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stranger 08 Nov 2015, 00:09

Hi everyone

I am after some advice.

I am considering investing in some multifocal prescription sunglasses (I will be living under a bridge for a few months to pay them off :) )

My distance prescription is weak, and I go without glasses mostly unless I need to see something up close - I have a strong reading prescription.

I would wear the sunnies for driving, reading a book on the beach, and checking my phone in the sun.

I have heard that it can be hard to read small print with prescription sunnies because it is too dark! Is that true?

Also I have heard that there are situations where polarised is better than unpolarised and vice versa. What's the deal here?

I am really sensitive to glare after a botched cataract operation, so am after the best sunnies for driving that would help with this.

Thanks for your help. You people should really start charging!!

Soundmanpt 22 Sep 2015, 20:13

Hey when your wrong your wrong. I am good with that. I know it wasn't all that long ago that not just small shops but the bigger high end stores also said they couldn't make rx sunglass lenses for many of the wrap around sunglasses and that included Oakley. It seems they now have the technology to make them now.

JS 22 Sep 2015, 20:02

I also disagree. I have sent out at least 10 tight-wrap frames in the past 6 months to have RX Base-8 lenses installed. Some have been CR-39, and some have been Trivex.

They have turned out very well, with the exception of a Ray Ban 3217 frame. On that frame the Trivex lenses had to drilled and edged by hand because the lenses must be mounted to the front of the frame. This frame was getting +1.75, -1.00 X 180 lenses. I was sure that the person was not going to like them due to the thickness of the inside edges of the lenses. Instead, he told me that these were now going to be his primary sunglasses. He thought they were really cool. Who would have known...

Melyssa 22 Sep 2015, 04:48

I have never had a problem with buying regular sunglasses and having them made up in my prescription with clear CR39 lenses. Included in my collection are my favorite blue drop-temples, my oldest pair of cat's-eyes (red Foster Grants), and a large, orange cat's-eye frame with white polka dots.

Daffy 22 Sep 2015, 03:35

Soundmanpt-I don't agree (sorry). They say they can't because they stock standard lenses and always push higher index lenses. The high index lens base curve is so small ie the front lens curvature being flatter, that the frame will not fit the lens. Better optical stores will know more about this and find lenses to fit the frame. They will have access to higher base curve lenses. Even Oakley, with very highly curved frames, have their own lenses to fit, although very pricey. The max Rx in the high curve lenses is -6. The only frame that won't work is where the lens of the sunglasses is basically one lens

Daffy 22 Sep 2015, 03:35

Soundmanpt-I don't agree (sorry). They say they can't because they stock standard lenses and always push higher index lenses. The high index lens base curve is so small ie the front lens curvature being flatter, that the frame will not fit the lens. Better optical stores will know more about this and find lenses to fit the frame. They will have access to higher base curve lenses. Even Oakley, with very highly curved frames, have their own lenses to fit, although very pricey. The max Rx in the high curve lenses is -6. The only frame that won't work is where the lens of the sunglasses is basically one lens

Soundmanpt 21 Sep 2015, 08:08


The reason I can see that the optician would say that those designer sunglasses you have won't look so good by replacing the lenses with prescription sunglasses lenses is that many non prescription lenses in sunglasses have wrap around shaped lenses. Prescription lenses can't be shaped the same way. So your prescription lenses would be much more flat and probably wouldn't look as they do now. The amount of prescription you need is certainly not the problem because -2.00 isn't very strong at all. You probably are better off finding a frame in his shop, or any optical shop that is made for regular eyeglass lenses and have them made into prescription sunglasses.

ric 21 Sep 2015, 01:09

Nadine: sure sunglasses will be right with this prescription.

Nadine 20 Sep 2015, 11:57

I wanted to buy designer sunglasses and get prescription lenses in them but the opticians say they won't look as good. They are quiet big sunglasses I have -2.00 prescription would this be ok? I don't want to wear contact lenses all the time.

High Myopic 28 Sep 2014, 13:15

I have 24 pairs of sunglasses in my collection now.

I bought a huge blazing red pair of sunglasses yesterday for 7 dollars. They say B47120 CE (Composite Euro) on the right temple and say Made In China on the left temple. I love them. They fit my face very well.

Soundmanpt 02 Jun 2014, 16:10


I know I have mentioned this before but I have 2 friends that are now in a small way like Melyssa. They both got there in different ways. The first one was someone I knew that was working as a barmaid at a local sports bar. When I first met her she didn't need any vision correction. But she hadn't had her eyes checked in a very long tiem and decided she should get them checked. She came away with a very weak prescription for distance. I asked her if she wanted to see my samples from Zenni and she quickly responded that she was not going to wear glasses and she got fitted with contact lenses. The following year when it came time to renew her contacts and an eye exam is required her vision had gotten a bit worse and not she had enough astigmatism that it required toric lenses which are considerably more expensive than regular contacts. She was now suddenly much mire interested in wearing glasses part of the time to save on the contacts. She had me order her 3 pairs of glasses. She only had them less than a month and she contacted me and she said she needed to order several more pairs. This time she got 5 more making a total of 8 pairs. It turned out everyone thought she looked better with glasses.

The 2nd young lady was a manager of a jewelery store chain. She always wore contacts, at least for about 3 or 4 years that i had known her. She suffered badly during allergy season as her eyes were runny and made a mess of her contacts. Finally out of the blue she showed up at work wearing new glasses one day. When I first saw her wearing glasses I was quite surprised and only assumed she got them form a local shop. But she got them from Zenni and even more shocking was when she told me that she actually got 8 pairs all at once. Then after less than a year she went back in and got another 8 pairs. I never saw her in contacts again.

Clare 02 Jun 2014, 15:28

Melyssa, Soundmanpt - thanks for the comments. I'm still getting used to the idea of a glasses wardrobe. I seemed to have picked well for my main pair, or so people say. I like the idea of a range of frames but less so the idea that people, once again, comment. No-one notices my glasses any more as everyone here has said happens after a while. Ttill waiting for some sunshine to try them out!

Melyssa 02 Jun 2014, 15:23


Don't stop at 4 or 5, try for 7, a pair for each day of the week. :)

I have two (2) pairs of sunglasses, both of which are nonprescription ones that fit over my regular glasses (a wee bit difficult with the largest frames), and I only use them when driving.

