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Glasses Over Contacts (GOC)

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notcooljames 18 Jul 2018, 02:49

Glasses now are much more "refined" than 10 years ago, meaning thinner glasses even in much higher dioptrics although still there is some space for improvement.

I have -14 meaning I am blind and dangerous :D So I switch between Proclear contacts and prescription glasses. The optical field you get to have with contacts, especially in higher power, cannot be compared to contacts IMO!

Probably best to skip name 13 Jul 2018, 11:58

What contacts brand/models come in high plus?

bracesfan 13 Jul 2018, 11:20


Funguje :-)

Eric 10 Jul 2018, 10:03


Ten link ti nefunguje, oprav to ;)

lingadhah 10 Jul 2018, 04:49

For sale: strong glasses (used as GOC) -13/-13 Pictures: and". Anyone interested send me an email: / thanks

Soundmanpt 09 Jul 2018, 14:02

Tweedle dee, Tweedle doo. The last posts were from me to you.

Soundmanpt 09 Jul 2018, 11:48

Please forgive me. I did it again. I jack off so hard and fast my mangy fist slips, cracks me in the skull, and coldcocks me for hours. When I wake up, the next thing I know I have posted here. I have so many bruises all over my face and head from constantly kocking myself out.

This last time I spent thinking about Maria and Carrie. I thought about sex between them and sharing glasses and I better not... think... about it... oh know... I have to leave now...

Soundmanpt 09 Jul 2018, 11:47

Please forgive me. I did it again. I jack off so hard and fast my mangy fist slips, cracks me in the skull, and coldcocks me for hours. When I wake up, the next thing I know I have posted here. I have so many bruises all over my face and head from constantly kocking myself out.

This last time I spent thinking about Maria and Carrie. I thought about sex between them and sharing glasses and I better not... think... about it... oh know... I have to leave now...

Soundmanpt 09 Jul 2018, 05:31

Ho hum Another day and another phoney comment being made by someone using my name.

The comment posted on "08 Jul 2018 16:00" wasn't made by me.

María 09 Jul 2018, 00:14

Sorry, that post was to Soundmanpt.

María 09 Jul 2018, 00:10

Oh, OK, you are forgiven.

Your explanation makes a lot of sense now that we know the reasons.

Have you found any therapy, or medications that help.

Maybe Weirdeyes knows of some, but then again you may be Weirdeyes. Who Knows.

.... 08 Jul 2018, 16:39

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Pas avec nous!

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Soundmanpt 08 Jul 2018, 16:00

I want to come clean and say that honestly I make posts that I cannot remember making. I sometimes black out due to my excessive horniness and cannot remember what happened earlier. I also have a bipolar side so some of my posts might not seem as polite. Please accept my forgiveness as you will constantly see me thinking different posts here are not from me. Keep that in mind when you see that I say I did not make a posting. To be honest, they probably did come from me but I cannot remember. Yes, this is from me. Forgive me.

Soundmanpt 08 Jul 2018, 15:33

The comments made on "08 Jul 2018 10:00" wasn't from me. I would not be so rude by telling anyone to speak in English.

 08 Jul 2018, 14:24

Il dit que votre anglais est incompréhensible

spartacus 08 Jul 2018, 13:18

Soundmanpt What do you want to say I'm French?

Soundmanpt 08 Jul 2018, 10:00


Pleas speak English.

spartacus 08 Jul 2018, 06:14

I really want to wear glasses at -10 full time with of course lenses +.

However I do not always support the lens very well and I'm afraid compared to my entourage I will take glasses super thinned 1.67 for not having too thick my entourage my always known with -6 -7 who tried the experiment to full-time ? How did it go?

Soundmanpt 30 May 2018, 18:33

Well I was waiting for that same crap to start. Maybe you should grow up and stop acting a fool. You're nothing but a piece of shit that loves accusing everyone of being a fake or using multiple names I been in here for over ten years and have only every used only my name as it is. Go back fro yourself and you see how long I have been around. What about you? How long have you been an asshole? Others may stop coming in here because of assholes like you but you're wasting your time if you think i'm going anywhere. I were to leave then that would mean that you won. Guess what! That's not going to happen.

 30 May 2018, 13:42

Are Maria, and Soundmanpt the same person?

María 30 May 2018, 03:59

Oh, come on! That María on 29 May 2018, 21:51 isn't me. English isn't my birth language, but at least I know its "astigmatism" and not "astigmatisms". This kind of shit is why I held off posting for so much time, even if I have kept reading. Between racists, homophobics, trolls and impersonators, this forum is going to shit.

My prescription went up a little, 0,25 on each eye. I believe I posted about it a while ago. I don't have any astigmatism, so stop inventing stuff. I liked GOC but I'll have to try it a bit more. For now I still prefer wearing glasses that my eyes can adapt to. I'll soon buy a pack of +6 contacts to use with a pair of -9 glasses I bought.

I have had a few interesting experiences using the glasses I bought, and I have some very interesting pairs in my collection I'd love to post about, but the unbearable toxicity in here demotivates me. Sorry Soundmanpt and other that could show real interest, maybe I'll feel like sharing some experiences in a few days, but now I grew tired of these little shits again. We'll see.

Dix 30 May 2018, 03:25

If anyone saying our GOC stories are fake please see my GOC pair.

There are lots of websites to buy contacts without actual prescription. Pls Google and see..

I'm planning another GOC outing tomorrow. I'll upload my experience. Hope I'll not meet any known people! ;)

María 29 May 2018, 21:51

Soundmanpt Yes, I do now have a stronger prescription. I also am supposed to have some correction for astigmatisms in each eye, but decided to hold off on getting it because I do not want to become dependent on glasses.

I also think that having astigmatisms corrected for, could hinder me in doing further GOC.

Yes, I do want to try some strong minus glasses for GOC.

Soundmanpt 28 May 2018, 07:57


It has been a while since you commented in here. Sorry for all the typos in my comment to you. I was in hurry and didn't check what I had typed. Nice to hear that you're still buying used glasses. Are you still going to another town where you can wear some of them all day long? You had started wearing some of your glasses around you own town to places like the post office and the store. Have you stopped doing that? Personally I enjoyed hearing about your adventures wearing glasses often times much stronger than your own actual glasses are. Over th e off season from landscaping did you have any interesting adventures wearing glasses from your collection?

After doing GOC, which do you prefer doing? GOC or simply wearing strong glasses and allowing you eyes to adjust to them? You need to see if you can find plus contacts so you can wear minus glasses next time. Since your eyes seem to tolerate quite strong glasses already youdon't have to be too exact with the combination to be able to see pretty good once your eyes adjust.

Did you get a small increase in your actual prescription? I thought your glasses were -.50 / -.75? I just remember that you barely even needed glasses except for driving.

María 27 May 2018, 23:19

Soundmanpt, yes I am. The collection has grown, the bravery not as much haha.

Soundmanpt 27 May 2018, 18:10


Are you the same Maria that was buying glasses form people in all sorts of prescriptions and wearing them in other city and towns so as not to recognized? You lowly had gotten more brave and was wearing them around your own town.I believe you were in the landscaping business.

 27 May 2018, 15:40

Well everytime I've seen anyone ask where to get contacts without a prescription I've given also check ebay, every now and then before they remove listings, and facebook marketplace.

Führer 27 May 2018, 14:39


Wow, you must have looked like an insect with those bug eye aviator plussies

María 27 May 2018, 14:30

Sorry. Links fixed.

María 27 May 2018, 14:30

Anon, if you are talking about me, sorry but I don't have any problem in answering. I bought two boxes of daily contacts in a second-hand market app, from a person that had surgery and doesn't need them anymore.

So, not a fake.

Trent 27 May 2018, 14:07

Contacts express does ask for a Prescription so I gave them one. There is no way they check every Rx, probably just for their records.

 27 May 2018, 10:57

All these people who are claiming to do GOC, yet when the question has been repeatedly asked where are you buying your contact lenses without a prescription these days, there is no answer. It's sad but I think we are seeing a shit ton of fakes in this thread.

María 27 May 2018, 07:38

Hi! Long time no see!

I did GOC for the first time today! I was scared, but it was a very thrilling experience.

I wore -6.50 contacts and an awesome pair of +5.50 +5.25 aviators. With my -0.75 -1 prescription I just did the rough calculus to try. I loved it! Used the combo, taking the glasses on and off several times, and it was hugely exciting. I'm not a fan of contacts, but they were much more comfortable than I thought. I'll repeat in the future, that's for sure!

Greg 25 May 2018, 23:22

Dix I loved your GOC experiences. Any more stories to share?

Dix 22 May 2018, 21:49

Hi yesterday I wore my GOC pair (-12 CR39) in public for the first time. I was worried there were any know person. But didn't have any problem.

First I went to the service station to pump air to my car Tyres. I went out from the car show myself with glasses. There was a helper to bump air. I saw he was looking at my glasses few times. I saw myself from the car window reflection I was like a real high myopic person. I'm so happy to see myself like a high myopic person.

Then I went to another service station to wash my car. When I went there I was few people there in the waiting area. I was bit scared whether there was any know person. But I was lucky. When I got down from the car my glasses fogged out and I couldn't able to see anything. It was a nice experience. When I remove my glasses to wipe them out I realized how blind I was without them. When I wore them back and look at the customer lobby I was some ladies were looking that incident. I was thrilled. Then I went inside the lobby sat on a seat where I can see them.

I started to play with my glasses

First I tried to clean them by holing them up and looking at the light. Then I tried to relax my eyes by removing them. Finally I started to read a news paper. I could see them properly with my GOC but I hold the paper very close to my eyes to show I'm struggling to read with them. I was those ladies were talking about my vision and my coke bottle glass. Long story short I could able to talk with them. They asked how I became so blind to wear such a thick glasses. I said I born with poor eye site. I knew they felt very sorry about my vision.

Then I went to the pharmacy to get some medicine to my uncle. There was a young girl who was interested about my glasses. I was she looked at my glasses several times. :)

After have my lunch I had a nap in the car without glasses. I had a good sleep and suddenly the car window knocked. I worked up and I was unable to anything. I was scared and totally helpless. I could remember where I kept my glasses. I struggled to find them but couldn't. I manged to put the car window down and asked that person whether he can see my glasses. He handed them to me from the car dash. I thanked him and wore them. He was a parking ticket guy. I realized how helpless those real high myopic people when they lost their glasses.

I had a good time with my GOC.

Cactus Jack 22 May 2018, 19:31


I don't have any experience suggesting GOC Toric Contact lenses to make pre-existing glasses, with cylinder, work with another persons actual prescription. In fact, I strongly suggest that you don't try it, unless you have plenty of money to waste. When advising people wanting to do GOC we strongly suggest that you NEVER buy pre-existing glasses, hoping to find some combination that will work. Success would fall in the miracle category.

Toric lenses have a reputation of sometimes being tricky to fit, for even an experienced ECP. The problem is that all contact lenses are designed to float on a tear film and move around some as you blink, to help circulate Oxygen, nutrients, and moisture to the Cornea. The problem with Toric Contacts is that IF they rotate away from the exact axis when you blink, you will experience very significant blurring, particularly in this instance where you are trying to match up the axis of two different lenses with a significant Cylinder component so they cancel each other. The Toric Contact is unstable, by its very nature.

Here are the calculations. I make no guarantees that the Combo will work or be wearable.

Your prescription:

R +0.75

L +0.50

GOC glasses prescription:

R +7.00, -2.50 x 10

L +6.25, -2.50 x 155

Effective power at the Cornea assuming 12 mm Vertex Distance (VD) nearest increment.

R +7.50, -2.50 x 10

L +6.75, -2.50 x 155

Inverse Toric Prescription to neutralize the glasses

R -7.50, +2.50 x 10

L -6.75, +2.50 x 155

Adjustment for north44’s prescription

R -6.75, +2.50 x 10

L -6.25, +2.50 x 155

Conversion to -cylinder for Toric Contacts.

R -4.25, -2.50 x 100

L -3.75, -2.50 x 65

I would invite any members familiar with GOC calculations to critique the above.

It is highly unlikely that any self fitted GOC combo will be wearable. Have you ever worn contact lenses where you know your BC and Diameter?


north44 22 May 2018, 11:14


my prescription is

R: + 0.75

l: + 0.5

Cactus Jack 22 May 2018, 07:43


What is YOUR complete prescription?


north44 22 May 2018, 05:20


I have experimented with GOC for some time and can work out the sphere strengths needed quite well.

I would love to be able to have eyesight the same as my partner, and be able to use her glasses. The problem I have is that she has astigmatism, and I don't know how to calculate what axis toric lenses would replicate this.

Her prescription is: R +7.00, -2.5 axis 10 L +6.25, -2.5 axis 155

Can anyone help?

Reenan 17 May 2018, 03:22

I have a brand new -38 pair for sale. Pure titanium frame, reasonably lightweight.

If anyone is interested I can post photos then list it on eBay.

Cactus Jack 08 May 2018, 05:18


Yes, you will still need an Add in your GOC glasses. Here is my suggestion, Right eye first.

OD (R) Sphere -4.75, Cylinder -0.25, Axis 5, Add +1.50

OS (L) Sphere -4.75, Cylinder -0.25, Axis 15, Add +1.50

I also suggest ordering a trial pair of very inexpensive single vision glasses from an online retailer such as Zenni. IF your distance vision is good the the GOC combo, try a pair of +1.50 OTC readers over them to make sure you also like the combo for close work. If you like what you see, then order the glasses you really want to wear with the CLs.

Please remember that GOC is not an exact science so there are no guarantees. Also, if you do not already wear CLs, you need an exam to get the Base Curve, Diameter, and Brand of Contacts. You need for the CLs to have good Oxygen permeability and Moisture characteristics. If you don't, you probably will not be able to wear them very long, with comfort.


Sparky 07 May 2018, 23:06

Hi .also I cannot read at all without my glasses.will I be able to read with the minus glasses combo.please could you provide the full prescription for my glasses.if I will need the add.i currently wear multifocals.thanks

Sparky 07 May 2018, 21:07

Sorry about the limited full prescription is L +4 -0.25×15 .R +4 -0.25×5 .Add 1.50.will I still need the add in the minus glasses.

Cactus Jack 07 May 2018, 10:09


Based on your limited information, I should suggest +8.50 CLs.

-5.00 glasses are just strong enough to have some Vertex Distance effects at the Cornea. The calculations indicate you need +4 to correct your Hyperopia and then another +4.70 to compensate for the -5.00 glasses. Above about +8.00, CLs only come in 0.50 increments. I would go with +8.50 CLs and let your Ciliary Muscles make up the small addition al PLUS.

If you have accommodation issues, It may be necessary to drop down to -4.75 in the GOC glasses.

Please remember that GOC is not an exact science. There are no guarantees that the combo will be comfortable.


Sparky 07 May 2018, 05:59

Hi .I need some prescription has changed to +4 both eyes.i want to try -5 glasses.what sphere contact lenses will I need.thanks

NJ 13 Apr 2018, 10:23

Jb, that's a find! Hydrasoft sphere aphakic lenses do go up to +30! Wow!

Inglasses 13 Apr 2018, 10:12

Understand the buzz NIgel... feel the same when I wear very strong glasses

Jb 13 Apr 2018, 06:57

Re plus contacts- strongest I've seen off the shelf are +30. Hydrasoft sphere, bc 8.6, dia 14.2, pwr +30.

There's one thats 32 I think but diam is small and difficult to fit.

NJ 13 Apr 2018, 05:00

Reenen, I don't know of any place that offer CLs stronger than +20. Maybe there are specialty places that do, but all the places I've seen stop at +20, which, depending on the vertex distance, would work for -27D to -30D glasses for an emmetrope.

Nigel 12 Apr 2018, 17:05


Like you I put in contacts and enjoy the blur. And also I go out wearing strong glasses without contacts. The buzz I get being visually challenged is immense.

Reenan 12 Apr 2018, 15:23

Hi, does anyone know where to get CL over +30 online? I can’t do RGP, so vial lenses are the only viable option. I’d like something around +38.

0ptix 12 Apr 2018, 13:45


As a person with almost perfect vision i love to wear contacts of different strength just to see worse and go around like that.

Without the resulting myopia or hyperopia or astigmatism to be corrected with glasses.

I like to put in contacts first thing in the morning to make me see like a minus 10 myope(for example) and try to go to the bakery to buy something for breakfast without any correction.

I like to have the suitable Glasses in a case of emergency...but prefer to manage without glasses as good as possible.

I know that this post as much as to here belongs to the "going without glasses" thread...

It just gives me very special feeling to see as bad as the girl with the the strong glasses may see if she would not wear correction.

Anybody here with similar feelings, experience...?

In other words:

The most xiting part of GOC is the time when you take of the glasses.

til 12 Apr 2018, 13:30

Hi Miku,

don't know if it makes sense, I only had it with red and only when wearing minus glasses over plus contacts. I was thinking in the direction of eye misalignment, as the good old 3D images produced their effect by looking through coloured filters at the 3D images. Don't know if that makes sense though.

Miku 12 Apr 2018, 12:09

Hi Til,

I think I know what you're talking about. I get something similar while doing GOC, with blue light, usually originating from a LED. Something similar happens when I'm wearing slightly stronger + glasses than my normal prescription, but usually later in the evening, when I'm potentially tired.

Does this make sense?


til 12 Apr 2018, 11:11


til 12 Apr 2018, 11:10

Is anyone else getting a 3D effect when wearing GOV and looking at red colours on screen?

 30 Mar 2018, 16:01

Can someone provide a list of retailers that sell contact lenses without requiring prescriptions? Your assistance is greatly appreciated!!!

LIP 30 Mar 2018, 04:08


Thank you!That's my Dream, a minimum of -10 !

Specs4Me 29 Mar 2018, 13:56

I had cataract surgery and explained to the surgeon my ECP had sent me to what I wanted to do. He said it was a little unusual but not unheard of and proceeded to take necessary measurements to calculate the lens strength needed. I asked for a minimum of -10 and to err in his calculations on the high side.

I'm in the US, not willing to be more specific.

Lip 29 Mar 2018, 06:35


I don"t believeit!

Did that really happen? I do GOC full time(-8 -13 and -17, which is my preference.)-17 I use most times,but only half the day . I would love to wear -12/-13 full time without contacts, but my ECP says nobody will perform surgery if its not necessary?

Do you mind if I ask where you had it done ?

Specs4Me 28 Mar 2018, 07:49

For the past 15 years or so, I have been wearing GOC full time. I was prescribed the combo by my ECP, I started with about -5 glasses and ended up with -9 or so.

I recently have had cataract surgery, I requested that the final result be -10 or so. The Dr. nailed it, or actually surpassed my request. I'm currently wearing -12.75 glasses and no contacts and loving it.

Cactus Jack 28 Feb 2018, 23:22


Regrettably, I don't have any CL brand suggestion. Because of Dry Eye issues, I had to quit wearing the CLs of any brand for any reason.

Perhaps some of our other members can suggest some different brands to try.

Soft CLs are normally pretty forgiving. Often a Brand will only make one or two different Base Curves. One of the reasons for getting a professional fitting of your first CLs is to take advantage of the ECPs experience in fitting CLs to your eyes.

They are very hard to find, but there are some ECPs (particularly younger ones) who understand GOC and are willing to help you get a good combo. that you can wear comfortably.


Soyuz 28 Feb 2018, 21:58

Thank you very much for quick answer.

Whatvother trademark of CL could you suggest at that range of prescription?

This sliding happned only on one eye but there a few times. Right after placing the CL slides out on the eye in an invisible place. The CL is only in one size diameter available as far as I remember.

Cactus Jack 28 Feb 2018, 21:41


I suspect the contacts sliding out of position may be related to an incorrect base curve. The itchy feeling could be related to the CLs not fitting right. Also, while you need good tearing action for your CLs to work right, there might be excessive solution trapped between the CL and your Cornea which would allow it to float out of position.

Were your BC and Diameter professionally prescribed?

I tried Proclear several years ago for GOC, primarily because of the cost and also found them uncomfortable after a while. I think they did not have really good moisture or oxygen transmission. You might try a different brand.

Another trick you might try if you think there is too much solution trapped between the CL and your Cornea. After you insert them press very gently on the CL with your solution wetted finger to help them get into position, before you blink.

Please let me know if any of this makes sense.


Soyuz 27 Feb 2018, 23:26

Hi Everyone.

I started particularly GOC approx a year ago as I have ordered first prescription glasses from Zenni. Contact lenses are Proclear +15 both side, glasses both with some astigmatism approx -18 both. My eyes are good enough not to wear glasses in everyday life but I felt obsessed with them. I have started with Zenni then I have ordered an other one from Firmoo with same parameters.

Zenni: this is not a myodisc, thick lenses, easy wear, comfortable and adorable. Frame broke after half a year but maybe it was my fault to travel with in case and bag many times.

Firmoo: I recieved a myodisc with a little bit visible bowl in them (more visible on that side where I have more astigmatism, that side is a little bit thicker as well). Frame quality is good, weight is much less, but smaller frame means less roundview, but viewquality with myodisc seems sharper.

Contacts: sometimes I put them in and in one eye it slides somewhere up on side that I dont know where it is hidden. I have tonwait half day or the night that it slides back again and I can take it out. What is the problem?

Monthly contacts and they are sometimes itchy after 2-3 hours.

I do it occasionally and secretly, I like the feeling wearing them in public, shopping malls. Mainly stairs are problematic. Not many people starred me on:(

I have a glasses with -20, maybe I will order +17 lenses to be able to wear them. I know for GOC it is more adviseable to start with smaller desciption but the feeling is fantastic. Thanks for some advises from this forum and wish u all to have some similar experience.

Cactus Jack 16 Feb 2018, 09:08

GOC guy,

If you are doing it right, it should only take a few times inserting and removing the lenses correctly to discover that it is not difficult or painful.

You might check out some online videos.

A few questions:

1. What is your complete actual prescription?

2. What are your GOC combo prescriptions?

3. What type CLs are you using? (for example: One day disposables, Weekly, etc.)

4. What type solution are you using?

5. Where do you live? (country)

6. Have you had any formal instruction in Insertion and Removal of CLs?


GOC guy 16 Feb 2018, 06:02

Hey, i was from another thread asking about GOC. my trial lenses came through and maybe im just stupid but how long does it take to get used to simply putting them in. seems i have too much resistance wanting to push my eyelids in deforming the lens before it gets to my eye.

Any tips?

Billy A 14 Feb 2018, 11:02


This was my first idea, but in my location there's nobody fitting color contacts. And every contact lens is different. The same bc and dia is not the same...

astigmaphile 14 Feb 2018, 10:54

Tell the eye doctor that you want contacts to change the color of your eyes. That should work.

Billy A 14 Feb 2018, 10:36

I have one question - how you got your contacts fitted /with right bc, diameter../ if you have 20/20 vision??? In my case, I told thruth. Yes, I want plus contacts to wear with minus glasses. But... It wasn't easy to find "the right optician". A lot of them told me I'm crazy, weird, etc... I'm asking because there's a lot of people who have ordered contacts from internet just by diopters and never got eyes tested.

Have you any ideas how to get contacts from professional, if you have perfect vision? I'm very interested about your experience :)

Billy A 09 Feb 2018, 00:51

As I posted - share pics of face/body/property etc is very stupid and dangerous. I have very bad experience about sharing more..

Be sure, that my posts (and me) are 100% real :)

High Myopic 08 Feb 2018, 17:13

Billy A. Do you have pics of the -40 myodisc glasses?

Billy A 08 Feb 2018, 16:17

I have one "friend with benefits".. She wears -3.5 glasses. One night, before "the act" she asked me, why I want to continue with the glasses on. So I told her about my glasses fetish and about GOC... She said just "ok"... A few weeks later, she told me, that she has something very special, just for my pleasure.. -40 myodiscs in beautifull frames!!! Holly ****... :) She told me that she is not glasses fetishist, but she wants to satisfie me as well as she can do..

Such a big luck? Maybe, but I think this is just because I was open to talking about my GOC and glasses :)

 08 Feb 2018, 06:57


She seems very accepting, I think she prefers me wearing strong glasses, or so she has said!

I've been considering getting a milder GOC combo that I can wear more often and I've also been tempted by these "overnight" lenses that can be worn for prolonged periods as I think it would give a much more realistic experience but I also balance that with the risk.

Brooklynboy 07 Feb 2018, 17:30


I find it very cool that your partner and you have a relationship where you can goc without any problems. I wish i had the same, when i tried to explain the whole goc idea i received a look like i was crazy. So decided to not continue. I dnt really know whats the situation here but for now i normally do goc in places where i know people doesnt know me. Im sure some of the people here might relate to.

I will probably order a “lighter goc combo” and see what happens.

Thank you for your input

tsk 06 Feb 2018, 06:19

Brooklyn Boy -

Having previously done minus glasses with GOC I thought I'd try plus (my partner prefers the look of plus glasses).

My normal prescription is around +0.75, I went for some +7 glasses. First few times wearing were odd but I got used to them around the house and was able to wear them for a trip out with a lot of success. Around 12 hours a day in total and only really stopped because the glasses were hurting my ears!

BrooklynBoy 31 Jan 2018, 14:04


You are right, high plus glasses are very tricky. I found my self not being able to wear them for more than 10 or 15 minutes. Walking around is terrible and I find myself trying to look out of the lenses so i can get a better idea to wear to step. But it is very cool, my eyes are very big and my vision is good, specially close up. I do get somewhat of double vision when looking at distance.

Anyways, I will keep trying.

JC 31 Jan 2018, 12:05

Guest --

The -4 glasses will have an effective power of maybe -3.75 or -3.8 depending on how far they sit from your eyes. The bigger effect is that wearing the glasses you might have just slightly too much minus power, which depending on your age you probably easily adapt to using a little accommodation -- basically holding a slight focusing tension all the time. It is probably such a small amount that I doubt you'd notice it.

Guest 31 Jan 2018, 10:38

I do full time GOC, I use +2.00 contacts and find that with my own -1.50 prescription I see perfectly well with my -4.00 specs. Does this mean that the +2.00 contacts are effectively more like a +2.50 with them sitting directly on the eye?

Nev 30 Jan 2018, 09:52


Please drop me a line to chat about GOC plus

JC 30 Jan 2018, 08:02

BrooklynBoy --

I am naturally around -4 and often do GOC to around -10. A few moths ago I started trying GOC to about +5.5. The adaptation to plus lenses definitely takes longer, especially for you and I who have worn minus lenses for so long. The relative motion of the image you see when you move your head is more then you expect. This caused a little motion sickness but within a few hours I was adapted and see everything mostly normal now. The larger image size can be nice when trying to see something detailed.

In the end I decided I just like minus glasses and myopia better. I'm 37 so should be on the way towards lower accommodation, but even still wearing the contacts that make me a hyperope at least in bright light I see most things just fine. I feel much more inhibited even without GOC with my natural myopia. Even in lower light when as a hyperope everything is real blurred I like howb as a myope I can always get closer to something to see it whereas as a hyperope if I can't accommodate enough to see it then I just can't see it. I also prefer the look of minus lenses.

Be careful on steps or stepping on or off a curb while wearing the plus lenses! The step is not as big as it looks to you.

BrooklynBoy 30 Jan 2018, 06:10

Hi everyone, I want to share a recent experiment that I had with GOC. I have done GOC for quite sometime now, my current RX is -5 and I have done GOC up to -15. I recently decided that I would like to try to wear a + glasses. So after a quick look on the GOC table, I decided to get +8 glasses. Yesterday after my glasses came in, I was able to first experience and enjoy my + combo.

I found that the magnification was too much to take. I can see things quite clear. I believe that the Combo I ordered is good. But I can't function properly while wearing it. Everything is much closer than what they actually are.

Even though, it was quite an experiment. Anyone here ever tried + GOC? I'm wondering if this is something that my brain has to get used to it.

Just though I would share this new experience.

By the way, thank you to whoever created the GOC table.

Cactus Jack 20 Jan 2018, 07:48


Sounds like the combo works pretty well. One of the things you have to get used to with high prescription glasses is how important it is to look thru the Optical Center (Centre) (OC)of the lenses. Another is the Barrel Distortion and possible Chromatic Aberration that occurs.

If you wear the combination a lot, your brain will learn to keep your eyes looking thru the OC and ignore other optical distortions and phenomena.

Please let us know your experiences.


Minusglassesguy 20 Jan 2018, 05:27

My glasses arrived and wow...they are so thick. My eyes look so tiny through the lenses. I can see perfectly through the centre of lenses but looking just off centre everything is a little distorted.

sparky2k 17 Jan 2018, 07:00

I too have sent multiple queries to O4L, and received no response.

Trent 16 Jan 2018, 19:31


I am still on their mailing list and received and email from them a short time ago. I hope things work out for you.

kelsey 16 Jan 2018, 17:35

Has anyone had problems getting O4L to respond to a GOC request? Are they still in business? I've tried a number of times over several months and they never reply.

gerry 16 Jan 2018, 08:21

Cokebottlejane@AOl .comDon,t deride yourself, wearing glasses is a need but it does not alter your as a person or personality, anyone who judges you on your glasses is not worth knowing. Have fun take good care Gerry xx

gerry 16 Jan 2018, 08:17

Tatinha your so beautiful, without your glasses, yet with your lovely frames they seem to add to your beauty. I think you choose your frames well, its wonderful you allow us the to view your lovely photos. I think also you have a wonderful warm personality, you seen a kind understanding lady. your partner is very lucky to share a loving relationship with you, many of us would love to meet a lady like you, I don,t know why but i find you wearing glasses rather sexy in the nicest sense of the word.

Take good care Gerry xx

High Myopic 13 Jan 2018, 17:08

@Glass lenses. I could not send mil to your mail address. I got this message.

Address not found

Your message wasn't delivered to because the address couldn't be found, or is unable to receive mail.

Glass lenses 13 Jan 2018, 16:42

High Myopic

Contact me at

Billy A. 13 Jan 2018, 06:40


Hi, I'm wearing +8 contacts too, under my -12 glasses. Without glasses havin' the same feeling :)

Minusglassesguy 13 Jan 2018, 04:42


I tried the +8 contacts today. What an awesome blur it is. To see my phone screen i have to hold it about an inch from eyes. Feels so good to experience the blur.

High Myopic 08 Jan 2018, 06:12

Glass lens Whats your email? I want to see pics of your glasses.

Glass lenses 08 Jan 2018, 02:50

High Myopic

I collect any minus glasses, preferably with glass lenses.

Have 52 pair now, most are women's frames.

Also have 3 phoropters,and 6 trial lense sets.

High Myopic 07 Jan 2018, 16:56

Does Minusglassesguy live in the UK? Does he know anyone else that has any very strong glasses or collects them?

Minusglassesguy 07 Jan 2018, 11:05

Hi William / JP

I would be happy to chat also, drop me an email if you like.

William 07 Jan 2018, 10:56

JP what is your email address?


JP 07 Jan 2018, 10:32

Hi Nick,

I'm another one in the UK and happy to chat sometime, although I haven't posted much lately. eyescene[at]

Minusglassesguy 07 Jan 2018, 07:47

My contacts got delivered yesterday, can't wait for the glasses to arrive. They are going to be so thick and powerful.

William 07 Jan 2018, 07:32


Drop me a line and we can chat about it.

Billy A. 07 Jan 2018, 05:05

Hi all, today i got new -12 superlenti for goc. I wear goc and really enjoy it, with -12 its really me. Without glasses I feel like someone else, not really me... It's fantastic feeling to wear strong glasses, I want to become fulltime goc wearer, but cannot imagine wear it fulltime. Whats the best for this? Contacts for continual wearing? Thanks :)


Minusglassesguy 04 Jan 2018, 17:20

Hi Maxim

Thanks for sharing your experiences and the positive encouragement.

Maxim 04 Jan 2018, 16:20

Yes, daysoft lenses from Ireland are super, and quite inexpensive. There maximum plus lenses are indeed +8.00. You are looking forward, it's a superb feeling - I have used the + 8.00 lenses with adequate glasses, when I had a 'real' prescription of R +4.00/-1.75 A 90 degrees // L + 3.25/-1.50 A 110 degrees, this used to be a substantial minus then. In the moment I'm practicing with unchanged glasses, but CLs of +5.25 only, as I had a cataract OP 18 months ago. Still CLs from daysoft.

Best wishes, from Europe across the British Channel (I had travelled to the UK twice in December!).

Minusglassesguy 04 Jan 2018, 09:05

Thanks for getting back to me.

I'm so excited to get the glasses.

Soundmanpt 04 Jan 2018, 08:47


I am in the US and I have placed numerous glasses from Zenni over the past 14 years and they rarely ever take over 14 days. The only exception is when an order gets stuck in customs which is very rare. That has only twice to me in that time and in each case Zenni became aware they were being held so they replaced both orders at no cost to me. I ended up with a double order as a result. Several years ago at my suggestion someone in the UK placed an order with Zenni and her glasses arrived in that same 14 day window. I think your glasses will arrive much sooner than 28 days.

Minusglassesguy 04 Jan 2018, 08:28

I've ordered the glasses from Zenni. They estimate delivery at 28 days, just wondering if anybody else who used them could advise if they usually arrive quicker? (I'm in Uk)

I decided to try daysoft contacts as they are really inexpensive. I think they will arrive sooner than the glasses.

Minusglassesguy 01 Jan 2018, 13:10

Thank you cactus jack. I will update you when the goods arrive.

Thanks again, and happy New Year all.

Cactus Jack 01 Jan 2018, 11:47


I suggest trying this GOC combo

Contacts: +8.00 both eyes.


OD -12.75, -0.50 x 90

OS -11.50, -1.25 x 97

VD is assumed to be 12 mm

The above numbers offer a small amount of - over correction.

OD -0.30

OS -0.41

Your Ciliary Muscle and Crystalline Lenses should be able to compensate for this.

I suggest getting low cost CLs and glasses to try this combo.

Remember, GOC IS NOT an exact science. There are no guarantees. I think you should try a +4.00 CL combo, for a while. but +8.00 should not be too difficult to get used to wearing.

Please share your experiences with this GOC combination.


Minusglassesguy 01 Jan 2018, 07:42

Hi Cactus Jack

Finally located my prescription. Actual numbers are as follows.

RE -2.50 -0.50 axis 90

LE -1.50 -1.25 axis 97

I would be greatful if you could advise on what glasses I should order if using +8 contacts.

Minusglassesguy 01 Jan 2018, 06:33

Hi Nick

You can drop me an email at or contact me through my tumblr blog.

Nick 31 Dec 2017, 09:22

Minusglassesguy - I notice you are in the UK. So am I, would be nice to chat sometime

Minusglassesguy 30 Dec 2017, 04:36

Thanks cactus jack.

I'm 37 and don't have any trouble with close vision at the moment so a small amount of over correction should be ok.

I will get back to you with my actual prescription.

Cactus Jack 29 Dec 2017, 22:02


Here are some preliminary calculations.

-2.50 glasses have little Vertex Distance (VD) effect. That means that their effective power at the Cornea is also -2.50 and that your "Eye Power" is +2.50.

If you wear +8.00 Contacts your effective Eye Power would be +10.50.

The next step is a bit more mathematically complicated because corrective glasses will be strong enough for VD effects to be considered.. The complicating factor there is that VD effects are the Square (^2) of the glasses prescription/ divided by 1000 and then multiplied by the VD in mm.

Because of those steps, the best way to calculate the actual Glasses VD effects are by selecting a Sphere value and doing what is called Successive Approximation to arrive at a glasses Sphere power that is just a little more than -10.50 How little depends on how much accommodation range you have (you age). If you have plenty of accommodation, we don't have to be very close, we can wind up with more minus in the glasses and your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses can add any attritional PLUS you need. If Presbyopia is limiting your ability to accommodate, we need to be closer.

That said, you need to understand the GOC is not a very exact science and there are no guaranteed that we will get it right the first time, More about that later.

I have done this enough that I was able to get close with 3 tries.

-13.00 glasses at 12 mm VD yielded -11.00 at the Cornea.

-12.50 glasses at 12 mm VD yielded -10.63 at the Cornea.

=12.25 glasses at 12 mm VD yielded -10.45 at the cornea.

VD is very hard to measure in practice and impossible to estimate. You can increase the effective power of MINUS glasses by moving them closer to your eyes

If you are used to wearing -2.50 glasses, you might want to order Daily wear contact lenses with the appropriate Diameter and Base Curve and low cost glasses from an on like retailer such as Zenni to see how they work. You may initially notice some Barrel Distortion and Chromatic Aberration or fringing when you start wearing them. If you have too much trouble you might want to start at a lower level, get used to wearing that, and then move higher.

May I ask your age?

Also, sometimes the server is slow to respond. If you click "Submit" and the background turns blue, your submission is acceptable. If you click it again, you will get a post for every time you click Submit.

When you find your prescription, we can refine the calculations.


Minusglassesguy 29 Dec 2017, 20:38

Thanks, I'll have a look at them.

Would anybody be kind enough to help work out what power glasses I should order?

I don't have my prescription to hand but Will find it out. Im appx -2.50 in both eyes. I know I have to leave the cylinder numbers b the same.

Looking at getting+7 or +8 contacts, was hoping to get a rough idea of the glasses strength so that I can price up.

Minusglassesguy 29 Dec 2017, 20:37

Thanks, I'll have a look at them.

Would anybody be kind enough to help work out what power glasses I should order?

I don't have my prescription to hand but Will find it out. Im appx -2.50 in both eyes. I know I have to leave the cylinder numbers b the same.

Looking at getting+7 or +8 contacts, was hoping to get a rough idea of the glasses strength so that I can price up.

Minusglassesguy 29 Dec 2017, 20:37

Thanks, I'll have a look at them.

Would anybody be kind enough to help work out what power glasses I should order?

I don't have my prescription to hand but Will find it out. Im appx -2.50 in both eyes. I know I have to leave the cylinder numbers b the same.

Looking at getting+7 or +8 contacts, was hoping to get a rough idea of the glasses strength so that I can price up.

Try Alensa 29 Dec 2017, 19:28

Minusglassesguy 29 Dec 2017, 18:39


I want to do goc in the new year and would like to know the best place to order disposable contacts in the uk without needing the prescription. If anybody knows of any sites to use please let me know.

Cactus Jack 29 Dec 2017, 13:20

The calculations are approximate, based Vertex Distance (VD) effects of 12 mm and approximately 0.25 diopters per mm, Vertex Distance is hard to measure and there is no way to know what your actual VD will be with the glasses. VD effects for glasses around -15.00 are approximately -2.75 diopters. VD effects of your actual prescription are about 0.25 diopters at your Corneas

The calculations suggest that +7.25 in each eye would be appropriate, but I would suggest +7.00 contacts. At 31, you should be able to accommodate with the small amount of Plus your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses can provide.

Please remember that GOC is something of an inexact science and there are no guarantees. I suggest ordering Daily (1 day) disposable lenses and glasses with the low cost frames and options until you determine if the combination works for you.

Please let me know how this combination works.

Also, please try to select a unique nickname


 29 Dec 2017, 12:00

It's R -5.25 -1.00 180, L -5.50 -1.00 10

No prism, add or anything like that.

And I'm just over 31 years old.

Cactus Jack 29 Dec 2017, 11:41


Yes, you can get some help. The calculations are not actually difficult, but there are several step necessary to make allowances for Vertex Distance effects. Age can make a difference in how careful you need to be in the calculations because of limited ability to compensate for small errors.

I wish you had not yet ordered glasses because that actually makes the calculations and strategy more difficult, There are two hard and fast rules about GOC.

1. Do not try to do GOC with already existing high prescription glasses you found on line. It is nearly impossible to figure out what Contact Lens Prescription will make them work with your existing actual prescription.

2. Never change your actual Cylinder and Axis in the GOC glasses, copy it EXACTLY.

A couple of questions:

1. What is your actual complete glasses prescription?

2. What is your Age,


 29 Dec 2017, 10:55

Wondering if I could get some help.

I'm looking at doing a 1st GOC in the new year but was wondering what strength contacts I should go for. My Rex is L -5.25 and R -5.50 with -1.00 astig both eyes. When I was younger I could overcorrect to low double digits but is now a bit of an ask, so my GOC glasses I ordered them to be L-15.25 and R-15.50.

I'm guessing at that strength the contacts will be a little weaker then the gap between Rex and glasses, but how much by?

Soundmanpt 28 Dec 2017, 14:49


You didn't say when you're scheduled for your next eye exam but since you wear GOC everyday from morning until night your eyes are clearly adjusted to seeing that way. So I think going in wearing your actual glasses you were prescribed to wear would be a big mistake. You should wear what your eyes are completely used to. Besides now that you have found that you're able to see so well wearing single vision glasses along with your contacts isn't that what you prefer anyway since your glasses are cheaper that way? Your doctor should be able to fine tune your GOC by tweeking either your glasses or contacts a bit.

Cactus Jack 27 Dec 2017, 18:15


You have the right idea on the GOC. I think that will be pretty close, but we need to get the new prescription before proceeding.

If you were considering full time GOC, I might suggest using the same sphere power contact in each eye and doing any necessary adjustments in the glasses. That saves money and eliminates confusion that might occur with two different power contacts.

When I could wear contacts, I preferred the Daily Wear disposables over longer wear contacts.

You can help keep from de conditioning your Ciliary Muscles by wearing less Add for near and/or maybe a little more - for distance, but all you will be doing is slightly delaying the day when your Ciliary Muscles can no longer supply much, if any Plus. Your Crystalline Lenses are going to get so stiff that your Ciliary Muscles just can't affect their PLUS power.

BTW, a quick calculation for the extra PLUS you need fo focus near is to divide the distance in Inches into 40. It is not exact, the actual number is 39.37, but close enough and certainly more convenient.

I look forward to the results of the exam. If the ECP reacts favorably to letting you adjust the Axis knob, spring the close focusing idea on him/her and see the reaction. You might be surprised. The worst he can do is tell you to take your business elsewhere - very unlikely. He gets paid for making his customers happy and fulfilling their visual needs. Correctly done GOC is harmless.


Guest 27 Dec 2017, 12:42

CD -- I started this several years before discovering EyeScene CactusJack and the other wonderful people here.

As I mentioned, I tried monovision with no success. I then tried working with near vision contacts in both eyes and found very good success. I tried my wife's glasses (low minus) over those lenses and while not perfect, I did lean that the combo worked well.

Back to the Optometrist for the 'solution'.

I progressed to ordering contacts on line and glasses from Zenni. Online contacts are difficult to find without a valid prescription...

My 'normal' prescription is +2.50 or so, my 'normal' GOC prescription is -2.50 or so.

I've tried several combinations since starting out ;-)

To my knowledge, no one knows the difference -- and if they do, they haven't said anything.

Good luck with GOC! I think you'll find this very successful and rewarding.

Charlie_Delta 27 Dec 2017, 10:04


Thanks again for tip. I see the British companies offer monthlies in packs of three and dailies in the usual 30 or 90 packs. My intent is to shift from monthlies to a daily disposable, so will try Dailies Total-1 and one or two comparables to determine whichever is most comfortable. I was originally Rx'ed Air Optix Aqua Multifocal, so working from that base curve/diameter.


Appreciate your offer and will take you up on this.

Read your "how to study for an eye exam. Fantastic job on that!! It will help many others. Favorite tip you provide is to offer ESP to self-adjust the cylinder knob, though 95% sure I don't need any.

For me, GOC would be strictly for functional utility. I'll take a stab at my to-be-issued Rx in two days based on last week's unanticipated "wet" refraction:

OD: +1.25; OS: +0.50; ADD: +1.75 (again, this is, ehem, "speculative")

Current Rx is OD: +1.00; sph OS: +0.50 -0.25; ADD +1.50

I work at a computer most days for long hours at a time, but also use a computer at home office on evenings weekends doing my hobby: documentary film and documentary radio story production. Simply put: close distance demand on my eyes is pretty strong, and becoming exceedingly uncomfortable. Single-vision glasses at current RX for full-near correction isn't adequate anymore (but they work perfectly for things 30-36" away).

The challenge/question is how soon things would blur if I wore contacts for the full near correction (presuming sphere and ADD both increase about +0.25). My computer displays are usually no more than 20" away from my eyes, so I think I could get with contact lenses for the full-near correction. I remain intrigued by ES nickname "Guest" response below however, in which they requested to be refracted for distance after doing just this.

Using speculative Rx above, I presume the contact lens setup would be OD: +3.00 OS: +2.25 and glasses for distance -1.75 both eyes, ADD +1.50 (and remove glasses if I need to see closer).

Only thing to add is that I have no interest in deconditioning my eye muscles. They should be working as much as possible, but not so much as I'm enduring long spans of eye strain and frequent spasms when going near to far.


Cactus Jack 26 Dec 2017, 16:44


Told ya! You are over the hump and you can do what ever feels comfortable. Your Sister's and your Mother's comments about fashion reminded of something I read in "Dress for Success". As best I remember is something like this: "Don't let a woman choose your business attire. They will choose fashion, rather than attire that fits the role you want to play."

The same thing applies to glasses. Choose the frames that complement your facial features and that fit the role you want to play. Don't ignore fashion completely, but you do the choosing.

I have a couple of suggestions.

1. Read the piece I wrote "How to Study for and Eye Exam" I can post it or send it to your email address. It will help you be an active participant in the exam.

2. Remind me your most recent complete prescription (before your Friday exam).

I need to see your prescription so I can offer a suggestion about what to tell the Ophthalmologist.

I will help you with a "functional" GOC combination based on your prescription and a story to tell the ECP. If he does not want to do it, that is OK. You can do it anyway, with your new prescription and a little help.


Weirdeyes 26 Dec 2017, 14:03


In Canada you can order contacts in whatever prescription you want on clearly contacts. Too bad you can't order trial lenses as far as I know. I'm thinking of wearing some strong plus glasses over minus colored contacts to be a Harry Potter character. I just need an excuse to try out GOC.

Charlie_Delta 26 Dec 2017, 12:55

Thanks Jack,

The “outing” occurred inadvertently yesterday amidst a snow storm, driving home from a friend's place. Forgot I was still wearing glasses when I got home. Lots of “you look so much better in glasses” baloney from my nutcase fashion fanatic sisters and mother. Humorously, brothers and father probably didn't notice I had glasses on.


Again, THANK YOU for posting. I’d much rather wear no vision correction at all, but am a perfectionist with things like optimal vision and have come to realize what works, and what does not. Monovision is ruled out before even trying this arrangement and multifocal contacts are shockingly sub-par to progressive glasses in terms of optical quality.

Curious why you requested a refraction after trying contacts for your full-near correction? I assume this is simple math, as Cactus suggests, but perhaps there's more to this that I should be considering. I have part-2 of a routine series of tests w/ an opthamologist on Friday. I do this every 3-4 years for a benign condition I have called “optic nerve cupping.” I won't be dilated this time and will request a refraction before leaving there to update my script if necessary.

Also curious if you are getting by with single-vision glasses for distance atop your contacts for near? Your ADD suggests you are not, but I am indeed curious.


Thanks for the tip. I haven’t invested in decent glasses to date and after much trial and error feel confident this GOC arrangement is optimal for me personally.

I’d want high-quality lenses/frames measured/adjusted (and kind of “insured”) through a local optician/shop. Testing this setup though could be done on the cheap (i.e. Zenni) so thanks for the tip.

On a slight tangent (and please pardon my pontificating): I think the optometry/optician community in the USA has it wrong. Way too over-regulated IMO. Brits and other countries let the optician do simple refractions and the consumer purchase contacts without validating Rx, which allows so much more ease in trying other lens brands/types (if they know base curve and lens diameter). Here in the states, to pull this off would require a litany of visits to an optometrist which, eventually, is probably an out-of-pocket expense even with decent vision insurance. Makes me wonder how many contact wearers are out there experiencing regular discomfort because of this system. (side note, I do know my base curve/optimal diameter and just buy low-quantity trial lenses from a company in the UK).

My best,


Cactus Jack 24 Dec 2017, 14:49


I'll bet they are well aware that you need vision correction. They probably don't know the details, but the symptoms of having contact lenses that are uncomfortable, either physically or optically, are usually pretty obvious.

I would not be surprised if you were not advised to take out the contacts and get your glasses because your suffering is making people uncomfortable.

The bottom line is that they really don't care that you now need glasses. It is sort of a "welcome to the club" thing, but depending on the closeness (e.g. siblings), they might enjoy doing a little (or a lot of) "ribbing".

I think I like the name "Macrae's Syndrome". It is so common, it deserves a name. Its being so common is what makes the Saga so funny. Almost everyone who gets glasses, goes thru it to one degree or another.

Turn on your sense of humor and have some fun. The best way I have found to take the wind out of a person's sails, who wants to give you a good ribbing about needed glasses, is to poke some fun at yourself about being bashful about needing glasses. Just open up and tell the truth and see what happens. You can watch the Chief Provoker's face fall when you steal his/her thunder and lead the laughter.


Charlie_Delta 24 Dec 2017, 09:52

Thanks for the replies!

Guest, yours in particular validates CJ's prediction (and my genuine question at time of posting) that it's even legal to do this.

CJ: I *totally* forgot that I emailed you from a gmail account I made up with my username about that Netflix show that I presumed was right up your alley (endorsement for "Halt and Catch Fire" -- a show about Houston's tech/computer boom in the 70s and 80s). I see you wrote a lengthy reply just now and will respond soon as I have more time.

At home visiting family with crappy multifocal contacts in. Must confess to "Macrae syndrome" at present ;-)

Will respond more about this GOC rig soon as I have some time, but rather encouraged by Guest's response. Seems the way to go!


Cactus Jack 22 Dec 2017, 23:52


That really should not be to difficult to accomplish. Many ECPs will do this for you, particularly the younger ones who like to be a bit creative.

GOC is commonly used by ECPs in special situations, where there is a substantial difference in each eye's prescription, to adjust the image size on the Retinas. The ECP should have no problem if you can wear CLs. E.g. No Dry Eye problems.

Let me know if I can help. You know where to find me.

BTW, when I had to have Cataract Surgery, back in 2001, the Eye Surgeon would not install Multi-Focal IOLs. He said that people who like very good vision (Engineers, etc.) are not happy with the visual compromises. So I have single vision IOLs. Smart man.

The starting point for GOC is your actual glasses prescription and your CL Diameter and Base Curve. From there is it just some math. With a low glasses prescription (less than +/-4.00) it is pretty simple math because Vertex Distance effects are minimal.


Guest 22 Dec 2017, 21:18

Charlie_Delta I simply told my Dr that I didn't like monovisaon and asked for two contacts with the correct power for near vision -- in my case, about +4.25. I then had her refract me for glasses, with the contacts in. I ended up with -2.5 or so glasses.

This allows me to read and do close work without glasses, then navigate the office, outside, etc, with my glasses on.

It works well for me.

I've also upped the contact lens prescription substantially, along with the appropriate glasses to achieve good GOC of about -5.00.

Weirdeyes 21 Dec 2017, 20:24


If the ECP is too stubborn maybe just ask to get your distance prescription prescribed and order the glasses and contacts combo you want online.

Charlie_Delta 21 Dec 2017, 19:37

Interested to give GOC a shot. I’ll make no bones about this: I feel old wearing plus glasses with a progressive ADD at age 40. If I *have* to wear glasses, I rather they not magnify.

Which brings me to my question: anyone know if ECP’s in USA willingly prescribe (upon request, obviously) a cockamamie arrangement such as this: Rx contact lenses for the FULL near correction (sph+ADD) and minus progressive glasses whereby the (minus) glasses sph equals the true ADD, then that value doubles itself in a plus format to bring the progressive ADD essentially back to plano. i.e. -1.75 sph ADD 1.70 both eyes. I don’t have astigmatism, making this pretty straightforward.

I can’t see too many cons to this arrangement other than (a) cost of contacts and (b) need to also have plus lens glasses for times/situations contacts couldn’t be worn.

Not sure I’d follow through with this idea but do know I can’t tolerate multifocal contact lenses (optics too poor) and much prefer the minus lens appearance over lenses that magnify.

And finally, my prescription is stabilizing. I had to see some opthamologists today for a benign/hereditary eye thing I've had to have checked for 30+ years. While there with eyes dilated, they did a refraction which revealed only a negligible amount of latent hyperopia remaining (+0.25). I have to go back there for a dry refraction early next year, but the takeaway is that at this point, I could invest in some good frames/lenses without concern the Rx will change in short order (as it did THREE times this year previously).



Soundmanpt 20 Dec 2017, 09:20


I hope that Cactus Jack is around because he is more of an expert with GOC than I am. But I think the reason you're able to read as well as you can with just single vision glasses now is because the combination of your glasses and contacts is slightly stronger for your near vision now. So it could be that your glasses are a bit too strong and they are over correcting your eyes a bit. That would explain why things seem slightly reduced in size. Generally when doing GOC you want your glasses to be slightly stronger than they need to be anyway.It seems like your eyes have adjusted to your stronger glasses without any problem. But as long as it seems to work and you are a full time GOC wearer you're clearly not doing any harm to your eyes. Even better like you say you're glasses are certainly much more affordable as single vision glasses than bifocals or progressives.

So as long as your happy now that you're able to wear strong glasses so well and you have no intention of ever wearing your actual prescription anymore I would suggest that you go for your eye appointment wearing your strong glasses and contacts. By examining your eyes with your contacts on the doctor might be able to refract your eyes and prescribe you with even a more accurate pair of glasses. Of course i'm sure that you have no intention of buying your glasses from your doctor unless insurance pays for them.

You seem to be very open about doing GOC with not only people in here but even your local friends as well. So i;m sure your doctor is going to wonder why you want to wear such strong glasses but he or she won't tell you not to do it because you're in no way doing any harm to your eyes. So you simply tell them that your partner wears strong glasses and you have always liked how his glasses looked so you also wanted to wear strong glasses and found this way of doing it and you like how you look wearing strong glasses.

You didn't say if your friend ever started doing GOC. If i recall she was only wearing -1.25 glasses but she liked how your glasses looked and wanted to do the same.

Juliette 20 Dec 2017, 06:47

In Nov 2016, I made contact with this site to Start GOC. I ordered glasses & lenses as advised by CJ. The combination worked perfectly. I Ordered exactly as CJ suggested including the ADD; Earlier this year I saw some very nice frames on the website & ordered another pair without the add.

I thought I would not be able to use them for computer work or reading But in fact I can & with the CJ prescription, I see & read better than with my true prescription. Should I explain this to my eye doctor at my next control? Every thing is so crystal clear but very slightly reduced in size.

How is this possible? but I am pleased as the cost of new glasses is so much less than with progressive lenses. I am doing GOC from morning to night without problems, & have recently moved to -12. I really love the new look, & will not go back from GOC.

rollin 17 Dec 2017, 00:34

Want GOC for night driving. Don't want to remove contacts in the car.

Multifocal contacts Rx is

R +2 +2 N

L +2 +1.5 D

Driving vision is perfect when I wear +1 readers with no contacts.

I am guessing it might be -1 -1 glasses over the multifocals, what do y'all think? Eye doctor has dragged his feet on this, could use some advice about next steps.

JC 11 Dec 2017, 18:58

Anonymous user: If your are in the U.S. or Canada I would recommend

 11 Dec 2017, 18:28

where can i buy contact lenses without a prescription online? please help.

Soundmanpt 27 Nov 2017, 11:10


To be honest I didn't recall our previous comments from last year until you reminded me. You always admired your husband's strong glasses and wished that your glasses were as strong. You were excited to here about GOC as an option and with the help of Cactus Jack in figuring out the proper combination for for contacts and glasses for your eyes you were soon wearing GOC as a full time option and loving it. It only took a short time for your eyes to fully adjust to your new GOC vision and you were seeing even better than you ere with your actual prescribed glasses. Wearing stronger glasses has had a other effects on you as well. You're now much more self confident and self assured. Wearing stronger glasses has made you a stronger woman. One of you first comments I found very interesting.You said "I now feel and look as though I need glasses" Interesting because you had already been wearing glasses for many years.

I remember you had a friend that after seeing you wearing your stronger glasses was so impressed that she wanted to do GOC too. You said her actual prescription was around -1.50. Did she ever start doing GOC? If so how is she doing?

I don't know what prescription Zenni will make myodisk lenses at. Zenni has a open chat line. I would suggest making up a story about a friend that wears myodisk glasses and you really like how they look and your just curious at what prescription is where myodisk is used.

anonymous oo 27 Nov 2017, 02:11

The axis should be also 80° if you write the cyl for the glasses with +

You could also write(for the glasses)

+5,5 cyl -4,5 axis 170° (80+90)

The effets of the Vertex distance are not really strong in this range, so it would probably be quite accurate...

but I prefer to find out the proper glasses prescription with my trial lenses, not only by calculation

JohnnyB 25 Nov 2017, 12:00

So if you have 20/20 and wear a contat of -1 -4.50 x 80, what should the compensating glasses be? +1 +4.50 x 120?

anonymous oo 25 Nov 2017, 03:29

For inspiration only!

Hello there,

yes, I am an OO and I sometimes post to this forum under a different name.

Today I want to share my latest goc experience(experiment)

I am experienced with both +and - Glasses Combinations...

My natural Vision is almost perfect...does not need much correction...but I dont have stereoscopic vision(Distance RX: L +1 R+-0)

The advantage(;-)) is that in my case PD does not make a big difference, I can use Random second hand glasses, for example from MS.(Glasses for auktion...thread)

This week I got a pack of toric contacts(out of curiosity)Proclear Toric XR (I already like Procear-spheric-very much and know I can handle them) in +0.5 cyl -4,25 A 90°.

They are stablized by a so called prism ballast, so they are more heavy at the bottom to get the axis correct.

So if for example you lie down on your side the axis changes by about 90°.

This effect is very funny, because if you wear this lenses in combination with glasses that compensate your vision to normal everything gets extremly blurry when the axis is 90° wrong, the cyl of the contacts and the glasses add to each other and simulate an astigmatism of more than 8 diops what very very seldom occurs in nature.

If you get horizontal and make certain moves, the effect is even more crazy...the contacts start to rotate and the vision changes from nearly perfect to complete astigmatic blur all the time.(Stars change to stripes and back ;-) )

I tried all of this today with my trial lens set and cant wait to get the real glasses.

Yes, I am an astigmaphil as well, but I am not the Person useing that name.

rafa 21 Nov 2017, 02:16


Don't worry about requesting a different prescription, it won't flag anything at Zenni's.

I myself have ordered various different prescriptions from them and they have never asked any questions.

Sarah 20 Nov 2017, 15:28

Would the index of lens I choose from Zenni make a difference on the myodisc effect to them?

Should I make a special request to them? They don't offer a myodisc option - how would I word that?

I do order from them for my regular glasses and have quite the collection, I hope it won't flag anything and make them ask for a copy of a prescription to suddenly order such a stronger rx?

30calcat 20 Nov 2017, 12:55

Zenni's lens blanks are pretty thin so if you order a big enough frame they will come back with some myodisc effect, even in -10. I had a 53/19 frame come back with the non-powered part of the edge beveled into a frosted zone.

Juliette, the clearer vision you are getting with GOC may be due to the increase in depth of field from the stronger minus lenses.

Billy A 20 Nov 2017, 06:43


Hi, I have myodiscs for GOC with -14 (by Essilor), optician said thats possible to make it from -9 and "are reccommended from -15, but lower will be fine too and I can say more comfortable, because the active zone will be larger"

It depends on where you are located. In the Europe this is not problem.

juliette 20 Nov 2017, 01:13

Soundmanpt, You may remember that I started GOC about a year ago with advice from this website. Yes, I had been wearing glasses or lenses for many years, but with a modest plus prescription. I started at -9.00, & now at -12.00 with little or no problems. I use the combination of lenses/ glasses daily. Its great, & somewhat addictive, & as I have said previously, I & my husband like the way I look. I find that my vision is much more clear & crisp with the GOC combo than with my 'True' glasses. How is that possible?

The small amount of minification has not proved to be a problem for me. As I said in a previous post, & like Sarah I would just like to try a pair of Myodiscs, just to see what they are like to wear, but I don't think -12.00 is enough yet to get myodiscs.

 18 Nov 2017, 17:16

Thanks Soundmanapt.

I wonder what the lowest Rx Zenni would make myodiscs at?

I don't want to go too crazy high like -18, I want to be able to wear them, I also don't want my eyes to be quite so minimized and hidden in the rings

Soundmanpt 18 Nov 2017, 09:41


Were you already a glasses wearer when you started doing GOC or did you start doing GOC so you could start wearing glasses?

Cactus Jack 18 Nov 2017, 09:39


If you want to do GOC, I urge you to learn how to do the calculations, they are not very difficult, I also urge you to try a GOC combination around -10 before working up to higher glasses values.

The thing that primarily affect the GOC powers is Vertex Distance effects. It is the mathematical Square of the glasses prescription. It has little effect below about -4.50, but becomes very significant above about -10 as you will see with the following calculations.

Sphere and Cylinder calculations are done separately, but your Cylinder correction is so low, all you have to do is transfer the Cylinder and Axis to the glasses prescription WITHOUT any changes.

Vertex Distance (VD) effects of Sphere -15

-15 x -15 = 225 (note that the sign is now +, but don't worry about that, all we want is the absolute value.

Next divide by 1000

225/1000 = 0.225 That is the VD effect. 0.225 diopters per mm

Next, multiply by the distance from the front surface of the cornea to the back of the glasses, this is the Vertex Distance. It is very hard to measure accurately, but typically is is 10 to 12 mm. Lets assume 12.

Total VD effect

0.225 x 12 = 2.70 diopters.

What to do with that number is a bit tricky. It depends on whether the glasses have - lenses or + lenses. In your case with - lenses, you SUBTRACT the 2.70 from the -15 to determine the effective optical power of the -15 glasses at the Cornea.

-15.00 minus 2.70 = -12.30 That is the calculated power of the -15.00 lenses at your Cornea. If your prescription was 0.00 You would need +12.00 Contact Lenses. The reason for +12.00 is that you can only buy high power contact in 0.50 increments and it is best to use contacts that are a little less plus than you need so your Ciliary Muscles can add a bit of extra PLUS to compensate, assuming you still have some accommodation left.

Now we need to adjust the CL power for your actual refractive error and that can affect the choices you have.

You posted the following actual prescription:

L -5.00 0.25 18

R -4.75 0.75 085

Ignore the Cylinder and Axis for now.

Remember, normal Glasses or Contact prescriptions Neutralize or Cancel Out your actual refractive error. That means that your ACTUAL Sphere Refractive Error is:

L +4.75

R +4.50

Adjusted for VD effects and rounded to nearest power availability.

You have a built in, head start on the Plus CL prescription for -15 glasses. The required contacts would be:

L +12.00 minus +4.75 = +7.25

R +12.00 minus +4.50 = +7.50

I think I would use +7.25 or +7.00 CLs in both eyes and let my ciliary muscles compensate. An alternative would be to slightly adjust the Sphere prescription in the glasses.

Using the above as a template you can do the calculations for any desired glasses prescription.

I don't know at what prescription Myodiscs become necessary, but I believe it is around -18 to -20 using CR-39.

Please remember that GOC is NOT an exact science and is highly sensitive to VD effects.


juliette 18 Nov 2017, 01:44

Hi Sarah,

It sounds as though you want your glasses looking stronger by using GOC as they call it. I am the same, & since about this time last year, I have managed to get to -12 with very few problems. I like it very much, & how I look. I too would like to try some myodisc lenses to see what its like, & how I look in them. Wish you success with your venture, & please keep us posted if you get myodiscs.

Sarah 16 Nov 2017, 17:06

Been reading s while, new to posting. Lots of questions?

My real Rx is

L -5.00 0.25 18

R -4.75 0.75 085

and -5 both eyes in contacts.

I'm curious both what Rx plus contacts I'd need to try wearing -15 or -16 glasses. Also curious to try myodiscs. What is the lowest Rx those are typically made for?

I also sometimes wear as much as -2 overcorrection in glasses, wonder how much more I could tolerate. I'm 31 and don't do a ton of close work.

Soundmanpt 28 Sep 2017, 08:07


I would agree with "rafa" and depending where you live you might even wnt to call them and ask at what prescription you can have have your glasses made with myodisk lenses? Or use the "comment" box to request myodisk lenses.

rafa 28 Sep 2017, 02:36


I got myself a pair of myodisc glasses from Zenni. They are minus 20, which is as high as they make them at Zenni.

I actually didn't want myodisc lenses but since I order the thickest lenses (as I like them), It turns out that they only fill that sort of prescription on regular lenses with myodiscs. I'm very happy with them now.

So my guess is that if you go for really high prescriptions, Zenni might be able to do myodiscs for you. But it's best to ask them first.

juliette 06 Sep 2017, 00:59

I have posted a few times to this site. My venture with GOC has gone well. Can anyone advise where I can purchase 'Good' quality myodisc glasses? Suggestions would be appreciated

 24 Aug 2017, 08:39

Hi, probably a little off topic, but I couldn't find a more suitable thread to ask this. I would like to know if someone has experience with sclera lenses for keratoconus/dry eyes? Or does anyone know where to get them in Europe? I'm curious and would like to try it.

JC 05 Aug 2017, 15:26


I see what you mean. With your family's interest in glasses and your history of moving to a very low prescription I can see the danger in showing up with a significant prescription one day. I suppose I'm lucky nobody in my family has a special interest in glasses and they all know I am a full time wearer. And of course I'm lucky my wife knows about and accepts GOC.

While I don't make any effort to avoid wearing any particular glasses in front of them I do avoid any situation where I might have to remove them in front of them. My sister in particular knows my prescription is the same as hers as several years ago she needed to borrow a disposable lens from me. It would be awkward if she suddenly saw me with much worse vision then herself.

Maxim 05 Aug 2017, 04:25

PS to JC:

After the OP, I have not only the two varifocals (bought one month and 8 months after OP, not satisfied with the concept, always blurry zones) but as well:

1 pair bifocals PC and near vision (that is +1.25/+2.75 against distance vision) - bought them 2 weeks after OP -

1 pair bifocals distance and near vision (o.oo / + 2.75) - superb from Zenni, at a total price of 40,00 $ approx., 20,00 the frame, less than 20,00 $ the bifocal lenses with antireflex - superb quality and vision !! bought 4 months after OP

1 pair for distance vision, sunlight absorption 80 per cent, brown, for driving - bought them 2 weeks after OP -

Maxim 05 Aug 2017, 04:16

to JC:

Thank you very much for your friendly remarks and comments.

My real prescription was until May/June of 2016:

R + 4.00 / - 1.75 cyl A 85 degrees,

L + 3.25 / - 1.25 cyl A 110 degrees

with an add of 2.00 or 2.25 etc.

In early summer of 2016 I had the cataract OP, and I paid for the state-of-the-art measurement, and so, after the cataract OP (I did not pay for tailored-to-measure IOLs), only the astigmatism is more or less uncorrrected.

My new prescription is (slightly modified over the months, and slightly different in three different shops - I have an appointment for 'objective' measurement):

R + 0.50 / - 2.00 A 103 degrees, and

L - 0.50 / -0.50 A 102 degrees, and, of course, an add for near vision.

This is really near nothing (especially in the left eye), but however, I enjoy wearing glasses, because there is more sharpness in the image. An example only: a car registration plate on 50 yards/meters: without glasses left eye blurred, right eye nothing or totally in blur.

With glasses: can read the registration plate, left eye superb, right eye, fairly good. Why should I NOT wear glasses??? I prefer seeing WITH glasses!

All of my family are glasses lovers and glasses experts of their own. My wife wished desperately to wear glasses, when she was young and did not really need them. She loved her children wearing glasses, and me as well. Everybody is trying the other's glasses, and everybody in the family knows about the other family members' prescriptions.

When I first had new glasses affter the cataract OP, I told my son (now 31 yrs) that my prescription now was near to nothing, and he took my glasses, looked through them and then confirmed, what I had said.

So, quite frankly, do you agree, that they might be on the alert, if I would show up with my -5.00 prescription glasses over CLs?

By the way, before the OP, I wore -8.00 over +5.00 CLs. And now, my +6.00 glasses are a pair of reading glasses, when my eye was at +4.00 etc before the OP. These are the only glasses, were they don't ask - I can also use glasses before the OP (+4.00 etc) from before the OP as readers, but they are for very, very close vision now!

I'm planning for some nice Zenni bifocals with -7.50 etc, as +8.00 CLs are the maximum power to buy at reasonable prices (30-40 cent each) as throw-away lenses from , but I am also planning for more glasses around my real prescription (variation in power, cylinder, a bit of prism etc., and bifocals for distance and near, bifocals for PC screen and near - this is very important -). I have two pairs of varifocals now, but I really don't like them, everything is moving uncontrollable, and they irritate me when driving.

I feel better for driving with a -5.00 GOC-combination, than with varifocals in my real prescription!!

The best wishes and greetings,


rimpopper 04 Aug 2017, 15:42

Sallust: The advice you're getting is solid. Here is the information from my spreadsheet for someone with emmetropic eyes:

For emmetropic (normal) eyes here are the required eyeglass refractions; as you can see, VD does not matter until you get to +10 and beyond; calculations for +2, +10 and +20 contacts are included.

+2 contact .012 VD -2.05 (-2.00) -2 / (1 + (.012 x -2)) = -2.05

+2 contact .013 VD -2.05 (-2.00) -2 / (1 + (.013 x -2)) = -2.05

+2 contact .014 VD -2.06 (-2.00) -2 / (1 + (.014 x -2)) = -2.06

+3 contact .012 VD -3.11 (-3.00)

+3 contact .013 VD -3.12 (-3.00)

+3 contact .014 VD -3.13 (-3.00)

+4 contact .012 VD -4.20 (-4.25)

+4 contact .013 VD -4.22 (-4.25)

+4 contact .014 VD -4.24 (-4.25)

+5 contact .012 VD -5.32 (-5.25)

+5 contact .013 VD -5.35 (-5.25)

+5 contact .014 VD -5.38 (-5.25)

+6 contact .012 VD -6.47 (-6.50)

+6 contact .013 VD -6.51 (-6.50)

+6 contact .014 VD -6.55 (-6.50)

+7 contact .012 VD -7.64 (-7.75)

+7 contact .013 VD -7.70 (-7.75)

+7 contact .014 VD -7.76 (-7.75)

+8 contact .012 VD -8.85 (-8.75)

+8 contact .013 VD -8.93 (-9.00)

+8 contact .014 VD -9.01 (-9.00)

+9 contact .012 VD -10.09 (-10.00)

+9 contact .013 VD -10.19 (-10.25)

+9 contact .014 VD -10.30 (-10.25)

+10 contact .012 VD -11.36 (-11.25) -10 / (1 + (.012 x -10)) = -11.36

+10 contact .013 VD -11.49 (-11.50) -10 / (1 + (.013 x -10)) = -11.49

+10 contact .014 VD -11.66 (-11.75) -10 / (1 + (.014 x -10)) = -11.66

+11 contact .012 VD -12.67 (-12.75)

+11 contact .013 VD -12.84 (-12.75)

+11 contact .014 VD -13.00 (-13.00)

+12 contact .012 VD -14.02 (-14.00)

+12 contact .013 VD -14.22 (-14.25)

+12 contact .014 VD -14.42 (-14.50)

+13 contact .012 VD -15.40 (-15.50)

+13 contact .013 VD -15.64 (-15.75)

+13 contact .014 VD -15.89 (-16.00)

+14 contact .012 VD -16.83 (-16.75)

+14 contact .013 VD -17.11 (-17.00)

+14 contact .014 VD -17.41 (-17.50)

+15 contact .012 VD -18.29 (-18.25)

+15 contact .013 VD -18.63 (-18.75)

+15 contact .014 VD -18.99 (-19.00)

+16 contact .012 VD -19.80 (-19.75)

+16 contact .013 VD -20.20 (-20.25)

+16 contact .014 VD -20.62 (-20.50)

+17 contact .012 VD -21.36 (-21.25)

+17 contact .013 VD -21.82 (-21.75)

+17 contact .014 VD -22.31 (-22.25)

+18 contact .012 VD -22.96 (-23.00)

+18 contact .013 VD -23.50 (-23.50)

+18 contact .014 VD -24.06 (-24.00)

+19 contact .012 VD -24.61 (-24.50)

+19 contact .013 VD -25.23 (-25.25)

+19 contact .014 VD -25.89 (-26.00)

+20 contact .012 VD -26.32 (-26.25) -20 / (1 + (.012 x- 20)) = -26.32

+20 contact .013 VD -27.03 (-27.00) -20 / (1 + (.013 x -20)) = -27.03

+20 contact .014 VD -27.78 (-27.75) -20 / (1 + (.014 x -20)) = -27.78

+21 contact .012 VD -28.07 (-28.00)

+21 contact .013 VD -28.88 (-29.00)

+21 contact .014 VD -29.75 (-29.75)

+22 contact .012 VD -29.89 (-30.00)

+22 contact .013 VD -30.81 (-30.75)

+22 contact .014 VD -31.79 (-31.75)

+23 contact .012 VD -31.77 (-31.75)

+23 contact .013 VD -32.81 (-32.75)

+23 contact .014 VD -33.92 (-34.00)

+24 contact .012 VD -33.71 (-33.75)

+24 contact .013 VD -34.88 (-35.00)

+24 contact .014 VD -36.14 (-36.25)

+25 contact .012 VD -35.71 (-35.75)

+25 contact .013 VD -37.04 (-37.00)

+25 contact .014 VD -38.46 (-38.50)

JC 04 Aug 2017, 14:56

Maxim: If I understood correctly you do wear glasses with a real prescription when not doing GOC? May I ask what your actual prescription is? If so then if you get GOC glasses with the same frame I don't think you have to worry about your family catching you. My own glasses are -4 and I regularly wear -9 and nobody can tell the difference -- even my wife who knows that I switch between the two. I even showed up with +5 glasses in front of her and she never saw a difference, which gave me confidence to wear them in front of other people with whom an explanation would be more complicated then with her. Outside of our community and eye care professionals people just don't pay attention to such things. I also would be very surprised if anyone other then an ECP noticed contacts under glasses.

Maxim 04 Aug 2017, 13:01

A small amendment: I regularely doing both, hyperop and myop simulation, with +6.00 or - 5.00 glasses.

Just three days ago, I did a 300 miles car ride plus customer talks with the -5.00 glasses and + 5.00 CLs on the eyes (this is the deviation, the exact values are based on my actual prescription.

One remark only: I feel, that the contact lenses on the eyes are much easier to detect with plus glasses, as they have a substantial magnifying effect. With the +6.00 glasses, this effect might be an estimated 150 percent.

With glasses for myopia, this is the opposite effect, the eyes are an estimated 60 percent in size with -5.00 glasses.

If somebody would ask me, why I am wearing glasses PLUS contact lenses, I would just say, that the lenses are soaked with an antibiotic medication, this is my idea at least.

My experience is, that walking and driving seems to be easier with the minus glasses (-5.00), and more difficult with the plus glasses. Until now, I have been driving the car without problems with the minus glasses, but I never used the plus glasses for driving (with one exception many, many years ago from London to Manchester, with +7.00 then). The plus glasses I have been using in town, in the subway or for many, many hours in long distance trains. I always forgot after minutes only, that I am wearing glasses, it's quite natural for me, and I have to be careful not to return to my family home still wearing those "odd" -5.00 or + 6.00 glasses - nobody at home knows about my 'obsession'.

I had started GoC when I was studying business, especially international business. As a student, I wrote to companies in Hongkong for CL samples and glasses samples, pretending I would act on behalf of European companies interested in business with these objects. Sometimes I bought glasses with lenses, complete for less than a Dollar per pair, when our companies had already trade relations with them and sold for 50 or 100 Dollars. Even Zenni is not really cheap, as Chinese exporters sell nowadays as cheap as 20 cent per standard lens.

NJ 04 Aug 2017, 10:05

Sallust, the others gave you good advice. I will only add a couple of thoughts. First, if you have no particular preference for plus or minus glasses, go with the minus glasses because, for a given prescription strength, they are easier to wear. This is especially true for high prescriptions, where strong plus lenses limit your vision in ways, mostly peripheral vision, that no amount of practice will reduce. Minus lenses don't really do this.

I'm not sure that all the 'experts' here (none of us a really experts) have experience in GOC, but the prevailing wisdom seems to be to start with weaker scripts and work up. While that might be easier in some ways, it's also expensive. My experience, for what it's worth, was to start with +20 glasses right out of the gate. It took several weeks to get used to them, but I did. The high minus glasses I tried took much less time for me to get used to. YMMV

Cactus Jack 04 Aug 2017, 07:59

Thanks JC,

You have been paying attention and the information you provided Sallust is excellent.


We can help you, but I have a couple of questions and suggestions.

1 Where do you live? I need the country because it affects my suggestions.

2. What is your occupation. GOC suggestions are affected by your visual environment.

.Initial suggestions.

1. You need an eye exam. If you have a refractive error, I suspect it will be small. Your actual complete prescription is the starting place for GOC.

2. Before getting an eye exam, you need to do two things:

A. Read "how to Study for an Eye Exam". I think you can find it here or on the Vision and Spex site. IF you cannot, I will re-post it here.

B. Do the simple home refraction test. That will give us an idea of your approximate sphere refractive error, but it cannot provide any real estimate of any Astigmatism.

If you do the above, that will help determine the symptoms or complaints to mention to the Examiner the you go for the exam. Once we know your actual refractive error (is any) we can suggest what to do about finding out two very important things, what Base Curve (BC) and the Diameter (DIA) you need in contact lenses. Soft Contact Lenses are pretty forgiving, but if they are too tight or too loose, they will be uncomfortable to wear and potentially damaging to the Cornea.

Please be aware that GOC is NOT and inexpensive endeavor, but once you get past the initial stuff listed above, the expenses are not ridiculous, unless you do it wrong. Whatever you do, DO NOT buy existing glasses with the idea of finding contact lenses to make them wearable. That rarely works because of the possible difference between your Cylinder and Axis (if any) and Cylinder and Axis in the glasses.


JC 04 Aug 2017, 06:53


Here are my personal experiences at different correction levels. Your experience will be somewhat different then mine for a few reasons. First I am 37 and you are 19, which means I will have less accommodation available and hyperopia will have more of a bite. Secondly I am naturally nearsighted around -4. As Cactus Jack puts it this means my brain already has been programmed to see with minus glasses and I don't notice effects you might. My brain is not programmed to see with plus glasses meaning what I see is likely exaggerated.

+5 glasses: When first pitting in the contacts everything is very blurred, but within maybe 20 seconds or so my distance vision adapts fairly well. Without glasses in typical indoor lighting I can see distances okay, but it takes a noticeable concentration and effort. Reading is mostly not possible unless the text is large. In bright outside lighting after a while I can almost forget my distance vision is impaired. Reading might be possible with great effort, squinting, and probably a headache. With glasses everything is clear of course, and much bigger then what I am used to. I have to be careful on steps because they are actually smaller then they appear to me. The apparent motion when I move my head is not what I am used to and this sometimes causes a little motion sickness.

-4 glasses: I can not see distance objects clearly nor making out any writing more then a foot or so from me unless it is very large. I can easily identify blurred objects and most people wouldn't know I am hindered unless I had to read or identify a person from a distance. I can not read a book or phone from a "normal" reading distance, but I don't have to bring them so close as to be noticed by most people. If I were to try to read a computer screen I would be leaning in close enough that anyone around me would know something is up. With glasses I can not really give you a good idea of what it is like as this has always been my normal reality.

-9 glasses: Everything is very blurred regardless of distance. I can recognize most large objects by color and shape but smaller objects (like glasses for example) might be hard to locate unless I am quite close to them. In bright daylight I can walk around and navigate well, but at dusk or nighttime I feel helpless. To read anything I will hold it so close to my eyes, possibly closing one of them, that anyone around would immediately know I have a serious vision problem. With glasses again I can not give you a great description as this is normal for me, other then to say everything will be a little smaller and it may be harder to make out small text at a large distance due to the size rather then the blurriness.

JC 04 Aug 2017, 06:11


Some of resident experts here, notably Cactus Jack, will be able to help you out with calculations, power suggestions, etc. The first step will be to get a contact lens fitting.

As far as your decision between minus and plus glasses goes, that of course is up to you by my suggestion would be plus contacts and minus glasses. You said with plus glasses you would limit yourself to around +5. Since you are 19 you should still have substantial natural accommodation, which means when you wear minus contacts without glasses to simulate hyperopia your eyes will neutralize a great deal of the power themselves. Yes when you first put them on your vision will be blurred, reading will be difficult if possible at all, and you might get eye strain and headaches. But all in all you will likely be able to adapt and see okay. If you go the other route and choose plus contacts to simulate myopia then without glasses there will be nothing you can do to see better other then get close to objects or wear glasses.

Our experts will also warn you about starting with too high a prescription. Since you have never needed corrected lenses going from nothing to strong glasses could be too much in one step. Listen to what they say, they are experienced and have helped many of our members achieve what they have been looking for.

Best of luck.

Sallust 04 Aug 2017, 03:55

I've contemplated GOC many times but never actually indulged beyond wearing some drug store readers briefly. I'm 19 so there is a bit of an error margin to work with, luckily. I had my eyes examined last several years ago and I had 20/20 or near 20/20. Even if I could have gotten glasses they would've been a miserably paltry -.5D or so, ones wich I would be ashamed to wear.

So I've got a blank slate. I've been lurking around for qiite a while and am familiar with the realities and limitations.

Here are some of my questions:

1. I am not sure which would be more satisfying, plus lenses or minus lenses. I appreciate both, but plus starts heavily distorting around 5/6D and minus takes until upwards of 10D before the specs begin to look strong IMO. (I'm leaning towards plus specs, minus lenses, unless there is an issue with that.)

2. I don't know the calculations, so a couple pointers and tips would be nice.

3. more about how it looks to be hyperopic without with and without correction, and if it is at all possible to get a amblyopic effect simply through two different Rxs.

4. I've been a glasses admirer for years, but never a wearer, so just general thoughts on how to choose an Rx that is satisfying both in the mirror and behind the lenses.


Davey 01 Aug 2017, 00:59

Thanks Cactus Jack.

Cactus Jack 31 Jul 2017, 21:58


I believe your GOC combination has more MINUS than is required and you are Over Corrected. You did not mention your age, but I suspect you are compensating for the excess MINUS, by using your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses to add some PLUS internally.

There is an interconnection between your Focus Control System and your Eye Position Control System that causes your eyes to converge when you try to focus close. The systems do no know if the additional PLUS is for focusing close or you are compensating for over correction, and your eyes try to converge or cross and you see double.

I will help you with the calculations, but I need your age, occupation, and your COMPLETE actual prescription.

It is subject to revision, but a "back of an envelope" calculation indicates that you have about -2.25 diopters too much MINUS in your GOC combination. If you are young enough, you should be able to deal with the extra -2.25. The double vision might go away if you can learn to not respond to the over correction, perhaps with some exercises. Or, you can get prism (probably Base Out) in your glasses. You might be able to find out how much prism you need by doing the Simple Prism Test described on the Vision and Spec' website.


Lurking 31 Jul 2017, 20:15

Given the current topic, I figured this would be good time and thread to share my recent and very first time with GOC with high plus glasses.

My real rx is -4.00, the contacts are -20.00 and my glasses are +12.00. VERY exciting from my perspective, with only 2 minor problems that I hope improve with time. First, I think I may have gotten contacts that are a diopter or so too strong because seeing close objects can be a real challenge.

The other issue a bit more annoying. With my contacts in and glasses on I can see quite clearly as long as I keep one eye closed or else I see double. One of my eyes even crosses. Will this go away after some time.

Cactus Jack 31 Jul 2017, 08:29


I think you should start with less than +18, but here are the suggested numbers.

Your current prescription:

R Sph -0.50 Cyl -0.25 Ax 130 Add 2.50

L Sph -0.50 Cyl -0.50 Ax 25. Add. 2.50

Desired Glasses Sphere: +18.00

Estimated Vertex Distance; 12 mm

18.00^2 = 324 /1000 = 0.324 x 12 = 3.89

Vertex Distance effects of PLUS glasses are increased at the Cornea. Therefore, the effective power of the Glasses at the Cornea are:

+18.00 + 3.89 = +21.89

Your current Sphere “eye power” is +0.50 (reverse of the -0.50) for a total of +22.39.

Theoretically, you will need -22.39 contacts. However, there are two complicating factors.

One: You probably can’t get contacts in 0.25 increments. You might be able to get either -22.00 or -22.50, but I suspect it will not be easy or inexpensive.

Two: At 57 you have very little accommodation. That means that you cannot internally add any compensating PLUS. That means that the GOC combination needs to be pretty close or maybe a little on the PLUS side (IOW the -22.00 contacts. Less MINUS is more PLUS). Because the VD effects are significant, you may be able to compensate by adjusting the glasses slightly.

Please remember also that GOC at high prescriptions is a very inexact science and there are no guarantees, ever.

Your GOC glasses prescription with the -22.00 contacts needs to be:

R Sph +18.00 Cyl -0.25 Ax 130 Add 2.50

L Sph +18.00 Cyl -0.50 Ax 25. Add. 2.50

I suggest, in addition to site down when you try the combination, that you take some motion sickness pills a half hour before trying them. At alternative is having a container handy in case you have motion sickness because of the radical difference between what your eyes perceive and what your semi-circular organs sense.


Neville 31 Jul 2017, 05:34


You'll love the interchange from high minus to high plus GOC. High plus are difficult but the challenge will give you the desired buzz. Tip, sit down for a while after putting on high plus glasses and orientate yourself.

Daey 31 Jul 2017, 01:21

My Rx

R spy -0.50 Cyl -0.25 Ax 130 Add 2.50

L Sph -0.50 Cyl -0.50 Ax 25. Add. 2.50

Davey 30 Jul 2017, 13:33

I,m 57 years young I live in the U.K. I,m thinking of +18.00 glasses as I think this the max strength I can get at a reasonable price off the inter web., I would love to meet up with other GOCers, could we perhaps have aGOC wearers badge"

Davey 30 Jul 2017, 13:29

Hi Cactus Jack, I don't have my prescription to hand until tomorrow but I did use the old calculator years ago to get into -27.50 glasses with +20.00 contact lenses which I wore straight away with no problems, as the years have passed the glasses are probably -1.00 diopter too strong as I move them down my nose a little bit for distance.

Cactus Jack 30 Jul 2017, 11:57


It is an Excel file, I have misplaced the link, but many people have stopped using it in preference to doing the calculations by hand. GOC is not a very exact science, particularly when there are significant changes between the actual prescription and a GOC combo. High prescriptions are very touchy because of very significant Vertex Distance effects. Doing the calculations by hand helps you get acquainted with the underlying optical principles.

We will be happy to help you with the calculations, but we need to start with your Actual complete prescription, your age, where you live, and your target glasses prescription.

Vision occurs in the brain, your eyes are merely biological cameras. Significant changes in prescription usually means that your brain has to learn how to process the new images. With rare exceptions, most people with a natural high prescription have learned how to process the images delivered to the visual cortex gradually, over a period of years. For that reason, it is best to start GOC with a small change and work up to your target glasses prescription.

That does not mean that you cannot start with a big change, but if not done carefully, it can be a hazardous experience, particularly going to a significant PLUS prescription. Loss of peripheral vision can mean missed curbs and stair steps. Also, there can be significant changes in apparent speed of motion when you move your head, which causes motion sickness.

Please let us help make your GOC adventures, pleasant ones.


Davey 30 Jul 2017, 09:51

Hi all, does anybody remember a calculator somewhere on here that calculates the contact lenses you need for GOC when you input your prescription and your glasses strength, I fancy having a change to strong plus lenses instead of my minus lenses, thanks.

Chino 27 Jul 2017, 08:00

This message is for David. I sure hope that you're still reading these. When you had your IOLs implanted, did the doctor also perform a peripheral iridotomy/iridectomy? If so, have you had any issues/problems from that? Any visual disturbances or artifacts as a result of that procedure?

I had read of someone else who had an iridotomy and was experiencing some annoying effects from that. I just want to be absolutely sure that I want to go through with this. I'm probably going to take the leap in the next 7 or 8 years.

Many thanks,


Cactus Jack 26 Jul 2017, 14:16


She is used to wearing Low Plus glasses and wearing -7.75 glasses is a change of nearly -10 diopters. That is a much larger change than wi typically suggest. Her brain has to learn how to deal with the smaller images on her Retinas.

It is possible that the GOC powers need to be adjusted. Unfortunately, VD effects with _7.75 glasses are only 0.06 diopters per mm, which means that moving her glasses closer or further away from her eyes do not have much effect, but it does have some.

Can she move the glasses closer to or further away from her eyes and detect any difference in her distance vision? Which works best?


Mask 25 Jul 2017, 00:46

Hi she has had lenses for 10 years

The problem she has is that it's hard to walk with goc

She finds it difficult with distance

When she walks

She has no problems o drive a car or watch tv mm

Sparky 24 Jul 2017, 21:00

Hi cactus jack .the new prescription I posted is correct .no cylinder this time.

Cactus Jack 24 Jul 2017, 17:09


The numbers seem pretty close to what I calculate.

Can you describe what she is experiencing with the GOC combination. She could be experiencing problems with the contact lenses. Typical problems are dry eyes, poor fit, and / or low oxygen transmission.

Has she worn contact lenses before?


Mask 24 Jul 2017, 13:50

Hi would like some help with lenses and glasses for my girlfriend

she has

L +2,00 cyl -0,75


add + 1.50

H +1.50

add + 1.50

Goc +8.50 lenses



Cylinder -0.75

Axel 100

ADD +1.50


ADD + 1.50

But she does not think it works well

What should I change?

Cactus Jack 24 Jul 2017, 10:10


The Right Eye Sphere is very close to my calculations, but I think the Left Eye needs to have a bit more MINUS, -9.50 or even -9.75. You did not indicate any Cylinder in the recent prescription, but the -0.25 of cylinder in the glasses you ordered should not cause much problem. Is the new subscription you posted, your complete prescription?


Sparky 24 Jul 2017, 01:18

Hi guys .please could you guys advise.I have bought + 12 contact lenses and glasses are L-9.25 -0.25×30 .R -10 -0.25×30.I don't get the best vision w8th these glasses.I just got new glasses from specsavers .new prescription .R+3.25 L+3.50 add +1.25 .please advise what strength glasses to buy to use the +12 contact lenses.also I like to try -5 or -6 glasses .please work out the combo for this .thanks in advance.

Cactus Jack 21 Jul 2017, 09:53


One thing we often suggest is that you find an understanding ECP who will help you do very high GOC. The world is changing and GOC is becoming more common. Some of the younger ECPs are understanding and are willing to help you.

Properly done GOC is NOT harmful and can satisfy a deep psychological need.


Cactus Jack 21 Jul 2017, 09:49


Regrettably, I don't have a good source of contact lenses that don't require a prescription. There was a source in Vancouver, BC, Canada, that I used and recommended, but they changed their policy a few years ago.

Perhaps some of our members can suggest a reliable source that will ship anywhere in the world.

You might also look back on this threads. Your question is almost an FAQ.


TyrionLannister 21 Jul 2017, 09:05

@Cactus Jack.

I already used color contact lenses.

Please tell me from where i can buy +16 online contact lenses

Cactus Jack 21 Jul 2017, 08:58

Tyrion Lannister,

You seem very determined to jump into the deep end of the ocean/pool before learning to swim. Of course people do it and you hear about their "adventures" on the evening news.

On 5 June, Specs4ever posted this paragraph:

The contact lenses would be +16.00 for the sphere and there is no cylinder or axis. You should have your eyes checked by a doctor to see if you can get a pair of contact lenses with no prescription in them - with the excuse that you want to change your eye color or something like that. Contact lenses come in a base curve(BC) and a diameter (DIA) and should be measured by an eye care professional to make sure you do not damage your eyes by wearing contact lenses that do not fit properly.

Soft contact lenses are pretty forgiving, but they need to have a Base Curve and Diameter to fit the curvature of your Cornea. Your Cornea is living tissue, but it has NO BLOOD SUPPLY. The Cornea gets its Oxygen from the air and Oxygen and nutrients from your tears. Contacts are supposed to float on a constantly refreshed film of tears. If contacts don't fit properly, the Cornea will be starved for Oxygen and nutrients and be uncomfortable and possibly dangerous to wear.

Getting the color change contact does two things: 1. you find out the BC and DIA and 2. You get instruction in how to care for the lenses and insert and remove them. Both are very good to know. The first time you insert a contact lens, you have to overcome the natural aversion to sticking your finger in your eye. Your finger does not actually touch your Cornea, the contact lens does. Imagine the panic when you discover that you don't know how to safely remove the contact lenses, particularly if they won't come out. It is actually pretty easy, but you have to know how to do it.

I don't recall if you said where you live (country). That is important information because suggestions can vary depending on where you live.


TyrionLannister 21 Jul 2017, 07:56

can anybody please suggest me an online store(for international customers) ,where i can order +16 contact lenses

Linuxer 14 Jul 2017, 05:38

JC :

Pocket Darkroom lenses

JC 13 Jul 2017, 07:01

I just got solar viewing glasses for the upcoming eclipse in the US, and when wearing them looking at anything other then the sun your vision is completely blacked out. That made me think about blind simming, which is something you rarely read about on this forum. I don't think it is something I would be interested in doing, but I'm curious if anyone here has done it with contacts and what kind of lenses you used. What was the effect like -- do any available lenses only give a filtered light sensation or are there any that give a complete blackout?

Lurker 09 Jul 2017, 01:33

That place looks like great place to get contacts. However, I don't think accept any orders from the US.

GOCer 07 Jul 2017, 08:19

Once you've tried myodiscs or GOC'ing at this sort of level (-14 and up), you'll never want to go back - I certainly haven't and have a load of glasses now with prescriptions up to -12 that I barely use such is the buzz of being a part time high myope Juliette - you will certainly enjoy it.

BTW, I looked at the site you linked and it seems a LOT more expensive than the one I've used - - no prescription required, very high prescription contacts available with no questions asked and same day collection also available in the U.K!

juliette 07 Jul 2017, 02:38

Hello Soundmanpt & CJ,

Thank you for your advice again to increase the strength of the glasses further. I will follow the proposal you have given, & update you when I start with the new combination. If all goes well I would at a later date like to try some myodiscs, but I don't know what increase I would need to get this type of lense? this is more for fun, but who knows. The whole experience is rather addictive, & as I have said before, it gives me a good feeling of feeling self assured. Comments by family & friends are all positive. Monthly lenses up to +20 can be obtained from at discounted prices.

Thanks to you both for your supportive advice.

rafa 07 Jul 2017, 01:39


Yes, I remember your story, as it seems like a dream story for many of us here, being able to GOC all day with the support of your significant one.

I was wondering, what was the reaction of your friends and your relatives as they saw you move from moderate plus glasses to very strong minus glasses? Did they notice? I remember you mentioned you told a friend of yours that you were actually GOC'ing, and she seemed interested in doing that herself. But what about the rest? Has anyone picked up on it?

cactus Jack 05 Jul 2017, 18:21

Oops, that last post was from me.


 05 Jul 2017, 18:20

Thanks Soundmanpt. That would have been my first question and I appreciate your helping out.


Based on your prescription of

OD +2.50, -.25 x 140 add +3.00

OS +2.50, -.50 x 40 add +3.00

It is obvious that you do not have much accommodation remaining. That means that we must be more careful about choosing the combo. You asked for -12.00 glasses, that results in a contact lens prescription of +12.75, which is not available because contact lenses above about +/- 8 only come in 0.50 increments. I would suggest ordering glasses with the following prescription:

OD -12.25, -.25 x 140 add +3.00

OS -12.25, -.50 x 40 add +3.00

and order +13.00 contact lenses.

Please remember that GOC is NOT an exact science and there are no guarantees. I suggest considering ordering some very inexpensive single vision glasses to try with the +13.00 contacts and see if you like the results. If they are satisfactory, then order bifocals or progressives in a nice frame.

Please let us know the results.

Remember that your actual +2.50 prescription complicates GOC as you go higher on top of the complications caused by simply going to very high prescriptions.


Soundmanpt 04 Jul 2017, 09:03


Glad to see that you are so happy doing GOC on an everyday basis. Being able to wear stronger glasses really seems to have provided you with a new self confidence. I researched back and found your earliest post in here and it was on November 29th 2016. Your partner wears strong glasses and you wanted you both wanted your glasses to look as strong. Cactus Jack provided you with the proper combination which I assume is what you used for your contacts and glasses. I am going to post your actual prescription because i'm certain that would be the first thing Cactus Jack would need in order to recommend the proper combination for stronger glasses.

OD +2.50 -.25 140 / OS +2.50 -.50 40 add +3.00.

You also mentioned that you had a friend that was so impressed with your glasses that she also wanted to do GOC Her actual prescription was around -1.50. has she started wearing GOC? It has gotten a good bit more difficult to order contacts. Where do you get your contacts from?

gocer 04 Jul 2017, 03:48

It's a bit of trial and error Juliette, it depends what your natural accommodation is like as my eyes can accommodate glasses from -14 to -20 wearing +12.5 lenses but of course I have to have the glasses half way down my nose to allow for this. I think this is referred to as vertex, i.e. the distance between your eyeball or in this case, the contact lenses, and the glasses.

I have just got a couple of pairs of -18's and yesterday picked up some +14 contacts from my local optician and wore them for about 8 hours yesterday then a couple of hours this morning. Despite never having tried this combo before it worked like a dream and felt incredibly natural. I even managed to drive for about 45 minutes to the shops and it felt no different to being bare eyed so for those that say you need to feel you way into and gradually move your way up I would say do what YOU feel comfortable with as for doing GOC with -9 glasses now feels incredibly boring!

As you are increasing by -3 diopters I wouldn't increase your contact lenses by +3 as my above maths showed I went from a +12.5 with -15 glasses to +14 with -18 glasses and it worked perfectly. I would suggest you increase by +1.5 diopters and see how you go.

juliette 04 Jul 2017, 00:41

At the end of last year I came across this website by chance. With the help of many, & the support of my partner I was able to do GOC to realise my goal of wearing powerful minus glasses. I started with -9, & from the day, I started, I have worn these glasses all day, & never returned to my previous glasses. It has not been at all difficult except some dizziness the first couple of days. I find my vision with the combination is exceptional, & has never been so clear & precise.

I love the bold, assertive look wearing them, & feel good with them.

I would now like to go to a stronger power to increase further the look. I was thinking of going to -12. The flat front lenses look very nice. I assume I need to keep the same differential between lenses & glasses as before. Its a nice experience, & I now understand why so many people do GOC

NNVisitor 15 Jun 2017, 15:49


Wear your correct prescription and if anyone should ask saying you had vision correction surgery should end their inquiry. If they ask more questions such as whom the doctor was or was it PRK or Lasik just say you really don't wish to discuss it. You are entitled to your privacy.

sparta 15 Jun 2017, 13:24

Yes I know it is because I approach the age of presbyopia unfortunately.

I could not keep the same mount, I do not have 2 models almost identical.

I know the phenomenon of pseudo-myopia but, I see myself unevenly explaining at one stroke so much difference of correction.

When changing from -7 to -2 even with the same mount it will be seeing the correction difference.

I thought of one thing I could say is that I was operated on my myopia, but as this one was very strong and the cornea was fine, I still have a myopia of -2? This is probably the best solution for me? What do you think ?

I already know zenni optical ..

Cactus Jack 15 Jun 2017, 07:48


Presbyopia is creeping up on you.

If you keep the same or very similar frames, few people will notice the gradual decrease in your prescription.

Many people have a combination of Axial or True Myopia, which is considered permanent AND Pseudo or False Myopia, which is considered temporary. Pseudo Myopia is the same exact phenomenon as Latent Hyperopia. They involve the Ciliary Muscles and the Crystalline Lenses. They can change over time and often decrease as a person gets older.

You crated some Pseudo Myopia by overcorrecting and you may have created a bit of Axial Myopia, but you won't know how much until you Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses fully relax. It could take months or years.

If not already, I suggest you get acquainted with Zenni Optical or other online retailer.


sparta 14 Jun 2017, 23:06

I've always liked to wear stronger glasses than I really need.

From my 24 years I started to wear -8 diopters, my real prescription was then about -2.00.

However today I have more and more difficulty to bear the strong over-correction so that I had to get off my glasses at -7.00. (I am 39 years old).

I have had a pair of glasses at my sight which is -2.00 (-1.00 to 88 °) and -2.75 (-1.00 to 90 °), I would like to wear this true correction and no longer wear my -7.00.

But the problem is the entourage, the friends, the co-workers ...

How to explain that my myopia could have improved, we all know that it is impossible? And the difference of corrective glasses is too blatant, it will be seen that there is something not normal.

It's good to want to wear strong glasses but when you want to go back it's more complicated.

sparta 14 Jun 2017, 23:06

I've always liked to wear stronger glasses than I really need.

From my 24 years I started to wear -8 diopters, my real prescription was then about -2.00.

However today I have more and more difficulty to bear the strong over-correction so that I had to get off my glasses at -7.00. (I am 39 years old).

I have had a pair of glasses at my sight which is -2.00 (-1.00 to 88 °) and -2.75 (-1.00 to 90 °), I would like to wear this true correction and no longer wear my -7.00.

But the problem is the entourage, the friends, the co-workers ...

How to explain that my myopia could have improved, we all know that it is impossible? And the difference of corrective glasses is too blatant, it will be seen that there is something not normal.

It's good to want to wear strong glasses but when you want to go back it's more complicated.

specs4ever 05 Jun 2017, 17:01

What part of no cylinder required either in contact lenses or glasses did you not understand Tyrion? If your eyes do not require cylinder you do not need it. And of course with no cylinder there is no axis required either.

The glasses would be -20.00 for the sphere in both eyes and the cylinder and the axis would be left blank.

The contact lenses would be +16.00 for the sphere and there is no cylinder or axis. You should have your eyes checked by a doctor to see if you can get a pair of contact lenses with no prescription in them - with the excuse that you want to change your eye color or something like that. Contact lenses come in a base curve(BC) and a diameter (DIA) and should be measured by an eye care professional to make sure you do not damage your eyes by wearing contact lenses that do not fit properly

Tyrion Lannister 05 Jun 2017, 10:12

@NJ, @Specs4ever

Thanks for reply.

I am 25 in age.

So you are suggesting to go with -20 with +16 lens with no cyl value on glasses?

Can u exactly write down the prescription with sphere, cyl, axis please

NJ 05 Jun 2017, 09:41

Tyrion, CJ is right about the cyl. Just forget the astigmatism part. It will be very hard to get good vision with that combo.

