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Glasses for Auction or Sale

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Stephan 15 Aug 2018, 02:40

this special pair from visually impared 42y.o. woman from Romania ! -85 dpt !!!

Ignored 15 Aug 2018, 00:25


Carrie 14 Aug 2018, 23:18


I agree that you could benefit from the likes of Our beloved King Longshanks.

Occasionally we load him up with a mixture of Cinnamon, water, and warm Honey. After he ejaculates into one of us, the others go down on her, and tongue out the sweet nectar.

Poor Gemma has a crotch that smells like burning shingles, so none of us like to go there, but SWEET Vicky, now that is a whole different matter.

My whole point here is that perhaps your husband, may enjoy your nectar.

Let me know how it works out, or if you need to know other things that we do with King Long shanks.

Ignored 14 Aug 2018, 05:54


David 14 Aug 2018, 05:48

Re-linking these as they didn't appear as clickable before

Black Unisex Lenticular Plus +16.25 glasses 40mm bowl 10mm thick:

Dark Blue Unisex Lenticular Plus +13 glasses 40mm bowl - 7mm thick:

Ignored 14 Aug 2018, 01:39


the brit 14 Aug 2018, 00:07

I have a collection of as new J F REY frames with up to 10 Base out prism in the lenses. The outer edges are very thick..... from 12 to 14 mm.

These are now for sale at 85ach. if anyone is interested, please contact me on

Lou 13 Aug 2018, 22:44


I also am very interested in King Longshanks.

I of course am not a lesbian, but am thinking that King Longshanks could be useful in my martial situation.

As you know, I am turned on by wearing my glasses, however my husband is not. So when I make myself horney, often times I am sexually unfulfilled.

It would be times like these that King Longshanks could be worn by my husband.

The thought of warm egg white squirting into me is thrilling.

What kind of other things can be done with King Longshanks?


Mara 13 Aug 2018, 20:49


Can you please post some photos of King Longshanks?

Ignored 13 Aug 2018, 18:25


ms 13 Aug 2018, 16:04

new offer - rare glasses:

high Index:

high myodisc:

Ignored 13 Aug 2018, 09:31


Stephan 13 Aug 2018, 06:40

and last but not least two pairs which really deserve the word "cokebottles"


Soundmanpt 13 Aug 2018, 03:24


He will drive you home!

Mara 13 Aug 2018, 00:47

I would like to get to knowing King Longshanks.

Soundmanpt 13 Aug 2018, 00:43


Ha, I like the fact that you call Danielle's strap on He. and King Longshanks seems appropriate also.

You had previously mentioned that when King Longshanks went off inside of you, that it drove you wild. When you were still dating your boyfriend did he satisfy you as much as King Longshanks, with Danielle pile driving him?

Ignored 12 Aug 2018, 12:21


Stephan 12 Aug 2018, 06:47

... and another striking pair for "HARDCORE GOCers" , very strong and striking lenses with frosted formlenti myodisc lenses.

But very comfortable if you don't mind looking extreme in public !

Blurry Boy 12 Aug 2018, 04:18

Some nice black very strong lenses for someone to own and enjoy.

Carrie 12 Aug 2018, 01:55


Oh yes, you certainly would enjoy it.

We have affectionately called the strap on HE, and named it King Longshanks, after one of England's famous kings. Also we have nicknamed Gemma Braveheart. We thought both names rather fitting, as in history Longshanks brutalized Braveheart.

Soundmanpt 12 Aug 2018, 01:30


Oh boy would I love to be a fly on the wall their, as Gemma is getting hosed .

Carrie 12 Aug 2018, 01:25


I may be purchasing these for Gemma.

Danielle gets really turned on by Gemma's myopia, and minus lenses. I think that Gemma doing GOC with these powerful babies, will drive Danielle over the top, when she is going to town on Gemma with her squirting strap on.

Stephan 11 Aug 2018, 21:19

and a pair of -40.00 dpt micro bowl myodisc glasses - eyes adapt very fast to a small vision zone! And very comfortable, even for longtime use !

Stephan 11 Aug 2018, 08:08

a pair for "GOC EXPERTS" , heavy pair with thick lenses... tiny eyes behind walls of glass

Ignored 10 Aug 2018, 00:37


David 09 Aug 2018, 14:33

2 More Pairs for sale:

+16.25 lenticular, metal frame, as new, 10mm thick

+13 lenticular metal frame, used.

These glasses were worn to work, to introduce people to lenticulars, they're a really great pair and great for someone who wants to GOC, swap to lenticular or start to go out into public with powerful plus glasses

All auctions, end next Sunday

Ignored 08 Aug 2018, 12:45


AlainHMG 08 Aug 2018, 00:08 and there:

AlainHMG 08 Aug 2018, 00:07

A hard and daily work is required to maintain the Ebay sales list updated. I can't do that at the moment because I'm too busy. But, I'm publishing great glasses sales on my FaceBook pages. It's easier and quicker for me. You can check here: and there:

Stephan 06 Aug 2018, 11:49

some rare pairs with very special lens designs !

for example a lightweight extreme micro myodisc pair -40 dpt , a super lightweight frosted myodisc pair -20dpt, some pairs with thick and heavy extreme myopic lenses -38 to -40 dpt!

Enjoy !

ms 06 Aug 2018, 02:39

some rare strong myopie and cataract glasses in good condition (myodisc /lenticular lenses):

Stephan 05 Aug 2018, 14:11

This week we will list some more sriking pairs between-20.00 and -40.00 dpt. with special lens designs !

Stephan 04 Aug 2018, 00:25

Our definitely last pair of -85.00 dpt glasses for severely visually impaired :

30calcat 02 Aug 2018, 11:39

Cute red vintage browline glasses! Has minus lenses with some thickness:

If they are original glass lenses they are probably quite heavy

Soundmanpt 31 Jul 2018, 23:30

Yes he is.

 31 Jul 2018, 15:41

AlainHMG is an idiot.

AlainHMG 31 Jul 2018, 06:24

Ebay sales: I have added more of + and - strong glasses on my FB pages: and

Owlish 30 Jul 2018, 03:43

I just came across this ebay listing of a pair of "1930's" rimless myodisc spectacles. Very unusual. Great for collectors.

Stephan 28 Jul 2018, 23:45

...and this -38.00 dpt in business style with biconcave myodisc lenses with high plus carrier part of lens :

Stephan 27 Jul 2018, 04:00

For GOC experts - a -38 dpt pair, comfortable to wear , even with this thick lenses...

Owlish 25 Jul 2018, 04:42

I don't have any experience with Aliexpress but I found this quite interesting:

Hover your cursor on the description of each. Some go up to -25D and +12D. Prices seem good. Delivery? I don't know.

 24 Jul 2018, 06:20

Alain is an idiot.

Stephan 24 Jul 2018, 06:14

But a -85 dpt pair is for collectors only... Only very few people can do GOC contacts for those extreme glasses... And very heavy and not very easy to keep the orientation in public... Crazy strong minification, crazy little field of vision... Absolutely helpless, if you put of glasses !!!

Stephan 24 Jul 2018, 06:10

... and I think women with severe myopia and special glasses look beautiful - extreme myopic lenses with very small bowl and high plus carrier look extremely sexy with these refelxions, distortions and special "cut in"

Stephan 24 Jul 2018, 06:07

I wonder if very tiny eyes will get "en vogue" sometime...

If so, extreme mypic girls will be in advantage for sure :-)

I love this "tiny eye look" with extreme myopic glasses !

AlainHMG 24 Jul 2018, 05:50

High Prism Glasses!!

Again another batch of + and - strong glasses on my FB page:

 23 Jul 2018, 13:21

Alain is an idiot.

Stephan 23 Jul 2018, 12:18

We managed to get another pair of -85 dpt glasses from a woman from Romania with severe vision problem and very special custom made glasses !

enjoy watching !

AlainHMG 23 Jul 2018, 05:23

Another batch of interesting + and - glasses on Ebay published on my FB page:

 19 Jul 2018, 09:19

If you continue to reply to the troll and give him the importance he doesn't have, he will continue...


Soundmanpt 19 Jul 2018, 07:34

Comment posted on "18 Jul 2018 16:00" wasn't from me.

Soundmanpt 18 Jul 2018, 16:00

The last post was not from me, but I do agree with the sentiment. It would be nice if he stopped taking away from Eyescene and started giving more. Personal profit should not be the reason people visit here.

 18 Jul 2018, 14:04

AlainHMG is an idiot.

AlainHMG 18 Jul 2018, 08:30

Several interesting + and - glasses on Ebay published on my FB page:

Stephan 16 Jul 2018, 06:13

a -40 dpt. pair and some other very strong glasses between -20.00 and -38.00 dpt. in very good, barely used condition !

30calcat 12 Jul 2018, 14:43

Found another pair with thick minus lenses. Not nearly as strong as the other but brings back memories of the 80s:

30calcat 12 Jul 2018, 13:49

Thanks for another great find Alain, and since they are now sold I hope it is someone here who now owns this little treasure:

I imagine the small frame dimensions could only have fit a small child. The saddle nose pad probably helped them stay on a child's little nose. Despite the small frame the lenses are exceptionally thick, and they must be very strong, much stronger than the glasses I am currently wearing. I had a pair of gold frames too when I was a child, as they were popular in the 90s. I imagine the wearer of these thick glasses has grown up now.

This brings back such positive memories for me wearing glasses a child. Those little thick glasses may have changed the child's life. I remember how amazing it was to put on new, stronger lenses for the first time and be able to live life again. My eyes were constantly growing, and frequently my glasses were not strong enough. I remember spending parts of my childhood embarrassed and alone, unable to see people's faces to talk and make friends with them, unable to watch TV, and unable to see a kickball until it has already hit me in the head.

Based on how the arms are a little bent, these glasses seem to have accompanied a typical child's active life, and I hope it was a happy one. I hope she grew up being able to do normal, healthy things. But there is always the chance that the owner of these little thick glasses eagerly unloaded them from her collection of old glasses because the memories were negative. I hope she did not think they were ugly, and that they make her some sort of freak. I hope her memories are not that of being asked to strip these glasses off her face so that childhood bullies can taunt her with questions like "what can you see without your glasses". We understand that she would want to trash and leave these kind of memories behind.

Fortunately, thanks to eBay, they did not get trashed and I hope they are now someone's treasure.

Stephan 12 Jul 2018, 03:38

very tiny eyes behind those walls of glass ( ok, it's 1.50 plastic , not glass) but glass lenses would be much to heavy - even if you wear them only for a few hours...

AlainHMG 12 Jul 2018, 02:58

Interesting High Myopic Glasses Very Thick Lenses:

Some more glasses on my FB page:

I should reactivate the Sales List in August.

Likelenses 11 Jul 2018, 01:00


Nice description of how it is to live behind powerful minus lenses.

Your glasses rate as the sexyist women's specs on this website.

30calcat 10 Jul 2018, 22:34

Those Pradas are a nice find. Based on the discoloration and general wear of the frame I would guess that these were not just a contact wearers backup glasses, but were worn full time by a girl or lady every waking moment in order to see. Since the wearer knew these thick glasses were going to be constantly on her face and part of her image, she chose frames with the thickest temples that completely hide all the edge thickness. However, there is no hiding the coke bottle effect of the thick lenses from the front, and I can only imagine the tunnel effect of the thick temples that block all peripheral vision. The ear pieces have been adjusted down and behind the ears tightly, keeping the heavy frame and lens combination from slipping down the face, and securing the lenses close to the eyes for the best distance and peripheral vision. Chips on the bottom edge of the lenses also give a clue to how much these glasses were worn and handled. Still, to find chips like that on a thick plastic frame is a little surprising to me. My glasses are thicker than these and even my rimless glasses have not taken on that many chips. Maybe a very active child wore these Pradas. Children seem more adaptable to visual devices. She probably adopted quickly to the blocking of peripheral vision from the thick frames and adapted new habits of moving her head a lot more to get full vision of surroundings,

AlainHMG 10 Jul 2018, 05:42


AlainHMG 10 Jul 2018, 02:34

Prada Woman High Minus Glasses Very Thick Lenses:

David 05 Jul 2018, 10:05

3 New auctions:

My wife's old minus 8.5 / 9.0 glasses:

My sister's old lenticular glasses:

Another pair of super thick lenses, these are 13mm thick:

All 10 days auctions started a few hours ago.

If anyone has any questions, please ask.

NJ 05 Jul 2018, 08:48

Guido, your thinking is in the right direction. However, keep in mind that the vertex distance alters the focusing power of the lens. This is why people with very strong prescriptions have different powers for their CLs and their glasses. For plus lenses, the contacts have to be stronger than the glasses. For minus lenses, it's the opposite. -80D glasses with a vertex distance of 12mm would have the effective strength of about -45D (very roughly).

You may recall the video posted a while back of a man who had a -103D script. At the time I wondered how this worked, since a true -103D refractive error would mean that his natural focal length would be less the 10mm, and thus behind the lens of his glasses. However, his true refractive error was probably more like -50D, so that his focal plane was beyond the lens. Still, it must be hell to keep the glasses at exactly the right distance from the eyes. I struggle to do this with glasses in the +20D range.

Guido 05 Jul 2018, 06:50

Unless all mathematical abilities have departed me at my advanced age, -80 diopters translates to a focal length of 12.5mm. Isn't the average vertex distance in the 13mm. range?? How can these lenses be of any use?

Stan 04 Jul 2018, 21:45

Thank you, Stingray. Yes, for that kind of an item I may need less local. Interesting sites, though.

william 04 Jul 2018, 15:36

Thank you for the link. Awesome glasses.

 04 Jul 2018, 13:23

-80 here probably u can check it again

 04 Jul 2018, 13:21

-80 here probably u can check it again

william 30 Jun 2018, 13:51

Like you lentifan I missed seeing these amazing -80 glasses. But now they have been sold they have a new owner. I can only dream what a -80 lens would look like and fantasise what it must be like to try them on. I find -20 stimulating to look at so -80 would drive me crazy!!! I wonder how strong a lens is possible?

lentifan 30 Jun 2018, 13:40

Thanks for your explanation, Stephan. It's no surprise, I suppose, that the -80 pair sold quickly. I seem to remember a previous pair you advertised a month or two ago, also in the -70s or -80s and when I clicked the link the same happened.

Could you possibly post the photos on this site, just for those of us who are very curious to see what such strong lenses look like? I'd be very grateful if you could do that.

Stephan 29 Jun 2018, 22:08

@lentifan, no - link is correct but glasses are sold already and sometimes ebay "jumps" to another product of seller instead, if item is sold.

Best regards

lentifan 29 Jun 2018, 13:19


I think your link to the -80 dioptre glasses is wrong. The pictures are of the -38d pair.

I, probably like many of us, am keen to see your -80 pair.

Stephan 29 Jun 2018, 06:06

and tiny eyes behind small myodisc bowls with -38.00 dpt :

Stephan 28 Jun 2018, 23:10

a special custom made pair ! -80 dpt. !!! One of a kind !

Stephan 27 Jun 2018, 12:08

mega strong - 38 dpt. cokebottle glasses :

30calcat 26 Jun 2018, 20:25

Nice thick pair of minus lenses in a vintage drilled rimless cable temple frame:

stingray 26 Jun 2018, 06:36

Try the apps Offer Up or Let Go. You post photos and description and price. No fees. It is mostly local though.

Stan 26 Jun 2018, 03:14

Is there a site like eBay that will let you sell medical devices like eBay a long time ago? I have a trial lens set I would like to sell. Thanks.

30calcat 21 Jun 2018, 23:21

Great find Alain on this one, it reminds me of the small plastic ovals that almost everyone wore here 15 years ago:

Biconcave lenses in a childs frame. Those could easily be up into -18. The small plastic frame hides thickness but those are some strong glasses. I would not be surprised if they were worn by an adult. I have heard multiple cases of opticians putting very high minus customers in a childs frame to reduce lens thickness.

AlainHMG 21 Jun 2018, 03:39

I'm not able to update the Ebay sales list as I'm too busy at the moment. However I have published several interesting glasses on sale on my FaceBook page:

spartacus 18 Jun 2018, 00:19

Glasses -25 myodisc

Stephan 13 Jun 2018, 04:25


Yes, really more a mask than a pair of glasses :-) And crazy heavy ! I only got two pairs from her, she is legally blind now

Stephan 12 Jun 2018, 22:17

and a special -38.00 dpt myodisc pair with very small bowl and thick plus carrier :

Likelenses 12 Jun 2018, 13:08


Whoa ! When my girlfriend saw these -75.s, she said they are a glass mask.

Stephan 12 Jun 2018, 07:21

And a maximum extreme pair , custom made for legally blind woman from Romania -75 dpt double lens!!! Not for use, for collectors only !!!

Stephan 12 Jun 2018, 07:19

some hard to find specials today !

a very strong -38 dpt myodisc pair with very small bowl in high plus carrier :

and a rare lazy eye pair -20 dpt :

and a frosted myodisc pair - who says that -20 dpt glasses don't look cute ???

Paolo 11 Jun 2018, 08:38

A nearly new pair of Ray Ban with pretty thick minus lenses:

David 10 Jun 2018, 06:08

Link versions hopefully



David 10 Jun 2018, 06:06

2 Pairs of plus glasses for sale (hardly used, backup pairs):

+13.5 full field 15mm thick sunglasses

+14.5 full field 15mm thick glasses

I'm selling these 2 glasses today, starting at 20 each as an auction.

It's hard to properly show just how thick these glasses both are, they stick out well beyond the frames, truly slabs of lenses.

I got these by accident as they were meant to be lenticular but the message wasn't passed on. My prescription's changed so I no longer want these as a backup.

Any questions, please ask.

Stephan 09 Jun 2018, 02:13

GOC challenge for "GOC master class" , perfect shape for men AND women ! mega strong and thick :

Stephan 05 Jun 2018, 21:54

Large frame with mega strong -38 dpt lenses :

pye 04 Jun 2018, 06:04

Various pairs for sale here with a vintage flavour;

Stephan 03 Jun 2018, 21:53

two unexpensive offers for all who want to start the "serious high myopic GOCer" experience . For me "serious GOC" starts at -20 ... :

a super lightweight pair with -20 myodisc lenses :

and a stylish formlenti lenses pair in -20 :

Stephan 01 Jun 2018, 22:26

Hello LIkelenses : "frosty tunnels" is the perfect word for this effect. I love this, too ! ;-)

Likelenses 31 May 2018, 13:52


I love the frosty tunnels that her eyes live in.

Stephan 31 May 2018, 11:49

and a pair which makes eyes appear "light years away"...

Stephan 30 May 2018, 23:35

and with this pair you will be a "flashlight queen" on every party !!!

Stephan 30 May 2018, 23:34

Some of our -38.00 and -40.00 pairs - some of them in unique lens shapes !

Matt 28 May 2018, 10:09

Big frames, -14

Vintage frames, -13

Stephan 25 May 2018, 09:08

And for "GOC masterclass" or collectors these large and mega strong beauties :


enjoy watching !

Stephan 25 May 2018, 09:06

Some more outstanding pairs with extreme minus lenses !

two small frames , with thick mga strong -38.00 dpt lenses

and this classic beauty

Stephan 19 May 2018, 07:00

Very tiny eyes behind those extreme cokebottle lenses :

Stephan 17 May 2018, 22:16


Hello, the small -38.00 frame is 128mm wide ( lens is 50mm wide)

I have only "my own" -40 pairs which I won't sell at the moment.

Yes, EUR 9,90 is also shipping cost to US

Best regards


JohnnyB 17 May 2018, 16:41


1- how wide are the "small rectangle -38" ?

2- do you by any chance have similar frame in -40

3- is 9,90 Euro also shipping to the US?


Stephan 17 May 2018, 04:25

And here our most striking pairs :

a large clear frame with mega thick -38.00 lenses

and the MASTERCLASS OF GOC pair with -40.00 lenses - ultrastrong and amazing small eyes behind walls of glass !!!

Have fun watching them :-)

Stephan 17 May 2018, 04:22

Right before Bavarian Pentecost holidays a few of mega strong -38 dpt pairs :

a thick "Teachers Look" pair

and a small rectangle light weight frame wit superstrong -38 lenses

and a modern frame with -38 dpt. lenses which make very tiny eyes

Reenan 17 May 2018, 03:16

I have a -38 pair, pure titanium full frame, reasonably light weight. Suitable for full day GOC.

Brand new.

If anyone is interested I can list it on eBay.

GL 16 May 2018, 21:52

Thanks, Alain.

 16 May 2018, 18:36

no loss. the world moves ahead. stay behind.

AlainHMG 16 May 2018, 12:02


Be patient, I'm too busy at this time to update the sales list.

Tino 15 May 2018, 06:47

Hi Stefan

Please could you let me know if you can supply or reglaze glasses with a specific plus prescription.

Thank you

 15 May 2018, 06:15

takes a big time loser like you to know one.

 15 May 2018, 06:15

takes a big time loser like you to know one.

 15 May 2018, 05:55

GL, who cares. it was run by a bigtime loser.

Matt 14 May 2018, 17:06

Only for Italy and EU

Big frames, -14

Vintage frames, -13

GL 13 May 2018, 20:37

Anyone know what's happened to this website?

It hasn't been updated for over a month.

Stephan 07 May 2018, 07:12

remembers me of my teacher in elementary school , she was in mid thirties and had a bold frame with incredibly thick lenses and tiny eyes behind them. Other children talked about her glasses behind her back but I adored her...

and a bold classic black frame with very thick lenses -38.00

Stephan 01 May 2018, 23:22

This is why I like women in thick minus glasses... So nice eyes behind thick lens with a lot of refelxion...

Stephan 29 Apr 2018, 09:59

Maybe link didn't work...

This one for the very extreme -38 dpt. pair :

and for the light weight myodisc -20 pair :

Stephan 29 Apr 2018, 03:48

That's it for the moment !

Have a good time viewing our items !

Last but not least :

this sexy and beautiful evening pair - perfect for a dinner with a GOC Lady

and our last micro myodisc pair -20.00 :

Stephan 29 Apr 2018, 03:45

two mega strong -38.00 pairs in mens / unisex business style :


and a sexy large evening pair - perfect for GOC Ladies :

Stephan 25 Apr 2018, 21:26

Extremely thick , heavy and strong -38.00 dpt. but possible to wear for some hours , for GOC specialists and collectors :

Stephan 25 Apr 2018, 05:53

extremely thick lenses in this pair - like two big white icecubes ...

Stephan 24 Apr 2018, 22:18

and a perfect pair for somebody who wants to start GOC in high myopia range . Also perfect for those who do GOC 24/7. This is a perfect everyday pair :

Stephan 24 Apr 2018, 12:07

... and a very rare pair with cateye shaped lenses :

and a rare pair with frosted lens on left with micro myodisc for lazy eye correction :

Hope you enjoy !

Stephan 24 Apr 2018, 12:04

some more very rare and extraordinary pairs !!!

-two more extremely strong and thick -38.00 pairs :


- one more rare micro myodisc pair :

Stephan 23 Apr 2018, 04:10

Our last pair of modern style Aviators with small bowl myodisc lenses -20.00 dpt :

pye 20 Apr 2018, 02:56

Vintage -12 drop temple glasses - as featured in Alain's High Myopic Girls series for sale here;

-13.75 myodiscs also for sale;

Stephan 16 Apr 2018, 23:44

A pair of megathick -30.00 glasses with frosted lens carrier...

a pair of classic myodisc Aviator glasses -20.00 with small myodisc bowls...

a bold frame with stylisch frosted formlenti lenses -20.00

Stephan 16 Apr 2018, 10:45

Two more mega strong -38.00 dpt. pairs ...

a very rare micro myodisc pair -30 dpt with very tiny bowls and frosted carrier as high myopes up to -80 dpt wear...

and some more outstanding pairs with special lenses...

Enjoy :

Stephan 11 Apr 2018, 13:45

Sorry, somebody else was faster...

but still have these two pairs with very extreme lenses - eyes are so tiny behind these walls of glass :


Josien 11 Apr 2018, 09:22

I'm very sad. I was looking for a black frame with -38 glasses. But now there is nothing...

Stephan 11 Apr 2018, 09:09

Sorry, -38.00 already sold out ... Still have these extreme -36.00 and -37.00 pairs :

Stephan 11 Apr 2018, 03:28

We listed our "high end" myopic glasses -36.00 , -37.00 and -38.00 dpt.

These are the strongest pairs we have ! Almost no wear visible on them !

Even for used GOCers as my wife not longer than a few hours possible to wear because of lens thickness and weight... But beautiful and striking for me !

More ebay 08 Apr 2018, 10:49

High minus

Low minus IZOD-

ebay listings 08 Apr 2018, 10:47

High minus

Low minus IZOD-

Saw on ebay 07 Apr 2018, 08:21

Trying again

Saw on ebay 07 Apr 2018, 08:21

High minus

Stephan 06 Apr 2018, 02:56

...and much extremer and maybe not for all day use , this extreme cokebottle lens pair... But nothing better than a candlelight dinner with a Lady wearing those glasses... so many reflexions of thick lenses and so tiny eyes behind thick walls of glass :

Stephan 06 Apr 2018, 02:49

a perfect pair for GOC for all who prefer round myodisc lenses with small bowl - I prefer this for wearing GOC if I want to do this for whole day ! So easy and lightweight, but striking lens effect in public. And you get used to small bow myodisc very fast !

Stephan 04 Apr 2018, 09:05

@ Josien

@ Glasses Collector

Ok, thanks a lot for feedback

I will go and take them ! Will list them in ebay early next week !

Josien 04 Apr 2018, 08:39

I am!

GlassesCollector 04 Apr 2018, 04:53

I am!

Stephan 04 Apr 2018, 04:20

@ Glasses Collector

yes, in ebay, but I will only list after weekend if somebody is interested.

Thanks !

GlassesCollector 04 Apr 2018, 03:12

Stephan, it sounds amazing! They will be on Ebay?

Stephan 04 Apr 2018, 02:55

Anybody still interested in -36.00 and -38.00 pairs ?

If so, we will take some at our holiday apartment on weekend for you :-)

Glasseslady 03 Apr 2018, 13:56

$50 shipped ?

 03 Apr 2018, 13:52

Glasseslady, how much are you asking for?

glasseslady 03 Apr 2018, 13:25

Here are some more details


R : -7.25 Sphere -0.50 cylinder 020 axis

L : -7.25 sphere -0.25 cylinder 155 axis

vishu 03 Apr 2018, 09:11

Mid RX -4

Soundmanpt 03 Apr 2018, 08:29


When selling any of your previous glasses it would be helpful to post a picture of the glasses as well as provide what the full prescription of your glasses is. you only say that they are -7.25. is that the same for both eyes? Also do you know if their is any correction for astigmatisms (CYL and axis) in your glasses? If your glasses only have SPH correction if the frames look nice the power of your glasses is strong enough for a young woman looking to start wearing GOC (glasses over contacts) that your glasses might be perfect for her to that with.

glasseslady 03 Apr 2018, 07:48

Hello - I have two pairs of glasses I no longer need. I have higher myopia - glasses are -7.25. I have a new pair that I finally love and a back up. So four pairs seems excessive for me. The ones I am selling are from zennioptical and have little clip on sunglasses. I can share pictures & more info if there is any interest

Stephan 30 Mar 2018, 06:57

...and last but not least a shiny blue lightweight pair with small bowl myodisc lenses - really cute sporty pair for men and women

Stephan 30 Mar 2018, 01:43

...and extremely tiny eyes behind those walls of glass !!!

A pair for "GOC PROs"

Stephan 29 Mar 2018, 23:49

extreme cokebottles - ready to wear 24/7 ! Very comfortable - even in combination with those extreme lenses !

vishu 27 Mar 2018, 16:54

vishu 27 Mar 2018, 08:23

Another one!

Vish 27 Mar 2018, 06:47

Hello Everyone!

I selling my glasses collection. Please bid if you are interested.

Stephan 27 Mar 2018, 03:16

Now in our "Easter Holiday Sale" :

Stephan 24 Mar 2018, 03:36

...and a perfect pair for those who need to wear high myopic glasses all day long - super lightweight, mid index myodisc, very thin lenses for this very strong -20 dpt. prescription - and a perfect pair for starting "serious" GOC in high double digits range :

Stephan 23 Mar 2018, 13:47

Nothing better than tiny tiny eyes which look far far away behind those mega sexy superstrong myopic lenses...

Two striking pairs for "GOC Pro's" or collectors :


Stephan 21 Mar 2018, 01:10

For me it always was and still is a proof of confidence and a statement if an extremely high myopic woman wears bold dark frames...

I so much like, if my wife wears extreme pairs in public. GOC or real is not the question for me - it is the statement of wearing extreme eyewear in public !


Stephan 21 Mar 2018, 01:04

@Likelenses : correct ;-)

Likelenses 20 Mar 2018, 15:22


Considering the fact that myopic eyes eat up minus, your first term was correct

Stephan 20 Mar 2018, 10:57

"Easter" not "eater" of course ;-)

Stephan 20 Mar 2018, 02:22

we started our "eater holiday sale" !

Some extrme -30.00 dpt. pairs and two mega extreme -36.00 dpt. pairs - some with discount ! These are our last -30 and -36.00 pairs - after that we will only have our "normal" -20 dpt. pairs :

craigb 19 Mar 2018, 11:49

Two pairs, one incredibly thick biconcave, the other quite fashionable:

Stephan 18 Mar 2018, 08:40

... tons of diopters, walls of glass :

AlainHMG 17 Mar 2018, 14:54

ooops!... Here is the right link:

AlainHMG 17 Mar 2018, 14:52

This one are nice too from the same seller:

High Minus RX Myopic Eyeglasses Metal -18.50 Thick Biconcave Lenses

craigb 17 Mar 2018, 12:19

Try this again:

craigb 17 Mar 2018, 12:19

Try this again:

craigb 17 Mar 2018, 12:17

Check out two very thick lens pairs:

pye 16 Mar 2018, 02:55

Continuing to have a clear out and I listed a whole load of new pairs with high myopic lenses, again they are a variety of styles, all with a low starting price

Check them out -

AlainHMG 15 Mar 2018, 16:14

Low Start Price: High Plus RX Very Thick Lenticular Lenses Vintage ESSEL Gold Half Rim Glasses

High Plus RX Pennine Holmes Vintage Glasses Thick Lenticular Lenses

AlainHMG 13 Mar 2018, 16:18

Big update on the Ebay sales list! Almost 30 New Glasses

Always very special glasses!

Ex: Mega Thick Prism Bifocal Lenses Ralph Lauren Eyeglasses Olive Marble

And many more High Plus & High Minus Glasses:

Stephan 10 Mar 2018, 06:53

...and a pair which really deserves the name "cokebottles"

pye 10 Mar 2018, 03:18

Not long to go with the 7 pairs I have listed on eBay, all of them feature thick lenses and high myopic lenses in a variety of styles and are still at low prices!

4 out of the 7 are below;

Gunmetal aviators with thick bifocal lenses -

Gold myodisc aviators -13

Oversized Gucci semi rimless glasses with a 'wall of glass' visible at the side! -

Vintage Dior glasses with thick lenses exposed at the side -

 09 Mar 2018, 13:25

interesting pair

Stephan Boos 09 Mar 2018, 07:39

..eyes look so far away behind these -30 dpt walls of glass :

Stephan 06 Mar 2018, 00:35

an exciting GOC pair for those who are not afraid of pitying views when wearing those extremely strong glasses in public. Very very tiny eyes behind those lenses...

Stephan 04 Mar 2018, 09:40


-25.00 - +25.00 berall im internet als weiche Jahreslinsen erhltlich , Kostenpunkt ca. 130 Euro das Paar

PT 03 Mar 2018, 14:08

Wo bekommt man denn so starke Kontaktlinsen fr GOC?

PT 03 Mar 2018, 14:06

Wo beko

Stephan 03 Mar 2018, 12:54

Some more extremely thick and strong pairs in -30 dpt and -20dpt

for GOC professionals and collectors of extreme eyewear :

pye 02 Mar 2018, 01:55

Remaining three; - Large vintage Tura glasses, semi rimless with another wall of glass / thick polished lenses exposed at the side of the frame - Vintage gold Dior frame - Gucci designer frame with semi rimless exposed lenses

These 3 frames have -10 lenses

pye 02 Mar 2018, 01:52

Continuing to have a clear out, here are 7 more pairs that have all been listed. All have high myopic prescriptions and thick lenses, there's something for everybody in this variety of listings; - thick lens bifocal aviators - myodisc aviators - large vintage semi rimless Gucci glasses with a wall of glass as the lenses! - semi rimless hexi frame with exposed thick lenses again visible from the side

pye 28 Feb 2018, 01:54

3 further pairs listed, ending this weekend; - big vintage drop temples with thick bifocal lenses - as the text states - another pair of bifocals, from Ralph Lauren - stunning semi rimless pair of glasses from Tura, with thick exposed polished lenses.

Stephan 23 Feb 2018, 09:44

a perfect pair for those who want to practise "serious" GOC in public with mega strong glasses - good size, good lens shape for a realistic look of a high myope wearing glasses instead of lenses :

30calcat 19 Feb 2018, 12:45

Impressive faceted beveing on this pair of vintage rimless bifocals:

AlainHMG 19 Feb 2018, 07:37

Mega update on the Ebay sales list. Almost 50 New Glasses!

JohnnyB 18 Feb 2018, 12:56

Love the -30s, but does anyone have -40 for sale?

Stephan 18 Feb 2018, 11:10

..and our last pair in -28.00 dpt ... for "master class GOC"

Stephan 18 Feb 2018, 01:29

ideal pair of those who want to start with "serious high myopic GOC" , perfect vision, myodisc pair, so easy to wear, very comfortable, tiny eyes behind small strong bowls...

Stephan 17 Feb 2018, 08:50

direct link to the very special pair :

Stephan 17 Feb 2018, 08:50

... and last but not least - super strong fresh green pair for extremly myopic women and extrovert men. tremendous "cut in" , tiny tiny eyes behind thick fish bowl lenses. Very special pair -30 dpt :

Stephan 17 Feb 2018, 07:28

...and a mega strong pair with thick biconcave lenses , -30 dpt make these eyes look soooooo tiny !

For GOC specialists and collectors of extreme eyewear

Stephan 17 Feb 2018, 01:42

a pair for collectors of really extreme myopic eyewear and very advanced GOCers, very thick and heavy lenses, even if they are plastic lenses :

Stephan 16 Feb 2018, 09:33

Some more extraordinary pairs for collectors or advanced GOCers ... Very strong pairs with extreme lenses :

Pieter007 13 Feb 2018, 03:35


I'm selling my entire glasses collection. This is the first pair I'm offering.

Many more to come:

Glenn 12 Feb 2018, 14:21

Hello Myodiscfan, why you don't answer on my questions WHERE ARE MY GLASSES which I bought from you earlier and never got ???

Pretty anoying that you post your links to alibaba page and not even send glasses which are paid for

MYODISCFAN 12 Feb 2018, 02:41


Stephan 11 Feb 2018, 11:36

classic Aviator frames are always a great choice in combination with myodsic lenses with small round vision area - and an eyecatcher anyway ! A perfect "outdoor pair" for advanced GOCers in public !

Stephan 09 Feb 2018, 09:12

and this extraordinary pair is available again as "buyer" didn't pay for. very extrovert thick lenses and eyes look very far beyond those thick lenses...

Stephan 08 Feb 2018, 10:17

"strict teacher glasses" ;-) Strong high myopic myodiscs in small lightweight frames... Perfect for all day use - very easy to wear

pye 08 Feb 2018, 01:42

Hi Mike, sure, if you want to message me through ebay or on here and let me know which ones you are interested in I'll gladly do a buy it now price

Stephan 07 Feb 2018, 03:22

...a wall of glass in front of tiny eyes... and a very good pair for "advanced GOCers"

Stephan 07 Feb 2018, 03:21

a highlight for high myopic extroverts :

Mike 07 Feb 2018, 02:02


Great listings! Would you consider putting a buy now option on those items?

Best regards!

pye 07 Feb 2018, 01:53

3 more offerings;

A pair of big -10 Tura's -

-5.25 large vintage drop temples -

Vintage Dior glasses with thick lenses -

AlainHMG 06 Feb 2018, 19:47

Huge update on the Ebay sales list!

Always very special glasses! Ex: High Plus RX Very Thick Bifocal High Prism Seiko Titanium Aviator Half-Rim Glasses

And many more:

Stephan 06 Feb 2018, 08:35

Some specials from -20 dpt to -26 dpt. :

pye 05 Feb 2018, 02:21

I have relisted a stunning pair of cat eye myodiscs that were once worn by the Queen of Myopia, Sandra from Bavaria. They are -20.5 with open aspect sides that reveal the thick polished edges. For the sake of privacy I haven't uploaded photos / video stills that show her wearing these but they are available if the winning bidder wants them.

Stephan 04 Feb 2018, 03:38

direct link

Stephan 04 Feb 2018, 03:38

In my thinking all women should wear at least cokebottles like these... But maybe I won't be able to concentrate on anything else then ;-)

Stephan 01 Feb 2018, 05:39

A good chance for all who want to lead their wifes and girlfriends to "soft GOC" with myopic glasses or pretending to be nearsighted ...

9 pairs of my wife with her real prescription (glasses from -3.75 dpt. to -4.75 , PD 63 ), perfect as a trial set, get started with this topic and do first steps into myopic GOC ;-)

Or just a very nice package for moderate myopic women...

Stephan 31 Jan 2018, 09:38

and this is a perfect pair for all who want to start with "serious" high myopic GOC . Very strong (-20.00)- but not too strong to find fitting contacts in www . thick lenses with power rings and a lot of cut in but not to extrovert for first attempts in public GOC . Very good lens quality and vision, comfortable frame , good shape for men and women

pye 31 Jan 2018, 07:51

I've listed a couple of new offerings, two pairs are myodiscs one pair is -13.75, the other is -21.5

There's also a pair from many moons ago that are nowhere near as strong, but very stylish, and was (and still is to me at least), a favourite given their big bold style, and to make it even better, their polished thick lenses that stick out the side of the frames :)

Stephan 31 Jan 2018, 02:03

and for those who want to go on to "advanced GOC" with extreme glasses in public : a really very strong pair -26.00 dpt. in a clear acetat frame, perfect for men and women , very comfortable ( my wife wore for complete day without any discomfort), realistic shape for somebody who has to wear extreme glasses because of very poor vision...

Stephan 30 Jan 2018, 07:33

... tiny eyes ... not owls ;-)

Stephan 30 Jan 2018, 07:31

and addicted to extreme myodisc glasses - a pair from Planet Myopia times... -26.00 dpt - beautiful tiny owls behind those bowls...

Stephan 30 Jan 2018, 03:13

After many years of campaigns for contacts, eye surgery and tiny frames with high index lenses, now more and more young high myopes come back to myodisc and blended myodisc lenses!

An example how good modern frames and myodisc lenses fit together :


And only people who never tried myodisc instead of full shape lenses might worry about bad peripheral vision. As a high myop with very strong glasses, you never have good peripheral vision. A lot of distorsion in all kind of lenses if your RX is stronger than-12.00. You get used to the bowl size within a day wearing myodiscs !

And even eye doctors advice high myopes to avoid extreme peripheral eye movement as this can cause retinal detachments, if you are a high myope because of very long eyeball ( about 80% of high myopes)!

I know a lot of high myopes personally - all of them had a lot of prejudice against myodisc lenses, but those who tried out a well fitting pair were really astonished about quality of vision, weight and even about cosmetical effect ( especially with blended myodisc for a 32y.o. with -28/ -25.5)

its my plea for myodiscs ;-)

I wear myodiscs in some of my regular glasses (-10.00) and in most of my GOC glasses (-20.00 / -26.00 / -30.00) with excellent vision !

Stephan 28 Jan 2018, 10:34

and a perfect GOC pair for men and women - thick but realistic looking lenses with tiny, far eyes behind a lot of power rings, anti reflective coating , very good vision - a perfect pair for serious GOCers !!!

Stephan 28 Jan 2018, 10:32

striking white power rings in a modern business frame :

Stephan 26 Jan 2018, 00:24

perfect vision with this striking myodisc -20 dpt pair :

pye 25 Jan 2018, 06:56

Two more pairs of myodiscs for sale at far more reasonable starting prices than others on here! One is -14 and blended myodiscs - super rare, the other -15

Stephan 25 Jan 2018, 06:50

Some more myodisc glasses and also some thick and VERY thick glasses ( 15mm thick lenses in -30 dpt pair)

Stephan 25 Jan 2018, 06:46

direct link to this lightweight pair :

Stephan 25 Jan 2018, 06:41

Who needs / wants to wear high myopic glasses 24/7 will be happy about those :


Like a feather on nose... in spite of -20 dpt. ! Perfect vision and so easy to wear !

AlainHMG 23 Jan 2018, 15:59

High Plus Mega Thick Lenses Prada Silver & Beige Eyeglasses

And many more:

Stephan 23 Jan 2018, 10:59

..and a cute pair with thick lenses, very comfortable, even for all time glasses wearer, striking strong lenses !!!

Stephan 21 Jan 2018, 13:50

and for the moment the last -30 pair which we offer:

Stephan 21 Jan 2018, 13:48

A perfect mix of extremely strong lenses , tiny tiny eyes and comfortable frame... Perfect for extreme GOC

AlainHMG 20 Jan 2018, 07:41

Several optical items and High Minus/Plus/Prim glasses added on the Ebay Sales. Glasses from all over the world!

Stephan 20 Jan 2018, 05:04

and last but not least, my pair with thickest lenses ( 15mm thick ) , -30 dpt biconcave myodisc :

guest 19 Jan 2018, 09:51

strong minus of the 70th years on:

and some cataract glasses:

Stephan 17 Jan 2018, 07:01

extremly tiny eyes behind these walls of glass ( double myodisc biconcave CR39 plastic lenses)

Stephan 16 Jan 2018, 09:59

a pair which really deserves the name "cokebottles" , lenses are slightly biconcave and look like portholes with thick thick glass...

Stephan 15 Jan 2018, 02:08

and last but not least : this is a relict from "Planet Myopia times" - exciting look, extremely strong...

Stephan 15 Jan 2018, 01:44

...and a perfect pair for extreme myopic men's GOC , very special biconcave myodisc lens shape and very tiny eyes :

Stephan 15 Jan 2018, 01:39

a nice metal frame with icecube lenses - thick and white myopic lenses - tiny eyes with a lot of power rings :

ms 14 Jan 2018, 14:01

ms 14 Jan 2018, 14:01

i hope the link works...

ms 14 Jan 2018, 13:57

offer on ebay for one week some strong cataract glasses and very interessting myopia glasses (lenticular, myodisc and blended lenti):

 14 Jan 2018, 06:52

interesting frame/lenses -

AlainHMG 12 Jan 2018, 09:18

New Version of the Ebay Sales List with High Minus & High Plus Glasses from all over the world.

A lot of optical items and glasses have been added. don't miss them!

Stephan 12 Jan 2018, 08:14

Some glasses perfect for every day use / GOC and some pairs from Planet Myopia - very strong and striking look !

Stephan 11 Jan 2018, 12:59

...and we also offer some of the very very few "planet myopia" pairs which I kept for years ... I guess, it is time to say Goodbye to them - somebody else might be happy to have a pair of mega strong myodisc glasses from Planet Myopia with this significant "cut in" and lens shape...

Stephan 11 Jan 2018, 12:55

a pair with -20 dpt. lenses and very well working hearing aids on both temples . A very interesting experience to wear super strong glasses with working hearing aids in public !

AlainHMG 06 Jan 2018, 01:39

Reactivation and New Version of the Ebay Sales List. High Minus & High Plus Glasses from all over the world. This year, the keyword is quality than quantity. I have added thumb pictures and I think that it will make easier to surf the page.

At the moment, there are only a few items but I will add more in the next hours and days.

Glenn 05 Jan 2018, 13:43


astonishing that you now try to offer glasses on alibaba as other selling platforms cancelled your offers because you are not a trusted seller ?

I wait for my 2 pairs of glasses more than 6 months now and I never heard from you again ! Do you want to tell me stupid by offering these glasses to others now ???

Please let me know your explaination

MYODISCFAN 04 Jan 2018, 20:35

-40D supuerrr myodisc glasses with glass material lenses

just for enjoy

MYODISCFAN 04 Jan 2018, 20:34

-40D supuerrr myodisc glasses with glass material lenses

just for enjoy

Stephan 04 Jan 2018, 07:02

Anybody still interested in high myopic glasses ( -20.00) with hearing aids on both temples ?

Very interesting and weird experience wearing them in public !

pye 03 Jan 2018, 04:22

3 new pairs offered for sale below, two pairs are -15 round glasses, with the other being an extremely collectable pair worn by the Queen of Myopia, Sandra from Bavaria from back in the day with -20.5 myodisc lenses.

All stunning pairs and in immaculate condition and perfect for GOC

Stephan 02 Jan 2018, 05:30

Only 3 pairs left of our christmas / new year sale :

Stephan 01 Jan 2018, 05:16

A HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR ALL VISITORS with this pair of thick lenses with a lot of power rings ...

5 pairs left in pour christmas / new year sale

Stephan 29 Dec 2017, 11:51

... I wanted to say "6 pairs..."

Stephan 29 Dec 2017, 00:49

& pairs stay in our christmas / new year sale :

4Eyes can see better 28 Dec 2017, 14:26

Try again...

Fashionable cateye glasses in tortoise/pink + 10.00

4Eyes can see better 28 Dec 2017, 14:24

Fashionable cateye glasses in tortoise/pink +10.00

Stephan 28 Dec 2017, 06:00

@ sweeteyes

And if you are used to GOC and can stand views of other people in public, this pair is a gorgeous one ! Oversize , thick thick lenses and a lot of white in these ...

Stephan 27 Dec 2017, 09:33

@ sweeteyes - for example this pair is a perfect pair for realistic looking GOC with extreme myopia , lenses look even thicker in reality than on pics - sligthly biconcave - eyes look so little behind these walls of glass . And even if looks very strong , this pair is not very heavy - possible to wear a GOC-day long without feeling discomfort - of course people will recognize your vision problem , if you wear this in public , but in my eyes this is sense of high myopic GOC in public !

Stephan 27 Dec 2017, 08:28

@ sweeteyes

ja, bis maximal -30.00 , am liebsten mag sie solche Aviator im Bereich -20.00 bis -25.00 mit entsprechenden Linsen

high end polish lenses in thoose aviator glasses, really look like framed diamonds ...

sweeteyes 26 Dec 2017, 23:11

Hallo Stephan,

Betreibt deine Freundin auch GOC ?

Und wenn ja, bis wie viele Dioptrien kann sie diese doch extrem dicken Brillen auch in der ffentlichkeit tragen ?

Stephan 25 Dec 2017, 11:55

We wish all eyescene members MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR !

Stephan and Natalia

10 pairs of glasses in our christmas sale with discount !

Some very striking pairs !!!

Stephan 15 Dec 2017, 06:55

A good pair for men who want to have a striking but realistic high myopic looking pair of GOC glasses , very strong (-20.00), thick lenses with a lot of power rings, nice modern shape !

Stephan 12 Dec 2017, 11:23

...a lot of power rings in this cute pair... Tiny eyes behind a wall of glass :

Stephan 11 Dec 2017, 06:14

direct link to lazy eye glasses

Stephan 11 Dec 2017, 06:14

..and my last pair of left lazy eye learning glasses :

Stephan 11 Dec 2017, 06:13

...and this sexy pair which makes so tiny eyes, very thick looking lenses...

Stephan 11 Dec 2017, 06:08

some cute pairs for very high myopic men and women, also perfect for GOC (medium PD 65 , no cylinder, both eyes same power -20.00 dpt)

as this cute modern pair :

pye 11 Dec 2017, 04:20

Hi, It's just makeup, there are no scratches on any of them. I will make sure they're clean before sending them off.

likethickglasses 07 Dec 2017, 08:41

@ pye : thanks for this link of -18 dptr lens glasses - but looks like lenses have a lot of scratches (close to nose)!? Or only very dirty ?

pye 07 Dec 2017, 08:02

Just listed 2 pairs with very low start price compared to other high myopic glasses being listed here, with no reserve;

-18 super thick big round glasses with clip on sunglasses attachment

-18 myodiscs;

Stephan 05 Dec 2017, 03:19

...and the last extreme minus 30 dpt pair for now : thick biconcave lenses in a very comfortable small frame - perfect for men and women who need / want to wear extremely high myopic glasses for many hours a day :

John 04 Dec 2017, 06:10

Stephan 03 Dec 2017, 09:21

direct link to cokebottles

Stephan 02 Dec 2017, 11:08

...and this one really deserves the attribute "COKEBOTTLES"

OOAK , a really unique pair of glasses , lenses are about 16mm thick on outer edges !!!

Stephan 02 Dec 2017, 11:06

two pairs of extreme -30 dpt. biconcave glasses !!!

this pair is perfect for men, even with these extremely strong lenses comfortable to wear

Sydney Cider 02 Dec 2017, 00:50

Is / has anyone else experiencing issues with O4L? Placed an order and now all services are down.

craigB 27 Nov 2017, 11:58

Check out thick rimless myodisc minus 16 glasses at:

pye 22 Nov 2017, 03:42

Posted a couple of new pairs of glasses for sale with high myopic lenses and thick lenses;


-15 big frames

Stephan 20 Nov 2017, 09:02

direct link :

Stephan 20 Nov 2017, 09:01

our last -25.00 myodisc pair :

Stephan 15 Nov 2017, 12:42

a cute classic metal pair with thick high myopic lenses -20 dpt :

Stephan 14 Nov 2017, 11:14

and my last pair of -25.00 myodisc glasses - cute cateye frames - perfect size for very good vision and easy to wear - even for alltime glasses wearer !

Stephan 12 Nov 2017, 11:13

and our last "lazy eye treatment" pair for high myops with a left lazy eye - rare pair in -20.00 dpt !

Stephan 11 Nov 2017, 07:09

...and this one makes "so far away tiny eyes" - extremely myopic :

Stephan 11 Nov 2017, 02:35

A perfect pair for those who want to wear extreme myopic glasses in public ! Very realistic, very comfortable - even for long time use !

Stephan 04 Nov 2017, 11:04

cateye pair with extremely high myopic lenses for women with very severe myopia -25 dpt.

Tiny eyes look so cute behind those lenses !

Stephan 04 Nov 2017, 10:06

and just wanted to let those people know who moan that I sell "cheap chinese glasses" - you won't find special like these "cheap online"

rare formlento pair for proud high myopic glasses wearing women...

BTW: even extreme expensive glasses brands are produced in china ;-)

Stephan 04 Nov 2017, 10:01

...and these lenticular / myodisc beauties which make such tiny tiny eyes behind lovely tick glasses :

Stephan 04 Nov 2017, 10:00

an extraordinary beautiful pair of extreme myopic myodisc glasses -25 dpt. - I can't understand why high myopic women decide to wear contacts as long as possible to wear gorgeous glasses which make tiny eyes shine like jewels...

pye 02 Nov 2017, 02:14

I've listed various pairs of high myopic glasses here for sale;

Stephan 25 Oct 2017, 10:10

a perfect pair for high myopic GOC - possible to wear all day long - very comfortable , very good vision, thick and strong lenses...

Stephan 25 Oct 2017, 10:08

...and when your dinner date tries to explain, that she can't wear her contacts today... difficult to concentrate on something else than these thick lenses and tiny eyes behind them

Stephan 25 Oct 2017, 10:00

and a very stricking pair - perfect for casual style friday ;-)

Who would not like to see his office secretary in her friday casual high myopic glasses ;-)

Stephan 24 Oct 2017, 01:43

and direct link to mega thick minus aviators

Stephan 23 Oct 2017, 10:10

and direct link to my last mega minus -30 dpt. pair :

Stephan 23 Oct 2017, 10:09

sorry - here direct link to these cokebottles

Stephan 23 Oct 2017, 10:07

...and my last highest minus pair -30 dpt , biconcave and myodisc... very tiny eyes , mega cut in, I love taht kind of "distorsion"...

 23 Oct 2017, 07:19

Found this seller, who seems to have some extremely strong used glasses -

Stephan 23 Oct 2017, 05:11

...and this sporty pair - a perfect choice for a extreme myopic woman or man - even with this very thick binconcave lenses very comfortable to wear. Perfect for 24/7 high myopic glasses wearers

Stephan 23 Oct 2017, 05:10

Two pairs of very very extreme myopic glasses -30 dpt biconcave lenses ...

Eyes look so tiny behind these 15mm thick lenses !!!

Stephan 21 Oct 2017, 06:08

@ anonymous

Please buy new glasses from some online retailers


 20 Oct 2017, 18:26

stephan why didn't you answer me about where you get the glasses you are selling? where do they come from? i want to know if i am buying glasses that were already jizzed over? or worn for awwhile? or new?


Stephan 18 Oct 2017, 22:47

oversize but very comfortable to wear, I like these tiny eyes behid these thick lenses :

Stephan 16 Oct 2017, 21:50

Nice icecube lenses in these glasses :

Andy 14 Oct 2017, 08:53

to Anonymous Stephans glasses come mostly from online retailers in China. Some years ago he used to fool us with help his former GF Sandra P. She used to sport those fake glasses and some on ES were bidding like hell on ebay.. In my eyes his former model Sandra was much prettier....

4Eyes can see better 11 Oct 2017, 11:23

Very nice cateye glasses in tortoise/pink +10.00

 08 Oct 2017, 11:46

Stephan where do all these glasses come from? are they used glasses from second hand stores? when i am wearing a nice sweet thick pair, i like to fantasize about who they came from. that really turns me on good.

Stephan 08 Oct 2017, 07:05

and a very rare pair for treatment of a left lazy eye , both lenses in -20 dpt. , very good condition !

Stephan 07 Oct 2017, 01:19

very nice "cut in" and tiny eyes behind this wall of glass

4Eyes can see better 05 Oct 2017, 11:45

Very big, modern glasses with nice "tunnel-effect" -18.00

4Eyes can see better 05 Oct 2017, 11:41

A pair of nice cateye glasses +10.00

Stephan 03 Oct 2017, 07:12

... and last but not least - second pair of very strong myodisc / lenticular -24.00 .

A cute pair for a candle light dinner, if your wife is not afraid of wearing her extremely strong glasses out of house...

Stephan 03 Oct 2017, 07:10

extremely strong pair, myodisc / lenticular -24.00 dpt.

and very stylish :

Stephan 02 Oct 2017, 10:18

Striking oversize glasses with -20 dpt. thick lenses...

Stephan 28 Sep 2017, 01:25

...and another cute pair with cokebottle lenses in retro style :

Stephan 28 Sep 2017, 01:23

A very nice everyday pair in "office style" , who would not like to see secretary in glasses like these in office??? ;-)

Stephan 24 Sep 2017, 04:28

very good peripherical vision with this oversize pair ! If a woman doesn't care about very thick lenses, it is perfect !

Stephan 24 Sep 2017, 04:14

a light weight pair with high myopic icecube lenses :

Stephan 23 Sep 2017, 10:31

a pair with very thick lenses - stylish for men ( Business- or Casual style) and women ( evening style , nerd style)

, tiny eyes behind a wall of glass :

ST.. 22 Sep 2017, 20:41

Stephan 21 Sep 2017, 08:08

...and a peerfect pair for all 24/7 user of high myopic eyewear - thick lenses but so comfortable to wear - if all glasses would be so comfortable even with extreme myopic lenses, most high myops would prefer glasses instead of contacts !

Stephan 21 Sep 2017, 08:05

A rare pair with frosted myodisc lenses - my wife very likes them, because so easy and comfortable to wear after some hours of adaptation to this very special kind of lens:

Stephan 21 Sep 2017, 08:04

Big and strong but very harmonic with female and male faces. Thick lenses, striking and interesting pair :

Stephan 07 Sep 2017, 03:19

if greek singer Nana Mouskouri would be really high myopic, she would probably wear glasses like this :

Stephan 07 Sep 2017, 03:16

and this extreme pair im oversize style... Eyes look so tiny and melancholic behind theses walls of glass :

Stephan 07 Sep 2017, 03:14

a large business style pair with very thick high myopic lenses :

phwoar your eyes 05 Sep 2017, 07:41

One last pair for now;

Fendi bifocals with thick lenses;

phwoar your eyes 05 Sep 2017, 07:40

Various high myopic glasses for sale, having a long awaited clear out;

Vintage coil arm myodiscs with approx -22 lenses;

-18 myodiscs in semi rimless frame;

Thick highly myopic aviators;

Tommy Hilfiger prescription sunglasses with thick lenses;

Stephan 22 Aug 2017, 06:47

soory, forgot the link :

Stephan 22 Aug 2017, 06:47

a paerfect pair for men ( possible for women, too) who like this "icecube lense look" , very thick lenses in a metal frame grey and blue - very tiny eyes behind the bowls...

