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Pseldonymov 20 May 2018, 20:39

Madara Kalvāne from Latgale

Singing beautiful Latgalian songs


Pseldonymov 19 May 2018, 11:16

Natalya Grigoryeva and Elizaveta Krylova



Pseldonymov 19 May 2018, 11:16

Natalya Grigoryeva and Elizaveta Krylova



Pseldonymov 17 May 2018, 19:30

Elizaveta Krylova




Pseldonymov 17 May 2018, 19:16

Ilariya Kalmazan



A. P. 16 May 2018, 10:59

Susan Tedeschi (with Los Lobos)

Carrie 15 May 2018, 10:49

SuRie, the UK's entry in the Eurovision Song Contest wears glasses sometimes.


She didn't wear her glasses during her performance on Saturday.

Pseldonymov 07 May 2018, 13:05

IGAUŅU ģimene no Gaigalavas

Mamma RASMA, tētis GUNĀRS un meitas LIENE, MARTA, LAIMA.

Moderate minus

Singing beautiful Latgalian songs

mattp 26 Mar 2018, 08:37

Here's a link to video aboutPiero Barone, a singer with the group il volo. A pretty healthy plus RX in his signature red-framed glasses

Pseldonymov 16 Mar 2018, 09:14



Plano. White frame

Pseldonymov 06 Mar 2018, 22:06

Russian musicians

Both have moderate minus

Carrie 02 Mar 2018, 10:36

The very good looking British singer Dua Lipa. Possibly a small minus prescription

Not the best photo of her but the only one I could find with her wearing glasses.

 28 Feb 2018, 14:46

Thanks for that last post, LIKELENSES.

You are so easy to spot even with your fake IDs.

 28 Feb 2018, 13:38

31 Jan 2018, 14:35 poster

Yes, and there is a sizable American ethnic group that is rather low on the IQ scale, that speak a language of their own called Ebonics.

Carrie 28 Feb 2018, 12:12

Pseldonymov I think Masha Makarova has a mild minus or astigmatism prescription. She's rather sexy!

Pseldonymov 27 Feb 2018, 19:43

Masha Makarova


Pseldonymov 22 Feb 2018, 18:08

Sallie Ford


Pseldonymov 20 Feb 2018, 18:06

Baiba Jagere (Sējāne) - flauta


Latvija, 1995.gadā


 09 Feb 2018, 03:10

Polish glasses

 09 Feb 2018, 03:10

Polish plus glasses

Pseldonymov 07 Feb 2018, 17:16

Emma Bunton


Nelson 05 Feb 2018, 06:33

Emma Bunton eyewear interview:

eyescene 05 Feb 2018, 06:31

Mel B is blind in one eye due to Lasik botch-up:

Nelson 05 Feb 2018, 06:30

Quotes from Victoria Beckham, 2012:

"I do need to wear glasses - [but] I haven't found glasses that suit me or that I particularly like. I've always been quite self-conscious, so that's why I've decided to do them myself" Beckham told WWD. "I will be wearing my glasses now, and it will be nice to see where I'm going for once."

Slit 05 Feb 2018, 02:44

@ Nelson 02 Feb 2018, 10:05

I don't know much about others, but Emma Bunton is a confirmed glasses wearer. She mentioned on a video "I got them just for reading a couple of years ago, but now it has become something that I can't live without". By looking at the video published date I found she must have started wearing reading glasses at the age of about 35.

Can you find any info about others from the band who wear glasses?

 03 Feb 2018, 12:44

if you read earlier news about the spice girls, they all needed glasses from the start. but not everyone wore glasses. so nothing has changed.

Nelson 02 Feb 2018, 10:05

I think there's a strong argument that it The Spice Girls who made wearing glasses trendy

Just look at this pic. When they started out, 2/5 of the band were glasses wearers

Soundmanpt 31 Jan 2018, 17:41

Okay! since I started this by asking a simple question I certainly didn't mean to cause all this fuss. So I am sorry for saying I thought she had a Spanish accent. My mistake! I do thank Carrie and others for advising me where I cold find the pictures I was interested in.

 31 Jan 2018, 14:35

"Like most of us here?"

WOW. How would you presume to know the ethnicity of the group here? Might be a bit conceited, do you think? This is a worldwide site. Only Americans are typically dull enough to not recognize the difference in foreign accents. Anyone from an Asian country sounds the same to them. Anyone from a Spanish heritage country sounds the same to them.

How about we pick an American with a strong redneck Southern drawl and say "that's how all Americans sound?" Or all Americans sound like Doctor Who? No? They all speak English, right? What's the problem?

Do you get the point? Open your ethnic eyes. A Cuban accent is a Cuban accent. It is not a Spanish accent. People from Spain have a Spanish accent.

Carrie 30 Jan 2018, 17:04

Cubans speak Spanish but I presume the accent is slightly different than Spanish in Spain itself, like American English is similar but slightly different to British English. To someone who is neither Cuban or Spanish, like most of us here, her accent *sounds* Spanish. I believe many non-English speakers can't always work out if a speaker is English or American. Sometimes a native English speaker can be mistaken for a native German speaker to a non-English or German speaker!

(Sorry everyone for being off topic briefly)

 30 Jan 2018, 14:23


She doesn't have a SPANISH accent. She has a CUBAN accent.

Carrie 30 Jan 2018, 10:54

Camila Cabello is beautiful. Her songs are ok, not my sort of thing.

Rather than going to the website of a very trashy newspaper you can just Google "Camila Cabello Grammys" or "Camila Cabello glasses" to see lots of photos of her wearing glasses. Her prescription doesn't look very strong. She is Cuban, which explains the Spanish accent.

Jan 30 Jan 2018, 03:57

Try this :-)

Soundmanpt 29 Jan 2018, 22:24

Sunday night on the Grammy's their was a stunning young woman I think her name was something like Camilla Carrea I believe she is a singer and she had what I think was a Spanish accent. She introduced "U-2" She was dressed in white but what I quickly noticed was that she was also wearing a nice pair of very thin frames that was almost unnoticeable. Any chance anyone can find some pics of her from the show.

Pseldonymov 28 Jan 2018, 16:49


Moderate minus


Pseldonymov 28 Jan 2018, 15:31


Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 28 Jan 2018, 15:18

Saara's mother

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 28 Jan 2018, 15:12

Sara Maria Forsberg, known professionally as Saara, is a Finnish singer, songwriter, YouTube personality, and television presenter

Moderate minus

Owlish 25 Dec 2017, 03:08

Christmas song huge red glasses with considerable Rx:

Carrie 14 Dec 2017, 15:44

The beautiful Mollie King from British girl group The Saturdays. I can't really tell if the glasses she is wearing in either photo are prescription.

 07 Dec 2017, 09:38

I would say Darren Criss' prescription is only between -3 and -4.

Alex 06 Dec 2017, 15:50

The prescription of Darren Criss is definitely strong,my guess is at least -5,but i'm not that good in guessing,any other guesses?

On a side note you can notice by looking at older pics of him how his prescription definitely increased through the years

SoCal 06 Dec 2017, 02:06

Darren Criss

Pseldonymov 30 Nov 2017, 09:46

Bethany Mota

Minus (2015)

Plano (2017)

SoCal 28 Nov 2017, 15:24

Darren Criss

Milly 24 Nov 2017, 01:43

I'd be forever grateful

Milly 24 Nov 2017, 01:43

Okay, it's me again.

My friend really wants to know if Harry Styles needs those glasses, can anyone help? I have a few more pictures.

There is only one other picture of him wearing them and that's really blurry.

Here are some when he's not wearing.

Milly 19 Nov 2017, 15:19

Harry Styles has been wearing glasses again. Not sure if prescription or not

Kix 18 Nov 2017, 16:32

80s music fans--check out Morten Harket of A-ha. He was always a hottie and he looks fantastic with glasses. Hard to believe he's 58 years old!?!

Not to mention, A-ha's acoustic version of Take On Me is beautiful.

Kix 18 Nov 2017, 16:32

80s music fans--check out Morten Harket of A-ha. He was always a hottie and he looks fantastic with glasses. Hard to believe he's 58 years old!?!

Not to mention, A-ha's acoustic version of Take On Me is beautiful.

Carrie 11 Nov 2017, 06:41

Rochelle Humes from the girl group The Saturdays was the guest on the BBC1 cookery show Saturday Kitchen this morning (yes, one of the SATURDAYS on SATURDAY Kitchen!😄) She wasn't wearing glasses but it reminded me that she does wear glasses occasionally. A quick Google search found several photos of her wearing glasses and also a video for Specsavers opticians

A. P. 23 Oct 2017, 19:54

Lindsay Lou And The Flatbellys

"Workingman's Hymn"

Carlos, Jr. 08 Oct 2017, 19:09

Slit, how are you adjusting to your bifocal glasses?

Slit 08 Oct 2017, 02:59

Lena Meyer-Landrut (+ rx)

Pseldonymov 06 Oct 2017, 22:28

Mel C

Pseldonymov 03 Oct 2017, 10:07

Yekaterina Chulovskaya


Pseldonymov 03 Oct 2017, 09:53

Anya Prosekina

Small minus

Owlish 17 Sep 2017, 03:57

This cute high plus girl has been posted before.

Here she is on instagram singing:

Owlish 12 Sep 2017, 16:19

I like this video even better: Lindsay Lou!

Great smile, big glasses, real Rx and enjoyable music.

Owlish 12 Sep 2017, 16:03


Forgot to remove the "s"

Owlish 12 Sep 2017, 16:02

Lindsay Lou

Pseldonymov 01 Sep 2017, 09:06

Tetyana Mazur

Pseldonymov 22 Aug 2017, 15:48

Hugh minus

Moderate minus

Ukrainian girl

Moderate minus

Old (2012)

Newer, stronger (2016)

Pseldonymov 22 Aug 2017, 15:43

Demi Lovato

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 22 Aug 2017, 15:42

Lady Gaga


Marko 30 Jun 2017, 06:30

The glasses of Liam Payne surely are prescription,it looks like a plus one,on the low/medium range,i'm not very good in guessing the prescription.

I guess he used them for long time,but this is just the first time he uses them in a public appearance,which is nice,it's so rare nowadays to see young male celebrities wearing prescription glasses.

guest 29 Jun 2017, 22:21

Liam Payne met the Queen yesterday and sported some glasses that appear to be real prescription:

Pseldonymov 28 Jun 2017, 14:39

Elle Varner


Pseldonymov 28 Jun 2017, 14:34

Elle Varner


Chinese Soup 21 Jun 2017, 10:26

Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters has reached middle age. Who saw that coming?

 17 Jun 2017, 19:44

Interesting video. It seems Emma Bunton has some good + prescription, at least +2

Pseldonymov 16 Jun 2017, 21:47

Natalie Imbruglia

A. P. 15 Jun 2017, 10:21

Aimee Mann --- "Goose Snow Cone"

Pseldonymov 13 Jun 2017, 19:42

Vanessa White

Pseldonymov 13 Jun 2017, 19:39

Rochelle Eulah Eileen Humes (née Wiseman; born 21 March 1989)

oopsI 13 Jun 2017, 12:33

Harry Styles has recently been seen wearing glasses. I think they are prescription (as he's traveling I doubt it would be a fashion thing, anyways)


Very old picture

I hope he wears them more soon :)

Pseldonymov 09 Jun 2017, 12:25

Olga Seryabkina

Pseldonymov 07 Jun 2017, 15:47

Ariana Grande


Pseldonymov 23 May 2017, 16:23

Sasha Spilberg (Aleksandra Balkovskaya)


Pseldonymov 22 May 2017, 18:46

Sasha Spilberg (Aleksandra Balkovskaya)

Minus before she got LASIC.*hhtSjXf54s9ZreeOE6O3M_6pyMI

Sorry, her singing is horrible.

Pseldonymov 04 May 2017, 22:27

Sarah Brightman

Kevin 30 Apr 2017, 08:17

Has anyone heard of Aidan James. A 15 year old from Hawaii who is already pretty myopic - anyone think he has potential for double figures?

AlainHMG 12 Apr 2017, 09:21

I am Karla, and Karla is me. Often times even I don't know who I really am.

AlainHMG 12 Apr 2017, 04:42

And don't forget, I am also Karla!

AlainHMG 11 Apr 2017, 13:06

If you can't agree with him anymore, then stop agreeing. Ok? keep it brief. to the point.

you are messing up my advertising revenue!!!

Step right up!! HOOT HOOT HOOT. Come one, Come all. See the links I have stolen from you! New girls added daily!!!!


Pseldonymov 11 Apr 2017, 10:37

Gwen Stefani

 25 Mar 2017, 08:27

A singer who smokes? Must sound like Fred Blassie, "you pencil-necked geeks!"

Crystal Veil 25 Mar 2017, 07:31

Dutch singer-songwriter Merle Kuipers

Pseldonymov 23 Mar 2017, 15:45

Sarah Blackwood

Soundmanpt 19 Mar 2017, 09:41


I couldn't agree with you more. In most pictures I have seen of her she doesn't look even slightly attractive. So seeing these 4 pictures of her looking this attractive is s nice surprise. And not just because she is wearing glasses. but even her choice of glasses are a nice look for her. They really showcase her eyes, In these pictures her eyes look amazing as well. She should stay with this kind of look all the time. She did look rather nice in a video I saw of her signing with Tony Bennet.

Pseldonymov 18 Mar 2017, 09:05

to Soundmanpt

I was surprised that Lady Gaga did not look ugly as usually. Her glasses look great on her.She looks smart. I hope she will finally get rid of her "Masha Rasputina" style.

Soundmanpt 16 Mar 2017, 15:37


Thanks for posting the pictures of "Stefanie Joanne Angelina Germanotta" otherwise known as "lady Gaga" With a name that long it now makes sense why she goes by Lady Gaga. Anyway I have seen pictures of Gaga wearing glasses before but was never able to tell if they were prescription and if so what her glasses might be for or if they were just another part of some her often strange outfits. But the very first picture when enlarged clearly shows some nice minification in the right lens of her glasses. So she is without a doubt nearsighted. She even looks quite attractive in these pictures and not just because she is wearing glasses, but even her glasses look very nice on her as well.

oopsI 16 Mar 2017, 11:35

Ed Sheeran Not wearing his glasses here, but talking about not seeing :

Pseldonymov 07 Mar 2017, 18:11

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, 2016


Soundmanpt 28 Feb 2017, 08:26

Alos seeing getting a better look at her glasses I really like that style of glasses on her. Reminds me of the glasses see back in the late 50's and 60's. I hope that might be a new trend in glasses.

Soundmanpt 28 Feb 2017, 08:23


Yes seeing seeing those pictures enlarged her lenses do appear tobe a bit stronger than -2.50 for sure. I couldn't get the pictures to enlarge which would have been a big help.

Pseldonymov 27 Feb 2017, 19:21

to Soundmanpt

Pixie Lott

I can see cut-in in her left lens.

I do not think it is just -2.50. Looks stronger than my wife's glasses (-3.75).

Pseldonymov 27 Feb 2017, 19:16

Polina Gagarina

Evelina Negru

Pseldonymov 27 Feb 2017, 19:14

Pixie Lott in 2016

Soundmanpt 27 Feb 2017, 13:46


Sadly I don't think she is very well known here in the US. She is indeed very attractive. Really hard to get any idea what her prescription might be since the pictures don't enlarge. But from the different angles her glasses do appear to be rather necessary, but i'm not sure they are as strong as -4.00 or -5.00 maybe more around -2.50.

Carrie 27 Feb 2017, 12:08

Pixie Lott is so pretty! She seems to have new glasses again. Quite unusual frames. Possibly a stronger prescription, too. I'm guessing around -4 or -5.

DRE  25 Feb 2017, 13:25


Pseldonymov 23 Feb 2017, 17:10

Liza da Costa ex. Captain Jack band

Soundmanpt 13 Feb 2017, 16:28


She looks really good wearing those glasses doesn't she? The glasses she is wearing looks like a pair of Art Craft or Shuron glasses. I have a very old pair that looks exactly like the ones she is wearing and they were made in 1941. They are in perfect condition and many things you don't see with glasses today. They are 14ct gold filled. The lenses are real glass. the nose pads are made from ivory. All the etching on the thin temples was done by hand. They have cable temples which you seldom see anymore. And the oddest part is that the prescription is just a +.25 in both eyes. This was during the war and I can't imagine why anyone would even prescribe anyone glasses for such a small prescription and the cost was probably more than a weeks pay in those days. I intend to keep them but I several years ago I did loan them to young lady that really loved them. She was an optician at a local optical store and her manager was getting on her because they had a rule that everyone working in the store had to wear glasses. She didn't need glasses and even worse she was very petite and she really was having a terrible time finding glasses that fit her small face. But my old glasses fit her perfectly and she since she loved them I agreed to let her borrow them to wear until she found glasses that fit her. It turned out she did order a pair the next week but as luck would have it they were on back order and they didn't come in for well over six weeks. When I went in to get my glasses back she tried hard to get me to sell them to her because she liked them that much. She wore them everyday she worked she said. She said they were comfortable and she soon hardly even noticed that she was wearing them. Her glasses looked very nice on her as well and she was good about wearing them at work. I'm sure your glasses must look really cute on you as well.

Carrie 13 Feb 2017, 14:25

Katy Perry wearing round glasses.

I was so happy when I first saw this photo because not only is she a beautiful woman wearing glasses but the glasses she is wearing are very similar in shape to my round ones!

Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2017, 12:55

Larisa Lusta. 2010

Jan 26 Jan 2017, 15:43

Sorry - forgot.

Jan 26 Jan 2017, 15:42

Yeah - you can take a "deep look" here:

One hell of a dress. Thanks Ingrid!

rafa 26 Jan 2017, 08:56

Ingrid Michaelson, a myopic gwg and singer-songwriter

anon 21 Jan 2017, 21:21

Justin Bieber has been spotted with glasses....he's worn fake ones a lot in the past, but these appear to possibly be real judging by this pic? I'm sure more of an expert could give a better answer.

Carrie 09 Jan 2017, 16:18

Thanks rafa!

rafa 09 Jan 2017, 02:27


Christine and the Queens is fantastic, very talented and charismatic,

I love her too.

Here's another link of an interview of her wearing glasses. She's moderately myopic.

eyesnap 06 Jan 2017, 10:17

Katherine Kennedy

Carrie 17 Dec 2016, 06:55

Heloise Letissier, otherwise known as Christine and the Queens

That's not the best photo of her with or without glasses but I can't find the ones I've seen before with her wearing glasses. I love her music and find her quite attractive. She is petite like me but slimmer than me. French (which makes her more attractive!) and pan-sexual (look it up if you don't know what it means).

Pseldonymov 13 Dec 2016, 16:07

Azra Kolaković (born 1 January 1977), known by her stage name Donna Ares, is a Bosnian pop singer

Soundmanpt 07 Dec 2016, 15:18

Thanks for posting that video of "Paige Brudrick" It says that it was filmed on a rooftop of a building on Cherokee Street in St. Louis. I grew up in that general area. I also still keep up with the music scene but I haven't seen this young lady listed at any of the night spots I have been to. I am going to ask around about her though.

 07 Dec 2016, 11:02

Paige Brudrick

gwgs 31 Oct 2016, 05:52

She is isn't she Brian, not my normal sort, in fact pretty much completely the opposite of what I would normally go for but those aviators and the red slit dress she wore on the live show made her look ravishing. Here are the screencaps;

Her prescription? I'm no expert at these sorts of things, but there were several mm's of lens thickness to the side of her glasses and although not that visible in the caps, some power rings so I would estimate between -4 and -4.5?

Brian 31 Oct 2016, 05:21

Wow, gwgs, she's very pretty and it's good to see aviators are coming back in vogue - any estimates on her RX?

gwgs 31 Oct 2016, 02:50

Gifty Louise wore her metal aviator glasses last night on the X Factor - iirc - for the first time, despite wearing them in rehearsals previously, and it was a shame therefore that she was the act to go home.

She looks amazing in them, with a little lens thickness visible when viewed from the side.

I took a few screencaps, but there's an article on the Daily Mail website with a few photos of her wearing them in an interview she was on this morning on the tv.

A. P. 15 Oct 2016, 12:34

"Bacon Pancakes"

(the lyrics are a bit complex)

 09 Oct 2016, 15:24

No they aren't Carrie. Fake glasses are bad. Fakes are always bad.

Me 09 Oct 2016, 05:35

Dan Smith from UK band Bastille

Carrie 02 Oct 2016, 16:27

Better than no glasses at all!☺

Myopeinhere 02 Oct 2016, 00:25

Which are planos

Carrie 01 Oct 2016, 15:21

Continuing the theme of round glasses recently discussed in Sightings here is British singer Nina Nesbitt

Carrie 27 Sep 2016, 12:00

Jan - thanks for the Pixie Lott link. She's so pretty.

Concave 25 Sep 2016, 06:30


 23 Sep 2016, 07:40

How nearsighted is she? Maybe -3.00?

Jan 23 Sep 2016, 01:30

Pixie Lott:

A. P. 20 Sep 2016, 13:08

Outstanding new original song from Danielleatethesandwich.

"The Terrible Dinner Guest"

Yoyo 20 Sep 2016, 10:49

I think Ariana may have learned her lesson from this prior guest appearance:

 20 Sep 2016, 09:10

Last night Ariana Grande was the musical guest on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon and she was wearing a really nice looking pair of gold aviator glasses that looked really nice on her. I suppose that the reason she had glasses on was because she maybe had the lyrics to the new song she was singing on a monitor nearby. As soon as she finished the song she took her glasses off.

Curt 19 Sep 2016, 12:08

Curt 19 Sep 2016, 07:27

Grace Potter. Apparently she has very poor eyesight but almost never wears glasses. Looks like a pretty good + Rx:

Pseldonymov 15 Sep 2016, 13:17

Sati Kazanova

Pseldonymov 11 Sep 2016, 08:14

Alina Galchenya with her new glasses

She asks to put likes on her video

Pseldonymov 25 Aug 2016, 20:26

Katy Tiz. Minus

Pseldonymov 17 Aug 2016, 21:35

Russian musicians in Abakan, Republic of Khakassia. Minus

Pseldonymov 15 Aug 2016, 13:28

Russian musicians. Minus

Likelenses 03 Aug 2016, 00:29

Joan Baez and Nana Mouskouri

Pseldonymov 25 Jul 2016, 10:47

Demi Lovato

A. P. 10 Jul 2016, 07:16

Choir! Choir! Choir! performs The Rainbow Connection

Everyday folks raise their voices in song together. Nice.

eyesnap 05 Jul 2016, 09:14

New Zealand musician

gwgs 28 Jun 2016, 06:51

Was quite a sighting wasn't it Carrie, I'm glad you like it!

She sure was cute and geeky in a way and I certainly wouldn't say to no to her. With regard to Adele's language, it was dreadful and there was no need for her to use such uneducated language when she is such a role model for so many worldwide.

Carrie 27 Jun 2016, 13:13

gwgs - I saw that live last night and I thought to myself how can Eyescene readers who aren't in the UK see that (The BBC's catch up website iPlayer doesn't work outside the UK). Thankfully someone (you?) recorded on something so it could be made available to everyone. Hopefully the BBC won't mind. I'm not a super-fan of Adele's but I do like a lot of her songs and I like her as a person. She seems genuinely friendly and down to earth. She just can't control her "potty mouth" when she's chatting. Apparently she swore 33 times during her performance (mostly the "F" word)! We were laughing so much we were crying and lost count of the "f"s! It was after 10pm so it didn't matter and BBC presenter did warn the tv audience beforehand that Adele might swear a bit. (I think I would swear if I walked on to a stage in front of thousands of people!)

There were quite a few attractive glasses wearing ladies in the crowds at the different stages and different times but only seen for a few seconds. I think it was during the performance by one of my favourite bands, Wolf Alice, a girl probably in her late teens was shown several times. She was wearing Wayfarer style glasses with a mild minus in one lens and a moderate minus in the other. I have watched the Wolf Alice performance back a few times but I can't remember during which song the girl was seen because I have watched performances by some of the other bands that played Glastonbury (thank you BBC!)and I might be getting the audiences mixed up.

I suppose these sightings should go in the "Sightings" section because it wasn't the musicians wearing glasses but members of the audience. I don't know if any female musicians wore glasses during Glastonbury.

 27 Jun 2016, 09:23

That link doesn't seem to work, try this;

gwgs 27 Jun 2016, 08:36

For those that missed it, Adele plucked a hot Brazilian girl with glasses out of the crowd at the weekend at Glastonbury and took her up onto the stage in front of the 165,000 people and on live tv!! She then proceeded to take a selfie with her - video uploaded here;

Pseldonymov 16 Jun 2016, 12:12

Sali "Tori" Rosiver, Strelki

Soundmanpt 16 Jun 2016, 08:50


In looking on "google" Perrie Edwards wearing glasses there is a picture of a very young Perrie wearing what appears to be a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer glasses. Of course they could be fake. The picture is not a close up.

Carrie 16 Jun 2016, 07:32

Bloody auto correct - it should say Perrie Edwards not Petrie!

Carrie 16 Jun 2016, 07:30

Petrie Edwards, a member of British girl group Little Mix, got glasses just a few days ago.

I think she looks prettier in the second picture.

I would like to make it clear that as far as their music is concerned I am not interested in Ariana Grande or Little Mix. I found the Petrie Edwards photo accidentally. There was a link on the page the first Ariana Grande photo was on to a page with a news story about Petrie getting glasses.

Pseldonymov 16 Jun 2016, 07:24

Victoria Dayneko

Carrie 16 Jun 2016, 07:13

The very pretty Ariana Grande seems to be getting more daring in her choice of glasses frames. I Googled "Ariana Grande glasses" and discovered a reply to a Tweet on 9th May 2011 where she was asked if she wore glasses and her reply was "I don't need them , but I like wearing them for fun sometimes". So it seems she has only been wearing glasses for no more than 5 years.

rafa 08 Jun 2016, 04:08


Thanks a lot! Lake Street Dive are an amazing band, and Rachael is a great singer!

A. P. 07 Jun 2016, 19:49

Erin Lovett

A. P. 07 Jun 2016, 17:13

two from Lake Street Dive:

"You Go Down Smooth"

"Rich Girl"

Pseldonymov 06 Jun 2016, 12:03

Elena Cvetanovska, Harp, FYR Macedonia

gwgs 25 May 2016, 00:38

Here are several photos of Taylor Swift wearing glasses at a concert that I posted back in 2009;

 25 May 2016, 00:03

Only the 2nd photo shows Taylor wearing her own glasses and tjat's from a few years ago.

I'm not sure that the young girl is even a very old photo of Taylor, just an old photo of someone else.

The other 2 photos are of her mucking around on a tv show. The glasses are not hers.

Taylor has a minus prescription of at least -1.50, probably stronger now. A few years ago she tried on a British tv presenter's glasses and she said they were the same prescription as hers when the presenter told her his prescription. I believe she wears contacts mostly now but the glasses she wore in one of her videos were her own prescription ones.

lensed up 24 May 2016, 19:47


A. P. 15 May 2016, 12:30

Sara Watkins

"You And Me"

lensed up 11 May 2016, 19:10

The Pipettes_____

lundy 06 May 2016, 03:00

Myleene Klass guesting on British TV show Countdown. Ten or so more like this video of her aparance on the show in glasses are suggested in the box on the right. Videos of her wearing them are almost exclusively reserved for her appearances on this show.

Pseldonymov 28 Apr 2016, 09:58

Ariana Grande

Pseldonymov 28 Apr 2016, 09:57

Carrie, I am glad that you like. I hope they will make more videos with glasses.

Carrie 23 Apr 2016, 02:10

Pseldonymov - wow! They are gorgeous!

Pseldonymov 22 Apr 2016, 20:29

3rd girl from this trio also wears minus glasses:

Pseldonymov 22 Apr 2016, 20:06

Girls from the string trio SILENZIUM are squinting horribly on this video:

Here they are wearing moderate minus glasses:

Pseldonymov 22 Apr 2016, 19:05

Another Nina Shatskaya. Small minus.

Carrie 08 Apr 2016, 12:10

I've just seen All Saints performing their new single on the One Show on BBC1. I don't remember them very well because they were really popular when I was very young then split up after a few years and have now made a comeback. They all looked quite sexy on the TV show and I had Google them to check their ages and discovered that they are all in their early 40s! I also discovered that at least 2 of them wore glasses! Again, looking quite hot. I don't know if they still wear glasses but they are all at the age when reading glasses may be needed. None of them wore glasses on the show.

 01 Apr 2016, 18:58

Mackenzie bourg just got eliminated from this season of American Idol, it appears he has a plus prescription but at the end of this video he talks about not being able to see he nearsighted or farsighted?

gwgs 31 Mar 2016, 01:05

Carrie - what link is it that doesn't work? If its a link to my Flickr photostream I don't see why it wouldn't work - if its an external link, have a look on my photostream to see if its on there - type in "Beyonce" into the search box and it will bring up the relevant photos on my photostream.

Pseldonymov 30 Mar 2016, 11:01

Maia Estianty, known as Maia Ahmad

Carrie 10 Mar 2016, 13:49

Beyonce is beautiful but I don't like those glasses on her. I wouldn't like them on anyone. Several months ago, July to be exact, gwg posted a pic of Beyonce wearing aviator style glasses. Sadly the link doesn't work any more.

gwgs 10 Mar 2016, 02:30

Soundman - agreed, there doesn't seem to be a prescription in those lenses which is very pleasing to us 0-0 observers that she isn't just wearing them as a prop. So big and bold also, a real pleasure to see

A. P. 08 Mar 2016, 18:20


"I Hope Your Brain Surgery Goes Well"

spexfan 08 Mar 2016, 17:40

I'm not so sure I can see any real rx in Beyoncé's glasses, the pics aren't high res enough to confirm any minification. Definitely no obvious cut-in. I've noticed before that even plano lenses make a slight distortion from some angles. So for me, the jury is out.

Would be great to see some real rx though, gotta keep an eye out for better pics to confirm.

Pseldonymov 08 Mar 2016, 16:01

Beyonce wearing glasses

Soundmanpt 08 Mar 2016, 08:38


I don't recall seeing any pictures before of Beyonce wearing glasses so a nice find indeed. Not only is she wearing glasses but her glasses look like they are quite necessary as well. She appears to have a fairly decent prescription based on what you can see through the left lens of her glasses. So she is clearly not wearing fake glasses just to keep from being recognized. Not surprising that she looks as good wearing glasses though.

gwgs 08 Mar 2016, 02:44

Beyonce wearing glasses;

Pseldonymov 03 Mar 2016, 21:00

Alina Galchenya, from Belarus, got new glasses:

This new frame looks better on her.

 24 Feb 2016, 07:37

Mariah Glenn

 24 Feb 2016, 07:35

Mariah Glenn is an aspiring young singer and newly hyperopic gwg.

A. P. 16 Feb 2016, 13:50

Icelandic singer Soley

"Smashed Birds"

 08 Feb 2016, 16:59

what does this story about your music god have to do with glasses!?!?!?!?!?!!!

Soundmanpt 05 Feb 2016, 10:48

Something I did some research on and found to be interesting. Musician Glenn Frey died a couple weeks ago. He being one of the founding members of The Eagles. I remembered hearing a local sportscaster talking on air about attempting to get The Eagles to play a private function at the high school he had attended many years before and now his son was attending. The name of the school was C,B.C. High School located in the St. Louis area. The date they wanted was to be this year in the spring, but in talking with the manager of the Eagles he was told that the band would not be available at that time because they would be on break from doing an extended tour. The manager offered them the date at after the final tour date which was July 31st 2015. They agreed on that date and this was a private affair and they would be playing for less than 500 people. Everything of course was kept secret of course to prevent any gate crashers. The manger said that this was to be their last job before their break. Glenn Frey was already sick and only got worse until he died. I looked up the band's show schedule and it showed all the cities and big stages they were playing on in front of thousands every night the schedule showed dates starting back in April of 2015 and sure enough the last date shown was July 31st 2015 at CBC High School. Very hard to believe that a band as famous as the Eagles last performance would be at a high school in front of less then 500 people.

Eyestein 20 Jan 2016, 06:07

Alina looks beautiful and sounds beautiful.

Pseldonymov 19 Jan 2016, 10:30

To Eyestein

Alina Galchenya

This Belarusian girl is singing in Ukrainian:

Eyestein 18 Jan 2016, 05:41

Alina Galchenya. She can sing!

HighMyopic 17 Jan 2016, 20:28

Pseldonymov you have very thick glasses that you wear? if you do, I really want to chat with you by email. I am a lover of very strong glasses and love to wear my glasses with half inch thick lenses and bifocals.

Pseldonymov 17 Jan 2016, 19:34

Alina Galchenya, a Belarussian singer

Pseldonymov 14 Jan 2016, 20:34

Sofia Rotaru. 1995

I like her frame

Chinese Soup 11 Jan 2016, 17:25

Can't believe nobody has mentioned Dave Grohl.

 09 Jan 2016, 11:04


 09 Jan 2016, 10:59

Soley (from Iceland)

Speximann 26 Dec 2015, 22:12

Korin Bukowski from "The Voice" Finale

murky 26 Dec 2015, 02:10

Lopez appears to have no lens in the left side, even if its a plano, look at her hair through the lens...but they are a lovely set of cateyes...

Guest 25 Dec 2015, 23:20

Britney Spears posted a pic on her Facebook and Instagram of her wearing glasses and mentions that she is getting older and she needs them more. Any guess on prescription?

It halfway looks like a bifocal line in one lens but I think it must be a reflection!

 25 Dec 2015, 12:28


Pseldonymov 25 Dec 2015, 10:48

Jennifer Lopez

Pseldonymov 23 Dec 2015, 13:17

Natalia Pichkur, minus

A. P. 22 Dec 2015, 08:51

"Old Song"

Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys

Pseldonymov 18 Dec 2015, 18:55

Nadia Meikher (Nadezhda Granovskaya)

SC 15 Dec 2015, 04:46

Emma Bunton interesting as she says she has worn for 3 yrs. This photo from twitter shows they are real...

 13 Dec 2015, 13:59

Emma Bunton

(weak plus, maybe progressives)

fred 13 Dec 2015, 08:02

Another slovenian bespectacled singer:

Mostly in glasses at a moderate prescription it seems. Wondering whether she's just bare-eyed when not wearing them at the stage.

Jan 10 Dec 2015, 04:11

Martina Javor

Jan 10 Dec 2015, 04:04

Nice interview with Stefanie Heinzmann. Interviewer is a GWG too.

Speximann 08 Dec 2015, 13:27


Speximann 08 Dec 2015, 13:26

More Korin Bukowski from the Voice.

Speximann 08 Dec 2015, 13:22

Korin Bukowski from " The Voice" Talented singer & beautiful GWG.

A. P. 26 Nov 2015, 09:37

"Thankful For More" correction:

A. P. 26 Nov 2015, 09:34

"Thankful For More"

Danielle Ate The Sandwich

Happy Thanksgiving to all the folks in "the colonies"!

A. P. 26 Nov 2015, 09:28

"Bring It On Home To Me"

Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys

The great Sam Cooke might even enjoy this.

A. P. 24 Nov 2015, 10:00

"Mega 80s Mash-up"

Danielle Ate The Sandwich and David Bashford

Danny 24 Nov 2015, 03:37

Niall Horan from One Direction.

Jan 16 Nov 2015, 01:48

My favourite contestant on the Voice of Germany:

She reached he next round by beating another GWG in a 'battle':

Jan 02 Nov 2015, 04:02

Caro from Glasperlenspiel. She apologizes for being sick and not being able to play a concert on Facebook.

Maybe you have to log in

A. P. 10 Oct 2015, 10:44

Mandolin Orange-----CORRECT corrected link. Sheesh!

A. P. 10 Oct 2015, 10:42

Mandolin Orange-----corrected link

A. P. 10 Oct 2015, 10:39

Mandolin Orange performing "There Was A Time"

Pseldonymov 06 Oct 2015, 17:46

Svetlana Roerich, plano

youh 26 Sep 2015, 10:56

Polly Scattergood, she has quite a strong plus lenes.

Julian 22 Sep 2015, 13:57

I've been enjoying watching Gareth Malone on TV, conducting a cappella singing groups he has trained. He's a neat-looking guy of almost 40 with 'dirty fair' hair and a pleasant smile, usually in classic NHS-style glasses with flesh-coloured frames and minus lenses - showing a bit of minification but no power rings or cut-in. He's worth seeing - and hearing!

Soundmanpt 17 Sep 2015, 14:53

I have not opened the picture of her wearing glasses but just by how hard she was straining and squinting to try and see I think Val is probably much closer than Ari. Is she only needed -.75 correction I don't think whatever she was trying to see was that far away from her that would cause her so much trouble with that weak of prescription. But -1.50 or -2.00 she would have a very hard time seeing anything more than just a few feet away without her glasses. Remember the letters on a teleprompter or monitor aren't that small.

Val 17 Sep 2015, 11:55

About Ariana Grande. I would say -1.5...maybe -2.

The lenses look like high index, but the minification is big enough.

But I'm not an expert...

Ari 17 Sep 2015, 10:14

My guess would be -.75 with a slight astigmatism. Anything wrong with that guess? Experts?

Soundmanpt 17 Sep 2015, 10:08


You are so right, I'm not sure how far away the monitor or teleprompter was from her but she clearly couldn't see it. After her struggling with trying to see the first song Jimmy must have saw that she couldn't see it and he read off the next songs to try and help her. She must be too vain to be seen wearing glasses on stage, but it looked far worse when she was straining and squinting so badly. If she is that vain and has such poor vision I wonder why she wasn't wearing contacts? After seeing that I have to think tat her friends will be telling her that she either better start wearing her glasses or at least have them in hand or get contacts.

Daffy 17 Sep 2015, 07:33

Ariana Grande looked ridiculous squinting on Jimmy Fallon show...

She obviously needs her glasses to see.

ari 16 Sep 2015, 21:39

Ariana Grade, any guess on prescription?

A. P. 06 Sep 2015, 10:06

Heather Maloney

covers The Beatles very nicely!

Therouteur 05 Sep 2015, 06:16

Ah Melyssa, yep, you could be forgiven for thinking that none of ABBA wore glasses. But guess what? On a recent trip to Bali, Cathay Pacific treated us to a biopic of Agnetha. Now none of us are as young as we once were but Agnetha wore red framed glasses and even at her advanced age she's still HOT. How do you pretend to maintain control in public in moments like these. I admit total failure. Sorry, still having a moment..........

Melyssa 04 Sep 2015, 04:55

Or my favorite group, ABBA, none of whom wore glasses in any picture or video ot TV show that I have seen. Oh well, nobody's perfect! :)

astigmaphile 03 Sep 2015, 17:52

I will guarantee that most of the younger generation would not know the people that I listen to. Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Armstrong, King Oliver, etc. 1920s New Orleans jazz.

Soundmanpt 03 Sep 2015, 16:32


Your forcing me to show my age aren't you? I hate to admit that I have not heard that song until now. I do like though. It's interesting here in my own country when I tell many of the younger generation the ones in yur age group and i am bragging about knowing the lead singer and keyboard player of The Doobie Brothers not only don't they know my friend from the band but they don't even know who the band is. But he actually has sold over 65 million records. His name is Michael McDonald. He was very recently in town for a fund raiser which was a complete sell out and I got a chance to visit with him on his tour bus.

If you want to hear his music go to You Tube and look up "What a Fool Believes" or "Minute by Minute" or even Takin it to the Streets" all by the Doobie Brothers and written by Michael McDonald.

Carrie 03 Sep 2015, 14:33

Soundmanpt - She's not a full time wearer. I didn't even know she wore glasses until I Googled her name. The photos are from her personal Instagram account.

The band are all siblings and are actually from California. They are best known for their song "Cool Kids" which probably got loads of radio play in the States as it got loads over here. You might have heard the song (sorry, she's not wearing glasses in the video) I love the sound of the guitar in that song!

Soundmanpt 03 Sep 2015, 11:10


I couldn't agree with more. Sydney is absolutely gorgeous. Just more proof that you can be stunning and be wearing glasses. Any idea if she is a full time glasses wearer? Judging by theses pictures all taken at different times she must wear glasses at least most to the time and she doesn't bother taking them off for the camera which is even more proof how much self confidence she must have in her good looks. Great find. Sadly I have never heard of her band or her. I assume she just hasn't made her way to this side of the pond. You know i will be watching for her now.

Carrie 03 Sep 2015, 10:31

The beautiful Sydney Sierota, lead singer of Echosmith.

She's only 18. I thought she was older. Gorgeous lady with a lovely voice.

A. P. 03 Sep 2015, 08:03

Heather Maloney


A. P. 23 Aug 2015, 16:25

"the workingman's hymn"

by Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys

A. P. 11 Aug 2015, 14:46

Sallie Ford

"Coulda Been"

Slit 10 Aug 2015, 03:23

@Carrie - yes the rx should be around +2.

She has some pics with them on her instagram and also there's a youtube video in which she indicate that she got dePendent on glasses over the last couple of years.

Quite a sight!

Carrie 08 Aug 2015, 04:40

Can anyone guess what Emma Bunton's prescription is? She's obviously got a bit of latent hyperopia and seems to need them most of the time. My guess is +2.00.

gwgs 24 Jul 2015, 08:06

Beyonce wearing (aviator) glasses;

A. P. 22 Jul 2015, 21:11

Lindsay Lou

"Extraordinary Machine"

A. P. 11 Jul 2015, 09:47

Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys in Scotland

"My Side Of The Mountain"

(watch 'full screen', it's a bit dark)

Melyssa 10 Jul 2015, 04:42


I wish I had been able to keep a copy of all of my prescriptions over the 51 years of my nearsightedness, as I always wondered what exactly did follow my -1.75/-1.50 first glasses.

My current RX is: -9.00 +3.00 90 (each eye), add +2.50. So my RX is similar to Cheryl's.

As for Wayfarers, only my one pair of green frames look like them.

Likelenses 10 Jul 2015, 03:03


Cheryl's newest Rx as of a few months ago is. Rt. -9.50

Lt. -9.25 -.50 cyl@176

Add +2.00

I don't know her prior Rx,but I do know that she had not had an exam. for a few years,and was initially not happy that it had increased at her age of 42,and the lenses became flat fronts.She has not shown it to me yet,but she has a complete log history of all of her prescriptions all the way back to her first at age 14.Her mother has at her place all of Cheryl's glasses back to her first pair.

I do not recall your exact Rx,but believe it is close to hers,but a lot of cylinder.

I also got her an online overcorrection of an additional -.75 with the add bumped up to +2.75

She actually is not opposed to larger frame / lense sizes,her first choice in her new Rx are a pair of black Wayfarers. She dislikes the clear plastic because it is so similar in color to lenses.

murky 09 Jul 2015, 05:49

Yo yo I agree look at about 2.50 et seq,where you see through the right lens she is about -1 , an optional wearer, and a gorgeous GWG as well

Melyssa 09 Jul 2015, 04:49


I seem to recall you indicating that Cheryl has a prescription that is stronger than mine, so it's understandable why she would not want to wear large frames regardless of color, especially with the lens thickness. For me it's necessary due to my "size 13 head," in that I need larger frames to get a comfortable fit -- and then there is that peripheral vision improvement.

Likelenses 09 Jul 2015, 01:21

OPPS, Try this

Likelenses 09 Jul 2015, 01:17

I thought that I had posted this here,but could not find,so here it is.

It must have taken a lot or rehearsing to find their glasses,especially in the low stage lighting. Hers were definitely easier to find than his.

Actually rather erotic.

Slit 09 Jul 2015, 00:04

Lena Meyer-Landrut

+ rx.

Yoyo 08 Jul 2015, 06:16

I don't think Ingrid is wearing plano lenses. They look like the same glasses she has in this clip:

There's definitely a prescription in there.

murky 08 Jul 2015, 01:03

Ingrid Michaelson gets a plano alert, I think, but arent those transparent plastic frames gorgeous? She is one of those who look much better with glasses on.

gwgs 08 Jul 2015, 01:01

likelenses - sounds like a match made in heaven

Likelenses 07 Jul 2015, 20:35


I told Cheryl about what your college friends said about clear frames, but she dug in her heels and insists that those large clear frames would just scream big strong glasses.

I guess that I would agree with her on that,but I am best to keep that to myself.

Some times she loves talking about glasses,and at other time it is like walking on egg shells.

Likelenses 07 Jul 2015, 20:26


Opps, sorry that I did not see your post till now.

Her Rx is Rt. -9.50

Lt. -9.25 -.50 cyl@176

Add +2.00

I also got her an online overcorrection of an additional -.75 with the add bumped up to +2.75

She is often self conscious about wearing strong glasses.

It seems to go back to her high school years when her Rx changed quite rapidly,and she had glass lenses that were quite thick.She has said that at that time she would feel really sad each time her eyes got worse requiring stronger glasses,which on a few occasions happened more than one time each year.There was also a boyfriend in her life at that time that didn't want her to wear glasses when they went out.He told her you should be able to see without those things.

On the other hand she is fascinated by strong lenses,and likes to talk about eyesight,glasses,eye exams etc.

Melyssa 03 Jul 2015, 12:10


"A face full of lenses." I have never thought of that before. Actually, I have several pairs of clear frames, and most of those are twice the height of I.M.'s frames. When I was in college, many girls wore clear frames in different sizes. I was told by a friend of mine there that clear made it look less like she was wearing glasses.

gwgs 03 Jul 2015, 02:02

What's your girlfriend's prescription likelenses?

Likelenses 02 Jul 2015, 20:48


I wanted to get my girl friend Cheryl a frame exactly like that one.

Sometimes she can get a bit testy,and when I offered to buy it for her she said," with those frames,I would be a face full of lenses ". She thought that the clear plastic frame would be just an extension of her already wonderful thick bifocal lenses.

It may not have helped that I said that the frame would be ideal for CR 39 lenses.

She actually likes wearing thick lenses for me,but at the same time occasionally gets annoyed with my obsession over them.

Interestingly, she has ask now on two occasions if I thought that she could get myodiscs in her Rx.We had a server at a restaurant several weeks ago with marvelous probably -30 myos,and Cheryl had never seen anything like them before. Since then, she on and off brings up the subject.She even wants to go back to that restaurant to get another look at them.

Melyssa 02 Jul 2015, 05:43

Article on Ingrid Michaelson, who was in Philadelphia this week:

I have a frame like hers shown in the picture, a totally clear frame.

A. P. 30 Jun 2015, 21:03

Lindsay Lou and The Flatbellys

"Criminal Style" voice, very nice rx......

Tulip 23 Jun 2015, 01:39

One of the most beautiful pics of Miss Tess. She's a real Hottie.

A. P. 22 Jun 2015, 17:14

Lindsay Lou & The Flatbellys

"Everything Changed"

Soundmanpt 20 Jun 2015, 06:11


Oh and I almost forgot good luck at the optometrists today. I assume by now since your some 6 hours ahead of me you have already had your eyes tested. My guess is that your going to come away with a prescription close to your cousin's old glasses and maybe a touch more.

Soundmanpt 20 Jun 2015, 06:06


I totally agree with you. It's a music video with the same old thing we have seen so many times before. A girl, or in this case a group of girls, start off as seemingly uninterested in their looks and how their dressed. So its simple hair, little or no makeup, jeans, loose tops and glasses of course. Then "hot" girls never wear glasses and are always dressed as if there on a date. Then like magic, in this case a magic book hits them and they are transformed into the hottest girls at school. A change of hair, some makeup, nice outfits and of course the glasses have to go because no "hottie" would be caught wearing glasses. I assume the reason the glasses always have to go is because glasses indicates poor or weak eyesight or better put an imperfection. So to be a "hottie" you can't be wearing glasses. At least that is the way it appears in movies and other shows.

Wouldn't it be nice to see a movie where a "hottie" or at least a very attractive girl that is say the prom queen graduates and discovers that guys only like her for her looks. But as shes heading off to college she decides she wants to be more than just a pretty girl and she decides she wants to be a doctor. S Even though she is very attractive she also was in the upper half of her graduating class. The strain of so much studying late into the night with less than perfect lighting takes it's toll on her eyes and her once perfect eyesight is gone. She first considers getting contacts but she always thought that glasses looked really nice on most people so she got glasses. And from there you could take the story any way you wanted. By point is go the other way and have the hot girl start wearing glasses. I think that idea would be a big confidence builder for many young women getting their first glasses. Carrie you were the exception because you really wanted to wear glasses even before you ever got glasses, but look at how reluctant some of your friends are about wearing glasses. Your cousin tried her best to go without glasses until she finally gave in. Your college friend was reluctant when she got her first glasses. So I think they the writers just need to be more creative with how they handle the subject of glasses wearing.

Carrie 20 Jun 2015, 03:59

Ok so the first link didn't work and I forgot the 2nd! Let's try again - Music video Behind the scenes video

Carrie 20 Jun 2015, 03:56

Jade from UK girl group Little Mix wears her own real glasses in the video for their song "Black Magic". Mild plus. She is sometimes seen wearing them out and about. I would like to make it quite clear that I am not into their music! The only reason that I decided to look at the video was because I heard them being interviewed on the radio and it was mentioned that they were dressed as nerdy girls in the video, so I thought they would likely to be wearing glasses. Two of them are wearing glasses but the other member of the group is wearing fake glasses. Here's the link to the video and here's a behind the scenes video where she wears her glasses before filming.

The "nerdy with glasses" thing is getting a bit tiresome now as I feel that most glasses wearers are not nerdy, especially those in their teens and 20s. It could put people off wearing their glasses and I wonder how Jade feels about the "nerdy" thing. Her glasses are not nerdy and she certainly isn't.

Off in to town very soon as my eye test is this afternoon.

A. P. 16 Jun 2015, 10:15

Miss Tess and the Talkbacks

"Heart Of Glass" (happy motoring version)

A. P. 07 Jun 2015, 14:05

one more try.........."One Match Fire"

A. P. 07 Jun 2015, 10:19

I surrender!

It IS worth a look, though, so maybe someone else can manage to post it correctly? The "official" version.


.A. P. 07 Jun 2015, 10:15

Miss Tess and the Talkbacks

"One Match Fire"

A. P. 07 Jun 2015, 10:13

Miss Tess and the Talkbacks

"One Match Fire"

Pseldonymov 31 May 2015, 21:06

Kornelia Mango, Russia, now has to wear glasses constantly

Yoyo 26 May 2015, 10:06

I've got to give Emma credit for a great frame choice. They are very flattering.

Soundmanpt 26 May 2015, 10:01


In an picture posted a couple days ago there was a nice close up of Emma and you could clearly see through the bottom section of her glasses a fair amount of magnification in her right lens, but directly across from her eye there was no sign of magnification so either the top section was plano or a a very weak minus. If she rather enjoys wearing her glasses and not doing a lot of off and on with er glasses she could have had her glasses made with just the reading part in the bottom and clear at the top so she can wear them as much as she wants.

gwgs 26 May 2015, 09:06

How can you tell they're progressives Soundman?!

Soundmanpt 26 May 2015, 07:12


I very recall seeing several pictures of Emma when the Spice girls were at their peek of her wearing glasses very similar to the round wire frames she has on in those 2009 pictures. Hard to say if those early glasses were prescription, but clearly these recent pictures she is wearing plus glasses and in one almost certainly progressives. Of course she looks amazing in adult glasses these days.

gwgs 26 May 2015, 01:29

Three more; - different pair of glasses

gwgs 26 May 2015, 01:29

More Emma Bunton photos here of her wearing her plussie prescription glasses; - Posted way back in 2009 - Another one at an HMV promo event posted back in 2009 - posted a couple of months ago - looking gorgeous, with clear (oops, pardon the pun!!) magnifaction in her lenses

Pseldonymov 25 May 2015, 16:12

Larisa Lusta in 2011

Pseldonymov 25 May 2015, 15:44

Larisa Lusta in 2010

Eyestein 25 May 2015, 01:33


They have to be progressive considering that the lower part of the lens is close to her cheek which is nevertheless magnified more than the region beside her eye.

Slit 24 May 2015, 22:13

Emma says she wear them for reading, watching tv and sometimes when going out...

Slit 24 May 2015, 21:43

Emma Bunton - a fream come true!

Isn't it a +/progressive lens? Lower part shows bigger magnification...

Pseldonymov 24 May 2015, 16:11

Larisa Lusta

Bifocal or progressive

ksnl 19 May 2015, 10:36

Ed Sheeran

A. P. 19 May 2015, 02:05

Miss Tess and the Talkbacks

A. P. 19 May 2015, 01:56

Miss Tess and the Talkbacks

chrisb 16 May 2015, 05:42

Susan Tedeschi, of the blues band Tedeschi-Truck.

Interview starts at 0:45


guest 05 May 2015, 16:01

 25 Apr 2015, 06:28

Thank you Robert.

Robert 24 Apr 2015, 12:38

@who's this

these are Althia and Donna, a one-hit-reggae-wonder from 1978 with their chart smasher "uptown top ranking"

 24 Apr 2015, 11:44

who's this?

Pseldonymov 20 Apr 2015, 13:41

Svetlana Loboda. Frame in style of early 1990s.

gwgs 26 Mar 2015, 10:07

It would appear she has a plus prescription as the lenses look a bit magnified

gwgs 26 Mar 2015, 10:06

And another found on Instagram :)

gwgs 26 Mar 2015, 10:04

2 Emma Bunton photos here from the archives;

Soundmanpt 26 Mar 2015, 08:49

Emma fan

I very recall seeing Emma back in her Spice Girls days wearing glasses. They were just the cute little wire frames that were in style at the time.

Most likely the glasses she is modeling in in these pictures have no lenses so as to make it easier for the photographer to make great pictures.

Emma fan 25 Mar 2015, 12:20

Emma Bunton is this years Specsavers Spectacle Wearer of the Year ambassador

Is there any prescription in her glasses ?

Owlish 12 Mar 2015, 05:59

Should be:

Owlish 12 Mar 2015, 05:58

Diana Cazan looking very lovely in a video I hadn't seen before:

A new look for her?

Melyssa 11 Mar 2015, 13:34

It's Lisa Loeb's birthday. So there are at least two Jewish women in the world who like to wear cat's-eyes, both of whom celebrate birthdays on Wednesdays this year. So much for the common thread. :)

SoCal 11 Mar 2015, 12:53

Lisa Loeb

SoCal 11 Mar 2015, 12:52

Lisa Loeb

Selma 06 Mar 2015, 17:53

I have heard her talk. And this is so not in line with the piercings that I completely forget about.

Well, besides, to be honest, I generally like piercings, at least a few per body.

gwgs 06 Mar 2015, 03:24

Nice find Selma, and she seems to have worn or have a great collection of different glasses, but for me she has ruined her looks by all those odd piercings around her mouth and nose, and the horrible tramp stamps (tattoos). Why do they do it :(

Selma 06 Mar 2015, 01:14

I'm not in love with her music, but she is a true glasses wearer (and I love the glasses&freckles combo). Swiss Stefanie Heinzmann (I know, she has been posted before.)

A. P. 05 Mar 2015, 12:03

Icelandic singer Soley (with correct link)

"I'll Drown"

A. P. 05 Mar 2015, 12:00

Icelandic singer Soley

"I'll Drown"

andreiy 18 Feb 2015, 22:19

rita ora

Yoyo 18 Feb 2015, 15:28

Her lenses look like about the same weak prescription to me in both videos. Not sure why you think the first one is strong plus?

kisal 18 Feb 2015, 15:09

Here are some videos by the very hot GWG singer Caitlyn Hart. The interesting thing is that in this video, her lenses are clearly pretty strong plus:

while in this one and most of the other the prescription is quite weak, almost plano:

What's going on?

But she is certainly worth looking at, and a good singer, in any case!

Pseldonymov 17 Feb 2015, 13:49

Valeria Kozlova

guest 13 Feb 2015, 05:14

sorry but omg they suck. to each his own definitely.

Eyestein 13 Feb 2015, 04:51

Is the black skirt semi-see-through or is it just my imagination?

A. P. 11 Feb 2015, 12:50

Lake Street Dive plays "Name That Tune" with balloons.

A. P. 11 Feb 2015, 07:27

Lake Street Dive

"Rich Girl"

High Myopic 09 Feb 2015, 16:20

Where is that pic of that German organist who wore huge green myodisc glasses? His glasses were REALLY strong. i have been looking and looking for that pic for about a half of a hour but never found it.

kisal 09 Feb 2015, 15:26

Here is the super-hot French duo Lou and Dust (no idea what the name means), but what matters is that BOTH of them wear glasses! Here are some of their best videos, but there are a few more:

Carrie 02 Jan 2015, 03:58

Alana "Baby" Haim from the band Haim with reading glasses

Owlish 26 Dec 2014, 04:59

Sorry, the infernally pesky "s"!

Hope that works.

Owlish 26 Dec 2014, 04:55

A highly rated guitarist who sometimes wears her glasses:

She flubs it a couple times at the start. If expletives offend you, don't watch.

A. P. 22 Dec 2014, 16:44

Julia Nunes at the Grand Canyon

"I'll Be Home For Christmas"

A. P. 19 Dec 2014, 17:02

More from Lake Street Dive:

 16 Dec 2014, 21:01

Actually, the band's name is "Lake Street Dive".

A. P. 16 Dec 2014, 20:54

Lake Street Drive. Lead vocals by Rachael Price.

kisal 12 Dec 2014, 09:55

And some Elle Varner videos:

kisal 12 Dec 2014, 09:52

And another very hot singer, Elle Varner, who is a part-time specs wearer, though they look real:

and a lot of pictures here!100411-shows-106-park-13-elle-varner

kisal 12 Dec 2014, 09:48

Sorry, those Ingrid links don't show up clickable, trying again

kisal 12 Dec 2014, 09:45

Speximann, do love those Ingrid pics! She has always looked marvelous, but for some reason I particularly love those clear specs she sports in her two latest videos:

Speximann 10 Dec 2014, 16:41

More Ingrid-

Speximann 10 Dec 2014, 16:35

Ingrid Michealson-

Eyestein 05 Dec 2014, 02:45

Below is a crude and awkward translation of some information about Diana Cazan. Note that her gender becomes lost and her surname becomes "boiler".

For procurer boiler is affected in a proportion of 90 %. The world through glasses with dioptres of 19 to read and 14 for distance. It has a life as soon as normal in his 25 years, with joys and troubles specific age. And he found, as he likes to call it, a medicine for my soul - music, this is the hardest thing that holds it to the float line in the moments when you feel that everything is now falling apart. One gram of bad luck was not enough for that Diana to be born with serious problems. "I think it is something wrong during pregnancy. Parents are normal people, without health problems. I wore goggles when I know what I did, I'm lucky, though, I fail to see, I can tend to myself. At present, it is very poisonous affected eye are very high voltage, already had may keep under control, even with treatment. On February 18 are programd to a hospital in Iasi for surgical intervention. There is a risk that I can lose my and the last ten percent in view", told me Diana.

Even if only appeares, Diana felt the man, he felt his intentions of voice tone. High school followed the art of Craiova, then emigrate music from the Faculty of Letters of the university Craiova, specialisation music interpretation. In 2007, it is a contributor to Berlin Philharmonie Oltenia is part of institution's choir. He played on the piano, started singing popular songs, and for more than three years interprets light music. He has won numerous competitions light music organized by the National Association of blind in Romania. It has a warm voice, which transmits emotion, kindred spirits perfectly into your songs interpreted by Celine Dion or Lara Fabian, and the Romanian interpreters admired Paula Pantelimon. On Diana boiler you have had the chance to see her and to the "X factor", where it was purr "angel X factor" by Dan Bittman. Experience and confidence which they have acquired as a result of the music competitions in which he participated have invented it and more and want to participate in other competitions and music.

eyesnap 01 Dec 2014, 14:24

Aimee Mann

A. P. 11 Nov 2014, 17:49

the lovely Erin Lovett

Killgore 02 Nov 2014, 14:20

Tarja seems to wear plus glasses :)

kisal 30 Oct 2014, 14:19

Awesome video! Ingrid is so very hot!

chrisb 29 Oct 2014, 14:03

The lovely Ingrid's latest video

Speximann 28 Oct 2014, 11:35

Avril Levigne

Likelenses 26 Oct 2014, 00:15

Nana Mouskouri

Brett 13 Oct 2014, 16:51

@Speximann: Thanks for the great Ingrid shots. Her music video to "Girl's Chase Boys" has her in great frames.

lequinn 13 Oct 2014, 12:38

Moderate plus glasses on Olly Knights (he is the singer of the band Turin Brakes)



Speximann 13 Oct 2014, 08:45

Ingrid Michaelson (probably misspelled)

Eyestein 13 Oct 2014, 07:06

Thanks Owlish. Yes it is a pity the camera doesn't zoom in at all.

Owlish 11 Oct 2014, 04:16

Eyestein I think it was +19 for reading. Here is another video in which she is reading the lyrics while singing. If I'm not mistaken she's wearing strong readers, sort of half lens style. +19? Unfortunately the camera is fixed throughout and doesn't zoom in at all. 8-(

Eyestein 10 Oct 2014, 21:24

Perhaps it makes sense if +19 is her contacts prescription. As it would be the opposite of the rule for minus lenses the number would be larger.

Eyestein 10 Oct 2014, 20:48

Diana is awesome. Some time ago there appeared a Romanian article which seemed to say that Diana Cazan used two different prescriptions of +14 and +19. I can't read Romanian and so I wasn't sure what to make of it.

Owlish 09 Oct 2014, 19:48

Diana Cazan (+14) is back on X Factor Romania, this time with a trio called "Studio 7".

They do a pretty good version of Janis Joplin's "Mercedes Benz" which explains the 60's hippy headbands and costume.

A. P. 24 Sep 2014, 08:09's the correct correction to the previous correction:

Pearl And The Beard

"Prodigal Daughter"

A. P. 24 Sep 2014, 08:02


A. P. 24 Sep 2014, 08:00

Pearl And The Beard

"Prodigal Daughter"


eyesnap 22 Sep 2014, 09:50

Michelle Chamuel

eyesnap 10 Sep 2014, 12:05

Mara Justine of AGT

Trent 01 Sep 2014, 09:54

Thick Glasses Music

Guest 31 Aug 2014, 09:06

Any guesses at Britney's rX? I'm saying +1.5 with mild cyl! Probably has pretty close to 20/20 at her age!

TxB 31 Aug 2014, 00:30,c=0,w=658.bild.jpg

Britney Spears with glasses

Yoyo 14 Aug 2014, 17:56

I don't think Julia's prescription has actually changed much. Her glasses are just bigger, so the cut-in looks like more.

matthewson 13 Aug 2014, 07:42

wow julia nunes really seemed to go through an rx-change, if i look at the cut-in. girl's gotten really quite myopic.

 13 Aug 2014, 07:35

Hi, J Edgar

thank you for Sara Harris. She is very cute.

And... at least now I know who sings for S3RL :)

A. P. 13 Aug 2014, 06:32

Julia Nunes (with new glasses)

"Slow Motion"

Carrie 08 Aug 2014, 13:59

Lisa Loeb is really pretty! I really like her glasses in the video. They haven't dated very much. I've just Googled her and she still looks pretty at 46! (same age as Kylie Minogue who's just as pretty!) It's great that she still wears glasses. She has a nice voice but it's not really my kind of music. Not enough guitars!

eyesnap 07 Aug 2014, 15:05

Celebrating the 20 year anniversary to Lisa Loeb's Stay

A. P. 22 Jul 2014, 18:17

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside

"I Swear"

A. P. 15 Jul 2014, 16:18

"Douglas Douglass" by Pearl And The Beard

J Edgar 15 Jul 2014, 06:26

Shes is very cute:

lazysiow 02 Jul 2014, 04:23

Brittney Spears

Kokopelli 01 Jul 2014, 12:27

Blues singer Janiva Magness.

Melyssa 26 Jun 2014, 14:06

While checking to see what I thought was true, that our fabulous (LOL) soccer team advanced to the next round of the World Cup, I found a picture of Ingrid Michaelson on the front page of the website:

Slit 23 Jun 2014, 01:58

Kate Voegele, cutest ever gwg singer in my eyes... wears + prescription!


Slit 16 Jun 2014, 10:00

Lena Meyer Landrut

A. P. 05 Jun 2014, 11:03

Emily Hope Price

"Black Hole Of Calcutta"

Lucas 02 Jun 2014, 20:23

Rihanna :

A. P. 29 May 2014, 12:43

Pearl and the Beard


A. P. 19 May 2014, 16:16

Summer and Eve -- featuring Emily Tarver

"Hit Song"

ksnl 17 May 2014, 11:51

Joe Jonas

Slit 13 May 2014, 09:15

Indian (not so famous) musician:

(if you don't enjoy seeing brown skinned girls/have anything against indian music, please don't watch - her singing is horrible!) :)

Curt 12 May 2014, 11:00

Another Tori Amos, this time wearing glasses to match her dress:

Selma 09 May 2014, 19:12

There are two musicians I really love who have started to wear glasses practically full-time.