And S4E is right, just go for it. The first few hours will be difficult, but you'll be surprised how quickly your visual cortex compensates and adjusts for the different visual experience. It's a whole lot cheaper than working your way up in power, and it isn't that hard. Just don't plan to drive right away ;-)

specs4ever 05 Jun 2017, 08:49

Tyrion, if you have no need for glasses, and you wish to wear -20D glasses you will need +16.00D contacts to enable you to wear them. There is a bit of flexibility here. If you are under 35 I suspect that you could get away with +15.00D contacts. But if you are an old guy like me, the ability to focus is lost and you have to be more precise. The tables call for +16D at a vertex distance of 12.5mm. If you wear your glasses closer then you need more plus power. If you wear your glasses further away then you need less plus - for example the table calls for +15.75D at 13.5mm. But the higher power contacts generally only come in 0.50D steps.

When you get your combination and put the contacts in for the first time the feeling will blow your mind. It will be a little like being seasick and you will probably get a bit disoriented and dizzy. However the more you wear the combination the easier it becomes and after a few days of doing this you will put the contacts in and the glasses on and you will feel just like normal. Even the minimization will become normal.

I probably would suggest starting off with a lower prescription, but the experimentation is expensive. This will work, and you will adapt to it after a few trips(and it really does seem like a bit of a trip). Good luck.

Tyrion Lannister 05 Jun 2017, 05:16



But i want to do this badly.

I found that -20 also available in zenni.

I beg you, kindly give me an exact combo, with full prescription of glasses and plus contacts... But -20 should be the myopia value. Cyl and axis, and plus contacts prescription, please suggest


റ്റീരിയോൺ ലന്സിസ്റ്റർ

 05 Jun 2017, 01:51



But i want to do this badly.

I found that -20 also available in zenni.

I beg you, kindly give me an exact combo, with full prescription of glasses and plus contacts... But -20 should be the myopia value. Cyl and axis, and plus contacts prescription, please suggest


റ്റീരിയോൺ ലന്സിസ്റ്റർ

Cactus Jack 04 Jun 2017, 18:26


Yes, but I strongly suggest that you should NOT start GOC at that level, particularly if you do not presently require vision correction. High prescription GOC, requires sophisticated calculations and even then it is NOT an exact science.

When you get glasses with a prescription above about +/- 5 you have to adjust contact lens powers for Vertex Distance effects.

For example, a plus contact lens for work with -18 glasses WOULD NOT be +18. You are welcome to order some -18 glasses and some +18 contacts, but your vision with the combo would be worse than trying on a pair of +3.50 Over the Counter +3.50 reading glasses.

How about letting us teach you how to do this right.


TyrionLannister 04 Jun 2017, 14:09

@Cactus Jack

Thanks for reply.

If i change the cylindrical value, i mean if i buy new glasses with same minus power and reduced cylindrical power and axis, will i be able to purchase plus lenses which gives almost good vision?

can you suggest a good prescription combo with -18 ?

Cactus Jack 04 Jun 2017, 11:16


The first sentence in the second paragraph of my previous post should read:

It is theoretically possible, but practically impossible to get or fit a contact lens that would compensate for glasses with that prescription of Sphere -18.00, Cylinder -4.50 x Axis 100 and give you functional vision.


Cactus Jack 04 Jun 2017, 01:24


Bad move for GOC.

It is theoretically, but practically impossible to get or fit a contact lens that would compensate for glasses with that prescription and give you functional vision. The problem is the Cylinder and Axis correction in the glasses. It would require custom made Toric Contact lenses which are expensive and typically hard to fit. A spherical lens is shaped like a section from the side of a glass ball. A cylinder lens is shaped like a section from the side of a glass rod. The axis is the angular direction of the long axis of that section. Cylinder and axis ALWAYS go together. The angular direction of the axis is specified by tradition. 0 degrees is horizontal. 90 degrees is vertical. Looking at the patient, the numbers increase in a counter clockwise direction from 0 to 179 or 1 to 180. 0 and 180 are the same horizontal axis. Numbers above 180 are never used.

You have a bit to learn about how vision and optics work. Vision actually occurs in the brain, your eyes are merely biological cameras. If you have never required vision correction, suddenly going from no correction to a very high prescription is extremely difficult, but it can be done. People with natural high myopia did not get that way suddenly. It typically required years starting in childhood and ultimately getting to -18 or more in their late teens or early 20s at a rate of about 1.00 diopters per year.

Poorly executed GOC can be uncomfortable and expensive. Well planned and executed GOC can be very pleasurable and while not cheap, not unbelievably expensive either.

If you are serious about wanting to do GOC, we will be happy to help you do it the right way, but you have to follow the procedures exactly.

If you are still interested, I need some preliminary information:

1. Your Age?

2. Where do you live? (country)

3. Your occupation?

4. Have you ever had an eye exam?

5. If so, what was your approximate prescription?


TyrionLannister 03 Jun 2017, 00:35


I bought a glasses of following prescription

OD -18.00 -4.50 100

Can somebody please guide me, what should be the plus contact lens prescription i should buy to do this.

I have no actual glasses

 02 Jun 2017, 15:36

i have a doubt.

if i go to an optical shop, and act like i cant read the lines, will they be able to find?

Cactus Jack 01 Jun 2017, 11:54

Oops, the last post was from me.


 01 Jun 2017, 11:04


You might find using +5.50 contacts or increasing the glass prescription by -0.25 will provide crisper vision. That will be a slight over correction, but at your age, you should be able to easily compensate.


Miku 01 Jun 2017, 10:27

Cactus Jack,

My apologies. I have rushed into messaging without giving enough details. I have -0.25 cylinder in each eye, which I will keep unmodified in the glasses. And I am in my mid-twenties and do not actually rely on my eyesight correction, yet.

Thank you for your continuous support.

Cactus Jack 01 Jun 2017, 09:56


With +5.75 contacts, I suggest ordering low cost glasses with the following prescription to see if you like them:

OD -4.50

OS -4.00

You have not mentioned your age or if the:

OD +1.50

OS +1.75

is your COMPLETE prescription.

Both can affect my suggestions. Also remember that GOC is a very inexact science.


Miku 01 Jun 2017, 07:25

Cactus Jack,

That is great advice, thank you! And no, I haven't purchased the glasses yet. I am also inclined to take your suggestion and wear the same strength in each contact lens. So if I were to only order +5.75 contacts, what would the RX of the glasses need to be?

Thank you!

Cactus Jack 31 May 2017, 14:11


I am assuming that you have no or very little Astigmatism and that you have some Accommodation available to compensate for a slight bit of extra MINUS. Also, I am assuming that the GOC glasses already exist and that they have little or no Cylinder correction.

The -4.50 in the glasses has the Vertex Distance (VD) effect of -4.25 at the cornea. The -3.75 in the glasses has the VD effect of -3.58 or approximately -3.50 at the cornea.

GOC contacts to consider for the glasses you specified:

OD +1.50 +4.25 = +5.75

OS +1.75 +3.50 = +5.25

I typically suggest using the same power contacts in each eye and adjusting the glasses prescription accordingly as being a lower cost and low hassle solution because you don't have to remember which eye get which power contact.

If you have plenty of accommodation, you might decrease the power of the contacts by +0.25 each. The important thing is to not have too much PLUS in the contacts because that causes the effect of being slightly Myopic and you cannot compensate for that.


Miku 31 May 2017, 09:36

Cactus Jack,

I am sorry to bother you. I am planning to wear glasses over contacts with a stronger RX than I have done in the past. Would you be able to help me with the calculations, especially given the Vertex Distance variation?

My current glasses RX is OD: +1.50 and OS: +1.75. I want to wear OD: -4.50 and OS: -3.75. In the past I have worn GOC with -1.25 and I adjusted easily to it.


JC 10 May 2017, 08:26


Thank you for the suggestion regarding motion sickness medication. I'll keep that in mind if I decide to go stronger. Unfortunately I had to work later that day. My job is very safety sensitive and taking anything which might have a sedating effect is not allowed.

I was walking around an unfamiliar city with the +5 combination and decided to take the glasses off and keep them in my shirt pocket for a "bare eyed" experience (not really bare eyed as I was wearing strong minus contacts). After about a mile and half of walking I reached in my pocket and found they were gone. I retraced my steps twice looking for them to no avail, so unfortunately they are a write off. They were about $15 total on Zenni so no big financial loss but I would have liked to use them for more then 2 days. Later I thought of another advantage farsighted people have over nearsighted... OTC readers for emergency use. I got a pair of +3.25 for $1.50. My vision is perfectly comfortable with them, at least for the short time I have been using them.

Cactus Jack 09 May 2017, 08:42


Sorry to be so slow in responding to your last post. I missed it. If you are still having dry eye problems, I suggest considering a lubricating eye drop that contains Carbxyomethylcellulose sodium 0.5% as an active ingredient. I don't know what is available where you live. The Refresh Plus brand in the US is available in single use containers that are very handy and also small bottles. You may find a "house" brand with similar ingredients at a lower price.


Cactus Jack 09 May 2017, 08:27


Motion Sickness is primarily caused by a difference between the motion you see and the motion you feel. Minus glasses act like Wide Angle lenses and Plus glasses act, like you said, as binoculars. With Minus glasses relative motion is slower and with Plus glasses relative motion is faster. The motion sickness will go away with time as your brain adjusts itself to the difference. Curiously, it is almost like your brain has the ability to "store" several different vision processing programs and "load" the appropriate one for the GOC combination you are wearing.

You might find that Motion Sickness pills help you deal with the nausea symptoms.

Some years ago, I had Medial Rectus Muscle Recession surgery. They moved the attach point back on my eyeballs to try to fix an Esophoria problem. As I woke up from the anesthesia, the nurse reached for a trash can. I asked why. She commented that they tried to have a trash can or other container handy just in case the patient experienced severe nausea after some eye surgeries because of the vision differences. Fortunately, I did not need it.

I wish you well with your GOC experiments. High Plus GOC seems to be worse than High Minus GOC for causing initial nausea. If you go higher, you might consider having some Motion Sickness pills, handy.


JC 09 May 2017, 06:49

My actual prescription is about -4 with insignificant astigmatism in both eyes, and for years I have switched between that and a GOC combo with -9.5 glasses. I decided to do something different and got a combination with +5 glasses to see what the farsighted world is like. When I first wore them my initial impression was wow, everything is so huge. It is easier to make out details both near and far -- far vision is like looking through binoculars and near is like looking through a magnifying glass. The downsides are the field of vision is smaller, and when I move my head objects seems to jump around very quickly. It took maybe an hour for me to adjust to this affect and for it to mostly go away, but even later in the day it still made my stomach a little unsettled. Walking on stairs I have to be careful because the stairs look so big to me I sometimes almost miss them when I put my foot down. When I took the contacts off and put my real glasses on things seemed to be moving around oddly again as I readjusted, but I have worn minus lenses for most of my life so this time the adjustment took a minute at most.

What amazes me is that people outside of our community don't notice me going from -4 to -9 to +5, as long as the frame is the same. For me and for most everyone here this is a glaring difference. My wife knows I switch between -4 and -9 but still can't tell which is which. I didn't tell her about the +5 to see if she sees a difference and so far she hasn't. If she ever does, or more likely when I tell her, she'll shake her head and say "there you go again"

JES 13 Apr 2017, 13:36

Did my first GOC yesterday. I am -3 and wear a -8,5 large aviator frame with 1.59 and +4,5 contacts. Thank you, CactusJack, for calculating that for me.

My vision is perfect when I look through the middle of the lens. I felt very happy being a hi-myope and very attractive in my thick glasses.

Rick 12 Apr 2017, 20:40

Also, I presently do not have contacts/glasses. Sorry for forgetting this part in my previous post.

Rick 12 Apr 2017, 20:39

Cactus Jack,

I'm unsure if anyone else named Rick posted before, but this is my first time. My eye color is blue. I was just looking for basic info that's all. Time is of no factor. Thanks!

Robert 12 Apr 2017, 11:41

Cactus Jack

Finally had an opportunity to try GOC last night. I followed your suggestion and used sterile saline solution, which had a so-so effect. I believe you were right on the money when you said it sounded like my eyes might be on the dry side.

Perhaps I should try some sort of over the counter artificial tears and see how that works. There should be a brand that is user friendly towards extended wear contacts.

Or, do you have a different suggestion?


Cactus Jack 10 Apr 2017, 19:24


One more question. What is your Eye Color?


Cactus Jack 10 Apr 2017, 19:22


It is not hard, but not all ECPs fit color changing contacts. You need to call around. The most important thing is, of course, the power of the lens, followed by the Base Curve and the Diameter. Sometimes people get funny contacts around Halloween, but that is a long time to wait.

I did not look back in the posts to see if you had previously posted. I think you have, but I just can't remember all the details of every member.

The exam for color changing contacts is the same as a regular contact lens exam so you should ask the fees.

Do you presently wear any vision correction?


Rick 10 Apr 2017, 17:43


Just wondering, how simple is it to be fitted for contacts? If I were to schedule an appointment or something to be fitted for contacts that change eye color, is that something typical optometrists accept? My real reasoning behind such an appointment would NOT be for colored contacts, but would the measurements be somewhat the same if I were then to purchase prescription contacts?

Tonylids 10 Apr 2017, 03:55

I've put this on the 'For Sale' page too but, just in case, I've got one unopened box of 6 CooperVision Proclear +11.5 monthly lenses and also 1 further +11.5 and 1 only +12 all in their sealed containers. (BC is 8.6 and diameter is 14.2)

Please email me at if you are interested in buying these as a 'job lot' for £30

rafa 07 Apr 2017, 07:46


It's great that you can GOC for the entire day. That means that you don't have any problems of dryness in your eyes.

I myself have been GOC'ing with a -20 pair of glasses for the past few months, but unfortunately I can only endure the contact lenses for a few hours because of dry eyes. Since the prescription of the lenses is so high (+14), I can only use monthly lenses to GOC with my -20, and they don't have as much water content as the daily disposables. And the dailies can only be made to +8 tops.

What is your actual combo now, and what lenses do you use?

Likelenses 06 Apr 2017, 17:54


Based on what you had posted,I assume that you are presently in -9.00 or -10.00, and more than likely they are flat fronts.

What is your regular prescription?

juliette 06 Apr 2017, 15:25

Its interesting to see more people having a desire for stronger, thicker glasses, & wanting to try GOC. I came across this site by chance in the latter part of last year, & the advice I received has helped me to be able to wear stronger/thicker & more prominent glasses, which was my wish.

It was maybe made a little easier as I had been wearing glasses for many years & was also used to wearing contacts.I took the decision that once I started, there would be no going back, & I would try to work up over a period of time to even stronger lenses. The first few days I felt a bit dizzy adjusting to the minification, but after a few days of full time wear around home, the adaption was ok. Since the end of last year, I have from morning to night worn them full time every day. I pop in the contacts in the morning, & then on with the glasses, & I am ready for the day. I have no problems with the combination, & see perfectly, & have totally adapted to the minification. I will try before summer to move up to -12/-14 which will be the same as my partner.

As I said in my previous post, I feel great in them; & very self assured, & only received positive comments about the new look.

JohnnyB 06 Apr 2017, 10:56

Hello everyone,

I received an email yesterday April 5 2017 that will close May 19 and account info transferred to Walgeeens. I tried ordering contacts from them a few yrs ago without luck.

It mentions that the change also affects, and

Werner 05 Apr 2017, 22:47

Cactus Jack, thanks for the Info.

I will try the +9,5 contact Lens and See what will happen.

Yes i had some experience with contacts. I sometime wear a dayly contact lens for sports.



Cactus Jack 05 Apr 2017, 14:52


Ideally, you should order GOC glasses with the EXACT Cylinder and Axis as your regular prescription. Fortunately, your actual Cylinder is not very high. However, if the -20.00 glasses have ANY Cylinder that DOES NOT exactly match your actual needs, it will reduce your Visual Acuity.

The +9.50 may not be the exact power you need for the -20.00 glasses, but you can adjust the effective power of the glasses by moving them a mm closer or further from your eyes.

It is probably worth a try.

Do you have experience wearing Contact Lenses?


christopher 05 Apr 2017, 14:38

Cactus Jack - thanks for the info. Is it possible to build up enough pseudo myopia to fail an eye test. Would wearing my current GOC combination in which you say I'm over corrected help?

Werner 05 Apr 2017, 13:24

Hi GOCer,

yes-i've a powered lens on the left side. It's about -3,75. i changed only the right Glass in the last 3 years when it wenn from -3,75 to -6,0

GOCer 05 Apr 2017, 13:14

Werner, out of curiosity, in your glasses, do you get a powered lens fitted on your left eye so the two lenses look balanced?

Back to the GOC topic, your situation actually makes GOC easier, because I find one of the challenges in adjusting to large changes in glasses power is the convergence adjustment of images between the two images from the eyes,

Werner 05 Apr 2017, 12:35

Hi C.

thanks for your quick and long answer.

My actuell prescription is -6,0 Sphäre -0,5 cylinder and 161 axle on my right eye. My left eye is unfortunately unable to see because of a macula defect.

The glasses i bought i only know that the have -20 Dioptrien in both lenses. I'm 46 years old. I don't know the VD and i can' measure it buti think 12 or 13 mm is right.

I tested the -20 glasses at's really exciting :-)

Should i try the +9,5 contacts?



Cactus Jack 05 Apr 2017, 08:21


Going from -6.00 to -20.00 is probably too much for you to tolerate very well. Vision occurs in the brain. Your eyes are merely biological cameras. People who are naturally very Myopic and need -20 glasses had that happen gradually. We typically suggest GOC increases of about -4.00 diopters maximum. We also suggest that you DO NOT buy high minus glasses online with a prescription much different than yours and then try to find some contacts that make them work. If you need Astigmatism correction that is different from what it in the glasses, it MAY NOT be possible to find Contact Lenses to make the glasses wearable and still function.

However, I suspect you are determined to try the -20 glasses. I need your actual complete prescription for your glasses and the complete prescription in the -20 glasses to even begin the calculations or determine if they are even possible to wear comfortably. I also need your age. That will tell me how much your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses might be able to compensate for any inaccuracies.

Here are the basics to give you an idea of what is involved.

Vertex Distance (VD) (the distance from the front surface of your Cornea to the back surface of the glasses) is important with your -6.00 glasses and extremely important with -20.00 glasses because it is necessary to calculate the effective power of both glasses at the Cornea. Actual VD is extremely hard to measure accurately. It is typically 10 to 13 mm. I use 12mm in my calculations. The VD problem is that the effects are the Square (^2) of the Glasses Prescription. With -6.00 glasses the VD effects are 0.036 diopters per mm. That is why the perfect Contact Lens prescription would be about 0.43 diopters less than your glasses prescription. The perfect Contact Lens prescription for a person with 0.00 refractive error and -20 glasses would be about +15.00. VD effects with -20 glasses are 0.40 diopters per mm. Because you need -6 glasses, GOC Contact Lenses for -20 glasses would be considerably different. A rough calculation indicates about +9.50 with a VD of 12 mm.

Please understand that even with the most accurate information, GOC is a very inexact "art". The very best way to to High Prescription GOC is with the cooperation of a friendly Eye Care Professional. With a refraction done with the Contact Lenses in place. Even with that, the effective power of -20 glasses will vary by 0.40 diopters per mm of vertex distance.

You may be in for a very big surprise at the distortion in -20 glasses and the effects of the small image size on your Retinas. Be VERY careful going down stairs or crossing curbs (cerbs?) you may not see them and may fall.


Cactus Jack 05 Apr 2017, 07:45


Yes. There are two kinds of Myopia that have the same effect. Both can exist at the same time because they have two different causes. If both are present, their effects are additive.

Axial or True Myopia is caused by a mismatch between the total PLUS power of your eye's lens system (somewhere around +59 diopters) and the length of your eyeball, specifically, the distance from your Crystalline Lens to your Retina (typically around 17 mm). Unfortunately, at 28 it is very unlikely that your eyeballs can grow any more than they already have. Your genes probably won't let that happen or if it does happen, it won't be very much (there are very rare exceptions).

Axial Myopia is considered "permanent" because once your eyeballs have grown to a certain size, like most body structures, they will not shrink.

The other type of Myopia is called Pseudo or False Myopia. It is caused by your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses having trouble fully relaxing. Your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses are the physically ACTIVE part of your Auto-Focus System. Both are inside your eyes.

The Ciliary Muscles are extremely tiny muscles that squeeze your Crystalline Lenses to increase their PLUS power, so you can focus close. For their size, the Ciliary Muscles are the strongest muscles in the body.

The way the Auto-Focus system works is that the Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses are fully relaxed for distance vision. When fully relaxed the Crystalline Lenses have about +19 diopters of focusing power (it varies with the individual), but when you focus on something closer (or wear vision correction with more MINUS than you actually need) your Ciliary Muscles squeeze your Crystalline Lenses and INCREASE their PLUS power to focus the images on your Retina. Generally you are not even aware that you are doing it. The amount of extra PLUS you need depends on the distance to the "target" or the amount of excess MINUS you are wearing. The mathematical relationship between lens power and focus distance was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton (yes, that one) back around 1700.

At 28, it is very likely that you can Induce some Pseudo or False Myopia. Pseudo Myopia is considered "temporary", but temporary can be a long time if you nurture it.

It is easy, to Induce Pseudo Myopia. Believe it or not, you are already doing it a little bit. If you spend 7 hours a day working with a computer. It is likely that the distance from your eyes to the display is about 70 cm or 28 inches. Using Sir Isaac's formula: Lens Power = 100 cm / Focus Distance, your Auto-Focus system is adding about +1.4 diopters of power to your Crystalline Lenses.

If you have ever noticed that distant objects or signs are NOT sharp and clear at the end of a day of working with your computer, You have actually Induced a bit of Pseudo Myopia. All you have to do is encourage that by getting some Minus Glasses and wearing them full time. You can start with low minus and increase it at whatever rate you can tolerate.

How high can you go, it depends primarily on your motivation and how far your Presbyopia has progressed. Yes, you have Presbyopia and have probably had it since childhood. Almost everyone has, but it has not become a nuisance yet and problem will not for 10 or 15 more years.

Here is a link to a Paper titled "The Eye" that you might find educational.

I hope this has helped. We can help you with either Inducing Myopia or GOC or both.


Werner 04 Apr 2017, 23:44


I'm new to the goc theme and i would need your help.

I wear usually Glasses with -6,0 Dioptrien and bought now glasses with -20 Dioptrien. How strong should the +contact lenses be to see clear?

Thanks for your answers


christopher 04 Apr 2017, 22:41

no I don't live with family

I use a computer at work for 7 hours a day

you mentioned inducing myopia- is that still possible at 28?

Lurker 04 Apr 2017, 18:43


Best of luck if you choose to tell the people in your life about the GOC activities. Honestly, I've been doing this from glasses ranging from -6 all the way up to -21 off and on for about 20 years. I've told no one. I'm not a hermit. In the time since I started doing GOC I've gone to college, had more or less normal friendships and got married and

Ongoing the way. It's your call how open you want to be, but just be mindful that telling friends and family members isn't some you can undo.

Best of luck to you.

Cactus Jack 04 Apr 2017, 18:39


Sorry I misunderstood. That is a problem, but you may have to be a bit clever. May I ask another question or two?

Do you live with any family members? If you do, that makes it a bit harder, but you just have to be more careful and plant some seeds.

Do you have occasion to use a computer in your work? If so, how much.

At 28, you should have plenty of accommodation

The first seed you need to plant is that you are having trouble reading small text at a distance, when watching TV or at the Cinema. If you do any driving, reading small signs at nite after doing a lot of close work. These are symptom of Myopia.

Comment that you think you should get an eye exam. You don't actually have to do that.

Check out frame styles offered by Zenni Optical or other online retailers. Find one you like that is not too expensive that you think you would like to wear for a long time. Once people are used to seeing you wearing glasses, you can make some lens changes without changing the frame and few people will notice the stronger lenses. However, you will have trouble going too high for public wear, because that will be very noticeable. However you can do GOC at your hearts content, away from your normal haunts. The reason I suggest lower cost frames is that you may not wear the frames for very long, before you order another pair with stronger lenses.

Order a pair of low prescription glasses, say -1.00. At 28 you should not have any problem wearing them, you are already doing GOC with 0.75 over correction. Start wearing them and let everyone get used to your glasses. GOCer's suggestion with your friends will work and family that you have not seen in a long time. With close family, just say that you decided to get an eye exam and it turned out that you needed glasses. You can either start wearing them full time (the best way) or wearing them intermittently when you drive, watch TV or go to the Cinema. Another symptom that is useful when you want to increase your prescription is to have trouble reading menu boards or recognizing people, particularly in low light conditions.

You can slowly increase the prescription in the glasses, keeping the same frame and if you want to, begin to do low prescription GOC if you don't want to Induce any Myopia. When you want to do an increase or change frames "develop" some of the symptoms described above.

I hope this helped a little. One thing you need to remember is that we are all actors on a stage. You want to play the role of a glasses wearer. You have to dress and act the part.

I am sure you have more questions after thinking about the above.



Cactus Jack 04 Apr 2017, 18:05


You may be having insufficient tears or dry eye problems. Contact lenses are supposed to float on a film of tears between the CL and your Corneas. I have experienced similar problems.

You may be able to use several drops of Sterile Saline Solution, Multi-Purpose CL solution or Artificial Tears (a bit pricey for this) and effectively float the lenses free. Observe normal hygiene procedures. After a few seconds, I would touch the lens with my finger and move it around on my Cornea to distribute the solution under the lens and then use normal removal procedures.

Please let me know if this is of any help.


GOCer 04 Apr 2017, 15:15

christopher - it might be hard with close family that would have known if you needed vision correction. With friends, if they ever say "I didn't know you wore glasses" you can always respond with "I usually wear contacts" and they won't think much more about it

Robert 04 Apr 2017, 14:00

Cactus Jack

I was doing GOC with Cooper Vision Proclear 8.6 14.2 @ +12.00

I had cataract surgery and they no longer fit my eyes well. The problem is in removing them because now they seem to stick like glue. Apparently the shape of my eye has changed. The face of my eye seems to be somewhat flatter than it was in the past. Previously I had no issues wearing or removing these contacts.

Are you able to speculate as to a possible remedy in ordering new contacts?

christopher 04 Apr 2017, 11:37

Thanks cactus jack for all the info. I was more looking for ways to tell friends and family that I suddenly wear glasses. Also I like swimming, how could I swim with my contacts in and also if I ever stayed over at a friends how could I get away with taking the contacts out and putting them in again

Cactus Jack 04 Apr 2017, 08:40


-8 glasses are about -0.75 more that you probably need to match with +6 contacts, but at 28 that should not be a problem.

The biggest issue in going to a higher minus GOC combo is image minifcation. It takes a while for your brain to learn to deal with all the issues. If you are comfortable wearing the +6 / -8 combo for an extended period I would suggest going to -12 glasses and +10 contacts.

You should also consider an eye exam for contacts to find out what Base Curve is best for you and maybe your current actual refractive error. Soft Contact are pretty forgiving, but you need to be sure that you have a good tear film between the contacts and your Cornea.

It will probably be a problem getting regular contacts because of your low prescription. You may need to consider and exam for eye color changing contacts.

I have not considered your small refractive error in my GOC calculations.

By the way, GOC calculations are not difficult and at high Rx the results may be a bit different than the calculations indicate. The differences occur because of Vertex Distance (VD) effects. VD effects are the SQUARE of the Glasses Sphere divided by 1000. If you get up to say -20, VD effects are 0.40 diopters per mm.

Actual VD, which is the distance in mm between your Cornea and the back surface of the glasses is very hard to measure or even estimate. Typical VD is about 10 to 12 mm. I typically use 12 mm in my calculations. To give you an idea of how important VD is in GOC here are some examples of VD effects per mm.

-8.00 glasses = 0.06 diopters per mm

-12.00 glasses = 0.14 diopters per mm

-16.00 glasses = 0.25 diopters per mm

-20.00 glasses = 0.40 diopters per mm

To calculate the effective power of MINUS glasses at the Cornea, you multiply the VD effect per mm of the glasses by the VD and subtract it from the glasses power. For example -16.00 glasses 12 mm from the Cornea have an effective power of -16.00 glasses at the Cornea would be -13.00 and you would need +13.00 contacts if your refractive error was 0.00.

Hope this did not confuse you too much. Let me know what you decide to do or if you need more help.


christopher 03 Apr 2017, 22:58

I'm 28

work in marketing

live in the UK

I actually have -0.25 in my left eye, my right is fine

I wore +6 contacts with -8 glasses and I would like to continue with that or go stronger

Cactus Jack 03 Apr 2017, 17:09


We can help you, but we need more information about you to tell you how to begin. Some the questions may seem innocuous, but the answers help us offer suggestions that are things that you can do.

1. Your age?

2. Your occupation?

3. Where do you live?

4. Have you had a recent eye exam? You mentioned that your vision was too good to get a prescription for glasses. It is very helpful to have some idea of your actual refractive error, if you have any. We may be able to suggest a simple test you can do at home.

5. You mentioned that you have tried GOC. What was the combination you tried.

6. What glasses prescription would you like to wear?


christopher 03 Apr 2017, 15:28

Hi everyone. So I've wanted to wear glasses since I was teenager but unfortunately my vision was too good. A few years ago I heard about GOC and thought I'd give it a try. I've tried it at home and to a few places where no one knows me. now I feel like I'm ready to take the plunge and do it full time. Does anyone have any advice on how to do it? What to say to people etc

lazysiow 28 Mar 2017, 10:01

While this isn't GoC, this couple found another way to at least simulate myopic vision via google cardboard VR

Soundmanpt 02 Mar 2017, 10:47


What your asking is very difficult to answer. Getting glasses is actually very easy to do and you don't need a prescription to order a pair, but just saying you want "strong glasses" makes it hard to suggest what prescription you should order. If you have perfect eyesight and your mainly just interested in wearing glasses that's fine. But you need to order glasses that your eyes will adjust to. Also going from no glasses to suddenly wearing strong glasses will get you lots of unwanted questions from your friends and co workers as well as family. You would be best to start off with very average glasses and as your eyes adjust slowly increase to stronger glasses. As for where to get your glasses I always recommend "" but "" is also very good and both have a nice large selection of glasses for under $13.00. Zenni actually has a decent selection for under $7.00. For first glasses if you have perfect eyesight I would sya either order -.50 or -.75 for both eyes in the SPH section and leave everything else open. You don't want to fill anything in the CYL or axis areas. You might want to consider getting the optional AR coating which cuts down on glare and reflections and will make wearing glasses even easier for you. I also suggest thatg you answer Cactus Jack's questions because the things he is asking you are important as well.

Oh and you're in the GOC thread is that what you're really wanting to do? If so there is a lot more to it because of needing contacts as well.

Cactus Jack 02 Mar 2017, 08:47


An "Official" prescription is one issued by an Eye Care Professional, typically after an examination.

Glasses are custom made. The people who make glasses need a prescription to know how to make them. Most online retailers of glasses do not require that you provide an "Official" prescription, but they need information from you as to the various elements that make up the prescription. They are for each eye:

Sphere Power, Cylinder Power, Cylinder Axis, Prism Amount, Prism Base Direction, and Add plus special instructions such as the type of bifocal or trifocal.

The also need your Pupillary Distance, which is the distance in mm between the centers of your two pupils.

Not all prescriptions have all elements, but they are typically listed in the above order.

You can t just order "Strong Glasses". The most important thing is that the glasses you order be wearable and comfortable. Otherwise, they are a waste of money and can be very unpleasant to wear.


Leah 02 Mar 2017, 06:36

What does that mean (it doesn't have to be an "official" one)?

Cactus Jack 01 Mar 2017, 23:11


You can get them online with a "prescription", but it does not have to be an official one.

You should not attempt GOC without a plan and some coaching. It is tempting to go to a high glasses prescription, but that generally does not work out very well. Your brain has to learn to "see" with strong glasses and that can be somewhat traumatic, unless you approach it right.

If you want some help, you need to tell us more about yourself:

1. Do you presently wear vision correction? (Glasses or Contacts - which)

2. What is your prescription?

3. Where do you live.

4. What is your age and gender?

5. What is your GOC goal? (Approximate glasses prescription)

6. What is your occupation?


Leah 01 Mar 2017, 20:31

Where can I get strong glasses without a prescription?

Soundmanpt 01 Mar 2017, 16:48


I posted about this way back in 2013, but you might enjoy hearing about it. It really started back in 2012. I used to visit my sister that was living in a different city. Whenever I visited her I also visited the local shopping mall. In the mall there was an optical store. I would usually plan my visits so i could visit on the days when they didn't have a doctor. That meant there was only one optician working and she usually wasn't busy at all. In 2012 they hired a new optician. Very cute young lady and she was hired because she was about to enter optometry school to be an optometrist. Anyway she very nice and very friendly and we talked quite a bit. I noticed that she wasn't wearing glasses and I asked her if she wore glasses and she said her eyesight was perfect. She told me that her dad was a dentist and her older sister was a pharmacist and that they both wear glasses full time, but her eyesight was perfect. She told me that when she decided that she wanted to be an optometrist she knew nothing about glasses but was very curious to know. While her sister was away at college she even went in her room and found several pairs of her old glasses and tried to wear them just to see what it was like to wear glasses. But even the weakest ones she could only wear for very short time before she felt a headache coming on and she had to take them off. That caused me to remember what I had read in this thread about GOC. I work with a non profit vision group and because of that I happened to have a good number of sample glasses that I keep in my car that I use to fit people with glasses that can't afford them. At the time I knew i had a very nice pair with just a -1.25 prescription in them. I told her to go and pull out a pair of trial contact lenses in +1.25 and that I would be right back in. When I came back in she was sitting at a table and she had 2 contact lens packets in her hands. She thought that I wanted them for myself so she was really shocked when I asked her to put them on. She got them both on rather quickly and I as soon s she looked away from the mirror in front of her I could see that she wasn't able to focus. She was smiling and squinting as she was trying hard to see things away from her. I asked her if she was able to read a sign across the room from where we were sitting and she could only make out the bigger letters and she said they were even blurry. I took the glasses out and said "here let's see if these help you" as i put the glasses on her. As soon as I did that she couldn't believe that now she was once again able to see everything perfectly. As you can imagine she was then doing a lot of her own testing of her eyes with and without glasses. But the whole time she had the biggest smile on her face. After several minutes of both looking through the glasses and over the top of them she finally pushed the glasses up in place and said she loved it. She said several times how cool it was to be wearing glasses. We continued talking and she never did take the glasses off she was totally enjoying wearing glasses. After a while a customer came in and needed the nose pads on his glasses replaced. This was going ot be a nice test for for her trying to replace nose pads that have very tiny screws wearing glasses for the first time. I watched her to see if she was going to have any problem and I did notice her move her head a bit as if she was having trouble focusing. But after a few minuted she had both nose pads replaced and he thanked her and left. When she came i asked her if she had any problem doing that and she said that when she first looked down her eyes were seeing the bottom of the glasses so she had to adjust for that. I didn't plan on leaving my sample glasses with her but she was having so much fun so i asked her if she wanted to borrow them until my next visit and she jumped at the chance to wear the glasses more. As it turned out I didn't get back until a month later. She told me that the doctor and her co workers were shocked to see her come into work wearing glasses. She told them about me loaning her the glasses and how she was wearing the opposite contacts to make it work. The doctor was very interested and had never heard of such a thing as GOC and she insisted on testing her eyes with and with her wearing GOC just to be sure that she wasn't doing any harm to her eyes but she proved that with the contacts and glasses her eyesight was perfect as well as without the contacts and glasses. The doctor even said that she was going to have to remember that because she was going to try it for herself. I still keep in touch with her last year she graduated and she is now officially a doctor of optometry. She decided to move out of state for some reason but she told me not long ago that she still enjoys doing GOC just for fun and has shown a good number of people as well.

The other one was a young lady working at a big box store that has an optical center. She also didn't need glasses. In box stores like that they often hire you for one thing and then put you in something else. That was the case here. She had no experience with vision or glasses at all. But once she got trained she really enjoyed her kob. One day when I was in there shopping I stopped and chatted with her a bit. She was at the frame board trying on frames. As soon as she saw me she wanted my opinion as to which ones looked best on her. After a bit i decided on the one I thought looked best and she said that was her 2nd choice but was happy I picked it. She told me that her year was nearly up and that meant she could get a free pair of glasses. I asked her if she needed glasses and she said she wasn't sure but even if she didn't she still wanted a pair of glasses just to wear for fun and at the store as well. She was getting her eyes checked later that week. The next tie I was at her store i saw her working but she wasn't wearing glasses. I asked her if she had gotten her glasses yet and she told me she wasn't very happy. She said that her eyesight was perfect so she didn't really need glasses. But when she went order her glasses she was told that because she didn't have an actual prescription she couldn't get a free pair. Bingo! Remembering how I helped my other friend with perfect vision I still had the very same -1.25 glasses so I told her how she could get glasse sif she wanted and I let her borrow my sample pair to try away from works so she could see that it wouldn't dod any harm to her eyes. She was able to get the glasses she wanted that way and she couldn't stop thanking me.

Sorry for the long post.

Soundmanpt 01 Mar 2017, 15:01


I'm really glad that you're enjoying doing GOC so much. Actually you were a perfect candidate for doing GOC because you were already an experienced contact lens wearer as well as glasses wearer and you clearly like how your husband's glasses look. So with Cactus Jack's help in prescribing you a perfect combination for both contacts and glasses you seem to be enjoying perfect clarity now after a normal adjusting period. One thing you didn't mention which I have a feeling you also enjoy is seeing how much more blurry everything is when you take off your -9.00 glasses compared to your own glasses? It's possible that your eyes might be very slightly over corrected but that's not a bad thing because it's worse to be under corrected. The lenses in your glasses are most likely CR-39 which is what they consider regular lenses, so with -9.00 prescription lenses i'm sure they look nice and thick. I'm not surprised that you are planning if not already making GOC your everyday look now and not just something fun to do on the weekend.

So it seems that your friend is wanting to as you say "join the GOC" club now. It helps that she already wears glasses. Does she wear her glasses full time or part time? And I have a feeling since her prescription isn't very strong I doubt that she has ever wore contacts? So for her the first step she need to do is make an appointment to get contacts. Probably not a bad idea depending when she got her current glasses. When she goes she should be sure to get a copy of her glasses prescription as well as the contact prescription and fitting. The fitting is the main thing and tell her not to bother ordering any contacts in her real prescription unless she really wants contacts in her actual prescription. Once she has the base curve and diameter for her contacts she will be ready to start looking for the glasses she wants to wear and you can help her order the correct contacts to go along with her glasses. Is she wanting her glasses to be as strong as yours?

juliette 01 Mar 2017, 02:57

Hello Soundman

Your posting really confirms what I feel with these new glasses, I feel much more self assured, self confidence, & more over feel I look much more sophisticated with this GOC combination. But besides this the clarity of my vision is amazing, & I really couldn't imagine it could be so good doing GOC as its called. As you said the lenses I assume are CR 30 something, low index, & have flat fronts & on the outer edges they must be around 10mm thick, & look stunning.

It was a typing error on the power, & I did use 10.50 Biofinity XR for the exercise. The first couple of days I felt a little bit dizzy but that's gone. The whole experience is great, & I intend doing it daily, & hope I can work up to -12.00/-14.00.

Yes my friend does wear glasses, I think her prescription is around -1.5, but she intends to join the 'Club' as someone said.

Thanks to everyone for support & advice..its great

Cactus Jack 27 Feb 2017, 13:01


Here are the calculations assuming a Vertex Distance of 12 mm.

20^2 = 400 /1000 = 0.4 diopters per mm x 12 mm = 4.8


I made a mistake. I should have added the 4.8 to the +20 for PLUS glasses VD effect. I do so many calculations for MINUS glasses that I inadvertently subtracted. The CLs for +20 glasses should be -25.00. Theoretically, it should be about -24.8 assuming a VD of 12 mm. The VD is a SWAG and with +/-20 glasses it is a major factor. If a person is not too old, I suggest a little more MINUS or a little less PLUS that I think you will need because your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses should be able to add a little PLUS to compensate.

Thanks for calling this to my attention.


Please note the change in the suggested GOC combination. Please DO NOT buy any glasses or contacts until we discuss this further.


Brit 27 Feb 2017, 12:21

Cactus are you sure about the previous posting?

Cactus Jack 27 Feb 2017, 10:57


To answer your specific question, you need approximately -15 contact lenses to go with +20 glasses, assuming you have perfect uncorrected vision and have enough accommodation range to compensate slightly for any errors. If you don't know why there is a difference between the power of the Glasses and the Contact Lenses, you probably need some serious coaching.

If you want to do successful GOC we need to start with answers to these questions:

1. How old are you?

2. Where do you live?

3. What is your latest glasses prescription?

4. Have you ever worn Contact Lenses?

You need to approach high prescription GOC slowly, carefully and with planning.

Based on the answers to the above questions, there will probably be more questions.


 26 Feb 2017, 20:33



can any one suggest me what would be an ideal pair of contact lens power ,if i want to wear +20 glasses

Soundmanpt 26 Feb 2017, 10:51


Okay now I get what you did and why. So she avoided even wearing her own prescription glasses because her eyes appear slightly smaller under her glasses. And her prescription is only a -1.50 which to most people would hardly be noticeable. So you first needed to get her started wearing glasses and you were able to convince her by getting her emerald green minus colored contacts which she must have liked because they enhanced the color of her eyes and then had her pick out glasses that suited her with plus lenses to match up with her contacts. And of course she likes seeing her nice big green eyes so she has been more than willing to wear her glasses and has found out that doing GOC hasn't done any harm to her eyes. But your real goal is to get her wearing stronger minus glasses for GOC. But for whatever reason finding plus colored contacts is much harder to find in plus than minus prescriptions. So that is one problem. But even if you do find them I think your wife would be disappointed as soon as she put on the -5.00 glasses over her eyes. The green contacts would hardly be noticeable to her under her glasses. There would be a huge difference for her seeing her eyes wearing +4.00 glasses and then seeing her eyes wearing -5.00 glasses. Maybe have her pick out glasses if she already hasn't that she likes and just find clear +3.50 contacts to see if it is worth looking any harder for the green color. As you know the glasses won't be very expensive and if you can order just one box of lenses they shouldn't be much either. And maybe she won't be happy at first but if she likes the glasses enough she might decide to give it a try after a while. Other wise you still have the option of seeing her wearing the combination she has now and she seems to enjoy wearing. Also if she wears the GOC often enough she will find that she needs to wear her own prescription glasses when she isn't doing GOC.

Hasan 26 Feb 2017, 05:03


Plus glasses was the first step in my plan. The only way not to make her eyes look smaller with glasses was GOC. We`ve made it using emerald green colour lences - big green eyes was necessary requirement. Now when she had understood that there is nothing harmful in GOC and she got used to it with "her" combination", I`m gonna convince her to try "my" combination with minus glasses. The only problem - I didn`t found colour plus lences yet.

Soundmanpt 25 Feb 2017, 10:38


Sorry about that. It's just that it is a bit unusual for someone already a bit nearsighted to want to want plus glasses. But it makes sense if she didn't want her eyes to look smaller under her glasses. But now it seems that she is going to try wearing minus glasses if she is wanting to get +3.50 lenses and -5.00 glasses. Is she now okay with her eyes appearing slightly smaller under her glasses?

Soundmanpt 25 Feb 2017, 10:28


Since your husband wears -14.00 glasses i'm not at all surprised that he is loves seeing you wearing glasses nearly as strong as his glasses and of course supports you fully. I'm sure that your glasses look really nice in that frame you chose as well as your nice thick lenses. So i'm sure you must really enjoy wearing them every chance you get. It's always interesting how wearing glasses effects some women. Certainly for many wearing glasses seems to change their whole additude and they way thye see themselves. And for some like yourself it is more like an empowerment and provides you even more self confidence. I can only assume it's because you have wanted stronger glasses for so long and now that you have them you feel like you could conquer the world. Did you go with the combination that Cactus Jack suggested to you? I did notice that he was suggesting you order +10.50 SPH only contacts to go with -9.00 glasses but then you asking where you might be able to order +10.25 contacts? Not that much difference if that is what you actually ordered. Where were you able to get your contacts from? It has gotten more difficult recently to order contacts without a doctor's approval. Your friend seemed impressed enough at your glasses that after trying your glasses is wanting to try it herself. Of course i'm sure you would help her in getting a combination that will work for her. Does she currently wear glasses or would this be her first time wearing glasses? If so she probably needs to start off much weaker.

Hasan 25 Feb 2017, 03:14

Soundmanpt, I`m really excited, but there is no mistake - now she wears -4.0 lences with +2.5 glasses. All this story started long time ago. My wife always was little bit nearsighted and even she had glasses, she never used them. Sometimes I succeded to convince her to put them on for me but she always said that she don`t like her eyes look smaller in glasses. GOC become a good idea in this situation. Plus glasses makes her eyes look bigger and we both like that.

antonio 24 Feb 2017, 14:41

Hi Juliette,

just curious, what Kombination do you war now?

Thanks and Best regards, antonio

juliette 24 Feb 2017, 11:05

Rafa , thanks for your post. My partner supports it, & is pleased to see me in these stronger glasses. I chose a roundish frame in a tortoiseshell finish. I find I look great in them, & somehow feel more self assured, but maybe that's because, I have wanted thicker, stronger looking glasses for some time now. Friends, also find I look good in them, & one of them is going to give GOC a try, as she had the same good feeling when she tried my glasses. I will when the time is right try to go up to a higher level. In the meantime I will continue to enjoy the experience as it appears so many other here do!

Soundmanpt 24 Feb 2017, 08:54


I think that you were so excited seeing your wife wearing stronger glasses that you made an error about her current combination? You said that she is now wearing -4.00 lenses with +2.50 glasses. I think what you meant to say was that she is wearing +2.50 lenses with -4.00 glasses? It's clear that you appreciate her looks wearing stronger glasses and I would assume since she didn't go overly strong her eyesight should be very good with her -4.00 glasses and +2.50 contacts. The one thing she need to be careful with is changing from one glasses frame to a different frame in a short time could lead to extra unwanted questions about her glasses, not the lenses. so if she is considering going stronger anytime soon she should try and order the exact same frame as her -4.00 glasses.

Hasan 24 Feb 2017, 04:16

Finally it happaned! My wife started wearing GOC. Her real prescribtion is -1.5 on both eyes. She sometimes wears -4 lences and +2.5 glasses. In this glasses she looks really great! Now we are thinking about combination of +3.5 lences and -5 glasses.

rafa 24 Feb 2017, 02:36


Welcome to the club! I'm glad GOC is working good for you.

I myself started GOC'ing around june last year, and after a few dizzing problems in the beginning, I've adapted really well. I started with -9 glasses and have now worked my way up to -20. So I'm sure you too will adapt well to stronger lenses soon.

Tell us more about your experience. How's the feeling of seeing youself in those thick lenses? What sort of frames did you choose? And how is your husband reacting to it? Does he like it? Has anybody aside your husband seen you and noticed something different?

juliette 24 Feb 2017, 02:01

In the later part of last year, I came across this site, & the section 'Glasses over contacts'. As I explained, I didn't know at the time this was possible. With the feedback I received, it was a chance for me to get stronger, thicker more powerful glasses that I had wanted for a long time. I have now been doing GOC for around 6 weeks. The first few days it felt a little strange, but with perseverance, I can now wear the combination all day with really works well. I now feel & look as though I need glasses, & I feel great in them. I intend to persist with them which at present is not a problem, & before the holidays try to increase to somewhat stronger lenses if possible. It is really a nice experience & I can now fully understand those who like & want these stronger thicker glasses.

NNVisitor 19 Feb 2017, 22:13


You are best off just wearing your own prescription. I've had really bad eyesight and wore strong glasses. If people took notice of that fact they rarely showed it. I wore thick glasses before there was the thin option. I hated wearing them and was selfconsious. I did get some comments about them and my eyesight but not very often. I did get contact lenses which I've mostly worn for many years.

The reality is that many people wear glasses and that some people wear strong glasses. As most people are concerned about their own problems it's really no big deal if they see others wearing strong glasses. I doubt that if you wore -4 or -6.50 that people would take special notice. So why go through all the effort? You are best off wearing the prescription you need.

gwgs 18 Feb 2017, 03:44

You could also try Firmoo- they do regular 1.5 index lenses which are the thickest option available to you, I don't know how they compare on price though but they often have offers available especially for new customers

Soundmanpt 14 Feb 2017, 11:11


Okay now that you have made it clear what your wanting for glasses that is a big help. So if you want the cheapest and thickest lenses possible I think you want Zenni. You will find a good number of glasses for $6.95 and that is including prescription lenses. It will ask you "Prescription type" and where it says "Select" you will be given a choice of single vision, bifocal, progressive, non-prescription, and frame only. Of course you want to click on "Single Vision" Then if you want -4.00 glasses you simply click on the -4.00 in the SPH column for both eyes and the next step it will show you various lens options. The first being 1.50 which they call a standard single vision lens and is no additional charge. Then you see a 1.57 lens which they call mid index single vision and it si also no additional charge and then there are other lenses as well. Zenni is suggesting for best looks and thing lenses that you get the 1.61 high index lens which is an additional charge. But you don't have to got that and you simply click on the first option of 1.50 and that should be a rather thick lens. The reason they offer both a 1.50 and 1.57 lens is because for someone getting glasses with just a a -.50 prescription a rimless frame would be extremely thin if they only offered the 1.57 lens. So I don't think you are going to find any glasses cheaper than $6.95 and shipping is only $5.00. So that adds up to $12.00.

But once again I am reminding you that to do this right and so you're happy once you get your glasses and contacts you really do need to get your exact current prescription. I'm sure Cactus Jack will agree with me and he will also tell you that you need to get a fitting done for contacts. By the way it has gotten much more difficult buying contacts anymore without a real prescription. Have you done any research on getting the contacts you're going to need?

Cactus Jack 14 Feb 2017, 10:27


Check out Optical4less. I don't know their current policy, but they used to have a special makings department. They would make glasses of any reasonable thickness with almost any prescription. They are not cheap, but their quality is excellent.

Also, check out what Zenni will do. They may suggest a thinner lens, but you may be able to select a lower index lens material.


Diana 14 Feb 2017, 10:04

I want the thickest, cheapest glasses possible. Preferably without losing my natural vision.

I was planning on purchasing a -6.75 prescription from Swift Eyewear but they forced me to pay for thin lenses. I don't want to do that. That's why I decided to get the -4s with a 1.49 index lens. I was hoping that they'd still be very thick because I want to look like I'm wearing cokebottles.

gwgs 14 Feb 2017, 02:20

Amy, -4 won't be anywhere near coke bottle status, but an easy way / general rule I've found is that for ever dioptre, i.e. every -1, the lenses will be about 1mm thick. The bigger the frame the thicker the lenses at the outside edge, but generally you won't be looking at anymore than a maximum I would've thought of about 3mm thick at the edge.

The following website is a good way of working out how thick lenses will be, but it can vary slightly. As you will see, you will need to know the measurements of the frame to work this out and your pupillary distance which if you don't have it / haven't had it measured is on average between 60 and 62mm.

Hope this helps.

Soundmanpt 13 Feb 2017, 15:28


What exactly are you wanting to wear stronger glasses for? My first thought was that you just want your glasses to look more necessary than they are. So if anything you would be happier if your lenses did look thick and strong. But you actually would be happier to wear even stronger glasses as long as the lenses aren't too thick. And you don't seem to want to cause your own natural eyesight to get any worse but want people to think your eyesight is poor.

Where are you planning on getting your glasses from and what style of glasses do you plan on getting? Many in here use Zenni ( for their glasses to induce myopia with or for doing GOC. They do offer two lens thicknesses at no additional cost 1.50 and 1.57 the 1.57 is a slightly thinner lens which is what you're asking about. They do offer several options for hi index lenses as well they are 1.61 for an additional $19.00 and a 1.67 which is a $34.00 option.

So how did you come up with your SPH equivalent being -2.50? It almost sounds like you did some type of on line vision test? So if that is accurate then the contacts would be +1.50. That isn't all that much more to get to -4.00. Have you given any thought to just buying -4.00 glasses or even maybe -3.50 glasses and wearing them without the contacts? Your eyes should be able to tolerate wearing -3.50 glasses pretty well

Diana 13 Feb 2017, 14:22

Found out that my spherical equivalent is actually -2.50

Wanted to go higher than -4.00 but don't want to have to pay for the thin lenses. They don't give you the option of buying higher prescriptions in CR39. Would -4 in CR39 be cokebottles?

Soundmanpt 12 Feb 2017, 11:28


In order to provide you with an accurate answer for the contact lens power that you would need to go along with -4.00 glasses you really need to be exact with what your current glasses are. Based on your glasses being between -1.75 and -2.25 it could be any of these.

If your glasses are -1.75 then you would need +2.25 contacts

if your glasses are -2.00 then you would need +2.00 contacts

if your glasses are -2.25 then you would need +1.75 contacts

Now if you decide to guess that your glasses are -1.75 and order +2.25 contacts and your glasses are actually -2.25 then your eyes are going to be over corrected wearing the -4.00 glasses. Not the worst thing that could happen because your eyes would probably adjust okay to wearing the stronger over all prescription. But it could be a bigger problem for you if your glasses are -2.25 and you order the +1.75 contacts and then find out that your glasses are only -1.75. Now wearing your -4.00 glasses your eyes would be under corrected and that would mean that your distance vision would be somewhat blurry and you probably couldn't wear your -4.00 glasses for driving. So I really recommend that you first find out what prescription you're currently wearing before buying anything. If you have had your eyes checked in the past 12 months or so then if you go back to where you either had your eyes examined or where you got your current glasses from they will gladly provie you with a copy of your prescription. If it has been much longer since you had your eyes examined then you probably need to get your eyes examined anyway because it's possible your eyes have changed a bit since your last exam. Its even possible that you might have a small astigmatism and don't know it. All this information will make it very easy to then suggest what you need for contacts so you can wear -4.00 glasses in comfort and be able to see perfectly as well. I have feeling since your not trying to go to extremes you are only wanting your glasses to look more necessary and plan on wearing them quite often once you get the right combination of glasses and contacts.

Diana 12 Feb 2017, 10:40

Current prescription: between -1.75 and -2.25

Want to wear: -4.00

What contacts should I get?

nuts 06 Feb 2017, 21:05

hi there. I'm getting some plus contacts in the power of -8 and -25 online. They require a prescription to be sent over by email. How do I fake a convincing prescription with no cylinder? Can someone help?

Ps... I'm a seasoned GOC user. Have done with contacts of -5 up to -22 so do not worry about my experience with GOC. It's just that so far I managed to get contacts without a need for prescription.

Soundmanpt 03 Feb 2017, 14:50

Cactus Jack

Once again I stand corrected. I now see that he was also planning on having the cylinder put into her glasses and not her contacts. As always i am blaming it on old age.

Cactus Jack 03 Feb 2017, 09:50


Absolutely! Good point. Til was asking about GOC with +5.00 contacts and the proposed GOC glasses had the Cylinder and Axis part of the prescription in them.

If you are going to do GOC there is no point in messing with Toric contacts.


Soundmanpt 03 Feb 2017, 09:38

Cactus Jack

Shouldn't she get her cylinder put into her glasses rather than deal with the more expensive and less comfortable toric lenses? I also agree with both of you that at least for her first attempt at GOC going with -3.00 glasses would not only look very nice for her glasses but probably easier for her to adjust to for frequent wearing. I assume she is considering making these her everyday glasses?

Cactus Jack 03 Feb 2017, 07:55


That sounds about right for GOC contacts and -3 glasses. If the glasses are less than - 4 to - 4.5, they will have almost no Vertex Distance effects. You can just algebraically add the GOC CL prescription to their GOC glasses prescription. Just remember that corrective lens prescriptions are the reverse of the actual refractive error.

The nice thing about a good GOC combo is that little or no accommodative effort is needed, If she goes for a GOC combo with glasses above -4.50 in Sphere, you will need to consider VD effects of the glasses. Just remember that VD INCREASES the effective power of MINUS glasses at the Cornea so you need LESS power in the contacts and DECREASES at the effective power of PLUS glasses at the Cornea so you need MORE power in the contacts.

Sounds confusing? Yes it is, and that is why those of us who understand it make the BIG MONEY and/or get nice Birthday presents. Enjoy!

Toric contacts are notoriously hard to get right so they don't rotate on the Cornea and make Astigmatism effects worse than not having any Cylinder correction.


til 03 Feb 2017, 03:08

I had the most exiting been birthday present by my girlfriend this year. She is a hyperope and knows I very much like the look of minus lenses so she is gonna go for GOC now:)

She has a glasses prescription a little less than a year old

L +1,50 -0,5 148

R +2,00 -1,0 54

She is currently getting fitted for contacts (takes quite a few appointments for a hyperope who only occasionally wears glasses and refuses dilation). It looks like her contacts prescription is gonna be

L +2,0 -0,75 150

R +2,75 -1,25 60

The sphere may go up by another 0,25. She's getting fitted for toric lenses as she obviously couldn't tell her ecp of GOC.

She wants to go for different glasses prescriptions for different occasions, not too high as friends and coworkers would notice. Let's say -3, -4.5 and -6 range.

Am I right aiming for (-3 range):


+5,00 both eyes


L -3,25 -0,75 150

R -2,50 -1,25 60

She is 28, and can easyly accommodate 3 diopters. She already has a variety of low to moderate minus glasses based on her old astigmatism values.

Happy to hear your thoughts.

GregV 02 Feb 2017, 20:43


I recently got a prescription for glasses

OD -0.25 -0.50x005 and os -0.25. Do you think id be able to get contacts with this, or would i need to make up a story and what could i say?

Cactus Jack 30 Jan 2017, 12:03


I suggest getting some +12.00 Contact Lenses. With them, your uncorrected Sphere "eye power" at your Corneas would be:

OD Right Eye +8.75

OS Left Eye +8.25

Assuming a Vertex Distance of 12 mm, your calculated glasses prescription would be:

OD Right Eye -10.00, -0.25 x 30 Add +1.25

OS Left Eye -9.25, -0.25 x 30 Add +1.25

Please remember that there is no guarantee of accuracy. You might want to consider ordering some very low cost, single vision glasses, from an online retailer such as Zenni, with NO options, If your distance vision with this combo is satisfactory, then order some bifocals or progressives with the frames and options you desire. It may be necessary to adjust the Sphere prescription in each eye slightly (+/- 0.25), but you may get lucky.


 30 Jan 2017, 10:43

I've recently ordered 4 pairs of glasses, in 2 separate orders.

Had no issues with shipping and customs, there was even a customs check registered on the tracking.

sparky 30 Jan 2017, 07:30

hi guys i need some advice again.i posted last on 31 october glasses prescription has increased again.left eye +3.75 -0.25/30 right eye +3.25 -0.25/30 add 1.25.could you advise me what strength contacts and glasses i should order for goc .i would like the glasses to be in the minus 8 to 10 range .thanks in advance

squint lover 25 Jan 2017, 13:26

Crystal Veil,

I think we should be safe for now in Europe. I am currently wearing my new -19.50 D combination which I just picked up two days ago. If anything I was having the impression that it took less time for the Zenni glasses to arrive than last time I ordered from them.


30calcat 20 Jan 2017, 12:04

30calcat 20 Jan 2017, 12:03

Shuron still makes the same old frames in the USA which is great for those of us who like vintage frames:

lentifan 19 Jan 2017, 17:29

Crystal Veil

I think it depends whether this new approach is EU-wide or just UK customs. My guess (I do not know) would be that it is just UK customs acting alone. It would be typical of our current awful government which claims to govern 'for the many, not the few' to do just the opposite and protect the interests of big business.

If it was a new EU-wide policy might we not have heard about it?

Anyway, I hope you don't have problem with your delivery and look forward to seeing the results of your next shoot in due course.

Crystal Veil 19 Jan 2017, 12:21


this is alarming news indeed. It makes me wonder if my latest order from Zenni (Jan. 11th) will arrive in time for the purpose I had in mind. They always send a message within a couple of days that the glasses are ready and sent on the post. So far, no such message. I live in the Netherlands and perhaps they start to apply the same policy on my country as well. It would be a blow to my photography project if the supply would come to a halt.

Soundmanpt 19 Jan 2017, 11:34


Wow! That's interesting to say the least. If there doing that in the UK I fear the same thing may soon stat happening here in the US. You no doubt have heard Mr. Trump saying he plans on taxing things such as cars coming in from Japan. I never considered that he may also go after all the on line sites as well for buying glasses. But one thing might stop him. There really isn't any frame companies based in the US. I know for a fact that nearly every frame is now being made is Japan anyway. Only a very few come in from Italy. Luxottica I believe is based in Austria and they own and supply Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, J.C. Penny Optical, Sears Optical, Target Optical and even Sunglass hut with all their frames and even own many of the designer companies such as Ray-Ban and Oakley. So it would seem they couldn't very well charge a tax on sites like "eyebuydirect" or "Zenni" because of this. That leads me to question if therre are any frame companies based in the UK? If there isn't it would seem they are wrong in trying to charge a tariv or tax on the cheaper on line sites for the reason I stated. In other in fairness if the frames glasses and frames being sold in the high end stores are coming in from other places how are they being allowed into the UK? They have no right to protect the high price shops unless the frames and glasses are being COMPLETELY made in the UK.

gwgs 19 Jan 2017, 02:25

This should probably go in the Glasses for Auction or Sale thread, but I thought it was as equally, if not more relevant here.

Yesterday I went to great lengths to go and collect my first order from Firmoo from a couriers depot. I'd ordered a pair of -15's in a fairly big frame (52mm) that I had been told would be produced with myodisc lenses - just what I wanted.

I was out when the courier tried to deliver and when I contacted them, they wanted a further delivery fee for attempting redelivery so I agreed to meet them at their depot instead and it was well worth it as it was a tiny little out of the way office that they had and were subcontracted by a firm that deals with the majority of Zenni and Firmoo orders coming into the UK. Their depot/office was just moments away from Heathrow airport.

When I got into their office, he asked me for id and said he had to take copies of this as customs was clamping down on international orders like these as they had realised how much money the UK industry, and customs were losing in people ordering glasses from the Far East! I said I was amazed at this, and he said, "just look over there", under a desk to his right were probably 3ft high by 2ft wide of packages all of a similar size and shape to mine! He said, "I'm presuming they're all glasses, similar to what you've got...but they're the lucky ones.". I asked why and he said "today Customs have stopped every single plane (cargo planes I presume) coming in from Hong Kong, China, Singapore, everything from the Far East they've offloaded all the cargo from the plane and confiscated it as they're sick and tired of people paying £10 for something that would be £120 on the high street, or not paying tax/duty upon it coming into the country."

He continued. "They've been doing the same with custom made suits, every single one they find that's coming into the country on these cargo consignments, they're slashing the arms off the suits and repackaging them and releasing them onto their recipient, as they're only meant to be samples but people are saving so much from buying them online. I can see the same thing happening with these glasses."

I was astonished that Customs would be interested in this, but he said they've got their fingers into every little thing and don't miss a trick. Watch this space?!

NJ 12 Jan 2017, 09:32

gwgs, I don't think most people notice thick glasses unless it is apparent that the person really has trouble seeing. A high myope with only a refractive error can actually function perfectly well, so probably to most people they don't seem impaired. High hyperopes struggle a lot more for the same absolute prescription strength, mostly due to the lack of peripheral vision, and I think it is evident. Although no one makes comments, I do notice that cashiers often take special care to place the change in my hands in ways that they don't when I'm not wearing my thick glasses. It's by no means all the time, but several times a week.

gwgs 12 Jan 2017, 07:55

Interesting observations NJ, I have tended to wear mine is what people would refer to as "working class" areas, so not at all wealthy, but nevertheless, no comments.

As you say, I think the fact that myodiscs are SO rare that people may perceive them to be a disability, and not related to high myopia, and this maybe why they haven't been stares, glances or conversation makers / breakers as people are lot more aware now than they used to be of being politically correct and don't want to step over the line.

NJ 11 Jan 2017, 13:53

I'll make one other observation about people who notice and make comments about thick glasses. It's inversely proportional to economic status. When I wear my thick glasses in poor neighborhoods, I hear lots of comments, in wealthy neighborhoods, not so much. Not sure why this is true, but I've noticed it for as long as I've worn thick glasses.

NJ 11 Jan 2017, 13:33

@gwgs, I started doing GOG in college back in the early 80's and I have made a number of observations on how much others notice, or at least make it obvious they notice, thick glasses. For calibration purposes, I'll say that most of my GOC work was with high plus, +15 to +20, but I've done even higher on both the plus and minus sides on occasion.

My first observation is that the older I get, the less people seem to notice the glasses. When I was young I constantly heard comments and saw people staring at them. When I moved to a new town for grad school and did GOC as often as not, essentially adopting the identity of an extreme hyperope, there was a fellow grad student, but different department, who constantly made comments on the size of my eyes, how I had to look through them in a certain way to see anything, how I used the bifocal part, etc. She never ceased to find them humorous. Too bad I didn't really find her that attractive, despite her low minus glasses.

On the other side of the spectrum, there used to be a cheap chain optical store in the area. I walked in there one day wearing +20D lenses and asked for new glasses. The sales lady showed me a number of pairs, from which I chose my favorite. When she was starting to write up the order she saw my script and told me they didn't make plus glasses higher than +8. Despite being a professional, she didn't even notice how strong my glasses were.

As glasses have become more common and people more sensitive to those with disabilities, I think it's just far less common for people to take any obvious notice of thick glasses. I still occasionally get asked about my glasses, but usually by people I've known for a while. I can't remember the last time a stranger made a comment or even gave me an unusual look or stare.

gwgs 09 Jan 2017, 03:09

I haven't posted on here for a while as I'm more of a reader of this section now in picking up tips but having GOC'd quite seriously now for several months I thought I'd post my weekends experience here;

I GOC'd with my selection of myodiscs (I have 6 pairs, but perdominantly wore 3 different pairs over the weekend) for pretty much the entire weekend, I was left feeling disappointed by the weaker glasses (if you can call them that, as in everyday life, an optician would call you partially sighted if you needed them!!) after I watched some football on Sunday afternoon with a friend, I obviously didn't GOC with him around, but after he had gone, I decided to pay some attention to -9.75 / -10 glasses I have in my collection and what I found interesting was when I was cooking, I couldn't make out the small print / cooking instructions on the packaging whilst wearing them and had to resort to having a pair of bifocals in this prescription handy in order to read, yet I didn't have any trouble with close up work wearing the myodiscs, two of which are -20.5, and -21.5. Whether this was reading the newspaper, browsing various things on my phone, reading the tv guide and descriptions of programmes etc, my vision was remarkably crystal clear!

I decided to be brave and wore the -21.5 myodiscs out for my first extended time ever - I've worn them out for a walk up and down the road late at night, but never during daytime for shopping etc so left home bright and early.

I drove to a shopping centre a little distance away and put in my contacts in the carpark and then did my supermarket / household shopping, taking a break in the shop's cafe for some late breakfast but was amazed at the lack of looks and response! Before when I've worn the -10's and -13.75's I've had a few glances that you can guess are people checking out the unusually strong lenses, but with these -21.5 myodiscs I didn't get a single look. I took a couple of selfies - which I never normally do - and to my surprise I looked remarkably good in them and they blended in very well with my outfit.

When it came to time to pay, I deliberately picked a checkout where there was a female clerk wearing glasses. There was only one of these, despite there being a number of tills so I had to wait.

She was Afro Carribean, probably 40-45 years old, her glasses were very weak, but I was hoping as a fellow glasses wearer they might be some intrigue and provoke a little conversation.

In the queue I thought this had worked as she looked over in my direction several times whilst scanning through the other customers items.

When it got to my turn she smiled at me and asked how I was doing, I greeted her in a friendly manner also and asked how her days was going. She seemed for a moment to be like a rabbit in headlights when I made direct eye contact with her, this probably lasted for about 4-5 seconds, and I'm guessing it was her not knowing what to think or my glasses and maybe it was me reading what I wanted into it, but I think she probably wanted to comment on or ask about my glasses, but didn't have the courage to do so. Sensing this, I responded by saying I liked her choice of eyewear - truth is, they couldn't have been more bland! black hexi frames with a couple of + dioptres, hardly setting the world alight.

Anyhow, despite me trying to make conversation with her, she seemed in her own world and I paid and that was that. I continued to wear these frames for the majority of the day whilst visiting a couple of other shops, being confronted by a couple of direct marketing girls on the street who I engaged in conversation with and then went back to the carpark, and went home (taking the contacts out). I wore these

It certainly made me think that I will be GOC'ing with the myodiscs more often than not now!

David 04 Dec 2016, 05:29

Chino, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Care when giving out the clinic details which you hope to use in the future. It is a rare find to have a doctor willing to do such surgery, guard their name carefully.

well happy 03 Dec 2016, 06:39

Good luck Chino, you have succeeded with the most difficult part, finding a willing surgeon.

Chino 03 Dec 2016, 03:43


Oh, I'm no longer hunting for a surgeon. I found one who is willing to perform the procedure at Eagle Eye Centre in Singapore ( I'm fortunate in that English is one of their official languages. They no longer post their fees on the website but, at the time that I inquired, I think it was either $3200 or $3600 per eye to have this done.

I'm not planning to have the procedure done for another 8 years. I'm waiting for the new Visian ICL with CentraFLOW to be approved for market over there. The CentraFLOW feature allows for aqueous flow through the lens. Because of this, it's no longer necessary to get a peripheral iridotomy (burning a small hole in your iris to permit aqueous flow).

I know it may seem like a long time but, if life has taught me anything, it's that time will absolutely fly. Those 8 years will fly by in no time.


well happy 03 Dec 2016, 03:22

Emailing and writing to prospective surgeons for refractive surgery is unlikely to be a success. Doctors are likely to be struck off and so why would they agree in writing.

After building up my GOC spex for a few years I took a six month career break and went to India. I chose India as they speak English whereas Mexico does not. I visited many clinics in person before I found a guy who agreed. It wasn't cheap (£2600 total) but he did as I requested.

Final Rx is close to my old GOC of minus 21D. I returned home wearing the new spex in public as friends and family already knew me in GOC. The only difference was that I now use blended myos in a plus carrier, there have been absolutely no comments.

juliette 01 Dec 2016, 23:50

Thank you Likelenses & Maxim for the sounds very interesting with the flat front lenses. I now just have to find where I can get +10.25 contacts so I can order the glasses.

David 01 Dec 2016, 16:53


I have only used opticians at a clinic in Mumbai. If asked I say the implants help me to see. There have been no follow up questions. The less discussion the better.

How is your hunting for a surgeon going?

Chino 01 Dec 2016, 04:34


The interaction with the optician or optometrist would be a concern to me. What did the optician ask about the IOL? What excuse did you use?

Thank you very much for answering these questions. I have learned a lot from you, and have much to consider before going through this.

Likelenses 30 Nov 2016, 20:51


If you decide to go with the -9.00 glasses,you will most likely want the lenses to look thick,and strong.

Most lense blanks that are used for prescriptions at ,and above -9.00 have flat front surfaces,and all of the lense power is ground into the back side.These are really sexy looking lenses,but you can do more to enhance their look.

The larger the frame lense size,the thicker the lense.

Also for the thickest lense go with plastic CR-39 ,or even glass if it is available.

Happy shopping !

Maxim 30 Nov 2016, 17:25

To Juliette:

High quality contact lenses, not expensive - the man claims, to be one of the inventors of soft CLs:


They are really good (+ values up to +8.00).

Good luck!

David 30 Nov 2016, 08:43


You sound a good candidate for refractive surgery. From my experience,just keep a few things in mind.

If you are still working chose an Rx which will give you useable vision. I cannot read print now, I can read news headlines but not much else. I manage with the computer as zoom is a godsend.

Take someone with you when you have the surgery. I was alone and felt low and lonely for the five weeks as I waited for my new glasses. I stayed in a family run hotel in Mumbai who looked after me very well and even escorted me when I ventured outside.

Have one eye done at a time. One mistake I made was to agree to having both eyes together. Thankfully there were no complications but there could have been. Also with one eye at a time you have good vision from the other eye.

Think final Rx. I was already doing GOC with very high 30s and simply wanted more and more. My present Rx does handicap me at times.

The Iris IOL is visible I am told but not by me. Without glasses I cannot see a thing, literally. With glasses my eyes look so small that nothing can be seen. The optician I use asked about the IOL and accepted my excuse.

I don't regret the surgery. At times I get frustrated but never want to reverse it. The kick you will get from it is fantastic, very exciting.

juliette 30 Nov 2016, 00:20

Thank you CJ for your reply. I am pleased to see it is possible for me to try GOC! Yes, I have worn contact lenses for many years without any problem of dry eyes. I have details of the sizes on file, but cannot remember the make. I can check this.

I am 54, retired, & live in Belgium. I am ready to try GOC!!

HighMyopic 29 Nov 2016, 16:42

Can I please see a pic of Davids -54 glasses? I would love to own a pair of -54 glasses. My strongest pair of glasses that I have is a -38 diopter.

Chino 29 Nov 2016, 16:24

Hi David,

I'm 35, and still working. I'm in the USA, living in Florida at the moment. I have considered doing what you've done for quite a few years.

My immediate goal is to have a prescription in the -40s. Given your visual acuity in the -54 glasses, I'm not sure I would be able to get my driver license here in Florida. I may need to move out of state.

A number of other states, including Georgia, allow people to drive with visual acuity as low as 20/200, as long as they wear bioptic systems that allow them to see at least 20/60 or 20/40. I found a wealth of information on the subject at

Florida is odd in that bioptics are allowed for driving, but not to pass the vision screening. I suppose I could wear contacts for the vision screening, and use a bioptic system when I'm actually driving.

The public transportation system in my area of Florida is absolute rubbish. The ability to drive is a bit of a necessity over here.

My current Rx is -5.00 D in both eyes, with -0.25 D in each eye, at different angles. I actually induced my myopia. I remember being curious about glasses when I was probably 6 or 7 years old. I liked them, and wanted to need them. I didn't understand why someone would need to wear glasses...what blurry vision looked like.

I was fascinated by nearsightedness. When I was about 12 or 13 years old, I started reading up as much as I could about the subject. I learned about the habits that supposedly led to the development of myopia. I then implemented those habits.

I found a pair of my grandfather's glasses (minus lenses), and wore those when no one was around. I would watch TV and read with my eyes as close to the material as I could tolerate. After a while, I started noticing things in the distance growing fuzzy. I was so excited! I remember being thrilled when I noticed that the carpet beneath me looked fuzzy.

I was able to get by in middle school and my freshman year of high school by sitting in the front row. By the time I reached my sophomore year, I couldn't fake it anymore. Even from the front row, the chalkboard was too blurry for me to read. I told my Mom about it, and got my first pair of glasses with an Rx of -2.00. I kept trying to induce more myopia over the years, but my prescription finally stalled out at -5.

I've been trying different experiments to induce more myopia, but am running out of options. Getting lens implants is pretty much my only realistic option at this point.

David 29 Nov 2016, 14:52

Chino I do not drive anymore, my current vision doesn't allow it. I am at present living in the UK not USA.

Please tell me more about yourself.

Chino 29 Nov 2016, 14:25


Are you still able to drive in your state? I know some states allow bioptic systems for drivers with low visual acuity.

David 29 Nov 2016, 13:57

The typical optician in Mumbai cannot dispense minus 54 glasses, the clinic ordered some lenses and five weeks is not an excess amount of time to get them made. The minus 39 GOC glasses helped but still I was needing support.

To have an uncontrollable need to be mega myopic is a curse and blessing. I love the result but tormented by the desires. VA of 20/80 is difficult at times, clarity of vision is good, size is very small.

Cactus Jack 29 Nov 2016, 09:45


It is possible. I would suggest some relatively inexpensive experimenting with single vision distance glasses and contact lenses to see if you are comfortable with -9.00 glasses, before proceeding.

Frankly, I think the jump from +2.50 to -9.00 is too large for a first experience with GOC at your age.

Here are the results of some basic GOC calculations to give you an idea of what a GOC combo would look like for -9.00 glasses:

OD (Right) -9.00/-0.25/140 Add +3.00

OS ( Left) -9.00/-0.50/40 Add +3.00

Sphere only Contact Lens +10.50

I won't go into the calculations right now, because that is NOT what I suggest you order for your first experience with GOC.

May I ask a few questions before making suggestions?

1. Have you ever worn Contact Lenses?

2. If so, do you know the Brand, Base Curve, and Diameter?

3. Have you had any problems with Dry Eyes?

4. Where do you live? (country)

5. What is your occupation?


juliette 29 Nov 2016, 00:10

I am new to this site,& had no idea that it was possible to do GOC, but I really would like to try this.

My husband & I are in our early fifties & both wear glasses. His prescription is -14, & I have always liked the boldness, & thickness of his lenses of his glasses, & wished mine could be the same. I like to try his glasses but see very little with them... he says that I look great in them. I have told him that I would like my glasses similar, & he supports the idea, saying that the stronger lenses really suit me.

I am used to wearing glasses &from time to time contact lenses. My glasses prescription is....Right +2.50/-0.25/140 and Left +2.50/-0.50/40..with an addition of 3.00. They are progressives.

Is it possible to adjust the contact lense power so I could wear -9.00 glasses & the after a time work up to something higher? any information on this would be greatly appreciated

David 28 Nov 2016, 06:55

gwgs, where do you live?

gwgs 28 Nov 2016, 04:51

David - an interesting tale, and it's fascinating to read how far some will take their love of being myopically induced! Why did it take a few weeks to get glasses to suit your requirements? Surely you could've walked into any opticians and done an eyetest which would have given you prescription or if you had GOC'd with this prescription prior to your operation, you would have been prepared with the correct glasses?

Chino 28 Nov 2016, 03:51


Thank you for posting this. It's great to hear from someone who has already done what I, eventually, plan to do. What is your glasses Rx now? What is your visual acuity with your current glasses?

One concern I have had is getting eye exams. Since having the lens implants, have you had any difficulty getting your eyes checked? Have optometrists or opthalmologists asked about them? If so, what do you tell them?

Do you have light or dark colored eyes? How easy is it to see the Verisyse Aphakia IOLs with the naked eye? I know they can be easily seen in a clinical setting, with a bright light shining right in your eye. How easy can they be seen in normal, everyday lighting?

Thank you.


David 27 Nov 2016, 13:25

After I retired my GOC became fulltime and extreme. Then my natural RX was just under minus 10 but not high enough for my desires.

I spent the last year of work researching and contacting refractive surgeons all over the world. Not one positive reply. Then my luck changed. After retirement I was travelling through Asia and scoured Delhi for a possible doctor to make me a serious extreme myope. Again no luck. Except one put me in touch with a surgeon about to retire in Mumbai. Basically he agreed when a fat fee was discussed.

This was ten years ago. The doctor had a supply of implants from years of service. Many were issued only in Asia and not available in the west.

The procedure was risky as both eyes were done together. He acquired some sample lens replacements which were unusually high. I was alone with no commitments so I requested a maximum Rx,he also fitted verysyse aphakia iols to my irises.

The operation was done with me asleep. I woke up rather than excited but in a panic. Guys remember GOC is in your control, you can take out the cls. Suddenly I felt at risk, I couldn't see. My old GOC glasses, late minus 30s didn't help very much. It took five weeks to get the first glasses made for me. Very lonely frightening weeks.

LXW 27 Nov 2016, 07:16

Chino, thank you very much for your lines, i am very excited! I will let you know if the people in singapore will perform the procedure to my eyes. My favorites are the lenses from Visian but i think other lenses will do a good job too.

Yes Cactus, you no about my problem and we have exchanged some lines in the past. Let´s wait what will happen...


Chino 26 Nov 2016, 21:58

That's an interesting idea, Cactus Jack. I had not considered seeing a mental health professional for BIID. I'll have to keep that in mind if the need arises.

As far as I know, the high plus Visian ICL is only available overseas. I'm very excited about the newer version with "CentraFLOW." They basically put a channel in the center to allow for aqueous flow. This makes it unnecessary to perform a peripheral iridotomy.

LXW, I did find a place that was willing to perform the procedure on "good" eyes. The facility is called Eagle Eye Centre. They're located in Singapore. Here is their website:

I have not contacted the people at Eagle Eye Centre in about 6 years. At the time, they were willing to implant the Visian ICL, Acrysof Cachet IOL, AND perform LASIK on me. Since then, the Acrysof Cachet is no longer available in Singapore due to excessive endothelial cell loss.

It would be interesting to learn if they are still willing to perform these procedures to induce myopia. Please keep us informed. I look forward to hearing what they say about your request.

Cactus Jack 26 Nov 2016, 13:16

LXW & Chno,

If you really want to be "permanently" extremely Myopic, the Visian ICLs seem like a good way to do it. I was not aware that they now make high Plus lenses. For a long time they only did Minus lenses. The really good thing about them is that they can be removed, so the procedure is somewhat reversible, but not as easily changed or reversed with GOC.

The thing you are running into with finding a surgeon willing to do the surgery is the Hippocratic Oath to "first do no harm". The intense need to be very Myopic or very Hyperopic is thought to be a mild form of BIID (Body Integrity Identity Disorder). In severe instances of BIID, the individual may want arms or legs amputated.

BIID is usually handled as a Psychological issue and you might consider that route. If a Psychiatrist or Psychologist recommends Refractive Surgery, I think you are more likely to have some success. Consulting with a Mental Health Professional (MHP) is a big psychological leap and a difficult decision. Looking around for an MHP who specializes in BIID, might be a good place to start.

Regarding Visual Acuity (VA) with high Myopia. Wearing very strong glasses with Minus lenses results in significant image minification on the Retina. At some point, the elements in the image get so small that they will get lost in the image processing by the Retina and transmission to the Visual Cortex by the Optic Nerve. While the Retina has a about 120 million Rods and Cones, the really important ones for VA are in the Fovea, around the Optic Nerve. The Retina must do some image processing to combine signals from the Rods and Cones and deliver them to the approximately 1 million nerve fibers in the Optic Nerve. When that occurs, very small image elements (i.e. small letter on a Snellen chart) may be unreadable. It may not be possible to pass a drivers vision test with corrected very high Myopia.

At least people with high Myopia have an advantage over people with high Hyperopia - better peripheral vision. High Minus glasses tend to act like Wide Angle camera lenses. High Plus glasses act like binoculars with very limited peripheral vision.

I have no experience with very high Minus glasses. However, we are fortunate to have Specs4ever, who has personal experience driving with high Minus GOC. Perhaps he will comment.


LXW 26 Nov 2016, 04:24

Hi Chno, i am also doing GOC for some years, but in a lower range (-8 to -14 glasses). And i also want to get Visian ICL implants too!!

Can you please tell me if you found a hospital who will do this procedure to "good" eyes? I come from germany and have sent a lot of mails around the world, but my search was without success. Getting short sighted is my biggest dream and in the last months i am getting more and more desperated from day to day... Would be thankful for tipps, thank you.


Chno 26 Nov 2016, 03:29

Is anyone on here doing really high GOC? I'm thinking -30 diopter glasses and up. If so, how is your visual acuity with the glasses?

I'm thinking of getting Visian ICL implants in the next 8 or 9 years. I did some calculations with the highest plus Rx they make (+22), and found that my glasses sphere correction would be about -42.75. I just want to make sure I can pass the vision screening for my driver license with this amount of image minimization.

Cactus Jack 24 Nov 2016, 09:30


It is very unlikely that your old glasses would be wearable with normal Sphere only contact lenses. The problem is your Cylinder correction. It is theoretically possible to find some Toric contacts that would enable her to wear your glasses, but it is practically impossible.

It would be better and probably less expensive, to design a GOC combo with contacts and inexpensive glasses from an on line retailer such as Zenni.

The place to start is with her complete glasses prescription. If she wears CLs that is good, but often CL prescriptions are compromises, if she has any Astigmatism. Toric Contact Lenses can be problematic and often to avoid them, a compromise Sphere only CL prescription is used.

if you can provide her complete glasses prescription and her age, I can offer some GOC combo suggestions.


Ric 24 Nov 2016, 07:14

Hello, last days talk with a friend about eyesight, vision, etc. She maked me questions about my eyesight, how bad is, etc, and i told her she could know if she get contacts with the opposite grade. She wears glasses with -3.00 R -2.75 L Could she try my old glasses with any contact lenses?

My old glasses are -17.00 -3.25 R and -15.50 -3.25 L

Cactus Jack 17 Nov 2016, 12:36


Even at its best, doing GOC is a very inexact science. The calculations work pretty well below low double digits, but become more uncertain as you approach +/- 20 because of Vertex Distance effects, which are a square function of the glasses prescription. Vertex Distance is very hard to measure or estimate and the number is very important in the calculations.

It is likely that you are in the process of learning an expensive lesson about doing GOC. Try some +4.50 contact lenses. You might get lucky. If they don't work very well, try something different.

Let me know if you decide to start over.

To start over, the first thing needed is your complete actual prescription. The second thing you need is to decide your desired glasses sphere prescription. The third thing YOU need is your Contact Lens Brand, Base Curve, and Diameter for the most comfort.

The final glasses prescription may not be the exact desired prescription because the most desirable contact lenses selection is to use the same Sphere Only prescription for both eyes and adjust the final glasses prescription, in the combo, as needed.


JoeS 17 Nov 2016, 10:43

Hi! I am into my first GOC-experience having received my -8,5 large aviators. Thick they are with standard lenses. First time in my life I look the way I want to.

I can see hardly anything with them on my nose. I am a -3 so my overcorrection is -5,5.

What strength should I order contacts?

I am 43 years old.

Tnank you

Cactus Jack 13 Nov 2016, 17:20


You might just call and ask the receptionist if the doctor is interested in assisting you in doing Glasses over Contact Lenses. The receptionist may not know what GOC means. You may get a lot of NOs!, but all you need is one YES!, though it would be nice to have more than one.

The nice thing about a call, is that there is no embarrassment or rejection issues. You may have to wait for a call back from the doctor.


Rupert 13 Nov 2016, 13:16

Thank you, Cactus Jack, for your response. I always enjoy your postings on this site. Yes, I'm around -4. I live in a very large metro area and there are lots of independent shopping center optometrists in the region, at strip malls, etc. I think lots of them take walk in appointments. So maybe I can work up some courage and stop by one of them one day and see what happens.

Cactus Jack 09 Nov 2016, 17:24


That may not be easy with an older ECP. GOC, done right, is essentially harmless. Your actual prescription must be around -4.00 for the GOC combination to work.

The very best way to do higher value GOC is with the help of an ECP. It is easy, just put in the contacts and do a refraction. One thing that can be beneficial, cost wise, is to use the same PLUS contact value for each eye and do the refraction. The compensation will be automatic.

You may have to find another ECP and just ask if they will help you do GOC. If the selected ECP does not sell glasses and contacts, they might be more willing to help and not be upset with the fact that you will order the glasses and contacts where ever you wish.

In some states, the rules require that the OD be independent. If you live in a larger city in the US, you might check your local Wal-Mart if it has a Vision Center. Most ODs associated with a W-M will provide you with prescriptions and you can get them filled where you want.


Rupert 09 Nov 2016, 14:52

Hello. I do GOC with +4.75/+5 contacts and -10/-9.75 glasses and it works well. I do it for short periods because the plus contacts aren't as comfortable as my minus ones.

My question: have any of you worked with your eye doctor to perfect your combo? I have an appointment coming up and would like to get tips on how to bring the topic up without seeming too weird. I'd like to go up to -12 or so and it's hard to get contacts online now without a prescription. Plus, I'd like to do it safely and accurately. I'd even agree to buy everything from him.

BTW, I am in my late 40s (yes, bifocals) in USA and have had the same eye doc for about 20 years.


Soundmanpt 06 Nov 2016, 10:32


What is your actual glasses prescription or do you have perfect eyesight and only do GOC so you can wear glasses? When you wear your -10.00 glasses what contact power do you wear with your glasses? Were you able to read close up wearing that combination or were you unable to read with that combination? Now that you have gotten new glasses with -15.00 lenses what is the prescription are you wearing for your contacts? If you were unable to read the price tag at the bakery your glasses must be over correcting your eyes too much and you probably need to increase your contacts a bit more. Were you able to see well enough to drive to the bakery wearing your new glasses? I'm sure you were probably thrilled that the lady at the bakery noticed your glasses and commented on them. That's what makes doing GOC even more fun.

Trent 06 Nov 2016, 10:16


I enjoyed reading your posting. Big jump from -10 to -15 diopters. They must be thick given people's reaction.

Pattie 05 Nov 2016, 15:48

Hi, I have started GOC a few years ago and have been wearing -10 glasses so far. Today, I have gone out in public with my new -15 glasses. They are really thick. Felt a bit dizzy at first but after a while I got more used to it. In the bakery, the lady asked me if I have new glasses and that they look really strong. I admitted that my eyes have become really sore recently and that even with those glasses, I could not see the price tag for the bread in the display. She helped me out by saying the price again while looking intensely at my glasses. Felt awesome!

Hope to experience it more often. What is your favorite experience?

Cactus Jack 02 Nov 2016, 04:20


Not just people who do GOC. Contacts can be hazardous if you don't use good Hygiene and if they are not properly fitted. Fundamentally, they are a foreign object in the eye. Albeit. if properly selected and fitted, a mostly comfortable one, good wearing practices MUST be observed.

I recently saw a piece on TV about a young man in University, who somehow acquired an Amoeba in his Cornea, under his CLs. It nearly destroyed his Corneas before he sought medical attention.


Cactus Jack 02 Nov 2016, 04:11


This will sound a little strange, but with your prescription change and Vertex Distance effects, my calculations suggest getting some +10 contacts. With + 10 contacts your glasses will need to be:

OD Right Eye Sphere -8.75

OS Left Eye Sphere -7.50

Note that I have reversed the order you listed your eyes. It is traditional to list the Right Eye (OD) first

You need to append the appropriate Cylinder and Axis for each eye, if any

According to my calculations, the above combination will give you a smidgeon too much minus (about -0.15 diopters) in each eye.

The reason I asked your age is that as Presbyopia approaches, you have less ability to add extra Plus internally to compensate for calculation errors.

Please remember that GOC is a very inexact science. There are NO guarantees that this combination will work for you. I suggest ordering the least expensive glasses you can from an online retailer such as Zenni Optical. If the combination is satisfactory, consider ordering some more expensive glasses with AR coatings etc,

Please let me know if you have any questions.


gwgs 02 Nov 2016, 02:42

Thanks CJ, I realise you're not an eye professional, but seem to have the most knowledge around here, and I thought this article and a response may be useful, and a warning / heads up to some of those who regularly GOC on here as it's an awful incident that happened to this poor girl.

Sparky 01 Nov 2016, 22:14

Somewhere in the minus 7 to 10.which ever is easier.

Cactus Jack 01 Nov 2016, 22:01


As I have said many times, I am not an Eye Care Professional. I must defer to our ECPs for an "official" answer. However, I can offer these thoughts.

Tears and the tear film between the CL and the Cornea play a vital role in the successful wearing of contacts. I did not read the whole article, but on the surface, it seemed to me that they sensationalized something that is tragic for the young woman that should not have happened.

I do not believe that 8 hours or any specific time period for contact wear i a hard an fast rule because everyone is different and even the difference is not constant.

When offered an opportunity, typically when advising someone about GOC, I discourage self prescribing contact lens Brand, Base Curve and Diameter. I strongly suggest an exam for contacts, even if it cosmetic contacts, to get an accurate measurement of the corneal curvature and a matching CL to make sure that the contacts move around on the tear film. Even if the contacts are high moisture, with high oxygen permeability, tears carry oxygen and nutrients to the Cornea, which has NO blood supply.

Another important element of a professional exam for contacts is training on insertion, removal, and what to do if you go to sleep with CLs that are not designed for overnight wear.

The most likely cause of a CL being stuck to the Cornea is forgetting to take them out before going to sleep. While sleeping there is, of course, no blinking and the pressure of the eyelids can force soft CL against the Cornea. I have know it to happen to one of my associates. He was smart enough to go to his ECP on an emergency basis. I can no longer wear CLs because of Dry Eye problems, but I had the same thing happen to me over a Saturday night. I am not one to panic about anything, so I thought about the situation and used either Sterile Saline Solution or Multi-Purpose Solution (preferred) or Artificial Tears to bathe and re-moistureize the CL and my eye. I dribbled the solution into my eye for a minute or so while very gently trying to move the CL on my Cornea with my finger tip (washed and rinsed my hands first making sure there was no soap residue). After a couple of minutes, the CL released its grip and I was able to remove it normally. I used Artificial Tears to fully re-moisturize my eye and didn't wear CLs for a few days.

The biggest clue that you have worn your CLs long enough is discomfort. Also, you need to consider the environment. In conditions of low humidity, you SHOULD use Artificial Tears with lubricant. In extreme low humidity conditions (e.g. a 3 hour plus trip in a jet), you probably should not be wearing CLs at all.

If appropriate, put them in when you reach your destination.

The important thing is to follow your ECPs instructions about how long to wear CL. They are the most familiar with your situation. Modern, high moisture, soft contact lenses are very forgiving, but NOT 100% forgiving. Even the best contact lenses cannot forgive sheer stupidity.

If they were not reserved for the most egregious cases. the woman in the Sun article might get a casual mention at the Darwin Award ceremonies. If you don't know what the Darwin Awards are, look them up on line.

I wold appreciate comments from our ECPs.


Nemo 01 Nov 2016, 21:14

Hey, just following-up to some comments about my prior post.

I posted my ex-wife's glasses prescription:

OD +2.25 -0.75 x 095

OS +5.25 -0.75 x 117

Yes, it is quite a difference. She was 18 months old when she got glasses the first time and wore a patch over her right eye (OD) for a while during early childhood. Because her OD isn't very bad, she can easily accommodate through it (she's only 29), so she's always been able to see just fine without correction out of that eye. Her entire life she actually didn't know why she was supposed to wear glasses, until I explained it to her!

The vertex distance thing actually works the opposite way for plus lenses, so her contact prescription is:

OD +2.50 -0.75 x 090

OS +5.50 -0.75 x 120

That's for Air Optix for Astigmatism.

I said that my "real" contacts are -4.50, but I didn't provide much more detail. Sorry about that. My glasses prescription is:

OD -5.00

OS -5.00

Air Optix.

Yeah, that's it. :-) The optometrist would like to have fitted -4.625 contacts for me, but as you know that doesn't happen in soft lenses, so he went with -4.50 instead of over-correcting. I can see 20/15 out of either eye this way anyway.

So anyway, with my eyes wanting roughly -4.62 contacts, putting in -9.50 contacts brings me to a place where +4.87 contacts would correct it. I looked at a vertex distance conversion table, and at 12 mm, +4.75 would be the same as +5.00 on the eye, and +4.50 at 12 mm would be the same as +4.75 on the eye.

Since I need in between, I could go between +4.75 and +4.50 for the glasses. As +4.75 would be a slight over-correction and might make me more nearsighted, and I know I have reasonable accommodation still in my early-30s, I elected to go for the +4.50 instead.

So I hope that explains better why I ended up going with that, Cactus Jack and gwgs!

By the way, does anyone here know if there's a place to get RGPs online without having to send in an actual prescription? I've been in a discussion with my doctor about possibly switching to RGPs; if I do, it would be nice to be able to do GOC that way as well! I could also eventually get much stronger glasses since you can do RGPs with stronger prescriptions than soft lenses.



gwgs 01 Nov 2016, 08:24

Cactus Jack - what is your opinion of the article below? I'd be interested to read what you - and others - think of it, as there are a few on here that no doubt GOC for over 8 hours in one go and it would therefore be in everyones best interest to be armed with the facts

Cactus Jack 01 Nov 2016, 06:06


What approximate prescription would you like in the glasses?


Sparky 01 Nov 2016, 01:14

I am 39 years old.could you suggest another combo so that I can use same strength contacts

Cactus Jack 31 Oct 2016, 10:08


You need these CL powers

Right Eye (OD) +5.00

Left Eye (OS) +4.00

I suggest you consider ordering some new GOC contacts and glasses so you can wear one power contact lens on both eyes.

May I ask your age?

BTW, you posted 4 times. Usually this is caused by the server being slow to respond. If your post and "Eyescene" entry is acceptable, the "Submit" button will turn Blue with White Letters when you press on the Submit button. If you press it repeatedly, you will get a post for each time you press it.


gwgs 31 Oct 2016, 06:33

Bit of a worrying story - comments / thoughts please from those in the know? I never knew there was an 8 hour limit to wearing contact lenses. How can an everyday wearer only wear them for 8 hours when most working days after longer than this?

Sparky 31 Oct 2016, 01:37

Hi guys.I need some advice. I have - 8 glasses and +7.5contacts.they used to work reasonably well.but now my prescription has changed drastically. My prescription is now left eye +3.25.right eye +2.25.could someone advise what contact lens power I should order to wear my -8 glasses.any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance

Sparky 31 Oct 2016, 01:37

Hi guys.I need some advice. I have - 8 glasses and +7.5contacts.they used to work reasonably well.but now my prescription has changed drastically. My prescription is now left eye +3.25.right eye +2.25.could someone advise what contact lens power I should order to wear my -8 glasses.any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance

Sparky 31 Oct 2016, 01:37

Hi guys.I need some advice. I have - 8 glasses and +7.5contacts.they used to work reasonably well.but now my prescription has changed drastically. My prescription is now left eye +3.25.right eye +2.25.could someone advise what contact lens power I should order to wear my -8 glasses.any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance

Sparky 31 Oct 2016, 01:37

Hi guys.I need some advice. I have - 8 glasses and +7.5contacts.they used to work reasonably well.but now my prescription has changed drastically. My prescription is now left eye +3.25.right eye +2.25.could someone advise what contact lens power I should order to wear my -8 glasses.any advice is welcome. Thanks in advance

Cactus Jack 21 Oct 2016, 19:22


That seems like a pretty good choice, given the limited information you provided. I like to start with a complete glasses prescription because contact lens prescription are often compromises to avoid topics.

Assuming your-4.50 contact lenses are correct and that you have no astigmatism your Eye's refractive power without correction is the opposite sign of your CL power or +4.50. If you wear -9.50 CLs the resulting refractive power would be -5.00.

We are accustomed to doing calculations of Vertex Distance effects for Minus Glasses by squaring the lens power, dividing the result by 1000 and then multiplying by the vertex distance in mm. We SUBTRACT that number form the glasses sphere and that yields the CL equivalent. For Plus Glasses we follow the same procedure, but ADD the result to the glasses prescription to get the equivalent CL prescription. In this case for a 12 mm Vertex Distance you get a VD effect of approximately 0.25. If you add that number to the glasses sphere prescription you get +4.75.

The +4.75 does not exactly match the -5.00, but that is not a problem, because your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses should be able to supply an additional +0.25, internally to provide crisp vision.

Good work.


gwgs 21 Oct 2016, 02:14

Nemo, welcome! That's a quite a difference she had between each eye!

Your GOC calculation sounds quite underpowered in my opinion on the face of it as I would've thought wearing -9.5 contacts would require a lot stronger prescription that +4.5 but I'm used to seeing the calculations on here the opposite way round, and I'm sure cactus jack will post his thoughts on this.

All 20 Oct 2016, 23:30

nemo, glad to hear !

nemo 20 Oct 2016, 21:29

Hi! First time here.

I normally wear -4.50 contacts for my "real" correction. I was inspired many years ago to try GoC upon happening to get a girlfriend (later wife) who was hyperopic, anisometropic, and mildly amblyopic. I wanted to see what it was like to wear her glasses, so after finding out her prescription, I got contacts that would do a reasonable job. Unfortunately she has astigmatism which I didn't correct for so it wasn't perfect.

By the way, her last prescription is:

OD +2.25 -0.75 x 095

OS +5.25 -0.75 x 117

Anyway, many years later now she has left me so I can't wear her glasses anymore, and she didn't like me doing that anyway. But I really enjoyed the plus lenses, and I still had some -9.50 contacts here, so I decided to get a pair of glasses with plus lenses that would work with these.

After doing the calculations I ended up getting +4.50 glasses.

I have to say, I am very impressed. It makes me wish I was farsighted, and jealous of those who are! I don't know what it is, but it just feels very good.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. :-)

Shakes 08 Oct 2016, 07:14

Is any place that still sells contacts without a prescription?

CF 25 Sep 2016, 13:45

Big thanks DS - very helpful

DS 24 Sep 2016, 11:26


The calculations work the same. The key is that a spectacle lens requires a more negative diopter power than a contact lens for the same effective power at the eye.

+12 glasses with -1.25 sph prescribed correction:

+12 vertexed 12.5mm back to the eye is +14.12D

Add that to the +1.25 natural power for +15.37D.

That requires a -15.37D correction. The closest contact lens power is -15.50D.

Glasses for -11 contacts and -1.25 prescription:

The contacts overcorrect by 9.75D at the eye.

Vertexing 12.5mm for glasses requires +8.75D glasses.

Glasses for -12 contacts and -1.25 prescription:

The contacts overcorrect by 10.75D at the eye.

Vertexing 12.5mm for glasses requires +9.50D glasses.

paul 24 Sep 2016, 04:06

do any of you guys know where i can buy contacts over +20 to +30 non custom made and not rgp lenses,thanks

CF 23 Sep 2016, 15:52

Dear all,

I just need a bit of help. I have some some GOC up to -12 and so far I always got he contact lens prescription right. Now I got +12 glasses (no cyl) and some -11 and -12 contacts (I am -1,25 myself), but neither of them work out. I only now realised that the calculations for + glasses GOC works in the other direction as - glasses GOC and I'm confused :-)

GOC Glasses: +12 (no cyl)

My vision: -1,25

Contacts: ???

In order to not have to ditch the -11 and -12 contact lenses what would be the + glasses prescription required?

GOC Glasses: ???

My vision: -1,25

Contacts: -11 and -12

Thanks for any help.

rimpopper 22 Aug 2016, 11:44

Forgot to sign my work. Others can check my math. My spreadsheet can pretty much figure out any + or - combination. At least it can get you in the ballpark. Just remember, GOC is part science, part art and experience.

 22 Aug 2016, 11:38

TSK: The math suggests: OD +8.00 x -.25 x 5; OS +7.75 x -.50 x 20 glasses over -7 contacts with a VD of .013. It is essentially the reciprocal of the calculation for - glasses over + contacts.

If you went to -10 contacts at .013 VD, the glasses would be OD +11.75 x -.25 x 5; OS +11.50 x -.50 x 20. In any case your astigmatic prescription does not change, and the only difference would be in the SPH.