Blurry Boy 18 Aug 2017, 23:50

Some high prescription glasses to follow also.

Stephan 18 Aug 2017, 08:04

an last but not least : a perfect very thick pair of glasses for everyday use - very comfortable even with these thick myopic lenses

Stephan 18 Aug 2017, 01:14

I like these bold frames combined with thick thick lenses... I remember a very shy high myopic woman who talked about her glasses and mentioned that the strong lenses are like a wall between her and others to keep them out of her world...

Stephan 16 Aug 2017, 01:07

...and the missing link of last post :

Stephan 16 Aug 2017, 01:06

a modern but vintage style pair of very strong myopic glasses - reminds me of the earlier times before common use of contacts when severely myopic women were forced to wear their coke bottle glasses out of house - even for a date...

Soundmanpt 11 Aug 2017, 15:14


Thank you so much. You are correct. I for the life of me couldn't think what they were called. I remember picking up a number of them years ago for the non profit vision group I was with. Some of them were really fancy. I was told the reason they didn't stay around long was because they were so difficult for the lab to cut and drill them. I was told that they ruined many lenses while making them. Some even had stones embedded in the lenses. Even back then they were expensive glasses. They cost as much as $500.00 and at that time that was expensive.

I remember on Thursday evenings I would make a point of stopping in at the Pearle Vision nearest my house. They had hired a new young female optician an she was left to close that night. She was the only one their. So we always had nice chats. One night just before I was leaving for a 3 week vacation i stopped in as usual. She wasn't very happy because her manager told her that she needed to pick out whatever glasses she wanted to wear and get them sent to the lab. The reason she was upset was because she didn't need glasses and thought it was stupid to have to wear something she didn't need. For spite she told me that she was going to get a pair of the drop temples with the fanciest faceted lenses she could get. Anyway of course by the time I got back from vacation she not only had her glasses but she was wearing them when I went in to see her. After being told that she missed me I finally had to comment about her glasses. She really looked really cute wearing them. Anyway I told her "I see you got your glasses while I was away" I was halfway expecting her reaction to not be very good at all. but instead she just said that she was still getting used to wearing them but she liked wearing them. That completely surprised me considering how unhappy she was about being forced to wear them. then she told me why she okay with wearing glasses. In the 3 weeks I was away she had sold 3 pairs of the exact same glasses she was wearing. In those days an optician got a pretty nice commission check every month. So because those glasses were so expensive her commission was very good because of those 3 pairs she sold. So she never complained again about wearing glasses. In fact a few years later she got her own store and like her manager did with her she made her employees wear glasses at work too and she made me promise to never tell any of them about how she didn't want to wear her glasses.

30calcat 11 Aug 2017, 14:37

I am too young to have seen anyone wearing faceted lenses in person, but they are indeed fascinating, especially in high powers. There is a minus pair in the bottom row of this lot:

Not particularly strong, but no where near plano either.

I keep thinking my next pair of glasses will be a drilled frame. Perhaps I can talk the optician into doing facets too.

Tom 09 Aug 2017, 15:23

Great find 30calcat

sweet memories for me ... When I was a teen, I used to babysit for 3 children whose mom wore frames like that, mix of metal and red plastic.

She was very very myopic, thick lenses, and one day I arrived at their place ans she wore black plastic frames instead. After she left and the kids were asleep, I quickly stumbled upon her "red" glasses in the kitchen, and of course could not resist but try them on. I must have spent about 90mim playing with those specs (try to watch tv, read a book, walk around with everythimg spinning because if the string lenses) befote I heard her car stop in front of the house. I believe my glasses fetish started, or really took off that evening.

Stingray 09 Aug 2017, 14:44

The lenses you were referring to SoundmanPT were called facet lenses.

Soundmanpt 09 Aug 2017, 13:48


Those are nice but what I miss and thought were the best looking glasses was the "drop temple frames with the fancy cut lenses. I'm having a senior moment so I can't think what they called the cut of those lenses.

30calcat 09 Aug 2017, 13:05

Stumbled across these coke bottles while shopping vintage frames:

So big, thick, and 80s! Do you all miss this era, or do you like more minimalist contemporary frames?

Stephan 09 Aug 2017, 02:00

rare style of extreme aviators with thick myopic lenses.

Only worn for some city trips last year :

Blurry Boy 08 Aug 2017, 07:25

A pair of Black 60s - 70s NHS glasses Merx Major

Blurry Boy 08 Aug 2017, 07:17

Some vintage tortoiseshell folding glasses, similar pair just sold on eBay

Blurry Boy 08 Aug 2017, 07:05

Blurry Boy 08 Aug 2017, 06:53

Blurry Boy 08 Aug 2017, 02:13

Stephan 06 Aug 2017, 11:07

...two icecubes in metal frames... tiny eyes behind a wall of glass !

Stephan 05 Aug 2017, 00:15

thick myopic lenses in bold frames - this is a parfect evening pair for high myopic women. I very like to see women wearing those heavy cokebottle glasses when going out for dinner together...

Stephan 03 Aug 2017, 07:41

and this pair of cokebottles , Striking thick lenses isn high quality dark red metal frames :

Stephan 03 Aug 2017, 06:27

...and this stylish bold frame which perfectly fits to the thick myopic lenses . I like the combination of bold frames and thick lenses :

Stephan 03 Aug 2017, 06:25

We listed some high myopic pairs which we don't use anymore. F. e. this one which really deserves the name "cokebottles" :

a 03 Aug 2017, 06:24


Stingray 02 Aug 2017, 11:54

Just reduced the price on this scuba diving prescription mask with -9.50 lenses.

Blurry Boy 01 Aug 2017, 01:25

Stephan, please ignore those who criticize you and insult you. You are doing great keep up the good work and many thanks. My regards to you and S****a.

Blurry Boy.

Blurry Boy 01 Aug 2017, 01:25

Stephan, please ignore those who criticize you and insult you. You are doing great keep up the good work and many thanks. My regards to you and S****a.

Blurry Boy.

Blurry Boy 01 Aug 2017, 01:10

Blurry Boy 01 Aug 2017, 00:45

Some frames for sale, will be listing some with strong prescription lenses soon.

Stephan 30 Jul 2017, 23:18

and a very interesting interpretation of the aviator style - strking pair with those strong thick lenses !

Stephan 30 Jul 2017, 23:07

myopic icecubes ;-)

-20 dpt in clear frames :

Stephan 30 Jul 2017, 23:05

a lot of minus glasses in very good condition

-3.50 dpt.

 30 Jul 2017, 04:29

Those aren't power rings. What a silly name. Those are the edges of the glasses compressed to create the prescription lense. They are not rings. They do not have power. Grow up.

Stephan 27 Jul 2017, 22:19

a very harmonic pair - frame and strong lenses fit togehter very well - a perfect thick and strong everyday / all time use pair for high myopes . A lot of power rings and thick lens edges but very comfortable

Stephan 26 Jul 2017, 10:07

extremely thick white power rings in this pair for extremely myopic people. But comfortable to wear :

Stephan 18 Jul 2017, 10:11

a very rare "frosted myodisc" / mattierte Lenti pair, very strong -20 lenses , for people who shall not move eyeballs very much ( f.e. short after retinal detachment surgery for high myopes). High myopes who had severe damage on retina are not allowed to move eyes a lot for some weeks... glasses like these can help to heal

This is a cute pair, even with those special lenses !

Glasses 4 everybody 17 Jul 2017, 06:25

Fashionable women's glasses -18/17,75

Glasses 4 everybody 17 Jul 2017, 06:24

Fashionable women's glasses -18/17,75

Glasses 4 everybody 17 Jul 2017, 06:21

Nice, modern plus-glasses +10/9,25

Glasses 4 everybody 17 Jul 2017, 06:20

Nice, modern plus-glasses +10/9,25

Stephan 16 Jul 2017, 23:48

a pair like thick myopic icecubes...

Stephan 16 Jul 2017, 12:55

and my lot of 5 x moderate ( or high) myopic glasses -8.00

Stephan 15 Jul 2017, 23:50

and a strong and thick pair , reminds me of the barzilian high myopic youtube blogger :

Stephan 15 Jul 2017, 05:49

...and this pair of glasses always reminds me of my teacher of art in HighSchool . She was severly myopic and her frames looked more like mens frames then womens frames. I only remember one time that she took of her glasses... she looked so different. She had quite large beautiful eyes but behind this wall of glass they looked so tiny... Maybe the beginning of my fasciantion for severly myopic women

Stephan 15 Jul 2017, 00:04

a perfect allround pair - fits to any kind of face shape . And very light weight, perfect for all who need to wear high myopic thick glasses 24/7 or want to wear realistic looking GOC glasses

Stephan 14 Jul 2017, 00:12

from this position even more white power rings than clear lens in this pair... white half moons in extraordinary frame :

Stephan 12 Jul 2017, 13:02

and I crazy like this special shape of rectangular aviator frames with those cokebottle lenses - makes an unique expression

Stephan 12 Jul 2017, 13:00

a very striking womens pair in lipstick red and golden colour with thick myopic lenses...

Stingray 11 Jul 2017, 17:17

I just listed on ebay a very unusual pair of "eyeglasses". What makes them unusual is that they are not eyeglasses, but a vintage Cressi-Sub scuba mask with -9.50 corrective lenses in them. Now you can do GOC underwater and no one is looking! Take a look:

Stephan 10 Jul 2017, 12:28

this pair fits to all shapes of face, very strong lenses with a lot of power rings , but very comfortable

Guest 09 Jul 2017, 08:23


Stephan 06 Jul 2017, 06:28

I listed a lot of 5 of my glasses in -8.00 / PD 64 , one of them sunglasses

Stephan 03 Jul 2017, 07:01

for those who are interested in extreme glasses which are hard to find - a pair of high myopic glasses with frosted myodisc lenses , -20 dpt ( usually this kind of lenses is custom made for extreme myopic people with more than -40 dpt. , here you can get a pair with "only -20.00 :-)

Stephan 03 Jul 2017, 06:51

nice pair with very thick lenses , perfect for GOC for men and women:

monday motivation 03 Jul 2017, 01:05

Some people might think that these glasses are bought by Stephan for about 20 euros then sold on for a vast profit as a money making scheme when many online retailers will make similar glasses for a lot less.

 02 Jul 2017, 04:56

1) Stupid comment: We don't care if you don't like. 2) Stupid question: A seller will never reveal its source!

 02 Jul 2017, 02:58

i forgot to ask. where do you get all these glasse?

 02 Jul 2017, 02:57

i hate seeing these glasse on creepy plastic models. very freaky. why cant you pose with them?

Stephan 01 Jul 2017, 05:13

some people might think " I very worry for her that she needs so thick glasses..."

I always think : "I would be happy to wear those full time"

Stephan 30 Jun 2017, 08:52

my pair of men's GOC glasses - looking very strong, but very comfortable to wear - even if you want to wear full time !

Stephan 29 Jun 2017, 04:26

these kind of metal frames are getting up to date again , good to see these thick white lenses in metal frames again

Stephan 27 Jun 2017, 09:10

...and last pair of men's strong minus glasses with hearing aids :

Stephan 26 Jun 2017, 11:38

and my favourite cokebottle style, par, german "Glasbausteine" , thick high myopic lenses in black metal:

Stephan 26 Jun 2017, 11:37

... and metal framed cokebottle lenses in silver :

Stephan 26 Jun 2017, 11:36

large and very strong minus pair - thick white lenses and black frames , beautiful look :

Stephan 25 Jun 2017, 04:28

...lenses of this pair are almost 12mm thick on outside edges :

Stephan 25 Jun 2017, 02:35

ending today : 7 x womens glasses -3.50 dpt in very good condition

Stephan 23 Jun 2017, 01:48

if you want to do GOC in public with really realistic looking thick minus glasses, then this one is perfect :

Stephan 20 Jun 2017, 09:12

...and last but not least - a pair with a lot of "white" in lens edges, thick lenses , very good vision, for men AND women :

Stephan 20 Jun 2017, 09:09

a "fresh and easy" summer pair which makes you look extremely myopic... A lot of power rings and minification of eyes behind wall of glass - a very realistic pair for GOC , very comfortable , possible to wear all day long and easy fit to many differnt kind of heads :

Stephan 18 Jun 2017, 12:20

A perfect "evening pair" ... So nice to see in tiny tiny eyes behind this thick lenses at a candle light dinner...

Stephan 18 Jun 2017, 12:18

and 8 very strong plus glasses ( some in very used condition) , some of them with high plus myodisc lenses

Stephan 18 Jun 2017, 12:16

a lot of 7 barely used womens / unisex glasses -3.50 dpt. !

Stephan 17 Jun 2017, 08:26

our last myodisc pair for sale !

A very special look which isn't very common nowadays - but in my eyes the most comfortable and lightweight way to wear very strong minus prescription glasses - and so good vision !!! Very many people think that vision is limited with myodisc style lenses but it is not at all ! Really a perfect choice for those who suffer from severy myopia

Stephan 15 Jun 2017, 22:03

a perfect pair for GOC and very comfortable to wear - for WOMEN and MEN , tiny eyes, thick lenses, even temples don't close completly because of thick lens edges !

MYODISC FAN 15 Jun 2017, 21:44


myodiscfan 15 Jun 2017, 21:43

-15D men standard myodisc PD64 glasses. send immediately

Stephan 15 Jun 2017, 07:02

when I see this pair I always remember the high myopic youtube girl from Brasil ... I love the style of drak framed tiny eyes with so thick power rings

Stephan 13 Jun 2017, 12:57

...and last but not least, a pair of business style glasses, perfect for people with severe myopia or for GOC ! So easy to wear and very realistic !

Stephan 13 Jun 2017, 12:41

a light weight pair for men and women with severe myopia . Even for 24/7 use, so comfortable to wear, so good vision with these myodisc lenses... She very liked them !

Stephan 13 Jun 2017, 12:39

...and a very stylish pair for those who like to be a hipster, even if visually impaired - I like this big frames with thick power rings...

Stephan 13 Jun 2017, 12:37

...but as the web find of the -18/-16 beautiful woman shows : more and more high myopic women wear cokebottles even like this with -20 dpt.

I hope we will see women like her in future:

Stephan 13 Jun 2017, 12:35

I guess that in future it will be hard to find a view like this... a woman in strong myodisc glasses , tiny eyes behind this very specila lenses... At least in western world women like her will get lens implant or wear contact lenses most of the time... I so much like this special :

Stephan 10 Jun 2017, 08:44

...and a classic style metal pair with very strong minus myodisc lenses , very comfortable to wear and very good vision with these lenses :

Stephan 10 Jun 2017, 08:42

A striking Aviator pair with myodisc lenses , very tiny eyes :

Stephan 07 Jun 2017, 00:23

This is a perfect "business style" pair for those who need / like to wear very strong and thick lens glasses for severe myopia :

Stephan 06 Jun 2017, 08:56

...and this one , striking thick lenses but very comfortable to wear, even for 24/7 users !

Stephan 06 Jun 2017, 08:54

for those who are looking for very thick minus men's business style glasses ...

This one :

Stephan 05 Jun 2017, 11:09

@ Myoptix

Yes, you can use the hearing aids even if you hear perfectly . I very special experience !

anon 05 Jun 2017, 06:43

I'm guessing that's right Myopix, you don't have turn the hearing aids on of course if you have good hearing!

A hearing aid was recently left outside where I live shortly after Stephan listed these glasses for sale, I was rather surprised at this as it was there for a couple of days and no one claimed it (maybe it was broken). Anyhow, I picked it up cleaned it and did a bit of improvisation doing GOC with my -20.5 myodiscs and also wearing this hearing aid which when I googled the brand I found cost 270 new!!

It was a feeling I've never experienced before and pretty much intensified the buzz of wearing the very strong myodiscs.

Myopix 05 Jun 2017, 06:12

@ Stephan :

about this pair with hearing aids : You mean that I can wear thesewith full functional hearing aids ? Even if I hear well?

Sorry, maybe I didn't understand right !?

Guest 04 Jun 2017, 08:55


Stephan 31 May 2017, 12:59

It's an unique experience to wear very strong biconcave glasses with hearing aids... Difficult to describe, but a little bit like on other planet... fishbowl view and intensiv sound...

Stephan 31 May 2017, 08:22

My wife usually prefers 1.74 high index lenses because easy to wear... but she says that this pair gives perfect peripheral vision due to big size and CR39 lens. I prefer the look of tiny tiny eyes behind walls of glass :

Stephan 31 May 2017, 08:16

Very tiny eyes behind thick planofront myopic lenses :

Stephan 29 May 2017, 06:28

...and so good that some women are not afraid of wearing oversize glasses , even with extreme prescription...

Stephan 29 May 2017, 02:37

If you have long hair, even nobody will see that you are not only visually impaired... a very nice -20.00 dpt. pair with working hearing aids left and right... I very interesting experience to wear those...

Stephan 29 May 2017, 02:34

This is it, what I want to see when I go out for dinner with a woman, wearing very strong minus glasses ... :

John 26 May 2017, 05:56


Strong en thick minus eyeglasses!

Myodisc fan 25 May 2017, 21:56

-16 lady thick glasses myodisc.

Stephan 24 May 2017, 11:05

and last pair for the moment - a pair with large thick lenses for those who are not afraid of wearing cokebottle glasses in public :

Stephan 23 May 2017, 09:09

A perfect thick minus pair for men , but of course women can use them, too . Very thick lens and extreme cut in, but so comfortable to wear !

Guest 21 May 2017, 10:15


Stephan 20 May 2017, 12:32

and these icecubes in slightly blue clear frame... She says very comfortable to wear...

Stephan 20 May 2017, 12:31

and this oversize pair with striking thick lenses , heavy but cute !!!

Stephan 20 May 2017, 12:13

...and this extreme minification :

Stephan 20 May 2017, 12:11

I like these white curtains around tiny, tiny myopic eyes:

 18 May 2017, 07:41

Round metal glasses with very thick minus lenses!

Stephan 15 May 2017, 09:36

this pair deserves the attribute "cokebottles !!!

Large pair with a lot of power rings !

Stephan 15 May 2017, 09:34

A wall of glass ... tiny tiny eyes behind, extreme pair for high myopics :

CraigB 13 May 2017, 15:10

Check out these myodisc glasses for high minus rx:

Stephan 12 May 2017, 09:36

...and last but not least - my favourite for every day "myopic life... for shopping, fitness center, go for a walk in afternoon. Thick biconcave lenses, but so easy to wear. Tiny eyes , a lot of cut in , framed with crystal...

Stephan 12 May 2017, 09:33

...and a parfect 24/7 pair for high myopics , so easy to wear, so comfortable, even with thick biconcave lenses. People will love your tiny eyes...:

Stephan 12 May 2017, 09:31

and so much "cut in" with this biconcave pair ... Even some people in restaurant noticed this - and usually "common people" without attraction to high myopic women don't react very much to strong glasses , but with this pair it's a little bit different :

LIP 10 May 2017, 06:49


I have to admit, your choice of frames and lenses are beautiful!

Stephan 09 May 2017, 06:53

and another princes from this universe of thick myopic glasses :

Stephan 09 May 2017, 06:51

a pair , not from this world , from planet myopia ... very extreme lenses :

Stephan 07 May 2017, 11:45

all what a high myopic pair needs for me : a lot of cut in , striking minification of eyes , a lot of rings around a strong lens center , thick lenses with plano front reflexions

Stephan 06 May 2017, 10:14

and this pairs has all what i like in extreme minus glasses ... thick lenses, loads of power rings , tiny tiny eyes, a lot of refelexion on CR39 lens :

Stephan 05 May 2017, 09:42

...or this really thick and heavy beauty :

Stephan 05 May 2017, 09:41

If you need to wear extremeley strong glasses , why then not wear a really striking pair ? ...

Stephan 04 May 2017, 03:14

And how this pair looks in reality, worn in public , very thick lenses but a good pair for going out :

Stephan 02 May 2017, 06:43

And I love this clear pair... Wall of glass :

Stephan 02 May 2017, 06:42

Loads of power rings in these beauties... :

CraigB 28 Apr 2017, 10:50

Glasses for extreme myopia, half inch tick, minus 18 lenses, great shape, very extreme looking:

Stephan 27 Apr 2017, 06:15

and this huge pair with loads of power rings :

Stephan 27 Apr 2017, 06:13

...not very ofte to see now, but I saw some similiar large metal frames coming back with latest styles of modern glasses .

ZThis one is really thick :

AlainHMG 26 Apr 2017, 03:32

Sales List Update! 23 New interesting glasses found for sale on Ebay:

Stephan 23 Apr 2017, 02:19

and last but not least , a very extreme pair :

Stephan 22 Apr 2017, 06:24

... and this myopic Butterfly.. like a beauty from another galaxy :

Stephan 22 Apr 2017, 06:23

This pair very much reminds me of my teacher of music in school, she ha a bold black pair of glasses, a wall of lenses and tiny grey eyes far behind this wall... I guess she was about same range of prescription :

Stephan 19 Apr 2017, 10:21

a wall of glass... high myopic pair of glasses :

AlainHMG 15 Apr 2017, 15:27

Sales List Update! Almost 40 New Minus and Plus glasses for sale on Ebay:

Stephan 12 Apr 2017, 06:54

and last but not least :

tons of "white" in these lenses . I very like these "white curtains around far away tiny eyes..."

Stephan 12 Apr 2017, 06:52

and this big and striking thick pair :

Stephan 12 Apr 2017, 02:13

and this thick wall of glass... this pair always reminds me of this beautiful high myope from brazil...

Stephan 12 Apr 2017, 02:10

A very very stylish thick myopic pair - unisex and stricking thick lenses ( about 12mm on edges) :

Tonylids 10 Apr 2017, 03:53

Hi, I've got one unopened box of 6 CooperVision Proclear +11.5 monthly lenses and also 1 further +11.5 and 1 only +12 all in their sealed containers. (BC is 8.6 and diameter is 14.2)

Please email me at if you are interested in buying these as a 'job lot' for 30

Stephan 07 Apr 2017, 02:42

and this gorgeous thick pair with a lot of powerrings :

Stephan 05 Apr 2017, 09:54

one more of my pairs which is perfect for high myopic GOC :

Stephan 01 Apr 2017, 03:05

As the "buyer" didn't pay for this "wall of glass" , I relisted it in ebay...

An extraordinary thick pair of high myopic glasses :

Stephan 27 Mar 2017, 09:39

Some "walls of glass" , hiogh myopic pairs which I offer for sale :

Markus 08 Mar 2017, 07:07

A collection of high minus glasses for sale:

AlainHMG 05 Mar 2017, 15:22

List Big Update! Almost 50 New Minus and Plus glasses for sale on Ebay:

Peter 27 Feb 2017, 11:56


High minus glasses

Tonylids 22 Feb 2017, 02:22

I've listed these glasses for sale, they have had little use and contain a +10 bifocal prescription with a base in prism of (I think) 18 in total. I've got a couple of other pairs that I could sell as well if these go without a problem

AlainHMG 10 Feb 2017, 20:14

A new batch of Great and Rare High Minus glasses for sale on Ebay:


boff23 09 Feb 2017, 07:18

Hi, I have three pairs of designer glasses for sale on eBay, ranging from low (-1.5) to moderate-high (-4.5 to -5.5) prescriptions

Tommy Hilfigers:

Bikkembergs (bargain price):

Ray Ban aviators:


 08 Feb 2017, 09:52

That's a shame Tony as eBay can occasionally be like that, but to have it twice in a row is very unusual.

You can report and block any non paying bidders to eBay so you'll get the final value fee back and be able to relist it (for free I think). You can also set restrictions to stop certain types of users bidding in case you haven't already

Tonylids 08 Feb 2017, 05:53

My prescription is + so the pairs I have are between around +10 and +14.

In fairness, I thought I'd be doing a service offering the glasses for sale as I know they are quite hard to buy for recreational purposes but all I've had are messers.

 08 Feb 2017, 04:52

What other pairs have you got Tony? I think the general consensus on here would be strong minus glasses to plus if you have them?

Tonylids 08 Feb 2017, 03:03

I have relisted these glasses as I have now had two non paying buyers. They are quality frames in great condition and have a strong prescription which, from what I understand, is what people on this site want. I have several other pairs which I will list if these go but, if they don't, I'll give up and bin the lot and then name and shame everyone that messes me about

Stephan 07 Feb 2017, 12:00

I listed one of my own pairs , -8.00 dpt sph but very thick lenses for this power ! CR39 plastic lenses , with 15% blue tint , outside edges areabout 0.7 cm thick , striking pair , a lot of power rings, looks much stronger than -8.00 :

AlainHMG 07 Feb 2017, 09:45

Just check all the list, everything isn't expensive.

Ex: LOW PRICE Superb LG Woman High Myopic Glasses Thick Lenses

AlainHMG 03 Feb 2017, 20:24

Several new Great High Minus glasses for sale on Ebay:

Ex: RARE Vintage RODENSTOCK Large High Myopic Woman Glasses Thick Biconcave Myodisk Lenses -17.00

Ex: Vintage CHARMANT High Myopic Woman Glasses Very Thick Biconcave Lenses -19.00

ms 29 Jan 2017, 00:41

ended today (in modern frames):

cararact glasses:

myopia - lentilux glasses:

Stingray 23 Jan 2017, 07:23

While these are not prescription glasses, they are old frames from the 1960's, 1970's and 1980's. Several offered are those oversize frames with faceted lenses which can be made into prescription glasses if you can find the optical lab to do it. Cool pair of cat's eyes from the 1960's: and and and lastly

ms_2109 22 Jan 2017, 14:46

new offer on ebay, ended in one week:

Mark 21 Jan 2017, 08:41

Edit to my original post below, the cheaper pair have already sold, for the other I found the magnetic clip on sunglasses and have added a photo

Price is also lowered slightly not long to go though

Tonylids 17 Jan 2017, 02:10

I'm selling these glasses again as I got let down by the previous buyer. The prescription is about +10 with a +2.5 bifocal add, they are in very good condition as they were only used as a spare pair or to find my contacts! I have a few other pairs I will consider selling too and can be contacted at if you're interested.

Mark 16 Jan 2017, 11:41

2 New Lenticular Glasses from me: +10 and +11.50

Both are buy out with short durations, both have anti-reflective lenses.

Any questions just ask

AlainHMG 15 Jan 2017, 17:50

A lot of new interesting High Minus glasses for sale on the Ebay list:

Don't miss them!

Some examples on my FaceBook Page:

AlainHMG 15 Jan 2017, 17:50

A lot of new interesting High Minus glasses for sale on the Ebay list:

Don't miss them!

Some examples on my FaceBook Page:

CraigB 12 Jan 2017, 11:01

High myopic high index thick glasses:

John 09 Jan 2017, 05:56

Beautiful high minus glasses in a new black frame

AlainHMG 08 Jan 2017, 19:11

Several new interesting glasses Plus and Minus for sale on Ebay:

RUN! Cheap price! Superb LG Woman High Myopic Glasses Thick Lenses

Superb Vintage Metallic GIORGIO BERVERLY HILLS Aviator Woman High Myopic Glasses Thick Lenses

ms_2109 04 Jan 2017, 11:32

Ends on Sunday 8th January: 3 different collections with rare cataract glasses + myopia:

very rare lenticular / myodisc Bifokal:

and Formlenti (-21/-22,75 diopter):

endet am Sonntag 8.Januar: 3 verschiedene Konvolute bzw. Sammlungen mit Starbrillen, Myopie:

Tom 02 Jan 2017, 15:19

Thank you AlainHMG

Very spectacular glasses indeed. I wonder why women choose such extreme (shape, color) frames when shopping for new specs? They must know they will look special in them, and draw men's attention, no?

A former girlfriend once told me that wearing some specific glasses of hers gave her a same feeling as some of her shoes did; in the morning before going to work, or in the evening before a dinner or party, she sometimes very consciouly picked one specific pair of glasses because she knew how she would feel in them.

AlainHMG 01 Jan 2017, 15:47

@Tom These glasses are not mine. Unfortunately this seller always put overexposed pics... I managed to correct them a bit. Look at the glasses better now

Tom 01 Jan 2017, 15:26


Great Gucci frames. A friend's mom had similar glasses when I went to their home quite often as a youngster, 20 years ago! I was already fascinated by GWGs at the time, and I never missed the opportunity to go to this friend's place and enjoy the sight of her mom in her glasses. High index lenses were not (yet) readily available at the time, and I remember the lenses were quite thick which added to the glasses' appeal. My best memory is an evening with many drinks, and late at night my friend tried on her mom's glasses when she had briefly taken them off to rub her eyes. My friend stood up from the table, walked around a bit, and commented at what she could and could not see with the glasses. It took less than a minute as she quickly took off the specs again and handed them back to her complaining mom.

Unfortunately her mom switched to much smaller frames a few years later and I never saw her previous glasses again...

AlainHMG 01 Jan 2017, 14:17

Happy New Year!

The list has been updated with several new glasses for sale on Ebay:

Ex: RARE Vintage GUCCI Large Woman High Myopic Glasses Thick Lenses

ms_2109 01 Jan 2017, 13:29

to sell some strong + and - glasses (Lenticular, Cataract, collection`s etc.) on ebay endet 08jan2017:

CraigB 27 Dec 2016, 10:39

Three very unusual very strong glasses on eBay:

AlainHMG 23 Dec 2016, 14:35

VERY RARE! Nice COACH Extreme High Plus Woman Glasses Very Thick Lenses, almost 2/3 inch!!! Don't miss them!

I'm currently updating the list with new glasses for sale on Ebay:

Hmag 20 Dec 2016, 07:39

Hi there,

I've got 2 pairs of -25 myodisc glasses for sale. Please check them out.

LXW 12 Dec 2016, 09:23

Crystal Veil,

thank you so much! It sounds so good and its a pleasure for me.


Crystal Veil 11 Dec 2016, 16:58

LXW - Alex,

big compliment for the excellent pictures of the glasses

LXW 11 Dec 2016, 12:51

Some high myopic glasses out of my collection, i dont use it no more:

Thanks for looking!


 10 Dec 2016, 07:33

The sales list has been updated today with around 20 new glasses.

I have also opened an online store where you can buy from my designs a large choice of T-Shirts, Hoodies & Sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Kids' Clothing, Group Wear, Phone & Tablet Cases, etc... Of course the designs are about glasses and I hope you can find your Christmas Gift here :-)

On request, I can create your design. You can propose your ideas of designs too. Many Thanks!

AlainHMG 08 Dec 2016, 11:22

VERY RARE! 2 Pairs of -25.00 Myodisc Glasses. Don't miss them!


List of interesting glasses for sale on Ebay:

CraigB 06 Dec 2016, 14:55

Thick glasses with extreme base out prisms:

CraigB 06 Dec 2016, 13:22

Thick myopic glasses with astigmatism, see ebay:

Tonylids 06 Dec 2016, 08:02

I'm also selling these brand new Rayban prescription sunglasses which include bifocal plus lenses of around +10 and around base in prism of around 4 each side

Tonylids 06 Dec 2016, 02:50

OK, I surprised myself, the links seem to work fine!

Tonylids 06 Dec 2016, 02:49

Hi, I've listed a couple of pairs of glasses on Ebay, both have a significant plus prescription and the Ralph ones also contain a prism of 7 in each side. Sorry I can't work out how to post a link but hopefully these will copy and paste into your browser if you're intersted or the item numbers can be put into ebay.

AlainHMG 03 Dec 2016, 05:57

VERY RARE! Woman Extreme High Myopic Glasses Very Thick Biconcave Lenses -20.00

Ending on Sunday, Don't miss them!

AlainHMG 02 Dec 2016, 12:27

More than 50 new glasses added on the sales list. I have cleaned the list removing several ones unsold since a long time.

John 30 Nov 2016, 06:30


John 29 Nov 2016, 06:59

AlainHMG 26 Nov 2016, 00:53

A lot of new glasses added on the Ebay sales list. I will add more today.

Stingray 22 Nov 2016, 15:59

Vintage Christian Dior oversize early 1990's frame. Low minus correction with bifocal.

AlainHMG 22 Nov 2016, 04:24

Hello Moonshiner, Nice to see you again! Thanks you very much for your action.

Moonshiner 22 Nov 2016, 01:50

I deleted several inappropriate post and some orphaned posts. Blocked one IP address. Keep posts on topic, glasses for sale and discussion of same.

Alain supporter 21 Nov 2016, 06:47

Here is the link again folks for your easy use"

 18 Nov 2016, 04:16

AlainHMG 17 Nov 2016, 20:13

VERY RARE Metallic LIZ CLAIBORNE Woman Plus Glasses Very Thick Bifocal Lenses with Extreme Prism Down Right Lense & Up Left Lense

AlainHMG 16 Nov 2016, 20:18

Thanks for your feedback and support :-) These last 3 days, I have added a lot new Myopic & Plus glasses on sale on Ebay!

Now, you can find easily the sales with Low Start prices or Low Fixed prices. Just check the blue logo "LOW PRICE"

Crystal Veil 15 Nov 2016, 13:42

Alain, the list is an excellent initiative. Hope to see you next time in Paris.

CraigB 15 Nov 2016, 09:17

Another pair, thick myopic with lots of cylinder:

oo 15 Nov 2016, 04:31

Alain keep up the good work. I have frequently used your lists. Thank you.

gwgs 15 Nov 2016, 03:01

Alain - I actually think your list / links are very useful and its plain to see from the page with all the links you have collated that 99% are not yours, and this saves a lot of time in sifting through ebay and trying out searches that may not come up with any results.

If it promotes your glasses, so what, isn't that what we visit this thread for?! Some people are never happy!

AlainHMG 14 Nov 2016, 17:12

Hi everybody,

I'm the real Alain. This thread is about glasses in sales and it is exactly what I'm providing here. It is a hard work to maintain live daily the list. For your information 99,9% of the sales are not mine. I hope the list is a useful tool for those who are searching interesting glasses. I'd like to have some feedback about that.

Now, who is the real spammer here? I think we all have the reply...

Unfortunately, our webmaster Moonshiner has vanished or has given up (I hope nothing bad has happened to him). I don't think that something will be done against this annoying person. I notice that Eyescene has turned in a battlefield for a long time now. That's too bad... Anyway life goes on!

lentifan 14 Nov 2016, 15:38

It would be good if the moderator could delete the last post. I trust it is not the real Alain posting.

AlainHMG 17 Nov 2016, 20:13

VERY RARE Metallic LIZ CLAIBORNE Woman Plus Glasses Very Thick Bifocal Lenses with Extreme Prism Down Right Lense & Up Left Lense

AlainHMG 16 Nov 2016, 20:18

Thanks for your feedback and support :-) These last 3 days, I have added a lot new Myopic & Plus glasses on sale on Ebay!

Now, you can find easily the sales with Low Start prices or Low Fixed prices. Just check the blue logo "LOW PRICE"

Crystal Veil 15 Nov 2016, 13:42

Alain, the list is an excellent initiative. Hope to see you next time in Paris.

CraigB 15 Nov 2016, 09:17

Another pair, thick myopic with lots of cylinder:

oo 15 Nov 2016, 04:31

Alain keep up the good work. I have frequently used your lists. Thank you.

gwgs 15 Nov 2016, 03:01

Alain - I actually think your list / links are very useful and its plain to see from the page with all the links you have collated that 99% are not yours, and this saves a lot of time in sifting through ebay and trying out searches that may not come up with any results.

If it promotes your glasses, so what, isn't that what we visit this thread for?! Some people are never happy!

AlainHMG 14 Nov 2016, 17:12

Hi everybody,

I'm the real Alain. This thread is about glasses in sales and it is exactly what I'm providing here. It is a hard work to maintain live daily the list. For your information 99,9% of the sales are not mine. I hope the list is a useful tool for those who are searching interesting glasses. I'd like to have some feedback about that.

Now, who is the real spammer here? I think we all have the reply...

Unfortunately, our webmaster Moonshiner has vanished or has given up (I hope nothing bad has happened to him). I don't think that something will be done against this annoying person. I notice that Eyescene has turned in a battlefield for a long time now. That's too bad... Anyway life goes on!

CraigB 13 Nov 2016, 17:45

Interesting pair of extreme myodisc, -19.75

 13 Nov 2016, 00:34


 12 Nov 2016, 22:15

VERY RARE !! Never seen before! Ending very soon or BuyItNow!

GUESS Woman Glasses High Myopic Very Thick Left Lense - Plus Thick Right Lense

pd 10 Nov 2016, 02:05

hi guys,just listed 4 pairs of extream rx glasses on ebay item id`s are 322323644150,322323647448,322323650535 and 322323656298,have a look and bid or make me a reasonable offer,thanks

AlainHMG 09 Nov 2016, 16:35

Very Rare Glasses on sale on Ebay: Vintage Aviator LOTTET Man EXTREME High Myopic Glasses VERY THICK LENSES. Lenses close to 1 inch thick! Don't miss them!

And still a lot of Myopic & Plus glasses listed on Ebay! Use the sales list to find them easily:

John 09 Nov 2016, 03:35

high discount!!! great sale

thick and strong minus glasses

No 89 but 69 euro or

No 115 but 90 euro

No 95 but 75 euro or

No 125 but 99 euro

AlainHMG 07 Nov 2016, 16:53

Very Rare Glasses on sale on Ebay: Vintage Aviator LOTTET Man EXTREME High Myopic Glasses VERY THICK LENSES. Lenses close to 1 inch thick! Don't miss them!

And still a lot of Myopic & Plus glasses listed on Ebay! Use the sales list to find them easily:

John 07 Nov 2016, 06:37

high discount!!! great sale

thick and strong minus glasses

No 89 but 69 euro or

No 115 but 90 euro

No 95 but 75 euro or

No 125 but 99 euro

Jo 06 Nov 2016, 23:06

I appreciate seeing your glasses Stephan, but your supposedly last final remaining pair was many years ago....

Stephan 05 Nov 2016, 11:27

My definitely last last pair of extremely strong glasses :

John 02 Nov 2016, 10:34


John 02 Nov 2016, 10:33


AlainHMG 01 Nov 2016, 17:33

A lot of new interesting Myopic et Plus glasses listed on Ebay! Use the sales list to find them easily:

tim 01 Nov 2016, 16:27

tim 01 Nov 2016, 16:26

sorry, forgot the link

Ray Ban Bifokal Brille 5216 2000 schwarz wie neu, 100 VB

tim 01 Nov 2016, 16:25

wow, very nice ray-ban glasses with strong bifocal lenses

craigb 01 Nov 2016, 13:48

Check out high myopic glasses with lots of cylinder:

Mark 01 Nov 2016, 07:46

4 new listings, having to move house soon so clearing out the few I have left.

Rare +21 lenticular glasses

+9.75 Lenticulars

-4.75 Rare low power myodiscs

+10.50 Full field plus glasses

Any questions, let me know

optix 24 Oct 2016, 12:43

sorry, forgot the link

More than 120 interesting frames in a nce suitcase

LXW 24 Oct 2016, 11:19

Some glasses out of my collection:

Very nice Paloma Picasso cateye glasses with about -8 dpt.

Glasses with very thick myopic plastic lenses made by Logo Paris

Luxottica italy glasses, special lenses with about -16 dpt.


optix 23 Oct 2016, 09:55

Loads of interesting frames, with demolenses only(no prescription) in a nice suitcase...

 20 Oct 2016, 06:38

you need a bullhorn. red and white pin stripe suit. top hat. cane. you always sound like a barker at a circus.

AlainHMG 19 Oct 2016, 19:01

Check the sales list now! Tons of New Minus and Plus glasses with Thick Lenses listed on Ebay! Several rare vintage glasses. Some low prices.

AlainHMG 13 Oct 2016, 09:47

A lot of new Minus and Plus glasses listed on Ebay! Some with Low Start Prices. Check the sales list:

 03 Oct 2016, 13:36

Herr Optix Huhnerhabicht,

Vhy no pictures mit der brillen right-side up?

optix 03 Oct 2016, 12:29

AlainHMG 03 Oct 2016, 09:12

Tons of new interesting Myopic glasses listed on Ebay! Some Plus glasses too. They have been added on the sales list:

CraigB 28 Sep 2016, 11:20

Thick Myopic

optix 25 Sep 2016, 11:05

AlainHMG 12 Sep 2016, 22:24

Several new glasses added on the sales list:

RUN! 2 RARE High Myopic Glasses ! End on Sept 14 Low start prices!

strong glasses lover 11 Sep 2016, 01:16

How can I buy these when it appears that the seller hasn't specified shipping to the US? The seller is from Germany. Those lenses look so powerful, like over +10.

Stingray 06 Sep 2016, 15:28

Really cool and oversize Versace glasses. Price has been reduced. Mild sphere RX with high cylinder.

AHMG 04 Sep 2016, 20:06

You should ask the sellers on Ebay

 04 Sep 2016, 18:06

where do you get these glasses? are they used?

AHMG 04 Sep 2016, 17:19

I'm adding a lot of new interesting glasses on the sales list:

RUN! 2 Vintages Large High Myopic Glasses with Thick Trifocal Lenses! VERY RARE! End on Sept 06

 02 Sep 2016, 10:08

CraigB glasses are now on the list :-)

Lot of interesting - and + Glasses on sale.

Reminder: Boost the chances to sell your glasses! Send the details of your Ebay item through the form at the top of the page. Your item will appear on the list!

-14 02 Sep 2016, 09:27

Sorry CraigB not this time.

CraigB 02 Sep 2016, 08:02

Third time is the charm:

CraigB 02 Sep 2016, 08:01

See if I can get this right this time:

Thick glasses on ebay: 12219530291

Stingray 02 Sep 2016, 07:41

Giant super oversized Ray Ban glasses from the 1980's when big was really in.

 31 Aug 2016, 13:52

how many names do you post under, AGMJUAHGH?

Craigb 31 Aug 2016, 07:07

Check out high myopic glasses,


Myodiscfan 31 Aug 2016, 00:45

With +28D glasses on the world suddenly turns into totally foggy, we need such -28D minus glasses for a correction and really know how struggle -28D people suffer from.

John 28 Aug 2016, 20:07

John 28 Aug 2016, 20:06

Extreme strong minus eyegelasses (-24/-25) in a modern brown frame

 28 Aug 2016, 14:10

Thanks for the great link. It is now easy to find interesting glasses from all over the world. Keep up the good work Alain!

 28 Aug 2016, 13:29

the below post does not advertise glasses for sale. It does not belong in this thread. wake the fuck up, numnuts.

please do not post "A Horny Male Guy's" shit in here. keep it in its own toilet.

 28 Aug 2016, 10:35

Lot of interesting - and + Glasses on sale.

Reminder: Boost the chances to sell your glasses! Send the details of your Ebay item through the form at the top of the page. Your item will appear on the list!

Robert 23 Aug 2016, 12:38

Those glasses look like granny glasses, lol. Big round plastic frames. There were a few others like that on here with magnifying lenses. Why do some older people need bifocals and strong magnifying powers? Because their eyes don't focus like they used to? What's the difference between farsightedness (hyperopia) and presbyopia? Pres is usually in older people but anyone of any age can have hyperopia? Do some farsighted people with stronger powers have blurry vision when not wearing glasses both near and far not just near? There's this young woman in her late 20's or 30's now I used to work with at a restaurant job from 1997-2000, she has strong magnifying plus lenses, don't know her RX, she said that she had glasses since she was a little girl and that she can't see well near or far without them. One time she let me look through her lenses and everything looked blurry for me because I'm mildly nearsighted but she's severely farsighted. She works at a different restaurant now that we go to some times and I see her working at the bar. The place she and I worked at before doesn't serve alcohol. I'm unemployed. The other day we went up to a new Target near my house and I walked around the store and at the cosmetics near the front these three young women showed up and two of them had thick plastic frame glasses and really strong plus lenses. I tried to make conversation with them and ask them about their strong glasses and what their vision was like with and without them but they walked away. I gave up then.

Stingray 23 Aug 2016, 09:50

I re-listed two pairs of vintage eyeglasses made by Cazal and Ray-Ban and reduced the price on both pairs.

The Ray-Ban is a pair of super large oversize glasses with a -2.50 to -3.00 range. They are in excellent condition. Take a look:

The other pair are either men's or unisex Cazal frames with a prescription very close to what I wear which is +2.25 and +2.50 with a mild cylinder correction in progressive lenses. The frame alone goes for over $300. Here is the link to the listing:

MYODISCFAN 20 Aug 2016, 00:00


+28D, never ever seen diopters +28D glasses only two pairs. got from super glasses collector.

AlainHMG 13 Aug 2016, 01:42

New High Minus Glasses on the list today

LXW 11 Aug 2016, 23:22

Sorry, the last post was from me, LXW.

 11 Aug 2016, 23:21

Sport glasses with -7 / -8 dpt., blue metallic, very nice

Small glasses with some prism and a little minus

Full metal frame glasses, unisex, special lenses with -18 dpt.

The first and the last one are very good for GOC.


John 10 Aug 2016, 04:35



John 10 Aug 2016, 04:35



AlainHMG 04 Aug 2016, 21:52

I added a lot of High Plus and Minus from Europe and USA on the list today:

John 04 Aug 2016, 03:00

John 04 Aug 2016, 02:36

John 04 Aug 2016, 02:35

Beautiful strong minus glasses!

Stingray 03 Aug 2016, 11:41

Just listed 3 high-end eyeglasses. The first is a Versace with wrap around lenses. They have a mild plus correction with a very strong astigmatism correction in them.

Next are late 1980's Ray Ban Butterfly glasses with around a -3.00 correction.

and lastly a unisex Cazal Glasses with around a +2.00 correction.

Stingray 02 Aug 2016, 14:18

Genuine Cazal Eyeglasses Frames. I have the lenses and they are plus tri-focal lenses and will include them if you buy the frames.

 30 Jul 2016, 01:34

great link

AlainHMG 29 Jul 2016, 21:46

I hope this list is a useful tool for you. I'm trying to improve it. Now you can find easily:

1) The very last arrivals 24/36h

2) The new items 48/72h

3) The Plus or Minus RX

I have added a lot of interesting Very High Plus Glasses. Don't miss them!

AlainHMG 28 Jul 2016, 22:58

I added a lot of interesting High and Significant Minus Glasses on the list. I hope you can find the glasses of your dreams ;-) Some ending soon!

Reminder: NEW! Now you can boost the chances to sell your glasses. Send me the details of your Ebay item through the form at the top of the page. I will add your item on the list!

AlainHMG 26 Jul 2016, 21:10

I fixed a bug on the submission form. I was receiving empty messages. So, sorry but I haven't add the glasses you sent me.

Reminder: NEW! Now you can boost the chances to sell your glasses. Send me the details of your Ebay item through the form at the bottom of the page. I will add your item on the list!

Stingray 26 Jul 2016, 07:09

When these glasses didn't sell the first time around, I just relisted them and reduced the prices:


craigb 26 Jul 2016, 07:02

Lets try this again:

craigb 26 Jul 2016, 07:00

Check out these very thick glasses:



 23 Jul 2016, 15:01

Este tonton de espaa Man, Si! parece experto en Pokemon... Eso para el:

AlainHMG 23 Jul 2016, 14:35

Hola espaa Man!

Se trata de gafas en venta en este thread, si o no?

Entonces, tu critica te la guardas o te la metes donde sabes!

Siempre habra tontos para criticar los que tienen buenas ideas... y claro ellos no hacen nada constructivo...

espaa Man 23 Jul 2016, 12:28

omg. now AHMG branches out into eBay. must be getting some good money from here...

Here's an idea:

Why don't you just set up a POKEMON GO lure module on your site, AHMG? You could finally be cool like a hipster! You could advertise that you have pokemon that that wear glasses!!!

AlainHMG 23 Jul 2016, 10:01

Many Glasses on sale on Ebay. Find the most interesting here:

NEW! Now you can boost the chances to sell your glasses. Send me the details of your Ebay item through the form at the bottom of the page. I will add your item on the list!

Matt 19 Jul 2016, 07:10

Round glasses with thick lenses (-20D)!

 18 Jul 2016, 14:26


Stingray 18 Jul 2016, 09:02

Just posted on ebay a nice pair of Logo-Paris Semi-Rimless aviator glasses. They are about a -5.00 or so with very thick lenses due to the large size of the frames. The left lens is about 9.5mm thick while the right lens is about 6mm thick. They are tinted grey. Selling them for a starting bid of just $7.50. Take a look:

AlainHMG 17 Jul 2016, 10:15

Just a reminder: on this page, you can find a lot of Strong Glasses for Sale on EBAY

craigb 17 Jul 2016, 09:33

Very thick myopic glasses, check out

MYODISCFAN 17 Jul 2016, 08:24

WOW!!! Super Auction for thick girls glasses!!!

LXW 14 Jul 2016, 10:57

Two pair of very nice glasses for someone who wants to start with GOC. They have glasses with moderate minus (-5 to -6.5), i have used this for GOC, but the frames are not made for me ;-). I can provide the matching plus contacts

if your natural Rx is -0.50 or like this.


Stingray 13 Jul 2016, 18:40

Just listed 2 pair of glasses on ebay. The first pair is expensive designer Francois Pinton of Paris frames with a -3.00 brown sunglass lenses.

The other pair is from the 1980's and is a classic Ray Ban oversize drop temple glasses with non-prescription gradient lenses. I bet even Mlyssa doesn't have these in her giant collection of drop temple glasses:

Stingray 12 Jul 2016, 11:26

Low minus genuine Cazal Eyeglasses. Still some time left to bid.

Stephan 12 Jul 2016, 05:29

Hello Alain, no it was not my post - my name is Stephan with "ph".

Best regards

AlainHMG 11 Jul 2016, 20:55

Thanks Stefan. I will list your glasses if you are this Stefan selling glasses ;-)

More than 30 glasses are on list now

MYODISCFAN 11 Jul 2016, 01:33

Quality men's frame with -30D lenses super !! again on sale!

Stefan 10 Jul 2016, 02:29

Wow Alain - that IS a useful site you've set up.

Merci beaucoup!

Plus Tony 09 Jul 2016, 23:20

Hi Rob

There is a hyperopia simulator here:

This should give you some idea of what we longsighted folk cannot see if we don't wear our glasses. As you probably know at lower prescriptions it is mainly close stuff that we struggle with but the reason many of us are full time wearers is to reduce the visual stress associated with adjusting focus between near and far.

Compared to myopes you could argue that wearing a prescription of + 2.00 or less full time is discretionary but it is complicated by age and accommodation. Some younger people are recommended to wear full time because they lose accommodation earlier or have other issues such as astigmatism or eye positioning system issues requiring prism.

Personally I am +2.00 in my "worst" eye but it became clear (literally) that full time wear enabled me to see clearly at all distances and was therefore pretty essential for comfortable all day vision without headaches etc. (especially as I will soon probably require a close add as I'm over 40). I can still see Ok in the distance without glasses but after 5-10 minutes without it gets painful! I think a younger hyperope with a similar script would manage better but with each extra dioptre I think full time wear at a younger age would become more essential.

I commented recently that in many European countries I have started to see more full time hyperopes with weaker scripts at a younger age. This is probably due to accommodative stress manifesting itself earlier due to prevalence of smartphones etc.

In my (admittedly biased) opinion a full time hyperope is a sensible hyperope! There was a young lady called Kristen here a few months ago who started wearing her +0.5 script full time so there are no hard and fast rules. I guess a lot of people also enjoy the attention wearing glasses brings. Even at my relatively advanced age I'm still getting comments about how nice my glasses look nearly 9 months after getting them which is a nice ego boost. For an attractive young lady having glasses that magnify and draw attention to the eyes I'm sure that (in the majority of cases) such attention is also welcome. I have made a point of trying to complement (hopefully in an appropriate way) at least one person a week who I see wearing nice plus glasses. Confidence is the key and a well intentioned compliment costs nothing and I know how much I apreciated them especially in the early days when I thought everyone was looking at me strangely because of my new eye wear.

Likelenses 09 Jul 2016, 19:32


With those + 15 bifocals,you could see into the future!

Rob 09 Jul 2016, 14:24

Well, those strong bifocals went. 55 is a bit much though. The 25 ones went, too. And a pair of thick sided magnifying glasses. I have a small collection of glasses. Some of them were from those Lion's Club donation boxes/bins over the years. The cleaner ones and not broken. Yeah, I guess I'm a dirty thief. The others are readers from drugstores and cheap custom made ones from sites. I just like to try them on to see what different rx's and frames look like. Some of them are too strong for my eyes, I'm a very low nearsighted. But I would like to go out as a high near or farsighted sometime, I have a few high nearsighted pairs I bought on ebay from -10 -11 -13 -17, etc. plastic and metal frames. I would have to wear contacts to be able to see clearly through them, I have a few boxes of contacts dated this year of the correct strengths. Both plus and minus. I also have a +6 bifocal black plastic frame pair from a website, and an unknown strength plus black oval thin metal frame from a donation bin, Probably +6 or +7. Those +15 bifocals on ebay looked wicked strong. I wonder how magnified my eyes would look through them. But they were too expensive. I see young kids and teens with such strong glasses out there, why do some people need such strong strengths at a young age? There were these two young girls, might have been sisters, maybe ages 10 and 13 I guess, and they had such strong magnifying glasses. Probably over +5. This was at a hotel when we traveled last month. I wonder why they need such strong glasses at their ages and what exactly do hyperopes like them see with and without their glasses? Are they unable to see clearly near or far without glasses?

AlainHMG 09 Jul 2016, 06:02

I finally set a page where you can find some Strong Glasses for Sale on EBAY

craigb 08 Jul 2016, 08:13

Check these on ebay:

 07 Jul 2016, 18:17

how about a link?

craigb 07 Jul 2016, 09:35

Check out two pairs of extremely thick glasses on ebay, one high minus the other bifocal plus.

eBay # 122038922756 and 122038929220

craigb 07 Jul 2016, 09:33

pye 07 Jul 2016, 02:58

Another classicaly stylish pair of glasses with thick lenses for sale, here are a pair of Wayfarer style glasses with 13mm thick lenses

MYODISCFAN 06 Jul 2016, 22:35

WOW,check out the newly coming -30D super extreme myopic GOC glasses with incrediable quality frame!!!

MYODISCFAN 30 Jun 2016, 21:32

===Extreme myodisc coming again!===

-30D only one pair.

pye 20 Jun 2016, 06:44

Just over an hour left on these big thick babies;

pye 13 Jun 2016, 07:02

The -13 Jai Kudo glasses I listed for some reason didn't show up as being available internationally so I had to end the listing and redo it. They are back up online, along with the big Luxottica frames and are both available to buyers worldwide;

Owlish 11 Jun 2016, 05:51

Interesting antique specs with myodisc lenses, tiny bowls. That's how they used to do it about 100 years ago I guess.

pye 10 Jun 2016, 08:59

Here are a couple of other strong pairs of glasses I hope you'll fancy;

Craig B 10 Jun 2016, 07:57

Check out some really strong glasses on eBay. Item# 122011720564 and others.

myodiscfan 09 Jun 2016, 23:10

-30 D super thick girl's glasses good time to play auction see whos fortunate.

Blurry Boy 09 Jun 2016, 06:02

Carl 07 Jun 2016, 08:04

Thick prisms !

John 06 Jun 2016, 16:10


Extreme thick and strong minus eyegelasses (-30) in a black frame

Stephan 05 Jun 2016, 01:39

my last pair :

Glasses to sell 02 Jun 2016, 21:00

I would like to sell a couple of high myopic glasses that I bought but could not use. Please see: and

paul 29 May 2016, 21:45

do any of you guys have any plus glasses for sale,any mens glasses above +25 or stronger would be great,thanks

Stephan 28 May 2016, 05:33

and last but not least - an original RayBan pair with -16.00 thick lenses , low index plastic lenses . A lot of power rings !!!

Stephan 28 May 2016, 04:04

and my last oversize womens pair with myodisc lenses -20.00 :

Stephan 28 May 2016, 04:03

Striking pair with thick lenses , -18.00 :

Stephan 28 May 2016, 04:01

a nvery nice pair of myodisch / Lenti -23.00 , perfect for everyday / all time use :

MYODISCFAN 25 May 2016, 05:10

CRAZY AUCTION FOR USED WOMEN MYODISCS!!! Each of then got one pair when them out, will collect more used strong glasses for fans.