Clare & Soundmanpt,

If I had to choose from 48 pairs of glasses each day, I would be late for work 5 times a week. LOL (I have them all set out the day before.)

Matching frames with outfits is easy for me when they are blue, red, purple, black, or gray (gray clothes with clear frames), or at least brown frames with beige or tan clothes, but not so easy with just one green frame, one pink frame, and no orange, yellow, or white frames.

Soundmanpt 02 Jun 2014, 00:30


So glad you like them. Of course I guess having some sun to really test them might be nice. But I am sure your vision won't be any problem with them. The main issue was how well you would like how they look and the quality of them.

Now since you have found that you really don't have to spend a big part of your paycheck on glasses you may even decide to get a few more pairs of regular glasses form Zenni. Your now wearing glasses much more than you ever have int the past so at least you should try and make it as much fun as possible. Being able to match your glasses to different outfits of clothing is one way to do that. Now I am not suggesting you become another Melyssa and have 48 pairs of glasses to choose from each day, but maybe 4 or 5 would be nice.

Clare 01 Jun 2014, 16:01

Hi Soundmanpt, yes, they arrived in the week. They are a style truly nothing like I've ever had before - that has to be good. The quality and the fit are great, no complaints. Just need some sunshine to try them out. I'm off to Asia in a couple of weeks where I'll be bound to need them. Hope I get chance to try them in England before I go!

Soundmanpt 20 May 2014, 09:40


Still waiting to hear your reactions to the prescription sunglasses you ordered from Zenni? I would think by now they should have arrived?

Soundmanpt 12 May 2014, 16:10


Just being curious because it should be about 2 weeks since you ordered your prescription sunglasses from Zenni if they have arrived yet or if your still waiting?

Now remember when you get them and try them on if they feel lie they need any adjusting you can take them to any optical store or even a sunglasses shop to get them adjusted.

Soundmanpt 30 Apr 2014, 01:29


When you get your sunglasses if they need any adjusting at all I assure you your regular opticians won't have any problem adjusting them for you and if they were to ask, which I doubt they will, where you got them from you shouldn't hold back in telling them. After all you have spent plenty with them over the years. The other option is to just go to any optical store and they will gladly adjust them without any questions.

I really think you will be happy with your sunglasses when they arrive.

If you later decide to order your regular glasses from Zenni besides just going by the pictures the real true way to know about the size being right is to take a pair of glasses you have that you feel fits your face the best. Measure that pair across the front (face) from the very outside left to the outside right using a ruler that is millimeter. When you get hat size you probably noticed that Zenni provides all the measurements of their glasses. The one you would be most interested in is what they call "overall width" that si the measurement across the front of their glasses. If that number compares very close to your glasses then they should be a very good fit for you.

Crystal Veil 29 Apr 2014, 18:17

Hi Clare, cat eye sunglasses really seem to make a come back in the streets of Holland (you are right, I'm Dutch) so your choice would not be regarded quirky here. On Saturday I will see a model who did two photo shoots for me last year. She finally made her choice from the Zenni glasses that we used during her second shoot and I will bring her the glasses. They are sunglasses with "dégradé" lenses which will give her a bit of a mystery look. I hope to use the frame of your choice in an up coming photo shoot with a model who really likes the cat eye style. Dutch models are not shy to experiment with many different frame styles and maybe that's what you see in the choice of your Dutch colleagues as well. I always find the differences in frame choice in various countries a fascinating part of a stay abroad. I hope the sunglasses will work great for you.

Clare 29 Apr 2014, 15:03

Thanks Crystal Veil. I checked the size of the lenses against my regular glasses and could see that they were much deeper, in fact they came half way down my nose which I thought was weird but I checked and the model too had the same which reassured me. I quite liked the quirky look (hope it works for me) and I've never had cat eye frames before. Can't wait for the delivery!

You're in NL aren't you? I always found my NL colleagues had great glasses taste.

Clare 29 Apr 2014, 14:54

Thanks Soundmanpt - I'm assuming it will take a few weeks as they have to ship them across the pond. I've never bought online before and though I posted a photo of myself to see how they looked I'll be interested to see how they look. And if they don't fit you think I can just take them into a local optician and ask them to tighten them up? I've only ever done that at my own optician and I wouldn't want to go to them with something obviously bought somewhere else!

 29 Apr 2014, 01:07


Please stop begging everyone to send you very strong glasses for your collection. You have been the subject in a bad way over on "Lenschat" and you need to stop. You have been told more than once how you can get strong glasses and if don't chooses to do that fine but stop the begging. It's getting very old.

HighMyopic 28 Apr 2014, 20:49

Crystal Veil, you have any pairs of strong glasses that you can give away? I looked at thrift store for thick glasses and they usually do not have very thick glasses. I looked at one today but they had no super strong glasses. They had mostly empty cases. Should I go to my eye doctor and ask if I can look through the eyeglasses donation box for some very thick pairs to add to my collection?

Crystal Veil 28 Apr 2014, 19:35

Zenni is very, very cheap. Their prices start at seven dollars, lenses included.

HighMyopic 28 Apr 2014, 18:54

You have any extra pairs that I can have? I collect eyeglasses. I cannot afford expensive rx glasses right now.

Crystal Veil 28 Apr 2014, 18:31


Zenni Optical does not ask for your own glasses receipt. The strongest pair I ordered from them was -19.25 (left) / -19.75 (right), 1.67 lenses.

HighMyopic 28 Apr 2014, 18:27

Has anyone ordered -20 glasses without having to show them a photocopy of your real rx?

I want to order them and I hope that I do not have to show them a pic of my real rx from the doctor. I worry then they might not mail me the -20 glasses if I show my real rx picture.

Soundmanpt 28 Apr 2014, 18:05


Glad you were able to find something you liked and for what its worth I think you made a great choice. They should look very nice as prescription sunglasses. I will be patiently waiting for them to arrive and keeping my fingers crossed as well since I have been recommending Zenni to you fro so long. If your not pleased I am sure you will let me know about it. lol

But I thing your going going to be very happy with them and so much so that you may decide then to order a pair or 2 of regular glasses.

As you have been reading you should receive your glasses in about 2 weeks or even less. I have never had them be more than 2 weeks, but I have received orders in 10 days time.