These numbers simply reflect the fact that the power of a lens is inversely proportional to the distance from it. That difference increases with each diopter. If you went to -20 lenses, for example, you would need +26 or +27 glasses over them.

Tsk 22 Aug 2016, 09:20

Hi Both,

my current prescription is;

+0.50 -0.25 5

+0.50 -0.50 20

I've managed OK with the -7 glasses over +7 contacts in the past but wondered what a good starting point would be to experience a stronger longsighted prescription

Thanks for the input

specs4ever 22 Aug 2016, 07:03

Tsk, while Cactus Jack is correct in thinking that in order for an accurate combination you need to provide better and more information, what you think is not true. With a minus contact and plus glasses it is the reverse of wearing plus contacts with minus glasses. If your eyesight is perfect, wearing a +7D contact with -7D glasses you would have been over corrected by about -0.50D, which is easily overcome by accommodation, or by wearing the glasses slightly lower on your nose. But you can't accommodate for plus lenses, nor can you wear them lower on your nose, so in this case you would need to add about +0.50 or maybe +0.75D to your glasses to get reasonable vision, Of course this suggestion depends on the wearer and their ability to decipher the blur.

Cactus Jack 22 Aug 2016, 05:03


You did not provide enough information to allow anyone to help. The starting place for all GOC calculations is your current actual prescription.


bracesfan 21 Aug 2016, 23:56


Surely ...

inglasses2000 19 Aug 2016, 15:25

Bracesfan.... a glasses and braces fan ? ;)

Tsk 19 Aug 2016, 03:47

Hi, I've worn a -7 glasses +7 contacts GOC off and on for the past year but only in the house or when I've been away with the GF in a place we don't know anyone.

I would like to try a reverse of this but I can't really find much information on wearing plus glasses in a GOC config.

I think +7 glasses would probably be far too strong but I do want something that gives a strong appearance...

Any tips or experience?

bracesfan 18 Aug 2016, 23:17


No, you got me wrong. I wrote "glasses" with +8/-12 cyl combo. It means +8 diopters and -12 cylinder diopters at 90 degrees. The result is that such toric glass has +8 in one axe and -4 in the other.

Cactus Jack 18 Aug 2016, 07:59


Thank you for the answers. Two more questions:

1. Do you have any problems focusing on very small text if you text on a smartphone?

2. Do you sense any discomfort when you read for an extended period?

I would suggest an eye exam, but before you do that, I would suggest a crude eye test that you can easily do. You will need the following:

1. A book or newspaper with typical sized text. (the target)

2. A tape measure or yard stick.

3. Some Over-the-Counter (OTC) reading glasses in the +1.50 range.

The purpose of the +1.50 reading glasses is to make you artificially nearsighted so the distance readings will be in a convenient range, but not so much as to make accurate measurements difficult. You may be able to find a very low cost reading glasses at one of the "dollar" stores.

Here is the test:

1. With the +1.50 glasses on, hold the target about 16 inches away from your eyes. The text should be very clear.

2. Move the target away from you until the edges of the text just becomes a little fuzzy.

3. Measure the distance and make a note of it.

Do the above 3 times and average the distance. Tell me the average distance.


John London 18 Aug 2016, 04:17

Following recent conversations; please forgive me a few lines of experience.

My real glasses have -33 sph and -4.5 zyl in by better eye. Plus 12 BO prisms in each eye.

That makes things sort of difficult. So I wear Biofinity XR -20 contact lenses with the rest if my prescription made up with blended myodisc lenses. Plus a second pair for reading.

I've also used a white cane since my eighth birthday so no one has ever really commentated that sometimes I wear myodisc and sometimes double myodisc lenses

Josh 17 Aug 2016, 23:34

Hi bracesfan,

Does that mean that you wear +8 contacts with -12 glasses? I'm confused. Thanks!!

bracesfan 17 Aug 2016, 23:24

It´s not quite true that GOC with so high cylinder would be impossible and glasses not wearable. Contacts with high cylinder are easy to get though they are pricey: Proclear makes their XR up to 6 diopters and then there are many custom made contacts for keratoconus. But as far as I am concerned the best solution are Hydrasoft Options by Cooper. My combo with them is +0,50/-11 cyl in glasses and +6,50/-10 cyl in contacts. The combo is wearable, surely not for long time. Just a few hours and only for basic orientation. The BCV is about 40/100 for me. Contacts take quite long time for centration but then keep the axe orientation surprisingly well. The +/- combination in glasses is generally very exciting. I have another glasses with +8/-12 cyl combination and considering going up to +12/-17. The extreme elongation with such a combo is stunning.

Josh 17 Aug 2016, 22:25

Hi Cactus Jack,

Thank you so much for your help!!

1. I am 23.

2. United States

3. Business

4. Fourth Year

5. 15 years ago (yes, I know that's bad)

6. Brown

7. Yes, I drive.

8. Yes, I can see well in low light.

Cactus Jack 17 Aug 2016, 12:59


Successful GOC requires effort and planning. You need to know your actual prescription, even if it is 0.00 in each eye.

You need to know the Base Curve and Diameter of contact lenses. Also, how to insert and remove them, and care for them. Hygiene is VERY important when wearing contact lenses.

I have a few questions for you.

1. What is your age?

2. Where do you live (country)?

3. What is your Major?

4. What is your year in College?

5. When was your last eye exam?

6. What is your eye color?

7. Do you drive?

8. How is your vision in very low light conditions? Can you read unlighted distant signs, easily?

Some of these questions may seem of no consequence, but they affect our suggestions.

If you have not had a recent eye exam and think you have perfect vision, it is possible that your refractive error is so low that glasses would offer little or no benefit or it is possible that you have some Hyperopia. Hyperopia is the only type of refractive error that you can correct internally, often without your even begin aware of it.

I can suggest a couple of simple tests that you can do to get an idea of your actual refractive error. That is important because when you go for an eye exam, you need to have visual complaints that make sense to the examiner.

There may be more questions after you answer the above.


Josh 17 Aug 2016, 12:02

I thank you all for your feedback. I did not realize and cancelled the Zenni order. Can anyone suggest a good prescription to use instead?

rimpopper 17 Aug 2016, 08:57

For Josh from a previous post: "There’s something you should consider if you don’t need or wear contacts. You should get a finial contact lens prescription to determine the base curve, diameter and power of the contacts. You can gamble that what you order will work, but I wouldn’t do that. You can get a cosmetic contact lens prescription that includes the base curve and the diameter you need even if you don’t need any correction.

I would amend that by saying "Do not gamble at all." Contacts are serious business, even more so when you add an astigmatic correction. If you don't wear glasses or contacts, then the assumption is you don't have astigmatism. If you don't have it, you should never adjust the prescription to include it.

Cancel the glasses order or send them to "New Eyes for the Needy." Then start over and go slow. After 16 years I only use +10 contacts over my own -4 prescription.

Cactus Jack 17 Aug 2016, 07:06


If you REALLY have 20/20 vision without correction, you made several big, potentially expensive, mistakes. The biggest was the very high Cylinder correction. The next biggest was ordering VERY high minus Sphere glasses to start GOC. It will be extremely difficult to find some contact lenses that yield a wearable combination.

You are asking someone to do lengthy calculations for you that are essentially a waste of time and effort, because it appears that you do not understand very basic optics or vision.

You can calculate to your hearts content, but the contacts will probably need to be custom made, "vial" lenses. The APPROXIMATE power will be:

Sphere +15.00, Cylinder +5.75 Axis 60 Toric lenses.

The contact lenses WILL NOT be inexpensive. IF you can get the contacts, the combo probably WILL NOT be wearable. The biggest problem with the contacts would be keeping the contacts properly oriented on your corneas. They need to move around a little on the Cornea to allow the tear film under them to be refreshed. The Corneas do not have a blood supply and have to get their Oxygen from the Air and moisture and nutrients from the tear film. If toric contacts rotate as you blink, your vision with them will vary from fair to terrible at the most inappropriate times.

If you are smart, you will try to cancel the Zenni order and start over. However, I think you are the type of person who needs to stick your hand in a fire to prove to yourself that it is hot. That knowledge would come at a high price and result in severe burns.

Improperly done GOC also comes at a high price and wearing improperly fitted contact lenses can result in permanent Corneal damage. Vision actually occurs in the brain and your brain has to learn to "see" with radically changed images from your two eyes. The bigger the change, the longer it takes. People with natural high myopia did not suddenly get that way. They probably needed minus glasses in childhood and their myopia increased at 1 or 2 diopters per year.

If you are really serious, we can help you take advantage of the experience of our members, but you need to follow the advice, if you want to have success.


specs4ever 17 Aug 2016, 06:56

Josh, it will be impossible for you to wear these glasses. There is no way you can correct for the astigmatism. You just wasted your money.

Josh 17 Aug 2016, 04:37

Hey guys,

I really want to give GOC a try. I have 20/20 vision, but I am OBSESSED with coke bottle glasses. I ordered two pairs from Zenni:

Pair #1:

OD - Right-18.5 -5.75 55.0

OS - Left-19.0 -6.0 63.0

Pair #2:

OD - Right-19.75 -6.0 55.0

OS - Left-20.0 -6.0 63.0

I would love to wear them out of the house (and see clearly while wearing them). My question is: what prescription would I need in contacts? And where can I buy contacts online without a prescription? Also what website sells contacts that will meet the requirements? Most websites I visited only go to +8 and I'm guessing the contacts would have to be much stronger for me to see out of the glasses. Please help! I want to order as soon as possible because I'm going back to college in a few days and would love to wear the glasses out.

rimpopper 13 Aug 2016, 09:08

Small error in last calculation at the bottom of the last post. Adding -16.45 and 15.71 gives -.74 not -.70 but it doesn't change the resulting prescription. Sorry. It's important to be precise.

rimpopper 13 Aug 2016, 08:53

There’s something you should consider if you don’t need or wear contacts. You should get a finial contact lens prescription to determine the base curve, diameter and power of the contacts. You can gamble that what you order will work, but I wouldn’t do that. You can get a cosmetic contact lens prescription that includes the base curve and the diameter you need even if you don’t need any correction.

Common base curves range, generally, from 8.4 to 8.7 and diameters from 13 to 14 mm. Again, you can gamble, but you really want to be certain you know what you’re getting into if you’ve never worn contacts before. I’ve worn contacts since I was 15, and I’ve avoided eye infections and the like without fail.

Below are the calculations with my prescription and +10 contact lenses. The formula becomes more complicated when you add an astigmatic correction. And I do not know anything about prism corrections. They are fairly rare in any case. Finally, GOC is part science, part art. The formula in bold will get you in the ballpark, but you may have to rely on your experiences with GOC to get exactly the effect – and comfort - you want. For my part, I’m stopping at +10 contacts for many of the reasons posted here before.

The formula is below, and it’s really easy to compute until you factor in astigmatism. If you have a prescription, just substitute it in the appropriate places. I know of no easy way to measure VD, so start in the middle at .013. VD won’t matter much with contacts less than +10, but beyond that if you’re under-corrected increase the VD. If you’re over-corrected reduce the VD. If anyone is interested I can post the spreadsheet chart for plus contacts (+2 to +20) worn by those who need no correction with VD’s of .012 to .014. Good luck.

Prescription: OD -2.50 -.75 x 90; OS -3.00 -.50 x 45 with +10.00 contacts; VD = .014

OD: (-SPH / (1+ (VD x SPH))) – (+10) =

-2.50 / (1 + (.014 x 2.50)) = -2.50 / 1.035 = -2.41 - (+10) = -12.41

-12.41 / (1+ (.014 x -12.41) = -12.41/.82626 = -15.02 (if no astigmatism stop here)

Astig (-2.50 + -.75) / (1+ (.014 x 3.25)) = -3.25/1.0455 = - 3.11 – (+10) = - 13.11

-13.11 / 1+ (.014 x -13.11) = -13.11/.81646 = -16.06

-15.02 by (-16.06 + 15.02) by 90 degrees = -15.02 by -1.04 by 90 = -15.00 x -1.00 x 90

My OD with +10 contact yields -15.00 x -1.00 x 90

OS: (-SPH / (1+ (VD x SPH))) – (+10) =

-3.00 / (1+ (.014 x 3.00)) = -3.00 / 1.042 = -2.88 – (+10) = -12.88

-12.88 / (1+ (.014 x -12.88) = -12.88/.81968 = -15.71 (if no astigmatism stop here)

Astig (-3.00 + -.50) / (1+ (.014 x 3.50)) = -3.50/1.049 = -3.37 – (+10) = -13.37

-13.37 / (1+ (.014 x -13.37) = -13.37/.81282 = -16.45

-15.71 by (-16.45 + 15.71) by 45 degrees = -15.71 by -.70 x 45 = -15.75 x -.75 x 45

My OS with +10 contact yields -15.75 x -.75 x 45

Note: Without astigmatism to account for, OD is -15.00 and OS is -15.75.

rimpopper 12 Aug 2016, 23:53

Zero 6 DW vial contact lenses (American Hydron) ranging from -20 to +20 are available from You simply attest to the fact that it is your prescription. I've used +10 lenses in each eye successfully for the last 2 years. I combine them with OD -15.00 -1.00 x 90 and OS -15.75 -.75 x 45 glasses and I have perfect visual acuity.

I have used GOC since 2000, but I began at a much lower level - about +5.00. I successfully combined them with -10.00 glasses. Those who say go slow are correct.

Vertical distance does not matter very much until you get past a negative 10 or so with the glasses. After that, each added millimeter of VD adds about .25 diopter to the required prescription. I can't speak to the positive glasses.

I learned this by trial and error and created a spreadsheet using my actual prescription that performs the calculations for me. I can enter, for example, a positive contact lens prescription and it will produce a precise prescription for the correct glasses. Everyone is unique, and I learned that my VD with most glasses is 14 mm. The range appears to be between 11 and 15 mm. with 12 or 13 mm. the most common.

It is also essential that you do not adjust in any way the cylinder, axis or prism details of your prescription. If you don't wear glasses, you can ignore them. It helps if you start with a recent refraction for both glasses and for contact lenses. I've worn both for years, and I simply entered my current prescription into the spreadsheet. The formula is simple and straightforward, but you must be careful with the + and – signs.

The best eyeglass fit seems to be bridge width (BW) + lens width (LW) = pupillary distance (PD). If your PD is 68, for example, then a frame with a BW of 18 and a LW of 50 works well. Likewise, a BW of 20 and a LW of 48 also works.

Finally, the calculators that have appeared here from time to time are quite accurate, and you can use them with confidence. I hope this helps.

NJ 11 Aug 2016, 05:24

hyperaficionado, that sounds like a good plan. I will say from a lot of experience that when a plus script goes from +16 to +20 there is a significant drop in ease of wear. It's just harder to see out of +20 lenses than +16 lenses, and though you can get used to the differences you can't fully compensate or make up for them. The biggest challenge of course is the loss of peripheral vision. You can learn to turn your head instead of your eyes to see to the side, but that only works if objects are stationary. Just wait until you go into a crowded shopping area with people moving in all directions. You'll look a like a bobblehead trying to keep everything in sight!

Anyway, I never found the magnification or distortion to be much of an issue after the first few days, but the limited visual field still is after all these years. And as the lenses get stronger, the limits of your visual fields get closer and closer to your center of vision.

Good luck!

hyperaficionado 11 Aug 2016, 04:35

@cactus jack

thank you for your guidance. Yes, I've beenb in the "pool" and know how to swim, not in such deep waters as I know wish to try but at least in shallow waters I feel comfortable.

I'll take your suggestion into consideration. I will skip the +12 though. I'll go with the +16 option. I feel up to the task of calculating the number by myself. your example helps me and guides me throuth the calculation.

Once I have decided to order I'll let you know how it went when the combo arrives.

Thanks again and best regards,


Cactus Jack 10 Aug 2016, 06:26


At least, you have been in the "pool" and know how to swim. Many people, who try high prescription GOC at the start, find the shock of their visual experience so uncomfortable and marginally wearable, that they give up. In the past, the only people who experienced such a huge vision change had the choice between very poor or no vision and the limited vision of high PLUS Cataract glasses. There was no going back. Also, recovery from the surgery was months rather than minutes, hours, or at the most a day or so, as is frequently experienced today with IOLs.

I would suggest perhaps +12, +16 and +20, but it is your choice. At 37, you to need to get pretty close on the combination because you probably have limited Accommodation Amplitude to compensate by contributing much internal PLUS. The trick there is to use a little MORE Minus in the CLs than you calculate, but remember that high prescription CLs only come in 0.50 increments. As NJ said, you can also move the glasses some to take advantage of the VD effects.

Using the example I offered, do you feel comfortable doing your own calculations? One thing to always remember that high prescription GOC is a VERY inexact science. There are no guarantees of good results.


hyperaficionado 10 Aug 2016, 05:29

thank you, NJ, for your support and inputs.

And thank you, Cactus Jack, for your vast answer.

I'm adding my answers below your questions right here:

Now some GOC related questions:

1. What is your age? (To get an idea of your Accommodation Amplitude and your ability to compensate for errors)

- I'm 37 years old.

2. Where do you live? (To get an idea of how difficult it will be for you to get GOC Contacts and Glasses)

- I live in Switzerland. I already did some research and found an online-glasses-manufacturer in eyeglassfactoryoutlet - they go up to +/- 30 dpt.

I also found a contact lens online shop that delievers also up to +/- 30 dpt contact lenses.

3. Have you ever worn contact lenses?

- yes, I have.

4. Haver your ever done any GOC?

- Yes, I have.

5. If so, what was the prescription range?

- I have a +8 dpt pair of glasses with my cyl and axis - which I occasionally wear with -7.5 dpt contacts - but I feel like this combo has become to weak in order to see for a longer time without problems.

If you think that +20 dpt is too strong and too much of risk of not being/seeing confortable with i could also op for a pair of +16 dpt glasses. But I would not want to go any lower. After all I wish to have this huge magnifying effect of the lens.

helpful 10 Aug 2016, 01:38

Would just point out that Globallens in Canada stopped providing contacts without your prescription some months ago apparently following pressure from the USA. Other persons here have asked where you can get contacts over the strength of 20 without prescription and not sure anyone has replied as to a source.

NJ 09 Aug 2016, 22:12

hyperaficionado, one other consideration. The power of the contact lenses will depend somewhat on the style of eyeglass lens you choose. Lenticular lenses, the kind that look like a fried egg, have a front power surface that sits a little closer to your eye, whereas a full field lens has this a little further away because it is much thicker. If you go with a full field lens you might want to up the power of the contact lenses by a diopter or so.

Though much harder to find, it's entirely possible to get a full field lens made in this prescription. It requires what's called a 'free form generator' to make the blank, but with digital lens making, it's actually quite available. Lenticular lenses will be easier to get. Both work equally well, or equally poorly, depending on your viewpoint.

NJ 09 Aug 2016, 21:55

hyperaficionado, it's not quite as difficult as CJ's calculations might suggest.

My first GOC combo was with +20 glasses too. Back then, without the Internet, I had to do the vertex correction using the lens equation for multiple elements. My hyperopia was similar to yours, and I got a number around -24 for the contact lenses, though I don't recall exactly.

Well, it turns out that getting an accurate number is not all that critical, with one important caveat, because you can change the power of the glasses just by moving them a little bit up or down your nose, a diopter here or there doesn't matter.

However, and here's the caveat, if the contact lenses are too weak, you won't be able to move the glasses close enough to your eyes to focus. However, if the contacts are a little too strong, you can always make up for this by using your accommodation, if you're still young, or by moving the glasses a little bit down your nose. So in your position I might order -25 or -26 contacts, which are available from places like Globallens in Vancouver. You just fine tune your vision by moving the glasses until everything pops into focus.

As far as getting used to them, it does take some time. However, I didn't find it to be that difficult. And remember that in the old days, people who had cataract surgery had to wear high plus glasses right away, though not usually as high as +20.

Good luck!

Cactus Jack 09 Aug 2016, 08:30


Yes, you do need some help, but probably in more way than you realize. That statement is not intended to be critical or judgmental.

The math is not very difficult, but it can be confusing when you first start working with GOC. The confusion comes from the fact that corrective glasses and contact lenses are the inverse of the actual refractive error and the nature of Vertex Distance effects. The BIG problem comes when your brain has to learn to process a massively different visual experience. I have a few questions that relate to doing GOC, but first let me ask some seemingly innocuous questions about swimming.

Do you know how to swim? Assume for a moment that you do not know how. Would you climb up to the Olympic high diving board (10 meters) and dive into 5 meters of water with no training or first learning how to swim?

Unfortunately, that sounds pretty much what you are wanting to do with +20 GOC glasses. The inclination to "jump into the deep end" is very common with people who are inexperienced with GOC. High PLUS GOC seems to be more difficult to get used to than high MINUS GOC.

Now some GOC related questions:

1. What is your age? (To get an idea of your Accommodation Amplitude and your ability to compensate for errors)

2. Where do you live? (To get an idea of how difficult it will be for you to get GOC Contacts and Glasses)

3. Have you ever worn contact lenses?

4. Haver your ever done any GOC?

5. If so, what was the prescription range?

I will show you the theoretical calculations, but the practical accuracy at very high prescriptions is likely incorrect.

Step 1. Calculate the Vertex Distance (VD) effects of +20 glasses:

Square the glasses power: +20 x +20 = 400 (note that the sign is actually lost)

Divide by 1000: 400/1000 = 0.40 (VD effects in Diopters per mm)

Multiply by the Actual VD of the glasses. (Note VD is very hard to measure or estimate in advance. Typical is 10 to 12 mm) 0.40 x 12 = 4.8 diopters

The question is: What do you do with that number. For PLUS glasses, you ADD it to the glasses power to get the equivalent CL power. For MINUS glasses you SUBTRACT it from the glasses power. IOW, the glasses power at the cornea is +24.8. You would need -24.8 contacts to compensate for the +20 glasses.

Step 2 Consider the effects of the refractive power of your eyes.

If you need +2.25 Sphere correction (VD factors are nil below about =/- 4.50) your eyes already have a refractive power of -2.25 (I call it eye power). That reduces the -24.8 to -22.55 or -22.50. Good luck buying those.

Step 3. Transfer the Cylinder and Axis directly to the GOC glasses WITHOUT ANY changes.

Step 4. Anticipate severe nausea (motion sickness) when you try the combination, so have a trash can or other container handy.

Step 5. Be prepared to exercise extreme caution when going down stairs, stepping off curbs, or tripping over unseen objects on the floor or ground.

You can learn to deal with all of this, but it takes time and it is best approached slowly to give your brain time to learn how to deal with the limitations of wearing high PLUS glasses.

The motion sickness occurs because when you move your head, the apparent speed of motion you see, is MUCH faster than your semicircular canals in your ears, sense. That difference is what causes motion sickness.

Very high plus glasses are like wearing binoculars or looking through tubes. You have NO useful peripheral vision.

The very best way to do high prescription GOC is with the help of a "friendly" Eye Care Professional. You can do lower prescription GOC using calculations as long as you start low and work up. Remember, at +20 the VD effects are 0.40 diopters per mm. A 1 mm error is almost 2 optical steps in your vision with the glasses.

I hope this helps. Please let me know what you plan to do. Be prepared to spend (and waste) some money before you get it right.


hyperaficionado 09 Aug 2016, 01:34

Hi there

I need some help.

My current script is the following:

Right eye: +2.25 dpt -1.0 sph 100 axis

Left eye: +2.25 dpt -0.5 sph 90 axis

Now: I want to order glasses with an rx of +20dpt

I will order them with the sphere and axix above.

What contact strength will I require to see more or less according to my real rx?

appr. -18.5 dpt? - I know about vertex distance and such but really don't know how to do the math.

I am aware that it is not going to be superaccurate but I would still require at least a +2.00 dpt in order to see without headaches, I reckon.

Thanks so much and best regards,


30calcat 25 Jul 2016, 20:51

And the glasses look great Soyuz. I like how the lenses sticking out the front and back take over the thick bold plastic frames that would hide a more normal strong lens.

30calcat 25 Jul 2016, 20:47

There is a lot more than just a diopter or two of cylinder on the front of Soyuz's biconcave lenses, that is more like -7 of sphere sticking out of the front. Many years ago I got a pair from goggles4u with -8 worth of minus thrown onto the front side of a biconcave lense like that. Not sure if they still consistently do that, and they seem to only go up to -15 now. Glad to hear Soyuz that your biconcave lenses are working for you. I found splitting the power that much to the front to be too much distortion, though it can really cut down on lens thickness.

kevin 25 Jul 2016, 14:03

JohnnyB- where can I get them?

Soyuz 25 Jul 2016, 11:22

To Redtail

I have ordered the prescription glasses at Zenni with some cylinder and with the following details:

Lens 1.57 Mid-Index Single Vision

AR Anti-Reflection Coating Standard anti-reflective coating

I have only paid extra 5 usd for the antibreflex coating, the rest standard and free.

JohnnyB 25 Jul 2016, 10:12

Kevin, you can get non custom +30 CLs.

Redtail 25 Jul 2016, 09:23

Thanks for the quick response, Soyuz! Has anyone else received biconcave lenses from Zenni? Does the cyl have anything to do with it (put cyl on front surface, perhaps)? I am curious as I have personally never received any orders with biconcave lenses from Zenni.

Soyuz 25 Jul 2016, 09:17

To Redtail

I have ordered the prescription glasses at Zenni with some cylinder and with the following details:

Lens 1.57 Mid-Index Single Vision

AR Anti-Reflection Coating Standard anti-reflective coating

I have only paid extra 5 usd for the antibreflex coating, the rest standard and free.

Redtail 25 Jul 2016, 08:21

Second thumbs-up on the specs, Soyuz! I was wondering what index lenses you ordered, and if you had to make any special request to receive biconcave lenses from Zenni. I have only ever received myodisc-style lenses, but feel biconcave can be better aesthetically (if slightly less so optically). I'd love to get some biconcave lenses from Zenni - any suggestions from anyone?

MYODISCFAN 24 Jul 2016, 22:33

-30D PD64 65 66 67 all available for this style of fantastic glasses frame. please leave a message of what PD needed we will process the glasses just to the PD advised.

now we are able to send glasses to USA, UK, GERMANY FRANCE, CANADA, RUSSIA, AUSTRALIA, UKRAINE by express mail which will arrive within 8 days. so which means if customers buy high myopic glasses from us you will receive glasses within 8 days not as before a month.

Trent 24 Jul 2016, 18:15


Nice specs Soyuz! They lenses look biconcave.

Soyuz 24 Jul 2016, 13:34

Check this out, -18 from Zenni.

I hope it works.

Trent 24 Jul 2016, 08:09


In addition to, I located this site

Just drag the image onto the page then copy and post the link.

30calcat 23 Jul 2016, 17:50 is easy for sharing photos

Soyuz 23 Jul 2016, 13:01

to Cactus Jack

Thank you for you advises, now I had an opened package of the -14,5 contacts, the view through the lenses are quite good, now I have my contacts and new Zenni glasses on and I write this answer without any problem on my laptop. But I guess the vision with the +15 contacts will be even finer. Let's see if the -14,5's will expire, I will try with +15 :) Maybe I will have a little bit better reading vision with that combination.

to Trent

You asked me how much time I spend with the Zenni glasses. I'm like a beginner I try to wear the combination +14,5 contacts with -18 and -18.25 Zenni glasses for accomodation, 3-4 times a week, evening for 2-3 hours and if I have the possibility for 2-3 hours daytime outside in public. In 2 days I guess I will have the chance again for a public walk but let's see.

You asked me a photo about my new Zenni glasses. Where could I upload an unknown photo of it?

Good luck to everybody and enjoy life!

Kevin 19 Jul 2016, 13:02

DS - where can I get them from?

DS 19 Jul 2016, 12:00

Hi Kevin,

You can get plus powers up to +20, but +30 would have to be custom.

Cactus Jack 19 Jul 2016, 09:28


I am glad they are working for you. I looked back for our original conversation. I did not do the calculations for -8 and they will need to be done, -4 glasses have negligible Vertex Distance (VD) effects, but -8 glasses have about 0.75 of VD effects which must be accounted for.

I don't have time to do the calculations right now but I will get back to you.

Have you had a recent eye exam with any change in your +1.00 prescription?


Brille 18 Jul 2016, 23:43

Hi Cactus Jack,

you give me advice for my GOC-Combo.

I bought -4 glasses with +5 contact lenses. This works very good. I am very happy with it. I wear them every day. My next glasses will be -8. I hope this works like the -4 glasses.

Thank you for your help 8-)

Kevin 18 Jul 2016, 21:31

Hi guys

Anyone know where I can get contact lenses in powers up to +30??


Trent 18 Jul 2016, 09:38


The description of your goc experience sounds so much like you were meant to have high myopia. I can read into your last post that this experience completes you and I sensed no hesitation or embarrassment on your part of becoming extremely nearsighted and going out into public. I would be interested in hearing from you Soyuz what it is like when you put on those +14.5 contacts and then the -18 glasses and walk around. How much time are you spending with goc? Do you think you can post a picture of your new Zenni glasses? Soyuz I’m so happy that your goc experience has been such a positive one!

Cactus Jack 18 Jul 2016, 09:15


I am glad to hear that you are enjoying your adventures into GOC. I recall that you said you were 32. Generally, that means that you have some accommodation available to add some PLUS to compensate for too little PLUS in the contacts or too much minus in the glasses, by using your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses to "fine tune" the combination. The important thing is to not depend too much on accommodation to correct any mismatch.

It is better to have a bit less PLUS in the contacts than you really need, than to have too much PLUS. Your Ciliary Muscles can add a bit more PLUS if you need it, but they absolutely cannot subtract from or reduce the fully relaxed PLUS in your Crystalline Lenses.

Thank you for the comments about ordering existing glasses and trying to make them work for GOC. I no longer respond to GOC questions asked by people who do not know their actual prescription or have purchased "mystery" glasses on line. They have made a really bad decision and want help trying to make the decision a good one. I don't know the exact odds, but I suspect they are less favorable than winning a lottery or getting struck by lightning when the nearest cloud is hundreds or thousands of miles/km away. It is a waste of my time and their money.

Please let us know how the +15 CLs work.


Soyuz 18 Jul 2016, 06:24

My experiences with GOC according to our calculations from 30 May 2016.

First of all thank you very much DS and Cactus Jack for all your efforts helping me with GOC. I have ordered glasses from ZENNI Optical with the following prescription recommended by DS:

OD -18.00 -1.50 x 177

OS -18.25 -0.75 x 180

The calculation was made for +15 contact lenses but I just started to use it with +14,5 contacts. I have ordered already the +15s.

My experiences:

1. If you want to enjoy GOC with quality view and best vision conditions, do the calculation and order glasses from online optical stores instead of buying less quality glasses from ebay with high prescription. My new glasses are very beautiful with nice cut in, good standard and nice lenses in it. I cant compare with the older ones ordered from ebay sellers.

2. I can see with this combination already very clear but as recommended and calculated, in the future I will use it with the +15 contacts for the best possible vision. Reading makes me a little problem but seeing far and clear, goes perfectly as I was dreaming about. I have already tried my new glasses in public, in shopping centers and in the street. Simpy wonderful feeling and the glasses fit perfectly on my face. The glasses cost me only aprox 30-40 USD including post, that is the almost the same you spend for ebay auctions.

My advice to everybody: if you want to enjoy GOC as a life experience with as perfect as possible vision, follow the tips from experienced users. Do an accurate eyetest (nowadays is free in many optical stores), let make a calculation according to you vision, contact lenses you want to use and order the glasses calculated for you eyes from online optical shop. My world and life changed totally with this new experience.

LEOinPERTH 08 Jul 2016, 07:46


I ordered -17 progressives from firmoo about 4x years ago.

My order was accepted ,followed by an email and an apology the next day.

They were not able to fill my order? "

I later got an optometrist to fit an old frame with rx -17 near 2.25 !! (very expensive )I later ordered -17 single vision on line , which I use for about six hours per day max when I wish to.I prefer the single vision lenses . a slight adjustment allows me to read clearly and do the things I normally do.

rafa 08 Jul 2016, 01:36


I haven't made up my mind yet, but I'll definitely check out Firmoo and will let you know. I hope they do bifocals, as I prefer them over progressives.

I received yesterday the matching contact lenses for my -19 myodiscs and today is my second day GOC'ing with them.

Wow, what a fog is to be -19 myopic! I love the feeling of being so incredibly dependent on the glasses. The fact that if you leave them on a shelf or table near you, you have to grope for them because you can't see them.

I'm undercorrected with +14 lenses. So basically Cactus Jack was right and the vertex distance effect is very significant in this sort of high prescriptions. I was too damn smart. I eat my words, CJ!

I feel incredibly tall, as if the floor was miles away.

I think it will take me sometime before I can venture outside the flat.

I'm thinking of getting some clip-on sunglasses to put them over my -19 myodiscs so I can walk out of the house with them on until I reach a safe place where no one I know can run into me. I don't like having to put the lenses in at some public bathroom. Has anyone tried the clip-on sunglasses "disguise"?

Trent 07 Jul 2016, 15:56


Just wondering if you made a decision on which online vendor to go with for your goc? I was on the Firmoo website this morning and looks like they do progressives up to -17. I did not look at bifocals. Their prices are reasonable. Post an update when you get the chance.

rafa 04 Jul 2016, 04:51


Just curious, but if your eyes still have such great accommodation at 30, have you tried inducing some myopia? I would have thought that by wearing -1 glasses every day you would be myopic in no time.

And I'd love to see those big frames of yours. 62 cm! Wow! I guess they must be vintage.

gwgs 04 Jul 2016, 04:04

CJ - I understand the maths and the vertex distance in relation to pushing the glasses further down my nose which makes them weaker, but we are talking maybe a difference of 1cm in terms of where they are both positioned.

The supposed -15 myodiscs do not sit right at the top of my nose, as they are big frames (I think I posted before their dimensions but the frame size is something like 62mm) and they cover my eyebrows if I push them right up, plus the back of the lenses rub against my eyebrows / face which obviously isn't ideal, so I position them a little down my nose.

With the -21.5 myodiscs I've worn them several times now (indoors) and wore them for about 4 hours on Sunday whilst watching tv, having lunch, using my phone / ipad etc and had them probably half way down my nose in order get the optimum vision for reading the score on the TV and being able to operate my phone and the tv remote but am amazed that I can actually wear these, and its rather exciting to think that I can order some others in such a high prescription and just make allow to them sit a little further down my nose.

With regard to your comment Rafa about having such a large amount of accommodation, I'm surprised also, as I don't wear any sort of correction at all but at 30 years old it has been suggested that my eyes are young enough to be flexible friends :)

rafa 04 Jul 2016, 01:51

Cactus Jack

Thank you for your comments, as always very enlightening.

I guess every person is a different case.

You're right that probably +6.25 isn't right for my -9's. But I think that +6 might be just the perfect match. Which would mean that my vertex factor would only be 0.25 in a jump from -2.75 to -9.

Which I guess it means that my vertex distance factor is 0.25 every 6 diopter jump, which means that my vertex distance factor would only be 1.00 diopters in a jump from -2.75 to -19.00. That seems to be odd. It would mean that the matching lenses for my -19's would be around +15.

But I'm amazed that gwg's uses +11 CL's for -15 glasses, when she has perfect vision. Which means that her vertex distance factor is 4 diopters for her -15 glasses.

In any case, because of my presbyopia, I'd rather be undercorrected than overcorrected.

And by the way, I have adapted very well and fast to GOC'ing with my -9's. I can now wear them all day and do any activities outside without any problem. I know that the jump to -19 is a huge one, but I will be taking it slow.

Cactus Jack 03 Jul 2016, 13:54


For clarity, I attempted to include the comments from your previous post in ITALICS. It did not work! I apologize if it makes my reply hard to read.


Cactus Jack 03 Jul 2016, 13:51

I'm really at a loss with regards to vertex distance.

Vertex Distance is not easy to understand. It helps if you understand some basic math along with optics. You have to keep three factors in mind. One, Corrective lenses are the opposite sign of actual Refractive Error. Two, Vertex Distance effects are opposite, depending on glasses lens sign. Vertex Distance increases REDUCE MINUS lens effectiveness. Vertex Distance increases INCREASE PLUS lens effectiveness. Three, Vertex Distance measurement is difficult and not very accurate without expensive measuring tools, which few ECPs have.

I know you said that GOC is not a mathematical science. But in my case, vertex distance doesn't seem to be a factor at all.

I think is said that GOC is not an EXACT science. It IS a mathematical science. Th problem is that the exact distance from the Cornea to the glasses is very hard to estimate before getting the glasses or measuring it exactly after you get them. Vertex Distance effects are the mathematical square of the glasses prescription. This is where the understanding of math come in. If you do the math for Vertex Distance effects of -2.75 glasses it comes out to 0.0075 diopters per mm which is essentially negligible at any realistic and reasonable Vertex Distance. The same formula is used for calculating CL prescriptions using Refracted Prescriptions and CL and Glasses Sphere prescriptions are the same until Refracted Prescriptions get up to about +/- 4.00 to 4.50. Refracted Prescriptions and Glasses Prescriptions are very close because the Vertex Distance for both is around 10 to 12 mm. I generally use 12 mm for calculating GOC combinations.

I am GOC'ing with my -9´s over +5.25 CL's, which is the combo resulting from the mathematical operation you did.

I based my suggestions on a 12 mm Vertex Distance. If you are able to wear your glasses closer than that, they will have more MINUS effect and you will need more PLUS in the GOC contact, but maybe not +6.25.

As I've said in previous posts, I have trouble reading close distance with this combo, so much that I have trouble distinguishing the different coins, let alone reading my phone. Of couse, I have presbyopia (+2) but I don't have such a huge problem with my regular glasses.

Do your -2.75 glasses have an Add? Do your -9.00 GOC glasses have an Add? I don’t think you will notice much of the “Wide Angle” depth of field effects I mentioned previously with a bit of over correction and in lower light conditions with -9.00 glasses.

It turns out I'm clearly overcorrected. I've just done the experiment of putting on some +1 reading glasses over my combo, and I could see better in the long distance than without the +1 add. So that means that my contact lenses should +6.25 for my -9 glasses, and the difference between them is -2.75, which is my regular prescription. Which means that the vertex distance is totally irrelevant in my case.

I agree that you are overcorrected and Presbyopia is making it worse. It appears that you believe you are immune to the laws of optical physics and any calculations will be irrelevant. Therefore, you should NOT bother with them even at very high prescriptions. There is a saying here: “Knowledge comes from the things you read. Experience comes from the things you DID NOT read.” Some people need to learn by Experience. That is natural and there is nothing wrong with that, if you can afford the experiences.

It's true that I normally wear my glasses very tightly tuck behind me ears and therefore the lenses are very close to my cornea, but I'm puzzled about all this. I also wonder if the thickness of the lenses of the glasses is a factor, meaning that the thicker the lenses, the closer they are from the cornea?

Lens thickness is NOT generally considered to be a factor because what matters for most people is the distance from the optical center of the lens to the Cornea (Vertex Distance). These days, thickness at the optical center of MINUS glasses depends primarily on Lens Material Strength and Safety considerations. Lens design can affect Vertex Distance in MINUS lenses if the edges of the lens are thick enough and set far enough back in the frames to touch the face and force the glasses forward.

Now I'm about to order the matching contact lenses for my new -19 myodiscs and, bearing all this vertex distance issue in mind, I'm not sure what to order.

For most people doing GOC, Vertex Distance effects for -19 glasses would be 0.361 diopters per mm. If I were to guess at your Vertex Distance (which is all I can do) and use 10 mm because you like to wear your glasses as close as possible, I would suggest either +12.50 or +13.00. However, you might also consider more PLUS than that because of your Presbyopia and inability to get bifocals or progressives in the -19 glasses. High prescription GOC is a very INEXACT science, which is why I normally suggest that it be approached slowly and carefully, which you have decided NOT to do.

I wonder if anyone has had the same experience.

Please share your experiences with rafa, including both good and bad ones.

Any thoughts on this, CJ, would be greatly appreciated.

I have expressed mine above. I wish you the very best. I just hope you understand that you are conducting an experiment in optical physics and there are many variables whose value, you don’t know, and are difficult or impossible to determine in advance. Vertex Distance is a very significant factor.

If you have difficulty with close vision, I suggest you consider some “clip-on, flip-up, magnifiers such as those offered by Rx Safety Glasses of New Jersey, USA. They are not very expensive and are available from +1.00 to +5.00 ( if I remember right). Their website is Look under Magnifying Products.


rafa 03 Jul 2016, 01:29

Cactus Jack

I'm really at a loss with regards to vertex distance.

I know you said that GOC is not a mathematical science. But in my case, vertex distance doesn't seem to be a factor at all.

I am GOC'ing with my -9´s over +5.25 CL's, which is the combo resulting from the mathematical operation you did.

As I've said in previous posts, I have trouble reading close distance with this combo, so much that I have trouble distinguishing the different coins, let alone reading my phone. Of couse, I have presbyopia (+2) but I don't have such a huge problem with my regular glasses.

It turns out I'm clearly overcorrected. I've just done the experiment of putting on some +1 reading glasses over my combo, and I could see better in the long distance than without the +1 add. So that means that my contact lenses should +6.25 for my -9 glasses, and the difference between them is -2.75, which is my regular prescription. Which means that the vertex distance is totally irrelevant in my case.

It's true that I normally wear my glasses very tightly tuck behind me ears and therefore the lenses are very close to my cornea, but I'm puzzled about all this. I also wonder if the thickness of the lenses of the glasses is a factor, meaning that the thicker the lenses, the closer they are from the cornea?

Now I'm about to order the matching contact lenses for my new -19 myodiscs and, bearing all this vertex distance issue in mind, I'm not sure what to order.

I wonder if anyone has had the same experience.

Any thoughts on this, CJ, would be greatly appreciated.

30calcat 02 Jul 2016, 15:04

2 more centimeters of vertex distance away from your eyes turns a -21.5 lens into a -15. You can get that extra distance easily by sliding the glasses down the nose a little.

 02 Jul 2016, 11:35


Not much deciphering required.

-21.5 glasses have Vertex Distance effects very close to 0.50 diopters per mm (0.462). Moving the -21.5 glasses decrease their effective power at the Cornea (where it counts). I suspect moving the glasses down your nose and the depth field phenomenon, I previously described, could explain what you are experiencing.


rafa 02 Jul 2016, 08:18


They probably don't correspond to the prescription values advertized.

In Spain you can go to any high street Optician's and they would check the prescription of the lenses for free with their machines.

Can you do that in the UK? I would have thought so.

I'm jealous, I wish I could be watching Wimbledon too!

gwgs 02 Jul 2016, 08:10

Interesting Rafa as im currently goc'ing whilst i write this with a pair of -15's I bought from them and yet when digging through my archives of glasses i found a pair of myodiscs from Stephan and Sandra fame that the beautiful Sandra wore and i recall they said they were -21.5 yet if i push them half way down my nose i can see pretty much as clearly as i can with the glasses vivianfashionhouse advertised as -15!!! I can even read the score in the corner of the tv for the tennis in watching and this particular tv is pretty small!

I wonder what the actual prescription of both of these glasses are as in only wearing +11's and i do not wear glasses or contacts ofherwise! Very strange, maybe CJ can decipher this

rafa 02 Jul 2016, 07:51


By the way, did you get your Flickr account back? My section of "favourite photos" has become very poor without your photos!

rafa 02 Jul 2016, 07:47


Yes, I bought them from VivianHouse. I can't be more pleased with the glasses, very good state, and the way they fit me. They seem to be made just for me. First time I bought on Ebay and I'm chuffed. But yes, I strongly recommend anyone who buys from them to check with an optician whether the values they advertize are correct.

I GOC'd for seven hours yesterday. Went to the cinema, and the girl, a glasses-wearing girl, at the ticket office was very nice to me. When paying I couldn't see the coins properly because of my presbyopia with my single vision -9s, and I asked her to help me because of my poor eyesight. She was very sweet.

gwgs 02 Jul 2016, 05:21

Rafa! Wow, interesting story regarding the myodiscs! You didn't happen to buy them from "vivianfashionhouse" did you, they advertise a lot on here on the glasses for sale thread and I wonder if it is was / is them how many other pairs they're selling correspond to the values they claim they are?

rafa 01 Jul 2016, 10:59


I've just checked optical4less and they do progressives (not bifocals) for prescriptions of in the region of -14 but it would cost about $250 the pair.

So I think it's going to be tricky to find an online place where they do them inexpensively.

I'm away this weekend (for work) and I have been able to GOC for quite some time and walk around the city. It's great. The dizzy feeling is totally gone. I still have to be a bit careful negotiating stairs but other than that, no problem whatsoever. I'm so glad I persevered!

And I entered an Optician's with my -9s over my +5.25 lenses (they didn't notice anything) and gave them the myodiscs I bought on Ebay to get the full rx on the lenses. And it turned out that they aren't -17 as the seller said on Ebay, but -19!!! And the good thing is that they only have -0.25 cylinder. I can't wait to get the matching CL's to try them on!

Trent 30 Jun 2016, 11:01


I have the same issue as you and need a progressive or bifocal in the -14 range. I thought about ordering 2 pair from Zenni, one for distance and one for reading. This arrangement is not preferred because you’re always switching glasses. Maybe try Let me know what optical store you choose.

rafa 30 Jun 2016, 10:42

I've just checked that Zenni doesn't do bifocals for glasses with a prescription of over -9 anyway.

I wonder if there is any other online opticians where they do them...

30calcat 30 Jun 2016, 09:29

When a presbyope who is slightly nearsighted removes their glasses, they are switching from the distance focus that their glasses are set at and a more closer focus that their eyes are naturally set at by being myopic.

gwgs 30 Jun 2016, 09:20

rafa - well if you need +2 as it is for reading, then I understand now why you want / need them. So I would've thought you will definitely need at least +2 but as CJ has said previously, higher minus lenses may help compensate this.

I have often found it strange that people will very weak minus glasses take them off to read / look at things close up. Does anyone know why this is as we have established that wearing strong minus glasses one can easily read wearing them, so why do I know several people with a tiny short sighted prescription that take their glasses off to look at their phone / read?

30calcat 30 Jun 2016, 04:35

With -17 sliding the lenses 7mm away from your eyes down your nose will effectively reduce the power by 2 diopters. That may be all you need to do for reading, though everything will be a little smaller...

rafa 30 Jun 2016, 02:23

gwgs and Cactus Jack

Thank you so much for your advice.

The truth is that with my -9 (over +5.25) I can't read my phone. I definitely need a susbtantial add.

In my "real life" I need at least a +2 add to read properly.

Maybe with -17 over +11 (or a -13 over, say, +8, I haven't done the maths) is a totally different scenario. But I can't imagine not needing an add for reading as it's been very long since I was able to read without an add!


Perhaps the reason, and I'm just guessing, why you didn't adapt to the bifocals is the fact that you don't have any presbyopia and your eye muscle can easily accommodate to the different distances, as I believe you are a lot younger than I am. But I have been wearing bifocals and progressives for a long time and I can negotiate stairs and curbs easily with them. It does take a bit of time getting used to bifocals, so if you like them, I would encourage you to keep giving them a go. I myself started using them before I really needed them. It's fun to be able to switch from one vision field to the other.

In any case, once I get the matching lenses for my single vision -17's I will find out whether I need an add for reading or not. So I will take your advice and not order bifocals until then.

gwgs 30 Jun 2016, 01:10

Rafa - I have tried GOC'ing with bifocals, and without bifocals, and as CJ says, I have been more comfortable without the bifocal add in. I would like to do GOC with bifocals, as it's another bow in the arrow to coin a phrase (i.e. another accessory that I love about glasses) but from previous experience, the bifocal part makes it harder to negotiate the difference in levels one experiences in day to day life (i.e. stairs, pavements etc).

I can read perfectly clearly any small text off my phone or in a newspaper / magazine without the need for bifocals and would suggest you try without

Cactus Jack 29 Jun 2016, 08:20


You may find that you need less add or even none with higher minus glasses.

I had cataract surgery with single vision IOLs 15 years ago. My final prescription is pretty low (Mono vision R -1.50, L +0.50 with some astigmatism) and I can function in a pinch without glasses, but prefer trifocals for excellent vision.

I mention the above because with a GOC combination using +12 contacts and single vision -14 glasses (approximate) (actual prescription adjusted to achieve the same good distance VA in both eyes), I can read very well without the Add.

Many years ago, when I originally ordered the combo, I ordered bifocals with an Add of about +2.75 from Zenni. At that time, they were unable to supply bifocals in that prescription. Instead supplied a second pair of glasses with a prescription 2.75 diopters LESS than the first pair. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they were OK, but I really did not need the second pair for reading. I don't know if Zenni offers bifocals in glasses with prescriptions that high, today.

I believe the ability to read without the Add in the -14 glasses is related to the very wide depth of field (range of useful focus) exhibited by wide angle camera lenses and inexpensive single focus disposable film cameras. Depth of field is also related to the "pinhole" optical effect that is exhibited by the higher "f" stops in high end camera lenses and your eyes in bright light.

High MINUS glasses exhibit similar optical characteristics as Wide Angle Camera Lenses and the "barrel" or "pincushion" distortion exhibited by high MINUS glasses lenses is similar to the distortion exhibited by Extreme Wide Angle Lenses called "fisheye" lenses.

My suggestion is to try the higher MINUS glasses in single vision before you try to order bifocals or progressives. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Please let us know what you decide and your experiences.


rafa 29 Jun 2016, 01:39


Yes, you're totally right. I meant +11!!

I think I have the maths right for the combo, yes. I've used the same parameters as in my first combo (courtesy of Cactus Jack). And since my real rx is -2.75 on both eyes, it does sound about right that for the -17 glasses the CL match for is +11. (It is, in fact, +10.75, but I think I want to have that little extra +0.25 to make it a little easier for reading).

And yes, it's a huge jump! I will also order some new bifocal glasses in the region of -13, as my -9 are single vision and I have some presbyopia. Does the add for presbyopia increase when using glasses with this sort of high power? I have a feeling it does.

Anyway, I'm soooo excited to be discovering this whole new world of GOC!

gwgs 29 Jun 2016, 01:05

Rafa - sounds good and I can't wait to hear how you get on with the -17's, this is a BIG step up from you have started doing so I'm intrigued to see how you'll do!

Surely you mean +12 contacts, not -12 as you don't want to do -17 over -12 do you! Are you sure you have the maths right for this combo?

rafa 28 Jun 2016, 11:41

It's amazing how well I'm adapting to the GOC combo after only a couple of weeks. I had to stop doing it for a week because I had family over, but I've started doing it again and after two sessions I feel great. The dizzying feeling is gone and the vision is pretty crisp. I can't wait to venture outside the flat again.

Also, I have just received a pair of -17 myodisc glasses that I bought on Ebay and I'm delighted with them. They are bigger than I thought they would be (which I love) and it's amazing how well they sit on my nose and cheeks (I love the feeling when they nestle on my cheeks and I can feel their weight). Plus, they are really beautiful frames, amber acetate, in a very good state.

I have a feeling that they don't have any cylinder as they don't feel too straining when I wear them with my -5 lenses. So I can't wait to get the matching lenses (-11, according to the maths I've done with the vertex distance and all that) to GOC with them.

A couple of questions: should I worry about their pupilary distance (64) when mine is (68). Can that be a problem?

Also, where can I get -11 contact lenses in either Spain or Europe?

Very excited.

30calcat 28 Jun 2016, 04:39

Yes, though I don't do GOC anymore now that my natural lenses require -16.25 of correction. But even with -16.25, some of my glasses do have some blank area on the edges:

The powered area of the lens is still very large - do they still qualify as myodiscs? The bowl effect and ring around it can be pretty noticeable:

Likelenses 26 Jun 2016, 22:35


Are those your myo's?

If so how often do you wear them?

30calcst 26 Jun 2016, 12:15

For reference, this is a picture of myodiscs with a plus carrier, with the back of the lenses curved to reduce the weight and thickness of the lens material outside of the disc.

Next picture is a similar myodisc design, but the carrier portion just carries the maximum lens blank thickness flat out to the edge.

I'm not sure why some labs make the lens this way instead of using a plus carrier to save weight and thickness. Perhaps they expect the lens finisher to bevel down the excess material, which I have seen before as well.

I have never seen myodiscs with a minus carrier, as it seems like it would add unnecessary thickness and weight without any gains in visual field?

Cactus Jack 24 Jun 2016, 07:43


All you should have to do is look through the area outside of he bowl and note if it appears to Magnify (Plus), Minify (Minus), or have no obvious optical characteristic (Plano).

Also, you may be able to look at the outside edge of the carrier where it meets the frame and compare it to the lens thickness at the edge of the bowl. If it is thinner (Plus), Thicker (minus), or the same (Plano).


gwgs 24 Jun 2016, 01:47

Thanks for the input and detailed info CJ. I'm not sure how I decipher what sort of carrier it is without someone else explaining how to spot it as you have pointed out.

I have just measured the bowl size of the -15's. The frame size is a big one as previously detailed. It's 57mm wide, with the bowl size being 40.2mm, this being the width from either side where the lens has been ground down.

I don't have the other pair with me so can't measure them, but will do so when I next get a chance.

Cactus Jack 23 Jun 2016, 11:40


The carrier is the type of lens outside of the "bowl" of the Myodisc (prescription part of the lens). To make a Myodisc lens, the lens blank must be thick enough to allow the "bowl" to ground into the lens blank with enough remaining thickness of the lens material, to meet the lens strength requirements for safety.

The common types of carrier are PLUS, MINUS, PLANO (flat), meaning the basic prescription of the lens blank. In some cases, the edge of the bowl is sharp, but the edge can be rounded or "blended" into the carrier.

I don't have any experience with Myodisc lenses, but several members, who require very high minus prescriptions have indicated their preferences for the different types of carrier. Perhaps they would be kind enough to comment.

BTW, I seem to recall a question about Bowl size, that is the diameter of the bowl in mm. Generally, the higher the prescription the smaller the bowl diameter.


gwgs 23 Jun 2016, 09:16

CJ, thanks for your post. I'm 30.

No need for the pills! I'm fine without and only do it for short periods during the week when I can spare some time from work.

I've no idea what the 'carrier' type is. Can you explain what this and I'll try to figure it out!

Cactus Jack 23 Jun 2016, 09:01


May I ask your age?

-15 glasses have almost 0.225 diopters per mm of VD effects and -13.75 have 0.189 diopters per mm. Not much difference There is also an interesting effect with high minus glasses. They have very broad depth of field like Wide Angle Camera Lenses, which may have been helping you.

I had Cataract Surgery about 15 years ago, with Single Vision IOLs. I have no accommodation and normally wear trifocals. When I wear sa good GOC combo with -14 single vision glasses, I can read quite well at normal distances and also use the computer at about 1 meter. If you have much accommodation available, you may be able to compensate for the small increase in the glasses prescription.

I suspect you are experiencing some mild motion sickness effects that will soon go away, though you might consider some non-drowsy OTC meds for temporary help.May I ask what type carrier the myodisc glasses have? That could be a factor.


gwgs 23 Jun 2016, 08:12

Rafa, 30calcat and others;

I received my -15 myodiscs yesterday and the frame is quite a bit bigger than my only other pair of myodiscs which I've previously detailed are -13.75.

I was so keen to see what they what they were like I blocked an hour out of my work diary for the day to give this a go and went a little out of town.

I tried them out wearing the +11 contact lenses I had been wearing with the aforementioned glasses and was dubious as to whether this would work on not given the prescription was stronger but when I put them in and put the glasses on I was amazed to see that it was a pretty good match. Of course I don't know what it would be like with the stronger contacts I was going to order but I could easily read my phone and see clearly enough.

What I did immediately notice was what Rafa had referred to and that was a slight dizziness when moving my head around and using my peripheral vision. Walking around was interesting too as I felt a lot more disorientated than with the previous pair, but I put this down to what has been posted on here in that my eyes and brain had to get used to this stronger prescription and bigger frame / bigger field of vision and acclimatize to it.

The nosepads and arms need a little altering to get a perfect fit and I will definitely have to 'practice' some more inside before venturing outside and browsing shops etc but it was a very interesting experience and I can't wait for the next time.

Any opinions / comments are welcome

gwgs 21 Jun 2016, 07:06

Hi 30colcat - I presume bowl size refers to the size of the lens that you are looking through, i.e. the circular bit and not the part of the lens that has been polished down, is that correct?

I've never measured it, but can do so next time I'm wearing them. I've just done approx 2 hours at a shopping centre wearing them and am back in the office now minus them (obviously!!). They're so comfortable and my vision is SO clear compared the regular index lenses that I have the same prescription for in another frame - the difference is truly remarkable and I cannot wait for my -15's to turn up which I ordered in a bigger but similar frame.

I haven't had any comments unfortunately despite picking the checkouts in various shops where they are girls with glasses and thought we could develop a conversation. I have found however that these clerks are lot more talkative generally than when I'm not wearing glasses! This is only the 3rd time I've worn them out so they're still relatively fresh. I have however noticed a few looks from passers by who look a lot closer at me than people normally do but I guess thats par for the course as they are very rare form of glasses that aren't seen every day

30calcat 21 Jun 2016, 02:50

gwgs: What bowl size are your myodiscs? Have you gotten any questions or comments from people about your myodiscs? In the brief time I wore something resembling myodiscs I heard:

"Your glasses look different"

"It is has been many years since I have seen glasses like that"

gwgs 21 Jun 2016, 01:25

Husq - I would advise you to go with standard / traditional lenses to begin with. Once you are comfortable with the combination and are seeing as clearly as you normally do and have spent sometime getting used to everything it is then your decision but as others have said, getting myodiscs at this prescription would be unusual and hard to find.

Best of luck with your choice! I'm off later to wear my -13.75 myodiscs which I've missed as I've haven't worn them for a couple of weeks

Husqvarna 20 Jun 2016, 14:38

in which the lens will be better seen in traditional or myodisc?

Cactus Jack 20 Jun 2016, 14:08


Traditional glasses are much less expensive and easier to get than relatively low prescription myodiscs. Learning to see well with high prescription GOC involves wearing a combination that gives you vision that is good enough for you to be able to function. It is very likely, that you will make some mistakes with your first efforts unless you approach it systematically with accurate numbers and tools. Many first time GOC experimenters wind up with combinations that seemed exciting to imagine, but were uncomfortable or impossible to wear. Sometimes the experience is so uncomfortable that they decide abandon the project.

There is nothing really wrong with learning by trial and error. A lot of research is done that way. My personal preference is to learn and make mistakes as inexpensively as possible. You can experiment and learn inexpensively with traditional glasses from and on line retailer such as Zenni. Then when you are satisfied with the results, go for higher prescriptions and better lenses.


Husqvarna 20 Jun 2016, 13:35

What type of glasses

Husqvarna 20 Jun 2016, 13:33

I realized for my contact lens 10 need glasses -12.Kakie glasses is better to take for the first time the traditional or myodisc?

Cactus Jack 19 Jun 2016, 20:36


Before we go too far, it might be worthwhile to do a very simple refraction test that you can do at home. Let me know if you are interested.


Cactus Jack 19 Jun 2016, 20:33


You will probably need some contact lenses around +5.50, but don't order that power yet. We need a bit more information to make a suggestion.

1. Your age? Do you have plenty of accommodation?

2. Your complete glasses prescription for the -1.75 glasses if you have it? Concerned about cylinder.

3. Your occupation? Do you do much close work or use a computer much?

4. Where you live? How hard will it be for you to order contact lenses without a prescription?


Cactus Jack 19 Jun 2016, 20:23


You do not need anyone's permission to order Myodisc glasses from any online vendor that offers them, without having an official prescription. Generally, you need a significantly higher prescription than -11 for myodisc lenses, but you might check with Optical4Less. They used to have a special makings department that would do almost anything, within optical reason, but they were not inexpensive. I don't know if they still offer that service or not. It will help if you know how to write a glasses prescription and know your Pupillary Distance (PD) or how to measure it. PD is a very important number to minimize distortion. PD specifies the distance between the optical centers of the lenses in your glasses for the best vision with minimal distortion.

You also do not need to feel defensive about wanting to try wearing high minus glasses. Many of us here have been there, done that, learned some "interesting" lessons about optics and vision. Done "right" GOC and be a very enjoyable experience. Several of us would be willing to share our knowledge and experience, but we won't force it on you. Some people like to learn to swim by jumping into the deep end of the pool. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't.

If you have never worn glasses, doing GOC with +10 contacts and appropriate glasses would be an unforgettable experience, but not nearly as unforgettable as doing first time GOC with -20 myodisc glasses and appropriate contact lenses.

If you decide you would like to take a slightly different approach to GOC, let us know. We will be happy to share our knowledge and experiences with you.

No matter what you decide, please share your experiences with us.


Husqvarna 19 Jun 2016, 14:54

myodisk lenses is from -11.I I want to try them in sight.

Husqvarna 19 Jun 2016, 14:54

myodisk lenses is from -11.I I want to try them in sight.

30calcat 18 Jun 2016, 15:39

I don't think myodisc lens blanks in the -12 range exist for an optician to make them, at least in the traditional design. But I have had even -10 glasses in wide (53/19) frames come back from Zenni with noticeable blank on the edge, basically a large bowl (50mm) myodisc. You might try Zenni and see what you get.

Anon 18 Jun 2016, 15:31

I bought a -8.00 pair from Zenni. How do I go about wearing a GOC combo?

Current rx is -1.75 (maybe higher now, I basically induced it).

Husqvarna 18 Jun 2016, 14:07

Why I should not try to wear myodisc?

NJ 18 Jun 2016, 12:59

For minus glasses I err on the side of having them a little too strong, for plus lenses just the opposite. For example, I used to wear -30 CLs under +20 glasses, with a little fudge based on my naturally slightly hyperopic eyes. For minus glasses, I think I wore +25 CLs under -40 glasses, or something close. The thing is you want them to focus if your glasses slip down a little. If you choose too small a vertex distance you might get great focus, but only when the glasses are right at the top of your nose and they don't move.

My first GOC I did the optics calculations myself, since there wasn't any internet to find an estimator and I didn't know any of you guys out there. I found with that first pair it was really challenging to keep the glasses exactly in the right place, which always seemed too far up the nose.

S4E, yes, I do remember those thick geeker glasses! They were cool. I was once stopped wearing +20 really thick glasses, but surprisingly the cop said nothing about them. It wasn't for any traffic violation, and in fact I was parked. Not sure what it was about, actually, as he didn't even check my driver's license.

James 18 Jun 2016, 12:19

My prescription is -18 and I always find wearing a cap much easier on my eyes as helping to focus opossed to wearing my clear glasses without,vision much sharper wearing 80% tinted lenses

specs4ever 18 Jun 2016, 06:27

Husquvarna, if good vision means no refractive errors then it is fairly likely that at your age you can wear -12D glasses with + 10D contact lenses. But to get to the point where you would be able to wear myodiscs you will likely need to wear -20D glasses or above. To wear -22D glasses you would then need +17.00D contact lenses. Of course all this is subjective and depends on your being able to wear the glasses at a point that is 13.5 mm from your cornea - a measurement that is pretty near impossile to do on your own without specialized instruments. Personally I found +17D contact lenses would work for slightly over -25D and that lead me not to trust the calculations. I had a good selection of plus contacts in different powers, so if I bought a pair of glasses to wear wih a specific power of contacts and I found out that the calculations were out I could always switch to a lower - or higher power of contacts. But this is very costly. And for -20D glasses the calculations show +15.75D contacts are the proper ones, but again all this is subject to the persons adaptability.

Husqvarna 17 Jun 2016, 20:39

I am 38 years old, have good vision .I want to try myodisc glasses.

specs4ever 17 Jun 2016, 20:08

Husquvarna, you will have to give us more information such as your own prescription and your age. Using the calculations a -10D cl should give you a prescription of 11.56D for glasses at a vertex distance of 13.5mm. The bigger the vertex distance the more power you can accept, A 13.0 vertex distance gives you just under 11.50D, but a vertex distance of 15mm gives you a prescription of 11.75D. If you are younger than 45 you shoudl be able to focus through a much stronger lens than if you are in the 50 or over age group.

specs4ever 17 Jun 2016, 19:57

There is no hard and fast rule about the strength of a prescription in either Canada or the USA Maxim. The main thing they are concerned about is that you have a visual acuity of better than 20/40. I generally won't try driving with GOC unless I can attain that or better. But having said that I was pretty adept at getting the glasses off and the contact lenses out long before a police officer could make it from behind the trailer up to the door of the cab. I always filled my lens case with clean solution before I started driving and kept it and my glasses case close at hand.

The only time I thought I might have a problem was late one night in Arkansas when an eastbound car came across the median and bounced off the side of my truck, ending up almost under my trailer. I was wearing a pair of really thick -30 myodiscs at the time(and they were thick - just ask NJ because I lent him these glasses at one time) Fortunately I had another pair with the same prescription that were superlenti glass myodiscs and I handled everything while wearing those glasses. The officer never even questioned me. Fortunately no one was hurt, and the cars insurance company handled the damage to my truck.

Husqvarna 17 Jun 2016, 11:17

contact lenses +10

 17 Jun 2016, 11:12

I bought contact lens 10.I want to ask what it is necessary for them to buy glasses ?

NJ 17 Jun 2016, 10:07

Maxim, the requirements to drive vary state by state here in the US. Where I live, we are only checked for visual acuity. There is no test for peripheral vision, which is good for extreme hyperopes but not so good for those who share the road with them.

And regarding the adjustment period, there are literally millions of people who have gone from wearing low scripts or just reading glasses, to very high plus glasses. In the days before IOLs were used, every cataract patient experienced this. And it was worse than doing GOC because they had no option to take out their contact lenses, they needed to wear their glasses all the time to see. It's interesting to read the old literature on this, as the advice is similar to what you're getting here. Just take it slow and start with familiar places. Most post-cataract patients in the old days eventually adjusted. And the adjustment to high plus glasses is much more difficult that to high minus glasses.

It will work out for you, but don't start driving too soon!

Maxim 17 Jun 2016, 09:53

Isn't there a certain conflict with rules and legislation in your country, with e.g. a -45.00 diopter GOC?

I have looked through the regulations in our place:

1) Hyperopia cannot be corrected for driving with glasses more than +8.00 (I think that refers to the vision field). Hyperopia correction with contact lenses or IOLs: no limitation so far (that's why I think, it refers to vision field).

2) Myopia and astigmatism corrections or poor or no vision on one eye are defined only by visual acuity - generally minimum visus 0.2/0.6 or zero/0.7.

Can a -45.00 GOC fulfil comparable requirements? I am just interested - surely you are a resonsible person, and I promise you not to tell the police.


Maxim 17 Jun 2016, 09:42

to Specs4ever:

What you are writing here, I can fully confirm:

" .... This only comes after doing it for a long time, and I honestly think that switching between different GOC prescriptions helps quite a lot. One day you will not notice the doorways being bowed. You will not feel anything when you put the GOC glasses on over your appropriate contacts. It will just feel like a normal occurrence ... .".

T have got the impression, that the eye-brain system is learning with time, as you are learning bikeriding and balance, walking or driving a car - switching gears without thinking about etc., or a foreign language.

When you start GOC, everything is like a strange affair, you feel as if you were in a different place, or even on a remote planet. When you have tried it 10 or 20 times (or an estimated 500 days now), it's just like driving a car: opening the door, turning the starter key, and that's it. I can come home after a day with a -8.00 GOC-myopia, and leave again 10 minutes later to go to the cinema with a +10.00 hyperopia.

Maxim 17 Jun 2016, 09:42

to Specs4ever:

What you are writing here, I can fully confirm:

" .... This only comes after doing it for a long time, and I honestly think that switching between different GOC prescriptions helps quite a lot. One day you will not notice the doorways being bowed. You will not feel anything when you put the GOC glasses on over your appropriate contacts. It will just feel like a normal occurrence ... .".

T have got the impression, that the eye-brain system is learning with time, as you are learning bikeriding and balance, walking or driving a car - switching gears without thinking about etc., or a foreign language.

When you start GOC, everything is like a strange affair, you feel as if you were in a different place, or even on a remote planet. When you have tried it 10 or 20 times (or an estimated 500 days now), it's just like driving a car: opening the door, turning the starter key, and that's it. I can come home after a day with a -8.00 GOC-myopia, and leave again 10 minutes later to go to the cinema with a +10.00 hyperopia.

Cactus Jack 17 Jun 2016, 07:51


Just a reminder. Vision actually occurs in the brain. The eyes are merely biological cameras. The brain is perfectly capable of correcting images and even producing images with no input from your eyes. When your brain is first confronted with significantly different images, as it is when doing high prescription GOC, It has to learn how to deal with those images. The mental programing process seems to occur mostly when you are sleeping, which tends to explain why you have problems doing something very well one day and the next day, you can do it easily.

It also seems that once your brain figures out how to deal with the image distortion with the -9.00 combo, it will have much less trouble dealing with the images with a higher prescription combo. It will also be able to switch between different combos very quickly.

Hopefully, you will experience something similar to what S4E experienced when he had no problem driving with extremely strong GOC combos. Also, the way natural high myopes are able to switch between glasses and contact lenses with only minor, brief difficulties.

Please continue to keep us posted on your experiences. It will help others, who are new to GOC, know what to expect and understand the process better. You are getting some excellent advice from those who have gone before. It may not be fully applicable because everyone is different. It is way better than blundering into GOC, having a horrible experience, and abandoning GOC entirely, as some have done.


specs4ever 17 Jun 2016, 06:51

As I suggested to Rafa yesterday Maxim, the more you wear GOC the easier it is for you to adjust to wearing it. And as far as driving wearing GOC, I have driven well over 200,000Km while doing GOC for 3 and 4 days in a row in a tractor trailer. When I first started to do GOC while driving my choice of prescription was -17.50 with the appropriate contacts, but often this would not satisfy me and I would wear whatever I felt like for as many kilometers as I could drive that day wearing a prescription as high as -46D.

You do have to be careful about the minification, and some of my very strong glasses were not suitable to wear while driving because of the reflections thrown into the lens from behind. The -46D glasses I could wear behind the wheel were blended myodiscs. I had a second pair in the same prescription that were biconcave myodiscs with a very steep plus carrier and the plus carrier would pick up reflections from behind me and would cast them into the lens.

I never had a problem when driving, but long before I ever tried to drive wearing GOC I spent many hours doing GOC. At first I would put my GOC in just after leaving the house in the morning and then I would drive to work - about an hour away. And I would stop on the way to go in for coffee. I had one place I stopped when wearing my -17.50D combination, and another place I stopped wearing my -30D blended myodiscs. The really great days were days I had to drive for 1.5 hours to reach a larger city and I would savour the drive for as long as I could.

Not everyone reacts the same way. But you will know when you are safe enough to wear GOC behind the wheel. This only comes after doing it for a long time, and I honestly think that switching between different GOC prescriptions helps quite a lot. One day you will not notice the doorways being bowed. You will not feel anything when you put the GOC glasses on over your appropriate contacts. It will just feel like a normal occurrence. I have always had a glasses restriction on my license, and for the ability to do GOC I will never have it removed.

rafa 17 Jun 2016, 05:49

It has been considerably better on my second day of GOC. But I only stayed in the house, I didn't venture to go out. I GOC'd around the house for about an hour. The good thing is that there was no feeling of dizziness this time around, or at least a very slight one, as the walls still appear a little curved and the floor more distant than normal.

So I'm more confident that I'll be able to tame the images on my brain with these -9's without having to downgrade!


I did get very big frames, in fact, for anyone who likes big frames, I do recommend these 237417 Zenni frames that I got. They look great.

Please let us know when you get the new -15 myodiscs and how they feel.

gwgs 17 Jun 2016, 00:48

I wouldn't advise driving when GOC'ing or operating any machinery as this could result in dire consequences!

Rafa - I can relate partially to what you're saying here, as I've found negotiating stairs, edge of pavements etc a lot different when GOC'ing as the different levels aren't where you think they are, and I've found one way of making this problem easier is by wearing bigger frames, as with the smaller frames, your distorted / uncorrected vision is much greater when you look up / down / side to side but with bigger frames and therefore bigger lenses your peripheral vision is far greater, but it still takes time to get to know how not to make a fool of yourself in public walking up stairs (I tend to try to get the lift when applicable!)

Maxim 16 Jun 2016, 15:40

PS.: There is a problem when walking respectively driving, and that lasts longer (forever?):

Everything seems smaller and further away. with my -8.00 that might be an estimated an estimated 30 percent.

I have ALWAYS be aware of that, e.g. a bus or truck in the street, or overtaking an agricultural vehicle, you think, it is still 100 meters/ 300 feet away, but it's only 60 meters / 200 feet. That's a real danger with GOC experiments.

rafa 16 Jun 2016, 14:51

Thanks everyone for your comments and tips. I really appreciate them.

I think that motion sickness, as Cactus Jack said, might be the cause, as the feeling I had was similar to what you feel when you're on the deck of a ship in a rough sea and you lose the stability of the horizon. That coupled with the fish bowl effect of the strong lenses, when walls become curved. Is that what myodiscs, gwgs, spare you from as opposed to high index lenses?

But I'm very encouraged to hear that from your experience I will get used to GOC'ing with these strong glasses sooner than I think.

I will keep you posted with my progress!

NJ 16 Jun 2016, 13:52

Rafa, FWIW I started my GOC adventures with a script more than twice that of yours. It took about a week to acclimate, and I worked up to it slowly, first in familial places and then out in public. But I did get used to the different perspective and it's not been a problem since.

CJ, I don't think relative motion per se is the issue so much as the lack of a stable horizon line or similar reference. Our brains are constantly monitoring our position via various senses, including vision and the semicircular canals among others. Motion sickness tends to occur when there's no stable horizon line or other visual reference to calibrate the ear with vision. Wearing an unfamiliar and strong script causes all references to move when the brain is not expecting them to, thus confusing it.

IIRC, it's believed that the actual sickness is an evolutionary artifact based on the ototoxicity of some naturally occurring toxins. The disruption of the semicircular canals, as confirmed by corroborating visual references, results in the person throwing up, which is a good response if that person has ingested a toxin. I don't know if this is true, but I do remember reading about it back in med school.

Maxim 16 Jun 2016, 13:42

To rafa:

as many others here, I can confirm these problems. I did +8.00 myopization as a maximum, but when I started, I really took them off after 10 or 15 minutes only. After six or seven days, everything was fine, and now I can wear +8.00 lenses with the corresponding glasses on 20 hour travels without problems.

Cactus Jack 16 Jun 2016, 12:31


What you may experiencing with your -9 glasses are the symptoms of motion sickness. One of the things that happens with higher prescriptions is a change in apparent relative motion as you move your head or eyes. High minus lenses have slower relative motion and high plus lenses have faster relative motion.

The difference in what your semi-circular canals sense and what you see is one of the major causes of the symptoms of motion sickness. You can overcome these symptoms by wearing your -9 glasses as much as possible. You might try some over-the-counter motion sickness pills or other remedies and see if that helps you control the symptoms and speed your getting comfortable with the higher prescription glasses.


30calcat 16 Jun 2016, 11:38

Thanks rafa for sharing your experiences, and welcome to the world of strong lenses! You will get more adaptable to switching between glasses and I hope you continue to enjoy it more.

What you experienced is actually something that happens to many of us who wear strong lenses for natural corrrection (not GOC). There are many myopes these days in the -6, -7, and higher ranges who got into contacts at some early age and wear them all day, from the time they get up until the time they go to sleep. These people rely completely on contacts and will go weeks and maybe months without wearing glasses. People do this despite doctors' advice to give the eyes a break, or some doctors may not advise it at all. But for these people, one day, a crisis disrupts this pattern, like an eye infection, and she has to switch to glasses. You can see how the dizziness and other drastic changes can cause her to feel very grumpy about her eyes.

Even more interesting is that there are high myopes who have been used to wearing glasses for a long time and can't tolerate going the other direction, finding wearing contacts too disorienting. When I was a teenager I switched back to wearing glasses all the time. On the rare occasion that I would try wearing contacts, I found that I had lost my ability to accomodate to the change and the whole contacts experience became miserable.

rafa 16 Jun 2016, 11:10

gwgs, NJ, specs4ever

Thank you so much for your encouragement and tips.

I won't give up on it. I'll start wearing them around the house for a bit every day.

But no, I haven't missed any astigmatism on my rx, as all I've changed is the sphere, I've kept the same cylinder I had, which is only -0.75 anyway.

But it did get a bit scary out there. I did think I was close to fainting. And I suddenly imagined the repercussions (an ambulance, my loved ones asking why am I wearing such strong glasses and contacts at the same time)...

And it also took some time after I removed the lenses and the glasses to feel normal again.

I guess it's a bit like the first cigarette or the first beer, the first time is always tricky, and you have to overcome that dizzing feeling.

Thing is, when I put such strong glasses on today I really felt that was the real ME in the mirror. It was an amazing feeling. So I will persevere.

gwgs 16 Jun 2016, 09:29

Rafa - I've had that feeling a couple of times to begin with, but that's generally only when I've put in the contacts and don't have the glasses on.

I don't think you should downgrade at all as I started at this sort of level and dont wear any sort of correction at all! Maybe your brain just needs to co-ordinate with your eyes a little more with this GOC combo, weird though it sounds! Have you missed any astigmatism that you may have needed in the prescription?

As you'll see from my post below, I wore -13.75 for pretty much a whole weekend which were myodiscs, and I loved it so much I've ordered a pair of -15 myodiscs which I can't wait to receive and test out.

Don't give up that quickly, I'm sure you'll be fine and don't make sudden movements swishing your head all around as this maybe what is causing you to feel nauseous.

NJ 16 Jun 2016, 06:38

Rafa, it's not necessarily that your first GOC glasses are too strong, you're just wearing them to do more difficult tasks. Just take your time, wear them around the house for a few days, then go outside for short walks, and work up from there. You'll be surprised how your brain adapts to the different visual experience. In no time you won't even notice the difference in your visions with GOG and your regular script.

specs4ever 16 Jun 2016, 06:34

Rafa, over the eyars my brain has learned to process the changes between different prescriptions and I no longer ever seem to experience the dizzy feeling. I used to love that part of it. The more you use your new GOC combination the sooner you will get used to it. And while CJ is correct about not starting off with too high a combination, it can get terribly expensive doing it that way. Better to wear the combinations around your own place for a while unril your brain adapts to it. Good Luck

rafa 16 Jun 2016, 06:15

I’ve had my first GOC experience today. I am -2.75 and I bought some -9 glasses from Zenni. Oversize frames. I love them. Love the power rings, their weight on my face.

I got some +5.25 contact lenses following Cactus Jack’s calculations. They were spot on. I put the lenses on. I thought I was going to be blinder than I actually was, but I was pretty blind nevertheless, and then I put the glasses on. Wow. Great feeling. Almost perfect vision. I love the way I look with them on, the thickness of the lenses, the power rings, the huge cut in. This is really me, I feel.

I feel good, excited for the first half hour or so. I walk about the flat, do some bits and pieces, I look in mirrors to catch a glance of myself. I take my first selfie, with minus 9.

And then I decide to go out, to do some shopping in the neighbourhood.

I take the lift down and step out to the street. And then I start feeling dizzy. The fish bowl effect starts to make feel uneasy. I stop for a moment and catch my breath. I decide to go over to the supermarket, about 150 meters away.

I manage to get there, walking slowly, but the dizziness remains. I walk into the supermarket. And I begin to fear that I might faint. I take off the glasses for a moment, take some deep breaths. I put the glasses back on.

I manage to buy a few groceries and then I decide to go back home, cut short my errands. No one notices the difference in my eyewear. I always wear large frames, and no one seems to notice the thickness of the new lenses.

I walk back home, still feeling dizzy, still fearing that I might faint. And of course, I suddenly remember Cactus Jack’s advice not to go for such a huge jump in dioptries for the first GOC experience. I didn’t heed his advice of only going for -2.75 to -5 jump and I regret it. I hold on to a lamppost before I cross the street, to make sure I keep the balance.

I manage to get home. I feel safe now. Relieved. I know I won’t faint. I take the lenses and the glasses off.

I’m still a bit dizzy as I write.

Mixed feelings then. On the one hand, I love the way I look and feel inside with such strong glasses and the fact that I depend so much on them, like the glasses are a part of me as important as a lung. And I would love to be a lot blinder and depend on, say, -17 glasses.

But on the other hand, I’ve had a bad time out there: My brain didn’t seem to process well the images and I could have fainted out there. I know it’s going to be tough getting used to -9 glasses, let alone -17.

I guess I’ll have to be more patient, and get some -5 glasses first.

Anyone has had this same sort of first GOC experience?

gwgs 07 Jun 2016, 02:27

@shakes - these two websites are personally recommended. or

Please note these are websites that are based in the UK so if you are overseas they may not ship to you, but I've used them several times and have received the lenses the day after ordering them and in the case of VisionDirect, you can collect them the same day from their office in London if you prefer!

Whilst on the subject of GOC, I spent the whole weekend GOC'ing with a variety of combinations but spent the majority of it wearing -13.75 glasses. I have two pairs which have regular index lenses, and one pair which has myodiscs. This was an interesting experiment and experience for me as I although I've worn them before, I had only done so for 2-3 hours where as this weekend I wore them for probably half of Saturday, and the majority of Sunday. I found my vision with the myodiscs SO much better and clearer and lighter for that fact than the glasses with regular index lenses in. The peripheral vision, and clarity was exceptional and although my vision was good and perfectly fine in the other two pairs.

I would highly recommend myodiscs to ANYONE who is GOC'ing at this level as they were exceptional. One probably wouldn't normally associate myodiscs at this sort of prescription, but I can see why they were invented as the peripheral vision, and weight of the lenses was far different to that of my other glasses. They were so good in fact, I've ordered a pair of -15's in a slightly bigger frame with myodisc lenses - can't wait to try this out!

Soyuz 03 Jun 2016, 13:33

DS and Cactus Jack

Thank you very much for your reply and helping hand, I'm gonna let you know about the results of the experiment.

Shakes 03 Jun 2016, 06:44

Where are finding contacts online without a script?

Shakes 03 Jun 2016, 06:44

Where are finding contacts online without a script?

Helpful 02 Jun 2016, 14:26

Cactus Jack

Thanks for the info. His email address is closed so we wish him well.

Cactus Jack 02 Jun 2016, 11:27


My last communication with Brian was almost exactly 6 months ago. At that time, he was having some problems that required his full attention.


Helpful 02 Jun 2016, 05:43

I posted elsewhere asking if anyone was still in contact with Briangwebber who also posted on the thread. Sorry for duplication but thought some might not read the other thread. i would like to contact him about his experiences. Thank you.

DS 01 Jun 2016, 20:24


Re the higher cyl, without a true refraction it's a close call. It is mathematically correct as sphere and (sphere+cyl) powers should be corrected for vertex distance independently. However, how the contact lens interacts with your cornea is an unknown. The higher power contact lens could behave somewhat like a rigid lens and allow a refractive tear film that partially corrects or otherwise changes the astigmatism correction required in the glasses.

You could split the middle with the right eye and it wouldn't really make much difference. A quarter-diopter cyl in the glasses isn't worth as much at these powers.

Soyuz 01 Jun 2016, 03:22

Thank you DS for your answer, too. Do you think it is not a problem involving a hogher cylinder prescription?

DS 30 May 2016, 15:13


-17D aligns very well with the +0.25D of your right eye with a +14.50 lens on it. Do you have your astigmatism correction in the glasses, or are they -17.00 SPH?

If you don't have the cylinder in the glasses, then the astigmatism is probably what is causing any less-than-ideal vision with your current combo. Then also, off-axis vision in high-power lenses is also distorted. You will only get the best vision while looking through the optical centers of the lenses.

For +15 contacts, I would start with the following glasses:

OD -18.00 -1.50 x 177

OS -18.25 -0.75 x 180

(Note: I increased the vertex distance a little bit for doing my calculations. 10mm seems like a close fit.)

And as Cactus Jack indicates, your age allows you to give an extra -0.25 or -0.50 on the sphere. My experience, however, is that the aspheric designs of the modern high plus lenses makes this extra correction unnecessary. I always feel a bit overcorrected going with exact optical formulas that assume "perfect power profiles" in the contacts and glasses. Yet if there is some desire to overcorrect to maximize the power of the glasses, then you should handle it fine.

Biofinity XR lenses go to +15.00. You may want to see if these might work better for you than the Proclear.

Cactus Jack 30 May 2016, 02:17


Here are the calculations for GOC wearing +15 Contact lenses with your prescription of:

OD Sphere +0.25, Cylinder -1.00 axis 177

OS Sphere 0.00, Cylinder -0.50 axis 180

Sphere Eye Power (reverse of prescription with Contacts

OD -0.25 +15.00 = +14.75

OS 0.00 +15.00 = +15.00

Because the square function is involved, I use successive iteration of the glasses prescription to determine the glasses Sphere power @ 10 mm that will have the desired effective power at the cornea to neutralize the Eye Power. I have done this enough to be able to hit it pretty close on the first try.

OD Glasses Sphere = -18.00

-18.00 x -18.00 = 324.00 divide by 1000 = 0.324 diopters per mm x 10 mm = 3.24 difference at the cornea.

3.24 - 18.00 = -14.76 excellent

OS Glasses Sphere = -18.25

-18.25 x -18.25 = 333.06 divide by 1000 = 0.333 diopters per mm x 10 mm = 3.33 difference at the cornea

3.33 -18.25 = -14.92 close, but lets try -18.50

OS Glasses Sphere = -18.50

-18.50 x -18.50 = 342.25 divide by 1000 = 0.342 diopters per mm x 10 mm = 3.42 difference at the cornea

3.42 -18.50 = -15.08 excellent

Calculated Glasses Prescription

OD Sphere -18.00, Cylinder -1.00 Axis 177

OS Sphere -18.50, Cylinder -0.50 Axis 180

Because you probably have plenty of accommodation at 32, I would suggest increasing the sphere in both lenses by -0.50 so your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses can “fine tune” the sharpness with a bit more plus. If it turns out that the Vertex Distance is more that 10 mm you may need a bit more MINUS in the glasses.

Please understand that there are no guarantees and at these Sphere powers, Vertex Distance has a powerful influence.

Please let me know how this works for you.

Contact Lens Care for GOC

Because of Dry Eye problems, I don’t do GOC very often, but when I do, this is what I do.

Before handling your Contact Lenses, I suggest that you wash your hands throughly with a bit of Baby Shampoo instead of regular soap or hand wash. Baby Shampoo is pH balanced to not sting if it gets in your eyes. Rinse your hands throughly and dry with a clean towel.

I use an Anti-Bacterial Foaming Hand Wash for normal hand washing, but the hand wash will sting if it gets in your eyes and really irritate them if it gets on the contact lenses. I saved an empty dispenser and washed it throughly. I then mixed 50% Baby Shampoo and 50% water to thin the Baby Shampoo to the approximate thinness of the Foaming Hand Wash liquid. It works great.

I also use Alcon Opti-Free Pure Moist or Baush and Lomb BioTrue for cleaning, rinsing, and storing the lenses. Before inserting the lenses I use a few drops of the above directly in the eye or some lubricating Artificial Tears to provide extra moisture and lubrication.

I don’t produce enough tears, so I use Lubricating Eye Drops containing Carboxmethylcellulose Sodium 0.5% through out the day.

If you live in a location that has Low Humidity, you may find the above useful in keeping your Contact Lenses lubricated, moist and comfortable.

Let me know if there is anything you do not understand.


Soyuz 29 May 2016, 18:13

Cactus Jack

Thank you very much for quick answers. I'm higher educated but not in "vision and health" field.

I guess I do not really want to go higher and higher, better to stay at the level I mentioned earlier. I just tried before the combination (+14,5 contacts and -17,00 glasses) and it was working quite fine but later I could realise it could be better and clearer if I would use glasses with prescription according to my eye condition. My right eye is weaker then my left, I would need a different dioptria.

I would like to use the +15,00 contacts (not more) for both eyes, vertex distance 10 mm, my eye condition find below post. What do you recommend of prescription glasses to order for my eyes with a little astigmatism? Thank you very much, S.

Cactus Jack 29 May 2016, 17:44


Only one post that time.

Vertex Distance is the distance from the front of the Cornea to the back of the glasses lens. It is typically not recorded on a prescription unless the prescription is very high where it could be significant. For your "official" prescription Vertex Distance is trivial and does not need to be considered. Vertex Distance is typically between 10 and 12 mm. I generally use 12 mm for my calculations. The problem is that there is no way to tell what the Vertex Distance of the glasses will be, until you get them. Wearers of high prescription glasses experience a significant effective power change with changes in Vertex Distance. For MINUS glasses, moving the glasses closer to the eye increases their effective power. Moving them away decreases their effective power.

One of the reasons I suggest finding a "friendly" Eye Care Professional for high prescription GOC is that they can do a refraction with the Contact Lenses in place and use Vertex Distance as a consideration in prescribing glasses. Also, because Astigmatism is typically caused by uneven curvature of the cornea, high PLUS soft contacts can change the effective Cylinder and Axis some.

I would like to suggest that initially, we work with the -14.5 contacts you already have. I think I can offer some suggestions to make them more comfortable to wear and give you better vision with some different glasses.

I don't think you have mentioned where you live. The only reason I would like to know is to get a better idea of what products are available there. +15.00 contacts will not give you much of an increase over the +14.50 contacts.

Does this sound interesting to you or do you want to try to get some -20.00 glasses and contact lenses to go with them. The potential for buying an unwearable combination, increases exponentially with an increase in the glasses prescription.

May I also ask your educational background and occupation?


Soyuz 29 May 2016, 14:24

To Cactus Jack

Thank you very much for your quick and accurate answer, I have noticed the double post too, I can write now only from my mobile, I click only once, very carefully but still appers twice. I try to deal carefully.

My age is 32. I don't know the vertical distance, I don't think we can find it on the slip from eyetest. We can calculate with an average one, I like to wear the lenses of the glasses more near to my eyes then further. Where can I find these measurements?

Cactus Jack 29 May 2016, 14:09


It would be very helpful to know your age. The older a person is, the more careful you have to be with the prescriptions. Younger people can easily compensate for small amounts of under correction in the Contact Lenses. Older people have limited accommodation and they cannot compensate very much.

You also need to understand that GOC is a very inexact science and there are no guarantees that the calculations at high prescriptions will be accurate. As I have mentioned before, Vertex Distance effects are HUGE with glasses prescriptions above about 15.

At this time, I don't have a good source of high + contact lenses.

I notice that you are getting double posts. The Eyescene website is sometimes slow to respond when you click on "Submit". On my computer, when I have the website name correct and I click on "Submit", the button goes to reverse video which means that your post has been Submitted. It may take a few seconds for it to be accepted. If you click on Submit again, you will get a double post.


Soyuz 29 May 2016, 13:11

I'm sorry, maybe my English is not perfect but I try to do my best. In my 2 comment I didn't mean that Zenni glasses are not professional. Maybe you missunderstood something. I have ordered before 1-2 pair of Chinese glasses and made me unsatisfied that's the reason now time to order the professional, personmade Zenni glasses. Sorry if my reply wasn't correct understandable.

Soyuz 29 May 2016, 11:50

I'm sorry, maybe my English is not perfect but I try to do my best. In my 2 comment I didn't mean that Zenni glasses are not professional. Maybe you missunderstood something. I have ordered before 1-2 pair of Chinese glasses and made me unsatisfied that's the reason now time to order the professional, personmade Zenni glasses. Sorry if my reply wasn't correct understandable.

Soyuz 29 May 2016, 11:41

Cactus Jack

Thank you very much your effort and time to answer my case. You are right and I can recognize the experience in your reply, I aprociate it a lot.

You are right buying inprofessional Chinese glasses doesnt bring me to mu goal. I cannot do GOC 7/24, full time, my wish to enjoy the feeling of the world in glasses and be occasionally bespectacled. If I would like to do GOC full time it aound reasonable to start in a weeker prescription as everyone in life.

It is for sure true that in higher prescriptions even small differences in details could cause a bigger difference in view. I let made a verry accurate eye test recently in order to reach the as best as possible result. Every eye is different. But I believe that the calculated glasses prescription is still more accurate and near to the sharpest picture.

My wish to do occasionally GOC in higher prescription but still more reliable to get the calculated glasses prescription from professionals as get it from the calculation table thats the main reason I asked you.

Thank you very much again and I hope you can help me to order the best calculateble glasses.

 29 May 2016, 06:34

fuck off lickydick

Likelenses 29 May 2016, 01:47

To the poster 29 May 2016, 00:45

When you learn to spell,use proper English,and have something of value to say go ahead and post.

Until that time stay away!

 29 May 2016, 00:45

zenni glasses are "inprofessional Chinese glasses" take your head out of your ass, p[lease. zenni make very professional, high grade glasses. wtf is wrong with you.

 29 May 2016, 00:32

how do you order contact lenses online without a prescription? are there particular retailers which will do this? i like zenni for glasses.

Soyuz 28 May 2016, 22:57

Cactus Jack

Thank you very much your effort and time to answer my case. You are right and I can recognize the experience in your reply, I aprociate it a lot.

You are right buying inprofessional Chinese glasses doesnt bring me to mu goal. I cannot do GOC 7/24, full time, my wish to enjoy the feeling of the world in glasses and be occasionally bespectacled. If I would like to do GOC full time it aound reasonable to start in a weeker prescription as everyone in life.

It is for sure true that in higher prescriptions even small differences in details could cause a bigger difference in view. I let made a verry accurate eye test recently in order to reach the as best as possible result. Every eye is different. But I believe that the calculated glasses prescription is still more accurate and near to the sharpest picture.

My wish to do occasionally GOC in higher prescription but still more reliable to get the calculated glasses prescription from professionals as get it from the calculation table thats the main reason I asked you.

Thank you very much again and I hope you can help me to order the best calculateble glasses.

Cactus Jack 28 May 2016, 20:01


I don't trust the GOC calculation table at high prescriptions. The Vertex Distance effects become very great at high prescriptions and the table is not bad if you know the Vertex Distance. The problem is that Vertex Distance is very hard to measure accurately and a small error can make a BIG difference in your vision with GOC.

You really should not start doing GOC at very high prescriptions, unless you can find a friendly Eye Care Professional to help you.

Obviously, there is a problem with your contacts or your eyes would not get Red. Incorrectly fitted or improperly cared for Contact Lenses are quite frankly, dangerous. Your Corneas have no blood supply. they must get their oxygen and nutrients from tears and from the air. Contact lenses are supposed to float on a tear film and tears need to circulate freely under them. Some contact lenses are high moisture and are designed to be Oxygen permeable to keep the Corneas moist and well supplied with Oxygen.

We have an expression here that refers to people who approach problems like a "Bull in a China Shop". My experience with helping people do satisfying and effective GOC is to avoid people who are not good listeners and followers of instructions or suggestions. Extreme aggressiveness in doing GOC, usually wastes a lot of money and is not a very pleasant experience which is often abandoned.

One reason to start low and slow is to allow your brain to learn to SEE with very strong glasses. Remember that most people who become naturally very Myopic, became that way over a period of many years. You can do it much faster than that, but experience has shown that it is not wise to go suddenly from almost no refractive error to a very significant refractive error.


 28 May 2016, 14:40

how do you order contact lenses online without a prescription? are there particular retailers which will do this? i like zenni for glasses.

Soyuz 28 May 2016, 14:30

I have found a goc calculation table downloadable but I cannot use it very professional. Can you help me finding out the right prescription to order the glasses for clear vision. Thank you very much and waiting for your advise.

Soyuz 25 May 2016, 12:10

I love glesses with contacts. I have been following this blog for a while, a year ago I have ordered online contacts with +14,5 and glasses with -17 dioptres. I have been using this combo for a while, sometimes for hours, sometimes for even a half day and I like the view, the vision and the world throughout strong myopic glasses. I enjoyed a lot and I could get around very fine even I didnt had the best correction for my eyes. But I recognised my vision is not perfect, quite good but still some parts to improve. I need your advise to go for professional goc wearer.

As first step I have let checked my vision at an optometrist for having the accurate eye condition.

Now my eyes are:

Right sph +0,25 cyl -1,00 axis 177

Left sph 0.00 cyl -0,50 axis 180

PD 64

I would like to wear contacts with +15,00 dioptrees both eyes. I want to order glasses for me by Zenni glasses to have a clear vision with contacts and glasses. This is my dream to reach it and enjoy life with this goc combination.

1. Can you help me according to my eye condition (optometrist said I have astigmatism) and contact request what numbers of glasses should I order for me to have the clearest view.

2. Untill now I have ordered always contactlenses from Proclear as I found this is the only one for that high prescription. But sometimes I realised my eyes get red from lenses. Do you know which other contactlenses should I order in that + 15,00 range?

Thank you for you help

Soyuz 25 May 2016, 12:09

I love glesses with contacts. I have been following this blog for a while, a year ago I have ordered online contacts with +14,5 and glasses with -17 dioptres. I have been using this combo for a while, sometimes for hours, sometimes for even a half day and I like the view, the vision and the world throughout strong myopic glasses. I enjoyed a lot and I could get around very fine even I didnt had the best correction for my eyes. But I recognised my vision is not perfect, quite good but still some parts to improve. I need your advise to go for professional goc wearer.

As first step I have let checked my vision at an optometrist for having the accurate eye condition.

Now my eyes are:

Right sph +0,25 cyl -1,00 axis 177

Left sph 0.00 cyl -0,50 axis 180

PD 64

I would like to wear contacts with +15,00 dioptrees both eyes. I want to order glasses for me by Zenni glasses to have a clear vision with contacts and glasses. This is my dream to reach it and enjoy life with this goc combination.

1. Can you help me according to my eye condition (optometrist said I have astigmatism) and contact request what numbers of glasses should I order for me to have the clearest view.

2. Untill now I have ordered always contactlenses from Proclear as I found this is the only one for that high prescription. But sometimes I realised my eyes get red from lenses. Do you know which other contactlenses should I order in that + 15,00 range?

Thank you for you help

rafa 18 May 2016, 14:14

I’d like to share with everyone here how exciting it has been for me to come across Eyescene.

I’m 48 and a glasses fetishist/lover and I have been keeping it under wraps since my teenage years. I always had this feeling that I was some kind of weirdo, that there was something wrong with me, as there clearly was a sexual element involved, and that’s why I have been unable to share my passion for glasses with anyone.

Over the years I’ve been trying to find ways of detecting if there were other people like me, particularly women, as I have always loved GWG’s and my dream was to find one who would share my passion. And so I was always very alert to any signs from other people that would betray their love for glasses. I wonder if anyone in this forum has also developed a sixth sense for detecting other potential glasses fetishists. I would love to hear your stories about it. So I would immediately pick up on those signs, like people wearing sunglasses even when it’s dark, people who like try on other people’s prescriptions glasses and keep them on for a bit, people who would always make comments on my glasses or who would glance more at me when I would wear them than when I wear CL’s, people who like to continuously emphasize how blind they are despite being only very mildly myopic, people who would start using reading glasses far too early on in their lives, or simply people who would change their frames or sunglasses very often. I have all my life been alert to those signs hoping to find a “twin soul”.

I’ve had many relationships in my life and I have never been able to tell my partner what glasses really did for me. And so it’s been a bit of a lonely voyage of self-discovery in that respect.

There was one time when I was 17 that I came across a twenty-one year old girl who showed clear signs of being a glasses fetishist. We were on a trip to the US (from Spain) along with many other young students who were going to spend a month in San Francisco to learn English. She was wearing some very large prescription glasses on what seemed to be sunglasses frames. Clear lenses. I thought she was incredibly attractive. She was probably in the region of minus 3. But of course, she wouldn’t notice me, because I was 4 years her junior. At that time, I would seldom use glasses, because my prescription was very mild and it didn’t seem cool. I chatted her up several times, and we became friends. But it was obvious she wasn’t interested in me. She thought I was kind of sweet, but I was too young for her. Until one day when we went with some friends to a rock concert and I had to wear my glasses to see properly. She suddenly was around me all the time, giving me so much attention. I couldn’t believe it.

After the concert, she and I shared a car ride with other friends and we sat together in the back seat of the car. I wasn’t wearing my glasses then, but she couldn’t stop giving me all her attention and smiles. She was all over me. And then she concocted an excuse to start tickling me… until she found what she was really looking for: my glasses in my inside pocket. Of course she pulled them out and tried them on and wore them for a bit, made comments on my prescription, hers, etc. And that’s when she finally got satisfied. I would have sworn that she was a glasses fetishist herself. But I could never dare to ask her.

It just happened that by that time –since she hadn’t been interested in me at all before I wore my glasses- that I had started a relationship –a successful one- with another girl, and so I let this girl, this great opportunity, pass me by. She was clearly still interested in me and tried to hit on me several times. But I was with another girl and soon enough the month in the US got to an end.

Months later, back in Spain, I realized my mistake, and I tried to get in contact with her, but couldn’t find her anyway, since we didn’t exchange numbers or addresses nor did we have common friends.

I’ve never forgotten her. Because she could have been THE one.

Now I’m about to become a GOC wearer and I’m incredibly excited about it . And also very excited to be able to share my feelings and experiences with other glasses lovers. I’ve been reading treads of years and years of posts on Eyescene, particularly those of GOC’s, and it’s been a great experience. And got really excited when I read Mark’s post of 29 October 2015 about finding a mildly myopic girl in the supermarket, while he was doing GOC, who kept glancing at him and eventually wanted to try on his glasses. How did that story end, Mark? Because it’s a dream experience for any GOC wearer.

Anyway, I just wondered if anyone has any story to tell about detecting other potential glasses fetishists.

rafa 14 May 2016, 09:13

Thank you so much, Cactusjack, for your calculations and your advice. I can't wait to do it, to see the power rings on my glasses. I will let you know how it goes!

Cactus Jack 13 May 2016, 18:20


I would suggest that you consider starting with a GOC combination that provides an approximate -3 increase over your regular prescription and once you are comfortable wearing those, go for the -6 increase.

Here are the calculations for the -3 increase or -6 glasses. You are very fortunate that your prescription is nearly identical in both eyes.

Desired glasses prescription:

OD (Right Eye) Sphere -6.00, Cylinder -0.75 x Axis 10

OS (Left Eye)Sphere -6.00, Cylinder -0.75 x Axis 20

Vertex Distance Effect of -6.00 glasses @ 12 mm, typical Vertex Distance

6.00 x 6.00 = 36 36 / 1000 = 0.036 0.036 x 12 = 0.432

Vertex distance effects reduce the effective power of your glasses as you get closer to the Cornea so the power of -6.00 Sphere is:

-6.00 - (+ 0.432) = -5.568

With -2.75 correction with glasses the Vertex Distance Effect of your glasses is only 0.090 which can be ignored.

