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Alain & Tatinha 15 Aug 2018, 14:48

Elisete Tatinha

New Update! Almost 100 New Pictures!!

Strong plus 15 Aug 2018, 14:45

Charlie 15 Aug 2018, 12:49

Ignored is a twat.

Charlie 15 Aug 2018, 12:49

Ignored is a twat.

Youtuber 15 Aug 2018, 07:55

Pretty American lady tries on 4 new pairs of glasses from Zenni.

Reasonable minus prescription - I would guess about -4.00

Nickname 15 Aug 2018, 07:13

quite strong minus

Nickname 15 Aug 2018, 07:12

quite strong minus

Ignored 15 Aug 2018, 00:21


Charlie 14 Aug 2018, 23:49

Ignored is a twat

Soundmanpt 14 Aug 2018, 23:25


 14 Aug 2018, 20:57

Latino mother of three wearing contact lenses murdered in Jacksonville, Fla. McDonald's:

Ignored 14 Aug 2018, 09:48


Colin 14 Aug 2018, 09:28

Colin.  14 Aug 2018, 09:24

High Minus.

Ignored 14 Aug 2018, 05:54


high minus 14 Aug 2018, 02:22

minus 14 Aug 2018, 02:12

plus 14 Aug 2018, 01:52

Ignored 14 Aug 2018, 01:38


Charlie 14 Aug 2018, 00:25

Ignored is a Twat

Charlie 14 Aug 2018, 00:25

Ignored is a Twat

Ignored 13 Aug 2018, 18:24


guest 13 Aug 2018, 16:32

Colin 13 Aug 2018, 16:31

New Glasses. High minus.

Ignored 13 Aug 2018, 09:29


aviator -oo- 13 Aug 2018, 07:31

 12 Aug 2018, 16:11

I would say around -18

Soundmanpt 12 Aug 2018, 15:13

What prescription do you think this woman is?

AlainHMG 12 Aug 2018, 14:03

Many Thanks Glasseslover! I know it is all a work to find good links.

Ignored 12 Aug 2018, 12:21


Brett  12 Aug 2018, 08:41

Nice work glasseslover! Thanks

Trent 12 Aug 2018, 08:20

Thanks Glasseslover!

Trent 12 Aug 2018, 08:20

Thanks Glasseslover!

Glass Lenses 11 Aug 2018, 21:00

Here are a few Creeps that left creepy comments to these girls.

They are most likely from the eyescene community.

juanz_rayI like who’s women wearing thick glasses

be_nang_kusutHow much your prescription?

Both creeps have very poor English.

Perhaps they are among the ILLEGALS that Trump need to get rid of.

Glasseslover 11 Aug 2018, 20:36

Glasseslover 11 Aug 2018, 20:33

Glasseslover 11 Aug 2018, 20:31

Glasseslover 11 Aug 2018, 20:30

Glasseslover 11 Aug 2018, 20:28

Glasseslover 11 Aug 2018, 20:26

Glasseslover 11 Aug 2018, 20:24

Ignored 11 Aug 2018, 01:57


Likelenses 10 Aug 2018, 20:59


I find it fascinating that she does not seen to wear glasses when walking, and other activities that would require them at her prescription, but she pops them on for chess, and leaves them on.

Perhaps she feels more focused when wearing them.

Ignored 10 Aug 2018, 10:45


chessfan 10 Aug 2018, 08:58

Ignored 10 Aug 2018, 00:40


 09 Aug 2018, 11:05

Plus glasses

Yeti 09 Aug 2018, 07:11


Yeti 09 Aug 2018, 06:55


Yeti 09 Aug 2018, 06:43

minus brasilian girls:

Ignored 09 Aug 2018, 02:06


Jo 09 Aug 2018, 02:02

@El Duderino please don't worry, this site here had such things often already and it passes away after a time. sometimes someone flips out a bit, but time heals ... its an interesting site and this will stay so.

Ignored 09 Aug 2018, 00:28


Moonshiner 08 Aug 2018, 20:53


The downfall of this site is due to the sexual deviates that used to only post at Julian's jottings, Guys in glasses, and XXX links.

Now they have been trolling all the other threads due to their hatred of straight people.

SGPC 08 Aug 2018, 20:44

Can we get back to how the site used to be. I used to check-in daily but now it's maybe once a week and seeing all the crap below I realise why.

GWG Fan SL 08 Aug 2018, 20:23

El Duderino

Go and eat some beans, and rice, and maybe a few tacos.

Ignored 08 Aug 2018, 17:53


El Duderino 08 Aug 2018, 17:46

This used to be such a great forum with great contributions. Now it‘s just full of stupid cunts who ruin it all. Go f*** yourselves!

Ignored 08 Aug 2018, 17:03


 08 Aug 2018, 16:17

Our troll is so stupid that he is trolling himself! No need to troll him now! He is doing the job!

 08 Aug 2018, 16:17

Our troll is so stupid that is he is trolling himself! No need to troll him now! He is doing the job!

Ignored 08 Aug 2018, 16:00


Re: Very strong plus 08 Aug 2018, 14:14

Maybe she doesn't want her nose to come off on a bump?

Ignored 08 Aug 2018, 12:42


Jo 08 Aug 2018, 11:08

@Instagram Harassment Assoc 06 Aug 2018, 01:30

please send your post to all the search-engine-providers.

those are the ones, which 've build the possibility for finding content in the web. and sue the IT-industry for constructing the possibility to make links to this contents.

but please have in mind, the internet would collapse without the possibility of setting links.

so you too no longer could post here then, bcause

you wouldnt find the link to eyescene anymore ...

not the badest solution, isn't it?

greetings from good old europe to your stoneage


 08 Aug 2018, 10:09

The IGNORAMUS speaks again...

...except only HE knows what he is ignoring now.

No one else knows. No one else cares.

But The IGNORAMUS continues... to post about how he is ignoring posts.

A song for our prefered troll 08 Aug 2018, 02:45

 08 Aug 2018, 00:32

The IGNORAMUS speaks again...

...except only HE knows what he is ignoring now.

No one else knows. No one else cares.

But The IGNORAMUS continues... to post about how he is ignoring posts.

How to treat our prefere troll 07 Aug 2018, 23:15

 07 Aug 2018, 18:23

or better: --> STUPID

 07 Aug 2018, 16:53

The IGNORAMUS speaks again...

...except only HE knows what he is ignoring now.

No one else knows. No one else cares.

But The IGNORAMUS continues... to post about how he is ignoring posts.

Ignored 07 Aug 2018, 16:40

or stuttering perhaps?

 07 Aug 2018, 16:36

The IGNORAMUS speaks again...

...except only HE knows what he is ignoring now.

No one else knows. No one else cares.

But The IGNORAMUS continues... to post about how he is ignoring posts.

Ignored 07 Aug 2018, 16:35

I like to see a troll trolled who doesn't know how to deal with the troll trolling him :-) He is acting like a parrot...

 07 Aug 2018, 16:31

The IGNORAMUS speaks again...

...except only HE knows what he is ignoring now.

No one else knows. No one else cares.

But The IGNORAMUS continues... to post about how he is ignoring posts.

Ignored 07 Aug 2018, 16:30

Our favorite troll:

 07 Aug 2018, 15:19

The IGNORAMUS speaks again...

...except only HE knows what he is ignoring now.

No one else knows. No one else cares.

But The IGNORAMUS continues... to post about how he is ignoring posts.

Ignored 07 Aug 2018, 07:44


Weirdeyes 07 Aug 2018, 07:12


Additionally, you know that I have had mental problems, and that question was driving me nuts.

Now if I could only get these weird eyes straightened out with out prisms, I would be back on track.

Weirdeyes 07 Aug 2018, 07:07


Thank you for being honest, and clearing that up for us.

 07 Aug 2018, 02:38

Soundmanpt 07 Aug 2018, 02:00

Weirdeyes 06 Aug 2018, 21:18

Yes you are correct. I also post under the names Carrie, Jim H, Jim Boice and many others. To be honest there are so many random accounts that I create just to tell a fake story for a few days, I've forgotten all of the names. But to answer your question, yes those names are me. I have not been driven away from eyescene, I just post under other names.

 07 Aug 2018, 01:40

 07 Aug 2018, 01:39

Our prefered troll:

Weirdeyes 06 Aug 2018, 21:18

Yes Jim H, and Jim Boice, AKA Soundmanpt have to be the same person.

Soundmanpt 06 Aug 2018, 20:42

Drove you

Soundmanpt 06 Aug 2018, 20:41


I know that those two photos drove to the toilet.

Poor janitor that had to clean up after you.

MURKY 06 Aug 2018, 20:23


murky 06 Aug 2018, 20:20

Nice pair of wedding day glasses. MaYBE A TAD ON THE HEAVY SIDE?

María 06 Aug 2018, 19:42

Is Jim H, and Jim Boice the same person?

 06 Aug 2018, 17:08

I do not understand people who have very high prescription and wear very tiny frame.

Very strong plus 06 Aug 2018, 15:19

Yoyo 06 Aug 2018, 14:45

Posting a link to an external website on a free message board is not "stealing" anything.

everything's fuzzy 06 Aug 2018, 13:50

Galileo 06 Aug 2018, 11:19

"It's their choice not our."

Correct. It is not our choice to steal their Instagram images and repost here.

Plus 06 Aug 2018, 11:50

Plus 06 Aug 2018, 11:46

Plus 06 Aug 2018, 11:44

Galileo 06 Aug 2018, 11:19

@ Instagram Harassment Association; this is from the Instagram privacy policy:

"When you share and communicate using our Products, you choose the audience for what you share."

So anyone who makes their pictures available to us has chosen to do so and can stop that by making their account private or restricting access.

It's their choice not our.

 06 Aug 2018, 10:26

The IGNORAMUS speaks again...

...except only HE knows what he is ignoring now.

No one else knows. No one else cares.

But The IGNORAMUS continues... to post about how he is ignoring posts.

Brett 06 Aug 2018, 09:37

Thank you Jim for the great posts. Its a shame all the crap that has been posted on the site here lately.

 06 Aug 2018, 06:11

Ignored... At least the troll is focused on that...

 06 Aug 2018, 04:41

The IGNORAMUS speaks again...

...except only HE knows what he is ignoring now.

No one else knows. No one else cares.

But The IGNORAMUS continues... to post about how he is ignoring posts.

aviator -oo- 06 Aug 2018, 03:07

 06 Aug 2018, 01:39


Instagram Harassment Assoc 06 Aug 2018, 01:30

Jim H.

I guess you don't give a shit about all the complaints suggesting people stop posting Instagram links without seeking permission first. This is all about your own sexual enjoyment, isn't it? I guess the H is for hater. Haters gonna hate, no matter what.

Jim H 05 Aug 2018, 20:37

Moderate minus HOT Sisters

Jim H 05 Aug 2018, 20:34

Minus Nice colour Braces

Jim H 05 Aug 2018, 20:32

Moderate minus Metal frames

Jim H 05 Aug 2018, 20:27

Moderate plus Blonde Nice metal frames

Jim H 05 Aug 2018, 20:25

Moderate plus Blonde Nice metal frames

Jim H 05 Aug 2018, 20:22

More minus Sunglasses

Jim H 05 Aug 2018, 20:19

High minu Very pretty

Jim H 05 Aug 2018, 20:17

High minus New specs and full time now -9.5 Cute mom -12.75

eric 05 Aug 2018, 17:02


you have some great glasses for sale

 05 Aug 2018, 14:37

interesting explanation of legally blind girl who wears plus glasses

ms 05 Aug 2018, 13:37

ms 05 Aug 2018, 13:36

very rare myodisc and cataract glasses in godd condition offer on:

Eyeglasses Equipped 05 Aug 2018, 09:06

Al, You are likely saying that because you do not have to wear lenses.

Monica now wears aspherical plus lenses:

She formerly wore conventional plus lenses which made her eyes look large and distorted her vision in the periphery.

I am sure she is now much happier with her improved vision and how she looks in her new glasses.

Al 05 Aug 2018, 08:12

@Eyeglasses Equippted 04 Aug 2018, 10:13

the right one is much better (and that's why I think aspheric lenses should be used by myopes and aphakic hyperopes only)

-14 05 Aug 2018, 05:20

-15.5 05 Aug 2018, 05:10

 04 Aug 2018, 20:11

 04 Aug 2018, 19:58

 04 Aug 2018, 19:37


 04 Aug 2018, 14:16


Anonymous Troll Hunter 04 Aug 2018, 13:46

Let’s summarize: “I am not using my real name because I was born to be a coward. I don’t know who is who and what is what. What does anything matter?”

Then why did you even bother to post anything? Nobody cares what you have to say. You are ordered to go back under your rock right now.

 04 Aug 2018, 12:44

BUSTED! Soundmanpt

I'm not using my name because I don't want the same kind of attack that I have been seeing happening in here lately.

I'm not sure exactly what or why you claim Soundmanpt is busted? I have no idea if he is this same Jim Boice person or not but i'm not sure where the problem is. I have never seen the name Jim Boice on this site until you posted it as being him. But so what if he is using a different name on some other site? I see nothing wrong with that and have often used more than one name in different sites. Seems like a lot of knit picking to me.

Also what he said that you repeated certainly doesn't seem out of line to me in any way.

This site has gone to hell and not because of Soundman. Take a look in the mirror and you will see the real problem in here.

Eyeglasses Equippted  04 Aug 2018, 10:13

everything's fuzzy 03 Aug 2018, 18:44

You posting as "Likelenses" and some others, not only are you a fake on this site but you're a goddamn coward. Your purpose for coming on this site is that you are some kind of weirdo who goes into crowded bars on Saturday nights and rips eyeglasses off of unsuspecting nearsighted girls faces and then runs away to hide and later goes out wearing her glasses at the mall. Now get fucking lost you sicko!

BUSTED! Soundmanpt 03 Aug 2018, 18:24

Ever watch the video "Starting A Band & Truths of Touring?" Well our own Jim Boice known here as Soundmanpt has! Look at creepy ass comment he posted on a video that has nothing to do with this topic...

Jim Boice 2 years ago

Just curious, several yearsago you posted a video about your need for glasses and you even modeled both pairs that you had gotten and they both really suited you very nicely even with your pink hair at that time. You said at the time that you would be wearing them for work since you were constantly staring into a computer monitor for 8 hours a day and that you would wear them when driving as well so really your almost going to be wearing glasses full time. However since you got your cool glasses you have not been seen wearing glasses even once in any of your what must be over a hundred videos since then. Did you get contacts? By now your eyes have almost certainly got a little worse even. (retired optician)

Likelenses 03 Aug 2018, 18:17

everything's fuzzy

I think everything is fuzzy in your head. You have no idea what you are talking about and I think you are stupid. Until you put up the evidence, I say just shut up yourself. You have no right to tell me what to do. You are nothing to me. Something I would scrape off the bottom of my shoe after it hardens.

Minus 03 Aug 2018, 17:51

 03 Aug 2018, 17:32


 03 Aug 2018, 17:32


 03 Aug 2018, 17:31


 03 Aug 2018, 12:45

new video from Purrblind (high plus)

 03 Aug 2018, 10:57

Pseldonymov 03 Aug 2018, 07:57

Mostly minus

Moderate minus

optimax 03 Aug 2018, 06:21

Big Sunglasses

optimax 03 Aug 2018, 06:18

Strong Glasses

 02 Aug 2018, 21:30

This post was not from me.

everything's fuzzy 02 Aug 2018, 21:21

Likelenses, try reading the former posts to this thread going back many months before you go running you're stupid fucking mouth.

Moonshiner 02 Aug 2018, 20:06

Read creepy comment number twelve, by Jim Boice, aka Soundmanpt.

Likelenses 02 Aug 2018, 18:14

'02 Aug 2018, 17:28' post was not from me.

Likelenses 02 Aug 2018, 17:28

This post was not from me, Likelenses 02 Aug 2018, 13:21, however I agree with most of it, except the crude last sentence.

Yoyo 02 Aug 2018, 16:45

I've seen a handful of people complain about having their links posted here over the years. I don't see much evidence that it's a widespread problem. It seems to me that at least 95% of the people whose links were posted here have continued either unaware or reasonably comfortable with the situation. For those who are not, all of these sites give you the option to make your account private.

Likelenses 02 Aug 2018, 13:21

everything's fuzzy

While I don't doubt that people get upset, I would like to see some evidence other than heresay. I have not seen a single post here from someone protesting that their photograph was linked. Nor have I seen any links that have comments with the poster complaining about them. If you want to convince people, you are going to have to do more than just talk shit out of your ass. Put up the evidence.

 02 Aug 2018, 10:12

Really, Blank?

Is it really that hard for you to figure out how to post?

everything's fuzzy 02 Aug 2018, 07:53

It is my sinsere wish that those posting here would no longer link photos from Instrgram or other such photo agragating sites. I seems there are some using those sites who resent their photos from being hyperlinked to Eyescene and elsewhere. Perhaps they consider it an invasion of privacy for which they have a point and resent their photo(s) being viewed suggestively. And on both counts, they have a legitimate beef. Personally, I do not know why they would even put their photos on the internet in the first place in an open source way without an access password if privacy is their concern, In any event, I would never link someone's personal photos or information without their express permission.

Recently several owners of photos on Instagram and other such sites have expressed great displeasure when learning their personal photos have been hyperlinked to ES. Some like the individual posting here previously have gone to great lengths to show their disapproval, posting insults, threats and making multiple repetitive postings in order to "jam up" the site.

In the future, it would be advisable to first obtain permission from the owner before linking photos and other ma material (if that is possible) or only link from sources allowing such, such as Youtube. And to those who value their privacy, my advice is to use a password lockout to prevent unwanted access to you personal information.

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:07

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:07

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:07

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:07

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:07

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:07

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:07

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:07

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:09

Hopefully, this time the link will work

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:07

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:07

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:07

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:06

Severe minus

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:05

Blank 02 Aug 2018, 02:05 02 Aug 2018, 02:05

Extreme minus 02 Aug 2018, 02:05

Extreme minus

Rayray 01 Aug 2018, 13:37


go fuck yourself, you little crybaby BITTCCH.

Weirdeyes 01 Aug 2018, 12:00


This could be the Jim Boice Optical store.

30calcat 01 Aug 2018, 05:28

Kind of an old comedy skit but interesting given the way things are now, a glasses store for creeps:

 01 Aug 2018, 02:17

@Eyestein Excellent publication that describes exactly the psychology of the trolls. Everyone now knows the attitude to adopt facing this kind of psychopath: Just ignore! Do not comment anything! Do not reply!

Eyestein 01 Aug 2018, 01:41

Regarding trolls

• They are narcissistic. This means they “are manipulative and easily angered, especially when they don’t receive the attention they consider their birthright” (Psychology Today).

• Machiavellianism is another characteristic. They are so “focused on their own interests they will manipulate, deceive, and exploit others to achieve their goals” (Harley Therapy).

• And, they are psychopaths. “… those with psychopathy typically demonstrate impulsive behaviour, a … self-centered perspective, chronic violations of legal or social rules, and a lack of empathy and guilt” (Good Therapy).

• The Canadian researchers added a fourth behavioural issue; trolls are sadistic. This means they enjoy inflicting pain, humiliation, and suffering on others.

The next time you encounter a troll online, remember:

1. These trolls are some truly difficult people.

2. It is your suffering that brings them pleasure, so the best thing you can do is ignore them.

 01 Aug 2018, 00:06

Don't feed the trolls! Will you understand at the end?

Eyestein 01 Aug 2018, 00:01

@Rayray 29 Jul 2018, 11:47. So what have you got to contribute?

 31 Jul 2018, 15:03

 31 Jul 2018, 14:48

everything's fuzzy 31 Jul 2018, 14:47



DW12 31 Jul 2018, 12:39

Seriously, Murky? There's a line of decency and you just bulldozed it. A little class please next time?

murky 31 Jul 2018, 01:14

very high minus woman

Kurt 30 Jul 2018, 23:59


Thick myodisc with prism

 30 Jul 2018, 18:03

When posting, remember to remove the "s" from the "https://". IE: "http://" .

This way the link will hyperlink.

Alex 30 Jul 2018, 17:01

Here is the angle where the prescription can be estimated

+1.5 I guess

murky 30 Jul 2018, 14:58

I forgot to mention that after viewing Emma in those spectacular spectacles, I as usual had to rush off to the toilet, wherein I spurged continuously for at least five minutes.

i then felt weak in the knees, and fell down on the floor, in all of my cum.

murky 29 Jul 2018, 23:06

Emma Bunton, a girl who really knows how to wear glasses!

Kurt 29 Jul 2018, 22:56

Thick myodisc

Rayray 29 Jul 2018, 11:47


Stop wasting everyone's time posting amateur shit. You need to step up your game, pretty boy or you will get crushed by my posts.

Eyestein 29 Jul 2018, 08:43

That was a good find at 28 Jul 2018, 03:31. I like this squint.

Eyestein 29 Jul 2018, 08:27

Prosthetic right eye due to micropthalmia.

Soundmanpt 29 Jul 2018, 07:23

@Eyestein You are a pretty desperate creepy ass pervert searching women's private instagram accounts. Wow. Must to be sad to be you.

Eyestein 29 Jul 2018, 07:18

Cute minus. Maybe about -8. Her contacts which she never wears are -7.

Eyestein 29 Jul 2018, 06:53

Minus. Note the comment: "I just kno whoeva I'm with I have to truly trust cause my ass is blind as hell!!"

 29 Jul 2018, 04:09

These are jam jars you complete fucking idiot:

Eyescene people are the dumbest twats on Earth!

Rayray 29 Jul 2018, 00:15

More jamjars

 28 Jul 2018, 20:16

What the fuck is a jam jar????? HAHAHAHA

JE 28 Jul 2018, 18:33

High minus coke bottles:

Fierce squint at 6:20; looks like new jam jars are forthcoming!

 28 Jul 2018, 17:52

reading glasses after LASIK




stillremains 28 Jul 2018, 08:49


Strong Minus

 28 Jul 2018, 03:31


 28 Jul 2018, 03:16


 28 Jul 2018, 02:59


 28 Jul 2018, 02:56


Eyestein 27 Jul 2018, 08:10

Power rings.

Eyestein 27 Jul 2018, 08:04

Plus (digital art).

Eyestein 27 Jul 2018, 08:01

High Plus. Her left eye looks bigger than her lips behind all that plus power.

This is her body.

Eyestein 27 Jul 2018, 07:10

Strong minus. This girl's eyes would look enormous behind plus lenses.

With contacts.

Eyestein 27 Jul 2018, 05:24

See also here.

Eyestein 27 Jul 2018, 04:38

Lauren Elizabeth has ditched her progressives and is now wearing bifocals! I never imagined that progressives would work very well with such a high prescription. I have heard she is aphakic. Can anyone guess just the distance prescription?

everything's fuzzy 26 Jul 2018, 20:33

She's very pretty and sweet 16

Nickname 26 Jul 2018, 02:41

So cute:

 26 Jul 2018, 00:11



 26 Jul 2018, 00:03





Alain & Tatinha 24 Jul 2018, 18:23

Tatinha: New Update! 86 New Pictures

 24 Jul 2018, 09:01

how strong?

 24 Jul 2018, 01:30

revisiting an old aphakic favourite

Myopeinhere 23 Jul 2018, 22:20

Here's the link, make life easier. 😀

Myopeinhere 23 Jul 2018, 22:18

It was yesterday,23rd believe it was episode 4

 23 Jul 2018, 18:03


What was the original air date for the XRay episode you saw this on?

Myopeinhere 23 Jul 2018, 14:28

Stunning hi minus on the BBC Wales programme x-ray

It's a consumer rights show and a gorgeous hi double digit blonde makes an appearance composing about a car she hasn't bought

Round about the 9 minutes mark

It's on the BBC iPlayer

Myopeinhere 23 Jul 2018, 14:28

Stunning hi minus on the BBC Wales programme x-ray

It's a consumer rights show and a gorgeous hi double digit blonde makes an appearance composing about a car she hasn't bought

Round about the 9 minutes mark

It's on the BBC iPlayer

Gerry 23 Jul 2018, 07:30

Gosh those photos of those lovely attractive ladies wearing strong plus and minus glasses are not to be seen where i live. Where are they all? I think many guys like me are looking to date such ladies it would be a thrill to meet one. Have fun take good care Gerry

Eyestein 23 Jul 2018, 04:15


aviator -oo- 23 Jul 2018, 01:04

 21 Jul 2018, 21:59


 21 Jul 2018, 21:59


 21 Jul 2018, 21:26


 21 Jul 2018, 21:26

Minus (probably posted)

 21 Jul 2018, 21:25


 21 Jul 2018, 14:10

She has -6.0

 21 Jul 2018, 10:51

Thick plus glasses

 21 Jul 2018, 09:24

 20 Jul 2018, 19:50

BReyes: King of the assholes

B Reyes 20 Jul 2018, 14:59

Oh STFU Stupid anonymous asshole who is too chickenshit to use a name.

Didn't your mother ever tell you that capital letters are yelling and impolite? You are such a douche, and even WORSE than the imposters here.

 20 Jul 2018, 01:21

@Galileo Don't you realize that even the post saying 'this post is not mine" are also fake and trolled?

Better thing to do: IGNORE!


Galileo 19 Jul 2018, 19:50

@ Soundmanpt and others being trolled, I think most of us can tell which posts are real and which are not

Brett 19 Jul 2018, 17:45

All minus and tagged new glasses.

Soundmanpt 19 Jul 2018, 15:04

Comment posted on "19 Jul 2018 07:36" wasn't me.

 19 Jul 2018, 12:55

The picture at 16:09 on 7/18 is Chris Christie without makeup.

 19 Jul 2018, 09:18

If you continue to reply to the troll and give him the importance he doesn't have, he will continue...


Soundmanpt 19 Jul 2018, 07:36

Comment posted on "18 Jul 2018 16:09" wasn't me.

Soundmanpt 18 Jul 2018, 16:09

Just to clear up all the confusion, I have decided to upload a picture of my true self. Yes, my name is Jim Boice and here is what I look like at home when I am typing on eyescene:

Soundmanpt 18 Jul 2018, 14:35

That's actually pretty funny. You even got a laugh out of me on that one.

Moonshiner 18 Jul 2018, 14:10


You were warned sternly to cease and desist. But yet you continue to carry on. Therefore if I see any future comments from you on this topic, your IP address being banned. Enough is enough!

 18 Jul 2018, 08:28

If you continue to reply to the troll and give him the importance he doesn't have, he will continue...


Soundmanpt 18 Jul 2018, 06:49

Comment posted "17 Jul 2018 17:32" wasn't from me.

You're really a very sick person.

Soundmanpt 17 Jul 2018, 17:32

The more I think about it, I really just want to fuck her brains out. Women like that are very attractive to me. Personally I look at them as sex objects rather than people. That allows me to have a much more fluid fantasy. I think I am going to destroy at least three Depends undergarments creaming over her.

Soundmanpt 17 Jul 2018, 13:43


I wonder what her corrected vision is with contacts compared to glasses. I doubt that she is able to see 20/20 with either. With contacts maybe 20/25 or 20/30. With her glasses maybe only 20/40 and that's with her current prescription being in her glasses not the -20.00 glasses you showed from 2 years ago.

I agree she is a very attractive woman.

Eyestein 17 Jul 2018, 05:56

This is the -21 girl found earlier by Jim H. Her large contact lenses are easily visible in these two pictures. I think she lives in contacts for as many hours per day as her eyes allow.

These are the -20 glasses she had 2 years ago.

She is quite a gorgeous lady.

password 16 Jul 2018, 20:11

minus :

password 16 Jul 2018, 19:53

minus :

Bert 16 Jul 2018, 10:53

Pretty minus.

 15 Jul 2018, 18:10


 14 Jul 2018, 18:54

 14 Jul 2018, 12:48

Plus bifocals

 14 Jul 2018, 12:47


 14 Jul 2018, 12:47

Minus (high)

everything's fuzzy 14 Jul 2018, 09:26

One gorgeous astigmat:

Crystal Veil 14 Jul 2018, 03:43

Hello Jim H,

thanks for your posts. The wow lady haa a prescription of minus twenty.

Jim H 13 Jul 2018, 21:14

Moderate minus Bifocals Cute

Jim H 13 Jul 2018, 21:12

Moderate minus Bikini Clear frames

Jim H 13 Jul 2018, 20:45

High Minus Wow!

Jim H 13 Jul 2018, 20:40

Moderate Plus Nice

bateau 12 Jul 2018, 14:06

kazakhstan gwg !

latvia gwg !

bateau 12 Jul 2018, 14:06

kazakhstan gwg !

latvia gwg !

Likelenses 11 Jul 2018, 01:04


Dasha is looking fine as usual.

MisterMild 10 Jul 2018, 23:37

The latest from FoxTrotBitch

Kelly the Brazilian

MisterMild 10 Jul 2018, 23:31

Wholesome Hungarian hi-minus

MisterMild 10 Jul 2018, 23:26

Dasha as pin-up girl

HottieSoccer 09 Jul 2018, 04:40

This girl has +9 lenses in her glasses, very attractive

Arndt 09 Jul 2018, 03:17

RE: Chris 03 Jul 2018, 06:37

Re "strong glasses" 02 Jul 2018 08:28

She is blind in her right eye and with her left eye she sees a bit blurry even with glasses and misses the top part, as you can see on the picture of the railway platform. Her glasses are -20 and she has a prescription lens for her blind eye to reach a symmetrical look and weight balance of the glasses.

She cannot drive and its difficult for her when its dark.

everything's fuzzy 08 Jul 2018, 17:24

 08 Jul 2018, 15:55

Jessica Mulroney, the stylist. considerable minus prescription

Wolle 08 Jul 2018, 12:43

Myodiscs 07 Jul 2018, 15:25

Where did you find her?

 08 Jul 2018, 10:14

beautiful vlogger with mild minus glasses

 07 Jul 2018, 17:53

Thanks Jim for your links!

More plus girls:

Myodiscs 07 Jul 2018, 15:25

from VK 07 Jul 2018, 14:55 - - small + +


To the poster @ (05 Jul 2018, 18:53): Please take your political fucking bullshit elsewhere! Thank you.

 07 Jul 2018, 10:37

Crystal Veil 07 Jul 2018, 10:02

Jim H,

thanks for posting another wonderful selection!

-20 squint 06 Jul 2018, 15:40

-20 squint (part2) 06 Jul 2018, 15:38

 05 Jul 2018, 18:53

I agree strongly MAGA. Make America Great AGAIN by getting rid of asshole Trump!!! MAGA! MAGA!! MAGA!!!

everything's fuzzy 05 Jul 2018, 18:49

everything's fuzzy 05 Jul 2018, 18:44

MAGA 05 Jul 2018, 16:05


MGFA! 05 Jul 2018, 15:32

Make Glasses First Again. MGFA!

Many Thanks JimH

Andrew 05 Jul 2018, 13:35

Great to have you back, Jim H.

Jim H 05 Jul 2018, 13:25

Strong Minus

Occluded lens

Jim H 05 Jul 2018, 13:20

Gorgeous moderate minus ladies

Jim H 05 Jul 2018, 13:15

Very pretty high Plus

Jim H 05 Jul 2018, 13:09

High plus Bifocal beauties

Low minus bifocals


Jim H 05 Jul 2018, 13:04

More Cute in coke bottles

Anjolina Jolie look alike in -10

Jim H 05 Jul 2018, 13:01

High minus Sexy in pink frames Doesn’t like her power rings

Jim H 05 Jul 2018, 12:58

Strong minus ladies Few different pairs Big frames and beautiful

 03 Jul 2018, 18:21

It's time to seriously cream Likelenses' knickerbockers with incredibly sexy myopic bulge...

Chris 03 Jul 2018, 06:37

Re "strong glasses" 02 Jul 2018 08:28

I think she's lovely but then I do have a soft spot for Germanic blonds. She is either blind or partially sighted in her right eye. There are some other videos where she talks about her "disability" and "impairment". Her right eye is much smaller than her left and turns in quite a bit. I don't know if she has any vision at all in that eye or whether the strong right lens in her glasses is helping at all or just for cosmetic purposes to match her left lens. In one video she shows a view from a railway platform. A black shadow then moves in from the right and the whole view goes extremely blurred. I presume she is demonstrating what she can see without glasses. I wish I spoke German.

 02 Jul 2018, 23:24

Thick glasses

 02 Jul 2018, 23:23

Thick glasses

 02 Jul 2018, 23:08

Thick glasses

 02 Jul 2018, 08:28

Strong glasses

 01 Jul 2018, 19:18

Minus 01 Jul 2018, 12:48

Minus (bifocals!)

optimax 01 Jul 2018, 08:48

Lovely Girl -8

optimax 01 Jul 2018, 03:07

Sexy highly myopic girl with big cat eye glasses

optimax 01 Jul 2018, 03:06

Sexy highly myopic girl with big cat eye glasses

Al 01 Jul 2018, 01:17


Al 01 Jul 2018, 01:10

an interesting distortion in the left lens. Is it just an oblique angle astigmatism or something else (prism or what)?

 30 Jun 2018, 12:34

reading glasses

 30 Jun 2018, 12:25

small minus but cute girl

 29 Jun 2018, 09:28


 29 Jun 2018, 09:27


 29 Jun 2018, 09:21


 29 Jun 2018, 09:16


Slit 28 Jun 2018, 17:39

Another TV Programme from Taiwan discussing eyesight of their own celebrities...

Use this search term: 重度近視大學生, meaning, severe myopia

spexfan 28 Jun 2018, 16:12

-13/-12 and very beautiful....

aviator -oo- 28 Jun 2018, 15:41

Likelenses 28 Jun 2018, 10:57

I don't believe you actually know her personally. I think you are just like many guys who develop a relationship online and have never actually met the person. You call it knowing someone personally but the truth is that she would not know you on the street if she saw you. I bet you have never visited her home. I bet you have never taken her on a date. I believe you think you have a relationship that you don't really have. It is all online. That is what I believe.

strong plus 28 Jun 2018, 08:24

She wears the same glasses. Unfortunately I don't know the prescription.

N Siri Yo 27 Jun 2018, 16:06

@Regarding the strong plus... what kind of glasses does she wear offline? you said you know her personally, so maybe you can tell us.

Regarding the Strong plus  27 Jun 2018, 15:33

I know her personally, she doesn't have another pair for reading

NJ 27 Jun 2018, 10:03

John, pulling -28 lenses down your nose will not cause magnification. Just the opposite, in fact: everything will look smaller. You will, however, bring the focal point closer to your eyes.

John  27 Jun 2018, 09:57

That’s rather similar and opposite to me.

At the age of 47 I have trouble reading. However, as I have -28 lenses for distance he cost and impracticality of attempting varifocal lenses scares me. Do I just push the glasses down my nose and I can quickly read things clearly due to the magnification effect of increasing the distance.

The annoying thing is that as a kid, I had bifocal lenses that now as an adult, with modern technology, is no longer available.

NJ 27 Jun 2018, 07:49

Colin is right. So long as she has no other issues with her eyesight, she can probably see pretty well. Peripheral vision is a problem, as is the ring scotoma (a fancy word that just refers to the optical blind area that such strong magnifying lenses produce).

Her distance acuity might actually be better than 20/20, as the added magnification helps. She probably had cataract surgery as an infant or child, in which her natural lenses were removed and their focusing power replaced by the glasses. Sometimes the cataracts are not removed soon enough after birth, and the brain's visual cortex doesn't fully develop. This is a common reason for less than perfect acuity in these situations. She is also at higher risk for glaucoma, which can reduce vision as well.

I took a close look that the images and don't see any sign of a bifocal. It looks like she makes do with sliding the glasses down, though she may also have another pair for reading. I wear glasses of a similar strength, and prefer bifocals. They're challenging, but useful for short duration reading. Newspapers are tough, as are some forms, but I read everything online these days.

Colin 27 Jun 2018, 07:31

NJ and Conce,

Thanks, I actually wear similar high plus glasses myself and prefer to just slip my distance ones down to read. You are completely right that bi focals at this strength magnify so much that you really can’t get much more than one word in focus at a time. They are useless for filling in forms!! I find a separate pair of reading glasses much better but its a pain to be swapping specs around on the underground!

Conce asked how much the girl would be able to see. I can only speak for myself but despite the thick glasses my vision is actually pretty good. As long as they are at the exact correct position everything is really clear. My distance vision is really good. I think unless she has other issues with her eyes she should be able to see pretty well.

Y. 27 Jun 2018, 07:08

minus ladies:

Conce 27 Jun 2018, 05:30


Thanks a lot for explaining, I find your information very interesting. Coul it also be that such strong lenses Will magnify the surroundings for the person? How long distance Will a person like this be able to see, what Will the limit be before everything gets blurry. I have seen people with thick lenses like this had to use a cane to orientate themselves safely. Also young people like this cute woman.

NJ 27 Jun 2018, 04:08

Colin and Conce, the pretty high plus lady is using a common technique among high plus wearers, which is to move the glasses down her nose to see up close. In very high prescriptions, >+20, this approach is often preferable to using a bifocal. The problem with bifocals in high plus lenses, is the amount of real estate in the lenses that is available to see, the usable visual fields, is really small. A +20 distance lens with a +3 add doesn't allow more than a word or two to be in focus, and requires constant scanning to read. Even a lenticular distance lens like she's wearing requires some scanning to see distances. It's by far the biggest problem with wearing high plus lenses over the equivalently powered minus lenses. Most -20 myopes do just fine with glasses.

I don't know what her script is, but +20 is within the realm. She certainly is visually impaired, if for no other reason that her visual fields are very small.

Conce 27 Jun 2018, 03:51

Strong plus

Thanks a lot. Exellent shots of a cute Girl.

I agree this has to be her distance glasses and unfortunately she probably is just able to focus for a very short distance. People with very thick plus glasses like that usually are severe visually impaired or legally blind even with glasses. I guess her rx is > +20.

Conce 27 Jun 2018, 03:45


Yes a a sign up site would be a great improvement.

Conce 27 Jun 2018, 03:42


Yes you are Very observant. Very cute Girl.

Colin 26 Jun 2018, 07:29

Re Strong Plus 24th June.

Pretty sure these are her distance glasses and she can’t see her phone through both lenses. In pic 1 she’s looking through the right lens. In pic 2, the left. I bet she can only see a small area of the phone and has to scan across as each word comes into focus.

Colin 26 Jun 2018, 07:29

Re Strong Plus 24th June.

Pretty sure these are her distance glasses and she can’t see her phone through both lenses. In pic 1 she’s looking through the right lens. In pic 2, the left. I bet she can only see a small area of the phone and has to scan across as each word comes into focus.

Plus 24 Jun 2018, 22:00

Bifocals 24 Jun 2018, 21:58 (++) (+)

 24 Jun 2018, 17:50

Strong plus 24 Jun 2018, 15:50

REd 24 Jun 2018, 13:34

Alain HMG,

Thank you for your sites with fabulous girls in glasses. I notice your page 392 directs to the Jasmin site instead of the models you have posted. Is that some thing you can fix? Merci et bonne chance mon ami.

Slit 24 Jun 2018, 11:26

Any FIFA World Cup GWG Sightings?

Here's one. Please help me to find more...

Soundmanpt 23 Jun 2018, 08:28

Comment posted on "22 June 2018 220:01" wasn't from me. But I do agree with "still"

aviator -oo- 23 Jun 2018, 04:54

Soundmanpt 22 Jun 2018, 22:01


I totally agree.

still 22 Jun 2018, 18:55

Curt, how would making this a sign up site improve things?

As a long time member, I know for sure that the quality of posts has gone down. I have no idea where these creeps come from, so I ignore them and hope they have short attention spans.

AlainHMG 22 Jun 2018, 18:00

Some High Myopic Women:

AlainHMG 22 Jun 2018, 18:00

 22 Jun 2018, 14:29

Do they make my eyes look big?

 22 Jun 2018, 14:28

Do they make my eyes look big?

Curt 22 Jun 2018, 12:50

Any possibility of making this a sign up only site? The BS level is getting pretty high!!!

Curt 22 Jun 2018, 12:50

Any possibility of making this a sign up only site? The BS level is getting pretty high!!!

Eyestein 22 Jun 2018, 06:38

@optix 12 Jun 2018. "Blind chick" is a conscientious contradiction of the "blindbitch" tag she applies to herself. She also calls herself a "basic chick".

 21 Jun 2018, 21:48

Is Gemma's strap on a pulsating, ejaculation model?

 21 Jun 2018, 21:46


YI HAA, ride um cowboy Gemma.

Aventus 21 Jun 2018, 21:17

Medium Minus

Aventus 21 Jun 2018, 21:16

High Minus

Nora 20 Jun 2018, 18:52

As Gemma looks on through her minus lenses, she is wielding her huge bulging strap-on, and waiting to pounce into the mix.