Tori Amos seems to have a wide range of different specs, some more extravagant than others.

(she seems to be far-sighted)

Aimee Mann, one pair, more classical:,1115314?SORT=PRIO

Jan 30 Apr 2014, 05:33

Thanks A.P! Nice find. A little addition - some "OO-paradise":

A. P. 28 Apr 2014, 19:13

two from FOUR EYES:

"Feel Blue"

"Our Insides"

Jan 24 Apr 2014, 04:48

The Voice of Poland:

Juicebox 13 Apr 2014, 07:13

A video was posted on here a while back where she was being interviewed by a guy in glasses and said she was -1.5, which was the same as his prescription. I think it's on YouTube.

 12 Apr 2014, 20:40

Any guesses on rx?

lazysiow 11 Apr 2014, 07:51

They look like it. She's mildly nearsighted

Anon 10 Apr 2014, 15:31

Taylor Swift wearing glasses in public for the first time in years. Are these real?

A. P. 28 Mar 2014, 13:39

Talented American singer/songwriters Julia Nunes and Danielle Anderson meet for the first time, interview each other and trade glasses........

gwgs 13 Mar 2014, 09:25

Popstar of the moment, Ellie Goulding wearing glasses at LAX Airport;

kisal 10 Mar 2014, 13:11

Sorry. Try this link for Ingrid:

kisal 10 Mar 2014, 13:09

Be sure to check out the wonderful new Ingrid Michaelson video:

And only on this forum would people understand that I was so taken by her fabulous new specs, that it wasn't until about half-way through the video when I realized just how low-cut her top is!

Slit 08 Mar 2014, 22:39

Georgia May Harrup

Slit 08 Mar 2014, 22:39

Georgia May Harrup

Slit 27 Feb 2014, 22:12

features a girl wearing real + rx glasses

A. P. 12 Feb 2014, 05:47

English duo My Darling Clementine performing their original song "No Heart In This Heartache"

LEO in PERTH 06 Feb 2014, 08:28 The Proclaimers

Therouteur 06 Feb 2014, 03:23

Hayley Williams

til 05 Feb 2014, 13:35

Kiley Minogue

A. P. 27 Jan 2014, 12:28

Singer Julia Nunes in her cool new glasses from Brooklyn Flea:

Soundmanpt 23 Jan 2014, 12:27

Jamie Lynn Spears was scheduled to be the musical guest last night on the David Letterman Show but due to the snowstorm didn't make it into New York so they had some band on instead. I was curious if she would be wearing glasses since any recent pictures of her she is always in glasses. I'm hoping they reschedule her maybe later this week or next week.

astigmaphile 22 Jan 2014, 20:09

Gusspam below.

 22 Jan 2014, 19:58

Drummer,Brother Bruno Brunecker.

 14 Jan 2014, 05:24

Katrin Endrikat

Jan 06 Jan 2014, 06:21


A. P. 31 Dec 2013, 03:21

Happy New Year and a cup of kindness to all! Here's Danielle Anderson's memorable version of Auld Lang Syne.

What a voice.....

"Auld Lang Syne (cover by Danielle Ate The Sandwich)"

James 30 Dec 2013, 00:42

Rupert Holmes actually had a song called Nearsighted on the same album as Escape. It's not a great song - very poor man's Barry Manilow - but the lyrics are pretty literal (they come up in a Google search). Main idea: he's very happy being nearsighted.

GreginColo 29 Dec 2013, 23:47

Thanks MG for the post; certainly from the time of big glasses and big hair.

Myopic Grant 29 Dec 2013, 18:27

Rupert Holmes (singer from the 70's; known mostly for the song "Escape, The Pina Colada Song") had some nice thick lenses. I totally remember this song...

A. P. 21 Dec 2013, 16:49

Holiday fun with Julia Nunes........

All4Eyes 11 Dec 2013, 23:51

"I Want a Girl With Glasses" Matt Osborne

I ALWAYS make passes at guys (and sometimes girls) who wear glasses, Marie

P.S. I think I just came out on here just now, don't think I really mentioned I'm bisexual here before.

Curt 10 Dec 2013, 11:44

Gwen Stefani:

chrisb 07 Dec 2013, 20:25

Daniela Andrade again has new frames.

and has been voted top of something on reddit

chrisb 07 Dec 2013, 20:18

Canadian singer

Curt 19 Nov 2013, 10:11

New specs for Tori Amos:


Carrie 16 Nov 2013, 04:48

Eliot - I don't particularly like Miley either. My interest in her is purely physical. I will keep to myself what I'd like to do with her and her tongue but I am curious to see what she looks like wearing her own glasses with her current image. It is quite scary how many fans she has. I know she is trying to shake off the squeaky clean Hannah Montana image and showing she is a woman now but she is overdoing it. Britney Spears had a similar change from the innocent image to the adult woman image. Britney wears her glasses a lot in public and has done for a long time. Hopefully Miley will also start wearing her glasses in public.

Soundmanpt 16 Nov 2013, 00:57


About 20 years ago I saw Stevie Nicks in concert at an out muny teather and and as most people know she has a thing about changing outfits after nearly every song. Mostly just a different schol. Anyway when a song was done she was being lead back by an attendent. It seemed very strange but the next day a local TV station reported that the reason she was being lead was because she had lost or had a damaged contact lens and her vision was so bad that she really couldn't see well enough without help. I was very surprised that someone that needed correction so bad didn't have a spare pair of contacts with her. Of course when she was younger she was very pretty.

Eliott 15 Nov 2013, 16:14

Please Carrie,

kidnap Miley, the posterchild of tasteless, classless white trash-ness.

Lock her down without any mobile device, and do whatever you want to do with her (and her tongue), but never EVER let her out. The whole wide world would be utterly grateful.

Curt 15 Nov 2013, 13:36

Stevie Nicks...nice power rings!

 03 Nov 2013, 17:12

There's a girl on The X Factor UK called Abi Alton who wears glasses a lot on the show, you can find pictures if you put her name in google images.

Don't know if there's any prescription, can anyone help?

Carrie 30 Oct 2013, 18:29

Does anyone know of any recent photos of Mylie Cyrus wearing glasses? I quite liked her more natural brunette image like when she Tweeted that she was getting new glasses I also like her new image with the short, bleached blond hair. I didn't want to like it - I think she's a bit of an attention seeker - but I couldn't help it. Not interested in her music (or acting) just her. That tongue of hers is of particular interest to me! ha ha!

Brkln 30 Oct 2013, 04:35

Matt Berninger, the singer of The National is wearing his plus glasses on Later with Jools Holland:

Chris 20 Oct 2013, 03:50


Another video:

She probably finds herself sexy in glasses, but not in strong prescription glasses

kisal 19 Oct 2013, 15:21

On my last post of Nelly Furtado singing on the Ellen show, I watched the video looking hard to see how strong the glasses are and became convinced they are plano. This is very odd, since in the clips Joel posted, she clearly has a pretty strong prescription and most certainly wears contact lenses normally when she performs. So why in the world would she wear plano glasses over contacts for this TV performance?

kisal 17 Oct 2013, 08:51

Even better. Here is Nelly Furtado performing in glasses on the Ellen show:

Joel 17 Oct 2013, 02:22

Nelly Furtado (Sorry If these were posted earlier)

astigmaphile 15 Oct 2013, 20:49

I'll bet that Judd is an OO. There is one video that shows what is supposed to be his family and the wife and all of the kids have glasses.

Andrew 15 Oct 2013, 14:22

Try an image search for Cledus T Judd; he may even be one of us, based on the number of different apirs of glasses he appears to own.

Carrie 14 Oct 2013, 18:06

One of my favourite bands, Haim wearing fake glasses and silly hats

Not looking as good as they normally do, though. (I find Danielle Haim particularly sexy)

Chris 12 Oct 2013, 03:41


More GWGishness and you die:

matthewson 11 Oct 2013, 16:41

kisal, here's one were Fiona Apple wears her glasses at a rehearsal:

kisal 11 Oct 2013, 08:16

(Cross-posting from Actresses thread)

For Megan Mullaly fans, here she is with Stephanie Hunt on a duo called Nancy and Beth:

The singing gets rather grating, but the glasses and the short skirts are marvelous...

kisal 11 Oct 2013, 08:01

While searching fruitlessly for any video with Fiona Apple wearing glasses (which she has done in several concerts apparently) I stumbled upon this gem:

The girl is amazing with fantabulous glasses and really quite a good singer too. This appears to be the only video of her in specs though.

chrisb 10 Oct 2013, 16:07

a new song from Danielle Andrade with I think new frames.

lovely as ever, glasses, song, singing, playing.


til 05 Oct 2013, 04:42

Christina Milian

Melyssa 26 Sep 2013, 16:05

Happy 65th Birthday to Olivia Newton-John. (Sixty-five???)

She wore gorgeous cat's-eyes for the first 55 seconds of a "Landslide" video here:

A. P. 21 Sep 2013, 12:55

New video from singer Julia Nunes. Julia has recently chosen to give up wearing contacts and is now a confident fulltime "girl with glasses"! Approve?

A. P. 11 Sep 2013, 20:52

Danielleatethesandwich has a new video. Here 'tis:

"Pet Store"

Carrie 08 Sep 2013, 18:25

Soundmanpt - I'm not really in to rap either but she won the Mercury Music Prize in the UK a few years ago. She stood out for me because she was a British female rapper and there's not many of them. I don't know if that style of frames would suit me. They suit Speech.

I really need to decide on some frames soon as it is, as you say, getting close to when I was going to get my eyes tested.

My cousin still only wears her glasses when she feels she needs them (which is more than she used to). She hasn't gone full time yet although I think she tends to wear her glasses all day at college but I think she often did that last term.

Soundmanpt 07 Sep 2013, 09:47


I have never heard of Speech Debelle, but then again I am not at all into rap. You said you want your new glasses to give you a more adult look than your current ones do. The glasses she is wearing even though they are very simple would look much more real than your big frame plastic glasses.

Have you found a style that suits your fancy yet? As I recall you must be getting close to when you said you planned on getting your eyes examined?

What's the latest on your cousin? Is she pretty much full time now or still trying hard to avoid wearing them?

Carrie 07 Sep 2013, 06:24

British rapper Speech Debelle (had forgotten about her until she was on Celebrity Masterchef in the UK a few weeks ago. No offence to her - but "Celebrity"??!! The others weren't much more famous, either!) I think she's really attractive. She's older than I thought. She's about 10 years older than me and I thought she was much closer to my age.

Eyestein 31 Aug 2013, 07:41

Lovely close-ups of Diana Cazan here.

Hunter 25 Aug 2013, 05:05

Samantha Farell about her thick glasses

I hope the links will work now.

Hunter 25 Aug 2013, 05:04

Samantha Farell about her thick glasses


Carrie 03 Aug 2013, 08:22

I've just found this photo of beutiful singer Rita Ora wearing what look like real glasses. Possibly with a strongish minus prescription.

I'm not really in to her music but I do find her quite sexy.

Owlish 23 Jul 2013, 20:14

Obscure '60s nostalgia; "the girl with horn-rim glasses"

Pseldonymov 23 Jul 2013, 09:21

Che Mack, low minus

Revolver 13 Jul 2013, 13:33

Interesting discourse on Nana Mouskori. While it is a fairly low minus, it appears to be in the -2.00 to -3.00 range, and it seems unlikely that if she wasn't nearsighted in 1966 it wouldn't have gotten that high quickly. Next to the youtube clip posted by Astra are several other clips, clicked on one randomly, it was called Adeiu Angeline and while undated it appeared to be of the same vintage. Black and white, similar hair, etc. It's possible that in the 1966 clip (hosted by the late great Danny Kaye) that early in her career she'd go bareyed and using glasses as her signature didn't come until later. As mentioned, an interesting discourse, there are a few options.

lazysiow 13 Jul 2013, 10:50

No she likely wasn't that short sighted yet. For someone whose glasses were always seen on her and so defining of her image, she's fairly low minus. Here's a pic of here when she was younger, she was gorgeous :P

Astra 13 Jul 2013, 06:43

Nana Mouskouri without glasses (1966), did she wear contact lenses maybe ?

 09 Jul 2013, 18:42

If you pay closer attention, you notice she tweets about not wearing contacts vs wearing contacts. That's a relatively large difference between those two statuses.

A. P. 09 Jul 2013, 08:27


 08 Jul 2013, 18:48

I have seen a lot of pictures of Ed Sheeran with glasses lately. Is he farsighted or nearsighted do y'all think?

Anon 08 Jul 2013, 18:41

Do you have any links?

lazysiow 08 Jul 2013, 13:09

In some of her older video blogs you can see her wearing prescription glasses. -1.5 is about right. Mostly not very flaterring for her but there's one where you can even see her sleeping while wearing a hipster type black pair and smiling about it.

She might talk a lot about it because she's one of us and doesnt know it?

Anon 07 Jul 2013, 17:41

She definitely wears contacts, she's tweeted about it many times. And will talk about that and her glasses in interviews from time to time. That's why I always wondered why I hadn't seen any pictures of her in them. Seems like if you talk about it that much, you'd wear them.

Soundmanpt 06 Jul 2013, 14:30


Just like Carrie says if you look and listen at 4 minutes in she says she wakes up and thinks that she doesn't need to wear her contacts for an awards show and then she gets there and can't read the prompter.

Not sure what she is making up???

 06 Jul 2013, 14:06

Not sure what source you are reading, Carrie.. but please point to it. There are many sources out there where Taylor Swift has stated she does NOT wear contact lenses, and in fact sees blurry without her glasses. She even says that in the interview link you posted. Pay attention, please. Don't make up MORE stuff... ok?

Soundmanpt 06 Jul 2013, 12:03


Good find! I know once she commented something about going into an optical shop and she picked this, as she called it, "ugly pair of super big glasses that she knew no one was ever going to buy" I think they are the ones in one of her videos. She has commented also that when she isn't preforming she is always wearing her glasses.

One thing a little surprising is that her prescription isn't stronger than -1.50 if she has been wearing glasses since she was really young. We all know that is usually when the eyes change the most is from youth and through your teens.

Carrie 06 Jul 2013, 06:27

Taylor Swift has a prescription of -1.5 and usually wears contacts. In this interview she tries on the interviewers glasses and he tells her that he is -1.5 and she says she has the same prescription. (from 4 minutes in)

nc 05 Jul 2013, 07:41

It seems like all the pictures you find of Taylor Swift, have little to no prescription. According to articles she has worn glasses since a very young age and is very reliant on them. I too would like to see some photos with an actual prescription

Anon 04 Jul 2013, 16:22

Anyone have any pictures of Taylor Swift or have a guess as to what her prescription might be?

pop girl 25 Jun 2013, 00:31

In the US Voice, check out Michelle Chamuel...

Soundmanpt 24 Jun 2013, 18:56


My first thought was that they are probably props for the video without any prescription, but a close look it appears they are a weak plus prescription. Lasik does seem to bring on the need for reading glasses at a quicker rate, but not usually that fast. Really it would make more sense if the glasses were minus since she may have had the lasik done even if her eyes hadn't become stable yet.

There is no law that says you can't have lasik even if your eyes haven't reached the stable point. Thye of course want your eyes to be stable for 18 -24 months for the best and more lasting results, but I am sure as long as your18 years old or older and you sign a release saying that they are not responsible for any vision changes you may have after the surgery.

Guido 24 Jun 2013, 16:55

Didn't Ms. Clarkson have LASIK a ways back? I think she used to be fairly nearsighted.

til 24 Jun 2013, 13:37

Kelly Clarkson

Carrie 23 Jun 2013, 18:05

I don't normally watch The Voice but did flick through it on the BBC iPlayer later just to see who did win. I was pleased Andrea won as she has a beautiful voice. Her glasses looked great on her. It's great that her reduced vision isn't going to hold her back from doing what she wants to do.

I had seen Andrea on trailers for the final but couldn't face watching the whole show. I'm not keen on tv talent shows, so I avoid The X Factor and Britain's Got Talent. Simon Cowell is responsible for these 2 and has made a lot of money selling the format around the world. The Dutch guy who created The Voice also created Big Brother and Deal Or No Deal - he has also made a lot of money. Even if you don't like the shows (like me)you have to admit that they are clever - Fairly cheap to make and millions of people love to watch them so advertisers will gladly spend a lot to get their ad shown during these shows (except for the UK version of The Voice which is on the BBC, so no ads.)which in turn makes a lot of money for the tv producers.

The only way I'd watch a tv talent show or the other shows I mentioned would be if a drop dead sexy woman with great glasses was on it. Even then I'd probably watch it on demand later and fast forward through it. (By the way I thought Andrea was pretty, but not sexy. I'm not being cruel - I wasn't put off by her strong glasses prescription. She's just not my type.)

Slit 23 Jun 2013, 10:14

Hats off to this girl who over came the challenges, more than the visual i am sure they had been teasing, bullying and name calling back at her childhood and also the different views of other through out the life because of her sight level.

Her talent is matched to none and let us all send her a greeting for success.

A sample clip here (not a full song)

 23 Jun 2013, 10:06

post deleted - inappropriate


 23 Jun 2013, 08:49

Well the guy's nickname is nickweymouth so maybe he's from Weymouth which is in England. The girl in question is from Northern Ireland which is part of the UK. Nickweymouth also appears to be a native English speaker. If I was to have a wild stab in the dark, I'd guess that the version of The Voice being referred to is unlikely to be the Kazakhstan version and is probably the UK version. There, not exactly rocket science is it?

The girl who won is called Andrea Begley, she's 27 and apparently lost most of her vision through congenital glaucoma. She wears fairly strong plus lenses, probably in the +8 to +10 region which presumably give some improvement to what vision she has. She has to be helped on and off the stage and so is clearly severely vision impaired.

 23 Jun 2013, 06:50

post deleted - inappropriate

nickweymouth 23 Jun 2013, 06:11

did any one see the voice last night iy was won by andrea a vi girl from northen ireland she was amazing and such cute cats eyes

Carrie 15 Jun 2013, 10:48

British singer Eliza Doolittle wearing a friend's glasses

In an earlier blog she mentions her eyes stinging, always wanting glasses and probably heading to Specsavers next week This was in 2010! Either she didn't need glasses or more likely she didn't get any even if she needed them. I keep searching for photos of her with glasses just in case she has got some but so far no luck.

(Yes I am jealous of her slim figure and amazing long legs and how pretty she is! I quite like her voice. Yes I do fancy her)

astigmaphile 15 Jun 2013, 10:14

Nick Waterhouse's prescription looks like plus cylinder with an aproximately 90 degree axis.

 15 Jun 2013, 07:33

post deleted - inappropriate

nikki 14 Jun 2013, 05:45

Can anyone here guess Nick Waterhouse's prescription? I don't know how to do it :)

He seems to be a plussie but I can't get any more than that... You can see the glasses at 0:30 of this video

and also here:

Thank you!

Owlish 07 Jun 2013, 18:26

Andrea Begley, a V.I. vocalist competing on "The Voice".

She has been linked here before but not this vid I think.

nickweymouth 04 Jun 2013, 05:47

thank you for your help sir heres lim wilde as promised

Curt 03 Jun 2013, 13:49

Nick: You cannot post pictures to Eye Scene, only link to their location.

til 03 Jun 2013, 12:29

how come i can't post links on this thread?

kisal 31 May 2013, 09:36

Here is an amazing series of music videos, filmed at a concert:

The group is Venus Hum and the singer in the sensible shoes and amazingly sexy glasses with a moderate plus is Annette Strean. The video production values are quite high and you can watch pretty much the whole concert by clicking on the associated You Tube links.

nickweymouth 31 May 2013, 05:33

i got the pic how does one upload it on to here

nickweymouth 31 May 2013, 05:33

80s singer kim wilde with glasses

Yoyo 28 May 2013, 22:38

Anyone else heard of the Israeli singer Rotem Shefy? Appears she is a full-time wearer with a mild minus prescription (and fine taste in specs!):

Curt 25 May 2013, 06:39

She is also 43, and may be needing some near help too.

Soundmanpt 23 May 2013, 18:52

The fact that she was taking her son to school and has what appears to be car keys in her hand would give a clue that Gwen Stefani is nearsighted and needs her glasses for at least driving.

Tried to get a zoom in look but it wouldn't do it so hard to tell the prescription of her glasses.

Chris 23 May 2013, 12:35

Curt 22 May 2013, 09:28

Gwen Stefani wearing specs...

Soundmanpt 21 May 2013, 13:21


Thanks. She is hot!

Chris 21 May 2013, 11:24

Ingrid Michaelson

Soundmanpt 21 May 2013, 07:05


Who is that beautiful young lady?

Chris 20 May 2013, 14:57

Crystal Veil 17 May 2013, 06:05

Singer Moran Mazor from Israel was in the semi finals of the Eurovision Song Festival. She did not qualify for the finals - a pity. She was wearing prescription glasses, perhaps minus three. There are many photos of her in glasses on different occasions as well.

Jan 17 May 2013, 03:37

Stefanie Heinzmann has a huge new pair, which seem to be stronger then before. Or is it just because of the big frames? What do you think? Not unusual for her age. Nevermind - she is cute:

She was a jury member on "The voice -Switzerland". Here are a couple of vids on "the tube channel":

Stefan 14 May 2013, 16:27

Andrea Begley, a contestant in the British version of the casting show 'The Voice':

A. P. 14 May 2013, 09:48

singer/songwriter Julia Nunes

til 14 May 2013, 09:20


A. P. 30 Apr 2013, 11:27

Talented English singing duo "My Darling Clementine" are husband-and-wife Michael Weston King and the lovely Lou Dalgleish. Here they are, talking about their great CD of original country music:

lazysiow 29 Apr 2013, 03:04

Taylor swift, you can see her degree of myopia here. Probably about -3

ks 14 Apr 2013, 14:14

Mary Ocher, heavy myopia -

Jan 12 Apr 2013, 05:25

Caro - "Glasperlenspiel":

 11 Apr 2013, 07:39

Found a Los Angeles-based Latino band, La Santa Cecelia,

with an absolutely amazingly hot bespectacled lead singer, La Marisoul, big, brown and beautiful.

Not a lot of pics on their home page, but a Google image search on La Santa Cecelia shows her up quite a bit.

Daffy 09 Apr 2013, 09:34

Katy Perry

gia 21 Mar 2013, 16:07

Hungarian hipster singer-songwriter, ByeAlex.

Soundmanpt 20 Mar 2013, 00:52


Sad to say but it seems now people think the real world is a soap opera and when you kill someone they somehow re-appear after a few days or weeks. They don't get it, that when they kill someone that person isn't ever going to come back, there gone for good. Real life isn't a video game. You don't push a button and start a new game, "GAME OVER" is for good.

Carrie 19 Mar 2013, 18:10

In England this week 2 people are on trial for plotting to rob and kill the singer Joss Stone. Thankfully they didn't succeed. I don't understand why anyone would want to hurt her. She seems very nice (I don't know her personally), she has a great singing voice, she is very attractive and her speaking voice is sooo sexy. I know she sometimes wears glasses so I thought I'd see if I could find any recent ones of her in glasses and I found these from February this year

Soundmanpt 11 Mar 2013, 19:38

I think Katy's glasses are most likely a very weak minus based on how she was wearing them. She kept them on during the game as well as when she was driving.

Dan 11 Mar 2013, 17:28

Very hard to tell but I would say no or a VERY weak minus. Very neat frames though.

Lucas 11 Mar 2013, 16:54

Katy perry with some great glasses :

Any prescription in them?

Curt 07 Mar 2013, 13:47

Unfortunately, she had Lasik in 2008 and no longer wears glasses!

chrisb 07 Mar 2013, 13:04

Kaki King, american guitarist and singer and drummer. There's not actually a lot of music on this video but much more around.

Among professional guitarists she's apparently considered highly skilled and innovative. Seems like that to me too. (not being anywhere near professional standard)

It's also interesting how different to the cliche male rock 'axeman'.

Melyssa 03 Mar 2013, 10:29

Olivia Newton-John wore cat's-eyes in the opening 55 seconds of this "Landslide" video:

Pseldonymov 21 Feb 2013, 19:56

Natasha Koroleva

TxB 21 Feb 2013, 00:18

Lindsey Stirling ist s violin star

Juicebox  20 Feb 2013, 19:49


Couldn't agree more, they're producing some great stuff. Brittany has definitely given me more confidence to wear my glasses out in public more. Hopes she doesn't give in and switch to contacts, though she seems very self-confidant so I doubt she will.

Juicebox 20 Feb 2013, 19:46


I know what you mean. Not many indie bands are fronted by women, let alone those who wear glasses! She has quite a few pairs I think. As I said I've been a fan for a while and she changes them up which is pretty rad. Not many frontmen wear glasses either though. I dont know what I'd do if I ever saw Julian Casablancas in a pair of hipster specs...probably faint as his sunglasses are pretty much glued to his head. But that's where Matthew Gray Gubler in series two of Criminal Minds comes in...haha. I listen to a *lot* of older music too and of course people like Buddy Holly and Morrissey wore them. It's funny cos those styles are what's popular now, it's kinda gone full circle! I'm in the Uk too :)

Carrie 20 Feb 2013, 16:57

Juicebox - you have the same sort of music taste as me! My brothers got me into it when I was quite young (I love the bands that were around when I was too little to appreciate them properly like Elastica and Garbage. I have copied their cds from my brothers!) I first saw Brittany in the NME a while ago (for non UK Eyescene readers NME is a well known rock/alternative music paper in the UK). Great voice. Good to see a "well covered" lady in a band in addition to wearing glasses. Both of these are unusual, even in the more alternative bands. Can't think of a female fronted band where that female regularly wears glasses in public.

chrisb 20 Feb 2013, 14:02


I'm really glad I found them on youtube and that they're known to the ES crowd. For me, as an aged white mal,e its great to hear some new black R&B music (been into it since the 60s with Motown, stax, etc) Its odd you can almost hear Janis Joplin in her voice.

Anyway to keep on topic, lets hope the band does really well and we get to see her Brittany in many different new frames over the coming months.

Juicebox 19 Feb 2013, 16:25

Brittany is such a great role model, I love her style. She's what I consider rock and roll because she doesn't care about anything but the music. She doesn't need a leather jacket and skinny jeans to back up a rock aesthetic because man - that voice is pretty unbelievable! So jealous! She can rock up in pretty casual clothes and glasses (love her frames) and still blow people away. Alabama Shakes have been up there in my favourite bands for a while, I'm not normally one to enjoy female singers (more of a Strokes, Arctic Monkeys, Libertines kinda gal myself) but she's got me sold with that voice.

chrisb 19 Feb 2013, 13:15

the GWG singer/guitarist Brittany Howard from the band Alabama Shakes.

this link is from the Jules Holland show. Some of the links to the band are from Vevo.


Eyestein 14 Feb 2013, 05:56

This may have been posted earlier. Some good close-ups of Diana Cazan here

Revolver 09 Feb 2013, 08:09

Shania indeed looks very fetching. Not surprising she needs readers, she's 47, wish she'd get a few pairs of progressives for full time wear. She probably doesn't need a distance correction...yet...or maybe wears contacts, but even if the distance segment is plano she looks great in glasses. Like all women.

lazysiow 08 Feb 2013, 18:12

shania twain still looking amazing these days in reading glasses

Crystal Veil 05 Feb 2013, 09:23

Melyssa, thanks for the compliment to Marieke. I will share it with her. Mind you, she posed in the falling snow without any extra protective underwear, just the same underwear she used when we went to that gala party eight years ago. One photo of Marieke in the snow is now part of my portfolio on Mayhem Model and it will be fun, asking freelance models for future photo shoots if they have that kind of stamina :). About my collection of glasses: I was in an optician's shop just a few days after being on television (about my first exhibition with catwalk) and the staff said straightaway, "here's a man who has more glasses than we have in the shop". On the other hand, if I would tell my partner Nel about your glasses collection she would probably be jealous. She always had only one pair of glasses until we met. Now she has some more but nothing compared to your collection with up to date prescription!

Melyssa 05 Feb 2013, 06:48

You're welcome, Crystal Veil. By the way, if I had in my possession as many pretty pairs of glasses as you have for your models, I would be changing frames every hour. Also, I am jealous that Marieke could pose sleeveless in the snow. I need an overcoat just to look at the photos. :)

Soundmanpt 04 Feb 2013, 18:06


Your choice is pretty much in line with what more than half said they planned on doing. Of course there were a few that planned on getting contacts just before the wedding and a few that said they could probably get by without the aid of glasses or contacts. Some said they would keep them on for the ceremony and just take them off for pictures. That one seemed a bit strange, but at least they will pictures both ways. but generally most said it like you did, that you wear glasses full time and everyone now knows you with glasses so that makes good sense to be as well. Also interesting that you said you would get new glasses for the big day. That was something that a good number also said they would do.

Same sex marriage here in the states is still a hot topic as now they it is going state by state as to where it is legal now.

Crystal Veil 04 Feb 2013, 17:33

Great story, Melyssa, thanks.

Melyssa 04 Feb 2013, 15:02


It's more important to be able to see your surroundings on what could be the greatest day of your life. And if you wear glasses full-time, that's what everyone else remembers you by.

I had worn glasses for 37 years before my wedding nearly 12 years ago. (It's been that long? LOL) That day I wore my white cat's-eyes while getting ready with my entourage. Not wanting my eyewear to be the focus of the whole shebang, I switched to unisex clear frames for the photos, the ceremony, and the reception, and I wore red drop-temples for the honeymoon night -- the first glasses my husband ever saw me in a couple of years earlier on our first date.

Carrie 04 Feb 2013, 14:48

Rihanna is incredibly hot. So jealous of her amazing body! Not really into her music, though. I like the fact she is wearing glasses but I'm not to keen on her choice of frames.

I probably would wear glasses for wedding photos. They are part of me now. People are more used to seeing me with them on than off. It's the same with Gemma. We have discussed marriage (well Civil Partenrship - Gay marriage is not legal in the UK yet) with each other as several people have suggested as we have been together for 2 years now. But we feel we are still a bit young as we both turn just 20 this year. We are very happy together as we are and we are really looking forward to moving in together later this year. If we ever did get married or the equivalent I would want to get new glasses for the ceremony and the reception just as I would want to get new clothes for the day. "Sensible" glasses to go with the "sensible" clothes for the ceremony and then some more casual or fun glasses to go with my party clothes at the reception.

gwgs 04 Feb 2013, 09:43

I agree, she seems to be a bit of a 'rebel' in terms of how she has portrayed herself over the last couple of years - what with the various different haircuts, scantily clad/half naked instagram shots and as you quite rightly said, the acceptance of the scandalous behaviour of Chris Brown. I am almost embarassed to like her music!

Having said that, she should be congratulated on forgiving him, not many people would've done so, and we don't the background behind this, but let's not digress too far off the original subject matter.

Soundmanpt 04 Feb 2013, 08:36


I would agree it does seem to show some distortion in her lenses which certainly could be due to a prescription.

I have to admit that I am not much of a fan of hers anymore since she is back with Chris Brown. I lost a lot of respect for her when she went back with him. She would have been a great spokes person against abuse when he beat the heck out of her, but sadly like so many she doesn't get it that people that do that will do it again and again. There is no excuse for any man to ever beat a woman period.

gwgs 04 Feb 2013, 05:38

Here's a link to a few photos of Rihanna wearing glasses which seem to have a hint of a prescription to them;

It's the first time I've seen her wearing glasses, but after searching "Rihanna glasses" on the above site, there are several other articles with her wearing bold black frames similar to this.

I must say the partially shaved head look is a real turn off for me, but nice to see her in glasses.

Soundmanpt 03 Feb 2013, 12:37


Being 64 I well remember those glasses. Yes they were the in thing back then.

And as much as I hate to tell you but your probably right in 30 years or so you probably will be looking at pictures of yourself and asking "What was I thinking"? Nothing you can do about that though. I'm sure there are many that look back at old pictures and laugh at the glasses they were wearing.

There is much talk if you go to some of the web sites talking about whether they should wear their glasses or not on their wedding day. Some interesting comments both ways.

So their is a good question, if you were to get married tomorrow would you or wouldn't you wear your glasses. I think for you since you could probably see well enough without but just if you prefer wearing glasses or not, but for Gemma she probably wouldn't have a choice anymore and would have to wear hers to see.

Carrie 03 Feb 2013, 06:32

The BBC have been showing 1970s editions of music chart show Top of the Pops. I find these really interesting as I'm really into music and a lot of acts in the 70s influenced modern musicians even if like me it was way before they were born. Thankfully most of the fashions stayed in the 70s. As an example I give you Althea & Donna I like big glasses but those are not nice at all! Some of the male musicians I've seen on the show have been pretty awful too. Maybe in 30 of 40 years time I'll look back at photos of myself and think how awful my glasses were!

Jan 28 Jan 2013, 09:07

Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library

Interesting Band

lazysiow 28 Jan 2013, 07:49

Mark 23 Jan 2013, 16:48

Always thought Cristina from Lacuna Coil was hot. Remember those specs were from a photoshoot in Metal Hammer (UK magazine) around 5 years ago. Alas, unfortunately the specs have not been spotted again since...

Carrie 22 Jan 2013, 16:45

The very hot Hayley Williams from Paramore has a whole Tumblr site devoted to her in glasses (including fake glasses and sunglasses as well s real glasses) Another example of a woman who is already good looking and goes higher up the sexiness scale because she is a rock musician!

Astra 22 Jan 2013, 02:47

Zhou Bichang (1985-), famous Chinese vocalist.

Soundmanpt 20 Jan 2013, 18:27

Glasses Rock

Very attractive young lady. Does she wear her glasses when she is preforming?

GlassesRock 20 Jan 2013, 15:24

Cristina Scabbia, vocalist from Lacuna Coil

Astra 29 Dec 2012, 07:37

Zhou Hui (1977-), compared with William So (1967-).

one of her performance .

A. P. 25 Dec 2012, 03:34

Danielleatethesandwich dreams of creamed corn.........

Merry Christmas!

 24 Dec 2012, 23:08

owlish, she looks hilarious as all hell with those bubble glass eyeballs. thanks for the riot laugh!

Owlish 24 Dec 2012, 18:28

Here's another video of Romanian singer Diana Cazan (+14)

chrisb 23 Dec 2012, 12:36

mea culpa, wrong link, Gia Margaret with glasses:


chrisb 22 Dec 2012, 18:51

a strikingly good girl singer wearing retro glasses.

Gia Margaret

lazysiow 22 Dec 2012, 08:51

Alicia Keys -

Pseldonymov 13 Dec 2012, 09:23

Rada Rai


Crystal Veil 09 Dec 2012, 13:02

You Tube Rolling Stones Mary J Blige (London concert, a few wweks back, the Stones' 50th anniversary)

No prescription lenses but striking black cat eye glasses

Revolver 27 Nov 2012, 10:30

Those frames have plano demo lenses in them, Brittney endorsed a frame line for one of the major manufacturers a few years ago and that photo was in one of the magazine ads.

 27 Nov 2012, 05:30

fyi a Klownie is someone who wears grossly oversized glasses on their face that look like circus clowns. it's just like the word plussy for people who wear thick pop bottle magnifiers.

 26 Nov 2012, 15:07

25 Nov 2012, 19:42

Is a Klownie.

Carrie 26 Nov 2012, 11:32

Britney is someone I don't want to fancy but I do - I can't help it! She does look particularly good in that photo. Dark frames with blonde hair works well. Therouter says "Edible" - I would certainly agree with that.

Therouteur 26 Nov 2012, 05:01

Britney looking edible

 25 Nov 2012, 19:42

Avril Lavigne wears Klownies??

Carrie 25 Nov 2012, 19:17

Avril Lavigne. The writing on the wall behind her is strangely distorted through her left lens. Is that caused by an astigmatism prescription?

The glasses are huge but that might be because she has a small face.

A. P. 20 Nov 2012, 16:48

Aimee Mann (with help from Laura Linney)

chrisb 20 Nov 2012, 14:22

Jazz singer and Bassist Esperaza Spalding. she puts on a pair of white framed glasses at about 4 minutes in.

Jean-Michel 07 Nov 2012, 10:06

Cheryl Cole definitely has prescription lenses here:

Owlish 06 Nov 2012, 06:52

Looks like Diana will be going forward on X factor Romania:

I wonder if she's got her +19 glasses on to read here:

Carrie 04 Nov 2012, 06:10

Both the following links are the same person another gorgeous German singer Lena Meyer Landrut. She appears to have a + prescription similar to mine. I don't know if she wears contacts when not wearing glasses, probably does.

They look like RayBans like the ones my friend Danielle got. (Danielle always either has them on top of her head or is wearing them)

Carrie 04 Nov 2012, 05:48

2 great links in a row! Cheryl Cole looking good in her new glasses (and proving she doesn't need to be all glammed up to look good) and The Voice of Germany's Madeleine Müller is hot - love her big glasses!

Thanks FaNaTiKX and TxB.

Eyesight Sensory Perception 03 Nov 2012, 21:54

Da Voice Chick Borrowed Somebody Elses Glasses. It Is Pretty Obvious To Me.

Soundmanpt 03 Nov 2012, 19:53


She is indeed a knockout. Very pretty young lady and man she can sing. Interesting that she sang the song in English, but everything else was in German. Hope there will be more posted of her.

Her glasses look very weak but I assume there is at least a little prescription in them. Most likely a bit near sighted (short)

TxB 03 Nov 2012, 17:41

German Madeleine Müller

FaNaTiKX 03 Nov 2012, 15:07

Cheryl Cole - at LAX in Los Angeles (11-02-12)

Soundmanpt 31 Oct 2012, 19:06

Crystal Veil

That does surprise me because i would have thought my the great quality of your photos that your camera was most likely a much more expensive one than a simple digital one. Your right that does give me hope. As you say it can't hurt to try and see how I do. Like anything the more I try hopefully the better I may get at it. When i start I may well take you up in asking for your help or suggestions to make them better.

Crystal Veil 31 Oct 2012, 13:13

Soundmanpt (Oct 25th),

you may be surprised to hear this but my camera is digital and it was ultra cheap (€ 80). Your digital camera is probably better than mine.

I knew little about photography when starting the "Ladies behind crystal veil" project and even at this stage my technical knowledge is very limited. It was - and still is - simply a process of "learning by doing".

Fortunately the technical aspects are just one of many factors involved in GWG photography. Being fascinated by the combination of ladies and prescription glasses is quite instrumental. It's also quite important to reassure the model at the very start of a photo shoot, then to monitor closely if she is feeling at ease or getting tired, and so on. Being clear about the effect you are seeking is another factor. This helps the model to play her role in an (inter)active way. A good photo shoot is the product of team work between equals.

Another factor is speed. There is nothing so boring for a model as a photographer fiddling endlessly with the umpteen options of his camera. If you work fast, the model will go with the flow.

I would greatly welcome it if you give it a try. Aviator 0-0 puts a completely different "feel" in his portraits than I do. No doubt you will put yet another kind of "feel" into it when you start taking pictures of GWG's. That would enrichen this community.

If you have specific questions about photo shoots I am ready to share with you what I have found out so far.

Mark 31 Oct 2012, 03:55

Danny, yes you are correct, the lenses would be thicker.

However when your vision gets past a certain point, using high index lenses gives you worse vision than with low index.

The question becomes:

Do you want to lose even more vision (strong plus glasses already restrict vision and cause distortions) than you've already lost just to have your glasses look a little thinner?

The problem is the optical companies make more profit from high index lenses, so they're pushed on customers and abuse the vanity of most glasses wearers with "oh they'll look so thick and ugly" instead of "well if you go for those lenses yes they'll be thinner but your vision will be worse"

Hyperfan 30 Oct 2012, 04:10

Dear Katie,

Thanks for your kind reply, and sorry, but impossible here to type in Arial 36 !

So you have one eye with a +19 lenses, and the other with a +25 lenses in the same frame ? ... and you dont have any frame only for distance, or for close ?

What kind of frame do you like to wear, and are theses lenses "only" high index or lenticular ?

Hope to read you again...

Best regards from France.

Danny 29 Oct 2012, 13:29

I don't like to correct people, but surely a low index lens would make the lenses much thicker????

Mark 29 Oct 2012, 11:31

Having watched those vid's of diana again, the song with her sister definitely seem stronger, high index too.

The high index seems like a bad idea for her though, if she has such little vision why would they use lenses that cause even more distortions?

If they swapped her over to a low index, yes they'd be thinner but i reckon she'd get a lot more useful vision out of it.

Weeks Katie 29 Oct 2012, 11:07

Hi hyper fan

I love your name!!!!

I used to wear bifocals but after I got cataracts I used got 1 eye for each prescription ( 1 distance , 1 reding)

I need lots of help :( I'm reaalllly close to the ground for another reason so I live in a world where all I can see are legs, bums and bags.

I can see a few feet, dunno how many, but its less than 6.

Reading is ok if the font is size 36 and its arial. Times ne w roman I can see if its 48.

I sometimes chat in lens and that works with my adaptive tech (zoom text)




Hyperfan 29 Oct 2012, 10:43

Dear Weelz Katie,

Maybe you are right : some "X" on the floor, and she will stay right in this mark, while singing or talking.

I suppose you are right : if she doesn't move, maybe she is quite unable to see the mark, and right again about the spotlight : maybe a lot of reflection on her lenses, and that dont help her...

If I may ask : despite your narrow vision, how do you manage with your glasses ? Can you sea clearly in the "tunnel vision", or do you need some help as Diana ? Bifocals or two frames, one for close, other for distance ?

Best regards from France

Weelz katie 29 Oct 2012, 10:03


I wear +19 and +25 lenses (1 for reading other for distances) and I have nystagmus

This means that I have very narrow vision, and I'm guessing that there are lots of bright lights that are facing Diana when she walks onto sing.

There is probably a tiny mark on the floor to show her where to stand, but that probably doesn't help her.

I wish I could sing as good as her!




Eyestein 29 Oct 2012, 08:14

Re: Diana

In the other thread there were two numbers mentioned in connection with her glasses - +14 and +19. I think she is wearing +19 where she performs with her sister. It looks like maybe she wears +14 at times to widen her field of vision when quality of close range focus is less important. Her field of vision must be extremely narrow with her full prescription.

She seems like a very nice girl. Her sister looks nice too.

Owlish 26 Oct 2012, 06:56

The Romanian singer, Diana Cazan, has been discussed on the "Seen on the web" thread, and I'm still somewhat obsessed with her, so, here is a nice video of her and her sister doing a traditional Romanian song a couple of years ago:

+14? Oh, yes. I believe it!

In the following video, I think her real personality shows forth. The video quality isn't great. She is singing in a Bucharest pub with a male vocalist who is blind. She joins him at about the 17:30 mark in the vid.

Soundmanpt 25 Oct 2012, 19:16

Crystal Veil

Nothing of the caliber you do. Your the master. Any pictures I produce would show how little I know about photography, but it would be nice to start taking pictures of the ladies that I get glasses for and I don't think any of them would object. By now I would at least have a large volume of pictures. i only have a digital camera so not nearly as good as the camera you must use for your shoots.

Carrie 25 Oct 2012, 17:38

I don't know how recent the photo is. It was just a lucky find - I just Googled "Heidi Range Glasses". I didn't even know she needed glasses, just hoped she might. During my searching I read she normally wears contacts. I'm not really in to their music. It's not bad, just not my sort of thing. The current line up is completely different to the original one as each girl left she was replaced with another one just as if the record company had spare girls ready to join the group. Apparently the original members have now reformed using their first names as the group name!

Heidi is the most attractive of the current line up and always seems to be smiling which makes her more attractive. It would be great if she wore her glasses in public.

Crystal Veil 25 Oct 2012, 15:13


the Sugababes were big in Europe. Their eyecatcher was Keisha Buchanan, even though she does not wear glasses.

By the way, I read on another thread that you consider taking up GWG photography. All I can say is: don't hesitate, it's always fun and often quite rewarding to do!

Soundmanpt 25 Oct 2012, 10:37


Having never heard of the "Sugababes" I went into "you Tube" and found quite a few videos of them. It seems there were 3 of them and one girl quit leaving the other two as seen in a Nobel Prize concert. Heidi is the blonde young lady from what I could tell? Very pretty girl, is the picture you posted of her a recent photo? If so, I am a bit surprised that her choice of glasses would be so simple. Still though very attractive. Thanks for posting.

Carrie 24 Oct 2012, 19:23

Heidi Range from British girl group Sugababes

lazysiow 09 Oct 2012, 18:25

cute low minus gwg drummer -

A. P. 08 Oct 2012, 18:13

nice song and nice red cats-eyes

A. P. 08 Oct 2012, 18:11

Nice song and nice red cats-eyes

ks 08 Oct 2012, 14:31

A different view of Stacey Zegers' genuine cataract glasses:

ks 06 Oct 2012, 04:34

The quite farsighted Sara Mingardo:

with her distance glasses (+4?) -

and her middle range glasses (used for a one meter distance, +5.5?) -

wish we could see her actual reading glasses...

Jan 23 Sep 2012, 16:08

German x-factor contestant:

til 09 Sep 2012, 06:47

Cheryl Cole photoshoot

A.P. 04 Sep 2012, 18:45

Lou Dalgleish performing songs written by Elvis Costello:

Lucas 31 Aug 2012, 03:33

Britney Spears :

Moonshiner 28 Aug 2012, 21:28

Deleted several off topic posts. Please keep it on topic and be nice.

Chloë 17 Aug 2012, 14:17

I love Aimee Mann (and she is wearing glasses in this one - although the doppelganger does not share her prescription)

Carrie 12 Aug 2012, 19:27

When I was watching the London 2012 closing ceremony I noticed that British singer Jessie J, who happens to be bisexual and very occasionally wears glasses, is actually very good looking with her hair down and wavy. Great body too! I've wanted to fancy her for ages but her rather severe hairstyles always put me off. This more natural look is very flattering on her.

Jimmy 06 Aug 2012, 13:17

Not sure if it's the correct place to post

 28 Jul 2012, 23:59


Carrie 28 Jul 2012, 23:58

Good news! I am forgiven. I apologised for what I did and she apologised for over reacting but was still a bit annoyed about what I did. We kissed and made up. If I had been caught with another woman (or even a man!) rather than just a video of one I think that would have probably been the end of our relationship. She said "When we are together and you feel horny and I am asleep, just wait until I wake up and we'll have sex! What we each do when we feel horny but can't be together is up to each other." We didn't go out but had a quiet night in and several glasses of wine later we fell asleep together on the sofa. We didn't hear my parents come in. They were probably surprised to find us in! One of them took a photo of me and my girlfriend asleep on the sofa and printed it out and put it on the coffee-table in front of us. Such a cute photo! They had then taken our glasses off and put them on the table and went to bed without waking us. It wasn't until I woke up at around 3:30 am needing a pee I realised what happened. I woke my girlfriend up as I moved and said we should go to bed. I showed her the photo and she loved it. I'll get my Dad to email it to her. We both fell asleep again when we went to bed but I woke up again because I was too warm and needed to pee again. As it's now nearly 6:00am I'm going back to bed before my girlfriend (currently sleeping deeper than a hibernating bear!) wakes up and catches me on Eyescene - now that would be awkward!

To the anonymous poster - My girlfriend would be even more annoyed if I was masturbating over a man's picture! I would still say I was bi but definitely more in to women than men now. Only Johnny Depp or Brad Pitt could tempt me back to being with a man! I don't ever look for photos or videos of men in glasses, only women in glasses.

Soundmanpt 28 Jul 2012, 22:00


Maybe its just me, but its not like you were caught with another woman. God forbid what she would do if she were to catch you with someone else having sex. There would likely be bloodshed. You can't tell me that most men watching a Kate Uptown video wouldn't be doing just what you were doing. Really its only fantasy land anyway. My chances of ever being within 50 feet of Kate Uptown is about the same as being struck by lightning 50 times. And I am sure your odds on being with Carly is about the same odds. If anything I think she should have just got a laugh out of it. Whats the difference if as you say you go off to the bathroom or if your sitting in front of your computer monitor? I guess next time you will need to find a magazine with Carly's picture in it and take that to the bathroom with you. In short your girlfriend is making a big ol' mountain out of a very small mole hill.

 28 Jul 2012, 18:07

uh Carrie you should be masturbating to guys. that might the real issue here.

minus5wholuvsgwgs 28 Jul 2012, 14:21

good luck Carrie I remember meeting a client who I rather fancied nothing happened but she was a nice fantasy when next I was intimate with my other half

lazysiow 28 Jul 2012, 14:00

Good for you Carrie, I'm sure you're gorgeous anyway.

She sounds really surprised but will probably get over it. It's natural to find others attractive, but still feels like shit when this happens to anybody. We're hard wired to be upset whenever happens though since "true love" makes other normally attractive people less attractive. IT's only something that becomes more bearable with age

Carrie 28 Jul 2012, 11:40

I've just got myself into trouble with my girlfriend!

She was snoozing on my bed and I decided to watch the Youtube videos of Carly Rae Jepson I linked to last month. Now, as you probably remember, I quite fancy Miss Jepson and seeing her with the big glasses again got me turned on. Unfortunately for me my girlfriend woke and caught me watching the video (bad enough) but also touching myself in an "intimate area". She was seriously unimpressed (major understatement - she was livid!)! She asked me why I was masturbating with a video of another woman and why that woman was Carly Rae Jepson of all people! I mumbled a few excuses but they either weren't good enough or she just chose not to listen. She knows I fancy CRJ but maybe she didn't realise how much. I know I shouldn't have done it but I was feeling horny and needed to do something about it. I could have gone to the toilet to pleasure myself or waited until my girlfriend woke up but I didn't know how long she was going to sleep and she gets grumpy if I wake her (even for sex). Anyway she went off in a huff and locked herself in the bathroom. She can't go back to her house without coming back to my room as she left her bag and her glasses in here. She might be shortsighted but she could see well enough without her glasses on to see what I was doing to myself and then looked over my shoulder to see the computer screen. That must be just close enough for her to see the screen.

Surely most, if not all people masturbate occasionally even if they are in a relationship with a good sex life? I did when I was with my past boyfriends and my girlfriend does, she does know I know - her bedroom "toys" aren't always in the same place when I go over to hers. It was bad of me to do it without her. I'm not sure what she is more pissed off about - the fact I was masturbating whilst looking at another women or that it was CRJ or that I was pleasuring myself and she wasn't part of it.

Hopefully she will calm down soon. Every time I try to talk to her through the bathroom door she tells me to "F**k off!" I know she's seriously angry when she says that as she doesn't swear much. I don't think she'd break up with me because of this but you never know. I'm going to do some serious apologising and grovelling as soon as she comes out of the bathroom. I love her so much. I don't want anyone else, not even CRJ.

Mark 25 Jul 2012, 16:23

The world's shortest song is "You Suffer" by Napalm Death

A.P. 25 Jul 2012, 14:00

World's shortest song.

Chloë 22 Jul 2012, 12:32


Errare humanum est.

Eserian 22 Jul 2012, 11:28

World English Dictionary

Devine (dəˈviːn)

— n

George ( Alexander Cassady ). 1910--65, British stage director and actor: founded (1956) the English Stage Company in London's Royal Court Theatre

Chloë 22 Jul 2012, 02:41

(The in my view devine) Fiona Apple playing a concert in glasses

Wurm 03 Jul 2012, 20:14

Amanda Warner has fielded some questions about those specs:

Women's Wear Daily (May 2011):

> Not surprisingly, after wearing the same custom Seventies white-framed prescription eyeglasses almost constantly for the past five years, she says she's really more about accessories. She counts Zana Bayne's leather harnesses and Shape Shiftr's tights and leggings among her current favorites for the stage. But it's her beloved glasses that complete her ensemble.

> "If you don't have any money or anything to wear, it's a really great thing to make a look," she says. "There are a lot of glasses in this shape, but there's something very special about these."

Esquire (August 2010):

> ESQ: How did you get started with the glasses?

> AW: I've had those for about four years. Honestly I just thought, "I'll wear really garishly loud jewelry and eyewear." I always have. I never learned how to put on makeup, and these seemed kind of like putting on makeup. I was playing minimal techno, and I thought, "Oh, that'd be cool, because people will recognize me." But they have my real prescription.

Philosifer 03 Jul 2012, 14:55


Definitely real

Just go to Google Images; looks like she has been a full-timer for ages

A.P. 03 Jul 2012, 09:37

Aofie O'Donovan

Curt 03 Jul 2012, 07:51

Amanda Warner from the band MNDR. Interesting specs...they look real (low minus):

Stefan 24 Jun 2012, 06:21

Jan - that's a lovely song they're performing in the first clip!

Carrie 20 Jun 2012, 05:08

Chloe & Jan

Fantastic finds! 3 beautiful women with similar glasses.

Jan 20 Jun 2012, 04:45

Glasperlenspiel (Carolin Niemczyk) - MMMhhh:

Wears contact mostly, but:

Somehow weaker? :

Sorry - everything is in german.

Chloë 19 Jun 2012, 09:08

Jenny Lindberg of Warpaint (really beautiful woman)

Chloë 19 Jun 2012, 09:05

Soléy from Iceland:

g 18 Jun 2012, 15:20

Sam Farrell....

Dan 18 Jun 2012, 13:54

Caitlin Hart...nice song.

Asdoo 16 Jun 2012, 07:10


I agree that her glasses look about +1.50 or +2.00. I don't know why soundmanpt thought they were +3.00.

Carrie 16 Jun 2012, 06:52


Thank you for putting up the links to Carly Rae Jepsen wearing glasses while performing a song and during the interview. I couldn't get them to work here in the UK but I did manage to find them both on Youtube and

She looks gorgeous in those big glasses!

Her voice is better now than in the videos which are from 2010. I have just noticed how kissable her lips are! Yum!


+3 for Jaydn's glasses? That does sound strong. I guessed at +1.5 to +2 as they looked a simlar strength to my current glasses. I wouldn't be surprised if she wears them a lot more than for just reading now.

A.P. 14 Jun 2012, 14:36

"official" new video by Danielle

(it might be necessary to skip a commercial at the beginning)

kisal 11 Jun 2012, 19:18

Carly Rae Jepsen wearing glasses during a song and interview:

They are weak, but appear to be real and she looks great in them!

Soundmanpt 11 Jun 2012, 17:44


I think they could be near +3.00. They do look to be rather strong for being her first glasses. One thing she should have gotten was AR coating on them. I think she would find that it would have relaxed her eyes more when shes reading or on the computer.

I tried to find a recent "You Tube" but I didn't see anything more recent. As strong as they appear I would think she needs them on the computer by now.

Carrie 11 Jun 2012, 13:02

Yes, I am back!

Any thoughts on the lovely Jaydn's prescription?

Soundmanpt 11 Jun 2012, 09:57


by the way glad to se you have managed to get back into "eyescene"

Soundmanpt 11 Jun 2012, 09:56


I could be wrong, but it really looks like her glasses don't even have any lenses in them. At least I don't see any signs of lenses. In the past Katy has been photographed wearing several different styles of glasses and most are retro and they have had lenses in them, not sure if the lenses were prescription or not but at least they had lenses. I am not a fan of plano glasses but I really hate the idea of glasses without any lenses even worse.

Slit 11 Jun 2012, 03:15


Thanks for video of amature singer. She looks lovely with those spex.

Carrie 08 Jun 2012, 16:59

Katy Perry looking very sexy dressed goth/rocker style and big black plastic framed glasses (can't tell if they are real)

Carrie 08 Jun 2012, 13:12

This is Jaydn Maria after she got reading glasses.

Jaydn is VERY pretty and looks amazing in her glasses. They look stronger than my first glasses so I am going to guess her prescription is between +1.5 and +2.00. What does everyone else think?

(BTW I've never heard of Jaydn before - just came across her on Youtube)

Jan 04 Jun 2012, 04:14

Not exactely my type, but some of you are going to love "Mary Ocher". Sure about that.


A. P. 30 May 2012, 14:54

Emily Tarver, sporting one of her newer pairs of glasses, performs a couple of songs live in the group Summer And Eve:

"Vanna White"


nc 30 May 2012, 10:58

The glasses she tried on had little to no precription in them. She always talks about being blind without them. Sure would like to see the real script!

Soundmanpt 26 May 2012, 12:22

I am not a singer or musician but if I was I would have a big problem with stage fright, but to be like Taylor Swift it would work being nearsighted as she probably is looking out into her audience and all she sees is blur. That would be one way to not have to worry about stage fright.

John S 26 May 2012, 10:29

What's interesting is that Taylor Swift has commented before that she doesn't wear contacts, so when she tells the kid she is pretty blind without them, the kid doesn't realize she's been pretty blind all day with her.

lazysiow 26 May 2012, 08:07

6:14 Taylor Swift wears her actual prescription glasses and talks about them. Possibly the first time on camera. She really doesn't seem to have very good taste in frames tho, she could be a lot cuter!

Carrie 24 May 2012, 07:12

Lana Del Rey wearing glasses!

They are prescription lenses but I don't know if they are hers. I'm not too keen on the frames but she's still hot.

I find her incredibly sexy and her voice sends lovely tingles through my body. Just seeing a photo of her makes me weak at the knees. Beautiful face and a great body! I can't write what I'd like to do to her and what I'd like her to do to me but put it this way my girlfriend would be very jealous!

Jan 14 May 2012, 18:19

Samantha Barbera Bass and Vocals of the band Holy Fever:

kisal 08 May 2012, 16:13

Here is a rather pretty singer in glasses from the Comoros Islands:

There are a few more links for her. Her name is Zali Tahadhar.

lazysiow 05 May 2012, 15:18

Carrie, what can I say you have magnificent taste in GWG's :D

please keep sharing if you find more. They do look very weak though but it was a bit of a tease given how long she took to put them on mmmm

Carrie 05 May 2012, 07:47

Carly Rae Jepsen wearing glasses during a concert in 2010

Just before she puts the glasses on in the 2nd video she's holding them and the look like they could be a weak minus prescription.

Great combination - good looking girl, lovely body enhanced by her outfit and she's wearing glasses. Oh and her voice is ok but I can't concentrate on her voice when I see her!

If anyone else has got links to similar or better videos or photos please post!

(If my girlfriend catches me looking at any more photos of Carly I am so dead!)

Soundmanpt 27 Apr 2012, 15:05


Not long after I found that version there was a story on an entertainment show talking about that girl. Seems that Justin Bieber heard the song and liked it so much he signed her to a recording deal with his company. They interviewed her about being signed by him and she was thrilled and was really surprised when someone told her about that video you are referring to. She wasn't in that video but Justin and his friends made that just because they liked it.

Glad you got back in.

Carrie 27 Apr 2012, 14:42

I've seen the alternative video for Carly Rae Jepson's "Call Me Maybe" that Soundmanpt mentioned on 14th April. The girl wearing real glasses in the video isn't Carly but she is good looking (I don't know who she is).

I can't believe I'm saying this but I do actually like Call Me Maybe a little bit now. It is so bloody catchy! I have watched the official video several times too! In my mind, at the end of the video when the guy she has been trying to get the attention of walks away from her and gives his phone number to one of the male members of her band (mouthing "Call me maybe" to him)I would go over to Carly and give her my number and ask her to call me!

I am not telling my girlfriend or anyone else I know about how I would like the video to end or that I like the song a little bit, my rock-chick image would be ruined forever!

lynch 26 Apr 2012, 13:25

i think kt tunstall had surgery :(

Yoyo 26 Apr 2012, 11:31

Those are NOT reading glasses, clearly a nearsighted prescription. You can tell because they minify, creating cut-in of her cheeks on the sides. If they were for reading, they'd magnify her eyes and you'd see no cut-in.

lentifan 26 Apr 2012, 10:26

And if she's wearing contact lenses or had Lasik or similar, that would explain why she now needs reading glasses.

Soundmanpt 26 Apr 2012, 10:19

It would seem that Eddi Reader is wearing reading glasses. That would explain why she is looking over the top of them but keeps them on so she can read what is in from of her. Also would explain why she doesn't really need them to preform unless she need to she something on a music sheet or the lyrics maybe.

Crystal Veil 26 Apr 2012, 10:06


thanks for this update. I checked her photo gallery and saw a vast majority of pictures without glasses so I assumed that she had switched to contact lenses.

Fred 26 Apr 2012, 03:22

Looking over the rims of her glasses, very cute:

Stefan 25 Apr 2012, 16:48

Not so, Crystal Veil! Here she is in an interview from 2009, still wearing them:

(I think she has always switched between wearing them and either contacts or a blur.)

Glad you agree with me though on how well she sings; I think she's always been a little underrated.

nickweymouth 25 Apr 2012, 14:35

you all seem to have forgoten kt tunstall

Crystal Veil 25 Apr 2012, 11:06

Indeed she can. A pity that she lost her glasses somewhere on the road to success.

Stefan 25 Apr 2012, 10:19

For a Scottish girl who _can_ sing, look here:

and here:


nickweymouth 25 Apr 2012, 07:06

intresting theory chrisb i dare you go tell it to addele

ehpc 24 Apr 2012, 18:44 she is Scots she is not English.

chrisb 24 Apr 2012, 16:10

A scots girl called Ailsa.

nice glasses competent renditions but again proves my theory that few english girls can sing


nickweymouth 24 Apr 2012, 05:39

anyone know if clIR RICHARDS from steps wears glasses and adelle

lynch 23 Apr 2012, 17:22

axl rose is nearsighted, look at the cut in of his right lenses at 7:24

I read that he wore contact lenses

Chrisb 21 Apr 2012, 17:24

links for the singer Lissie wer posted here some time ago but not as far back as the above link.

Anyhow she's made it big, and is featured on the new Twinings tv ad.

still not sure if the glasses were a stage prop or her real rx. havn't been able to find any new pics or videos of her in glasses. nevertheless a great singer.

Crystal Veil 20 Apr 2012, 11:26

Marie Hines is heaven for the ear and the eye!

til 20 Apr 2012, 08:59


til 20 Apr 2012, 08:53

Alicia Keys

 16 Apr 2012, 08:55

Oh, I think I could put up with the hands!

Eyestein 16 Apr 2012, 08:04

Marie Hines has got terrible looking hands for an otherwise beautiful girl.

Jan 16 Apr 2012, 06:39

Marie Hines:

Very talented and beautiful.

Soundmanpt 14 Apr 2012, 12:13


The pictures there you can't tell anything from. But I went looking about and I found a version of that song you hate "Call Me Maybe" and it has quite a cast of performers on it. Several young guys that I heard of except Justin Bieber, but the young ladies in it I recognize all but Kim Crossman. The other girls are Selena Gomez, Ashley Tisdale, and of course Carly Rae Jepsen. In the video there is a girl that is wearing real glasses and I think it is either Kim Crossman or Carly Rae Jepsen.

Carrie 13 Apr 2012, 19:43

I found these pics of Carly Rae Jepsen with glasses on her head

I can't tell if they are real or not but I would like to see her wearing glasses properly. Her "Call Me Baby" song is annoyingly catchy and is getting played loads on the radio as it's number 1 in the singles chart over here. Not my sort of music, I'm more into guitar bands as I'm bit of a rock chick but she's not bad looking! Just to be clear I am interested in her physically and not musically!

Slit 09 Apr 2012, 01:27

singer Natalie Bunk

nickweymouth 03 Apr 2012, 05:59

ty carrie i prefer her in vintage frames

Carrie 03 Apr 2012, 01:06

Pixie Lott - Chunky black frames with real prescription lenses

Vintage style frames with real prescription lenses

I fancy her with or without glasses, but the glasses are a bonus. She can do cute and sexy! If only she was gay or bi ....(sigh)

nickweymouth 02 Apr 2012, 05:52

what id like to see is adelle wearing glasses and pixie lott and paloma faith

TxB 28 Mar 2012, 23:55

Stefanie Heinzmann

A. P. 21 Mar 2012, 05:52

Danielle(atethesandwich) in the studio

Soundmanpt 16 Mar 2012, 14:39

I like her glasses they look good on her, but after hearing the interview I found a recent live concert of Ingrid Michaelson doing an REM song Nightswimmer and she is wearing the same glasses but she needs to get them adjusted as they slid down her nose to where she had to push them up 3 times and when she finished the song they were back down again. she is a great singer and musician as well as being a great GWG.

There for a while it seemed she was going to wear contacts, but great to see she seems fine with glasses again.

chrisb 16 Mar 2012, 14:13

my favourite GWG musician who goes from strength to strength.

an interview rather than just her playing.