Crystal Veil 28 Apr 2014, 17:31


from my experience with over fifty models who posed for me in glasses, a PD of 59 is only slightly below average. The largest PD's were 67 - 68 and the smallest PD's were 55. In both cases this called for a careful selection of glasses for the photo shoots. I bought the same Zenni pair recently and my life partner (PD 64) thought that the frame was just a bit on the narrow side for her. You ordered them as sunglasses and they can be chosen a bit bigger than what you would chose for regular glasses. It sounds as if you made a good choice.

Clare 28 Apr 2014, 17:00

Nothing as on trend as that for me Trent - I'd be a little too worried about making a *spectacle* of myself!

I have just ordered a pair of sunglasses from Zenni. #626325 if anyone's interested, a pair of cat's eye in tortoiseshell. I had a bit of trouble selecting as some of the frames were too big for my PD, which is 59. Is that small?

Also I wanted a brown lens so, after looking at their instructions, selected 80% amber. Hope that looks okay but at $40 it's okay to experiment. Will be great to have some stylish sunnies for the summer, hope they look as good on me as they do on the website.

Trent 27 Apr 2014, 21:49

Check out these trendy sunglasses!a474814435be0ca8a9016fa0b42be2b9

Soundmanpt 27 Apr 2014, 16:03


Just remember don't call out "sunglasses" per say. Just look as if you were looking for regular glasses. you add the sunglass tint later on.

Clare 27 Apr 2014, 15:52

Thanks Soundmanpt - will take another look. I'm looking for plastic frames and contemporary, those I saw where either whacky or a bit dated!

Soundmanpt 25 Apr 2014, 19:03


It looks like Zenni is coming around to the style and size of glasses you seem to like. They just sent me an e-mail showing a "new arrival" that you maybe interested in. Look at #305225 and #305226. I checked the size and they are slightly over 5 1/2" wide so they should fit you perfectly.

Melyssa 25 Apr 2014, 07:44


I have the opposite problem. I need frames to be at least 5.5 inches wide, which is why some old glasses of mine are no longer useful. Then again, if it's only my head that has gained in size over the past 30+ years, that's not such a bad thing. :)

Soundmanpt 24 Apr 2014, 19:36


Yeah that's pretty small and sadly I have noticed like you have that they have a few that are 125mm but as you go smaller there seems to be even less available for some reason. I know I asked them once why they don't offer more smallish frames and they only claimed that they try to cater to the masses. But they seem to have far too many that are over 135mm and most of the orders I take for glasses are in the range of 129mm to 131mm.

Because of you small nose I assume you get a better fit from glasses that have adjustable nose pads? So maybe a nice semi-rimless is best for you? If i notice new arrivals that are in a size more like what you need I will try and let you know.

Juicebox 24 Apr 2014, 16:08


My ideal overall width is about 122/123mm, so 125 is ok but I have a petite nose and they tend to fall down if they're any bigger because they aren't close to my head. does that even make sense?!? what I'm trying to say is if there's wiggle room, the nose width bit becomes more important. bugs bunny, yes, if have a problem with that. Disney princesses on the other hand...haha!

Curt 24 Apr 2014, 15:54

I'm talking welders goggle dark!!! I don't normally wear them indoors, but if you walk in from outdoors, it's like going into a cave...

Soundmanpt 24 Apr 2014, 14:35


I agree, but most really like their sunglasses to be nice and dark. Remember you shouldn't be wearing sunglasses indoors anyway.

Of course as you say if Clare doesn't like her sunglasses dark then she cab do like you and go a little less on the tint.

Curt 24 Apr 2014, 12:59

I have a pair of Zenni prescription sunglasses with 80% grey tint, and they are VERY dark. They are really only good on the brightest of days, and if I walk indoors with them, I can't see anything!!! Next time, I will probably go with 60%...

Just my $0.02

Soundmanpt 24 Apr 2014, 12:55


May I ask what the "overall width" you need for glasses to fit your face properly? Most of the on-line retailers provides an overall number which is in millimeters This overall width is across the front of your glasses from the outside left to the outside right. Most of the samples I have or between 125mm and 132mm.

If you don't know what size you need just measure across the front of your glasses using a ruler in millimeters.

Now to be honest if you need glasses smaller than 125mm Zenni is rather limited unless you go to the kids frames. I don't know you would have a problem with Bugs Bunny being on your temples. lol

Soundmanpt 24 Apr 2014, 12:47


As it turns out, yes you were looking in the wrong place. Don't look specifically for "sunglasses" I think what happens is that your only seeing the pre-made non prescription sunglasses which they also now offer. At any rate the correct way to do it is to put in any preferences you may have have for color, frame shape, and materials, but go in as if you looking for regular prescription glasses. My guess is even by narrowing your selection down in this way you will still be shown well over a hundred glasses. Now once you find a pair you like and start the ordering process, by the way you can stop at anytime even up to the very end of the process, it will ask you if your getting single vision glasses, bifocals or progressives, or non prescription glasses. Of course you will be selecting single vision glasses. Next it will open an area where you need to fill in your prescription and it will be setup just as your prescription slip form your doctor has it written. It is easier to use the select bars to post your prescription. Next it will ask for your PD measurement. If you don't know that let me know and I will explain how you can get that on your own. Now it will say something about "tints" this is where your making your regular glasses into prescription sunglasses. Zenni recommends that if you like your sunglasses to be nice and dark that you order the 80% gray tint. I have ordered a good number of prescription sunglasses and for several that claimed they were light sensitive and they were very happy with that tint. Then just finish out the easy step by step ordering process.

So like I was telling you, anything you see can be either regular glasses or prescription sunglasses.

Juicebox 23 Apr 2014, 17:41


I've had the same issue with Zenni, I believe it's mostly because of my tiny head though as size seems to be the factor that cuts the most out of the selection. The only online retailer I have used (and their shipping was super quick - only 3 days without paying for next day delivery! They are based in the UK) was eyewearbrands. I don't know what your budget is, but they sell all the designer brands for much less than on the high street and the prescription is included in the price.

Clare 23 Apr 2014, 16:33

Thanks Soundmapt but when I narrowed down my selection - colour, material, snap - I was left with 6 options. Not what I expected! Was I looking in the wrong place? I was searching specifically for sunglasses.