John 24 May 2016, 09:45


this is the right adress:

John 24 May 2016, 09:43


John 24 May 2016, 09:43


John 23 May 2016, 14:41

High en thick minus glasses (-19) in a beautiful and modern frama

LXW 19 May 2016, 11:28

Very nice glasses from Jai Kudo for someone who wants to start with GOC. They have glasses with about -6 and no cylinder but prism, i have used this for GOC, but its to small for me. I can provide the matching plus contacts

if your natural Rx is -0.50 or like this.


Carl 16 May 2016, 20:22

Carl 16 May 2016, 20:16

Strong ray ban bifocals

Carlito 12 May 2016, 21:51


strong plus

thick minus

very thick hot prism glasses

Carl 06 May 2016, 03:03

Very thick prisms..

Again 03 May 2016, 17:31

Lutz 03 May 2016, 17:29


LXW 01 May 2016, 11:07

Very nice glasses from Oakley for someone who wants to start with GOC. They have glasses with -5.50 and no cylinder, i have used this for GOC about one year. I can provide the matching plus contacts

if your natural Rx is -0.50 or like this.


myodiscfan 28 Apr 2016, 04:49

first round high myopic glasses, very special

MYODISCFAN 28 Apr 2016, 04:03

It's an crystal art..

MYODISCFAN 27 Apr 2016, 03:06


MYODISCFAN 20 Apr 2016, 02:32

really stylerish myodisc

paul 17 Apr 2016, 00:40

hi,i am looking to buy any plus glasses over +25,if anyone has any for sale let me know how much and the rx please,thanks

Mark 16 Apr 2016, 08:04


Listed a pair of +8 lenticular glasses, low first bid:

MYODISCFAN 12 Apr 2016, 01:15

really nice quality frame and magical lenses!

Stephan 10 Apr 2016, 09:36

and my last offer for now - 5 striking extraordinary pairs with strong minus lenses :

Stephan 10 Apr 2016, 07:19

collection of 6 pairs with thick minus lenses :

John 09 Apr 2016, 07:10

High and thick minus eyeglasses in een round black frame!

John 09 Apr 2016, 07:10

High and thick minus eyeglasses in een round black frame!

John 09 Apr 2016, 07:10

High and thick minus eyeglasses in een round black frame!

MYODISCFAN 04 Apr 2016, 00:58



gwgs 31 Mar 2016, 02:16

Interesting detail to these pink glasses for sale on eBay - kind of a modern take on drop temples with the exposed sides set away from the frame and floating.

MYODISCFAN 25 Mar 2016, 18:43

Crazy deals!!! happy weekend!

MYODISCFAN 24 Mar 2016, 06:17

Extrame GOC gear should have extreme good quality frame and extrame comfortable design nose pads.

-30D again!!!

MYODISCFAN 24 Mar 2016, 06:16


curretly got no lenses for plus glasses, will be waiting for opportunities to get high plus lenses later, and when they are avaiable will list some for you. thanks.

Francis 21 Mar 2016, 07:05 you ever list any high power plus glasses or lenticulars would Definately buy a pair of you have thanks!

MYODISCFAN 21 Mar 2016, 03:54

Really beautiful women pair of high myopic myodisc.

MYODISCFAN 16 Mar 2016, 01:55

One of my other best quality pair of pure titanium Aviator frame collection. the style is not standard aviator but with more morden shape design. really cool!! lenses with crystal bi-concaved -30 diopters.

MYODISCFAN 14 Mar 2016, 20:54

used girl's round 90s style students round -13D

metal golden men -13D GOC standard custom.

really crystal mature women glass lenses thick glasses

men standard black masculine strong glasses

MYODISCFAN 12 Mar 2016, 07:04

these could be the best quality frame ever seen in my collection.

what the rx? -30DDDDDD double concurved!!

pye 10 Mar 2016, 08:21

Not long left (15 hours) for this high myopic pair of glasses with thick -15 lenses!

MYODISCFAN 08 Mar 2016, 20:53

Happy auctions!!

Enjoy bidding for these thick bricks.

MYODISCFAN 03 Mar 2016, 00:40


MYODISCFAN 01 Mar 2016, 23:34


MYODISCFAN 27 Feb 2016, 01:19

Happy weekend auctions!!! Great time to have these beautiful pairs!!!

pye 26 Feb 2016, 07:33

Just under two days to go with these beautiful babies, get your hands on these two stunning pairs of glasses with highly myopic lenses and some rare gwg history behind them;

MYODISCFAN 26 Feb 2016, 03:32


So fortunate to have a pair of -30D lenses and make for GOC purpose for fans again. it become rare and rare to get super high strength lenses now.

MYODISCFAN 24 Feb 2016, 02:12

what a romantic pair of ladies myodisc!!!

MYODISCFAN 23 Feb 2016, 10:25

most attractive myodisc we seen recently of -18D myodisc for extreme nearsighted women.

MYIDISCFAN 23 Feb 2016, 07:50


AlainHMG 23 Feb 2016, 06:54

@pye I sent you a message on Ebay

pye 23 Feb 2016, 06:15

2 new stunning offerings for sale with -20.5 myodisc lenses, previously worn by the great Sandra, and another with -15 thick lenses

myodiscfan 20 Feb 2016, 04:00

style women glasses with crystal lenses

Boff23 18 Feb 2016, 01:44

Oakley RX pair:

Mike 17 Feb 2016, 07:30

Ultra thick prism

MYODISCFAN 16 Feb 2016, 03:57

try them on girls who have really high myopia.

pye 16 Feb 2016, 02:31

2 days to go with these two pairs of very high myopic glasses;

MYODISCFAN 15 Feb 2016, 05:58

Very sexy women's high myopic glasses.

MYODISCFAN 14 Feb 2016, 06:24

Wearing these glasses with GOC and hanging out with GWG for cinema must be very magical experience.

MYODISCFAN 14 Feb 2016, 06:24

Wearing these glasses with GOC and hanging out with GWG for cinema must be very magical experience.

Stephan 10 Feb 2016, 09:20

and this very special pair, which I would like to see on a woman going out to theatre or some other event...

Stephan 10 Feb 2016, 05:21

beautiful and very special pair of womens glasses with thick myopic lenses :

THICKPRISMS 10 Feb 2016, 05:00

Very thick prismglasses.

pye 08 Feb 2016, 05:42

I'm offering two more pairs for those of you who are partial to highly myopic glasses;

JohnnyB 07 Feb 2016, 10:37

Vintage Cat's Eye eyeglasses

Stingray 06 Feb 2016, 13:28

Found these old 6 eyeglass cases at an estate sale. I guess they are from the 1920's or later. I never saw before the 2 hard leather ones. All have the oculist, MD or Doctor's name and address embossed on them. take a look:

myodiscfan 06 Feb 2016, 00:10

look into the powers.

MYODISCFAN 05 Feb 2016, 03:29

she's these used -17D glasses with super powerful rings and only have this one pair and listed.

pye 03 Feb 2016, 02:01

Not long to go in these two listings with very strong myopic lenses;

One pair of myodiscs in a smallish round frame, and another large pair of aviators with very thick lenses;

Stephan 31 Jan 2016, 03:57

and last but not least , this biconcave striking Aviator -21.00 :

Stephan 31 Jan 2016, 03:56

and also two more striking pairs

Stephan 31 Jan 2016, 03:55

...and this :

Stephan 31 Jan 2016, 03:52

some people asked for hearing aid glasses . I listed my last two pairs.

this :

Stingray 30 Jan 2016, 14:14

Here's an interesting pair of glasses I located today. They are Uni-Vis white 12k gold filled frames with a high plus correction. The right lens is at least +5.00, but the left lens is the interesting one. It has a lenticular myodisc (is that redundant?)lens in a plus carrier as well as a tiny bifocal add at the bottom of the lenticular lens. I can't even guess the correction, but I would estimate it at least +12.00 or more. I started the bidding at only $5.00 Take a look:

MYODISCFAN 29 Jan 2016, 22:03

tiger veil large aviator.

MYODISCFAN 28 Jan 2016, 01:40

very impressive glasses with power rings.

Cactus Jack 27 Jan 2016, 16:49


Yes. The cause of extreme Hyperopia is a serious mismatch between the Total Power of their eye's lens system and the distance from the Lens System to their Retina. The result is they need much more external PLUS to correct the situation.

You can simulate that with MINUS contacts. With the contacts, you will have a full visual field, but the images will be very small and blurry. If you correct that with high PLUS glasses the Vertex Distance effects will make the glasses act like Telescopes or Binoculars. Your visual field will hopefully be in focus with larger appearing objects, but it will be very narrow without ANY peripheral vision.


Robert 27 Jan 2016, 16:24

Oh, so high farsighted people are more at a disadvantage than nearsighted people because their near and far vision is poor, and peripheral vision is limited when wearing glasses. I guess contacts would make their vision seem more normal than wearing glasses. Is wearing high minus contacts a good simulation of what a high hyperope sees without correction?

JohnnyB 27 Jan 2016, 12:08

Listed a bunch of glasses, mostly low powers.

Links above are to the lots of 6 to 8 frames but I also listed a few singles.

MYODISCFAN 27 Jan 2016, 01:21

see these all crystal looking female glasses, very striking!

big frame for larger PD

Also big frames

GreginColo 26 Jan 2016, 21:29

My guess, and it is truly that, is that it would also be more difficult to be severely farsighted than nearsighted, due to the loss of peripheral vision that goes along with a high plus Rx, which my understanding is more pronounced than with a high negative Rx.

Francois 26 Jan 2016, 12:22


Wearing high plus glasses.It's at all see something close is impossible,and distance view also very limited.

Myopic Grant 25 Jan 2016, 21:40

Thanks Robert!

Robert 25 Jan 2016, 20:30

I have another question. I see people with extremely strong magnifying glasses without bifocals including little kids, teens, and young to middle aged adults. Are those people severely farsighted? Do they need to wear their glasses full time not just for reading because their distance vision is bad, too? I saw some little girls and teen girls in plus bifocals, too. What is it like being a high hyperope needing those type of glasses? Do they see blur at all distances without their glasses on and are helpless? Which is worse, being severely nearsighted or severely farsighted?

Robert 25 Jan 2016, 20:21

I think it's Visionpros. There's also save on lens but my debit card kept getting denied when placing the order so I had to go elsewhere. They are both in Washington State with offices in Canada as well. A US company not following the law exactly. They do not require doctor information when ordering.

pye 25 Jan 2016, 08:24

2 pairs of glasses here for sale with extremely strong lenses, ideal for those that like doing GOC. The first one have -25 lenses (I seem to recall), and the 2nd ones are -23.5

Myopic Grant 22 Jan 2016, 09:12

Robert, What is the name of the company or the link to the website where you bought your contacts without needing a prescription? Thanks!

Robert 22 Jan 2016, 05:17

If I run into a brick wall ordering contacts in the future though like if I can't find a site that will ship without verification I'm screwed. I got enough contacts for this year, well about six months worth, by not wearing them every day I can perhaps stretch them out over time, they are monthly so each pair could last me several weeks by wearing them sparingly. Each box has six lenses but I had to order different strengths for each eye because the glasses have the same power in both eyes but my refractive error is different in each eye. I got plus powers to counteract the high minus power in the glasses. i used the goc table to estimate the powers but it is confusing. Well, better to have not enough power in the contacts than too much. If the glasses are over by a diopter I won't mind. Too much minus though will give me eyestrain.

Robert 22 Jan 2016, 05:07

I bought the glasses. I have a glasses fetish and I would like to try strong glasses with GOC. I found sites that will ship contacts without doctor verification. Well, the one site says please send your rx but says if you don't send your rx we will ship anyway. They are in Washington state with offices in Canada, too. I wonder how they can get away with not following US law which requires retailers to verify with doctors. I would like to wear them at places where I am alone, or don't know people. I got the -10, -11.5, -13, -16, and -17. That way I can increase my power every few years and claim my eyesight got worse if I run into the same people again wherever I wear them. The cateye women ones are just for fun, to try on at home. I wouldn't wear them in public. My real rx is about -3, -1. -10 is a huge jump but there were none lower than that on ebay in mens frames.

MYODISCFAN 22 Jan 2016, 00:01

These fantastic pairs with low index lenses we could see them reflect more circles with lower prescription. just one click then you get them after 15 days,

MYODISCFAN 21 Jan 2016, 06:25

hi I, Glasses, the glasses was sold.. unfortunately only got one pair for each style.

check out following frames which is of same quality.

I, Glasses 20 Jan 2016, 10:55

Myodisc Fan, What happened to the -9 Wayfarer-framed glasses you posted several days ago? Have they been deleted?

MYODISCFAN 19 Jan 2016, 00:46

Here is more easy to get these GOC fantastic frames with reasonable diopters. will be updating as long as getting fresh pairs.

Likelenses 19 Jan 2016, 00:12

Colin,High Myopic,and now bracesfan added to the mix.Matches made in heaven!

bracesfan 19 Jan 2016, 00:05


Glad to chat with you. Can contact me at

HighMyopic 18 Jan 2016, 08:09

You want to chat with me by email, Bracesfan? My email is

bracesfan 18 Jan 2016, 00:57

I love strong glasses, especially lenticulars and prisms. I collect them and wear from time to time.

HighMyopic 18 Jan 2016, 00:33

Bracesfan, you wear very strong glasses? I collect and like to wear very strong glasses.

bracesfan 18 Jan 2016, 00:30

Both links dont work ...

hoffide 16 Jan 2016, 10:31


These are my Prismglasses, 26 Prism.

PrismTim 16 Jan 2016, 07:27



MYODISCFAN 15 Jan 2016, 22:30

these are very good quality frames, are not cheap platisc, they are hand made board material. each style just have one pair. there would be more high prescription glasses with high cylinder coming on as still negotiating with the sourcing people.

MYODISCFAN 12 Jan 2016, 22:52

More reasonable rx myopic glasses for goc we do not need to take too much tension on eyes.

MYODISCFAN 12 Jan 2016, 22:51

More reasonable rx myopic glasses for goc we do not need to take too much tension on eyes.

MYODISCFAN 12 Jan 2016, 02:20

WOW!!! ever remember last century 70S and 80S women on the street all wearing these stunning styles of glasses? they are so impressive and we are still persuading women to sell their glasses for collection!

each glasses only have ONE pair!! never miss the deal. will be more coming on if get more high minus glasses.

John 08 Jan 2016, 00:29

Beautiful strong lentilux glasses (-23 and -20) to buy!

John 08 Jan 2016, 00:29

Beautiful strong lentilux glasses (-23 and -20) to buy!

John 08 Jan 2016, 00:29

Beautiful strong lentilux glasses (-23 and -20) to buy!

Gocer 07 Jan 2016, 20:44

@ myodiscfan : is your 1.9 lens possible in -22 ?

MYODISCFAN 02 Jan 2016, 23:17

custom made super high index 1.9 high myopic lenses, could ask for making for any diopters

Stephan 22 Dec 2015, 03:08

...and last but not least : a mega strong looking pair ( 2 lenses with -20 each put together with special straps) -40.00 pair for fotoshoot and so on :

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Stephan 18 Dec 2015, 06:29

and off sale of sale ... : 5 pairs -20.00 for EUR 69 all together !!!

Stephan 08 Dec 2015, 04:16

... a little late as i wanted to list the rest of my pairs in late Nov. - but now here are the last 10 pairs for sale :

MYODISCFAN 07 Dec 2015, 03:39

Take some thick pairs for girlfriends or for self GOC to celebrate Christmas?

Peter 02 Dec 2015, 16:38

Aviator glasses with big frame myopia

quite thick progressive glasses

Guest 26 Nov 2015, 10:57

Thick glasses:

pye 24 Nov 2015, 02:09

A couple of pairs with strong / thick lenses, one of them is pair of trifocals, the other a pair of -7's

Stephan 20 Nov 2015, 23:09

This and some other high myopic pairs ending on sunday...

MYODISCFAN 17 Nov 2015, 23:33


Natural banboo leg GOC -18D thick glasses

above glasses could be able to be an immediate sending.

Stephan 15 Nov 2015, 11:59

selling off the rest of my collection in November ! About 20 pairs ... 4 pairs left with extreme -30.00 lenses, rest of them -20 and -21.00 .

For auction and BuyNow ... starting today !

Mark 14 Nov 2015, 12:45

Are available for sale, as seen in Alain HMG's early photo shoots before they became paid for

Owlish 14 Nov 2015, 05:38

Hi-plus lentics in a rather elegant cat-eye frame. A nice example of the optician's art, I think.

Stephan 11 Nov 2015, 16:25

and these tiny eyes behind a wall of glass :

Stephan 11 Nov 2015, 09:28

a extremely thick biconcave -30 pair ...

astigmaphile 10 Nov 2015, 15:21


Do you know the diopter power of the lenses ?

Stingray 10 Nov 2015, 14:49

1950's Artcraft Cat's Eye Glasses. Super strong single vision glass lenses that correct for a high amount of astigmatism. Lenses are scratch free. Take a look:

 09 Nov 2015, 10:59

This price? LOL Dreamer...

John 09 Nov 2015, 00:12


Stephan 27 Oct 2015, 11:00

...I listed some specials for collectors of strong minus glasses :

JohnnyB 21 Oct 2015, 16:37

Looking for a pair of -40, is Optical4less the only place to order?


Stephan 16 Oct 2015, 09:46

...and this really looks like a "wall of glass" !!! :

Stephan 16 Oct 2015, 09:45

...a very striking and impressive aviator style :

 13 Oct 2015, 07:10


MYODISCFAN 12 Oct 2015, 09:14


myodiscfan 11 Oct 2015, 07:24


myodiscfan 09 Oct 2015, 08:05


Stephan 09 Oct 2015, 01:46

and this extreme aviator pair :

Stephan 09 Oct 2015, 01:45

...and my last pair of womens oversize extremely thick minus glasses :

Mark 05 Oct 2015, 03:02

Almost done with thinning down my collection, these are 2 of the last 3 i'm selling for a while.

First one is a pair of -20s from Alain HMG's photo shoots, i bought them off him a couple of years ago for 100 and am passing them on now to another fan

Second is my last pair of plus glasses. +10 full field lenses, good for GOC

Let me know if you have any questions, i'll see if I can dig up a link to one of the photo shoots featuring the first pair if people want proof.

Carl 04 Oct 2015, 17:09

Stephan 02 Oct 2015, 02:37

...and as some people asked which other pairs of -30.00 extreme pairs I have - this is all what I have for sale :

Stephan 01 Oct 2015, 03:45

and some offers for people who are looking for really extrem minus glasses :

Stephan 24 Sep 2015, 05:21

a stunning -30.00 dpt. pair and my last pair of hearing aid glasses :

Stephan 16 Sep 2015, 03:23

... woman's tiny tiny eyes behind a wall of glass... :

Stephan 15 Sep 2015, 06:28

and some more extraordinary pairs -30.00 , -22.00 , -20.00 :

Stingray 14 Sep 2015, 16:08

Offering these again at a reduced price:

Mark 14 Sep 2015, 11:33

no im after ones i can customise myself, anyone know a site?

Stephan 14 Sep 2015, 02:19

...and a gorgeous pair of formlenti glasses for a high myopic woman. I would like to see on a beautiful woman going out to theatre , dinner... :

Nicholas 13 Sep 2015, 07:18

I have got an old pair I no longer wear,as I got tinted lenses,but they only +15

Mark 13 Sep 2015, 06:00

Does anyone know where I can get a pair made with an rx of +18?

Mark 13 Sep 2015, 06:00

Does anyone know where I can get a pair made with an rx of +18?

Stephan 11 Sep 2015, 00:22

And for now, my last extremely thick pair of -30 :

Stephan 11 Sep 2015, 00:21

and an interesting and sexy pair of hearing aid glasses :

Matt 10 Sep 2015, 06:28

about -14 lenses, round and square

MYODISCFAN 09 Sep 2015, 08:41

Auction for Aviator metal framed -13D PD64 GOC glasses. enjoy the world with glasses!

Stephan 09 Sep 2015, 03:36

and some more striking myopic pairs :

Stephan 08 Sep 2015, 03:17

How extreme can extreme myopic glasses be ???

Very.... !!! ;-)

John 06 Sep 2015, 20:54


Strong minus (-14 and -15) eyeglasses in a small frame

John 06 Sep 2015, 20:52


Strong high minus (-24 and -20) lentilux eyeglasses

myodiscfan 06 Sep 2015, 19:45


optix 02 Sep 2015, 00:41

some more interesting pairs.

myodiscfan 01 Sep 2015, 02:13

women myodisc again.

Mark 30 Aug 2015, 05:21

A great pair of glasses for sale here:

1 pair with 3 sets of myodisc lenses: -16.00, -18.75 -30.00, you can easily switch them around as you want.

MYODISCFAN 28 Aug 2015, 04:56

Here comes super nice quality men handsome frame with lenses -14D PD64 for GOC purpose.

optix 25 Aug 2015, 07:05

some more:

Stephan 24 Aug 2015, 22:14

as many people asked me :

After my holiday i will list more stunning thick myopic pairs in -20.00 - -30.00 range...

Best regards


MYOSICFAN 24 Aug 2015, 06:31

Same art frame but black frame very attractive -16D

optix 24 Aug 2015, 04:42

glasses for high astigmatism

Stingray 23 Aug 2015, 16:40

These are not prescription glasses, but these oversize Bausch & Lomb glamour glasses can easily be made into either sunglasses or regular glasses.

Stingray 23 Aug 2015, 14:36

I've just posted two pairs of glasses for sale on ebay. Both correct for myopia. My wife who is -3.00 tries them on and lets me know what she can see with them. On this pair, she says everything is mostly clear, but double indicating a prism correction.

The second pair are oversize aviator metal frames with a correction between -4.00 and -5.00. They too have a prism correction, but it is a vertical correction and things appear to double looking up and down. The lenses are pretty thick along the edges and on the top.

eyescene 22 Aug 2015, 09:35

-30D super thick lenses for auction.

MYODISCFAN 20 Aug 2015, 02:03

AGATE style really amazing pair.

MYODISCFAN 18 Aug 2015, 02:28

-12D men black spring leg GOC on auction again!

Stephan 17 Aug 2015, 09:49

some nice and extreme myopic pairs :

Stephan 14 Aug 2015, 05:02

sorry, wrong link, here is the -30.00 pair :

Stephan 14 Aug 2015, 05:02

and one more -30 pair :

30calcat 13 Aug 2015, 06:07

Interesting style of sunglasses that almost looks like thick minus lenses:

Stephan 13 Aug 2015, 03:36

and also a pair of rare fromlenti glasses newly listed and this pair with thick lens -16.00 and hearing aids... :

Stephan 12 Aug 2015, 02:42

and some more as others were sold very fast :

Stephan 11 Aug 2015, 04:09

listed some really extremly myopic pairs of glasses :

MYODISCFAN 07 Aug 2015, 08:31

newly listed black square top quality frame with spring legs -12D GOC glasses with PD 64

Stephan 06 Aug 2015, 23:27

after my holiday I will list some more of my extreme pairs...

MyodiscFan 06 Aug 2015, 19:12

Auction again.

Stephan 05 Aug 2015, 11:05

I listed some mega thick specials ...

 04 Aug 2015, 04:01

well , go to any optical store and buy there

Guest 04 Aug 2015, 03:42

It would be nice if there were offers of glasses with high quality high index lenses rather than this cheap low index.

Stephan 04 Aug 2015, 03:30

and a -8.00 pair with extreme prism foil 35 prism base out :

gwgs 04 Aug 2015, 02:42

John 03 Aug 2015, 15:43

John 03 Aug 2015, 15:30

specsialist 03 Aug 2015, 15:01

Dear all eyescene users,

I am a UK-based trader of glasses frames, with a specific 'vision' set on those of strong prescriptions, particularly myopic. I sell on ebay and post links to my best items on the Auctions forum here.

Please help me by keeping a watch on my ebay listings, just search 'specsialist'.

I have a website at where I have an image archive of all of the glasses I have ever sold - including some really nice ones! I can also be contacted through the website.

Lastly, please show your support for me by liking my Facebook page, search 'specsialist'. It would be much appreciated!



Stephan 03 Aug 2015, 08:49

I listed a specal pair with double lenses ( together -42.00) which are exactly same shape but only stick together with clear adhesive tape . Maybe somebody is interested for photo-project or something like that. I guess, not possible to wear in real life...

specsialist 03 Aug 2015, 07:08

I sell used glasses frames with strong prescriptions

xx 01 Aug 2015, 13:57

Stephan I wait for more to be listed (as you already guessed ;-)

Enjoy yr holiday


Stephan 01 Aug 2015, 07:55 some people asked for : i will list some more of my -30.00 pairs after my holiday...

specsialist 01 Aug 2015, 07:24

Large frame vintage style high myopic glasses. Listing goes live tonight at 19:00:00 GMT.

Stingray 27 Jul 2015, 17:37

I just listed an oversize aviator metal frame glasses with low myopic lenses of around -3.00 or so. Great condition and lenses are free of any scratches. Take a look:

Stephan 27 Jul 2015, 10:47

I listed some thick and myopic pairs of glasses :

MYODISCFAN 26 Jul 2015, 01:51

round classic frame with juicy taste.

ng 24 Jul 2015, 01:02

Various glasses for sale;

baxter 23 Jul 2015, 05:23


where did you find this crystal acetate pair of frames from one of your previous listings,i have been looking everywhere for a frame of the same style,looking forward to hearing from you or any readers who might be able to assist with where to find,many thanks....

Blurry Boy 23 Jul 2015, 02:55

I will post glasses for sale to my fokti page during the transition.

Blurry Boy 22 Jul 2015, 05:57

MYODISCFAN 21 Jul 2015, 07:33


MYODISCFAN 21 Jul 2015, 07:33


on sale 20 Jul 2015, 21:04

 18 Jul 2015, 10:02


ms 14 Jul 2015, 20:45

offer for only 5 days on ebay strong a lot of strong glasses, some over - 25 Diopters:

ms 14 Jul 2015, 20:45

offer for only 5 days on ebay strong a lot of strong glasses, some over - 25 Diopters:

Tonylids 13 Jul 2015, 03:02

If anyone is interested in making me a bid for all 6 pairs only please email me at

Tonylids 13 Jul 2015, 02:28

Hi, I'm selling some old glasses which all have a significant + and/or prism prescription. Please have a look if you're interested. Thank you.

There are a couple of other pairs too if you check my other listings

Stingray 11 Jul 2015, 15:52

Found these today, a vintage 1970's pair of U.S. Navy eyeglasses with thick black frames. I use my myopic wife to test out the prescriptions and she says they are a little bit strong, so I would say these are in the -3.25 range or so. Take a look:

ms 09 Jul 2015, 21:11

new offer of cataract glasses on ebay:

Stingray 08 Jul 2015, 05:47

Here is something someone may need for swimming this summer. Dacor scuba or snorkel dive mask with -3.00 glass lenses.

Relisted Christian Dior rimless glasses with high plus lenses:

and this American Optical Aviator frames :

ng 07 Jul 2015, 08:45 - Aviators with strong / thick myopic lenses

ms 04 Jul 2015, 23:59

Some cataract and strong myopia glasses ended in 12 hours on ebay:

Einige Starbrillen und Brillen fr stark Kurzsichtige enden in ca. 12 Stunden bei ebay:

Stephan 03 Jul 2015, 04:27

...and last but not least this mega extreme pair :

Stephan 03 Jul 2015, 04:26

...this one, too :

Stephan 03 Jul 2015, 04:24

...and this one :

Stephan 03 Jul 2015, 04:24

I listed my last 4 pairs of glasses with very thick biconcave -30.00 lenses for extreme myopia...

as this one :

abc 30 Jun 2015, 21:52

very sexy myodisc glasses for female:

Myodiscfan 30 Jun 2015, 07:17

Crazy Bidding!!!

Myodiscfan 30 Jun 2015, 07:11

Only for GOC users

paul 29 Jun 2015, 08:50

hi,just listed two pair of prism glasses on ebay item id for them are 321795367000 and 321795369355,one pair are +2.00/+2.00 with 14 base out each lens and the other pair +1.75/+1.75 with 7 base out each lens ,have a look see what you think

Stephan 29 Jun 2015, 04:46

...and this very extreme pair -20.00 :

Stephan 29 Jun 2015, 04:45

I listed two pairs of extreme glasses for high myopia as this unisex pair with striking lenses -20.00 :

Myodiscfan 28 Jun 2015, 10:25

we often noticed girls with high myopia push glasses upward since they are easily see very blur out range of the lenses, however girls are sick by the weight of the large lenses, but they could hardly to refuse these glasses, cuz glasses are their eyes.

Myodiscfan 28 Jun 2015, 09:40

wonder how she looks if a blond girl wearing these glasses.

MyodiscFan 28 Jun 2015, 01:42

WOW!! it's unbelievable such rare frames with myodisc lenses collected from the women who worn them !!!

ms 25 Jun 2015, 14:24

some new offer on ebay with rare strong myopia and cataract glasses:

Stingray 24 Jun 2015, 15:46

Sorry about the bad link for the Christian Dior glasses . Here is the right link:

n_g 24 Jun 2015, 09:42

Tommy Hilfiger glasses with thick myopic lenses

gwgs 24 Jun 2015, 03:34

Both stunning pairs in different respects, with lovely thick lenses in the CD pair Stingray.

EyeTri 23 Jun 2015, 23:51


Both links go to the aviator style frame.

Stingray 23 Jun 2015, 16:57

I just listed 2 pairs of glasses on ebay in separate auctions. The first is a vintage pair of American Optical aviator metal frames with progressive -3.00 or so correction. Here is the link to that one:

The other is a 1980s vintage pair of Christian Dior facet glasses with progressive +4.00 or more lenses. Here is that link:

John 21 Jun 2015, 23:26

Last day SALE

John 21 Jun 2015, 23:26

Last day SALE

John 21 Jun 2015, 23:26

Last day SALE

Johnnyb 21 Jun 2015, 18:19

Hello everyone,

I just listed about 20 different frames, a few moderately high lenses but mostly low prescriptions. Feel free to browse, thanks.

MyodiscFan 21 Jun 2015, 03:20

0.99 auction see who will get the feminie glasses

John 16 Jun 2015, 15:32


Beautiful glasses with high minus glasses (varifocal)

Myodiscfan 15 Jun 2015, 03:11

the old auctions all end, comes up several paris for crazy auction!!! change to get the pairs.

Myodiscfan 14 Jun 2015, 09:27

very high myopic young girl's glasses

Stingray 12 Jun 2015, 08:24

While not as powerful as some of the offerings posted here, I am selling nice women's Bellagio frames with a +2.50 progressive correction. Here is the link:

Myodiscfan 09 Jun 2015, 19:50

new auction

John 06 Jun 2015, 13:56


Myodiscfan 05 Jun 2015, 06:04

Really stunning glasses

Myodiscfan 29 May 2015, 09:39

Myodisc fan 29 May 2015, 09:03

Really striking women pair

Myodiscfan 27 May 2015, 21:31

Stephan 27 May 2015, 05:18

...and last but not least this stylish frame with biconcave -28.00 lenses :

Stephan 27 May 2015, 05:16

...and this icecube pair with -28.00 extreme lenses :

Stephan 27 May 2015, 05:15

...and this lipstick-red -30.00 biconcave pair :

Stephan 27 May 2015, 05:14

I listed some extreme pairs in the -28.00 to -30.00 range as this striking pair :

naked_girl 26 May 2015, 01:21

Various glasses for sale; - Tura trifocals - Oversized vintage Christian Dior - Wide armed Monsoon with thick lenses (approx -8 / -8.5)

Stephan 22 May 2015, 23:25

...and this grey metal frame with -20.00 myodisc lenses . Perfect for somebody who wants to wear GOC fulltime !

Stephan 22 May 2015, 23:23

... and this high myopic myodisc lightweight pair :

Stephan 22 May 2015, 23:22

I listed some more high myopic glasses in the -20.00 to -21.00 range as this one :

Blurry Boy 19 May 2015, 04:34

Myodiscs for sale

 18 May 2015, 15:07

Two pairs of child's glasses with very strong lenses indeed. Please take a look!

specsialist 18 May 2015, 15:04

Vintage strong myopic men's glasses. Please take a look, thanks.

John 17 May 2015, 19:31


John 17 May 2015, 18:53

SALE !!!

specsialist 16 May 2015, 03:51

John 16 May 2015, 01:05

John 16 May 2015, 01:05

John 16 May 2015, 00:40

Incredible thick eyeglasses!

Johnny 10 May 2015, 21:51

Hello Everyone, just listed a handful of frames, most are low prescriptions but I'd estimate one at approx -10. Anyway, if interested...

Johnny 10 May 2015, 21:51

Hello Everyone, just listed a handful of frames, most are low prescriptions but I'd estimate one at approx -10. Anyway, if interested...

Stephan 27 Apr 2015, 04:45

and a small pair, perfect for fulltime GOC - 30.00 :

Stephan 27 Apr 2015, 04:44

and this large thick pair of -28.00 biconcave :

Stephan 27 Apr 2015, 04:43

my last extreme power glasses -28.00 to -30.00 for spring ...

as this extreme biconcave -30.00 pair :

gwgs 27 Apr 2015, 04:42

@ G Fan - if you're still interested, the Silhouette's are still available. You can either message me via eBay, or on here.

Stephan 24 Apr 2015, 23:38

and last one for now :

-21.00 myodisc pair , very good for fulltime goc :

Stephan 24 Apr 2015, 06:37

..and this superstrong biconcave -30.00 pair :

Stephan 24 Apr 2015, 06:36

...and this striking pair -28.00 :

Stephan 24 Apr 2015, 06:34

I lisrted three pairs in the range from -26.00 to -30.00 !

as this perfect everyday myodisc pair -26.00 :

Mark 19 Apr 2015, 02:05

2 pairs for sale today, 1 plus and 1 minus.

The myodisc pair is from my GOC collection whilst the Aspherics are from a family member and approximately +10.00 (they couldn't remember exactly) . The plus glasses have Aspheric Lenticular lenses and the lenses cost over 250 when they were bought.

any questions please ask.

Lentyop 06 Apr 2015, 09:00

I am sure that the prism value is 4BA each side. I assume the shape comes from the fact that the PD is relatively high and the bridge is too with 21 mm. There is no decentration as far as i know, but even by decentering the lenses the outer edge would be thicker as with normal myopic RX as they would be shifted inwards.

G Fan 05 Apr 2015, 15:32


Thought I had arranged for Esnipe to make a bid on your Silhouettes, but it didn't happen.

I'm still interested. Can you provide me with a way to contact you so that we can follow through?

G Fan

Stephan 03 Apr 2015, 22:32

stylish womens pair for those women who want to be recognized as "extremely myopic"... I know that many people who are not "into glasses power topic" don't recognize if a pair of glasses is strong, very strong or extremely strong . But wearing this pair, you can be sure that people will see that you are extremely shortsighted...:

bracesfan 02 Apr 2015, 23:41


I dont believe the prism amount much.

4 pD can be easily incorporated by decentration (about 6,5 mm). But these lenses are cut even at relatively small glasses.

This shape is common at much stronger prisms...

Lentyop 02 Apr 2015, 09:10

Could be interesting for prism-lovers, very pleasant to wear:

Guest 02 Apr 2015, 07:26

new discovery

Stephan 01 Apr 2015, 05:16

and my last pair of -21.00 myodisc , planofront . very good vision ( if you have matching CL), perfect pair if you want to do fulltime GOC :

Stephan 30 Mar 2015, 08:37

...and this "Queen of powerrings" -30.00 dpt :

Stephan 30 Mar 2015, 08:35

.. and this -30.00 dpt. pair with extreme lenses :

Stephan 30 Mar 2015, 08:33

I just listed some very rare extreme myopic pairs in the range between -28.00 and -30.00 dpt sph. , as this stunning pair :

Stephan 30 Mar 2015, 03:55

as the "buyer" never paid for this item, I relisted the pair again . Very nice thick myodisc lenses in womens fashion frame, very good condition, no scratches, no cracks...:

gwgs 26 Mar 2015, 08:54

Big Silhouette glasses with thick lenses;

Stephan 21 Mar 2015, 10:41

my last -21.00 myodisc unisex pair for now :

gwgs 19 Mar 2015, 07:45

A non paying bidder 'won' these, so as such they have been relisted;

Dolce & Gabbana -14.5 glasses;

Blurry Boy 15 Mar 2015, 07:55

Myodisc glasses for sale

Stephan 12 Mar 2015, 07:09

only one more day for this extreme pair :

 08 Mar 2015, 00:37

Good myodiscs for sale

gwgs 05 Mar 2015, 06:01

Continuing the spring clear out;

-14.5 Dolce & Gabbana glasses -

Stephan 03 Mar 2015, 08:40

and finally this very strong myodisc pair -21.00 dpt, which makes very tiny eyes... :

Stephan 03 Mar 2015, 08:39

... this small myodisc pair, very comfortable to wear , very strong but easy to wear :

Stephan 03 Mar 2015, 08:37

...and this very striking myodisc pair for women, large frame, like glasses in the 1970s... :

Stephan 03 Mar 2015, 08:35

now some extreme myodisc pairs ...

as this extreme pair of black wayfarer style glasses -20 dpt:

Stephan 02 Mar 2015, 00:18

and here a lot of three slightly blue or green tinted pairs in my "official non GOC" prescription -8.00 dpt , really cool large frames, pretty thick lenses :

guest 28 Feb 2015, 09:22

..and there is always somebody moaning around and knowing everything better than all other people... but never have a positive vision of things :-)

And if somebody don't like a pair of glasses then maybe just don't look at it ??? (btw : I am NOT the seller !)

bracesfan 27 Feb 2015, 00:44


Do you wear such glasses? I do - so I know what I am talking about. There is always appropriate frame ...

gwgs 26 Feb 2015, 08:52

Well said guest!

Stephan 26 Feb 2015, 06:53

and the last -28.00 pair , which makes extremely tiny eyes :

Stephan 26 Feb 2015, 06:51

and my last very thick -20.oo dpt pair for the moment :

stephan 26 Feb 2015, 05:39

and this really extreme -28.00 dpt pair, which massive power rings !!! :

Stephan 26 Feb 2015, 05:38

and this very extreme biconcave -28.00 dpt pair , which makes very tiny eyes behind thick lenses :

Stephan 26 Feb 2015, 05:36

some very thick pairs of minus glasses ...

as this -20.00 pair in red :

Ebay UK 26 Feb 2015, 04:20

Currently for sale on eBay in the UK -1.75 both eyes, frames from Specsavers called "Danny"

I don't think the model comes with the frames though!$_57.JPG

guest 26 Feb 2015, 01:10

If you have to wear such glasses, you will never need to fold them !

gwgs 25 Feb 2015, 07:42

Just a day left for these big Luxottica glasses with medium strength myopic lenses;

bracesfan 24 Feb 2015, 23:58


Nice, but absolutely inappropriate frame - the glasses cant be folded ...

Johnny 24 Feb 2015, 16:49

Thickest lenses ever seen...

John 24 Feb 2015, 15:54

Strong myopia glasses (-14) in a modern metal frame:

High Myopic 24 Feb 2015, 15:45

How much would these pairs of glasses be worth? A few hundred each?

Minus 29 diopters.

Minus 27 diopters.

Stingray 24 Feb 2015, 06:23

Listed a pair vintage Bausch & Lomb clubmaster eyeglasses . They are bifocals with at least +3.00 on top and reading segment of around +2.75 or less. Frame and lenses are both in great condition.

John 23 Feb 2015, 10:50

Unique incredible thick myodisc glasses (-20) in a golden color metal frame of SANDRA!

Stephan 22 Feb 2015, 23:42

and my last pair of -20.00 myodisc sunglasses :

Stephan 22 Feb 2015, 07:15

a aviator pair of sunglasses with thick myodisc lenses -20.00 :

gwgs 18 Feb 2015, 05:05

Stephan 17 Feb 2015, 22:22

and this myodisc pair, perfect for all day use :

Stephan 17 Feb 2015, 22:21

and these :

Stephan 17 Feb 2015, 22:21

and this myodisc sunglasses :

Stephan 17 Feb 2015, 22:20

listed some pairs of thick myopic myodsic glasses and myodisc sunglasses , as f.e. this one :

lensesfans 17 Feb 2015, 14:57

-40D lenses

gwgs 17 Feb 2015, 05:47 - Big Luxottica glasses - Nina Ricci glasses with thick lenses - Christian Dior bifocals

Mark 15 Feb 2015, 09:42

Forgot the link, had to refresh page a few times

Mark 15 Feb 2015, 09:42

3 pairs of my wifes old glasses.

3 different prescriptions, she's increasing.

These I think are -4,-5 and -6 though they could be a bit higher, sorry! (especially the middle frame, i think they're closer to her current -7)

Guest 15 Feb 2015, 08:55

Used Bi-Concave Glasses that are super chunky.

Guest 15 Feb 2015, 08:54


Here are some Prism glasses.

Sunbee 14 Feb 2015, 12:12

@ Paul,left you message on ebay re these

paul 14 Feb 2015, 06:34

sorry the first one is 321 not 231

paul 14 Feb 2015, 06:32

hi I have just listed two pair of plus glasses on ebay,231669366096 and 321669366096 ,have a look,thanks

specsialist 11 Feb 2015, 09:17

I am also scheduled to sell a nice vintage pair of strong myopic glasses, which you may be interested in:

Hope you like them!

specsialist 10 Feb 2015, 13:46

Hi all,

I am selling a nice pair of frames in new condition. Black full rim frames, super fashionable, with thick myopic lenses - please take a look!



Stephan 10 Feb 2015, 10:17

I added a super light weight pair with thick unpolished lenses -20.00 , perfect for everyday use !

Francois 09 Feb 2015, 14:13

Hi Stephan,where can I get a pair like you sold on eBay,where did you get it made

Looking everywhere for clear acetate frame.pls let me know,tx!

Xyz 09 Feb 2015, 13:31

@ Stephan,any new listings,looking for a clear acetate frame pair

Stephan 07 Feb 2015, 23:49

a pair of very comfortable, very strong myodisc glasses -20.00 dpt :

specsialist 07 Feb 2015, 01:57


I do come across glasses with prisms every so often.

Feel free to check my listings for anything that appeals:



percy 07 Feb 2015, 00:50

hi,i collect glasses with prisms,have any of you guys have any for sale

specsialist 06 Feb 2015, 08:22

Hi all!

I am currently selling some glasses you may be interested in (listed on ebay UK, but post worldwide).

Take a look at my items. I am currently selling a whole range of glasses, with a range of designs and lenses that range from the very strong minus (myopic) to the very strong plus (hyperopic).

Kind Regards,


gwgs 05 Feb 2015, 02:15

Various glasses for sale ranging from vintage drop temples, to other big frames;

AndyDalton 03 Feb 2015, 14:45

Myodisc glasses for sale -17.0

lensesfan 03 Feb 2015, 10:22

Wow! 40D lenses seen on ebay

Stephan 02 Feb 2015, 04:26

...and this myodisc pair -20.00 :

Stephan 02 Feb 2015, 04:25

listed this very strong myodisc pair -21.00 :

Stephan 30 Jan 2015, 07:57

and finally these :

Stephan 30 Jan 2015, 07:57

...and these, too :

Stephan 30 Jan 2015, 07:56

...and more of my regular -8.00 pairs for sale !

I need progressive lenses since a year, can't see close things well anymore with single vision , so I sell them :

Stephan 30 Jan 2015, 07:54

... and a special custom made pair , -10 dpt , but more than 15mm lens thickness at the edges , very striking pair :

Stephan 30 Jan 2015, 02:09

I listed a pair of thick myopic -16.00 pair, very comfortable to wear, perfect for all day use :

John 27 Jan 2015, 00:22


The extra thick glasses: discount 50 euro!

John 26 Jan 2015, 09:01

Nice thick and heavy high minus (multifocal) glasses.

I need stronger glasses!

John 25 Jan 2015, 23:55

More glasses!

John 25 Jan 2015, 23:55

More glasses!

John 25 Jan 2015, 22:47

New glasses to buy

Stephan 24 Jan 2015, 07:55

I listed a modern and high quality extreme myopic par of glasses -22 dpt.

John 21 Jan 2015, 17:00

The last day to buy

Discount today!

No 69 but 59 euro now!

No 39 but 35 euro now!

Stingray 20 Jan 2015, 19:12

I know I posted these last week, but I was stiffed on the payment. Maybe someone here might be interested who didn't see these glasses last week.

john 19 Jan 2015, 16:12

John 16 Jan 2015, 03:52

Strong sunglasses to buy!

And normal strong eyeglasses:

 15 Jan 2015, 17:06

New: strong multifocal eyeglasses to buy

John 15 Jan 2015, 17:03

New glasses to buy!

Incredible strong minus eyeglasses

John 13 Jan 2015, 08:57

Sorry, I mean:

John 13 Jan 2015, 08:54

The last hours to buy!

John 13 Jan 2015, 08:54

The last hours to buy!

Guest 11 Jan 2015, 13:43

L.A. Eyeworks

Stephan 09 Jan 2015, 08:54

and finally this extreme pair of Aviator glasses :

Stephan 09 Jan 2015, 08:53

And this one :

Stephan 09 Jan 2015, 08:51

and this pair of lenti / myodisc sunglasses :

Stephan 09 Jan 2015, 08:50

listed four pairs of high myopic myodisc glasses pairs ...

As this one :

Le Visiteur 09 Jan 2015, 08:40

Friends, has anyone ever purchased a DVD or 'download version' from the binzokomeganekko website ( I'd like to know how much a movie costs and if the download is reliable. Any other feedback/experience would be very appreciated. Thanks.

P.S. Sorry if this is the wrong thread.

gwgs 09 Jan 2015, 02:15

Three pairs of glasses I'm selling - two with strong lenses from years gone by, and one we never got round to reglazing but a trendy frame, and the same as recently talked about on her, and as featured by one of the contestants on this years The Apprentice

John 08 Jan 2015, 23:54

The last day!!

John 08 Jan 2015, 23:54

The last day!!

Likelenses 06 Jan 2015, 23:34


I hope that Clare sees these glasses.

They are close enough to her Rx,and she should be coming up on bifocals soon. PERFECT !

Stingray 06 Jan 2015, 20:10

We are moving and my wife cleaned up her dresser and found 6 pairs of glasses that she was ready to toss. Not so fast I said. I know of some people who may be interested in them! They are all for myopia and are in the -3.25 to 3.50 range. Some of them are progressives with photochromic lenses. This is the link:

John 06 Jan 2015, 17:13

High minus glasses to buy:

John 06 Jan 2015, 01:21

More glasses to buy!

Likelenses 05 Jan 2015, 23:57


Wow,I have never seen power rings that wide.

Truly ice cubes in a frame.

John 05 Jan 2015, 17:26

Unique incredible thick myodisc glasses (-26) in a black metal frame of SANDRA!

15 mm thick glasses. Never seen such thick glasses.

Starke Brille mit myodisc (-26) glser

Sending all over the world

Stephan 04 Jan 2015, 11:19

...and this one :

Stephan 04 Jan 2015, 11:18

...and this one :

Stephan 04 Jan 2015, 11:17

...and that one :

Stephan 04 Jan 2015, 11:16

I am offering 4 pairs of "ALAIN MIKLI" and "DIESEL55" frames with my "non goc / natural prescription" of -8.00 / -8.00 without cyl. PD 64...

I can't wear these anymore as I need progressiv lenses since a year or so...

Very good condition, sligthly worn... for collectors !

Like this one :

John 02 Jan 2015, 18:16

Now implantlenses, wearing this glasses tree years.

Strong myodisc glasses in a golden color eyeglasses frame. Prescription R -23.00 C -2.50 as 25 and L. -19.75 C. - 2.75 as 160

Starke Brille mit myodisc (R-25.50 and L-22.50) glser

John 02 Jan 2015, 18:14

Several nice and thick eyeglasses to buy!

Eyestein 25 Dec 2014, 05:56

The +20 part is probably correct but myodisc? Myopic?

GOC_CH 25 Dec 2014, 04:13

two glasses with high myodisc

Stephan 18 Dec 2014, 00:02

only two days left for this myodisc pair :

Stingray 14 Dec 2014, 16:38

Just listed a vintage pair of American Optical heavy tortoise frames with executive bifocal lenses. The upper segment corrects for a small amount of myopia, maybe -1.50 tops. The bottom segment is around +2.75 or so. Both frame and lenses are in good shape.

Stephan 10 Dec 2014, 03:22

and my very last pair of high myopic sunglasses :

Stephan 10 Dec 2014, 03:21

As some people asked again :

thick lenti / myodisc pair

Stephan 08 Dec 2014, 10:52

the last 3 pairs for this year !

I like this very strong myodisc pair, because it makes very beautiful melancholic tiny eyes ... looking through this lenses , the eyes look far away behind icecubes ... but very easy to wear, very lightweight, perfect for all day use !

Stephan 08 Dec 2014, 10:48

...and a large and striking pair :

Stephan 08 Dec 2014, 10:47

another pair of high myopic sunglasses :

Stephan 07 Dec 2014, 03:04

also a pair for fans of real cokebottle - lenses , and with only simple antireflective caoting looking even stronger . very small eyes behind thick lens and powerrings :

Stephan 07 Dec 2014, 03:01

and a perfect pair for high myopic glasses wearer - perfect for everyday use :

Guest 05 Dec 2014, 03:24

Forgot to say that the glasses on sale are beautifully crafted and handmade.

Stephan 05 Dec 2014, 01:32

and last but not least , a very authentic pair for extreme myopia . -20 dpt. formlenti lenses, very comfortable to wear, very good vision, a pair for eveyday, longtime use :

Stephan 05 Dec 2014, 01:30

and a very nice and comfortable to wear pair of thick myopic sunglasses :

Stephan 04 Dec 2014, 00:55

one of my favourite pairs for sale now :

up to date style plastic frames with really cokebottle lenses :

gwgs 03 Dec 2014, 02:06

I'm sure these would look great on you Melyssa, and Carrie. A stunning frame

demws 03 Dec 2014, 00:29

Auction be be finished soon...

boff25 01 Dec 2014, 09:28

90's style wire-rim Calvin Klein frames, with fairly strong lenses

Guest 29 Nov 2014, 12:23

Classic Designer Eyeglasses:

DEMWS 28 Nov 2014, 08:58

Thick aviator frame with lenses of minus 24,00 dpt.

Lens thickness of 1 cm at the edges.

Stephan 27 Nov 2014, 01:38

As the "buyer" did not pay for, once again ...

thick minus myopic glasses , high index lenses :

Stingray 21 Nov 2014, 18:17

Just posted a genuine pair of Cazal oversize 1980's glasses with +2.50 lenses.

boff23 14 Nov 2014, 01:47

Selling another pair of Oakley RX frames:

Stephan 03 Nov 2014, 22:16

and this stylish big plastic frame in wooden optic with thick lenses :

Stephan 03 Nov 2014, 05:24

...and some more as this strong minus pair :

Stephan 03 Nov 2014, 04:41

listed a pair of high myopic glasses with hearing aids :

Stingray 30 Oct 2014, 13:08

Found this pair of Art Craft 10K rolled gold palladium very lightly tinted eyeglasses. They have faceted lenses and with a low myopic correction in the negative 2.00 range. The lenses do not have any scratches on them. Take a look:

boff25 28 Oct 2014, 08:47

Putting these up for sale again: Diesel frames with fairly strong RX (about -3 left, -6 right).

I should put up for sale another pair of glasses soon


Mark 27 Oct 2014, 15:21

Pair of my wife's old glasses for sale:

Converse frame with -7 lenses

have 1 or 2 other frames with larger lenses but in less power that I'll put up soon.

Mark 27 Oct 2014, 15:21

Pair of my wife's old glasses for sale:

Converse frame with -7 lenses

have 1 or 2 other frames with larger lenses but in less power that I'll put up soon.

motard 15 Oct 2014, 11:28

Does anyone have a friendly optician that can get a pair of trial contact lenses. I want to try a rx a little bit higher but don't want to sink $90us into 2 full boxes to try out.

I have -6.0 -1.75 020 and -5.0 -1.75 170

I want to try -6.5 -1.75 020 and -5.5 -1.75 170

bc 8.7 Dia 14.5

I tried -0.50 in the trial frames over my contacts and seams to make a significant improvement.

Any help / info appreciated, thanks

gwgs 07 Oct 2014, 07:13

Another pair of bifocals with strong / thick lenses;

Stingray 05 Oct 2014, 11:14

Just found this 1980s Zeiss silver metal frames with oversize faceted lenses. The frame was made in W. Germany. The lenses are a plus correction in the +2.25 or so range. Take a look at these finely crafted glasses.

gwgs 03 Oct 2014, 02:25

Minus 10.5 approx bifocal's for sale;

Robert 29 Sep 2014, 10:43

Pair of myodisc lensed glasses for sale

boff25 29 Sep 2014, 00:44

Selling some Diesel RX frames - lenses approx -6 right -3.5 left

Mark 28 Sep 2014, 14:34

I am selling a set of 3 +16 glasses!

Normal - Semi Rimless - 40mm Bowl Lenticulars here:

Full Rim - Sunglasses - 40mm Bowl Lenticulars here:

High Index - Semi Rimless - Full Field Here:

Get the complete set for all situations - this is 1 of 2 complete sets, I have now finally made up my mind and am full time with the other set (at a different strength)

They are in excellent condition and have given me a lot of joy but there isn't much point keeping them around any more so I hope to pass it onto someone else. The high price is due to the lenses, it's very hard to get lenticulars, lenticular sunglasses or high index at this cheap.

I'm selling them as individual auctions and combined cost of buyouts is 140 but I will be happy to sell all 3 for 100. If you are interested simply place an offer of 100 on one of the glasses and I'll accept and you win all 3. (if multiple people off, the first will win, sorry!)

I'm happy to ship worldwide on these.

Tino 24 Sep 2014, 06:32

@fred Please email me at as I may have some for sale

micha 24 Sep 2014, 06:28

@ fred

No, I do not have plus glasses.

fred 24 Sep 2014, 03:05

hi micha,do you also sell plus glasses,i am very interested in buying

micha 23 Sep 2014, 10:15

-10 model from the sixties

boff25 16 Sep 2014, 06:37

Selling another pair of Oakley RX:

CraigB 09 Sep 2014, 10:03

Check out super strong vintage myopic eyeglasses with lots of cylinder, eBay # 121432337003.

Stingray 08 Sep 2014, 12:08

Just listed a pair of black unisex plastic frames with +2.75 / +2.50 lenses in them. Ordered them online, but frame was too small for my face. Take a look:

gwgs 04 Sep 2014, 04:12

Interesting to see those plussie bifocals are still for sale. They've got a stunning pair of lenses in them, but seem rather overpriced.

It goes to show, that if you price your listing correctly it will more than likely sell first time round, unlike this listing which after a month and several relists still isn't sold.

Specs4ever 12 Aug 2014, 06:47

Excellent advice C.J. And right on as usual.

Cactus Jack 10 Aug 2014, 21:24

For those members who are wanting to buy high Rx glasses for GOC, please be sure you know what you are doing. Glasses are the last thing you should buy and if you have astigmatism the cylinder and the axis in the glasses have to match your cylinder and axis prescription EXACTLY for comfortable vision. If you do not have astigmatism, the glasses must have no cylinder and axis correction.

It is impossible to use contact lenses to compensate for differences in your cylinder and axis and the cylinder and axis in the glasses. Getting the Sphere in both the contacts and the high Rx glasses is hard enough.

Please consult with Soundmanpt or myself, before embarking on GOC unless you like to waste time and money. It is a golden opportunity to practice visual masochism if that is your thing.

If they are just for collecting and casual short time experiments, enjoy.


ralph81 10 Aug 2014, 18:20

anyone be intersted for glasses worn by a female prescrption r eye - 6 and left eye - 5,25

Peter 08 Aug 2014, 16:44

Wow, nice glasses!

John 07 Aug 2014, 19:01

Beautifull strong myodisc glasses to buy!

CraigB 04 Aug 2014, 10:50

Check out eBay # 121399837494, thick plus bifocals.

Likelenses 04 Aug 2014, 01:06

I found this to be interesting.

Stingray 01 Aug 2014, 12:29

I just recently listed very high myopic eyeglasses on ebay. They are a -25.00D with no cylinder or add. Take a look:

SGS 27 Jul 2014, 10:11

Check out this

CraigB 20 Jul 2014, 14:03

Also check bi-concave high myopic pair at eBay 121390273867.