Speximann 10 Mar 2012, 19:32

More Madonna

Speximann 10 Mar 2012, 19:27

Video Caps of Madonna, 1 pic she has some vintage type frames.

til 07 Mar 2012, 11:40

some more pics when you scroll down

til 07 Mar 2012, 11:36


starting 2:30

 28 Feb 2012, 17:03

When you think about it, it is a bit strange that Kathy Lee asked her to do it, but the BEST part of the whole video was watching her take off those thick glasses. OMG.

Atropinlover 28 Feb 2012, 10:09

And here's the link:

Atropinlover 28 Feb 2012, 10:08

Here's Nelly with real glasses, and at the end she takes them off. ...i really can't understand why she wears fake glasses over contacts in some videos, ...crazy...

matthewson 28 Feb 2012, 08:14

In this video it looks like NELLY FURTADO has bifocals, take a look. It appears those glasses have lines

Jan 27 Feb 2012, 03:31

Nelly Furtado is back. Weird thing: She popped out the lenses and went for "prop over contacts" on Letterman, while she is wearing her genuine ones behind the scenes.Compare those 2 e.g.:

chrisb 25 Feb 2012, 10:54

Icelandic vocalist Sóley Stefánsdóttir

with the band seabear

this link is an interview/conversation between her and one fo the band.

there are other videos of her performing.

Soundmanpt 19 Feb 2012, 21:39


Did you notice that the video you put up was also her most recent? She only put it up on Feb 16th. It could be that she has just gotten glasses for the first time as they look rather weak. It will be interesting to see if she will be wearing glasses in her future videos.

chrisb 19 Feb 2012, 17:14

girl singer with a good voice. I dont think she wears glasses in any of her other videos/

tends to support my theory that there are many good girl singers (and probably actresses) on youtube but very few good english ones. That lets of Cerys Matthews and kt tunstall who are welsh and scots respectively

TxB 16 Feb 2012, 07:30

Stafanie Heinzmann

TxB 15 Feb 2012, 16:29

Elli Erl

TxB 14 Feb 2012, 10:38

who's that girl ?

--- >>> Kylie Minogue

A. P. 11 Feb 2012, 13:24


gwgs 30 Jan 2012, 04:02

Great find Slit, LOVE the drop temples.

Slit 27 Jan 2012, 23:12

TV show with Olga. Another drop temple lady in side too!

Slit 27 Jan 2012, 23:08

More from Olga

very pretty woman!

Soundmanpt 27 Jan 2012, 22:14


Kristina is a very beautiful young lady with or without glasses.

Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2012, 21:20

Kristina Strizhneuva, video

Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2012, 21:08

Kristina Strizhneuva, born March 12, 1987:

Pseldonymov 16 Jan 2012, 22:53

Olga Zarubina

tinyeyes 14 Jan 2012, 19:44

Dylan Baldi of Cloud Nothings

Very nearsighted, about -9. Sometimes in contacts, more often in specs.

Google for more images and videos.

 11 Jan 2012, 08:33

Lena Meyer-Landrut (weak +)

til 05 Jan 2012, 17:10

Christina Milian

matthewson 30 Dec 2011, 17:13

Shirley Manson from Garbage blogging that she needs bifocals (from 2004) -

bet she has them by now and can't do without the reading add.

chrisb 20 Dec 2011, 04:21


your impression was correct. Ingrid is the only person playing. The director's clever device of giving us shots of her nailpolish gives it away.

the other musician to whom I referred was Danielle

who's linked in AP's post on 18th dec.

I had a feeling you were a musician. I do play, but wouldnt deem to call myself a musician.

Crystal Veil 19 Dec 2011, 17:30

Thanks Chris for posting this. Being a musician of sorts myself, her fine looks in glasses soon kinda faded in the distance when I zoomed in on the song. If there are two musicians in the clip it escaped me. I was under the impression that she did a "Mike Oldfield", singing and playing all the instruments including the bass (Beatle Paul McCartney used to play one like this). The clip is attractive and the song is nice because the arrangements are simple, without overdoing anything. Sorry if this music talk is off topic - so yes, a nice GWG. Thank you!

chrisB 19 Dec 2011, 17:07

New video from Ingrid Michaelson. I think we've seen the glasses before on recent videos. For those who like such things there are good shots of power ring.

Ingid looks and sings beautifully.

For me, the other highlight is the vintage 'cello' Hofner base.

Its also interesting to contrast Ingrid and Danielle (eats the sandwich.) There's a video of Danielle not wearing glasses and her eyes do some very odd things.

Back to the music tho. I'm continually amazed by the range and quality of US and Canadian female vocalists.

Most UK (white) girl vocalists try to sound like Black female vocalists from 20 - 30 years ago.

Guido 19 Dec 2011, 14:25

Re: Pixie,

Guesser, I would guess -4 or less.

Carrie, do you think the difference in script might be due to the twist of her head? In two of the photos that appear to be more straight on, the difference does not appear that great.

Specs4Me 19 Dec 2011, 14:17

Carrie, I don't know that I would agree with that. I looked at some of the other pics in that group and found a shot that gave a better view of the right lens in which I was able to see power rings and cut-in. It is hard to really tell unless one has the opportunity to compare both lenses simultaneously, at least for me.

Carrie 19 Dec 2011, 13:53

I was just having another look at the Pixie Lott photos I linked to and it looks like her left eye has a stronger prescription than the right eye.

A. P. 18 Dec 2011, 12:00

Danielle lends her awesome voice to Mel Torme's "The Christmas Song". Happy holidays everone!

Guesser 18 Dec 2011, 07:44


Carrie 18 Dec 2011, 06:55

The sexy British singer Pixie Lott seems to be quite short sighted. She must wear contacts most of the time as her prescription looks stronger than my girlfriend's.

This set of photos shows her wearing fake glasses - I don't understand why someone who wears glasses for real would wear fake ones. But she looks good in them anyway

She is wearing some chunky black frames with real prescription lenses here

I love the vintage style frames she's wearing in these photos! They suit her much better than the chunky black ones.

Could someone estimate her prescription?

royboy 09 Dec 2011, 20:11

interesting about john lennon's nearsightedness. i would say about -8. see this article from his eye doctor here on the UWS of NYC.

[this is from a daily blog - kind of tabloid for this particular neighborhood - john lennon and yoko had lived in this area on the UWS at the dakota. i am almost sure she still lives here]

Astra 08 Dec 2011, 01:31

Barbra Streisand

indie 30 Nov 2011, 18:26

matt tong, bloc party drummer wears thick minus glasses

A.P. 22 Nov 2011, 07:09

The wonderful Emily Tarver (and friends) perform their cheerful new song about......uh, death.

Crystal Veil 10 Nov 2011, 17:48


A.P. 10 Nov 2011, 16:18

Julia Nunes singing her beautifully haunting version of The Beatles "I'll Be Back".

tinyeyes 06 Nov 2011, 17:54

Dave 1 of Chromeo

Kokopelli 02 Nov 2011, 04:42

She's very pretty, ages ago she wore braces. That would've been an ideal combination.

Kokopelli 02 Nov 2011, 04:42

She's very pretty, ages ago she wore braces. That would've been an ideal combination.

Therouteur 02 Nov 2011, 01:39

Delta Goodrem (sighs)

TxB 30 Oct 2011, 13:53

I found a french singer an songwrither with glasses

ASA born in 1982

Pseldonymov 03 Oct 2011, 13:43

Is that plano?

Soundmanpt 28 Sep 2011, 13:27


"Not very strong" indeed? They can't be very strong if they don't even have any lenses in them. It's great that the chic likes wearing glasses, I mean empty frames, but she should at least have some plano Non-prescription) lenses put onto them. I can tolerate someone with perfect vision wanting to wear glasses as long as they at least have clear lenses in them, but I think no lenses at all looks totally crazy.

Curt 28 Sep 2011, 12:08

Maybe someday she can afford lenses! :-)

kisal 28 Sep 2011, 11:36

Jodie Connor, not bad, not bad at all.

She also wears glasses in her two videos:

Not very strong, just very attractive.

Melyssa 28 Sep 2011, 06:26


Or as they say in NYC, "oilier." While I did play a musical instrument back in the days of metal frames and unisex plastic frames, I never had that particular style worn by the woman in Pseldonymov's post.

A.P. 27 Sep 2011, 18:21

uh, make that "earlier", not earliwe..........

My visual malfunction, perhaps?

A.P. 27 Sep 2011, 18:19

Beautiful big drop-temples on that Russian bassoonist in the post from 15:14. Perhaps our Melyssa was secretly a woodwind virtuoso in her earliwe life?? lol!

Pseldonymov 27 Sep 2011, 15:45

Tatiana Shmyga

Pseldonymov 27 Sep 2011, 15:14

Eleonora Yakubova. Moscow, Russia, 01.07.1990

Inna Shegay. Moscow, Russia, 01.07.1990

Pseldonymov 27 Sep 2011, 14:51

Tutta Larsen

Guido 13 Sep 2011, 07:27

Are Nicole and Lewis Hamilton still an item? They used to make a point of showing her at F-1 races where Lewis was competing. Have not been as big a fan of F-1 as previous years.

til 13 Sep 2011, 05:47

Nicole Scherzinger

All4Eyes 28 Aug 2011, 17:11

Keane has 2 sometimes bespectacled myopes (but somehow I've managed to fall in love with the non-glasses-wearing member).

I ALWAYS make passes at guys who wear glasses (and sometimes ones who don't, if they're as cute as Tom Chaplin!), Marie (and no, I'm not the Marie who put that on Youtube)

chrisb 28 Aug 2011, 15:37

Laura Cox: Talented French musician and in a couple of her youtube entries wears glasses and all the better for it.

fantastic collection of guitars too.

A. P. 17 Aug 2011, 19:18

multi-spectacled Emily Tarver (and friends)

til 06 Aug 2011, 03:56

Alicia Keys,,20510220,00.html

Melyssa 14 Jul 2011, 06:54


"I say! Simply smashing!"

Actually, if the eyewear manufacturers would get it through their thick (numb) skulls that big, bold, and beautiful frames are the way to go, then the "Smashing Glasses" could wear the same frames -- drop-temples mostly, of course.

Soundmanpt 13 Jul 2011, 17:01


Okay cougar woman! Sounds like a new group forming :Smashing Glasses"

Melyssa 13 Jul 2011, 14:49

Then John Mayer and I would have made a lovely couple with all of our glasses and beauty. :)

Myopic Grant 13 Jul 2011, 10:45

I read that John Mayer has a glasses fetish,..looks around for them at thrift shops etc.

ksnl 13 Jul 2011, 04:37

John Mayer

A.P. 09 Jul 2011, 16:04

Hmmmmm..... don't know why it comes up as "malformed URL"

Find it for yourself on Youtube at

Jennifer Warnes "Right Time Of The Night" (1977)

worth the effort!

A.P. 09 Jul 2011, 15:57

a classic from the great Jennifer Warnes

All4Eyes 27 Jun 2011, 12:52

Coldplay has a new song out called "Major Minus". It's not about OUR kind of minus, of course (actually, it's a bit hard to tell what it's about; the diction's not too clear in places), but I like the song anyway, some nice acoustic guitar work. Interestingly, if you look it up on Youtube, there's no official video (yet) but there is a still shot that's a logo for the song, which features a drawing of an eye. And the album it's on is called "Every teardrop is a waterfall". Hmmm...

poster 25 Jun 2011, 21:11

Jared Followill of Kings of Leon in some plusses in this video:

Guest 23 Jun 2011, 20:17

Marilyn Manson trips out on interviewer's glasses at around 1:15 -

Owlish 23 Jun 2011, 07:36

Jan; Marvette is really beautiful. I would say her glasses are about -2.5. Wondering what others think.

Nice find!

Jan 23 Jun 2011, 06:41

Maryvette Lair: X-Factor France.

Val 08 Jun 2011, 07:47

Katy Perry as Kathy Beth Terry:

Slit 06 Jun 2011, 08:00


its a great find you did on her stage performance!!!

esp those frames remind my teacher back when i was 6 yrs old...

Jan 06 Jun 2011, 05:15

Thanks Slit. Nice find! The music is hard to stand for me, but the woman is a real stunner. Don`t miss the interview in HD:

and this one seems to be especially for us (from 0:44 on):

Soundmanpt 03 Jun 2011, 16:36

Very nice find Slit, her rx seems to be very mild but she never seems to be without them. At first they appeared to have a slight cut-in but many of the videos she has the glasses down her nose and she seems to be looking over the top of them making me think they may well be for close up. Any guess on your part.

Slit 03 Jun 2011, 13:53

lilit hovhannisyan

lazysiow 03 Jun 2011, 10:32

Yeah the video has region restrictions, and same question as below :)

 03 Jun 2011, 01:17

The Taylor Swift clip didn't load for me. Is it just her new The Story of Us video or something different?

 02 Jun 2011, 08:31

Another Taylor Swift Video with small clips with glasses

Philip 29 May 2011, 03:48

You are out of luck Chris B. She's a mild myope.

chrisB 28 May 2011, 18:43

Caitlin Hart - very attractive, very attractive cats eye diamante frames.

nice voice - if slightly over produced.

nickweymouth 28 May 2011, 08:55

as i go to my bed every night i pray dear god please give charlote church pluss glasses

Carrie 26 May 2011, 17:20

The site that makes The Saturdays video playable in the US won't let me play it here in the UK! Just like what happened to Soundmanpt with the Youtube version I posted. I knew you'd like it!

Soundmanpt 25 May 2011, 20:29

Thanks to the no name poster for putting up the Saturday's video. I did enjoy it both for the hot chics and the music was enjoyable as well.

 25 May 2011, 19:23

Here's The Saturday's Notorious video in pretty good quality. Playable in the US

Carrie 25 May 2011, 15:19


The video must be restricted to the UK only. You could try searching for "Saturdays Notorious" to see if anyone has copied it and put it on their unrestricted account. It won't be long before the single is released in your part of the world. Am I right in thinking that you are in the USA? Hopefully they will have the same video when it is released there.

lazysiow 25 May 2011, 10:25

Taylor Swift looks like she's wearing her real rx here. Minor cut-in

til 24 May 2011, 18:32

article about Rochelle Wiseman, one member of them

Soundmanpt 24 May 2011, 18:26


Any way it can be seen in the US?

Carrie 24 May 2011, 15:16

New video by British girl group The Saturdays - 3 of them wear glasses for around half the video. Not sure if the glasses are real but hey look hot wearing them!

Jan 23 May 2011, 04:40

Danish Ex-X-Factor contestant:

lazysiow 21 May 2011, 19:30

Taylor swift in reading glasses, or as close as we're gonna get to seeing her in real glasses that she keeps talking about.

Her next video comes out tuesday though, and a sneak preview she is playing around with her on screen bf's glasses plus wearing some herself at one point

A.P. 18 May 2011, 07:35

A beautiful new original song from Danielle.

What a pure voice!

Val 18 May 2011, 02:06

Alexandra Ungureanu, a famous romanian singer:

A rough (google) translation of the text:

Alexandra Ungureanu is very chic

She is not part of any event among women who wear fancy dresses and high heels, but has a style and unmistakable contrast pattern which ensures normal. At the launch of a cafe in Bucharest, Alexandra Ungureanu chose an outfit very chic, slightly eccentric, in which he combined elements of masculine and feminine accessories.

The singer wore black pants with white polka dots, a white shirt over which he placed a gray leather vest, neck and wore a blue bow tie. Thick-framed glasses gives a roguish air, a sign that Alexandra loves to play with what he has in the closet.

Another photo:

Slit 17 May 2011, 14:24

Keiko Takamura

not commong for an asian girl to be a plussie...

gwgs 17 May 2011, 09:28

Nicky, check my post on 9th May at 06:31, you'll see I mention Kerry Katona there

lazysiow 17 May 2011, 09:06

Shania looks amazing in glasses, more please :)

Jan 16 May 2011, 05:30

And another Indigirlband with a GWG-member:


Jan 16 May 2011, 04:29

The Coathangers: Indiband


Val 15 May 2011, 07:39

nickweymouth, go to the bottom of the page, click "View all posts" and search for Kerry Katona, KT Tunstall. Kelly Osbourne has been mentioned before on "Seen on the web" page.

Owlish 15 May 2011, 05:39

Here's a link to Shania:

she puts on glasses to read after 3 min.

Guest 14 May 2011, 22:45

Jsust saw the Shania show on Oprah's channel. She was wearing reading glasses in a couple scenes. She had a couple pairs. I then went on YouTube and she wore her reading glasses on the Oprah show a few days back. She seems to have several pairs and is defenitly dependent on them. She has picked out some really good looking frames and they appear to be readers but on the Oprah show she wore them for a while after she quit reading. U guys should check out the YouTube videos and let us know what you think. What do you think her prescription is?

Stefan 13 May 2011, 16:16

And Asa once more, in a scene many of us might find intriguing...

nickweymouth 13 May 2011, 16:12

whys no one mentioned the three ks kerry katona kelly osbourne and my fav kt tunstall

Stefan 13 May 2011, 16:00

Has Asa turned up on your radar? If she hasn't, watch this - it's good music too! Enjoy:

Jan 13 May 2011, 05:15

Lisa Loeb eyewear collection launch video:

Val 11 May 2011, 00:37

I think they want to become musicians:

And another with a friend:

gwgs 09 May 2011, 06:31

Thunderbugs were quite popular back in the late 90s (I think! time does pass us by rather quickly). Jane Vaughan was a lead singer in this group, and a magnificent gwg.

Sadly they were almost in direct competition with Atomic Kitten - who had a gwg of their own in Kerry Katona, and whilst Atomic Kitten's career soared, the Thunderbugs unfortunately went the other way - much to my dismay

Nelly Furtado is a decent pop star/singer, with a decent prescription that can be seen when she wears her glasses

Melyssa 06 May 2011, 06:43

While it's not exactly "recent," the other Jewish woman besides me who wears cat's-eyes a lot has had a decent musical career -- Lisa Loeb.

Val 05 May 2011, 15:38

Sadly, the only recent example of a female vocalist who became famous while wearing glasses, is Anastacia.

I am not trying to compare their talents. Anastacia became famous after singing backing vocals for a lot of great artists and her voice is quite unique. Lia Alexander is very young and has a lot of catching up to do.

Crystal Veil 05 May 2011, 06:09

Val, I feel the same way about Lia. She is a talent but closer to Hilary Duff than she is to Anastacia. It seems that she is also into Celtic music but none of her video clips show the evidence. A pity! She is less outspoken in her frame choices than Anastacia was, more the "girl next door" type, but nice and natural.

Val 05 May 2011, 04:36

I've never heard before about Lia Alexander (aka Lia Duff), but I'm starting to like her. I just appreciate that she is not like the other young girls who want to be famous. Put contacts, get LASIK or just go bare eyed because the record labels or movie studios think they will make more money.

A short biography:

I hope that she will get a good producer who will make her famous like Anastacia.

Jan 04 May 2011, 10:01

Anyone nows this? Lia Alexander. Seems a little crazy and the music is awful imho, but...

Carrie 03 May 2011, 15:04

They are probably prescription glasses as it says she borrowed them off a fellow judge on the tv talent show she was on. Looking at the way she's wearing them she probably can't see much with them on. Sadly, I don't think she actually wears glasses at all. She wears some fake ones in early part of the video for "Poison"

Slit 02 May 2011, 07:42

Beautiful Features:

Seen well here, but with sunglasses:

Glasses here, but wonder if they are plano!

A.P. 20 Apr 2011, 14:50

Singer Julia Nunes performs the world's fastest makeup tutorial. Don't blink or you'll miss her glasses!

Pseldonymov 18 Mar 2011, 13:47


Why does Julia Nunes wear both: glasses & contacts on self-portrait?

Pseldonymov 18 Mar 2011, 13:40

Anzhelika Varum


but her frame looks just like now

A.P. 15 Mar 2011, 17:25

I don't know if this uniquely fun Julia Nunes video has been posted before---it has nearly 2 million views. She really exudes personality and does a superb job of editing. Too bad she doesn't choose to wear her glasses more often! Her bespectacled sister also makes an appearance at the end of this video.

 12 Mar 2011, 16:09

a very nice self-portrait by singer Julia Nunes

All4Eyes 23 Feb 2011, 23:04

Re: Kris Allen: If I'd have known this I wouldn't have been quite so down when Danny Gokey lost and Kris won on Idol.

guest 21 Feb 2011, 00:26

Here's Kris Allen:

FaNaTiKX 10 Feb 2011, 14:58

Avril Lavigne

 09 Feb 2011, 11:45

The ending of that Danielle video is hilarious. She is quite multi-talented!

A.P. 09 Feb 2011, 03:43

17 and 53 (original by Danielle)

A.P. 09 Feb 2011, 03:40

17 and 53 (original by Danielle)

Soundmanpt 08 Feb 2011, 17:59

Gulnora is strikingly beautiful! Wrap her up i'll take her.

Pseldonymov 08 Feb 2011, 14:06

Gulnora Karimova

kisal 07 Feb 2011, 11:36

It's amazing how many singers who don't normally wear glasses show up in them once in a while. For instance:

Anna Ternheim:

Aimee Mann:

KT Tunstall:

and my favorite, Vienna Teng:

Eclipse 28 Jan 2011, 16:56

Elton John was on Radio 2 with Chris Evans this morning and said that he had lenses implanted in his eyes.

Aubrac 28 Jan 2011, 12:07

Elton John

I think earlier pictures of Elton show him wearing about -7.00 glasses, I am sure there will be some comments on this !!

At his age he will probably need some, albeit much lesser correction for distance, and help with close work. I would guess he will continue with 'trademark' glasses possibly with varifocal lenses.

Jan 28 Jan 2011, 08:16

Natalie Ross' new Vid:

Should be 'right up your alley' - most of you at least.

Myopic Grant 23 Jan 2011, 13:30

He did have the procedure, but will probably always wear glasses with plano, or light prescription lenses in public since glasses were always a trademark for him. I would have loved to have bought a pair of his old glasses that he auctioned off for charity years back.

Eclipse 23 Jan 2011, 08:40

I saw OK Magazine with Elton John on the cover and was thinking about when he announced he was going to have laser eye surgery on TV. Does anyone know whether he didn't have it, had it and his eyes have regressed or is just wearing glasses for show?

baker 23 Jan 2011, 01:10

I just came back from a Guster concert and their newest member, LUKE RYNOLDS was rockin' some glasses. I can't find a picture of him in glasses--has anybody else?

Trent 17 Jan 2011, 20:52

Samantha Farrell

Jan 17 Jan 2011, 06:00

Singer of "Lemuria" (not the cheesy metal band) is very cute imho. I like their music, too. They seem to have listened to Sonic Youth a lot. Always a good GwG with a guitar.

In this she almost literally "rocks her specs off" - lol.

More on the www.

All4Eyes 12 Jan 2011, 23:46

When I clicked the link below got a "malformed ID" message. But typed in "lauramarie roy orbison" and found it. Very cool. 8-)

 11 Jan 2011, 10:43

lauramarie sings her tribute to Roy Orbison

Soundmanpt 10 Jan 2011, 16:15


There is only one thing worse than plano lenses and that is no lenses at all. Crazy.

It looks like Katy may be wearing a very slight plus rx. Very hard to tell.

Carrie 10 Jan 2011, 11:32

Jodie Connor "Now Or Never" - not my sort of music but she's cute. 2 different pairs of glasses and a huge pair of Aviator style sunglasses during the video.

The glasses are not real, sadly. Can anyone tell if the ones Katy Perry is wearing in my last message are real?

Soundmanpt 08 Jan 2011, 12:00

Nice find Carrie.

Carrie 08 Jan 2011, 10:11

Katy Perry Shops in London

Julian 19 Dec 2010, 10:47

Hey Marie, I knew 'Challenging the New Morality' was still somewhere on Bobby's site, and I've just checked and found it. It's under 'Other Authors' rather than with the rest of your stories - I guess this may be because it was uploaded before Bobby set up your own area. Anyway, it is there!

Love and kisses, Jules.


Spexy guys are sexy guys.

All4Eyes 19 Dec 2010, 01:56

For those of you who remember my story "The Eyewear Revolution: (btw, the companion story to that one, "Challenging the New Morality", appears to be missing on Bobby's site now. Is it just me?) and enjoy my OO song parodies, here is one I think you'll like, based on Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl. I suppose the article headline for this could be something like:


So without further ado, here is I Kissed a Myope:

This was never the way I planned, not my intention

I got so brave, drink in hand, lost my discretion

Those specs that you see through, just wanna try them on

I'm curious for you caught my attention

I kissed a myope, I liked it, I even licked his glasses

I kissed a myope, just tried it, I hope my plus friend don't mind it

It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight

I kissed a myope, I liked it, I liked it

You know I like your plastic frames, they really flatter

You're my experimental game, just human nature

Not what good myopes do, not how they should behave

My head gets so confused, hard to obey

I kissed a myope, I liked it, I even licked his glasses

I kissed a myope, just tried it, I hope my plus friend don't mind it

It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight

I kissed a myope, I liked it, I liked it

Us myopes are so magical, thick lenses, frames, so touchable

Those squinting eyes, so kissable, too good to deny it

It ain't no big deal, it's innocent

I kissed a myope, I liked it, I even licked his glasses

I kissed a myope, just tried it, I hope my plus friend don't mind it

It felt so wrong, it felt so right, don't mean I'm in love tonight

I kissed a myope, I liked it, I liked it

til 07 Dec 2010, 15:51


 04 Dec 2010, 10:17

LISSIE live!

Dieter 02 Dec 2010, 21:32

Wow, what a rag of a so-called newspaper. Those glasses look stunning on her. I'm sure they look far better on her than on Ben Folds.

til 02 Dec 2010, 17:04

sorry if it's a repost

Nicole Scherzinger

Tiger32 29 Nov 2010, 14:55

On the Hoda and Kathie Lee hour of Today this morning, Michael Buble spotted off stage in the green room wearing darkish-plastic framed glasses. However, the 2nd time they showed him, he must have realized and had them off and in his hand. Finally, when he was on set, he didn't have them on either. Sad that he seemed to be embarrassed to be seen with his glasses on:(

Pseldonymov 27 Nov 2010, 22:46

Mandy Moore with glasses and without

Jan 12 Nov 2010, 06:08

Ingrid sems to have invested in a new "hipster-pair". Nice in her case and HD Vid, too.

Moonshiner 11 Nov 2010, 07:33

Ingrid Michaelson on Good Morning America in 2008:

Val 11 Nov 2010, 02:45

New Pink video: "Raise your glass".

She appears in some scenes wearing some glasses frames. When she is on stage with the guitar the glasses may actually be real.

Pseldonymov 09 Nov 2010, 16:07


 09 Nov 2010, 07:42

Lissie interview

Chet 02 Nov 2010, 07:56

Here's a video of Joe Jonas talking about his glasses. He's ambivalent about getting lasik.

And another one where the interviewer discovers how blind Joe is, and Kevin talks about his eyesight too

 01 Nov 2010, 23:29

two great songs by Lissie.........

oxotest 01 Nov 2010, 16:31

A better one of Lissie

"When I'm Alone" live at Paste

All4Eyes 01 Nov 2010, 15:30

I think Justin Bieber must have stolen Buddy Holly's glasses.

Danny 26 Oct 2010, 09:47

Tim Burgess from the Charlatans has been a long-term specs wearer:

Check out him looking very pretty in this video (1.39 and towards the end):

And at yesterday's Q Awards:

 24 Oct 2010, 16:38

Lissie- O Mississippi

Sarah 21 Oct 2010, 11:27

The lucious Damon Albarn

 20 Oct 2010, 08:53

More Lissie Maurus.

kisal 20 Oct 2010, 07:22

Newly popular singer Lissie in some oversized, old fashioned frames, but still looking hot:

Also a video at a site called "Black Cab Sessions" where singers wear (usually sun-)glasses and sing in the back of a cab:

In addition to bespectacled Lissie, there is a video by the gorgeous Deirdre Muro of the duo Savoir Adore:

There are a few more images of Lissie in glasses online, but this is the only one I could find for Deidre.

Carrie 13 Oct 2010, 16:45

I read that Avril Lavigne has astigmatism in one eye. So her glasses are probably real.

There is a woman with amazing glasses in the current series of the UK version of The Apprentice I would love to have glasses like hers but I don't think they would suit me. I don't know if the video clips work outside the UK but everyone should be able to see her photo. More video clips will be added each week she doesn't get fired. I haven't seen any of the other women wear glasses but I have seen one of the men wear glasses occasionally. I can't remember which one though. Obviously if you like much older men in glasses (not for me thanks!)then Nick Hewer, one of Lord Sugar's aides, wears glasses (Nick's photo is at the bottom of the page)

Jan 12 Oct 2010, 06:17

even better video for our needs:

Jan 12 Oct 2010, 05:56

Marót Viki Interview.

Part 1

PArt 2

Her music ( I postet some vids a while ago) is absolutly not for me, but the woman is nice.

Sadly i don`t understand a word. Anyone from Hungary around?

Flaine 12 Oct 2010, 02:56

Does Avril Lavigne have a real rx or just to disguise herself?

 11 Oct 2010, 17:15

"I Get Ideas"

Danielle's cover of a classic Louis Armstrong song. Listen!

Soundmanpt 11 Oct 2010, 14:26

I much prefer this look on Avril than the goth look. She really is quite attractive. Good to see she seems to be wearing her glasses more and more.

Melyssa 11 Oct 2010, 14:11

Avril Lavigne redux:

Nothing wrong with those frames, eh?

til 11 Oct 2010, 06:05

Avril Lavigne

Owlish 09 Oct 2010, 19:55

here is a later Jennifer vid. I like the music and Jen Warnes is looking good.

chrisb 09 Oct 2010, 16:49

More jennifer warnes with glasses and some good closeup shots

JW has a great soul voice in this song.


Julian 09 Oct 2010, 04:43

I have an idea I read somewhere that John Lennon was around -4. His son Sean is also myopic.

Val 09 Oct 2010, 02:17

Anon poster, John Lennon may not live amongst us, but he's music will never die.

 08 Oct 2010, 18:11

The great Jennifer Warnes shares her amazing voice in 1988. Interestingly, she removes her very real glasses near the end of the song. Enjoy!

 08 Oct 2010, 15:25

That would be 0.0. The man has been dead for 30 years.

Guest 08 Oct 2010, 14:58

Tomorrow would be John Lennon's 70th birthday. Does anyone know of his prescription being posted anywhere on the web?

pzmigr 03 Oct 2010, 06:48

To Chris

She performs with glasses. Here are some screenshots from her performance at the Frederic Chopin Competition in Warsaw today:

And here is the photo gallery at her website:

There are also some "professional" photos with her without glasses(#1- 313). Maybe without any correction at all?

Chris 03 Oct 2010, 02:51

At pzmigr

Apparently, she brought her glasses with her

pzmigr 02 Oct 2010, 13:35

Young Spanish pianist Marianna Prjevalska (born in Moldova)

kisal 29 Sep 2010, 07:12

Here is a new independent singer from Texas:

Love the artistry of this shot. Only one other picture with glasses in the set.

I don't think this is the same person (perhaps just a coincidence in the name), but these pictures are cute as well:

Jean-Paul 29 Sep 2010, 06:24

Richard Oakes, Suede:

Everybody wore these frames in the 1990s, but you don't see them anymore

Chloe 27 Sep 2010, 15:10

OK, I should not post my path as a link, but just plain

Chloe 27 Sep 2010, 15:08

Interesting choice of frames because it really changes the singer's personality (IMHO). But I guess there is no visual necessity for these glasses (I'm not even sure there are lenses in the frames). Anyway, she just caught MY eyes.

 27 Sep 2010, 09:22

Katy Perry - plano though!

Chrisb 22 Sep 2010, 16:38

Interviews with KT Tunstall

For those with access to the BBC iplayer

her debut performance is about at the midway point. (but no glasses)


til 22 Sep 2010, 13:26


looks like fake glasses though

Philmor 18 Sep 2010, 10:19

John Lennon's glasses. They were bifocals

Soundmanpt 16 Sep 2010, 19:03


Thanks I will have a look.

owlish 16 Sep 2010, 17:42

This one of Kate Voegele is better:

Nice plus light effects.

owlish 16 Sep 2010, 17:34

videos of Kate Voegele, a sweet talented young plussie (thanks Slit)

I really think she is a good example of someone who looks a lot better wearing glasses than they do without them. It's not just the OO in me, it seems they give balance to her features or something.

Curt 16 Sep 2010, 14:52

Soundmanpt: Check Zenni optical, frame # 733621...if not the same, it is very close.

Melyssa 16 Sep 2010, 14:44

With those glasses, Madonna looks more like the 90-year-old school crossing guard at a rather busy intersection in Morrisville, PA -- but hers are sunglasses.

Soundmanpt 16 Sep 2010, 12:54

Actually I have had several attractive young ladies ask for that style of glasses that Madonna is wearing. Maybe it's good that so far I can't find them on-line anywhere. I think they are the same as the father of the cheerleader in "Heros" wears?

Jennifer 16 Sep 2010, 11:51

Those glasses make Madonna look like a granny. Terrible choice of frames. Maybe she's trying to look her age.

gwgs 16 Sep 2010, 10:53

Woops, that should be

gwgs 16 Sep 2010, 10:53

Val, she's the Director, not a character!

Yet again there are photos of her on todays version of the Daily Mail's website showing her wearing these granny style glasses -

Slit 16 Sep 2010, 10:22

Its very nice to find a good looking girl with apparently nice attitude also comes in to music scene, not alone, but with her +2 ish glasses focusing a lot of light on eyes to shine the eyes so bright!

Val 16 Sep 2010, 09:38

Madonna, in these pictures, is on the movie set. I think this is the appearence of the character she is playing.

Clare 15 Sep 2010, 13:25

Wow, what has happened to Madonna? She used to be so image conscious and determined to demonstrate her youthfulness. Leona, by contrast, looks very chic. Just what GWGs need to keep glasses wearing en vogue!

Curt 15 Sep 2010, 09:58

A boatload of new Madonna pics on Getty Images. It is difficult to tell the Rx on most of them, but this one certainly looks like progressives from the cut-out at the bottom of the lens.

Not sure about those frames, though...

Admirer 15 Sep 2010, 00:12

Leona Lewis for Ray Ban Optical


russell 13 Sep 2010, 01:11

Josh Groban...

til 11 Sep 2010, 17:55

Kara DioGuardi with Randy Jacksons glasses

kisal 09 Sep 2010, 11:28

Thanks for that lovely post of Elizabeth McQueen. It's my new favorite video! She is quite a cutie and I love her smile and voice and bouncy manner. I especially like when she puts her glasses on at the beginning of the video. I can't believe that I had missed this fabulous GWG singer up to now. The other video named "" is great as well.

 07 Sep 2010, 03:23

Elizabeth McQueen........."You're To Blame"

 30 Aug 2010, 10:09

Hi All,,,was watching a childrens program with my little son when i realized that the episode was about vision and how you shouldn't pick on others because they wear glasses...anyway, a part of the episode had a group of musos clip as part of the program...It had two gwg with very large frames and real rx's but i missed the name of the group to youtube it and post it here...any good web detectives here? The childrens program was called Yo Gabba Gabba.

Owlish 29 Aug 2010, 18:05

Here's a link to "princesseids"

 29 Aug 2010, 12:36

Hey I came across something in You Tube by "princesseids" very cute young lady great voice and plays guitar pretty well also. She has about 10 vidoes up. Looks like she is a mild plussy.

Sorry I have no idea how to link videos on here.

kisal 27 Aug 2010, 07:08

I have posted here before with this amazing band and drop-dead gorgeous lead singer, Aoife O'Donovan, proudly bespectacled in their new video:

Most of the other youtube clips show her in glasses, but this is the best.

Soundmanpt 25 Aug 2010, 23:48


If your wanting your lenses to have a thick look they are great for that. I think that may be the one thing that may keep the bigger frames from becoming too popular with the young ladies. That style is fine for people with rather light rxs, but if your rx is very high and you don't want thick lenses it will force you to pay extra to get high index lenses. I've ordered the same style frame as Miss Duff is wearing for several young ladies, but they have all had very weak rxs. I doubt that they would be happy with that frame if their rxs were around -5.00. Don't get me wrong, at first I didn't like that look, but after these ladies got them I actually think they look very nice.

Jennifer 25 Aug 2010, 13:32

I think you're right, Val. I've been noticing more and more teen girls wearing the Joe Jonas glasses. Those frames are very bold. I have yet to see a girl wearing those frames with a significant prescription. So far, it's only been low minus. Who knows, I may go for those frames, too...

Val 25 Aug 2010, 13:24

FaNaTiKX, I like also very much the pictures with Demi Lovato. After Joe Jonas started to wear glasses almost everywhere he went, I think that Demi is another powerfull role model, that can persuade teenagers to wear glasses more instead of contacts, because it's "cool".

Maybe this one has been posted before, it's about Hillary Duff: . Look also at the coments.

Astra 25 Aug 2010, 10:22

One more photo of Utada Hikaru:

Astra 25 Aug 2010, 10:20

Utada Hikaru (宇多田光) playing tetris

 25 Aug 2010, 08:12

Lauramarie sings Elvis

Speximann 23 Aug 2010, 22:26


til 23 Aug 2010, 17:30


Thank you for that one!

FaNaTiKX 23 Aug 2010, 16:50

Demi Lovato HQ

Crystal Veil 18 Aug 2010, 15:14

@ all4eyes

yes, you are right, I noticed it when I saw the talk about Woodstock. A nice story about the "good old days"....

All4Eyes 18 Aug 2010, 12:25

Crystal Veil: If you watch the interview with John Sebastian closely, you can see he is a myope. Watch for the difference in the background behind him thru his lenses, also there's some cut-in. 8-)

Crystal Veil 17 Aug 2010, 08:56

@ Leon

thanks for bringing this song under my attention. Never heard about the artist or the song. The lyrics are simple but nice. I have not heard the music yet but if it's suitable, I will use that song during the catwalk at the opening of my exhibition

Leon 17 Aug 2010, 06:19

@Crystalveil By the way, guys with glasses galore in this video:

Leon 17 Aug 2010, 06:14

@Crystalveil: check out the song 'Girls with glasses' by Kenny Howes: (scroll down in the music player)

 16 Aug 2010, 16:09

John Sebastian interview. What a superb songwriter!

Crystal Veil 16 Aug 2010, 15:20

Thanks! I never heard this song before. Very atypical for Loving Spoonful. John Sebastian had glasses but I doubt if they had any Rx.

Aside from "Les filles à lunettes" and "Judy in disguise" I never heard songs dedicated to GWGs. Are there more that escaped my ear??

 16 Aug 2010, 14:37

The legendary Lovin' Spoonful actually did their own song about glasses way back in the 1960s. Listen to these lyrics.

Crystal Veil 16 Aug 2010, 09:12

Great! That's how I felt when Loving Spoonful hit the charts with the song. Sweet memories....

I was a singer-songwriter at the time but it took me another 35 years before writing my own song in praise of GWG's. The song is called "Crystal Veil" and it will be played as background music to the video of my exhibition "Ladies behind crystal veil" (Sept 16th in Enschede, The Netherlands). I intend to post the lyrics of the song here on Eye Scene by the time the video is ready

All4Eyes 15 Aug 2010, 20:01

OK, I didn't alter the lyrics on this one too much, but I just had to say a few words about the plight of the poor "bilensual" OO:

Loving Spoonfuls' Did you ever have to make up your mind-ES version

Did you ever have to make up your mind?

Pick up on one and leave the other one behind

It's not often easy, and not often kind

Did you ever have to make up your mind?

Did you ever have to finally decide?

Say yes to one and let the other one ride

There's so many changes, and tears you must hide

Did you ever have to finally decide?

Sometimes there's one with big blue eyes, cute as a bunny

then one with tiny green ones, you think she's your honey

And just when you think she's that one in the world

Your heart gets stolen by some astigmatic girl

And then you know you better make up your mind

Pick up on one and leave the other one behind

It's not often easy, and not often kind

Did you ever have to make up your mind?

Sometimes you dig a hyperope the moment you kiss her

And then you get distracted by her myope sister

Those glowing plus lenses, they get you each time

But those white power rings sure mess with your mind

Then you bet you'd better finally decide!

And say yes to one and let the other one ride

There's so many changes, and tears you must hide

Did you ever have to finally decide

 15 Aug 2010, 13:51

yeah... ahem, ok. (rolls eyes)

All4Eyes 15 Aug 2010, 13:01

Glad ya'll liked it, I'm working on more.

leo 11 Aug 2010, 04:03

ALL4eyes thats real cool!! I read it according to your instructions........ I sang it !! Leo.

 11 Aug 2010, 03:00

All4Eyes: Bravo, very well done! Hope you'll honor us with some more.

Val 10 Aug 2010, 21:45

About those pictures of Madonna, it says: "tournage scenes pour WE", it means that she is filming some movie. So the frames and her looks may be part of the character she plays.

All4Eyes 10 Aug 2010, 21:23

This isn't about musicians really, but it's a song parody, so thought I'd put it here. It's based on the Beatle's "I get by with a little help from my friends".





























Presby L 10 Aug 2010, 15:26

Those are definitely prescription glasses for Madonna. She has been seen in public with reading glasses for several years now and it looks like these are first pair of progressives. I think they look quite nice on her Melyssa

Melyssa 10 Aug 2010, 12:26


I don't recall any personal knowledge of Katy Perry until I saw her picture in the local Sunday paper's TV section, a small picture of her wearing those glasses. Those frames are hot, certainly more than Ma-donut's choice.

Melyssa 10 Aug 2010, 12:24

Madonna looks like she's wearing glasses normally worn by 80-year-old men (well, at least through 1980). That's one frame I would never want.

Soundmanpt 10 Aug 2010, 12:13


Pretty sure her glasses have a prescription. If you notice she has sunglasses hanging from her top as well. I doubt she would bother with fake glasses and have shades as well.

We must remember she is not all that young anymore, they could easily be bifocals, not saying they are.

Jennifer 10 Aug 2010, 12:05

That picture of Madonna makes her look tired and older. For a woman who obsessed with looking youthful, those choice of frames make her look older.

Curt 10 Aug 2010, 09:38

New pic of Madonna...looks like those may be real lenses.

4iiii 10 Aug 2010, 05:07

CRYSTAL VEIL Thank you, Not sure why I have this picture in my mind!!! Mabey it's what i wanted to see, who knows !

Soundmanpt 09 Aug 2010, 21:36


Thanks! I kinda wondered if that might not be the case. I would have been surprised if Melyssa didn't know who Katy Perry was because they both tend to favor retro style glasses.

Crystal Veil

Honestly I had never heard of the group before. It was more of a guess on my part that if one wore glasses the other two maybe did as well. I am not too young not to remember Sandie Shaw. I think I have a record of hers. For the youngsters thats a round thing bigger than a CD with a big hole in the middle.

Crystal Veil 09 Aug 2010, 13:46

@ Soundmanpt, Val, 4 iiii,

Re your discussion about "Pussycat": as far as I remember, they were three sisters from Limburg, in the south of Holland, although a name ending with "stra" would indicate their family came from the north. And yes, their biggest hit was "Mississippi". I never met them in person, only saw them on TV. I am sure that none of the girls ever wore glasses on TV, not when performing, not during interviews.

Some great female singers from the 1960's and 1970's did wear glasses off stage and I remember seeing pictures of Sandie Shaw in glasses (a rectangular black frame and a John Lennon frame). I estimate her Rx was around minus five

Anya 09 Aug 2010, 09:55


That's Katy Perry's real name.

Speximann 08 Aug 2010, 20:19

Yeah, That's Katy rockin the glasses. She is hosting the Teen Choice awards Mon. nite. Hope she keeps the glasses on.

nickweymouth 08 Aug 2010, 12:53

chris b if you want a prety lady glasses and can play the guitar may one be as bold to sugest kt tunstall

Soundmanpt 08 Aug 2010, 12:38


I'm confused, as always, but isn't that Katie Perry?

Sarah 08 Aug 2010, 08:12

A teenage Robbie Williams:

Melyssa 08 Aug 2010, 07:47

Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson wearing cat's-eyes:

chrisB 08 Aug 2010, 04:48

New song from Coffee's cup.


She's got an amazing voice.

Looking through the videos, there are three different frames. Love her glasses, her voice, her hair and the personality that comes over on youtube. Not so sure about her guitar playing.


4iiii  07 Aug 2010, 06:57

SOUNDMANPT. not as I remember her. I wonder if the gentleman from ( behind the crystal veil ) who lives in Holland would remember, or seen her performing , wearing glasses ?

Soundmanpt 07 Aug 2010, 06:38


Is that someone other than Betty that wore the plastic frames? If they are sisters I would not be surprised if all 3 needed correction, maybe contacts when preforming.

4iiii 07 Aug 2010, 06:34

VAL thanks Val ! thats the best I've seen thus far! I remember the lead singer wearing high myopic plastic frame glasses ! I know its not my imagination, I still remember the faces of all the high myopic girls I went to school with ! over 40 years ago! Not sure why, but I always thought they were very special ladies, and still do !

4iiii 07 Aug 2010, 05:52

SOUNDMANPT thank you ! thats all i can find as well.I remember seeing a vidio clip in the mid 70s,and thinking to myself, what a beautiful voice and she's wearing glasses !!! could not believe it ! I think theire hit then was "Mississippi " hope thats the correct spelling! thanks again.

Val 02 Aug 2010, 23:59

Somebody made a photostream dedicated cu Betty Dragstra from Pussycat: - go to 3:56 - Betty is wearing John Lennon type glasses - definetly myopic.

Val 02 Aug 2010, 13:43

I think it's very hard to find pictures of "Pussycat" showing any of the three sisters wearing glasses at the time they were famous (1975-1981). In concerts or at TV shows, none of the girls used to wear glasses.

But at least one of the guys from the did:

After 30 years, here's Betty wearing glasses in an interview:

Soundmanpt 02 Aug 2010, 08:41


On Google they show a "Best of Pussycat" CD. The picture of the band looks like something from the 70's or 80's. There is several young ladies in the band. The one in the center of the picture in blond and looks very attractive but not wearing glasses. Is this the group you are thinking of?

 31 Jul 2010, 16:26

Aussie songbird

FaNaTiKX 22 Jul 2010, 09:47

Mylene Klass

Val 22 Jul 2010, 08:18

Just watched on MTV HIts this video:

So I had to find more about this blonde singer.

Fader TV interview:

It's interesting that the glasses seem to be with no prescription, or very low. but she is wearing glasses everytime.

til 15 Jul 2010, 09:55

Taylor Momsen looking rather strange...

 13 Jul 2010, 16:36


matthewson 13 Jul 2010, 11:28

the funny thing is, even though Jessica Simpson wears glasses in the last picture, she seems to hold the book away from her quite a bit, don't you think?

she is a bit young for being presbyopic, though - do you think the glasses are plus-lenses?

Slit 13 Jul 2010, 08:02

Not sure if this is a new pic, but Jessica Simpson seems to have a need for reading glasses after Lasik...

Valeria G 12 Jul 2010, 00:09

Ingrid in BOB & TOM show.

she does have a sweet voice.

Valeria G 11 Jul 2010, 22:08

Ingrid Michaelson posing with yashica camera on her hand

Ingrid in new year party

Valeria G 11 Jul 2010, 05:08

Ingrid Michaelson:

til 10 Jul 2010, 08:12

Avril Lavigne

til 28 Jun 2010, 06:07

some more

til 28 Jun 2010, 06:05

Jojo Levesque

Myopic Grant 17 Jun 2010, 08:10

Browsing through some pictures of Luther Dickinson on Google, I'd say he was in the -6 to-7 script range. I counted about about a dozen different frames that he's worn in recent years.

Moonshiner 17 Jun 2010, 06:10

Luther Dickinson from the North Mississippi Allstars wearing rimless minus with decent edge thickness:

In an interview at Boonnaroo Music Fest (there are two parts):

Leon 11 Jun 2010, 00:22

Hey, those are my glasses! I happen to wear those frames right now. Ray Ban New Wayfarer... Really cool and they look great on girls, too ;-)

Chris 10 Jun 2010, 23:06

And anohter one

Chris 10 Jun 2010, 22:59

Two vids with Nicola from Girls aloud who looks way nicer than Cheryl

 10 Jun 2010, 06:24

A bunch of Nelly Furtado videos:

hooked 09 Jun 2010, 00:38

The day will come hopefully when Lena starts singing with glasses.

Crystal Veil 08 Jun 2010, 16:11

One of my latest models, Marleen, has recently switched to glasses almost identical to Lena's glasses. She is tired of the retro style that dominated all Dutch opticians stores for two decades and I think she is right!

I never post pictures of my models with their own glasses, but you can see Marleen in two dozen glasses from my collection at

Traveller 08 Jun 2010, 14:16

More Lena...

Her style is catching on. I saw a girl in London on the tube with similar large frames (although not raybans and with a mild minus prescription) the other day and she looked perfect. On the right face big bold frames look fantastic - I hope the trend continues.

Hansel 08 Jun 2010, 10:41

Re: Ms Lewis

Is there a prescription in there?

Andy 08 Jun 2010, 07:21

English singer Leona Lewis

glassesforeveryone 30 May 2010, 06:31

Hi Traveller,

Thanks for the post. I'd say she's a plussie with maybe a little astigmatism. You can see this quite clearly from about 1.30 into the youtube video.

She's gorgeous!

Traveller 30 May 2010, 02:09

The lovely Lena Meyer-Landrut who last night secured Germany's first Eurovision Song Contest win since 1982 (nine years before she was born!) may not be A GWG but she is clearly a girl who likes her look in glasses as this interview clip and image show.

I don't think she has an RX but personally I think it is cool to see a young celebrity embracing glasses culture whether she actually needs them or not.

Nana Fan 29 May 2010, 07:16

Nana Mouskouri: Very possibly the most under-rated singer. Here is a YouTube video of her singing "Soleil Soleil". (Yes, I know it's in French, but it's still one of my favorites; she can sing in English, German, and Greek, as well, and probably other languages.)

 22 May 2010, 10:01

Mary Weiss!!

Chris 17 May 2010, 22:38

German singer Jasmin Wagner (7 pics)

Alex 10 May 2010, 03:21

Another plussy with best voise:

RXologist 10 May 2010, 00:55

Wonderful site:

Tim 09 May 2010, 21:53

Anybody know her Rx? It looks pretty strong - the stretch-out (if that's the opposite of cut-in!) seems almost limitless. See also

Alex 09 May 2010, 02:14

Samantha Farrell


Melyssa 24 Apr 2010, 07:42

The media are like Sergeant Schultz -- they know nothing! Nuh-h-thingk!

gwgs 23 Apr 2010, 03:20

@ehpc: It's what the media like to call them so I have tended to phrase them as such. I always prefer these large frames to small hexi / oval frames, they are so much sexier

ehpc 22 Apr 2010, 20:54

2.4.2010....................there is no such thing as 'oversized glasses' :)

 22 Apr 2010, 16:48

 20 Apr 2010, 15:24

new from Julia Nunes

Val 19 Apr 2010, 23:51

Brooke White and Summer Bellessa, of the Girls With Glasses Show:

Val 09 Apr 2010, 01:36

It's the first time I've seen Hayley Williams of Paramore wearing glasses. The video is dated 2008, how could I've missed it ? 8-)

gwgs 03 Apr 2010, 13:18

Wow, great find Yannick, if ever a photo showed that they aren't planos, these are them. These is some decent thickness to them, edging possibly on -5?

Great photos

matthewson 03 Apr 2010, 11:33

are nelly furtado's glasses in that video bifocals? it sure looks like it, what do you say?

Aubrac 03 Apr 2010, 03:39

2 April 10.25

If you enlarge the images (click once, and then again)especially the one viewed from the side you get a good idea of the lenses.

They are similar to my wifes, and so I would guess at around +2 with some cylinder and quite possibly some prism. This shows up as vertical lines in the lens, to the right hand side for base out, and to the left side of the lens for base in, i.e. to correct inward or outward turning of the eyes.

At an extreme angle prism correction can give the impression of power rings even in plus correction lenses.

I would hazard a guess that Britney has a slight turn-in of her right eye needing about 3 degrees of base out prism.

 02 Apr 2010, 10:25

Britney also seems to wear some strong + glasses.

guest 02 Apr 2010, 10:01

Are Britney's glasses for vision or fashion? The Rx looks weak but if there's astigmatism they could be stronger.

gwgs 02 Apr 2010, 00:38

More photos of Britney wearing oversized glasses - HOT!

I've also uploaded a few other photos of her onto one of my Flickr sites @

 30 Mar 2010, 08:04

Please watch postings that hijack your browser to bring up other pages. Two links below bring up a Live Jasmin window and another brings up some selling page for flowers or something like that. You get the original image, but you also get the extra hijack as a PLUS.

Leon 30 Mar 2010, 06:45

I loooooooove this one:

 29 Mar 2010, 18:16

fun in Scotland

Bifocals? 27 Mar 2010, 06:05

yannick 27 Mar 2010, 03:46

Nelly Furtado

ehpc 18 Mar 2010, 20:53

Gulnara Karimova is an amateur musician. She is completely stunning in my view.

lazysiow 18 Mar 2010, 19:33

She looks amazing there. Definitely better with a lighter frame than a heavier one.

Therouteur 18 Mar 2010, 16:06

.....who yodels the odd song

Who cares?

She can squander a little of her corrupt millions on me any time

ehpc 18 Mar 2010, 15:47

Gulnara Karimova is a politician.

Admirer 17 Mar 2010, 23:48

Faith Hill

 16 Mar 2010, 11:11

Kate Voegele

 09 Mar 2010, 07:15

Nelly Furtado

Speximann 08 Mar 2010, 19:20

Thanks, She's beautiful.

Pseldonymov 08 Mar 2010, 14:43

Gulnara Karimova

Jan 26 Feb 2010, 02:06


Jan 26 Feb 2010, 02:05

Rachael Sage:

From 2:27min. on she sports an amazing pair.

Tom C 25 Feb 2010, 05:35

Singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson:

Pseldonīmovs 23 Feb 2010, 09:07

Ilze Paegle:

People, do you have other pix of Ilze with glasses?

Pseldonīmovs 23 Feb 2010, 09:02

Latvijas muzikanti ar brillem:

James 20 Feb 2010, 05:52

Rochelle from UK girl group The Saturdays¤t=frankie2.jpg¤t=r5.jpg There are more photos in the same albums as the above. If you are registered on The Saturdays website Forum you can see the photos there

Her glasses are prescription as she said on her Twitter page " I wore my glasses out for the first time last night, its suprising how much I can see now! Felt a bit shy buy, apprantly geek chic is in?"

She's seen wearing them again just a couple of weeks ago

kisal 19 Feb 2010, 05:07

Saw the lovely and talented Laura Veirs last night near DC. Her show was great and she was very entertaining and friendly. I spoke to her a little afterwards and got a couple of CDs signed. And yes, despite the bare-eyed look in her recent photoshoot, she was wearing her great-looking black specs throughout. She's definitely a person who is better looking in person than in photos. If you are in the southern, middle or western US, you will still have a chance to catch her in concert in the next few weeks.

Val 19 Feb 2010, 01:37

American Idol - watch Jessica:

 13 Feb 2010, 17:33

Faith Hill

 13 Feb 2010, 12:10

Sara Downs--"six again"

guest 11 Feb 2010, 15:05

Desireless, french singer famous in the 80's (when she wore contacts), now she's 58 and she wears strong minus

Val 09 Feb 2010, 04:19

La Roux:

Seems to be low plus.

kisal 05 Feb 2010, 04:30

Another pop/soul singer, though not as pretty as Aoife:

Here name is V.V. Brown. Not sure about her choice in specs.

Pseldonymov 04 Feb 2010, 09:13

another Nina Shatskaya

Slit 01 Feb 2010, 09:06


The one in right as well as one in left is having contacts.

so basically with my eye for detail, its hard for a girl to get rid of vanity, or at least I can find if any of my prospects is a glasses wearer. :)

Tulip 01 Feb 2010, 07:38

Hi Kisal,

She's a very good found. She's gorgeous. There are many more of her on:'donovan&w=all&s=int&referer_searched=1

Good luck.

kisal 01 Feb 2010, 05:14

I'm in love! Found this absolutely stunning blonde GWG on a music site. Not all of her pics are bespectacled, but you can find more than this sampler by a Google Image search. The young lady's name is Aoife O'Donovan and she sings in a band called Crooked Still (which bills itself as .

Down at the bottom of this page:

Several high res photos of the band (including also a male WG) on the Photos link:

still 19 Jan 2010, 08:23

Left, maybe right, too.

Pseldonymov 18 Jan 2010, 14:30

Who of them is wearing contacts? Only left one?

chrisb 13 Jan 2010, 15:15

singer with a wonderful voice and very attractive. Guitar playing not to great. Needs a decent guitar, Video quality is generally poor - now is there anything I have forgotten to mention in my description?


Dieter 11 Jan 2010, 14:09

Interesting, Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma; the capital of the Cherokee Nation.

Guest 11 Jan 2010, 10:28

Found some Carrie Underwood photos where she is wearing glasses. Very studious looking i might add.

Hollie 05 Jan 2010, 13:18

I saw an interview in uk cosmo with pixie lott and she was asked how things had changed since she became famous. One of the things she said was about just leaving the house with no make up and her glasses on. They do look as though they are minus and would make sense if she had been on a long haul flight and not wanted to wear contacts.

Melyssa 05 Jan 2010, 11:48


Try They have some "clear glasses" in large styles, along with sunglasses, with which you can then do what I do -- change to clear, prescription lenses.

In the 1980s I bought a lot of frames from Diplomat, which is no longer around but maybe some frames could be out there. Among my newer glasses are some Kenmark frames, such as Judy (a black/white/crystal drop-temple frame) and Milan (a blue horn-rim pair).

gwgs 05 Jan 2010, 07:33

Turns out I got the aforementioned sellers name slightly wrong, here's a link to his shop;

If you don't find anything here, don't despair, there are loads of other vintage / oversized glasses for sale on ebay

gwgs 05 Jan 2010, 07:32

Rita, try http:/ - there are thousands of frames for sale on here and numerous sellers offering either brand new vintage 70s/80s frames or second frames from this era with prescription lenses. One seller in particular who often offers such retro gems is "drhugo" - try typing his name into the advanced search options where it says "search by seller" or try searching for "80s eyeglasses", "70s eyeglasses", "large eyeglasses" etc.

Good luck and let us know if you find some!

Rita 05 Jan 2010, 06:12


Can you recommend any sites where I can buy these huge frames? I live overseas and can't find anything online so far. Personally, I would love to get a pair for myself.

Also, would you mind sharing with us the make and model of your frames? Thanks...

Speximann 04 Jan 2010, 14:26

The great thing about the renewed interest in the larger plastic frames is now GWGs have the option of either the smaller style frames or ?and the larger frames seen on the younger stars. This may actually create MORE GWGs. Wish'in & a Hope'in.

John S 04 Jan 2010, 13:09


I think you are right. My neighbor owns a Beauty Salon, he says all the trends start in California, then comes this way. (East Coast)

BTW, I think he is around a -8.

Melyssa 04 Jan 2010, 12:53


You can always move to the east coast of the U.S., which is last in getting just about anything from eyewear to soda. I wear large frames not just to make a fashion statement or to be a nonconformist, but because I need them for a better frame fit and to be able to see better peripherally.

ehpc 04 Jan 2010, 12:15

I think large frames are very much on the way back, in fact :) hey hey hey.............:)

ehpc 04 Jan 2010, 12:13

In fact it is lentifan who is being dogmatic. He thinks his opinions are facts.

ehpc 04 Jan 2010, 12:12

Nothing 'provovative'about expressing an opinion, that's for sure:)A widely supported opinion too.

lentifan 04 Jan 2010, 12:08

Pete (ehpc)

Just in case a lack of response to your provocative email is mistaken for agreement:

I sincerely hope these large frames DO NOT make a come-back.

1 Most wearers were not flattered by them and in some cases they looked plain silly.

2 IMHO many potential wearers were frightened off wearing glasses by the prevailing fashion for unflattering frames and resorted to contact lenses instead. Today, the options would include surgery as well.

It would probably lead to a significant reduction in GWG. I am therefore comforted by the belief that the glasses industry will not behave against their interests.

ehpc 04 Jan 2010, 08:02

Huge 1980s style glasses frames have just GOT to come back :) Pete

jay 04 Jan 2010, 01:28

Pixie Lott:

gwgs 18 Dec 2009, 02:06

Well Fed Up, all of us have our opinions and I happen to think she is rather attractive. She may have had her trashy moments in life but that doesn't take anything away from her looks - I wouldn't say no, that's for sure!

Melyssa 17 Dec 2009, 12:45

And some of us don't care from Britney either.

Melyssa 17 Dec 2009, 12:42

And some of us gals like wearing bigger frames too!

Jennifer 17 Dec 2009, 08:42

I think you guys should look at differently. Who cares that it's Britney Spears wearing the glasses. What matters is she may be starting a new trend of bring back 80's style glasses back. All she has to do is start a trend and then you'll see the larger frames back in style. I know many of you guys like the bigger frames!

Fed Up 17 Dec 2009, 07:30

Britney and her glasses are tired, tired, tired. How dull has our socitey gotten that we find interest in this boring, average looking, below average talent, (who is basically a mimic of others people's work) person. At least Madonna was original, and interesting.

gwgs 17 Dec 2009, 02:04

I heard about these pics on the radio last night! I think this has to be one of the few occassions since I've been an 0-0 fan where they do nothing for me!

FaNaTiKX 16 Dec 2009, 11:33

Britney's Got Specs Appeal!

Eclipse 09 Dec 2009, 14:36

A nice picture and quote from Will Young about his glasses in

Heidi Cock 03 Dec 2009, 08:52

Heidi does wear glasses. Or did some years ago.

Not sure if she does anymore.

And 30 Nov 2009, 13:47

Heidi does seem to squint a lot though !

Karen X 30 Nov 2009, 11:58

Keisha from UK girl group Sugababes modelling frames. Very pretty girl but no prescription in the lenses but still very nice to look at!

I'd love to see Heidi (the smily blonde one) from the Sugababes modelling glasses or even wearing prescription ones. I don't think she wears glasses but I'd love to be wrong!

 30 Nov 2009, 11:20

Sorry, wrong photos

 29 Nov 2009, 08:28

More Nelly Furtado

 29 Nov 2009, 06:32

Amazing page

Val 18 Nov 2009, 14:11

Our beloved bespectacled Ingrid Michaelson says she sick. Maybe we could cheer her up in some way ?

 13 Nov 2009, 09:42

Roger 13 Nov 2009, 09:41

Pseldonymov 13 Nov 2009, 08:20

Pseldonymov 13 Nov 2009, 08:18

Yelena Chebanenko, Malinconia group

Guest 13 Nov 2009, 08:03

Last night the biography channel did an hour special on Carrie Underwood. There was about a 20 second clip on her giving a speech at what looks like her college graduation. She was wearing some silver semi-rimless glasses that looked like they had a slight prescription in them. I'm trying to find photos of this. Could someone else help me look for them.

 12 Nov 2009, 16:14

Maverick 12 Nov 2009, 14:15

Keira Knightley in todays Daily Mail (UK)

Jan 12 Nov 2009, 11:21

Didn`t know where to put it, but Brandon Boyd (Incubus singer) seems to have a nice taste in women. His girlfriend Baelyn Neff proves that. Couldn`t find to much of her, but here are a cuople of pics, if you scroll down a little:

She seems to be an actress.

 07 Nov 2009, 06:16

They look like - to me from this picture

Atropinlover 07 Nov 2009, 06:08

...they lool like safty glasses, i belive there is no chance to find a prescription in them. *lol*

Chris 07 Nov 2009, 04:49

The same in XXL size:

Jessica 06 Nov 2009, 17:39


Can't tell if they are prescription or not. Either way they are very unusual!

daffy 28 Oct 2009, 05:10

Ellie Goulding

til 27 Oct 2009, 01:16

Natalie Imbruglia

Karen X 23 Oct 2009, 12:03

I have to confess that I do find Avril Lavigne quite fanciable. Not bothered by her music - I don't dislike it and I don't like it. I just turn the sound down on the tv if she comes on but I keep watching! I read somewhere that she has astigmatism in one eye and the other eye she has pretty much perfect vision. I don't know if she wears contacts when she's not wearing glasses but I would guess she does if she wore glasses full time at school.

Curious Too 23 Oct 2009, 11:47

EVERYTHING is fake about Avril?!?!?!! Don't tell me...

"That ain't no woman! It's a man, man!"

Yoyo 23 Oct 2009, 10:31

Avril Lavigne really does wear glasses (contacts most of the time, I suspect), as her old school photos prove, so there's a good chance they are real.

Filthy McNasty 23 Oct 2009, 05:40

I suspect they are as fake as everything else about little Avril.