Remember that corrective lenses are the opposite sign of your actual refractive error. In your case, +2.75. To effectively wear the -6.00 glasses you will need +5.568 of refractive error:

+5.568 -(+2.75) = +2.81 contacts. Unfortunately, that power is not available. The question is, which would be better +2.75 or +3.00. I would suggest +2.75 contacts because you still have a bit of accommodation available to supply the tiny amount of additional PLUS you need.

For this GOC combination, I would suggest:

A Sphere Only Contact lenses of +2.75 with the same Brand, Diameter and Base Curve you a presently wearing and Glasses Prescription;

OD -6.00, -0.75 x 10, Add +2.00

OS -6.00, -0.75 x 20, Add +2.00

For -9.00 glasses I would suggest the following:

Desired glasses prescription:

OD (Right Eye) Sphere -9.00, Cylinder -0.75 x Axis 10, Add +2.00

OS (Left Eye)Sphere -9.00, Cylinder -0.75 x Axis 20, Add +2.00

Vertex Distance Effect of -9.00 glasses @ 12 mm, typical Vertex Distance

9.00 x 9.00 = 81 81 / 1000 = 0.081 0.081 x 12 = 0.972

Vertex distance effects reduce the effective power of your glasses as you get closer to the Cornea so the power of -9.00 Sphere is:

-9.00 - (+ 0.972) = -8.028

With -2.75 correction with glasses the Vertex Distance Effect of your glasses is only 0.090 which can be ignored as before.

Remember that corrective lenses are the opposite sign of your actual refractive error. In your case, +2.75. To wear the -9.00 glasses you will need +8.028 of refractive error:

+8.028 -(+2.75) = +5.278 contacts. Unfortunately, that power is not available. The question is, which would be better +5.25 or +5.00. I would suggest +5.25 contacts, but you might want to consider +5.00 if you have enough accommodation available to supply the small amount of additional PLUS you need.

For this GOC combination, I would suggest:

A Sphere Only Contact lenses of +5.25 with the same Brand, Diameter and Base Curve you a presently wearing and Glasses Prescription;

OD -9.00, -0.75 x 10, Add +2.00

OS -9.00, -0.75 x 20, Add +2.00

Please remember that GOC is NOT an exact science and the suggestions are only offered as advisory. There are no guarantees and your results may vary.


rafa 13 May 2016, 08:06

Oh, and I live in Spain.

And my desired sphere is -9 although I could do with less to start with.

rafa 13 May 2016, 08:05

Thank you so much, Cactus jack.

I'm 48.

And I've been wearing contact lenses for more than 25 years.

My prescription is

-2.75 , -0.75 x 10

-2.75 -0,75 x 20

I have +2 add for reading

I work at home as a writer.

Cactus Jack 13 May 2016, 07:06


GOC is NOT something you just do. It takes some planning and an understanding of optics and vision to do it well.

We generally suggest using Sphere ONLY + or - contacts, depending on what you want your glasses prescription to be. However, you SHOULD NOT just order Contacts and hope for the best. That is a good way to throw money away.

There are a few hard and fast rules for successful GOC.

1. DO NOT try to go too high, too fast. Vision occurs in the brain and your brain has to learn how to process the new images.

2. DO NOT buy high prescription glasses from any source that were made for someone else, with the hope of correcting any optical problems with contacts. It usually does not work.

3. If you are not familiar with caring for contact lenses, get an exam and instruction in insertion, removal, and care of contact lenses. Poor Hygiene and incorrect Base Curve can cause permanent Cornea Damage even with soft contacts.

4. Use Sphere ONLY contact lenses. If you need Astigmatism correction, transfer the Cylinder and Axis EXACTLY into the GOC glasses. Very high PLUS soft contact lenses can change the amount of Cylinder and Axis you need, but it is rare.

5. If the Glasses prescription is above +/- 4.00, you need to consider Vertex Distance effects in your GOC calculations.

6. GOC is NOT an exact science. Expect to have to make some adjustments and be pleasantly surprised if you get it right the first time.

It would be helpful if you could provide the following information.

1. Your Age?

2. Your Occupation?

3. Where you live?

4. Your most recent COMPLETE glasses prescription

5. Your approximate desired Sphere prescription in your GOC glasses


rafa 13 May 2016, 03:19

Hi there. I want to start using glasses over contacts so I can dramatically increase my diopters on my minus glasses.

And I have a few basic questions:

Are the standard + contact lenses you get from any online retailers for hyperopia the same as the one for presbiopia that I would need to counter my myopia? In other words, are hyperopia contact lenses the same as presbiopia contact lenses? My usual retailers dispatch as strong as +6 contact lenses. And that would be good enough for me, so I could get -9 glasses.

Second: in order to order some new glasses, if I increase the myopia of my rx from -3 to -9, should I keep the same astigmatism rx? In other words, does the change in myopia affect the astigmatism rx?

I'd be very grateful if someone could help me with this.

I'm really excited to become a GOC wearer.

lurking 07 May 2016, 21:45

Adreadne: i don't think you understand the sexual aspect of GOC. Some people are into bondage,making them helpless. A lot of us are into the same thing only being helpless without glasses

GreginColo 06 May 2016, 04:49

tom1; I think your goal to experience the effect of a higher degree of nearsightedness could be accomplished by adding reading glasses over your uncorreced eyes. I think you could effectively double the impact of your I uncorrected vision by trying some plus 4 Readers. Fortunately you can pick up readers quite in expensively, even at the dollar stores. Some of us have enjoyed your past posts about trying to function bare eyed for a period of time. I used to do such myself. Let us know of your experience with the readers if you decide to try. thanks, Greg.

Tom1 06 May 2016, 00:01

As you (may) have understood my obsession is for poor vision itself more than glasses. This is why I love seeing people going around bareeyed with poor vision more than bespectacled ones. I also go bareeyed sfrom time to time.

I post here a question that is related to changing one's vision (warsening it) althouth it is not exactly GOC:

should I want to make me more nearsighted than I am (-3 and -5) using plus glasses, which effect could I obtain with which glasses? I mean, if I put a, say, +2 pair of reading glasses over my naked eyes, should I see as if I was -5 and -7? Or there is some more complicated math to do?

I'd love to experience higher degree of uncorrected nearsightedness than I actually have and over the counter reading glasses would be a very cheap and easy option (much more than plus contacts)...

P.S. anyone tried experiments like this before? I manage pretty well with my uncorrected vision and I'm wondering how far I could manage with higher prescription...

LEO in PERTH 05 May 2016, 04:18

Apology -I meant 30 Calcat >

LEO in PERTH 05 May 2016, 04:15

wow calcat !!

That's really cool!! You living the dream .

Likelenses 04 May 2016, 20:30


Very cool attitude.

Are you a male,or female?

30calcat 04 May 2016, 17:03

Adriadne - I am naturally nearsighted and wear -16.25 glasses to get about 20/30 vision. My first glasses as a child were just -2. As my lenses increased in strength, I certainly experienced the increase in distortion of the world. More specifically, people take one look at you and your strong glasses and make judgments about what you can and can't do, such as sports, arts, and things that require "good vision". We are told we can't look attractive with glasses. These judgments are not cool, and are flat out wrong. Most people cave to this discrimination and get contacts or laser, which I think makes things much worse for people who can't or choose not to wear contacts.

I refuse to live in a world that believes that there is a common "perfect" standard that some people meet and some people don't and it's just too bad for those who don't. I thrive on embracing the things that make me different, and proving that those differences don't make me a lesser person, but a better person. I intentionally engaged in activities that require "good vision" wearing my thick glasses and succeeded at winning competitions, proving that wearing glasses does not fundamentally handicap you from achieving anything that you want to set out to achieve. I suppose for me, everything that is worth doing is worth over-doing. At one point, when I was still only wearing -10 glasses, there was so much positive energy and self-confidence in this way of life that I dived into GOC, seeing if I could get even more by wearing even stronger glasses. I suppose it is not much different from someone who has red hair, lives in such a way that their personality thrives on it, and then artificially colours their hair even more red to get more energy from the effect.

Like I said in the beginning, I now wear -16.25 glasses without contacts, and I don't wear contacts anymore. But I support the efforts of those who are engaged in GOC. It is an uphill battle against mainstream culture, so I appreciate ever person who is working against common judgments on people who wear thick glasses, whether it be through GOC or more natural means. And I hope that in the journey, we can embrace how glasses enhance your life, get "high" on positive energy and self-confidence, and that our paths cross one day and we can exchange stories.

specs4ever 04 May 2016, 06:56

Adriane, I don't suppose I can explain myself to you in such a way that you can understand. Ever since I was very young I have been fascinated by glasses wearers - particularly those who wore strong minus glasses. I wanted to wear glasses and I did my best when I was younger to try to make my dream come true. I even tried to induce a decent amount of myopia, however I was in my late 30's when I started this, and while I did get myself up to a -10.25D and -8.00D prescription as soon as I reached my late 40's it all fell apart and within about a 5 year period my eyes went back to where they were before I tried to induce myopia. Then I discovered GOC.

Again you will not understand. I do not care if I fool anyone. I do not even care if people look at me and think that that old gray haired guy wears really strong glasses. I just feel at home with myself when I am out in public wearing very strong minus glasses. Yes, sometimes I do have a chance to converse with other people who wear strong minus glasses, and the fact that my glasses are extremely strong does help put them at ease. But I am as much at home wearing my glasses in my house as I am out in public. I just feel like this is the way I should have been naturally.

Again, to someone who has had to wear strong glasses all their life this cannot easily be understood. You have wanted nothing more than to be glasses free. Those of us who do GOC would love to be able to trade your vision for ours.

 04 May 2016, 02:37

Ariadne - I have taken done GOC quite a few times, and hopefully others will post their views on why they like it.

For me, it is about experiencing what I find a turn on in women, and that is wearing big strong glasses. Yes I like ladies without glasses, and yes I like ladies who wear glasses with weak prescriptions dependant on their choice of frame, but to be able to get the feeling of being highly myopic is a real buzz. I have three different combos for doing GOC with two of the stronger combinations involving -10 glasses, and -13/-13.5 glasses. I have noticed ladies at checkouts / in stores are much more talkative and friendly when I'm GOC'ing than when I'm not (bizarre!!).

I feel an almost sense of panic when I've just put the contacts in and I haven't put the glasses on yet as you can imagine, my vision is now very blurry without glasses and I can't see anything clearly / in focus beyond my hand. Once I've got the glasses on there is a sense of warmth and comfort that I can see clearly once again and am dependant on them. I have had a lady ask once before who was a glasses wearer herself if is she could try my glasses on as she liked the style of the frame, and hadn't seen glasses that strong before. She remarked on how bad my vision was, which was quite a conversation starter!!

I don't know how well this addresses your point, but I thought it was worth adding. Hopefully others will be along to post their thoughts

Ariadne 04 May 2016, 01:48

Personally I don't understand this whole glasses over contacts fetish. You want to see blurry as possible to allow you to wear the thickest glasses possible. It might be a buzzkill for some of you, but you can always turn it off when you have had enough. What about those of us who wear thick glasses? We can't turn it off. All of the distortion of the world that comes with wearing strong glasses might seem pretty cool to you, but to us it's an everyday part of life. Contact lenses don't work for everybody, it depends on your eye condition.

I hope that I do not sound insulting. But I would like to hear from anyone who does this glasses over contacts fetish so that you can explain the goal to me. Do you enjoy having the blurriest vision possible or wearing the thickest glasses possible? I wonder what part causes the sexual stimulation to you. I don't think I have seen other women do this, so I think it must be a guy thing.

Soundmanpt 18 Apr 2016, 09:56


I somewhat responded to you in the "Induced Myopia" thread, but I don't think GOC is a good option for you. First of all most of the people that do GOC do it for 2 reasons, recreational use meaning only part time and because they are past the age where they can no longer induce any myopia. But your certainly young enough that wearing stronger glasses than you really need should pose very little trouble for your eyes to be changed rather easily. In fact I really think you may be pleasantly surprised with the results of your eye exam today. Your certain to at the very least need the glasses your wearing but I think your likely going to get an increase as well.

Rebecca 18 Apr 2016, 06:41

Hi all, I posted on the inducing myopia thread earlier, and am now considering trying GOC. Once again, I'm 16 and have a very mild prescription of about -1 in both eyes, with astigmatism in the left.

I'd like to know what a good starting script for GOC would be. I want the lenses to be thick enough that my friends would notice the increase, but not question it.

I'm also not sure what type of contacts to get (daily, weekly, or monthly), or what contact prescription will match the glasses. Do I need to get fit for contacts at an optometrist? I've never worn them before. I would be ordering them from Clearly Contacts.

Thanks in advance.

gwgs 30 Mar 2016, 02:34


 29 Mar 2016, 15:48

LOL! B U S T E D!!!

 29 Mar 2016, 14:17

It seems like you could be a fraud since you seem to have 2 names in now with 2 different prescriptions. Looks like you got confessed and after using the name Jane went to the other name of Natasha which you were on earlier today talking about getting your first glasses of -1.75 and being a 19 year old college student. Now or Jane and working in a doctor's office and a bit older. I think you have some explaining to do?

Natasha 29 Mar 2016, 11:38

Thanks Cactus. It's a group of orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons.

Cactus Jack 29 Mar 2016, 11:32


I think you should start with just a small increase over your regular prescription. and gradually work up. If you keep a similar frame style as you presently wear, no one will probably notice. Because you work in the medical field, your co-workers may be more aware about how vision and optics work and could ask hard to answer questions if you make a substantial change in your apparent prescription.

May I as the specialty of the doctor for whom you work?

You can probably get away with a frame style change as long as the lenses are not noticeably stronger or thicker. An A/R coating on the glasses lenses may help a little.


Jane 29 Mar 2016, 09:43

I'd like to start with a prescription of -8. Then I can always go further.

gwgs 29 Mar 2016, 09:42

Jane - is your glasses prescription going to be -8, or are you increasing it by 8 dioptres?

Jane 29 Mar 2016, 09:23

My real prescription is -2.25 and -2.50. I've decided to start wearing a glasses over contacts prescription of -8 diopters. I have the glasses and the lenses I need but I'm worried about people at work (I'm a 22 year old secretary) asking about my vision. I work for a doctor who has seen me in glasses before so I'm scared that she might ask me to get checked out for diabetes or something if my glasses suddenly look so strong. Any advice? How do i act convincingly?

Jane 29 Mar 2016, 09:23

My real prescription is -2.25 and -2.50. I've decided to start wearing a glasses over contacts prescription of -8 diopters. I have the glasses and the lenses I need but I'm worried about people at work (I'm a 22 year old secretary) asking about my vision. I work for a doctor who has seen me in glasses before so I'm scared that she might ask me to get checked out for diabetes or something if my glasses suddenly look so strong. Any advice? How do i act convincingly?

 26 Mar 2016, 04:19

I think the sexual aspect to the GOC fetish is extremely strong. It is probably the same to the GOCY as getting caught wearing women's panties.

If the GOCY is so-called caught, either the person wouldn't notice or the person would say something innocent like they didn'tt know you wore such strong glasses or did you get new glasses. It would never ever ever enter the person's mind that the GOCY bought contact lenses to extensively blur his vision and wear thick strong glasses because the GOCY is sexually thrilled over the act.

but if the GOCY gets caught, would it be not an advantage. the GOCY would be justified in wearing the thick glasses all the time. Now I wonder if the wearing wearing thick glasses all the time would diminish all the sexual excitement surrounding it.

another anon 24 Mar 2016, 22:46

I have actually been "caught" a couple of times. The first time wasn't really getting caught because I did it on purpose. This was at a job I had years ago. I had worn my -4.0 glasses (my real rx) to work everyday for nearly two years. Then I went to exclusively wearing my contacts for many months after that. After I accepted another job at a different company, I spent the whole 2 week notice I turned in to that company wearing my -12.0 glasses and corresponding contacts. One co-worker noticed and asked me if I got new glasses and asked if they were stronger. The next time was a t a grocery store but she didn't mention my glasses even though I was wearing my -20's.

I can't speak for the others here, but I think the fear that I still sort of have of getting caught at times is because there is heavy sexual relationship with my GOC activities. It revolves around the helplessness and vulnerability I feel when I'm a pretend to be high a myope.

undercover 23 Mar 2016, 02:57

Calcat, squint lover and anon - interesting posts here, and I too don't want to post my regular username for various reasons.

I know how you feel squintlover with regard to losing glasses. I have somehow lost a pair of -13 myodiscs I had and wore for GOC purposes. I only wore them on 2 different occassions, once for several hours, and the other was for the majority of the day. The vision I had out of the myodiscs compared with lo-index/ regular lenses in other glasses for the same prescription was suprisingly much crisper and clearer. I didn't expect this given the peripheral vision issue you suffer with myodiscs, and having never worn them before I was sceptical as to how they would be but pleasantly surprised. It is therefore to my annoyance that I have lost them - god knows how, but I have! With regard to what attracts more attention, I would say that it depends what you are doing when you are GOC'ing. I like to go to malls / shopping centres and have interaction with people/shopworkers as I find it interesting to see how people treat me without glasses (I don't wear any sort of correction regularly!), and with strong glasses. I have found that you get some intriguing and inquisitive looks wearing myodiscs, and more comments / positive feedback with the thicker regular index lenses.

With regard to not wanting to be discovered, as calcat said, I don't share this desire as given I don't wear glasses or contacts on a day to day basis, how does one explain that you're now wearing glasses with highly myopic lenses in that are over 1cm thick (a couple of pairs have lenses that 13.5mm thick!) Not an easy one to explain away and this is why I tend to drive for about 40 minutes out of where I live/work and visit places where I know the circle of people I mix with won't visit. Trying to explain why you're wearing strong glasses would be a difficult one to anyone I knew, and if it was fed back to my wife who knows I love a gwg, but doesn't know such a thing as GOC exists I'd be in a whole load of ****!

30calcat 22 Mar 2016, 20:26

In reflecting on my own journey to wearing strong glasses, I have come to appreciate recently that there are many people who are still in various stages of comfort when it comes to how to express their desire. As others have done for me in the past, I try to meet everyone where they are at in their journey.

The inner desire is simple. We want to shine in the day in front of the whole world wearing strong glasses.

But we live in a world that is culturally programmed against our desire at many levels. Needing glasses is perceived as a defect. Thick glasses are perceived to be ugly. People assume you are "disadvantaged" with poor vision and you can't do things that "require good vision" like sports and arts.

It can take many steps to peel away each layer of these common perceptions that run against the grain of what we would like to share with the world. You have prove to yourself and to the world that you are happier and not any less of a person or less able to function when you wear strong glasses, and you may have to do that one step at a time.

Perhaps you enjoy wearing glasses at home, but you pop in contacts before leaving the house because culture as programmed you into thinking that you are more attractive or athletic that way. They say it will help you in your job, get more dates, etc. Fighting this advice takes some effort on our part, as we have to ignore what everyone else is saying, do what we want to do instead, wear glasses, and then prove over a period time that we are just as attractive and successful as a person wearing glasses, if not more so, than if we had just gone with the flow and wear contacts.

Perhaps you have to take the deliberate step to object to the optician that tries to convince you in every way possible to upgrade to a hi-index lens. "Surely you don't want the ugly thick lenses, right?" "Why don't you just wear contacts, you'll be happier". It takes personal initiative to disrupt things and say "I prefer thick lenses" and articulate all the reasons, against common perceptions. And it takes time to convince those people that you aren't just having a moment of insanity, but that you are truly a happier person wearing thick glasses.

GOC treads deeper against the tide. "Why would you make your vision worse" is what people say. Now you have to be that lonely voice against common perception that explains and then proves over time that you are not making things worse for yourself, but that you are making things better, whether that be through different experiences and deeper understanding of optics, lenses, vision conditions, or whatever your reason for GOC might be.

It can take some effort to shine in the day wearing strong glasses. But it's worth it - pursue it!

 22 Mar 2016, 14:48

I never understand this fear of "getting caught." Why are you so afraid? It's not like you would be caught having an affair, sleeping with a prostitute, or going to a whorehouse.

You are just wearing thick glasses because you want to. Some people want piercings. Some people want tattoos. I'm not sure people who have tattoos fear "getting caught" with a tattoo.

You might "get caught" with someone you know? I think you give people too much credit. The average person wouldn't realize you were wearing glasses too much stronger at all. And if they noticed you are wearing stronger glasses, so what?

If you have to get a stronger prescription in your real glasses , would you suddenly be afraid to wear your stronger glasses because someone might "catch you?"

I don't understand the paranoia. Why is everyone hiding their light under the bush, afraid to shine in the day?

I ask this anonymously because I don't want it attached to the regular name I use to post here.

M Lol 22 Mar 2016, 09:52

Does anyone know where it is possible to obtain Lenticular lenses c. +10?

Online folk don't seem able to help. Thanks.

Weirdeyes 21 Mar 2016, 07:24


What do your cylindrical GOC glasses look like?

bracesfan 21 Mar 2016, 04:23

My strongest cylindrical GOC is: CL +6,50, cyl. -10 at 90 and glasses +0,5, cyl. -11 at 180. Such strong astigmatismus mixtus is really an aexperience.

AAlex 20 Mar 2016, 10:18

Weirdeyes asked about cylindrical GOC.

Here's my experience. I'm 28 and have played with over prescribing and GOC for about 10 years.

My "official" contact prescription is Air Optix Night & Day b.c. 8.6 O.D. -3.25, O.S. -3.50 that corrects me to 20/13.

Last year I bought a big box of trial toric lenses on ebay that included samples of different brands, base curves, and prescriptions.

I have a Snellen chart and trial lens set and played with the lenses to see how they behaved.

For me the lenses with minus cylinder on the 180 axis rotated the least, followed by 90 axis. Axes 20 to 80 and 100 to 160 seemed to rotate more when I blinked. 70 and 160 distorted my vision the most but were too unstable.

After experimenting I bought the highest cylinder plus lenses I could find that weren't a special order. The lenses were Oasys +6.00 -2.75 x 180 for both eyes. That translates to +2.25 +2.75 x 90.

When I the lenses I wore them for about a half hour to let them stabilize and used my trial lens set to determine my best prescription. My goal was the prescription I would receive from an optometrist if this was my actual vision.

I ended up with a prescription O.D. -6.25 -3.25 x 85, O.S. -6.50 -3.50 x 95. I can see 20/15 with these contacts and the glasses I ordered with this prescription.

30calcat 15 Mar 2016, 07:12

Lens polish comes down to personal preference but I get a lot more "wow those are thick glasses" comments with polished edges. I think this is because the shiny edges produce more reflections, which some people like because it makes the lenses look more jewel-like but can draw attention to their presence. They also increase internal reflections, and can accentuate the "coke-bottle" effect, especially if the lense have a significant edge bevel.

I think if the goal is to hide the lens in a thick plastic frame, going without polish will help the lens blend in more, while the polish would have the opposite effect.

squint lover 15 Mar 2016, 04:41


What exactly is the advantage of not having the lenses polished?


30calcat 14 Mar 2016, 16:36

You are on the right track with the small frame size. Find a thick plastic frame with fat temples/arms and most of that 7.5mm of thickness will be hidden. Put in the order notes to not polish the lens edges and you'll be able to wear those -14s around without getting any attention - even many of us OOs wouldn't even look twice.

Myodiscs attract attention, in my experience. People are most observant of how your eyes look straight on (not from the side) because they are most engaged with you when looking at you in a conversation. For even a non-OO, the non-blended myodiscs that the mass-produced lens labs are cranking out these days produce very obvious rings that clash with the shape of most frames. At minimum, I have received comments from people that myodiscs "look funny" when I wear them.

squint lover 14 Mar 2016, 12:00

Hi all!

It has been quite some time since I last posted to this group, but once again I would highly appreciate some help. Last year around July I was asking about your experience regarding doing GOC in public.

My personal Rx is

OD -3.75, cyl -.25, axis 152

OS -3.25, cyl -.75, axis 32

With +8.00 contacts I got my GOC prescription

OD -14.25, cyl -.25, axis 152

OS -13.50, cyl -.75, axis 32

I had two GOC glasses (one full field and one that were basically myodiscs) with which I could easily read the 20/30 line and could have probably also read the 20/20 line if it wasn't for the severe minification. However, I somehow lost both of them when I moved just recently.

The problem I had with both pairs was that I would never have had the guts to go outside with these glasses since I am afraid of meeting someone I know and people being suspicious of that jump of over -10. I was also considering getting a pair that is maybe around -8 to -10 (which I personally like a lot to look at on other people), but have dismissed this idea because I wouldn't be pleased with them knowing I could have stronger ones.

So, since I have lost my recent GOC glasses and I know that the prescription works very well for me, I was considering maybe spending a little more money on the next pair. I still want to order from Zenni because I have been very pleased with their work so far, but wanted to go for a little smaller frame size and the highest index possible. I have found a frame that I know would suit me very well because it looks almost identical to my actual glasses. But even with 1.74 lenses and a lens width of 47 (22 bridge, my interpupillary distance is 68, so the lenses are centered almost perfectly), the calculator at opticampus ( predicts a lens thickness of 7.5 mm. Unfortunately, Zenni does not provide aspheric lenses at that prescription anymore. I am pretty sure that those glasses would still look way more appealing than my recently lost ones, but I'm a little afraid that I would still be too shy wearing such heavy bricks outside.

Does one of the more experienced GOCers maybe have some tips how to further decrease lens thickness? Or is 7.5 mm thickness as good as it gets? The one myodisc pair I had was just made that way without me asking for it and I found myodiscs rather easy to handle and cosmetically not too bad. Is it possible to specifically ask for myodiscs when ordering at Zenni in order to reduce lens thickness? And what do you think would make people more suspicious: very thick lenses or myodiscs?

I appreciate any thoughts!


Agda 26 Feb 2016, 17:28

Hi all. I think I would like to share my excuse of getting your eye checked while wearing GoC.

I pretended to suffer from keratoconus, an eye condition where the cornea mis-shaped and causing the person to ghost image. The contact lenses that I was wearing under my thick glasses is required to correct the shape of my cornea.

Of course I don't want to be so knowledgeable in the topic to invite suspicion. So I just said to the doctor that I'm wearing the contact lens under my glasses because otherwise, I see double. And this can't be corrected with glasses.

The doctor I visited was a GP as part of my annual medical check up. Of course this might not work with ophthalmologist, but might work if you visit eye doctor at a remote area, and just said that you lost your glasses, need the contact lens, and just need new glasses prescription.


Weirdeyes 22 Feb 2016, 04:39

I just thought of a good excuse to try out GOC. I can cosplay as Sybill Trelawney from Harry Potter. She wears strong plus glasses.

I don't know how high the power is. I'm thinking of trying something around +6.00 with low index lenses. My real prescription is R +1.00 -0.75 177 L +4.00 -1.25 10. Do you think +6.00 is too strong for my first GOC? +5.00 with possibly a high vertex distance is okay as well. I really want them to magnify my eyes.

leo in PERTH 19 Feb 2016, 09:09


gwgs 19 Feb 2016, 02:43

Well I couldn't find any on there, anyone have any other tips on where to get contacts stronger than +8?

gwgs 18 Feb 2016, 09:09

Thanks for the tip Leo, do they require verification of the prescription?

Have used +8's for GOC a couple of times, but having progressed from a combination of +5 and -9.75, I thought this combo would be fine, but they're not strong enough for my -13/-13.5 glasses :(

leo in Perth 18 Feb 2016, 07:37


Vision Direct in the UK.

From memory,-20 +20

gwgs 18 Feb 2016, 07:25

Can anyone recommend an online optician in the UK that sells contact lenses above +8?

Gasman 17 Feb 2016, 12:38

Hi , during the highly intensive eye examination the optition did mention that there were very early signs of cataract development but nothing to worry about ,and yes the NHS will & do cataract surgery but they have to to be of a certain development , my appointment is believe or not April the first mind you I have just had a colonoscopy done last week on my 66th birthday the person in the appointments department must have a good sense of humour,so ref my Goc I will take your advise and wait but will make an apointment to try out for the first time contact lenses and God willing get my thick lenses in April ,thanks very much will up date later thanks again

Cactus Jack 17 Feb 2016, 09:25


I strongly suggest that you wait until you after your appointment with the Eye Hospital. I suspect you may be developing Cataracts for a couple of reasons.

Did the optician say anything about that?

Here are my reasons for suggesting that you wait until you know more.

1. Your age. BTW, I am 78 and have had Cataract surgery with IOLs in 2001.

It is very rare for even a much younger person to experience a significant Minus prescription increase like you did. For that to have happened, your eyeballs would have had to suddenly grow larger (longer), which is extremely unlikely. Or, your Crystalline Lenses had a significant increase in PLUS power. That can happen with Pseudo Myopia, but that requires that your Ciliary Muscles were able to Squeeze your Crystalline Lenses to increase their power. It is very likely that Presbyopia, which is the stiffening of your Crystalline Lenses would have make that impossible. That pretty much leaves the development of Cataracts as a reasonable possibility because one of the effects of Cataracts is that they swell the Crystalline Lenses in addition to clouding them and that can cause an apparent in Myopia or a decrease in Hyperopia, sometime called Second Sight in older people.

2. Tear Production.

To do GOC, you obviously need to wear Contact Lenses. As we get older, it is very common for tear production to decrease and Dry Eyes to become a problem. Contact Lens comfort depends on tears to lubricate and keep the cornea moist. Contact lenses actually float on a tear film. The tear film also does something else. Your Corneas are living tissue, but have no blood supply. The get their oxygen from the air plus oxygen and nutrients from the tear film.

Older people can successfully wear Contact Lenses, but they require careful fitting by an Eye Care Professional. Have you ever worn contact lenses?

If Cataract Surgery is recommended, you may be able to decide the prescription you want to wind up with, within reason. I don't know what the rules are in the UK, because I suspect the NHS is paying the bill and the golden rule applies. In other words, "The man with the gold makes the rules."

If you still want to try wearing high minus GOC, I will help you, but be prepared to spend some money and experience some frustration getting it right. If it turns out that you need to have Cataract Surgery, it is very likely that there will be significant changes in your prescription, which will make most of our work and your money, wasted.

Also, please understand that I am NOT an Eye Care Professional (ECP). My background is Electronic and Computer Engineering (Problem Solver) . I am an amateur in the original French sense as one who LOVES learning about a subject.

I have had vision problems for much of my life. I was not satisfied with the explanations I got from ECPs about why I could not be corrected to 20/20. I did lots of research and finally found an Optometrist who would listen and work with me. We solved the problem. I now have 20/15 vision most of the time with trifocals and decent functional vision, without glasses, (mono vision) for many purposes.


Cactus Jack 17 Feb 2016, 09:25


I strongly suggest that you wait until you after your appointment with the Eye Hospital. I suspect you may be developing Cataracts for a couple of reasons.

Did the optician say anything about that?

Here are my reasons for suggesting that you wait until you know more.

1. Your age. BTW, I am 78 and have had Cataract surgery with IOLs in 2001.

It is very rare for even a much younger person to experience a significant Minus prescription increase like you did. For that to have happened, your eyeballs would have had to suddenly grow larger (longer), which is extremely unlikely. Or, your Crystalline Lenses had a significant increase in PLUS power. That can happen with Pseudo Myopia, but that requires that your Ciliary Muscles were able to Squeeze your Crystalline Lenses to increase their power. It is very likely that Presbyopia, which is the stiffening of your Crystalline Lenses would have make that impossible. That pretty much leaves the development of Cataracts as a reasonable possibility because one of the effects of Cataracts is that they swell the Crystalline Lenses in addition to clouding them and that can cause an apparent in Myopia or a decrease in Hyperopia, sometime called Second Sight in older people.

2. Tear Production.

To do GOC, you obviously need to wear Contact Lenses. As we get older, it is very common for tear production to decrease and Dry Eyes to become a problem. Contact Lens comfort depends on tears to lubricate and keep the cornea moist. Contact lenses actually float on a tear film. The tear film also does something else. Your Corneas are living tissue, but have no blood supply. The get their oxygen from the air plus oxygen and nutrients from the tear film.

Older people can successfully wear Contact Lenses, but they require careful fitting by an Eye Care Professional. Have you ever worn contact lenses?

If Cataract Surgery is recommended, you may be able to decide the prescription you want to wind up with, within reason. I don't know what the rules are in the UK, because I suspect the NHS is paying the bill and the golden rule applies. In other words, "The man with the gold makes the rules."

If you still want to try wearing high minus GOC, I will help you, but be prepared to spend some money and experience some frustration getting it right. If it turns out that you need to have Cataract Surgery, it is very likely that there will be significant changes in your prescription, which will make most of our work and your money, wasted.

Also, please understand that I am NOT an Eye Care Professional (ECP). My background is Electronic and Computer Engineering (Problem Solver) . I am an amateur in the original French sense as one who LOVES learning about a subject.

I have had vision problems for much of my life. I was not satisfied with the explanations I got from ECPs about why I could not be corrected to 20/20. I did lots of research and finally found an Optometrist who would listen and work with me. We solved the problem. I now have 20/15 vision most of the time with trifocals and decent functional vision, without glasses, (mono vision) for many purposes.


Gasman 17 Feb 2016, 04:09

Hi thanks for imput I'm 66 from the UK and I'm retired my prescription is for bi focals dist right sph -7.00. Cyl +0.50 axis 140.0 near sph -5.00 cyl +0.50 axis 140.0. Left dist -7.00 cyl +1.00 axis 45.0 near sph -5.00 cyl +1.00 axis45.0 thanks

Cactus Jack 16 Feb 2016, 21:40


We can help you, but we need lots more information. Based on the limited information you provided, my first estimate is +7.50 contacts for -18 glasses.

That assumes that you presently need -7.00 glasses.

Vertex Distance effects, with -18 glasses 0.32 diopters per mm. Vertex Distance, which is the distance from your Cornea to the back of the glasses lens is VERY hard to estimate and hard to measure, even if you have the glasses.

Here are a few questions.

1. What is your Age?

2. What is your COMPLETE Prescription?

3. What is your occupation?

4. Where do you live"

Please do not attempt GOC with the above estimates unless you have plenty of money to waste. At best, High Prescription GOC is an inexact science and it is often necessary to make several changes to get wearable glasses.

Also, I strongly recommend NOT going directly to -18. You need to work your way up a few diopters at a time, to give your brain time to learn how to deal with the reduced Images size, the distortion, and possibly reduced Visual Acuity.


Gasman 16 Feb 2016, 13:32

Hi having seen my prescription jump from -4.25 & -4.75 to both eyes being -7.00 in just two months ,I have been referred to my local eye hospital by the optition,but until my appointment I bought the cheaper option lenses and wow the lenses are quite thick but to be honest I quite like the attention and the feel of these thick lenses so checking out sites found this one,so having the perfect timing for suddenly having to wear thicker lenses in my glasses without question I really would like to go extra thick possibly -18 or-20 any one out ther got any idea's as to what contacts are regd for say -18 thanks

Cactus Jack 15 Feb 2016, 11:25


The best way to do GOC is to start with an eye exam for glasses. The problem with starting with a Contact Lens prescription is that they are often compromise prescriptions that combine Sphere correction and Cylinder correction (add 1/2 the cylinder to the sphere) if the cylinder correction is not too large. The reason for doing this is to avoid using Toric Contact Lenses that have Cylinder and Axis correction.

If you are going to be wearing glasses anyway, the best place for any Cylinder correction for Astigmatism AND any Add you may need, is in the glasses.

There is a second problem with starting GOC with less than the best possible prescription is your age. The calculations for high prescription GOC become uncertain because of a major UNKNOWN in one of the elements. That element is Vertex Distance, which is the distance from your Cornea to the back of the glasses lens. The Vertex Distance effects involve the square (^2) of the glasses prescription. Vertex Distance is not critical in prescriptions below about +/- 4.00, but it becomes extremely critical at high prescriptions. For example, Vertex Distance effects are about 0.25 diopters per mm at -15. The trick there is to slightly under PLUS the contacts or over MINUS the glasses and use your accommodation to make up for any errors. Unfortunately, you have very little accommodation left to correct small errors and we have to be more accurate.

If you don't want to bother with an eye exam, I strongly suggest that you start with GOC -4.00 glasses to get used to wearing MINUS glasses. Here is a prescription:

OD Sphere -4.00, Cylinder 0.00, Axis 0 Add +2.00

OS Sphere -4.00, Cylinder 0.00, Axis 0 Add +2.00

You can order from Zenni or other online retailer.

You will need +5.00 contact lenses to make the glasses work. +1.00 of the +5.00 will correct for your Hyperopia and the remaining +4.00 will compensate for the -4.00 in the glasses. Use the same Diameter, Base Curve and Brand as your existing CLs.

You are, of course free, to ignore all of the above and do what you want to. When you get used to wearing the -4.00 glasses, move up to -8.00. You can gradually work up to -15.

If you don't want to do that and have plenty of money to spend, order the following.


OD Sphere -15.00, Cylinder 0.00, Axis 0 Add +2.00

OS Sphere -15.00, Cylinder 0.00, Axis 0 Add +2.00



The Vertex Distance Calculations for -15 glasses say that you will need +13.3 contacts to match -15.00 glasses at 12 mm and your +1.00 Hyperopia.

Please understand that GOC IS NOT and exact science. There are NO guarantees.

If you decide to start at -15.00, please remember that Stairs and Curbs ARE NOT where you think they are and initially, you will thing you are 3 meters tall.

Please let me know what you decide to do.


Brille 15 Feb 2016, 09:27

Hi Cactus Jack,

please give me advice 8-)


 11 Feb 2016, 12:53


you said you were using -9 GOC for quite a long time.

Can you explain about the first day on it.

How long it took to adjust.

With what power you started?

bracesfan 10 Feb 2016, 00:27


If you choose an optical store you don´t regularly visit there is absolutely no chance they could notice your contacts. Wearing contacts you will behave like really vision impaired person and contacts can be noticed only from very near or during an eye examination. No fear.

Soundmanpt 08 Feb 2016, 09:42


Well hopefully you plan on going to an optical store that doesn't know you? There is a very good chance that the optician will notice you're wearing contacts when he or she is repairing your glasses and readjusting them on your face. They likely wouldn't even say anything if they did notice and might just assume that you have such a high prescription that you wear part of it as contacts and part as glasses so your glasses aren't even thicker than they already are. And there you have your answer as well. If they were to comment about seeing the contacts simply say that you wear part of your prescription in contacts so your glasses wouldn't be any thicker. Now the only problem I can foresee is if they would need to keep your glasses in order to fix them.

Just curious if your concerned you know you can go on line and buy some really good quality glasses form Zenni ( for well under $20.00. so if it going to cost much to fix your glasses you might be better off getting a new pair anyway.

George 08 Feb 2016, 06:41

I have been doing GOC with -9.00 glasses for a while now and was thinking of going to the local optical store to get the glasses repaired wearing the combo. Do you think they would notice the contacts? What should i say if they did?

 04 Feb 2016, 23:37

Hi CJ,

I am not getting any advice. I need your help.

I have no glasses prescription! I only wear contact lenses.


Cactus Jack 04 Feb 2016, 18:23


No! It looked like you were getting plenty of advice and I did not want to interfere. Too many cooks, etc.

I still need your complete Glasses prescription, Contact lens prescriptions are often compromises to avoid fitting Toric Contacts, if possible. Typically, GOC Contact lenses are single vision Sphere ONLY. For simplicity, every other prescription element is normally put in the glasses.


 04 Feb 2016, 12:26

Hi Cactus Jack,

did you forget me?


Cactus Jack 04 Feb 2016, 10:02


You should have plenty of accommodation available for just about anything. However, when doing high prescription GOC that people who have natural high myopia generally took years to get there. Vision actually occurs in the brain, the eyes are merely biological cameras. Your brain has to learn to process the images produced by high prescription glasses. Things like stairs and curbs WILL NOT be where you think they are and you may experience significant edge and color fringing until your brain learns how to process the minified and distorted images produced by high prescription lenses.

I think we need to chat privately. You may contact me at


PleaseGuide 04 Feb 2016, 09:48

@Cactus jack

Thnaks for the valuable reply

my age is 24.

Also i have question.

For eg, if i go for -12 GOC , you suggested +10 glasses

but to purchase +10 you need exact prescription including cylinder,axis,

can u reply that too please

PleaseGuide 04 Feb 2016, 08:30

@Cactus jack.

my age is 24

Cactus Jack 04 Feb 2016, 07:42


You didn't mention your age, it is important.

For -8 GOC try

Contact Lens both eyes +7.00

GOC Glasses

Right Sphere -8.00, Cyl. -1.25, Axis 90

Left Sphere -8.00, Cyl. -1,00, Axis 90

For -12 GOC try

Contact Lens both eyes +10.00

GOC Classes

Right Sphere -12.00, Cyl. -1.25. Axis 90

Left Sphere -12.00, Cyl. -1.00, Axis 90

For -15 try

+12 contacts and glasses sphere of -15.

GOC numbers are approximate and assume a Vertex Distance of 12 mm.

The contacts are a little less PLUS than actual calculations indicate an require you to be able to supply a small amount of additional PLUS, internally using your powers of accommodation. If you have limited accommodation, you may need to adjust the glasses Sphere prescription downward slightly. Contacts above +8 are typically available only in 0.50 increments.

Note: GOC is easily detected by Eye Care Professionals

To attempt to Induce Myopia try

Right Sphere -2.00, Cyl. -1.25, Axis 90

Left Sphere -2.00, Cyl. -1,00, Axis 90

Every waking hour. If they are comfortable, Increase to

Right Sphere -4.00, Cyl. -1.25, Axis 90

Left Sphere -4.00, Cyl. -1,00, Axis 90

Inducing Myopia will not happen very quickly. It depends on your age. It may take months to induce what is called Pseudo Myopia and it will probably not be permanent, even if you are successful. If you are under 20, you may actually induce some True Myopia, but don't expect much.


PleaseGuide 04 Feb 2016, 03:37

@Cactus Jack

Hi,as u know my clyinder values are -1.25(R) with 90-axis and -1(L) with 90-axis..

I wish to do GOC for a small period.In face i want to disguise myself infront of some people also.


So i wish to wear a high power glasses(- 8-> -15/+) with proper contacts inside in it.

can u suggest me a combo .

I know for accurate GOC,many more things has to be considered. But this is to act infront of somebody for half an hour only for a few days.

can you suggest me something with which i can easily wear it.

Even due to inaccuracy it add permanently a bit of myopia, i would like that.

kindly help

Obsessed 03 Feb 2016, 01:23


if you'd like to chat, send me a message at

kannst mich auch gern auf deutsch anschreiben, obwohl meine stärkste sprache englisch ist :)

Brille 02 Feb 2016, 09:10

Hi Obsessed,

I am near Frankfurt!


Obsessed 02 Feb 2016, 05:44

Hi Brille,

OMG you are probably an adorable teacher with a plus prescription! You have to start wearing glasses for it! :) And if you alternate that with a -15 GOC set, then it's simply perfection!

Where in Germany are you? I live in Leipzig.

bracesfan 26 Jan 2016, 00:39


High cylinder isn´t in fact such a problem :-)

I´ve experienced it both in glasses and contacts. Being an average myope at -3,5 diopters I´ve got glasses +8 with -12 cylinder. The sight is beautifuly extremely elongated, you just need to combine plus in one axe and minus in the other. Good to try with trial kit. Now I consider trying even higher cylinder, about -16... Of course you can hardly go outside not seeing a thing :-)

With contacts it´s different.

The principle is the same, plus in one axe, minus in the other. I´ve got Hydrasoft Options by Cooper at +6,50 and -10 cylinder. They made cylinder up to 11. The sight isn´t so much elongated as with glasses but it´s possible to correct it with glasses. Mine are +0,50 with -11 cylinder. Of course the picture isn´t absolutely sharp but quite good to make common things.

I think there are some other types of soft contacts at the market and of course some companies make custom made soft contacts and RGPs which can have nearly unlimited cylinder.

astigmaphile 25 Jan 2016, 08:20


The only person who has ever posted on here about astigmatic GOC is Filthy Mc Nasty. Maybe he will get on here and tell his story.

Weirdeyes 25 Jan 2016, 03:58

Has anyone successfully does cylindrical GOC? I know it's not recommended to experiment with cylinder. I'm just curious if anyone has done GOC with cylinder. I'm curious what it's like to have severe astigmatism.

Brille 24 Jan 2016, 23:36

Hi CJ,

Ok, I am willing to follow your guidance.


Cactus Jack 24 Jan 2016, 14:30


You will have considerable difficulty starting GOC in the -15 range. The difference in the images delivered to the Brain while wearing very high prescription glasses requires some re-programming by the brain to effectively process the images and that takes time.

Vision actually occurs in the Brain. The eyes are merely biological cameras. With rare exceptions, people who need high prescription glasses developed that need gradually, over a period of years. That does not mean the that you cannot do effective high prescription GOC, you just have to work up to it. Fortunately, it does not take years.

Because of your age and your actual prescription, I would suggest starting with no more than -4.00 bifocals with a +2.00 Add, but if you want to do GOC full time, because of your profession, you may want to start a bit lower than that.

Effective and comfortable GOC requires planning. Whatever you decide, Glasses are the last thing you order. It is a very serious and expensive mistake to buy (or be given) existing glasses from any source and then try to find a Contact Lens that will make them work for you. That rarely works and the effort is soon abandoned because the combination is miserable to try to wear.

You have a head start because you already wear contacts. But, the place you need to start is a recent Glasses Prescription. Contact lens prescriptions are often compromises, particularly if you have low Astigmatism that is troublesome to correct with Toric Contacts.

GOC is NOT an exact science, particularly at high glasses prescriptions. The culprit is Vertex Distance (VD) effects and several types of distortion in high prescription lenses. Vertex Distance effects are a Square (^2) function of the glasses prescription and Vertex Distance is very hard to measure or estimate. At +/-15.00, VD effects are close to 0.25 diopters per mm. We can deal with that. The Chromatic, Pin Cushion or Barrel distortion, and Spatial Distortion common in high prescription lenses can only be managed by the Brain.

We can help you, but you need to be willing to follow our guidance, that is the result of many successful GOC projects. If you want to do your own thing, we wish you well and as we say in Texas, "Y'all be careful, hear."


Brille 24 Jan 2016, 01:08

Hi CJ,

thank you for the quick answer and your help. I will answer the question as good as I can.

1. Your Age and Gender?

I am 55

2. Your occupation?

I am a teacher

3. Do you presently wear vision correction?

I have to but I wear contact lenses

4. What is your complete Glasses prescription?

5. What glasses prescription would you ultimately like to wear?

I would like to wear strong minus glasses with -15 or more

6. Have you ever worn Contact Lenses?

I wear cl all day

7. What is the complete Contact Lens prescription?

the prescription is

right eye PWR +1,00 (MAX ADD +2,00)

left eye PWR +0,75 (MAX ADD +2,5)

Thank you für your help


Cactus Jack 23 Jan 2016, 19:06


It is a decent story, provided she does not know much about optics and is not a "closet OO". Strong glasses may turn her on.


manofspex 23 Jan 2016, 17:39

I have purchased some -6 diopter glasses and the appropriate + contacts to go with them. However, I am very concerned that people will become suspicious if I suddenly go from wearing glasses with thin lenses to very thick ones. Is this just me being paranoid? A female friend found the glasses in my home recently and asked me who they belong to. When I said they were mine she was rather surprised and said she didn't think I was so nearsighted because the glasses I usually wear are much thinner. I said that I wear those glasses (the thinner ones) on top of my lenses because I hadn't got a new prescription and needed the extra help. That seemed to convince her. Is that a good story?

Cactus Jack 23 Jan 2016, 09:32


I will help you, but unless you have an unlimited budget and a lot of time to waste, you need to be willing to follow a procedure that has, for the most part, been successful. However, you need to understand that GOC is NOT an exact science, particularly at the higher prescriptions.

Many people who are just starting GOC make two mistakes. One, they want to start with a high double digit glasses prescription and Two, they buy some high prescription glasses online with the HOPE that they will be able to find some Contact Lenses that will match the Glasses to their existing Vision. That generally does not work and the combination cannot be comfortably worn.

Vision actually occurs in the brain. The eyes are merely biological cameras. When you significantly change the images delivered to the brain, it can take time for the brain to work with the different images. There are a few exceptions, but most people who need very high prescriptions did not suddenly need them. Often, they became Myopic in childhood and gradually worked up to their current prescription. You need to do something like that, only a bit faster, when you do GOC.

May I ask a few questions?

1. Your Age and Gender?

2. Your occupation?

3. Do you presently wear vision correction?

4. What is your complete Glasses prescription?

5. What glasses prescription would you ultimately like to wear?

6. Have you ever worn Contact Lenses?

7. What is the complete Contact Lens prescription?


Brille 23 Jan 2016, 01:15

Hi Cactus Jack,

I am from Germany and I would like to wear strong Minus glasses. Can you help me to find the right GOC Combo.

Sorry for my bad english.

Likelenses 19 Jan 2016, 00:04


No,I think that -4.00 would be too much to begin with,but you should easily handle -2.75,and perhaps several months later,move into -3.75.

In addition to wearing the overprescription constantly,you need to modify your visual behavior.Do the things that a myope does such as squinting when looking at distant objects,and holding reading material as close to your eyes,as you can tolerate,all while wearing the overcorrection.

At even -8.00,I doubt that you need to worry about retina detachment. Also when you reach a point that you think that the lenses are strong enough,you then stop overcorrecting.

manofspex 18 Jan 2016, 22:09

I gave that some consideration. I basically induced the -1.75 diopters that I currently need (started needing -0.5 a year and a half ago and then did a lot of reading/near work) but I'm concerned about retinal detachments and other problems that could potentially accompany severe myopia.

I haven't ruled it out yet though. Do you think I could cope with -4 lenses without any + contacts?

Likelenses 18 Jan 2016, 21:35


Instead of glasses over contacts,why not induce myopia?

You could begin by wearing -2.75 for all activities. You then should read as close as you can tolerate with glasses on. With the demands of college,and later medical school,you should have no problem becoming a real high myope.I would think that -6.00 to -8.00 should be relatively easy.

Cactus Jack 18 Jan 2016, 00:09


Thanks for the info. To do GOC calculations you always start with the desired Glasses Sphere Power and plan to order the glasses from an online retailer such as Zenni. Your plan on starting with -6.00 or -8.00 is a good one. Some people want to start with a very high prescription, but High Rx GOC can get pretty tricky for two reasons.

1. Vertex Distance effects in High Rx Glasses can be huge very difficult to estimate. If you examine the math that follows, you will understand why.

2. You have to learn to see with High Rx Glasses. People who develop High Myopia do it gradually over a period of years. High Rx GOC happens suddenly and the experience can be traumatic.

BTW, NEVER buy existing glasses from any source and hope to be able to find some contacts that will make them work. It is almost impossible to do.

GOC Calculations

If the desired glasses Rx is above +/- 4.00 always do the calculations for Vertex Distance (VD) effects. Vertex Distance is the distance from the front of your cornea to the back of the lens in the glasses. It is very hard to measure accurately. The calculation is the same as that done to convert Refracted Rx to Contact Lens Rx.

Step 1. Calculate the Vertex Distance effects of the proposed Glasses Sphere Correction: e.g.-6.00

-6.00 x -6.00 = 36 Note the sign is lost

36 / 1000 = 0.036 diopters per mm

0.036 x 12 mm = 0.432 12 mm is a typical Vertex Distance

-6.00 -(+0.432) = -5.568 effective power of a -6.00 lens at the cornea

Step 2. GOC Contact Lens Power calculation.

Remember. Corrective lenses neutralize or cancel out refractive errors. If you actual glasses prescription is -1.75 the Vertex Distance effects are negligible and can be ignored. Therefore the effective power at the cornea is -1.75 and the -1.75 neutralizes your +1.75 refractive error. To neutralize the -5.568 refractive error required by the -6.00 glasses you will need an additional:

5.568 - 1.75 = +3.818 in a GOC contact lens, but you can't buy that power Contact Lens. All you can buy around that power is +3.50, +3.75. or +4.00. If you used +4.00 the result would be that you would be slightly Myopic with that GOC combination. Your distance vision would be a bit fuzzy with your Crystalline Lenses fully relaxed at minimal PLUS power and you could do nothing about it. If you used +3.75 you would have a tiny bit too much MINUS in your glasses for your "Eye Power". At your age, you could easily add the extra PLUS you need to compensate for the extra minus. However, I believe that you would like +3.50 better because your glasses would offer about 1 step (-0.25) MINUS over correction which would result in more crisp vision (20/15 perhaps).

You have made no mention of any Cylinder and Axis correction in your glasses. If you did have any Cylinder and Axis you would transfer the numbers EXACTLY to the GOC Glasses Prescription.

I would suggest ordering some low cost -6.00 glasses from Zenni Optical. If you choose the $6.95 frames and low index lenses the cost will be around $12.00 with shipping. If you don't know how, we can help you. You will need your Pupillary Distance (PD), but if you don't have it you can easily measure it with a mm ruler and a bathroom mirror.

Using the above as a template, why don't you do the calculations for -8.00 glasses and let me review your results.

Please feel free to ask about anything you don't understand.


manofspex 17 Jan 2016, 18:44

Occupation: student (planning on attending medical school)

Country: USA

Glasses rx: -1.75 in both eyes

manofspex 17 Jan 2016, 18:43

Thanks for the reply.

Yes, I have worn contacts (not often) and I know the prescription.

Cactus Jack 17 Jan 2016, 14:39


Yes you will have trouble, because I don't believe that is the right GOC combo.

I don't have time right now to do the calculations, but hopefully in the next few hours. -6.00 is probably a good place to start.

Some questions

1. Have you ever worn contacts?

2. If so, do you know your complete contact lens prescription?

3. What is your complete glasses prescription?

4. What is your occupation?

5. Where do you live (Country)?

It is very likely that you can wear almost any power glasses you want to. You can probably order the lowest index lenses you want from Zenni. I don't think their lowest index lens is CR-39, but it is pretty close.


manofspex 17 Jan 2016, 13:20


I'm in my early 20s and I want to try GOC for the first time. I first started becoming myopic two years ago (-0.5) and I'm now (-2.00). I do a lot of near work so I'm sure I'll hit -3.00 quite soon. However, I want to wear a prescription of between -6 and -8. Since it's very important that the lenses be thick I want to have the strong glasses made using CR-39. Most online stores won't make a -8 without high index lenses so I've decided to settle for -6. Will I have trouble adjusting with +4 lenses and -6 glasses?


Husqvarna 21 Dec 2015, 08:19

thank you very much for the advice .I will follow your advice .About the result will write .

Cactus Jack 21 Dec 2015, 07:19


Safe, high quality GOC involves careful planning and probably an eye exam, unless you already wear contact lenses and know your contact lens prescription. Contact lens prescriptions include the Power, Base Curve, and Diameter. Also, you need to learn how to insert and remove the contact lenses. In addition, it is important to learn how to care for the contact lenses to avoid infections that can permanently damage your Corneas.

Assuming you actually have NO refractive error (your prescription is 0.00 with NO Astigmatism) you will need +7.25 contact lenses with the -8.00 glasses, assuming that the glasses have NO Cylinder correction.

It is very doubtful that you will have good vision with GOC glasses and contact lenses unless you follow the correct procedures. Incorrectly fitted contact lenses can be very uncomfortable to wear and can be dangerous to your vision.


Husqvarna 21 Dec 2015, 00:46

I have good eyesight .I am 40 years old.From Russia.

Cactus Jack 21 Dec 2015, 00:17


Normally, we do not recommend getting glasses and then trying to find some contact lenses to make them work. That occasionally works, but it is rare. If the glasses have any Cylinder correction that DOES NOT EXACTLY MATCH your cylinder and axis correction, it is nearly impossible.

Over the years, we have developed suggested procedures that work well for GOC

Some questions:

1. Do you presently wear vision correction?.

2, If so, what is your actual complete .glasses prescription?

3. What is your age?

4. Where do you live (country)?

Answers to the above questions will help us advise you.


Husqvarna 21 Dec 2015, 00:03

I have a question. I want Activities GOC.I have glasses -8. What it is necessary to contact lenses for normal vision ?

 19 Dec 2015, 14:18

it is unfortunate the dear canadians have ceased allowing the sale of new prescription contact lenses. is there another source to buy new contacts of any prescription?

Brille 28 Nov 2015, 02:52

Hallo Daland!

ich bin 55 und bin leicht Weitsichtig und ein wenig Altersichtig.

Ich habe eine Brille mit -25 und eine mit -10. Eine zusaätzlich mit -15 würde mir gefallen.



Daland 25 Nov 2015, 06:13

Hello Brille!

Hallo Brille!

At first in english, then as appendix in german.

Zuerst auf Englisch, dann als Anhang auf Deutsch.

What is your age and normal prescription and do you have the glasses already?

Which strength should they have "exactly"?

Then someone of the experts here can calc. the needed values.

As this is not always so exact - try and error.

Wie alt bist du, was ist deine normale Brillenstärke und hast du eine solch starke Brille schon, oder musst du diese erst noch kaufen?

Wie stark soll das GOC Erlebnis "exakt" werden?

Einer der Erperten hier kann dir dann sicher weiterhelfen.

Aber es ist nicht immer ganz exakt. Also "Try and error".




Brille 25 Nov 2015, 04:57

Wer kann mir in Bezug auf GOC helfen?

Ich würde gerne eine starke Brille >-10 Dioptrien tragen und brauche Hilfe um die richtige GOC-Kombination zu finden!

Rob 19 Nov 2015, 02:41

Hi I am 48 and have been messing around with various combos based on glasses I have in my house.

I am wearing -.2.75 contacts in both eyes these correct me to 20/20.

I then put on some -2.75 glasses - making me a 2.75 hyperope.

Then I put some +1.75 glasses over the -2.75s this I assume makes me a + 1 hyperope.

I find this gives me really sharp intermediate and distance vision and makes me see near ok with a bit of strain.

Is this an accurate simulation for A 1D hyperope or am I doing something wrong? What would be the best GOC combo to be a 1D hyperope without using 2 pairs of glasses? Thanks


Rob 19 Nov 2015, 02:41

Hi I am 48 and have been messing around with various combos based on glasses I have in my house.

I am wearing -.2.75 contacts in both eyes these correct me to 20/20.

I then put on some -2.75 glasses - making me a 2.75 hyperope.

Then I put some +1.75 glasses over the -2.75s this I assume makes me a + 1 hyperope.

I find this gives me really sharp intermediate and distance vision and makes me see near ok with a bit of strain.

Is this an accurate simulation for A 1D hyperope or am I doing something wrong? What would be the best GOC combo to be a 1D hyperope without using 2 pairs of glasses? Thanks


Cactus Jack 02 Nov 2015, 06:34


At this time, I cannot suggest a good source of CLs that do not require an official prescription. I used to suggest CLs from a company in Vancouver, Canada, but they changed their policy about a year ago. To some extent, it depends on where you live. Perhaps some of our active GOC members can offer suggestions.

Please DO NOT order any glasses until the CL issue is resolved. It is an expensive mistake to buy high prescription glasses and then try to find CLs that will make them work. Your Astigmatism is a potentially complicating factor. One of the most important principles of GOC is to only manipulate the Sphere correction in the Contacts or Glasses. Any cylinder or axis correction in your prescription is copied EXACTLY, without alteration, into the GOC glasses.

I can give you an approximate CL Sphere for -7 and -12 glasses. The best approach is to use the same Sphere power contact in each eye and fine tune the glasses prescription as needed.

For -7 glasses you will need approximately +3.50 contacts.

For -12 glasses you will need approximately +7.00 contacts.

Both approximations consider Vertex Distance effects in the glasses.

Because of your age, you can use a little less PLUS than is calculated in the Contacts or a little over in the MINUS in the glasses and let your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline Lenses make up for any small amount of additional PLUS you may need. You cannot compensate for too much PLUS in the contacts or too little MINUS in the glasses.


HD 02 Nov 2015, 05:12


I actually dont think i will have changes in my prescription, and its pretty steady for the last 4 years.

i'm an officer in the Army - not a combat one.

firstly i'll try to get my prescription for contacts - and then i will assist with you guys to detremine what glasses should i order from zenni (i believe -7D and -12D)..

from where on the web you think i should order CL?

i'll keep you updated,


Cactus Jack 01 Nov 2015, 15:21


GOC is probably a better idea than trying to Induce some additional myopia. The question there is your Myopia increasing on its own? You have an eye exam scheduled for Tuesday. Any particular reason? Are you planning on asking for an exam for Contacts?

Unfortunately, with your Astigmatism, your ECP may be thinking of Torics or a Compromise Sphere only CLs where 1/2 of the Cylinder is added to the Sphere. Topics are often hard to fit because for some people they tend to rotate when you blink which means that your vision changes from good when the axis is aligned with your actual axis and really bad when it is not.

If you want to do GOC you are only looking for a few things as a result of an exam for Contacts.

1. Instruction on how to insert them, remove them, and care for them both physically and hygienically.

2. A comfortable Brand of CLs

3. The best Base Curve for you.

4. The best Diameter for you.

For GOC you want to wear Sphere ONLY contacts and put your Cylinder and Axis correction in the glasses.

-12 is probably too much to start with. You can start where you want, but there is a learning curve involved in doing GOC. Most successful full time GOC wearers started with perhaps 3 to 4 diopters over their actual Sphere and worked their way up. The primary reason is that you brain has to learn to "see" with a very high prescription. Most people who need very high prescription MINUS glasses started wearing MINUS glasses in childhood and their prescription increased at -1 to -2 diopters per year. There are significant Vertex Distance effects that increase exponentially as the prescription increases and often significant edge distortion and chromatic distortion with very strong glasses. Because you already wear glasses around -3, I would suggest -6 or -7 glasses for your first GOC experience.

A few questions:

1. What is your Occupation?

2. How stable is your prescription? Amount of change between this prescription and your last one and the time between exams.


HD 01 Nov 2015, 10:02


i'm a great reader of this website for some years, and by the love of thick glasses, i decided that i should do something.

Firstly i thought about inducing some myopia (till -10D) or so, but then i understood that i want to be realistic about it - i Shoulg go for GOC.

I'm 23 Years old and my exacts prescription is:

-3.00 -1.75 18

-3.75 -1.25 18

and i have an optometrist appointment on tuesday.

2 Major things:

a - I have no experience with CL at all.

b - eventually i want to be able to wear -20D or more with myodiscs (some like a small dream)

i have great experience with Zenni, but experience at all to all things belong to CL.

what is the first Step, what is gonna the first Glasses i should starts with? (around -12D)?

as i said againg, i'm 23 YO from Israel, and hopeing for your kind answers - i'll keep you updated of the result frim Tuesday.


mark 29 Oct 2015, 03:28

I had an interesting and quite possibly unique experience with GOC yesterday that was quite surreal! Not sure where to post this, in sightings or here so I'll do both.

I was wearing my big roundish unisex glasses yesterday that I've found give me close to the best vision when doing GOC out of the several pairs I can use and was in a shop when I noticed a cute gwg browsing the aisles a couple of rows away from me. I looked over in her direction to admire her a couple of times, and at the third time of looking at her she noticed me and smiled. I smiled back at her and a short time later we had both ended up in the same aisle. She looked at me commented that she liked my glasses!

All the hairs stuck up on my arms with nervous anticipation! I thanked her, and said they were new and getting used to them, but they were very comfortable (what else could I say!). She then asked if she could try them on as she was contemplating getting new glasses in this style. I was lost for words almost! I said that she most certainly could, but they were a lot stronger than hers, she asked how I knew, and I said I was just guessing (again, how could I let on!) She said she didn't mind about that.

She wasn't a high myope, nowhere near it, probably -3 or -2.5 - something low like that but she liked the frame, and this style of frame is very fashionable at the moment in London. Just before she tried on my glasses, she looked at the rather thick lenses (in this frame they're just under 1cm thick, the polished edges protude out of the sides), and commented on them, touching my arm in a friendly flirty sort of manner "oh my, your poor thing, your lenses are rather thick aren't they!". I laughed, and wondered what to say given this was the first encounter with a gwg wearing glasses!! I said, "I hadn't really noticed but yep, it's a slippery slope once your eyes are as bad as mine". She put them on, and with my induced myopia I couldn't see her as well as I would've liked - but then this alteraction would've never happened without GOC - she squinted hard and looked around the shop, smiling and said how comfortable they felt on her and how she liked the bigger frame compared to her rectangular wide armed frame, but then she took them off after saying she couldn't see much! I'm not surprised given they were probably 3 times the strength of her own glasses!!

Ambrose 30 Sep 2015, 11:19

@ Mark,thanks for the post.i prefer my blended myodisc pair that are 75% tinted almost like dark glasses but enough to reveal the awesome strength of them.they are ultra comfortable and soothing on the eyes in bright light yet still have this mystical look about them that reveal what they are in a more subtle way..I prefer wearing them over the clear pair even if it's dark and if am out for the evening,they still provide awesome vision.went out one evening with friends,asked few questions and eventually gave them off as some wanted a closer look.guess they wanted to see exactly what these were.perhaps should mail those interested a pic..

paul 30 Sep 2015, 10:57

hi guy,thanks for all your comment,i have started goc now which is great,can anyone tell me where I can get plus contacts above +20s as I would love to go higher in time ,I would love to have -30s,paul

mark 30 Sep 2015, 08:55

Ambrose - I did a bit of GOC'ing today with the combination I have mentioned before, but tried a couple of smaller pairs of glasses I have with the same prescription to see whether it made any difference and how I got on. One of these were a pair of (prescription) sunglasses - maybe I should coin a new phrase on SGOC (SunGlasses over Contacts) :)

The lens measurements were 54 and 53mm wide, by 30 and 31mm high.

As I suspected, the smaller frames didn't offer any peripheral vision either to the side, or below, and when crossing several busy roads I had to severely turn my head in order to see through the glasses due to it all being a blur when I looked sharp left or sharp right.

Likewise, when browsing in the supermarket for daily essentials looking up and down the shelves and aisles was not as comfortable as it was when I changed from the smaller glasses to the slightly larger 55mm wide by 40mm high frames.

The lens thickness is noticeably thinner in the smaller frames and only protudes out of the frames by 3 or 4mm where as the bigger frame which is the same shape (hexi/rectangular) has lenses that protude of the side by about 10mm. But all of us that are doing GOC are doing it because we want to experience that high myopic feeling, and with that comes thick lenses, so why would you want to have thinner lenses?! It's like having a curry but not having any spice in it. Or at least that is my opinion! This is obviously dependent on the prescription as -20's will be far more noticeable than the -9.5's I was wearing today in term of their lens thickness.

Part of the appeal to me is the thicker lenses and strong cut in that stands out. As it was today, I only experimented here for about an hour, but I still probably got 4 noticeable glances at my glasses with the thicker lenses than I did with the smaller glasses with thinner lenses.

Draw your own conclusions though and maybe get one big and one small pair (or more) like I have

Ambrose 29 Sep 2015, 13:15

I have found the smaller the frame and lenses the easier to get accustomed too.besides sit closer to your eyes and the smaller frame preferably acetate hides the lenses think ness.i good anti reflective coating is a must as well as my small -20 pair look really normal even though a blended myodisc

mark 29 Sep 2015, 01:34

Paul - I would be interested to hear how you get on with this with you being a first time GOCer. This is a dream combination for someone doing GOC and you don't start practising this to do a boring combination of something like -5, but to truly feel and see what the effect of being a high myope is like.

I only know what I've seen on here, and have done GOC several times with +5 contacts and -9ish glasses. I am awaiting my third pair of -13's to do GOC with +8 contacts and can't wait, although I do have reservations about the lens thickness in my latest frames that are coming as there are significantly thicker than the -9 glasses I have used before.

What sort of frames have you bought for GOC? I have found that at this higher sort of prescription the bigger frames are better as it will help your peripheral vision a lot, and with smaller frames your peripheral vision will not be covered / I experienced a big blur outside of the glasses when I tried with a regular hexi shaped frame and quickly reverted to a bigger style of frame in order to help achieve a natural correction.

I'm very intrigued about this and now you've been provided with brand names, and a prescription I'll look forward to hearing how you got on!

Robert S 28 Sep 2015, 19:36

I would go in steps it is more fun putting on stronger glasses on the way up. You get to experience that stronger glasses feeling more than once.

NJ 28 Sep 2015, 11:28

Paul, the brain learns to adapt pretty quickly. I'm sure you can get some CLs made using the numbers others have given you, and be on your way. It will be odd at first, and may take a few days to get used to the new vision, but you'll get there.

Many of us here did not work our way up in power and did just fine. My first GOC set was +20D glasses and -25D CLs. I managed to get used to in fairly quickly.

Good luck!

Ambrose 28 Sep 2015, 10:40

Paul,I think you definitely can as I started doing this early this year and never experienced any of the so called side effects or vision distortion that are mentioned in previous posts.i too have no refractive error at age 41.

I purchased two pairs off eBay one with a -19,pd 64,75% percent tinted and a clear pair with -20 pd 64.i can quiet comfortably see near and at distance wearing these perfectly with a + 19 pair of contact lenses,proclear brand and can be ordered online.

specs4ever 28 Sep 2015, 07:50

The experts say that you can't do it Paul, and in a way I suppose they are right. It is extremely hard to get used to a high prescription combo. But I believe that you can do it. You will need a pair of +16.50D contact lenses in order to wear these glasses at a vertex distance of 12.5mm, which is a pretty normal distance.

When you put the contacts in and put the glasses on over them you will experience a feeling sort of like you are on a carnival ride. You will feel a bit dizzy and very disorientated. But this will pass after a while. Since you already have the glasses if you can get the contacts I suggest that you go for it. After your brain adapts then you will have no problem and you can wear this combo all day long and feel great.

Good luck, and let us know how it works for you. I would never suggest this if you were starting out by buying the glasses and contacts, but it will work if you perservere.

gwgs 28 Sep 2015, 03:53

Paul - it is very unlikely that you will be able to GOC with these glasses due to your naturally good vision, and the incredibly high prescription of the glasses. The two aren't a good combination for GOC as CJ has pointed out a few times. He has also stated that when doing GOC you should start low(ish) and work your way up.

Please let us know if it does work, and where you find contact lenses strong enough for this, and what power they are!

Cactus Jack 27 Sep 2015, 10:42


If you are serious about doing GOC, getting some high prescription glasses and trying to find some contacts to make them work is doing it backward. The results are seldom satisfactory. The reason is that Vision actually occurs in the brain. The eyes are merely biological cameras and your brain has to learn to "see" with the substantially minified images produced by the Vertex Distance effects of -20.50 glasses.

If you actually have 0.00 refractive error, which is very unlikely, you would need some Contact Lenses in the +15.50 range. Most people who are under 40 and think they have excellent vision, are actually somewhat Hyperopic or Farsighted or Long Sighted and may have some Astigmatism. If that is the case, you may need both different Contact Lenses and Different Glasses for really good vision.

Remember that most people who need -20.50 glasses did not start there. They developed Myopia when they were young and it gradually got more severe at the rate of about -1.00 or occasionally -2.00 diopters per year. These increases were small enough that learning to "see" with their new glasses only took a day or so. Being able to see clearly again made the increase a very pleasant experience. Going from not wearing vision correction to -20.50 can be a traumatic experience for anyone and in your case may be an expensive and potentially dangerous experience. Nothing will be where you think it is, including Stairs and Curbs. It won't be as bad as wearing +20 glasses with the associated loss of peripheral vision, but -20 glasses are like wearing very wide angle photographic lenses and everything will appear to be farther away and it is likely that you will experience very significant "barrel distortion" at the edges of your visual field. Can you get used to all this, yes, but it takes some time and many people who try it, quickly give up in frustration. Most people who do successful GOC start with a much smaller increase and work up over time. It won't take years, but it also won't happen over night.

We can help you do successful GOC, but you need to be willing to follow our advice. You may be able to wear a GOC combination in the -20 range in the future, but you need to start much less ambitiously.

The place to start is with an Eye Exam. Because you don't presently wear glasses, we need to get an idea of your existing refractive error, if any, so you will know what to say to the Examiner to get started.

May I ask a few questions?

1. Where do you live? (Country)

2. Have you ever had an Eye Exam?

3. Do you want our help?


paul 27 Sep 2015, 09:50

Ambrose 27 Sep 2015, 04:56

@paul,send me yr mail address.we can chat there.have done the same successfully..

paul 26 Sep 2015, 23:24

hi I have some -20.50 glasses ,I would like to know what strength +contacts I will need,i am 31 and don't need glasses at the moment,any advice would be great as I can`t do the calculations myself ,thanks

Cactus Jack 21 Sep 2015, 12:29

Jonathan James,

Don't sweat it. This GOC combination is not very aggressive and you should not have much trouble adapting to it and wearing it as much as you want, Including to class and to work.

The trick for avoiding much comment is to retain the same frame style. Most people do not notice the lenses nearly as much as the frames. If you decide to change frame styles, you really don't have to say any more than you decided to get some new glasses. If there is a comment about the prescription, just say that Law School is pretty hard on the eyes, without going into much detail. I suspect there are plenty of people in your law school classes who are wearing glasses that are significantly stronger than -5.50.


Jonathan James 21 Sep 2015, 10:59

Cactus Jack & DS,

Thank you for your responses. I have never been very good at math ;).

Do you think I could wear this GOC combination to work without people noticing the difference in strength much? I only work part-time (one day a week). My collegues do know that I wear glasses sometimes. I guess if someone asks, I could always say that my real glasses have high-index lenses and that my GOC glasses are my spare pair.

Or do you think it would be too much of a dare to wear them to work sometimes?

Cactus Jack 17 Sep 2015, 22:23


Thanks for catching that.


DS 17 Sep 2015, 20:21


Watch out for a math error at

> +5.00 + (-1.25) = +4.25 for both eyes

--> 5.00 - 1.25 = +3.75

I'm calculating that -5.50/-0.25 @12mm translates to effective -5.16/-0.22 @0mm. So, we pretty much agree there.

Thus, the ideal CL power is +5.16 (required error) - +1.25 (manifest error) = +3.91D.

+4.00D would be fine, and +3.75 would make a young myope happy.

Cactus Jack 17 Sep 2015, 14:02

Jonathan James,

That looks good. My suggestion would be the +4.00 contacts. GOC, even at lower prescriptions, is not an exact science. At 25, your Ciliary Muscles and Crystalline lenses should have no difficulty adding a bit of PLUS if you need it. If you wind up with too much PLUS in the Contacts or too little MINUS in the glasses, you have no means to compensate without different power contacts or glasses.

Please let us know how everything works or if you have more questions.


Jonathan James 17 Sep 2015, 11:43

Of course I meant I could use also +4.00 contacts, not +4.50. Sorry for the mistake.

Jonathan James 17 Sep 2015, 11:41

Hi there,

I have always wanted to try GOC, since my real glasses prescrpition is fairly weak.

Reading through the previous posts I have tried to do the math myself. But I'd still appreciate if maybe someone could give it a second look.

I should mention that I am a regular contact lens wearer, so I do have properly fitted 2-week disposable contacts which I could order in the prescpition needed.

My actual prescription is as follows:

OD -1.25 -0.25 79

OS -1.25 -0.25 165

My goal is to wear the following prescrpition:

-5.50 -0.25 79

-5.50 -0.25 165

I did the following calculations based on "Cactus Jacks" earlier posts:

-5.50 * -5.50 = 30.25

30.25/1000 = 0.03025 * 12 mm vertex distance = 0.363

-5.50 + 0.364 = -5.137 (effective power on the cornea)

So in order to wear the above mentioned prescription I'd have to order contacts like this:

+5.00 + (-1.25) = +4.25 for both eyes

I know I could go for +4.50 contacts as well, but it would might be better to use a slightly weaker prescription as it is my first time doing GOC.

Please do correct me if I made any mistakes. As for my person I am a 25y old male, currently attending law school.

nono 12 Sep 2015, 12:33

I wear now -6.75 (+1.00 90) -7 (+1.00 90) without goc.

Goc with a pair of I-10 (1 90) and a pair of -12.50 (90 +1.00)

Soundmanpt 12 Sep 2015, 07:57


If by any odd chance and like Cactus Jack said I doubt that anyone will ever notice that your wearing contacts under your glasses and if they were to comment or question you simply tell them that you wear both contacts and glasses because you have a strong prescription and this way your glasses don't look so strong. But if your glasses are minus they should make your eyes look even smaller and that much harder to see your contacts. How often do you do GOC and what combination do you wear?

Cactus Jack 12 Sep 2015, 04:25


If someone knew exactly what to look for and was physically very close to your face, they might see the edges of the contact lenses. Those are pretty big "Ifs". I doubt the average person would be able to see the edge of the contact lens, particularly if you were doing GOC with PLUS contacts and MINUS glasses.


nono 12 Sep 2015, 00:03

Hello, I practice goc successfully for some time but I always asked myself is that a person might notice that you are wearing lenses with the glasses?

Cactus Jack 06 Sep 2015, 12:31


I try to make it a policy to not comment on decisions that have already made. GOC at the higher powers (above -10) must be approached carefully to have any chance of comfort and success. The LAST thing you should do is order the glasses. The FIRST thing you should do is get a fresh complete eye exam for both glasses and contacts. You are very fortunate to have a wife who is curious and cooperative. You don't want to blow this opportunity by NOT doing it right.

The primary reason for NOT buying glasses, made for someone else, and then trying to figure out a CL that will work and be comfortable, is that it is nearly impossible. Almost all, very high natural prescriptions, have a Cylinder component that is very likely wrong for your wife

As soundmanpt said, you are very fortunate that your wife is agreeable to doing GOC. She may ultimately be able to enjoy wearing a very high GOC combination, but going from -1.50 to -16 for any reason is very difficult. Part of getting used to wearing GOC is allowing your brain to learn how do deal with the smaller images and the distortions caused by high power lenses. You have to work up to it. People who need -16 glasses did not start there. They probably started needing a moderate MINUS prescription in their childhood and it gradually increased as they grew to adults. Probably never more than 1 or 2 diopters per year. It won't take years to work up to -16 or so, but it also won't happen over night.

I will be happy to try to help you, but I must insist that you do what we suggest, the way we suggest you do it. Soundmanpt and I have worked with many GOCers, mostly with good success. However, we are not very good at turning bad decisions into good ones. If you want to continue on the present -16 path, by all means do so. As we say in my part of the world "Y'all be careful, hear!".


Soundmanpt 06 Sep 2015, 09:46


I'm assuming since your wife's actual prescription isn't very strong she probably doesn't wear contacts? So the first thing she needs to do is is call her ECP (eye care professional) and make an appointment to get here eyes examined and fitted for contact lenses. Since she will be wearing contacts to do GOC she needs the contacts to fit her eyes properly. I would suggest that you hold off with ordering her glasses until she gets her eyes examined just in case she has some astigmatisms to deal with. Hopefully she doesn't and she only has her -1.50 correction. But if she does your going to want to put the astigmatism correction in the glasses and not the contacts. I think "Cactus Jack" will agree with me that I think your being far too aggressive. In the optical world -7.00 is considered strong. If you fit her with -7.00 glasses and +4.00 contacts, (Cactus Jack is better at providing a more accurate combination than I am) if she takes off her glasses she is only going see a massive blur. You want her glasses to be strong enough so they are slightly over correcting her vision.

You should be very happy that you have a wife that is willing to participate by even agreeing to do GOC. But she may not enjoy it if she isn't able to see perfect or at least very close to perfect.

sparky 06 Sep 2015, 08:23

hi all cactus jack and soundmampt /i recently bought apair of minus 16 glassses from ebay'my wife has agreed to wear it / her presciption is minus 1.5 both eyes/what contacts should i order

Catalina 21 Aug 2015, 14:40


Tell me what you are looking for.

Catalina 21 Aug 2015, 14:40


Tell me what you are looking for.

JC 18 Aug 2015, 15:27


I've been using this site for a few years now:

Also it's been several years since I've used They market their own brand of lens which is very cheap, but can be harder to handle.. I found them thin and flimsy. Also I don't believe the oxygen transmission is as high so limit how long you use them.

Rimpopper 17 Aug 2015, 21:10

I need to get new plus lenses to continue with GOC, which I've been doing for 10 years. Globallens requires a prescription now, and I need a new source.

Soundmanpt 15 Aug 2015, 08:58


When you say that you want to start wearing glasses there are several ways to start wearing glasses. The one way is where your at now by doing GOC (glasses over contacts) This method allows you become a glasses wearer without altering your actual vision. The other method which age is a factor is to just start off wearing weak glasses and changing the prescription of them every few months which is called inducing myopia. This method may or may not change your actual eyesight causing you to actually require glasses.

Doing the GOC most usually choose to go with plus contact lenses and minus glasses for appearance sake. I assume you eyesight, as far as you know anyway, is perfect? So it would be very foolish for several reasons to try going too strong right away since this would be the first time anyone ever sees you wearing glasses. Also the higher you go the harder it is to get the combination correct so your vision is perfect with your glasses. So I suggest nothing stronger than -3.00 glasses which may sound very weak but for someone with perfect eyesight -3.00 make things extremely blurry without glasses. But doing GOC is going to require you to get your eyes examined first to be certain that your eyesight is perfect or if you maybe have a minor correction needed, but also you need the fitting done so your able to order prescription plus contacts. So you claim your wanting colored contacts non prescription as your reason for wanting contacts. Then of course you need to find a good source to order your prescription contacts from. Then you can go on line and find the glasses you want to wear and order them in the same prescription but with minus lenses. So doing GOC is going to cost you a few dollars the first time. Now if you just want to wear glasses and don't have any objections to your eyesight possibly being changed then you can always just order glasses and you won't need to get an eye exam or fitting since you wouldn't be wearing contacts, just glasses. But by going glasses only you will need to start off with weak glasses that your eyes will be able to tolerate. Personally anything between -.50 to -1.00 would be good to start with. Of course the -.50 would be extremely easy for your eyes to adjust to and even though they are weak you would still notice some blur after wearing them for a while when you take them off. But -1.00 is a bit more aggressive and at first you would feel the pull on your eyes but the blur when you take your glasses off would be much more noticeable to you. Just getting glasses by going to Zenni ( you should be able to find well over 800 for under $20.00. Doing GOC because of the needed eye exam and fitting as well as the contacts and glasses the total cost would likely be around $250.00 - $300.00.

Whatever you choose there are several in here that can be of help to you getting started.

Jarred 15 Aug 2015, 08:51

Hi CJ,

With my 'real' glasses they always grind the prism into the lenses which makes them thicker at the temples. I've ordered a few pairs of glasses from Choice Eyewear over the years but even after charging me $20 for the privilege they always seem to just decentre the lenses to get the prism, which is a bit of a cop out in my opinion.

I've ordered glasses from Optical4less and they grind the prism in as I would expect.

Even though the prism is split between both eyes, the last pair of glasses from Choice Eyewear had all the prism in the right lens, its quite obvious when you look at them. So not very impressive really.

With the newest glasses from Choice Eyewear my VA is pretty good albeit not 100% comfortable with all the prism in one eye.

I used the Prentice rule to work out the amount of decentre the lenses. I need 6PD of prism split between each eye. So with Prism/Lens Power= decentre in CM. So with my -14D lenses I have 3/14= 0.21 centimetres (in theory)with base out the lens should be moved nasally.

I have been playing with GOC for many years now and have tried both high myopia as well as hyperopia. I have a full trial lens set which I use to fine tune the prescription which seems to work very well. I find high minus prescriptions have some advantages over my normal vision, I like the wide angle of view and having the ability to slide the glasses down a little for readings is very handy.


Sasha 15 Aug 2015, 03:38

Nomad,hi! for what reason you want to wear plus glasses? I too want to wear glasses.

Cactus Jack 14 Aug 2015, 12:46


That might work, but I would suggest ordering the least expensive pair you can to verify the results and then ordering another pair if you satisfied , with the features you want. The location of the Optical Center (OC) of the lenses is very touchy at high prescriptions, which I am sure you are aware of. The ideal location of the OC is co-incident with the central axis of vision of each eye for the best results and best VA.

Could you provide a bit more information?

1. Where do you plan to order.

2. What numbers did you use to arrive at the 2.1mm in each eye.

3. How is your VA with your present glasses.


Jarred 14 Aug 2015, 10:37

I'm looking at purchasing another pair of glasses online but I'm thinking of being a little smarter this time. I have 6D base out of prism split between both lenses in my real prescription that I need to add, the last two pairs of glasses I've ordered I've been charged $20 for prisms and when received all they have done is decentre the lenses to induce the prism rather than make proper prisms.

My thinking is that I can enter a decentred PD and not fill in the prism and hence save myself $20.

With a -14D prescription and using Prentice rule I calculate that I'd need to move the PD inwards in each eye by 2.1mm.

Can anyone verify my figures. Also has anyone else tried this approach with success?


Cactus Jack 31 Jul 2015, 20:57


So far, I have stayed out of this discussion because, frankly, you scare me. Over the years, Soundmanpt, DS, and I, along with several others have helped many members do successful and enjoyable GOC even into the -20s, but there are three universal rules for success (at least).

1. NEVER try to do GOC with existing glasses from any source that are not specifically made for YOUR situation and GOC combination, particularly if there is any cylinder involved. It is very unlikely that that you will do anything other than waste money because the results will likely be unwearable and possibly dangerous.

2. ALWAYS begin with an eye exam for contacts because it is very important that the Base Curve and Diameter of the CLs need to be selected for comfort and safety. Also you need instruction in how to insert and remove the contacts safely and how to practice good hygiene. Incorrectly fitted contacts and poor hygiene can cause permanent and irreparable damage to your corneas. It is just too easy to learn how to do this right and very safely.

3. DO NOT try to be too aggressive in selecting your 1st GOC glasses power. Usually 4 to 6 diopters difference between your actual prescription and the glasses prescription is about the absolute maximum difference your brain can deal with. If you have never worn any vision correction before, you might not want to start with that much difference. People who NEED to wear very strong prescriptions, did not start there.

Very strong glasses have can have very significant effects on image size delivered to the retina and can also have very significant distortion and chromatic aberration. Vision actually occurs in the brain, and your brain has to learn how to interpret the images. The eyes and corrective lenses are simply biological cameras. People who need very strong glasses, particularly minus glasses, generally did not start there. They often needed -2 or -3 glasses when they were quite young and because of genetic predisposition, needed -0.50 to -1.00 increases per year into their early 20s.

The fact that you wanted to start with a very specific, very high MINUS Sphere and high Cylinder glasses made me think that you really did not understand very much about optics and vision. You may be able to work your way up to very high minus Sphere correction in a year or so, but any cylinder correction in the glasses MUST BE very close to your actual need. You have the built in ability to correct for a bit too much MINUS Sphere in the glasses, as Soundmanpt suggested, but you have absolutely NO ability to correct for any cylinder error, except by using external lenses with the correct Cylinder and Axis for YOUR Astigmatism. Both the Cylinder and Axis are critical and must exactly neutralize of cancel out your actual Astigmatism or they are worse than no correction at all.

I urge you to re-think what you want to do with GOC and pay close attention to what those with lots of experience have to say. Be sure and answer all their questions accurately. There are technical and practical reasons for every question they ask and every suggestion they make. We want your GOC experience to be very pleasant, but we need a starting place. The ideal place to start is with an eye exam, but it helps if the symptoms or desires you express make sense to the examiner. Many people who have think they have very good vision are actually a little bit hyperopic or farsighted though some are mildly myopic.

There is a fairly easy test you can do at home to get a preliminary idea of your vision. It will not detect small amount of Astigmatism, but it will detect amazingly small amounts of hyperopia or myopia. All you need is a pair of +1.50 Over the counter readers, something to measure up to about 1 meter or 36 inches, and a book or newspaper with normal sized text. Let me know if you are interested.

Answers to theses questions would be helpful:

1. Where do you live?

2. What is your occupation?

Soundmanpt 31 Jul 2015, 17:08


I am starting to get a bit confused by the different names I see. Okay so if what your saying is that your eyesight is perfect and you wish to do GOC I would first suggest that you go to an eye care professional and say your wanting to get colored contacts. This will not only get you an eye exam which is a good idea anyway but also will get you the necessary diameter and base curve information you will need to place your order for +5.00 contacts, clear of course not colored, next you want to pick out the glasses your planning on wearing. Because the contacts sit directly on your corneas and glasses sit about 3/4" in front of your corneas you need to order your glasses a little bit stronger than the contacts. If anything allowing your glasses to even over correct your eyes isn't a bad idea anyway. So you should order your glasses in -5.75. This is not only a good combination to start with but your glasses won't look overly strong to the average person, but at the same time without your glasses being on the blur will be amazing for you.

Hope this helped and if you have any further questions feel free to ask.

GOClover 31 Jul 2015, 15:10


Thanks for reply.

Thanks for all other whi replied..

But still itall confused now

My age is 24

I do not have any prescription glasses so far.

Please tell me an exact prescription for glasses - contacts pair to do GOC

NJ 30 Jul 2015, 15:52

@Nomad, ah ok, low plus. that's easy. +5D will be easy to adjust to. And you're just getting to the point where the CL power differs ever so slightly from the glasses power. For example, if you wear no correction at all, a -5.50 CL would work fine with +5 glasses. If you're going to err at all, you want the CL to be a little bit stronger than you really need, as at your age you have the accommodation to make up the rest. However, if your CLs have too little power then your distance vision will be a tad blurred and you won't be able to do much about it.

Soundmanpt 30 Jul 2015, 15:07


What I was saying, and I couldn't find where he / she has or doesn't have CYL in their actual prescription is that if so the CYL is best put into glasses as opposed to contacts.

If this person doesn't have a need for CYL it would be foolish to even consider messing around with something like that.

Nomad 30 Jul 2015, 14:06

@NJ, @ DS

Well I did say low plus, I don't really want to go that high especially when it becomes conspicuous. I an young and have pretty much 20/20 vision (uncorrected), so I assume a 4-5 dioptre wouldn't be an issue. I don't really want to go past what I can pick up from online retailers. I just want some pointers on how to get started.

DS 30 Jul 2015, 12:04

@Soundmanpt: Was that really a question? I think we're on the same page regarding avoiding cyl in the contacts. I'm suggesting that GOClover NOT try to put an unnecessary 4D cyl in glasses that would require a toric lens to compensate. This way, only a simple sphere is required.

NJ 30 Jul 2015, 09:53

and DS is right about the reading add. With +20 distance lenses I need at least +3 add to read, sometimes more. Usually a presbyope with a low distanct Rx needs +2 or so. At least, that was my case when I wore low plus glasses with my native correction.

NJ 30 Jul 2015, 09:50

@Nomad, I've done GOC with both high plus glasses and high minus glasses. Of the two, the high plus glasses are much more difficult. To begin with, the vertex effect is reversed from high minus glasses in that your CL script needs to be stronger than the glasses. For example, +20D glasses will require around -26 to -28 CLs, depending on how far the lenses are from your eyes, assuming no native correction is needed. Second, there is a huge loss in peripheral vision with high plus glasses, so much so that you'll find many activities, like just walking around in crowded places with people moving about, really challenging. Although you can get used to some of these problems, they never really go away. There's a reason why you occasionally see high minus wearers driving but almost never high plus wearers.

NJ 30 Jul 2015, 09:50

@Nomad, I've done GOC with both high plus glasses and high minus glasses. Of the two, the high plus glasses are much more difficult. To begin with, the vertex effect is reversed from high minus glasses in that your CL script needs to be stronger than the glasses. For example, +20D glasses will require around -26 to -28 CLs, depending on how far the lenses are from your eyes, assuming no native correction is needed. Second, there is a huge loss in peripheral vision with high plus glasses, so much so that you'll find many activities, like just walking around in crowded places with people moving about, really challenging. Although you can get used to some of these problems, they never really go away. There's a reason why you occasionally see high minus wearers driving but almost never high plus wearers.

Soundmanpt 30 Jul 2015, 06:58


You don't want to be putting the "CYL" and "axis" in the contacts? You should always include that in the glasses and only use plus "SPH" contacts. First of all toric lenses are much more expensive and makes it even harder to get the correct combination for doing GOC.

DS 30 Jul 2015, 06:18

@Nomad: It certainly works the other way, too. But, since the field of view is reduced with strong plus glasses you have to be especially careful in any day-to-day activities. Where the "image jump" at the edge of minus glasses shows a double image, the jump at the edge of plus glasses is a blind spot. This can be quite significant for strong plus lenses.

Also, those approaching presbyopia should be aware that more accommodation is required for reading when wearing plus glasses and that reading may become difficult with the combination when stronger combinations are used.

DS 30 Jul 2015, 06:09

@GOClover- Do you have a prescription for glasses that we can start from? Age?

You could order +15.00 contacts and either -18.25 or -18.50 glasses (no cyl).

If you want cyl in the glasses, then you'll either need a contact lens fitting to get accurate alignments, or you can just use a minimal amount of -0.25 (negligible effect after vertex distance compensation) and an axis between 10 and 180, rounded to the nearest 10, with 180 being a fine choice. We could do better here if we had your natural prescription.

If you want other powers, take a look at the chart here:

(URL may wrap)

From the chart, pick the minus power of the glasses you want from the right (+) column, then order the + contacts from the middle (12mm) column (ignore the left (-) column). I would advise getting the glasses one step stronger than the chart (hence the option to choose -18.50 with the +15.00 contacts).

Note: You mention "perfect" and "exact" in your posts, but without actual measurements this is going to be neither. It will be "very close" and usable, though.

Nomad 29 Jul 2015, 21:17

Most GOC threads and questions are about minus glasses and plus contacts, but what about the opposite, are there any special concerns or difficulties? Is the recommended power for a beginner still 1-5 dioptres?

astigmaphile 29 Jul 2015, 20:07


You need to contact Cactus Jack. He is very knowledgable and can help you figure out your GOC combination.

GOClover 29 Jul 2015, 11:12

@DS clover.. thanks..i did not buy yet.

Please suggest me a perfect combination of glasses and contacts with exact power for left,right,cylinder,axis

But something above -17

DS 29 Jul 2015, 10:04


With that cylinder, you will need a toric lens to compensate. The rotation of the lenses on the eyes will impact vision.

Also, the vertex distance is important at that prescription. How the glasses fit will affect the power you need.

So, while someone could assume you naturally don't require correction and suggest +17.00 -2.50 x 25, it's unlikely you'd be successful with such a "blind" approach.

GOClover 29 Jul 2015, 08:22

Spherical : -18

Cylindrical : -4

Axis :115

same for both left and right eye. I want to buy a glass with this prescription for GOC.

can any body exactly give what should be the power of contact lens i should get for the combination. Please reply soon

Soundmanpt 28 Jul 2015, 09:26

Fake Myope

I completely agree with Cactus Jack that a perfect glasses prescription you should use is -5.00. Your glasses would look very much like those thrift store glasses you had on in the recent picture you posted.

Cactus Jack 27 Jul 2015, 22:51

Fake Myope,

Sorry to take so long getting back to you. I am assuming that you would like to do GOC with MINUS glasses. It is a little more difficult with your actual prescription of R +1.00 -0.75 174 L +4.25 -1.50 10 because of the +4.25 in your left eye. That has to be corrected with the GOC contact, first and then additional PLUS is required to compensate for the MINUS in the glasses, after the glasses power is adjusted for vertex distance.

I would suggest that you follow the general rule in doing GOC to use Sphere only contacts and transfer the Cylinder and Axis requirements to the GOC glasses without any alteration. Also, I suggest that you use different powers of contacts for each eye so the GOC glasses have nearly identical sphere correction for each eye. This will give you nearly identical image size on each retina.

I have 5 more questions for you.

1. Your age?

2. Where you live?

3. Your desired GOC Glasses Sphere Correction. I suggest -5.00 or under.

4. What is your present CL Prescription?

5. What is the Brand of lens?

I can give you an idea about a possible GOC combo, subject to some revision, based on your above answers.

Proposed GOC Glasses Prescription

R Sphere -5.00, Cyl -0.75 Axis 174

L Sphere -5.00, Cyl -1.50 Axis 10

To adjust the sphere power of the glasses at the cornea because of Vertex Distance effects of the glasses, we need to do a little math.

-5.00 x -5.00 = 25.00 divided by 1000 = 0.025 x 12 mm (typical glasses vertex distance) = 0.30

-5.00 -(+0.30) = -4.70 the approximate effective power at the cornea of -5.00 glasses with a typical vertex distance of 12 mm.

If your prescription in each eye was 0.00 you would just need the opposite of -4.70 or +4.75 (because you can't buy +4.70 contacts) However, because of your hyperopia, you would need:

R +4.75 + (+1.00) = +5.75 Sphere only Contact

L +4.75 + (+4.25) = +9.00 Sphere only Contact

The values may need a little tinkering so don't act on these numbers. One thing you need to remember is that GOC is a very inexact science and the higher you go, the more inexact it is. Also, it is possible to waste significant money by not understanding what you are doing.

Another thing, NEVER buy already made high prescription glasses with cylinder correction that is different from what you actually need. It may be theoretically possible to figure out a toric CL that will work for GOC, but it is impossible in practice. The last thing you need is a GOC combination that is unwearable.

Please let me know if any of this makes sense.


Cactus Jack 27 Jul 2015, 22:51

Fake Myope,

Sorry to take so long getting back to you. I am assuming that you would like to do GOC with MINUS glasses. It is a little more difficult with your actual prescription of R +1.00 -0.75 174 L +4.25 -1.50 10 because of the +4.25 in your left eye. That has to be corrected with the GOC contact, first and then additional PLUS is required to compensate for the MINUS in the glasses, after the glasses power is adjusted for vertex distance.

I would suggest that you follow the general rule in doing GOC to use Sphere only contacts and transfer the Cylinder and Axis requirements to the GOC glasses without any alteration. Also, I suggest that you use different powers of contacts for each eye so the GOC glasses have nearly identical sphere correction for each eye. This will give you nearly identical image size on each retina.

I have 5 more questions for you.

1. Your age?

2. Where you live?

3. Your desired GOC Glasses Sphere Correction. I suggest -5.00 or under.

4. What is your present CL Prescription?

5. What is the Brand of lens?

I can give you an idea about a possible GOC combo, subject to some revision, based on your above answers.

Proposed GOC Glasses Prescription

R Sphere -5.00, Cyl -0.75 Axis 174

L Sphere -5.00, Cyl -1.50 Axis 10

To adjust the sphere power of the glasses at the cornea because of Vertex Distance effects of the glasses, we need to do a little math.

-5.00 x -5.00 = 25.00 divided by 1000 = 0.025 x 12 mm (typical glasses vertex distance) = 0.30

-5.00 -(+0.30) = -4.70 the approximate effective power at the cornea of -5.00 glasses with a typical vertex distance of 12 mm.

If your prescription in each eye was 0.00 you would just need the opposite of -4.70 or +4.75 (because you can't buy +4.70 contacts) However, because of your hyperopia, you would need:

R +4.75 + (+1.00) = +5.75 Sphere only Contact

L +4.75 + (+4.25) = +9.00 Sphere only Contact

The values may need a little tinkering so don't act on these numbers. One thing you need to remember is that GOC is a very inexact science and the higher you go, the more inexact it is. Also, it is possible to waste significant money by not understanding what you are doing.

Another thing, NEVER buy already made high prescription glasses with cylinder correction that is different from what you actually need. It may be theoretically possible to figure out a toric CL that will work for GOC, but it is impossible in practice. The last thing you need is a GOC combination that is unwearable.

Please let me know if any of this makes sense.


Fake Myope 23 Jul 2015, 12:10

My most recent prescription is R +1.00 -0.75 174 L +4.25 -1.50 10. Not sure how high I want to go for my first GOC. My contacts have a basecurve of 8.8 and a diameter of 14.4.

Cactus Jack 23 Jul 2015, 11:15

Fake Myope,

The starting place for GOC is your actual complete refracted prescription, usually the same as a glasses prescription. I suggest not trying to start with a contact lens prescription because they are often compromises if cylinder correction for astigmatism is needed.


Cactus Jack 23 Jul 2015, 11:15

Fake Myope,

The starting place for GOC is your actual complete refracted prescription, usually the same as a glasses prescription. I suggest not trying to start with a contact lens prescription because they are often compromises if cylinder correction for astigmatism is needed.


Soundmanpt 23 Jul 2015, 07:35

Fake Myope

There are a good number of people in here that can help you figure out the right combination for you. Just provide what prescription you want for your glasses to be and your own current prescription your eyes are. You mentioned in "Seen on the Web" that you wear contact lenses so you are already ahead of many because you will already have the necessary information as for as the proper size contacts you will need. I am assuming your going to want your glasses to be minus lenses over plus contacts? I recommend that with your first GOC attempt you don't go too extreme.

Fake Myope 22 Jul 2015, 22:52

How do you calculate GOC powers?

walleyes 17 Jul 2015, 23:46

Been doing GOC full time for about 10 years, current script is in the -22 range. Been doing my own refraction with a trial lens set. In Bangkok and would like to get a "professional" refraction but cannot find anyone that with the capability to get to my scrip, any suggestions would be welcome

mark 08 Jul 2015, 00:59

Yep, customs in the UK have really clamped down on imports. The last couple of pairs of glasses I've bought from the US I've been hit by a relatively large customs and handling fee - in two instances the fee was more than the price of the glasses!

It read some literature that stated if the package is over $20 then Customs will charge you import duty, and then the Post Office add an £8 handling fee on top! Without trying to be political about it, I wish the Government would stop trying to get every last penny they can out of their citizens, it's becoming increasingly tiresome.

lurker 04 Jul 2015, 20:50

I used to buy contacts from lensway in Sweden and had them shipped to the US and the shipping cost was almost identical to that charged by globallens in Canada. Fear not the shipping costs.

Soundmanpt 03 Jul 2015, 16:45

I'm not sure why it should mke a difference about contacts or glasses coming from the UK? Most of the on-line retailers are international and ship everywhere.

A few years after meeting someone in here we started e-mailing each other and she was in the UK and ordered glasses from Zenni and I told her I was sure about shipping costs but I knew they shipped there. She reported back that the shipping was $8.00 compared to $5.00 in the US.

Jarred 03 Jul 2015, 09:06

Mark, I'm not aware of any UK suppliers, but I have been using the Proclear Compatibles for a few years now both in high + and - forms. I used to order them in from Globalens until they stopped shipping without a prescription. It looks like saveonlens might be a replacement supplier!?

Factor in UK customs, I was clobbered on UK duty for the last shipment.

A.Moose 03 Jul 2015, 08:17 is a solid source.

For some higher powers look for Biofinity XR (-20 to +15) or Proclear Compatibles/Sphere (-20 to +20).