 20 Jun 2018, 15:58

and they are all shooting up with pentachlorophenyl

Carrie 20 Jun 2018, 15:47

I am fantasizing myself, and Danielle getting down on each other, whilst swapping these glasses back, and forth.

Meanwhile Vicky, and her coworker doing each other, with Gemma looking on through her minus lenses.

Mexicanfan 20 Jun 2018, 12:07

I think that glases are strong, but ok, the previous pic are an angle efect.

But she is a beautiful young woman. Now here other pics from her acount

Eyestein 20 Jun 2018, 05:40

@Carrie. Those "jamjars" are the same glasses. It's only the viewing angle that gives the impression of extreme strength. They are pretty strong anyway.

Minus Indian 20 Jun 2018, 02:09

Carrie 19 Jun 2018, 23:50


Click on his account name, and view her other photos.

There is one of her behind a phoropter.

Most of her photos show glasses less powerful than those jam jars.

Mexicanfan 19 Jun 2018, 10:19

This is te correct

Mexicanfan 19 Jun 2018, 09:56

Sorry for for the do you copy the link?

By thw way, thanx for the foxtrotbitch pics, I think this girl is one of the mos beautiful girls in this trad.

Some body can share more links of she? I can't see the early publications :(

Mexicanfan 19 Jun 2018, 09:52

A high plus woman (sorry if is posted before).Her husband say that they look like parking mirrors

-20 18 Jun 2018, 15:18

 18 Jun 2018, 06:45


Pseudo Jim H 17 Jun 2018, 18:05


Pseudo Jim H 17 Jun 2018, 18:03


DW12 17 Jun 2018, 17:34

Last two “one the plus side” are gorgeous. Any more available?

til 17 Jun 2018, 05:16

Not sure if she is known here, substantial minus:

Aviator -oo- 16 Jun 2018, 19:52

 16 Jun 2018, 05:47

on the plus side

MisterMild 15 Jun 2018, 23:44


MisterMild 15 Jun 2018, 23:42

Young Latina myodisc lovely...

American beauty

 15 Jun 2018, 10:20

more of her

 15 Jun 2018, 10:11

anonymous 15 Jun 2018, 08:15

She is divorced, is with another guy and has had a second kid. She has some health and mental problems, but is still dumb enough to smoke. Her mother has had surgery and no longer wears glasses. But I agree - she is very attractive.

Kelli 15 Jun 2018, 05:39

Well she did get married in a Taco Bueno at 16. She had a child soon after and I think she’s about 21 now. No idea if she’s still married. She seems to have grown up a bit now and I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. Her mother and sister are both extreme myopes too. Her mother is particularly stunning.

choura 15 Jun 2018, 01:25

Foxttrot is very pretty now, the difference in a few years is great.

Her previous myodiscs were extremely thick with a bowl of 30 mm. Her actual new glasses have new lenses, with a big bowl,covering nearly the frame and they look like "full field lenses", for her it must be a big change.

lentifan 14 Jun 2018, 16:00

I wonder if Foxtrot Bitch realises just how alluring she is, especially without the facial ironmongery she used to wear. Judging by the number of selfies, I rather think she does....

MisterMIld 13 Jun 2018, 20:45

More from Foxtrotbitch... even if she is a bitch

MisterMild 13 Jun 2018, 20:40

Sultry Romanian hi-minus

Favourite Brazilian hi-minus

Foxtrotbitch, again

Gombarix 13 Jun 2018, 05:15

interview with young Czech economist Hana Lipovská, low plus

 12 Jun 2018, 18:50

optix 12 Jun 2018, 12:45

I like this pic of her because of the optical effect...

and I would not call her a blind chick but a beautiful lady with optically enlarged eyes.

Eyestein 12 Jun 2018, 01:33

This blind chick has been seen here before.

Eyestein 11 Jun 2018, 21:25

I like this angle.

 11 Jun 2018, 20:25

 10 Jun 2018, 22:32

 10 Jun 2018, 11:00

-16 10 Jun 2018, 06:05

 10 Jun 2018, 04:26

Wake up. The FBI goes after reports of racist hate websites pretty damn quick... you have to remember, hate/racial attacks are a felony in the USA. Any website promoted as such gets investigated rather quickly.

Eyestein 10 Jun 2018, 00:26

Who is that girl posted 08 Jun 2018, 16:01 who presumably has -20?

Eyestein 10 Jun 2018, 00:24

I am sure the FBI has got better things to do than investigate this website.

 09 Jun 2018, 06:45

 08 Jun 2018, 16:11

08 Jun 2018, 13:48

Good, now maybe they will arrest the perverts, and sodomites, that post on the guys in glasses, XXX links, and Julian's jottings threads.

Also others that post their perversion, like Carrie.

 08 Jun 2018, 16:09

08 Jun 2018, 13:48

Good, now maybe they will arrest the perverts, and sodomites, that post on the guys in glasses, XXX links, and Julian's jottings threads.

-20 08 Jun 2018, 16:01

 08 Jun 2018, 13:48

I've reported this website to the FBI as a white racist propaganda hate fest. Let's see what happens now. It won't be long before all users are investigated.

 08 Jun 2018, 05:42

Adolf 07 Jun 2018, 03:43

Idiot you know why all the high breed horses are in multi colors and donkeys are in same color.

You white donkey.

 08 Jun 2018, 05:42

Adolf 07 Jun 2018, 03:43

Idiot you know why all the high breed horses are in multi colors and donkeys are in same color.

You white donkey.

DW12 07 Jun 2018, 16:46

Kumbayah, my Lord. Kumbabayah.

Kumbayah, my Lord. Kumbabayah.

Kumbayah, my Lord. Kumbabayah.

Oh Lord, Kumbayah.

gerry 07 Jun 2018, 05:36

Gosh there are some fab photos of very attractive ladies wearing glasses, even high index lenses with fashionable frames can also be a fashion statement, and also add to a ladies sexy appeal. I,m sure many are inundated with request for dates great that no longer ladies wearing high rx glasses are shunned by men. Take good care Gerry

gerry 07 Jun 2018, 05:35

Gosh there are some fab photos of very attractive ladies wearing glasses, even medics lenses with fashionable frames can also be a fashion statement, and also add to a ladies sexy appeal. I,m sure many are inundated with request for dates great that no longer ladies wearing high rx glasses are shunned by men. Take good care Gerry

Adolf 07 Jun 2018, 03:43

You black negroshit, fuck off.

 06 Jun 2018, 15:42

you just fed the trolls, Trollbuster! what a moron.

GWG Fan SL  06 Jun 2018, 10:47

Minus mom

GWG Fan SL  06 Jun 2018, 10:45

Minus mom

Trollbuster 06 Jun 2018, 06:33

Simply "Don't feed the trolls" !

R 06 Jun 2018, 05:16

Sorry to see that this forum is more and more becoming a meeting place for fascist psychos. who in his right mind would really support the Führer, Pol Pot or that piece of stinking shit Trump? I say glasses postings first and delete all the right wing lunatics here!

Not American 05 Jun 2018, 23:49

Why do you Americans act like you are the only people that matter?

Galileo 05 Jun 2018, 20:48

Nice collection MisterMild, thanks for posting

MisterMild 05 Jun 2018, 18:49

Looks like a Latina, fairly hi-minus with big frames...

Different frames

MisterMild 05 Jun 2018, 18:45

more of the Russian girl below...

Classy European minus girl

MisterMild 05 Jun 2018, 18:41

American Goth myodisc wearer

Prim n proper young Russian hi-minus

Buddha  05 Jun 2018, 02:28

Sri Lanka must be destroyed! All the negromonkeys must die!

 04 Jun 2018, 20:15

Oh shit I didn't know we got a jar jar binks impersonator here.

 04 Jun 2018, 16:47


 04 Jun 2018, 16:45



Führer 04 Jun 2018, 16:24

Führer 04 Jun 2018, 15:59

Pol Pot 03 Jun 2018, 23:54

Yes sa, yes sa, da masta he be mighty good to ma peoples.

He be givin us deese tasty wata melins.

-20 04 Jun 2018, 13:41

choura 04 Jun 2018, 09:30

Isuggest to "Polpot" (who was a communist killer) to see a psychanalist because of his impotence and to begin a treatment

 04 Jun 2018, 03:20


Pol Pot 03 Jun 2018, 23:54

Just finished a long days work picking cotton, and now dinner is waiting in the background.

Pol Pot 03 Jun 2018, 23:52

Just finished a long days work picking cotton, and now dinner is waiting in the background.

Pol Pot 03 Jun 2018, 20:35

Blackish monkeys must die!

GWG Fan SL 03 Jun 2018, 01:21

GWG Fan SL 03 Jun 2018, 01:20

GWG Fan SL 03 Jun 2018, 01:07

GWG Fan SL 03 Jun 2018, 01:06

GWG Fan SL 03 Jun 2018, 00:50

Old is gold - minus from Sri Lanka

GWG Fan SL 03 Jun 2018, 00:50

Old is gold - minus from Sri Lanka

 03 Jun 2018, 00:18

Dear 02 Jun 2018, 17:10

STFU. Go back to taking your meds.

aviator -oo- 02 Jun 2018, 17:23

Zenni review

 02 Jun 2018, 17:10



still 02 Jun 2018, 13:40

Hi Konstantin! I can no longer access your great website. Will you be re-opening it? Greetings and good luck.

-14 02 Jun 2018, 04:54

Jim H 01 Jun 2018, 20:36

More Plus

Braces girls


Jim H 01 Jun 2018, 20:34

Beautiful moderate Plus

 01 Jun 2018, 16:54

INCORRECT. Hillary Clinton is easily the sexiest woman on the planet, and I know you often have wet dreams of her often just like I do. You have a deep throbbing passion for her and it shows. You protest her loudly enough to hopefully convince yourself you hate her and to bury your burning sexual desire for her. But I think you are afraid she would reject you. Just admit it, please. If you came home and she was naked on your bed, you'd pop so hard you might burst a penis blood vessel! Just think about her myopic bulge... I know that turns you ON.

Likelenses 01 Jun 2018, 15:19

01 Jun 2018, 01:57 poster

You are correct, the sickly, old, communist, bisexual, hag, does have significant myopic bulge.

guest 01 Jun 2018, 13:40

This one seems to have a variety of minus glasses:

 01 Jun 2018, 10:49

A very strong plus glasses wearer and her blind friend

 01 Jun 2018, 10:49

A very strong plus glasses wearer and her blind friend

de haan 01 Jun 2018, 10:48

Super hot minus:

 01 Jun 2018, 10:41

Strong plus glasses and a nice smile.

 01 Jun 2018, 10:31

 01 Jun 2018, 10:30

Trying to read without her glasses (+5.5/+6.5) -

 01 Jun 2018, 09:07

Illary KKKlinton licks Sea Hunts

Anime Fan 01 Jun 2018, 07:01

Problems with wearing glasses.

 01 Jun 2018, 01:57

Her myopic bulge is caused by her love for Hillary Clinton... only Clinton supporters have myopic bulge. In fact, I love Clinton's myopic bulge. Don't you?

 01 Jun 2018, 01:54

Looks like AHMG got caught by her!

FREE TOMMY ROBINSON 31 May 2018, 20:32

 31 May 2018, 16:57

human being 31 May 2018, 16:53

Can people not leave this girl alone? She is a human being with feelings and is being treated as an object. The attempts to contact her are CLEARLY annoying and should stop.

human being 31 May 2018, 16:53

Can people not leave this girl alone? She is a human being with feelings and is being treated as an object. The attempts to contact her are CLEARLY annoying and should stop.

NJ 31 May 2018, 16:40

Foxtrotbitch and her sister.

NJ 31 May 2018, 16:35

30calcat, agreed on all counts. I think foxtrotbitch looks great the way she is. Her teeth are just part of her. And though there are more recent images of her without glasses, I suspect she just took them off. Her sister also has a prescription near hers. Both seem perfectly comfortable in glasses.

BTW, she just posted a rant on strangers who friend her, referencing an Italian man who did so, only to steal her pictures and sell them on the internet to people with fetishes for thick glasses. I just wish people here would be more kind and thoughtful about these matters. Most people don't like being peppered with questions about their vision problems, especially those creepy comments.

30calcat 31 May 2018, 15:53

I think high myopes that are used to wearing contacts regularly tend to struggle with wearing their glasses, because the visual experience is very different. Those of us who wear glasses exclusively learn and know how to work with all the effects of wearing high powered lenses to function normally, and even use it to our advantage if possible.

By the way, I find Guido's comment rude and ironic for this forum. Suggestions on cosmetics adjustments of teeth seem out of line in a place where we celebrate people the way the are, with whatever eyesight or any situation they have. Perhaps I am sensitive and over-reacting, but I am tired of hearing from people all my life telling me "One suggestion, why don't you lose the thick glasses and get contacts?" I would think here, of all places, we would have more discernment on what we say to people.

aviator -oo- 31 May 2018, 15:07

Does anyone know who this is with the graduated tint aviators?

Likelenses 31 May 2018, 13:55

Foxtrot's eyes definitely exhibit myopic bulge.

NJ 31 May 2018, 08:20

Foxtropbitch has gone through an interesting evolution. She used to have tons of piercings and wear wild clothes, then it seems she married and had a kid, now she looks more at peace. I've always thought her pretty, and loved that fact that she was always comfortable in her glasses. I never saw pix of her in contacts, or heard her complain about her poor eyesight. I think that makes her rather unique among extreme myopes. Most of the others with such thick glasses I've seen online struggle with their eyesight.

It is interesting how some just put on think glasses and go about their lives, while others, like Janae Brooks, the -30D myope, fights mightily to wear contacts.

Guido 31 May 2018, 07:34

Foxtrot is quite pretty, one suggestion, have the dentist even the edges of her central incisors.

Eyestein 31 May 2018, 06:22

I think Foxtrotbitch looks much better without the facial piercings. Any idea of how many diopters she has?

mistermild 30 May 2018, 23:57

Foxtrotbitch, reinvented...

Yoyo 30 May 2018, 13:10

From her Twitter:

Definitely a Filipina.

Yeti 30 May 2018, 12:08

@Yoyo :) you may be right..anyway sexy and charming. I noticed some tags #Panama, so I thought she was latin

Yoyo 30 May 2018, 09:22

Not sure that girl is Latin. Looks Filipino to me.

Yeti 30 May 2018, 04:21

Charming latin high myopic angel:

Girlfriend Glasses 30 May 2018, 02:05

 29 May 2018, 23:42

Minus glasses

 29 May 2018, 21:25

Minus glasses

Hunter 29 May 2018, 14:44

Hunter 29 May 2018, 14:43


New glasses, cheap lenses.

 29 May 2018, 14:01

Plus glasses

Owlish 29 May 2018, 00:44

A Bengali vlogger; moderate minus and very attractive.

Pseldonymov 27 May 2018, 16:38


 27 May 2018, 09:31

From -20 to +2

Pseldonymov 26 May 2018, 21:13




Larger frame and stronger lenses

Plus lenticulars 26 May 2018, 06:14

Slit 25 May 2018, 19:06

Mom & daughter both with presbyopia! Got any more sightings lime this? Please share.

 24 May 2018, 20:56

Minus glasses

 24 May 2018, 20:51

Minus glasses

High Minus 24 May 2018, 09:53

Blogger shows us her new specs - look to be quite high minus (guess about -10)

Lots of pictures of her wearing them elsewhere on the blog

Tatinha & Alain 24 May 2018, 01:25

Tatinha New Update! 180 New Pictures

 24 May 2018, 00:26

Nice minus

 23 May 2018, 10:36

Bifocaled girls

 23 May 2018, 05:42

Untermenschen is the plural.

AfD 23 May 2018, 01:57

You’re all Untermensch

AfD 23 May 2018, 01:56

Blackisch Shit Monkey Island must be destroyed!

GWG Fan SL 22 May 2018, 22:21

everything's fuzzy 21 May 2018, 21:42

MisterMild 21 May 2018, 19:13

Dead right, guys, and she is hyper-sensitive about having her pics re-posted. If you already know her present user name, please keep it to yourself.

Specs4Me 21 May 2018, 08:24

I was thinking the same thing. She has a beautiful smile to go along with the beautiful myodisc eyes.

Eyestein 21 May 2018, 02:44

@MisterMild. Your American myodisc wearer must be the girl who used to call herself "foxtrotbitch".

Mistermild 20 May 2018, 23:17

Thank you, Eyestein.

One from our Russian friends

Only a low minus here, but very pretty blonde

Many of you will remember this American myodisc wearer

Myodisc sisterhood

Mistermild 20 May 2018, 23:05

More fresh air...

From the good ol' USA

(this one might even be a re-post)

Likelenses 20 May 2018, 22:49

No, quite the opposite.

Probably a lot of glasses smashed here.

Führer 20 May 2018, 18:48

Has this site been invaded by Muslims, like most of Europe has?

Ataulf Aloisson 20 May 2018, 10:48

We Luv Sri Lankans. Cutie


Ataulf Aloisson 20 May 2018, 10:45

We Luv Sri Lankans

Sam 20 May 2018, 10:35

Minus 20 May 2018, 10:25

Führer 20 May 2018, 10:14

Both girls look same. but absolutely different people from different country. what a miracle?


Führer 20 May 2018, 10:29

We Luv Sri Lankans.. my another nice find

_ Führer

Minus 20 May 2018, 10:25

Führer 20 May 2018, 10:14

We Luv Sri Lankans

AH 88 20 May 2018, 10:10

We Luv Sri Lankans & her Rx gets increases according to her comments

AH 88 20 May 2018, 10:03

We Luv Sri Lankans & her Rx gets increases according to her comments

-18 20 May 2018, 07:50

SL Boy 20 May 2018, 07:06

To all idiot stupid bastard Racists!

FYI : Her Majesty The Queen has selected an "Afro White Mixed" bride for her Grand Son.

You all go jump in the Atlantic Ocean and die.

Now the world goes in a positive direction.. the racists who cannot tolerate this change, better go to north or south pole and live alone. make yourselves comfortable there. because there only you can see almost white color everywhere.

Strong minus 20 May 2018, 06:45

Eyestein 20 May 2018, 02:08

Thank you MisterMild for your last post.

 20 May 2018, 00:54

moderate minus

Slit 19 May 2018, 21:30

Dear Sri Lankan users,

Please post on the below elakiri forum instead of here.

Sinhala translation below.

ලංකාවෙ යක්කුනේ,

මේකේ මල ජරා වැඳිරියො වගේ එවුන්ගෙ ඒවා දාන්න එපා යකෝ. ඇඩ්මින් ලංකාව බ්ලොක් කරයි සයිට් එකෙන්.

උඹලට ඕනම නම් මෙන්න මේ එලකිරි ෆෝරම් එකේ දාපල්ල ලෝකෙ ඉස්සරහ රට නෝන්ඩි නොකර.

MisterMild 19 May 2018, 19:12

Now for a breath of fresh air...

from Hungary

from Kazakhstan (really)

From England

From Poland via Italy

everything's fuzzy 19 May 2018, 10:57

I will pray for you to find inner peace and contentment and that you will be able to find better use of your time.

 19 May 2018, 07:02

Why nobody cares about this forum anymore ??? I will not post anything in here anymore as long as nobody rules it

AH 88 18 May 2018, 21:28

Shit Monkey Island must destroyed with all the Untermensch population

 18 May 2018, 15:36

reading glasses girl, seems like using only for close up

 18 May 2018, 13:38

new vlog from known plussy

Ataulf Aloisson  18 May 2018, 11:52

We Luv Sri Lankans

Ataulf Aloisson  18 May 2018, 11:50

We Luv Sri Lankans

 18 May 2018, 10:46

We Luv Sri Lankans!

Führer 18 May 2018, 10:19

We Luv Sri Lankans

Führer 18 May 2018, 10:16

We Luv Sri Lankans

Ataulf Aloisson 18 May 2018, 10:13

We Luv Sri Lankans

Führer 18 May 2018, 10:09

We Luv Sri Lankans

Führer 18 May 2018, 10:04

We Luv Sri Lankans

Ataulf Aloisson 18 May 2018, 10:04

We Luv Sri Lankans

Führer 18 May 2018, 09:59

We Luv Sri Lanka

Ataulf Aloisson 18 May 2018, 09:59

We Luv Sri Lanka

 18 May 2018, 01:24


Ataulf Aloisson 18 May 2018, 01:11

Beautiful Sri Lankan GWGW at my next door in Germany

Ataulf Aloisson  18 May 2018, 01:10

I don't know why but since this moment I started loving Asians

minusaddict 17 May 2018, 22:13

She is adorable

Ataulf Aloisson 17 May 2018, 22:12

Nein! Blackisch Untermensch monkeys must die!

 17 May 2018, 17:58

Nope. The racists can go fuck off. They are NOT wanted here. No love for them. It is actually just a single person. We all know who he is.

Favorite Russian GWG 17 May 2018, 13:11

Please do not disturb her

Favorite Russian GWG 17 May 2018, 13:11

Führer 17 May 2018, 12:52

I Changed Myself

I Love Myself

Now I Love Sri Lankans and I like marry a Sri Lankan girl if they accept me.

Now I'm interested and searching for Sri lankan Girls with Glasses

I Like to Live With Them

murky 16 May 2018, 19:28

Taylor momsen looikg gorgeous, hard to tell if they are planos, she wears them in just a few pisc.

Those three sisters are a great shot, interesting that neither of the parents have glasses, and all are myopic. Franish is -1.5, and the middle sister looks about -2.5.

All quite studious Franish has just finished medicine, and the other has tpooed the class, so an environmental cause for myopia, as in China?

Glasses Lover 16 May 2018, 09:26

Pierre 16 May 2018, 07:37

Three extremely beautiful bespectacled sisters:

.... 16 May 2018, 04:48

It's just sad, a very very sad experience.

Haven't people not suffered enough?

Let us all pray together, that those ugly persons never again come to power.

Let us pray for friendship, peace, and understanding.

Thank you, Amen.

LMAO 16 May 2018, 01:41

I don't find other races attractive per se but I can appreciate their beauty. I don't sweat the online racists - if that is what they have to do to get their jollies I feel sorry for them. What an unrewarding life that must be. So to all the racists out there, you are welcome here. We will pity and laugh at you simultaneously. Since you probably arrived here based on a love of eye-ware, we share that with you. We know that scolding you does no good, so perhaps we can forgive you for you are lost. Hopefully you racists find your way back to humanity. Love you!

GWG Fan SL 16 May 2018, 01:30

A coward has posted in my name 15 May 2018, 21:26

no places for raciest here.

Racism is an inferiority complex that's why they think themselves as superiors.

Please understand & be a better human.

Please post only about glasses

Thank you

Führer 15 May 2018, 21:39

Enough with ugly blackish Untermensch monkeys!

GWG Fan SL 15 May 2018, 21:26

beautiful Sri Lankans

GWG Fan SL 15 May 2018, 11:16

Minus GWG beautiful Sri Lankan

GWG Fan SL 15 May 2018, 09:10

Sri Lankan strong minus GWG

GWG Fan SL 15 May 2018, 09:09

Sri Lankan strong minus GWG

 15 May 2018, 04:24

You STUPID ASS. Everytime you say don't feed the trolls, YOU are feeding the trolls. Get a fucking CLUE!

 15 May 2018, 04:23

Please, Just don't feed the trolls! It is simple

Don't give them the importance they don't have

Just ignore!

GWG Fan SL 15 May 2018, 03:09

We want to read and post about GLASSES and nothing else!

Myopia, Hyperopia and other eye defects are observed in all races.. people from all races are using eyeglasses.. So please stop these brainless comments. We all let's unite with eyeglasses :)


GWG Fan SL 15 May 2018, 03:08

We want to read and post about GLASSES and nothing else!

Myopia, Hyperopia and other eye defects are observed in all races.. people from all races are using eyeglasses.. So please stop these brainless comments. We all let's unit with eyeglasses :)


 15 May 2018, 02:30

waaaaaaa, waaaaaaa waaaaaaaaa

Stefan 15 May 2018, 01:43

why admin can't delete these masses of stupid comments once in a few days ?

It's more and more reason why I don't visit this page as often as before. I want to read and post about GLASSES and nothing else !

If moonshiner is too busy, maybe somebody else could do this job ? Some people are in here many times a day - why not one of them deletes rassistic and politics in this thread ???

lonny 15 May 2018, 01:06

a glasses fetishist who calls him/herselve Führer, that's funny. Once he/she rules the world he/she can prohibit contactlenses and lasersurgery . that would be fun.

 15 May 2018, 01:02

Not superior ..

But merciless like animals .

Who can kill without human feelings..that is the only reason white race occupied different continents...

there ma ki

Führer 15 May 2018, 00:37

A minority perhaps, but superior in intelligence. Always has been, and always will be.

 14 May 2018, 22:06


Please refrain from your white racist talks...

Please dont forget that your race is still a minority in the world...

Führer 14 May 2018, 21:36

Stupid blackish Untermensch monkeys!

Pseldonymov 14 May 2018, 21:05

Russian girl

Small minus

 14 May 2018, 19:04


A really stupid request, because all you have posted is their photos, with absolutist no contact info.

GWG Fan SL 14 May 2018, 08:31

A Humble Request

for those who are not matured on commenting, kindly not to disturb GWGs on this precious site

Because of your "Enthusiasm" they will make their accounts Private or Delete

Thank you and Enjoy!

GWG Fan SL 14 May 2018, 08:22

Beautiful Sri Lanka GWG working at my Office

GWG Fan SL 14 May 2018, 08:22

Beautiful Sri Lanka GWG working at my Office

With her old glasses

GWG Fan SL 14 May 2018, 08:22

Beautiful Sri Lanka GWG working at my Office

With her old Glasses

Without Glasses

GWG Fan SL 14 May 2018, 07:52

Lankan GWG myopic mother

GWG Fan SL 14 May 2018, 07:52

Lankan GWG myopic mother

with her old glasses

without glasses

GWG Fan SL 14 May 2018, 07:46

Another high myopic SL GWG

GWG Fan SL 14 May 2018, 07:46

Another high myopic SL GWG

GWG Fan SL 14 May 2018, 07:46

Another high myopic SL GWG

 14 May 2018, 07:25

another one reading glasses girl

Eyestein 14 May 2018, 01:59

The high myopic Sri Lankan girl is the best looking Sri Lankan I have seen here for a while.

Slit 13 May 2018, 22:00

@13 May 2018, 21:15

She seems to have a correction for astigmatism. So definitely she will have to wear full time to see comfortably. But we never know. I know someone who has about -4 and she refuses to wear glasses saying that she enjoys the blur. (Most of the time she does a desk job and fortunately she has a driver who takes her around so she is hardly dependent on glasses. Wears only for movies).

Slit 13 May 2018, 21:57

@gwg fan SL

tikak eheta kanata pena ekak daapanko bung. loketa moona denne kohomada mewa dammama!

 13 May 2018, 21:15

reading glasses or part time plus

Jim H 13 May 2018, 19:34

Hot high minus. Says she's -10

her round wire rims

Al 13 May 2018, 12:10

@anon 11 May 2018, 13:14

she's not frustrating, she just says 'occhiali per mia mamma'

lentifan 13 May 2018, 03:34

The racist at 0314 below should be ashamed of him/herself. The Sri Lankan girl is beautiful.

 13 May 2018, 03:18

Aviator glasses with thick negative lenses

Ataulf Aloisson 13 May 2018, 03:14

Enough! No more blackish monkeys here!

GWG Fan SL 12 May 2018, 23:53

Very high myopic girl from Sri Lanka

(Please don't disturb her by sending friend request or asking her about glasses)

GWG Fan SL 12 May 2018, 23:53

Very high myopic girl from Sri Lanka

(Please don't disturb her by sending friend request or asking her about glasses)

GWG Fan SL 12 May 2018, 23:53

Very high myopic girl from Sri Lanka

(Please don't disturb her by sending friend request or asking her about glasses)

GWG Fan SL 12 May 2018, 23:53

Nice Cuts if her lenses

With her old glasses

Without glasses

GWG Fan SL 12 May 2018, 23:52

Nice Cuts if her lenses

With her old glasses

Without glasses

GWG Fan SL 12 May 2018, 23:52

Nice Cuts if her lenses

With her old glasses

Without glasses

 12 May 2018, 22:34

plus girls

 12 May 2018, 21:33

-16 (glasses for -11)

Likelenses 12 May 2018, 20:37

Strong minus

I would say that they are at least -25. Nice find!

Glasses Lover 12 May 2018, 11:52

Either way, it's a very strong minus. Way stronger than myself...wish I was -25. Heck, I'd be happy if I was -12. That would give me lenses way thicker than my -7/-6.5 +1.5 bifocals in 1.50 index. Would love to wear a super thick lens like her everyday. It's almost like a public announcement every time you go out somewhere proclaiming to the world "look at how thick and strong my glasses lens are! It's obvious my eyesight is super horrible and I can't see anything without these thick, heavy, strong coke bottle lenses on"

Strong minus 12 May 2018, 09:24

She claimed -25 but I really doubt

minusaddict 11 May 2018, 16:15

high plus

pretty minus girl

her sister(also minus)

young girl -3.5

minus girl

Previously posted on wrong thread

minusaddict 11 May 2018, 16:14

young girl at eye doctor

aviator -oo- 11 May 2018, 15:07

 11 May 2018, 13:47


 11 May 2018, 13:14

sexy, frustrating plussy

 11 May 2018, 12:57


 11 May 2018, 09:54

-30 heaven

Eyestein 11 May 2018, 06:14

High minus

Eyestein 11 May 2018, 05:13


Eyestein 11 May 2018, 05:05

Mild plus (big eyes)

 10 May 2018, 18:35

"I do want to say please refrain from sharing my video without my permission."

"I don't mind it at first but now it's getting a little too much. Please refrain from commenting about my glasses."

"I'm sure you will understand that it can get annoying recieving comments about glasses when it is the last thing I want to talk about and that I wish to just simply share my vlogs."

I'll let everyone interpret her comments as they will and decide if they think she is open to more comments from our community.

 10 May 2018, 17:16

Here's her glasses video:

 10 May 2018, 17:15

Woooah. Slooooww down Bozo.

She posted an entire video about her glasses prescription and eyesight last year. She had no problems at all talking about it. And her paragraph isn't attacking anyone, she's just informing them.

Next time try to be a little more knowledgable before you go off making wildass accusations and busting the balls of people here.

We would welcome your apology now, sir.

 10 May 2018, 09:51

Also notice how she had to write a paragraph in the description about getting tired of people asking about her glasses. Once again it's sad how some in our community act.

Eyestein 10 May 2018, 07:21


Eyestein 10 May 2018, 07:20

In this video Megan apparently starts the car but someone else drives. She mentioned in another video that she is not able to drive because of her eyesight. She wears her thick glasses in the pool. She also wears hearing aids. Her best friend is Chelsea who is very farsighted but does drive. Megan seems like a really nice and modest girl.

 09 May 2018, 16:27 (+) (+) (-)

gues t 09 May 2018, 15:03

 09 May 2018, 04:40

 08 May 2018, 22:46

Thick plus glasses

 08 May 2018, 14:48

Found an Old english series in which she wears actual minus glasses, and tend to be blind without them

Crystal Veil 08 May 2018, 12:58


my pleasure, as always. It was good to do a new photo shoot after six busy months writing a book. I shared your praise with Chanel and she was very pleased with it. Reactions like yours are so important for novice models. It gives them confidence. If the weather and her agenda coincide we will soon do a second shoot, this time in Germany. She has the potential to make a career as a model so it is my plan to help her with the first steps. Another asset is that her parents are quite supportive and positive about my line of thinking. About the frame choice: part of the credit goes to Chanel who at age seventeen already has a well developed taste for frames. To be continued. Thank you!

xx75 08 May 2018, 07:37

Speximann 06 May 2018, 21:42

Crystal Veil, Thanks for sharing another outstanding photoshoot with us. Channel is a stunner and I can't imagine she will not be in print soon. Great frame selection, wonderful facial expressions & as usual excellent photo skills. I particularly like IMG 4652, 4680 & 4685. Thanks Again.

lentifan 06 May 2018, 16:14

Yes, that is my feeling, too.

minus5wholuvsgwgs 06 May 2018, 13:25

the girl with myodiscs with very little sight in left eye must be well above minus 30

minus5wholuvsgwgs 06 May 2018, 13:25

the girl with myodiscs with very little sight in left eye must be well above minus 30

 05 May 2018, 23:59


Stefan 05 May 2018, 06:01

Lentifan - would have to guess as to rx, but maybe in the -20 range? Either very little sight in that weaker eye though, or then it would be suppressed by her brain so as to avoid double vision, of that I'm almost certain.

 05 May 2018, 00:49

Thick plus glasses

lentifan 04 May 2018, 16:31

Re the picture of the very attractive girl with myodiscs posted at 0838 on 3 May:

Does anyone know her Rx?

Do we think she has any vision with her left eye?

I have a feeling I have seen at least one other picture of her. Does anyone know where?

Andrew 04 May 2018, 14:12

How I wish I spoke Portuguese! I can understand some of what she (and some of the Brazilians) say, but not all of it.

Eyestein 04 May 2018, 09:56

Nearly -10 and been turned down for lasik.

Eyestein 04 May 2018, 09:39

High Minus

She probably wears readers over contacts.

Eyestein 04 May 2018, 08:00

Russian minus

Crystal Veil 03 May 2018, 22:24

Dear still,

Chanel was delighted when I shared your praise with her. Her Mum is proud of her and very supportive to a new photo shoot. Chanel often dreamed about becoming a model but she simply did not know where to start. Next time with less make-up so that other photographers can see what she looks like in everyday life. Once she has has a varied portfolio, she can try her luck as a freelance model. I also suggested that she could participate in the annual contest "Glasses wearer of the year". This is organized by one of the big chains. Years ago, my favourite Dutch model Melissa made it to the finals in that competition with a photo in one of my Zenni glasses. She did not win but enjoyed the experience which included a catwalk, visagists, the works. In my view, Chanel has the potential to reach the finals as well. So I'm taking her under my wing for a while and see what happens. One of the best models in Ireland (Sohaila) was discovered when she won a model contest at the age of fifteen and this soon lead to an international career in Barcelona and in London. About the current frame trend, thin but large metal frames are emerging in the streets. About 90% of the GWG's in Chanel's generation are still sporting black hipster frames. It is my impression that the 10% in metal frames are mainly students. The same thing happened fifty years ago after the student revolts. Working GWG's continued to wear plastic frames and it would be nice if that difference becomes visible in the streets. Imagine a new wave in fashion like what we had in the early 1970's. It would be heaven to many of us. Fingers crossed....

Crystal Veil 03 May 2018, 21:31


my pleasure. Chanel has agreed to do another photo shoot for me soon, this time in Germany.

Pseldonymov 03 May 2018, 12:40

Moderate minus

-20 03 May 2018, 08:38

Plus 03 May 2018, 05:11

 03 May 2018, 04:52

Weird frame

Thick glasses 03 May 2018, 04:16

Squint Lover 02 May 2018, 23:39

High myopic girl and her friend.

Very funny video with eye test and other and... very beautiful girls (i love chubby girls).

Abhushan  02 May 2018, 11:46


Abhushan  02 May 2018, 11:33

Medium minus:

 02 May 2018, 10:50


Can you share some more pics of russian and hungarian high minus without glasses?

Thanks in advance.

Puffin 02 May 2018, 05:06


I have to say you are wise. The initial response to Betsy was, from some quarters, shameful. From what you said it didn't get much better. Lesson learnt? I wouldn't bet on it.


Another excellent photoshoot, thank you.

still 01 May 2018, 18:57

Dear CV,

I liked the remaining pictures of Chanel. She really is a good model. I think we may see her some day on the cover of "Vogue". As regards your comments about changing styles: I hope you are wrong, as I don't like metal frames. But you have a much more educated eye than I do, so you may well be right. Thanks again for he high quality of pictures and commentary.

Brett 01 May 2018, 18:40

Re: Betsy... It's a shame to see her go again. Her stuff was always interesting, very nice personality. And a very attractive woman. It's unfortunate that some on here, maybe not even usual posters, but people that are just seeing the links we post have the need to go over the top and/or just too much harassing and weird requests. Not everything on her channel had to specifically be about glasses.... I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I have a few coveted links, channels and Instagram that I follow that I don't share for fear of someone "ruining" it. And that's too bad because we all end up missing out on best links that way. I can honestly say that in 20 years of visiting eyescene, I've never contacted a link. Hell I didn't even post on here probably the first 10. Just a lurker.

MisterMild 01 May 2018, 17:21

Pretty Hungarian high minus

Homely Russian myodisc high-minus, apologies if this proves to be a re-posting

Crystal Veil 01 May 2018, 15:35

It gives me pleasure to announce that the full photo shoot of beautiful Chanel has been posted. 38 new pictures.


LikeGlass 01 May 2018, 14:32

Yea, Betsy deleted it. She's been one of the few who have opened the door to our community, twice now. Both times she got spammed and harassed, even posted a video about it on the now deleted site. Here's hoping she gives us a third chance as her videos were always a joy to watch.

Anime Fan 01 May 2018, 13:12

Betsy's channel was at

It's gone

Lurker 01 May 2018, 12:17

Did Betsy delete get YouTube channel or something? I don't seem to be able to find it anymore.

Eyestein 01 May 2018, 04:04

Don't bother explaining. He will continue asking the same question over and over again. Empty life.

stillremains 01 May 2018, 03:46

27 Apr 2018, 23:22

A Plussie is a slang term for a girl who wears glasses with a Plus prescription, they generally tend to make their eyes look bigger when they are wearing those type of glasses.

Likelenses 30 Apr 2018, 22:22

When glasses get stronger.

Jim H 30 Apr 2018, 20:25

Beautiful -12 with pink frames

 27 Apr 2018, 23:27

Carla is what happens when you do drugs

 27 Apr 2018, 23:24

wtf is myopic bulge, Likelenses (posting under another name)

 27 Apr 2018, 23:22

wtf is a plussie

 27 Apr 2018, 09:37

Again the plussie in the second post below -

The Troll Whisperer 27 Apr 2018, 08:59

Possible myopic bulge:

and a plussie:

The Troll Whisperer 27 Apr 2018, 08:58

Possible myopic bulge:

and a plussie:

Al 27 Apr 2018, 01:16

@anon 26 Apr 2018, 07:19

wow, the first one is super cute (don't like her new frames, though)

everything's fuzzy 26 Apr 2018, 23:45

Carla is super hot in her new round metal frames and her Rx seems a bit stronger especially in her left eye:

Trent 26 Apr 2018, 19:51

pathologicmyopia -20/-25

Pseldonymov 26 Apr 2018, 11:15

Ukrainian girl

Small minus

 26 Apr 2018, 07:19

low plusses

Eyestein 25 Apr 2018, 21:43

Prescription sunglasses. She has since been lasered. The rest of her is still OK.

Spectator 25 Apr 2018, 18:40

Absolute beauty

optimax 25 Apr 2018, 12:44

Thick Glasses

jon beare 24 Apr 2018, 21:26

blended myodisc

Jim H 24 Apr 2018, 19:26

CV, another great session with a beautiful GWG. Nice to see my favourite Flair glasses made the cut!

Minus makeup reviewer

Slit 24 Apr 2018, 19:15

Dear CV, thanks for following up on Farishta and I totally understand the situation. Regards to her!

 24 Apr 2018, 05:09

What’s her RX?

Likelenses 24 Apr 2018, 01:30

Interesting myopic progression

Likelenses 24 Apr 2018, 01:17

Minus 108 D

Crystal veil 23 Apr 2018, 15:01

Likelenses (April 19th),

thanks for your message and the question about Sonia the Princess of Glasses. To me she still holds that status and it would be great to meet her again. I hope it will happen some day in the long run. Not soon, though. What I need is more suitable glasses around her Rx in my collection. But I will keep an eye open.

Crystal Veil 23 Apr 2018, 14:35

Slit (April 6th),

apologies for my late reaction. Farishta surfaced recently and we agreed to meet soon. She is extremely busy with her two young children. She was halfway her second pregnancy during her latest photo shoot with the Valentine glasses a year ago. So meeting her will be about life in general and seeing the kids but I will mention your request. Give it time. I will not push her. We have an agreement that she will pose for me again in the future at some stage. She is my longitudinal project and she is fine with that. But it will take the right moment when she has time available. It will happen some day and just like your good self I look forward to that. Thanks!

Crystal Veil 23 Apr 2018, 14:04


glad you enjoyed the older frame styles in the photo shoot with Chanel. A pity you were not a fly on the wall in the kitchen when she saw all the vintage glasses lying ready for selection. She was totally amazed. Though a full time glasses wearer for several years, she never saw any of the styles in any optician's shop. This goes for most young models and it's always nice to hear their reactions. Thank you for the words of praise about Chanel. I feel the same way about her. It is my plan to take her "under my wing" for a while and get her started as a freelance model. She has the potential so it's just a matter of doing another photo shoot with a complementary mood board, including some pictures of her without glasses. I will share your reaction with her and her proud mother tomorrow. No doubt, both of them will be over the moon. Reactions like yours will give her a gentle push in the back to carry on. Chanel is a raw diamond so I will concentrate on her for a while before embarking on new photo shoots abroad. Thank you!