Guest 22 Oct 2009, 23:58

Curt 22 Oct 2009, 13:20

Avril Levigne...still can't decide if these are real or just for show.

 20 Oct 2009, 07:03


talking and singing

nickweymouth 20 Oct 2009, 05:35

does agneatha falkstog wear glasses and if yes any pictures of her

FaNaTiKX 20 Oct 2009, 05:11

Natalie Imbruglia

 19 Oct 2009, 15:27

the lovely and talented Sara Downs

 19 Oct 2009, 14:39

linke for the post below

 19 Oct 2009, 14:19

"Four Eyes" by The Lovin' Spoonful. LISTEN TO THE LYRICS!!

http ://

Val 18 Oct 2009, 04:32

The post about Pikelet caught my interest. That led me to , where you can find more of her videos and at least two more GWG singers.

Scuffy 18 Oct 2009, 02:04

Melbourne Australia; Ambient, Pop, Psychedelic artist Pikelet

chrisb 15 Oct 2009, 14:36

our (I think) favourite GWG girl singer, Ingrid Michaelson has a new song release and its being heavily promoted on BBC radio next week apparently. She's touring in the UK and Europe during October and November.

Its true that her web site shows here sans glasses in some of the shots but there are plenty where the glasses still feature so I dont think there are any worries about the L word, even if she's becoming wealthy.

Her Myspace site shows 10.5M plays of her other single.


til 09 Oct 2009, 08:57

Katy Perry

Leon 09 Oct 2009, 03:23

Alright, alright, we're 'all boy indie band' but perhaps you like our new OO album (just check the artwork) and our new video. Eyeglasses are err.. kind of the central theme :)

Free and legal download (complete album and artwork):

New video:

Sounds like: Wilco, Guided by Voices, Pavement, Big Star

Yoyo 06 Oct 2009, 16:53

No, I've seen pictures of Nelly Furtado in glasses at least as far back as 2002. I also saw a childhood picture of her in Rolling Stone or some other magazine, and she's wearing glasses there too.

She's just a part-time contacts wearer, I'd wager.

Guest of a guest 06 Oct 2009, 14:54

Given the way we've seen Nelly Furtado squinting feverishly in some pics posted on the net, I guess it's safe to say these are her first glasses. WOW. She must have been walking around in a literal blur. Especially during her concerts!

yannick 06 Oct 2009, 13:18

Nelly again

guru 04 Oct 2009, 15:22

I'll say she's closer to -3 or so.

Hansel 04 Oct 2009, 13:41

Let the rx debate commence...

I'm rubbish at it, but for starters I'll plump for a decent -4 or -5???

Yoyo 04 Oct 2009, 11:37

I remember years ago seeing photos of Nelly Furtado wearing glasses in concert (a smaller frame than the pair she has now). I suspect that she just doesn't tolerate contacts well for long periods of time, so sometimes she has to go with the specs.

She seems comfortable with it, though, which is very cool.

LikeGlass 04 Oct 2009, 10:15

Nelly! My fav combo! Glasses and Large Hoop Earrings! What more could one want !!


 04 Oct 2009, 07:09

Looks like shes gone full time......

 04 Oct 2009, 07:07

and some more.........Nelly furtado

 04 Oct 2009, 07:05

Nelly Furtado

and Nelly Furtado

guest 03 Oct 2009, 20:31

nice post, Maverick

Maverick 03 Oct 2009, 13:52

Bespectacled Nelly Furtado on BBC Breakfast a couple of days ago

 01 Oct 2009, 07:01

Glasgow lass

Guest 24 Sep 2009, 09:09

Carrie Underwood

Not a sighting but maybe we'll see her in glasses in the near future.

 23 Sep 2009, 06:50

I don't know how it missed it, but Lisa Loeb got married!,,20256474,00.html,,20258186,00.html

She is, of course, bespectacled in her wedding dress.

JC 21 Sep 2009, 07:11

Huh -- Sorry about that. I found that image on google image search and got neither of those when I first looked at it. The popup window can be closed and you can see the image without clicking on the terms of use.

Speximann 20 Sep 2009, 16:15

Thanks for the great Hi-Res Nelly Pic!

Huh? 20 Sep 2009, 14:54

JC: your posted website link forces Adult FriendFinder to popup on the screen, as well as an agreement to Terms of Service before you can view the pic. What gives?

JC 19 Sep 2009, 10:31

Looking again I think there is a weak prescription, but it seems much weaker then other pictures we have seen.

JC 19 Sep 2009, 10:28

Nelly Furtado is either wearing plano or very weak glasses, when we know she is significantly nearsighted:

 19 Sep 2009, 05:45

til 19 Sep 2009, 01:43

Taylor Swift trying on an interviewers glasses. Have a look at 4:15 in the video.

TS Fan 18 Sep 2009, 05:37

@specs4ever: As they say on the 'net, sources or it didn't happen. :)

 18 Sep 2009, 05:32

Jan 18 Sep 2009, 04:29

Thanks for Nelly! Sweet!

She even takes them of in the end, because the 2 morons asked her too.

Better quality:

and another one:

til 18 Sep 2009, 04:02

Nelly Furtado

taylor swift 18 Sep 2009, 00:21

Almost a year ago said she needed new glasses for driving...

specs4ever 17 Sep 2009, 17:55

Taylor Swift has a very mild prescription - likely around -1.50D from the pictures I saw on the links posted her a few months back. This is not "nearsighted as hell". And no, I didn't keep the links.

lazysiow 17 Sep 2009, 15:18

Yeah we know she is nearsighted as hell but catching her with actual glasses on is the real trick. None of the paparazzi have been able to yet apparently

TS Fan 17 Sep 2009, 06:32

After watching Taylor Swift at the MTV VMA Awards, I am even more convinced she is nearsighted as hell. She had this half-squint during most of the night, and I thought I read somewhere that she really does need glasses but doesn't wear them often. I think the glasses in her video were real though.

 15 Sep 2009, 05:42

In observance of the cold and flu season, please be sure to watch the end of this. Anyone not currently feeling quite "up to snuff" will certainly feel sympathy for Julia. Please pass the tissues!

Karen X 11 Sep 2009, 14:58

Female British rapper Speech Debelle sometimes wears glasses. I hadn't really heard much about her until she won the Mercury Music Prize on Wednesday. I'm not a big fan of rap so I was hoping that someone else was going to win. But at least she was a GWG and seems far less annoying than Dizee Rascal who was the last rapper to win the Mercury Prize.

Only 1 pic of her in glasses on her website but if you search for her in Google Images you will find more.

ehpc 06 Sep 2009, 09:53

Isn't she indescribably gorgeous? Pete

Jan 06 Sep 2009, 07:56

The music is hard to stand, but she could hold my baloon.

Marót Viki és a Nova Kultúr Zenekar

Karen X 05 Sep 2009, 20:48

Does the British singer Little Boots wear glasses? A fan has commented on a photo about how close she gets to her Tenori-on.,members,list_186.htm

kisal 27 Aug 2009, 06:13

Maybe not! Feast your eyes on Ingrid:

kisal 26 Aug 2009, 06:32

Have we lost one of the finest new GWG musicians?

On her new album cover, video and front web page she is unfortunately bare-eyed. I think she epitomizes how much better many ladies look with their glasses on -- she is quite ordinary without, but very lovely with.

kisal 14 Aug 2009, 06:30

Check out DC singer Laura Tsaggaris:

There seems to be just the one head shot of her floating around on the web, but she does perform wearing specs:

She tends to have some mannerisms which I find a tad annoying, but I like the camera angle and the way her glasses slide down her nose.

Musicians 06 Aug 2009, 06:55

kisal 05 Aug 2009, 10:10

The lead singer of the band, "Hello Seahorse" is quite cute:

The band is Mexican and she sings most of her songs in Spanish, though this one is in English.

There are a few photos of the lead singer, Lo Blondo, like here:

Paul G 04 Aug 2009, 01:37

Here she is talking about her glasses/ contacts:

Paul G 04 Aug 2009, 01:33

Alexa is a full-time glasses/contacts wearer and has been for years

Alexa Fan 03 Aug 2009, 13:19

Alexa Chung is SO hot with her scratchy voice and sexy eyes... I kept praying that she would ask Megan to try on her glasses.

 03 Aug 2009, 09:28

 03 Aug 2009, 08:46

 03 Aug 2009, 07:36

Jan 29 Jul 2009, 16:01

Yeah. That's a good attitude for this board, if i'm interpreting lyrics and video correctly.

new video by Stefanie Heinzmann

Hartley 27 Jul 2009, 02:36

X Factor flop Holly Jervis:

I'm kinda obsessed with this woman

FaNaTiKX 22 Jul 2009, 04:56

Avril Lavigne

myopeinhere 25 Jun 2009, 15:51

On another thread,Just heard Michael jackson has died,my thoughts to the family,a loss even with the question marks hanging over him

 17 Jun 2009, 12:46

new from Danielle

Moonshiner 16 Jun 2009, 19:49

Video from Dinosaur Jr., all three are nearsighted. Video shows some close up shots with some cut in.

Jan 16 Jun 2009, 02:44

I copied the following text from the site:

In early 2010, Lisa Loeb will release her own eyewear line, modeled after the iconic frames she's known for. As she puts the finishing touches on the designs, Lisa wanted to get some input from her friends and fans - some friendly and low-key market research. Spend two minutes answering the attached questions -- and you can help Lisa decide on her final designs!

Seems legit - No spam involved.

til 15 Jun 2009, 15:50

Michelle Williams, sorry if already posted.

matt 07 Jun 2009, 15:37

KT Tunstall with cool glasses!

Traveller 14 May 2009, 00:15

While watching the Eurovision Song Contest Semi-Final on Tuesday night I noticed a woman who was part of the Swedish singer's entourage sitting in the green room wearing a very large pair of black rimmed specs. I've also noticed that one of the singers in the Swedish group Those Dancing Days wears similar specs.

I am going to Sweden in a couple of weeks - it'll be interesting to see if this trend is reflected acros the general population.

 13 May 2009, 05:14

in the gallery part of her website there are a lot of her in glasses, and on there are some, she seems to have more than one pair of frames and possibly now needs fulltime

gwgs 13 May 2009, 02:53

Whilst I know and have seen loads of photos of Kerry wearing spex I can't see any on her site which is odd.

Every pap pic I have seen of her she sports some smart D&G glasses but yet I can't see any photos on her site - where are these latest ones you are talking of?

lazysiow 08 May 2009, 21:20

Amr Diab has a beautiful woman who has to take off her glasses to attract him :(

Boo I say, but it is a very clear signal at least ;)

 08 May 2009, 09:49

Kerry Katona has been seen in glasses a lot recently, she is probably now needing fulltime, pics can be seen at

any guesses to rx

ehpc 08 May 2009, 09:42

etc etc etc......................

Hansel 08 May 2009, 09:03

Pete, I did intend my reply to be tongue in cheek. Apologies if it struck the wrong chord ....

M 07 May 2009, 20:35

Justin Timberlake isn't wearing the glasses in photos of him at a driving range in Manhattan a few days ago, or in the promos that are running now for Saturday Night Live - I hope he wears them on the show.

Go full time Justin!

ehpc 07 May 2009, 20:22

I simply stated Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan (or, more accurately, his work) is distinctly worth 'being in touch with' (Jennifer's jargon, not mine)

gwgs 07 May 2009, 08:24

Photo of Rihanna sporting a pair of spex on todays tabloid newspaper website - The Sun

Hansel 06 May 2009, 23:38

Did Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan play a sitar then, Pete? ;-)

I'll keep taking the tablas!

Kathy 06 May 2009, 23:24

You might want to check E-Bay. The frames look like the Marchon carbon frames that they used to sell in the 2000. The CFG-4 frame. I used to have a brown frame in that shape. They were very huge.

ehpc 05 May 2009, 19:30

Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is an Indian philosopher.

gwgs 05 May 2009, 09:18

Robin - check my eBay items I'm offering every other week as I have a large collection of oversized and large glasses that I'm offering for sale.

New glasses will be uploaded this Friday for sale so I'll post a link in the glasses for sale section then. Here is a link anyway to my details on eBay, feel free to subscribe to my listings and you'll be emailed when new items are added

Robin 05 May 2009, 07:21

Anyone know of any websites that sell oversized frames like in the Taylor Swift video? I've been looking around to no avail.

kisal 05 May 2009, 05:41

Check out this duo:

The glasses are probably props, but the music is good!

Julian 05 May 2009, 00:34

Oh come on, Devin! This thread is about musicians, and Justin Timberlake is just as much a musician as Taylor Swift or (saving your presence, ehpc) Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Surely those of us who think spexy guys are sexy guys are entitled to have our say. After all, that include most of the female members of the forum as well as the guys like me ::)

Devin 04 May 2009, 19:10

Let's get off all this talk about Justin Timberlake and get back to checking out some female musician's wearing glasses.

To start with, check out Taylor Swift's awesome new music video:

Melyssa 04 May 2009, 14:09

If Justin T. was looking great in glasses at a Dodgers' game, and felt the same way (with glasses he IS cute for a "youngster"), I guess we can state that he wasn't at the last 2 games that the Dodgers played last year. :)

ehpc 04 May 2009, 10:13

'Out of touch' with what? With media-fed pap? Do you know who Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is? Probably not.Now that REALLY is being out of touch...................

Jennifer 04 May 2009, 09:59

ehpc, I can see you're out of touch if you don't know who Justin Timberlake is. Oh that's right, you don't know who the Bay City Rollers are and they come from Scotland. By the way, I've seen the pictures of Justin wearing glasses at a Los Angeles Dodgers game and he looks great!!!

ehpc 04 May 2009, 09:50

Diva spotted the 'context'. Tim and his supporter did not.

ehpc 04 May 2009, 09:48

If 'your saying he is wearing full time now' is the subject (which grammatically it could be) that would express the idea that Marie was getting excited about the fact that Julian passed on this information, not the fact that Marie finds Justin Timberlake (whoever he is) exciting wearing glasses. If, as in the context of this forum one might reasonably expect, Marie is excited by the fact that the chap wears glasses, rather than being excited by the fact the Julian told her the chap wears glasses, then the grammar would definitely need to be 'you're'. Marie's initial 'apology' and Diva's post are correct.

Tim 02 May 2009, 19:36

Thank you, Filthy. My point exactly!

Guest 30 Apr 2009, 13:59

Singer Justin Timberlake has confirmed that he wears glasses because he needs them, not because they are a fashion statement.

He told television host Jimmy Kimmel that he is short sighted and needs to wear his glasses, reported Javno.

Any bets as to his Rx?

Mr Timberlake had been spotted wearing glasses last week and confirmed that it was not because he was trying to be fashionable.

He told Mr Kimmel he had "embraced" his poor vision and "made a commitment with these glasses", adding, "I`m good."

Demonstrating his restricted vision, the singer told the host that while he could see him, he could not see the audience.

Filthy McNasty 30 Apr 2009, 07:32

Ah, the arch cattiness of the grammar police.

One can correctly say "Your saying he is a full time wearer is cool." It is equivalent to saying, "The fact that you say he is a full time wearer is cool." The subject of the sentence is the phrase, "Your saying he is a full time wearer."

If you seek to police others, you'd better be right.

diva 30 Apr 2009, 04:27

You're incorrect, Tim.

'Your' is a possessive. 'You're' is an abbreviation for 'you are'.

These are two very different things, and 'your' is NOT appropriate in the context of the post.

I hope you don't work in any industry that requires a great amount of written reporting (or that you employ an excellent proofreader if you do).


Tim 29 Apr 2009, 20:04

All 4 eyes - if you *really* knew English you would have known that in that context "your" is just as appropriate as "you're".

Sorry, but I had to put in my pennyworth on that one!

All4Eyes 29 Apr 2009, 09:10

Your=You're, I do know English, I just got a little excited (as one might imagine).

All4Eyes 29 Apr 2009, 09:09

Julian: Oh, that's wonderful news about Justin Timberlake! I saw a little snippet of him on one of those entertainment news shows where he was wearing glasses, but figured it was probably a rare occassion, since I'd never seen him in specs before, but your saying he's wearing full time now, too cool.

Julian 28 Apr 2009, 17:41

I know somebody mentioned Justin Timberlake a couple of months ago...apparently he has accepted that he's too myopic to function without correction, and is happily wearing glasses full time. Lots of references and pictures if you search 'Justin Timberlake glasses'

 23 Apr 2009, 06:16


nice song/nice voice/nice lady

Oskar 22 Apr 2009, 04:58


Pseldonymov 21 Apr 2009, 13:02

Lena Temnikova:

Can u post good comments about her glasses?

Pseldonymov 19 Apr 2009, 06:14

Victoria Karasyova

til 18 Apr 2009, 16:55

lilly allen

 16 Apr 2009, 06:05


(with Donovan)

MisterMild 16 Apr 2009, 03:38

Sexy myopic songstress - there's one or more pix or videos on every page of the website

chessfan 01 Apr 2009, 08:36

A Brazilian singer with rather strong glasses:

Dieter 01 Apr 2009, 06:52

All4Eyes and Jen,

There is another great concert video of Roy Orbison called "A Black and White Night". It was obviously filmed in only those colors.

If you get Sundance Channel, it often airs a couple of documentaries concerning the Traveling Wilburys. There is some great stuff about Roy. Unfortunately, he suffered his heart attack and passed away during that time.

Also, Elvis Costello has a weekly show on Sundance that you might enjoy.

All4Eyes 31 Mar 2009, 16:02

Jen: I should add that I first fell in love with Roy watching that very video you mentioned. Up till then I'd heard "Pretty Woman" on the radio, of course, but I didn't really know who he was and I'd never seen him. I was really taken in by his hyper halos, they had this hypnotic effect on me I'd only felt from power rings before (but power rings and minus lenses are still my favorite overall).

I ALWAYS make passes at guys who wear glasses (especially if they can sing!), Marie 8-)

All4Eyes 31 Mar 2009, 15:45

Jennifer: I LOVE Roy Orbison and have spent many an hour gazing upon his glasses. My best guess as to rx would have to be somewhere in the +8 area.

Pseldonymov 24 Mar 2009, 08:43

Victoria "Tory" Karasyova

Nova man 19 Mar 2009, 14:53

Jen, Jump to the what turns you on about glasses thread

Jennifer 19 Mar 2009, 14:36

Yes, I love guys with glasses, but that's for another thread. Yes, I am a GWG, too.

Nova man 19 Mar 2009, 14:04

Jennifer it sounds like you are a guys with glasses fan. Do you wear them as well. Do you prefer plus or minus....If I am not prying too much.

Jennifer 19 Mar 2009, 11:54

Thanks for the You Tube video of Elvis Costello. Big glasses that don't stay in place....Love it!

 19 Mar 2009, 10:28

Watch closely.......he doesn't stay still for long!

Kokopelli 19 Mar 2009, 10:15

Elvis Costello's glasses are minus I believe

Jennifer 19 Mar 2009, 09:11

Last night I watched a video from 1988 - Roy Orbeson and friends. He had some pretty strong plus glasses with a very dark tint. Does anyone have any ideas how strong his glasses were? Also, in this particular concert he was performing with Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello. Does anyone know whether Elvis Costello's glasses are plus or minus? The frames were those big ones from the 80's.

Willie 15 Mar 2009, 02:09

Gillian Chung is a singer in Hong Kong who has been involved in the biggest pop sex scandal of the past year. She's impossibly HOT!

Wurm 11 Mar 2009, 15:26

Arisa, winner of the new artist competition at Sanremo:

katherine mcphee 07 Mar 2009, 15:58

All4Eyes 22 Feb 2009, 12:37

I can't believe nobody's said anything about Danny Gokey on this season of American Idol yet! Isn't he great? Anyone have a guess as to his rx?

Val 22 Feb 2009, 12:35

Two italian singers:

 19 Feb 2009, 07:36

"Ode To Optophobia"

Kevin 18 Feb 2009, 14:51

Did anybody watch the Brit awards? I think it might be safe to say specs are back! Look up Take That's performance

Forest 14 Feb 2009, 21:41

retro music / retro hair

Jennifer 10 Feb 2009, 11:16

I want to see Justin dance with glasses on! What a turn on!

ilovepretzels 07 Feb 2009, 12:56

Justin Timberlake has been wearing glasses quite a few times this week. If you pop Justin Timberlake glasses into a search engine, a few pictures come up.

Not usually one for this guy, but even I have to admit that he looks DAMN good in them.

Eclipse 04 Feb 2009, 10:55

Gary Go is on the BBC website

JP 29 Jan 2009, 02:28

Try Gary Go, a musician with rising fame and a first album to be released in May.

A moderate minus Rx of perhaps -4.00, and bold frames distinctly part of his brand. Nice!


Filthy McNasty 20 Jan 2009, 18:25

Mine's cute too:

Filthy McNasty 19 Jan 2009, 13:33

She so cute.

 19 Jan 2009, 07:22

new from Julia Nunes!

 29 Dec 2008, 07:26

Best music video of 2008?

Does anyone here agree?

Admirer 18 Dec 2008, 16:08

i agree gwgs. They look somewhat out of place on her. She has another pair of bold black plastic frames in her collection that look much better on her. I would kindly suggest she sticks to them. There are some older pics of her in those frames going around.

gwgs 18 Dec 2008, 02:34

Interesting frames Alicia, in the David Letterman shots, she looks hot as hell but in the other shots I think the frames look rather out of place and this is coming from someone who LOVES oversized frames.

til 14 Dec 2008, 06:16

Alicia Keys

 10 Dec 2008, 14:24


Andrew 05 Dec 2008, 11:04

I've just spotted this in the week's Daily Mail TV pages:

"Despite being diagnosed with myopia..., Nana [Mouskouri]learnt to sing in a variety of styles..."

Obviously, my poor eyesight is why I never could sing brilliantly, so I hate to think what those with double-digit Rxs sound like!

Pseldonymov 30 Nov 2008, 01:08

ehpc 27 Nov 2008, 17:57

Great glasses :) Pete

Forest 27 Nov 2008, 15:45

terrible :)

nickweymouth 17 Nov 2008, 02:43

hi fives Julian

Julian 16 Nov 2008, 15:44

What do we think? Three guys who need glasses actually wear them in public: I think it's weird that we evn comment on it.

Kevin 16 Nov 2008, 11:51

Irish band Scuba Dice, 3 of the band wear glasses full-time even when performing

what do you think?

ano 02 Nov 2008, 09:14


does anyone Patricia Mattick, an actress who took part in sesond columbo episode in 1971 an wore great, strong elton john like glasses. very beautiful...

Curt 31 Oct 2008, 10:32

Great shot of Susan Tedeschi in some vintage frames:


Yoyo 17 Oct 2008, 09:46

Apparently there is a Girls With Glasses tour now?

Some YouTube links:

Jan 16 Oct 2008, 06:03


she actually met Lars Ulrich and he likes it/her:

And what i haven`t seen before: She throws away her specs. Someone has to catch them, sadly it wasn`t me - LOL.

Jan 16 Oct 2008, 05:54

Stefanie Heinzmann covers "The Unvorgiven" by Metallica. Metallica-fans (like me) will hate the song, but the interesting bit: She looks in the camera without glasses in the rain, and has this nice unfocused myopic glance or however you like to call it.

GlassesLuvr86 02 Oct 2008, 13:33

Has anyone seen Joe Jonas of the Jonas brothers in glasses? He has worn them for a while now. Any guess to what his rx is

 01 Oct 2008, 13:38

If you look at Cheryls right lens from about 7mins 40secs you can see some slight distortion and minification through it. She has probably got mild myopia and/or astigmatism - she seems to need glasses for distances. It's great that she is happy to be photographed wearing glasses.

gwgs 01 Oct 2008, 01:31

She has been seen before wearing spex, I've seen several photos of her wearing spex but who knows if they're real or just for show?!

bug 30 Sep 2008, 12:30

Cheryl cole

at about 3 mins shewears glasses then again when she is out with cashley scum. Are these real? discuss.

Jan 25 Sep 2008, 06:07

Laura Peek and the winning hearts:

nzoptic 24 Sep 2008, 15:48

Perhaps a good time to post (repost?) this link to Clay

DNBursky 24 Sep 2008, 08:11

Clay Aiken is on the cover of next week's People magazine. The subject is his "coming out". He's wearing rimless glasses. I can't tell his prescription.


til 05 Sep 2008, 16:18

alicia keys

lazysiow 24 Aug 2008, 23:04

Italian singer Anna Tatangelo

Now if only she'd wear glasses when she's all done up for photoshoots (knees go weak at the thought)

 18 Aug 2008, 12:37

Julia Nunes talking

til 05 Aug 2008, 11:11

LeAnn Rimes

Aubrac 31 Jul 2008, 00:42


Many thanks look forward to seeing them.

Will be interesting to see if they are + or -. Her sister had a number of pics posted that definitely showed a minus rx of about -2.00

 30 Jul 2008, 12:53

Lisa Loeb is picture 3 of 4.

 30 Jul 2008, 10:23

 23 Jul 2008, 12:41

I'm sure he could give us that information since he was probably asking her agent in the waiting room while she was delivering...geeez.

Jennifer 23 Jul 2008, 08:36

Maybe "Scriptfinder" (who's been posting on the Actors thread) can do some research for us and tell us what Britney's rx is. Britney's little sister, Jamie Lynn, has been seen wearing her glasses a lot while she was pregnant. I wonder if contacts were uncomfortable for her to wear during her pregnancy.

SimonC 23 Jul 2008, 07:06

I have some pics of Britney in Specs. Quite strange as in one pair there is noticeable cut in and some bits behind the lenses minifide. Then another few pics showing definite plus lenses. I will try to post them somewhere.

Aubrac 23 Jul 2008, 02:05


Judging from one of the pics shot looking her left hand side, I would say the lenses are about +1.50 to +2.00.

They also show some cutout in one of the pics, my wife has this scrip and her lenses look exactly the same viewed from the side.

Anyone have other good lens pics of Britney or info on her scrip?

SWISS 22 Jul 2008, 14:26

Swiss Radio Commentator

hjaskd 22 Jul 2008, 14:24

Dieter 22 Jul 2008, 07:56


I've always been able to spot hard lenses pretty easily. Since soft lenses are larger, cover the entire iris, and seem to be self centering, they are much more difficult to notice. I'm certain that vitually all professional photographers would ask to have contacts removed for a close up photo for magazines, books, CD covers and such. They are way too concerned about "blemishes" and often "air brush" the photos for perfection.

Guest555 22 Jul 2008, 06:54

Has any of you guys ever watched Celine Dion's music video for the 93 song "The power of love"? You'll get a pretty long and clear view at her RGP lenses floating in her eyes... I wonder when she had LASIK...

VFL 22 Jul 2008, 06:05

Do photographers who are taking photos for album covers...and even cinemaphotographers ever ask actors to remove their contact lenses because they are too noticeable in the "shot?"

I can see my own rgp lenses in some close up photos. When I wore the soft lenses I never saw that. I guess I don't care. But people really can see your lenses, can't they?

 22 Jul 2008, 04:03


Dieter 21 Jul 2008, 07:40

Sorry for the fat finger "amomynous" poster. I washed my hands this morning and can't do a thing with them.

Anyway, check out the photo on the CD.

 21 Jul 2008, 07:09

RGP is the contact lens

RPG is a grenade launcher


Dieter 21 Jul 2008, 06:06

Looking at a copy of the Ingrid Michaelson CD in Target this weekend, I noticed the photo on the back shows a half face close-up. At first, I was disappointed that she wasn't wearing glasses until I noticed a very obvious RPG contact resting on the pretty brown iris of her eye. Whoa. Even when she's not seen in glasses, she's making a statement.

Phil 17 Jul 2008, 01:05

Goodness Yannick, she's lovely.

yannick 16 Jul 2008, 14:42

Seems like Kerry Katona now has gone fulltime.

Register at

to see pics.

lazysiow 11 Jul 2008, 10:35

Half blog half musician but very cute

Astra 03 Jul 2008, 01:02

Ingrid Michaelson in her official album "The way I am"

I wonder if the glasses shown were plano...

Looking at the mirror and taking off her glasses.

Ingrid without glasses. Looks old perhaps because of the makeup.

Astra 03 Jul 2008, 00:49

nickweymouth 29 Jun 2008, 13:30

can anyone help me please id die to see charolotte church wearing glasses

Jan 29 Jun 2008, 05:45

For those who couldn`t see this vid of the lovely I. Michaelson at the beach, when i linked it a couple of weeks ago (there where technical difficulties).

It`s available on the tube now in HQ and it`s imho by far the best vid of her for OO`S, because of the highly appreciated closeups and angles...C4 Yourself:

 21 Jun 2008, 13:37

Mary Weiss of The Shangri-Las


Wurm 18 Jun 2008, 18:48

Carly Comando:

myofan 18 Jun 2008, 08:31


 18 Jun 2008, 08:20

the URL to the below post is evidently "deformed", but the video can be found on youtube easily. Worth the effort if you are industrious......

JULIA NUNES: "Say It To Me Now"

 18 Jun 2008, 08:11

Julia Nunes

(with a bad cold)

nickweymouth 17 Jun 2008, 14:49

omg i just seen kerry katona ne mcfaden on the cover of closer magazine wearing rewal not plano specs omg i htink i cna now die nad go to heaven evil grins

Jiang Feng 08 Jun 2008, 00:55

Faye Wong

 06 Jun 2008, 07:10

"accidentally in love"

daffy 02 Jun 2008, 06:33


kisal 29 May 2008, 05:33

Like those links about "Billy the Kid." What is it with Canadian singers and glasses? We can't forget the lovely Theresa Sokyrka:

Yoyo 28 May 2008, 08:30

And also the lead singer's solo stuff (less punk, more folk):

Yoyo 28 May 2008, 08:29

Ran across this one somewhat randomly on Facebook, a Canadian punk band with a gorgeous, bespectacled lead singer:


til 03 Apr 2008, 23:36

Amy Winehouse

Curt 26 Mar 2008, 05:44

planos...too bad. Why didn't she wear her own Rx specs on the show???

gwgs 26 Mar 2008, 03:02

I'm not sure really where this should go as it now comes between musicians and actresses but here are 6 caps of Britney wearing a pair of hexi frames on her new tv show

 22 Mar 2008, 18:54

new interview with Mary Weiss

til 20 Mar 2008, 15:02

til 20 Mar 2008, 13:37

 13 Mar 2008, 09:58

til 09 Mar 2008, 13:11

Katharine McPhee

Guest 09 Mar 2008, 09:06

You are right I don't know why, seems like I copied link exactly, just type in YouTube search videos : Annalisa Minetti-Fammi Fuori

sum1wholovesgirlswithglasses  09 Mar 2008, 05:48

weird i somehow cant watch the video

"The video you have requested is not available."

Guest 09 Mar 2008, 05:32

I love this girl as she start singing without glasses and than...

 08 Mar 2008, 16:31

Sugarbabes on TV tonight and every time I see them Heidi seems to squint a lot at the camera. Is sheshortsighted ?

 25 Feb 2008, 06:13

7 Nights To Rock

til 28 Jan 2008, 03:31

don't know, whether this has been posted before...

Russ 19 Jan 2008, 01:26

I saw Lisa Loeb on Conan tonight.

I love her. She is such a hottie GWGYum

sum1wholovesgirlswithglasses 18 Jan 2008, 10:02

oops the unknown poster was suppose to be me

 18 Jan 2008, 10:00

btw have you been smokin too much weeds lately?

sum1wholovesgirlswithglasses 18 Jan 2008, 09:19

yeah right... wait a minute the woman looks like a guy she aint cute shes hella fugly

omg cant believe how i accidentaly wrote in the wrong thread my previous comment was meant for this girl

Ted 18 Jan 2008, 08:51

trust me, she would not find you cute.

sum1wholovesgirlswithglasses 17 Jan 2008, 06:41

whoa what a cute high myope

 17 Jan 2008, 05:34

anyone for a fun squaredance?

sum1wholovesgirlswithglasses 17 Jan 2008, 05:33

Liz wrote:

Jessica Simpson was around -10 with hi-index and plano front lenses.Her glasses looked just like mine.I'm -9.75 in my right eye and -10.25 in my left.

what the h

does anyone know a website where jessica had admitted her full RX officially

chessfan 17 Jan 2008, 04:52

gwgs 17 Jan 2008, 03:33

FYI, I believe Jessica was no less than -8.5 before she had Lasik. Sadly that don't mean jack now as she did indeed succumb to the dreaded Lasik as shown on her dreadful tv programme with her (now) ex husband "Newlyweds".

to be announced 17 Jan 2008, 02:03

that stefanie girl has a very nice voice she has amazing eyes to

Willy 14 Jan 2008, 13:24

As Inspector Clouseau would say .... "not anymore." Jessica had Lasik a couple of years ago. This means she did not need glasses or contacts to see Tony Romo lose yesterday...

sum1wholovesgirlswithglasses 14 Jan 2008, 13:21

speaking of jessica simpson does someone know her prescription and whether shes far or shortsighted?

guest 14 Jan 2008, 13:18

does anyone have any pics or links to jessica simpson with glasses on?

Jan 13 Jan 2008, 08:40

Yeah she won!

Stefanie from Switzerland. 18 year old contestant in some kind of german casting show....

Tod 11 Jan 2008, 08:50

Sam Phillips the singer: (doesn't wear glasses)>

Sam (Samantha) Philips the actress/ model/ TV hostess: (Always wears glasses)>

 11 Jan 2008, 08:43

Kisal, They got it wrong in the article. The Sam Phillips you show here with glasses is Samantha Phillips who is an actress and TV show host. The other Sam Philips is the Christian singer and does not wear glasses. Check it out on Google

Val 11 Jan 2008, 01:46

KT Tunstall: - part I - part II - part III

nickweymouth 11 Jan 2008, 01:33

any one catch kt tu8nstall last night on never mind the buzzcocks wearing her specs all the way through it awsome

kisal 10 Jan 2008, 07:10

And Joan Osborne:

kisal 10 Jan 2008, 07:08

See singer Sam Phillips:

Mister Mild 30 Dec 2007, 01:42

More Natalie Ross pix from her MySpace page at

Guest 26 Dec 2007, 22:08

Natalie Ross is a datter-scatterer!

jpgwg 26 Dec 2007, 22:07

this girl is perfect i am in love

cut-in UK 25 Dec 2007, 23:52

The degree of cut-in suggests at least -8.00 and maybe more. She is confident and totally at ease with her glasses and they are a part of her. As a result, many of us would consider her, optically speaking, close to the 'ideal woman' !

 25 Dec 2007, 15:37

Natalie Ross's lenses are flat. Look at 2:19 and about a minute later -- you can see the light flashes.

LikeGlass 25 Dec 2007, 15:32

Natalie Ross!

What a great GWG she is!

ehpc 25 Dec 2007, 15:18

Now she really is unimaginably gorgeous :) Pete

Jan 25 Dec 2007, 14:49

Christmas present:

Natalie Ross. She must be obe of us.

sum1wholovesgirlswithglasses  24 Dec 2007, 03:26

@R Ed

thank you for the information:)

shes a cute minus 6 yet opticalprism are considering her vision as "extremely" myopic thats really funny

R Ed 23 Dec 2007, 10:35

Re Lisa Loeb

"Loeb is known for wearing distinctive cat-eye shaped tortoiseshell glasses. She says she is allergic to contact lenses. She has stated in numerous interviews she is very nearsighted with a prescription near -6.00D."

The link is

 23 Dec 2007, 07:34

 23 Dec 2007, 07:32

sum1wholovesgirlswithglasses  23 Dec 2007, 00:35

i've read at

that lisa loeb is "extremely" nearsighted

so how bad is her vision exactly?

may someone post her complete RX please? thanks:)

Mark One 22 Dec 2007, 23:34

John Meyer wearing glasses at a basketball game.

Myopic Grant 22 Dec 2007, 12:44

I recently saw a picture of John Mayer wearing black rimmed glasses. I wonder if they were from a good will store, and if they had a prescription in them. It was a head on shot, so I couldn't check for cut in.

Pippi 22 Dec 2007, 07:46

I just read that American singer John Mayer has a glasses fetish - apparently he used to go around lost and founds looking for glasses but they never fitted him cos his head was too big! That made me laugh.

til 20 Dec 2007, 06:25

til 20 Dec 2007, 06:16

til 20 Dec 2007, 06:14

chrisB 10 Dec 2007, 15:13

More of Ingrid Michaelson

Phil 10 Dec 2007, 01:32

Did anyone else see Lesley Garrett on BBC1 yesterday at 10am? It was a pretty crappy programme but she looked fantastic. She wore some lovely dark frames for much, though not all, of the show. She really does look good in specs. Anyone hazard a guess at her rx? I thought she was presbyopic but she appeared to wear her glasses comfortably while interviewing guests at a distance. On the other hand she dispensed with them for part of the programme. I used to think she was arrogant but she came over as rather nice yesterday. And she is one incredible gwg!

 08 Dec 2007, 08:27

and then came an angel:

emme packer fan 08 Dec 2007, 07:30

the beautiful Emme Packer

Val 06 Dec 2007, 12:06

Interesting band:

Rainis 03 Dec 2007, 09:35

Rainis 03 Dec 2007, 09:27

nicoletta_mantovani. pavarotti was her husband:

kisal 03 Dec 2007, 06:39

My browser wouldn't load the videos mentioned on her home page, but I found this performance on YouTube:

Jan 03 Dec 2007, 06:25

Yeah she is really hot. I found this great video with nice closeups in pretty good quality. Singing on the beach.

Yoyo 02 Dec 2007, 15:41

Was watching VH1 this morning and saw a commercial for this lovely singer:

Wow, quite a new find!

Oscar 01 Dec 2007, 02:58

And a direct link:

Oscar 01 Dec 2007, 02:57

A video of Loes Schat of Boilersuit at:

I love it!! I think she has new glasses too:)

 30 Nov 2007, 15:42

Jenny who interviews KT says it took her a few goes to put her contacts in. Any knowledge of her wearing glasses ever ?

Maverick 30 Nov 2007, 13:21

Ive put up on YouTube the full KT Tunstall segment from this morning :



Wurm 30 Nov 2007, 13:06

re: KT Tunstall vid clip

- that song is really good

- she's wearing a big button that says "GEEK"

glassesforeveryone 30 Nov 2007, 10:00

not a good capture of KT Tunstall this morning, sorry:

JC 30 Nov 2007, 09:53

I mean a __better__ view.

JC 30 Nov 2007, 09:51

Here is a clip of KT Tuntall. I couldn't tell what kind of prescription she is wearing, but it is definitely not high. She doesn't talk about them so I assume there is another clip, maybe with a batter view.

til 30 Nov 2007, 07:00

britney spears

gwgs 30 Nov 2007, 04:13


Any chance you could put this up on You Tube or capture some stills from it as I didn't see it

Maverick 30 Nov 2007, 02:40

Yeah, I taped the KT Tunstall thing this morning. She said it was too early in the day to put in her CL's. Lovely big bold tortoise-shell frames and a decent minus RX by the looks of it.

glassesforeveryone 30 Nov 2007, 00:42

K.T. Tunstall is currently on GMTV wearing big 'geek' glasses...


Julian 28 Nov 2007, 04:37

Josh Groban is a new name to me, but he's certainly cute, and chooses his glasses well. I seem to see a bit more cut-in in the semi-rimless ones, which seem to be his new ones.

DNBursky 27 Nov 2007, 21:29

Here's a website where fans of Josh Groban have posted about liking him in glasses. There are a few photos of him in glasses in fact one that shows what I think people here call his "cut in" or the minimization of his lenses. Scroll down on the website to see it.


matt 27 Nov 2007, 15:06

she's a completely blind italian singer... she take on the glasses of one of her musicians and talks about discrimination for handicapped people like blind people (like her), people who are on a wheelchair and other handicaps... when she wear those glasses she said "why a blind girl wears eyeglasses? because people must stop to say why!"

 27 Nov 2007, 11:09

That page only translates text, not youtube videos.

gwgs 27 Nov 2007, 00:57

Use this website and it'll do it for you;

 24 Nov 2007, 15:21

Can someone please translate this from Italian to English? Thanks!

matthew 24 Nov 2007, 07:08

are Britney Spears' glasses plus glasses? Looks a bit in those pics:

Karen X 24 Nov 2007, 03:38

Lily Allen wore some large black plastic framed glasses with a mild plus prescription when she appeared on "Nevermind the Buzzcocks" earlier this year. The show has been posted on Youtube in 3 parts. - PART 1/3, - PART 2/3, - PART 3/3

Karen X 24 Nov 2007, 03:37

K.T. Tunstall (click on Sound Check). Some more pics of her (+ some fans) with glasses on the official forum . Difficult to tell but I think she has a minus prescription.

matthew 22 Nov 2007, 18:08

what i would die to find are pictures of beyonce wearing glasses. she was one time pictures in NY Times (see posts some years ago here) wearing reading glasses which were pure plano but I've read an interview with here that she's recently got glasses because she's discovered she had difficulties reading... anyone got pics?

PS: I don't have Lilly Allen or KT Tunstall pics, this is just what I reckon to have heard / read so do not blame me please!

matthew 22 Nov 2007, 17:55

sorry about charlotte church i am not sure. with kt tunstall i have heard from a friend who met her after a gig that she wears low plus and he thought he saw a bifocal line. But I can't say if thats true!

matthew 22 Nov 2007, 17:47

all of the last mentioned wear glasses. lilly allen is about -6.

nickweymouth 22 Nov 2007, 12:16

does any one know if kt tunstall or lilly allan wear glasses my dreams come true charlote church would be great in specs too ty

LikeGlass 20 Nov 2007, 19:07


Aubrac 20 Nov 2007, 08:49


I think Yulduz is a hyperope. She's not wearing glasses when singing possibly because of the headphones, in the picture beside the car she is holding her glasses in her hand and has taken them off for the photo.

I think she wears glasses for distance and reading and would reckon she is about +3.

Rainis 19 Nov 2007, 04:18

Pianist-vocalist Anna Guzikova:

Rainis 16 Nov 2007, 10:48

Yulduz Usmonova is the most popular singer in O'zbekiston (Uzbekistan). She is so pretty. What frame brand does she use?

I guess she's presbyopic. Check it out!

til 09 Nov 2007, 04:44

til 09 Nov 2007, 04:43


til 09 Nov 2007, 04:43

Nawal al Zoghbi ( don't ask me where she's from)

you will have to play the video

All4Eyes 07 Nov 2007, 06:59

Remember awhile back when I said I wondered if Aaron Lines wore glasses? If so, you can imagine my joy at discovering this (the good part's toward the end). I know I've said I'm not wild about reading glasses, and I did really have him pegged as a myope, but nevertheless, I like this! Pity those are probably just props that he doesn't actually need, though they are real plus lenses (I think). I'm going to send an email to his fan mail address and tell him I think he looks great in those glasses and ask if he wears specs in real life.

I ALWAYS make passes at guys who wear glasses (even readers if they're cute!), Marie

Yoyo 05 Nov 2007, 17:06

Seems to me that Lisa Loeb just gets cuter with age -- how is this possible?

Tod 05 Nov 2007, 15:50

She only gave her glasses to the jerk next to her to look at and then the jerk had pass them around to the other jerks like a bunch of third graders. Media people are complete assholes.

 05 Nov 2007, 15:49

She only gave her glasses to the jerk next to her to look at and then the jerk had pass them around to the other jerks like a bunch of third graders. Media people are complete assholes.

LikeGlass 04 Nov 2007, 13:07

Yea, they keep passing them around while poor Lisa is like sitting there hinting she would like her glasses back!

Jan 02 Nov 2007, 05:00

Good old goddess Lisa Loeb on a Tv-Show. Some morons put on her glasses (an awesome pair by the way)which i thought is really somehow humiliating and even bitch about her "intense prescription". Strange but a great sighting for OO's.

Sean 31 Oct 2007, 13:25

I should have added, click on 'The Streets Are Ours', and you'll get taken to the video.

Sean 31 Oct 2007, 13:22

The Sheffield crooner and ironic wordsmith, Richard Hawley. The Youtube clip is the video of 'The Streets Are Ours'

He certainly has a hefty prescription


 26 Oct 2007, 06:04

Elizabeth McQueen and her sweet voice.

Wurm 25 Oct 2007, 17:14

Ingrid Michaelson:

 22 Oct 2007, 00:05

Elizabeth McQueen

gwgs 04 Oct 2007, 01:04

Jane Vaughan was a beauty, I remember seeing her on an MTV performance live where her glasses kept sliding down her sweaty nose and she kept pushing them back up!!

A search on Google produces no results for her, I guess like a lot of other pop stars she has drifted in obscurity :(

Mark 03 Oct 2007, 16:09

Thunderbugs lead singer is great - she spends a lot of time messing with her specs too:)

Jan 03 Oct 2007, 08:38

Anyone who remembers the Thunderbugs? They didn`t even have a real hit and their music didn`t have the rock, but their leadsinger Jane Vaughan was (is?) an incredible sexy real GWG. She wears at least 3 different pairs in the Video i found on "the tube". Isn`t it a treasure? And where is she now?

 24 Sep 2007, 13:58

Joss Stone

Rainis 20 Sep 2007, 01:47

Tatiana Bogacheva at Fabrika Zvyozd:

Any guess of her Rx?

Rainis 20 Sep 2007, 01:25

Do you have any pics of Dakota with black rimmed glasses? She is not a Native American.:) Margarita Gerasimovich is a Belorussian girl who takes part at Fabrika Zviozd (the Stars' Factory show on Russian TV).

Yannick 19 Sep 2007, 12:57

Rainis 18 Sep 2007, 01:07

Marija Šerifovic (Maria Sherifovich) from Serbia took 1st on Eurovision-2007:

kisal 17 Sep 2007, 06:43

Just saw a great folk-rock singer based in the Washington, DC area. Her name is Lea: and she is better looking in real life than in the few pictures at her site. You can hear some samples of her music at

Fran 16 Sep 2007, 14:41

Does anyone have photos of all members of fall out boy wearing glasses?

Julian 15 Sep 2007, 18:24

All4Eyes: would you email me please?


All4Eyes 15 Sep 2007, 17:11

I don't know how many of you are country music fans like me, but the other day I was listening to Kenny Chesney's Greatest Hits and when "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy" came on, a light bulb appeared over my bespectacled head and I thought if I tinkered with the lyrics a bit I could turn it into a song about, well, something even sexier than a tractor. Then after I wrote it I realized this song is about me-I am SO that girl staring at the nearsighted guy in thick spex and drooling over every little detail of his visual experience! And so, without further ado, here is "She Thinks My Spex Are Sexy" (it's highly recommended that you listen to the original as you read this, next best thing to actually hearing someone sing my version (there wouldn't happen to be anyone here who'd like to try it and put it on the Net somewhere, would there?) ):

Sliding down my nose in the hot summer sun

my thick, heavy spex, lordy here she comes

staring at my plastic frames and the lenses I need to see

I tilt my head a bit and the white rings gleam

push 'em up my nose and the girl just beams

Just look at her face, she ain't a-foolin' me

She thinks my spex are sexy

they really turn her on

She's always staring at me

while I've got glasses on

She likes the way they shine just like a coin fresh from the mint

she's even kinda crazy 'bout my bare-eyed squint

She's the only one who really understands what gets me

she thinks my spex are sexy

She likes for me to tell her all about my sight

how I can't read the signs or see well at night

everything's a fog, I need a guide dog if my spex aren't on

She says she's got a dream and I ask what it is

She wants a little house full of myopic kids

and one more teeny-weeny squint before I take her home

She thinks my spex are sexy

they really turn her on

She's always staring at me

while I've got glasses on

She likes the way they shine just like a coin fresh from the mint

she's even kinda crazy 'bout my bare-eyed squint

She's the only one who really understands what gets me

she thinks my spex are sexy

Well, she ain't into legs or a cute, tight butt

but if your eyes are bad, man her eyes light up

She thinks my spex are

She thinks my spex are sexy

they really turn her on

She's always staring at me

while I've got glasses on

She likes the way they shine just like a coin fresh from the mint

she's even kinda crazy 'bout my bare-eyed squint

She's the only one who really understands what gets me

she thinks my spex are sexy

she thinks my spex are sexy

she thinks my spex are sexy

Hmm, I wonder what Kenny'd think of that? He'd probably sue me, but oh well, I won't tell if y'all won't!

I ALWAYS make passes at guys who wear glasses, Marie

kisal 13 Sep 2007, 07:56

That last link to the picture doesn't work, but you can go to

and search the editorial pictures for Joss Stone. There are several and she does look very hot!

Curt 13 Sep 2007, 06:40

Here's a pic of Joss Stone looking mighty cute in her red specs:

ehpc 31 Aug 2007, 11:13

Last post was me:)Pete

ehpc2 31 Aug 2007, 11:12

Last post not so good as they are tinted lenses. Always detested the sight of tinted would be soooooooooooooooooo great if huge frames came back into fashion.................sigh............Pete

 31 Aug 2007, 09:46

nny 31 Aug 2007, 08:54

That's what I thought too, very little script in Theresa Sokyrka's glasses.

ehpc 31 Aug 2007, 04:05

Tod's 19.59 post......................dig those HUGE plastic frames:) COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOl :) Pete

 30 Aug 2007, 23:49


You are dreaming. Her glasses are planos.

kisal 30 Aug 2007, 05:54

Theresa's prescription looks to be minus and of moderate (-4?) strength as seen in some of the photos where you can see the edge of the lens.

Tod 29 Aug 2007, 19:59

and this

Tod 29 Aug 2007, 19:57

Agnetha Faltskog of ABBA

 29 Aug 2007, 13:10

what sort of optical correction does Theresa Sokyrka wear? ie: minus, plus, astigmatism or any combation of these?

kisal 28 Aug 2007, 06:21

For all Theresa Sokyrka fans, this site has a wonderful collection of pictures, from high quality video captures to concert footage to studio shots. Quite a treat for the eyes!

 27 Aug 2007, 13:14

There's some good footage of Anoushka Shankar wearing glasses on the tribute to George Harrison DVD.

spexfan 27 Aug 2007, 11:38

Anoushka Shankar

Owlish 11 Aug 2007, 20:15

Sorry, the link is:

Owlish 11 Aug 2007, 20:13

Great jazz vocalist Ella Fitzgerald, in 1975. You see her here, after cataract surgery wearing high plus lenticular glasses.

til 10 Aug 2007, 07:20

Lee Hyori

til 10 Aug 2007, 05:56


til 10 Aug 2007, 05:55

Kelly Clarkson

til 10 Aug 2007, 05:54

Christina Scabbia

Kisal 11 Jul 2007, 06:08

I liked this one too:

Dig the big seventies glasses.

 10 Jul 2007, 12:15

Jennifer Warnes

a tonic for the eyes and ears

myopicmax 08 Jul 2007, 22:49

Amazing voice very attractive both young and old

 08 Jul 2007, 06:47

Mary Weiss/The Shangri-Las

 26 Jun 2007, 11:33

Well, did some research...

"The Makabara Trio, comprised of students and graduates of the Jan Deyl Conservatory for the Visually Impaired in Prague"

 26 Jun 2007, 11:29

thank you, Nietoperek, some hefty plus on two of them!

Nietoperek 25 Jun 2007, 04:43

FaNaTiKX 23 Jun 2007, 04:56

Katherine McPhee

kisal 07 Jun 2007, 07:42

Tod, I had no reason to think that Becki's glasses weren't real so I didn't really study the thickness, just the overall look. But from what I could tell they were real prescription, though not terribly strong, -3?

Tod 04 Jun 2007, 21:27

Kisal, glad you got to see the Pipettes in person and up close. BTW how strong would you guess Riot Becki's glasses are? I know she is nearsighted. I have heard she is now wearing plano glasses over contact lenses. Did her glasses have a Rx in them?

kisal 04 Jun 2007, 08:05

I just had the wonderful opportunity to see The Pipettes in concert in Washington, DC. It was sublime! RiotBecki is so amazingly, absolutely, sexily gorgeous in her short shorts, tight polka-dot blouse and black-rimmed specs. It was a small club so I was able to get really close. The sound was great and the dancing was great and the best thing was that since she was on stage in front of us, I could stare and stare at her to my heart's content. It's never possible to stare so long at a stranger or even someone you know without embarassment, and in a movie they keep cutting away from the GWG. But in a concert I could keep my eyes glued to RiotBecki, who is just as beautiful in real life as in her pictures. (And the other girls are great to look at too, although not in glasses.)

If any of you live in England or California or Japan or Finland or any of the other places they will be touring this summer, you should certainly check them out:

 31 May 2007, 06:10

Mary Weiss!!

Kisal 31 May 2007, 05:56

More Pipettes pictures here:

and a gorgeous image here:

Kisal 31 May 2007, 05:54

Sorry. I guess you have to go through the main band site to find the pictures:

Kisal 31 May 2007, 05:53

An interesting album cover from this Scottish band:

The backup singer Carey Lander (

wears glasses.

 26 May 2007, 21:35

I think you can see the faint outline of contacts in this Nelly Furtado photo.

Rainis 15 May 2007, 23:36

A Serbian GWG has taken the 1st place at Eurovision.

Her name is Maria.

Kisal 12 May 2007, 10:12

More cute Theresa Sokyrka pictures at

Ardief 07 May 2007, 20:22

Elizabeth McQueen of Asleep At The Wheel:

Kisal 25 Apr 2007, 07:42

Theresa Sokyrka's new video is out:

and sorry to say, it's very disappointing. This girl who was quoted as saying: “Oh, my glasses are who I am for sure! I don’t feel like myself without them. I’m gonna keep it pretty natural.” (See

never even wears her specs while she is singing! At the beginning she has on some goofy-looking Elton John style sunglasses and near the end there are a few shots of her in glasses walking around and with her boyfriend. But sadly, for almost all of the video she is bare-eyed and ordinary.

ehpc 18 Apr 2007, 11:24

Hot pix:)

00 18 Apr 2007, 10:39

Kimberly Stewart. I know she is not a musician, but her dad certainly is.,,2004001775-2004049662,00.html

likesgwgs 16 Apr 2007, 11:46

hi everyone,

Did anyone save the Willa Ford picture linked to in the post of 22 Dec 2001, 06:43

I would love to see it and the link is dead.


ilovepretzels 12 Apr 2007, 07:58

If you search You Tube for 'Radio Music Awards', it's probably like, 7 or 8 videos down.

I kind of always thought that maybe he was being a little dramatic about being 'blind'. :)

Myopic Grant 12 Apr 2007, 07:51

Hmmm,..that is far from "blind." I could only pull up the second attachment, and to be honest couldn't tell if it was a plus or minus prescription. I think he just wants attention, but he's cute, so we'll let it slide this time...

ilovepretzels 12 Apr 2007, 07:03

Have we ever discussed JC Chasez?

What do you guys make of this video and picture? He's been asked before about his glasses and he says he's blind as a bat without them. What do you guys think? Is he as blind as he says? And the picture was the best I could do, he's a little shy, I think.

ehpc 12 Apr 2007, 06:21

Seriously cool glasses in the second of those three links...............:) I reckon a huge-frame comeback is imminent:) Pete

Jan 12 Apr 2007, 04:08

kisal 11 Apr 2007, 06:10

Bespectacled Laura Veirs has a new album out:

I just wish she would smile once in a while!

Not the usual Oscar 30 Mar 2007, 10:36

I haven't opened the post immediately below this which says it's posted by "Oscar". It may be, but not this Oscar.

Oscar 30 Mar 2007, 10:33

Lots of new Boilersuit-Loes pics at:


Tod 27 Mar 2007, 21:53

More Riot Becki and Pipettes

kisal 27 Mar 2007, 05:24

Theresa Sokyrka as a magazine cover girl: There is no online version, but those of you living in central Canada might be able to pick it up. There is also a new interview video at

til 26 Mar 2007, 05:03

til 26 Mar 2007, 04:47

til 26 Mar 2007, 02:56

Karen X 24 Mar 2007, 17:30

Nicola (the ginger haired one) in Girls Aloud got glasses with a reasonable plus prescription a few months ago. She appeared on a few tv show wearing them and has been photographed many time wearing them.

 23 Mar 2007, 13:39

Cheryl has worn glasses a few times. Does she really not need them at all ?

One of her fellow group members wears them for real don't they ?

Therouteur 23 Mar 2007, 13:30

Gotcha. Tks gwgs

gwgs 22 Mar 2007, 04:38

She is Cheryl Tweedy of girl group Girls Aloud which we created on a reality tv programme on ITV and is married to footballer Ashley Cole, otherwise known as Cashley.

Therouteur 21 Mar 2007, 23:32

Planos schmanos. Chery Cashley is HOT. Btw who is she?

no info I could find online.

Rainis 20 Mar 2007, 07:54


But she's pretty.

Tim 17 Mar 2007, 21:51

Yuk! Planos (if there are even any lenses at all!)

jeff 17 Mar 2007, 11:57

Chery cashley

Tod 16 Mar 2007, 18:52

"Pull Shapes"

Tod 16 Mar 2007, 17:10

just can't get enough of those Pipettes. This coming week they will be in Los Angeles, CA on there pre America debut tour. Their official debut will be in June when their CD album is released in the states.

kisal 16 Mar 2007, 06:13

Some nice Theresa Sokyrka pics are available at:

(although most of the image galleries don't seem to be up yet)

More coming soon!

still 15 Mar 2007, 17:15

Did anyone think of the "Harry Potter" novelty glasses we see photos of so often, when looking at Lenka? Maybe she had something like that custom made, for image purposes. GOC without the C...

John.Cunningham 15 Mar 2007, 14:26

Im surprised no-ones brought this one up yet, over here in the UK, Comic Relief does The Apprentace has just begun, featuring a very spexy cheryl tweedie/cole wearing a lovely pair of specs! there appears to be none/very little presciption! does she only wear glasses to look smart or has she been prescribed them and enjoys wearing them? what are everyones views? there seem to be a lot of people who have been given very week presciptions and wear them all/most of the time!

lentifan 15 Mar 2007, 04:57

I'm even more suspicious now, having seen this

lentifan 15 Mar 2007, 04:38

Never mind Teresa, give me Lenka Plackova!

Even if they're not real. They do look a little odd. At first sight they look like myodiscs, but look closer and they resemble small plus disks set in minus lenses. Are there any other front views?

kisal 15 Mar 2007, 03:54

Lisa Loeb, Annette Strean, "Riot Becki"

Do I have your attention yet?

Well here's another to add to the list: Theresa Sokyrka (pronounced So-Keer-Ka). Someone put her video on another EyeScene page and I know that I have fallen in love with her! She was a runner-up on the Canadian Idol program a few years ago and has released two albums. She is in specs in every picture and nearly every video. I haven't found any good, large high resolution images yet but I'm sure they are out there. I think she has a new official page:

and they don't yet have the pictures up.

Her myspace page is great:

Her songs are very good (country-rock that is not really my style, but I'm willing to overlook that). But definitely check out the video on that page. She wears fantastic glasses in most of it. Its kind of sad that in the fantasy section she doesn't wear glasses, but that's allright.

There are also many videos on YouTube including her Idol performances:

Leon 13 Mar 2007, 00:53

The Hungarian girls is fabulous. So is that Pipette.

Tod 12 Mar 2007, 20:15

The Pipettes made their USA debut last night in Brooklyn, NY to a sold out standing room only crowd and to rave reviews. Gweno, Rosay, and best of all GWG Riot Becki will rock the world*****

glassesforeveryone 12 Mar 2007, 02:15

I'm in love with the pipettes. she is fantastic

Pippi 11 Mar 2007, 15:50

Not strictly speaking a musician but since he's been competing on celeb fame academy on bbc one-the dj colin murray looks much cuter in specs than he looks normally!

about Riot Becki  10 Mar 2007, 10:32

“Riot“ Becki Stephans, the bespecteled member of the British pop girl singing group, it seems currently wears Emporio Armani model 9089 eyewear. Her correction looks to be in the minus 3.00 to minus 4.00 range.

enlarge both photos and see the Emporio Armani V shaped logo on the eyeglass temples

Jan 10 Mar 2007, 09:27

Thx Wurm!

Real nice find!

more pics:

Wurm 10 Mar 2007, 01:14

Hungarian retro act Nova Kultur Zenekar features a cute singer called Marót Viki (I think I have that right). She rocks the stylish glasses.

Tod 09 Mar 2007, 17:38

a Dutch TV interview with the pipettes!!!

 07 Mar 2007, 21:37

I would love for the Pipettes to do a cover of this song. I think if they did they would skyrocket in the charts and become the next British invasion.

Tod 07 Mar 2007, 18:17

a Dutch TV interview with the pipettes!!!

ehpc 07 Mar 2007, 17:21

on the video, anyway:)

ehpc 07 Mar 2007, 17:19

Wow! The Pippettes' GWG really is hot.................Pete

the ED SULLIVAN show 07 Mar 2007, 15:58

ladies and gentelmen right here on our show all the way from their home town in Brighton England I present to you

The Pipettes

 07 Mar 2007, 15:05

more Pipettes 07 Mar 2007, 14:58

Smudgeur 07 Mar 2007, 09:10

Riotbecki from the band The Pipettes is a regular glasses wearer - mmm nice!

Sue 19 Feb 2007, 05:03

Until his interview with Anderson Cooper on 60 Minutes last night, I didn't know that Kenny Chesney wore glasses. I saw the smallest bit of cut-in with the left lens, but didn't get a good look at the right.

gwgs 19 Feb 2007, 01:03

Wow, cut in!!!!!!

She's got to be at least -4.00

Therouteur 17 Feb 2007, 18:12

OMG. So hot.

FaNaTiKX 17 Feb 2007, 07:01

now ?

 17 Feb 2007, 06:36

A different picture appears every time you click on the link in the last post. I haven't seen Nelly yet.

FaNaTiKX 17 Feb 2007, 06:14

Already posted, but found in HQ, Nelly Furtado

myopeinhere 06 Feb 2007, 11:45


What a lovely

Jan 06 Feb 2007, 09:58

"Go Betty Go" female rock/punkband has a real cute myopic bassist.


gwgs 02 Feb 2007, 00:51

No their not Curt, but neither are my predecessor's nominations

Curt 01 Feb 2007, 09:39

yes gwgs, but are any of them musicians? (This is the musicians thread after all...)

gwgs 01 Feb 2007, 09:06

Typo in last post, it was meant to read "she looks", not "she is looks"

I was getting all hot under the collar thinking of these babes!

gwgs 01 Feb 2007, 09:04

You cannot nominate Jade, she is looks like a pig for starters!

My nominations would be (british women only) Lisa Kay, Kate Silverton and Nicky Hambleton Jones.

All three are fantastic advertisements for what glasses can do for a woman - make them incredibly HOT!

Phil 01 Feb 2007, 05:30

Why don't we have our own contest for "best gwg"? I'll nominate Rachael McShane, Jade and Kate Silverton to get the ball rolling: something there for all tastes!!

daffy 01 Feb 2007, 02:20

I hear where your coming from gwg. What is also bugging me is that they are not actually 'wearing' them, they are looking over the top of them and also look like they are always about to take them off.

gwgs 01 Feb 2007, 01:43

The thing that always bugs me about this "spectacle wearer of the year award" is that the winner is ALWAYS someone who has only been seen in spex once or twice, if that at all.

I've only ever seen this Liz girl wearing spex on the TV show "I'm a celebrity, get me out of here" and as for the other girl, I've never seen her wearing glasses.

Several years in a row the winner of this award has come out of 0-0 woodwork wearing would appear to be planos.

I don't know where they find their winners from as I remember voting for this earlier in the year and gave my nominations for women that actually wore glasses, like Kate Silverton

Phil 30 Jan 2007, 03:07

Any more pics of Rachael McShane? She's just gorgeous. My perfect gwg!

til 30 Jan 2007, 03:01

liz mcclarnon

til 29 Jan 2007, 23:23

norah jones

tod 28 Jan 2007, 21:18

yes thanks Jan

Jan 28 Jan 2007, 13:21

I think you mean Skulker.

Tod 28 Jan 2007, 12:11

does anyone know the name of that Australian all girl band in which one of the girls wears fairly strong glasses?

FaNaTiKX 28 Jan 2007, 08:13

Katharine Mcphee candids

lentifan 24 Jan 2007, 12:27

There's a UK band called Bellowhead who have a GWG vocalist called Rachael McShane. There's a not very clear picture at

Click the 'About Bellowhead' link and scroll down the page.

Oskar 24 Jan 2007, 02:37

Check this out!!!!