Soundmanpt 23 Apr 2014, 15:57


I'm a little surprised out of the several thousand to chose from at Zenni that you weren't able to find anything. You do understand that you can have everything they show made as prescription sunglasses, meaning nearly every pair of glasses you see can be sunglasses.

Another one you may want to check out is "" they are very similar to Zenni but may have a frame that you like.

There are many other on line retailers but I have not dealt with any of the others but i assume they are okay.

Clare 23 Apr 2014, 15:09

I really need some prescription sunglasses for the summer. I drive a cabriolet and, as it discovered this weekend, with the hood down the sun beams straight down on the face. On Soundmanpt's advice I've checked out Zenni but am not finding anything that inspires me. Has anyone found any sites they'd recommend please?

SGS 17 Jan 2014, 00:48

these sunglasses are very unique, light weight and special good for sport. also have TAC harden polarized lenses they are super price too.

Soundmanpt 25 Aug 2012, 10:19


As big as your glasses are the only sunglasses that come to mind are the ones that if I recall were called "Solar" sunglasses, very large and they were designed to be worn over peoples prescription glasses. I have to admit to being surprised that you don't have any prescription sunglasses.

Melyssa 25 Aug 2012, 10:10

Surprisingly, this is my first post to this topic. I wear those big sunglasses that fit over regular glasses whenever I drive on sunny or partly cloudy days, as most of the time I am driving in the direction of the sun.

Of course, I have purchased a number of sunglasses over the years and immediately had clear prescription lenses put in them, including my favorite blue drop-temples, my 22-year-old red cat's-eyes and white cat's-eyes, along with my bleudame drop-temples and a mystery pair of cat's-eyes which will join my collection shortly.

Carrie 24 Aug 2012, 15:55

It's amazing how a pair of sunglasses can make someone look much sexier than he or she really is. Earlier this week I watched "American Guns" on Discovery UK. The ONLY reason I watched it was because I saw the trailer for the show where the family that own the gun shop are trying out some guns in the desert. I noticed that one of them was a young woman with a great body and was wearing large aviator style sunglasses (non-prescription). I thought "She looks hot, I might have to watch the show!" I was disappointed when I watched the show as the woman who looked hot and sexy with the sunglasses on turned out to be cute but rather average looking and almost bimbo like. I switched channels after about 20 minutes.

Astra 20 Jul 2012, 06:55

A story from this page:

These days, I have a friend are trouble, and I, he said.

First car seen at the roadside stand sits selling sunglasses on the way home, and later get off to look at, and selected a fine look of the sunglasses, I used the saw is really very good-looking. I thought my friend was, to buy anyway, is not expensive, one can shade; appearance very pretty, very much, but also a very own face match and hundreds of dollars, she bought. A few days later my friend found his eyes suddenly swollen and red, he told me that there seems to be the thing into the glasses, very uncomfortable, and sometimes tears. The results given in hospitals, I was shocked. Failed sunglasses wear caused by visual fatigue, and also said that if you continue to wear the consequences more severe.

I had not very much believe that, then I know to the expert advice failed fake sunglasses lens prone to dispersion phenomena such as severe may also lead to as weak, or color blindness. Failed sunglasses not only can not block ultraviolet rays, the optical damage is great. A long time to wear this shoddy glasses will cause solar keratitis, corneal endothelial damage, retinal diseases such as macular deformation.

John S 12 Jun 2012, 20:49

I got a pair of used Ray Ban RB8304 frames. I had a friend of mine get the lenses replaced in them. Since they are a 3 piece drill mount frame, he sent them out to a lab, instead of doing them in house.

I got a high end progressive, and Trivex polarized lenses. His cost was $210 US. He added $50 so the owner would still make a little. I think they were 1.60 index.

I got them in brown, they are the best feeling sunglasses I have ever had. The brown really brings out the contrast. The green trees look more vivid.

They had a mild rx, +1.25, add +2.50.

Bubba 12 Jun 2012, 15:45

No cr39 is just fine but online suppliers just don't always stock it over -4d

Wes 12 Jun 2012, 13:25

I've tried hi index sunglasses and it just ain't worth the expense. Better to get regular lenses in thick frames.

Bubba 12 Jun 2012, 13:03

I've gotten billed extra for having them make a special order -7d in cr39! Maybe clip ons is the answer?

Joyleene 12 Jun 2012, 03:46

I did get hi index sunglasses but it cost plenty!!! Regular lenses is OK but if your rx isn't that high but if it's high the lenses just get way too heavy.

Do hi index really cost that much to manufacture or is this a just a nice way for optical folks to earn money..

Bubba 12 Jun 2012, 00:19

I'm interested too in hi index dark tinted lenses but they are hard to find! Even regular lenses with hi rx can be a pain to order! Any recommendations?

Soundmanpt 08 Sep 2011, 17:38


If there not prescription sunglasses it could be she wears contacts and the sunglasses may help to keep dirt from getting on the lenses as she runs.

And 08 Sep 2011, 16:50

Does anyone know why Jenny Meadows, the British middle-distance runner, wears sunglasses to run in ? She was competing tonight in Zurich.

Aubrac 30 Jun 2011, 11:34


Sorry but I'm not technical on this - I just mean what are usually called 'transition' lenses in the UK, meaning they go darker in UV light.

Mr Jules 29 Jun 2011, 18:16

I wear photochromic 'transition' lenses. Really like them. Especially where they are at the mid level between clear and full sungless tint.

Been wearing glasses full time for about six months, and it's hard to go without. My distance prescription is +1.75. Though I have separate +3.00 glasses for reading. Handy for small print or prolonged period in front of the PC at work.

Astra 17 Jun 2011, 04:54


does non-photochromatic lens (ordinary sunglasses lens) count ?

Aubrac 16 Jun 2011, 03:29

My wife had glasses with photochromatic that she wore all the time. Only problem was in colder especially windy weather when they would darken even on a dull, dark day which meant she couldn't see anything and stopped wearing them.

Anyone know of lenses that darken in sunlight but don't in cold weather?

Millhouse 16 Jun 2011, 02:40


Yes you can get high index tinted lenses (here in the uk anyway) Expect to pay a very high cost for them though!, may I suggest non- high index in thicker dark plastic frames, as I use. You cant really see the edge that well unless of course your very high RX -/+ 10 and above imo.