Crystal Veil 23 Apr 2018, 13:39

Dear still,

there are some 30 more photos of Chanel and these will be posted on May 1st. I had to stop at the 100 mark as some viewers cannot see more. This forced me to post the start of a photo shoot again for that reason, hence the break this time. About the serious expression: it seemed best not to interfere with that during a first photo shoot. She already agreed to do another shoot soon and I will suggest a different mood board for that. Say a mixture of serious and relaxed like in the two previews. You live much further up north, same situation as my youngest sister who lives in Norway. The photo shoot with Chanel was done two weeks ago in fine weather, no goose pickles on her arms to be edited out. Last week we even had a heatwave, 28 degrees Celsius. Needless to say I will need your kind reaction with Chanel and it will give her a boost to come out of her comfort zone next time. Thank you!

astigmaphile 22 Apr 2018, 19:57

Crystal Veil,

Another lovely photo shoot. Chanel is beautiful and talented.If she becomes a professional model she will be a natural. I enjoyed the older styles of glasses that aren't seen any more.

still 22 Apr 2018, 14:17

I meant to say "your usual high quality", but my keyboard has been dropping letters. Sorry.

still 22 Apr 2018, 14:16

I meant _your_ usual high quality. My keyboard drops legtters, as you may have noticed...

still 22 Apr 2018, 14:14

Dear CV, Thanks for the first 100 of your latest shoot. The model is very attractive, and the pictures are of our usual high quality. It's too bad that she wanted only a serious expression, except for the first few, because that severely limited the variety of impacts she might otherwise have achieved. I'm looking forward to seeing the remaining photos.

I hopw your weather is good - we are finally getting sunlight and warmth after a vry persistent winter.

 22 Apr 2018, 11:39

Purrblind is the best

(moderate plus)

optimax 22 Apr 2018, 11:25

Nice black glasses:

Crystal Veil 21 Apr 2018, 05:34

Hello everyone on Eye Scene,

it gives me great pleasure to announce that the first 100 photos of lovely Chanel are posted.

Most of the glasses used are near the model's own prescription of minus four but there is also a section in strong glasses including myodisc glasses (071 - 078). Unlike the two previews, Chanel chose not to smile during her photo shoot. An aspiring model herself, she preferred to pose in the style of professional models.


Pseldonymov 20 Apr 2018, 20:40

Girl from Bashkortostan


AW 20 Apr 2018, 17:10

DAVE 19 Apr 2018, 19:58

oops wrong thread

DAVE 19 Apr 2018, 19:41 amazing body very good looking youn one fragile doll with blueish hair

Likelenses 19 Apr 2018, 16:52

Crystal Veil

Is there any chance of another shoot with our Princess Of Glasses, Sonia ?

Crystal Veil 19 Apr 2018, 15:13

To Slit (April 6th), astigmaphile (April 6th) and Fred (April 8th),

sincere apologies for my belated reaction on your praise for the previews of beautiful Chanel. We did a full photo shoot on April 10th and it was a pleasure to work with this promising novice model. It took me a week to edit the photos. Chanel and her proud mother are quite pleased with the results. In fact, we are already discussing the options for a second photo shoot with Chanel.

I started posting the photo shoot a few hours ago and noticed that it has already been discovered by followers in the UK. It's nice to post with viewers on your heels! And even nicer to be back at photography after a hibernation of six months :).

lentifan 19 Apr 2018, 14:46

Wrong thread for these, I think, Dave.

dave 19 Apr 2018, 13:32 roxanne rae

dave 19 Apr 2018, 13:31 roxanne rae

Eyestein 19 Apr 2018, 07:01


Eyestein 19 Apr 2018, 06:40


Eyestein 19 Apr 2018, 06:04


An older pair.

Eyestein 19 Apr 2018, 04:37

Re: Andrew, 15 April.

They certainly look like -14.

Billy A 19 Apr 2018, 02:57

I have blended myodiscs -12, functional diameter is 25mm. This number gives better peripheral vision than normal 1.5 index or high index.

30calcat 18 Apr 2018, 15:25

Also I wonder what the field of vision is like with the blended myodiscs. Sure they may be the thinnest -13.5 lenses ever but what happens to peripheral vision?

Puffin 18 Apr 2018, 05:33

re those blended myodisks - it seems a bit excessive to do that with a mere 13.5 of myopia. The cosmetic effect isn't that much better.

Tatinha & Alain 17 Apr 2018, 16:07

First Website Anniversary. FLASH SALE 3 DAYS !!! Subscribe 1 Month, Get 1 Month Free !!!

 17 Apr 2018, 16:06

Rx guess?

Crystal Veil 17 Apr 2018, 14:53

Jim H,

thank you for posting the lady in -13.50 blended myodisc glasses. By the way, some - perhaps all - of the ladies are from Brazil.

 17 Apr 2018, 01:12

Plus glasses

Jim H 16 Apr 2018, 20:00

High minus Portuguese ladies Purple frames

-13.5 blended

 16 Apr 2018, 04:05

Myodisc glasses

Likelenses 15 Apr 2018, 23:17


If you scroll down through her other photos, you will find a few with wearing her thickies .

 15 Apr 2018, 19:59

Those are called INSET EYES, dumbass. Okay, let me make it very simple and explict to enter the floating fantasy dome hanging over your head:









Everything you are seeing is in your own mind. NO ONE else sees it. There is no medical or scientific evidence that myopia physically changes the outside structure of the eye. It's all in your head.

aviator-oo- 15 Apr 2018, 15:43!_Rima_&_Selma/

Sadly this site distorts the video imagery in a curve which I really don't like

Andrew 15 Apr 2018, 13:57

Jim H,

Also from High Myopic Ray Bans 19.54

A quick go on an online calculator puts the glasses at -14.00

Likelenses 15 Apr 2018, 02:24

Thanks Jim H for this one. No one can deny the she has myopic bulge.

Tulip 14 Apr 2018, 18:06

Thanks Jim, you are the master in finding all these beauties.

Trent 14 Apr 2018, 17:50

Jim H


bateau 14 Apr 2018, 13:37

Croatia gwg

Mexico gwg

The links to the rest of each album should be on the bottom of each page

 14 Apr 2018, 09:47

Glass Lenses. how about you stop with the typical asshole bullying conservative superiority complex about others and get back to the topic?

Stephan 14 Apr 2018, 08:21

Thank you Jim , good job !

Puffin 14 Apr 2018, 05:46

Let's stick to glasses here.

Glass Lenses 13 Apr 2018, 20:09

Glasses Luverre

Hillary for prism, opps meant prison.

Jim H 13 Apr 2018, 19:54

High myopic black raybans Nice blonde! Makeup look

Jim H 13 Apr 2018, 19:42

Very High Minus Latin ladies Talks about her vision

-13 Black optician

Jim H 13 Apr 2018, 19:33

Hot high minus Milfs

Glasses Luverre 11 Apr 2018, 18:28

Not even a glasses clip about Hillary Clinton, you dumbfuck Likelenses. Keep your political dick back in your baggy ass pants, and stop whacking off publicly for her.

Maor strong plus 11 Apr 2018, 13:27

Conce 11 Apr 2018, 08:45

Strong plus 09 Apr 2018, 14:19


Eyestein 11 Apr 2018, 02:24

Same as posted by aviator -oo- 07 Apr 2018, 08:41, but more thigh.

Murky 10 Apr 2018, 18:26

100 Czech GWGs, and one white frame, one purple, and a others are black/brown

Why so colourless? For a country that produces the worlds best beers!

bateau 10 Apr 2018, 15:48

New Czech Republic gwg !

 10 Apr 2018, 13:03

Forgive me if I sound judgmental, but you're a fucking perv.

Glass Lenses 10 Apr 2018, 00:43

Minus 26

Glass Lenses 10 Apr 2018, 00:20


Ah yes, Hillary is looking very Presidential there.

Strong plus 09 Apr 2018, 14:19

Crystal Veil 09 Apr 2018, 13:41

typo: "I brought up the fact that Chanel is only 17.... etc".

Crystal Veil 09 Apr 2018, 13:39

Dan W,

good question. I worked with 84 models before Chanel. All but two of these models were over 18. The youngest of them all was Leah from Dublin. She was 16 when she posed for me but she was admitted to Model Mayhem in spite of being under 18. The reason was that Leah was already a model at the age of four. The other exception was Gita who was 17 at the time of her photo shoot. Her parents supported the photo shoot, knowing that the results would be used for a weblog. After all, it was just portrait photography. Same story with Chanel: I consulted her mother before inviting Chanel for a photo shoot. They live around the block and we already knew each other. The mother called to the house and I showed her my work and told her about the proceedings. Just portraits, to be posted on my weblog. She gave her blessing straightaway and said that her daughter would be thrilled. I brought up the fact that Chanel is only 18 but the mother said "No problem and besides, she will be 18 soon". I don't regard you as a party pooper. You posed a good question. I look forward to hear your reaction.

Dan W. 09 Apr 2018, 11:29

CV - Congrats on the landmark number. I don't mean to be a party pooper, but 17's not quite a number well smiled upon. While I have enjoyed your website in the past, I think it fair to ask how often you've used models who are around Chanel's age. I always presumed they were older. Forgive me if I seem judgmental. It's not my intent at all. It's more of a legal than moral code.

Likelenses 08 Apr 2018, 23:59

Hillary Clinton's new multi focal contacts not working too well.

murky 08 Apr 2018, 23:52

I know its a Specsaver ad, but she really knows how to wear specs to effect, a great match.

murky 08 Apr 2018, 23:42

A Plano alert, but a perfect match, color, face shape, eyebrow/cateye combo.. just lovely

Fred 08 Apr 2018, 14:23

CV, congratulations! Quite an achievement! Looking forward to the shoot!

Miki  08 Apr 2018, 10:47

Gorgeous nerd with thick glasses

Miki  08 Apr 2018, 10:37

Gorgeous nerd with thick glasses

 07 Apr 2018, 22:58

High minus glasses

Jim H 07 Apr 2018, 20:51

High minus opticians -10 Lovely!

Coke bottle military girl

Blonde ray bans

Jim H 07 Apr 2018, 20:36

High Plus Nice blonde Bride


Jim H 07 Apr 2018, 20:28

High minus Sexy in red frames

Very cute

Jim H 07 Apr 2018, 20:04

Beautiful high minus Eastern European

aviator -oo- 07 Apr 2018, 08:41

astigmaphile 06 Apr 2018, 20:40

Crystal Veil,

I am looking forward to your photo shoot with Chanel. She is a beautiful young lady.

Slit 06 Apr 2018, 20:19

Congratulations CV!

Keep up the good work! New model looks gorgeous! Btw, any possibility doing a new shoot with Farishta? She's one of the cutest models you had.

Crystal Veil 06 Apr 2018, 20:03

It gives me pleasure to announce that my weblog just passed the magic mark of three million page views. Thank you all! A new model called to the house today and kindly allowed me to take a couple of pictures. Her photo shoot is scheduled for next week. Her name is Chanel and she is seventeen.


SpecMan 06 Apr 2018, 15:38

Her pale eyes are unique. The frames make them appear bigger and more beautiful.

SpeccyFourEyes 06 Apr 2018, 15:26

Amazing green British eyes. Anyone think she has an Irish look about her? Think it's the pale skin. The specs look fantastic and suit her face shape.

Specsy 06 Apr 2018, 15:13

Her eye color is lovely.

 06 Apr 2018, 14:54

She's my dream woman.

 06 Apr 2018, 14:53

Anyone know her prescription?

LetMeSeeYourEyes 06 Apr 2018, 14:45

Her eyes are beautiful. Those minus specs look amazing. I've just followed her on Instagram. There is a great shot on there

SpecsGuy 06 Apr 2018, 14:29

Love the way the frames work with her big chubby cheeks. Certainly going to be following her blog in the hope that she posts more pictures.

EyeFanatic 06 Apr 2018, 14:18

She's hot. Them green eyes are out of this world.

Blogger 06 Apr 2018, 08:07

A British blogger loves her new glasses from online vendor Selectspecs

Blogger 06 Apr 2018, 08:07

A British blogger loves her new glasses from online vendor Selectspecs

Bloggers 06 Apr 2018, 08:06

A British blogger loves her new glasses from online vendor Selectspecs

Bloggers 06 Apr 2018, 08:06

A British blogger loves her new glasses from online vendor Selectspecs

Bloggers 06 Apr 2018, 08:06

A British blogger loves her new glasses from online vendor Selectspecs

Bloggers 06 Apr 2018, 08:06

A British blogger loves her new glasses from online vendor Selectspecs

Bloggers 06 Apr 2018, 08:06

A British blogger loves her new glasses from online vendor Selectspecs

 06 Apr 2018, 06:00

Myodiscs 04 Apr 2018, 16:43

Can you please share more pictures of her?

 06 Apr 2018, 02:15

how many times do you have to be told? there is no such thing as myopic bulge

Likelenses 05 Apr 2018, 21:50

Myodiscs 04 Apr 2018, 16:43

The first photo she is hard squinting with the thickies on, and the second without them she exhibits my favorite myopic bulge.

 05 Apr 2018, 21:00

plus glasses

 05 Apr 2018, 15:47

nope. it looks more like Jerry Springer

Jan 05 Apr 2018, 08:39

Tanks "stillremains". Nice combination :-)

This Jeremy Show seems to be very intellectual btw. High class entertainment.

aviator-oo- 04 Apr 2018, 16:49

Myodiscs 04 Apr 2018, 16:43

stillremains 04 Apr 2018, 09:37

Plus & Minus on Jeremy Kyle

 04 Apr 2018, 04:09

Minus glasses

 04 Apr 2018, 03:48

Oversized minus glasses

Glass Lenses 04 Apr 2018, 00:51


Yes, there is nothing hotter than a thickly glazed woman. Minus preferred..

gerry  03 Apr 2018, 16:12

I never seem to be able to meet ladies to date who wear strong glasses. I would love to first correspond with a genuine lady then meet up with her. Any takers I hope so have fun Gerry.

Brett 03 Apr 2018, 11:06

I know everybody has there different interests and styles, but I've just got to say personally women wearing men's aviators is not my favorite look. Although, I do appreciate they are bigger and you can see the prescription/cut in very well. But style wise, I'm surprised that is as popular as it is.

Eyestein 03 Apr 2018, 07:40

Plus and braces. Facebook picture of the girl previously posted by Jim H.

Eyestein 03 Apr 2018, 07:37

Polina is lovely.

 03 Apr 2018, 03:03

Thick plus glasses

 03 Apr 2018, 02:53

Thick plus glasses

Tatinha & Alain 03 Apr 2018, 02:17

Tatinha New Update! 110 New Pictures and 1 Long Video

Pseldonymov 02 Apr 2018, 19:20

Myopic twins with different prescription

Pseldonymov 02 Apr 2018, 17:25

Russian girl


High minus

The same girl with her friend


Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 02 Apr 2018, 17:24

Russian girl


High minus

The same girl with her friend


Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 01 Apr 2018, 14:48

High minus

In 2008, he had -5.50.

Strong minus 01 Apr 2018, 13:46

 01 Apr 2018, 07:18

Thick glasses

Guido 01 Apr 2018, 06:25

Not great glasses, great message.

Stephan 01 Apr 2018, 01:54

Thank you very much Jim !!!

Crystal Veil 31 Mar 2018, 15:19

Jim H,

thank you for posting all these links, proving that they are still out there, alive and kicking. This time the optician stands out. Minus eleven herself. I'm sure she does a great job helping people with high prescriptions like hers to get the best results. Opticians often make a mess when they have to obtain the best results for high myopic customers.

Brett  31 Mar 2018, 11:31

Yes, thank you Jim some wonderful pictures there.

Trent 31 Mar 2018, 09:44

Thanks Jim H!

 31 Mar 2018, 05:03


 30 Mar 2018, 21:39

Retro glasses

Pseldonymov 30 Mar 2018, 21:16

The same as below

Pseldonymov 30 Mar 2018, 21:11

High minus, huge frame

Moderate minus

Jim H 30 Mar 2018, 21:01

Beautiful high minus girls next door


Jim H 30 Mar 2018, 20:54

Moderate minus Full time hiker girl

Curvy girl big frames

Nice big round metal frames

Pretty German

Jim H 30 Mar 2018, 20:48

High Minus New glasses and braces Latina bridesmaid

Hot mom

Beautiful optical shop owner

Jim H 30 Mar 2018, 20:42

Moderate Plus Braces Cute metal frames Blue metal

Pretty blonde

Jim H 30 Mar 2018, 20:38

High Plus Very cute full time

Metal slit arms

New stronger script

Jim H 30 Mar 2018, 20:32

High minus Pretty Italian cat eyes

Nice blonde


Jim H 30 Mar 2018, 20:27

Moderate Plus Big frames Metal frames Sexy with braces

Jim H 30 Mar 2018, 20:22

High minus Big purple frames Purple metal frames

 30 Mar 2018, 10:09

 30 Mar 2018, 10:02

 30 Mar 2018, 09:55

 30 Mar 2018, 08:44

real bifocal babes

 30 Mar 2018, 04:39


Crystal Veil 30 Mar 2018, 02:15

ZR and Brett,

the chess player in question is Irina Krush. Based on the cut in effect seen "en face" my estimate of the Rx is -8 (left) and -7 (right).

Stephan 29 Mar 2018, 23:50

@ Jim H : We miss you and your finds !!!

Pseldonymov 29 Mar 2018, 21:40

Moderate minus

Vintage 1980s style:

Brett 29 Mar 2018, 17:02

@ZR: I would guess depending on index, between -5.5 and -8. Definitely a cool video with all the side shots of the lenses.

Bobby Laurel 29 Mar 2018, 13:55

To: spoiler alert 29 Mar 2018, 08:06


Stop trolling. Stop blackamiling Tatinha.

I have just received your IP, so be careful what you are going to do next. Any negative act you may make could have vary bad consequences for you.

1. Leave Tatinha and her Instagram accout alone.

2. Stop blackmailing her.

3. Stop trolling here on the Eyescene.

These are my conditions. If you accept thema nd follow them you and your computer will be safe. I am not going to harm you without a reason. However, if you continue in your privacy breaching activities I will act.

Bobby Laurel - personally

ZR 29 Mar 2018, 13:39

Semi-rimless coke bottles (starting at 0:30):

Any guesses on edge thickness/prescription?

Tatinha & Alain 29 Mar 2018, 13:11

I would like to clarify a few points about "spoiler alert 29 Mar 2018, 08:06". This post is a pure lie.

Tatinha's Instagram account is absolutely private. She does not accept any invitation. Tatiha has never had any video chat with anyone.

optimax 29 Mar 2018, 12:22

Big Glasses

optimax 29 Mar 2018, 12:22

Big Glasses

optimax 29 Mar 2018, 12:22

Big Glasses

optimax 29 Mar 2018, 12:22

Big Glasses

choucha 29 Mar 2018, 10:18

wooow THE FAKE

TATINHA 29 Mar 2018, 10:07

My answer goes to this anonymous friend, who for lack of courage did not use his name, I'll call him a ghost friend .. I have an account yes in the instagran a private account, an old account, ... come here and talk that I Elisete I spoke with a ghost by the messegenr and I sent photos in the instagra? Dear you can say anything .. And yes I put some of my pictures of my private albums on my facebook and my instagran ..

His attitude reveals his macho behavior and rejection ... and I do not accept any invitation in the instagran ... and as for my facebook my life is an open book I do not live in the shadows and I am not a farce

TATINHA 29 Mar 2018, 10:06

My answer goes to this anonymous friend, who for lack of courage did not use his name, I'll call him a ghost friend .. I have an account yes in the instagran a private account, an old account, ... come here and talk that I Elisete I spoke with a ghost by the messegenr and I sent photos in the instagra? Dear you can say anything .. And yes I put some of my pictures of my private albums on my facebook and my instagran ..

His attitude reveals his macho behavior and rejection ... and I do not accept any invitation in the instagran ... and as for my facebook my life is an open book I do not live in the shadows and I am not a farce

spoiler alert 29 Mar 2018, 08:06

Taitina on the Taitina and Alain links / website is actually a highly myopic Brazilian girl on Instagram with the username "lovew36" - -

Although she has a private account, I was immediately 'followed' by her when I followed her / requested access and shortly after Direct Messaging her, we chatted / video called several times for long periods of time on both Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM's so there's no need to pay for seeing her photos when you can get them for free on her Instagram feed.

Galileo 28 Mar 2018, 19:58

thanks Mistermild - particularly liked the Asian who is definitely Vietnamese based on signs in the background

Bicycler 28 Mar 2018, 13:35

this is nice with the same girl

she puts on the CL

Bicycler 28 Mar 2018, 13:27

High minus

Curt 28 Mar 2018, 12:45

S removed!

Curt 28 Mar 2018, 12:44

Executive bifocals. Hardly ever see these anymore, let alone on a young lady!

 28 Mar 2018, 12:10

Thick minus glasses

MisterMild 27 Mar 2018, 18:04

Russian myodisc lady, sweet wholesome type, some of you will know her already

MisterMild 27 Mar 2018, 17:47

Asian high-minus beauty... from Vietnam, perhaps

 26 Mar 2018, 23:01

Myodisc glasses

Juanes 26 Mar 2018, 15:46

I think solution to trolling obvious. If certain words cause flame wars bicker back and forth, then don't use those words in first place. Be the bigger man. It is simple really.

 26 Mar 2018, 14:34

A thick plus girl posted by kannadikaran has +9

 26 Mar 2018, 13:11

plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, 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 26 Mar 2018, 08:56

cute high plussy

Eyestein 26 Mar 2018, 02:25

Why won't Moonshiner strangle the troll? He has pounced on less offensive conduct in the past.

nanno 26 Mar 2018, 00:14

Strong minus from Romania

 25 Mar 2018, 09:25

why are you posting anonymously likelenses? afraid to use your name? (your terrible use of punctuation always gives you away)

Tatinha & Alain 24 Mar 2018, 19:30

Tatinha New Update! 91 New Pictures!

Yoyo 24 Mar 2018, 17:06

I think one of the Stepford Wives needs to go back for repairs.

 24 Mar 2018, 13:21

Once again: Please, don't feed the trolls! Just ignore

Everybody 24 Mar 2018, 10:53

If you are looking for psychiatric treatment, ....

.... you can not find this here.

Have a look in the Yellow Pages of your town and dial 911 (in the US) or 112 (in EU).

 24 Mar 2018, 08:20

plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo plussies, wussies, bussies, cussies, mussies, dussies, lussies, fussies... gogga goo goo gogga goo goo

kannadikaran 24 Mar 2018, 06:34

A Thick plus girl

Guest2 24 Mar 2018, 04:02

real nice plussies

 24 Mar 2018, 04:01

cute minus (three Indian ladies)

 24 Mar 2018, 03:29

cute plussies

 24 Mar 2018, 03:10

Once again: Please, don't feed the trolls!

Yoyo 23 Mar 2018, 23:13

"that's why they call you yoyo and not darwin."

Is this a joke? An insult? What does this even mean?

 23 Mar 2018, 19:11

23 Mar 2018, 18:23 poster


 23 Mar 2018, 18:23

that's why they call you yoyo and not darwin.

 23 Mar 2018, 11:53

A "plussy" is what Dlonald Tlump likes to glrab.

Yoyo 23 Mar 2018, 07:42

A quick Google search for the word "plussy" yields almost nothing about fat women. This is the closest:

Urban Dictionary does give a definition related to "pussy," but it's simply about the vagina itself being large, not the woman. (Personally, I've never heard or seen the term used this way.)

So I'm not buying that this term has "been around the internet for decades" and means "a giant humongous sweaty fat ass woman." Can't find any evidence of it.

Eyestein 23 Mar 2018, 07:36

Bifocal lenticulars from Zeiss.

Eyestein 23 Mar 2018, 07:24

Re: High Plus 21 Mar 2018, 01:43

The glasses look like bifocal lenticulars in which the stronger section is like a protruding bubble on the main lens. The step-up in strength seems very large.

??? 22 Mar 2018, 17:52

I guess this dumbass has never heard of plus clothing lines. do you think those are for women who wear plus glasses? people always call the women who wear them plussy. it is an old term. look it up. jajajajajaja

 22 Mar 2018, 17:43

That's not what a plussy is. The first definition is correct. The word plussy has been around the internet for decades. Welcome aboard. The more you know...

ON eyecene little baby talkers tried but failed to co-opt the term because of the resemblence to the word pussy. They are too immature to see women as anything other than fetish sex objects. So they objectify them by calling them "plussy" which is no better that "big titty" or "sweet ass" or any other word. These are little boys who still live in their mother's basement and whack off to every link here they can find. They can't just call her a woman with plus lenses, that's outside their level of maturity.

 22 Mar 2018, 11:14

no real need to explain what a plussy is, this troll always asks that again and again, just for spite.

it's the price you pay for an open community...

Yoyo 22 Mar 2018, 09:14

A "plussy" is a woman who wears glasses with a plus prescription. That's it.

 22 Mar 2018, 08:00

a PLUSSY is a giant humongous sweaty fat ass woman who wears plus size clothes and thick aquarium lensed glasses. the word is used by little baby talkers here to objectify women (like big titty mama) and derived from the word pussy.

...the more you know.

 22 Mar 2018, 07:18

plussy bride

and politician

Andy 22 Mar 2018, 07:07 Emma Stone

Andy 22 Mar 2018, 07:00 Emma Stone

Andy 22 Mar 2018, 06:59 Emma Stone

 22 Mar 2018, 06:26

low plus

 22 Mar 2018, 05:08

mild plussy fashion designer

murky  21 Mar 2018, 21:17

Just the worst glasses,poor fitting and frame design

Too small, not wide enough for the face, small wire frame has no character, and lens too low on ther nose, ans she is a Russian newsreader too.

lentifan 21 Mar 2018, 15:35

The lady with the plus glasses at 0143 is just lovely!

lentifan 21 Mar 2018, 15:35

The lady with the plus glasses at 0143 is just lovely!

Pseldonymov 21 Mar 2018, 08:44

Makeup tips


jay  21 Mar 2018, 07:44

the young lady's lenses are called omega lenticular and can be bought for around £60 + cost of frame from specsavers in uk and start from around +6.5

Maxim 21 Mar 2018, 04:14

The young lady's eyes look like aphakia, not just simple hyperopia:

Aphakia -

Absence of the internal crystalline lens of the eye. Aphakia results either from surgical removal or from penetrating injury, which may be followed by absorption. An aphakic eye is severely out of focus and requires a powerful lens for clear vision. Such a lens may be provided as a contact lens, so as to avoid the undue magnification and distortion of glasses. In some cases a lens implant within the eye may be considered feasible.

cf.: Collins Dictionary of Medicine © Robert M. Youngson 2004, 2005

kannadikaran 21 Mar 2018, 01:43

High Plus

opikmax 20 Mar 2018, 08:17

Emma Stone GLASSES

murky 19 Mar 2018, 22:16

I do get a frisson of excitement, but toilet, non

 19 Mar 2018, 20:17


Congrats on that one. Did you run to the toilet afterward?

murky 19 Mar 2018, 17:30

Latest sighting,and discussion perhaps the best so far

Am in the pharmacy ( drugstore), and see a gorgeous 20 ish blonde looking at the cheap reading glasses stand, I see her trying on a pair of plus 1 white framed spex

I saunter over to the stand

They look so good on you, match your hair;do you normally wear glasses?

No I was just trying some on.

I am a retired optometrist, can I help?

Thanks, but how can you help/

Well you see , if you can see alll the store in those, then you are long sighted, and may benefit from some glasses. Cal you read that sign over there?

Yes, it reads "foot care"

Well try on this plus 2 pair ( I select a pair)handing them to her

Its a bit fuzzy, but I can easily read "foot care"

OK then try these, selecting a lovely pair of 1.5s, a touch of cat eye, red frame with blue arms

Look out across the street, can you read the bottom line on that advertiment on the bus shelter?

Yes, clear as a bell " CQMP advertising" (this is equivalent to better than 20/20, as I can just read it)

Now, look at the fine print on this bottle label, can you read that?

Yes, easily, and I do have trouble with textbook fine print in bad light too! So much clearer now.

OK, you are lonsighted, and being young,you can compensate, and will need glases for reading soon, and full time glasses within 5 years,as your eyes get less elastic; so why not get a pair now, and you will see more comfortably,then visit your optometrist soon, and get a more exacting eye test, but beware, they will try and sell you glasses for 20 times what these cost ( $25)and they are no better .

Oh thanks, that was helpful, quite fun, weasring these and seeing better.

Why not get your partner to help you choose a nice pair, then go to the cinema, I guaruntee you will see better, and soon join the happy world of glasses wearers.

Then,, joy oh joy " I think I like these, and they feel comfy too."We are having coffee in an hour, I shall surprise him.

Good for you, buy them, and then wear them home, see how well you see.

And we bid each other goodbye,(her name is Jane, and a Uni student, she tells me, doing law 3). with her at the counter,buying & getting the case.

I sit ouside, at the bus shelter, ans see her emerge, wearing my choice!!

She walks the other way, I breifly follow, debating whether to pass and congratulate, but bask in my success, as an amateur optometrist.

I can imagine her in the lecture theatre, tomorrow, friends admiring her new glasses, and hearing the story of the friendly old optometrist..

And here is a clasic fit, plano, but a just right combo, face and frame..

 19 Mar 2018, 06:34

large frame minus

high plus turkish activist

 18 Mar 2018, 08:53

Re: +8?

Nice find! In fact this girl has book review vlog

and posting videos regularly. she is very cute and glasses are indeed strong.

plano 18 Mar 2018, 07:48

Strong minus 18 Mar 2018, 07:07

Pseldonymov 17 Mar 2018, 20:43

Moravian girls

Moderate minus

Stunning 17 Mar 2018, 15:02

Once again

+8? 17 Mar 2018, 14:34

Abhushan  17 Mar 2018, 01:34

@ Amazing

Thanks a lot man for brilliant find !! Highly appreciated !!

 16 Mar 2018, 23:16

Amazing 16 Mar 2018, 13:01

Plus 16 Mar 2018, 12:59

and Sexy minus

Minus 16 Mar 2018, 12:41

Plus 16 Mar 2018, 12:22

 16 Mar 2018, 10:12

Minus glasses

Tatinha & Alain 16 Mar 2018, 08:11

Elisete Tatinha Huge Update! 200 New Pictures. Gallery 55, 56, 57 & 58

You can also help me anonymously: Any amount is welcome

Owlish 16 Mar 2018, 05:15

A good looking GWG does lot of glasses talk, she says she is -6 and shows many different frames.

 15 Mar 2018, 21:06

Plus glasses

Gavran 15 Mar 2018, 12:51

Anonymus, what a superb collection of strong plus wearers :-) Keep up the good work!

Gavran 15 Mar 2018, 12:50

Anonymus, what a superb collection of strong plus wearers :-) Keep up the good work!

 15 Mar 2018, 01:15

Plus glasses

 15 Mar 2018, 00:44

Thick plus glasses

 15 Mar 2018, 00:34

Plus glasses

 15 Mar 2018, 00:30

Plus glasses

Pseldonymov 13 Mar 2018, 21:00

3 Russian girls

Moderate minus

+7? 13 Mar 2018, 05:14

+7? 13 Mar 2018, 05:14

Helmut 12 Mar 2018, 18:36

 12 Mar 2018, 18:33

Leave them on

It seems that all Spanish people prefer lenses as round as taco shells.

 12 Mar 2018, 17:23

Leave them on? HELL TO THE NO. I want sex without her glasses on... it's a much more intense experience with a nearsighted woman.

-20 12 Mar 2018, 13:32

choucha 12 Mar 2018, 12:03

rafa 12 Mar 2018, 10:35

Interesting commercial on Spanish TV by high street retailers.

it's called "Leave them on".


 12 Mar 2018, 07:40

Thanks MisterMild

MisterMild 11 Mar 2018, 19:38

@anon poster 09 Mar, 22:56

There are just a couple more of the hi-minus Russian

 11 Mar 2018, 18:57



 11 Mar 2018, 18:18

Unfortunately this web site is broken. The guy in charge never looks at it, and the inmates are running the asylum. Good people are getting tired of all the bullshit and are no longer visiting here.

 11 Mar 2018, 15:20

 11 Mar 2018, 15:18

Rob 11 Mar 2018, 13:56

Could some moderator maybe stop this anonymous fascist mad Trump-like brain dwarf? Regarding the topic here, i quite like this maltese girl...

Rob 11 Mar 2018, 13:55

Could some moderator maybe stop this anonymous fascist mad Trump-like brain dwarf? Regarding the topic here, i quite like this maltese girl...

 11 Mar 2018, 13:05

@ 10 Mar 2018, 13:48

Like a bloody globalist communist, she would only take Euros.

Brett  11 Mar 2018, 10:44

I've gotta sound off as well. Jim makes the seen on the web thread awesome. It's exactly what has been great about the thread for years. I think he is selective and posts great quality pics, and I want the quantity since I don't have time to search as often myself...

 11 Mar 2018, 10:40 +5 (part-time or CL?) another +girl

 11 Mar 2018, 05:39

I repeat! Please, don't feed the trolls

 11 Mar 2018, 04:35

 11 Mar 2018, 03:57

 11 Mar 2018, 03:57


JC 10 Mar 2018, 21:05

Yes, I always like seeing Jim H's contributions. I especially appreciate his short descriptions which really bring my attention to what I want to see. Thanks for all the work, Jim, and congrats on the baby!

 10 Mar 2018, 18:45

@10 Mar 2018, 17:59

what you complain about is exactly what I had missed for a while...

@ Jim H, more please!

 10 Mar 2018, 17:59

omg back to the Jim H spam of a hundred thousand boring ass links to ugly glasses wearers very single damn day. please, please use some curation on your links! more quality, less quantity, ok?????????????????

 10 Mar 2018, 14:03

Please, don't feed the trolls

 10 Mar 2018, 13:48

@ 09 Mar 2018, 23:27

She turned you down for a date even though you offered her 10,000 pounds, eh?

 09 Mar 2018, 23:27

@ 09 Mar 2018, 20:43

[Beauty moderate Plus] - well fuck that leftwing Limey bitch!

 09 Mar 2018, 22:56


Can you please share more of hi-minus Russian? Does she have pics in contact lenses?

Jim H 09 Mar 2018, 20:43

Beauty moderate Plus Rimless cute hippie chick sexy girl

Jim H 09 Mar 2018, 20:33

Moderate Plus Nice

MisterMild 09 Mar 2018, 20:16

A rare smile from Dasha, nice big image too...

A new hi-minus Russian girl

MisterMild 09 Mar 2018, 20:15

A rare smile from Dasha, nice big image too...

A new hi-minus Russian girl

Jim H 09 Mar 2018, 19:34

Pretty Moderate Minus

Jim H 09 Mar 2018, 19:32

More high minus

Jim H 09 Mar 2018, 19:29

High minus Doesn’t want comments Cute

Joseph 09 Mar 2018, 18:19

-30, let Alain pay for her glasses. After using and exploiting (or should I use another word?) her for money, is the least he can do.

Joseph 09 Mar 2018, 18:19

-30, let Alain pay for her glasses. After using and exploiting (or should I use another word?) her for money, is the least he can do.

 09 Mar 2018, 18:19

-30, let Alain pay for her glasses. After using and exploiting (or should I use another word?) her for money, is the least he can do.

aviator -oo- 09 Mar 2018, 11:18

-30 09 Mar 2018, 10:20

Please hjelp extremely myopic Tatinha buy new glasses. The Brazilian beauty is visually impaired and needs -30 glasses, but the special lenses she needs are very expensive.

aviator -oo- 09 Mar 2018, 08:36

 09 Mar 2018, 05:47

plus (high!)

 09 Mar 2018, 05:46


 09 Mar 2018, 00:58

 09 Mar 2018, 00:32

I found some older photos where it looks like she has more minus in both eyes with bifocals. But now it looks like she’s plano-ish in her left eye.

 09 Mar 2018, 00:25

How strong do you the minus is in the one eye only girl?

Likelenses 08 Mar 2018, 23:28


Great close up of Dasha.

I wonder how thick those babies are, and what the Script may be. Also wondering if there is any prism in that right lense.

Trent 08 Mar 2018, 17:49

Thanks Jim!

everything's fuzzy 08 Mar 2018, 16:50

Sister act - -30 vs -5.5

Jim H 08 Mar 2018, 12:13

Gorgeous and -15.

High minus

One eye only!

Pretty strawberry blonde and power rings

airlux 08 Mar 2018, 10:05


Stefan 08 Mar 2018, 05:51

That film linked by 30calcat below is _so_ charming!

FEMINISM WINS 07 Mar 2018, 22:50

In honor of today, March 8, the International Day of the Woman, I'd like to present Anna Gray's skillfully well done video about a woman's feelings for her glasses. Very excellent and quite cinematic. This woman has mad skillz and hopefully a future behind the camera.

Let's take a moment today to thank and welcome all the talents of women everywhere...

MisterMild 07 Mar 2018, 21:02

Update from Dasha (you have been warned)

 07 Mar 2018, 19:50

Did you know there is a FOR SALE thread? WAKE UP!

Tatinha & Alain 07 Mar 2018, 18:17

Elisete Tatinha Updates!

2 New Videos: Reading Outside, Glasses & Nails

180 New Pictures. Gallery 52, 53 & 54

Paul 07 Mar 2018, 15:09

Paul 07 Mar 2018, 15:07

Andrew 07 Mar 2018, 11:47

If only...

Glass Lenses 06 Mar 2018, 23:57

The Nigerian Optometrist

30calcat 06 Mar 2018, 20:47

Nice little video offering the perspective of one girl who grew to embrace her specs

30calcat 06 Mar 2018, 20:46

Nice little video offering the perspective of one girl who grew to embrace her specs

Jim H 06 Mar 2018, 09:38

High Plus

Same girl

Pretty and nice angle

Jim H 06 Mar 2018, 09:33

High minus metal frames


Strong plus bride 06 Mar 2018, 07:32

 06 Mar 2018, 02:29

a racist calling someone else a racist. now that’s a gemmer.

Jerzy 05 Mar 2018, 22:41

Jerzy 05 Mar 2018, 22:20

Likelenses 05 Mar 2018, 22:00

05 Mar 2018, 13:48 poster [ A COWARD to use a name ]

Well you are quite the racist considering that the majority of people in those photos that you refer to as DOGS, are non white, and are either Hispanic, or Negroid.

 05 Mar 2018, 13:48

The Westminster Dog Show was last month:

 05 Mar 2018, 02:04

There is no "our" dipshit. Dasha is a shit faced mule compared to some of the others here.

Likelenses 04 Mar 2018, 23:56


The favorite Russian can't hold a candle to our darling Dasha.

Pseldonymov 04 Mar 2018, 18:34

She said her glasses -7.50 instead of -5.25 (the previous exam was 2 years ago)

High minus

She has 10 pairs of glasses:



'Do I look smarter?' dog gives priceless answer to owner - Daily Mail Online

MisterMild 04 Mar 2018, 18:06

A favourite Russian hi-minus, wearing 3 different frames

MisterMild 04 Mar 2018, 17:54

More Central Asian sweeties...

MisterMild 04 Mar 2018, 17:42

Central Asian lovelies...

 04 Mar 2018, 14:50

the dashing Dasha

 04 Mar 2018, 14:45

 04 Mar 2018, 11:31

all Jurczyk pics here:

Soundmanpt 04 Mar 2018, 11:10


I always enjoy the pictures you provide of all the young ladies in some sort of class. Nice looking young ladies and they all seem to be wearing rather weak minus glasses. But i'm perfectly fine with their glasses only being weak.

Soundmanpt 04 Mar 2018, 11:05

Jim H

Congratulations on the birth of your child and i'm glad everyone is doing well. Are you ready for diaper duty?

Stingray 04 Mar 2018, 09:34

Megan speaks about her new prescription which went up from -17.00 to -20.00 and shows off the difference thickness of the lenses in two pairs of glasses.