CraigB 20 Jul 2014, 12:36

Just listed a very stron hyperopic bifocal pair with huge lenses. eBay # 121390213333.

gwgs 18 Jul 2014, 05:13

Listed 4 pairs of glasses for sale, offering a wide range of different styles;

CraigB 12 Jul 2014, 15:39

Some more very thick glass4es on ebay, check out#:


Stingray 07 Jul 2014, 16:46

I found another pair of those geeky military issue eyeglasses and just offered them for sale on ebay. Take a look. Only $5.00!

John 06 Jul 2014, 23:24

today, the last day for this glasses: 25 euro discount

Mark 05 Jul 2014, 08:39

Running out in 19 hours, currently low, snap up a bargain!

gwgs 04 Jul 2014, 03:25

I've listed a couple of pairs of strong bifocals with thick lenses, one is approx -13, and the other between -10 and -12;

boff25 03 Jul 2014, 19:25

Two Oakley rx glasses for sale:

John 30 Jun 2014, 19:22

Sale 3

Extreme thick glasses (myodiscs) in a modern brown frame: -20

Sending all over the world.

John 30 Jun 2014, 19:21

Sale 2

Thick (9 mm) high myopic plastic lenses in a golden color metal eyeglasses frame. R - 12.25 and L - 13.00

Dicke Brille mit leichte Kunststoffglser

Sending all over the world

John 30 Jun 2014, 19:19


Very thick (12 mm) high myopic plastic lenses (-16) in a metal eyeglasses frame. Beautiful cokebottles!

Extreme dicke Brille ( 12 mm) mit leichte Kunststoffglser in -16.

Sending all over the world

Aubrac 30 Jun 2014, 03:28

Glasses on UK Ebay must be the cheapest yet!

GreginColo 29 Jun 2014, 13:12

This ebay seller has posts of two different pair of quite strong myopic glasses, one with rolled and polished edges and one without, so you can very easily see the difference between them, since a question was asked about this recently, I forget which thread, as well as an indicated preference for the polished edges. Take a look at this seller's posts if you want to see a difference in the looks, especially in such strong myopicRx's, the likes of which are seldom seen.

Craig B 29 Jun 2014, 12:12

Listed some extremely thick glasses on eBay;

Listing # 121374713760

Listing # 121374724490

Mark 29 Jun 2014, 04:12

Hey all,

I have a really special pair to sell right now. A custom made pair of glasses with myodisc lenses but at -4.5 power!

Perfect for inducing Myopia and still wearing lenses like they were high powered.

Semi Rimless Brown Unisex frame. Please see the photos, they're quite special

JohnnyB 28 Jun 2014, 20:27

Selling some sets - this is what I called lot B2:

JohnnyB 28 Jun 2014, 20:26

Selling some sets - this is what I called lot B1:

John 26 Jun 2014, 19:19

Thick myopia sunglasses (-14/-15) in golden colour frame

John 26 Jun 2014, 19:09


Extreme thick eyeglasses (-20)

John 26 Jun 2014, 18:00

Very thick high myopic double heavy eyeglasses (total -31/-33) in a golden colour metal eyeglasses frame.

Brooklyn Boy 26 Jun 2014, 12:33

If anyone is interested. Here is a pair of myodisc

Crystal Veil 26 Jun 2014, 11:25


yes, that's a decent price for a new set. The old set offered by Katie is about half the price you paid. Bidding for that item expires within a couple of hours. I'm surprised that so far, nobody placed a bid on that set.

motard 26 Jun 2014, 08:39

I think I just got a pretty good score on a Trial Lens Set.

micha 20 Jun 2014, 06:18

A nice pair with strong -lenses.

ms 20 Jun 2014, 00:43

I offer a lot of glasses (+ and -), lenses here:

Stingray 19 Jun 2014, 18:49

Am selling very ugly frame Romco Military Eyeglasses with plus bifocal lenses.

Katy 16 Jun 2014, 15:26

p.s. The lenses go from +/-0.12 to +/-15.00 and cylinder up to 5.00 :-)

Katy 16 Jun 2014, 15:07

Hello Eyesceners, I'm selling my antique trial lens set here (in the UK) -

Hope it might be useful to someone!

micha 11 Jun 2014, 14:38

Large frame and thick lenses.

Stingray 08 Jun 2014, 15:12

I just posted on ebay these high myopic Carrera eyeglasses. They have thick high index lenses in the -10.00D range. Take a look:

Stingray 05 Jun 2014, 19:22

I bought these Silhouette knock-off frames and had them fitted with my wife's prescription. They were a surprise. However the surprise was on me when she decided she didn't like them. I paid over $100 for them online. They have a mild prescription in the -3.00 range and are progressives (+2.75 add) with photochromatic lenses. They are very delicate and really nice. Worth a look:

Mark 01 Jun 2014, 20:19

very thick glasses

Stephan 31 May 2014, 02:04

and a very nice and perfect pair for a high myopic , -22 dpt. but not too heavy... for all day use :

micha 30 May 2014, 04:40

Very strong lenses in a Rodenstock frame

Stephan 29 May 2014, 16:30

listed some very strong pairs as this one :

micha 24 May 2014, 13:51

Nice Ladies Bifocal Glasses

Moonshiner 22 May 2014, 20:43

An older pair of high prism glasses (not my auction):

micha 18 May 2014, 13:45

Nice green frame with green tinted lenses

Stephan 13 May 2014, 09:54

listed a lot of 5 high myopic pairs of glasses :

JohnnyB 12 May 2014, 18:17

Also still have these, and reduced the price.

GUCCI Eyeglasses 145 GG 1577 QP4 Tortoise Frames; approx -2.

JohnnyB 12 May 2014, 18:06

Vintage Cat Eye eyeglasses, approx +3, by Universal.

DKNY 7901S, 279 ce 130, heavy frames, approx +6

gwgs 12 May 2014, 04:40

Strong plussie fans, check out these glasses;

Rayray 11 May 2014, 14:21

Minus 8.5 Oakleys

micha 06 May 2014, 16:34

Another nice pair of strong glasses.

Guest 04 May 2014, 10:58

@gwgs Will you understand?

GOC_CH 04 May 2014, 04:18

GOC_CH 04 May 2014, 03:59

extreme thick -20

extreme thick +10

Guest 03 May 2014, 16:33

@gwgs You have been warned...

Jimmy 02 May 2014, 23:32

extreme Plus

high Plus

extreme thick Minus

AlainHMG 02 May 2014, 14:17

@gwgs : I also ask you: Please don't usemy pics for your auctions!

Stephan 02 May 2014, 01:49

@gwgs : I would kindly ask for NOT USING my pics for your ebay auctions !


JohnnyB 02 May 2014, 00:13

One more, this one is a nice DKNY frames, approx +6.

JohnnyB 01 May 2014, 23:34

Swissflex designer frames, lenses approx -8.

JohnnyB 01 May 2014, 23:10

Approximately -14

guest 01 May 2014, 16:05

@ gwgs

I guess you'll get a lot of trouble with the owners of the pics you use in your item descriptions .

eBay UK 01 May 2014, 03:44

I love it when someone selling glasses includes a picture of themselves wearing them. Nice frames

gwgs 30 Apr 2014, 04:52

Various unmissable, highly collectable glasses for sale from my collection that I am reluctantly letting go of;

More to come soon!

micha 29 Apr 2014, 17:05

Another pair of my collection

HighMyopic 27 Apr 2014, 00:52

What is the the cheapest and best online eyeglasses retailer can make -30 lenses and have cheap frames? I am looking to order a -20 or -30 diopter pair to wear and add to my glasses collection.

JohnnyB 26 Apr 2014, 01:21

Selling nice Gucci frames, low minus lenses with astigmatism.

Soundmanpt 24 Apr 2014, 01:22


You do realise that you can on line to Zenni ( and buy glasses with up to 5 prisms and the added cost i believe is only about $9.00 . So in total for anywhere from around $20.00 to maybe as much as $35.00.


pauld 23 Apr 2014, 23:56

hi,have any of you guys got any glasses with prisms for sale,willing to pay a good price for a decent pair depending on the rx,thanks

Konstantin 18 Apr 2014, 15:29

@micha How are you?

I have 4 teachers on ES: You Micha my first online photography teacher, Bobby - a teacher of GOC and of the courage of people and a lover of the great women... like me. Specs4ever - classic of GWG literature like OHenry, the greatest of the world pioneers of our community, a very respected man for me. And of course - Moonshiner - host and chief judge of the life of our community - the main source of our life ... I'll be glad if I have his private message on my site with gratitude ... I do not know how to write it ...

Of course it also Cristal Veil, who showed the world the amazing relationship with women in the implementation of our crazy dreams, surprisingly showed us the opportunity to masculine charm ... It's French friend Alain too ... but he closed his site for me ... Why? I do not want to take away his business... And my Chinese friend SGS ... I know that some of my friends have a claim to it, but SGS helped me ...

How are you, Micha&

George 18 Apr 2014, 03:43

Some interesting thick minus lenses on ebay - unusual so thick for a -5.00 lens.

micha 17 Apr 2014, 14:52

Two pairs of glasses

GreginColo 09 Apr 2014, 14:44

Certainly some quite thick lenses on the glasses posted by Micah; those could almost be used for swim googles the way they would surround the wearer's eyes. LOL

micha 09 Apr 2014, 14:10

Very nice pair of glasses of a myopic lady.

Mark 05 Apr 2014, 10:36

Hi Guys,

3 more offerings for you, all plus

All starting pretty low in price

phil 04 Apr 2014, 23:46

wow... nice glasses!!! ebay germany




 18 Mar 2014, 13:00

Julian 17 Mar 2014, 14:34

NOW I see; and I agree.

Filthy McNasty 17 Mar 2014, 12:52

It's the keyboard in the pictures on the ebay listing for those thick minus glasses everyone's been talking about.

It frightens me.

Julian 17 Mar 2014, 12:41

Filthy, my sweet: it isn't clear to me what keyboard you'r talking about.

Filthy McNasty 17 Mar 2014, 11:40

That has got to be the skankiest filthy keyboard I have ever seen.

Ye Dogs, I hope the glasses are several orders of magnitude cleaner!

micha 17 Mar 2014, 04:38


I do not know the prescription and I guess close to -20.

Perhaps other members of eyescene may also estimate the strength.

GreginColo 16 Mar 2014, 23:30

Thanks Micah for the post of the super-strong minus glasses; it would be interesting to know the Rx on them. Any guesses?

Micha 16 Mar 2014, 14:39

Nice black pair of glasses with vera strong - lenses

Mark 12 Mar 2014, 03:22

These are ending today

Dont miss the opportunity, this is a one time thing and the money is going to a good place.

The photos really dont do these glasses justice, theyre very special.

Stephan 05 Mar 2014, 02:00


no sorry

Guest 04 Mar 2014, 09:01

Stephan, can you make any high + with hearing aids?

Stephan 04 Mar 2014, 08:51

only three days left for these ! Reduced price :

specs4ever 03 Mar 2014, 14:35

Listed a few pairs of glasses this morning, The links seem a little weird, but this will get you to one pair:

The item numbers are:221386610029, 221386613039, 221386617114, 221386619798, 221386622596, and 221386625855

Mark 02 Mar 2014, 12:21

I have listed them, starting at 100

Any questions, please ask.

It is a private auction, bidders and buyers details are anonymous and will not be revealed

eli 02 Mar 2014, 05:39

great photos mark.

When do you plan to offer these for sale on ebay?

Mark 02 Mar 2014, 05:33

As requested, I've put up some images, can you test if this link works:

As for Helpful, I'm not exactly sure what you are trying to say, you aren't making a lot of sense.

I think you were implying that I was going to reveal the details of the buyer as one of the people harassing the girl?

I never planned on doing this and I don't see what possible reason I would have for doing it, I'm simply acting as the seller to help out a friend.

jack 01 Mar 2014, 11:40

hi helpful,i know how the girl feels about her glasses,mine are +19.75 both eyes,i have two pair one pair has normal lenses and are quite thick which i wear when i go out and a pair with lenticular lenses which i dont wear outside as i have had quite alot of staring at me and behind my back comments which is very upsetting as we extreme plus wearers cant help our poor eyesight

A Helpful Word 01 Mar 2014, 10:59

I see that I have made a few typos. I cannot edit them. So it goes.

A Helpful Word 01 Mar 2014, 10:56

And by the way, the character of the reponses to these three posts of mine will provide valuable information to deconstruct people's true motives. The issues I raise are real and should reasonably form part of a discussion of people's fascination for glasses.

I wonder what we will see in response: angry, butt-hurt diatribes (amusing but of exactly no value) or reasoned discussion and analysis (gratifying and always useful)?

I recognize that this duscussion if off-topic here, but I leave it here for continuity with my initial post. I would welcome the discussion being moved to, or continued in, the appropriate thread ("Psychology of Glasses" seems to make sense).

A Helpful Word 01 Mar 2014, 10:46

This leads me to a topic that I have considered before.

Maybe for some of you the attraction to people wearing very strong glasses is that for the wearer, they are a source of humiliation and/or handicap. You will see, if you search, that many people, particuilarly those with exceedingly strong prescriptions, are very self-conscious of the way their lenses distort their eyes.

As a matter of educated speculation, this may be particularly so with plus wearers, for any number of reasons (including the hard-wired connection in the human mind between large eyes and neoteny and the relatively higher difficulty of navigating the world in a high plus prescription as compared with a minus of equivalent magnitude).

So maybe you find humiliation attractive? Maybe you get a charge out of making it worse? Maybe you think that by making someone feel small and self-conscious, you'll make her desperate and you'll have a chance?

A Helpful Word 01 Mar 2014, 10:36

A word of caution: If you try to purchase the glasses below, you will almost certainly be outed. Be careful. If the seller does not intend to out you, then he will be happy to list the specs on eBay, which will at least deprive him of the certainty that the purchaser is an ES visitor.

One a related and more important issue, if you are one who joined in the harassment of the individual whose glasses these are, you deserve to be outed. WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? Assuming that the poster is truthful, you have harassed a person so badly that she felt she had to delete content. Are you that sociopathic? Even if you ARE that sociopathic, doesn't it cross your mind - out of pure selfish self-interest - that if you start pestering someone with weirdness (a) you are NEVER going to make that person your friend, (b) you will most likely make that person frightened and/or self-conscious, both of which are hurtful, and (c) the content will disappear, which will rob you of the pleasure of seeing it?

This is a repeating pattern. Can you learn from it?

Mark 28 Feb 2014, 14:34

Yes, i'll be posting pictures here if there's enough interest

eli 28 Feb 2014, 14:31


I may be interested.

Do you have a picture of the glasses?

Mark 28 Feb 2014, 13:02

Hi Guys,

This is a testing post to gauge interest before I go ahead any further.

I have a pair of glasses from a girl who's been posted on the seen on the web section. I knew her before her details got posted and she's not removed everything thanks to the harassment she received.

Anyway, she has an old pair of glasses that were a spare pair for an old prescription.

The glasses are very high + prescription, +21.00 and +23.00 with lenticular lenses in a full rim frame.

I will be selling them on her behalf, all the money will be sent to her to use on large print books when she starts university later this year.

I am posting to find out if there is a lot of interest in it, im looking for upwards of 100 and this is a one time thing.

I will be using my Ebay account on her behalf.

Some info:

I will not be divulging the information of the girl it came from, you can't have any pictures, name, number, address. NOTHING, she's gone through enough. The only reason she agreed to this is her books are specialist for her poor eyesight and cost a lot.

any questions, post here and i'll do my best to answer them.

Stephan 28 Feb 2014, 12:33

listed this pair with well working hearing aids :

Stingray 25 Feb 2014, 20:10

Just listed a pair of large oversize Jean Louis Scherrer designer frames. They have huge lenses in them around -4.00 or a little stronger. They are from the 1980's and are in pretty good shape.

Stephan 25 Feb 2014, 15:33

listed this lot of strong minus glasses , all of htem are -20 dpt. , last chance ! :

plussichic 22 Feb 2014, 11:03

Thick prism glasses for sale on ebay

Plussichic 22 Feb 2014, 08:31

Ladies strong myopic glasses

SGS 21 Feb 2014, 13:49

drop me a mail if need custom made glasses (with specified PD)

and the glasses will never make you dizzy again.

SGS 21 Feb 2014, 13:45

hi friends, never though one of my post will activate such a discussing and yes, in the past i did not pay much attention to pupil distance and they are all for people who collects. we can do glasses for specific PD of course if people need. and we run physical glasses stores too. so why not able to make according to PD needed?

so, better say, we can do minus glasses from -1D to -40D

and plus glasses from +1D to +20D

now we started reading glasses custom making plan but the price is only for RX up to 10D, if need higher, must be seperate quoting. but definitely will cheaper than anywhere.

see the custom made glasses plan as below, price was not marked high.take a direct buy if need glasses less than +-10D

Tonybg 20 Feb 2014, 06:35

I agree with owlish and other guys. Would be interested about buying this pair as +20 is my reading prescription. But PD is missing and its very important for high plus. Will have to skip it.

Plussichic 16 Feb 2014, 07:57

-14.5 myopic glasses for sale

Jo 16 Feb 2014, 07:46

Come on. Yes. While PD is important, many of us are using it for goc and prolly dun care much. Plus, if you think it's substantial among of money, by all means don't buy.

Owlish 16 Feb 2014, 06:58

Likelenses, I thought the info in the listing gives the PD as 65mm. It's not really clear as such. Scroll down and take a look yourself. Maybe my assumption was wrong.

Likelenses 16 Feb 2014, 05:09


The problem that I have is that he is asking a substantial amount of money ,and not providing a vital piece of information,namely the PD number.

He has been ask for this information by myself,and others,and never gives it.So without this info his glasses are no better than junk.Not usable to anyone.

Jo 16 Feb 2014, 01:34

likelenses, you don't have to like his posts, but you don't have to be rude either. Seems like many of you are always ready to bash up SGS whenever he appears. Yes, he may not be all good, but still the rudeness is unnecessary. At least, he has something to offer, unlike many who are merely keyboard warriors (not to say it's wrong). To each his own. live and let live.

Likelenses 16 Feb 2014, 00:48


As usual your glasses are about as useful as junk with no PD given.

SGS 15 Feb 2014, 07:02

the listing is for -20D, and now we can send +24D plus glasses if buy this listing. need to send message in the order in case need -24D.

james 08 Feb 2014, 07:00

hi prism30,i have seen the vid on youtube are these for sale,if so how much,thanks

Prism30 08 Feb 2014, 06:54


james 07 Feb 2014, 03:47

hi prism30,any minus glasses with prisms the higher the better,what ever you have,thanks

Prism30 06 Feb 2014, 19:01

@James - what type of minus, high prism glasses you are looking for?

Stephan 06 Feb 2014, 12:32

... and a very striking myodisc pair :

Stephan 06 Feb 2014, 11:04

listed a very rare modern rimless formlenti pair -19.00 , very lightweight !

guest 29 Jan 2014, 23:02

very rare:

ms 25 Jan 2014, 16:47

new offers now on ebay:

plussichic 25 Jan 2014, 13:49

Unusual high myopic glasses

plussichic 25 Jan 2014, 13:47

Med to high vintage myopic glasses

plussichic 25 Jan 2014, 08:06

NHS bi-focals - soory link below was wrong one

plussichic 24 Jan 2014, 12:58

Thick plus glasses +10.0

plussichic 24 Jan 2014, 12:57

Half rim myodiscs - minus 19

plussichic 24 Jan 2014, 12:55

High myopic glasses on ebay -27

plussichic 24 Jan 2014, 12:53

NHS bi-focals for sale on ebay

james 24 Jan 2014, 07:47

hello i am just enquiring if anybody has any glasses for sale ,any minus glasses with high prisms if possible,thanks

Stephan 23 Jan 2014, 19:08

...and one of my favourite styles... I guess I am about 30 years too late ;-) :

Stephan 23 Jan 2014, 19:06

listed a thick myodisc pair, very futuristic :

i 23 Jan 2014, 17:25


Stephan 21 Jan 2014, 07:16

listed a pair of hearing aid glasses with thick myopic lenses :

John 15 Jan 2014, 06:37

Very high myopic double glasses (total -31 and -33)to buy.

For the other two glasses the last 12 hour no shipping costs

phil 14 Jan 2014, 12:24

wow... -20 on ebay

John 09 Jan 2014, 05:02

Jan, Thank you


 08 Jan 2014, 23:01

John and other foreign based posters, it might be advantageous for the sale of your merchandise to list your stuff in ENGLISH besides whatever your home language is.

There are always people in the good ol' USA that don't speak your language and might buy what you are selling but don't want to be bothered to get an interpreter to find out what it is.

This is offered solely as constructive criticism.

John 08 Jan 2014, 19:14

John 08 Jan 2014, 19:10

New sale!!!

Beautiful modern brown frames with thick myopic glasses

Stephan 03 Jan 2014, 09:42

and a tiny -20.00 pair which is perfect for GOC . This is a perfect pair for those who want to start GOC in public... a small frame with very strong lenses. Not too offensive, very realistic, lightweight. A pair many extreme myopic would choose, if they had to wear glasses in public !

Stephan 03 Jan 2014, 09:36

a cool modern aviator -16.00 pair with lot of power rings :

John 30 Dec 2013, 03:14


Here you can see and buy new extreme thick plastic(cokebottle) glasses, R -19 and L -20 in 1.5 index, 14 mm!!, in a black unisex light frame. NEW!

No 175 but 125

Very thick myopic -20 glasses in a special brown frame!

No 150 but 100

John 28 Dec 2013, 10:33


Very thick myopic -20 glasses in a special brown frame!

Look and buy!

John 28 Dec 2013, 06:14


Perhaps, but they are expensive. I'm looking for you.

John 28 Dec 2013, 06:09

In a short time I sold my first special thick glasses in a special frame.

Here you can see and buy new extreme thick plastic(cokebottle) glasses, R -19 and L -20 in 1.5 index, 14 mm!!, in a black unisex light frame. NEW!

troutman 28 Dec 2013, 04:21

hi,have any of you guys got any glasses for sale ,anything from -25 upwards for male wearers,thanks

John 27 Dec 2013, 17:27

see here:

John 27 Dec 2013, 17:26

Very thick myopic glasses in a special frame!!

Stephan 18 Dec 2013, 03:30

...and the last one for this year :

SGS 17 Dec 2013, 13:00

Wow!!! put these Rabbit pink sissy -25D power myodisc for auction, only have one pair of this frame, really good for dress a model doll!!!

Stephan 17 Dec 2013, 11:15

a classic look pair with a lot of power rings :

Mark 15 Dec 2013, 12:20

Hey guys,

Update for you all, these are still available, ending in a few days. Some great high power myodisc and lenticular glasses available.

The female glasses are the last pair that my ex did GOC with me in. It was all very fast and short lived, hence why they're hardly used.

Any questions, let me know


 11 Dec 2013, 18:53

Thanks NJ; good idea. I sent them a message this afternoon and haven't heard back, so I'm hoping they are moving forward with my glasses.

NJ 11 Dec 2013, 17:44

I usually use the argument that I want the best peripheral vision possible. If they continue to protest, I just say I only use the glasses for driving. I've only once had a place refuse to make them, and that was LensCrappers.

Tino 11 Dec 2013, 06:21

Ask if they will supply the same lenses at the same price and tell them the glasses are a spare pair that will rarely be used outside the house.

With that said the subtle realisation of a monster prescription concealed within an apparently unremarkable lens can be quite satisfying compared to the sledge hammer effect of coke bottles. Each to their own though.

guest 11 Dec 2013, 01:03

just tell them that you love thick lenses and that they should try to make lenses as thick as possible !

this is a company - not "thin lense police" ;-)

 10 Dec 2013, 22:26

Zenni Optical sent me a message telling me that my -12 prescription will be very thick for the frames I selected and suggested that I pick a different pair. How do I word or tell them to proceed with my order? I'll be using these for GOC, so I figured someone else on here has had the same dilemma with them. Thanks!

Stephan 10 Dec 2013, 09:13

..and the definitely last pair for now...

eyes look very tiny and "far away" in this pair :

Stephan 09 Dec 2013, 08:07

and last but not least :

a pair with very expensive blended myodsic lenses , plastic lightweight lenses , -22.00 dpt !

Stephan 09 Dec 2013, 04:51

and a very thick small -22.00 pair :

Stephan 09 Dec 2013, 04:45

...and a very lightweight pair of -20.00 :

Stephan 09 Dec 2013, 04:43

listed a complete collection of my pairs for "non-GOC" use - 16 pairs from -8.00 to -12.00 , one pair of -8.00 also with 5 prism out on both eyes... box is NOT included :

guest 08 Dec 2013, 18:42

see some strong glasses on ebay:

Mark 08 Dec 2013, 12:07

Hi Guys,

As mentioned before this is my second and probably final set of glasses for sale.


2 High Minus, 1 High plus, myodiscs and lenticular

Other is a pair of Oakley frames. Bought from a reputable online store, they came with a Metal Oakley case.

Same shipping as before, nice low starts on the non branded frame.

SGS 08 Dec 2013, 07:25

Put this super heavy one full field for auction.

SGS 08 Dec 2013, 05:09

put one -30D lenses for auction, buyers can have them and make according to own PD locally.

Stephan 07 Dec 2013, 23:28

and a very nice up to date frame with thick minus lenses - makes very tiny "far away" eyes :

Stephan 07 Dec 2013, 01:07

...and this everyday pair -20.00 :

Stephan 07 Dec 2013, 01:06

listed two pairs from my collection

as this pair of sunglasses -20.00 :

SGS 05 Dec 2013, 06:38

this one is beautiful. 4.99 auction

Stephan 02 Dec 2013, 14:35

...and that one :

Stephan 02 Dec 2013, 14:34

listed three thick minus pairs like this one :

Stephan 28 Nov 2013, 13:04

and the last pair , a perfect one for GOC , easy to wear all day long, lightweight, perfect vision...

Stephan 28 Nov 2013, 06:03

listed two pairs of very strong minus glasses...

f.e. this -22.00 pair :

bill 23 Nov 2013, 17:13

Tonylids do you have any high plus glasses, over 25D, for sale?

troutman 23 Nov 2013, 09:39

the item number for the +29 glasses is 321257623056

Interested 23 Nov 2013, 09:12


Can we have a direct link?

troutman 23 Nov 2013, 07:48

i have just put a pair of +29 lenticular lens glasses on ebay,have a look if interested

SGS 22 Nov 2013, 04:38

An exciting auction, sissy silver frame with full field plus lenses. from 0.99

bill 22 Nov 2013, 01:39

I mean advert

"MS 19 Nov 2013, 02:23

new information about extremly strong myopia glasses: "

bill 22 Nov 2013, 01:38

What type of lenses are in the advert below, obviously myos but plane carriers and no edge thickness.

Filthy McNasty 21 Nov 2013, 18:31

The seller sayd they're 16, I think. That probably means 8 per side.

Cactus Jack 21 Nov 2013, 18:25


There is no absolute requirement that a need for prism correction be accompanied by a significant sphere or cylinder correction. I agree that it does not appear that the glasses have much of a sphere or cylinder correction. However, based on the outside edge thickness and assuming that the lenses are fairly low index, I would estimate the prism to be 10-12 prism diopters Base Out in each eye. I didn't examine the post very closely, just looked at the pictures, because I don't read German, the prescription may be listed.

If they don't have any sphere or cylinder, they might be useful if a person wanted to experiment with Base Out prism, by wearing them over glasses or contacts.


JP 21 Nov 2013, 16:35

The Ray Bans are particularly interesting, with little or no minification. Are they just prisms with no sphere or cylinder, do you think?

phil 19 Nov 2013, 16:32

2 very thick prism glasses

MS 19 Nov 2013, 02:23

new information about extremly strong myopia glasses:

MS 17 Nov 2013, 17:05

some extremly strong and expensive glasses from my collection:

and more.....

stephan 09 Nov 2013, 09:34

...and the second one:

Stephan 09 Nov 2013, 01:59

I listed two more pairs of hearing aid glasses , very striking and well working with new batteries !

SGS 07 Nov 2013, 10:19

hi troutman, i am glad to see you had received the glasses and the next one is still shipping, you can go thru USPS for track the progress if you are in the US.

Guys, if you like these glasses, make an offer, they are for sending immediatly. iam considering getting some more new design frames.

Stingray 03 Nov 2013, 20:11

Found over the weekend 2 pairs of early 1980's oversize drop temple glasses with myopic lenses in them. One of the pair is around -3.50, the other around -2.50. Here is the link:

troutman 01 Nov 2013, 08:21

hi SGS,just received a pair of +15 glasses from you,they are very good glasses,no problem with them,i can not wait for my two pair of -20 glasses i have also ordered,thanks

Stingray 27 Oct 2013, 16:41

Just posted 4 pairs of eyeglasses in 1 auction on ebay. The price is just $7.50 for all 4 pairs. Take a look:

Mark 27 Oct 2013, 05:36

Ok, so as I didn't have an account, it didn't show the other pictures I uploaded at the same time.

That's the other frame, this one's +19.00 the previous is +12.00

Mark 27 Oct 2013, 05:32


Try this link:

those are the 2 plus ones I have for sale currently

To Mark 26 Oct 2013, 13:39

Unfortunatly I have no acces on bay in UK.

I have some great interest for strong + lenses.

If you have some pics here, I will tell you if I confirm my interest.


Mark 26 Oct 2013, 08:21

Hi Guys, Selling 4 pairs of glasses from my collection today. Both + Lenticular and Myodiscs here.

Both of the pairs of Myodiscs and the ladies lenticulars were used by an ex-girlfriend who did GOC with me. (Was great while it lasted)

Will post worldwide, the postage costs indicated are for UK or outside of Europe, if you are an EU buyer please contact me and I'll let you know how much postage will be for your specific country.

If you have any questions please let me know, having to cut down my collection as it got a bit out of hand.

Auctions are starting low.

Stephan 22 Oct 2013, 16:59

the last available set of strong minus glasses :

Stingray 22 Oct 2013, 14:44

I recently listed 2 pairs of vintage glasses for sale on ebay. They are both from manufacturer USS which supplied eyeglasses to the U.S. military in the 1960's and 1970's. Interestingly, one is bifocals and the other trifocals which I gather would be for a older soldier or perhaps a retiree.

This is the other pair:

Also a 3rd pair with genuine Versace men's frames:

Stephan 22 Oct 2013, 05:41

sorry, only two lots of -15.00 pairs left !

Stephan 22 Oct 2013, 05:10

sorry, of course "lot of 5" , difficult to count ;-) !

Stephan 22 Oct 2013, 05:08

listed teh rest of the not sold (or not paid for)pairs as cheap BuyNow lots in ebay

As this lot of 4 :

Stingray 20 Oct 2013, 21:38

I just posted a very interesting pair of glasses that has a blacked out lens on one side and a Bioptic Telescopic Low Vision Lens on the other side. A seperate +2.00 reading add lens that fits over the existing lens is also included. These glasses cost well over $1500.00 if purchased from an optical store. These are very rare and are not often available for purchase. Take a look:

If you click on "check out my other items", it will show other glasses I have listed for sale this week. Thank you.

Stephan 17 Oct 2013, 08:31

...and last but not least - my most extreme -22.00 thick power rings & hearing aids pair :

Stephan 16 Oct 2013, 06:53

listed another pair of my GOC hearing

aid pairs :

SGS 12 Oct 2013, 23:27

an auction.

Stephan 11 Oct 2013, 08:16

a really great experience - wearing -20.00 GOC with hearing aids on both sides !!! Like visiting another planet ;-)

very thick glasses with perfectly working (new battery9 hearing aids attached on boh sides :

Hoerbie 10 Oct 2013, 00:50


It's called Prentice rule:

Calculate decenter from mm tobcm and multiply with diopters:

15d * 0,15cm = 2,25 pdpt

Or use:

Filthy McNasty 09 Oct 2013, 17:59

Anyone got an idea of the amount of induced base-in prism from a +15D lens that is decentered 1.5mm nasally?

I am guessing this will be in Cactus Jack's strike zone. Whoever answers: thanks in advance.

guest 09 Oct 2013, 14:51

so why you didn't choose a fitting frame ? - doesn't look professional like this !

SGS 09 Oct 2013, 14:27

hi guest and filthy nesty,

here i clarify the two questions you concerned,

1. the PD of these glasses. this batch of glasses are all mder to the PD=64mm. yes i shall put them in the listing.

2. yes, the aviator big frame with full field lenses have minor hole on each side, you know why? the unprocessed lenses were not as big as the frame circles.. since the unprocessed lenses are round, so after processing there are a minor area not covered. but you don't need to worry bout the installation tightness, as long as the lenses put in, they will be strongly holded by the frame, they are made from a procedure like hot expanding the frame then put the lenses in, and cool shrinkage.don't worry, they are tight enought unless we use hammer:)

thank you for your questions.

guest 09 Oct 2013, 08:46

SGS , it looks like the full field plus lenses doesn't really fit into the frames!? Looks like they might pop out very easily , not the best choice

Filthy McNasty 09 Oct 2013, 08:09

SGS: I am looking at your offerings on my iphone, and so may have missed something. But I cannot find the PD of the glasses. Any buyer will need to know that; at high prescriptions it is critical.

SGS 09 Oct 2013, 07:36

Friends, Enjoy watching this unique girl's rabbit lovely myodisc!!!

SGS 07 Oct 2013, 04:18

to very sceptical,

for your part i even can offer -50 +100 at 0.99GBP? this is the most funny story i heard in this century. yes, i do put many glasses 0.99 for auction, but please remember, this kind of auction does not mean the value of these glasses only worth 0.99GBP. at least you can only shout here without offering any glasses. what can you do? not ashamed? stephan and I, we are glasses providers for eyescene people, we offering what people like to see, and if the price is ok, we can sell and buy. isn't it? it's not guilty to make glasses cheap for auction in fact by this mode i had no profit at all, don't showing off your jealousy on nothing, if anybody can do like me, and make a profit, why not they do? you believe i can get 0.99GBP for a pair of glasses at such strength anywhere from the world? wake up! you are so regret that you haven't caught the chance of 0.99 auction, but why accuse all the glasses worthy 0.99GBP? what the logic? if you look at the international shipping, or just the frames, you can easily work out how much they cost at least. or you did not graduated form kindergarten. have nobody hiring you... shouting anywhere to anybody on the web...i do respect your honor.

SGS 07 Oct 2013, 03:57

hey very sceptical, does any one believe i would call anybody fool here? rediculars! it's only some bad man use my ID to post here. this forum is not registerred so gave somebody wicked a chance to abuse my ID.

very sceptical 04 Oct 2013, 05:56

to SGS:

SGS, don't you feel ashamed offering your stuff in here after calling us f... ass... just a few weeks ago? For my part, you even could offer -50 / +100 pairs for GBP 0.99 - I would never again purchase anything from you ! Any honor left in you? I don't think so

SGS 02 Oct 2013, 03:55

listed a pair of glass material 80s classic looking glasses which lenses are not myodisc but full field lenses.

and these thick women's myodisc!

SGS 30 Sep 2013, 12:40

Put these two pairs for end of sept. auction , enjoy ^^

Stephan 30 Sep 2013, 05:29

the "Queen of Powerrings" 8-)

SGS 30 Sep 2013, 03:32

Isn't this glasses stunning? very unique design and only have one frame from a myopic girl.

Stephan 30 Sep 2013, 01:57

this striking pair for example :

Stephan 29 Sep 2013, 14:42

listed the rest of my "end of summer sale" in ebay ! That was it ! 14 more pairs like this one :

Stephan 29 Sep 2013, 02:08

Will list the second part of my "end of summer sale" today evening :-)

SGS 29 Sep 2013, 01:35

Golden GOC plus myodisc glasses +15 for plussie fans, only listed a low price. does not have so many high strength glasses on hand, it's more difficult get the glasses nowadays.

All glasses parcels will be sent with a tracking number worldwide and can be tracked through the post site. service proved.

SGS 28 Sep 2013, 12:21

the below white thick spectacle was soon got by some friends, will try harder to search for ones who still have used for collect.

Enjoy these double convex -30D antireflective lenses girl's myodisc glasses.still not very good at photograph just hope the details are clear.thanks guys.

SGS 28 Sep 2013, 11:57

Listed a pair of myodisc womens glasses with price not high.

Stephan 26 Sep 2013, 17:04

...and one of my -20 pair with thick power rings... unisex of course :

Stephan 26 Sep 2013, 16:55

Can't remember that I stated taht these are "Sandra glasses". I guess you are years behind... Guy, we have 2013 !

These are MY GLASSES and most of them a unisex pairs as I like to wear GOC myself with -15.00 or -20.00 .

Really funny "sceptical" ;-)

sceptical 26 Sep 2013, 13:32

Wow another listing of glasses Sandra refused to wear. Are we sure that Sandra or Stefan were indeed ONE person?

C'mon Stefan do you really think anybody want's your crap anymore. Donate the rest of your eyeware to charity!

Stephan 26 Sep 2013, 13:18

listed 16 pairs of -20.00 glasses for my "end of summer sale" like this one :

tonylids 26 Sep 2013, 05:04

please email me at and I will send pictures

The glasses I described do not have prisms although I have 3 other pairs that do, the cyl correction on these is around +10 though

troutman 26 Sep 2013, 04:35

hi tony,what price are you wanting for your glasses,has the +18s got prisms,thanks,troutman

SGS 26 Sep 2013, 00:49

Listed a pair of full field plussie glasses which we probably see from some GWG pictures while they wearing the eyes were not able to see since the rx too high. enjoy them plussie fans.

Stephan 25 Sep 2013, 17:35

prenote :

I will list my "end of summer" huge variety of unexpensive glasses pairs between -16.00 and -20.00 for bid and buy now the next few days. This will be the last selling of a variety for this year...

more tomorrow

Hyperfan 25 Sep 2013, 11:54

Hello Tony... Are they yours ? And do you have some pics please ?

Tonylids 24 Sep 2013, 11:17


I have 2 pairs I can sell. One is +18 full field biconvex in a half frame. The other is +16 lenticular type in a square black metal frame. Both are mens style and have only had limited use. Please let me know if you are interested.

SGS 23 Sep 2013, 14:28

My friend Russian-gwg had purchased some pairs of -40D lenses from me and made these super glasses!!! ohhhhh.....even myself feel dizzy by watch them. thanks konstantin.

SGS 23 Sep 2013, 14:25

-20D plus glasses, custom made lenses.

troutman 21 Sep 2013, 05:15

i was wondering if anybody does +glasses,anything above 20s

Stephan 18 Sep 2013, 09:48

and my last extreme myopic pair for the moment - a thick lens myodisc pair, modern business style -24 dpt. :

Stephan 17 Sep 2013, 13:53

...and a gorgeous thick lens pair -23.00 :

Stephan 17 Sep 2013, 04:54

listed a pair of extremely thick and strong (-25.00) pair of glasses:

Stephan 13 Sep 2013, 06:08

listed a pair for collectors :

a very heavy and thick pair of mineralglass myodisc girls / teenager glasses from the early 70ies ! I bought them from a Lady who told me she wore them when she was about 12 - 14 y.o in early 70ies. She is in her Fifties now and wears contacts or glasses ( she said contacts around -24 dpt) but isn't able to drive since a few years... some scratches, but no cracks, the acetate frame is pretty dried out but still a VERY interesting pair for collectors. Still can't believe it's possible to wear such heavy glasses for teen all day long for years !

Stephan 28 Aug 2013, 07:34

...and a pair of sunglasses -20.00 myodisc :

Stephan 28 Aug 2013, 07:33

listed a thick lens metal frame pair :

Stephan 27 Aug 2013, 03:51

...and a absolutly uptodate cateye pair :

Stephan 27 Aug 2013, 03:31

listed this very striking pair -20.00 myodisc :

MS 26 Aug 2013, 00:23

There are a lot of different strong men and women glasses on ebay:

a lot of very modern and expensive models.

Krieger 21 Aug 2013, 20:05

@SGS yes I am the one who bought the -40 glasses. You said you would send a different pair cause the other was a single pair. My email is aguerreroh @ gmail dot com I am spending some time in China and I am actually living in Shenzhen.

SGS 21 Aug 2013, 12:32

Moonshiner, thank you for your fairness, please also delete "SGS 20 Aug 2013, 10:44" which was not my post too.but really, i can hardly remember the mexian buyers's address, can you send me a mail including the order details and your address, i can remember delivered -40 glasses to you, was it you? and i posted again the sunglasses they might most likely lost by post. but will try again.

smithie, you are right, the GOC glasses sales are ruined, the fire was ignited long long ago even without any problems, still sounds many questioning voices... don't know why. if the guys think that i had made a big profit in it, please try, try to do the glasses and list on e bay, with the price i did. hope all guys enjoy the glasses and have a good time.

Moonshiner 21 Aug 2013, 11:40

Deleted several inappropriate (and some related) posts. keep it respectful. others continuing to post under SGS's name may be blocked.

smithie 20 Aug 2013, 14:26

SGS, you have destroyed your business with GOC and strong glasses with OOs from Eyescene and Vision-and-Spex. Please bow out gracefully.

SGS 20 Aug 2013, 10:44


Why should I send another pair to Mexico? I can't remember even your name.

varifocals 20 Aug 2013, 10:33


Pay pal have their problems too & I dont trust them.

 20 Aug 2013, 10:32


Pay pal have their problems too & I dont trust them.

gwgs 20 Aug 2013, 03:17

Horrifying to see the mess that everyone has got into with SGS, it's unbelievable really!!

Why don't all of you buyers who have been conned by SGS claim your money back with Paypal if you're within the time period. Surely you paid by Paypal, and if the item hasn't arrived within a month I'd be wondering where it was, and claiming a refund with Paypal.

I'm not sure of the time period, but I think it's 45 days. Worth a try?

Stephan 20 Aug 2013, 01:11

one of my authentic looking myodisc glasses unisex :

Krieger 19 Aug 2013, 22:50

@Alain as a non Chinese visiting this beautiful countryI can tell you that most of them are not like that.

@SGS I purchased a tinted pair of high minus glasses and you said the lenses broke and that you would send me another pair to Mexico, come on I am still waiting you robbed me too!

Stephan 18 Aug 2013, 07:30

and a very nice , extremely comfortable to wear myodisc pair :

SGS 18 Aug 2013, 07:12

i have at least 20 pages of positive feedbacks in last e bay records which i intended to post here, but worry about disclose the buyer's privacy, so i will not do that. it's ok for any wording at least over 200 buyers can still remember the transactions we had before.

the one who use my ID to post here (deleted by mod)should feel ashamed and i do not know how to describe such person in English at least the most filthy words i learnt is not enough for him.

Stephan 18 Aug 2013, 03:05

listed some more myodisc / Lenti pairs like this very nice pair :

Dave 18 Aug 2013, 01:09

My experience with SGS was fine. I got exactly what I ordered and it came within a reasonable period of time (to California, that is.) My only issue was that I didn't know the PD which he seems to be including these days.

None of his glasses are custom and all contain a very high prescription. If someone wants optically perfect, extremely high-minus glasses, then that person should order them from his local optician where a custom fit can be obtained. They'll cost more but then that is what should be expected. Or, alternatively, try Optical4Less.

Come on guys, nothing that SGS sells is meant to be other than fetish eyeware. If anyone wants the "real" thing then you've got to pay for it.

varifocals 17 Aug 2013, 16:41


Also because there have been instances of fraud with Pay Pal, I wont buy any from you either

Lunettes 17 Aug 2013, 13:34

I will be selling trial lens set, small ,plastic rim lenses.

And trial frame, white plastic, zeiss.

350 euros + shipping.

If interested email,

I can take pics if needed.

Specs4ever 16 Aug 2013, 06:38

I hadn't realized that there were so many other people that had not been happy with their dealings with SGS. The other comments that have appeared here indicate that I was not the only one that was dissatisfied.

But GWS, you are correct. The glasses that we did get from SGS were in fact awesome for the power of the lenses at prices that were well withing reason.

Steve, I have sucked it up and figure that my collecting days are over. My animosity towards you over this last deal has tempered and while I will respond honestly if asked, I did tell you that I would not go out of my way to diss you, and that is still the case. I am not willing to try that e mail stuff again, because that is what lead to my frustration the last time.

Jo, you will likely be ok dealing with him now, because e bay is a safer venue than alibaba and whatever else was used.

frustrated buyer 16 Aug 2013, 06:27

btw :

70% got their glasses (your comment) ???

you sold about 1000 pairs ???

So you robbed the money for 300 pairs ( trusting you : 30% didn't get their glasses , 30% of 1000 pairs is 300)

Pretty ridiculous to say you are a honest seller with a robbed quote of 30% !!!

I will inform police about this !

frustrated buyer 16 Aug 2013, 04:49

yes, and I never saw an ebay feedback which was worse than yours (before you changed the name) - if I checked it BEFORE buying I would never had picked a pair from you ! My fault ? So what ? I got robbed for USD 90.00 from you - will I get back my money ? Please don't tell me I may contact you via email , haha good choke - I sent about 40 mails to your email account. Never got an answer ( besides telling me, the pairs would arrive very soon) !

SGS 16 Aug 2013, 04:27

i had sold over 1000 pairs of glasses in this community for over 3-4 years. yes there must be some bad experieces we had with some people, and you did sent me mails threatening post very negative comments everywhere. but it can't deny 70% of eyescene people had my glasses and enjoyed. there still bidders of our old friends buying from me, even many buyers still use bank transfer buying glasses from me in every corner of the world. you can post anything or saying any shit. we just trade with friends who trust us and not being so hesterically. Like said, will only list what in stock to avoid problems. if feel gambling please not bid not buy. these are posted for old friends not for arguments.

spec4ever, please send me mail of the missing pair, i did not receive your mail at all, hope you see my message.

gwgs 16 Aug 2013, 03:46

Not from me, bought a pair from him and they were extremely poorly produced, with the glasses in question being a semi rimless frame, the nylon thread which holds the lenses in place at the side wasn't straight, and even had a kink in it!! Then there was inconsistenet finishing to the edges of the lenses which was a little cloudy / marked and generally of a poor finish.

Having said that, they are remarkable glasses, not in terms of production, but in that the manufacturers of these frames would not have intended to have -28 or anywhere near that prescription fitted into these frames, so they are one off's, and if this is what floats your boat, there aren't many/any other people offering this product and he therefore may been covering a niche which isn't available elsewhere.

Jo 16 Aug 2013, 01:45

Oops.. that sounds really bad.... but i have to say he does have some of the most awesome glasses ever. i'm really tempted to try my luck. are there any positive reviews for him at all?

frustrated buyer 16 Aug 2013, 01:36

I would suggest that SGS should give AT LEAST 2 PAIRS FOR FREE to all customers who where robbed by him - this is not a single fault, error or soemthing else . he ROBBED us !!!

specs4ever 15 Aug 2013, 10:08

I had bought from him a number of times and was pretty satisfied. One time there was a problem as one pair of glasses was not what was promised. However it was straightened out with very little trouble. Last spring I purchased 3 pairs, but on delivery there was only 2 pairs. I contacted him and he acknowledged that he back ordered one pair. After repeated attempts to get this straightened out with no success I gave up and decided that I would no longer use him as a supplier.

It is however quite possible that he has realized the error of his ways. I am not one to kick a man when he is down, but I have a hard time forgiving a transgression against me. Others had warned me about doing business with him in the past, but my dealings had always, as I said, been successful.

I think you would likely be all right dealing with him, because he claims to have learned his lesson. But in life, cheat me once, shame on you - cheat me twice shame on me.

I am not giving him a second chance.

Jo 15 Aug 2013, 08:22

Care to share why?

Specs4ever 13 Aug 2013, 18:53

I will never buy again from SGS. He is not an honest person in his dealings. Buyer Beware.

frustrated buyer 13 Aug 2013, 15:42

@SGS :

Do you think a new ebay nick will make us forget the shit we experienced buying from you ???

I will NEVER buy from you aghain and i guess there are many who think the same!

Jo 13 Aug 2013, 12:19

Hi Sgs, do u hav an email I can contact? Wanna check on some glasses with u. Thanks.

SGS 13 Aug 2013, 11:25

Put for auctions of glasses which can be send immediately. ebay is more convenience for paypal. Hope the offline optitian store will gain more used myodisc glasses in the future! Enjoy our excitment!

SGS 13 Aug 2013, 10:22

hi guys.

Pulled off all listings on ali site cuz there's no paypal option got so difficult for payment and also funds recycling must wait for months. my friend vivia has an ebay store and she listed myodic glasses for paypal payment.but ebay commission are too high.. just enjoy to send these glasses to eyescene community members it's a kind of joy. changed shipping company, will be more secure for avoiding parcel lost.

Brooklyn Boy 13 Aug 2013, 09:48

I have listed one of my myodisc eyeglasses on ebay. If any is interested please look it up.

They are -24

thank you

troutman 13 Aug 2013, 05:59

you can find these -26 and -20 myo glasses on ebay item id 321183468806 and 321183448822

Stephan 12 Aug 2013, 09:00

and another pretty large -20.00 pair :

ElDuderino 12 Aug 2013, 06:44

@troutman: and how can I find them?

Stephan 12 Aug 2013, 00:44

an a classic look thick and striking pair -20.00 :

Stingray 11 Aug 2013, 17:44

Found these 1950s military issue black eyeglasses. They have plus lenses, probably around +2.00 with a bifocal add.

troutman 11 Aug 2013, 10:09

just put two pairs of glasses on ebay,one pair -20 myosdisc,the other -26,have a look

Stephan 09 Aug 2013, 12:39

a perfect way to wear extremely strong myopic glasses :

SGS 05 Aug 2013, 11:20

got one pair of this myodisc for an immediately sending.

SGS 05 Aug 2013, 11:16

still have two pairs of this one. please only buy the pairs which i post here to make sure they are in stock for an accurate sending. thanks.

Stephan 04 Aug 2013, 12:14

..and a striking myodisc pair, metal frames... :

Stephan 03 Aug 2013, 03:26

and a -22.00 extremely wearable allday user pair :

Stephan 03 Aug 2013, 00:50

listed a striking thick -20 pair :

Stephan 28 Jul 2013, 07:27

a collection of 18 pairs vintage womens glasses , myopic up to -10.00 dptr. ( most of them in the -7.50 to -10.00 range):

Stephan 24 Jul 2013, 08:23 a pretty extreme, slightly biconcave pair :

Stephan 24 Jul 2013, 07:55

Crazy purple pair :

Stephan 21 Jul 2013, 12:31

very nice slightly blue tinted myodisc pair

demws 15 Jul 2013, 10:41

Just filed an auction for a very special pair of Myodiscs with an enormous difference between the left and the right lens.

Stephan 15 Jul 2013, 01:18

a paerfect every day / all day pair, lightweight, very comfortable to wear very good vision :

Stephan 13 Jul 2013, 11:50

and a gorgeous smoy blue -20.00 sunglasses pair :

Stephan 12 Jul 2013, 00:34

...and a pair I would really like to see on a extremely myopic woman :

Stephan 11 Jul 2013, 14:33

listed this very stylish and striking halfrim pair :

Stephan 06 Jul 2013, 02:28

...and a very nice tiny pair with strong -20.00 lenses :

Stephan 05 Jul 2013, 08:32

a perfect men's GOC pair, lightweight, comfortable, perfect vision :

Stephan 04 Jul 2013, 09:38

...and a perfect GOC pair, very comfortable to wear inspite strong RX :

Stephan 01 Jul 2013, 08:37

...and a -15.00 pair with really obvious powerrings :

Stephan 29 Jun 2013, 11:17

...or this pair of formlenti sunglasses RX -20.00 :

Stephan 29 Jun 2013, 11:16

listed another few pairs of strong RX as this -20.00 myodisc pair :

demws 28 Jun 2013, 10:27

Listed an extra strong pair of big myodisc glasses with lenses of minus 33.5 dpt.

Stephan 28 Jun 2013, 06:59

and a stylish formlenti pair -20.00 :

Stephan 28 Jun 2013, 02:20

listd some more striking pairs on ebay like this pair :

if there are questions feel free to ask but answer might need a day or so as I am not at home at the moment ! Purchased items are shipped out fast !

Stephan 19 Jun 2013, 10:03

...and a nice metal frame with myodisc lenses :

Stephan Boos 19 Jun 2013, 09:06

a very nice classic look myodisc pair :

Stephan 17 Jun 2013, 09:04

listed this lightweight myodisc pair, perfect for everyday / allday wear :

Stephan 16 Jun 2013, 12:41

listed a furter striking myodisc pair :

gwgs 14 Jun 2013, 01:34

Various frames for sale here;

Stephan 13 Jun 2013, 06:07

listed some more lenti / myodisc glasses as this Aviator pair :

bordjepap 10 Jun 2013, 08:34

Also listed

a pair of oversize (huge) unisex plastic framed glasses with hi-index lenses about -7 to -8.

bordjepap 10 Jun 2013, 05:02


On 12th April I posted some information about some men's lenticular glasses that I'm selling.

Well, I've now completed the ebay process.

The prescription is....

Left eye approx: +26.00 -1.00 90

Right eye approx : +21.00 -1.50 90

The photos are slightly washed out; so I'll try to edit them or retake them later.

If you have any other questions, please contact me through ebay.

Stephan 01 Jun 2013, 01:23

..and the last small myodisc pair for the moment, very lightweight, easy to wear for fulltime glasses wear /GOC :

Stephan 31 May 2013, 12:42

listed two collections of 5 and 7 pairs like this :

Stephan 31 May 2013, 02:01

listed another lightweight myodisc / lenti pair, perfect for all day use !

Stephan 28 May 2013, 08:11

...and a lightweight everyday pair , perfect for strong prescription like this, if you want to use it all day long :

Stephan 27 May 2013, 16:23

and this green myodisc pair :

Stephan 27 May 2013, 07:41

listed some more thick and striking lenti / myodisc pairs as this gorgeous halfrim pair :

demws 25 May 2013, 11:11

Just introduced an auction for a very special pair of myodisc glasses with minus 33.5 dpt

Stephan 24 May 2013, 09:35

...and this fashionable blue pair :

Stephan 24 May 2013, 09:34

listed some modern frames with striking myodisc / lenti lenses (wide bowl) as this brown pair with metal arms :

Stephan 18 May 2013, 10:05

listed some authentic 60ies 7 70ies womens extreme myopic pairs of glasses as f.e. this rare lentilux :

dmws 18 May 2013, 02:51

jak: they are real prescription glasses, already used.

jak 17 May 2013, 13:07

demws, saw the glasses for sale, what is the history of them, are they new or real prescription glasses?

demws 17 May 2013, 11:10

Just introduced an auction for a very special pair of glasses with -33,5 dpt lenses.

Anthony 16 May 2013, 11:01

I see there hasn't been any recent posts about glasses for sale, specially myodisc ones. Anybody out there has any for sale!?


Stephan 12 May 2013, 07:21

listed a modern pair of -22.00 myodisc glasses , lightweight, wearable:

specs4ever 21 Apr 2013, 12:17

The decorative collectibles trick worked. I am likely loosing some potential buyers by not posting in the eyeglass frames for sale section, but what the heck, there glasses are collectibles to me.

I have added a few more pairs, and the link is here:

ms 21 Apr 2013, 00:16


MS 17 Apr 2013, 22:56

new offers:

Stephan 17 Apr 2013, 09:51

listed a pair of modern unisex LENTILUX glasses - my last lentilux pair :

specs4ever 17 Apr 2013, 09:22

I didn't specify that I wouldn't sell outside the USA. I will try to fix this later today if I can.

 17 Apr 2013, 09:17

You're not wanting to post these glasses outside the US? I tried to click on Buy It Now on one of them, but it wouldn't let me as I live outside the USA. Can you please amend this?

specs4ever 17 Apr 2013, 07:55

Thanks gwg. That is how I posted the original link but it was done while I was signed in. This time I didn't sign in

gwgs 17 Apr 2013, 03:14

Specs4ever - you've posted an incorrect link there as it asks you to log in when you click on the link - this will probably be because you've posted a link to your 'my ebay' account. Post a link of all your items by clicking on an item then clicking 'see sellers other items'.

specs4ever 16 Apr 2013, 20:00

Just listed a number of pairs of glasses from my collection on e bay. I used the decorative collectibles category in order to avoid the hassles from selling glasses with lenses in them.

gwgs 12 Apr 2013, 10:23

This may be more appropriate here, and I think is a rare find!;

I found this advert whilst looking through the listings on eBay - a shop advertising it's services as a Vintage Optical shop, selling all types of frames from the 50s through to the 80s, as well as offering to reglaze any glasses you buy, for approx 30.

To all those in London, or who live close by, we are the lucky ones, as its in Notting Hill. I will definitely be paying them a visit to have a browse through their wonderful collection. What a shop!!