Chris 20 Jan 2007, 00:36

Austrian popular music singer Monika Martin:

Katy 17 Jan 2007, 14:55

I just remembered an article about Robert Smith of the Cure that I read ages ago - found a copy of it:

"Ross, when he first met me, was surprised at how unaware I am of the world around me. And on a very practical level, it's because I'm short-sighted. I don't wear glasses because I've found it's a very good defence mechanism. If I'm in public, I don't know if people are looking at me. But I can't actually see very well, I'm out of focus beyond my arm. And he thought I'd taken it too far, that I wasn't noticing the leaves on the trees. So I've started wearing glasses a lot more since I met him." There's a pause. He must think I look worried, because he adds hastily, "I always wore glasses to drive." It's a bit like Martin Amis, spending 25 years not smiling because he didn't want people to see his teeth; it sounds like a trivial, physical point, but you do wonder what it does to a person, to live the bulk of his adult life not seeing properly, just to evade the necessity of having to confront attention. It's another signal of his flexibility, as well, that he could adopt that modus operandi for so long, yet allow someone to call him on it, and then think, OK, maybe you're right, I'll change it.,11710,1236945,00.html#article_continue

Has anyone got any pics of him with glasses? :-)

 15 Jan 2007, 07:13

Is Jo wearing contacts when she's not in her glasses ?

gwgs 15 Jan 2007, 02:11

This is a better video (imo) of her wearing another pair of tinted rimless spex;

gwgs 15 Jan 2007, 02:09

Nice one Karen, she sure is HOT...

Here's another pic;

Jan 06 Jan 2007, 07:43

Anastacia shopping for glasses. From the good old pre-lasik times. Pretty poor quality. She was actually the last one in the business, exept from Lisa Loeb i expected do do the surgery. Know better now.

 05 Jan 2007, 14:39

Re Big Bro - is Jo wearing contacts most of the time ?

Wurm 05 Jan 2007, 14:17

Anastacia interview from when she had really nice rimless specs. Decent video quality (for YouTube).

Karen X 04 Jan 2007, 17:38

Photo of Jo wearing her glasses.

This is a link to a "News" article on the Channel 4 Big Brother website. As this series only started on Wednesday evening there isn't many photos on the website yet. But keep checking during the series as more photos will be added, although there is no guarantee that Jo will be wearing glasses in the photos as that depends how often and for how long she wears her glasses during her stay in the house. Hopefully she won't get voted out too soon!

I always thought Jo was the sexiest one in S Club 7 and had the best voice (Rachel Stevens came a close second with her looks but didn't have such a good voice.)

 04 Jan 2007, 16:51

Celeb Big Brother is back on tele. Is it true Jo who used to be in 'SClub7' is wearing glasses on there ? I've just tuned in but they're all in bed !

tortoise 03 Jan 2007, 21:16

Lotsa Lisa:

 03 Jan 2007, 20:06

What are some good music videos featuring women wearing glasses? Thanks a lot everyone.

LikeGlass 23 Dec 2006, 18:27

I only post this because she has not been posted in awhile, and she is the dardest, cutest thing in four eyes, when it comes to musicians! And, best of all, proud of it!

Carlos 11 Dec 2006, 13:54

Go to lots of links for nova meierheinrich

Joe 10 Dec 2006, 07:29

She is stunning. Look like around -4/5 to me

 10 Dec 2006, 07:14

it's NOVA MEIERHEINRICH, a german TV-moderator, used to work at Viva TV (music channel)

Tim 09 Dec 2006, 21:20

Britney Jordan O'Botox

Puke 09 Dec 2006, 20:28

who is it ?

nickweymouth 09 Dec 2006, 07:52

can somebody make my day please some one tyell me that kt tunstall wear glasses please ok im jsut wishing i know but man if she does

Tod 08 Dec 2006, 07:58

I think if Britany Speers doesn't get her "act" together soon she will be a burn-out or dead by the time she is 30.

Ted 08 Dec 2006, 07:01 This should be under "Things that make you want to go... BLAH"

Ted 08 Dec 2006, 06:41

Huge sunglasses

Karen X 04 Dec 2006, 11:53

Lily Allen

 30 Nov 2006, 14:23

Music, hmmmmmmmmm......... Behavior, infantile.........

But she's still a hot gwg, nicht war?

cut-in uk 30 Nov 2006, 12:28

Just imagine if good ol' Speers tried GOC at say, -4.0 and then went public on it !!

It would give GOC a real boost, n'est ce pas ?

 30 Nov 2006, 10:13

Speers is just a goof artist. Ignore her .... por favor

still 30 Nov 2006, 06:02

Seems that way.

gwgs 30 Nov 2006, 01:44

planos strike again

Yannick 29 Nov 2006, 20:05

Found it!

Yannick 29 Nov 2006, 19:57

On there are some new pics of britney spears wearing glasses.

Anyone who has larger pics?

Ian 25 Nov 2006, 17:37

The pipettes

kisal 21 Nov 2006, 05:42

Julie Sokolow is another new indie singer with specs (seems to be a trend going on). I didn't find much on her web site, but did dig up one picture through Google Images:

Aislinn 21 Nov 2006, 05:39

nickweymouth - I've not seen any pictures but Heidi once said on TV that she wore contacts, so I guess there might be some photos of her in glasses floating around the net somewhere.Don't know about the others though!

newglasses 21 Nov 2006, 02:14


she wears a plus-rx, i reckon from the pictures i've seen here on eyescene and her video that it is somewhere arount +2dpt...don't know though whether she wears them fulltime (contacts...of course) or just for reading and closework.

LensLover 21 Nov 2006, 00:57

Paris Hilton, what a kick!!! She's really hot. Are those her real glasses? Does she need them indeed? Anyone could guess the RX? Any other instances where she wears glasses?

nickweymouth 21 Nov 2006, 00:25

a humble request please does anbody know if the sugarbabes wear glasses and is there any pictures of them wearing specs

kisal 07 Nov 2006, 12:56

Check out this cute new singer, especially photos 4,5 and 10:

RBK 06 Nov 2006, 14:34

A link to a gallery of Drake Bell :)

RBK 06 Nov 2006, 14:32

Just wondering if anyone knows who Drake Bell is. He stars on the nick tv hit "Drake and Josh." On the show he is a stallion. Off set he is seen looking very very spexy though :)

Yannick 01 Nov 2006, 04:10

If you like Courtney Love there are some new pics of her wearing glasses on

gwgs 26 Oct 2006, 08:44

Wowsa, she looks HOT, love the retro frames.

FaNaTiKX 26 Oct 2006, 08:04

Paris Hilton (Nothing In This World)

gwgs 26 Oct 2006, 01:04

I am afraid I have to confess to having heard part of this 'song'.

It's a cheesy disco beat song that'll be ideal for the under 13 female Paris is aiming for.

As for capping Miss Hilton, I don't know if I could stand watching the video again.

 25 Oct 2006, 15:26

what song?

loonyettes 25 Oct 2006, 13:48

New Paris Hilton video (should this really go in the musician category) has her wearing specs. Can anyone screengrab a few stills?

Oscar 10 Oct 2006, 23:39

having a bad day..

maybe an administrator can make the links in the first post right?

Oscar 10 Oct 2006, 23:38

Excuse me:


Oscar 10 Oct 2006, 23:38


Some new pics of this girl Loes on

and and and: a pic of her with (Hello) lisa Loeb t-shirt and Hello Kitty guitar on

two gwgs on one pic:)

Also some YouTubes on this MySpace, but not clear, unfortunately.

Giselle 21 Sep 2006, 15:43

Some body at alicia keys forum said that she wear readin glasses, is it true??

cuz in this pic i saw some power ring

Giselle 19 Sep 2006, 19:27

i need to see pic of my idols beyonce and alicia keys wearing eyeglasses, does anyone have it ???

carlos 16 Sep 2006, 13:34

And this is something new for me: excellent violin player Vanessa Mae with glasses.Enjoy

For Your Information 14 Sep 2006, 06:56


FaNaTiKX 14 Sep 2006, 06:28

Alicia Keys

Guest 14 Sep 2006, 04:44

Ms. Carlisle, larger

myopicmax 14 Sep 2006, 02:28

Did anyone get the blond on Rock Supernova very nice.

Dave 14 Sep 2006, 01:45

This is new to me - Belinda Carlisle in glasses. Too bad it's such as small pic.

 08 Sep 2006, 18:32

I just saw a music video for The Pink Spider's "Little Razorblade" which features a blonde girl wearing glasses. I'm sure there planos, but who cares...She looks GREAT!!! Here's a link:

Does anyone know of any other good music videos to look for featuring a girl wearing glasses? Thanks

Jan 04 Sep 2006, 05:59

The finish again. Even their female bandleaders wear sexy glasses: Band called: Husky Rescue The girls great name is "Reeta-Leena Korhola"

glance 15 Aug 2006, 05:51

00 06 Aug 2006, 13:55

Anyone seen anything from nikola from girls aloud since the show finished?

By the way nice pick of joss.

FaNaTiKX 04 Aug 2006, 08:36

Joss Stone

Willie 04 Aug 2006, 05:07

Years ago there was a picture of Ah Faye wearing brown plastic with a serious rx in the South China Morning Post but I didn't keep it.


kisal 03 Aug 2006, 19:07

WoW! Angela Aki is truly amazing! Thanks, anonymous poster for putting us all on to her.

Yoyo 03 Aug 2006, 17:44

I've always wanted to see Faye Wong in glasses. I remember watching her in "Chungking Express" and thinking that contacts were clearly visible in the close-ups . . . that usually means a fairly strong prescription!

 02 Aug 2006, 17:40

Angela Aki

 02 Aug 2006, 17:38

Angela Aki

 02 Aug 2006, 17:24

Faye Wong

Karen X 24 Jul 2006, 14:06

The female bass player in this new British band The Answering Machine wears glasses. She's quite cute.

Couple of photos on the main page of their MySpace site. More photos if you are a MySpace member and are logged in. Membership is free.

guest 20 Jul 2006, 22:26

Maverick: Thanks much for your advice!

anime fan 20 Jul 2006, 11:46

I found this cute video of Lisa Loeb in braids

Maverick 20 Jul 2006, 11:19

Guest : re downloading youtube files.

I expect that there are many ways of downloading such files but all I suspect involve a bit of work.

Here is a method I came across on another forum I visit:

"You can actually download and save the videos on

It’s a little work, but not too bad. You can also burn them to DVD after you save them.

First download and install RIVA FLV Encoder 2.0 at this link

When you find a video on youtube you want to save, copy the URL for the video to the right of the video on the web page. Open a browser and go to the following link . At the top of the page there is a place to paste the URL and you have to pick youtube as the site then start the download. The full instructions are on the web page. You have to save the with a FLV ext.

Then you can play the file in the RIVA player or convert it to a mpg using the RIVA flv encoder".

guest 20 Jul 2006, 10:32

What format are the YouTube files in? How can I download the movies to my computer - do I need special software?

baua 20 Jul 2006, 09:16

this diamanda should be really blind without sunglasses :-)

gwgs 20 Jul 2006, 06:39

guset - your link to the video where the singers glasses falls off just comes up with a 404 not found error :(

Can you please post the right link

 20 Jul 2006, 01:35

the link for the video can be found at :

guset 20 Jul 2006, 01:33

one more diamanda :

Kim Gordon:$file/t_k_gordon_gl_ogon.jpg

and a very old one :

and a rather blurry video from the days when their music was interesting (Kim's glasses slip off near the end and she picks them up) :

guest 20 Jul 2006, 01:11


 10 Jul 2006, 14:44

More Eddi Reader:

Don't think she's minus 6, perhaps -3... The glasses are just huge, giving the impression that the lenses are very strong.

 09 Jul 2006, 20:34


 09 Jul 2006, 16:03

Has anyone seen the drummer for the band, "The Pink Spiders?" Nice black framed glasses with decent cut-in. Probably -5 or -6.

 09 Jul 2006, 15:52

aviator -00- 09 Jul 2006, 15:37

Has anyone seem pictures of singer Eddie Reader, whose script must be at least -6. She had a hit a few years ago with "It's got to be perfect" and wore glasses in the video which went out with this song.

AtropinLover 09 Jul 2006, 01:13

Thank you Dave, -very lovely girl/video! :-)

Dave 08 Jul 2006, 20:46

Here is a teaser from Number One Single. Lisa is absolutely gorgeous!

It must be extracted using Winrar with the password "eyescene". The divx codec is required to play it.

Copy and paste this link into your browser. Please do not repost it.

Ted 05 Jul 2006, 09:45

Sorry, I was refering to the video clip at the bottom of the page.

Ted 05 Jul 2006, 09:44

For fans of Lisa Loeb

ENJOY, I know I did.

John5 05 Jul 2006, 06:20


Picture of singer Loes with glasses and Lisa Loeb shirt + guitar:-D

Julian 04 Jul 2006, 13:11

I checked Getty Images. 13 photos of Aaron Lines; in one of them he isn't squinting...

Mind you, there seems to be a footballer called Aaron Lines as well.

Dave 04 Jul 2006, 11:03

Lisa Loeb fans in Canada - she is featured in Life Network's "Number One Single" which premieres tomorrow. I saw some promo clips and she will be in glasses. I'm looking forward to it.

Bronwyn 30 Jun 2006, 13:12

While I am not a Country Music fan, I am Canadian and do see enough pictures of him. I haven't seen any with him wearing glasses. Sorry!

All4Eyes 30 Jun 2006, 12:14

Does anyone know if Canadian country singer Aaron Lines ever wears/needs glasses? I’ve never seen him wearing any, but it seems to me in most of his pics (go to to see) and TV appearances he has a serious power squint going. He’s absolutely gorgeous and I’m madly in something with him (love seems a bit strong considering he doesn’t even know me, but I think about him constantly and I feel all funny when I do-like I get butterflies in my stomach and then they decide to fly south!) anyway, but to see him in a nice pair of minus glasses (and preferably nothing else, but I’m trying not to get overheated here!)-WOAH! The very idea gives me hot flashes! *Sigh* BTW, I wrote a poem about him, nothing to do with glasses, except of course I suspect he needs them, but I think it’s pretty good and hot anyway and I’d love to share if ya’ll care to see it (thought I’d ask first, though, because I know sometimes off-topic posts are a nuisance, although I think some of our tangents are rather interesting, the people in this group are so wonderfully intelligent, witty and diverse in viewpoints). OK, now please excuse me while I go take a cold shower. ;)

Jett 29 Jun 2006, 06:50

Look in photos and there is a pic of Pink in specs.

a 28 Jun 2006, 20:23

Maverick 22 Jun 2006, 14:31

Was watching a documentary on E! Channel this evening about female American Idol winners (Ok I'm bored with the World Cup and its hard to find anything else to watch at the moment !).

Anyway it included some footage of a young Kelly Clarkson - about 14 years old - wearing big framed glasses with a pretty strong minus RX. Nice.

Any pics anyone ?

a 19 Jun 2006, 16:12

essex green

gwgs 18 Jun 2006, 02:42

11 caps of Lisa Loeb from one of her music videos back in the good old days when she wore THOSE fantastic tortoise rimmed cateye style glasses. Yum.

Anime Fan 07 Jun 2006, 10:22

FOund these at random, Dolly Parton in readers

DWV 04 Jun 2006, 02:47

Therouteur 31 May 2006, 15:07

Hey, she is HOT!

DWV 31 May 2006, 11:43

Yes, well, it seems to be a tradition that someone mention Venus Hum at least once per year.

new pic of Billy from Billy and the lost boys:

and a video clip on this page:

Filthy McNasty 31 May 2006, 08:14

I've posted this video before, but no one seemed to be interested (although one can only tell if others post comments).

DWV 30 May 2006, 23:14

Check out the promo video for "I feel love" by the Blue Man Group featuring Venus Hum. Annette Strean is wearing some nice angular glasses with plus lenses (though much less than Tina's).

There's a link to the video; I didn't try it because I hate RealPlayer. I've found some versions of the video on a P2P network.

Jettman 26 May 2006, 05:49

anybody got any picks of Rachael Steven please

Dave 25 May 2006, 17:58


If you are willing to share email me at



Fred 25 May 2006, 14:41

To Dave: I still have that movie.

loveglasses1 17 May 2006, 11:21

cheryl tweedy again got to be the best looking gwg whether she needs glasses or not she is absolutely gorgeous

loveglasses1 15 May 2006, 10:55

tonight 8.00 fifth gear chennel 5 in the uk, nicola from girls aloud is on with the rest of the band and nicola is wearing her lovely brown plastic glasses and tommerow at 10.30 on e4 girls aloud off the record is on and its last in series, nicola should be wearing her glasses again, any caps would be much appreciated

kisal 12 May 2006, 17:15

As usual I like the plastic ones better. Wire rims are better than no glasses certainly, but I find them kind of boring.

 12 May 2006, 17:06

Nicola from Girls Aloud wearing different frames from before

Dave 12 May 2006, 13:01

Does anyone have the Gracia Baur video linked to by this dead link posted in March 2005? It's a nice video of her waking up and putting on her glasses. I lost it from a disk drive failure.



optifan 11 May 2006, 08:11

Nicola from girls aloud looks realy good in glasses.I used to call her the "ginger minger" but it shows that a stylish frame can transform a plain girl into something special.

Im conveted !

Chris 10 May 2006, 12:22

On the next page there are pix and video from another show, 2 days later

Chris 10 May 2006, 11:28

Pix and links to videos from the show with SpeCtacular Nicola

a 10 May 2006, 03:53

Are Cheryl Tweedy 's glasses real or planos?

gwgs 10 May 2006, 01:07

Have you seen this animated gif - it's rather funny;

Carlos 10 May 2006, 00:50

What about the other members of Girls Aloud? Does somebody know if Kim, Nadine or sarah wear glasses as well?

 09 May 2006, 17:11

Nicola from Girls Aloud 3rd posting down - quite a few pictures of her wearing glasses.

Is it common to suddenly need glasses as strong as hers? - they look stronger than +1.50 and she is obviously supposed to wear them most if not all the time. Her right eye seems more magnified than the left.

00 09 May 2006, 15:17

Wow, great posts. she looks stunning.

love glasses1 09 May 2006, 13:54

two more:

loveglasses1 09 May 2006, 13:46

check this link out for the absolutely gorgeous cheryl tweedy wearing glasses during julien mcdonald fashion show in february this year, doesn't she look great?

love glasses1 09 May 2006, 12:39

girls aloud off the record is on again tonight at 10.30 on e4, hopefully nicola will be wearing her lovely glasses again especially now she's got real ones aswell, its great she actually has a proper prescription and wears glasses rather than wearing contacts or going for laser/lasik surgery. also maybe there'll be more cheryl tweedy wearing glasses. both look really great in specs and can't wait till tonights show

00 08 May 2006, 12:35

I wish i had seen that show. Gutted.

Guest 08 May 2006, 02:41

Re Nicola from Girls Aloud, those photos were from the Paul O'Grady Show in UK. She walked on wearing them & he complimented her, then when they had all sat down, he raised the subject again asking her about her glasses & how it was nice that she wasnt wearing contacts like most other celeb singers. She replied that she had only just had then & didnt want contacts in case she had to rely on them. I would say they are around +1.50 and she seems to wear them more now than not.

On a different sighting, check out one of the singers from all girl band The Pipettes. They are from Brighton (UK) and she is hot - never seen photo or video where she isnt wearing glasses - check out their video on their official website

gwgs 08 May 2006, 00:53

What fantastic glasses, arguably the most stylish and attractive type of frames.

I wish they'd make a proper comeback in 80's styles.

Drop Temples 05 May 2006, 09:50

Drop Temples on an album Cover!!!

 04 May 2006, 17:08

Anybody know what brand those glasses leAnne Rimes is wearing bellow? ( they aint LaFont)

ashymae 04 May 2006, 15:50

i know, i really like them. gonna treat myself to some new frames this weekend i think, tempted to go for something similar to them, bit more adventurous... for me anyways haha!

Lumina 03 May 2006, 11:29

I am a lead singer and I wear glasses on stage all the time.

oo 03 May 2006, 10:26

Great find. I have been looking for pictures of her since she appeared in the sun last week. She was wearing a secatary outfit with some small wire framed glasses, which has to be said did not compliment her at all. And of course, the sun did not give her a great writeup. But these glasses really look great on her.

ashymae 02 May 2006, 15:22

hi im a newish poster - been visiting a while but never posted haha! Anyway, here's some pics of Nicola from Girls Aloud (UK girl band) wearin glasses. Apparently they're 'real' but I dunno her perscription?

Adam 02 May 2006, 11:21

Anybody seen the young black guitarist who plays sometimes with "Simply Red"? He wears brown frames with very strong lenses which, when I saw him, had lots of power rings and a huge amount of reflection - a real spexy guy. I can't find any pics tho' - could others look as well, pleae.

Kisal 02 May 2006, 06:09

Dave, those Norah Jones pics you found are great! I knew she wore glasses offstage and in interviews, but I always thought she took them off to perform. Now I know differently and will try harder to catch Norah in concert next time she is in town.

Bohsephia 02 May 2006, 01:22

on an (cringe) American Idol episode ( US march 8th , i think about 14 people left and boys were performing) Randy jackson was wearing semi-rimless, Black, thick temple/arms kind of cats eye effect above temple. personally i think they were slightly flamboyant for him but i would love to know what brand and what their called ect. if anybody knows...or cares...


Bohsephia 02 May 2006, 01:15

gwg, the 'leanne rymes' glasses look identicle to a pair by LaFont called jasmine, i have the same face shape their my Perfect glasses hehe.

Dave 01 May 2006, 15:46

Dave 01 May 2006, 14:03

here's one of Nora Jones that hasn't been posted here before:

And here's one that has been posted:

fdgd 25 Apr 2006, 04:15

Does anyone have any pictures of Mylene Klass wearing specs?

kisal 19 Apr 2006, 18:19

Thanks, Pana.

pana 19 Apr 2006, 07:05

pana 19 Apr 2006, 07:04

gwgs 19 Apr 2006, 00:48

Hi Kisal

I can't remember where I found it, I did a search on Google for Leann Rimes music video + the title of her song

 18 Apr 2006, 16:55


kisal 09 Apr 2006, 06:34

Wow, gwgs, that's quite an impressive video you captured. You said you found it online -- can you please point us to the URL. I didn't see this one available for purchase on iTunes.


gwgs 09 Apr 2006, 01:36

Found a very small version of it online, here are caps I've done;

gwgs 09 Apr 2006, 01:19

She was on Cribs once wearing wire rimmed spex which almost made me jump out of my seat.

Looked like about -3.

 08 Apr 2006, 08:28

Leanne Rimes' new music video shows her wear wearing glasses. She is singing 'Something's got to give'. Is Leanne a GWG?

Woody 03 Apr 2006, 13:49

I picked some pics out:

Click for a larger one!!

Woody 03 Apr 2006, 13:47

It's very slow, but some new pics of Loes of Boilersuit!! Nice pics, nice glasses!!

Phil 03 Apr 2006, 09:28

Lesley Garrett is indeed an insufferable woman. But I love those specs. And she is rather attractive if she keeps her mouth shut. I wonder why she's taken up as a gwg at 50. Maybe there was some latent hyperopia there which surfaced as she became presbyopic. Quite nice for the middle aged among us how our female contemporaries pile into specs in their 40s and 50. I was always a "minus" man myself! But I must confess that reading specs, and plus lenses generally, are growing on me with age!!

ehpc 01 Apr 2006, 10:11

Assuming that last post was for me.............I don't. I merely sign my posts. Pete

Sandy 01 Apr 2006, 03:37

echp, why do you talk about yourself in the third person?

Oscar 31 Mar 2006, 17:33

Lentifan – you put it very well, I think! I find her very irritating indeed on the TV.

I've heard her sing quite a lot in the past (at English National Opera, where she was a decent company soloist for quite a while before "stardom" overcame her), including some big roles, notably Strauss's "Salome". She went off the boil rather after that, and moved into recording discs of predictable operatic favourites and not doing much else.

lentifan 31 Mar 2006, 15:03

Completely off topic, but apropos Ms Garrett:

I do not comment on her singing ability and she may be saintly in her private life, but, based on her media persona she is a pain in the arse. Or am I the only one allergic to her relentless jokiness and self-regard?

ehpc 31 Mar 2006, 14:59

Actually I have never heard her sing. Pete

Hansel 31 Mar 2006, 07:30

"Ms Garrett has the range of a soprano." said Hansel, (not one of Ms Garrett's fans!) ;-)

ehpc 31 Mar 2006, 06:53

Pete is the real name of ehpc. Lesley Garrett is a soprano. Pete

Sandy 31 Mar 2006, 04:13

I still don't know who Lesley Garrett is.

ehpc... who is Pete??

ehpc 30 Mar 2006, 10:22

Shame on you:) Pete

gwgs 30 Mar 2006, 07:32

I didn't even know who this Lesley Garratt was until today.

Profile -

Maverick 30 Mar 2006, 05:04

Phil : Lesley Garrett appears to have gone full time.She wore them all the time on 'Countdown' the other week, where in the past she has only used them to read.

I just this minute flicked the TV over to 'Loose Women' (a prog I hasten to add I usually avoid like the plague!)where she is a regular and, yes, she was on and wearing her red framed glasses.

She is long sighted not myopic, by the way.

Phil 30 Mar 2006, 00:02

Saw photo of Lesley Garrett in Hello wearing an outrageously lovely pair of red square-framed specs. I didn't know she was a gwg! She's same age as me so it could be presbyopia. But if she's fulltime it's more likely to be hyperopia or even previously uncorrected myopia? Anyone know? Whatever the lenses she looked yummy. Odd how so many people take up specs for myopia around age of presbyopia. Maybe they get sorted by optician for first time when problems become more complex than just a bit of blur in the distance.

Anime Fan 25 Mar 2006, 21:54

Lisa's new show is #1 Single

Videos of the show at

Dave 25 Mar 2006, 14:12

Here are a couple recent Getty Images. Nice cut in but not what I would expect even at -5.75

Guest 25 Mar 2006, 10:13

Is that Lisa Loeb show going to be rerun anytime soon? What is its name? I think it was on E!

gwgs 25 Mar 2006, 02:47

Name is B - a few years ago Lisa (Loeb) said in an interview that she was -5.75. Given that was in 2002, I would think if her prescription has increased now that she would be above -6, could be even -7!!

Curt 23 Mar 2006, 13:19

Wally: There were a few fakes going around a few years ago - I have copies of them on my computer at home. They were not even very good fakes at that. I have not seen any real pictures of her with specs, however.

name is B but call me T 23 Mar 2006, 11:56

Saw Lisa Lobe on that TV dating show, whatever. she took off her glasses to try on her dates glasses. His were a low minus -1 or -2. she said she could not see with his glasses on. She gave them back and was trying to see without any glasses on and she said she's "nearly blind without her glasses". Then she put her own glasses back on. I then noticed there is a lot of "cut in" in her lenses. Her glasses seem to be (minus) -6 at least.

Wally 23 Mar 2006, 09:45

Does anyone have photos of Sheryl Crow wearing glasses? I read somewhere a long time ago that she needed them, but have not found anything on the web. Thanks...

 20 Mar 2006, 01:30

Has anyone seen (or know) if Carrie Underwood wears glasses?? Just curious. Thanks

hank 16 Mar 2006, 12:06

wish that Joss Stone pic was bigger...

she's pretty.

Karen X 16 Mar 2006, 09:52

Recent photo of Joss Stone wearing glasses

Ted 07 Mar 2006, 06:41

Kelly ana Anastacia talk about their Lasik procedures.

76 27 Feb 2006, 01:41

Any pictures of Kylie and Kelly Clarkson anyone?

 26 Feb 2006, 08:07

from a british band call Fight, the girl is K8

gwgs 24 Feb 2006, 06:26

HaHaHa, copied the wrong link :(

That should work now

Curt 24 Feb 2006, 05:17

I gonna go way out on a limb here and guess that is NOT Madonna!

gwgs 24 Feb 2006, 04:42

Just posted a few photos of Madonna wearing spex on my site;

bob 17 Feb 2006, 04:24

Have found the pictures on gettyimages, they are well worth a look

bob 17 Feb 2006, 04:12

Anyone see yesterdays sun newspaper? Was a nice picture of cheryl tweedy from girls aloud wearing glasses, when going out for a valentines meal.

gwgs 15 Feb 2006, 02:23

56 caps I've just done of the delicious Lisa Loeb are here;

Tod 14 Feb 2006, 13:59

Tessie Brunet

56 06 Feb 2006, 02:10

Does anyone have any pictures of Kylie Minogue wearing glasses?

kisal 27 Jan 2006, 18:45

Hey folks! The best new show on TV is "#! Single" starring Lisa Loeb in a reality dating show on the E! cable network. But even if you don't have cable or you're not in the US, you can capture several gorgeous minutes at the website: It's really quite nice. Perhaps someone with the technology can grab some screen captures from an upcoming episode.

Wei 05 Jan 2006, 04:35

Here is information of Su Pollard recordings

anastacia 30 Dec 2005, 06:52

anastacia 30 Dec 2005, 06:51

a 21 Dec 2005, 20:10

does any one have pics of aubrey o'day from making the band

leelee 20 Dec 2005, 06:29

small amounts of astigmatism and dissimilarities between eyes can be very problematic for some people, especially if they have any other issues going on like any phorias, or even a tendency to migrains or headaches or even just stress in general.

If someone gets glasses that don't help anything, then they will eventually get rid of them. But no harm in trying if you have something you are trying to fix. And then there are just people who maybe just like glasses, or want the added protection of having lenses in front of their eyes. If nothing else, they help with UV protection!

 20 Dec 2005, 01:25

Chris asks "Why the hell do people wear glasses with such an insignificant rx?"

Answer: Some just plain like how they look in them and for others it's a fetish.

Vic 19 Dec 2005, 23:02

I cant tell by looking at Joss's glasses they look pretty thin so must be a low RX

Julian 19 Dec 2005, 04:31

All this year I've had a calendar in one room with photos of the YOUNG Cliff Richard...a priceless collection of myopic stares, no sign of his glasses in any of them.

Chris 03 Dec 2005, 07:48

Strange world we live in where it's fashionable to wear a medical appliance. I do agree she looks stunning but in my opinion no more so than she does without glasses

00 02 Dec 2005, 15:19

Fashion, and why not. She looks stunning!

Chris 02 Dec 2005, 13:41

My guess as to Joss's prescription is OD 0.0 sph 0.0 cyl 0 axis o.o add, OS ditto. Why the hell do people wear glasses with such an insignificant rx?

Karen X 02 Dec 2005, 11:57

I didn't know Joss Stone wore glasses. Has she just got them?

steve polychronopolis 30 Nov 2005, 23:45

that is realy great I think Joss stone is hot!!!!

billy 30 Nov 2005, 13:27

Great pictures!! Any guesses to her prescription?

FaNaTiKX 30 Nov 2005, 12:40

more Joss Stone

gwgs 30 Nov 2005, 06:49

Nice one Mav.

Maverick 30 Nov 2005, 05:44

Scan of a Joss Stone wearing glasses from todays Daily Mirror (UK).

Sorry quality is a bit ropey, the original was not great......

girq 28 Nov 2005, 16:45

Wow!! Britney.

I love her a lot, an awsome GWG.

But I wouldn't consider her a musician, just a smoking GWG.

girq 28 Nov 2005, 16:45

Wow!! Britney.

I love her a lot, an awsome GWG.

But I wouldn't consider her a musician, just a smoking GWG.

gwgs 28 Nov 2005, 11:31

What a madam

 28 Nov 2005, 11:27

Video of Britney Spears wearing glasses (and getting irritated by papparazzi)

Ol' Blue Eyes 28 Nov 2005, 04:49

Some new pictures (for me) on

Kokopelli 20 Nov 2005, 09:59

Country/Swing singer Elizabeth Mcqueen.

Vic 17 Nov 2005, 17:27

I reckon Beyonce would look really nice in glasses

Beyonce Fantasy 17 Nov 2005, 14:51

I read in an interview awhile back that Beyonce has a thing for glasses and has always wanted to wear glasses. That always stuck with me as quite erotic. Does anyone know if she ever started wearing glasses? Any pictures?

gwgs 11 Nov 2005, 00:58

Great find, nice to see she dressed up for the ocassion!

James 10 Nov 2005, 15:57

Britney has finally gone back to specs! its about time!

gwgs 10 Nov 2005, 06:23

Maybe she could starting doing a bit of GOC if she gets bored with her planos :) (very big grin in anticipation!)

Nick 09 Nov 2005, 15:31

Saw Anastacia on GMTV This Morning and she was wearing glasses , but they looked plano , these are sad times !

 01 Nov 2005, 03:49

She doesn't. Not ever.

 31 Oct 2005, 09:16

 31 Oct 2005, 09:08

Does anione know if Lindsay lohan wears glasses?????

 31 Oct 2005, 08:39

About the fourth paragraph down.,,2099-1825959_2,00.html

Oh well...

 31 Oct 2005, 08:30

gwgs 31 Oct 2005, 00:51

I heard from g/f a while ago that someone told her she needed to ditch the spex in order to "break" the States.

God knows who gave her this stupid comment as you just have to name Lisa Loeb who is a fantastic spex wearer to know this comment isn't true.

She obviously took it on board though :(

Lazysiow 30 Oct 2005, 12:56

it's a pity, I don't think she's half as pretty without them.

Anyone know a source for her full Sick and Tired video, thats the only time I've ever seen her where regular glasses and not disguised as shades. Se looks quite good too. I wanted to deck the guy beating on her.

guest 30 Oct 2005, 00:45

Went to the anastacia website and saw photos of her w/o glasses(gasp! horror)

Guess she really might have eye surgery!!

 28 Oct 2005, 09:30

Does anione know if Lindsay lohan wears glasses?????

AtropinLover 24 Oct 2005, 06:02

Oh nooo! Sure Anastacia had lasik surgery? ...hope this isn´t true, ohnoo! :(

gwgs 24 Oct 2005, 03:06

Read an article with Anastacia yesterday, there were several references in it to her glasses.

One of them said she needed glasses badly as her eyesight was "extremely bad", one of other quoted mentioned "her thick lenses often protuded outside of her frames as she couldn't see without her stylish collection of glasses."

One thing disappointed me though; towards the end of the article the journalist mentions she had laser eye surgery and asks Anastacia about it. She responds "it's great, now i can see everything really clearly but i still like to wear glasses occasionly".

What a girl!

 23 Oct 2005, 02:00

anyone have pics of the finland shouting choir. saw them on eurovision yesterday and about 70% wear glasses

Wei 14 Oct 2005, 11:06

Yes I also wish see picture of wooden frame.

woodframes blow 13 Oct 2005, 00:41

oooo the vice president owns a pair!!!! He is probably the only one who would waste $900.00 on something like frames, damn republicans

guest 12 Oct 2005, 19:38

Can we see pics of some of these wood frames?

Therouteur 12 Oct 2005, 14:58

But not today thank you (he says as he kicks away the foot which is blocking the door). I gave at the office.

Therouteur 12 Oct 2005, 14:56

Hey, this dude can sell!!

woodframes 12 Oct 2005, 14:01

In fact, I wasn't going to reveal this, but the Vice-President of the United States owns a pair of my frames.

woodframes 12 Oct 2005, 13:58

On the contrary, it's you people who have a problem, walking around in your cheap wire or plastic frames.

Thank God for West Hollywood and the Hamptons, where my customers know the value of a lavishly-tooled wooden frame and aren't prepared to disfigure their faces with Lenscrafter's semi-rimless or whatever the latest fashion is in Hoboken or Des Moines.

Hansel 12 Oct 2005, 13:37

"Well, if you guys are such losers that you can't afford to spend $900 on something as important as glasses frames, that's not my problem"

If the majority of people on the board, who are interested in all aspects of optics, including frame styles, would appear not to think that these frames represent value for money, surely as the manufacturer, you do have a problem.

woodframes 12 Oct 2005, 12:52

Well, if you guys are such losers that you can't afford to spend $900 on something as important as glasses frames, that's not my problem.

cementframes 12 Oct 2005, 08:27

woodframes: 900-dollar frames from a 9-IQ moron

Puffin 12 Oct 2005, 07:35

I'm glad I don't need them.

woodframes 12 Oct 2005, 07:05

I forgot to say that my hand-carved frames cost only $900 a pair - not expensive when you consider all the work that goes into them.

Wim 11 Oct 2005, 14:56

Norah Jones..

woodframes. 10 Oct 2005, 15:58

to burger box.

how could you compare individually hand carved wooden frames to McGlasses? Dont you think all the brands you buy in the glasses stores are a bit more McHanized? All the same, made over in millions of the same fabrication, then stamped with a label so suckers will lust after them. Sounds a bit more burger than frames which are considered as art by a few galleries. Just my thoughts though.

Good Day.

burger-box frames 09 Oct 2005, 11:33

Good day,

I am a maker of hand carved McDonalds wrappers glasses, each being specific in design and construction to the desires of the customer. I personally pick all my burger boxes to ensure uniqueness and quality. If anyone is interested in a one in a kind pair of stinking, cheap eyewear, feel free to contact me as we could discuss further the possibilities of custom garbage frames.

kisal 09 Oct 2005, 06:27

Hey y'all. Check out this lovely singer/songwriter from the Pacific Northwest (USA) -- Laura Veirs: She's a full-time GWG with a great voice and sound. She sounds like Suzanne Vega and looks like Lisa Loeb. The pics and videos on the site are a bit disappointing: small and grainy, but the video for "Galaxies" is pretty nice. I first heard about her because she is the daughter of one of my old college physics professors.

There's also a great picture of her at

Corncob Frames 08 Oct 2005, 23:36

Good Day

I am a maker of eyeglass frames from dried corncobs. They are very practical and fashionable. Cheap too. E-mail me at

Sam the Scarecrow

Therouteur 08 Oct 2005, 16:03

"Wanking ass". A delicate metaphor, doubtlessly extended to the delicatesse of the carving work.......

Eggbox frames 08 Oct 2005, 14:45

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 08 Oct 2005, 13:55

Hey Fred Flintstone you only need to post your ad in once.

 08 Oct 2005, 13:55

Walks like a duck....Quacks like a duck

woodframes 08 Oct 2005, 12:48

im not a spammer per se, just a person trying to connect with people who can appreciate beauty upon their bridge. unlike your wanking ass i suppose.

spammer alert 08 Oct 2005, 07:52

F off Spammer.

Please delete these comments whoever is in charge here.

woodframes 07 Oct 2005, 21:41

Good day,

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Scott Urban

Chris 05 Oct 2005, 14:28

Look for Kym Marsh at

DWV 03 Oct 2005, 20:56

Er, that would be at

or at some point in the future at their website

DWV 03 Oct 2005, 20:54

If those links don't work, check out the Photos section of the "Parlour Steps" website for pictures of bass player Julie Bavalis.

Phil 03 Oct 2005, 08:25

Nicky, I got my question answered!! How cool was that?

Nicky 03 Oct 2005, 08:17

Looks as Charlotte Church could be an obsessive

Do you wear glasses? Phil, London

I used to when I was younger, but now I've stopped. I fancied a pair of glasses when I was younger so I said: "I can't see the A!" And they gave me really strong glasses, but after six months I was getting chronic headaches.

 30 Sep 2005, 12:28

Does anyone have a list (or know of a website that has a list) of girls who wear glasses in music videos? Thanks

Mark 18 Sep 2005, 10:31

Apparently Charlotte Church needs glasses - has any got any pics of her?

Wei 06 Sep 2005, 13:56

Is -11 must be highest index then I think, lens look thin for -11.

block party fan 06 Sep 2005, 11:54

The guy from bloc party is actually -11 and describes himself as so blind that he can't find his glasses in the morning!

 06 Sep 2005, 01:05

specs4ever 05 Sep 2005, 20:27

I think you are pretty close Wei with -7D.

Hey, has anyone listened to that Joe Nichols C & W song - Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off? Cute song, especially the line "drops her contact down the sink"

Wei 05 Sep 2005, 01:05

Glasses is quite thick. Rx is -7?

 04 Sep 2005, 23:28

 20 Aug 2005, 06:04

where s that

 19 Aug 2005, 08:20

yes, photos circa 1992, round with silver trim.

Corbis No: #5938589403

 19 Aug 2005, 08:10


Guest 19 Aug 2005, 07:36

Now or before?

 19 Aug 2005, 04:43

Does anibodi now if gwen stefani wears glasses???????

 23 Jul 2005, 20:29

see pictures (venus hum) :

kisal 15 Jul 2005, 17:29

She does!!!!

Check out

and see pictures of the beautiful

Annette Strean. Unfortunately the video

link on the page is broken.

kisal 15 Jul 2005, 17:22

Fabulous video featuring Annette Strean of Venus Hum. I have no idea whether she regularly wears specs, but she has them on throughout the video:

 08 Jul 2005, 22:32

1 More:

oscar 08 Jul 2005, 18:02

Wow. Laura is fabulous in glasses.

 08 Jul 2005, 17:36


 08 Jul 2005, 17:01


 08 Jul 2005, 16:36

Laura Pausini!


r/x 05 Jul 2005, 01:13

I blew up the pic and only saw racooning.

 05 Jul 2005, 00:37

If you squint at the Mariah photo you can almost make out rimless hexi spex!

 04 Jul 2005, 15:53


john7 04 Jul 2005, 12:42

Is Mariah wearing glasses in this pic?

(*) 29 Jun 2005, 20:32

This girl from the punk band Go Betty Go is smokin. She is even hotter in person:

 18 Jun 2005, 10:13

Therouteur 15 Jun 2005, 16:54

She lives very near here when she's in town. I saw her once wearing glasses but never any photos.

Alm 15 Jun 2005, 06:27

Any picturers of Natalie Imbruglia with glasses?

gwgs 13 Jun 2005, 00:55

Nice find guys, especially Smudgeur - i've been on the lookout for celeb spex auctions for years.

oscar 11 Jun 2005, 13:31

She's very nice. I specially liked this pic:

Kokopelli 11 Jun 2005, 12:39

In my opinion a lovely gwg singer guitar player.

Click on "foto's"

chessfan 06 Jun 2005, 02:54

A wonderful picture of a singer and songwriter:

See also:

Smudgeur 06 Jun 2005, 02:37

There is a German pop-star called Jeanette Beidermann (often described as a German Brittney Spears!) who is auctioning 6 pairs of glasses for charity on eBay. The price has gone quite high on most of them, but each is accompanied by a hand written note from her about the frames, a note of her exact prescription and a picture of her wearing them. Well worth a look.

gwgs 06 Jun 2005, 00:55


"C. Britney has poor eyesight. Our early ancestors relied on keen eyesight to avoid predators and locate food. Weak visual acuity doomed individuals to early death or reliance on the kindness of others. Britney Spears requires corrective lenses to improve her eyesight. Eyeglasses detract from her overall appearance and indicate that her descendants will most likely stumble about half-blind as they attempt to avoid hungry lions and vicious, man-eating elephants in the forest primeval!"

The bit that is the funniest is where it says "Eyeglasses detract from her appearance"

Err, no they don't!!! They significantly add to it.

Geez Lousie 05 Jun 2005, 15:03

I never much liked Ms Spears before, but now I think I might have a bit nicer feeling for her!

tim 05 Jun 2005, 14:49

the person who wrote this must be mad!! it lists the reasons why people should hate britney spears with one of his points being that she has bad eyesight

anyone guess at her rx? not seen her wear her specs for a while now. contacts all the time maybe? or just tolerating the blur?

Eric 30 May 2005, 07:39

This topic used to be hot but now its so bare.........Are there really so few musicians who wear glasses nowadays? So Sadddddd....

gwgs 20 May 2005, 01:34

As i have said in other forums, i wish Kylie the best of luck with her cancer treatment and hope she recovers 100% from it.

Good luck K.

Hansel 19 May 2005, 15:10

As Kylie has given many on here the chance for specs speculation, I am sure we all wish her cancer treatment to be completely successful....

and also hope she doesn't have LASIK whilst she's in hospital. ;-)

 18 May 2005, 14:41

anyone have photos of lauri from the rasmus wearing glasses

Ian 09 May 2005, 07:53

I went last night to see irish singer Cara Dillon. I found her very attractive. Does anyone know if she needs glasses. I cant find any pics of her on the web??? Please help! Glasses would make her extremely attractive.

Julian 09 May 2005, 02:28

Yes, I'd have thought John Lennon's Rx was a lot more than -2. In his introduction to 'John Lennon in his own write' Paul McCartney wrote about their early acquaintance and said something like:

Was he deep? He wore glasses so it was possible, and without them there was no holding him. "What bus?" he would say, to roars of delighted laughter.

justme 08 May 2005, 23:40

Lennon described himself as 'blind' without his glasses- he wore them from quite a small child( he and his ex wife Cynthia had similarly poor eyesight- it's how they got together in college, everyone testing how far they could see.He also wore hard contacts for some time before 'outing' himself in public. Though I don't know I would say his prescription was considerably higher than -2, there are lots of pics out there through the years, both his sons are also shortsighted.

LG 08 May 2005, 18:04

Contacts in the 60's were known as "hard lenses" and were about $400 per pair. They were very uncomfortable. My sister, who is about -7, got them in 64. PITA !! As they did not flex, any tiny grain of anything resulted in a scratched cornea. Most people, like Lennon, would probably prefer to go bare eyed at -2. As his focus was his music, most of his activities would be occurring within 2 feet of his face. (Trust me, on stage, you don't see anything beyond the front of the stage anyway!) Another factor is the progressive nature of most myopia. It could very well be that he did not develop that Rx until he was in his 20's.

Tim 08 May 2005, 16:08

Do any of you have any idea what John Lennon's prescription might have been? I'd guess -2 but I'm not sure if I can tell from his glasses. Old glasses tend to look thick even if they are not strong. But more interesting would be to know if he used contact lenses before going public with his glasses? I really have no idea how common contact lenses where back in the sixties. Maybe it was more normal to go around in a haze if you weren't very nearsighted (and Lennon probably wasn't).

Edward 07 May 2005, 12:54

Does anyone know the prescriptions of the boys on this season of

american idol or ryan seacrest

Terri 07 May 2005, 09:58

I'm sure someone has asked before (but my computer goes funny when I click on "View all posts") what do you estimate Kylie Minogues prescription to be? Also any links to good photos of her in glasses?

Guest 04 May 2005, 11:49

Do a Google image search for Amy X Neuburg. You might like what you see.

SLB 22 Apr 2005, 14:42

Its the same effect with cameras - for a given focus the smaller the aperture the greater the depth of field about that focus point - squinting is effectivly just reducing the aperture.

daffy 21 Apr 2005, 17:51

gwgs - i discovered that too. That's how pin-hole glasses work. I remember a little about the physics of why it works, but don't have time (if you're wondering).

gwgs 21 Apr 2005, 08:51

Guest - here's a quote i took off a Lisa Loeb site years ago, as you are aware, most spec wearers prescription increases over time so she is more than likely to be - as you say - nearer -6 or even higher now :)


So, what's the prescription on those bad boys? Are we talking legally blind? Would you know a loved one past 5 feet?

Does squinting really help myopics or is it just an endearing way to tell us sighted people you have no idea what we're

showing you?


Squinting does help to a certain extent. Also, making a tiny triangle- 1mm x 1mm with your fingers and looking

through it also helps (seriously). My prescription is -4.75 +0.50 x 8 in my right eye, and -5.75 + 0.50 x 24 in my left..

Guest 21 Apr 2005, 08:47

That same site also has pictures of Lisa Loeb. Any guesses as to her Rx? I think about -6. I've heard that her hunky boyfriend Dweezil Zappa also wears glasses. Has anyone ever seen him in glasses? If so, what is his Rx?

gwgs 21 Apr 2005, 07:56

Yep, they all wear spex, and are hot!

They're not called Corr for nothing!

Carlos 21 Apr 2005, 05:10

Very nice pictures of Andra Corr on Andrea is really gorgeous.But I think that on two picures there suppose to be also Sharon Corr and Caroline Corr Does it mean that all sisters wear glasses?What do you think? More pictures?

 20 Apr 2005, 19:51

Hay anyone seen any Mandy Moore pictures with her wearing glasses? I was looking to find some vidcaps from the Original Sin music video, but couldn't find any.

Mark 14 Apr 2005, 04:49

I was thinking this as well Jamie.

We haven't seen her in spex for a while, and sometimes during pregnancy womens eyesight gets worse.

Lets see her in -8's


jamie 13 Apr 2005, 09:48

britney spears is pregnant!!! we know she wears glasses and hopefully as her pregnancy progresses she won't be able to tolerate contact lenses any more as many women can't during pregnancy and will switch to glasses full time!! this is assuming that she wears contacts and isn't just an occasional glasses wearer. we can only hope!!

 29 Mar 2005, 11:33

Dave 25 Mar 2005, 12:05

Filthy McNasty 15 Mar 2005, 08:08

Very cute.

Redtail 14 Mar 2005, 18:35

It's nice to see that Gracia has her Optic Obsessive weekly close at hand:

 14 Mar 2005, 18:08

direct pic...

 14 Mar 2005, 18:07

gordon moake from bloc part amazing sex god in specs

Anime Fan 08 Mar 2005, 17:43

A lot more gracia

Fuzzy 07 Mar 2005, 14:38

more Gracia

wireslover 07 Mar 2005, 11:17

Hopefully Garcia will update her site soon and post more pics of those delicious rimless specs,they really show off her lovely high minus prescription.No lasik please!

ehpc 07 Mar 2005, 08:00

That is a great video. Always something extremely sexy about watching a girl put her glasses on first thing in the morning.Pete

Fred 07 Mar 2005, 07:49

Thanks for this nice post Jan! Do you know of any other pictures where she is wearing these glasses? There are a lot where she is wearing her old glasses:

and go to "bilder". There are also videos. I give a link to one of the nicest ones:

Do you think one can find the interview where she says something about her glasses somewhere on the web?

Filthy McNasty 07 Mar 2005, 07:48

Gracia is the hottest girl I've seen on here in a long time.

 07 Mar 2005, 06:10

More on Gracia's glasses:

Ohne Brille ist Gracia aufgeschmissen (Stärke 6). Bei den Auftritten trägt sie Kontaktlinsen, die sie aber auf Dauer nicht verträgt.

- Infos über Gracia's Brille:

Die Marke heißt MAX

Die Modellnummer ist 5309

Gekauft in München bei Karl Billard "Augenoptiker am Gärtnerplatz"

Jan 07 Mar 2005, 02:58

german "teenidol" bzw. "popstars" runnerup Gracia Baur. She said in an interview that her RX was around -6.

 26 Feb 2005, 09:40

Sure, Shannon is cute, but as a guy that prefers guys in glasses, I find bearded Yann, cuter. His glasses are also stronger that any of the McDade family members.

I clicked to enlarge some of those Montreal pictures and was happy to see Jeremiah McDade's contacts. I then clicked around the rest of the site in search of pictures of him in glasses. Unfortunately, like his brother and sister, he too, wears a very weak prescription.

kisal 26 Feb 2005, 06:35

Found a very cute Canadian GWG fiddler named Shannon Johnson (not to be confused with the WNBA player of the same name, who is not, to the best of my knowledge, a GWG). Shannon the musician plays for a band called the McDades:

You can find some nice pictures in the Photo Gallery, especially the Montreal photo shoot.

Ted 22 Feb 2005, 06:27

Curt,I spent ages looking for pictures of Toby in glasses but also found nothing.There may be some pictures coming up today on Getty Images also there may be some pictures and explanation of wearing glasses on her web site, when it is updated.

Ted.Quite attractive.

Curt 22 Feb 2005, 05:41

Ted: I think you are correct --- it was Toby Lightman. It says on her web page that she would be performing "Rocky Mountain High" in the pregame. It is strange that her web page contains no photos of her with glasses, however. I wonder if she lost/ruined a contact lens and had to wear glasses instead. They look like a fairly strong + prescription. Hopefully, we will see more of her...

Ted 21 Feb 2005, 14:04

Dave, do you remember what song she sang?

Dave 21 Feb 2005, 13:18

I never did catch her name. I was hoping someone here might know.

Ted 21 Feb 2005, 10:53

Could it possibly be Toby Lightman a 26 year old F/country singer who performed John Denvers hit Rocky Mountain High? Anyone have any other ideas.

Curt 21 Feb 2005, 07:53

Dave: Thanks for the pix! I noticed her too...any idea what her name is???

Dave 20 Feb 2005, 17:54

Captured this plus girl singing in the pregame show for today's nba all-star game. There are nine pictures in this folder.

Dave 20 Feb 2005, 14:45

I have it.

Gary 20 Feb 2005, 14:02

Hey, Does anyone know where I can find that Newlyweds Episode where Jessica Simpson gets LASIK?

I got it off of Suprnova a while ago but since then my Hard Disk failed and I had to get rid of it, and since suprnova is gone I dont know where to go!

If not the video, does anyone have Pics of Jessica wearing glasses?


Ted 17 Feb 2005, 11:58

For fans of nsync

not into posting pictures of men but, I remember someone asking for pictures. Judging by the address I presume this guy is in the band.Now back to real musicians Britney, Avril,Jessica, Just joking guys!!!

Julian 15 Feb 2005, 01:23

Fair comment, Chloe.

 14 Feb 2005, 23:09


<a href="">

<img src="" border="0"

alt="Click here to join girlswithglassesSachinT"><br>

Click to join girlswithglassesSachinT</a>


Chloe 14 Feb 2005, 01:58

Their eyesight is bad, sure, but that would still leave them the choice between glasses and contacts. And I guess that in many areas of "showbiz" particularly women are still supposed not to wear glasses. So if they do, this could be interpreted as a sign (the unexpected/unusual creates meaning, semiotically speaking). I assume (or fear) that in many cases it is just a marketing strategy, marketing meaning, among other things, to create differences to comparable "products" (probably, this is true of people such as Anastacia, whose musical style IMHO is pretty mainstream and thus similar to many others, it might not be true of Eddi Reader or Catie Curtis). I do not really believe that Solo have not thought about this (there is at least this one photo of Susanne without glasses). Well, probably they have come to the conclusion that they want to present themselves "just the way they really are" (the quotation marks are supposed to indicate that I doubt the concept), because authenticity is a major theme in their self-presentation (their bios, their lyrics, their music).

Tulip 12 Feb 2005, 02:12


Good job. The SOLO-girl is very, very attractive. Her frame fits very will and it's a good combination with the head shape and her beautiful hair.

Anime Fan 12 Feb 2005, 00:04

Sorry, I was listening to Ashley Allen that day, lol, she rocks, Ashley simpson sucks

Filthy McNasty 11 Feb 2005, 18:37

They are real Rx glasses, no doubt about it. No one wears glasses with that kind of strength unless they're OO or need them. Or both.

 11 Feb 2005, 17:47

I have to agree with Julian on this one. A simple click to enlarge any picture and it's obvious that Erich has some plus power in his glasses and Susanne has some minus power in hers.

Julian 11 Feb 2005, 17:11

You don't think it's just that they both need glasses?

Chloe 11 Feb 2005, 06:42

Interesting couple-qua-musical-duo, oxymoronly called "Solo", both wearing glasses.

I guess the glasses are part of a strategy, creating the image of "the ordinary" for the project (not in a negative sense, but rather in the sense of the "couple next door"). And also to have a cohesive link between the two.

Bird 08 Feb 2005, 14:32

*I meant RX - Not PX!!

Bird 08 Feb 2005, 14:31

Does anybody know what posh spices's PX is? She doesnt seem to wear them all the time - may she wear contacts? Also any ideas about Scary? I heard she had her eyes lasered. Any ideas what her RX was?

Curt 08 Feb 2005, 13:56

anime fan: I think you mean Ashlee Simpson, not Ashlee Allen!!

Alan 08 Feb 2005, 13:17

Emma's glasses in that pic are not real, she said in an interview she did not need glasses!

anime fan 07 Feb 2005, 16:29

While I don't consider Ashley Allen a singer, there was this about her laser surgery

Eric 07 Feb 2005, 15:43

Wow... Matt Tong's glasses really pack a punch!!!!!!!!!!!! That boy is blind as a bat :)

gwgs 07 Feb 2005, 09:41

Anon, they all wear glasses :)

Baby has been seen wearing oval silver rimmed spex before.

Have a look at this collage i made as well as one of the photos of Emma i have;

David 06 Feb 2005, 11:58

I was just checking out Matt Tong - he really is magnificently myopic! Talk about power rings! And really savage cut-in... mmmmm.

Ted 04 Feb 2005, 13:48

Anastacia and others

anon 04 Feb 2005, 12:06

Kylie certainly looks hyperopic judging by her glasses.

Did all the Spice Girls wear glasses? And were they all short sighted? You can see from the Posh Spice photo that she is short sighted and I know that Sporty (Mel C) & Scary (Mel B) Spices are/were short sighted and I think Ginger(Geri) is also short sighted as I've seen her put glasses on to see something clearly in the distance. The only Spice Girl I haven't seen with real glasses is Baby (Emma).

Brian-16 04 Feb 2005, 10:53

Matt Tong Fan -Yes he is very nearsighted up around my rx I guess and cute!

 04 Feb 2005, 10:00

Victoria bechkam

canpaixano 04 Feb 2005, 05:40

is kylie hyperopic? to me it seems like it. anybody knows her prescription?

funny, there are a few really pretty actresses wearing glasses because they're hyperopic, like Demi Moore, Kate Beckinsale and Daryl Hannah. Well, personally I like it!


Matt Tong fan 04 Feb 2005, 04:19

I reckon Matt's in the low double digits - minus 11 or 12. He must be the most short-sighted rock musician around: he couldn't see his drums without his specs. Very cute.

gwgs 03 Feb 2005, 09:24

Hi Karen,

I was going to say that photo has been around for years, but that would be stating the obvious!!

I've always thought those glasses were planos as they're slightly "oversized". Other photos of her with glasses clearly have a prescription but i didn't think these were prescription.

bloc party 03 Feb 2005, 01:54

the seriously shortsighted drummer matt tong: any guesses to his rx?

Karen X 01 Feb 2005, 14:08

I have seen an old photo of Kylie wearing glasses. The photo was taken around 1993/4 and she is wearing glasses that were quite fashionable at the time - largeish metal frames. They seem very big compared to her current frames - small delicate ovals in wire.

It's difficult to work out the strength of the lenses as she is facing the person who took the photo and you can't see the sides of her face through the lenses to work out the magnification. Her eyes do look big but this may be my imagination. They are probably weaker than her current glasses but strong enough for her to wear them (probably) instead of contacts. I didn't know she had been wearing glasses for so many years.

If you want to see the picture go to (you will have to register as it's a username + password site). When you have registered go to Kylie Picture Post and click on the topic subject "Glasses" (I actually started the thread to request photos of Kylie in her glasses). There are some nice pics of Kylie in her prescription glasses but also several of her in sunglasses. The old photo is near the bottom of page 2.

Filthy McNasty 30 Jan 2005, 13:09

At least nominally a musician, uber-babe Melanie Blatt of All Saints uses a set of thick frames to good effect in this picture:

 29 Jan 2005, 18:04

It's your imagination. :-)

myopicmax 29 Jan 2005, 00:43

Is it my imagination or are alicia lenses quite strong.

 28 Jan 2005, 04:35

 22 Jan 2005, 04:21

I saw Jenifer Lopez's new video clip to her new song (think its called "Get Right" - or something like that - correct me if i'm wrong). She plays a few charaters on the video clip. One of them she has a bob-cut hair-do and wearing glasses. They are plano, but still, quite nice to see.

 22 Jan 2005, 04:15

I saw Jenifer Lopez's new video clip to her new song (think its called "Get Right" - or something like that - correct me if i'm wrong). She plays a few charaters on the video clip. One of them she has a bob-cut hair-do and wearing glasses. They are plano, but still, quite nice to see.

AtropinEyes 22 Jan 2005, 00:50

Damn, they both had lasik,- her lasik was shown in a show on mtv i saw some months ago.

NYC O^O 21 Jan 2005, 21:24

Not nearly as myopic as her sister Jessica used to be (~-8.00).

 21 Jan 2005, 19:35

Ashlee in glasses

Wolfgang 19 Jan 2005, 21:35

Ashlee Simson wears contacs........

I saw a Paoster in a German Magazine, where you can see that Ashlee Simpson wears contacs...

Have anyone pics in glasses from her???

Katy 17 Jan 2005, 15:25

Wow Robin - brilliant picture! :-)

Myopeman 17 Jan 2005, 14:40

Awesome! Matt Tong's glasses must be just about the strongest in the music business...

Robin 17 Jan 2005, 07:15

Matt's glasses!

 17 Jan 2005, 06:55

do anyone have pictures of gwen stefani in glss

stefan 16 Jan 2005, 03:09

Friends - check out this French singer; quite a character and, to me at least, a stunning lady!

spexy 14 Jan 2005, 08:22

Do you have any more pictures of preluders, as they look very nice in glasses

Jan 14 Jan 2005, 04:34

German Girlband "Preluders" (Stupid name) at a charityevent: Contacts prohibited???

eric 10 Jan 2005, 02:32

Is Matt into double digits? Looks like that to me.

Julian 09 Jan 2005, 11:36 you say Matt's myopia is spectacular, but you didn't mention that he's one of three spexy guys in the band...though whether the others perform in glasses is another question. Nice.

Love and kisses, Jules.

Myopeman 09 Jan 2005, 10:27

There's a British band called blocparty, with an amazingly myopic drummer.

click on Band, then picture gallery, then scroll down to "Matt off duty" and click on that. Minus heaven.

Myopeman 09 Jan 2005, 10:12

I've seen quite a few pics of Will Young taken from that photoshoot - there's no doubt that he's wearing a very mild minus Rx; you can even see a couple of power rings in places. Driving glasses, basically.

Katy 09 Jan 2005, 06:21

Ok have found one :

Found a couple of other pics while I was at it.. can't resist :-) Any guesses as to rx?

Katy 09 Jan 2005, 05:46

Julian - I have a poster of the gorgeous LTJ Bukem with frames just like those, but in black plastic. They look great on him.. will try & find a link :-)

Julian 08 Jan 2005, 23:35


Julian 08 Jan 2005, 22:48

With that background it's difficult to tell about the Rx, but the second pic shows some distortion - low minus? cylinder? The frames are certainly curious; never seen that sort before but I suppose somebody was bound to dream up that design eventually.

Love and kisses, Jules.

VisitBoy 08 Jan 2005, 05:04

I've looked a bit more, and found these, but I'm sure there isn't a prescription there. Not my kinda frame either. :(

VisitBoy 08 Jan 2005, 04:41

Does anyone have any photos of Will Young wearing glasses? This link suggests that he has worn them, but I can't get the pics.

 30 Dec 2004, 09:52

does anione have any pics of britney

eric 21 Dec 2004, 14:56

I'd say -6 or -7, which still means one hell of a blur when you wake up in the morning. I wouldn't mind waking up next to Clay and watch him fumble for his specs :)

Eclipse 21 Dec 2004, 14:49

I'm sure other people here are far better at guessing than me but I'll guess -8 based on there being far more than my -4 lens manages.

eric 21 Dec 2004, 07:05

Wow, great pic. I wonder how close Clay would have to hold those books if he tried to read them without his specs? Any guesses as to his Rx?

Eclipse 21 Dec 2004, 06:44

Some serious cut-in in this picture of Clay Aiken:

eric 21 Dec 2004, 06:41

I don't think Elton induced his myopia from nothing. In various places I've read that he needed glasses to see the blackboard, but wore them all the time because he wanted to look like Buddy Holly. His eyes did get worse - up to about -5, I'd guess - but there's no way of telling what degree of this was induced by over-wear.

LikeGlass 20 Dec 2004, 17:24

Interesting that someone would write about Elton John inducing myopia. I was examining his glasses when down at the Hard Rock (some grainy pics I took here- ), and they appeared to be more prism, low index, and thick lens stock, then actually minus in the Rx. There is no doubt that there is correction but it looked like a refract in the -4 or -5 range.

Julian 20 Dec 2004, 17:09

A couple links Electra has asked me to post:

1. mentioning Elvis Presley's vision:,2000.html

2. a writer who reckons Elton John's myopia is induced:

Love and kisses, Jules.

-- 17 Dec 2004, 09:27

Damn, thats Brittany Spears? I thought it was Courtney Love!

 17 Dec 2004, 08:40

maybe this are -lenses but maybe, maybe, maybe. You dorks decide

Val 04 Dec 2004, 14:01 The link for Laura Pausini -

 03 Dec 2004, 15:49

It would help to be able to read Italian. I don't, so I scrolled down to the entry with her last name, clicked on it and VOILA!

 03 Dec 2004, 15:44


 03 Dec 2004, 10:36

Nice pix and video from Italian Singer Laura Pausini today at

Dave 02 Dec 2004, 16:58

To fans of Jennifer Warnes - her site is back up and contains dozens of pictures from throughout her career.

Filthy McNasty 02 Dec 2004, 06:58

Possibly. It could also be the natural curvature of her phony little face. I don't doubt that there is a bit of Rx in there, though. It's just not much.