Jurczyk 04 Mar 2018, 07:55

Atropinlover 03 Mar 2018, 02:35

The minus8 girl posted below got nice eye drops at her exam, -exciting! :-)

Pseldonymov 02 Mar 2018, 20:40

High minus from Ukraine

Galileo 02 Mar 2018, 19:03

Same Japanese girl I think explaining the difference between what she sees with contacts v glasses and without correction. Rx has increased since this video

 02 Mar 2018, 18:00

Japanese double digit minus

Pseldonymov 02 Mar 2018, 17:18

- 9

Pseldonymov 02 Mar 2018, 16:56

Small minus

Moderate minus

-24 02 Mar 2018, 14:48

-24 02 Mar 2018, 14:47

-24 02 Mar 2018, 14:46

Pseldonymov 02 Mar 2018, 13:31

Girl from Russia

Moderate minus

Jim H 02 Mar 2018, 12:57

Thank you Carrie, Brett, Eyestein, Slit, Crystal Veil and Mike. Baby and Mum are both doing well.

Carrie it would be great if it was my job, but I do enjoy my actual job!

Eyestein, Mrs H is indeed a gwg. She is +2.5 with astigmatism and is a full time wearer. She knows I love her with her sexy specs. And of course without.

Crystal Veil, we also have an 18 month old so sleep is very much a luxury!

Mike 02 Mar 2018, 03:53

Welcome back Jim H! Congrats To you and your wife!

Crystal Veil 02 Mar 2018, 03:45

Jim H,

wishing you joy, wonder... and some sleep!

Likelenses 01 Mar 2018, 20:49

A ton of minus

Trent 01 Mar 2018, 20:04

Eyestein Thanks for the High Minus link. There are two pictures on her page. In one, the glasses look significantly stronger. Wonder if she is a collector?

 01 Mar 2018, 15:55

The hairstyle looks like steel wool.

 01 Mar 2018, 14:54

the term is AFRICAN AMERICAN, not AFRO AMERICAN. it's not a cute riff off the hairstyle guys. grow up.

 01 Mar 2018, 14:52

please post pics of the baby in glasses!!!

Varuna Jithesh 01 Mar 2018, 10:58

Shop & Buy Latest Designer Bridal Lehenga Choli Collections Online at Varuna Jithesh. Here you can find Unique designs of Wedding Lehenga Choli with affordable prices.

Slit 01 Mar 2018, 09:16

Congratulations Jim H on the new baby!

Eyestein 01 Mar 2018, 05:56

High Minus

Eyestein 01 Mar 2018, 02:29



Eyestein 01 Mar 2018, 01:32

Thanks for the Afro-American on 25 Feb. She must be as blind as hell. I noticed #bifocals mentioned. It's probably meant to be "biconcave".

Eyestein 01 Mar 2018, 01:25

Hi Jim H. About Mrs H... is she a GWG?

Brett 28 Feb 2018, 21:11

Yes, Congrats Jim H!!!! And welcome back.

Brett 28 Feb 2018, 21:11

Yes, Congrats Jim H!!!! And welcome back.

Brett 28 Feb 2018, 21:11

Yes, Contrats Jim H!!!! And welcome back.

 28 Feb 2018, 16:40

Congrats on the kid Jim H

Carrie 28 Feb 2018, 12:25

Siobhan Thompson is quite attractive. Funny videos too.

Saffron Barker looks better in her "car glasses" than her aviators. A lot of the commenters also prefer those glasses.

Congratulations Jim H (and Mrs H, of course)! We greatly appreciate all those links you find for us but spending time with your wife and new baby is far more important, so please don't feel pressured to post. It's not as if it's your job!

Jim H 28 Feb 2018, 08:18

I’m still here Mike. Was on vacation and then my wife had a baby so haven’t had time to post.

High minus


-8 blonde

everything's fuzzy 27 Feb 2018, 22:50

Saffron Barker

Slit 27 Feb 2018, 21:58

This english lass is Siobhan Thompson

Yes, she looks nice and seems like she has a lovely personality too!

Owlish 27 Feb 2018, 21:49

A perky English lass with mild minus glasses. I particularly like her, ahem, jumper. Quite attractive!

 27 Feb 2018, 15:49

he probably got busted

Mike 27 Feb 2018, 14:43

What the heck happened to Jim H

Pseldonymov 26 Feb 2018, 20:28

High minus



After chemotherapy

GOCer 26 Feb 2018, 11:06

GOCer 26 Feb 2018, 11:05

Sounds like researchers have developed eye drops that apply refractive correction directly on the cornea. I wonder how much correction is possible. Imagine being able to squeeze a few drops onto your eye to create a +10 lens instead of inserting contacts!

NJ 26 Feb 2018, 09:55

Sadja (Feb 25 at 11:03) is so beautiful and soooo myopic! She must be near -30! Damn! Is she hot!

 25 Feb 2018, 22:08

Fat black myodiscs:

Gives a whole new meaning to myopic bulge.

Pseldonymov 25 Feb 2018, 19:08



Pseldonymov 25 Feb 2018, 18:14

Minus (-7)

Minus (up to -10)

 25 Feb 2018, 11:03

regarding myodisc Afro-Americans girls

pete-it 25 Feb 2018, 04:44

24/2 f b m...I tnink is totally gorgeous....we are all different

Pseldonymov 24 Feb 2018, 17:13

Russian 33-year-old woman talks in English excitedly about her first pair of glasses

Small minus and astigmatism (-1.25 cyl -0.5 or +0.5)

Get used to her glasses and started wearing full-time.

 24 Feb 2018, 16:38

Fat black myodiscs

Yikes, thank you for the warning.

Fat black myodiscs: 24 Feb 2018, 16:22

+14 24 Feb 2018, 16:14

 24 Feb 2018, 15:50



 24 Feb 2018, 14:16

oh dear...

guest 24 Feb 2018, 12:59

Re: the -30 girl, she goes through what most high myopes have to go through eventually - not being able to wear your contacts any more. Moving to glasses full time is a huge change, and very difficult (see for example Sandra's or Onezumi's stories before). I'm guessing after a coming to terms with it, she'll probably seek clear lens extraction or lens implants, if she can afford it and has a good eye doctor to recommend it.

Stefan 24 Feb 2018, 11:15

Such a charming face in those last pictures!

Myodiscs 24 Feb 2018, 03:38*srX1hoG3L3N_qkAyy9Y-TZ24s8w*nze4vAPUMRB7hUp1uOLJCn8CSUM*uB_IdfE3gIAXOkqaplwjP0HLyHI*v5tbbOpfXvFQ7dauFDZWYUTf4So

Galileo 24 Feb 2018, 01:18

minus5wholuvsgwgs and Gavran - yes in one video she says her glasses are -30 and in another she says her prescription is -28. either way the highest I've seen in a while.

I think it makes the point that most of the really high Rx girls these days are wearing advanced contacts.

Pseldonymov 23 Feb 2018, 21:00


Likelenses 23 Feb 2018, 17:54


Wow, with those babies she should be able to see into the future.

Gavran 23 Feb 2018, 08:21

She states in one of her videos that her glasses is -30, and that she has had poor vision since birth.

minus5wholuvsgwgs 23 Feb 2018, 06:09

Owlish a delightful find Any thoughts as to prescription ? Minus 25? So rare to see myodiscs have seen 2 in decades of glasses spotting an elderly lady and a middle aged man is all I have managed

minus5wholuvsgwgs 23 Feb 2018, 06:09

Owlish a delightful find Any thoughts as to prescription ? Minus 25? So rare to see myodiscs have seen 2 in decades of glasses spotting an elderly lady and a middle aged man is all I have managed

minus5wholuvsgwgs 23 Feb 2018, 06:09

Owlish a delightful find Any thoughts as to prescription ? Minus 25? So rare to see myodiscs have seen 2 in decades of glasses spotting an elderly lady and a middle aged man is all I have managed

minus5wholuvsgwgs 23 Feb 2018, 06:09

Owlish a delightful find Any thoughts as to prescription ? Minus 25? So rare to see myodiscs have seen 2 in decades of glasses spotting an elderly lady and a middle aged man is all I have managed

minus5wholuvsgwgs 23 Feb 2018, 06:08

Owlish a delightful find Any thoughts as to prescription ? Minus 25? So rare to see myodiscs have seen 2 in decades of glasses spotting an elderly lady and a middle aged man is all I have managed

minus5wholuvsgwgs 23 Feb 2018, 06:08

Owlish a delightful find Any thoughts as to prescription ? Minus 25? So rare to see myodiscs have seen 2 in decades of glasses spotting an elderly lady and a middle aged man is all I have managed

Al 22 Feb 2018, 14:48

cute plus

 22 Feb 2018, 11:53


Nice find man ! Its been a long since someone has posted myoodisc. Keep up the good work!

Konstantin 22 Feb 2018, 09:40

For plus lovers

Owlish 21 Feb 2018, 17:31

Nice girl with biconcave myodisc glasses.

She seems comfortable talking about her eyesight but please...

no stupid comments, okay?

Aaron 21 Feb 2018, 15:49

First time glasses wearer. She starts talking at around 9.00 about her vision. Seems a pretty high prescsription for a first time wearer. At least -2?

Pseldonymov 21 Feb 2018, 11:53

Belarussian woman


Pseldonymov 20 Feb 2018, 15:04

Thank you, Eyestein!

The same girl in 2008 when she was 19. Her glasses did not look so strong then.


With he myopic sister in 2015

Pseldonymov 20 Feb 2018, 12:52


The Queen is back 20 Feb 2018, 04:50

The Queen is back 20 Feb 2018, 04:50

The Queen is back 20 Feb 2018, 04:50

The Queen is back 20 Feb 2018, 04:48

Eyestein 20 Feb 2018, 04:47

Minus...and those lips.

Pseldonymov 19 Feb 2018, 22:05

Russian beautiful ophthalmologist

Moderate minus

2018 new frame



White frame

aviator -oo- 19 Feb 2018, 15:57

Help Alice 19 Feb 2018, 12:05

Please Help myopic Alicja Tysiac save her eyes.

Alicja is a Polish beauty wearing severe thick glasses. She is nearly blind now and needs money to save what is left of her sight.

Help Alice 19 Feb 2018, 12:02

Please Help myopic Alicja Tysac save her eyes.

Alicja is a Polish beauty wearing severe thick glasses. She is nearly blind noe and needs Monet to save what is left of her sight.

Pseldonymov 19 Feb 2018, 11:39

Russian girl


Thick Minus 19 Feb 2018, 08:57

Blogger talks about her new glasses and prescription sunglasses. RX looks to be itro -10

unstableenemy 17 Feb 2018, 11:38

Minus Girl Talking About Her Glasses

aviator -oo- 16 Feb 2018, 17:42

 16 Feb 2018, 17:23

Minus glasses

aviator -oo- 16 Feb 2018, 06:07

aviator -oo- 16 Feb 2018, 06:04

Paul 16 Feb 2018, 05:17

Don't feed the trolls...

 16 Feb 2018, 01:51

I can show you a million myopic women without your fake ass myopic bulge. how do you explain that?

 15 Feb 2018, 22:26

plus girls

aviator -oo- 15 Feb 2018, 16:54

Jurczyk 15 Feb 2018, 13:17

Jurczyk 15 Feb 2018, 13:16

sweeteyes 15 Feb 2018, 12:06

Likelenses 15 Feb 2018, 00:36

Likelenses 15 Feb 2018, 00:18

Likelenses 15 Feb 2018, 00:17

If you two cretins would research before you write, you would not show your ignorance. See page 109.

Weirdeyes 14 Feb 2018, 20:08

I agree Likelenses is nuts. Refractive error doesn't affect the way your eyes look. My eyes look pretty similar to each other even though they don’t have the same prescription. My mom has the “myopic bulge”. Guess what? She’s a high hyperope! My dad has small hooded eyes and he’s myopic.

 14 Feb 2018, 18:31

Here we go with your "myopic bulge" fantasies again. Listen. THERE IS NO SUCH THING. I can show you countless pictures of nearsighted people whose eyes do not bulge at all. There is no clinical explanation to back up your fantasy either.

You really have a wild imagination. I don't know where you come up with these crazy ass notions half the time.

Slit 14 Feb 2018, 18:23


When she wear high minus glasses little lower on the nose she finds easier to read small fonts on phone. It's an optics phenomenon.

Likelenses 14 Feb 2018, 18:22


Nice find, deep dish lenses, and eyes with great myopic bulge.

Owlish 14 Feb 2018, 15:03

This young woman has strong minus lenses and it seems to me she likes to accentuate the effect with low index and wearing them way down her nose. unusual.

Bud 13 Feb 2018, 17:13


Here are your taco shell glasses.

Soundmanpt 13 Feb 2018, 16:33

Glass Lenses

Honestly I don't know if Bud and anonymous are the same person or not and I really don't care.

Glass Lenses 13 Feb 2018, 01:33


Most likely the two obnoxious posters Bud, and the Anonymous one,are the same person.

MisterMild 12 Feb 2018, 19:39

No have, Mister. However... here are some more treats

Hi minus twins from Russia

from another favourite

and from Dasha

 12 Feb 2018, 12:27


Can you please post more pics of young Russian high minus?

And particularly WITHOUT Glasses?

Soundmanpt 12 Feb 2018, 10:39

Bud and or "Anonymous"

You can't be serious ! As soon as Betsy came in here you guys started tearing into as being a fake. You guys couldn't be any ruder. She has been very polite in every answer she has posted. I don't know and I honestly don't care if Bud and anonymous is the same person or not. What difference does it make. And you somehow want me to go along with you and give her crap for calling you out as being the same person after everything you have said to her. It seems that every time Bud, who only recently started appearing in here, and good old anonymous sees anew name in here, at least new to them, they want to call them out and accuses them of being a phony or fake.You have been told by several others that Betsy is NOT new here like yo seem to think she is.

 12 Feb 2018, 09:40

I suggest you read the posts, Soundmanpt. Betsy accused Bud of being two different people. Now let's keep in mind that YOU are always the first person here to get upset when someone makes accusations like that. But you didn't jump in waving your little kleenex this time, and didn't say anything to Betsy about it. You gave her a free pass. I had a pretty strong feeling you wouldn't respond substantively to Bud either but I figured I'd wait you out. The ignorant dufus role doesn't fit you. Take a brain moment, okay? And let's see how you respond to Betsy abuot making accusations.

MisterMild 11 Feb 2018, 17:03

Pretty young Russian high-minus

Another young Slavic beauty

Middle-aged Slavic high minus

Al 11 Feb 2018, 07:05

Rare Asian plus wearer (VietJet Air CEO)

Soundmanpt 10 Feb 2018, 19:27

Bud, whoever you are. I have no idea what the heck you're even talking about?

 10 Feb 2018, 17:23

low plus

reading glasses review

Bud 10 Feb 2018, 15:46

Thanks for the bullshit wildass accusation, Betsy. I am not the same person and that pisses me off to hear you say it.

Sound, are you going to jump on her like you do everyone else for making accusations? Or will you treat her differently because you have an obsession with her?

aviator -oo- 09 Feb 2018, 17:18

aviator -oo- 09 Feb 2018, 17:14

Soundmanpt 09 Feb 2018, 15:04

Some people just refuse to admit they are wrong when their wrong and "Mr.Anonymous" is one of them. He simply loves to call everyone a fake and has nothing to back anything up. Betsy couldn't have made it any more clear between eyescene and You Tube that she is the same person.

Betsy I for one know you are who you say you are because we have chatted on You Tube and in here going back a number of years.

aviator -oo- 09 Feb 2018, 14:09

Haasdijk Loes

LikeGlass 09 Feb 2018, 07:23


Regarding content theft, there is a real simple trick that makes that really hard-

Simply make up a banner with your youtube channel name and hang it behind you. It makes it very hard for people to claim content as their own! Needless to say, you could do that digitally, but make sure it's part of the video on your end and not an overlay that youtube does as those can be removed.

 09 Feb 2018, 00:04

Le temps n'arrange rien à l'affaire... Quand on est con, on est con! (Brassens)

Betsy Glasses 08 Feb 2018, 21:30

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for the support and for sticking up for me. It warms my heart that some people really care.

When I was introduced to this site years ago it was scary because I thought "yikes, what am I going to find?" It all kind of shook me up at first but I know that not all that visit this site are obsessed with sexualizing women, or at least I hope.At times I feel many are misunderstood on this site, but others are simply severely disturbed like the kid that keeps posting as if he is two different people (Bud and Anonymous).

A few days ago I thought that maybe coming here would be a positive thing but because of all the comments I have seen I'm unsure anymore. I welcome friends to my channel but I will not welcome misogynists.

I was taking requests for glasses related challenges but will probably stop doing that(mainly for my safety online). I have found some of my content stolen on youtube and uploaded on to other channels. It's all quite alarming and makes me feel uncomfortable.

Good night.

Glassesforeveryone 08 Feb 2018, 17:32

I think the fact that Betsy posted a video stating that she was here would be evidence enough for most.

P.s. from a non-sexual perspective, I love that you are elevating the wonder of glasses Betsy.

LikeGlass 08 Feb 2018, 16:35

Dear anonymous,

Your questions were answered, specifically with a new video on her youtube site.

 08 Feb 2018, 16:09

---------> why doesn't Betsy know her own prescription?

---------> why doesn't Betsy mention eyescene on her Youtube site?

---------> why is everyone EXCEPT Betsy answering these questions?


for all you know, you met someone you always "thought" was Betsy. ALMG makes up female accounts as advertisements. Plus we know there are hundreds of fakes here.

sorry, but I don't believe it's the same person posting here. there are definitely two people. and Betsy is "real" on Youtube. but there is no indication whatsoever that it is her here..

PARTICULARY when she pointed out she didn't want her videos sexualized. Then why would she have come to the number one sex fetish site for glasses to post about new videos?

the gullible will always drink the kool-aid and say "yupsees i bileeve dem" but the rest of us have a more critical eye.

LikeGlass 08 Feb 2018, 15:58

That was cool!

Although she really didn't have to. All us old-timers remember her from before.

In any case, once again,

Welcome Back Betsy!

Brett  08 Feb 2018, 13:58

Nice post soundman! I hate seeing people on here attack "real" gwgs that happen upon this site. And I alsi remember Betsy posting, on and off for the better part of the last decade. She always seems like a very nice and interesting person.

Soundmanpt 08 Feb 2018, 09:29

I knew even before Betsy posted her You Tube video that she was in fact very real. I have been a long time member of

"eyescene" so I remember when she was commenting here in eyescene. Theirs too many threads to try and go back and find a few and too many comments in each thread as well.

I'm just glad that Betsy took the time to proof this "no name"accuser that he or she was once again wrong. Of course you owe Betsy an apology. Do you think you could step out from under that rock you live and man-up and do the right thing?

Daisy 08 Feb 2018, 08:46

Need someone to estimate my rx

 08 Feb 2018, 08:10

 08 Feb 2018, 00:25

 08 Feb 2018, 00:25

Dark Avenger 08 Feb 2018, 00:21

Dark Avenger 08 Feb 2018, 00:20

You wanted a proof? Here it is! And now? Will you apologize?

Puffin 07 Feb 2018, 16:05

Here we go again, groundless accusations of impersonation.

It's so tiresome, and it achieves nothing important even if it's right. We're all adults here (I hope) and know what makes sense and what doesn't, so just ignore it. There's no need for all the shouting, screaming and mobs with pitchforks.

And if it's wrong?

You've annoyed someone genuine who has something worthwhile to offer our community. They might not come back.

Is that what you want?

Think before you reach for your pitchfork.

Iwashere 07 Feb 2018, 15:25

LikeGlass 07 Feb 2018, 14:50

Betsy is not new to Eyescene, she posted here a few years back and even sold some members some old pairs of her glasses. At the time, on her old youtube channel, she did acknowledge this site, but not by name.

Judging by her comments here, it sounds like the same Betsy we knew before.

Just enjoy that there can be a conversation. She was always pleasant in the past and appears to be pleasant now.

If you want to believe it's not really her, that's fine. No need to be rude.

She just happens to be a girl that is ok talking about her glasses.

Bud 07 Feb 2018, 10:55

No Anonymous... let's not ask Betsy on her page if she is posting here. let's have Betsy post on her youtube page that she is posting here. She can even give the domain,

 07 Feb 2018, 10:52

If it IS you, Betsy... then put something on your Youtube page with the word eyescene. Something everyone here can see. That shouldn't be any trouble... better yet, talk about eyescene in one of your videos. That should be EASY!

Let's see if you do either of these things. I'm betting you will come up with reasons why you can't/won't... prove me wrong.

 07 Feb 2018, 10:50

how did you get your prescription wrong? a person who is so focused on her glasses, eyes and prescription.

explain away. this has got to be a good one.

Puffin 07 Feb 2018, 08:16

I think if someone wants to sexualize Betsy or anyone else linked to here then they should keep it to themselves, unless the person has explicitly stated that they don't mind.Be careful with the weird stuff, too. It's not called weird without reason.

 07 Feb 2018, 05:18

Ask Betsy on her Youtube if shes posting here, smarties..

BetsyGlasses 07 Feb 2018, 05:18

Yes, it's me.

Sorry if saying RESPECT ME is offensive?

I want clean, PG, healthy fun and a few folks from this group have already said to me they are cool with that too.

Many prefer it?

If I don't fit your fetish, it's ok, I have people that still just want to be my friendly subscriber, and I really appreciate them. Thank you.

 07 Feb 2018, 02:20

It's definitely NOT Betsy posting here.

I think she would at least get her own prescription right! In her own video, she shows a screen with -9.5. So we have another case of a fakee pretender wannabe.

GREAT. 99% of Eyescene is already that. Get a life, asshole.

Glass Lenses 06 Feb 2018, 23:10

It is also very probable that this is not even Betsy posting here,but someone that wants people from here to post things on her channel, just to annoy her.

That being said, she has lovely eyes with significant myopic bulge. lurking behind some fine flat front - 9.5s, with moderate power rings, and wonderful reflections.

Brett  06 Feb 2018, 22:50

Well said Betsy. And thank you for your videos.

BetsyGlasses 06 Feb 2018, 21:52

Hi everyone, so I see I have stirred the pot. I think that is great.

I know some of my viewers have a fetish for my glasses.

When I started making videos and posting them on YouTube it wasn’t for a male audience, it was for women.

My audience is currently 89% male and 11% female. Most of my viewers are over the age of 25,about 45% of them are between 35-65 years of age.

I get a lot of comments every week about this subject even if it’s not said blatantly (comments like: please make a video slowly taking off your glasses). I have been aware of this for a while now. Some individuals watch my videos and enjoy them for what they are "content", others have a very wild imagination.

I have bad vision, I wear glasses, my prescription is negative -9, I enjoy making videos, etc. none of that is saying “sexualize me”. In the video I posted, I very clearly say RESPECT ME. I stood up for myself, I’m very proud of that and I will not take that back.

Long story short, I did not seek out this community, this community found me and now I’m just saying “Hi, I’m Betsy Glasses. I make videos on YouTube. If you enjoy them please subscribe.”

Weirdeyes 06 Feb 2018, 18:52


I found eyescene by googling eye problems and I post about my issues here. But I guess I have a mild version of a fetish. I find it interesting to look at thick lenses and people who wear them, but it doesn’t necessarily turn me on. It’s just very interesting.

Michael 06 Feb 2018, 18:36

Sadly I would have to disagree. I've been here since and the old Eyescene and way before that, Girls with Glasses. There has *always* been a strong sexual element to the postings here. There are tons of forums on the internet where people talk about their glasses, but none combine the sexual fetish elements so strongly with glasses than this site does.

From Carrie's rollicking lesbian sex escapades about her glasses with Gemma to the XXX links that are posted by the hundreds each week. People often comment on their lust and attractiveness of the women in postings here too, and have done so for decades. There's also the people who enjoy a sexual thrill from inducing myopia or wearing strong thick glasses and contacts together. People ask for pictures of hot celebs wearing glasses all the time. People want to wear used glasses and buy them from others, and then there are people who talk about the sexy side of seeing a woman squint. And on a daily basis, we see tons of fake stories about people who claim to have eye-related problems yet this was the only website they could find to talk about it (try googling eyesight and glasses sometime and you won't find eyescene for at least 50 pages of websites deep. not a chance they find it on their own. just saying.) They are chosen to suit the writer's current sexual fantasy, and that's not even touching on all the sexual fiction here related to eyeglasses including borrowed glasses stories.

This isn't old news. Eyescene is what it is. It is what it has always been. A sexual fetish website for glasses and the women who wear/need them.

Some, like yourself perhaps, would rather turn a cheek and ignore the elephant in the room. That's fine. Perhaps this is your version of AOL. Even on sites like Chaturbate you will find casual non-sex talk among people in a room. But that still doesn't negate what it is and why it's there. Sure there are people who "get advice" but we all are smart enough to know a good 90-95% of those people are fake stories.

For Betsy to walk into a forum such as this, which sexualizes the use of glasses and the women who wear them, and pretend it doesn't happen is very naive. Whle I did not post the original query to her, I did watch some videos on her site. And I have to agree. The point was well made that Betsy complained about this type of crowd in her 18 January video and said she doesn't want that audience. But truth be told. We all *know* why people are visiting her site and watching her videos. Yes, it is sex-related.

For the rest of us here, it's time to take off the blinders.

 06 Feb 2018, 18:14

Thanks for answering, Betsy.

Pete 06 Feb 2018, 17:43

Ah, for the good olde dayz.

LikeGlass 06 Feb 2018, 15:37

To the anonymous poster below:

Eyescene is one of the oldest sites on the web, and certainly did not start out as a fetish site. Most of the conversations were just about glasses. Over the years, we certainly accumulated many fans, and many of those fans had a "thing" for glasses and especially girls with glasses.

Still, I would contend that although some of the people that come here have a sexual fetish about glasses, many more simply have a preference for glasses, and some just like to talk about the subject for the fun of it, or to learn something.

One thing is for sure, like any other subject in life, painting with a broad brush almost always miss-classifies many people.

In the 20 years I have posted here, I have seen all sorts of things, I even saw some actual relationships develop. I remember meeting up with the original webmaster in Disney, along with his girlfriend at the time who he had met through this site. There are also the "fakes", but again, not all are fakes, there are real people here too. This is a public forum with and as such anybody can post. It is both the best and the worst part of this site. It's what you make it to be.


 06 Feb 2018, 15:22

Betsy I don't understand why you actually made a video that you are upset about people sexualzing the glasses when you just advertised here on a glasses sexual fetish website. It doesn't make sense. If you don't want to be sexualized over your glasses, why are you doing glasses sexual fetish videos that you know will excite them? It seems like you want the audience of glasses sexual fetish, but you don't want to hear the comments of people with a glasses sexual fetish. I don't think you can have it both ways. I don't think it's fair to bash your users for that.

Jurczyk 06 Feb 2018, 15:21

Jurczyk 06 Feb 2018, 15:18

Jurczyk 06 Feb 2018, 15:17

 06 Feb 2018, 15:14

welcome to the first REAL woman on eyescene!

LikeGlass 06 Feb 2018, 14:54

Welcome back Betsy!

Always nice to hear from someone who is comfortable talking about their Specs.

Let me fix that link:

BetsyGlasses 06 Feb 2018, 11:54

Sorry folk I totally always for get to add my link! I still have get a custom one.

thank you.

BetsyGlasses 06 Feb 2018, 11:52

Hello friends!

Many years ago I came to this site because of Youtube. I was making videos on there and then I started getting a lot of glasses lovers watching my videos.

Recently I restarted uploading again and now I do viewer requests. I'm not sexy or trying to be so its not that type of channel?

Anyways, please visit my channel if you like things like no "glasses challenge" or "show off your glasses" videos. I upload consistently everyday, once a day and would appreciate the support. If you enjoy subscribing to youtube channels please add me to your list and share with friends.


Your friend, Betsy Glasses

guest 06 Feb 2018, 11:17

Cute, her glasses seem to ride quite low on her nose.

Eyestein 06 Feb 2018, 05:39

Pretty teacher. Maybe never wears contacts.

Eyestein 06 Feb 2018, 05:30

Minus. I haven't seen them on her since 2014.

Eyestein 06 Feb 2018, 00:25

Large frames. She mentioned that she is "supa dupa blind". Mild exaggeration but obviously an issue.

Eyestein 05 Feb 2018, 22:29

-12 and -13

She makes some interesting comments in this article.

She was a single girl until September 2017.

Eyestein 05 Feb 2018, 21:24

Camilet can do better.

MisterMild 05 Feb 2018, 12:41

@Tatinha, thank you!

Tatinha 05 Feb 2018, 11:06


camilet is not dating because she is in love with a guy who dates another girl ...

Tatinha 05 Feb 2018, 11:05


camilet is not dating because she is in love with a guy who dates another girl ...

Shoegalfan 05 Feb 2018, 09:28

British fashion blogger wearing her glasses again

Pseldonymov 05 Feb 2018, 08:34



 05 Feb 2018, 08:21

do they look like taco shell glasses to you, likelinses?

Lonny 05 Feb 2018, 05:55

Eyestein 05 Feb 2018, 02:39

Great close-ups from 3:37

Eyestein 05 Feb 2018, 02:26

@MisterMild. I am pretty sure I know who your young high myope from 04 Feb 2018, 21:44 is.

Likelenses 05 Feb 2018, 00:13


The depth of those lenses on the South American are incredible.

I would love seeing a side shot of them.

MisterMild 04 Feb 2018, 22:37

Anyone out there who understands Portuguese? I would love to know why Camilet, the saucy and very high minus Brazilian, says she is not dating!


MisterMild 04 Feb 2018, 21:45

Post below (21:44) was from me.

 04 Feb 2018, 21:44

Updates from a sweet young high-myope in South America; will not identify her further as she is already irritated by creepy comments and questions.

'My dark circles steal everyone's attention"

aviator -oo- 04 Feb 2018, 17:08

aviator -oo- 04 Feb 2018, 16:52

Megan talks about her new glasses

 04 Feb 2018, 11:26

low plus girls

Eyestein 04 Feb 2018, 01:50

Lazy eye:

Glasses and thighs:

Just thighs:

Gombarix 03 Feb 2018, 18:47

plus (low, but fine perspective)

 03 Feb 2018, 15:59

A regular reader 03 Feb 2018, 14:47



Tatiana Strakhova, Moscow (pictured 29 Jan 2018)

I read, that this pretty girl has been murdered.

Let us pray for her and for her peace. That is all, that we can do for her.

RIP, Amen.

 03 Feb 2018, 11:20

moderate minus

 03 Feb 2018, 11:15


Tatinha & Alain 03 Feb 2018, 10:28

Elisete Tatinha New Update!

3 New Galleries: 245 Great Pictures!

Colin 03 Feb 2018, 09:59


Re Far sighted show girl.

My memory may be playing tricks but I’m pretty sure I saw a documentary about Dusty Springfield which included that scene with the girl with strong glasses which was supposed to be Dusty early in her career. When I saw the Pet Shop Boys video I remember thinking that they had re used the footage. I also thought she was near sighted. The tv always gets stuff wrong. Pity they couldn’t have kept the camera on the girl longer!!

 02 Feb 2018, 22:55

i prefer beers

 02 Feb 2018, 06:38


Eyestein 02 Feb 2018, 06:23

Ally wears glasses like this and she says her eyes are too bad for contacts. However she is not wearing glasses in about 90% of her pictures.

Eyestein 02 Feb 2018, 06:11

The +15 (or whatever) is Charlie Traill. She is on facebook but don't send her any comments or questions about her glasses. We don't want her to disappear.

 02 Feb 2018, 04:21

Any more photos of that +15?

Eyestein 01 Feb 2018, 23:49

Myope looking for modelling work.

Eyestein 01 Feb 2018, 21:34

High plus glow. She never reveals anything about her eyesight or her glasses. I estimate no less than about +15. Based on that her eyesight is little better than colour and light location when she wears them like this.

Eyestein 01 Feb 2018, 20:23

@ Colin. I know the co-performer was Dusty Springfield. I read somewhere that the pet shop boys video was designed to be compatible with both the gay and straight cultures. Thick glasses would be a sexually erotic symbol common to both cultures. By the way, Dusty Springfield was not farsighted. She was very nearsighted.

I have seen a few lesbian relationships where one partner wore thick glasses. However, based on limited observation, I won't try to suggest that glasses attraction/obsession is particularly strong among lesbians. It's just a possibility maybe.

 01 Feb 2018, 15:16

Melanyia who?

Colin 01 Feb 2018, 11:56

Eynstein. Re Farsighted show girl.

The girl was Dusty Springfield who wore glasses. She took them off to perform and the showgirl is a flashback to her early career. She sang with the Pet Shop Boys on this song.

An amazing artist sadly missed.

Eyestein 01 Feb 2018, 07:52


Eyestein 01 Feb 2018, 07:28

Someone reposted my crosseyed girl already.

Eyestein 01 Feb 2018, 07:03

Farsighted show girl.

The video is from 2009 and I am surprised it is still on the web. I do not know the significance of the thick glasses or how they connect with the story behind the lyrics.

xx75 01 Feb 2018, 06:21

 01 Feb 2018, 02:15

Who cares?

Likelenses 01 Feb 2018, 01:31

Not seen on the web, but on TV during the State Of The Union Address. the beautiful First Lady Melania Trump had blue eyes and was not squinting as she usually does.

In previous close ups her eyes always appeared to be brown.

New contacts? First time wearer?

 30 Jan 2018, 21:24

everything's fuzzy 30 Jan 2018, 21:23

Bella Italiano

Pseldonymov 30 Jan 2018, 21:19

High minus


Trent 30 Jan 2018, 20:46


Low plus 30 Jan 2018, 20:04

betsy 30 Jan 2018, 19:58

 30 Jan 2018, 11:19

Any more of the +16 from 06.30. Great find!

+16 30 Jan 2018, 06:30

Pseldonymov 29 Jan 2018, 17:01

Tatiana Strakhova, Moscow

Moderate minus

Crystal Veil 29 Jan 2018, 15:18

Jim H,

thank you for posting the blonde lady from Arhus with the -13.75 prescription. What I find interesting in her new lenses is the small size of the bowl. Probably not more than 25 millimeters. Very discrete. She does not to seem bothered by the limited peripheral vision. She is nearly always in contacts so the glasses are probably only a backup pair.

Jim H 29 Jan 2018, 14:48

Minus metal frames

Jim H 29 Jan 2018, 14:47

More minus

Jim H 29 Jan 2018, 14:44

Moderate minus

Jim H 29 Jan 2018, 14:40

Moderate minus big glasses Clear frame

Jim H 29 Jan 2018, 14:38

Minus twins! Curvy curly hair metal frame Progressives Pretty prego

Jim H 29 Jan 2018, 14:34

Thanks Aventus, my pleasure.

She’s -13.75 but upgraded to myodiscs!

High minus Aviators

everything's fuzzy 28 Jan 2018, 20:57

Spanish senora myopes

everything's fuzzy 28 Jan 2018, 20:57

Spanish senora myopes

+12 28 Jan 2018, 08:36

 28 Jan 2018, 07:39

a _solitary_ contributor would be more accurate

Aventus 28 Jan 2018, 04:35

@Jim H

Thanks Man for all high minus ! Much appreciated. You are a solid contributor no doubt !

Lenticular plus 27 Jan 2018, 19:08

Pseldonymov 27 Jan 2018, 12:33

Tatiana Strakhova, Moscow

Moderate minus

Jim H 27 Jan 2018, 05:25

Moderate minus Love this hot mom Cute peach colored frame Blonde

Jim H 27 Jan 2018, 05:21

Strong minus and big frames -10 Hot Italian


Jim H 27 Jan 2018, 05:17

High minus Blonde with metal frame

Jim H 27 Jan 2018, 05:13

High minus Beautiful Red head -9.5

Jim H 27 Jan 2018, 05:09

High minus Big frames Red frames Thick girl and lenses

 27 Jan 2018, 02:53

Polish vintage glasses

 27 Jan 2018, 02:18

Polish vintage glasses

 27 Jan 2018, 01:12

 27 Jan 2018, 01:11

Pseldonymov 26 Jan 2018, 20:21


from Kazakhstan

murky  26 Jan 2018, 20:05

Take off the bracket at the end of the URL to load it folks

hyperaficionado 26 Jan 2018, 07:33

@ 25 Jan 2018, 10:01 (Strong executive bifocals

She's got base in prisms in her executive bifocals because she needs a reading add and additionally has double vision close up. That's what she said in a comment on her glasses.

Pseldonymov 26 Jan 2018, 01:54





Galileo 25 Jan 2018, 20:22

RE strong executive bifocal - the last time I met someone with glasses like these the guy suffered from having no accommodation, his eyes did not adjust focus when he tried to see things close but he could see distance OK, so he needed a massive + for reading.

Pseldonymov 25 Jan 2018, 18:36

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 25 Jan 2018, 17:46


Moderate minus



Yugz 25 Jan 2018, 17:14

It’s interesting that she didn’t wear glasses at nine years old.

lentifan 25 Jan 2018, 16:38

The reading segment of these bi-focals looks to have a much higher prescription than the distance part of the lens. Perhaps because of this, the reading segment seems surprisingly large and the distance part relatively small.

 25 Jan 2018, 10:01

Strong executive bifocals

Eyestein 25 Jan 2018, 07:38

This is a mildly morphed image of a girl who was posted here some time ago. Does anyone recognize her? There were at least 2 original pictures of her but I have lost the links.

 25 Jan 2018, 04:59

I don't get it.

Likelenses 25 Jan 2018, 00:12

In the last two photos it appears as though Dasha has blew eyes. One blew east, and the other blew west.

Murky 24 Jan 2018, 21:53

A former miss finland,specs black and dull, but what a face?

Russian Minus 24 Jan 2018, 18:50

LikeGlass 24 Jan 2018, 15:27

You took out the "s" but you also took out the ":"

Jo 24 Jan 2018, 05:20

lol, i give up.

Jo 24 Jan 2018, 05:13

for the lazy ones ;-) :

without highheels guaranted and it's not Chopin for sure:


Jo 24 Jan 2018, 05:12

without highheels guaranted and it's not Chopin for sure:

Pseldonymov 23 Jan 2018, 23:01

Moderate minus

Jan 2017

Dec 2017

Pseldonymov 23 Jan 2018, 22:58

Moderate minus from Tatarstan

Jo 23 Jan 2018, 22:04

@ still 23 Jan 2018, 18:48


Its alls o.k. - a joke for the one is the nightmare for the other one - two sides has the world, nobody can change that - so lets go on here and lets forget the nasty things ...

and lets never forget a humorous wink ... ;-)

btw., high minus here too:



still 23 Jan 2018, 18:48

Dear Jo,

I won't involve myself with your issues, but I want to point out that the cretin to whom you inadvisedly replied does not represent me, flames anonymously, and is not even representative of this site's members. Be well.

aviator-oo- 23 Jan 2018, 17:28

Pseldonymov 23 Jan 2018, 14:42

Moderate minus

Eyestein 23 Jan 2018, 05:42


everything's fuzzy 23 Jan 2018, 00:06

everything's fuzzy 23 Jan 2018, 00:06

 23 Jan 2018, 00:05

Adult lazy eye treatment:

Jo 22 Jan 2018, 19:58

for my "special" friend:

Jo 22 Jan 2018, 19:52

without Chopin and without highheels: ;-)

Jo 22 Jan 2018, 19:34

@ 22 Jan 2018, 15:04


thats a lot too scant!

you have to increase your bloodpressure a lot more, if you want to wow me!

you only can be a genuine american, if you more ruffle your feathers ...

I will accept you only if you burst. ;-)

You're the greatest, you dictates the rules - so doo so, show me, how smart you are .... lol you ...

let me stimulate your peerlessness ... ;-)

you amazing unknown ... a* ....

Oh pardon, "posts are limited to around 1200 words" j'ai lu - trop pour toi - det overbelægger dig garanteret - 你甚至不會說中文

you know ... ;-)

so I have to quit now ;-)



p.s.: I've learned today: Americans are very sensible! Some highheels and a bit Chopin in their common mire bring them out of order already ... poor black tom ... LOOOL

Great! I love you!

but: Lets go back to the topic here - it wasn't my intention to trigger a world-war here in this boring, technical retarded website - only a bit pep and easing ...

But if you don't want ... anyway ... rest in peace ...

Tatinha & Alain 22 Jan 2018, 15:33

Elisete Tatinha More than 150 new pictures Gallery 43, 44, 45, 46, 47 & 48. 6 New Galleries....!

Story of my Childhood. Chapter 5. I cannot see but I feel strong!

 22 Jan 2018, 15:04

GTFO Jo ke...

we don't need noob idiots coming here thinking they can post whatever they wank.

GTFO Jo ke...

... that's for YOU.

Carrie 22 Jan 2018, 14:41

I'll try again without the s of https.

Carrie 22 Jan 2018, 14:34

Sounds like this woman has just gone full time.

Jo 22 Jan 2018, 01:35

@21 Jan 2018, 18:38


"american humor"

thats for you:

 22 Jan 2018, 01:34

African plus

Kostas 22 Jan 2018, 01:19

Greek glasses

 21 Jan 2018, 18:38

Idiot yourself! grow up, kid.