Cactus Jack 03 Jul 2015, 07:36

Some years ago, I got some +12 ProClear contacts by CooperVision from Globalens in Canada, but that source is apparently no longer available. At that time, ProClear lenses were available from -20 to +20. I don't know if the ProClear lenses are even still available from any source.


mark 03 Jul 2015, 01:02

PS, Like you, I can only find up to +8 contacts in the UK, so if anyone knows of a UK supplier who stocks stronger contact lenses I'd be interested in hearing about them

mark 03 Jul 2015, 01:01

Squintlover - I've only done GOC 4 times, as detailed earlier in this thread, and whilst I unsuccessfully tried it a few years ago, I've made a real effort this time and have gone in with a high combination prescription. I have a very mild myopic prescription, but the transformation from barely needing glasses to being a high myope wearing big glasses with thick lenses (I've found the smaller frames just dont do it for me, and I'm constantly having trouble when looking down or outside the frames parameters) is a thoroughly enjoyable feeling, and a very moreish one at that. I have done this in shopping malls / large retail parks outside of town when I've had a morning / afternoon free where I know I won't bump into anyone I know.

Its only in the last two weeks that I've resurrected this, and I have found it EXTREMELY addictive, but like you, I can't walk round my area, or be in my office wearing -10/-9.5 glasses when my prescription is about a 1/5th of that! It would be TOO obvious and too odd for people who I see everyday. Members of my office left early the other day and I so I had 1 1/2 hours to myself in the office at which point I whipped out the contacts and glasses and enjoyed 90 minutes of GOC bliss. I was worried someone would come in or buzz at the door in which case I would either be left in a blur without the glasses on, or have to think of another excuse damn quick!

I have ordered a stronger combination of contacts and glasses (about another -3 for each - the lenses were so thick I had to order 1.6 index lenses otherwise they would've been about 16mm thick, which would draw too much attention for my liking) and am looking forward to that rush again, but for me I think there is no point in doing a small GOC combination as what's the point? You want to see what being -5 is like, or -6? No, I want to feel that rush of being highly myopic, but being able to change back when I feel like it - the best of both worlds! :)

 02 Jul 2015, 20:36

Squint, I know how you feel. I have done GOC up to + 14 contacts with -21.0 glasses and I love getting to pretend I'm a real high myope who is helpless without glasses

Soundmanpt 02 Jul 2015, 15:02

squint lover

Without a doubt the first thing anyone is going to notice right away is new frames. So the bigger problem right away will be the frame difference. Honestly I agree with the others that hardly anyone except those few that really have any knowledge of optics would notice the stronger lenses. And then if you were to get the high index lenses that would even make it harder for anyone to tell any difference. But if they first notice that your wearing new glasses then the are much more likely to pay more attention to the lenses. I would suggest that you maybe should order glasses in your current prescription but with CR39 lenses but if possible order the same frame that you have your -14.00 lenses in with the high index lenses and I don't think anyone would notice the difference. If the frame is no longer available then you may have to start over by ordering new glasses in your actual prescription as well as with the -14.00 lenses. I'm sure your ordering your glasses on line so they shouldn't be too expensive even if you have to get all new glasses. In the long run probably cheaper then getting contacts and glasses in the weaker prescriptions. I assume since you enjoy doing GOC and your vision is 20/20 with your -14.00 combination you probably want to wear GOC all the time.

squint lover 02 Jul 2015, 14:30

Is anyone else experiencing that wearing GOC and strong glasses in general is pretty addictive?

I've been having my first combination for about 6 months now and since then I treated myself another pair in the same prescription (both -14ish, one pair with rather high index lenses that actually looks surprisingly thin and one with low index myodiscs) and have been thinking about ordering a combination for around -8 to -10 very often. So far I have only found +8 contacts, which perfectly add up with my natural prescription of around -4 (of course, I calculated everything using the complete prescriptions and could get away with 20/20 if the letters weren't that damn small :D ) for the -14s.

I have rather little spare time on my own at the moment to enjoy this "addiction" and I have the urge to insert some lenses as soon as I know that I got some undisturbed time. However, I have never gone outside with my combination because I'm afraid someone I know might see me. Even though people in here always say that non OOs can't tell the difference, I don't believe they won't recongnize a jump in prescription of over 10 D. That's why I thought about maybe getting a weaker combination.

What I'm interested about is: do you also consider yourself somewhat addicted to GOC? And how do you guys handle this addiction and the rush of those first seconds when everything becomes so extremely crisp from a total blur? And what does it feel like getting another increase and putting on new stronger glasses for the very first time as a real high myope? Finally, do you think getting a weaker combination would make sense to start wearing outside for the first time to have a less extreme effect?

lurker 24 Jun 2015, 21:54

I used to buy at lensway until about a year or so ago when their website started requiring doctor info for the prescription on all orders. I bullshitted and made up a number to call and when they couldn't reach anyone they contacted me and said they couldn't complete the order until they verified with the doctor I made up.

But I'll take a look at the other site you suggested. Thanks!

Spexman 24 Jun 2015, 12:40

There is two companys in Sweden that ships worldwide and never ask questions at all you can even buy a couple of different strengths both minus and plus without questions just a are you sure notice that you not have mixed + & -

Check out and

They have acucvue and also the proclear from +20 to -20 to a good price and fast delivery

No pomplem as they say in Asia LOL

William 24 Jun 2015, 06:49

TO ALL CONCERNED: I’ve been doing GOC for nearly twenty years, and deeply regret our Canadian source will end on June 30. Will there be any source available to us without a physician’s prescription in the future somewhere on the planet? I’m a user of Acuvue Oasys lenses. William

hbk 23 Jun 2015, 11:52

Have you guys seen that will stop doing orders without a valid RX? Do you think we in the US really need to stock up. Or are there other good sources and no need to worry?

lurker 23 Jun 2015, 10:04 just posted a notice that as of June 30th they will no longer ship orders outside of Canada without a verified prescription.

nark 22 Jun 2015, 00:52

Thank you guys for your help, even for someone who isn't bad at maths, this is all rather complex and a little mind boggling!

I'm obviously aware of Zenni producing glasses, but does anyone know any online opticians in the UK that do a similarly quick and cheap service for high prescriptions, as I'd like to buy a glasses with the prescription CJ has worked out in order to give this new GOC a go? Buying from Zenni will take a couple of weeks for the glasses to arrive, as opposed to several days in the UK. Many thanks!

DS 21 Jun 2015, 06:53


Regarding "the first (1)"-- P(cyl) = -2.50 + -1.00 = -3.00 (the "sph" plus the "cyl")":

Yeah, that's a typo. = -3.50, which was the correct result used afterwards. Hastily added that step... and it shows! I should have composed in a larger window and pasted into the "post" box to aid in the proofing. I apologize for that error.

Regarding "I am also having some difficulty in 2) with the sign on the total refractive power at the cornea. I believe it should be a + power that is neutralized by the GOC glasses.":

I am just staying with the convention of a "neutralizing power" since that is ultimately where I need to be. This is the prescription, or neutralizing power, not the refractive error. In the head it's practically effortless, but it makes a difference in a step-by-step description.

Steps required using "eye refractive error":

1) Convert naturally required neutralizing power in corneal plane to refractive error (i.e. take the negative)

2) Add to contact lens power (additional "error" being introduced into the system) for total refractive error.

3) Convert sum to neutralizing prescription (take the negative)

Steps required using "neutralizing power":

1) Convert contact lens power to CL neutralizing power (take the negative)

2) Add to naturally required neutralizing power in corneal plane for total neutralizing prescription

Specs4ever 20 Jun 2015, 16:58

hey Marh, what works for me most of the time is to take what a -8d contact would represent for glasses - around - 8.50. Then add it to your own prescription and you would have -11D glasses for the +8D contacts

Cactus Jack 20 Jun 2015, 10:01


Thank you for the rigorous mathematical analysis. However, I am a little confused by some of the results and in some instances, the sign on the results.

For example, I don't understand the result in this line of 1)

P(cyl) = -2.50 + -1.00 = -3.00 (the "sph" plus the "cyl")

I am also having some difficulty in 2) with the sign on the total refractive power at the cornea. I believe it should be a + power that is neutralized by the GOC glasses.

Could I ask you to review your post.


DS 19 Jun 2015, 19:42

CJ-- You are using an approximate formula for vertex distance compensation that can make the math easier to estimate in your head going one direction, but using the actual formula is more accurate and quite easy to use as the solution for Pold is extremely similar with the difference being absorbed into a convention for distance. Solving for Pold in the approximate formula involves the quadratic equation hence your iteration in lieu of ignoring an imaginary root. No sense in making the math trickier to arrive at a less accurate answer!

The accurate VD formula is "Pnew = Pold / (1 + d * Pold)" where Pold is the original lens power, d is the distance (in meters) the lens is being moved (the convention is that d is negative if moving towards the eye and positive is moving away), and Pnew is the new lens effective power.

To be more generalized in an example, I'm going to use a prescription for a single eye but with cylinder correction as well. It's important to treat the spherical and cylindrical components separately.

Starting with a glasses prescription of -2.50 -1.00 x 180 (vertex distance = 12mm) and a +8.00 contact lens:

1) Get the true powers of the meridians.

P(sph) = -2.50 (the "sph" of the prescription)

P(cyl) = -2.50 + -1.00 = -3.00 (the "sph" plus the "cyl")

1) Vertex these powers back to corneal plane (d is negative, moving toward eye)

Pcornea(sph) = -2.50 / (1 + -0.012 * -2.50) = -2.43

Pcornea(cyl) = -3.50 / (1 + -0.012 * -3.50) = -3.36

Note: If you wanted an equivalent contact lens prescription, it would be -2.43 (-3.36 - -2.43) x 180, or -2.43 -0.93 x 180. After rounding, it's the same as the glasses prescription and why adjustment isn't necessary with weaker prescriptions.

2) Add the corrected meridian powers to the inverse (i.e. negative) of the contact lens to get the new "prescription" at the corneal plane.

Ecornea(sph) = -2.43 + -8.00 = -10.43

Ecornea(cyl) = -3.36 + -8.00 = -11.36

3) Vertex these powers back to the spectacle plane (d is positive, moving away from eye)

Espec(sph) = -10.43 / (1 + 0.012 * -10.43) = -11.92

Espec(cyl) = -11.36 / (1 + 0.012 * -11.36) = -13.15

4) Reassemble into prescription convention and round to nearest 0.25

-11.92 (-13.15 - -11.92) x 180, or (after rounding)

-12.00 -1.25 x 180

Note that because of the vertexing, the up to 0.125D error from final rounding appears becomes less at the eye. Rounding isn't really a big deal at all.

Cactus Jack 19 Jun 2015, 10:00


If you want to do some serious GOC, you need to learn to do the math. After you have some experience, Specs4ever has a lot, you will get to where you can get pretty close intuitively.

Normally, Step 1 is to use the glasses prescription to calculate their effective power at the cornea, which is the Contact Lens prescription. I call the reverse of this number your "Eye Power". It is the basis for the rest of the calculations. In your case, with a glasses prescription of

L: -2.25, no cyl/axis, R: -2.50 no cyl/axis

The contact lens prescription would be the same. Your Eye Power would be

R Sphere +2.50 L Sphere +2.25

Note that I listed the Right Eye first because that the traditionally listed first in a prescription.

Step 2 would be to decide on a target prescription for the GOC glasses and use the same math procedure for calculating the Contact Lens equivalent. However, you have stated that you want to try some +8.00 contacts. If we add the +8 contacts to your existing Eye Power we get:

R Sphere +10.50 L Sphere +10.25

The next step is to find what power glasses will result in the reverse of those powers at the cornea.

This would be the same calculation that an ECP would do to determine a CL prescription.

Because there is a square function involved, I prefer to do successive iterations to arrive at the actual glasses prescription. To state the question, What power MINUS glasses is required to neutralize an Eye Power of: R Sphere +10.50 with a Vertex Distance (VD) of 12 mm?

Lets start with -12.00

-12.00 x -12.00 = 144 (Square the Sphere prescription, note the loss of the sign)

144 / 1000 = 0.144 (Divide by 1000)

0.144 x 12 = 1.728 (Multiply by the VD to get the VD effect)

-12.00 + 1.728 = -10.27 (Using Algebra techniques add the VD effect. Note: For MINUS glasses prescriptions CL Power will be LESS than the glasses power.)

Reverse the sign on the CL power = +10.27 EP needed. Hmmm! I need a bit more than -12.00 for the Right Eye, but it is almost perfect for the Left.

If you try a -12.25 glasses lens for the right eye, you will get +10.45 EP needed.

If you try a -12.50 glasses lens for the right eye, you will get +10.62 EP needed.

This is a little hard to get your mind around because we are very accustomed to thinking in terms of Glasses power which is the reverse of Eye Power compensated for Vertex Distance effects. When doing GOC, we have to think in terms of both Eye Power at the Cornea vs. Glasses Power at a distance from the cornea.

In practice, I like to select and order MINUS glasses that are -0.25 to -0.50 stronger than the EP would indicate, particularly if the person is young. At 24, you should be able to easily accommodate and add a bit more PLUS to compensate for the extra MINUS in the glasses. For the +8.00 CLs, I would consider ordering:

R Sphere -12.75 L Sphere -12.50

Try the calculations for a few different combos to get the feel for it.

Please let us know what you decide to do and how it works out.


mark 19 Jun 2015, 07:41

Thanks Specs4ever, I thought the glasses would be stronger for a -8 contact, I had thought that -9.5 would be closer given the vertex distance. Have I drastically overcalculated this?

Specs4ever 19 Jun 2015, 04:27

hey Marh, what works for me most of the time is to take what a -8d contact would represent for glasses - around - 8.50. Then add it to your own prescription and you would have -11D glasses for the +8D contacts

mark 19 Jun 2015, 01:59

Cactus Jack - can I have any further help please on this?! I have seen that the contact lens place I have used, - which I would highly recommend - have up to +8 contact lenses which they will not only obviously send to you, but you can pick up on the same day as ordering (providing you live in London!)

Can you please advise me on what glasses I would need to wear in order to correct +8 contacts, as having done GOC 3 times this week now for several hours on three days this week (given its a weekday and I had to return to work I couldn't do any longer) and enjoyed great success with my previously mentioned combination, I would like to try a stronger combination.

Many many thanks

mark 17 Jun 2015, 00:57

P.S. CJ - just re-read your posts, the cost for me is minimal as I have the glasses, and the contacts are only £11 for 30 lenses, so very little outlay for such fun :)

mark 17 Jun 2015, 00:56

cj, thanks for the help.

My most recent glasses prescription is;

L: -2.25, no cyl/axis, R: -2.50 no cyl/axis

Vertex I would assume is 12mm as this seems to be the given on all the info I've read so far?

Cactus Jack 16 Jun 2015, 09:53


I forgot to mention that the math involved is fundamentally add, subtract, multiply and divide and you can use a calculator for those. You just need to follow the fairly simple steps.

I will help you if you want. The first thing we need is your most current complete glasses prescription.


Cactus Jack 16 Jun 2015, 09:47


I think you are better off to avoid using the Excel GOC calculator for GOC, particularly at higher prescription levels. It is better to use the hand calculation procedure because it help you understand and relate to the very large Vertex Distance effects that occur with high prescription glasses.

The biggest mistake most people make is buying high prescription glasses and THEN trying to find contacts to make them work. It is rarely successful.

The most successful GOC starts with a recent complete prescription and an initial goal of a target glasses prescription of 4 to 5 diopters more than the current Sphere prescription.

There are several reasons to start low and work up:

1. You learn how to do minimal cost GOC

2. Remember, vision occurs in the brain and your brain has to learn how to deal with significantly different images on your retinas.

3. If you keep the same style frame, few people will notice a change in your prescription.

4. As the glasses prescription gets up to around -15, the Vertex Distance effects approach 0.25 diopters per mm. If you don't get the Vertex Distance right in calculations, just being off by 1 mm is one typical lens power step in your contacts or glasses.


mark 16 Jun 2015, 01:34

I've tried reading through all of this and understanding it myself, but it seems like an extreme science, and one that I'm having trouble wrapping around my brain! This was my first time doing GOC out about. I've done it at home, but never been brave enough to do it out and about as I know loads of people in my area and didn't want to come across familiar faces whilst doing this! Can CJ or someone else help with the finer points on this please or point me to the GOC calculator I saw on here years ago.

I did some GOC yesterday with great success by researching a little on here, and elsewhere online. I managed to pick up some +5 contact lenses from a centre in London that does not require prescriptions, and allows a same day click and collect - just what the doctor ordered (wink wink :) ) - and given I have a tolerance / aptitude for accommodating between -3 and -3.5, I took two pairs of glasses out with me. I do not know their exact prescriptions as they are second hand ebay purchases, but comparing them to other pairs of glasses in my collection, I would estimate one pair is around -10.5 to -11, and the other probably -9ish. The lens thickness is noticeably different in both pairs, with the stronger pair having a really thick polished edge, probably 12-14mm in thickness, with the other pair only having about 4mm protuding out of the plastic frame (maybe they're high index lenses). Maybe someone can help with the maths on what +5 contact lenses would actually equal in a minus prescription to even things out?

There was retail park almost just over the road from where I picked up the contact lenses, which was ideal for doing a bit of GOC. I put the contact lenses in and tried on both pairs of glasses in my car, I preferred the design of the stronger pair even though the weaker pair felt a more comfortable match to my eyes. I ventured out with the stronger pair, crossed the road, went into several shops and made a couple of purchases. The cashier who was also a glasses wearer himself gave me a funny look, almost staring at me for several moments when he was serving me, my glasses obviously bothered him! I had been wearing these glasses for probably half an hour to 40 minutes and when I went into another shop I felt my eyes straining a little, like the glasses were too strong for them, so took them off and put the other ones on. These were like a match made in heaven but I noticed the lens thickness in both pairs did distort my peripheral vision to the side and when I looked down. I wore this pair for a couple of hours and actually got a compliment from a cute gwg on my glasses when I enquired as to if she was queing in a shop!

I will venturing out to the same shopping centre again today with a different pair of glasses that I estimate is approx -10. Now I have tried this strength of lenses, I would like to try other pairs of glasses I have which are -15, and -16/-16.5. What contact lenses would I need to match this? I'm 34, work in an office environment and keen to do more GOC as I actually woke up in the middle of the night excited with the prospect of doing more GOC today. Many thanks for your help, and sorry for blabbing on!

NJ 07 May 2015, 16:51

CONCERNED, you should have no problems doing GOC after your surgery. I had to wait a couple of weeks before I could insert contact lenses, per the ophthalmologists recommendations. It felt exactly the same as before.

It's possible to alter your numbers to have the vision you want, but not many docs will intentionally give you worse vision. In fact, most will try to fully correct it using either the monovision technique or correct for distance only and you will need readers. I see Specs4ever managed to get his pre-surgical numbers, but he had a pretty good argument for doing so.

If you do find a doc to give you worse vision, please think long and hard about doing this. It's one thing to have bad vision when you want it, quite another to have to live with it all the time. GOC works great for most people here.

specs4ever 06 May 2015, 18:04

I asked the surgeon to implant a lens as close to my natural -2.50D vision in my one eye as he could. I can do GOC with almost the same contact lens prescription that I could before. Once I have the other eye done I will have it corrected for distance and then I should be right back where I was before I started to get even more farsighted in that eye.

Filthy McNasty 06 May 2015, 14:48

No one would want to be awake for the retrobulbar block.

Cactus Jack 06 May 2015, 14:04


It is very likely that you will be able to continue, but the numbers for your GOC combos will likely change and it is likely that you will need bifocals, progressives or trifocals.

Modern cataract surgery with IOLs involves emulsification of your old crystalline lenses and installation of a fairly strong + IOL. Everything is done through a tiny, 3 mm incision in the side of your cornea. The incision is so small that it will heal without a stitch in just a few days to a week. After it heals, you can easily wear CLs in any power, if you want to. It is unlikely that your Base Curve or Diameter will change.

I had cataract surgery in 2001. Prior to the surgery, my actual prescription was -4.50 in one eye and -2.75 in the other with some astigmatism. I opted for as near 0.00 in my dominant eye and -1.50 in the other. I considered multi-focal IOLs, but at that time the optical qualities left something to be desired, if you like very sharp vision. I don't know what multi-focal IOLs are like today, but I have difficulty understanding how the optics could have improved significantly. I think they might be useful if VANITY is an issue, but the surgeon who did my surgery, would not install multi-focal IOLs for anyone who liked very sharp vision (engineers, etc.). I had worn trifocals for years before the surgery, and I still do. The mono-vision I now have enables me to function pretty well without my glasses, if I have to get up in the middle of the night to use the bathroom or read a prescription bottle. Right now, I am typing on the computer without my glasses. Think hard about what you want for a prescription after the cataract surgery. You can't change your mind, later. GOC and wearing high prescription glasses is fun, but it is nice to be able to decide WHEN you want to do it. A friend recently had cataract surgery and he opted for a near 0.00 prescription in both eyes. I had suggested that he might consider mono-vision, but he declined. I was visiting with him recently and he was constantly messing with reading glasses to see up close. I think he wished he had made a different decision on his final prescription.

In case you are concerned, modern cataract surgery is usually as close to a surgical non-event as you can get, but it is still surgery so follow the prep instructions and post op instructions to the letter. I was scared s**tless for the first surgery, but it was completely painless and all over in just a few minutes. They will likely briefly put you to sleep while they do final preparations on your eye, but they usually want you awake for the surgery itself. I asked my surgeon if he would explain what he was doing as I watched the surgery from the inside. It was fascinating. When I went back the day after the surgery for a check, the doctor said everything looked good and my next question was, "How soon can we do the other eye". He replied 2 weeks. I was disappointed because I was so pleased with the results, I was ready right then.

May I ask your current actual prescription, what you want your prescription to be after the surgery, and your favorite GOC combo?


CONCERNED 06 May 2015, 12:32


I've been doing GOC for years now. But, I'm about to have cataract surgery. Do you imagine it will be possible to continue GOC after the procedure?

Can you shed any light on this?


Cactus Jack 13 Mar 2015, 23:49

Le Visiteur,

Nothing so far on

Please let me know on ES if you try to send something and I do not respond within a few days.


Le Visiteur 11 Mar 2015, 09:39

Dear Cactus Jack, I think that the eyescene community is very lucky to have you. I certainly appreciate the time you took to write this elaborate and informative message. I shall contact you in private. Thank you again.

Cactus Jack 10 Mar 2015, 23:21

Le Visiteur,

Somehow, I don’t think you are going to like my suggestions. Of course you can do what you want to do.

GOC is not an exact science and there is a bit of trial and error involved. I do not guarantee that my suggestions will be wearable at high prescriptions. Over the years of helping people with GOC, I have developed some procedures that seem to work very well at lower prescriptions, but are less certain the higher you go. The big issue is Vertex Distance effects, which I will get into in a bit.

You did not answer my questions about age or where you live and I did not ask about your occupation. Answers to these questions are important and they affect my suggestions and how deeply technical I get with my explanations. If you find GOC to be an enjoyable adventure - many people do - you need to UNDERSTAND what you are doing and what I am doing so we can communicate effectively.

You are concerned about costs, which is a good thing, and well executed GOC does not have to be expensive. However, it can be very expensive and a GOC combination you cannot wear comfortably is the most expensive of all.

My experience has been that the Excel tables are very inaccurate at high prescriptions. The reason involve Vertex Distance (VD) effects in glasses. Vertex Distance effects calculations involve the Square of either the Glasses, Propter, or Trial Lens prescription and typically explain the difference between a Glasses prescription and a Contat Lens prescriptions. At low prescriptions, below about +/- 4.00, the VD is small enough that it can be ignored. Also, VD, which is the distance from the front surface of the cornea to the back surface of the glasses lens (or the first lens in a Propter) , is very hard to measure. A good number for VD is about 12 mm. As I demonstrate the calculations, please notice that a VD that is off by 1 or 2 mm is inconsequential at low powers, but even 1 mm can make a big difference in Visual Acuity of glasses at high prescriptions.

Lets start with your prescription. We are not going to worry about the Cylinder and Axis until we are ready for the final GOC glasses prescription. There are two reasons we can do this. 1. Your Cylinder prescription is low and 2. We will copy the Cylinder and Axis exactly as prescribed into your GOC glasses. A hard and fast rule is that we NEVER alter the Cylinder or Axis numbers for GOC or Inducing Myopia.

You did not mention if you had ever worn contact lenses. I suspect that if you have they were either Torics or had a compromise Sphere prescription. If you have worn contacts, I will need the Complete Prescription including Diameter and Base Curve. If you have not worn contacts, we can deal with that, but I need to know.

Step 1 is to calculate the effective power of your glasses at your cornea considering VD of 12 mm.

OD Right Eye -3.75 x -3.75 = 14.06 / 1000 = 0.014 diopters per mm x 12 mm = 0.168

0.168 is the VD effect of your right lens at your cornea. If the glasses lens is MINUS you subtract the effect from the glasses prescription to yield the CL prescription (if the glasses prescription was PLUS you would add the effect to the glasses prescription.

0.168 +(-3.75) = -3.58 if there was no Astigmatism involved the next higher value of contact lens is -3.75, a tiny over-correction, but insignificant.

OS Left Eye -6.75 x -6.75 = 45.56 / 1000 = 0.045 diopters per mm x 12 mm = 0.54 + (-6.75) = 6.20. The next higher available CL value is -6.25.

Glasses or Contacts neutralize or cancel out your actual refractive error and your actual refractive error at your cornea is the REVERSE of your CL prescription at the cornea and First important numbers we are looking for. Everything will be based on these numbers that I call your Eye Power.

OD R +3.75

OS L +6.25

Lets see what happens if we use the CLs from the Excel sheet.

OD R +3.75 +13 = +16.75

OS L +6.25 +10.50 = +16.75 Note, above about +6 or +8 CLs only come in 0.50 increments. If you are young enough, your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses can easily supply a bit more plus if they need to. Other than that, you were on track with a practical CL prescriptions.

Now the fun begins. Because there is a Square Function involved that is based on the Glasses prescription, I use what is called successive approximation to arrive at the Glasses Sphere prescription that will Yield the desired reverse of the Eye Power at the cornea, Please note the per mm VD effect at higher prescriptions. It is very critical.

Lets start with the -20 glasses.

-20.00 x -20.00 = 400 / 1000 = 0.40 diopters per mm x 12 mm = 4.80 +(-20.00) = -15.20

hmmm, we need -16.75 to match the +16.75

-21.00 x -21.00 = 441.00 / 1000 = 0.441 x 12mm = 5.29 +(-21.00) = -15.70

-22.00 x -22.00 = 484.00 / 1000 = 0.484 x 12mm = 5.80 +(-22.00) = -15.70

-23.00 x -23.00 = 529.00 / 1000 = 0.529 x 12mm = 6.35 +(-23.00) = -16.65


-23.50 x -23.50 = 552.25 / 1000 = 0.552 x 12mm = 6.63 +(-23.50) = -16.87

too much!

-23.25 x -23.25 = 540.56 / 1000 = 0.540 x 12mm = 6.48 +(-23.25) =-16.77


As you can see, -20.00 will not work and I don’t thing Zenni will make above -20.00 and there goes the budget and a fair amount of money down the drain.

Your vision with the -20 glasses would be about like your vision with your Right Eye without your glasses.

Hopefully, by now, you have concluded that there is more to successful GOC than you realized. I have some suggestions about how to get started with GOC that you can comfortably wear nearly full time if you want to, but it is unwise to try to start too aggressively. If you will answer my questions, I will try to continue the discussion tomorrow. It is late here and I am tired.

BTW, if you would like to do this privately, please feel free to contact me at


Le Visiteur 10 Mar 2015, 14:16

Hey CactusJack, thanks a lot for your input in the online retailers section. You're right, let's forget about shipping: I dont't mind getting glasses and contacts from two different retailers, though I'd like to keep the overall costs to a minimum.

From what I understand, Zenni will make glasses in 1.56 index lenses with an extra charge for strong minus, but they won't request a prescription/doctor's note - right?

Also, my glasses prescription is: right -3.75 x -2.00 x 90 and left: -6.75 x -1.00 x 90.

I'm planning on getting the glasses to correct the astigmatism and axis so that the contacts will only take care of the + prescription for the GOC system.

According to the GOC table which is on Bobby's site, I'll require +13 contacts for the right eye and + 10.75 for the left eye for glasses of -20D (OS=OD).

Does this seem right? What are your views/recommendations? Please note that I don't intend to do GOC in public; I'm just experimenting.

Mike 09 Mar 2015, 13:35

Advice taken thanks Cj, ill take it easy.

Cactus Jack 09 Mar 2015, 12:27


One of the rules about changing the power of glasses is that you ONLY change the Sphere part of the prescription, NEVER change the Cylinder and Axis part. Note that the Cylinder and Axis in the suggested GOC glasses is same as the doctors prescription you provided.

Because you have never worn contacts, I suggest that you NOT jump directly into Extended Wear contacts. It is like diving head first into water you don't know the depth of.

The ideal thing would be to get fitted with contacts to correct your actual vision at your ECP because their services would include instruction on how to insert and remove your contacts. Also how to care for them.

The Diameter of the lens is in mm and +/- 0.5 mm should not cause a problems. Base Curve is the Radius of the front surface of your cornea or the inside curve of the Contact Lens. A CL that is 0.1 mm less than what was measured will probably not cause any problems.

You need to be aware that even lenses that are an exact match in Diameter and Base Curve can vary in wearing comfort. That is why most ECPs have trial lenses by several different manufacturers and expect to have to try several different brands to maximize wearing comfort.

I know you are anxious to get started, but I ask you to be patient. Before you commit to any Extended Wear Contact Lenses, I strongly urge you to Google "Extended Wear Contact Lens Dangers" and pay attention. I suggested starting with Dailies for more reasons than just the cost.


Mike 08 Mar 2015, 18:00


Thank you for your time. Just so i understand you correctly in simple terms. I should order plus 6 contacts and glasses od -13.25 sph and os -13 leaving the cyl and axis as is. Please correct me if im wrong.

Regarding the cl order what would be an exceptable level of variance in diameter would 0.5 +/- be ok and as you stated previously for bc go slightly larger if possible. However if im measured at 8.7 could i safely try 8.6. Again please correct me if im wrong.

Lastly as i have never worn contacts is there anything else i should know about wearing extended wear lenses. My wife wears dailies and just puts in her cls in the morning and tosses them at night nothing else no solutions. I am only wondering if anything else is required for extended wear.

Cactus jack 07 Mar 2015, 20:29


Here are my calculations and explanations. I prefer to start with a calculation of the Sphere glasses prescription referred back to the Cornea by considering the Vertex Distance (VD) effects of the Glasses, Phoropte, or Trial Lens Frame. They are usually pretty close to the same VD. If the Sphere or Cylinder prescription is less than about +/- 4.50 diopters the VD effects will be negligible. If you examine the effects of the Square function in the calculations, you will understand why.

You did not specify which eye the numbers represent so I will assume the first set of numbers apply to the Right eye and the second set apply to the Left.

Glasses Prescription

OD R Sphere -5.25, Cylinder -0.75, Axis 90

OS L Sphere -5.00, Cylinder -0.75, Axis 85

Typical Vertes Distance = 12 mm.

OD R -5.25 x -5.25 = 27.56 / 1000 = 0.02756 x 12 mm = 0.33 +(-5.25) = -4.91

OS L -5.00 x -5.00 = 25 /1000 = 0.025 x 12 mm = 0.3 +(-5.00) = -4.70

The final numbers are the calculated contact lens prescription to correct your Sphere refractive error. The refractive error is the reverse of the CL prescription or R +4.91, L +4.70.

Sphere only contact lenses of +6.00 in each eye will result in Sphere refractive errors of:

R +10.91, L +10.70

Now the fun really begins because of the Square function, the best calculations are Successive Approximations until you find the Glasses Sphere Correction that will provide the best correction for the new Sphere Refractive Error.

Right Eye: I tried several values from -12.25 to -13.00 and the closest calculations was as follows.

-13.00 x -13.00 = 169 / 1000 = 0.169 x 12mm = 2.028 +(-13.00) = -10.97

Left Eye: From the previous calculations -12.25 looked promising, but -12.75 gave the best result.

-12.75 x -12.75 = 162.56 / 1000 = 0.1625 x 12 mm = 1.95 +(-12.75) = -10.80

Because you are 33 you should have good accommodation and can wear a bit more MINUS in the glasses and make up the difference using you ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses.

Suggested GOC Glasses prescription:

OD R Sphere -13.25, Cylinder -0.75, Axis 90

OS L Sphere -13.00, Cylinder -0.75, Axis 85

A word of caution. GOC is an inexact science and there are no guarantees that the above prescription is the best possible.

To answer your question about Contact Lenses. Diameter is not very critical with soft contacts. A few tenths of a mm in Base Curve won’t make much practical difference. If there is a choice, try to select a slightly larger Base Curve than 8.7 for the best comfort. Less may tend to be too tight and not have good tear film circulation.


Mike 07 Mar 2015, 12:28

Also i will probably not use zenni. I purchased 4 pairs of glasses 2 pairs of indentical frames one each without lenses for this purpose because i can send a frame out to be relensed and still have the same frame. Anyone im around on a daily basis would only notice different frames not lenses thickness or power rings. So on days i am not gocing i wear the normal rx and still have the same frame. Make sense.. only thing is where do i have shipments sent my wife has a tendency to open all mail and packages and i couldnt explain why im receiving new glasses all the time

Mike 07 Mar 2015, 12:20


No worries i know you donate alot of your time advising people on this site.

The rx posted below is the glasses rx. The cl rx is the same except the axis is 90 degrees both eyes.

I visited global lens i noticed that the options on their products does not match my dia and bc for any of the cls. Does it matter if those figures for bc and dia are a few tenths of a mm diffent?

Cactus Jack 07 Mar 2015, 08:48


I apologize for not remembering you from last year. I gave up on trying to remember everyone.

I would suggest checking out They are in Vancouver, Canada.

I am also a bit concerned about going straight to Extended Wear Contact for two reasons. I suspect that being in the contracting business, you are occasionally in a dusty environment which is not always a good place for contact lens wearers. I suggest that there may be a bit of experimentation until you get a combination you like. For starting GOC, Dailies are a fairly inexpensive way to get started and gain experience. The only disadvantage is that they are usually very thin and can be hard to handle. Also, you may need to try several brands to find exactly what you prefer. Longer wear lenses are generally thicker and more durable than Dailies.

I would suggest trying some +6.00 Daily wear lenses and some low cost glasses from Zenni as a starting point for two reasons. You and your corneas need to get used to wearing contact lenses and you will probably want to increase your glasses prescription as soon as this combination is comfortable.

Before doing the calculations, I want to confirm your latest GLASSES prescription. I don't want to use a Contact prescription because they are often compromises.


Mike 07 Mar 2015, 06:22

Hi, Brian email

briangwebber 07 Mar 2015, 05:43

Hi Mike,

We contacted each other last year by email but I seem to have lost your address.

Happy to chat to you again on about GOC

Mike 07 Mar 2015, 02:47


Im 33 live in Florida im a self employed contractor. Basic math and science are no issue.

Long term goal is satisfy my need to be severely myopic as I stated below im having a hard time trying to set aside time to break away to mexico or somewhere that will preform surgery to make me myopic.

Also where should i buy lenses without a verifiable rx and what type and brand do current contact wearers recommend?

My apologies for my horrible typing doing all this from my dumb phone as to not leave traces from this site on any computer at home.

Cactus Jack 06 Mar 2015, 23:00


I should have been a bit more specific when I asked about your Education. Actually, I am looking for your Math and Science background so I know how to phrase my suggestions and explanations. The math involved is really not very advanced and only uses the square (^2) function and standard basic math.


Cactus Jack 06 Mar 2015, 22:56


For GOC in the -12 range +6.00 CLs are about right for a person with a glasses prescription around -5.00, but we need to do the calculations. You need to use Sphere only contacts and copy the cylinder and axis exactly for the GOC glasses prescription. Do not use a CL prescription as a starting point. They often involve compromises that are not needed in glasses.

A couple of questions:

Your age? Long term goal? Where do you live? Education? Occupation?

I am not familiar with any special hygiene necessary for extended wear contacts, but just make sure that you have good tearing action, your corneas get most of their oxygen from the air and tears provide additional O2 plus moisture, nutrients and lubrication. Be sure and not wear the extended wear CLs more than the lenses are designed for, your corneas need periodic rest.

Perhaps some experienced wearers of Extended Wear CLs can add to the above.

A word of caution; Please do not buy any GOC contacts or glasses until you have a calculated GOC combo that has a chance of working. Even with the most careful calculations, GOC is an inexact science. Unwearable GOC can be very expensive. One thing you are doing that is favorable for success is starting about 2x your actual prescription.


Mike 06 Mar 2015, 19:30

I would prefer lenses i can leave in as long as possible. According to the eye dr i have no condition that would be risky for me to use extended wear lenses. I am just trying to simulate true severe myopia as best i can til i can get the surgery performed. If i have left out any important info for you guys to advise me please ask.


Mike 06 Mar 2015, 19:23

..sorry about that backwards posts.

So i assume i would only add maybe +6 contacts with the current minus rx im wearing if i want to wear -12 glasses and i assume i should leave the cyl alone.

Lastly can someone please advise on safe hygene for extended wear lenses as i have never worn contacts. I was shown how to insert and temove the lenses but they were daily throw away lenses so i have no idea about extender wear lenses.

Thank you in advanced


Mike 06 Mar 2015, 19:15


I would like to use extended wear lenses so i can sleep and wake up with blur.

I have been attempting to induce for the last 4 years wearing minus full time so the rx i received may not be accurate i dont know if i have any true myopia but i would like to believe i do.

Questions for the experts.

What lenses should i buy and where to buy them given the measurements i provided. I want to continue trying to induce so i would assume

Mike 06 Mar 2015, 19:06

Hello guys,

I posted a few months back regarding my desire to become severely myopic via surgery. Unfortunately life has prevented me accomplishing my complete goal over having surgery performed. Surgery still remains as my ultimate goal but family and normal life still is my top priority.

Question for the local experts. I had an exam the other day which netted me a rx of -5.25sp .75cyl 90 degree and -5.00sp .75cyl 85 degree.

I had never had a contact exam previously so i asked the eye dr for a contact exam. The numbers are as follows 14.5 dia and 8.7 bc. I decided that for now until i can achieve my ultimate goal i will try goc to pacify me for now.

Blurry Boy 01 Mar 2015, 09:34

I wear +8 contacts and wear -10 glasses no problems at all.

Tsk 21 Feb 2015, 14:08

Thanks for that, I shall give that a go and report back!

There was a lot more science involved in your calculation than mine :)

Cactus Jack 20 Feb 2015, 12:13


At your age and with your prescription of

R +0.75 -0.25 35

L +0.75 -0.25 25

You can easily correct the problem with your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses. Your actual eye power at the cornea is the inverse of that prescription and the Sphere component needs to be considered in determining the Sphere needed in glasses to work with +7.00 contacts.

With the +7.00 contacts, your eye power is:

R (-0.75) + (+7.00) = +6.25

L (-0.75) + (+7.00) = +6.25

From here, we need to do a few calculations

Vertex distance effects of -7,00 at 12 mm are (0.588) -7.00 = -6.41

If you get -7.00 glasses and +7.00 contacts, you will be slightly over corrected which should be OK. The full glasses prescription would be:

R -7.00 -0.25 35

L -7.00 -0.25 25

I would give that or slightly more sphere in the glasses a try.


Tsk 20 Feb 2015, 06:29


I'm 33 and looking to try GOC, my story goes a bit like this;

Always wanted glasses but never had a prescription, I managed to get a prescription for +0.75 for some glasses a few years ago and recently did a free contact lense trial so I have the correct contact lense readings required.

the prescription was;

R +0.75 -0.25 35.0

L +0.75 -0.25 25.0

I have worn these glasses and can see fine with them but can also see fine without, I generally don't wear them.

The contact lenses I have trialed were +1.00 and were too strong to be comfortable for long periods.

Having had a look I think I'd like to try +7 contact lenses and from what I have read I should be ok ordering -7 glasses to work with them, would this be correct?

Would these give the appearance of being fairly strong glasses?

All help gratefully recieved

Cactus Jack 19 Feb 2015, 19:01


You did not mention who you planned to order from. I suspect you can order full field glasses, but be aware that large frames, low index, high prescription minus glasses have very thick edges and need very thick blanks as a starting place.

Soundmanpt has a lot more experience with the practical side of ordering glasses and lenses than I do. Perhaps he can give you a more accurate answer.


ron 19 Feb 2015, 17:49

another question,

how can i make sure that if i order high minus glasses, say -15 or more, they will not be myodiscs?

Cactus Jack 19 Feb 2015, 16:20


I have only done a quick calculation, but I think the glasses need to be closer to -12.25 or maybe a bit stronger.

For GOC calculations I try to base everything on the refractive error at the cornea. If your actual prescription is -0.50 your refractive error at the cornea is +0.50. Vertex Distance (VD) effect, with a prescription of -0.50, is negligible. If you use +10 CLs that increases the refractive error ti +10.50.

Vertex Distance effects of glasses or a phoropter, at a typical distance of 12 mm, is large enough that it affects the lens effectiveness and must be considered.

Typically you do successive approximations to figure out the glasses power at 12 mm from the cornea, needed to correct +10.50. Here are the calculations for -12.25 glasses.

12.25 x 12.25 = 150.06 / 1000 = 0.15006 x 12 mm = 1.80 -12.25 = -10.45

If the VD is very close to 12 mm that would be an almost perfect match. However, at 27 you should have excellent accommodation and I think you would be happier with -12.50 or a bit more. If you get slightly stronger glasses, you should be able to accommodate and add a bit of plus to easily compensate for the slight over correction.

The differences in clarity may be caused by your CLs moving around on your cornea. +10 soft contacts are pretty stiff and if your eyelids are tight, they may move out of position and you look around. Contacts float on a tear film and should move around some to be sure the tear film circulates oxygen and moisture. Tears also lubricate the front surface of the CL between it and your eye lid. You might try some Lubricating Artificial Tears to see if that helps.

You need to experiment a little. I suspect that when you look straight ahead, you are looking through the optical center of the CL and the prescription there is +10. If you look through the CL when it is off center the prescription is less than +10 and the reduced prescription in that area more closely matches the -10.50 in the glasses.

I urge you to ask some questions and let us know what you want to do before buying either the contacts or the glasses. You did good by getting an eye exam and a CL prescription for the Diameter and Base Curve. Those are the starting places for comfortable and satisfying GOC.

The ideal way to do high prescription GOC is with the help of a friendly, understanding, Eye Care Professional. They can do a refraction with the CLs in place and give you a prescription for glasses that correct your refractive error. Sometimes that is not possible, and you need to experiment a bit to get it right.


ron 19 Feb 2015, 11:42

i'm 27

my glasses prescription is -0.5. i hardly wear glasses. just started recently doing GOC. i went to the optic store and they checked my eyes for contacts, and then i applied what i learned on the +10 contacts i ordered. i'm probably gonna go higher in prescription, but now with the +10 contacts i can see quite clearly from some angles. if i try to look from the sides, then i can still see quite clearly, or at least better then when look straight forward.

i wear -10.5 glasses i purchased with the contacts.

i bought the proclear because they were the only ones i could find in that prescription.

Cactus Jack 18 Feb 2015, 17:57


How about telling us more about yourself and what you are trying to do. Here is some information that we need to help you.

1. Your age?

2. Where do you live?

3. What is your complete glasses prescription (preferred) or if you wear contacts, you contact lens prescription?

4. Have you ever had an exam for contacts?

5. Have you ever done GOC?

6. What is your goal?

7. Why did you buy the +10 Proclear lenses?


Cactus Jack 18 Feb 2015, 17:49


It depends, but maybe not. Here is the problem. -6.00 glasses have the same approximate corrective power has -5.50 contacts. Normally, you would be able to do pretty well with +5.50 contacts. However, you are starting with a prescription of -0.75 which corrects +0.75 diopters of refractive error. With the +5.50 contacts you would have +6.25 diopters of refractive error. You actually need -6.75 or perhaps -7.00 glasses if you are young enough to have some accommodation.

I would suggest trying some +4.75 or even +4.50 contacts. The +4.50 would give you a bit of over correction with the -6.00 glasses if you can accommodate that.

GOC at this level is pretty forgiving, but as you go higher it becomes less forgiving. You must consider all factors when doing GOC calculations and you should not buy glasses without doing the GOC combination calculations and purchasing them as a pair even if not from the same vendor.


ron 18 Feb 2015, 13:58

have started using proclear sphere contact lenses with a +10 prescription. the problem is that i can still sometimes see clear with them, they don't sit very well on my eye. the only parameter i can adjust is the base curve. i ordered them with a base curve of 8.6. will changing to a base curve of 8.2 (the only other option) help me with getting them to sit better on my eye?

LXW 18 Feb 2015, 03:13


i have bought very good glasses with -6dpt (no cylinder). I want to wear them over contacts but don´t know which power they need. My eyes are little short sighted, about -0.75dpt.

Do yout think contacts with +5.50dpt. will do a good job?

Thanks for all, Alex

Cactus Jack 16 Feb 2015, 12:25


I would have thought, it you had been reading this GOC thread, that you would have understood the best procedure for getting a GOC combo. However, it appears that you have now taken the first step for successful, comfortable GOC by getting an eye exam. It would be ideal if you also had a prescription for contact lenses with Diameter and Base Curve, but because the dominant factor in your prescription is Cylinder, that would likely mean Toric contacts, which is not very helpful.

One thing that would be helpful is your age. If you could wear the -20 glasses with +19 contacts, you must still have good accommodation.

Those of us who help people with GOC, usually suggest starting with a lower glasses prescription than -20 because the brain has to get used to working with a significantly minified image. Also, if you want to wear GOC around friends, you need to start with a lower prescription. The fact that you now have some glasses, which I hope your are wearing regularly, around your friends and family, is also good.

One of the fundamental principles of both GOC and Inducing Myopia is that you NEVER alter your cylinder and axis prescription. You ONLY alter the sphere component.

The thing that makes GOC calculations a bit complex is adjusting the prescriptions for Vertex Distance (VD) effects. Fortunately, your actual prescription is low enough that there is no adjustment required to arrive at your Eye Power at the cornea, which is the inverse of your glasses prescription; For example:

Eye Power

Right: +0,25 +1.0 dcyl 170 Axis

Left: +0.25 +0,5 dcyl 60 Axis

You only need to consider the Sphere or first number in doing the calculations and copy the cylinder and axis numbers EXACTLY as prescribed into the Glasses prescription.

The fact that you have ordered -20 glasses really complicates things because high power + contacts are available only in 0.50 increments. You need to work out the prescription for the Glasses and Contacts as a combination. Also, if you order glasses from online retailers, they typically offer a very limited selection of very high prescription glasses.

Because there are mathematical exponential functions (^2 (square)) involved, it is often easier to us successive approximations in determining the GOC combination.

You said you wanted to try +15 contacts lets try that with -20 glasses. If you wear the +15 contacts your Eye Power is"

Right: +15,25 +1.0 dcyl 170 Axis

Left: +15.25 +0,5 dcyl 60 Axis

20 x 20 = 400/1000 = 0.40 diopters per mm of VD. 0.40 x 12 mm (typical VD) = 4.80 =(-20.00) = -15.20. Almost perfect for +15.25 at your cornea with the contacts. However, there is a snag, for the best vision, your glasses prescription needs to be:

Right: -20.00 -1.00 dcyl 170 Axis

Left: -20.00 -0.50 dcyl 60 Axis

You have enough astigmatism that it does need full time correction for best vision and comfort.

However, you might want to consider some alternatives that depend on your age. You can easily wear glasses, with a bit more minus, that will not be particularly noticed if you use the same or a very similar frame. If you suddenly appeared in public wearing -20 glasses there would be a lot of questions. Also, it would be better if you started GOC at a lower prescription to let your brain get used to processing the images from very strong glasses and the people you know to get used to you wearing stronger glasses.

Good luck and please keep up informed.


Papolito 16 Feb 2015, 06:30

Hi everybody,

I have been reading this site for months and last year I got curious trying the GOC. I didn't have any experience wearing glasses but I wished a lot to start with it. I ordered high prescription myopic glasses (-20 both) and plus contact lenses (+19 both). It was interesting how it works and I started to wear it more and more. I have quite good eyes, never been prescribed glasses by doctor. I used the glasses sometimes daily sometimes less but I enjoyed to wear it outside or inside.

Now I really wish to wear them even more but I want to have a professional prescription that it works fine and I can see clear with them. Now I have the prescription as first step from eyedoctor with the exact eye condition.

Right: -0,25 -1.0 dcyl 170 Axis

Left: -0.25 -0,5 dcyl 60 Axis

With this doctors never said to me wear glasses till I can see all letters and number on the board. I want to wear high myopic glasses but I want to see with them clear.

I tried till now contact lenses Proclear with +19.0 and I could deal with it. As I want to wear glasses over contacts (GOC) daily starting with 1-2 hour and I will see later, but I want to order + 15.0 contacts and the right prescription glasses to see as clear as possible.

My question is: what prescription glasses shall I ordeer with + 15.00 contacts and the eye condition detailed above.

Thank you very much for your help, Papolito

Cactus Jack 13 Feb 2015, 12:50


I was a little curious about the +10s, +8.00s are more commonly available.

You didn't mention which eye was -5.75 and which was -6.00. Here are my suggestions.

-5.75 eye Glasses lens -16.75

-6.00 eye Glasses lens -17.00

is very close to the calculated value for a 12 mm Vertex Distance. You might consider increasing both glasses lenses by -0.25 for a slight over correction and use your accommodation to help with the sharpness. IOW



As usual there are no guarantees and your results may vary.

Let me know what you decide to do and how it works. I suggest not spending much money on glasses until you know how they work. Inexpensive frames, inexpensive lenses, and maybe the lowest cost AR coating.


Anthony 13 Feb 2015, 00:44

I'm sorry to bother you again CJ but I made a mistake and the contact lenses I ordered were not +10.00, instead they were +8.00. In this case what should be the prescription in the glasses I will order?

My regular contacts prescription -5.50 in both eyes. Glasses one is -5.75 and -6.00, no Cyl or Axis.

You suggested in between -20 and -21 if I got +10.00 contacts. Now that I will have +8.00 on top of my regular prescription in what rx should o order the glasses?

Thanks again!!

Crystal Veil 09 Feb 2015, 06:16


you can expect to get myodiscs anyway. The 1.67 lenses were myodiscs so the same will go for the even thicker 1.57 lenses.

Anthony 09 Feb 2015, 00:30

Thanks Crystal Veil thanks for your info. I have a question though, if I order them in 1.67 I'd get myodiscs and if ordered them in 1.57 I'd get regular lenses?


Crystal Veil 08 Feb 2015, 15:50


Cactus Jack explained everything perfectly. The only add from my side is that they do make high index lenses, albeit at an extra cost. Four years ago, I ordered a pair fitted with L -19.25 / R: -19.75, 1.67 high index glasses. Not for GOC but as a special pair for my models. The glasses are myodisc and still in perfect shape. They costed me about $50 and they were worth every cent of it.

Cactus Jack 08 Feb 2015, 09:17


At 34 and if you are not having any problems reading with your -5.50 contacts, you should have reasonable accommodation available to deal with a bit of over correction. However, I just looked at the Zenni website and they appear to only offer sphere prescriptions up to -20.00 and those in mid index lenses with IR or 1.57.

There is an extra charge of $9.00 for the high prescription lenses. The only option I would suggest is the standard anti-glare or anti-reflective coating at $4.95. I think at that power, Zenni has very limited offerings and you won't be able to do much special requesting. Soundmanpt and several other members have a lot more experience ordering from Zenni that I have and may be able to offer suggestions.

I suggest trying the -20s and see how you like them. When you get into the very high prescriptions, you need to consider both the CL power and the Glasses power BEFORE ordering anything. It is really easy to paint yourself into an expensive corner. The most expensive GOC combinations are those you cannot wear. Also, it is much better to start with a prescription that includes cylinder and axis correction, if any, or confirms "none". Frequently, CL prescriptions, where there is a low cylinder component, are Sphere Only compromises. If you are going to wear glasses and you need any cylinder correction, you might as well include it in the glasses for the best vision.

If budget is NOT a factor, you may need to consider other Online Retailers that offer higher prescription glasses at higher cost, but still reasonable prices.


Anthony 08 Feb 2015, 03:14

Thanks for your response CJ! I'm 34 years old. What other info would you need to help me figure out more accurately what rx I would need. I'm planning on ordering the glasses at Zenni. You mentioned I should ask the lenses to be made in CR39 for a better vision? Can that request be made? Do you know if Zenni will send me regular lenses or myodiscs? Once again, thanks so much for your help.

Cactus jack 07 Feb 2015, 08:20


It was just a few days more than a year ago, on 3 February 2014, that I suggested a glasses prescription to make the +5.50 CLs work with your prescription. I asked a couple of questions and I cannot find where you answered them.

The higher you go in your glasses prescription, the more critical the effects of vertex distance. If your CL prescription is -5.50 your "eye power" at the cornea is already +5.50 so if you wear +10.00 contacts, your "eye power" at the cornea will be +15.50. Because of Vertex Distance (VD) effects, my first approximation is to try -20.00 glasses.

When I do the math, I get VD effects of 0.40 diopters per mm. If I assume a 12 mm VD (which is a SWAG*) I get 12 x 0.40 = 4.80 or effectively -20.00 less 4.80 = -15.20 at the cornea. You could move -20.00 glasses just a mm closer and compensate for the difference. I might consider -20.75 or -21.00 for the glasses, but remember, VD is very hard to measure and even harder to estimate.

The reason I asked your age a year ago is to get an idea of how much accommodation you have. If your glasses have a little too MUCH minus, according to the calculations, you may may be able to compensate using your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses. However, if you have too LITTLE minus in your glasses, you will have blurry distance vision and there is nothing you can do about it other than move your glasses on your nose or get glasses with more minus.

Other things to consider are that when you get into very high prescription glasses, Pupillary Distance (PD) gets very important. Your sharpest vision will occur when the Optical Center of the lens and your central axis of vision are in the same place. Also, it is very likely that if you choose a low index material for the best Abbe Value (CR-39 is hard to beat) you may have to get myodiscs.

Considering the variables, I would suggest getting the lowest cost glasses you can to try several prescriptions in the -20.00 to -21.00 range and see which one you like best. Remember your can make very significant differences in your Visual Acuity by simply moving the glasses as little as 1 mm on your nose and there are no guarantees about results.

Please let me know what you decide to do and how it works.


*SWAG = Sophisticated Wild Assed Guess

Anthony 07 Feb 2015, 00:28

I have a question for Cactus Jack. A few months ago, maybe even a year or so, you help me figured out what prescription would my glasses need to have to do GOC, I have a -5.50 prescription for contacts and had ordered +5.50 contacts to wear under glassss that had a -12.75 prescription. They worked fine, and wore them often for the last year. This time I ordered +10.00 contacts and I was wondering if you would help me out figuring what prescription I need for my new glasses taking in consideration my natural prescription for contacts is -5.50. Thank you so much!!

benn 05 Feb 2015, 14:20

I have never in 15 years been asked. Even my adult children would say "new glasses?". Should I ever am asked I would say "I sometimes wear contacts".

My wife said once with a -15 GOC "I really don't like those glasses..."

Most people never see what we see.

HyperRob 05 Feb 2015, 13:13

Re power lines' question "have you ever been caught - do you have a plan if someone corners you?"

I reckon the easiest answer would be to say you prefer to wear the contacts as well as the glasses to share the correction, otherwise you would need much thicker glasses. Nobody can tell if they're plus or minus contacts.

Olive 05 Feb 2015, 08:49

Cactus Jack,

Sorry for late reply, I'm so busy with my work recently. :)

I wanna try it, but if I throw back the time, my eyes have some allergy with contact lenses. When I was in college, I've tried to wear contact lenses but I end up with red eyes. I went to eye doctor, and the doctor suggested that I better not to wear contact lenses anymore because my eyes too sensitive. I really want to follow your suggest to wear GOC few days ago, but everytime I remember how I suffered from red eyes (almost 2 weeks) but have no choice except going to campus and everyone asking why my eyes looks like devil eyes? ㅠㅜ Its exactly horrible ...

Cactus Jack 02 Feb 2015, 10:18


The first thing you need to do is get an eye exam for contact lenses. If, as you say, you have very good vision, you may have to get the exam for the purposes of changing your eye color with contact lenses rather than for vision correction.

What you are looking for is your prescription (if any), your Base Curve and the Diameter of your contact lenses. Also, you will get instruction on how to insert and remove the contacts and care for them.

With that information, we can calculate a GOC combo of contacts and glasses for comfortable wear.


power lines 17 Jan 2015, 15:30

Been doing GOC for a while, pretty much gone public/full time.I went from no glasses to -2 for about a year, now at -2.5. would like to get to -5 or so eventually. I've developed this paranoia of someone noticing my contacts. Close conversations with friends/family feels weird particularly if they wear contacts themselves. I know I've gotten good at spotting contact users... Anyone else have this? Ever been caught? Do you have a plan if someone corners you?

30calcat 13 Jan 2015, 12:27

Great to hear your success squint lover! Can you share some pictures?

squint lover 13 Jan 2015, 09:13

My GOC glasses have finally arrived today!

I got them with OD sph -14.25, cyl -.25, OS sph -13.50, cyl -.75 with the Zenni standard 1.57 index and when I opened the case I was so excited to see what they look like. The first thing I thought when seeing the glasses from a side view was that they were unexpectedly thin. They are less than 1/4 " thick, which seriously surprised me for a second until I realized that those are in fact myodiscs. At first I was a little disappointed because I love those concentric circles of strong glasses which are not extremely prominent in my myodiscs. But on the other hand having to wear myodiscs when GOCing is awesome too and the cut in is amazing.

You can probably imagine that the first thing I did next was pop in some of my +8.00 contacts, grope for my glasses and test my vision with them. I was surprised at how quickly I could adapt to the strong lenses. After about 10 min of adjusting I could see crystal clear. I'm wearing my combination right now and can easily read the 20/30 line; I could probably see 20/20 as well, but the letters are way too small to read. Overall it feels as if my vision is even better than with my original glasses/contacts (maybe I need another increase lol).

Other than that it feels so exciting to feel like seeing through a fishbowl and having to see exactly through the center of the lens to minimize the massive distortion. This GOC combination is like a late christmas present and to be honest, it is by far the best!

squint lover 17 Dec 2014, 15:27

Hey, just a short update in case anyone is interested:

I ordered the combination I posted last weekend, just with another -.25 added to make sure I won't be undercorrected. The glasses will probably take longer than the contacts, but I guess I will try the first pair of contacts as soon as I get them just to start with experiencing that massive blur. I'm so excited about all that, I already can't wait to get started.

Quatzyeux 13 Dec 2014, 01:47


As i wrote a few posts below, I think you should target your lenses to +7.5 instead of +8. Because +8 is the maximum power you'll be able to find in all brands of soft contacts (but a very few exceptions maybe). So you'll appreciate that safety margin, in case you need some adjustment without having to order new glasses.

NJ 12 Dec 2014, 13:50

Squintlover, those numbers look reasonable. I think you'll find your first hours with the higher Rx will be kind of odd. Eventually you'll get used to it and your vision will be quite good.

As someone who has done GoC at both extremes, from -30 or more to +28, I've always been amazed at the brain's ability to readjust to a new visual experience. I will also say that high minus glasses are much easier to wear than high plus glasses due to the loss of visual fields in the latter.

Good luck!

squint lover 12 Dec 2014, 10:01

Hey everybody,

so after having loved watching strong glasses for almost my entire life I have decided that I want to try GOC to simulate high (some of you guys might argue) myopia. Could any of the more experienced people check if my calculations are correct?

I am moderately myopic myself:

OD sph -3.75, cyl -.25, axis 152

OS sph -3.25, cyl -.75, axis 32

I am planning to order some contact lenses with +8.00, which would lead to following prescription for glasses after considering vertex distance effects and leaving correction for astigmatism untouched (calculated by

OD sph -14.00, cyl -.25, axis 152

OS sph -13.25, cyl -.75, axis 32

So what do you say. Will this be working? I hope it will! Any other suggestions for a hopefully soon first timer? Any advice is appreciated!

Quatzyeux (Paris) 10 Dec 2014, 11:47

Sorry for the delay ;-)

I finally ordered through, a German online-shop but that has a French-written website. Ordering is easy and they ask no silly questions. You can pay via PayPal or with a credit card.

Delivery was a bit lengthy (around 10 days) but everything went well.

I am usually wearing +8d contact lenses with -7.5d glasses (with a minor cylinder which I really need). As my glasses are now rather old and less fashionable as they used to be, I intend to renew them soon. I'll probably opt for a slightly lower (faked) nearsightedness, because +8d seems to be the upper limit in soft contact lenses (and even +6d for some brands).

Soundmanpt 22 Nov 2014, 18:53


This question popped up earlier today and I saw that Cactus Jack recommended "globallens,com" I just pretended to enter and order for prescription lenses and went all the way through to the very end and they excepted my order without a word about verifying the prescription with my doctor. So I think that may be what your looking for.

What combination do do you generally wear if I may ask?

Oh and welcome back, don't be another 10 years before coming around again.

Paris 22 Nov 2014, 12:12

Hi there. Long time no see, ugh ? It is almost 10 years I have not been posting here ;-)

Well, I am an occasional GOC wearer. Living in France, I used to order from a German online shop called Bennewitz. But they have removed almost everything from their catalog ;-(

So, does somebody have a clue on where and how I could order contact lenses, without prescription of course ?

Andrew 13 Nov 2014, 09:43

My Rx is such that I always wear CLs when choosing glasses frames as my uncorrected vision is not really good enough to see what frames look like at any distance at all. Thus, if you are ordering strongish lenses to do GOC, it should come as no surprise if you are wearing CLs when selecting frames.

NJ 13 Nov 2014, 07:33

GOCGeorge, I used to do GOC and routinely went to optical stores with my combo in place and no one noticed. Since I mostly did high plus glasses over high minus CLs, the magnification would have made it easier to see the CLs.

That said, I never let them do a traditional seg height measurement (for reading add in a bifocal) or PD. I always gave them the PD and had a method of using a piece of tape on the plano lens to determine where I wanted the bifocal placed. I'm quite sure they'd see the contacts with the device they use to measure PD, and probably would see it just measuring the seg height too.

Curiously, I did have a story ready if anyone did mention my contacts; that I had corneal transplants with artificial corneas, which look like contact lenses. But no one even mentioned that they could see contacts behind my glasses. My guess is that it's just us optical fetishists and eye care professionals that notice.

GOCGeorge 13 Nov 2014, 05:26

Hi, I've been doing GOC for about a year and was wondering if you thought i went to an optical place wearing them, that they would notice the contacts if i were trying on frames!

til 12 Nov 2014, 05:05

I was considering getting new glasses for goc use and went to the optician for an eyetest. They were close before their lunchbreak so could only do the autorefractor.

Result was

R +0.50 -0.75 174

+0.50 -0.75 176

L +0.50 -0.75 171

+0.50 -0.75 174

Am I right interpreting this as zero (due to the inaccurate measurement) to -0.25 considering that the axis is almost 180?


Cactus Jack 09 Nov 2014, 14:12


The first thing you need to do is get an eye exam because we need to know if you have any refractive error that needs to be considered in determining the actual power of the contact lenses. However, before you do that, there is a pretty simple test you can do to get an idea of any refractive error.

1. Get a pair of +1.50 over the counter reading glasses.

2. In light bright enough for easy reading, put on the +1.50 readers and hold a book or newspaper (target) with typical sized print about 20 cm from your eyes.

3. Slowly move the target away from your eyes until the smallest print just begins to become fuzzy.

4. Note and measure the distance where that occurred.

5. Do 2, 3, & 4 above, three times and average the distance.

6. Do the test just after you wake up in the morning and just before you go to bed.

7. Tell me the results of the test in the morning and evening. Do not average them.

If you do the tests above with each eye individually and with both eyes together, that will also be useful information.

The results will allow me to calculate your approximate refractive error. If there is any. That will help me suggest what you need to tell the examiner.

Many people, who actually have refractive errors, think they have "perfect" vision. The problem is that they have no standard of comparison. This is particularly true of people who are a bit hyperopic or far sighted. Sometimes there is a difference in the visual acuity between the two eyes and the brain will select the best image and work with that one without your being aware of what it is doing.

If you are a bit hyperopic or myopic, that has to be accounted for in determining the power of the contact lenses you need to do GOC.


wannabeGOC 09 Nov 2014, 06:42

@cactus jack

1. Do you presently wear glasses?


2. When was your most recent eye exam?

Never done.but seen it

3. What is your prescription?


4. What is your occupation? If you are a student, what is your field of study?

I work in a coffee shop.Also a part time student

5. Where do you live? (country and state or province)


Unfortunately, GOC is a very inexact science, particularly

Please give me a prescription for contacts n glasses which i can give at an optical shop and get the combo

Cactus Jack 08 Nov 2014, 13:11


The nice thing about GOC is that if you do it right, there is a very low probability of damaging your eyes. You could start with -15 glasses and the appropriate contacts, but based on helping many people do successful GOC, it would be a mistake.

Vision actually occurs in the brain, the eyes are merely biological cameras. -15 glasses, no matter how it is done, produce a minified and somewhat distorted images and the brain has to learn how to deal with that and correct the image. You actually have to learn how to wear very strong glasses and be able to function. It is much better to start with a moderate GOC combination and work your way up. It is also easier on the budget because you won't waste money on unwearable combinations.

We will be happy to help you do effective and comfortable GOC. Many of us have been there and done that. Several of our members are full time GOC wearers in the -15 or higher range. The have excellent vision with their GOC combinations. Over the years, we have learned the hard and expensive way about what NOT to do and what works. Here are a couple of principles. They may not all be applicable to your situation,

1. Do not buy or try to use existing prescription glasses from any source and then try to figure out the contact lens prescription that will make them work. Success is nearly impossible and it is a waste of time and money to even try it. Of course, you might be the exception, but I would not bet on it.

2. You have to start with a complete prescription for glasses and contact lenses, even if you do not presently wear vision correction. If you don't presently wear contacts or glasses, we will tell you how to get a prescription for contact lenses and learn how to wear them and care for them. Poorly fitting or improperly cared for contact lenses WILL probably cause permanent corneal damage.

3. Once you have a complete prescription for glasses and contact lenses, you can probably easily work your way up to around -10 glasses. Above that level, Vertex Distance (VD) (the distance from your cornea to the back of the glasses lens) effects become significant. For example, at -15 the VD effects are nearly 0.25 diopters per mm. VD is very hard to measure and VD effects change the apparent power of the glasses. If you are off by a few mm when we do the calculations, it will cause blurry or uncomfortable vision.

Here are some questions for you.

1. Do you presently wear glasses?

2. When was your most recent eye exam?

3. What is your prescription?

4. What is your occupation? If you are a student, what is your field of study?

5. Where do you live? (country and state or province)

Unfortunately, GOC is a very inexact science, particularly at high prescriptions. You need to be prepared to experiment and occasionally deal with getting unwearable contact lens and glasses combinations. We will be happy to try to help you learn to do GOC at minimal expense, but you need to pay attention.


wannabeGOC 08 Nov 2014, 10:22

To all friends here.

I am 22. I want to do GOC.

but i do not want to harm my eys in anyway.

Can you suggest a contacts prescription with which i can wear to wear a glasses of -15 with zero cyl above without creating any small problem to my eyes..

Please reply

Cactus Jack 24 Sep 2014, 08:32

GOC hopeful,

Theoretically, yes, but some auto refractors seem to have difficulty reading your prescription if there are unusual reflections from your eyes. I have IOLs after cataract surgery and they can have unusual reflections, which give some auto refractors a fit trying to read my prescription.

If you would like to try relatively low GOC, we can tell you how. You seem to understand the significance of Vertex Distance in doing GOC, but its effects are very small with glasses in the -5.00 region and almost nonexistent below -4.00.

Even though your vision is near perfect, it is best to start with an eye exam, but depending on a number of factors, low Rx GOC can be done pretty well without one.

May I ask your age and occupation?


GOC hopeful 24 Sep 2014, 08:11

This may be a stupid question but does wearing contacts make a difference to the result of autorefraction tests. For example if someone with more or less perfect vision went in wearing +5.00 contacts would the machine produce a reading in the -4.5 to -4.75 range?

Has anyone ever done this? If it works I am curious to know if there is anywhere in Europe where it may be possible to get an autorefraction without a full eye test.

I know that the best GOC is usually assisted by a sympathetic eye care professional but that does not seem to be an option in the UK.

Cactus Jack 07 Sep 2014, 12:36


GOC calculations are very inexact at very high Rx. The problem is primarily caused by Vertex Distance (VD) effects. With -25 diopter glasses VD affects apparent lens power by 0.625 diopters per mm. Actual VD is very difficult to measure. Typical VD is about 12 mm, which means that the effective power of your -25 glasses is 0.625 x 12 = 7.5 diopters less at the cornea and IF the VD of your -25 glasses is 12 mm you will need +17.50 contacts.

You did not mention your age, but if you have reasonably good accommodation, I would suggest +17.00 and let your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses make the necessary adjustment. You may have to try several different sphere power contacts to wear the -25 glasses comfortably.

Please let us know what you decide to do and what works best.


Daland 07 Sep 2014, 11:09

Dear all!

I just bought those -25 Myodisc glasses on AliExpress.

They are only Eur 15.20!!!

Which Contacts do I need now.

I already have -15 glasses with +12.5 contacts an perfect eyes without any correction.


Cactus Jack 04 Sep 2014, 14:07


You really need to start GOC with an official prescription of your actual vision, but if you are close enough to 0.00 in each eye and are young enough to have reasonable accommodation, you can experiment to your heart content - as long as you stay below about + or - 4.50. Below that number, vertex distance effects are negligible and you can used contacts and glasses that are the inverse of each other e.g Minus contacts and Plus Glasses.

+3.00 is really not very much and you can try PLUS reading glasses up to about +3.50 at almost any store that sells Over-the-Counter Reading Glasses.


Revolver 04 Sep 2014, 12:12

JDug: have tried high plus, I have a pair of post cataract lenticulars that are about 30 years old but very serviceable frames, and +13 with a +2.75 add. It is a very unreal experience that you need to adjust to, peripheral vision is greatly impaired and the ground and everything else seems to have taken on a very strange curvature.

JDug 03 Sep 2014, 19:57

So I've been doing GOC for a while with +4 or +1.5 contacts and -4 or -1.5 lenses. I posted earlier on here, but I have great normal vision and have had my eyes tested. I've noticed that when I wear my +1.5 contacts that my left eye vision is much better, which as someone on here pointed out I might be around +.75 in my left eye and plano in my right.

I kind of wanted to try the world of a plussie, and have been kicking around the idea of getting some +3 lenses. Normally, I'd just go ahead and buy -3 contacts since my vision is pretty normal, but I guess what I wanted to ask is, would my left eye require a different prescription? Accomidiation makes having a bigger minus in the equation not a big deal, but would this matter with venturing into plus land? If that's the case, should I buy -3.75 contacts? Or would the +/- combination equal out since my normal vision is good? That's what I have been assuming but I just wanted to check.

It does seem like most people here are into minus lenses, but I'm very curious about plus lenses and how the world looks through them. Are +3 lenses going to be pretty intense for someone who has never done plus lenses? Should I start with something smaller?

Thanks everyone!

GOC Mex 13 Aug 2014, 19:34

Finally! First minutes doing GOC.. Thanks CJ for your invaluable advices… i cannot be happier. I am writing this with my -6 glasses on…

GOC Mex 08 Aug 2014, 13:58

ALready have the glasses, it took some time.. now, just waiting for the CL... cannot wait to start doing some GOC at home...

Daland 11 Jul 2014, 11:29

Hello Everybody!

Is there any kind of meeting of GOC-Wearers in Germany?

I think of about 20 women and men visiting a restaurant or something else, wearing their GOC Glasses?

This would be very interesting...



Cactus Jack 06 Jul 2014, 19:45


The last post was from me.


 06 Jul 2014, 19:43


Lets give this a try. I have provided the details of my calculations. Please take the time to study them.

Your current Glasses Prescription:

R -6.25, -1.25 x 5.0

L -5.25, -1.75 x 175.0

Contacts prescription would be using traditional formulas for calculating Vertex Distance (VD) (typically about 12 mm) effects while ignoring Astigmatism

R -6.25 x -6.25 = 39.06 / 1000 = 0.039 x 12 mm = 0.46 Adjustment Factor. -6.25 -(+0.50) = -5.75 CL Note: nearest optical value to 0.46 is 0.50.

L -5.75 x -5.75 = 33,06 / 1000 = 0.033 x 12 mm = 0.39 Adjustment Factor. -5.75 -(+0.50) = -5.25 CL

Remember that Contact or Glasses cancel out the actual refractive power of your eyes to yield a resultant refractive error of 0.00

If you were to wear +3.25 contacts that would add to your “Eye Power” (EP)

R +5.75 +(+3.25) = +9.00

L +5.25 +(+3.25) = +8.50

The question is: What Glasses prescription would give me clear vision with the +3.25 contact in place? The best way I have found is with trial and error. I have done this enough that I can get pretty close on the 1st or 2nd try. The object of the calculations is to find out what GOC power will be as close as possible to just right for the calculated Eye Power with the Contacts.

R -10.25 x -10.25 = 105.06 / 1000 = 0.105 x 12 = 1.26 -10.25 -(1.25) = -9.00 CL just right for +9,00 EP

L -9.75 x -9.75 = 95.06 / 1000 = 0.095 x 12 mm = 1.14 -9.75 -(1.14) = -8.61 Not perfect, but close enough.

Glasses Prescription to match +3.25 CLs

R -10.25, -1.25 x 5.0

L -9.75, -1.75 x 175.0

A couple of tips.

1. Consider getting an exam for contracts primarily for the purpose of finding out your Base Curve and Preferred Diameter, Your GFs contacts may not be very comfortable to wear if the Base Curve is very far off what you need.

2. GOC calculations are not very precise and you needs may vary. I would suggest increasing the sphere by -0.25 diopters in each eye and ordering the cheapest glasses you can from Zenni Optical. You should be able to deal with the extra -0.25 and you should still have enough accommodation to easily compensate for the slight over correction. Try them and if they work for you, enjoy.

3.It is possible that you may need to do some fine tuning of the glasses prescription and you want to do it on the cheap.

Feel fee to ask questions


SimonC 06 Jul 2014, 13:15


Thank you for the reply.

I am 40.

Prescription for glasses.

R -6.25 -1.25 5.0

L -5.75 -1.75 175.0

Cactus Jack 30 Jun 2014, 17:48


You did not indicate if the -6.25/-5.75 prescription was for glasses or contacts. ideally, GOC calculations start with a complete glasses prescription in the following format.

OD (Right Eye) Sphere, Cylinder, Axis, Prism, Add

OS (Left Eye) Sphere, Cylinder, Axis, Prism, Add

Your age is also important. Where you live is optional, but helpful.

As a SWAG, assuming the above is a contact lens prescription, GOC glasses with +3.25 contacts would be: -11,00/-10.25

Please do not order glasses based on the above. More information is needed. GOC is not an exact science, but the error rate is pretty low with prescriptions in this range.


SimonC 30 Jun 2014, 11:48

Good afternoon,

My GF has just got contact lenses for the first time with a +3.25 prescription.

I have a -6.25/-5.75 prescription myself and thought I would like to try GOC for the first time. If I was to use her contacts what prescription glasses could I use?

Any help would be appreciated.

NJ 27 Jun 2014, 09:50

I came across that article some years ago and found it lacking. As Lentifan says, of course he finds it difficult going from no glasses to +12 or so. It's not really a fair comparison, as even putting on -4 lenses GOC can seem a little weird at first.

I've been wearing lenses in the +20 range for decades, and get by just fine. About the only thing that one never gets entirely used to is the lack of peripheral vision, and even then by moving my head a lot I can compensate reasonably well for this loss. I certainly don't notice the curvature of lines that ought to be straight, or the magnification or distortion. The small bifocal segment can be a challenge but I have a second pair just for reading.

Still, glad this doc at least tried to get a feel for how his aphakic patients see.

lentifan 23 Jun 2014, 18:44

What he doesn't say is how long he persevered with his experiment, which appears to be with +12d spectacles, not +20d Pre-implants, many aphakics must have needed prescriptions higher than +12d. The young lady with the bifocals in Herr Keuner's most recent posts (12:13, 12:14 and 12:15 today) on the 'seen on the web' thread has, I would suggest, a considerably higher prescription than that.

I have no doubt that all the effects Mr/(Dr?) Welsh describes would be experienced by anyone immediately needing to wear +12D glasses, but I suggest that in time, some acclimatisation would take place, depending on the user's determination and confidence. It would be interesting to know how the young lady in the photos copes. If she had her natural lenses removed in infancy, then she has had 20 years or so to acclimatise and adapt to her particular vision.

Naturally, to me she looks very attractive indeed.

Just Browsing 23 Jun 2014, 17:37

I came across this article on the spectacle correction of aphakia.

I wonder if eye care professionals have properly experimented with +/-20D of correction?

Eric  18 Jun 2014, 01:52

Just to let you know Cactus that I got my new glasses and wore them today for the first time around my house. I followed your advise and them from Zenni and well they don't look bad. Though I should say they lenses are quite thick. Any recommendations now that I will start wearing them?

Cactus Jack 15 Jun 2014, 17:25


It depends on where "here" is. I did a quick Google search using 'peripheral vision requirement for driving' and got a lot of hits. Here is a link for the various states in the United States, In general, the binocular visual field needs to be no less than 100 degrees to 140 degrees, but if you live in the US, check your state.

I saw one post that said Europe was 120 degrees with Germany adding a requirement for evaluation of the VA in the central 20 degrees.


Gogo 15 Jun 2014, 11:43

Thanks Jack..

I am wondering if there or was a law or practical rule to determine if someone is allowed to drive not based on its capacity of seen clarity but peripheral vision range.

Are other people here driving with high plus prescriptions?


Cactus Jack 15 Jun 2014, 09:33


It depends on a number of factors, but probably the most important is your peripheral vision with your glasses. Very strong plus glasses act like binoculars and peripheral vision is nonexistent. Good peripheral vision is very important for safe driving. Without good peripheral vision, if it very difficult to have good situational awareness and are you may be unable to perceive and react to things happening around you. Many very serious auto accidents are caused by threat from the side.


Gogo 14 Jun 2014, 22:40

I been finally doing longer sessions with my plus glasses, final peescription +18.50 with some astigamatism. I am starting feeling more confident but here is my question, it is posible to drive with this type of prescription? Thanks

Cactus Jack 03 Jun 2014, 23:16


Just because a little bit is good, a lot is not necessarily better. You are at the beginning of the process of discovering the wonders of optics and vision, but don't be greedy, you have a lot to learn. I strongly suggest that you stick to just a little bit over because it will help you compensate for any error in the estimation of the Vertex Distance. If you stick with inexpensive glasses, you can try more significant over correction, if you want to, AFTER you get used to wearing the suggested GOC combination.

You will have some important things to get used to as it is. Negotiating stairways without falling down them (hold the handrail) or tripping over curbs are just two examples. Initially, things WILL NOT be where you think they are. Fundamentally, you have to learn how to see and make sense of the somewhat distorted images compared to what you are used to. Contacts have almost no minification or distortion. Your -6.00 glasses probably have a little, but your brain knows how to process those images. Vision actually occurs in the brain and the eyes are merely biological cameras. Your brain can fix a lot of image problems, but it takes it a while for it to learn how. If you try to rush the process, your brain will let you know it is not happy and find ways to make you uncomfortable.

Hopefully, this will be a pleasant experience for you. However, many people try GOC and try to go too fast. The result is a very unpleasant experience and abandonment of the whole idea. Slow down and get it right the first time. We will help you.


Eric 03 Jun 2014, 20:16

So I will order them in 1.57 and see if I can find a similar frame just smaller. I've never worn glasses full-time, I'd probably say I wear contacts 95%, and always when I go out. I'll try my best to try to change those tendencies. By sharper and more vivid vision doesn't sound bad to me. Maybe it's a good idea that instead of ordering -13.5 I go with maybe -13.75 or -14.00 in order to achieve the more vivid and crisp vision?

Cactus Jack 03 Jun 2014, 19:13


Yes, larger frame sizes will make the edges of the lenses thicker, you can mitigate that some by choosing higher index materials like polycarbonate. I think Zenni offers polycarbonate (Index about 1.57) at the same price as low index. I don't suggest at this point higher index materials. You can do better by selecting a smaller frame of the same style, if you can find something. In a pinch, get some new frames. You may get a few comments, but people know you wear glasses sometimes and few people notice lens power changes, they notice the frames. People change frame styles all the time.

Speaking of wearing glasses, you need to wear the glasses as much as you possibly can for a few weeks to let your brain get used to them. You can start by wearing your regular glasses as much as possible, ideally full time. You can explain the full time wear as your contact are bothering you and you wanted to give your eyes a rest. When you get the higher Rx glasses wear them around home until they feel comfortable and then venture out with them. Several of our members wear high minus (more than -15) GOC full time and find it pleasurable.

Slight over correction tends to make vision sharper and more vivid. Some people prefer wearing one step (-0.25) than what it took to read the 20/20 line, but a lot of ECPs won't offer it and they stop at 20/20.

A secondary factor comes into play as minus glasses prescriptions get higher. The minimization of the images on the retina caused by Vertex Distance effects make fine detail get so small that you have trouble seeing it and often the result is that people with high minus prescriptions cannot be corrected to 20/20.


Eric 03 Jun 2014, 17:34

I will follow you advise and go ahead and order glasses in that rx from Zenni. My current glasses, which I wear very rarely, are a square frame, ray ban style, sort of hipster style. Would the lenses in this higher prescription fit such a style? Wouldn't they be very thick and catch too much attention? I'm thinking of starting by just wearing them for a couple of hours on evenings. By the way if under-correction make distances a bit blurry what happens with over-correction? And I reside in the southeast of the US by the way.

Cactus Jack 03 Jun 2014, 14:01


I think you should not jump to -20 glasses. You have a slight advantage if you want to do hi Rx GOC because you are moderately myopic. People who have natural high myopia have been dealing with it for many years. Can you get used to wearing hi Rx GOC? Yes, but I strongly suggest you do it in smaller steps. Normally, I would not suggest that a first time GOCer do a step that big. -13.00 GOC would be pretty significant and I suggest that since you already have the +5.50 contacts, you can get some very low cost -13.00 glasses as a first step. At 32, you should still have plenty of accommodation so you might consider -13.25 or -13.50 to avoid under-correction which makes distant images a bit blurry. If you can, try to find some low cost frames that are as much like your existing frames as possible. That will minimize comments. If you order from Zenni, you should consider the low cost A/R coating.

You should be aware that high Rx minus glasses have lots of optical issues that you may not have experienced with your -6.00 glasses. The most obvious one will be noticeable minification of the images and significant barrel distortion at the edges along with possible chromatic aberration with color fringing. You can get used to all these issues and learn to ignore them, but it takes time. Correct PD is also very important with high Rx lenses.

BTW, exactly -20.00 would not be a very good choice. The AF would be 0.4 diopters per mm and the Eye Power at the cornea would need to be +15.2 with 12 mm of VD. You have a head start of +5.50, but you can't get contacts in + 9.75 power. They only come in steps of 0.50 diopters.

I would prefer to see you start with a lower GOC combo where the error possibilities are not as great.

May I as your occupation and where you live?


Eric  03 Jun 2014, 12:46

Well thank you so much for the explanation and taking the time for doing so. I see now that it is a calculation not so easily done. I'm 32 years old by the way. So ideally I should decide on a glasses prescription I would like to wear and then after that come up with the contact lenses I need right? For example if I decided on -20 glasses, what contact prescription would work?.

Thanks again.

Cactus Jack 03 Jun 2014, 08:39


It is not quite that simple. What gets in the way, is Vertex Distance (VD) effects caused by distance from the front surface of one lens to the back surface of the next. In this case the distance from your cornea to the back surface of your glasses. Vertex Distance effects actually change the effective power of your glasses. The magnitude of the change depends on three factors: The mathematical SQUARE of the lens power, its sign, and the distance between the lenses. Vertex Distance effects are the reason for the difference between your glasses prescription and you contact lens prescription.

For vision purposes, we actually have to start with the distance from the back surface of the rearmost lens in the phoroptor or trial lens frame and your cornea. Typically, it is pretty close to the same distance as the back surface of glasses to your cornea (about 12 mm) as to be considered the same, but with very high glasses prescriptions a 1 or 2 mm difference can be significant and must be considered. The most commonly used formula for calculating contact lens prescriptions using refracted prescriptions (RP) from phroptors is as follows. What you are solving for is the Adjustment Factor (AF). Sphere and Cylinder (if necessary) adjustment factors are calculated separately.

AF = RP^2 divide the result by 1000 and multiply by VD in mm.

Using your glasses prescription here is how that works:

-6.00 x -6.00 = 36 (note that the sign is lost)

36 / 1000 = 0.036 (this is diopters per mm)

0.036 x 12 mm = 0.432 (This is the AF)

For MINUS RPs you SUBTRACT the AF from the RP. For PLUS RPs you ADD the AF to the absolute value (ignore the sign) of the RP to get the Contact lens prescription. In your case:

6.00 -0.432 = - 5.56 (contacts in that power range come in 0.25 increments so you have to settle for -5.50).

Because of the SQUARE function involved the AF for RPs below about -4.50 is so small that no adjustment is usually necessary. For stronger prescriptions the AF can become very large. Try the calculation with -4.00 and -20.00 and see what you get for AF. At -20, the AF is 0.4 diopters per mm. Here is where the real snag comes in for calculating GOC combos for very high power glasses. VD is very hard to measure accurately and can be affected by the adjustment of the glasses frame or the positioning of the phoroptor during the exam. As you can see VD becomes more critical as RPs or glasses prescriptions get higher. By the way, Contact Lenses have a VD of ZERO.

Now to your specific question and I hope by now you begin to appreciate that you can't just ADD the +5.50 to your CL or glasses prescription and order glasses. You won't be able to see very well at all with that combo. Before we start, I would like to introduce the idea of "Eye Power" (EP). Glasses or Contacts neutralize or cancel out actual Refractive Error. It your case, your actual EP is +5.50 and your -5.50 contacts cancel it out so your effective EP is 0.00 and your distance vision is probably pretty close to 20/20 or 6/6.

Normally, GOC calculations start with a desired glasses power and you use the formula explained above to arrive at the needed Eye Power. Because of the SQUARE function, theoretically, you have to deal with SQUARE ROOTs to go from EP to Glasses Prescription. I find it easier to use successive approximation to discover the needed glasses prescription. It is not hard, but it can be a little tedious until you get the hang of doing it.

Here is the question you need to ask. What glasses power will give me good distance vision if my EP is +11.00 and my VD is 12 mm?

I have done this enough that my first guess is between -12.50 and -13.50, but lets start with -11.00 RP and see what we get for needed Eye Power power.

-11.00^2 = 121 / 1000 = 0.121 x 12 = 1.45

11.00 -1.45 = 9.54 EP at your cornea.

Obviously, that won't work. You would have about 20/200 vision with -11.00 glasses.

Lets try -12.50 glasses (-11.00 plus the -1.54) and see what we get.

-12.50^2 = 156,25 / 1000 = 0.156 x 12 = 1.875

12.50 - 1.875 = 10.625 close, but no cigar.

How about -12.75 glasses

-12.75^2 = 162.56 / 1000 = 0.162 x 12 = 1.95

12.75 - 1.95 = 10.79 getting close


-13.00^2 = 169 /1000 = 0.169 x 12 = 2.02

13.00 - 2.02 = 10.97 BINGO -13.00 glasses is about as close as we can get. However, remember that the effective power of the glasses is affected by the 0.169 diopters per mm of the VD. The your vision will be noticeably affected by how far your glasses are from your eyes. That is the reason, I asked for your age. If you are young enough that you still have some accommodation, I would suggest going to -13.25 or -13.50 and letting your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses add a little extra PLUS to fine tune the extra -0.25 or -0.50. If you don't have much accommodation, you might want to try very inexpensive -13.00 glasses and see how you like them.

Always remember that GOC calculations are a VERY inexact science, your results may vary and there are no guarantees.

Hope this long winded explanation helps.


Eric 03 Jun 2014, 02:06

Thanks for the response Cactus Jack. And yes my actual glasses and contacts prescriptions are -6 and -5.50. The last time I got contacts I was sent a pair of +5.50 contacts by mistake so I would like to try wearing the plus contacts and get glasses that work with my prescription and the plus contacts. Would I have to add my prescription (-6) and the contacts prescription (5.50)?


Cactus Jack 02 Jun 2014, 09:52


It is not clear exactly what you want to do. Are you asking: "What would be your glasses prescription if you wore +5.50 contacts instead of -5.50 contacts?" Are your ACTUAL contacts and glasses prescriptions -5.50 and -6.00?

May I ask your age?


Eric  02 Jun 2014, 05:17

I was hoping one of the experts in this website who are kind enough to advise new GOC's would help me figure out what prescription would I need to wear to see properly under the following circumstances.

My glasses prescription is: -6 .00. 0 None

My contacts prescription is -5.50

And the contacts I have to wear under the glasses I would order are


What is the strongest prescription of glasses I could order and still see clearly with the combination of my own prescription and the plus glasses.


Basecurve 22 May 2014, 17:04

Why is it so hard to find daily contacts in plus powers over + 6 with a base curve of 8.6 ...their mostly 8.7?

Gogo 06 May 2014, 14:47

I got my new combo (~21 glasses.. 27 CLs), but unfortunately my left eye keeps turning upwards. I think the VD and center is rigth but the problem happen when my eye is not seeing rigth trougth the center which happen involuntarely the second after move my head around.

Anyway, it is a very different experience, loved it and will continue to try to get adjusted, hope soon can get around outside.


motard 02 May 2014, 03:35


They are 8mm thick, the rx isnt all the way out to the edges as if the lens blank wasn't thick enough. The calculated the edge thickness should have been around 14mm if rx was on entire lens

SZ6 01 May 2014, 11:24

How thick are the lens edges, motard?

motard 01 May 2014, 10:47


I have had some fun around the house with my goc combo. I have even ventured out a few times hitting some of the local drive thru places to get lunches and dinners , no comm yet but im sure the people in the window were thinking something.

Natural Glasses

R -6.50 -1.75 20 / L -5.25 -2.00 170

Goc glasses with +6.00 contacts

R -14.75 - 1.75 20 / L -13.25 -2.00 170

svensont 29 Apr 2014, 17:14


Try wearing them longer and repeat the test. Read something with them, then I think you will able to relax your eyes even more.

I tried this with +2D reading glasses. When I first put them on, I could see clearly up to 23 inches, after 15 min the distance increased to 27 inches. Then I was curious what will happen when I will wear them more, and the next day I could see clearly up to 35 inches, and a day later 45 inches. So maximally I had about +1.15D-1.25D of hyperopia in just a few days.

JDug 29 Apr 2014, 16:56


Before I did the test I was wearing them all day, but I was wearing glasses with them. I probably had my glasses off 5 mins before measuring. I guess I could have left them off longer like you said, but I was in a rush and forgot to do it. haha.

I can definitely tell with the +.75 contacts that my left eye is clearer than my right, so that'd make since if my right eye was closer to plano than my left.

I'm 27 by the way.

svensont 29 Apr 2014, 15:06


So in this simmple test your left eye is about +0.75D and your right plano. How long have you been wearing the lenses?

JDug 28 Apr 2014, 17:59


I'm wearing the +4 contacts right now, and text on a page went from crisp to blurry 12 inches in my left and 10 inches in my right.

Thanks for the help!

Cactus Jack 26 Apr 2014, 18:31


I think you should go for it. I suggest looking for a younger ECP and discussing what you want to try, before any exam. If they seem the least bit hesitant, find another ECP. Your request is not unreasonable and you have your own reasons for wanting vision correction done this way. It is not their job to judge your reasons. They may want to put the condition on the deal that they will work with you to fit the contacts comfortably and may suggest a refraction with the contacts, but will not guarantee your long term satisfaction with the results. That is not to be critical or your desires or the ECPs motives. It is your experiment and probably not within the scope of professional services customarily offered.

If you still have your CL base curve and diameter, globallens and Zenni are viable options without involving an ECP. If I were doing it, I would strongly consider the 1 day wear high moisture disposables for a trial arrangement.


choch 26 Apr 2014, 16:32

I have in fact worn contacts before. My precription is -1 as of right now. And definitely i would much rather have the number 1 option work out

Cactus Jack 26 Apr 2014, 15:54


I can't imagine it NOT having been tried. There is no optical reason why it would not work as expected unless the glasses prescription with the -2.00 addition was higher than -4.50.

In today's world, there are a lot of people who need near focusing help way before 30, even teens. The primary culprit is tiny text on smartphones, but there can be other causes. I had to get bifocals in college before I was 20, long before smartphones were a gleam in Steve Job's eye. My problem was natural mono vision -1.50 in one eye and 0.00 in the other from an early age and had little accommodation. I had to get bifocals to get both eyes to work together and I was not the only one my class wearing bifocals.

There are several solutions to your situation, but first a question. Have you ever worn contacts?

Possible solutions:

1. What you said, you just need to find a friendly ECP that understands what you want to do and why.

2. If you get a high quality progressives (not cheap), only a dedicated OO can tell that you have an add and that is not easy.

3. Get one +2.00 contact and wear it on your non-dominant eye to create mono vision.

4. Find a friendly ECP that will fit bifocal contacts.

5. Bite the bullet and get lined bifocals. There will be a few comments, but you may be surprised at the number of people in the 25 to 35 range that have discomfort reading or doing close work and want to know more about how you solved the problem.

Perhaps some others may have additional suggestions.


choch 26 Apr 2014, 15:22

Would it be viable to ask an optician to prescribe a +2.00 contact as well as glasses -2.00 stronger than I officially need to induce a little bit more dependency while wearing the contacts? I have been having a lot of trouble reading recently even with just my extremely low myopia and I am pretty self conscious about the thought of needing readers before age 30. Bifocals too. Id like it to keep it more of a secret and honestly even with the new lenses bifocals are fairly obvious for a number of reasons. It would be nice to just take glasses off and be able to read again. Would an optician buy into this if asked about it? Has anyone here ever tried this?

svensont 25 Apr 2014, 18:31


Put in the +4D contacts and make a simple test. Wear them without glasses for about 15 min and measure the distance from your eyes to a small print, until it becomes blurry. Be precise.

What is your age?

JDug 25 Apr 2014, 18:07

Some background, I have "perfect" vision and have been tested by an eye doctor. I've never worn glasses but just started doing GoC. People and friends have been kind of freaking out seeing me in them (which is why I wanted to buy the low prescription for the "yeah, I just kind of realized I needed them). Once they get used to me in them, I can start to wear higher like I want.

I bought a few combinations to try out from Zenni and Globallens:

1. +4 contacts w/ -4 glasses

2. +1.25 contacts w/ -1.25 glasses

3. +.75 contacts w/ -.75 glasses

I can accommodate the -1.25 and the -.75 glasses just fine without contacts, but I want the contacts because I like the feeling that I "need" the glasses.

My question is, when I wear the +.75 contacts, I only get a little blurring. The +1.25 contacts are nearly perfect with the -.75 glasses. So, are my eyes just a little farsighted and I'm naturally accommodating with them? If I get some new combinations, should I purchase contacts with around a +.5 additional on them? Is a +.5 prescription just not usually sought out from an ECP?

I want to hone in on everything so I can buy really nice glasses instead of cheap "trial" pairs. haha. It's getting expensive but ya gotta do what ya gotta do!

Cactus Jack 20 Apr 2014, 09:57


You have a very forward thinking ECP. Toric contacts have lots of problems besides being expensive compared to sphere only contacts. They are often hard to fit and keep the axis in proper alignment. I am not an ECP so my opinion is of little professional value, but I think ECPs who do not consider combining contacts for significant refractive error correction and glasses to "fine tune" a complex prescription are missing an opportunity to really help patients with high complex prescriptions.


As I said above, I think you have the right idea for several reasons. Torics are expensive and have a lot of problems. Sphere only contacts are comparatively inexpensive and, with moderate to high minus prescriptions, vertex distance effects require stronger sphere correction in glasses to have the same correction ability as contacts. Cylinder, axis and prism correction are best done in glasses for several reasons, the most important is that cylinder and axis correction is much more accurate in glasses and correction orientation of the axis is easily maintained. Prism correction could possibly be done in contacts, but it is highly doubtful that the resulting lenses would be wearable. For practical purposes, prism correction in contacts is impossible.

The big problem will be finding an ECP that would consider correcting the majority of the refractive error with sphere only contacts and then doing a refraction with the contacts in place to get a low glasses prescription to complete the process.

BTW, in case you are interested, the formula that is typically used to calculate vertex distance effects start with the glasses prescription, which is usually very close to the prescription because the phoropter or trial lens frame have about the same vertex distance as glasses. Sphere and Cylinder are considered separately, but prescription powers of less than + or - about 4.50 require no correction for vertex distance.

(RP)^2 / 1000 x VD in mm = Correction for contacts. Where RP = Refracted Power and VD = Vertex Distance. For - lenses the Correction is subtracted from the RP to get the CL power and for + lenses it is added.

If your GF's RP was -12.00 the Correction would be:

12 x 12 =144 /1000 =0.14 x 12 mm = 1.60. 12 mm is a typical VD. Because CLs for minus prescriptions are less than RPs the CL prescription would be -10.50 as the closest available CL power.

Soft contacts of significant power are often stocked by ECPs and you can walk out of the office wearing them. Many fast response optical stores stock single vision lens blanks in common sphere powers and to a lesser extent in cylinder powers. If the lens blank is in stock, all that is necessary is for low prescription glasses is to orient the lens blank to the correct axis, trim the blank to fit the frame and deliver the glasses.

All of the above is ideal and depends on where you live and being able to find an open minded, problem solving ECP.


30calcat 19 Apr 2014, 22:00

BulleEye, I have a similar prescription and my ECP (eyecare professional) has even suggested trying the GOC setup you describe. Some people can't get used to the toric contacts used to correct astigmatism since the contacts have to be weighted so they are aligned on the right axis. Physcial activity can cause the contacts to flip around, especially if you don't keep your head vertical with gravity :). So the alternative would be to wear contacts correcting the spherical portion of the vision, and add glasses for the remaining astigmatism.

BulleEye 19 Apr 2014, 19:19

First time poster here. This is a bit different than most of the questions on here, but it involves glasses over contacts. My girlfriend has a pretty strong prescription (over -10) with another -1.25 of astigmatism. Regardless of the fact that I prefer the look with glasses, I want her to be able to see well. She usually wears contacts most of the day, but both her contacts and glasses are much weaker than her most recent prescription, which was quite a jump. She hasn't filled her contact prescription yet, because she has had trouble finding ones in that strength. And getting glasses in that strength takes a few weeks as well.

I have random but incomplete knowledge of how some of this works, and want some feedback on some theories. Is the challenge with contacts dealing with the astigmatism? Is -10.5 a relatively simple prescription (not hard to find contacts for) if it wasn't for the astigmatism? Do glasses correct astigmatism better than contacts? Can their strengths be combined?

I see two possibilities that I am curious about. She has been operating under-corrected in contacts for quite a while. Knowing her current eye test prescription and here existing contacts strength, would it be possible to get a pair of glasses that correct her vision "the rest of the way" after she has her existing contacts in? Or, starting from scratch, is it possible to correct her myopia with contacts, and her astigmatism with glasses? (Benefits being "decent" vision with just contacts, which should be cheaper and easier to get. Even better vision once she puts her glasses on, which would be thinner, and once again cheaper and easier to get.)

Do either of those options seem like they would work/be worth the trouble? Most of my knowledge of optics comes from photography and camera lenses, so I am just applying some of those ideas to her issue. (Plus I think she looks cute in a nice pair of frames, but -10 limits her options in that regard.)

Cactus Jack 19 Apr 2014, 16:44


I have ordered from in Vancouver, BC, Canada and been pleased.


choch 19 Apr 2014, 15:50

US. Id be willing to order international though

Cactus Jack 19 Apr 2014, 01:00


Where do you live?


choch 19 Apr 2014, 00:55

Where can I buy contacts online without a prescription?

Cactus Jack 17 Apr 2014, 21:52


I should have mentioned that vertical positioning of high power glasses is very important also. The higher prescription, the more important the optical center of the lenses and the central axes of vision need to coincide, in all directions.


Gogo 17 Apr 2014, 19:17

Here is my update.. I picked up the glasses, the optician put in beatiful lenticulars and they don't look thick as you migth think. I am looking forward to wear them outside and for long periods, however I have encontered a few issues.

It seems the optician didn't put much attention to the heigh of my eyes vs the frame. I have never had the problem with minus glasses, pupilar distance was the main thing. In this case my eyes are not fully centered with the center of the lens and so cannot see properly unless lift the glasses with my hand to center them.

I will go for another test to get them fixed and was told may need to pick anither frame too, but will get a pair of -24 first next time to minimize error, so for now the lens will have to stay in his case.

Cactus Jack 16 Apr 2014, 09:49


Most emphatically YES! Tearing action is very critical for contact lens comfort. If there are not enough tears, contact lenses can stick to the cornea, irritate the inside of the eyelid, and be hard to remove. You need very high moisture contacts and sometimes they don't work very well because they need the tear moisture to replenish their moisture lost by evaporation.

I wonder how I know this? Been there, done that and don't wear contacts much now, because of it.

BTW, one trick, if you have trouble removing soft contacts that are sticking to your corneas, is to use several drops of a multi-purpose soft contact solution such as B & L Bio-True, Alcon Pure Moist, artificial tears or sterile saline eye solution directly in the eye to float the contacts off the cornea and make it easy to remove. The soft contact solutions are pH balanced and have lubricants that are very similar to the pH and lubricating properties of natural tears. Saline Solution is just that. Its pH is the same as tears, but it has no lubricants.

I sometimes use a few drops of the listed CL solutions in the morning to help wash the "sleep" our of my eyes. Seems to work as well as artificial tears and is a lot less expensive.


Daniel 16 Apr 2014, 09:16

Thank you, Cactus Jack.

Regarding your advice, I already had my eyes tested and I have 20/20 vision with no need for correction, according to the ECP.