D-W-V 02 Dec 2004, 01:30

There's some enlargement (the opposite of cut-in), maybe just from cylinder:

 01 Dec 2004, 16:37

Still wondering about this "coming out" of Bono's....

Maverick 01 Dec 2004, 11:30

I'm not that bothered either way about Avril Lavigne, but all I'd say is that she must have some need for correction as she looked to be a full time wearer in her younger days - see the scan I posted a few weeks back.

Whilst the image is too ropey to determine what sort of lenses she had, it certainly could not be argued that they were props at that time in her life!

Curt 01 Dec 2004, 11:14

Yeah: I was also curious how the original poster figured out that they were - power rings, no cut in, no minification of the background.

Avril states that she has astigmatism in her left eye, but I don't think it could be more than 0.5D of cylinder...


eric 01 Dec 2004, 10:38

Sorry, I meant Avril. What do you reckon her VA is - 20/20 or 20/10?

eric 01 Dec 2004, 10:35

On the basis of those pics, I can make a pretty shrew guess as to April's Rx

L: -0.00

R: -0.00

I could be wrong, of course. She could be wearing +0.00 lenses.

Filthy McNasty 01 Dec 2004, 10:27

There is no discernible script in those lenses. This is not to say that there is NO script, but I would bet that any correction is so low that they're essentially props.

 01 Dec 2004, 09:35

avril lavigne with - lenses

fuck you

 26 Nov 2004, 10:17

Does anyone have pics of mariah carey

 25 Nov 2004, 07:07

Yeah, what about Bono? I want to see some pictures!

colin 24 Nov 2004, 14:47

hi! i'm new here. i'd just like to ask anyone for the names of uk male celebs who wear glasses

gwgs 22 Nov 2004, 00:53

Yep, although i only watched the first 10 minutes, i saw Sheila Ferguson wearing rimless ones.

I would expect Appleton to wear them as she is a well known gwg.

Eclipse 21 Nov 2004, 15:21

Does anyone know if Elton John has had the laser surgery he said he was going to about two years ago now? I don't remember ever seeing him without glasses on since then but the dark glasses he was wearing on Children In Need the other day didn't look prescription.

TV alerts for people in the UK:

There has been some brief clips of Sharon Osbourne on X Factor wearing black plastic frames. I couldn't tell the prescription but they didn't look very strong.

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here started tonight and 4 out of 10 celebrities were spotted in the first episode. Joe Pasquale seems to be a full time wearer and I spotted Sheila Ferguson, Natalie Appleton and (I think)Nancy Sorrell briefly.

Julian 16 Nov 2004, 23:31

Mmmm; cool. Serious myopia there.

Love and kisses, Jules.

squinty 16 Nov 2004, 08:50

you have to enter "clay aiken glasses" into the search on that page. Definitly an improvement imho. Much prefer the brown plastic frames for sure.

Sort of makes him look like Seth Green's calmer gentler brother.

don't know if this will work but:

Eclipse 16 Nov 2004, 06:02

Clay Aiken wore a very "obvious" pair of glasses to the American Music Awards. There is a few pictures at:

I've only seen him wearing a much more "discreet" pair of rimless frames before now. One theory I read somewhere was that as he was made to get rid of his glasses when he was on American Idol maybe he is trying to get his look back closer to how it was before and that includes wearing glasses...

kisal 13 Nov 2004, 18:35

FaNaTiKX, those Alicia Keyes pics are fabulous! Isn't the internet a wonderful thing: some photographer can do a photo shoot with a celebrity in New York and we can all enjoy the results in living color.

On the other hand, avoid that Annette Stream link -- it tied up my browser trying to load some streaming video or something and I had to kill the browser to recover.

Maverick 11 Nov 2004, 07:34

Scanned pic from a mag of a young Avril Lavigne in specs.Not the greatest image but at least proves she is a true GWG.

Filthy McNasty 10 Nov 2004, 22:45

Hot plussie Annette Strean - click her pic for large version:

ehpc 10 Nov 2004, 15:39

12.49 glasses for all females:) I am a big fan of thick wide side-pieces with my favourite black plastic frames and minus gorgeous blonde ex-gf Wendy used to wear them................sigh.........Pete

Katy 10 Nov 2004, 15:31

Oh my god - what is this about Bono? He is the sexiest man on the planet already.. if I see him with glasses on I think I will pass out :)

FaNaTiKX 10 Nov 2004, 12:49

More Alicia Keys picture

Eclipse 10 Nov 2004, 12:05

Have I missed something about Bono? Where/how/when did he "come out"?

Curt 10 Nov 2004, 07:50

Hi all: Some good pictures of the sexy Alicia Keyes wearing some chunky black specs on Getty Images today. Can't tell if there is any strength to the lenses, but she does look hot!

Here is a sample:


Electra 10 Nov 2004, 05:51

Just to let you know I DO read this thread, can't normally post to it, (see Feedback for explanation), but I will be doing everything I can to find pics people talk about here for my site.

Hope you're all enjoying seeing Bono "come out". We always knew those shades were covering real lenses, he couldn't fool us! I'll get latest pics from the crazy Irishman up on my site as soon as I can.

Dave 01 Nov 2004, 16:29

Another one of Kelly:

Dave 01 Nov 2004, 16:27

 01 Nov 2004, 03:36

does anyone wanna trade photos of us celebs for uk male celebs in eyeglasses

james 27 Oct 2004, 17:33

does anyone else think britney may have had lasik? she doesnt ever seem to wear her glasses in public anymore. i havent seen any pics of her wearing them in about a year. i hope she hasn't had surgery. she is the best gwg!!!

Karen X 25 Oct 2004, 13:36

Maybe Britney has a similar eyesight problem as Avril Lavigne. It is very difficult to tell what sort of prescription she has.

Alt 25 Oct 2004, 11:20

Britney is definitely plus

 25 Oct 2004, 05:16

Please! Not again!!! Brittany does not wear plus lenses! They are minus all the way...

Plus Fanatic 24 Oct 2004, 12:42

Does any have any info or pics on Britney Spears and her wonderful plus glasses?

Filthy McNasty 23 Oct 2004, 18:32

Video by the tremendously cool Blue Man Group featuring hot plussie Annette Strean from Venus Hum:

Critic 23 Oct 2004, 17:33

Avril is definitely a GWG hottie.

Too bad her songs suck.

 23 Oct 2004, 07:42

More Avril Lavigne wearing glasses (click on the thumbnails for larger pictures)

Melyssa 22 Oct 2004, 08:01

Those pictures from 9/25 of Avril Lavigne wearing glasses remind me of my first pair 40 years ago, except my modified cat's-eyes were brown instead of black, but the bottom part was also clear like her frames. Maybe in 20 years, she'll wear a Diplomat Veronica frame, my first drop-temples. :)

Ted 20 Oct 2004, 07:53

Lisa Loeb was also on the McEnroe show last night. He asked her about her glasses and she said she has poor vision and has been wearing specs since grade seven.She also said she gets asked a lot if they are for show or not.

ano 20 Oct 2004, 07:36

lisa loeb

 16 Oct 2004, 10:10

Are Ashlee Simpsons glasses real? I've been wondering if she is short/near-sighted like her sister. I think she is better looking than Jessica.

Curt 15 Oct 2004, 12:29

There is an okay (not great) picture of Ashlee Simpson wearing specs in this months issue of 2020 Magazine. Here is the link:

Also a shot of Kristen Kruk (sp?) from Smallville wearing specs too.

 14 Oct 2004, 07:10

Here is Fefe Dobson

How much is her rx

qqq 13 Oct 2004, 06:46

Traci Bingham

Does she have - or + lenses

 11 Oct 2004, 11:22

Lisa marie presley

gwgs 11 Oct 2004, 01:15

Must keep my eyes open for that movie then.

The girlfriend always laughs when i watch these poor movies as she says "there can only be one reason why you're watching it..."

HPB 08 Oct 2004, 08:57


Saw a rubbish film on the Horror channel on Sky earlier in the week called Serial Killer. As said rubbish except it stared Lisa Loeb who wore her glasses right through the film. Suddenly this poor movie now rates quite highly.

 07 Oct 2004, 14:00

does anyone have pictures of finnish band the rasmus wearing glasses

Dave 01 Oct 2004, 00:56

Tod 29 Sep 2004, 17:07

What is Avril's Rx?

Astigmatism in one eye? Is that like having a fever in your foot? LOL!

Trevor 29 Sep 2004, 04:00

I never said Miss Spears was a musician,

she's much more awful than Avril

Chris 28 Sep 2004, 23:16

Astigmatism in the right eye?

As to "fake musician":

compared to Mrs. Spears, she's an Mozart.

Trevor 28 Sep 2004, 18:20

I have to agree with the "Fake Musician" comment. Ditto!

not very much talent there.

 28 Sep 2004, 14:31

the fake glasses only compliment the fact that she is a fake musician.

Speximann 28 Sep 2004, 14:12

Thanks Chris for the great Avril pics. Even if her glasses are'nt real, she still looks great!

Ted 28 Sep 2004, 08:20

Re Avril and her glasses. She has astigmatismn in her left eye.

read the article three quarters of the way down.

Ted 28 Sep 2004, 07:09

I saw a "life and times of AL". In one of the still shots of her childhood there was one picture I'm guessing age nine where she had on glasses. Picture quality not the best so not sure what the rx may have been. Program may have been on VH1.

Curt 28 Sep 2004, 06:23

I stand corrected. There does seem to be a tiny bit of reflection from the lenses in this picture. Still probably planos...

Curt 28 Sep 2004, 06:18

Maverick: that's exactly what I thought. I have not seen a picture yet of Avril where there is any reflection from the glasses she is wearing. Probably not even planos...<sigh>

Maverick 27 Sep 2004, 14:00

The latter I fear ! Would'nt go so far as to say they are planos - look like empty frames to me.

Curt 27 Sep 2004, 11:53

Yeah, Happy Birthday April! Now tell us, do those glasses have any lenses in them, or are they just for looks???

A.L. Fan 27 Sep 2004, 10:32

And a happy 20th birthday to the beautiful bespectacle Avril Lavigne!

chris 25 Sep 2004, 16:09

Nice big pics from Avril Lavigne:

 25 Sep 2004, 00:46

 24 Sep 2004, 17:58

The date was posted in the follow-up posting.

Nelly's glasses are quite strong from the look of these pics. Please can we have some more?

 24 Sep 2004, 17:24


 24 Sep 2004, 11:05

March 27, 2001, The Odeon, Cleveland, OH

 24 Sep 2004, 11:04

Here is nelly. whats her rx

 19 Sep 2004, 10:43

does anyone know that chester, mike, joe and rob in linkin park wear glasses and i'm not sure but i think phoneix does to!!

i was wondering if anyone had photos of all them wearing glasses or the next best thing 2 or 3 wearing glasses all in the one photo.


 17 Sep 2004, 19:34

Curt 17 Sep 2004, 10:33

Karen X: Madonna's glasses may be reading glasses (or maybe bifocals). Several other pictures in the series show her reading from a book. Definitely not the same frames that she wore when introducing "The English Rose" or whatever her book was called.

oscar 17 Sep 2004, 09:08

anon: scroll back through older posts - several people have posted lovely pics of kylie in glasses.

anon 17 Sep 2004, 08:46

Someone must have som pix of Kylie wearing her glasses.

Karen X 17 Sep 2004, 08:17

I thought Madonna wore reading glasses. She wore them a few months ago when she was promoting her book and read some of it out to some children.

Curt 17 Sep 2004, 07:54

Pap: Go check for yourself...go to the Getty images site and use the search term "Madonna". There are several pictures of here there, all wearing the same clothes and the same glasses!

Pap 17 Sep 2004, 07:42

I think you got the wrong pic - that's not even Madonna!!!!!!!!1

And..... how could you possibly judge an rx from that pic?????

Hansel 16 Sep 2004, 14:21

Somewhat surprised mind you that the Vatican allowed her to sit in front of the Pope.


Hansel 16 Sep 2004, 14:13

And I await the jury's verdict on the Rx.

I heard she was shortsighted but my impression is a hint of astigmatism in the left eye????

Curt 16 Sep 2004, 13:34

Here's a pic of Madonna wearing some stylish new frames:

ano 12 Sep 2004, 08:33

ano 12 Sep 2004, 08:25

6550 11 Sep 2004, 20:39

I saw Lisa Loeb last night on Leno and she definetly has base out prism's now.

I read somewhere the she had 2 rx changes recently. Maybe she's getting crosseyed from smoking too much of that Zappa weed.

Julian 11 Sep 2004, 12:18

Luke: that link refused to work today (though it was OK yesterday) and a lot of the links on Electra's site seem to be the same. Is it just Geocities being temperamental - or is something going badly wrong with the site?

Love and kisses, Jules.

Me! 11 Sep 2004, 06:49

oooooooooh... I just checked out Lisa Loeb's web site and can't believe that I missed her last night on Leno. (I work in the industry and could have gone to the taping in a moment's notice).

Oh well...


Jan 10 Sep 2004, 03:10

try this for pics

Luke 09 Sep 2004, 11:05

Electra asked me to do this for you. She'll be back online soon.

bateau_d_amour 08 Sep 2004, 13:19

Canadian Idol contestant Theresa Sokryka! Unfortunately she doesn`t show up with google images so you just have to look at various web sites.

 06 Sep 2004, 16:47

Kylie Minogue glasses pics please.

J. Doe 06 Sep 2004, 15:02

She doen't wear glasses

 06 Sep 2004, 05:15

Does anione have pics of christina aguilera

 02 Sep 2004, 06:01

how to go bombay?

Vic 31 Aug 2004, 17:48

I saw the Ying Yang twinz too did anyone notice that nearly everyone wore sun glasses? I wonder how many of those are prescription...does Nelly (rapper) wear glasses? I think Alicia Keys what about Jay Z

 31 Aug 2004, 09:34

Hi, Recently i was watching a programme about the nomiees for this years vma's cribs presented by the ying yang twins both wearing glasses. i wanna know if the glasses are real, do they wear them all the time and pictures

Dirk 31 Aug 2004, 07:09

You must have a look to Carmen Fenk, who is the winner of the Superstar-contest in Switzerland this year. She is a wonderful BBW with nice glasses.

 30 Aug 2004, 09:53

she wears contacts and glasses but no picture of her

Gig 30 Aug 2004, 07:46

Christina Aguilera does not wear glasses ar all.

 30 Aug 2004, 03:01

Does anione have pics of christina aguilera

Filthy McNasty 29 Aug 2004, 18:20

I'd like to have her on my desktop, all right. I doubt she'd agree to it, though.

Dirk 29 Aug 2004, 09:16

Have a look to this site.

I propose her for your desktop. It is Norah Jones:

Bubba 29 Aug 2004, 00:16

I prefer a six pack. good beer.

 28 Aug 2004, 11:25

A good 2pac, is a dead 2pac.

lurker #37 28 Aug 2004, 06:55

2pac is a mover and shakur.

Pat Boone 28 Aug 2004, 03:36

Who is 2pac anyway??

 28 Aug 2004, 03:23

Anyone know of boy bands in which members wear glasses?

 27 Aug 2004, 22:39

..all this and Sachin T. too.

melrose? 27 Aug 2004, 21:22

Filthy McNasty 27 Aug 2004, 21:19

Lighten up, you dorks and nerds. There is plenty more twisted stuff than this posted on here. Get a laugh out of it and move on.

leelee 27 Aug 2004, 21:17

Cazals - Aren't those the kind of glasses Spike Lee wore in his first movie: "She's Gotta Have It" I read the autobiography he wrote about making it, and there was this whole thing about how he had to get those glasses. It seemed like it was the biggest thing (or maybe just to me)

Wurm 27 Aug 2004, 19:50

Well, yeah, I'll probably get around to deleting this. Plenty of rudeness on both sides.

I did get a laugh out of the 'split you into the dork and the nerd' line. That's creative!

However, without dorks and nerds we'd be scratching pictograms in the sand, at best. There certainly wouldn't be any internet to post on (or to search for porn).

Finally, read up on Cazals. Hip-hop has been around awhile and glasses go with it just fine.

 27 Aug 2004, 15:08

Any pics of Peter Andre in glasses? I read recently he wears them

oscar 27 Aug 2004, 14:46

wurm... please...

Joohny 27 Aug 2004, 14:10

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Hardman 27 Aug 2004, 13:46

Look, why dont you say where you are from so we can slit your throat. Watch your back!!!

still 27 Aug 2004, 13:09

This is the worst attack by the barbarians I can remember. I hope Wurm deletes this section and blocks the animals quickly.

Hansel 27 Aug 2004, 12:45

That is equally unacceptable!

.... 27 Aug 2004, 12:43

Another fucking negro

Hansel 27 Aug 2004, 12:10

Oh, so eloquent. Why don't you simply return to the stone you crawled from under?

JoohnyFucksYourAss  27 Aug 2004, 11:57

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Hansel 27 Aug 2004, 11:11


JoohnyFucksYourAss 27 Aug 2004, 10:40

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Filthy McNasty 27 Aug 2004, 09:55

He was a gansta rapper with four cans missing from his 6-pack.

 27 Aug 2004, 08:33

2pac? Who dad be?

Filthy McNasty 27 Aug 2004, 08:29

Umm, news flash: 2pac dun got shot. He dead, dead, dead. Maybe you meant "2pac rots."

 27 Aug 2004, 07:44


JoohnyFucksYourAss  27 Aug 2004, 07:39

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yaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2pac rules

Tank you for your co-op.

 27 Aug 2004, 07:11

I think you should work on your spelling,Jerk

JoohnyFucksYourAss 27 Aug 2004, 06:52

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You fucking bunch of dorks hasaaaaaaaaaaa asaasdagurtuthg

John S 27 Aug 2004, 06:42


It is really hard to tell from that picture, I would say it is a plus rx.

I searched around the net, couldn't find anymore pictures that would tell.

I did find some that I believe are plano's.

 27 Aug 2004, 06:25

Does anione have pics of christina aguilera

 27 Aug 2004, 05:20


how many times do we need to tell you this?

 27 Aug 2004, 05:05

Does anione have pics of christina aguilera

kitten 26 Aug 2004, 14:31

pic of kian from westlife

any idea of the prescription?

 26 Aug 2004, 09:57

Where did you got them PLease put them on

mark 26 Aug 2004, 09:19

i have a couple of photos of her wearing thick rimmed glasses from a year ago on my work pc.

 26 Aug 2004, 00:22

Christina ahuilera wears contacts becouse she is nearsighted.It was in a magazine.anione has her pics

 25 Aug 2004, 14:59

the video for Sudden Rush was directed by Jarvis Cocker, who also wears glasses. Mere coincidence?

I know 25 Aug 2004, 12:51

Sorry, Christina Aguilera does not wear glasses

 25 Aug 2004, 09:22

Does anione have pics of christina aguilera PLEASEEEE!!!Or her rx

 25 Aug 2004, 09:21

Does anione have pics of christina aguilera PLEASEEEE!!!Or her rx

anon 14 Aug 2004, 11:47

Filthy - How about just Kylie Minogue with her glasses on?! That would be far better than any photo!

Filthy McNasty 14 Aug 2004, 09:57

I'll be more general: Kylie Minogue, please. No pics. Just Kylie Minogue.

 13 Aug 2004, 23:17

Kylie Minogue glasses pics please.

$$$ 06 Aug 2004, 14:33

With all due respect, just how much does this phone call cost per minute and how long does the recording and phone call last?

ANASTACIA 06 Aug 2004, 10:48

here anastacia chat about her need for glasses. its excellant. phone this number 09011 21 44 04

HeartOfGlass 04 Aug 2004, 00:36

Cheers, me old friends! LUV the new look on the BBS!! Check out A.J. Croce's gallery....he's quite blind, really..looks like magnification? Think he had a tumour as a young lad....which tinges this comment with guilt, but god, he's HOT! Judi*

Curt 03 Aug 2004, 13:11

Here's a shot of Lisa Loeb sportin' some nice power rings:

oscar 31 Jul 2004, 12:33

Sadly the lovely clarinettist doesn't seem to be playing tonight...hmm. This is who she is (without glasses):

Imagine her in lovely sparkly -6 or so glasses as well. Nice.

oscar 30 Jul 2004, 13:46

Did anyone else in the UK see the Prom concert on BBC4 tonight with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. Apart from playing magnificently, my eye was caught by the very lovely second clarinet - a pretty gwg with a very nice myopic correction. Several other attractive gwgs in the orchestra too (as well as some nice g's without g's). Tomorrow night the same orchestra is on BBC2 at 19:00.

 27 Jul 2004, 14:44

Kylie Minogue glasses pics please.

noah 20 Jul 2004, 06:48

does anyone know why the nsync glasses archive doesn't work?

 19 Jul 2004, 23:57

nelly furtado on mtv news with - lenses

Dave 19 Jul 2004, 14:26

Anastacia discussing always wanting glasses:

jon 19 Jul 2004, 13:37

in anastacias new video she is wearing plain glasses for part of it

Bart 19 Jul 2004, 10:09

About Jessica Simpson's LASIK....

In the interview she describes herself as "legally blind"... she couldn't see her hand in front of her face.......

maybe does she exagerate?

gwgs 19 Jul 2004, 08:19

WOW, that is some cut in.

I wish she would wear plain lenses and not sunglasses all the time.

Andy 19 Jul 2004, 05:30

Good link Dave, thanks a lot. This picture shows another good "bite out":

Dave 18 Jul 2004, 23:49

I'm becoming an Anastacia fan to be sure. I watched an interview on her survival of breast cancer. On being asked "Is optimism also a medicine, because you are always optimistic?" she replied: "I am!... Oh my goodness!... I know, I just... you know... life is so much better when you see it through... you know... through my glasses actually... uuuum... cause they're so big and thick..."

She is well spoken and gives a very good interview.

Dave 17 Jul 2004, 14:04

This is a nice pic. Show's the cut in of both eyes.

Kylie Admirer 17 Jul 2004, 12:34

Thanks for the info Pru. Do you or anyone else know of any photos and/or videos on the 'net of Kylie wearing glasses?

Julian 16 Jul 2004, 09:01

Then again Dee, have you ever looked on a website for pictures of Elijah Wood in glasses? Or Ryan Phillippe? Or Tobey Maguire or Leonardo diCaprio? Sure, you might have more luck with Freddie Prinze jr, but basically fansites are for people who don't like stars in specs, not for connoisseurs like ourselves. (Come to think of it I did have a link to a glasses site for nsync but that's an exception that maybe proves the rule.)

Love and kisses, Jules.

kitten 16 Jul 2004, 08:52


Weslife are an Irish boy band... only four members now as one of them (Bryan) left in March to spend more time with is family and launch a solo career. I've seen a couple of pix of the lads wearing glasses - I know Kian does actually need them from time to time, but not sure about the others, and Mark from the band had laser surgery a couple of years back...

Dee 16 Jul 2004, 06:45

Hey, I keep reading about Westlife on here? Who are they? Never heard of them, so I looked on the Yahoo search and got 5 young guys, no glasses. I looked through pages and pages (and PAGES!) of pics, still no glasses. Is someone messin' with us? There are a couple of them who are quite hot and would be real lookers in glasses.

Pru 15 Jul 2004, 05:37

I am not 100% sure of it's accuracy, but I read (about a year ago) that Kylie's eyesight is getting steadily worse, she used to wear glasses mainly as a fashion accessory with a slight plus lens, but now she is wearing contacts as she is quite dependant on her glasses, especially for reading. She had a squint as a baby and had an operation to straighten her eye and since then there has always been a slight weakness.

She was also videoed removing her sunglasses and putting on glasses to read the menu.

All of which just adds to her beauty!

Kylie Admirer 10 Jul 2004, 09:01

Can anyone help with the questions and request I posted on June 25th?


Liz 08 Jul 2004, 22:09

Jessica Simpson was around -10 with hi-index and plano front lenses.Her glasses looked just like mine.I'm -9.75 in my right eye and -10.25 in my left.

Take care

Dave 07 Jul 2004, 20:10

I found these small pictures of Nelly Furtado. You don't see much:

myopicmax 07 Jul 2004, 01:08

if anyone gets the jessica simpson please post

Fran 06 Jul 2004, 02:02


I'm new here and if i've just been reading this thread. i've seen so many links to websites and not a lot of them work? i also read people hae pictures of the sexiest men on the planet (WESTLIFE!) wearing glasses. Since the links don't work, I was wondering if anybody did have some photos, please. Thank You

gwgs 05 Jul 2004, 08:50

The Corrs do wear glasses, at least both of the sisters do.

Allsaintslover 05 Jul 2004, 06:47

Hi,do you know that girls from UK band All Saints wear glasses?Look at this:

Melanie try One Big Sunday try Appearance on t4 Fashion House




Do you know if girls from Irish band The Corrs wear glasses?Have a pics?

Spec Watcher 04 Jul 2004, 20:09

I am horrible at guessing prescriptions. But I say that she is quite myopic. You'll have a chance to see her on Wednesday at 10PM on MTV.

 04 Jul 2004, 17:15

isn't jessica simpson one of these pathetic "christian" rock no talent put up jobs? or is she the white sheep of the oj simpson family? LOL!

James 04 Jul 2004, 16:58

I would also like the same info that "A Kylie admirer" is asking for in their message below. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. Thanks!

oscar 04 Jul 2004, 11:21

So spec watcher... having seen Jessica in her glasses what would be your estimate of her prescription?

Tod 04 Jul 2004, 10:30

from enlarging the first pic and noticing a slight "cut in" in her right lens, I would have to say she wears a weak minus. -.075 to -1.25. thats my guess

kitten 04 Jul 2004, 09:30

Pics of Liz from girlband Atomic Kitten... bottom one's quite old, but other two are more recent. Not sure what her RX would be tho... any suggestions?

Spec Watcher 03 Jul 2004, 18:45

I just saw a promo on MTV for this upcoming Wednesday's episode of Newlyweds Nick & Jessica. They are documenting Jessica Simpson's laser surgery. She was wearing glasses on the promo. Unfortunately, it was probably for the last time.

LikeGlass 30 Jun 2004, 18:26


I think they should cut back on their coffee consumption... at least on their website!


 30 Jun 2004, 16:55

A Kylie admirer 25 Jun 2004, 18:10

Does Kylie Minogue wear contacts and just wears glasses sometimes or is she a part time glasses wearer on the verge of needing them full-time? I've seen a few candid photos of her wearing glasses with a plus prescription and only one of those photos was she actually reading.

Also does anyone know how long she's worn glasses? Any photos, old or new, would be great.


Nick 25 Jun 2004, 14:57

Does anyone have pics of the boys in nsync wearing glasses? I heard most of them wear glasses

 25 Jun 2004, 04:57

Excellent mmusic and excellent gwg : try

and tell me what do you think.

D-W-V 24 Jun 2004, 23:18

I overlooked another cute Vancouver GWG musician: Robynn Iwata of the band "cub":

 24 Jun 2004, 01:19

Where has ELECTRA been?

oscar 23 Jun 2004, 14:45

Wow. Billy is indeed gorgeous...

D-W-V 23 Jun 2004, 00:51

Billy and the Lost Boys; Billy is a she. Possibly the cutest Vancouver musical GWG since Rachel of the Moral Lepers.

Tod 20 Jun 2004, 20:51

The one and only, Fiona Apple!

Photogurl 20 Jun 2004, 13:27

this is just random celebs with glasses:

Wim 16 Jun 2004, 12:48

Did you see it Andy? If so; what do you think?

Andy 16 Jun 2004, 04:59

Here's a link to a site where you can see this Video. just scoll down to about the middle of the screen.

Dave 15 Jun 2004, 23:22

Hey WIM, do you have an ftp client?

wim 15 Jun 2004, 15:20

I`ve said this before but I feel I have to say it again... You HAVE to see the musicvideo "It's Your Duty" by Lene Nystrom from Aqua..

It`s just amazing... I got no words..

It got it on file myself, if anyone wants to put it up on their website I could always mail it to them. My connection is`nt the fastest but I could give it a try. (the file is huge - 60mb)

Filthy McNasty 14 Jun 2004, 13:39

Except that you wouldn't want to boff Babe Ruth. Jessica Simpson, though, is an entirely different story.

gwgs 14 Jun 2004, 00:39

email them to me at: so i can upload them to my site then.

Guest 13 Jun 2004, 20:34

I also have pictures of Kelly Clarkson in glasses.

I spent HOURS looking for Jessica in glasses. It's like finding a Babe Ruth rookie card!

 13 Jun 2004, 19:42


If you really have pictures as you say maybe you should post them,so we can believe you

guest 13 Jun 2004, 16:56

I have pictures of Jessica in glasses. She looks incredible!

gwgs 13 Jun 2004, 04:59

If only she hadn't be able to get Lasik - although i/we've NEVER seen her in spex.

I would never have known, although i've seen her with her mum before who wears spex.

depressed guest 12 Jun 2004, 19:29

Singer Jessica Simpson has corrected her vision with laser treatment after years of being "legally blind."

The "Irresistible" singer, married to former 98 Degrees star Nick Lachey, recently chose Dr. Glenn Kawesch to carry out the delicate procedure and she's elated with the results.

She says, "It's like being healed by God! I was legally blind, I couldn't see without contacts or glasses. I couldn't see my hand in front of me. I couldn't see the big 'E' on the (eye test) screens."

depressed guest 12 Jun 2004, 19:14

A moment of silence for Jessica, please...

Please sit down before you read this!

Now read this:

Tod 10 Jun 2004, 14:06

i don;t think they have a web site. they are a local group. she was one little hottie though!

 10 Jun 2004, 12:15

Hi Tod,

Have you a link to your group ?

NeedGWG 10 Jun 2004, 05:09

Visit my Girls With Glasses Forums, join with it and build up the GWG Lovers Community..

minic 10 Jun 2004, 03:41

I don't know much about Avril, but I really like the picture and frames she is wearing.

Tod 05 Jun 2004, 10:12

There is a group calles 'the Apple Pickers Union' . In the group is a very cute bagk-up singer. Don't know her name. She is petite about 5'2" with dark hair and eyes and she wears small black metal frame ovals and has about a -5.00 Rx.

Tod 05 Jun 2004, 09:00

There is a group calles 'the Apple Pickers Union' . In the group is a very cute bagk-up singer. Don't know her name. She is petite about 5'2" with dark hair and eyes and she wears small black metal frame ovals and has about a -5.00 Rx.

Filthy McNasty 03 Jun 2004, 21:56

Avril is a living, breathing, pastiche. She's as genuine as a 3-dollar bill. I presume that her Rx is similar.

Stix 03 Jun 2004, 20:09

Hey all, I am a drummer with severe myopia. I want to know of rock stars or other celebrities that have really bad eyesight, so I can still feel cool about it.


royboy 25 May 2004, 19:11

cute...but look like planos or a smidget + or cyl --- what do u think?

Maverick 25 May 2004, 06:05

Avril Lavigne :

ken 07 May 2004, 14:24

does anyone have any pictures of music men wearing glasses but don't usually wear glasses

still 03 May 2004, 17:07

The Web lets us participate in a world-wide community. Not all speak English easily. However, while we respect these differences, we should also remember that most here write and read English. If you want to write in something else, please also give us the English translation so we can communicate with you. I'm not a redneck: I just want to understand you.

Eddy 03 May 2004, 14:37

Occasionally some of our brethren fail this simple test despite writing in what appears to be English>

Eddy 03 May 2004, 14:36

Depends on whether you want anyone to understand you.

Observer 03 May 2004, 13:49

There is nothing wrong with wanting everything posted in English, hence everyone here speaks English.

Observer 03 May 2004, 13:48

There is nothing wrong with wanting everything posted in English, hence everyone here speaks English.

guest 01 May 2004, 00:24


Redneck No Understand!

D-W-V 30 Apr 2004, 22:37

OK; I've had it translated into Redneck:

Yall liss'n here. Avril`s statement: Somethin trouble had the delicate Avril Lavigne ta open the heavy Studiotuer over wif moderator Thomas nose too plaudern. Fortunately she had not alone come, but had management ta open disk cumpany, Bodyguards an' friends in the draggin rope, so that immediately someone was ta the place, in order it the door. Are yall wif me? Their Managerin ensured then also fer it that Avril anybody did not come too close, not ta their Posse belonged. In the talc wif Thomas it told of its new album "Under my ta Skin", which comes on 24 May inta the shops. Rockiger should be it as the farst, which is also 'cause of the fact that Avril brung itself inta the Songwritin an' production more. Although it stressed expressly that it had always control of its own music. Proudly it showed Thomas their new Tatta at the wrist, which represents the star, which was also the Logo of their last route. It was not cumpletely so proud on its eyeglasses, which normally always remove it wif television appearaintss. fer the radio the 19-Jaehrige had however left its sehhilfe open, it could not not know that weunz photograph her! Ya reckon?

Filthy McNasty 30 Apr 2004, 22:31

Ah, spoken like a true redneck.

ENGLISH ONLY 30 Apr 2004, 22:16


D-W-V 30 Apr 2004, 20:46

Translated automatically by Google:

Avril`s statement: Something trouble had the delicate Avril Lavigne to open the heavy Studiotuer over with moderator Thomas nose too plaudern. Fortunately she had not alone come, but had management to open disk company, Bodyguards and friends in the dragging rope, so that immediately someone was to the place, in order it the door. Their Managerin ensured then also for it that Avril anybody did not come too close, not to their Posse belonged. In the talc with Thomas it told of its new album "Under my to Skin", which comes on 24 May into the shops. Rockiger should be it as the first, which is also because of the fact that Avril brought itself into the Songwriting and production more. Although it stressed expressly that it had always control of its own music. Proudly it showed Thomas their new Tatto at the wrist, which represents the star, which was also the Logo of their last route. It was not completely so proud on its eyeglasses, which normally always remove it with television appearances. For the radio the 19-Jaehrige had however left its sehhilfe open, it could not not know that we photograph her!

Marco 30 Apr 2004, 11:47

Avril`s statement:

Etwas Mühe hatte die zierliche Avril Lavigne, die schwere Studiotür zu öffnen, um mit Moderator Thomas Bug zu plaudern. Zum Glück war sie nicht allein gekommen, sondern hatte Management, Plattenfirma, Bodyguards und Freunde im Schlepptau, so dass sofort jemand zur Stelle war, um ihr die Tür zu öffnen. Ihre Managerin sorgte dann auch dafür, dass Avril niemand zu nahe kam, der nicht zu ihrer Posse gehörte.

Im Talk mit Thomas erzählte sie von ihrem neuen Album "Under my Skin", das am 24. Mai in die Läden kommt. Rockiger soll es sein als das erste, was auch daran liegt, dass Avril sich ins Songwriting und die Produktion mehr eingebracht hat. Obwohl sie ausdrücklich betonte, dass sie schon immer die Kontrolle über ihre eigene Musik hatte. Stolz zeigte sie Thomas ihr neues Tatto am Handgelenk, das den Stern darstellt, der auch das Logo ihrer letzten Tour war. Nicht ganz so stolz war sie auf ihre Brille, die sie bei Fernsehauftritten normalerweise immer abnimmt. Fürs Radio hatte die 19-Jährige ihre Sehhilfe aber aufgelassen, sie konnte ja nicht wissen, dass wir sie fotografieren!

guest 29 Apr 2004, 13:57

hahahahaha, good comment!

Filthy McNasty 29 Apr 2004, 12:23

I wonder if Avril's glasses are fake, like everything else about her?

Marco Freyer 29 Apr 2004, 08:49


here is AVRIL L.

Electra 27 Apr 2004, 09:42

Argh, I hate text only.....messes up my links, here's the correct link:

Electra 27 Apr 2004, 09:40

I think it's just a disagreement of the term "cut-in". Normally I use it differently, referring to how minus lenses pull the edge of the face further in(see my site"), but as these aren't exactly technical terms, there's nothing to say who's right! Best to just explain futher, what I can see through the right lens is a portion of background, in ultra-sharp focus, where you'd expect to see hair. But I see not cu-in of the face edge at all, if anything, it's out rather than in. Quite odd really, and this sort of distortion has baffled me before. It's a comparatively strong lens, for sure, but I'd be inclined to say plus. Open to the views of others.

Ree 27 Apr 2004, 09:33

Yes, there is a small amount of cut in. Not much anyway, you can see it if you closeup on the face.

SZ6 27 Apr 2004, 08:51

Me neither.

Curt 27 Apr 2004, 08:44

James: sorry, I don't see any cut in at all...

james 27 Apr 2004, 08:33

sorry, you need to copy and paste the link for it to work

james 27 Apr 2004, 08:32

pic of britney which seems to show some serious cut in in her right lens. any guesses on the script?

Eddy 25 Apr 2004, 21:42

Norah Fan, if you see the program you'll see that the lenses are very hi-index and that there's lots and lots of rx.

gwgs 25 Apr 2004, 07:00

make sure you don't type as written below as you'll get loads of popups but;

Nora Fan 25 Apr 2004, 06:05

...and lastly, gallery gallery 12. This is the best pic of her in glasses.

nora fan 25 Apr 2004, 06:02

...and gallery 10

nora fan 25 Apr 2004, 05:57

...and gallery 5

Nora Fan 25 Apr 2004, 05:56

Disappointed to say her glasses are not that strong. Look at under photos, gallery 3.

Eddy 25 Apr 2004, 03:42

In fact it was originally on MTV Asia

 25 Apr 2004, 01:29

Eddy: your way and play with words is delicious, cheers

Eddy 25 Apr 2004, 00:54

In fact it's just replaying now (oh be still, my beating heart) and it's in Singapore, not Tokyo. Pay more attention, Eddy.

Eddy 25 Apr 2004, 00:45

In fact of all places it came off one of the Western China provincial satellites which goes to show how much the world's chamged in the past 40 years or so (Memo: stop being a geriatric bore, Eddy). I checked the program but no spiel. If it comes back on again I'll try to get some details. Should be on some website under Nora in Asia or somesuch.

Eddy 25 Apr 2004, 00:39

Thanks for that, oh nameless one.

 24 Apr 2004, 20:37

eddy: i think the correct terminology would be googeley-eyed.

Nora Fan 24 Apr 2004, 19:24

Eddy - Where (satellite, channel,...) did you see the Nora video? I'd love to see her in glasses

Eddy 24 Apr 2004, 16:07

Eddy was sitting in his study quietly but goggle-eyedly (Does this word exist??) watching a WHOLE HOUR of Nora Jones when Lady E irrupted (and erupted). "What the f@#* are you doing camped there in that bloody cave ("cave"? I'd always seen it as a small but significant home of higher learning, my own little Athenaeum) watching that harlot". And much more in the same vein. "You pathetic old man, if I'd known that she was wearing frigging glasses I wouldn't even have considered agreeing to you watching". Crash, as a small but emotionally important memento of a million made ricocheted off the wall. "And I've told you a million times you'll wank yourself to death one day". I apologise to the more delicately sensible of our little community (and God knows but I'm one of them) for having to put down in writing these unfortunate obscenities but I consider it in the interests of science that Lady E in full flight should be properly recorded for posterity.

But, dear friends, it was worth every decibel, every bruise, every broken tchotchke of it. She was simply stunning. An intimate concert in (I think) Tokyo. Singing all those songs she's known for. No glasses while on the piano, just that lovely little arse straining against her jeans.

But then, in between songs, she was interviewed in flagrante spectaculo. We've all seen occasional bespectacled pics on the web but nothing could prepare us for the full widescreen (Eddy's just gone digital) reality. Her little black plastics were almost cats eyes - oh swoon all of you who remember the 50s - and there was some SERIOUS Rx. Even though they were hi-index the stuff at the sides was teeny weeny.

Actually I suspect Lady E's Sapphic side was slightly aroused by her because after she calmed down (does she ever?) she insisted on watching the rest and has been unusually solicitous ever since.

Highly recommended when it comes to a satellite near you.

Scruffy 21 Apr 2004, 01:11

Anastasia was on TV show Rove Live last night here in AU. A 3/4minute interview can turn into OO heaven....

She was wearing grey metal rectangles, no tint, with what looked like a very high index -4/-5 range lense...



D-W-V 21 Apr 2004, 00:04

The version of the Legs video I posted the link turns out to have been recorded from VH1, so the quality isn't what you'd expect from the humongous file size.

Dave 20 Apr 2004, 20:21

Hint: Use Kazaa Lite (no addware) Search terms "zz" and "legs"

I downloaded it at over 100 kb/sec. I had it in 10 minutes.

D-W-V 20 Apr 2004, 19:14

To use that link, you need to install the emule client software. Hint: I had to open up a couple of ports in the firewall. Check the FAQ at the emule site for which ports to use. You'll need a full-time internet connection, preferably fast, although I suspect it could work with dial-up if you are incredibly patient and have unlimited monthly hours.

gwgs 20 Apr 2004, 01:19

How does that link work? There is no http:// in it or ftp:// so how do you see the video?

D-W-V 19 Apr 2004, 23:11

Let's see if this works:


is what I'm using

 19 Apr 2004, 20:55

thats <copy>

 19 Apr 2004, 20:54

D-W-V, highlight the URl once downloaded, go to edit and click <copy?> them come back to this post and click <paste>


D-W-V 19 Apr 2004, 19:41

I'm downloading the ZZ Top video at this very moment. Here's a link, if you know what to do with it: <a href="ed2k://-file-zz_top_legs.m2v-90296696-9DBC12239D5DD710F6267AFD9F5B39C9-/">zz_top_legs.m2v</a>

If someone has ftp space to host it, I could upload the file there. About 86 megs; format may be MPEG2 (what's "M2V"?).

tek pa 19 Apr 2004, 17:29

No pics of Fiona Apple, but I did see a few articles of her having something hit her a while back and she was stuck with her glasses, so she is a gwg

gwgs 19 Apr 2004, 04:55

Has anyone got a link to this video? I'd really like to see it (he says panting!)


Tod 19 Apr 2004, 04:15

Yes Plastic Drops, that ZZ Top video was HOT! I wish It was on an apple quicktime mpeg somewhere so i could see it again.

GLoof 19 Apr 2004, 03:40

Sorry, I'm interested in Anastacia only if she's wearing glasses

Plastic Drops For Me 19 Apr 2004, 02:53

Hey Todd, I remembered that ZZ Top video..the chick was hot and the glasses made her even hotter....

Mick 19 Apr 2004, 00:21

Daffy you seem to have missed her on one of the breakfast programs last week or so when she was wearing the genuine article. It was even better than I'd thought it would be.

Daffy 18 Apr 2004, 20:53

Tod and Luci, give me a break. I did not put her in a firing line, nor had a go at her...I mearly stated the obvious (to the OO) and I have the right to be disappointed. I made no reference to her about cancer either. I'm happy that she is a survivor. I am upset at the shows host for bringing it up with her though. But she was OK with it anyway.

Filthy McNasty 18 Apr 2004, 18:44

If Anastacia needs a break I invite her to spend some time on my sun deck. Contacts or glasses, she is HOT.

 18 Apr 2004, 18:21


Tod 18 Apr 2004, 18:17

Does anyone remember the ZZ Top vedio of 'She's got legs" from 20 years ago. Where the girl in the shoe store has glasses and takes them off because she feels tired. Some fat lady steals them and hides them on her but first looks through the lenses to check out the Rx. Later a guy finds her glasses and returns them to her and the two off together. They were real Rx glasses too. I would say about -2.50.

Tod 18 Apr 2004, 17:54

Yes give Anastacia a break!

Anyone have any photos of Fiona Apple in her glasses?

luci 18 Apr 2004, 17:49

Maybe Anastasia can just see better with contacts! Give her a break. She just had cancer.

Daffy 18 Apr 2004, 15:50

I was deeply disappointed last night. Here in the land of Oz (Australia) we had a TV awards show. Anastacia was a guest appearance. Wouldn't you know it, she was wearing plano tinted glasses. While they looked awesome on her, it was upsetting to see another GWG succumb to contacts (Hope she didn't get lasik done).

gwgs 18 Apr 2004, 03:45

Jenny, i have a few photos of sophie ellis bextor - some from the TV and some from her out and about

 17 Apr 2004, 05:14

ded 13 Apr 2004, 13:37

do you have pics of mandy moore wearing glasses?

jenny 12 Apr 2004, 18:32

has anyone ever seen sophie ellis baxter wearing glasses because i seen her once in a paper or magasine and cant remember where i seen her.She looked stunning

Electra 12 Apr 2004, 12:31

Tod: Well said!

Kix 12 Apr 2004, 06:05

Look, I'm not trying to start some war of words here but I have a subscription to the magazine and I double checked before I posted the first time. If Simpson did indeed make the statement, the reporter didn't put it in quotes. And although I don't think Simpson is as air-headed as she comes across on-screen, the phrase "postitively nerdy" doesn't sound like her and has more a journalistic ring to it.

 12 Apr 2004, 05:32

she was quoted here as saying it. how would some reporter know about her glasses prescription if she herself didn't mention it?

Kix 11 Apr 2004, 22:07

For the record, Jessica Simpson doesn't proclaim herself to have a "positively nerdy eyeglass prescription" in the April issue of Allure---the reporter, Alexandra Jacobs makes that observation. I'm not exactly a Jessica Simpson fan but I don't think it's fair when celebs get bashed for things they didn't even say.

Tod 11 Apr 2004, 21:20

I hate these self serving statements from air head celebs like Jessica Simpson.

Wearing and needing glasses does not make you a nerd. Being a nerd makes you a nerd. There are plenty of nerds walking around with 20/20 vision who have never sat behind a phoropter.

SZ6 11 Apr 2004, 20:44

another guest,

Do you have this picture scanned? If so, could you mail it to hookslayer at hotmail dot com?


another guest 11 Apr 2004, 20:11

I have a pic of jessica simpson in glasses. They are pretty strong - probably -6 to -8. She looks even MORE awesome in glasses! Pics of her in glasses seem to be almost non-existent. Anybody have pics?

Guest 11 Apr 2004, 19:53

Has anyone seen the April issue of Allure magazine? Article on Jessica Simpson says she has a downright "nerdy glasses prescription" and is almost legally blind!! Has she had lasik - just can't believe she's never been seem on Newlyweds with glasses with cameras following her 24/7. Anybody know?

Dave 09 Apr 2004, 23:35

God damn, Nelly is hot. Thank you anonymous for that post.

jenny 09 Apr 2004, 02:52

does anyone have any good pics if tash out of atomic kitten wears glasses cause i know the other two wear them but not sure about tash

Filthy McNasty 08 Apr 2004, 20:23

Nelly has a lyric that almost always catches me by surprise. She sings, "It's not that my glass is empty, but...". What I invariably hear is, "It's not that my glasses...", then I have to correct my perception to fit with the rest of the line.

She whould go in glasses more often. She's moderately cute without them, utterly lickable with them.

 08 Apr 2004, 19:41

Nelly wearing glasses

Jo 06 Apr 2004, 16:04

I've heard that Kylie Minogue wears glasses for reading. Does anyone know where I can see photos of her wearing glasses? Also any further information would be great e.g.How long she's had glasses, what her prescription is. The only picture I've seen of her in glasses is on the front cover of one of her albums a few years ago. I think those glasses might have been props, but it's difficult to tell as it's a small picture.

Tod 05 Apr 2004, 10:29

Tod 05 Apr 2004, 10:28

I hope this works better than my April 3rd posts

Tod 05 Apr 2004, 08:07

just go to their search and type in : Atomic Kitten glasses.

Tod 05 Apr 2004, 08:05

Yes 4eyes try locating atomic Kitten on Rex features. i saw some pic of them in glasses a few years ago. Unfortunatly, Rexfeatures no longer allows thier thumbnail pics to open larger as the once did to the general publis and will only do so for the private press members.

4eyes 05 Apr 2004, 06:13

has anyone got any pics of the atomic kitten girls in glasses? read an interview with one of them and she said they all wore glasses

Tod 03 Apr 2004, 19:02


Tod 03 Apr 2004, 18:59


Leon 02 Apr 2004, 06:42

Specsavers, a large British-European chain of optical stores, chose Jamai to be their advertising model.

The glasses they make him wear are quite ugly, by the way.

 02 Apr 2004, 05:03

Jamai looks like an ad for toothpaste,and combs

Val 02 Apr 2004, 04:08

A dutch singer, Jamai:

ryan 28 Mar 2004, 06:53

does anyone have any photos with 2 or more men in it wearing glasses

 26 Mar 2004, 07:36

Does anyone have pixs of avril lavigne

qqqqq 26 Mar 2004, 07:01

Geri on rex features

Fan of Anastacia 26 Mar 2004, 06:27

There is nothing wrong about her wearing contact lenses for now. She is stil a GWG. Almost all eyeglass wearers have CL and wear them from time to time, myself included. Don't worry, this gal is an OO so she will show up in glasses sooner or later and what's great is she's so willing to talk about her lens wearing and eyesight as well as her other health problems. It is so refreshing to have a celeb be so open and honest. You Go Girl!

Guest 26 Mar 2004, 02:03

In UK magazine interview with Anastacia, the following section explains the situation :

Q. You're not wearing your trademark glasses anymore. Have you had an image change ?

A. Not really. I just wanted contacts. The only reason I never took the glasses off before is because I couldn't see !! I also wanted to hold onto my glasses because they were who I was before I had my record deal, so it's kind of wild for me now I have contacts. I'm not that great at them and there's still a lot of drama and pokes in the eye.

I agree with previous post - whilst not unattract, she does look bland without her glasses.

gwgs 26 Mar 2004, 00:30

I hardly think wearing contact lenses instead of glasses is going to bring her success and make record shops change their minds and stock her records.

Kokopelli 25 Mar 2004, 21:15

I read in a Dutch tv magazine that she's got contacts. She said it was the first time she saw herself without glasses.

I'm not a fan of er music at all, but think it's a shame if got rid of the glasses. She looks kinda bland without them I think.

minic 25 Mar 2004, 20:29

Myopicmax, I am big Anastacia fan and I get updates from her web site and sometimes I go to read message board and it was disappointing seeing her without glasses on her latest pictures and there was some negative feedback on that also, but no explanation. I got from friend also her naked picture from Playboy with no glasses. I got couple of her DVD's, one was from Las Vegas, Divas that is my favorite and The video collection and every song she would change at least twice, even three times different glasses, some close shots at her glasses alone, when she slowly put them on, I always thought her prescription was mild, but it really isn't, just in the begining there is close out on her lenses and they appear to be on the stronger side. During bonus materials her producer even said that no matter what kind of problems they got into during filming for Anastacia only thing what always mattered was her glasses. But he understood because that is her trademark. Really great DVD, too bad that here in U.S.A. none of the music stores would carry her stuff and only place to get it is from her web site. Maybe that is why she is changing her image in order to get more exposure in U.S. market. That would be really sad, I love her voice and songs, but Anastacia without glasses???

Tod 16 Mar 2004, 12:05

yes Myopicmax, in the 1969 film doctumentry "Woodstock" there is a gorgous GWG and she is wearing three piece rimless glasses.

Eddy 16 Mar 2004, 12:04

Not only do I think it's a fake but also I think I know whodunit. But it's OK.

gwgs 16 Mar 2004, 07:04

I see (no pun intended!)

Thanks for the info.

Karl 16 Mar 2004, 06:01

I read somewhere that Mariah has a lazy eye and after studying pics of her I think she has. That would explain the thicker lens.

gwgs 16 Mar 2004, 02:05

Wow, Mariah looks hot in that pic. WOWSA

Definitely passes the Boner Test hey Filthy????

Why do you think they're too frumpy? She wears sunglasses all the time that are a lot bigger than that.

How can you tell its fake? Her left lense looks stronger than her right lense and there is therefore one reason to suggest it's not a fake

myopicmax 15 Mar 2004, 22:15

saw the end of what I gather is the new single for Anastacia there were some shots with no glasses. Anyone know the story there. On other note has anyone seen the movie Woodstock ? in the Santana number there is a wonderful GWG she's right into the music she must of taken the good acid.

Filthy McNasty 15 Mar 2004, 19:11

I agree it's fake - they're way too frumpy on her. She'd have something smaller and more fashionable.

BTW, Mariah, if I'm wrong, you can prove it by wearing those glasses next time we have torrid steamy sex, okay?


Ah, well, for what it cost, it was worth a try.

Curt 15 Mar 2004, 12:02

Andy: Looks to me like another very well done Mariah Carey fake. I have heard that she wears specs, but with a little detective work, I'll bet you can find that same picture on the Internet somewhere without the glasses. That's a pretty good fake, however...

Electra 15 Mar 2004, 11:45

Clay is really pushing the limits for me, but I'm going to put him up on my site when I do the new celeb pages because of his loyal following.

Andy 15 Mar 2004, 01:31

Eclipse 13 Mar 2004, 14:44

I haven't seen Clay Aiken mentioned here but he looks pretty nearsighted from the pictures in these two forum threads:

Can anyone have a guess at his prescription?

 12 Mar 2004, 15:17

Nelly Furtado wears glasses on French Fun Radio (10.03.2004) . She sings 2 songs. Beautiful pictures on site.

 06 Mar 2004, 05:37

VIC are you male or female? How old are you? Are the glasses you are picking up next week your first ones? What is your prescription?

Vic 03 Mar 2004, 15:06

Does Beyonce wear glasses? I have + glasses but I've never tried wearing them all day can it be done? without getting bluriness (well picking glasses up next week)

james 01 Mar 2004, 11:03

the alicia keys definately ARE NOT plano! some of the ones from the side show significant power rings. i think they are around -2 or so. she looks gorgeous

Luc 01 Mar 2004, 09:14

Links finally works. Wow does she look gorgeous! I've looked very close, they're not plano's. In some pictures you can see a cut-in if you look very close. Maybe -0.75 of -1.00. Wow, hope she starts wearing the glasses more and more!

GwGs 01 Mar 2004, 04:11

She looks great.

Can't help feeling they're plano though

oscar 29 Feb 2004, 11:14

Works fine for me. Keep trying.

Luc 29 Feb 2004, 11:08

The Alicia Keys link doesn't work!

 29 Feb 2004, 08:16

Electra 29 Feb 2004, 06:23

Hate to nag but has anyone had any luck finding Harry connick for me?

Karen X 29 Feb 2004, 05:25

Lots of pics of Alicia Keys wearing real (minus) glasses. Click on the thumbnails to se full size image. (I didn't know Alicia wore glasses. I found this page accidently. I was actually doing a Google search for pics of Beyonce wearing glasses.)

BiLlybOom 26 Feb 2004, 19:53

THey Smell liKe pOo WHo EvEr tHey ArE!

randle 26 Feb 2004, 19:51

I LoVe Pooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

poo 26 Feb 2004, 19:49

o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o i ii i i ii y t t t f f g yh u u u i i i hg g g gyf d d d d5d 6 7f7 yy8 88 8 8 8 88 8 j jj j j j j j j j j jj h t r r r e e ee e e e ee e ty h h h h h ihi guyyt dt d ihiihhyg7g 6d d y dydydyy tfyd7uufuy fyfyyty y u uu u u uu u u u u uu u u u u u u u u yyt g ug u trytr ytryt yry ythuhiuh uihf uyuu9

 25 Feb 2004, 12:59

boah, yeah - can someone scan that ? Unfortunately I couldn't find the New York Times today (here in Europe), tried 3 stores...

would LOVE to see Beyonce, one of the prettiest celebs if not the one, in gs!

GwGs 25 Feb 2004, 01:58

Any chance of a scan pls

NYC O^O 24 Feb 2004, 15:36

Beyonce Knowles on the front page of the Business section of The New York Times today wearing glasses. Page C1 2/24/04.

Anon 23 Feb 2004, 12:35

Has anyone found any recent pictures of Rachel Stevens in glasses? The only one I've seen is the one someone linked to here a while ago. That picture seemed a few years old - Pre "S Club 7".

Electra 23 Feb 2004, 09:33

The view I want is for these hot celebrities to CLUE IN that they look hotter in glasses and save the contact lenses for necessities!

GwGs 23 Feb 2004, 03:02

Good for you Caroline, if only everyone took the same view.

Caroline 21 Feb 2004, 06:53

I now appreciate why Kylie wears her glasses for more than just reading. I took a few minutes to get used to focussing on distances but after that everything was perfect. My distance vision is possibly slightly better with my glasses, but definately not worse. I liked the feeling of seeing everything through my +2 lenses, so I think I will carry on with full-time wearing.

Does anyone have any more pics of Kylie in her glasses?

gauloises 20 Feb 2004, 17:39

axl wore glasses a several times live and in Videos, just look at the November Rain Video... he wore em sometimes when he was playing piano (maybe a tribute to Elton John?)

Electra 20 Feb 2004, 13:39

I got a anonymous e-mail telling me to look for Axl Rose in glasses, but I can't find anything. Help!

Caroline 19 Feb 2004, 23:11

Kylie Minogue wears +2 glasses all day sometimes does she? I have had +2 glasses myself for about a year now. I have never tried wearing them for anything other than reading before but I am now going to see how I get on wearing them all day. I will post back.

GwGs 15 Feb 2004, 00:22

Lovely photos Curt, i especially like the penultimate one.

I've seen a couple more of her with glasses - one of which she is wearing small rectangular frames with possibly +3 lenses in, this shot is taken out and about somewhere and she is with Gwyneth Paltrow.

The media seem to make a big thing of it when a celeb is first seen with spex;

Quite a few papers ran front page stories when Nicole Kidman first wore glasses out - e.g. The Daily Mail had 1/2 a page photo of Nicole and a headline saying "Nicole looks spec-tacular" or words to that effect.

A few other papers did a story when Gillian Anderson was first seeing wearing spex saying "Spexy".

What is the big drama with celebs wearing glasses? They've been wearing them for years!

Karen 14 Feb 2004, 08:05


Is your posting in reply to mine? If it is do you think she needs glasses/contacts all the time but usually wears contacts. She does seem to wear her glasses "out and about" in public as a full-time wearer would. Is +2 a common prescription for full-time wear?

Curt 13 Feb 2004, 12:33

Folks made a lot of fuss when Madonna showed up wearing reading glasses at the English Rose Tea Party in Sept. of last year. But a search reveals that "the Material Girl" has worn glasses in the past. Check these out:

Electra 12 Feb 2004, 16:05

Apparently someone here has a photo of the band "Westlife" in glasses. 20 photos, according to my source. Would that person contact me as I'd like to put them up on my website.

x-pert 08 Feb 2004, 03:51


Karen 08 Feb 2004, 02:06

Does anyone have any idea what Kylie Minogues prescription is? I know she has a "plus" prescription judging by photos of her wearing glasses but I am not very good at guessing prescriptions.

Filthy McNasty 03 Feb 2004, 09:37

make that

Filthy McNasty 03 Feb 2004, 09:25

I just look at the source code and paste the URL for the pic I want - the javascriipt image protect is attached to the web page, not the pic. So for instance, the URL for the Norah Jones pic is Call it up this way and you can save it without having to download everything else on the page, save the pic you want, then delete it.

ReFractor 03 Feb 2004, 07:18

Thanks Kisal for that link to several of my favorite female singers wearing glasses.

Hint to newbies: The pictures on that website can't be lifted simply by right clicking on them. But there is still a way of getting them. Simply save the entire page to your desktop (under File menu, choose Save As...), and after it gets done saving them, just open the new folder on the desktop and take out all the pictures you want. Then you can delete the saved page and you've still got its pictures.

kisal 03 Feb 2004, 05:22

Anyone out there found pictures of Norah Jones' new glasses? I have seen the shot(s) of her in wire rims as at

but I was intrigued by the lines in a recent USA Today interview (accompanied by, sadly a bare eyed photograph):

"With her hair clipped back and her soft, pretty features framed by functional dark-rimmed glasses. . ."

GwGs 01 Feb 2004, 01:15

Dre, what's the address of this CD Release site, i've just tried that name plus .com and it didn't work

O-O 31 Jan 2004, 23:37

Anastasia doesn't count.

She's always wearing tinted glasses

myopicmax 31 Jan 2004, 22:08

Not sure if it's been mentioned the Proclaimers c.d has 7 people on it with glasses thats making a statement.

loonyettes 31 Jan 2004, 14:06

Just seen a picture of Anastasia WITHOUT GLASSES! Does this mean she's had LASIK! Horror of horrors!

Dre 26 Jan 2004, 12:30

Check out Sophie Ellis Bexter's New Video for "I wont change you" , Some nice shots of her in specs! Top tip video is on CD Release so you can many hours watching the 15 seconds that matter !

Electra 25 Jan 2004, 08:23

Does anyone have a photo of Harry Connick Jr in his glasses that I can put up on my website? You can e-mail me:

Karen X 23 Jan 2004, 19:48

Kylie Minogue at LAX airport.

Russell 23 Jan 2004, 15:08

Two more of Tim:*397528&u=DEFAULT&s=l7Xrm6y7uWfAeMq@RtDWKpWX

Russell 23 Jan 2004, 14:56

Country Music Superstar Tim McGraw:

 18 Jan 2004, 04:50


 18 Jan 2004, 01:53

I personally didn't know who he was but what get's me is there is no relation to glasses on the few sites i searched.

That sucks!

Barry 18 Jan 2004, 01:30

We should know that????

 18 Jan 2004, 00:02

he's part of "lincon park" a band!

Julian 17 Jan 2004, 23:54

OK, so it's a sad day, but who is Chester Bennington?

Love and kisses, Jules.

muriel 17 Jan 2004, 22:06


muriel 17 Jan 2004, 22:05

it is a sad day when you have to ask who Chester Bennington

dgutls 17 Jan 2004, 19:59

Be sure to catch "Dweezil and Lisa" Cooking show on the Food Network. Lisa Loeb in black plastic glasses is a sight to behold. She is looking prettier all the time! Nice minus lenses!

Barry 17 Jan 2004, 11:29

Who the heck is Chester Bennington?

Billy 17 Jan 2004, 05:11

I was wondering did anyone have any photos of chester bennington wearing glasses?

guest 15 Jan 2004, 14:34

Does anyone have pictures of jessica simpson wearing her glasses? I saw one a while back - and they looked fairly strong - say around -6.00.

Pete 07 Jan 2004, 12:22

Do you know which girls from All Saints band wear glasses?Where can I find the pictures of them?

pete 05 Jan 2004, 09:43

It was a great pleasure to watch and listen to the DVD, 'Concert for George'. An added delight was the behind scenes rehearsal footage of Ravi Shankar's bespectacled daughter, Anoushka Shankar, conducting the Eastern musicians. Here is a picture of her with half-sister Norah Jones:

mickey 03 Jan 2004, 21:34

Lots of pictures and videos of Gracia a nearsighted german idol in glasses.


Olivia 01 Jan 2004, 19:02

Regarding Kylie Minogue. I think she is long sighted as someone has posted a picture of that article from The Sun in the forum I mentioned in my previous post. The photo shows Kylie wearing glasses as she holds a book or newspaper in front of her.

bopbopgod 01 Jan 2004, 06:13

to bernard: i don't if there are any pix of Ritchie in glasses but there is a good ritchie neville website here:

Olivia 31 Dec 2003, 10:38

To the anonymous one. I have posted a question on a Kylie Minogue fan forum regarding her glasses. Click here

ehpc 29 Dec 2003, 15:36

Answer to the question "Can any of the Redtop 'newspapers' be taken seriously?"..............most emphatically NOT:) Peter

Sarah 28 Dec 2003, 22:44

ehpc,you are correct. Can any of "the redtops" be taken sriously

ehpc 28 Dec 2003, 08:02

Without wishing to attempt to 'speak for' Sarah,obviously, I took her question as casting doubt on the idea that The Sun could SERIOUSLY be called a newspaper, as opposed to a comic, a fish-wrapper,a low-grade propaganda sheet, or whatever:) Peter

GwGs 27 Dec 2003, 04:50

Hi Sarah,

Yeah, "The Sun" is a newspaper -

 24 Dec 2003, 04:05

Thanks for replying GWGs. Does anyone know where I can see this photo of Kylie or is it 1 of the 2 I linked to in my post in November?

Sarah 23 Dec 2003, 23:21

is " The Sun " a newspaper ??

GwGs 23 Dec 2003, 02:41

To the anonymous one;

I read in The Sun newspaper that had a front page photo of her wearing spex that she is -3.5

However, this photo looked as if the prescription was actually a plus and i would guess she is actually +3 to 4 but i don't know.

 22 Dec 2003, 22:15

Any info on Kylie Minogues prescription?

dave 22 Dec 2003, 16:01

This came up in a search of Lisa Loeb.

lizzi 22 Dec 2003, 05:13

come on specsy where are those photos of westlife i've given you more than enough time.

LikeGlass 19 Dec 2003, 18:08

Lisa Loeb showing a few "power rings:

bernard 19 Dec 2003, 13:47

does anyone have any pictures of ritchie neville former 5ive member wearing glasses?