Bordjepap 12 Apr 2013, 04:55


I'm in the process of "upgrading" my glasses and the new ones should be ready tomorrow.

So, I thought about selling the old ones. I'll ebay list them later, and add some photos.

The Frames are:

Boots TITAN 08M2 and 52-05-026 are the labels on the insides of the arms


Metal Frame size width (lenses and bridge) 120mm

overall width 135mm

Bridge width 17mm

Lens width 52mm

Lens height 25mm

Frames are black (I think) around the lens, the arms (135mm long) are brown and cream

Prescription information:

Left eye: -26.00 -1.00 90

Right eye: +21.00 -1.50 90

When I've sorted the ebay listing, i'll publish a link here.



gwgs 05 Apr 2013, 10:03

The seller detailed below has aviator style frames with +8, +9 and +10 lenses in for sale, for as little as 12.49 each (I'm not affiliated with them) but thought it would be worth a post as I've never seen plus lenses as strong as this for sale, let alone in over the counter reading style glasses as good for all those GOC wearers or plussie fans!!

Stephan 04 Apr 2013, 10:45

listed some more ebay items as this lot of 4 heavy thick myopic glasses :

2 more listings - that's all I offer at the moment !

Stephan 31 Mar 2013, 11:43

...and this authentic extreme pair :

Stephan 31 Mar 2013, 11:42

listed some of my specials on german ebay...

as this original 1980s pair of womens lentilux glasses :

Stephan 27 Mar 2013, 01:06

for all who are interested in authentic very strong myopic womens eyewear : i will offer some specials from my vintage (1970ies / 1980ies) womens glasses collection. Very strong ( up to -23.00) large pairs, Lentilux pairs, cockebottle pairs.

Will list the next few days on german ebay...

Stephan 23 Mar 2013, 10:17

... and a new highindexone :

Stephan 23 Mar 2013, 10:16

listed two pairs of myodisc glasses -

a vintage one :

Stephan 21 Mar 2013, 04:44

...and also a pair of vintage womens Kreislenti / myodisc glasses :

Stephan 21 Mar 2013, 04:42

listed a few pairs of thick lens pairs in ebay , like this one :

gwgs 11 Mar 2013, 11:44

Nice pair of thick lensed drop temples here for sale, with only several days left;

Moonshiner 05 Mar 2013, 18:52

Deleted an inappropriate comment and a related (orphaned) response.

Stingray 04 Mar 2013, 11:52

Ebay pulled my original listing because I dared to say prescription lenses in the title. Apparently they feel that glasses with lenses are medical devices that may bring harm to someone who improperly wears them.

In any event, I changed the listing a little to please them. Here is the new link:

Stingray 03 Mar 2013, 19:51

The thickest pair of glasses from my collection, yet with a rather mild prescription (-4.00), perfect for anyone just starting out with GOC and is looking for the thick look with not that much power.

The other pair is an oversize Laura Biagiotti frame with a power between -3.00 and -4.00. These would make great everyday glasses or sunglasses. Great sexy designer fashion eyeglasses:

 26 Feb 2013, 03:45

Various frames for sale here including a couple of real collectors items!;

ms 21 Feb 2013, 23:50

strong formlenticular glasses for female and more other offers:

Stingray 21 Feb 2013, 16:48

Here are 2 pairs of 1980's American Optical Eyeglasses with plastic aviator type frames:

Stephan 20 Feb 2013, 09:02

listed a lot of 3 high myopic pairs on ebay :

Stingray 18 Feb 2013, 13:29

I want to thank everyone on Eyescene for looking at the item I had for sale. I appreciate Moonshiner for allowing me to advertise something optically related.

Stingray 11 Feb 2013, 11:42

While these are not eyeglasses, they are certainly optical collectibles. It's an American Optical Co. turn of the century collection of optical screws in little glass vials. Kind of interesting.

Melyssa 10 Feb 2013, 09:41


I had more than enough trouble with the nose pieces from my two pairs of metal frames back in the 1970s, so I do not wish to relive that problem again. They kept falling out, making my nose red on the side until we could get a new piece for another temporary hold. When plastic frames returned to prominence, I bought them and have continued wearing them exclusively.

Soundmanpt 09 Feb 2013, 12:35


Really I am surprised that you don't like the adjustable nose pads even better than the solid plastic ones that you can't do much with?

Those are interesting glasses to be sure. My guess is they were quite expensive back in the day. Funny how now they would be considered trendy with today's styles. They certainly have a nice big viewing area.

Melyssa 09 Feb 2013, 10:03

Those drop-temples just may be bigger than any of mine! If it had been all plastic and without the nose pieces, I would have definitely been interested in having them.

Aubrac 08 Feb 2013, 12:11

Must be the biggest drop-temple glasses I've seen!!

DESIGNKLASSIKER - "LUIGI COLANI`s" Designerbrille der frhen 80er Jahre+++

SGS 07 Feb 2013, 05:58

CLASSIC BLACK FRAME ONE, -20D for lower GOC users

SGS 07 Feb 2013, 05:55

specially good for GOC mens commercial frame titum.

crazy low price for -30D!!!!!!...

SGS 07 Feb 2013, 05:54

Full prescription lenses(so heavy) plussie girls glasses with fantastic frame.

SGS 07 Feb 2013, 05:52

Still got one of this for sale, super thick glasses is more and more getting sources these days.

in 15% off now!!!

MS 03 Feb 2013, 14:20

since now are new offers of strong glasses (cataract + myopia):

gwgs 01 Feb 2013, 09:44

5 pairs of glasses of different varities and prescriptions put up for sale;

Stephan 25 Jan 2013, 03:04

Only three days ebay item :

8 pairs of stylish almost unworn pairs -8.00 sph / PD 65

Stephan 19 Jan 2013, 11:35

and a lot of 5 pairs - 15.00 listed for three days only :

Stephan 19 Jan 2013, 11:33

two ebay lsiting , only for three days !

as this lot of 7 pairs of -20.00 and -22.00 glasses :

ms 12 Jan 2013, 00:45

collection of mixed glasses - 10 kg

Konstantin 07 Jan 2013, 05:12

Some updates on album Glasses and lenses

SGS 17 Dec 2012, 13:45

Hi guys, long time without check out on eyescene, i had almost finished my collection of thick and high prescription glasses, in view the cost of lenses and labor sharply increased, not sure if can still get good price collection glasses for enjoy, but i will try, if later there are any new glasses made, will post here again, Merry Christmas for you all.

jb 15 Dec 2012, 07:59

just listed these great Alain Mikli glasses, about -4 if anybody is interested.

Tonylids 12 Dec 2012, 05:38

Sorry I'm unable to post the links but I have listed on ebay 4 pairs of mens glasses of between +12 and +18 some with prism correction (exact prescritions not known). Please check the following item numbers if you are interested:

230896422562, 230896424868, 230896428638, 230896429803. You can contact me at if you need any more information or wish to purchase any of these outside of ebay.

guest 12 Dec 2012, 03:28

nice - cool and sexy

MS 06 Dec 2012, 23:12

new offer of myodisc glasses - round lenticular:

rare and strong blended myodisc:

and for lover of strong plus - lentis:

and more; ended 16.December 2012.

On 9.December follwing more strong glasses.

test 30 Nov 2012, 01:42

JB 29 Nov 2012, 09:41

just listed these on ebay ....may be of possible interest ?

i wore these for about a year and they always drew positive comments

PHIL 22 Nov 2012, 06:00


ms 18 Nov 2012, 14:23

a lot of various glasses and some strong cataract (lenticular) glasses, strongest ca. + 17 dptr., look:

Stingray 06 Nov 2012, 10:56

Just posted a vintage pair of Claiborne metal frame oversize glasses from the 1990's. Very thick myopic lenses in the -6.50 range with very thick outer edges. Posted 5 large photos for your enjoyment. Take a look:

gwgs 05 Nov 2012, 05:05

Three pairs of stunning glasses being sold here.

Great for those high myopic fans!

JB 22 Oct 2012, 00:46

I have just listed these - 5.00 glasses if they are of any interest to you

Stephan 18 Oct 2012, 09:43

listed three extrem myopic pairs with striking lenses - as this pair :

michelle 17 Oct 2012, 07:54

Two pairs of glasses I've just spotted on eBay that seem to have rather strong lenses - one pair has -12.5 lenses, and the other looks similarly strong given the power rings, and lens thickness

Jimbo 08 Oct 2012, 12:47

Hi where can i buy -15 contacts online,tx

Stingray 07 Oct 2012, 19:30

I found these 1950's American Optical Black Eyeglasses which have now come back in style. They have glass prescription bifocal executive lenses that are around

-3.25 or so on top and a plus correction of around +2.50 on the bottom. The condition of the frames is great and they are very very clean. It comes with the original case from a Coney Island Brooklyn Optometrist from the 1950's.

Stephan 06 Oct 2012, 10:10

my "end of summer sale" : offering 8 packages of 4 or more pairs - only these 8 packages, that's it :-)

f.e. a package of 4 x -20.00 pairs :

italian 04 Oct 2012, 09:18

Frames and glasses on sale:

Please note shipping costs are not included.

Stephan 26 Sep 2012, 14:37

and this striking pair :

Stephan 25 Sep 2012, 16:10

listed this and four more pairs on ebay :

Stephan 07 Sep 2012, 09:18


sorry I don't have pics anymore - I don't keep pics of glasses I already sold.

4iiii 07 Sep 2012, 06:30


You had a -15 pair of ladies glasses,modern gold frame for sale recently,we can"t find it? About a week ago. could you post it again,even if its sold,please?

Stephan 06 Sep 2012, 04:41

listed this and some more pairs :

shipping within one day after payment, questions answered within a day.

Best regards

SGS 06 Sep 2012, 01:28

This golden thick glasses might be interested and sell with price not high.on Ali there would be more compatitive price to get these thick glasses.

Stephan 05 Sep 2012, 14:17

and this perfect pair :

Stephan 05 Sep 2012, 12:55

listed this thick lenti lens pair and some more :

Stephan 04 Sep 2012, 13:06

listed some thick and striking pairs of glasses :

Stephan 24 Aug 2012, 17:06

and another striking pair :

Stephan 23 Aug 2012, 08:29

...and a special frosted formlenti pair with strong lenses :

Stephan 22 Aug 2012, 00:44

and a very striking myodisc pair :

Stephan 21 Aug 2012, 13:40

...and listed some more extreme pairs like this one :

Stephan 21 Aug 2012, 05:12

and a nice light weight thick lens pair :

.. 19 Aug 2012, 10:03

there are some glasses guy too, one ot them rather cute. And also a mohawk wort looking at even without glasses, imagine him in a pair of minus 10 raybanz...

... 19 Aug 2012, 07:09

wrong thread...

... 19 Aug 2012, 07:08

British plussy

Stephan 19 Aug 2012, 06:12

listed this special pair and some others :

Myopic Grant 18 Aug 2012, 11:54


Would love to see more -10.00 to -15.00 available. :)

Stephan 18 Aug 2012, 06:23

@ poon - maybe I will list some more -20.00 piars the next days - but not stronger as I myself prefer to wear -15.00 or -20.00 pairs GOC

poon 18 Aug 2012, 02:47


Will there be the stronger nearsighted glasses?

ralph 16 Aug 2012, 02:33

would like to sell my designer sunglasses because my prescription changed brand (by police)

prescription L-5,5 cyl -1,5 R -6 cyl -2,0

original prize 430 euro or 528 dollars

Chris 15 Aug 2012, 17:09


Sorry i was on Business Travel the last few days, but i will send them as soon as very Sorry

Stephan 15 Aug 2012, 08:13

listed some authentic womens glasses from mid seventies, all with very strong thick CR39 or very heavy mineral lenses -15.00 to -17.00 , like this pair :

Stephan 10 Aug 2012, 12:31

listed some -8.00 specials like this :

 09 Aug 2012, 03:55

gwgs 09 Aug 2012, 03:31

Chris, when are you sending these photos, as I haven't received them yet.

David 08 Aug 2012, 15:07

Hey Chris do you think you could post some pics of them on imgur? or another free hosting site?

I only have the 1 email address that I use and loathed to put it up here, sorry.

There are other fans of plus on here so may help to sell too with pictures


Chris 07 Aug 2012, 17:00


About +5 i have 3 pairs

David 07 Aug 2012, 13:49

Hey Chris

how many pairs of + do you have over + 5?

Stephan 07 Aug 2012, 12:59

listed a pair which shows a significant minification / cut in - looks even much stronger than -20.00 even if a smaller and decent frame :

gwgs 07 Aug 2012, 08:30

Sure, it's pye1 AT (obviously replace the AT with @ ).

Chris 07 Aug 2012, 04:31

Hi gwgs

I will Take some photos and will send them to you but i need your Mail adress to so this


gwgs 07 Aug 2012, 04:16

Hi Chris, any photos? Would be interested in the myopic ones.

Let me know if you need further contact details, or if you provide yours I'll email you

Chris 06 Aug 2012, 17:16

I have 50 pairs of used girls glasses for sale.all Off them are original and used by different lady. Prescription from +8 to -12..

Someone interested in them?

Konstantin 06 Aug 2012, 15:37 New glasses in KAREL's collection

SGS 06 Aug 2012, 06:37

all these high myopic anavailable for a discount, please send email for a discount and order on Ali site. payment directly by credit card to Escrow, very safe.

Stephan 31 Jul 2012, 10:15

@ 4iii

I can add english text to the new listings if you want me... You can contact me via ebay.

4iiii 31 Jul 2012, 07:56


Is there any where we can read MORE about your glasses for sale in English,please? Can I have your email address?


Stephan Boos 31 Jul 2012, 05:18

...and a pair with rare kind of lens shape / cut :

Stephan 30 Jul 2012, 05:46

listed a collection of 4 pairs rare vintage authentic womens oversize glasses with thick myopic lenses :

Stephan 28 Jul 2012, 13:31

a stylish one with thick polished lenses :

Stephan 28 Jul 2012, 09:20

and a everyday -25.00 pair, slightly biconcave formlenti:

Stephan 27 Jul 2012, 11:50

..and a thick lens pair of sunglasses :

Stephan 27 Jul 2012, 03:46

...and a VERY stylish up to date coke bottle pair :

Stephan 25 Jul 2012, 02:44

listed a really rare pair : modern blue plastic frame wit Zeiss mineral glass myodisc lenses -20.00 , even if glass lenses very lightweight and perfect vision !

and two more thick power rings -15.00 pairs in my ebay

Stephan 22 Jul 2012, 07:00

also added some of my really thick -15.00 pairs as this one :

Lentyop 21 Jul 2012, 05:40

Maybe someone is interested:

Stephan 20 Jul 2012, 03:31

..and a pair with very obvious thick power rings :

Stephan 19 Jul 2012, 02:18

and a pair which makes a real strong cut in effect and very tiny eyes - appears even much stronger than -20.00 :

Stephan 18 Jul 2012, 08:17

listed some rare custom made specials on ebay as this frosted formlenti pair :

also some others with significant power rings, myodisc...

Owlish 17 Jul 2012, 07:59

I just spotted this ebay offer: 7 pairs of +lentis, some extreme.

It would be great if somebody could buy them and show photos of them being modeled, preferably by a pretty young lady.

Just a suggestion 8-)

Stephan 15 Jul 2012, 12:04

a highlight for collectors of vintage thick myopic glasses - 7 pairs from a german lady (I know it's a stereotyp but she used to be an unmarried school teacher). Rare collection with bifocal, trifocal strong myopic pairs, heavy glass lens pairs and thick plastic lens pairs with thick myopic rings... All lenses are in very good shape, some of the acetate frames lost a bit of colour brightness over the decades but all of them also very good technical condition. A really nice collection of glasses from a "lost era"...

Stephan 04 Jul 2012, 07:43

and some more pairs, also vintage 80ies pairs and thick ones like this :

Stephan 03 Jul 2012, 15:16

..and this thick lens half rim pair :

sgs 02 Jul 2012, 07:47

Put my affordable collections. they are unbelievable THICK!!!

Stephan 29 Jun 2012, 14:36

...and a very interesting and striking pair :

Stephan 28 Jun 2012, 04:45

...and a very nice (much stronger than -20 looking) pair of thick lens -20 glasses :

shipped within a day after payment, you get EXACTLY this pair, not a "about this pair", high quality work, exactly -20.00 not "about -20". Questions will be answered within 24 hours... normally this goes without saying - but not for all

SGS 27 Jun 2012, 13:57

All sunglasses listed in this store can be custom made as prescription sunglasses.

and the thick glasses category is

on the Aliexpress platform is very easy to use Moneybookers or credit card for checkout to Escrow, seller can only receive funds when buyer confirms receive. And all orders have tracking number. now the international shipping time is reduced, to Europe and USA around 15-20 days with low cost! Enjoy new way of glasses hunting!

Stephan Boos 26 Jun 2012, 02:12

one of my -15.00 pairs :

SGS 23 Jun 2012, 01:48

Easy to get thick glasses by checkout with Escrow(need buyer confirm of receive) enjoy your wearing!

SGS 21 Jun 2012, 04:20

Make this a really exciting Auction of MINUS FOURTY AVIATION GLASSES!!!

Stephan 16 Jun 2012, 03:41

... and this very striking up to date pair with thick -16.00 lenses :

Stephan 16 Jun 2012, 03:39

listed some more of my pairs - as this unisex -20.00 "coke bottle style" pair with unpolished lenses :

jay 14 Jun 2012, 12:02

very impossing glasses

Stephan 13 Jun 2012, 05:16

listed some pairs on ebay as this collection of three pairs -8.00 / -9.00 / -10.00 which I used for inducing myopia training !

interesting auctions 12 Jun 2012, 16:19

(not mine)

SGS 12 Jun 2012, 07:04

Send the only pair -40D glass material super myodisc on ebay auction. will send by EMS express for anyone on the planet.this is not an ordinary thing, do not miss out.

ms 10 Jun 2012, 23:21

more offers on ebay:

 09 Jun 2012, 19:03

Post deleted - inappropriate language

123 09 Jun 2012, 16:21

strong cataract glasses for plussie fans:

Stingray 07 Jun 2012, 20:32

Hello everyone. I just listed a pair of my wife old prescription Gucci Sunglasses. They have a -3.50 prescription in them. The temples are a tortoise shell look with an unusual design to them. Take a look:

ms 07 Jun 2012, 15:53

nww offers of strong glasses on:

- more follow on sunday

sydneyciderand the  07 Jun 2012, 08:39

and the -7 or so 7.50 PRADA .......


Sydneycider 07 Jun 2012, 06:54

My Ebay items (a few entries earlier) finish in 2 hrs .. just a reminder if anyone is interested.. i know they aren't massive rx purchases like the others here.. nice frames all the same :)

SGS 05 Jun 2012, 14:17

Never got a second same pair in the world as this is the hand made heavy double convex plussie glasses!!! the frame even need to be rectified to fit the lenses. not suppose to sell the glasses but put in store for enjoy.

SGS 05 Jun 2012, 14:14


sydneycider 31 May 2012, 20:15

Check these out. I'm seeling these to pay some college fees. :)

sydneycider 31 May 2012, 20:06

Greg67 31 May 2012, 06:21

Interesting auction I just saw on ebay.... nice myopic D&G glasses...

Stephan 21 May 2012, 07:56

...and the definitly last package of four pretty thick pairs :

Will let you know, if I sell some of my pairs again.

Stephan 19 May 2012, 23:13

...almost sold out !

three pairs with oval / cateye lenti lens look :

Stephan 19 May 2012, 06:32

...f.e this package :

Stephan 19 May 2012, 00:44

...okay, this really was it with very strong pairs now. Listed all I got...

like this package :

only some of my -8.00 to -10.00 pairs left which I will offer later

Stephan 18 May 2012, 12:02

...and as they were sold all today, three more listings. I guess enough for this month...

Stephan 18 May 2012, 09:47

Hello everybody, I am selling off my whole collection of women's and men's strong glasses as i decided to not collect anymore and just keep the few pairs I really wear ! Selling packages of 3 or 4 pairs as this :

If there are questions, feel free to ask ! But I am NOT a optician, i won't be able to make glasses , lenses , other prescription aso... Shipping within three days after payment - of course you get exactly waht you see in the pic and not "something like" that :-)

carlito 07 May 2012, 16:05

ebay number:


Stephan 06 May 2012, 11:12

for all who are interested in special and very strong minus glasses - listed a pair of strong glasses with hearing aids

will list some more maybe later on

Jarred 28 Apr 2012, 12:10

Some may be interested?

Lentyop 14 Apr 2012, 12:16

Maybe someone is interested:

High myopic lenticulars.

Stingray 19 Mar 2012, 20:30

I found this real interesting pair of eyeglasses with thick Base-out Prism lenses in them. I just listed them on ebay with a starting bid of only $5.00. Take a look (or a double look if you were wearing them!).

Thank you.

Carlito 17 Mar 2012, 01:47

Pete 17 Mar 2012, 01:21

Ultrasonic cleaner will take 95% of it off.

Some solutions will not bother the plastic parts.

Check with your supplier.

 16 Mar 2012, 16:39

Stingray, an ultrasonic cleaner, but you have to remove the pad

Stingray 16 Mar 2012, 15:48

Does anyone know how to remove the green crud that gathers around the nose pads and under the plastic on the temples on metal frames?

Tonylids 12 Mar 2012, 09:24

Hi, I have taken the glasses off eBay as there was not much bidding and it's only really worth selling if I net 30. I also have a couple of other pairs with varying prescriptions in Armani, Police and D&G frames which will be more expensive. If anyone is interested please contact me at Thank you

Tonylids 07 Mar 2012, 12:10

The glasses I previously posted have now sold. I have listed 2 other pairs with a buy it now option, they are eBay numbers 230757025607 and 230757035910. If I don't get much interest I'll probably remove them from sale and eventually get round to having them re-glazed with my current prescription so please don't leave it til the last minute.

Tonylids 05 Mar 2012, 07:04

I've taken these off of eBay as there didn't appear to be much interest. I'm after 30 to make it worthwhile selling the glasses. Please contact me at if this is of interest or for more information

For Tony 04 Mar 2012, 11:49

Hello... Could be interested with these kind of glasses...

But unable to find the right item.

Can you say more please ?

Tonylids 27 Feb 2012, 08:39

I'm not sure how I can copy and paste the relevant eBay page but I am selling these glasses that I have no need for. Please have a look at item number 230753439512. They are unisex (more mens I'd say) frames with a presciption of approx +18. I will be listing a few more pairs that I have never got round to re-glazing as my prescription changed.

SGS2012 26 Feb 2012, 09:34

WOW!! Listed again these FANTASTIC sexy glasses in discount price!!! what the prescription ever dreamed of !!

SGS2012 25 Feb 2012, 11:35

Enjoy these super high prescrition glasses up to -31D!!!

buy them using paypal and cover with the whole buyer protection system.thanks.

SGS 20 Feb 2012, 13:37

Tracy likes this red frame very much, and her prescription had increased to -24.5D for half a year and she had able to wear most of my myodiscs which I feel so dizzy when looking at them. just put for a 8.99 auction and give her 3 pairs more new ones for daily use. she like this way changing glasses as most girls do.

mc carl 17 Feb 2012, 15:41

check this thick glasses

phiLL 17 Feb 2012, 15:23

check out on

itemnumber 250998481217

SGS 16 Feb 2012, 05:19

Custom made contacts for GOC users from +10D to +20D, you can also call for a price as a best offer, but these are custom made, we are doing at our cost. thanks.

SGS 15 Feb 2012, 13:57

What a pair of precious crystals for mens GOC? they are top quality lenses with incredible prescription and antireflection green film on the lenses!

All categories 10% price off for new site promotion including thick glasses category.

Will have coupons regularly for registered members. Free registerig will bring a lot of previledges on my site. welcome to join as a registered member. all privacies are protected,as many years friends buy from my ebay,just be easy~

Stephan 14 Feb 2012, 14:15

one of my pairs with thick lenses and working hearing aids on both temples :

SGS 12 Feb 2012, 15:46

Black metal frame super high myopic GOC glasses -24D

And this one is almost the man's symbol the fine quality and handsome looking. just drag to the bottom add to cart then checkout with paypal for an easy ordering. the promotion will be end after valentines.

SGS 12 Feb 2012, 15:42

Men's full prescription double side convex high plus glasses -15

The full field lenses are so heavy that convex on each side looks gorgerous! this frame was left in a big foreign order from the frame factory, they are Euro stanbdard quality, I only have 3 kept now.

ds 12 Feb 2012, 11:35

goggles4u will do rimless lens replacement

Stingray 12 Feb 2012, 10:00

Does anyone know of an online retailer where I can send my new frames to? They are drill mount frames and the popular sites like Zenni & Optical4less will not do it unless I buy the frame and lenses from them. That kind of defeats the purpose. My only other alternative is to send the frames back to China where I got them. They are Silhouette knock-offs.

Stephan 12 Feb 2012, 05:26

a halfrim pair with thick and very strinking -20.00 lenses :

SGS 11 Feb 2012, 14:23

Also list on my ebay store, these are for customers who need a more secure way for glasses. in fact, my site is also safe for glasses, just click the checkout with paypal would be easier and teh site system are very advance for customer support.

SGS 10 Feb 2012, 11:02

Newly -19D thick myodisc listed, with with 20% off original price until Feb15th.

Stephan 10 Feb 2012, 10:53

and a really authentic sporty pair with striking lenses :

SGS 10 Feb 2012, 04:56

Ok, somebody took an order on my site for a pair of glasses just now, and successfully paid by paypal, it proves all the modification on my site with paypal payment without complex registeration is complete, buyers can simply add interested glasses to cart and choose direct checkout by paypal and I will ship glasses immediately to paypal address. If friends still worry trade from my own site, you can also go to my ebay store, but I will do less glasses on ebay than on my site, cuz I have to pay a lot to ebay when sales there, and I also paid a big annual fee for the site domain, so wish glasses fans can take preferable to my site. As most of members in eyescene know me for years that even sometimes unavoidable problems occurred, but finally we worked out and got solutions. I hope to continue the interesting glasses sales as they were all hand make glasses and elsewhere are rarely have my prescription sold, and I am not listing them for crazy price. I am thinking about -35D glasses but seems hard for the lab to make but still will have a try:)

Thanks for all support from friends for these years. hope to do more contribution to eyescene, if later eyescene runs a shortage of domain, I will consider to open a BBS on my site for eyescene. thanks for all!

SGS 10 Feb 2012, 02:40

As past days were doing optimization on the paypal check out modification, now very easy for visitors to click paypal checkout and make easy orders for glasses by paypal on my site, the price off period were lengthen from today to 15th of Feb, just for valentine's promotion, get the glasses for your girl~thanks.

Stephan 10 Feb 2012, 02:04

...or this one :

Stephan 10 Feb 2012, 02:02

another example of my listings :

SGS 10 Feb 2012, 01:43

Dear Robert,

As you bought a pair of black myopic sunglasses, and they are shipped out, I doubt they are jamming in the customs, sorry for a long time not delivered cuz the Chinese holiday, I nunderstand this order takes too long for arriving. So I decide to send again by express post to make you indeed received in a week. that should be SGS's guarantee. EACH ORDER WILL DEFINITELY BE FINAL DELIVERED, IF NOT WILL SEND REFUND FROM PAYPAL.ALL ORDERS ARE COVERED WITH BUYER PROTECTION BY PAYPAL.

Meanwhile,I had done the simplification of checkout by Paypal on my new site, buyers don't have to register or fill the complex forms, just add to cart and check out by paypal is ok. please don't worry, as we just do paypal payment, we don't do westunion or bank transfer, any orders are in paypal and we only ship to paypal registered address.thanks. glasses link as below,

Mister Roberts 09 Feb 2012, 23:55

I haven't bought on his new site, however I did purchase a pair in his last incarnation on ebay. In the past I was happy with the the eyeglasses he sent me.

A little worried about the last pair I had ordered during his last stint on ebay, paid by Paypal. They were ordered the first week of January. SGS stated that there was a vacation throughout China which lasts 2-3 weeks. Well, we shall see how this comes out. I'll give it another week and if not delivered I will dispute the charges through PayPal. He gives me the impression that China shuts down for like a whole month and can still out produce all the world's countries save the United States? I will see if my item has indeed been shipped or not.

Guest 09 Feb 2012, 18:26

Has anyone bought from SGS's new site yet? Any feedbacks?

Stephan 09 Feb 2012, 17:12

listed about 12 pairs of glasses -8.00 and -20.00 like this on german ebay :

Stingray 07 Feb 2012, 19:35

What do you think of these very ugly glasses I just put on ebay?

SGS 07 Feb 2012, 12:55

Seems the checkout and order procedures too complex on my site, I am working on the issue try to make function that just one page for check out for buying glasses on my site, think will finish this modification in 2 days, and will lengthen 2 days promotion price off since payment method more convenience and will get available for non registered users.~will upload more thick glasses on.thanks.

Stephan 06 Feb 2012, 14:53

If some people are interested in, I will list some -8.00 pairs with CR39 lenses on ebay on thursday Feb. 9th.

SGS 06 Feb 2012, 10:20

Promotion 20% off original price for thick glasses listings, whole catagory price off from Feb 6th to Feb 9th.

For promotion of my new site, and welcome friends to register as member of our site for more convenience shipping.

Soundmanpt 04 Feb 2012, 18:23

I. Glasses

Actually SGS is providing glasses that other on-line retailers don't offer. Most oft eh on-line retailers will only go up to around -20.00 so he is filling a need for those that need, or want stronger glasses. There are plenty of very good quality places that you can get glasses in rxs from -.25 to -20.00 for under $15.00. Some include "" and "" as well as others.

Chris 04 Feb 2012, 17:23

Hey guys.. Verkaufe getragene damenbrillen..alles strken von +8 bis -12. Kunststoff u Metall, high Index u low Index

Chris 04 Feb 2012, 17:20

Hey guys.. Verkaufe getragene damenbrillen..alles strken von +8 bis -12. Kunststoff u Metall, high Index u low Index

SGS 03 Feb 2012, 08:08

Yes, I have to consider some lower prescription ones.

I wanna ask friends if you can complete transaction smoothly using our site system, it seems there are difficulties in putting in birthday in the blanks, since I am testing my system, any one could give some help?

My skype is hkglory1 please add me and we can have a chat thanks.

I. Glasses 02 Feb 2012, 14:58


Your glasses are great, for what they are. However, they're too extreme for me, and I imagine for other people, too. How about making some up in more realistic prescriptions like -6, -8, -10 or so, rather than the -20 and -30 prescriptions.

SGS 02 Feb 2012, 11:16

Hi guys, today over 20 Pairs of very thick glasses posted in the directory of Special glasses, fortunately still have opportunty to offer these thick glasses at reasonable price for you guys, they are all hand installed, since technical labor price increased crazily, but we still offer a price not more than before listing on ebay.

Note: It's also buyer protected by selling on an independent site, we just want to reduce cost than ebay. click the item and pay with Paypal, that easy too~~

SGS 30 Jan 2012, 14:22

Happy new year friends,since quit from ebay, and got our website for business, and there is a category for special glasses as offered for years on eyescene, just uploaded one glasses but will be more. our team are going to supply more valuable items such as glasses and other items for friends.

Stephan 24 Jan 2012, 11:26

and a special round lens pair with very thick white power rings :

Stephan 24 Jan 2012, 10:29

listed a very feminin pair with cateyelenti lenses :

Stephan 18 Jan 2012, 09:50

a very nice every day pair with "cokebottle" lenses - striking but lightweight, perfect for longtime GOC :

Stephan 16 Jan 2012, 10:22

some of my pairs, just as I like glasses :

Stephan 08 Jan 2012, 13:38

also a variety of my -8.00 and -10.00 pairs for men and women :

Stephan 06 Jan 2012, 03:23

a very realistic, lightweight pair with strong -20.00 lenses.

A perfect GOC pair for all who want to wear very strong GOC glasses for a whole day long :

Stephan 04 Jan 2012, 17:00

a hot and outstanding pair for high myop women :

Stephan 03 Jan 2012, 02:54

a special pair for those who like to see the thickness of plano front lenses . half rim frame with open outside which shows the thick lens :

Wurm 03 Jan 2012, 00:00

Nice retro Etsy store:

Stephan 31 Dec 2011, 07:41

a very striking thick halfrim pair :

Stingray 30 Dec 2011, 16:35

I want to buy these glasses for my wife. They come with different color temples. I want the ones with white temples. This ebay seller is out of stock on this item. Does anyone know where I can get these exact glasses? They are Silhouette knock-offs (replicas). I was hoping SGS could help me, but I have not heard from him. Thank you.

Here is the link:

Stephan 30 Dec 2011, 08:08

and an authentic pair of very strong girls glasses with hearing aids on both sides:

Stingray 29 Dec 2011, 11:58

SGS: A suggestion for you. Register with a new user name on ebay in the United States. You can still use the same category you have been using before. Just don't mention the word prescription in the title or description. You can use the word strength instead and the numbers . For example you can write. Glasses have strength of -16.00. Everyone here on eyescene knows what that means anyway. I have sold eyeglasses on ebay many times. I have found that the majority of those that looked at the glasses and bought them were members of our eyescene community. You can still advertise here with the same results. I hope all works out for you.

Stephan 29 Dec 2011, 10:52

listed this and some other extremly striking and thick pairs, halfrim frames which show thick lenses as this pair :

SGS 29 Dec 2011, 07:58

Not available for listing any high myopic or plus glasses anymore on ebay for you guys...ebay said prescripion staffs are not proper for listing. and suspended my account. thank you all guys for your great support in the past two years and hope you enjoy glasses from SGS. Best wishes and happy new year to all friends!!

Stephan 27 Dec 2011, 06:21

and a really rare and striking pair with polished formlenti lenses :

Stephan 26 Dec 2011, 13:17

a very realistic thick pair for extreme myops, perfect for GOC for men and women :

SGS 21 Dec 2011, 10:13

Lentyop, pls drop me mail and I think my lab can craft the glasses for you.

This pair is really interesting.

Spexy 15 Dec 2011, 12:10

New listing on Ebay which might interest some.....

Stephan 14 Dec 2011, 10:59

sorry, no more blended myodisc pairs in my collection...

some myodisc pairs like this on ebay :

Crystal Veil 14 Dec 2011, 08:00


another option would be ms (Martin) from Germany who in the past sold several blended myodisc glasses on Ebay and always announced his auctions here on Eyescene.

Lentyop 14 Dec 2011, 03:23

@SGS and Stephan

I'm looking for a pair of lentilux/superlenti/blended myodisc glasses with an rx of between -16D to -21D. Unfortunately I couldn't find an online optician who can deliver this kind of lenses.

Stephan, don't you have a pair you want to sell?

SGS, could you craft a pair with the desired lenses?

Or does anyone know an online optician where I can find what I need?


Stephan 13 Dec 2011, 07:40

and a BuyNow pair , very lightweight but durable metal frame with thick -20.00 lenses :

Stephan 12 Dec 2011, 14:17

okay, really seems to work not correct...

So here is a single item link and you can switch to my other auctions from there :

 12 Dec 2011, 12:26

hi stephan

the ebay link does not apear to work.

Stephan 11 Dec 2011, 13:53

as eyescene closes down end of the year, this will finally be my last advertising of thick glasses for women :

I will probably sell a men's pair from time to time after this but these are definitly the last pairs for ladies/ unisex.

If someone wants to offer a BuyNow price you are invited to do so on ebay as long as there is no bid on it, i won't end items earlier than auction ends if there is a bid.

Merry christmas and a god time to all who bought from me.

SGS 08 Dec 2011, 11:39

Crazy auction!!! Crazy thick glasses. SGS brand will keep a good price and rare lenses.

Stephan 04 Dec 2011, 13:44

some rare pairs left from my collection - shipped the very next day after payment :-)

SGS 04 Dec 2011, 12:23

Auction for deliver Christmas!

Stephan 03 Dec 2011, 03:02

will start to offer my last women's glasses this sunday. There are about 20 pairs left between -16.00 and -20.00, most of them -20.00, after this there will be only men's glasses in future. If anybody is interested in buying all of them in a package please let me know at

SGS 30 Nov 2011, 12:42

can anyone see her eyes from the glasses?

this pair as strong as two bricks!!!

gwgs 30 Nov 2011, 05:06

Someone help this poor girl out, she's posted her -8.50/-9 glasses on about 6 different occassions on eBay, but no-one has bid, I asked what her prescription the first time she listed them as she said "the lenses are rather strong", but they're not really my, nor my girlfriend's cup of tea, but I'm sure someone on here would like them;

Here they are;

SGS 29 Nov 2011, 02:28

Tony, I can do custom made glasses according to your requirement, pls send mail including your specified PD and prescriptions to mail

Will do for you.

Everyone pls also check this pair, I got very expensive frame and special looking and done in super high minus for GOC.

TonyGB 28 Nov 2011, 16:08

Dear SGS! I am high hyperope with Rx +20dptr. Can you prepare glasses with lenticular/or full field lenses this power and given PD. Regards! Antony/ England

gwgs 28 Nov 2011, 04:34

I've posted several new offerings, all of which have their own individual charms;

Check them out at;

SGS 21 Nov 2011, 01:04

Isn't this sunglasses rare? they proceeded by a huge human work, and auction rfor low price for collection.

SGS 20 Nov 2011, 11:12

Ending soon.

SGS 19 Nov 2011, 09:50

Auction for thick pairs. get gradually clear the thick glasses for other products.thanks.

SGS 18 Nov 2011, 21:06

Glasses are fantastic and bidding price are extremely low!!!

Stephan 18 Nov 2011, 04:56

and a really striking pair for men and women :

MS 16 Nov 2011, 00:51

new offers:

SGS 15 Nov 2011, 23:22

Have ever seen -20D super high myopic glasses with sunglasses combination? get world top items.thanks.

Stephan 15 Nov 2011, 13:36

and another "astonishing" pair with very different lens power. About -8.00 left / -20.00 right. A pair with girls /teens size ! An authentic pair from the late 50ies early 60ies :

Stephan 15 Nov 2011, 13:32

a rare pair for collectors - with very special lens design :

SGS 14 Nov 2011, 23:09

Recently I had made many smaller PD glasses, as which shown below is 63MM, you can also specify the PD to make if you bid or use buy it now. PD is not a problem really.

This one we have PD from 61-67MM

JP 14 Nov 2011, 13:21


I'd love the pair below, but your PD's usually high - 68 mm - which is much wider than a typical European PD. Even if I could accommodate the Rx, a PD higher than about 62 mm would be tough.

SGS GWG AUCTION 14 Nov 2011, 11:08

WOW!!!!!!! Exciting&Passion low price auction for many high prescription thick glasses!!!! Get them for christmas!Thanks!!!

Good luck!

Stephan 13 Nov 2011, 09:12

offering some of my thick lens pairs with metal frame like this halfrim ones :

ms 12 Nov 2011, 00:50

more new offer:

SGS 11 Nov 2011, 10:58

Good news, These were very expensive glasses and I set them to auction from only 14.99GBP as 2011.11.11 activity!

check them out! These days the post speed are much higher than before, good time for glasses.

SGS 10 Nov 2011, 04:19

Let's gradually get the low price auction for extreme high prescription glasses.

Owlish 09 Nov 2011, 07:05

Strange antique strong prism glasses:

gwgs 08 Nov 2011, 08:35

80s pair of glasses for sale for Charity, with a starting price of 99p!!!

How can you go wrong?!!

SGS 07 Nov 2011, 22:57

Yes, we have in nerd black buddy holly frames with -31D glasses. would you send me mail

we can do custom made glasses or you can send requirements to the mail box.

This is really fantastic, the lenses are super thick!!!

 06 Nov 2011, 17:39

@SGS: Those -31D are incredible! Do you have any of that strength in large black Buddy Holly style men's frames?

Johnny 06 Nov 2011, 16:49

I have extra boxes of 6 lens each at +1.50 power, anyone know where I can list them for sale? I heard that eBay will not allow this type of listing.

ms 06 Nov 2011, 13:25

Aktuell sind heute einige gebrauchte Starbrillen / Plus-Brillen bei ebay angeboten. Weitere werden in den nächsten Tagen folgen (auch Brillen mit Minusgläser)

Currently today, some used cataract glasses / eyewear Plus are offered art ebay. More will follow over the next few days (also myopic glasses)

See here:

SGS 06 Nov 2011, 01:50

Just go the pair from a ;ady after myopic surgery, it's an old fasion frame.

SGS 04 Nov 2011, 11:01

Put these two pairs for auction game.Thanks.

John S 31 Oct 2011, 20:42

Several years ago, I bought a trial set. I bought a set on eBay, I believe the seller was in Ohio. The set came from a defunked chain store. He may have bought it at auction.

To properly use it, you would need a trial frame to place the lenses in. If you do not need cylinder, I guess you could just use the sphere lenses without a frame.

aviator -oo- 31 Oct 2011, 19:29

Has anyone here bought a trial frame lens set on-line? I see there are lots listed new on ebay but most sellers are in the US, whilst I am in the UK. This is no barrier really but any comments or advice would be welcome. This is the kind of thing I'd love to own:

SGS 28 Oct 2011, 23:33

Listed two precious pairs with very good frame, each one only have one pair.

Raybanz 27 Oct 2011, 17:39

Stingray and Gwgs: have a look at the frames in my collection which I'd be happy to swap...

gwgs 25 Oct 2011, 09:13

I've posted several pairs of glasses on eBay, they are of varying strengths, with one pair from Vogue having -9.75 lenses which are rather thick! This latter pair was up for sale previously, but the highest bidder didn't pay so they've relisted

Check them out at

chris 25 Oct 2011, 09:06


no, i don´t have pics..all pices are womens glasses, used..many forms, many brands

guest 25 Oct 2011, 05:05


Do you have some pics?

Chris 24 Oct 2011, 23:33

50 pices of used glasses for Sale.from +8,50 dptr to - 12,00..

Stingray 24 Oct 2011, 11:48

I just listed 3 electic pairs of eyeglasses on ebay. The first is an oversize Laura Biagiotti Frame with oversize lenses in the -3.50 or so range.

The next pair is from the 1950s and are classic cats eyes with bifocal lenses in them, probably around +1.75 to +2.00 on top with a +1.50 or so add.

The next pair is a blue metal hornrim Claiborne pair with thick 7mm lenses with an rx of about -5.25 or so. Take a look:


SGS 24 Oct 2011, 06:27

Many listings of high prescription glasses had been again cut off 5% for sales. check them out!

SGS 24 Oct 2011, 03:14



Stephan 23 Oct 2011, 15:12

striking thick "frames" for tiny myopic eyes :

SGS 21 Oct 2011, 12:52

Used girl's high myopic glasses for auction again.

Stephan 20 Oct 2011, 13:58

and some new very stylish pairs on german ebay like this one :

Stephan 20 Oct 2011, 01:19

a striking pair for nightlife :

Stephan 16 Oct 2011, 15:42

nice and striking vintage look high myopic glasses :

and some other in my ebay. all of them are perfect to be used as GOC glasses in public, don't look like fake.

SGS 16 Oct 2011, 04:30

Awful glasses! Looks thick and DIZZY!!!

SGS 12 Oct 2011, 10:14

Listed auction sales for thank support.

gwgs 12 Oct 2011, 06:27

I've posted several pairs of glasses on eBay, they are of varying strengths, with one pair having -9.75 lenses which are rather thick!

Check them out at

Like lenses 12 Oct 2011, 00:28

Something to keep your back up coke bottles in.

This is only the second one of these that I have ever seen on ebay.

Stephan 11 Oct 2011, 10:19

listed a very rare and striking thick and heavy pair of womens glasses from former USSR , early 70ies - must really been a torture to wear these :

Fuji34 10 Oct 2011, 16:44

Hey guys... check out these!!!

Stephan 09 Oct 2011, 14:01

also listed a pair of perfect sunglasses 65% tint grey :

SGS 09 Oct 2011, 08:54

Low vision aid glasses for myopic eyes higher than -35D

Stephan 08 Oct 2011, 13:14

listed some nice pairs like this very authentic formlenti pair:

Filthy McNasty 06 Oct 2011, 00:05

I would buy a pair of high plus glasses if they were not lenticulars.

Stephan 03 Oct 2011, 07:38

perfect high quality everyday glasses myodisc style, perfect GOC pair :

SGS 03 Oct 2011, 01:33

I had a bad adjusting of brightness when taking the pictures, but these glasses are far more beautiful than shown on the picture.

Like lenses 02 Oct 2011, 23:31


I can picture your -9.00 with cyl. lenses fit into these frames.In CR-39 of course!

Stephan 02 Oct 2011, 00:52

listed a very lightweight pair of striking myopic eyeglasses for men and women, perfect GOC pair :

SGS 01 Oct 2011, 07:47

Only one frame check them out. thanks.

GOCer 30 Sep 2011, 20:00

SGS: Could you also post dimensions (width, height, bridge) of the frames you are offering?

SGS 30 Sep 2011, 11:13

all I am using is 1.56 index lenses, the thickest would be 18MM.

GOCer 29 Sep 2011, 21:03

SGS: Do you have low 1.5 index lenses, and what is the maximum thickness they come in?

Stephan 29 Sep 2011, 15:37

listed some more perfect GOC pairs :

SGS 29 Sep 2011, 03:49

We had started custom made glasses plan to allow buyers for sending custom prescriptions a dn PDs for custom made glasses. just click this link on ebay and when buying send information of details then we will deliver the glasses acccordingly.

SGS 29 Sep 2011, 03:46

Just sen your best offer for your favorite style of glasses.Thank you.

Stephan 28 Sep 2011, 01:29

and one of my very comfortable everyday myodisc pairs - perfect for 24/7 GOC :

Stephan 27 Sep 2011, 13:26

listed this lenti / myodisc pair and some more :

SGS 25 Sep 2011, 19:58

These frames just have limited in quantity. Enjoy watching.

Stephan 25 Sep 2011, 10:29

listed two lots of men's glasses on ebay - 5 x men's glasses -8.00 and 4 x men's glasses -15.00 , also a cool pair of DIESEL 55 glasses with -8.00 :

Raybanz 24 Sep 2011, 08:08

I have set up a Flickr site to illustrate all the glasses and frames I have for swapping. Others will follow in due course. If any other collectors out there are interested, please have a look and get in touch...

John 24 Sep 2011, 04:35


I have a question.

What is your mailadress?

SGS 19 Sep 2011, 20:55

Stunning ones...

SGS 19 Sep 2011, 20:52

bracesfan, it's very glad to hear that you had received your glasses. and enjoy your play~

Stephan  19 Sep 2011, 08:57

listed two pairs of men's / unisex glasses with thick lenses -10.00 :

SGS 17 Sep 2011, 15:27

Back to some decades ago we saw lots of myopic women wearing this kind of glasses, Sooooo sexy!!!

Like lenses 16 Sep 2011, 13:08

Check out these Babies!

Stephan 15 Sep 2011, 11:29

for fans of 70ies and 80ies eyewear I listed a lot of 17 pairs of oversize frames for women. Most of them are never used, all of them very good condition - for collectors :

Stephan 14 Sep 2011, 00:44

@Nicky - of course, I ship worldwide

SGS 14 Sep 2011, 00:16

Worldwide shipping, good price auction!

Nicky 13 Sep 2011, 23:02

Stephan do you ship to USA?

Stephan 13 Sep 2011, 09:00

listed two very differing pairs :

Raybanz 10 Sep 2011, 10:49

Are there any glasses collectors out there who have spare/surplus frames with lenses which they might be interested in swapping? If anyone is interested, please contact me and I can e-mail you a list with pictures.

SGS 09 Sep 2011, 09:07

This on ewould be very nice for plus users.GOLDEN FRAME.

Tino 09 Sep 2011, 08:01


More mens plus prescription glasses would be nice.

Specs4ever 07 Sep 2011, 08:05

Not knowing what your optical store setup is like in China makes it a little hard to give a proper sugegstion as to what you might want to eventually do with your business SGS. But I am sure that you have learned a lot over the past couple of years, and this knowledge will serve you well in your future dealings with the American public.

WOuld it be possible for you to start small, and offer an option of getting glasses made in a person's real prescription such as Zenni Optical does SGS? If this is the business model that you want to follow, and tap into the American or Canadian market you could likely build enough volume to make it work. I know you take pay pal almost exclusively, but I wonder if you could get set up with Vias or Mastercard? This would help a lot if you could, as many people dislike pay pal - myself included.

And you could also offer the "specialty glasses' on a made to order basis, so that you would not have unsold inventory sitting around.

Crystal Veil 06 Sep 2011, 12:53


I feel the same way as specs4ever. I understand why you think about retiring from Ebay. All I can add is that many of the 15 or 20 glasses you supplied are still used in my photo shoots and that they really add something to the other glasses in my collection. Doing business with you has always been straightforward and honest. If you don't continue I wish you good luck with your regular shop. Thanks!

SGS 06 Sep 2011, 10:13

specs4ever,thank you so much for your understanding1 it really was, the ebay charges alot as I am usually be taken away 150USD per month and the "profit" can hardly reach the amount. and paypal takes a cut too.but in the past days I still can keep a continue by my real shop selling so there would be no big hardship for me to continue this selling. maybe I will change a way of selling by listing frames with custom made format, it takes time. no matter how I am going to do, I will still keep attention on this community, and I can be very very graceful by your good friends' best support and had alot of friends from the other side of the globe. I feel very content. Think will still try for a little longer to meet the need of this community, while time allowed, will consider to turn the ebay shop a more operatable store. hope all friends enjoy my glasses ever got from me, and hope this community will always be a good bay to relax.

stingray 06 Sep 2011, 08:43

my high power +12.00d to +15.00d lenticular glasses end tonight. Great pair for a GOC candidate.

specs4ever 06 Sep 2011, 06:25

I would be sorry to see you stop selling SGS, as you fill a certain need. But I can understand that if your inventory is not selling you are not making any money, and can't continue. People do not seem to realize that E Bay can be an expensive deal if things you list dom't sell, and even when they do sell, Pay Pal takes their cut.

It does appear to me that a few of the frames that you put lenses into and have tried to sell have not been selling. You have obviously made an error choosing them. And, possibly you have simply saturated this special market, I don't know.

I hope you are still around for a while, and that you will still be available to supply special items - eve if only on request.

Like lenses 05 Sep 2011, 21:13


SGS 05 Sep 2011, 19:42

If nobody likes my glasses anymore I will end up all glasses items on my ebay shop and change for other products.cuz too hard to continue since financial problem in selling this way.

SGS 05 Sep 2011, 07:56

New auctions, new glasses, fantastic ringGGGGGs.....Enjoy watching!!!

SGS 05 Sep 2011, 00:36

Nice glasses, so thick, thank you like lenses.

Look my pairs also, 0.99 auction might be exciting.

Like lenses 04 Sep 2011, 01:57

Check out these coke bottles!

 03 Sep 2011, 23:17

Yes, I agree. In fact as I had done a long time here and customers can do fexibility to advise their required RX and PD while they choose buy it now choice, just to send the additional comments in the message then I will do the glasses using the same frame with the requirement.

specs4ever 03 Sep 2011, 11:02

Part of the problem is that people want to see the finished product. Maybe what you can do is select a few frames that seem to be good sellers, put a pair of lenses in them, and display them on your site with 3 prices, the cheapest one being lenses under -20D, the next price being lenses between -20D and -25D, and the highest price being between -25D and -30D. If your display pair was -25D then people could figure out how what they wanted would look in the frame. You would have to tell the customer that shipping would take a little longer, and also that the customer could select their own PD. I think that if you did it this way you would not have very many pairs of glasses that were unsold, and you could reduce your finished inventory by quite a lot. And you could do something similar for plus lenses.

Just my thoughts on this as a satisfied customer.

SGS 03 Sep 2011, 10:25

I wonder if they can do higher tahn 25D. I also can put glasses frames on my store and let people to send RX and PD to make them, if you all suggest that way I will do it. the way would be better and it would face a larger market.

Like lenses 02 Sep 2011, 12:58


Please stop bragging that you have the lowest price.

Your prices are not buy it now,but rather based on the highest bidder.

There are other online optical stores that offer high prescription glasses at prices that meet or beat your auction prices.These stores allow the customer to choose their prescription,and they make them usable by making them with the PD,and you can select the frame style,and size.

SGS 02 Sep 2011, 09:46

Promotion!!! WOW!!! The price can't even buy a frame or lenses in the optical shop. While I remade these ones and send for under cost auction just to show how valueble to get glasses in my ebay shop!!!

This SGS is too bad!!! Every glasses seller in the world hates him, wanna ruin his business! but he will only sell the HIGHEST PRESCRIPTION!!!LOWEST PRICE!!! THANK YA!

Stingray 30 Aug 2011, 20:00

I just posted a pair of retro plastic eyeglass frames that are in style today. They presently have lenticular lenses that are in the +12.00D to +15.00D range. I posted 5 photos of the glasses so you can get an idea of the strength and thickness of the lenses in these glasses.

I also posted to ebay a pair of vintage Ray-Ban Aviator Sunglasses with prescription lenses in them. The lenses are bifocals with a mild +1.50 and a +2.00 add.

SGS 30 Aug 2011, 10:35

These days the shipping gets quicker, and send these pairs for best price auction, it's good opportunity to get these pairs,we guarantee a final delivery, honestly speaking the time will take 2-3 weeks as there are too complext international shipping. My frequence customers don;t have this worry cuz they know each time my glasses delivered.Hope friends can give me support of this business as before, and I will try my best to improve the service. thank you.

Moonshiner 28 Aug 2011, 21:42

A pair of new drop temples on ebay (not from me)

Stephan 27 Aug 2011, 05:25

I don't want to spam this thread with lot of advertising , but I listed some more pairs which are perfect for authentic look but attracting attention to an extrem myopic glasses wearer - perfect for GOC in public :

SGS 27 Aug 2011, 00:53

Bracefan, I had posted your chosen pair for free. thank you for your final solution.

Enjoyers, this one is very strange as I had never seen such style of glasses before.

Stephan 27 Aug 2011, 00:09

and one of my 2011 summer pairs - pretty extrem but authentic

LaulauFr 26 Aug 2011, 08:31

-25 myodisc

Stephan 25 Aug 2011, 08:00

another pair , perfect for GOC in public , realistic appearence , worn in public this pair will attract attention to a very high myopic glasses wearer but nobody would think about GOC/fake glasses...

bracesfan 24 Aug 2011, 16:17


I managed to open the mail yesterday. The attachment was too big to be easily opened.

I really would be pleased if this deal was made. I will write you e-mail immediately.

SGS 24 Aug 2011, 09:54

thank you, I hope bracefan can take my solution and reply the interested pair quickly and I will send them for compensation. I guarantee each glasses sold in the future will be delivered within 20 business days, otherwise will issue a refund. I had another talk with my shipping company to do the shipping faster.


specs4ever 24 Aug 2011, 06:06

Well, it seems like we have come to a very reasonable solution to end this problem. SGS has offered to ship a replacement pair of glasses at no charge to Bracesfan.

Hopefully the 2 of them can get together and end this problem.

SGS 23 Aug 2011, 22:30

Bracefan, As I already sent you emails including the glasses available and you should choose one from them and I will send them for free, but you still atalking here.what is your real aim??

bracesfan 23 Aug 2011, 15:38


I'm hardly a person to answer such a question. You would rather have to ask him ...

Wurm 23 Aug 2011, 13:14

If you look at the feedback on SGS' ebay account, about 5% of his transactions have a problem and generally he's not very good about followup.

He's a deep discounter and he'll mail anywhere in the world. He says he's just doing it for fun and perhaps the customer service followup isn't fun so he doesn't do it. I also suspect that shipments to certain countries are more likely to end up disappearing in customs or in postal handling.

Whatever the case, sometime you get a bargain and sometimes you don't. With SGS it looks like your odds are pretty good, but sometimes you will lose.

bracesfan feels like he got burned, and I don't blame him. But, bracesfan, I do agree with Jo in this regard: at some point you might chalk up this affair to experience and move on.

Jo 23 Aug 2011, 09:42

since you are still at it, you may want to then reflect on why you seem to be one of the very few persons who has such a bad experience with SGS.

bracesfan 23 Aug 2011, 08:21


I didn't seek sympathy, I tried to warn all glasses friends against SGS's dishonest behaviour. I hope that you will understand that. If there is something to reflection that's only why my only negative experiences were with Chinese sellers ...