Astra 16 Jun 2011, 01:56

Re: Clare 30 Dec 2001, 14:28

It is understandable that in England , NZ, normally we don't need sunglasses at any time.

here is a map of annual sunlight radiation exposure.

sunlight radiation is higher in East Asia, most of Australia, Hawaii than England, NZ.

Katy 31 Aug 2010, 07:35

Can you get hi index lenses tinted for sunglasses? I've been told you can't but it can't really be impossible to tint hi index can it?

Soundmanpt 26 Aug 2010, 09:02


Wurm is right on about the different lenses for sunglasses. I always tell people that unless you have a job that keeps you out in the sun most of the day it is much better to have prescription sunglasses made. If you are light sensitive this is even more important. It is a bit less convenient if you only wear glasses part time for driving etc. because you have to keep 2 glass cases with you. But if you wear your glasses full time you only need 1 case to put your regular glasses in when you put on the shades. Most will just keep that case in the car anyway.

Katy 25 Aug 2010, 13:26

That's interesting, I guess prescription sunglasses are better then for driving.

Wurm 24 Aug 2010, 13:43

"All photochromic lenses are activated by the ultra violet rays. Windshields block UV rays. Therefore no photochromic lens will deliver a high level of activation behind a windshield."

Some companies working on this issue have created lenses that are generally darker than ordinary photochromics. The two examples I found are "Transitions XTRActive" and "Drivewear" by Younger Optics. Keep in mind that these will retain some tint even indoors - that's the tradeoff.

Hope this helps.

Katy 24 Aug 2010, 13:31

Do those lenses that go dark in the sun work if you're driving?

Wei 23 May 2010, 14:58

So i see is sunglass very nice is frame red

I, Glasses 17 May 2010, 07:33

In the Age of Presbyopia, I use readers with half-glasses frames for close work. I prefer for the lenses to be slightly below the bridge of the frame instead of level with the bridge. However, because I've gotten used to contacts and rimless mountings for glasses, I do not like the frame around the top of the readers' lenses; I prefer that the top of the lenses have no rim. Also, I would like to find a traditional-looking half-glasses frame that is thinner and less noticeable than my current horn-rimmed ones. I have pored over 'Focusers' and other optical Web sites but haven't found what I'm looking for. Do any of you have any suggestions? Thanks.

Wurm 14 May 2010, 09:20

80s retro marches on.

Fendi has a faceted sunglass called "Tulip" out for their summer 2010 collection. It's updated only slightly from the early 80s Polaris and Tura styles:

Here's Lady Gaga wearing a pair of the glamorous monsters (eyesize is 65mm):

Initial MSRP on these is apparently around $450. Fendi model number is 5083.

carlo 12 Dec 2009, 03:06

Regarding sunglass clipons I recently found something new, the sunclipies. Really clever system, they have no magnets. clipped in from behind the lenses!

I use them since this spring and they work perfectly - don't fall off, and I can not feel any additional weight. the website is I think. Available for all eyeglaasses.

Wurm 27 Dec 2007, 17:17

50's drop temple sunglasses:

I guess the style didn't catch on at the time, but there they are.

-14 24 Jul 2006, 17:35

I recently got new glasses from O4L - rimless. I wanted clipons but was told my lenses were too thick. (how humbling) They suggested magnetic. They seem to hang on pretty well although there are a couple of problems. They kind of flare out at the bottom and because there is no AR on them there are all kinds of reflections.

DWV 21 Jul 2006, 19:00

The magnetic clipons may vary in effectiveness from brand to brand. If those little magnets are the new-fangled rare earth type, they can be extremely powerful for their size.

But speaking of sunglasses, I saw a cute young woman yesterday wearing faceted drop-temple sunglasses straight outta the '80s. They looked great on her.

lazysiow 21 Jul 2006, 08:28

ok That's what I thought. Mechanical ones are convenient but look dorky as hell, hence why they never really caught on. I'm glad I didn't pay much for mine at all.

Cactus Jack 21 Jul 2006, 05:51


I was looking at some frames recenly tht included magnetic clipons. There were two small magnets embeded in the frame at the outer edge of the lenses just in fromt of the hinges. The matching clipons had magnets also embeded at the outer edges of the lenses to match the location of their partners in the primary frame. The magnets were about 1/8 inch or 3 mm in diameter.

For magnetic clipons to work with very tiny magnets, the magnetic poles must align and have polished surfaces that touch to assure a secure attachment (no intervening materials). The retention force was not particularly high and they were easy to remove. I doubt the attachment would hold if brushed against in a crowd.

They are very fashionable (somewhat costly) and trendy. Mechanical clipons are cheaper and probably more reliable.


lazysiow 21 Jul 2006, 01:21

Can anyone tell me how magnetic clipons work? are the lenses themselves magnetized somehow or are they just metal frames with magnetic edges on the lenses?

I've got some clipons where I basically want to just take the lenses off and stick them on direct

kenny 15 Mar 2004, 19:30

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Yahoo Messager:

Hearty 13 May 2003, 00:57

EWWWWW!!!!! Why did I post, sounding like a junior fashion editor for Seventeen Magazine!!! Geez, someone should have stopped me! =0

Anywaaayy, I recently got a nice narrow, pointy and semi-wraparound, pair of rx sunglasses, black plastic, and I can't do without them!

I'll always have a thing for shades, as they were the first kind of glasses I was allowed to own, as a child, and I'll never forget my first pair....nor wearing my Grandma's pastel plastics when on vacation in FL! They were thee first (BEFORE I got called to the nurses office in grammar school!!)

HeartOfGlass 15 May 2002, 21:45

OK I'm back to my original handle cause I'm missing my ole boney-head astigmatic, oh sooooo astigmatic babe!!! Anyway, not to sound too TOO tacky, but I was in Pay-Less today, buying some knock-about sandals, when I spotted a rack of fun sunglasses. I thought, ooh, let's have fun and check them out! Well....I found these GROOVY dark tortoise (almost black) plastics, they were in a fairly narrow Euro (60's) shape, but the lenses were shaped like a very narrow rectangle. UV n scratch protection & all....The fun part, they had tiny rhinestones on top and bottom of the lens frames. I tried them on, and they looked cute as a button with my new hairdo, so I bought them....the surprise was, they were having a half-price sale, and get this, I paid $4.oo for them!!! Talk about no guilt shopping!! Cant wait to wear them to a gathering.....I wont be able to see very well, but.....what fun!! ;)

Hearty 14 May 2002, 20:16

LOL!! I hear it!