Also, as far as I know, prescription contacts can easily be ordered online and I have worn coloured contacts for short periods of time, before. On the other hand, I have dry eyes. How does that affect the entire situation?

Thank you.

Cactus Jack 16 Apr 2014, 09:03


-4 glasses are just below the prescription where there vertex distance effects have to be considered for contacts. Theoretically, +4.00 contacts would work, but I think you might find +3.75 contacts would provide sharper vision if you have no problems with the slight accommodation needed to make the combination mathematically correct.

Notice that I did not say optically correct. To have the best experience with GOC, you really need to consider age, accommodation, and start with an eye exam. Many people who think they have "perfect" vision have nothing for comparison and the brain, where vision actually occurs, has incredible image processing power IF it knows what something is supposed to look like. If you truly have no or very low refractive error it may be difficult to get a prescription for contacts, but that is surmountable. Soft contacts are very forgiving compared to hard contacts, but lens diameter and base curve are very important for comfort and corneal safety. Your corneas have no blood supply. They are living tissue and they get their oxygen primarily from the air and their nutrients, moisture, and lubrication from tears. Ideally, contacts should float on a tin film of tears that is circulated and refreshed by blinking action.

It is also important that you learn good lens hygiene and how to insert and remove the lenses correctly and safely. Incorrect lens care and/or poorly fitted contact lenses can result in permanent corneal damage.


Daniel 16 Apr 2014, 06:10

Hi Cactus Jack,

I have followed this thread for more than a year now and really want to try glasses over contacts. My eyesight is fine and do not have a prescription.

I would like to wear -4 glasses and have clear vision with them, so could you tell me what prescription should be the contacts I wore.

Thank you

Gogo 11 Apr 2014, 11:46

Jack: Thank you. I will pick them up later today, try over the wekend and will post something later.

LEO in PERTH 10 Apr 2014, 09:45

Thanks till, I meant ECP



Cactus Jack 09 Apr 2014, 20:33


Getting a friendly ECP involved is the right way to do high prescription GOC. At high powers, Vertex Distance (VD) effects and become really significant and a small error in the vertex distance of the glasses can make a BIG difference in the effective power at the cornea. In the case of +/- 20 diopters of sphere, vertex distance effects are 0.40 diopters per mm. (20^2)=400 / 1000 =0.40. Assuming a VD of 12mm that would be 4.8 diopters difference in apparent lens lower. + prescriptions require more more power in contacts and - prescriptions require less power in contacts.

-24 sounds about right for +20 glasses depending on your actual prescription. Cylinder and axis may be off because the -15 and -9 contacts together, may have been causing some cylinder error.

When you get the -24 contacts, you may need to work with your ECP to refine your glasses prescription for the best vision.

Please let us know how everything works out.


Gogo 09 Apr 2014, 16:06

If that is the case the yes, the test was performed by an ECP.

Your advice will be appreciated.

til 09 Apr 2014, 14:43

I guess he meant ECP which stands for eye care professional. Or in other words if you went for an eyetest.

Gogo 09 Apr 2014, 11:28

LEO in PERTH: I did google it and still don't know what a ECD test is, so I guess the answer is no.

LEO in PERTH 09 Apr 2014, 07:10


when you say you took a test, was it with a ECD ?

Gogo 08 Apr 2014, 17:42

I am full time GOC wearer now for some time.. I wear around -15 all time and -24 occasionally.

I guess was getting a little bit bored and decided to try plus.. I put both -15 and -9 CLs ( one above other) and took an eye test.. I got +20 - 2.5 x 160, more or less the same the other eye.

I was actually surprised could see very well, not as much as tunnel vision at least with the trial. The only thing that was quite surprising was the distance of the objects, which in fact didn't notice until tried to reach something with my hand or foot.. I suspect that was magnification but to me the objects seemed right but obviously they were way far away from what have thought.

So, the net is.. I am getting these lenses made and will be delivered on Friday..

What CLs should I get? -24 sounds right, based on my combo?

How difficult is to adapt to the distance thing? i am not planning to use them outside (yet), any tip will be helpful..


LEO in PERTH 20 Feb 2014, 09:38


best kept secret , I understand.

Doing GOC for a few years,-8 -13 -17 .,and still wishing the Myopic fairy will come one day and grant me my wish to wear -17 full time ,without contacts.

JES 20 Feb 2014, 07:12

Cactus Jack and Soundmanpt

-3,50 is my real prescription. Got my first glasses at 15. They were -1,25. "Pathetic", because I have always found strong minus-glasses attractive. Used to date a girl with a decent -6,0 in a large metal frame. This was before the "high-index-era", so the edges stuck out an inch on the inside ot the metal frame.

Now happily married to a 20/20 blonde. Glasses-fetish is my best kept secret.

Cactus Jack 19 Feb 2014, 17:19


Long story about the nickname. The short version is that I grew up in South Texas and got "dismounted" by a rather mean Shetland Pony, who knew exactly what he was doing, into a cactus plant, when I was about 10. Thus the Cactus part of the nickname.

The information Soundmanpt requested will be very helpful, but I think you could probably deal with glasses up to about -8.00, but I think you should work up to it. Perhaps with some inexpensive glasses from an online retailer such as Zenni.

One thing to consider is that presbyopia will become more of a factor, sooner than you wish, and that will limit how much over correction you can deal with.


Soundmanpt 19 Feb 2014, 14:51


You said your current glasses are a "pathetic -3.50" But you didn't say they were prescribed to you. So I am curious if you have already been doing some inducing myopia over the years? It would help if you could provide your glasses history. Like your age when you got your first glasses and increases and when you got your -3.50 glasses. This may help to determine how much your eyes can tolerate without doing any harm to your eyes.

JES 19 Feb 2014, 14:09

Cactus Jack- I like that nickname!

Glasses ON!

+10 Diopters of accomodation. What does that mean in my case?

Cactus Jack 19 Feb 2014, 12:17


Being myopic is like having built in reading glasses. If you did the test WITH your glasses ON, 10 cm would indicate that you have approximately +10 diopters of accommodation. If you did the test with your glasses OFF, it would mean that you have approximately +6.50 diopters of accommodation.

Please verify that the 10 cm distance is WITH YOUR GLASSES ON.


JES 19 Feb 2014, 11:26

Cactus Jack. I can read smallprint better without my minus-glasses. I would say that 10 cm is the distance when normal printed text becomes blurry for me.

Cactus Jack 18 Feb 2014, 10:41


Late 30s means that presbyopia has probably advanced to the point where your accommodation range is pretty limited. If you have a lot of reading to do, do you take off your glasses?

Your accommodation range is easy to measure using just a newspaper and something to measure distances. With your glasses on,

1. Hold a newspaper or book with similar sized small text at arms length.

2. Slowly move the newspaper toward your eye until the text just begins to get fuzzy around the edges.

3. Measure the distance from your eyes to the newspaper.

4. Do Steps 3 and 4, 3 times and average the distance.

5. Tell us the distance.

I agree with Specs4ever that GOC would likely be a more satisfying solution.

We can tell you how to do it with a high probability of comfort and success.


JES 18 Feb 2014, 10:31

Cactus Jack. -3.5D both eyes. Late thirties. Europe

JES 18 Feb 2014, 10:26

Specs4ever. Thank you for your answer. I do get kicks of the blur, too. I once bought a pair of really strong glasses from a flee-market. I liked the lenses a lot, although the frame was ugly. The lenses were, however, so strong that I couldn't use them anywhere but at home. I have no idea of what the prescription was but I think the lenses had a lot of prism, which made wearing them an absolute pain.

I now thought that by adding the same amount of minus to my own prescription, on to both lenses, wearing these new glasses would be bearable.

But you might be right, that GOC is a better option..

Cactus Jack 18 Feb 2014, 10:26


You might be able to get to a very significant level of over correction, but it takes time and WORK. The biggest factor is your age and how much accommodation range you have or can develop over time.

May I ask your age and complete prescription?

Where you live can also be a factor in being able to easily get glasses in any prescription you desire.


Specs4ever 18 Feb 2014, 09:42

JES,if you enjoy walking around in a complete blur, then go ahead and do whatever you want. Honestly even -13.50D glasses, which are -10D over your own prescription will be a stretch to manage. I found that I could not see people so I was unable to guage their reactions when I tried this, so I was happy as could be when I found GOC worked like a charm. About -2D, maybe -3D if you are young enough might be ok though it hardly seems worthwhile.

JES 18 Feb 2014, 09:24

Hi! I am about to order a pair of strong glasses for myself. I am not going GOC but would like to wear a much stronger prescription than I actually need.

My current glasses are a pathetic -3,5D. I wonder how much of an increase I could cope with..? I was thinking about adding something like 10 diopters, so that the glasses would be say -13,5D. I would like to wear these glasses when walking around the shopping-centre occasionally.

Do you think that would be too much for just finding my way around.., or could I perhaps add 15 more diopters, so I could pretend being a -18,5D?

Cactus Jack 16 Feb 2014, 18:49

To all interested in doing GOC,

Please, please, please, discuss your desires BEFORE making ANY purchases. It is fun to buy some glasses or contacts and try to make them work visually, before considering your complete actual prescription. Just be sure you have a fat wallet.

It is very tempting to get some high prescription glasses and try to make them work, but the odds of being successful and able to fully function, starting GOC that way, are somewhere between slim and none. There are several problems with that approach.

High prescription GOC is hard enough to get right when you do it the right way and almost impossible if you try to do it backward (in other words, getting the glasses first). Most people who actually need very strong prescriptions have years of gradually increasing myopia or hyperopia and its correction, which gives their brain time to learn to deal with the, sometimes distorted images, that delivered to the visual cortex. GOC introduces radically altered images suddenly and the initial reaction can be intense discomfort or disorientation. The most successful GOC is done slowly and carefully so the brain has time to learn how to deal with changed visual world.

Typically, people who start GOC with high prescription glasses, abandon it very early on after spending a bundle of money, because the trial combinations are not wearable. If you do it right, GOC can provide years of visual pleasure and excitement without costing an arm and a leg.


Cactus Jack 16 Feb 2014, 18:29


I really wish you had discussed what you needed to make these glasses work BEFORE you bought them. GOC is only useful for wearing glasses with different sphere correction than you would normally wear. It is very difficult if not nearly impossible to make glasses work with cylinder and axis correction that is different than your actual prescription. GOC works because we are only dealing with the sphere optics of the eye. The need for prism correction has no direct relationship with the optics, but can have an indirect one.

The need for prism is caused by either muscle imbalance, problems related to certain cranial nerves, or problems in the eye positioning system in the brain. In some instances, double vision can be corrected by prism glasses, but because there is no fixed position of contact lenses on the retina, they cannot be used to correct or cause the need for prism.

Depending on the individual, you might be able to deal with Base Out prism because it causes or corrects the eye's excess convergence or turning inward, which is a natural occurrence when you read. Base In prism corrects or causes excess divergence, beyond straight ahead. There is NO visual circumstance where your eyes need to diverge beyond straight ahead. However, with a lot of work and effort, you can train your eyes to diverge, but you need to start with a much lower amount of BI prism, if that is your objective. Once you become accustomed to wearing high prism glasses, it is very difficult to return to wearing glasses without prism, ever, without surgery and that does not always work.


svensont 16 Feb 2014, 17:02


Contacts will not help you with BI, 17D of prism is probably too much to handle. Can you show us a photo of these glasses?

paul 16 Feb 2014, 13:46

hi,my prescription is +1.25 /+1.50yes i tryed them on and everything was double,yes they are base in,the lenses are very thick near my nose,thats why i want contacts to wear them fulltime

Cactus Jack 16 Feb 2014, 13:38


A few questions:

1. Do you presently wear glasses?

2. What is your latest complete prescription?

3. How old are you?

4. Have you tried on the glasses?

5. What was your vision like with the glasses?

6. If you saw double, could you fuse the images into one?

7. Are you sure the glasses are Base In?

8. Is the thickest part of the lens near your nose or at the outer edge?


paul 16 Feb 2014, 09:09

hi,i have just bought some glasses right sph -2.25/cyl 0.50/axis 90,17 base in prisms,left sph -2.50/cyl 0.75/axis 90/17 base in prisms,i would like to know what contacts i need to do goc ,any help would be most welcome,thanks

To WS Mike 13 Feb 2014, 16:36


I was thinking of one thing. How old are you ?

If you are uppto your early 30´s or younger. I think that you can just order the glasses rx you thinking off and use them. You will get used to them very soon -1 diopter is very very little to be honnest. So I dont think it wort bother with goc for that script. You can probably handle upto around -2,50 also without any cls

Cactus Jack 12 Feb 2014, 20:21


I forgot to answer your other question. Typically, -0.75 of cylinder is more troublesome than -0.25 if sphere, because astigmatism affects the sharpness of vision at all distances. It is particularly noticeable when reading text. In almost all situations, the brain will select the best image as its primary source of visual data. It is possible that your brain is primarily using your right eye and ignoring your left. -0.25 means that objects beyond 4 meters or about 16 feet will not be as clear as they could be.


Cactus jack 12 Feb 2014, 20:05


You have the right idea, but you need to get a prescription for contacts to do GOC. The +1.00 contacts would work fine for a low prescription and you have the glasses prescription right. The snag is hat you need contacts with a Base Curve as close as possible to the curvature of your cornea and a suitable diameter. Also, you need some instruction in how to insert, remove and care for contact lenses and maintain good hygiene. One good possibility are contacts that you wear 1 day and throw them away. The are relatively inexpensive and are usually quite thin and they are easy to tolerate for a new wearer.

Depending on your age, I may have another suggestion if you are interested.


WSMike 12 Feb 2014, 19:23

Hey guys,

Been wanting to try GOC for a while and finally went to an eye dr. to get my prescription. I've always had close to 20/20 but wanted to start wearing glasses for fashion's sake.

OD -.25 No Cylinder

OS Plano Cylinder of -.75, 180

Since I've never worn glasses, I want to create a mild prescription so people will get used to it without much story other than "Yeah, I noticed I probably needed some correction". I'll probably get something in the -1.00 range. I guess my question would be, should I get +1.00 contacts and then add my prescription to the glasses? So get glasses like:

OD -1.25

OS -1.00 -.75 180

Would that be the easiest way to do that?

Another newbie question, while I feel like my sight is pretty good on both eyes, it does feel like the -.25 sphere is worse than the -.75 cylinder eye. Why is that? Does the cylinder not affect things as much as the sphere?

james 09 Feb 2014, 16:03

hi prism30,i would love some glasses like those,do you know where i can get some from

Prism30 08 Feb 2014, 07:11

Prism glasses -

Cactus Jack 04 Feb 2014, 17:22


Base in Prism will cause your eyes to need to turn OUTWARD or diverge beyond straight ahead. It is NOT a natural function and it will probably require some getting used to and double vision until you train your eyes to do it. Base Out prism causes or corrects INWARD turning or convergence and because it is a natural function, such as the eye converging to focus close, it is easier to deal with. You need to be aware that you can induce the need for prism correction much easier than you can induce myopia and it can be difficult to reverse, particularly if there is an underlying tendency for the eyes to diverge or converge, as indicated in the post by Plussichic,

Assuming your have 0.00 refractive error (actually doubtful) you will need approximately -11.25 contacts to compensate for the +10 glasses. However, contacts above about + / - 8.00 are only available in 0.50 increments. Depending on your age and other factors, you may find -11.00 or -11.50 contacts offer the best visual acuity. If you are young enough, you may fine that slightly too much - is easily corrected by your ability to accommodate the the slight over correction offered by -11.50 contacts.

For maximum safety andconfort, you should order Contacts with a Base Curve very close to the curve of your cornea Diameter is not as important. You also need instruction in CL insertion, removal, and care. If you do not need correction, you may be able to get the training you need and the Base Curve and Diameter by getting fitted with contacts to change your eye color or change your eye's appearance for a costume party. You should not experiment with CLs without knowledge. Poor hygiene can cause severe corneal infections and permanent damage.


Plussichic 04 Feb 2014, 15:52


I urge you to think very carefully about the use of prisms. Short term use may have no effect, but prolonged wear may cause long term complications which are very difficult to reverse, especially at that strength.

Your choice, but be warned.

john 04 Feb 2014, 12:35

hi,i have just got some +10 glasses with 8 base in prisms each eye and would like to do goc with them,as i dont wear glasses at the moment i would like to know what strength -contacts i need,i have heard that you can become dependent on the prisms,will this be the case if i do goc and will the prisms cause my eyes to turn in even with contacts in,thanks

Cactus Jack 03 Feb 2014, 10:01


I really need your complete glasses prescription to give you an accurate suggestion, but here is an estimate with probably more explanation than you wanted.

The problem with a contact prescription (Rx) is that a sphere only CL Rx sometimes includes a compromise adjustment for cylinder, to avoid prescribing toric CLs. If you need cylinder correction and are going to wear glasses, the cylinder and axis needs to be included in the glasses Rx and the sphere considered separately.

If you wear -5.50 contacts, your actual refractive error at the cornea is +5.50. If you wear the +5.50 contacts, your total refractive error at the cornea will be +11.00. The reason I emphasize “at the cornea” is that the prescription is high enough (more than +/- 4.50) that adjustment must be made for Vertex Distance (VD) effects of corrective glasses.

The commonly used formula for calculating VD effects of the refracted prescription is:

VD adjustment = (Refracted sphere Rx, Squared) / 1000 x VD in mm.

The adjustment factor is then subtracted from a MINUS refracted Rx or added to a PLUS refracted Rx to arrive at the CL Rx. Except in very high prescriptions, the VD of the phropter or trial lens frame and glasses is close enough that no adjustment is necessary between the refracted Rx and the Glasses Rx.

To apply the formula to your situation, there is another complicating factor, the square function in the formula and the fact that the formula is an approximation based on an empirical Rx value that was obtained by determining what error correction power is required at the VD of the phropter. In effect, you must work the formula backwards starting at the cornea. You can do some mathematical gymnastics involving square roots, but I find it easier to do a successive approximation to arrive at the glasses Rx starting with the CL Rx.

The question is “What glasses sphere Rx will give the the same corrective effect as +11.00 contacts at the cornea”?

Based on experience, I would start with -13.00 at a VD of 12 mm as being a typical VD.

-13.00 x -13.00 = 169 /1000 = 0.169 x 12 mm = 2.028 or 2.00

-13.00 -(+2.00) = -11.00 got lucky that time!

Remember that the CL Rx will ALWAYS be less than the refracted (glasses) Rx with MINUS lenses and ALWAYS be more than the refracted Rx with PLUS lenses.

Also remember that GOC calculations are based on approximations, results are not guaranteed, and are not the best way to do GOC. The best way is to do a refraction with the CLs in place, but that requires a friendly and understanding Eye Care Professional. I always suggest that you should order the least expensive glasses and contacts to make sure that you like the result before getting expensive frames and lenses, particularly at high Rx. I have come to believe the formula above, which is the basis of the Excel table, is inaccurate at high Rx because of the difficulty in accurately measuring the VD. Note that even at -13, VD effects are almost 0.25 (0.169) diopters per mm.

May I ask your complete glasses Rx?


Alex 03 Feb 2014, 08:53

Hi Anthony,

U can get the table here:

Anthony 03 Feb 2014, 02:02

I was hoping if one of the experts who read and post in this thread would be nice enough to help me figure out what prescription would I need in my glasses according to my current prescription to wear glasses over contacts.

My current contact prescription is -5.50 and the last time I ordered new contacts accidentally the provider also mailed a box of plus contacts with a +5.50 prescription. So my question is what prescription do I need to get in glasses that would give me the best possible sight if I wear the +5.50 contacts taking in consideration my prescription is -5.50.

Thank you so much!

LEO in PERTH 02 Feb 2014, 22:54


Company in the UK is called

goc philli 02 Feb 2014, 11:37

Which Seller in the UK??


Cactus Jack 02 Feb 2014, 09:24


Check out in Vancouver, BC, Canada. They offer lenses up to +/- 20 in some brands and styles. For example: Cooper Vision Proclear.


LEO in PERTH 02 Feb 2014, 09:16

Goc Philli

Try Get Lenses in the uk. I get +17 from them.

GOC PHILLI 02 Feb 2014, 06:24

Hey, i wear GOC Fulltime for 3 years.

Ich have startet with -4 Glasses and last year

I was wearing fulltime -11 Glasses.

I have ordered last week -20 Glasses, but

where i can get strong contacts with +15 ?

I can't find contacts over +12.

Thank you


Myopic 31 Jan 2014, 15:01

Waiting to receive the new glasses with -18.00!

LEO in PERTH 30 Jan 2014, 07:26

Myopic ,you promised us some pictures .Have you taken some ?

Dave 17 Jan 2014, 13:42

I personally GOC up to +16, (although i only do +10 nowadays) and do it around my family.

They have said things like "those look a bit strong" but since I was away from them for a long period during my university studies and I used to wear glasses when I was younger I just created a story and they believe it.

A lot of people can't tell the difference between strengths and just group them into weak or strong, thin or thick.

I explained the lenticular lenses I have by saying it's a trick to make the lenses lighter and it's cheap. The thinner ones cost a lot more. They accepted that once I said I very rarely use it.

Myopic 17 Jan 2014, 12:39


Our circle of friends learned that she was already myopic, and when she is not in eyewear says he is in contact. As for family, lives in a far away city, the counted are few, and only lament his vision has become poor.

Soundmanpt 17 Jan 2014, 12:26


You said your wife has been doing GOC for a while now and that she first started with -6.00 glasses and has worked up to -18.00 now. But would i be correct that she only wears GOC at times and places where no one knows her? It would have been very hard even with -6.00 glasses to explain to her friends and family that have known her for years as having perfect vision to suddenly see her waring glasses that even to someone that knows little about prescription could tell would loo rather strong.

Is it her or you that works out the perfect combination that is comfortable for her and gives her the best vision?

She must enjoy wearing GOC as much as you enjoy seeing her wearing glasses? Has she ever been caught wearing glasses by someone and had to answer questions?

Myopic 17 Jan 2014, 12:21


We've been married for 4 years, then we met I spoke of admiration for strong glasses, she regretted not need, but when she did with pleasure involved.

Funny 17 Jan 2014, 12:09


How did you tell ur wife? She knew of your affliction?

What was her reaction?

Myopic 17 Jan 2014, 11:31


Late! capramos eyeglasses in Zenni and any sales site.

Curiosity! which country you reside in?

Myopic 17 Jan 2014, 11:21


Where was afixionado for high myopic women. After I met the eye scene and the story of Bobby, spent surfing together and took it to the GOC.

Funny 17 Jan 2014, 10:27

Where do you purchase lenses and glasses?

how did you get started? How did you tell your wife?

I second Leo. She is beautify.

Myopic 17 Jan 2014, 10:25


She used to -12.00 +10.00 and +12.50 -15.00 uses. Purchased +15.00 -18.00 to go. Soon have photo with this.


I also think she's beautiful, especially when glasses!

LEO in PERTH 17 Jan 2014, 09:28

MYOPIC, you a lucky man! Ican't even get my wife (who has a weak rx o+1 ) to wear a frame of my choice! tell your wife she looks beautiful.

Funny 17 Jan 2014, 08:59

I meant what's contact lenses and glasses combo like +12 contacts and -15 glasses

Myopic 16 Jan 2014, 17:42


Neither family knows, just her and me. See explained in (Myopic post 16 Jan 2014, 10:52).

Funny 16 Jan 2014, 16:13

what's combo does she wear? Everyone knows?

Myopic 16 Jan 2014, 15:59



Soundmanpt 16 Jan 2014, 15:57


Oops! Sorry my bad. I just miss read it. Now it makes sense.

Funny 16 Jan 2014, 15:42


your wife wears +Contacts for GOC?

Myopic 16 Jan 2014, 14:46


My RX is -1.50, the photos you refer to are my wife her real RX is zero!

Soundmanpt 16 Jan 2014, 11:54


In viewing your gallery I see many nice pictures of you wearing various quite strong glasses. Do you not have any with you wearing your own rx of -1.50?

Myopic 16 Jan 2014, 10:52


Ok! 4 years ago she started with -6.00 and eventually wore when he was told he was not in contact. then changed to -9.00 -12.00 and -15.00 agra. Is preparing -18.00. I do less frequently, when I'm in GOQ affirm that I am without contacts, and when I'm with my real affirm that I am in contacts and glasses is just to drum.

LEO in PERTH 16 Jan 2014, 08:29

MYOPIC, That's your wife ? That's beautiful !!!

How did you do it, ? I'd love to know.

Myopic 16 Jan 2014, 07:45

El Duderino,

In this photo I'm in GOC of -11.00. My real is -1.50

El Duderino 16 Jan 2014, 07:30

Well, then you must know it! 😉

Myopic 16 Jan 2014, 06:40

El Duderino

She is my wife!

El Duderino 16 Jan 2014, 03:25


How do you know she's doing GOC?

To those who can't access the pic, that's it:

bill 16 Jan 2014, 03:02


I cannot access pictures either

myopic 15 Jan 2014, 07:43


Acessar STATIGRAM in tag # newglasses

curious 15 Jan 2014, 06:30

Is it possible to get a link to the goc without log into instagram ? Its mostly possible to see pix anyway. I havent got any account there

Myopic 13 Jan 2014, 23:00

Look at this beautiful GOC. His real RX is zero.

Cactus Jack 12 Jan 2014, 10:38

Novice wearer,

I suggest keeping the first GOC combination very simple and fairly low powered to avoid vertex distance complications.

I would suggest some -6.00 contacts and initially some +3.25 readers that you can get at almost any place that sells reading glasses. By keeping the prescriptions low, she can try various power readers and see which one she likes best and then order some higher quality glasses from Zenni.

If she wants to go more than +5.00 in the GOC glasses, vertex distance effects come into play and we need to to some more complex calculations.


novice wearer 12 Jan 2014, 07:52

Dear Cactus Jack,

My wife has decided to try wearing GOC. She is going to try to wear plus lenses, although her prescription in mildly minus. Can you offer us some advice on where she should start, and how strong to go for the first combination?

Her complete prescription is below:

Sphere (L)-2.75 (R)-2.75

Cylinder none

Axis none

Base curve (L)85 (R)86

Diam (L) 140 (R)142

Thanks for your help.

PIC 10 Jan 2014, 04:42


Can you upload some pics of your new glasses?


motard 10 Jan 2014, 02:06

Hey just wanted to update everyone.

I received the new glasses (-13.25/-14.75) just before Christmas. They are definitely interesting as it seams that the entire lenses were not thick enough as the rx portion of the lenses don't go all the way to the outer edges. It has about a 1/4" of plano space. Kinda looks like a myodisc but isn't.

So I just now got around to ordering the +6.00 contacts to go with them.

I have tried them on and it's almost crazy as I can almost accommodate to them. I can accommodate down if I go cross eyed, or slide them down to the very tip of my nose.

motard 10 Jan 2014, 00:39

Hey just wanted to update everyone.

I received the new glasses (-13.25/-14.75) just before Christmas. They are definitely interesting as it seams that the entire lenses were not thick enough as the rx portion of the lenses don't go all the way to the outer edges. It has about a 1/4" of plano space. Kinda looks like a myodisc but isn't.

So I just now got around to ordering the +6.00 contacts to go with them.

I have tried them on and it's almost crazy as I can almost accommodate to them. I can accommodate down if I go cross eyed, or slide them down to the very tip of my nose.

til 09 Jan 2014, 06:07

Concerning the BC for cls

I know it is recommended to always go with your prescribed base curve. I got told that I should either go for 8.7 or 8.9. In the past I bought 8.6, 8.7 and 9.0 cls due to availability in shops. With the first two I didn't feel comfortable at all, the 9.0 ones I could handle reasonably good.

Considering that I don't know about the accuracy of my cl fitting, would it be a good choice to go with 9.0? Am I right in thinking that wearing cls below your prescribed BC is mote risky than being slightly over?

-20 GOCer 21 Dec 2013, 14:27

This crowd have experience making up some extreme prescriptions

motard 19 Dec 2013, 09:43

Crystal Veil,

Thanks. I just checked status again and its changed to complete. So I imagine they're in the mail on the way

Crystal Veil 17 Dec 2013, 08:59


one extra week, sometimes not even that. I ordered several glasses with -14 / -15 and they arrived within two to three weeks.

motard 17 Dec 2013, 08:12

Just out of curiosity, how long does it take zenni to make glasses with the thick glasses -14.75/-13.25? Placed order on 12/4 as of today status is "processing"

Zenni Customer 11 Dec 2013, 13:22

Thanks everyone for the advice of getting my glasses! I'll proceed in getting the order through.

Soundmanpt 11 Dec 2013, 12:25

However they do have some employees that I think would fit in here very well.

Several years ago I had called them curious how they were able to provide bifocals and progressives without having a sight height measurement to go by? The young lady I was talking with was very nice and even told be the numbers they use for bifocals as well as what they use for progressives. I asked her if they get a lot of returns as a result? She said they really don't. She laughed and admitted that she wears progressives herself that she of course got from their. She said she had been wearing single vision glasses for several years, but knew nothing about progressives and how they really work. A co worker described how they help with seeing close up as well as for distances. She still being in college decided to try a pair for herself and got a pair with the weakest add. She said she liked them so well they quickly became her regular glasses. So it made me wonder how many others that work there also experiment with stronger glasses and such?

Soundmanpt 11 Dec 2013, 12:13

What it shows is that Zenni really is concerned. I have had them contact me when I am placing multiple orders with different prescriptions. Once I accidently wrote in a CYL as being a (+) for one eye and a (-) for the other. Needless to say they could have just put the order through as I requested but they knew it was likely a mistake and called to check. I was very happy they did. We all have to remember our little group is about very small portion of there business and 99.9% of their customers are wanting the thinnest lenses and nicest looking glasses they can get. Our requests actually wanting thicker looking lenses are the exception for them.

Cactus Jack 11 Dec 2013, 08:05

I suspect the reason Zenni is asking questions is that many of their clients are first time on-line buyers that are not very knowledgeable about optics and glasses. Often these people are more concerned about fashion and style at a reasonable price, than they are about good vision or accomplishing a particular goal.

They don't want unhappy customers or glasses returned and it is better to alert the customer if the glasses they ordered are going to be "unusual" in any way before they are made. The fashion today is "thin" lenses without regard to optical quality.


motard 11 Dec 2013, 01:38

I had them ask me same thing when I ordered my -14.75/-13.25, I simply replied. Yes I know they will be thick, im not worried about it as I have been this way for a while. You could also say, yes I know they will be thick as they are for a less expensive back up pair. This should be all you need and they should make as requested

GOC Mex 10 Dec 2013, 22:39

Thank you, CJ!

I will try to get cl and glasses before the end of the year. I will let you know how it goes!.

 10 Dec 2013, 22:26

Zenni Optical sent me a message telling me that my -12 prescription will be very thick for the frames I selected and suggested that I pick a different pair. How do I word or tell them to proceed with my order? I'll be using these for GOC, so I figured someone else on here has had the same dilemma with them. Thanks!

Cactus Jack 09 Dec 2013, 22:59

GOC Mex,

+6.00 contacts will give you too much PLUS, which would be like needing approximately -0.50 more in the glasses.

Above about -4.50 in the glasses, vertex distance effect come into play and -6.00 glasses have the same optical effect as -5.50 Contact Lenses. To create the effect of needing to wear -5.50 contacts, you need +5.50 contacts. BTW, vertex distance effects are the Square of the glasses or refracted prescription. The exact formula used by most ECPs is (Sphere Rx)^2 (squared) divided by 1000 times the distance from the cornea to the back of the glasses lens in mm.

For -6.00 glasses it would be -6.00 x -6.00 = 36.00 / 1000 = 0.036 x 12 mm = 0.432 (the adjustment factor for a typical 12 mm vertex distance). For -6.00 glasses you subtract the adjustment factor to get the CL prescription. -6.00 -(-0.432) = -5.568 or -5.50.

I urge you to try the combination I suggested to see if we need to adjust it some. You may get ambitious and want to go to a higher combination, but it is best to work up to it slowly.

Normally, I would suggest perhaps -0.25 more Sphere in the glasses or a bit less plus in the contacts, but you are probably approaching the age where presbyopia will begin to limit your accommodation and its ability to correct for too much minus. If you get too much PLUS or too little MINUS, you can't correct for that, no matter what your age.


Cactus Jack 09 Dec 2013, 22:40

motard and GOC Mex,

I have worn Ciba Vision Focus Dailies and liked them. They go up to +6.00 at Globallens. High moisture lenses are generally better, but slightly more expensive.

Note, you should be able to get some Bausch and Lomb Bio True multi-purpose solution. Even though is it primarily a soft lens rinsing solution it it pretty close to artificial tears with a natural lubricant and moisturizer. Artificial Tears designed to lubricate and moisturize contact lenses is good. A drop or two in each eye before inserting the CL can help keep the contacts well lubricated. I find that 3 or 4 drops in each eye will help float the CL off the cornea and make removal easier.

Globallens does not require a prescription. If you can work with an Eye Care Professional and get a prescription for CLs, I have found Wal-Mart or Sam's Club to be excellent sources of low cost contacts, but they do require a prescription. I have purchased Daily wear contacts from Sam's for about USD 0.40 per lens on sale.


GOC Mex 09 Dec 2013, 22:30

Hi CJ,

thanks for your response. I have ordered neither CL nor glasses yet. I wanted to be sure beforehand.

Iwill follow your recomendations, of course. What if i get +6 CL?

I am 41, 42 next January


Cactus Jack 09 Dec 2013, 22:21


Check out in Vancouver, Canada


Cactus Jack 09 Dec 2013, 22:18

GOC Mex,

Hopefully you have not ordered glasses or contacts yet.

I would suggest trying the following GOC combination

GOC glasses

OD Sph -6.25

OI Sph -6.00, Cyl -0.75 Axis 175

COC Contacts +5.50 (both eyes)

Please understand that GOC is an inexact science, but the potential error is low at low GOC glasses prescriptions where vertex distance effects are low.

I would order the least expensive glasses possible from an online retailer such as Zenni to see how you like the combination. The contacts should be the most comfortable possible. You might want to consider disposable contacts designed for 1 day wear and then thrown away, they are often called Dailies. Have you ever worn contact lenses? Hygiene and lens care is very important to prevent corneal damage or infection. 1 day wear lenses minimize the need for lens care except in handling. Do not try to wear 1 day lenses more than 1 day.

May I ask your age?


motard 09 Dec 2013, 21:55

I seem to be hitting a road block getting my hands on the +6.00 contacts. Does anyone have a pair I could buy and mail to me? I do have a few extra - contacts if someone is looking for.

GOC Mex 09 Dec 2013, 21:09

Hello everyone, I´ve been seriously thinking of doing GOC lately but I am not sure the cl prescription I should get to wear -6 glasses.

My actual glasses prescription is OD: SPH -0.25; OI: CIL -0.75 Axis 175

Thanks in advance!

JP 07 Dec 2013, 12:10

Good luck, motard, and do let us know how it goes. I love that you even "added" that last -0.25 to the rx. I hope you enjoy.

motard 05 Dec 2013, 23:35

Just ordered a box of +6 contact lenses from lensquest .After an exhausting search on the craigslist here in the states Iits apparently uncommon for + 3 contacts let alone the 6 range. I guess the us if full of a bunch of myopes

motard 05 Dec 2013, 14:19

CJ, Thanks for your input. I have ordered my new glasses thru zenni 1.57 index.

R -14.75 -1.75 020

L -13.25 -2.00 170

No time to source the +6.00 contact lenses

Cactus Jack 05 Dec 2013, 12:59


I did the hand calculations and came up with the following:

GOC Contacts +6.00 both eyes

GOC Glasses

R -14.50, -1.75 x 20

L -13.00, -2.00 x 170

At 33, you might like the sphere increased slightly, say -0.25 more in each eye as suggested by the app. You should have plenty of accommodation to deal with that.

Please remember that GOC is not an exact science and you may have to tinker a little with the prescriptions to get them right. I urge you to get an inexpensive trial prescription to see how you like the combination before opting for more expensive frames and lenses.


motard 05 Dec 2013, 02:09

Jp, I am in the us, middle Tennessee.

Cj, I am 33

Cactus Jack 04 Dec 2013, 18:42


I saw your prescription on the post your Post Your Prescription thread. If that is correct that is where we need to start. Your age would be helpful.


Cactus Jack 04 Dec 2013, 18:03


I am not familiar with that app. I have done lots of GOC calculations and prefer to do them manually using traditional optical formulas considering vertex distance effects.

I prefer to start with a refracted or glasses prescription rather than a CL prescription. Often CL prescriptions are compromises to avoid using torics.

I think the suggested values are in the "ball park", but age and available accommodation can affect prescription strategy. If you have plenty of accommodation available, you can correct a small amount of too much minus in the glasses or too little plus in the contacts.

At this point, you are not too ambitious with the glasses prescription, but even here, vertex distance effect are nearly 0.25 diopters per mm.

If you can provide a glasses prescription and your age, I will help you with the calculations.


JP 04 Dec 2013, 17:21

Rhys - I understand that some types of contact lens are more visible in the eye than others (although I've never been good at spotting them). So you could just say that you've worn contacts for years but be vague about the type, perhaps just saying that they're lenses that are large/discreet etc. which your eye doc said are hardest for others to spot.

motard - I'm interested in your GOC plans, not lest because you have a good Rx to start with. Where are you? I wonder how you're going to approach this. E.g.. With eye docs etc.

motard 04 Dec 2013, 15:54

So I've been reading posts here and on the yahoo group and im going to go goc. I have an app on my phone called "the little optician" . This app is veryIinteresting. Based on what ive read, messaging on yahoo, and this app I think I have a combo picked out and was wondering if it is a good one.

My natural CL rx is -6.00 right and -5.00 left

If I wear CL of +6.00 this would change my "eye power" to +12.00 right and +11.00 left.

This app has a CL to glasses calculator and put out glasses with -14.75 right and -13.25 left.

Has anyone played with this app? My combo sound good or make sense?

GOCer 29 Nov 2013, 18:25

I'd think the glare and distortion of a -10 glasses lens would prevent anyone from noticing the contact lens, especially with no AR. Anyone who is observant enough to notice you aren't wearing contacts when not doing GOC may also be an OO... might be worth just asking if they have a glasses fetish. If you want to avoid this in the future, I suppose you can wear some Plano contacts, but that's a lot of trouble.

Rhys 25 Nov 2013, 06:38


I've been doing GOC with -10 glasses for a while now and have started wearing them out more and more and have recently bumped into people I know who exclaim "I didnt know you wore glasses!" etc. Is is possible for them to see the contacts behind the glasses? Also one of those people saw me another time without them and said "i dont think i see you wearing contacts!" How would you answer that one?

Cactus jack 03 Nov 2013, 19:52


Your GF’s mother is definitely hyperopic if she needs +8 glasses. I misread your post

til & Marko,

It simply is not possible to accommodate to correct excessive PLUS in the eyes lens system. If that is the case, the person with excessive PLUS is Myopic or nearsighted. The reason is that the crystalline lens, even in its relaxed state for distance, has quite a lot of PLUS already and the overall lens system has TOO MUCH PLUS. The ciliary muscles can ONLY squeeze the lens and INCREASE its PLUS power, but they CAN NOT “pull” on the lens to REDUCE its PLUS power. If that was possible, low myopes could correct their own vision instead of needing some form of external correction.

In the simplest terms,

Hyperopes DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH PLUS in their optical system to focus distant images on the retina. However, they can often solve the problem by using their accommodative powers to INCREASE the PLUS and solve the problem, until presbyopia sets in and makes that difficult or impossible.

Myopes already HAVE TOO MUCH PLUS in their lens system to focus distant images on the retina. Any increase in the PLUS power of the optical system makes their myopia worse.


til 03 Nov 2013, 06:18

Sorry for the confusion, her mother is at least hyperopic and probably around +8 or so as she already wears high index and the lenses are still reasonably thick.

That's why I was asking if one can accommodate plus as well.

Cactus Jack 01 Nov 2013, 13:52


I believe til said that his GF's mother wore a minus prescription. It is likely that his GF has lots of accommodation available and wearing MINUS sphere correction over her glasses would be like wearing less PLUS in her glasses, if the MINUS is not too strong and there is not much astigmatism. That would be like a person who is myopic wearing some MINUS over correction. Many people find that a little MINUS over correction makes everything seem seem sharper and more vivid. The primary reason for this is that 20/20 or 6/6 vision is not the best possible Visual Acuity, but it satisfies most people. 20/15 or 6/4.5 is closer to the best possible VA in a human. There are just not enough rods and cones in the retina to do much better than that. Rods and cones are like pixels in a display, the more the better. Actually, rods and cones are not the limiting factor, the signals from the millions of rods and cones get processed by the retina down to about a million nerve fibers in the optic nerve from the retina to the visual cortex in the brain.

Do your own research on rods, cones, retinal, and visual cortex functions on the web and discover what a miracle, vision really is. The optics part is very important, but pretty simple compared to the rest of what makes vision possible.


Marko 01 Nov 2013, 12:00

Cactus Jack

So am I understanding correctly, that his gf shouldn't be able to see very well with her mom's glasses unless they are not that much stronger than her own glasses?

Cactus Jack 31 Oct 2013, 19:03


The important thing he mentioned about his GF's glasses was that they were PLUS. Apparently around +2.50 because he bought some -2.50 contacts to wear with them. People with hyperopia have a completely different set of options. If their hyperopia is not too high, they can use their ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses to correct their hyperopia internally, instead of wearing glasses or contact lenses. Ultimately that catches up with them either by headaches or difficulty focusing close or as they get older, presbyopia takes that option away.

What WILL NOT WORK is trying to increase their hyperopia by wearing glasses with too much plus. All that will do is cause the symptoms of being myopic.


Marko 31 Oct 2013, 17:38

Cactus Jack

Something not mentioned by "til" is his gfs age. he said he is 25 so she is likely the same age or even a bit younger, so because of her age wouldn't her eyes be much more able to adjust to stronger glasses, not to mention that she may even be needing an increase in her own glasses as well?

Cactus Jack 31 Oct 2013, 12:09


No, the ciliary muscles can't "pull" to reduce the amount of PLUS the crystalline lenses have. They can only squeeze the lens to make it "fatter" to increase the PLUS from the relaxed state and then relax to let the lens revert to minimum PLUS (still very significant) on its own. It is a one-way process.

If a person with either myopia or hyperopia wears too much plus, it has the same optical effect as being more myopic and blurs distance vision, but it may be handy for reading or focusing close if presbyopia is rearing its head.

If a person has Latent Hyperopia, they are sometimes prescribed a little too much PLUS to help the ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses relax fully. The initial effect is that distance vision is blurry, but that gradually improves as the crystalline lenses relax.

If a person has Pseudo Myopia, less MINUS, which is the same thing as more PLUS may help the crystalline lenses relax.


til 31 Oct 2013, 11:38

Thank you Cactus Jack for the detailed and easy to understand reply.

Quite fascinating these little muscles. I'm wondering though, can they 'pull' the crystalline lenses as well in order to accommodate a not prescribed plus correction? Or does that work a different way? My girlfriend is farsighted, +1.75/+2.75 and astigmatism. When she wears her moms glasses that are definitely stronger plus she can still see well whereas I can't see very well with my gf's glasses. Or is it just that hyperopic people can accommodate plus overcorrection better?

Thanks. til

Cactus Jack 30 Oct 2013, 22:39


The big difference between true (Axial) and false (Pseudo) myopia is in how it occurs and its degree of permanence. They can both exist in the same eye and their effects are additive. From a vision correction point of view, they have the same, exact effect and the same correction. The effect is inability to focus on "distant" objects and the correction is to wear MINUS supplemental lenses such as glasses, corneal contact lenses, internal lenses, or refractive surgery. "Distant" is a relative term in the previous sentence because it varies depending on the magnitude of the myopia. If a person needs -10.00 diopters in sphere correction, "distant" is beyond about 4 inches or 10 cm from the eye.

To fully understand the difference, we need to turn to the basic optics formula defined by Sir Isaac Newton around 1700.

Focus distance of a lens = 1 meter (100 cm or 1000 mm) / lens power in diopters


Lens power in diopters = 1000 mm / focus distance in mm

Because we cannot post drawings or pictures on ES, I need you to imagine a "simplified" eye that is a sphere about 1 inch or 25 mm in diameter. The retina is on the inside rear surface of the sphere and the lens system is attached to the front outside surface of the eye so it is 25 mm from the retina. Note: In a normal eye, without any refractive error, the lens system is mostly inside the eye and the actual distance from the back surface of the lens system to the retina is 17 to 18 mm. This means that the total power of the eye’s lens system has to be about +58 diopters. For each diopter of MINUS refractive error, the eye only has to grow about 0.3 mm too much.

If we use Newton's formula with our simplified eye, to focus an image on the retina will require

1000 mm / 25 mm = +40 diopters of total lens power. There are actually 4 lenses in the eye's lens system. From front to back, they are Cornea (+25 fixed power), Aqueous Humor (+? semi-fixed power), Crystalline lens (+15 variable power), and Vitreous Humor (+? semi-fixed power) for a total of +40 diopters. The Humors do contribute some + power, but for this discussion we can ignore the amount. The reason I said the humors are semi-fixed is that they are essentially liquids and their index of refraction can vary some with blood chemistry. Note that there are no minus lenses in the system, only plus.

Now to the myopias. True or Axial Myopia is caused by the eyeball growing too much (long) for the total power of the eye’s lens system. This extra length moves the retina back from the focus point of the the +40 diopter lens system. The result is that the images focuses in front of the retina. The solution is to reduce the power of the eye's lens system with a MINUS lens to move the focus back to the location of the retina. The actual extra length is only about 0.3 mm per diopter. The reason this type of myopia is permanent is that for it to improve would require that the eyeball "shrink" or get shorter, which it is not inclined to do. If the eyeball grows more and the distance gets longer, additional MINUS is required to move the focus of the image farther back. Essentially, true myopia is a one way process that tends to increase as the eyeball grows, no matter what caused the growth.

False or Pseudo myopia is a phenomenon that involves only the Crystalline Lens and the Ciliary Muscles. In our eye model, the +15 diopters is the relaxed or minimum PLUS power of the crystalline lenses. Before presbyopia sets in, the ciliary muscles have the ability to squeeze the crystalline lens and increase its PLUS power to focus close, but the ciliary muscles have no ability to reduce the plus power to LESS than the relaxed power of the lens. If you wear glasses or other lenses that have too much MINUS, your ciliary muscles simply squeeze the crystalline lenses to increase their PLUS power to neutralize the extra minus and focus the image on your retina. If you do it long enough, it may take the ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses a long time to relax back to "normal". If you had an eye exam before your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses had fully relaxed, you would be prescribed additional MINUS to compensate for the extra PLUS from your crystalline lenses that are NOT relaxed. If you are young enough and do this often enough, and most importantly, if your genes will let it happen, it is possible to trigger the production of some "eyeball growth hormone" that will cause the eyeball to grow longer and increase your true myopia. This is a natural process that is needed for your eyes to develop properly as you grow from a baby to adulthood.

For their size, the ciliary muscles are the strongest muscles in the body, but they are still muscles. If you had to support a weight a long period of time and finally were allowed to release it, your muscles that were supporting the weight would probably be very slow to relax. If your ciliary muscles have to keep your crystalline lenses "squeezed" long enough, they can also be very slow to relax. Often, false myopia is the reason MINUS sphere prescriptions seem to decrease as a person gets older and presbyopia makes the crystalline lenses harder to keep squeezed.

I hope this helps you understand the difference.


til 29 Oct 2013, 14:05

Cactus Jack

Thank you for the detailed reply.

I am sort of wondering if I am crossing the line (if there is one) to inducing myopia which is not really my goal. I am and always have been fascinated with minus correction, mainly with girls of course, but it now tempts me to wear minus correction of some sort as well.

I know the best thing to satisfy that is goc and I take pleasure in it. It is just now that I discovered I am even more interested in wearing a real correction. I am wondering though if this will affect my normal eyesight which is wishful to me somehow. Thinking rationally I know that shouldn't be something to aim for.

Can one set a point between making use of your momentary accommodation ability and inducing myopia?

And btw, what is the practical difference between true and pseudo myopia? I've been following this site for more than ten years and never really understood the difference in terms of vision;)

Cactus Jack 29 Oct 2013, 13:33


At 25, your crystalline lenses are probably very flexible and can supply quite a bit of plus to deal with significant over correction. It is likely that you have conditioned your ciliary muscles to squeeze your crystalline lenses to produce that extra plus, without much difficulty.

I know a highly motivated 30 YO who, with much effort, was able to work up to wearing -12 (equivalent at the cornea) overcorrection for distance (his crystalline lenses had to produce +12 of accommodation) and even read for hours (another 2.50 diopters), in an effort to induce myopia.

He successfully induced enough pseudo myopia to accomplish his purpose, but did not induce any significant additional true or axial myopia. When he stopped wearing the overcorrection, his prescription reverted to approximately previous values after a few months.


til 29 Oct 2013, 10:33

Cactus Jack

Age is 25, male. I got a prescription for -0.5 both eyes, no further correction but I am sure this is down to me not being entirely honest to the optician and him wanting to sell some glasses:) the exam was about two months ago.

Cactus Jack 29 Oct 2013, 09:23


May I ask your age and actual prescription?


til 29 Oct 2013, 03:12

Sorry, that should be ...that I happened to train my eyes...

til 29 Oct 2013, 02:39

I've been doing goc for about three months now, not fulltime but a fair bit of my freetime. My combination is -3 glasses, no astigmatism and +2.50 contact lenses. I changed contact lens brands a few times and found some I can wear comfortably for a whole day.

Out of curiosity I bought -2.50 lenses last weekend, partly because my gf makes me wear her glasses sometimes and they are plus prescription. Yesterday I forgot to put them out and went to work with them. I wore them for the whole day and didn't even notice. Wasn't that surprised because i know i can tolerate my -3 glasses quite well which i have been wearing without contacts as well. But when i put the glasses on top of the contacts i could still see like i was only wearing either of them.

Now is it possible that i gapped to train my eyes for more accommodation in that short time? Or can that have other reasons?

Revolver 16 Sep 2013, 14:21

Specs4 is right on spot, RGP's are custom fit and by an eye physician, not an optician. And as far as being easy to adapt, here's an anecdote told to me by a Licensed Optician. She was an very attractive 30-something female, always wore stylish glasses and never contacts, she told me it was because her scrip was plano sphere and -4.00 cylinder in both eyes and wearing RGP's was like putting a pie plate your eyes. Rather graphic. But, a lot of people wear them.

specs4ever 16 Sep 2013, 09:24

Troutman - I think RGP lenses are pretty much custom fitted to your eyes so it would not be a good idea to order them without a proper fitting. If you had a prescription that you could get fitted for RGP lenses for, then you could use the same parameters and then just increase the prescription power as necessary.

I have a source for high plus and minus contacts that I am working on. He will sell to me, but not to people he doesn't know. There is a possibility that I will be able to help some of us out, but I won't be able to do this until around the middle of October. If you are interested keep this in mind and I will post as soon as I can get this worked out.

specs4ever 16 Sep 2013, 09:23

Troutman - I think RGP lenses are pretty much custom fitted to your eyes so it would not be a good idea to order them without a proper fitting. If you had a prescription that you could get fitted for RGP lenses for, then you could use the same parameters and then just increase the prescription power as necessary.

I have a source for high plus and minus contacts that I am working on. He will sell to me, but not to people he doesn't know. There is a possibility that I will be able to help some of us out, but I won't be able to do this until around the middle of October. If you are interested keep this in mind and I will post as soon as I can get this worked out.

troutman 16 Sep 2013, 09:10

hi,i was wondering if i got rgp lenses would i order the same base curve as soft lenses or would i have to order differant ones,i am after -24 contacts but can only find them in rgp lenses,also how easy is it to get used to them,thanks

Cactus Jack 09 Sep 2013, 19:30


You probably should pick another nickname. You are not going to be a GOC novice for very long.

Your present prescription is:

R -4.25 Cyl. -1.5 Axis 95 Add 2.25

L -4.00 Cyl -0.5 Axis 100 Add 2.25

Your sphere correction is right at the border line of having to adjust a CL prescription for the difference in vertex distance of glasses (and phropters) of about 12 mm and the vertex distance of Contact Lenses of ZERO. However, when you go above about -4.50 you have to adjust. Also, because of your age, we have to assume that you have little or no ability to accommodate and correct for anything more than a slight - over correction in your glasses. When we start doing the calculations, I think you will quickly understand the procedure.

I suggest two simple goals for your first experience with GOC. I try to discourage first GOC glasses above -10. If you stick with very similar frames, you can probably do GOC around -8 without too much comment. As a secondary goal, I suggest trying for the same power sphere only contacts in each eye, so you won't have to keep track of two different prescription contacts.

Lets try for the following GOC glasses prescription:

R -8.25 Cyl. -1.50 Axis 95 Add 2.25

L -8.00 Cyl -0.50 Axis 100 Add 2.25

The Sphere will have to be adjusted for the difference in vertex distance.

1. Square the R sphere value:

-8.25 x -8.25 = 68.0625 (Note that the sign was lost)

2. Divide the answer by 1000

68.0625 / 1000 = 0.068

3. Multiply by the Vertex Distance (12 mm in this case)

0.068 x 12 = 0.816

The 0.816 is the adjustment factor to arrive at the CL sphere prescription for the right eye. In the case of minus lenses, you subtract the 0.816 from the glasses sphere prescription

-8.25 +(0.816) = -7.434 (For minus glasses, the sphere CL prescription will always be lower than the glasses sphere prescription.

4. Square the L sphere value

-8.00 x -8.00 = 64

5. Divide the answer by 1000

64 / 1000 = 0.064

6. Multiply by the Vertex Distance (12 mm)

0.064 x 12 = 0.768

The adjusted CL prescription for the left eye is

-8.00 +(0.764) = -7.232

If you did not already wear glasses, your GOC CLs would be

R +7.25 or +7.50

L +7.25

which is the reverse of the calculated corrective CL for the specified glasses, because you already need to wear minus glasses, the next step is to calculate your sphere "Eye Power". In your case it is easy because no adjustment for Vertex Distance is required. If you want to, you can do steps 1 thru 6 for your actual prescription and you will find that the CL adjustment factor is so low that it can be ignored. However, it is possible that your actual CL prescription is a compromise that includes an adjustment for your cylinder. For GOC, we will transfer the Cylinder and Axis to your GOC glasses without alteration.

Your sphere Eye Power is already:

R +4.25

L +4.00

Therefore the sphere only contacts you would need for the target GOC glasses would be:

R +3.25

L +3.25

Which would yield the following Eye Power for the target GOC classes:

R +7.50

L +7.25

I would order GOC glasses:

R -8.25 Cyl. -1.50 Axis 95 Add 2.25

L -8.00 Cyl -0.50 Axis 100 Add 2.25

And a box of

+3.25 contacts in your preferred brand and preferred BC and Dia.

Please remember that GOC is an inexact science and your results are not guaranteed. For trial purposes, you might consider ordering the cheapest single vision GOC glasses you can from Zenni optical or other on line retailer and a few CLs as you can. If you like this combination, you can get bifocals in the frames you like.

Hopefully, you won't find the above too confusing. Let me know if you don't understand anything or have questions.


Novice (again) 09 Sep 2013, 11:20

Sorry, forgot: UK based and aged 55

Novice 09 Sep 2013, 11:19

Hi Cactus Jack. Thank you for your help. This is my current prescription:

R - 4.25 Cyl. -1.5 Axis 95 Add 2.25

L – 4.00 Cyl -0.5 Axis 100 Add 2.25

Hope this helps.

Cactus Jack 09 Sep 2013, 09:25


GOC calculations are not hard, but the place you start is with your latest COMPLETE, actual eyeglass prescription, not the CL prescription. You will need the CL Base Curve and Diameter, but the calculations to determine the correct power are based on the refraction results.

Also, your age is important and where you live can be helpful for source suggestions.

Please do not order any glasses or contacts based on what you think you would like or need. Successful GOC is carefully planned and executed. It can be an expensive, unwearable mistake to not take it one step at a time. I will be tied up most of the day (Central US), but if you can provide the requested information, I will be happy to guide you.


Novice 09 Sep 2013, 02:15

Hi there. I was wondering if there is a rough formula for determining the difference between contact lens prescriptions and those of actual glasses?I have read on here that because a contact lens rests directly on the eye the prescription is likely to be weaker than for eyeglasses. But by how much?

I currently wear glasses in the -4.5 range for both eyes, with some astigmatism. I have worn significantly higher prescription glasses for many years but as I get older the ability of my eyes to accommodate has reduced, hence my wanting to move to GOC.

I am looking to increase my glasses prescription to, say, about -10 or -12 for normal every-day wear. I'm prepared to do this gradually over a year-long or 18-month period so as not to cause too many questions. In any event, I previously wore -7.25 for a very long time, so it won't be too noticeable to move back to something in that range and the remaining -3 to -5 can be explained away if necessary.

I know I need to obtain + contact lenses to achieve this but was wondering if there is a basic way of calculating the strength of contacts needed.

Clearly, the astigmatism correction will be provided by the glasses and not by means of a toric or aspheric lens, so I was thinking of opting for single vision extended or continuous wear contacts.

I have searched online and understand that tests for contact lens prescription take into account the size and curvature of the cornea as well as sphere and cylinder. I can obtain these if necessary, by having an eye test for contacts.

Many thanks.

four eyes 07 Sep 2013, 09:24

Hi all, I wanted to check in with a report as its been a month since going full time goc! I've enjoyed goc on occasions for years but never "came out" with the glasses to anyone I knew. Last month, starting with no Rx and, with the blessings of my wife (who wears -2/-2.5 naturally) stepped into -2 glasses. Not as strong as I'd like but they feel like the upper limit for a first pair for someone in his 30s. Of course I plan to up the Rx over time but it works for now as I can comfortably use the glasses with or without contacts. I got a range of contacts from +1 to +2. I can get around ok including driving with the +1 set but the +2 feels surprisingly debilitating. Though I think the +1.5 is about perfect for the current glasses. These combos have allowed me to ease into glasses wearing which makes it much easier for me to start wearing them around friends, family, and co-workers. Naturally this is paving the way for full time wear and an increasing Rx. However its been nice to be able to get used to contacts at my own pace. I've been using dalies with no problems other than some occasional dryness. I've found lots of good information and motivation on this site and would strongly encourage anyone riding the fence on going full time to just go for it. The transition was easier than I ever imagined and now a long time fantasy has become a permanent reality.

JES 24 Aug 2013, 05:24

Hi everyone! Thanx for your kind answers. First, I am a bloke in my early forties and have been a minus-lens fetishist for as long as I can remember.

When I was a teenager I used to save my lenses from my old glasses and then put them together using sticking tape in my new frame, behind the new lenses. I really liked what I saw in the mirror! With three lenses together I could get say -2,0 + -2,75 + -3,25 = -8,0 power..WOW!

My intention is not to increase my shortsightedness. I would only like to wear really thick glasses. As for going GOC, I would also enjoy that, but my family would probably think I was going crazy! This is, therefore, my best kept secret.

The only remaining option for me is to wear as strong a lenses I possibly can. I already use a large frame so the edges look thick. Unfortunately it becomes harder and harder getting lenses with index 1.5. My opticians standard lens nowadays is 1.61! This means that my next glasses I will order from the internet.

My idea is to get a little more power than I need.., just for the looks!

Cactus Jack 23 Aug 2013, 23:25


The questions I want to ask is your age and occupation. You may have some genetic predisposition for increasing your axial or true myopia, but age plays a BIG factor in your success. Age also plays a factor in your ability to create some Pseudo or false myopia if you have not developed presbyopia.

Both types of myopia have the same correction, more minus in your glasses or contacts, the big difference is that axial or true myopia is permanent because it is caused by eyeball growth and pseudo myopia is temporary because it is primarily caused by long term stress of the ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses. Temporary in this case can mean that it takes weeks or months for the ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses to relax back to fully relaxed after the accommodative (focusing) stress is removed. However, you may be able to enjoy either one or both for as long as they exist.


Specs4ever 23 Aug 2013, 19:57

Well Soundmanpt I agree that this discussion should be in Induced Myopia. But since it started here might as well continue it. JES, when I was in my 40's I wore a prescription that was -3.00D over my tested prescription. It was a little difficult at times - at least until I got used to the high over correction. However it didn't do me any good, and when presbyopia set in I lost pretty much everything I had acquired. If you are over 25 I doubt that any form of induced myopia would work. But if you are between the age of 16 and 25 you need to wear the biggest over correction you can stand. In a period of 3 months you will gain about -1.00D of myopia. In 12 months you will gain about -1.50D. Then you will need to go back to a -3.00D over correction. This does work - if you are young enough and your eyeball is still subject to growth

Soundmanpt 23 Aug 2013, 14:31


The thread we should be in form now on would be "Induced Myopia" which is what your talking about doing.

Anyway that's a pretty sizable jump from your actual prescription. Your talking about increasing by about -1.50. Maybe I am just too cautious but rather than ordering glasses that could be too strong and not being able to wear them comfortably maybe it would be better going about half that much? I think you should not have any trouble with increasing by -.75. Shouldn't be as hard on your eyes to adjust to either.

JES 23 Aug 2013, 12:22

This is probably the wrong place for this post, I am not going GOC, but anyway.. I would like to wear stronger glasses fulltime. My prescription is -4D in my left and -3.75D in my right eye. If I was to order a pair of new glasses online, how many diopters could I add to that, without getting a headache or experience such blur that I i.e. couldn't drive? If I ordered a pair with -5.5D left and -5.25D right, maybe..?

Them lenses wold look pretty thick in my large aviator frame, especially with a standard lens.

Anyaone tried anything like this at all?

til 18 Aug 2013, 07:10


After first getting +2 daily lenses I did try it with some +2.5 monthly soft lenses and that works a little better. My problem though is that I'm afraid my eyes just don't like contacts that much. I've hardly ever worn them for more than 5-6 hours because of getting dry eyes. I did try eyedrops for moisture but that would only help for like half an hour, even less in air conditioned environment. Don't know what's the best way to go now, I'll probably try different brands.

Something that feels quite strange to me when doing goc is the impression of having different accommodation 'directions' from day to day. Sometimes I can wear the -3 glasses without contacts and just see fine after half an hour, distance as well as close up. Other times I can almost tolerate the contacts, it's just from about 50 metres onwards that things get a little blurry.

So far I think on days with very few hours of sleep minus correction works better, normal days plus correction. Funny thing as well is that when I'm drunk I can wear my girlfriend's glasses just fine, they're +1.75/+2.75 plus astigmatism I think. No idea why that though, maybe in correlation with blood pressure?

Soundmanpt 17 Aug 2013, 11:15


How are you doing with wearing GOC? Back in late June you were working with -3.00 glasses and +2.00 contacts which you said was okay. Your eyes seemed to do with fine extra power of your glasses even though you have perfect vision. You were able to wear that combination for several hours without any problems. But you were thinking about getting some contacts a little closer to to matching your glasses. Something either in +2.50 or even +3.00.

So have figured out what works the best and are you now ablet o wear your combination much longer?

troutman 17 Aug 2013, 10:16

sorry guys,yes i can wait till then,not received my +23.50 glasses yet

Julian 16 Aug 2013, 08:18

any of you GAYS??

It's what you wrote troutman ::)

specs4ever 16 Aug 2013, 06:40

I might be able to help you out with that troutman, but not until mid october. Can you wait that long?

troutman 16 Aug 2013, 04:26

hi,do any of you gays know where i can buy -24 contact from,i cant find anyone who does them above -2o,thanks

DWV 09 Aug 2013, 22:31

Well, the stars finally aligned, tempting me to try GOC for the first time. I spotted two boxes of contact lenses at a thrift store, and was pleased to see they were plus 2.25. Not a lot, but worthwhile. I picked up a bottle of contact lens solution, and then gave it a try. Putting the lenses in was less of a struggle than I feared. (I'd read online about some guy taking hours to get the hang of it.) I had a number of pairs of strong glasses from thrift stores to try out, and some pairs of my own that are too strong for me now. I didn't notice much minification, but the contrast between bare-eyed and corrected was much stronger. I wouldn't want to ride my bike with -4.5 of blur.

When the time came to take them out again, my fingers seemedas clumsy as sausages, and I eventually gave up, figuring I'd go see a contact lens doc tomorrow. However, after checking out some Youtube videos about inserting and removing contacts, (and some that happened to be cute girls talking about contacts and glasses), I finally got them out out again without resorting to extreme measures.

Next time I'll try and measure the "improvement" using trial lenses, then order some new lenses or glasses.

Cactus Jack 27 Jul 2013, 02:26

New GOCer,

Two comments, I hope the -10.25 for the contacts is a typo and you intended to type + and I hope the -25 glasses have your correct cylinder and axis or failing that, none at all.

Good luck. Please let me know how the combination works out for you. Be very careful on stairs and curbs. They are not where they appear to be.


New GOCer 27 Jul 2013, 00:23

@ Cactus Jack

Thanks a lot for your efforts !!!

Just ordered the pair of lenses -10.25 for the glasses pair -25.00 I already have !

Perfect advice !

Cactus jack 26 Jul 2013, 11:09

New GOCer,

Thank you. You didn't answer all my questions, but enough to offer some suggestions.

GOC works best if you do it in steps. Usually, a person with a very strong prescription has years to let is brain adapt to the optical characteristics of wearing very strong glasses. Making an instant jump from -8.00 to -25.00 requires some significant mental gymnastics to be really comfortable wearing very strong glasses. You are already used to a -8 prescription so you could probably pretty easily handle -16 as an intermediate goal and then perhaps consider a jump to over -20. The jump to -30 involves problems getting the glasses, but curiously, because of your "head start" the contacts should be fairly easy to get.

The first rule of doing successful GOC is NEVER buy glasses without knowing or specifying their EXACT prescription. The actual GOC glasses prescription is determined by the refractive power of your eyes WITH the GOC contacts and the vertex distance of your glasses. The TOTAL refractive power of your eyes is relatively fixed by the actual refractive power of your eyes AND the available powers of the GOC contacts. I call this power, your "eye power". Without the GOC contacts, your eye power is the inverse of your glasses prescription corrected for vertex distance, in your case +7.23 (assuming a vertex distance of 12 mm for the phropter and your glasses). You might be able to get -7.25 contacts, but probably -7.50 is better because your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses can "fine tune" your vision using a bit of accommodation. Also, it helps deal with your small bit of astigmatism in your right eye.

The most important formula in doing GOC with glasses above +/- 4.50 is compensation for vertex distance effects. Vertex Distance (VD) is the distance in mm between the front surface of the cornea and the back surface of the corrective lens. For contacts, the VD is Zero (0). It is hard to measure accurately but it is typically about 12 mm for both the phorpter and glasses, but not necessarily in very high Rx glasses.

I like to start with three numbers. Your actual eye power, vertex distance (12 mm) and your desired glasses Rx and do the calculation to adjust the glasses power to the required eye power to make them work.

I am going to start with -25.00.

-25 x -25 = 625. Divide by 1000 = 0.625. Multiply by 12 mm = 7.5 This number is the VD adjustment factor. For minus glasses it must be SUBTRACTED from the glasses Rx to arrive at the effective CL Rx. If the glasses were +25, the 7.5 would have to be ADDED to the glasses Rx to get the effective CL Rx. The effective CL Rx for -25.00 glasses is -17.50. The inverse of that is +17.50 which is the required eye power for -25.00 glasses.

You already have +7.25 built in so all you need is some +10.25 contacts. The snag there is you probably can buy +10.25 contacts. Above about +/- 8.00 contacts are available in 0.50 increments. The choice is either +10.00 or +10.50. I would choose +10.00 and at 33, let my ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses add enough plus to make the final adjustments. Remember, your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses can ONLY ADD some plus to the process they can NEVER SUBTRACT some plus if you wind up with to much.

Also, you can adjust the effective power of the glasses by moving them slightly closer to your eye to increase their effective minus power or farther away to decrease it. For -25.00 glasses each mm changes the effective power of the glasses 0.625 diopters. Where they are on your nose is very critical to sharp vision.

You can calculate the numbers for glasses Rx other than 25 using the same principles. However, please remember that GOC is NOT and exact science. In your case, your Astigmatism can probably be ignored, but for the best possible glasses Rx you should include the cylinder and axis EXACTLY in the Rx for the right eye.

If you do the math, the total eye power required for the -30 glasses is +19.20. With the +7.25 head start, you only need +11.75 (+11.50) in the contacts. VD effects for -30 glasses are 0.9 diopters per mm.

There are no guarantees and your results may vary.


New GOCer 26 Jul 2013, 03:26

thanks a lot for fast reply !

Hello I am 33 y.o.

my current contact prescription is R : -7.50 L: -7.50 no cyl.

my glasses prescription is R: -8.00 sph. +0.25 cyl. 10°

L: -8.00 sph. 0 cyl.

I would like to get two pairs of glasses , one pair in -25.00 , one pair in -30.00 .

I am not loaded ;-) but there is no significant limitation

Hope this helps to get my required lens power...

Cactus Jack 26 Jul 2013, 03:17

New GOCer,

We can help you and teach you how to do the calculations to develop approximate numbers for GOC combos. You apparently have discovered that trial and error for GOC is a waste of time, money, and effort. Based on your post, I am not sure you are really ready to listen to the voices of those who have been there and done that, but I am willing try to help you. Even the best calculated GOC combinations, often do not work well at very high powers and some adjustment is often necessary to get satisfactory results.

You have the best chance of having reasonable success by considering ALL the factors that can affect that success. The calculations need to start with an accurate refraction and your complete glasses prescription. It is not a good idea to start with a contact lens prescription because they are often compromised to fit available contact lens powers and other technical factors.

Here are some questions. While some may seem unimportant, the answers can affect the suggestions. Inaccuracy may lead to poor results.

1. What is your age, gender, and where do you live?

2. What is your COMPLETE contact lens and glasses prescription? Your cylinder correction may be unimportant, but we need to know it and make the judgement.

3. Where do you plan to get the -25 or -30 glasses?.

4. Do you have significant budgetary limitations?

Fortunately, you already have a head start on the contact lens power required for high prescription GOC with your significant myopia.


New GOCer 26 Jul 2013, 00:42

I already did some try and error wearing glasses over contacts but I didn't find the right combination.

My regular contacts prescription is right -7.50 / left -7.50 no (or very low cyl.), my glasses are -8.00 prescription.

I would like to wear -25.00 glasses and also -30.00 glasses.

I tried to find the calculator but failed.

Does anybody have an idea which contacts RX might work for waering -25.00 or -30.00 glasses in my case?

JP 02 Jul 2013, 12:41

Here's a story about medical research into glasses over contacts for switchable telescopic vision. A great cause, and a different slant on our GOC interest on Eyescene.

Cactus Jack 30 Jun 2013, 14:42


Yes, for -11.5 glasses, the calculated zero vertex distance prescription for contacts is -9.91. However, You cannot get contacts in that power. The nearest you can get is -10.00 which is a slight over correction. A slight over correction is easier to deal with than an under correction. Hopefully, your ciliary muscle and crystalline lenses can easily compensate for the over small over correction.


Soundmanpt 30 Jun 2013, 10:57


If your normal vision is perfect as you found out at your fitting and the glasses you want to wear are -3.00's your still in the range where there is no need to compensate to weaker contacts due to the distance between your eyes and the glasses compared to the lenses being on the eye. that is necessary if your dealing with stronger glasses and contacts. Your combination currently of -3.00 glasses and +2.00 contacts is leaving a difference of -1.00. So it would be the same as if you just went out and bought some -1.00 glasses to wear. That's not a strong difference but noticeable to you.

Your correct that +2.50 or +3.00 contacts will work much better for you. If you go with the +2.50 contacts that is only a slight over correction that should actually provide you with better than perfect vision and the +3.00 contacts should make everything the same as you see without GOC at all.

til 30 Jun 2013, 10:31

I'm just having my first ever goc experience. Very interesting. On Friday I received a pair of -3/-3 glasses and yesterday I bought contact lenses of +2dpt. Just before that I went to an optitian to do an eyetest and the contact lens fitting. As expected I needed no correction at all and got a BC recommendation of either 8.7 or 8.9 if available. Got the contacts with BC 8.7 then. They are soft dailies.

Trying it all in combination is fine and very interesting, I definitely wasn't aware of what about -2dpt (created by the contacts) actually mean until I experienced it. It's definitely a huge difference to wearing +2 glasses, at least for me.

I've now been wearing them for about 3 h today and full time yesterday and just noticed that my vision with the right eye is sometimes a little bit better than with the left eye. It feels like the left eye has to work a little harder to compensate the 1dpt difference between eyesight and correction which i don't quite understand because I can wear the glasses without contacts as well and have normal vision apart from seeing everything smaller and feeling taller than usual.

Maybe it wasn't the best decision to not go for +3 contacts and -3 glasses either. Should I rather buy +2.5 or +3.0 contacts next time? Only asking because I know I can tolerate - quite well and definitely better than +.

p007 30 Jun 2013, 03:55

Cactus Jack,

Thank you so much for the clear explanation. The prescription is indeed for a glasses.

So if I should buy contacts to correct my vision (and not doing GOC) I should buy CL's with a prescription of -10. Is that correct?

Cactus Jack 29 Jun 2013, 18:21


No, you have to consider vertex distance effects IF the -11.5 is a GLASSES prescription and NOT a CL Rx, you did not specify. Using the usual formula for calculating a contact lens prescription you would need to wear a -10 contact lens on your cornea to correct your refractive error to 0.00. Then to compensate for +4 glasses, you would need an additional -4.00. I would suggest trying a -14 contact lens.

The thing that may cause confusion is that vertex distance effects are a square function that follows the usual formula (Rx)^2 divided by 1000 times the vertex distance in mm. Normally, a refracted Rx for glasses using a phropter or trial lens set does not need much compensation because the vertex distance of the closest trial lens is at about the same distance from the cornea as glasses, but contact lenses have a 0 (zero) vertex distance. Typically if the glasses or refracted Rx is less than + or -4.50. the amount of compensation required for contacts is negligible and can be ignored.

If possible, you should use the same brand of CL, the same BC and Diameter if possible. If not possible, as close as you can get. Comfort is the important factor.


p007 29 Jun 2013, 14:17

And in addition to the previous post. What kind of contact lenses do you guys recommend? I think Proclear's are fine or do you use another brand for GOC?

p007 29 Jun 2013, 14:13


I have a prescription (RX) of -11.5 (no cyliner or prism) but I would like to wear glasses with a an RX of +4

What power of contact lenses should I het to achieve this.

Will contact lenses with a power of 15.5 do the job?

 28 Jun 2013, 22:18 has always done me well for contact lenses. Prices are good, service is good, but they seem a bit slow at times.

Just like restaurants: Good; fast; cheap... pick any two.

I like the Proclear Sphere Compatibles. They're monthlies, they go into the big numbers, and they're cheap.

Best to ya.

Soundmanpt 26 Jun 2013, 11:13


Sorry I didn't see your post sooner. GOCer is correct that if you want your glasses to be twice as strong you should be fine with wearing -1.25 contacts with over the counter readers of +3.00. To be honest since your concerned with people noticing if you were to reverse things so you can wear minus glasses because people already know you wear plus glasses going any stronger than +3.00 they will be sure to notice that as well. Really if your inner desire is wear minus glasses I think you could without much notice. As for as anyone would know you may have been wearing minus contacts for years and just wearing readers over the top for close work like many people do all the time.

In answer to your question about getting your contacts and glasses from Zenni I am afraid they only sell glasses. But if you look back in this thread there are several places listed that sell contacts that don't require a doctor's script.

LEO in PERTH 26 Jun 2013, 07:20


How long is full time GOC? I manage 7hrs max....would love more hours....not sure if possible ?

GOCer 18 Jun 2013, 23:31

A really easy way to start is to shoot for a +3 glasses with -1.25 contacts. You can obtain up to +3 readers at drug stores without a prescription, but it'll still be almost double what you have now.

NewGal 18 Jun 2013, 21:39

I have been interested in glasses almost my whole life and always wanted strong glasses myself. I have weak prescription of +1.75 L/R that I do wear most of the time and have even tried contacts with the same prescription. I feel that I need this prescription to see comfortably but its not like I cant see without them. I have wanted to try GOC for years but never had the courage to do it. I would like to have a minus prescription but since many people have seen my natural plus prescription I am thinking that I should try for a higher plus? What would be a good starting GOC prescription? Would contacts be noticeable with a high plus prescription? Can you order the contacts and glasses both at Zenni Optical? By the way I am 35 years old.

Cactus jack 18 Jun 2013, 18:27


You are getting into the range where GOC calculations get a little touchy. As Soundmanpt said, we need to start with your complete actual prescription, your target glasses sphere prescription and work from there. It is likely that the calculations will be off a little and ideally, depending on your age, you will be slightly over corrected on the minus in your glasses or under corrected in the plus in your contacts. If you still have reasonable accommodation, your crystalline lenses can make the final very small adjustment to provide good to excellent comfortable vision.


GOCer 18 Jun 2013, 17:52

Double check the astigmatism part of that prescription (-25). That is either the largest astigmatism I've ever seen, or you might be missing a decimal point in there, and it may read .25 (or 0.25).

Nearsighted 18 Jun 2013, 17:36

Thanks! I just increased the power by -10 D in each eye, left everything else the same. So instead of -12 actual was -2

Soundmanpt 18 Jun 2013, 10:55


It might be best if you would post the results of your recent actual eye test. I assume the glasses your wanting to order are what you have posted? Working with all the numbers is most helpful.

You did the right thing by first going and getting your eyes checked so you have a very good starting point. I assume you were fitted for contacts at some point so you have all the needed information to order your contacts with such as base curve and diameter?

nearsite 18 Jun 2013, 09:53

Cactus Jack and others please comment. I want to order glasses on line and just had my eyes tested, I have the spreadsheet for CL power and have practiced GOC in powers areound -7D that were not made for me. My plan is basically add -10 to the Rx which would result in:

-12.00 -25x009 OD

-11.50 -25x86 OS

Am I missing anything or is there anything wrong with this RX? Thanks

Emmie 10 Jun 2013, 03:50

Thank you Cactus Jack. I think I knew I'd posted in the wrong forum, so (not knowing how this works) posted twice in case the post in the wrong forum got deleted. x.

Cactus Jack 09 Jun 2013, 18:53


Welcome. Please see my response on the Post Your Prescription thread. Typically, there is no need to post the same or similar questions on more than one thread.


Emmie 09 Jun 2013, 16:36

Hi there.

I have just recently got reading glasses due to the prolonged time I spend in front of multiple screens at work. I am 34.

My Rx is:

+.25 / -.50 / 25

+.25 / -.50 / 180

Add: .25

I know this is a very light prescription - but with the glasses (which are new) I have noticed an improvement at work and much less strain.

I wanted to ask a few things though from people with more experience than myself. I know the Add is very small - but how will I effect my eyes, if I look at a work colleague wearing my glasses? I know I shouldn't wear them for every day use and just stick to reading and my computer work... so am just wondering what kind of effect it will have on my sight, if I don't remove them every time someone comes in to ask me a question?

Also - is it normal to feel slightly nauseous for the first week or so that I have them? As I said - they are new. This is my first time with glasses and I don't have anyone to ask this type of question to. Thank you. x.

Soundmanpt 28 May 2013, 19:20


Before doing GOC it is always a good idea to get your eyes tested so you have a good starting point and even if you don't have a prescription you still need to get a fitting done for contacts so they are the proper size for your eyes. The best way to get that information is to tell the doctor your wanting colored contacts. but of course once you have the necessary size you need you can order your +16.00 contacts from where Stephan suggested or where ever that doesn't require a doctor's okay.

One suggestion is to get your contacts in a common rx of the same number like +16.00 and any other changes such s cylinder (astigmatism)or any difference in your glasses lens power should be put into your glasses not the contacts.

if you have been following this thread you already likely know a great source for your glasses is ""

Stephan 28 May 2013, 17:50

just go to ebay page - 6 month lenses soft lenses, there are several lenses up to +20 for about EUR 60 - 90 a pair !

jenny 28 May 2013, 15:44


Following for a long time the page... Do you know where can I order online high plus contact lenses without neaded any receipt or doctor's prescription? I need plus 16 contact lenses for delivery to Europe if possible from Europe:)

Soundmanpt 17 May 2013, 11:08


As usual Cactus jack's advice is dead on, but if I may add to it a bit. Like CJ said even though you only plan on wearing GOC at certain times it is still best to get a proper fitting for the contacts then you know it would be safe to war GOC as long and as much as you like without causing any vision issues. Since you said you recently had an eye exam and was given a -.25 rx which is the same as pretty much nothing. Most people don't know that if you go back with in few moths from when you had your exam you only have to pay a difference for a contact fitting and in most cases it is less than $50.00. So like CJ said just go call and ask and be sure you tell them when you were in for your eye exam. Just say your considering getting colored contacts. They will give you a trial pair to wear to see if they are comfortable but of course your only wanting the fitting info. So maybe buy one pair so you get that.

My guess is you will find it so interesting once you get started that you will want to wear GOC much more than you think. For someone with perfect vision it is incredible at how well it works. I have helped 2 young opticians that both have perfect vision and they both were amazed. The one is in optometry school and so she was very interested in trying it for herself. At the time the strongest glasses I had as a sample was only -1.25 but even with just that much she couldn't believe how blurry everything was with just the contacts in and then to see everything come back into focus once she put on the glasses. She had so much fun with it that I ended up letting her borrow the glasses for over a month. She even switched from using trial lenses to dailies for the days she wanted to wear glasses. The other was an opticain that after working her full year was surprised that her company wouldn't give her a free pair of non prescription glasses to wear unless her glasses at a prescription. So she decided to go to GOC so she could get her free glasses that she wanted.

til 17 May 2013, 04:04

Cactus jack

Alright. Thank you.

Cactus Jack 16 May 2013, 11:08


Please do not assume ANYTHING about a GOC combination or what you feel are my comments about a particular combination. GOC is an inexact "science"at best, but typically, the lower the various prescriptions, the more exact it is. Just as glasses must be made to each person's individual prescription, each GOC combination has to be calculated individually, based on Actual Rx and the desired approximate sphere correction in the glasses. Ideally, after you have an actual complete glasses prescription, you translate everything back to actual eye power at the cornea, considering vertex distance effects, and work from there. In general, it is a waste of time to try to even estimate a GOC combination without knowing the exact actual glasses prescription. Contact prescriptions are not accurate enough because they are often compromises based on available contact lens powers and actual refracted prescriptions.

In the contacts department, higher moisture content is generally more comfortable, but often high moisture lenses are more fragile. To some extent, it depends on your ability to produce enough tears to keep the lenses moist and floating on a thin film of tears between the cornea and the lens. Tears provide nutrients and oxygen transmission to the cornea and typically the higher moisture content be better the oxygen transmission through the CL. Remember, the corneas have no blood supply and must depend on getting oxygen from the air. You asked earlier about the importance of the base curve. If a lens fits too tightly on the cornea, it prevents tear circulation under the lens. One of the tests that an ECP does in fitting a CL is to put a drop of fluorescein dye in each eye and use a blue light to see how well the dye/tears get under the contacts and to make sure the CLs move around on the cornea as you blink.


til 16 May 2013, 04:58

Cactus jack

Thank you, got it:) there's nothing out of control yet though, I'll try it myself first anyway before suggesting that to my gf.

When it should come to that, I understood you would recommend something like +3 contacts and -2/-1.25 glasses plus astigmatism for her. Is that right?

I checked some online retailers for contacts and they offer different water contents for daily lenses. The higher the better?

Thank you.

Cactus jack 15 May 2013, 02:19


That is not the way to help your GF to try wearing minus glasses. It is very tricky to try to do GOC with toric contact lenses (contacts with astigmatism correction) and it often results in an expensive optical disaster that is unwearable.

Everyone's eyesight is different. Yours just happens to be rather simple to deal with because you are not seeking higher power GOC and you need very little correction. Right now, you know enough to be dangerous. Lets get your situation under control before you suggest GOC to your GF or anyone else.

The general rules for doing successful GOC are:

1. Get an accurate prescription.

2. Decide what approximate glasses power you would like. Start low and work up is best.

3. Do the calculations with an ideal goal of having the contacts be sphere only and the glasses have any cylinder and axis exactly as prescribed.

4. For economy, it is a good idea to have both eyes wear the same sphere contact and any sphere difference and the cylinder and axis be in the glasses.


til 15 May 2013, 02:02

Cactus jack

Thank you again for the comprehensive information. I think I'll place an order today and meanwhile get myself educated about how to handle them.

I live in Germany.

My next question concerns putting the same -3 glasses on other people. Would like to get my girlfriend into it as well if I can and was just wondering if I could use the same glasses for a try. She is mildly farsighted, +1 and +1.75 plus some astigmatism, but I don't have the numbers present. As far as I understand it, she would then need contacts of +4/+4.75 plus her astigmatism. Am I right about that?


Cactus Jack 14 May 2013, 18:10


For occasional wear, I would suggest daily disposable contacts. You wear them one day and throw them away. They are generally very inexpensive and you don't need to worry about cleaning and care. You put on a new pair every time you wear them.

Typically, they are only available in one or two Base Curves and Diameters so there isn't much choice except by different brands. You may need to try a couple of different brands to see which you like best from a comfort standpoint. A number of brands offer a "moist" version that helps keep them moist. I have personally used both the Focus Dailies and the Acuvue Moist. Do not order more than 1 box of 30 lenses until you are sure of what you really want. By using the same Rx in each eye, a box of 30 will last for 15 "days", but you will probably ruin a couple of lenses until you learn how to handle them. Daily wear lenses are very thin and fragile. Some lenses have a faint tint that makes them easier to see when you are handling them.

Hygiene is very important, never touch the lenses or your eyes unless you have throughly washed and rinsed your hands. You may find it useful to have some some contact lens solutions such as Bausch & Lomb Bio True or Alcon Opti-Free Pure Moist or Sterile Saline Solution. In a pinch, the first two can be used as lubricating eye washes and the Saline Solution can be used as an eye wash. They are very handy to float a lens free for easy removal. Also, some lubricating artificial tears are handy to carry with you in case you are not producing enough tears to keep the lenses lubricated and floating free on your cornea.

May I ask where you live? It may affect what sources you use for the contacts and glasses.

Be sure and learn what the lens looks like when it is correctly oriented for insertion. Soft contact lenses can easily get inside out and if you insert them that way, you generally know it instantly, they are very uncomfortable and need to be removed immediately. Also, if a lens gets damaged in any way, DO NOT attempt to use it.

You absolutely do not want to damage your corneas, If you decide to not get a professional fitting and instruction, learn everything you can about wearing contact lenses, BEFORE you try to insert them for the first time.


til 14 May 2013, 16:56

Cactus jack

Thanks for the reply. What kind of lenses would you recommend? And how important are base curve and diameter if when I'm not planning on doing goc on a daily basis?

Cactus jack 14 May 2013, 10:48


With -3.00 glasses, you don't need to worry about vertex distance effects. +3.00 contacts and -3.00 glasses should work fine, but you may find that the +2.50 contacts and -3.00 glasses give you very crisp vision.

For the best, safest fit for contact lenses, you really need to get an exam and instruction for care, insertion and removal of contacts. Because of your very low prescription, you may have to get contacts for a different eye color or for some novelty contacts. What you need is your Base Curve and Diameter for the most comfortable fit and then you can order almost any contacts you want online without an official prescription.


til 14 May 2013, 07:10

Sorry for posting multiple times, apparently not that easy from my cellphone

til 14 May 2013, 07:08

I've been considering doing goc for a while and finally want to give it a shot. I would like to try a combination with -3 glasses. Recently I had an eyetest which said -0.25, both eyes, no astigmatism. I felt like the optician only gave me that prescription because I seemed eager to get glasses. From trying friend's glasses I know I can deal with glasses from -2 to +1 dioptres.

Could I go with online ordered contacts of +2.5 and -3 glasses? I have no interest in inducing myopia.

til 14 May 2013, 07:04

I've been considering doing goc for a while and finally want to give it a shot. I would like to try a combination with -3 glasses. Recently I had an eyetest which said -0.25, both eyes, no astigmatism. I felt like the optician only gave me that prescription because I seemed eager to get glasses. From trying friend's glasses I know I can deal with glasses from -2 to +1 dioptres.

Could I go with online ordered contacts of +2.5 and -3 glasses? I have no interest in inducing myopia.

til 14 May 2013, 06:59

I've been considering doing goc for a while now and finally want to give it a shot. I would like to try a combination with -3 glasses. Recently I had an eyetest which said -0.25, both eyes, no astigmatism. I felt like the optician only gave me that prescription because I seemed eager to get glasses. From trying friend's glasses I know I can deal with glasses from -2 to +1 dioptres.

Could I go with online ordered contacts of +2.5 and -3 glasses? I have no interest in inducing myopia.

til 14 May 2013, 06:59

I've been considering doing goc for a while now and finally want to give it a shot. I would like to try a combination with -3 glasses. Recently I had an eyetest which said -0.25, both eyes, no astigmatism. I felt like the optician only gave me that prescription because I seemed eager to get glasses. From trying friend's glasses I know I can deal with glasses from -2 to +1 dioptres.

Could I go with online ordered contacts of +2.5 and -3 glasses? I have no interest in inducing myopia.

four eyes 09 May 2013, 13:08

Thanks for the input gang, we'll see what happens. My wife has given me her blessings to go ahead with full time GOC so I'll find a way.

Specs4Me 08 May 2013, 16:34

Four Eyes,

I visited with my optometrist 10 or so years ago and explained that I did a lot of work with computer hardware and asked her if she would prescribe + contacts and equalizing - glasses. I told her that this would allow me to see small components without having to carry around a magnifying glass to be able to do so. I started with about +/- 5.0, the next year I went up to + contacts that allowed me to wear - 8 glasses and a year or two later moved to contacts that allow me to wear -9 glasses. I wear the combination all the time except when on the golf course when I wear only a pair of contacts that correct me properly which she also prescribed for me. She knows that I wear my combination all the time. I'm at the age when cataracts are becoming a bigger possibility, if and when they occur for me I intend to advise the surgeon that removes them that I want additional + power in the replacement lenses so that I can wear at least -9 glasses as I do now. Another diopter or so would be even better.

So, yes there are ways that one can get an eye doc to prescribe a GOC combination. Some are going to want a reason where others may not so be prepared to offer a reasonably good story when you visit the doc, don't use it unless it is necessary.

Soundmanpt 08 May 2013, 16:20

Yes, I don't think any of the doctors would find a problem with it as long as they know what your doing. And you are not in anyway damaging your eyes and actually they should be happy that your not experimenting for yourself.

Like I stated this young ladies doctor had no problem with it but only wanted to check to see that see was seeing perfect with her the trial contacts and glasses. After a quick check the doctor told her she was fine to wear GOC.

So I have no doubt that if i sent someone to her that wanted to do GOC she would not have a problem with it.

benn 08 May 2013, 13:14

I have in two locations in two cities walked in off the street and asked to do GOC. I have various combinations from -20 to +12.

The first time, I said that I was doing theatrics. The second time I didn't bother saying a reason.

Both were okay with it. And at one facility the one Dr left and the new guy also had no problem with it.

Soundmanpt 07 May 2013, 13:02

four eyes

Just about 2 years ago I met a new optician at a local chain of optical stores. She was also going to be starting optometry school in the fall of that year. Since she wasn't wearing glasses I asked her if she wears glasses thinking she might be wearing contacts? She told me her vision was perfect but admitted that she kinda wished she did need glasses. She told me that she was the only one in her family that didn't need glasses. Her sister and brother both wear glasses full time as well as her parents. I asked her if she had ever heard of GOC and she had no idea what it was. I told her about it and I had her get a pair of trial contacts in +1.25 since I knew I had a pair of sample glasses in my car that were -1.25 and had her put the contacts on and then the glasses. She was very amazed at how well it worked and she was able to see perfect with prescription glasses. She was having so much fun with it that I left the glasses with her when I left. I returned to her store after a couple of weeks and she told me that when her doctor saw her wearing glasses for the first time she was curious how and where they came from. She told the doctor about GOC and the doctor must not have ever heard of it either and she insisted on giving her an eye exam with her wearing GOC to be sure she was in fact seeing good. The results proved that her vision with the contacts and glasses was indeed perfect. Now the doctor thought that it was really pretty cool also. So I am sure that doctor would not have a problem with it at all.

four eyes 07 May 2013, 12:01

Has anyone had any luck just walking into the doc's office and asking to get set up with GOC? My thought would be to show up for an exam wearing GOC with a benign reason like "my wife has a thing for guys in glasses so I occasionally do this for her but I want to be sure I've got the combination right as I don't want to damage my eyes". I only want a mild Rx in the -3 range. If I'm asking for help so I don't hurt my eyes wouldn't that circumvent any ethical problem doc may have? Especially if I tell him I'm gonna keep doing it with or without his help. I'd really like th have a legitimate Rx so I don't have to order glasses online plus it would be nice to have the combo exactly right.

smithie 02 May 2013, 00:22

To lurking

When I put in +20cls to use with -27 spex GOC I get reasonable results. If I take the spex off and leave in the contacts then the my vision gives the feelings you wish to experience, total helplessness.

lurking 01 May 2013, 22:31

I know a lot of this is subjective but if I wanted to do GOC with a high minus prescription, how strong would the Rx with the contacts need to be in order for me to be more or less helpless and have to find my way around by feel?

Cactus Jack 30 Apr 2013, 08:02

Who am I,

I assumed that the -1.75 contacts was your actual prescription to correct your myopia. Is this correct? If so, that means that the actual optical power of your eyes at the cornea is +1.75. The -1.75 contacts neutralize or cancel that +1.75 and make the power 0.00. for distance.

I assume you are wanting to wear +3.00 or +2.00 glasses for distance. Fortunately, because the glasses are below +4.50 the effects of vertex distance (the distance from the front of the cornea to the back surface of the glasses) can be ignored. Therefore, to wear +3.00 glasses for distance, you need -3.00 in addition to your -1.75 contacts for a total of -4.75. To wear +2.00 glasses for distance, you need -3.75 contacts.

At 44, your accommodation is probably becoming limited because of presbyopia and you may soon be needed some reading help. If you want to get some reading glasses to wear over your distance -1.75 contacts, just get them in what ever power gives you comfortable focus for reading and wear them over your distance contacts.


Who am I 30 Apr 2013, 03:40

I am m, 44 years.

Said in previous post, wear -1.75 contacts. Was interested in wearing +3.0 glasses. Have rethought this.

What strength contacts would I need if choose to wear +2.0 glasses.

jak 28 Apr 2013, 01:08

Thank you Cactus Jack. I'm keen to try this new combination.

Cactus jack 27 Apr 2013, 11:50

Who am I,

With glasses powers below + or - 4.50, vertex distance effects are negligible and can be ignored. I would suggest trying -4.75 contacts and +3.00 glasses and see how you like the combination before going beyond the trial stage and spending much money.

May I ask your age?


Who am I 27 Apr 2013, 10:49

I wear -1.75 contacts in both eyes, however I would like to wear maybe a glasses of maybe a +3.00.

Any estimate on what strength of contacts I would need?

Cactus Jack 26 Apr 2013, 17:25


There are still some unknowns, but here is an approximation. Actually, that is a nice way to say SWAG (Sophisticated Wild Asses Guess).

Recall that to match up with a glasses sphere of -29.50, assuming a 12 mm vertex distance, you will need a corneal sphere power of +19.6.

Your present adjusted corneal prescription is:

R +8.25, +0.50 85

L +8.50, +0.25 80

If you wore sphere only contacts, I would suggest trying -8.50 in each eye

as giving pretty good correction without the hassle of torics.

For -29.5 glasses I would consider trying the following contacts:

R +11.00

L +11.00

And consider the following glasses:

R -29.25, -0.50 85

L -29.50, -0.25 80

IF the vertex distance was 12 mm, that should give you slightly too much minus in your glasses, but at 35 you may be able to accommodate the difference. If accommodation is not a problem, you might even find +10.50 contacts acceptable and let your ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses make up the difference.

Now the bad news. As I mentioned all the above is a SWAG using commonly used, rule-of-thumb, formulas that I frankly question at very high powers. None of my suggestions are guaranteed. You may find that the high plus, soft contacts, are rigid enough to cancel out your low astigmatism. Also, you may find that I am way off on my estimates. That is why I encourage refractions for high power GOC.

You need to in effect do a self refraction, as you did with the -19.50 glasses, by ordering the -29 glasses and a small quantity of +11.00 contacts and try the combination. Remember that you can have massive effects just by adjusting the vertex distance by nearly 1 diopter per mm.

If you decide to try the above, or really anything else, please let me know how it works out.


jak 26 Apr 2013, 13:22

Many thank Cactus Jack for your interest.

I'm 35 years old.

My rx is for glasses.

R -9.25 -0.50 85

L -9.50 -0.25 80

To achieve good results before was trial and error. I added a 1 to my glasses prescription to order stronger minus 19.5 glasses on line. Then ordered cls on line. First I tried +10cls but distance was blurred, then +9 which was a bit better. Finally +8cls for the best results.

As I live in the UK to get full treatment at the opticians is not possible.

Thank you for your help.

Cactus Jack 26 Apr 2013, 13:03


You didn't provide enough information for even an approximation.

For example:

1. is your actual Rx for glasses or contacts.

2. Is your Rx the same for both eyes and you have no astigmatism

3. Your age is also important because it provides a clue to how much error compensation you can provide by using your accommodation.

Extremely high GOC can get very tricky in calculating the GOC combination because of vertex distance effects, which are a square function of the optical power of the glasses. You HAVE to begin with the optical power of your eyes AT THE CORNEA.

If you want to wear -29.5 glasses, the vertex distance effects are 0.870 diopters per mm of vertex distance. For example, if the vertex distance of the glasses was 12 mm, the difference in the effective power of the glasses and contact lenses with 0 vertex distance is 10.44 diopters (0.870 x 12). That means that the optical power of your eyes needs to be +19.6 and we don't know EXACTLY how much of that your eyes supply and how much needs to be supplied by contact lenses.

At very high GOC powers, the very best way to determine glasses power is by doing a refraction with the contact lenses in place, but that presents a whole new set of problems.

How did you manage to get the GOC combination you are wearing. That was not easy and getting -29.5 right is probably at least 2 to 3 times as difficult.


jak 26 Apr 2013, 12:20

Just found this site.

Please can anyone help me.

I am real rx -9.5 and for five years I have been using +8 cls to GOC with -19.5 spex. Now I plan to adjust my prescription to -29.5 spex, what cls should I use? +16? I get good crisp clear vision with the GOC I now use.

LEO 25 Apr 2013, 06:45


Not sure .Once I have the glasses on,I never remove them , until I have to, and that's a very "sad" time for me.

ed 25 Apr 2013, 00:11


Without glasses or contacts I am a very low plus.

With plus 16 contacts I use minus 19 glasses and get great vision.

With just the contacts I seriously fumble. It's very exciting.

lurking 24 Apr 2013, 21:01

ed: what is the rx of your vision without your glasses when you do that?

ed 24 Apr 2013, 00:35


One of my favourite past-times is to do as you say. I go to a nearby park, with no traffic, and take of my glasses and fumble and stumble. I am pretty helpless.

lurking 23 Apr 2013, 21:12

Leo: What are you feelings about how the world looks to you with you contacts but without your -17 glasses? Have you tried getting around without your glasses with you contacts in?

LEO 23 Apr 2013, 07:01

Cactus Jack

The -17.75 glasses I,am using for GOC ,are beautiful !!!!!

Thank you Cactus.


JC 13 Apr 2013, 23:56


This is the website I have been using

spexfan 12 Apr 2013, 10:22


Any current recommendations for a supplier of contacts in the US without a doctors Rx?

I've used Globallens in the past but I want to switch up my Rx to something quite different from what they have on file.


sammy 13 Mar 2013, 09:45


thanks for the reply

I think I explained it porely but Mandy and I both ordered new glasses and new contacts for our little experiment

Mandy is a natural +3.75 /+3.50 sphere with no astigmatism this is her contacts prescription so she ordered +6 contacts same brand as usual and -2.50/-2.75 in the glasses

she is fine said her vision is great she was wearing them most of the weekend and she likes how she looks in them (her eyes are large and blue that’s what I fell in love with the first time I met her) she has even gone to work in then this morning she never wears her real glasses to work its contacts 99.9% of the time ,she doesn’t like how her real glasses make her eyes huge

I insisted she take her contacts both sets in case she has trouble with the GOC


I need a bit more experimenting my distance vision seems good (car number plates are clear) depth perception is a bit off but gets better after a while (being care full on the stairs) close up trying to read is a problem slightly out of focus, will order some more new contacts -5.0 instead of the -5.5 I ordered before

and before you ask I ordered sphere only contacts and put my astigmatism in the glasses I ordered

will keep the glasses as Mandy likes them XXXX

any advice or suggestions gratefully appreciated

Soundmanpt 13 Mar 2013, 00:32


You seem to be on the right track with what your doing and like your finding out sometimes a bit of trial and error can tweak it even more. But from what your saying Mandy is wearing your toric contact lenses which have astigmatism correction in them? But you ordered her glasses without accounting for the astigmatism except to make them slightly stronger to try and compensate for the lack of astigmatism matching the contacts? You have a decent amount of astigmatism correction and I think if she tries to wear GOC for very long she will likely get a headache. Sounds like you both are enjoying your GOC experience quite well. But I do suggest if you and Mandy enjoy how she looks wearing glasses you may want to fine tune things by getting her some contacts without the astigmatism in them so she can wear them as long as she, and you, like. I assume Mady has perfect vision and wearing glasses is new for her?

Like Cactus Jack said it can be very enjoyable if done right.

sammy 12 Mar 2013, 12:11

Hello to all GOC wearers

I first posted to this thread on the 28 Feb about my curiosity about trying GOC. well I followed most of the advice given made a small change to the glasses ordered +3.75 instead of +2.75 and ordered -5.5 contacts instead of -5

my girlfriend Mandy thought it a waste of money and time but she said if I did it she wanted to try it to

so we worked out what to order for her what we have tried to do is swap prescriptions I would go from -2 to +3.75 and she has gone from +3.75 to -3 she went a higher than my –2 to account for my astigmatism

well the glasses arrived Friday from zenni contacts a couple of days before

well I have to say Mandy looks well sexy as a mildly myopic lady

and she likes the look as well and she seems to think I look better with the larger eyes from the +3.75s

mandy had no trouble adjusting straight away apart from every thing being smaller but she said clearer she seemed to think she could see distances better with them car number plates at 35 yards+ and had no trouble reading

I had a little trouble with mine to start, depth perception seemed a bit off but got better after a hour or so and much better when I tried the next day only trouble is close up reading is difficult goes out of focus gets better at arms length must be what being long-sighted is like

going to order some new contacts

am I right in thinking that if I ordered -5.5 contacts I should order -5.0 instead to give me a bit more plus in the glasses for close up vision

also the sex was great

look forward to any advice or suggestions

DS 09 Mar 2013, 07:30


-4.25 glasses would have been my first choice for pairing with your +0.25 vision and +4.25 contacts, but the extra -0.25 shouldn't be causing real problems if you aren't having problems reading with natural vision (without your +0.25 prescription).