Stephan 23 Aug 2011, 02:13

listed some custom made special pairs with different myodisc style lenses or thick powerrings :

Moonshiner 21 Aug 2011, 08:32

I don't think she can see through these:

SGS 21 Aug 2011, 03:57

Used and new pairs, Crystal veil, I have kept some more pairs for photo shootes, will putting on later from my collection.

Jo 19 Aug 2011, 04:18

Unfortunately, bracesfan, the way you came across was pretty hostile and sweeping statements about Chinese didn't help to get sympathy votes. I am a Chinese myself, though not from native China, and I cannot help but feel offended at times when your remarks were made. There are crooks everywhere, even in your own country. even your dearest people. And since we are all glasseslovers, it doesn't help to start calling names.

Ted 18 Aug 2011, 14:11

Hello SGS, nice glasses. Can you take your glasses on your model head. It looks much better. Your glasses are the hottest in the web.

bracesfan 18 Aug 2011, 13:25


I can hardly trust you after all those problems. But I am still willing to make that original deal. You should know my address and my choice. If not, it is

Write me and I can repeat my choice.

bracesfan 18 Aug 2011, 13:21

Sorry for those strange characters. They were made by copying into ES.

bracesfan 18 Aug 2011, 13:18

To Clar out the situation about SGS.

Firstly, I didn’t mean to offend anybody but those who are concerned. I’ve had two experiences with purchase from Chinese sellers and both of them deceived me.

Secondly, Puffin, I tried to solve it on ebay but as I said I hadn’t known about dispute before so I had a bad luck. Shortly, nobody from ebay bothered to answer me.

Thirdly, Specs4ever, once again thanks for your reasonable and wise approach to this problem.

Really, I’ve been a member for many years, not talking much but yet very much into glasses.

I’ve got many pairs with very special combinations made by my friend optician. But they are not cheap so I appreciated SGS’s offer. The following is exactly like the thing was running:

On January, 24th I paid 23 GBP by PayPal.

After 3 weeks of having not received the glasses I contacted SGS and he replied that he had dispatched it but there would be short delay because of spring festival holiday.

After further delay on March, 1st and 2nd he replied to my worries that the item is currently under transfer and if not delivered he would send me two pairs as a refund. Then he even posted me photos of glasses that were available.

Since I suspected him to mismatch the address, I repeatedly enclosed it in my mails.

Because nothing arrived, I let him know and in the beginning of April he suggested to send me as a refund three pairs for the price of two. We made an agreement on it and I sent him my choice.

Shortly after that I begun to have problems with contacting him. Nobody responded on either address I had written him before. It went on till the beginning of July, when he finally responded and very clearly wrote “…and after the delivery you can send payment.“

On July, 21st out of the blue he begun to demand a half of the price for those three pairs beforehand.

I strictly refused to do that – could anybody think that I would be such a fool to send him another money without receiving anything ???

He then specified his proposal offering 3 pairs for the price of 8 GBP per pair and 8 GBP shipping – I again refused to pay anything beforehand because I had already paid him

23 GBP.

But as a compromise I suggested that he would send two pairs and after my payment he would send the last one.

What follow was only very unfriendly approach claiming I am threatening him and that he had already sent me a refund, which is clear lie.

This behaviour only assured me that he didn’t intend to send me anything. While I have all mails and even PayPal receipt, SGS has nothing and only goes on in lying and making lame excuses.

I was willing to settle this thing because I would like to have his glasses but SGS from some strange reason wasn’t. So I received neither money nor material refund from him.

I hope I will be understood that I had no other possibility but open this thing on ES and warn any possible sellers that they could be another victims of this dishonest behaviour.

I really wouldn’t have any reason to complain if I got what I had paid for …

SGS :) 18 Aug 2011, 11:53

Thank you all for your great support!!!

I will don't care if some people saying bad words to me, but I still want to find a solution to compensate to make them satisfied. Bracefan, I accept to send one pair of glasses for free,you can send me email and tell me what pair do you want. I expect in the coming week I can list more new design high prescription glasses. if friends like I will do. the price will as usual not exceed 25GBP.

Enjoy your glasses and enjoy your life!

Auction for thank friends.

GoCcer 17 Aug 2011, 22:31

I'll vouch for SGS, too. Two shipments timely received.

Puffin 17 Aug 2011, 18:45

I mean, I or even someone using my name could come here and say I bought 10 pairs of glasses from someone, and they didn't come, grrr don't use them or perhaps they all come quick marvellous, whatever, and nobody can tell what the truth really is (actually I haven't bought any).

At least on ebay/paypal you have to give a name and password, and have a funding source. You should give feedback and it's a bit more formal than going on and on here.

Not that someone might have a valid complaint, but be aware anything said here is potentially fake.

Puffin 17 Aug 2011, 18:34

There is an argument, that I think has some merit, that we should not be discussing or complaining so much about ebay sellers here, or if we do, perhaps take it with a pinch of salt - there is a place for these opinions already, it's called ebay and I think it is fairly well regulated for that purpose. If you have a problem with an ebay seller, complain there and hope people are wise enough to read it, take note and and if the problem is really bad, perhaps go elsewhere or just not bother.

It's not that all discussion should be confined there, it's just that a false impression could be built up here without any counter argument, and remember people can say things here without registering and often pretend to be someone who they are not.

specs4ever 17 Aug 2011, 07:37

Oh man, I hate to get caught in the middle. Personally, I have been sucessful in receiving everything from SGS that I purchased, and I have been quite satisfied with what I have received. But Bracesfan has been a long time member of this comunnity, and I feel that a problem with one of us is a problem with us all, so I took a stand.

I can see where this is a long festering dispute, and I am mystified that SGS has not managed to rectify the situation in the same manner that he quickly did with me when I was disatisfied with one pair that I got. Is it a language problem? Is it that no matter what SGS offers it isn't enough to satisfy Bracesfan? I don't know, but I do care enough that I would like to get this settled in order that everyone can be happy again.

It was my impression that Bracesfan ordered but did not receive what he purchased, and that after repeated contacts SGS would not fix the problem. But SGS claims that he has refunded the purchase price, but Bracesfan still wants the glasses shipped and will not pay again.

In order that I can honestly take one side or the other, I woudl love for Bracesfan to state his problem here in simple terms without any negative connotations. And if he is willing to do so, on this website, in full public view, then I trust that SGS will give his answer to the problem to his best ability. Then possibly those of us who do care can help this situation come to a happy ending.

I can't blame someone for being unhappy that he didn't get what he paid for. Nor can I blame a merchant for not wanting to give away something for nothing. SGS supplies inexpensive glasses with strong presciptions for the benefit of this community, and from the support he has recieved it appears that he has far more satisfied(me included) customers than he has disatisfied customers.

Crystal Veil 17 Aug 2011, 04:55


if you want to see six glasses that you sent to me over the last year, have a look at the photos Christien 081-099 on

I hope to use some more of the two dozen glasses you supplied in another photo shoot which is scheduled for tomorrow.

Keep up the good work, I hope to order from you again in the future if you have new glasses with plastic frames which are different from what I ordered in the past. So far, the glasses by Depai, Lin Wei and Tiaotiaotu gave the best results during my photo shoots - and of course, the Snowy Princess :). It helps if the lenses have anti-reflective coating. The Depai glasses were the best in that respect.

Sgs 17 Aug 2011, 03:30

Thank you mark and moonshiner.I believe not only you but many others know how my items were and how my service were. I hope people can understand this kind of glasses selling is of international trading there are many circles to deal with especially the customs, for many many times the items being delayed was because the custom examine the glasses or there is a long queue in the customs. As a seller, I understand many expectations from buyers. But, the seller is not the one who always should suffer from attacks and threatning. If some customer who force me to do anything or threatenning me to fire bad words on eye scene, I will let you do. I am not do the business for the business. Just making friends. Those who just want to do the dirty tricks, pls get my refund and never wanna see you in my store. Thank you very much for guys who gave me great support!.

Moonshiner 16 Aug 2011, 17:41

I have had no problems with SGS’s glasses and have purchased several. I have also had no problem with Paypal and would recommend it over any other payment method for ebay because you can file a claim through them if you are not happy. You can’t do that with a check or money order. I purchased a $300 item on ebay (not glasses related) that the shipper packed poorly resulting in it being destroyed in shipping, Fedex didn’t cover it because of bad packaging, Paypal issued me a full refund including shipping, I think they in turn collected it from the sellers account. I am waiting now for the first pairs I have custom ordered from him, I’ll let you know how they are when I get them. I do expect them to take longer being custom though.

Mark 16 Aug 2011, 14:54

Just to add to this.

I've ordered a total of 4 from him with no problems, one was delayed but it was later found out that customs opened it (it was no more than 6 days late).

Each time i've told him exactly what i wanted and he's gone out of his way to accommodate what i wanted and the questions I've asked even if i didn't end up buying anything.

The prices aren't that high (although sometimes random) i'd suggest giving it a go and make your own minds up. If they do turn up then you'll likely be happy with them like I was. If not then you're only out of pocket a small amount and you have the answer.

Just my input.


SGS 16 Aug 2011, 13:23

If I have something faulty, just my fault, just call my problem, not "these Chinese" Pls just send critical words to SGS. I will bear all the bad reputation.thank you.

SGS 16 Aug 2011, 13:21

Bracefan, as you want me to ship more glasses with nothing prepayment, that totally unacceptable. I accepted your refund but you still insist on your glasses post with no payment, I have to say if you want to post anything on eyescene. I accept my loss, but unavoidable there would be problems as long as there are tradings.

I trust most buyers receive good result from me, and I did refund for those were not delivered. Will not do any explaination, like said, if bracefan want to ruin my reputation just post anything you want.I just sell glasses for fun, nothing else important.

Wurm 16 Aug 2011, 05:07

Filthy, I think bracesfan writes English as a non-native language and may not be aware of the subtle differences conveyed by writing "these Chinese" vs writing "the Chinese" or just "Chinese".

varifocals 16 Aug 2011, 04:35

I will not use SGS because of his obsession with Pay Pal which has been having its own problems.

So I have gone elsewhere.

Your loss SGS

Filthy McNasty 15 Aug 2011, 22:07

"These Chinese?"

Tell us now that you are not a bigoted little sphincter-muffin.

bracesfan 15 Aug 2011, 14:01

Warning against SGS

Thanks for supportive words, specs4ever ...

I think that support from someone so famous as you are can help very much in an effort to protect everybody from SGS´s activity.

I find it very sad that anybody can abuse our hobby for his own dishonest enrichment.

He just abuses the unknowing of those who are new on Paypal and don't know about dispute ... He procrastinates our waiting making lame excuses till those 45 days are over.

Those who know may be lucky and get their goods ...

I decided just for myself not to purchase something from these Chinese. I made it twice and both of them cheated me. The Chinese not only pirate western goods but are totally untrustworthy. European and American sellers are dependable much more - they are fast and solid - I haven't had any problems so far.

I hope the only way for us to stop his "business" is to join and never purchase anything from him and warn anybody new here from him.

I can get everything I need from my friend optician - though more expensive it's safe and first-rate.

Once again thanks ...

CB 15 Aug 2011, 09:16

I have had nothing but good results from SGS, including prompt shipping.

specs4ever 15 Aug 2011, 06:39

I personally was always satisfied, but in light of the recent problems others have been having I will heed their warnings and not purchase from him anymore.

private 14 Aug 2011, 23:51

I hope again to offers from Stephan or ms_2109 - that's always been ok.

FooledBySGS 14 Aug 2011, 16:32

Hi Everybody,

I also want to warn you against this SGS. He is the world best liar. The only thing he undertands, it is when you open a dispute on PayPal! So, if you ordered something from him and it is late for delivery or the items don´t match with your order ----> Don´t hesitate to open a dispute on PayPal. Don´t believe him NEVER (he just lies to save time), remember you have only 45 days to open a dispute, after it´s too late.

bracesfan 14 Aug 2011, 14:51

I strongly warn everybody against this SGS.

He is nothing but liar, deceiver and thief.

I paid him through paypal - nothing arrived. He prevaricated talking about some asian holiday but still nothing arrived. With big difficulties I caught him by e-mail. Again he was making lame excuses but eventually promissed to refund by another glasses. Still the same story - nothing arrived.

Finally he kept requesting another money just for sending the refund.

Cause I know from other guys they have the same experience with him - sometimes he mixed up glasses but often sent nothing - I warn you - save you money and nerve and don´t buy from this crook anything !!!!!

SGS 09 Aug 2011, 22:44

Price very good, just get your interested pairs for enjoy your holiday. thank you.

Stephan 07 Aug 2011, 14:09

Some more summer myodisc glasses, perfect for realistic GOC look... for men and women

this one and some more :

SGS 01 Aug 2011, 06:08

wow!! 0.99GBP auction !!! really thick glasses !!!

Enjoy your bidding!

Stephan 31 Jul 2011, 13:46

listed some pairs of thick glasses on german ebay.

f.e this pair with thick power rings... :

SGS 30 Jul 2011, 05:10

Price down, enjoy the fantastic thick staff in the good symmer day!

SGS 27 Jul 2011, 22:09

Sorry, I just accept paypal, asyou can link your visa to paypal then you can do the payment.

varifocals 27 Jul 2011, 12:16


do you take visa?

SGS 27 Jul 2011, 11:37

These glasses with ssssssssuuuuuuupppppppeeeeeeerrrrr

thick lenses are marvelous!! enjoy watching.thanks.

bracesfan 26 Jul 2011, 13:49


Still waiting for the response to my mail concerning your last proposal ...

SGS 25 Jul 2011, 06:48

Still waiting for the response to my mail concerning your last proposal ...

SGS 24 Jul 2011, 06:16

New listings for Men's GOC. Top quality frames each only one in storage.Thank you.

SGS 23 Jul 2011, 02:37

Sun glasses type high myopic glasses both for men and for ladies.Price is good.thank you.

varifocals 21 Jul 2011, 09:15

a 16 year old from South London have been arrested in the Pay Pal scam.

varifocals 20 Jul 2011, 09:47


As I have said before I am willing to buy your glasses but will not usw paypal.

your loss.

SGS 20 Jul 2011, 09:44

I always found an insecure of paypal, but this is the easiest way for my customer to pay and we can do the transactions equally, so I am still using it, as long as my buyer pay for my item, I will send it. and I will leave no more than 150USD in paypal, so there is no much to worry about. anyway, thank you very much!And I wanna hear more voice to the sunglasses type high myopic glasses. if people like I will do some more.

Varifocals 20 Jul 2011, 04:10

SGS. I see from the news that in the USA Pay Pal which you usw has been hacked.

Rather difficult & insecure.

SGS 20 Jul 2011, 04:06

My email address is

For custom made glasses pls send me mail thank you.

SGS 18 Jul 2011, 12:59

I sent you my choice, but your mail address seems not working. Pls, post another one which is OK ...

SGS 17 Jul 2011, 11:06

Relisted for friends who missed them. I will try my best to improve the shipping time as not to make a long waiting.thank you.

Guest 17 Jul 2011, 07:18

post deleted - banned user

Krieger 16 Jul 2011, 23:11

@lindwurm the phrase is "Calladita te ves más bonita", just thought you didn't know Spanish

lindwurm 16 Jul 2011, 17:15

post deleted - banned user

lindwurm 16 Jul 2011, 16:48

post deleted - banned user

Krieger 16 Jul 2011, 14:17

@lindwurm you troll, some of us enjoy seeing them, if you don't, we have a saying in Spanish: When you are silent you look nicer... I doubt that to be the case, you can only wish for it...

lindwurm 16 Jul 2011, 12:36

post deleted - banned user

Owlish 16 Jul 2011, 09:24

I just came across these French classic myodisc glasses:

SGS 16 Jul 2011, 00:56

Minus 21D lenses with girly frame dried black for summer use. very hard to find elsewhere.

Stephan 15 Jul 2011, 09:03

listed this lot of 4 thick -8.00 men's glasses and some more glasses for men :

SGS 14 Jul 2011, 10:43

Best design, best quality. Huge and really thick rare prescriptions!!!

bracesfan 12 Jul 2011, 13:15


still waiting for your mail ...

Did you mean it seriously ???

SGS 12 Jul 2011, 09:18

As I talked to shipping company that will ensure a faster delivery. listed 5 new pairs for enjoy. thank you.

Stephan 11 Jul 2011, 08:09

my actual listings :

bracesfan 09 Jul 2011, 13:58


I sent you mail with specification at If it is working, you must have received it.

You can also contact me at:

This one worked before.

SGS 09 Jul 2011, 08:13

Bracefan, pls send me mail again and as soon as I get the mail will revert you the details.

these are new listings.

bracesfan 07 Jul 2011, 13:44


it is nice to hear but everything will be OK only after I get them.

I have just sent you mail at as before. Hope you will get it OK - please respond immediately. If not, i will send you my mail address afterwards.

SGS 04 Jul 2011, 21:42

I can contact my lens manufactufre for making them up to -33D drop me mail

Thank you.

Mark 04 Jul 2011, 15:33

Hi all,

I'm looking for a pair of lenses (both the same) at between -30 and -32.

Preferably uncut or large lenses that can be cut down. Non bi-concave preferably, small bowl flat front myo's are fine.

Anyone able to help?

Looking for someone who has them for sale / can get them / can tell me where to get them



SGS 04 Jul 2011, 07:34

The pairs are in a short time to end up. we will guarantee a faster delivery from now on. thank you.

SGS 03 Jul 2011, 19:43

Bracefan, your words below do trace me to some deals that had not proper solved. I show my deep aplogize to you, there was my carelessness that made you suffered from the hard situation. I also misunderstood you that the one who get my glasses without paying is not you. sorry. pls drop me a mail about your said transaction for reminding me, I will of course send you with right pairs.

bracesfan 03 Jul 2011, 14:09


you are completely wrong. Don't try to fool people.

I have got only one nick from my beginnings on Internet.

I bought and paid one pair of glasses in January 26th - through Paypal - and I still have my receipt. You didn´t send them and made lame excuses about China national holiday. Then you promised to refund them by sending three pairs with my payment for two pairs on delivery. Once again you sent nothing.

I have got all receipts and all mails from you.

Do you still want to claim you are fair ??? I can prove everything, you can' t ...

I do not want to solve it on ES, you still can keep your promise and send ordered glasses. You know my e-mail.

But till that I really feel that I must warn everybody against your unfair behaviour ...

Soundmanpt 03 Jul 2011, 10:50

Mister Roberts

That can be caused by going through customs. Sometimes they are pulled and it will add even more time.

Mister Roberts 03 Jul 2011, 09:44

I haven't had any problems on my four orders from SGS, other than the 2-3 week delivery time from China to California, which I do not believe is his fault.

Always interesting to see offerings from all sellers than none at all.

SGS 02 Jul 2011, 23:32

Moonshiner, thank you for your great trust. as for many deals, and for the reason of my holiday, many shipments had been delayed. Anyway, each transaction will be final delivered as I am not the first time selling glasses here. it's estimated over 200 glasses delivered globally.and providing strong glasses had been my favorite thing.

just want to speak to everybody, I am staying in my position to run the glasses business again, if you like the glasses and trust me ,I am happy to supply glasses, I am terribly sorry for sometimes shipping delay. but I will guarantee each glasses been delivered.

Bracefan, I think you using mutiple ID here. pls remember, you ordered 5 glasses from me, without paying anything. pls work your head who's gonna be the real thief.

Moonshiner 02 Jul 2011, 16:51

I have not had any problems with multiple orders from Stephen. A discount on shipping for multiple pairs would be nice since the shipping company doesn't charge full price for subsequent pairs shipped with the first.

bracesfan 02 Jul 2011, 16:08

Once again i warn everybody against this SGS.

I can't understand him still advertising while he deceives and steal money from buyers.

He is nothing but liar, deceiver and thief.

Mind for him and save your money - don' t purchase from him anything !!!!

Stephan 02 Jul 2011, 08:49

for people who are still interested in strong glasses...

I ship the very next day after payment and you get the original pair which is shown in the auction pics :

SGS 02 Jul 2011, 05:13

WOW! Here comes 4 new pairs for low price auction!!!

Bestygeezey 30 Jun 2011, 23:10

still trying to sell these glasses. please contact me on my channel if anyone is interested.

Astra 29 Jun 2011, 13:27

Not surprising to me.

Indeed, in China, law is often not enforced. Unless you conflict with the interest of the bureaucrats or military.

The lenient health care regulations are made to protect the interest of bureaucrats.

Consumer mistrust in China is pervasive.

Some Chinese would like to seek for imported goods, including eyeglasses.

Wurm 29 Jun 2011, 08:55

We're off topic now but I think this thread has jumped the shark anyway.

Lenschat is administered and hosted by someone else, but long ago I did have a rudimentary chat with that name on here. Maybe a new Eyescene will start up after this one shuts down. Heck, I'd even help moderate some part of it like a frame fashion topic.

I'll leave it at that before I start waxing maudlin.

Puffin 29 Jun 2011, 08:38

is this what we are reduced to here? :-(

ehpc 29 Jun 2011, 07:48

Racist comments are indeed appalling. I sympathise with Wurm's desire to close down. A great job you have done over a very long period Wurm. Perhaps Lens Chat will remain open - I think that is under 'different management'?

Wurm 29 Jun 2011, 06:21


Giving feedback on transactions is encouraged but please don't post broad racial generalizations (the "foul" comment). Regardless of how true you might think it is posting that here isn't going to help anything. Keep it to the facts.

bracesfan 29 Jun 2011, 06:01

Crystal Veil,

good for you. But as far as I know there have been more cases like mine. It all happened well before his holiday, so it is not the reason. If he was so fair like you say, why hasn't he reacted yet ???

These Chinese are foul - I purchased once before from somebody else and he stole my money as well ...

Crystal Veil 29 Jun 2011, 03:59


sad to read about your negative experience with SGS. The strange thing is that my own experience with SGS is quite good. Over the past year I ordered at least ten times and each time the glasses arrived within two or three weeks. On one occasion, customs delayed the arrival with a couple of days and I had to explain some details to them on the phone before they sent me the package. SGS seems to be a small business, run by one man. So if he is on holidays, there is no customer service. The notification about his holidays was not very clear so I wait until he has new offers. I can't imagine that he will not give you a refund or another pair of the glasses you ordered - he is quite keen on receiving positive feedback. Try again. Good luck!

Missing the point 26 Jun 2011, 09:41

post deleted - troll, multiple usernames

bracesfan 23 Jun 2011, 06:54

I strongly warn everybody against this SGS.

He is nothing but liar, deceiver and thief.

I paid him through paypal - nothing arrived. He prevaricated talking about some asian holiday but still nothing arrived. With big difficulties I caught him by e-mail. Again he was making excuses but eventually promissed to refund by another glasses. Still the same story - nothing arrived.

Cause I know from other guys they have the same experience with him - sometimes he mixed up glasses but often sent nothing - I warn you - save you money and don´t pay this crook anything !!!!!

JP 19 Jun 2011, 12:16


Thanks for posting your links. You've got some good frames and lenses there, but I do find your measurments are too far from what I need. If I'm going to have any chance of enjoying these glasses, I would need a PD nearer my own 63 mm. I understand that this is a typice PD in the UK so I guess I'm not the only one.

Would you consider reducing the PD in some your specs? It would also be useful to know the nose/bridge measurement - 18-20 mm is typical here.

 19 Jun 2011, 02:18

I SO much missed that!

SGS 18 Jun 2011, 18:12

Hi guys, how are you doing? since my holiday is about to finished and will be able to send glasses in some days, I opened my shop again and in roughly a week will put on more glasses for sale, just enjoy the advanture to have real thick glasses. thanks.

Unfortunately my shop had been sent with many negative replies, very saddd...will do an improve when start again.

 04 Jun 2011, 16:00

Sorry Stephan but there is NO WAY anyone functioned for over fifty years without glasses at -14 no matter what she may have told you.

There was a story once from an eye doctor who talked about a patient who had been committed to an institution when she was young because she was considered very slow and completely out of touch with the world. When the eye doctor tested her eyes, he found out she was a -12 and just never had been tested for glasses. Her life completely turned around and she was literally born again in a new life.

 03 Jun 2011, 04:53

Would be nice to think this CV, but she is most certainly not a contact wearer or a GOCer. I can guarantee that.

 02 Jun 2011, 18:09

illusions are always hard to kill, especially by truth.

Crystal Veil 02 Jun 2011, 16:48

Whatever the background, I admired the work of Sandra & Stephan. Just a passing thought - could it be that she is a real high myope (say, -19) and that she is now doing GOC, some ten diopters lenses and the other ten diopters in glasses? It would explain the range of -16 to -25 in the photos and also the lack of such a variety in the videos. Just my two cents....

 02 Jun 2011, 14:58

Bobby, as soon as the Master of Censorship is awake, all these posts will be gone. Be patient when complaining about too much freedom.

Bobby 02 Jun 2011, 14:48

Well, well, an anonymous hatred speech. Quite typical. DFTT

Jest 02 Jun 2011, 10:39

Gotta luv the internet . . . anything can become good (and bad) fiction.

The Crunk Guy 02 Jun 2011, 10:39

Sandra was also seen at Area 51 back in 1947. I should know, for I prepared the ground for her arrival. She ran a hot dog stand for several years and then opened an Egyptian takeaway in Lygon street.

All hail, Queen of planet Myopia!

 02 Jun 2011, 10:33

She was also in correspondence with a regular ES visitor to say that none of the glasses she wore when modelling were hers, they were a prop that Stephan virtually forced her to wear. She is a high myope, but not in the region that her former dictator would have us believe, and therefore given his vivid imagination I would not believe for one minute that these glasses he is now offering are anything other than cheap knock offs he's bought from internet sites and is now trying to pass on as second hand in order to achieve a big mark up.

Later in their relationship he would develop a fetish for amputees and injured service personnel and asked Sandra to be his muse for this and go out in public with said pretend limbs/prosthetic parts. She refused, and so he dumped her.

Nice guy!

 02 Jun 2011, 10:20

planet myopia has been an ebay-project to make lots of money by pretending that a certain girl called sandra is really a high myope and selling several hundredth (sic!) of her allegedly worn glasses in the range of iirc -18 to -22 (and with always the same prescription on both eyes and without any hint of astigmatism at all). later the said girl has been spotted with a much weaker prescription on the internet, one time pretending wearing a leg prothesis. seemed like she traded in some diopters for one of her legs, *LOL*.

Stingray 01 Jun 2011, 10:07

Stephan: What exactly is Planet Myopia?

Stephan 31 May 2011, 13:13

And last but not least - a lot of 16 used womens myopic glasses :

Stephan 30 May 2011, 04:54

Here it is :

Stephan 30 May 2011, 04:37

From time to time I wil list really worn special pairs with a history.

When I put an ad for my new PLANET MYOIA project to the newspaper "DieWelt" I got some very intersting feedback ( even if most women don't want to be in front of the camera...).

But I got very interesting stories and I am thinking about doing a booklet with all of these stories.

I got a pair of glasses from a lady from Düsseldorf who had a very interesting story which really remmbered me to "how to marry a millionaire" with Marylin Monroe as a extremly shortsigthed lady.

The woman from Düsseldorf is in her late sixties now and recognized that she is very nearsighted when she was a schoolgirl. But as she didn't want to wear glasses as her cousin who was teased for that all the time she tried to do without as good as possible - unbelievable that she passed High school with an excellent exame without glasses. She told me that she needed a lot of time just for coping with simple things. f.e. friends telling her "meet me at the diner at 8pm" aso. She told me that she recognized people by conture,voice, moving, even smell ! After finishing school when she left her hometown and was looking for a job she knew that it wouldn't get further without glasses and she had her very first eye exame at age 17 which turned out more than -14 and ended up in a thick pair of glasses. She told me that her first minute with glasses vision was breathtaking and she needed a few days to cope with the "new look" of everything around her. Even if she wore glasses for most time of the day from that on, she still had "a couple of hours" a day without them for meeting friends and family... But she said it got more and more difficult as her eyes adapted to the corrected vision and going out without glasses got more and more "mission impossible". The pair I list on ebay today is an early pair from the early sixties with about -17 dpt. which isn't used a lot. A pair for collectors of specials !

Stingray 29 May 2011, 19:19

I just posted 2 pairs of eyeglasses on ebay. The first pair is a semi-rimless contemporary pair with a mild -2.00 or less prescription. This is perfect for someone who wants to start out wearing glasses without going the contact lens route.

The second pair is an oversize pair from the late 1980's. It is gold / burgundy metal frames with a -3.50 correction. You may like them as oversize glasses are now coming back in style.

Both pairs of glasses have low starting bids with free shipping to the United States and low shipping elsewhere. Take a look. Thanks

Stephan 29 May 2011, 12:54

Uuups, sorry forgot the link and copied in wishes of a customer instead...

sorry here is the ebay link for the myodisc pair :

Stephan 29 May 2011, 12:45

listed a pair of really nice and striking myodisc , pretty strong, about -15 .

important : please make all lenses plano front, not biconcave, lpease don't polish lens edges . I like thick unpolished lenses.

Thanks a lot !

guest 29 May 2011, 01:37

superlenti / lentilux:

gwgs 27 May 2011, 06:59

I've listed a few pairs which are surplus to our requirements, with varying styles, and prescriptions;

Astra 24 May 2011, 12:32


My advice: those stores are mostly souvenir stores.

supplier prices are on the LOW side,

while the selling prices are on the HIGH side (for its quality)

Take a look at the sunglasses would be good enough.

Given the quality of those frames and lenses, it may not be worthwhile to purchase it.

varifocals 24 May 2011, 11:33

Hong Kong.

Thanks Astra.

I will visit Stanley & have just ordered HK money today.

Many thanks.

Astra 24 May 2011, 04:57

davemenzie, you may visit:

14 Stanley New Street

78 Stanley Main Street

Sunglasses are available.

Stephan 23 May 2011, 13:19

as I decided to be a fulltime -20.00 GOC wearer I will sell most of my real -8.00 and -8.50 glasses. I tried being a fulltime -20.00 GOC wearer for almost 3 weeks now and I recognized that it's exactly what I want to be... I got the chance to do this cut because I sold my company and also changed my personal situation... most of my very good friends do know about my glasses obsession and I don't care about those who don't understand... So anybody who is interested to buy some of my "low power" glasses without ebay may contact me at or meet me in munich

Best regards


ms 22 May 2011, 14:26

there are 20 new offers on ebay from + 18 to - 18 female and unisex glasses:

Stephan 21 May 2011, 12:02

@ pete :

As I remember choosing this combination of lenses and small frame was a mixture of her bad experience with high index lenses and the (typical) suggestion of the optician to choose a small frame as she is a skinny person and biger glasses wouldn#t fit to her face. She told me she got her fist pair of glasses at the age of three and the first pair of contacts when she was 10 ! from that on she only wore glasses if absolutly needed (she didn't have an uptodate pair for almost 3 years!!!). She says she doesn't adapt well to glasses vision. But in my opinion this is a effect of not wanting to wear glasses on the one side and not trying the same pair long enough without using contacts in between... I got known to her on fb through two friend in between who know that I am a "glasses freak" and might be interested in her problem.

pete 21 May 2011, 10:50

Hey Stephan,

Thanks for posting the story of your facebook encounter with the 23 yr old high myope. Was it just a lucky find or had she mentioned glasses, contacts or something that gave you her FB page?

Though currently unpopular, I'm a fan of small frames and these you are selling on ebay are no exception (though I can't afford them). What I find intriguing is the vanity choice of a small frame size to diminish lens thickness (although these are quite thick) and how they reduce the visual effects of cut-in on the face. What was her motivation for such thick lenses? Prohibitive cost of compressed lenses? Lens quality? I'm not a glasses wearer but I imagine her complaint of them was their weight, the narrow field of vision and/or the minification.

Stephan 21 May 2011, 10:24

some people askes me to list some modern frames which can be worn by men and women . Added some pairs which fit for men and women as they are unisex frames... see the listings from sat. may 21st ...

Stephan 20 May 2011, 05:32

I added an interesting really worn pair to my auctions :

I got this pair from a girl I met on facebook ( doesn't show glasses there).

She wears contacts 6 days a week for about 10 hours a day but doesn't tolerate lenses as well as she used to. She looked for a cosmetically nice alternative and tried this very tiny pair of glasses with script about -21.00 but she didn't liked it. She told me she tried for a holiday week but didn't like the vision with them. Of course I'd like to suggest striking big frames but I guess that wouldn't be the best idea for winning her for wearing glasses all time. I also tried to win her for my PLANET MYOPIA project but she refused. I guess she needs more time to see things not as complicate as she does now - okay she's 23...

Stephan 19 May 2011, 17:10

as some people convinced me not to sell my glasses as a set ( because some like myodisc, some not, some like oversize, some new ones some vintage ones...) I listet a variety of glasses - modern ones and vintage ones :

gwgs 18 May 2011, 04:27

Wow! Check these babies out, big frames with some strong bi focal lenses in;

Stephan 16 May 2011, 05:45

If anybody is still interested : in the next few days I will list another collection of vintage myopic womens glasses all with lenses between -6 and about -20 , thick lenses, myodiscs, with hearing aid... a really nice collection.

I won't sell the glasses as single auctions but only as a whole collection of about 15 - 20 pairs. ebay fees and paypal costs are increasing - so it doesn't make sense to sell single pairs.

gwgs 13 May 2011, 10:54

Great find Owlish!

Owlish 13 May 2011, 09:09

I noticed these extremely thick minus Gucci glasses on ebay. Scroll down to see the pics.

Stephan 11 May 2011, 04:40

listed a -8.00 myodisc / lenti pair :

Stephan 03 May 2011, 09:07

...and a custom made midpower lenti, very hard to get -8.00 in myodisc lenses - for men and women :

Stephan 03 May 2011, 09:05

very striking pair of high polished myodisc glasses for men and women -20 / PD 65

Stephan 02 May 2011, 04:52

4 pairs of strong glasses sph. -15.00 / PD 65 a formlenti one and a biconcave included :

bracesfan 29 Apr 2011, 14:56

Do you think he could be such a fool to make mistake like this ???

Please, write me to I will show you pictures of my glasses and we can check the matter.

Guest 29 Apr 2011, 06:49

Hi Bracefan,

I bought 7 glasses to SGS and 1 month later I only got 3 glasses. However the 3 glasses do not match with the 7 I have ordered. Perhaps they are the ones you have ordered? I'm also waiting a concrete action from SGS

bracesfan 29 Apr 2011, 01:22


I´m again waiting for your response and ordered glasses. Do you really think that you can run your shop in such way ??? I duly paid for my glasses and still hasn´t received anything - for three months !!!

Stephan 27 Apr 2011, 10:34

listed several auctions with 2 to five pairs each :

Specs4ever 23 Apr 2011, 22:48

Regarding the previous post, these glasses have sold.

specs4ever 23 Apr 2011, 18:31

I have listed a pair of -36/-34D glass myodiscs on eBay if anyone is interested.

Soundmanpt 23 Apr 2011, 15:41


Not sure what that style Ray-Bans that your looking for looks like but if you like the Ray-Ban Wayfarer style check out "" look at #220421 it is exactly like the Ray-ban except it doesn't say ray-Ban on the temples. The full price with regular rx lenses is $9.95 add $4.95 for AR coating (anti-reflective) and since your rx is rather high you may want to get high index lenses add $34.95 for that. Total price would be $49.85 plus shipping of $5.00. If you like your lenses looking thick then don't get the high index lenses.

I have ordered these glasses for 3 different young ladies at Hooter's and I must say they look really cute wearing their glasses.

70fan 23 Apr 2011, 02:19

strong bifocal for myopic people from the 70s

SGS 21 Apr 2011, 02:43

As annunced on ebay, I will be on holiday during the whole May, and will return on june 1st. during the period not available for sending any glasses. if people like my item pls purchase later when I get back.

SGS 20 Apr 2011, 07:04

My holiday had been delayed as it was planned on earlier Apirl, now it seems to have holiday in 10 days, so I will put my shop off as soon as my holiday start and I will be out of shop and not available for sending glasses. if people like my glasses, you can sendme best offer in these days, I am only available dispatching items in abt 10 days.

varifocals 19 Apr 2011, 09:44

do you do normal money payments other than e bay

ms 18 Apr 2011, 00:11


I currently sell on ebay several pairs of glasses for moderate and strong nearsightedness and some plussies. For extreme strong myopia / myodiscs glasses, there are other providers competent. On Tuesday evening, will be joined by other glasses - even some convolute:

SGS 16 Apr 2011, 13:23

Let's count the rings in the girl's stunning eye glasses!!!

SGS 13 Apr 2011, 06:00

I have all size of Rayban, you can mail me

betsygeezey 12 Apr 2011, 22:06

Does any one have some ray ban RB5226 - 5031

SGS 12 Apr 2011, 11:16

Ending soon. the glasses are far more attractive than showing on the picture, girls are happy wearing my new glasses and sell to me after a month as used and they can change different style of myopic eye wear.

SGS 10 Apr 2011, 08:51

Lucy had sold her pairs to me, she was a metal round glasses fan, her eyes got worse myopic these days, I paid new glasses to her.

SGS 10 Apr 2011, 00:44

seven pairs of high myoipc glasses thick glasses only auction from 14.99GBP

ms 09 Apr 2011, 11:28

30 used glasses (+ and -) from the last 30 years endet tomorrow on ebay:

Stephan 09 Apr 2011, 11:26

Hi James, yes might be that it's close to only SGS and me offering glasses here , but I guess this is not our fault but the leck of people selling or advertising glasses in here. I myself would like to see pairs which I want to get for my collection or for my shoots. So all of you who own pairs which you don't need anymore - sell them to us ! :-)

James 09 Apr 2011, 08:45

Brief interruption to the Stephen/SGS show (which is what this thread is!):

My collection of 9 pairs of minus glasses (mostly unused) is still for sale - auction ends in two days

SGS 09 Apr 2011, 02:13

My holiday had been delayed so I am able to list more auctions of my newly arrived used and new glasses. This time many used with strange design.

Stephan 09 Apr 2011, 00:46

@ Konstantin : no this is special custom made manufactoring. You can't buy those in a normal optical store.

SGS 08 Apr 2011, 22:35

Konstantin 08 Apr 2011, 17:38

@Stephan Such lenses are sold in Optic-shops or this is special manufacturing?

Stephan 08 Apr 2011, 12:47

and my lasat special for this week - a very sporty metal + acetat frame with slightly biconcave myodisc lenses , very small bowls ( my favourite lens desgin) -20.00 PD 65 :

Stephan 08 Apr 2011, 02:12

and a frosted formlenti pair -20.00 unisex :

Stephan 07 Apr 2011, 09:12

listed a very rare myodisc / round lenti in "only" -8.00 . modern style unisex pair , colour dark blue :

SGS 07 Apr 2011, 05:53

New listings, lowest price in the world!!!

SGS 06 Apr 2011, 22:14

Relisted these classic ones.With very low price.

Russian 06 Apr 2011, 15:30 glasses collection... not for sale

Stephan 06 Apr 2011, 09:53

and also a very lightweight and superthin, small bowl myodisc pair :

Stephan 06 Apr 2011, 02:42

some people asked me for a myodsic / lenti pair with small bowls - here it is :

SGS 05 Apr 2011, 03:53

Here is an old eastern story for friend's enjoy:

In the ancient, a guy had lots of silver, and he worry the silver's security, worry been stolen by others, so he buried the silver in the earth in front of his house. but he still worry silver been stolen, so he put a sign on the place of bury, the sign shows "there are no silver underground here".

his neighbor Mr. second seen the sign, he was so happy and dig the earth and took away all the silver. but he worry about been known it was his stolen, so he also put a sign at the place shows: "Neighbor Mr. second never stolen the silver!"

Stephan 05 Apr 2011, 03:46

listed two lots of myopic glasses

lot 1 : 4 pairs -15.00

lot 2 : 5 pairs -8.00

Stephan 04 Apr 2011, 14:30

listed an auction with 7 pairs of mens glasses. All of them are RX -15.00 PD 64 , plastic lenses, some are polished some not, one pair of thick sunglasses

Stephan 04 Apr 2011, 06:17

I just wanted to clarify that "sock puppet" was not me!

Wurm 04 Apr 2011, 04:18

A sock puppet is an alternate user name created to give the illusion of support to the user's other online identity.

In this case, an auction seller used a guest nickname to criticize another auction seller.

Tim 04 Apr 2011, 00:37

What is a "sock puppet"?

MS 03 Apr 2011, 14:57

Hello, I offer some rare and special glasses; now plus- and cataract glasses; on 5.april other offer follow (with minus glasses); all ended on 10.april

Hallo, ich biete wieder Raritäten und besondere Brillen an; aktuell Plus- und Starbrillen; ab 5.April weitere Brillen (auch Minus-Gläser). Ende ebay am 10.April:

optix 02 Apr 2011, 15:31

post deleted - orphaned reply

Lurker 02 Apr 2011, 13:27

post deleted - orphaned reply

jared 02 Apr 2011, 13:10

post deleted - orphaned reply

guest2 02 Apr 2011, 12:42

post deleted - sock puppet

SGS 02 Apr 2011, 09:04

Good opportunity to get these glasses in low price if you win the auction. as I made several backup pairs, so the price can be lowered for buyer's favorite.thank you.

James 02 Apr 2011, 04:15

I am selling a collection of 9 high-minus pairs of glasses:

SGS 01 Apr 2011, 19:42

bracesfan, nice to hear that received your mail and successfully replied to your other mail box. we can discuss and get a good final.

These days I am concentrating making some good frames and lower prescription( 10D-20D PLUS AND MINUS)

Will put on the last auction for this round.

Stephan 01 Apr 2011, 09:57

listed some striking pairs... and of course still offering the collection of 16 used myopic pairs :

guest_lentilux 01 Apr 2011, 08:51

Lentilux lenses are for high prescriptions, similar to myodiscs, but the refractive part of the lens is blended with the outer border of the lens and therefore has a smooth transition and no edge like myodisc lenses.

bracesfan 01 Apr 2011, 05:47


No, still nothing has arrived. I doublechecked both my private addresses (, and they are perfectly working from various addresses. So it seems to me that the problem must be at your side. Please check your mail or post it from your address at hotmail. Or try yahoo (my address is

SGS 31 Mar 2011, 20:52

bracesfan, I've already send you mail for testing whether it works, and we shall discuss by mail, not here publically.

bracesfan 30 Mar 2011, 14:28


I wonder why you were denied when it worked before.

So I added both your addresses into explicitly allowed contacts - so you should be able to get through.

 30 Mar 2011, 08:15

what are lentilux lenses?

SGS 30 Mar 2011, 06:42

hi brace fan, pls see the below message when I send you mail to

2011-03-30 19:40:25

can you get my mail by this address?


抄 送: xxx

密 送: yyy

退信原因: unknown return mail 英文说明:SMTP error, OPEN: 554 5.7.1 You are not welcome here, you can change it on error, OPEN: 554 5.7.1 You are not welcome here, you can change it on

guest_lentilux 30 Mar 2011, 02:53


it's been quite a time I am looking for a pair of lentilux glasses with an RX between -14 and -20 diopters. Anyone here has an idea where I could get such a pair?

Used or new, does not make any difference.

SGS, do you also make glasses with lentilux lenses?


bracesfan 30 Mar 2011, 01:26


Yeah, maybe, e-bay seems to have problems with messages lately.

But I supposed you would contact me on my private address which is perfectly working and you sent mails to it before.

So, once again, it's

You can also try

So write me and then we can go on. Hope there won't be any further problems.

guest 30 Mar 2011, 01:16

yes, same with me but always it's the fault of others and not his fault - ebay messages ALWAYS get through !

SGS 29 Mar 2011, 23:09

Paul. I've contacted you many times, but your mail box keep sending me return mails that can not connect through, pls advise.

bracesfan 29 Mar 2011, 13:20


Hey, you still advertise but haven´t sent me neither ordered and paid glasses nor the refund. And what´s more, recently you even don´t response to my messages on e-bay or mails at your private addresses. So I ask you to keep your promise and fulfil what we agreed on. Paul

SGS 29 Mar 2011, 06:17

Banboo leg vintage rare glasses. Handcraft made.

gwgs 28 Mar 2011, 09:48

Several pairs I have put up for sale, not the kind of thing you Eyesceners go for apart from one pair I had made with CR39 lenses that are about 8.5mm thick at the edges.

ms 27 Mar 2011, 23:24

strong plussie (Lenti for catatarct glasses):

SGS 27 Mar 2011, 10:03

Auctions ending soon.

jo 26 Mar 2011, 02:04

post deleted - orphaned reply

guest 26 Mar 2011, 00:13

post deleted - sock puppet

Stephan 25 Mar 2011, 14:23

I decided to sell all the vintage high myopic pairs in one lot of 16 pairs :

pretty thick ones, pretty rare one, pretty one, too :

specs4ever 25 Mar 2011, 13:32

Guess I'll just have to wait SGS. Thanks

SGS 25 Mar 2011, 11:25

Dear Spec4ever, I will go for holiday in the early Apirl, and will be back in about 30 days. will be possible for doing orders in the coming week. Before I close up ebay shop I can dispatch amd make all orders, don't worry. and if you are not in a hurry, you can also place order later. thank you for your support. just listed two pairs.

Specs4ever 24 Mar 2011, 11:21

SGS - when are you going for vacation and when will you return? I am thinking about placing an order, and am just wondering about the timing.

SGS 22 Mar 2011, 07:00

Just got these ones for auction.

Next month I might have a 30 day shop close up cuz I am going for holiday. if people have any questions pls send me mail. thank you.

SGS 21 Mar 2011, 19:29

Thank you Mark, as several times do business with you were very glad. Glad doing business with most people. and we having email communications frequencely. A good experience. I never delay mail over 2 days. usually within 48 hours cuz there are time difference. I know very well my disadvantage is delivery period longer. that's something out of my control, I have to see the time of the shipping company. What I can do, I will try.Thank you all my friends here.

Mark 21 Mar 2011, 12:27


Actually I have had a few dealings with SGS and have sent several messages to him.

All of them have had a response, usuaally either same day or next day. Never longer than 2 days.

Despite what people say on here, many people have only good things to say about his business.

We suggested he sold glasses over -22 (which was what he originally offered) he did it.

We suggested he offer lenses only in high RX so people can get them fitted to their own frames, he did that too.

While he does miss frame dimensions off of some of his auctions I think he's done fairly well keeping up with the general feedback. I'm surprised he's still around considering the flak some people have thrown his way.

guest 21 Mar 2011, 11:49

yeah - really good joke! or did you ever try to send SGS a message or better : did you expect to get an answer within a couple of days?

Mark 21 Mar 2011, 11:06


Just a thought,

You might want to change your message that you include with every pair of glasses on ebay to something like:

If you like the frame or the look of these glasses but the RX or PD is not quite correct for you, place a bid and include a message stating which RX and PD you would like instead.

We can make glasses with RXs from: (include amounts here)

ETC ETC ETC (rest of your post)

This way I think people will perhaps be more inclined to bid?

SGS 21 Mar 2011, 08:06

Tracy and lucy are very happy to have their used glasses sold and change into new ones after i spoke to them by phone.

SGS 21 Mar 2011, 07:38

stephan's glasses looks like a tea color lens glasses. good done. stephan's gave me delight that I would also start a project in my local that believe there wold be more myopic girls who wat to have their glasses sold to me, just wait for a days for me to start my advertising.

Stephan 21 Mar 2011, 01:54

I got this pair from a Lady who answered to my newspaper ad for PLANET MYOPIA project. She didn't want to do shoots but I bought the only left pair of glasses. She got contacts afterwords and stil used the old pair at home and in 2000 she got a surgery for intraocular lenses. She didn`t remember what the exact RX was but she said that the left was worse than 20 dpt. She said she hated her glasses because people teased her in her schooldays because she had to wear those thick glasses.

One temple is fixed with tape and should be fixed better or just replaced but I wanted to offer with oiginal temples.

SGS 21 Mar 2011, 01:29

Friends, it doesn't matter if some people are targeting me,I show my great gratitude for your understandings, and, one could not be welcomed by all people. There are various different characters, like in the Chinese saying "You can find cat looking and panda looking birds in the big forest". I don't complain, complainning just showing one's sick mind, that not good for health. Without peace, enjoy, people will die younger. so we don't need to complain for those guys, they will soon disappeared naturally.

Answering bobby's question, yes, some PD seems larger for you, as indicated earlier, you can buy the glasses and send me a message to refit the lenses to be PD 62 or 63. then will post you the correct one. no problem. note: any of my glasses offering is avallable for request for a custom PD.

I did post the same links here. sorry, I thought just to post a link for my ebay shop then peole can find new ones in. if I am in a fault, pls forgive,

ms 21 Mar 2011, 00:54

ebay hatte meine Angebote gelöscht. Grund war, dass ich papypal vorzugsweise für ausländische Käufer angeboten hatte. Nun habe ich die Angebote wieder hochgeladen und paypal ganz gestrichen. Meine Stammkunden kennen meine paypal Adresse - sie können weiter damit bezahlen.

ebay had deleted my offers. Reason was that I offered primarily papypal for foreign buyers. Now I have reuploaded the glasses in ebay and deleted paypal. My regular customers know my paypal address - they can continue to with pay it.

Tim 20 Mar 2011, 23:40

I always click the links just to see if there is anything new, and yes, I am usually (but not always) disappointed! To those who suggest that there should be a separate thread for SGS and other commercial offerings, I would only observe that the name of this thread does itself imply commerce.

Jo 20 Mar 2011, 21:46

Can anyone stop this targeting at SGS? Just like you are sick of SGS, I am more sick of you guys targeting him at every single chance. If you don't like, just don't click on the links. And if you don't click on the links, how would you know that he is posting the same things all the time?

varifocals 20 Mar 2011, 15:52

I am visiting Hong Kong in mid June. Is anyone familar with the glasses scene there. I wonder if I can pick up some cheap thick glasses

Bobby 20 Mar 2011, 11:36

Yes, I like looking at many items offered by SGS, too. Unfortunately, the PD is way too large for me. If there were some like the "GOC machine gun" with PD=62 or 63 mm, I could hardly resist and bought one.

guest 20 Mar 2011, 11:34

.....but not every day the same!

specs4ever 20 Mar 2011, 10:56

Please keep the listings of your auctions coming SGS. I enjoy looking at them

guest 20 Mar 2011, 10:52

Can anyone stop this flood of SGS advertising?

SGS 20 Mar 2011, 09:44

Looking forward to Stephan's used glasses, highly interested. i also have some pairs to list.

Stephan 20 Mar 2011, 03:29

My search for real high myopic women for my new PLANET MYOPIA project brought first results... but most of the girls/ Ladies who called or mailed me only want to know about the project or want to tell their stories BUT DON'T WANT TO MAKE A SHOOT yet...

Tha was what I suspected...

But at least I could buy some of their used ( or never used) beloved or hated pairs of glasses.

I will list several of them this evening and the next weeks...

Hope you'll enjoy!

Stephan 19 Mar 2011, 07:01

listed a rare authentic pair of lentilux/myodisc glasses from the 80ies.

SGS 19 Mar 2011, 05:16

No! no industrial glasses. all my glasses were handcrafted, does anyone seen the glasses can be processed by machines by fitting the lens on frames?

if you say the frames were made from industry, i gonna ask if your food were made of industry by machinery planting,or you wearing industy clothes, your computers ect.what is the definition of industrial? or all low price and good quality are all industrial?

consumer 19 Mar 2011, 04:02

post deleted - multiple usernames

consumer 19 Mar 2011, 04:00

post deleted - multiple usernames

SGS 19 Mar 2011, 00:28

New ones comes on.thank you all.

pete 19 Mar 2011, 00:26

post deleted - spoof

SGS 18 Mar 2011, 11:28

Later tomorrow I will post some new ones on~

SGS 18 Mar 2011, 11:27

thank you guys~~me five:)

Glasses Lover 18 Mar 2011, 11:17

Me four?

AlainHMG 18 Mar 2011, 11:08

Me too!

pete 18 Mar 2011, 09:39

me 3

Crystal Veil 18 Mar 2011, 09:14

Me too!

specs4ever 18 Mar 2011, 08:51

I happn to enjoy the updates from SGS showing what he is resently offering. Keep the posts coming SGS.

guest 18 Mar 2011, 01:40

can't this SGS guy be stopped from advertising the SAME pairs again and again in here ? The only thing which is not the same is the price - going up and down and up again like a roller coaster

SGS 17 Mar 2011, 18:17

Auction on.

Filthy McNasty 16 Mar 2011, 10:32

I love your email address. Intentionally or not, it is hilarious.

 16 Mar 2011, 05:56

Now we can get up to +25D contacts and -25D contacts for GOC, if people need, just send me mail

SGS 16 Mar 2011, 05:54

Always set nice ones for bottom price bidding. will revert the thick lens with less prescriptions when get the answer from lens lab.thank you.

Stephan 15 Mar 2011, 17:46

@ 4iiii : you just need the corresponding choice of contacts... very easy :-)

4iiii 15 Mar 2011, 07:49

Stephen, the myopic glasses you have for sale look great! Please explain how one could use it for GOC when everybody has a different rx ?

Crystal Veil 15 Mar 2011, 04:58

Stephan @

I hope that your search for extraterrestral life will be a success. You are a keen and talented photographer. Your work with Sandra was great. A cooperation with a new high myopic model would certainly lead to marvelous results.

Happy hunting!

Stephan 14 Mar 2011, 14:42

because we are not a pair anymore. So I take a "neutral model" for showing size, cut in, minification of my pairs.

Looking for new real high myopic models - started a search in big bavarian newspaper :-) looking for female visitors from Planet Myopia... want to do a new project

hi 14 Mar 2011, 12:02

hello stephen

why no news/photos of sandra now a days.we miss our myopic queen a lot

Stephan 14 Mar 2011, 07:59

listed some more pairs with a "moderate" prescription of -14.00 . perfect for GOC , very authentic but striking :

ms 14 Mar 2011, 00:34


SGS 13 Mar 2011, 12:04

Low price bidding and ending soon!!!

Stephan 13 Mar 2011, 05:59

listed the second ( and last) part of the collection of authentic strong glasses from a high myopic german Lady.

All in mint condition, frames and lenses - no scratches, no cracks !

Stephan 13 Mar 2011, 04:36

no sorry, it's sold

 13 Mar 2011, 00:11


Is this number still available?


If so, I don't do German language.

Stephan 11 Mar 2011, 05:24

a very special formlenti pair :

SGS 10 Mar 2011, 07:23

Get them cheap price~~

SGS 09 Mar 2011, 18:56

I know people are looking for thick lenses but less prescription, I am long time negotiate with the lens maker, and they seems not happy about making them, and I am still trying, we need time, hope guest can stop pissing off people all the time.

guest 09 Mar 2011, 14:52

post deleted - personal attack

Crystal Veil 09 Mar 2011, 12:31

ms@ Don't worry, noone can cater for all tastes at the same time. I hope you will continue to offer interesting old, used glasses like you have always done. They do add en extra element in my photo shoots and my models are often more interested in glasses from days gone by than in glasses that are currently fashionable. Each man his own niche, SGS offers modern glasses with > 20 diopters and you offer older, used glasses - so I see no element of competition.

This time anonymous 09 Mar 2011, 11:43

@ ms

Hi Martin,

bei Deinem aktuellen Angebot ist grad nicht das richtige fuer mich dabei! Die Angebote von SGS, nicht mal die von Stefan haben mich je interessiert, schlicht zu unecht.

Was ist eine Brille ohne die Person dahinter, ein totes Objekt,wer drauf steht Nekrophil...ich hab Verstaendnis fuer jeden Fetisch aber ich steh auf Frauen mit Brille, +,-, cyl kann sexy sein, auf Brillen von echten Menschen mit echten Brechungsfehlern, meine Frau traegt 4 Deiner tollen Fassungen gern und taeglich in Ihrer eigenen Staerke, sie will auch gar nix neues vom Optiker...und gelegentlich fuer mich einige Deiner ehemaligen Brillen mit den Orginalglaesern und passenden Contactlinsen an besonderen Tagen...

Ich hab Deine Angebote vermisst! Dein Namensvetter

Wie Du weisst sind fuer mich wenns zufaellig genau die richtige ist 50 Euro keine Obergrenze und wenn ich grad was schoenes erwischt hab nehm ich auch ein paar Ladenhueter mit...Kann da was damit Japanern gegen Filme tauschen....

Crystal Veil 09 Mar 2011, 05:43

On the other hand, I had several positive experiences with sellers who indicated on Ebay that they would sell just national. If you write to the seller and ask if he / she makes an exception for you AND that extra shipping charge is no problem for you, some change their minds.

Stephan 09 Mar 2011, 05:21

@pissed : this is not a discrimantation but just is the result of the kind of listing this seller did.