Well that's good news, be sure to let us know when it's available, OK? You'd better wear your specs if you guys have any pics on the fold-out....8)


Leon 13 May 2002, 22:51

<Insert drum roll for Hearty here>

Leon 13 May 2002, 22:50

Yep, the band is still active and we're about to release our debut album...

Hearty 13 May 2002, 22:48

Leon, so we were both right, hmm? But there was also a U.S. Southern drummer as well...anyway, is your band still active?

My drummer 'shuffled' away, I just couldn't 'snare' him, even though he brought out my 'bass' desires.... I donned my 'high-hat' and said, "How could you 'peddle' your 'skin head' elsewhere?" but he 'brushed' me off! I told him to 'stick' it and 'paradiddle' into the sunset!!! That I 'wood block' him not! I'll never show my face on ES again!!! Pah-Dum!


Leon 13 May 2002, 11:39

Wait, I entirely missed this discussion because I was on a holiday trip... Yes, I am from The Netherlands. And yes, I am also a drummer. Originally from the South of this country, so I guess I could be called 'the Southern drummer', hehehe...

Hearty 13 May 2002, 00:05

OK, can the clans....anyway, I am sooo excited! I am petite and have a rather small face, and so many of the over-the-counter shades are too large for me. (aren't they difficult to try on with those bloomin' tags hanging down on your nose??) Well I was in Rite Aid and spotted a children's display...of course some were purple sparkles, etc., but they did have a couple lines (Foster Grant I think?) of like REAL sunglasses for kids who need them for sports, think they were called iron somethings, iron works? Then another line just called cool shades. Those were designed in a modern, adult style, and I bought a very smooth black pair, not much frame around lens so that they look more like smooth shields in a modified wrap style...they were extremely cheap and they FIT!! I can't SEE in them, couldn't wear for driving, but since I have a daughter in college and funds are short, this is a way to satisfy my urge for aquiring new styles, and I can wear them at outdoor gatherings where I'm just sitting chatting, for a new look. I plan to return for many more pair! 8))

Hearty in Disguise~

Hearty 28 Apr 2002, 22:09

Ahh yes, Portia, I may be getting the drummers mixed up! There was also a Southern drummer who inadvertantly started the fish n chips his dismay I'm sure, poor guy! hehe...

I am proud to say that the part of my family that hails from Isle of Wight (transplanted) are part of the (watch me spell it wrong...) Farquharson Clan!

Got the tartan n all! Lots of Scots here, I think...8)


Nikki 28 Apr 2002, 21:48

Hugh Grant has been seen in a few of his movies with minus Four Weddings and a Funeral he was seen wearing them quite a bit and in Notting Hill there is a very funny scene which revolves around him not being able to find them for a date at the movies and ends up wearing his prescription swimming goggles!!!

Portia 28 Apr 2002, 21:45

To Julian,

I used to have a grandfather who said, when asked his origins, (and it has become significantly less politically correct to ask such questions here in the US) that he was "half-Scotch and half-Soda"!

I have to think it was an honor to the Scots or at least the best answer he could muster for those asking for specific ethnic origins from a man whose ancestors we amongst the earliest settlers in America.

Portia 28 Apr 2002, 21:38

Hearty, I thought Leon was a Dutchman/Hollander/Netherlander?

And yes, it is wonderful we can comment from our various parts of the world about our mutual interest!

Portia 28 Apr 2002, 21:34

I feel exactly as Christy does when glasses are the topic of conversation...incredibly interested but with no desire to jump in with both feet.

Portia 28 Apr 2002, 21:32

I think Hugh Grant has a moderate minus Rx as does his friend what's her name the model who wore her real Rx in "Austin Powers".

Julian 28 Apr 2002, 17:36

Yes, but haven't I, more than once, seen Hugh Grant in low minus specs? Or am I thinking of somebody else?

Love and kisses, Jules.

Pip 28 Apr 2002, 14:36

Went to see 'About a Boy' last night. Hugh Grant was gorgeous and there was one point, the picnic in the park, when I thought, I really did, that his sunglasses looked like they had a prescription in them. I must've been wrong - all the other scenes, like in the car, he was bare-eyed, dammit ...

Christy 28 Apr 2002, 00:57

I tend to find that if a "glasses" conversation develops - I either stay on safe and solid ground - or just sit back and listen. I suppose I don't really feel like joining in in case I spill the beans and end up looking a bit silly!

Julian 27 Apr 2002, 22:52

Oh agreed Hearty (actually I'm a Scotsman living in England but there are lots of those ::)

Love and kisses, Jules.

Hearty 27 Apr 2002, 22:21

Yes, we are Julian, but I think we're a pretty cool bunch of people too! I mean look at the demographics right here... if I remember correctly, you are an Englishman? Portia is from NYC, Leon, hey dude, you're the Southern drummer, right? and I'm a single mom New Englander, and we all have similar feelings....that's so cool to all find this place where we can understand.


Hearty 27 Apr 2002, 21:58

Ohh Portia, I hear you! No one seems to like a woman to have a blind eye like me (even though it looks OK) I often find myself wishing for a nice matched set of -3's. 8)

Portia 26 Apr 2002, 21:56

Yes, Hearty , as interested as I am, I actually shy away from discussion of glasses with others. It inevitably leads to prescription discussions, trading back an fourth, when and why you started wearing them, etc. I am not comfortable discussing these things. Wishing I had a matched set of myopic eyes just like everybody else...

Julian 26 Apr 2002, 08:04

Yes, so do I. Silly of us, isn't it?

Leon 25 Apr 2002, 10:37

Hehe, Hearty, I know exactly what you mean!

Hearty 25 Apr 2002, 10:19

Hmm, maybe...I'd probably blush though. Funny, I still have an embarrassment about glasses, in certain situations. Like my older sis is getting into them more, she at first hated to need bifocals, but now she's getting fancy frames and her last pair have a light blue tint...and she begins talking to me about them and I usually make a couple quick comments and then change the subject! I guess to many of us, it's a loaded subject...even with my daughter needing them now, I dont talk about it any more than I have to. Silly me, blush, blush~

Julian 22 Apr 2002, 23:09

That sounds about right Hearty. You could always, sometime when she's around, casually take your specs off and put them down while you rub your eyes or something - see if she tries them on, or asks leave to, or blushes, or what.