Based on your complaint, you could try +0.75 add for the (-) glasses combos and up to +1.25 add for the high (+) glasses combo.

You are in the trial & error range with this. Factors such as contact lens power profile and pupil size, lens fit and movement, and lens decentration in the glasses could be involved. Add power may not solve these issues.

sparky 09 Mar 2013, 04:54

Cactus jack thank you for your reply my actual prescription for glasses is +.25.I went for a contact lens fitting .just for colour lenses .diam.14.4 .bc 8.7 . I have been wearing -4.50 sphere only glasses with +4.25 contacts but my reading vision is bad. I have not bought the plus 8 and minus 8 glasses yet .so if you could help with the combos .also I may need a add to see close up .I will then buy the combos after all the calculations are done.

sparky 09 Mar 2013, 04:33

Cactus jack thank you for your reply my actual prescription for glasses is +.25.I went for a contact lens fitting .just for colour lenses .diam.14.4 .bc 8.7 . I have been wearing -4.50 sphere only glasses with +4.25 contacts but my reading vision is bad. I have not bought the plus 8 and minus 8 glasses yet .so if you could help with the combos .also I may need a add to see close up .I will then buy the combos after all the calculations are done.

Cactus Jack 08 Mar 2013, 19:23


I thought we had answered your questions and provided limited advice, based on the limited information you provided. Successful GOC is the result of careful planning for your DISTANCE prescription. Your desired DISTANCE prescription for GOC glasses along with your ACTUAL COMPLETE PRESCRIPTION will be used to calculate your APPROXIMATE GOC CONTACT LENS PRESCRIPTION. The reason I said APPROXIMATE CL prescription is that above a certain point, contact lenses are available in 0.50 steps and it may be necessary to adjust the FINAL GLASSES PRESCRIPTION to compensate.

Your distance prescription has little to do with any ADD that you may require for reading or other close work as a result of presbyopia. At 35, it is likely that you have developed some presbyopia, but you may still have some accommodation range remaining.

It appears that you have purchased some glasses, and would like to try to find contact lenses that will make your purchase work. Usually, that approach leads to a GOC situation that is impossible to solve. Wearable GOC depends primarily on two things. One, the complete prescription in the glasses, including cylinder and axis and two, your complete prescription including cylinder and axis.

1. The first step is to decide the approximate glasses sphere prescription you would like, but do not order any glasses or contact lenses yet.

2. The next step is to get your actual complete glasses prescription. Just saying it is +0.25 is not enough. Please verify that it is +0.25 in each eye with no cylinder or axis.

3. Get a CL prescription with Base Curve and Diameter.

4. Calculate the effects of Vertex Distance on the Glasses Prescription(s) and the effects of your actual prescription on the CL sphere power.

5. Order the GOC glasses and contacts.

It appears from your post that you have some -4.50 glasses and want to try -8 and +8 GOC. Two questions:

1. What is your actual complete prescription?

2 What is the complete prescription in the -4.50 glasses.

I have a vague recollection of earlier post from you about GOC. Do you have some contacts to go with the -4.50 glasses? What is their prescription?

+/-4.50 is about the highest you can go without serious calculations other than adjusting the CL Rx for your actual prescription. +/-8 requires CL power adjustment for vertex distance and your actual prescription.

We can help, but cannot work with guesses and assumptions.

In the presbyopia department, are you presently wearing reading glasses of any power to supplement your accommodation.


sparky 08 Mar 2013, 14:11

Please could someone give me advice on my post last week

sparky 08 Mar 2013, 14:11

Please could someone give me advice on my post last week

David 06 Mar 2013, 08:21

I regularly wear high plus goc combo. I wear -20 ish contacts with +16 glasses.

They were hard to get used to at first but im ok with it now, i dont full time.

I did at one pont full time a set of +12s even so far as driving in them,i would not advise anyone to trythis without a lotof practice.

benn 04 Mar 2013, 16:39


The -12 CL my eyes gave double vision. I was useing them for a vedio so the Dr. gave me base out prisms.

R: +11.00 -2.25 x081 3^BO Add 2.50

L: +11.00 -2.25 x099 3^BO Add 2.50

My vison is poor but I was albe to get around. The prisms scared me so I don't use them much at all.

I looked like Gene Hackman in the movie "Enemy of the State"


Cactus Jack 04 Mar 2013, 11:11


The variance in the cylinder and axis in interesting. If those GOC glasses prescriptions are the result of refractions, it is possible that the CLs are affecting the cylinder correction some. Occasionally, even soft contacts can smooth out corneal irregularities, but that would tend to reduce the cylinder, rather than increase it.

Did you get a refraction with the -12 CLs? Can you describe your visual experiences with the -12 CLs. I think there is a point where strong plus glasses start having significant disadvantages, but frankly, I don't know where that is. There are a couple of member who wear around +6 GOC glasses and like them. I generally suggest that if a person wants to work up to high minus GOC, they do it gradually to allow their brain to learn to deal with the minification and edge distortion effects. I also discourage high plus GOC because of the visual disadvantages.


Cactus Jack 04 Mar 2013, 10:54


There is no situation I can think of where being even moderately hyperopic is an advantage. External lenses are required to focus properly at ANY distance, except maybe for focusing on stars and galaxies that are light years away. Unfortunately, that doesn't work either.

On the other hand, even fairly significant myopia can be advantageous for people involved in very close work, provided they do not have much astigmatism. An obvious example would be Watchmaking or Repair of very small devices. Often people involved in this type work use strong plus lenses either as clip-ons, glasses or special devices that have both high plus lenses and prisms to make very close work more comfortable.

I read recently about a non-obvious occupation where a person had to be constantly reading the tiny markings on minuscule electronic parts. He was able to get internal plus "contact lenses" that are installed behind the cornea to make him need about a -6.00 glasses for distance. He found this a more desirable situation.

As a general rule, corrections such as this are called "functional" because they help a person function better in their environment and are therefore "ethical". Also, it is possible to install and remove the lens through a tiny incision in the side of the cornea so the process is completely reversible, maybe. There are always risks associated with any surgery, even if the risks are very small.

The day may come where surgery to significantly alter the optics of the eye to make a person very hyperopic or very myopic for psychological reasons is acceptable to the medical profession, but it is not here yet. However, it was not all that long ago, that the idea of altering ones physical characteristics to simulate a gender change. for psychological reasons was beyond consideration. Now it is not even particularly newsworthy.

If you want to be very hyperopic, you can always hope for cataracts, in some form, to develop. If that occurs, you can pretty well choose your prescription, but for the most part it is a lifetime choice. Unfortunately, ethics may again enter the picture if you want to wind up with either strong plus or strong minus glasses without a medical reason.


benn 04 Mar 2013, 10:04


R: +0.75 -2.25 x084 add +2.50

L: +0.75 -2.75 x098 add +2.50

With your advice I have CL +4.00, +8.00, +15.00 and -12.00 and I had Dr. refracted glasses made. (Very good guy)

I wear the +4.00 mostly with:

R: -3.00 -2.75 x083

L: -3.75 -2.75 x088 Add 2.50 Glasses.

My second most is the CL +8.00 with:

R: -8.75 -2.25 x081

L: -8.75 -2.25 x099 Add 2.50

The - 12 CL's really don't work well at all.

I am about 90% GOC.

Tino 04 Mar 2013, 02:55


I've worn +8 permanent GOC for years and I'm desparate to have any type of surgery to create the same prescription without having to use the contacts.

Cactus Jack 03 Mar 2013, 23:19


Specs4ever has more experience with GOC than I will probably ever have. His is the voice of experience. Maybe I can offer a few technical reasons.

Primarily because of vertex distance effects, plus glasses act somewhat like binoculars or telephoto lenses. They have a very narrow field of view and a very short range of useful focus (depth of field in camera terms).

Conversely, minus lenses act like wide angle lenses with a wide field of view and a long range of useful focus. As an example, I have a GOC combination that allows me to wear a glasses prescription of around -14. Normally, I wear tri-focals and have worn them since my late 30s initially because of early onset presbyopia and later because of cataract surgery and installation of fixed focus IOLs. With the -14 (single vision) GOC combination, the depth of field is such that I can see quite well for distance and also read moderately well at normal reading distances. A +1.00 clip-on makes it better, but they are usable without.

The biggest disadvantage of high plus glasses is the narrow field of view and lack of peripheral vision. Some while back one of our members, who is naturally very hyperopic, commented that when he is riding the train he could only see the person directly across from him. He cannot see anyone seated next to the person directly across.

You can see precisely what takes place optically when you wear very high plus glasses if you check out the video link posted by dioptrienchen on the Seen on the Web thread. The girl in the video wears very high plus lenticular glasses. As she moves her head, her pupils appear and disappear in the strong plus lenses. The nature of optics is that light rays work the same in both directions. In other words, if the camera cannot see her pupils, she cannot see the camera.

The effect is not very noticeable with low to moderate plus lenses. I do not know the girl's prescription, but I would guess that it is significantly more than +20.

Could you remind me of your actual prescription? I may be able to comment on your GOC prospects.


benn 03 Mar 2013, 08:54


Thanks, that's is what I would suspect but wasn't sure.


specs4ever 03 Mar 2013, 07:43

I have been wearing plus contacts with minus glasses for a number of years. I get much better vision this way than I do when I try minus contacts and plus glasses

benn 02 Mar 2013, 09:49


A question for you. Do you have an opinion if using a + CL and - glasses is more or less sucessful than using a - CL and + glasses? The final Rx? great vision?

I use the -+ CL and - glasses at this point. Not getting perfect vision.

Thanks, benn

sparky 02 Mar 2013, 03:29

Thanks for your advice. I have done a eye test last week .my script is still a measly +.25. I wish I could induce myopia at my age 35 .that will be the greatest thing for me .anyway when I Was wearing my -4.50 glasses with +1 add I still couldn't read properly . Any ideas of what add I should get for my -8 and +8 glasses . All the advice is. H really appreciated any way I am from south africa .

DS 01 Mar 2013, 23:39


For -8 glasses, you nominally need +7.25D contacts. You can't buy those (0.50D steps in those powers), so choose +7.00D contacts to err towards being farsighted (clearer vision overall) or +7.50D contacts to err towards being nearsighted (a little less eye strain).

For +8 glasses you require -8.75D contacts. The same step size availability problem forces you to choose between -9.00D or -8.50D contacts.

As CJ mentioned, the complete glasses prescription could influence the choice as each axis has to be accounted for separately.

At these higher powers, it's a little more touchy. The contact lens design can affect the result.

DS 01 Mar 2013, 23:17


You don't want to add the extra +0.25 to the glasses prescription. Vertex distance is applied to the glasses (the "G") and not the contact lens (the "C") in GOC. At this prescription, vertex adjustments are within the 0.25D resolution of an exam, and rounding in your original prescription make the best value unknown.

If anything, I would adjust the sph of the glasses to +2.75 because

1) you need more minus power vertexing in the direction of contacts to glasses, and

2) normally hyperopes (what you are making yourself with the -5 contacts) prefer to remain a little farsighted to use accomodation to focus. If you have too much (+) in the glasses you will have some residual blur that you can't focus out. Maybe not a huge deal coming from a natural myope, but worth consideration.

astigmaphile 01 Mar 2013, 09:05


There are two people who have posted on Vision- and -Specs who have had lensectomies for the purpose of wearing high diopter plus specs. One of them had it done in Mexico.

leo 01 Mar 2013, 06:05


when you find the right surgeon , what RX are you after ?

Tino 01 Mar 2013, 03:26


I've already had one unsuccessful consultation and the biggest problem here in the UK doesn't seen to be with lawsuits but 'ethics'. I have a couple of surgeons who more-or-less seem to be saying 'give me a good reason and I'll give you the surgery'. No doubt I'm setting myself up for a let down but, if you don't try......

Its Me 28 Feb 2013, 17:19


For plus RX, you need to subtract .25D. So you should order +2.75 instead. Good Luck

sammy 28 Feb 2013, 14:34

Thanks cactus jack for your reply

just trying to confirm a few details

I was going to try a result of wearing approx +3 maybe +4 glasses mainly just out of curiosity and partly I like a challenge

if my current prescription is

r -2.00 -1.25c 100a

l- 2.00 -1.00c 70a

if I use a -5 contacts (will use daily disposables as they are available in my base /diameter and cheapest )

now to the glasses will order online to this prescription

r +3.25 -1.25c 100a

l +3.25 -1.00c 70a

is this right I have added an extra +0.25 as after reading this forum contacts prescriptions over about 4.5 5.0 differ from glasses prescriptions

I hope I was correct in keeping the astigmatism in the glasses,

and hope I haven’t made any massive errors and as I have no experience of +3 prescriptions is this a good start

any advice you have will be gratefully appreciated or any advice suggestions from anyone

Cactus Jack 28 Feb 2013, 13:26

often be very pleasurable.

Cactus Jack 28 Feb 2013, 13:25

Sammy & Sparky,

Carefully planned and executed GOC can offer be very pleasurable. Poorly planned and executed GOC can be very uncomfortable and expensive.

To do GOC, you will need the following:

1. Your most recent COMPLETE actual prescription for glasses.

2. An actual prescription for contact lenses (Base Curve and Diameter)

3. Your long term GOC glasses prescription goal.

If you don't have all of the above, we can help you get them.

Important tips for successful GOC:

1. Do not buy existing glasses with the idea of being able to figure out a CL prescription that will make them work.

2. Do not start with a prescription that is vastly different from your existing Rx. IOW if you wear +1 glasses, don't start with -20 GOC glasses. -4 or -5 would be better to start and then work up. Otherwise the adjustment is pretty rough.

3. Pay close attention to any guidance offered and do not get "creative".


sparky 28 Feb 2013, 09:36

Hi I have been doing goc for awhile with -4.5 glasses my real script is +.25 I want to try a-8 and +8 combo can anyone tell me what powers the contacts should be .I don't know how to use the goc table

sammy 28 Feb 2013, 08:08

Have been reading these threads on eye scene for a while my first thought about GOC was why would any one what to do that but over the last few months it has got my curiosity aroused I am a mildly myopic about -2 with some astigmatism and have started to get curious if out of curiosity I wanted to try am I right in thinking that if I use -5 contacts I should get +3 glasses with the astigmatism put in the glasses I am mostly about 95% wearing contacts (glasses late at night) so getting some cheap daily contacts online and glasses will be no problem

does this plan sound alight

will work out the exact prescription needed

a +3 glasses should be OK and not to difficult to explain if seen by neighbours as they have seen me in glasses usually late at night walking the dogs

if any body has any advice either sensible of completely bonkers please let me know

hoping for a quick response thanks

sparky 28 Feb 2013, 01:22

Hi I have been doing goc for awhile with -4.5 glasses my real script is +.25 I want to try a-8 and +8 combo can anyone tell me what powers the contacts should be .I don't know how to use the goc table

astigmaphile 27 Feb 2013, 16:12


I don't know if I can give you a good reason, but I understand what you want and don't have the guts to ask a doctor to do it. I don't think anyone in the USA will do it. They are too afraid of lawsuits.

I want the same thing except I want limbal relaxing incisions that make me more astigmatic, not less.

Tino 27 Feb 2013, 11:45

I've finally plucked up the courage to speak to various clinics about the possibility of having laser or lens replacement surgery to allow me to permanently be a moderate hyperope (I currently permanently wear +8 glasses over -9 contacts). A couple have asked me for the 'benefit' of having the surgery and, obviously 'I just want to' doesn't cut it.

So, my question is, can anyone give me some good suggestions of a benefit of having poor sight and relying on correction to function?

Thanks in advance!

shy 03 Feb 2013, 16:14

Sandy, the situation with your friend is very interesting. I would think that real -20 myope would be terrified at the prospect of being caught away from home without his glasses. But if he's into feeling helpless I guess that would do it. Has he told you about any of his experiences> I'd love to know more details.

Soundmanpt 02 Feb 2013, 12:58


Yes but what is fun could turn very serious if something bad were to happen around him and is unable to see. He should at least have someone with him when he decides to take a walk without his glasses. That way he would have help if needed. there is a fine line of having fun and just being dangerous to yourself.

Sorry I don't mean to pour cold water on what he is doing but there is better and safer ways to do the same thing.

sandy 02 Feb 2013, 11:43


I agree with you. But he seems to get a big thrill out of the helplessness he feels. I have tried it, and it does tick the boxes.

Soundmanpt 02 Feb 2013, 09:40


Nothing wrong with doing that except he should really at least have his glasses in his pocket just in something were to come up that he needed to see.

sandy 02 Feb 2013, 09:34


I have a friend who is a very high myope, late -20s. He enjoys doing just as you say. He goes out bareyed without taking his glasses with him. He likes the feeling of helplessness. He also enjoys the challenge of finding his way about using a cane. You are not alone in this desire.

Euro Traveller 30 Jan 2013, 10:47


What a marvellous idea it would be to stage such a day again (preferably somewhere in Europe from my perspective). I have had a degree of help from an optometrist in the past but it would be so useful to have hands on assistance from a professional who is supportive rather than sceptical. I wonder how we could make it happen?

leo 30 Jan 2013, 08:00

I get around my home in -15 glasses, when I give my eyes a " break " from contacts.............hoping for a miracle :)

Crystal Veil 29 Jan 2013, 08:46

Stephan (of the former duo with Sandra) once organised a day in Munich together with an optician. Anyone who was interested in trying GOC could try it out in the shop and then take a walk in the mall. The reactions varied from "horrible claustrophobia" to a girl who was really interested to get a contacts + glasses combo for use in her daily life

Soundmanpt 28 Jan 2013, 17:55


If you feel so inclined to do that what is stopping you? Just maybe don't go too close to any streets that you need to cross. You could always take your companion glasses along just in case you find it too difficult. Just put your glasses in your pocket or bag if your female.

I think you may find it much more difficult then being in your own home.

Then report the results

shy 28 Jan 2013, 17:38

I can get around home okay with my +12 contacts but its home and i know where everything is. Id most likely be totally lost in a place or area i didnt know so well.

benn 24 Jan 2013, 10:12

I do go bare eyed with my +8 contacts, the combo I like best, around the house. I am always surprised how much I can do now bare eyed. At first I felt so blind, but now I can do a lot. I started doing GOC about 10 years ago and use them almost every day.

specs4ever 23 Jan 2013, 23:02

I have never really tried to go for an extended period wearing the plus contacts. The whole point to me of wearing the contacts is so I can have a GOC day.

shy 23 Jan 2013, 19:03

hey, just wondering if anyone who uses contacts to become either high myope or high hyperope ever tried to spend an extended time (maybe better part of a day) in contacts but without the glasses? I have considered leaving the glasses at home and walking down to the stores or somewhere kinda close. then putting in the lenses and see what the walk home would be like. I'm sure at some point a real high myope or high hyperope has been in situations where they have no access to their glasses.

leo 31 Dec 2012, 08:58

Happy New Year to all glasses wearers , lovers and Gocers !!

Cactus jack 16 Dec 2012, 22:31


One thing I did not mention is that the absolute very best way to do GOC is exactly what Benn mentioned. Find an Eye Care Professional who is willing to help you with GOC, either out of curiosity or because they know what they are doing. That eliminates most of the uncertainty and the only variable is how quickly you can learn to deal with what vision is like wearing very high prescription glasses. It would probably be the fastest way for you to be wearing GOC that works and is comfortable. Maybe by Christmas.

You might start by calling or emailing some ECPs and asking if they have any experience with GOC or would like to help you use contact lenses to wear very high prescription glasses comfortably. The worst they can say is NO.

Please let us know what you decide to do.


Cactus Jack 16 Dec 2012, 14:02


The thing you absolutely need to do GOC with any Glasses/CL combination is a complete current prescription for glasses and contact lenses all the calculations start there. With that information we can do the calculations and tell you what prescription you need to order for GOC glasses and CLs. Please do that first and get the prescription filled for both if you want to. You need to learn how to care for, insert, and remove your contact lenses and they will teach you how to do all that safely.

When you go for the exam, tell the examiner that you are having trouble reading menu boards, TV captions, or any other signs you can think of that are at least 2 or 3 meters away. Mention that you really like to see very clearly, but would like to be able to wear contact lenses for social situations rather than glasses.

Please do not order any GOC glasses or CLs until we have your actual prescription to work with. If you have any astigmatism (cylinder and axis in the prescription) we will need to put that EXACT amount of cylinder and axis in your GOC glasses. Actual GOC is done by using Sphere only contacts of almost any available power and adjusting that power and the Sphere power of the glasses to match. DO NOT order any pre-existing glasses, it is nearly impossible to correctly match them to your actual prescription using contacts.

The thing that makes all these calculations tricky is what is called Vertex Distance (VD). Vertex distance is the distance from the front surface of your cornea to the back surface of the glasses. Its effects are a square function of the lens power multiplied by the VD in mm. If the glasses sphere power is less than about +/-4.50, the VD effects are negligible, but as the glasses Rx goes higher it has more and more effect to the point where at +/-16 the effective power of the glasses changes 0.25 diopters per mm of VD. and the effective power of the glasses, translated back to the cornea (where the CL is located can easily vary by 3.00 diopters. For example, assuming no refractive error (0.00 actual prescription), -16.00 glasses located 12 mm from the cornea would need +13.00 contacts - maybe.

The results of high GOC calculations are not guaranteed and there is evidence that the formulas and tables based on them are not very accurate at high powers.

I'll be happy to help you, but I need your exact prescriptions and I must ask you to not be creative, unless you just want to waste your money satisfying your curiosity.


Globetrotter 16 Dec 2012, 12:50


Thanks everybody for the great anwers and experiences. Thank you Cactus :) Sorry for replying late I just had a lot to travel and not much I checked this thread.

From your answer I understood you mean if I would like to be a full time GOC wearer I should start with low prescription and later going up.

My wish is to be a part time (sometimes, like once a week for 1-2 hours or even less often) GOC wearer but if seldom, I would like to wear higher prescription ones. For this couple of time for me is fine just to see aproximately through the lenses, not like 100 %.

What do you think? What shall I do to have this feeling as soon as possible and maybe not spending the time with lower ones just to adjust my eyes to them for a full time wearer.

Thank you very much for your answers and good luck :)

Cactus Jack 06 Dec 2012, 18:57


The first sentence of the 3rd paragraph reads: "If you put on your normal glasses. . . "

It should read:

"If you are wearing your contacts and put on your regular glasses over them. . . "


Cactus Jack 06 Dec 2012, 10:56

Thanks Curious,

I suspect the reason you have apparently better distance vision wearing your regular glasses over your contact lenses than you do when wearing your reading glasses alone, is because the cylinder correction in your regular glasses substantially reduces your +1.25 sphere correction in one axis.

The way this works or is supposed to work, optically, is that your glasses or contacts correct or neutralize your refractive error to 0.00 in both sphere and cylinder. You didn’t mention the axis of the cylinder in your toric contacts, but if you see well with them the effective axis has to be pretty close to the cylinder axis in your glasses.

If you put on your normal glasses, you get the effect of the +1.25 in the 10 and 0 degree axis (90 degrees from your cylinder axis) and +0.50 (+1.25 -0.75 = +0.50) in the 100 and 90 degree axis. This will make the images appear less blurry overall, but will actually make things worse in some axis. Cylinder is one of those instances when too much of a good thing, is not very good at all.

If you have satisfactory vision with your contacts and find them comfortable, you may find sphere only, over-the-counter, reading glasses very useful for close work with your contacts. You only need to have the astigmatism, which is significant in your prescription, corrected once. What you are experiencing does not indicate that you necessarily need more cylinder or a change in axis. However, I would refer you to my post for Dave on the Astigmatism thread  01 Dec 2012, 07:22 about how to improve cylinder and axis results during an exam.

One thing to remember is that vision actually occurs in the brain, the eyes are merely biological cameras. The brain can do some very sophisticated image processing if it knows what something is supposed to look like. Proof of this ability to generate clear images with the eyes closed is the fact that people with significant refractive errors dream in clears images with their eyes closed.

Hope this helps. Any more questions, please feel free to ask.


curious 06 Dec 2012, 01:32

So far all makes sense, but an answer as to why I can see fairly well is still pending.

As asked here we go with my prescriptions:

Normal glasses:

R: +1.25 -0.75 100

L: +1.25 -0.75 90

Reading glasses:

R: +2.50 -0.75 100

L: +2.50 -0.75 90

Contacts: toric lenses

R: +1.25 -0.75

L: +1.25 -0.75

Now I am really curious about your answer, Cactus Jack.

Thank you and best regards,


Cactus Jack 05 Dec 2012, 08:52


At 34 it is highly unlikely that your distance prescription will change very much in the coming years. If you had any Latent Hyperopia, which can cause a + sphere prescription to increase, it is probably long gone. The only thing you can look forward to is an increasing reading prescription or a bifocal add. However, unless you take up watchmaking, it is unlikely that your reading add will ever exceed +3.50. (Modern devices with tiny text can approach watchmaking in their visual requirements causing teens to need bifocals.)

Your eyes have a built in "auto-focus" mechanism consisting of the ciliary muscles and crystalline lenses. Over time, presbyopia gradually robs your crystalline lenses of their flexibility and you gradually loose your ability to focus close without help. The amount of plus from any source, internal crystalline lenses or external reading glasses is determined by the laws of optics and the distance to the object of interest. To focus at 40 cm (typical reading distance) you need an additional +2.50 over your distance correction, period. Apparently, right now, you can supply +1.25 of the +2.50 internally, but that will change over time.

I know this is disappointing, but you can, of course, do true GOC and wear almost any glasses prescription you would like.

Before I can answer your question accurately, it would be very helpful to have your complete regular glasses, reading glasses, and contact lens prescriptions, if you have them. Also, I may need to ask you to perform a simple test with your reading glasses after I have your prescriptions.


curious 05 Dec 2012, 01:32

@cactus jack: you may :-)

I'm working as senior media relations officer for a financial service provider. I am 34 years old.

please explain...

Cactus Jack 04 Dec 2012, 12:16


Glad to explain. May I ask your age and occupation?


curious 04 Dec 2012, 10:14

Hello there

I had a desire to wear glasses since I can remember. Then, when I was in my 20ies, I was described glasses with +1.25 dpt, -0.75cyl in both eyes.

Of course I dreamed of needing to have a stronger prescription but so far this has not happened yet and my eyes are stable. I recently started wearing contacts with the same prescription and have been using reading glasses for upclose for a while now (+2.5 dpt, also with -0.75 cyl of course).

Now to my question: today I put in my contacts and during work forgot about them. I have my normal glasses in my office and absent-minded put on my glasses at some point. Of course I could see well up-close but when I realized that I had put my glasses on I looked around and although I could not see crystal-clear far things I could see quite sharp with my glasses (+1.25) and my contacts (+1.25). this of course corresponds to the strengths of my reading glasses but with my reading glasses on I cannot see anything far away. But with the combination contacts and glasses I could see fairly well. Does this have anything to do with the higher amount of cylinder? since I have -0.75 cyl in both my glasses and my toric contacts this adds up to -1.5 cyl in total. Does this mean that I could potentially wear much stronger glasses permanently and simply adjust respectively increase my cylinder strength? Or what could be the explanation as to why I could see fairly well when I don't see further than 3 meters with my reading glasses on?

Thanks for your expertise...

Best regards,


benn 04 Dec 2012, 09:36


I did the GOC before CJ was giving advise about doing it. I started by buying glasses from Ebay in the -25 range and then "guessed" at the power needed, the higher the Rx the harded it is to guess. My results was very bad!

Then CJ wrote an answer that set me straight. Since I have Astigmatism (-3.0/-3.25) I needed that in the Rx for contacts or glassess. Again, before CJ, I went with the Rx in the contacts, bad results.

So I started over, got contacts +4 and asked my Dr to refract for glasses. Great combo great vision. Then I went up, +8, +15, -15 and I wear one of the combos almost full time. great vison, great fun.

BTW, it wasn't difficult to get the Dr to do it for me. He thinks it kind of funny, but...

Cactus Jack 04 Dec 2012, 08:48


Welcome. Most people getting started with GOC, want to start with a very high prescription in the glasses. Generally, this is a mistake for two reasons. The first is that the formulas used for calculating lens powers can be very inaccurate at high powers and second, your brain has to learn to process the visual information presented to the retina by high GOC. Often, a first, too soon, effort at GOC results in an expensive, uncomfortable visual experience that is soon abandoned.

We'll be happy to help you, several of our members wear high prescription GOC full time and throughly enjoy it, but they didn't start at high powers. Essentially, many of us have been there, done that, and got a lot more out of it than a tee shirt.

The first thing you need is an eye exam. That is the starting point for everything. We (includes you) need to know your complete prescription. You don't necessarily need to order glasses from the examiner, but that is up to you. We can tell you how to order inexpensive glasses on line - you really need to know how to do this. If you are pressured to order some glasses from the Optician, just look at some frames and say you need to ask a friend, wife, partner, etc. to help you pick out some frames and say you will be back. They are required to give you a written prescription. Be aware that some mildly reputable optical companies have been known to provide slightly incorrect prescriptions so you will have to get the glasses from them.

Ultimately, you will need a prescription for contact lenses, but that is the second or third step. Unless you just like to waste time and money, please do not order or buy any glasses until we can work out the prescription for the contacts and glasses. It is nearly impossible to use contact lenses to match your vision to pre-existing glasses, particularly if you or the glasses have any astigmatism correction.

With some effort, we can probably have you wearing some low GOC glasses by Christmas, but probably not in the -20 range. You have some learning to do before you should even attempt GOC in that range. -4 or -5 might be possible. That is certainly a serious prescription and will give your brain some experience in seeing with a significant minus prescription. That is usually easy to do.

Get the exam today or tomorrow if you can and be looking at Zenni optical or other online retailer for frame styles you like, but do not order anything - yet.


Globetrotter 04 Dec 2012, 07:50

Hi GOC friends,

I had some problems of posting a message here, but I will try it once again. I just want to be a part of this community because I recently discovered in my that I really love girls in high myodisc glasses and I want to be a part time GOC myodisc wearer too.

I'm male, 35 years of age and live in Europe. I found on internet pages which selling high myodisc glasses (aliexpress, glorywholesaler) and I really want to order of them. But to see with this beautiful glasses clearly and to wear them at least sometimes, part-time I need plus contacts. Can I order them on the same page or where on the internet can I get them easily delivered to my home?

I liked some glasses with prescription between 20-30, in normal life I don't need any glasses to see (actually -0,5 and -0,75 they said for my eyes).

I hope you can help me to get the set and that's could be a great gift for Xmas :)


4iiii 10 Nov 2012, 02:26

Where can I buy (on Line ) -17.75 with 2.50 add glasses for GOC ?Tried the popular sites I know,no luck.

Thank you,

frustrated :(

GreginColo 16 Oct 2012, 22:13

Thanks for sharing the photos of your attractively thick glasses.

Rupert 16 Oct 2012, 21:32

I've posted a few photos of my -10 glasses to Flickr. See my earlier post, below, for details of my GOC experience. Enjoy!

They're here:

Rupert 15 Oct 2012, 11:23

Hello Greg and Its Me. Thanks for your comments. I got the glasses from Zenni. They were about $50. I'll try to post some photos when I'm at my home computer.

GreginColo 14 Oct 2012, 23:18

Rupert, nice sounding glasses there; hope you'll consider posting some pics of them and/or you wearing them. Thanks

Its Me 14 Oct 2012, 22:38


Where did you get the glasses? Hope your having fun with GOC!

Rupert 14 Oct 2012, 14:10

I posted about a year ago about trying glasses over contacts with plus glasses and minus contacts. I’m a natural -4.50, and the -11.50 contacts I got (same size as my usual contacts) never worked out comfortably, and the massive magnification of the +6 lenses in the glasses I bought was hard to handle. I decided recently to try GOC in the opposite direction, with -10 glasses. I used the GOC chart I got off Eye Scene long ago, and ordered +4.75 contacts to use with them. To maximize thickness, I ordered a large, half-rim pair online (I got an e-mail after ordering informing me that “your glasses will be very thick” and suggesting I order a smaller, full-rim pair. I told them I was fine with thick lenses and to proceed with the order, which they did).

My glasses arrived yesterday, and they are beautiful—nearly a half-inch thick at the edge, a little over 11 millimeters. They have flat fronts, and flash a bit, but the anti-reflection coating works well. I popped in the contacts (very comfortable, though I won't wear them for a long period yet)and popped on the glasses—success! I can see beautifully, and since I’m used to minus lenses, there was really no noticeable minification or distortion, just good solid vision. I’m an older guy, so I got progressive lenses, and they work great, good close-up and far. The cut-in is major, shrinking my eyes significantly, and it’s really cool. And of course the power rings are intense.

Went out today and ran an errand wearing them. Not sure what the store staff person thought of the glasses, but they are impossible not to notice! Lots of fun.

Leo 13 Oct 2012, 06:33

Thanks Bobby,I too prefer contacts when doing GOC . I was thinking of times when I have to give the eyes a rest from wearing contacts,having glasses like Lencka would be better than my real glasses with a rx of + half a dioper!

Thanks for the advice ,you got me thinking!

Bobby 13 Oct 2012, 05:09

Leo, do NOT be mistaken, please. Lenka plays the role calles "Sweet Sue" or just "Lenka" in Ivan Mladek's performances. In MOST of the performances and shows She is supposed to:

1. Look horrible. 2. Speak like a retarded woman 3. not to understand the simpliest things in life. Czech humor is very specific and Mladek's band humor is difficult to understand for foreigners (most verbal jokes are practically untranslatable). I think they had the glasses made in any optic shop in Prague. Anybody with two hands and enough of fingers can glue two pieces of glass together! If you want to contact her, feel free trying, but do not be too surprised if you get no answer.

As a GOC wearer, I prefer contacts and glasses to any two-lens glasses in Lenka style. The contact lenses make me feel more like a real high myope.

leo 13 Oct 2012, 04:45


Lenka Plackova

If the glasses Lencka wears has zero diopers,anybody could wear tha type of glasses. For people who wear GOC,that would be pefect when one needs to "rest" ones eyes.Do you ,or anyone know if Lencka could be contacted,to find out where she has those glasses made? I have to admit, I think she looks good in some of the glasses she uses,very real.

Cactus Jack 25 Sep 2012, 11:19


It is almost impossible to make glasses with the wrong cylinder and axis work with your cylinder and axis for any purpose using contact lenses.

You need to understand that GOC is not an exact science, even under tightly controlled circumstances.

GOC and be fun and exciting, but you need to do it right, with a plan for both the glasses Rx and the CL Rx. They have to work as a team. Below -10 is pretty straight forward. The higher you go the toucher it gets.


Patrick 25 Sep 2012, 01:58

Hey all,

I'm guessing there's nobody in my area that does this um, "hobby".

Anyways, maybe you guys are able to help me with this other thing then.

Someone gave me their pair of old glasses with a prescription of:

R: -9.00 -0.75 x 38

L: -9.75 -0.62 x 156

My current prescription is:

R: -4.50 -0.25 x 165

L: -5.25 -0.75 x 10

If I wanted to do GOC with them, what plus contacts would I need for me to be able to see through them properly?

Also, whoever responds, can you show me how you calculated it? I have a spreadsheet for this, but I don't understand it.

Thanks in advance.

Cactus Jack 17 Sep 2012, 17:05


Response is on the Lenses thread.


Filthy McNasty 17 Sep 2012, 14:51

Please see my misdirected post in "Lenses".

Cactus Jack 14 Sep 2012, 08:39


GOC is a very inexact "science" at best. The very best way to do GOC is to get a refraction while wearing the contacts, particularly at higher Rx. It normally is not much of a problem to use the calculated values at moderate sphere Rx and if you are young enough to be able to accommodate a little, if you need to.

Unless you have a lot of money to waste, I suggest you order inexpensive glasses from an online retailer. If your experiment works, you can always order more expensive glasses if you wish. For your purposes right now, you don't need any options and standard low index lenses and inexpensive frames are all you need.

My real concern is the contacts and your eye health. Improperly fitted contacts, that do not have the correct base curve, may not allow a free flowing tear film between your corneas and the CL. The corneas depend on the tear film to provide moisture, lubrication, and oxygen. There is NO blood supply to the cornea.

Failure to use proper hygiene and insertion/removal techniques can also cause pain and other problems. The result can be permanent damage to the cornea. Read some of the recent discussions about CL problems on other threads.

If you want to try GOC, there are fairly simple procedures that are safe and work well. For some people, GOC can be a very satisfying experience, but it needs to be done correctly. If you just want to experience blurry vision, you don't need the contacts. Just pick up a pair of the strongest readers you can find at your local store.

We will help you if you want to try GOC the right way.


Johnny 14 Sep 2012, 00:26

Thanks Cactus Jack! I'm just experimenting with them for kicks, and wasn't going to wear them full time. Got the contacts but wasn't sure on how to order the glasses. Thanks for your help, I will let you know what happens.


Patrick 13 Sep 2012, 02:41

Hi all.

I haven't posted to this BBS since it used to be on laughingsquid. Anyways, even back then I always wanted to try and experiment around with GOC, but never really went through with it and that was like over 10 years ago. I was wondering, is there anybody on this site that lives in the Bay Area of California that is willing to meet me and help me with this? Preferably someone who works in the vision industry, not necessarily an optician, even just someone who works with and eye doctor, i.e. an optical assistant or even just in sales at an eye doctors. But, even if you don't work in the industry, but do live in the area and are a fan of GOC, please let me know.

Cactus jack 13 Sep 2012, 00:13


If you have 20/20 vision without correction and NO astigmatism. DO NOT try to do GOC with toric contacts (with cylinder and axis) and wear glasses to correct it with opposite cylinder and the same axis. It is very difficult to stabilize a toric contact when a person has astigmatism and I doubt you would be successful in doing anything other than causing yourself headaches and frequent and intermittent blurry vision. Also, there is another problem with Vertex Distance (VD) with lenses +/- 5.00 and above.

Theoretically, an eye or wearing contacts with an Eyepower or contact Rx of -5.00, -1.75 x 90 would be corrected by glasses that had an Rx of +5.00, +1.75 x 90 without considering vertex distance effects. But the lens maker is going to convert your + cylinder Rx to - cylinder. The result is an Rx of +6.75, -1.75 x 0 which increases VD effects in sphere from 0.25 to 0.50 diopters.

Your question requires some mental gymnastics and I believe you would need to reduce the glasses sphere to +6.25 because VD effects increase the effective power of plus lenses as you move the lens away from the cornea. There are no guarantees, but if you want to try it, please let me know how it works out.


Johnny 12 Sep 2012, 23:12

Hi Cactus Jack, thanks for your input.

So to confirm, if someone has 20/20 vision uncorrected and wears CL's which are -5.00 -1.75x90, then glasses should be: +5.00 -1.75x90? Or would the cylinder in the glasses be +1.75x90?


Goc seer 07 Sep 2012, 20:56

Why are most contacts the same size? I have small eyes and my contacts show up to much for my liking. Are there smaller diameters out there?

Cactus Jack 07 Sep 2012, 09:22


If you want to do GOC, the general rule is that you transfer the cylinder and axis EXACTLY to the glasses Rx without any change. The only (very rare) exception is if the cylinder is higher than +/- 4.00.

Ideally, the cylinder and axis are obtained from the original refracted Rx rather than the CL Rx. Axis in a contact lens Rx is to the nearest 5 degrees. Axis in Glasses Rx is to the nearest 1 degree. Also, sometimes it is necessary to do some tricky things with the Toric CL lens Rx to try to get them to stay properly oriented on the cornea. This is particularly true with lower cylinder Rx. With -1.75 cylinder, that might not have been a problem.

You should use sphere only CLs for GOC and never buy existing glasses offered on line for GOC with unknown or incorrect cylinder and axis. It would be nearly impossible to try to negate or adjust the cylinder in toric CLs to make the combination work. Successful GOC requires thought an planing BEFORE you buy anything and even then, it may not be right the first time.


leo 07 Sep 2012, 06:35


did you get any help?

Johnny 17 Aug 2012, 00:59

Thanks Soundmanpt. I've been a contact lens wearer for >25 years, and for GOC I always order the correct BC/Diam. I agree, NEVER a good idea to wear someone else's CLs. These will be ordered new, but I've never experimented with astigmatism which is the reason for my question.

If anyone knows - how would I order glasses to negate the astig script on CLs? Do I need to transform the angle or just the power?


Soundmanpt 16 Aug 2012, 00:51


I assume you are getting the contacts from a friend. It is a very bad idea to attempt to wear someone else's contacts. Contacts have a eye size and base curve that is important for a proper fit.

Doing GOC can fun and safe if it done the right way. If you look back through this thread you will find a lot of very good advice from others that do wear GOC without any problem. But the first step would be to get a contact lenses fitting done. This is very simple. Just call and make an appointment because you want colored contacts. They will examine your eyes and do a fitting and then there are several on-line contact lens sites that will sell you prescription contacts and of course if you don't have a astigmatism don't make one up. Just use the SPH only. Then decide if you want to wear minus or plus glasses. If you want to go as high as + or -5.00 the glasses will need to slightly stronger than the contacts. To make it easy i would suggest not going higher than a + or -3.00 as the glasses would be the same power in reverse.

But never, ever wear anyone else's contacts even if they are in a fresh unopened container.

Johnny 15 Aug 2012, 22:19

Hi, I have a question regarding astigmatism contact lenses.

If the CL's are:

-5.00 -1.75x90

What prescription glasses would negate them -

would it be:

+5.00 +1.75x90?

leo 22 Jul 2012, 09:57

should read (any high GOC combination ) -17.75 rx is what I"am after.


leo 22 Jul 2012, 09:48

Dose anybody do GOC with a high combination -17 contacts with -17.75 glasses with 2.50 near add ?

I thought I found a company ,but they said my rx was to high and cancled my order ! very :(

gwgs 20 Jul 2012, 03:53

Wow!! That's a new one for me, I've never heard of them before. I must give them a try.

leo 19 Jul 2012, 08:29


I found a company who will fill my full rx called FIRMOO .:)

gwgs 19 Jul 2012, 08:09

Leo - Oh dear!

What you could do is get stick on lenses. In my previous experience I haven't found them to be very good as the lenses are plastic as opposed to conventional lens material, as therefore the view you get through them isn't as clear as conventional bifocals, but I have heard a couple of people say they're fantastic.

leo 19 Jul 2012, 06:17


Thanks crystal,! tried Zenni a few minutes ago,they only offered me -9 for bifocals!


Crystal Veil 19 Jul 2012, 05:50


as far as I know, Zenni does not sell bifocals above -10.00 but you could order GOC glasses for reading from them (-15 and PD 63)

leo 19 Jul 2012, 05:28


Thanks Bryan,I needed a bit of guidance !!

Bryan 18 Jul 2012, 08:43

The add +2.50 is just that - a reading add. The pd's are correct and are given as a monocular pd, which means that each eye is measured from the middle of the bridge of his nose. This would mean that the overall distance pd for Leo would be 67, and this is a fairly normal pd distance for a man The reading pd should be about 3 mm less, and would be written as 64, but Leo has been given a reading pd of 4mm less, which would be written as 63.

If you are ordering from Zenni for example, the first field is prescription type - choose bifocals from the drop down menu.

The second field is pd and you can chose dual pd so you enter each eye pd seperately if you wish, although you can use the single pd here without a problem.

The next field is lens type and so on down the list. You may have to search for a frame that will take a strong lens though

gwgs 18 Jul 2012, 07:08

Leo, 67pd does seem quite a wide pd. From my previous ordering of glasses online I understand that 62 is the average.

You can in theory measure your own PD by standing in front of a mirror with a ruler and reading off (if you can see the small measurements on the ruler) and in so doing you'll be able to know your PD if you're concerned you've got the wrong measurement.

leo 18 Jul 2012, 05:58


Thank you!

The 2.50 is a near add. Not to sure about the 67pd ? always thought it had something to do my "slightly outward looking eyes,but nothing serious,an ECP try to explain to me once!

gwgs 18 Jul 2012, 03:19

Leo, as far as I can see (oops!!), the "add 2.50" is your cylinder correction (you haven't mentioned you had a reading add in so I'm presuming this is correct). So you would need to leave these to two add in's out.

Then add the 2 PD numbers together as opticians sometimes give a PD measurement for each eye, and sometimes they combine. So your PD is 33.5 + 33.5 which makes 67 (seems like quite a wide PD in my opinion).

Hope this helps.

leo 17 Jul 2012, 10:00

Help with GOC rx

my new rx for GOC reads as ff:

R Eye sp -17.75X L Eye sp -17.75X

Add 2.50 Add 2.50

PD 33,5 PD 33.5

Near PD 31.5 Near PD 31.5

when buying glasses on the net,I don't understand how to order with this RX? no cylinder and the 2x PDs ! Can anyone please HELP?


JD 25 Jun 2012, 16:51

What have you guys found to be the most comfortable extended wear lenses? I'm considering trying this as well.

sam12744 25 Jun 2012, 14:35


You are welcome. I do full time GOC, using extended wear contacts, but I make a point of giving my eyes a rest from them overnight once a week and for a few waking hours in addition.

Mark 25 Jun 2012, 11:49

Go to the main page, and follow the link to bobby's site, its on there

Shortsight 25 Jun 2012, 11:18

Dear All,

Has anyone got a copy of the GOC spreadsheet for matching CL Rx with Glasses Rx. My computer crashed and I lost it. I used it in the past and was very impressed with how accurate it was. Thanks!

leo 25 Jun 2012, 08:46

SAM 12744



sam12744 24 Jun 2012, 14:02


It depends entirely on the type of contacts you use. Obviously, with extended wear ones, which are suitable to leave in for up to a month( not that I would recommend it without some breaks to let the eyes 'breathe'), it wouldn't be a problem. With daily wear lenses, you could probably get away with it, but the professionals might suggest 14 hours as being better.


leo 03 Jun 2012, 09:43

For those wearing contacts for GOC full time ,how many hours is "full time ? Is 16 hours ok?

Soundmanpt 19 May 2012, 12:09


Something I just noticed, you did so good when you ordered your glasses from Zenni to put in all the proper information regarding your astigmatisms, but I am curious why you didn't make your left eye +3.50 instead of +4.00? I think you will still be okay with getting -3.00 contacts but if not you may have to get contacts in -3.50 for your left eye. You should always try and make it so your ordering the same contact rx for both eyes. The reason is that it is just cheaper as you only need one box that way.

Depending on how much your paying for your glasses in the long run it may be cheaper if you find your having blur in your left eye to reorder glasses.

Soundmanpt 17 May 2012, 11:06


You should order -3.00 contacts to go with your newly ordered glasses. That should be a good combination and provide you with perfect vision. Seeing that your actual prescription is very mild I would doubt you have ever worn contacts or been fitted for them? If you plan on wearing your new glasses quite often or full time you really should be fitted properly for contacts as they need to fit your eyes or they may quickly become uncomfortable to wear for long periods. If your current prescription is less than a few months old most optical shops will only charge the difference for the fitting and not as much as a full eye exam. For example Costco will do just the fitting for $24.00 other stores maybe around $35.00.

I'm sure you must be aware that not only will your lenses be much thicker than your current glasses but your eyes will look much bigger as well.

I'm sure you will enjoy wearing your GOC when you get both your contacts and glasses and can try it. Let us know how it goes when you do it for the first time and have fun with it.

Melinda 16 May 2012, 14:27

I Just ordered some glasses from Zenni with OD sph +4.00, cyl -1.00 ax 90; OS +4.00, cyl -.75 ax 90. My actual prescription is OD +1.00, cyl-1.00 ax 90; OS +.50, cyl-.75 ax 90. What strength of contacts should I order. I have never done this before and some help would be appreciated. Thanks!

JR 14 Feb 2012, 16:51

Up to -4 my wife can't tell or my grown children.

Soundmanpt 14 Feb 2012, 15:02


Your correct that if you didn't get hi-index lenses in your glasses they will be somewhat thicker than your actual glasses, but most people will not notice the difference except seeing you in a different frame style.

Good luck and have fun.

Curious 14 Feb 2012, 14:27

Thank all of your of your answers. I think its pretty cool that some of you do this on a daily basis. Does anyone notice the diference between a pair of glasses and the other? After seen some pictures on the internet, I'm sure that a -3 to a -8 will be much stronger. I can honestly say that I'm excited waiting for my glasses and contact lenses to come. I order contact lenses for daily contact lenses instead of the the 2 week ones. I just need to be sure to wear to wear it somewhere where i don't have any one that i know.

leo 14 Feb 2012, 08:19


I'am doing GOC full time wearing -8 full time,and -13 as often as I can , and loving it !!!


JR 13 Feb 2012, 14:05

I do very close to full time, I use two combos one -4 and -8. I have +12 and -20 too but don't use them much. Too much top explain.

Soundmanpt 13 Feb 2012, 13:44


I think you may find with the combination your going to try that your glasses may be a little too weak? You may need to make the glasses a little stronger or reduce the power on the contacts. You may need to reduce the contacts by +.50 or increase your glasses by -.75. Most find it works better to be slightly over corrected than to be under corrected.

Recently I showed a young lady that will be starting optometry school in the fall how to do GOC. She had perfect vision and she was very curious what it would be like to need glasses. I had a nice fashionable pair of women's glasses in my samples that were -1.25. I had her put on a pair of +1.25 contacts and then the glasses. With only the contacts she could not read any signs in her store, but was shocked that once she put on the glasses she now could see perfect again. She was having so much fun with the GOC that I let her borrow the glasses and she did GOC nearly everyday for more than a month. She has since got her own glasses.

Curious 13 Feb 2012, 13:17

I wonder how many people on this website wears GOC full time. I am very curious on how it feels which prompt me to order my self a pair of -8 from zenni and +5 contact lenses to see how it feels. I am normally a -3 and this might be off but i will try it anyways. I guess that needing glasses at -3 and at -8 might be samething since i can go anywhere without without contacts or eyeglasses.

This is a great forum and i had the opportunity to learn a lot here.

Alex 09 Dec 2011, 17:55

For you if you afraid to appear freaky in thick glasses)))

Steep 03 Dec 2011, 20:11

Hi All - wondering if i can get comment on the following?

Ive been doing ft/goc successfully for over a year now, and enjoying the outcome greatly.

Had the opportunity to do an auto-refraction test while on hols in Indonesia - while in goc mode.

Interesting result was showed some cylinder in print out yet me root prescription has never been written with this.

The sphere also was down on what i know i can accommodate.

Would the cylinder be to low to be written?

Would the contact have influenced to cylinder?

Will the cylinder have any impact on current visual acuity?

Current (real) Rx; R+1.25 L+1.00 (add +1.75)

Contact; -5.25


R+5.75 -0.50 68

L+5.50 -1.00 117

Current GOC glasses;



Which is giving quite good va i "think"..

Hope i make sense through all that..

Rgds Steep

Johnny 07 Nov 2011, 23:18

Folks - I've ordered several lenses from, good prices and fast shipping. They also have a toll free #. (disclaimer: I'm not affiliated whatsoever with this company).

Its Me 29 Oct 2011, 14:25

I use +13 glasses over -20 CL,not perfect but very good. I am naturally -6.

NJ 28 Oct 2011, 11:37

Tino, you will achieve better results with a single -18 CL than with piggybacking.

Tino 28 Oct 2011, 04:21

I'm about to order some contact lenses for GOC to wear under my +15 glasses. I have experimented by piggy backing two -9 lenses which works perfectly. Clearly this arrangement isn't satisfactory in the long term as I do GOC pretty much full time. Will I achieve the same results with a -18 contact lens?

Cactus Jack 27 Oct 2011, 18:52

Euro Traveller,

Sphere and Cylinder are truly separate issues. Sphere generally relates to the length of the eye, cylinder and axis relate to the curvature of the front surface of the cornea, but they are both dealt with in one lens. The person who was assisting you was right. The power of the lens would have been -3.75 in the axis of the cylinder correction and -3.00 in the axis 90 degrees from it. So it was close to -4.00 in the cylinder axis.


Euro Traveller 27 Oct 2011, 17:22

Interesting conversation with an optical lab technician. I found an optical lab that reglazes frames for a very reasonable price so I brought in a frame that I wanted reglazed for GOC. I have previously being using a pair of -3.00 with no cylinder but decided to add the -0.75 cylinder which I have in one eye.

After discussing it with them over the phone they agreed that a standard lens with anti-reflection coating was perfectly OK for that prescription (which was a refreshing change compared with the desperate attempts by high street stores to sell 1.74 index lenses to anyone with any prescription at all!)

However when I went in a different person referred to "the combined power being close to -4.00" and suggested that I may find a mid index lens better. I explained that I'd be happier with a standard lens with a/r coating due to concerns about chromatic abberation and they were fine with that.

However I was interested in his comment about combined power. From what Cactus Jack and others have explained I have come to understand that cylinder is a separate issue from sphere correction, so I wonder what he actually meant. Any thoughts appreciated. I was briefly concerned that I may have to increase the power of my CLs to compensate but then put that thought out of my mind as surely the cylinder power only affects the axis of the astigmatic eye (if that makes sense)?

NJ 26 Oct 2011, 12:07

The Cl power should include your natural Rx. For +16 glasses, you can probably get away with -18 CLs, depending on how close you can get the glasses to your eyes. I typically use a -20 CL with +16 glasses, and I have about +1 hyperopia to begin with. YMMV

Mister Roberts 26 Oct 2011, 11:57

NJ, yeah that is where I think I got confused. The -10 cl works because I have to press the glasses as far up my nose

as possible, just to show how important the vertex is, especially using plus glasses. I can't download the table because I use a Mac. Since I am about a natural -1.5, will that decrease the power of the contact lens ie with +16.00 glasses,that is a -18.50 instead of a -20.00?

NJ 26 Oct 2011, 11:51

sorry, -10 Cls for +13 glasses. my bad.

NJ 26 Oct 2011, 11:46

Filthy is right, you need to go in the opposite direction with +glasses over -contacts. I am really surprised that a -10 CL worked for +14 glasses! For +18 glasses you'll need something in the range of -22 CLs--maybe more. At this high +glasses, you should also get frames with adjustable nose pieces, as this will allow you to fine tune the vertex distance.

Cactus jack 26 Oct 2011, 10:58

Oops! How is that for a run-on sentence. This is when I long for the edit feature in the new ES so I can fix my all to frequent blunders.


Cactus Jack 26 Oct 2011, 10:55

Mister Roberts,

The Excel spreadsheet is an excellent cross check to see if you are in the "ball park" as we say in the US. The spreadsheet is based on the commonly used formulas for calculating contact lens Rx from a refracted or glasses Rx and I have found that the accuracy decreases as the Rx gets higher because vertex distance effects increase with the square of the Rx and vertex distances are hard to estimate accurately.

Also remember that depending on your age, you can compensate for too much minus or too little plus, but you cannot compensate for too much plus or too little minus.


Filthy McNasty 26 Oct 2011, 09:28

Vertex distance compensation works in reverse for plus lenses. For +13 glasses, you will need -16 or -17 contacts (just a guess to show you the relationship). Someone laid an excel Rx calculator on us years back that was pretty good for this type of estimation. Bobby may still link to it.

Mister Roberts 26 Oct 2011, 07:51

I thought I had this GOC thing down pretty good, for example, I have +10 cl for -12 glasses, perfect. +15 cl for -18 glasses, perfect. + 16 cl for - 20 glasses, perfect. Now to my latest endevor. -10 cl for +13 glasses almost perfect. So based on my experience I had a pair of +18 glaases made and using -14 cl, i thought would be at least close, they weren't. With this combination it was as if I was extremely near sighted, sharp vision at about 5 inches. Either my calculations are way off, or what I thought were -14cl, aren't. We all know how confusing this can get going from - to +, but I didn't think I would be off by this much. A second opinion would be great.

My actual Rx is OD -1.00 sph -1.00 cyl 80 axis. OS -1.00 sph -1.50 cyl 90 axis.

Glasses ordered OD +18.00 sph -1.00 cyl 80 axis. OS +18.00 sph -1.50 cyl 90 axis. Using what I thought were -14 contact lenses (need to varify). Knowing this would some one like to give me their thought on what the actual contact lens should be assuming about a 10mm vertex distance? Thanks in advance!

Cactus jack 21 Oct 2011, 15:44

Soundmanpt and Rupert,

Thanks Soundmanpt. You are right,


I misread your post. Maybe I need new glasses. Please extract any useful information and ignore the rest.


Soundmanpt 21 Oct 2011, 13:20

Cactus Jack

If I read it right Rupert is actually using -11.50 contacts not +6.00. And I would agree that they are going to be thicker than what he is used to. It might need to find another brand that is thinner and more flexible.

Cactus Jack 21 Oct 2011, 12:56


This may not be the answer, but -4.50 contacts are usually very thin and flexible. +6 contacts are thicker and not nearly as flexible. They also probably do not transmit oxygen as well as the -4.50s so tear film is much more important for carrying oxygen and tears to the cornea. Remember, the cornea has no blood supply so tears and oxygen from the air is very important.

The ideal thing would be to find an understanding optician or optometrist who has far more expertise than anyone here. Most Eye Care Professionals maintain a stock of many brands for trials. It is likely that the lens is too tight and is blocking tear flow. It should be loose enough to move around some. The Base Curve is the radius of the back suface of the lens. You may need a lens with a LARGER Base Curve so it will fit more loosely.

Soundmanpt, can you offer any suggestions.


Rupert 21 Oct 2011, 10:22

I just started doing GOC and I've run into a little trouble in the area I least expected to have trouble: the contacts. I've been wearing contacts (-4.50) for years, and I ordered some -11.50 contacts of the same brand, size and base curve, to pair with +6.00 (with a +1.50 lined bifocal add) glasses. I got the combination fairly close, so I'm happy with the vision (though the hugely magnified view of the world will take some getting used to).

The problem is that the contacts don't fit well; they're uncomfortable and don't seem to sit well on my eyes. They do look different from my regular contacts--thicker, I guess, given the strength of the prescription--and I wonder if the power makes a difference in how contacts fit. Has anyone had a similar experience?

So far, I've treated the contacts like I'm breaking them in, so I've worn them only for up to an hour, and my eyes hurt afterward. I clearly don't want to injure myself, so any expertise from others would be welcome.


John 20 Oct 2011, 00:28

So a word of caution to anyone contemplating Silsoft +32 soft contact lenses: don't! The BC is very small and even though it's a soft lens it hurts... and was almost impossible to remove. When B&L says that they are made for kids, they mean it.

Tino 17 Oct 2011, 12:46

I hope someone can help.... I've recently bought some +14 glasses to wear over contacts. The only way I have been able to get contacts that work is to 'piggy back' 2 +9 lenses I already have which clearly isn't a long term solution. If I manage to get some +18 lenses will these have the same effect? The reason I ask is that one of the +9s is further away from my eye. My atual prescription is -1.5 in both eyes.

Bobby 04 Oct 2011, 15:51

Thank you Bracesfan. I looked at the site. The prices are high but stillI think it is worth trying.

Cactus jack 04 Oct 2011, 08:22


Moorfields has a world wide reputation for eye care. You are fortunate to live close.

Cataracts can occur at any age. Babies are occasionally born with cataracts which must be corrected quickly for proper vision development.

I have been extremely fortunate. I had some initial glare problems at night, but they went away and I have excellent night vision and no problem driving at night. The only thing I really notice is that the IOLs are supposed to be 6% better at light transmission than your natural crystalline lens (before cataract) and bright headlights are very bright. Also, sunglasses are a must on a bright day. Most IOLs offer additional retinal protection from UV.


bracesfan 04 Oct 2011, 08:15


Hi, old chap, you too ?? :-))

Here it is:

You need to look for in yearly lenses - there is a list ...

varifocals 04 Oct 2011, 04:36

Thanks Cactus Jack

Here in Bedford we have a large eye hospital which is part of Moorfields.

They do cataracts & after chatting around it is amazing how young some people are who have had it.

I have already had lazers in my right eye twice to seal a leaky blood vessel.

Since my second operation all has been fine.

A friend in Australia had a cataract operation, had implants & was fine during the day but could not drive safely at night.Owing to too much chatting, we missed the 2 hourly local diesel train to connect up with the main suburban train. I could have done this by bus but he drove anyway & got back safely.

I will just wait & see how things turn out. It seems cataracts can drag on for years, or bang it's there.

As I am a full time plussie, now like glasses not having any will be wierd so I shall see what they advise. Thanks

Bobby - the real one 04 Oct 2011, 03:15

The previous post was not sent by me.

Bobby 04 Oct 2011, 02:00

Hi, old chap, you too ?? :-))

Here it is:

You need to look for in yearly lenses - there is a list ...

GOCer 03 Oct 2011, 21:01

I would like to think you could find an Opthamologist in the US that would give you -10 post-cataract surgery if you asked for it. Believe it or not I have talked with a non-OO who is -10 and would not have it any other way. The person does a lot of close work for vocation and myopia makes it easier. Hopefully that sort of explanation would suffice.

Cactus Jack 03 Oct 2011, 20:35


I had cataract surgery and IOLs 10 years ago. Maybe this will help a little. I live in the US so the arrangements may be different where you live. I started developing the common form of cataracts a few years before I even considered doing something about them and, as it turned out, I developed an uncommon form that really demanded attention and correction.

Apparently, most insurance and Medicare in the US requires that your best corrected visual acuity (with glasses) be 20/40 or less before they will authorize surgery. it appeared that it would be years before I would have to do anything, but I was in for a surprise.

The form of crystalline lens problem I developed was one where both lenses became hard enough that they broke up into 5 separate pieces so I saw 5 separate images. It came on very suddenly and but was not always there. It only happened when I had been reading or using the computer a lot. It was very hard to diagnose and my ophthalmologist had trouble believing me until I sat in his office most of an afternoon until it occurred. Sometimes I only saw one image with each eye, but when it happened I told his assistant and asked the look at it right then. He did and said I had a multiopia condition and the solution was the same as regular cataracts, remove the old lenses and replace them with IOLs.

I had lots of questions and he asked me what Rx I would like. He could give me almost anything I wanted, but it would be permanent and I would probably need tri-focals because, at that time, multi-focal IOLs were fairly new and because I was used to very sharp vision with tri-focals, I probably would not like them.

At that time, my Rx was about OD -3.00 OS -4.50. He suggested that I consider mono vision where my dominant eye would be as close to 0.00 as he could get it and my other eye would be -1.50. The idea being that if I needed to, I could get by without glasses. For example if I got up in the middle of the night to take a pill, I would not need to find my glasses. I could find my way around the house with the 0.00 eye and read labels quite well with my -1.50 eye. That was before I discovered Eyescene and while I liked wearing glasses and looked forward to Rx increases, the idea of being able to choose my Rx never entered my head.

To make a long story shorter, I decided to go along with the mono vision idea and I have been quite happy with it.

I think the biggest reason Doctors do not want to do voluntary IOL surgery is that like all surgery, there is risk and the Hippocratic Oath says that you will do no harm or give unnecessary treatment. The fact that you NEED surgery and are mindful of the risks, change the equation.

Depending on your existing Rx, your crystalline lenses are somewhere around +12 to +20. My IOLs are OD +16.5, OS +13.0. They only come in 0.50 increments) and I suspect they are only made in fairly high + values. Because of how the eye's lens system works, I can think of no natural reason for a - value crystalline lens and there is probably no reason to make them. That means that significant hyperopia is not available except my not installing an IOL at all and wearing high + lenticulars. Probably only moderate myopia is possible because the IOLs don't go high enough in the + direction. If I was thinking about not installing IOLs, I would try some very high plus GOC for several months to make sure I could deal with the loss of peripheral vision and possible loss to driving privileges because if it.

He might think you are nuts for not wanting something close to 20/20 vision or mono vision, but if you signed a document asking for it, he would at least be able to defend himself in court if something went wrong, unrelated to the requested Rx.

Anytime you have even the most minor surgery (no such thing, really) and today, cataract surgery is close to that, there is a possibility of infection. To minimize that possibility you will be asked to shower daily and wash your hair for several days before the surgery. Also, you will be given several medications to use for a week or so before the surgery. In my case I needed surgery on both eyes, but I had to wait a minimum of weeks between the surgeries to make sure there were no adverse effects from the 1st surgery before risking a 2nd surgery. Complete loss of vision is possible any time an eye is operated on and you only have two.

One last point. Many years ago, when cataract surgery was very serious and recovery took months, surgeons would not remove cataract until they were "ripe" because removal of the entire lens capsule and crystalline lens was the only way to do it. It was helpful for the lens to be very hard. Today, most of the capsule is left in place and the crystalline lens is emulsified and sucked out through a 3 mm incision in the side of the cornea. It is better not to wait too long because you want the lens to still be flexible enough to emulsify easily and be sucked out without leaving lens pieces that have to be coaxed out.

The rolled up IOL is inserted through that incision and your body heat causes it to resume its shape. The incision will often close and heal with out a stitch. You can actually see after the surgery, but the surgeon will often put an antibiotic ointment in your eye and bandage it with a plastic shield over the bandage to keep you from rubbing your eye in your sleep. The next morning I was instructed to take off the shield and bandage. It took about an hour for my tear action to wash out the ointment. We did the distance eye first and I took the left lens out of my glasses and drove myself to the doctors office for a post surgery exam. Both of us were happy with the results and the most important question I had was "When can we do the other eye". The answer, "Two weeks if everything heals properly and I think it is going to".

When you decide to have cataract surgery, find an ophthalmologist who does a lot of them and talk to some of his patients. You want someone who really knows what he is doing and know how to handle any "nasty surprises". It is likely there won't be any, but surgical surprises do happen.

I have not regretted my cataract surgery for a minute and it is a lifetime fix.


NJ 03 Oct 2011, 17:48

You can probably do some medical tourism and find a doc in Mexico or India that will put in any IOL you want. Docs in this country stand to get into trouble if they do this.

albert 03 Oct 2011, 12:58


When you find a doctor who will do that, please let us all know. If only some doctor would realize that there would a signficant number of us!! and more $ for him.

varifocals 03 Oct 2011, 11:39

although this deals with contacts & glasses on top, what about lens implants?

I have been told last december that I have got the start of cataracts.

At the moment I am a plussie & my wife actually likes my magnified plus glasses.

Apart from the plus blur & glasses to assist reading, deep down I would love to experience myopia.

So I have been told these days cataracts are no big deal & have met several people with inplants.

So I have been toying with -6 implants to give a nice blurry feeling in the morning & +8 on top.

hows that?

Or -8 +10?.

Assuming of course the optician would play ball in the first place.

Bobby 03 Oct 2011, 08:53

Glasses over contacts Yahoo group

There are 24 bouncing members at the group.

Please, those of you, who visit this thread and GOC group as well, visit the group and go to your accont to repair that.

Bobby one of the moderators of the GOC Yahoo group

Soundmanpt 01 Oct 2011, 20:15


If she has been wearing them on a daily basis for 14 or more hours each day and she is still not able to tolerate her glasses for close up then I would say she has likely not induced much if any in the past year. It sounds like she is able to tolerate them for distance without any problems. Has she said anything to you about how her vision is now when she takes them off? If she leaves her glasses off, does everything stay blurry or go back to normal? I would think for her comfort you will have to do something for her. It's not right to make her struggle to see close up with them. So your options are as you said get her some bifocals if you want her to continue to wear the -4.00 glasses for distance with a slight add for close. Or she could probably tolerate a weaker rx for both distance and close up as I indicated before. If she were only 23 she could likely induce some and would not be struggling at seeing close, but at 33 it's very unlikely she can induce much. Have you asked her which way she would like to go? If she is really happy with how ell she can see with the -4.00 glasses for distance she may prefer wearing bifocals more so than weaker glasses?

Keep us posted as to what you and her decide to try.

berger 01 Oct 2011, 16:49


sparky 01 Oct 2011, 16:26


she wears them from 07.15 to about 21.00 everyday

do you think that she could have increased her myopia in less than a year considering her age 33

Soundmanpt 01 Oct 2011, 16:16


You are indeed a lucky man, To find a girlfriend that will wear glasses that much more than her own slight rx. First of all I have said this many times, it is not a good idea to be too aggressive by going too strong at first. It is a much better idea to take it slower and in small steps. I am not surprised that she is having trouble seeing close. But now that you have glasses for her I think if she starts wearing them full time her eyes should adjust for close before too long. But if she is only wearing them for a short time and taking them off she won't ever adjust to them for close.

A cheaper option would be to drop down a bit and get her some -1.50 or -1.75 glasses and see how they work for her. Also less money to spend.

But if you decide to go with bifocals or progressives then I think she would be fine with an add of +1.00.

sparky 01 Oct 2011, 15:20

hi please could someone advise

my girlfriend is 33

about a year ago her script was - 0.50 with slight astigmatism

i got her a pair of -4 glasses with the same astigmatism

she has been wearing them ever since and she sees clearly in the distance

however she has a problem reading and close up work also with texting

i need to know what add she might need to function properly

Bobby 27 Sep 2011, 18:41


Hey, dude, what is the link?

I would like to buy some, too!

Euro Traveller 27 Sep 2011, 11:06

Thanks for your clear explanation Cactus Jack. I understand that there is no mathematical relationship between sphere and cylinder but I didn't express myself clearly. I had in mind the procedure that you described to add half the cylinder to the sphere correction of CLs to avoid the use of toric lenses but for some reason I had equated it to a GOC calculation.

Soundmanpt, thanks for your suggestion re. the glasses RX but I am a little confused about why the left eye would be reduced to -2 if I continue to use a +2.75 lens for that eye.

If I stick with my current CLs and want to add the astigmatism correction to my right lens would this be about right (subject to all usual GOC disclaimers!) Is it really ok just to add the 'real' cylinder?

Right CL +4.50 Glasses -3.00 -0.75 axis 30

Left CL +2.75 Glasses -3.00


bracesfan 27 Sep 2011, 06:07

John, Filthy Mc Nasty

I came across some extreme contact lenses in one e-shop here in the Czech republic and checked them also on the Net:

Hydron Zero 6 RX by Coopervision and Lunelle ES 70 RX by Ocular Sciences - Essilor.

Both should be made up to +35/-35 in common diameters. Maybe you will need to ask the shops in detail because they show them only in lower powers.

Cactus Jack 25 Sep 2011, 09:18

Euro Traveller,

There is no mathematical relationship between sphere and cylinder. They correct two different things. However, sometimes to avoid the use of toric contact lenses, a compromise sphere only Rx contact lens is used where 1/2 the cylinder is added to the sphere, but it is a compromise. Best results for GOC occur when the sphere Rx is "adjusted" using sphere only contacts and the cylinder and axis correction is placed in the glasses.

Sphere corrects for a mismatch between the combined power of the eye's lens system (around +40 total) and the length of the eyeball (around 25 mm). If there is a mismatch, it is usually because the eyeball is too long or too short by about 1.6 diopters per mm. If the eyeball is too short (hyperopia), you need + glasses or contacts. If the eyeball is too long (myopia), you need - glasses or contacts. You have built in ability to compensate, to some degree, for hyperopia, provided you have not developed presbyopia and can still accommodate to focus close.

Cylinder corrects for astigmatism which is usually caused by uneven curvature of the front surface of the cornea where the curve is steeper in one direction than it is 90 degrees to it. In other words, the cornea will have more + in the steep direction. This will cause lines to focus at two different distances depending on which way the line runs in relation to the axis of the astigmatism.

The important thing is to get the optics correct.


Could I suggest re-checking your calculations. The glasses Rx does not seem quite correct if his actual Rx is:

R: +2.00 -0.75 axis 30

L: -0.25 no cylinder

With a +2.75 CL in each eye the sphere difference would still be 2.25 diopters.


Euro Traveller 25 Sep 2011, 04:17

Thank you for your support and helpful suggestions. My GOC experiment is still going well although I had a rather less hectic day yesterday. I had been determined to do GOC all day on Friday as I had such a heavy schedule and I thought that if I could get through all that, especially the flight and encountering someone I knew, then I would be able to move forward with confidence.

I understand Soundmanpt's advice about using the same CLs but I must admit that one of the attractions of GOC for me is having as close to the same lens in each eye of my glasses as possible.

Accepting that all GOC calculations are approximate what would be your recommendation for adding in the astigmatism correction if I continue to use the CL strengths that I have now? I must admit that I struggle with calculating the mathematical relationship between sphere and cylinder.

Filthy McNasty 24 Sep 2011, 15:35

SilSoft lenses are available into the +30s, if I recall correctly. But they have weird BCs; not sure if you will find any that fit. I would get measured by a CL practitioner.

John 24 Sep 2011, 14:18

Anyone know what are the strongest plus power contact lenses available, and any ideas where to get them from? (i.e., stronger than +20).

Cactus Jack 24 Sep 2011, 14:16

Euro Traveller,

I urge you to follow Soundmanpt's suggestion. Carefully done GOC can be a pleasurable experience. I suggest taking the slow path. Some of our member have worked their way up to -15 and above with excellent vision. The formulas and tables are OK at low Rx, but high Rx are much more difficult to get right. The big problem is vertex distance effects at high Rx where a 1 mm error in vertex distance can mean 0.1 diopter error at -10 diopters or 0.225 error at -15 diopters and nearly 0.5 diopters at -20. I usually suggest that you be on the lookout for an open minded Eye Care Professional who understands that well done GOC is harmless and is willing to help you with the higher Rx when you are ready.


Soundmanpt 24 Sep 2011, 13:47

Euro Traveller

Glad to hear you enjoyed your experience with doing GOC. It is much easier to get very close to a good combination when you only work with a moderate rx for your glasses and contacts. If I may make a couple of suggestions for the future? You would find it much cheaper if you used the same rx contacts for both eyes and make glasses rx with different powers in the lenses. Also you should always account for whatever astigmatism correction you need and it is best to put that into your glasses. If you decide you liked your vision with your current combination you should order the contacts in +2.75 (both eyes) and your glasses should be

R -3.00 -.75 30

L -2.00

Euro Traveller 24 Sep 2011, 05:12

Yesterday I achieved a long held ambition. I spent nearly 12 hours wearing my -3.00 glasses in normal life without any problems.

I have been playing with GOC for years but it is slightly complicated because my own prescription is odd and I have a slightly lazy right eye. My actual prescription is

R: +2.00 -0.75 axis 30

L: -0.25 no cylinder

However because my left eye is dominant my optometrist told me that if she were me she wouldn't wear glasses at all. However earlier this year when I last had an eyetest she said that if I wanted to wear glasses she would give me a prescription of

R: +0.75 -0.75 axis 30

L: -0.25 no cylinder

I have not actually had this made up into glasses but I might eventually to see whether it has any effect.

I decided to press on with my efforts to wear minus lenses. Anyway I did some tests with my own trial frame and lens set aiming to get a prescription of -3.00. I did some rough calculations using the GOC spreadsheet and ordered some contacts in +2.75 for the left eye and +4.50 for the right. I was quite surprised that my calculations worked ok and I was able to see quite clearly through -3.00 lenses and more interestingly that my right eye seemed to be more comfortable and even doing a little bit more work than normal.

So I decided to order a pair of -3.00 glasses. Nothing special. Just normal rectangular metal frames with CR39 lenses and no coatings. I tried them a few times and they worked well (I decided not to add the astigmatism correction at this stage to see how it would work).

Yesterday at 07:00 I put in my contacts and the journey began (in all senses). I managed to get through the day which involved driving, using a train, going through an airport, meeting people I knew at the airport (one of whom said 'I never saw you wearing your glasses before' as if I had always had them but never worn them. I replied 'I'm having trouble with my contacts') and a 3 hour flight. It was a really positive experience and I got a real thrill, especially when I took my specs off to experience the blur and put them on again. However the highlight was when a nice specs wearing woman with a similar prescription - maybe a bit higher -4) came up to me at the station and asked if I knew when a particular train was due.

OK I know that compared to some of you out there who aspire to -30 this is nothing but I have achieved stage 1 of my ambition. My ultimate goal is to go full time, possibly with continuous wear lenses (currently using daily disposables) and to get up to a prescription of -4 or maybe -5 in a year or so. My next step will be to order a pair with the astigmatism correction and then maybe to order a pair with reflection free coating and slightly thinner lenses (cut in and a few power rings matter more to me than thickness) and I want them to be as comfortable and natural looking as possible for everyday use.

I am planning to do another 12 hours each today and tomorrow and if all goes well and I don't chicken out I will wear glasses to work at least one day next week.

Soundmanpt 10 Aug 2011, 11:04


Glad to hear you had such a great time on your vacation. As I recall you were looking forward to swimming in your glasses. How did that go? You have not said but I assume your bf also does GOC? What combination does he wear? Also it seems your bf got you into doing GOC? Do you have a real rx? What contacts do you wear with the -15.00 glasses and the -27.00 glasses? Who are the 3 new pairs for? What rx are they. Do you have any plans on wearing GOC in front of friends and family anytime soon?

Lucia 10 Aug 2011, 09:21


Sorry because i dont answer long time.

After my vacation, I was going home to do some things.

I living with my bf, not in our country, because we moved for his job. Just to explain "I was going home".

It was a great vacation, with full time GOC -15 :)I cant wear -27, and he understand that. Maybe, going step by step, but now I am not ready.

But, we did some great things, we bought 3 new pair of glasses, 2 thin, and one is thick. I start to feel licke I am a real high myopic, and I'm feel very nice.

Soundmanpt 08 Aug 2011, 21:04

Thanks, I found it. It is "" if anyone is looking for cheap contacts that you don't need a doctor's rx.

Soundmanpt 08 Aug 2011, 18:43

Need some help! Does anyone know of a source for colored contact lenses that come from Japan I believe. They are not a name brand and they sell for $20.00 per pair. I have ordered twice from there but it has been a while back and I don't recall the name of the place. They also sell the wild eyes contacts for around $39.00. Help!

Someone I know is getting married in Oct and she wants to wear green contacts for her wedding day.

leo 03 Jul 2011, 08:07

GOC wearing glasses over contacts is as close to the real thing!!! I find it very hard when I have to remove the contacts and glasses.... ...I wish there was another way !!:(

JR 27 Jun 2011, 11:27

I use and have been happy, just did a reorder. I am in the US also.

Random_Eye 27 Jun 2011, 11:24

Does anyone ever think we will have issues getting lenses without and RX? I am debating if I should attempt to stock up a little. To say the least I get a little nervous thinking that each time I order could end up being the last time I am able to get any. I am in the US if that makes any difference on your thoughts.

Soundmanpt 19 Jun 2011, 19:45


Well I feel I should ask several questions before giving any advice. First of all have you had an eye exam recently? You didn't say if you have a real rx or not or what it is? Did you get a contact fitting when you had your exam? If you have perfect vision the best way to get a fitting is to pretend your wanting to get colored contacts for fun or fashion if your female. Once you have the right colored contacts, (only purchase the smallest amount as you can) the box will give you all the information you need for size etc. Then your free to order your contacts on-line. Not sure where in the UK, but most all suppliers will send them where ever. I recommend "" the prices are good and I don't think you need a doctor's rx. Also "" is very good.

What glasses do you intend to wear and what is the rx on them?

Zorab 19 Jun 2011, 17:21

I occasionally do GOC with contacts of +7. It is so long since I've ordered lenses on-line that I'm out of date. Can someone suggest the best source of contact lenses in the UK, and whether there is any particular type which is good for someone like me who is not very experienced in handling lenses. thanks

lentifan 10 Jun 2011, 13:53


As an afterthought to my previous posting about your inability to read wearing your -27d glasses (and please forgive me if this sounds bleedin' obvious), have you tried simply taking the glasses off? Admittedly, you would have to hold the material withing an inch or two of your eye, but it might work for emergencies, such as reading a restaurant menu. Many years ago I visited a work-place occasionally where there was a staff member who wore myodiscs and this was the method he employed. It was the era of big lenses and myodiscs perhaps started at lower Rxs than now, but I'm pretty sure he was at least in the -20s if not higher. Sometomes the print seemed almost to be touching his eyeball but he seemed to get by.

Alternatively, a magnifying glass might work. As other contributors have explained, it is likely the lenses in your glasses have a dioptre or two too much minus for your contact lenses, and what you need to do is introduce a little more plus, such as a hand held magnifier.

An other alternative might be to hold a pair of off-the-shelf reading glasses over the top of your -27 glasses. (I have seen people do this occasionally). The display stands in the shops which sell these usually have a chart which you can use to work out the strength you need. You could select the correct ones simply by using it wearing your -27d glasses.

Any of these alternatives might have the effect of reinforcing your feeling of shortsightedness, which you might enjoy, and would evoke some sympathy from anyone watching. If you need to give an explanation you can simply say you forgot your reading glasses.

Soundmanpt 10 Jun 2011, 12:35


Just a small suggestion, you may want to purchase a strap to go from temple to temple to hold your glasses in place and more important so they don't fall off if your swimming even in hotel pool. Many pairs of glasses have been lost in rivers, lakes, oceans and if your wearing strong glasses swimming pools.

Have fun!

specs4ever 10 Jun 2011, 11:12

I agree with Cactus Jack about the idea that vertex distance is extremely important when sealing with the higher prescriptions. But then again, because this is so important a slight adjustment of the positioning of the glasses on your nose can make a huge differenc in how well you can see Lucia.

It is extremely difficult to get a good match between the high plus contacts that are required to wear strong minus lenses. Any formulaes that I have seen are never quite right on. But generally they give you a good starting point. For example a person who actually needs -27D glasses would have to wear around -20D contact lenses. So, if you have 20/20 vision without correction I generally have found that for a person who wants to wear -27D glasses, then a good contact lens to try first would be a +20D. And if you have -3.50D of myopia, then you should take the -3.50 from the +20 to give you roughly a +16.50D contact to try with the -27D glasses.

If the glasses are properly made and are really -27.00D Lucia, the right contact lens will give you just as good vision as if you were doing a lower power of GOC. It takes a bit of tme to get used to, but once you have a proper GOC combination you adapt so well that you do not want to go back to your normal vision. I know I hate it when my GOC session has to end and I have to go back.

So, if the pupillary distance is right, and the plus contact lens prescription is correct, you should easily be able to wear the -27.00D glasses Lucia.

But if your boyfriend bought them from a supplier in China who sells on e Bay who has upset a few buyers around here, it is anyones guess as to whether the power is correct.

Good luck on your GOC holiday.

GOCer 08 Jun 2011, 19:14


Do you have natural emmetrope? One way you can explain all of a sudden wearing -15 glasses is to just say "I wear contacts." It wouldn't even be lying!

What material are the -27 lenses in? I've found visual quality differences between materials to be a huge factor in high powers. I have a pair of -17 glasses in 1.67 index that are not fussy at all - I can wear them at all sorts of vertex distances with a variety of contacts powers. The same power in CR-39, however, is acceptable but I can see why a real -17 myope would invest in hi index lenses not just for asthetic, but visual acuity reasons.

Cactus jack 08 Jun 2011, 15:27

Very high minus glasses (or high plus for that matter) are extremely touchy with regards to vertex distance. 1 mm error can change the apparent Rx of the glasses by 0.75 diopters per mm at -27 so even a small error could make a BIG difference. On top of that, I have come to suspect that the standard formulas used to calculate vertex distance effects yield incorrect results at very high Rx.


lentifan 08 Jun 2011, 14:03

As long as the contact lenses she is using are the correct fit, I doubt if Lucia will be doing any damage to her eyes. I was curious, though, as to how she or her b/f had mde sure the glasses had the correct Rx for the contact lenses. Were they fitted by an optician. If not, then this may be why she is unable to read with the -27s; the glasses prescription may be a touch too high, which would make reading difficult.

On the other hand, I have heard that in the higher minus powers, the minification can mean that you have to hold print close to be able to see it - too close to focus properly - and that people who wear high minus glasses, even young folks for whom presbyopia is way in the future, need a lower prescription for reading and therefore sometimes do monovision, ie one lens at each prescription, to get round this, as bi-focals are not normally available in myodiscs. However, I'm not sure whether this woulod be a factor at -27, but perhaps you could explore this.

Don't let folks discourage you from GOC if you enjoy it, Lucia, and do keep us updated. your holiday wearing the -27s sounds like a great adventure.

Soundmanpt 08 Jun 2011, 13:50


You didn't say what rx contacts you were attempting to wear with your -27.00 glasses. If you give your full actual rx it is possible someone here may be able to at least get you very close. I think you need to be very careful with what your doing currently with that strong of glasses. You can do serious damage to your eyes if not careful, and I don't mean just making your eyes more myopic.

It is easy to wear stronger glasses than you really need without anyone knowing, but I think the glasses you are using would surely draw attention to how tiny your eyes look. That even someone that knows nothing about vision may question. More so since you are making big jumps in the glasses strength each time and in only a very short time frame.

If you don't want noticed I would suggest wearing your actual glasses or a little stronger with strong minus contacts if you are trying to induce myopia.

If your not really wanting your eyes to change and would rather do GOC then you need to get fitted with a proper combination of contacts and glasses.

Bart 08 Jun 2011, 09:32


sure it should be veeery exciting to show yourself with stronger and stronger glasses in everyday life. In my opinion if you do that gradually nobody will pay too much attention to it.. they will only find they are now strong, but do not realize how much or that they are often changing.. well, except those expert of these things ;) but I don't know if there are any in your family or friends.

Wearing -27 must be a real devotion :D the thrilling of showing them on your face have to face the difficulties of the limited vision they give.. I agree that -15 would be the best, in fact it's kind of my favourite rx on a girl.

P.S. are you from Italy?

Lucia 08 Jun 2011, 05:05


Im not showing them to my friends and family, exept our best friend and his wife, they know about that and they do the same thing sometimes.

Its hard to wear -27, I cant read, i dont have a feeling for distance, and everything is so small. I have the best feeling with -15, i feel like thats my real rx.

We talked about that to start with goc for friends and family, but slowly, with -5, than stronger and stronger until -10. But, will see, thats the problem because everyone will suggest some doctor to look my eyes and ...

Bart 08 Jun 2011, 02:42

Hi Lucia,

your experience sounds amazing ;) What about the feelings of wearing -27 and showing them to your family and friends?

Lucia 07 Jun 2011, 20:04

I am GOC full time -10. My bf ask me to do that for him, and i realized that i love to wear strong glasses.

I wear also stronger glasses for him, but I dont have a good vision with stronger than -20.

We are going on vacation, and bf bought for me -27 glasses. I am satisfaied to wear full time -27, but I cant see good.

Its gona be a new expirience, swiming with my glasses, going around with my bf in my strong glasses.

Soundmanpt 26 May 2011, 19:33

I suggest you first read all the past posts in this section. It will give a pretty good idea of how to get started. Then if you have more questions ask away.

4iiii 26 May 2011, 19:13

is there anyone who could help me with GOC ?


Albert 18 Apr 2011, 22:35


What kind of trial set were you thinking of. I would be interested to know because I had been planning to get one also.


JR 18 Apr 2011, 09:04


That's is what I did the first time, I said I was doing a vedio and wanted to do it with thick glasses, -20, and got it done. Then about a year later I went back and said I really enjoyed the feeling and wanted to try other combos.

The first Doc had retired and the new Doc was young and amitted he had tried it about he was very agreeable.

Last year when I got my exam, he asked how much I was doing it and I told him I was full time, at times, for weeks on end. So he said he wanted to be sure my astigmattism was correct. Said I had equal vision with all Rx's.

I know actors do it and when you think about it, it is nothing other than wearing "readers" over contacts.


Soundmanpt 17 Apr 2011, 21:37


I understand where your coming from. Rather than go into a shop try calling around and ask if they can provide what you want.

Another possible solution would be to tell them your in a playthat requires you to wear very thick glasses and you were told that the best way to do this was to wear some contact lens to off set the glasses. You just have to be careful to not sound like you know much about vision, only what you were told.

specs4ever 17 Apr 2011, 19:43

I only wish I could go into an eye doctor and ask for what i wanted. I jsut don't have the nerve. That is the best way for sure. But Chino, your plan sounds good. Ity should work.

JR 17 Apr 2011, 17:26


I have five pairs from -5 to -20. I just told my eye doc what I wanted to do and he help me get there. I also have a +12 too.

It cost me a little more but I have six great sets.


Chino 17 Apr 2011, 14:16

Cactus Jack, specs4ever

Thank you both. Sounds like a plan. I can totally take it slow.

As for the formula and trial lens set, I was thinking of using both. The formula would give me a ballpark figure, and then I would just experiment with the lenses until I get something that works.

To avoid ending up with glasses that are too strong, I would wear the trial frames while looking at the Snellen chart from 20 feet. I would then start lowering the rx 1 diopter at a time until I start noticing blur. Then I'd fine-tune the rx just enough to get rid of the blur. I'd use that final rx to order my glasses. How does that sound?


Cactus Jack 17 Apr 2011, 11:39


I agree with Specs4ever, don't leap into high Rx GOC. I would suggest at least two or three steps with glasses in the -11 to -12, -15 to -16, and then -20 range. If you are still in the -5.00 range, +20 CL will give you an Eye Power of +25) and a glasses Rx of around -30. Vertex distance effects would be about 0.9 diopters per mm.

Many people who go too high too fast do not have good experiences. It takes a while for your brain to re-program itself to the changed visual environment. Natural high myopes have an advantage because their myopia developed slowly and GOC is immediate.

I am very skeptical of the accuracy of the formula used for calculating CL power from a refracted Rx above around -10. My experience with a trial lens set has been that the difference between the glasses Rx and the CL Rx is smaller than the formula indicates and the error gets greater, the higher you go. This means that if you use the formula or the Excel file, which is based on the formula the -glasses will be too strong. However, remember that I have no accommodation after cataract surgery and you probably still have plenty to compensate for excessive minus in the glasses.


specs4ever 17 Apr 2011, 09:21

Hey Chino - even a trial lens set doesn't always give you the exact results. This whole deal is a lot of trial and error. But by using the excel spread sheet you can at least order a pair of glasses, and then go on from there. But seriously, I wouldn't start out with a pair of +20 contact lenses. I would suggest maybe a +10. This, at a vertex distance of 12mm would give you a glasses prescription of -11.50D. Then take your own prescription and add it to the -11.50, and you should have a pair of glasses that you can wear quite well. I can't check back now, but I think you already have a bit of a script - like -5D or so? Good luck.

Chino 16 Apr 2011, 19:59

I just took my first step toward GOC today. I was fitted for contacts and wore them for 4 hours. I have a follow-up appointment the Monday after next so the doc can find out if I'm adjusting to them well and seeing clearly with them. If all is well, he'll then give me my prescription, as well as the base curve and diameter. Then I'll be in a position to order those +20 contacts I've seen online.

That GOC file in Excel is good, but I've read that it can deviate a good deal at higher prescriptions. Because of this, I think it would be in my best interest to invest in a high quality trial lens set so that I can fine-tune my final glasses rx for GOC. Once I have that and my contacts prescription, I'll finally be ready for GOC.

Thank you everyone for your very informative posts.


JP 16 Apr 2011, 12:24

Vimsy - I'd love to try that "amazing" feeling of minus over plus GOC. One day....

Shortsight 13 Apr 2011, 10:02

I've been a GOC'er for about 10 years. Though with the help of this page and the excel spreadsheet was abel to improve the match between contacts and glasses. I have too sets one for going out in and one for around the house.

Bobby 13 Apr 2011, 06:58

just click:

4iiii 12 Apr 2011, 06:02

hi shortsight ! Do you want to know about glasses over contacts ?

shortsight 09 Apr 2011, 18:08


Tried to find the group glassesovercontacts but could not on Yahoo. Is it called something elsae?

sam12744 07 Apr 2011, 14:51

Further to my last. Thanks to anyone who contacted Yahoo. They appear to have sorted the problem out and I have reactivated everyone I can.

sam12744 29 Mar 2011, 18:29

I know a lot of people who read this are also members of the Yahoo glassesovercontacts group, so may I please make a plea to many of you? I moderate that group and on 23rd. March it became apparent that Yahoo made some kind of policy change which has caused all our members with Yahoo email addresses to start bouncing back all their messages from Yahoo adult groups, such as glassesovercontacts. We suddenly went from having maybe 10 members bouncing emails back to Yahoo Groups, due to overfull inboxes, to well over 100 members bouncing. Yahoo seem reluctant to accept that there is a problem, so I need all of you who are members of any Yahoo adult group, who use a Yahoo email address for those groups and who have not received any mail from those groups since 23rd. or 24th. March to contact Yahoo to complain. I have sent all of you 3 reactivation messages, but it appears these, too are being bounced by Yahoo. If you want to continue to be a member of the group and want to receive emails from any affected Yahoo group, you need to contact Yahoo about this issue now! Thanks.

Bobby 25 Mar 2011, 06:02

@ GOCer 02 Mar 2011, 08:01:

1. I would change my prescription into -16 dptr.

2. I would change my girl friend's prescription to -30 dptr.

Soundmanpt 24 Mar 2011, 18:53

Wimsey or Vimsey

No! You will have to get a real fitting to know for sure. Yes, it will cost you some money, but it really is necessary for good and safe vision. Simple to just make the appointment for colored lenses to get the size. The nice thing is, once you have it it won't change.

Wimsy 24 Mar 2011, 18:08

The contacts are Bausch & Lomb Softlens (one day disposable)

I didnt get them fitted, I just took a chance and bought some online.

I dont think the humidity was a problem. It was not especially dry. I`m leaning more against the "not fitted correctly" reason...

Is there anyway to get fitted for contacts without actually going to an opthometrist?

Cactus Jack 23 Mar 2011, 14:45


Dry eyes can be caused by very low humidity, poorly fitting contacts, wrong kind of contacts, or simply not enough tears. What is the brand of contacts you are using and how did you get them fitted?


Vimsy 23 Mar 2011, 14:16

I just tried GOC and I have to admit the feeling was amazing. I`m "cursed" with 20/20 vision but to actually peer through -5,75 and see crystal clear was out of this world. The only problem was that my eyes started to get dry after about 20 minutes. Does that mean that my eyes are not suited for contacts (and that I can never be a full time wearer) or was this just a reaction since I`m not used to wearing contacts?

Obsessed 18 Mar 2011, 14:20

Aubrac, I thought you meant putting on +3 glasses over bare eyes. Sorry.

Aubrac 18 Mar 2011, 12:18


I thought from your post you were 20/20 and so working up to + 3 should not be difficult.

With my contacts in I can wear +2 without any problem, distance isn't too bad and reading small print better.

I tried some -6.50 contacts and found distance ok with them but reading even at mid-distance was difficult, and close work impossible. With +2 GOC everything was fine.

Cactus Jack 18 Mar 2011, 10:27


You are not experiencing renewed accommodation. What you are experiencing is the "depth of field" effect of high minus glasses. In many ways, glasses with their associated vertex distance act like the different focal length lenses on professional cameras. Plus lenses act a bit like binoculars or telephoto lenses and minus lenses act like wide angle lenses. Telephoto lenses have a very narrow "depth of field" range (range of useful focus) and wide angle lenses have a very broad "depth of field". These ranges of focus are improved somewhat by using higher f stops with sensitive film or bright light for reduced iris openings. The higher f stops duplicate the action of your pupil in bright light giving you an even better range of useful focus than the -6s alone.

There are some optical benefits to moderate to high minus GOC.


guest 18 Mar 2011, 05:11

Can anyone help explain this:

My normal prescription is around -2 in both eyes. At 57 years of age I have no accommodation left at all, it's suddenly all gone! Even without my glasses I am struggling to read close although I can see the PC OK at about 40cm and read a book etc. I just cant read print on the PC screen with my glasses on at all. To see small things clearly I even need some +2 glasses.

I tried wearing +4 CL's and a pair of -6 glasses and I find I've now got perfect distant vision and also I can see this text on the screen fine with this combination, I seem to now have quite good accommodation and therefore I can function much better with the glasses on full time. I can even read things at normal distances like 30cm away with no problems. This seems weird, where has the ability to accommodate come from with such a combination? Of course my very close vision is brilliant without any glasses and just the +4 CL's (at about 10cm's)

I could now easily become a full time wearer with these glasses + CL's but couldn't with the -2's as I had to keep removing them.


lentifan 07 Mar 2011, 17:38

In answer to the poll question, I'd like my better half to be about -45d. I'd happily go for the same myself, except that I'd not be able to see her in her -45d lenses very well. So I'll solve that problem by going for about +25d myself. I'll get a good view then....... so long as I can find her.

Obsessed 07 Mar 2011, 09:22


How can a person with mild myopia work their way to wearing plus (!) glasses w/o contacts? It's totally impossible!

Owlish 07 Mar 2011, 06:39

I would like my wife/lover to be high plus, just into the lenticular region at about +14 with appropriate add for reading.

As for myself, it's important to be able to get around easily and drive safely. I'd say -18 is okay. I have GOCed to -36. Never tried plus GOC so I don't know.

gwgs 07 Mar 2011, 03:43

Woops! That should have read she's, not sees!!

gwgs 07 Mar 2011, 03:42

Wouldn't we all Leo, I'd love my missus to be double that, sadly sees 0-0 free :(

Aubrac 07 Mar 2011, 02:14


+3 is a moderate prescription. I would have thought you could work your way up to that quite quickly without contacts.

LEO 07 Mar 2011, 00:49

If I could change my rx it would be -10 both eyes( I'am doing -8 goc full time at present)

Other- would love my wife to be -6....-7 !!

Obsessed 02 Mar 2011, 08:37

If I could change my eyes to any prescription, I would change them to +3 or -10. Not sure yet. The low plus number is intentional - I like thick plus lenses on others but would like to wear moderate ones myself.

I would not change the prescription of my significant other without his approval.


I am planning to soon start my first GOC with +3 glasses. I just want to try it out. In case I like it, I want to go -20 with myodiscs.

GOCer 02 Mar 2011, 08:01

I think it would be interesting to hear, from the imagination of all the GOC experimenters out here:

1. If you could change your eyes to any prescription, just once, what would you change it to?

2. If you could change the eyes of your significant other to any prescription, just once, what would you change it to?

And why? :)

I'll go first:

1. -18 both eyes, no astigmatism

2. Same

I really like that glasses power. A medium sized frame usually maxes out the lens blank thickness in CR39. If you want to be more discrete wearing high index and small frames would make you look "normal" to the average person. OOs will know you're a serious myope though - power rings and minification are significant in any lens. Optics and peripheral vision also seem pretty good in full field lenses of any material.

Soundmanpt 17 Jan 2011, 23:47


Just checked out that "" prices for complete glasses are very good for designer glasses. I played with the "Ray-Bans" and for some reason everyone I put in it said was out of stock, however it did allow me to proceed, which I did. For single vision lenses the basic price was around $125.00 complete some a bit more and some a bit less. The only other thing was shipping seems rather high, like $28.00. I did not see a cheaper option for delivery. But even with a pricey shipping cost still not a bad deal if you must have designer glasses.

Personally I don't think I will ever understand why people are willing to spend big dollars for a shirt with "Guess" on it. When you are actually doing them a favor by advertising for them. They should in fact be paying you to wear their shirt. Am I the only one that thinks this??? Okay I will take my pills and go to bed now. Goodnight!

Soundmanpt 17 Jan 2011, 23:23


Just a suggestion, if you can live without the words "Ray-Ban" on the temples "" has a very good knock-off for $9.95. You would need to add $5.00 for AR coating and $5.00 for shipping in the USA. I young lady at a nearby Hooter's wanted a pair of these glasses for regular glasses. She got them and a week later a co-worker contacted me and also ordered a pair in her rx. So I also got a pair to keep in my samples and showed them to a friend at Pearle Vision and she ran to frame board and came back with a real "ray-Ban" exactly like my cheap knock -off, only difference was the name on the temple. She was shocked at how close they were to each other. Oh but her frame alone was over $200.00 without lenses.

I looked up the #228421. If you put that number in the search box in the upper left corner it will come right up. See what you think. By the way the style is the Wayfarer.

luvspecs 17 Jan 2011, 19:06


I have used several times and have been very pleased with the service and quality. They have all the top brands and latest frames and do not check your rx.

spexfan 17 Jan 2011, 17:30

Hi all.

Looking for an online vendor who can supply rx glasses without verifying the rx. Am looking for Ray-Ban frames so would need to be a retailer who stocks name brands.

I'm in the US.

Any suggestions?

Cactus Jack 27 Dec 2010, 19:00


Check out Globallens in Canada.


redwesterly 27 Dec 2010, 17:48

appologies - should have read - withOUT prescription...

Redwesterly 27 Dec 2010, 17:47

Hi All..

Any advice on online suppliers of contacts with prescription...??

Doing (plus) GOC full time but ive been buying over the counter in my asian travels; but have not been back for 6 months and stocks are low.

Appreciate any thoughts or ideas..

thx // Red

Guest 09 Nov 2010, 07:36

I love seeing ladies with strong glasses, my wife also wears eyeglasses but her prescription is only about -2.5. Recently I came upon a pair of guess eyeglasses on ebay that are about -7 or maybe a little higher and I was able to purchase them. My wife complained that she couldn't use it because they are very strong so after much reading here in this website, I bought a pack of color contact lenses (blue) +4.5. She was very excited that I bought her blue contacts and she tried them right away when I got home, and as we all know she couldn't see almost anything so I asked her to try on the glasses I had previously purchased and she was amazed she could see with them. He had the GOC combo for the rest of the night and she didn't touch it again... it was fun while it lasted though.

Fruitcake 11 Oct 2010, 14:50

Thx CJ - information greatly appreciared :-)


Soundmanpt 11 Oct 2010, 14:45


A few weeks back you were asking for help in deciding what ould be best for GOC I just re-read your question and realized that I missed the part about your doctor prescribing glasses with an add for you. Not sure if you have ordered anything yet, but if not maybe this advice may help you.

It would be best to go with progressive glasses with the stronger distance (top segment) of +3.50 you should go ahead and put in whatever your astigmatism correction needs to be and of course your add of +1.50. Then using -2.00 contacts should make everything pretty clear for you. This should be the least expensive way and most accurate. Multifocal contacts are very expensive.