If he made a listing only for US or US and Canada you won't be able to bid. This is not discrimanting at all but has practical reason. Often international bidders buy and recgognize after winning the auction that they are not able to pay with paypal or are not willing to pay for high int. shipping cost or leave bad feedback because the thought they would get to item within a week ( which is impossible for int. auctions with customs, shipping distance aso.) I can absolutly understand this person for his decision.

pissed 08 Mar 2011, 14:08

Im so bloody sick & tired on the discrimination on ebay sellers particulary from USA & UK. How can it be so difficult to write for example Spain, Germany, Australia I wonder why its harder to do that then write locally.

It drives me crazy and have happended many times and also in this:

Buyer Requirements


This seller has set buyer requirements for this item and only sells to buyers who meet those requirements.

You are unable to bid on or buy this item because:

The seller doesn't ship to the location where your primary shipping address is located.

Note: If you are still interested in bidding on or buying this item, you may contact the seller and ask that they exempt you from any buyer requirements.

mayb at least someone can start thinking.... :-((

gwgs 08 Mar 2011, 03:07

Andy, I also saw this in two photos, would be interested to know what the add in is - given the huge minus prescription I doubt this makes much of a difference!!

guest - great comment, I've given up asking SGS questions via eBay or on here as he either doesn't respond, copies your presumed answer to the question that has been posted in the message to him, or gives you an extortionate price. We have tried to give him more business and suggested a business model that could be very successful for him, but he doesn't seem to be interested in earning more money! Must be the only one in the world with this attitude!!

ms 08 Mar 2011, 02:02

Okay - ich dachte meine Angebote interessieren nicht mehr. Gegen die Neuware und extrem dicken Brillen aus China sah ich keine Chance mehr. Ich werde dann doch wieder in der nächsten Zeit wieder einige schöne Stücke aus vergangenen Zeiten anbieten.

Okay – I thought there was no interested on my offers on ebay. Against the new and industrially produced extremely thick glasses from China I saw no chance for my offers. I will yet again be offering in the near future again some nice pieces from the past.

Highmyope 08 Mar 2011, 02:01

gwgs: those lenses are extra thick because they're safety lenses (3.2 mm center thickness). The giveaway was the frame maker, Titmus; I believe they make safety frames exclusively.

guest 08 Mar 2011, 01:06

forget it - it's like talking against a wall . there is more chance to get this answer from a brick than from SGS always the same routine - maybe result of chinese eductation - or what ever.

I guess less and less want to see those boring pairs with edges cut down lenses of -20 to -100 dpt with titles like "GOC weapon" and "super thhhhhhickkkkkk"

I came back to optical4less and accept that a pair of -3 dpt is about USD 200 BUT they do the lenses about 1 inch thick !!!

I got a pair in -5 dpt some years before and they were rally thick but I can't wear them anymore because my vision is not bad enough to use them without contacts.

Like lenses 07 Mar 2011, 22:25


As I have requested in the past, how much would you charge for this same frame with a prescription of -1.75.and very thick lenses with flat front lense surfaces? Also how thick would they be?

SGS 07 Mar 2011, 18:36

Andy 07 Mar 2011, 12:24

Am I wrong or do these glasses have a bifocal section. Thought I saw a fine line at the bottom of each lens.

gwgs 07 Mar 2011, 11:19

The lenses, and the thick unpolished (or some might even say, unfinished!!) edges look similar to SGS's style of larger frame with thick lenses.

The amount of photos, and focus on the lens thickness would tend to indicate to me these belonged to an 0-0 lover, and maybe a visitor of here. As posted on the listing, "very good pre owned condition"!!

Owlish 07 Mar 2011, 06:27

Wow. Here's a pair of high minus glasses. Do you think they were made for someone who genuinely needed them or perhaps for GOC/fetish reasons? They look a bit crudely made to me.

guest 06 Mar 2011, 05:00


It just looks like ignoring what many of us asked for... always the same -20 to -27 pairs with ugly lenses.

Why do you always moan about people not buying your extremely cheap pairs ( btw I don't think they are extremely cheap in comparison to fe zenni)and just ignoring that many of us want glasses with thick lenses but LESS RX !

Like lenses 06 Mar 2011, 02:02

Check out these babies!

SGS 06 Mar 2011, 01:21

These ones are generally popular thick ones.

Search for glasses 06 Mar 2011, 00:57

come on ms ! don't only sell strong minus glasses with broken lenses !

Let's see the GOOD ONES - okay this pair of -27 rx is much better than most we saw the last few month from china man but I would pay much much more for a pair like this WITHOUT scratches or changed lenses

ms please come back with those outstanding pairs from the past !!!

Russian 05 Mar 2011, 15:24

Hi. ms! Perfect collection! I hope, I shall see new strong (+) and (-) glasses on your page frequently and during long time!

ms 04 Mar 2011, 22:45

einige neue Angebote von seltenen und wirklich getragenenen Brillen, Plusgläser bzw. Starbrillen und Minusgläser ( - 27 Dioptrien ):

Some new offers of real prescribed rare glasses, plus lenses or cataract glasses and minus lenses (- 27 diopters):

Stephan 04 Mar 2011, 10:03

listed the whole collection (5 pairs) of a high myope lady from the Sixties. She was one of the very first to get Zeiss super high index lenses -14.00 to -15.00 . Most people didn't even know that she had that bad eyes. Some only wondered why she liked to wear sungalsses so much. She used to be a model and actress and wanted to hide her bad vision . Even today you won't think about double digt rx when you see these glasses but you will, when you try them. She told me that one pair was as much as a "used VW beetle" that time.

hope you enjoy :

Stephan 02 Mar 2011, 08:12

and a very cool pair of biconcave aviator glasses :

varifocals. 01 Mar 2011, 13:58

yes secret observer the prices too seem odd.

Stephan 01 Mar 2011, 06:27

a nice and striking pair for those who want to wear realistic GOC in public :

SGS 28 Feb 2011, 18:30

Dear Friends, the banboo frame glasses were bought fron Japan with its very rare and fasion design, so shall be listed 63GBP, as all known I always list the low price as I can do. I have more pairs that able to list lower, as a dealer, It would be a very serious point for me to cover my cost.that I can further develop the sales. thanks for understanding.

secret observer 28 Feb 2011, 10:19

SGS - do you throw dices for your prices ? Do you think we are crazy ? same pair offered for 8.99 and some weeks later 35.00 , another one even for GBP 63.00 ? I guess you don't miss us so much but our money.

You have to get up earlier to get me again

SECRET ID 28 Feb 2011, 06:44

Hi friends, guess who am I? :) miss you guys so much.

rodin 26 Feb 2011, 17:42

Hi All,

I have some stuff for sell, no auction needed.

What I am offering is the following:

[1] One Box of Bausch-Lomb PureVision 2 Contacts with a power of +0.50 NEW IN BOX UNOPENED

[1] One Box of Acuvue Oasys w/ Hydraclear Plus with a power of -1.00 NEW IN BOX UNOPENED

Both sets are brand new and unopened.

The total cost for the lenses I will let go for $30 (Free Shipping if $30) OBO (plus $3.00 shipping if OBO).

[10] Ten pairs of assorted eyeglasses/sunglasses. The majority of these glasses are in range of:

[L] -0.75 to -2.00 with up to a -1.50 cylinder (I don't remember the exact amount of cylinder)

[R] +0.00 to +2.50 with up to a -2.00 cylinder (I don't remember the exact amount of cylinder)

They all come with cases, either hard or soft.

The total cost for the glasses I will let go for $35 (Free Shipping if $35) OBO (plus $5.00 shipping if OBO).

Please send an email to me, rodin95 _a_t_ yahoo dot com. TAKE THE _ OUT ANYWHERE YOU SEE IT IN THE ADDRESS.



Stephan 25 Feb 2011, 08:48

and the other ones :

Stephan 25 Feb 2011, 05:29

got back a few more pairs which I lent to an artist some months ago.

Don't need them anymore so i listed them on ebay -

as f.e. this -14.00 pair with very thick lenses :

Hope you enjoy

owlish 23 Feb 2011, 17:06

Hi Chrystal Veil, These specs are quite an extreme example of attempting to hide the prescription with tiny subtle bowls but the wearer had to lose some peripheral vision, I would think.

It would be great to see them on one of your models. Someone should buy them and ship them to you.

Wish I could but I'm also outside the U.S.

Crystal Veil 23 Feb 2011, 07:48

Great find, Owlish. A pity (for me) that the owner does not ship outside the U.S.

Owlish 23 Feb 2011, 06:27

Very interesting antique small bowl myodisc glasses. May not be strong Rx. Unfortunately only one pic.

4iiii 20 Feb 2011, 16:55


Thanks VAL!

Val 20 Feb 2011, 08:54

The exchange rate is about 1.6 - 1.7 Australian Dollars to 1 GBP - In Europe - So 45 GBP is about 75-80 Australian Dollars

4iiii 20 Feb 2011, 08:23

can anybody tell me how many Australian $ to 45GBP ? Would it be double?...$90? many thanks1

gwgs 20 Feb 2011, 01:55

Still rather expensive SGS, but thanks for replying

Nearsite 19 Feb 2011, 10:41

Thanks Crystal Veil! Great Work!!!

SGS 19 Feb 2011, 07:42

GWGS, thank you for your comments on fotki, I posted reply but didn't work on that site, so reple here, yes, we can do for any prescriprions, what would you like? the total cost for custom made of this frame is 45GBP. people can send your requirement of prescriptions and frame style in my album that we can process with custom made glasses with 40GBP including international shipping. i just not have time to post the details, just get orders from mail ordering, pls forgive me, i would offer 45GBP for the best price in the world for any custom made glasses.

gwgs 19 Feb 2011, 07:10

Great stuff SGS, but if we may give you a further suggestion, can you detail the prescription of the glasses detailed in your albums, along with how much they are. I know this will be quite a bit of work but will more than likely encourage more sales, and safe your time in the future by not requiring people to email you asking these details. Thanks

Glasses LOver 19 Feb 2011, 02:25

SGS, do you stock any large 1980s style frames?

SGS 18 Feb 2011, 22:20

We also able to get contacts from -1D to -20D and +1D to +20D for GOC, if any interests pls send mail to and advise base curve and prescriptions.

Bifocal glasses were just confirmed availability to custom made.

SGS 18 Feb 2011, 21:40

Hi friends,

Long time no see, hope i can learn more english here.

I post my album link here that covers the glasses I am able to sell,

for glasses inquiries you can also send mail to

Thank you.

Glasses Lover 18 Feb 2011, 03:25


I think you're referring to SGS from China.

Wurm 17 Feb 2011, 20:33

I think you have confused gwgs with someone else. His English is (and has been) quite serviceable.

guest 17 Feb 2011, 18:43

Wow, "gwg's" English skills have improved dramatically in just a few short imposter?

gwgs 16 Feb 2011, 03:57

I tend to agree guest! It isn't worthwhile financially, and my motives for selling these glasses aren't financially driven, but more driven by wanting other people to gain from items that have been used, and cared for by my girlfriend and I.

I don't like to comment on financial aspects in life, especially on a message board where we are all pretty much anonymous, but I'm not that hard up that I need to sell these glasses to make ends meet. I live a very comfortable lifestyle, and pay, unfortunately (in one respect), 40% of my earnings to the damn taxman! Therefore the five pairs of glasses I've sold over the last few weeks for a total of about £50 has been more about me wanting to have other people enjoy the glasses the same way my girlfriend and I have, either in the way that you and I like glasses, or for the average Jo/Joanne who needs glasses but doesn't want to spend megabucks in a high street store.

Three of the five pairs I've sold were sold to an "end user" - i.e. a lady who liked the frames and is going to have them reglazed in her prescription - yet again, I helped these 3 girls save money in recommending the optical service that we use which is the cheapest, most attentive, and quickest service we've found - to have these glasses reglazed. It doesn't earn me a penny recommending this service, but if it means that a woman is more likely to wear glasses than contacts, or have another pair that they can choose to wear I am all for it. All 3 of them were suprised how cheap the opticians we used are and have said they will send their frames there.

guest 15 Feb 2011, 01:27

@ gwgs

You see - market is not only well-fed but satiated.

lot of people asked for lower prescription glasses, really worn women's glasses, specials and then a nice vintage pair of DIOR frames with moderate prescription lenses does not earn more than GBP 12.50 ???

even if you advertised it twice in here

Not even worth taking pics and wasting time by listing it on ebay or somewhere else for that amount.

gwgs 13 Feb 2011, 00:24

Just over a day left on my vintage large Dior glasses which have rather thick lenses, and a prescription I'm guessing at over -8.

Bidding still only at a remarkably low £10 -

ms_2109 11 Feb 2011, 23:08

You can find some older pieces from my ebay offers to lock here:

 11 Feb 2011, 23:04

guest and crystal veil, it`s true to get today glasses with extremely strong lenses. My ebay offered glasses in the last years were used from real people and was only 2nd choice; not comparable with industrial goods from China. I think that buyers in recent years have been very satisfied withe my used glasses and I will offer in the near future again (used) more unique items and thanks for the positive feedback. Here the currently offered glasses:

SGS 11 Feb 2011, 19:10

Dear guest 2,

I don't know why your shipments was returned in the shipping company, they did not tell me there was problem of shipping. As I posted glasses but not arrive and I was also suffered from this case. I refunded and shipped item, everything I paid more than I can pay for this transaction, and I paid my ebay selling qualification for doing just pairs of glasses business with you. pls work your brain, Why didn't me ship your glasses as I shipped over 1000 glasses over the globe. Did I mean to cheat you for your money then I became so rich? Definitely not. there's no point for me to keep no shipping or write a wrong address for which I did paid the shipping cost and refund! I hate the shipping company and low efficiency international logistics. I am just simply a glasses dealer, selling cheap and good condition items. if one year ago there would be nobody trust me, but indeed, my customers are enjoying my glasses all over this planet, so I don't worry my innocence, and I am still selling a great number of glasses domestically, the nagative feedback just not banned me from selling but rather a barrier from buying. I feel regret, but nothing can do. I have a problem doing a self website, wondering if someone could help me for a space of website for putting on what I can offer?Thank you.

Crystal Veil 11 Feb 2011, 10:12

I only had positive experiences with SGS - ordered about a dozen of his glasses and never encountered a problem.

specs4ever 11 Feb 2011, 08:58

I am sorry that you had a negative experience Guest 2. I have purchased a number of pairs from SCS, and was quite happy with price, and quality. There was one pair that I had a problem with, but I was able to purchase a replacement pair from SGS quite cheaply, and this made me very satisfied. I think that the problems have basically stemed from communication/language problems.

I really don't need to add to my collection, but I am sure I will contact Steve in the future and make arrangements, because I am addicted.

guest 2 11 Feb 2011, 06:34

as I am one of the "guys" who are accused to have sent a wrong adress and left a negative feedback . the adress was absolutly right - anyone else did send items I purchased to this adress - SGS never responded on my requests nor sent the item I purchased !

it needs more than 1 or 2 cases at ebay before they close down your sellers account

In my case it was the absolutly right decision to give a negative feedback and i wouldn't take it back nor mentioned that I would like to.

Like lenses 10 Feb 2011, 23:40


I would like to see you post some prices here,rather than email you.

Why don't you figure your average frame that you are now selling,and give us a complete pair of glasses price for -1.50 ,-2.00, -3.00, -4.00,all of which would have thick lenses,with flat fronts.

Also tell us how thick these various lenses will be.

I as well as others here would be interested in doing business with you if your prices are right.

SGS 10 Feb 2011, 21:47

Dear Guest/GWGs/Like lenses and everyone,

I miss you guys too, as we had been discussing glasses and enjoying glasses together for almost a year.

Unfortunately, someguys sent me wrong addresses and aware of delay shipping that sent negative feedbacks to me, though in the later stage they willing to retract, and showed their apologize however I am not able to list my glasses on ebay at the moment... so disappointed, and at the time I am preparing of doing some glasses to teh market taste but can not find a way of selling anymore. still keeping a batch of newly made glasses and I quite enjoy my collections. I am able to send pics by email if friends wanna have a look and I will still offer for no high price. I know shipping time is a problem, that's obviously out of my control, but I guarantee every glasses would be delivered finally. my mail is

I still able to process with custom made glasses and custom made contacts for GOC or collection use.Thank you all.

Bart 10 Feb 2011, 14:49

gwgs and Elizabeth,

I know rimless glasses can look stronger than they actually are, but I cannot think at Elina's rx as less than -12..

Mark 10 Feb 2011, 06:57

It could instead be the fact that the Chinese New Year was fairly recent. I've ordered a few things from China recently and got a bunch of emails along the lines of:

Sorry your order will be a little late, its been national holidays here and nobody is working.

So it could just be that he's taken a break from ebay / glasses etc and hasnt redone the auctions.

While he hasnt exactly been the best at managing the market here he's been getting better. A while back people asked for just thick lenses in high power, and they were provided about 3 or 4 weeks later. Patience is a virtue guys, if you want him to be a decent supplier then you're probably going to have to work at it a bit.

Just my thoughts on this.

gwgs 10 Feb 2011, 03:09

It's not a loss for me either. I was one of the people that requested he makes products that his customers / potential customers are asking for and he never followed up on this.

He said he was making a loss all the time and no one wanted to buy his glasses so all we have tried to do is make his some sales, and money - most people would be grateful, and more often than not - pay for this market research. If he isn't interested in this then more fool him.

There must only be a very very small percentage of people in the world that want -20 + glasses and all we have tried to do is wave a few £/$ notes in front of his (bespectacled?!) face.

Like lenses 09 Feb 2011, 22:20


Yes, very strange that he has disappeared after myself, and others were inquiring about special order glasses. He seemed like he was interested in the business,but is reluctant to quote prices here, and requested we email him for info.

guest 09 Feb 2011, 15:48

It's not a big thing in my eyes - he didn't sell what people wanted but wanted people to buy what he liked

I didn't like this gushing advertising at all - by the way the glasses couldn't stand this advertising - the pair I bought came 3 weeks later than he told me, wasn't the frame colour shown in ebay and lenses were bicocave what wasn't shown in the ebay pics, what's more they seemed to be fixed int the frames very fast and not very acurate. Both lenses should be the same power but the left lens was thicker than the right one - shit on the "very low" price when facts are not acurate.

I will buy at online shops as i did before - so for me it's not a loss at all

specs4ever 09 Feb 2011, 13:49

I am thinking that all the negative comments posted by various guests have driven him away, and I realy don't blame him. With SGS we were given the oportunity to purchase very high mimus glasses for extremely reasonable prices, but instead of thanking him for the products he was offering some people couldn't stop bashing him. So, if he has left the stage, we have only ourselves to blame.

guest 09 Feb 2011, 12:40

What's up with SGS? He has emptied his Ebay store . . . still has it but nothing is there.

gwgs 09 Feb 2011, 10:55

Some pretty strong Armani glasses with lots of power rings (I'm not the seller btw), with only 10hrs left;

gwgs 09 Feb 2011, 10:40

I'm not aware of any forum where you can buy glasses.

Your local optician (Specsavers more than likely to have this specific pair - as previously mentioned,) or eBay would be where I would expect to find these

elizabeth 09 Feb 2011, 10:08


Many thanks for finding elina's videos and sharing them. What forum should I use if I am interested in purchasing glasses?

Anyway I love the pair that elina has that are a dark coppery color with a caramel colored sides. I think you pegged the rx.

I want these glasses and will pay for them if anyone wants to make them for me.


Huggs eLizabeth

And a hug to Jennifer, we could be twins in our new marching glasses!!

gwgs 08 Feb 2011, 04:21

Elisabeth - we're on the wrong thread for this really. You probably saw the Elite Elina videos on my YouTube channel -

I think this question has been bandied about quite a bit, from previous discussions I think she's somewhere between -8.5 and -10. Tommy Hilfiger sell a frame called TH19 available from Specsavers that is remarkably similar - - or it might pop up on eBay sometime if you can't get to a Specsavers. This is a semi rimless frame that I have previously owned, and wanted to get reglazed in a similar prescription to the above mentioned but the reglazing firm said they could only do a maximum of -4 due to the size of the frame!! God knows why they could only manage this as a colleague of mine who I used to work with had her -8.75 and -7.50 prescription with standard index lenses in it - which inspired me to get it as it looked so good on her.

Hope this helps!

Crystal Veil 07 Feb 2011, 17:22

guest - a chracteristic of treasures is that they are not found every day. From my own experience I can assure you that strong glasses are the proverbial haystack needle and glasses from the 1980's turn up less and less. Perhaps we should be all the more appreciative of the many fine glasses unearthed by ms earlier. Collections like ms offers now can be of interest to beginning collectors. If you look more closely to the photos there are certainly some glasses I could use for my photo shoots. ms, keep up the good work!

Jennifer 07 Feb 2011, 12:46

I agree with Elizabeth. Please if anyone has information on the glasses she is wearing...I want to know, too!

elizabeth 07 Feb 2011, 12:25

I just saw the most beautiful girl with glasses. If you google elite elina you can see her you tube video.

I just love the glasses frames and lens combination. There are two videos each she is wearing different frames. Anyone have any idea what her rx may be and what manufacturer the frames may be??

I really want glasses like those thanks folks.



guest 07 Feb 2011, 01:53

boring boring boring boring !!!

where did the good times go when ms did sell fantastic strong woemn's eyewear from the 80ies and Sandra glasses with street pics where offered in spite of industrial eyewear inflation by sgs

ms : are you sure you want to offer only these boring masses of senseless frames or do you have itmes worth bidding?

ms_2109 06 Feb 2011, 13:34

After a long time I offer on ebay some collections of new/used with women's-, men's- and children's glasses with plus and minus/negative lenses:

guest 05 Feb 2011, 08:01

SGS, where are you? we miss you so much. (it's already more than a week without you.) *LOL*

Highmyope 04 Feb 2011, 17:26

One more pair to sell: -20 both eyes with minor astigmatism, 1.6 index plastic lenses, flexible frame, 3-day auction.

gwgs 04 Feb 2011, 07:21

Just posted another classic frame for sale - large vintage Christian Dior glasses with tinted thick lenses - they're approx 1cm / 1/2" thick and from guess work have a prescription over -8. If any of you trained experts can give me a closer estimate of what you think it is from looking at the photos I'd be grateful so I can update the listing accordingly.

Here they are;

gwgs 04 Feb 2011, 05:06

These three pairs are ending tomorrow (Saturday) morning, UK time, all three at low starting price.

anic 03 Feb 2011, 03:54

SGS, I have just read on another thread that you are going to produce lower power lenses in thicker/glass lenses, do you have any idea when these listings will go live on ebay?

I would be interested in seeing your prices for this

Stephan's final off sale 31 Jan 2011, 07:17

the last pair of my sale - a very heavy pair with mineral glass lenses about -10.00 to -11.50 . very striking pair. i always wonder how women are able to wear those heavy glasses all day long - pretty amazing !

varifocals 31 Jan 2011, 05:55

I echo like lens commentsI too would be a good customer for the glasses but I am not keen on using paypal as there are security problems with it. I simply would like to pay the money up front.

Other firms do it.

I have several internet pairs of glasses.

Like lenses 31 Jan 2011, 01:01


Like gwgs stated, I would like to see you post some prices here,rather than email you.

Why don't you figure your average frame that you are now selling,and give us a complete pair of glasses price for -1.50 ,-2.00, -3.00, -4.00,all of which would have thick lenses,with flat fronts.

Also tell us how thick these various lenses will be.

I as well as others here would be interested in doing business with you if your prices are right.

s 30 Jan 2011, 07:16

All my off sale items :

Stephan's final off sale 30 Jan 2011, 05:34

More glasses for final sale :

also have a look at my other auctions - final glasses sale !

Stephan's final off sale 30 Jan 2011, 04:46

Hello, now I sell off the very rest of my collection... f.e. buy four pairs -20.00 dpt. for only EUR 39,- , vintage thick plus glasses... 4 pairs men's -8.00 for EUR 39,-- all together... 4 x -16.00 women's glasses for EUR 39,- aso. Getting rid of all things I have left..

I thought about listing vintage oversize women's pairs but I guess there isn't enough interesst in, so I won't pay ebay more money than needed.

Have a good time and maybe there is something for you like this :

Best regards


gwgs 30 Jan 2011, 00:09

SGS - I have no set requirements, but would just be interested in knowing your costs so I know whether to purchase from you. Perhaps you could either state your costs here for low prescriptions here, or sell just the frame on ebay, with the listing detailing the price for different interval prescription (i.e. up to -8 in one price, then up to -20 is another etc)?

Stephan 29 Jan 2011, 04:31

listed two pairs of vintage oversize glasses with thick and very heavy mineral lenses...

as this Dior pair :

genuine really worn women's glasses with original lenses

SGS 28 Jan 2011, 21:35

Pls send your requirements of frames and lenses prescription to mail

We can do at any lower or higher prescriptions. thanks.

Like lenses 27 Jan 2011, 01:13

Filthy McNasty

I would just like to get a fixed price quote from SGS on a few lower prescription ranges.

I have had some made up online at very reasonable prices, and would be interested in doing business with SGS,as long as he can be competitive in quality,and price,

From my understanding they are not difficult or expensive to make up, as they are low index,high prescription lense blanks with all the power ground into the backside only.

All of the online services that have made these for me do it at a fixed price,and like SGS are made in Asia.

Filthy McNasty 26 Jan 2011, 12:23

Ladies, ladies, ladies. Unbunch yer panties.

If there is something you want SGS to make for you, why not email privately and ask? If I were SGS, I'd not make specs on spec, as it were.

observer 26 Jan 2011, 11:14

i guess SGS doesn't understand free market at all - offering items which cause only low interest won't sell very easy!

Moaning about low interest and low prices is OUT !!!

Sell what people want or let it be!!!

But don't moan abot it !

gwgs 26 Jan 2011, 08:48

SGS - thanks for the update, I am guessing that the reason you haven't sold that many pairs is purely because the lenses are so extreme - this therefore ties in what we - your customers (in effect) have been asking for.

We accept there is a risk in you buying these thinner lens blanks, in that you don't know what your customer base will be, but I would look at it the other way in that if you're not selling these incredibly strong -20's and -30's this should be telling you that not that many people are interested in them and dealing in every day prescriptions will more than likely give you a higher turnover which lead to more profit for you.

I have listed several pairs that do have more every day prescriptions. One pair is -7, another is between -6 and -8 (not sure of exact prescription), and another is a plussie pair.

SGS 26 Jan 2011, 06:47

Thank you very much GWGs and like lenses, I have all got your ideas and your taste of willings. as i am talking on the issue of low sprescription or even low index lenses which is "wearable" for most of fanses, as I really want to provide low price that I can, and many of your collectors can have many different pairs for switching, that would be more enjoy, so gimme more time until I reach a good price with my lens producers. say now, the lenses are expensive, I don't wanna buy them and producing glasses without any purchase, I will feel really frustrated. Like my current pairs on ebay, they are so nice, but rarely got sold. say you guys are confidence of buying from me, however I am not so confidence producing and listing. thanks.

Stephan 26 Jan 2011, 03:20

listed some strong women's glasses with custom made formlenti, oval lenti and myodisc lenses as f.e. this one :

Will also list vintage oversize lady's frames with thick lenses -8.00 to -15.00 in future

gwgs 26 Jan 2011, 03:04

SGS, Again, I second like lenses' second post. I have previously been banging the drum for some lower power spex, with thick lenses. I love the thickness of the lenses that you're producing with -20, -28, -30 prescriptions, but who in their right mind can actually see out of them? If these are supposed to be used for bedroom wear - like the majority of my collection are, how is the other half supposed to enjoy herself when she can't even see out of them!!??

I'd love to see some thick single digit diopter, or lower double digit diopter spex (e.g. -12, -13.75 etc) for sale, at a similarly low price. It can't take a genius to work out that lower index lenses will result in thick lenses, so why can't these be produced?

Here you have prospective customers trying to give you money for a service, all you have to do is provide it - now isn't that what every business wants??!!

Like lenses 26 Jan 2011, 01:30


Have you come up with any prices,and availability for lower power ,very thick lens glasses,with flat fronts?

Like lenses 26 Jan 2011, 01:00


My post was not meant as harassment,but I was simply agreeing with SGS that everything is going up in price,as he had stated in his last post.

I had further mentioned that wages are down, and unemployment up throughout the world,and felt that his prices would have to be in line with this situation to be competitive.

He had expressed some concerns that he may not continue to be able to justify ebay.

Like lenses 22 Jan 2011, 15:05

post deleted - harassment

SGS 22 Jan 2011, 04:01

Here comes my new listings, seems these days the glasses are more hard than before to produced, cuz everything raised in price, I am hardly to say how long will insist on ebay for selling such glasses, but hope will not lose in the way of selling cheap. Still need support.

Stephan 21 Jan 2011, 01:27

listed my last pair of strong glasses with hearing aids :

Like lenses 21 Jan 2011, 01:14


How soon can you get back to us with a price to make lower prescription glasses with very thick lenses,and flat front surfaces?

Stephan 20 Jan 2011, 05:09

and also pretty thick halfrim glasses -9.00 :

Stephan 19 Jan 2011, 08:00

listed some men's glasses with lower prescription but thick lenses, power rings thick lens edges, npolished for see more of the "white" lense edges, quite a lot of cut in...

like this modern aviator look with very thick lens edges ( more than 0.5 inch ). my optician estimated this one for -15.00 or more but it's "only" -10.00 :

What's coming next : stylish vintage oversize lady's glasses in -6.00 to -10.00

Have fun


gwgs 19 Jan 2011, 04:56

I would also be one that would be interested in buying your glasses if they were at a lower strength, but with thick lenses. All these minus 20's are simply no good for my girlfriend who will happily wear glasses in bed to satisfy me, but the stronger the glasses are, the less time she wears them for me (understandably), so if you could do some with single vision lenses, but with the thickness of some of your other frames that would be a dream come true.

Can't you just use lower index materials and make the pd smaller to create this thickness?

SGS 18 Jan 2011, 08:53

Thank you for your suggestions, I will try to find, or advise my lens lab to produce such low prescription lenses with thickness, as you know there would be a big modification to the equipments. Must consider the cost first...

Anyway, have to recycle my cost for further making glasses cuz i am selling very low price, unwise of considering cost...Anyway got your support, big pleasure.

Sydneycider 18 Jan 2011, 05:03

I agree with these guys also but I'm interested in the plus side too. Also can you do anything prism wise?

Bwian 18 Jan 2011, 04:15


I totally agree with Like Lenses. I have purchased over 20 pairs from other online companies. If you could do as Like Lenses says I am sure you would increase your sales many more. For Optic Obseesives like myself i just cannot get enough frames with THICK lenses but i need the contacts to go with them. So -30 and -25 are a bit high in power. I just want great THICK glasses

Like lenses 17 Jan 2011, 22:08


I think that you would sell a lot of glasses if you would make very thick lenses in prescriptions from -1.25 through -7.00 with flat front surfaces.

Other online companies are able to do this.

I think that most people here would be interested in buying very thick glasses in their prescription

I would think that you could make such glasses at a fixed reasonable price. How much do you think that you would have to charge to make glasses like this?

Stephan 17 Jan 2011, 09:07

...added a very rare single piece to german ebay : a pair of formlenti glasses -20.00 which are like very strong plus lenses in the carrier part of the lens front and with a deep myopic center part... unique piece as far as I know...

SGS 17 Jan 2011, 09:03

GWGs, yes, need to post more frames which lower than -20D.

I always think about a way to offer glasses, may I post just frame on ebay,and mark with the custom made glasses price, and buyer buy the frame meantime to send the prescriptions needed and also Pupil distance, I shall make according to the requirements as in the glases shop. Can anybody post the comments.

gwgs 17 Jan 2011, 02:23

Nice one Stingray, it's been a long time coming, wish we could see more glasses with a lower rx than -20 on here.

I have said this to sgs before, but he seems intent on producing glasses that are over twice the UK level of being officially classified as "blind" (for the record this is minus 10).

SGS 16 Jan 2011, 21:42

Very nice ones with super cheap in price!!!

Stingray 16 Jan 2011, 19:59

Finally a pair of glasses you may actually be able to see out of. I am listing this pair of Claiborne blue metal frames. They have around a minus 5.00 or more prescription with CR39 lenses. The outer edges are around 7mm or so thick. Starting bid just $5.00 and low shipping to the U.S. Take a peek:

SGS 16 Jan 2011, 07:52

For the PD issue, it's very simple. when buyers buy my glasses, just send me a message of your purchased glasses with PD and presceiptions, then we will use the same frame to produce a new one as required.wthanks.

Highmyope 15 Jan 2011, 17:10

Relisting these - -25, 1.74 index plastic lenses. Lots of power rings. Three day auction.

rodin 15 Jan 2011, 15:41

Forgot to post pictures



rodin 15 Jan 2011, 15:36

Hi All,

I have some stuff for sell, no auction needed.

What I am offering is the following:

[1] One Box of Bausch-Lomb PureVision 2 Contacts with a power of +0.50

[1] One Box of Acuvue Oasys w/ Hydraclear Plus with a power of -1.00

Both sets are brand new and unopened.

The total cost for the lenses I will let go for $30 (Free Shipping if $30) OBO (plus $3.00 shipping if OBO).

[10] Ten pairs of assorted eyeglasses/sunglasses. The majority of these glasses are in range of:

[L] -0.75 to -2.00 with up to a -1.50 cylinder (I don't remember the exact amount of cylinder)

[R] +0.00 to +2.50 with up to a -2.00 cylinder (I don't remember the exact amount of cylinder)

They all come with cases, either hard or soft.

The total cost for the glasses I will let go for $35 (Free Shipping if $35) OBO (plus $5.00 shipping if OBO).

Please send an email to me, r_o d_i n 9 5_a t_y a h o o dot com. TAKE THE _ OUT ANYWHERE YOU SEE IT IN THE ADDRESS.

JP 15 Jan 2011, 03:38


You post some nice items for sale. Like specs4ever, I need to know the PD. Mine's 63 mm, which is much lower than most that you advertise.

Specs4ever 14 Jan 2011, 07:45

Ok, that is good to know SGS. I may just contact you in a few weeks

SGS 14 Jan 2011, 00:33

specs4ever ,something to clarify, the glasses shown on ebay could be a sample, and if anyone like the design and send me a request then we can do according to the PD required and also the prescriptions.


guest 13 Jan 2011, 13:12

post deleted - off topic

gwgs 13 Jan 2011, 11:31

Jennifer, I think they're a great find and am tempted to buy a pair for to add to my overflowing collection! A great reminder of a well known sexy (imo) gwg. I've just uploaded a short news bulletin I taped of her onto my YouTube site. I know there's no shortage of photos of her (wearing glasses), but I couldn't resist!

Jennifer 13 Jan 2011, 11:23

Are women purchasing the Sarah Palin frames? I haven't seen them here in California. They would definately show off my minus prescription. Has anyone watched Sarah's show on Alaska. I only watched one episode, but she wore her glasses while river rafting. She wears her glasses all the time. I know there's been discussions here about the rx of those glasses. They look very weak, but she is never, never seen without those glasses.

specs4ever 13 Jan 2011, 10:22

No complaints about the price. However I can't use any of te ones you have posted because the PD is too wide. I am good for 64 or 65, but 68 gives me too much base in prism.

And if you don't post the pd I won't even bid.

SGS 13 Jan 2011, 08:52

Much higher and cheaper in price. If anyone think the price is unfair, just send me a message.

Highmyope 12 Jan 2011, 17:03

Oops, forgot the links!

Two very high-minus pairs from my collection, 3-day auction.

Highmyope 12 Jan 2011, 17:02

I'm selling two pairs of very high-minus glasses (-18 and -24) from my collection. Three-day auction.

Curt 12 Jan 2011, 14:54

Melyssa: Sara Palin's glasses are Kawasaki 704 frames, which are $375 without lenses...

Melyssa 12 Jan 2011, 13:35

$38.80 for Sarah Palin frames? I wonder if they are actually the ones she used? Either way, I bought 4 pairs of sooooo much prettier frames for less.

bracesfan 12 Jan 2011, 02:05


Please, contact me at

I really need to talk with you. Thanks.

 10 Jan 2011, 15:23

post deleted - off topic

mark 10 Jan 2011, 13:56

Sgs just spent a while looking through your pictures,

First comment: its a bit of a mess. Perhaps sort them into + glasses and - glasses, then sort them by power.

Second Comment: Theres no information such as PD.

I think u'd get a lot mroe business with these changes.

gwgs 10 Jan 2011, 11:17

Great find;

Bleu Dame are offering the same frames for sale as Sarah Palin wears, and for only $38!

How easy do you think it would be to fit prescription lenses into these babies?

SGS 10 Jan 2011, 08:19

Here are my collection of glasses that for enjoy also if interested just send inquiry to

I will reply fast. thank you and looking forward to mail ordering.

Patrick 09 Jan 2011, 00:22

Have a couple left in my collection. Only $9.99.

SGS 08 Jan 2011, 21:32

Just found recently shipping to USA very fast as say 7 days delivery,sometimes when customs full of cargo it goes slower. it's a good chance for American customer to get glasses quicker.Thanks.

Stephan 08 Jan 2011, 15:15

and another pair which is perfect for GOC :

Stephan 07 Jan 2011, 08:16

Thick pair with bilateral hearing aid...

I listed a special women's / girl's pair for those who are looking for glasses with hearing aid - the blateral hearing aids are still working perfect, fitted with new batteries :

SGS 05 Jan 2011, 06:41

Isn't these ones great and thick? and the price is not as thick as it costs.Thank you.

Stephan 04 Jan 2011, 14:29

...and a pretty thick ladylike metal pair :

Aubrac 04 Jan 2011, 11:21

Panda walks into a bar and shoots a look at the barman,

"Two Belgian Trappiste beers please",

Barman brings two bottles and places them on the bar,

"I need glasses", says the panda,

Must do if can't read the friggin' label says the barman.

Sorry about that but the punctuation polemic reminded of the 'Panda walks into a bar eats shoots and leaves' book.

Stephan 04 Jan 2011, 07:52

a post for the original topic of this thread ;-)

listed some pairs which are also perfect for men's GOC as some of the pics show.

These are perfect to be worn with GOC for a whole day long - lightweight but thick !

ehpc 03 Jan 2011, 21:15

Incidentally, Chloe, not all wars are 'myopic', obviously. Some are very 'far-sighted' indeed. The American War of Independence, for example. And one notes that just as people tend to use the British English 'shortsighted' metaphorically, the American English 'farsighted' is universally used metaphorically to mean the reverse, i.e. seeing presciently and perceptively into the future. Nobody would ever use 'longsighted' in that metaphorical sense.

ehpc 03 Jan 2011, 17:34

Your own English is wonderfully elegant Chloe, and a genuine pleasure to read:) And am I right in thinking your first language is German? Fantastic. What a change from the 'how r u im fine' textspeak one comes across so often! I am if you wish to pursue further philological discussion :) One aspect of my own punctuation usage which I share with George Orwell (Eric Blair)is that I never use the semicolon. Like George Orwell, I consider it redundant. There are no circumstances where one can not use a comma equally well. What do you think? Pete

lentifan 03 Jan 2011, 14:53

This is just a hunch but in the metaphorical use of 'shortsighted', especially linked to 'decision',time often seems to be a consideration, rather than (as in the literal meaning) distance. So a shortsighted decision is felt (by the speaker or writer) to be one made without sufficient consideration to the future and which will be seen, in course of time, to have been the wrong decision in the long run.

The use of 'near' rather than 'short' would not necessarily convey this time element.

I have seen decisions referred to as 'myopic', but I agree that 'shortsighted' (with or without hyphen) seems more common.

Chloe 03 Jan 2011, 13:09

Thanks for the response, Pete. And of course very relevant and interesting points.

I know that "nearsighted" and "shortsighted" are supposed to be lexical variants normally associated with BE and AE. But this cannot explain the results of a very informal search I did on Google. I wanted to check the frequencies of a very common collocate of the metaphorical sense of "myopic" and chose the noun "decision". And irrespective of the spelling (i.e. with or without hyphen), "shortsighted decision" seems to be a 100 times more common than "nearsighted decision" (which occurs even less frequently than "myopic decision"). I am aware of the problems inherent in such informal searches, but the difference cannot be explained with reference to national varieties.

As for the quotation marks, there are many ways to mark metalinguistic reference to words/expressions. I would normally use italics, but as I don't know how to do italics on ES (or if you can do it with HTML-tags this is a bit cumbersome) I'd prefer quotation marks over inverted commas simply because they are the easier to produce, on a German keyboard at least. I think it is OK, as long as you mark the expressions you are referring to rather than using.

"Eyeware" is great.

Wikipedia Dictionary Xpert 03 Jan 2011, 12:02

Constructive Critique

According to Wikipedia one must apply for a permit with ones local Building Department before beginning any Constructive Critique. That's right, it's no different than adding a room to your house.


ehpc 03 Jan 2011, 11:45

One or two more philological and related matters to raise with you Chloe:) Such as the use of double-inverted commas - surely to be used for quoted speech only? Doubtless someone will tell me I am 'off-topic' in a moment. Feel free to carry on this discussion in Lenschat or I will happily give you my e-mail address. Pete

ehpc 03 Jan 2011, 11:37

And surely 'shortsighted' better than 'short-sighted'??? (Hyphen completely unneccessary). Over to philologer Chloe....................

ehpc 03 Jan 2011, 11:35

I think the difference between 'shortsighted' and 'nearsighted' is simply the difference between British English and 'American English' (by which of course people mean English as spoken in the United States of America, not as spoken in Bolivia or Panama).

ehpc 03 Jan 2011, 11:31

One occasionally sees advertisements for 'eyeware'(as in 'hardware') instead of 'eyewear', which is a fairly staggeringly ignorant error! Pete

Chloe 03 Jan 2011, 09:37

"Myopic war" - even though in the case of an ad for glasses obviously a typo for "myopic wear" - is actually a nice metaphorical characterization of war. So there is - unintentionally or not - more wisdome in the misspelling than may be assumed at first sight.

I know, this refers to a deleted message, but the logophile in me couldn't resist (which is also wondering why "short-sighted" is used much more often in the metaphorical sense than "myopic" or "near-sighted").

SGS 03 Jan 2011, 02:37

Only auction for 8.99 or 14.99 Thank you.

minus 5 who luvs gwgs 01 Jan 2011, 02:31

In non English speaking countries you do get some strange translations just look at some of the bizarre slogans on t shirts what sounds great in say Mandarin sounds dreadful in English and vice versa

guest 31 Dec 2010, 15:59

@guest #3 : yes and I post MY opinion - I don't want to see this war shit connected with glasses

SGS 31 Dec 2010, 10:57

post deleted - personal attack

guest #3 31 Dec 2010, 10:34

To guest and guest 1

I know pointing a finger points 3 back at myself but I've got say that listening to the two of you cackle like hens is not what this thread is about.

Didn't we go through this SGS jabbing some months back? It's one thing to be kicking the tires if you intend to buy. If you want to make constructive comments why not find a better way or place (like email him) to say it. Otherwise, how about keeping criticism to yourselves. We all have opinions. Why should the rest of us be subjected to yours?

guest 31 Dec 2010, 07:55

same with me - these lenses do not carry my thoughts to small extremely shortsighted tiny eyes but are only curved pieces of plastic in a frame - not a fetish at all for my taste

guest 1 31 Dec 2010, 03:40

For me, are the offer from China extreme myopic glasses only for commercial.

These glasses are missing the flair of a genuine and carried by a human eye.

What is your opinion ?

guest 31 Dec 2010, 03:26

post deleted - personal attack

SGS 30 Dec 2010, 20:20

Best auction for passion! Happy new year!

SGS 27 Dec 2010, 10:08

Think to provide at half price would be more enjoyable for new year. Still negotiating with lens lab to produce more super high lenses.

SGS Christmas Auction 24 Dec 2010, 23:53

Merry christmas! For the festival, We offer auction for the never-seen -29D and -30D SUPER glasses on auction! Start with 14.99GBP. Good luck for the game!

Stephan 24 Dec 2010, 03:36

...and last but not least - a pair for fans of vintage oversize glasses with stricking lenses, "only" about -10.00 dpt- but plastic lenses were really thick in the early 80ies :

Stephan 24 Dec 2010, 03:33

also a vintage very special extreme plus pair , left lens is frosted :

SGS 23 Dec 2010, 22:29

Merry christmas! Greetings from the east!

Wish everybody have a good new year and happy with glasses.

Stephan 22 Dec 2010, 11:01

...and also some perfect pairs for men - like this myodisc one :

Stephan 21 Dec 2010, 09:19

Merry christmas and a happy new year to all who bought my glasses or just looked at my auctions !

For those who are interested in thick myopic rings and some other specials I listet some pairs for the holidays - like this one :

SGS 19 Dec 2010, 00:08

Put these fantastic beautiful ones on auction to wish everyone a pleasant Christmas!Thank you.

Patrick 18 Dec 2010, 11:28

Trying to clear these out of my collection. Nice -10 myopic glasses. Three available. Only $9.99.

Stephan 18 Dec 2010, 05:41

and a nice thick pair with metal frame :

SGS 17 Dec 2010, 19:48

Thickest in the world but cheaper in price.

Stephan 17 Dec 2010, 12:47

and another formlenti-beauty :

Stephan 16 Dec 2010, 13:38

listed some of my left pairs - specials like this frosted formlentis... hard to find somewhere else

Moonshiner 14 Dec 2010, 21:46 in Chicago makes custom glasses and has some examples in their gallery with minus lenses installed:

SGS 10 Dec 2010, 01:00

New listings with thick lenses.

SGS 06 Dec 2010, 07:41

This would be a very very exciting Christmas to win these 0.99 thick glasses for your girl and yourself doing GOC.

The "SGS" Brand will always do the best quality glasses at the best PRICE!!! Selling glasses overseas is much a fun to the SGS team~

SGS 06 Dec 2010, 04:37

This must heat up the low temperature by puting -29D top quality metal frame on auction of 0.99GBP! Enjoy your bidding~:)

anon 05 Dec 2010, 10:33

I don't mind saying I find the thought of my beloved wearing these pretty erotic. o

Puffin 05 Dec 2010, 10:21

it's not compulsory to look at or buy them.

anon 05 Dec 2010, 10:13

Too much whingeing at SGS!

I don't think anyone will be 'going out' wearing any of his glasses, unless their RX just happens to be the same as the lenses, with no astigmatism.

Might it not be possible that these thick lenses will actually appeal to someone here?

T think they're very nice to look at, even though the frame wouldn't be my first choice. These lenses in a delicate metal frame might be interesting!

guest 05 Dec 2010, 09:53

sorry but these -29 lenses are fitted very ugly !

look just like raw unfinished lenses ! would never go out with glasses like that.

SGS 05 Dec 2010, 03:15

Just made the fish tail style girls's glasses -29D for an pleasant auction.Merry Christmas~

SGS 03 Dec 2010, 23:43

Minus twenty nine very girly red frame for auction promotion from 8.99GBP!!!!!!!

Stephan 03 Dec 2010, 09:50

For all who like those oversize 80ies Look glasses :

Guest 03 Dec 2010, 08:13

Hello SGS,

I would buy some of your glasses if there were more mens frame in a PD of ~68. Your current listings do not have a PD value. The glass lenses at around -25 are great.


Robert 03 Dec 2010, 07:44

Your glasses are great, but your pompous writings about how totally selflessly you sell anything sooo cheap is unbearable. You must be a very poor man by now, not making any money...that´s the way it sounds at least.

But on the other hand, looking at the glasses is really very much fun.

SGS 03 Dec 2010, 05:55

These, Are the Best jewellry stuff ever!

Never mind to receive a second chance offer althought these lenses cost me so big on labor and materials.

SGS 01 Dec 2010, 20:56

Minus thirty Men's myopic glasses. just one pair of this style.

SGS 30 Nov 2010, 22:33

Thick attractive lenses beautiful auction!

Stephan 30 Nov 2010, 10:57

and two nice vey thick binconcave lens pairs :

Stephan 29 Nov 2010, 13:44

some more auctions like this one :

SGS 27 Nov 2010, 22:09


SGS 25 Nov 2010, 02:24

Look at this crystal -28D GOC glasses, its film coated anti- harm ray lenses, with very good quality frame. Just send me your best offer.

Good news, We try to list -29D glasses around christmas, cuz my lens lab is producing another 20 pieces of -29D and -30D lenses for me.Thank you.

Stephan 24 Nov 2010, 08:42

also listed a round myodisc pair with glass lenses

Stephan 21 Nov 2010, 11:15

listed two more packages with glasses -16.00 to -20.00

Stephan 19 Nov 2010, 09:34

selling the rest of my pairs in packages to 3 or 4 pairs like this :

SGS 18 Nov 2010, 20:23

Best GOC men's super high prescription glasses. We also do custom made glasses, try to be the lowest price and most choices and best quality of the world.Thank you.

SGS 17 Nov 2010, 03:12

Dear Like lenses and all friends, for private message, would you just drop me a mail to

Just hope to maintain eyescene a public community.Thank you.

Like lenses 15 Nov 2010, 23:26


How much would you charge for a complete pair of glasses with minus 1.75 lenses ,using the thickest lenses possible,and how thick would they be.Also would the front of the lenses be totally flat?

I have a friend that would be interested in this.

SGS 15 Nov 2010, 20:17

Good news! just got feedback from my lens lab, they are able to produce -28D,-29D,-30D very thick lenses for custom made glasses.

If customer need custom made glasses pls send your inquiry and requirements to mail

Price and service will be the best in the world for the top prescription glasses! Thank you!

Moonshiner 14 Nov 2010, 21:36

Some thick lenses in Cazal frames on ebay (not from me):

SGS 13 Nov 2010, 02:27

Best high thick glasses ever.

Guest 12 Nov 2010, 04:00

Hello! Very strong glasses for sale, auction ends soon:

Moonshiner 11 Nov 2010, 06:59

Some thick lenses in cat eye frames on ebay (not from me):

SGS 10 Nov 2010, 06:58

I am able to get super high prescription Plus and minus contacts lenses for GOC. The contact lenses are of nice quality and examined by athorities.

And able to custom made glasses for either eye-sight corresiveness or GOC use.

Many customers had done safe mail-ordering and Paypal payment. Fast delivery.

Just drop me a mail for inquiry thank you.

owlish 09 Nov 2010, 15:52

An old pair of classic myodiscs:

SGS 09 Nov 2010, 10:31

Yes, looks like my pair listed, however everyone sells at a good price makes people enjoy items:)

Listed over 50 pairs for a good choice.Thank you.

just me 08 Nov 2010, 14:50

Looks like surplus from SGS I think. ;-)

smudgeur 08 Nov 2010, 10:16

spotted these for sale on eBay

Given the reference to "power rings" - perhaps the seller is one of us!

SGS 07 Nov 2010, 00:06

New listing of top quality frame.

As the shipping may take 15 business days, and before christmas there would be a big amount of goods flow in the customs, so better dispatch at this time and ensuring receive during Chiristmas.Thank you.

Visitor 06 Nov 2010, 13:35

strange pricing politics from SGS - same pairs raised from 0.99 offer to more than USD 60.00

do you think people got there christmas gratification so early this year???

Visitboy 06 Nov 2010, 07:40

Hi SGS. I like those glasses. They're much more like the kind of frame I would wear. The nose bridge appears quite narrow for me, but I like the metal rectangles generally.

SGS 06 Nov 2010, 02:23

Still know not whether people like these super glasses.

Stephan 06 Nov 2010, 02:10

@ American Freund - thanks a lot for your message - I was so busy with ending up my Gym, mail box loaded... but now you can mail me again :-)

All the best


American Freund 05 Nov 2010, 18:24


I hope all is well with you.

On 28Oct2010, I received the four (4) pairs of extraordinary prescription glasses that I purchased from you several days earlier, and I sent a Thank You to your email address. I sent another message to you (also at your email address) earlier today (05Nov2010), and I received the following email:

A message that you sent could not be delivered to its recipient. This is a permanent error. The following address failed:

save to inbox generated by:

mailbox is full: retry timeout exceeded

As always, Stephan, thank you very much for everything!!

Your American Freund

Myopic Grant 05 Nov 2010, 10:32

I think Elton's eyes have changed since he had the surgery. On the new album cover picture he had taken with Leon Russell, the lenses are obviously back to a mild prescription. Does this give people over 30 hope in still inducing myopia???

specs4ever 05 Nov 2010, 08:16

I think that I read somewhere that Elton John was around -4D when he had his surgery. But of course his glasses had very large eye sizes - even larger than the norm for the period of time we are talking about, so his lenses were quite thick at the outer edges.

Personally I was happy to see the smaller eye sizes and the very high index lenses, because this brought a lot of ladies back into glasses, and, although surgery has dininished the numbers considerably, we would have lost a lot more if big eye sizes had remained in fashion. I wonder what will happen in the future with the newer larger frame sizes we are now seeing?

gwgs 05 Nov 2010, 06:51

Anyone want to buy a pair of Elton John's glasses!!??

They look quite strong!

SGS 03 Nov 2010, 21:57

Trying to arrange for item arrival before Christmas.

gwgs 03 Nov 2010, 06:33

I've listed three pairs of designer glasses on eBay, two which are very current frames, and another Dior frame which is almost timless.

Two of them have quite high myopic prescriptions, and the other is more a mid term myopic prescription. They are from three world renowned fashion houses - Chanel, Dior and Vogue and all starting at a low price.

SGS 03 Nov 2010, 03:16

Guest, shipping world widely we speak a Max. time of 20 business days to receive my parcel. normally around 10 days received, the extra 10 days is the margin for customs clearance, sometimes customs delays the final delivery.

Thank you.

This frame is this year's men's fasion

guest 02 Nov 2010, 20:45

How long does it take to receive glasses from SGS (to Texas, USA)?

aviator -oo- 02 Nov 2010, 19:41

I have a collection of frames made up with RX lenses. I'd like to find a case which enables me to carry them around, as this will make photographic shoots easier. Getting lots of glasses out of individual cases is a pain. What I have in mind is a case which holds say 4 trays. Each tray would have compartments for say 24 frames (4 across, and 6 in the other direction). The tray compartments would need to be soft to prevent scratching or damage. I think that salesmen for fashion frames might carry around their latest models in such cases to show to optical stores, but I cannot find a company to supply or make such a thing. Can anyone help or make a suggestion?

SGS 02 Nov 2010, 02:43

oxotest, if you like I can be your part time Chinese teacher, and when you come to China, then you will see the price you can get. For prescription under 10D, yes, they are cheap. but you can try above 10D, there will be no less than in Europe. or you can ask any of your friends that they can do a local inquiry in China.

My mail is

here are auctions

oxotest 01 Nov 2010, 19:41

Are there any Chinese speakers out there who could help me with a few useful phrases for using in Chinese optical stores? I'm planning a visit there early next year and hope to get some RX glasses for good prices. thanks

Soundmanpt 01 Nov 2010, 12:06


I promise to do that, but I will have to have a friend help me as I am not all that good with the computer age, comes with being old you know. Give me a bit of time please.

elizabeth 01 Nov 2010, 11:49


Yes, yes I am interested in those glasses, can you send a pic to ?



jo 01 Nov 2010, 10:06

sgs, can u add me in qq 1346113611

SGS 01 Nov 2010, 09:43


GOC glasses made by never seen lenses and best style square frames, these was special made from my lens lab, we can not buy from else where under 400GBP!!! I just listed by a 1/10 price!!! Only under 5 pairs. My lens lab had damaged a polish machine by making these, I will talk to them try to persuade them doing more such glasses for listing.

gwgs 01 Nov 2010, 04:40

Oh dear Elizabeth, I too have had one or two 'funky' pairs come through the post and have had to wash them (yes!!) and spray them with perfume to get the strange smell masked!

SGS 31 Oct 2010, 08:25

Just answer to many inquiries to the plus contact lenses for GOC, we can max. provide prescription to +15D contact lenses, and Minus contact lenses to -20D.

If friends need contact lenses for GOC, pls drop me mail for ordering.Thank you.

SGS 30 Oct 2010, 10:39

Very handsome pair for GOC, this urban style frame not cheap.

Soundmanpt 29 Oct 2010, 15:32


Oh I forgot to mention that they are 14 carat gold filled. not like the things of today that is painted to look gold.

Soundmanpt 29 Oct 2010, 15:30


The ones I ran across the most was like the ones from "Art-Craft" the Art-Bilt Rimway w/cable style. is that the style your looking for?