Jo 21 Jan 2018, 18:34

Jo 21 Jan 2018, 18:33

@ 21 Jan 2018, 18:18


 21 Jan 2018, 18:18

Let's keep the nonglasses stuff out of here, ok? The piano player has no place here. This isn't AOL.

Jo 21 Jan 2018, 17:15

and thats a little off-topic ;-) but anyway ..

maybe YOU needs glasses here in this case ;-)


Jo 21 Jan 2018, 16:58

@3:25min stop

(but, its worth to hear alls ofcourse ...)

MisterMild 21 Jan 2018, 12:26

More from Dasha...

Eyestein 21 Jan 2018, 09:20

More Maricielo.

Eyestein 21 Jan 2018, 08:23

Pretty Maricielo Pereyra wears -13 and -14 in glasses. She wears contacts sometimes.

Eyestein 21 Jan 2018, 05:25

Polish minus

 21 Jan 2018, 02:13

everything's fuzzy 21 Jan 2018, 02:12

Fuzzy 21 Jan 2018, 02:10

Doku Generation kurzsichtig

MisterMild 20 Jan 2018, 20:40

Update from Dasha (possible repost)

Another pretty Russian, moderate minus

xx75 19 Jan 2018, 05:01

xx75 19 Jan 2018, 04:37

anonymous 18 Jan 2018, 13:32

Fairly high minus:

Lonny 17 Jan 2018, 06:08

Pseldonymov 16 Jan 2018, 22:20


Aventus 16 Jan 2018, 09:53

Thanks Jim H

Jim H 15 Jan 2018, 22:04


Low but sexy

Jim H 15 Jan 2018, 22:02

Nice High Plus

High plus

Plus Pretty

Jim H 15 Jan 2018, 21:59

Pretty moderate minus

Jim H 15 Jan 2018, 21:57

Beautiful High Minus -14

High minus

LikeGlass 15 Jan 2018, 14:16

Eyestein 15 Jan 2018, 06:39:

On Instagram,

1) View Page Source

2) look for the line- meta property="og:image" (usually around line 70 or so)

3) content = is the link, copy it and paste it in a new window.

4) from the new window, right click and save picture.

Eyestein 15 Jan 2018, 06:39

@Al 08 Jan 2018, 11:18.

I have never been able to save or copy images directly from Instagram. Yotagram, Imgrum, Pintagram, and Facebook are never a problem. My conclusion was that Instagram has peculiar restrictions.

Slit 15 Jan 2018, 04:01

@Lankan GWG:

ok i can open the links now. not great looking though.

Slit 14 Jan 2018, 21:20

@Lankan GWG:

Can't open links. Can you please repost? Or may be download the pics, upload to tinypic or something and share the link?

aviator -oo- 14 Jan 2018, 16:58

something completely different:

 14 Jan 2018, 11:03

from the British TV show University Challenge, -8?

Pseldonymov 13 Jan 2018, 13:02


Lankan GWG 13 Jan 2018, 12:37


Lankan GWG 13 Jan 2018, 12:37


Pseldonymov 13 Jan 2018, 10:43

USSR, 1985.


-20 13 Jan 2018, 09:23

Tatinha & Alain 13 Jan 2018, 06:21

Tatinha ChatRoom is now available for everyone! New Chat Session Today 01/03 at 18:00 (6:00pm) Brazil Time

guest 13 Jan 2018, 05:04

Amazing work Jim H, thank you.

Jon 13 Jan 2018, 03:26

Top work Jim H!

Jon 13 Jan 2018, 03:26

Top work Jim H!

Jim H 12 Jan 2018, 21:56

Plus Nice, now full time

Jim H 12 Jan 2018, 21:53

Nice moderate Plus’

Jim H 12 Jan 2018, 21:47

Higher Plus

Jim H 12 Jan 2018, 21:42

Pretty moderate Plus Hot

Jim H 12 Jan 2018, 21:24

Pretty polish with Bifocals!

Another nice bifocal girl

Beautiful moderate Plus’

Jim H 12 Jan 2018, 21:18

Minus Strabismus?

Braces Nice cat eye Cute blonde

Jim H 12 Jan 2018, 21:15

More nice Minus Round metal Narrow light purple cat eye

Jim H 12 Jan 2018, 20:54

Moderate minus Nice Metal Swimming Blonde

Jim H 12 Jan 2018, 20:50

Nice moderate minus Nice brown eyes

Jim H 12 Jan 2018, 20:47

High minus New coke bottles


Beautiful blue eyes Hope her eyes are ok.

Take note of her comment!

Pseldonymov 12 Jan 2018, 19:41


Pseldonymov 12 Jan 2018, 15:43


Pseldonymov 12 Jan 2018, 09:18


Slit 12 Jan 2018, 05:47

@James 12 Jan 2018, 02:45

Actually it's a great idea!

James 12 Jan 2018, 02:45

Anybody seen this genius contraption?

Pseldonymov 11 Jan 2018, 11:08

High minus

Pseldonymov 11 Jan 2018, 11:02

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 10 Jan 2018, 13:00



sweeteyes 10 Jan 2018, 12:43

Pseldonymov 10 Jan 2018, 09:48

Moderate minus



Pseldonymov 09 Jan 2018, 16:59

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 08 Jan 2018, 19:56


aviator-oo- 08 Jan 2018, 17:38

The lovely Roxanne Rae gives some extended interviews:

and another :

murky 08 Jan 2018, 16:43

Another of Jim H collection, exemplifying how not to wear spex, just awful

Poor optical centering, too far down the nose,with a nose like that, better without the nose pads.Distance Makes her eyes look too big, the very thing she complians of.

A poor color match, lenses opposite shape to her face, no wonder she looks unhappy!

murky 08 Jan 2018, 16:43

Another of Jim H collection, exemplifying how not to wear spex, just awful

Poor optical centering, too far down the nose,with a nose like that, better without the nose pads.Distance Makes her eyes look too big, the very thing she complians of.

A poor color match, lenses opposite shape to her face, no wonder she looks unhappy!

Murky 08 Jan 2018, 16:33

And another pair of nice oversized frames

Murky 08 Jan 2018, 16:20

This is copied from Jim H, but deserves another look, as she really knows how to wear glasses to excellent effect.

Lower rim matches the chin, eyebrows follow to upper curve, white outline to the bblack frame a perfect match for her hair and teeth. Nicely optically centered on the pupils too.

Looks about +2, maybe less, as from the file, a discretionary wearer. Oh Joy!

Did anyone see Oprah at ther golden globes last night, in those gorgeous oversized balck cat eye frames? Lokks about +3 to me.

Here she is, in all her glory

opikmax 08 Jan 2018, 11:23

Nice girl -

Al 08 Jan 2018, 11:18

@Eyestein 08 Jan 2018, 07:19

Any picture you see on your display is already downloaded, the only possible difference is caused by choice of the exact procedure for fetching it :-)

Pseldonymov 08 Jan 2018, 10:18

Moderate minus

Eyestein 08 Jan 2018, 07:19

For anyone who is interested, Toni's pictures on this site are saveable.

Eyestein 08 Jan 2018, 05:23

OK I found the answer.

Eyestein 08 Jan 2018, 03:02

@JimH. Thanks for that lovely high plus you found for us. Where did you find that she has +10? She said she is blind enough to qualify for free glasses and she has worn glasses since she was one. There is no evidence that she ever uses contacts. Apparently she wears her sunglasses over her corrective glasses.


 08 Jan 2018, 02:31

Yugz 08 Jan 2018, 02:30

Interesting article about a design student who makes thick lenses art. I’ve already seen a few thick glasses at the thrift store that took advantage of thick lenses. I once saw this thick pair of rimless glasses that were cut into an interesting shape and were tinted blue. I wish I took a picture.

Jim H 07 Jan 2018, 21:38

Moderate minus

Hot fit mum

Jim H 07 Jan 2018, 21:35

High Minus

Jim H 07 Jan 2018, 21:33

Thanks Brett. No need to give a second though to any of the anonymous posters on here.

Cute moderate plus

WOW nice High Plus +10

Jim H 07 Jan 2018, 21:31

Thanks Brett. No need to give a second though to any of the anonymous posters on here.

Cute moderate plus

WOW nice High Plus +10

Jo 07 Jan 2018, 16:08

same in action:

(2:50 ff. nice 4eyes -perspectives ...)

Jo 07 Jan 2018, 16:05

... or Hammerflügel:

opikmax 07 Jan 2018, 09:11

Nice minus

StableGenius 07 Jan 2018, 04:41

Re: Jan 04. I love the crosseyed plus girl.

Yugz 06 Jan 2018, 19:27

High minus author

Brett 06 Jan 2018, 15:21

Nice Work! And thank you, Jim H. Don't let the negative commenter get you down, probably someone who doesn't understand our forum here.

-20 06 Jan 2018, 08:29

 06 Jan 2018, 04:59

Obviously, the master doesn't have a life

AlainHMG 06 Jan 2018, 02:01

Congratulation JimH for so much excellent links! You are a master.

 06 Jan 2018, 00:29

attractive moderate plus

Jim H 05 Jan 2018, 21:56

Plus bifocals

Bifocals soon

Strawberry blonde

Jim H 05 Jan 2018, 21:54



Very nice

Jim H 05 Jan 2018, 21:50

Plus Cute

Jim H 05 Jan 2018, 21:48

Moderate Plus

Nice curves and braces


Jim H 05 Jan 2018, 21:44

Beautiful moderate plus

Nice top

Jim H 05 Jan 2018, 21:42

High Plus Big frames

Jim H 05 Jan 2018, 21:37


Her prescription went from -4 to 6.75 after her baby

Jim H 05 Jan 2018, 21:35


Makeup girl

Pregnancy ruined her eyes

Jim H 05 Jan 2018, 21:32

Moderate minus

Jim H 05 Jan 2018, 21:31

Pretty moderate minus



Jim H 05 Jan 2018, 21:25

Moderate minus Dirndl

Jim H 05 Jan 2018, 21:23

Nice strong minus Tiffany crystals Nice -9.75 Pretty and pregnant

Jim H 05 Jan 2018, 21:19

-15 contacts and thick glasses. Her new ones stick out the front quite a bit


Posted before but lovely

-12 contacts

 05 Jan 2018, 14:30

low minus but great body

Aventus 05 Jan 2018, 13:49

High Myopic Caren:

Aventus 05 Jan 2018, 13:42

Few more:

best one

Aventus 05 Jan 2018, 13:32

High myopic brazilan more

Aventus 05 Jan 2018, 13:24

High myopic Brazilian:

 04 Jan 2018, 23:29


Likelenses 04 Jan 2018, 20:52


Dasha's new lenses give off a wonderful illumination from the power rings. They almost look as though they are battery powered!

 04 Jan 2018, 19:39

Crossed eyes with plus glasses

MisterMild 04 Jan 2018, 18:30

Dasha (my all-time favourite high minus Russian sweetie) has completely expunged the boyfriend from her postings, and now finds more time to share with her loyal followers...

Jo 04 Jan 2018, 16:16

... or Viola da Gamba?

Pseldonymov 04 Jan 2018, 13:08

Iran. 1979


Pseldonymov 04 Jan 2018, 00:16


Jim H 03 Jan 2018, 21:37

Pretty moderate plus’

Jim H 03 Jan 2018, 21:33

Cute high plus

Moderate plus

Jo 03 Jan 2018, 20:25

... or lute? ;-)

Tatinha & Alain 03 Jan 2018, 11:02


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Weirdeyes 03 Jan 2018, 10:13

It’s interesting how most girls with plus glasses who are posted here have naturally big eyes. So their glasses often look stronger than they really are. This makes me grateful for haveing small to average looking eyes.

Myopic Tamilian Woman 03 Jan 2018, 09:38

Glassesforeveryone 03 Jan 2018, 00:27 plus plus plus plus

Jo 02 Jan 2018, 21:22

Do you wan't to learn mandolin, folks?

Here you can do so:

 02 Jan 2018, 20:52

Dasha's right eye appears straightend some, while her left appears turning in more. They appear about equal now. She probably has better vision now due to less unbalance.

Pseldonymov 02 Jan 2018, 19:26


gerry 02 Jan 2018, 08:47

Happy New Year to all glasses wearers and may this site continue to support and appreciate we glasses wearers are just as attractive as non glasses wearers. Maybe this will be the year i find my true love and find the lady of my dreams. I love ladies wearing high magnification glasses, love to big warm loving eyes. Have fun take good care Love to all from Gerry

Strong minus 02 Jan 2018, 07:36

Tatinha & Alain 02 Jan 2018, 07:35

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Likelenses 02 Jan 2018, 01:25


Dasha's new glasses are interesting in that the right lense seems to be somewhat straightening that eye,while the left lense is deliciously stronger with massive minification to that eye.

MisterMild 01 Jan 2018, 20:26

Updates from high-minus Dasha... I think the boyfriend has faded away

Jo 01 Jan 2018, 14:00

sorry, I was wrong:

@ Likelenses 31 Dec 2017, 23:13


not only in iran:


"Happy" new year them!

What I would say: We all are snobs here, because we ignore the horrible real world, during indulging our glasses-tic ...


Jo 01 Jan 2018, 13:39

@ Likelenses 31 Dec 2017, 23:13


not only in iran:


"Happy" new year them!

What I would say: We all are snobs here, because we ignore the horrible real world, during indulging our glasses-tic ...


Unstable Enemy 01 Jan 2018, 13:34

Strong Minus

Unstable Enemy 01 Jan 2018, 13:33

Strong Minus

Unstable Enemy 01 Jan 2018, 13:32

Strong Minus:

LikeGlass 01 Jan 2018, 10:06

It's the https: remove the s and it will link.

Speximann 01 Jan 2018, 08:48


Sorry bout the links

Seems I'll Have to Re_Learn the hot link thing AGAIN!

 01 Jan 2018, 08:13

 01 Jan 2018, 08:13

 01 Jan 2018, 08:11

 01 Jan 2018, 08:11

Speximann 01 Jan 2018, 08:09

 01 Jan 2018, 07:51

I doubt any glasses were smashed. (rolls eyes) That sounds like a dream you had or a fantasy.

Pseldonymov 01 Jan 2018, 00:33


Likelenses 31 Dec 2017, 23:13

31 Dec 2017, 20:08 Poster

Because in a country like Iran opposing the government / religion is not tolerated. Believe me more than just glasses were smashed.

 31 Dec 2017, 20:33


 31 Dec 2017, 20:08

why would people have their glasses broken and smashed? that is not normal during protests and quite an unusual thing to say.

Likelenses 31 Dec 2017, 17:20


Your first photo made me think that there have been a lot of broken, and smashed glasses in Iran in the last few days.

Pseldonymov 31 Dec 2017, 15:48


Tatinha & Alain 31 Dec 2017, 01:02

We wish everybody a Happy 2018 ! We thank a lot our members and we hope you enjoy the site. It has been updated with a New Year Gallery.

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Eyestein 31 Dec 2017, 00:54

High Minus

Yugz 30 Dec 2017, 23:51


That's what I'm thinking. When I got glasses from that site my +1.25 glasses looked more like +2.00 glasses. So maybe they're actually closer to the +2.00 range.

Eyestein 30 Dec 2017, 23:32

Judging by the expansion of the facial outline I think maybe no more than +3. However the effect of an ashperic lens can be deceptive. Plus prescriptions are difficult to estimate.

Yugz 30 Dec 2017, 23:21

How strong do these glasses look?

Eyestein 30 Dec 2017, 20:54

Hard to believe this hasn't been posted before. Maybe it has been.

Yugz 30 Dec 2017, 15:02

High minus

Crystal Veil 30 Dec 2017, 13:07

Hello everyone on Eye Scene,

It gives me pleasure to announce that 73 "newly" edited portraits of lovely Farishta are now posted on

The original, unedited versions of these portraits can be found on my first weblog ("Ladies behind crystal veil") for comparison. They are from Farishta's first (Dec 2009) and second (summer 2010) photo shoots. The 73 portraits were edited in 2014 but subsequently "lost" after a PC crash. My brother in law recently managed to retrieve them undamaged and virus free, along with a larger selection of edited photos of models from the early days of the project (e.g. Karen, Lettie and Carla). Another selection will be posted in January. I hope to somewhat fill the void because of my current project of writing a book.

everything's fuzzy 30 Dec 2017, 12:16

High index:

Mid index:

everything's fuzzy 30 Dec 2017, 12:09

Same girl, different glasses

Medium index lenses: possibly polycarbonate 1.59 index;

High index lenses: possibly 1.74 index;

everything's fuzzy 30 Dec 2017, 12:09

Same girl, different glasses

Medium index lenses: possibly polycarbonate 1.59 index;

High index lenses: possibly 1.74 index;

Yeti 30 Dec 2017, 08:18

@anonymous :)

the pleasure is all mine :) I think Asian ladies look amazing with glasses

Best and a lot of myopic sightings

 30 Dec 2017, 04:01

Thank you Yeti for posting this Indonesian beauty

Crystal Veil 30 Dec 2017, 02:10


thank you for the nice compliments about Farishta. I will of course share them with her as we still have a regular contact. You are right about that special quality - each and every style somehow seems to suit her. And the same goes for the prescriptions. You mention "the absence of strong prescriptions" but be assured, you will find some of her myodisc portraits between 102 and 129. I never counted how many glasses from my collection were shown by Farishta in her photo shoots. Between 250 and 300 would be a fair estimation. Re your question about the book: it's about say half a dozen themes (family, city history, richess and poverty, music, habits, geography, mountain climbing etc) but the origins and development of my life long fascination with GWG's are described in many of the short stories. There is no shortage of GWG's in the book. Of course much of the GWG theme can be found in the narratives that accompany the photo shoots. But if all goes well, the book will bring all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together. Writing a book is a lot of hard work but a great experience. Best wishes for 2008 to your good self!

jay  29 Dec 2017, 23:33

re plus lenses the ones referred to by David can be bought in specsavers. they're called omega aspheric and are not really expensive i think around £60 i think they start from a +8

jay  29 Dec 2017, 23:33

re plus lenses the ones referred to by David can be bought in specsavers. they're called omega aspheric and are not really expensive i think around £60 i think they start from a +8

David 29 Dec 2017, 15:56

Other pics

David 29 Dec 2017, 15:55

In regards to the whole talk about lenses looking stronger based on how they're made, I'll re link my glasses that I posted a while ago.

So, I asked for lenticular but the lab didn't get the message so they re made them so I have the same frame and same RX but in lentic and non, so you can clearly see the difference below

lentifan 29 Dec 2017, 14:25

Crystal Veil

How nice to see some 'nostalgic' pictures of the lovely Farishta! She was always one of my favourites amongst your many fine models. I think it has something to do with her ability to look good in a great variety of different styles and sizes of frame - even the big plastic frames which I don't really like. In the absence of strong prescriptions, my favourite among this batch of pictures has to be No 77, but I do agree with you that she looks very natural in No 96 too.

I wish you health and happiness for 2018 and success in the completion of your book. In telling of your growing up in Amsterdam, will it deal with the development of your interest in glasses? I know any account of my (not very interesting) early life would be incomplete without reference to my glasses fetish, even though I kept it entirely to myself.

Weirdeyes 29 Dec 2017, 12:00

I think I notice more high plus than high minuses, but maybe it’s because plus just looks stronger. My dad called my mom’s glasses super strong, but she only wore +4 or something. She actually needed +5, but even that isn’t as extreme as my dad thought.

Weirdeyes 29 Dec 2017, 10:06

It seems like farsightedness gets more attention in general. When I first got glasses I had the low rx of R0.00 L+1.25, but people still found it weird that a kid wore glasses for reading. I probably would have gotten less attention if I wore them fulltime, but I was only told to wear them for reading and TV.

Neville 29 Dec 2017, 07:12

I agree plus glasses do look stronger and get more attention. Attention I really like.

As a kid I had bad eyesight but during my teens my Rx for hyperopia got less. Why I do not know? At uni in the late 60s early 70s I missed thick lenses but coincidentally became good friends with a trainee optician. He helped me, and still does, with GOC.

I has cataracts removed ten years ago and after a battle with the doctor had no IOLs fitted. So back to thick lenses. Love that even with obvious drawbacks.

My friend about to retire from his optician business has continued to help.

I only recently found this site and would love to hear from anyone who enjoys wearing or seeing others in thick plus lenses.

NJ I hope you will contact me.

Neville 28 Dec 2017, 12:29


I would love to hear more about your experiences with GOC with extreme glasses.

NJ 28 Dec 2017, 06:36

Weirdeyes, it's not just you. For some reason plus glasses just look stronger than minus glasses for the same strength. You see a lot of links here labelled high plus, but would be at most moderate minus if they were minus lenses. I don't know why this is true, but maybe because higher plus scripts are so rare.

I also think people with high plus lenses look more impaired than those with a similar but minus script. Back when I used to do GOC with both high plus (+20) and high minus (-20 to -40) I noticed that people treated me as more impaired with the high plus script. The telltale sign was how a cashier put change in my hand. wearing high plus glasses, they often placed the change carefully in my palm rather than just handing it to me.

Weirdeyes 27 Dec 2017, 18:00

Is it just me or do people tend to overestimate plus prescriptions when someone has naturally big eyes. I knew this girl who wore high plus glasses. I estimated them to be +6.00, but I later overheard her saying they were +5.00. I've been tricked many times before. I've also seen this happen on eyescene where someone calls glasses high plus, but they actually look like medium plus with low index lenses and big eyes. I've seen poorly made +3.00 glasses look high plus before.

Pseldonymov 27 Dec 2017, 16:48


Yeti 27 Dec 2017, 02:47

Charming medium minus from Asia:

Pseldonymov 27 Dec 2017, 00:32


Jim H 26 Dec 2017, 21:13

Moderate Plus Metal half rims

Jim H 26 Dec 2017, 21:11

Pretty moderate Plus Nice

Jim H 26 Dec 2017, 21:08

High Plus

Tatinha & Alain 26 Dec 2017, 05:21

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Al 25 Dec 2017, 12:34

Merry Xmas :)

Crystal Veil 25 Dec 2017, 07:14

Soundmanpt (Dec 22),

thank you for thinking about future models. The mother & daughter shoot you are referring to was unique. Both of them were fully dedicated and tireless. The mother told me later that both of them had suffered from pain in their jaws because of all the smiling during the shoot. It was Nel who introduced me to mother Miriam. Nel was always great at bringing candidates under my attention. We split up a year ago and it will be hard to find a new First Lady for the project. But one never knows. A duo shoot calls for more concentration by all involved than a photo shoot with one model so it will be best to make a gentle start. Thanks!

Crystal Veil 25 Dec 2017, 07:01

Jim H,

thanks for posting the lovely high minus with round frames. Her prescription is -7.75.

Likelenses 25 Dec 2017, 01:03

Sexy optometrist

Jim H 24 Dec 2017, 22:01

Cute minus

White frames With sunnies

Jim H 24 Dec 2017, 21:59

Pretty minus bride

Strong minus with YouTube channel

Jim H 24 Dec 2017, 21:52

Minus brides

Cat eyes and braces

Jim H 24 Dec 2017, 21:49

High minus round frames

Jim H 24 Dec 2017, 21:46

Nice minus cat eyes


Jim H 24 Dec 2017, 21:42

High minus

Hot Optition

Curvy Brazilian

Jim H 24 Dec 2017, 21:37

Dream minus girls Big frames and rings

Lower extremities but gorgeous Hot blonde mom

Jim H 24 Dec 2017, 21:32

Very strong minus Dark haired Finn

aviator-oo- 24 Dec 2017, 19:21,charlottehbest&search_type=Tags&sorting=Interestingness&page=1&textinput=brunette,charlottehbest&photo_type=250

Puffin 24 Dec 2017, 07:38

Don't post children on here.


Don't leave stupid comments on people's social media pics.

 24 Dec 2017, 03:51

beautiful plusses

Slit 23 Dec 2017, 23:04

Re: 23 Dec 2017, 20:51

Looks like under 18. Pls avoid.

 23 Dec 2017, 20:51

Bifocals +

MisterMild 23 Dec 2017, 16:44

Polish high myope

different frames

MisterMild 23 Dec 2017, 16:36

Yet another gorgeous Brazilian, mid-high myope:

different frames

-15 23 Dec 2017, 08:20

everything's fuzzy 22 Dec 2017, 22:26

Two sisters and their glasses/ eyesight:

everything's fuzzy 22 Dec 2017, 22:26

Two sisters and their glasses/ eyesight:

Jo 22 Dec 2017, 16:34


Soundmanpt 22 Dec 2017, 16:32

Crystal Veil

You did several photo shoots with mother and daughter combinations that I found interesting. The one I remember most the mother wore glasses and the her daughter had perfect eyesight but the daughter wanted to wear a pair of her mother's old glasses and the mother paid to have non-prescription lenses put in them for her. They both excepted free glasses as payment for their work. Of course mother and daughter both looked very good modeling your glasses. You had a number of very attractive non professional women model for you that you made them look like professionals. Maybe do new shoots with the models that only wanted free glasses for their services since that should be much cheaper.

Jo 22 Dec 2017, 16:24

higher minus:

Crystal Veil 22 Dec 2017, 15:06


to be honest, at this moment I don't have a clue who the next model will be. Probably not a Dutch freelancer as our economy seems to be booming. Models are eager to pose for my modest fee during a recession but now some triple the prices. I will see where the land lies after finishing the book. Early spring will be a convenient time of the year to do a bit of traveling. I may start with a model who posed for me before (like the street singer) to ensure a gentle start. Thanks!

Crystal Veil 22 Dec 2017, 14:59

Jim H, thank you for sending the beautiful high plus. My top instagram favorite of the past few months is a Mother Nugget who sadly ditched her specs recently for lasik.

Crystal Veil 22 Dec 2017, 14:48

Dear still, your assumption is right. The stories are all written out in Dutch. To make things worse, some key phrases are in double Dutch. Although Dutch is only a minor language it has many regional and even local dialects. E.g. the Amsterdam language of my youth had lots of expressions from the former Jewish quarter with a population of 70.000. Much in the stories is oral history. Translated into music: a scrap of recording is worth a ton of solfa. My best wishes for your good self for 2018!

Pseldonymov 22 Dec 2017, 13:58


aviator -oo- 22 Dec 2017, 11:48

Brooklyn Grace (minus girl with braces)

aviator -oo- 22 Dec 2017, 11:46

NishUnleashed says "I got glasses!"

aviator -oo- 22 Dec 2017, 11:39

Amber Irene

aviator -oo- 22 Dec 2017, 11:39

Amber Irene

Soundmanpt 22 Dec 2017, 08:19

Crystal Veil

Really glad to hear that you're in good health or as you say fit as a fiddle. You're a man of many talents. How wonderful that your writing a book. No doubt that can take some time. Like everyone else I will be looking forward to seeing more photo shoots in the coming year. I'm sure by now you have a bevy of young beautiful women waiting to be photographed wearing glasses form your vast collection. I'm always amazed at how of these women with perfect eyesight want to be photographed wearing glasses. It does make one ask why glasses and not bathing suits or something else maybe? Any idea who the first will be once you're back doing shoots?

Jim H 21 Dec 2017, 21:09

CV, wonderful to hear you are keeping busy on another passion project. Looking forward to a new photo shoot in the new year. Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all on eyescene.

A present. Beautiful high Plus

Pseldonymov 21 Dec 2017, 20:35


still 21 Dec 2017, 19:13

Dear CV, I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and a successful conclusion to your book. I assume you are writing it in Dutch?

Crystal Veil 21 Dec 2017, 18:55


you are right about my photo shoots. The last shoot was in October so it has been a while. Be assured, I'm fit as a fiddle but extremely busy with a new project. Writing a book manuscript about my native Amsterdam during the fifties, sixties and seventies. 27 short stories finished and perhaps 18 to 20 stories to go. Tremendous flow and much easier than expected. An effort like this can't be stretched too long. I'm 67 and some projects should not be postponed until memories and reflexes are slowing down. My schedule is to have the manuscript ready by the end of January. Then it's time for a break and go back to doing photo shoots. Many GWG episodes are included in the stories but intertwined with half a dozen other leading themes. Most of the GWG events are already included in the narratives for the weblog over the past nine years. Wishing you and the entire Eye Scene community Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy New Year with lots of GWG sightings, real life stories and so on!

Soundmanpt 21 Dec 2017, 17:40

That reminds me. We haven't seen any new photo shoots from the master, Crystal Veil. I hope everything is okay with him. I know i look forward to his wonderful photo shoots with his lovely models wearing his numerous glasses from his vast collection.

Happy holidays!

Soundmanpt 21 Dec 2017, 17:35


Thanks for posting so many great pictures of so many really cute young women wearing glasses. In these most recent pictures most of the girls all seem to be wearing very weak minus glasses. It makes me wonder how many are maybe wearing their first glasses. I'm assuming this is some sort of class they are in. But it seems like most all of them attending are glasses wearers. Again thanks for finding and posting theses wonderful pictures. Please keep it up.

Jurczyk 21 Dec 2017, 13:12

Jurczyk 21 Dec 2017, 13:11

Jurczyk 21 Dec 2017, 13:09

Jurczyk 21 Dec 2017, 13:07

Jurczyk 21 Dec 2017, 13:05

Dan 21 Dec 2017, 12:26

Jo - My sentiments exactly. I'm not sure who posted that but I'm not sure this is a hearing person.

gerry 21 Dec 2017, 06:40

Can I return seasons greeting to the lovely Tahinha your so beautiful from the heart. have fun Martin xx

Tatinha 21 Dec 2017, 06:18

I want to wish a Merry Christmas to all and thank with all my heart my friends and admirers, that we can look with optimism at every challenge imposed by life to all of you, my thank ..

Jo 20 Dec 2017, 12:24

"high plus twins singers "

high plus - yeah, but: "singers"?? Non e!

They sing horrible wrongly like ravens ...


 20 Dec 2017, 01:23


Tatinha & Alain 19 Dec 2017, 12:11

Elisete Tatinha Lottery is Coming Back on 2018!

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Win a One Month Membership! Draw on January 1st!

 19 Dec 2017, 09:27

plus, recently strated wearing full time

 19 Dec 2017, 09:26

low minus prescription, but good looking

 19 Dec 2017, 09:25

russian minus girls

Likelenses 19 Dec 2017, 01:19


Good to hear from The Princess Of Glasses again.

Merry Christmas to a beautiful GWG!

gerry 18 Dec 2017, 16:06

Tatinha and Alan, Its really nice you share such wonderful photos with us from your private collection. I,m sure Tatinha has thousands of admirers

throughout internet, and for guys like me you who see beyond your glasses, even though I love them, we see a lady who has overcome many challenges

because of her poor vision yet has a happy disposition. Have fun Garry xxx

Y. 18 Dec 2017, 01:05

low minus:

Medium minus:

 17 Dec 2017, 21:47

high plus twins singers

seems their prescriptions are even higher than Diana Cazan has

 17 Dec 2017, 20:59

good looking plus

Pseldonymov 17 Dec 2017, 20:48

Small minus

 17 Dec 2017, 15:34


 17 Dec 2017, 15:31


Sonia 17 Dec 2017, 06:03

Hello Guys,

I had a lot of viewers from you so i come to say Hi & Thanks You, i hope everyone is ok and i wish you a merry christmas !

(i'm improving my english by reading you by the way)

Thank You


Aventus 16 Dec 2017, 22:41

All time favourite high minus

 16 Dec 2017, 20:39

Jo 16 Dec 2017, 07:46

some german ads - "Schleichwerbung" ;-)



Weirdeyes 16 Dec 2017, 02:18


Still looks uneven, but managable. I'd be surprised if they were more even than my eyes. Kind of hard to tell with high plus. I find high plus lenses tend to look more uneven.

murky 15 Dec 2017, 20:10

Now here is near perfection, even though it's black

The sweep of the lower arch matches the jaw line, eyebrows ( even if painted) are clearly visible, cat eye not too pronounced, and perfect nose bridge fit.

A nobel prize to the fitting optometrist!

Jurczyk 15 Dec 2017, 13:27

Lou 15 Dec 2017, 09:38

Hi Eyestein

I believe that it may be a fresnel prism.

Best wishes


Eyestein 15 Dec 2017, 06:54

Diana Cazan. I'm not sure what to make of the left lens. Maybe it's only reflection.

Eyestein 15 Dec 2017, 05:59

@Weirdeyes 03 Dec 2017, 07:01

Actually I later found that there is a dark spot or shadow on her right eyelid which gives the impression of a huge iris. Quite deceptive. So in fact her lenses might be nearly equal.

Jo 15 Dec 2017, 01:38



thats precisely this, what I wrote about this experts-war: The patient is only an objekt in their eyes, not a human, you are only "a case" in the eyes of such "busy" "physicians" (if you meet them offshore, sailing, they have all the time of the world surprisingly, but for the peoples with problems they are always "very busy" and crisp - its part of this mendacious play of capitalistic medicine: No profitieeing without this behavior.

Such "physicians" should be avoided completely, because their "medicine" is inhuman and in the "Dr. Mengele"-direction at the end.

The public should claim a federal valuation-system for medical professionals.

Rude, crisp persons and medical grafters would take their approbations back this way and the costs of public health would decrease too this way.

The topic "asthenoptic issues" is a eminently hard-fought area - like I wrote already ...

The rude sound in this topic is a "Reflex of Pawlov" in this part of "health"-"industry" - and money, noth health, is the trigger ...


 14 Dec 2017, 22:52


Lou 14 Dec 2017, 02:43

Hi Weirdeyes

No, I don't think he hates you, rather that he is a busy professional and is simply being matter of fact. He has given you his opinion, he has nothing further to add, and is telling you that he would rather not discuss it further. Admittedly his way of ending the discussion is a little brusque, but sadly some medical professionals are like this, just like you get people like this in other walks of life. I don't know whether you have ever watched House with the brilliant Hugh Laurie. He is a brilliant doctor who can work out very unusual and complicated medical cases, but it is the cases which interest him, not the people. In fact he appears to have no people skills at all. This is a difficult one, as although eyes are usually not emergency medicine, medical professionals have to maintain a level of detachment so that they can objectively do their jobs without their emotions getting in the way. The professional who replied to you's profile on that website says:

I am a Board Certified Ophthalmologist; Editor of Missouri Medicine medical journal and Contributing Editor of Kansas City Medicine medical journal. Also a clinical researcher with over 150 manuscripts-correspondence-editorials published; Editor of two medical text book s and contributor to two others. I founded the Eye Expert Forum in 1997. I have no conflict of interests to disclose and receive no money from pharmaceutical or ophthalmic manufacturers. I am not paid to answer these questions.

He is presumably a busy man, and probably interested primarily in the optical side of thing, although I imagine that he still gets great satisfaction out of knowing that he has helped someone. He probably feels that he has answered your question to the best of his knowledge and wants to help someone else.

He is completely different to someone like me, a regular reader of the forum who is a mum and homemaker first and orchestral trumpeter/brass band cornet player second, who has a weeks' washing to do soon, owing to the washing machine repair man finally managing to fit me in yesterday. I've got the time and inclination to try to help someone. Also having convergence insufficiency (plus in my case eye tracking difficulties), I have some understanding of what you are going through, although I don't personally have the big difference between my eyes.

I understand what the doctor is saying. I am also surprised that you don't see things larger through your left eye with glasses. I can fully understand that things would look comparatively smaller through your left eye with contact lenses, as as the eye doctor explained, contact lenses do reduce the image size compared to glasses for somebody who has hyperopia, but it should be the case that when you wear glasses, you have the added complication of things looking larger through your left eye than your right, not that when you wear contact lenses, things look smaller through your left eye than your right. I cannot really explain why you see this way. If the image size is more matched with glasses for you, if the difference is prescription does not make your eyes look different sizes to others (which I guess is what you mean when you refer to wearing glasses for cosmetic reasons, since you are happy to wear +1.00 readers over the top of your contacts), I'd stick with glasses.

If you want my honest opinion, as somebody who has had difficulties with their eye prescriptions owing to convergence insufficiency, and also tends to get anxious, I believe that anxiety is definitely adding to your issues. What in my opinion you need is firstly a sympathetic optician, then secondly, you need to be prepared to trust their prescription, as to keep doubting it only leads to anxiety.

I really hope that this will help.

Take care


Weirdeyes 14 Dec 2017, 01:01

Wow, he really hates me. I guess medhelp isn't the best site. Cactus Jack doesn't seem to like me either.

 13 Dec 2017, 21:50

low plus (and wheelchair)

 13 Dec 2017, 11:42

Cute all focus brunette :

 13 Dec 2017, 11:41

Cute all focus brunette :

aviator-oo- 12 Dec 2017, 20:59

Trent 12 Dec 2017, 18:39

Thanks Jim H!

Jim H 12 Dec 2017, 18:04

More moderate minus German blonde

Big metal purple frames


Blonde with lots of pairs

Jim H 12 Dec 2017, 17:57

Moderate minus -7.5


Pretty in aviators

Czech blonde

iamhacked 12 Dec 2017, 17:56

High minus (-15, -16) girl shows the struggles of trying to do makeup with such high myopia.

iamhacked 12 Dec 2017, 17:55

A Chinese TV show where high myopic girls wear their glasses, then take off their glasses from a distance and try to read letters and view pictures.

Jim H 12 Dec 2017, 17:52

Beautiful Moderate Minus ladies

Jim H 12 Dec 2017, 17:49

High Minus Makeup girl

Jim H 12 Dec 2017, 15:00

Vintage minus and cat eye

Jim H 12 Dec 2017, 14:54

Full time strong minus Very nice! Blue frames New prism and progressives

Pretty with rimless specs

Jim H 12 Dec 2017, 14:48

Strong Minus Cute blonde

Pretty Purple frames

Nice, hope she wears them more

Jim H 12 Dec 2017, 14:44

High minus Red head Curvy with progressives

Jim H 12 Dec 2017, 14:41

Nice full time High Minus Progressives

 11 Dec 2017, 14:22

low plus girls

Yugz 10 Dec 2017, 23:45

-7 Asian

murky 10 Dec 2017, 22:01

Anyone heard of CoCo song frames? Exquisite , look at this on facebook

Tatinha & Alain 10 Dec 2017, 18:08

Thanks Gerry for your nice comments.

3 New Videos have been added yesterday. More to come!

Gerry 10 Dec 2017, 09:07

Gosh what a truly beautiful lady Tatinha is, not only very beautiful, love her glasses when i saw the photos it sent me into specs wonderland. She seems to have it all, beauty, sex appeal, love personality, and those specs are a real turn on. What say you ?Gerry

bateau 09 Dec 2017, 13:41

Croatia & Ontario gwg !

Moonshiner 08 Dec 2017, 01:52

I deleted several inappropriate posts (many repeated posts) in this thread mostly from late November from IP addresses in California, Nevada and Romania. Many were complaints about linking to publicly posted content. Instagram and most social media sites have provisions to block users and make their content private. Though I don’t know the nature of comments posted there, they are a violation of the user policy if they are harassing, threatening, or intimidating, as such, the user should block the offender and/or report them.

Weirdeyes 08 Dec 2017, 01:47


I think something that complicates things is that my left eye is not lazy. So it's not suppressed. I could also watch 3D movies before I got glasses, so it's possible my left eye was never lazy to begin with. I think it had 20/50 acuity, but that makes perfect sense with -1.50 astigmatism. When the cyl was -0.50 my left eye could see 20/30. I think most people with my type of prescription have a lazy eye.

Jo 08 Dec 2017, 01:17

Weirdeyes 07 Dec 2017, 18:45

I believe, that may be possible.

Anisometry (means: both eyes havn't the same rx) or lazy constructed glasses can cause such effects. This depends from the "preferred" eye.

Everybody likes to see sharp. So if one eye is properly corrected and the other not, we prefer the properly corrected - the other one will be more and more supressed by brain.

If both not precisely corrected, we will prefer the "better" one, but what means "better" in this case:

If the eye is shortsighted, the brain cant do anything.

But if the eye is farsighted, the brain can take order to the eye, to correct this by accomodation. In younger ages it is possible (for presbyopians more and more not).

The problem is: We aren't camaeleons. ;-)

Means: Our eyes aren't independent eachother.

If one eye does accomodate, the other one will do so too.

And if this other one was right bevore, so it will get blurry then - one cant see clearly with both eyes this way.

Ofcours you can get the feeling: "One of those glasses-lenses is always wrong."

If the difference of both eyes is such big and the difference increases during the life, there should be a check of the eyes background by a eye-doctor too.