Cactus Jack 11 Oct 2010, 06:06


Generally, vertex distance effects are not significant with a glasses Rx of less than + / - 5.00. The formula for calculating vertex distance effect is as follows.

Sphere Rx ^2 (squared) /1000 x vertex distance in mm. This results in an adjustment factor that is either added to or subtracted from the refracted Rx to determine the Sphere power of a contact lens with 0 (zero) vertex distance.

An example of this calculation with a refracted (phropter) Sphere Rx of +5.00 and a vertex distance of 12 mm (10 to 12 is typical for most phropters) is as follows: 5.00 x 5.00 =25. 25/1000 = 0.025. 0.025 x 12 = 0.3 diopters. Note: The sign disappears when you square a minus Rx. This adjustment factor is added to the refracted (glasses Rx) to determine the Rx of a contact lens. If the refracted Rx is + it is added to the glasses Rx to arrive at the CL Rx. If the refracted Rx is -, the adjustment factor is subtracted from the refracted Rx.

When doing GOC calculations, there are a couple of factors to consider. The most important thing is your current "eye power" which is my name for the actual refractive error of your eyes at the cornea (0 vertex distance). It is the reciprocal (opposite sign) of the CL Rx. Remember, the purpose of glasses or contacts neutralize or cancel out your refractive error to where the result is 0.00.

The second most important thing is that the formula above is not perfect. It only gives an approximation. The biggest error in the formula is caused by the fact that actual vertex distance is very hard to measure accurately and the potential errors get much larger as the Rx increases above 5 (the error increase is exponential). To prove this to yourself, try doing the calculation with a refracted (glasses Rx) of + or - 20.

When you do your final GOC calculations, you must adjust the CL power to account for your eye power. Which you seem to understand.

The third important thing is your ability to accommodate. Younger people should slightly under plus or over minus (about 0.25 diopters) (depending on the CL Rx) and let the crystaline lenses accommodate the slight errors by adding a little more plus as needed for optimum distance focus. Unfortunately, as we get older, our accommodation gets compromised and the CL / Glasses Rx needs to be more accurate. For that reason, I strongly suggest that older GOCers find a friendly, understanding Eye Care Professional to do a refraction with the CLs in place, to accurately determine the Glasses Rx. For very high Rx, the glasses Rx should be determined by refraction for any age.

Lastly, GOC is not an exact science and expensive errors frequently occur. The biggest mistake you can make is buying existing very high Rx glasses with a cylinder and axis component that does not exactly match your own and then trying to find some CLs that will correct not only your astigmatism but match it to the cylinder and axis in the glasses. The chances

of it working out with a wearable combination is somewhere between slim and none.

Hope this helps.


Fruitcake 11 Oct 2010, 00:51

Hi All...

Im a GOC crash test pilot..

I have been tinkering with GOC on and off and seem to be managing 90% of the time...

But id like to increase my +Glasses and thought maybe someone could assist with the calculation (i am 49)

Current Rx (Mild Plus)

L+0.75 R+1.25 add+1.50

Current Contact -2.50

GOC Rx L+3.25 R+3.75 (add+1.50)

I am very slightly over prescribed with this combo.

But i would like to move up to GOC -3.50

So using the same matrix simply adding +1 to the Glasses would appear to be in the ballpark..?

Just not sure about the higher minus and the vertex, thinking maybe -3.50 will have greater effect than i am calculating on the surface..

Can anyone assist..??

Rgds Fruit.

Ramdon_Eye 28 Sep 2010, 11:52

Thanks for everyone's help I ended up ordering from Global Lens.

JR 23 Sep 2010, 16:27

I use:Contactlenes, Co.UK

They were fast and great quality at a low price.

nearsight 23 Sep 2010, 14:30

Global Lens in Canada is very reliable and no Rx requirred.

Soundmanpt 23 Sep 2010, 14:15

Random Eye

try "" I think they are in Canada, but they don't require an actual rx. At least the last time I used them. I am in the USA as well. They are not the cheapest place but average price. Let me know if that is still correct as it was about 6 months ago that I used them.

Ramdon_Eye 23 Sep 2010, 13:54

Where are US customers ordering contacts with out and RX these days? I used to order from Lensway but its saying US customers have to verify RX now.

Nearsite 03 Sep 2010, 14:21

Never GOC when she's around, she'd notice immediatley. I use global lens for contacts.

Soundmanpt 03 Sep 2010, 11:23


I'm confused,that happens often, but how can your gf not know your doing GOC if your using her unisex glasses? Does she know your actual rx? If she is in the optical field, unlike someone that's not, she surely will notice the difference if you go to -15.00 lenses. I would think telling her would be the best thing anyway she could be a world of help to you in many ways. For one she can most likely bring home different rxs of contact lenses in trials for you to test with the -15.00 glasses until you find the proper combination.

nearsight 03 Sep 2010, 10:16

I've been practicing GOC for about 5 years. I'm lucky in that my girl friend is a high minus and in the optical field, she does not know about my GOC; but does have many unisex frames. Right now the combination I'm using is: My eye sight is -1.75 both eyes, using contacts that are +5.50R & +6.50L for glasses that are -7.50R and -8.75L (Sphere is included). I'd like to get a pair of -15 glasses. What would you recommend for contacts? My thought was +13. Appreciate your help and opinions. Prior to GOC I induced myopia and was able to get to -3.50 both eyes; but age has caught up with me and each eye exam has unfortunitly resulted in lower RX's. I seem to be holding at the -1.75.

MisterMild 31 Aug 2010, 00:03

Here is a real-life GOC situation. When my wife came home from teaching school yesterday, she mentioned she has been informed that one girl in her new class of second-graders is 'almost blind' without correction. The child wears contact lenses full-time with glasses as well during classroom activities. Apparently this combination works quite well because the child gives no apparent sign of poor acuity. If there is any problem with the contacts, the girl's mother has to be called to come and deal with it. Unfortunately, I am not likely to get a chance to sneak a look myself...

MinusDude 27 Aug 2010, 12:55

Finding it increasingly difficult to read tiny print and with knowledge of the Zenni site, I photoshopped changed my prescription slip (down .25 each eye to R -3.50, L -2.50) and ordered contacts on-line. I ordered a couple of pairs from Zenni, black wire frame in -.50. I figured I could accommodate the distance well enough for the little I'd wear them. At work I do all close work, I rarely drive much. I planned to for all purposes to the outside world be a contact wearer, but if I had to wear them in the company someone I knew in order to to see to drive at night or see a movie and that person tried them on they'd be more likely to believe I needed to wear contacts (but "wasn't wearing them") rather than being an occasional glasses wearer... and if I ordered -.25 that might be less believable. I actually ordered the glasses first, then later the contacts. It was nice to wear light prescription glasses again! It was a little uncomfortable even at distance to be overprescribed, but I like that feeling. When the contacts arrived, I discovered that (once again) my distance eyesite had improved and the new contacts were the proper prescription now and close-up work was comfortable again (for now). I didn't mind that! Stay tuned next week for what I did next...

Wie 27 Aug 2010, 11:03

post deleted - spoof, troll, multiple usernames

davey 27 Aug 2010, 02:46

hello eyesceners, thought i,d post after long time lurking and for some time GOC wearer. i,m male 50 yrs old from nwest england. i,ve just bought a pair of -27.5 glasses to go with +20 contact lenses that give really good vision for distance and not too bad for reading although i have an old pair of -20 black wire framed i can use to read in, hope this is of interest to people out there.dave

Soundmanpt 24 Aug 2010, 12:33


Since you already have a pair of readers that you like and they are +3.00 why not just get contacts in -1.50 to see how that works? Later if you still want even thicker glasses you can go to the -2.50 contacts with the +4.00 glasses of your choice. Remember you will need to order those on-line as I think the stores only carry up to +3.00 or maybe +3.50 over the counter. Your eyes should work well with either of these combinations even for prolonged use.

Alexa 24 Aug 2010, 05:01


Thanks for the suggestion. I already have +3.0 readers and they look cool, but the problem is that everything in distance with them is fuzzy.

Probably I'll buy multifocal contacts -2.5 and test with strongest aviable in store reading glasses +4, it's not so expensive.


Andrew 23 Aug 2010, 14:35


You could try buying a pair of +3.5 reading glasses and see what you think of the look you get with them. It would be a cheap way of trying things out before you go to greater expense.

Alexa 23 Aug 2010, 10:53

Hi everyone!

I'm reading this site for long time and have found many useful information and joy. So I decided to ask few questions.

I'm currently planning magnifying GOC. Really like how my eyes look behind the plus glasses. I'm low hyperope with +1.5 in both eyes with negligible astigmatism. Usually I wear contacts, but I want to try stronger glasses in range from +3 to +4.

My problem is that recently my eyes constantly get tired at close up and my doctor suggested add +1.5 or reading glasses over contacts.

So i really don't know what to choose - progressives +3.50 add +1.50 over -2.00 contacts or single withion glasses +4.00 over multifocal contacts -2.50 with low add +1.50 (I consider PureVision multifocal). I have never used any progressive glasses or multifocal lenses, so I do not know what is easier to get used. Any thoughts?

Second question, I'm worried that the contact lenses will be visible under the plus glasses. I read here that some have tried magnifying aka reverse GOC, but no one talked about the visibility of contact lenses. So it is really invisible?

PS: sorry if my english is not good enough


Cactus Jack 23 Aug 2010, 07:47


Wearing minus contacts can have the same effect as wearing minus glasses. The same principles apply.


Sparky 23 Aug 2010, 01:05

Cactus jack

Will wearing minus cts induce myopia

leo 22 Aug 2010, 07:50

thanks Cactus !!regards

Cactus Jack 22 Aug 2010, 07:39


There is such a thing as a prepaid credit card. Check with your bank to see if they offer them.


leo 22 Aug 2010, 05:36

can anybody help? I'd like to purchase glasses and contacts (for GOC) over the internett without using a credit card ! the reason,

I don't want my wife to know......yet! Someone suggest I buy a debit card from the post office!

thanks Leo.

Cactus Jack 20 Aug 2010, 13:59


It may not be too long until accommodation becomes a problem so don't be surprised if you need to make some adjustment in lens powers. Which is why I suggest trying the combo using low cost sources.

There is a small side benefit to minus glasses. They tend to have a broader depth of field (range of useful focus) than plus glasses so you may find that once you get a good combination for moderate minus GOC that you don't have quite as much problem focusing close.


Amber 20 Aug 2010, 12:57

Cactus Jack, thank you for the calculations. I am 45 and live in MD. I would happy with any RX from -8 to -10.

Cactus Jack 20 Aug 2010, 08:43


Because the glasses are less than -5.00, I suggest you start with +4.50 contacts and accommodate the +0.25. At 33 you should not have any problem. Have you any idea what diameter and base curve to order? It matters!


Sparky 20 Aug 2010, 00:59

Cactus jack

I am 33 my rx is + 0 .25 both eyes no astigmatism

Cactus Jack 19 Aug 2010, 19:23


Based on your Rx and assuming that you are less than 30 YO, I would suggest the following:

CLs +5.50 sphere only for both eyes.


OD sph -10.25, cyl -1.25 x axis 80

OS sph -10.00, cyl -1.25 x axis 70

The above assumes a vertex distance of 12 mm which is about average. Vertex distance will have about 0.10 diopters per mm effect on apparent glasses power. Vertex distance affects the difference between the glasses Rx and the CL Rx by the Glasses Rx squared. This means that at glasses Rx below +/- 5.00 there is almost no effect, but as you go higher the difference will start off small and then get rather large as you go higher. I suggest that about -15 is about the limit of reasonable accuracy for calculating GOC combinations. Really, for best results above -10, you need to find a friendly optometrist or optician that understands that GOC done right is essentially harmless and will refract you with the CLs in place.

If you have plenty of accommodation, I suggest that up to -0.50 overcorrection in the glasses can be easily compensated by accommodation for the sharpest vision.

The reason I suggested the same CL Rx in the contacts and putting the cylinder and axis in the glasses is that it is cheaper, you only need to buy one Rx contacts and sphere only contacts are a lot cheaper than torics. One thing to remember is that GOC is not an exact science and it is highly likely that you may need to adjust the Rx in either the contacts or glasses so I suggest ordering the glasses from a low cost on line retailer with cheap frames until you are sure you like the combo.

Hope this helps. Please let me know how it works out and if you have any questions.


Cactus Jack 19 Aug 2010, 14:10


Have you read enouch posts to know the basics of GOC such as using sphere only contacts and putting the cylinder and asix in the glasses?

I don't have time right now to calculate the contacts for -10 glasses with your Rx. Hopefully, later today.

May I ask your age and where you live?


amber 19 Aug 2010, 12:57

Was wanting to try GOC probably a -10. My current contact rx is R: -3.50 -1.25 x 80 L: -3.00 -1.25 x 70 for acuvue oasys toric.

Cactus Jack 18 Aug 2010, 20:44


How old are you?

Is your Rx +0.25 in both eyes?

Is there any astigmatism (cylinder and axis) in your Rx?


Sparky 18 Aug 2010, 19:07

Hi all

I have ordered glasses online -4.50 i now need to know what rx cts to buy my script is + .25

perthboy 12 Aug 2010, 02:54

thank you very much Leo,by the way what did your exam and your combo cost you?

bela 10 Aug 2010, 09:14

Thanks Leo! I don't do GOC though... I was just suprised to see some one from my home city posting on this site :-)

leo 10 Aug 2010, 05:01

PERTHboy sending email! leo

leo 10 Aug 2010, 04:59

BELA welcome! you made a start

bela 10 Aug 2010, 04:42

wow! what are the odds? im also from Durban, South Africa too! Im a lurker unfortunatley as i never have anything to post!

perthboy 09 Aug 2010, 23:07

hello Leo,can u please Email regarding the name of the optom in perth to do a goc everyday strong glasses thank u very much

Sparky 30 Jul 2010, 09:40

4 iiii

Hi i am from durban where r u from what goc combo do u do my email

4iiii 30 Jul 2010, 08:20

SPARKY, where about in S.A. do you live, joburg....durbs....cape town ? Are you willing to give me your email address, i'am wearing GOC ? alles

van die beste !! 4iiii

potter 30 Jul 2010, 05:59


what did you told your wife first to wear prescripton glasses? And how you explain the jump to 3,75? And whatwas the reactin of your wife`s family and friends about the glasses.

Years ago, I wanted my girlfriend to wear glasses. Her eyesight was perfect. Once on a flea-market we disovered nice old-fashioned glasses and she tried them on. I think that they have a strenght of about -3. I bought them because she liked the discuss and the fashion of the eighties.

She wear them only a few hours in the evening. After that she got headache and don`t wear them anymore.


Cactus Jack 30 Jul 2010, 01:47


I don't understand the R .25-25. A prescription for single vision glasses usually consists of three elements Sphere, Cylinder and Axis for each eye, in that order and every element is important.

Sphere is a signed number (nn.nn), if there is no sign, it is assumed to be +

Cylinder is also a singed number, but if cylinder correction is required, it must accompanied by the axis of the cylinder.

Axis can be any angle from 0 (horizontal) to 179 or 1 to 180 (horizontal) depending on how the examiner writes it. 90 degrees is vertical,

If no Sphere or Cylinder is required, it is usually written as Plano or 0.00. Occasionally a dash is used to indicate that that element is not needed in that prescription. Sometimes, decimal points are omitted to confuse patients when the meaning is obvious, but it is unprofessional.

A prescription is an exact medical order from the examiner to the lens maker and each element must be precise or the patient will have blurry vision in that eye. IF a mistake is made, by either the examiner or the lens maker, that party must bear the cost of remaking the glasses. If a prescription is not clear or does not make sense, the lens maker will contact the examiner to find our what he meant or if he can't contact the examiner will refuse to make the glasses.

Many people wanting to do GOC start off buying some existing glasses and then try to buy some contacts to make them work. If they have ANY astigmatism or the glasses have any cylinder correction, the odds of hitting on a wearable combination of the glasses and contacts is about the same as winning a huge lottery.

Successful GOC has some very exact rules that MUST be followed for any hope of success. Even if you follow the rules, there are uncontrollable or difficult to control variables that come into play with increasing power above +/- 5.00 that can seriously affect comfort and wearability.

If you want to do GOC or Induce Myopia, you MUST start with a complete and accurate prescription for YOUR eyes. The prescription for every pair of GOC glasses and contact lens or every pair of over corrected glasses is based on that. No guessing allowed. Two wrongs absolutely do not make a right.

If you want to do GOC your way, please feel free to do so. It is your money and your comfort. The experience will be very educational. You may wind up learning more about vision and optics than you really wanted to know. Even if you follow the GOC rules, you will learn a lot about vision and optics. We are happy to help you, but this is a very practical example of "Too many cooks spoil the broth".

If what you stated in your post is the exact Rx you were given, you need another exam by a DIFFERENT examiner. If you get another exam, please do not try to cheat. Even if you the result is 0.00, we can work with that.

I do not know if any of our members are from South Africa. Do you live in or near a large city in South Africa where there are several different examiners? To do GOC, you are going to need a prescription for contact lenses. The Base Curve and Diameter to fit your corneas is what is needed here, we will figure out the sphere you need for the glasses. With your low Rx, that may be a problem, but there is a way around it. May I ask your eye color?


Sparky 29 Jul 2010, 23:29

Cactus jack

My script was done in feb this year L .25 R .25 - 25

I have tried +3 50 and 4 but my right eye is always clearer are there oo people from south africa that u know

Cactus Jack 29 Jul 2010, 15:24


It would be almost impossible to order some contacts that would give you good vision with the -4.50 glasses with cylinder correction. If you want to do effective and enjoyable GOC, you need to start over. Contacts with cylinder (torics) are very hard to fit when a person actually has astigmatism and impossible to fit unless a person has enough astigmatism to keep them stable and in the correct alignment on the cornea.

1. How old is your current Rx?


Sparky 29 Jul 2010, 10:03

Hi all

Could someone please give me an idea of what rx cts to wear with -450 glasses thanx

Al 26 Jul 2010, 14:20

Hey Jarred,

I ordered what I assume are the basic lenses

Multi-focal Lenses(Clear)

Flat top Bifocal lens ( + $ 63 USD)

Hi-Index 1.56.

Light and thin .

98 % UV Protection .

Multi-coating ( Anti-reflective coating , Waterproof and scratch-resistant).

Jarred 26 Jul 2010, 12:53

Hi Al,

I didn't answer your second question which was the size of my frames. The lenses on my curent frames are 48mm across and give me the 10mm lens thickness. I would imagine that with those O4L frames and your slightly higher prescription you would be looking at lenses the better part of 15mm thick. Assuming you don't go for some sort of high index material.

Interestingly I also have a reading add, mine is +3.50 in a trifocal. All to manage some accomodative issues.

When using high GOC prescriptions the vertex distance effect is fabulous as you just have to adjust the glasses on your nose a little for a full range of focus. I find this particulary effective with high minus.


Al 25 Jul 2010, 15:03

Thanks Jarred,

Was trying to get a feel for what I was to get myself.

I ordered with -10 base out and my normal script of -3.5 R and 1.5 with -1 astig in left and +3.75 add. 58 PD

Jarred 25 Jul 2010, 14:40

Hi Al,

I've only just ordered some -21.50s with the 9 base out left and right so I dont know how they will turn out, I recon they will be "Interesting" :) For GOC I've clasically gone for high plus glasses around +18, but the ones I have currently they have achieved the prism by decentering so they are not thicker at the outside edge.

My real glasses are just over a centimeter thick at the outside edges with a rather boring +1.75 sph and -2.00 of cyl.


Al 25 Jul 2010, 12:16


How thick are your lenses with the 9 base out? Do you know the size of your frame as well?

Soundmanpt 25 Jul 2010, 11:04


Did your wife receive her new glasses yet? If so, are you and her happy with the thickness of the lenses now?

Jarred 24 Jul 2010, 02:50

As a GOC'er with a "real" 9Base out of Prism left and right Aside from the O4Ls out there I have trouble finding online shops that can make me a pair of glasses in the strengths I would like. I've just stumbled across this site Their selection of frames isn't fantastic but they do offer a reglase service and have a meaningful range on the prescriptions.

Soundmanpt 09 Jul 2010, 08:56


I just noticed that were in the "Glasses over Contacts" thread. Is your wife doing GOC or just wearing glasses only? If so we should take our comments over to the "Induced Myopia" thread.

Soundmanpt 08 Jul 2010, 07:01


Her current glasses are very nice, I like that style, but because it is a full plastic frame it blocks out most of the edge thickness. Her new glasses will look much thicker now. It also is very stylish frame, i'm sure she will look beautiful wearing them. Did she have a hand in choosing them? Have you placed the order yet? Did you leave the rx the same as she has been wearing? Remember if any adjustments are needed for proper fitting she can go to any optical store and they will be happy to fit them for her.

Do let us know how you and her like them when they arrive.

Jack 07 Jul 2010, 23:37


Now she is wearing #338618 frame from Zenni

But the new frame be #393315

What do u think ?

Soundmanpt 07 Jul 2010, 09:26


Staying with the same rx she has been wearing for the last year minification should appear the same. The lenses will be a little more noticable on the edges.

What kind of frame is she wearing?

Jack 07 Jul 2010, 00:26


Sorry I forget to mention the -3.75 pair

How about the minification and the face sink in 1.50 index lenses?

Soundmanpt 06 Jul 2010, 07:28


So she has only been wearing prescription glasses for about 2 plus years since her first pair were planos. You did good in only getting her a low rx for her first real glasses. Adjusting to those glasses should not have been hard for her. Did she go straight from that rx to the -4.75 lenses? That should have been more difficult? Anyway for the past year she is wearing -5.25 without problems seeing. The last eye exam she had was before she started wearing prescriptions 3 years ago. Did you try any of the checks I described back on July 1st to see if there has been any change in her vision? Curious what the results of these tests show. Be sure to let us know. At the very least, I am sure when after having her glasses on for a while, when she takes them off everything is a major blur for her for a little while before her normal vision starts to come back.

In answer about power rings, I think keeping the same rx as she is wearing now it may be easier for you to see them, but it should be the same. The difference is that the lenses will be a bit thicker on the edges. As I indicated before staying with a semi rimless frame and getting lenses that are around 48-50mm x 30 mm will help show the thickness you want.

Jack 06 Jul 2010, 02:38


I have a question.

If I order her glasses in 1.5 index lenses will it show more power rings than 1.57 index lenses?

I love to see more power rings in her glasses !!

Jack 06 Jul 2010, 02:34


She doesnt have any Rx. She Check her eyes 3 years ago to get a serprise pair for me but had plano glasses from the optetion. We havent check her eyes again till now.

It start from plano, then -0.75 both eyes. Its rimless and i was so exited to see her with a prescription glasses for the first time.Then nice looking -4.75 metal frame glasses.

She admited it very quickly !

Finally -5.25.She is wearing this for around 1 year.

Soundamnpt 02 Jul 2010, 13:33


That is a very good idea as long as she can find a doctor that will refract her to whatever contacts she's wearing. It for sure is the best way to get the correct combination. Just as what happened to you is what I was not wanting to happen to her and the stronger you try to go with glasses the harder it is to get the right strength contacts. It would be very uncomfortable if her glasses were too strong or too weak for the contacts.

I'm sure that the combination for -6.00 glasses was correct, but it seems she wants to wear stronger glasses.

JR 02 Jul 2010, 13:04


That's what I did until Catus Jack set me straight. If you have the contacts in when you are refracted there is no math, you test the same as without CL's. So when I used +4,+8,+15 I get perfect sight with the combo. My astigmatism is refracted in the glasses so no "toric" for me.

As I have said I have done the + glasses and - lens, too. But again I have close to perfect vision. I just couldn't go full time the way I started, my vision was not that good. And the higher Rx I went in the glasses the worse my vision was.

Thank goodness Catus Jack told me what to do.

Do you do GOC?

Soundmanpt 02 Jul 2010, 10:01


I guess that is okay, I think most usually get glasses first and match the contacts to the glasses. However in your case because the contacts that are available to you only goes to +4.00 you are somewhat limited in that direction. So is you would want minus glasses to go with those contacts your glasses would be around -6.25 w/ astig and -5.75. If you go with + contacts and get say -10.00 ( I would not go to the highest in case you need to get a bit stronger contacts to match your glasses) that would make your glasses rx around +12.00. Remember plus lenses will this strong will make your eyes look very un-natural, your eyes will be huge looking through your glasses. Are you sure this is what your bf wants?

Let us know when you get your contacts what rx you choose, there is enough people here that can advise you on matching your glasses.

Order the same rx contact for both eyes, that way you only need one box or one pair depending how they are sold. We can adjust the difference between your actual prescription needs in your glasses.

Plussi 02 Jul 2010, 05:53

Had my eye-exam yesterday using +3,00 cl r + l.

My standard figures (december 2009):

R: -1,25

L: -0,5; -1,25 30°

Taking Bobby Laurel's GOC table I came out with R: -4,50 .

The optician came out with:

R: -3,00; -1,00 106°

L: -3,25; -1,00 60°

Is that realistic? He said, it might be that between eye and cl is some tears-liquid which causes the difference.

Usually I have good vision using my standard figures in the glasses.

Sonia 02 Jul 2010, 03:51

@ soundmapt, JR, Jack.

firstly i am going to buy the highest possible Rx CL available with my optician and then will come back,

at that time i want proper advice for Rx for glasses.

thank u all

 02 Jul 2010, 03:50

@ soundmapt, JR, Jack.

firstly i am going to buy the highest possible Rx CL available with my optician and then will come back,

at that time i want proper advice for Rx for glasses.

thank u all

Soundmanpt 01 Jul 2010, 22:47


She did go and get a proper fitting for contacts. Follow her posts, sometimes it's a bit unclear because she doesn't use the word contact and says lens instead. She indicated that she has been wearing contacts with her real rx to make sure her eyes would tolerate them. She is only needing the proper match for whatever glasses she chooses.

JR 01 Jul 2010, 15:15

Soundmanpt, Sonia

What I have found is that you are charged for the CL exam and no additional charge for the refraction. I feel very strongly that the CL's should be professionally fitted. Fudge on the glasses but not on the CL's.

In fact, I had three combos done at one exam.

Soundmanpt 01 Jul 2010, 14:36


Oops! That was JR with the advice. (Old age, does it every time)

Soundmanpt 01 Jul 2010, 14:34


I did check with a doctor friend and she agreed that my math is correct as I posted. If I am reading your post correct it seems you want stronger glasses than -6.00. How strong do you and your bf want your glasses to be? If you get a rimless frame, and you should, and a bigger frame even -6.00 is going to be pretty thick on the edges. Remember this is 3 times stronger than your glasses. The problem is going real strong for glasses makes figuring the proper combination more difficult. This is because your glasses have a space of about 1/2" - 3/4" between your eyes and the glasses lenses. The contacts sit on your eyes. This difference means that your contacts would be less rx than your glasses to make both balance out so you can see.

Maybe you can go to where you plan on getting the glasses from and ask to see what -6.00 lenses look like.

RL has some good advice if you can afford going for another exam. I doubt that any doctor will give free advice for that. It's worth a try though.

Soundmanpt 01 Jul 2010, 14:05


You are a lucky guy to have a wife that will participate with your desire. The only bad news is at 26 I doubt that she will ever get much of a real rx. What was the previous rxs and at what age did she start wearing glasses? How long has she been wearing the -5.25 glasses? From the way you describe her activities it appears she must wear them from the time she gets up until bedtime? It seems that her hand eye coordination must be very good with glasses if she can wear them while playing badmiton. So I guess then she wears them for driving as well? Doing lots of reading, holding the book as close to her eyes as possible in very dim lighting may help to induce some myopia. When she takes her glasses off at the end of the day, how long does it take before the blur goes away and her vision goes to normal? A good way to see if the glasses are having any effect is first thing in the morning before she puts her glasses on, have her read things in the distance. Even a small clock across the room,writing on the TV screen or a sign out side. If she has trouble seeing these things then she will be getting a real rx at her next exam. For now I think her glasses are pretty strong for someone with perfect, or near perfect vision. She must be comfortable with wearing glasses, does she want even stronger glasses as well or is that mostly your desire?

Remember as I said just by going with a bigger frame, semi-rimless with 1.50 lenses should make her lenses appear pretty thick.

JR 01 Jul 2010, 08:21


Why not go to an eye professional and tell them what you want to do. Let them give you the combination that you need.

I go both ways and do GOC full time. My - goes up -25 and my + goes to +11.

Tell them you are doing acting and need the look for the part, if you can't "just ask" for want you want. I have found most very coopertive.

Sonia 01 Jul 2010, 07:28

@ Soundmanpt

well, i m really not intrested in inducing myopia artificially, i dont hv that much patience. otherwise would have posted under induce myopia thread.

waiting for yr reply. tell me about prescription either with +4 D or +5 lenses

Jack 01 Jul 2010, 03:13


yesh she wears -5.25 for both eyes

Believe me she really doesn't need glasses. But now she use to wear them. She can see without glasses perfectly. But we didn't check her eyes recently. Hope she can get real Rx for her eyes.

Believe she can read , watch TV even play badminton with them on.

She is 26

Soundmanpt 30 Jun 2010, 11:47


Sorry I just noticed your other post. I am sure about staying with minus glasses for several reasons. Because your already myopic it would make it that much harder to go to plus glasses. Also plus glasses are thicker in the middle and not as thick on the edges. Your lenses on your current glasses are thicker on the edges than the middle.

Your only 23 so you should have accommodation left. Have you thought about just wearing stronger glasses than you need? Your eyes should have no trouble wearing more minus. This may be too much but try wearing your left contact lens in both eyes and wearing your glasses over the top. If you can focus at all you could just get new glasses maybe -1.00 or -1.25 stronger than you wear now.

Soundmanpt 30 Jun 2010, 11:30


I will double check this with a doctor friend of mine and get back later today or tomorrow. And no I would not want you to spend any money if I am not correct.

If Cactus Jack is around he is very good at getting the right combinations for GOC people.

Is this how strong you want your glasses to be then? I think this would give enough thickness to make you both happy.

 30 Jun 2010, 11:15

@ Soundmanpt

are u sure about yr calculation.. as i am going spend my hard earned money for this..

should i order this way ?

Sonia 30 Jun 2010, 11:12

@ Soundmanpt

WEll, i would like to wear myodisc glasses.. but its not possible in my case. if i go for +4 D lenses then i would get my new glasses prescription near around -6 D, so it will not create much difference in my specs appeal..

see i m from india.. i cant order from or such other sites..

do u have any logic behind yr advice to go for - GOC as i am already myopic or just saying like that only ?

Soundmanpt 30 Jun 2010, 11:12


Okay! I did some math on this for you. See if this is what you and him are after?

Order your glasses this way:

R eye -6.00 -.025 Axis???

L eye -5.50

Contacts (to save money keep them the same rx)

R & L eyes +3.50 or +3.75

Again don't order a full plastic frame, best if rimless or semi-rimless.

Soundmanpt 30 Jun 2010, 10:56


As I said before since you are myopic already I would stay with minus glasses, only stronger rx of course. How strong do you want your glasses to be? Remember the higher you go for glasses the math needs to be figured for the companion plus contacts to work. Getting a big frame will add to the thickness as well.

Sonia 30 Jun 2010, 09:26

one more thing i am not going to go for online shopping.. local vendor near by to my place offers contacts ranging from + 4 D to -12 D. and he has normal 1.57 index only.

so with my current prescription as mentioned earlier what fancy i can do with my glasses ????

pls reply

Sonia 30 Jun 2010, 09:23

oops i forgot to write my name

 30 Jun 2010, 09:22

@ Clare - i wear my glasses full time. with oversized frames but he want me to wear thicker glasses. he also know what is GOC. to make him happy i hv started wearing lenses of my own prescription. and now i am quite comfortable with lenses.

now as a part of next stage i want to go for GOC. my BF likes both plus and minus.

my question is that does -6D glasses look impressive or +8 to +10D glasses look more facinating for GOC lover ( indifferent to plus and minus glasses )

@ )Soundmanpt

i have described my present situation in detail in above para.

btw my age is 23

Soundmanpt 29 Jun 2010, 17:08


The choice of frames should be between her and you. As I said I only recommend something that will show the lens thickness the most. First step is measure her current glasses across the front (from outside left to outside right) in millimeters. After you determine that use that for a guide when looking at frames on line. They sow the overall size in there. I have ordered frame #385117 ( there is actually 3 other color choices for that same frame) for ladies wanting their lenses to show thickness.

You said she is currently wearing -5.25 lenses in her current glasses. Is this her actual rx or is she wearing stronger than needed now? What is her actual rx if she has one? If that is her actual rx then she can tolerate a bit of over correction. Maybe another -.75 or so, that of course will add thickness to her lenses. If she already wearing over correction best to not go any higher.

May I ask her age? This is useful to determine how strong she can go up to. The younger the better for stronger glasses.

Hope this helped. Keep us informed how it goes.

Soundmanpt 29 Jun 2010, 16:44


Like Clare asked, do you currently wear your glasses full time now? If you don't he may be happy if you just go full time, your rx is plenty for full time wear. If you are wearing glasses full time and he wants you in thicker lenses then I would say since you are myopic already I would go with stronger minus glasses and plus contacts. As I have told others, since you will be getting your glasses and contacts on-line, now offers a thicker lenses at no additional cost. The normal lenses is 1.57, now they offer a 1.50 thickness. Also minus lenses are thicker on the outer edges and should make him more than happy. Not that it is much, but be sure to include your exact numbers for your astigmatism into your glasses rx. Also go with a rimless or semi-rimless frame if he wants to see the thicker lenses. Plastic frames will hide too much.

For the contact lens part, you need to go for a fitting so you get the correct size lenses. The wrong size can do perment harm to your eyes. You may have to buy 1 pair in your actual rx so you have the information you need. Then you will need to work out a good combination that you want to wear. A suggestion, I would not go too high if I were you, you have a pretty good head start with your own actual rx.

By the way you didn't say, but what is your age?

Clare 29 Jun 2010, 12:44

Sonia - do you currently wear your glasses full time? Is that maybe what he wants? You could make your prescription thicker with standard plastic lenses.

Bobby 29 Jun 2010, 12:33

@Sonia: First, you should ask if your BF likes plus glasses or minus glasses.

Sonia 29 Jun 2010, 10:58


I am new to this site, my BF has fetish for thick glasses, and now i am ready to go for GOC.

my current prescription is

R: -2.25, -0.25, ( some axis )

L: - 1.75, 0 , 0

i inquired at near by optical store. asked for contact lenses which are readily available. he offered me range from power + 4 to - 12.

now i m not sure whether to go for - 4 lenses plus my prescription equals to near by -5.50 or -6 D


- 12 D lenses and near around +10 glasses.

which would be more noticeable and convenient ?

@ Cactus Jack & other GOC experts. please help me to order lenses and glasses prescription,,

waiting for reply

Jack 22 Jun 2010, 01:45

Dear Soundmanpt

Thanks for your Help !!

What is the frame you mentioned ?

Soundmanpt 21 Jun 2010, 22:55

Jack - The answer is yes they will be thicker than the 1.57 lenses. The reason they came up with that lens is actually for people with very light prescriptions that want drill mount type glasses. The lenses need to be thicker so the plastic wont break. Also helps on semi-rimless frames as well. Her lenses would definitely be a bit thicker. If you and her want the lenses to look thicker I would also go with frames as mentioned and not a full plastic frame. Hope that helps.

guest 21 Jun 2010, 21:59

I've managed to aquire some +5.5 glasses. My eyesight is fine, so what would be the best strength contacts to use for GOC?

Jack 21 Jun 2010, 21:43

I want my wife to wear strong Glasses

Now she is wearing -5.25 for both eyes

The lens thickness is not enough for me. Those are 1.57 Mid Index Lenses.

If I order her 1.50 Stranded Lenses from Zenni Opticals, Will they be Thicker than the Current Lenses ?

Please help me

Thanks you.

Plussi 19 Jun 2010, 03:50

Has anyone experience with

Their glasses range from +10 to -20 at very reasonable prices.

Cactus Jack 18 Jun 2010, 13:12


Glad to help. Please keep us updated.


George 17 Jun 2010, 07:23

Cactus Jack

Many thanks for your advice which I will try as a starter.

Soundmanpt 16 Jun 2010, 18:57

kk - You are aiming very high for someone with perfect vision and fearful of doing damage to your eyes. The higher you go the harder it is to get the correct combination so you can see proper. As Cactus Jack said then you would for sure need the aid of an eye care professional to assist you. My suggestion would be start off at a much lower combination and then if you like the results you can always go stronger later on. Why not start off by getting a pair of +2.75 contacts and a pair of -3.00 glasses. This may not seem like much but I assure you if you take your glasses off with the contacts in things will be very blurry. This is much safer than going too strong and doing harm to your eyes. If you think you are going to wear GOC often you should go for a fitting for the contacts.

I'm sure you know you can can contact lens and your glasses on-line without any questions.

Cactus Jack 16 Jun 2010, 09:39


Wearing correctly fitted contact lenses and glasses together (GOC) will not harm your eyes provided you exercise proper care and good hygiene with the contact lenses and make sure the high powered contact lenses have really good oxygen transmission. The corneas do not have a blood supply and get their oxygen from the air. Poor oxygen transmission can cause irritation and ultimately severe damage to the corneas. Most modern CLs have good oxygen transmission.

The contact lenses Rx to go with the glasses depend on your actual Rx and the Rx in the glasses. Assuming that you require no correction to your actual vision, -25 glasses will require approximately +17.50 contacts and +25 glasses will require approximately -36.00 contact lenses. However, very high Rx do not provide "normal vision". Very high minus glasses have significant minification of the image size on the retina which at some point reduces visual acuity. Very high plus glasses significantly magnify the image on the retina and act very much like telescopes with their associated very narrow field of vision.

It is possible to achieve satisfactory GOC with glasses Rx -10.00 or +10.00 or less, but above that a friendly Eye Care Professional can contribute significantly to satisfactory results. The reason for this is that vertex distance of the glasses plays a significant role in the accuracy of the calculations. The math involves the SQUARE of the glasses Rx and vertex distance errors at + or - 25 cause 0.625 diopters of error for each mm error in vertex distance. Also, the distortion in high Rx lenses is significant.


kk 16 Jun 2010, 06:38

cactus jack

please tell me how can i start goc with a high power like minus or plus 20

1.what rx is needed for the contacts to wear -25 glasses

for having normal vision wearing them ie, without causing any harm to my eyes

2.what rx is needed for the contacts to wear +25 glasses

for having normal vision wearing them ie, without causing any harm to my eyes

Cactus Jack 16 Jun 2010, 06:01


I would suggest starting with a -10 glasses and +3.75 contacts and see how you like them. Here is the reasoning behind the selection.

1. You are presently wearing -5.00 contacts. ORder the +3.75 with the same base curve and diameter. Base Curve is the more important of the two.

2. At 42 you are probably starting to loose your accommodation so you do not want to be too far off on the Rx.

3. The Math:

3a. If you presently wear -5.00 contacts, your refractive error is already +5.00.

3b. If you were refracted requiring -10.00 glasses, the contact lens Rx would be (assuming 12 mm vertex distance) 10 x 10 = 100, divided by 1000 = 0.1, times 12 mm = 1.2. Contacts would be -10.00 + 1.2 = -8.8 or -8.75 with a zero vertex distance for contact lenses.

3c. Reversing the sign to +8.75 means that because you already have +5.00 refractive error, you only need +3.75 contacts to make it +8.75 for your -10.00 glasses.

4. If you were younger or if you have good accommodation, I might suggest +3.50 and let you accommodate the small difference.

A few things to remember: GOC is not an exact science so nothing is guaranteed. In that regard, I suggest ordering low cost glasses in an inexpensive frame that is as close as possible to your existing -5.00 glasses. Zenni or other low cost on-line retailer comes to mind. It is easily possible to make some expensive mistakes with GOC and wind up with an unwearable Glasses / CL combination.

After you get used to wearing the -10s you might want to experiment with going higher. The principles are the same, but the error potential goes up with the square of the glasses Rx, The culprit is vertex distance. It is very hard to measure or predict the exact distance from your eye to the back of the glasses lens. The 12 mm I used is pretty typical. If you get up around -15 or -16 glasses, the vertex distance effects are about 0.25 diopters per mm of vertex distance. In those ranges, I strongly suggest getting a friendly optician involved. Also, high minus glasses generally have a lot of edge "barrel" distortion and some edge colour fringing (I spelled it "correctly", for our UK friends).


George 16 Jun 2010, 00:57

Cactus Jack

Many thanks for your reply. In answer to your questions:

1. My CL RX is the same as my glasses at -5.00

2. I am 42 years old

3. Live in the UK

4. Project Manager for design and construction projects

5. Ok but maybe not brilliant with Math and Physics

Hope this helps


Cactus Jack 15 Jun 2010, 08:16


A bit more. You have to take vertex distance into consideration with high Rx glasses or you will wind up being significantly under or over corrected. Vertex distance affects the "apparent" power of the glasses by the square of the Rx divided by 1000, times the vertex distance in mm. That is why minus CL Rx are adjusted downward from the refracted Rx and the higher refracted or glasses Rx the more sensitive the glasses are to accurate vertex distance.

Typically, for refracted Rx below -5, CL Rx are not adjusted for the vertex distance of the phoropter. -5 is right on the dividing line and may or may not be adjusted downward by -0.25 D, but above -5 the CL Rx must be adjusted.

I would suggest not being too aggressive at first. -10 would be a pretty good place to start. Trying to go higher will likely introduce a lot of distortion and getting the Rx accurate by calculation becomes more difficult. The most satisfactory high Rx GOC gets a friendly, understanding optician or optometrist involved, with a refraction while wearing the + contacts.

A few questions:

1. Do you presently have a CL Rx?

2. May I ask your age?

3. Where do you live?

4. Your occupation?

5. How are you with Math and or Physics?

With those answers I may be able to offer some specific suggestions and more detailed explanations of what has to happen for really good GOC.


leo 15 Jun 2010, 07:03

DOWNUNDER, did you find an optometrist?

George 15 Jun 2010, 06:46

Hi all

I'm new to this and would like to wear stronger glasses.

My RX is a straight -5.00 in both eyes and I would like to wear between -10 and -15. Is it as simple as getting plus contacts for the minus equivalent, e.g. +7.00 contacts with my -5.00 scrip equals -12.00 glasses?

Or is there more to it than that?

NYC O^O 01 Jun 2010, 10:12

My wife is now comfortable as a myope!

She was fit with contact lenses so she does not need her hyperpic bifocals. She now wears right-.75 and left -1.75 glasses.She loves it because she can read text messages without glasses. I love it because she now uses mild myopic glasses for distance.

leo 28 May 2010, 05:56

DOWNUNDER how you going ? yes there is ! send me an email

downunder 27 May 2010, 22:40

hello Leo,how are you?iam from Perth Western Australia,is there any optometrist locally that would do me a goc combination?thank you

leo 21 May 2010, 06:57

are there many people downunder doing GOC ? I'am from Perth.

sam12744 18 May 2010, 02:41

Just a quick update on the new glasses from lensesrx; they were somewhat delayed by the ash cloud, but arrived a while ago. I'm afraid they haven't got the prism correction quite right, though the sphere correction is spot on. I think that anyone not requiring prisms would be very happy with the quality, but, like so many places today, they haven't quite got the hang of adjusting the centreing to suit the number of prisms. They're fine for reading, close work and watching TV etc. but I wouldn't like to drive in them.

spexfan 03 May 2010, 20:10


I guess the thing is that she is a bit self-conscious about going fulltime, in the same way that anyone who gets glasses for the first time is. And because she doesn't really need them that badly, she's able to resist (unlike people with genuinely bad eyesight who eventually reconcile themselves to fulltime wear.)

I'm keen to try the contacts experiment now, which would result in continuous daily wear. She may then begin to notice a stronger difference in visual accuity when she takes them out at night and if forced to swap to her glasses. Well, that's the theory. I'll let you know.....

gwgs 03 May 2010, 04:12

Hi soundman - she's 39 so way past the age of developing myopia (unfortunately), I would love her to wear glasses full time, but a minus 1, 2 or 3 script doesn't really float my boat and I know she wouldn't be interested in wearing them outside the house, or when friends are round - she's not that flexible!!

I will broach the subject about getting her some weaker glasses next time she wears them and update you!

soundmanpt 02 May 2010, 22:43


Okay assuming that her vision is only around -.50, if they help to see the tv clearly she most definitly should be wearing them for driving at night. Remember the tv is only a few feet away and driving requires seeing at a much greater distance. Now the senario you came up with in regards to her friend, no need to worry. I have a friend that has an rx a bit more than -1.50 and she flat out refuses to wear her glasses even for driving. I have other friends with less rx and they are like your gf's friend by wearing their glasses full time. All your gf would have to say is " I know I should wear mine all the time but I don't want to be dependent on my glasses yet". The question I have is since your gf knows how you feel about her wearing glasses, why doesn't she wear them full-time like her friend? Depending on what type of work she does I would think that if she would start wearing them full time she would soon be like her friend and need them all the time. It doesn't sound as if she has any trouble seeing with them or she would not have purchased rx sunglasses. I would say before increasing her rx to -2.00 you should first convince her to go full time, after her eyes fully adjust to wearing them you may want to increase it. At 30 it is not too likely that she will become too myopic, but she should be able to wear stronger glasses than she needs without a problem.

spexfan 02 May 2010, 16:24

Soundmanpt....The thing is I would estimate her real manifest Rx is only about -O.5 now (she just turned 30 by the way.) She wears them to get that extra bit of clarity when we're watching TV. She hasn't had too much trouble driving at night as far as I can tell. But she's happy to wear a slightly stronger Rx than she needs because she still gets some benefit from it and more importantly, she knows I love it. She even honoured this by getting some prescription sunglasses made recently.

The thing with her friend (I know her rx from a contact lens packet she left at our house once) is that she obviously needs her -1.5. So the scenario I would envisage is....

Friend: "Let me try on your glasses..." then....."Wow, I can see perfectly through these. Why don't you wear them more? I can't see a thing without mine...."

Girlfriend: "Well, my eyes aren't really that bad.."

Friend: "??????"

I guess my thing is it would ruin our little scheme if her friends discovered she was over-prescribed. But I'm keen to bump her up to -2.00 or more all the same. I also bought her some -1.5 contacts to try. I guess what I'd really love is if she were to wear correction ALL the time.

BTW, she's totally complicit in all of this, so there's no sneakiness on my part.

soundmanpt 02 May 2010, 10:02


So 3 years ago your gf was prescribed -.50 glasses that you say your not sure she even needed. You did not mention her age, but if she was of driving age she may have noticed that driving after dark seemed more difficult and print on signs in the distance hard to read. Did she get glasses at that time? How much did she wear them? I would assume very little? After a year you convinced her to wear -1.50 glasses. Was she having trouble seeing things at a distance? Did she have any trouble adjusting to the new glasses? Did she ever complain that they were too strong? For 2 years she is still only wearing them part time. I assume she cant or shouldn't drive without them, watching tv, sporting events, etc. Correction of -1.50 is easily in the area where many go full time. You said her friend wears the same rx and she does wear her glasses all the time. Why do you think that if they ever compare there glasses this will be bad news? It would seem just the opposite to me. I would think your gf would be more inclined to maybe go full time herself if her friend enjoys seeing better that way. Does your gf know you really would like her to wear her glasses all the time? How did you find out what her gf's rx is? How long have they been friends? I am betting if they have been friends for long and she only recently started wearing glasses full time, your gf has tried them already. Have you ever asked your gf why she doesn't wear glasses more? Does she feel she doesn't need them that much?

soundmanpt 02 May 2010, 09:01


In your post you said that your wife will wear any glasses you want her to wear, but complains that she cant see with them. It seems you are not interested in her wearing glasses full time, but just that she wear strong glasses when you want her to? You have convinced her to wear -5.25 drop temples for an hour or so and she can read script on the tv across the room. You did not state her age, but her accommodation is very good, I assume her normal vision is perfect? Are you saying you want her to be able to wear them longer or that you want her to wear even stronger glasses? If you just want her to be able to wear -5.25 glasses longer then you should convince her to wear the -2.00 full time, then it should be easier to wear the stronger ones much longer periods of time.

Has she given any reason why she doesn't want to do GOC? Some people just don't want to be sticking things in their eyes, or have you not suggested this to her?

specs4ever 30 Apr 2010, 06:42

Hi Leo: Good to see that you have gotten your wish. Hope that it continues to go well for you. Unfortunately I am unable to wear contacts fro extended periods of time now so my GOC has pretty well gone by the wayside.

gwgs 30 Apr 2010, 02:55

Hi Soundmanpt - I have a variety of frames in different prescriptions, some with very weak minus (-1 or -2) but as well know, that doesn't really excite us gwg lovers, and she also knows that as when she has put on these types of glasses before she's said "I know you like the thicker ones, do you want to pick out a pair for me to wear). She seems to have quite considerable accommodation as we can watch tv in bed and she will wear -5.25 drop temples I have for an hour or so and be able to see through them. Some may say she is doing this just to please me etc but I've quizzed her on this and said "what does that say on the tv" and she's been able to read it to me.

She has picked a couple of pairs in the collection, and I showed her one pair I have bookmarked that I thought she would like last night and she asked if I was going to buy them. I have in the past bought pairs that are more her taste than mine and had small scripts (-2 ish) but this hasn't encouraged her to wear them anymore so I have rather given up on this, plus, I would rather have her wear some strong glasses when I want than wear a weak -1 or -2 a lot of the time!

spexfan 30 Apr 2010, 01:14

Hey soundmanpt, you may have described this already, but can you describe to what degree you've 'coaxed' your partner's myopia?

My girlfriend was prescribed -0.5 about 3 years ago, though it's arguable whether she actually needed them (another doctor prescribed +0.5 so who knows??) I've subsequently convinced her to wear -1.5 - which she has worn part-time for almost 2 years. She definitely seems to need some sort of distance correction now. The question is when to give her a new rx. She has a good friend who wears -1.5 all the time so I always fear they will compare prescriptions and mess up the whole process!!

soundmanpt 29 Apr 2010, 15:53


What rx are you trying to get her to wear? It makes sense that if she cant see proper she will be reluctant to wear them. Have you given any thought to letting her pick out a frame on-line that she likes and getting them made in a low minus script. It sounds like she must have perfect vision, but even people with perfect eyesight usually has no problem seeing even better with -.50 or -.75 glasses. My guess is if she likes them and she can can as good if not a little better she will wear them happily. After a few months and her eyes have adjusted to her glasses, then you can always suggest a new pair, because you love her, he,he, and up the script a little bit more. Too many in here are far too aggressive with trying to get their gf or wife to wear too much prescription at first. Trust me this works!

leo 29 Apr 2010, 04:31


you have to persuade her to wear contacts, she'll love it !! People i'd like to thank for their guidence before wearing GOC

specks4ever cactusjack and cutintheUK who soon vanished from the eyescene. Thank you for help making a "dream come true "

gwgs 28 Apr 2010, 09:01

Leo - You'll be a lucky man if you can get her to do GOC, my missus will wear any pair of glasses I want her to, but more often complains that she can't see through them - I have thought so many times that is wore contacts before putting on the chosen glasses she could wear them for a lot longer and it would be far more enjoyable for the both of us.

leo 28 Apr 2010, 07:52


My wife uses glasses for close up work, reading, etc. no body in the family or friends know that i,am wearing GOC. Getting the contacts in without been seen, can be tricky! my wife is aware that i admire girls wearing glasses, but can't understand why i think high myopic ladies are the best !! Getting her to wear GOC ? i need some time....i think she will...... even if its just for me !

gwgs 28 Apr 2010, 02:50

Sounds fun Leo, I envy you, there are so many time I've flicked through my collection and wanted to wear a pair or two out but have been worried that I may bump into acquantices or friends.

It's hysterical also that your wife only noticed after a month! Shows how observant she is!!! Have you tried getting her to wear glasses, or she is beautifully bespectacled already?

Cactus Jack 27 Apr 2010, 13:34

I, Glasses,

I don't know. The existence of the hormone, produced by the retina, was reported by the Johns Hopkins Department of Opthalmology several years ago. The hormone was discovered during a research project to discover the causes and possible correction of nanothalmia. That is a condition where the eyeball fails to grow properly and the result is very small eyeballs and very severe hyperopia.

Apparently, the hormone seemed to be very specific to the eyes in that it was produced by the retina and it apparently controls eyeball growth. Actually, something like the hormone is needed. Almost all babies are born hyperopic (farsighted) and it takes about a month for them to learn to accommodate and control their focus muscles. Fortunately, very young children have extremely flexible crystaline lenses and can quite handily accommodate many plus diopters. It makes sense that something needs to detect focusing effort and out of focus conditions then stimulate eyeball growth when needed to reduce that effort.

The retina, which is actually part of the brain, is a very sophisticated image pre-processor for the visual cortex in the brain. The retina has between 120 and 130 million rods and cones (pixels) to sense light levels and colors. Yet there are only a bit over a million fibers in the optic nerve, much less than the number of rods and cones, so the retina has to process the signals from the rods and cones and distribute them to the million nerve fibers.

I have not seen any reports of further research or confirmation of these findings. If it turned out that the hormone existed, it would likely be necessary to inject it directly into some eye structures to cause growth.


I, Glasses 27 Apr 2010, 11:04

Pursuant to Leo's statement about being able to develop myopia at his age, I have a question for Cactus Jack, who mentioned several posts ago a hormone that causes the eyeball to grow longer. Like certain other hormones that can be taken into a mature person's body on purpose, i.e., via a doctor's prescription, e.g., testosterone or estrogen, is the "myopia hormone" one that could be isolated and taken into a mature body deliberately for the sole purpose of causing or increasing myopia, or is that hormone one that also causes other changes in the body, those related to puberty, that we would not want to artificially produce or reproduce in a mature body?

leo 27 Apr 2010, 06:34


PS. I only wanted to wear strong glasses. If i could learn to develope myopia at my age (57) , i certainly would !

leo 27 Apr 2010, 06:23


thanks teaser ! i won't be wearing -20 without the advice from EYESCENE ! ....... but I'll still be wishing and dreaming !:)

leo 27 Apr 2010, 06:06

GWGS- it seems most people see frames and not the lense! I used an old frame which made it easier. My one son said my eyes look smaller, my reply "oh really" wife said she never really noticed my lenses were that thick,(after one month) and a friend ask why my glasses are more "powerful"..... my reply was..... has'nt really changed for two years! i think some people noticed but are to polite to say anything ! Idid not plan to go full time, but once i put the glasses on, i refuse to take it off, and decided to take a chance!!!

Teaser 27 Apr 2010, 03:10


Thanks for the post which confirmed our best hopes for you in the world of GOC. You are luckier than some who cannot wear fulltime despite their desire due to circumstances. There are wiser heads here than mine but your ambition of wearing -20 whilst understandably might be harded than you realise - it is better to creep up in stages as the higher you go the difficulties arise. Perhaps others with a better understanding will respond but still enjoy ever minute.

gwgs 26 Apr 2010, 09:51

Owlish - just tested out lensesrx website and entered a prescription of -17 to test their system and it wanted $100 extra for this prescription. I used the online help system and Zleta said the following;

"standard lenses ther is no extra charge but an RX over -4 is additional $7 per diopter per eye and -6 is additional $14 per diopter per eye".

Too bad as they have a couple of decent frames

gwgs 26 Apr 2010, 09:38

Leo - congrats on finding the net, you are most certainly not alone!

How did your friends and colleagues greet you when they first saw you in your -7.25's? I can only dream of doing such things - I don't have the balls!! What age are you? Are you hoping to develop myopia in order to wear less strong + contacts, and stronger minus glasses in order to wear -20's, or do you have 20/20 vision?

leo 26 Apr 2010, 04:24

teaser, I'll try. always wanted to wear strong glasses, kept dreaming for 40+ years !! my sons introduced me to the internet + (typing ) just over a year ago. One " fine day " I decided to find out if there were other people who like ladies wearing strong - glasses , and also like wearing strong - glasses !!! I did a search ( people who love wearing glasses ) and what a surprise ! I could not believe my eyes ! I was excited for days, because i discovered that I,am not alone..... and I,am not crazy ! I soon found an optometrist who would help.My rx right sph+0.50 cyl -0.25 axis 84 near+2.50 Left 0.50 cyl -0.25 axis 117 near 2.50. I am doing GOC with -6.25 glasses with 7mm thick lenses over+7 contacts !!! love it!!! Some family members seen the sudden change, but very soon excepted it ! I'am planning to get -20's soon, but not to wear full time ( how i wish i could !

Teaser 24 Apr 2010, 02:03


Thanks for your posting but it really was a tease. We would like to know more what you did - where you purchase your glasses and contact lenses and the rx of each. Hope you will oblige.

leo 24 Apr 2010, 01:37

started GOC this time, one year ago, full time from day one,...... still can't believe it!!! thank you to who ever discovered the idea!!!

sam12744 04 Apr 2010, 07:01

I ordered some glasses from lensesrx yesterday. I need a strong minus prescription, which is no problem for them, but I also need a lot of base-out prisms, which is not catered for when ordering online. However, I used the live advice facility, which proved extremely helpful and, yes, they could do my hefty prism script, but I would need to enter the prisms in the "other info" box and email the actual prescription to them. This could be a problem for GOC'ers, who would need to be inventive.It seemed as if nothing was too much trouble, but a word of warning: the cost rockets as you add essentials like any sort of high index materials, any coatings and, of course, prisms are $10 per dioptre,per lens, which would have added up to a hefty $300 in my case. However, they reduced that to $200, which all helps. Payment by credit card was fairly easy online(but you will need to get them to overide the postal charges, if you are outside the US, because the system doesn't recognise the addition of overseas postage). However, because the system also doesn't recognise prisms,it can't charge you for them, so I had to communicate my card details by less secure means for the extra $200.

All in all, probably slightly better selection of frames than O4less, scripts to -25, which suggests no myodiscs, but able and willing to do as many as 15 prisms per lens(11 at O4less).I will let you know what the finished article is like in due course.

Owlish 02 Apr 2010, 15:11

I know I could post this in the online retailers thread but I think it might be of special interest to GOCers.

I just now had a look at:

and went through the process of ordering without actually buying. Their prescription range is high; from +12 to -25, but seems they don't add extra charges for high Rx. I selected the cheapest frames and -24.75 lenses and the checkout price was less than $7.00!

So, if anyone wants to check them out and decides to order high Rx glasses from them please let us know how it turns out.

Pra 29 Mar 2010, 20:52

OK i'll continue this in "Induced Myopia" thread

C U there

soundmanpt 29 Mar 2010, 08:47


First of all I think we need to take this over to the "Induced Myopia" thread since we are not dealing with "Glasses Over Contacts" Like Val asked, how long has it been from when you first had her start wearing the -.75 glasses untill now? Does she now to wear the -5.50 glasses full time without headaches or discomfort? Age is a key factor in this process, what is her age? The younger she is the more chance she will actually get a real prescription. Is she as happy about this as you are? Does she enjoy wearing glasses?

I would not rush to get her eyes examined just yet. If she is happy with the glasses she is wearing and your happy that's what is important. If she were to go now and her eyes haven't changed at all she may be disappointed and loose interest. The best way to tell if her eyes are changing is in the morning before she puts on her glasses, have her she how well she can see signs in the distance. If she can't read them, perfect vision is no more and you can both celebrate.

Val 29 Mar 2010, 03:24

Pra, can you tell us, how much time has passed since you gave her the -0.75 glasses. And, does she know the present glasses are -5.5 D ? Or she knows only that the lenses are "stronger"? How did you get the glasses ? Order from the internet ?

Pra 28 Mar 2010, 23:49


She started with plano Glasses.

Then i gave her -0.75 Glasses and she use to it quickly.

Then -1.75 , -2.5 ,-3.25,....and now -5.5 both eyes.

She had a perfect vision

She got her first glasses with plano lenses from a optical shop by testing her eyes. but now she said she feel some difficulty to see far without glasses. I'm so exited !!

Now we are planing to do a real eye test again.

Hope she can get a real prescription for this time.

soundmanpt 27 Mar 2010, 08:07


Is your wife doing Glasses over Contacts or just wearing -5.50 glasses? What is her actual vision. If she has perfect vision I am very surprised she can see anything up close and not much better for distance. How long can she wear her glasses without her eyes give out? I am guessing she must be rather young to accommodate at all?

leo 27 Mar 2010, 05:11

thanks JB. Wish I could get my wife to do the same!

Pra 26 Mar 2010, 01:15


I could able to make my wife to wear glasses. Now she wear -5.5 without any problem. She does her studies with glasses too. When she is with me she wears them

I'm so happy !!!

JB 23 Mar 2010, 07:11

Leo, I should have given more details, sorry. She agreed to put them on, wear them for a few min now and then. Obviously can't see anything with them...

leo 15 Mar 2010, 04:05

JB, please explaine? How can your wife agree to wear -36 glasses without contacts ? leo

JB 14 Mar 2010, 17:16

Wife agreed to wear -36 glasses used for goc but w/out contacts. Also likes the +8 readers. Eyesight almost normal. Love it!!!

Mr. Roberts 23 Feb 2010, 21:37


I agree that a refraction test with your goal contact lenses is a quantum leap in accuracy when doing glasses over contact lenses. For me the excel chart is not that close, I mean maybe a couple diopters. Which can be huge in terms of acceptable vision. If I am going to do GOC I want that vision to be BETTER than that of my unaided eyes which are about -1.50. My best combinations in regards to best vision with goc are -10 cl with +13.00 eyelasses with my correct cylinder correction in the glasses, and my +20.00 glasses with my -16.00 contacts .


Brooklyn_boy 15 Feb 2010, 11:31


I think you really should try GOC. I normally wear - 5 eyeglasses and I was able to purchase +5 contacts and I can see fairly well with -13 eyeglasses and I love it. Once in a while, I try my combo on my way home. I love how a lot of people can't help but stare, specially when riding the subway....if they only knew...

Bobby 11 Feb 2010, 07:32

Actually I have been wearing GOC since autumn 2005. "I have not ben seen outside without GOC for two years." means I sometimes wear my normal glasses, but not outside the house.

There were some comments, of course, like .. Do you have new glaases? or These are much stronger, aren't they. I simply said yes- I think I have been asked about the number of diopters just 4 or 5 times.

Most of the time I wear plastic blended myodiscs which have the edges only 7 mm thick. Only sometimes I enjoy my heavy spheric mineral glasses with 18 mm unpolished edges.

Obsessed 11 Feb 2010, 07:19


Yeah, it's exciting to have found a soul in all of NY who likes strong glasses.

I am not in a romantic relationship with her, but we are very close friends. I am even glad we can't do any romance (I am a gay man and she's a lesbian) because it helps our rational planning concerning GOC :)

Anyway, thank you guys for your advice! I think that I will be seen wearing a pair of rather strong specs in March :)

leo 11 Feb 2010, 06:37

Hi Bobby, wearing -20 for two years! wow! If I may ask, what did your friends and family say ? Iam planning to wear -20 one day soon ! are you able to drive and lead a normal life ? regards leo.

Bobby 10 Feb 2010, 12:52

Hey, you are a lucky man to find a girl who likes strong glasses.

GOC of -10 will be easy to adopt for you, it is a good start. However, if you really want to experience strong GOC, go higher.

Obsessed 10 Feb 2010, 10:17

Guys, thank you so much for your encouraging words!

For now, I want to do occasional walked with a friend in the Central Park of NYC :) She is a big lover of strong specs :) Maybe, we'll do group GOC. Who knows...

I am in my mid 20's. Current real RX is -1 in both eyes no cylinder and no prism. Late myopia. Started developing it (happily!!) when I was over 20. Now it's slowly going down (from 0.25 all the way to -1 -- wish it was -10 *sigh* -- through 0.5 and 0.75 over the years).

I would love to do something super-strong. But I am afraid that -20 will be too tough for me in the beginning. All recommendations are very welcome!

I could happily do -10 in the beginning!

Bobby 09 Feb 2010, 12:18

Obsessed, go for it, but first make the main decision, which is the resulting power in the glasses. Using the Excel chart you will get a rough power for the contact lenses. Once you have the contacts lenses the best way to obtain good and usable combination is to have a refraction test done (with the contacts, of course). The test will tell you the exact power of the glasses. Then, after you have all the stuff, put it in and on and enjoy your new vision and your new look. However I must warn you: GOC is addictive, you may want to wear it more often than you are plannig now and, after a time, end up in our full time GOCers' club.

I have been wearing GOC (-20D) full time for several years and I do not want to stop. I haven't been seen outside the house without my strong glasses for 2 years.

JR 09 Feb 2010, 07:58


I am full time and have several combos. I started on my own and had limited success. I have astigmatism so it was a little more complicated.

After listening to CJ, I started over and have had great success.

I went to Walmart and told the examiner what I wanted to do and he helped me with three combos, -6, -10 and -20 and then I went back later for a +12.

We started, as CJ suggested, with contacts and then refracted for the glasses. Two of the combos I have better vision than I do with no contacts and glasses.

No one says anything about the change of Rx however I only use the -6 and -10 in public as they are the ones that work the best. Sometimes when I use the -10, my wife will say that I "look tired". My kids, in their 40's, don't notice at all.

I had one comment at work and I said, different glasses, and nothing more was said.

Good luck, it is a "kick".

Cactus Jack 09 Feb 2010, 06:14


You might try They are located in Vancouver, BC. Check out the CooperVision Proclearl offerings. They are relatively inexpensive even in the high Rx ranges. No Rx is required.

I would suggest not being too aggressive until you gain some experience. GOC mistakes can be very expensive and the results unwearable. Done right, GOC can be a pleasant experience. Please do not order or buy glasses or contacts until you have a plan. Well executed GOC starts with your current Rx. Could you provide your age, current Rx, and your target glasses Rx?

If you want to discuss this privately, please contact me at


soundmanpt 08 Feb 2010, 22:36


A friend recently ordered contacts on-line from "" She said that they do ask for a doctor's name and phone but they never used it. She did have a real rx. Others may have better places to use.

Obsessed 08 Feb 2010, 13:56

Finally got serious about GOC.

I wanna do it folks!

Does anybody know how I could get strong plus contacts in NJ?

DMG 30 Nov 2009, 10:03

Nostolgic- I do find the image magnification helps a lot, of course it took a while before things no longer looked oversized and distorted. I have made the decision to continue permanently with this combo, the vision I have now, I (and my brain apparently) consider to be normal. I am 50 and have been a low hyperope with a substantial add (+3.50) since my mid twenties.



nostolgic 18 Nov 2009, 18:41


Wow, that is quite a lot! do you find you can see distant detail better (a face across the room, a road sign) better?

also, are you emmetropic.. how old are you?

I was just reading in 'going without glasses' about some people with -10 and lower trying to get by without their glasses, can you do anything without your glasses while wearing contacts?

I have to admit I love the blur myself too when I have the wrong correction but I can't get it naturally!!

DMG 15 Nov 2009, 18:52

Nostolgic- Been wearing +15 bifocals over -12 contacts for almost a year now, it took a while to get adjusted to the lack of peripheral vision and the extreme magnification, it all just seems normal now. I'm thinking of trying lenticulars, maybe pushing things to +20


nostolgic 15 Nov 2009, 05:14

Well, I did it. I didn't like it. Everything was about 20% bigger, but it wasn't big enough to make me be able to see details I couldn't without the combo, plus it was like watching a movie that was filmed without a tripod! I didn't like it. Maybe I just needed to go for bolder prescription #s. Oh well, maybe later...

nostolgic 13 Oct 2009, 21:56


I'm thinking about doing a magnifying GOC. My script is slightly farsighted. Would it do any good to go with this combo?

OS: cl: -3.25 g’s +3.75

OD: cl -3.25 g’s +3.75

Or should I be more aggressive?

I would like to be able to see a little bit w/o the glasses, too, just contacts. So I want to keep them under 5.5 (my max amplitude of accomodation without having to cross my eyes) so I can at least see distance with glasses off.

But if that is not worth the experience, I'm willing to go higher.

Also, does such small plus result in any significant magnification? And does the magnification from plus glasses GOC result in any increase in snellen acuity?

Any suggestions?


Myopic Grant 13 Oct 2009, 08:07

Well, it's definitly an interesting subject to think about. I'll try to get the nerve up to wear my -8 glasses by the end of the month and give a full report on my experience. I'm already wearing them out when ever I leave the house to shop or run an errand in the effort of feeling completely comfortable with them on. I think that's the ture secret in not giving the GOC away.

gwgs 13 Oct 2009, 03:36

Russell - haha, I can actually imagine some people doing that!

russell 13 Oct 2009, 02:25

Most people don't have a clue has to prescription in lenses. They see someone in glasses and just think, "Oh, look, he is wearing glasses," not "Oh, look, aren't those lenses thicker than the ones he had on yesterday?" In fact, in many cases, if you wore plano lenses and someone asked to try on your glasses, they might very well say "My goodness these are strong!" just so no one would think that they might need glasses.

Myopic Grant 12 Oct 2009, 10:11


My co-workers know I wear contacts, so when I showed up at work for a couple days in my -6 pair, they didn't think anything about it. My -6 glasses with silver rectangle titanium frames have the highest index lenses you can buy, so those can be kind of deceptive when trying to guess the prescription. My new black plastic frames have regular -8 feather weight lenses, with a larger lens as well, so if they were even curious and bold enough to ask, I would be able to explain the difference. But the chances they would ask are pretty unlikely.

gwgs 12 Oct 2009, 09:33

Interesting tale Grant, there might be some fellow 0-0 spotters at work that notice your jump up in prescription and when you don't turn up the next day in them may wonder why this is!

Myopic Grant 12 Oct 2009, 09:23

I spent last Thursday shopping with my new -8 glasses for the first time. These are the strongest I've worn so far in public and it was very liberating and invigorating at the same time for me. For years I've envied those who had higher prescriptions, so to be seen in public wearing a stronger prescription than my own is a dream come true. It's also interesting to think of how many people saw me that day and had the same feelings about seeing me in my glasses that I've always felt about seeing other people in strong glasses. It was lightly sprinkling that day, and several times going into a store or back into the car, I had to wipe the lenses dry. I used to envy those who had to do this knowing that while they were cleaning their glasses off they were completely in a world of blur. I wonder if anyone thought about that with me when I had to clean my glasses off that day. I would love to wear these to work, but haven't gotten up the nerve. I've only worn my -6 pair there so far...

lentifan 05 Oct 2009, 15:23

That last post was from me!

eyescene 05 Oct 2009, 15:18

Yes, NJ, I have noticed that quite a few of the people I have seen over the years with strong plus glasses have seemed to be uncomfortable in crowded situations, presumably just for the reasons you state. A few, on the other hand, have just seemed to look straight in front of them and keep walking - were they just trusting everyone else to keep out of their way?

Anyway, it was interesting that you can drive with your GOC.

I hope to try it some day - ideally +20 or above.

NJ 01 Oct 2009, 07:57

Hi Lentifan, I do most things with them, including driving. I just have to turn my head to see anything that is not directly in front of my eyes, because if I just move my eyes the ring scotoma obliterates any vision. The most difficult task is walking in a crowded store, as even with constant head turning I can't keep an adequate view of everyone because they keep moving.

lentifan 30 Sep 2009, 16:33


I am very interested in what you can do wearing your +20s. Do you wear them outside? Do you drive with them?

I am very envious.

NJ 29 Sep 2009, 07:55

I do mostly plus GOC, though have done minus as well, and plus lenses are definitely harder to get used to, especially the lack of peripheral vision. I have been wearing +20 lentics for years now, and can function pretty well with them, but am much more limited than I would be with a -20 pair.

JR 28 Sep 2009, 05:08

I, too, do both and agree that it is much harder to accommodate the + glasses. Even to "just" walk is harder.

Also I have not "gone public" with the + over glasses.

Peter G 27 Sep 2009, 12:32


I am moderately myopic and have mostly done GOC with strong minus glasses. Interestingly, where my GOC frames are similar to my usual frames, others hardly seem to notice the stronger lenses. I have recently acquired some strong minus CL's, and tried out GOC with plus glasses in the +6 to +9 range. Of course, it looks different to have big eyes instead of minified ones, and I have not really gone out in public with this combination yet - I find the strong plus glasses give me a lot more peripheral distortion than I am used to, and I need to get used to this effect slowly - certainly won't drive a car with this combo as things are, whereas driving with a high minus combo is no problem. It's all interesting and good fun.

Hollie 27 Sep 2009, 04:01

Myopic grant

I wear contacts most of the time and have had a couple of comments in about 6 years of wearing them that people could see them. One of those was after I was rubbing my eye and mentioned my lense was irritating me. I imagine it would be very difficult if you were also wearing glasses. I would put both of mine on to see but it would make me the equivalent of +6 and doubt I'd be able to focus to see if contacts were noticeable.

Obsessed 26 Sep 2009, 13:19

bigeyes what an amazing story!

I wish I had to wear +8 glasses!!!!

bigeyes 26 Sep 2009, 10:34

it seems that most of you goc out there are doing it with minus glasses. is there anybody beside me who does plus-goc?

I'm farsighted by nature (+1.75 dpt) but have a pair of +8.00 dpt glasses and a pair of +14.00 dpt glasses which I occasionally wear. the magnification of the eyes is huge, especially with the +14.00 combo, that's why i rarely dare to to outside with those ones. but quite regularly I wear the +8.00 glasses. also with these glasses the eyes look large behind the glasses. I like that. a few days ago i went outside with the +8.00 glasses and ran into my neighbour. he knows me with my normal glasses. we stopped and talked for a while when he asked me if i had new glasses. i said yes and told him that my script had gone up quite a bit to which he replied yes, he had noticed and that they looked rather strong. although i felt a bit shy and uncomfortable i also felt really good about him noticing my strong glasses. he asked me if i saw anything at all without them and i said no, just colors and shapes and took them off which resulted in really not seeing a thing because of the strong minus contacts. i put them on again and we said goodbye and went seperate ways... i loved it!

4iiiis 26 Sep 2009, 03:34

thank you all! can't wait!

Myopic Grant 26 Sep 2009, 01:42

Thanks C.J., I guess it's the paranoia that comes with wearing glasses that aren't truly my prescription. I've tested myself in different lighting, and sometimes I can slightly see the edges of my contacts. My nightmare is that someone will get close enough and say, "hey, it's looks like you're wearing contacts." My dream is for people to think I'm truly more nearsighted than I really am...I guess that isn't so strange to say on this website. I've always envied those who are very nearsighted with a passion...

Cactus Jack 25 Sep 2009, 18:30

Myopic Grant,

Not to worry. Contacts are very hard for others to see, particularly if you are also wearing glasses. Sometimes, they are even hard for you to see.


Myopic Grant 25 Sep 2009, 17:29

I'm fairly new to GOC, and really like being able to wear a prescription higher than my own. My only worry is that someone might see me wearing contacts under my glasses. Is that ever a concern for anyone on here? Thanks.

Cactus Jack 25 Sep 2009, 16:52


GOC is harmless if you do it right. Here are a few suggestions.

1. Start with your actual Rx. If you need an exam, get one.

2. If you have never worn contacts, it is best to start with a CL Rx so you know what BC and Dia you need for comfort.

3. Always observe good CL procedures and care

4. Start slowly and work up so you get used to wearing strong glasses gradually.

Ask if you need help.


Owlish 25 Sep 2009, 16:12

4iiii I never got any side effects but if you go out wearing strong Rx glasses be very careful about your reduced peripheral vision. Once, I nearly stepped on or tripped over a little kid who was down on the floor in a supermarket. It would have been embarrassing or worse. Also trying to cross a busy street can be tricky. Steps too. Take it slow.

4iiii 25 Sep 2009, 05:00

planning to do goc soon. can any body tell me if there are any side effects? many thanks.

leo 23 Sep 2009, 04:11

doing gog for a few months now! only comments i received were, you;ve got new glasses!!! my one son noticed the sudden change and said " your eyes are really small" to which i replied, " haven't you noticed ?" i think its turned out better than i thought!!! i enjoy every moment.... i waited 45 years !!

Noob 22 Sep 2009, 14:53

Pick up some "plus" readers from Walmart. The strongest prescrip I could find was +3.50 so I can still catch a little buzz from them. Not too bad. They really distort around the edges and I feel pretty messed up and confused after taking them off trying to readjust my eyes.

JR 22 Sep 2009, 13:26

I am a full time GOC and use several combos and I never get any comments, even from my family except high minus, my wife will say I look tired.

In public I am accepted at face value.

It feels good to me, so...

SZ6 22 Sep 2009, 11:29

What do you GOC'ers do to create "glasses interactions" when wearing GOC in public?

A little background - ordered some -16.75's from Zenni recently (to go with some + contacts I already had) and finally got a chance to wear them in public yesterday.

I went to a local mall after work and changed into the GOC in my car, in the parking lot. My plan was to go to sunglass vendors and optical shops and ask about clip-on shades. I figured the clerk would need to take my glasses, try to match them up to any available clip-ons they had, and give them back to me... leading to comments about the thickness of the lenses, the prescription, and my vision without correction. I figured that I could play up the degree of my myopia a bit and act as if I really could not see well enough to attach the clip-ons to the shades, or maybe feel around blindly when they offered the glasses back to me (a post on this thread from 2002 or 2003 describes exactly this kind of interaction). The catch is that I only wanted to try this with a female clerk - as a straight guy, glasses-interaction with a male just isn't interesting to me.

Unfortunately, I struck out. The mall had two sunglass vendors, a Lenscrafters, and a Sears Optical. The first sunglass vendor was staffed by a cute young woman. I walked into the store, and she said "can I help you" with a kind of snotty expression and voice. Wasn't sure if she was simply exhausted after a long day, or taken aback by the half-inch-thick glasses I was wearing. Anyway, I asked her about clip-ons and she simply said they didn't have any, suggesting I try LensCrafters.

I cruised past LensCrafters, but they were staffed by a late middle-aged guy and a woman who seemed really busy - not really what I was looking for.

The other sunglass place was staffed by a 30-ish guy, so I passed on that too.

The Sears Optical was staffed by an older man who said they didn't have clip-ons. He wasn't sure where I should try.

As a last resort, I ordered a pretzel from a vendor staffed by a 30-ish woman. I squinted and pretended to have trouble reading the menu. She seemed exhausted, though, and did not react.

So, my GOC outing was kind of a bust. I need some new ideas. I'd love to hear what you folks do to stimulate glasses-interactions during your public GOC expeditions.

Moonshiner 24 Aug 2009, 19:06

Interesting article about using Focus Night & Day extended wear silicone hydrogel lenses in a piggyback system. Scroll down to "case study". One could do +20 for GOC and likly sleep in them.

ms 23 Aug 2009, 13:50

strong plus - contact`s you get here:

and look to the lenses for myopics from ms_2109

Mark 23 Aug 2009, 04:26

@ SZ6

Ive used the spreadsheet and found at low RX it works quite well, however as the others have said, at high rx it is a little out.

How i got around it was to get the frame i wanted to use for high RX GOC and then measured the vertex distance of that frame, once i plugged that into the spreadsheet and made ajustments for my accomodation i found the spreadsheet was almost right.

I found it came up with GOC glasses about 0.25 to 0.50 stronger than i could use.

If your going to use this, then i suggest when measuring the vertex distance of the frames, make sure you take into account the fact that the lenses, once in the frame will be a lot thicker than the plano / low rx lenses that will be in there.

I personally use GOC at -30 and -18.00.

-30 i use +16 contacts and the -18.00 i use +8 extended wear contacts, which i prefer rather than taking them out every night.

Hope this helps


sam12744 23 Aug 2009, 02:39


We are probably at cross-purposes over what constitutes Bobby's site. I meant (and should have said)the glassesovercontacts Yahoo group. It is in the links section there.

SZ6 21 Aug 2009, 07:29


Would you mind linking me to the exe on Bobby's site? I browsed through the site, but could not find it.


I am naturally a -9.5 in contacts. I have a box of +6 30-day disposables in my base curve and diameter. I also have a pair of -19.75 glasses that, as I mentioned, don't give me particularly good vision with the contacts.

When I plug my -9.5 into the spreadsheet, it recommends -16.5 or -17 glasses to go along with +6 contacts - I included a range to account for variation in vertex distance.

Cactus Jack 21 Aug 2009, 07:25


The spreadsheet is based on the commonly used formulas for calculating CL Rx from a refracted Rx. I think there are two problems with the formulas,

1. They get in trouble at high Rx

2. Vertex Distance estimates are just that and at high Rx, it becomes very critical because vertex distance effects are exponential and involve the square of the Rx.

I think the best way to do high Rx GOC is by getting a refraction with the CLs in place and then ordering the glasses to go with them. That, of course, requires an understanding Eye Care Professional or a trial lens set.

I use the spreadsheet as a "reality check" to see if my manual calculations are in the ball park. Also, I ultimately reference everything back to "eyepower" which is my term for the optical power of the eye at the cornea (zero vertex distance) with and without contact lenses.

What did you have in mind?


sam12744 21 Aug 2009, 07:16


I'd be inclined to use the automated goc.exe on Bobby's site,rather than the spreadsheet;its served me well.

SZ6 21 Aug 2009, 06:46

I'd like to know if anyone has used the Excel spreadsheet on Bobby's site to calculate their GOC prescriptions. Has anyone used the spreadsheet to find a combination that really worked well?

I purchased GOC a couple years ago, mainly using the advice of participants on the forum as guidance. The Glasses Rx I was recommended is about 3 diopters stronger than what the spreadsheet recommends. My vision with the combo isn't great, but I can't tell if it's because the PD is off or because the glasses are too strong, or a combination of the above.

Anyway, I am considering giving GOC another shot using the contacts I purchased last time - just buying weaker glasses per the results of the spreadsheet, and possibly getting my PD measured professionally by an optician.

Cactus jack 21 Aug 2009, 03:37


In some countries in your part of the world myopia is very common and it is very easy to get glasses and contacts in any Rx you want. Initially, I would suggest trying to induce some myopia, but your age may make it difficult to get a significant Rx. Later, Glasses over Contacts can allow you to wear any Rx you want.

May I suggest moving the discussion to the Induced Myopia thread.


Hay 21 Aug 2009, 01:59

Cactus Jack

Thanks for ur reply

1. 26 years / South Asian Country

2. No Rx ( Good eye site)

3. HR Executive

Cactus Jack 20 Aug 2009, 11:00


Theoretically, it is possible, however it is unlikely that you could get anyone to do it for you. There are other ways that may help achieve your objectives of wearing high minus glasses. Glasses Over Contacts and Induced Myopia

Here are a couple of questions:

1. What is your age and where you live?

2. Have you had a recent eye exam? If so, what was your Rx?

3. What is your occupation?

Your answers will assist in making suggestions.


hay 20 Aug 2009, 10:08

I have a question.

I have a good i site but i like to be myopic & wear strong glasses.

can i do a lasik to make my eyes myopic?

Pls reply

Plussi 20 Aug 2009, 04:53

Tried my +6.00 pairs over the minus lenses first time this week. Interesting experience! Need some adjustment maybe.

As I am used to light minus glasses with a bit of astigmatism usually, I found out that plus-glasses require precise looking through the centre of them moving the head instead of moving the eyes.

Nice enlargement!

ghzg 13 Aug 2009, 14:52


Mark 08 Aug 2009, 11:02

Ye, thats why im trying to find them at a semi reasonable price, i dont need much more than +8, preferably about +10/12 etc, dont want to go too high, the minification gets a bit much.

sam12744 07 Aug 2009, 11:45


I should have added that at those sort of scripts, you can't expect them to be cheap!

sam12744 07 Aug 2009, 11:43


Yes, you can get Extended Wear cls of much higher prescriptions than +8. I have some which are +19. stock Silsoft aphakic Adult Vial lenses by Bausch & Lomb in scripts up to +20, then +23,+26,+29 and +32.

Mark 07 Aug 2009, 07:16

Anyone know if you can get extended wear contacts (ie the kind you can sleep in) that are stronger than +8.00?

Preferably not at extortionate prices per as well thx.

Jon 05 Aug 2009, 22:46

Maybe this was answered in the past... so I apologize if it's a repeat:

What is the highest plus contact lens that is available for adults (i.e., not the pediatric +31). How would one go about ordering it? I'm interested in the +35 to +40 range.

RJJ 26 Jul 2009, 13:35

Cactus Jack

Thanks for all your help

I will let you know how I get on.

Thanks again


Cactus Jack 25 Jul 2009, 17:33


There are two ways of writing an Rx with plus cylinder and minus cylinder. In the US, Opthalmologists (MDs) tend to use + cylinder notation and Optometrists (Opticians in the UK) tend to use - cylinder notation. Lens makers prefer - notation so they convert + cylinder to - cylinder and make the glasses. Optically, the results are identical.

I converted the + cylinder to - cylinder because it is easier to work with for GOC. You CL Rx is in - cylinder. + cylinder makes a minus sphere Rx look like it is a higher value that it actually winds up being in the glasses and the difference between a + cylinder axis and a - cylinder axis will be 90 degrees.


RJJ 25 Jul 2009, 16:17

Thanks, Cactus Jack

Are the -2.50 and the 15 the values for cylinder and the Axis the same as in my prescription?

As the UK online sites seem to order that way.


Cactus Jack 25 Jul 2009, 06:44


If the glasses Rx looks a little strange, i converted your + cylinder glasses Rx to the more common - cylinder notation before I started doing the calculations.

Let me know if you have more questions. Also, if you want to discuss this privately, contact me at


Cactus jack 24 Jul 2009, 17:47


Wearing plus glasses can be a different experience that wearing minus glasses. I would like to suggest taking a very conservative approach until you gain some experience.

I would suggest that you try some inexpensive +4 glasses for distance first. That is low enough that vertex distance effects will not be significant and it is likely that bifocals will not be required. After trying +4.00 GOC, you can make a decision about what you want to do next. This GOC combination should be fairly inexpensive.

Glasses Rx:

OD +4.00, -2.50 x 15

OS +4.50, -2.50 x 165


Both Eyes

-8.00 Base Curve and Diameter as close to your current contacts as possible.

I would suggest order the glasses from Zenni or other on line retailer to keep the cost low. The reason that the left eye is increased to _4.50 is to allow the use of the same Rx sphere only contacts,

This combination will not provide much image enlargement, but will give you an opportunity to try wearing + glasses.

To get much magnification, it will be necessary to go substantially higher, but you will likely have difficulty going much above +12 glasses because of the availability of high minus contacts and the fact that you are starting with an contacts Rx of around -4.00.


RJJ 24 Jul 2009, 14:05

Cactus Jack

not sure what plus Rx but maybe magnification of about 1 or 2 feet or so for distance viewing. bifocal will be ok. I am in the uk


Cactus Jack 24 Jul 2009, 12:39


The base curve of the lens is related to the curve of your cornea. Soft lenses are not as critical as hard lenses, but the closer the base curve of the lens is to the curve of your cornea the better.

The best way to find out your base curve is to get an exam and fitting for contacts.


JO 23 Jul 2009, 23:46

Hi, may i ask how i could determine the base curve for the lenses? Am thinking of getting the Proclear Compatibles for GOC but it's available in two base curves, 8.2, and 8.6, so which do i chose? And should the base curve be fixed for whatever power I'm getting, or is there something that I should take note of say, the higher the power, the lower the BC? thanks in advance.

Cactus Jack 23 Jul 2009, 19:14


Successful GOC requires a little planning. Hew are a few questions:

1. What is the approximate plus Rx you would like to have in the glasses?

2. Is there any special reason you would like to wear plus glasses?

3. Plus glasses can have a reduced depth of field and at 42, you may need a bifocal add to be able to read comfortably even though you may not be having any problem while wearing your minus glasses. Is this acceptable?

4. Where do you live? Country


RJJ 23 Jul 2009, 16:51


I am interested in trying GOC with a bit of magnification can anyone tell me the prescription I need.

I am 42 and my current prescription is


Right -6.50 Cyl +2.50 Axis 105

Left -6.00 Cyl +2.50 Axis 75


Right -4.00 Cyl -1.75 Axis 020

Left -3.50 Cyl -1.75 Axis 160


Ambly 23 Jul 2009, 04:25

spexfan Iv done GOC with Proclear for some years now +10 under -12 glasses,very comfortable and have even slept in them a few times by mistake with no great problem.Good to hear they now go up to + - 20.

Mark 23 Jul 2009, 00:27


Ye, i have done GOC with -30 glasses and +18 proclear lenses, they felt a little less comfortable than other brands (at lower strength though) however this soon went.

after a day or 2 i didnt notice them at all and -30 was worth it.

havent tried any other brands at that high rx, so have nothing to compare it to sorry.

spexfan 22 Jul 2009, 17:45

Has anyone tried GOC with Proclear Compatibles? They're disposibles which go up to +/- 20d and are relatively inexpensive at Globallens. I've had success with Durasoft 2 at high Rx but am curious to hear other people's recommendations for high plus contacts (ie. +17) under high minus glasses (ie. -21)


Tom 22 Jul 2009, 08:32

I used to do goc some ten years ago and regularly wore minus 11 though my real script is about minus 3. Thinking of starting again, and certainly want to go higher. Does anyone know a goc friendly optician in London so I could do it properly. Now that thick lenses are out I quite fancy myodiscs.

Traveller 10 Jul 2009, 15:21

A tip for would be GOCers. Go to Denmark. You can buy over the counter glasses up to -3 prescription in shops like 7/11. OK it may not take you to the heights that some here aspire to but if you have 20/20 vision or are longsighted and want to go the other way it is a cheap way to start. Prices are less than 190DKr - about 23-23GBP. Styles are reasonable and the lenses are reasonably thick.

Plussi 01 Jul 2009, 05:06

Thanks Jack!

The plan was to put the asti into the lenses. That way thy glasses only differ by the pd, which is very little difference. And then we can exchange better.

Glasses cost around 100 Euro per pair (, lenses less than 10 Euro per lens here in Germany.

Will start step by step to get costs under control.

Cactus Jack 01 Jul 2009, 04:09


Where is "over here"?

Could I suggest a couple of things.

1. Order low cost single vision glasses from Zenni or other low cost on line retailer.

2. Each of you get your own approximately +6 glasses and the necessary contacts. Your glasses would have your cylinder correction and hers would be sphere only.

3. By adjusting the sphere value a little from +6 for each eye, you may be able to each have only one power of sphere only contacts. That would minimize the overall cost.

You could exchange glasses, but vision would be best with your own. The slight difference in the lens powers would likely not be very noticeable by others.

Please don't order anything until you have a complete plan.


Plussi 01 Jul 2009, 03:22

Cactus Jack:

Seems to be a bit difficult over here. Could it work to buy the glasses first and get some different contacts later?

Lenses are much cheaper than new glasses.

Plussi 25 Jun 2009, 05:27

Thanks, Cactus Jack. Will check next week what will work with the asti.

Cactus Jack 25 Jun 2009, 05:10


It probably won't work very well, because of your astigmatism. You might be able to wear toric contacts to correct your astigmatism exactly and additional minus in the sphere value. Your wife will need sphere only contacts. The table will probably work OK at +6, but be a little skeptical of the values if you go much higher.

Torics don't work for everyone. I would suggest trying them in your current Rx before embarking on GOC. Do not try to self prescribe toric contacts, they are sometimes tricky to get right and you need the skill of an experienced Eye Care Professional


Plussi 25 Jun 2009, 02:30

Forgot to mention:

My normal values:

R: Sph. -1,25, cyl. -0,75

L: Sph. -0,50, cyl. -1,25

Her normal values:

R: Sph. -2.00

L: Sph. -1,75

We are both 40.

I have the GOC-table from Bobby.

Plussi 25 Jun 2009, 02:04


I would like to have 2 pairs of +6,00 glasses to exchange with my wife. I have asigmatism, she doesn't. Would like to correct it with my lenses.

Does this work?

Burdon 21 Jun 2009, 09:14

Cactus Jack,

Thank you very much for your response. I was not aware of the rotational characteristics of toric contact lenses.


Cactus Jack 21 Jun 2009, 07:37


Theoretically, you could get some toric contacts with a sphere Rx of about +5.75 and an appropriate cylinder Rx and be able to wear the glasses, but it is unlikely you would be successful.

You said you had perfect vision. If that is the case, that means that your corneas are a perfect section of a sphere and you have no astigmatism. Astigmatism has two components; one is a slightly cylindrical shape of the cornea where its curvature (optical power) is greater in one direction than it is in another. two is the direction of the long axis of the cylinder (the axis component of an Rx).

Toric contacts have an uneven shape that is intended to keep them correctly oriented on the cornea. People with low levels of astigmatism have trouble with the torics rotating as they blink which makes their corrected vision vary. Without any astigmatism to help keep the torics correctly oriented, you would be miserable trying to do GOC with glasses that had a lot of cylinder correction. Your vision would only rarely be clear when the axis of the torics and the axis of the glasses aligned

GOC is not an exact science, but there are a couple of principles that are very useful in doing successful GOC.

1. Do not start with the glasses - trying to match YOUR Rx to a very different glasses Rx using contacts is almost impossible, if there is cylinder in the glasses and it is different from your astigmatism.

2. Use contacts that only have a sphere component.

3. If YOUR Rx has a cylinder component, use the the same exact cylinder in the Rx when you order the glasses.

GOC can be a fun and very satisfying adventure if done correctly, but it can also be an expensive disaster if done incorrectly. If you want to try GOC, I suggest you start over. If you need help, I will be happy to help you.


Burdon 21 Jun 2009, 02:59

Does anybody can help me? I have perfect vision and I want a GOC combo arround -6 with a lot of astigmatism... What RX do I need to compensate the astigmatism of the glasses in the contacts?



Bobby 16 Jun 2009, 17:09

Yes, you could read ... if you brought the text as close as about 3 centimeters to your eye. 8-)

Kaia 16 Jun 2009, 11:01

Just out of curiosity, what kind of vision would I expect to have wearing +20 contacts without any correction? Would I be able to read anything at all?

Cactus Jack 27 May 2009, 09:18


Since you have worn contacts, you know the Brand, Diameter and Base Curve you normally wear. You may no be able to get and exact match in a + contact, but you can get close. I'd suggest trying a +3.50 and see how you like them.


Interested 27 May 2009, 08:29


You say with my age to go a bit lighter than +4 , what do you suggest?

Interested 27 May 2009, 08:27

Cactus Jack,

I have worn contacts since the age of 19 but never on a full-time basis. I would say probably 1-2 times per week with month-long stretches of not at all. I am very comfortable in contacts.

Cactus jack 27 May 2009, 06:59


34 is close enough, I think I would go a bit less than +4.00.

Remember, GOC is not an exact science.


Cactus Jack 27 May 2009, 06:56


Try in Vancouver, BC. No Rx required. Have you ever worn contacts?


Interested 26 May 2009, 18:24

Chicago, IL

Cactus Jack 26 May 2009, 17:07


Where do you live?


Interested 26 May 2009, 16:38

I'm 34yrs old - tbanks for the info. I've ordered glasses from zenni optical in the past. Where can I order the contacts from?

Cactus Jack 25 May 2009, 19:48


I would suggest the following:


Right +4.00

Left +4.00


Right -5.75, -0.25 x 100

Left -6.00, -0.50 x 90

By reducing the glasses Rx in the right eye you only need to order +4.00 contacts. You didn't mention your age, but if you are under 30, you might want to go a bit less, say +3.75 or +3.50 in the contacts and accommodate the slight difference for the best vision.


interested 25 May 2009, 17:57


If my current perscription is L-1.50 -0.50 x90 R -1.25 -0.25 x100 and I wanted to wear -6.00 glasses full-time. What perscription of contacts would be necessary to balance it out?

Cactus jack 25 May 2009, 17:48


There are things you should consider before embarking on high plus GOC.

1. The higher you go in either direction, the more critical the accuracy of the glasses Rx. The effects of vertex distance is the square of the Rx power. At +10 the effect is 0.1 diopters per mm. Vertex distance is hard to measure accurately or estimate

2. Plus glasses, because they some distance (vertex distance) from the cornea tend to act somewhat like telephoto lenses in that the depth of field (range of useful focus) is narrowed and the width of the field of vision is reduced. You may find that you need bi or tri focals to give you the range of focus you need if you want to wear them at work where you need to read, use a computer, or see clearly in the distance.

I would suggest that you start a little lower than +10, perhaps something in the +5 range.


pleaseadvise 25 May 2009, 15:26

Thanks for your promt reply. I live in the UK and work in accountancy and I see from other posts that my age may be useful. I am 30. Thanks

Cactus Jack 25 May 2009, 10:41


The contacts would be about

RE -14.50 LE-14.00

but it is a lot more complicated than that.

May I ask your age and occupation?

If you want to discuss this privately, contact me at


pleaseadvise 25 May 2009, 09:12

I would like to try + glasses of about +10 and possibly higher. My current rx is RE -2.50 -0.50 100 LE -2.00 -0.25 85. Could anyone plaese advise of what contacts i would need.

Cactus Jack 19 May 2009, 06:45


OK. I have been pretty busy lately, so be patient if I am slow to answer.


leo 19 May 2009, 06:28

high cactus jack! do you mind if i contact you via your email ? leo

Cactus jack 15 May 2009, 14:26

Brooklyn Boy,

Wearing + contacts won't make you actually more nearsighted, but they will have the same effect as if you were more nearsighted and it will require more minus in your glasses to compensate.

Please contact me at


Brooklyn Boy 15 May 2009, 08:19


When I had my eye exam done, I chose a different place this time. After I had my exam, I asked the guy if wearing + contacts would make me more myopic and he said it was possible even though he was surprise by the question. But then he said he couldn't help with that... I do want to have another eye exam just so I can try to find a good samaritan doctor do help me out.

Thank you

Cactus Jack 14 May 2009, 13:29

Brooklyn Boy,

It will be approximately

OD -18 to -19.00

OS -18 to -19.00, -0.75 x 30

The reason I said approximately is that vertex distance has a significant effect when you get into very high Rx. I don't know how familiar you are with math but the effects are approximately the square of the glasses Rx divided by 1000 times the vertex distance in mm. That means that each mm of vertex distance changes the effective glasses Rx by about 0.28 d for -18 and 0.36 d for -19.

The very best way to do GOC in these ranges is to find a cooperative OD, get the contacts and do a refraction with the contacts in place.

If you have the budget, you could get the contacts and order some low cost -18 or -19 and try them. I suspect you have plenty of accommodation and between that and moving the glasses a little you can figure out what you can wear. You can deal with a little too much minus in the glasses easier than too little minus.

Having said that, I would like to suggest that you not make such a large leap to +10s. The minification and distortion in the glasses may take some getting used to.


Brooklyn Boy 14 May 2009, 12:59

I just had a visit to the eye doctor and my new prescription is

OD -5.50

OS -5.50 -0.75 x 030

If I wear +10 contact lenses would be the prescription for my eyeglasses?

Thank you

 10 May 2009, 00:41

ebay offer:


Andy 08 May 2009, 03:58

I found this on hte Internet. They have Air Optix CL's now custom made in a wide range of powers. Those lenses are for extended wear.

Those lenses must be wonderful for extended goc..

leo 25 Apr 2009, 03:46

hi sandy, are you in western australia?

Cactus Jack 24 Apr 2009, 17:53


Do you know the complete Rx of the Glasses?

The very best way to do really successful GOC is to:

1. Determine the approximate Sphere you would like in the glasses.

2. Determine what power contacts that will provide it,

3. Determine the Glasses Rx with the new sphere power, using the exact cylinder values in your regular glasses Rx.

Trying to use contacts to compensate for your astigmatism and the incorrect cylinder values in glasses can be an optically impossible task that results in an unwearable GOC combination.

I will try to help you, but GOC is not an exact science and there is much money and effort wasted trying to make an impossible combination work and be comfortable.


Sandy 24 Apr 2009, 12:08

btw - I live in Australia

Sandy 24 Apr 2009, 12:06

I'd like to do GOC and need some advice. My own glasses prescription is R -1.75, -0.50x145, L -1.75, -0.75x57. I have a pair of -14D glasses and a pair of -10 glasses for GOC.

What prescription will I need in contacts to match both these pairs of glasses?

Also, I believe contacts can be ordered online without proof of prescription - can someone advise where this can be done?


ukoo 23 Apr 2009, 12:39

Hi,have been an avid reader for many years but only contribute very very occasionaly.Have always wanted to do GOC with VERY high minus,but have not been able to because I do not suffer contacts very well and the inability to know an optician who would help with an accurate refraction needed to do this as my own prescription is approx +6.5 both eyes for distance and approx8.5 for reading.I live here in the UK.IF ANYONE KNOWS OF SUCH AN OPTICIAN I WOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR THE DETAILS.

However I collect suitable eyewear with interesting prescriptions on e bay from time to time.I purchased some time ago a pair of quite large plastic framed mens glasses with both lenses in CR39 biconcave with prescription in the low -20 range, they were described as over -20.

I have since purchased an identical size frame in a metal finish in my own prescription which I had fitted with high index lenses.

After swopping the right lens with the pair from e bay they looked awesome.

One plus 6.5 lens and one -20 something lens which are such a contrast.However the best part is that the effect whilst wearing them is that I see perfectly through the left lens and somehow the brain just seems to cut out the blur through the right eye, so I effectively see perfectly through the left eye and nothing through the right.

They are very comfortable to wear, I can wonder outside for hours comfortably with good vision to function yet they are so extreme in appearance ie one large eye and one tiny eye behind all the concentric ,rings, the whiteness, the shrunken head effect etc that they are very noticable indeed and most certainly get looks when out in shops, cafes, on the street etc.They just look as though one has one very bad eye.Not an answer for GOC but still an alternative for now.Wonder if anyone else has done this?

Cactus Jack 21 Apr 2009, 08:32


The vision simulation web site I gave you does not go to -20 however this one, while it does not go to -20 will go to over -15. Frankly, beyond -15 is plenty blurry so it really doesn't make much difference.

The site is in German but the boxes are

Age Range, Sphere, and Cylinder. The "Go" button is in the lower left corner.


cog 20 Apr 2009, 07:57

cactus Jack

thanks for interest in my case I realise the info in my message probrably wasn't as helpful as you mght wish in order to help

my original rx was R +1 CY -0.50 AX 45 L =1.25 -0.25 155 ADD EACH 2.25

The cls are -4.00R -4.25L with the glasses 5.25R 5.50L the cy and ax as above Have vp 3upR and 2downL which are also present. Interested to hear from you

iglasses 20 Apr 2009, 06:50

hi katie, thats good advice. i send e mails two two optometris. explained what i wanted, told them about eyescene, and got a reply from one who found it interesting, and is prepared to help me do GOG !

Cactus jack 19