmed frame) - plus she wears +1.5 reading glasses, so they'll come in handy for that. I have found that wearing the contact lenses, the keys on the keyboard are clear, but the text on the screen is a little blurry, but when I put the glasses on, the opposite happens, where the text on the screen sharpens up a lot, but the keys on the keyboard are rather magnified

The only problem with this is that whenever I take the glasses off its takes my eyes a few moments / half a minute to refocus!! Interesting stuff when colleagues are coming into my office asking questions and I can barely focus on them!

I really was expecting a bit more of a blur with the lenses in, but it would seem my eyes want stronger contact lenses in order for this to happen. What would one of the more regulars advise to wear in for this to happen?

Stan 21 Apr 2015, 10:13

Maybe try some +0.5D on top, if you can see clearly the distance then you can order some progressives.

That would be more complicated as I would have to order them on line. When I looked in the distance with the +1.00's (weakest I could find) everything was pretty much a blur.

Did you notice any change in distance clarity when looking through +2D now and a month ago?

No, both are too blurry for distance, that is why I got the plano top bifocal...couldn't wear the readers because of the distance blur.