If the rx changes in a short time dramatically (except on some "glasses-newcomers" - i wrote already about the spasm-problem) there should be always a doctors check occasinally. sometimes there is a little more behind and it's better to check this timely)

Ofcourse an anisometry can cause a accomodative spasm too, but there we are on the wide field of asthenoptic issues and this isn't not only a field, but a battlefield too - between some physical "experts" of different "schools", between those experts and optometrists, between optometrists and opticians, between optometrists and parents, insurances and so on - horrible, if a patient comes in such a experts-mill - they will tear up him.

so I dont like to join there ...

best regards


Tatinha & Alain 07 Dec 2017, 20:44

2 New Videos on linePlaying with Cat Eyes & Extreme Close Up & Reading With and Without Glasses. More than 15 minutes

5 New Galleries. 184 new pictures all kind....!

More videos tomorrow!

Weirdeyes 07 Dec 2017, 18:45


Do you think difference between my eyes not being corrected properly caused a spasm of accommodation? When I first got glasses my prescription was R0.00 L+1.25. My OD was frustrated that my eyes wouldn't relax. After that my glasses were R+1.75 L+4.25. My right eye prescription kept getting lower, but my left eye stayed pretty much the same. It's now R+0.75 L+4.25. My glasses feel noticeably too weak. Right now I'm wearing +1.00 readers over my contacts all the time. With +1.50 readers I notice my left eye can see a bit further, so I still don't think my eyes are balanced. I'm annoyed my eyes relax because my glasses always feel too weak.

 07 Dec 2017, 17:19

@07 Dec 2017, 09:14

2nd possibility:

The astigmatism triggered an accomodation-spasm so the eyes was getting minus by spasm.

Then she got the glasses with astigmatic lenses and the spasm goes away:

The now more relaxed eyes are weak plus in their natural state.

Its more seldom in this age, but very frequent by small children: They have a very profligate accomodation so the real natural (and the goal of treatmant) rx you can get only as a doctor by paralyzing the over-accomodation with Atropin/Cyclopentolat/Scopolamin/Tropicamid.

But if you would construct a pair of glasses with this rx, the patient would flip out: without atropin the eye can't relax to this maximal (relaxed) amount, the plus-value would be too high, the glasses would be blurry.

To solve the spasm of accomodation takes time sometimes.

And under disstress maybe the spasm comes back, teh glasses getting blurry and the reaction is often: "Hey Optition, you sold me the wrong prescription!" lol

There is at next a popular scientific lecture mature then. ;-)

What to do?

If the (Atropin-)relaxed amount is (for example) +2 (with -1.0 dpt asigmatism), but the very first, subjective mensuation arised -0.5dpt (with -1.0 dpt asigmatism) so the first pair of glasses will be -0.0dpt (with -1.0 dpt asigmatism), the second - after a newly test +1dpt (with -1.0 dpt asigmatism)

and the next one +2.0 (with -1.0 dpt asigmatism) -so we got the real natural amount step by step - the ciliarmuscle ist relaxed now, headaches are gone (if there is still no hidden strabism, but this is a different topic ..)

So it comes maybe: At first weak minus glasses (interim solution, only for relaxing the ciliarmuscle-spasm triggered by astigmatism - those glasses correct nearly only the astigmatism , the sphere not yet fully) the real rx later then.

Maybe(!) that could be the case here.

(The sublime excuse my horrible "denglish"! ;-))


Jo 07 Dec 2017, 16:08

@07 Dec 2017, 09:14

she says, she has astigmatism, so its possible, the optician is trying different solutions.

The problem not seldom is:

There are 2 different shemes of astigmatism:

a) regular astigmatism

b) irregular astigmatism

a) "regular" means: the optical system isn't spherc, cant portray a point and makes a dash instead, the lense/cornea has not only one single radius like a spheric lense/cornea, but 2 - but those radiuses are measurable, so you have in your prescription 2 different rx: the rx of one axis and the rx of the other axis and the angle in ° between them (and the poor linse grinders have to grind them then - ist not easy!)

b) "irregular" means: the eye can't make a point, but can't make a dash too, a point-spotlight makes a irregular star on the retina, that means: this eye has more than 2 axes, maybe the cornea has a surface like the moon, orh te earth: with irregular mountains and vales (sometimes scars), so the type a)- lens cant help properly. (sometimes only hard contact-lenses/scleral-lenses (with "tear-water" between the cornea and the contactlens, wich neutralizes the irregularity nearly completely) can help)

The difficulty is: Its up to now impossible to grind a glasses-lens with a such irregular surface, like the eye is needing.

What do do in such cases?

We can try to find a compromise:

We have to find a type a)-glass, where both rx and the angle

make the least blurry.

Sometimes one can compute this a little, after a proper inspection of the cornea, but somtimes one only can try and try again.

This means:

If someone only has a weak rx, but astigmatism with a irregular part in it, it ist possible, one pair of glasses is more going to the plus-tendency, the other try more to the minus tendency.

And so you have the effect like someone wears a plus glasses, and then a minus one.

The next thing is: The rx-notation differs in the whole world:

You have the "main-rx" at first, maybe

+0.5 dpt

and then the 2nd (astigmatic) amount is written in minus-spelling:

+0.5 dpt(spheric) -1.0dpt (90°)(astigmatism.)

this is:

radius f is +0.5, radius s is -0.5 => (+0.5 - 1.0)

but in some countries they have the plus-spelling:

(the same glases!:)

-0.5 dpt (s is becoming f) +(!) 1.0 dpt (270° (!!!)

(270° == -90° ;-) )

in this example we have the same amount to the 0-axis, but if the amounts differ asymmetrical you can have 2 glasses with a little different look, but with the same optical effect.

At 3rd: Glasseslenses are delivered in different diameters and if the frame is a little "special" its sometimes necessary to take the bigger ones and grind the ege more than on a different diameter, means:

2 different glasses-lenses with the same rx can have different middle-thicknesses and in range of weak rx'es it can seem sometimes a little like a different (+/-) rx.

Hey folks! Optician ist a cool (and really helpful!) job!


Jo 07 Dec 2017, 15:17

@Choucha 07 Dec 2017, 04:54

You're welcome, no problem, my "english" isn't the best too.

Hey, thats internet. ;-)

(I've never learnt english properly in my part of the world. ;-))

What i would say: Your fears don't have to be and we shouldn't anticipate such ones. Please stay cool.

Ofcourse it is annoying, if such a clumpsy fellow ask things, which can't (still?) cool handled by the affected person:

One of my schoolmates was horribly shortsighted (over -25 dpt already in 5. grade(!) and they hadn't the proper glasses-lenses for children in this time (and contacts for children at this time?? NO way! lol (You can see, im not the youngest anymore .. ;-) ) - and more and more (over -30) over the years then - and still after over 30 years she couldn't speak about that, although she knew by herself, that everybody in our class knew her problems from the beginning (by all those big and small dramas and mistakes in gym-, gardening- etc. lessons, from the blackboard wrong transcribed tasks in a important mathematics-examination, all those tears and "i can't, because my eyes ..." and so on - normal for us, but not for her(!), . (a class reunion of us was nearly broken up about this topic - please imagine: We all of the old class was nearly to the 60ies and ALL of us was glasses wearers in between at this time - but she still couldnt speak about this topic, couldnt laugh about all those bygone little mistakes in the past - means: She had(has??) a very heavy livelong trauma about her eye-problems.

And ofcourse it's a bore too, to answer over years every day the same question: "Your glasses are so thick, whats the matter with your eyes?"

Everybody reacts different.

And not always has a not so heavy affectet one the right empathy, to go in the shoes of the other, more affected one.

But i don't believe, that we're made from sugar. ;-)

We're all in the "legal age" and if someone is rude or intrusive, then a short: "Hey, please dont transgress the limits" should be enough to stop unpleasant situations and questions.

It's the nature of the humans, to ask, to be interested, to be curious, sometimes a little inquisitive too.

Then the mouth goes on and off - and thats it ... ;-)

No reason for fears, or defamation.

I believe: "Aven a big deal isn't really a big deal. ;-)


I believe, sometimes such little "conflicts" can help the affected peoples (and the not so ones too) to get a little different, a maybe better sight about themselfes too and decrease the common neuroses a bit:

Ofcourse, its annoying for a blind man, to tell everybody again and again his history of getting blind - but on the other site its a chance, to raise more understanding, more empathy, more sensitivity eachother.

Ignorance would be the more worse scenario ...


A lot of not affected peoples can't understand the sight of the affected ones:

The not affected maybe say:"Hey, your glasses are cool! And the thickness conjures a excitingly sparkling into your face! Wow!"

And the affected thinks:"Idiot! No, they arent pretty or "cool"! Those glasses are a nightmare for me - too heavy, pressure sores on my nose, cant swim without fears to lose them and the expenses ruin me."

The world has always two sites ... ;-)

"Exchange" ist the magical word then ...

The "right for this situation" social interaction is learnable - for both sides - for glasses wearers and admirers. ;-)

There is nothing "dangerous" in the play of "to see and to get seen" (so long things not slip into the grubby-corner) and everybody has his "turning downs" in his live too, not only more or less attractive glasseswerarers.

Have a nice day!

Again: You're welcome!


Weirdeyes 07 Dec 2017, 10:30

In the video with the "minus glasses" she said she has astigmatism. My glasses which are +0.75 -0.75 kind of look like weak minus glasses from some angles even though they're plus. I think her glasses are now plus because she had latent hyperopia with astigmatism. That simple.

 07 Dec 2017, 09:14

in August she was reviewing very small minus glasses

and now she has weak plus

Is this just online ordering mistake or change of prescription...

 07 Dec 2017, 00:21

plus below

 07 Dec 2017, 00:21

Mr Cockeyed 06 Dec 2017, 09:59

JAMES X It's very common for children to have extremely high segments because they want to make sure the patient always looks through the bifocal segment to see close

James X 06 Dec 2017, 01:33

The plus bifocals on 04 Dec 2017 16:07...

Very interesting how the bifocal segment takes up about 75% of the lens.

aviator -oo- 04 Dec 2017, 17:27


Yoyo 04 Dec 2017, 16:23

Re: the "Thick minus glasses" posted on 04 Dec 2017, 16:01.

At around 4:17 in the video she places her glasses on her head, then holds a mirror right up against her nose to see what she is doing while applying makeup. Then she squints hard (around 5:23) to find something on the table in front of her, before putting her glasses back on.

 04 Dec 2017, 16:07

Plus bifocals

 04 Dec 2017, 16:01

Thick minus glasses

Jurczyk 04 Dec 2017, 07:18

Glassesforeveryone 04 Dec 2017, 00:31 + +

HTTP// +

Slit 03 Dec 2017, 19:06

Slight + rx

Quite attractive

+10 03 Dec 2017, 14:37

-7 03 Dec 2017, 14:35

-16 03 Dec 2017, 14:32

Lurking 03 Dec 2017, 12:52

Re [Anonymous] on 03 Dec 2017, 01:42

Plus girl wears bifocals ;)

lurking 03 Dec 2017, 11:42

Eyestein: link for plussie with bifocals does not works...

Weirdeyes 03 Dec 2017, 07:01


How can she even deal with that uneven image size?

Eyestein 03 Dec 2017, 06:04

Uneven high plus bifocals.

 03 Dec 2017, 01:42

plus and minus girls

 03 Dec 2017, 01:21

reading glasses

(low, but nice close-up)

Jurczyk 01 Dec 2017, 02:16

Jurczyk 01 Dec 2017, 02:14

Jurczyk 01 Dec 2017, 02:13

Jurczyk 01 Dec 2017, 02:11

Jurczyk 01 Dec 2017, 02:06

Jurczyk 01 Dec 2017, 02:03

Pseldonymov 30 Nov 2017, 10:56


Pseldonymov 30 Nov 2017, 10:05


 30 Nov 2017, 00:53

Purrblind in her new round high plus glasses and new cosplay

 29 Nov 2017, 10:48

attractive plus's

 26 Nov 2017, 21:57

Russian girls (+) (-) (-) (+)

 26 Nov 2017, 20:10

High minus girl in Brazil,

Pseldonymov 26 Nov 2017, 19:49

High minus

Pseldonymov 26 Nov 2017, 19:48

High minus

Pseldonymov 26 Nov 2017, 15:27

Small minus

Strong minus 26 Nov 2017, 10:43

 25 Nov 2017, 17:03

High plus glasses:

Does anyone have any idea what rx they are? Someone said they only look +2, but I call bullshit.

-10 25 Nov 2017, 15:55

everything's fuzzy 25 Nov 2017, 00:28

Very pretty astrologer:

 24 Nov 2017, 21:04

Alina Pieńkowska

 24 Nov 2017, 20:59

Polish girl with plus glasses

 24 Nov 2017, 20:45

Pauline Kael with bifocals

 24 Nov 2017, 20:43

Blythe Danner with bifocals

 24 Nov 2017, 20:41

Kelly Bishop with bifocals

 24 Nov 2017, 11:36

 24 Nov 2017, 11:36

everything's fuzzy 24 Nov 2017, 11:35

Hot Brazillan girl with -22D myopia:

Jim H 23 Nov 2017, 20:05

Nice moderate minus Nice red frames Metal frames

Jim H 23 Nov 2017, 19:59

High minus

Jim H 23 Nov 2017, 19:56

High Minus

Wonder if she wore them on air

MisterMild 22 Nov 2017, 21:49

American high-minus

Jurczyk 22 Nov 2017, 07:00

Jurczyk 22 Nov 2017, 06:58

Eyestein 22 Nov 2017, 01:32


Pseldonymov 21 Nov 2017, 12:35


. 21 Nov 2017, 11:23

Jon 21 Nov 2017, 11:21

Full Nickey Huntsman video

 21 Nov 2017, 08:48

32 yo reading glasses girl

Eyestein 21 Nov 2017, 06:36


(No 1)

Eyestein 21 Nov 2017, 02:19

Anime Fan, my favourite part is at the end of the video when she puts her glasses on. She looks 100% better.

Yeti 21 Nov 2017, 01:15

Nickey Huntsman:

 20 Nov 2017, 20:24

Beautiful plus bifocal girl

She was posted posted before, but these are new selfies.

Distance script is close to plano, so I suppose those are essentially reading glasses.

Yoyo 20 Nov 2017, 13:47

Cute girl talking about hating glasses and growing to like them. Moderate minus.

 20 Nov 2017, 12:57

Nice movie based on glasses

Pseldonymov 20 Nov 2017, 12:38

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 20 Nov 2017, 12:33

Small minus

Without glasses

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 20 Nov 2017, 10:29


Anime Fan 20 Nov 2017, 09:30

The Moderate Plus from below talking about her eyesight briefly.

Jim H 20 Nov 2017, 08:34

Eyestein and Slit, yes her prescription is intriguing. It looks like her rx increased quite a bit however her is a pic from a while ago wearing glasses with a higher plus similar to what she wears now. Maybe she broke them and used readers for a while.

cutter 20 Nov 2017, 07:12

@Slit 19 Nov 2017, 08:40

@Eyestein 19 Nov 2017, 05:41

In the meanwhile she had a child: might pregnancy explaing her increase in hyperopia?


Weirdeyes 19 Nov 2017, 21:31


Her first glasses look like over the counter readers she started wearing all the time. Her second pair looks like actual prescription glasses which are probably way stronger. I don't really see much difference between her eyes.

Jim H 19 Nov 2017, 20:58

Moderate Minus

Moderate Plus

Low minus with braces

 19 Nov 2017, 19:33

moderate plussy (switch to HD)

Jurczyk 19 Nov 2017, 12:17

Jurczyk 19 Nov 2017, 12:16

 19 Nov 2017, 11:07

plus and minus girls

Slit 19 Nov 2017, 08:40

@Eyestein 19 Nov 2017, 05:41

Looking at the date of 2 photos we can observe it's about 1 year apart. It's possible that she had a significant increase within the year or else in the most recent picture she has a stronger lens for reading

Eyestein 19 Nov 2017, 05:41

@JimH. Thanks for your recent postings. I wonder why the apparently large difference in dioptres here. Notice the facial outline.



Aventus 18 Nov 2017, 11:05

Sexy High Myopic

Jim H 17 Nov 2017, 21:24

Fit high plus and bride

Jim H 17 Nov 2017, 21:23


Jim H 17 Nov 2017, 21:19

Pretty plus brides

Moderate Plus

Jim H 17 Nov 2017, 21:16

Beautiful minus girls

Jim H 17 Nov 2017, 21:13

Minus nice in transitions

Jim H 17 Nov 2017, 21:11

More Minus

Jim H 17 Nov 2017, 21:07

Moderate Minus

Jim H 17 Nov 2017, 21:04

Nice high minus Nice frames


 17 Nov 2017, 12:58

Minus glasses

 17 Nov 2017, 12:56


 17 Nov 2017, 12:55

Minus glasses

 17 Nov 2017, 12:53

Plus glasses

Jerry 17 Nov 2017, 12:46

Thick minus glasses

 17 Nov 2017, 12:33

Minus glasses

 17 Nov 2017, 12:30

Minus glasses

Curt 17 Nov 2017, 09:18

Rhonda specs:

xx75 17 Nov 2017, 06:05

xx75 17 Nov 2017, 05:59

xx75 17 Nov 2017, 05:54

xx75 17 Nov 2017, 05:50

xx75 17 Nov 2017, 05:35

wisior 17 Nov 2017, 05:26

High myopic showing her old glasses

Eyestein 17 Nov 2017, 04:54

Two saveable images.

Eyestein 17 Nov 2017, 04:32

You're right. She qualifies.

Al 17 Nov 2017, 02:32

even a hardly noticeable plus is still a plus! :)

Eyestein 17 Nov 2017, 01:53

High myopic right eye

Eyestein 17 Nov 2017, 01:51

Peruvian high minus

GWGs 16 Nov 2017, 23:33

MisterMild 16 Nov 2017, 19:07

@anon, 16 Nov 07:22

My Fotki site seems OK now.

BTW, does anybody know why has become a members-only group?

Pseldonymov 16 Nov 2017, 18:24

Dear Murkyy, Jessica Valoy is not Russian at all. She is from Seattle.

Jurczyk 16 Nov 2017, 08:23

Jurczyk 16 Nov 2017, 08:18

Jurczyk 16 Nov 2017, 08:12

 16 Nov 2017, 07:22

Your fotki sight is down Mistermild?

MisterMild 15 Nov 2017, 23:15

Updates from a lovely Hungarian hi-minus...

From an all-American extrovert...

And from a sexy Austrian, mid-minus...

Yugz 15 Nov 2017, 23:07

Some other uneven plus glasses.

 15 Nov 2017, 17:45

Fixed link?

Yugz 15 Nov 2017, 17:44

+5 in one eye

Owlish 15 Nov 2017, 16:13

-13 with a kind of blended myodisc effect not easy to spot:

Anime Fan 15 Nov 2017, 14:56

Mid-High script with and without her glasses

Eyestein 15 Nov 2017, 05:49


Yakov Smirnoff 15 Nov 2017, 05:41

"In Russia, women are like buses."

murkyy 15 Nov 2017, 03:39

excellent Pseldymonov, 14 nov 16.16

I recall being in Russia in the 1970s and was told " A good woman has an arse like the stump of a tree" because times were so bad that with a good fat reserve, they could bear a surviving child without a lot of food Methinks things have changed...

everything's fuzzy 15 Nov 2017, 00:03

@ 2:07 her glasses get taken off.

everything's fuzzy 15 Nov 2017, 00:00

@ 2:07 her glasses set taken off.

 14 Nov 2017, 22:19

High minus

Pseldonymov 14 Nov 2017, 16:16


Tailored to Murky.

 14 Nov 2017, 05:50

And Murky must pay big fat women to go out with him, because no one else will.

murky 13 Nov 2017, 21:07

nice on Pseldymonov, and reding the compliments, big fat women find it hard to get big fat glasses that suit, andhere, they do.

Pseldonymov 13 Nov 2017, 14:29

Cat Eye frame

Different women. Mostly minus

murky 12 Nov 2017, 23:56

Here a model shows some pretty speccy ana Hickman frames in plano

Look at the you tube gallery to other similar model shots, excellent cinematography.

Jo 12 Nov 2017, 09:21

Duo for two obligatory eyeglasses - or so ... ;-)

Al 12 Nov 2017, 02:29

@anonymous 11 Nov 2017, 00:09

da same gal

murky 11 Nov 2017, 23:22

THis site shows hundreds of stunning large frames, as as you mouse over the frame, she wears it. Hours of fun..

 11 Nov 2017, 01:31


 11 Nov 2017, 00:09

Plus part-time

 10 Nov 2017, 22:53

High Minus

Jim H 10 Nov 2017, 21:04


High plus in one eye, new glasses soon

Jim H 10 Nov 2017, 21:01

Polish plus model Nice

Moderate plus

Jim H 10 Nov 2017, 20:57

Nice moderate Plus

Jim H 10 Nov 2017, 20:53

Minus Big purple frames

Jim H 10 Nov 2017, 20:49

More nice minus Pink frame and coke bottles Metal frames

Jim H 10 Nov 2017, 20:45

Beautiful high minus girls

Jim H 10 Nov 2017, 20:42

High Minus Amazing Very nice Aviators

Curt 10 Nov 2017, 13:51

Cute with FT bifocals:

Anime Fan 10 Nov 2017, 13:14 High Minus

 10 Nov 2017, 05:15


Thanks mate ! She is nice.

kannadikaran 10 Nov 2017, 02:00

One girl here has strong glasses and is crosseyed.

 09 Nov 2017, 08:39

moderate plus

Yugz 09 Nov 2017, 01:11

Guy wearing thick plus glasses.

 08 Nov 2017, 09:05

nice girl wearing +1 reading glasses from Amazon

seems ok with them full time

Eyestein 07 Nov 2017, 08:04

High minus

Eyestein 07 Nov 2017, 06:59


Eyestein 07 Nov 2017, 06:21

Thigh minus

 06 Nov 2017, 11:24

Sexy myope

Jurczyk 06 Nov 2017, 11:18

Jurczyk 06 Nov 2017, 11:17

Aventus 06 Nov 2017, 10:46

High Minus:

Aventus 06 Nov 2017, 10:41

more minus

Aventus 06 Nov 2017, 10:25


Aventus 06 Nov 2017, 06:32

@Anonymous :

Great find for the link !! Brilliant ! Please keep posting more minus as you find.

George 06 Nov 2017, 03:35

Pretty bespectacled woman raffling her home:

 05 Nov 2017, 15:49

Vintage glasses

 05 Nov 2017, 13:27

Reading glasses

 05 Nov 2017, 13:10

Vintage glasses

 05 Nov 2017, 13:03

Vintage glasses

 05 Nov 2017, 12:49

Minus glasses

Hasan 05 Nov 2017, 12:10

 05 Nov 2017, 12:08

Vintage glasses

Puffin 04 Nov 2017, 05:35

I agree they are excellent photos. I particularly like the ones looking up and into the distance.

Soundmanpt 03 Nov 2017, 16:31


Once again you have provided us with some very nice pictures of a number of attractive your ladies wearing their glasses. Thank you, thank you thank you!

Jurczyk 03 Nov 2017, 14:46

Jurczyk 03 Nov 2017, 12:46

Jurczyk 03 Nov 2017, 12:43

Jurczyk 03 Nov 2017, 12:41

Jurczyk 03 Nov 2017, 12:39

Jurczyk 03 Nov 2017, 12:37

Jurczyk 03 Nov 2017, 12:23

Jurczyk 03 Nov 2017, 12:21

Jurczyk 03 Nov 2017, 12:18

Jurczyk 03 Nov 2017, 12:15

Eyestein 03 Nov 2017, 08:26

High myopic cosmetician.

Eyestein 03 Nov 2017, 06:53


Eyestein 03 Nov 2017, 05:15

Jim H. I notice your plus bifocaled girl at 02 Nov 2017, 13:56 is yet another Polish girl.

Her sunglasses:

 02 Nov 2017, 19:52


Yoyo 02 Nov 2017, 16:46

Two girls try on new glasses. The one on the right has a high prescription (-9) and squints at the screen after taking them off to show them for the camera, around 2:20:

Jim H 02 Nov 2017, 14:03

Sexy plus

Nice view


Jim H 02 Nov 2017, 13:58

Moderate Plus


Jim H 02 Nov 2017, 13:56

High Plus



Jim H 02 Nov 2017, 13:52

Hot minus’

Jim H 02 Nov 2017, 13:51

More nice Minus


Jim H 02 Nov 2017, 13:49

High minus


High prism

Jim H 02 Nov 2017, 13:46

Beautiful high myopic aspiring musician

Great High minus’

Jim H 31 Oct 2017, 19:13

Nice moderate Plus


Hot in Aviators

Jim H 31 Oct 2017, 19:10


Nice cat eye

Jim H 31 Oct 2017, 19:08

Moderate minus Nice blonde

Jim H 31 Oct 2017, 19:06

High minus

Jim H 31 Oct 2017, 19:02

Moderate minus, Fit


Very nice

Beautiful blonde bride

Jim H 31 Oct 2017, 18:58

High minus

Trent 31 Oct 2017, 17:51


Glasses Lover 31 Oct 2017, 06:05

murky 30 Oct 2017, 21:27

she just loves her glasses , and i do too.

 30 Oct 2017, 21:09

Lenka as nurse

murky 30 Oct 2017, 20:59

Those blue frames of Sarah Evans have cameras in the upper edge

See here what they can do..

murky 30 Oct 2017, 20:49

Again sarah Evans, queen of the aviators, gorgeous...ever seen better?

The commentator calls them transitions.

murky 30 Oct 2017, 20:43

Taylor swift, looking lovely/nerdy

Crystal Veil 30 Oct 2017, 15:52

Jim H,

thanks for posting that "holy distortion" picture of the young lady with the cat and the cat eye glasses. Another bold frame choice for a prescription of -10.50. It's nice to see such extremes from time to time!

Crystal Veil 30 Oct 2017, 15:47

anonymous poster (Oct. 28)

Sarah Evens' glasses are definitely oversize but I doubt if they are vintage. The oversize style reached its peak in the mid 1970's but the frames were all rather airy. My guess is that she bought a contemporary sunglasses frame and had it fitted with her own prescription. She has a bold taste for frames anyway. Look at her blue glasses. Real eye catchers. Thanks for posting.

Pseldonymov 30 Oct 2017, 07:45

Small minus

murky 29 Oct 2017, 22:16

Another spectacular from from Sarah Evans

Pseldonymov 29 Oct 2017, 08:23

Small minus

Pseldonymov 29 Oct 2017, 08:18

Small minus

Eyestein 29 Oct 2017, 02:20

Sorry. Wrong thread.

Eyestein 29 Oct 2017, 02:19

Low Rx but perfect tits.

 28 Oct 2017, 20:16

Oversized vintage glasses

everything's fuzzy 28 Oct 2017, 18:14

strong (-)




Jim H 28 Oct 2017, 05:53

Myodisc beauty is accessible again

Fit high plus

Pretty Plus

Jim H 28 Oct 2017, 05:15


Jim H 28 Oct 2017, 05:12

Pretty Minus

Jim H 28 Oct 2017, 05:08

More High Minus

Jim H 28 Oct 2017, 05:06

Beautiful High Minus

White frames

Pseldonymov 27 Oct 2017, 11:58

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 27 Oct 2017, 09:05


 26 Oct 2017, 21:03

Minus glasses

Pseldonymov 26 Oct 2017, 16:16


Pseldonymov 26 Oct 2017, 15:37

High minus

Pseldonymov 26 Oct 2017, 12:22

Moderate minus



Yeti 26 Oct 2017, 08:45

Myopic pole dancer:

Jim H 26 Oct 2017, 08:05

Pretty blonde German plus with new glasses. Does anyone know what her prescription is? The trial frame looks like it only has astigmatism correction.

Jim H 26 Oct 2017, 07:40


Had eye surgery

Jim H 26 Oct 2017, 07:38

Plus High


Jim H 26 Oct 2017, 07:35

Pretty Moderate Plus’

Jim H 26 Oct 2017, 07:33

High Plus’

Jim H 26 Oct 2017, 07:31


Jim H 26 Oct 2017, 07:30


Jim H 26 Oct 2017, 07:28

Moderate Minus

Sexy dirndl

Pretty blonde

Loves her many glasses

Jim H 26 Oct 2017, 06:59

High minus

Stronger script?

Jim H 26 Oct 2017, 06:55

High Minus

Pretty and was full time wearer, now surgery

Bikini and Aviators!

Posted in the past but with new glasses

Jim H 26 Oct 2017, 06:52

High Minus


Cute clear frames

Eyestein 26 Oct 2017, 06:05


Eyestein 26 Oct 2017, 05:37

Strong plus. Lenticulars might nearly be an option. May have been posted before.

juliette 26 Oct 2017, 03:29

The photos of Dasha, are very fact she has a new look, & looks amazing !!

Mistermild 25 Oct 2017, 22:42

Russian myodisc updates - Larisa

Mistermild 25 Oct 2017, 22:36

Russian myodisc updates - Dasha

 25 Oct 2017, 21:11

"Siegfried 25 Oct 2017, 16:53

Myodisc glasses"

Post the photo so we can see it without logging in.

Siegfried  25 Oct 2017, 16:53

Myodisc glasses

Plus Tony 25 Oct 2017, 14:55


Sofia is very beautiful and her eyes look fantastic with her choice of glasses. Any guesses as to her prescription? I thought +5 or 6 possibly?

The young lady who doesn't know she is far sighted is probably far from alone. I suspect a significant number of glasses wearers aren't sure and most people (apart from here) can't tell the difference.

Eyestein 25 Oct 2017, 06:33


Eyestein 25 Oct 2017, 05:59

Plus. Doesn't know she is farsighted.

 25 Oct 2017, 01:16

The recent +12 is also lenticular as well as tri focal

Siegfried 24 Oct 2017, 21:32

Myodisc glasses

murky 24 Oct 2017, 20:40

21/10 0146 busty plussie

Just everything a GWG should be

Matching color ( NOT black) a lovely patel hue, hair and complexion match

The lens shape complements the face, eyebrows just clear of the upper farme line, and unobtrusive arms.

Best of all, she is smiling, and enjoying wearing glasses.

 24 Oct 2017, 17:18

Re: +12 bifocals

Good indication that those are trifocals.

Any more of her?

+12 bifocals 24 Oct 2017, 14:39

NJ 24 Oct 2017, 11:04

CS, that cute plussie you linked to has had IOLs placed. That image is from her crowdfunding effort to pay for the surgery. In a related video, she talked about how difficult life was with her glasses. She made it seem intolerable, which I sure it was to her.

NJ 24 Oct 2017, 11:01

Thanks Soucha. Very interesting!

A while back it was impossible to get any specialty lenses in high plus if blanks weren't available. Aphakic glasses went up to +20 in a bifocal and +28 in SV. But nowadays, with digital technology and free form generators, it's really quite easy to make just about any lens desired. I've used a specialty optical house (Quest Optical) to make +20D lenses in a full field, which gave a center thickness of close to 20mm. The only real challenge is convincing the optician to make the lenses. They usually try to make them as thin as possible, sometimes sacrificing the optics, because that's what most people want.

Me 24 Oct 2017, 10:58


CS 24 Oct 2017, 10:52

High plus

CS 24 Oct 2017, 10:50

High plus

CS 24 Oct 2017, 10:42

Pretty high plus


Pseldonymov 24 Oct 2017, 09:09


Soucha 24 Oct 2017, 09:07

Essilor has a new lab only for lenticular and myodisc lenses.. in the site you can see the video

Soucha 24 Oct 2017, 09:05


in the french official site they say thses days that they have made plus lenses +70 diopters for a woman who needed it

CS 24 Oct 2017, 08:24

Soucha, this is so good news for visually impaired people Who suffers from extreme myopia. The article says that equipped with Essilor lenses with a power of -104 diopters, the man can continue his activities as a sports photographer. These lenses are also very beautiful, like juwlery. Do you know if there also can be made super strong lenses for ultra hyperopic people?

Soucha 24 Oct 2017, 07:54

Essilor english with a woman who is fitted with myodiscs

ans essilor french with -104 diopters and all extreme lenses

NJ 24 Oct 2017, 06:56

That's interesting Soucha. I guess with free form generators one can make almost any kind of lens.

Do you have a link?

Soucha 24 Oct 2017, 05:22

I've just read that on the essilor special lenses site :

"" Une gamme de puissance très large jusqu'à +90D

Alliant performance, esthétisme, minceur et légèreté...

- Unifocal Oméga, Unifocal Exceptio simple vision

- Télé Oméga Exceptio, double foyer à segments ronds

- Telex Oméga, double foyer plein champ

- Varilux Oméga Exceptio, verre progressif à forte addition pour hypermétrope, ce verre est spécialement conçu pour corriger les besoins des presbytes Hypermétropes jusqu'à +13D cylindre de 6D.

- Asphérique Lenticulaire Exceptio""

NJ 24 Oct 2017, 05:21

Soucha, here's the Essilor catalog. I don't see any lenses above +20. And progressives a much more limited in availability.

NJ 24 Oct 2017, 05:04

Colin, you may be right. I also wear aphakic glasses and sliding the glasses down works, though it's clumsy. I prefer to have the add available.

Soucha, it's possible that she's in progressives. Last time I checked, and it's been a while, some place made progressives in a +12 blank. She could be in that range.

I'm not sure what use a +90 lens could ever serve in glasses, as the image would be focused in front of the cornea.

NJ 24 Oct 2017, 05:04

Colin, you may be right. I also wear aphakic glasses and sliding the glasses down works, though it's clumsy. I prefer to have the add available.

Soucha, it's possible that she's in progressives. Last time I checked, and it's been a while, some place made progressives in a +12 blank. She could be in that range.

I'm not sure what use a +90 lens could ever serve in glasses, as the image would be focused in front of the cornea.

Colin 23 Oct 2017, 23:27

NJ Re beauty plus lenticular girl

I think you’re probably right about the script of her glasses and I think you must also be right about her being aphakic. As you say if this is the case she will need a stronger prescription to focus on close things but you can do this by sliding the glasses down your nose so the lenses are further away from your eyes. This increases the strength and you get a much wider field of vision than bi focals.

I’m also aphakic and have found this method much easier!

Of course she might just have a separate pair of readers.

I hope her vision is ok as one eye is very crossed in one picture.

Soucha 23 Oct 2017, 23:19

Essilor produces extreme plus lenticular with progressive lenses, thé High hyperope certainly wears progressive lenses

Search essilor special lenses on Google, you will see pictures and lenses plus up to +90

 23 Oct 2017, 22:35

Any more pictures of this beautiful lenticular plus girl available? Would be great!!

Zbigniew 23 Oct 2017, 20:27

Rimless plus glasses

Pseldonymov 23 Oct 2017, 19:07

Moderate minus

Small minus

Pseldonymov 23 Oct 2017, 16:50


Pseldonymov 23 Oct 2017, 10:59


NJ 23 Oct 2017, 09:58

That plus lenticular girl is so pretty, even if she didn't wear glasses. Such an unusual script! I'd guess she's about +12 or so, given the view from the side. It's interesting that she doesn't appear to wear bifocals. I'd have guessed with that script that she is aphakic, which would require a reading add to focus up close. To my knowledge no one makes a progressive lens that strong, and I see no indication of any bifocal line in her lenses. Just as well for her, as bifocals in this strong a script are difficult to use, given how small the actual reading part of the lenses is.

Colin 22 Oct 2017, 23:29

Beautiful plus lenticular girl.

Only a guess but I recon about plus 14/15. She wears her glasses slightly down her nose when looking into the distance. Bet she could do with a slight increase.

Jo 22 Oct 2017, 17:46

some eduaction here:

in english: glasses ./. toilet-seat

in german slang: Brille (glasses) == Brille (toilet-seat)

so thats glasses here!

(but the topic is "Brille" ;-) );-)

enjoy both ;-)

Devon 22 Oct 2017, 15:10

22 Oct 2017, 12:20

beatiful plus lenticular girl

really beautiful and exciting. Would love to know what she sees when she takes these glasses off. Any idea?

And any idea about her rx?

 22 Oct 2017, 12:20

beatiful plus lenticular girl

 22 Oct 2017, 11:38

moderate minus

fedora-user 22 Oct 2017, 05:50

Glasses over contacts

Eyestein 22 Oct 2017, 01:05

Re 19th October, 20:32

She obviously has her own definition of "legally blind". It looks like her script is only about -3 anyway.

 21 Oct 2017, 12:59

busty low plus

mark 21 Oct 2017, 08:16

Two bespectacled gay men go on a blind date

 21 Oct 2017, 01:46

High myopic Guy

aviator-oo- 20 Oct 2017, 16:42

French singer Veronique Sanson in tinted minus RX aviators. And talking of French ladies in aviators, happy birthday (yesterday) to the beautiful Sonia, today's leading lady of this frame style.

Jurczyk 20 Oct 2017, 12:11

Jurczyk 20 Oct 2017, 12:07

Jurczyk 20 Oct 2017, 12:06

Jim H 20 Oct 2017, 08:02


Jurczyk 20 Oct 2017, 03:03

Jurczyk 20 Oct 2017, 02:58

 20 Oct 2017, 00:16

Seing the french blogger birthday with a lot of pictures with her glasses


Jim H 19 Oct 2017, 20:42

Moderate Plus clear frames

Jim H 19 Oct 2017, 20:40

More Minus Nice blonde

With retainers

Jim H 19 Oct 2017, 20:35

Moderate minus

Jim H 19 Oct 2017, 20:32

Moderate Minus Pretty

Wonder what that makes her script

Jim H 19 Oct 2017, 20:28

High minus

Say no to lasik

Jim H 19 Oct 2017, 20:25

High Minus

Love her, posted before

Eyestein 19 Oct 2017, 19:56

I won't normally post kids but this future Eyescene star has her own Youtube channel.

Minus 17.5 and rising.

Anime Fan 19 Oct 2017, 11:02

Medium Plus, usually wear bifocals, but wears these at work.

Anime Fan 19 Oct 2017, 10:59

Cute Med Minus

Pseldonymov 19 Oct 2017, 09:36


Pseldonymov 19 Oct 2017, 09:22

Russian girl

Moderate minus

Old glasses

Eyestein 19 Oct 2017, 04:05

Natalia again

Eyestein 19 Oct 2017, 03:04

Slovak plus

Eyestein 19 Oct 2017, 02:57

Progressive plus tilt?

Same lady.

Eyestein 19 Oct 2017, 01:47

Plus. This is standard routine for some.

Tatinha & AlainHMG 18 Oct 2017, 13:00

Don't miss the New Videos and Pictures!

Pseldonymov 18 Oct 2017, 11:53


 18 Oct 2017, 09:22

low plus

Pseldonymov 18 Oct 2017, 07:54


Slit 16 Oct 2017, 08:02

if you are in to TED or TEDx talks actually there are a good number of good looking women in glasses doing TED/TEDx talks

Here's one:

Jo 15 Oct 2017, 21:54


the small peoples collect every single crown cap and the armies meanwhile destroy the whole planet more than 200 times and nobody asks ... - but with nice glasses - folks believes every bullsh** (1) ...

(1) its good, not to take plastic in our environment, ofcourse - but its a way bigger one, not to stop ammunition-industry! The garbage-patches are a big mistake, but irrelevant, if our planet is destroyed by atomar bombs ...

Jo 15 Oct 2017, 21:45


Brett 15 Oct 2017, 14:18

great finds guys, JimH definitely loved the "new bifocals" in the one post. That is one of my favorite prescriptions fairly high moderate myopia with bifocals!

Pseldonymov 15 Oct 2017, 12:53


Eyestein 15 Oct 2017, 02:22

This 20 yo girl wears +8. She never posts a selfie without her glasses even though she was once asked to. She can't see at all.

Eyestein 15 Oct 2017, 01:08

Minus (minor point of interest)

Eyestein 14 Oct 2017, 23:40

I didn't realize Gracie had an entirely new account. I like this side view of her glasses.

Jim H 14 Oct 2017, 20:32

High Plus

Jim H 14 Oct 2017, 20:30

High minus - I spot new bifocals

Jim H 14 Oct 2017, 20:27

So many nice myopes with new glasses

Owlish 14 Oct 2017, 16:58

Here's a lady who vlogs while driving.

Her glasses are extreme minus bi-concave.

 14 Oct 2017, 15:26

in two years girl got glasses and nice body :) (-)

check this out:

Jim H 13 Oct 2017, 19:17

Moderate minus Cute

High minus

Jim H 13 Oct 2017, 19:14

More moderate minus

Jim H 13 Oct 2017, 19:12

Moderate minus

Jim H 13 Oct 2017, 19:10

Cute high minus big frames

High Minus

Jim H 13 Oct 2017, 19:08

High plus amateur model


Jim H 13 Oct 2017, 19:06

Plus Gracie

Moderate plus

Jim H 13 Oct 2017, 19:04

Nice finds Eyestein, those Polish girls are real plus beauties!

Beautiful moderate plus

Pseldonymov 12 Oct 2017, 15:24

Belarussians with glasses


Slit 11 Oct 2017, 05:57

Girlfriend wants to experience how the boyfriend see without glasses

Pseldonymov 11 Oct 2017, 04:11


Eyestein 11 Oct 2017, 00:40

In a quick search I found five Polish plus girls and only one Polish minus. There is something special about Poland.