Love and kisses, Jules.

Hearty 22 Apr 2002, 22:43

Yeah, something to think about there, I'll have to ponder that, how would I have liked to be treated...I'd like to hear your ideas too, Portia. For now, yes Jules, I observe, and I also try and act casual, not introducing the subject, but just trying to act like it's a normal thing if she does show interest in them. Kind of a lighthearted attitude. Because I always felt it was such a deep, dark secret back then! BTW, wouldn't it have been funny if we had all grown up on the same block?

Christy 20 Apr 2002, 00:29

Portia - If I was transported back to when I was a bare-eyed boy with no need for glasses - I guess I would have been happy if people could have indulged my interest in specs. I think it would have been cool to have a pair of specs when I was a kid - and to have been able to walk around in them as if I really needed them. But that's all in a fantasy land and it never happened.

As to whether any of us - here and now - should become a "glasses friend" to someone we suspect of having an interest in glasses - I just don't know. My guess is that it would look incredibly odd for a grown-up to be pushing specs on a kid - but it might be more acceptable between "consenting adults" - for want of a better phrase!

I think that someone who is genuinely nuts about glasses - having a "glasses friend" would be cool - but expecting everyone else around you to understand could be a problem.

Portia 19 Apr 2002, 22:18

OK, Hearty, suppose you have spotted child in your family (or of your aquaintance)with similar interests.

What now? Is there a way we all might have wanted to be treated differently growing up? Does one observe from afar or become the child's "new glasses friend"?

How would all of us have wanted our interests taken note of when we were children? Is there a preferred way to appproach this?

I am really not sure and want hear others' ideas.

Julian 18 Apr 2002, 23:21

Certainly sounds like another OO in the family, Hearty. What do you do? Encourage? discourage? conspire? ignore? observe with keen interest - that of course.

p.s. You and Christy remind me that I was just the same as a kid. Naturally.

Love and kisses, Jules.

Hearty 18 Apr 2002, 22:30

Hmm, I think I was about 8 yrs old when I got my first pair, and you're right I guess I was the only kid on the block in them. But there were only boys on my street, so I could get away with almost anything 'cause the boys figured it was a 'girl thing'.

Christy, wish I had seen you as a little boy, wandering around in your shades. Now that I think about it...OMG, I BET my little grand niece is like us!! Last year she bought a pair of inexpensive clear lens glasses (they were selling them for fashion around here for a while) and her mom said she wanted to wear them to school but they wouldn't allow that. I didn't think anything of it until...we all went out Easter shopping and she had these funky teen narrow glasses/lt. blue lenses (we used to call them Byrd glasses, remember the Byrds, but that's another subject)and I said, ooh, those are cool, can I try them on...she seemed pleased and let me try them, anyway Easter Sunday we were all together, and she came up to me kinda mysteriously & said, I have those blue glasses with me, and she smiled. I wonder....she is verrry bright, writes poetry already, and is also compulsive. It would be funny to have two of us in the family. And if she is, it seems like she spotted it in me! Sorry to be so long winded, but that just dawned on me.


Christy 16 Apr 2002, 22:37

I got a pair of sunglasses in 1971 (when I was 13) just so that I could pretend I was wearing glasses. They were metal-framed and I liked wearing them as if they were real glasses - only it was a bummer that they had dark lenses when I wanted clear ones! My family must have thought I was nuts wandering around in them all the time - even on dark and gloomy days - but as I always wanted to wear glasses - that was the closest I was able to get at the time.

leelee 16 Apr 2002, 17:33

How old were you then?

I don't remember any kids wearing sunglasses back in the 60s - You were fashion forward even then!

Hearty 15 Apr 2002, 22:43

I wanted to post about my first experiences wearing sunglasses. I was a 'white-haired' kid (I hated that phrase, tow-head!!)and my eyes were very sensitive, so when I was on a vacation to Florida, my Grandmother had to lend me her pair to wear on the beach (there were shops along the beach) I remember they were a white pearlized with greenish lenses, think they had some inexpensive rhinestones on them. I can't explain how I felt when I wore them....I just knew they were so special, it was the best fun to have them. I promised myself I'd buy my own pair when I got home...and I did. I saved up a few weeks allowance and rode my bike to the local discount store, and stood in front of the tower of frames....and there they were! A very modern shape for those days, kind of narrow (but not as narrow as many new styles) Euro shape, in a muted gold plastic with very dark lenses...they would still look pretty classy now. I tried them on and that was it, I wore them everywhere that summer. I just felt sooooo cool, kinda 'baaad' and mysterious....I can't really explain it...I loved those!

Hearty 15 Apr 2002, 22:31

Hi leelee, Any side is fine with me! I used to only enjoy the minus, but now I think plus is intriguing, esp. if they are on a younger (younger than presbyopic)person, and of course astigmatism is wayyy cool too! Personally, I was worried that needing plus for reading would mess up my myopia, but I still need the minus lens for driving and TV, yea!!

So, you use the plus lenses for distance too? I think that's so cool, because I don't see how anyone can see far away with a plus...that's just cause I'm myopic..


leelee 14 Apr 2002, 18:46

Oh Hearty,

You just want us all to come over to your side.

Actually, you are on both sides, huh?

Christy 14 Apr 2002, 01:11


Hearty 13 Apr 2002, 20:48

Hi leelee, that would feel kind of exciting, I can imagine...and i would think it does mean you might need a stronger rx, because if I look through 2 pair of reading glasses, things at a distance are definitely blurrier.

Oh Christy, you have so much fun with one pair (rx) imagine when you need the plus too!! The clocks a tickin'....8))


Christy 13 Apr 2002, 04:06

If I put two pairs of specs on - I can still see fairly well with them. That surprises me as it must have the effect of over-correcting my astigmatism - but it only makes things a little distorted. If I try looking through even a slight plus lens - everything is blurry.

clare 12 Apr 2002, 23:56

But does it matter leelee, same principle must apply!

leelee 12 Apr 2002, 20:58

but mine are plus

Clare 11 Apr 2002, 22:45

... but then again leelee, a - colleague of mine tried my glasses when she had her lenses in and said she couldn't see a thing through them, so maybe I'm not typical!!

clare 11 Apr 2002, 21:48


Don't want to disappoint you but I can do that too! Even with contacts (-1.75) in I can still see through my glasses (-2), and always have been able to, I thought the same that it meant something but it doesn't appear to!

leelee 11 Apr 2002, 20:14

yes, I am one (+1ish) - not the only one ...

and speaking of driving and sunglasses (how smooth was that?) yesterday, when I left work I left my glasses on, as I often do, but at the first stop light I realised it was actually super sunny out - so I pulled my sunglasses (prescription) out. At the next light I was just fooling around and I stuck them over my regular glasses because I like to see the blurriness. But -dumdumdum... - everything was sharp! uhoh...