Carlos 17 Dec 2003, 23:55

Here are my four favourite women with glasses: Geri Halliwell

Mel C

Alanis Morissette

and finally Sheryl Crow

What do you think about them? Do you know something about their Rx?

me 17 Dec 2003, 14:40

I read on a Rachel Stevens/S Club 7 website that Rachel does wear glasses but usually wears contacts.

Maverick 17 Dec 2003, 07:17

Sorry, but my interpretation of the Rex Features Rachel Stevens thumbnails was incorrect - wishful thinking perhaps !

Found a German site that has the Rex pics in full size which shows they were just shades.

If anyone is still interested they are at :

Maverick 17 Dec 2003, 00:54

There are a lot of the 'out shopping' type pics of Rachel Stevens on Rex Features where you can see she is wearing glasses, so it seems she needs full time correction.

Unfortunately the fact that you can now only get the thumbnails on this site makes it frustrating.

david 16 Dec 2003, 16:51

hi no name,

i am not sure if those glasses are real or not but i know that she does definately wear contacts all the time, so she is a real wearer.

 16 Dec 2003, 14:45

Are the glasses Rachel is wearing real? I've never seen her wearing glasses before.

lizzi 16 Dec 2003, 13:20

c'mon specsy

girnur 16 Dec 2003, 03:08

Mmmm... :)

Maverick 15 Dec 2003, 06:09

Rachel Stevens (ex S Club 7)

Anon 13 Dec 2003, 03:32

Does anyone have any info on Kylie Minogues prescription? I posted links to 2 photos on Nov 19th.

lizzi 13 Dec 2003, 01:28

specsy, i'm getting impatient with those westlife photos. i gave you cat deleey's rx of minus 2.5 or minus you must return the favour of the westlife boys wearing glasses

dave 10 Dec 2003, 16:24

has anyone else noticed how much britney spears' eyes cross from time to time when she isnt wearing her specs?

lizzi 10 Dec 2003, 13:44


Luc 10 Dec 2003, 03:06

Good question. Victoria looked absolutely stunning wearing those square glasses. Hope that she'll wear them again....

Peter 09 Dec 2003, 15:11

Does Victoria Beckham still wear glasses? She used to wear them a lot.....or does she wear contacts or had laser?

lizzi 07 Dec 2003, 02:45


its about a -2.5 or -3.

now can i please have the westlife photos

Oscar 06 Dec 2003, 10:43

Result! It was a question of joining from scratch rather than trying to cut any corners.

Nice pix Lizzi / Maverick. In the HLUK2002 3 folder, photo 382 shows a bit of cut-in at the edges of the lenses, so I'd agree with Maverick about the prescription. Say minus 2.5 or maybe 3?

Oscar 06 Dec 2003, 10:32

Thanks Maverick - I'll have another go. I don't normally have any problem with these things.

Maverick 06 Dec 2003, 09:35

Not sure what is going wrong for you on those Cat Deeley pics on the Yahoo Groups site Oscar. I joined it, (its a public site so access is pretty instantaneous) and have had no problem. Worth persevering as they are a nice group of screen caps taken, apparently, during the two weeks before her Lasik when she could'nt wear her contacts.

Difficult to assess her prescription but from some evidence of cut in, and general appearance of the lenses I'd say something in the -2 to -3 range.

Oscar 06 Dec 2003, 09:14

Sorry - that link won't work on my computer. Still comes up with that wretched yahoo group-error message.

Lizzi, you obviously have more luck with this, but is that after correcting "gropus" and "grops" in the URL? And can anyone post a link which is more likely to work?

lizzi 06 Dec 2003, 03:58

direct link


Julian 05 Dec 2003, 11:55

Tee toe tellum

Love and kisses, Jules.

Oscar 05 Dec 2003, 11:51

Yes - specially as it referred to an earlier posted link in this section! What's more that's one that doesn't work...though it's a Yahoo problem we've probably all had with one site or another.

GwGs 05 Dec 2003, 08:51

Uhh, honestly, if only people would post in the right sections!

Julian 04 Dec 2003, 16:55

Quite right too. What on earth was a question like that doing in the Vision Training thread?

Love and kisses, Jules.

Oscar 04 Dec 2003, 11:13

Confusing...that was a reply to the question which Lizzi posted in the Vision training thread.

Oscar 04 Dec 2003, 11:12

easier said than done Lizzi. First you sign up to that group (no problem), then it comes up with an error message saying Group-Check or something like that. Any idea if that photo is also somewhere more accessible?

lizzi 04 Dec 2003, 11:07

specsy do you have those westlife photos of them wearing glasses?

Anon 30 Nov 2003, 16:27

Does anyone have any info on Kylie Minogues prescription? I posted links to 2 photos on Nov 19th.

PHiLL 29 Nov 2003, 09:18


lizzi 28 Nov 2003, 16:52


i found pictures of cat wearing glasses i don't suppose you could tell her rx by them anyway the link is

it's not a direct link but go to hluk3 and near the end there are a few pics of her wearing specs. i hope this helped you.

now please can i have the link to the westlife photos wearing glasses.

Ubie 27 Nov 2003, 14:43

There were two or three Britany pics a few months ago on a site. Pics showed Britany wearing what appeared to be about +2 specs. The pics were rather clear, and seemed to be taken somewhere during a shopping trip.

GwGs 27 Nov 2003, 03:58

I have seen a couple of photos from side on where you can admire the thickness of the lenses and you can also see through the lenses and they look very much like prescription.

dave 26 Nov 2003, 17:45

does anyone have any solid evidence from any pictures or interviews etc that britneys glasses are real?

specsy 25 Nov 2003, 13:47

u find out cat deelys rx b4 she got laser surgery and the photos are yours

lizzi 25 Nov 2003, 10:33


are you ever going to give give me those 20 photos of all westlife boys wearing glasses

john 25 Nov 2003, 10:30

i was watching mtv today and saw kian from westlife and fat joe wearing glasses i wonder does anyone have pictures

GwGs 25 Nov 2003, 01:03

They seem to be more interested in if that's her dog or not!!

Mike 24 Nov 2003, 14:42

What does evryone think? Anyone got any evidence as to whether they might be her glasses? If they are, I'm sure she'd be 10 out of 10 in them!

Chuck 24 Nov 2003, 13:59

Chicken Rae Annie wears glasses?!?!?!? Cool.

phill 22 Nov 2003, 11:11

no i have not pics of christina aguiliera wearing glasses .. can i have your pic of christina??


james 21 Nov 2003, 17:11

kelly clarkson's prescription seems to be around -10 roughly, i think. wow! its very nice to see such a beautiful girl need glasses so badly

Guest 21 Nov 2003, 11:26

ANON I think Kylie has a mild plus prescription judging by the photos. She might wear them for distances and not just for reading. Maybe she'll go full time eventually. There aren't many photos of Kylie wearing glasses and I think those 2 are probably the best.

mickey 20 Nov 2003, 22:57

My -8.00 glasses look very much like hers.

john5 20 Nov 2003, 20:50

Here is a pic of Kelly Clarkson. What do you think her rx is?

Aislinn 19 Nov 2003, 12:48

To whoever was looking for Westlife pix... here's one of Nicky...

I dunno if they're prescription or not tho...

Anon 19 Nov 2003, 11:50

Here are 2 great photos of the gorgeous Kylie Minogue wearing glasses. Does anyone know what sort of prescription she has?

Scott 18 Nov 2003, 11:43

Anyone have a picture of Chicken Rae Annie in her glasses?

 18 Nov 2003, 05:29

'cos i don't have any webspace.

 18 Nov 2003, 02:05

 17 Nov 2003, 12:53

why dont you show the pic here?

 17 Nov 2003, 04:34

Hi Phill, i have a photo of Christina wearing glasses. Do you have any others in exchange?

phill 16 Nov 2003, 14:21

i need pics of christina aguiliera with glasses.. or j-lo with glasses! what Rx have anastacia?

kevin 15 Nov 2003, 05:42

i was looking at all the posts to this thread and someone said they had pictures of all the westlife members wearing glasses. please could you give me the link.

Aislinn 11 Nov 2003, 09:02

Oops! That was me! Can't even spell my own name lol!


Asilinn 11 Nov 2003, 08:56

Oliver - my guess would be to have a search for some busted fan sites/message forums, where people may add screen caps.

Ash x

oliver 10 Nov 2003, 14:09

did anyone see trl uk today busted where on it. i was wondering did anyone know where i could find photos cause james was wearing glasses

Jack 10 Nov 2003, 07:26

Hi everybody,

I would like to know something about German girl band No Angels.I heard almost all of them wear glasses.Got any pics?

FaNaTiKX 08 Nov 2003, 14:35

try this ...

Kokopelli 08 Nov 2003, 13:46

Just kidding there frontman. I'd like to see the pic as well.

Kokopelli 08 Nov 2003, 13:46

Just kidding there frontman. I'd like to see the pic as well.

FaNaTiKX 08 Nov 2003, 13:12

old pic of Celine Dion

 07 Nov 2003, 14:37

frontman- please please please share this christina picture with us all

Frontman 07 Nov 2003, 09:14

I nearly didn't mention she was half naked as like you say - she is always half in the buff!

Kokopelli 07 Nov 2003, 09:03

The only interesting part of that would be the glasses. "Xtina" is always half naked...

Frontman 07 Nov 2003, 02:02

I have got a photo of Christina Aguilera wearing glasses and she is half naked is anyone wants to swap photos.

dan 04 Nov 2003, 13:46

does anyone have photos of members of the band s club 7 wearing glasses. i heard paul and bradley wear glasses. so i would really like to see photos. can someone please help me.

Dutchman 04 Nov 2003, 06:11

Please help me find Beyonce!

(and more pics of J-Lo)

Thank you!

bateau_d_amour 30 Oct 2003, 19:11

The pic is a bit small but maybe there'll be more of her in the future.

Dutchman 29 Oct 2003, 07:35

Thank you for the answer that she wears glasses, I hope to find some pics!

GwGs 29 Oct 2003, 05:39


I've seen a couple of photos of Beyonce out and about in gold rimmed oval spex, looked like -2 from the couple of close's up i saw but can't remember where i saw the pix!

Dutchman 28 Oct 2003, 23:30

Héy Guys, does anybody knows that Beyonce Knowles (Destiny's Child) wears glasses??? if so, got any pics of her with specs??

Anon 27 Oct 2003, 11:39

Peter - I also would love to see photos of Kylie in glasses. I have only seen 1 photo of her wearing what appear to be real glasses. This is the picture . I expect you have got this one already. Could you post links to the other photos you have?

A 23 Oct 2003, 11:52

Lizzi - I've just been showing this pic of Nicky wearing glasses...

lizzi 23 Oct 2003, 11:02

look i'm really sorry i cna't find any pics of j-lo wearing glasses. it's that she's just so rare to find with specs. i'll try and find any other person with glasses anytime just please please please give me westlife photos im so desperate.

by the way i found an old tv hits magazine with steps,s club 7 and westlife wearing white choir cloaks. it apperaed that lisa,lee& h from steps where wearing glasses, bradley & paul from s club 7 and bryan from westlife where all wearing glasses. the photo was really small i was wondering did anyone have any bigger pics of tv hits magazine from feb 2000

peter 23 Oct 2003, 10:09

Have you some pictures of Kylie Minogue. I have only 5 or 6 with real glasses, not sunglasses.

Val 23 Oct 2003, 05:24

Fresh uploads on

I have never seen this movie called Dangerous Games with Madonna but here is another vidcap:

 23 Oct 2003, 05:04


That link was already posted on the 9th Oct.

lizzi 22 Oct 2003, 11:29

i found 1 picture of j lo wearing glasses its

i know it doesnt compare to you're 20 photos but please give it to me. i'll be so greatful i'll find lots of photos for you in the future. i promise. i'm a really dedicated fan

Daffy 21 Oct 2003, 17:28

Thanx Filthy McNasty for the info. I thought they looked un-naturally thick, just like in the Bad Boys 2 movie.

specsy 21 Oct 2003, 13:29

lizzi i have 20 pics of all the westlife boys wearing glasses but you will only see them if you give me rare pics of j-lo wearing glasses and i need to see the pics first

lizzi 21 Oct 2003, 13:18

as people might of already noticed i'm a westlife crazy fan especially with glasses. now i've found a picture of mark westlife wearing glasses but i'm not prepared to give it to ye unless ye trade me a very rare link to a photo of some celebrity wearing glasses. i want to see the photo before i give you my photo

Filthy McNasty 20 Oct 2003, 21:26

The movie is "Dancer in the Dark". The glasses appear to be a real Rx, but much lower than would warrant the thicknes. They're props, made unnaturally thick. Still, she's cute, in a kind of starving-to-death way.

Daffy 20 Oct 2003, 20:51

Well I don't know if I can class her as a musician or actor or neither. I saw a promo on TV last night of a musical (a movies with lots of singing/songs) featuring "BJORK". It looked really weird. But, I saw some shots in the promo where she was wearing black plastic rimmed glasses that looked quite thick. The screen shot was real quick so I don't know if they are real or fake. There was considerable edge thicknes as well, but they can do that with no Rx.

If anyone knows the name of the movie/musical and/or seen it, I'd be interested to know.

lizzi 19 Oct 2003, 02:06

does anyone else know where i can find photos of westlife wearing glasses

Ash 18 Oct 2003, 05:42


There's some of Kian on this website (or there was last time I looked)

I've seen pix of Nicky and Bryan too but not sure where they are... sorry.

And Mark used to wear glasses but he apparantly had laser eye surgery a couple of years ago.

Hope this helps xx

lizzi 18 Oct 2003, 02:08

does anyone have any photos of westlife wearing glasses

Palm 16 Oct 2003, 03:22

By the way.....Mariah Carey was for a concert in Holland and after the show she was a day on the street wearing constantly her sunglasses (but there was no sun at all!) So I think what allready was sad on this page that she got eyeproblems....../.......or did she had allready glasses (if so, does anyone got pics of her wearing her real specs??!!

Mac 09 Oct 2003, 13:41

Found the J.Lo specs reference. It was posted on 'Actress' Thread on 06-14-03.

Last poster (below) ... fine recollection! J.Lo specs seem to be + Take a look.

 09 Oct 2003, 04:07

The RX of J-Lo looked + to me, I can be wrong...... But all I can see is that she has big eyes when she's wearing her specs??!!

Mac 08 Oct 2003, 17:33


I recall seeing a website reference here (or perhaps elsewhere) about three months ago. There were 2 or 3 reasonably decent photos showing J.Lo with specs. The Rx looked to be in the -2 to -3 range. The site reference may still be in the ES Thread Archives.

Tod 08 Oct 2003, 16:23

I once heard J-Lo in an interview when asked she had "angel eyes" refering to her movie of that name, she said, "no I don't. I am suppose to wear glasses". Does anyone have any idea of her Rx?

Julian 08 Oct 2003, 15:35

Palm, did you click on 'View all posts' at the bottom of the window? Anyway, it's

Palm 08 Oct 2003, 14:42

Thank you!, but I just can't find them

the link is gone I think.............

 08 Oct 2003, 14:03

Palm: look in the ACTRESSES-chapter some month ago there was a link for a picture where J-Lo was wearing glasses. This is the only picture I have seen so far anywhere, but I truly hope to see more of them !

Palm 08 Oct 2003, 07:40

I've heard that Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez got glasses, I like to see them with their specs on, please does somebody got the pics??!!!

Wim 21 Sep 2003, 15:43

Lene Nystrom from "Aqua"

GwGs 16 Sep 2003, 03:36

There's a bigger and better photo here;

FaNaTiKx 15 Sep 2003, 16:31

Wurm 15 Sep 2003, 14:29

There's a somewhat grainy clip of Madonna's bookreading appearance available at:

b-mad 15 Sep 2003, 13:59

does any have any photos of any celebrity males wearing glasses especially westlife

b -mad 15 Sep 2003, 13:13

does anyone know how i can get glasses even though i dont need them like how i can fail an eye test

p.s: heres a link

Oscar 15 Sep 2003, 04:40

Those are the ones. Big black frames with plus lenses in them. Now I know Madonna would probably look stunning in more or less anything, but the specs suited her very nicely - hope we see more of them.

GwGs 15 Sep 2003, 02:03

Continuing the last thread, there is a Nice photo of Madonna wearing some heavy black framed glasses in today's Metro newspaper, the title is "Madonna is a glass act"!

Oscar 14 Sep 2003, 16:35

Madonna in her reading glasses on BBC1 News this evening reading from her children's book. Mmmm.

Julian 14 Sep 2003, 13:00

Georgina, I was quoting from a site I looked at, but I certainly thought when I first looked that the 'Glasses_01' pic showed some minification. Whst does anybody else think?

Love and kisses, Jules.

georgina 14 Sep 2003, 12:35

I have pictures of Eminem where you can see some "cut in", so he is definitly shortsighted. I would guess about -2.

Julian 14 Sep 2003, 06:54

From the web on Eminem+glasses:

1. Glasses: He wears glasses for things up close (long-sighted) and he looks so cute wearing them!

2. Still, there's no escaping that Eminem has matured, right down to the wire-rimmed glasses he's taken to wearing.

3. Photos:

Love and kisses, Jules.

MAGGIE 14 Sep 2003, 04:53

Just heard today from a pal, that Mariah Carey has a lot of eye problems. Apparently she has a bit of a squint. Anyone know anything about this??????

Visitboy 14 Sep 2003, 03:48

From London's "Metro" newspaper on Thursday just gone....

"Don't be fooled into thinking Eminem's specs are just a fad - he needs them. A source said: 'He is shortsighted but tells people his glasses are just a fashion statement.'"

I'm sure there are people here who could verify.

Joseph A. 12 Sep 2003, 06:28

I'd say the younger people haven't even heard of this guy. Here's some pictures:

Here's some songs you can listen to:

Nice glasses, eh? They look like some plus with a fairly strong cylinder.


Aislinn 10 Sep 2003, 14:48

ooops sorry about my previous post - pressed enter by mistake!!

Was just gonna say it was only a matter of time before rex features caught on to that trick!

Jessica's glasses are quite similar to a pair of mine :)

Aislinn 10 Sep 2003, 14:46

Curt 10 Sep 2003, 13:24

Yeah: It looks like RexFeatures figured out what many of us did and fixed the loophole in their program that allowed viewing (and saving) of the full-sized pictures. Damn !!!

phill 10 Sep 2003, 13:09

thumb change to previews is not possible.. have anybody an alternitive..

Val 10 Sep 2003, 01:48

Very good pictures on Ananova of Jessica Taylor and Harry Hill

lenslover 09 Sep 2003, 11:17

do you no what her rx is?

Val 09 Sep 2003, 06:08

It's Jessica Taylor from Liberty X:

Pictures on Rexfeatures:*427286&u=DEFAULT&s=rUR1JHNW9nXYEtBWJo0pCXd0

I tried to change "thumbs" to "previews" but it didn't work.

Maverick 09 Sep 2003, 05:59

This years UK 'Spectacle wearer of the year" was Jessica Taylor from the group Liberty X. There is a set of pics of her at the awards ceremony, looking very nice,on Rex Features.

Harry Hill won the male award.

Oscar 09 Sep 2003, 03:36

who is he or she? (Specs wearer of the year I mean)

lenslover 09 Sep 2003, 02:08

Does anyone have any pictures of this years spectacle wearer of the year?

Aislinn 30 Aug 2003, 14:42

Few screen caps of Kian Egan from Irish boyband Westlife wearing glasses on a TV show a few months ago

stefan 27 Aug 2003, 15:51

Oh, and some of you might like the pics here a lot:

stefan 27 Aug 2003, 15:45 for a pic of Americana husband-and-wife band The Handsome Family, both of whom are handsome in specs.

 23 Aug 2003, 03:20

Mel Blatt, formerly of British girl band All Saints, was on British kids tv show SMTV this morning wearing rectangular metal framed glasses. She appeared to have a mild minus prescription.

Leon 11 Aug 2003, 03:37

What the previous poster (probably) meant is that Italian tv presenter Federica Sciarelli occassionally wears glasses :-)

FEDERICA SCIARELLI 11 Aug 2003, 03:03

Oscar 04 Aug 2003, 14:40

Liz the kitten did indeed look lovely!

 04 Aug 2003, 13:34

Liz from UK pop act Atomic Kitten quite often wears glasses with what seems to be a minus prescription in them.

She was on tv this evening (in UK) on a current affairs programme called "Real Story with Fiona Bruce". Liz wasn't singing, she was a reportor on an article about old peoples care home being closed down. She wore her glasses for the whole report. Her glasses were narrow rimless rectangles. They looked great on her. She's quite pretty too.

Jorgos 16 Jul 2003, 08:26

I would like to see Sheryl Crow,Janet Jackson and Alanis Morissette with glasses.I know all of them wear specs but i never saw with them .Can you help me?

bateau_d_amour 15 Jul 2003, 16:05

Mike 14 Jul 2003, 05:06

Good post thanks Eddy, now can ANYONE help me find ANY photos?

Eddy 13 Jul 2003, 20:02

Re the desirable Tina Arena,

DP 12 Jul 2003, 21:16

does anyone have pictures of Fionna Apple and/or Mandy Moore? i heard that they have glasses but didnt see any pictures

Mike 10 Jul 2003, 16:20

It says on a kids website about wearing glasses somewhere that Aussie singer Tina Arena wears glasses. Can anyone help me find photos?

Hearty 10 Jul 2003, 00:22

Did anyone see the 'sea of pluses' at the Music Hall of Fame show on Bravo? Notable was Phil Collins, with lots of light reflection below the glasses, as pluses tend to do in bright light. Van Morrison sported some cool-dude specs....all that was missing were Gere and K.Russell!

As usual, the women had to hide their need for correction!

Julian 09 Jul 2003, 04:43

Yes. For Mac users, the thing to do is click and hold on a thumbnail and when the menu appears, select 'Open page in a new window' The thumbnail will appear with its URL. Replace 'thumbnails' with 'previews' and Robert's your father's brother!

Love and kisses, Jules.

GwGs 09 Jul 2003, 01:40

What you have to do to make it work is;

search for whoever you want @

Then right click on a thumbnail, go to "properties", highlight this and press CTRL + C to copy this, paste it into the address bar by pressing CTRL + V

When the thumbnail appears, replace the word "THUMBS" with the word "PREVIEWS"


 08 Jul 2003, 11:34



You don't have permission to access /previews/403/403537c.jpg on this server'

Prism 08 Jul 2003, 06:52

Works great Aislinn! Here's an example:

Aislinn 08 Jul 2003, 06:13

Phil - You CAN make pix on rex features bigger without paying... right click on the pic you want and go down to properties. Copy and paste the URL into the address bar and change the word THUMBS to PREVIEWS and press enter. The picture should then come up bigger.

Hope that helps!

Ash xx

Ewanfan 07 Jul 2003, 20:12

Hey, does anyone have any pics of Alan Doyle of Great Big Sea in Glasses??

lentifan 07 Jul 2003, 16:43


Not sure what the connection with musicians is, but the first girl on that site is very pretty. She'd look lovely wearing some of these frames with nice strong lenses. I presume that you can somehow put the frames on the faces? Wish I understood German.

phill 07 Jul 2003, 15:28

phill 07 Jul 2003, 15:27

Val 07 Jul 2003, 05:53

Well, I've tried to find pictures with Mariah wearing glasses, but I couldn't find anyone. So, -14, would you, please, post the link for us ?

Phill, sorry, but rexfeatures doesn't allow us to access the pictures for free anymore. Only thumbnails.

phill 05 Jul 2003, 07:55

hey.. i like to see pics of miriah with glasses.. an on rexfeatures are new nice pics of ansatacia-.. did anybody know how can i make bigger the pics on rexfeat..??


Filthy McNasty 01 Jul 2003, 15:29

Can you post the link? I'd dearly love to see her in specs with a real Rx!

-14 01 Jul 2003, 15:20

mariah is shortsighted her rx is about -5. i have some pictures on my homepage

Carlos 23 Jun 2003, 03:52

Hi everybody!

What about Mariah Carey? Is she shortsighted or no? Do you have pics of her with glasses?

Loonyettes 15 Jun 2003, 13:07

Good call Leon - I'd forgotten all about her. I remember F.A.'s first single - she looked fantastic! I even saw her once in the street, outside a record store where she was doing a signing. The record company got her to wear contacts for F.A.'s second video, but she continued to wear them after that. On the cover of one of her solo albums there is a great picture of her in some hornrims - quite think too. Ahhh.

hu? 14 Jun 2003, 22:32

wutttttttttttt?can someone email me and tell me wut is this about?

GwGs 13 Jun 2003, 09:17

Hi Specsy,

Can you email me the address as well -


specsy 13 Jun 2003, 06:03

the highest bid is currently $100 i will email you the address lenslover to bid for them

lenslover 10 Jun 2003, 13:18

does anyone know whee to bid for lisa loebs specs that are bing auctioned for charity?

Leon 08 Jun 2003, 15:07

Female lead singer Eddi Reader (Fairground Attraction) used to wear cool minus specs in the 80's!

Loonyettes 08 Jun 2003, 13:46

Remember all of you in the UK - there's a Morrissey documentary on Channel 4 tonight at 11.15PM. He was one of the best glasses wearer of the 1980s - great national health specs followed by great horn rims. He had a good, high minus prescription, as did Lloyd Cole, who also wore NHS glasses. Back in those days, he was an example to all of us who had to wear NHS specs.

Another neglected glasses wearing pioneer at a time when glasses were very unpopular was David Sylvian. Check out the cover of Japan's album *Tin Drum* for proof. Those are great specs. Paddy Mcaloon of Prefab Sprout wore some great big framed thick minus glasses in the early days of Prefab Sprout, as I recall. Those were horrible times ...

Can anyone remember any good female glasses wearers from the world of pop in the 1980s? I remember an interview where Alison Moyet said the first thing she did in the morning was put on her glasses, but never saw any pictures of her in them.

EwanFan 08 Jun 2003, 08:04


21 Feb 2003, 07:05

 08 Jun 2003, 08:02

As for Ewan, there has been quite a bit of talk on him in the actors section, I suggest checking it out:)

Here are some of the sites with great galleries, hunt around, it's not hard to find a glasses pic!!

kris t 08 Jun 2003, 07:14

oops - that last post was me

 08 Jun 2003, 07:13

what about rivers cuomo from weezer - he's a cutie:

Electra 08 Jun 2003, 06:22

Ewan Fan, they are few and far between. All the best ones seem to have been taken down. I'll keep Googling. Got any Ewan in glasses pics URL's? {slurp}

EwanFan 07 Jun 2003, 22:44

I agree with Electra. Where is all the male musician talk??

And, any links to Alan Doyle glasses pics??

Pete 04 Jun 2003, 06:06

Nobody has pics of Geri Halliwell and Shania Twain with glasses?

Please, help me!

GwGs 04 Jun 2003, 05:47

If you read the front page you'd know what was up with my website.

phill 03 Jun 2003, 14:28

i need more britney or new jenny aniston pics.. or have anybody anstacia pics where she wear glasses and not so fucking sunglasses??

what is with


Pete 03 Jun 2003, 12:33

I would like to see Geri Halliwell and Shania Twain with glasses!

Can anybody help me?

Electra 03 Jun 2003, 11:59

Now hold on guys, where does it say "Female Musicians ONLY" here, huh? Well if any girls are reading this and you want to see an incrediby buff and beautiful man who happens to wear glasses (offstage only - coward) try Canadian band Great Big Sea, his name is Alan Doyle. Not your wimpy nerdy type, this is a real man. Thank me now. Now go Googling.

bateau_d_amour 02 Jun 2003, 12:04

Nancy Dumais

Henry_c 02 Jun 2003, 07:02

One of girls in the band Lillix wear glasses. That was on TV in Canada on Sunday. A pretty blonde with plastic frames.


JM 29 May 2003, 07:12

britney spears with glasses-WOW!!!!

 27 May 2003, 13:34

dave, the link doesn't work when I open it...

james 27 May 2003, 06:03

yeah, she does look like she is really squinting there. what a great pic

dave 26 May 2003, 17:19

great britney picture

look at this for a major squint. ive seen other pictures from the same event or whatever it is and she is wearing her glasses, but on this pic she has taken them off and is squinting so hard to see. wow!

lenslover 26 May 2003, 04:33

GwGs 26 May 2003, 02:21

Slimshady, i do have quite a few photos of the Spice Girls, when my site was up and running i had about 50 photos, here is a collage i made of Posh Spice -


Hearty 25 May 2003, 11:34

PS...Oh, if you look into Chesty's pics, there is one on the bottom, at a concert or som., where a woman is reaching out, and he has this look on his face, that so looks like 'revenge of the nerds', to me.

Gosh, I'd love to have his glasses collection!!!!!


Hearty 25 May 2003, 11:22

OK, here's a great link for pics of Linkin Park's Chester Bennington. I feel it's kinda poopy that no one I know, seems to like him or appreciate his beauty....but I keep tryin' to spread his pics around. Actually, the younger teen girls probably appreciate him, but when I talk about him to my friends, I get a sidelong glance! Anyway, check'm out and click on the pics for the larger size!

loonyettes 24 May 2003, 11:58

Re: the Spice Girls. No that it's particularly important, but I have a slightly different recollection ...

Scary Spice started wearing her brown rectangular glasses whilst the Spice Girls were still together. If I remember rightly, she debuted them on the Brit Awards. It was a great moment.

I remember Posh Spice's lenses being pretty thin ...

Anyone remember the auditions for that band Hearsay - so many of the young women wore glasses!

Kokopelli 24 May 2003, 03:21

One hell of a singer/guitarplayer:Susan Tedeschi

slimshady69 23 May 2003, 05:15

gwg- do u or anybody else have more pictures though?

GwGs 23 May 2003, 01:55

All the Spice Girls do (did?) wear glasses;

Posh wore rectangular silver rimmed frames or heavy black rimmed frames, they both looked like they had some serious lenses in them.

Sporty wore some heavy black rectangular frames but only started wearing them after the Spice Girls split up and wears them quite a lot now.

Scary wore again wore the same rectangular frames but wore them a lot

Ginger Spice i've seen wearing some silver rimmed large round frames and some silver rimmed oval ones as well as some rectangular half rimless frames in one of her music videos!

slimshady69 22 May 2003, 15:55

i want more emma.............. infact i think all the former spice girls wear glasses

Maverick 22 May 2003, 11:58

Here are some pics of Emma Bunton in specs. All from same photoshoot so unsure whether they were props or not. They look like they have + lenses so may be her own ?

GwGs 22 May 2003, 00:53

Whoever posted that thread about Emma Bunton, i used to have two of three photos of Emma wearing glasses, they were small silver oval glasses.

the original lenslover 21 May 2003, 18:46

That last post wasn't me!

lenslover 21 May 2003, 16:25

did anyone see graham norton when emma bunton was on she said she had really poor eyesight, wondering if anyone had pictures of her in specs

saf 14 May 2003, 09:41


fd 14 May 2003, 09:41


Cip 06 May 2003, 05:43

Val 05 May 2003, 23:15

Thanks BUFF for the link. It seems that this sparklygirls site is very interesting. Look at this Britney pictures:

And there's more ...

GwGs 05 May 2003, 07:30

Kylie Minogue was on the front page on The Sun newspaper a couple of days wearing spex

BUFF 05 May 2003, 04:55

mandy in glasses!

Emo 02 May 2003, 00:37

Hey BUFF, do you remember where you saw the Mandy pics? Thanks. ;D

Spector 01 May 2003, 20:13

Paula Abdul may be an OO. This week on American Idol, the host Ryan Seacrest was wearing a fairly strong pair (-4 or better) of glasses. When he got to Paula for introductions, she told him he "looked really good tonight and I like your glasses".

loonyettes 29 Apr 2003, 10:40

Reasonable picture of a bespectacled Britney Spears in Heat this week. Jordan and Halle Berry also pictured with sunglasses ... anyone think they're prescription?

BUFF 29 Apr 2003, 06:39

just found an amazing sequence of mandy moore photos in glasses. only the second time ive seen her in glasses. sadly though, she looks only mildly short sighted. what a pity!!! :( heard christina aguilera also needs glasses but havent seen any pictures.

Eddy 21 Apr 2003, 14:29

Like Lady e's favorite shop fcuk perhaps. But otherwise he's inoffensive so far) which has to count for something.

Mark 20 Apr 2003, 19:00

Oh who cares. It's just a rather juvenille assemblege of letters meant to tweak the noses of prudes. It did. Now move on.

Filthy McNasty 19 Apr 2003, 20:06

Bobby? Any comment?

Tommy 19 Apr 2003, 14:47

I second Russell's comment. That Es Nickname is inappropriate.

Justme 19 Apr 2003, 14:46

Does anyone know what Eminem's prescription is?

Russell 19 Apr 2003, 14:33

Do we have to be subjected to the previous poster's ES nickname?

fuuckoff 19 Apr 2003, 04:54

Have enybody new pictures about Britney

bateau_d_amour 17 Apr 2003, 19:22


david 16 Apr 2003, 15:57

hey. that site is back up now, with the pictures of britney with and without her glasses whilst in an opticians. the first is the one where she looks very out of focus and the second i think shows significant rx in her glasses. these links should work now

let me know what your thoughts are

Ivy Zylar 15 Apr 2003, 23:21

I'am seeking you!!!

I'am a solo vocolist seeking a band

I'am a well known industry personality

So if you seek success seek me!


PHONE: 0427 477 524


Adios Ivy

bateau_d_amour 15 Apr 2003, 19:41

 15 Apr 2003, 14:03

American Idol finalist Tamyra Gray apparently used to wear glasses and now contacts. An excerpt from an interview at

IML: How about boyfriends? Did you date when you were younger?

Tamyra: No, I was too skinny! I wore glasses -- I hadn't gotten contacts yet.

IML: An awkward phase?

Tamyra: Yes. I still think I'm going through my awkward phase!

david 14 Apr 2003, 17:36

apparently the site is closed temporarily. should be back soon though they say

david 14 Apr 2003, 15:11

sorry. wrong address

david 14 Apr 2003, 15:10

they are on the bombastic page but there are extra ones on the other website. and some of them are large high resolution photos where you are more likely to spot any rx. they are in the 'other photos' section, and then in the 2003 gallery. they are the first two galleries inside that one.


try it out

AC 14 Apr 2003, 11:24

I had the same problem, but you can get at them all through

It's well worth the (minimal) effort.

GwGs 14 Apr 2003, 09:19

I can't get them, all i get is a typical 404 Page Cannot Be Found Error

david 13 Apr 2003, 18:04

another one where she looks as though her eyes are way out of focus while she is inside the opticians without her glasses. wow! ok, i will stop now

david 13 Apr 2003, 17:58

and these are the glasses she was wearing on the way into the opticians. they definately look real. -2 ish is my guess

david 13 Apr 2003, 17:44

john. i agree also with britney looking very out of focus in those pictures when she takes off her glasses. especially on this picture

john 12 Apr 2003, 18:52

i have just seen those britney pics and i agree with '-12's', she does look very out of focus. she is actually in an opticians at the time. it mentioned it at the bottom of one of the photos. thats why some of the picutures appear to have no rx. the ones where she is outside of the shop are obviously her real glasses and seem to have a reasonable minus lens in them. very nice to see. especially her eyes without the glasses. she looks very vulnerable. anyone else have an opinion on her rx and whether she seems to struggle without the glasses?

Pinkspecs 12 Apr 2003, 16:48


Look on my yahoo group.

Carlos 12 Apr 2003, 03:58

I would like to see some pics of Mariah Carey,Shania Twain,Kylie Minogue,Geri Halliwell and Sophie Ellis Bextor with glasses.I read, they wear specs.Does anybody have these pics?

Rob 11 Apr 2003, 10:33

Does anyone have any pictures of Geri Halliwell wearing glasses?


 09 Apr 2003, 23:46

-12's 07 Apr 2003, 17:08

those britney photos are great. they look around -1 to -2 ish to me. nothing major. she does however look very out of focus in the photos in that galery without the glasses. she has that distant look that a nearsighted person tends to have without correction. thats my opinion anyway. any thoughts?

Myhopeinhere 07 Apr 2003, 07:44

I had a look,you have to go to the archives but they look like very low rx to me,if any,think it's just light refracting througth them

GwGs 07 Apr 2003, 05:56

Well Dave, i can't find that album anywhere, looked through the whole list and tried using the search box and typing in "glasses" and then "melrose" and both produced nothing - can you provide a link

dave 07 Apr 2003, 05:29 everyone should check this out!!!!!!!! look at the britney spears gallery called something like 'melrose avenue la 5th of march'. great up close britney glasses shots. picture 37 seems to show some major indentation of her face through her right lens meaning she is possibly around -3 or -4 ish. not sure though. please let me know what you think of her prescription from these pics. you have to register to view the pictures but it takes all of 1 minute and its free. they are amazing!!!


smith 26 Mar 2003, 13:35


have anybody "new" pics of britney spears or jennifer aniston in glasses??

please help me..

Guest 22 Mar 2003, 06:49

Try Gallery 3

Guest 22 Mar 2003, 06:45

slimshady69 21 Mar 2003, 22:33

your all saints link doesnt work!?

Myhopeinhere 21 Mar 2003, 20:52

i read she's about -3 or 4,not a great amount

lj 21 Mar 2003, 17:26

can anyone has a t a guess of anastacia's precription? anyone seen anywhere where she has stated it? i would guess aroun -6 or 7, but i am not sure

Maverick 21 Mar 2003, 09:34

There are lots of pics of All Saints Natalie Appleton about on the net. Happily she seems to have no hang up about wearing them and was 'Spectacle Wearer of the Year' in the UK a couple of years back.

Here is a Rex Features one :

Slimshady69 21 Mar 2003, 06:48

Does anybody have pictures of any of the all saints girls. I know at least one of them wears glasses

slimshady69 21 Mar 2003, 06:17

well most of you agree with me, so maybe we can cut down or go cold turkey on pictures of her. if not we can always keep the barf bags near by.

Claude 21 Mar 2003, 04:39

I agree. A total barfer.

Who is she anyway?

Filthy McNasty 20 Mar 2003, 19:05

Not JUST him.

glowworm 20 Mar 2003, 16:17

s69: I'd say it's you.

perty 20 Mar 2003, 06:22

Now that you mention it. Arf!!

slimshady69 20 Mar 2003, 05:00


slimshady69 20 Mar 2003, 05:00

is it just me or is that suzie arioli chick really really ugly?

Val 20 Mar 2003, 04:43

Dave, Britney was a very frequent subject on Eyescene. If go on the bottom of this thread or the "Seen on the web" thread and click on "View All Posts" and you will find a lot of information about Britney.

Val 20 Mar 2003, 04:20

Another link to Suzie Arioli:

She's like an angel 8-)

dave 19 Mar 2003, 20:55

nobody willing to reply to my post? any thoughts would be appreciated


dave 18 Mar 2003, 07:24

are britney's specs + or minus and how strong do u think they are? i can't tell but she seems to wear them a lot.

please let me know what u think

Henry_c 13 Mar 2003, 07:31

Susie Arioli. She does wear glasses. Judge for yourself.

anonymous 10 Mar 2003, 14:14

Hey, I'm also looking for some photos of Lisa Loeb -without- her glasses on.

If someone could post one somewhere that would rock.

myopic max 09 Mar 2003, 22:34

For anyone that can acess it Kelly Osborne wearing glasses at 2000

Grammy awards with family looks quite cute alot softer than now

GwGs 07 Mar 2003, 01:32

I do, but it's rather hard to post them with my website not up and running, if you email me i'll send you them.

GwGs -

ho 06 Mar 2003, 10:27

yo yall got any pics of lisa loeb with her glasses on and off.

Val 05 Mar 2003, 03:49

Interview with Anastacia taken from:

"PC> You've met Elton John?

A> Yeah, Elton John reviewed my album in a magazine called Interview,

and in the process was very taken by me as an artist, so he...they set up a meeting for him and I. It was so weird for me to be able to go "Oh my god I'm going to meet Elton!". I listened to his albums as a kid and I'm wearing glasses because he did! The minute I had to wear prescription I was like "COOL! I can wear glasses, this is the most awesome thing in the world! I'm going to get a bunch of colours!" So it was all due to the fact that he used to wear glasses and be so free spirited about it that I had to wear glasses at such a young age. I was like "Okay, that's probably cool!" and I've been wearing them ever since, but we had a great meeting, we talked about possibly working together in the future and I'm still such a great fan of his,he's such a great admirer of music and always has been, and he's been such a great inspiration to a lot of people."

Leon 05 Mar 2003, 01:52

Hmmm, they're clearly Rx glasses... no doubt about it.

Swissglasses 04 Mar 2003, 23:27

See this, some nice pictures of Anastacia, but as well it says that she does not need glasses, but just wears them for fun. Don't know what we should think of that.

Puffin 02 Mar 2003, 08:04

Don't look at me, it wasn't me!

Lady Eddy 02 Mar 2003, 01:22

I thought I should report that Eddy's been confined to bed for a week with minor palpitations. Is anybody here responsible? If I find out who you are I'll rip your bloody arms out!

ForEyes 01 Mar 2003, 20:40

Vidge: Those photos of Norah Jones are fabulous! More can be found at I watched Nora being interviewed by a Singapore TV station last year. She was wearing a pair of black plastic frames which really made her look mouth-watering. From the looks of it, she is quite myopic.

Vidge: GWG HEVEN 28 Feb 2003, 12:50

WARNING!: Norah Jones and Avril Lavigne on the same page wearing glasses.

Vidge: GWG HEVEN 28 Feb 2003, 12:49

WARNING!: Norah Jones and Avril Lavigne on the same page wearing glasses.

Eddy 28 Feb 2003, 01:47

It's certainly a compliment to the sublime Norah.

Vidge 27 Feb 2003, 15:59

I take that as a compliment!

Eddy 27 Feb 2003, 14:47

Sorry Vidge, the old ticker isn't what it used to be. Please don't post things like that without prior notice.

Vidge 27 Feb 2003, 12:35

see: Norah Jones in glasses

Dirk 26 Feb 2003, 13:33

Some more links to Norah Jones wearing glasses:

Dirk 26 Feb 2003, 13:06

Norah Jones, the great winner of five Grammys, a very beautiful singer, i swearing glasses. She seems to be shortsighted. Look at:

Is there anyone, who knows, where we can find more pics of her wearing glasses and which prescription she has?

Val 20 Feb 2003, 05:53

One of Lisa Loeb's fans:

Dan 19 Feb 2003, 16:03


You made my day. She is so beautiful and with the voice of an angel.

! 19 Feb 2003, 07:07

Andrea Corr

Sharon Corr

Not the best pics I know.

Dan 19 Feb 2003, 05:57

Rats!! I hope you're up and running soon.

GwGs 19 Feb 2003, 04:58

I have about ten or more photos of her, but have no way of you seeing them as my site is still down.

Dan 19 Feb 2003, 04:00

I'd love to see what Andrea Corr looks like in glasses. I heard that she wears glasses. But I've never seen any pics. Can anybody help me?

bateau_d_amour 17 Feb 2003, 19:17

I've posted charlene's pic (remember the smoking arguments) Let's raise her score

JC 16 Feb 2003, 04:33

These pictures of Nelly Furtado were posted to this thread almost a year ago:

Filthy McNasty 15 Feb 2003, 23:00

You can see Nelly's contacts clearly in many many interviews.

NellyLover 15 Feb 2003, 20:28

I'd love to see some pics of Nelly Furtado with glasses

Eddy 15 Feb 2003, 18:30

My God, it's Elizabeth Taylor.

GUEST 13 Feb 2003, 06:52

Is this Roswell?

chromo 13 Feb 2003, 04:02

chromo 13 Feb 2003, 04:02


chromo 13 Feb 2003, 04:00

[img noborder][/img]

! 05 Feb 2003, 06:15

Lisa's prescription answered by herself.


Q: So, what's the prescription on those bad boys? Are we talking legally blind? Would you know a loved one past 5 feet? Does squinting really help myopics or is it just an endearing way to tell us sighted people you have no idea what we're showing you?

A: Squinting does help to a certain extent. Also, making a tiny triangle- 1mm x 1mm with your fingers and looking through it also helps (seriously). My prescription is -4.75 +0.50 x 8 in my right eye, and -5.75 + 0.50 x 24 in my left..

Stefan 04 Feb 2003, 14:28 - Lisa Loeb has a new album out, and her specs feature quite prominently on the cover shot. Also, on the fan questions page of her homepage, somebody asked her what her prescription is - interesting!

ehpc 03 Feb 2003, 08:42

Meanwhile I am in love with Federica Sciarelli (see bateau's 'News Personalities' contribution).............sigh.............Peter

ehpc 03 Feb 2003, 08:39

Well Eddy, you know how it is..................classical pianists are just cool people:) Peter

Eddy 02 Feb 2003, 04:32

bateau_d, the third one is amazingly cool!

bateau_d_amour 31 Jan 2003, 13:50

hope 31 Jan 2003, 04:16

so okay, only one more time and then I promise this discussion will stop, honestly...

"god punishing her for wearing glasses"-

no, you must have understood me wrong,

I just meant that the question, why exactly one of the few singers wearing spex had to get breast cancer. I just meant that doesn't matter at all. It was just irony that I wrote this thing with god... okay, I see that you understood me wrong and now I'd say:

okay, just forget about it, I'm sorry if I offended someone, I hope now you understand what I wanted to say (just that the comment wasn't fitting)

So finally: back to the regular topic...

okay... ;-)


minic 30 Jan 2003, 21:07

Seems to me,that you go little bit over board with your reaction to my comment and misrepresenting what it meant. There was absolutely no intension of making any connection between weak eyes, fetishism or anything else and Anastacia's cancer. I can't even think, how anyone can make such stupid assumption. I feel very sorry, that it happened to her and hope for her full recovery, but not just because she wears glasses. I know she has a lot of fans here on ES and I happened to be one of them, reading back on some previous comments seems like not many comments on her performance, but more on her picture cover on CD and her glasses. But that is part of her personality which she apparently enjoyes. Few months ago I've read interview with her and she said, that she never got much exposure here in U.S.A, because she never fit american stereotype with glasses she wears and that she owns large collection of them. I am sure she could choose lenses or some other way to perform without glasses, but she didn't and there is a lot of fans patriculary here on ES admiring her for that. And I just don't see how anyone can deny it and not feel sad, that this person just got diagnosed with this terrible disease.I just don't see any connection between God punishing her for wearing glasses or whatever you are trying to say. Sorry.

hope once again 30 Jan 2003, 16:11

Curt: I did not call anyone an idiot, and I did not attack anyone. But this is discourse what we are doing here and it is good that we can tell each other our opinion when we think that a COMMENT was not good and that's what I did. And I guess that's okay, isn't it?

Cause our preference for ladies with specs does not blur our sense for reality, but this particular sentence was just unneccesary. Please do not delete this one, and please just think about it, okay?

Without calling anyone an idiot,


Curt 30 Jan 2003, 05:20

hope....: I think Wurm deleted your post because you were attacking another poster, not because it was the truth. I agree with Wurm - this is a forum for discussing glasses. If you do not agree with someone elses post, that's fine. But it does not give you the right to call them an idiot, or attack them personally.

Filthy McNasty 29 Jan 2003, 21:26

For what it's worth, I agree with you. This post and the deleted one.

hope you read it 29 Jan 2003, 16:36

PS: and of course I wish Anastacia the best too, but not because she got weak eyes.

hope you read it 29 Jan 2003, 16:35

okay, my opinion was being censored and my entry was deleted, probably because I was telling the truth and used a four-letter word but I would like to say it once again, and this time without those words: the sentence minic wrote,

Out of all the celebrities out there the one making us GWG lovers happy...???

concerning Anastacia's breast cancer is unnecessary, unseriously and it just does not fit. Blame god for the fact that he out of all those women he had to take a glasses-wearer for giving breast-cancer... I mean this is DUMB, guys I am sorry, it does not matter if she's the saint of Latex-lovers, a foot fetish queen or a myope lady, any comment like this is just not fitting !

Hope this message won't be deleted this time, because this is my opinion, even though I am a glasses lover too and wouldn't otherwise visit this page, but this goes too far and this is dumb, exaggerated, etc.

myofan 27 Jan 2003, 10:02

I'm sure the entire EyeScene community wishes her well in this difficult time. There's an "official" statement (and a nice glasses pic) at .

minic 26 Jan 2003, 19:09

Reading some magazines over the Internet last week I noticed article in one of European papers which left me particulary sad. It said that Anastacia ( age 29 )was diagnosed with breast cancer and is scheduled for surgery and chemoterapy. Out of all the celebrities out there the one making us GWG lovers happy...??? Hope she will make it !!!

bateau_d_amour 25 Jan 2003, 14:01

bateau_d_amour 19 Jan 2003, 14:33

Lance is Hot 16 Jan 2003, 17:27

Does Joey Fatone of NSYNC wear glasses? I know JC Justin and Chris do and Lance doesn't but what about Joey

Minus Dude (Lusts Lance) 16 Jan 2003, 10:09

for Jamie:

I sure wish I did have good photos of Lance Bass in glasses. I recently stumbled onto the 'nsync glasses (pretty boys) site mentioned below & wasn't convinced Lance was wearing prescription glasses in any photos. Appears he's only one of the group with potentially 20/20 vision. But I'm still hoping...

If you enjoy imagining Lance in glasses, there are some slash stories that make mention of Lance wearing glasses. One in particular (which admittedly I don't quite get) involves Chris' reaction to Lance getting new glasses. Here's the website:

Other fiction referencing Lance in glasses can be found via searches with the terms: Lance glasses. You might throw in another 'nsyncer's name to weed out Lance Armstrong pages & be prepared to wade through stories which reference the glasses one drinks out of.

JC was sporting glasses at the awards show televised Monday evening. Watching a recap on E! news live Tuesday, his hat & hair made it a little hard to get a good look at him.

a girl 15 Jan 2003, 08:27

Cover of Anastacia CD that was just being discussed.

 14 Jan 2003, 05:23

Andy 14 Jan 2003, 05:01

Guest you're right mentioning Anastacia. I got this CD and the cover is also very nice, giving for the first time true info about her glasses. I try to scan the cover and hopefully succeed in capturing some pictures of the opening sequence of the video.

Guest 13 Jan 2003, 12:59

I cant believe that fans of Anastacia haven't mentioned her CD "You'll never be alone".

The fourth track is a video of the single & starts with a close-up of her slowly putting on her glasses. You can play it in reverse so she is taking them off too. Great fun & great value at £1:99 from Woollies.

DelDoc 13 Jan 2003, 09:47


Check out

jamie 10 Jan 2003, 19:34

Does anyone have any good pics of Lance Bass from N'Sync in glasses

bateau_d_amour 09 Jan 2003, 14:43

Pinkspecs 28 Dec 2002, 17:04

Has any person early photos of

Dusty Springfield showing her wearing

National Health glasses.

If so could they post them on my yahoo group

Or any photo of girls wearing NHS glasses.

If you do not want to post them yourself send them to me at


Pinkspecs 28 Dec 2002, 16:19


Have you seen these pictures of britney spears

Photo album.Bitney spears


 27 Dec 2002, 09:46

Watch this forum topic for Avril in glasses pics.

The topic starter, "KarenX", is a fairly new glasses wearer herself and has said she is interested in glasses now. She has started a couple of other glasses related topics in the same forum.


Wurm 25 Dec 2002, 15:53

This link came in from an email correspondent -- Jessica Simpson having trouble with her contact lenses (if I scanned it correctly):

Vidge 25 Dec 2002, 14:44

One of my favorite GWG is Anastacia NewKirk. She must always wear glasses to correct her myopia and astigmatism. Eyeglasses which she is very proud to wear by the way. When some talent agent jerk told her to get contacts, she told him: "why don't you get them". She also suffers from Crohn's disease which affects the intestinal tract and is why she has that surgical scar on her abdomin, of which she is also not ashamed of ether and doesn't visibly try to hide. She is one spirited lady and a damn good singer.

Oscar 24 Dec 2002, 17:42

That would be very nice, or just the link to it, since I don't think Wurm posts pictures on EyeScene (or have I been missing a lot?)

Happy Christmas everybody!

Vidge 24 Dec 2002, 14:54

Do you have access to such a photo of Avril Lavigny? If so please email it to the EYESCENE administrator at <> I am sure he will post it here if you ask him to. Thanks

 24 Dec 2002, 06:16

Avril Lavigne is pretty hot in glasses. Does anyone know what sort of prescription she's got? I am fairly sure that she needs them full time and wears contacts sometimes as there is a school year-book photo of her wearing glasses.

jim 22 Dec 2002, 16:29

i agree, britney is by for the best gwg

OPTIK MAN 22 Dec 2002, 08:00

..i think britney spears is the best gwg!! where i can find other pic of her with glasses?

help me!


Kokopelli 22 Dec 2002, 00:20

What about Norah Jones? On the official site there's a few pix of her wearing glasses. Not very close up ones though, so the search will continue...

myopicmax 14 Dec 2002, 15:50

Speaking of John Lennon one wonders if he liked his GWGS apart from Cynthia, he had a girlfriend in the seventies When he had a break from yoko ono, he was involved with a attractive Asian lady who was around -5 ( I'm no expert) her name escapes me. (may-ling or something along those lines).

Guest 14 Dec 2002, 11:05

Another pic of Sandie Shaw with specs in this quiz

Maverick 14 Dec 2002, 10:31

Oscar : The Dusty Springfield biog 'Dancing with Demons' has that 'hockey' pic of her with glasses. Dont though get the idea it is something special - it is'nt !

Having said that the biog is cheap in paperback and available from all the usual sources.

Oscar 13 Dec 2002, 15:52

I'm there with you Eddy... But Brock, there's no reason why you should know if your young(ish) was a British pop star in the 60s, was famous for singing in bare feet (truly), and had a huge hit with her Eurovision Song - Puppet on a String - now you may well know that, I think? And as far as I know she never wore specs when performing.

Eddy 13 Dec 2002, 15:29

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaarhg. La jeunesse!!!!!!!!!

Brock 13 Dec 2002, 11:54

Please help me out here - my ignorance is showing. Aside from being a gorgeous GWG, who is Sandie Shaw?

Teah 13 Dec 2002, 11:27

John and Cynthia met while in art school because they were in a class where for some reason the students were testing eachother's eyes. they were paired together, and "clicked" when they both found out that both of them were equally very nearsighted! oo love story. would make a good fiction story if we added details...

Bert 13 Dec 2002, 10:39

Another favourite GWG from this period is John Lennon's first wife Cynthia. She wore and wears glasses and I recollect used to wear sunglasses, no doubt prescription sunglasses, quite a common way of hiding poor eyesight but one that (sadly in my view) seems not to be much used by GWGs these days.

I expect there are photos of Cynthia Lennon on the web.

Stefan 13 Dec 2002, 07:49

Oscar - I do remember browsing through Sandie Shaw's autobiography in a bookshop, and there was something about her being very nearsighted (I don't think it said 'extremely' - and even extreme's seem to've become relative these days). There was something about how she couldn't see a thing when she was performing without her glasses on at the beginning of her career and about what a wonderful thing contacts were when she got them, even though the first pairs were very cumbersome compared to today - something like that. It was one of those autobiographies with lots of photos in the middle of the book, but I don't think that there was any pic of her in specs... (I've a suspicion if there had been, I'd've bought the book.)

myopicmax 13 Dec 2002, 01:39

Wonderful Sandie Shaw photo, You guys find some great photos I take my hat of to you.The Dusty Pics I saw was of the Hockey team .

 12 Dec 2002, 18:05

2 Sandie Shaw Rex Feautures

Oscar 12 Dec 2002, 17:39

Good question! You may well be right but I'd guess a little less than that - I think early plastic lenses were particularly thick (and I assume these are plastic), especially in enormous frames. If they're glass then they might well be at least -8. Someone must be good at this - I always find it hard to judge with huge frames. Is there anything out there about Sandie being extremely myopic? Must have a look...anyway, great picture!

Stefan 12 Dec 2002, 16:01

Wonderful Sandie Shaw pic, thank you very much! The prescription of her right eye seems slightly easier to guess maybe - a -7 or -8, I would think. Would you think less than that, Oscar?

Oscar 12 Dec 2002, 12:50

Fantastic pic of Sandie Shaw!! Looks like a minus prescription which appears huge because of the frames but actually isn't that strong? Do you guys agree?

A pic of Dusty as a member of her school hockey team, wearing glasses, would be awesome for lots of reasons...I must look for that book! (can you remember the author?)

Maverick 12 Dec 2002, 12:06

Hey, wonderful pic of Sandie Shaw Myhopeinhere.

I remember when I was a kid back in the 60's keeping a scrap book of GWG's and having a nice pic of Sandie in black plastic octagonal frames. I also recall a pic of Dusty I had then of her wearing black plastic frames. What with her eye makeup and hair style it was impossible to judge her prescription though I recall.Sadly Ive long lost that scrap book !

I have recently browsed through a biog of Dusty (which I think is widely available) it contains a pic of her with her secondary school hockey team I think where she is wearing her glasses. I think there is some reference in the text about her glasses as well but I'm not 100% sure.

Myhopeinhere 11 Dec 2002, 23:02

Here we go guys Sandie Shaw in amazing glases!!

myopicmax 11 Dec 2002, 20:39

In the program Backstage. it was when she was at high school, I think

you will find it virtual impossible to find it unless you can find the program, and then convert the photos of video they weren't great photos. I don't have the equipment or nouse to do. Also Sandie Shaw was mentioned with the same bad eyesight. there are a few of her around on the web very strong minus.

Teah 11 Dec 2002, 19:16

i've searched and searched for dusty but found no mention of her short sightedness OR or any older pics of her wearing glasses!

myopicmax 11 Dec 2002, 18:54

Oscar, As you have descibed, rimless 50's style. It was brought up constantly how short sighted she was. When she changed her name from Mary O'Brien to Dusty Springfield she lost her old self and I guess glasses where with the old self, There was no more pictures from that point. Lets face it it's still hard to keep a glamourous image at this time. But I think that perception is changing in the last few years thanks to Eye Scene and related sites.


Mick 11 Dec 2002, 04:15

Speaking of Skulker and Ozrock in general, has anyone found any gwg pics of Tania Doko of bachelor Girl. I'm sure they exist but not on their website.

Oscar 11 Dec 2002, 03:26

Now that's very interesting. There's quite a lot of mention of Dusty being extremely short-sighted on the web but no pictures of her as a gwg. But sometimes there is mention of early photos showing her in National Health glasses.

Does anyone know if any are available on the web? And myopicmax, what did her glasses look like that you saw on the tv programme?

myopicmax 11 Dec 2002, 02:20

Just saw a program on Dusty Springfield, big emphasis how short sighted she was, there was one scene where she described how she couldn't see the makeup on her eyes in the mirror. There was pictures of her in glasses at high school, but after that she didn't wear them again.

English made, so some of you may have seen it a while ago.

Oscar 08 Dec 2002, 15:00

I think that's probably about right, though hard to tell about the AR coating and the amount of cyl. Wow. She's a find. Does anyone know if Skulker are any good as a band (apart from having a dream gwg which certainly helps...)?

 08 Dec 2002, 14:31

Vidge 08 Dec 2002, 14:29

Greers' glasses appear to be about -6 with some cyl. having hi-index lenses with an AR coating. Anyone agree with this assment of her vision?

Oscar 08 Dec 2002, 13:56

Greer is sensational. Has anyone more (accessible) pics? A google image search didn't produce much...

 08 Dec 2002, 13:18

Vidge 08 Dec 2002, 13:13

posted below

 08 Dec 2002, 13:12

Skulker membe, Greer Skinner is the gwg in the group.

click the thumb nail. her glasses look to be about -6. sge is one hot gwg along with her musical talent.

Eddy 07 Dec 2002, 22:41

To be specific

Eddy 07 Dec 2002, 22:39

Try this

hello 07 Dec 2002, 10:13

any idea of what eminem's prescription might be?

DelDoc 05 Dec 2002, 21:02

Eminem also sports them in the video for "Stan."

Fathom 05 Dec 2002, 20:34

I've recently been seeing, of all people, Eminem wearing specs in various magazine photos (either People or US magazines). They're metal-framed and worn to public apperances. Interesting that a 'bad-boy rapper' would be so willing to wear them in public (since it seems quite a contrast to the image), but then again, he does like trying to catch people off guard.

Portia 04 Dec 2002, 19:44

Last poster, please do tell us about French singers wearing glasses on stage. Could prove interesting!

 04 Dec 2002, 19:41

Yes, having recently come from Europe, they smoke far more than Americans. This is largely because tobacco is so heavily taxed and therefore expensive in America. Plus, the end of any disscussion about cigs in America is always sue the tobacco companies- no one wants to take responsibility for their own choices. But on a different note, I saw the greatest French Opera and at least 5 of the preformers wore glasses in the story on stage. Couldn't tell if they were real or plano though.

bateau_d_amour 04 Dec 2002, 19:17

Here's 2 more

Different group but also in norman,ok.

teah 04 Dec 2002, 15:52

let's not fight, i'm sure the amount varies in in what field or environment you're in. but while i live in the states now i am originally from paris

Julian 04 Dec 2002, 13:42

Hmmm. I'm reminded of the doctor who asked a patient, "Do you smoke after sex?" and got the reply, "I don't know, I've never looked." ::-

Love and kisses, Jules.

Oscar 04 Dec 2002, 13:08

And yes, Jules. Despite my last post (!), thank you for such a very reasonable view on this. As you say, we're much better off sticking with women and men in glasses.

Oscar 04 Dec 2002, 13:03

Teah - sorry to quibble over completely unverifiable statistics, but do you live there? I have done so (over a period of years) and it's certainly an astoundingly high percentage - at least 2 out of 3 young professional working women, possibly if not probably more. Especially in the evening when they are no longer at work.

teah 04 Dec 2002, 12:52

far fewer than 95% of parisien girls smoke. it's more like something between 1/2 and 2/3.

bateau_d_amour 04 Dec 2002, 12:51

There's some smoking in the pics afterall.

The 3rd pic in (css7) & the middle pic on their website.

Julian 04 Dec 2002, 10:19

Thanks for an injection of common sense. I particularly dislike smoking myself, but that isn't what we're here to discuss, so let's not discuss it.

Love and kisses, Jules.

Oscar 04 Dec 2002, 09:54

...and as a P.S. I should also mention where the second-most-lovely gwgs are to be found - Italy. The smoking percentage there is (if anything) even higher than in France.

So we have the countries of Verlaine, Debussy, Monet and of Verdi, Dante and Michelangelo. Not exactly uncivilized backwaters then...and tolerant too...

After that I need to find a nice gwg with a lit cigarette.

Oscar 04 Dec 2002, 09:28

Ah. We have a nice Atlantic rift opening up here. Even though cigarettes were spotted in the US until a few years ago when tobacco-fascism became the order of the day - and they are, metaphorically, grown in Virginia (USA), most Europeans have a very much more tolerant view of smoking. In my view the most beautiful girls in the world are French. And in Paris at least about 95% of them smoke like chimneys. Is there any problem with that? For me (n.b.): not a bit of it. They look fab, especially the large number of them who also wear glasses (usually low minus - but specs are quite trendy there at the moment). The combination of the two is - I think - wonderful if done with style and grace.

So...could I suggest we keep off the subject of smoking. It's liable to open up a nasty transatlantic slanging match. I happen to think the European view of this is sane, tolerant and open-minded. But almost any American (barring the tiny handful who presumably now meet in secret to open a packet of Marlboro lights) is presumably going to take a completely different view. Let's not argue over this since there is one thing we're all agreed about (and that's to do with glasses rather than cigarettes)!!

Curt 04 Dec 2002, 09:01

OGL: Just out of curiousity, how many ash tray bottoms have you licked?!? I am not a smoker, but I have several friends that are and I tolerate their habit. This is really a forum about glasses and vision, not a place to air your feelings about lifestyle issues. Truth be known, the name of the band is "the Smoking Section", presumably named for a smokin' (not smoking) horn section, not because they are all nicotine addicts.

Radiologist 04 Dec 2002, 08:18

Wow! Nice job Marsilli. I've never been a fan of ES because it's usually so bad. Yours, though, looks perfect!

Marsilli 04 Dec 2002, 07:39

To Mike and all other:

Look here and you´ll see Shania Twain with glasses. :-)

The glasses were prescribed by me some years ago,- just for fun,- so don´t belive the two pictures are real,- sure it´s Shania,- but the glasses are from photoshop. :)

Portia 03 Dec 2002, 22:23

I agree completely, OGL.

The OGL 03 Dec 2002, 17:13

Kissing a girl who smokes is like licking the bottom of an ash tray.....double YUKK!

Derek 03 Dec 2002, 16:30


I totally agree. Why would anybody in her mind want to see that beautiful lady smoking.