Pseldonymov 10 Oct 2017, 20:32


Pseldonymov 09 Oct 2017, 10:54

Moderate minus




Jim H 08 Oct 2017, 17:37


Beauty high plus

Jim H 08 Oct 2017, 17:35

Nice moderate Plus’

Jim H 08 Oct 2017, 17:31

Minus Progressives

New moderate minus big frames

Jim H 08 Oct 2017, 17:28

Moderate Minus


Jim H 08 Oct 2017, 17:25

Moderate Minus


Jim H 08 Oct 2017, 17:22

More high Minus hope to see a pic of her wearing them.


Jim H 08 Oct 2017, 17:19

Great finds Owlish! Now bring on the unwanted comments and questions. Shame Carla’s account is now private.

Nice High Minus’

Crystal Veil, another great photo shoot with Priscilla, hopefully she will pose for you again some time.

 07 Oct 2017, 19:19

moderate minus

Owlish 07 Oct 2017, 16:49

Lovely extreme myope:

Posted before?

 07 Oct 2017, 12:09

 07 Oct 2017, 11:59

 07 Oct 2017, 11:58

Pseldonymov 06 Oct 2017, 17:56


 06 Oct 2017, 15:31

Thanks to the creepers on this board, "Carla" has made her Instagram account private.

 06 Oct 2017, 14:07

Anyone got or remember the link to the brazilian girl with lenticulars that was linked here a few months ago ?


 06 Oct 2017, 12:50

moderate minus girls

found by this new tag

which means "girl with glasses" in Russian

MisterMild 05 Oct 2017, 20:32

NN, from an earlier video

 05 Oct 2017, 20:22

More screenshots of NN:

MisterMild 05 Oct 2017, 20:12

New trick on Firefox enables Youtube screenshots;

Pseldonymov 05 Oct 2017, 19:58


Eyestein 05 Oct 2017, 07:56

Rare plus Asian. Moderate Prescription but poor eyesight was detected by about age 3.

Eyestein 05 Oct 2017, 06:45

Thanks Jim H for Carlareina. I had copied and saved this same picture from elsewhere on the web. Now I know she is someone real.

Hot look. Previous Prescription.

Crystal Veil 04 Oct 2017, 13:38


so nice to read that the looks of Sohaila in the modern yellow myodiscs is your ultimate objective. It's four years since I worked with Sohaila but it feels like yesterday. She really had it all. Girls and women in myodiscs were always shy when you looked at them in the streets during the 1950's and 1960's. Unfortunately opticians did little to give them self confidence a boost by advertising with beautiful portraits. My project aims at setting the record straight after half a century. And it's great that many women who don't need myodisc glasses at all are willing to play the role of ambassadors. I hope you will get as close to your objective as possible. Thank you!

Crystal Veil 04 Oct 2017, 13:23

Soundmanpt (Oct 2nd),

I agree - we have a similar taste for women in glasses. It may have to do with the fact that your volunteer work is not all that different from the selection process of frames just before a photo shoot. Both of us work a lot with Zenni frames. The only difference is that you help the women to see better and I make them temporary blind :). You are right about the choice of frames. Not every pair suited her but she enjoyed trying out a broad variety of styles. Many models who wear glasses in daily life tend to be cautious with their frame choice and it is my task to talk them into some "eye openers". But a novice to modeling, blessed with perfect eyesight is open to extravaganza. Priscilla has a fairly large PD (66 mm) which narrowed down the options. I was preparing a trip to Switzerland when I met Priscilla so it was really an impromptu photo shoot. It looks like she will be back soon and next time it will be easier to select frames for her. Including the photo of her without glasses was a change in policy from my side. The photo shoot was also meant as a small portfolio in case she gets the bug to pose for other photographers in the future. There is an up coming market for plus size models in my country and she has some qualities that may come in handy. She is really natural and completely herself in front of the camera. I did not even mention the option of a free pair of Zenni glasses - she has different priorities. The number of models with perfect eyesight who apply for a photo shoot has to do with their hopes to be scouted by the brands (I'm talking freelance models now) and this indeed happened to a few models who posed for me in the past. Of course I will share your kind reaction with Priscilla. She already knows that there is praise for her and she reacted surprised but very pleased. Thank you!

Crystal Veil 04 Oct 2017, 12:40

still (Oct. 2nd),

glad to read that you liked the shoot with Priscilla. She lives not far from my place. We first met last year in a charity shop. Nefeli in Athens had just agreed to pose for me in the style of the 1960's so I was looking for an old fashioned twinset in her size. Unfortunately none of the charity shops had any twinsets. But Priscilla apparently remembered the story about my photography project. She waved and called my name from the far side of the road. We had a nice chat and she said she would love to pose for me if she fitted into my concept. I gave her a chance because of the very qualities you described. It was great to see how she got into her stride after the first hour. Once we started with the strong glasses, she was really in her element. She found it easier to pose in a massive blur. She saw the fun of it and gave me her full trust. She has no PC or smartphone but I will share your nice reaction with her next time I see her. Thank you!

Crystal Veil 04 Oct 2017, 12:08

Slit (Oct. 2nd),

my pleasure! If all goes well, Priscilla will pose for me again, in an autumn shoot. It was all new to her but she really liked the experience and the photos. I will share your reaction with her next time I see her. Thanks!

juliette 04 Oct 2017, 10:38

I cannot but agree with Crystal Veil, that the young lady with myodisc glasses looks very happy & nice in them. Its true that you don't see so many these days. I have also seen photos that you have taken in the past of Sohaila with stylish, modern Yellow frame with -16 myodiscs...absolutely stunning. the combination of model, frame & lenses is just ultimate objective!!

Crystal Veil 04 Oct 2017, 02:24

Jim H,

thanks for posting the cheerful myodisc lady. They seem to be extinct in my country - at least in the streets - and it's reassuring that they are still out there in other parts of the world.

Bert 04 Oct 2017, 01:44

In an earlier post the lovely high myodisc girl says she is -20 in one eye and -25 in the other.

Jim H 03 Oct 2017, 20:51

High Minus Myodisc


Jim H 03 Oct 2017, 20:50

Pretty Moderate Plus

Jim H 03 Oct 2017, 20:49

Pretty Moderate Plus

Pseldonymov 02 Oct 2017, 20:51


Slit 02 Oct 2017, 18:58

Thanks CV! Priscilla is a sweet smiling lady!

still 02 Oct 2017, 18:16

No need to be modest,CV. This was a nice shoot. The model was so relaxed! Maybe she is inexperienced, but you could have fooled me! She has a natural earthiness that comes through strongly. A good choice, and well handled. Thanks!

Soundmanpt 02 Oct 2017, 12:20

Crystal Veil

Yet another very fine photo shoot with another attractive young woman. I'm always amazed at how many young ladies with perfect eyesight want to do a complete photo shoot wearing various pairs of glasses throughout. Something you never seem to do is photograph a model without glasses so it was nice to see Priscilla without glasses or in her day to day look. But she clearly looks even more attractive wearing glasses. Not all of the but a a number of them actually enhance her looks. Apparently we both have similar taste in women wearing glasses because I also thought the glasses she is wearing in photos #61 - #66 look perfect on her and very natural a swell. I also thought she looked very nice wearing the glasses in photos #74 - #80. Again very natural. Since she has already seen these pictures what did she think about her looks wearing glasses? I assume since she doesn't need glasses she didn't accept your offer for a free pair of glasses from Zenni?

Crystal Veil 02 Oct 2017, 06:42

Hello everybody,

it gives me pleasure to announce that the entire photo shoot with Priscilla has been posted. Be kind to her, she is entirely new to modeling.


opikmax 02 Oct 2017, 03:39


 01 Oct 2017, 13:41

 01 Oct 2017, 13:39

 01 Oct 2017, 13:38

S.E. Cupp:

Sticks & Stones, mo-fo 01 Oct 2017, 12:15

 01 Oct 2017, 08:25

To 30 Sep 2017, 15:18 -- you're the no-good lying bitch Trumpanzee.

 01 Oct 2017, 08:09

Minus on youtube

Jim H 30 Sep 2017, 19:52

Cute fit high minus

Pseldonymov 30 Sep 2017, 15:54


 30 Sep 2017, 15:18

No good lying bitch with glasses:

Pseldonymov 30 Sep 2017, 06:27


Pseldonymov 30 Sep 2017, 06:25

High minus

Pseldonymov 30 Sep 2017, 06:21


Pseldonymov 30 Sep 2017, 06:04


Crystal Veil 30 Sep 2017, 04:49

A photo shoot with a new model will be posted tomorrow. Exactly 100 portraits so nobody will have access problems. Her name is Priscilla. She is 27 and a real Mother Earth with an infectious smile.

 29 Sep 2017, 21:39

Face mask and strong minus glasses

Jim H 29 Sep 2017, 19:52

Beauty Plus ladies

Jim H 29 Sep 2017, 19:48

Cute Moderate Plus

High Plus

Pretty low minus clear frames

Jim H 29 Sep 2017, 19:45

Pretty Moderate Minus’

Jim H 29 Sep 2017, 19:41

High minus sunnies

Moderate minus’

Jim H 29 Sep 2017, 19:39

Black frame minus beauties

Jim H 29 Sep 2017, 19:35

Nice High Minus’

hyperopiaficionado 29 Sep 2017, 05:32

incredibly strong minus glasses

 28 Sep 2017, 21:56

two cute minus friends:

 28 Sep 2017, 21:19


GOCer 28 Sep 2017, 05:45

I don't think they memorized the eye chart. The largest E on the standard Snellen chart, representing 20/200, is 88mm tall. They would mostly fail to get the largest 20/200. They blew up the eye chart in order for the test to even be doable for a high myope - that's what makes the show funny! Most of the Es pointed to were like a foot tall.

Also, don't underestimate the ability to get a decent pinhole image by squinting. There are some advantages to having slitty Asian eyes.

A good sequel to this show would be for them all to switch glasses with each other. Each person's reactions could be pretty entertaining, as well as the squints trying to see through a thick pair of lenses that are not suited to them.

Chris 28 Sep 2017, 05:27

Re the Taiwanese TV show. If you look at the caption on the screen there's a "+" between the 1150/1200 and the 400. Her prescription is therefore -12.00 sph +4.00 cyl. Unless of course their system is different and the "+" actually means "plus more minus".

Does no one remember the TV show below, posted a year or so ago? Myopia seems a popular theme for TV shows in Taiwan.

 28 Sep 2017, 03:11

some finds (minus):

 28 Sep 2017, 02:52

found this interesting tool - to search facebook posts or photos by keywords

And 28 Sep 2017, 02:19

GOCer would any of the contestants be able to see anything they were asked to identify ? They were sat watching each other wearing their glasses so probably memorised the big 'E's.

And 28 Sep 2017, 02:18

GOCer would any of the contestants be able to see anything they were asked to identify ? They were sat watching each other wearing their glasses so probably memorised the big 'E's.

Eyestein 28 Sep 2017, 01:09


 27 Sep 2017, 23:54

cute moderate minus

GOCer 27 Sep 2017, 10:49

Soundman: So actually they indicate their astigmatism in diopter value, but without indication of - or +. So perhaps the -12 girl's ophthalmologist wrote the prescription has -12 with +4 astigmatism, which might make more sense. In the end, the "tests" were not objective, since as the game show pointed out, they gave the -12 girl bigger Es to read and the ability to identify different people is not an exact science.

 27 Sep 2017, 09:49 (-) (low+)

Soundmanpt 27 Sep 2017, 09:16


Thanks for translating that video. It makes it even more interesting having some idea what they were saying. Now after knowing what they were saying something seems very strange to me. The young lady that won the competition claimed her glasses were -11.50 / -12.00 and -4.00 astigmatism. But all the other girls girls were straining extremely hard trying to make out the letters on the oversized eye chart but she didn't seem to be squinting nearly as much. Also her glasses really didn't appear to be that strong either. Actually you would expect that the girl with the -6.50 / -7.00 should have won that contest. Something I wasn't aware by simply watching the video was that those 2 girls in white standing with the host also took off their contacts and they were about if not more blind than the the girls competing.

NJ 27 Sep 2017, 08:38

Yugz, they're not that strong, perhaps +2 or so.

Yugz 27 Sep 2017, 02:36

What prescription do you think this YouTuber has? Those look like some pretty strong plus glasses.

Jan 27 Sep 2017, 02:04

Thanks a lot GOCer! Good job.

GOCer 26 Sep 2017, 23:30

Highlights of the TV show from Taiwan featuring actresses and an actor with high myopia:

I will list the approximate video time and what is happening:

2:11: Most of the time, the most pretty people are blind.

2:55: Start with the girl in white on the right: -7 with -1.5 astigmatism

3:25: First girl in the black: -6.5 to 7 with -3 astigmatism

3:45: Seems like most people who are myopic also have astigmatism. Discussion continues about how people with presbyopia have it worse.

4:30: Guy is "over -10". Discussion continues why say over -10 instead of providing an accurate number.

5:00: Do you wear glasses? I do, but I don't wear my full prescription, because they don't sell lenses with my full prescription. Contacts are -9.5.

5:26: Girl in the blue, -8 to -9. She explains she used to be -9 and -9.5, but in her last exam she had a decrease in description. Teasing ensues about how she is getting old with presbyopia.

6:48: Girl in blue continues story about how she was already -5.5 in 3rd grade. Then explains that if you are over -5, you have myopic genes and will definitely pass to your children.

7:10: Girl "Lala", "only" -8. Today -8 is kind of moderate!

7:35: Lala was asked how thick her glasses are. She says pretty thick, they are just as thick as glasses in the minus teens.

7:46: Next, girl in white on the left, -9.

8:21: Finally, girl in blue striped dress. She teases that everyone else loses, she is -11.5 and -12, with astigmatism -4. Proudly says I am the blind one.

9:26: She says she started being myopic in elementary school, and seems to develop due to reading books.

9:40: Host says she is different, she wanted to wear glasses because she thought glasses looked good on other classmates.

9:46: Girl in the black says she is the same way. Her older sister got glasses, and she got jealous. So she intentionally read/writes really close. Mother says you should turn on the light. She turns it on but then blocks the light with her hand in hopes of developing myopia.

10:15 Discussion about contacts start. Most annoying thing is when you lose your contacts inside the top of your eyes, dry eyes, etc.

11:47: Most annoying thing in the line of work (actress) is it is impossible to cry with contacts in. Contacts seem to absorb the tears. Any time the scene asks for tears, she has to take her contacts out.

12:20: Girl in the white agrees based on her acting experience.

14:24: Guy talks about experience losing both contacts while snorkeling.

15:38: Lala says disadvantage of being myopic is not being able to recognize people. Once she took her contacts out and went up to a guy who she thought was her boyfriend, hugged him, and said come sleep with me. The guy responded, "I can't sleep with you" and the comedic situation ensued. She didn't realize what was going on until she pulled his face right in front of her. She has also mistaken her little sister for her mother.

17:24: Now, we take the contacts off.

17:47: Girls in white have taken contacts off but no glasses either, so they are blind.

17:57: One by one the actresses/actor will turn around and we can see how thick their glasses are

18:25: (To the -12 girl): You look like a fly

18:44: (To the -9 girl): Turn around, wow, so many rings in your lenses, OMG!

19:05: (-7 girl): Your eyes look pretty good behind your glasses. But the glasses are 5-6 years old. Perhaps they are not the full prescription. Every year your prescription goes up -0.5 to -1.

19:23: (Over -10 guy): Girls in white want to see what his glasses look like so they get up close. Guy is laughing, what is this, a zoo?

20:12: (Lala): My eyes are so small

20:23: Now to start the competition

20:55: You will remove your glasses. Guy jokes that if we take our glasses off, Lala might hug me.

22:00: "Eye exam" without glasses starts.

Definitely interesting that all these actresses/actor chose big frames that are the current fashion, despite the high prescription. High entertainment value, especially watching the pretty girls squinting trying to recognize things for 20 minutes.

The girl with the highest myopia, -12, ends up "winning" the eye test somehow with the best vision, so all the others have to drink the awful tea.

Eyestein 26 Sep 2017, 05:33

@Yoyo. Yes you are right. They are lesbian partners.

 26 Sep 2017, 02:53

Stunning again in aviators

Jim H 25 Sep 2017, 20:19

Nice Plus with dreads

Jim H 25 Sep 2017, 20:18

Nice Plus with dreads

Jim H 25 Sep 2017, 20:17

Moderate Plus

Jim H 25 Sep 2017, 20:15

High Plus

Moderate Plus

Cute Minus

Jim H 25 Sep 2017, 20:05

High minus sunnies

High minus clear sunnies?

Cute minus'

Jim H 25 Sep 2017, 19:57

Pretty minus ladies

Jim H 25 Sep 2017, 19:56

Nice moderate minus

Jim H 25 Sep 2017, 19:53

Stunning high minus

One eye very high

Yoyo 25 Sep 2017, 10:38

I don't think that's her literal sister.

And 24 Sep 2017, 14:29

Still fascinated by the Chinese game show (19th Sept post) My gf has a -8 prescription and I'm not sure she would be able to see even the biggest letter 'E'. Are there any other episodes of the show based around myopic contestants ?

AW 24 Sep 2017, 06:17

Anyone interested in trading binzoko meganekko films?

Eyestein 24 Sep 2017, 00:26

"Itsbenso" has a twin sister who seems to never wear glasses. There is a possible indication that her sunglasses are also prescription.

Hunter 23 Sep 2017, 15:31

All real: The girl, the big spider and the thick glasses.

Pseldonymov 23 Sep 2017, 15:09


Jim H 22 Sep 2017, 20:05

Plus Pretty!


Jim H 22 Sep 2017, 20:02

Moderate Plus

Jim H 22 Sep 2017, 19:56

Moderate minus

Jim H 22 Sep 2017, 19:53

Moderate minus

Jim H 22 Sep 2017, 19:51

More strong minus


Jim H 22 Sep 2017, 19:47

High Minus

Jim H 22 Sep 2017, 19:43

High Minus

Jim H 22 Sep 2017, 19:37

Crystal Veil, I agree Pat looks great in her tortoise framed with -12 (Sept 17 comment). It was neat to see you behind the camera! Another great photo shoot.

David, my pleasure sharing the links. I just love that so many beautiful GWGS are out there.

Anonymous Sept 19, great find!

MisterMild 22 Sep 2017, 19:10

Russian mid-minus

MisterMild 22 Sep 2017, 19:01

Russian high minus

 22 Sep 2017, 10:51

both twins have almost the same differences in their eyes (mid plus and low +/-)

Eyestein 22 Sep 2017, 09:20

Is she serious?

Eyestein 22 Sep 2017, 08:56

Sth.Korean minus

I imagine there are many nearsighted girls hidden from our view in North Korea.

Eyestein 22 Sep 2017, 06:16

High minus

Emma 21 Sep 2017, 23:20

Emma Stone is wearing real glasses in this trailer. They're definitely prescription but they might not be her own because she's supposed to be very nearsighted and these are probably in the -2 to -3 range.

NJ 21 Sep 2017, 13:41

Well, here's something different. A pretty high plussie driving a VW Bug with failed brakes. A quick look at this guy's videos suggests he's running some kind of fantasy site that's totally devoted to women drivers who have to deal with break failures. It looks to be all staged, fortunately. But her glasses feature prominently in the close-up shots.

sweeteyes 21 Sep 2017, 11:18

Janusz 20 Sep 2017, 21:47

Agata Młynarska i jej okulary plusowe

Crystal Veil 20 Sep 2017, 14:41


thanks for posting this TV program. About the prescriptions of the young ladies who all of a sudden appear in strong glasses: one of them seems to have a strong cylinder (+ 4.00) as well. Like the rest of us I'm clueless about what is being said but some impressions may be worth sharing here. There seems to be some acting involved (e.g. the two young ladies approaching the young man in glasses) and this is adding to the confusion in a nicely arranged way. But the program left me with mixed feelings. The two minutes when the five young people turn around clearly show that there is nothing wrong with their looks in strong glasses. Unfortunately, the show has a bad imbalance, making silly jokes about the helplessness of high myopic people most of the time. Bad taste in my opinion. And it makes me wonder if the five people in question make use of GOC. Just my two cents. Feel free to disagree.

Yoyo 20 Sep 2017, 11:06

There's no way that Polish actress is wearing -9. She is cute though.

And 20 Sep 2017, 06:31

Is the bizarre Chinese programme just a one-off episode or a regular occurrence. In the UK at present there's a celebrity quiz on the BBC called House Of Games and this week Janet Ellis is one of the guests (best known for Blue Peter) Her glasses look strong but she takes them off at every opportunity as though she really dislikes wearing them.

Yeti 20 Sep 2017, 05:59

Here's another polish actreess Anna Mucha wearing her -9 ( rearly seen ) please scroll down

Here at 18:20 you have a chance to see her as a teen acting with glasses:

Yeti 20 Sep 2017, 05:27

Polish actress Malgorzata Rozenek is -8 as she reported in some interview :)

wisior 20 Sep 2017, 02:48

High minus

Polish actress


Yeti 20 Sep 2017, 01:49

@ All

I wasn't sure chinese or japanaese but when I listed to the conversation I noticed few times "megane" word whichg seems to be japanese ...however would be great if somebody could tranlate.

Seems girls remains uncorrected for a massive part of the show and then present theris glasses on very sensual way :)


steve 19 Sep 2017, 20:16

steve 19 Sep 2017, 20:13

Ray Ban Brille RB5076 starke Gläser

Pseldonymov 19 Sep 2017, 16:29


Helpful? 19 Sep 2017, 12:29


The charming program you made reference to is Chinese, rather than Japanese. Perhaps someone can give us a hand translating from Chinese.

Helpful? 19 Sep 2017, 12:29


The charming program you made reference to is Chinese, rather than Japanese. Perhaps someone can give us a hand translating from Chinese.

everything's fuzzy 19 Sep 2017, 12:00

Cute Scotty lassy

Slit 19 Sep 2017, 10:10

@Yeti 19 Sep 2017, 06:48

It's a chinese show. There's an option on youtube to get the CC translated.

To Yeti 19 Sep 2017, 09:31

The girls seem to have their prescriptions pinned to their tops in the Japanese style where 900 degrees equates to -9.00

 19 Sep 2017, 08:38

Strong myopia

Yeti 19 Sep 2017, 06:48

Please take a look at this charming japaneese TV show:

Anybody is able to translate what's about ?


Crystal Veil 19 Sep 2017, 05:00

to still,

my pleasure. You are right. Veronik did not pose for me before. We became friends in 1974 when I was a student doing field work in the area above Montreux. And we are still friends. It's the way with the Swiss - once they accept you, it's friendship for life.

 19 Sep 2017, 03:00

High minus (0:36)

Weirdeyes 19 Sep 2017, 00:18

How much cyl do you think she has?

everything's fuzzy 19 Sep 2017, 00:06

Weirdeyes, +2 and +6 or +7 might be about right with some astigmatism.

Weirdeyes 18 Sep 2017, 19:27

everything's fuzzy

Kind of looks like a more extreme version of me. My right eye is +1.00 and my left eye is +4.25. But her left eye looks more like +6.00 to me. What do you think?

+15 18 Sep 2017, 17:36

everything's fuzzy 18 Sep 2017, 15:29

The corrective lens for her left eye is much plus than is the lens for her right eye:

still 18 Sep 2017, 13:01

Thanks, CV. I don't remember seeing this pleasant model before. Nice to see pictures of you at work, too.

Yoyo 18 Sep 2017, 11:52

Same girl in bifocals (flip ahead to the third picture in the stream):

 18 Sep 2017, 10:40

reading glasses over minus contacts

Crystal Veil 18 Sep 2017, 03:56

It gives me pleasure to announce that a photo shoot with a new model has just been posted. The location was the sunny shores of Lake Geneva (Switzerland) and the model is a Swiss artist called Veronik. She is an old friend with some previous modeling experience.


Eyestein 17 Sep 2017, 20:31

I am glad to hear it was photoshopped. She looks like an alien.

nit picker 17 Sep 2017, 14:44

Previously posted by Strong minus.

This was photoshopped, (not by me) but it's nice.

Crystal Veil 17 Sep 2017, 14:35

Jim H (Sept 16th, 13.40),

special thanks for posting that unassuming young German lady Pat. Her prescription is minus twelve and she prefers glasses to contacts. Keep the gems coming!

bateau 17 Sep 2017, 14:21

Old & new Ukraine gwg

Glassesforeveryone 17 Sep 2017, 14:11

https// minus

David 17 Sep 2017, 08:32

@Jim H What a stunning collection! Thanks for sharing.

 16 Sep 2017, 21:50

No lingering effects ____

Jim H 16 Sep 2017, 15:20

Plus Pretty blonde Progressives

Jim H 16 Sep 2017, 15:18


Jim H 16 Sep 2017, 15:16

More minus

Jim H 16 Sep 2017, 13:46

Moderate minus

Jim H 16 Sep 2017, 13:44

Pretty moderate Minus'

Jim H 16 Sep 2017, 13:42

More high minus

Jim H 16 Sep 2017, 13:40

Very nice high minus'

 15 Sep 2017, 19:48

Please more +16 gwg!

+16 15 Sep 2017, 16:41

 15 Sep 2017, 15:41


 15 Sep 2017, 14:51

moderate plus

(disability warning)

Glasses Lover 15 Sep 2017, 06:50

RE: big prescription increase Jim H

:( I wish I had a big increase like that. I'm -4.75 and -4.25. Down from -4.75 and -5.00 from a couple years ago. Going in the wrong direction.

Strong minus 15 Sep 2017, 04:15

Jim H 14 Sep 2017, 20:31


Cute minus in clear frames

Jim H 14 Sep 2017, 20:30

Moderate Minus

Jim H 14 Sep 2017, 20:27

High Minus Big prescription increase!

Pseldonymov 14 Sep 2017, 19:48

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 14 Sep 2017, 14:57


GOD, GUNS & GLASSES 14 Sep 2017, 09:50

shock 13 Sep 2017, 13:47

High plus

sweeteyes 13 Sep 2017, 12:18

bateau 12 Sep 2017, 13:16

more Poland gwg !

Pseldonymov 12 Sep 2017, 11:49


 12 Sep 2017, 02:10

mid to high minus -

Pseldonymov 11 Sep 2017, 18:44

Small minus

aviator-oo- 11 Sep 2017, 15:37

Pseldonymov 11 Sep 2017, 13:26


Pseldonymov 11 Sep 2017, 13:17


Jim H  10 Sep 2017, 19:43

High minus. Nice prescription increase.



Pseldonymov 10 Sep 2017, 19:42


Eyestein 10 Sep 2017, 07:00

Fulltime plus

Absolutely fulltime

Jurczyk 09 Sep 2017, 11:56

Jurczyk 09 Sep 2017, 11:55

Jurczyk 09 Sep 2017, 11:54

everything's fuzzy 09 Sep 2017, 11:53

Cute Portuguese female hyperope with astigmatism and possible prism in OD lens.

Plus 09 Sep 2017, 11:13

Minus 09 Sep 2017, 10:35

guy 09 Sep 2017, 09:59 a pretty cool video

NJ 09 Sep 2017, 08:47

This super high plussie has appeared here before. In this video she talks about her eyesight and the IOL surgery she's trying to fund. Fortunately for her, and unfortunately for us, she had the surgery and it was successful.

Jim H 07 Sep 2017, 20:26

Beautiful moderate Plus


Jim H 07 Sep 2017, 20:24

Pretty moderate minus

High minus

everything's fuzzy 07 Sep 2017, 18:05

She's such a doll

everything's fuzzy 07 Sep 2017, 18:05

She's such a doll

Jim H 07 Sep 2017, 08:34

More Plus Aspiring ginger model


Jim H 07 Sep 2017, 08:33

Moderate Plus Fitness instructor Rimless

Jim H 07 Sep 2017, 08:29


Blogblog 07 Sep 2017, 07:14

Attractive UK blogger discusses her new glasses in great detail. Plenty of other specs on show elsewhere too. Her prescription appears to be in the region of -10

Jim H 07 Sep 2017, 05:15

More nice minus


Jim H 07 Sep 2017, 05:13

Moderate minus beauties Fit

Jim H 07 Sep 2017, 05:11

High Minus

Aventus 06 Sep 2017, 07:29

Extremely myopic beauty !

Jurczyk 06 Sep 2017, 03:37

Pseldonymov 05 Sep 2017, 18:47


SoCal 05 Sep 2017, 09:44

cool collection

Pseldonymov 04 Sep 2017, 16:43


 04 Sep 2017, 07:54


Crystal Veil 04 Sep 2017, 00:22


you are very welcome! I will change it back tonight and hope that everyone has seen the start.

Slit 03 Sep 2017, 20:08

@CV, thanks a lot!

everything's fuzzy 03 Sep 2017, 15:05


Al 03 Sep 2017, 14:49


Puffin 03 Sep 2017, 07:10

Crystal Veil - mostly 035 but also to an extent 056 and 058.

It's the way she holds her arm up as if holding a camera phone.

Crystal Veil 02 Sep 2017, 22:43

@Slit and Andrew (Sept 1),

I just put photos 101 - 130 from the Nickie shoot back to concept so you can see 001 - 030 and read the start of the science fiction story.

everything's fuzzy 02 Sep 2017, 16:56

everything's fuzzy 02 Sep 2017, 16:56

everything's fuzzy 02 Sep 2017, 15:13

everything's fuzzy 02 Sep 2017, 15:13


Removes her contacts after night out and puts on glasses: (3:05)

Jim H 02 Sep 2017, 07:45

Moderate Plus


Jim H 02 Sep 2017, 07:38


Jim H 02 Sep 2017, 07:33

More minus

Jim H 02 Sep 2017, 07:31

High minus

Time for progressives

Crystal Veil 02 Sep 2017, 03:52


thank you! Nickie will be delighted when she reads this. It was the first time a model knew beforehand that she was required to do some real acting. Nickie was all go for it and she loved the concept of a time machine in a science fiction story. She told me later that some of her acting was inspired by Zoë Hariot in Doctor Who. It all culminated in the long series about the invasion of giant insects from outer space. She was fascinated by her looks in pince-nez which gave her almost perfect eyesight. My request to her in that series was to pose in the restrained way that was the custom of the time. Interesting to read that you play ragtime piano. The style has a revival in Europe. On my way to Leuven I had to change trains in Maastricht and a lady was playing ragtime on a "free use" piano in the hall. Her music inspired me during the photo shoot with Nickie and again during the writing of the story. It made sense that the lady character heard a ragtime pianist in the distance during her brief visit to 1909 / 1910. Nickie is a jazz singer and quite knowledgeable about the origins of jazz in the U.S. Thank you!

everything's fuzzy 01 Sep 2017, 16:52

and more:

everything's fuzzy 01 Sep 2017, 16:52

and more:

everything's fuzzy 01 Sep 2017, 16:23

A nice girl talks openly about her glasses and other stuff:

astigmaphile 01 Sep 2017, 15:50

Crystal Veil,

I really enjoyed your photo shoot with Nickie. I love her unique posing and facial expressions. Of course, I enjoyed the photos with the pince nez eyeglasses. And loved you referring to the era as the ragtime era. I play ragtime piano.

Crystal Veil 01 Sep 2017, 10:19


here is what happened. It's not possible to write the story first and then copy paste it to the weblog. So I always write the narrative along with each photo that is posted. This time the story was so complicated that I clean forgot about the "100 limit", being in the flow of the story. The best I can offer is to close the last 30 photos so that the start of the story becomes visible. I will restore the final 30 photos on Monday. Thank you!

Andrew 01 Sep 2017, 09:48

Same issue with me for pictures 1-30. I can see them by going to number 31 and clicking on Ouder Bericht, but the story then makes no sense at all. Great photos, CV; keep up the good work.

Pseldonymov 01 Sep 2017, 09:34

This myopic girl says she wants to commit suicide:

Crystal Veil 01 Sep 2017, 07:43


she will be delighted to hear that. Interesting what you write about the two "selfies". Which numbers?

Puffin 01 Sep 2017, 07:29

Oh, I like Nickie!

But there's one or two pictures that make me think she's taking a selfie. If only we'd had that back then - just think how many interesting photos we would now have.

Slit 01 Sep 2017, 03:59

@CV - thanks a lot!

Crystal Veil 01 Sep 2017, 00:58


Apologies for the inconvenience. I will try to solve the access problem with photos 001 - 030 on Sunday by closing the photos 121 - 150 temporarily. The Rx of Nickie's own glasses is [L: -5.25; c-1.75 v / R: -6.00; c-1.75 v] and Nicole has [L: +2.00; c-0.75 o / R: +1.75; c-1.25 o]. I will of course share your praise with Nickie. She only does modeling occasionally and no doubt, she will be delighted with your reaction. Most of her small portfolio is about acrobatic poses (e.g. split) but it also included some pictures in her own glasses and that is why I contacted her. Let me know if you get access to 001 - 030 on Sunday. Thank you!

Slit 31 Aug 2017, 22:42

@Crystal Veil 31 Aug 2017, 16:38

Great work and yes, nickie is really good at modelling too. She is bringing her acting flair in to the photoshoot! Please give my best to her.

BTW, the posts start from 031. Where can I find the 001 which you usually include model information and the actual RX of the model?

Also Nicole (may 2017) model RX and info?

Slit 31 Aug 2017, 22:42

@Crystal Veil 31 Aug 2017, 16:38

Great work and yes, nickie is really good at modelling too. She is bringing her acting flair in to the photoshoot! Please give my best to her.

BTW, the posts start from 031. Where can I find the 001 which you usually include model information and the actual RX of the model?

Also Nicole (may 2017) model RX and info?

everything's fuzzy 31 Aug 2017, 21:39

Silly with glasses:

Crystal Veil 31 Aug 2017, 16:38

It gives me great pleasure to announce that a photo shoot with a new model has just been posted. Her name is Nickie and she is primarily a singer, dancer, actress, but a great model as well.

A science fiction story is added to the photo shoot - or arguably it was the other way round. I had a script in mind and we took it from there. Nickie knew the outline of the script and she was filling in most of the details during the photo shoot.


Crystal Veil 31 Aug 2017, 16:37

It gives me great pleasure to announce that a photo shoot with a new model has just been posted. Her name is Nickie and she is primarily a singer, dancer, actress, but a great model as well.

A science fiction story is added to the photo shoot - or arguably it was the other way round. I had a script in mind and we took it from there. Nickie knew the outline of the script and she was filling in most of the details during the photo shoot.


Pseldonymov 31 Aug 2017, 09:51


Eyestein 31 Aug 2017, 07:06


Eyestein 31 Aug 2017, 06:58


Eyestein 30 Aug 2017, 23:12

Jim H, it must take you hours to find all those beauties! I think I prefer the older squarer frames on this girl. The lenses are double concave.

MisterMild 30 Aug 2017, 21:38

Update from a favourite medium-minus in S. Africa

Older glasses

Jim H 30 Aug 2017, 18:19

Very beautiful high Plus



Jim H 30 Aug 2017, 18:14

Nice moderate minus'

Using her progressives

Jim H 30 Aug 2017, 18:12

High Minus Nice

Cute Moderate minus'

Jim H 30 Aug 2017, 18:04

Pretty moderate minus ladies

Jim H 30 Aug 2017, 18:00

High Minus

everything's fuzzy 30 Aug 2017, 14:38


Pseldonymov 30 Aug 2017, 13:27


281 29 Aug 2017, 23:05

Gabrielle said, "do you think its safe to do this now ? " Her old glasses splitting by her hand. Physically strong girl.

MisterMild 29 Aug 2017, 22:33

High-minus Russian GWG

MisterMild 29 Aug 2017, 22:20

Updates from Dasha...

and from a slightly loopy mid-minus American GWG

and another American favourite

Pseldonymov 29 Aug 2017, 12:04


hyperopiaficionado 29 Aug 2017, 07:44

@everything's fuzzy: great find, the plus girl on youtube:

love it. thank you

Hunter 29 Aug 2017, 07:02

I hope, the link will work now:

Hunter 29 Aug 2017, 07:01

Gabrielle is so sweet and funny. Her lenses are rather thick for "only" -6,5.

There are some particular videos, especially where she's wearing those ones with the broken temple and the one were she destroys her old hated glasses.

everything's fuzzy 28 Aug 2017, 16:53

Beautiful girl in Malta with sexy minus Rx cat eye glasses:

everything's fuzzy 28 Aug 2017, 16:35

everything's fuzzy 28 Aug 2017, 16:34

needs help deciding:


Andrew 28 Aug 2017, 14:52


Andrew 28 Aug 2017, 14:51

I've not seen this one before:

Stefan 28 Aug 2017, 13:00

She's very pretty either way, isn't she...

lentifan 28 Aug 2017, 12:41

Yes, she's much, much, prettier wearing her glasses.

Eyestein 28 Aug 2017, 05:45

Same girl as below without glasses. I think her plus glasses suit her exceptionally well because of her wide-set eyes.

Eyestein 28 Aug 2017, 05:37

Strong plus

Eyestein 27 Aug 2017, 23:30

High minus

 27 Aug 2017, 22:04

mid minus

Crystal Veil 27 Aug 2017, 16:00

The adorable Irish girl sounds Scottish to me. Six counties perhaps? Anyway, thanks for posting.

everything's fuzzy 27 Aug 2017, 13:33

She just got glasses (low minus):

everything's fuzzy 27 Aug 2017, 13:33

She just got glasses (low minus):

everything's fuzzy 27 Aug 2017, 13:33

She just got glasses (low minus):

everything's fuzzy 27 Aug 2017, 09:48

A glasses rant:

everything's fuzzy 27 Aug 2017, 09:31

everything's fuzzy 27 Aug 2017, 08:22

everything's fuzzy 27 Aug 2017, 07:46

super sweet UK girl:

Jim H 27 Aug 2017, 07:15

Moderate Plus with blue eyes

Eyestein 27 Aug 2017, 02:13



everything's fuzzy 26 Aug 2017, 22:54

Adorable Irish girl:

everything's fuzzy 26 Aug 2017, 22:43

Pretty French girl:

everything's fuzzy 26 Aug 2017, 22:43

Pretty French girl:

Glassesforeveryone 26 Aug 2017, 07:36

She keeps getting better +3 possibly

-14 26 Aug 2017, 05:33

Galileo 26 Aug 2017, 03:15

re Jim's post about "they look pretty strong not to have to wear full time"

I have a friend who is the same, says he is nearly blind in one eye when what he really means is he is extremely long sighted in that eye and refuses to wear glasses, effectively he compensates by using his other eye for everything. Age is now catching up so he does wear glasses these days for reading, then you can see one lens is extremely thick, maybe +10 and the other a normal reading add.

Y. 25 Aug 2017, 21:41

just thick glasses :

Jim H 25 Aug 2017, 20:14

Moderate tattoo Minus

Jim H 25 Aug 2017, 20:07

Very nice high plus

Moderate Plus

Low plus with bifocals

Jim H 25 Aug 2017, 13:11


They look pretty strong to not have to wear full time

Jim H 25 Aug 2017, 13:09

High Plus'


Jim H 25 Aug 2017, 13:07

Pretty Minus'

Beautiful with braces

Jim H 25 Aug 2017, 13:03

Moderate Minus Big cat eyes


Jim H 25 Aug 2017, 13:01

High Minus

Jim H 25 Aug 2017, 12:59

Pretty High Minus'

aviators 25 Aug 2017, 11:44

Do a google image search for reporter Elle Reeve.

 24 Aug 2017, 15:46

everything's fuzzy 24 Aug 2017, 15:46

more Saffron Barker:

 24 Aug 2017, 14:29

Can we have more pics of the recent +20 girl?

Eyestein 24 Aug 2017, 09:30

Re: Jim H 21 Aug 2017, 19:07

Although the high plus girl in youtube is not real she looks lovely. A good still picture from the video would be nice.

Eyestein 24 Aug 2017, 07:16

Minus glasses to read the computer screen which is very close.

Yeti 24 Aug 2017, 04:19

Brasilian -9/-13:

Choucha 24 Aug 2017, 03:52

OMG !! I hope so too :-(

if the stupid guys wrote questions (without answer I'm sure ) she will close as usual acces !!

it was NOT a good idea to post her link

Eyestein 24 Aug 2017, 02:21

OMG. Dasha's location on the web used to be a secret. I hope she doesn't get annoying comments.

kannadikaran 23 Aug 2017, 10:57


A minus girl here

kannadikaran 23 Aug 2017, 10:56

A minus girl

Pseldonymov 23 Aug 2017, 10:13

Russian college student from Siberia

Moderate minus

murky 22 Aug 2017, 23:30

Nice match jacket and specs

 22 Aug 2017, 14:31

More than +20:

the eyes:

Mr Cockeyed 22 Aug 2017, 10:24

Nickey Huntsman starred in many older videos, always wearing glasses, she almost always wore her glasses. I gyess now she uses contacts more frequently

Nickey 22 Aug 2017, 07:50

I almost died when I watched the Nickey video! I've never seen a girl who is so attractive in glasses that are so thick! Unfortunately, she doesn't wear the same glasses in her vids. Best post of all time! Should be pinned to the top.