I keep a pair of those in my car to show people, I will not give it up because it came complete with the small hard case and even the orginal cleaning cloth. Also a card from the optical shop where they came from with the year they were purchased. The date 1942. They are in mint condition and you will love this the rx is +.25 in each eye. Someone was sold something for i'm sure was a lot of money then that they really didn't need. I thought that only happened today?

elizabeth 29 Oct 2010, 13:18

Thanks DWV, I sent those companies "contact us" emails and never heard back from either, I guess I need to call and wake up some one up.

gwgs, I purchased a pair from that UK company you mentioned, the beautiful pair of glasses smelled so bad...funky plastic, I had to throw them out, they stunk up my glasses chest.

Soundmanpt, What a crime to melt glasses for a bucks worth of gold, they would be better off with computer parts.

Also, I purchased many pairs of glasses from a German couple that frequented this site. Now that my glasses desires have evolved into vintage eye wear frames I a going to sell of some beautiful high minus (-18--20.5)glasses that I had purchased. Many of the frames can be seen on fotki.

Let me know if you are interested.


Moonshiner 28 Oct 2010, 06:01

Large drop temple with approx. minus 8 or 9 on ebay:

Tim 27 Oct 2010, 23:53

They are Chinese, Bart - one of SGS's pairs.

DWV 27 Oct 2010, 22:53

Shuron is still making some of their classic cateye frames, though AFAIK not with cable temples. It wouldn't hurt to contact the company and ask if they still have any old stock cable temples that will work with the current frames.

Art-Craft seems to have stopped making cat-eye frames a while back, but maybe they're sitting on old stock.

Bart 27 Oct 2010, 18:13

Hi everyone,

does anybody know the brand of these frames?

gwgs 27 Oct 2010, 03:24

Elizabeth - you may want to check out this UK seller on eBay, I have bought a couple of pairs of glasses from him and always been satisfied. I have seen a couple of pairs of what you after in his previous listings, it might be an idea for you to either add him as a favourite seller, or regularly check his items as he regularly lists a whole variety of glasses for sale.

Soundmanpt 26 Oct 2010, 11:57


The Art Craft frame your looking for, is it a gold semi-rimless drill mount style with cable temples? These were worn by both men and women back in the 40's. I have come across many of these in our collection boxes over the years. I think I still have a few around. Sadly I found out that the group I worked with did not reuse the frame but melted them down for the gold content. They said they only got about a dollar a frame from melting them. That was when I decided not to turn them in but found homes for most of them. I gave most of them to opticians that wanted them. The only thing is the lenses need to be thin enough to slip into a bracket in the middle by the bridge and that area is only about 1 mm thick. So if your rx is much it is very difficult to groove the lenses to slip in.

EyeTri 26 Oct 2010, 11:37


Thanks for the compliment. If you keep checking eBay you will find what you are looking for. They were fairly popular in the 50s and 60s.

I went through my collection and found several pairs of glasses that you might find interesting. If you send me an e-mail at I will send you pictures.


elizabeth 25 Oct 2010, 18:30

Tri Eye you are my hero, thank you for your efforts to find my dream glasses.

I actually fell in love with a pair of Shuron combination black cat eyes with the laquered black temples that turn into silver thicker wire cable temples, and a pair of Art craft. They are so beautiful, but were not very popular......too bad I lost the dam ebay bid by $1.50 on each pair.

I am still looking thanks for your help!


specs4ever 24 Oct 2010, 07:03

Hey SGS - maybe shipping is faster, but you are slipping. You are not entering any frame details, or pd's again. The extra pictures are good, but most buyers want the other information before they will buy. Just my 2 cents worth

SGS 24 Oct 2010, 05:13

Shipping recently quicker than last month.And price very good. Thank you.

Stephan 21 Oct 2010, 15:27

I don't want to use ebay a lot in future . I would like to sell most of them in lots of 4 or 5 pairs or more or all 70 pairs of my collection ;-). If anybody interested please contact me at stephan.boos(a)

Men's glasses from -8.00 to -20.00

Women's glasses from -16.00 to -20.00

SGS 21 Oct 2010, 09:28

New ones.Thank you.

Guest 21 Oct 2010, 07:25

Real used glasses from 90s on ebay

SGS 20 Oct 2010, 06:24

All 0.99 auction, ending soon.Thank you.

EyeTri 17 Oct 2010, 08:09


I will go through my collection and dig out what you may be interested in. When I have done this we'll figure out how I can get some pictures to you.

SGS 17 Oct 2010, 03:08

One of the best one for GOC, 14.99 auction.The original price was 41GBP

SGS 17 Oct 2010, 03:00

Very attractive ones end up soon.Enjoy your bidding~

Stephan 16 Oct 2010, 08:48

some people asked me by e-mail to list some pairs, so here are some of the left highlights... but only for 3 days !!!

hope, it is the right choice...

elizabeth 15 Oct 2010, 09:10

Thank you Tri Eye, I would be interested in a pair of METAL cable temple Shuron's or Art Craft like cat eye frames. I would like to have the original issue as opposed to a hybrid parts and pieces mad up pair.



Moonshiner 15 Oct 2010, 05:10

Myopia glasses on ebay (I am not seller), some to -5.5

SGS 14 Oct 2010, 21:40

The name for the game is pre-christmas bidding, the certain period before Christmas would be favorite for shipping, then everyone get their needs to play on Christmas.

Robert 14 Oct 2010, 07:32

Wow, sound sexciting...but what is the name of the game?

SGS 14 Oct 2010, 07:24

WOW!!!0.99 auction again!!! Start a big exciting game!

SGS 13 Oct 2010, 07:11

Each just one pair listed for bidding, Frame very fancy. 14.99GBP auction for these best ones of -20D thick glasses!Thank you.

EyeTri 12 Oct 2010, 15:48


I can probably help. The type of temples you are looking for are usually referred to as cable temples. One thing you must consider is that in the 50s & 60s many womens glasses were sold with cable temples, but almost all of these temples were metal. In most cases cable temples and regular (or skull) temples are interchangable. If you want, I can look through my collection and see if I have a plastic frame and cable temples that will look OK together. If you are interested I need an idea of your frame and temple size.

SGS 11 Oct 2010, 11:17

All new frontline designs,of course not cheap~~Enjoy wathing.Thank you.

specs4ever 10 Oct 2010, 23:14

Good luck Elizabeth. I know exactly what you are looking for, and I am afraid that if you do even run across some n.o.s. frames you will be taking a heck of a chance, as that type of plastic doesn't age well. I did search my collection and I have about 20 pairs of the brownline or windsor style. Only 2 of them have the cable temples.

elizabeth 10 Oct 2010, 19:50

Thank you specsforever,

I have my heart set on the plastic as opposed to a browline or a windsor style. I know they are hard to come by and most probably are in some box of old stock. Please look at the ebay link I posted, that is the style I am loooking for. I have changed lenses using a hair dryer to heat the plastic, works great!



SGS 10 Oct 2010, 06:31

The black one is really in a good quality, new thick staffs.

specs4ever 09 Oct 2010, 20:47

I don't think I have any plastic cats eye glasses with cable temples. I probably wouldn't sell them to anyone if I did, because the chance of an optician being able to change the lenses without snapping the plastic is slim to nil. But I might have a couple of pairs of the type that have a metal band around the lenses that also have cable temples. The shape is the same as the plastic cat eye glasses, but you can have new lenses put in them. If you are interested let me know and I will do a collection search Elizabeth.

elizabeth 09 Oct 2010, 19:24

There must be someone somewhere who knows where I can find some cat eye glasses with plastic covered riding bow temples I am looking for. I will give up a pair of my glasses to the one who can find me what I am looking for.

Now that's a deal

Help! I have a serious case of 60's cat eye ocular obsession.

Or some may prefer to call it a fetish, yes ....glasses get me off!



censored 09 Oct 2010, 12:14

post moved - wrong thread

SGS 09 Oct 2010, 10:32

hi dioptrienchen, Danke for your question, as most of friends know that I only accept Paypal as payment method,cuz it's only using the mail address and safe for both buyers and sellers. very convenience, although I have to pay a lot for the paypal service.

Guest, the guy's glasses just a normal one. thank you.

Better care about your true aim of posting such link.Remember,Here's eyescene!

Moonshiner 09 Oct 2010, 09:15

post deleted - off topic

guest 09 Oct 2010, 08:05

post deleted - off topic

dioptrienchen 09 Oct 2010, 07:10

hi SGS,

i do not have a visa or a mastercard. how can i buy from you ?

SGS 09 Oct 2010, 06:56

New listings at low.

Never mind flaine, people here are wise, they know the numbers and they do get the glasses in hand by paying just a little. as long as all people are happy, then we happy about all. `

Flaine 09 Oct 2010, 02:44

Hey ppl, please stop questioning SGS, pls accept my apologises for asking him about the price, im sry i have started a whole chain reaction about labour practices and so on...honestly, SGS is really selling glasses at an uncomparable price. A -25D at any shop in london would cost between 350-500 cheapest. And he is only selling at 39.99!!!

My sincere apologies.

Stephan 09 Oct 2010, 01:30

one of the most beautiful ways for a high myopic woman to show her eyes...

Wurm 08 Oct 2010, 12:11

SGS, thanks for your reply. I think it's clear that you run the auctions at a loss, for your own fun and to support the community.

I had another meaning of "speculation" in mind, I think. I will paraphrase my other comment:

'If you tell us more about your suppliers and labor practices, maybe people will not have to guess about that.'

elizabeth 08 Oct 2010, 11:26

Hello To all of my ocular obsessive friends. I want to thank those that responded to my search for late 50's early 60's plastic (ZYL) WOMAN's CAT EYE FRAMES WITH THE RIDING BOW, otherwise known as curly temples. I have bid on a few from ebay, when I received them I found them to be very small and appear to be little girls glasses, as beautiful as they are I cannot wear them.

So if anyone else can locate this style of glasses in a woman,s size I would be eternally grateful.Here is the ebay link to what I am looking for.

Thanks for all of your help.

Glasses Love! eLIZABETH

Filthy McNasty 08 Oct 2010, 11:19

I don't think legitimate questions are "attacks," and labeling them as such is silly. True, there are those who are less than tactful, however, I find it surprising / unlikely that there is some benefactor who's willing to sell to strangers at a loss time and time again. This kind of claim goes to credibility, and it is a relevant consideration for those considering doing business with that person.

specs4ever 08 Oct 2010, 11:05

Hopefully now everyone will understand what you are saying SGS, and we can go on with life without any further "attacks". I have pretty well understood what you were doing from the beginning, and have been supportive of you. I just bought 5 pairs that should show up shortly, and all 5 pairs cost me less than the price of one pair purchased domestically.

The online shopping has helped me out considerably. Originally I would make up my own prescription, and wearing a pair of contacts would go into an optical store to order glasses. Even using an assumed name and address, as well as paying in cash I would be worried I might be found out, and by using my own custom made prescription I was exposing myself to prosecution for using a forged document. So, I am grateful for the ability to add to my collection no muss no fuss.

I noticed that you mentioned a few posts back SGS that you would do custom ordered lenses. These lenses will not be as cheap to produce as the lenses that are in the glasses that you are selling now, but I am sure that you will be able to offer a reasonable price - as cheap as Zenni most likely, if not cheaper.

I have always thought that we needed an optician/glasses provider on Eyescene, and I am glad to have you around.

SGS 08 Oct 2010, 09:57

My top products. they will definitely listed with a reasonable price.

Wurm, Thank you for your question.Yes. I like the community here, and I also like glasses, that's why I run a shop doing glasses and serve for the very large population of myopic and far sighted people in the country.And also, the ebay shop was a long time later after I been here, I'be been here for almost 5 years since chatting in Lenschat and somebody told me can find many links of GWG here. Actually I was not so interested in selling any glasses but watching photos, but later I understand people here are not as myopic that need the glasses for seeing but more collecting and enjoying.For the average price of such thick and high prescription glasses in any corner of the world are at a very profitable price. Frankly speaking, I sell a -15D glasses at index 1.9 in my shop for worthy 110GBP price. Cuz the patient might keep the glasses for 10 years! And for any of the glasses shop wouldn't sell at even 50GBP, If they do so, they will die from no profit, then nobody would produce a rarely need prescription lenses cuz they are not worthy to sell, brings no profit.However, People here are real collectors or glasses enjoyers, I can easily understand if people doing a photo shoots or their game, they need many styles to change a flavor and have more fun. if all glasses are listed with a crazy price then a small quantity of GWG photos would be produced accordingly. Like said, as a special supplier, I'd like to see the prosperity of the GWG industry. Of course, I will have a look at my total cost after a month's sale on ebay, if there are no big loss, I would like to continue, and the most cherish thing is to have many friends that share the hobby all around the world. that makes me content. Pls do forget a "Speculation". It's even not a business otherwise anybody would do it at that price. nobody is a fool watching other's generating a big profit with no action. More frankly, I can't sell glasses at this price domesticly, If there are "Chinese eyescene". The glasses enjoyers are minority, whatever the price is, it won't ruin the average price of the market.If anyone not believing, just send a inquiry to any other glasses makers in China, then you can easily get an answer of how much such prescription glasses cost. This is not a speculation, If people like, just making bids, you will get glasses you like at a unreasonable low price, if you don't like, just skip. Or just have a nice watching of the photos. Thank you.

Wurm 08 Oct 2010, 07:42

SGS, you say you're selling at a loss because you like the community here. That sounds nice. What's a typical price in your retail shop? Feel free to tell us a little about your supply chain and labor practices if you'd like to put an end to the speculation.

Wondering about business practices isn't "trolling", although speculative talk of slave labor might be a bit dramatic.

SGS 08 Oct 2010, 03:46

Let's get over the meaningless topic with "Slavery"... We all feed the trolls to discuss such funny topic here..IT's eyescene, all topic shall be related to eyewear. If just an advertisement invest that trolls link to so called slavery, how shall we deal with if people send presents to friends?? Ridiculous.

The troll is his own slave, exhausted by all the time posting with jealous!

Jennifer 07 Oct 2010, 13:05

Bet it feels like slavery for these poor workers who have no other option to make a living to feed their families back home.

ehpc 07 Oct 2010, 12:22

Technically, 'slavery' means literally 'ownership' of a person.The ability to dictate every aspect of that person's life to that individual.

SGS 07 Oct 2010, 07:30

Top quality very thick lenses glasses -26D. Best workmanship!

Tim 07 Oct 2010, 00:06

I think I would rather have rowed in the Roman galleys than be a Keralan or Pakistani "bachelor" construction worker in the UAE. Hard manual labour in teperatures of 50c+ and not even allowed a sip of water by day in Ramadan, working 12+ hours a day for a pittance (if paid at all), and being bussed from and to a dormitory in a labour camp up to an hour away in the desert!

guest 06 Oct 2010, 16:32

@Flaine: slavery abolished? Worldwide? Nike shoes assembled by childs in India, anyone? Mass suicide of employees at the chinese Foxconn site due to inhumane working conditions ...

Chino 06 Oct 2010, 15:25

Just saw this gorgeous rimless frame for women and I HAD to share a picture of it. Enjoy!

Do a search for frame# 467014

Make sure you click the image of it to see the close-up view. It is just epic!

Flaine 06 Oct 2010, 07:21


We are not questioning the price, but as a teenager, i just want to know some of his business approaches or wadsoeva enables him to sell them so cheap. I nvr questioned his credibility or so. I hope this clears up the misconception. I may consider purchasing glasses from SGS in future, but not now as my parents still checks on my credit card acc and they may b surprised to find out why am i buyig a pair of glasees which ican get them in town. However, i do like to see some frames for ladies, perhaps i would find time to email SGS some day.

nearsight 06 Oct 2010, 00:05


Purchased glasses from SGS; service was fantastic and delivery was prompt. Why are you questioning price???????????????? Jealousy maybe? Visit China, a tee shirt is $1 or less.

Flaine 05 Oct 2010, 21:45


Wow that is totally absurb huh, i though slavery has been abolished long ago.. Anyways, as SGS explained, maybe its for special ocassions like this whereby making a loss but a mean of advertisement.

SGS: very kind of you to tell me that. I may drop a email some day when i have the time but trust me, my chinese is horrible compared to my cousins based in asia..probably i would have a hard time trying to type all the chinese in my email...

Stephan 05 Oct 2010, 16:30

a very interesting combination of oversize - biconcave - myodisc :

Stephan 05 Oct 2010, 05:53

listed this power ring beauty and some more specials...

guest 04 Oct 2010, 13:37

@Flaine: Yay for Chinese language lessons here; given the statistics for myopia in asian countries perhaps we all could get a few more diopters from that. :) And oh yeah, me too would like to get this 0.99 GBP price secret revealed ... my humble guess would be child labour -- or slavery ;)

SGS 04 Oct 2010, 11:16

Flaine, You really wonderful of talking and typing such good Chinese! Marvellous! I would be glad to talk Chinese language with you if you send mail to me, and nice to be a mail pal.Your question is good, I really going to loss a big money by putting auction in this 0.99GBP way, imagine any business need an investment like advertisement,as told, I have a real shop in local, so that would balance the cost, and ebay bidding is a fun for buyers, and I am really happy to see my glasses go abroad.that means all world like my glasses. It's my honor :)

Listed more for festival promotion:-)

Flaine 04 Oct 2010, 09:31



Is this correct chinese or have i screwed up again? Anyway, for my english folks, i am actually trying to ask how SGS manages to sell such cheap glasses at 0.99GBP

Flaine 04 Oct 2010, 09:28


Wow the new year sale is really astonishing! I bet u are incurring a loss by ofeering a generous price of 0.99GBP!!

Btw, actually i find chinese easier than spanish, which i failed miserably. At least i have relatives in Singapore and Hong Kong that can teach me some simple chinese plus the fact that i actually attend chinese classes once a week! Still trying to download a chinese word programme so i can type some chinese here:)

SGS 03 Oct 2010, 09:35

For custom made glasses pls send me email

XieXie! Really talent to know Chinese

Low price promotion is MY POSITIVE FEEDACK TO ALL FRIENDS!Happy bidding!

Flaine 03 Oct 2010, 06:10

Hey SGS and Stephen,

Do you have any glasses in the -2.50 range instead of the extreme ones? I may considering trying out these provided u have glasses around my rx range...

Vielen Dank, Xie xie

Stephan 03 Oct 2010, 04:01

One of the custom made frosted formlenti pairs :

and of course some more...

SGS 03 Oct 2010, 01:58

Also don't miss these fantastic ones.I will only do the promotion occasionally on festivals.thank you.

SGS 02 Oct 2010, 10:13

I think I am crazy...Set most of my best listings for auction 0.99GBP!!!!!!!

Anyway,pls do leave me a good feedback if you win and get a good glasses you need!Thank you!!!

SGS 01 Oct 2010, 23:36

Chinese National day festival PROMOTION!!!It's time for getting these thick ones at LOW PRICEEEEE!!! Rnjoy your bidding~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

nearsight 01 Oct 2010, 18:36


Glasses arrived today. Thanks for the great customer service!

SGS 01 Oct 2010, 10:23

This super thick glasses using the top quality film covered anti-harmray lenses I put in a very nice price for bidding, in order to save listing fees. I get it made over 25GBP.

Just for promotion.

Guest 01 Oct 2010, 08:33

John Lennon style glasses. -20.

Scott 01 Oct 2010, 01:54

Dear SGS

Nice glasses, but how large/small are they? and do you know the PD number?

SGS 01 Oct 2010, 00:35

I got these ultra thick with man's square frames -25D top quality glasses but I am at the limit of listing 50 items on ebay, So I send the picture on Fotki, friends can have a look of these thick version ones.

Stephan 30 Sep 2010, 15:13

and also some very affordable low budget ones...

Stephan 30 Sep 2010, 02:00

quite a lot of the glasses are unisex /men's glasses also, so as this one f.e. :

EyeTri 29 Sep 2010, 12:07


There are a few ways to find the frames you are looking for.

1) New frames. Go to your favorite search engine (I use and put in Shuron Nulady. As far as I know, this is the only one of the frames from the 50s that is still being made. At most of the sites that will come up you can buy them as a whole pair of glasses or just the frame.

2) Used frames. Go to eBay, and in the search block put in Vintage Cat Eye Glasses. Let it search all categories. You will find a pretty good selection of the kind of frames you are looking for. In the 50s and 60s there were very nice frames made of both plastic and metal. When you find frames you like look at the pictures and if you have questions ask the seller. I have had my prescription put in both plastic and metal frames from this time period with good success.

I have a pretty good collection of these frames/glasses. If I can help let me know.

SGS 29 Sep 2010, 09:31

I listed many bulk sale reading glasses other than thick glasses, maybe to common to see everywhere

Stephan 29 Sep 2010, 05:21

more from my autmn off sale :

Stephan 28 Sep 2010, 04:26

my autumn off sale is online :-)

off topic but maybe you also nee a complete fitness gym ? ;-) I need some new challenges in my life... when it comes to job, glasses and location - just flyfishing... making firewood for smoking fresh caught salmon from my own BC fishwater... ;-) just dreaming .

Hope you find something what fits to you or your girl :

Melyssa 27 Sep 2010, 14:49


You can try, where I bought some sunglasses and what are called "clear glasses" and had my fabulous -9.00 RX lenses put in by my regular opticians. Some frames do have a tendency to go quickly and are not replaced, such as the cat's-eyes with the 6-point triangle in each upper corner.

OttO 27 Sep 2010, 12:36


For vintage eyeglasses styles you might try googling Art-craft Optical and Shuron Ltd. Both continue to make new frames in vintage styles. There are also a number of internet stores selling "dead stock" vintage frames. Also try "The Fedora Lounge" and search for threads on vintage eyewear. It's a forum for all things vintage concentrating on the twentys thru the sixties. Hope this helps.

Soundmanpt 27 Sep 2010, 11:44


I know the style of frame you are looking for, but be careful not to buy a frame from a vintage shop. The problem is that the plastic would be far too brittle to remove the previous owners lenses and replace them with your rx. I used to have many old or vintage frames but found quickly that the only way they could be used was to wear them with the lenses that were in them. If you can find a company that makes retro frames is the best idea. Melyssa has a place that she has purchased several frames from and had her -9.00 lenses put into. Maybe she can tell you the source.

Good luck in your search, I agree I think they can very sexy on the right person.

elizabeth 27 Sep 2010, 11:24

Hello all,

I have a new fascination with vintage glasses from the late 50's and 60's . I just love the zyloware, victory plastic cat eyes and other shapes with the riding bow temples otherwise called curly temples, they are plastic covered wire that curles around the ears. If anyone can help me to locate such girls/womans eyeglass frames I would be most appreciative.

Love eLiz

SGS 27 Sep 2010, 10:27

Just send your best offer, if not too low, I will consider to recycle funds for new frames:)

I wanna even put prices lower, but worry about losing all money that can't continue. Good experience offering thick glasses!

nearsite 24 Sep 2010, 18:13

Thanks SGS! Sent you an email.

SGS 23 Sep 2010, 22:12

Near sight, we have all prescription lenses from -1D to -28D, and available for making glasses.

Pls mail private message to

Thank you!

nearsight 23 Sep 2010, 15:27


Because your prices are so good. If I buy 2 pairs a -15 and -25, can you ship in same package so I only pay one shipping cost? thx

nearsight 23 Sep 2010, 14:37


Do you have any stock in -14D to -17D. Presently I'm doing GOC at -9D and don't want to go all the way to -25D (Yet).

SGS 21 Sep 2010, 20:26

New arrivals.Thank you for watching.

Stephan 21 Sep 2010, 16:37

no she is just modelling for me

izzy 21 Sep 2010, 13:37

pretty girl stephan! is she your new girlfriend?

Stephan 21 Sep 2010, 12:11

Young german myope modelling my glasses collection...

She is -10.50/-12.00 herself but wears contacts most of the time...

SGS 21 Sep 2010, 02:12

Yes, low prescription glasses can be found everywhere of china and I've seen thousands of factories are producing low prescription lenses. of course the assembly and grinding workmanship would be much easier than really thick or high prescription ones, as my optitian told, he would spend almost an hour for finish making a -20D glasses, and sometimes the frame or the lenses broke and he have to pay a very high tension on making.And fortunately, we have the optitian for making high prescription in optical hospital for 30 year, so he's very skillful. more fortunately he didn't ask for a huge labor cost as what people usually do in the west.

These ones with very mild price for satisfy collector's interests.

Cactus Jack 20 Sep 2010, 21:06


The price is certainly right, and the Rx are in a range that is easily accommodated if a person is not hyperopic or too old.

Many asian countries, where myopia is extremely common, offer OTC distance glasses like the OTC readers offered in the US and other countries. I suspect that is the source of these.

I would not bid very much for them. For just a few dollars more you can order real prescription glasses on line for US$8.00 plus a small shipping charge. That is a better deal.


Moonshiner 20 Sep 2010, 20:43

A seller on ebay (not me) with low myopic glasses for $7.75 including shipping:

SGS 20 Sep 2010, 11:50

Nearsight, I was based in Hongkong bafore, now at the nearby city, ShenZhen, everything as developed as Hongkong.

Thank you.

Took new photos and listed some new ones, will list more if have spare time.

Nearsight 20 Sep 2010, 09:50

SGS are you based out of Hong Kong?

SGS 20 Sep 2010, 01:09

Nearsight, OK, that would be fine, don't have to take the risk of mis-receiving.

Next time if any friends come to visit China and want to buy glasses from me, just send a mail to me before arriving, I can arrange a prompt delivery. And I can also supply with wholesale staffs for you bring to homecountry and sell on ebay.

I listed this pair at 14.99 bidding, have fun!

nearsight 20 Sep 2010, 00:55

Thanks SGS, Ill wait and have you ship to US when I return.

SGS 19 Sep 2010, 18:11

Near sight, shipping to Shanghai by domestic shipping takes 2 days for arriving, If you leave on wen, pls take purchase ASAP.thanks.

Stephan 19 Sep 2010, 08:34

a really OVERSIZE piar with thick lenses... and some more

nearsight 18 Sep 2010, 18:30


I am visiting Shanghai, if I order a pair of glasses can you ship to the Shanghai Hilton and how long for delivery. I depart Wednesday morning. Thanks

SGS 18 Sep 2010, 10:51

Happy bidding, this one with nice quality would value the cost.

Stingray 17 Sep 2010, 12:11

Melyssa: I sold all 3 frames privately a few days ago, so they are no longer available. Sorry, I would have liked to sell them to you.

Wurm 17 Sep 2010, 11:26

Etsy seller posing with large pink executive trifocals.

SGS 17 Sep 2010, 10:07

Custom made one, men's -27D super thick GOC weapon for reference.

Send mail to for custom made glasses. We are professional thick glasses maker.And price always to be the lowest in the WORLD!

Melyssa 16 Sep 2010, 14:47


Could you please tell me what the measurements of the frames are -- length, width, height, etc.? Thank you.

anotehr guest 16 Sep 2010, 09:48

no these are not myodisc but the outer edges are cut off because they would be to thick to close the temples !

Puffin 15 Sep 2010, 16:19


guest 15 Sep 2010, 14:30

Are these myodisc?

Stingray 14 Sep 2010, 21:28

With Melyssa in mind, I have listed 3 pairs of eyeglass frames from the 1970's to early 1980's. They are all new frames from old stock, made in the USA and have never been used. 2 of the frames are drop temples and the other is an oversize red hornrim frame.

SGS 14 Sep 2010, 05:29

For gratitude for friends, I set this GOC at a favorite price for bidding

and the -26D lenses for bidding

They are of rare staffs and I only supply unique collections.Thank you.

izzy 12 Sep 2010, 08:29

only for italy

SGS 12 Sep 2010, 04:25

I listed just special made -26D/-27D/-28D lenses for people who just want to buy lenses and fit to own frames.

guest 12 Sep 2010, 02:28

it does not look like power rings to me - it looks like myodisc - please give correct information. I want buy power ring glasses not myodisc. Thank you

SGS 10 Sep 2010, 22:28

This one looks many power rings.And girly beautiful rectangular frame.

Wurm 10 Sep 2010, 13:23

Here's the unpacked version. I also froze the split in the sheet so it works a little more smoothly.

nearsight 10 Sep 2010, 12:40


Do you have this in a different file format? I can't open it. Thanks - Tim

SGS 10 Sep 2010, 08:39

I 've got -26D -27D and -28D lenses sample today from lens lab, if friends need a custom made glasses in that RX pls send mail to

Thank you.

guest 09 Sep 2010, 13:31

post deleted - troll, harassment

SGS 09 Sep 2010, 10:56

Here's the GOC table from BOBBY's site and I post here for people's reference.

SGS 09 Sep 2010, 06:10

Yes, Guest is pretty correct, Every one has their own eyesight, we should take an advise from the optitian to get the specific RX for the plus contact and then purchase custom made ones, otherwise it would be harmful to eyes if doing GOC incorrectly, I think there also froms on BOB's site about the calculations, and we only can do custom made contact to plus 15D, if GOC wears need just send me email to order, remember, with your rx wanted. thank you.

guest 08 Sep 2010, 13:36

ordering plus lenses for GOC is like gambling - or even worse if you don't know exactly what power of lenses do you need for a pair of strong glasses - it differs quite a lot from pair to pair even if they are of same power - measurements, pd aso will have an influence which can't be eaxctly calculated before you tried it.

nearsight 08 Sep 2010, 09:46


Do you also sell high plus contacts to go with these high minus glasses? It would be nice to be able to purchase a "Package".

SGS 08 Sep 2010, 08:48

GOC weapons serios, for friends who inquired about the men's glasses and who want exordinary thick lenses.You can see the price a little rised, that because the lenses and labor cost much more than before, however I still get them and offer for fans.

SGS 08 Sep 2010, 05:16

Hah`thank you for yer question, the model is a plastic one:)I think most of people know that`I just wanna show how them looks when wearing.

Flaine 07 Sep 2010, 22:02


Is the picture of the model wearing the glasses on sale a real or fake? It looks fake to me lol..

stephan 07 Sep 2010, 11:23

some hard to find specials as this thick formlenti pair :

SGS 07 Sep 2010, 07:07

Good coming new ones for GOC fans with exordinary thick lenses.With frame dimensions in descriptions. Thank you.

gwgs 07 Sep 2010, 04:25

Great pair of glasses for sale here (not from me) that I would buy in an instant, but have ones identical in both frame, and lens thickness.

Don't miss this chance to buy a pair of large plastic frames with some nice thick lenses, mine are probably around -9.5 / -10 prescription and have similarly thick lenses so I would guess this one is the same. Only $15!!

Stingray 06 Sep 2010, 20:08

I am offering on ebay a pair of 1970's oversize Nino Balli Eyeglasses. They have very thick myopic lenses in the

-9.00 or so range. Starting bid is just $5.00.

In addition, found a pair of vintage Ray Ban Wayfarer Max Nuevo sunglasses with glass Bausch & Lomb lenses. These quality frames will easily take a prescription lens.

Thanks for looking at my offerings.

SGS 06 Sep 2010, 07:36

Got so excited to list these nice GOC glasses and unique very thick glasses! later I will list more new ones.

Stephan 05 Sep 2010, 10:17

a perfect pair for GOC :

SGS 05 Sep 2010, 08:50

This one would be very nice for fasion myopic girls to wear for full time.Enjoy watching:)

SGS 04 Sep 2010, 21:43

Very thick Plus glasses with good quality frame, bid start at 8.99GBP.

My new batches of glasses are going to arrive in 2 days, later on friends will see more fantastic ones to your like.

PRISMLOVER 04 Sep 2010, 03:59

very strong minus

Stephan 02 Sep 2010, 09:45

...and also offering one of my very extreme pairs :

Stephan 31 Aug 2010, 14:33

nice pair with thick power rings and quite a lot cut in :

and also some other pairs

 30 Aug 2010, 14:53

Actually you DIDN'T ignore them, Puffin. You took the time to comment about them. So much for elitism...

SGS 30 Aug 2010, 10:16

To get real-time chatting with friends, I did an Skype which is stephen2829 I'd like to have real-time chat with guys to share the hobby:)

Soundmanpt 29 Aug 2010, 10:55

That goes for me as well Puffin. If you don't like what someone is selling just pass over it. That is what I do. Some may wish to read and even buy products from some of these people, it is their choice, not mine.

Andy 29 Aug 2010, 10:40

I think you are absolutely right Puffin.

Puffin 29 Aug 2010, 10:36

There's some things on this site which I don't like - but life is too short to go on and on complaining, so I just ignore them these days and take what pleasure I can out of the good bits.

guest 29 Aug 2010, 08:46

@wurm: When you say "I'm going to start deleting repetitive, needling posts", I start wondering if that will include SGS's posts as well, as I can't actually think of anything more repetitive.

Wurm 28 Aug 2010, 20:14

I'm going to start deleting repetitive, needling posts like these last two. Asking SGS to post more information was a perfectly fine idea weeks ago when it was first requested. But nothing new is being said here.

guest 28 Aug 2010, 15:12

talking is more appropriate when the goal is to make money with doing as little work as possible.

buayer 28 Aug 2010, 14:14

SGS : little bit less talking and bit more doing would be greater than your advertising!

I am still waiting for frame dimensions, PDs, lens dimensions aso.

SGS 26 Aug 2010, 07:41

By the way, to all friends, I had a successfully communication with lens lab, and they are at the moment producing -26 to -28D lenses for us, though the price is little higher than before, but still I can offer the lowest price in the world for all of you, lets keep patience to expect an early deliverty of those magic lenses, and we shall have more rarely seen ones to enjoy!``

I feel really excited to collect them too~~

SGS 26 Aug 2010, 07:33

Like lens, Thank you for your link, I would talk to my supplier that he supplied me with high price about that one? Wondering the link also from China my neighbor still have that one available for sale, I would like to buy some from him domestically and do a retail in my real shop.

and you don't know, his item was a 2.8/3.4 focus rate, and mine is 4 focus rate. would you like to have me to list a 2.8/3.4 one at that price? you didn't even know the thing.

It's of good opportunity to get these at auction inly 4.99GBP

Like lenses 26 Aug 2010, 02:33

Actually this latest offering from SGS is a pair of binoculars,and can be purchased cheaper from other ebay sources.

SGS 25 Aug 2010, 01:31


Jo 24 Aug 2010, 22:49

Like Lenses.. then don't... there are people who will still buy Stephen's glasses without understanding a word of german. I wonder what's the big fuss. Apart from targeting just SGS.

Stephan 24 Aug 2010, 14:26

... and a nice pair for all who like thick lenses in stylish metal frames - a perfect pair for everyday use - very thick lenses but still lightweight enough to be worn all day long !

Like lenses 24 Aug 2010, 01:07


You had promised us that you would begin to state the frame dimensions,and PD for the glasses you are trying to sell. You did it with one pair, and are now back to not doing it. Would you buy a pair of shoes, or a shirt from someone online not knowing what size it is?

I will not buy from you until I see a more business like approach to selling.

SGS 23 Aug 2010, 20:39

Put these for auction

Stephan 19 Aug 2010, 11:05

...and another myodisc pair

Stephan 18 Aug 2010, 19:07

added some specials to ebay... f.e. a real myodisc with vey small bowl - not just a "grinded down lens"

and some other specials ...

SGS 18 Aug 2010, 02:33

The thick lenses awaiting for your enjoy.

SGS 15 Aug 2010, 06:49

Dear Mark and Jo,

Thank you for your suggestion of listing male glasses for choose, I've placed order to the lens lab, and need time for their producing, while I have the other side in China has a big demand for high prescription lenses and glasses, But anyway, even we have to wait, I will first list my new ones on ebay and consider my domestic buyers later cuz shipping domestic are much faster.


Stephan 15 Aug 2010, 05:57

as there isn't a high myopic on my side anymore i started wearing GOC more often again - good experience anyway !

some of my pairs are for sale on ebay - all of them are for PDs between 64 - 66 and suit for men with heads "not to big" ;-)

If some have problems to get contacts which fit to GOC - let me know!

Mark 15 Aug 2010, 05:20

Thanks SGS the measurements are great!!! I can start bidding on some Male style frames when the are listed now that I have a clue as to if they will even might or not.

Jo 15 Aug 2010, 02:47

Hi SGS, what about getting some male models too? :)

SGS 15 Aug 2010, 00:00

I've posted frame size for the listed pair.

See descriptions.

Welcome to my ebay shop and enjoy at least the photos, never mind take it as a gallery for high myopic glasses, I am happy offering photos:)

 14 Aug 2010, 22:59

Sarcasm is deployed to make one sound more intelligent in the absence of wit.

JJ 14 Aug 2010, 20:53

Maybe i'm just old school, but I was always taught if I didn't like something, I just shouldn't look at it. Same goes for buying something... if you don't like it, don't buy it. End of story folks. Get over it.

Johnny 14 Aug 2010, 20:47

I've noticed how bitchy this site is getting lately. Especially this thread. I don't post here very often, but I'm finding that the squabbling is getting worse. I like to read what people have to say on the subjust of glasses (especially very thick glasses), so can we stick to that?

If people want to bitch about something, there are plenty of forums about religion and politics in which to vent one's bile.

Stay cool. And may women who wear thick myopic glasses proliferate.

Mister Roberts 14 Aug 2010, 20:17

You know, it is always a gamble when buying eyeglasses via an auction if you are using them for GOC. I myself have bought numerous pairs from ms2109. Even with the detailed Rx and plenty of photos I haven't really been able to make the glasses usable. That being said, almost every pair I have got are really a work of the optical art. Very beautful. So, is the lack of detail that SGS provides really going to matter if these are going to worn? I'll find out. I ordered a pair with a minus 23 and my experience with GOC and my +20 contacts should be a pretty good match. To his credit I received a shipping confirmation a day after the order from Hong Kong. Let's give this guy a break. At least he is trying to fill a need I'm sure most of us would be interested in.

Mark 14 Aug 2010, 18:21

Yes they are great. How wide are the frames? How long are the temples? What size are the lenses? Oops I forgot either the frames do not have the sizes on them or there are no calipers for which to measure them in all of China.

These are calipers:

Here is a link to show you how to measure frames:

Take a chance and put the measurments in your listings. I bet you will sell more.


SGS 14 Aug 2010, 18:01

Isn't this one really nice? :)

Guest 14 Aug 2010, 10:13

"instead of leaving it blank " Sorry but you are the one redundant here and your posts are "really starting to get out of hand here cluttering up everything else"


instead of leaving it blank 14 Aug 2010, 09:51

@Soundmanpt: Well, this here is interesting ... "SGC always puts his name on his posts" vs. "I see a no name person commenting". So a meaningless nick on a blog that doesn't even trace and ensures identities is something better (in what way, by the way?) than just leaving the nick name field blank?

But what really bothers me is this very aggressive advertising both in tone and number of posts (each with tons of mostly redundant links). And this is by far more annoying than everything I ever saw on here before.

I think a dedicated commercial thread would be a great idea, especially if posting there wouldn't be free. Then it could even help keeping eyescene running.

Guest 14 Aug 2010, 09:48

noname posts are "really starting to get out of hand here cluttering up everything else"


Soundmanpt 14 Aug 2010, 09:28

While I was typing one message about "SGC" I see a "no name person" commenting about "AHMG's" always making people aware that new sets have come on the live porn site. I confess to having tried it a few times a long while back. Like so many others have said finding girls "live" is a real hit and miss, mostly miss, It quickly became clear that only about 2% of them are live. Most (98% are off live) I quickly tired of this and now I never bother with it. But if "AHMG" wishes to keep letting people know that a new set has opened fine, if he makes money off of it fine. It won't be my money. Once again a very simple solution, skip on past it and go to another post.

Soundmanpt 14 Aug 2010, 09:13

Maybe its me, but it seems so simple. "SGC" always puts his name on his posts, since I have no interest in what he is selling I just never bother opening it and go on to the next post of interest. I for one enjoy coming to this site and hope it is around for a long time and continues to get even better with time. It does bother me when I see people attacking others because they disagree with a post. People making suggestions to "SGC" about how to improve is selling technics is fine, as it may help him sell his glasses, but no need for attacks. Again if you don't like him or his glasses fine, just ignore his posts. Is that so hard???

 14 Aug 2010, 09:01

How about a new thread entitled "Commercial For-Profit Postings?" That should take care of AHMG's posts and we can move on from the issues with his continuous postings.

WURM... You might want to think about how is making a considerable amount of income on your back. You have allowed AHMG's postings to continue, and essentially given FREE advertising without paying you. I'm also willing to bet that AHMG doesn't even give you a cut of the income he gets each time someone connects to through his website.

Something to think about.

Melyssa 14 Aug 2010, 08:41

For me, I do something as guaranteed as the Phillies' being shut out at Taxpayer Field in the appropriately-named place called Flushing, New York: On those rare occasions in which I buy glasses online, I first ask the dealer/seller what the measurements of the frame are -- length, width, height (or whatever they're called), and I buy only frames, as there is no guarantee that the lenses will be accurate for me. Of course, if places would stock frames that are decent, ...

Wurm 14 Aug 2010, 08:06

Well, it's all just a small kerfuffle on an obscure web site. I take no offense, and will usually assume that none was intended. I don't know if I misinterpreted your post - but it's gone now in any case. Don't take it as a mark on your reputation.

jo 14 Aug 2010, 07:05

Specsforever, i do agree with you on your stand.

As for Wurm, I'm sorry if i came across as questioning your authority. I mean no disrespect. My issue is not so much with the post being deleted, but rather with it being deleted for personal attack. I do not think think that my post was directed personally to anyone, but rather a being a general statement to those who continues to attack SGS for no particular reason.

As far as i can see, SGS here simply here to provide a service. I do not understand the hostility towards him. He may be more aggressive in his sales tactics, but that doesnt make him wrong. Yet time and again, there were snide remarks directed at him.

May i ask, what good would it do to drive him out of the forum? Would the ones who wants him out be able to provide a similar service? Although SGS may not be an OO and is simply here for commercial reasons, but there are some of us who benefits from it. Be it buyers of his glasses, or people like me who just gets a thrill out of seeing the thick glasses, his existence and ours is simply mutually beneficial. I'm not against anyone who would like to provide an alternative to his service, but why does one at the same time have to put SGS and his services down? If his service is bad, quality of goods is bad, then eventually, he would be out of business. And as of now, apart from some delay in delivery, it seems that he is providing a reasonable service. End of the day, its willing buyer, willing seller.

And finally, I really do appreciate Eyescene. For being with me through the past 15 years or so. From a 20 year old grappling with my own homosexuality - throw in a fetish for thick glasses which no one seem to understand - to a 35 year old who does the occasional GOC, who checks in to this website a few times a day, Eyescene has certainly become a part of me. This perhaps is the only place which keeps me sane, knowing there are people out there who shares the same interest. I have done my occasional duty of posting photos to guysinglasses (under the name of wucks), my way of a contribution to the community. Hence, I do wonder, why cant we coexist happily, rather than driving away someone who contributes to the community as a service provider?

To those with an intention of seeing SGS disappear, I would like to ask a question. What good will it do?


specs4ever 14 Aug 2010, 06:19

Venturing further into the fray -. There should be no such thing as minority discrimination anywhere in the world. We are all equal. However I think that what Jo might have meant was that since the majority of users on this website are fluent in English, those that are not completely fluent could be considered a cultural minority. And in saying this I do not feel that I have insulted anyone - at least I hope I haven't. I have long felt that possibly some of the problems that are being faced by SGS could be a result of his command of the English language. Understanding that English is not his own language has allowed me to be a little more lax in any criticism of him, and in fact I have stood up for him in the past. And I will do so again.

Stephan provided a service to the users of this website. SGS is providing a service to users of this website. Alain did provide a lot of pleasure over the years to users of this website. Why do so many others jump on these people? The only eyescene police we need is Wurm, and as the owner of the site he is entitled to delete, and guide the site in the manner in how he wishes it to go.

Again I must thank Wurm for providing this website. I certainly appreciate it.

Jo 14 Aug 2010, 06:14

U are right. Happy?

Jo 14 Aug 2010, 06:00

U are right. Happy?

guess 14 Aug 2010, 05:54

@jo: how do you define a minority on an world-wide accessible web-server? did you do a survey? and if so, where could I participate? I think you're the one with cultural stereotypes in the way you still think the internet is an all-american party where a few europeans are also welcome as long as they don't get too annoying. ;)

jo 14 Aug 2010, 05:49

seems like nitpicking is a trait of yours. Let's try again too... when i say minority, i mean on eyescene. Does this make it better for you?

guess 14 Aug 2010, 05:41

ok, perhaps my former post regarding "the shop does a face to face business never has a website" had been a little bit too critical -- so let's try again ... I think this is a very reasonable concept for SGS's shop, really. Actually it is so reasonable that I guessed it all by myself long before SGS told us.

@jo: You really made my day: So for you Chinese are a cultural minority, *LOL* When did you last checked facts about earth population?

jo 14 Aug 2010, 05:00

hi Wurm,

I don't see how my post is considered a personal attack when the rest of the comments that were posted in reference to SGS weren't. Besides, the posts on SGS sometimes edges on racism. i have full respect for you, and have been on this site since 10 years ago. I'm just speaking up for SGS, because i think some of the posts amount to cyberbullying, and is geared towards a cultural minority.

Wurm 14 Aug 2010, 03:13

I understand that business speech can bring out emotions. I think the businessperson needs to be prepared for blunt talk.

There has been criticism that some commercial posts are overly repetitive or too frequent. We see some similar comments regarding Alain's camgirl venture. It's a reasonable opinion, and people may agree or disagree as they will.

However, this conversation has been veering off into speculation and cultural stereotyping. Please stick to the facts at hand. If you have exhausted the facts, let your case rest.

jo 14 Aug 2010, 00:46

post deleted - personal attack

Like lenses 13 Aug 2010, 22:58

post deleted - admin discretion

minus 5 who luvs gwgs 13 Aug 2010, 22:34

post deleted - orphaned reply

Guest 1 13 Aug 2010, 22:21

post deleted - troll

SGS 13 Aug 2010, 19:15

I will not feed the trolls anymore.

Just care about the glasses selling.

guess 13 Aug 2010, 10:28

post deleted - admin discretion

SGS 13 Aug 2010, 08:56

These two nice ones still out of bid, enjoy them.

Yes mark, I will negotiate with lens labs further see fi i can supply cheap lenses here. recently it's not as easy as I can get low price lenses as before, cuz my supplier had sold all their storage and If they start produce they said to double the price... anyway, I will find a better solution, and will com back with good news to everyone!

Mark 13 Aug 2010, 04:47

That's why I was suggesting that he only supplies the lenses.

People can get exactly the lenses that they need which other online supplies dont make / are rediculously expensive.

No need to mess about with the frames, just choose the 1s you want, this way if people want to do GOC they can just order the lenses they need exactly as they need them, cylinder or not.

If the lenses are made large enough, ie like 60mm across they should be able to be fit into just about any frame, regardless of pd, as there would be plenty of area around the lense to grind to the appropriate shape and fit.


Crystal Veil 13 Aug 2010, 03:28

Cactus Jack certainly has a point. There is a difference between ordering glasses for use in everyday life, and ordering glasses as a fetish object. A third category is the use of ultra strong glasses in photo shoots. From my own experience and equally important, the experience of my models, I can say that SGS provides glasses that do their job well at photo shoots. I would certainly miss him as a supplier if he decided to withdraw from here.

SGS 13 Aug 2010, 03:25

Understanding a real-shop beside the university?

The shop does a face to face business never has a website.

If you are interested, come to China, I'll show you.

Like lenses 12 Aug 2010, 21:17


Can you provide us with a web site of the optical shop that you are invested in. That way we can get an idea of their sevices,and products.


Cactus Jack 12 Aug 2010, 11:47

I have no interest in entering this discussion However, I would like to point out that most glasses offered on this thread are only useful as 'objets d'fetish'. Most are of very little use in trying to actually wear them to correct or alter vision because few people have the same Rx in both eyes and also have no astigmatism.

If a person is considering either GOC or Inducing Myopia, there are some important tips to consider:

1. It is nearly impossible to use toric or any other kind of contact lenses to match actual cylinder and axis of astigmatism correction to different cylinder and axis in existing glasses.

2. Considering GOC, If actual cylinder and axis is present, it is best to let the CLs handle the sphere matching and put the exact cylinder and axis in the glasses.

3. If considering GOC or Inducing Myopia, change the sphere Rx by the same amount in both eyes.

4. Never try to change the cylinder and axis, you cannot Induce Astigmatism, period. If you do, all you will get for your efforts is poor vision and headaches.

5. The higher the Rx, the more accurate the PD needs to be. Ideally, the optical center of the lenses needs to be on the central axis of vision or reduced acuity and distortion will result. Ask someone who wears high Rx glasses why they try to keep their eyes on the optical center of the lenses. Just a few mm off center will affect vision.

Since we are into languages. How about some Latin - 'Caveat Emptor' and some English - 'Enjoy your fetish'.


Guest 12 Aug 2010, 10:17


Go on with your business:

"die Hunde bellen, die Karawane zieht weiter"

"let the world say what it will"

"el perro ladra, pero la caravana pasa"

" , "

"le chien aboie, la caravane passe"

Just don't feed the jealous trolls

guest 12 Aug 2010, 08:27

@SGS :

strange behaviour "to make friends". Maybe I just don't like your kind of being arrogant on the one side and moaning about to low pricings on the other.

Maybe you just have to learn a bit more about western kind of relationship between SELLER and CUSTOMER.

You won't make big deales in future if you moan about "too much work for low money" now.

Most will think like "why the hell does he advertise in that way when he doesn't feel like accepting the rules of free business.

Most western customers won*'t be proud of you if you tell them that you make big money with something else... they will feel like bullshit - that's what I felt like when you didn`t answer my ebay questions for weeks, didn`change your ads, had wrong description in them aso.



and don`t make me tell my name - SGS isn't yours either!

SGS 12 Aug 2010, 07:06

Listed two frames here, men's classic model. And frame sizes, Customs can fill lenses by themselves.

SGS 12 Aug 2010, 05:48

Like lens, I think I advised earlier, I've invested a glasses shop nearby an unniversity, and I hire my optitian and he's my agent for that shop, I subcontracted the shop to him and charge him by my share as my investment profit. And I have my other business to deal with. For any other glasses making for example listings on ebay, I have to pay an extra labor cost to my optitian. In fact, the real price that we sell in China is tiimes expensive than on ebay. That's why I can list on ebay for such a long time and such a low price! If anybody has an simple sense they would realize I can't only make a living just by listing glasses on ebay, and got so curious how can I continue the selling at such prices and where the prifit for ebay sales???

Let me answer, My profit comes from the real shop in China, I get a big rent every month. I just want to make frinds here,using my advantage to supply rare spectacles that might people need! or maybe future we can get more bigger business to cooperate, Just maybe? If everyone attack me all the time by different points, I can just feel very frustrated. Sorry for your inconvenience and thank you also for your suggestions!

Stephan 12 Aug 2010, 02:36

in my eyes lovely cokebottle pair :

Like lenses 12 Aug 2010, 02:25


You would need the persons frams to get the PD correct. Also how would you know the size,and shape to make the lense.

From your glasses listings,and comments made to these posts it sounds like you have no optical experience,but perhaps have a friend that has been making the glasses,and you are merely listing them on ebay.

Please tell us your optical experience if any.

Guest 11 Aug 2010, 18:14

"It is really starting to get out of hand here cluttering up everything else."


 11 Aug 2010, 15:35

Now now girls... let's stop the personal attacks in our playground.

Al 11 Aug 2010, 14:54


One other thing that demonstrates your laziness.

You copy and paste into the description of your auctions the same thing of which some of the information is wrong!

For example you put between the lines in the description of


This is a way of convenience buying glasses on line, All you have to do is only click the mouse on the buy-it-now knob, then you will own the glasses.


There is NO BUY it now option in the above auction!!!

Please, please take time to give quality descriptions. While English may not be your primary language, I can overlook that (in fact I only admire your ability to communicate in two languages) but no matter what language you communicate, you need to have the description to be accurate and informative.

Description like the above auction is useless to me. Only one picture is useless to me to make an informed decision.

I wouldn't buy a sky blue frame anyway, so yes one picture was enough in this case, but for frames I am interested in, the above auction I would not purchase anything since I don't know all the information.

Stingray 11 Aug 2010, 14:48

For anyone who needs a prescription diving, swimming or snorkeling mask, I am offering one on ebay. The prescription lenses are less than -2.00 .

Al 11 Aug 2010, 14:45


To reiterate what Like Lens says



The problem that I have buying glasses from you is.

1. You never give the details of the frame sizes.

2. You never give the pupillary distance.

Without this information,how would a person even know if they could wear your glasses. So as cheap as you say they are if they unusable,they are worthless.

To expand on the above that like lens says as I am in the very same position he his.


PD is important but equally important is the frame size. I can't tell by pictures if the frame is 135 mm across or 160 mm across. Obviously one size does not fit all for types of faces. 40 mm height or 45 mm height.

So, frame size is very important as PD for me is a constant. Frame size is not. 5 mm can make a difference in a good looking frame or a frame that looks too big or too little.

You have a captive audience that you are not listening to!!!

Asking for additional information that takes you time to put in an action, well, you need to MAKE THE TIME if you want to sell glasses. It's really that simple. Add the basic information in the auction so the buyer can make an informed decision

You started adding additional pictures. It astounded me that you stopped doing that on your last batch of actions.


Personally, I have no tolerances for laziness and what you are posting shows me you want the money but you don't want to work for the money by accommodating to very simple requests.

Guest 1 11 Aug 2010, 14:23

Hello - I wish that the self-promotion by SGS must be delete here!

He does not learn that enough is enough.

SZ6 11 Aug 2010, 14:15


Would you still be willing to share photos of this woman with the -58 glasses?

Lenslens 11 Aug 2010, 14:13


this is not one of SAandra pairs

Sandra is not from spain.

But I won't sell it in here - i already found a buyer

Chino 11 Aug 2010, 14:02

Whoa Lenslens, it seems I've been out of the loop for a while now. I did not know that Sandra had become legally blind. What happened to her? Did she have a retinal detachment? How long ago did this happen? This is terrible news. How is she adjusting?

SGS 11 Aug 2010, 07:31

Pls mark your name. Everyone is simply a guest, I can only see a black shadow hiding over the wall...Thanks for teaching me how the word "eeriness" means.

If you have questions or complains pls send me a mail or via ebay private, don't speak an "us" here, I am talking to all friends, that's a real "us". I believe people are divided in groups of different properties, there might be an eeriness group hah~~that's your "us".

I gonna see how many talents in your group.Really Curious:)

guest 11 Aug 2010, 02:20


please don't moan about bad business and tell us you are a business and too busy to add frame measurements.

SGS 11 Aug 2010, 00:49

Super prescription glasses for auction.

Excuse me for putting links here for new member's convenience. thank you.

SGS 11 Aug 2010, 00:47

Affirmative, While I am going to list lense, I have to ask first. and to Like Lens, Measuring frames is the work I am going to do, It cost time while I am very busy at the moment. and clarifying selling the lenses deals nothing to the PD, The PD was formed when polishing the lenses and the optitian set the data into the computer and firt the lenses according to the PD given, the seperate lenses are free for any distance of PDs. It's during assembly of the glasses. and at the moment lens manufactures not willing to do the power more than 25D, cuz they think the cost too high and my offer seems unacceptable to them, anyway, I am going to try me best. If any good news I will let you know.


Like lenses 10 Aug 2010, 22:55


The problem that I have buying glasses from you is.

1. You never give the details of the frame sizes.

2. You never give the pupillary distance.

Without this information,how would a person even know if they could wear your glasses. So as cheap as you say they are if they unusable,they are worthless.

I think the same problem would exist regarding the pupillary distance if you made lenses only.How would you know where to place the lense centers if you did not have the frame,or the persons PD?

Mark 10 Aug 2010, 10:09

Hey SGS,

When you are going to make the lenses only, it might be a good idea to ask on here first.

Ask people which powers of lenses they want or would be intrested in, that way you can make exactly what people want and you would not be left with spares.

Good luck


SGS 10 Aug 2010, 09:13

Yes, Particularly I made many glasses that not to the buyer's interest, I just put them in the cases. Like I made light prescrition ones, seems rarely people like...

Nevermind loss a money but I gained pleasure of accumulating scores on ebay, I hope my low price selling can earn feedbacks, I don't understand guys why you are so against me? just because I earned you money? Jesus christ!

Pls...Isn't it good of Leaving me as a clue to find more glasses even only lenses or frames in a price that other shop can't offer?

As we all members of the eyescene family, could't we be peace? without attack? My fault...I am think about where did I do wrong.