It was only about a year ago that I got these and at first distance was sometimes a bit blurry - especially after a long day staring at code.

exciting and scary at the same time.

Hearty 11 Apr 2002, 19:14

Oh, thank you, yes, I'm O.K. Had my share of aches n pains for a while, but thankfully I'm well (and so was the other <speeding!> driver)

leelee, are you the plus wearer??


leelee 10 Apr 2002, 19:17

but you are OK? right!?

Hearty 10 Apr 2002, 14:35

My German Neostyle frames/dark glass lenses, survived a head-on! Yes! Another plug for German engineering I guess....I was in a head-on with my Ford 'Focus', the air bag deployed, and I lost consciousness for a brief moment. When I came to, I completely forgot I'd been wearing them, all I thought of was, get out of the car...that air bag powder makes it look like the car's gonna blow up. So anyway, I didn't remember them until I was lying in the hospital room and I pretty much thought, oh well, I loved those, but if that's the least that happened, they were lost of broken, I can deal with that.

Anyway, when my dad went to look at the car at the body shop, lo and behold, he found them folded and tucked neatly into the door pocket of the car, probably a policeman or someone had found them and put them there. Upshot is, not a scratch on the lens, not a bend anywhere! They are thin black wires, very light and flexible. Anyway, I sound like I'm obsessed with them, not really, just happy to have them back in one piece!

Portia 02 Feb 2002, 21:52

Laura, if you are in New York, they are here for you!

Between the huge number of glasses-oriented entrepeneurs and the more than usual glasses wearing population, NYC is heaven for a glasses wearer/buyer and anyone amongst us who wants just to look!

The panoply of choices and the acceptance in almost any workplace of any new look in glasses makes New York City sort of a glassesheaven. Enjoy your environment and let us all know what you have purchased in the way of glasses.

Wurm 08 Jan 2002, 07:46


Plastic lenses can be tinted in all sorts of colors: blue, pink, green, purple, etc. These can even be combined into double gradient tints with, say, purple on top and pink on bottom. Now there are even tints that change from one vivid color to another depending on light conditions! A good optical shop should be able to give you the full rundown.

OTOH I chose to get my new glasses with a light gradient tint... in grey! So it takes all types, right? 8-)

boringeyes 08 Jan 2002, 07:38

Now I am intrigued. One of my main reasons for not being a full-time glasses wearer is that I love to wear funky, pastel-colored sunglasses when it's not so bright as well as those thick-framed, chunky black ones with the very dark lenses when the sun is bright.

I got a pair of prescription sunglasses when I got my regular glasses last, for driving. I was so disappointed with them that they literally never left my car. The options for color of lens were gray, gray, and gray, and you could clearly see through them to my eyes. There was nothing cool about them, and the selection of frames was very boring, so I just ended up getting the same ones as I had with my regular glasses. When I moved to New York where I don't need a car, I didn't even bring them with me.

I haven't gone shopping for prescription sunglasses lately, because as far as I know there's still no hope of getting funky frames and, say, sky blue or pink lenses. I'm fortunte enough to be able to function without my prescription lenses, but for the ability to have sunglasses exactly like the ones I have now, only giving me perfect vision, I would be willing to pay a lot of money. And, to be honest, if my eyes got to where I needed correction all the time, I would go to contacts before I would part with my sunglasses!

Has anybody been able to find sunglasses, prescription, with colorful lenses and funky frames?


Christy 31 Dec 2001, 04:38

Julie - You must tell me how you do that! All of a sudden in the frozen North, the sun is shining and as it's low in the sky I should really dig out that sunglasses clip!

Julie 31 Dec 2001, 01:18


In the frozen north of England the sun may never shine, though I doubt it. Winter sun which is low in the sky is particularly irritating to the eye especially while driving.

It really doesnt rain, and isnt foggy 365 days of the year in England. Mind you no two consecutive days seem to be the same!

Clare 30 Dec 2001, 14:28

Beware all you people who go without sunglasses!

On my last visit to the optician I asked him why I occasionally got a painful little blister on the white of my eye. He asked me if I spent my childhood in a hot country like the middle east or Australia. Why? Because the little blister is caused by sun damage. Shocking. Then (a tasty Kiwi)he told me that back home its common, even in people of my age, to have sun damage to the eyes. Must be the ozone layer.

But be careful. I always am, and I always protect my eyes in hot climates, so what chance do you have if you don't take care??

Tammy 30 Dec 2001, 11:23

I like sunglasses, and have a pair that i bought at the optical place i do business with. They are UV blockers and fit right over my glasses. My shades, as i call them are the type that have side shields, and they are tinted green.

Christy 30 Dec 2001, 11:16

Sunglasses? I'm in England - what would I want sunglasses for? Foglamps maybe - or even a strong torch for getting around in the middle of the day!

Actually - I do travel to a lot of sunny parts of the world and sometimes the shock of strong sunlight is too much. I kinda know how Dracula feels! At those times I have a sunglasses clip - made specially for my current specs (my last specs also had a dedicated clip) - but I only use them rarely. The problem is that I take a lot of pictures - and there's a big difference between what I see in natural light when taking pictures - and what I see through sunglasses. So I screw up my eyes and squint a lot - and save the sunglasses clip for when I'm not taking pictures.

Wurm 30 Dec 2001, 10:16

I don't think we've ever had a sunglass topic before. Are they of any interest? Totally boring unless prescription? Cool and hip?

One thing I've noticed is that sunglass styles tend to lead the eyeglass (ophthalmic) styles by perhaps 18 months or more. However, what is popular in sunglasses doesn't always translate to success in the ophthalmic market.

My girlfriend, lynnie, likes sunglasses a lot and is always stopping at the sunglass rack to try a pair on or have me try some on!