30calcat 22 Aug 2017, 06:01

It looks like there is an area of slab off in addition to the power rings so technically they would be myodiscs. It also looks like there is an additional bevel in the slab off area which is interesting - there is no limit to the humber of rings you can add to a high minus lens!

Puffin 22 Aug 2017, 05:28

I think they're genuine myodisks. The rings start too far in.

 22 Aug 2017, 03:26

Square 60'

John Auld 21 Aug 2017, 23:37

Mister Milds post on the 21st with the lovely highly myopic glasses .Would you consider these to be myodiscs Although they appear to be I think the power rings give that impression my own GFs which are minus 15/minus 16.25 look very similar but are not myodiscs

everything's fuzzy 21 Aug 2017, 23:23

everything's fuzzy 21 Aug 2017, 23:23

Nicky Huntsman in her heavy glasses:

and here wearing contact lenses:

everything's fuzzy 21 Aug 2017, 23:20

Cute Canadian:

everything's fuzzy 21 Aug 2017, 22:31

More of Stella:

Brett  21 Aug 2017, 21:38

Pseldonymov, very nice finds! Thanks

Jim H 21 Aug 2017, 19:07

Large High Plus frames

Pseldonymov 21 Aug 2017, 18:21

Mostly minus

Pseldonymov 21 Aug 2017, 18:20


Pseldonymov 21 Aug 2017, 18:14


everything's fuzzy 21 Aug 2017, 17:10

Sexy Stella:

Random glasses video:

squinting 21 Aug 2017, 09:58

stronger on the left

Pseldonymov 21 Aug 2017, 09:24

Russian blonde girl 162 cm tall


MisterMild 21 Aug 2017, 00:21

Trying again...

MisterMild 21 Aug 2017, 00:18


Minus 20 Aug 2017, 17:32

A.Non 20 Aug 2017, 11:15

Dasha without glasses... but the video quality is rubbish, and she doesn't open her eyes : (

Eyestein 20 Aug 2017, 06:28

Plus. Her eyesight was the least of her problems 3 years ago when she stopped posting on instagram.

A younger anorexic Grace

Eyestein 20 Aug 2017, 06:13


Same lady

Jim H 19 Aug 2017, 19:50

Big high minus frames!

More minus

Lovely hot mom. Wore glasses for her wedding!

 19 Aug 2017, 15:28

 19 Aug 2017, 15:27

 19 Aug 2017, 11:03

 19 Aug 2017, 10:41

 19 Aug 2017, 10:39

Ray Bans:


 19 Aug 2017, 10:26

cat eyes

 19 Aug 2017, 10:24

cat eyes

 19 Aug 2017, 07:48

Ray Bans

murky 18 Aug 2017, 21:58

Runway spectacular

murky 18 Aug 2017, 21:49

Wow, se the ultimate

murky 18 Aug 2017, 21:49

Wow, se the ultimate

murky 18 Aug 2017, 21:43

The fall look, wow

murky 18 Aug 2017, 21:40

Another runway model, Sound,\man, arent they just gorgeous, as the designer has an unlimited budget

Jim H 18 Aug 2017, 17:38


Jim H 18 Aug 2017, 17:36

High Plus'

Jim H 18 Aug 2017, 17:33

Cute minus

With her retainer

Jim H 18 Aug 2017, 17:29


Aviators Has many more pair

Jim H 18 Aug 2017, 17:24

Beauty high minus'

guest 18 Aug 2017, 15:44

what a Beauty (scroll down ...)

Eyestein 18 Aug 2017, 09:41

Time for bifocals...or longer arms.

Eyestein 18 Aug 2017, 06:55

This near-blind lady must have a hot and sexy attitude. Of course she is perfectly entitled to live with the same desires and passions as any other lady of her age. She wants people to know and understand that.

Eyestein 18 Aug 2017, 06:36

It's just a phenomenon that a small number of myopic girls (and older women) like to understate the reason why they wear glasses. They feel shame or embarrassment about not seeing well. It's like when some girls call their minus glasses reading glasses. They actually need to wear them while driving so they can read street signs.

Soundmanpt 18 Aug 2017, 06:03


Very interesting! I wonder why she is claiming to have good eyesight when her glasses clearly have a rather decent prescription? And her job clearly doesn't require protective lenses.

Eyestein 18 Aug 2017, 02:54

Obviously myopic but see the comment at the bottom.

Her job

Eyestein 18 Aug 2017, 02:09

Megan Fox

Eyestein 18 Aug 2017, 01:33

Minus with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. All her selfies help to convince her that she doesn't look repulsive.

Yoyo 17 Aug 2017, 14:17

Moderate minus doing a makeup tutorial, really pretty:

Nick Name 17 Aug 2017, 11:01

strong minus beauty

Soundmanpt 17 Aug 2017, 08:06


Great to see runway models wearing glasses during a fashion show.

murky 17 Aug 2017, 00:52


Pseldonymov 16 Aug 2017, 08:54


everything's fuzzy 15 Aug 2017, 23:01

everything's fuzzy 15 Aug 2017, 23:01

a(-), a(+), and a(-)

NNVisitor 15 Aug 2017, 20:57

Jim H

The one you wrote "love her" from Slovakia is such a beauty.

Jim H 15 Aug 2017, 19:35

Pretty moderate Plus'

Doesn't like to show her braces

Love her

Jim H 15 Aug 2017, 19:30



Jim H 15 Aug 2017, 19:20

More high minus

Hot minus'

Jim H 15 Aug 2017, 19:12

High Minus ladies


Puffin 15 Aug 2017, 17:32

Well, Saffron Barker is new to me. But... interesting.

everything's fuzzy 15 Aug 2017, 17:14

everything's fuzzy 15 Aug 2017, 17:13

Cute British girl worried about being safe in today's crazy world and other stuff.

Soundmanpt 15 Aug 2017, 09:44


I didn't go back far enough in her videos to find her "I'm Getting Glasses" video. But in there she says that she had glasses quite a while before and and lost them 2 days after getting them. So Since she lost her very first glasses that quickly these glasses were pretty much her first glasses. In her "My Glasses have Arrived" video she gets her glasses and she points out that she doesn't have to wear them all the time, but that she will need to wear them when watching TV. At 1:42 she holds her glasses up to the camera and you can tell that her glasses are quite weak by looking at things in the background. Very slight minification. She even said that she didn't like wearing them at all and that she was getting contacts. Based on the video caps she was true to her word because only a couple videos shows her wearing glasses over the next year. Like you said ever since she got her new aviator glasses she seems to be wearing glasses far more often. I would assume for 2 reasons. One just as you noticed her new glasses appear to be a stronger than her previous pair and she seems to really like the aviator glasses. She's clearly wearing her lasses much more often and even when she isn't wearing them they are often seen on top of her head.I just googled her and found out that she is only 17 so she is still very much in that age group where her eyesight is still changing and probably will be for a few more years. So based on how much more she seems to need her glasses now than she used to I agree with you that she most likely will be needing new stronger glasses around Jan 2018. If she in fact got contacts she doesn't seem to wear them very often.

In looking in Google I was surprised at how well known she is in the UK. She even had a hit record when she was 15 with an all girl singing group. She has amazingly beautiful blue eyes and look even better under her aviator glasses.

everything's fuzzy 14 Aug 2017, 23:56

Off beat but interesting

Carrie 14 Aug 2017, 22:38

Saffron Barker got her first glasses in January 2016. She had them for a few months and then lost them. She only wore them occasionally. It seems that by January this year her eyesight had got worse as you can tell by looking at the lenses she has a stronger prescription. She probably would have got new glasses even if she hadn't lost her other ones.

She has also got contacts which she wore more than her glasses in her videos for a while but seems to be wearing her glasses more again.

I wouldn't be at all surprised if she needs a stronger prescription in January 2018.

She wasn't very keen to wear her first glasses but was very happy when she got her aviators.

everything's fuzzy 14 Aug 2017, 14:02

She doesn't wear her glasses while down hill skiing:

Soundmanpt 14 Aug 2017, 10:55

Everything's fuzzy

In regards to your post from "13 Aug 2017 17:39"

You called it Aviator comeback Saffron Barker Vlogs

She posted a video called "I Now Have Glasses" on Jan 10th 2017

She was excited because she was going to get her eyes examined because she said she needed glasses badly and was hoping to get them that day as well. She in fact did get her glasses and proceeded to wear them the rest of the day. Apparently based on her recent videos she wears her glasses quite often.

NNVisitor 14 Aug 2017, 10:20


Who is Donna? I checked her profile and her current glasses are right out of the hippie era.

specs4ever 14 Aug 2017, 06:10

She is real Eyestein. She has been in the news off and on for the last 15 years or so. She won a lawsuit against the Polish government for them not allowing her to have an abortion that according to her doctor would make her a high risk to go blind. Obviously she didn't go blind after giving birth, and she was a spokesperson for abortion after she won. I don't know what it is now that is causing her to go blind as I haven't bothered trying to translate this article.

Eyestein 14 Aug 2017, 04:29

So who is this Polish woman? Is she real or fake?

Eyestein 14 Aug 2017, 01:52

Donna long ago

everything's fuzzy 13 Aug 2017, 20:58

Sorry for the double post

everything's fuzzy 13 Aug 2017, 20:48

everything's fuzzy 13 Aug 2017, 20:48

Jim H 13 Aug 2017, 19:51

Pretty blonde Minus'

Jim H 13 Aug 2017, 19:48

Moderate Minus

In the pool

Jim H 13 Aug 2017, 19:43

High minus'

Redhead makeup girl

Jim H 13 Aug 2017, 19:41

High high minus

Hot plus

Jim H 13 Aug 2017, 19:35

Plus Nice

everything's fuzzy 13 Aug 2017, 17:39

Aviator comeback

 12 Aug 2017, 13:06

#velmacosplay tag provides nice selection of cosplay GWG from + and - sides (-) (-) (+) (+)

 12 Aug 2017, 02:45


 11 Aug 2017, 20:41

Bad girl bad girl

Me 11 Aug 2017, 07:50

Severe myopic Alicja needs your help for eye treatment or else she is turning blind. Please donate.

Jurczyk 10 Aug 2017, 07:37

Jurczyk 10 Aug 2017, 07:08

Jurczyk 10 Aug 2017, 07:07

Jurczyk 10 Aug 2017, 07:05

281 09 Aug 2017, 23:28

Sisters. Minus.

Younger sister ? Less minus than her elder sister , but will she be more similar to her elder sister in future ?

Elder sister ? More severe minus.

Pseldonymov 09 Aug 2017, 14:35

Belarussian girl


2017 (-7.50)

Eyestein 09 Aug 2017, 05:08

The Cat Lady has certainly changed her looks.



Jim H 08 Aug 2017, 13:58

Minus Cute blonde


Jim H 08 Aug 2017, 13:54

Moderate minus'

Jim H 08 Aug 2017, 13:52

Nice moderate Minus'


Jim H 08 Aug 2017, 13:48

Moderate Plus +4.75

Jim H 08 Aug 2017, 13:46

High Minus'

sweeteyes 07 Aug 2017, 10:48

aviator -oo- 07 Aug 2017, 10:41

a girl gets some minus RX avaitors

aviator -oo- 07 Aug 2017, 10:40

really interesting and honest account, who says: What's interesting is that my friends with 20/20 vision tell me my glasses' prescription isn't that strong (the optometrist told me so as well) It seems my eyes just need a little bit of help to see far away.

sweeteyes 07 Aug 2017, 10:37

281 07 Aug 2017, 06:32

7 : 07 glasses is removed by her friend. So acceptable. Her eyes look healthy . Not squinting after removed. Guess she have left minus 2 right minus 4 .

Pseldonymov 06 Aug 2017, 14:39


 06 Aug 2017, 13:57

The famous Elena B wears -20:

everything's fuzzy 06 Aug 2017, 10:08

Thanks for the tip JC. I will do that with each new post. I am glad you enjoyed the content.

 06 Aug 2017, 08:26

281 you sound psychotic, seek help

:-* 282

JC 06 Aug 2017, 06:07

everything's fuzzy:

Thank you very much for your contributions - I have enjoyed them. Since you mentioned hyperlinking the trick is to remove the s in https, so the link should begin with just http.

281 06 Aug 2017, 04:32

To hidhid31, your requested baidu user 二八一城 is here at eye scene now. That name literally means 281city , so i use 281 as user name here.

This is the link. At date 20170626, hidhid31 asking where i go , asking if i was dead or not.

I was, suddenly forced to stop posting at date 20170531 evening. The reason was i was unable to log in to baidu .

For my baidu friends there, some of them may be interested about my glasses that are used for 6 years, because i occasionally post about my glasses, especially the notorious spare pair that i keep using for 6.5 years. I intend to use the spare pair very often, until it breaks apart. But it still did not break apart at date 20170805 .

My glasses have unpleasant smell for some people. But i love the bio scent. I was famous for kissing my glasses frequently. No cleaning after my kiss.

everything's fuzzy 05 Aug 2017, 20:47

So sweet:

here she talks about her vision:

everything's fuzzy 05 Aug 2017, 20:23

she's truly adorable:

(sorry that I don't know how to hyperlink on this site)

 05 Aug 2017, 15:00


Pseldonymov 05 Aug 2017, 14:34


Jim H 05 Aug 2017, 06:51

Minus clear pink frames

Pretty with braces

Jim H 05 Aug 2017, 06:49

Moderate Minus' Cute

Pseldonymov 04 Aug 2017, 23:12


everything's fuzzy 04 Aug 2017, 19:55


Pseldonymov 04 Aug 2017, 09:13

Sorry, 2 bespectacled beauties.


Pseldonymov 04 Aug 2017, 09:12

May her glasses are not so strong to drive with them?

So she uses them for reading and calls them reading glasses.

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 04 Aug 2017, 08:03

Latvian librarian


Eyestein 04 Aug 2017, 02:29

The hippiechic girl almost certainly wears some prism correction.

...and maybe progressives as well.

281 04 Aug 2017, 02:13


There are not only one thread in eye scene. So if here at thread 15 you get not enough advice, you can browse other threads.

You can browse eye scene site map to see where you feel suitable for discuss your issue. I can provide a link for you.

281 03 Aug 2017, 23:44

Vietnam moderate Minus girl. Gac xep nho

everything's fuzzy 03 Aug 2017, 22:47

Jim H 03 Aug 2017, 20:19

High Minus

Moderate Plus'

Jim H 03 Aug 2017, 20:16

High Plus

Pretty Plus'


Jim H 03 Aug 2017, 20:14


Clear frames


Jim H 03 Aug 2017, 20:11

Very pretty minus ladies

Jim H 03 Aug 2017, 20:08

High minus fitness girl

More high minus

Jim H 03 Aug 2017, 20:03

Beauty High Minus'

Sonia 03 Aug 2017, 12:32

Thanks NNVisitor,

It had been for days and no one think is normal so i think i'm going to see a specialist.

Thanks for your answer and giving some help, i was thinking it's was a community for help about glasses/ eyes issues (so lenses by the way) it was wrong, sorry


Woycek 03 Aug 2017, 07:33

Plus girl,61,19,0.jpg,61,19,0.jpg

Woycek 03 Aug 2017, 07:29

Plus girl.,61,19,0.jpg,61,19,0.jpg,61,19,0.jpg

Woycek 03 Aug 2017, 07:28

Plus girl.,61,19,0.jpg,61,19,0.jpg

281 03 Aug 2017, 04:34

Some translation.

Title : white power rings.

Content : I love white power rings. Each layer or sheet of power rings generates IQ +10 , Knowledge +20

281 03 Aug 2017, 04:30

My favorite collection of friends wearing minus glasses with power rings. This is some closer friends that we can meet in college.

Al 03 Aug 2017, 02:51

@JimH as far as she's young enough to retain sufficient accomodation, she may still feel comfortable bare-eyed for distance, especially if there's no astigmatism. But it's not the case for reading as she's quite farsighted

 03 Aug 2017, 01:27

goth girl with glasses

281 02 Aug 2017, 23:45

After eye discomfort, they switch their glasses again , such that they wear their original glasses which is their original rx

281 02 Aug 2017, 23:43

Glasses Switch. Krysztof (male) and Kasia (female). About 5:02 Krysztof appears eye discomfort. Kasia appears tolerate not bad.

Compared to Kasia, Krysztof seem to have lower minus rx. Kasia seems to have higher minus rx

Kasia looked like this. Year 2014 she was already wearing this much minus.

281 02 Aug 2017, 22:05


It was mostly , "why hide your glasses today when you need them yesterday ?" And "contact lenses may cause dry eyes and red eyes" . Makeup also associate with "fake appearance", but the real prescription glasses somehow reduce her "fake appearance" because she shows her willingness to let viewers to know about her miopia.

Jurczyk 02 Aug 2017, 14:03

Jurczyk 02 Aug 2017, 13:57

Jurczyk 02 Aug 2017, 13:56

Puffin 02 Aug 2017, 09:56

281, I've seen the "magic of glasses" so many times.

But the pleasure never dims, as you have shown here.

Crystal Veil 02 Aug 2017, 09:00


She is clearly wearing minus glasses. I may be wrong but her prescription seems to have gone down a bit since 2014. Or is it the difference in frame shape?

Eyestein 02 Aug 2017, 07:12


Yes. They are +6 to +8 but she prefers to call them reading glasses.

This girl's "reading glasses" are even more disputable.

281 01 Aug 2017, 23:11

This girl, You look so much better with your glasses.

You have brain, look at your power rings. You are not an average girl. But if you have no glasses, you look like a rural girl that only knows makeup and chores .

So much better. I can feel you must be study hard.

Sorry for mistakenly thinking you are just the average rural girl. This is you without your glasses. Theres only a makeup and large eyes. You are brainy, but you look average rural.

This is you with your glasses and power rings. Different clothes from the first link.

Without glasses. Looks like rural girl. With all flowers on her head. Remember your power rings ?

Jim H 01 Aug 2017, 20:31

Pretty strong for 'reading glasses'

Jim H 01 Aug 2017, 20:27

More Plus

Jim H 01 Aug 2017, 20:25

Nice moderate Plus

Jim H 01 Aug 2017, 20:16

More minus Big pink frames

Jim H 01 Aug 2017, 20:13

Moderate minus cute half rims Transition lenses

Jim H 01 Aug 2017, 20:10

High Minus

Cute with metal frames

NNVisitor 01 Aug 2017, 17:24


The first time I put contact lenses in my eyes the tears were flowing and the optician handed me some tissues. It's normal for the eyes to produce tears in reaction to a strange foreign object in the eye. The tearing should stop after wearing contact lenses day after day and the eye has adjusted to them. Over time the eyes will build up a tolerance towards the lenses. Not everyone reacts the same to contact lenses. Some people can over time barely notice them in the eyes. Other people may feel irritation and or dryness. In that case one should go back to the optician or opthalmologist to tell them about the problem.

Carrie 01 Aug 2017, 12:34

A very yummy mummy gets her first ever pair of glasses and goes full time straight away

Maxim  01 Aug 2017, 12:25

0916 hrs -

Is this Sonja, or is it a fake?

Every young lady has at least one acquaintance, friend etc. in school, university, office, family wearing lenses.

There is so much exchange on cosmetics, health, vision issues among those young women!

I cannot believe, that Sonja - we are speaking of an experienceed blog authoress (!!!) is asking such a basic question about wearing contacts.

C'est vraiment vous, Sonja? Moi, je ne crois pas!

Pseldonymov 01 Aug 2017, 09:30

Belarussian girl

Minus 7.5

Sonia 01 Aug 2017, 09:16

Hello guys i hope you are all ok ?

I have a question, i'm testing contact lenses some days during August but i feel very inconfortable (my eyes are always crying) do you know why (my doc is in holidays ...)

I'm adding that i have Biofinity (for testing during 1 month for -7°)

Thanks & a lot of love


Sonia 01 Aug 2017, 09:15

Hello guys i hope you are all ok ?

I have a question, i'm testing contact lenses some days during August but i feel very inconfortable (my eyes are always crying) do you know why (my doc is in holidays ...)

Thanks & a lot of love


Pseldonymov 01 Aug 2017, 06:35

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 01 Aug 2017, 06:31


Pseldonymov 01 Aug 2017, 06:01


Pseldonymov 01 Aug 2017, 05:12

2 Russian girls

Moderate minus

Pseldonymov 31 Jul 2017, 09:00


Jim H 30 Jul 2017, 19:26

High minus band girl

Moderate Plus

High plus metal gold metal frames

everything's fuzzy 30 Jul 2017, 13:29

everything's fuzzy 30 Jul 2017, 13:29

everything's fuzzy 30 Jul 2017, 13:28

Jurczyk 30 Jul 2017, 08:39

kannadikaran 30 Jul 2017, 07:22

@Jim H High Plus glasses are not hers. She has mentioned it in the comments.

Jim H 30 Jul 2017, 07:14



Jim H 30 Jul 2017, 07:12

More moderate Plus Metal frames

Jim H 30 Jul 2017, 07:08

High Plus Huge eyes!

2 cuties

Nice eyes

Jim H 30 Jul 2017, 07:02

Pretty moderate minus'

Jim H 30 Jul 2017, 06:57

More high minus

Jim H 30 Jul 2017, 06:54

High Minus'


Africa 30 Jul 2017, 03:47

You look gorgeous in glasses!

They are very good for you!

What's your prescription glasses?

Pseldonymov 29 Jul 2017, 16:24

Moderate minus

La monture means frame.

Aventus 28 Jul 2017, 12:09


Please share more of this high minus ! Thanks

Pseldonymov 28 Jul 2017, 11:05

High minus

Pseldonymov 27 Jul 2017, 14:36


11 glasses

Pseldonymov 27 Jul 2017, 13:55




Just H 26 Jul 2017, 18:16

Moderate Plus pageant model

Her plus friend


Jim H 26 Jul 2017, 18:12

More minus

Jim H 26 Jul 2017, 18:10

Pretty moderate minus girls

Jim H 26 Jul 2017, 18:05

High minus'



Jim H 26 Jul 2017, 18:02

High Minus'

Legally blind plus 25 Jul 2017, 17:35

Pseldonymov 25 Jul 2017, 12:18


Jurczyk 25 Jul 2017, 10:43

Jurczyk 25 Jul 2017, 10:38

Jim H 25 Jul 2017, 08:25

Plus plus Big frames

Jim H 25 Jul 2017, 08:23

More Plus Nice

Jim H 25 Jul 2017, 08:21

Moderate Plus'

Jim H 25 Jul 2017, 08:19

Nigh high plus'

george 25 Jul 2017, 05:55

sorry - have no idea why that posted around 20 times

george 25 Jul 2017, 05:53

newly bespectacled Canadian woman talking about being prescribed prism for double vision:

george 25 Jul 2017, 05:52

newly bespectacled Canadian woman talking about being prescribed prism for double vision:

george 25 Jul 2017, 05:52

newly bespectacled Canadian woman talking about being prescribed prism for double vision:

george 25 Jul 2017, 05:52

newly bespectacled Canadian woman talking about being prescribed prism for double vision:

george 25 Jul 2017, 05:52

newly bespectacled Canadian woman talking about being prescribed prism for double vision:

george 25 Jul 2017, 05:52

newly bespectacled Canadian woman talking about being prescribed prism for double vision:

everything's fuzzy 24 Jul 2017, 18:41

She is so sweet.

Eyestein 24 Jul 2017, 05:32

Nyu is still on YouTube. Actually, if my memory is correct, I checked her instagram account back on 16th July and I found it was private then.

A.Non 23 Jul 2017, 06:29

Nyu Ninjuu's instagram is now private. Thanks to the idiots who could'nt resist writing stupid comments, you must be so proud of yourselves.

Strong plus 23 Jul 2017, 05:40

Eyestein 23 Jul 2017, 01:41

Thanks MisterMild. Dasha has a nice figure which we seldom see.

MisterMild 22 Jul 2017, 16:02


Dasha enrolled in the veterinary science department of a state university near her home town. Now she appears to have graduated already - I don't know what's going on there. As to her vision, we can only speculate, I translate some of her social media posts but have never found any reference to her glasses or her eyessight.

Jurczyk 22 Jul 2017, 13:09

Jurczyk 22 Jul 2017, 13:07

Jim H 22 Jul 2017, 12:18

Plus bifocals

Her old specs

NNVisitor 22 Jul 2017, 10:06


A few questions. Do you know what Dasha's field of study is?

Her Glasses are for myopia and have a prism to correct the crossed eyes which otherwise produce double vision?

 22 Jul 2017, 09:02

the cute Paralympic athlete Sophie Kamlish wears around +8

some interviews where see mentions her eyesight:

MisterMild 22 Jul 2017, 08:11

@lentifan Actually, I agree - I didn't really care for Dasha's current choice of frames, the last pair did suit her better.

Meanwhile, here are some updates from an American, moderately hi-minus...

Trent 22 Jul 2017, 07:38

Third link should be minus with magnifyers

Trent 22 Jul 2017, 07:37



Plus with magnifyer

lentifan 22 Jul 2017, 04:18

It is impossible to 'overdose' on the lovely Dasha although, if I'm being picky, I do feel her current glasses are a touch on the large side for her face.

MisterMild 22 Jul 2017, 03:43

Anyone who's overdosed on Dasha can skip this one!

Much larger repostings here:

MisterMild 22 Jul 2017, 03:36

Correction to that last link...

This one may be a re-posting

Better still, from her other social media site...

MisterMild 22 Jul 2017, 03:24

Just a couple more from Dasha on graduation day...

MisterMild 22 Jul 2017, 03:19

Recent updates from Dasha, my favourite myodisc wearer...


Jim H 21 Jul 2017, 19:40

Moderate Plus

Jim H 21 Jul 2017, 19:34

More minus

Jim H 21 Jul 2017, 19:32

Moderate Minus

Blonde with metal frames


Jim H 21 Jul 2017, 19:29

Sorry messed up the -14 link.

Her she is

Jim H 21 Jul 2017, 19:22

High Minus Ladies

Jim H 21 Jul 2017, 19:20

Lovely high minus maybe -14

Nice -10 metal frames

High minus redhead

Beautiful minus eyes

 21 Jul 2017, 06:48

very low minus, but sexy

Eyestein 21 Jul 2017, 04:45


Nyu mentioned that she was -15/-16 two years ago but might be due for a new prescription.

Jim H 20 Jul 2017, 12:53

Sexy low plus


High plus sisters!

Jim H 20 Jul 2017, 12:50

Moderate Plus'

Pretty rimless

Jim H 20 Jul 2017, 12:45

High Plus ladies


Jim H 20 Jul 2017, 12:39

Beautiful moderate minus'

Jim H 20 Jul 2017, 12:37

More strong Minus

Posted before but wearing specs more often

Jim H 20 Jul 2017, 12:34

Pretty moderate minus Dutch

More high minus BBW

Jim H 20 Jul 2017, 12:28

More high minus

Beauty with nice frames

Nice French model

Jim H 20 Jul 2017, 12:25

High Minus' Pretty

The lovely Megan

Agreed. Please keep intrusive comments and questions to yourself and just enjoy!

NNVisitor 20 Jul 2017, 11:32

Apparently some people have been aggressive and intrusive in their comments and questions towards individuals with Facebook and Instagram accounts who have high and very high myopia. This has resulted in closure of accounts and resets to private.

You wouldn't walk up to people on the street and ask them if they have diabetes or hepatitis or any other condition/disease? So why ask complete strangers on their social media page about their eyesight or their eyeglasses prescription? Doing so is intrusive and rude. Some people are pissed off with this invasion of personal information and thus no longer upload images of themselves with glasses on and have instructed others to also not upload personal images.

Please respect that not everyone wants to discuss their vision problems and give information about their presciptions to complete strangers.

ME 20 Jul 2017, 07:32

This Polish myopic beauty might get blind if she does not get treatment in time. Support her:

Es 20 Jul 2017, 07:28

Do you know the prescription of NyuNinjuu?

Gelatopiace 19 Jul 2017, 14:23

Italian favorite plus lady is about to close her channel soon because she won't have anymore free time to make her videos...

Pseldonymov 19 Jul 2017, 11:57


Minus 6

everything's fuzzy 18 Jul 2017, 19:02

Trading Places but not eyesight:

Galileo 18 Jul 2017, 01:42

Amazing! 27 old contact lenses in her eye

Galileo 18 Jul 2017, 01:42

Amazing! 27 od contact lenses in her eye

sweeteyes 17 Jul 2017, 21:00

new video from lisa:

NJ 17 Jul 2017, 18:50

Be careful, everyone:®ion=stream&module=stream_unit&version=latest&contentPlacement=2&pgtype=sectionfront

NNVisitor 17 Jul 2017, 18:47


They are myodisc lenses. The optical aares are smaller than the eyeglass frame. In very high prescriptions only the center of the lens provides undistorted vision. A contact lens provides peripheral vision as well withoutthe distortion. Strong minus glasses lenses make images smaller. Contact lenses do not reduce image size.

Mel 17 Jul 2017, 15:59

Are NyuNinjuu's glasses myodiscs or just very thick regular glasses?

NNVisitor 17 Jul 2017, 12:07

No sooner did I type my last comment and NyuNinjju has uploaded a new photo with her eye makup visible with her glasses on. Perhaps the trick is to use bright colors.

NNVisitor 17 Jul 2017, 12:02

NyuNinjju does her eye makeup quite well. With her glasses on properly I could not see her eye makup. I don't know if she ever wears contact lenses. If she does the eye makeup would be very visible. Perhaps if she got a backup pair of smaller frames her eye makeup would be much more clear for others to see.

Jurczyk 17 Jul 2017, 07:40

Eyestein 17 Jul 2017, 06:38


Eyestein 17 Jul 2017, 06:33

Not many photos to be found of Nyu.

Eyestein 17 Jul 2017, 05:46

@sweeteyes. Thanks for the lovely superminus NyuNinjuu. She can't see beyond 3 inches without those awesome glasses

murky 16 Jul 2017, 23:31

awesome faCE, really suits all the glasses she uses

sweeteyes 16 Jul 2017, 11:31


Eyestein 15 Jul 2017, 22:12

This is the high plus girl posted by Jim H previously. Some of her pics suggest she is blind in her left eye.

guest 15 Jul 2017, 19:34



Puffin 15 Jul 2017, 17:51

I'm liking the cosplayer too. Minus 11 or 12.

RK City 72 15 Jul 2017, 17:40

This is an awesome look:

Crystal Veil 15 Jul 2017, 13:10

Jim H,

always a pleasure to check your latest finds on Instagram. I was especially pleased to see the Dutch cosplay girl. Ner or just over the double digits. Thank you!

Jim H 14 Jul 2017, 21:08

High Plus


Moderate Plus

Jim H 14 Jul 2017, 21:03

Minus In the pool

Jim H 14 Jul 2017, 21:01

Cute moderate minus'

Nice split arms

Jim H 14 Jul 2017, 20:58

Moderate minus

Jim H 14 Jul 2017, 20:55

More high minus

Jim H 14 Jul 2017, 20:51

High minus



Jim H 14 Jul 2017, 20:48

High minus Cosplay

Moderate Goth

bateau 14 Jul 2017, 15:25

Poland gwg ! Old & new.

Eyestein 13 Jul 2017, 05:28

Emmie Lou's bifocal line is very subtle. A clear glimpse of it can be caught here. I didn't listen to her sermon on sexual sin.

281 13 Jul 2017, 02:29

Previous post at 02:11 has listed the requirement for Hong Kong (incomplete, the requirement is from news). And a photo from news, at the application center. It was rather notable, that two female police (already employed) in the photo was wearing myopic glasses . one of them is evaluating the applicant and not clear what her rx is. The other on the left had her glasses shown more clearly, maybe around minus 3 to minus 4

281 13 Jul 2017, 02:19

The requirement varies with region. I only collect relevant region for these photos.

In taiwan, the requirement is 20/20 with glasses, so it is not rare to have young female police with miopic glasses rx near minus 6

281 13 Jul 2017, 02:11

News from the web.

Police applicants needs to take eye test. But the requirement varies with year. Recent year they have two visual test. Reportedly as applicant on the first day. they have to read 44 mm print from 3 metres . Then there are other interviews. In the final interview they need to be verified (not shown here) and i did not find what visual acuity they need (i guess, varies with year, from online forums i guess 20/100 without glasses and 20/20 with glasses ? )

Pseldonymov 12 Jul 2017, 15:07


Aventus 12 Jul 2017, 09:48

Thick Plus Lady

Navy 12 Jul 2017, 09:22

My daughter just buy some aviator frames because of a french blogger thinking that i got ones in 80'

Also loving her recent pics, seems to be back to her old frames ?

Galileo 11 Jul 2017, 22:46

Another post from the Plus Lover series - her bifocals broke

lazysiow 11 Jul 2017, 21:58

Interesting story. Guy ends up with two wives.. ish without being married but gets to be with two GWG's

Terry 11 Jul 2017, 15:33

@ Plus lover 11 Jul 2017, 06:34

The girl in the second video is absolutely amazing!

30calcat 11 Jul 2017, 13:15

Another -15 who actually likes to wear her glasses:

Will be nice to see this trend continue!

Pseldonymov 11 Jul 2017, 10:59

Small minus

Plus lover 11 Jul 2017, 06:34

... and some latina (beauty ?)

Plus lover 11 Jul 2017, 06:25

... and some latina (beauty ?)

Plus Lover 11 Jul 2017, 06:12

Plus mothers

Plus lover 11 Jul 2017, 05:37

another bifocal

Plus Lover 11 Jul 2017, 05:28

thanks guys !

Slipping down


Jim H 10 Jul 2017, 13:51

Great posts Plus Lover and NJ!

Here are some more. High!!

Jim H 10 Jul 2017, 13:48

More minus -8


Jim H 10 Jul 2017, 13:46

Beautiful High Minus

Posted before

Metal frames and bright makeup

NJ 10 Jul 2017, 09:19

Sorry, forgot to post as a hyperlink:

NJ 10 Jul 2017, 09:18

This girl looks like she might be wearing progressives. She tilts her head in that way to see her phone.

Mr Cockeyed 10 Jul 2017, 08:39


Absolutely fantastic videos of plus lensed girls. Some were moderate, but many were high plus. My only wonder was why none had bifocals. Plus people thrive on more power for reading. All in all great. Thanks

Plus lover 10 Jul 2017, 03:58

At least

Plus lover 10 Jul 2017, 03:48


Plus lover 10 Jul 2017, 03:27

amazing ?

Plus lover 10 Jul 2017, 03:17

Strong plus sisters

 09 Jul 2017, 22:51

moderate +

 09 Jul 2017, 11:21

hi Eyestein, thank you so much for your find.

It seems she got IOL recently

but here is some old video where she is still wearing reading glasses over contacts

she is very nice indeed

 09 Jul 2017, 07:24


Eyestein 09 Jul 2017, 07:22



Eyestein 09 Jul 2017, 06:52

Cataract glasses (posted sometime previously). She wears reading glasses over hard contacts. These are obviously what she wears without contacts.

-30 09 Jul 2017, 06:50

Eyestein 09 Jul 2017, 06:21

This very pretty girl is nearsighted but she almost never wears glasses.

Eyestein 09 Jul 2017, 03:01

@ Jim H

Regarding Crystal Gritch, I am pretty sure I have read that girl's story before. Her astigmatism alone is pretty bad.

 08 Jul 2017, 10:33

 08 Jul 2017, 10:33

Seems to be brunette now still looking hot asf

Jim H 07 Jul 2017, 19:51

Moderate tattooed Plus

High plus

Her script

Jim H 07 Jul 2017, 19:45



Jim H 07 Jul 2017, 19:42

More minus

Jim H 07 Jul 2017, 19:40

Nice moderate to high minus Big frames

Jim H 07 Jul 2017, 19:32

Moderate Minus

Cute clear frames


Jim H 07 Jul 2017, 19:29

High Minus

Jim H 07 Jul 2017, 19:27

High Minus' -13 -12

Eyestein 07 Jul 2017, 16:50

Plus aviators.

Eyestein 07 Jul 2017, 16:46

It's hard to believe this type of bullying still happens.

Pseldonymov 07 Jul 2017, 10:06

Moderate minus

Eyestein 07 Jul 2017, 06:39


Eyestein 07 Jul 2017, 05:48

I thought this was an interesting comment from the pretty hyperope "msjennabean" (Jenna Marie).

"I'm blind without them. I'm not eligible for any corrective surgeries or contacts because they're so far gone and get worse every year."

Pseldonymov 06 Jul 2017, 20:12

Moderate minus

Mild minus

Pseldonymov 06 Jul 2017, 16:08


Pseldonymov 06 Jul 2017, 16:01


-13/-14 06 Jul 2017, 15:41

minus and boobies 06 Jul 2017, 14:38

 06 Jul 2017, 13:51

A photo of a woman trying on new frames (without corrective lenses in):

Same frames (?) with lenses:

NNVisitor 05 Jul 2017, 23:57

Jim H

That redhead with rimless looks very sexy. Also has a boyfriend. These beauties always seem to have a significant other.

Slit 05 Jul 2017, 21:10

@Jim H

Epic pics mate! I hope the girl with rimless plus know how beautiful she is.

However hope someone won't go and comment there which leads to making the profile private by the user.

Jim H 05 Jul 2017, 20:39

Thanks Brett, we must have similar tastes as those were my two favourites out of the bunch. I like the rimless as well as they accentuate the eyes with just the lenses and do not detract from a nice face. Glasses girls and bikinis is definitely a favourite of mine! I will post a storey about my Canada day pool party in Sightings.

Brett 05 Jul 2017, 15:45

As always, awesome work Jim H. I especially liked the rimless plus, and wish rimless would get more popular again. Also the minus at the beach was very good. I always like when girls wear their glasses to the beach!

Jim H 05 Jul 2017, 08:58

Moderate Plus'

Sexy rimless

Jim H 05 Jul 2017, 08:56


Reading glasses

Jim H 05 Jul 2017, 08:53

Pretty Minus'

Jim H 05 Jul 2017, 08:49

More minus

Jim H 05 Jul 2017, 08:47

Moderate Minus'



Jim H 05 Jul 2017, 08:46

High minus'


Jim H 05 Jul 2017, 08:44

High Minus'

Sexy redhead at the beach

 05 Jul 2017, 01:38

attractive low plus -

and higher -

some more minus -

 05 Jul 2017, 01:22

cute minus -

and plus -

 04 Jul 2017, 19:36

moderate minus

 04 Jul 2017, 11:38

low plus, just recently started full-time

 03 Jul 2017, 11:18

Plus glasses

Pseldonymov 03 Jul 2017, 10:32

Russian blonde beauty

Minus 9.0 / 8.5

Nick Name 03 Jul 2017, 10:04

I did not notice this cute minus before.

Jim H 02 Jul 2017, 20:21

Pretty minus around -7


Minus makeup challenge

Jim H 02 Jul 2017, 12:26

Moderate Plus'


sweeteyes 02 Jul 2017, 12:21

 02 Jul 2017, 01:29

weak plus but nice girl

 02 Jul 2017, 01:29

weak plus

 02 Jul 2017, 00:31

I agree, somewhere around +5.

Here's her Facebook page -

Crystal Veil 01 Jul 2017, 16:23

My guess: between +4.50 and +5.50

 01 Jul 2017, 15:59

nice minuses

 01 Jul 2017, 15:52

plus anyone?

 01 Jul 2017, 08:21


Trent 30 Jun 2017, 19:51


Jim H 30 Jun 2017, 13:26


Minus First bifocals

Jim H 30 Jun 2017, 13:24

Moderate minus

Jim H 30 Jun 2017, 13:19

High Minus'

Cute full time

 29 Jun 2017, 21:33

interesting post

Jim H 29 Jun 2017, 19:28

Moderate Plus'


Jim H 29 Jun 2017, 17:10

High minus that deleted earlier pic



Good curves

Jim H 29 Jun 2017, 17:08


NNVisitor 29 Jun 2017, 15:46


Contact lenses are made in different diamaters. Some are smaller in size. Some are larger in size. Also made with different materials. On brown eyes they can often be hard to see by an observer. If you're very close to a person wearing RGP contact lenses maybe you can notice the edge of one or both contact lenses that they are wearing. Soft contact lenses are often made with large diamaters. If you're close to a person with green or blue eyes that's wearing soft contact lenses they can be easily noticed if you are observant.

Pseldonymov 29 Jun 2017, 15:25

Russian blonde gi