What a toally nasty and disgusting habit. Major YUKK!

Filthy McNasty 03 Dec 2002, 16:16

"turn-off", that is.

Filthy McNasty 03 Dec 2002, 16:16

Hopefully she DOESN'T smoke! No bigger turn-of exists, barring other conditions that cause repulsive breath!

bateau_d_amour 03 Dec 2002, 15:50

Charlene and the Smoking Section. Too bad she isn't smoking in these shots.

mike 30 Nov 2002, 09:41

Hi, just wondering if anyone has any pics of shania twain wearing specs? anyone know if she even wears them?

Vidge 27 Nov 2002, 15:16

I contacted Rexfeatures and it seems too many people were logging on to their site. I guess the site is just for professionals in the media biz. Anyway they have limited access to it. They said, soon they will have a site for the general public to view.

FANATIC 27 Nov 2002, 14:54

what is with is can't look the fotos in bigger size!! who can help me?

Teah 23 Nov 2002, 07:29

while not relating to musicians exactly this does relate to music. for all you oo's out there i suggest you download a song called jackie o by john mellencamp. glasses are an important part of the girl in the song.(who is not jackie o by the way) my only question now is....what about the music video to go along?

Curt 22 Nov 2002, 12:01

Teah: What I do (each morning) is just go to Rex Features and type in the word "spectacles". You know those Brits - they speak the same language that we do in the US, but with some subtle variations. I've tried searching on there for "glasses" and only found champagne glasses! :-) Spectacles yields many, many pictures, however.

teah 22 Nov 2002, 11:10

curt: do you have the link to the michael jackson photo on rex features? i'm sure plenty of people would be interested in seeing him with glasses.


The OGL 22 Nov 2002, 07:40

Re Beyonce Knowles: 20/20 mag (a trade journal) has a monthly page with celebs in spex featured, unfortunately most of them are plano sun. In the Sept. issue there's a half thumbnail of her with the caption "...models Valentino 5211S from Safilo on the pages of "Movieline" magazine"... It's a large goggle/shield type frame, only the left side of her face is show in the thumbnail, they're probably plano.

Curt 22 Nov 2002, 06:24

It looks like presbyopia has even reached the "King of Pop". Rex Features has a couple photos today of Michael Jackson slipping on a pair of reading glasses before speaking at what looks like a pulpit. He is freaky-enough looking already; maybe glasses will make him look at bit more mainstream (read: normal).

Bart 20 Nov 2002, 17:57

Who is Elton John?

Oscar 20 Nov 2002, 17:03

Oh yes, I remember. Anyone going to hear the French Radio orchestra in Carnegie Hall, New York, at the end of this week should keep an eye open for several of the players: a couple of truly delectable gwgs among the violinists, and the celesta player wears glasses sometimes and looks marvellous in them, as she also has particuarly beautiful silky brown hair.

Oscar 20 Nov 2002, 17:00

Alan - you take the words out of my mouth. US and GB style rules are different on the placing of punctuation within quotation marks. It would only happen in GB style if the question mark was part of the quotation.

Could somebody remind me what this thread is meant to be about...

Alan 20 Nov 2002, 15:02

I believe in Britain, the question mark is usually placed outside the quotation marks, whereas in the US, teachers generally teach that any punctuation goes *inside* the quotation marks. Outside makes a lot more sense to me, but unfortunately, I don't believe any of you have much ground to argue upon, as this site is international.

But we seem to have gotten on one of those threads where people are squawking at one another instead of posting on-topic. That's probably a good thing to avoid, as *no-one* likes reading it.

Right, so how about that Elton John character?

MVIII 20 Nov 2002, 12:12

OGL: Thank you so much for helping me with my plot. Now I know there is at least "one" wannabe still alive.

Portia: Still waiting for those stats. I promise I won't say a word to the New York City police.

Guest: The question mark does go outside the quotations. You are forgiven, however.

Jake: Does one need to resort to using words like "crap"? That word is so vile. It's a shame you feel so much anger.

Doc 19 Nov 2002, 15:41

Yup, I agree. Maybe Guest should go back and finish his basic education

myofan 19 Nov 2002, 14:16

Yup. I don't like illiterate posts or posters, but it's worse when a member of that group "corrects" otherwise correct grammar.

Jake 19 Nov 2002, 12:59

Guest, I hate to correct your correction.

But my "?" does not belong inside quotation marks. I think you need to go back to Grammar School.

The OGL 19 Nov 2002, 07:17

Portia: no apologies necessary, I would love to be one of your chattels, or objects 8<) How do I get an application form to get in line as one of your "wannabes"? ;<)

Guest 19 Nov 2002, 07:06

Oh, Jake. The "?" goes inside the quotation marks.

And, if you're a man stand up for yourself. When a woman talks about men as though they're mere chattel she deserves to be taken to task, either in a friendly way, or perhaps with a more serious tone. My take is that MVIII was being friendly.

Perhaps Portia would care to appologize to her fellow male travelers for speaking about us as though we're mere objects.

MVIII 18 Nov 2002, 06:54

Just a bit of playful prose.

teah 17 Nov 2002, 19:36

absolutely nothing. digressions do sometimes get rather fasinating and very involving. let's try to get back on topic though. still it's nice to keep these boards relaxed and friendly and so let's not impose subject guidelines so strict people can't have fun

Jake 17 Nov 2002, 10:10

What's all this crap have to do with the topic "Musicians"?

MVIII 17 Nov 2002, 07:58

Portia, thank you. Yes, the term I was looking for was Film Noir. It all sounds the same to me. Rule number one. When mimicing a French accent, close your nostrals. A close pin will due, or the use of the thumb and forefinger will suffice.

Unfortunately, this method makes nearly everything sound the same, so when trying to translate the sound into words, something is occasionally lost in the spelling. Which leads me to rule number two.

In French, the sound of "x" is silent. Thus, noi, noix, and noir all sound the same, particularly, as I said, with one's nostrals closed.

Now, if I might ask your help in further developing my plot. How many times have you been married? Also, how many wannabe's were there? And, finally, are any of them still alive?

Respectfully submitted.


ps. I too am a fan of IMDB

Portia 16 Nov 2002, 12:15

MVIII, your writing shows promise. I think we have a section of this site whose devotees await eagerly each episode of the newest vision story.

"Film Noir" is the term you were seeking, I believe. My favorite movie site is

My life is as exciting as I can handle right now, but not material for a screen play.

I found EYESCENE surfing the web a few years ago and have been delighted to exchange ideas with a group of people who have similar interests.

MVIII 16 Nov 2002, 06:45


If you haven't yet sold the movie rights to your life, I'd be interested. Sounds like a bit of "Film Noix" coming to life on our little site. (How do you spell that?)

Are you a black widow? Count to five, and tell the truth.

We'll call it, "Strangers In The Optomitrists Chair." Not to be confused with "Strangers On A Train."

In the opening scene takes place on a steamy night somewhere down around Miami. Our protagonist has just met Mr. X, and they're taking a walk near the shore. We hear waves breaking in the background. He says, "I really can't see very well." And, she responds with, "Oh, I like a man who can't see too well." Not unlike Kathleen Turner and William Hurt in "Body Heat."

Then, we find the pair back in her office. She's putting a nice pair of -10's on him. They're gold wire frames with CR-39 lenses that have the most gorgeous lenses with polished edges. She's breathing deep all the while.

The phone rings. It's her husband. He's a handsome mature man several years older than our protagonist. Funny, he looks a lot like Richard Crenna.

Gee, I wonder where all this could be leading?

pinkspecs 16 Nov 2002, 06:10

Who was the FAB singer wearing glasses on Children in need on BBC TV last night?

Any photo links?


Portia 15 Nov 2002, 21:14


All of my husbands (and wannabes)have been high myopes.

We all have our "types".

teah 15 Nov 2002, 17:33

i have posted 2 mccartney pics in the dom spexy guys yahoo group. i have several others but they're in the wrong format and my efforts to convert the files were fruitless. i'll have ask my boyfriend (he's a computer geek) for help next time i see they should be up somewhere in the middle of next week. while they are better than the ones posted...please enjoy what i did manage to get posted :)


MVIII 15 Nov 2002, 06:32

Portia, you wicked child, you. Chasing after men with more than a touch of myopia.

Portia 14 Nov 2002, 20:17

Re: the alarm clock reason for having Lasik. My husband just has a very light German-made alarm clock that he picks up from the nightstand and brings close enough to see.

I realized only after having read several posts about the habits of the highly myopic that he makes a habit of putting his glasses in the same place, in a special case (that his mother made with his initials in needlepoint!)so that he can be assured of finding them again in the morning. He's a -9 -10 or so. If he only knew how much the glasses were part of the attraction!

teah 14 Nov 2002, 17:04

for all you guys who think paul mccartney was cute when he was young i have some absolutely wonderful pictures of him wearing glasses. most of them are thick rimmed black ones. wow. unfortuatly i don't remember the website i got them from but they're on my hard drive. if anyone wants to see them, i'll be more than happy to email them to you!


Alan 14 Nov 2002, 05:55

Drew Carey had lasik, so he wears glasses on his shows still (as they are his trademark), but I guess he doesn't wear them otherwise. Sounds like a whole dumb plan to me, but maybe he has his reasons for wanting lasik.

"Monovision" is correcting one eye for distance and one eye for seeing up-close. Neither eye can see clearly at all distances, but if the person can suppress or ignore a little blur from the 'off' eye, the are able to see clearly at any distance between their two eyes.

I think people have a tendency to just latch onto the idea of "not needing" glasses. It gives them a good feeling when they think about not having to put anything on in the morning in order to see clearly. They like the 'idea' of not being dependent. This seems to happen even to people who *like* wearing glasses...perhaps Elton John is an example. It's kind of funny, though; from what I've heard, the thing most people report as the best part about having had lasik: being able to see the alarm clock when they wake up in the morning. !!! Who cares? The point is, it's all about the 'idea', random feelings not really based on factors that matter in a concrete way.

Portia 13 Nov 2002, 22:58

I wonder if Elton John will have big charity auction of his glasses collection? That 200 page fully illustrated catalogue from Sotheby's or Christie's would be a collector's item in itself.

blueberry 13 Nov 2002, 20:14

this isn't exactly on the musicians topic...but as we're talking about monovision...what exactly is that? could i have some back ground info?

thanks a lot

The OGL 13 Nov 2002, 17:39

Curt: I didn't go monovision until I was 56 years of age, and had no binocular problems right from the git go. I'm a pilot, at the time drove over 25,000 miles per year on very narrow two lane roads in bad weather,served as an Air Force reservist, etc and again, no adaptation problems. But, you either adapt to mono or you don't, that's why it's not a good idea to do it through lasik. If he goes mono with contacts, it would probably only be an occasional situation and probably just in one eye, or he may go with readers. On rare ocasions, I've seen people intentionally undercorrect by 2 or so diopters, and then they can read and only wear specs occasionally for distance tasking like driving, etc. But I agree, with glasses as his trademark for such a long period of time, why screw with lasik?

Alan 13 Nov 2002, 14:58

With so many pairs of glasses and so much history with them, I sure hope he has a good reason not to prefer contacts over lasik. If he wants to go without glasses, why not wear contacts? Well, obviously, he has a reason; they're easier than lasik (price wouldn't be a concern to him one way or the other, I imagine). I just wonder if his reason is a good one (and I doubt it).

Curt 13 Nov 2002, 13:56

OGL - possible, though not highly likely. Elton has had binocular vision for years, and at 55 years of age I wonder how well he would adapt to monovision. And I wonder if he would even try contacts, after wearing specs for so many years???

blueberry 13 Nov 2002, 12:26


blueberry 13 Nov 2002, 12:26


The OGL 13 Nov 2002, 11:56

Curt: not necessarily.....he could opt for monovision lasik (a bad choice, but then so is lasik) or monovision contact (s), or even bifocal contacts.

blueberry 13 Nov 2002, 11:33

may we rejoice in the *weaker points* of laser surgery!

Curt 13 Nov 2002, 11:21

Fear not! At his age (55), he will be back in readers, half specs or bifocals in no time!!!

blueberry 13 Nov 2002, 11:07

sniffle sniffle...he's had some absolutely GREAT frames over the years!

Bearer of Bad News 13 Nov 2002, 09:39

Elton John plans on laser surgery:

bateau_d_amour 12 Nov 2002, 15:58

Here are 2!

Glassez Luva 11 Nov 2002, 09:01


Sorry, I added an l to the last link. It should have been

If that does not work go to Yahoo, type in Beyonce glasses, and that should direct you to the site I found the link.

Glassez Luva 11 Nov 2002, 08:52


Way to call me on that. I was waiting for somebody to call me on that, when I said that Beyonce failed the exam. In further irony, not only did Beyonce say that she failed the eye exam, she states that under the caption of Secret Flaws.

Type in this link I think that Beyonce is one of the sexiest celebrities around. What a body!!! I can only imagine what she would look like with specs to go with it.

The OGL 11 Nov 2002, 06:19

glassez luva: Beyonce "failed" an eye exam? If by this it means she needs to get glasses by ES standards she didn't fail, she passed gloriously! 8<) Anyway, could you post that link or just post the actual words from the story, I'd like to see it.

glassez luva 08 Nov 2002, 15:28

I was pleased to read on a website for the R&B group Destiny's Child that Beyonce Knowles failed an eye exam and should wear glasses. Unfortunately I have never seen her in specs. If anyone knows of any pictures of her in specs, I would love to see them.

KYGL 05 Nov 2002, 13:04

That reminds me of a story I remember about Fleetwood Mac singer Stevie Nicks. Someone asked her how she wrote such dreamy music, was it drugs or mysticism. She said no, that she was very nearsighted and would take off her glasses and the mood was just right!

Pippi 05 Nov 2002, 12:33

I think Martine usually wears contacts though. She made some jokey comment a couple of years back about taking them out when she was performing so she couldnt see the audience and get nervous!

GwGs 02 Nov 2002, 11:42

It annoys me when people say they are blind without their spex and you have only seen them wear them a couple of times, she obviously isn't, and evidently from the pix i've seen doesn't have a high rx either!!


Maverick 01 Nov 2002, 11:01

I saw it and , yes Ive always thought she looks great in glasses. Not sure why she says she is blind without them though as any picture Ive seen of her wearing them, and there are quite a few decent ones around - Rex features for instance - suggest a pretty minor prescription

Alan 01 Nov 2002, 10:56

Some pics I guess from the music awards. I don't understand why she'd apologize for wearing them - they look great on her, and I can't imagine many people saying otherwise.

Dave 01 Nov 2002, 10:08

Did any1 see the national music awards? It was presented by Martine Mccutchoen (sory if spelt wrong)When she came out she apologised for having to wear glasses as they might not go with her dress,i thought they made her look much sexier!She said she was blind with out them.

l8r all

curious 26 Oct 2002, 21:47

Has anyone heard of or know anything about an Aussie singer from 80's or 90's named Kim Durant? I read an article in a mag once which said she had to have white tape put around the stage edges so that she didn't fall off because she was so myopic and couldn't wear contacts.

Doc 26 Oct 2002, 20:06

I heard an interesting song today. It was called "Four-eyed Girls" by Rhett Miller.He is the lead singer in the alt-country group "Old 97s".

I researched the CD that it was on and I found another song titled "Terrible Vision". I think it is interesting to find two songs with similar subjects on the same CD. I think they might both be about an acquaintence of the artist.

The OGL 24 Oct 2002, 17:16

LikeGlass: Nope, that's not the answer. They don't have the FDA regs overseas, lenses don't have to be shatterproof. They can make them as thin as optics will allow. Anyway you slice it, the higher the index the thinner the lens, and glass has a relatively high index.

girnur 24 Oct 2002, 14:49

I have to agree with OGL. My current lenses are made of glass and their edge are not as thick as it would have been if the lenses were made out of CR39.

Yes. I finally got the guts to post something here...:)

LikeGlass 24 Oct 2002, 12:15

But there in-lies the answer. With a glass lens, the "base" has to be much thicker so that the thinest part of the lens will not be easy to shatter.

The OGL 24 Oct 2002, 10:08

LikeGlass: I beg to differ. Crown glass is usually a 1.53 index, whereas CR-39 is a 1.47, so glass would actually be thinner than regular (non-hi index) plastic or nearly the same as polycarb which is usually around 1.54. This is especially true overseas where there's no government mandate regarding the thickness at the thinnest point which is the center of a minus lens.

speco 23 Oct 2002, 22:55

me: could you pls give the links to the sources. I tried for several hrs without success.

speco 23 Oct 2002, 19:40

Thanks for the info "me". Lets hope the trend continues

LikeGlass 23 Oct 2002, 17:34

One answer to this is that John was from a time when glass lenses were used. By nature, they are thicker, and when compaired to our modern frame of referance, look to be a much higner Rx.

kaleidoscopeyes 23 Oct 2002, 16:19

that's funny...i expected him to be a lot more..i guess most people's definitions of "very" is way lower than the eyescene's

 23 Oct 2002, 15:39

I wouldn't say John Lennon was "very" nearsighted. I would guess he was somewhere between -3 and -4.

kaleidoscopeyes 23 Oct 2002, 14:49

i am a big fan of john lennon and want to know more about his vision. he was famous for being very nearsighted and having really strong glasses...but i'm terrible at guessing prescriptions as was wandering whether anybody here had any idea as to what it was...

many thanks,


me 23 Oct 2002, 07:52

My source for this info is two websites; where they had a pic of Britney wearing glasses and the caption said "Britney gets more spex" and also commented on her getting a new prescription.

Val 23 Oct 2002, 05:58

Does anyone know where to find pictures with Debbie Gibson wearing glasses ? She is a singer and I remember one of her videos made in 1987 (I think) where she was wearing in some scenes black plastic frames glasses with -3 or -4 lenses in them. Of course I could be wrong, because it's a long time since then.

speco 22 Oct 2002, 01:54

Well "me" Most GWG's lovers would love to hear that especially of Britney. I hope that its real and not a mere wish. What is your source for this information? Pretty curious!!

me 22 Oct 2002, 00:42

I heard it's gone up, and she is now -2.25 in the right eye and -2 in the left

Go on Britney, i hope they get stronger again soon.

Anon  21 Oct 2002, 16:00

Does anyone know if Britney Spears prescription has increased? I notice the title for one of the new photos of Britney on GwGs site is "BritneySpears-nuprescrip002.jpg". When was the photo taken(I'm presuming it was sometime this year)?

I haven't seen her in those frames before. She looks really good in them

The OGL 16 Oct 2002, 08:19

Specs4: you're beautiful. To boil down what you said to one word, it's experience. About the only thing I can add, and this is what requires the "stealthy sneak" at times, it to try and look through the side of the lens at a mid range or distant "target", that can help.

specs4ever- 15 Oct 2002, 20:46

Really, it is just a guess, based on past observations, and compairisons to lenses that we know the prescription. Just knowing from the lenses concentric rings that they are fairly strong is a good start. Then you take into account how much the edge of the person's face is shrunken in, and you come up with a guess. Sometimes I have been as much as 4D too high, sometimes the same too low. Of course, I don't tell anyone here that I am wrong once in a while.

wondering... 15 Oct 2002, 14:08

how can you guys tell the rx of someone's glasses just by seeing them? i mean, i can tell by the concentric rings whether they are strong or not, but all you seem to be much more precise. how do i go about determining the strength of someone's glasses more accuratly?


Glowworm 03 Oct 2002, 05:31

GwGs: of course it's questionable whether artists like Britney Spears or Hear'Say deserve being called musicians considerung the quality of the stuff they're publishing.

However, considering the aim of this message board I think it's not too important to rate the quality of any music. What we need to give the board a structure is some categorization to decide whether someone is to be featured as a musician, an actor or whatever, regardless of how good he is in that discplines. If someone is looking for pics of Britney Spears, he will check the "musicians" section rather than any other one.

Never forget it's not about the music but about the fascination of seeing them with glasses. And imho bad music doesn't destroy the thrill of a nice glasses pic. (You don't have to listen to the music while watching the pic. ;-) ) Rating their music is up to other message boards, not to this one.

GwGs 02 Oct 2002, 08:10

That's what i thought Oscar.

When i saw her on TV the other day she was right next to the camera (unless it was zoomed in) she can't have been more than 18 inches away as she was seriously squinting, her eyes didn't look that comfortable focusing on anything.

The question has to be asked, why didn't she wear her spex?

On a seperate note, i don't know why Hear'say members can be posted in Musicians as i would hardly call what they used to produce (now they have split) as Music, would you?


Oscar 02 Oct 2002, 07:52

GwGs, I think Suzanne Shaw is quite myopic. During the original Popstars series in some of the earlier episodes she often wore hew glasses - about minus 4 or 5 I'd guess.

GboySL 02 Oct 2002, 05:21

Does Jenifer Lopaz wear glasses? I feel that she needs glasses since she always squint when she see the distance objects.

GwGs 02 Oct 2002, 01:18

I was gonna mention Suzanne Shaw out of Hear'say as she is a gwg, and won Spectacle Wearer of the Year in 2001. I saw on her tv the other day with her group members, and she was seriously squinting at the camera, i guess she ALSO had contact lenses in cos her eyes seemed a bit misty/dazed.

I didn't think she was that myopic, but having seen that footage i'm inclined to think otherwise. There is a press cutting in my site on the "In the Media" page ( where she says that she has broken loads of pairs of glasses in "steamy makeouts"!!!


me 01 Oct 2002, 14:41

I forgot to put the groups name!

It is Hear'say.

me 01 Oct 2002, 14:40

Good news/bad news.

The British pop group have announced today that they have decided to split up and the band members will be "lying low" for a while.

This is a blessing for our ears as there will be less cheesy pop music around. Unfortunately there will be no more sightings of the 2 very attractive female group members wearing their glasses.

S-type 30 Sep 2002, 13:14

yes, Britney's little sis is much cuter and has worse eyesight. Oh, if she were only 18....Mmmm

Curt 30 Sep 2002, 11:33

An interesting picture of the Spears family on Rexfeatures. Looks like Jamie Lynn (Britany's little sis) needs/wears her specs more than big sis. Most pictures of her that I have seen is with glasses. What a cutie...

GwGs 28 Sep 2002, 13:10

Thanks Don Ron.

If any of you are wondering where the update is, it will probably go up Monday evening or Tuesday.


DON-RON 28 Sep 2002, 06:27

best glasses.. is very great

Fathom 27 Sep 2002, 20:01

I saw that issue of The Star, too, and I believe it was last Friday. I personally think those frames were too heavy to really suit her, but hey, opinions vary.

OGL, thanks for sharing that tidbit from People. At first I was going to say that maybe glasses are just one of her main props for going incognito, but if a crowd had gathered, they would've already recognized her, and yet she STILL insisted on putting them on, demo lenses (which attracts even more attention) and all....which leads me to believe she does enjoy wearing glasses to some degree!

S-type 27 Sep 2002, 13:16

I have become aware that one of the Dixie Chicks wears contact lenses/ glasses. I am not a big C&W fan but does anyone have any more info? The DC's are all cute, btw

The OGL 27 Sep 2002, 07:21

Which issue of the Star was that? I looked at the checkout line last Sunday and the story wasn't in that one. Also, there's a cute Britney story in the Behind The Seams column in People, either the September 16 or 23 issue, can't remember which. She stopped at a fashion eyeglass store in California, tried on several, bought a brown plastic tortoise pair for $199, the staff tried to get the logo off the demo lenses and couldn't (dummies, I could've done it in a heartbeat) and because a crowd was gathering she just left the store wearing the frames, plano demo lenses with logo and all. The writer speculated this may start a whole new trend of teenieboppers wearing plano glasses with logos. We know that she wears scrip glasses from time to time, this episode seems to suggest she just plain likes wearing glasses, maybe GOC?

BritneyIn GlassesFan 23 Sep 2002, 21:40

The National Star I bought today at the grocery store has Britney on the Cover, as well as within, wearing really cute brown plastic cateye frames.

She looks great to say the least. Aren't plastic frames attractive? Metal frames suddenly look so out of it in comparision.

KYGL 21 Sep 2002, 13:18

The beautiful Avril Lavigne does indeed wear glasses, and not just plano props.

Here's a link to a school picture of her wearing them.

By the way, the website has more Avril pix than any I have found, and there are others pix of her wearing glasses there too.

GwGs 21 Sep 2002, 12:19

I've posted in this section b4 about Holly Valance - Bam Bam from Kiss 100 ( had her on the show a couple of months ago and they briefly made a joke about her not being able to find her glasses - to long ago to remember, they might be some audio or pix on Bam's site listed above though.


me 21 Sep 2002, 10:02

I've heard that Australian actress and singer Holly Valance wears glasses. Does anyone know of any pics and what her prescription could be?

The OGL 21 Sep 2002, 08:27

As mentioned before, I've seen these in person, they are definitely low minus & possible some low cyl.

GwGs 21 Sep 2002, 03:00

They don't look that strong, and from the side on pics, they seem to relatively weak.

Shame, but never mind, lets hope they get stronger!!


 20 Sep 2002, 18:02

someone else thinks her's are medium plus??

jim 20 Sep 2002, 17:44 has some great pics of britney in the west hollywood 2002 link and the inout la one. seem to be low minus. any comments?

glasseslover 13 Sep 2002, 08:30

ok :-)

GwGs 13 Sep 2002, 01:16

There was due to be one last w/e but left my computer in my office, will do it this weekend.

glasseslover 12 Sep 2002, 09:17

when is the next update on gwgs?

jim 07 Sep 2002, 16:32

yep, i saw the programme too. I agree with the mild minus prescription. Hopefully she will wear them throughout the series. That would be great. Not a fan of hears but she looked good with glasses. especially seen as they are real minus lenses

me 07 Sep 2002, 15:53

Geri Halliwell (ex Spice Girl) was one of the judges on "Popstars - The Rivals" on ITV1 tonight (in the UK). She occasionally wore some very nice glasses with light delicate frames that suited her very well. She seemed to have a mild minus prescription.

I always thought she wore glasses but this is the first time I've seen her wear them in public.

g...lover 07 Sep 2002, 02:36

curt......she is very pretty!

GwGs 05 Sep 2002, 06:52

Oh Gosh, I saw her on the tv and without glasses and she is stunning, that picture doesn't really do her justice.

I'll look out for some more of her with her spex on.


Curt 05 Sep 2002, 06:18

Rex Features has some good shots of a British (?) group named "Liberty X". One of the women in the group is a sexy GWG. Check out this link, or search Rex Features for their name. Yummy!

g..lover 26 Aug 2002, 14:38

anybody have more pics of kylie or sophie ellis bextor?

GwGs 26 Aug 2002, 09:30

I've just done one - here is the direct link -

It is Misc 8 in the Celebs Menu, there were due to be more but my laptop was playing silly bugger with me!!


GLASSESLOVER 26 Aug 2002, 03:23

when is the next update on

GwGs 22 Aug 2002, 03:46

That's what i thought you lot would think, but it's not!!!

I honestly never wrote it, and thought everyone would think that i'd written it!!

...GwGs - nOt gUiLtY...

Guest 22 Aug 2002, 03:03

This is just a self promotion :-)

GwGs 22 Aug 2002, 01:31

Thank you glasseslover, that's very kind of you.

How nice to see my work is appreciated!!


glasseslover  21 Aug 2002, 10:20 is the best.

sexy girls with sexy glasses

i hate ugly girls with ugly glasses wich were shown on

or ....


The OGL 21 Aug 2002, 06:15

Unfortunately, no. We had no idea she'd even be in the mall, of course the local paper mentioned it the day after. In any event, management would probably frown at we associates standing at the front of the store, camera in hand. And, she was really booking when they walked by, heard later she stopped at a jeans store but that was about it. That was a misprint in the last post, I meant to say "her" entourage, not "our".

 21 Aug 2002, 01:53

OGL: Any pics??

The OGL 20 Aug 2002, 18:26

Britney's are real, a low minus with a low amount of cyl, probably about -.50 or -.75 sph and -.50 or so cyl. I was at work at the chain store and she came to town on an outdoor concert tour of shopping malls, they set up in the far end of our parking lot. She came by with two or three of our entourage, walking briskly through the mall (it was probably in her contract) and I happened to be at the front of the store and caught a quick peek from the front and a quick one from the side/rear as she swept on by. Read in the paper the next day she did stop at a couple stores elsewhere in the mall, wish she'd needed an adjustment or a nosepad or something.

jim 20 Aug 2002, 16:26

does anyone really actually think that britneys glasses are real or just for show. anyone have a realistic prescription guess? she is by far the best gwg

Leon 20 Aug 2002, 13:37

Here's a shameless plug, I'm sorry to bother you:

My band's debut CD is in the stores now. Check out our website or have a look at this review:

GwGs 19 Aug 2002, 02:01

Type in "Kylie" into my search engine and it should bring up the relevant results if i've uploaded it.

glasseslover  18 Aug 2002, 14:41

you have an other pic of kylie??

tell me the url please

GwGs 18 Aug 2002, 13:52

Hewy, I've got that same pic of Kylie, but not from Rex, try my site, if i have uploaded it i have a pic of her from mtv (not a music video) wearing large black frames - it is slightly distorted but she still looks great, and so Sophie Ellis Bextor - she looks great in those spex!

GLASSESLOVER 18 Aug 2002, 11:41

sophie ellis bextor is very very sexy in glasses.

has anybody more pics of kylie minouge in glasses?


GwGs 18 Aug 2002, 09:04

Look in the Mail of Sunday today as there is an advert featuring "Myleene from Hear'say" - she is advertising "laser vision correction" (lasik), she looks rough in the photo, but it's interesting to see her advertising it as I've never seen in her spex!


 18 Aug 2002, 07:26

Do you now sophie ellis bextor?

Look at this:

Val 14 Aug 2002, 21:42

I know a few songs called "Ritmo de la noche". The one that I love most is only instrumental (Al Di Meola).

toesrus 14 Aug 2002, 08:45

it came into my mind:

"ritmo de la noce"

do you know it?

toesrus 14 Aug 2002, 08:35

appr. ten years ago verona begun as a singer ( i don´t know her song, it was a latin one, something like a "ohrwurm")

but i only saw it accidently she was a singer before she was famous because of the nice guy she married;)

Val 14 Aug 2002, 02:00

Sorry toesrus, I know her only from RTL.

toesrus 13 Aug 2002, 08:59


she did. so it is the (right) place;)

GwGs 13 Aug 2002, 01:17

Very Very pretty indeed.

Val 12 Aug 2002, 23:01

We are indeed in the wrong thread.

Verona never even tried to sing. (As long I remember)

JS 12 Aug 2002, 17:20

Anyone know of, or are willing to have a guess at spice girl victoria beckham's prescription from any pics they have seen? has anyoe seen pics of mandy moore wearing her spex anywhere. i hear she is pretty nearsighted.

watcher 12 Aug 2002, 07:20

Val- Well done! She really is pretty. Is she a musician at all? We may be in the wrong thread.

Val 12 Aug 2002, 05:19

A few pictures with Verona:

Not a very good resolution ...

Glowworm 11 Aug 2002, 12:11

Verona Feldbusch is a TV celeb from Germany known for her sex appeal rather than for a remarkable amount of intelligence.

watcher 11 Aug 2002, 07:29

GWGs- many pictures of the undeniably glamorous Ms Feldbusch at Rexfeatures but as to spectacles...good luck.

GwGs 11 Aug 2002, 05:20

Nope, never heard of her, who is she?

GLASSESLOVER 10 Aug 2002, 14:27

i have seen this pictures.. but i like more......!!

do you know verona feldbusch??

search for pictures from this woman!

GwGs 08 Aug 2002, 13:24

Go to my site then - - there are thousands of pix of girls with glasses there.


GLASSESLOVER 08 Aug 2002, 10:33


--verona feldbusch..anastacia..jenny aniton..britney spears..kylie minogue--

i love this girls in glasses and need more pics!!!! HELP ME!!

GLASSESLOVER 08 Aug 2002, 10:29



and most sexy VERONA FELDBUSCH


loulou 31 Jul 2002, 14:35

John Lennon-I always said he was the best because he was 'different' but do you know why really????? You've guessed it, coz of his specs and his faraway look when not wearing them. Same applies to Robbie Williams- never seen him in specs( apparently he's a CL wearer- would look even better in glasses methinks!!!

jsc2003 25 Jul 2002, 09:24

Doe anyone know what *NSYNC's JC Chasez's prescription is?

GwGs 13 Jul 2002, 10:52

At Sea, you're a funny man! Which section should she be in "Looks good in glasses" - then they'd all be in there!

ehpc 13 Jul 2002, 07:01

At Sea? Or ' in C '? Arf!Arf!

At Sea 13 Jul 2002, 05:44

Why is Britney Spears in the "Musicians" category?

She's not a musician, as a matter of fact she's not even a good singer.

For that matter, she's not even a good lip syncher.

But she sure is pretty and sexy too. And she looks great in glasses

Lore 12 Jul 2002, 09:25


I don't know what Brittney's presciption is, but from the one pic that had a really good view of her glasses (, it looked to me like she is far-sighted. I'd guess she has a pretty low plus prescription, but I could be wrong.

She's a cutie with her glasses on and without a ton of make-up.

GwGs 12 Jul 2002, 03:39

Jim, If you look on my site - under the Musicians Menu and click on the Britney page there a couple of new ones there, I got them from:

Enjoy - GwGs

Filthy McNasty 11 Jul 2002, 22:05

I call her Anesthesia, because her music makes me go to sleep. Of course, if she cralwed into bed there beside me, I'm sure I'd be bolt upright in no time flat (Oooooh! A double entendre!).

SZ6 11 Jul 2002, 19:55

Yeah, Anastasia was absolutely attrocious. Easily the worst singing of the National Anthem I've ever heard. Grade-school kids do it, and they can remember the words. Apparently Anastasia is not quite on their level musically.

jim 11 Jul 2002, 17:02

anyone seen any pics or heard anything recently about britney and her glasses? i would love to know her prescription. does anyone think they are real or for show? if real,then can anyone have a realistic guess at her rx from pictures and info etc.

Portia 09 Jul 2002, 23:55

Anastacia sang the US national anthem at the beginning of the Baseball All-Stars Game in Milwaukee tonight.

She wore her famous glasses, but I was too distracted by her messing up the lyrics to study them while she was on-screen.

Andy 01 Jul 2002, 06:21


if you take a closer look at the link to this picture of Anastacia I posted, you'll notice that the left lens of her glasses is definetly thicker than the right one. Just look at the metal bridge that is holding her glasses together and you will notice that the left lens is thicker, you may also see some tiny rings on the border of this lens, barely visible cause of the orange tint of the lens.

GwGs 01 Jul 2002, 05:39

Hi Curt,

Sorry, no idea about that - it's the correct link, and the pic does work but i don't why it does that. Sorry!

Here is the link for the Britney page, if you scroll down, the pic is greenish, and she is wearing large "aviator" style spex which look great on her.

Curt 01 Jul 2002, 05:19

GwGs: There still seems to be a few bugs in your web page. That Brittany link launches about 6 windows (all ads)(even with pop-up killer active!) and then crashes my browser. Any ideas???

GwGs 29 Jun 2002, 08:43

Woops, forgot the link!!

Here it is -

GwGs 29 Jun 2002, 08:43

RE: Britney - I wonder if she is talking about these glasses????, I think she looks really cute in them, I'm sure you all do too.

The picture is taken from my site (

? 29 Jun 2002, 08:05

The following is taken from the BBC Radio 1 website ( )

Britney goes dorky

Britney Spears reckons she has the perfect disguise to go shopping incognito. The singer admits she loves to hit her favourite clothes stores without an entourage, and says there's nothing better than sneaking out in public without being recognised.

How does the world's most famous pop star do it?

"I have some really dorky glasses that I wear - they're granny glasses. And I wear a big cap - every time I wear it nobody says anything. I shouldn't have just said that!"

Curt 28 Jun 2002, 13:51

Andy: Those look like sunglasses to me, not her usual prescription specs. She sometimes wears sunglasses, but more often her real glasses. I have seen some other shots on her web page of her wearing what are obviously sunglasses, which I think is the case in the picture you are referring to.

Andy 26 Jun 2002, 23:15

I think Anastacia's glasses aren't that strong as stated in earlier posts. Looking at this pic under,1658,184497,00.jpg

brings me also to say that her left lens is stronger than the right one. The "bite out as stated in earlier posts might also result in a astigmatic correction near the 90 degree plane

Andy 26 Jun 2002, 23:11

I think Anastacia's glasses aren't that strong as stated in earlier posts. Looking at this pic under,1658,184497,00.jpg

brings me also to say that her left lens is stronger than the right one. The "bite out as stated in earlier posts might also result in a astigmatic correction near the 90 degree plane

The Kid 24 Jun 2002, 23:19

We are probably looking at the same pic. I couldn't tell if they were real or fake, but it figures she would be wearing planos for show. She is still gorgeous either way.

Lazysiow 24 Jun 2002, 10:20

I've only been able to find one pic and I dont think they lenses were real. Can you scan some and post them?

The Kid 23 Jun 2002, 22:28

Avril Lavigne is hot, and she has pictures of her wearing glasses inside the CD cover.

 19 Jun 2002, 15:13

I'd heard that Anastacia had some serious vision problems, I'd go with the -4.75 for sure.

Guest 19 Jun 2002, 14:00

blubb, based on your link, I'd guess -4.75 or more.

blubb 19 Jun 2002, 13:49

Alan 19 Jun 2002, 09:55

Yeah, that makes it pretty clear. Nice detective work! At least -3, I'd say, maybe a little more.

Curt 19 Jun 2002, 08:15

For anyone who is still wondering if Anastacia's specs are real or sunglasses, check out this pic:

The cut-in on her face leads me to believe the she is moderately myopic, say -2 or -3 anyway.

Wurm 17 Jun 2002, 13:35

Anastacia was featured today on the Lycos 50, including this rundown of activities associated with her current assault on US music markets:

"Anastacia was on Regis and Kelly last Friday and will show up on The View and The Tonight Show in the next two weeks, before singing the national anthem at the baseball All-Star Game July 9. Basically, she'll be unavoidable."

source: (should be a perma-link)

Julian 08 Jun 2002, 22:54

jim: you could log on to and do a search.

All the best for your test tomorrow. I have one as well but I'm not worried.

jim 08 Jun 2002, 14:33

i read somewhere on the net that victoria beckham (spice girl) said in her autobiography that she is blind without her glasses. i would love to know what her rx is. ive seen a few pics but not enough to tell. can anyone guess from pics they have seen? and has anyone seen any recent britney spears glasses pics? are they real rx? i cant decide at all. i hope they are

Hearty 05 Jun 2002, 17:28

I didn't answer 'cause I didn't know...but I've seen pics of him since, in them, very cute! 8)

JCstoppretendingudontwantme 30 May 2002, 15:18

I asked the same question bout jc awhile ago and no one ever answered me! But i found out somewhere else. I heard he is nearsighted. Someone was telling me that they were standing behind him and u could see through his glasses and quote as they said it "The boy is blind!"

Jenna Lee 30 May 2002, 13:42

Hey, I have a question. JC from *NSYNC has been wearing glasses a lot lately, and I know you guys are good at figuring out the prescription of glasses, so I was wondering what his is? Here are a couple pics:


 25 May 2002, 08:46

Here is a large collection of celebrity glasses for auction:

Hearty 23 May 2002, 19:48

Leon....I LUV it!! Hmmm, sounds all too familiar....;)

We should insert some glasses lyrics in that about shiny lenses instead of pants.


GwGs 23 May 2002, 05:12

Hey Glasses Luva,

I've got a couple pics of Mandy wearing heavy framed black spex, but my site is down @ the moment - will notify you when it's back up.

GwGs -

speco 22 May 2002, 22:45


Are there any pics of Mandy wearing glasses in this site? I could not find!!

glassez luva 22 May 2002, 20:53


Great work. Does anybody have any more pics of Mandy.

mg 22 May 2002, 06:06

Mandy Moore does wear prescription glasses. This is from "101 random facts about Mandy" on her web site,

05. Mandy wears contacts. She is a spokeswomen for Acuvue contacts!

76. Mandy had to start wearing glasses until 8th grade.

80. Although Mandy wears contact most of the time, she still wears her glasses on flights.

Leon 22 May 2002, 03:33

Hearty, do you know this band Wilco? They have a song called Heavy Metal Drummer. I'll post the lyrics for you...

Wilco - Heavy Metal Drummer

I sincerely miss those heavy metal bands

I used to go see on the landing in the summer

She fell in love with the drummer

She fell in love with the drummer

She fell in love

Shiny shiny pants and bleached blonde hair

A double kick drum by the river in the summer

She fell in love with the drummer

Another and another

She fell in love

I miss the innocence I've known

Playing Kiss covers beautiful and stoned

She lifted up her shirt at the battle of the bands

He twirled his sticks, she helped him to his van

She fell in love with the drummer

She fell in love with the drummer

She fell in love

I miss the innocence I've known

Playing Kiss covers beautiful and stoned

Hearty 19 May 2002, 14:33

Has anyone see Randy Newman on that Bravo preview? He has cut-in and a half! Which makes me wonder, is there anyone in the public eye who does GOC, we'd never know!


Val 15 May 2002, 21:32

glasses luva, I don't know if the glasses are prescription, I only hope that they are.

glasses luva 15 May 2002, 17:28

Val D

Do you know if those glasses on Mandy Moore are prescription. It does not surprise me, to see her in specs. It seem that many people with wide set eyes such as Mandy wear glasses. Does anybody know about any correlation between wide set eyes and poor eyesite? I find women with wide set eyes like Michelle Pfiefer and Mandy Moore very pretty.

StopPretendingYouDon'tWantMe 15 May 2002, 17:12

Who r some young singers/musicans who were glasses??

Val 14 May 2002, 06:31

This should be Mandy Moore:

Val 14 May 2002, 05:54

Check out these vidcaps from the Elton John's Original Sin video with Mandy Moore:

Hearty 12 May 2002, 23:43

Thanks Pippi! He's a cutie too! BTW, I also love classical AND jazz...jazz musicians who wear glasses are very seductive to me, maybe it's the whole package, lifestyle, music, etc.


Daffy 06 May 2002, 23:02

Fortunately for me, and unfortunate news for you lot, contacts do the best job in playing the piano/keyboard. I can't handle the glasses whilst playing live.

JC 06 May 2002, 21:46

Tommy -

Sorry, I meant to say that it is difficult to see the notes *without* my -3's. I definitely keep my prescription up to date.


ehpc 06 May 2002, 13:31

Incidentally, I memorise EVERYTHING I perform............and one should ALWAYS look at the keys!

ehpc 06 May 2002, 13:29

As the most enthusiastically heterosexual person imaginable, my interest is SOLELY in women wearing glasses,which I like very much,especially my adorable Wendy.I have no interest in glasses other than when they are worn by women I find attractive.

One facet of wearing glasses whilst playing the piano.................I at least find it essential to have large frames(which I happen to like) so that one can get the whole keyboard in one's field of vision without turning one's head or body.This is particularly essential in modern works which may make more use of the extremities of the keyboard.

Devon 06 May 2002, 12:01

Is Tommy the moderator of every thread on this bulletin board?

Tommy 06 May 2002, 11:28

JC, (and Dan)

I shall not forget about the "watching of the keys when playing piano". Thanks for the nudge.

Now, about your -3 Rx and trouble reading the music. Suggest you try a

-3.25 or -3.50. Do you know anyone with an Rx a little stronger than yours and you could try their glasses? Your eye Dr. is another source.

Assume you are talking about SV, no bifocal. If you are into bifocals that't a different matter.

A good person to comment on this is Dan so I have included his name at top. I have mentioned his expertise before.

After all, notes are not meant to be missed.


JC 06 May 2002, 11:00

Tommy -

I play the piano, and with my -3's, I have to lean in too close and can't play comfortably. You have to be able to see a bunch of little dots going by quickly and react without thinking; there's no time to study that fuzzy one over there to decide if it is a D or E.

As far as looking at the keys when playing, Ray Charles could answer that one for you.


Tommy 04 May 2002, 10:34


Peter, regarding Peter Serkin, I meant to say "his large rimless frames, popular at the time, with thick lenses". My post made it seem like thick lenses were popular at the time. For a lot of folks they were not popular and never will be. However, I now know, from reading many postings, that some really like and want thick lenses.


Pippi 04 May 2002, 10:01

Hearty: re Linkin Park, I believe the guy seated with specs is called Joe Hahn.

Tommy 04 May 2002, 09:59

Dominic, thanks for your comments and info. on myopic classical pianists. Have you seen any photos of Peter Serkin where one could estimate the high (I think) minus Rx?

How would this guy Stephen Kovacevich see the sheet music with even a moderate minus w/o glasses? Unless he does concerts w/o sheet music, which of course is often done. What about seeing the keys? I do not play piano so not sure if one is supposed to look at the keys.

Does anyone know at what minus Rx one could see piano sheet music without glasses? Perhaps a -2 or -3? I am

-5.25 R and -6.25 L and without glasses I can see the computer screen at about 10 - 12 inches, which I just did for a trial, always use my computer glasses or regular progressives. Of course that does not compare to reading notes on sheet music from piano bench to the sheet music holder.

Thanks for email address, will write separately. Want to share above.


PS Glad to see another classical face in Musicians thread. BTW what is your Rx?

dominic 04 May 2002, 05:21

There are lots of myopic classical pianists — Alfred Brendel must be about -6, and someone told me the cute young British pianist Freddy Kempf is very short-sighted w/o contact lenses. Ivo Pogorelich, who was sooo beautiful when he was young, has always worn contacts in his pics. Stephen Kovacevich wears pretty strong minus bifocal glasses off the platform, but not for playing. Tommy, my email's [removed by request] if you want to chat more.

Tommy 03 May 2002, 17:49

Peter, sorry I transposed.

Tommy 03 May 2002, 17:48

EPCH Peter,

Thanks for responding. I think you were the only classical oriented posting on the musicians thread so I posted you separately.

I sat close to Peter Serkin at a lunch counter many years ago. Of course he was much younger then and very good looking, as he still is. My attraction was his large, popular at the time, very thick lenses. (Thin lenses probably not yet available.) I could not keep my eyes off him and should have started a conversation but much shyer in those years. Today,looked at his CD covers on a website but only 1 with him and included Claudia Frank (I think). Enlarged it and not a good shot, especially for the glasses. Will continue to pursue and post accordingly.

Do you have interest in Guys in Glasses? Have seen a posting from you here and there but not sure if there or in the Rx Posting thread? Is your Rx in that thread? Let me know. I am moderate minus and can provide details if interested. Also I am familiar with computer glasses which would probably be good for reading piano music as well.


ehpc 03 May 2002, 15:15

Tommy-I read your post on Rudolph Serkin and Peter Serkin.Rudolph Serkin's work I know very well and he was an absolutely superlative perfomer-in my view one of the greatest pianists ever.I am not so familiar with Peter Serkin's work,although he is phenomenally busy,especially in the USA.I can't enlighten you on any non-musical aspects of their lives,however:)Sorry! Peter

PS! 03 May 2002, 14:56

I forgot to mention, there's a pic of Chester i think (didnt look too long) making a nasty gesture, which I find immature, so if that bothers you don't go in...but I feel the larger pic below that is worth it!

Hearty ~

Hearty 03 May 2002, 11:02

Not to drive Chester ~ & Linkin Park into th ground here, but I found a great pic where the whole friggin' half of the band is in specs! Some great frames on the guy seated (anyone know his name?)It can be found on this aol homepage:

Oh those BOYZ!!! (those bad boys who don't always wear their specs...though Chester does, more n more!)

Hearty ~

ps...isn't it toooo cute how they can't see that well??

Tommy 02 May 2002, 16:52


Noticed from an old posting that you are a classical concert pianist. Would like you to read my posting of May 2 on Peter Serkin. Would like your thoughts on this. Thanks,


Tommy 02 May 2002, 13:12

Saw Peter Serkin many years ago with quite thick minus lenses, rimless medium size, probably in the -8 to -10 range. He is a concert pianist as was his father Rudolph Serkin who had very small, very powerful minus glasses also, no idea of Rx. Rudolph is now deceased. More recently Peter is wearing a much thinner lens and contemporary frames, but I am sure same or stronger Rx, probably bifocal. Can anyone comment on this? Any ideas on Peter's Rx? I believe he has performed in Philadelphia recently.

MinusDude 28 Apr 2002, 20:01

'NSYNC's Chris Kirkpatrick wears lower minus glasses & is quite open ahout it. For a while he was quite taken with a pair of mod sunglasses (similar to those worn by Bono of U2). He had his eye doctor replace the lenses with prescription lenses, he & the boys once reported in a fashion discussion on MTV. Chris has worn more traditional (oval) glasses to awards shows & wears them in an early exterior scene in the music video "Drive Myself Crazy."

LanceBassInSpace 28 Apr 2002, 09:06

Does ne1 know which members of nsync wear prescription glasses i heard that everyone but joey does.

GwGs 28 Apr 2002, 05:21

Hi Speco, I don't have any new Britney pics - sorry!!

speco 28 Apr 2002, 04:00

GWGS: Can you pls update your Britney page with her most recent photos if any.Does'nt she wear glasses anymore??

GwGs 26 Apr 2002, 05:20

Nearly forgot to post this!!

Holly Valance - Felicity in Neighbours was on Kiss 100FM this morning, and Bam Bam made the following remark on her glasses - "Nice glasses Holly, are you going for the intellectual look", he said something else about them but I can't remember what.

She has never worn them before so I quite suprised, have to keep a look out for her.

speco 26 Apr 2002, 00:48

Does anyone know whether Britney wears contacts when she is not wearing glasses. Sometimes I wonder she wears glasses for fashion only. She has also said she wears glasses to disguise when she is in public places. Does anyone really know what her exact problem with her eesight if any? Who is her optician?Its really good to see her wearing those glasses!!

Hearty 22 Apr 2002, 22:31

A...achem...real musician has passed. I wrote a small tribute & added a compelling pic of Layne Staley to bottom of my Mike Ward page.... I don't care whether he wore glasses or not, he inspired so many that came after him....he was THE VOICE!


me 20 Apr 2002, 04:36

Does anyone know where to find recent pics of Britney in her specs on the web?

Dordeial 19 Apr 2002, 10:35

The other night.

GwGs 19 Apr 2002, 00:49

When did she do that?!

Dordeial 18 Apr 2002, 19:14

Did anyone see Britney with her glasses? She wore them down her nose and looked over the top. What's that about?

Rudeman 18 Apr 2002, 07:20

Too bad Britney has a very low minus.

She is a very beautiful young lady and would look even prettier with some great -3 glasses.

I would even be satisfied if she wore her -0.5 glasses more often, preferrably full time

Ulinda 18 Apr 2002, 07:08

Oh, I made a mistake. That was MY prescription. Brittany's is R: -.25 L: -.50.


Socksandglasses 17 Apr 2002, 16:18

I hate to sound in any way negative, but I feel like I must make a comment. If Brittany Spear's precription is more than -.75, I'll kiss my own butt. In all the pictures that have ever shown up on any glasses web site, there is no evidence of minification or concentric rings no matter what the angle of the photograph. I, just like the rest of you, would love for her prescription to be -6 or -9 or whatever, but when my prescription was -2.5 you could tell just by looking at me. I find that many of us are overly optimistic when estimating prescriptions, sometimes apparently even doubling them, especially of celebrities whose pictures appear in publications that we all see. So my guess is to check the source of the Brittany -2.5 prescription. I don't buy it.

glassez luva 16 Apr 2002, 17:03


As much is said on this site about Brittney Spears, I still was not sure if the specs she often sports were prescription, or just for looks. If they are indeed real, I hope she never opts for LASIK.

 15 Apr 2002, 19:17

i have a pic of kylie but i don't have a scanner. eway i think its a very low minus Rx. Ulinda, do yu have ne pics of britanys new spex? how did you find out he Rx?

Ulinda 15 Apr 2002, 16:54

Britanny Speer's script is R: -2.25; L -2.50.

me 15 Apr 2002, 14:51

Does anyone have any idea of Britney Spears prescription? Whatever it is, I think her eyes have got worse over the few years she has been in the public eye as she seems to wear her glasses more often and for longer periods than she used to.

Also, I've heard that Kylie Minogue is a part time glasses wearer. Does anyone know what sort of prescription she has and is there any photos of her in specs?

JC2002 07 Apr 2002, 13:29

Hey does ne1 know if JC Chasez from *NSYNC wears glasses i have seen pics of him wearing them lately and they look real.

HeartOfGlass 05 Apr 2002, 18:50


I have a new pic of lovely Chester Bennington up on my Mike Ward page...I had to resize it, and I seem to have diminished his cut-in just a bit, but you can still see some of it.

My niece recently saw Linkin Park in concert, and I asked if he wore his glasses...she grinned a big grin and said, yup! He like to see his fans!!

BTW...I have always been very photophobic...I remember being appalled as a five yr old, when being unable to keep my pale blue eyes open for a photo session (with big spotlights yet!) the woman photographer said, "Oh, she will need glasses, I was the same way, and I had to get them." She was a very artsy woman for the times, smooth, medium length blonde hair and black modified cats. I was terrified however, I had not yet....turned....

Alissa 19 Mar 2002, 08:33

In case y'all haven't noticed, spelling is not one of my tallents.

Sorry, I read my post and just went owie with the spelling.


Alissa 19 Mar 2002, 08:32

I looooooove Lisa Loeb, more the music though. I just thought it was cool that she was brave enough to fight the system and go with those big frames, unlike others such as Brittney Spears (not that I would listen to her either way, lol)



p.s. Now no questions about anything besides the topic y'all, lol (sorry, feelling a little sarcastic this morning).

Rudeman 19 Mar 2002, 03:42

Sorry, I guess I was living up to my name.

I guess I should have read further back in the posts.

Actually I am a huge fan of Lisa Loeb.

She is one hot GWG singer.

Alissa 18 Mar 2002, 15:36

Sorry rudeman. I was voicing my opinion about that I couldn't believe that Lisa Loeb ditched her cat eye frames and was asked a few questions that did quite go with the topic.


Wurm 18 Mar 2002, 15:26


Alissa's post was part of a discussion about Lisa Loeb. As sometimes happens, the conversation drifted a bit.

Rudeman 18 Mar 2002, 14:52


Why are you posting under this topic?

This topic is for discussing musicians with glasses.

Alissa 18 Mar 2002, 10:32

I wear my glasses every three days, when my contacts begin to bother me. I own three pairs currently, one current and two outdated pairs which i wear to the beach and other events so if they get broke, it won't matter much.


Me 16 Mar 2002, 21:29


How long have you worn glasses and do you wear them full time? How many pairs have you got?

GwGs 16 Mar 2002, 06:35

Check out Elton John's new music video, it features Mandy Moore wearing soem nice large frames!!

ehpc 15 Mar 2002, 08:30

No thanks needed Alissa!They are gorgeous!

Love Pete

alissa 15 Mar 2002, 08:20

why thank you Peter.



ehpc 15 Mar 2002, 07:12

Hi Alissa

Your glasses pictures are lovely!Thank you!


Alissa 14 Mar 2002, 15:19

Curt-Say it isn't so. I loved the retro frames that she had. It was like one strong voice saying "wearing glasses are cool". Of course we knew that already. I want to think that her fashion sense helped the fashion world over all making retro stuff cool again.

Okay, I know I'm being just a bit verbal on just that, but it just means that she won't stand out anymore.


Filthy McNasty 13 Mar 2002, 20:26

The above picture leads me to guess that they're planos. Bugger all for Rx. All for show. Pure window dressing. A sham. Optical poserism. -0.0 O.U. He's emmetropic. Neither near- nor farsighted.

Did I miss any?

Carin 13 Mar 2002, 17:07

Hey, I was wondering if someone could tell me what kind of glasses JC and Chris from NSYNC are wearing, and how strong they are. Here are some pics.



GwGs 11 Mar 2002, 09:31

I've also noticed that Lisa is starting to wear different glasses!!!

I uploaded a new Lisa Loeb page to my site which contained some TV caps of her wearing square rimless glasses!

A big pointer that she is trying to get away from her famous cateye look is that on the cover on her new album she is wearing black rimmes glasses.

What a shame, bring back the heavy frames Lisa.

Curt 11 Mar 2002, 08:07

It appears that Lisa Loeb is moving away from her trademark brown plastic cateyes and on to some gold metal frames. Saw here recently on TV, and found a couple pix on her web page:

Look in the Feb. 2002 photo archive. Still cute as hell...

Pat 03 Mar 2002, 09:40

 01 Mar 2002, 09:22

Nelly is gorgeous with those glasses. Do you have more pictures of her?????

Rudeman 27 Feb 2002, 03:51

Nelly is such a babe with those glasses on.

Pat 26 Feb 2002, 18:32

Nelly Furtado (canadian singer)

spexalot 25 Feb 2002, 14:43

I spoke before about of a very pretty Hispanic girl who had blue eyes, which is rare for Hispanics. In high school who wore strong plus glasses and later got contacts. She had to wear non Rx sunglasses with them for a long time. She had to show a doctor's note to the school to be allowed to wear them in side the school building.

Wurm 25 Feb 2002, 14:30

Sure, photosensitivity is not terribly rare.

I don't know if tinted contacts would help it... the technology that commonly tints ones eyes to another color doesn't significantly filter the brightness of light, to my knowledge. Maybe some other type of tinted contacts would work though.

spexalot 25 Feb 2002, 14:29

Tinted contacts ARE NO substitute for sunglasses. Any optom will tell you that.

When I was in second grade there was this girl who had to wear yellow tinted lenses in her glasses which had a slight minus Rx. Some of us would tease her for wearing sunglasses in doors. She had this awful squeeky voice and would get so mad at us and she would get all red in the face and then yell "the're not sunglasses"!

spexalot 25 Feb 2002, 14:22

I think its true. Roy Oberson had the same problem

Julian 25 Feb 2002, 12:56

Even tinted contacts?

GwGs 25 Feb 2002, 11:20

r u serious? Is that really an affliction or r u having a laugh?

If you're not then she picked the wrong industry to go into she is affected by people taking photos.

spexalot 25 Feb 2002, 11:08

I heard she suffers from photophobia and must wear tinted lenses. Its why contacts are out for her too.

GwGs 25 Feb 2002, 05:58

I dont think that much of Anastacia 'cos she NEVER wears glasses with clear lenses, they are always tinted.

If she likes wearing glasses so much - which I think she does - why doesn't she wear them with clear lenses instead of trying to make them look like their sunglasses.

Those pics on Yahoo don't work as well!

Socksandglasses 25 Feb 2002, 00:43

I just saw a billboard ad for a local country music radio station with a huge picture of the Dixie Chicks and the little plump one was wearing great plastic almond shaped glasses. Does anyone have pictures of her wearing her glasses? She's really cute!

spexalot 24 Feb 2002, 11:22

Fiona Apple looks sooooooo much better in her glasses

Clare 06 Feb 2002, 12:16

I admire Anastacia hugely for making glasses fashionable, and from what I read she actually needs them too. (Not convinced that Britney, Jennifer Aniston do, just cosmetic wearers?). I guess with all that hair, she's quite sexy too? Well done Anastacia, another barrier broken down ...!

Wurm 06 Feb 2002, 10:36

Proudly bespectacled pop star Anastacia in a photo from an awards show in Germany:

and on a German game show (those pretty frames with rimless lenses make me swoon):

note: Yahoo photos expire after awhile

Leon 15 Jan 2002, 09:37

Hmmm, that's for a direct link.

Leon 15 Jan 2002, 09:36

Completely off-topic: I just posted five new songs from our forthcoming album on my band's website:

If you like alt. country or Americana (think Jayhawks/Son Volt/Uncle Tupelo/Wilco/Ryan Adams), go check them out.

Dave 31 Dec 2001, 19:30

One more for Jennifer Warnes:

Wurm 31 Dec 2001, 10:08

Here are a couple more Jennifer Warnes photos while we wait for the scrapbook:

Dave 31 Dec 2001, 09:43

Here are a couple of links to Jennifer Warnes. I noticed once that she wore glasses on one of her album covers.

Figaro 31 Dec 2001, 07:34

The Emily in question is in fact a Canadian composer called Emily Doolittle who is enjoying quite a bit of success at the moment and just finishing postgraduate studies at Princeton. She was composer in residence at the 2001 Nova Scotia Festival, which is where the pic. originated. There's a less good photo of her on the ASCAP website and a couple of nice ones on Radio Canada. I think she looks wonderful.

Oscar 31 Dec 2001, 07:06

I agree with you, Bassethorn. Here's another musician (I think), called Emily, who has quite a strong minus prescription in her glasses.

Bassethorn 31 Dec 2001, 02:12

It's probably obvious, but the Google search engine in my previous post means, of course, the Google image search engine.

Bassethorn 31 Dec 2001, 02:03

I haven't posted before, so I just chose the nickname. I have actually had the opportunity to play a very fine Selmer basset horn (as you know, it's an alto clarinet in F - Mozart wrote some beautiful chamber music for it). Anyhow, that has nothing to do with my post. I don't have a URL for this one, but type the name Brozkova into the Google search engine and you will get seven pictures. Two of them will be images of oboist Jana Brozkova. If her playing is as beautiful as her GWG image, then it must be sheer heaven. 29 Dec 2001, 02:58

Loads of musicians on my site, go to and look under the Musicians menu

spexalot 22 Dec 2001, 06:43

Singer Willa Ford wears glasses. See her in specks at Then click misc. pictures link

Michel Delving 14 Dec 2001, 07:12

Lucky you.

I think Sheryl is so hot now that she has let her hair grow back out.

And she would definitely be much hotter in glasses

Let me know if you find a pic

MM 14 Dec 2001, 04:43

Actually, Sheryl Crow wears contacts. I've seem some close up pictures of her where they are visible. She appears to wear RGP lenses. I've also seen a picture of her performing in glasses.

Michel Delving 03 Dec 2001, 04:26

Too bad Sheryl Crow or Jewel don't wear glasses.

I love them both

Hearty 02 Dec 2001, 15:01

What are the English people talking about?? =o

Wurm 01 Dec 2001, 10:00

Rupert Holmes even had a song called Nearsighted, if I recall correctly.

Robert 01 Dec 2001, 08:29

Remember Rupert Holmes? He did the pina colada song and had a heavy minus RX. He even wore glasses on his album covers from the 70's or early 80's.

Julian 30 Nov 2001, 10:10

Or even (like Flanders and Swann):

Pee, po, belly, bum, drawers!

Myhopeinhere 30 Nov 2001, 09:47

I do,

ploppy, poo and bugger!!

(said in a Yorkshire accent!)

Christy 30 Nov 2001, 09:05

Wurm - yeah I remember reading something about Anastacia and Elton John not so long ago. Anastacia was saying that Elton John made glasses-wearing really cool - so she was able to enjoy full-time wear no problem. I remember lots of other trivial stuff from wherever I was reading it - such as Anastacia liking the way the English swear - only she doesn't have the accent to do it properly!

Hearty 25 Nov 2001, 16:19

re: INXS, Wow!! How nice to see a 'saxy' promo photo like that, with specs ON! 8)

Hearty 25 Nov 2001, 16:15

Weezer, that's the band....their videos are a must-see for OO's. Cute!

Filthy McNasty 25 Nov 2001, 16:14

Kirk Pengilly of INXS - fairly hefty plus Rx.

Hearty 25 Nov 2001, 14:41

For me it's Mike Ward, hands down. Wish I knew his RX....

Then Chester from Linkin Park who cannot see the front row when he performs...he's on that page as well.

Ex-Metallica bassist, Jason....

What is that newish group someone spoke, islands...cute spex video, I'll find out!

Then there is one astigmatic drummer, but I won't divulge his name cause he is mine! 8))

ehpc 25 Nov 2001, 08:29

Glad the topic of musicians has come I have posted before I am a classical concert pianist....I happened to notice on some old posts ages ago there seemed to be a lot of discussion about classical music at one stage.People going off to see Wagner and so on.Rather a shame (I think!) that this topic seems to have disappeared.

Filthy McNasty 24 Nov 2001, 20:00

Elvis Costello: "I used to be disgusted, now I try to be amused."

Julian 24 Nov 2001, 13:53

And of course Cliff Richard whom nobody here ever seems to think of - he is quite myopic.

Love and kisses, Jules.

Wurm 24 Nov 2001, 13:40

This has been a popular topic in the past.

On the female side you have Nana Mouskouri (sp?), Lisa Loeb and Anastacia.

Guys I don't know as well, but there are all those 'emo' guys and Buddy Holly. Not to mention Elton John, who Anastacia actually cites as her eyewear inspiration! It's true! I also came across a site the other day with a lot of information on Elvis' specs. I think the guy was actually Elvis' optician.